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1 m X V. .T 1? - CHANGING TIDES MRAL FARRAGUT; ACA ARK STREET NORTH ST PETER. »— , T Ji - i ;. . llpagMN MtfMMi TH 10 r n 11 12 , % - • - - f Kip ' - «=» HI Orlj £ |iB HA h 1 B w A y ' ' " • » • r V 1L if 15 CHANGING TIDES Administration Faculty ... 18 Military 32 Cadet Life 50 Sports 66 Lower School 88 Classes 112 Seniors 120 148 161 184 FACULTY I I ADMINISTRATION Headmaster Captain Richard G. Wheeler University of Missouri, B.A Washington University, M.Ed " . ■?- ead of Lower School t. Commander John Cooper University of Virginia, B.A. University of South Florida, M.A. Head of U per School 1 Lt. Commander Edward GilgenasL Auburn University, B.A., M.H.S. University of Madrid, Certificate 20 •I Dean of Student Captain Orie T. Banks niversity of Georgia, B.S Assistant Headmaste Director of Admissions Commander Michael Moriarty University of Southern Mississippi, B.A. University of South Florida, M.Ed. m Business Manager Commander Edward Lillich University of Toledo, B.E. Troy State University, M.S. (C G) Director of Naval Science Commander John Rodda University of California Los Angeles, B.A. University of South Florida, M.Ed. 21 ENGLISH Lt. (jg] Tim Jesaitis University of Missouri University of South Florida, B.A. English I, IV, IV-AP Cdr. Michael Moriarty University of Southern Mississippi, B.A. University of Southern Florida, M.Ed. English I Lt. Lawrence )ensen Head of English Department University of Alabama, Huntsville, B.A. English II Lt. (jg) Richard McRobert State University of New York at Albany B.A. English I, III Captain Orie Banks University of Georgia, B.S. English I 22 r n Everyone should have balloons on their birthday. t. Jesaitis brings much enthusiasm o Senior English. .J X r Lt. Jensen preaching from the book of Warriners dr. Moriarty is a former fighter pilot 1 MATH SCIENCE Captain Robert Alexander Department Head U.S. Naval Academy, B.S. Ohio State University, M.S. Algebra II, Physics, AP Calculus Cdr. Thomas A. Graham University of California at Los Angeles, B.S. University of Southern Califor- nia, B.S. Advanced Math, Geometry Lt. Philip Leathervvood Texas Christian University, B.A., B.S. Algebra I, Economics Captain B. Rhett Sanders Department Head College of Charleston, B.S. Biology LCdr. Dome University of Rochester. A.B. University of New York at Stony Brook, M.S. Physical Science, Marine Science Lt. (jg) Andrew Miller Colby College, B.A. Chemistry 24 W?v% ■ I I LANGUAGES SOCIAL STUDIES LCdr. Carl Motroni University of South Florida, B.A. Nova University, M.S. Geography, College Placement Counselor Cdr. W. Joseph Morris Department Head University of Florida, B.A. History Lt. (jg) Don Mulholland University of Maryland, B.A. University of Oklahoma, M.A. University of Iowa. M.A. Spanish I, II Lt. Leatherwood teaches Economics along with his Mathematic ' s duties. Lt. (jg) Neal Storrs Shepherd College, B.A. University of South Florida, M.A. Florida State University, Ph.D. French I II German I II 26 I I NAVAL SCIENCE COMPUTER SCIENCE V Cdr. John Rodda USN (Ret.) University of California at Los Angeles, B.A. University of South Florida, M.Ed. Director of Naval Science CPO Edgar Maus USN (Ret.) St. Petersburg Junior College, A.A. Naval Science Instructor CWO-4 James Oakes University of Maryland Pensacola Junior College Naval Science Instructor Lt. Roy Wheeler Florida Institute of Technology, A.S. University of South Florida, B.A. Introduction and Advanced Computer Science 28 LIBRARY MUSIC PHYSICAL EDUCATION LCdr. Albert McRoberts Marshall University. B.A. University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed., M.S. Health and P.E. I Lt. Dennis Fillman Westchester State University B.S., M.M.E. Bandmaster Mrs. Deyo is always quick with a smile and a helping hand. t ft ri l oP W i Mrs. Evelyn Deyo Florida State University, B.A. Librarian LCdr. McRoberts is in his seventh year at the Academy 30 ' JWt Lt. Fillman never hesitates to join in I J MILITARY ■ Ml 1 m 33 BATTALION STAFF Battalion Commander. T. Burke I I Battalion Staff— First Row: Cdr. T. Burke Second Row: LTfG A. Lovera, LT. O. Johansson Third Row: LTJG C. Tyler. LTJG T Na- lovic, Ens. D. Goodwin Fourth Row: Ens. B. Severs, BXCPO C. Slusher. Ens. K. Cockes, Ens. K. Smith 34 ii HEADQUARTERS I Company Staff — First Row: Lt. S. Brown Second Row: Ens. M. Harris, Ens. D. Larson Third Row: Ens. R. Hall. CPO J. Van Messel, CPO J. Clark. CPO C. Geisler Company Commander. Lt. S. Brown L 1 DRILL TEAM The 1985-86 Drill Team v The Drill Team performs for the parents 38 Drill Team Commander Harris BAND COLOR GUARD 39 u FIRST COMPANY 1 Company Staff— First Row: Lt. W. Prescott Second Row: LTJG S. Crosbv. LTIG G. Stanley Third Row: CPO S. Halton. CPO T. Sawyer Company Commander, Lt. W. Prescott 40 SECOND COMPANY Company Staff — First Row: Lt. M. Carney Second Row: Ens. G. Nebel, LTJG H. Peters Third Row: CPO R. Castellano, CPO A. Rikarts, POl f. DeOna, CPO P. Chicouris Company Commander, Lt. M. Car- ney ■ 42 Fl THIRD COMPANY Company Staff— First Row: Lt. J. Carnes Second Row: LTJG B. Torobin, LTJG K. Gerry Third Row: Ens. G. Weeks, CPO K. fcnutsson Company Commander, Lt. Carnes 44 r m FOURTH COMPANY Company Staff — First Row: Ens. J. Palm. Second Row: P02 D. Goldstein, Ens. Company Commander, Ens. M. Pinto. Third Row: POl K. Groves, POl S. Limonowski, P02 E. Burns, P02 S. Palm Smith. Fourth Row: POl E. Neal, CPO M. Sears, CPO R. Mensh, CPO S. Lester BATTALION OFFICERS - J First Row: T. Burke, O. Johansson. Second Row: T. Nalovic, G. Nebel, M. Harris, D. Goodwin, J. Palm, K. Gerry, H. Peters, J. Carnes, C. Tyler, M. Pinto. Third Row: S. Brown, K. Smith, W. Prescott, G. Stanley, S. Crosby, M. Carney, B. Torobin, B. Sev- ers, K. Cockes, A. Lovera, D. Larson. WATERFRONT CPO ' S jaterfront Staff — First Row: D. Goodwin. Second Row: R. Hall, M. Pinto. Third Row: J. Palm, B. Torobin, S. Brown, G. Nebel. burth Row: D. Goldstein, E. Castellano, S. Lester, D. Morin, M. Fredericks, J. Hossfeld, T. Peters, R. dePass, S. Smith. Battalion CPO ' s — First Row: C. Slusher. Second Row: P. Chicouris, R. Hall, K. Knutsson, C. Geisler, J. VanMessel, J. Clark. Third Row: R. Castellano, A. Rikarts, G. Weeks, S. Halton, T. Sawyer, J. DeOna. 49 STUDENT LIFE 7J DANCES 53 PARENTS WEEKEND Parents weekend began with a performance by the Battalion in honor of the War Veterans. On Saturday, the Bluejacket football team rallied onto the field to play LaBelle High School for the 85-86 Homecoming game. At half-time, the seven members of the Homecoming Court Amy Alflen, Missy Green, Amy Lowder, Lisa Richartz, Mary Beth Rodda and Kara Vaughn lined up for the announcement of the 85-86 Homecoming Queen, Kelly Strayer. Homecoming festivities concluded with an informal dance that evening. 55 WATERFRONT It ' s just a " little " tangled Sunny days are abundant at the waterfront 56 INTRAMURALS ■to I St t Company won this years volleyball hampionships Gotcha! Intramurals allow cadets to work together as they compete against the other companies 57 CLUBS o 2 g u First Row: C. Slusher, E. Smith, Lt. Jesaitis, N. Patel, O. Johansson, A. Rikarts Second Row: L. Farish, C. Northam, J. Van Messel PQ D u P4 w D Cm O U i - - 9 W - 1 1 J First Row: E. Smith, L. Farish, A. Rikarts Second Row: K. Gerry, C. Slusher, Lt. Wheeler, D. Goodwin 58 ' J o n z C ° c o First Row: O. Johansson, K. Smith, D. Miles, G. Nebel, T. Nalovic, A. Lovera, H. Peters, B. Severs, M Carney, K. Gerry, J. Carnes Second Row: P. Donovan, G. Emmanuel, M. Jones, M. Singer, S. Lester, R Castellano, C. Northam, M. Mitchell, S. Brown, C. Geisler, A. DiAngelus, J. Barton Third Row: J. Toler, E Smith, C. Evans, J. Storm, J. Palm, J. Aldridge, M. Pinto, G. Weeks, M. Sears, M. Ayers, K. Kepler, J Uprichard Fourth Row: J. Young, D. Maling, E. Childers, S. Carroll, J. Bottoms, J. Strickland, A. Lopez, S Kepecz, E. Burns, T. Hiraoka, R. Hall, B. Howard, L. Farish, P. Barragan ;. ' • First Row: C. Northam, J. Barton, L. Farish Second Row: Lt. Mulholland, A. Rikarts, N. Patel 59 C D D U W P u D O Sr - Hk ' -- ' « First Row: President D. Goodwin, Treasurer J. Palm Second Row: M. Chappell, S. Wilson, T. Rowe, M. Baker, M. Salter, J. Reilly, J. Bexley, M. Nicoletti, H. Schneider, T. Burke Third Row: H. Peters, B. Van Derzee, R. Gaudette, K. Gerry, B. Charles, E. Cramer, J. Hossfeld, L. Fernandez, J. Blanton Fourth Row: A. Lopez, S. Fitzgerald, R. Chadziutko, C. Bateman, N. Patel, I. Trent, A. Lay, H. Costantine, M. Goldman First Row: A. Lovera, G. Nebel, M. Carney, J. Van Messel, N. Patel, C. Lenz, W. Prescott, Second Row: S. Young, J. Reilly, A. MacArthur, J. Clark, J. Ledeboer, P. Barnes, D. Jensen, C. Northam, J. Young, L. Fernandez, R. Inman, C. Hudgins, A. Lopez, P. Seibert 60 First Row: B. Strong, K. Groves, S. Limonowski, V. Cotroneo, J. Chovnick, C. Lowder, T. Nelson Second Row: T. Peters, E. Neal, LCdr. Cooper, S. Smith, W. Lazenby O O a X O id n it 1 First Row: S. Sorrells, K. Robitaille, M. Smith Second Row: J. Freeland, B. Athey, D. Shirmer, J. Rivera a O n 61 First Row: J. Carries, LCdr. Gilgenast, Capt. Banks, K. Knutsson, M. Harris Second Row: K. Groves, T. Burke, E. Childers, M. Borota, LCdr. Cooper, E. Neal, L. Young, M. Nicoletti, J. Cotroneo First Row: C. Geisler, J. Clark, C. Slusher, R. Hall, M. Pinto Second Row: C. Lenz, S. Halton, O. Johansson, J. Palm, A. Rikarts, S. Brown, M. Harris, LCdr. Gilgenast 62 ' ? I. f MMHMlMHaMHHHIl ■ . n w z n n C irst Row: M. Jimenez, A. Lovera, N. Patel, G. Nebel, J. Clark, C. Young, J. Reilly, Second Row: S. Smith, M. iyers, P. Russian, R. Castellano, B. Charles, K. Logan, W. Kotel, A. Lopez, D. Llerena 3 " irst Row: C. Rice, J. Ginn, J. Goldstein, D. Mulholland, N. Tanner, S. Shagena Second Row: D. Oakes, J. VVilley, Lt. Carney, J. Altman, H. Carmichael 63 I I ROCK BAND COTILLION CLUB First Row: J. Clark, K. Gerry, D. Llerena Second Row: O. First Row: T. Burke, K, Knutsson, M. Harris Second Johansson, B. Severs, S. Brown Row: J. Carnes, Cdr. Lillich, O. Johansson FLYING CLUB 64 First Row: Lt. Miller, Cdr. Moriarty Second Row: M. Oard, A. Lovera, B. Meyer, G. Nebel HURRICANE CLUB SPORTS 66 CROSS COUNTRY Finishing third out of 22 in the Class 2A Dis- trict III Championships and seventh in the Flor- ida State Champion- ships, the team exper- ienced its most success- ful season in the programs short six year history. Senior Captain Kris- tin Smith set a new school record of 15 min- utes and 36 seconds in a winning effort at the Avon Park Invitational; Smith also was the Pal- metto Invitational Champion. At the sea- sons end, Smith received the honors of All County and All State. Fine efforts were contributed by Senior Chris Geisler, a four year veteran, and Thomas Nalo- vic, a two year man. Junior Man- uel Pinto also had a fine year by running exceptionally well at dis- tricts and states. The future looks bright as Coach Al McRoberts returns with freshman Cadets Rand and Mar- lowe who ran varsity all year for the Bluejackets. Kneeling: B. Rand, R. Hall, K. Smith, M. Singer, T. Nalovic, D. Hervey. Standing: Coach A McRoberts, C. Geisler, B. Marlowe, D. Goldstein, C. Lavery, M. Pinto, E. Burns 68 Smiles everyone " Co-captains K. Smith, C. Geisler, CoacI Al McRoberts Kristin Smith holds off Naples at the District III Championships Cadets Geisler and Pinto on a casual stroll r reshman Rand runs hard towards finish line Motivation by determination Runners follow " Blue Wave " theory by running in 69 a pack FOOTBALL The 1985-86 Bluejackets experienced many ups and downs dur- ing its 3-7 season. The Jackets competed against a very tough sched- ule which included state ranked Berkeley Prep (9-0), Shorecrest (8- 2), Northside Christian (8-2) and a host of other fine teams. The Blue and Gold showed their capabilities by holding powerful Berkeley to a 7-0 halftime lead and explosive Northside to a 0-0 halftime score. Highlights of the season included a 13-6 victory over Booker High School, a 12-0 victory over Heritage Prep and a 47-24 thrashing of Luther Prep. The Luther game proved to be the most points scored by AFA in a number of years. Individual honors included John Turner, a Junior transfer from Georgia. Cadet Turner rushed for 620 yards on 1 28 carries for a 4.8 yard average. He also caught the ball 8 times for 90 yards. Turner led the team with 44 points on offense and 70 tackles, 32 assists on defense. Cadet Turner was among county leaders in all categories as well. Sophomore Leo Young also led the defense with 52 tackles and 32 assists. Lending support offensively were receivers Steve Carroll and Shane Smith. Total offensive output averaged nearly 165 yards per game. The outlook for next year is promising as 23 veterans will return. Head Coach Stowell, Coach Helfand, Coach Hendershott, Coach Angelo I 9 ft AjLZl a ,9 . t «s m M3tmP t ?y? s ■ jm § M First Row — C. Evans Mgr., S. Carroll, L. Young, K. Cockes, M. Carney, J. Carnes, B. Severs, D. Miles, B. Kotel, J. Turner Second Row — C. Lenz — Mgr., P. Barragan, E. Childers, J. Uprichard, L. Richards, K. Kepler, B. Nelson, T. Hiraoka, D. Henning, E. Tiernan Third Row — S. Kepecz — Mgr., J. Bottoms, J. Toler, J. Strickland, C. Sanders, B. Kirkconnell, S. Smith, A.J. DiAngelus, B. Howard, J. Aldridge Fourth Row — Coach Helfand, Head Coach Stowell, Coach Hendershott, Coach Angelo SENIORS Mike Carney i Barry Severs Ken Cockes SB Hi David Miles John Carnes 71 FOOTBALL 72 m-j0 4 . The 1985-86 Bluejacket cheerleader? Game day captains Turner and Carney. -; SWIMMING The Swim Team ended another s uccessful season with a 5-2 tri- meet record. Although they achieved an impressive fourth place fin- ish at districts, eligibility and lack of depth seemed to be the only obstacles keeping the Blue Jackets from again dominating the district. The Free-relay team of Donovan, Kemp, Harris, and Clarke and 100 yard Freestylist Harris contributed greatly to the Blue and Gold by qualifying for the Florida State Championships in Orlando, Fl. The Free-relay team set a new school record at 3:27.58 and secured 17th place in the state rankings. Cadet Harris also recorded a new school record in the 100 yard Freestyle with a time of 48:85, good enough for a 16th place ranking in the state. Other strong performances were turned in by Cadets Mitchell, Gerry, Smith, and Emmanuel. The coaches are looking forward to Farragut ' s best Swim Team ever next year, graduating only three seniors. First Row — M. Mitchell, M. Jones, S. Mellor, P. Donovan, G. Emmanuel, B. Clarke, D. Maling, J. Young Second Row — Coach T. Gillan, G. Weeks, J. Hilliard — Mgr., N. Cork, M. Harris, Lt. McSharry, K. Gerry, P Kemp, E. Smith, Lt. Angelo, Coach Mulholland Co-captains van M. Harris and P. Dono- 74 Seniors — K. Gerry, P. Kemp, M. Mitchel r ■ Cadet Harris contemplates strategy h 1 " " ' 4 - m a UUUUUHHMH ' Swimmers take your mark! ' warn Mffiiftti Farragut " flies " to a fourth place finish in the district J3 - v - Cadet Cork returns next year for added depth Concentration is the key to success 75 BASKETBALL 1 1 First Row: J. Van Messel, C. Conyers. Second Row: Coach Monroe, D. Peete, W. Hanekamp, M. Ventimeglia, S. Brown, R. Peete, Lt. Angelo. Third Row: T. Burke — Mgr., K. Smith — Scorekeeper, M. Carney, K. Cockes, C. Robison, O. Johansson — Stats. The Peete Brothers combine for two The Blue Jackets defeated state ranked Keswick two out of three meetings The Varsity Basketball Team finished with a record of 14- 10. Highlights included: Twice defeating State Ranked Kes- wick Christian and a sweeping victory over 3A Land O ' Lakes. Billy Hanekamp averaged 17 points a game as Chris Conyers set a school record in Free Throw percentage with a 72%. Underneath, Charles Robison and Rickie Peete both had over 200 rebounds. Overall, this was the most successful season for the Jackets as they won more games than ever before under Coach Monroe. 7 Senior Billy Hanekamp scored over 1,00U joints in his varsity career " This was my time with the boys " — Coach Dalton Monroe I HSr I M f Junior Chris Conyers looks to be a prolific scorer next year 7 irst year sophomore Charles Robison add- ;d strength under the boards Coach Monroe quotes from the " Book of Knight ' 77 J.V. BASKETBALL The 1985-86 J.V. Basket- ball Team faced its hardest schedule ever under the ex- perienced coaching of Larry Jensen. Finishing with a 5-8 record, they dominated Shorecrest and Land O ' Lakes (Double overtime) with strong wins. Plagued with ineligibility, the team found new and young talent in this year ' s " Admissions Office Draft. " Solid rebounding by Abra- hamson and Walvatne, along with key play by Cobb and Cloward off the bench, gives Coach Monroe great aspira- tions for his Varsity squad in the many upcoming years. LI HilfH MM r i First Row: J. Carnes — Travel Boy, A. Walvatne, C. Nelson, R. dePass, A. Cobb. Second Row: K. Grider — Mgr., Coach Jensen, E. Miles, M. Neitzk Abrahamson, S. Carroll, H. Constantine, S. Cloward, E. Tiernan. MacArthur, I i, J. Hilliard, 1 Abrahamson shoots one-and-on against Keswick WEIGHT ROOM ' he popularity of the Weight Room can be een during athletics " Farragut Iron Works " teaches team work that is also taken to the athletic field 79 1 I t B SOCCER S WI ffc1 ■ju MSSm 1 il- ' f+UHnn •: ■ ' First Row: E. Childers, M. Singer, T. Sawyer, S. Rains, H. Peters, E. Manderson, D. Foster, G. Nebel, D. Hargis, L. Richards, I NelsomJSecond Row: M. Nicoletti — Mgr., L. Fernandez — Mgr., R. Inman, T. Nalovic, V. Cotroneo, ]. Bottoms, T. Hiraoka, ! M. Jimenez, T. Glenn, V. Diazgrandados, J. Morrison, J. Uprichards, A. Lovera — Stats., Coao! 3 " Stagman, R. Boswell, Teatherwood. 80 ( 3°%) m 3m -o h •go 022.1 Su;. IOi — . Cooprr cS- 7 £i- S i 7 a Manderson drives to the goal -2 e Richards initiates a throw-in =ainst St. Pete High in . , mi i " i ' »i »u ' ' - w iiwi J. § .:■ 1 I k BASEBALL ? %? First Row — J. Reilly — Mgr., B. VanDerzee, A. MacArthur, S. Mellor, B. Nelson, M. Ayers, P. Barragan, R. Borte. Second Row — Coach Monroe, Coach Stowell, A. Lovera, S. Halton, C. Robison, L. Young, B. Hanekamp, O. Johansson, D. Henning, Coach Hendershott, Coach Angelo. Last year ' s Baseball Team faced with young inexperienced players, finished the season with nine wins. This year ' s team, with returning starters, Lovera, Johansson, Nelson, and Halton, along with newcomer Leo Young, looks to be one of the strongest ever under Head Coach Randy Stowell. Coaches Monroe, Hendershott, and Angelo have added great depth to the coaching staff and will assist in cultivating the young talent. This year ' s baseball squad finished with a winning record of 10-7 in the regular sea- son. This marks the best record for the team in many years. The Blue Jackets are sure to be contenders in the District Tour- ™ nament. Newcomers Barragan, Borte, and Ayers should prove to be invaluab in the future years 82 ■s Xa t - i ur year veteran Omar Johansson adds the " shot-gun " behind e plate ■EH m m Three year veteran Alfredo Lovera won last year ' s MVP award and hopes to improve upon last year ' s batting average of over 400 h Charles Robison will round out this years pitching staff h MCV S " Was that a strike? 83 TENNIS The 1986 Tennis season should be a successf ul one. With the experi- ence and abilities of four returning starters. Crosby. Hiraoka, Borota. and Castellano, coupled with the ar- rival of new talents Morris, Chris- toph, and Uprichard, Farragut should make a strong bid for the District Championship. Thirteen matches are scheduled for the regu- lar season with Districts commenc- ing April 16, 1986. Much success and improvement over the last year can be credited to hard work and dedication from the team members and the outstanding work of Andy McCurry and his crew at Paradise Island Tennis and Yacht Center. 84 Captain Sean Crosby, last year ' s All County and Most Valuable Player, leads this years varsity squad First Row — E. Christoph, M. Borota. T. Hiraoka, S. Kepecz. Second Row Nalovic, M. Morris, R. Castellano, J. Uprichard, S. Crosby j . rxt Newcomers Eric Christoph and Mike Morris give this years team added depth RIFLE TEAM First Row — G. Stanley, P. Hergett, C. Geisler, W. Prescott, T. Nalovic, G. Weeks. Second Row: A. Lovera, J. Ledeboer, E. Manderson, G. Nebel, J. Carnes, Chief Maus. ATEAM: First Row — G. Stanley, W. Prescott, J. Carnes. Second Row: E. Manderson, G. Weeks B TEAM: First Row — P. Hergett, C. Geisler, T. Nalovic. Second Row — G. Nebel, J. Ledeboer Under the strict supervision of Chief Maus, the 1986 Rifle Team once again displayed excellence in their eighteen matches against area JROTC Rifle Teams. Team Captains Bill Prescott and Chris Geisler lead the teams to victory. This year ' s Seniors consist- ed of Cadets Nebel, Prescott, Geisler, Nalovic, Carnes, Stanley, and Manderson. 85 TRACK BMm i A ' The 1984-85 Track team fin- ished with a banner season, winning the District Champi- onship runner up trophy, and finishing fifth at the State Championships. This year ' s team looks stronger than ever according to seventh year Head Coach Al McRoberts, " I feel we are in the running to win the District along with Avon Park and Arcadia DeSota. " The Bluejackets return with last year ' s Long and Triple Jump Champion Edward Manderson and All Pinellas County First Team miler Kristin Smith. Coach McRoberts feels the Distance squad will be nucleus of the team. The " Throws " also look very good, led by Sean Lester and newcomer Lee Richards. Senior Tom Kopchains and newcomer Steve Carroll will lead the Quarter milers. The Team will be competing against the County ' s and State ' s finest Teams, traveling to the Florida Relays and many other quality Invita- tionals. First Row — K. Smith, Asst Coach Tim Je saitis, Head Coach Al McRoberts, E. Mande son. Second Row — S. Fitzgerald, R. Gaudette, D. Goldstein, E. Burns, R. Hall, Carnes, T. Nalovic, C. Geisler, B. Severs, S. Lester, J. Palm, K. Cockes, S. Smith. Thi: Row — C. Anfield, J. Magarity, B. Marlow, B. Rand, D. Maling, J. Toler, B. Clarke, Howard, I. Martin, M. Fortune, B. Kotel, C. Busha. Fourth Row — D. Lloyd, M. Nic letti, P. Seibert, T. Severino, A. Dayton, K. Logan, C. Hudgins, I. Trent, M. Sears, 1 Lopez, R. Inman, S. Carroll. Fifth Row — J. Turner, M. Pinto, D. Miles, T. Kopchains, Richards, M. Thornton, M. Neitzke, M. Baker. 5 CO-CAPTAIN Kristin Smith, Head Coach Al McRoberts, CO-CAP- TAIN, Edward Manderson 880, Mile, Two Mile, Mile Medley, Schoi Record Holder Kristin Smith 86 Sean Lester is hungry to win Senior Tom Kopchains leads the Jacket ' s quarter milers 87 LOWER SCHOOL ■i i i ' JwJ LOWER SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION i i Supervising the Lower School is a non-stop job Teaching gives LCdr. Nicholson a chance to relax from his busy schedule 90 .1 FACULTY Lt. Dalton Moore Indiana State University, B.S. Physical Education, History 7 Lt. Edward Carney St. Petersburg Junior College, A. A. University of South Florida, B.A. English, Reading 5 6 Lt. (jg) Karl Angelo Mount Saint Mary ' s College. B.A. Language Arts, English 7 8 Lt. (jg) Joseph H endershott Ohio State University, B.S. Physical Education, Science 5, 6, 7 fcw W ■ ' 40m 1 fe i £ n y Lt. Randv Stowell Guilford College, B.S. History 5, Geography 6. Math 5 Lt. (jg) Matthew Helfand Emory University, B.A. Ohio State University, M.A. Algebra I, Math 7 8 Cdr. Edward Lillich University of Toledo, B.E. Troy State University, M.S. (C G) Math 6 Cdr. Lillich joined the Lower School staff to teach math 91 HB f After classes, Lt. C arney supervises lifting at the Farragut Iron Works J II 1-1 X V S J Lt. Helfand teaches Algebra I to the advanced eighth graders Lt. Angelo proves to be a versatile coach during his first year at the Academy 92 f X Lt. Stowell awaits the correct answer The Athletic Director has many scenic duties Supervising the dormitory, coach- ing football, and teaching classes are just some of Lt. Helfand ' s ac- tivities 93 -.? .•.. »• L.S. MILITARY r wM . mt iimt» J ■ STUDENT LIFE A SCIENCE CENTER Cadets handle a wide range of animals i E Cdr. Nicholson " overseas " the salt-water tank Is it real? Cadet Moore holds " Jacket " the famou " Goat-with-a-Coat " ! riiMi ;.- In order to keep the Science Center in working condition, the cadets volunteer their free-time to help with upkeep The Science Center encompasses the outdoors as well 99 L.S. SOCCER First Row — D. Sokolowski, S. March, K. Davis, J. Carmichael, J. Freeland, E. Neal, R. Bluck, E. Manderson, T. Pete monowski Second Row — J. Goldstein, M. Pritch, C. Robitaille, M. Kemp, E. Corbett, T. Nelson, C. Leitzke, B. Heinz Third Row — F. Arnall. B. Kelly. D. Capinegro, J. Lebis. K. Groves, D. Daniele, S. Lowder, Coach Nicholson rs, S. Li , C. Ric Strategy Goalie John Freeland waits for the action to come his way. 100 J Cadet Manderson prepares a corner kick Coach Nicholson congratulates the boys on a job well done. • £« Fancy footwork! Defenseman Bluck clears a shot Under the skilled coaching of LCdr. Mike Nicholson, the Lower School Soccer Team pulled off another success- ful season. Although finishing with a (3-6) record, the " Little Jackets " were never shut-out. The highlight of the season came with a 5-3 win over Berkeley Preparatory Middle School. Cadet Eric Manderson, scoring 25 goals on the season, proved to be a great asset to the team. With the up and coming talent of this young team, next year ' s sea- son is sure to be a successful one. 101 L.S. BASKETBALL First Row — E. Corbett, M. Pritch. Second Row — Coach Hendershott, K. Groves, M. Sokolowski, D. Oakes, A. Agemy, C. Lowder, F. Arnall, Coach Stowell. Third Row — E. Manderson, S. Limonowski, J. Pence, E. Neal, J. Freeland, J. Rivera — Mgr. Keswick Christian proved to be tough opponent for the Bluejackef Coach Hendershott readies the boys to return to action agaii t Northside Christian x ; I ,, , n I i,i ' 1 ' " " • ,. J (M is Eric Manderson prepares for a " One-and-One " The 1985-86 Lower School Basketball Team was successful in terms of spirit and fun. Attain- ing a record of 3-6 during the season, the boys learned and improved with each contest. Hustle and determination were the themes of most games and it showed in the scrappy play of all members of the team. 102 John Pence " skies " toward jump ball L.S. TRACK First Row — D. Daniele, B. Strong, C. Lear, M. Smith, C. Leitzke, J. Fontenot, A. Campillo, S. Corrigan, M. Pritch, M. Kemp, W. Heinz, K. Groves, C. Lowder, M. Sokolowski, J. Knight. Second Row — E. Lay, R. Bluck, J. Otto, S. March, S. Savolainen, B. Kelly, W. Lazenby, M. Miros, G. Shirmer, Coach Nicholson, J. Freeland, Asst. Coach K. Smith, J. Carmichael, J. Pence, E. Manderson, M. Clarke, J. Rivera, T. Peters, D. Sokolowski, D. Capinegro, F. Arnall, C. Staab. Coach Nicholson explains the day ' s workout f The Shot-put is one of the should dominate events that the Blue ■If " •?yrl- . Track involves individual effort and dedication. The Lower School Track pro- gram looks to have an exciting season. The first meet ended in victory over six other schools. The Jackets dominated the field events; Eric Manderson jumped 17 feet 8 inches and Robert Bluck threw the discus 101 feet. Keith Groves placed first in the 880, lap- ping the entire field of runners. The program is solid and provides excellent training for track in the years to come. Distance running can be lonely 103 PHYSICAL EDUCATION RE. Class teaches competition, fair play and sportsmanship 1 Sixth period is one of the most popular classes of the day February brought softball to " Li tie Booger Park " » Spring means hot weather and a cool pool 104 FACES OF LOWER SCHOOL 4 Y 105 FIFTH GRADE J. Chovnick C. Rice S. Shagena N. Tanner 106 SIXTH GRADE A. Agemy K. Davis T. Nelson B. Ferrentino J. Ginn a « l f ■ " ■ L. i. " ' " ' s fl f " 1 11 - imI D. Oakes K. Robitaille M. Sokolowski J. Willey 107 SEVENTH GRADE B. Athey H. Carmichael E. Corbett D. Daniele 108 J, J. Kolenda W. Lazenby M. Pritch J. Rivera J. Scavino S. Smith B. Strong M. Sutton 109 EIGHTH GRADE J. Carmichael M. Clarke S. Corrigan D. Gent K. Groves 110 B. Kelly W. Moore ipss C. Lear E. Neal J. Lebis S. Limonowski C. Lowder E. Manderson S. March ■ " ■■■■■IIM T. Peters C. Leitzke M. Miros Z. Redmon D. Shirmer M. Smith D. Sokolowski S. Sorrells C. Staab Sec. Treas. S. Limonowski, Pres. K. Groves, V. Pres. E. Neal, Hist. C. Lowder in CLASSES NINTH GRADE fS ' - ■ r " m.- • m. " « ' • ' jit V » i . r .. ?5 ' -• « j - ' » ' v ' -% 1 C. Busha T. Capalbo M. Chappell E. Christoph B. Clarke J. Cotroneo E. Cramer A. Dayton 114 J. DeCaro V. Diazgranados L. Fernandez S. Fitzgerald D. Fraser R. Gaudett 1. J. Gerry K. Grider P. Guadiz D. Hargis B. Howard C. Hudgins A. Lay Sec. Treas. T. McCune, Pres. M. Nicoletti, V. Pres. J. Cotroneo, Hist. S. Fitzgerald 115 TENTH GRADE T. Abrahamson M. Baker .- . ' - ' tf-rt fM-fa- fcM ' : «kto " i n irur%i H. Carter R. Chadziutko S. Cloward D. Cobb H. Costantine A. DiAngelus G. Emmanue A. Foster M. Fredericks J. Frost M. Jimenez M. Jones S. Kepecz B. Kirkconnell W. Kooy K. Loader K. Logan IA. MacArthur G. McClung S. Mellor E. Miles D. Morin J. Morrison M. Oard L. Young Sec. Treas. S. Smith, Pres. M. Borota, V Pres. L. Young, Hist. A. DiAngelus 117 I ELEVENTH GRADE i C. Conyers N. Cork R. dePass P. Donovan S. Doremus M. Goldman R. Hall 118 , J. Ledeboer S. Lester D. Llerena A. Lopez D. Maling R. Mensh C. Nelson S. Olsen J. Palm R. Peete M. Pinto M. Powell T. Rowe T. Sawyer H. Schneider M. Sears M. Singer C. Stagman J. Storm E. Tiernan J. Turner T J. Uprichard G. Weeks Pres. M. Harris, V. Pres. E. Childers, Hist. M. Pinto, Sec. Treas, R. Mensh 119 SENIORS -a n t -1 ►r pa 03 j j C D n 7T o o • 3 - £n GO ► , iS 5T o S » ■■ ' v- os n 3ang ng S 03 H ft a-7 ££d - 2 » nog zsfy 3 1.3 2 o M en 3 " « ! nP- o fi -a n ([ (t cT? » P 3 30 P CD ► , CD Z on cd 3T a- -, " CD ? ! i-) 03 CD ►n w CD CD a CD O CD H CD 3 CD H — o DJ CD 3 en - co CO H S o c? 3:g 3 » 3 2T " b " o " S rr 3; n er J " T CO CD 03 S to 30 » n n ' o c p O CD MZ CO a c?3.l , CX co co O • pro S? cr- M 5 ™ ■OS 03 n 3 VI ex Ipo 3 O CD ' 3 ' N P 120 OFFICERS — Hist. C. Slusher, Vice Pres. J. Carnes, Pres. K. Knutsson, Sec. Treas. C. Geisler. VALEDICTORIAN — Chris Slusher SALUTATORIAN Omar Johansson 1986 SENIOR SEAL 121 David Alexander Bowles " Dave " Sarasota, Florida Naval Science Honors: NRA Marksman Ribbon, Marksman Medal, Honor Company Ribbon, Band Ribbon (4) Miscellaneous Achievements: Boy Scouts of America, Mas- ter Diver (PADI), Red Cross of America, Solo Clarinetist, Choir Ribbon, Club Ribbon, Service Ribbon (6) Hobbies: Scuba Diving, Wind Surfing, Water Skiing, Exotic Cars, Hiking, Camping Ambition: To become a Mechanical Computer Engineer and retire to a small island in the Caribbean Stuart Michael Brown " Aussie " Sidney, Australia Academic Honors: Headmaster ' s List, Academic Ribbon w star, National Honor Society Athletic Honors: Varsity Football (1), Varsity Basketball (2), Varsitv Baseball (2), Varsity Tennis (2), Junior Varsity Bas- ketball (1) Naval Science Honors: Lieutenant, Headquarters Company Commander, QM Instructor, Honor Company Ribbon, NJROTC Mini-Boot Camp, Naval Sea Cruise Miscellaneous Achievements: Best Deportment Medal 1984- 1985, Most Improved Band Member 1982-1983, Who ' s Who Among American High School Students, National English Merit Award, Computer Club, Monogram Club Hobbies: Cars, Girls, Water Skiing Ambition: To attend GMI Engineering and Management and study Automotive Engineering " If one advances confidently in the directions of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. " Henrv David Thoreau 122 Troy Malcolm Burke " B. B. " West Bay, Grand Cayman, BWI Academic Honors: Academic Ribbon Athletic Honors: Basketball Manager (2) Naval Science Honors: Commander, Battalion Commander, QM2, Honor Company Ribbon, NRA Sharpshooter Medal Bar 3, Sharpshooter Ribbon, Band Ribbon (2) Miscellaneous Achievements: Sojourners Medal For Leader- ship and Patriotism, Deportment Ribbon w star, Merit Ribbon, Rifle Club, Service Ribbon (5) Hobbies: Spear Fishing, Scuba Diving, Riflery, Weight Lift- ing, Water Skiing Ambition: Attend Stetson University and study business then take over his father ' s business in Grand Cayman " To learn everything is impossible, but to learn the maxi- mum is desirable. " R.G. Wheeler Bruce Colin Campbell " Earl " St. Petersburg, Florida Athletic Honors: Varsity Football Manager Naval Science Honors: Honor Company Ribbon, Band Rib- bon Miscellaneous Achievements: Solo Saxophonist, Certified Open Water Diver (PADI), International Wind Surfing Cer- tification, Club Ribbon, Service Ribbon (4) Hobbies: Music, Cars, War Gaming, Karate, Girls, Scuba, Wind Surfing Ambition: To be a music teacher or music therapist " Are we having fun yet? " . C to ohn Ver„on a Car So£ sV Mill Valley, California rv, i Academic Honors: Academic Ribbon (- £ - cs£xs) , Athletic Honors: Varsity Football (3), Varsity Track (3), Rifle Team, Junior Varsity Basketball Travel Boy Naval Science Honors: Lieutenant, Third Company Com- mander, QM3, Riflery Ribbon, Seamanship Ribbon Miscellaneous Achievements: Merit Ribbon, Student Facu ty Representative Board. Class Officer, Monogram Club, Cotillion Club, Club Ribbon, Service Ribbon (4) Hobbies: Football, Listening to music. Writing poetry, Singing Elvis in shower, Social functions, Girls, Weight Lifting Ambition: Go to college, play football, and possibly be ric, andfamou( c J : r Jf " Wave after wave, each mightier than the last ' Til last, a nineth one, gathering half the deep And full of voices, slowly rose and plunged Roaring, and all the wave was in a flame " Tennyson 0 V: Michael Kenneth Carney " Moose " San Jose, Costa Rica Athletic Honors: Varsity Football (3), Varsity Basketball (2), Varsity Track, Junior Varsity Basketball (2) Naval Science Honors: Lieutenant, Second Company Com- mander, QM2, NRA Marksman Medal Hobbies: Sailing, Skiing. Diving, Mountain Climbing Ambition: Plans to attend University of Florida and study Business Administration " Dios bendiga a todos los que traten de superarce sin fraca- zar " 124 . Robert Eugene Castellano " E.T. " Newtown, Connecticut Academic Honors: Academic Ribbon Athletic Honors: Varsity Tennis, Junior Varsity Basketball Naval Science Honors: Chief Petty Officer, QM Instructor, Best Drill New Cadet Medal 1983-1984, Marksman Ribbon Miscellaneous Achievements: Who ' s Who Among American High School Students, Computer Club, Merit Ribbon, Rifle Club, Service Ribbon (3), Monogram Club Hobbies: Tennis, Sailing, Snow Skiing, Hunting Ambition: To major in Finance and become a Wall Street trader " My friends, this is only the beginning of the end, so remem- ber to enjoy it in the beginning, for you may not have it at the end " Peter George Chicouris " Pipeline Pete " St. Petersburg, Florida Athletic Honors: Varsity Swimming, Junior Varsity Basket- ball Naval Science Honors: Chief Petty Officer, QM 3, Marks- manship Ribbon Hobbies: Surfing, Fishing, Snorkeling, Basketball, Boating Ambition: To be very successful in life " The end always has new beginning " 125 James Milton Clark " Jimmy " El Dorado, Illinois Academic Honors: National Honor Society, Radford Star, Headmaster ' s List, Academic Ribbon w star Athletic Honors: Junior Varsity Basketball Naval Science Honors: Chief Petty Officer, Assistant Band Commander, QM 3, NJROTC Mini-Boot Camp (2), Honor Company Ribbon, Naval Sea Cruise, Marksmanship Rib- bon, Band (4) Miscellaneous Achievements: Deportment Ribbon, Who ' s Who Among American High School Students, National Merit English Award, Army Basic Training, Expert Marks- manship Badge (Grenades), Sharpshooter Badge (M-16) Hobbies: Drums, Fishing, Concerts Ambition: To attend University of Florida and study Engi- neering while achieving a commission in the Army " Impossible is a word only to be found in the dictionary of fools " Napoleon I r; qti -STod Kenneth Dougla s Cockes " Thumbs " Miami, Florida C ocJ r tc U n w cA c -5c)u.(» lo cj Academic Honors: Academic Ribbon Athletic Honors: Varsity Basketball (2), Varsity Football (2), Varsity Track, Sun Coast All Conference Football Team Naval Science Honors: Ensign, Assitant Supply Officer, QM 2, Sharpshooter Ribbon, Marksman First Class Medal Miscellaneous Achievements: Monogram Club, Cooking Club, Senior Camp Counselor, Service Ribbon (2) Hobbies: Football, Basketball, Water Skiing, Beach Ambition: To attend college and be successful " No stone is ever left unturned, in the supply wing " Kristin Atwood Smith 126 1). S, ' 4«o c . 4 u cj. f £ " r-« . 7 • -s U r- r (-, ' r « ojx ca 9 7 S| V Javier DeOna Manzano " Gato " Escazu, Costa Rica Athletic Honors: Varsity Track, Varsity Soccer (2), Varsity Tennis Ambition: Become a successful Industrial Engineer, work with his father " Ojos que no ven, corazon que no siente " -1 r t =• -.= ' Sr 3 - C LW -i u J q J l -t j low (r f j Sean Bunke Crosby " Bunke " Ocala, Florda Academic Honors: Headmaster ' s List, Academic Ribbon w star, Who ' s Who Among American High School Students Athletic Honors: Varsity Tennis (2), Varsity Basketball, Sec- ond Team All County Tennis, Most Valuable Player Tennis 1984-1985 Naval Science Honors: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Platoon Leader, QM 3 Miscellaneous Achievements: Monogram Club, Buccaneer Yearbook Staff Hobbies: Surfing, Tennis " Surfing is the only life, the only life for me! " The Bunk 127 Lincoln Scott Farish " Captain Lincoln Stern " Boston, Massachusetts Academic Honors: Headmaster ' s List. Academic Ribbon w star Naval Science Honors: Second Class Petty Officer, QM 2, NIROTC Mini-boot Camp, NJROTC Sea " Cruise Miscellaneous Achievements: Monogram Club, Creative Writing Club, Junior Olympics in Judo Hobbies: Music, Fast Cars, Sailing, Telling bad jokes Ambition: To attend St. Johns in Maryland and become rich " Some people take the high road Some people take the low I blaze my own trails " LSF Christopher Douglas Geisler " Old Man " Pompano Beach, Florida Academic Honors: Radford Star, Headmaster ' s List, Aca- demic Ribbon w star, National Honor Society Athletic Honors: Varsity Cross Country (4), Varsity Track (4), Rifle Team (3), Co-captain Rifle Team (2), Co-captain Cross Country Naval Science Honors: Chief Petty Officer, QM 2, Drill Team (2), Deportment Ribbon, Merit Ribbon, Honor Company Ribbon, Expert Riflery Ribbon. NRA Expert Rifle Medal, Service Ribbon (6) Miscellaneous Achievements: Monogram Club, Freshman and Sophomore Class President, Junior and Senior Class Secretary Treasurer Hobbies: Spending time with friends, Running, Tennis, Cars, Water Sports, the Beach Ambition: To study Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine at the University of Florida, become taller than all my friends, and not be forgotten " It is hard to know what kind of person you will become, or what standard to measure yourself by: the best mirror you will ever have is a friend " Hi i k 128 " ■ as O ' y( Dustin Todd Goodwin " Goody " Freeport, Bahamas Naval Science Honors: Ensign, Waterfront Officer. QM In- structor, Seamanship Medal 84-85. Sharpshooter Ribbon, NRA Sharpshooter Bar I, Merit Ribbon, Deportment Rib- bon, Service Ribbon (4) Miscellaneous Achievements: President Rifle Club, Year- book Photographer Hobbies: Sailing, Scuba Diving, Horseback Riding, Photogra- phy Ambition: To attend University of Miami and study Business Administration " Amour Vincit Omnia, Love conquers all " enrfeth Alton Gerry, II " Kenny " Holmes Beach, Florida Athletic Honors: Varsity Swim Team (3), Suncoast Aquatic Team (2), Third Place 100 Senior Breast Stroke, Sixth Place 200 Senior Breast Stroke at University of South Florida Swim Meet Naval Science Honors: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Platoon Leader, QM 2, NRA Sharpshooter Bar I Miscellaneous Achievements: Rifle Club, Computer Club, Rock Band Leader, Certified Lifeguard Hobbies: Surfing, Sailing, Tennis, Skin Diving, Fishing, Weight Lifting, Playing the guitar on the beach Ambition: To become a renowned CPA, run a motel, and play in a professional band " After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music " iii— " a j j Aldous Huxley c i C — 129 William Scott Hanekamp " Billy " Chicago, Illinois Academic Honors: Headmaster ' s List Athletic Honors: Varsity Basketball (3), Varsity Basketball Captain, Most Valuable Basketball Player 1984-1985, All Tournament Team Keswick, All County Honorable Men- tion 1984-1985, Varsity Baseball (2) Naval Science Honors: Second Class Petty Officer, QM 2 Hobbies: Sports, Weekend Adventures Ambition: To become an astute businessman " You can ' t hoot with the owls at night, and soar with the eagles in the morning " Omar Charles Henry Johansson, III " Omus B. Blomus " Texas City, Texas Academic Honors: Salutatorian Award, National Honor Soci- ety, Radford Star, Headmaster ' s List, Academic Ribbon w star. Admiral Farragut Academy Award; Underclass- man of the Year Athletic Honors: Varsity Baseball (4), Most Improved Base- ball Player 1984-1985, Varsity Cross Country (3), Varsity Basketball Statistician, American High School Athlete Naval Science Honors: Lieutenant, Battalion Executive Offi- cer, QM 2, Fourth Company Commander (Jr.), Drill Team Commander Lower School (2), First Place Seamanship Medal 1984-1985, Marksmanship Ribbon, Exemplary Ap- pearance Ribbon, NJROTC Leadership Academy, NJROTC Mini-Boot Camp, Merit Ribbon, Deportment Ribbon, Ser- vice Ribbon (5) Miscellaneous Achievements: National Society — Daughters of the American Colonist, National Merit English Award, Who ' s Who Among American High School Students, Best Deportment Medal 1984-1985, Buccaneer Business Man- ager, Creative Writing Club, Cotillion Club Officer, Mono- gram Club Hobbies: Baseball, Sailing, Skiing, Sliding, Surfing, Beach, Midnight Darts with Dagwood Ambition: To major in Business Administration at Duke Uni- versity and become a CPA-|D " Don ' t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don ' t walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me, and be my friend. " Albert Camus 130 John Patrick Kemp " Paddy " Freeport, Bahamas Academic Honors: Academic Ribbon Athletic Honors: Varsity Swimming (4), Junior Varsity Bas- ketball (2), Varsity Track, State Championship Relay Swim Team (17th) Naval Science Honors: QM 2, Sharpshooter Ribbon, Sharp- shooter Medal, Service Ribbon (6) Miscellaneous Achievements: Monogram Club Hobbies: Swimming, Skin Diving, Fishing, Water Skiing Ambition: To attend Florida State University and study Busi- ness Management " Be what you can, when you can, where you are " Teddy Roosevelt Kurt Karl Knutsson " Captain Kurt " Clearwater, Florida Athletic Honors: Varsity Swimming -4flH BP Naval Science Honors: Chief Petty Officer, QM Instructor, Service Ribbon (3), Sharpshooter Ribbon, Sailing Medal 1984, Club Ribbon Miscellaneous Achievements: Cotillion Club, Senior Class President, Student Faculty Representative Board Hobbies: Water Skiing, Boating, Travelling Ambition: To give back to the world more than the world gives to me " If not now then when, if not here then where, if not you then who " B fc. r s r " ' ' V 131 Thomas Benjamin Kopchains " Donald Duck " Somerset, New Jersey Athletic Honors: Varsity Track (2), Varsity Swimming (2) Naval Science Honors: Color Guard Hobbies: Girls, Skiing, Running, Motorcycles, Hiking, Par- ties Ambition: To succeed in a business career and enjoy life to its fullest " Can ' t always get what you want, but if you try sometime you just might get what you need " Rolling Stones Daniel Ronald Larson " Dan " Bradenton, Florida Academic Honors: Academic Ribbon Naval Science Honors: Ensign, QM 3, Honor Company, Sharpshooter Miscellaneous Achievements: Service Ribbon (3), Drum Ma- jor Hobbies: Water Skiing, Music, Basketball, Weight Lifting, Pi- ano, Computers Ambition: To become a Computer Business Analyst and Pro- grammer " Have you a standard to live by? Don ' t compromise when you know its the truth. Don ' t let peer pressure turn you from the right. Just be what you really are. Be on the outside what you are inside! " Phil Keaggy 132 Christopher William Lenz " Chris " Lauderdale Lakes, Florida Academic Honors: National Honor Society. Academic Rib- bon w star, Headmaster ' s List Miscellaneous Achievements: NRA Marksmanship Medal Hobbies: Reading Science Fiction, Computers Ambition: To attend the Air Force Academy and become an Astronaut " Take some intelligence, throw in some creativity, add a lot of determination and hardwork. What do you get? Anything you want! " - 3 Sua HmM an JZArto iffredo Enrique Lovera Aqtiique " Fester " Caracas, Venezuela Athletic Honors: Varsity Baseball (3), Most Valuable Player Baseball 1984-1985, Varsity Soccer Manager (3) Naval Science Honors: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Gunnery Officer, QM 2, Service Ribbon (5) Miscellaneous Achievements: Yearbook Photographer, Scu- ba Club, Flying Club, Rifle Club, Journalism Club Hobbies: Cars, Fishing, Hunting, Photography, Flying, Mo- torcycles, Scuba Diving, Electrical Engineering for " Tira- me Algo " Ambition: To study Electrical Engineering at Florida Insti- tute of Technology, and work with his father " Never stop, keep on trying, you will make it " AL a tm 133 Edward Allan Manderson, Jr. " Monkey " Grand Cayman Academic Honors: Academic Ribbon Athletic Honors: Varsity Football (3), Varsity Track (4), Varsi- ty Soccer (4), Varsity Track Co-captain (2), Varsity Soccer Captain, Rifle Team, All County First Team Football, All County Soccer, All County First Team Track Captain, State Champion Long Jump and Triple Jump, National Age Group Triple lump Champion, Carifta Long lump Champi- on, Ranked Seventh in Nation Triple Jump. First Place Field Day (4), Most Valuable Player Soccer, Most Valuable Player Track (2), Underclass Athlete (2), Best Athlete Naval Science Honors: First Class Petty Officer, QM 2, Assis- tant Color Guard Commander, Drill Team, Exemplary Ap- pearance Ribbon, Expert Rifle Ribbon, Service Ribbon (5) Miscellaneous Achievements: Junior Class Vice President, Monogram Club, NRA Expert Hobbies: Snorkling, Swimming, Shooting, Traveling, Soccer Ambition: Compete in the Olympics and manage his own Track Field camp in the Cayman Islands " Success is a virtue of life, gained from hard work and desire to be what vou want " Brandt Madison Meyer " Oscar " Ocala, Florida Naval Science Honors: Second Class Petty Officer, QM 2, Exemplary Appearance Ribbon, Service Ribbon (2) Miscellaneous Achievements: Pilot Flying Club Hobbies: Flying, Drums, Parties Ambition: To attend Embry Riddle Aeronautical University " The secret to my success is that I always manage to live to fly another day " Chuck Yeager 134 . Michael Kevin Mitchell " Mitch " Hamlet, North Carolina Academic Honors: Academic Ribbon w star, Headmaster ' s List Athletic Honors: Varsity Swimming (3), Junior Varsity Bas- ketball (2), Alternate member of State Swim Team Naval Science Honors: QM 2, Expert Rifle Ribbon, Service Ribbon (6) Miscellaneous Achievements: Who ' s Who Among American High School Students, National English Merit Award, Monogram Club, Buccaneer Staff, Daughters of the Ameri- can Revolution — Citizenship Award Hobbies: Swimming, Music, Spending time with friends, Beach, Parties Ambition: To attend Flagler College, major in Accounting, and have an exciting and fulfilling life " Mister Mojo Risin " Jim Morrison David George Miles " Smiles " Miami, Florida Academic Honors: Academic Ribbon Athletic Honors: Varsity Football (2), Varsity Track (3), Junior Varsity Football Naval Science Honors: Chief Petty Officer. QM 2, Service Ribbon (3), Sharpshooter Ribbon, Marksmanship Ribbon Miscellaneous Achievements: Rifle Club, Flying Club, Monogram Club Hobbies: Football, Exercise, My family and friends Ambition: To attend Florida State University and become a commercial pilot " I understand about indecision but I don ' t care about getting behind people living in competition all I want is to have my piece of mind " Boston 135 Thomas Nalovic " Huggy " Cayenne, French Guiana Academic Honors: Headmaster ' s List, Academic Ribbon w star Athletic Honors: Varsity Cross Country (2), Varsity Track (2), Varsity Tennis (2), Rifle Team Naval Science Honors: Lieutenant Junior Grade. Color Guard Commander, QM 3, Sharpshooter Bar II, Naval Sci- ence I Honor Cadet Miscellaneous Achievements: Who ' s Who Among American High School Students Hobbies: Tennis. Deep Sea Fishing, Music, Dancing, Socializ- ing Ambition: To become a renowned engineer, make plenty of money, retire my parents with everything they want, and retire to South America with my wife and kids " " We do not know what to do with this short life, yet we yearn for another that will be eternal " Albert Einstein Guy Nebel " Guili " Lima, Peru Athletic Honors: Varsity Soccer (2), Rifle Team Naval Science Honors: Ensign, Platoon Leader, QM Instruc- tor, Drill Team, NRA Sharpshooter Medal Miscellaneous Achievements: Private Pilot Hobbies: Flying airplanes Ambition: Study at the U.S. Naval Academy and get the most out of my life " Look for perfection, set your aims high ... " lorge Nebel 136 ' " £ Christopher Lee Northam " GQ " Palm Harbor, Florida Athletic Honors: Varsity Cross Country Naval Science Honors: Chief Petty Officer, QM 3, Club Rib- bon, Service Ribbon (4) Miscellaneous Achievements: Monogram Club, Creative Writing Club, Journalism Club Hobbies: Surfing, Running, Sailing, Racquetball, Writing Ambition: To attend Loyola of Maryland and become an at- torney " This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. " Douglas Prewitt Nelson " Admiral " Winchester, Kentucky Athletic Honors: Varsity Soccer (1), Junior Varsity Soccer (1) Naval Science Honors: First Class Petty Officer, QM 3 Hobbies: Photography, Music Ambition: To take life as it comes " It is better to burn out, than to fade away. My My, Hey Hey " Neil Young 137 tfcWf- J CO JS-4s - o- £Xv- --G r-- «- a- - y dS Neil Patel " Ghandi " Lutz, Florida Academic Honors: Academic Ribbon w star, National Eng- lish Merit Award, Honor Cadet . € J g j . . Athletic Honors: Varsity Track Naval Science Honors: QBH, Third Class Petty Officer, Marksman Ribbon, Deportment Ribbon, Club Ribbon, Ser vice Ribbon (2) Miscellaneous Achievements: Senior Class Artist, Journal- -c ism Club Hobbies: Girls, Weight Lifting, Sketching Ambition: To be an American Citizen: U.S. of A. all the way! " The Golden Rule: He who has the gold, make the rule " Filafel Hans Peters Batalla " Pansi " San Jose, Costa Rica Athletic Honors: Varsity Soccer (2), Most Valuable Player Soccer 84-85 N aval Science Honors: QM 2, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Pla- toon Leader, Service Ribbon (3) Miscellaneous Achievements: Rifle Club Hobbies: Collecting Stamps, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Girls, Counseling Ambition: To get his Masters in Mechanical Engineering " Always strive for perfection, it is the best way of life " Hans Peters 138 liam Osgood Prescof " Bill " -Bel le Glade, Florida Academic Honors: Academic Ribbon Athletic Honors: Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Rifle Team, Rifle Team Captain Naval Science Honors: Lieutenant, First Company Com- mander, QM 2, Expert Ribbon, Merit Ribbon, Seamanship Ribbon, Band, Second Place Intra-company Rifle Competi- tion, Headmaster ' s Leadership Award, Honor Company Ribbon, NJROTC Leadership Academy, Service Ribbon (3) Miscellaneous Achievements: NRA Expert, All City Aca- demic Football Team, Marine Corp Award for Excellence in Photography Hobbies: Water Skiing, Snow Skiing, Shooting, Having fun Ambition: To be happy, rich, and successful at what ever he does " Victory is not won in miles but in inches, win a little now, hold your ground, and later win a little more " (I 1 4 i i ' ,fe WW U u ck « ( " ' Ll» KM K Robert R. ReeshV JSi ' V C " RadRob " » » ( " $[ Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida ' „ p™i Jj, J • " ' " " ft J Athletic Honors: Varsity Track, Junior Varsity Basketball w 1, Naval Science Honors: QM 2, Color Guard Hobbies: Surfing, Partying, Girls, Skateboarding, Tennis, Cy- cles Ambition: To live life in the fast lane, and yet succeed in the business world p n . " You ' ll take my life, but I ' ll take yours too. f You ' ll fire your musket, but I ' ll run you through So when you ' re waiting for the next attack You ' d better stand there ' s no turning back. " jjeM Iron Maiden vv .i ,l vJ oV (I ? Wft 139 Andrew Roland Rikarts " Rickets " Treasure Island, Florida Academic Honors: Academic Ribbon w star. National Hon- or Society Naval Science Honors: Chief Petty Officer, QM 2, Athletic Chief, Seamanship Ribbon, Merit Ribbon w star, Deport- ment Ribbon, Drill Team Miscellaneous Achievements: Who ' s Who Among American High School Students, Arthur Miner Math Field Day Fourth Place, Computer Club President, D D Club Hobbies: Computers, Sailing, Swimming, Girls, Eating, Sleeping, Fishing Ambition: To attend Emory University, and become a sys- tems analyst, get rich and retire at 40 " Sometimes the world is a storm. One day the storm will pass and all will be bright and peaceful. No more tears or pain. If you Believe look to the dawn, and fearlessly bathe in the purple rain . . . May you live to see dawn " Prince Phillip Andrew Russian " Rush " Treasure Island, Florida Naval Science Honors: QM 3, Naval Sea Cruise Ribbon, Na- val Boot Camp Ribbon, Marksmanship Ribbon, Service Ribbon (3) Hobbies: Motorcycle Riding, Swimming, Making Models Ambition: Plans to attend Johnson and Whales College, and study Business Administration " The end is always a new beginning " 140 SM I Joseph Christian Slusher " Slush Pup " Norton, Virginia Academic Honors: Valedictorian Award, Radford Star, NMSQT Letter, Headmaster ' s List. Highest Academic Average (3), Second Highest Academic Average (2), Aca- demic Field Day (3), Academic Ribbon w star, Second Place County Mathematics Field Day. National Honor So- ciety Naval Science Honors: Battalion Chief Petty Officer, QM 3, Naval Science I III Honor Ribbons. The Retired Officers Association ROTC Award, Service Ribbon (6) Miscellaneous Achievements: Deportment Medal (4), Who ' s Who Among American High School Students, National English Merit Award, Class Officer (4), Student Faculty Representative Board Hobbies: Friends, Sailing, Guitar, Canoeing, Computer Pro- gramming Telecommunications, Hiking, Writing, Music, Reading, Sleeping Ambition: To attend Duke or Yale University and study Eco- nomics and English Literature " Weary and wretched are the pilgrims of the trodden path; cast off thy fetters and the object of thy wrath. Life is but a sweet gift of which we only once savor; pluck forth its mellowing fruits — consume of its flavor! " JCS ( " Ode to a Former Self " ) Barry Lee Severs " Baboo " New Port Richey, Florida Athletic Honors: Varsity Football (3), Varsity Track (2), Junior Varsity Basketball Naval Science Honors: Ensign, Assistant Waterfront Officer, QM Instructor, Marksmanship Ribbon Hobbies: Sailing, Skiing Ambition: To attend Furman University and become a CPA " When a man blames others for his mistakes, it ' s a good idea to credit others for his successes " Howard W. Newton 141 Kristin Atwood Smith " Dagwood " Deposit, New York Academic Honors: Headmaster ' s List Athletic Honors: Varsity Cross Country (4), Varsity Track (4), Cross Country All County Honorable Mention, All County Second Team, All Country First Team, All District, All State Class 2A, Co-captain (2), Most Improved Player, Most Valuable Player (3), AFA Cross Country Record Holder, Track All County Second Team, All County First Team (2), All District (3), All State, Co-captain (2), AFA Track Record Holder in Two Mile, One Mile, 880, and Mile-medlay, Pal- metto Cross Country Invitational Champion, Avon Park Cross Country Invitational Champion, Riverview Kiawanas Track Invitational Mile and Mile-medlay Cham- pion, University of Florida Track Invitational Second Place Mile, Brandon Balloon Rally Five Mile High School Cham- pion Naval Science Honors: Ensign, QM 3, Supply Officer, Service Ribbon (7) Miscellaneous Achievements: Who ' s Who Among American High School Students, Binnacle Staff, Yearbook Staff (2), Yearbook Editor, Monogram Club, American Red Cross Certified Advanced Lifesaving and CPR Hobbies: Running, Trying to attain the highet level of phys- ical fitness, Basketball, Baseball, Snow and Water Skiing, Keeping track of Yankee Managers, Midnight Darts with Omus B. Blomus Ambition: To enter the field of Sports Medicine, and run Track and Cross Country for a South East Conference Uni- versity ' It ain ' t over till Yogi Berra it ' s over ' Gregory Robert Stanley " Stan " Coral Springs, Florida Academic Honors: Academic Ribbon Athletic Honors: Varsity Football, Rifle Team Naval Science Honors: Lieutenant Junior Grade, QM 2, Ser- vice Ribbon (2) Miscellaneous Achievements: NRA Sharpshooter Bar VII, Monogram Club Hobbies: Water Skiing, Boating, Fishing, Hunting, Soccer Ambition: To become a Commercial Pilot " Only the good die young " Billy Joel 142 v|e«A. i ? Atlanta, Georgia -p , William Bryan Torobin n i i Bear U oT " a Atlan Academic Honors: English Merit Award, Headmaster ' s List, Academic Ribbon Athletic Honors: Junior Varsity Basketball Naval Science Honors: Lieutenant Junior Grade, QM 2, Pla- toon Leader, Deportment Ribbon, Personal Appearance Ribbon, Service Ribbon (5) Miscellaneous Achievements: Hobie Cat Racing, First Place O ' Leary ' s Sarasota Invitational Class B, Third Place Marco Island Invitational Class B Hobbies: Hobie Cat sailing, Scuba Diving, Windsurfing. Four-Wheeling, Surfing Ambition: To attend Stetson University and go on to Cum- berland School of law and become a Corporate Lawyer " Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive: easy to govern, but impossible to enslave. " L e Tui qfWK- pod A W) £ [ ud OKy . of ft 3 luwww, Cole Oliver Tyler " Cole " Lake Whales, Florida Naval Science Honors: Lieutenant Junior Grade, QM 3, De- portment Ribbon, Service Ribbon (2) Miscellaneous Achievements: Rifle Club (2) Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Playing Golf, Water Skiing Ambition: To go to college and to be a successful business- man, and citrus owner " You can take the boy out of the country, but you can ' t take the country out of the boy " 143 ' John Andrew Van Messel " Weeze " Ann Arbor, Michigan Academic Honors: Radford Star, Headmaster ' s List, Aca- demic Ribbon w star, National Honor Society Athletic Honors: Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track, Varsi- ty Basketball, Junior Varsity Basketball (2) Naval Science Honors: Chief Petty Officer, QM 2, Drill Team Commander Junior Year, Assistant Drill Team Command- er, Exemplary Appearance Ribbon, Best Drill Old Cadet, NRA Sharpshooter Medal, NJROTC Mini-Boot Camp, NJROTC Sea Cruise, NJROTC Leadership Academy, Hon- or Company Ribbon Miscellaneous Achievements: Who ' s Who Among American High School Students, Deportment Medal, Sailing Medal (2), Class Officer (2), National English Merit Award, Editor Journalism Club, Yearbook Staff, Monogram Club, Cre- ative Writing Club Hobbies: Playing sports, Music, Supporting the Wolverines Ambition: To attend a northern university and study engi- neering " Moral Courage is a rarer commodity than braving in battle or great intelligence, yet it is the one essential and vital quality for those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully to change. " Robert F. Kennedy Michael Matthew Ventimeglia " Cheeks " Mt. Clemens, Michigan Academic Honors: Headmaster ' s List, Academic Ribbon w star Athletic Honors: Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball (2), Ju- nior Varsity Basketball (2) Naval Science Honors: Third Class Petty Officer, QM 3 Miscellaneous Achievements: Service Ribbon (6), Who ' s Who Among American High School students Hobbies: Water Skiing, Cars, Girls Ambition: To graduate from AFA, go to college, and become an astute businessman " If I leave here tomorrow. . . would you still remember me? " Lynyrd Skynyrd 144 ' ' J CADET SERVICES SECRETARIES Eleanor Burton Head Bookkeeper Gail Richardson Secretary to Headmaster Joan Richmond Secretary to Dean of Students r M. 151 CANTEEN i 152 1 ' rmrx FOOD SERVICE t Ray Mills stays busy with his job as Food Service Mary Lou Spratt " wears many hats " as she works Director. to make the cafeteria run smoothly. The dining hall crew gets in a snack before the cadets arrive. ar - 5 Hundreds of meals are prepared each day for faculty, staff, and stu- dents. The cafeteria features a salad bar on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 153 SUPPLY i Lyn Powell handles all uniform needs Ms. Powell keeps the cadets in stitches 154 MAINTENANCE Robert Alexander Head of Maintenance Don Budzilo Asst. Head of Maintenance Farragut Hall gets a shine Hurricane Elena kept grounds keepers busy. %m : Building upkeep is a constant job 155 FOD ' s I ■ s FOD ' s are involved in many aspects of school life 156 Sergeant Gibson supervises drill Ut ■v % ' " ■ M ■• V i i Counseling is always needed em I BARBER LAUNDRY m Hundreds of pounds of laundry pass through here each week Above the ears and off the collar 1P " y 9 I L f i 157 ■■ • ■ INFIRMARY Dr. Charles Freeble Mrs. Judith Cholomitis Mrs. Alvira Dushane Mrs. Marjorie Van Deusen Mrs. Elizabeth Fox Mrs. Linda Downev The AFA Infirmary works long hours to keep the cadets healthy from head to toe. 158 NEW CADETS Upper School: First Row — T. Kenny, C. Cornish, T. Petkovic, C. Stone, R. Careskey. Second Row — C. Kirkpatrick, D. Hopkins, M. Morris, K. Hanson, C. Valle, C. Hendren. Lower School: First Row — K. Lamkin, B. Bennett, J. Fontenot, P. Kruger. Second Row — J. Knight, E. Lay, V. Cook, S. Savo- lainen, L. Wilensky, J. Altman. 159 Here we are with a tear in our eyes as we send out our final deadline for the 1986 Yearbook. We have spent many long hours with the " Ghost of Journal- ism ' s Past, " listening to The Eagles, Dire Straits, Doobies and a myriad of other motivational groups, over, and over, and over . . . We would like to thank (in no particular order) the following: Lusty Bear — Thanks for your clutch photos and being the subject of laughter on our bulletin board. Mrs. Stowell — Thanks for the most nourishing food and all your last minute photo runs. Cdr. Cooper — Thanks for all the absolutely marvelous pictures and yes, you may have the negatives. Kathy — We all appreciate, well, Coach more than Omar and Kris, your Twin- kies and Cupcakes, and also for being Coach ' s audience. Bryn Alan — Thanks for your quick and clear photo processing. Lt. Miller — Thanks for your " correct processing of copy " and always bringing a shake with you for our enjoyment. Bunke — Thanks for dreaming up copy in your sleep. Weeze — Thanks for keeping everyone on their toes and keeping track of how many pictures everyone in the school had. Mitch — Thanks for being here, whenever it was you were supposed to be. Fester — Thanks for making sure we had an adequate number of pictures of our Spanish students. By the way, class starts at 0800 not 0815 . . . sorry! Freddie — Thanks for letting us in at such late hours; climbing through win- dows is tough on a mortal ' s legs. Byron Kennedy — Thanks for your assistance and reminiscences of Shore- crest, you Preppie you! Dennis — Thanks for tidying our Journalism room, while also fumigating it. Coaches Hendershott, Monroe, Helfand and Angelo — Thanks for breaking the monotony and always supplying a murmur of laughter in our darkest mo- ments. special Thanks to Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay and all other fine snack food institutions. Boys, Faculty and all followers: it was our goal for this to be a history book of the 1985-1986 school year. We have been called the " Controllers of Your Memories " by the misinformed. You control your own memories, with this book to be used as a reference when those memories become clouded and faded. For this work we received very little praise or appreciation, but upon comple- tion we will receive total consciousness ... so at least we have that going for us! THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!! The " Staff " 160 ■ ■H ADMIRAL FARRAGUT ACADEMY PRAISES ITS BUCCANEER SUPPORTERS 161 Best Wishes Class of 1986 From the family of Shane Smith 162 WE CONGRATULATE AFA, The Class of ' 86 DOUG NELSON KINLOCH Rachel KINBARK Darth KINWOK Deidre KINROCK Harold THE KINLOCK TRUST Dad 163 Congratulations to Our Son, Dustin and the Class of ' 86 Thank You Admiral Farragut Academy Gale and Buddy Goodwin Proud Parents Congratulations Christopher for overcoming many hurdles. Keep on in faith and steadfastness. We ' re proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad Grandma and Grandpa Tibbits Grandma Northam Best Wishes Cadet Tyler Nelson 2BR 2 Bath with ALL AMENITIES A CLEARWATER BEACH LUXURY CONDO RENTALS (Surfside. Unit 403) Phone (SI 3) 849-1032 Week, Month. Season Curt Jean Nelson 7412 M.n.nev Circle New Port Richey. FL 33553 Less than a 30 minute drive from Admiral Farragut Academy 164 Mailgram Service Center Middletown, VA. 22645 26AM Western unfo ' nMdilsrdffl 1-018943C269002 09 26 85 ICS HACEDSG ELSD TPAA 35 EL SEGUNDO, CA 16:12 PDT 09 26 85 APPLIED OPTICS CENTER CORPORATION ATTN: GENE CASTELLANO, GEN. MGR. 20005 WHITFIELD INDUSTRIAL WAY SARASOTA, FLORIDA 33580 a applied Optics center APPLIED OPTICS CENTER CORPORATION SUBJ: MVS ASAT SUCCESSFUL FLIGHT ON FRIDAY 13 SEPTEMBER THE UNITED STATES CONDUCTED ITS FIRST AIR-LAUNCHED MINIATURE VEHICLE ANTI-SATELLITE (ASAT) TEST AGAINST A TARGET. THE ASAT MINIATURE VEHICLE SUCCESSFULLY HIT THE TARGET. THE OBJECTIVES OF THIS TEST WERE TO EVALUATE THE CAPABILITIES AND PERFORMANCE OF THE ASAT SYSTEM AND ITS VARIOUS COMPONENTS UNDER CONDITIONS OF AN ATTEMPTED INTERCEPT IN THE ENVIRONMENT OF SPACE. IN THE TEST, AN F-15 FROM EDWARDS AFB, CALIFORNIA LAUNCHED THE TWO-STAGE ASAT MISSILE OVER THE WESTERN TEST RANGE AT VAN- DENBERG AFB, CALIFORNIA. THE TARGET WAS AN AIR FORCE SATELLITE KNOWN AS P78-1 LAUNCHED IN 1979 TO GATHER SCIENTIFIC DATA ON THE SPACE ENVIRONMENT. AS THE SUPPLIER OF MIRRORS FOR THE MVS ASAT FLIGHT SENSOR, YOUR ORGANIZA- TION MADE A SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION TO THIS SUCCESS. WE WISH TO THANK YOU AND YOUR TEAM OF DEDICATED PEOPLE WHO ARE PARTICI- PATING IN THIS PROGRAM. YOUR OUTSTANDING PRODUCT MAKES IT POSSIBLE. R. D. CHANDLER MANAGER, MVS ASAT PROGRAM HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY SPACE AND STRATEGIC SYSTEMS DIVISION 18:15 EST MGMCOMP 165 MARTIN-YOUNG REALTY, INC. Industrial — Commercial — Lease Management Leo M. Young, Sr. Broker President Member Committee of 100 Industrial Base Association 11151-66th Street North Largo. Florida 33543 Phone 813-541-4696 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 86 " Scholarship and Leadership Go Hand in Hand " The Neitzke Family 63 MORRISON ' S MANAGEMENT SERVICES Wishes the Class of ' 86 Good Luck and a Successful Future " Responsibility Educates " Congratulations to the Class of ' 86 Keep up the good work! Kristian Robitaille The Robitaille Family Good Luck to the Class of ' 86 from Dr. Mrs. Francis K. Moll, Jr. 166 Best Wishes Thomas From Your Parents COMPAGNIE FRANCAISE DE PECHE B.P. 834 — 97338 Cayenne Cedex — Guyane Francaise Tel: 36-21-11 36-24-22 Telex: 910 338 FG Congratulations Class of 1986 Electric Co., Inc. Serving Bay Area Since 1947 105 Douglas Oldsmar, Florida 33557 Phone: (813)855-6692 Vern Smith President Congratulations to the Class of ' 86 Especially to Cadets Chicouris Gerry Goodwin Torobin . .Our 4 " Sons " Mr. Mrs. W. Glenn Sawyer (Keep up the good work, Tom!) 167 ■ft Congratulations to our sons Kenneth and Jefferey, and the Class of 1986! Our many thanks to the officers and staff of Admiral Farragut for a job well done! Lucette Kenneth A. Gerry Congratulations Mike! We Love You! Debbie Aunt luanita Uncle George Hank ART IN REAL ESTATE ART. . .an expression and talent of creating the desirable. Offering (he ultimate in gulf front properties, condominium residences, tax sheltered portfolios and commercial ventures. Bennington and Associ- ates, Inc. is where real estate becomes much more than selling. It is expertise of marketing unusual concepts and designs with the fine art of attention to detail. Excellence in performance of exclusive listings of select properties is our specialized reputation. The art of real estate. . .Bennington. m AND ASSOCIATES, INC. Licensed Real Estate Broker 16609 Cul Boulevard North Redington Beach, Florida (813)391-9911 Chris Geisler Congratulations on your Graduation and for a job well done! Best wishes for the future! Mom Dad Best Wishes for a success- ful future! William G. Kotel Family 168 1 1 Many Thanks to Admiral Farragut Academy Congratulations to the Class of 1986 In appreciation for all you ' ve done for my son, Stuart Best wishes for the greatest yearbook ever in 1986! il g 1 y rn-p ' £1 T J u 1 ! ' V pi VA , 4S — -■ " W- 1 Sincerely, Earl Brown 169 170 our name is commitment to quality Oil studio photogra phy IJU. Congratulations to BRANDT MADISON MEYER From his proud parents Margaret D. and H. Kessler Meyer III " Fair Wind and Following Seas " For Brandt and his fellow Graduates MAJESTIC TOWERS A Waterfront Retirement Community Lifetime Residency • Lease • Health Care 1255 Pasadena Ave. S. St. Petersburg, FL 33707 (813) 347-2169 IMPERIAL TRUCKING CO., INC. W. E. ROWE PRESIDENT 1323 North Main, Pearland, Texas 77581 Tel: (713) 997-1858 • Res. (713) 485-2226 171 % LARSON ENGINEERING, INC. Engineers • Planners Ronald L. Larson, P.E. President 6404 Manatee Avenue West, Suite N Bradenton, Florida 33529 813 794-5450 ALLEN s« 85 CENTER Li- ' nere auatitu meets tervic MIKE FLUHARTY (813) 397-0421 6585 Seminole Blvd.. Seminole FL 33542 (813]866-0156 2224-62nd Ave. So., St. Petersburg. FL 33712 (813) 522-7905 1 1 12-62nd Ave. No., St. Petersburg, FL 33703 (813) 535-1561 3854 East Bay Dr., Largo. FL 33541 (813) 884-0828 7543 W. Waters Ave.. Tampa. FL 33615 Extra Special Thanks: Omar and Kristin for making this possible and bearable GOOD LUCK! CONGRATULTIONS To our son TROY for a job well done. Your spirit is most commendable. We are proud of you. Best wishes to you and your fellow classmates of 1986 and we hope that this is the beginning of a brilliant future for you all! GOD BLESS John Pamella Burke Thank You Admiral Farragut Academy! 172 n It is a great nuisance that knowledge can be acquired only by hard work. W. Somerset Maughan JohnCarnes, We are very proud of your accomplishments during your four years at Admiral Farragut Academy. We know that you can do anything in the world if you are prepared to take the consequences. Congratulations and Good Luck in college! Love, Dad, Maggie and Grandmother W. C. LEE LICENSED CITRUS FRUIT DEALER Cash Fruit Buyer Phone 567-1719 WISHES GOOD LUCK TO THE BLUE JACKETS BANK OF FLORIDA SALUTES THE 1986 ADMIRAL FARRAGUT GRADS 2350 34th Street North. Bank of Florida Bldg . 150 Second Avenue North Downtown St Petersburg 10675 66th Street North 3740 4th Street North 1101 Pasadena Avenue South 323-4400 Best Wishes to the Class of ' 86 and Our Son JACK E. BARTON II Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Bart on 173 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Cole Oliver Tyler We Are So Very Proud of You! Mom, Grandmother Oliver, Papa Oliver, Aunt Deb- bie, Aunt Honey, Uncle Dub, Will Aimee, Grand- mother Tyler, Dad, Heather, Mary and Mrs. McGoo. SAMUEL N. GROVES, JR. Gas Turbines Engineering Consultants GROVES ASSOCIATES 721157 Ave. N. St. Petersburg, Fla. 33709 Tel. 813-545-2481 •» £» -s-t l jemini PERSONAL SERVICES because two heads are better than one Our Services Include: • planning parties and events • shopping for gifts and cards • running errands • coordinating travel plans • researching and referring housekeepers, plumbers, decorators, etc. We handle all of the extras so that you have time to do what you do best. 7218 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, FL 381-1385 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 Best of luck to Joe M. Hilliard, Jr. in all you do! Sincerely — Joe M. Hilliard Hilliard Brothers of Florida 174 £ Best Wishes to the Class of 1986 To my guardians, a very special thank you for love, guidance, and understanding over the past three years. I Love You Very Much. Bill 175 THANKS AFA AND THE CLASS OF 1986 FOR A GREAT YEAR! « xs - — i Best of Luck from the Quarterdeck Boosters Bob, Connie, Keith, Sandy Tara, and Vince QUARTERDECK STORES, INC. 501 Park Street North St. Petersburg, Florida 33710 (813)347-6915 176 wmm CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1986 From Michael Borota, Heidi Moore Dr. Mrs. Ray Borota 177 Congratulations! To Our Son Alfredo Best Wishes to the Class of 1986! Mr. Mrs. Lovera Caracas, Venezuela 178 L«i. . J i To all my great friends, Remember all the good times we had! Omar, Kris, Bryan, Dustin, Kenny, Remember the 2-E Rioteers! Omar, Barry, Mike, Troy, Remember the Cayman Islands! I will always remember you! Good Luck God Bless Thank You Mom Dad for sending me to Admiral Farragut to meet all these great friends! Stuart Brown 179 1986 Rhodes Scholar Candidates Mr. Charm Monkey Moose Dagwood Paddy Mitch 180 Cheeks Suave Baby Fridge Vital Statistics Total years at the " Goodship " — 50 Total Class " A " Appearances — 13 Total Demerits (estimated) — 4,265 Total Merits — 6 " We came! We saw! We GRADUATED! " CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!!!!!!!!! Special thanks to the administration for making us better people! »- tf £$ Y M- " v J r - 3 u e r M ; N ft I) J 4 . , T ,f ' W l ' -U scr! V V -uia-% Ac? 181 DOWNSTATE DISCOUNT BROKERAGE, INC. " Oldest Home Owned Operated Discount Stock Broker in Pinellas County " • Deep Commission Discounts • Fast-Efficient Executions • Local Bank Checks Paid in Our Office • Personal Service By Expert Traders • No Annoying Phone Calls • Large Electronic Board Room For Traders Stocks, Options, Municipal Bonds, Ginnie Mae ' s 586-3541 825 W. Bay Dr., Largo (Next to Southeast Bank) Congratulations to Jimmy Clark and The Class of 1986! From Mom, Dad, and Family 182 Vi- THANK YOU PATRONS Helene Blanton Carl Beverly Chadziutko Dr. Mrs. Vincent G. Cotroneo Mr. Mrs. Ed Cramer Dick Lois Freeland Mr. Mrs. Albert I. Gordon Dr. Mrs. Roger W. Hall Mr. Mrs. Frank G. Harris David Xuan Henning The Kane Service Kenneth C. Kepler Associates Myron Ellen Mensh Dr. Mrs. William L. Moore Frank W. Moreau, M.D. E. Joyce Reesh The Richards Company, Inc. Mr. Mrs. Paul J. Smith Mr. Mrs. LaVern L. Smith Bob Claudia Sokolowski Phyllis A. Stephenson, M.D. Sheila D. Tiernan Watson ' s Foodtown Markets 183 UPPER SCHOOL INDEX Abrahamson — 28. 116 Aldridge — 20, 59, 181 Alflen — 114, 121 Anfield — 86, 114 Ayers — 59, 63, 82, 118, 181 Baker — 10. 39, 60, 86. 116 Barragan — 2. 53, 59, 70, 82, 114 Barton — 39, 59, 118, 181 Bateman — 60. 114 Bexley — 60. 116 Blanton — 66, 116 Borota — 62, 84, 116, 121, 177 Borte — 39. 52, 53, 54, 82, 114 Boswell — 80, 116, 121 Bottoms — 2, 59, 70, 80, 116 Bowles — 39, 53, 120, 122, 145 Brennan — 48, 57, 114 Brown — 13, 32, 48, 49, 50, 57, 59, 62, 64, 76, 120, 122, 145, 147, 169, 179 Burke — 2. 33, 48. 49. 55, 60, 62, 64, 76, 120, 123, 145, 146, 172, 179 Burns — 46, 59, 68, 69, 86, 116 Busha — 39, 86, 114 Cabral — 118, 181 Campbell — 39, 53, 54, 120, 123, 145, 147 Capalbo — 114, 121 Capinegro — 116 Caresky — 159 Carnes — 11, 48, 59, 62, 64, 78, 85, 86, 120, 121, 124, 145, 146, 173. 180 Carney — 29, 33, 48, 50, 59, 60, 70, 71, 73, 77, 120, 124, 145, 147, 180 Carroll — 59, 70, 78, 86, 118. 181 Carter — 116 Castellano — 33, 49, 59, 63, 84, 120, 125, 145, 146 Chadziutko — 60, 116 Chappell — 60, 114 Charles — 51, 60, 63, 79, 81. 181 Chicouris — 33. 49. 120. 125, 145, 146 Childers — 39, 54, 59, 62. 70. 80. 118. 181 Christoph — 84, 114 Clark — 39, 49, 51, 60, 62, 63, 64. 120, 126, 145, 146 Clarke — 74, 86, 114 Cloward — 78, 116, 121 Cobb — 18, 116 Cockes — 2, 48, 65, 70, 71, 73, 76. 86. 120. 126. 145. 147, 159 Conyers — 76. 77. 118. 181 Cork — 74, 75, 118. 181 Cornish — 145 Costantine — 60, 78, 116 Cotroneo — 38, 61. 62. 80. 114 Cramer — 39. 60, 114 Crosby — 33, 48, 85, 120, 127, 145. 146 Dayton — 38, 86, 114, 152 DeCaro — 114 DeOna — 49, 120, 121. 127. 145. 147. 180 dePass — 49. 78. 118, 181 DiAngelus — 59. 70, 116 Diazgranados — 39, 80, 114 Donovan — 8, 9, 33, 39, 59, 74, 118. 154. 181 Doremus — 118. 181 Emmanuel — 38, 59, 74, 116 Evans — 59. 70, 116 Farish — 39, 54, 59, 120. 128. 145. 147 Fernandez — 39, 60, 80, 118 Fitzgerald — 38, 48. 60, 86, 114 Fortune — 48, 86, 116, 121 Foster — 14, 38. 80, 116 Fraser — 114 Fredricks — 49. 51, 116 Frost — 116. 154 Gaudette — 60, B6, 114 Geisler — 14, 15, 32, 49. 59, 62. 68, 85, 86, 120, 121, 128, 145. 146. 168 Gerry, ). — 115. 169 Gerry, K. — 48. 58. 59, 60, 64, 74. 120, 129. 145, 168, 179 Gibson — 39. 116 Glenn — 80. 116. 121 Goldman — 52, 60, 118. 181 Goldstein — 46. 49. 68. 86, 117, 121 Goodwin — 48, 49, 54, 56. 58. 60. 120, 129, 145, 146, 160. 164 Grider — 38. 78. 115 Gaudiz — 39, 115, 152 Hall — 15, 32. 49. 50, 59. 62. 68, 86, 87, 118, 181 Halton — 49, 62, 82, 83, 119, 181 Hanekamp — 76, 77, 130, 147, 180 Hanson — 159 Hargis — 54, 80, 115 Harris — 32, 38, 48, 62, 64. 74. 75. 119. 181 Henning — 70. 82. 85, 117, 121 Hergett — 85. 117. 121 Hervey — 68. 69. 119, 181 Hilliard — 33. 74, 78. 117. 120 Hiraoka — 11, 59, 70. 72, 80. 84. 118. 119. 181 Hopkins — 159 Hossfeld — 38, 49, 56. 60, 117, 121 Howard — 27, 59, 70, 86. 115 Hudgins — 60, 86, 115 Inman — 39. 60, 80, 86, 120, 121. 181 Jimenez — 39, 63, 80, 117 lohansson — 2. 11. 33, 48, 52, 55, 58, 59, 62, 64. 76, 82, 83, 120, 121. 130, 145, 146, 160, 179 Jones — 59, 74, 75. 117 Kemp — 74, 120. 131, 145, 146, 180 Kenny — 159 Kepecz — 70, 84. 117 Kepler — 59. 70. 119. 181 Kirkconnell — 15, 38. 70, 117 Kirkpatrick — 159 Knutsson — 49, 54. 62, 64, 120. 121. 131, 145, 146 Kooy — 54, 117 Kopchains — 39. 86, 87. 120, 132, 145. 147 Kotel — 38. 63. 70, 72. 73, 86, 119, 168, 181 Larson — 12, 39. 48, 54, 120, 132, 145, 147, 152 Lavery — 38, 68, 119, 181 Lay — 39, 53, 54,60, 115 Ledeboer — 85. 119, 152, 181 Lee — 54, 115 Lenz — 32. 38. 60, 62. 65, 70, 120. 145, 146 Lester — 46, 49, 50, 59, 86, 87, 119, 181 Llerena — 13. 14. 39. 54, 63, 119, 181 Lloyd — 29, 51. 54, 57, 86, 115 Loader — 117 Logan — 38, 63, 86. 117 Lopez — 11. 59, 60. 63. 86, 119, 181 Lovera — 2. 38, 51, 59, 60, 63. 64. 80, 82, 83, 85, 120, 133, 145, 147, 157, 178 MacArthur — 60. 78, 82. 117, 121 Magarity — 86, 115 Maling — 9, 59, 74, 75, 86, 119, 156. 181 Manderson — 33, 39. 80, 85, 86. 87, 120, 134, 145, 147 Marlowe — 2, 68, 69, 86, 115 Martin, A. — 115 Martin. I. — 10, 53, 56. 86. 115 McClung — 79. 117 McCune — 39, 115, 121 Mellor — 39, 74, 82, 117 Mensh — 46, 119. 181 Meyer — 64. 120, 134, 145, 146, 156, 170 Miles, D. — 39. 53. 54, 59, 70, 71. 86. 120, 135. 145. 147 Miles, E. — 78, 117 Mitchell — 59, 74, 120, 135, 145, 147, 168 Moreau — 115 Morin — 38, 49, 117 Morrison — 79, 80, 117 Morris — 84, 159 Nalovic — 3, 12, 33, 39, 48, 54. 59, 68, 80, 84. 85, 86, 120. 136. 145. 147 Nebel — 48. 50. 59. 60. 63, 64, 80, 85, 136, 145, 147 Neitzke — 51, 78, 86, 115 Nelson. C. — 4, 10, 33. 70. 78. 82, 83, 87, 119, 156, 181 Nelson, D. — 80, 120, 137, 145, 147 Nicoletti — 39, 60, 62, 80, 86, 115 Northam — 58, 59, 60, 120, 121, 137, 145, 147 Oard — 64, 117, 120, 121 Olsen — 39, 119, 181 Palm — 46, 47, 48, 49, 59, 60, 62, 86, 119. 181 Patel — 58. 59. 60. 63. 120, 138, 145. 146 Peete. D. — 76. 117 Peete, R. — 26. 33, 57. 66. 119. 181 Peters — 33. 48, 50, 59, 60. 120. 138, 145, 146 Petkovic — 159 Pinto — 46. 47, 48. 49, 59, 62. 68, 69, 86, 94, 117, 181 Powell — 51, 117, 181 Prescott — 48, 51, 60, 85, 120, 139, 145, 175 Rains — 53, 80, 117. 152 Rand — 68. 69, 86, 115 Reesh — 39. 54. 120. 139. 145, 146 Reilly — 60, 63, 82, 117 Richards — 33, 53. 70, 80, 117 Rikarts — 33. 49, 58. 59. 6 120, 140, 145, 146 Robinson — 117 Robison — 76. 82, 83, 177 Rowe — 60. 119. 181 Russian — 63. 120. 140, 14 146 Salter — 38. 60, 117, 120 Sawyer — 11, 49. 80. 181 Schneider — 60, 119. 181 Sears — 46. 59. 86. 119, 18 Seibert — 60. 86. 115 Severino — 39, 86, 117 Severs — 2, 9, 48, 53, 59, 6 70, 86. 120, 145. 146 Shupe — 115 Singer — 13, 30. 59. 68, 80,. 119, 181 Slusher — 2, 49, 58, 62, 121 121. 141. 145. 146 Smith. E. — 58, 59, 74, 115 Smith. K. — 48. 52. 59, 65, 68, 69. 76, 86. 103. 120. 1 145, 146. 160, 180 Smith. S. — 2. 46. 49. 63. 7 72, 73, 86. 121. 162 Stagman — 80. 119, 181 Stanley — 11. 85. 120. 142. 145, 147 Stone — 159 Storm — 29, 33, 59. 117, 18 Strickland — 52, 59. 70. 11 Thornton — 86. 117 Tiernan — 70. 119, 181 Toler — 59, 70, 86. 117 Torobin — 48, 120. 143, 145 147, 152, 179 Trent — 38, 60, 86, 115 Turner — 67, 70. 72, 73, 86. 119, 181 Tyler — 2, 48, 143, 145, 146 174 Uprichard — 39, 51. 59. 70. I 80. 84. 119, 181 Valle — 159 VanDerzee — 54, 60. 82. 11. Van Messel — 32. 38. 49. 58 76, 120, 144, 145, 146 Ventimeglia — 76, 144. 147, 180 Wagener — 115 Walvatne — 32. 38. 78. 117 Weeks — 49, 59. 85. 119, 18 Young. C. — 54. 60, 63, 115 Young. L. — 62, 70, 73, 82, 1 121 LOWER SCHOOL INDEX Agemy — 46, 102, 107 Althor — 2. 46, 99, 110 Altman — 159 Arnall — 46, 88, 90, 99, 102, 103, 110 Athey — 46, 61, 108, 152 Bennett — 159 Bluck — 46, 97, 99, 100, 103, 110 Campbell — 46, 110 Campillo — 103 Capinegro — 46, 94, 99, 103, 105 Carmichael, H. — 46, 63. 104, 108, 152 Carmichael, J. — 46, 99. 103. 110 Chovnick — 8. 46, 61, 89, 106 Cook — 159 184 Corbett — 11, 12,46, 52, 88, 89, 96. 99. 102, 104, 108 Corrigan — 46, 47, 94, 103. 105, 110 Daniele — 46, 54, 55. 99. 103. 108 Davis — 46. 99. 104, 107 Ferrentino — 46, 105, 107 Fontenot — 103, 159 Freeland — 46, 47, 61, 99, 100, 102, 103, 109, 152 Gent — 46. 110 Ginn — 46, 63, 107 Goldstein — 46, 63, 96, 99, 107 Green — 46, 105, 109 Groves — 46, 47, 61, 62, 95, 99, 103, 105, 110 Heinz — 46, 52. 103. 105. 109 Hill — 46. 104. 109 Kelly — 46. 47, 55, 99, 103, 111 Kemp — 8. 46, 97, 99, 100. 103, 105, 111 Knight — 103, 159 Kolenda — 46, 109. 152 Kruger — 95. 159 Lamkin — 159 Lay — 159 Lazenby — 46, 61, 103. 104 Lear — 46, 103, 111, 152 Lebis — 46, 99, 111 Leitzke — 46, 99, 103, 111 Limonowski — 46, 47, 61, 102, 111 Lowder — 46, 61, 99, 103, 111, 182 Manderson — 9, 100, 102, 103. Ill March — 46, 94, 99. 100. 103, 111 Miros — 46, 103. Ill Moore — 46. 98, 111 Mulholland — 46, 63, 107 Neal — 46, 61, 62, 99, 102, 104. Ill Oakes — 19, 63, 102, 107 Otto — 95, 103 Pence — 46, 99, 102, 103. Ill Peters — 46. 61, 88, 99, 103, 111 Pritch — 46. 94, 95, 96, 97. 103, 105, 109 Redmond — 46. 110, 111 Rice — 46. 53. 54. 89. 106 Rivera — 46. 61. 94. 96, 102, 103, 104 Savolainen — 95, 103, 159 Shagena — 46. 60, 88, 104. 1 Shirmer — 2, 46. 61. 97. 103 111 Smith. M. — 46. 61. 103. 11 Smith. S. — 46. 56, 61, 81, 1 Sokolowski. D. — 46, 98, 99 103, 111 Sokolowski. M. — 46. 102. 103. 107 Sorrells — 12, 46, 54. 61. 10! Ill Staab — 46, 103, 111 Strong — 46. 61, 89, 96, 103, 109 Sutton — 46, 88. 109 Tanner — 46, 47, 63, 88, 89. 106 Willey — 46. 63. 107 Wilensky — 95. 104, 159 Too via i; f ' vbbe f H O 6 6 . VW e . Millar -vV» t jt tj y y e f fr --i £ r (x life -vi p . ' lA 1 lr 33A J ■ r c 1 Si. Z o o H -g v ¥ J [ A of c« a (I 6 X d f 1 7 tf y E l •- -. .sai:..-.-x

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1986, pg 146

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