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Admiral Farragut Academy - Buccaneer Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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,ss :N 'B KN r I f f ff A K .jffmi -., I ,L W1 J' N BML! 11-fi fix , ,m QE Q Q 5 N ' 5 fm :umm Q-P o..Q -.QCDIJ O-Sh "'-LS 9-rn 5: -.Wi O-r 536' TLD' D'- T1"CQ om? Zz -n UUEQ 5 S1 3617:- 2111, :AOZ 1 gmc Qmm :QQ 1331 :Dig ' 5 nmj oif ,go im! - O Z 9. 33 QQE 3482 10,11 r-OZ 213 Tn, OCD CWD. - 5 Z51 22.2 seg 222 bo 2, co 52 3,2 12" -'I m.. em? 59-5 wgx Wm M5 n In? OQ F114 Z5 FD 'T AN lug , vw-kg EQ- Xxv' - me f 5 fsf Q ' --- 1 NQX- --, M 'N X K N A XXX ik 5 j X X :VII Q X 1 ex - N 1 - X Rx . 1 ,. X 1 , X , XX D N ' , X , N- 1 HX x , I . , X . X ,X ,Xfs ., ,' I' .f ' 5 Q, mf I, XA 2 f'X.,Wq ' ' . Y X Q I . I C BUCCAIIEER STAFF Standing left to rnght BRAVO Photography DEBATS Curculatuon CARLSON Sports CAROLYNE Assnstant Advertnsnng Manager CHAMBLEE Photography IANSON Cnrculotnon EMERSON Art Seated left to rlght SCHWOPPE Advertlslng HOWE Advertlsmg LUCAS Advertising CARTER Feature Editor LAUGHNER Assist ant Feature Editor ALTER Cnrculatuon Manager ff 51 if 4 4. - 1 L 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 5 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 ' I 1 ' The Buccaneer Staff has gone ' 1 great oauns Thrs year To make This Buccaneer The blggesf and The besf e fer Ae have Tried To exemph y every phase of hfe at Farragut The Sports the Acadernnc and The Socral Life We have added new sechons To The Buccaneer and Improved upon the old ones If vou are reading This book novv June 195 or hfry years from now ve hope Thar rr brings back hne Farragut rnemor es 'f vgu O 9 Q person who has never arfend e-dFarrC1guT vv hope Thus book MI! helc you To mdersfand the lure arFarragu1 better but whoever you are :T vvui! guve us great pleasure nf you rusr enroy The Buccaneer fd' fag I . A X. I X lv' I .I . 4 . . I ' Q! . I I -I A I , 7 K P: J X - J The boy comes to Farragut as a verdant and hopeful Freshman, is never the same individual as the poised, alert and trained Blue Jacket who tosses his cap aloft on Graduation Morning. Many factors have gone into the making of our graduating Blue Jacket. These are com- posed of life as we know it here at Admiral Farragut Academy, and this T -ati. existence is made of Academic, Athletic, Naval Training, Social Functions, and also Extra-Curricular Activities. . Therefore, we are presenting to you the symbolic, growing Blue Jacket who will lead you, The Reader, through the mazes and changes of life at Farragut-presenting to you the growth that he attains as our Blue Jacket passes through life at Admiral Farragut Academy. ADMIRAL DAVID GLASGOW FARRAGUT U S N 1-47" P-I its orn necr Knoxvnlle Tennessee Ju1y5 801 Entered Novy 1810 Commended tlrst prlze with obulrty when only 12 Wos 0 most occompllshed ottncer before 20 Commnssuoned F1rstAdmlro1 USN by specuol Act of Congress 1866 Dued at Portsmouth N H August 14 1870 B ' , , 1 + 4 4 + Commended U. S. S. "Ferret," 1824 + x, ' f 6 V , - -, G ADMINISTRATION if 46 ADMIN 0,45 ff CAPTAIN DAVID H RUSSELL If' x A CAPTAIN HOMER E MOYER 1 yecu ve I cer :rec or o A m ss ons ' fy gf - I X Resident Member of Bocird of Trustees Finonce Officer J 5 f- I-J' .R P V Ex ti Oifi' , D' 1 f d i i 'A"A"A'i'k 'A"A"A'i"A' iiiii ISTRATIDN L,wiw,y A-IQ Af' ,, ic ' VoO"5"'Wx COMMANDER EARL M. CLARK Pr'imCipC1N LT COMMANNR DOYLE R LEAT RS H if iff 'iff iff 4 FACULTY .nib ""'-.. Rear left lo right LT Nunnelly LT Lokus LT Gubson LT Gneger LT Clcrk LT Sherrill LT Hough Front LT Conlon T B THOMPSON Chaplc Come to AFA 1 7 RICHARD B TAYLOR Bond Master Come to A FA T948 LT Andrews LT Bishop LT Taylor LT Reborker HUBERT G SHERRILL BS HghPotCoege Come fo A F A 1947 WILLIS W GIBSON A B Mercer UHIYEYSIYY Came Yo A FA T949 AND STAFF NOEL P CONLON A B MA S1 Bonaventure College ST B Holy Name College Came io A F A 1950 Fr' RALPH N ANDREWS BS In Ed Unlverslfy of Cmcmnah Came Io A FA 1951 GEORGE D CLARK B.S. University of Rhode Island Came Io A.F.A. 1951 GEORGE A. HAY A.B., M.A., Trinity College Came to A.F.A. 1952 LEWIS B ReBARKER A B Eos' Carolina Teachers College M A George Peabody College Came Io A F A 1950 MORRIS C BISHOP A B M A George Washlngion Unlv Came Io A FA 1951 WALTER M GEIGER A B Baldwin Wallace Came Io A.F.A. 1951 GRAYDON M. HOUGH A.B., Universily of Chicago M.A., University of Wisconsin Came to A.F.A. 1951 THOMAS LAKUS B.S., University of Tampa M.A., Wes! Virginia Universiiy Came lo A.F.A. 1951 FREDERICK P EASTMAN A B University of Rochesfer Came fo A FA 1950 FRANK P HENDERSON B A Universiiy of Florida Came fo A FA 1951 DR R W OWENS Sr Medical Officer Came lo A F A 1945 FACULTY l CLAUDE F. NUNNELLY B.S., Murray Slate Teachers College Came to A.F.A. 1951 FRANK TOWN BS M1 Union College Came to A FA 1951 MMM 12 7? 'Z LEONARD L BROOKS B S Florida Sfale Unlversliy M A Columbia University Came fo A FA 1952 DR A R FREDERICK Medical Officer Came to A FA 1950 ' 'I . 1, 4 F . 'I . ., . ., 1 ' ' '-fu , 55 ' A NA 'J . . . TY- . -"' ' my . . . 4 , , ,fsf -- , AND STAFF MRS E K STONE Nurse Come to A FA 1946 MRS HELEN JOHNSON A B New Jersey College for Wom Llbrorlun Cum to AFA 1948 MISS DOROTHY BOIVIN Sec etcry fo P c pal Came fo A F A 1948 MISS DOROTHY BLEWETT Secreicry to Commandant Came Io A F A 1950 SN ,- 'fi K-. MRS H E MOYER D nc: g Came Io A F A 1945 MRS CORA ROBERTS Muslc Come to A F A 1950 MRS LOUISE PIKE Bookke per Come to A F A 1948 MISS LOUISE WILDER Secretary to Executive Ofhcer Came Yo A F A 1949 74-e FACULTY AIID STAFF MRS ANNA CARSON f AFA 951 if if if if if NAVAL SCIENCE IIISTRIICTDRS O B PALMER GMC ENC usN J S ST CLAIR Q I usN R KING oocx offices I Housemoih C . . .I .I . i, U.S.N. H. W. HEWITT, JR. i . . ., . . . WV f . . CQ- A JT gm 5 n k Vlmm A 1 and -ff' as 7251.1 'fm Seated GRIMES CLEVELAND CARLSON FORTMAN Standing olternofe flrsf ond second rows LUCAS CAPMANY BRAVO VAUGHN CHESLEY FISKE ROBERTS LUNIN SMITH MILLS ALTER IANSON HOWE PARTLOW GOODRICH LAUGHNER ANGSTADT CHAMBLEE WARD CARTER CAROLYNE SCHOENHARDT MAURY PAFFORD MORRISON COFFMAN COWIN PRESTON FEIRICH BLAKE D WIDMANN D MARTIN WEST SCHWOPPE Siondlng DeBATS SIMPSON BERTORELLI MORETON EMERSON WIDMANN J BRILEY 3 6 ,C ,, ,- ky My 1- " , f" ,: E 'fa ' 4: . ' ,1. .111-. gn' " 1 ' 11- L 'JW' ,ffl M.: - vc.. -f'-M.. I 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 11 1 1 - I 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 nn FIRST CLASS 11 6l4a40fjtca4 'k'k'k'k Left to right: Cleveland, Secrefcryp Carlson, Vice-President, Forfmcn, President Grimes, Treasurer HONORS- Military-l PO. Second Company, 1947, Drill learn, 1950, l P.O., 1950, 2nd P1002 1365? drilled Old boy contest, 1950, Ensign, 1952, Acajemic and Department Ribands, 1947, '49, '50, '52, Varsity Athletics-Football, 1950, '52, Letter in Football, 1952. Intra-murals-Swimming, 1947, '49, '50, Boating, 1947, '49, Football, 1947, '49, Basketball, 1947, '49, '50, '52, Softball,1947, '49, '50, '52, Volleyball, 1949, 52, Sailing, 1949, Soccer, 1950, Cuttercrew, 1950, '52, Boxing, 1950, '52, Golf, 1952. Club Activities-Camera Club, 1947, Pirates Club, 1947, Buccaneer, 1952, Cotil- lion Club, 1952, Monogram Club, 1952, Dramatic Club, 1952. l MERWIN FREDERICK ALTER '15 West 84th Street New York 24, N. Y. "Melvin" "Ronnie, have the chief fix me up" 3683 Early in September 1946 "Melvin" packed his bags, and left the "concrete iungle" to join the crew at Farragut. Melvin has risen a long way since his first years in the Junior School. Academic- ally, he has raised his standards greatly. In rank, Melvin first chose a slippery mountain, for after working his way up to a first class petty officer he decided to ioin the "night riders" and was reduced, however "Big Melvin" decided to wipe this off his record by working hard and becoming an Ensign and one of the leaders of the school and has proved himself worthy of this rank. Keeping up the true tradition of a sailor, he has added to his harem many girls from St. Pete. Melvin will be greatly missed by many, for since he has attended Farragut he has always been popular with everyone who has met him and all have enjoyed his good-natured attitude and wit. Wher he may go and what- ever he plans to do, there is no doubt 'he will succeed as he has done here Farragut.. j . V 1 J N 0 TE . is' i ' f--1 ' 51 lf Scif, ' hose R ANGSTADT C , . X N123 , 5' X ,-N .J A 1 1405 Lilac Road I fy 1 'd 1 Charlotte, N. C. jg' 5 "Bobby" 0 -164 if K 9 "Come off that stuff" Honons- 9" U ' f Military-Farragut Mates, 1952, Academic and Department Ribands, f Intro-murals-Weightlifting, Swimming, 1952. Club Activities-Cotillion Club, 1952, "Bobby," a North Carolina gentleman, who entered school last September, is one of the best-liked members of the graduating class. He is always ready to help you if you need anything, from caddy cloth two seconds before formation, to a pair of slightly used socks to put in your roommate's bed. Bobby is not noisy, but he puts all he has into whatever he is doing as you can see by his 8596 average. When he leaves us we lose, but the rest of the world stands to gain, for we are sure that he will go far in many chosen fields of endeavor, So we wish you the best of luck, "Bobby," at college, and in your later life. HONORS- Militory-Drill Team, 1952 Varsity Athletics-Football, 1952, lntra-murals-Touch Football, 1951, Volleyball, 1952, Weightlifting 1952, Soft- ball, 1952, Swineniirg, 1952, Club Activities-Cotillion Club, 1952 "Bert" came to us in September and although quiet at first, he came through the year always advancing. Although "Bert" has had his share of extra duty as have many other cadets, he still ranks high on the drill field in becoming a member of the drill team. "Bert" speaks remarkably good English for the time he has been here, since Spanish is his native tongue, We know that "Bert" will keep on progressing as long as he himself wants to progress. 1-le has shown us this year that he has the capacity to do good in anything in which he participates. Good luck, "Bert," and smooth sailing, E33 HONORS- DONALD P. BLAKE 1101 Twenty-second Avenue North SERGIO BERTORELLI 4ta Avenue Campo Alegre No. 3 Caracas, Venezuela Userrn "Come on, let's go" Military-Seaman, 1948, 1 P.O., 1949, Band, 1948, '49, '52, QBH 1 B St. Petersburg, Florida ,1DOnff "Let's go out and make party" Varsity Athletics-Football, 1948, '49, Swimming Team, 1948, '49 Intra-murals-Basketball, Softball, 1948, '49, Soccer, 1952, Cutter Crew, 1948, '49, 52, Football, 1952, Softball, 1952. Club Activities-Librarian, 1948, Camera Club, 1948, Cotillian Club, 1952, Decorating Committee, Eand Libraman, 1952, Photography Editor of Buccaneer, 1952. ln case you've ever seen a miniature Santa Claus running around loose with a real jovial spirit and a iolly laugh, but were puzzled at times when you saw him trudging along behind a bass drurn, that was Don Blake. Five years ago Farragut was honored to receive him as a new cadet from Chicago. 1-le entered the band as a drummer boy during his first year and his second year was a 1P.O. During the next two years, "Don" decided to take a crack at civilian life. But you can't keep a good man out so "Don" re- turned this year and after a hard start has made himself a fine clean record both with the school and his girl. lsn't that right, Faith? When "Don" leaves this year, Farragut is losing a great guy, and Faith and the Citadel are making a terrific gain. So long, Don-boy, and the greatest of luck in the future. ALFREDO A. BRAVO NONES South 5 Nom. ll, lo Alhambra Ponce, Puerto Rico llFeyOll "Where is the food" HONORS- lntra-murals-Intercompany Football, l952, Tennis, I952. Club Activities-Buccaneer Staff, l952, Merit Riband, IQS2, Department Riband, l952. "Feyo" means ugly in Spanish, but Alfredo is far from ugly. A good looking, Clean-cut boy, he arrived at Farragut in September of this year. "Feyo" participated in numerous activities during this year, and has done creditable school work. "Feyo" is a member of the triumvirate from Puerto Rico, and he is very proud of it. "Feyo" plans to enter the University of Puerto Rico, in the fall session, "Adios, Amigo Mio." foal' . , I , fi - J .Q ,gy Ju ' , - , hx! K - - i ff' c k, A ' 'N t ,, L ' 1 cfs i . r L , ' af' - XXX. ' . N mf U 'i' I .f -J - ' 1 K ,M u 3, .Nw NNW" ug ' y l x, 3 , y. -V, ' fo C J K E, sh , 1 X24 ,KN X J 'J -3 3 1 J I I :VC I ll 'X 'X .xii .CJ fy .vt .l LOUIS G C BRILEY f ,N J ffm: , V .jig NJ- ,Ml I Boxllfl A A - X ' Oakland, Florida ,, fs t , t ,L , V C, r XJ ou XJ , ' 1 fc' , I fl 'X ,Qld "You ain't got no smart" y-J N. gt, t fy ",' -JJ i 4 N' + X, l 0 V Intra murals-Rifle Team, l952, Boating, l95l, Weightlifting, l95l, '52. Club Activities-Cotillion Club, l95l, '52, Dancing Class, l95l, '52, Naval Reserve, 1952, Glee Club, l95l, '52, "Lou" journeyed to Farragut last year to be immediately wel- comed by the corps as a swell guy. "Lou" has had his share of trouble, and to look at him you would never believe that "Lou" would do anything wrong. He has a gift of gab which will leave you sometimes guessing. Besides this he has a touch of Long- fellow in him, too. He has entertained the corps before Christmas leave for the past two years with his iolly composition of " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas," So "Lou" keep on plugging and set your goal high, for we know you are capable of reaching it. Best of luck to you in the future, HONORS- Miiitary-Seccnd Cornpany, 1951, '52. Varsity Athletics-Baseball, 1951, '52 lntra-murals-lnter-company Football, 1952. Prececling mid-year examinations last year "Poochie" arrived at Farragut with his happy-go-lucky spirit. His spirit came iust in time to boost our spirits, they were low with pre-examination blues. Since that time, "Poochie" has kept up his grades, done well on the drill field, and in the Cuban bull session. "Poochie" was a catcher on the varsity baseball team, also participating in inter- company sports. To this fine example of Cuban manhood, good luck and smooth sailing. E63- DUANE C. CAROLYNE 4435 First Avenue South St. Petersburg, Florida "Dumbo" "Got anything to read?" JOSE A CAPMANY Calle 9H263i" J-1 Veclado, Cuba "Chochol" "Give me a cigarette, Martinez I I HONORS- Military-Lt. .l.G., 1952, Band Commander, 1952, Naval Reserve, 1952, Band, 1949, '50, '51, '52, Varsity Athletics-Varsity Football, 1950, '51, '52. lntra-murals-Touch Football, 1949, '50, J.V. Basketball, 1949, '50, J.V. Baseball, 1949, Soccer, 1949, '50, Softball, 1949, '50, '51, '52, Basketball, 1950, '51, '52, Volleyball, 1951, '52. Club Activities-Cotillion Club, 1951, '52, Monogram Club, 1951, '52, Dance Band, 1950, '51, '52, Binnacle Staff, 1951, '52, Buccaneer Staff, 1952, Dramatic Club, 1952, Glee Club, 1950, '51, '52. ln September of 1948, "Dumbo" first entered AFA. He has al- ways been liked by everyone and has gone far both academically and in popularity. His friends will always remember him for his golden toe, and his rousing work with his trombone. "Dumbo" always makes people feel good with his loud laugh and his will- ingness to help everyone. For further education, "Dumbo" is going to the U. S. Merchant Marine Academy. Knowing "Dumbo," we are sure he will come through with flying colors, and in part- ing we say so-long and good luck. f1 0 ll ,A lf .... M ,WZ Mitt O O l e 1 2 ll tt 19 52 ntra mural nter co pa aotball sketball oft a 94 O, Swimming, M '1' 2P.. ,1P..,19 , 't ,1Q1,Esi, 5. 1 " V Sify Athi ti OV511Y room , 1951 ' ,vofsnf Q , , f . - - ,S 1 I9 or 1 1 . ' 4' '- f 4 s ROY DONALD CARLSON Box 35 Lake Hamilton, Florida "Swede" "Now back in Lake Hamilton" if- 2- if 3' HONORS- Academic-Valedictorian. 1 f , d' V M 11,1 1. X u Act: t ecretary f the J r Clas 1 Stud t Honor Council , ne camp y sketb ll, 19 1 52, Solydlnll l,, 5., second in win- ent 195 an in tc '195l, M lam Club, 1951, Vice- dent r Cla , 952, Treasurer of Cot' lion b 2,.Assis Mditor the Binnacl 2, Glee Club, 1952, I ane r 1952 f1X p ' , ' 43 r Ot ,449 c m to rra four ea ago. Beinganormal po ul 1on'o ak d p fo Y siz w R mist cam I st ted t ith the inter- co pa sports d Zrked ' ay up tot rsity squads by his ior year y did no t off i, the me small way in his clas room we started of big, an d his high average all the w ough his four years. This y r Roy is one ofthe highest rating cadets in the school, with a LTJG, Second Company. Roy plans to enter the University of Florida, come Fall. We all give Roy our best wishes in the future and in whatever field he chances to choose. if-if RICHARD STARR CARTER 91 Unadilla Avenue Asheville, North Carolina lIDiCkIl "Let's go tonight, boys" Military--Third Class Petty Officer, 1951, Highest Academic Award, 1951, Marks- man Riband, 1951, First Class lntra-murals-Golf, 1951, '52, Petty Officer, 1952. Weightlifting, 1951, '52, Boating, 1951, National Golf Foundation Award, 1951, A.F.A. Golf Award, 1951. Club Activities-Band, 1951, '52, Dance Band, 1951, '52, Feature Editor of Buccaneer, 1952, Assistant Head Waiter, 1952. "Dick" came to us in early September, 1950, on a bright and sunny day, and he says that since then most of his days have been just as bright, We think he has been a great asset to the school and his classmates, and come what may, "Dick" is always the same casual rebel from the mountains of North Carolina. Academically speaking, he has also been one of the top students during his two years here at Farragut. His "free" Saturday afternoons are usually spent at the Pasadena Golf Course, on or near the 19th hole. In whatever he does, we know that "Dick" will be a great success. So long, "Casual," and the best of luck. HONORS- Militory-Marksman Riband, 1951, Academic and Merit Riband, 1951, Band, 1951152 'Z' lntra-murals-Weightlifting, 1952, Boating, 1951, Rifle Team, 1951. Club Activities-Binnacle Photographer and Typist, 1951, Buccaneer Staff Photographer, 1952,Cotil1ion Club, 1951, '52, Proiectionist, 1951, 252. Royster, who is from Raleigh, North Carolina, has attended A.F.A. forthe past two years. During this time he has gained the respect of everyone in school and has the reputation of being an excel- lent photographer. lf anyone wants a picture of a pretty girl or his roommate, just call old "Red-on-the-head," he'll take a picture of anything. Royster's ambition is to go to Davidson College, after which he wants to be a dentist. We all know he will succeed in whatever profession he enters, and we wish him good luck and smooth sailing. H. ROYSTER CHAMBLEE, JR. 3, ft 1127 Harvey Street , 5 4 tl Raleigh, North Carolina X ' j af K - ' 1 f I ' 'V 8 I ' "Red-on-theeheadu 9 x . , F i 5 "lt soars for hours" e' 9 f' 4 AJ i if 1 I ' A ' s 8 8 0 uv fl, 1' ' f . f ta 1 , z 'J 1' ft ' ' JAMES CHESLEY North Shore Drive Detroit Luke, Minnesota iisjimn "Just wait till 1 get home" ff' f f ' .4 HONORS- Military-Department Riband, 1952. Academic-Academic Riband, 1952. lntra'murals-lnter-company Football, Tennis, Golf Squad, 1952. "Jim" came to us this year from Detroit Lake, Minnesota, and what Minnesota lost Farragut has gained. l-le readily became popular with his classmates, and he has displayed his initiative in the classroom and onthe athletic field. "Jim" is one of the finest golfers A.F.A. has seen in a long while. We, his crew, are going to miss him, but we are sure that success will follow him throughout the remainder of his life. So long, and smooth sailing, Jim, 1 1 i EDWARD YOUNG CLEVELAND Alfa Af !.LJ4f11.fl-44,91 ,4'VRE:ute 2, Box 395 Lutz, Florida 0i,,,u 45-14 ffskipfr "Hey, Ronnie, how obout splittlng up the Third Cornpony7" HONORS- Military-First Cluss Petty Offrcer, 1950, lvlerrit Ribund, 1950, Mnrksinon Rm- und, 1950, Depoitmert Rlbond, 1950, Ensign, 1951, Se-cond Compuny, 1951 Lt, Company Commander, 1952, First Contpuriy, 1952. Varsity Athletics-Varsity Football, 1951, '52, Co-Cciptuin, 1952, Rifle Twin' 1951, '52, Intro-murals-Sailing, 1950, '51, Cutter Crew. 1951, '52, Softboll, 1952. Club Activities-Cotillion Club 1951, '52, Serrf-triry of First Clrisl, 1952, Luvou Editor of the Eucccinrer, 1952 "Skip," os we oll know him, hos been with us for three years. 1-le hos been outstonding in footboll ond o key mon on the rifle team, When we think of o good othlete, officer, ond oll oround guy, we think of "Skip" Although he isn't the most studious member of our closs, he certoinly mode up for it with his excellent work on the vorsity footboll teom. In three short yeors "Skip" hos risen to the ronk of Lt. ond First Compony Commonder. His compony seems well on the woy to winning the colors ogoin ond we wish him oll the luck in the world. "Skip's" plons for the future include The Citodel where he hos been occepted ond will ioin the Air Force Bronch of the ROTC. From there he plons to moke his coreer flying whether it be in the Army or in Ciyilion life, We wish you high flying, ci1woys,"5kip," f -fl-u.,a.f'nA.2fz , Q ,Q C. W. COFFMAN, JR. Nokomis, Florida MBI I Il, "Shut up, Rodriguez" 17, 1- 90 V,1,Ld, L! . Y A , A 1 4 af 14 L iff! 01,1 If ,41A,,j QXLPI X yLofL4,v1:AJ! 22, 55,4 iw .ffcwijf Z? jjobti A004 .AAA Q44-f f g f7f4Lz0'b,1. gg.,-.fij4,fY HONORS- Intrc-murcls-Softboll, 1951 52 "Bill" entered Fcirrcigut ot the begnnwtg of the lost semester of his Senior yeor. One of his room notes, gi ncitlye of 1-loyono, Cubo, wos unoble to speok English. 'fBiIl," olong with his remolnlng two roommotes wos of ossistonce in helplng him odlust to Amerlcon woys ond speech."B1l!" Nos on octwe pcirticipont in intervcompflnf volleybci' gomes ond diligently kep' ob'eost of his studies. HONORS- Military-C.P.O, time compuny. i Q? Mem Ramona, '19,52- Department Rib- S1 V and, 1952. Q 1 Intra-murals-Football, 1 51, So er, 19x , Valle all, 1950, '51, '52, Basketbalkxw952- Sa' ,Q?O, Smnin ' 1 X 5 I 1 i J ,!' qv' Y H H It hr long ye o n be Colonel saw Steve walk vw? s 'riskly into F ra . pfogressedgquite considerably since J thmz i ' rad ave enqeaxtly perfect, and he has proved ' w h onp dri eld. " teve" idlthe Chief Petty Officer of tlye ' i gnlnpaypyf He n be found working on almost every ctivity if the sc ool. ' tevf' s been well liked by the entire orpsfrfi 1324 totilze pa " the all too-frequent bull sessions. 'St e" plans tolenter Q- niversity of Maryland to study engi erin 1 Theffgss of '52 wishes himftlne best of everything. X .' Lj N leg .1- ,Y " V fqgp QNX YV Lf vs? f X STEPHEN CORTEEN COWIN 5919 Brackenridge Avenue Baltimore 12, Maryland "Steve" "Chuck, boy have I got troubles" ' 333 f J' V ' ' mf Lui 3 3 ffl A " .WAS . i V' llrlpk f"' Q' WVU +L . VJ CHARLES MARTIN DEBATS , ki cfyl Box 3128, Bahi Mar Qi fp' Fart Lauderdale, Florida V , Vita ffcituckff it yin sw' f'c,lM' H - - 'Maya f I ' Steve, you think you got troubles, listen dy I. HONORS- AQ Military-Ensign, Battalion Adjutant, 1952. lntra-murals-lnter-company Basketball, Softball, 1951, '52, Boating, 1952. Club Activities-Dramatic Club, 1952, Buccaneer Staff, 1952. We have had the honor and the enioyment of having "Chuck" as a member of our class. Since he entered at mid-semester last year, "Chuck" has risen to one of the highest ranks in Farragut, Bat- talion Adiutant. He is iust as good in school work and athletics. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is "Chuck's" home, and in his friendly manner he lets everyone know that it's right next to heaven. "Chuck" plans to go to the Merchant Marine Academy in New York. We, of the graduating class of '52, offer "Chuck" the best of wishes and we'll be seein' yal l GEORGE WILLIAM EVAN EMERSON Route 2, Box 34 South Miami, Florida HBHIU "Let's go watch the submarine races" 3366 HONORS- Military-Drill Team, 1949, Ensign, 1952. Varsity Athletics-Captain of Rifle Team, 1951, Sharpshooter, 1951. lntra-murals-Boating, 1949, Football, 1949, Softball, 1949, '50, '52, Soccer, 1949: Tennis, 1950, '52, Swimming, 1950, Boxing, 1950, Weightlifting, 1951, '52 Club Activities-Cup for Good Sportsmanship in Boxing. "Bill" is what one would call a "Happy-go-lucky fellow." He is well liked by the boys at Farragut and even more so by the females of St. Petersburg. He has spent four of the best years of his life in Farragut but you can see that he has profited greatly by it. You can always bet your bottom dollar that wherever there is a good time you will find "Bill." He has always been friendly and co-operative toward everybody. We know that Farragut will lose a great deal of personality when Bill graduates, and we wish him the best of luck in everything. Z CHARLES RANDOLPH FEIRICH Metropolis, lllinois "Charlie" "I've iust got to have something good to eat" HONORS- Military-3 P.O., 1952. lntra-murals-Touch Football, 1952, Swimming, 1952, Q.B.H., 1952. Club Activities-Cotillion Club, 1952, Typist of the Binnacle, 1952, Naval Reserve, 1952. "Henery" came to us in September of this year. He is in our opinion an up-and-coming fellow who will be sure to progress in the future. "1-lenery" decided to go for the Navy all the way, so he joined the Naval Reserve. We wish you the best of luck in what- ever you set out to do, whether it be the Navy life or civilian life. of HONORS- Military-l P O, 1952 lntra-murals-Touch Football, 1948, '49, Basketball, 1948, '49, Swimming Team 1948, '49,1Neight1ifting, 1951, '52. Club Activities-Cotillion Club, 1951, Dancing Class, 1951, Jack, as most of us know him, changed over to Farragut life four years ago, and is an old-timer around here. As far as rank goes, Jack didn't hit if off too well, but don't let that give you the wrong impression, .lack is one ofthe best-liked cadets in The school. He isn'T one that Talks all The Time but Jack doesn't have to. His quiet personality sets him off as one that will be long remembered here aT Farragut. The boys who have come up Through The years with .lack remember when he first came, He seemed To have a downcast feeling and didn't put forth too much effort. But broth- er, inthe years to follow we can't express what happened to him. His academics shot upward, his military appearance Took a turn forthe good, and now today, in his Senior year he is a standout JACK ROGER FISKE Box 638 Anna Ma ria, Florida "Jack" cadet. To Jack, in whatever field he chooses, we are confident he will be a leader and always make good. The best of luck to "Vxlhose got a weed?" you, Jack, 1 s a s . f-if' ,. ' Qi" 1.-fc' D ,Q 'f 4 ' . - '. , '- , 0' ' f 'il .. ' J, '7 . 1 ' J 19" . I 15" . . ' . ' . O I 40' ' v:!'O'li.' .I . W' T ' I HONORS- . 6 If .B E . S , 5 Military-Robert Michell Reed Memorial Award, 1948, 1 P.O., 1949, C.P.O., 1950, JON RICHEY FORTMAN 106 East Harvard Orlando, Florida Haig John" "I'm really not dumb, Luke 3 Abs- 2 Band Commander, 1951, Battalion Ex. Officer, 1952. Varsity Athletics-Football, 1952, Basketball, 1951, '52, Honorable Mention, All-County Football Team, 1952, All-Tournament Basketball Team, 1952. Intra-murals-Junior School Basketball, 1948, Swimming, 1948, '49, '50, '51, '52, Baseball, 1948, Football, 1948, '50, '51, Softball, 1949, '50, '51, Soccer, 1949, Tennis, 1949, '50, '51, '52, Junior Varsity Easketball, 1950, Golf Tournament, 1950, Runner-up Tennis Tournament, 1950, Diving Medal, 1948, 150-lb. Boxing Champ, 1950, Marksman, 1951. Club Activities-Helm Staff, 1948, Band, 1948, '49, '50, '51, '52, Dance Band, 1949, '50, Cotillion Club, 1950, '51, President of Cotillion Club, 1952, Student Council, 1951, Monogram Club, 1951, President of Monogram Club, 1952, President af Senior Class, 1952, Assistant Editor of Buccaneer, 1952, Best Musician Award, 1950, '51, Secretary of Freshman Class, 1949, President of Junior Class 1951, Jon journeyed To Farragut from Lake Hamilton, Florida, for The first time in 1947. He immediately ioined The band and started his rise in importance which continued until he became a full Lieutenant as Band Commander in his Junior year andthe battalion executive officer this year with rate of LT. Comdr. He has never known the meaning of trouble in school or among friends. Jon always excels in anything he enters and never expects praise for his efforts, This year he was elected president of every activitf and club to which he belongs. Jon has proved himself to be, by far, one ofthe most outstanding cadets Farragut has seen or will see in the future. His loyalty to his friends is Jon's most admirable quality, The University of Florida will probably be the lucky school that will receive him next year. Vile all wish him the best of luck andthe assurance of his making a success of whatever voca- tion he enters, "Texas and me get along fine" CHARLES RAYMOND GOODRICH, JR. 4413 Stanhope Street Dallas, Texas "Goodie" HONORS- Military-Third Class Petty Officer, 1951, First Class Petty Officer, 1952, Second Company, 1952. lntra-murals-Football, 1950, '51, '52, Basketball, 1950, '51, J.V. Basketball, 1952: Softboll, 1950, '51, '52, Soccer, 1950, Volleyball, 1951, '52, Winner on Basketball and Softball Teams, 1950, '51. Club Activities-Cotillion Club, 1951, '52, The maiority of the organizations in this great country of ours always have a boastful Texan as an outstanding member. The Graduating Class of '52 is no different. "Goodie" left Texas, or the United States of Texas as he calls it, three years ago to come to Farragut. In these three years "Goodie" has shown his bright Texan smile iust when the corps needed some spirit. He al- ways manages to bring our spirits up at the darkest moments. This year he was the star ofthe Junior Varsity basketball team, an outstanding member ot the drill team, and a valuable player in inter-company football and softball. "Goodie's" ambition is the same as any good Texan's, to return to Texas. He plans to enter Texas A8.M, graduate, and then start a little cattle ranch. 66 HONORS- Military-Band, 1950, '52, First Class Petty Officer, 1952, Third Company, 1952, Farragut Mates, 1952. Varsity Athletics-Varsity Football Captain, 1952, County All-Star Football Squad, 1952, Varsity Basketball Manager, 1952, Most Valuable Football Award, 1952. Intra-murals-Basketball, 1950, '52, Softball, 1950, Boating, 1950, Swimming Team, 1950, Weightlifting, 1950, Company Cutter Crew, 1950, '52. Club Activities-Cotillion Club, 1950, '52, Vice-President of Cotillion Club, 1952, Treasurer of Senior Class, 1952, Monogram Club, 1952, Dramatic Club, 1952. "Dingus" Butch Grimes comes to us this year from Staunton Mili- tary Academy in Virginia. The bashful boy from Horse Shoe Hole low, has many talents, among these, his most outstanding is foot- ball. This year's captain and most valuable player, he contributed his rugged line play to his previous experience of throwing the ball back home in Horse Shoe. When asked why he didn't run track this year, his reply was, "shoes slow me down." Besides his ability on the athletic field, his work in the classroom distinguishes him as an outstanding contender in the cold, cruel world outside. Although "Butch" could have many women to his choosing, he re- mains true to his true love back in the Hollow. So lang, "Butch," and good luck. 63 DOUGLAS PRESTON GRIMES Joining Rivers Farm Horse Shoe, North Carolina "Butch" "Dingus, you could go for me" HONORS- Military--2 P.O, ,195O, 2 P.O., 1951, 1 PO., 1952, Band, 1950, '51, '52. lntra-murals-Boating, Tennis, 1949, Swimming, Weightlifting, Basketball, Speed- ball, 1950, Swimming, Weightlifting, Basketball, 1951, Touch Football, Basket- ball, 1952. Club Activities-Winner Second Class Times Current Event Contest, 1951,Cotil1ion Club, 1951, '52, Buccaneer Staff, 1952. Four years ago "Tommy," better known as "lngin," came to us from Bernalillo, New Mexico. Since that fateful day he has taken a well proportioned share ofthe female population of St. Pete to his heart. ln his four years at Farragut, Tommy has been a loyal supporter of the band and has shown fine progress in both mili- tary and academic achievements. We wish him the best of luck at the University of Colorado. E36 JAMES FREDERICK IANSON '16 Maywood Avenue Pleasant Ridge, Michigan Hjimif "l can't . . . l got a date with Ann" THOMAS DARRELL HOWE Box 88 Bernalillo, New Mexico "1ngin" "No ioke" see N' I f v Y A , , 5 4 ,'. HONORS- J ,Y . Military-First Class Petty Officer, 1951, Band, 1950, '51, '52, Navbl Reserve, 1951, '52, Q.B.Q., 1951, Ensign Band, 1952. ' J. . 19 Varsity Athletics-Manager, Football, 1951, '52. , Intra-murals-Boating, 1950, '52, Football, 1950, Sonball, 1950, '5,1, Cutter Crew, 1950, '52. A , .4 Club Activities-Dance Band 1950, '51, '52, Glee Club, 1950, '51, '52, Cotillicpn Club, 1951, '52, Band Limarfan, 1951, Monogram Club, 1952, Buccaneer Staff, 1952. , , . , , 'i Three years ago, "Jim" came in as a new cadet, not knowing any- one or anything iabout military lite that is , In case none of you boys know whom I'm talking about, "Jim" is an Ensign in the band and holds the position of section leader. By the way, he's the fellow who plays "The Big Brass Bass Horn" in all the parades and drills. He is also an important member of the dance band. ln his spare time you'll usually find "Jim" working his "ham rig" or batting the breeze with Chief Hewitt, about cars, boats or mainly and most important, women. "Jim's" not going to college, he's going to join the Navy and see the world. Along with the Navy "Jim" intends to see a lot more of a certain girl by the name of Ann Caulville. Ann and "Jim" have been going together tor a year and a half now. So to Jim and his bride-to-be we say, "Good luck and may you have a great future." RICHARD ELLIOTT LAUGHNER 156 Jordan Street South Heights, Pennsylvania HONORS- Military-Color Company, 1949, '50, '51, 2 P.O., 1950, '51, Ensign, 1952, Farragut M0162 1949, '50, '51, Rifle Marksman, 1950, Sharpshooter, 1951, Expert, 1952. Intro-rrwruls-Football, Basketball, Softball, 1949, '50, '51 , '52, Soccer, 1950, '51, Tennis, 1950, Golf, 1951, Cutter Crew, 1949, '50, '51, '52, Swimming, 1950, '51, Riflery, 1950, '51, '52, Club Activities-Glee Club, 1949, '50, '51, '52, Dancing Class, 1949, '50, Cotillion Club, 1951, '52, Entertainment Committee, 1952, Dramatic Club, 1952, Naval Reserve, 1952, Feature Editor of Buccaneer, 1952. Four years ago, from the "Smoky City" of Pittsburgh, "Rich" came to Farragut. Becoming quickly acquainted with his fellow cadets, he began to progress rapidly. Being an expert rifleman, "Rich" placed second in the Hearst Trophy, and he has won three rifle team letters. "Rich" excelled greatly in his Senior year by achieving the rank of Ensign, and training one of the best pla- toons in the Battalion. We all wish "Rich" the best of luck in what- ever he chooses to do in later life. llRiChll "Hey, Smitty, does your old rnan work?" 3 3 3 It HONORS- Intraemurals-Touch Football, Basketball, 1948, '49, Touch Football, Basketball, Softball, 1949, '50, Touch Football, 1950, '51, Boating, 1951, '52, Four years ago "Virgie" came to us from Michigan, even though he is a Yankee he calls himself a true Southerner. During his stay here he participated in almost all of the sports offered at Farra- gut. His first two years were spent as a boarding student and his last two as a day student. His hobby is girls and his ambition is to be a school teacher, but whatever he does we wish him the best of luck in his future life. 61533 ROGER HANLEY LUCAS 1100 Third Street North St. Petersburg, Florida "Virgie" "Aw, come on" DANIEL RAPHAEL LUNIN HONORS- Military-3 P.O, Third Company, 1948, '49, 2 P.O.. First Company, 1949, C505 1 P.O., Second Company, 1950. '51, Ensign, First Company, 1951. '52 lntraemurals-lnterecompany Football, 1949, '50, Tennis, 1949, '50, Club Activities-Rifle Team, 1950. '51, '52, Winner of Old Boy Rifle Competition. 1950. '51,Co1il1ion Club. "Danny" first came to Farragut in the fall of 1948 when he entered the Junior School. He lives in St. Petersburg and thereby gives much joy to the female population. "Danny" has been outstanding in both scholastic and extra-curricular fields. ln four short years he has gone from eighth grade to Senior class. He has been consistent in keeping his grades in the upper portion of the class and has proved his ability as an officer by holding down the job of platoon leader. We will all miss "Danny" next year, but we wish him the best of luck with his future schooling. F3 JAMES MacEWAN Forty-third and Locust Philadelphia, Pennsylvania nslimn "More fun, more people killed" 355 Second Avenue North St. Petersburg, Florida "Little Kang' "Wait a minute" 6366 HONORS- lntra-murals-Water Skiing, Golf, Water Front Activities, 1952. Jim started school back in March and he very quickly got into the swing of school life. As he has been here such Cl ShOVt time he has not won any sports or academic honors. He wants to be a veterinarian and hopes to go to the University of Pennsylvania. He should go a long way as he likes working with animals. ALAN IRVING MacLEAN 3032 Clinton Street South Gulfport, Florida IIBig All! "Whataya say" Q36 HONORS- M1l17Ul'Y-2 P40-f 1951, 1 P.O., 1952, Farragut Mates, 1952, Color Guard, 1951, First Company, 1951. Varsity Athletics-Football, 1951, Baseball, 1952. Intro-murals-First Company Cutter Crew, 1951, Boating, 1951, Cutter Crew, 1951, Golf, 1951. "Big Al's" smile and personality have made him one of the best- liked "fellas" around Farragut. "Al" has been here now for two long years. His first year he played varsity football and kept himself high on the academic list. This year "Al" decided to take a little rest and be one of those lucky day students. Again this year "Big Al" is fighting for first base position on the baseball team. During his two years at Farragut, Al's rate has had its up's and down's but at the moment he is a petty officer first class. Through his eventful years here "Al" has managed to keep that big smile on his face. Good luck, "Al," and always remember the "Dirty Four." 66 GEORGE ROSS MARTIN, JR. 301 College Street Greenville, Kentucky HONORS- Military-3 P.O., First Company, 1951, 1 P.O., Third Company, 1952, Farragut Mates, 1952. Varsity Athletics-Varsity Basketball, 1952. Intra-murals-Boating, 1951, Weightlifting, 1951, '52, Swimming, 1951, '52s lnter-company Football, 1951, '52, Softball, 1951, '52, Basketball, 1951, Volley- ball, 1951, Member of Winning Sailboat Crew, 1951. Club Activities-Cotillion Club, 1951, '52. Much to his honor "George" has been here for the last two years and is known to all as a carefree, easy-going Southern Gentle- man from Kentucky. Georgie's favorite sport is basketball in which he earned his varsity letter this year. On the drill field, he showed his strict military manner, by being a well-drilled cadet. "Marty" was promoted to a 1P.O. this year, upon which he was soon retired to the rate of seaman. George hopes to attend col- lege in his native Kentucky and we all know he will make a great showing. IIMOVTYII "Can you top this?" HONORS- Militory-2 P.O., Merit Riband, Conduct Riband with Silver Star, l95l, '52. Intro-murals-Qualified Boat Handler, Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball, Swimming, Golf, 1951, 152. Club Activities-Binnacle Staff, Cotillion Club, Dancing Class. "Cel" came to us this year from Nassau, Bahamas. His easy man- ner and ready wit have endeared him to the hearts of many- especially to the female population of St. Pete. His extra- curricular activities are confined mostly to blondes, brunettes, and redheads with whom he is always entangled, but usually success- fully. On Sunday afternoons he can be found swoaping down on Farragut or chasing sea gulls over Tampa Bay, much to the regret of the C. A. A. He is also distinguished by his bull-dog tenacity when he is in quest of a new morsel of corn to amuse his messmates. His record in the classroom-in fact, his record in everything at Farragut-points clearly to a brilliant career in the future. JOHN MILLS, III Wake Forest, North Carolina llJOhnll HONORS- "Oh, shucks" Military-Merit Riband. intra-murals-Sailing, I 951 , '52 :rw- MARCEL JOHN JUSTIN MAURY Montague Foreshore Nassau, Bahamas lice!!! 2 "Hello, are you there?" ii. K John, who came here from North Carolina, is a true Southern Gentleman. Whenever there is a discussion of the Civil War, you will find him in the middle of it. His ability to argue on any subject, whether it be on sailing or bootlegging, has made him well known and liked throughout school. If you want to know why North Carolina is the best state in the union, just ask John, he will tell you. If you would care to know howto drive a school bus, he has got that square rooted too. John's true love is a small, baby blue Henry J. complete with Confederate Flag, which he constantly brags about. His ambition is to go back home to attend Wake Forest College, where he hopes to study engineer- ing. John has done well at Farragut, and we believe he will succeed in the career he enters. JAMES CARLETON MORETON R.F.D. No. 3 Charlston, Missouri ifijimu 'We're back in business" 3 3 3 3 Second 'ghest Aca 950. Bond Executive Mates, 1952, 194 P.O., Band Com nder, 1952, 951, '52. '52, Tennis, 1949, '50, Winner of Sailing Cup, Trophy of Mid-Winter Regatta, ub, 1950, '51, Secretary 1952' unior lass Vice-President, to Farr t from the State of St rt: as af an ' im" joi -5 he band and always to ght a en any n s a d. At the time, had idemfou s at he Q. d become the top in the sc oo, wit e p i iii: Commander. 1' Jim" remaiqe int unti en w ar and earned the rate of L JG is Jimi . "Jim' s a t special likes, such as Mis ud i women, In Dece ber ot his Senior year, Ji ss the OTC exam and plans to enter the Uni' versity of M his Fa ,to study agriculture engineering. "Jim" has proved t all of us that he will make a success out of any- thing he sets out to do. So wey the class of '52, wish you the US best ot luck next year at Missouri - d ' the many years to come. 1 1 1 w i x 6' ' l 3 6 HONORS- 1 K 1 JACK WILLARD MORRISON Military-Third Company Executive Officer, 1952, a ut ate 1 1 , Box 199 Varsity Athletics-Football, 1951, '52 J Altamonte Springs, Florida l Intro-murals-Cutter Crew, 1951, Softball, 1952. AX Q "Lime John" Club Activities-Glee Club, 1951, '52, Cotillion C 9.5 onogra ub, HAH right tum OUW, 1951, Monogram Club Treasurer, 1952, Dramati 5 Q1 Here is a cadet with plenty ot . His e i nny rri- son. "Little John," as he is ofte al d, ery ul X a well liked by all cadets. This year a Ire e ra XX LTJG and the job of company exec iv icer. ing o-year cruise here at Farragut, John pl i 1 tb . His tirst year was at first-string center and t i he our top tull- back with plenty of push. Though he tt ed a kle iniury, "Little John" kept on plugging the team, refus to 've p. John- ny's academic work is tine, as well as consis en . is a mem- ber ot the Monogram and Glee Clubs, as well as an X tive mem- ber in various other activities. Though he has many bbies, l'1iS speCiC1lty is girls. From his birthplace in Tennessee to his present home here in Florida John has found no trouble in dating. Con- QV0lUlations, and the best of luck to this fine Farragut Cadet. RALPH LANCASTER MORRISON, JR HONORS- Military-Merit Ri and, 1952, Department Riband, 1952, Expert Rifleman 1952, Ensign, 1952, ri1lTeam, 1951, Varsity Athletics-Rifle Team, 1951, '52 Intro-murals-Medal for1Ninning Sailboat Crew, 1951. Club Activities-Dramatic Club, 1952. Ralph walked thr gh the doors of Farragut Academy last year, to immediately take a military appearance. He was outstanding on the drill .field as well as the classroom. This year he has earned the rank cf Ensign in the 3rd Company. Ralph always seems to be around when a good bull session is going on and when anything excmng is hclppening. Not only is he well liked by everyone in' the 's hool, but the girls around St. Pete don't exactly snub himteith . We all know that Ralph will be a big success in life. Keep OY1' going like you have here, Ralph, and you will have ci gr'e6t future. The best of wishes to you. 2905 Thirty-fourth Street N.W. Washington B, D. C. HDOCI, P "Doctor Morrision s iniectionsw C, 3 r Nl! JoHN MONROE PAFFORD M 77 seam Pond Road AQ! CW 11 Falmouth, Massachusetts "Johnny" J "Out of my room Parsons, before y get hurt" f HONORS- Military-Petty Officer First Class, 1952, Color Guard, 1952, School Winner of the Times Current Affairs Test, 1951, '52. Varsity Athletics-Varsity Baseball, 1952. Intro-murals-Football, 1951, '52, Softball, 1951, Boating, 1951. John came to us last year from Falmouth, Mass. He has a great problem on his hands because he is finishing high school in three years. Our friend will have to study next summer, and we all wish him good luck. Speaking about luck, John was a wonderful pros- pect for varsity baseball but his luck failed. Because of an ill- ness, he had to leave the team. Everyone in Farragut likes John with his Yankee accent and spirit, l 1 JAMES GREIDER PARTLOW 711 Pine Tree Road Winter Pork, Florida npreplf This is a good life if you can take it" 3 HONORS- Military-3 P.O,, 1952. Varsity Athletics-Baseball, 1952. lntra-murals-Football, 1952, Golf Squad, 1952. Club Activities-Glee Club, 1952. Jim Partlow or "Prep" as he is known to us here at school, comes originally from Ohio, and after much moving has finally settled in Winter Park, Fla. "Prep" was very active in sports this year, his chief ones being intra-mural golf, football, and baseball. His chief hobbies are fishing, golf, and baseball. "Prep" made a wonderful showing in respect to school work this year and this I am sure will aid him greatly when he returns next year to take a Post Graduate Course. Best of luck to "Prep" from all his ship mates. Z EVANDER ALBERT PRESTON 7210 Fourth Avenue South St. Petersburg, Florida "Evan" "Sorry, l'm all tied up Saturday afternoon" HONORS lntra-murals--Weightllfting, 1951, Tennis, 1952, Golf, 1952. Club Activities-Cotillion Club, 1952. Evan is one of the fellows who goes home in the evening and comes to school after a good breakfast to take in another day. In other words he's a lucky day student. This is Evan's first year here and certainly has proven to everyone his characteristics whiCl'1 make him one of the best-liked cadets in the school. He plays O hot piano, and doesn't do bad with a tennis racket either. All of us will miss him as he journeys into the world. But we know he will always make good at the field he chooses. HONORS- Military-Petty Officer Third Class, 1952, Farragut Mates. 1952. Varsity Athletics-Varsity Football, 1952, Varsity Baseball, 1952, Club Activities-Monogram Club, 1952. "Big Pete" has been very popular since he came here this year. Everyone knows and likes "Pete" for his iovial manner. A foot- ball star at tackle and an outfielder in baseball, he does outstand- ing work both in classes and on the drill field. "Pete" plans to go to the University of Florida this Fall and will surely do as well as he has done here. So long, "Pete," and may you succeed in whate er field you choo . I , L , ' f 0. LM M 4414 f i k 1 li 1 ll V f BARRON l.eROY ROBERTS , V ' P.o. s X lol O fl lf 40 1 MXL X T Orlandfb, Floriadc ' r ff- I I f A H 1, V 0 1- L fyx, V4.0-chfc tfvbe- pen? J, I 1 "Hey, Hank, let's go to the pool hall i ,f X ' J Q y Z Q X L Vi . JOSE SALAZAR Gaete, 460 Vinu'del Mar HONORS' Chile "Espana" "Now, what is wrong with you, eh?" Military-Farragut Mates, 1952, Marksmanship Medal, 1952, Department and Academic Riband, 1952. lntra-murals-Tennis, 1951, '52, Soccer, 1951, '52, Softball, 1951, '52, Volleyball, 1951, Football, 1951, Weightlifting, 1951, '52, Sailing, 1952, Cutter Crew, 1952. Club Activities-Cotillion Club, 1951, '52, "Joe" is among the best-liked students in this school. He is also one of the smartest. One should have to say that about any boy that finishes a four-year high school course in two years, he is expected to be pretty brilliant. When "Joe" fIrst came to Farragut, two years ago, he could speak very lEttle English, but now "Joe" speaks English fluently and has a working knowledge far superior to that of most of the American boys, This year "Joe" has obtained the rank of Battalion chief, and chief of the drill team. "Joe" also has the Spanish romantic blood in him. In other words he is defi- nitely a ladies' man. "Joe" comes originally from Spain, although he now lives in Chile. He plans to continue his education within the continental limits of the United States. We certainly do wish "Joe" the best of everything. Buena Suerte! RONALD BAKER SCHOENHARDT 215 West 92nd Street New York, New Yorlr "The Seal" "O.K., Skip, we'll see the man tomorrow" eases Q 0 All . i' 0 4 HONORS- Military-Eirst Class Petty Officer, 1952g Band, 1952. HONORS- M1llYCIfY-Pif0T9S Club, 1947, Rooster Pennant Carrier, 1947, Junior School Com- POHY COfT1l'T1Gf1d6f, 1948, Runner-up in Best Drilled Cadet, 1949, Second Company PlUYO0fi Lemfleff 1950: Second Company Commander, 1952. Varsity Athletics-Varsity Baseball, 1950, Rifle Team, 19521 Varsity Football, 1950. Intra-murals-Inter-company Football, Basketball, Softball, Swimming, Sailing, Sculling, 1947, '48, Cutter Crew, Wrestling, Tennis, 1948, Junior Varsity Baseball Team, Touch Football, 1949, Junior Varsity Basketball, 1950, Swimming, 1950, Golf Team, 1952, Silver Medal for Second Highest Scorer in Swimming Meet, 1947, Silver Medal for Second Highest Scorer in Sculling Race, 1947, Gold Medal for Winning Sculling Champion, 1948, Junior School Tennis Champion, 1948. Club Activities-Helm Staff, 1948, Glee Club, 1949, '50, '52, Cheerleader, 1950, Editor of Buccaneer, 1952, Captain of Rifle Team, 1952, Cheerleader, 19523 Decorating Committee, 1952, Cotillion Club, 1952, In his five years at Farragut, "Ronnie" has risen to become a com- missioned officer and one of the leaders of the corps. His quick wit and personality captured everyone here and are things that will never be forgotten. Three years ago, "Ronnie's" brother com- manded the Second Company, and "Ronnie" is instilled with the same desire to win as his brother was. We all wish him the best of luck in his future electrical engineering career, and we are certain that he will achieve the same success at Georgia Tech that he has attained here. The Senior class of '52 wishes you the best of luck. 0 . E QB EDWIN GUST SCHWOPPE, JR. 38545 Riverside Drive Mt. Clemens, Michigan "BeOvvu lf" 1 "That's terrific" Varsity Athletics-Varsity Football, 1951, '52, Second Place in Swimming Meet, 1951 Intra- Club 1951 1fEd11 murals-lnter-company Basketball, 1951, Tennis, 1952, Activities-Dance Band, 1951, '52, Glee Club, 1951, '52g Cotillion Club. ,'52, Monogram Club, 1951, '52, Buccaneer Staff, 1952, Head Waiter, 1952. came to us two years ago and has done well in all activities both in academic and athletics. He excelled in Varsity football, receiving a letter in both his Junior and Senior years, Each meal "Ed" can be seen taking charge of the mess hall in the capacity of Head Waiter. He is a mainstay of the bass section in the band and also the pianist of the dance orchestra. "Ed" can be seen around town with his steady whose name is Harriet, "Ed's" plar1S for the future include Michigan State College, where he will major in economics. Best of luck, "Ed," we are sure you'll succeed at anything you set out to do. any f '!.o HONORS- Mllltnry-CO"'IDLi'1,' Qi? L' Tc-.1"' RIDQJHG IS' fi' z' Iii' :-" ' SJ ZZ lQ5I B'-2' 'J'iIled Cadet, IQ52, DHI TLA", IQ5Q Intrc1-muraIs- Ritle Tea'-K I9-19, 50, 5' Three years ago Jack came to Farragut as a day student and has been one ever since, I-le is vvell liked by all students and is a very vvell-drilled cadet. I-Ie was the best ritleman in the school two years ago and the best-drilled cadet this year, I-le is one ot the tevv cadets who don't like girls, but they seerr to like him, I-le likes radio and electronics, but he plans on beirg a doctor, We ot the senior class wish him the best ot luck in vvhatever he does. L ' ASQLS-4am 'tEt'f'1 JACK SIMPSON IOOO Granville Street North St. Petersburg, Florida u f . . H V H QM! fpclcgrl Ml tn. Sump C x ' "Isaynow I ,ffb - - -2 .tt at ff -3 6 E- MARTIN ALLEN SMITH 6825 Croudon Avenue Chicago, Illinois "5miffy" HONORS- "Tutty, let's stand on our heads and sing 'Cry' ' Military-Member ol Color Company, I949, 5I, Farraj N es I95O 52 Fl Class Petty Officer, I95I, Nernber ot Third Company I952 Second CI iss P Officer, I95O, C.P.O I all going to miss you. Intro-murals-Soccer, I9-18, SI, Sailing, I949, '50, Li esaver f-tvvar I94 Softball, I95O, '5I, '52, Football, I95I, '52, Basketba 52 Volleyna I95I, '52, Galt Squad WSI '52 Club Activities-Dramatic C ua, T949 f5C, 52, Dancina Cass I949 Librarian W49: Entertainnw-nt Contnsittee, I95I, 52, Cotiilion ua I 52 S Ort Editor ot Buccaneer, I952, Birtnoce Stat: I95'2, Ge lub Pu i See:-ring Contest I952 Four years ago "Smitty" arrived at AFA, front Chicago I-lis pe sonality wasn't his only tribute to fl,.F.A tor he has participateo an the various athletic fields and has done vvell inthe rlassroon Vfherever lun is brevving or t'ouble ig stirring y c it a fva he tound, I-le is planning to be ar attorney rn fve know twat success is certain to tollovv. So lorg and srna s Nr HONORS- Military-Ensign, First Company. Varsity Athletics-Football, l95l, Basketball, l95l. intra-murals-Football, 1952, Basketball, Softball, i952, Softball, l95O. Club Activities-Monogram Club, l95l, '52, Cotillion Club, l95l, '52, "Hank" is a Michigan boy and is proud of it. He entered Farro- gut two years ago and has risen in rank to a platoon leader. He participated in varsity football last year and won his letter play- ing end. As he was ineligible this year, "Hank" helped his com- pany fight for the colors by playing all inter-company sports. Well known for his laugh, "Hank" always has some remark about any- thing and everything. Good luck, "Hank," and may you always be as well liked as you were here. HENRY SPENCE VAUGHN Route 'I Clinton, Michigan 'fume' "Let's go, Pete!" 36 HONORS- Military-Third Class Petty Officer, l952, Department Riband, l95Q. lntra-murals-Baseball, l952, Tennis, 1952, Weight Lifting, 1952. Club Activities-Glee Club, l952, Cotillion Club, l952. "Wib" came to us from the booming metropolis of Quincy, Florida lpop. l200i. But despite difficulties he has made a name for himself in the eyes of the St. Pete female population. After a long, bitter fight, "VVib" gained the much-deserved rank of 3P.O. His interest in auto design is a fine start on the future career as on industrial designer. So as he leaves, we bid a fond good-by and good luck. WILBUR WAYNE WARD 222 East Jefferson Street Quincy, Florida llwibll "Hey, what's this?" HONORS- Military-1 P.O,, 1952, Farragut Mates, 1952, 2 P.O., 1950. Intro-murals-Touch Football, 1949, '50, '51, Galt, 1950, '5l. Club Activities-Cotillian Club, 1951, '52g Glee Club, 1950, Dancing, 1951 Walt has been with us for three years now, and goes under the title of a day student. Walt's progressiveness in the classroom certainly has brought to himself and everyone a mark of distinc- tion, Walt has a swell personality and a good feature which so many people lack, getting along with others. We don't worry about Walt in later life, for we know he will progress as he has here. Best of luck, Walt. 3 DAVID FRANCIS WIDMANN 167 Fifth Street Renovo, Pennsylvania HEIYU "Gee, I wish I had a sword" WALTER TITUS WEST, JR. 2355 Twelfth Street South St. Petersburg, Florida "Walt" "Came on down to Bartlett Pork" HONORS- Military-3 P.O,, 1951, '52, lntra-murals-Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Golf, 1952, Club Activities-Member of the Band and Dance Band. Dave Widmann comes to Farragut from Renovo, Pennsylvania. Since September, Dave has made good use of his Farragut life. Scholastically, Dave has always been in the top ten of his class "Ely" was very active in all intra-mural sports as he fought for the dear old band. He and his magic sax are also a part ot the popu- lar school dance band. After graduation this May, Dave plans to attend Penn State College where he will study electrical engi- neering. Lots at luck, "Ely," HONORS- Military-I P.O., Conduct Riband 1951, '52, Academic-Academic Riband, 1951, '52, Intro-murals-Weightlifting, Varsity Baseball, 1950. Club Activities-Glee Club, 1951, '52, "Dick" Widmann was bor i ock Jknnsylvania. This year "Dick" attended Farragp the time and made a good show- ing in both his scholb' and leti activities. During the year, "Dick" was active ' such s rts as weightlifting and baseball, "Dick's" pet hobb hot r 5 and if he is not talking about them, he can be found adi about them. "Dick" plans to enter Penn. State Colle xt yea and hopes to take up business adminis- tration. ljler hopi he will be as much of a success there as he JAMES RICHARD WlDMANN has been re at rragut. We'll miss you, "Dick" 420 West Main Street 1, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania J "Dick" "l'm going to build me a hot rod" 6 PUST GRADIIA HONORS- Military-Farragut Mates, 1952. Intro-murals-Football, 1951, '52, Basketball, 1951, '52, Volleybail, 1951, '52: Softball, 1951, '52, Golf, 1951, Boxing, 1951. Club Activities-Cotillion Club, 1952, Glee Club, 1952, "Tony" came to us at the 2nd semester of last year. 1-le of course had to keep up this ratio, so "Tony" left us at the second semester of this year. He graduated last year and took a post-graduate course this year, "Tony" was an outstanding fellow, as far as the corps went. Everyone liked this chap, who could have certainly helped the football and basketball teams this year if he had been eligible. 1-le had a great personality which was a quiet one, but l wouldn't advise anyone to get this 6' 3" fellow mad at you, it wouldn't be healthy, So whatever field you go intO, we wish you the best of luck in everything. JOHN ROBERT MCGARTY 'I97 Condee Avenue Soyville, New York H1-Onyn "Hey, Charlie, let's go A.W.O.L," TE ru: SECOND CLASS Left to right Schick Treasurer Perez Preslden! Conner VlcePreslden1 Thorn Secrefory 'k'ki"k JOHN T ALLEN JR FLORIDA WARR N K BERNER JR Ik LORIDA fb A M X X C JOH N W BRANSON FLORIDA THURSTON D CARROLL NORTH CAROLINA V 1 V fy? ,I IJ I IQDSI 131 VLC WN 64594, I , M JUNIORS IWW PAUL N BAZAR TEXAS THOMAS J BOYLE MICHIGAN WILBURN C CALTON Noam CAROLINA NEIL S CHAIT FLORIDA Kp JUNIURS J DRALPI-I E OUON VENEZUELA ANTONIO F COPADO CUBA 3+ CHARLES M Dux JR. SOUTH CAROLINA WILLIAM A ERWIN NORTH CAROLINA J T JAMES A CONNER FLORIDA 1' If Lf ffWJf J jj-f,W"1 ,J 01 flwfzfllf fl fff ,,,,. M GERALD P DICKINSON WM? LOUISIANA nh! 0 ,021 r1f,4f7f?,'7L!L27 A4 LZMALL ,f' JOHN E EMANUELSON JR FLORIDA WILLIAM H EVERETT NEW JERSEY ,M ji' lo by-, V 7 IX , F L I . INV O My fl' by-W fy, X l ,I A U I f ,N L f II If I XO Q , I ja X15 X-,N t AQ' I Q 4 xv I CF! A ,JJ g , If iff In 'L I I " .2 4,7 -u ,W I L. f " 'I Y! X 1 I . , if - -A : ff 'git' LJ"'.2'-rv. , I A I3 I QQ' C300 XJQLJ- fy A O A Q , I v L 'xfwfgw 0? iff A. OI K0 O . L Q ix CPF JCVAS ICQ XP ,XJXCKQN Af Sf ,Y57 -JOB' F Cs, 'fggfw f x. 'N CJ Lxxf f DX ,WXQWQQ OA F LX 1 OHNA HEDRICK A4 x fx XII ROBERT A KATZ X, X, V x I nf VIRGINIA Wx Wx YH-5x RIQIIIARDJK PENNSYLVANIA ffm 7' L 'MH NO SX Y 'N flUNIORS JULIAN FRANK JR ILLINOIS R LEE HUNTER COLORADO JOHN T JAMES CHARLES M KOLB OHIO Q- NIL wg Q I C7 YV Q32 , , , xl ' f , LGR' Of' 1 ' , wx I W 5 5 Xa Exlxx ix S ' II ' AEHER , C5 X J . W L K 'xl it X KU, ,, IA N 5 Xl I Jil kj J 1. l . 1 1 I-fa ' Pi l. r Q S - 'A , ' u ' - ' PA! J - gs Y .g ,J I I .. ,A ' J .9-V-' Q Q f I Z I A S ' f I N . X I. X.. - 44 ,K H X gl 'H 5 L, A C I H Af 'gQ'1A - , I . r M -B ' V, , C. . A ' " V1 Xb o H c ROL A , lf. A Lx ,OHIO N RT A IN , 4 KJ A I X' Iv' 'X If f ' J1 ,A . ,. W Q b ' J 0 .X l ,, ' YA .Y Nui . by xx J . 'XXX . I . I WI-if ,Q X :I A 4, X L 6, x- L - Q - J . . . K -. K I L L' N A Q Lv J .fx A L,-1' .1 ' I M y cw ' ' " ' ' O' fv W J I . 5 X ' X f f I X xx X, " fx J - "J E YL L 'V .134 ' , X AL -xxx xA -' Ax. 578 , ,gfxk IL LAWRENCE G LAMBROS MASSACHUSETT' GEORGE D MCLAUGHLIN New JERSEY CHARLES E MARCOTTE NORTH CAROLINA RUSSELL B PATTERSON FLORIDA HIIIIDRS M Mfg WILLIAML LEAVER I FLORIDA FRANKLIN M MALLORY FLORIDA LUIS R MARURI CUBA PEDRO L PEREZ VENEZUELA G. 'Y RAUL R QUINTANA VENEZUELA GIL R SALAME WILLIAM A SCHOBEL FLORIDA BERNARD L SMITH NEW HAMPSHIRE JUIIIORS DAGOBERTO A ROMER VENEZUELA LYIJMALWQI Clk'-'CK AMI Lj14,fA. of """'J'n' DONALD R SCHICK x.U+U"0"'4' 'n""'V' I 5,,,,J,wXJw 7f"""' 5014.-L4-HJR .D-fv GLEN F SMILEY FLORIDA ISAAC W STEPHENSON IV CALIFORNIAUM 64405, ,gfAr 50'Nu6,r .L 47"'V1-wwflirv Zn-Jvflly WQMPQV 1 L LU I 4 I 1 VENEZUELA OHIO Wm O' ul 4.1! I ' ' 4 . V '- f J I fl' I H' IV Xl ff" I L 1 CARL H SWANSON MINNESOTA ARTURO E TORANO CUBA NAQRENCE B UPHAM FLORIDA F WATSON JR MAssAcHusFrTs JUNIDRS STUART V THORN FLORIDA FREDRIC B TREMBATH FLORIDA KENNY LIWAGOONER OKLAHOMA LOUIS M WEISS FLORIDA :P J ' ' . 'x . i ' x D I . j,I ,V . R! I R F j Si A , If IM FM I X Dj, DWP A' ' . Rff MMR IQ A Ik, 5 df A UQ I -yr," ,. '7 ! ' U3 ' 3 1 GERALD F WILKIN Noam CAROLINA VIRGINIA I l JUNIDRS RICHARD L WILLIAMS FLORIDA PUERTO RICO RICHARD H WRIGHT FLORIDA Gu , . I I . . a .t ' l. O O . O - ef' E2 f : n 5 . ,Q x .L . . . 1'HbMAs WINN ARMANDOLWIRSHING 0 0 0 I ' I s A I I s 1 o 5 .' ' 1 ,f ,Q B o'. . -A O ru: THIRD CLASS 66444 Ujfdcna Lef? to right Moreau Treasurer Emmerson Presldenf Roltano Vice Presldeni Tierney Secrefary tiki .fn , X K ,Q M ia: - , r V - v x 1 2' A- ' 1 , : , ' : ' , ' - ' : ' , SOPIIOMORES JUAN J ACENA Cuba CARTER E BOND Florida CHARLES H BLAKE Flor do BAJJDJ H- CHESTER C CROSS Florida EDGAR W ALLEN New Jersey GENE L BONINO Muchlgon FELIX BLANCO Cuba C CLARK DAVIS Cuba D ANDRE BARON Florida M, 4-SVP Huwffvwflff fbwd J, GERALD T CLARK Flondc JULIO EIROA ARTHUR EMMERSON DONALD R FAIRBANKS Cuba Vrrgnnua Pennsylvcmc 1 W. w X f -f ,,,,, I . 0 Q 1 Q C 3,11 . ' ,Y Y! . I . Y- ' I Q is 'il,4,C.l -. . A6q',,,,, 0 . .e,, if . 3 VJ, . 5 Q fx f . Y Y A e SOPHONIORES DAVID B GIBSON New Jersey JAMES P GRIFFIN JR RICHARD S GIUNTA Florndo GEORGE T HANCHEY ROBERT R GREGORY Ohio KENNETH W HUDSON Florida Florudo PAUL E KAISER Maryland Florudc JAMES A LAWRENCE Florida xfW JUAN E MARTINEZ Cuba Florida ISAAC L MERRIL nv- 'li ANTHONY S. MIXER BRICE A. MOREAU N JERRY D. OCONNOR Alabama New Hampshire " Michigan C, - Us wr? P MORES WINSTON B PARSONS Vlrglnla W JOSEPH M PELLAR Illlnols HARRY G PETRICEK New Jersey M3 JOHN T RAMBO Florlda JAMES H REARDON Ill I Florida HAROLD R SARGA Ohio DAVID L TANNENBAUM Florida JOHN M TANNER Arkansas JOH N O TEAT Flonda WILLIAM W. THETFORD DAVID T. TIERNEY , U ' DONALD B. zum FELDE Florida Kentucky Florida nl: FOURTH CLASS ii'-' 6l4440fjdcu4 'K iii' Left to right: Hilier, Secreioryg Smith, Presidenig Fagen, Vice-President Curofio, Treasurer FRESHMEII HOWARD L. BERKEY, JR. Oklahoma IVAN B CAVALIERE Venezuela OLIVER P CANNON Florida MARKJ EMDEN JR Florida DORRANCE W, BLUM Florida 'AMES M CONWAY III Soulll Carolina F GI LLETT CARD Pennsylvania D ID G FAGEN R Florida REFORD F. BRAWN Florida WILLIAMJ CUROTTO JR llllnols FREDERICK A FLEMING MICHAEL W GAYNOR FREDERICK P GILBERT Flondg Arizona Oklahoma fl .K I JI. . ..:'1 IFIJQDQ, f , , 4,1- f ,ff Hfff . -' 1 I A ' Q , . . fn' ui, " U , 1' LEE P HARRISON Connecflcuf DWAYNE J HILJER FIorlda CHARLES G HERBITS HERBERT W LANGER JR Iowa DON I LDM HEADINGS JR Pennsylvania DAVID R JOHN Connecticut MAURICIO HEILBRON Colombia DONALD E LAUGHNER Florada KENNETH N HEADLEY New Mexnco DONALD E KEENAN FIorlda NEGRONI R MAYORAL DONALD F MORA PRESTON L MURPHY Puerto Rico Flondo Florldo nr I A , A . , . . I Florida I - , . . FRESH RICHARD A MYERS New Jersey DERWIN B SMITH II Florldo OSCAR B RODRIGUEZ Cuba RODNEY R ROBI NEAU Colorado WILLIAM B SOENKSEN Illlnols K MARSHALLJ SIMON New Jersey SAMMY R SWANSON NORMAN R WALDHERR Florldv Florndo ELIO RODRIGUEZ Cuba JACK L SPANGLER Ohio RAYMOND WARNER JR JOHN R WOOTEN South Ccrolmu Flornda ,IQ 'Iv ' 1 7' 1 is I IJ In AWJ Jw ff JUIIIDR SCH00l. LT Brooks, LT Eastman, LCDR Leathers, LT Town, LT Henderson. EIGIITII GRADE 'Q ,yun- MU! 45" 19 EULER FLORIDA PERRY FLORIDA SCHMIDT FLORIDA ANDERSON FLORIDA GRIZZARD FLORIDA PIKAART NEW JERSEY WARD W FLORIDA BANE OHIO JAMES NORTH CAROLINA ROBERTS K FLORIDA WICKLANDER OKLAI-IOM ,H F? Y BOND W CROSSEN FLORIDA JORDAN FLORIDA ROJAS E VENEZUELA WOLF FLORIDA OHIO LASKOWSKI OHIO SANCHEZ CUBA YUNKER WISCONSIN x lv T' 'nw MARTINE FLORIDA SAVAGE FLORIDA zum FELDE FLORIDA L SEVENTH GRADE gm. IQ 'Ib T AVANT FLORIDA GREEN OHIO MASSARI FLORIDA WALTON ILLINOIS T BARRON FLORIDA HAGERMAN FLORIDA PHOTIADIS FLORIDA CUNNINGHAM FLORIDA HAMILTON FLORIDA POST FLORIDA AX fx Q4 ,Ip-vw lk 'RQ-"' FLYNN FLORIDA LEE FLORIDA REED FLORIDA GOLD MICHIGAN LOY NORTH CAROLINA RHODES FLORIDA 'HIP 1"..I'.."' GONZALES CUBA MAIER FLORIDA TYSON FLORIDA WILSON FLORIDA 5 K' 54 t 2 an I X an I 'V 4 S R O AR' 8 4 M in I., W A L xx b SIXTH GRADE AMMERMAN FAY JANNSCH KAPLAN MILLER FLORIDA FLORIDA New JERSEY FLORIDA MARYLAND RIDDLE ROSNAGLE SCARBOROUGH J SCHWARTZ SIMON K FLORIDA FLORIDA FLORIDA NEW YORK NEW JERSEY DAMBECK FLORIDA ROJAS J VENEZUELA F'I'I'I GRA KK J'- quam., CAMPBELL FLORIDA FISHBURN INDIANA SCARBOROUGH FLORIDA CAPON PENNSYLVANIA FLEMING A FLORIDA B SZAPIRO COLOMBIA CHANDLER NEW JERSEY JEFFERSON FLORIDA WALTON R ILLINOIS PITTMAN FLORIDA WEBBER FLORIDA 'F nk A D,-X K VWFUNUIWI THE C0l.0RS BATTALIOII STAFF CDR JAMES C. MORETON Battalion Commander LCDR JON R. FORTMAN ENS RALPH L. MORRlSON Battalion Executive Officer Battalion Adiutant ENS CHARLES M. DEBATS ENS ARTHUR A. EMMERSON CPO JOSE L. SALAZAR Junior School Instructor Assistant Junior School Instructor Battalion Chief MRS. CARLETON E. MORETON MISS JUDITH PULVER Sponsors fll ,,.p-ugh,-ww' 'I lfggf , X I.. , J ,iw iiii b N1-.w':w' nqgnn-949-nu-u ililf .0 ,av v ' 4 ix. 1, 5551 5 .l? Q, q K.- W ,mxlg V WE. 5 ' ,3 Mag 1 ' an Qs. 4. Zdeion 7afmwu'wn 'Me ecvzpa 74: 'Me gleacievw fm-' 1464a,ee!7ofzma,tcan F? mg. cvzmguz' Wlcztea CDR JAMES C MORETON MISS SUE MORETON Captain of the Mates Sponsor THE FARRAGUT MATES us a drlll team composed of The 26 cadets who are most wlllnng to learn close order drlll This years team commanded by CDR James Moreton has accomplished more than any oth er drlll team IH the schools hlstory The hard working cadets who are members ot the Farragut Mates have perfected some ot the most difficult marching and rifle manual movements vvhuch are ever attempted by any drlll team Ot course whenever you have an or ganlzatlon that IS Tops nt gets Immediate recognltuon year After many hours ot hard drull The Mates began putting on exhibitions for the corps at Saturday drlll periods and Tor the spectators at Sunday parades They were commended by all revtevvnng otflcers tor vvhom they performed and they received their tlnal honor by betng lnvlted to participate an The Armed Forces Day program at MacDlll Aur Force Base These cadets may be dlstlngulshed from other cadets not only by the red bar whuch designates them as Farra gut Mates but also by thenr mulztary appearance and theur preclse drull To the Captaln Comdr Moreton Farragut Mates we vvlsh to eytend a hearty well oone 5 and that is exactly what happened to the Mates this the Chief, Jose Salazar, and all the other twenty-tour . . , 1 " "'- H E r' ' - l l L ,iq Zaeen 7400164 Salute gwscwm ENS LAURENCE B. UPHAM DRUM MAJOR game! LTJG DUANE C. CAROLYNE BAND COMMANDER ENS JAMES F. IANSON SECTION LEADER P.O.1 EDWIN G. SCHWOPPE COMPANY CHIEF Mrs. H. B. Jolley Miss .lane Reece Sponso SAVAGE WATSON MIXER EMANUELSON FORTMAN BLAKE C LEAVER PATTERSON WIDMANN D CHAMBLEE WRIGHT LUCAS SCHMIDT O CONNOR CAROLYNE CARTER WINN FAGEN HOWE IANSON BLAKE D RAITANO GIUNTA SCHWOPPE UPHAM Zmw! T , . , . 1 , . game! o -.. 1 :Tn ".,, Y.-4-1 Q 5-1'-4-.,f wg., -" he' AJC, 5' H1 0 'ar 44. vo-'1 P, Qi?-42N xg?- 1 "' 3' 4-'1 l' Qr BY Q44 sb ., 5- ' .A .-his U mw- Zitfww LT EDWARD Y. CLEVELAND Company Commander LTJG DANIEL R. LUNIN P.O. 2 CHARLES S. NEAL Company Executive Officer Guidon Bearer ENS HENRY S. VAUGHN ENS PEDRO L. PEREZ ENS RICHARD E LAUGHNER First Plafoon Leader Second Plafoon Leader Third PIaToon Leader MRS. EDWARD K. CLEVELAND Sponsors MISS CAROLYN E. CLEVELAND GILBERT CLARK WALDHERR WARD A HERBITS CHESLEY HANCHEY WIDMANN JOHN ROBINEAU MYERS CONWAY MORA J CANNON SMILEY BLUM LANGER TANNER WARNER FAIRBANKS CAVALIERE LAUGHNER D STEPHENSON TEAT WILKIN SWANSON SIMPSON BERKEY KEENAN ALLEN .I BARON A LUNIN CLEVELAND NEAL LAUGHNER R HEADLY SMITH M ROBERTS B PARTLOW PRESTON PARSONS PEREZ SIMON M EIROA SCHOBEL IKE ZUM FELDE D VAUGHN , , SMITH, B, 70ml Zamfaaaq 3334 Wig sf ' '15 Y F . I K -. ds, tfijqaw AQ 4 Mvhmvx 1 '64 irfflfffvwgfv , f umm A Aug - ' f f ,M Uu.g,M,7 ,WWW M I W, V k Q 4- A J I . - ' ' ' K , Q"-fx'-ww Q 'u5'W'9'A -D: f "ff"-mums q,,gsgfff:': 1 .. i'HA5lM? "' A , 1' JI' 4x ' " 1 v Ag A 5 a. n 1 0 Q' ' ' 4 ' 0 'av ' s ' . . ' 2 A M ' ' , f 1, A .. -- , - 1 , if 'E' 0 --- , 7' A V N I V' x Q ' .av " Q " ' "fx "" 'ffl , . ., .N . H ,Vi , 5 A - r ' ' ' ,lr , ,.., , , Q 3 9 0 N , 5 5 'G 1 1 YY' y N 0 ! f, 1' ."'Qf'M? Q .egot ,, .,'Mf.'f4 1- M e, ,1 A 1 'mf eaavwl my LT RONALD B. SCHOENHARDT Company Commander LTJG ROY D. CARLSON DERWIN B. SMITH Company Executive Officer Guidon Bearer ENS MERVVIN F. ALTER ENS STUART V. THORN ENS GEORGE W. EMERSON CPO JOSEPH M. PELLAR First PIa1oon Leader Second P!aToon Leader Third Platoon Leader Company Chief MRS. BEULAH SCHOENHARDT MISS MARY JO GITHENS Sponsors YUNKER BARRON BRAVO ZUM FELDE BERTORELLI PELLAR L JORDAN TANNENBAUM BANE WOLF PERRY CUROTTO SALAME CARLSON EMDEM CROSSEN MERRILL LAWRENCE COPADO ALTER BRAWN SOENKSEN KATZ SPANGLER WOOTEN ROMER SMITH D E HARRISON BAZAR DICKINSON HEADINGS BLANCO CAPMANY SCHOENHARDT HILJER GRIFFEN TREMBATH MAYORAL KOLB QUINTANA THORN PIKAART TORANO CARD CROSS RODRIGUEZ EMERSON G , B, ' , E TIERNEY MCLAUGHIN SCHICK COFFMAN FEIRICH ALLEN, E. GOODRICH GWWWW Q Www 5 .. xvkx, ,Mi A 'L 6, I r Q .x X I X LT ARMANDO J. WIRSHING Company Commander LTJG JOHN W. MORRISON FRANKLIN M. MALLORY Company Executive Officer Guidon Bearer ENS JOHN A. HEDRICK ENS JAMES A. CONNER CPO KENNY L. WAGGONER CPO STEPHEN C. COWIN First Platoon Leader Second Platoon Leader Third Platoon Leader Company Chief MRS. ARMANDO O. WIRSHING MISS JOANNE MUNIZ Sponsors MARTIN LASKOWSKI WEST CARROLL WILLIAMS HEILBRON COWIN BOND W MARTINEZ BRILEY BRANSON BONINO FISHER JAMES HEDRICK GRIZZARD MARURI FRANK GREGORY SARGA MARCOTTE CALTON MORRISON J RAMBO MURPHY CHAIT DUKE KAISER THETFORD MALLORY Z REARDON HUDSON GIBSON WARD W PETRICEK LAMBROS WIRSHING EVERETT BOND C ERWIN MILLS BOYLE GRIMES WAGGONER ANGSTADT GAYNOR HUNTER MAURY FISKE MQCLEAN CONNER , . SWANSON, S. ROJAS, J. G 'C 'U had amfacmq iq My .N gm, 'nf' X-,. , wwf. , K1 I' I f- .. 'li 1-W3 3 ' fgq. ' l ' " ii' R' ' 'L v 5 Q15 . 'Ss f - ---Q ff- . ' . - A' T: y gr . , U ' . , L 4 c 4 1 get 9' ' ' . ' ', " , , 1 4 4 -2- ' ' A -' ' -L -if I 6. K X ' 1: .' N , ,, k ' .EQ , 1 - f 1, 7-Q , Q I ' ' "" 'Hx 4 -f - fy 'f 1- ' ,Q 7 W6 "1 'Q ' 4 ix ff y-i.:-al., A. , -Iggf'5,,,v. +.. 1 af -,,. . , N v ' 2' Ry.:-.A ',1q,gfg?a- ,mmf .,,, J , gh' ' fi TL. 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Sports at Admiral Farragut have a great bearing on th cad ts taculty administration and on everyone connected with the school Since the school has a corps ot only 2-40 cadets it has always been hard to get strong teams Usually the Blue Jackets find themselves playing out of their class against strong high school teams Although the Jackets have had to play against heavy odds they always have lighting teams This year s football team was not a strong one and only had one victory to its credit but the spit it at the players showed that the season was worth while In basketball the scene changed trom a green team at the start ot the the end ot the season Baseball also showed the same start as basketball and ended Vx th a good season The intra mural program here at Farragut is set up to provide dtlterent phases ol athletics tor every boy in school So as you turn the pages ot this sports sect on you will see tor yor rselt that soorts at Farragut though not big is one at the most imoortan actvittes inthe adets school lite season to a polished team with the TBC. championship in their possession, at ' ' , -, ' fl i f ' s 1 . . I , t i , I'l0lIOR ATIILETES JON FORTMAN Tampa Bay Conference Tournament All Star Basketball Team County All Star Foot ball Team KHonorable MGHTIOI1, TOM BOYLE County All Star Football Team ltlonoruble Mentlonj JAMES CONNER County All Star Football Team fSecond Teamj PRESTON GRIMES County All Star Football Team CF rst Teamb Eli-. JOHN ALLEN Tampa Bay Conference Tournament All Star Basketball Team if ' . . K b .J . my fx ll l FOOTBALL LT NUNNELLY LT LAKUS Head Coach Lune Coach Top row leftto right BEARCE CHAIT HARRISON MOREAU IKE BOYLE MORRISON J ALTER PENNINGTON JAMES Stczndmg CAROLYNE WEISS HUNTER LAMBROS DICKERSON TEAT ROBERTS SALAME PEREZ ROBINEAU Kneelnng IANSON TIERNEY KEENAN, CARLSON, ALLEN, EMMERSON, GRIMES, SCHWOPPE, MARTINEZ, BERNER. Sllflngz FLEMING, CONNER, SMITH, LAUGHNER SHICK, CLEVELAND, PARSONS, MORETON, FORTMAN Clearwater Brooksville Brandon Monotee 'Artttt 6 A.F.A 33 A.F.A O A.F.A. 67 AEA. SEASON'S SCORES Boles ST. Leo New Port Richey Wimomo A.F.A A.F.A A.F.A A.F.A Jackets lose Heartbreaker Playing a highly favored Clearwater eleven, evenly throughout the first half, the Jackets lost a real thriller 6-O. The Clearwater touchdown was :et up as a result of a blocked kick that proved very costly. For the fourth successive year rain was the Wcmadlq main feature ofthe game. In the three previous games with Clearwater Farragut was beaten very badly but this decision proved a moral victory for the team, Outstanding Farragut players were Morrison, J., in the line and Conner in the backfield. ?aa2f5a6Z Brooksville Triumphs over Farragut Making their second start of the year, the inex- perienced Jackets were beaten by Brooksville 33-6. The great reserve strength of the Brooksville team was the deciding factor in the outcome of the game. On the opening kickoff Don Schick ran 92 yards for a touchdown but from then onthe offense bogged down immensely. Brooksville went into the game highly favored and proved that fact in the outcome of the game. The Jackets fought hard and were beaten in score but not in fight. Outstanding Farragut players were Butch Grimes, Swede Carlson, and Don Schick. Farragut Wins Upset Victory over Brandon After two straight defeats, the Blue Jackets came to life and played inspiring ball while defeating a favorite Brandon eleven by the score of 6-O. The score does not tell the actual story of the game be- cause the success of the Jackets lies in the tremendous kicking of Duane Carolyne, the passing and running Wczwzltq of Jon Fortman, and the spectacular play of Alter and Parsons at the ends. lt is impossible, however, to give all the credit to any select few for the Jackets played good, hard, and fighting ball and each member of the team deserves a great deal of credit. 74415456 Manatee Trounces Jackets After beating Brandon the previous week the Blue Jackets iourneyed to Manatee where they re- Jackets were completely outclassed by a tremen- dously favored Manatee team, but regardless of the ceived the worst defeat in their history, 67-O. The outcome they were never outfought. Bolles Rips Farragut Playing their arch rivals from Jacksonville the ferent story. To pick out a star tor this game would Jackets were thoroughly trounced 56-O, It was the second successive defeat for the Jackets. The Jackets were never in the ball game as far as skill but if the score were tallied on fight it would have been a dit- proved no match. be impossible for the eleven men gave the best they had in them to a big and rough Bolles team and they Wcvwdlg 7aal5aZZ St. Leo Whips Farragut Traveling up to Dade City to play the St. Leo again size and skill proved to be the downfall of Lions, the Farragut team was defeated for the third the Blue Jackets. They proved little match for the straight week. This week the score was 53'O. Once Lions who scored almost at will. Farragut Loses 8-O The Farragut Blue Jackets suffered their fourth successive defeat to a favorite New Port Richey team. The Jackets completely outplayed and outfought their opponents but penalties proved to be the deciding measure. They gained more yardage, made more first downs, but also had many long gains nullified because of the costly infractions of the rules. it was a hard and bitterly fought battle for both sides. Butch Grimes, Skip Cleveland, Tom Boyle, and Ed Schwoppe all played outstanding ball for the Sailors. Wcmadlq ?aaz'Za!Z Blue Jackets Playing their final game of the season, the A.F.A. Blue Jackets bowed to a favorite Wimauma eleven in a steady downpour. The entire game was played in the slush and mud which was brought about by the rain but nevertheless the entire corps turned out to cheer for their team in the season's finale. The lone touchdown of the game was brought about by a blocked punt which enabled Wimauma to penetrate the Jackets' goal. Due to the rain the lose in Downpour extra point attempt was unsuccessful and that one touchdown remained the margin of victory for Wi- mauma. Outstanding for Farragut in their last game as members of the fighting Blue Jackets were Cleve- land, Alter, J. Morrison, Grimes, Schwoppe, and Carl- son. These seniors throughout the year proved their worth and although the record may not be too suc- cessful this team kept the name of the fighting Blue Jackets a name which is still honored. maufq BASKETBALL TQM LAKU5 JON FORTMAN Coach Captain .i-SSN ,ye ee Mmm? Standing left to rlght Grimes Mu ager Ma tl Boyle Allen Parso s Fort'nan Lak s Coach Kneeling left to rlght Mclaughll Chat Conner Mora Ca ton ec ec an an an an an an e e e e Fe Varslty Scores for 1951 52 Manatee Brandon OLPH Brewster St Pauls St Leo Largo Brewster Largo OLPH St Pauls Brandon St Leo There Home Home There Home There There Home There There There There Home 70 40 35 57 38 33 35 63 50 61 63 43 54 57 64 61 62 67 71 46 55 52 25 51 71 52 93 . r1 s wmv! in MMM ni "H" cwmgaz' cz pact mom The Jackets started the 1951 52 season wnth a completely new team and set up The only player who remamed from the prevlous year was Bug Jon Fortman the team captaun Coach Tom Lakus took over the reins for the Jackets and made a green and inexperienced outtlt of basketball players unto a cham puonshup Cmclerella team Wnlburn Calton led the Jackets In scornng throughout the entnre season and was the top scorer nn the cuty most ot the season Hts set shots proved the decudnng margm ot many games "Red" Allen played center throughout the season Has rebound shots kept the Jackets In contentuon an all games The team captann, Jon Fortman, was the most valuable player onthe team Has clever ball handlung, ablllty at drlbbllng the ball and hrs tancy shots that always seemed to swlsh through the hoop made hum a great asset to the team Winston Parsons George Martnn and Dan McLaughlun rounded out the start :ng team All three of these boys dtd their share In wunnung games tor the Jackets In addltlon to the startlng team Neal Chant Don Mora, Jam Conner, and Tom Boyle all played crednt able ball for the Jackets The Jackets dnsplayed that tughtmg spurlt they are so well known tor, throughout the season and proved their class by able leadership, hard ball playing, and most strlklngly ot all by win mng the Tampa Bay Conference Champnonshlp for 1952 Congratulatuons to our Tampa Bay Champions lx 5. 1 in Q' V 4 L 'is 3 . y 'Q V 0 , , Q1 3 1 , ' X . 4 4 . A , 7 g I ,MQW W, N .,, V ,mea :Qi ,V awww! ftx r M ,XJdl? 1.-,M . I M ,A 1 lvwygwplal 3 .-nl E3 . hy if ,.. 1 p I I . . . U . I I ' I - - - 11 . If - - ' ' ' 1 ' . , , 066'WtdfWt60t 4 TAMPA BAY CONFERENCE A,F.A. 39 Posco High School 30 A.F.A. 53 St. Poul's Sl A,F.A. 47 Venice-Nolcomis 46 DISTRICT A F A 39 Wouchulo fancied Wm 7am,aa 'gag During the first month of T952 the Forrogut Blue Jackets were Oslced to loin the Tompo Boy Confer ence No sooner were they oclrnitted into it when they proved their worth by winning the TBC Conference Boslcetboll Tournament At the commencement of the tournoment the they proved the experts wrong when they wolloped Posco High School in the opening gome 39 to 30 The semi finol round found the Jockets playing their orch rivols St Poul s During the regulor season the Jockets split two gomes with St Poul s The Jock ets ployed inspired boll thot night ond monoged to win their semi finol gome 3 to 5l The flnol gome feotured G toll ond fovored Venice Nokomis teom ogdunst the whiz kids from Forrogut The Jockets fought ond won this contest olso ond become the TBC Conference Bosketboll Chompions No teorn ever deserved this honor more Given little chonce of reaching the semi finols ond let olone of winning the finols they proved their spirit ond ployed like the chcxmplons they ore Big Jon Fortmon the teom coptoin wos the unoni mous choice of oll the cooches GS the stor ployer in the tournoment John Allen Forrcxguts fine center wos elected to the All Conference teom olso In T953 the Jockets will risk their chomplonship but until then ond perhops for mony yeors to follow the Forrogut quintet will be the Tompo Boy Confer ence Chompions . . . 4l l . . . . . ,, . . ,, .loclcets were given very little chonce of winning, but ' , . ' ' ' ' I 1 :mica Wdftdffy lb f B A CLAUDE NUNNELLY Coach SKETBALL Standing lelt to rrght Nunnelly Coach Gibson Goodnch Thetford Everett Kneelmg left to rrght Colton Reardon Emmerson Card Thus year s J V team was one which everyone an the school can be proud of Thus group of boys un der the able clrrectnon of Coach Nunnelly went through a season wlth 7 wtns and 2 losses and a varsuty team by gnvang them very able competutuon ID practtce and sometlmes beatung them rn practuce games So to these future varslty players we gave our hearty congratulatlons great sprrlt They were also a great help to the an an an e e eb St Pauls Largo Brewster Largo OLPH St Pauls 60464 Here There Here There There There 18 33 17 29 15 24 28 23 25 22 26 39 xx Jan. 10 OLPH vs. A.F.A. Here 20-21 J .15 . ' vs. " - J .25 vs. - J .31 vs. - F b. 1 vs. - F b. 5 vs. ' - F .12 . ' vs. - BASEBALL COACH NUNNELLY 'l f Top row left to rlght BOYLE WIDMANN J MOREAU GIBSON Standlng ALLEN ROBERTS CAPMANY PARSONS KAISER Kneelnng COPADO MARTINEZ TIERNEY PARTlOW LAMBROS Seated BRAVO COLTON EVERETT SMITH The baseball team this year for a green team IS doing very well It will be Impossible to get the full season s accomplishments before this book goes to press but up to now the team can be proud of tts record It has two wlns so far agatnst Largo and Brandon It suffered defeat at the hands of St Petersburg and New Port Richey Coach Claude Nunnelly has flnally got a starting nune after long conslderatlon at the furst of the season The team suffered a bug handucap thus season because of so many lettermen graduating last year Almost all of the team IS new and has never played together before which made It hard for them to cluck at furst But after the first game they began working to gether and now have the resemblance of a polished team If they keep gomg as they are now, the season wall prove to be a btg success and an achtevement for tts members and the school K f .' X Wrench-shi 1 tl tl ' f A , my Q gn' L f f ff s lt l' 7 A an l ?y ,Eff 3 My ,ill nfs A A f S A- 45 Nov Dec Dec Dec cm on. e . e . Morch I Morch 7 Morch 7 Src: di g Ift to ghi PELLAR LAUGHNER R SCHOBEL CHIEF PALMER MORRISON R TIERNEY CLEVELAND Kneel g SIMPSON LUNIN SCHOENHARDT HEADLEY LEAVER 60464 Bolles Riverside I669 Morgori Pork Acodemy A F A Pine Beach A F A Pirie Beach SI. Petersburg High ST. Perersburg High New Mexico Milifory Ihsfirufe The Monlius School Richmond Acodemy Costie Heights Militory Acoderriy Won 7 Lost 4 4 AFA 73I 6 6 45 79 4 9 6 77Zmagmm 66 Seated left to rtght Carlson Secretary Vaughn Vuce Prestdent Fortmon Presldent J Morrnson Treasurer Standmg fnrst row Carolyne Cleveland Boyle Schwappe Emmerson Martmez lanson Schick Mallory Hunter Conner Perez Standnng second rofv Tl rney Chan Moreton Capmany Alter Parsons Keenan Roberts Grumes ball Basketball or Baseball Thus Club IS one of the most outstandung tn the school and It IS looked upon by the Corps with admiration lt ts one ot the old est clubs nn the school and has presented trophtes tor athletic honors to the Cadets who have earned them The Monogram Club also holds an annual dance whlch as the btggest and best one ot the year A Queen as chosen and awards are made during the dance Toward the end ot the year the Monogram Club holds a banquet away tram school where speeches good tood and an all around good tnme are en ,oyed by all members Thus the rematntng members who wull not graduate have every reason to keep up the good standards ot the Monogram Club and to make ut the best strongest and most representattve organ zatuon ot all the clubs at Farragut The Monogram Club is composed ot Cadets who won letters in either Foot- ! I ' E 1 KJ , , I E V , JON FORTMAN Football 1951 Basketball 1951 and 1952 '3 ROY CARLSON Football 1950 and 1951 1 l 4 NEIL CHAIT Football 1951 4 Baskefball 1952 I EDWARD CLEVELAND Football 1950 JAMES CONNER Football 1950 and 1951 JOHN MORRISON Football 1950 ond 1951 WINSTON PARSONS Football 1951 Boskefball 1952 DUAN E CAROLYNE Football 1950 FRANK MALLORY Football 1950 Q' HENRY VAUGHAN Fooiball 1950 JOHN ALLEN Busk tball 1952 MERWIN ALTER Football 1951 TOM BOYLE Football 1951 WILBURN CALTON Basketball 1952 ARTHUR EMMERSON Football 1951 fb WVM! XL PRESTON GRIMES Football 1951 Basketball Manager 1952 iw EE HUNTER Foofbull 1951 DONALD KEENAN Football 1951 GEORGE MARTIN Basketball 1952 D DAN MCLAUGHLIN Ba kefball 1952 JUAN MARTINEZ Football 'I950 a cl 1951 l 5 n P u S JAMES MORETON Fooiboll 1951 PEDRO PEREZ Football 1950 and 1951 BARRON ROBERTS Foofball 1951 P DONALD SCHICK Fooiboll 1951 EDWARD SCHWOPPE Foofboll 1950 and 1951 DAVID TIERNEY Q Football 1951 1 TV' , QSM x gg, I - . ' ,, 1' f, j.,f"i'1 ' ' ,Heed f f"!?l'i'1' ffillfrf I -1. f . X 4 k ' ' ,rf WKEVY. f fJ,:,.Hh,f'Y?v?QgmmI ,,,. fi'. T,, JOSE CAPMANY BASEBALL 1951 Boyle Weiss Conner Bond JAMES IANSON FOOTBALL MGR. 1951 NON LETTER MEN Teo? D. Smith Dickinson D. Laughner lumbros Sulame In 1 3 QL WR Www 3542130317 Sicmding, left To righh SMILEY, MOREAU, ALIEN, J., zum FELDE, D. Kneeling- SIMON, SWANSON, SMITH, M., CHESLEY. Seemed Smnding, left to FO0T Qmpanq 'faxed 7 7mm right: BERTORELLI, MAYORAL, GOODRICH, SPANGLER, GRIFFIN, LAWRENCE, Kneeling: COLTON, KATZ, CARD, BRAWN Q fl ,Q Q M Q5 7 Q If f ,-Wk. wif f' mf. aww- at , 4, ,A fm ,sg 5, 'Q 4 40 ff, 3 ww. A . 4 'X' I ii , f M 'W 5 W 'Er A. 'GV m,mu 1 5'.:L, .V Q .gf . ', x ' 2 ' . Al, ,- . 'T .'." Y.. A " l! WY. 1 s .- ,in s ' "' l-,A , ,-. fp Pla fa W . ,Cx , s , - x . 15 7 'Y "V 'iw QS! 'W q 1 , 'hav ' 'Lx ' tix' ni u 1 Q WJ gn ' - is Xxx? . 1 X3 Q ff' ff' wi-1, k o' . W 'WH 932' 1-,J 5"s 48 rf H V , 1, .kg rx V M5 ,N M91 avi! M 434 7525 f 1 A We QQ 2 Q 1 , 44 'Z . -23 A Wm "ff I I ,V Y ? ' J 53 5 7 W? wi fn '31 4- 3 L . . , ,... ,- N .ti ,ff , ' , 4 ' 9 . . , H .,M. Q., 5'4"-2 V. ,Jafar in . W' ,HH-,. X ' 1 iv 4. Standing, re-or row, left to right: MORA, zum FELDE, SMILEY, ROBINEAU. Middle row: SWANSON, LAUGHNER, D., SMITH, M., CHESLEY. Kneeling: CANNON, SIMON, SPANGLER. 70:48 Qmpanq Wolleqlall ' V0lI.EY Second eanqeewg Wolleylall 7mm STC1r1dir1g, leff 10 riglwfz HEADINGS, BERTORELLI, ALTER, SCHICK, SMITH, D. Kneeling: KATZ, MAYORAL, BRAWN. A ,X my fag? Sr ,.:""M"" VAC K: Jpvffitzb An:.m!841 qu' " - -1- Xmww' ' Standing, left to right: MORA, VAUGHN, LAUGHNER, D., JOHN, PEREZ, ROBINEAU, KEENAN. Kneeling: HERBITS, CHESLEY, SMILEY, CLEVELAND, TANNER 7624! gangbang Softld-ll 7mm Second eampaouf Softball eiampdane Standing, left to right: HEADINGS, WOOTEN, SPANGLER, JORDAN, JAMES, GOODRICH LAUGHNER, R., ALTER, CARLSON, PELLAR WP H . I :." LW' 5 Q Zlb --- 5 :::.:.-' , , ii i I M 4 I , 5 I SOFT ,COFFMAN, MCLAUGHLIN. Kneeling: SCHICK, S S M A Aww I BERTORELLI, GRIMES, ERWIN, SARGA, SCHICK, CARTER, ALLEN, MARCOTTE, GAYNOR, BERNER, ANGSTADT, DICKINSON, HARRISON, GREGORY, GILBERT, BONINO, LAWRENCE, BOND. 7emuS4 Squad SALAZAR, HEDRICK, CHESLEY, SCHWOPPE, ROBINEAU, REARDON. I a 9 PATTERSON, CARTER, LAWRENCE, HUDSON. 3 N1- 2 X5 604 Swv! i ul TWENTY YE There IS a burldnng In Washrngton the Decngon that IS the new model Pen tagon only wrth fave extra sude VVhIle vusutnng Washrngton last summer the summer of I972 I had occasion to do business In thus new burldlng While step ping from my car a Wldmann J In front of the bulldung I was almost run over by a truck that belonaed to Morrison Inc Garbag Collectors After thus nar row escape a car stopped to see If I was hurt I saw the great Great Dr Lunln get out and come bouncmg toward me A large crowd formed around me I ecognuzed the Pro Golfer and play boy Slammm Jimmy Chesley I explarned to Dr Lunrn and the crowd that I was all rlght and proceeded toward the building Th doors to the Declgon weren top n yet so I stopped to talk to a auuet chap a fellow by the name of Carolyne Soon I saw Mr Schoenhardt commg to open the doors for us then I stopped to chat wlth Mr Schoenhardfr for a second he IS chief electrrcnan for the burldlng and hrs wrfe IS seamstress I paused for a second ID the hall to buy a newspaper In the headllnes I saw where the United States representatlve to the Unlted Nations Roydeford Donaldlor Carlson had started a hot debate wuth Senor Jose de Capmany of Cuba and Sergr de la Bertorellu of Venezuela over the locatuon of the Olymprc Games thus year Under thas headlrne was a smaller headlme WILL PUERTO RICO BE STATE NUMBER FIETY and In smaller print It went on to explaln how Dr Alfredo Feyo Bravo was flghtrng for the admlttance of hrs state to the and the runner up for the Title W W Ward On one of the middle pages of the paper I saw where the Senator from Texas Texas Charlle Goodrich and the Senator from New Mex: o J J Inqrn Howe have had a controversy over the llvrng condztuons of the Navalos onthe Texas New Mexlco bord r Natur ally I turned to the coml section and read the adventures of Fear ess Felruch and Manor League Star FIF1 Roberts Out of force of habrt and for the sake of thus story I turned to the classlfred sectnon the furst ad I saw read luke hrs GOOD CHEAP WAITER APPLY ED SCHWOPPE HAWAIIAN ISLANDS there was another ad for P. estonrte Bottle Washrng Inc that caught my eye It read somethrng like thus Is your bottle all wet? I was lust foldung up the pa per when a hobo named Fuske came by and bummed the old paper from me I contlnued upon my way down the hall and upon roundmg the corner I saw Melvrn Alter and Buzzy Smuth wrrtmg MORTIMORE WAS HERE all over the wall Bruley the cop also saw the aorngs on need I say more'? , J , , 1 - T . I . I I . . I . Q . - U ., S . F . - I . , . . . . I , ' ' . e ' ' e , I K ' ' ' I I I l . I I . . . . . ,, ' l I I ,, . . . . ' I Il II ' ' ' ' Union. In the lower corner of the page was a picture of Mr. America, MacEwan, - I I I . . . ' Il y ' Il ' I ' I I 'F ll - II ' N- I . - N I .P . ,H . .. ,, 1 '- I l df-bl 11 - - - 11 - ll II , , 1 r . . - - ' ff 11 - - , . II ' ll II II ' ' ' II ll I 3 I ' ' I I 51 U I ' MR ANGSTADT CRIMINAL INVESTIGATOR wos prunted on one of the doors I recognized the nome so I went ID I wos glod to see Bob Ang stodt ogorn ond he wos very frlendly I-Ie told me obout o few friends of ours He told me he wos In chorge of Investugotlng o few old friends of ours .llm Moreton hs right hond mon Joe Solozor ond hrs rnouthpnece The Mooch DeBots In chorge of the unvesttgotlon wos the S notor from Kentucky George Estes Mortln ond Senotor .Ionothon Mllls III IDIxIecrot North Cor I This wos shocking news to me I thought the boys were so qulet when I knew them but often some people lust con ttell Bob olso told me obout thus kid from New York Tony McGorty wos coughtshootlng crops wlth I-Ionk Voughn In the Lincoln Memorlol After soyung goodoye to Bob I left ond went down the holl to the offuce where I hod my buslness I come to see Lt Col Morcel J J Moury olde to the Gen rol of the Aur Force Ship Clevelond I opened the door ond sow the Gen erol s bodyguord Blrvet Bloke ond thot swhen I decided I drdn t need to see Morcel todoy I owe Bllvet flve bucks from on old poker gome I went sneok Ing out the door ond I lust mode It too b couse I heord hum Comung forthe door But Bug AI MocLeon storted telling hum obout Wolt West ond Vlr gle Lucos driving Ground the world In o tonk Bllvet stopped to listen ond I dug out of there As I wos leovlng Bull Emerson the doorrnon told me obout CDR Ionson running hrs ship the Lnttle Bug Boss Horn oground In the Potomoc wlthln slght of the Declgon When I orrlved ot my cor I turned on the rodlo lust an time to heor Jon Fortmon s Bond of the Alr Woys He hod the new slnglng sensotlon Fronkle Toothpuck Chornblee After the musnc come the news John M Pofford reportnng I-Ie wos tellsng how Puttsburgh gongster Rach Loughner hod hnred Rach The Broun Corter to run hls Florldo rockets Also thot Bookne Jock Slmpson hod lust pond Jam Portlow the Brov s new pltchxng stor to throw o gome The cose wall come before tne cholrmon of the Grond Jury IH the mornung the chonrrnon of cours IS Butch Grmmes Thus ended Cowan s peoceful If-JIClOyIr1Tl'1e notion s coputol 'kirir tit tiki tit 11 ,, . ' 1 1 . I , - , . . . . . . . ,,Big - 11 - . . H 1 1 1 1 11 - - - Q . V H ,, . . . . , . . . , I . , . . , . 1 1 1 . I . 1 . . . . . , Q . . - V 1 - 1 1 11 ' 11 1 - - 1 ' 1 1 ll ' 11 - ' . . . D . . 1 1 V I 11 - 11 ' - 11 11 11 - ' 1 - ll - - - 11 - ll - 1 1 . . I 1 1 1 . . . ,, . . ,, . - - 1 1 1 ' . ,. , - 1 ll - 11 ' ' ' - 11 - 11 ' 1 ' 1 1 - - - 11 - 11 . . ,, . ,, . . . I , . , V . I . I , . . . . . ,, . Q 11 I U . . , . . , . 70444 Win cn' cwmgaz' 7957 52 MOST STUDIOIJS SENIOR MOST POPULAR SENIOR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST ALL AROUND SENIOR MOST MILITARY SENIOR MOST ATHLETIC SENIOR BEST OROOMED SENIOR MOST COURTEOUS SENIOR MOST FRIENDLY SENIOR CLASS TOREADOR BEST COMMISSIONED OFFICER SENIOR WITH MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT BEST ALL AROUND UNDERCLASSMAN BEST JUNIOR SCHOOL CADET BEST PETTY OFFICER MOST NAIVE SENIOR MOST DIONIFIED SENIOR BEST DANCER BEST SPORT BEST SAILOR MOST MUSICAL SENIOR MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST BASHFUL SENIOR AMBITIOUS SENIOR PLJONACIOUS SENIOR BROAD MINDED SENIOR ARTISTIC SENIOR SENIOR WITH MOST PERSONALITY SLAVE DRIVER DREAMER Chamblee Fortman Moreton Fortman Moreton Fortman Laughner Chesley Alter Cleveland Moreton Schoenhardt Pellor Jordan Cowan Coffman Pafford Salazar Lunln Moreton Fortman Partlow Schoenhardt Carlson Vaughn Ward Alter J Morrison Vaughn I ' - NOISIEST SENIOR ,, , ,, .,,, ,, ,,., ..., ,,,,, . , ,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,Smith as 3 EXTRA n I3 A mmlMHU3TH1LMl Z6 Semffd, left Vo rngrw? Stuvidmg, reor row, left to right: WARD, PEREZ, IKE, HUNTER, CAROLYNE, ALTER, FISHER, PARTLOW, HEDRICK. Second row: LT TAYLOR, MIXER, MORRISON, J., CARLSON, LAUGHNER, PARSONS, GRIMES, CHAIT, SCHOENHARDT, MORETON, SALAME. Seated: IANSON, WIDMANN, J,, WRIGHT, BRILEY, GIUNTA, EVERETT, SCHWOPPE, SMITH, zum FELDE, MARTINEZ. GIBSON, CONNER, CARLSON, MARTINEZ, GILBERT, COPADO CHAMBLEE, HEDRICK, MAURY Z' e Smgg Smndmq- LT CONLON, FEIRICH, MIXER, HUNTER, A T rf " parm? N-0 'WM-Y?-In U4-Q.Lx+ 0,145 1954 Svundmg, Ieft to riqIv'4 BRILEY, HUNTER, CAROLYNE, VAUGHN, LAUGHNER, R., GRIFFIN, Seowd: UPHAM, IANSON, FEIRICH, MILLS. 7ZcwaZ fefwwe Dzczmdlic 63445 Sfcmdmg, Id? to MQIWI LT EASTMAN, GRIMES, PARSONS, ALTER, CAROLYNE, MORRISON, R., HEDRICK, MORRISON, J., COWIN. Ssmed LAUGHNER, R., SMITH, DeBATS, UPHAM, GRIFFIN, FAGEN, EVERETT, PELLAR. if M5 I . ,fi vi I '. v -S. 'rf' . 592133535 ' ' " ' ' 'fa w xx A J '.'ix- ' , 8 P.. 1 ,JSM 3.-.., :QV :Ik "l 'Q ' lf' 1 ig. . Q 5 "'1-'S ' 5 '- ' - 4121 'A ' W l , J , " ga. J ai x ' ' V? xnxx ' 5 ?'xf"Y J f .gy A il ' ,x J ,H il Q., f ' K- a '45, as'iQm, 1 J-i LQ N I F19 A S f xi ' in .1-1 , . v., rx. "xx 1 4?-44 5 414 1 - nf' W 'V I 0:-La 4 ,JL JN A Q ... .gi 'N X 1 M 4,9 ' F, 66444 av! 7952 H MERWIN ALTER, leave my Spring Vacation in Miami Beach to "Tuffy" Parsons. ROBERT W. ANGSTADT, leave my urge to depart to Tony Carroll. SERGIO BERTORELLI leave my shower to Marurn for has annual bath DONALD BLAKE leave my bass drum to the next guy who would rather carry a drum than a rntle ALFREDO BRAVO leave all my English IV notes to Wrrshung LEWIS G BRILEY leave my cuvuluan clothes to Bob Gregory JOSE A CAPMANY leave my boots to Copado DUANE CAROLYNE leave the name Dumbo to the next deservlng cadet ROY D CARLSON leave my brains to Lt Lakus DICK CARTER leave all my lost weekends ROYSTER CHAMBLEE leave my height to Szaplro JAMES CHESLEY leave my overnnghts to Carl Swanson SKIP CLEVELAND leave my assignment as the Commandant s pet peeve to the next Frrst Com pany commander WILLIE COFFMAN bequeath Oscar Rodrxguez to the next occupant roam 218 STEVE COWIN leave the keys to the car I dont have parked on Park Avenue to Kenny VVaggoner CHUCK DEBATS leave all my woman troubles to Lou Weuss BILL EMERSON leave my black book to Emmerson A I XLJA5 u Qfuu L, NHYIYCXFI-A' JACK FISKE leave my ablllty ot smokung IU my room to Romer JON FORTMAN leave my worrres tlylng staples and late hours to Sprosng Hunter CHARLES GOODRICH leave my hop to Lt Andrews BUTCH GRIMES bequeath my sociable laugh and slack ctty ways to Tanner JERKY JOE HOWE leave my worn and battered I P O strupes to I-leadly JIM IANSON leave all my Naval Reserve Irbertues to Upham RICH LAUGHNER leave my tour years experuence that I got from thus Institution to my brother ROGER LUCAS take everything wuth me IGoodyI , . , . , . . , . . , . ll ll ' , . . , . . , . , . , . . 1 ' ' I , . I I , . I . J-- . - ct K. g . ff X 5 , . M ' t C , . ' - ll ' ll I I ' I ' I ' ' , . , . . . , . I . . . . . , . , . Wall mmf 641 DANNY LUNIN leave my TITIe of The LITTIe Kung To The deservlng cadeT offucer JAMES MacEWAN leave my abIIITy To loaf To Hulyer AL MacLEAN leave my ablllfy To sfrup weapons To Tierney GEORGE MARTIN leave all my old caddue cIoThs To Pop Taylor MARCEL MAURY leave my black paTenT leaTher Inspection shoes To Lee HunTer JOHN MILLS leave my Reserve Tralnlng Cruises To Jeep Griffin JIM MORETON leave my abIlITy To swung from The cellung by a sTapler To PeTrIcek JOHN MORRISON leave my abIIITy To puT cadeTs on The conducT reporT To Boyle may he Tor ever Tull The ranks of The E D squad RALPH MORRISON leave my female Tules To The mosT deserving cadeT JOHN PAFFORD leave LT Clarks class To The nexT buddnng polIT1cIan JIM PARTLOW vvsll my size I2V2 shoes To Ally Cannon EVAN PRESTON leave my good conducT rnband To RaITano PETE ROBERTS hereby leave Thank Goodness' JOE SALAZAR leave my appeTlTe Tor FarraguT Food To anyone vvho has an Iron sTomach RONALD SCHOENHARDT leave my afTernoon daTes To The nexT edlTor of The Buccaneer ED SCHWOPPE leave 26 vvaITers and Pop Taylor To anyone who wanTs To be Head WaITer nexf year JACK SIMPSON leave my Sprnngfueld rall 8 ol 6 of :TI To Schobel MARTIN SMITH leave my poInTIcal pull hells bells and more bells To WInsTon Parsons HANK VAUGHAN leave To LT Lakus a hlghly polished spITToon WAYNE WARD leave my wavy locks To Sarga WALTER WEST leave my excus s from aThleTucs To Fred Trembafh DAVID WIDMAN leave my abIlITy To play a musncal InsTrumenT To Don Fanrbanks I DICK WIDMANN leave my homeslckness To Roy Warner I If I . . . . . If , .. .. Q I, , " ' ' , I ' ll ll , , . I, , ' ' . I - - - 11 11 - - I I ' I' I ,. , .. . U I, " - - I I . . I I ' I , . . . . 1 I - - I, , ' ' . I, , ' ' . I, , - . ll I ' 11 11 - l I, , ' . I T ll ll ' I I I, , ' ' . ' . I, , . ' ' ' . I, , . I, , e ' . I, , ' ' ' ' ' - , , - 2 A ig 35 5 , J sz, Y nv? 4 Qu V we l 'Ks I a ,fa W :gm f M4 5 .X Q52 Y! 1 ' is , 2 if 1' ,. x ypii :wi f 'fi S' ,X is if js Q ,. . K E W E W' QW 1 'Nm wan. 1 I fi ku Qi -fat. ,' I 8 1 . fi ag , fl Y . 2 Q' v 1 4 mu. up Z 1 1 r I Q 1' I ,MK fl-W4 rw.-x 1 Go ii . 15 ,. .ffm .-a nd Q .Q . s r-.. E X ,nib ' 4...-.1 .V - , Q U k.,2M A:::iE T1 fi ff' H' an , by 1 Q 'S ' R 1 -r s il 2 . W lv ..qE:E:E:E:::E:3?-,. ..,.,.,.,......., . ..,-4 ::.. ,, M 53: ff 5 ' g:555!55f':?::-A 7 a ww ,, ,. fx - Z' f " ' 'X x f " f 4 ' , , ' sv 1, ..r f1?i?2 v?s W' ' " 6. , 'QQ ,W J..igjiL,fffg l . , 4 Q - A Q 3439 - V Q25 it ,,,,,.w. pf-I A-: ' f W A ' P : W4 ' 122 , . z -.-: Q if . v , ., XV ,gf at f ,ii wi t 1 ,Q 'Q an ' . f Y .am mg V ?y ,,,:,,, 0 X X 1 . 4' A' 4 uf' 0 Q 0 ,gs 2' gs. -51 2 1, . O C GOVERNMENT INSPECTION This year, as in previous years, our school had to undergo a rigid inspection by a Board of Naval Officers sent down by Bureau of Naval Personnel to inspect all Honor Naval Schools in the country. The Board was met at the south gate by an Honor Guard composed of the Farragut Mates. After inspecting the Guard, they were "piped aboard" with Side Boys. They began their inspection by going through all quarters and visiting all classrooms. At the completion of classes, the Corps went to their Naval Science assignments. After giving all these classes and special proiects a very careful going over, the Inspecting party met the Faculty in the Lounge and then proceeded to eat lunch while the dance orchestra played very enioyable dinner music. At 1400 the Corps turned out in full dress uniform for a parade. The Farragut Mates staged an impressive exhibition before Adiutant's Call was sounded. Upon the completion of a smart drill which consisted of a Formal Inspection, followed by Special Ceremonial Parade and Butts Manual, the activities began at the water front. Quickly changing uniform, the Cadets moved to their assigned activities at the boat docks. At l5OO the Inspecting Officers took their leave through the Side Boys and out to the west gate to the Honor Guard. The Senior Officer of the Board stopped at this point to commend the Farragut Mates for the fine showing they had mode. This ended another year's inspection in which Farragut again won the rating of United States Honor Naval School. -wfu..i. ,.3"' Ca..T-'S A IJ lx AMNWHSI zkbzaaa and Mrs Robert W Angstadt and Mrs Jose A Capmany and Mrs Wllllam E Card and Mrs H Royster Clwamblee and Mrs Wllllam C Cowan and Mrs Clarence Coffman and Mrs Frank H Portman and Mrs Alfred C Green Mr and Mrs Wllltam A Hagerman Mr J B Headley Mr and Mrs Carl R llce Mr and Mrs Benl Katz Mr and Mrs LesterE Laugbner Mr Jobn Loy Jr Mr and Mrs Plwllllp Lunan Dr YaleS l.Unln Mr and Mrs l F Massaru and Mrs J D Morrlson and Mrs Carleton E Moreton Dr and Mrs Harry Raltano Mr W H Rambo and Mrs M H Roblneau Mr and Mrs LouusA Smath Stansfleld Hotel Mr and Mrs J Kennan Walton Mr and Mrs Walterl West Mr and Mrs Grant H Wucklander Mr ancl Mrs John R Wolf Mr M W Yunlcer O Mr, , , . , ' Mr. , . 1 n ' I ' Mr, . ' ' . Mr' Q l H . Dr, , . Mr. . . Mr. . ' ' . ' Mr. . Mr. . . Mr. . . . ' Mr, . . 71-ffm We the staff of the Buccaneer wlsh to express our sincere appreclatlon to the people whose help made at possible to publush this book especually the staff of St Petersburg Prnntung Co The Tunes Engravung Co and Mr Clancy our photographer ln the followrng pages are listed our advertisers We apprecuate the considerate co operatuon they have gxven us and we are sure that they un turn well apprecuate your patronage Alrdrome Park Alncna Apts Edgar H Allen Anchorage Boat Basnn Ashevllle Radio Aton Musuc Co Ayer s Dxner Bayside Bakery Bell Bakernes Bull s Shoe Shop Bouquet Flower Shop Buley s Barber Shop Cadnllac Apts Champnon s Sundrues Chatterbox Restaurant Chtna Inn Conway Construction Co Cunnnngham Hardware Edouard C Craig Dairy Max Dennis Hotel Dent and Englrsh Dlxne Cafeteria Edward James Hotel Egerton and Moore El Morocco Apts F and G Florxda Natnonal Bank Florida Power Corporation Florlda State Theaters Foremost Danry Gator Duner Gemsco Inc Green Castle Apts Gustenhoven Hull s Aur Service Hnspanuola Apts 060274 lnternatuonal Bank Johnson Unlform Co Johnstone Fuel Co Jungle Prada Apts Kanuss Jewelry Ken Wal Motors Lassung lnsurance Co Letters Music Co Lentz Florusts Lester Brothers Llddy s Shoe Shop Lorenzen Coffee Servnce Maas Brothers James E MacEwan McAnly lnsurance Mlchngan Tradesman Mttchell Electrnc Co Murphy s Pharmacy Natuonal Alrltnes Offlce Supply Co Okarma Inc Oliver Travel Service James M Pafford Pan American Bank Pasadena Sundrres Phenl Hotel Pnnellas Lumber Co Pinellas Prnntnng Co Pnnellas Seafood Co Playhouse Theatre Ponce de Leon Hotel Reed Candy Co John S Rhodes Roger s Cleaners Roblson s Camera Shop Royal Palm Hotel Rutland s Men s Shop St Petersburg Opttcal Co St John s Optical Co St Petersburg Prrntnng Co Sarasota Beach Colony Savoy Apts E F Schoenhardt Sumpson s Good Food P K Smlth Soft Water Laundry Spencer s Music Shop Standard Furniture Co Star Hardware Co State Theatre Stead Eggleston Motors Sunken Gardens Taylor s Restaurant Tides Hotel Tlrnes Engravnng Co Todd Hyatt Stores Treasure Arr Apts Treasure Island Court Troplc Terrace Apts Tropucal Flying Service Union Trust Co Walker s Jewelry Waysnde Laundry Webb s Cnty Webber s Wonderland West Coast Tntle Bruce Werts Co Werts Mear Co Wholesale Produce Co Wncklandung Kennels Wrllnam Curatto Wullson Chase Wnrnck Hotel Wollpert and Co Yellow Cab Co O . . - 1 ' ' ' Co. ' - , . . - A 1 . , , . I . Childs' Drugstore Perry R. Marsh Suwannee Hotel . , ' ' ' I ' Co. h CAROLYN and SANDY f f 52 JUDY and FRITZ JUDY and JIM h PAT and CHUCK GAIL and TUFFY NANCY and DANNY HARRIETTE and EDDIE w f CAROL and JIM h 1 BETTY and DAVID f 2 MERWIN and SMITTY JANE and JON 1 f 52 MARY LOU and JOSE MARY JO and RONNIE h CHARLOTTE and TOMMY w FAITH and DON SHIRLEY and WALTER O O O Best Wis es fo the Class of '52 : Begg Wig eg 10 he Clqgs of '52 fwm : from O O O O O O O O O COHQYCIUIUIIOUS I0 he Class 0 ' 3 Congralulafions fo the Class o '5 O from : frgm O O O O O O O O O Compliments 3 Complimenfg O of 0 of O O O O O O O O O 5957 WIS 95 fo fhe Class of '52 3 Congratulafions Io he Class o ' O from : from O O O O O 2 O O B957 WISIIES fo the Class of '52 0 Besl Wishes Io Ihe Class of '52 O O from I from O O O O O O 2 O COVTIPIIYNGHVS : Bes? Wis es to the Class of '52 O of : from O O O O O O O O 0 , , Best of Luck to the Class of '52 I B957 '5I'e5 70 The CIGSS of 52 O O from 0 from O O O O O O O O O 59,1 gshes 10 he Class of '52 : Congratulations to the Class of '52 O from : from O O O O O O A YEAR EOL Il RI'MhMBILIi Al WAYS THE FULNDAIION IS IAID FUR XOLR PLILRE, BLILD LPON II VQITH LARI' UWSIDLRING PRUNI EX! ILRIILV IL Wh HANl' I ILAHNPD THESE IHHEIL IHINGS ARI' ESSILNIIM I0 SLLLIz5b 'I' PETER BURG PRINTING UUMPA Y INCORPORA1 FD 118 EIGHTEENTH STREPT GOUTII '7efWMe7 ST PEIERSBURG FLORIDA ESPECIAILY QUALITY. lN'l'EGHl'l'Y. HUNESTY. , l,,. A.: . lk, O . . 9 A!! ENGRAVINGS A BUCCANEEB S71 15219175 hurg Efunvn ENGRAVING DEPARTMENT kr f Q Cline Z"0l'l'l, tAe O W FLORIDA POWER CORPORATION xg. ff' X. 0 9' . li ,A A Q.. J v E A- Rf J Wa l REDDY KILOWATT Your Ueclrnc Suvvan! 0 Z z20w4wgMS ADMIRAL FARRAGUT ACADEMY THE STAFF AND THE CADET CORPS 608 64 ' 4466644 Zo Sang Zcmdcng mance 7czcZafzed to quam Checking Accounts Regular and Pay as you go Savmgs Accounts Interest bearrng Christmas Club Save 5Oc to SIO weekly Safe Deposlt Boxes from S3 per year up Trust Department ns your wall on tale wrth us? Stocks and Bonds bought and sold Travelers Checks Safeguard your funds on the road Money Orders Cost less than postal money orders Letters of Credlt Commercual and Travelers Collectuons Local and out of town Foreign Exchange bought and sold Commerctal Loans for merchants manufacturers etc Lnfe Insurance Loans Low Interest rates Home Repanr Loans FHA plan Auto Loans Low bank rates Personal Installment Loans Curb Teller bank from your car Lobby Dusplay Space for local merchants om canaeodence cameo fact at A Union Tnvsr on All CENTRAL AT NINTH ' MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP 5tEteft4hw9'71bfuaLz, Tl-IE BANK or: FRIENDLY ssnvsce I I I li I 30-Minute Free Parking Lot-at 952 Central Ave. O ' Il E . N I ' 1 . Y Y Y.. Y ilk- Y - Y Y f - T , -, I TT- Y - NATIONAL AIRLINES AIRLINE OF TI-IE STARS eaagfmiafcllcana T0 THE CLASS or 'N at If J' gigleaniguw T U '1F,,rr Uh ESTQY- wif ff yi Q 1' 65 uDmEnm"J'u Z 'imp 5 VI E mbmrfimrrm H HN., f WE ll " JL, If-IX I I I I f' 'INN - xx ,la 'P NX' ,". .iz 'I Q 'A . ,-4. U J- l. L. . 1 R K W. gf, V. ffm - -ff f" 'P' mf :IW '-1 , N . -1-:lxg ,X 'fx -fix T, 1 ff" 7' D, f- , I- I Z: k . : .f If Ig ' v KR! If , lf g4A'. ,,' X hu. W JE, I in . I I - 3 " ' ,II Q E' I , , H f r H I K ai' iI"I2" , U .K -I-I 'l"Ivm 1 511 I -'U' A I, 5.1. , 1 . ,- A ' nhl' 1 , 7' I . Wul f 2 13-VA' A! 1... f1m'lLb'l ': .M .III COMPLIMENTS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS 'x I geoop . ' N Q X15 Z IWISVI YR! FIBPGIIIMG FOREMOST MILK and lc: enum COMPLIMENTS fx Jungle Prada 4 APARTMENT HOTEL W.,-E! ' N 'E rag: ,... Just 0 stone s throw from K NNW." Sag, .40--f ---an-snuff the Academy ond lust the place for thot week end with The boys INTERNATIONAL T700 PARK STREET NORTH ST PETERSBURG HONDA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE conw TAMPA FLORIDA Established T926 O E O I . i QA l lx F KS' L Q .ss I h x f ' 'W V . 3 -,m 4 U I 1 Q I .- " -'z-,ilk I ,'- l X JA Q .5 fx W, 'if ' .L..INXf'Il""1'N1y1 V. U, 1 :ly pvaf- . '- N11 H T' V' 'V' Nw I "1 wi' A 41 1 . T, ,E 5. 5 K : 1 A H 'IH V 9 5' 1 ' J as ' Eg, -4' I -- ' I'-J I -A . Iia1f.I"T'!4 'A If s,l A. "EA, f :ff f MI I 55 A id :W bl T l' lwA,.jb 1 n ' T A E '-ggm,,gTf ,U ' 2.01, u Iifhll ' Ck "" : Egerton 81 Moore OUTFITTERS TO MEN 428 Central Avenue St Petersburg Flonda Hurt Schoffner 81 Marx Clothes Lllll DS PIIABMAI H The Prescription Drug Store TOII ET AR'I If I Es FI ll IIZEFH IRDI- N DOROTHX CRIY Dl I3 XRRX NODIN IND I l Nl HFONFTTE Phone 7 4549 337 fc-ntral Avenue IANDIFS IIIONE 43413 I' E TOLSON Owner Wlrlek Hotel A Hotel of I haractrr Known or Us FTM-'lllllf Hoapltalltv Best Wishes from Bull and Gladys Curotto Compliments Of 'l'llF GREEN UASTLF IPTS PETERSBURG Dzspensmg Optzczans lone 12446 173 Thlrrl Street North Ilen I-Iollovwax Nt Peter lmurg. Flornla Best WINIICS to Adlllllcll Fallagut Academy ANC PAN ERICAN 0 I' MI A M I ISANAIVJ HFAR7 OF 'IHE WLSTERA HElfIlSl'HFlxE PAN AMERICAN BANK BUILDINI 117 Northeast First Avenue Mnaml, Florida Member Federol Reserve SYSYSYTW Federal Deposn Insurance Corporotuon 162 N 1 l g'1 I V I 1 1 A J ' . I -V3 ' A it , . I 1 : I C l : I . . . . V , - f .' ' . S" p"""S""'g' Fla' ' WH'Tl"WS 434 Fourth St. North st. Hamburg, Flu. I ST. CO. l , -. . . 1 1 L . Pl - -- A I J. - 1 , . 0 CUHUIHU CUHSTHUCTIUH CUIHPHHU J Six COMPLIMENTS OF GREENVILLE, S. C. Tele hone 2-0112 Ya Q . t . an AS E ' E 'Q J la YA Phone 3-773 1 M. T. GUSTENHOVEN Realtor NOTARY 6744 Central Avenue Qt Petersburg, Florida L WERS "M" Music snor-zo on. sv N MUSIC SHOP 20 61h ST NO 9 52 ,AQ-.. FOR THE FINEST IN MEN S WEAR de RUTLAND If 7 a I Easier , Il : 9 .... -Q , yi .' -'nvuvvmm uwur' ' 7 . o. Vi'i"f:" ,V V wr' '-.'5'g ,J ' ., ' -.. ,V ,4 ,,.',,q, AZ 9 . . , , . , ,L ' 4 " 5' - it 7, f",,, ' g 'N .4 Y ' inf? 0, I 'J A, ff.. , K ' V i ,, 7' Y A .T , f, .rw . . 5 ' N iq, , ,fa- vj ll N - ' , ,. . if h -4' . . -41, p - . Qoyaf I ALM Fate! H2 5 STREETSOUTM St Petersburg Florula me awz5affLa7aeaZ Zdfafecwfeaae Sznr ere Congratulations We Will be pleased i make alrangements for rom your son to have occa slonal dlnners ln our d1n E F I-I A It II T mg room and send the blll to you Vnunmwe Mudge! Suwannee Hotel 1EAST42dSTREET IEE NEW YORK 17 N Y GENERAL INSURANCE 56 Cent l A P 1 I 7 4344 7 4740 Congratulations and Best Wishes to Class 0 1902 7Ze?Zauafa. ?cw6ozZS1! 77 ST PETERSBURG FLORIDA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp Member Florlda Natlonal Group STATE WIDE BANKING SERVICE i - vs 4 0 1 Y ' :, ' ' o o o l MURRAY HILL 2-2010 5 n ' , . ' 4 ra venue St. e ersburg, Forida Phones - - - l I ' I 165 Zwwwf + and COMPLIMENTS gal To The Graduahng Class and all Studenfs of IIIIIIIIIIIII IHIIIIHIIUI IIIIHIJEIIIU Chncago III St Petersburg Chamber of Commerce MICHIGAN TRADESMAN MICHIGANS PICTORIAL MAGAZINE STATE WIDE COVERAGE EVERY COUNTY EVERY TOWN Publlshed at Grand Rapuds Mnchngan C d t h A if Rglg9 61 SARASOTA BEACH COLONY SIESTA Y SARASOTA FLORIDA a O F , . I + Wm. F. Davenpon, Manager 1 . . , . . a e T omas John Boyle, of Admiral Farragut cademy, is a son of the owner and editor of MICHIGAN TRADESMAN Phone In in -I6 O KE Andrew B. Zum Felda llse G. Zum Felde - - Owner - Mgr. - - For Resor1Weor Qeel EMMA? Our DEVILED CRAB IS lus'l' whaf you crave fresh crabmeai' muxed wnfh our own specnal nch fasfy cream sauce baked and served m a real mdnvndual s e wafh relnsh and our own Imoi rolls 5I.25 ST PETERSBURG Brothers QMQQZMMQZM On the Sunshine Corner IIENT and EWG! ISII c 7 5595 77044446 F 1 N P YELLOW CAB COMPANY RITE RATE CAB COMPANY T OR 4 PASSENGERS RIDE FOR THE SAME FARE O O k ' O I IOCCOUDQOIOOOUUI h . D . . . S I ' Q A Y A T 4 L' 333 :l'llll'1lTAYl'llll0 Ffuriflu Slylex For .Wen Phone - o 0, T203 ourth Sreef orth SY. efersburg, Florida ll ll P H O N E I P H O N E lontmt lenses llmlzr Arlzhrlrzl lives Fve Glasses sf gddltdf IN1 NLANUI- Li FURINC AND DINPENSINQ OPTIC IANN 460 FIRST AVENUE NORTH PHONE 7 7554 ST PETERSBURG FLORIDA CADILLAC APARTMENTS Dlrecfly on fhe Gulf of Mexlco 3828 Gulf Boulevard Belle Vma ST PETERSBURG FLORIDA Harry R Heulman Owner On the Gulf ln the Heart of the Golden Mule APARTMENT HOTEL Pnvaie Whne Sand Beach Boahng 11400 Gulf Blvd Treasure lslond Sf Pefersburg 6 a SOCIAI STATIONERY GREETINQ CARDQ Anrxsrs MATFRIALQ. Cn rs Boom CAM1-S Pmellas Pnnhng 8 Stahnneru Bn Inc 265 CENTRAL AVENUE TELEPHONE 7 4104 PHE HOTEL AND BATH CLUB llnrula Q Mos! llnalmflwe Vacation Resulence l,llfFf1Y on the I ul Petersburg Florida Phil Dross Manager WE DELIVER The Wholesale Produce Co 2222 Fourth Sfreei Norfh W St Pelersburg Florida Phone 78127 78128 fresh Fruzls and legelublev Mldo Multlfort Super Aulomatzc WATI' H l00fZp WATFRPROOF SWIM WITH IT ON Good For Under Water Spearlng SHOCK RESISTANT ANTI MXGNETIC FULL AUTOMATIC 440 CENTRAL AVENUE E H KANISS JFWELRY C0 468 Central Avenue Sl Petersburg Florida Phone 7 4714 7-8492 Estates Bought I Sold WALKER S Inc .IEWELERS AND DIAMOND MERCHANTS 327 Cenfral Avenue St. Petersburg, Florida BULEY S Zcwdm Sh-p 0 F Bud Bula-w Prop 435 First Avenue North Phone 1 6134 gaaguet 7lomm 5444 FLORAL DESIGNER AND STYLIST 151 THIRD STREET NORTH PHONE 7 2383 Kddwe HEADQUARTERS Fxperl I hom Fllllihlllf., RIIBISIJN S imma sw I l ARANTEED SATISEAI TION 426 LENTRAL AVENUE Phell Hotel Bldg Phone 7 2331 C H LASSING 81 COMPANY Vmmmae Florula Theatre Bldg Phone 7 4312 St Petersburg, Florlda AT me SIGN or THE 0 WL ON FouRTH I C 145 AYERS DIIIER 333 FOURTH STREET NO PHONE 51 9601 AIR CONDTTIONED FOR Youre COMFORT we NEVER cLosE ST PETERSBURG FLORIDA JUIIN S ISIIIJDES, INL ,4m5aZcmoe Sefwwe St Petersburg Clearwater Phone 7 5155 Phone 3 3055 Good Luck and Best Wishes rom LAPE LOD MASSACHUSETTS JAMES WI PAFFORD, Vac l ontractor and Realtor 153 Main Street Phone 1034 Falmouth, Mass. I l , in ll lf Serving Around the Cock C Steaks C Breakfasts O Chops I Luncheons O Seo Foods I Dinners I Chicken O Late Snacks "There is No ompromise For Quality" ' I 1 O 0 I , T .L 0 Chang ng Classes at The New Academic Building tOf cnmrlons sunnnnas WEBBEII S Wwclwlaml 7005 F fih A N Il P I 136 Second Street North Telephone 1 2329 FLY Fon LESS GAMES ULIVER TRAVEL SERVICE TOYS F N h I h 78694 AIRLINE RESERVATIONS I-IILL S AIR SERVICE 421 First Avenue North Phone 7-1161 CUNNINGIIAM BINITIIEIIS HARDWARE PAINT AND BUII DERS SUPPI IES 861 FENTRAI AVENUE Sl' PETERSBURG HORIDA Phone 7 7121- V GATUR DINER CENTRAL AVENUE AT 20th STREET ST PETERSBURG FLORIDA Open Day ami Nzght The Floating Screen Black Light Murals Push Back Seats Latest Fnrst Run Pictures STHTE THEHTHE MITH 81 Company sl XHONIFRS OFHLF Ol TH! IFRS I RINTFRS WI-SIINL HOUSE SALES XIND NERNILIL 32611-ntral Avenue Sl Peter burg Plorlda I hone 7 8121 UKARMA INC FLOOR COVERINGS 2 I C tal A en e St P te sbu g Flo ld Loaf U R N I T U R 719 CENTRAULEITER IELLI Poll Lili' THE HOME OF FAMOUS NAMES 'heczawze '7almwl Qual! 5 G If Bol asur Isl P e 9 Fo HOTEL ROOMS IN J F UTLEY Mg Pho 23374 o e 3-6921 MURPHY S PHARMACY . M. d M. A. MURPHY Pho c' s 2838 Be ch Boul od pt o' 1700 1 Central Ave Phone ,yy DDYLLEANXNC. DLAN 7 4187 EST 1917 LIIIIIIIIIIIIEIIIS ef lmpson s Good Food 464 CENTRAL AVENIE ST PETERSBLRG FLORIDA Your ENTERTAINVIENT HEADQI ARTERQ IH Qt Petersburg Florida State Theatres FLORIDA PHEII LA PI AZA CAMEO DRIVE IN Third and Central Has Featured High Quallty Merchandlse Since 1909 14444 XRAY SHOE STORE .510 LENTRAL AWEWIE HOTEL DENNIS and DENNIS GRILL Opposlte Wlllla s Park Flrst Av nue North ST PETERSBURG FI ORIDA Best Wzshes West Coast Tltle Compan 526 Central Avenue ST PETERSBURG FLORIDA l'llElL Zfazd Men ond Women s SHOE REPAIRING l'l 7-6104 e nl zz g Heel B Se ure BILLS SHOE SERVICE D d h d l 'Me ?6aq4oa4e Flrst Run Family Th aler CENTRAL AT 19th STREET ST PETERSBURC' PASADENA SUNDRIES CENTRAL AT PARK HAMBURGERS ICE CREAM Pe t A gh Ezerythl g C mpllm nts of THE CHINA INN Serung a Complete Lme of CHINESE AND AMERICAN LL NCHES AND DINNERS Ord rs to Take Out Pho e 7 6720 . . . m ' P , I O 1 . . 9 I P one Sp Cz i 'n in nr Q r"' 1 We odor Shoes, Heel Them, Affen T eir Dyeing ond Save Their Soles. Alfre "Bill" Williams ' 9 Magnolia Arcade Si. Pe ersburg, Flo. .0 . E . ' ' e , . . 1 l . W - ' 8 n . r . 1 ' ' n .'0'IHlIPl Idnnre Er Lflenn ON THE WATER FRONT HHXIQ QHlllQlUl'1l lc OVERLOOKING TAMPA BAY Dal FIRST AN ENIF NORTH ST PFTERSBLRI PI ORIDA Beach Drlve and Central Avenue S7 Perersburg Florida Umted We Stand Lumplmmnls 0 one For All All Fof one STANDARD FURNITURE co T000 lllAl'l"l' T000 LOmplImer'lTS Of Tropic Terrace Hotel 666 lenlrll Awenuc S lets r burg Plnrlrla 11730 Gulf Boulevard Treasure Island Florlcla Varsrty hve discuss next game strategy GUUD' R SP' or X xx X N u xxx EQ Nw tt lm ll Ml ll gf M FAS Clip x+ aft., X LHONFD ld 1 4 Yu Q l ll V45 BELL Old Fashioned HOME STYLE BREAD GOOD' AND HOW' That s Bell Old Fashloned Home Style Bread a GOOD loaf of extra fine qualnty full of fresh baked goodness wlth a de l1c1ous flavor Each sl1ce has a flrm even texture does not crumb or crumble when you butter lt makes perfect toast and grand sandwxches FOR 6000 MTIIV6 ASK F013 OLD FASHIONED HOME STYL E oven-fresh Fnom Youn onocenf E O X 1 ee, M, X, x.. -ff' wft:s'sfxx K 'xlh Fl 'gl-XQNTVREQ ""' "'S K 5? 'Sf-aff: Nj XV ' , 1 wlfgf A 5,15 -eggs-N 651959 N w' Mx 5 W W uf. 53 ll X xqgkt i X X' by vi, Ed, fr't25?'Y,:fg'fJffz:w XT , W NNN?" 4,1 4 :W 'l 'QQ on X ' xxwl ll L ld X no ,ma -:QS will l . - :W i gznww aww A , WllI 11l"' 7543 ::fl'.'f -EHR im? V ,-1' . ' It V, lv enlffff "fl5 f'255f3jy 1 hh 1 W Wai . l N V . up EVN 4 52,9 " ' E1 E l f B ff"'fff M ' CNX: ,X Gln will lf tl W Q as E 1 .,,. .- . f ,t f" "f:9,'.'fr1- I- 5 243 . tv , :.t,.w,Ho 94 13 ,33 55 5, N , M f ,M 4f,,:LQ ,img 5131. H qt, "1xt2Qt:G4i5'13J'K-3439" I , . 3 .T , ' , 4 I , 4 With flIlIZ.l'llfIlIllfl0lIN and Hpst U 18,191 WAYSIDE LAUNDRY and MLRELVEY CLEANERS HH H01 sf Ui Ilxll' NDI! SIM ICI' IAP6 l nn lrllll xWflllll Nou 1 St late r burg., Huruli Hslzllrlislle- I 932. Phan ' 79--l5Tl lu the Fflvulty and lfculvl Corps 7 U ' "z '- tl .'.'--s ',' 'a Whale In Tampa PARK Alrdrome Park PARK N SHOP d Ta TAMPA FLORIDA TIIIIPIIIHL FLUIIIII SERVICE Inc ALBERT WHITTED AIRPORT ST PETERSBURG Fllght Instruction Charter Aircraft For Hure Anchorage Boat Basln The Complete Marina On the St Lucre 'A mr E of Marker 22 Mrdvvay Stuart Jensen Beach Box 684 Stuart Floruda Phone 638 1 I Asheville Radio and Televlslon ST PETERSBURG FLORIDA Treasure Aure Apartments II75GIfBoI SDFT WATER LAUNDRY ST PETERSBURGS LARGEST AND MOST MODERN LAUNDRY A SERVICE FOR EVERY NEED RENTAL LINEN SUPPLY FOR HOTELS APARTMENTS AND RESTAURANTS UNIFORMS MGDERN DRY CLEANING 107 Cash and Carry Dlseount at Plant THE SEAL or SURGICALLY CLEAN LAUNDRY 515 22nd STREET SOUTH BRANCH AT 22nd ST 81 CENTRAL Dolly Delivery to the Gulf Beaches AIPIOVID SIIVI C I DIAL 1 I 4 , I at Corner P Ik and Marion ' 5 Corner PoIk an rnpa Cornplimen s O I T Ees ishes , . Boating - Bathing - Apts. and Rooms 8 u u evord Treasure IsIond, Florida I ll C . I Nfj I 0 - I 3 7mm FRESH FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 1214 Ninth Street North Phone 52-6321 St. Petersburg, Florida We Telegraph Flowers Best Wishes From CADET ARTHUR E. RAITANO and HARRIET RAITANO WICKLANDING KENNELS B eede s of ENGLISH BULL DOGS Box 958 Punta Gorda Florida Offcce Sdpgblq EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE 942 Central Avenue St Petersburg Florida Phone 7 4327 7 0561 Ken Wal Motors, Inc DeSoto And Plymouth WAYWOOD ILLINOIS Compliments of CADET JAMES E MCICEWAN WULLPERT and CUMPANY FLOOR COVERINGS 2820 Fourth Street No th St Petersbu g Florida Ice Cream M Frozen Custard Ml DAIRY MIX, Int 2150 Fi st Avenue South St Petersburg Flonda Compl ents of gaqude 24604 SHIP BOTTOM NEW JERSEY Star Hardware Company General Hard are Sporting Goods Elect ical Supplies Phone 79 3062 2317 Central Avenue St Pete sbu g Florida 0 r .r 1 , I ' I O . . In I ix 'x I O Phone 7-2244 r . r , . . r . , im o w - ' r. . V . . r r , ' Jammu -QQ HOTEL SUPPLY 944 Flrst Avenue North Four Aging Rooms for Fine Beef LOCKER PLANT 943 Baum Avenue 20 Car Parking Lot for Customers 14ZZfuwl4of77Zed4'4 Prepared Processed Double Deepfreeze Wrapped and Quick Frozen for Lockers or Deepfreeze Units Wholesaie prices on frozen trusts and vegetables fper dozen lotsJ 450 .Jemima BRUCE WERTS K CU. T335 7545 71454 7754454 . Pfuwcaau and .daada Pam: 943 Baum Avenue and 944 lst. Avenue North I , s,,s psvc 1 , K A-ixxmr' ---s .,,, V M., q 1 - . . . . 1 Q - ' Telephon 7-3757 GMC '7 .4 THORIZED S O OF GENERAL MOTORS TRUC :xoao FIFTH AVENUE soum sr PETERSBURG rLomoA Co pl me ts Of ALICIA APARTMENTS 560 GIfBulead gFo ST PETERSBURG FLORIDA LETTERPRESS 8. OFFSET LITHOGRAPHY BUSINESS CARDS FNVELOPES BUSINESS FORMS PUBLICATIONS LI' TTERHEADS POSTAL CARDS CATALOCS VARI TYPING W GENE TURNER Prop t PHONE 72772 TT05 CENTRAL AVENUE ST PETERSBURG FLORIDA Pmellus Seafood Co WHOLESALE and RETAIL SEA FO0D St Petersburg 5 Florldo Telephone 7 T848 IUHNSTUNE BROTHERS FUEL C0 FUEL OIL BURNERS Soles and Servnce FUEL OILS Certufued Full Measure OIL BURNING EQUIPMENT 2I43 Fufth Avenue South Phone 7 7763 Telephone CHestn t 5 2085 New Yo k o d B ookly T lepho 6074 EDGAR H ALLEN 8 SUN, n OAK AND PINE PILES POLES HAULING CONTRACTORS 825 Folrfleld Avenue Kemlworth New Jersey Compluments of MITCHELL ELECTRIC C0 2059 Central Avenue St Petersburg Flondc -Z . 1 . A U D l T R l B U T R S K 5 m i n SEE 0 u o v r St. Petersbur , I rido . O - , - 5 -Quagfy QDZLHHH9 C700 ffcf 1533 Third sffeefsoufh . I c. Compllments of BOB JOHNSON UNIFORM CO Adams at Clay Street, Jacksonville, Florida The ottncual unltormer ot the Admlral Farragut Academy Faculty JACKS DINER DOWNYFLAKE LUNCH 847 Central Ave TAYLOR S REbTALRAlNT Apparel for Lodles Glrls and Boys GOOD FOOD AT POPULAR PRICES Also Home of Downyflal-Ke Doughnuts ICO 4th St So 143 Central Avenue St Petersburg Florida ST PETERSBURG l FLORIDA Vlkon Alummum Wall Tlle for Your Bath ond Kitchen ED 0 U A R D C c R A I G RESTAURANT AND HOTEL SUPPLIES Installation Contractor Distributor Phone 7'l 2073 145 Twenty flrst Avenue S E 51 Pegg,-Shu,-9 Flo.-.dg 3505 Fourth Street North Phone 78236 056 Manufacturers of All Uniform Equipment ond Accessories 395 Fourth Avenue New York lo New York 689 Cemfol Avenue Phone 7 N05 Qampfamenfd A l: R l E N D 'I 5 W '1 I ' D Q and 346 Central Avenue P. O. Box 797 Open Day and Night - Phone 7-9533 f f 4 7 S ' ' S . . . 6 x k"'Vn'i'ifi4S ! 5 Q E Y iixiaviw 1' 5... 1 'asia-X I S? 4 ,-4 mwdw x W' h J Sr X0 f-4' 5' f XVNFJ u an ,, 'N 'Q-'b 'Nw 9 5 fi., 9 K 9 xx'N ,gf I' P' X JN Q! 41' wir Pd, J X r X .409 .leo o . A 3 .0 7 xo S ' W '. 5 J ly 9 Og fx QP 03 Y X I .L ,LI X 6 5 ug . 7 , JJ ,gl ' x TN" Q4 0 xo ys me DN 7 :- PSC 'vo 1-4' f 'rj 'O K O NP? X73 aj 0 ' rf X 0500 bv bod U G0 X 'Q . A417 18 in , , 4 I 3 . 0 3 jxlx 14" fs '-N U' s .J ,J ,p H : S .6 5, l466f0Qfld,044 Vswm--QSMMJLC-L+heL.A-rv-'5+"-k Q.w.-..o-gC-v-"-f"-L-..9i1Dw---.N.M-v-q- "+fr'q62:-A-xv-gil-wa.-fifh-A-Pblw . ' - J J V s . -. A hm- V P Um' 1 ? ff M. ' 0 Q65 NN- .,-f"'54g VJY ,T , ,VAQ . 45 ff E 0 ,,,, ,:N - K x ,:-:,.5z311'-Q ' f ,,-., YM S .,,, Ai. I-ci.: ,.,., :.:1,- 'V H , - www.. eff' - W1 ,fx , J M' 2 N Q M' ef Af' A

Suggestions in the Admiral Farragut Academy - Buccaneer Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL) collection:

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Admiral Farragut Academy - Buccaneer Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 171

1952, pg 171

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