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'x f - , 40 L, 0 ldnmjgwfif Ugffff M AW V W NW M p if , 'x " W" 4 -M .Einar f 1.- i " 'riy 1 me cuss or 1951 ADMIRAL FARRAGUT ACADEMY Un gem Zag ST. PETERSBURG, HURIDA pfzeaewtd ...f l95l BUCCANEER STAFF Eflilor-in-Chief Layout Ezliior .JOHN S. JJPHAM, JR. Feature Erlilom PIOMUNO BL:NRnLT1'I. JR. T. HEWETT MCANLY Sports Ellilors GILBERT H. BROOME JOHN W. MORRlS, JR. A LDEN ELSRA Basin Cirvulalion Managers JOEL T. FINE JULIO D. ARGUELLES Faculty Advisers EARL M. CLARK DONALD G. GUYATT ess Manager MICHAEI. E. KEFZNAN flrf Ifrlirors I-lnwm H. BURTON JOHN H. LOY, JR. Pholography Editor CHARLES R. BRUNSKILL xfrlvertllsing Manager JOHN SINCLAIRE, JR. We, the members of the graduating class of 1951, in- publishing this Buccaneer, a pictoral and written log of the school year, have endeavored to construct for the reader a calendar of events cover- ing every aspect of the school year giving special attention to the history and accomplishments of the Senior Class. We sincerely hope that this will enrich you with pleasant memories and will provide for you much enjoyment both now and in later life. 6 X'-S -efsbvfh X W, ,Maas 532' ,s,.w1N'5 NM-fi al' gx 5.. L3 '. va! ,K ,ft N. 6' 3,5 ws' Muir K Q: E? iw .L-in an fe 1 - x I., 5 'TMR H. - .M ."'f"f ., W., 'iw ' .- .xlv F " . . ' fx Q s '.- f'fx'1'.fii7?-" ,A 1 x , X "ff-L., It 1752! "-.Nxfx ,kin , Ig, f ,mf ,. 5 ,xa wt Q ya, V. '-ll!wl'mf5f::.1 ' sf K ' ,,'5',.f.x :.'.f- . Y yin! Q?-ggi if v 1 gf 5 N- Q- , . " " 4 YQ' ' P , .5 'K Q. I5 fs, 6 ff. - .. N ' -nf ". K' . H Q . . til: . X p ,5 fi yi' k, WL. 1 - , g st' ' I 5,11 5 3 9 -3 sy .' , pi. V: , I A, 4 .J ...X N 'Y I I f .3.iif'S"?,, ., -Q., 93' b , . .- , ,,. , 1 1 ' . X 4, , y . i .K , Q . X . w 3 . .. . .K,x,,,-vQ.wqg:,w Z in N A ..'- hm, sw ' , ' MQ 2 h , , K M . - . W x x., yf -a xffwmf HH N 9- -v 'wie M - P- . ,ls 1-yf.",V,4 jf www, ffdfsx ,fQ,1+Q P' M f':',y,' y-A,-'SN'-N Qwiyv' g'g,i-n'- I ,' JV' .1 53,,K' 1s.X."'R"'QiJ1f',"-r1F,-,w- X," c 4,1 "'--' 'H' N XS 'gi' ' . N' 4.4 A A 501-Sn? -N 's' .ffp-vi. ' fx, K ,vifw A 9. 4 Avi Hi.'x, 4- ' ' .sw K-vm , . K M, ' X. s A xy J x , , ' f'-'-will' - N' ,xi iq I . f ' f' l,,.y:, I-Y . "ff 'Q ' A. .' ' Xz. , . - X 'J' ' f' W "f g.Q..vf I .5 ' +'1"5','. ' v.-.. - ss xnxx fr . ...-' K ' ' , N- hz- 'Qs ' -'VX' s K "':'!fvQIh,,y ,F - ' a .. Afbx " . v g-. Y . - J X x A. x3.e V' x -I w ' "' , .' A ' y - a 1801 1870 ADMIRAL DAVID GLASGOW FARRAGUT, U.S.N DUR ADMINISTRATIDN CAPTAIN H. E. lVl0YER Executive Officer llireclor of Adnzissions The class of l95l feels that it is only fitting and proper that we take this space to salute one of the finest Executive Officers and Directors of Admissions in the country, our own Captain H. E. Moyer. Since the Academy first opened in January 1945, he has always devoted himself untiringly to the hetterment and welfare of the individual cadet and the cadet corps as a whole. He has played a major role i11 the spreading of the name uAdmiral Farragut Academy, St. Petershurg, Florida," across the nation. For his sound guidance and deep indul- genee, for his firm belief in the average cadet, and for his part in the founding and growth of the Academy we salute him. He may well he proud of his work in making Farragut one of the finest naval schools in the country. CAP'rA1N D. H. RUSSELL Resident Member Board of Trustees To Captain Russell we offer our heart- iest thanks for all that he has done for the Cadet Corps and for our Senior Class, and for the helpful hand which he has always been willing to extend to any of us in need. We also wish to extend our sincerest congratulations to him for his inex- haustible determination to make this a better school. For these fine ideals the class of '51 is truly grateful to Captain Russell. Cm 1w1ANn1-:R IC. WI. Cmmx llfillfif LT. COLONEL H. D. STRUNK, U.SM.C.H. ml mlm. D. Ii. l,liA'l'lIERS, A Commandmzl Direr-lar of ,lunior School 4453 E ' E i I wx DIIR FACULTY 1,536 A NN-P m 'Sw join I.. Xu. .lungs R, Uxsm N, l', t:UYl,UN Spanish EIl'L'll'SlI l.ung11rl,qf's lf. P. l'.,xs'l'w1u RXl.l'Il X. PREHID, ju. Junior Sfhnnl Junior Srhnul W. W. 0115505 DONALD C. Gm NTT Husiness Mnthenznlirs W. A. MASQN li. F. PARRISH I-. B. RPM-WKPIK Junior Srlmol EHEHSIY 5f'f""'f? Head COIIFII T. B. 'I'HorvlPsorx H. U. Sm-11m1I.l. E. B. W1l.l.1s'1' ll I1 upluin S!'I.f?l1l'C Hixtury 1 1 R. B. 'l'Avl.m: FRANK Toww J, A, Wuonvvumn lfunrlnzuster ,lIH1I'Ul' Sfhool Sriwzre s. B. Nl. Al'vuL'ruN Mus. Com ROBERTS Mus. E. li. w'll.l.lS'l Houscnmther Music Junior Svlwvl Un. R. W. OWEN Mus. E. K. Swv: Sr. Mvrlirrll Offirvr Nurse 46 IDR. A. R. FIKPIIJEIKIIIK Mus. HELEN ,lol-lvsux Nllzs. H. E. Nlowin .Wf'ffl'f'f1l Uffirrr Librllrian I,tlIIl'ill,L' Nlns. L01 lsr: PIM: Nlks. Hrzwn Timm' Hnolrlfeaper Serretnry tn Finanrc OHM-or YIISS DOROTHY Bl.r1wr11'1' Serrvlrzruv to ffonzmanrlunt is Aw NIISS LOUISE WILDER Miss DOROTHY BOIVIN Secretary to Executive Officer Serremry to Principal NAVAL SCIENCE and INSTRUCTION N. 'l'. COTTON. ju. C..M.l.'.. If'.S..N'. H. W. III41WI'l"I'. Ju. EJ l".S.,N. ,l. S. ST. IILMR Q.M. I, U.b..'N. H. Kiva Sv11r1mn.'slu'p WHO'S Wl'l0 AT FARRAGIIT l950-5l Most Studious Senior ,.....,. Most Popular Senior ........ Most Likely to Succeed ......... Most Military Senior ........ Best All-around Senior ......... Most Athletic Senior .......... Best Croomed Senior ......... Most Courteous Senior .......... Most Friendly Senior .....,.. Noisiest Senior .......... Class Toreador ................ Best Cadet Officer ............................ Cadet With Most School Spirit .......... Best Non-Commissioned Officer.. Most Naive Senior ................. Most Dignified Senior ....,.. Most Bashful Senior... Best Dancer .....,.., Best Sport ........................., Most Ambitious Senior ......... Woman Hater ............,.,, Dreamer .........,......,...... Most Musical Senior .......,. Most Artistic Senior ....... Best Actor ......,....,,... Best Sailor ....................,... Most Pugnacious Senior ....... Most Broad-minded Senior .......,. Biggest Slave-driver ................,.,. Senior With Most Personality ........... Best All-around Underclassman .,....,,t.,, Best All-around funior School Cadet .......... . ..... JACKSON ......RoBERTs ........HANNA ............ELSEA ..,.....BRooME ....,...MORRIS, J. ........,...PACE ..BRUNsK1LL t.....RoBERTs ....,.MCANLY ......MCANLY ................ELSEA .........SINCLAIRE ...M0RRIs, J. .....DowL1Nc .......KEENAN ........BRooME ..,.....BRUNSKILL ........MORRI5, J. .,.,.....HANNA ...,.....BRooME ...............DAY ............MITCHELL RICHARDSON ...............FINE .......BRUNSKILL ,.....,,BENEDETTI .........SINCLAIRE .......ATHER ......RoBERTs ......FORTMAN ...,.....SOENKSEN ww SENIOR CLASS THE CLASS OF 1951 eadcvz JUL1o DIEZ ARGUELLES, JR. Castillo del Morro Habana, Cuba b6Stulll99 f f f f 6'Loan me a nickel Smitty, I want to call Harriet 1947-48 Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Monogram Club, Photography Club, Intramural Football, Sailing, Boxing 1948-49 Petty Officer First Class, Varsity Basketball and Baseball, Mono- gram Club, Hop Committee, Secretary Third Class, Cutter Crew, Drill Team, Touch Football 1949-50 Lt., First Company, Varsity Basketball and Baseball, Monogram Club, Coxwain Cutter Crew, Moyer Baseball Award, lntercompany Football Champions, Hop Committee, A. F. A.'s Whois Who, All f District Basketball Team, Co-Captain Basketball and Baseball K 1950-51 Vice-President Cotillion Club, Varsity Basketball and Baseball, Monogram Club, lntercompany Football Champions. Assistant Circulation Manager, Buccaneer Four years ago when "Stuff, came to us from Havana, Cuba, he was a f shy, bashful looking young man. lt wasnlt long afterward that he had estab- 2 lished himself as one of the most outstanding athletes in school. His cunning Q sense of humor earned respect and admiration of his friends and classmates. ll His popularity did not cease at this point. As an officer he was held in great F esteem and his popularity enabled him to be called 'Gone of the boys." "Study is planning to attend Annapolis and we, his crew, wish him hearty good luck always. eadafz PAUL WILLIS ATHER 2100 Forty-fourth Street South St. Petersburg. Florida "Snooker" Cot anolher letter from Pal" f f f f 194-T-43 Varsity Football, Rifle Team. lntercompany Softball. Second Class Petty Officer, Second Company. Golden Cloves Middle-weight Champion. Admiral Charles F. Hughes Award 1943-49 Varsity Football, Monogram Club. Rifle Team. Colden Cloves Light- Heavyweiglit Champion. First Class Petty Uffieer. First Company. President of Third Class 1949-50 Varsity Football. lV1onogram Club. Varsity Baseball, Ensign. Second X Company, Golden Cloves Heavyweight Champion. President of N Second Class 1950-51 Varsity Football, Basketball and Baseball, Monogram Club. Most Valuable Football Player Award. Lieutenant Junior Grade. Second Company. President of Senior Class. Cotillion Club. Wlufs Who E Since the first day Paul came to Farragut in 1941-T. he has always been moving forward and excelling in all he has done. From the gridiron to the classrooms, he has always been successful and his quiet admirable way has won him a place of respect. '4Slug,', as many know him. has always been ready and willing to do any job that might be assigned him, no matter how tough. We are sure that Paul will make the best possible use of all his opportunities and will be successful in his every endeavor. eadcvz - 1 I 1 EDMUND BENEDETT1, JR. 4-8 lrving Street Newark, New Jersey G6Benny79 t f f "Mike, 111.11 you ever see such I1 bunch of 'Hams' before?" 1948-49 Varsity Football and Baseball. lntereompany Soccer and Cutter Crew. Boxing, Second Company 1911-9-50 Varsity Football and Baseball, Basketball Manager, Boxing. Mono- gram Club. Farragut Mates. Second Class Petty Officer, Second Company. Secretary Third Class. Best Drilled Old Cadet 1950-51 Varsity Football and Baseball, Intereompany Basketball. lVlonogram f Club, Binnacle Sports Editor. Farragut Mates. First Class Petty K Officer, Second Company, Feature Editor Buccaneer, A.F.A.'s N Whois Who Benny came to Farragut in the fall of 1948. He isn't large in stature, but JJ as far as ambition and initiative go, he is one of the bigger boys at school. You will find him behind the plate during the baseball season. playing guard K in the fall. and at ,loyis house between seasons. His humorously ever- complaining way and his quick wit make him well liked by all. He is well known for his "never give upf' attitude toward everything he does. ln the face of this we can feel certain that Benny will come out on top in whatever career he chooses. So long. Benny. and best of luck. Im, sluclr again. D X E F eaiofz CLARENCE ARNOLD BLACKWELL 305 North Seventeenth Street Pensacola. Florida Hglaclfiei' 11" if l950-5l Varsity Football, Second Class Petty Officer. Color Guard. Qualified Boat Handler Clarence came to us last fall from Pensacola. After playing a good season on the Varsity Football team, he went out for boating and worked and became a Qualified Boat Handler. In military life. he has risen to the rank of Second Class Petty Officer and was assigned to the Color Guard. Clarence has made many friends in his one year at Farragut, and we wish him the best of luck in later life. eadafz GILBERT HEDLEY Baooivnz 204 Signal Road Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania Si.l:i177 f f f L'Way I0 go lui' 1948-49 Varsity Football, Baseball, Monogram Club. Second Company. Cutter Crew, Intercompany Soccer Champions 1949-50 First Class Petty Officer, Second Company. Varsity Football and Baseball, Junior Varsity Basketball. Captain of Baseball Team. All City Football Team, Monogram Club. Cutter Crew. Secretary of Second Class, Farragut Mates 1950-51 Ensign, Second Company, Varsity Football. Basketball and Baseball. Cutter Crew, President of Monogram Club, Secretary of Senior Class. Secretary of Student Council. Sports Editor. Buccaneer, Farragut Mates. A.F.A.,s Whois Who One day in late August 143 a new addition by the name of Gil Broome entered the Farragut Family. Almost immediately, Gil became one of the best known and well liked cadets. His participation in all varsity sports showed his fellow cadets his will to win, and most of all his keen sense of sportsman- ship. For these three years since. he has worked hard both on the drill field and as assistant and headwaiter and earned for himself the rank of Ensign. "Cil,,7 though quiet at times, was found in many "bull sessionsi' joking with and ribbing his fellow cadets. With his successful years behind him here at Farragut, we are sure that he will have a bright future ahead of him. Good luck, Gil, and smooth sailing in your future life. Seadafa CHARLES RICHARD BRUNSKILL Fort Screven Tybee lsland, Georgia ':Curley,, Me and Mrs. B., we ainlt talkin, 7, f f f 1948-49 Second Class Petty Officer, Band, Cutter Crew, Boating, Swimming Team, Naval Reserve, Dancing Class l94l-9-50 C.P.O.. Drum Major, Band, Senior Life Saving, President Sopho- more Class, Q.B.H., Boating, Cutter Crew, Photographer, Binnacle, Naval Reserve, Dancing Class, Cadet Coach, Swimming Team A 1950-51 Lieutenant, Battalion Adjutant, Headquarters Company Commander, Secretary of Cotillion Club, Photo Editor, Buccaneer, Naval Reserve, Boating, Decorating Committee, Dancing Class, A.F.A.,s Wh0's Who vf Q Three years ago there came to Farragut a true Southern gentleman from E X Tybee Island who had ambition, determination and a spirit to make a good R leader. This year as Battalion Adjutant. 4'Curley,' has shown his leadership 55 and has attained the respect and admiration of the faculty and Corps of Cadets. Always full of fun and good cheer, 4'Curley'7 has always had a good word for his fellow classmates. Although '4Curley,sM first love has been the Navy, his l second love. known as 'gMrs. Bfi, has always been a close second. To you 'gCurley,i' we wish the best of luck in your future career in the Navy. endow ROBERT VVHJJAM BURGE 1400 Conway Road Orlando, Florida UBobbyw ir 1950-51 Varsity Football, Second Class Petty Officer. Color Guard Lefs go lo the pollf. llvllrlyu Bobby came to us last fall from Orlando. ln his military life at Farragut ' he has risen to the rank of Second Class Petty Officer and was assigned to the Color Guard. He played Intramural Basketball for the First Company and then went out for Boating. All the friends Bobby made in his one year here , wish him the best of luck in whatever he may do. K 6 ls W2 2 6 Q2 Q05 of eaicvz EDWIN HOUGLAND BURTON 2318 Woodlawn Circle East St. Petersburg, Florida 6'Eddie" Upham, you made it, you eat it" f f f f 194-T-48 19423-49 x 1949-50 f X 1950-51 S E 5 First Company, Boating, lntercompany Basketball, Photo Club, Assistant Librarian, Apprentice Seaman Band, lntercompany Football and Rowing Team, Crew of Vlfinning Sailboat Race, Tennis, Swimming First Class Petty Officer, Band, lntercompany Football, Basketball and Softball. Cutter Crew, Senior Lifesaving Award. Rifle Team Ensign, Band, Clee Club, Dance Band, Monogram Club, Decorating Committee, Buccaneer Staff. Naval Reserve, Cotillion Club, Varsity Football. Rifle Team Eddie-better known by the boys in the Band as 'gllrummer Boywfhas been with us for four long years. During his stay at Farragut his vast achieve- ments have varied from drumming to football. ln these, he has excelled and won recognition. His jovial personality has earned him respect and popularity Q? with his friends and classmates. Eddie is planning to enter the Citadel this fall, and we all feel that in whatever he undertakes he will be a success. emfafz ALFREDO CERVANTESY'LAGO Calzada y doce Edificio Pontiac Vedado Havana, Cuba CC 95 Scoop f f sk "But,Sir.' 194-8-49 Boating, lntercompany Football, Varsity Baseball, Second Company. Dancing Class, Cutter Crew, Soccer 1949-50 Petty Officer First Class, Drill Team, JV Basketball, Varsity Base- ball, lVlonogram Club, Color Company, Second Company, lnter- company Football, Dancing Class, Weightlifting 1950-51 Petty Officer First Class, Varsity Baseball, lntercompany Volleyball, Football. Monogram Club, Dancing Class, Weightlifting, Cotillion Club Hscoopfi better known as one of the '4Gibson Boysf, has been with us for quite a while. His laughing ways and easy-going manners are among the things that we shall remember long after leaving here. Never to be forgotten also are his fighting spirit and sportsmanship on the diamond. At last reports, we hear that 6'Scoop', is planning to enter Havana University where we all know that he will succeed. After graduation, he plans to go into business for himself. To you, "Scoop,', we give our best wishes and good luck wherever you may go. Cb ex. qs. in TQ 'G Cb 0: 9: jf rg W, ,IoHN MCMULLEN CORE 6600 Fifth Avenue North St. Petersburg, Florida csilohnnysa H af 1951 Second Company, Softball, Cutter Crew Ever since Johnny came to us after Christmas from Augusta Military, he has been quite active about school. Being one of the lucky day students, we do not know him as well as some of the other seniors, but from all he has proved to us, we know that he will be a success in whatever he may do after he leaves us. Good luck, Johnny. eniofz THOMAS FRED DAY 1607 Holland Avenue Phenix City, Alabama "One Timen t t t "Let,s go one timei, 194-8-49 lntercompany Football, Softball, Cotillion Club, Clee Club, Dance Band, Rifle Team, Boating, Cutter Crew, Sharpshooter 194-9-50 Varsity Football Manager, Intercompany Softball, Clee Club. Dance Band, Rifle Team, Cutter Crew, Band 1950-51 Varsity Football, Monogram Club, Varsity Baseball, Cotillion Club. Farragut Mates, Second Company, Boating, Cutter Crew, A.F.A.,s Whois Who 6'One Time Fredi, as he is best known to most of the Cadet Corps is a standout among his fellow cadets. Always full of pep and life, Fred has made himself a good name. Whenever there is anything going on, you can always expect to find him in the middle of it. He won his HF7, this year as a tackle on the Farragut Eleven, and has always been a key man in the extra-curricular department, willing to lend a hand wherever necessary. We know that if he continues in this way, his future years at Auburn and post-college life will be successful. Keep plugging, Fred. 5 it 6 I 0 of J enicw JOHN EVANS DEVEREUX 390 Cherry Street Denver. Colorado f'Hea1l,, KNOW Herefw t t ff YM! W3 1911-9-50 Boating. Second Company. lntercompany Basketball and Softball, Nlarksmanship Ribbon l950-51 First Class Petty Officer, First Company, Intercompany Football. Basketball and Softball John first came to Farragut in the fall of ,49 from out of the wild west state of Colorado. If you wanted to know just how many minutes tor even seconds! there were left to the next vacation all you had to do was to ask John. In the time he wasn't thinking about home. he managed to maintain one of the highest averages in his class academically. In the military side of A. F. A. life, he rose to the rank of First Class Petty Officer. John has been one of the best liked boys here, making many friends in his two-year stay. John hopes to go to Southern California to major in Business Administration. So-long, MCowboy"gwe,ll miss you. emlofz EMBREE H. DOWLING, JR. 1401 Conway Road Orlando, Florida HScooter" f "Now, back in Orlando we use I0 1950-51 Varsity Football, Baseball, Intramural Basketball. Second Class Petty Officer, A.F.A.'s Whois Who f 1 Embree came here last fall from Orlando and has made quite a record K for himself in his one short year. Academically, he has been one of the top F students in his class all year long. ln military life, he has risen to the rank of Second Class Petty Officer. This spring he has been a valuable asset to the baseball team. And on top of this. he has been one of the most popular cadets in school. We all wish Embree the best of luck at the University of Florida next year. R 2041 Qzczdaczle HAHRY WILSON DUKES 311 East Central Avenue Valdosta. Georgia "l,ogi1'11l" Thafs Iogicalu t l950-51 Second Class Petty Ufficer. First Company, llifle Team. llinnacle Stall. Glee Club R Certainly one of the most colorful and best liked cadets around Farragut tllis year has been Harry Dukes. His aggressiveness and achievements in military and academic work have made him very outstanding. He will long be remembered by his fellow classmates for his jovial disposition and his '4Theory of Logic." Keep it up, Harry. and you will earn everything you want and always come out on top. emfafz ltlczimno BHYoN ELLINOR T31 West Lakeview Avenue Pensacola. Florida MClI1I'lSH l f "LeI's nmlie I1 11111 fly 1050-51 Varsity Basehall. Cotillion Clulv. Student Council. Tennis. First Class Petty Officer. lfirst Company This likable ehap is another of those men who came to us in Septcniher. 1950. lle has made l'PlllZll'lKHlTly swift progress fora first-year lnan at Farragut. rising to the rank of First Class Petty Officer. Although outstanding in military affairs. he heealne much hetter known around the campus as a great all-around guy. Anywhere that there was laughter and nnerriment to he found. there also was '6Curls." for these held as great a place in his life as academic and naval affairs. The graduation of this cadet will he sorely felt by those who have COINS to know hint well. Aside from the love of a good tinie. "Curls" has been devoted to his fellow cadets. his work. and his school. qualities which are Certain to carry a long way in the world ahead. Best of luck. 'lCurls." and keep it Cool! , ttf? li-A-T-7'-A-L-I-0-lV."i 1945-46 1946-47 1947-48 1 948-49 R 1949-50 1950-51 ,N emiafz ALDEN HART ELSEA 6800 Montview Boulevard Denver. Colorado "Elf, T ffffff ,lunior lntercompany Football. Basketball. Tennis and Softball. Junior Football Team First Class Petty Officer. Junior lntercompany sports. Qualified Boat Handler Band, lntercompany Football and Softball. Varsity Rifle Team. Runner-up Senior Sailing Trophy. President. Fourth Class First Class Petty Officer. Band, lntercompany Sports. Winner Senior Sailing Trophy, Least Demeril Medal Lieutenant, Band Commander. lntercompany Sports. Runner-up Senior Sailing Trophy, Senior Publications Award. Most l'roficic-nt llnderclassman Award. Editor. BilllIllCl6, Hop Committee Commander. Battalion Commander. lntercompany Football. Varsity Rifle Team, Expert lVlarksman Ribbon. President. Student Council. Cotillion Club, Editor, Buccaneer, A.F.A.,s Wl1,o's Who Alden. who is the last remainin cadet who entered Farra ut in its first g g full year. came here in 1945 as a member of the Junior School. Since that time. he has been active in all aspects of school life. athletic. academic and military. ln the military side he has risen from a seaman to top rank in the Battalion. Also, his performance as editor of the Blilllllllflf? and Bufmrarzeer are noteworthy. Alden plans to enter the llniversity of Missouri under NROTC. We know that he will be a success. and wish him the best of luck. emfafz 1946-47 1947-421 1948-49 1949-50 1950-51 JOEL TED FINE T205 Park Heights Avenue Baltimore 8, Maryland ua., T 97 f f f f f 'Els that squaw lapped' Apprentice Seaman, Helm Sports Editor, Golf. Track, lntercompany Swimming Awards Junior School Football and Baseball. Coxswain of Cutter Crew. Secretary of Seabees Club, Tennis Award Varsity Football, Second Class Petty Officer, Billllllffle Staff, lnter- company Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Wrestlilig, Golf, Glee Club, Farragut Mates, Cutter Crew Varsity Football, Monogram Club, Weight Lifting. Glee Club, Presi- dent of Dramatic Club, Assistant Editor of Binnacle, First Class Petty Officer, Farragut Mates, Second Outstanding Member of Binnacle Award Ensign. First Company, Varsity Football, Monogram Club, Golf, Cadet Adviser of Binnacle, Circulation Manager of Buccaneer, Cutler Crew. Clee Club. Cotillion Club, Student Council, A.F.A.7s Whois Who ln the year 1946 "J, T.'7 first entered the portals of this Academy. He hails from the great northern city of Baltimore of which he is always bragging. He earned his first varsity letter on the Blue Jacket Football Team in his sophomore year and gained admission to the exclusive Monogram Club. There is no doubt that he has more or less had his finger in every pie in school, and also worked himself up to the rank of Ensign. Wherever he goes. we know that he will be a great success. Good luck. HJ. T..,' we're all behind you. A rome 0 0 that pau' Qfzcwlaale Josmin ltoYAL FoLsoiy1. III Old Mt. Dora Road lfustis. Florida "Inv" rf f l.95ll-51 St-cond Class Petty Officer. Color Guard. lntcrcompany lfoothall and Volleyball. Sailing. Naval Reserve. Second in New Boy' Drill Competition joe. who 1-anne to us after graduating from Eustis High School. has rapidly risen in his military and acadeinic life. and is an exceptional student in Naval Scif-ilcv. His straightforwardnffss and fast thinking haw put hint. in the eyes of many. whore he will not he soon forgotten. He is undecided ahout his yor-ation. hut will study at the john H. Stetson liniyvrsity in l3Pl,and. Florida. ln whatever he attempts we know he will sucfm-cd. and give him an vxtra wish of "flood l,uc'k." and say. "So long. it's lwvn good to know yall" pau' Qfzcwlaate JOSEPH AUTRY GREEN 116 West Alden Avenue Valdosta. Georgia nPl'f'!!l'lIl'I'M f "Hurry up, Speedy F150-51 Second Class Petty Officer, Hand. lntercompany lfootlmll. Weight- lifting. Hinnacle Staff. Dance Band. Glee Club f Joe. an easy going Southern Gentleman. comes to us from Valdosta. after graduating from Valdosta High school last year. He has proven himself a most capahle young man. hoth in academic standing and memher of the Hand. He successfully passed the NRUTC exam in Decemher and plans to attend the lniversity of North Carolina next. where we feel he will continue his good work as he has done here. VUL' all wish you luck. "Preacher," May wtmtever you undertake he il success. Good-hye and the hest of luck. N lv Ya got any food?" 1947-411 19423-40 1 949-50 R 1050-51 EDWARD MARK HANNA 15110 North East Second Avenue 1V1iami. Florida "U11f'le Erlrliei' ir'k'ki' First Company. Varsity Swimming Team. lntereompany Football. liaslxetball and Soccer. Boxing. 'l'ennis. Color Company' First Class Petty' Uffieer. First Company. Swimming Team. lnter- eompany Football. Basketball and Softball. Debating Club. Cutter Crew Ensign. First Company. Varsity Football and Swimming. lnter- company Basketball. Senior Life Saying. llramalit' Club Lieutenant. Second Company' Commander. lntereompany' Football and Softball. Cotillion Club. Weight Lifting. fX.l7.A.'s Whrfs Who. Valedictorian "1'nele Eddie," as the boys in the Second Company know him. came to Farragut four years ago. He has always been looked upon by' his shipmates with great respect and has excelled in every field. Although he hails from ' Miami. he classifies himself as a "True Yankeeii as he was born in Detroit. lVliehigan. Eddie hopes to attend West Point next year. as he was the only cadet nominated by the Academy to take the examinations. We know that Eddie is an all-round person who is dependable to the end and will succeed. So we wish you the best of luck. Eddie. both in college and in your later life. endow HIRAM Soi.oMAN JACKSON, JR. 2334 Sixth Avenue North St. Petersburg. Florida "Georgia Hof' 2 f HCOUIJ be., l950-51 Third Class Petty Officer. First Company Boating. Day Student. A.F.A.'s Whrfs Who Hiram. who is an easy-going rehel. was originally from Griffin. Georgia. hut now resides in St. Pete. Maintaining one of the highest averages in the Senior Class. he is very well known to everyone. Next year he plans to enter Georgia lnstitute of Technology. We know that he will succeed in any field he enters. Keep up the good work. Hiram, for the dividends will soon he here. endafz lVI1cHAa1. EDGAR KEENAN 1516 Kenwood Avenue North St. Petersburg. Florida t'Mike" Now Barbara andl ..... " f f f f 1947-48 19424.49 N 1940-50 N ' 1950-51 k E N lntercompany Football, Basketball, Baseball, Sailing, Science Club. Swimming, Second Company Second Class Petty Officer, Second Company, lntercompany Foot- ball, Baseball, Basketball, Swimming. Binnacle Staff. Decorating Committee Ensign, Second Company, Minor Football Letter. Varsity Basket- ball Letter, Varsity Baseball. Sailing. Swimming. Binnaclc Stall, Decorating Committee Lieutenant Commander, Battalion Staff, President Cotillion Club. Treasurer lVlonogram Club. Decorating Committee, Varsity Foot- ball, lntercompany Softball, Swinnning, Sailing, Business Manager. Buccaneer, Drill Team Commander, A.F.A.'s Wh0's Who t Four long years ago HlVlike" bestowed upon us an honor: he came to Farragut. He bas had his ups and downs with the best of us. but this year has succeeded in attaining the second highest rank in the Battalion. Not only that, but he has shown and proven his worth on the football field and the basketball court. His example is one that should be followed for many years to come. ln whatever you do when you leave here i'lVlike." we all wish you good luck. emlafz ,Innes AliRAHAlVl KING, Jn. l19 West Avondale Drive Creenshoro. North Carolina nllilnss t t t f "No Luke, I wasn't smolrin 1947-48 Band. lntercompany Athletics. Boating 1943-49 Petty Officer Third Class. Band. Intercompany Athletics. Boating l9fli9-50 Petty Officer First Class. Second Class Winner of Tillllhi Current tt Affairs Test. lntercompany Athletics. Boating. Hand F 1950-Sl Chief Petty Officer, Band. lntcreompany Athletics. Boating 1 . f "jim'7 will he long and fondly rememhered hy those who have been his K classmates. ln his four years at Farragut. he has been a loyal supporter of the Band. and has shown fine progress in hoth military and academic achieve- ments. He is well noted for his slow, southern drawl which adds all the more to his great personality. We here at Farragut feel it has heen a pleasure serving 1? with Jim. and it ish him the hest of luck in his future career. Q1 JonN HAYwooD I,oY, JR. 301 Cidgewood Avenue Burlington. North Carolina "l,ui,f1i'7 Wlmlis il go! to 110 with the price of eggs in Clz,inaf"' f 1051 Cotillion Club. Sailing, Golf, Art Editor of Blll?Cl1lIC6l' R Q N N 'i1,uigi7' came to us from North Carolina right after Christmas leave. He ' swung quickly sailing, was a liked hobby is that he will be Carolina. into Farragut life. ready for anything. He is a real whiz at sailing instructor before joining us. Next to sailing his best Cartooning. With his high scholastic standing we can be sure successful in his study of medicine at the University of North 1 947-48 l 948-49 l 949-50 1950-51 Turzonoma HEWETT MCANLX' 828 Twenty-second Avenue North I l St. Petersburg. Florida 66310077 f f f f al,CIl!lillg action, always puulzn, muon Band. Cadet Dance Orchestra, lntercompany Football. Cutter Crew. Vice-President of Fourth Class. Varsity Rifle Team First Class Petty Officer. Band. Cadet Dance Orchestra. Varsity Football. Cutter Crew. Rifle Team linsign. Band. Cadet llance Orchestra. Varsity Football. lVlonogram Club. Coxwain Cutter Crew. lntercompany Softball. Rifle Team. Expert Rifleman, Highest Score lntercompany Rifle Matches First Company. Football Manager. Farragut Mates. Boating. First Company Hifle Team. A.F.A.'s Whois Who "Mardi entered our school four long years ago in 194-T. Ever since that time he has been a "spark plug" in the Farragut motor. He has been on the Rifle Team each year and played football on the Blue Jacket eleven. and even after an injury discontinued his playing. he was always on the field helping in any way possible. "lVlaci' was most of the time one of the important mem- bers of any bull session on the canteen porch and we are truly going to miss both of them. Put it in high. 'glVlac.i' and don't slow down. you're not a stock model. endafz jonN ROBERT NICIGAICTY l9T Candee Avenue Say ville. New York '67'ur1y', Calf! wait until summern t i951 lntereonlpany Softhall and Golf X f E. l When John entered Farragut this year. he eame to us from Sayville High School. in Sayville, Long Island. Unfortunately. he came too late to par- ticipate in varsity athletics as he had there. hut he proved his worth in inter- COIIIPHIIQ athletics. John doesn't seem to like Florida weather too well as he is a true HYankee." and wants to get hack to that Certain girl at home. Good J luek. John. well miss you. endow l 947-48 1948-49 194-9-50 1950-51 Josizvn EUGENE MITCIUQLL 4-535 Second Avenue North St. Petersburg. Florida Hflfitcff, f f f f 'ifust orltzzlm lntercompany Foothall. Basketball and Softluall. Volleyliall. Track. Tennis. Boxing. Sailing. Science Cluh First Class lletty Officer, Gold Medal for Swimming and Diving. Tennis. Cutter Crew. City Diving Champion. Second High in City Swimming lVleet Chief lletty Officer. llance Rand. Cold Nledal for Swimming and Diving. lntercompany Tennis. liaskethall. Foothall. Sailing. Cold Medal for Track linsign. First Company. lntercompany Footlaall. Tennis. Swimming. Diving. A.F.A.'s Wlufs Who ln the past four years. "lVlitch" has become a synonym for perfection in swimming and diving. He has not only excelled in aquatics. hut in other things as well. His hard work and constancy have won him the rank of Cadet Ensign. Ask the cadets in his platoon and each one will tell you that he is proud to he one of 'Wlitchis lvoysf' 'Wlitchi' has gained the admiration and respect of his fellow classmates by his quiet way and the fact that he has a good word for everybody. "Mitch" has truly heen an asset to the school and we can feel certain that he will succeed in anything he undertakes. MILES REBS lVl0FFATT, III Box 112 Stockbridge. Massachusetts 6 6 V 37 l1l'l'l',Y The mail in yet, Teclfw f l950-5l Band. Boating. Cotillion Club. lntereompany Softball and lfoothall 2 It was a rainy day during the hurricane season when Terry first calm' to Farragut. He claims that he will never forget the day. When he walked in the front door he was greeted by Elsea who immediately told him to 'lStand ' upf' He has heen quite active this year as a memher of the Band and also as a member of the lv. S. Naval Reserve. liven though Terry is a true northerner. he claims to like the south and wouldnlt mind spending his winters here. This summer Terry plans to go to New London. Connecticut. with the Submarine SJ Division of the Naval Reserve. Good luck in your future life, Terry. eadafa JonN v HJJANIb4ORRE,JR. 1221 Ninth Avenue South St. Petersburg. Florida hfockov f f f t'Bo11by. rlirl you say to lake the Company 1948-49 Varsity Basketball, Monogram Club, Farragut Mates. lntercompany Softball. Wilirler of Mrs. Robinsonis Tennis Trophy I94-9-50 Varsity Football, Basketball and Baseball, Monogram Club. Hop Committee, Decoration Committee. Farragut Mates. First Class Petty Officer, First Company. Winner of Mrs. Robinson's Tennis Trophy. Binnacle Staff 1950-51 Varsity Football, Basketball and Baseball. Captain. Basketball Team. Vice-President of Monogram Club, Vice-President of Senior Class. Farragut Mates, Cotillion Club. A.F.A.'s Who's Who Upon ",locko's'i arrival at Farragut three years ago. he immediately began to show his natural ability on the athletic field. He is one of the few three-letter men in the school and has accomplished this feat twice. Ilis achievements however. do not cease at this point: his never ending popularity was not solely because of his athletic ability, but also because of his sense of humor. During his stay on board, he developed into a fine man and we know that whatever he may endeavor to do in the future will be a tremendous success. F amp 5 ? Q1 fq P W5 Q7 eadofz ROBERT CHARLES MoRR1s 1221 Ninth Avenue South St. Petersburg, Florida HRM Facev Take the company, fackiefn f f f 1948-49 Varsity Football, Baseball, Monogram Club, Hop Committee, Rifle Team, First Company, Cutter Crew, Second Class Petty Officer, Runner-up in lntercompany Rifle Match 1949-50 Varsity Football, Basketball, and Baseball, Monogram Club, Chief Petty Officer, First Company, lntercompany Rifle Team, Vice- President of Second Class X 1950-51 Varsity Football Captain, Varsity Basketball and Baseball, Mono- gram Club, Vice-President of Student Council, Lieutenant Junior C Grade, First Company Commander, lntercompany Rifle Team, Secretary of Monogram Club, Treasurer of Senior Class E , R Bobby is one of the most outstanding members of the Farragut Senior X Crew. For the past three years he has excelled as an officer, Sportsman and L cadet and has risen to the grade of Lieutenant junior Grade, as First Company Commander. ln his three years Bob has played all three major sports and has gi' earned his letter in each of them. ln all ways, his life here has been a success since the word go. We all know that his future undertakings will be as success- Q ful as his past ones. 608504 'l'noMAs FRANKLIN NEWMAN 6004- Sixth Avenue North St. Petersburg, Florida HG 99 Wormy C : N ki l i l - 'Sn Q Y M N -. -N -N i 5. - N ie T T. Q 1949-50 Third Class Petty Officer, Band. lntercompany Football. Soccer. Basketball. Softball, Track, Swimming, Baseball Manager. Dance Band. Clee Club f 1950-51 Second Class Petty Officer. Band. lntercompany Football. Volley- ball, Basketball, Giee Club Tom's arrival in '49 was truly a boon to Farragut. for since then he has excelled in his every undertaking. His undying diligence and spirit will truly carry him far beyond his present expectations. To him we give our best wishes and 'Gbest of luck." Wbf 1? Q2 eadcvz ENRIQUE OLAVAHRIA Y VA1.IEN'rl-1 6 No. 33 ent. 3a. y 5ta. Avenue Miramar, Havana, Cuba "Gordon Cuba is lhe best country in the world" f f f t 1947-48 1943-49 X 1949-50 1950-51 s 5 Boating, Varsity Baseball, Weightliftixig. Second Company. Touch Football, lntercompany Basketball Boating, Varsity Baseball, lntercompany Football. Basketball. Petty Officer First Class, Second Company. Cutter Crew. lVlarksman Ribbon, Soccer Petty Officer First Class, Drill Team, Varsity Baseball, lntercompany Football, Basketball, Monogram Club, First Company Petty Officer First Class, First Company. Varsity Baseball, Mono- gram Club, lntercompany Volleyball. Football. Dancing Class, Cutter Crew, Cotillion Club This jovial young gentleman, a native of Cuba, came to us four long and eventful years ago. Since that time he bas proven his worth many times over. When HGordo', leaves here this year, Farragut's loss will be Cuba's gain. li? Rumor has it that after finishing college nCordo" will return to Cuba and enter into business. We all know that no matter what he chooses, he will succeed. for '4Gordo's', undying fighting spirit will carry him to success. ewan RoBERT ASHLY PACE 1414 North Barcelona Street Pensacola. Florida B6 77 Rooster f f Woolee' l949f5ll Set-ond Class Petty Officer, Golf. Football. Tennis. Swimming. Sail ing. llop Committee. National Golf Foundation Award. AFA Golf Awarfl l95ll-51 Ensign. lfirst Company. lllll'I'l'0llllJilIly Foolliall. Boating. Slllllll Cotillion Cluln. lVlicl-Year Graduate. A.F.A.'s Whois Wlro The "Rooster" came to us from the Northern School last year and gave us only one regret: that was that he clid not come soon enough. He was a fine "Southern Gentleman" in every sense of the word. His likeable ways and easy-going manner will carry him far. The last news we had from him. he is at Chapel Hill. where he is making out quite well. To the "Rooster." we wish not only that the rain may fall. hut that he may have the best of luck and sueeeed in whatever he may clo. cr l..,. ARMANDO PONCE DE LEON Avenue Acosta No. 563 Habana. Cuba '6Flac0', l You give il lo me, Coachv f f f l94-8-419 Boating, Varsity Basketball, Baseball, First Place Field Day gram Club, First Company. Cutter Crew. Weightliftillg. Football 194-9-50 Petty Officer Second Class, Varsity Basketball, Baseball. Monogram Club, Boating, Drill Team. First Company 1950-51 Petty Officer Second Class, Varsity Basketball, Baseball. f lntercompany Football, Nlonograni Club. First Company. Crew E Since "Flaco,s', arrival at Farragut three years ago. it has been X 'S to us many times over that NGood things come in small packagesfi eadafz lVlono- Touch Track. Track. Cutter proven Flaco's unmatched skill and undying spirit on both the basketball court and the base- ball Cliamond have made him one of the more valuable assets. He tells us that next year he plans to enter college and after finishing. return to Cuba to choose his profession. ln whatever his choice, may he be a great success. eadafz RICHARD SUIT PRATHER 1675 Seventeenth Street North St. Petersburg, Florida 'little Caesari' f f 6'Caesar rides again f 1949-50 Second Class Petty Officer, First Company Dramatic Club, Inter- company Football and Volleyball, Boating, First Aid Class 1950-51 Ensign, First Company, Clee Club, Sailing Crew. Boating, Qualified Boat Handler, Binnacle Staff I When NDick" came to A.F.A. in 54-9. he immediately broke into society with his ever-ready smile and happy-go-lucky Way. He has succeeded in all of his undertakings here at Farragut and has attained the rank of Ensign. He K N has also succeeded in his senior year to keep two jumps 1' short ones at that! O x ahead of the draft. He is a very loyal rebel and starts every day with a fond glance at the Confederate flag. His gay laughter and much appreciated good humor will be missed in the years to come. So long, Dick, and the best of luck to you. eaiafz JOHN EVANS RICHARDSON, JR. 104 Trigg Court Glasgow. Kentucky "Richey,' Save your breath Weber, lim not Iisleningu f f 19419-50 Band. lntercompany lfootball. Basketball. Clee Club. Tennis. Dancing Class. Most Progressive Cadet Award. Senior Lifesaving Award N 1050-51 Petty Uffieer First Class. Band. lntercompany lfootball. Wf?iglll' , lifting. Glee Club. Cotillion Club. Tennis. Devoration Committee. l fX.l7.A.'s Whois Who. Salutatorian E N NR "Richey," as be is better known by all the Farragut Cadet, hails from l the good old State of Kentucky. ln the two years that he has been with us. this red-headed Chap has progressed in quick wit and bubbling personality. Since his ambition is to be a lawyer. he feels very much at home in the midst of a heated argument. Next year he plans to attend the lfniversity of Virginia SJ and attain his ambition. All the success in the world. kid. Good Luck. endafz HENRY HEWITT ROBERTS, JR. 824 West Forty-seventh Street 1V1iami Beach. Florida "Hank,' I f f "You ll0ll7f know. 110 ya? 1949-50 First Company. Swimming Team. Clee Club. Varsity Football. lnter- company Basketball. Baseball 1950-51 Varsity Football. Basketball Manager. Monogram Club. Farragut Mates. A.1i1.A.,s Whois Who lyk "Hank" came to us last year from Miami Beach. It took bim only il short time to establish himself. with bis wit and sharp personality making him f J the main attraction in bull sessions and in classrooms. His personality alone F was not the only thing which led to his popularity. His athletic ability was exceptional: as a football player he was excellent. His popularity with the girls earned him the nickname of "Rapid Robertsi' with some of his closer -1 2 friends. 'gHank,' is planning to attend the 1'niversity of 1V1iami and we all l wish him the best luck. . .5 Q, J endafz CHARLES HENRY ROSE, III SI Bournedale Road South lVlanhasset, Long Island, N. Y. cffzarliev How many more days?,' t t 1949-50 Second Company, Sailing, Clee Club. Swimming, Boating 1950-51 First Class Petty Officer, Second Company. Sailing. Boating. Clee Club. Dance Door Committee. Cotillion Club R E. f N Charlie entered Farragut at the beginning of the second semester last R year. Due to his great personality, he has acquired many friends. His sense 55 of humor keeps us going when life seems hardest. and even though he thinks mostly of the weekends, his academic work has steadily improved. Charlie's main interest lies in boating in which he is quite adept. He is planning to l enter Florida Southern next fall, and we all know that he will do well there. CCD Good luck. Charlie. endow 1947-48 1943-40 1949-50 1950-51 "Scully" came to us four years ago as a boy. and left here as a well seasoned man. His brilliant mind and likeable ways will leave him well worn into our memories for many years to come. 6'Scotty," who was one of our two mid-year graduates. came to us from Bermuda. where at last report he was planning to enter college. No matter what he may do. we send him our best wishes and good luek in succeeding years. 1Vl1CHAEL SCOTT Bailey's Bay Bermuda "Sc0tty,' t f f f "Donal snmlfe in llze lleml, King Qualified Boat llandler. Library Club. Boating. Tennis. lnter- eompany Football Petty Offiver First Class. First Company. Boating. Tennis. Svulling Award l 2 1. li Chief Petty Officer. Tennis. Swimming. Boating. lntereompany Basketball. Color Guard Chief Petty Officer. Color Guard, Tennis. lntercompany Football. Wveightlifting. Wlid-Year Graduate Q 1? f l eadafz JOHN SINCLAIRE, JR. Box 1314 Clearwater, Florida "Stinkey" Have I got troubles?" f f f 1943-49 Third Class Petty Officer, Color Company. lntercompany Athletics. Clee Club. Hop Committee, Binnacle Staff 1949-50 First Class Petty Officer, Color Company. Cheerleader. lntercom- pany Athletics, Glee Club, Binnacle Staff. Hop Committee, junior Varsity Basketball, Dramatic Club X l950-Sl Ensign, Second Company, Cheerleader, Clee Club. lntercompany Athletics. Cotillion Cluh Treasurer. Buccaneer Advertising Manager, A.F.A.,s Whois Who N It was a great day for Farragut when "Stinkey,7' also known as John A Sinclaire, junior, Esquire joined us. Since that day, he has carved himself quite a niche in all our minds. His unever-say-diei' spirit and constant drive have also helped him to rise to the rank of Ensign where he has done a great job. He tells us that he has been accepted at the "Citadel" where we know that he cannot fail. We all want to send him on his way with the time honored 4'Well Done" and the best of luck in the following years. eadcvz ERNEST FREDERICK TRESSELT 2200 Griffin Street Dallas, Texas uTress,, l f f "You crazy foolfu 1949-50 Varsity Football and Baseball. Junior Varsity Basketball. Boating. Boxing 1950-51 Varsity Football, Basketball and Baseball. Boating. lVlonogram Club. Cotillion Club f 6 Since Ernie's arrival at Farragut. two years ago. his sparkling personality f and witty sense of humor have established him as one of the finest cadets this FJ school has hacl. On the gridiron his never-ending courage and fight developerl him into one of the finest football players. ln the classroom his natural ability found in the nearest "bull sessionl' telling his favorite jokes. Ernie is planning enabled him to pass all his subjects with excellent grades. He can always ba- b to attend the Rice lnstiiute. Best of luck to you in whatever you do, Ernie. emiafz JoHN SHERMAN UPHAM, JR. llpham House Tarpon Springs, Florida '6Creek,, Thalis all, brolherfw f f f 1948-49 Varsity Football, Swimming Team, Petty Officer Third Class, Band. Clee Club, Binnacle Staff 1949-50 Second Class Petty Officer, Band. Dance Band, Clee Club, HilIlll1C1C Staff, Rifle Team, Varsity Football, Swimming Team, Naval Reserve 1950-51 First Class Petty Officer, Band, Manager, Varsity Football, Clee X Club, Swimming Team, Buccaneer Staff, Naval Reserve. Nlonogram Club Three years ago Johnny lknown as "Greek"l came to Farragut from Tarpon Springs. Since then, he has always had a good word for everyone, N and will be long remembered for it. He has been proficient in both academic Q and naval science subjects in his three years, and has risen to the rank of First Class Petty Officer in the Band. He has been a member of the llnited States Naval Reserve for more than a year and has been doing good work there. We all are hoping that we will keep up the good work in his future years 1 at the University of Pennsylvania where he is planning to enter in September. Rest of luck and smooth sailing. J pdf!! Qfzcwlccczle W ALFRED EDWARD WALKER 3041 Selden Road Iron River, Michigan ucC0ngO99 'Ir A IU fcensorerll 1950-51 Second Company, lntercompany Football. Swimming. Photographer of Hinnacle, Student Council, Boating Since the day in September when "Cong0i' walked in the front door he has displayed his many talents and abilities and has become one of the boys. Ri ht now 'alfdasw main ambition is to enter the Liniversitv of Wisconsin next g . fall and graduate with a degree in engineering. We all wish him boundless good fortune in whatever he may do after he leaves Farragut. 1 eaiafz Joram WILLIAM WEBER 201 Roslyn Road lloslyn Heights. New York Mlguflflyi' Cel off the phone, gona call lane" f f 1949-50 Band. Cutter Crew, Red Cross Senior Life Saving Award. J. V. Basketball. lntercompany Softball, Naval Reserve 1950-51 Petty Officer First Class, Band, Cutter Crew. Glee Club. lnter- eompany Softball, Naval Reserve. Cotillion Club N r E N Two years ago from Roslyn, New York. came blond-headed Buddy R Weber. Since then, Buddy had brought to our recognition quite a few persons ' of the female sex. the most recent of whom is a cute blonde known to all as Jane. Whenever it would be time for a phone call. there would be Buddy tieing up the lines as usual talking to his one and only. Buddy plans to attend l the Citadel next year and major in Electrical Engineering. We all wish him the best of luck with his future career. J THE UNDERCLASSMEN JON R. FORTM AN Fl0ri1lzl l'res1'rl1'11l ROY ll. CARLSQN lflurifla Sewclrlrx' ARTHUR B. IBLAIRIIQ Florirla DUANE C. CAROLYNIQ Florifla JAMES C. lVloRr:ToN N1 iSHlllll'i "vl.f'l'-Ilfl'SiIlL?lll Pmrzn J. HARRISON lflorirlu Treasurer LEWIS C. BRILI-IY Florida RICHARD S. CART1-:R North Carolina Humtlrr R. CHAMBx,l5lc, Ju. North Carolina S'r1zvm:N C. COWIN Nlurylaml Glcoucr W. Emrzusow Florirlil JMJK R. FISKIQ l"lori4lu EDWARD Y. CLlcvr:LANn North Carolina Crlfuxuss M. DEBATS Florida DOUGLAS R. AVENUE Florida CH ARLES R. Goonmc H Te-xas THOMAS D. HOWE New Mexico JAMES F. IANs0N Michigan ROGER H. LUCAS Florida ALAN l. MACLEAN Pennsylvania FRED E. HOWLAND Florida RICHARD E. LAUGHNER Pennsylvania DANIEL R. LUNIN Florida EDWARD MACIA Cuba GEORGE R. MARTIN, JR. Kentucky JOHN W. MORRISON, JR. Florida CHARLES PENNINGTON New York JAMES L. SLEMONS Florida BASIL N. MERSPIREAU New York RALPH L. MORRISON, JR Washington, D. C. EDWARD G. SCHWOPPE Michigan MARTIN A. SMITH Illinois CHARLES C. STURGELI Florida HENRY S. VAUGHN Michigan WALTER T. WEST Florida lhissml. B. l',x'r'1'ERsoN I,1'llllSyiVillliil l'fP.Vl.I1!'IIf STIIAIVI' V. 'I'1lol:N Florida 5!'1'ff'1llfY Romcnr G. AI.l'IXANDl'IR Flnrida josr: CM-MANY Lulm ANTONIA Cowmo Culm PEDRO PEREZ Venvzuvla Vive-Prefsizlerzf J0uN A. Hxumcrx Virginia Trvrzsnrefr WILLIS L. Awnlcusolw, Florida JAMES A. Coxmsu Flnrinlzl JUAN DEL Cumo Culm J WILLIAM H. EVERETT Florida JOHN D. CUINNESS Cuba WILLIAM L. LEAVER Florida LUIS R. MARURI Cuba WARREN B. PEARSON Florida STEPHEN S. GIRARD, JR. Florida C. RICHARD IKE Ohio FRANKLIN M. MALLORY Florida JOHN M. PAFFORD MHSS3CllllS9llS DOBECERTO ROMER Cuba CII, R. SALAME Cuba JACK SIMPSON Florida ARTHUR E. TORANO Cuba LAWRENCE B. UPHAM Florida Joss R. VENDRELL, JR. Puerto Rico WILLIAM A. SCHOBEL Florida EDWARD E. STIVERS Florida FREDRICK B. TREMBATH Florida ARMANDO VALLES Cuba KRNETII WAGGONER Oklahoma Llawls M. Wlclss Florida ROBERT H. H. WILBUR Florida ARMANDO J. WIRSIIING Puerto Rivn PAUL J. JURRO Uliio l'rf'xi1l1'nl JUAN lVlARTiN1cz Lu lm St'l'H'llllAY A1.mcRT J. ARMSTRONG Ge-nrgiu EARL li. BOLENDER Florida 101-:L M. BOYDICN NliC'lliQ1Zill ANTHONY D. H. WII.BUR Florida VIAl'0'PfPSflif?llf ARTHUR RAITANU Florida Treasurer D. ANDRR BARON Florida CARTER E. BOND Florida MANUEL J. BRANA Cuba RICHARD W. CARR Florida HENRY L. CUSTER Florida MICHAEL J. GERRITS Florida RICHARD A. ISABEI. Pennsylvania BRICE A. MOREAU New Hampshire CHESTER C. CROSS, JR. Florida ARTHUR EMMERSON, ,IR North Carolina ROBERT R. GREGORY Ohio PAUL W. LONC Michigan JOSEPH M. PELLAR Illinois HARRY G. PETRICEK New Jersey EDUARDO SANCHEZ Cuba HAROLD R. SARGA Ohio JACOBD SZAPIRO Colombia DONALD ZUM FELDE Florida J 0515 SALAZAR Spain IGNACIO SANCHEZ Cuba STUART H. SMITH North Carolina DAVID T. T11-:RN1-:Y Kentucky WILI.IAN1 H. ALLEN Florida HOWARD L. BIQIIRIQY. JR. Olxlalmma OLIVER P. CANNON Nvw ,lvrsvy MARK EMDPIN, JR. Florida WII,LIANI M. FAY, JR. Florida IIUIJNEY A, HARKEN Florida DoRRANc:I': W. BLIIM Florida CII.LI:'r'r F. CARI: Pvlliigylvallia DAVID G. FAGIQN, JR. Florida FRI-IDERICR A. FLRMINC Florida 'l'noM.As W. FLYNN l'Qlul'i1lil PATRICK T. GEmm's Flrvlielzl Jlcsus A. GONZALEZ Lulra llwnxlc J. lln,.IEn Flnrieln ,lfmllzs C. Huumzs Vluricla M1c:nAI4:L W. GAYNOR Miclligan MARK Gow Michigan KI-INNETII N. H 1a.un,m' Now Me-xivo ROBERT D. HoI.L.mxn Florida THOMAS R. ISABE1. Pennsylvania ll I R CHOOI. CRAIG K. KELLOG Florida DONALD E. LAUGHNER Pennsylvania THOMAS S. LICGETT Florida WILLIAM R. Lov North Carolina EDWARD J. MAIRR, JR. Florida LARRIE W. LAIRD New Jersey JOHN M. LIGCETT Florida ARTHUR J. Locnq, JR. Florida WILLIAM G. MCCONNELL Pennsylvania I JON R. MARDI-:N Florida ll I RSCI'I00l CHARLES T. MILLER Florida CHARLES S. NEAL Florida KENNETH A. ROBERTS Florida BRUCE H. SAVAGE Florida MARSHALL SIMON New Jersey RICHARD B. MOFFATT Massachusetts STANLEY F. PHOTIADIS Florida lULIo A. SANCHI-QZ Cuba KARSE SIMON New .lvrsl-'y DERWIN B. SMITII Florida WK Wm-A vt? W1l.1,1,xM li. Smzwxsm lllinuis liomcm A. Somawsm lllinni4 ,IAQK TAx'1,oli N1-w .lc-rf-1-5 l,ANIl-IR IYPCIIURCII lfloricla Ci1Am.i:s li. Sonicwsicw lllinois LHUN Smmno lfnlomlnia .llxmx L. 'limluz l,l'l1llNQlXillllil 'I'HoMAs M. Wfxmox lllllmix ARTHUR l. WEBBPIR, JR. lflorialzl IJANIFIL E. Wlczxmwmzn Ulxlalwina 'l'uURI.Axn T. Wu,KlNsoN, .ln Pr-nnsylvania M 'Y' 'vw lx Rav :sg Y :vw cg wx .QS 5 gms vi'-31 X ,,,k, x gg IJ Sway Wwmcw I THE BATTALIDN THE BATTALIDII STAFF CDH A. H. ELSEA lifltlafimz COIIIIIIIUIIKPI' I l ll. Ii. l4mwNsm1,l. Uillli NI. li. Kiel-:N. xN llfjllllllll lz'gx'e'c'11li1'r' l,ffil'l'l' 1l'U .l. A. CUNNIQI: CPU Ii. S. Pla.-x'1'l1lcn HIIIIIIHUII Cvlliff l11xtr11f'tor junior Sr-lmnl Xllss K-XIIIQN Nrzlsux. Spmrxnr 1 THE FIRST COMPANY LTJG R. C. MORRIS Compan y Commander ENS P. HARRISIJN LTJG J. FINE ENS J. MITCHELL CPO A. WIRSIIINK First Platoon Lzlr. Second Platoon Llir. Third Platoon Lrlr. Company Chief NIISR SIIIIIIILI Hun um. Sponsor ,lk X' Q .f ws' 3' .-avg! f l .. , x K X ' - "::Sw.if.N THE SECOND CDMPANY l.'I' H. VI. HANM C0111 pun Dy Com lIllIIll!!'l' I l.'l'JC l'. .'X'l'lll'IIi ENS J. SINCIIAIIRIC ENS G. linomlls Cl 0 li. Cl.l'IYlil,A Fll'stl'f11Ir11m lair. SPVUIIII Platoon l,llI'. Tllirzl PIIIIOOII Lflr. Conlprlny Clzirff x 3 2 E Xllss NXICUIA N lilnprl. Sponsor ilk, ' 'Wir THE BAND l.'I' J. R. F0u'r1v1AN Ham! Com Ill IIIIIIPI' ENS E. BURTON LTJG J. C. JVIURETUN CPU J. A. KINQ Sewtiorz Leader Drum Major Cornpany Chief Nllss Nl'xlu:Am1'l' Cnoc:m1'1"r. Sponsor in THE THIRD COMPANY III' W. SUICNRSICN CIIIIIIIIIIIQ' C0111 IIIIIIIIIUI' I,'l',ll1 IJ. IVMQAN PINS W. Smuw ENS T. VQ'YAlXl'0N CPU J. Mmm:-N Srfvoml l'lr1wm1 Lzlr. First 1'lam0n Lrlr. Tlzirzl Platoon Lflr. LVUIIIINIIIDY Cliff Nllcs. Pu I. W, Smixksl-zx, Spnnxm ' " 'i iw . Q ' x Q EI, S Q i f . e x , 5' ' ., X ,A , P X 3 , Q 5 J 1 ,K YA , . K, Y 5 QE NW- , - f 'S M , ,. QW -- ' .. MN ' Smg x X zf RX, " " N 'ff ,x'F'31R 3. 8 M, W A -+5 f gimp ,ig '12, 'Sam S, W i ww' - x A N - s 'fx vgwr f.s',wA M- K . '1 X .W X ,R ws. Ti-Q V 5 wx 'SM w is , i 5' 1 N x ,I l ', ' A' . +3 - ' .- X -15: .. I: . X . M I y M V Q . ' ,M NX : V-: .M .ig " x " gk' Ox I tx , N ' f?f'3f . Q '- ' ' A-'QQ 5 X A -. .,, -- ,. ,ff '- Qc ,Q "5 ' ' "EW :W X. .V " ,We was-:-1: fx . , x N A, 1 , 4,5 14 SM S I. . my gr: me Q J gf x x . xv Q Y- .,, ,F M. FARRAGU1' MATES Shortly after the end of the First Semester, a group of the 18 hest drilled cadets were organized into a drill team and called the Farragut lVlates. Under the leadership of Cadet LCDR Michael E. Keenan and the direc- tion of l,CUl. Henry D. Strunk, they worked into a precision drill team performing hoth exhibition and standard movements. They also acted as an honor guard for the Inspecting Officers from Washington at Government Inspection. The men of this group have good reason to he proud of the red liar that exemplifies this select organization. ln this, its third year, the Farragut Mates have gone far toward keeping up the tradition of heing a fine military organi- zation, and through the hard work of its members has set the pace for drill teams of the future. 1 U. S. NAVAL IIISPECTIUII On the 24th of April, 1951, the Admiral Farragut Academy, St. Peters- burg, Florida, underwent its Sixth annual Naval Inspection in an effort to retain its rating as a Naval Honor School. The Inspecting party was headed by Commander J. C. Andrews, U. S. Navy, and consisted of Commander C. ll. Cunningham, U. S. Navy, from Tampa, Florida, representing the Comman- dant ofthe Sixth Naval District, and Mr. B. H. Moran, who is the assistant to the Director of Training in the Navy Department. An honor guard ofthe Farragut Mates under the direction of Cadet LCDR M. E. Keenan greeted the inspecting party at the entrance to the Academy, and Side Boys under the command of Cadet CDR A. H. Elsea piped them aboard at the entrance to the main building. After meeting the Executive Board, they made an inspection of the Academy facilities. Then they made an inspection of the Academic Classes, entering many ofthe classes, including those in Naval Instruction. They then saw an exhibition of weapons in the front of the building and a semaphore team. ln the afternoon, the corps put on a Ceremonial Parade and Review fol- lowed by an exhibition drill of the Butts Manual and Stack Arms. After the Parade the inspection party proceeded to the waterfront where they witnessed a Whaleboat race and some exhibition sailing. After departing at 1500, they said that it was one of the most impres- sive shows they had ever seen. Liberty was granted to the corps from 1530 to 2130 as a result of the excellent appearance that day. Qian VARSITY ATHLETICS A-RSITY F0 TBALL Dam- Opwm .-n1 1 Pla.-0 A.F.A. 0mv. ' Infgy-Squad Blue While Sl'vU'lHht'l' 23 Hue - Whit? Home K3 7 Se-pkenxber 29 Chvarwater Clearwater 0 37 Ovlohs-r T Dade City Home 9 42 04-mba-r X3 Brandon Brandon 6 12 October 20 Ft. Pierce Vt. Pkerce U 43 I Oc-Lnber 27 Bolkvs Bones 9 25 News-xnXwr 3 'SL Leo Home X3 35 Nuwxnlner U3 Wnnauma Home 3-1 9 Nuvmnber XT Brewster Tech. Tampa 9 K2 Munugers: MLZANLY, YPHAM, X.. Yvnmr. L.. Lmson Cmuvh: LT. HARRY Colors: Bhle and Wh P ,xnnxsn ite ' ne: Pmhxe1aCkets JN ivlfnun A . ...'.... ' Standing, left to right, Coach Parrish, Tresselt, Blackwell, Carolyne. Burge. Ather. Keenan. Morrison. J.. Day. fNls'Anly. Up- ham. J.. Second Row, Vaughn, Tinoco, Perez, Moreton, Carlson, Hammitt. Fine. Martinez. Roberts. H.. Morris. R.. Silling. Xlorris. J.. Conner. Burton, Ballory. Sehwoppe, Emerson, Benedetli, Broome. THE FIGHTING Beneath the hot Florida sun, Farragut started to mold together a new squad to bear the title of Blue- jackets. lt was early in September and twenty-five boys, most of whom were green as the grass of Ken- tucky, and a new coach started the painstaking steps of conditioning and separating the men from the boys. As usual, the chips were down, but spirit never died. After three weeks of gruelling practice, the Jackets opened against the Clearwater Torna- does, who had a thirty-one game winning streak and were also the South Florida champions. The lack of experience showed up in this first encounter for the Jackets fell 37-0. Dade City also proved out of our class. Starting like the powerful team that they were, the Pirates racked up a 42-0 score. A deter- mined Farragut eleven next took on the Brandon Eagles. The Jackets marched 250 yards against the Eagles, and were on the Eagle 10 after a 70-yard march when the final whistle blew. A disappointed Jacket elevcen left the field after a 12-6 loss. The strongest foe was yet to come in the Ft. Pierce Eagles. A harder fought battle could not have been waged. and falling to a 47-0 score could be taken with a little lighter heart. The Ft. Pierce hospitality, how- ever, was the finest that could be had, and the squad returned home with a good taste in their mouth. The Bolles School of Jacksonville played host to the BLUE JACKETS Bluejackets next. The Sailoris motor was cold on that day. and after much trying it finally warmed up. But time was the element for the Jackets started too late and came out on the short end of a 27-0 score. The old rivalry with the St. Leo Lions also proved unsuccessful. A hard game was fought, with the Bluejackets running out of the T-formation for the first time of the season. The Lions won 32-13. The team was now coming to life. and after another week of hard practitce, bounced back to beat Wi- mauma Wildcats 34--0. The team was rolling now. and the little self-confidence which was badly needed was ejected into the squad. But injuries blossomed again, and we entered our last game against Brew- ster Tech of Tampa poorly undermanned. Brewster slipped by with a 12-0 score. This finished the season for Admiral Farragut. Although not a very impres- sive record the Bluejackets fought hard and never let up. Many lettermen are leaving us this year as last. and the best wishes for a successful season go to the boys who will return next year. For even though our records are not impressive. every game was played i11 a hard, rugged, and sportsmanlike mannerg the Fighting Bluejacket manner. The motto of the year could very well be "lt makes no difference whether you win or lose. but how you play the gamef' ' IATHER Fullback ROBERTS N Right Halfback MORRIS, J. Quarterback VAUGHN BLACKWELL MORRIS, R. FINE Right End Right Tackle Right Guard Center TI'IE JACKET STARTING BROOME BENEDETTI DAY TRESSELT Left Guard Left Tackle Left End 'lf ' WF NEB-.1f, 9- an 'fm-ffii l " ' . LEM- feazff-3 W-+V V- ' ' , .A ' ' Q Q., 5 4' " , -,3m,u:y,, . in Maw, ' ,..,-'S.,,, -'R iw, M. I . .5 .V X , , .- .gggffk-f . " ,L a- Aim' Y L w -. 1' -"' A 3-lwf 1 ij V 5.5 N .g ,A -,W'w51f .,'-a1...'1f.i-i,Z'. ' , . .13 if nm.. rr, ...- 11 14 H1 ,V -xv may f Sag- if , ' 1.-,, ,. :W 4-J hm' 31 we, ,F i Q ' M h.-:., '. W ' I Em V' ,mf ' iw-1 5, . nm minima, P , wx L N Q A ww if M X, Q, .NT ,Q LM. H., " :Jw 'f -ml" 7 m fa.. X , WEL 1 ,N . ' 'i'.f?'5WN2-1 new "'f'?f1?, N , NIARTINEZ BURTON Kmzmx SCHWOPPP: Pkzmtz Cunrd Guard Center Tnrlfle Tnrkle MALLORY F1111 barlr CONNI-ZR Qllartvrbarlf Momusnx , Center ' CAROLYNE CARLSON Mouurox EMMERSQN lhzncrz End Halfback Halfbaclf Fullbaclf End TI'IOSE WHO WON'T RETURN W" wi v ' F V ' ' ' x Ke-enan liurlon Slllllllillg, Ulu-r. Finv. 'frm-ssvll. Morris. J.. Kneeling, Norris. R.. llrommf. Hr-m-mlvtli. Holm-rts. 1 i x lllavkwf-ll Burge- D515 ARSIT B SK ETBALL 7 ff ,X elf 454, If Dale Dvcember B January 20 january 30 February 2 February 9 February 20 February 16 February 6 February 27 -inzi Um ,..... - m Pla.-0 Brewster Tec-b Tampa Largo Largo Brandon Brandon Mulberry Mulberry br. Leo Sn. Leo Brewster Tech Home St. Leo Home Largo Largo Brandon Home DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Brandon Tarpon Springs 'N I Am opp 55 2 T 56 el-6 45 34 3 T 33 fue: 110 Oo 2:1 43 AL2 55 40 4:4 32 -L5 55 Comrh----Lt. Parrish Managersf-Roberts. H.. Emmerson. A Slamlirzg, left to riglzt. Keenan. Vaughn. Coach Parrish, Allier, Fortman. Sitting, Emerson. Pont-e, Morris, R.. Morris, J.. N rguelles. Broome. Roherts. BASKETBALL This year the Blue jackets came up with another top flight haskethall team. Farragufs new coach. llarry Parrish. took the five returning lettermen from last yearis team and around them built a re- markahle quintet. The team. though sorely lacking in height. made up for this handicap hy its amazing speed and aggressiveness. The Jackets came to the dislriel tournament at Tarpon Springs with a record of seven nins and two losses ttlie best reeord of any team in Sl. Petershurgt. Farragut played Brandon. a highly improved team since the first time the two teams had met earlier in the season. It was a give and take game all the way up to the last few minutes when Brandon pulled ahead and finally won 55-445. knocking the ,laekets out of the tournament. Al- though the Blue jackets lost in their quest for a tournament championship. the season can hardly go down as anything hut a successful one. Although all hut one of the starting alive" are graduating. we still can see a bright future for next year's "Fight- ing Blue Jackets." nam.-,asd-an li'z'fow. ff!! tu riglzl: Kl'4'IlUIl. Yllllvllll. c10ilL'll l,liI'l'ihll. nl'UOIll1'. Ktln-r. Xrf-'llvllm-5 Norris. R.. l'q0l'llIl'lll Till'- r- ,- . n VAR TY BASEBALL Dah- lVlarm:h 2 T Nlarrh 30 April 3 April 10 April 13 April l7 April 20 April 27 May ll Head COl1l',If.' Uppunelll Planl Sl. Petersburg St. Len New Port Richey Turkey Creek jefferson St. Petersburg Plant ht. Leu Lt. Parrish Plafr- AFA opp. Home 5 2 Bay Pines 0 2 Sl. Leo 6 'J New Port Richey 6 ll Turkey Creek 3 l Tampa 2 l l Home 2 l Tampa 3 l llome IT 3 Malzagers: Emmereon A.. Newman Top row, left to right, Ellinor, Ather, Capmany, Cervantes. Second Row, Olavarria, Pearson, Benedetti, Broome. Sitting, Ponce, Dowling. Arguelles. Morris, J., Morris, R., not in picture. THE BLUE JACKET NINE Taking the reins of the Farragut nine for his first year, Coach Harry Parrish did a commendable job. By putting a new catcher and some added re- serve strength together with the returning letter men, he fielded an excellent team. Posting a record of 6 wins and 3 losses, the Jackets lived up to the spirit and hustle of the previous Farragut teams. All in all, the 1951 baseball season, highlighted by a perfect no-hit no-run game against New Port Richey, was a grand success. With the graduating of all but one of this year's starting nine the future looks dark, but the spirit is high so we know that the team of '52 will carry on the never-say-die atti- tude that so typicalizes a Farragut team. Best of luck to the team of 1952. 'QW 5 M M L ... il. 4 , , M ilf fu :.. A .. M M W, . Q. , , nf nf 5 .. , N451 . - , 5 aw , W WlN,A,L, Y .'?':.:ysai 'rf-sir f - 3 as lg: w fg'i?5E2Q,j 1 mw t ffa- M Upper panel: Broome-, CQ-rvantvs, Olavarria, llowlv ing, Pe-arson. lelt panel, lup la bottom Nrgufllv . Coax I1 PM rish, Poncm. Right panel: Capmany. Iivm-mls-Ili. Lower panel, left to right: Ellinor. Day. Morris. R.. Morris, J.. Mhur. .ww .1- 4. A ug-M r Ellinor twing: off against Turkey Crevk Morris rounding first anrl he-asling for se-vom! llroonu- holding up at third in Turkvy Olavarria ruining into third Cn-1-k Canu- it Q 'Nev u. dy, ' A 2 131 , 2 ..:'E W W rf .N BQ Y WS ,-.M 'lf' ,ff fs J ff Aw , Asxx N MA f ,Q W 13' is Q fi x i ,OS N Y Q PQ w ,W Q s m 1- M QW r Www 49444-N Rvws, M Q-M Q Wy, A, il' X 'QS Q55 YQ W, X, Q Q .,... ,,.,.,, X J fr' :fill 2 A 1 n , Im 5 5K Q Q Q fiwq lf., 147 41 XTQX Q if 5 w g! 3 as sa M Q? Y we Q 4 ,Q www? Af W Ny X 3 Lv S Q m Stuck-ni Honor Council Nmlfwl. lvl! In riglzl. Xlurrif. H.. Yin--ljl'n-aid:-ull: lil-vu. Pri-xiclvnlz HI'UllIlli'. S4'l'l44'lill'f, SlIllI1lI'lly.ff'vll lu right. SUl'IlkNl'll. Slllll' far. llurlwn. Wzellu-l'. l"m'Imzm. lfim-. Hllinur. iiupumlu. f1i1l'l1'I'. Xkuggmll-1-. .llIl'lxU. Nlllllligfillll Club Nwnlrfl lflwlfl, lvl! In righf. Nlnrri-. ,l.. Yin--l'1'e-Ninle-txt: Hl'Il0IIlt'. 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Rit'Ili1I'1lNllIl. lflxf-al. K4-vrmxm. lfinv. l:l'Il4'1ll'IIi. Sinvluin Swllrwl. Nlurrl-. ,l.. ISFIHIIIIV. l phallix. ,l.. Hllfltlll, xlvxllly Llllll Hn! In fllI'fIlIl', Binnawle Stuff Sllllllllhllg, lf-ll In right, l.I. lloniun. .'1lll'l'Nl'lQ XXilln11'. K. Hl'Ill'1'1'Hi. llmsluzld. tlllilllllrlvv, ICI 1 1 llulxuk XX mlku lmv. l'ruIIul Smlwl. llrw-r. Lunin. link:--. Salazar. lfln-uuing. Xlurrif. .l.. Slurg.-Il. Vvillnur X.. nnl in ,.:,, , i,-,E 1' 'iiisililih 9 1u1'l11re'. WQEQ 31 ' I Colillion Club Uffivvrs and l,Pl'0I'2lli0ll fzlllllllliuvl' U!!1'1'z'l'x Hmlvfl. lf!! In I'l-gill. Sinvluirv. Sv-rn-lul'!1 k!'l'HilIl. l'1'm-fide-Ill: X14-'11:'Il:w. 'l'l'a-u-lm-ri llrun-kill. Xiu'-l'l'n--i1l1-rar. IIUVUIII r- rn f.UHllHl'lf4'l', Sflllllll-Ilgf. lfiuv. l plxum. .l.. Rik'll2.lI'1lN0ll. lflw-11. Hllfllbll. I,l'1lllll'l'. Xlurrix. J. Naval R4-svrvv l,vlI In riglll. l pluum. J.. l':Xl'Illll'. XM-lwr. l3runQkiIl. l"ul-um. X x x X 1 N Cla-v Club ml Run. lrll lu riglzl. lAl. 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T.', and 6'Benny," cruising across the country on our way to a summer resort. We looked at our gas gauge and almost flipped our lids. It was gasping for a drink. We pulled into the nearest service station and what did we find, but the five ex-charm school girls who rushed out of the Spanish Style shack to attend our needs. They were fast indeed for it wasnit Very long before we were under way. We rode along, "but what the heck, for me and that Mercury was neck and neckf' fSay, how did that get in here?l We went along for many miles taking in the scenery and the pomp and splendor of the country- side. Then we happened to see a sign along the road. lt read, '6Visit Far- ragut Heights, the most up and coming town this side of Ybor Cityf' I don't know how it happened, but all I do know is that in the next few minutes the car started to spit, stutter, cough, and then it died. We got out to see what the trouble was and decided that it had finally happened. After all these years, the old buggy had thrown its last fit. We swept the remains into the ditch and began to hitch-hike. It was not long before we saw an odd-shaped vehicle, commonly known as a tractor, traveling toward us. Behind the wheel sat uOne Time" Fred Day who offered us a ride to Farragut Heights. We dubiously accepted, not knowing the horrible condition of the road which we later learned had been built by the multi-million dollar uAther Con- struction Company." Upon reaching the town, we were most heartily welcomed by the town,s mayor, Alden H. Elsea, who since we had last seen him had cultivated a goatee. He was accompanied by his capable assistant and adviser, "Michael U,Keenan," who previous to his political career was a professional basket- ball player and had spent his last season "barn-storming" with the '6Harlem Globe Trottersf, We decided then and there that we should again find a home at "Farragut.', We ventured into a realty office run by 'gSquare Deal" McAnly and that very day moved into our new home which we had financed through the easy going terms of a local loan company, "Morris y Morris, Incf' The terms were so easy, in fact, that we were able to purchase also a custom built automobile from 'LUncle Ed Hanna,s" New and Used Car Lot. We were informed by Uncle Ed that the body and engine were created, and we do mean created, by J im King, noted automotive engineer. That night we decided to do the town, so accompanied by a real man about town, 4'Gil Broome," we entered "Upham's Greek Fish Housef, As we Walked in the door, whom should We find as headwaiter but "Big Harry" Dukes, and on his staff, still waiting tables were Mllebeln Loy, 'LTony', Mc- Carty, and busboy Dowling. After a very delightful dinner we decided to go to the HF ive O'clock Club" fan up-to-date "Mom's',j where in the darkest corner we found "Handsome Hank" Roberts conversing with a beautiful blonde. The proprietor turned out to be an old friend and former classmate, 'Texas Ernien Tresselt, who showed us to the finest table in the house. We looked around and found that several occupants were in the process of being bounced by the rough and tumble "Joe" Folsom. The biggest surprise was yet to come, for when we looked up on the bandstand we saw none other than the "Laughing Caballerosn composed of L'Flaco" Ponce de Leon, 5'Scoop" Cervantes, and "Gordo" Olavarria. We then learned that none other than "The young man with the horn," the great "Joey Mitchell and his band were coming over to the club so we vowed to stay there until after we had seen him. Since the next day was Sunday we decided to go to church. We entered the largest one in town, and enjoyed a very impressive sermon by Pastor Greer. When we paid him our respects after the service was over, he told us that our former classmate, Michael Scott, had won the world championship tennis match in Bermuda a few weeks before. That afternoon we went to a baseball game where two major league teams were playing their last game in the Grapefruit League. Here we found some more friends. Clarence Blackwell and '6Bobby', Burge hurried over to sell us some peanuts and hot dogs. Upon looking over our programs we saw the names of two of the boys who had made the majors. "Stud" Arguelles was pitching and '4Dick" Ellinor was playing the field. "Tommy" Newman who, now up in years, was still bat boy, and "Johnny" Sinclaire with his four eyes was behind the plate umpiring. That night we stayed home and listened to our friend and famous news commentator, Charles Rose, who was telling about a boy by the name of "Rooster", Pace who had taken the Open Golf Championship that afternoon. He then went on to tell something about Admiral 4'Curly,, Brunskill and how he and his crew were bringing in a large cargo of shrimp. We hurried down to the dock just as he was pulling in. Ensign 5'Eddie" Burton tied the ship up and came over to see us. After learning all there is about the shrimp business, we went back to our car, only to find that there was a ticket on our windshield. It seems that officer Prather had given it to us for parking by a fire plug. We decided to fight the case, so without further delay we went to the law firm of gflackson, Weber and Moffatt." We went to court the very next day to see 4'Judge" Devereux. After waiting quite a while for Officer Core to finish pressing charges against John Richardson, alias 'alchabodn Richardson, for drawing mustaches on billboards, our attorneys proceeded to ......... lose our case. Well, we lost our tempers and said a few things we shouldn't have. To make a long story short we were run out of town by "Congo" Walker for con- tempt of court. Nevertheless it was a kick and we will always remember our visit to "Farragut H eightsf' Class Poem "Ode Za tie fz " Thirty days hath September, All the rest I don't remember, But itls for sure it is no lie 9 That ,50-,51 will never die, Hail to the drills And Pappa Strunk, The warning periods, How many flunked! To Hlunkei' Sherrill And exploding test tubes, And eshortyr' A11 With his sponge rubber shoes To NBano" Parish, That's all we,ll tell, And 6'Big Johnw Casey yelling '4At Ease, Blaekwelllw To Donald Cuyatt Who made many friends, And Lt. Woodworth Who remedials had To Mrs. Stone, Our blessings to her, And '6H0ot,, Gibson With his "All Right To Mfiebw Rebarker Sirlw And his automoplane, Lt. Williston asking, uWh0 sank the Maine?" To Chaplain Thompson Who taught us right, And the Buccaneer Staff Who stayed up all nightg To MPop" Taylor With his Farragut Band, And Commander Leathers Whose Juniors raised sandg To Lt. Freed Who was always gay, While Lt. Eastman Just kept getting grayg To "O.D.,' Mason What a gag And Lt. Conlonis laundry In a black leather bag: To St. Clair and Hewitt Brazen and hold, And "Gunne1", Cottom Whose "Red Fox" rolledg To Lt. Towne , Who got the Juniors on the ball And Commander Clark Who warned us allg To all the secretaries Whose lives we made miserable And to Dick King Whose boats were sinkahleg To Captain Russell Who we all know right well, And Captain Moyer Whose words rang a bellg And to you all Goes a ribbon in lieu, Thanks for everything, And Cod Bless You. JOEL TED FINE Poet, Class of 1951 Class of l95l llaat will :mil Flvatamvni 3 JULIO D. ARGUELLES, leave my rank to Smith, M. fHe needs itl PAUL W. ATHER, leave my Headwaiter's job to the next Commandant's pet EDMUND BENEDETTI, hereby bequeath my charm, poise, personality fsmile and good looks?j, to Roy Carlson CLARENCE A. BLACKWELL, leave a warning to any would-be cadets GILBERT H. BROOME, leave ol' No. 7 to Roy Carlson CHARLES R. BRUNSKILL, leave all my dealings with the Draft Board and Naval Reserve, with trips home, etc., to James lanson WILLIAM R. BURGE, leave my height to Conner EDWIN H. BURTON, being of sound mind and body, leave my Largo esca- pades to Moreton ALFREDO CERVANTES, leave my habits to Pedro Perez JOHN CORE, leave my T-shirt to Patterson THOMAS F. DAY, leave my ability to drive a tractor to anyone who dares JOHN E. DEVEREUX, bequeath my garrison cap fSize to Szapiro, L. EMBREE H. DOWLING, JR., leave Farragut all my worries HARRY W. DUKES, leave to any struggling cadet my "Theory of Logicu RICHARD B. ELLINOR, leave all my sack time and good books to Chamblee ALDEN H. ELSEA, hereby bequeath all my troubles with the telephones to Alexander JOEL T. FINE, leave the Executive Board, the mail call wars, and the green black boards to anyone who wants them JOSEPH R. FOLSOM, leave my mustache to Vaughan JOSEPH A. GREER, leave my bass horn to lanson EDWARD M. HANNA, leave my appetite to the next promising Senior HIRAM S. JACKSON, JR., leave all my chemistry books to Blaikie MICHAEL E. KEENAN, leave my favorite Spot fTwo paces to the rear and one to the left of the Battalion Commanderj to next yearis Battalion Exec. JAMES A. KING, JR., leave my cigar to any chief with room study JOHN H. LOY, JR., leave the traditional "Bad Olivesw of Room 218 to l.t. Casey T. HEWITT MCANLY, leave my restrictions to Morrison, J. JOHN R. MCGARTY, hereby bequeath my beard to Cleveland JosEPH E. MITCHELL, leave ....... good for me MILES R. MOFFATT, III., leave my address book to Ralph Morrison .JOHN W. MORRIS, JR., hereby bequeath my over-abundance of cigarettes to "The Frosh" Moreau ROBERT C. MORRIS, leave .......... that's all THOMAS F. NEWMAN, leave the banged up fender and one garage door to Cleveland ENRIQUE OLAVARRIA, leave my women to Perez ROBERT A. PACE, leave my ability to capture the hearts of women to the next deserving soul ARMANDO PONCE DE LEON, leave my muscles to Del Cueto RICHARD S. PRATHER, leave my shorts and slick gum shoes to John Hedrick JOHN E. RICHARDSON, JR., leave my well used arguments to be used by anyone in need HENRY H. ROBERTS, JR., leave my blanket parties to my roommate, Richie Laughner CHARLES H. ROSE, III., leave High School MICHAEL SCOTT, leave my Tennis Racket to Teddy JOHN SINCLAIRE, JR., leave my troubles with women to Fortman ERNEST F. TRESSELT, leave my excursions at Fort Pierce to next year's Football Team JOHN S. UPHAM, JR., being of sound llllfld and body, leave my sour notes to Morrison, R. ALFRED E. WALKER, leave everything to any guy who wants to come to Farragut for a second year JOHN W. WEBER, leave Jane to some lucky boy M, fx 1 W Q I W N. 2? uu,N, PATRDIIS 0F THE l95l BUCCAIIEER Mr. and Mrs. Roger Baron Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Brunskill Mr. and Mrs. William E. Card Mr. Alfredo Cervantes Dr. and Mrs. Elmer C. Elsea Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Fortman Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. B. Harrison Mr. Fred Howland Mr. Carl R. Ike Mr. and Mrs. Edgar C. Keenan Mr. and Mrs. James A. King Mrs. Ruth R. Loy Mrs. Eugene J. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Carleton E. Moreton Mr. and Mrs. John W. Morris Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Patterson Mrs. Madeline Scott Mr. and Mrs. John Sinclaire Captain F. E. Tierney, U.S.N., Retired Mrs. Hildegarde Trembath Mr. and Mrs. John S. Upham Mrs. A. E. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Harding Wilbur Mrs. Emily Rose Wright III APPRECIATION We, the staff of the Buccaneer, wish to express our thanks to all those who have helped us in the planning, selling, page layout, and engraving of this Buccaneer. Without their help this publication would have been impossible. We would like to thank all of those at the St. Petersburg Times who helped us with our engravings and give our special thanks to Mrs. Ralph Dell and Mr. Ben Granger at the St. Petersburg Printing Company, our thanks to our photographer, Mr. Clancy, and also all of our advertisers. See the pages following. They will appreciate your patronage, and so will we. Associated Stores Ann and Fred Auto Dealers Association Ballard Apartment Hotel Beazley Power Mower Co. Bell Bread Bruce Watters Bruce Werts and Co. Buccaneer Hotel Court Buleys Barber Shop Carleve Hotel Chatterbox Chico's Spanish Restaurant Childs Pharmacy China Inn C. H. Lassing and Co. Colony Apartment Hotel Cunningham Brothers Dennis Hotel Destileria Serrales, Inc. Dixie Cafeteria Egerton and Moore El Rancho Motor Lodge Emmie and Mac Ermatingefs E. S. Johnson Evans Brothers' Creamery Florida National Bank Florida Power Corp. Florida State Theaters Flower Dell Fluid Chemical Co. Foremost Garden Cafeteria Harry and Rose Gold Herzog Venetian Blinds Hill's Travel Service Hotel Ponce de Leon Hotel Stansfield Irving I. Wilson Company James M. Pafford .I. R. Vendrell Jurko's Yankee Lake HJ. Tf' Fine Kaniss Jewelry Co. Karen and Alden Lefter's Music Co. Liddyls Louis A. Smith McAnly Realty Co. Maas Brothers National Airlines Pennsylvania Hotel Perry Marsh Phiel Hotel Pinellas Lumber Co. Quality Printing Co. Reba and Richard Rhodes Rite Rate Cab Co. Robison's Camera Shop Royal Palm Hotel Ruebel's, Inc. Rutland's Men's Store Saxony Apartments Simpson's Good Food Sorenson and Co. Sportsman State Theater St. .Iohn's Inc. St. Petersburg Optical Co. St. Petersburg Printing Co., St. Petersburg Times Sunshine Hobby Mart Suwannee Hotel Sayber's Restaurant Tides Hotel Todd Hyatt and Co. Union Trust Co. Wayside Laundry Webbers Wonderland Webb's City Willson-Chase Wirick Hotel Yellow Cab Company Inc Il0llgl'I'LlIIllZlIl0I'lH anml Best Wishvs to ilu' . ,- Class of nl from Rummy lk More Congralulalions and Best Wishes to Ihr Clase of '51 from Bairlbic Pk ,llollnnny Congratulations to the Best Senior Class ever Mary Ellen X Qllafnlk Congratulations to the Llass of 51 from Karon aimll Allifrllfen Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '51 llilfelba Pk Rifollnardl llvst Wishes to Class of '51 from Slum lk Truss Iles! Wishes to Class of '51 From Be-itity lk llilrllillie Best Wishes From Anim anal Fred Mido Multifort Super A ulollwtic' WATCH O I O O 10095 WATERPROOF SWIM WITH IT ON Cond For Under Water Spcaring 0 0 0 0 SHOCK RESISTANT 0 ANTI MAGNETIC I"UIrI4 AUTOMATIC Kanbu fewehq Gampanq 440 ci:N'1'RAL AVENUE E. H. KANISS JEWELRY CO. -1118 Cf-nlral Ave-nu:-, St. Petersburg. Florida YOUR oQa11c'l1eor1 TODAY'S TASTIEST CHICKEN SALAD o D I C ED CHICKEN with crisp celevy, capers, our special lemon juice mayon- naise, served in a next of green lettuce with sliced egg and tomatoes . . fllllllllllll I R E S T A U ll A N T 'rwo Fmsr STIIIEIETSIIIYTII KPIIIIPII f0l!'llll. -I r..0wner-Shir. Hold High the Torch of Freedom! HANK5 to the training you have received in America's most distinguished naval preparatory school, you will go forth from Farragut with a renewed faith in your American heritage---ready to defend the great principles of freedom for which our forefathers so valiantly and successfully fought. The Irving L. Wilson Company is proud to have the opportunity to serve such a truly American school as the Admiral Farragut Academy. In a small way we are an example of how the American system of free enterprise works. We are only a little over a year old and yet in this shorl span of time our company is already firmly established in the uniform in- dustry as specialists in the manufacture of military school and college uniforms. The head of our company was associated with a larger uniform house for fifteen years. He dreamed, however, of one day having his own -business -today that dream is a happy reality! God speed you and may success and good fortune be yours and may you each hold high the torch of freedom. if Irving L. Wilson Company 1030 SOUTH TENTH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. xklg, X. ' x. ff e J J 'U REDDY KILUVIATT R Q I tail Q FLORIDA POWER CORPORATION 0aq Bed! WMM To the Graduating Class and all Students of AIIMIRAL FARRAGUT ACADEMY St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce Win. F. Davenport, Manager Egerton 81 Moore OUTFITTERS TO MEN 4-28 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, Florida Hart Schaffner 81 Marx Clothes BRUCE WATTERS Ammcm om Socvirv 434 Central Avenue KM IAD A TERS . HP QU R Congratulations Expert Photo Finishing AND l S gamma Best Wishes GUARANTEED SATISFACTION TO 426 CENTRAL AVENUE The Graduating Class Pheil Hotel Bldg. Phone 7-2331 Of 751 + ' 'Maw Third and Central Has Featured High Quality Merchandise Since 1909 St. Petersburg Automobile Dealers Association St. Petersburg, Florida Congratulations . . TO me CLASS or Vb- . ' 5, -.Eye .ff V? A' his V 1 ' V. IA if 'f' ,:.: 'JVM if Ne - . . an r .1 5 i 4 I -' Q , fs Hkniilv WE QQQMQITY - NX fx W , f X P 1+ f' ' 2 ' 4 'x gf 'is "f f N 0 s 1 f' H f E Q '-- A If .1 1- 1 K 1 ,J 4-,via R u .vi ' u ' . 'J f 6 re ifkf' 53' X X lg 'J ' ' ' xi: 'V If 'I' ff" A X 'sz' 'fl 2 PK fn : 4 'aun t 5' m E fx 11" ' .1 Q' -:v u U, .huh 1! 11: Q 'hw ,. , . , .. I ,, , x nl ' H 'Uh .. .... Ln ' "P - ,gy - 5 -Vs K HPF!!! PWR! EIERGIIIIG 1 tsxvtg GOODN FOREMCST x J COIIIIIFI Lenses Plrlslir' ffrtifirifll Eyes Eye- Glasses COMPLllVlEN'l'S OF ,W I bf' Tomi nvm A n co NlqXNllFAlf'l'URlNC ANU IIISPENSINU UPTICIANS FRIGIDAIRE 460 FIRST AVENUE NORTH PHONE 71554 666 Central Ave. St. P4-terslmrg. Fla ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Hntvl iinnrr Ep illpnn Bruce W erts Sz Co. ON THE WATER FRONT OVEHLOOKING TAMPA IMY . Reach Drive and Central Avenue 1 1 20 FOURTH STREET SOUTH Sl. Petersburg, Florida Telephone 7-4702 PHONE 9-7446 Scmwy APARTMENTS H2 ' 5TE' STREET SOUTH QQVEQ A ALM yfotelb v l6304 Gulf Boulevard St. Petersburg, Fla. A St.PeterSl,urg.Flm-illa JollN S. Rnomss, INC. ffm Sowdce St. Petersburg Clearwater Ph0Il6 7-5155 Phone 2023 ATLAS POWER Tools 1-HQNE 75-2665 xX x I 1 ff f x A ff A , X ., , ..,.f::.'s:,,s 'ws S Z A HORRX A 2 suvrmzs TOOLS 81 PLANES sumlss 208 Central Avenue FORMERLY HULSE HOBBY MART Si, Petersburg, Flgrida l urtesy of Destileria Serralles, Inc. Ponce, Puerto Rico ROMAGUERA MOLASSES J. R. VENDRELL 370 - 7th Avenue J. ROMAGUERA N. Y. C., New York BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES DEEP WATER TERMINALS LIQUID BULKSTORAGE Ponce Mayague San Juan, Puert R Phone 7-8454 Phone 71-4811 EI Rancho Hluinr lodge Guest Rooms - Apartments COMPLETE VENETIAN BLIND SERVICE y 1701 FOURTH STREET SOUTH ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Faciory In Office 1920 - lst Avenue South St. Peiersburg, Florida Phones 7-4344-7.4740 PERRY R. MARSH Compliments of Inc Harry and R036 General Insurance 564 CENTRAL AVENUE ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA CUSTARDMIX ICECREAMMIX Euro ean Plan - Moderate Rates EVANS BROS. CREAMERY SPT. PETERSBURG, FLA. WHOLESALE --In The Heart of Thr Sunshine my" Phone 7-2244 Dining Room - Fountainette 2150 Firsm Ave. South Season - October to May St. Petersburg, Fla. BOND BROS., Ownership - Management MCANLY REALTY Income, Homes and Business I Sales and Rentals 18 FIRST STREET NORTH TELEPHONE 7-2428 C. H. LASSING 81 COMPANY Vawzmm I 000000OOOOOOOOOIOOOOOOOO0000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCOOOOOOOOOOOOO Florida Theatre Bldg. - Phone 7-4312 St. Petersburg, Florida any gaming ewdce czdlafzed Za quam : Checking Accounts-Regular and Pay-as-you-go Savings Accounts-Interest bearing Christmas Club-Save 5Oc to STO. weekly Safe Deposit Boxes-from 33. per year up Trust Department-is your will on file with us? Stocks and Bonds-bought and sold Travelers Checks-Safeguard your funds on the road Money Orders-Cost less than postal money orders Letters of Credit-Commercial and Travelers Collections-Local and out-of-town Foreign Exchange-bought and sold Commercial Loans-for merchants, manufacturers, etc. Life Insurance Loans-Low interest rates Home Repair Loans-FHA plan Auto Loans-Low bank rates Personal Installment Loans Curb Teller-bank from your car 30 Minute Free Parking Lot-at 952 Central Ave. Lobby display space-for local merchants 0 Zum caaweudeozce cameo at Q Ummm Tnvsr GMP CENTRAL AT NINTH 'Y MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP Stlizbuhwg Vt 'rl-IE affix or-1 Fniem ur ssnvnc E A . E ' ' Y 'ij Tl' J ' 1"A " 'Ji . AIRLINE RESERVATIONS EASTERN - NATIONAL - PAN AMERICAN 'lr HILL'S AIR SERVICE 635 First Avenue North Phones - 7-4332 and 7-2275 JACK'S DINER DOWNYFLAKE LUNCH 100 - 4th St. Su. B47 Central Ave. TAYLOR'S RESTAURANT cool: Foon AT POPULAR Pluczs "Best Cuban Sandwivhes From Coast to Coastl' CHICO Spanish Restaurant "Famous for Fine Foodsv Phone 7-6368 St. Petersburg Also Home of Downyflnke Doughnuts 738 Central Ave. Florida OPM' DRY 5' NUM ' Phone 7-9533 143 Central Ave. Si. Petersburg, Fla. P. K. MITII 81 Uompany STATIONERS OFFICE OUTFITTERS PRINTERS sr. PETERSBURG co. Dispensing Opticians WESTINCHOUSE SALES AND SERVICE Phone 7-2446 153 Third Street North 326 Central Avenue - St. Petersburg, Florida Phone 7-8121 Ben Holloway St. Petersburg, Florida Place Your Orders through Your Canteen for THE FLOWER DELL -A Fine Flowers A Phone 7-4722 1621 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, Florida Liddy's X-Ray Shoe Store 516 Central Avenue Congratulations and Best Wishes to Class of 1951 The Florida National Bank at St. Petersburg ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Member Florida National Group STATE-WIDE BANKING SERVICE 7 IT WON'T BE L0 before many of you gentlemen will be buying printing. Be it the smallest business card, per- sonal stationery, or the largest book, remem- ber, your printer is in business to serve you. It pays to plan with him. THE ST. PETERSBURG PRINTING CO., Inc. ,, us EIGHTEENTH STREET s. Telephone 7-4118 s'r. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Ocean Bathing at Your Door I-IOTEI. O 1101 Seabreeze Avenue FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. + Owner - Management MARTIN L. DE BATS Your ENTERTAINMENT HEADQUARTERS in St. Petersburg Florida State Theatres o FLORIDA - PIIEIL - LA PLAZA ROXY - CAMEO - DRIVE-IN ASSOClA'I'llll 'lllllll MMO HEADQUARTERS 618 Central Ave. St. Petersburg, Fla. PIIEIL Joie! Letterpress and Photo Offset Pri t g Telephone 7-2772 QUALITY PRINTING COMPANY tNot Incorporated! 1105 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, Florida Havana Hlilitaru Hcademu Apartado 1 106 HAVANA, CUBA REGULAR SESSION AND SUMMER CAMP For Information Write to Above Address ur inuifafio f Erkcfion ggisks 08 we ,QSM HTWO WAY RADIO AND NIETERED CABSN YIILLIIW CAB CIIMPA Y RITE RATE UAII CIIMPA I' PHONE PHONE UN I OR 4 PASSENGERS RIDE FOR THE SAME FARE Il. T. Anderson W. L. Anderson LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVIIIA I A UEH0 TIE UIIMVA Y Simpson's Good Food Cross Ties and Lumber 464 CENTRAL AVENUE Uffifw inf ST. PETERSBURIQ WIIITE SPRINGS, FLA. FLORIDA REIDSVILLE, GA. Cornplirnellw of COIlIlIliIIIf'I1fS uf , . . DIXIE Cafelenuuzu 56I'VlIIg a Complete Lme of CHINESE AND AMERICAN LUNCHES 551 FIRST AVENUE NORTH AND DINNERS ST. PETERSBURG FLORIDA Ord:-rs to Take Out Phone 7-6720 SORENSEN Sl COMPANY l4daefzZ6d6w9 ffqewdy CHICAGO I5I Our Best Wishes For Success 1: ADMIRAL EARRAGUT ACADEMY THE STAFF AND THE CADET CORPS TIT lillSfli1IMBIW6e gxhrnou 1-nee -ro mAo:fa,.-0. NO71lNC.f A ? 5,1400 CE-NTR5-LBAVENE-E ski" XXX :READ , , For Resort Wear Look To Brothers glue Qawz Sm 4 74ml Whale an .feaae Vlfe will be pleased to make arrangernents for your son to have ncaa sional dinners in our din- ing room and send the hill in you. Qzpwimfmdm Onfhe Suwannee I-lotel Sunshine Corner ll ll Congratulations Class of '51 from PAUL J UEKo9s YANKEE LAKE 6'The House of Fine Bamlsl' 2 Miles North of Brookfield, Ohio, on Route 7 Danclng Every Saturday Nite to Benny Jones and His Orchestra Swimming, Picnicking, Boating n ' - A-111.5 Phone 3-7731 M. T. GUSTENHOVEN Realtor 6744 Central Avenue NOTARY St. Petersburg, Florldfl E. s. JOHNSON. ,twin TELEPHONE 77-6804 502 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, Florida BULEYS aww sa, 0. I". i'Bud" Buley, Prop. 435 First Avenue North Phone 7-6134 The Floating Screen Black Light Murals Push-Back Seats Latest First Run Pictures STHTE THEHTHE 687 CENTRAL AVENUE CUHHIHGHHH1 BRUTHERS HARDWARE, PAINT AND BUILDERS, SUPPLIES 861 CENTRAL AVENUE ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Phone 7-7724 WEBBER'S W 136 Second Street North Telephone 7-2329 HOTEL DENNIS and DENNIS GRILL Opposite Williams Park GAMEQ ' First Avenue North TRAINS . ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA TOYS Q 0 Established 1932 Phone 79-457 I With Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Faculty and Cadet Corps WAYSIDE LAUNDRY and MCKELVEY CLEANERS "THE HOUSE OF FRIENDLY SERVICEW 1706 Tangerine Avenue South St. Petersburg, Florida E t bl h d 1929 CARLEVE HOTEL AND BEAZLEY POWER MOWER CO. Manufacturers of "The Original Whirlwind y Power Mowersv 4-th Ave and 2nd St. S. St. Petersburg, Florida 1906 3rd Ave S. St. Petersburg, Fla. NATIONAL IRLINES "AIRLINE OF THE STARS" gg AIR-CONDITIONED STEAM HEAT Z 244444 Apmanwz Wm: gate! gum: 354 FOURTH STREET NORTH ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA + ' Toaoo GULF BLVD. MRS. W. FURMAN BETTS, Jr., Manager TREASURE 'SLAND PHONE 79-4171 ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. FOR THE FINEST IN MEN,S WEAR R TLAN PHONE 7-3413 T. E. TOLSON Owner Wirick Hotel A Hotel of Character, Known for its Friendly Hospitality 434 Fourth St. North St. Petersburg, Fla. Compliments of WE GABBEN 232 SECOND STREET NORTH HOTEL ST. PETERSBURG FLORIDA AND BATH CLUB ' BILLLKRDS LADIES WELCOME POCKET BILLARDS Ulla Gqiz-Uondifioncd Floridffs Most Distinctive Vacation Residence . SNOOKER 0 Axflofcfaman Directly on the Gulf 5ANDW'C"'ES . Dpen buffy COMPLETE St. Petersburg, Fla. Phil Dross, Manager FSSRNVTQQN R L D E wumsl PROP' 129 2 ST so PHoNE7e14o FL Ill UHEMIUAL U0.,lIlC. ' E55 PH. 860 SUMMER AVENUE NEWARK, N. J. MUSIC Sl-IOP - 20-bil-u ST. NO. 157 Good Luck and Best Wishes from CAPE COD, MASSACHUSETTS J ME M. P FFORD, 7 Contractor 62 Realtor Phone 1034 ed 153 Main Street Falmouth, Mass. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '51 GGJ. TRB Peggy, Helene, Shirley and Francine fBoy Did I Have Troublesl ERMATI NGER'S Merfs Wear I7 Thirfl Street North St. Petersburg, Florida LOUIS A. SMITH ATTORN EY-AT-LAW 0 III WEST MONROE STREET CHICAGO, ILLINOIS CIIILIPS PHARMACY The Prescription Drug Store SODAS AND LUNCIIEONETTE Phone 7-454-5 337 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, Fla. TOILET ARTICLES ARDEN DOROTHY CRAY 3 DU BARRY CANDIES 2 WHITMAN? NORRIS 'N sl! f' Y 3 s H? 'S ,

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1951, pg 163

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