Adirondack Central High School - Yearbook (Boonville, NY)

 - Class of 1972

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1 h XVI.: A ' - 1 I -,gli A 21.7. 1 1 . J A 'kb s f .QQ .74 1 Y fl .J ., 5 ff 2 ',.-, , 1- ,, Q gi 1 .M x 1 5 ' Q ' UI 4 M 3 , 1 'S Q Q NS V5 R is Sl S U dirondack 972 A '54 Boonville, New York 2 . g 33 5 F 3 L Seniors Senior Directory Faculty Underclassmen Activities Table Of Contents Page 7 48 57 69 81 Sports Boonville Middle School Forestport Elementary School West Leyden Elementary School Advertising -af' wf -.xx 5, W wg, H if sd' guasgt 1 on Q 4 1 Kr N .X .L . Hn' 'q 'a ' 1: ,, X 0 , ' FU' U 7 mr ,Q i ' Y In lg ,K a f 5 39, Hi, 9' . af X Ati , sa ' .vw 1-,A M YA '2 f 2-1: A f X ' y, .. L4 wif . K! z , 5 LT' N , N v, X? H513 mv Stephen Bielawski Dorea Henry Donald Rundle Memoriam The continuity of life is never brokeng the river flows onward and is lost to our sightg but under its new horizon it carries the same waters which it gathered under ours, and its unseen va11ies are borne down to them from the past,---flowers perchance, the germs of which its own waves had planted on the banks of Time. John Greenleaf Whittier wr' Qu- N THE GOAL Not to the swift, the raceg Not to the strong, the fight: Not to the righteous, perfect grace: Not to the wise, the light: But often faltering feet Comes surest to the goal: And they who walk in darkness meet The sunrise of the soul. Henry Van Dyke . ,1:.. L , -I Minn.-F , 5 A V .zel Senzorf 7 4 PATTI ANNE ABEL Pat ' Would you believe in being free or could you? LINDA ALGER Lou There's a fool born every minute. PEGGY LEE ANDREWS Peg 8 Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed. KAREN ELIZABETH ANNA Karen Or1ly that day draws to which we are awake. fl-Ienry David Thoreauj SANDRA LEE BACKER Sandie Things are not always what they seem Look beneath the surface. If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on youg CARL BAILEY Carl '-'M 'NW' ll ,L.W hi l RANDALL L. BALLARD Randy He who waits for the right time, may wait forever. 1HendersonJ LINDA ANNE BANDYCH Benny Bandych Life is a gas, don't blow it., alliw' KATHLEEN L. BESSMER Kathy Some think I wink at them when Ishut my eyes to avoid their sight. S it A A i we ,I , W .ws 1' .ig ,En 4 ALAN FREDERICK BEYEL A1 Meanwhile these 3 remain: Faith, Hope, and Loveg and the greatest of these is Love. QI Cor. 131135 ' If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting toog BARRY M. BLAIR Bear It works better when you do it together. BRENT BLAIR Brent Ya Know DIANE L. BOURGEOIS Di GERALD MICHAEL BREEN Bruno It's better to use it than to lose it. 7? f 'Qp .W N' 1' mil is M, ft 'f ? - TERRENCE P. BREEN Wx Terry If a person believes strongly enough in him- self, self explanation is unnecessary. SALLY ANN BRENNAN I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. QII Timothy: IV 275 MARJORIE LU CAPRON Marge We would have inner peace-But will not look within. lv 1 km LINDA L. BROWNELL Linda Music is the Ray of sunshine in my life. Alu.. LORENZO N. CARTER 5 6 11 12 i 4 PAULA JUDITI-I CHUDYK TERESA ANN COSCOMB Paula Teresa That's Tough! He who smiles rather than rages is always the stronger. KRISTINE MARIE CRONISER DEBRA ANNE DENSLOW Kris Debi Live life the way you see it Life is merely an existenceg until someone makes it worth living. PATRICIA ANN DENSLOW JAYNE E. DUTCH Peppermint Everybody wants to get what's coming to him-without getting what he deserves. If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being 0 lied about don't deal in lies, 7 N.. A RONALD EDWARD DUTCH Smutch BRUCE K. DUNN Whyg the littlest, but biggest question to answer DAVID E. EGNAZYK TIM FAUVELLE Bubby Are you kidding me? Or being hated don't give way to hating, And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise RANDY C. ERNST ROBIN L. FAILING Rob Look beyond the clouds x avlium DENISE ANN FAZEKAS LINDA LEIGH FREEMAN LYLE JAMES FULLER Denise Freeman Lyle What do you want- -Blood People make a lot of mistakes, butjudge them for who they are, not what they do. 3 I .,.. , nag Q, Ell- 'iz ,K vi 2 tfells 5 f . '- ?V .ggi 'll HQ, w 3 'tm K M HEIDI LEE GAETANO Heid Everybody is crazy but me and thee, and sometimes I suspect even thee. ,gh-...E PHILIP L. GAETANO Skip Oh Really!! 15 L - - --is-'sa wma, is-Q., Q-21,-1. . F.. 453-if 5 w f- , , lvasaefszmammmim . .,,. A L 5 Q1 .f W,l. L 'Q L4 im 5 Q 1,122 53? K zfgv sg win N 5 5 if www Kg' ik 4 a w V I K X wh? f A KATHLEEN MARIE GALLO If you can dream-and not make dreams your masterg If you can think-and not make thoughts your aimg , if if Q , ROSE ANN GARRAMONE Rosie I believe, because it is impossible. ANDREW GILBERT Andy CONNIE LEE GILMORE GLEN H, GOLDEN 18 Connie Remember opportunity knocks but once, while temp Eat Ch'0I'e heart Out! tation leans on the doorbell. MELODEE ELIZABETH GREEN Gretta Greene Live all you can While you can GARY R. HENRY Hank R., 'P 5, LINDA RUTH GOUGER Goug You Love It u ' ,ES Q E A K me 5 Q 5 Q3 g 7 fi 4 X ,, H . , ., . ' Q I ' f KAREN LEE GRENIER Don't fight! Let's A11 Be Friends. pm ,--W., gf f .. X . . In ' 1 , F 'A q' ' mn : . +5 f 2 . W 9 in K M, Al. N .r . Mn, M Ax H M 'FM am i -:gg an Ag .se IEW mg ,X,-,xRA i R- ..A 1i'FN ,,.,,,:-5 ,A g, Q X .+ .X , + 5 ' Mir- '-I 1 'TV t 7 gh, 1' 1 a A Q 3 K4 1 1 kg ' wr fin, .ww M, BRADLEY JAY HEssE A If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat these two impostors just theasameg DEBRA L. HOAGE Dibbles DIANE L. HOAGE PATRICIA ANN HYDE George Patti M ,W COLLEEN ANN JOHNSON Colleen PATRICIA LORRAINE JONES Brooki If you think you have, you have BRAD PETER ISENEKER I am not conceited, Conceitment is a fault andI haven't got any. DONALD F. JOSLIN TIMOTHY SHERWOOD JACKSON Don Mono OH- -! Somedayvsoon while wishing on a star sig! ffm H Q A' 2 2 uk J ? A, ,. an gf, 1-P14 Q , 4, XM 1? 3 , , 3 1 ini f'-72 f A A , , , W ,... qw ms A Qiuj 1 ' fb .X wk 5 5 sf Y W - U.. V- XA . 1 ,. , ,, Q x .R ' Q .ar w if, 3, 4 5 fmt? A a -4-visa? H E! is M4 b vii W Z.: A,, , ,, X M.. ff ' f Qi? ' , f 'M Q ,jf inf- , . Pg -A g I J .' W ,L-vw 4 55 gk , g . ' ' 'V V, in ,JM -L f gg ,' .A :+ ,rf BARBARA ANN KORNMEYER Barb Looking through the eye is me. If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken CYNDI KOSTER SIN Supertush! !! MARK A. KRIST 26 MARK ARLO KOWALIK Qhrist Try ir, You'11 like in 111 have One' Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, 77 1 5:qiX72Ze5lasG1fL ms sewn' ,L e2s,es-lm S kis laws 5251524211 '3Ea,'2gQgesz11 - - A , siv iexgng 553229 ,,.. . Kewl wilfvfi 1' ' wliazgwiiasgy Y. Hg.-if 7 .5211 521521. is 193:51 .. ,AV,. ,. 5 23? af X' M 82830922 Y ,i mg .1 gfs If ..,,.f . 5, In rigzsggz , I f sr 9 'Sinn iii, -' 7,5 4 1 W5552l , 52 I fy Qfsmf: lglishws .Mug fvsilw-waimgssw .. -.f: M. 5,5-.Efms, ,I,M, wN,mmf,f 1 wefsfgs- new new ,,I,,,,fM1,.S.,,l5- .,,,e MW svge i egzig ia : gzefavfi g.w:1swzszu-f BONNIE MARIE LASTOWSKI POLLOCK Life may be like a game of cardsg we cannot PETER CHARLES LARAMIE help the hand that is dealt usg but we can help Pete the way we play it. It was tough going, But I made it DAVID PAUL LEE RICHARD R. LAWRENCE Dave Life is full of hopes and joyg but mostly hope. CYNTHIA MARIE LEYBURN Cyn I I A ,Q AA A w , it ,V ,gs f ,.. 1 Y n 'SEMI kk-wx' 1 . A VJECYY: Z f X li -43 3 af 1 g ,wx NW' ...ww 'wx ,f X1 4 N W My M, f p N ww --M g - L' .W Q z,-W spy., v H 4 vi gem- ,H- ' .X ,, v - xv' K f f , A Q EW w X ws , :sg'?fLy1 A . ,M M , Xa X. .Y +' . ww M V? , M wi X X y 'fx 'S W M W Q MM L Xa W wr ' ' i Q 3 M My ' , efls vxm , W., vw W' A '64 -:ix A ff X' v Q I .X .4 , . , W . .W , K me ... LAURETTA LISOWSKI Laurie - MICHAEL A. LIEBER People can be so cold, they'll hurt you and Mike desert you, they'1l take your soul if you let Happiness is doing what comes naturally them, oh brother d0I1'f YOU 161 them- ALAN LEE LYNCH Big A1 I'm like a field, always getting plowed. LYNNE M. MacDOUGALL A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver or gold. fProverbs 22:19 DEBRA LOUISE MARCY Debbie t The grand essentials in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. MICHELLE MARIE MARTIN Michelle To laugh, to live, to love Is to be alive. JANET ELAINE MATI-IIS Johnny-Poe My meditation of him shall be sweety I will be glad in the Lord. QPsa1m 1051343 JOHN F. McLAUGI-ILIN Mac I'l1 take a Welch Chick any day. SE? 1 ... .R PEGGY ANN LOUISE MEEKINS Peg I had nothing now I have everything. In my dis- tress I cried unto the Lord, and he heard me. 1Psa1m 120911 Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build 'em up with worn- out toolsg 5 Y qs S Q 'Q' k 2 + au, 5 1 Of -9 v W , , ff ,J ,QM f v ,L 'W 1 If xi 1 QV f 7 ff: X w iw: in 525 , 'E , :R Q -A I: syzzgf-. 'L 2, Ji Q , , 5 1 iff A m A' , I ii' A if Y x 2 V A ,Y S, , Q - f- 1 ,, af I if M-X' E i hw? f- 1 Us 4 'PL gm . .W M, wi U , 3 1 .f X A . DAVID B. MILLS CYNTHIA MARIE MUHA THOMAS P. MUHA Dave Cindy Tom A11 brawn, no brains don't get you too far today. CLAYTON A. NELLENBACK REGINA FERN MUNN Crinch B9 happy, WS the 011157 thing that COUHYS- I'm all yours, but don't bend, fold or mutilate. If you can 'make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, ERNEST JOHN NELLENBACK Ernie You'11 be alright Someday if I iii JOANNE ANN PALADINO Joanne MICHAEL PARSONS Let peace encircle all the world Crash SANDRA LEE PERSONS Let men walk hand in hand Sandi A living bond of Brotherhood A voice from land to land School the route of all evil PATRICIA E. PETERS Patti-Dolly Ah, Rats another wipeout! DEBRA JANE PFEIFFER Debbie Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at anytime and be your- self. And lose, and start again at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your loss LINDA JEAN PFENDLER Blue Do it today, Don't wait for tomorrow. PRISCILLA JANE PIERCE Silla When no one is there to talk with me, music will. When friends come and go, Music stays. DEBORAH ANN PLATT DARYL G. PLATT Stretch GARY A. PODKOWKA JOHN DENTON RAUSCHER Little John Oh I'11 think about it. DAVID G. REED JR. Buck You wou1dn't believe it MARY ELIZABETH RAUSCHER Betsy It's tough as bisquits. JAMES ROBERT RINGWALD MARK RITTER Ring-a-ding Mark Don't Ya Just Love It! Come here. I want to talk to you. SUSAN MAE ROBERTS Suzie Well, Big Whoop CHARLES E. RUSSELL II Rusty The Moving Hand Writes and Having written moves on. ROY JAMES RUSSELL Roy If it's worth doingg it's worth doing right. ALAN STEPHEN SALMON Fish People are strange animals RAYMOND A. SALMON Ray SCOTT SAWYER Scott If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone, And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them: Hold on! g e V. JEFF SCOTT 7 Jeff If you love your neighbor as yourself, thank God MARK WALTER SCI-IEER we'1l all have a little peace. It doesn't matter if you win or lose but how you make out after the game. ELIZABETH MARIE SEELMAN SUSAN MARIE SEELMAN Liz Sue Well, Nobody's Perfect The most damaging thing is to trust. ROBERT SKJELLERUP Bob Your life is only how you make it. GAIL LYONS SMITH Hoedy I had rather live and love where death is king, than have internal life where love is not. nn---Iuka MICHAEL J. SOKOLOFF GAYLE GENE STAFFORD Mickey Gayle Gene I look to the sky, and see beyond. What's that mean? P i NORMAN V. STANULEVICH Norm Life should be lived for the quality, not the quantity. CAROL STINEBRICKNER ELLEN JANE STROBEL 42 Attempt the end, and never stand to doubt, Nothing's so hard but search will find it out. JOAN MARIE SULLIVAN J oanie Everything comes for those who can wait. If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with Kings-nor lose the common touchg DIANE MARGARET SURBURG JACK SZYIKOWSKI When You smile the whole world smiles, When Ski I y , You cry you cry alone. Time never seemed precious till there s a lack of 1t. its BENEDICT PAUL SZALKUCKI DONNA TEUSCHER Sally Teusch . If you cant be 3 success, Be ygurself. May I be in heaven a half hour before the dev1l43 knows I am dead. If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt youg If all men count with you, but none too muchg BONNIE MARIE TRENHAM Sl-IEILA MAY TRUSSEL I w111 11ft up mme eyes unto the h111s from MARILYN H. TRAINOR Marilyn Grant us brotherhood not only for this day but for all our years-a brotherhood not of words but of acts and 44 deeds. -S. U. Benet WILLIAM FISKE WAGONER Wonderous Willie What, ME worry?! JANICE I. WEAKLEY MARY RENEE WILBERT Your life is what you make of it. Renee DONNA MARY WILBERT Donna GWEN ELLEN MARIE WILBERT Gwenie Oh so what, do it anyway! SUSAN ELAINE WILLIAMSON Sue Love is life and life is love. CARL D. WILSON Clubfoot If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds' worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, And - which is more - you'11 be a Man, my son! Rudyard Kipling CLAUDIA JUNE YOCKEY Claud Being apart hurts MARK ALAN YOUNGS KEVIN GORDON ZEIGLER LAURA MAE ZIMMER Zig It's not whether you get an A or B but how you play the drum. Zip Life is not everything, But love can help it. GREG DOUGLAS ZOLLER Greg Peace, is usually given to the peaceful. fo Boy!J PATTI ANNE ABEL Business, Art Yearbook Staff LINDA ALGER Science F.H.A. 2, Majorette 1 PEGGY LEE ANDREWS Business, Home Economics KAREN ELIZABETH ANNA French, Math, Science Literature Club l,2,3g F.T.A. 2,3,4, Girls En- semble 1,2,3,4g Mixed Ensemble 2,3,4, Student Council 3,45 National Honor Society 2,3,4, Cho- rus 1,2,3,4g Literary Ed. Yearbook SANDRA LEE BACKER Science F.T.A. Historian CARL BAILEY Auto Mechanics RANDALL L. BALLARD Math Football 1, Yearbook Staff LINDA ANNE BANDYCH Math, Science G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Soccer 1,2,4, Volleyball l,2,3,4, Track 1,23 Softball 3,4gPresl- dent G.A.A. 4 KATHLEEN L. BESSMER Cosmetology School Paper, Field Hockey ALAN FREDERICK BEYEL Math, Science, Spanish Soccer 1, Chorus 3,4, All State Chorus 3, Band 1-4, Marching Band 1-4, Stage Band 1-4, Band Club I,2, Vice-President Band 2,4, NYSSMA Solo 3,4, President Jr. Student Council 1, Student Council 3, FTA 3,4, President Sophomore Class, National Honor Society, Debating Club 2, Trom- bone Quartet 3 BARRY M. BLAIR Mechanics BRENT BLAIR Conservation DIANE L. BOURGEOIS Home Economics, Business F.H.A. GERALD MICHAEL BREEN Science, Math V. Football l,2,3,4, Track l,2, J. Basketball 4, J.V. Basketball l,2, Band l,2,3,4 TERRENCE P. BREEN Math, Science J.V. Basketball l,2, V. Basketball 3,4, Track 1, 2,3,4 BRENNAN, SALLY ANN Math, Science, Spanish G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Dramatics 1, Band l,2,3,4, Student Council 1, Vice-President 3, Spanish Club 2,3,4, Stage Band 2,3,4, Marching Band 1,2,3, National Honor Society 3,4, Glrl's Interscholastic Sports l,2,3,4, International Fel- lowship Exchange Student LINDA L. BROWNELL Math Chorus l,2,3,4, Mixed Ensemble l,2, Girls En- semble 1,2, Yearbook Staff MARJORIE LU CAPRON Science Literary Club 2,3 LORENZO NOLAN CARTER PAULA JUDITH CHUDYK Practical Nursing Sophomore secretary, Girls Intramural Sports, Spanish Club 2, G.A.A. Cheerleader 2 TERESA ANN COSCOMB French, Science Senior Band l,2, Pit Band 3, Senior Chorus 1,4, Mixed Ensemble 4, Girls Ensemble l,2, F.T.A. 3,4, Yearbook Staff Senior Directory KRISTINE MARIE CRONISER Business Prom Committee, G.A.A., F.H.A. Library Club, Intramurals, Hockey Intramurals DEBRA ANNE DENSLOW French, Math G.A.A. 1, Chorus 2,3,4, Girls Ensemble 2, Mixed Ensemble 3, Quartet 4, French Club 3,4, Cheer- leading 3, Student Council 4, President 4 PATRICIA ANN DENSLOW Business Business Club, Concert Band BRUCE K. DUNN Math Football l,2,3,4, Baseball l,2,3 JAYNE E. DUTCH Mathematics, Science, Spanish Freshman Class Secretary, Junior Class Treas- urer, NHS, Spanish Club, Drama Club, Band Club, Majorette, Cheerleading, Chorus 3,4, G.A.A. Interscholastic Field Hockey, basketball, volley- ball, softball, minor sports gymnastics RONALD EDWARD DUTCH Basketball, J.V. 1,2, Varsity3,4, Football1,2,3,4, Baseball l,2, Track 3, Student President 1, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, Representative DAVID F. EGNACZYK Football l,2, Wrestling 1,2,3,4 ROBIN L. FAILING Home Economics Treasurer 1 TIM FAUVELLE Business Business 1, Band 1, Stage Band 1 DENISE ANN FAZEKAS Business LINDA LEIGH FREEMAN Science Soccer 4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Softball 3,4, Volleyball l,2,4, Bowling 2 LYLE JAMES FULLER 1 Auto Mechanics Cross Country 4, Wrestling l,2, Football 2,3, Track 2,3,4, J.V. Baseball 1, Bowling 3, Chorus l,2, Student Council 1 HEIDI LEE GAETANO Math, Science Cheerleading l,2, Vice-President 2, Class Vice- President 2,4, F.T.A. 2,3,4, Secretary 3, G.A.A. l,2, Chorus l,2,3,4, Student Council Representa- tive 3, Prom Committee, Yearbook Staff PHILIP L. GAETANO Science, Art Student Council, Rifle Club KATHLEEN MARIE GALLO Spanish Freshman Cla s s Vice-President, S o p h o m o r e Class Treasurer, Basketball Scorekeeper, Stu- dent Council, G.A.A. Spanish Club Treasurer, Drama Club, Yearbook Staff ROSE ANNE GARRAMONE Yearbook Staff ANDREW GILBERT CONNIE LEE GILMORE Math, Science, French Rifle Club l,2, G.A.A, l,2, Literature Club 1, F.T.A. 1,2,3, Vice-President of F.T.A., Treas- urer of F.T.A., Vice-President iCentral New Yorkl F.T.A. Honor Society 2,3, Senior Band 1, 2,3,4, Marching Band l,2,3,4, Dance Band l,2,3, Representative 3, Chairman of Prom, Repre- sentative 4, Treasurer 4, Pit Band, Yearbook Staff GLEN H. GOLDEN Math, Science Basketball l,2,3,4, Football 1,4, Track l,2,3,4, National Honor Society 2,3,4, Class President 2,3,4, Colgate Seminar, Yearbook Staff LINDA RUTH GOUGER Math, Science French Club 3,4, G.A.A. 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Colgate Seminar MELODEE ELIZABETH GREENE Business Prom Committee, Library Club, Intramurals KAREN LEE GRENIER Science 1College Entrancel Bowling, Skiing, Swimming, F.H.A., F.T.A., G.A.A., Library Club GARY R. HENRY Science, Math Football 2,3, Wrestling 1, J .V, Baseball 1, Track 2,3,4, Cross Country 4, Bowling 2,3 BRADLEY JAY HESSE Track l,2,3,4, Football l, Chorus 1, Yearbook DEBRA L. HOAGE Home Economics, Business F.H.A. DIANE L. HOAGE Home Economics, Business F.H.A. PATRICIA ANN HYDE Practical Nursing Intramurals, Bowling, Chorus, V.P. F.H.A., Prize Speaking, Prom Committee, Library Club, Science Club BRAD PETER ISENEKER Art TIMOTHY SHERWOOD JACKSON Math, Science Chorus l,2,3,4, Chorus Pres. 4, Baseball 1, Track 2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Student Coun- cil 3, Yearbook Staff, Boys State, Mixed En- semble COLLEEN ANN JOHNSON French F.T.A. Yearbook Staff PATRICIA LORRAINE JONES Business Thespians Troupe 119653 l,2, Senior Class Play DONALD F. JOSLIN Math Football 1,2,4, Baseball 1,2,3,4 BARBARA ANN KORNMEYER Math, Science, French F.T.A. 1,2,3, Chorus l,2,3,4, Mixed Ensemble l,2,3,4, Girls Ensemble l,2,3,4, Honor Society 2,3, F.T.A. Rifle Club 1, Yearbook Staff CYNDI KOSTER Science G.A.A. l,2, F.T.A. 3, Chorus l,2, Band l,2,3,4, Staff MARK ARLO KOWALIK Math, Science Baseball l,2, Football 1, Band, Chorus MARK A. KRIST Science Football l,2,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4 PETER CHARLES LARAMIE Carpentry Football, track, Rifle Team BONNIE MARIE LASTOWSKI Business Soccer 1,4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Volleyball l,2,3,4, Track 2, Softball 3,4, G.A.A.1,2,3,4,Vice-Presi- dent 4 RICHARD R. LAWRENCE Science Football, Swimming DAVID PAUL LEE Math, Science CYNTHIA MARIE LEYBURN Business G.A.A. 1, Senior Chorus l,2,3,4, Yearbook Staff MICHAEL A, LIEBER Shop LAURETTA LISOWSKI Business, Art Yearbook Staff, Chorus l,2,3,4, Secretary of Chorus 4, Marching Band 1,2, Cheerleading 2,3, GAA 1,2, Softball 1,2, Gymnastics l,2,3, Green and White Weekend 4, Junior Prom 3, Girls En- semble l,2,3, Mixed Ensemble 3,4, Area All-State 3,4, Lead Majorette 1,2 ALAN LEE LYNCH Auto Mechanic LYNNE M. MacDOUGALL Spanish, Science, Math Intramurals, G.A.A., Spanish Club, Drama Club DEBRA LOUISE MARCY Math, Science, Spanish F.T.A. 2,3,4, F.T.A. Treasurer 3,Natlonal Honor Society 2,3,4, Student Council 3,4, Spanish Club 2,3, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Soccer l,4, Volleyball 2,4, Prom Committee, Yearbook Staff, Colgate Seminar MICHELLE MARIE MARTIN Business Prize Speaking, Drama Club, Intramurals, l,2, 3, Library Club, Field Hockey Team 3, Track Team 2, Prom Committee JANET ELAINE MATHIS Data Processing G,A.A. Library Club, Treasurer 1, Student Coun' cil Representative 1, Bowling l,2,3,4, Track l,3, Field Hockey 2, Debating Club, Color Guard JOHN F. McLAUGHLIN Business Basketball l, Football l,2,3,4, Baseball l,2,3,4 PEGGY ANN LOUISE MEEKINS Math, Science Chorus, Literary Club, Girls Ensemble, Spanish Club, Majorette Club CYNTHIA MARIE MUHA Cosmetology THOMAS P. MUHA Voc. Autobody F.F.A. Treasurer, Football l, Autobody 3,4 REGINA FERN MUNN Business G.A.A. 1, Business Club 2,3,4, Literature Club 3, Drama Club 4 CLAYTON A. NELLENBACK Science, Math Soccer I, Basketball l,2,3,4, Track 3,4, Spanish Club 2, National Honor Society, Science Club l, Jimior Prom Committee, Yearbook Staff, Intra- murals ERNEST JOHN NELLENBACK Agriculture Football l,2,3,4, F.F.A. 4, Co-Captain Football Team 4 JOANNE ANN PALADINO French Majorette Club 1, F.H.A. MICHAEL PARSONS SANDRA LEE PERSONS Business G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Track 1, Softball 3,4, Gymnas- tics l,3, Volleyball 3,4 PATRICIA E. PETERS Home Economics Girl's Track Team, N.H.R,H.S. lN.J.J DEBRA JANE PFEIFFER French, Science, Math French Club 3,4, French Club Secretary 4, Year- book Staff, Prom Committee LINDA JEAN PFENDLER Home Economics PRISCILLA JANE PIERCE Math, Science, French Student Council l,3,4, F.T.A. 2,3,4, Chorus l,2, 3,4, Mixed Ensemble l,2,3,4, National Honor So- ciety 2,3,4, Band l,2,3,4, Band Hlstorlan l, Treasurer 4, Class Secretary 3,4, Pitband 3, Stage Band 3,4 DEBORAH ANN PLATI' Business G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Soccer l,4, Volleyball l,2,3,4, Track 1,2, Softball 3,4 DARYL G. PLATT JOHN DENTON RAUSCHER Science, Math Soccer l, Baseball 1,2, Basketball l,2,3,4, Stu- dent Council 2,3,4, Sports Editor Yearbook Staff MARY ELIZABETH RAUSCHER Math, Science Chorus l,3,4, Band l,2,3,4, Band Secretary, Stu- dent Council l,3,4, Student Council Vice President 4, Drama Club 2, Prizespeaking, Spanish Club 2, Chorus Musical, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Basketball2,3,4, Volleyball l,2, Softball l,2,3,4, Field Hockey I, 2,4, Gymnastics 2,3,4, Yearbook Staff, Skiing, Cheerleading President, Cheerleading l,2,3,4, Marching Band, Mixed Ensemble,PromCom- mittee DAVID G. REED Agriculture F.F.A. l,2,3,4 JAMES ROBERT RINGWALD Math, Science Basketball l,2,3,4, Track 2,3,4, Science Club 1 MARK RITTER Math, Science Basketball, Track, Student Council SUSAN MAE ROBERTS Cosmetology Vocational School -Cosmetology CHARLES E. RUSSELL II Carpentry Baseball l,2,3, Football l,2,3, Student Council ROY JAMES RUSSELL Math, Science Yearbook Advertising Editor, Junior Prom Come mittee, Student Council, Basketball Timekeeper, Chorus, Bowling, Science Club, Spanish Club,Col- gate Seminar, Intramurals ALAN STEPHEN SALMON Math, Science Track 1,2, Basketball l,4, Football I RAYMOND A. SALMON Agriculture F . F. A. SCOTT SAWYER Math, Science, French Wrestling 2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4, Football 2,3, Stu- dent Council Treasurer 2, Science Club 1, F.F.A. 3,4, Honor Society 2,3,4 MARK WALTER SCHEER Math, Science Band l,2,3,4, Marching Band l,2,3,4, Chorus I, 2,3,4, Mixed Ensemble 3,4, French Club 3,4,Sci- ence Club l, National Honor Society 3,4, Track 3,4, Baseball 1,2, Basketball l,2,3,4, Student Council l,2,3,4, Yearbook Staff, Area All State Chorus l,4, Colgate Seminar 4 JEFF SCOTT P r e s i d e nt Student Council, Representative of F.F,A. ELIZABETH MARIE SEELMAN Business G.A.A,, F.H.A., Business Club SUSAN MARIE SEELMAN Math, French, Science ROBERT SKJELLERUP Industrial Arts Manager Basketball l,2, Baseball 2, Track 2 GAIL LYONS SMITH Cosmetology MICHAEL J. SOKOLOFF Science, Math Football 1,2, Basketball 2,3, Varsity Baseball l, 2,3,4, Yearbook Staff GAYLE GENE STAFFORD Art NORMAN V. STANULEVICH English, Math, Science J.V, Basketball 2, Vice-President of Sophomore Class, National Honor Society CAROL STINEBRICKNER Science Library Club I, F.H.A. Secretary 2, Bowling 1, 2,3, French Club 3, G.A.A. 3, Softball 3 ELLEN JANE STROBEL Spanish, Math, Science JOAN MARIE SULLIVAN Business G.A.A. 1,2, Soccer 1,2, Basketball l,2, Band 1, 2,3, Business Club 1,2, Softball 1,2, Volleyball l, 2, Track 1,2 DIANE MARGARET SURBURG Business BENEDICT PAUL SZALKUCKI Science, Math Football 3,4, Volleyball 2,3,4, Wrestling 3,4, Track 3,4, Chorus 3,4 JACK SZYIKOWSKI Math Baseball l,2,3,4 DONNA TEUSCHER Cosmetology C o 1 o r g u a r d, Gymnastics, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey MARILYN H. TRAINOR Science, Math Science Club 1, F.H.A. l,2,3, Chorus 2,3,4, Girls Ensemble 3, G.A.A. 3, National Honor So- ciety 3,4, Yearbook Staff BONNIE MARIE TRENHAM Science Drama Club, Spanish Club, Volleyball, Basket- ball, Hockey, Softball SHEILA MAY TRUSSELL Spanish, Business Chorus, G.A.A. 1 WILLIAM FISKE WAGONER Marching Band 2,3,4, President, Vice-President Senior Chorus l,2,3,4, Senior Bandl,2,3,4,Track 1,2, Stageband 2,3,4, Literary Club 1,2, AFS 1,2, Area All!State Chorus 2,4, Conference Allstate Choir 4, Colgate Seminar JANICE I. WEAKLEY Business, Home Economics G.A.A. I, F,H.A. 1,2 DONNA MARY WILBERT Science, Business G.A.A. Intramurals, Drama Club, Spanish Club, Cheerleading, Varsity Basketball, Volleyball GWEN ELLEN MARIE WILBERT Advanced Business Machines Bowling, Skiing, F.H.A., G.A.A., Library Club, F.T.A. Chorus, Marching Band, Senior Life Saving MARY RENEE WILBERT Math, Science, Spanish Band 1,2, Pops Ensemble 1,2, Band Club l,2,3, 4, Marching Band 1,2, Drama Club 1, Spanish Club 2,3, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Intramurals l,2,3,4, Cheerleading 2, Scholastic Volleyball 2, Score- keeper, Scholastic Basketball l,2,3, Boys Bas- ketball Chart Sz Scorekeeper, National Honor Society 2,3,4, Freshman Class President SUSAN ELAINE WILLIAMSON G.A.A. l,2, Library Club l CARL D. WILLSON Business Bowling, Wrestling, Senior Chorus, Dramatlcs Club, Eighth and Ninth Grade Representative, Library Club CLAUDIA JUNE YOCKEY Math Chorus l,2,3,4, Chorus Treasurer 4, F.T.A. 1, Rifle Club I, Mixed Ensemble 4, Yearbook Staff, F.H.A. l, Student Council 2,4, Cheerleading l MARK ALAN YOUNGS Agriculture KEVIN GORDON ZEIGLER Math, Science Band, President, Stage Band LAURA MAE ZIMMER Home Economics Soccer l,2,4, Softball 3,4, Basketball l,2,4, Bowl- ing 2, Volleyball l,2,4, G.A.A. l,2,4 GREG DOUGLAS ZOLLER Math, Agriculture, Science, County Reporter of F.F.A., F.F.A. Chapter Secretary, Soccer 1,2 W I Green And White Weekend PEP RALLY Crowning of the King and Queen and dance. . ' xg Mary Beth Rauscher and John McLaughin k Y, ,, , '1: - ,. A if ' i i vii wg 3 1 , 5? 5525? S I A,.,:A,5, , ,A L Q2 .gm 1. W ,wkaw f if Q .wsuwwsmf 'WQM0 6 Nw :Q ig: vs- n. 4l au' B.O.C.E.S. - flvff - , ,,,.. , . 1,- Assaaws ,.,. gv -f'- 3- ' EE' .. -fwv2f:fL2QSW+G E ff g :KiV?iG QN5i5xf wtf ,, was YQ, pdf? 35' 5 ,X gag aw N ff: 4 by . VV-g i A ,,.., If if Y vfM'Uf' V vm r I Wonderous Willie leave my nickname to Mr. Borden ror reissue, my position as tenor drummer and springer player to Steve Egnaczyk, and to Mr. Meyers, all the home- work that I have done this year. fnothing plus nothing: nothingl .M , I Debbie Platt leave to Mary Ralph a big piece of chalk to teach Pribble what a basketball looks like. I Bonnie Lastowski leave to Pat Pribble my ability to shoot during a basketball game. I Michael Lieber leave to Bob Dutch one years supply of Love Wine to drink with Grace Nellenback. I Connie Gilmore, in good health, mind and body, leave to Becky Blair a couch to take care of with my directions, and a joke to laugh at. I Roy Russell leave to all loyal Boonvillers, the fear of the WEST LEYDEN MAFFIA. I Mark Scheer leave to next years Physics Class - Mr. Meyers. I Ben Szalkucki leave to Deb Szalkucki a new brain to use in the year 1984 in order that she will pass Geometry. I Teresa Coscomb leave to Mrs. Hall one Super Spy kit so she can prosecute seniors, also one toll free telephone call to my house anytime of the day or night. I Rene'e Wilbert leave to Diane Ernst afull pencil case. I Diane Hoage leave to Juanita Van Aernam a needle and Thread and the Home Economics Room to lengthen your skirts. I Denise Fazekas leave to Debbie Marsden all my un- developed abilities so that she can have as much fun with them as I did. I Karen Anna leave to Joanne Mahaffy all of the thrill of watc hing wrestling matches! Along with all of our discussions I Sheila Trussell leave to the teachers all their books and homework. I Carl Willson leave to Jon Salisbury a half-eaten jar of Skippy , I Janice Weakley leave to Sue Egnaczyk all my Book- keeping notes for use next year, along with some good luck. I Linda Gouger leave to Becky White all the memories of the fun we used to have on the morning bus. I Debbie Marcy leave to Grace Nellenback the 10 miles we misplaced between Boonville and Poland. I Tom Muha leave to Dave Muha my wrestling sneakers a pair of fins in case he would rather fish it out instead of fighting it out. I Patti Able leave to Gloria Stocklosa all the boys in school with big feet . I Mark Krist leave to Daryl Henry 40 pounds of meat so Henry's Meat Market will not die. I Claudia Yockey leave to Claudia Karlen a book of late passes whenever she needs them, memories, andthis school in hopes she enjoys it as much as I did. CHa, hal I Glen Golden leave to Mr. Sparano, eighth periods to do what ever he wants, because he won't have to watch me in his room anymore. I Linda Bandych leave to Mary Lastowski my desk in Mrs. Pribble's Office. I Randy Ballard leave Mark Krist to the Junior Class... You've got alotta hope. I Debi Denslow leave to any junior girl, the pleasure of upsetting Mr. Borden's basketball players! We Laurie Lisowski and Debbie Pfeiffer leave to Judy Pfeiffer and friends the whole cafeteria, and a manual on how to steal food. May you eat in good health. I Tim Fauvelle leave to Mike Sirois the ability of avoiding another haircut. I Pat Hyde leave to Tina Hyde my fantastic driving ability and to Robin Philips, locker 19 in gym class. I Karen Grenier leave to Mark Martin my abilities in swimming, To swim like a fish! I Betsy Rauscher leave to Kathy Mahaffy all our TOP SECRET techniques for stealing rabbits during a snow storm. I Colleen Woodill leave to Pam Schliecher and Michelle Powell the ability to leave this school in2 years. Until then, have fun! I Ernie Nellenbach leave to Chuck Marsden a cushion for his knees once used by Billy Morales. I Debbie Hoage leave to John Bourgeois my knowledge to finish school. I Janet Mathis leave to Mrs. Zagurski the problem of finding a spare cash register operator. I Cyndi Koster leave to Brenda Youngs the art of sticking Class Will both feet into the mouth at one time and still manage to talk. I Pete Laramie leave to Dennis Williamson my height and an old chewed-up pencil of mine. I Kris Croniser leave to Roberta Platt the ability to have the free spirit any day of the year. I Barb Kornmeyer leave to Joyce Marshall the ability to make all the noise she wants to in the halls. I Joanie Sullivan leave to Diane Crofoot the pleasure of getting caught smoking in the bathrooms. I Marilyn Trainor leave to Vicki Zoller three snow- storms of three feet each to cheerfully enjoy next winter. I Al Beyel leave to Martha and Pam a 50-50 , to Mark a visit from Mr. P., and to Steve a copy of My Polish Christmas . I Sally Brennan leave my amazing sense of logical reasoning and astounding ability in math to Mr. Kraeger and next years Math 12 class. I Peg Meekins leave to any one who would like to take my place, my life as being a student at Adirondack Central. I Jim Ringwald leave to Earl Roggie, my seat and Math I2 book in Mr. Kraeger's room. I Priscilla Pierce leave to Liz Toleno the privilege of playing the piccolo in band, accompanying chorus all alone, and playing in stage band. Good Luck! I Carol Stinebrickner leave to Debby Kaiding all my un- used books on manners, I Sandra Backer leave to Steve Tanner my fantastic marks in math. I Linda Alger leave to any poor soul who can afford it, my fantastic ability to do math. I Elizabeth Seelman leave to the Class of 73 hopes for much happiness and success in their remaining year. We the Physics Class leave Mr. Meyers for all practical purposes. I Mark Kowalik leave to the Junior boys a magnifying glass to help them find it. I Alan Lynch leave to Gary Schleicher the right to sleep on the vocational school bus. I Sue Williamson leave to Dennis Williamson my ability to get along with Mr. Porter. I Robin Failing leave to Donna Failing my unused locker. I Alan Salmon leave to Ken Fitch a super hangover! I Norman Stanulevich leave to the next sports editor the challenge of equaling my literary acrobatics in Ultimate Spinach. I Lefty II leave to Lefty I and Mr. D. my ability to choose a winning team for the Super Bowl. I Mel Greene leave to Cindy Greene all the memories of the year l969 . I RoseAnne Garramone leave to Dee-Dee Fauvelle one pair of dry sneakers in case yours get soggy. I Susan Roberts leave to Robin Phillips my old gym socks and my old sneakers. I Diane Bourgeois leave to Roberta Platt enough imag- ination for another year of art. I Barry Blair leave to Mrs. Hough two dollars less, because I won the bet. I Jayne Dutch leave to Mr. DeSetto my height, so that he can play basketball. I Joanne Paladino leave to Jeannette Paladino all my knowledge I left behind. fshe'll need itl I Jeff Scott leave to Peggy Schoff my ability in Social Studies. I Philip Gaetano leave to Michelle Powell my seat in the Art Room, lst, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th periods. fDon't move in yet, I may need it next year!J I Scott Sawyer leave to Steve Egnaczykanextra throttle cable a new recoil, a small fiberglassing kit, five gallons of gas and a slightly rusty pair of vice-grips. I Gail Smith leave to Mr. Hall one super spy kit. I Michelle Martin leave to Melody Martin, 40 pounds of grated parmesan cheese, 60 pounds of spaghetti and 65 pounds of spaghetti sauce. Enjoy it! I Heidi Gaetano leave to Sue Pie Pierce next years teachers recognition day to go to McDonalds and not be detoured by bridges and country roads. I Linda Brownell leave to Linda Regetz the right to have any or all red haired polaks running after her - Good luck! I Kevin Zeigler leave to Steve Egnaczyk one well-used 10l Easy Tunes for Trombones book to be played only during 5th periods on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. -Md! You are everything we are and more, Greater than ever faultless words, More perfect than we whom you make happen, We are you, Hinging on your contradictions, your dichotomies, your ironies, mysteries. You have made us. : sa ...M-n .2 or fi ' ' 1 ': ' i ii Y Pg? 4 lif me -..-,., . ,,,t .. .. f ' '-T' -Q af ff. as da- A A 5 5 S? i E R Q LL, a f Q, xx Dedication We, the class of 1972, dedicate this yearbook to Mr. Johnson. We have known him asa superb teacher and as a true and sincere friend. Our memories of Mr. Johnson will extend far be- yond the classroom. Board Of Education Og? Mr. Douglas Zoller Mr. David Barber, Mr. Ralph Rauscher Mr, James Warren, President School Attorney 51' MT' Livingston Lansing Mr. John Grems Mr. Robert Johnstone Mr. David Anna MT. Philip Burdick Admzniftmtzon Nir, Douglas Zoller, Mr. Bruce Quick, Mr. Walter Scheer, Mr. Raymond Border, District Principal High School Principal Pupil Personnel Director Guidance Councellor 57 Mr. Vincent Bourn, Mr. Donald Crumb, English Science s J X. f u lr , . .X , . A 'N 4, - , .. 25551 .Sf-ur , J ' if .. , ja ,A . Tx Mr. Edward Deugaw, Mrs. Theda Freeman, Math Social Studies qi! 'Q Q if 1 -.Q Mrs. Geraldine Hall, Mr. Douglas HoughtOn, Nurse English Mrs. Betty Kent, Librarian Mr. Larry Kornatowski Agricu1ture!Science Mrs. Hester Kornmeyer English it :M I M 2 ,af ge :wif 5 J,-gg . ig Mr. Albert Grenning, Music Mrs. Ruth Kuchler, Home Economics Mr. William Myers, Math sfnrrnm f lmfllln... Mrs. Florence Loadwick, Mr. Dennis Kraeger Social Studies Math Mr. John Garbarino, English wk iw if Mrs. Marilyn McIntyre, Business Education Mrs. Marie Schoff, Mr. Joseph Toleno, Business Education Social Studies Mrs. Ann Peters, Music K as yyki ,ME , FN ' Mr. Bruce Weigand Science Mr-,Howard Teal, Mrs. Marjorie Sweeney Agrlculture Business Education Miss Audrey Murphy, Physical Education Mr. Ralph Nebiker, Science N.. no if Mlss Angela Dolan Mr. Ronald Flores, French Spanish aim K -vaw.w,,,,wiM .LUA ,gg ,gms SWVM: iii is f. 4 iff: is in if11g7s+1f:'fs if Pf K Q1:5ws:'4szN1sig7g, Ugg, 5- M-J1sSs155?5wfi23fb52ga. E, .:, df, :55575?iW?E35759iiE wifi!! .L . 34, Nl- Wigs Maze'-9 mflflz. is ff ! j:g ' 25'm?S?ggjg3,33: 5gii5':E1,!YRiEi xii' JY 1 . 1- 'A-sz5SEf?fs14Pz-Sf igfffzf-wfvfarff :-- 1 2 5. if pEsQ?Fe1rzKiQs?i:Fs,fiifiszswig F :H Mrs. Margaret Pribble, Physical Education .E Mr. Ronald Johnson, Mr. Andrew DeSetto, English Driver Education Mr. Anthony Sparano, Mr. Reginald Porter, Art Business Education 255222253 Mr. Albert Worthen, Mr. Donald Powers, Mrs, Shirley Linck School Psychologist Social Studies Audio Visual Aids Mrs. Genevieve Swierczek, Mr. Philip Fiorenza, Library Physical Education Mrs. Janet Bourgeous, Mrs. Betty Hough, Secretary Secretary Mr. Arel Brown Industrial Arts Cafeteria wt . LLV. Q., Mr. Youngs Q Mrs. Miller Mrs. Mathis Mrs. Zagurski 431 H if of W fa 55 . . . 1 K, 1 550533 f f is Mr. Deis Mrs. Gleasman Cuftodiany Mr. Gleasman 5. 'Emi 5 Z 'Q 2- .- , 1' O' K nf V1 I Y ' 1' 0 z B l xv as Mr. Wood K Mr. Ringwala Mrs. Wallace Bus Driver! Mr. Anna, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Williams, Mr. Yauger, Mr. Marcy, Mr. Weidmer, Mr. Schneible, Mr. Griffith, Mr. Rauscher, Mrs. Service, Mr. Brownell. ., tim? ,, Q 67 'X ,W I! f vl v , ws, Xian ynf' h ,W , ff LFP, ,, H M Q JAM L. A3 Y, mi fa mi, ,ww K. Vi 'S 5' RLEFSES. is ' If , W .3 2: E 3 l A gk 'tv gg? ig? As 5 x S. . .5-we-.3 Mm ' ' ' .iz nv.. ,Q .,.. - V I if ,v , nf: , 2 ,,vf , I .2' . Z ' f ' A '? , K 1- M if as Eh sk is 'K Q ff Q 5 fi. i N ,, A ?gf'?jvsfv-, . A CREED There is a destiny that makes us brothers: None goes his way alone: A11 that we send into the lives of others, Comes back into our own. I care not what his temples or his creeds, One thing holds firm and fast - That into his fateful heap of days and deeds, The soul of man is cast. Edwin Markham rclayymen I! N3 5 '!uK-,ss J w union' . 6 .W A M Dibble B. Blair R. Dustin V. Zoller C. Lee D. Marcincowski J. Quick T. Weiler R Smith M. Gerish B. Bourgeois E. Pritchard G. Nellenback M Thorton S. LaVeck L. Trainor S. Kornatowski D. Mathis S. Rowlands R. Hunt J. Mercer Basho D. Mllha Cullins Bessmer S. Egnaczyk J. Amicucci Wilson B. Joslin Leskevar Freeman J. Matt D. Trainor Trussell J. Hardin Roggie Damuth D. Failing S. Tanner Petroncelli R. Gifford Nemo Koster P. Laramie C. Monderick Karlen B. Lyons Pfeiffer Weiler Ai Vivero Bailey Zeigler Schoff M. Martin Green Fitch Ralph Pfendler Goodhines Morales Little Rauscher Youngs Zimmer Regetz McCauley Brown Henry Kaiding Weiler Crofoot Bronson Pfendler Weeks Yelton Pupko Pierce .... A. Sanchez J. Stocklosa B. Youngs S. Egnaczyk J. Kent R. Phillips J. Marshall M. Donahue A. LaFave M. Moonan A. Capron G. Stocklosa D. Ernst T. Gately D. Marsden B C D C C . Kerber . Beha . Weidmer . Ruddy . Marsden Platt Niperkowski Thayer Meyer Stocklosa Nellenback Miller Pruckno Garlock Johnson Fulmer Kwasnewski Earl Kimpton Sullivan Carter Worden Sturtevant Fauvelle Hicks Urtz Muha Kafka Hall Morelas Mills Stabb Bronson Mills Gleasman Kaido Shampine Wheeler Stinebreckner Webster union' Moonan Mahaffy Griffin Rauscher Scheicher Meyers Czepiel Sullivan ,4- P Elerick J Malcom P Pribble Winters Mesler Getman Daktor Crolius Hyde Marcinkowski Edick Seelman Mills Stabb Amicucci Yauger Marcy Regetz Ernst Williamson Thayer Kowalik Butler Shue D. Geiskopf M. Kelly D. Jones Reppard King Brower Kwasnewski Harris Lee Kessler Murphy VerSchnider Lemiex Moonan Szalkucki Simson Leskovar Rude Russell Duel Walker Mason Sweinsburg Lisowski Priest A. Hough L. Owens Ferris Cushman Basho HMI- Bourgeois Wilson Seaton Welch Schleicher Alger White Edick Leffingwell Perry Conklin Sopbomorey Tompkins Marcy Gymbregh Lee Grower Younger Perry Yager Zeigler Mahaffy Sawyer Moonan Colby Kramer McLaughlin Low Merza Fredericks Lemiex Williason Brown Marks Jones Persons Parsons Blair Jones Doolen Korman Cerro Paladino Lisowski Mm Patrick Kwasnewski Dowling Dauback Miller Combs Sturdevant Nebiker Jenks Woolschieger Kirk Waskiewich Skj ellerup Manning Mooney Lee Failing Loadwick Stysh Nickerson Healt Gilbert Ruddy Shanks Croniser Strobel Meyer Croniser Powell Rybaltowski Meekins Seelman Charbonneau Platt Porter Bailey Croniser Laf ave Hutchins Sprowell Williamson Croniser Chihaki Toleno Sessions Vanluven Failing Cagwin Williams Lisowski Kornmeyer Clare Putney Hultse Smith Pullman Freybmen K. Rudd V. Mooney J. McCauley M. Stinebriclmer N. Gallo J. Salisbury D. Nellenback S. Bourgeois R. Gleasman J. Bovair C. Trussell M. Joslins J. Ohms P. Favret W. W ? . Healt . Denslow . Sullivan Sullivan . Roscher Greene F. T. E. D. M M C. D Persons Yager Ralph Stocklosa Toleno Martin Rauscher Karlen 'S W gpm M4 if D. Urtz B. Meager M. Bailey Sokoloff Larrivey Kapp Yauger Miller Traxel Lastowski Sessions Swancott Ernst Hutchins S. Houghton G Iseneker M. Mazur S. Clarke B. Scouten L. Williamson J. Reigler E. Pritchard B. Eddy S. Howard K. Hardin P Evans Horner Wierczek LaF1ame bk. Freybmen Daskiewich Walton Turner Mandry Bellinger Stevens Tanner McDougall Nellenback B. Kristoff H. Winters S. Zeigler C. Montgomery E. Anna J. Urtz P. Roser P. Perry D. Leyburn D. Kaiding D. Beha C. Durney R. Wilbert L. Vernold A. Laramie B. Loucks J. Pfeiffer S. Sasenbury J. Garbarino C. Hammond C. Kiepron T. Murphy P. Schoff S. Pfeiffer T. Krambuhl S. Dutch L. McDougall R. Bandych K. Mooney M. Wilbert is 4 .3 VV, Thornton Bosworth Jenks Platt Lemieux Trainor Hance Iseneker Stanulevich Joslin Preston Bronson Jackson LaVeck Leffingwill Rauscher Stabb Hicks Marks Weiler Kornmeyer Zeigler Proper Moonan Croniser Finster Zimmer Phillips Nellenback Bachman Nellenback Pfendler Thayer Ferris Wi- .1 Invictus Out of the night that covers me, Black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. William Ernest Henley if fir, A .,, ziu A .AE 5 Actzwtzex f l I a X 81 Student Cezmcil J. Kwasniewski, P. Pribble, J. Marcy, M. Kramer, K. Gallo, E. Toleno, M. Moonan, D. Denslow, M. Rauscher, P. Moonan, C. Yockey, S. Pierce, J. Cerro, P. Pierce, The Student Council acts as the governing body of the school. Its projects are varied. For example it publishes the student handbooks, T' M. Scheer, K. Anna, P. King, L. Lisowski, M. Williamson, V. Zoller, M. Grower, J. Rauscher, R. Dutch. runs a magazine drive, and sponsors Green and White Weekend. C01 gate Seminar S. Sawyer, B. Wagoner, A. Beyel, B. Kornmeyer, C Leyburn, G. Golden, K. Gallo, L. MacDougall, D. Fazekas Some of the members of the Senior class par- ticipate in a Seminar sponsored by Colgate University. The members are selected on the v P. Denslow, L. Gouger, D. Marcy, C.Gi1more,K. Anna, P. Pierce, M. Scheer, M. Trainor. basis of their academic achievements. Some of the courses offered are, Drama, Logic, Psy- chology, and Mythology. Notionall-Iono1f Society D. Wiedmer, J. Amicucci, S. Egnaczyk, J. Cerro, D. P. Pierce, M. Dibble, C. Gilmore, K. Anna, M. Moonan, Marcinkowski, S. Sawyer, H. Kwasniewski, J. Marshall, M. Scheer, A. Beye1,R.Wilbert,C.Ne11enback,M. Trainor D. Marcy, B. Kornmeyer, J. Quick, J. Moonan, G. Golden, The National Honor Society is an organization chosen on the basis of leadership, scholarship, made up of students from the Sophomore, Jun- character, service and academic ability. ior, and Senior classes. The students are J- Quick, B- KOI'1'11T1eyeI', D. Marcy, P. Scheilcher, K. P. Pierce, S. Pierce, K. Anna, M. Grower, S. Backer, T. Mahaffy, C. Gilmore, M. Donahue, B. Wheeler, C. Woodall, Coscomb, H, Gaetano, A. Beyel The Future Teachers of America is anorgani- members is held in the fall. They have at- zation to enable students to observe and even tended conferences and have two members on teach in the classroom. An initiation of new the Zone Board. F.F.A. 55 'ii . iirgxlilf J. Marcinkowski, D. Stysh, E. Seelman, C. Rauscher, D. Leffingwell, E. Stabb, J. Bourgeouis, D. Muha, P. Lee, J. Croniser, J. Simpson, E. Nellenback, D. Williamson, S. Nellenback, J. Miller, D. Mathis, G.Stinebrickner,J.Scott This 0I'g3-HiZati0f1 is made up of those Wh0 are that areinvolved init. For example they partici- interested in agriculture and the various things pared ina land judging contest and did very well. F.H.A. O l 5- Parry. Mrs. Kllchlef, E- Seelman, D- BOUFSSOUS, J- D. Hoage, L. Alger, L. Owens, D. Hoage, B. Putney, S. Paladino, J. Miller, P. Bourgeous, J. Edick, J. Paladino, Bagkef The Future Homemakers of America is com- nomics. The PUTPOSG Of this 01'8a1'liZati0H is posed of girls who are enrolled in Home Eco- to improve personal and family living. Spaniylo Club M. Kwasniewski, L. Trussel, L. Kushman, S. Pfeiffer, R. Nellenback, C. Healt, S. Trussel, T. Coscomb, R. Jordan, Jenks, B. Blair, D. Szalkucki, R. Marks, T. Dowling, M. S. Brennan, P. Pribble, V. Zoller, J. Kwasniewski, C. Harris, V. Strobel, J. Salsbury, S. Ernst, P. Sokoloff, N. Trussel, K. Carpenter, N. Gallo, C. Sawyer, J. Dutch The Spanish Club is an organization to help its members learn more about the history and culture of the language. French Club M. B. Moonan, J. Quick, L. Gouger, K. Mahaffy, K. Cerro, M. Scheer, B. Bailey, M. Williamson, P. Moonan, J. Mahaffy The French Club is open to anyone interested candy and food at the football games and they in the French language and culture. They sell made a trip to Canada this year. Bzzfineff Club Q? J. Skellerup, P. Doolen, D. Thayer, L. Pullman, D. Fazekas, L. Gouger, J. Edick, C. Gilmore The Business Club is composed of students who are in Business courses. This group operates the school bookstore. Sfoakererref 5? 11 ii M S J. Skjellerup, V. Sturtevant, N. Weiler, A. Mathis, L. B. Joslin, C. Koster, C. Gilmore, D.Zeig1er,P. Schliecher O'Brien, P. Kwasniewski, H. Ernst, M. Beasock, J, M. Grower, D. Fauvelle, T. Fauve11e,E.Toleno, S. Korna- towski, M. Harris, G. Egnaczyk, A. Beyel, J. Marcy, E Senior Banc! S. Sullivan, J. Kwasniewski, B. Wheeler, M. Grower, P Schliecher, P. Schweinsburg, D. Fauvelle, Mr. Grenning, S. Kornatowski, E. Yuhaz, M. Donahue, S. Yauger, P. Wool- schalger, B. Zeigler, C. Gilmore, M. Rauscher, M. Toleno, S. Perry, E. Toleno, R. White, B. Joslin, B. Meekins, J Low. D. Liddle, J. Stocklosa, T. Coscomb, S. Brennan, M v X Kramer, M. Harris, E. Rogie, M. Thorton, R. Lemieux, K. Larrivey, K. Ziegler, J. Garbarino, T. Dowling, G. Egna- czyk, L. Jenks, P. Pierce, F. Ernst, M. Bailey, G. Nellen- back, M. Kowalik, M. Scheer, B. Wagoner, E. Stabb, R. Healt, F. Nebiker, D. Marcinkowski, L. Hicks, J. Breen, S, Egnaczyk, A. Capron, A. Beyel, S. Jenks, J. Marcy Stage Bam! Sixth Period Bama' T. Jackson, K. Vicks, J. Traxel, K. Shue, N. Daskiewich, B. Brown, P. Perry, S. Houghton, V Moonan, D. Zeigler, K. Stabb, B. Wilbert, T. Fauvelle Area All Slate Orcbeffm P. Pierce, M. Kramer, S. Egnaczyk, K. Zeigler, A. Beyel Area All-State Band A. Capron, E. Toleno, D. Fauvelle, J. Garbarino, M. Toleno Senior Claomf L. Sullivan, P. Pierce, S. Bourgeois, S. Montgomery, T. Hyde, P. Pribble, S. Meyer, M, Scheer, V. Zoller, C Yockey, D. Karlen, A. Beyel, R. Bellinger, P. Bosworth M. Toleno, P. Parry, N. Gallo, P. Schleicher,P. Meekins L. Regetz, S. Roggie, J. Kwasniewski,P. Alger, C. Sawyer D. Denslow, S. Trussell, L. Brownell, B. Kornmeyer, B Szalkucki, S. Zeigler, D. Egnaczyk, L. Lisowski, K. Arma M. Powell, E. Yuhasz, K. Mahaffy,N. Sullivan, D. Geiskopf B. Wheeler, J. Quick, P. Woolschlager, C. Leyburn, K Cerro, M. Kwasniewski, D. Swancott, M. Kramer, E. Anna, B. Kowalik, J. Mahaffy, J. Loadwick, R. Sessions, T. Coscomb, M. Donahue, J. Welch, L. Jenks, E. Toleno, M. Grower, D. Szalkucki, T. Jackson, M. Trainor, V. Strobel, T. Jackson, M. Bourgeois, E. Stabb, B. Healt, B. Wagoner, C. Trainor, M. Williamson, P. Rybaltowski, J. Ohm, S. Egnaczyk, M. B, Rauscher, B. Clarke,M. Kowalik, P. Moonan, V. Moonan, M. B. Moonan, F. Ernst Area-All State QF? . 1 .,, Q' M- M. Kowalik, B. Szalkucki, B. Wagoner, T. Jackson, J. B- K0l'Um9YeI'. M- Scheer, L- Brownell, B- Clarke, D Loadwick, L. Lisowski, B. Healt, P. Moonan, D. Egnaczyk, DSHSIOW, K- Anna, M- B- MOOHHH, M- RHUSCTISI' I Girly Choral' J. Kent, M- LaSt0wSki, S. Clark, S. Parson, K.KiPr0r1, Healt, T. Stabb, J. Welch, P. Doolen, R. Phillips, J. C. Trussel, C. Lemieux, V. Merza, P. Schoff, R. Yauger, Paladino, P. King, J. LaVeck, R. Marks, C. Hammond, M. Kapp, R. Marks, P. Schliecher, K. Carpenter, C. K. Horner Girly Quartet Conference All-Slate Cfaoruy C. Leyburn, L. Lisowski, L. Brownell, D. Denslow B. Wagoner, P. Pierce, L. Brownell, B. Szalkucki Nlixed Ememble V. Zoller, M. Grower, C. Sawyer, D. Szalkucki, M, T. Coscomb, D. Egnaczyk, B, Wagoner, T. Jackson, B Kwasniewski, E. Toleno, J. Loadwick, M. Powell, C, Szalkucki, M. Scheer, E. Stabb, R. Healt, M. Kowalik Yockey, B. Kornmeyer, L. Brownell, D. Denslow, K. M. Rauscher, B. Clark Anna, P. Pierce, P. Moonan, M. Moonan, L. Lisowski, 1 Boy 5 Octet D. Egnaczyk, B. Wagoner, M. Kowalik, B. Szalkucki, T. Jackson, M. Scheer, A. Beyel Q Behind The Scenef. . . if Q me-,X 3 gd' OD' . . The Performance Last spring, the Senior Chorus presented Rogers and Hammerstein's South Pacific . After many hours of rehearsing and hard work, we ended up with a very successful show. 'QW T , : ,J 5 S- ct.. 's MK .9 1. Concert Band FLUTES: B. Meekins, P. Pierce P. Schweinsberg, E. Toleno, S Yauger. OBOE: M. Toleno. CLARI- NET: T. Breen, M. Donahue, F. Ernst, L. Jenks, B. Joslin, C. Kos- ter, M. Kowalik, D. Liddle, J. Low, G. Nellenback, S. Perry, G. Stock- losa, B White, P. Woolschlager, B Zeigler. ALTO CLARINET: S. Sul- livan. BASS CLARINET: P Schleicher. SAXOPHONE: S. Bren- nan, D. Fauvelle, S. Jenks, S. Korn- atowski, J. Marcy, E. Yuhasz, G. Egnaczyk. HORNS: M. Kramer, M Rauscher, M. Bailey. TRUMPETS J. Breen, C. Gilmore, M. Grower M. Harris, J. Kwasniewski, J. Mills E. Roggie, M. Thornton, B. Wheeler BARITONE HORN: E. Stabb, R Healt. TROMBONE: A. Beyel, S Egnaczyk, J. Garbarino, L. Hicks D. Marcinkowski, R. Mathis, F Nebiker,. B. Wagoner. TUBAS: A Capron, N. Maclntyre. DRUMS - PERCUSSION: K. Larrivey, R. Le- mieux, M, Scheer, K. Zeigler, T Fauvelle. , L 5 Q., 1' Yearbook Staff EDITOR TIM JACKSON LITERARY EDITOR KAREN ANNA ACTIVITIES EDITOR BARBARA KORNMEYER PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR HEIDI GAETANO SENIORS GLEN GOLDEN MARY BETH RAUSCHER UNDERCLASSMEN CONNIE GILMORE WILLIAM WAGONER CANDIDS BRAD HESSE BRAD ISENEKER SALES MANAGER MARK SHEER SALES RANDY BALLARD TERESA COSCOMB MICKEY SOKOLOFF DEBRA MARCY LINDA BROWNELL COLLEEN JOHNSON ADVERTISING MANAGER ROY RUSSELL SALES RONALD DUTCH MARILYN TRAINOR LINDA GOUGER KATHY GALLO CLAYTON NELLENBACK JACK SZYIKOWSKI LAYOUT CYNDI LEYBURN GIRLS SPORTS BOYS SPORTS TYPISTS PROOFREADER ADVISOR LAURIE LISOWSKI PATTI ABEL ROSEANNE GARRAMONE CLAUDIA YOCKEY JOHN RAUSCHER BONNIE LASTOWSKI DEBRA PFEIFFER A. J. SPARANO i aff!-wg 41 , .gg J EW if Q1 5 ,x 4 3 4.1 ,as ki .'-QU' '?,9 s QU Si X-suis isa' . , ,W 5 1 rf! E ,xi bw M' as giadrwmww ,,W, .5 J 1 2, f Q My strength is as the strength of ten, Because my heart is pure. NJ' Spa 97 Vanity Bayketball The A.C.S. Varsity finished second in Inter- valley League competition this year with a 12-2 record. The team's overall record was 14-3 for the season. The Wildcats have now compiled a 70-10 record over the past four years. Big assets to the team were the rebounding and scoring of Terry Breen along with the scoring of Tim Jackson and Ron Dutch. Dutch also set a new school record by dumping in 45 points in a single game. The team enters sectional play as defending Class C Section III champions. Adirondack 72 Westmoreland 56 78 West Canada 75 65 Poland 38 63 Oriskany 73 72 Stockbridge 46 68 South Lewis 67 73 Beaver River 74 90 Dolgeville 53 40 Madison 58 63 Westmoreland 44 78 West Canada 64 72 Poland 63 76 Stockbridge 70 82 Oriskany 63 81 Lowville 49 97 Dolgeville 61 63 Madison 55 G. Berger M. Scheer J. Ringwald T. Jackson L. Hall G. Golden B. Jenks Mr. Borden C. Nellenback J. Rauscher M. Ritter J. Breen T. Breen R. Dutch A. Salmon Glen Golden John Rauscher Terry Breen Ron Dutch Mark Ritter Jerry Breen i 4 1 Alan Salmon, Clayton Nellenback Mark Scheer, Jim Ringwald Tim Jackson junior Varsity Bayketball J. Marcy B. Kowalik S. Jenks C. Marsden S. Egnaczyk J. Sturtevant E. Roggie D. Henry J. Moonan W. Morales M. Pupko B. Healt Mr. Garrett The Junior Varsity squad, after a slow start, finished the season with an eleven game winning streak for an overall record of 13 wins and two losses. Late season victories over Westmore- land and Oriskany avenged early season losses and brought the Junior Wildcats a share of their third consecutive league title. The club capi- talized on a tenacious defense to overcome their lack of height allowing the opposition to score over 50 points only twice during the season. The overall defensive average was 41.5 points per game while the offense averaged 61.9 points per game. Adirondack 50 Westmoreland 52 67 West Canada 38 53 Poland 40 53 Oriskany 64 77 Stockbridge 35 77 Dolgeville 32 - 71 Madison 34 50 Westmoreland 39 56 West Canada 48 57 Poland 41 66 Stockbridge 36 48 Oriskany 35 49 Lowville 47 66 Dolgeville 43 88 Madison 39 uwwiamm: D. Leyburn B. Denslow J. Garbarino S. Egnaczyk R . Walton B. Meagher Mr. Porter C. Rauscher V. Moonan M. Bourgeous J. Slifka M. Wilbert R. Bandych S. Zeigler Freshman Basketball The Adirondack Freshman has apretty success- ful season, finishing the year with an8-4record. The team was lead by Vaughn Moonan with an average of 13 points per game followed by Jeff Slifka with a 12.6 points per game average. Rebounding was handled by Mickey Wilbert who received plenty of help from Slifka and Moonan. Gary Egnaczyk and Bradley Meagher played a strong game at the guard positions. The team averaged 48 points per game and limited the opposition to 39 points per game. The team as a whole had good height, good ability and the desire to work which can only lead to some good basketball in the next few years. Adirondack 25 Dolgeville 37 41 West Canada 30 38 Beaver River 36 57 Madison 39 67 Stockbridge 1 1 56 Poland 32 32 Westmoreland 42 66 Oriskany 54 50 Dolgeville 34 41 West Canada 50 39 Beaver River 55 63 Poland 44 L mm- u: ..'t 1w1ff,lmam-'.:,1ewwf f ww, an 'il ml .:4,inm.u' l m Vanity Football S. Jenks, D. Henry, B. Szalkucki, D. Croniser, C. Marsden, D. Williamson, A. Carter, R. Lawrence, B. Clarke, J Moonan, Managers: J. Garbarino, B. Jenks, M. Henry, B Wilbert, P. Larrimee, D. Joslin, R. Healt, M. Krist, J McLaughlin, B. Morales, G. Podkowka, S. Egnaczyk vw Coaches: Mr. G. Garrett, Mr. T. Nightingale, G. Golden, D. Rauscher, P. Champlain, G. Breen, L. Hicks, G. Ritter, H. Kwasiewski, J. Matt, E. Nellenback, D. Marcinkowski, F. Nebiker SEASON RESULTS A.C.S. 18 Lowville A.C.S. 35 Stockbridge A.C.S. 10 Westmoreland A.C.S. 33 West Canada A.C.S. 6 Dolgeville A.C.S. 8 Oriskany A.C.S. O Madison A. C.S. 6 Carthage The 1971 Varsity Football Team got off toa fast start with four straight victories to run their two year unbeaten string to eight in a row. Then the Blue Devils from Dolgeville snapped the win skein with the aid of a goal line stand on the 6 inch line to defeat the Wildcats 13 to 6. The following week the Wildcats met the Redskins from Oriskany in a show down for the league title. A.C.S. led all the way until the fourth period when Oriskany capitalized on a fumbled punt to take a 12 to 8 lead and then scored twice in the final four minutes to ice the contest. From there on the season was all downhill as the Wildcats dropped their remaining two games to finish the season witha4-4 record. Highlights of the season was senior tailback John McLaughlin breaking the single game rushing record with 183 yards on 23 carries against Stockbridge. Named to the Intervalley League All-Conference Team were John McLaughlin as linebacker, Glen Golden as safety, Ernie Nellenback as center and Dave Rauscher as guard. Jerry Breen and Greg Ritter received honorable mention. Additional honors were bestowed on John McLaughlin and Jerry Breen who were given honorable mention on the All-Upstate New York Football Team as linebacker and tackle respectively. if a 'ip fm.. , -. ' , ., ,K K 15 ' 4 ' Sv,w Q M.. W' ,Q V .. Q is i fm M Q Q F .. b , Vx . fc 'll ' 4 4 'f'-'1 47' be ...Q far-ES 'evf .234 X 'l '- c L ,M .. ...WN 3 W 1 1 ai f Q . , X ,M 1 '32 Rf .X Qgg 3894 if f QS!! M f:. m 5 dv if Q ? -,N . was if'-sg 'F 3 fl H , FH, vs fig? Af gm t V, Q 'PL' Y' 30 if - 4 ,jk A Q N.-bs I il-ek ww- 0 vs, . W. 1 l 41:81 P fi 1? 3 C ,I , n 4 5.4 K n A five ...D ,F va 4 ...:m321 fYfi'gi EE ' if 'f' f.? I I 1.14 V Q -ing' 9 .X va ,J 5 . Fulfs-Q JI ax .I I Q Q , ,, d,,.Q , A 5 junior High Football J. Slifka, K. Duell, K. Larrivey, R. Walton, S. Wilbert, D. Weiler, S. Howard, J. Pruckno, K. Ernst, T. Kornmeyer L. Zeigler, Mgr., B. Matt, P. Bosworth, A. Grenier, P Gatley, C. Zeigler, B. Edwards, J. Zelazowski, J. Gar- barino, T. Podkowka, B. Shanks, P. Golden, J. Traxel, M Bourgeous, K. Dutch, G. Tyler, J. Ernst, M. Bronson, M Wilbert, T. Murphy, K. Stabb, R. Bandych, R. Porter, Coach, G. Klosner, Coach. Junior High Football, composed of 8th and 9th grade boys, was played for the first time in Adirondack's History. Thirty-seven boys saw plenty of action and at times showed plenty of promise for future Wildcat Football. The team ended with a two win- two loss- 1 tie record. SEASON RESULTS A.C.S. 22 Stockbridge 0 A.C.S. 0 Westmoreland 44 A.C.S. 0 Dolgeville 0 A.C.S. 24 Oriskany 12 A.C.S. 6 West Canada 8 1. .,-, . --1 '--- ,wmw4ew:wwfw:1:vzwtQ,leff a.wzasw: Wreytling S Sawyer D Mathis, D. Muha, A. Capron, K. Stabb, M. Kelly, T. Murphy, S. Zeigler, M. Bronson The 1971-72 Wrestling team who found winning very hard earlier in the season due to a lack of experience, showed great signs of improve- ment and finished the season with a third place finish in the Intervalley league and fourth place in the Adirondack Christmas Tournament. The starting line up consisted of five Freshman, all of which should be outstanding in the near future. Mark Kramer, Martin Kelly and Brian Mason were outstanding Sophomoresg the three com- piled a record of 29 wins against 6 losses. Juniors Dale Mathis, Andy Capron and Jim Hardin finished the season looking like very good wrestlers who should provide added muscle for next year. Senior, Captain Scott Sawyer had an outstanding year, with an over all record of 19 wins, 3 losses and a tie. He was undefeated in the Intervalley League, took first place in the ACS Christmas Tournament and second place in the sectionals. 105 Varsity Baseball Mr. DeSetto, T. Kowalik, R. Vernold, D. Loadwick, B. Meagher, J. McLaughlin, R. Zeigler, Mr. Larrabee, B. Satterly, G. Hardin, M. Sokoloff, M. Krist, B. Dunn, J. Szyikowski. The 1971 Baseball team was runner up to the InterValley league title losing the play-off to Oriskany. Each team finished the season with a 13-l league records. Adirondack was also runner up in the Section III Champion- ship when they lost to South Lewis in the finals 12-7. David Loadwick was the leading hitter for the season with a .453 average. The team had a combined batting average of .324 for the season. Lorenzo Carter was the leading pitcher. He pitched a no-hitter in the season's opener against Madison. Tom Kowalik fssj, Carter fpj and David LoadwickflBJ made the League All Star team with Rick Zeigler fofj, Rick Ver- nold f2bJ and John McLaughlin feb winning second team hon- OTS. Adirondack 13 Madison 1 Carter No Hitter 3 Lowville O 2 Lowville 3 Called Snow 9 West Canada 2 5 Westmoreland 0 5 Innings, rain 7 South Lewis 2 26 Poland 6 4 1X2 Innings, no contest 3 Oriskany 2 5 Madison l 3 Stockbridge 2 6 Stockbridge 5 6 West Canada 5 8 Innings 5 Oriskany 7 8 Dolgeville 4 1 1 Dolgeville 1 5 Westmoreland 4 8 Imiings 8 Poland 4 6 Mohawk 3 Section III Tournament 6 Sherburn Earlville 3 Section III Tournament 0 Oriskany 4 League Playoff 7 South Lewis 12 Section III Final .Wa Q ,K , 1 Q 1 1 1 2 9' 1 i Y 1 , 1 X R ' , 1 Es' X ' 9 1 V 107 108 zmior Varsity Baseball B. Morales, B. Lyons, T. Weiler, D. Henry, J. Moonan, B. Kowalik, G. Gleasman, A. Capron, L. Hall, P. Shampine, S. Tanner, A. Carter, S. Jenks, R. Dutch, J. Marcy. Track L- Hicks, C- Nellenback, J . Brennan, M- Jenks, M- Kramer, Sanchez, P. Johnstone, J. Ringwald, M. Ritter, B. Hesse R. Dutch, B. Szalkucki, M. Scheer, G. Henry, J. Matt, B. L. Fuller, Mr. Nightingale, Coach. Mathis, G. Golden, T. Jackson, S. Egnaczyk, S. Sawyer, A. Croix Country H. Winters, G. Henry, L. Fuller, D. Loucks, B. Mason, S. Zeigler, M. Kelly. Gay R. Dustin, M. Kramer, M. Harris. 109 Vanity Cbeerleadem Eilee Il Lorie l1lfk'W 1ll 1U '1i wmQmwMW1ll T1 . , imm mm n A Q ' ' -. , .. .. ,. ,WM m,.. X, A mm,. 5. g A 1 W .' k h 7 : H ,-fU , '--L ff,ffm1s1isesf1fef:2 il ww 5 ' 3W i?fff5 ' Q1 11 me kxgfgffvfgg l R V 5i5f?j.,E3fif5f im ' . . 1 V - , 5 ii B. Urtz, L. Jenks, K. Mahaffy, J , Kaldo, E. Prltchard, M. Rauscher V gpg-agua, ' , X KW ,V V . , Xywf-155339 szswziigsgsefpg 'sei tissxsr Y A L h ,mm,A Am,, M . m,m,..,. K ' f kk 5 L'kk f 7 K, ' ' Janet Mary Beth, Kathy Beverly zmior Varsity Cheerleaders B. Meekins, L. Sullivan, D. Szalkucki, S. Parsons, M. Martin, E. Pritchard, P. Pribble, C. Sawyer, F. Ernst. . V . ...,::-- n a-1 : 9219-dz'Esi.wz5iLb'g-'W ,V ? fm ve .- ,-Jw JL .4 Q K U ff . , 4 , V, 1 A , ww 135. 1 .. ' '?Wf'2w S W 'ii -F -J' fr - Q V , Wfi fl wg-1 ff. qw-' 1f.'swpff.'f V- - A--f'. ' ,qc 'nw Y A- ,-,'. - S35 fi gi 5 s S wggw H 112 Bowling M. Martin, T. Weiler, C.Hyde,D.Marsden,M. Hance, Claire, L. Worden, G. Nellenback, C. Willson, R. K. Dauback, J. McCauley, A. Russell, T. Evans, M. Pfendler, B. Beha, S. Nellenback, Mr. Garbarino Rifle Team M. Claire, T. Weiler, D. Williamson, Mr. Wason, T. Krambuhl, P. Larramie, R. Lisowski, B. Lemieux. M. Lastowski, R. Jenks, C. Sawyer, B. Lastowski, L. Ban- dych, P. Pribble, D. Szalucki, S. Meyers, B. Zeigler, S. Egnaczyk, B. Meekins, E. Yuhaz, S. Brennan, J. Jones, F Ernst, S. Kornatowski, A. Russell, P. Moonan, M. B. Moon- an, D. Marcy, J. Kwasneiski, D. Platt, Mrs. Pribb1e,M Martin, L. Wieczerzak, J. Urtz, S. Nellenback, K. Grenier G. A. A. Q . N., Ami i. JQQQQQ ,W . V y 2 f . dw. ,M -mf, .ag it tijgxg, , W . - . K ef mx T. Hyde, M. B. Rauscher, L. Freeman, J. Walker, L. Zim- mer, J. Skellerup, D. Fauvelle, B. Urtz, Miss Murphy, E Pritchard, C. Gilmore, P. Doolen, J. Kaido, V. Zoller, G Nellenback, A. Gimbirch, L. Gouger, M. Trainor, D. Schoff S. Parsons, B. Stanulevich, M. Martin, D. Thayer. A f' zmior Vanity Bafketball C. Meyers, D. Szalkucki, C. Sawyer, R. Jenks, B. Zeigler, M. Lastowski, M. Ralph, P. Pribble, F. Ernst, A. Gymburch, Mrs. Pribble Girly Sojifball yinliy .iff-3'ifv. lf: B. Urtz, E. Pritchard, J. Jones, C. Meyer, D. Szalkucki, Freeman, B- Tfenham, R9-l1SCh6I', L- Jenks, D- CZ9Pi91 F. Ernst, P. Pribble, C. Stinebrickner, B. Croniser, J. L. Zimmer, B- LaSt0WSk1, L- BaHdYCh, 5- PGTSOIIS- 114 Miller, J. Kaido, B. Wheeler, B. Zeigler, D. Platt, L. I Vanity Basketball S Kornatowskl B Lastowski, L. Bandych, L. Jenks, D. Schoff, D. Platt, L. Zimmer, J. Kaido, M Rauscher Mrs Prlbble. The girl's team of 1971-72 did an outstanding job to win the Intervalley League Championship. They also participated in their first Section III game and in an area championship game, and CDE Championship game. The girls will suffer a loss when this years seniors are gone, but are looking for a promising team next year. The team made the following scorings: Adirondack 53 South Lewis 14 fnon leagueb 40 Westmoreland 19 31 Poland 16 23 West Canada 20 35 Westmoreland 17 19 Beaver River 20 26 Poland 27 26 Rome School for 20 the Deaf 34 New York Mills 12 24 South Lewis 5 34 West Canada 25 45 Poland 28 17 Waterville 9 17 Beaver River 18 The Jv's has an undefeated season, winning all nine games they played. 115 116 We have three teams this year. We have a new freshman team which will play matches along with the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams. We will be playing Lowville, Beaver River, West- moreland, Oriskany, Poland, and West Canada. With such a fine looking team we are looking for Section III Championship. S. Persons, D. Platt, B. Lastowski, L. Bandych, D. Sur- burg, Mrs. Pribble, S. Sullivan, S. Kornatowski, J. Kaido S. Egnaczyk, D. Karlen, L. Jenks, D. Persons, J. Kwasniew- ski, C. Platt, B. Zeigler, E. Yuhasz, C. Hyde, P. Pribble F. Ernst, D. Szalkucki. Field Hockey I 'WW EL Field hockey is a new sport this year, there- fore our team is young and inexperienced. The , team played 3 games against Lowville, Beaver River and West Canada. The girls played well for a young team and are looking forward to victory next year. Vin' D. Croniser, D. Nickerson, D. Urtz, C. Bachman,E. Pritch- ard, S. Nellenback, D. Wieczerzak, M. Martin, L. Vernold, G. Nellenback, J. Skjellerup, P. Dutch, D. Ne1lenback,B. Stanulevich, S. Nellenback, J. Urtz. G ymnasticy l .A The team is relatively small with much potential. Vickie Zoller, Amy Leskovar, Barb Meekins, Cindy Sawyer, Janice Pfendler and Donna Teuscher all look strong in their areas and are looking towards a good strong season at their meets. V. DeRoos, B. Meekins, Z. Rebe, A. Kwasniewski, J. Egnaczyk, N. Lemieux, S. Swerzak, V. Zo11er,D. Tanner, C. Sawyer, J. Capron, C. Stinebrickner, Miss Murphy. Absent: D. Teuscher, J. Pfendler, A. Leskovar. Swim Team The newly organized Junior High girls team proved to be very threatening in its first year of competition. Next year will bring a strong team and a full schedule for both the High School and Junior High teams. S. Swerzak, B. Ernst, A. Kwasniewski, N. Lemieux, V. Lynck, M. Brown, D. Surburg, K. Snyder, V. deRoos. 117 Varsity Soccer I, , The Varsity Soccer team rolled through the sea- son undefeated and unscored upon to finish the season as Intervalley League Champions. With a record of 9-0 the girls were led in total scoring by Bonnie Lastowski with 12 points. The season games on a home-away basis were Poland 7-0, 8-0, Oriskany 2-0, 7-0, Westmore- land, 1-0, 5-05 Beaver River, l-Og Lowville, 6-0, 6-Og The Jayvee girls tied with Westmore- land for first place in the league with. a win, one tie record and are a promising team for next year. R. Jenks, B. Zeigler, S. Egnaczyk, S. Kornatowski, B Lastowski, F. Ernst, D. Szalkucki, D. Marcy, Miss Murphy S. Bremman, M. Lastowski, L. Bandych, D. Platt, B. Meekins J . Kwasniewski. QWTTAY unior Varxzty Soccer 3 K . 'i .3 J M. 1 Y , , ,-3? v- i 3 . Q. L , S f Q 155 X .1 14 'jf s gk g Q ff 5. L is A s' L gw W f Fifi 1- z!xf- . V- i 'i -M . . , v a . . Af . . J. Jones, M. Moonan, P. Pribb1e,P. Moonan C. Myers, R. Jenks, A. Russell, B. Zeigler. M 'Q -Q 1 ,af -Q W. .EK-.M ,.-fV3.v,5A:e,, N onville B0 Middle School H1972 The new year a time for filling hours with joy, a time for fashioning memories of dreams come true. 121 7,,. , W. ,Y Eighth Grade Mathis Hughs Mahaffy Kornmeyer Pfendler Ernst Bortiatynski Tinker Henry Vanluven Goodhines Currie Rowlands Iseneker Kwasniewski Surburg S. L S. S. J. J. J. T. A. C. L. D. R. N. T. Thayer Capron Matt Waszkiewicz Crolius O' Brien Gillette Tarmer Scheer Kopgzenski Russell Scott Denslow Barber Kornmeyer Dauback Kramer Munn Croniser Stinebrickner Johnstone Baker Fitzgerald Young DeRoos Rebe Seelman Moonan Harris Ferris Zeighler Ernst K. K. Kessler Cordsen . Shanks Mey K. Pfendler D. Yager C. Murphy B. Edwards C. Failing T. Yousey C. Mettot E. Ernst S. Swierczek D. Kessler Eighth Grade C. P. D. C. W M L. J. T. W D. V. N. K. S. C. Stinbrickner Gately Strobel Leyburn Bourgeois Persons Williamson Basho Moltz Ostrander Cyr Linck Failing Kotary Weiler Mettot Hardin Munn Wilbert Powell A. LaFlame R. Lee T. Owens 1 S. Conklin M. Pohoresky M. Turner J. Shanks K. Kelley J. Slifka P. Swartout G. Damuth S. Gaetano xxmj ae! er S. Roberts T. Muha N. Pruckno J. Houghtfm C.Kaid1ng M. BORSOCK R Sessions 123 124 A. Griener L. Schleicher C. Vanderlinden J , Croniser D. Mondrick G. Gleasman S. Czepiel B. Edick www Eighth Grade Strobel Korman Kelly Seelman Golden Balcom Lemon Duell Dolan Cavenaugh Tyler Zeigler Bailey Kwasniewski Egnaczyk Duell Ernst Brower Kolsa Pruckno Dutch Kwasniewski Alm Mason Croniser Brach Kimpton Maclntyre Pellegrino Pruckno Parker Napierkowski Pellegrino Thoden Demianiuk Munn Stempien Fuller Skj ellerup Czepiel im Snyder Weiler Schneible Wilson Loftus Turner J Pfendler M. Hulse W. Stefhon Salisbury Grems Green Howard Yousey Elerick Egnaczyk Gaetano Edwards Pritchard Wheeler Midura Platt Bessmer Ringwald Marsh J. Charbonneau Salisbury Berwick Vella Rudd Moonan Myers Costigan Berwick Lee Zeigler Gorzalkowski Eddy Ohm Powell Y , 1 l . as -..2--.f-.sM.,...., 'wwf-viii' J 'ef Lamb Gydesen Martin Hastwell LaFave Kornmeyer Sessions Daskiewich Strobel Hance f Ruggerio ' Failing ' Willson Roggie Kerber Irvin r' 126 Beha Nellenback Levesque Fulmer Loucks Sherwood Lyons Charbonneau Porter Crumb Surburg LaF1amme McDougall Brown Schoff M. Seventh Grade Nickerson Egnaczyk Russell Irvin McCu11ey Pfeiffer Mascicki Rudd Murphy Mathis Mahaffy Snyder Breen Teuscher Abel Yauger Gimbridge Ruth Kapfer Cihocki Kopczenski Mooney Schweinsberg Finster Freeman C. MacLaugh1in P. Gleasman D. Lallier C. Fiorenza C. Pohoreskey Pope Szewczk Kelly B. Toleno . Devoe K. Jenks D. Cyr T. Nutt Cullins D. Foutan Converse Mathis Porter Rose Pruckno Bronson Dutch Gleasman Croneiser Jones Kline Griffith Gilbert Reigler Porter Hines Marsh Raymond Roggie Zeigler Mazur Meyer Sawyer McKinney M. Sullivan L. Williamson K. Conley S. Burnett D. Turner R. Webster C. Kelly P. Favret C. Bashow K. Thayer V. Burke R. Backer J. Asarp B. Sanchez L. Stabb R. Jones M Ingersoll T. Amicucci L. Jenks K. Larrivey F. Napierkowski R. Croniser M Kessler S. Raymond M. Health Seventh Grade G. D. C. K. R. A. S. Schue Stevens Owens Deis Bartelotte Cihocki Perry i' 1 fv 5 5 S' EM. , . Q 53:6 4-1::'j:h. .. F4 . up-ns 127 128 Sixth Grade Munn Johnson Alm Youngs Wheeler VanLuven Walton .Ralph Bartelotte Grenier Marsden Zelazowski Johnson Zei gler Lahah DeRoss Garbarino Williamson Alger Wieczerzak Teti Ballard Breen Dauback Pfendler Nickerson Fahey Shanks Turner Kelley Harding Meekins Stempiem Sessions Youngs Fitzgerald Pfendler Harris Stysh Flansburg Garbarino Moonan Bourgeois B. Jenks C. Secor S. Johnson We Donahue Yager Krambuhl Hammond Denslow Carpenter Griffith Worden Golden Yelton Thayer Moscicki . Larrivey J ones Brown Bourgeois Lisowski Cavanaugh Lee Kornmeyer Metott Mullen DeGraph Mills Merza Liechty Klosner Daskiewich Belewick Lee Czajka LaF1amme Elerick Moltz B. Iseneker H. Stahl D. Trainor L. Stabb D. Regetz B. Schue M. Henry M. Fahey J. Platt M. Williams P. Bosworth J. Breen M. Stempien J. Healt J. Yager E . Mascicki J. Carpenter C. Swancott R. Dragon T. Leffingwell G. Kent K. Thorton R. Trussell A. Williamson 2 ,- af f v 1.- L A' ' K. ,ak i . , - rl: ,,.,-01 +2- if .Q 9 . S 'fa 4? - x ,f , . t f ' ff Q' , SJW?-rib A ff we , .W .1 , i ,W w 4.-ak K 'E ve f 130 Rocker Dale Hutchins Failing Sessions Freeman Berger Deis Gydesen Health Seaton Wilcox Mahaffy Szot Wesolowski hw Fzjiffo Grade R. Kotary D. Pfendler J. Strobel T. Brown K. Horner C. Grenier D. Sattler Wheelock Backer Garlock Turner Hutchins Michaels Gillette Kirk Gallo O' Brien Capron Dauback Daskiewich Hulse LaFave Larrivey Lallier Pond Miller Korman Jones DeVoe Yager Raymond White Shanks DeGraaf Hastwell Williams Roggie Dean Weidmer Houghton Elerick Leffingwell Donahue Youngs . McIntyre Vella Lauder . Daskiewich Vollmar Henry Leffingwell Andrews Seymour Moore Alm Pfendler Moscicki Hastwell W. Kelly C. Whelley K. Pellegrino V. Low W. Daskiewich J. Charbonneau E'3F Z Wg fam UI STO Brokaw Clark Borden A . 132 R. Baker R. Carey J. Thoden R. Dragon J. Wilder D. Wilcox B. Karpinski M. Neary S. Flansburg M. Borden G. Mills S. Allbright J. Swancott L. Platt K. Sullivan F. Gillette W. Fourth Grade D. Cavanaugh R. Wheeley E. Johnson O' Donnell Wilcox Muha Kurish Moore Dowling McDougal Capron Seymour Kellogg Lee Kohler Dauback Gorzalkowski Wieczerzak Eddy Larrivey Nellenback Thayer Mooney Sawyer Capron Anna Williamson Fey Bickford Outtrim Salmon Sweeney Dolan Pellegrino Breen Seaton Munn Secor Ruble Williamson White Pruckno E S. Fitzgerald B K L. Golden B. Rauscher V. Roggie D. VanDerLinden C. Bellinger R. Flansburg B. Czajka S. Liechty J. Flansbrug M. Alger C. McConnell R. Gallo T. Alm S. Toleno C. Kelly S. Regetz G. VanBuskirk E. Zagurski R. Pond G. Hutchins M. Deshaies J. Larrivey A. Clark M. Teti C. Prosser K. Fitzgerald B. Sancomb D. Metott G. Hines C. Wheelock C. Brown K. Burnett gif 5 A A ' ' ,ww-1?--,..--:.f'-N Homechuck Hastwell Young DeVoe Lisowski Stabb Baker LaFave Strobel VanBuskirk Gydesen Mahaffy Krambuhl Sokoloff Bowen Charbonneau I ! I L. Moonan M, Pfendler S. Capron L. Kotary H. Pfendler L. Platt C. Roberts B. Leichty C. Ferris A. Morales FQ Third Grade Ferris . Armstrong Currie M. Yager Pfeiffer Zagurski Lahah Weiler Jordan Durr Bellinger Porter Brown Croniser Szot Teti ff ei . . ,... Y P' . 1?f' Dellerba Bailey Dragan Bailey Koster Coscomb Seymour Dauback Garrett Hammond Swartout Jones Anna Youngs Kacker Flansburg Lee Swiernik Clarke Nickerson Houghton Coe ffm n Q .,,,..V.,,., , it. .. ,. S. w h it ! Penczek Anna Stabb Lahah Persons Turner Patrick Croniser Rudd Kellogg Fet Capron Wiedmer Moore Kessler Gregory Andre Seaton Marks Moscicki Ernst Kornmeyer Koster Fazekas 1 35 ,T, , Second Grade Sattler Flansburg Bartelotte LaNace Cyr McConnell Seaton Grenier Yager Slawson Kornmeyer Williams Smith Richichi McWilliams Bellinger Faber Pfendler Larrivey Jenks S. Glllett K. Ernst J. Anna J. Pfendler L. Richichi R. Roberts J , Szot 136 Rocker Bickford Gorzalkowski Rowlands Conklin Koster Michael Kramer Conley Carpenter Rivers Dunaway Wheelock Yager Golden Letson Egnaczyk Healt . Nellenbach Fynmore Mooney Moore . White Yauger Dean Blair Wiedmer Nellis Kline Outtrim Bakcer Liechty Marks Snyder Crill deRoos O' Donnell Capron Gerling Liechty Durr Roggie Egnaczyk Meekins Fey Brach Flansburg Grenning Secor Ferris Thayer Backer Deis Swiernik Healt Alger Stempien Pond Leyburn DeGraaf Havens McConnell Bailey Rudd Brownell Turner Borden Pfendler Michael Baker Carpenter Platt Harte Redner Dolan ,. f ,, in Mk ,. it . ,, if 2 Mjzgg.-1'15':i7 E A 5 SS Ji , ,. 1 .fa gg' Moore Treen Dunaway Lee Kessler Iseneker Anna Thayer . we F If 138 Reed Freeman Wittwer Breen Moltz Kurish Brown Roberts Dragon Horner Ernst Pritchard First S. D. A. E K R K C K D L J. Grade Brown O' Donnell Roberts Williams Koster Coe Shaver Andrews Donahue Priest Pond Nellis Miller Cormier Jordon Young Wetmore Mullen Jackson Kline Staring Crill Harris Redner Flansburg Leffingwell Zollar Dauback Kornmeyer Proper Laquay Lahah Thayer Croniser Wheelock DeVoe Swartout Henry Hastwell Jackson Met0tt Bellinger P Mercer S Dean J. Borden M. Hastwell M. Swartout Cyr Howard Gallo . Kline Houghton Backer Garrett Houghton Sasenbury 1 I tile 1 I ' ' 5 V, . Deshales f' gi' V fo i Hansen . ' Q G' Golden Moscicki W Lee P' f A1111 H W - M :M oar 1. A bfliliti 1 ' 11?-Q--57 'S Ernst -h' f 3 ,,,, V Dauback i R , l th,1, 139 Y S. W T. J. L. T. D. R. S. R. J. D. R. P. S. J. J. D. E. D. R. Freeman Roberts Doyle Reed Yelton Simpson Gradon Webster Havens Andre Traxel Ulrich Brockert Hastwell Staring Yager Nutt Kornmeyer Daskievich Yager Armstrong Kindergarten 'WP 5 ' .. Hastwell Fitzgerald Homechuck Fitzgerald Kent Leichty Larrivey Kurich Thayer Van de Linden Fahey Slawson Slawson Shanks Carey Wheelock Pitcher Webb Persons Jackson Lisowski Charbonneau Szot Pritchard Miller Nuffer Pohoreskey Pfendler Wetmore Kranbuhl Swartout Bailey Mercer Hawes Crill Steria Winters Egnaczyk Thoden Hamm Parrish Outtrim Houghton Patrick Larrivey Platt T. Kazek T. Letson T. Turner P. Breen J. Muha D. Worlock J. Thompson K. Kranbuhl J. Hawes D. Zeigler K. Wiedmer J. Pfendler F. Garlock K. DeGraaf R. Smith L. Gorzalkowski K. Treen R. Sullivan J. Alger M. Seymour Swiernik Roggie Wheeley Koster Lee 1.41 142 Mr. Albert South, Mr. Eugene Hendrickson, Principal Industrial Arts 'ww 1 se . - , Mrs. Betty Moonan, Guldarlce Home Economics Mrs. Janette Peek, My-5, Jane Adour, Physical Education School Nurse Teacher Mrs. Laura Sawyer, Art Librarian Mrs. Patricia Crolius, Library Aide Mr. Wallace Best, Elementary Music 1 Mr. Frank Serafino, Music Mrs. Ethel Gleasman, English Mrs. Alice Smith, Miss Gail Hurlbut, Mrs. Joanne Abrahams, First Grade Fourth Grade Sixth Grade ,Ja-Q vga., f 'ff Mrs. Marion Glouse, Mr. David Adsit, Miss Carol Weaver, First Grade English Second Grade ,W Mr. Richard Law, Mrs. Elba Boome, Mrs. Patricia Kelly, F IFSI Grade Second Grade Sixth Grade Mrs. Alice Hutton, Mr. Peter Parrish, Mrs. Susan V81HiiUS, 143 Third Grade Sixth Grade Third Grade 'uf Mr. Joseph Wason, Mrs. Beverly Gaffney, Mrs. Gladys Ross, Fifth Grade Fourth Grade Kindergarten fV'1 Mrs. Betty Cunningham, Mrs. Dorothy Beck, Mrs. Anne Weaver, Third Grade Second Grade Kindergarten A , ,, J GMA H . Q2 Mrs. Anita Hutton, Mrs. Joanne Johnston, Mrs. Ruth Coscomb, Miss Carol Lustyik, Fifth Grade Fifth Grade First Grade Sixth Grade it Mrs. Helen Ludwikowski, Mrs. Karen Williamson, Mrs. Joan Wilcox, Mrs. Frances Casey Secretary Secretary Secretary Clerk 'F' 1 k 3' From ghoulies and ghosties, Long leggety beasties, And things That goes BUMP in the night, Good Lord, deliver us! fdfy 672 Forestport Elem School 145 146 A Sixth Grade N 2 K N .. ,Q f M . V7 R. lin 1 . X may -.. 1 1 M D. T. D. B. J. L. S. Phillips Pullman Lyon Dibble Lyon Yuhasz Hebert Smith R. Irvin F. Wood S. Weaver L. Hance L. A V-an ., D 1-, V . ol' ' 'fu x MQ' W N S. Winters Dibble Loucks L. Lemieux Duda Duda Moreau McGough Barber Winters Mandry Pohoreskey 'hi R. Johnstone C. Nolan D. Crumb J. Olney C. Weaver K. Smith J. Costigan M. Costigan E ...A gif, ---'- ' Q., L. I Q Y 1:51-f J f' ... ,X li Fzfb Grade L D. M K. B P Berwick Kafka Garramone Porter Roberts White 4-'-Mr . QA .M-qv ti mt A di V, .Ze fx if T. Paschke .Y L. Gorzalkowski gn , ' . 5. qt? -A is R. Winters L. Amicucci A sl fy X Z 1 552 F. Loucks V. Yousey K Gilbert . ,,...' J. Gouger it M ,, . - ew., 3 D. Wester ' F. Ritter K if . .6 .W D. Sprowell J. Pollock 13' 5.233 2 'MI ,dt V. 147 K1 ' .. :ro , zu, , Mm .f . NY' 1 H A 2 5 X Hance Ritter Nolan Winters Mynter Onley Hebert Fallon Porter Duda Yuhasz Raymond Lyons Pohoreskey McGough LaVeck Winters Wood Amicucci Chrzan Grabauskas .Q or ,r Q95 'X bl W X vs K ' K . 2 K5 , Moreau 3 13 Q S- X x -of ' 'SVS-.W f lk- ii im' ' - ' 5 Fourth Grade Third Grade E. ' f,, H I M. o Crumb 2 is ,. .. Si- , Q Gregory Q W W X Nellenback Q -Q . 3. Sherwood ' '-:' 3 : :,,:' Fazekas V VVIA i V Nellenback 3 unit es , W o n ,L aux o w ' 1 , s,rtt,r s s K ' 5 WW Y V q is :7if,ij12,12f2 1' , L J' . .- ',' , g . 5 , Lyons i tton 1 ,.. Marcinkowski ,f 9 'e y T V - . .Z Pohoreskey 5' f 'iieie ' X-e f jig Mooney :.,,o ' ,tg trooss n N- . li Q5 6 .., Hance , t 3, Q, Raymond W-'ow , .4 no Gozalkowski , A - Mahaffy ,I L 'DW E i gm.. 'S ' li new g ' 1. -we . X if ' XT' E45 -..nm ,- A . nf. eg ' - 15 K' ! 2 'I Q-f f LQ 3? I Ag 5. K y , f , -f i S 'A .. .Q r -' I 'FS ,ii Jig ga. F S 4 . ..... . ,QE . fe. ,- Second Grade W. Richardson M . Ferguson H. Smith D. Surburg K. Angus W. Pfendler A. Gozalkowski K. Sprowell R. Pfendler S. Mooney W. Schmelzle D. Grabauskas T. Davan M. Barry R. Loucks J. Irvin R. Weaver L. Babcock Fimt Grade C R K T T P D J. Parsons Sherwood Ritter Weaver Babcock Porter McGough Lyon R. Pfendler f-.1 -... N J. Fallon g S 4 ' ' - i 15- ef , yy f 1 , ifjizf .p . ,m,,f., ruff. I A . -.... ' K. Wandover A 1. J V R. Vaughn 2 V', ' A g .- g ' . . S. Berwick ' B :'. L A . . Q cf ff T. Borwick 4 LA as M. Mooney . V f J. Ingersoll A ff? .K . M. Ritter M, J. Ferguson -- A H, B. Hance .. A N ...:, .,:: L. . S 2' 92 ff -. 4 ,Q HSQQQESG 'shwr- f 7 .9 R K. K. S. L. J. M. C. Luther Laux Wandover Mahaffy Bauer Barry Chrzan Sherwood -ff ff 1 ig, 3.1 .L..x1 -gm' 5 my ' f ,. L ' .. 'dy .11 .51 V g, i H ' E519 Ir' 1 an 2. 1' , ., 2 ,,' mf' . L am g 5 Q91 If I f Wx ? 1 55 f 'X F. Knoblock J. Gilbert D. Barry W. Scott P. Nolan A. Wood Kindergarten t o ' QW if X A xp, Q s f 951 J. Schoonmaker T. Scouten R. Loucks K. Fazekas J. Fazekas L. Richardson M. McGough J. Onley , Q Ni J . . , 414 K my... , pai 5 is -:.z. T -if ,S X 2 1 ig, we 4 1 W . . 2 EJ: Q 2 wif 2 it ' 1 X .ut A -fm .2.s. 2 Q-- , ' Q., , g' Q52 - f l : W im. 1 ff F' Al Q3 in. I -133+ ,N Kg, I V Mr. Porter, Principal Miss Raak Mrs. Roberts Miss Manley iii Miss Camajani Mrs. Manning Miss Spencer Mrs. Glasso . Y si v -My : PEM A 4 Mrs. Freeman Mrs. Fallon, Mrs. Hebert Mrs. Smith, Secretary Mr. H. Schmelzle, Mr. S. Schmelzle sf: ,L A M. L, , ww 4 1 . 4? f ,. -I 4. ,, nf, ,.,,,. 5 .w..,:,. 3, l is 1 sw- .wif A ,. ., ,. . EJ , T,,' ,.. ,Ni 4-.PX J. A.. , ,G ' 6 'wi WM? g sunn y I Ly nn in 'Y' f 1U 'K i f , V, :Q L 2 . i , ,X f L E .- 'I - X - 'ZS' . ' N 1, . ,,..-' - , Ji- 1' 11 . ,gif , M a My K 3 ,H 1 3, f- 1 .V 4: l 2 me A QIFM ,V f my 2118 1 eel- K Q if gn? 3 Q , Q 2 Q. W 1. ff 'J Wgfsiwffa f- -r. -122, . ,.-an mfg , 4 1 4, w x ix Ng 'Q NS? 'X 8 Je 'Ng 3? bidi -9 li H!! EL. eyden Weft L 'N Q Q Sch 67214731 Elem My mother groaned, my father wept, Into the dangerous world I 1ept. 153 154 Sturtevant Mills Fiorenza Szalkucki Worden Young Fountain Grower Burke Nellenback Nowi ski Edwards Howard Schneible M. Sins Matt Yousey Rauscher Kurowski Bourgeous Sixth Grade N. Leskovar P. Croniser J. Wilbert E. Webb T. Trainor R. Converse T. Beasock S. Schneible P. Mason J. Donlon E. Burke R. Weiler J. McCauley R. Tanner F. Perry D. Stefhan S. Shampine C. Brower I A D. Gremer W 'A 'v':.A3, wfsfffsi we FT? Q 7 as QM W-awe.. Grade Tanner Preston Goodhines Wolfe Nemo March Nebiker Rauscher Boardman Gallo Weiler Cote Sturtevant Pritchard Fiorenza Hicks Pope Choisson Mazur Wallace Bortiatynski Pribble Hrim Platt Ruth Salisbury Sansoney Nickerson Jones Donlon Tanner Chaisson iw Mason Hughes Lamb Mathis Bessmer Miller Gifford Meeker Wilbert Sullivan Cullings Sharron Fey Rybicky Mathis Croniser Matt Nemo J. Stinebrickner M. Backer J. Kent Stanulivich Kaido Tanner Bourgeous Williamson Burke Mills Mondrick ,ix V J Q g a ts , 'llfgsfmxf V f K M. Drake S. Hall J. Sullivan A. Tompkins G. Laramie R. Greene E. Salisbury C. Shannon C. Bronson R. Mathis W. Kent T. Duell H. Brower K. Hrim L. Gatley G. Carter K. Preston D. Nellenback B. Matt D. Dutch C. Grosjean B. Traxel A. F011 S. Nebiker Fourth Grade . Currier Kwasniewski . Beasock . Hughes . Brower . Beasock . Evans Marsh Wolfe Hyde Tanner Kaiding Meeker Williamson McCauley Obermeyer Sins Hrim Converse Pratt Beha Williamson Cihocki Cihocki ,...e...--.....,,N-HQ Matt Proper Nellenback Matt McCauley Rude Wallace Kristoff Bourgeous 'Iyler Leskovar Mondrick K. Converse K. Young C. Weiler D. Kwasniewski P. Chaisson J. Reid M. McCauley S. Myers A. Nemo R. Burke Z. Platt D. Lemon C. Williamson . Boardman . Fey . Schoff . Hrim . Pope . Yousey . Kaido S T L R. Tanner L S P Platt MacDouga11 Lamb Croneiser Nowi ski Beha Cullings Weiler Currier Curtiss Sturtevant Brower Brown Beasock Drake Carter Hrim Finster Basho Currier Yousey Turner March Tanner Pritchard Sansoney Ernst Freeman Tanner Moreland Donlan Nemo Vernold .,, 53..:ie. , t dy'-2-' Q ,p.,,i-, ,- Q qhwafffe 4. ,wa sl is--'effing g,,,'g,,'-P9 !'.'l'a'..' '9 I .Qs Fas' rl Wi' 'K Q angwm FZ, ai::,QaH'4 V ,ll 3 re . we A 4. 44- E, ,Q , Q . . z .. ikiw ,,.- gg... ' ,- J G K. r,mr' kg if .fe fr ' '-rf.-if f Q . :-Ig! 9 .1 V ' 1.2-' -U figs 'frsei:--f.w',3sz?,-ng er 1 - - ,ff n,2,1t.f..-'z.f:gjz-K1 aggffyg gi.s-.shag,,1..1,5p1gsLg I W7 : .1 'MQ k,Q.-WY.. sf 'f V fr 1 ' . a is if-G . , .Y .. wP1:f' .- P ., ,.,,. , . .. 23,5 V. 5 -35342 S7 . ., .- 4,.... , , e f M if , -1- f::55if:e.'5'.'Qaa' , , f ' A J N . ik... .M W 1 f sg ig as . J . . wg , E- ':. f -.Eff -f::: f5fK+' .1 AS? H' J Z. :- Qi? 4 49' U' 'JW if mi, Q 1 J af-iw fi . G? X 6 ,Q t 2 I 'ix .- ' Hi . . Second Grade , . . . 19' i' . .M ..- f ., ' f A 2 i s a-rf 1 Y . .. . www. F P Q S Q Y f S 45 YZ! V 3 fu 'T f f Z df M f , f. it .5 -2 . 'z V figifii 3 1 ef .gi 41 L. Pratt A. Reid S. Schoff D. Williamson M. Martin D. Cihocki J. Fey H. Sins M. Bortiatynski R. Sterling Pope T. Chaisson D. Dutch G. Wolfe F. Mills D. Thompkins B. Hrobon J. Lincourt C. Cihocki J. Matt J. Jones P. Nellenback P. Goodhines T. Ernst 5 N Fin! Grade its Sansoucy Murry Sullivan Smith Clark Platt Converse Kwasniewski Reid Drake Kwasniewski ,Clark Stefhans Sweeney Basho Williamson Mazur Nellenback Beha Weiler Smith Comins Burke F011 Salisbury Schoff Nellenback Meeker Miller Roser Cihocki Matt Vernold Hrim Howes Blair Converse Prashaw Curtiss Moreland Ammon Reigler Meeker Croneiser Fountain Wolfe Schoff Young Belewich Lamb Smith V ,,,- Q, fs, ,N PM Kindergarten S. March M. Clark T. Iseneker D. Ruth C. Derrenbacker D. Converse J. Meisner M Witzigman C. Riegler W Berwick T. Hyde J. Hrim J. Brower T Kristoff C Cihocki D Worden C. Lincourt D. Wolfe J' V . S. Kirk EA .,. .., l . S. Turner Tekfk s Q5 D- Rude N. Nemo P. Lamb J. Meeker AM Kindergarten 160 K E E B P K. R. K. A. M R. J. M. J. R. T. T. C. R. Wilbert McCauley Ammon Sweeney Stinebrickner Comins Stefhan Quattro Young Cihocki Hall Lamb Bowen Scales Hawes Jones Bourgeous Platt Kwasniewski K. Marshall C. Lamb B. Witzigman Special Clam .2151 Mr. Ralph Mirabelli, Principal Miss Kathleen Lillie, Mr. Dean Bedgar, Fourth Grade Sixth Grade t 'V Tv l 5. Mrs. Charlotte Tarasek, Mr. Dan Youngs, Miss Jana Seigel, Fourth Grade Sixth Grade Third Grade Mrs. Mary Ann White, Mrs. Lois DeSetto, Mrs. Mary Leeman, First Grade Fifth Grade Third Grade Miss Charlene Scott, Mr. Richard Allen, Mr. David Haase, 161 Fifth Grade Second Grade Fifth Grade Ca eterza Cuftodianf Q1 1 K 11.5.1-'wwf-ff':w if X, .1 sais: I sag . W 'in Mr. Hollis, Mr. Traxel .1 :iff ,E LXi,A.. , ,,m,,, A. ,NE U ., is , 'J x, jf 5f:,5',1 . V5 2 W,., e - ,, , A I . s , S an-guy. .14 ez 'Q-,.:,:,:,- if sf w a ' f . 'S ,' f.35'5'5:' U 231455 5541- x Q , ,, .,.. . V - qw wif . 3, ,- , iss J ' - IH' '- -fV 1 E..2:1: ' 'X :'?.f5'f5, f'l,?fx1Jfff27i f Mr Schnelble Mr Iseneker, Mrs Kaldo Mr Fey Mr. Stinebrickner, Mr. Hollis, M as .sw fe wmaexmazwzammfwwsrwirwwwmmu Choose your business well, And take note of what's on your shelf g For what you sell May very well reflect what lies within yourself! Advertzszng Q . W wvfw ' r ' x , 65...- ,' ' - -. : f ' f ., , J f' to V:: l,, ff ez-QM 1 E E -X,- -1 1 Swag, fQf,.6fP,,fAv3ZfSw.,. , M ,,, is Q, ,gg-3 so-L 4, ,,,,-, f 1g ' 163 Best Wishes ONEIDA NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Boonville, New York BOGNVILLE FURNITURE CQRPGRATIQN , , CIF wjaumritter forporalion ET?-1AJXl ALLEN ' KLHXK3 CCJLQFXHAL. ' FZHK 'TVJCQIXT BOONVILLE N. Y. 13309 t Telephone 13151942-4471 165 'i l66 -v':!'-4 K . f2a - -'SCX -v..m,:.. ,f',..6 'q9 '4a ,0 .' , - Compliments of HULBERT HOUSE Dinners from 4:30 to 8:30 Prime Ribs of Beef or Turkey Baked Virginia Ham-Lobster Tails Sunday Dinner from 12 to 8 COLONEL WHEELOCK DINING ROOM AND KORTENAER Finest food in the North Country Serving all day PIONEER BAR GERRIT BOONE COCKTAIL LOUNGE All Legal Beverages Catering to Banquets, Weddings, Cocktail Parties, Luncheons and Private Parties MARY AND HENRY DASKIEWICH, Proprietors , ,uftmww KITCHEN PRESTWOOD PHOTO SERVICE, INC. 1140 Sanderson Avenue Scranton Pennsylvama 18509 Area Code 717 Phone 343 1109 167 STUDENT COUNCIL BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 72 ' ' THE BOOK STORE BUSINESS CLUB 169 ww Sf -,K . : -I v -vt , ,. '-5 ' 'V-ggi O ' .,. A : V-4. V JMMJQBQW 17O FY MORE STUDIOS A D ART GALLERY THE DEPOT FRAMEMAKERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, AND CONSERVATORS Water Street BOOHV1119 New York THE SENIOR CHORUS THE SENIGR BAND Il N EASTERN ROCK THE CLASS ADIRONDACK CENTRAL SCHGOL TEACHERS ASSGCIATION THE SENIOR C BOONVILLE MANUFACTURING CORPORATIGN AEdt GdI WAGGNER-HICKOK AGENCY INC. General Insurance 120 Schuyl St t B v111e N Y k Best WishesT Th C1 f 72 Georgia-Pacific Corporation Ly F 11D Ly F11 N Y k Mercer KWIK Stop Stores C mpliments of Boonville Agway C rnpiments of Future Farmers Of America L+ ? -f5' vfQqg 1 - V 5.-'iff' list'-if H 'r as 'M!Q,Q-ff-mf' B if is!-399 34921 ri ,,,.,.y,,..,.,..-wwf' r,,,...M-6-:+V ,, v Congratulations Sz Best Wishes H. R. Myers Lumber Company, Inc. Wise Buyers Buy At Myersu Route 12 Boonville, New York Gilmore 81 Bailey Feeds 179 SANFORD PHARMACY Raymond Kramer Registered Pharmacist SUNOCO SERVICE 109 Main street Boonville, NY Don Crill, Proprietor Post Street Boonville, New York Phone 942 - 2034 942-4539 Phone 942- 271 1 180 jACK'S Footwear - Clothing Housewares - Hardware Toys - Yard Goods ' 'You'11 Save More When You Shop Jack's Store Best Wishes To The Senior Class from M 8: N GARRAMONE Forestport, New York We Specialize In Pizza and Italian Food Wen Drilling GEORGE HOWARD West Branch, N. Y. Phone: Boonville 942-4033 Compliments of SLIM'S RESTAURANT Boonville, New York Compliments of OHM 'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION Boonville, New York -xxx TRAIN OR F UN E RAL HOME Serving the community since 1906 143 Schuyler Street Boonville, New York Compliments of Trainor Auto Sales Route 12 Boonville, New York See Howard Trainor Phone 942-4711 182 Best Wishes To The Senior Class 1 ll 'iz at Lincoln National Bank and Trust Company of Central New York BOONVILLE OFFICE BOONVILLE, NEW YORK 13309 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Deposits insured to 320,000.00 Best Wishes to the Class of 1972 from the GENUINE AUTO PARTS Boonville, New York HOWARD WILBERT AGENCY All Lines of Insurance West Leyden, New York 13489 Phone 942-4624 -s ...Lil fful, ' Best Wishes to the Class of '72 Best Wishes to the Class of '72 FOODLAND MARKET Boonville, New York SPORTS CENTER Boonville, New York T X 1 f W if f sf, 5 VNS ? R, gg! , v '.S ',x?'M,rg, V X -x asm 5 , w a A5 X V 'ef . it 2' ' 'ff A' ,K 5 A ST J .fn - 1 2 .-1' i A-H: f . ix, . M Q if fly-f S xg. ,., V, .- f -K , ,fig -v . -r xg., 313515 in ' gm' a .jf , mfg qw ,ia ,Ti .l s it-igzi A ,le xy in ,U ka A1 f , qi-,Ep-,-9,3 -up 21 1 1 1 'Q ' ' ' ' ' ' X224-' 'N ' fel . vi,25333.s35 .., . Qi .7545 ,R N v I ' 1 , all W H' if ,. as ali: 183 184 Compliments of WBRV 900 KC The peoples choice for Music SNOW RIDGE News Weather and Road Reports Turin New York The peoples voice for Peace Prosperity Clean Government za fi WEST LEYDEN HOTEL Catering to Weddings, Banquets and all occasions Sam 8z Marilyn Sanchez f s J Northway Snowmobile for 1972 is for the fortunate few. C.S.K. DISTRIBUTING CGMPANY West Leyden, N. Y. 13489 Dist. New York State Compliments and Best Wishes HESS PHARMACY Boonville, New York THE FAMILY SHOE STORE Compliments of Main Street HOLLAND'S DINER Route 12 Boonville' New York Port Leyden, New York ...QS BEDS SIZE!! C-R185 LOUNGER Rocfcens M5155 1 Q 1 E i FOXS FURNITURE GORDON E. ZEIGLER me 12 EXCAVATING Heavy Duty Backhoe Service Alder Creek, New York Bulldozing and Crane Service Boonville, New York Phone 942-2255 185 Best Wishes from THE WILLARD PRESS and THE BOONVILLE HERALD Congratulations to the class of '72 WARREN GOOKINS GROCERIES West Branch, New York Compliments of GORDY'S MOBILE SERVICE Phone 942-2612 HILL'S DEPARTMENT STORE Main Street Boonville, New York COUNTRY DRESS SHOP Pauline Germanski Route 12 Boonville, New York Compliments of LAYNG FURNITURE COMPANY Boonville, New York E. G. JONES FLORIST 104 Boon Street Boonville, New York Compliments of LEONARD LALLIER CASSWELL SUPPLY Boonville and Rome First Quality Feed SEARS MERCHANT STORE Route 12 North Boonville, New York William Northrup Phone 942-4357 HALL'S MENS AND BOYS STORE BOURGEOUS ESSO SERVICE STATION Compliments of HOWARD R. URTZ West Leyden, N. Y. 13489 TWO SISTERS TRADING POST Forestport, N. Y. 186 WEST LEYDEN GARAGE Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1972 Leo J. Grenier, Prop. C. HUGHES MOTORS Main Street Boonville, New York Phone 942-4361 FRIENDLY TAVERN We serve sandwiches and pizza Skeet and Nancy Mullen Route 12 Boonville, New York Compliments of MEAD'S COUNTRY STORE Forestport, N. Y. Compliments of FREEMAN'S JEWELRY Main Street Boonville, New York Compliments of ALVORD DRESS SHOP Compliments of SATTLER'S BARBER SHOP Best Wishes WESTERN AUTO Compliments of L. G. FREEMAN Best Wishes MONTGOMERY WARD Doris and Harold Fitch Compliments of KAYUTA DRIVE-IN Alder Creek Compliments of GOLDEN'S BARBER SHOP For the unusual Folk and Fine art, Yarns and Fabrics, Clothing-all interesting, Antiques TRY THE DEPOT Forestport Station Best Wishes from THE TOWNE SHOPPE Compliments of VER SCHNEIDER'S Compliments of JACKSON FURNITURE STORE Compliments of DR. HIRSCHEY ZEIGLER MOTOR SALES Dodge and International Sales and Service Boonville, New York 187 5 188 ,, Compliments of GALLO BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Swancott Mills, N. Y. Compliments of Howard and Eros Parsons BUFFALOHEAD HOTEL Forestport, New York Compliments of BOONVILLE OIL CO. INC. Your Mobil Dist. 942-2824 Compliments of LEE PONTIAC BUICK INC. Boonville, N. Y. Congratulations to the Senior Class BOONVILLE BOWLING ALLEY STOKES CHAIN SAW Sz MOWER SERVICE Chain Saws, Lawn Mowers Garden tractors, Snow Blowers Snowmobiles Best Wishes from DR. AND MRS. GERALD PALMER GEARY'S GENERAL STORE Best Wishes to the Class of '72 Forestport, New York BOULEVARD GARAGE Phone 942-2821 STANLEY J. CZEPIEL, JR. Licensed Real Estate Broker West Leyden, New York 13489 Phone Boonville, 942-4576 PATRONS Compliments of NELLENBACH'S MR. AND MRS. ARTHUR JONES MR. AND MRS. J. L. GARBARINO SHANKS STORE POTTER'S JEWELRY STORE WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo., U.S.A V i 'I V x E I 2 2 I i I P I 1 1 ? l 51 11 i s I i 5

Suggestions in the Adirondack Central High School - Yearbook (Boonville, NY) collection:

Adirondack Central High School - Yearbook (Boonville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Adirondack Central High School - Yearbook (Boonville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 167

1972, pg 167

Adirondack Central High School - Yearbook (Boonville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 149

1972, pg 149

Adirondack Central High School - Yearbook (Boonville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 7

1972, pg 7

Adirondack Central High School - Yearbook (Boonville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 35

1972, pg 35

Adirondack Central High School - Yearbook (Boonville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 42

1972, pg 42

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