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Admiral Farragut Academy - Buccaneer Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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S z 5 5 5 E e E E E X E I I 1 5 EJIIJH Ill BIHHD Editor-in-Chief: Marshall J. Simon Business Manager: Maurice Heilbron Advertising Editors: William Soenlqsen David R. John Faculty Section: Frederick A. Fleming THE EDITORIAL BOARD OF THE BUCCANEER PROUDLY PRESENTS THIS EDITION OF THE FARRAGUT YEARBOOK IN THE HOPE THAT IT WILL KEEP ALIVE IN THE MINDS OF ALL CADETS THE MEMORIES OF THEIR DAYS AND LIFE AT FARRAGUT. Classes: Edward E. Bomar Activities: Michael W. Gaynor Battalion: Donald E. Keenan Photography: Guy S. Bryon Athletics: Donald E. Laughner Faculty Advisors: LT Ralph N. Andrews, Mr. Steven R Camtield E PRESENTS Budlflllffll By , SHOWING Faculty Classes Boffolion Athletics Acfivilies E FHHHHGUT SCENE Left to Right: 2PO Dlsmukep CPO Wolf INQ- Honol Colorslg IPO Benner lSchool Colorslg 2PO Carter, R. 2 .3 Q E , X I? I ,, is H a 1 H L I CAPTAIN DAVID H. RUSSELL B.S., University of Virginia Resident Member Board of Trustees Finance Officer l fi H L I i955 COMMANDER EARL M. CLARK B.S., Davidson College lvi.A., Columbia Univ. Principal LT COMMANDER FRANK TOWN B.S., Mount Union College Commonoloni of Cooleis HUIHIHISTHHTIUW 1955 LT COMMANDER JOHN M. VANDERFORD A.B., Howord College M.A., Univ. of Chicago Director of Admissions FHCULTU 1 9 5 5 E B U C C A N E E R Seated, L. fo R.: LTJG Hoag, LT Barker, LT Zipszer, LCDR Leafhers, LT Taylor, LT Sanders, LT Andrews, LT Banks. Siuncling, L. To R.: LTJG Kell , LT Richardson, LT Brown, LTJG MPhILTG LGJY LTS kLTSl'l ll LTJG c oi, eiger, TJ osper, loc , erri , Salisbury. 5 S fx is 4 gy 9, 1 Ex E 2 E 5 1 3' 1 Lee L 2 , gf ' X fi l Si i 4 3 4 V LT Ralph N. Andrews B.S. in Ed., University of Cincinnati English LT J. D. Barker A.B., Mercer University M. Ed., Mercer University Mathematics LT FloydL Brown if WJ A.B., Miami University Mathematics - Coach BS Stroudsburg State eac ers onfwe LT Lathrop Gallaghe X History - Law LT Walter M. Geiger W y A.B., Baldwin-Wallace College English - Speech LTJG Richard N. Jasp B.A., New York Universit Mathematics cr- . Q .ESQQSZDSC-e'1fv V LCDR Doyle R. Leathers B.S., Gettysburg College M.A., Gettysburg College Director of Athletics LTJG R. K. Salisbury B.A., Ohio State University M.S., Ohio State University English - French LTJG George M. McPhail B.S., Jacksonville State College M.A., University ot Alabama Science - Head Coach LT Barnwell R. Sanders B.S., The College of Charleston Science - History LT Hubert G. Sherrill B.S., High Point College B.A., High Point College Science LTJG Frank O. Stack B.A., Bowdoin College M.A., Middlebury College Spanish el' Y E LT Richard B. Taylor Graduate U.S.N. School of Music Bandmaster LT Orie T. Banks A.B., University of Georgia Director of Junior School LTJG E. K. Haag B.S., Florida State University Junior School LTJG Edward L. Kelly B.S., Pennsylvania State Teache Junior School LTJG William Y. Richardson, Jr. A.B., University of North Carolina Junior School Mr. Steven R. Camfield A.B., Michigan State University M.A., Michigan State University Alumni Secretary Dr. R. W. Owen B.S., Indiana University M.D., Indiana University Fellow American College of Surgeons Supervising Medical Officer Dr. R. C. Bane B.S., Ohio State University M.D., Ohio State University Medical Officer Reverend Walter B. Rutland A.B., Emory University M.A., University of North Carolina B.D., Emory University The Chaplain R. M. Lebo Q.M.C., U.S.N. I' ' , l' A. G. Mclnville G.M.I., U.S.N. H. J. Lancaster RJ E.N.C., U.S.N. rs College 9-,sy Mrs. Alva J. Thomas A.B., University of Pittsburgh L.S., Carnegie Institute of Technology Librarian Mrs. Ralph N. Andrews Assistant Librarian Mrs. Marion W. Chisholm Housemother Mrs. Helen H. Williston A.B., Simmons College Junior School Mrs. A. E. Meyers, R.N. 1 Nurse y I .s::asg . 5 Mrs. F. O. Stack, R.N. L Nurse Mrs. H. E. Moyer Dancing Miss Dorothy Blewett Secretary to the Commandant Mrs. Louise Pike Bookkeeper Miss Dorothy Boivin Secretary to the Principal . Maolal nne Kass QW Y Secretary to the Finance Officer 2, and 3-Athletically speaking 10-Pass in review -Morning chapel ll-A thin view -Forward march l2-Social hour -Dance formals l3-Enjoying someone else lead chapel -Informal 14-They do, too, study -Dockage 15-A dim view -You guess l6-Not mayhem-just softball 18- 21- 22- Church call May l have this dance? Thanksgiving gathering On the sidelines Alone Our athletic director H CLHSSES I 9 5 5 E CADETS CCMING FROM CLASSES SCENES HHUUHD FHHHHGUT Q5 6 HISTURU Ui THE ULHSS Ui i955 This is The sTory of The Class of '.55 , The finesT senior class ever To graduaTe from FarraguT. The Class was born in SepTember, l948, wiTh The arrival of Mike Gaynor and Harry PeTricek, soon followed by Bill Soenksen and Marshall Simon in January, T949 The opening of The nexT school year broughT in FriTz Fleming, and Derwin SmiTh, The Class day sTudenT. Don Laughner and woman-hafer Ken Headley followed in l94O, making a ToTal of eighT in Their lasT year in The Junior School. These eighT Thus formed The nucleus for The young Class of '55 which was To sTarT iTs four year career The following SepTember. When The Class enTered iTs Freshman year aT FarraguT, iT was enlarged by The addiTion of eighT new cadeTs, namely: Felix Blanco, Ivan Cavaliere, Lee Harrison, Maurice Heilbron, Dave John, Don Keenan, PresTon Murphy, and Ray Warner. The Class made iTs firsT impacT on FarraguT affairs This Freshman year when Don Keenan made firsT sTring on The varsiTy fooTball Team, and Derwin SmiTh made varsiTy baseball. Joe Carinhas, Dan Wieskopf, and Fred Lambach were The only new members To come in during The Sophomore year. They enTered when The Class was really begin- ning To make iTself known, wiTh Don Laughner on The firsT sTring varsiTy fooTball Team alongside of Keenan, who also made our presence TelT by making The varsiTy baskeTball Team. The Class really sTarTed making an ouTsTanding name for iTself in iTs Junior year when Ten new sTudenTs enTered FarraguT in The persons of Ed Bomar, who joined The Class in January, while Chuck Buell, Guy Bryon, Richard CarTer, Barry Durgin, Dave PeaTTie, Mike Remick, George SchifTer, STeve Thompson, and Hurley Zook all began The Junior year in SepTember. This was The year when Keenan and Laughner were ioined by Dave PeaTTie on The varsiTy 'fooTball Team, and when Keenan began his second Term on The varsiTy baskeTball Team. OThers puT The Class' name in headlines in iunior varsiTy sporTs-Fred Lambach and Felix Blanco in fooTball, and Ken Headley on The Rifle Team. WiTh These leTTermen in varsiTy sporTs, we now had Three members of The Monogram Club. We also claimed four members in The FarraguT MaTes-Bomar, John, Murphy, and Cavaliere. ln This, iTs Senior year, The Class has esTablished iTself as The finesT of FarraguT's graduaTing classes. Eleven new cadeTs broughf our ToTal membership up To forTy. These new cadeTs were John Amos, Cal Canfield, Barney Cooper, George Fuller, Don King, Bill OuTTen, Bill Phillips, Dennis Reeser, Bob Sorensen, and PeTe McLean. Bruce Nevins enTered iusT afTer cadeTs PeTricek, SchifTer, and Weiskopf graduaTed aT The end of The firsT semesTer. The Class boasTed eleven leTTermen on The varsiTy fooTball squad of TwenTy-six This year. These cadeTs-Bomar, Fleming, Gaynor, Heilbron, John, Keenan, Lambach, Laugh- ner, Murphy, PeaTTie, and Smifh made up The nucleus of '54's Team wiTh Don Laughner as Team capTain. Buell, John, Keenan, Nevins, and SmiTh, wiTh Keenan as capTain, leTTered in varsiTy baskeTball-five ouT of a squad of nine, Ivan Cavaliere was capTain of The soccer Team, wiTh eighT oTher senior TeammaTes who were: Blanco, Bryon, Durgin, Flem- ing, Gaynor, Heilbron, King, and OuTTen. This was The firsT year ThaT a varsiTy soccer Team represenTed FarraguT, and The Team Took second place in The ST. PeTersburg Soccer League. Six seniors, Buell, Durgin, Fleming, Gaynor, King, and SmiTh, wiTh The laTTer as capTain, leTTered in baseball. Our membership in The Monogram Club reached iTs peak aT fifTeen, and we claimed members in all organizaiions, clubs, and sporTs. On lviay 28, The Class will graduaTe and iTs members will disband To follow Their desTinies in whaTever The fufure may hold for Them. Behind, They leave an enviable and permanenT record of Their achievemenTs and honors for The fuTure classes of FarraguT To sTrive To maTch and surpass. QQ bra lNTRODUClNG THE Cll-ISS Of '95'5 FronT row, lefi To right: Laughner, Keenan, Heilbron, John. Second row: Lambach, McLean, Phillips, W., Carinhas, Cavaliere, Simon, M. Third row: Amos, Cooper, Murphy, King, D., Nevins, Blanco, F., Canfield. Fourih row: Reeser, Remick, Zook, Harrison, Buell, Bryon, Carter, R., Fuller, Sorensen, Durgin, Peatrie Fiffh row: Thompson, Headley, Warner, Fleming, Soenksen, Gaynor, Smith, D., Bomar. Leii To Right: LAUGHNER Treasurer CLASS KEENAN President HEILBRON Vice-President JOHN Secreiary SElllllli PERSUHHLITIES FUR i955 All The girls rove obouT Them BesT-noTured senior .............. BesT ciThleTe in senior closs .. BesT officer In senior closs ....................,...... ....,..Heilbron, Loughner ,,,,.,,,,,,.....,.,Fleming ..s.......Keenc1n .,,.,,......,..,......,..........Soenksen Seniors wiTh The keenesT sense of humor ,....... ......... K eenon, Bomar, Ccvoliere Lover boy of The senior closs ..............,.,........,.... Always monoge To Talk Their woy ouT of Trouble ,....... ....,.... M urphy, Durgin Senior who hos done The mosT Tor ForroguT ....... ,,.. Mr. Golclbrlck of T955 ................,..........., Alvvoys monoges To geT inTo Troulole ....... The mosT corefree senior ............v.........................,.. Senior who hos olone The mosT for The senior clciss ........ The mosT boshful senior .............................................. The senior who olvvoys greefs T The mosT pessimisTic senior .. Mr. SpendThriTT of l955 ...... The loziesT seniors ........., The besT doncer .................. Seniors wiTh The lc1rgesT TeeT .. MosT likely To succeed ..,...... lvlosT likeoble senior .......,...... he world wiTh C1 smile Mr. Womon-l-lo1Ter of T955 .....,. BesT sTuolenT in The senior closs ................................. Senior who vvongles mosT lecives ond permissions Mosf musicol senior ............,............ . ...............,...... lvlosT gullible senior ............... Mr. Chciin-Smoker of T955 ........ The mosT populor senior ....... The luckiesT senior ............................ The senior wiTh The hoTTesT Temper ...... ....... Soenksen ...,....Reeser ......,..Murphy .........Fl-eming .,.......Simon, M. ..s.....King, D. .........Fleming ...........John .............WeiskopT ..,......Murphy, Durgin .............Cc1rTer, Fleming Simon, M., Heilbron ......,......,.........Gaynor .,......Heodley ......,.Heilbron ........John ,......Pec1TTie .l......Durgin .........Murphy ,.....Keencn ..,......PeTricek .......Lc1ughner I JOHN SCHUYLER JACOB AMOS 272I Wlwippoorwill Lane, Vero Beach, Florida FAVORITE EXPRESSION: Gimme a babe and a Jaguar XK- I20. MOST CHARACTERISTIC ACTION: Squatting in an out- boardg AMBITION: To become a citrus growerg PET PEEVE: Women without Jaguars. ACADEMIC HONORS: Ribanol-4. NAVAL HONORS: Merit ribanol-45 Expert Rifleman-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Rifle Team-4. Intramural: Company football, basketball, baseball, vol leyball-4. Amos 55 FELIX BLANCO RODRIQUEZ BIG BLANCO Apartaclo I8 San Juan y Martiniz Prov Plnor clel Rio Cuba FAVORITE EXPRESSION Why me? MOST CHARACTER ISTIC ACTION Wrltlng letters AMBITION To go into the tobacco business PET PEEVE Not receiving letters ACADEM'C HONORS Riband 4 NAVAL HONORS First class petty officer 3 Ensign 4 Depart P Farragut Mates I ATHLETIC HONORS Varsity Football 3 Soccer 4 Baseball Manager 4 Intramural Company football baseball volleyball basket ball crew swimming I 2 3 4 ACTIVITY HONORS Blnnacle Staff 3 Glee Club I 2 3 4 ment ribancl with star-4, Merit riband-3, Shar shooter-4, IIEDII CHARLES HENRY BUELL, II 8120 East Jefferson Avenue Detroit, Michigan FAVORITE EXPRESSION: I ain't gonna catch. MOST CHAR- ACTERISTIC ACTION: Catching, AMBITION: To get a free rickshaw ride to Formosa: PET PEEVE: Non-members of C-ass A CIub. ACADEMIC HONORS: Riband with star-3, riband-3-4. NAVAL HONORS: First class petty officer Department riband-3-4, Sharpshooter- 3. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Footba I I-3-4, ball-3-4. Intramural: Company basketbali-3. ACTIVITY HONORS: Monogram Club-3--4 -4, Merit riband-4, EDWARD EARLE BOMAR, III . 3055 Foxhall Road, Washington, D. C. FAVORITE EXPRESSION: Cup a coffee, Ted. MOST CHAR- AMBITION: To suc- ACTERISTIC ACTION: Drinking coffee, ceed, PET PEEVE: Changing hat covers, SPENDS MOST OF FREE TIME: Working on Buccaneer. ACADEMIC HONORS: Riband with star-3-4, riband-3-4. NAVAL HONORS: Seaman-3, Ensign, Battalion Staff-4, Farra- gut Mates-3, Merit ribanol with star-4, Department riband -3, Sharpshooter-3-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Football-4. Intramural: Company soccer, volieyball, crew, swimming-3. ACTIVITY HONORS: Buccaneer Editorial Board-4, Monogram Club-4. 55 CHUCK 3, Farragut Mates- basketball-4, base- CALVERT CARLON CANFIELD, IV Box 246, Wakeman, Ohio FAVORITE EXPRESSION: Let's go saiIing. MOST CHAR ACTERISTIC ACTION: Sitting and thinking, AMBITION To become a chemical or physical engineer, PET PEEVE: Rats- happy petty officers. ACADEMIC HONORS: Ribanal-4. NAVAL HONORS: Merit riband-4, Department riband-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Intramural: Sailing. HCA'-ll :X JOSEPH EDWARD CARINHAS JOE P. O. Box 314, Patterson, Louisiana FAVORITE EXPRESSION: I goofed. MOST CHARACTER- ISTIC ACTION: Putting cadets on report, AMBITION: To take over tather's shrimp business, PET PEEVE: Chief Lebo's sur- prise inspections. ACADEMIC HONORS: Riband with star-4. NAVAL portment riband with star-4, Merit riband-4. HONORS: Second class petty officer-3, Ensign-4, De- ATHLETIC HONORS-Intramural: Company football-2-3: voIIey- IoaII-2-3-4, crew-2-3-4. ACTIVITY HONORS: Qualified Boat Handler-3-4, Buccaneer staff-4. ,, , U VK Rexx. 1 X A 1 Ri' I Y' I 3 1 1' .-In ff I 6,5 II 6 RICHARD PowEl.L CARTER, JR. W ,n' K' V V '1x,I'5939 LaGorce Drive, Miami Beach, Florida V- gy lift' -' FAVORITE EXPRESSION: What's for mess? MOST CHAR- th L'Ir',ilbACTERlSTIC ACTION: Standing with hands in hip pockets, gill fhnxf f AMBITION: To become a physicist, PET PEEVE: Not enough I ff.-y 'I mail calls. 1 P V ACADEMIC HONORS: Riband-3-4. NAVAL HONORS: Second class petty officer-4, Merit riband-4, Department ribanal-3-4, lvlarksmonship ribancl-4, Color Guard-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Intramural: Company volleyball, crew- 3-4, football-4, golf-3-4. ACTIVITY HONORS: Buccaneer Staff-4. IVAN CAVALIERE CAVE I Club Nautica, Catia La Mar Venezuela, South America DICK ,I . II' WITH! - 'Elh ' II' 'll' 7 Q, ii J II N, I ' I I . 'I ,yy y , it FAVORITE EXPRESSION: Three letters from Belen todayI MOST CHARACTERISTIC ACTION: Sleeping off first mess, AMBITION: To get married, PET PEEVE: School bells. NAVAL HONORS: First class petty officer-3, Ensign-4, Farra- gut Mates-3, Marksmanship riband-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Soccer-4. V Intramural: Company football, soccer, volleyball, crew-4. ACTIVITY HONORS: Captain, varsity soccer team-4, News Eali- tor, Binnacle-4, Buccaneer Staff-4, Glee Club-4. like Canfield PET PEEVE Canfield baseball basketball 4 HOSE NOSE BURNHAM RANDEL COOPER 25I7 Salem Slreer Cmczrmafl Ohio FAVORITE EXPRESSION Now what? MOST CHARACTER ISTIC ACTION Being grouchy AMBITION To be an all star ATHLETIC HONORS Intramural Company volleyball Ioolball M NJ-Q, BARRY WRIGHT DURGIN Aparlaclo 49 Habana Cuba FAVORITE EXPRESSION They cant do this to me' MOST CHARACTERISTIC ACTION Dolng It AMBITION To work ln Lahn America PET PEEVE Homework ACADEMIC HONORS Rlband vvlfb star 4 rlband 4 DURG BABE NAVAL HONORS Ivlern' rlband 3 Sharpslwoorer 3 ATHLETIC HONORS Varsity Baseball 4 Intramural Company baseball football volleyball baskef ball crew 34 ACTIVITY HONORS Buccaneer staff 4 Bmrmacle staff 3 -I I I , n u : 1 : g : . - z I 5 - . ll Il I 2514 n.,l v' ' Q .4- . , ' x. J - ,JJ 4 affix. ,hd A -Y' frm E! xv , s 'I ' . F. C' '. B. ' ' ' J Il I I ,H , , - H : 5 : ' 1 : . : - 5 - . : - 5 - . I I I I ' 5 ' - - , : - 5 - . lx? If FRITZ ROBERT GEORGE FULLER l634 Larchmont Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio FAVORITE EXPRESSION: Uh-yeah! MOST CHARACTER- ISTIC ACTION: Eating, AMBITION: To graduate: PET PEEVE: Being awakened. ACADEMIC HONORS: Ribancl-4. NAVAL HONORS: Expert Rifleman-4, Department ribancl-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Intramural: Company football, volleyball, basketball, baseball-4. ACTIVITY HONORS: Buccaneer staff-4. rf' Nfl 9,1 , Rick ALAN'FLEMlNG I yy, ,gl Viv I 5408 tem, Drive Brig htwaters Beach Florida Wy ZTI 'E EXPRESSION: I want Trink! MOST CHAR To marry Trmk PET REEVE Teachers who geE around W AC Rlsrlc Acr1oN Acting like a ,wen-ie AMBITION: ACADEMIC HONORS: Riband-I-2. NAVAL HONORS: First class petty officer-Junior School, First class petty officer-2, Ensign-2, Ensign-3, Lieutenant li.g.l -4, Farragut Mates-I, Ivlarksmanship medal-Junior School, Best Drilled New Cadet-Junior School, Color Guard-I, De- partment riband-I-2-3. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: All TBC Football Team, I954, loot- ball-4, soccer-4, Football Manager-I-2, baseball-4. Intramural: Company basketball, volleyball, sailing, base- ball, crevv-I-2-3. ACTIVITY HONORS: Treasurer of Sophomore Class, President Cotillion Club-4, Monogram Club-4, Honor Council-3, Buccaneer Editorial Board-4, Binnacle-2, Hop Committee -4, Decorating Committee-3-4. Wwe? WMQWI . IIBOBII MICHAEL WHITFIELD GAYNOR Box 387, Lake Arrowhead, California FAVORITE EXPRESSION: What is this? MOST CHARAC- TERISTIC ACTION: Writing letters, AMBITION: Success, PET PEEVE: Bourgeois ACADEMIC HONORS: Riband-4. NAVAL HONORS: Second class petty officer-Junior School, First class petty officer-I, Chief petty officer-2, Ensign-3, Lieutenant Ii.g.I-3, Lieutenant Commander-4, Merit riband -I-2-3-4, Deportment riband-3-4, Expert rifleman-3-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Football-3-4, basketball-3, Rifle Team-3-4. Intramural: Company crew, volleyball-I-2-SM4, soccer-2-3, basketball-3-45 weight lifting-2-3-4. ACTIVITY HONORS: Secretary of Monogram Club-4, Decorating Committee-4, Buccaneer Editorial Board-4. BIG MIKE - S IL' I'IN1 Ou, It Y-Acxk Mukhi Ify,-, CXQLIQQJL: to Oi '- h1eCIEobLIcrfK.-L Lvsxuaax 'life -Qi ci-I Lmuolz , lvwx , Vw-v.4v.1Ull4- Q i -l SSW LEE PHELPS HARRISON LEE 38 Governors Avenue, Milford, Connecticut FAVORITE EXPRESSION: MeanwhiIe, back at the ranch- house. MOST CHARACTERISTIC ACTION: Big words, AM- BITION: To be a business magnate, PET PEEVE: Feather-footed faculty. NAVAL HONORS: Third class petty officer-2, Second class petty officer-3, Ensign-4, Merit ribancl-4, Marksman-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Intramural: Company football, volleyball, baseball-2-3-4. ACTIVITY HONORS: Buccaneer staff-4. fa- tvgff ,jf IIKENII iss MAURICIO JOSE HEILBRON Apartado Flero ll-I4 Barranquilla, Colombia South America FAVORITE EXPRESSION: Well, gotta call Judy. MOST CHARACTERISTIC ACTION: Combing hair, AMBITION: To become a surgeon, PET PEEVE: Stubborn people. ACADEMIC HONORS: Highest academic honors, Senior School -l-3, Second highest average honors-2: Valedictorian, Senior Class, Riband with star-I-2-3-4. NAVAL HONORS: Third class petty officer-I: First Class petty officer-2, Chief petty officer-2, Ensign-3: Lieutenant-4, Color Guard-3, Farragut Mates-2: Expert Rifleman-3-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Football-4, soccer-4, basketball -4, Junior Varsity football-3: Junior Varsity basketball-3: baseball-4: baseball manager-3, track-3. ACTIVITY HONORS: Vice-President, Senior Class, Secretary, Cotillion Club-4, Buccaneer Editorial Board-4, Binnacle-2: Monogram Club-4:lGlee Club-2-3-4, Times Current Af- fairs Winner-2, Decorating Committee-4. ACTIVITY HONORS: Buccaneer staff-4, VFW Outstanding Cadet I Freshman Class. as 525257 I Q9 Q I KE NOEL HEADLEY Sf? N. Pennsylvania Avenue LJ Roswell, New Mexico X I oRlr EXPRESSION: Aw-lCensoredl Most CHAR Jgfiflflgr T TIC ACTIQN: Cussingg AMBITION: To become an K ' , ocea her, PET PEEVE: My platoon. U' P L7- J AC 'o ' ' l H QRS: Riband with star-Junior School-l 2 3 4 X A . L NORS: Third class petty officer-Junior School, Second class petty officer-I, First class petty officer-2: Chief Petty officer-3, Ensign-4, Department riband with star Junior School-I-2-3-4, Best marksman, Rifle Team-2-3: Second highest average, Rifle Team-2. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Rifle Team-I-2-3-4. Intramural: Company football, soccer-l-2-3-4. JUNGLE BUNNY DAVID RUSSELL JOHN, JR. I46 Dunbar Road, Palm Beach, Florida FAVORITE EXPRESSION: Get the monkey oft. MOST CHAR- ACTERISTIC ACTION: Griping, AMBITION: To be a success- ful nightclub owner-operator, PET PEEVE: Teacher's pets. ACADEMIC HONORS: Riband with star-4, riband-I-2-3-4. NAVAL HONORS: Third class petty otticer-2, Second class petty officer-2, First class petty officer-3, Chief petty officer-4, Farragut Mates-2-3, Sharpshooter-I-2-3-4, Merit riband with star-4, Merit riband-2-3, Deportment riband-3-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Football?-4, basketball-4, ten- nis-3, golf-4. Intramural: Company football, basketball, baseball, volley- ball, soccer, track-I-2-3. ACTIVITY HONORS: Glee Club-I-2-3-4, Secretary ot Senior Class, Decorating Committee-4, Buccaneer Editorial Board -4, Staff-3. DAVE CMAQ- jig ACR MTYZCW pee --'nasal Www 0 GTA' WWWTD Z -ZZJXLLQL . T. ,fmefxf Lycevn 0-57 M4529 WM'-Gee M-if '7'5 'f'z TWT l5I6 t.P dv d et s urg, orl JI DONALD EUGENE N G? DEACON FAVORITE EXPRESSION: Let's have a little traveling music. MOST CHARACTERISTIC ACTION: Hanging head, AMBI- TION: To be a success like Pop, PET PEEVE: Unteachables. ACADEMIC HONORS: Riband with star-2-3, riband-I-2-3-4. NAVAL HONORS: Third class petty officer-I, First class petty officer-2, Chief petty otticer-3, Ensign-4, Lieutenant li.g.l -4, Color Guard-2-3, Merit riband-3-4, Sharpshooter-I- 2-3-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Football-I-2-3-4, basketball-2-3- 4, All City Second Team football-4, Most Valuable Basket- ball Player-4. Intramural: Company softball-I-2-3, volleyball-I-2, crew- I-2-3-4, basketball-I, track-3-4. ACTIVITY HONORS: President Sophomore Class, President Junior Class, President Senior Class, Vice-President Cotillion Club- 4, Treasurer Monogram Club-3, Vice-President Monogram Club-4, Honor Council-2-3, Glee Club-2-3-4, Binnacle staff-2-3, Buccaneer statt-3, Buccaneer Editorial Board-4, Hop Committee-I-2-3-4, VFW Outstanding Cadet Freshman Class. DONALD CHRISTIAN HEURICH KING Mandalay Point, Clearwater Beach, Florida FAVORITE EXPRESSION: New York Yankees! MOST CHARACTERISTIC ACTION: Baseball, AMBITION: Baseball or banking, PET PEEVE: Dumb drivers. ACADEMIC HONORS: Riband with star-4. NAVAL HONORS: Merit ribanol with star-4, Deportment riband -4, Marksman-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Soccer, baseball-4. Intramural: Company football, basketball, volleyball-4. ACTIVITY HONORS: Binnacle staff-4. ,mr 'ii W 721227 7O'4:4flQLI We FREDERICK WILLIAM LAMBACH FRED T446 Park Street N. St. Petersburg, Florida FAVORITE EXPRESSION: Hey, lend me a dime to call Lette! MOST CHARACTERISTIC ACTION: Throwing MaseIli's mat- tress out the window, AMBITION: To be a paratrooperg PET PEEVE: Sneaks. ACADEMIC HONORS: Ribanol-2-3. NAVAL HONORS: Third class petty officer-3, Merit ribanol-3, Department ribancl with star-4, Farragut Mates-3. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Football-3-4. Intramural: Company basketball, baseball, voIIeyball-2- 3-4, soccer-2-3, football-2. ACTIVITY HONORS: Monogram Club-4. DONNY DONALD EUGENE LAUGHNER 7978 Gorden Drive N., St. Petersburg, Floridd FAVORITE EXPRESSION: I'II have to think about it. MOST CHARACTERISTIC ACTION: Never in a hurryg AMBITION: To make a name for myseifg PET PEEVE: Underclassmen. NAVAL HONORS: Third closs petty officer-if Second closs petty officer-2, First cioss petty officer-2, Chiet petty officer-3, Ensign-3, Lieutenont-4, Fcirrogut Mates-2-3, Merit ribond with stor-3. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Footboll-I-2-3-4g All City First Teom-4, All County Second Teom-3, Most Voluoble Ployer-4. Intrcmurol: Compony bosketbcillg bosebolli soccer, tootbcillg crew, volleyball, boxing-i-2-3-4. ACTIVITY HONORS: Monogrom Club President-4, Glee Club-4, Treosurer of Junior Clossg Treosurer of Senior Closs, Buc- coneer Editoriol Boord-4, Stott-3. 55 PRESTON LITTLEFIELD MURPHY HMURPHH 889 Jennings Avenue N. St. Petersburg, Floriolo FAVORITE EXPRESSION: I'Il give ya odds. MOST CHAR- ACTERISTIC ACTION: Laughingf AMBITION: To be a big executiveg PET PEEVE: People. ACADEMIC HONORS: Riboncl with stor-2-3, Ribond-4. NAVAL HONORS: Forrogut Iviotes-3. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Footboll-2-3-4, Junior Vorsity Bolsketboll-2, Bosketboll Monoger-4. Intramural: Cornpony crew-2-3-4. ACTIVITY HONORS: Monogrorn Club-3-4, Glee Club-3-4. 74 BRUCE STANLEY NEVINS 209 S. Union Street, Olean, New York FAVORITE EXPRESSION: I'Il wait 'till next week to do these themes. MOST CHARACTERISTIC ACTION: Playing golfj AMBITION: To graduateg PET PEEVE: Losing golf match to Northeast. ACADEMIC HONORS: Riband-4. NAVAL HONORS: Deporirnenf ribanol-4: Marksman-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Basketball--4: golf-4. Intramural: Company baseball: crew: Track-4. ACTIVITY HONORS: Monogram Club-4. NEVIE C WZLM ,ye-N 1-lv Lf' .Mama fewmwfeeymv 4 WILLIAM HAROLD OUTTEN Crescent Drive, Brielle, New Jersey FAVORITE EXPRESSION: You're wrong. MOST CHARAC- TERISTIC ACTION: Arguingg AMBITION: To become a min- ing engineerg PET PEEVE: Being out-argued. ACADEMIC HONORS: Riband-4. NAVAL HONORS: Department ribancl-4: Merit riband-4: Honor Guard-4: Farragut Mares-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Soccer-4. Intramural: Company football: baseball: crew-4. BILL DAVID GRAHAM PEATTIE, JR. lOOl Cherubusco Street Pascagoula, Mississippi FAVORITE EXPRESSION: Whatdaya think this is, your birth- day? MOST CHARACTERISTIC ACTION: Marching indefinite extra duty, AMBITION: To be a Naval officer, PET PEEVE: The Annex. 4, Merit riband-3-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Football-3-4, Junior Varsity bask etball-4. Intramural: Company baseball, crew-3-4. , ACTIVITY HONORS: Monogram Club-4. DAVE KX ci if , I Q Q li 'll Q . 35. Q HARRYI GUSTAV PETRICEK HARRY 469 Ridgewood Avenue Glenridge, New Jersey FAVORITE EXPRESSION: How'd ya like to join the Marines? MOST CHARACTERISTIC ACTION: Griping about Farragut: AMBITION: To be a Marine like Colonel Strunk: PET PEEVE: The Navy Chiefs. ATHLETIC HONORS-Intramural: Company football, basketball, volleyball, crew, sailing-l-2-3-4. A ACTIVITY HONORS: Cheerleader-4. NAVAL HONORS: Third class petty otticer-3, Lieutenant ii.g.l- HICK WILLIAM FRANKLIN PHILLIPS, JR. 2320 Roswell Avenue Charlotte, North Carolina FAVORITE EXPRESSION: Bring on the dames! MOST CHARACTERISTIC ACTION: Sleepingg AMBITION: To be a doctorg PET PEEVE: The food. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Junior Varsity football-4, golf Intramural: Company baseball-4, football, crew-4. ACTIVITY HONORS: First trombone, band-4. 55 DENNIS IRWIN REESER REESER 2700 N.E. Central Avenue Fort Lauderdale, Florida FAVORITE EXPRESSION: Getting wise? MOST CHARAC- TERISTIC ACTION: Marching extra duty: AMBITION: To be like my dadg PET PEEVE: Fat Joe. ATHLETIC HONORS-Intramural: Company touch football-47 baseball-4. 4 l l l MIKE GEORGE STANLEY SCHIFTER iO3O Poch Street, Hollywood, Florida FAVORITE EXPRESSION: They'll never believe this onel MOST CHARACTERISTIC ACTION: Slitheringg AMBITION: Medicine many PET PEEVE: Nosey room inspectors. ATHLETIC HONORS-Intramural: Company football, baseball, swimming-3-4. ACTIVITY HONORS: Vice-President Junior Class. llr' ICHAEL JOSEPH REMICK KyxF ,XIl 6 4320 North Kenmore Avenue Jill, Chicago Illinois A v I ACTION Strokmg his whiskers? AMBITION To be s ccessful In my undertakings PET PEEVE Cadets that take two desserts , fill EXPRESSlON: But, Sir! MOST CHARACTER- ACADEMIC HONORS: Riband-4. ' NAVAL HONORS: Third class petty officer-4, Merit riband-3-4 Deportment riband-3-4, Marksmanship riband-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Intramural: Company baseball, football volleyball, crew-3-4. MARLON MARSHALL JAY SIMON 957 Elizabeth Avenue Elizabeth, New Jersey FAVORITE EXPRESSION: How's that grab ya? MOST CHAR- ACTERISTIC ACTION: Smoking pipe, AMBITION: To be an engineer, PET PEEVE: Waking up. SPENDS MOST OF HIS FREE TIME: Working on Buccaneer. ACADEMIC HONORS: Riband with star-I-2-3-4, Riband-l-2-3- 4. Salutatorian Senior Class. NAVAL HONORS: Second class petty otticer-Junior School, En- sign-Junior School, Second class petty officer-I, Chief petty otticer-2, Ensign-3, Ensign-4, Lieutenant-4, Merit riband with star-I-2-3-4, Department riband with star-i- 2-3-4, Department riband-I-2-3-4, Marksmanship riband-3, Farragut Mates-2. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Football-4. Intramural: Company football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball-I -2-3, crew-I. ACTIVITY HONORS: Editor-in-Chief ot the Buccaneer-4, Red Cross Junior Lite Saving-2, Editor ot Binnacle-3, Decorat- MARSH ing Committee-4, Winner of Sculling Cup-Junior School. 55 DERWIN BELL SMITH, ii SM'TTY 7928 Garden Drive N. St. Petersburg, Florida FAVORITE EXPRESSION: Tell us about the elephants, Rod. MOST CHARACTERISTIC ACTION: Blinking, AMBITION: To be a dentist, PET PEEVE: Saturday Inspections. ACADEMIC HONORS: Riband- I -2-3-4. NAVAL HONORS: Chief petty officer-4, Merit riband with star- 3, Merit riband-4, Farragut Mates-I-2, Expert Rifleman-4, Deportrnent riband-I-2-3-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Football-4, basketball-4, base- ball-I-2-3-4, golf-3, Junior Varsity basketball-2-3, Jun- ior Varsity football-3. ACTIVITY HONORS: Monogram Club-I-2-3-4. BILL WILLIAM BERNHARDT SOENKSEN 33 East I5I Street, Harvey, Illinois FAVORITE EXPRESSION: B-a-t-t-a-I-i-o-nl MOST CHAR- ACTERISTIC ACTION: Adjusting necktie, AMBITION: To take over father's department store, PETE PEEVE: The way Farragut plumbers do eIectrician's work, and vice versa. ACADEMIC HONORS: Riband-3. NAVAL HONORS: Third class petty officer, Second class petty officer, First class petty officer-Junior School Seventh Grade, Ensign, Lieutenant-Eighth Grade, First class petty officer-I, Chief petty officer and Ensign-2, Lieutenant Ci.g.l-3, Lieu- tenant-4, Battalion Commander-4, Farragut Mates-I-2-4, Expert Rifleman-2-3-4, Merit riband-Junior School-l-2-3- 4, Department riband-Junior School-I-2-3-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Junior Varsity Rifle Team-2-3-4, football-4. Intramural: Company football, basketball, swimming, crew, volleyball-I-2-3-4, Intercompany rifle match-I-2-3-4. ACTIVITY HONORS: Honor Council-Junior School-I, Decorating Committee-4, Buccaneer Editorial Board-4, Buccaneer staff-3, Binnacle-2, Qualified Boat Handler-Junior School -I-2-3-4. A'fee,vdf2C95a4,df4244wFQP0? '1'f4I'4fwK-Wrfft7'1'f+evl5f fe- ,ever ,4:,4,g eM,z,..-..'.z,5z,Z,6 I Q?-14f77v f'C4-KA. eg N,,1 'L Zell! if 55 lAQiMJ3 I ,IE X fi: -f IW iffrniiiili ROBERT ALLAN SORENSEN I f M'CKEY BOO Appletree Lane, Glenview, Illinois My FAVORITE EXPRESSION: I'm tired. - MOST CHARACTER- ISTIC ACTION: My walk, AMBITION: Advertising, PET PEEVE: The cafeteria system in the mess hall. NAVAL HONORS: Farragut Mates-4, Honor Guard-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Intramural: Company baseball, volleyball, football, soccer, basketball, crew-4. ACTIVITY HONORS: Binnacle Editorial Board-4. Textenny Farm, R. D. 2 Newtown, Pennsylvania PET PEEVE: Society's airs. ACADEMIC HONORS: Ribanol-4. football, crew, soccer-3-4. ACTIVITY HONORS: Buccaneer statt-4. STEPHEN ATWOOD THOMPSON FAVORITE EXPRESSION: C'est Ia vie. MOST CHARACTER ISTIC ACTION: Lifting right eyebrow, AMBITION To live' NAVAL HONORS: Merit ribanol-3-4, Marksrnan-3 4 ATHLETIC HONORS-Intramural: Company baseball basketball ,IW W 55 fit Itiwf' E 1,77 MW gulf D AR? y RAY ,Wi my I Zffirlfliirffw CAD CH - ibaqid -2-3-4. V AT E NORS-Intramural: C mpany football, basketball, baseball-I-2-3-4. ACTIVITY HONORS: Third place in Sunshine City Sailing Regatta. DANIEL KRAMER WEISKOPF 755 Park Avenue New York 21, New York FAVORITE EXPRESSION: Hicl MOST CHARACTERISTIC ACTION: Spending money: AMBITION: To succeed. PET PEEVE: Being caught without stick-sheets. ACADEMIC HONORS: Riband-4. 3: Lieutenant-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Intramural: Company football: baseball basketball: soccer: crew-2-3-4. ACTIVITY HONORS: Cheerleader-4: Most Progressive Cadet-3 DANNY I Wir y i Atl jx ,II L L I IIKXX HURLEY MccuNE zooK, n KEN JB! HJOHNNY1, l3l5 Georgia Street ig I Louisiana, Missouri QR Q5 I I3 fx FAVORITE EXPRESSION: Damn the torpedoes, full speed Q NIU aheadl MOST CHARACTERISTIC ACTION: My laugh: AM- my f BITION: To make a million dollars: PET PEEVE: Getting up - fu in the morning. I .XID ACADEMIC HONORS: Riband with star-3-4. NAVAL HONORS: Second class petty officer-4: Farragut Mates- 3-4: Sharpshooter-3-4. ATHLETIC HONORS-Varsity: Junior Varsity tennis-3. Intramural: Company volleyball: football: basketball-3-4. ACTIVITY HONORS: Buccaneer staff-4: Glee Club-4, Honor Council-3: Qualified Boat Handler-3-4. NAVAL HONORS: First class petty officer-3: Chief petty officer- GUY PIISI II PETER CHARLES MCLEAN I9 North Street South Haolley Falls, Massachusetts FAVORITE EXPRESSION: Let's haul! MOST CHARACTER- ISTIC ACTION: Admiring womeng AMBITION: Salesmang PET PEEVE: Taps checks. ATHLETIC HONORS-Intramural: Company basketball, football, baseball-5. ACTIVITY HONORS: Cheerleader-5. GUY SHERBORNE BRYON 22 The Birches Roslyn Estates, New York FAVORITE EXPRESSION: Yeah, and each one has a different color ink. MOST CHARACTERISTIC ACTION: Taking pic- tures. AMBITION: To pull the gauze off each end of a Band- aid at the same timeg PET PEEVE: Running out of ink. ACADEMIC HONORS: Ribancl-5. NAVAL HONORS: First class petty officer-5, Merit riban Expert ritleman-5. ATHLETIC HONORS:-Varsity: Soccer-5, Rifle Team-4-5. Intramural: Company soccer, football-5. ACTIVITY HONORS: Buccaneer statt-5. ol-5 I I I nnnunrtimlhs if eb '1 I WWII SP7 KI! 5622 it? IHSI llllll llllll IESIHIIIEIII I, John Amos, leave all the spear gun holes in the walls of room 303 to the mice so that they may breathe easier. I, Felix Blanco, leave all my female prospects to my brother Joaquin. I, Edward E. Bomar, leave my student body section of the Buccaneer to my room- mate, Bruce Terry Foster. I, Chuck Buell, leave my church key to Laskowski and Powell, may it serve them as it has served me. I, Guy Bryon, leave my luck with girls to Hugh Semon. He needs it. I, Cal Canfield, leave my ability to talk quietly after taps to Bob Thumper Clark. I, Joseph E. Carinhas, leave a pack of cigarettes to Lt. Jasper so that he may catch himself smoking. I, Dick Carter, leave the secret hiding place in room 3lO to Bill Yunker. I-le needs it. I, Ivan Cavaliere, leave all my demerits to Sanchez and Santos, A. I, Burnham Cooper, leave my nose to John Charles. I, Barry Durgin, leave all my smiles at Lt. Andrews' iokes to the Juniors, and hope they will use them as well as I did. I, Frederick Alan Fleming, bequeath my nine long years of military schools and shyness of girls to John Polack Laskowski. I, Robert G. Fuller, hereby leave my Dudley combination lock without the com- bination to Tom Kane. I, Michael Whitfield Gaynor, leave my AWOL map to the next person who thinks he can use it. I, Lee Harrison, leave my ranch house to Foster and Soenksen. I, Kenneth Noel Headley, leave my fourteen foot bullwhip to Lloyd zumFelde. I, Maurice Heilbron, take everything with me, including Judy. I, Dave John, leave my luck and ability to find the best looking girls in St. Pete to Jim Powell. Donald Eugene Keenan, leave my unused road map to Jacksonville to Bill Hayes. , Donald King, leave my baseball knowledge to Charlie Owen. Frederick William Lambach, leave my ability to play golf to Dennis Reeser. N N I, Donald Eugene Laughner, leave. I, Pete McLean, leave Hans my front door key. I, Preston L. Murphy, leave no hard feelings. I, Bruce Nevins, leave my English books to the person who is most likely to clean the cobwebs from their unused pages. I, Bill Outten, leave my ability to aggravate people to Tommy Teal. I, David G. Peattie, leave my English IV grade to anyone lucky enough to get the other half. I, Gustav Petricek, leave my seven long years at Farragut to Dennis Miller. I, Frank Phillips, leave on May 28, l955. I, Dennis Reeser, leave my place on the excused list to Bill Yunker. I, Michael Remick, leave all my week-end watches to my worst enemy. I, George Schifter, leave my back-breaking bunk to Teal. I, Marshall Simon, leave. lEd. note: lt's about timell I, Derwin Smith, leave the Junior School cadets to the next person who thinks he can make them drill. I, William B. Soenksen, leave a ninety average l?l in Senior English to Bruce Terry Foster. I, Mick Sorensen, leave my Marilyn Monroe calendar to Carter, J. and Semon. I, Steve Thompson, leave all my college reiection slips to someone with more intestinal fortitude. I, Raymond Warner, leave the door to room 320 to he who may use it best. I, Daniel K. Weiskopf, leave Farragut for Tulane University. I, Johnny Zook, leave my ability to do nothing while appearing to do everything to anyone in the Junior Class who happens to need it. THE JUHIUH CLHSS CLASS OFFICERS zumFELDE Presidenra xy i ,Q .flfgxrl Vice-PresidenT U WOLF SecreTory POWELL Treosurer Here's ForroguT's helm. The hondholds ond cobles ore week Trom l , The long boTTles we've hod wiTh The sTorms oT '55, True, we've scroped X, 1 The hull on The rocks o biT, ond The l9oTTom's Thick wiTh bcirnocles, buT if The imporTonT Thing is, we've broughT her Through, sofe ond sound. fi ',,X ln SepTember she'll hove o new seT of cobles, Tresh soils, ond o yl ix good, TighT wheel ogoin. Then iT'll loe up To you, The Closs of 56 , To - Toke hold ond sTeer ForroguT Through cinoTher yeor. We know you'll meeT some rough weoTher, buT There will be The greoT Times, Too, wiTh The occosionol reTurns To porT, liberTy Tor The crew, ond The Tinol grounding on groduoTion doy, when you come oshore Tor good. We're leciving Forrc1guT in good hounds wiTh plenTy of experience ond know-how, ond we hope you will proTiT by our misTokes ond Toke odvonToge of whoT we've leTT you. We'll come beck occosionolly To see how you've goT her soils Trimmed. Good luck! PRESENTING f JUHIUH,,ClHSS gg, of W . X35 Mffiiiii XAQFQBYSS' S3 'xNa'Q9AXj?5 Nv r'l NF wwf XQ A 6 Q3 UH N , ' Sy ,,J?D me wwkfdwy Top Row-BELVIN, BENNER, BETTENDORF, BLILEY, BOND BoTTom Row-DISMUKE, EULER, FAZIO, FELAND, HAYES 1 ', A W Boffom Row- 91 Wi , gym J u n E35 Inn CIXQHSS give 55 9 N' W YNSQWYQS is JUHIUH ULHSS 1 54 og f .vii I 1494991 ' 6g3J W3gwfX5 X 3 Top Row-LASKOWSKI, LINEAWEAVER, LINES, MARR, MASELLI Bofrom Row-SELLMAN, SEMON, SPINKS, STRIKER, TEAL JUHIUH CLHSS Os . my , . X .. X m Tap Row-MIDDAUGH, RODRIGUES, SANCHEZ, SANTOS, A., SANTOS, L Bottom Row-TONKINSON, VAN HORNE, WARD, W., YUNKER, ZCRN -Lf Qdehfnweimuei 0,405 wha , Auf Jem Mdwdyo Magi: Appenfeldr -Tk Xaxcif Q, Bartlett fi- Fgfeffvbr-IU' Bidwell Blanco J Carter J Charles lll NACE VERINDER R LINKE CUMMINS H. Preslde-nT Vice President Treasurer Secrefary Chase Cummms C Gordon Key, A Kirk Lewis, R uni V C QE- I A SUPHU ,ffl lu ' ' ' fl sim' 4 , N -M C li 2? I- , 11 . Se QMS? 3535? if 8 YQ Randolph S Schaefer ' E Schneider Susfcure , Tomion c LH s s Ped reirc X 2 We Q Barton Beich Binion Bolstcicl Brockmcn Burnett Carleson Curr X I 51.15, 1 be i i FHESHIHHH CLHSS vm., Cleore Davies Font Gold Gray Hurt Hastings ,y , fl, , If Vi, sci-iwARTz ff?MiLLER, c. slMoN, K. BAYNARD V President ,,Q.ii,i,'iflillfiee-President Secretory Treasurer f if f Key, R. King, G. Mathis NCIYCIHIO Osmun Parks Poulen . . 'N rw A I iw. . N a Phillips, R. Stern Stiles Topping T,ully Uhl Vcllus - re 't we cute? 2-It don't work 3-Sailing, sailing . . . 4-I can't get this c . . . 5-Rud-a-dub dub, five m 6-l was born this way 7-Okay, here I come 8-Quick, take my picture an in a tub 9-What's the deal? 10-Can't you even spare a dime? ll-Great expectations 'I 2-Su rprise l 13-The boat got smaller 'l4-Yawn I5-Tarzan's friend I6-Nuts to it l7-Caught in the act I8-I'm tired! 19-l am too, Napoleon! 20-Here, you take it 21-The sinister signpost 22-That's a small one, isn't it? 23-Stop pushing, you'll get on 24-l'm the messenger Zn iitlzmuriam DONALD KENSETT MHLLS December 15, 1942 - November 2, 'I954 Donald Kensett Mills, during his attendance in the seventh and eighth grades at Admiral Farragut Academy from September 1953 until his death, made a fine record as a student and as a person. He is remem- bered tor his interest in, and enthusiasm tor, all phases of his lite at Farragut. As a token ot the esteem in which he was held, the Junior School section ot the 1955 Buccaneer is dedicated to Donny. As a further tribute to his memory, the Donald K. Mills Building, a recreation hall for the Junior School, was completed in April. The build- ing was made possible through the combined efforts of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mills, and Admiral Farragut Academy. HGHTH JUHIUH SCHUUL FHUULTU LTJG Richardson. LTJG Kelly LTJG Haag. Mrs. Williston. Mrs. Salisbury, LT Banks GHHDE Top Row, Left to Right: Szapiro, Nelson, Saunders, Yoder. Smith. J., Swingle, Helse, Lange, Torano Second Row: Lugo, Morris, Owen. D., Curtin, Snively, R., York, Lewis, H., Jefferson, Chesbrough Nichols. Bottom Row CSeatedJ: Jenkins, G., Malzone, LaPlant, Seiiz, Wheeler, Sims, McIntosh, Small, Solorzano Fishburn. Chandler Chesbrough Fishburn Jenkins, G. Mclntosh Curtin Hice LczPlon1' Molzone EIGHTH Jefferson Lewis H Morris Lugo Nelson Nichols Owen D GHHDE 1 rf' M uw -.2 as 'ii 4 'lg YI 395 Saunders Smith, J. Seitz Snively, R. Szapiro Sims Small Solorzano Swingle Torcxno Wheeler Yoder York Appleton Benedict Bird Blair Boye Brown Bruder Bryon Bush Colore Copen Clark, M. Cocke Delson f '- fa W- e , A Fisher Giroux Griggs Hice Lcimpheor McCleory Miller, D Miller, J. Moyer DDIVGIY, M. Y. urgu vvunmon vvurui if f ,wverurv vvrme: 51 X5 , , .Q f , X532 Arieaga Cochran Dougherty Foster, D. Guerra Hand Hilliard Jenkins, J. Massey Patterson Ralph Spier Verinder, D. SIXTH BRI-IDE Bauer Clayton Cooksey Davis Heldenbrancl Rankin Reiss Roush Ryan Don't study too hard Tarzan But, coach, I gotta get in Say 'felIa, look at me My baby! -What a physique? 7-Watch the goat 8-Our gang 9-How did he get in here? I0-The three stooges ll-Guess what he's doing 12-Hey, boy, how goes it? I3-Ah, Laurie 14-No comment 'IS-Should I ring it? 16-Help! 17-Hide them bones, there's 18-What's he looking at? 19-Wow!' 3 Camera E B U C C A BHTTHLIUH 'E I 9 5 5 MASS BATTALION FORMATION - WEST PARADE HHUUHD FHHHHGUT SCENES Left to Right: CPO Smith, LTJG Fleming, LCDR Gaynor, CDR Soenksen, LT Simon, M., ENS Bomar, CPO Knowlton. BHTTHLIUH BHTTHLIUH STHFF Miss Laurie Truscott 'TF BHTTHLIUH UUIHHIISSIUHED UFFIUEHS Seated, Left to Right: Heilbron, Laughner, Simon, M., Soenksen, Gaynor. Warner. Fleming First Row, Standing: Peattie, Blanco, F., Keenan. Hayes. zumFelde. Headley. Second Row, Standing: Carinhas, Harrison, Cavaliere, Ward. Fazio, Foster, Bomar. 1955 BHTTHLIUH HUH-UUHIHIISSIUHEIJ UFFIUEHS First Row, Left to Right, Seated: Remick, Striker, Cather, Smith, D., Maselli, Wolf, Knowlton, Marr, Laskowski, Buell. Second Row: Rodrigues, Gordon, Thompson, Lines, Sustare, Nace, Euler, Peterson, Simon, K., Pedreira. Third Row: Santos, L., Blanco, J., Schaefer, Linke, Lineaweaver, Cummins, H., Bond, Claus, Spinks, Dismuke. Fourth Row: Santos, A., Bryon, Zook, Carter, R., Benner, Kirk, Schwartz, Miller, C., Robbins. 1955 9 C O M M I S S I O N E D O F F I C E R S Left to Rig ht: Szapiro, Snively. R., J enk ins, G., Fishburn. Sims, Blair. Mclniosh. Miller. D JUHIUH SUHUUL Standing, L. to R.: Wheeler, Yoder. Malzone. Arteaga. Griggs. Nelson. Jefferson. Patterson. I Delson. Seated, L. to R.: Solorzano, Ralph, Moyer, Giroux, Jenkins, J., Dougherty, Urga. Left to Right: LTJG Peatiie, LT Foster, ENS Fazio, IPO Striker. Mrs. S. D. Mount S P O N S O BHHD STHFF Mrs. D. G. Peattie R S Bolstad, Champlin, Brockman, Chase, Fazio, Foster, Gold, Gordon, Heath, Hensley, King, G., Kirk, Kroiinauer, Lewis, R., Links, Moore, J. D., Peattie, Phillips, W., Remick, Schaefer, Spinks, Striker, Tully, Uhl, VanHorne. OTHER COMPANY FORMATIONS BHHIJ IIUHIPHHU Left to Right: ENS Keenan. LT Warner, Lambach. ENS zumFe1de. CPO Maselli. FIRST CUHIPHH Mrs. R. Warner S P O N S O R S FIRST GUHIPHHU STHFF Miss Sa ndra Voigh 1 FIRST UUHIPHHU Appenfeldi, Bartlett, Belvin, Betiendorf, Carleson, Carr, Cather, Corwin, Cummins, C., Cummins, H., Dismuke, Gray, Headley, Heberling, King, D., Lambach, Lineaweaver, Maselli, Nace, Naranjo, Nevins, Owen, Pedreira, Phillips, R., Lines, Randolph, Semon, Simon, K.. Sorensen, Stiles, Teal, Valus, Warner, zumFe1de, Zook. OTHER COMPANY FORMATIONS Left to Right: ENS Ward, LT Heilbron. Murphy, ENS Blanco, F.. C ENS Harrison. PO John 1 SEUUHD UUIHPHHU STHFF SECOND CUHIPHHU got Schemel de Heilbron S P O N S O R S Miss Judiih Ann Shulse Barton, Blanco, F., Blanco, J., Bond, W., Bryon, Buell, Canfield, Clark, R., Claus, Cooper, Durgin, Font, Hart, Harrison, Hastings, Heilbron, John, Middaugh, Laskowski, Mathis, Miller, C., Moore, T., Outten, Parks, Perry, Peterson, Santos, A., Santos, L., Tomion, Ward, Wharin, Zorn. OTHER COMPANY FORMATIONS SEBUHD UUIHPHHU Left to Right: ENS Cavaliere, ENS Carinhas, LT Laughner, IPO Marr. Sanchez. CPO THIRD CUHIPHHU Mrs. Irene E. Laughner S P O N S THIRD UUIHPHIIU STHFF Miss Belen Ayala Buroz Amos, Baynard, Bidwell, Binion, Bliley, Burnett, Carinhas, Cleare, Cavaliere, Coiney, Euler. Davies, Feland, Fuller. Hayes, W., Key, A., Key, R., Laughner, Marr, Osmun, Olsen, Parle, Paulen, Reeser, Robbins, Rodrigues, Sanchez, Schneider, Schwartz, Stern, Susiare, Thompson, Topping, Tonkinson, Valus, Verinder,R. OTHER COMPANY FORMATIONS THIRD CUITIPHHU Lef tto Right: ENS Snively, R., ENS Szapiro. 3PO Moyer, CPO Welch, E Miller, D., LTJG Jenkins, G., LT Fishburn. Mrs Ruih Flshburn S NS FUUHTH IIUIHPHHU STHFF Mrs Vlfglnla Snwely ' FOURTH CUIHPHHU FUURTH UUMPHHU Appleton, Bauer, Bird, Bryan, Bush, Chesbrough, Clayton, Cochran, Cocke, Cooksey, Curiin, Davis, Delson, Fishburn, Fisher, Griggs, Guerra, Rice, Jefferson, Jenkins, G., Jenkins, J., Lange, Lugo, Malzone, Massey, Miller, D., Morris, Moyer, Nelson, Patterson, Rankin, Seiiz. Small, Snively. R., Solorzano. Spier, Szapiro. Urga, Verinder. Waltman, Welch, Whidden, York. OTHER COMPANY FORMATIONS Left to Right: ENS Blair, LTJG Chandler, ENS Mclniosh, LT Sims, 3P Wheeler, ENS Capen. FIFTH CUFFIPHHU S P O N S O R S O FIFTH FJUFFFPHHU STHFF Mrs. Eugenia de Szapiro Q 9 Arteaga, Benedict, Blair, Boye. Brown, Bruder, Calore, uapen, v.,nalN.e., -...---, M.. Dougherty, Foster, Giroux, Hand, Heise, Hilliard, Heldenbrand, Lamphear, La Plant, Lewis, McCleary, McIntosh. Miller. J.. Nichols, Owen, Ralph, Reiss, Roush, Ryan, Saunders, Sims, Smiih, Snively, M. P., Swingle, Torano, Ward, Wheeler, Wilkes, Yoder. OTHER COMPANY FORMATIONS HHH BUYHPHHU 5 r. i I E 2 3 s 5 3 ? 3 Q 2 5 A HTHLETICS H I 9 5 5 VARSITY TEAM CAPTAINS Lf Rgh Laughner Qfoofbullbp Keenan Cbaskeiballjf Smifh, D Cb b IJ E SCENES HHUUHD FHHRHGUT DON KEENAN Varsity Football-l-2-3-4. Varsity Basketball-2-3-4. TACKLE - FORWARD ln his Senior year Don showed his athletic prowess by outstanding line play on the Jacket eleven and by con- sistently sharp performance on the varsity basketball team. Keenan in his last year was Co-Captain in football and Captain of the Jacket five. iiiilliliiiliiiiii lfllll ll fl li 523215 Ziiiiiliiij DERWIN SMITH I 9 5 5 Varsity Football-4. BACK Derwin was one of the few boys who lettered in three sports. ln his final year he became an important factor in the three maior sports teams at Farragut. CHUCK BUELL Varsity Basketball-4. Varsity Baseball-3-4. A FORWARD - PITCH ER Chuck, in the two years at Farragut has made an ex- cellent athletic record. He was a dependable basketball player. His first year in baseball he played short stop, but this final year he took over part of the pitching chores' for the Jackets. ln his new position on the Varsity nine Chuck turned in several well-pitched games. DAVE JOH N Varsity Football-4. Varsity Basketball-3-4. END - CENTER Dave was one of the hard fighters on the Blueiackets' varsity squads. He did yeoman work in the last football games tojrelp set up Jacket scoring and to amass an im- pressive yards gained record. DON LAUGHNER Varsity Football-2-3-4. BACK Don was one of the old Blueiacket fighters of previous years. He became captain of the team in his Senior year, and earned the award as most valuable player of the year l954. Don played hard, fighting football throughout his varsity career. l-le was a rugged, hard running back. i I MIKE GAYNOR Varsity Football-3-4. GUARD Mike was one of the boys who could be called upon at any time to fill different positions effectively. Mike added fight and determination to the Jacket line, he was a con- sistent performer and a real asset to the Blueiacket eleven. BILL HAYES Varsity Football-3. CENTER DAVE PEATTIE Varsity Football-3-4. BACK - Dave missed a good bit of the season because of re- current injuries. However, Dave's fighting spirit added morale to the squad and helped boost team spirit. Blueiackets of '55 will be greatly aided with the return of Bill, who made a fine showing on this year's team. Bill's fighting spirit and team play will be tremendous assets to next year's eleven. PRESTON MURPHY Varsity Football-4. TACKLE One of the mainstays of the Farragut line, Murph was one of the boys who played every minute of every game. MAURICIO HEILBRON Varsity Football-4. BACK Mauricio was the only Latin-American to hold a position on the Blueiackets' squad. JJ , 5 Iilllgrjlqjll iii ijgiili illiil. iivi it lllliylly 5yl5XAJy VH yy DENNIS PETERSON Varsity Football-3. BACK Pete was outstanding as a defensive halfback. He was good at diagnosing and breaking up the opponent's at- tacking formations, and he was a consistently vicious tackler. N X ec l N Ojjjxv fm ll N 'J' r jr' is D33 Pjxl JN EKU . K gp! V XD ggi? Jxg NSI, fa,Q5'1LO zumFELDE 5 -Jg Varsity Football-3. GUARD Lloyd prepped for the Junior year of varsity play by a seasoning with the JV's during his Sophomore year. He showed this year the football savvy he had acquired through this JV experience. He should be an important cog in the 1955 machine. FREDDY FLEMING VorsiTy FooTball-4. VarsiTy Baseball-4. GUARD - END - OUTFIELD Frifz was one of The sTrong poinTs of The BlUeiackeTs' de- Tense. He showed marked improvemenT as The season pro- gressed. In earning his varsity leTTer in baseball wiThouT previous experience, he showed The same deTerminaTion Thai marked all his aThleTic acTiviTy. ED BOMAR Va rsiTy FooTba l l-4. GUARD Ed was a sTeody, dependable guard who could be counfed on Through game aTTer game To perform To The besT of his abiliTy. FRED LAMBACK VarsiTy FooTball-4. END Fred played a driving, aggressive Type of end, yeT he had an insTincTive flair for diagnosing The opponenT's plays Thai made his posiTion hard To Turn. His end play was consisTenTly good. BRUCE NEVINS Varsity Basketball-4. . GUARD ln his one year at Farragut, Bruce became well known on the basketball court as a consistent and able per- former. JOHN LASKOWSKI Varsity Football-3. TACKLE Among the returning lettermen for '55 you will find John. His fighting spirit, hard, clean play and team boosting morale made him an important player in the campaign of '54. These assets plus an added year of experience make him a certain starter on the '55 eleven. Q, . . Wi ttyl! J X39 HUGH SEMON Varsity Basketball-3. GUARD Hugh's dead eye was a great asset to the Blueiacket team all season. He was essentially a team player, but his shooting ability produced many buckets in every game. DELMAR APPENFELDT Varsity Basketball-2. FORWARD Delmar was the only Sophomore to earn a permanent berth on the Varsity Five. His performance, at all times, guarantees a dependable player for next year. ROBERT VAN HORNE Varsity Basketball-3. GUARD Here is another newcomer to the Jacket squad who earned his place by adept ball handling and gradually improving team play. CARLOS FONT Varsity Basketball-l. FORWARD Much credit is due to 5' 2 Carlos for being the smallest man in the state of Florida to win a varsity basketball letter. RANDY SCHWARTZ Varsity Football-l. CENTER Randy was the only treshman to earn a varsity football letter. His performance as a freshman indicates that he will be one ot Farraguvg mainstays in The future. if W QQ, JIM POWELL Varsity Baseball-2-3. Jim moved over to The lst base slot this year and per- formed most creditably in this spot. He will add another backlog of experience To The '56 baseball team. if Q E' L FRANK RODRIGUES Varsity Baseball-2-3. SHORTSTOP Roddy will have Two years ot experience under his belt when he returns for Varsity baseball in his Senior year. He has shown consistent improvement each year, so Farragut may expect valuable baseball help from Roddy in the '56 campaign. BILL DISMUKE VarsiTy FooTbaIl-3. BACK JackeT schedule. TSE iii H Saluie in The monogram winners These members of The Monogram Club who have been individually picTured on The preceding pages consTiTuTe The backbone of aThleTics aT Farragut. They are The ones who keep The spiriT of aThleTics alive Tor .laclceT Teams Tor all sporTs, They provide The driving Torce and TighTing spiriT ThaT keep BlueiackeT Teams moving and compeTing wiTh The larger schools in The Tampa Bay Conference. These Monogram vvearers may be iusTly proud of The VarsiTy F ThaT adorns Their sweaTers. This symbolic leTTer has been earned by aThleTes who have foughT againsT odds mosT of The Time in compeTing againsT squads and Teams represenTing schools wiTh much larger sTudenT bodies. To all These men The coveTed VarsiTy leTTer represenfs a real achievemenT and an emblem of work well done. Thus, we saluTe The Monogram Men of i955 for Their accomplishmenTs in aThleTics and Tor whaT They have done To keep alive aThleTics aT FarraguT. AlThough hampered by iniuries ThroughouT mosT of The season, Dizzy reTurned To The squad in Time To be of greaT service To The Team in The closing games of The Blue VHHSIHI FUUTBHLL TEHHI Seated, L. to R.: Yunker, Uhl, Phillips, R., Lineaweaver, Carr, Osrnun, Peattie, Hari. Kneeling, L. to R.: Buell, Laskowski, Corwin, Schwartz, Wolf. Soenksen. Benner, Farias, Marr. Standing, L. to R.: Coach Brown, Smiih, Powell, Lambach, Hayes, zumFelde. Murphy, Gaynor, Fleming, Laughner, Coach McPhail. 'I954 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Farragut ..... O Tarpon Springs ..... Farragut ..... O Pinecrest ......... Farragut ..... 6 Brewster Tech ....... Farragut ..... 6 Brandon ......... Farragut ..... O Turkey Creek ....... Farragut ..... 6 Largo .... Farragut ..... O Wimauma ....... Farragut ........ 20 St. Paul's High ..... Lewis, R., Bomar, Simon, M., Heilbron, Ward, John, Keenan, 1 .......38 .......37 .,.....35 .......l9 .......44 .......2l .......34 .......l9 t W if Verinder, R.. Peterson, Maselli, Farragut 0 - Tarpon Springs 38 Farragut opened the 1954 grid season against Tarpon Springs Spongers at Tarpon Springs. Even though we lost by The score of 38-O it was a moral victory, for the team played marvelous football. ln The Third quarter we were hot on The trail of a TD with Laughner hitting Keenan for 3 straight downs. The Blue Jackets drove, fought, and passed up to the Spongers' 25 yard line, where one of our passes was intercepted and broke The heart of The Blue Jackets' drive. There was one score when lvl. Heil- bron intercepted a pass and galloped .50 yards, but The play was nullified by a penalty on the line of scrimmage. Standouts cannot be cited as every man on The Team was doing a better job Than anyone was expected to do. Farragut 0 - Pinecrest 37 Our second game was with undefeated Pinecrest. We didn't have as much pep as we did with the Spongers, but we played better Than average ball. There were some changes in our usual lineup with Peattie running from the Tailback position, and un- tried Bob Corwin as quarterback. We threatened Pinecrest all through the game, but failed to score. We kept driving but failed because of fumbles and penalties. Standout was Fred Lambach who made many of the tackles. Altogether it was a fine showing. Farragut 6 - Brewster Tech 35 Farragut's next game was with Brewster Tech to whom we lost in an upset 35-6. We played our best ball in the first half, but for some unknown reason we blew up in the second half. At the end of the first quarter we were ahead 6-O with a combination of Laughner and Keenan going across. Laughner gave Keenan the ball and he almost went all the way, instead he fumbled with Laughner recovering and going over for the score. ln the second half Laughner was thrown out because of his eagerness to win. Farragut 6 - Brandon 19 Our next game was played here with Brandon. We played our best ball of the year, but lost an- other 19-6. ln the first quarter Mike Gaynor drove over from the fullback position for our only TD and we were leading again 6-O, but Brandon had the speed on us and went over three times. In the second half it was Mike Gaynor again as he picked up a fumble and ran 75 yards only to be called back for a Blue Jacket penalty. Win or lose, the boys did their best and we are proud of them. Farragut 0 - Turkey Creek 44 ln our game with Turkey Creek the Jackets never had a chance. They played their best but it wasn't enough. The Jackets never gave up but every drive was stopped on downs, penalties, and fumbles. Once again speed was a very important factor, but we lacked in it. Another important factor that gave us the pep that we had was our spirit. Farragut 6 - Largo 21 ln our game with Largo we played marvelous ball. We were outstanding on defense as we held their line play after play. The score did not tell the story of the game. In the last half we scored our only touchdown. lt sounded as if the stands would never stop cheering. Again Farragut's spirit was outstand- ing and we won a moral victory 21 to 6. Farragut O - Wimauma 34 The game with the Wimauma Wildcats was a hard- fought battle, but the Blue Jackets could not muster enough power to contain the potent Wildcat offense. The Blue Jacket cause was weakened more when both Laughner and Fleming were ejected from the game for excessive zeal to win. The line play of the Jacket eleven showed im- provement over the preceding games, but even this could not stop the speedy Wildcat backs who broke loose for lengthy touchdown iaunts at critical mo- ments to send the Farragut eleven down to another defeat. Farragut 20 - St. Paul's 19 ln Farragut's first homecoming game we de- feated our inter-city rivals 20-19. It was an upset as St. Paul's was expected to win by about 3 touch- downs. But again Farragut's spirit played an im- portant part in the game. Don Laughner running from The Tailback position made all of Farragut's points. At the end of the first half the score was in their favor 13-7, but we came from behind in the last minutes of the game to get the touchdown and extra point that won us the game. ln the last few minutes of the game they were on our 6 yard line, but we held them down after down and won our victory 20-19. The line never gave up. They were always rushing, breaking through, and stopping the play before it started. 1 1 1 1 THUSE WHU WUHW RETURN Kneeling, L. to R.: Smith, D., Lambach, Soenksen, Bomar, Buell, Simon, M. Standing: Laughner, Fleming, Keenan, John, Heilbron, Murphy, Gaynor. HHUHUH HTHLETESH Left to right-Laughner, Keenan, Gaynor, Fleming. For their outstanding performance anal ability on the athletic field, they have been nominated Honor Athletes of the year. LAUGHNER, All county, All city, most valuable, Football. KEENAN, All city, Football, most valuable, Basketball. GAYNOR, All county, Football. FLEMING, All T.B.C., Football. VHHSITU BHSHETBHLL IEHIH Standing, L. to R5 Coach McPhai1, Nevins, Keenan. John, Smith, D. Seated, L. to R.: Font, Van Horne, Semon, Buell, App enfeldt. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Farragut .,,,...,. 42 Largo ......... Farragut .....A... 44 St. Paul's ,....... Farragut ......... 33 Pinecrest ............... Farragut ......... 45 Tarpon Springs ......,. Farragut ......... 31 Brandon .,.......... Farragut ......... 45 Wimauma ...... Farragut ..,...... 36 St. Paul's ..... Farragut .......,. 39 Largo ...........,.... Farragut ..,...... 51 Tarpon Springs ..... Farragut ......... 57 Wimauma ...... Farragut ...,..... 42 Brandon ..... Farragut ......... 36 Pinecrest ..... DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Farragut ....... ......... 3 2 St. PauI's High i i T BHSEBH- Sitting, L. to R.: Davies, Owen, C., Smith, D., Buell, Teal, Verinder, R., Rodrigues Kneeling, L. to R.: King, D., Powell, Heilbron, Fleming, Durgin, Gaynor Standing, L. to R.: Blanco, F., Claus. Phillips, R., Van Horne, Appenfeldt, Lineaweaver Schwartz Key R Farragut Farragut Farragut Farragut Farragut Farragut Farragut Farragut Farragut Farragut BASEBALL SCHEDULE Won 4, Lost 6 Northeast High 0 Largo O Boca Ciega 8 Northeast St. PauI's 0 Boca Ciega 5 Tarpon Springs 4 Largo 8 St. PauI's 7 Tarpon Springs minus SP1 I L. to R.: Lines. Phillips, W. F.. Smith. D.. Hayes. W.. Coach Camfield. Nevins. Chase. Carier. R. Standing, L. to R.: Mclnville. Hensley, Yunker, Benner, Schaefer. Kneeling, L. to R.: Gaynor, Soenksen, Bryon, Topping. Headley. HIIIIUH SPJHTS L. to R.: Ward, Beiiendorf, Peatiie, Coach Brown, Moore, J. D., Bond, Rodrigues. Top Row, L. to R.: Bryon, Naranjo, Gaynor, Knowlton, Blanco, F., Mathis. Second Row, L. to R.: Maselli, Santos, A., Teal, Verinder, R.. King, D., Davies, Key. R., Hastings, Clark. Third Row, L. to R.: Zorn, Fleming, Heilbron, Sanchez, LT Zipszer, Cavaliere, Santos, L., Lineaweaver Blanco, J. I9 Farragut Farragut Farragut Farragut Farragut Farragut Two Farragut Farragut Farragut Farragut Forragut Farragut Farragut Farragut Farragut Farragut Farragut Farragut Farragut 55 MIHUH SPUHTS SCH GOLF Won TEAM E 2, Tied 2, Lost 2 Northeast .... O Lakeland frained outl 0 .......'l1 games remaining-results RIFLE Won 0, ........842 ........849 ........845 ........882 Lakeland .... Boca Ciega Boca Ciega Northeast .... not available TEAM Lost 4 at this printing. The Manllus School .................. 865 New Mexico Military Academy of Richmond ............9'I8 Farragut CNew Jerseyl ............ 904 SOCCER TEAM Won 4, Tied 4, Lost Northeast .. Boca Ciega St. Pete ...... St. Pete ...... Northeast ,, Boca Ciega St. Pete ...... Northeast .. Boca Ciega 1 1 0 3 DULE ..3' N W VOLLEYBALL Standing, L. to R.: Chase, Gold. Kirk, Champlin, Benner, Kroitnauer. Kneeling, L. to R.: Heaih, Tully, Foster, Gordon, Uhl, Schaefer. H E A D Q U A R T E R S BASKETBALL Standing, L. to R.: Hensley, Champlin, Benner. Kneeling, L. to R.: Foster, Kroiinauer, Uhl. HTHHMUHHL SPUHTS FOOTBALL Standing, L. to R.: Van Horne, Linke, Champlin, Striker, Kirk, King, G., Spinks. Seated, L. to R.: Phillips, W. F., Bolstad, Foster, Gordon, Krotinauer, Tully. BASEBALL Standing, L. to R.: Moore, J. D., Linke, Sellman, King, G., Hensley. Kneeling, L. to R.: Schaefer, Uhl, Gordon, Spinks. C O M P A N Y CREW Port Side Cstern to bowb: Gordon, Sellman, Fazio, Champlin, Uhl. Starboard Side Cstern to bowbz Linke, Heath, Remick, Lewis, R., Phillips, W. F. Coxswain: Striker. VOLLEYBALL Standing, L. to R.: Carr, Valus, zumFe1de, Sorensen, Yunker. Kneeling, L. to R.: Nace, Pedreira, Cummings, C., Cummings, H., Owen, Naranjo. F I R S T BASKETBALL Standing, L. to R.: Lambach, zumFe1de, Sorensen. Kneeling, L. to R.: Cummings, C., Cummings, H. IHTHHHIUHHL SPORTS FOOTBALL Standing, L. to R.: Randolph, Cummings, C., Cummings, H., Valus, Owen, Nace. Seated, L. to R.: Sorensen, Teal, Semon, Betiendorf, Naranjo. BASEBALL Standing, L. to R.: Zook, Dismuke, zumFe1cle, Sorensen, Warner. Kneeling, L. to R.: Pedreira, Simon, K., Nace, Belvin, Cummings, C. C O M P A N Y CREW Port Side Cstern to bowl: Simon, K., Siiles, Semon, Maselli, Lines. Starboard Side Cstern to bowl: Yunker. Carr, Cummings, C., Carter, J., Sorensen. Coxswain: Warner. ,S E C O N D VOLLEYBALL BASKETBALL Standing, L- to R-3 C131-XS: Cooper, Charles. Zorn. Standing, L. to R.: Durgin. Zorn, Claus. DUI9111- Kneeling, L. to R.: Blanco, J.. Perry, Beich. Kneeling, L. to R.: Bond, Perry, Blanco, F., Santos, L., Hastings. IHTRHWUHHL FOOTBALL M Standing, L. to R.: Durgin. Zorn. Blanco, F.. Perry, Blanco, J. Seated, L. to R.: Bond, Cooper, Hastings, Santos, L., Parks, Claus. SPORTS VOLLEYBALL Standing, L. to R.: Euler, Kane. Carter, R., Parle, Fuller. Kneeling, L. to R.: Susiare, Carinhas, Stern. Robbins, Topping. T H I R D BASKETBALL L Standing, L. to R.: Euler. Kane, Susiare. Topping. Kneeling, L. to R.: Parle, Robbins. Siern, Bidwell. IHTHHWUHHL SPORTS FOOTBALL Standing, L. to R.: Rodrigues, Binion. Carter, R.. Key, A.. Fuller. Seated, L. to R.: Euler, Sustare, Parle, Carinhas. Stern. Kane. BASEBALL Standing, L. to R.: Burnett, Schneider. Reeser. Cleare, Key. R. Kneeling, L. to R.: Euler. Stern, Fuller. Key. A. C O M P A N Y CREW Port Side Qstern to bowl: Marr. Fuller. Stern. Robbins. Starboard Side fstern to bowl: Kane, Parle, Binion, Key, A. Coxswainx Carinhas. JUHIUH SUHUUL A . S K E T B A L L B X w T E A M , .. Standing L. to R.: LT Banks. Swingle, Miller, J., Lange, Curtin. Lewis G., Jeffeison. smith, J.. Giroux. LT Haag. ' D.. Clark. M. Seated, L. to R.: Moyer, Urga. Boye. McIntosh. Miller. Arteaga. B A S E B A L L T E A 5 M E Standing, L. to R.: Smith. J.. Griggs. Curtin, Owen, D., Bird, Ward, Li.. Bruder. LT Banks. Seated, L. to R.: Moyer. Ifishburn. Swingle, Miller, D., Seiiz. McIntosh, Jenkins. G., Jenkins, J.. Sims. 'l-lt's a hit' . I0-I should have done it this way in I8- 2-Where's the ball? 3-All right boys, let's do twenty push-ups 4-What's going on here? 5-En Guarde 6-Nice kick 7-Standing around doing nothing 8-Sixteen . . Seventeen . . Eighteen . . 9-Look at me, l'm an ape the game ll-lt's not a hit, it's a strike I2-Can you see what's got what I3-And there's the pitch l4-Land Ho! I5-I can too make it I6-l'm neutral I7-lt's broken And we play football I9-He's down for the count 20-Nothing 21-Aw, sir, we didn't mean it 22-Time out! 23-Hey, let me do it 24-Did he make the touchdown? 25- Where's my vine? HCTIVITIES I 9 5 5 Q 1 Q Top Row, Left to Right: Durgin. Hensley, Remick, Zook, Murphy, Harrison, Lines, Thompson, Spinks. Bottom Row: Maselli, Warner, Ward, W.. Cavaliere, Carinhas, Fuller. Carter. R.. Headley. HUTIVITIES BUGUHHEETT Slllli These ore The codeTs be- hind The scenes, The silenT helpers of The Bucconeer EdiToriol Boord. They do The hord lobor ond Tre- quenTly unrecognized work of puTTing ouT o school on- nuol, such os wriTing, Typ- ing, ond securing ods. They deserve much crediT ond proise Tor oll Their eTTorT. BlllllHUlE Sillii The Binnocle, our school periodical, is puT ouT by The codeTs. IT records The ocTiviTies which Toke ploce on The compus ond pre- senTs The news highlighTs of oll imporTonT evenTs dur- ing The school yeor. The Binnocle hos shown greoT grovvTh during This currenT SSCISOYT. We ore proud of The oc- complishmenTs of The Bin- nocle STQTT ond signol o heorTy well done. Top Row, Left to Right: LT Geiger, Sanchez, King, D.. Sorenson, Topping Marr. Bottom Row: Canfield, Cavaliere. Lineaweaver. Ward. W.. Nace. Left to Right: Harrison. Marr, Peaitie, Fazio, Phillips, W.. Cooper, Caiher, Amos. GLEE CLUB The Glee Club devoted many hours to practice in preparation for the Christ- mas program. They put on a very excellent pro- gram and sang like pro- fessionals. This group is al- ways ready to provide the harmony for any school affair. We wish to extend a vote of thanks for the en- tertainment they provided for us throughout the year. HlITIl'ITIES HHVHE HESEHVE This small group of cadets has realized the opportunity offered in the Navy Reserve. They go to meetings once a Week where they learn the basic training .We wish them all the luck possible to fu- ture success. Left to Right, Top Row: Peterson, Moore, Blanco, F., Paulen, Zook, Laughner, Beich. Second Row: Wolf, Spinks, Lewis. Canfield. Heilbron, Keenan, Murphy, Lambach. Bottom Row: Lines, King. G.. Moore, D., Nace Foster, Parle, Hensley, Font. At the piano: Fleming. T., Gaynor, Linke, zumFe1de, Sorenson. Zorn, Ward. John, , Gordon, Simon, K., Cavaliere. Left to Right, Top Row: Dismuke, John. Heilbron, Powell, Bomar. Mlddle Row: Rodrigues, Peattie. Smith, D., Schwartz. Murphy, Laskowski, Gaynor. Bottom Row: Fleming. Keenan. Hayes, Laughner, Lambach, Buell. Peterson. CCTILLICH CLUB CFHCEHS and UECCHHTHC CCHIHTITTEE These ore the coolets who ore responsible for the mognificent decoro- tions ot the dances. You will oll oigree thot they hove done on exception- olly fine job this yeor. Their hord work ond et- torts were not in voin be- couse we oll hove greotly enioyed the Cotillion Club donces. HTCHUCHHHT CLUB This is the club of the lettermen in othletics, con- sisting of oll coiclets who hove eornecl letters in Vor- sity sports. Porticipotion on o moior Vorsity teorn onol the ovvord ot cz letter in thot sport quality eoch boy tor membership in the Monogroim Club. We feel it is o greot honor to be o member of this club which keeps olive the othletic troditions ot the school. z I K 5 HDVEHTISEIHEHTS 1 9 ,..AAA M 5 5 AIR VIEW O SCENES HRUUHD FHHHHGUT ti SES? Ill HPPREUIHTIUH The Buccaneer staff of i955 would like to show its appreciation for the guidance and patience of our skillful advisers. We know that without their great help it would have been impossible to publish this book. To them we give our undying thanks. I To Lt. Ralph Andrews we owe the most. He has stayed up many nights urging us on and assisting us in our work. We give you, Lt. Andrews, our most heartfelt thanks for without your valuable help we never could have prepared this book. I To Commander Earl Clark we are very grateful for his excellent advice and very constructive criticism. O To Lt. Joseph Barker for his help to our photography staff. His photographs have greatly aided in producing an interesting annual. I To Mr. Steven Camfield thanks for your valuable help to our advertising and business staff. O To Cadet Edward Bomar who has done a tremendous amount of work on this year's book. We appreciate your efforts tremendously. I To the St. Petersburg Printing Co. and the Engraving Dept. of the St. Petersburg Times whose promptness and excellent work are very much appreciated. To all our advertisers and patrons whose advertisements and generous contributions have made this book possible. iii its Patrons and Putronesses 6 6 We are deeply indebted to our Parents and Friends, the Patrons and Patronesses of the 1955 Buccaneer, without whose active support we could not have successfully published thi s Annual. Miss Kathleen Agen Brig. General and Mrs. E. H. Alexander Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . Albert Appenteldt . William Appleton Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Baynard Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Benner Mr. Jack S. Binion Miss Jackie Black Mr. and Mrs. George F. Blair Miss Jeanne Blair Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Bliley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Buell Mr. and Mrs. John P. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Canfield Mr. and Mrs. F. Herbert Capen Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. May K. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Carter Champlin C. M. Chase, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Delson Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Durgin Mr. and Mrs . William Elsworth Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Euler Mrs. Edward Mr. and Mrs Mr. Candido Mr. and Mrs Midshipman Miss Patricia Mr. and Mrs Fazio . Dale Fishburn Font . Elmer F. Fuller Dave B. Gibson, '54 Gilligan . David E. Hand Brig. General and Mrs. E. L. Harr Mr. and Mrs. James W. Hastings Mrs. James Hawk Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs J. B. Headley . Sam E. Heath ison ' Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hensley Mr. Billy D. Hice Mrs. Otto Holmedal Colonel and Mrs. Elisha Kane Mr. and Mrs. Edgar C. Keenan Dr. and Mrs. A. C. Kirk Captain and Mrs. James A. F. Knowlton Mrs. Lina Lambach Mr. and Mrs. Lester E. Laughner Mrs. D. S. McKinney Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. McLean Mrs. Walter D. Marr Mrs. Elizabeth Moore Mr. and Mrs. Chester T. Moran Dr. and Mrs. Sam D. Mount Mr. Robert J. Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Perry Mr. and Mrs. Max Remick Mrs. Flora F. Roush Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Simon Mr. and Mrs. Don A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. John A. Snively, Jr. Mr. R. A. Sorenson Snow White Drive ln Restaurant Miss Mattye P. Spier Mr. and Mrs. Leo Stiles Cadet William Soenksen Mrs. Ann M. Teal Miss Laurie Truscott Mr. and Mrs. Henry Valus Mr. and Mrs. John G. Ward Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Ward Mrs. John Parker Welch Mr. and Mrs. Nolan R. Wilkes Mr. Merritt W. Yunker Mrs. Marie D. Zorn UUH HIJVEHTISEHS Adalian Company Alumni Association Bartke's Inc. Bay n' Gulf Realty Berger 81 Rachelson C. H. Lassing, Insurance Chamber' of 'Commerce Champion Sundries Chez Boye Clearwater Finishing Co. Cunningham Brothers Eagle Department Store Farrior's Pharmacy Florida Power Co. Florida State Theatres Foremost Dairies Heath's Heilbron Family Hill's Air Service Irving L. Wilson Indian Rocks Restaurant Kaniss Jewelry Lefter's Music Shop Lentz Florist Liddy's Shoes Maas Brothers Modern Marine New York Yankees Office Supply Co. Pasadena Service Station Pasadena Sinclair Station Persons-Landsee Travel Service Pinellas Lumber Co. Pinellas Printing Company P. K. Smith 81 Company Quarterdeck Canteen Robinson's Camera Shop Sarasota Beach Colony Slater System Simpson's Restaurant Soreno Hotel Southern Tours State Theatre St. Petersburg Auto Association St. Petersburg Printing Co. St. Petersburg Times Suwannee Hotel Union Trust Co. United Paints United Wool Piece 81 Finishing Co Webb's City West Coast Title Co. Willson-Chase Wohl Supply Yellow Cab Ono ' f-QI ff, rg o 5 u' F H F - Q- ' 'E H 0 4 us ffl llllll ASSOCIATI0 w F. ,Xf1llilll ' 1 U X Ni ,,- F J, .nllll w Q Ng ' Vs N i x 4 ,Ill ' mluifll . u -it ' Illlllv A SALUTE TU THE CLASS UF 955 Congratulations on your graduation and welcome to the ranks of the Farragut Alumni Association. - -,,,,,,::,,,,,- ,,,,,z E,,,--- ,,,::,,: -:::: -:ee :E IE F l' ll Zmgfacztulcweamz I and Q f A 4 II 12 .. W.. W., ga, waded EE EE M U S IC SHQP 4, 'I To the Graduating Class and all Students of ll:::::::u:::::::::::u:::::::' :r nnmmm fnnnnsui ncnnfmu 15 1: Snow a 9 'lr if +. Anne and Chuck 1, 1. 41 l:::-U A:::::::: -::::::::::: 'r I St. Petersburg Il g::::-:::::::::::::::f::::::f: ll 'l FARRl0R'S PHARMACY Chamber of Commerce 11 fl PAsADENA's DRUG stone Wm. F. Davenport, Manager 7112 Central - Phone 31-0961 52 Free Delivery on Prescriptions l: and Sick Room Supplies A:::'5:5:55555555555555555-Affffiia Lriii -AAAA'AA-'A A ---- , ull EiE'EEE Now , F1 . .. f,L'f-4 I ll- -f Arr Condrtroned IgHEEEI 'fn' Sf s'I In I I A for 1111IiQlllL1-ul.. I '1,QE,15EETa !HN!T Til - A I Your Comfort 7 ' I L., I' fof . Il V .I tgl.. -Q, ,,,. h- -, J-gh, i Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1955 EAGLE DEPARTMENT STORE 183 EAST 154th STREET HARVEY, ILLINOIS ESTABLISHED 1900 PAUL W. SOENKSEN and SON PLANNERS, DESIGNERS and SUPPLIERS of Complete Modern Dining Room and Kitchen Equipment for 'f Schools f Colleges 4' Public Institutions ff Industrial Cafeterias f Hotels W Restaurants Cafeterias 'f Hospitals China - Glass - Silverware Cooking Utensils - Paper Goods Estimates Furnished - Large Stock LOUIS WIJHL gl SUNS Established 1897 16th Street and Sixth Ave. Ph. 4-3105 Tampa 5, Florida Best Wishes to '55 SUSAN 8: TERRY OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY Everything for the Office 942 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, Florida Phone 7-4327 7-0561 Congratulations to Graduates Bunny 8: .lim Squeak 8: Bob ERSONS- ANDSEE TRAVEL SERVE' 129 CENTRAL AVENUE CRUISES if TOURS AIR and STEAMSFIIP TICKETS ---,,--- ..,. ---A-A COSTUME JEWELRY GIFTS GREETING CARDS H E A T H ' S Phone 7-4570 Central Plaza St. Petersburg, Fla. Best Wishes To the Class of '55 .ludy and Dick CUNNIIIGHAM BROTHERS HARDWARE HARDWARE, PAINT AND BUILDERS' SUPPLIES A 861 CENTRAL AVENUE ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Phones 7-7724 - 7-7725 'I 4 new gcmkdng ewdce 7mJZafzecZ Za gem Weenie:- Checking Accounts-Regular and Pay-as-you-go Savings Accounts-Interest bearing Christmas Club-Save 5Oc to SIO weekly Safe Deposit Boxes-from S3 per year up Trust Department-is your will on file with us? Stocks and Bonds-bought and sold Travelers Checks-Safeguard your funds on the roaol Money Orders-Cost less than postal money orders Letters of Credit-Commercial and Travelers Collections-Local and out-of-town Foreign Exchange-bought and sold Commercial Loans-for merchants, manufacturers, etc. Lite Insurance Loans-Low interest rates Home Repair Loans-FHA plan Auto Loans-Low bank rates Personal Installment Loans Curb Teller-bank from your car 30-Minute Free Parking Lot-at 952 Central Ave. Lobby Display Space-for local merchants C 24441 aanaeadenoe camea fad! at e Union Tnvsr QMPAN get ' ll ' CENTRAL AT NINTH ' MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP Stiktfmbuffg 2 A . E ' ' THE BANK OF FRIEN LY SERVICE ww an MILK n'q'o'oi .g.'.'.'.n ..... ...... u'o'o'o'w'0'6 ..... ... 'I'I'Z'Z'X4 Z'!'Z'Z'2'Z' o'o'o'o'b'1' ... ,... g.g.'.'... . .ws-.. .... ..... , .g.'.' ..... . ..,. ..,., . o'Q'o 'O . . ., . ., .' , ' . . . . . Z' '. . . .,., '. Q 4 0 ' .sg Q, . . . .ss , .4 . . Q3 an MILK ,wanton muy, an 0 a 4' Guaranteed by 'H S : swf .y-.'.'.'...,.'.'.... .......... .. . - .. ,.r...,... .......- ......... Q..-,.-...s......... ,,,, ,,,, . oo .. . ,.,.,,,. .,. 5. .,.,.,.,54 .,.,.,. .,-,Q .,.......,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,N... ,.,.,.,,,,,.,.,',.., Pm ' , N . 4. . 1 . . s . . . o, . . ,. . . . . , , .:,, .. Q., ,.,.,.,.,,.,..:.:x ,r xx I, zQ4':3:., . . . . . 5..,.'... .,,, ,, , .' .-..v.r.w.'.'.'.'.-.'.-.'.' ..f .-........, --' ..' ....--.- .,. 1 .f v.........e..,...4g.g.g.g.Q.,.eg ..g.g:g.g.3.g:::,::v:g3?.g:g:g3g5:2g.g44.5,3Q5g:3.g3,:::,:,:.3.g....,tg 10,45 00 W. 'Ninn ' 0 H A -Q . IDVIIYISIPN .4'.'5.g-:..f.'.g.g. k'e'.'o 0 4 . .V ... .. .g. - .'--' HN' '. ... . . . no - 5 .. - ' ' ' ' ' ' 'O .'v!4'Z'2'Z'22'.'Z' '.'.'! .'.'Z'.'C'.'!'.'.'.'.'f- '4sa'.-.'2v.'.'.'.v.'-'-'- wr. .'. . . . . . . .-. . .' -. .Q'-'--uv.'.'.'......,.,.,.,.,.,.,-,4v.g...,.,.,,.,.,M:,'.....,:,.,:,:m,F ':,:.,.'..,.', s . -- -- . .. - f .rv ........,. ,f...... ' . Q Q . 50,0 on most Z'Z'!'!:.:v, .'.'.'. ...,Q u'o'o'o'o 0 0 . .3 . '.'o'o'o 0 .'.g.g ' 3 , . .g.-.g 3 'Q f 0. . .'.+2 .'I'Z'Z-. 5'.'.'a'a Q . . . . . . . ,. :,. , ' 'fra A -.g.g.'. . fo' s 2:23 ' . . . . . ,. . . 03.95 v,,,. , ' T no 9 ' l Ono! .9 0 . . . .. Q fy ' -0. ,' . Hn 0 n... . . 4 , .... , , ... . ... . ......N , . , , .. . . ..r-e. .Q .f.f..f.'.'. ... . . .. . . . H H 0 ' -' ....H '.'.'.'.-..'.'g.,, ...n.,:n,g.g.f...'.g.,. .g.. 00,3 3 0.-, ' H, .,....,,., nys, , H' ' -- f - s-... . '..'... ..,.,v.,.,-5 ,., , .. .. ' g.g.'.... .. ' '. ,.,.,. , .. . .gl . z .. ., V, .. .,.. ., :... ug.: ..'. , :-:-:-.-.-'- 2 ' Q e 1 In 'Q' u n ' 'Q 'Q ,Q O :::'-:-:- .' .,. ... ,... . .. :... ,. . .-:-4.-23. .. . ,.g .,., ... 4:-v ,O . ., 'g 1 oi 00 9' ons t ' .....,.. . 3, ., .3 g.g. 3.3. .-.g.'.'.'.' .'.' Q. .-Zgg.- .f..... ...,., . H , f ' 3 ., ........ ,.,. ..,. ,.,N., 5 .,, , , .'. ...-1-.'. . ' -f - s. ... yu . - . . -Q ..., ..,.'.'., H f.'.'...... gy... g.g ... ..,ho,,.... . . ' - J.. ... . .,. ...,... -,-,, . ,.., .. ,. 9 yn , ',.,., ,.,.,. , .,.,,,,,.,.,,,,.,.,.. ..,., ,4:,:,,,',...,',..,. ,g .,:,.,.,.,',:,3 .,.,.g.,,,,,.,q ,. .,.,. ., .,,,,, M.. ,... ' . , ' .. . ..... ..... ........ ... ......... . ..... . .. .................... . .,,,,,,. . , .'.'.73.'. ye -.-if -.-.'.'.-af.-.'.'-'.'-'-'.'.'.'-'-'-vw-V-'-14-2-.-:f.'.'.'.'.' '.'.'.'. go...-.-,f.-.-.'.'.'.'.'.-.' '.'.'.'.'.'.'.-'.'-'-'ea... .-. '. .'.v3. -y.- . ' - ' 0' -2-'. 1.4.-Z 32222-''gI ! '?w:3-:ff324 '-' ?3 ''fre''4'Z-2'2'Z'Z32'g!g'gf-5Z'2gZg.:2'-3-'- ' ''-ff'.'.f.'.'.'.'-'11-2Z'f4.'. -f -23: -if - .. ... . . ...,N .. ,.. , . , ., ,... Nz, ', ,.,,:,.,: , ,.,.:: . .'.' .typ ., - THE GREAT NAME IN DAIRY PRODUCTS 437 l0ih STREET NORTH PHONE 7-77ll ST. PETERSBURG, HORID If -v.....-v ..v. - - .... :::: ::::::::- ::::::: :::::::: ::::-7 I, 4, I, 4, I, 4, 4, 4, 1- '- -: AIRLINE RESERVATIONS It I, 4, It 1' :L EASTERN - NATIONAL - PAN AMERICAN I ft ig :I I I I I: l'lll.l.'S AIR SERVICE I: I 4, 4 :E 421 First Avenue North Phone 7-1161 ft LM, :,,:,x,,,,,,,,,,,x,, ,,,,::,,,,,,,,, I .. W., :f:41 , 4 , ,, X 4, , 4 B if ' 07 TAMPA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT . . , Effyafr rf 171 .0'l'1H lf!!! Zlhzhy 4: :P TP A Tampa 74-6161 I II TROPIC TERRACE HOTEL Overlooking fhe RHnwayS I1 I I: sf. Petersburg 22-4811 jg jf on the Sands of Treasure lsland , II FOR PARTIES and BANQUETS A , E I A' ' 1 1,-' ' a w - T 'E ' 2 --P--., ,E BARTKE'S ROCKY POINT Tampa 71-6081 -.-l ,r :::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::: - Q r Y: -4 52 'ELT V :::'I F' ' :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::'1 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, I I I IE I 4E Social Stationery Commercial Stationery II Artists' Materials Office Supplies I :I AND Books Office Furniture I 3, BEST Gifts - Games Business Machines In It TO If QI , , , , I1 I D I I 4, 4 The Gfqdummg class ft fl Pinellas Printing Z1 Stahnneru Un., Inc. If I I I I: of '55 Ig If I I, 4, I, 265 CENTRAL AVENUE TELEPHONE 7-4104 4' In I I 4, 1' :T I 'Y ,I I, :::: ------A----- - --A---A--A - S :E A :I L ..o. - - ..o. .... L 4 :f , 4 It Two Way Radio and Metered Cabs I fl St. Petersburg ft II 4, I 4 I 4, Aufomobile Deqlerg Q, 4, YELLOW CAB RITE RATE Q, I, I, I, 4 41 If Il PHONE PHONE If If 'I 7-7777 7-8111 If St. Petersburg, FIoridc1 4: If I or 4 Passengers Ride for the Same Fare 4: 'I I 1: 4, 4, I, 4, 4. ::::- L, ::: -4 C. H. LASSING 81 COMPANY, Vwwmwce Florida Theatre Blolg. - Phone 5-4365 St. Petersburg, Floridc .cl y ,. ii'jI.,.ik', f. A 1 T .i .VM 'i., ,. T T teamwork - ee e rw sg,-,Q . 7- fililafsr 'T makes X -L5 ., l -,'r-E.-51 ll h - so - ,lilly C CIHPIOHS ,Q V, A V V , ,q. Championship teams work os o T it team. So do more than 600 Times- V men. They bring the world to I ' . I your doorstep every morning , , , f , I ' T for only o nickel. ,'jf, ,PQ zzgiiiligrmrg., Pl 'j:3-5.5.-'if KTN I -5:5E5E5E3E5E5EfEQEQE5Q53:: ' St. Hvtrrahurg Elunea O Floridds Best Newspaper Best Wishes West oast Title Compan 526 Central Avenue ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA bnqadimenzfe af CLEARWATER FINISHING PLANT CLEARWATER, SOUTH CAROLINA 4? 44 'I 44 S 44 44 ' 44 Q 4 3 Q- 2 4 ,. 4 Z 3 'T 44 fn '5- 4 m '4 4: Z n P 44 44 4 0 4 44 4 Q 3 r' 4: 44 4: S 5, 44 44 44 b 5' 3 - '4 4 44 2 ul 44 4 4 0 Q 5 I' 1 I 9. 44 4' E 4 44 4 4 2 4' 44 ff' 7: 4 4 44 4 2- 44 44 I- :4 44 O 4 y 4 4 44 3 4 44 4 44 Q 0 14 S 14 0 414 . 4 4 -: M 5 44 E 4 44 O F A,::' Z 4 Ai' 44 5 3 S. if 44 44 S 1 H Z 4 -:::' A: 44 o 5 0 44 4 4 A-::' A,::' 44 :I 1 1 44 44 Q :I A::' A::- 4 :4 U L g N 44 4, z :U 44 44 -::- :::- ' fn 1: 'I' 44 4 OO 44 ' 4,::- -:: N I-'I - 0 4 -4 44- 4 44 -:f n 3' 4 4 4 -' P 44 A:- :l' H O N 44 44 I 44 Q 4 -::' E 3 4 -, 4 44 O -I ff' z 3 E. 2. o1 -1 4 1' -., 44 '4 V4 5. Q 1 44 44 0 3, C 44 44 an Ill E 'Tl 44 4' rn O 44 44 E F 9 44 X 44 4' Z Z F- 44 UI N P rn 44 4 1' P 44 4 lb H 5 4 -4 4 44 x 4 Z D a Q, N CD 3 F 4 44 -1 S z U4 : : -4 4 44 ,JZ 4 4 4 S :J 4.4 4-2 3 4. 2 M 1 0 1 4: - 4 4 i Z 2. W 4 44 a p 2 4 4 2 Q o 14 Z x 4 I m 3 3 4 4? 9' 4- 34 4 44 Z I' l 9 ' 5' M U! G' 44 4 3 3 Q 44 44 Z 4: Q S CT 5 4 4 TD 4 44 5 E. I-I 44 44 B ,T 2 H I5 44 44 E U4 4. 4 P 3 2 4 I 44 H1 K4 4 lu 4 1 so Q ,,- 44 Xl . I m 4 414, 0 du I -::' C In 4 4 1 .,, 3' ff' -,fl fi' V' M 4 Q' 4 - -:' -:' 44 4 4 ::' A::' 'U F 44 O 44 ,::: ,::' 3 91- S 44 3 44 -f' ,::' 0 44 W 44 bf E, g 44 Q- 4, Af' I 4 - ff- ? 4: S 4 4: 4 -,,,,v K E 4 an 44 4 --'::v 44 2 A 44 44 'TI f 44 4 ,::' 44 p 'U 44 44 E 4 44 n-,- 4 44 . 4 4 A::- 4 2 P 4 4 44 4 -:- 42 2 -I -I 1 2 1: 4 4 Lf:- 44 Q 3 44 44 . 44 44 3 44 2 - 44 z 44 4 -: 4 N' 4 ' 4 -::' 4: 5 2 S - L 44 5 44 I -:::- 4 -Q 2 no H1 n C 44 44 -::' ,T x 0 Z U 44 Q 44 44 A::- ..,. ur cu W 44 I 44 44 -:- m E 3 rx '11 'q 44 44 9- ' Z 44 44 A::' L :H 3 I- 5 44 44 0 ' 44 44 A::' E- Q Z 4 Z 4' 4' 1' ' 7' 4 W' 4 2 Ns 'E 5 14 :4 E -fa 5 3 g n W P S 44 .4 z A:-:' 44 rn 0 n. 4 44 rn A:- x m 4 'I -- 4 4 9 - U 4. 4. -4 J:- '4 2 U 2 44 44 -:' :4 7 Q: P 5 44 44 A:::v 4 Z -1 44 44 A:- 44 5 -4 44 44:- 44 U -::J 44 ! ' -::' 4 ,::' 44 n ,::' 44 El ':' 44 rn ,::' 44 ,::: 4 -:' Lf Wana QM Qmkeea EXECUTIVE OFFICES O 745 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK 22, N. Y. O PLAZA 9-5300 BUSINESS AND TICKET OFFICES U YANKEE STADIUM BRONX 51, N. Y. O CYPRESS 3-4300 I I I S:::::::- -::: -::: :::q Ev - I :::: : :::' ' ' ' I fl A I I I 'I I Zgdqg HEADQUARTERS I I I I ,M ,,,,0,,, ,,,,s,,,,g I E. H. KANISS JEWELRY CU. I I 1, 'I 'I I Elgin, Hamilton and Omega Watches 'I S 64 'e'm' S494 ll Est 1925 Pho o 77361 1, 4I . -' It - I GUARANTEED SATISFACTION 468 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, Fla. I I 'I I 426 CENTRAL AVENUE 11 A I If Pheil Hotel Bldg. Phone 7-2331 :I I, I E, - - -,,:,::,::, - - -:J - -:::: - 1-::: :- ::::: ff: r::-: ::: ffff :::: :: ':::::::::: I I Phone Ringling 9-1661 I N I Ig 1: sA.nAsoTA BEACH I , N I eomyilcmewlfe af :I COI-ONY I , I I 'I I UNITED PAINTS CO. :I I ...S-A K., I I I 1: SARASOTA, FLORIDA , - --4'-E I Andrew B. zum Felde Ilse G- ZUI11 Felde :I - - Owner - Mgr. - - I Lxxxx,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,.-,,.,,,:,,::: I I X. fx, ....... ,,,,,,,,,-.,,,,, x: I Congratulations '55 I I fl I, Mary 86 Drew I I 'I :I Sara 86 George I 1 180 Central Avenue I U: :xxxxxxx:x x-A I I St. Petersburg xxxxxv x: I 'I :I Florlcla II 1' E' ' . I I I ,IMUIZ ll I: p:::: :- ::: ---- :er I 1' Third and Central 3:55, 555555555 Aff: Aiifffffiffifiw E Phone 32-1721 Paok-up and Delivery 11 Has Fealured I . . . I ROAD SERVICE 5: H1gh Quality Merchand1se I :I If sihoo 1909 II PASADENA SERVICE STATION Ixxx: xxxxxv :xx :x 'I lf 6801 First Avenue South ,,,, .... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:: ::: l I sf. Poforshorg, Florida If GOODBYE FARRAGUT is AUTO REPAIRING !After six long yearsI It 5TOP and GAS wm-1 us ll Fritz '55 I I xo-- ,:,,,,,,,,-,,-,- M--- ix,---,,,- ,,-,,,,,,, --- Om gee! Wada 7am Saoaeaa to ADMIRAL FARRAGUT ACADEMY THE STAFF AND THE CADET CORPS T I ' I . NOT T . U ' n 'Nf- 1400 CENTRAL AVE ..... Phone 7-7791 Hold High the Tarch of Freedom! l-IANKS to the training you have received in America's most distinguished naval preparatory school, you will go forth from Farragut with a renewed faith in your American heritage-ready to defend the great principles of freedom for which our forefathers so valiantly and successfully fought. The lrving L. Wilson Company is proud to have the opportunity to serve such a truly American school as the Admiral Farragut Academy. ln a small way we are an example of how the American system of free enterprise works. We are only a little over five years old and yet in this short span of time our company is already firmly established in the uniform industry as specialists in the manufacture of military school and college uniforms. The head of our company was associated with a larger uniform house for fifteen years. l-le dreamed, however, of one day having his own business - today that dream is a happy reality! God speed you and may success and good fortune be yours and may you each hold high the torch of freedom. 'A' Irving l. Wilson Company 1 HIGHLAND AVENUE BALA-CYNWYD, PA. 5 Om Speedaltdee 11 5 fell S , fl 1: Sea oo l Reoil Home Mode Ravioli Ancl STEAKS SEAFUOD l f Sirloin f Stone Crobs ' -A' Filet Mignon f Frog Legs 3 if Club 1 Oysters L -I-he mos. delicious ir Qgricon Lobster Tails 5' you've ever eaten! 1 Sngglger I . I CAPTAIN JOE SAYS: 4: 'Toe travelled all over the world ,I And spent most of my life on the Sea 1' I found a nice spot on Indian Rocks Beach ' Won't you come and enjoy it with me. OPEN 9 A. M. T0 1 A. M. l l 1: 'A' Capt. Joseph Urga's l 1 Indian Rocks Restaurant 19915 GULF BLVD. PHONE 9-8283 l if 966 fam fecewatdma :P l l Lf FUR A BRIGHTER FUTURE! X Z LIVE El- Q EJ X f rf X ...L.,w.,,Q M fff f XX Partners In Floridaas Progress For 57 Years FLORIDA POWER CQRPORATION rf::: A A - ' fffo r:::::- --A'- :ff '1 1, 4, 4 4, 1 1 1 4: 4: 4: 1P 11 'P 'P 1, 'P 1: Complimef-fs of 1: we cum Sm a Tami Ig 1 'I TP It 1 1 ZUMZQ an fence 1 if Soreno Hotel EP if :E :1 :1 P P 1 SE Beach Drive and First Avenue North We will be pleased To P P P fl 57- Pefefsbvfgf Fl0fidU fi moke orrongements lor fi P I I 4, 4 v:f:: A A A:f::ff:::::::::::: :Jil your son to have occo- ,E 1 fA::f:A :::::::- :::, sionol dinners in our din- :E P B W' I1 ' , . ' 1 est 'S es :P Ing room ond send the bill :P I: To the Class of '55 4: 4: 1, 1, to you. 1, 1, Pat and Cal ,P 1, P P 2- ,x ,- - -,,:,,,,:..,,, -xexl . P Tf::- :::.- - -:::7, It Ig -: 1: Besfwfshesffom 1: Suwa 11 nee l-l otel fr 1, I, 'P 1, 4, 'P 1, 1, 'P 1 1 15 THE HUHIUH Sllllf lHEHlllE3 5, 1' I' P , ,:, - - -:::::::, A A A: :::: A A A::: 1: 'A' Ig 1, 1 P FLORIDA PHEIL 1 11 :P 1, 4, P , 4 E, CAMEO 4th sT. DRIVE-IN P. K. 82 Y 'P 1, 4: 'P 1, 4 9' ' :v ' : ' ' ' ' ' ' :' : AJ Stationers Royal Standard ,.::::::,::::,::,,:,:,:,:,,,:,:- :::,., Office Outfitters and Portable 4 4 - T ' :P Good Luck '55 - The Extra Duty Prmters ypewmers I 1, Kids of Room 227 :, WESTINGHOUSE SALES AND SERVICE I - 1 1, Dave 8 Bonnie Bob 8. Bunnie 326 Central Avenue Ph 7 812'.rf. Petersburg, Florida 1: S0l1lIy 8: Melanie Rich 8: All Gals 1: one ' 1' 1, un-HA-HUMUUAUun-U-Hug ,,, ,,,, ve: -:: AA-- :::::,.l Tf:::::: .-:::::::: :::7, :-' -' A ':::'z 1, 1, 1, 1: We Telegraph Flowers 1, :, Compliments of 1P IP 'P 'P 1, l 'P 1 QQ 1 1 1 Sim son's Good Food P .I emfz 2 omsl 11 41 1, 4, 1, 1 1 ji 1210-1214 9th STREET NORTH fl 464 Cemm, Avenue ,P 1, 4' 1, , P 1, phone 52-6321 ST. PETERSBURG 1, 1, 4, 1, 1: Flowers for All Occasions FLORIDA Ji A'AA 5555 JJIIJJJJJJIIJJI- 5 JJ Ifv 555 A Af: Ai 'dmyzamfatdana and gee! Wwdea to ide 66440 af '55 TEDDY AND SYLVIA AYES THE QUARTERDECK CANTEEN ::.-: ,.,:::: 44 4 44 I 4 4' :E EE 4, 4 4, 0 4: Qt Eaagzazfafatcaaa . . , 4 :E EI 4I 4' 4 I gf T0 THE CLASS or ft 4 I :E EE 5: - Q ' ,gr ,., 1 Kttlr I jf N4 4' Is 0 . L, 4, 44 ? f 4 -mp, . - .AIJ wf,EE:.'N,, 4, I ,I 4 . 7-Ii i, -f4vV0P+M'I',,,sf24.L4 It 'I - H44 -I ,SRI UNUS I W I 4 4, 4. 4 A . X 4 4 Q4 ,,,,A4,,,.. 4 4, AN, 1 f' If' I : O 1 ...A- ' 4: ' ,gl ' ,fa I II I' I 4 :Q-jx 'Q 4 44 ' 44 A I 44: fi' Y 4'7'+ Na- if 4 . . , , .44,,.. 4 .,4 . , I 'I ' 3 'V -a11m- '1':- ':'.f.' 'ilf 4 5541535311 4- 42 41441 f f A' H 4, It 4' 4 ' II 4' ' 1' -- 'Tri 1'!'i I ,f ETg ji: f 4: 4, ,,, ,,,,.wQ?Z,: Y.,: Q,,,W-,m.44f.r,44.4,Jt' ,,-h44 zmwwM.w4waz wm rwvA'w4 4: , 4, , I, 44 4, 4' I 14 INCORPORATE D fi 44 - 4: 44 4, 44 4 44 4: 44 - -J 4, ::: ::::::: 'f E::::::::::::::::::::::::::- :ffn T AAAA 3 44 The Floating Screen 4 4: :Q Black Light Murals 4, 4: :I Push-Back Seats COmP'ime'14S Of 44 44 Latest First Run Pictures 4: 4 4' I 4 4, 44 :I 4, 1: Shown on f e I :Q CHAMPION suNDRlEs :g 4: New Wide Screen and Cinemascope 4: 4, , 4, 4, Ig 7005 Fifth Ave. North 4, 44 4 4, 4: St. Petersburg, Fla. 44 ' 4, 4, 44 44 4 4: 687 Central Avenue 4, 4 4 -J 4, ,,,,,,,,,::,:::::: 4:4 4,:::: I 44 Best Wishes to '55 :I Ig 44 42 WITH ouk BEST WISHES 4, 4 I I 4 If Joan B. 8. Mike 2. QI fl TO THE sENIoR CLASS :E 4 I I fx, .... - ......... Hx- :xl fl SMOOTH SAILING 34 ' ' 4 AAAAAAAAA -:A 4, 4' If Felicidcades A Los Gruduodos 4: 4: 44 4, 44 44 4' 44 HILDITA 'I 'I ' 4, y BILL AND VERNEY I 4 It Faux gl II II 4, I 44 A A A A J 4, :::::::::: ::.-Q u:::: - - - : Trade Mark of Quality EXPERIENCE 0 QUALITY 0 CRAFTSMANSHIP and MODERN EQUIPMENT . . . ddvftdilflfd produce pwfedtdare in ?z6n1!6w9 cu! Me plant of We ST. PETERSBURG PRINTING CO., lnc. H8 EIGHTEENTH STREET SOUTH TELEPHONE 7-4178 55 Petefwfwzg, ?!au'da iddqfz X-RAY SHOE STORE 3l0 CENTRAL AVENUE Reunion of Class of '55 Will Be Held on Formosa June 1, 1956 Carinhas '55 8: Sanchez '56 For the finest in resort wear look to sr. PETERSBURG Brothers alrmuzzdirrradvavl . Zig gage Vmpevzted Qu OCEAN DRIVE VERO BEACH, FLORIDA Compliments of Uniied llieel Piece llueinq and Finishing Ce Dyers cmd Finishers of Wool, Worsfed and Blended Fabrics PASSAIC, NEW JERSEY Smooth Sailing to '55 Q The SLATER SYSTEM, Inc. l:li.lIlQllEu'l'TillcESEORGIA PHlLADE:?:liA?iil2j l l L 1 f ef Sept. Sept. BUUCHHEER Cfllllllilill of EVENTS i954---i955 -Football Practice begins 'l4-School Opens-Oooohhhh .... Oct. 'l-Academy Dance-Year's first dance Oct. 2-Football-Tarpon Springs Clostj Oct. 8-Football-Pinecrest Qlostj Oct. 'I4-Football-Brewster Tech ilostj Oct. 22-Football-OLPH Cwonj Oct. 24-First parade of the year Oct. 29-Football-Brandon Clostj Nov. 2-Senior class rings arrive Nov. 5-Football-Turkey Creek Clostj First Cotillion Club Dance Nov. 12-Football-Largo flostj Nov. 19-Football-Wimauma Qlostj Nov. 25-Thanksgiving Dinner and Liberty Nov. 26-First annual Homecoming for alumni, they celebrated our football victory over St. Paul's Cwonj Dec. 10-Basketball-Brandon Qlosti Permanent Promotions announced Dec. 'l'l-First Saturday classes Dec. 12-Parade and Christmas Vesper Services, and Christmas Dinner, Don Laughner receives most valuable football player award. Dec. 'l3-Christmas ceremony at flagpole and cadets' Christmas party. Dec. 'l5-Junior School Dance Dec. 'I6-Christmas Dance- l'm Dreaming of a White Christmas. Dec. 'I7-Christmas Leave commenced-Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all. Jan. 5-Christmas Leave terminates-Back to the Grind. Jan. 7-Basketball-St. Paul's Clostj Jan. 'l'l-Basketball-Tarpon Springs Clostj Jan. 14-Basketball-Pinecrest fwonl Jan. 'I6-Deadline English 4 themes. Jan. 'I7-Review Week. Jan. 21-Basketball-Largo flostj Jan. 24- 26-First Semester Exams-Here go the pennies. Jan. 27-Re-exams English 4 Jan. 28-Second Semester begins and Cotillion Club Dance. Jan. 29--Basketball-Largo Qlostl Feb. 'l-Basketball-Brewster flostj Feb. 2-Permanent Promotions. Feb. 4-Basketball-Pinecrest Clostl Feb. 6-Parade Feb. 8-Annual Picture Day-five broken cameras. Feb 'l'l-Basketball-Brandon Clostj Feb 13-Parade reviewed by Rear Admiral Crawford, Comdt. 6th Naval Dist. Feb 'l5-Basketball-Tarpon Springs Clostj Feb. 'I8-Valentine's Dance-27 missing couples-Hmmm All merits cmd demerits cancelled. Feb. I9-Basketball-Brewster flostj Feb. 22-Basketball-St. Paul's Clostl Feb. 23-Schwartz dressed in his monogram sweater came with his hoods, paid us a brief visit, and rang our bell. Feb. 27-Parade Mar. 4-Informal Monogram and Commissioned Officer's Dance Mar. 9-Commissioned Officers make trip to MacDiII AFB Mar. 'II-Baseball-Northeast flostl Mar. I3-Parade Mar. I5-Monogram Club Dance, Miss Laurie Truscott chosen as Queen, Don Keenan receives most valuable basketball player award. Mar. I6-Spring Leave commences-Oh Happy Day . . . Mar. 22-Spring Leave ends-Back to the salt mines. Mar. 23-Spring Leave ends for the 75 merit kids. Mar. 25-Baseball-Largo Clostl Mar. 27-Parade for state society queens. Mar. 28-Baseball-Northeast Iwonlp two English 4 themes due. Mar. 30-Baseball-Boca Ciega Clostl Mar. 3'I-Sunshine Festival Coronation Ball, cadets make impressive showing. Apr. I--Sunshine Festival Parade-liberty. Apr. 5-Baseball-St. Paul's Iwonl Apr. 6-Hoods painted the 3-inch gun Ccannonj pink. Apr. 8-Baseball-Boca Ciega Ilosti Apr. I2-Baseball-Tarpon Springs Ilostl Apr. I3-Field Day-Cadets prepare for G. I., hoods made brave attempt, but poor showing. Apr. I4-Government Inspection by U. S. Navy BuPers, CDR Edwards and CDR Mullins, USN . . . Apr. I5-Last Friday liberty of the year. Apr. 'I6-Seniors and Commissioned Officers receive 2330 liberty. Apr. I8-Seniors and Commissioned Officers. receive special liberty any day of week. Apr. 'I9-Baseball-Largo Ilostj Apr. 20-First Wednesday liberty of the year. Apr. 22-Baseball-St. Paul's Cwonl Spring Dance-Fabulous!! All girls receive orchids, theme Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White. Apr. 25-Another English 4 theme due. Apr. 26-Smoking Area moved to-undesirable place C l?!!!?!l Apr. 28-Baseball-Tarpon Springs Clostl May 5, 6, 8. 7-Tampa Bay Conference Baseball Tournament. May 8-Mother's Day Parade and ceremonies. May 9-LAST English 4 theme due CThank God and Andy tool May I6-Review Week May 23, 24, 8. 25-Final Examinations-Wow!!! May 26-English 4 Re-exams AGAIN, Parade and Junior School Graduation, and Commencement Brawl, oopps! we mean Ball. May 27-Final Parade and Baccalaureate Services CNo cadet sleeps this night as per customl May 28-Graduation for Class of '55, those who won't return again. IG-Dayj All is forgiven and forgotten . . . May 29-Class of '55 ioins Alumni Association. May 28 1965-Class of '55 holds first reunion in the Waldorf Astoria CBasement, we hope, if we're IuckyD??? A U T 0 G R A P H S 0m9.ccLQ f M W-W-fwl-f Miyiiifm MW 902510-Q QGMAEQJOV6 Q Jim Gif . 1 HJQQDM .. ff fx MP7 W U1A wk 1 ff .4 ip 1 if . , ff-' IA, I .V 'ds ' pf - 'f '., wif Q . f my d5f1'f fLw.Zfaww,U ff ..-.-fx A . . ,cwwf Qjfmdf'R0,3 fbm4ow , i WJAMWMJWZAMM LWMQMAJMJWQZZZ MW W WWWMMWM 7 mgwbwimjzwgij. cfmx LMR, Xwtgc Qbwzxaumj, AUTOGR Q M ., . ,I .4 ' 3 .' ' ' . , ,4 Lf Nw . '.'l'1 7' , , , A . .4 I . . - 4 . A 4- ' ' ,I V .315 f L-1 '41 - . 11- , fn v 1 . L ,Z . X I .4 I ' a X I, 0 1 . f, , ,Mg ,J 1 4 'n . - - -. v I . s I ' buf? ' Q I a F, 11 1' .Q . . V Y, ZW' ,Q M 55 M ,PWVWWJCCQX MSR H+? fix vw W B QM 0905+ Jw K Wy ISSN, M iw 99535 Qiwgjfif My M W fy Q ff , - X X, 1 1 X QMW'2 W D, WNW N my QW f Q AU OG APHS Q MJ WM.. Gsflfm ffm? UMM 3 Z M 5,332 Gam ,S M fb M55 CSV WW W jd 9 A M7 fifggfiy W mum QW Q QW ff My V KJJUXMZ3 is N Q Q? an X ' f ,QM Q? 15 I ' cw MW Ns cpm WM! U Sig 2- ,3 21 Mf-WVM 09- I 10' 'DJ' 5 3 Mg Npzllj ' X af S- If ' , . Z if tW?6 ' y AUTOGR P S sk L mx wg gf Nwgj fvfyx H M Q5 W9ffK' JK NQ N W W 50 Us WJ? QA ii SM M gfffff QM ww -fwdliu, K Sk AUTOGRAPHS ,, 4O+X eq fl lwQ5Mfa T 6 X4 F 4 My - 40 PO 4! Vw ff f M we Wffff WW W f nfE2f WM - jf W W fi' OIJJJX My gy 1 1 fx !Ll.Ju,'RiFigRQACXX' . . A ' f EJ if YVXX ,ASQQ KX MW is '!, Li A- W UIMSIM -WQZ? MM A , U I' ,4Q ,A J oiigpqxsg NW gf f , 'Jr K 0339 My Goof? 6 qg?O94v:v9 bsejebfoxxe w RK , X My x MXL X 9500999 095 XQYVVW Ay' W 1 M I icefgxvgijop vp +9 fag ww MW 5 KP PM M 630' A ry UW gf ff' 0' S A i QQAWPVQNWQES W M I AUTOGRAPHS T AUTOGRAPHS -.QMA,ff4!3.w,+..5f757f72, ,41--UIZMZZJQ P1 bww. 2214 VW' JJi7fJf4UMZ,W' ' W calm! fQm2ff+fjMQWJ ' i if'l1ZJMGwwJ9W47QwQffM N N , , 1 0 .Ma Z5 FW fJQ'W,q,f4ffi2WM M' ZA' ,!,Ml7OMwMvZ:0h A W4 A MW M0 ,QUJWJJJMMJVM A ffkif' QJj0l',0 WMJH W XR QM gf ZW, qJw.mL.,,xwD , J MJ? M I TK 4944121 jfllfiff lmlfbl ffl 1929 . f' -Z f W M M W W Wfwumn 5322? QQ gwfw may I W! A yu y2 jJl!?,f.QQ5'7 f L x' My 1 J f AUTOGRAPHS ,MZ ,az M ,ffm 4fi,mQmf2 ,W ,f: ,Qw fxjbwwlvff? ' MM fzfymmf , . Q! jlfww 5. gzffa WM pi A' --sf?--121.32-.1-.1-..Q. ,ai - , 1 ,.. L... ,..---r- - - - V r ., -. ' 9. - b1E?:':-:,g,.,..' g3.,.gvp.x., .,-,,-,, , ..a..v 1 4 . V 'fi , , ,-, ., ,v I, 1 -x -.f A v i X , 1 1-fQ..f,Q..L1..,..,,,.2:L-1.7f,',If,u,A-,f f- yr-Q 1, J--fw5',,.. , .H ,,

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