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 - Class of 1928

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5 i E E as 5 5 z 5 5 2 E 5 E 5 11 I E ll 13 n ex S L E 3' E a 5 5 Z 5 L F: 9 n F E 5 r E E -4 ,w 4 E E s 1 Z u LF 5 5 r l u 1 - v- -A-.iv 1. . YM : um -v1l-imvamiiumm:Qun1pfzv1vv- ,,...m-.a:uwmr- mir-v 1-'11 unz ' ADENIAN ni The Admin High Swa mi Amana! PUBLISHED BY The wai t Za g J. Ninetwm Humana! Twenty lenght F1 H qi fJU va an aw- -ng '1" A N 'Q' . 4,,! 85 II! I I -1---1 rl-I I 1 , If - . L M G1 Q, wx .fietlzwa .mm I, ' I ,Wi I I . I xg! .W I I I is I ll .I . lj T I II ' fl iff ,lg ill is 2 ff if in 'In I I I Aff- CWI III , M I ' Il . IW vi II uv"-I W I I III I W Q I I MERRILL LARUE DENNIS , I I I To MERRILL LaRUE DENNIS, who gave his heart and mind in service to our Alma Mater, who was ready and willing at all times to give us wise counsel and clean understanding for all our difficulties-our County Superin- tendent-we affectionately DEDICATPI TIIIS AIJENIAN. rl' lF'fA-eF1eI1l-.--ef:3ir if ran e, ld 1-V - 'Q ' Wg 44 H' 'Q --: ZFISM I ' I, ' I -YI 3 i 25531: I . fu? HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING GRADE SCHOOL BUILDING LEE D. SHEARER President R. E. DICKERSON E E. T. AR NOLD R. E. WALKER, Other Member of the Board 4? Q .. Ypwneei-.. Y be 56? E1i'QfF?Ef'f J. I J. A. HANEY, M. D. Vice-President U. M. CASE, Clerk ADENIAN f v XV x g Q 5 , 4 H L 'I I 9 X I I V'-I I I V'--1 ,. 5 l F I W. g 3 T2 ! l .i i, V ' ,!wI',V Q-+:14 zz-,.:.m ::2f 2ia, l 9sae ' 1ea1iifi1Lr jw - QQ? fffffgs 5 I f lrwr C egg? RAY B. ROSHON SUPERINTISNIJENT OF SCHOOLS B. S. in Ed. Liberty Union High School Ohio Slate University TEACHER OF AMERICANS PROISLEMS A big, broad man, whose face bespoke mihunest innnwithin. l ERMA MARY BAYER A. IS. PRINCIPAL Mount Union College Strasburg High School LATIN AND AMERICAN HISTORY Washington 8: Jefferson College Martins Ferry High School ALGEBRA, GENERAL SCIIQNUIC, PHYSICS SU wellwknow PHYSICAL ED. AND ATHI.Ii'l'C IJINECIKJIQ ller own, that what she wills to do or say Surely never did there ever live on 1-:nth :i Seems wisest, virtuousest, cliscreetest. man of kindlier nature. nil 4 iF'5f4- 1051. L B6'i?fAKlf5'E"1-in V S' L is RUSSELL ROBERT EDWARDS, B. S. I , XII!! Y PM? AJ or - , . U vt' I I II N I .... V III I I4 I I I , . I I I II I I 1. Il I I .II I Il I II I I 'II 'III gl 3 'J 04 III I I II I J' II , I 'I I I I I II ,zz--, ,, ..,,2 X ,...,..,. . . , J.--..,..l.H:3 X, ' , ' x I A x Nitty ':. CHAS. BENJAMIN SIIIELDS B. S. in Ed. - II I Y I . I Iii! -I I, I .Xby JG LAP! -il I, I , I - L I I X I ua Il W I I X , I III II T. MARGARET ELDORA SMITH JL A. B. College of Wooster Ohio University Adfna High School ' I Adena High School 5-:ximian AND HISTORY MATH., BIOLOGY, MANUAL TRAINING She du.-5 lime kindnesgeg, -I For me, there is no pleasure so great Whifh most lfsavf' undone. In L as to pursue my Art. 5 II I I I I I 'I I I f I I I I ,1 I 4, II , , I II or on ERNEST VOLPE I I W ' 5,1155 LOUISE LQRENTZ TIQACIIER OF INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC I Ohio University Naples Conservatory, Italy LJ Mount Vernon High School H , , Taken the wor 1 over, in every age and II y V TEACHER OF VOLAL MUSIL' rlime, there is no Art so much loved for -4 ga She hath many nameless virtues. itself as inusit - 50 - FT FW Heik U sei:-2-Gif - ii!'H'iT 4:e3ISfr'fO7i?i4 Tiiiiuieia vii-iiliff I I In I if My f 14, ADENIAN A M FF Q QE HTORQ SILVIO ZANCANELLA DOROTHY HENDERSHOT CGMMETTEEE Adverlising fllhlelic Margaret Crawford John Lopo fBoysl Joe Mudre Mary Battista mGirlsJ Paul Moore Verna Conley Carl Slates Engraving Martha Binns Clara Farrell Printing Olive Sargent Leona Hughes Feature Beatrice Stanley Robert Cassells -Paul Carothers W Social Flora DeNoble Helen Ward fllumni Helen Chaney Pauline Hastings Circulalion William Packer Helen Heath Margaret Fitzgerald Art Odetta Anthony Forest Hawthorne g E945 5,564 if? for aide E :U if 11' NM w 1. ,L all ,N fl 4.4: Q 391, "n .IH FE? 1 Wi . 11 .v 'rf J ,' M M W fl , f W T ' w u . 1 1 Q A - ,VW D ADENIAN Wg, W--, Y Q ? Hi ' lii ,,cf 1 , .111 I ' ggi X! .X AH", M 3 sl- 3 I 1 WH L W .1 ' 5 ? L gllnlllllg 3 .Tr n 1 , 41--1-- W Slick "'-. ??7Q?f,,x --------- ru, Em Maaawaiazn PAUL l.eROY BURDICK April 29, 1910 june 27, 1927 Paul won the sincere friendship and admiration of his many friends, schoolmates and associates by his pleasing personality. During his school life he was interested in many activities. I-le was Assistant Athletic Manager in his Junior year and he would have been Manager in his Senior year: he acted as Toastmaster at our Annual junior and Senior Banquet, and in the junior Play, "Sunshine" he took the leading role. His home life was such as to reflect credit not only on his parents, but also on his own personal character as a young man Paul was a devoted member of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Adena and was loyal to it till the time of his death. just a few hours before he met death, he was seen faithfully fulfilling his duty as an usher in the Public Service. On june 27th, 1927, he was suddenly called away from us and today the class of "28" cherish the memory of their devoted classmate. Oh! For thc touch of a vanished hand And the sound of a voice that is still. a l "i WW IB 1- 'Q JE? li' ll: li' I 1 ln rl l. , Z i I l l l ll ,ll W Q' Sk Wo rfiiifi Laifile iff? ,123 r9 W5 af aaaaw n R Y- Q M-' Z .,-X L : ' .:"217Je7'2.g.'-" 1 A -gl' ..5i....,,-i - -'-'N .K-Ng-,.1':-1-. J V M Y f A DENIAN s M 4: Mm- if .-.pz,.',,fv 's . lx- ! A fm -is '- . .53 ?El xkgw . J. A' QE xii, '-'- ..........- .U l l l ll l 3 P l Ml , i l- l i 1 lil l l il' . l i l l ll! , l l 'rl .J lf l l l li 98 Q ll I I . 1' 3 I l n n NT ix' fog. V, SILYIO ZANl'ANlCl.I.A "I'lCASAR" FLORA M. lDiN0lll,l'I "FLD" "Wlivn Duty XVl1iSlwl's Low: 'Tlmu must," "Grave NYIIS in ull IH-1' SIPPN. Thv Youth rvblies. "I win." Hvaven H1 llfll' "NUS-I A I H immximii 1. -1: izusvlmil ig mass Vmy Qi: 'll 'lVl"'5 !"ST""' '1'g""5 "H" 'We' Uluss Treusurvi' 33 Vo-lieliini' of Annual sl. pings 1-my gg' .15 smfiul I-Jaliliu' uf .Xnnmil fl MARY li. ISATTISTA "I"issi0" "At lmskvtlmzlll she bouts ihvm all. As liuliinincz she's no fake, Sho plays with Qu:-ie, she- aims to plvzisv - Um' "1XIury" takes the- mike." Ill f I :AL :jx llll ll ll 8 i llnslwilmll 1. 2, 'l, lfilllllllll 'ig Class I'luy 2: 'l'i':1c-k l: Girls Atlile-iiv Editor 01' Aiiiiiml. O JOSEPH MFITRE "MOGll'3" HICLICN l'. llI'lA'I'H MIBALDY -IR." 2 'Tuciferatvrl logic kills mo quitv. "A lovuhlv. playful. zwliw girl, .X noisy mam is allways in tho rigzliif' Xlfliimsivzil. witty :md wisr-." Football! 1, 2. 3. Faptaiii 3: l:?lS0lHlll 1, 2. 3. 4: llaskvilmull 1. 2, 33 Ulwei' liemlm-r', -lg Flziss llziskvibzill -l: Trac-k 1. 2: .xlllllllll Stuff -l. SQL-1-0131-y 1. lg Pri-sillvnl 2: l'l1lssl'la1y,2Z, 3,-l, ll'-1 523' :CL 1 :J D -M i1iff?liQ 7L5E5.ff. lge3wQii..5iEifT-2" - f' X ,,....i-"""'lII.,,- ,,, VII, " Img : ' f.:'-ilgjltgl--'-' z-a,.s,-l N gg. lsgmz. ll .X III,Il.IlllIII I, I I . ., Nu- lk 1? 1 u l .TX:+' lv Y' 'ff . " Ill ' ' ' - 9 l I 1 l l LLL ll I l l 3 l l , i I I ,N l . l WWII I l fy-l Q Q lli l l'Alll, M. l'ARll'l'H.l'IRS "SXYl'1l+I'l'Y" RUIHCRT V. l'ASS.ELS "R0l'liY' l lm "Nu wlu-I" so hisy il man :ls he ther vas, "An honest mz1n's tho nolrlost wurli uf Goal. T .Xml ye-t lu- sec-mm-ll Insler than he was. lI,IIIIIlIIIll 1' 2I 3I IlI IIlIISkIItlIIIll L QI :SI IlI ll-11'ris:'ilIv l:I Orvln-Ttr'u and llzunl, 2, 3, -l: llllslllfmll lI l: fl-lllck ll Ullfllhill, 33 Cass l'lz1y 2, 3, 43 ,I ,I I ,I I I , I ,. Glen l,lIIbI IlI High SQIIIOIII PIIIIQII Slam 4I Hr,.h school PZIIIOI hmff 3, Annu.xl':1.1tt. Annual Stuff CLARA BI. I"ARR.l'lLL "CLARA MAE" "Of all tho girls lhut urv so smart, l There's none liko Vlzmm Mae." Hurrisvillv l: Glen- Club 1: High Svhoul l'upm' Staff 13 Annual Staff. lll+Il,.I'IN li. UHANEY "l'HANl'IY" MAIHEARITI' A. CRAXVIPURID "l'l'1G "A XYUIYIZIII mlxorl of such fine elements. --A llollullful lmlllly glrl Wllll xml, as llulll 'l'l1z1l wa-rv all virture and religion cloud. Us Nllnlnlor all-I-' l Sllv'sl nmkv thc-m nvwly being' what she I wllsy llzxnwl .md fJl'0h9HfI'l1 2, 3, 43 Class llluy 2, 3, Al N no Vlulm 'lg High School l'z1per Sfuff 3, 43 Hlgh Stlhool Vapor Staff 3' 4: Basketball 2' 3 l lflllss may 2: Alllmlgm. 3: Gln-0 Club 4: Allvertlsing' Manager of Annual I Alumni I-Iflitur of Annual. l'r'vslalv11t lhmstws Club. lm ll! 6 A Qt' L- no ve: Yi isa qiu-v g . - f 'e ggxs fl' I ls , ,, J lf El lf 'll l Ill! in llhll fig. O lil llill ..4, , ADENIAN L... f '-" -'--.... ,f l I ll l ll l li I ll n ll lil ll -IOHN LOPO "JOHNNY" XVILLIAM A. PACKER "BlLL' "Tu liz-ai' liim speak and swvetly smile. "He thinks too much-suvh men are dan- 8 You wi-rv in Paradise- the while." gowns." Fmwtliall 1, 2. 3, lg Basketball 1, 2, 3, -I: l3an1l1,2,3,4g Play Manager 25 ll 'Fravk 1: Baseball 2, 3, 43 lliuh School l'a1ivr Staff 4: Class l'lay 43 Atlilvtio Editor of Annual 4. s Annual Staff. l-'Al'I.lNlf2 ll. IIASTINOS "POLLY" "1-lor voice was ever soft-- An excellent thing' in woman." Ill Glee Club -l, Plans Svc-rvtary 3, Treasurer 43 Class Play 23 High Svlmul Paper Staff, 3 Annual Staff. DOROTHY E. HENDERSHOT "DOT" HELEN L. WARD "VVARDIE" 3 "Give us tho girl whose happy life "ISL-loved hy all-but not vainly popular." fs 'me 'f"""lU'a' mme' w W N llaskvtball 1, 2, 3, Gloe Club, 44 'lravk I: llass Play 2, 3: Pre:-1. L. L. Llass 23 High School paper Staff 3. 4: glass may 2' 3,12 Vlass llrc-sialont 3: Co-Editor of Annual: A I Social Editor of Annual, Librarian 4. 23 ,jf H . -:Illia QV fjfifig-Pl Q Li -inxisuzzu -n f.,4, , 4 ?-' ., if '-L I W .X DENIAN is 'i V l'.Xl'l. J. MUURE "HAMlil'RG' FURICST ll. HAXYTHURNPI "Nll4"l'Y" "il's ihv songs ye sing' and the smile yn "Of him you know his nu-rii such- wvzlr, NVe Cannot say-you lu-urvlon much." 'l'Ii:ii's aimukin' the sun shine evei-ywl1e1'v." Uwhestm 1' 2, 3' 4: Glw Club 4: Shun' High 2: Fuuihull 1. 3. 41 llzxskcihull 3,-lg Uluss Play 2, -4: High Si-honl l'upv1' Staff 4: lhisvliull 3, ig Class Play -13 Annual Stuff. Annual Stuff. ULIYIC ll. SAIH-1l'IN'l' "0LLl.E" "Many u flowvr- is burn to blush unseen, and waste its swvuiiioss on the desert air." Short C'r+iok l. 2, 3: Glee Ulub 43 .Xnnuail Stuff. I!l'I,X'l'RIl'l'I fl. STANLICY "RICA" 0lll'I'l"l'A I. ANTHUNY "DlQ'l"l'Y" "A hauul to mlofu head to plain." "li's not hor air, hor form, hor face, Hawiwille 1. Glen, muh 4, 'Tis thv mind that shinos in evvry g'i'z1c'0." ,. I ,I in V , .. V 'I I V. Hzirrisville lg Orvhesira IZ. 3, 43 Hibh bmhnul lupri Ttuft 3,-i, Lluss lvl,iy 2, 4, Secwmry-,prpasurer 4: C1100 Club 4: Ff'Hf'11'0 lvdllvf' Of AIIHIHU- cms l'1uy 2, 3: High School impi-r Staff 3, 41 Art Editor of Annual. Q ,guise ag zfff s if sf 1 ir" v F ,sr 11'f.'-- .1 ,, : 5 " .5-'-Z1::':-.-f 2 P' f' x 1 f ' , Ui,-A , , Q . ,..,lqf. ' ' .N--W . its .-I'-272.-. " ""' - "' ' - a-'ef 'fa lg' wilfff X " if-52" -.-.Y-Hg'-.,, .-. ' 'Y' ', . ' 5 K' 'L"M?"k if 5 . ' "" :r1:.-. A --X5 ' ie Xuq, ,.:.l.- -V 4. , it ' -- -A - -..-- .f I i i I i i I I ll iii: 'nfl .gg 1 .3 if 'Sd :ijt I ll FARI. SLATES "SLA'l'S" MARTHA E. ISINNS "MARTHA -lAN.I'I" "I slept and dreamed that life wus beauty: "l+'ziir was she to behold- l wuko mul found that life was duty." That rnziirlen of svventven summers." .lt-wvtt l, 2. 33 Advertisement Committcc Glue Club 4: Class Play 2. 3: Annual Shnl'I'. of Annual. YIQKNA li. CONLICY "Jl'ST Yl'IRNl5" "Sh 0 is pretty to walk witli, And witty to talk with. And plozisuiit. lam, to think nn." l'urwenville, lm. 1, 2, 33 .-Xnuual Staff. 4. "llEl,lS" MARGART T. FI'l'ZGI'IRALll "Fl'l'ZY" "Hzllwm' aim I: from care I nm fri-0, "VVh21T is S0 I'E1I'8 US 21 L'il'l with DFGUY ri-fi Annual Staff-1. Assistant Manager, 33 Annual Staff, I. LICUNA M. HUGHES XX'liy v:1n't they all be contented like mv?" hair." Hzirrisvillv 1: Class Play 2, 3, -lg lluslwtlmzlll 1, 2, 3, vi: Flzlss Play 2: iii M W - . :W -H' WQQTBEW4--- 3 HH mfg Zigi? SJ? W ull il If .f..., i i 5 I .. J..-.sep 'M M14 ,.,,,.,.'nbs" ,.-511'g2f,i:ff5f PQ Q D1-LNIAN 1 ' if kt," .jfl-,.. .. , ,. - . 11 Q 'Lf "M f,-Q i. . , -- , , . . , , , .,,, One beautiful September day in the year of 1924 thirty-five bril- liant, industrous boys and girls enrolled in the Freshman class. Like all other Freshmen we were oppressed, avoided, and shunned by our upper classmen, and were obliged to pick our way among the Roses and Thornes. With a will we resolved to rise under the despotic 1'ule of our superiors, and were heard in Literary activities and were seen in Athletics. September again finds us divided from Freshmen into Sopho- mores, we were granted more priveleges and liberty. Harrisville students joined our happy throng making rivalry strong. But in spite of the in- crease our class diminished below the original, some sought the short cut to success by grasping at the shadow of opportunity, Our third' lap brings us the title of Juniors. We were successful as most Juniors are, but our class continues to decrease, the Reaper called for one, a most genius mate, who was beloved by all and is greatly missed by the members of our class. We were represented in all activities, books first, in literary, plays and Athletics. H9285 Four years have passed, "yes we are Seniors now," just think how we fought oui' way up the hill from nothing, according to our upperclassmen of '24. We have among us, Orators, Debators, Presidents, Artists, Poets, Musicians, yes and Farmers too. Who would of predict- ed such a production four years ago. We feel honored to relate that we have established an unequaled record in Football, and are proud to speak of our honorable mentions in all other activities. The time is drawing nigh and we begin to realize that our youth in school days is well spent, and our struggles were not in vain, with since1'e regret we wonder if Old A. H. S. can survive without the class of '28 or the class survive without Dear Old A. H. S. Adieu. ROBERT CASSELLS, Class Historian lla 'll 9195? '-" ? 5775355 EE? ' i ' . 54, XF u. . vga! -1'1-w .I xr' ' 'V ' ' PF 4. 1 V 'f. 'I , -':', DE 1 N 1j . 1 O K' E 4F"'--.frh- :.,,.-,,, .. Pm ' "N faq, ' SE w . X 1 1. E 2 s -fb 1' Q ,, C v- 54 1 N .- . 1, ...z 1 U m m f -I" 8 ,,, 5 L. - I' H' W "' an an "' 4' in 32 1 I- .. S Q ' 5 3 'E U H 'E F4 P 1.--.?'.J + 5 2 E L' 5' E. Q 3 1 1 U 23 -'1 5 .E I fw 2 -2 S 2 1 3 E -5 D3 CD .E :s 2 c -Q aa Y S N of 'E 5 E :E O 2 mm 5 v :gy V.. an V... H 5 S: 2 3 E 5 -5 'E E E2 'E L5 '1 , 9- -.. ... : 1 3 , as U lg 3 if gf ,ic E E 3 ,Kg r- H M " '5 ww Q .. 3 ,Q 1 rs N F' 11:2 1. N . 4 , 02 -.-. u .L 1 3: ' L" .2 m 2 .EES cg m ho 2 it 3 1 - 5 .ff 'J g :: U7 35' 'E N on bt 1 , L- E -1 un 0 O I.. 0 : U Q E "' Ac 1 3 3 C :1 .. I.. 3 'D '-- 3 - V, 4 .. Us .5 C E 3 is ,Q N Q, N .c 1 1 .C -4 1: fr .. c .- C 13 C E : W 5 Z ,A in N L 4 5 ru - cv .2 O -- A.. 3 1 1 fn 1: 5 5 3 '5 gi U U Q 6 E 52 .E '1- -' 5 's ,, 5 E Q: 5 'Z S 13 E ff' 2 - asa l L M , : gf S 31 -U E 5 Q gg E E E g no S 3 E .1 g "' v. - 1 5 ,,, e- 3 ,g 5 N 5 Q I 5 G ,g -IN C E '-I E- : E ,Q E .Q c o Q 111 mls 2 .agua svairhrw f -Il I C 4. ,.. :E TE E P gg 41 Am 'U U pw 1 vi N N -0 .: G if 4 1 L 2 'S 3 4 0 9 -v g u 'U 3 -Z: ', 2 U 5 3 : l.. eu 5 Q, : 3: N ,Q 4 o 3 eu D fu 5 15 S L, cd -U 3 at E : E E' Q U ... .. 2 an 3 ff ,O 41 E E 1 5- O 2 .2 3 w S .E H J, : .E 1 1 ' f- '-- tl 'U L, g rv Q, ma Q c Lx. Ld CL g-1 u n. aa I.. 4 1 4.1 O r 'gg :x : A U 3: 5 g C 5 vw Q w 'a Q Z .5 g. 2 :I 5 E 'U C Q3 '15 O 0 u'1 S m 41 vu QQ I'-3 ' w ,, 'U vw 5 f 4 : 2 x: 1: 3 z 2 3 if f E 5: 2 'f 2 if 2 5 x E C -. g 1. ,ul '15 9- pg Q W ma ru nc .1 .2 V' 5 E O LD S 25 I- ,, E Q E N S 3 E 3 U . 'S P 53 '53 .E 'E 2 C E ri 4 -552-5 'G 75 , E Ugsijsr ws v- - Q .Q u. 5 J: 8 5 3 LE E 2 H ,D 4 5 fu -Y: LL S E- , ,m .c E , LL :1 v- 3 -c : U -1: 2 m - .. 1 : .rw - z 2 5 S E 5 E Q E 2 5 E' f 5 'E 2 Q "' S ,M t Eli fi' E E 3 3 gg s: :1 '23 ru . 2 . -H ,mums ggi 22: S-fy : , ... N msg E 5 3 I- 2 if ze R, L 5 C ai E W1 ':2s9',f'a. S22 F E 1 5 ' , 5 E S-3 .5 2:5 rt :S 5 33:1 : E- ': - 3-v V.: 1' E 5 Z - gr!-5... 'E g fa 2 ggw- U E I gh- no S 5 -C . fc 3 gg .-, 5 -ohm pn ,E 1 -5 E 2 . fu - S' 3, E ,swab - g az.-"' E :i"iEE"'.4cf:' 2 Q 1,5 5 rx - ' En Em 3 ul Z V5 .E Q '5 r 8 .2 c ... .- uc U 1" "Z I- LL O : ,. ,. - 3 - 1- -'U Z 0 '- as O 5 I ' g gg m - , 3-4: 25 M 2 3 A QE 2 H 5 2215 ' V5 " L5 aa Q S, 1-f 'V 'U wc ' 44 S E Q- O O L. 1 if U 'U -Ugg I LWZEEH 5.-25 Ff'5l3'-vimgilifza '11 U 2 3 L. 5 4 n: cx ..,. o 3 .gb -.. Q ,l 4 Z z: 4, ,U D Y.. 1 M -. 5 3 F' a- 3 fc 5 as win: 'G 23188-E5 5165522 1 we 1,vA2,m- 3 fffgeyi , U aa N .x 5 9, N r 0 n: 5 1.1 u 4: u 4... A- ' ,, '- :S re O S 9' u- ,C U w , C 1-4 rd 3 .Q - Q- 3 U -. li ac -. rn E 1 Q U, Q ,H ,u E If -if U 2 5 4, II1 4 'E Q .D :C 0 'D .C .-. nv 5 U Q 2 ,A fn'-, z 5 5 V, W 5 'L S 2 Q 2 2 -G - D- P' - 2 12 c Ig 1: 5 -4- cg .E 1: , I- ay E -E N -1- 1 ft H .C ,Q R -U rn 21 - . 2 4: 1 rn 1- sx- 1 N E H N in .. gh C 5, Q m zu jf. 3 m Q 1- - 5 ::: v -U 3 N - v - K 0 m k LL :FQRQQ-: '-' ,, 'V Q U S 9. 42 aa 4 E ' U Q' -. '- -'.- I W L -C' +. w 3 E m m In Q -. E L- fu , 1 'U cu t U 0 N C , : N cg L. 5, O v 5 at O E E E F U lj 2 2 if -E I 12 E .. 3 5 2 ,ii 3 5.1 Ill , A5555 - E C " E n P6 5 IE "C" N 3 'd M 9 Q, .J A 5 2 P UL C :C as V uh 2 L- 1: N 9- 0 O 0 M U N :1 C 'E :U g' 3' 0 L. 4-I Iv. E 'V 0 0 : ..: 0 r- 'D L' -9 fu 4, V p. 4, 1. . .U an fu ,. ,. Y ,J o 2 E u on - - C - , Q fu 2 - Q 52 :Q 3 :S U g g 7 -5,1 7-'C c I up H U7 .. qv .:: 'issvisgas '- 9 -.. M -' 3 U-I 1 bi S :E 5-el C 5 2 5 O H " '- m Ii E 51 2 Mb ,-,A J . Aex 15 YJ H 31' 1. Ilill W 42 4113 Q 1, H 1 1 'f, C :AS aging, .Ti I , 4 ,J SK 1 11 1 S 1 li , I M 1 1 WE 1' M QPF,- F1 'LT' 1 . 5 111 -T111 W :z 1 1 11 1 1:1 ' E111- X111 Nw .11 1 1" M V if 1 V 1 1 . 11,1 .- H - Q YQ fwzr' 41-ii l-pr--. A Y N 1 If , 1 1 , ,4.1',g..,,-1 X X XA, ' 'L"'.:f:'ffr-'-A U 's ' ., Xi I Z . ,fbgf " +1 6 II -nl-ul-u 7 -sfmwwa -Sfy 113 -ad 1 1 I 5 I 1 4, N I 3 W iii CHORUS Gp1gLg" 1 .51 11 rf2z " 7l .l frif A N1 11 1 1', Pi 1,5814 :L 1 ' 'ln ,A wg if 525 V xx , 5' i f X P' 'aw A L9-K J -4 'Q V f1,' , Z., , ' Gllncg or-"eg Y And , 'W Qw Nm ' LooKw -I-R4 L d i n 1 1 E 15,1 . W . 1 . f 1 1 46 f 1, 1 . ,iugwvfx 1 Q 41 5Q7fT'l- :5Gi2gQ1ff--4111 fl 'i'g:: i + ::2:2 PF 'ffm-WKF1 w lx NX N X-F 5 ADEN IAN f HDI: w Q 4, M Y M In g M ww' M223 w E' 5 7 3' .yn 1. 2-Q ' J LW M F 2 W Junlnqs R ff'.3ii'E'.E4 ' 9fHi?i ?? 1 ??f Ef f3SW L? ...,................i, ...-.-.. s ':.1,:y.. , 1,1 wh: : ' hy-'.Q1:f5..--gf . . mags , " .-,,f- Q.-g -. " .'.'.- ' '- " - -1 , - K- .,.' - I., gm... I x I . U . ., 43' X. ' ' .3f:,.. . Fr,-' ,I vi: YI' l . :I-7: ,V " 5,21 :li -":...-.'-'...: ,lf V 1 f K ZVQI' . ' 1 nm Ease . Chapter I. .-! 1. And behold, there came into the land of A. H. S. in the year of ll our Lord, 1925, a group of wide-eyed and open-mouthed beings, called- by Q I' the Faculty "Freshmen" E 2. In those days of the beginning they lost and gained. Q , i 3. Some of their dearly beloved Classmates departed from the land, . to go their respective ways apart from the little group, others joined them I from the hills of York and Harrisville. ' I 4. They labored diligently throughout the years. Yea, though . I I High School life is a happy one, they encountered many hardships, which . they bore bravely. , 5. And it came to pass, when the end of the first year drew nigh, 8 i , they found themselves looking forward to the next year with pleasant an- H ticipations. chapter- 11. 1. In September 1926, the class again assembled in room B to take C' up the more difficult task of being Sophomores. 2. They met with many obstacles but with strong minds and a G-5, ready will, they easily overcame them. if 3. Moreover their two most powerful enemies, Latin and Geometry, ,s they attacked vigorously and' were duly rewarded for their valor. fi 4. Then, Mr. Gardner said unto th.em "The Master hast given .... , if unto each of you five talents. Let us use these and publish a newspaper," - I which they didg and to the joy of all it proved a success. 5. The days passed swiftly, and the end of the second' year drew nigh. Chapter III. , 1. And it came to pass that in the third year of their High School 3 life, September 1927. They again entered the "Land of Learning." There to abide and acquire greater knowledge. 2. They toiled faithfully, each using his talents in a way to best serve his Master. 3. And behold, many people came to see them display these talents, .313 8 when the musical comedy "College Days" was presented before their eyes. forward to the last year of their High School life, and the Faculty was well I I 4. Then as the class of the third year drew nigh, the class looked g pleased with them MADGE KUGLEP ' Cn u i L lit iii aaa. as . '? 1 ., . DENIAN fail Tresidenl Uice-Tresident Secrelary Treasurer Mary Toole Mildred Phillips Madge Kugler Robert Henderson Stella Swann Irene Worthington Frederick Naylor JUNIOR CLASS Class Officers Class 'Roll Dave Fox Henrietta Hobson Genevieve Lewis Ralph Gosnell Lewis Harrison Robert Walker Lewis Moscrip Robert Henderson Lewis Harrison Raymond Mullen Nancy Lee Shearer Bernadine Carothers Llewelyn Beynon Edward Dudjik Raymond Mullen Anna Mae Sloan ly i 'fi xi -Lvl- 99' ,i l l ll i all H-nl' l ll .ii lil fill' l All E ill J 2,43 ig-244' lui 1 , ll ll 5 ll if ,. li: V l W, ill! W. -ez e--e-zen he detainees- W-self ' "lyQ!',- ,f WT F f ADENIAN f 1 XA, . Si Q' ilk I L. !, VL .,-h : ' .:"2 ,gn yzr it sx . x f ' -. Ny- S Gyw QE Q Q QM" ,K ,, L U R . V l '4L- 2 K A , , Rig , 'A" 'M1 1 DECK Q X: ' 2 H0 K W ng 'L ' wz W f'!! 1 X ' W ? pl1 ' 1 A -. ' 2 . -.- Fw . yy ,Q V lf, ck I 22 'A' ' ,H is 2? Q h A X m Al , 5 X,k A km ,LAA ,, H15 M mm, A 1 E fx-,A X0 XX 155 ,A f"?5".:e X ,M 1 A Q .I .. ..: h 1 um,r,,,,,,,,gAJ. Z, vu I 2 1 X, X It - . In 1 .J 'TQ Qu, ,L Affmfdf N 5 4 Q X aw x -zf 1 E:c ,y ' '3Y'.f ,F 'SLT : I q N :' N i A 3 , A , i 3, ,-fV 1 " :I I M if T ...,1 M bfi, 2 64116 Q, W 1 JL, V , AL can 3L-m-Je was Q gf ,v Q. . .1 ."'r -.': "" ADENIAN I ' nu! llIllll!l'l"""lllul sig, 'O0" 9 W I s 1 I W 4? iii gil ' li 5 W fy, X7 Z f f if 'ff 'U - I 5-Erik w Q I gill hllmlllkllg yfsei' ,Z ..:A, Z gh P 1---,, I ,.. ' . ' fc?" isE'Z'I'-amz.-V.: . " '.-"W J 1 AU"'v ,N "'-:'.:-,-- H .uf-7 4' .. Q .' f "1 N ,f ' ..- Kx 'DQA X nl..', ,,,, V .. xl iii' w' -- 'V- ila . ': 3 Fi 1 nl. EZ. 7? C3 Q 3 l A we , , ? I I, J A - f 4 , , .4 fM'f' . , ., I ' ,+ ' , ' ' "All aboard," called our conductor, Miss Buckley, and fo1'ty-three gay but green Freshmen boarded the train for Adena High School. As we entered snickers about "greenies" and "freshies', came from our upper- zlassman, as they talked to one another. Anything and everything we attempted to do was ridiculed by those above us. Of course we felt very little beside those Seniors and Juniors but we "stuck it out" together and after our initiation on October 18th, we were regular occupants of the train, for a long but uneventful journey. Then we were derailed by final examinations. Some could not get back on the track again, ten of our classmates had decided the road was too rough and hard, so we left them behind, but about five had boarded High school trains from other depots. We were no longer "greenies" and "freshies" but that place was left for the class of '31 to fill and we became Sophomores. We stopped at the depot "Vacation" and departed from the Fresh- man train to await the coming of the "Sophomore" A few of our friends oecame discouraged at waiting so long so they departed from the class and did not board the train with us again in September, but their places we1'e filled by two new members. V Miss Boyer became our Sophomore conductor and it was now our turn to snicker at the oncoming "greenies." There were several dark ways and tunnels for us to go through, namely: "Geometry" and "Latin." But after a month of explaining on the tea.cher's part and hard work on ours, we managed to see the light ahead, although it was sometimes dark- ened by clouds of doubt. BERNICE BUCHANAN, Class Historian. ifiadmi fi -A. -,i w .. ll-'li . , I 3155. i f-il' ' . If " t i l f::i-fQ- . .I ls D I H r A l I ' ' 1 iff W sf: ,QW W -'-' ,. i QJEW WWW ' l.....--............J--5 WWW, 'll' 1 W W W W W W W WW ' W WW' W WWW W Tl? W , W '- I W W W W WW l 3 'KW i W Wi ' ' WWW W WWW W WW' ,W WW- .W ,id TQWFT .W 'W lu M W W 'WT ' lv 'Ii' if-a N: ,W W1-215 I WT: 11? ,WWI ,WW-A AW. wil W'W SOPHOMORE CLASS ' 2 5 W W -W W WWI Lllass Officers W WW 'president - - Raymond Crawford l W a :Dice-President Lois fBeveridge R Wil Secretary - - Clycia Mercer W Class R011 WWW WW Paul Bainbridge Frank Hargrave Chesna Powell W W liinerson Baldwin Kathvrn Heath Victor Rucker 8 Albert liattistone l.uella Kugler Harry Sickle 'lr-neva Iiedway xilailys Liggett Imogene Singer ,. Lois Beveridge Helen l.opn Henrietta Sloan WW' ' Bernice Buchanan Estella Luher Elizabeth Sokoll ly 'WW' Raymoncl Crawford Charles Mclchioris Robert Somerville l , WW' Eharles Dudjik Clyrla Mercer Ben Stankiewicz W WW Wilbur Farrell lilizaheth Moore Donald Wells I ,lohn Fillpovich Sara Mosriip Rollie Wishard ,li-wie Gooding Russell Pcnman Nellie Wright WWW, ' ' 'ffl Qfffimy or Je i+ef-efwam r 1: 1 W SQ' Ill - f..w ag 1 3 W hm 1 i ah-'4- M 'N iw-3 iffgig l r V 1 i ll , s V W Y QQ N In 1 4, q--1. f W A , , li., , In M-X 1 : -V ,:'-':13I:7II.5.'-if I W , '-' ' ,N ' ' 'WN .j..7'-'1'7"' 3: I 4 .qv In n A -1 A D E 1 sw U . , ',, - I S 1 I L......."l ......1- dh 8 4' EK Q95 -r HORSES.- l W0RdS ca1JI'f1wfzmsf. "' SLMANQ V 'If in 1 8,76 Lovegx 1 1 1 1 1 T59 xr. , 55901 M L- f LEA eARLAu V' x 5, , 'E is 1- f Q- ,E X, . V ? f" 'l X J '- X f I is Q , X! H f ANA Siva' Bands. , ' Q i S 'M wh, Gans Leave 'V if X horns it ph N N ' ' 'XM .. , ,, ONAwwIEf-1 bmi. bM4Lg5 I 1 GUCSHQ L i Rom banana The bushes Ngzrisblfg. CFESER NNE lx Q Isa A :aku WV- FEARS 2 'fv qxfx HE Phu L I FL IRI QP I r I R M. lI'llIllllllll., I , X 8 l Q f X 2 - X fmgfff' X 3 eg E X X X V? 1 T X 1 X i 5 Hi is ... ,,,. 4 W ,wg j iL, fzasffiaf fmi ' 1f W 1fQ Qig ifea ff- . ,- ':L:':"4' , 52153151 A - ' A D qi N' 'viii'--'h-'Er if ' a Y 4 A F, ,W: g p . 1 1 l ' . , , ,, , S .S i I DENIM IE... F 51 gg? ig ri it EE l l 'FF X l 5 y 2 8 K l li' -l il illii SK' NTTPQ 7" V MW? 4, ,1 . , 46 . , U f . ,, ' i i , 1 'r ', ' ,- ,, V ' I M, if ti At the time when the birds of the featherd variety were winging their way southward another flock of "birds" entered the portals of Adena High School, in the number of more than fifty Freshmen. They tell us that "birds" of a feather flock together." That is true because we came from different families and different communities and still had one motive in mind-a high school education. When our "flock of many different varieties" first came together in September as members of a unit known as the Freshmen Class of Adena High School, some timid ones appeared and though trying hard to seem brave, it was with much trembling that we listened to our teachers and wondered just what was expected of us. As the days passed by we learned that the kind teachers only meant to make things better for us. We forgot all the winds that seemed to blow our feathers the wrong way and turned our heads toward the hard winds and smiled and tried again. There were thirteen birds blew in from Harrisville, six fi'om York, two from Robyville, one from Herrick, and one from Ramsey. These add- cd to the Adena flock filled the seats and there was not a sparrow. We hope we have no "lyre birds" funtruthfulj of "Robins" Qcriminalsl in our flock. But for real good humored, studious "humming birds" we could point out several to you. The "kite" may be seen among us but the flying machine that we use most is one that is supposed to lead us higher up in life and give us lofty aspirations. As to the impolite "songsters" or "mocking birds," they come sing- ing along their way to school each morning. . Our "Freshmen flock" was well represented at the first High School party by a large number of "bluebirds,' who were feeling quite blue until after the initiation had been performed. At the last High School party nur "flock" was better represented by "hawks" Several chickens of the higher flocks were caught, leaving hardly a feather. Now as a Freshie, we are merely a flock coming in-to get a start in High school education. When we fly into the school building next fall, we shall all feel like "peacocks"-'proud of our feathers, although our "flock" may be represented by different varieties. Then in our flock shall still be together, appearing as woodpeckers-still picking away at High School life. Then again after Commencement we shall all feel like the wise old "owl" and we shall be ready to start on our flight again. MILDRED ANTHONY, 1 Class Historian. at 22 g , f" -. fd lifting ti .skim ag ff' 'A .tx 1 ' ' ifi-r'C.-.-- . 2- , , . -f'-N it 4?f214:51.3.:f,.,., I'-A D I kk S 1, A 5 gg 455 ' L E . . sri? f M' , llg- Li-..-...J W l . V 4 l Ml Y l ll lt W V: l l, ill, bi 'llf l it -we 'S fill? My , A " T' X FRESHMAN CLASS Class Oficers i7JfESil1l'fll - - fonalfmn .Moreland l 'Uice-Prcsidenl fosepli Singhaus li 1 . . ,bfrrclar brace flffacfian W y V Q 2 i Class :Roll l Olive Zurick Kenneth Worner Edith llendershot Wanda Stankiewicz l Grace Machan Margaret Jack Lloyd Singer Stanley Yoknbowski . Josephine Waske Frederick Packer William Dalrymple james Moscrip li Cecelia Kasper Henry Bednarski Denzel Gosnell Inez Gillespie ,Q 3 Joseph Bainbridge Tony Edghouse Mildred Anthony Walter Maleski l,l Theodore Dalrymple Margaret Hobson Sarah Dickerson Martha McFarland lw Irene Harangazo Ilelen Dobbs Pauline Ferrell Virgie Steenrod U Joseph Robb Ruth johnson Hilda Moore Mary Evans it Alex Truskolaski Irene Dvoracek Clarence Anthony Jonathan Moreland .. Mary Shane joseph Singhaus Mildred Bowen Wayne Mullen Ethel Hoertman Catherine Henry John Tomenko Alameda Wonnacott . f.1mFfM -W -.-aa t-fe ,FH- 369 'liv' ,-:A , f A , . 1 ,fp z ' x f . , ., ---fx . " 'Q' A if Q -, , . 1 ' '3gLgE?L .1ZSS.IKIDIEEZJFNJ,Iidgaxigrxgr N .fpQ2igil:17 0 537 N X, f' ' Fr,-' I' 11:111-3- 3 1 fi l L i v 4 'YW M P1 1 nv W -1 iv fav 5 ,, 5-45 515 .M Q 5 In r,. LH 3 11 'F' I N 1 - I I w R w lo ut fl . ' u 4 ' 1 if ,m , Jawa ' x. , ' I "av 4 A., ' A.. HELEN 4 'v,' K VL if yi ,v ki Q F ' A ' if 5 Q Sy N 0 if ' Q Two I-Tb. - , , - 5Te?xnc O., 1', f .4 .,..,kf, - z wus L , I M, ., M. W : 5 , 41' Al? 4ANd 'VQNC' Lgg ,I rp r if 'Q 016 , gg, y b wa-Twp, YE," 1 1 Yakf Tsfmxf' an Bacrzwj y.. HMV 5f ' 461' A TEH g 3 '9F 'HU6 :ilT 55 ,sf ,, .,, vf , V " r. ADENI ef, niihle lug A. . iff- W'NS SEC TION f W N r . i V. 'M 4 3' ff. hm' li f P w xi N Vx N N 1 T Y w 4 1 .. A. W, 5 f iifldvl 135 LW ' '5E!3 - 413 f21?4lJ9?2'3AQll '-ET2434 1 DENIAN s x x '.::,lA , I 'I' Xen, .f-1'. :lr :Z -' ...- - 44 qi-1-v U, Coach Edwards came to us this year from Washington and Jefferson College, and to him goes the honor of developing the most successful Football team Adena has ever had. He instill- ed fight and pep into the boys that stuck until the last whistle. His smile was a merit that gave the boys needed pluck, and he believed in clean sports. We can rightfully attribute the fame of our team to him. RUSSELL "TUS" EDWARDS COACH Coach Edwards also devel- oped one of the best girls' Bask- et Ball teams in Eastern Ohio, "'l'us" was liked by all, and he took great interest in all athlet- ics. "Tus" made our wonder Baseball team, winning our first three games and going strong. Coach Edwards is an all round sport, the school and the people of the town are well pleased with his work, as it was the Master Piece of a Genius and we all hope to see him back next year. KF? eil J ,C C N l I V I I 1 ll 't El l 1 1 lil I Y i l l lin f .XX Q. ie: till' llll il .ll I l 1 l ll l I 'l l l 'll l v ll ll 1 ,. 1 4, 1, lil ,isl i t ,,,,, . at ,fue , 3 -Q--1. , , ,431 1 : 'I .:'-"1fJz:t".w'-- 'r'.v1w-.. , ' Ria?-'f-'.,-4.1 ., w""U:"? I : FN- 'I 'N I MN f.":".L:..h.- A S,-alvgmzf YA xg A,.i.L'H--in Af' ' D Q Xxx - - I , M f YL -':Z'. ? - lx! , xxxp' 4 '.:. A V I 'sf -N, af 4 6 fii M 1-,af Q r L . f L IM L L I w 1 W w U I Fa 1 'J- ,..,. A in V , 41 1927 FOOTBALL SQUAD Tiki , 4 i, 1 xl H I FOOTBALL SCHEDULE, 1927 Adona .... .. ...27 Mt.1'leasnnt....... ...0 Adema. ... .. .13 Tiltonville .. ... 6 Ariana . .. ...39 Ilarnesville . . . .12 4 Adona ... ...20 XVnodsfield .. ... 6 W Adema ... ...T2 Lflfferty .... . .. 0 Adema. ... . . .33 Flushing' ..... ... 0 W ,N Advna .. .. 7 St. Clairsville .. 0 Vg Adellil. . . ... 9 Cadiz ...... ... 6 Adema ,, .... 72 Smithfield ., ... 0 Q Adema .. . . .31 Dillonvule .. ... 0 ' Total . . .... 323 30 1 ' W 41 If E?-5ff f'Ih f '3Z5fi.fLS SEG:g5-in - ' v 1 1" - M N Lvr " f,5:i,4'-I '.-' lv qw .A ,..y.'?b'N .:.v.'E.-Qi'g'L9i'i'x', i ti DEN IAN r r i I X- A ' .g::',., . Fm bw, ii i 5 Pl, 5 'L BENJAMIN SHIELDS,-Faculty Manager ll Ben looked after the equipment and kept it in tip-top shape. Since he 1 i. 1 ki has had charge of the goods not as much as a sock has been lost. He was 'll always to be found at the dressing room keeping a watch eye on us, besides 'I, Ben was assistant doctor and always gave us encouragement when it was 5 most needed. :ll il 'il ii! ll ill it ROBERT WALKER-Manner Robert was always busy hunting good games for us and making accom- adations for everyone to go to the games. He worked hard to keep things straight. Equipment, finances and packs were all under his care. We were well pleased with his work. .lil il 'll Il' qu. lll' ll? E" l'Al'TAIN JOE 1ll'llRI'I, lfullhau-la-186 VE 3, ln Villllillll Mudre, I believe Ads-11:1 t-un show the best all-around foot- lli lmnll player developed in Adema the past several yours. Mojo had the nf honor of leading the first undefeated team Adenu has ever had. Joe .1 was un All-District player, and he hopes to vnutinue his brilliant Career ll :tt XV. K J. Adeuu wishes him SNITCSS in his endeavors. il li E, g vu- if ISHN S'l'ANlil'IN'1'IZ, l'zlptz1i11-Elect, Tzu-lclv-IRG Drum-y was witlmut, doubt one of the greatest linemen in ihis terri- tory, which was shown when he made the All-District Team. 1-le was at tower of Sll'1'llQ'lll und aided rnuterially in making' our great line unpnss- K able. VVith fiillllillll 1lI'9K'l'tlll15:' his name, he should be able to take cure E of one side of the line himself. Good luck to you and your ienm next 4 ' your. . ,S I iifuj .... , d-.d.-do , mlgil? N 6 frrrbis eibeffl-Qivffsli '- Y- fi , , , 'I ,V V -f"'2J:'f17y:g""' .' Vtabrwga . .?':"i:1: Yulfl'-t"f v.- 'i ' 'JUN l X 'Ii' ' a. lg-xv nflm ' EN t Q'-.,,.-+ "5 ". - " 1 Simi' it . . V, , , - - axis- tl'll' ' " .mgl JUIIN I.1ll'0, lflml-H50 1 Lopo came through with :i vc-iigeanoe this year, his work was gild- M edge. 1-ie could always lu- de-lwmlotl upon to hold down his side of the 'i line, but he spvrializod in winning' thrills. remember the Tiltonville and Cadiz games. his fino work 4-:ti-iirwl him a plave on the All-District Eleven. t .lohnny is undecided as to his turner, but is bound to make good. Stu-cess to John. Q 5 X. i ' 1 l'Al'l, NIUUIIIC, 'l':u-lale-l78 i . . . . ' L l'aul is anotht-r on thc- list ol' .Xtl9ll1l'S brilliant tavkles. Un the ol- . i fm-nsivo hc- Could tear thu holo tltronuli the opposing' line. when the play was called through his position. l'at1l always exhibited "Moore" fight ill. and would never slam-kvu his pzwv. Ho has hoen of inc-stimahle value to us for. when he- met ext-oorliitzsly Atiff opposition he stood the test of an t , vxvolleiit tackle. Moore :lust-rw-s nun-lx Credit for working hard and for my his sterling' qualities whivh wf-ro :ilwzlys evident. ,Ji fm ... to .. 58 ROI!I'Ili'l' CASSLES, .End-150 . Hard lurk was I-Zovky's middle name. Handicapped in previous sea- i some by injuries whim-h kopt him out of many important contests. Hero is another boy who had a habit of grabbing off forward passes. "Rocky" Y is a natural football player. XVith plenty of weight and brawn in re- serve, Rocky rushrd hard and out down men with a regularity that did not even go unnotivt-d hy the usually near-sighted Spectator. And on the defense he wax a boar and would fight till the final whistle blew. l SIINIU Z.XN4'ANl'Jl.LA, Hzmlbbark-110 "A seeond Reno" was tht- nanut often heard in reference to this little follow as he str-ppml hriskly ovvt' the gridiron, side-stepping' and stiff- arming' his tacklers. Silvio did not have much Chance to distingruisli him- self, but when he got in :t uztnio the opponents thought they were trying' to tame a wald cat. not Qt, football player He runs hard and fast, while his 'I work on tho defense is vlvzlil-I'lll and am-curate as any displayed on Adenzl t , Field in years. i ii ' i t I itll: Mp f 5 t - -e Mi7?T!!? e 'l n V .,........ V - " , veg X, VM 4 :6 A-N: iggivlj: 21-.-,.,t-li' M! -5.- ... IL Q? JQQE SW ' CS -'f"4'-K'-3412-'..,--rgLg,,,,,- ' 'M X " mm, X , . A ' xxx V M. XA, "'.':i .. ,' xy im' 99 Q' :-'--: ' QQZ Nl - in 'll " illw 1-1, 111 1 s LICXYIN HARRISON, Hull' Hawk-l55 Muny il timv rms 1,1-wis bruuplht the stands to tlllql' 1-4'l'1 In ms svnszx- tional I1l4lb'illQ'. I+'ullmx'i11: his i11t0l'f'vL'c-lice he would shmn 11111 :erfmuml ilu- 2 1 U11liU111'llfS Q-mls. Um-v in :111 41114-n fiolfi. nothing- could stop him until hw ' . 1 f , . . . 1 dl'Ulllll'fl lmvk ul lhv gnul- 'lhls yvur Lexus culled slglmls ll'lll'lI hull lmvk U pusitimnm :mul :mule lhings vm-ry ll1l1ll0i1Sll1lf for his o1upm1vn1s. In-wis is ax L! harcl wm'km-V, 111141 Lrivvs his host' ful' his ivum. He- low-5 Tu plug' Mmllmll. 1 but still In-in-r. lu- luv:-s to play for Advuzxg ho has :mv nmrf- pf-:ug wlnm-h 1 means an :rm11 In-111 to thc team in lnore than mul wax. , '1 I x A L . 1 'm w . , . X , . 'il' 'i l.l',XVlh M051 RIP, hu:u':I-11:0 41' , lmwis has be-4-11 rvslmlmsilslv Ikn' wpillinzz' nmny oi' 11111 ummsilm' team -' Q' plays, lwfurv Hwy wx-ro umler waxy. XYIM-11 hu hii Z1 lim- whim-h sm-mod im- "W ' 1 pmssiblm- to znttuvk, thv wull wuuhl sn-vin 111 nmve 111111 NVUlllKll'l'Y stop iill il 1 1 :min ot' fivv yurfls ur rnoro haul hm-11 nuulo. Imwis is nm- of The most ,V Ui vunsislx-111 lmlzxyws on the YUZIIN und il Q'-url part ot' our line- lmwm' has rv- -' siflwl with AIusc'1'i11 in his llUSi1illll 111 right guard. Hu siill has ilH01h9l' -r yawn' lu nmkm- ll gum! numv for ll,.llIH4,'lf. v , 1 . gx X X. Aja Y. , 'V ' X ' , 1 K 5. xf HH ... ,. , Flilflll NAYLOR, l!ll1ll'tf'l' Hawk-150 2 .,,., I5l'2lftl'1l i'l'HI!l his l'l'Q'lll1lI' lllbiltilili as hulfbuvk 1.1 fill HM- irmh :xi 1, , . . i'll!Zll'1t'I'17Zlk'li. I4 rwl naw invcvd 10 vorruu-to wlth gli-:xi mhls, but hw- Illll2'g'l'il uluug tlw L-nlirv sozlsun, giving' his best for the- vzlllsv. wiIh Ihr- rvsult H' w 1 V - . , "V that he se-L-lllw-ml ll Is.-1'1h on thu ALL-DIS'lI1I1"1' I'IlA-Aluk. Xnylnrs MQ work as :1 wlzllwl-3.:'.1'11s 1' OYi'l'Sll11fi0XYS his clutios as Ll pilot. H11 hm! :n Imbit 'Q' uf LIl'ElllbiI1'1' thv UQYXUUIIUIIIH IHISSCH und ITILIIUHQ u good gain lw!'m'f' thuy we-V0 Qxwzxlw- ul' 11. lf'1'vrl has another yn-Zu' to 1-mltilmllo his gum! Wqrk, W 8 'li 'X I ' '- I N , Q v 5. 4 LLl'1NVl'Il.l,YN IGICYNUN, Hzllfhzwk-ll? , Mtlwuglx he was one of thu lishic-sl mon on tho tmlrn, Rvy11on'S ' ' 'N' l1K'l'Vl' and fight 1-:uwied him thrmxglm tho svuson with LL splvllflid l'E?C01'd. llv wus l'0I1'llll'k2lblX fast for u small mmm und by getting thv jump on his W Fl rivals mafle up with il VPl12'02l1N'l' For 1111- diI'fP1'0nce in weight. It wus ,yi yi! nmhing' unusual for this SINXIWIX !i11Iv h:1Ii'bzu'k to whiz around the end, WI' WH nl' 3:'l':1b il mms :md lm on his waxy lxc'1'u1'1- any of tho 0llIH011Pl1fH bovame ' 1 V! 'uvuw nt' whm wus going' un. Hn-ylmn has :mother year to make good 7 "X W :md wa- should soc- hlm ll Still' ne-xt yvnr. X v w 1 ' W U w w + W , , ' 1 'Lg , 4 'Q 'EEL SM ng'- ,fx A . M- W W A E xi 4. ii. .... V ,V l-ji f-WL -f HQ? ,Aga ' N 3 -f s,'??-f'ii:,1 s4 W ,mr ,QW 4 bg- M Diff 54. - ' L-U-eva l we 41032 ' IW 'Ut si? l ll A ' q1-. DENIAN l l li l, I img RFSSEL PENMAN, lIaill'li:u'k-Iltl ""'H ll Wt- liuve- been asked time and again who than sniull wizard is in foot- IV hull 11125, us Russell praiivcwl around tht- fic-ltl for hm- was almost the small- , t-st slit-t-inn-n on the squad. Howevvi' it' tht- oltl tion- 4-xpressioli may be nsotl, though Russf-ll was smull ho wus mighty. not many a mam got ll uroniitl this little lmlfhuc-k. He brought niore than ont- opponent to it 1- kissing' tht- mntl position and in otht-i' wortls showt-tl his power as at l . J lizlltlizivk. Ht- should ho ai art-ut hs-Iii to tht- tt-nm nt-xt yt-z11'. il 1 It i tl li Q FIKANK llARtiRAYl'I, 'l':u-lele---lCi8 , i S lt was o rntln-r tliffivult mutter to voox Frank uwny l'i'oni tht- goll' W4 vourse- wlu-rv ht- sin-nt his fret- time- clurinu' his first yt-ui' in high svhool. Lust full. liowt-vt-r. golt' set-nie-tl to tlllfllxill' It-ss intt-rt-sting' :intl ho took to , football instc-ntl. Uni- yt-or of training' turned out the niziltiiig' ot' ti gootl - tur-klo und with two yt-urs in whit-li to tlevt-lop his talent we- will t-xl-vt-t to if soo Frzmk holtl up his nnan hy tackling' as he clot-s now hy tnlhiiig. Ex ,Wx ALEX 'l'Rl'Sli0l,0SIil, Hll2ll'd1I5li X Xl:-x 1-luyt-tl his first football :is u nit-inht-V ol' tht- high school squutl 1 lost toll. Ht- was ti "wliiz-hz11ig" in hoth tht- ofl'e-nso onli mls-fense und hc- gt , intt-ntivt-ly st-nsetl whore- tht- omiont-nts ploy wus going, untl wus tln-rv to ll if Stop it. .Xlt-x had tho tight to mukt- ri foothull 1-lxiyor :incl always gave zz ' gootl au-count ot' himsf-lf in eve-ry gzunt- ht- ployt-tl. Sinvo Alt-x maule- ll things so iiiii-lt-usuiit for his omiont-nts this ye-ur. nt-xt yt-zu' shoulfi he u l - w . - 1 Q'l't'lli st-znson tor thc 1t1'0ShfTlLl11 lzul. 9 .- nl . lil'INNl'I'l'lI XVARNICR, End-142 P lft'l1l'lK'1h. litt-rnlly known as "Stubborn Dutt'hmnn" ht-lil down his 1 wing' os stnlihorn ns his nziniv. He was a demon both on ot't'e-nso ond 5 th-fx-ns:-. llis :ilnility to t-:ttt-h iutssvs was one of his t't-zttilrt-s ol' tht- ganiit-, . also tht- wlrivn- that ht- hzul hvhintl his tucklc-s wus llllllllgh to lcnovk :in o1'rli1iui'y main out ot' t-xistenve-. Stubborn is just a l7l'4'Sl'll111lll on-l wc- win oxpect mort- ot' him in tht- next tlire-0 ye-urs. it .bg it ,AA qt D 1 f A rgsfferff--swf get is-as t gg A 'l- ' E l 3 i i l i, l l L, 1 , ,ll -f L ' fe it if fi. ,lil W- wil Pl 1,1 'A ' i ,. -in H., :5-S, "fu itll' 1 Euan 1, I,-vit! -, . , ,fa gf Q .- ,gg fe -at in S f f Q--'-5.1"-s - , .- . A. .SEN .'1-.i'fl'-QE . , L, iffy.-if... . " f A, ' - ' ,ip ,, fy,- L' KX -' V fxbv- 'W IV 1, Q . . . - 4, l I I- lil, 1-is '- -l 40 JAMES MUSVRIP, limi-ITU l .laimes fzirniliurly known :is .lirnniiv for long' :ind .lim for short. aided ihv te-um are-zitly sinu- he very 4-ffii-ivnily held down one of The wings :ind :is un ond main dirl himsvlf jiistiw-' Jiniinii- was not to he denied oiivo he gut stairtml on ai play. :ind wha-n ho did lw wvnt like u house on fix-in Jimmie is only a und has ilireo niori- yours to show his ability.'ll'll SINUHAIS, Ceiitm'-l30 , llud wus il vailiizihli- main to have around and nhly fills-d Mm-vluiiils , shoes 411 l'l'lllL'l', Hi- was hililt like 21 tower and wlie-n ii rziiiim- to sliding ova-r ilu- ommsiiig' c-M114-1' und dropping' 'em bofor ihvy go! sturled, liild Gyg- llli wiulwrl siiiiiw-iiw. Ni-vm' let it he said That "Bud" Inid down on Hit' joh. llll for wlii-li hv wus wills-cl upon to play he romped To it likr- il wild wit. 'Iii' - 'rf R .3 I H rj ,Q ' 1, fag El, mi iii W, , , , X I, lull :1:. -IUHINAIHAN MURLIAINIV, ln-iitvi'-133 'If ' l .Xllliougli this was Johns' firsl yi-ur, his :nliiliiy :is ai contor showed up l in vw-ry przinie. .lohn was in eve-ry play. barking up Ihr- line and was one of the lmrrlost tackle-ws on the lmirn. His nhilily to so through the opposs l ' ing' umm to smash up their plugs wus om- ol' his grvutost abilities. He- l wus small hut mighty. This was Johns' firsl ymii' so we will sue more of lk' him in tlw future. I I I HENRY RICIDNARSICI, Tzu-klv-IBS lll-nrv xv-is -i litllf- ru-kinf-' in Weil-'ht for a linf-nizin hui 4-:nsilv nmdv Q ., . . 5 ,, , this loss up in sim-ml :ind nerve. Henry was always in Ilwrc- fig'h1ing' and on 21111111111 of his sizi- hc n-ould slip through the oplvoiiviils lim- :md stoli lhvir plays lwfm-v thu got sturtewl. Henry was another of thc- lfroshmun ,' in rmilql- his li-111-r this your, and we should see L:'ri-:i1 things of him in ,N thv 1'iitiii'v. ii l un 1 1. I.I ME TSS Lien-1 ag.: f s--sie IR x xl t e 1 in 3 Wi M it .5 A M Htl i ti tl W 't It ti t t it t , JJ. I ti t t H ti Stag, 'W' .. H?--H . V . ,- f lxrih- . ffa3j!,:Q,4.' Y n -1.5" V H .J11.:, 'X v I . . -5 ,-..:,-'i..' I I W - e DENI N 1 T 'r X " fj. . 'sb ' lee' 'ef ...4.' Mt. Pleasant first rivals on deek NVe dealt them of eourse a zero cheek. Perhaps it wasn't right The boys put up a. game little fight. Uni- former Coach Garbesi VVarned them that things Wo-uldn't he easy, llut they paid little heed, WK- won our first deed. Next were the Tiltres Who boasted a line without filters. From down by the river they came To win ot' court-e, the game. The day was hot. and they felt tough. And this is what they got, when our team A elose little defeat, Again we brought home the meat. Now llarnesville wasn't bad sports Slim, fat. tall and all sorts. They played fair and hard lint spa-vial was off guard. Their cheering showed ignorance of all Said things never heard in football. Nve gave whole brood a plenty For the game ended six to our twenty. Lafferty, that's quite a heroic name. They were just kids seeking fame. To nlay our team. to them was an hono And throughout the game was many a gt We were too much in team and fight So our fourth string made things about r Still the boys were out of class, And failed to seore at last. .Xt Flushing we played on Mt. Vesuvus, 1. lll6l'. 1"'ht h For there were the eruptions that fooled us. 'l'lu-rt- mounds where captains stood To dirt-et their forces where they Would. ot rough' The day was hot, the ground was dusty, Each team fought, each player fussy. The end at last did come. Olll' boys another victory won. St. Clairsville Comes to our town Expecting to turn things upside down, They were our rivals true and fast, Entertaining our strength to the last. There wasn't much scoring that day, XN'e met our match and had to play. Silence, then the final shot, XVith the score our favor, seven aught. Smithfield Came to our burg, lteluetant of records they had heard, Hut the game was called at three So all were there to see. XVith death smiles they gazed At. our steamless roller praised, Again we were to claim The title a superior name. All journeyed to Cadiz on Armistit-e Day For not a. fan dared to stay. The revival of our Feudal game, And our neighbors were out for the saline. They said it was a close call For our record in football. Hut in the matter of a sf-Cond of time XVQ won six to nine. Dillon our oldest football foe Came on Turkey Day, rearing to go, So the noise began at two, For we were to eat Turkey when through, The same old squabbles on the side line And the team of the same kind, The last victory of the season Uame on Thanksgiving evening. HH IB it Ve - J gg it Ili! I X J? ' W in I tg i i M 3 i , -av tilt f.. 1... ., N X. 4 ssfrli'tt6f'fStE6 - g es. i'iT16 f A,.', .,.:, U 1--"A ,.i., Q K f I bg .Y ADENIAN 1 my ' .ifivf i Auuu iz- - ,Ill .-.--.--- ill, "WY 1 min 59? 4 VY 1 11 i l L11 M fry " rin . ,. F7 it 9 I X F Q 1 Ii ' 7? N! .1 'J Zfembaafl Team of 22 1 As we look back over the history of past gridiron seasons and of 1 their marvelous record, we feel proud, but never in the history of Adena 1,1 High has there been put on the field a team with such determination as fn.. the team of '27. All credit is due to our worthy mentor and coach-R. R. 11 Edwards. The team of '27 started its season with men of little experience, ,if a team built around six veterans, Mudre, a three-letter man, Moore, Lopo, Cassles, two-year letter men, Moscrip, Stankewciz, letter men fprevious to ' the past seasonb. With the absence of such men as Kaminski, Zancanella, Penman, Dickerson, Beynon and Lewis, who played the previous v.1', Coach Edwards had the difficult job of developing men to take the places of these past gridiron stars. As we all know, when the season started things looked bad for Adena. But each week through hard work by the players and coach, the team became accustomed to Edwards system, and with a perfect under- standing of plays, we went through the season without a defeat. Such a team-so small, but such grit, grim determination and fight. l The team of '27. Always Adena was matched bigger teams. What she X lost in weight she made up in fight. Unequal fight and determination was shown throughout the season. E As the team of '27 has been duly recognized, we wish to thank Coach W Edwards, Dr. Haney and Dr. Kackley for their untiring attitude toward 125.7 the players. As the record of the team of '27 passes into history, we F." know that the future Adena teams will live up to the reputation of the team ix of '27-the team with fight unequaled. Y' .I - f wa 2 -'ff U 3 f'Z9Q'i1DfM3 Coach Edwards succeeded in making a winning team out of "GREEN MATERIAL." There were only seven men left from last years team, but the new men developed and it seemed that we had a better team than in previous years. Then came the hard-planned schedule. The boys got a good start by defeating Mt. Pleasant with a 27-0 score. The next week Tiltonville came expecting an easy game but they too, were defeated by a 13-6 score. Barnesville, one of our keen rivals was met and conquered by a 139-12 score. Then we journeyed to Woodsfield and trounced them by a 20-6 score. Lafferty was the next victim for the fast stepping Edwards- l men, we overwhelmed our opponents 72-0. We migrated to Flushing whom we trounced 33-0. Then came St. Clairsville, the most sensational game of the season, resulting in a 7-0 win for Adena. On Armistice Day we came through with another victory at the expense of Cadiz. The score was 6-0 at the half, but the game ended 9-6 in Adena favor. Our next game was with Smithfield. They, too, were disappointed, for they got a 72-0 drubbing. On Thanksgiving we met our old rivals, Dillonvale, in a fast 1 game which ended in a 31-0 win for Adena. This ended a very prosperous season, for we won every game on the I schedule. 'fl JOHN LOPO C192 -N371 A are cc.. 3 Leia? fra? X A ,, ELT, ,f7 'A , ,--S 1 f. if-.2 . ff 117 A n 'f' '. 'ul' e-n-'n.'F1.' 1 n .,.. ' I ,xxx 4 1- v gl. ' Q Elf -'--H A -.-.-. in 1 1 w i 1 2 iz N U 1 W 1 J It A NH 1 at 4 N It w 1: H . JZ M W 3 V-X: Q, ' 'T' W wr 4:1 A LTL' ' PY if v RQ LK J . -9 wt' , up , , ,. m . W M 1 f BOYS' BASKET BALL SQUAD 3 SPQT 1, My -Vw, Nfl., 4- Hr-9, Qrf . , l LJ Jy, .Daviess DLL-- jiecmmzi 1 ., l i AIJITNA , .,.. 16 .,,, .Ex-High 32 , 'U " ,- ..., 26 ,... Smithtield , , , H 14 1 l f. " .... 18 ,..... New Athens ,, -.-. 26 1 ,in -., 44 ,-.-,Flushing W , ,H 4 ' V' 202 ..... Dillonvalc .,. ,H 2 1 . 1, ...B 20,--.-,Cadiz , ..,,B .,AA 2 6 'L -- 13 ....., Mt. Pleasant , ,,,-,27 ft St. Clairsville H, ,-,,,24 w it ... 34,,---,Bergholz ,.., M1014 ..-,35.-----SmithtHcld.-. ..--,16 ' ---.33 .,- New A010118 ,H Yu, 18 W .gli .... 23. .... Mt. Pleasant ,U ,,,,, 13 i !gi --..16 ,..... Sf. Clairsvillc .... .27 1 I Q' 023, ..... Bergholz ,,,, H, ,24 ' ....25,.--..Cadiz 2 , -2,-24 , ,g 5 ..AM., ..., , 29, ...., Dillonvale U- U, 6 f 1 COUNTY TOURNAMENT ADENA ,- . ....,... 18. ..... Irondale ,..., ,,,, A 10 - Bergholz " A ........ 27 ...... A n- - -us A Q 23" 1 ,hx :"""""'-' ,.A-.11:,,-.Mi - 1. V . vm '39::'Q. - "3 ""-' ing ' , " 'ul' I ,-'E'-'E'-'L"':Z il M Q, . DENIAN E - at e . f .. . NNN ' FFT' '55 XA, .':1. xy- EQ' 375. ,f 4.4,4 ' W ill! .- lm W? JOHNATHAN MORELAND, Forward 1 A Johnnie alternated with Joe at the forward position and Q was one of the nerviest players on the team. 'l'ho1ig'h he 5' was not tall, he made up for it in fight. He was clever at I dribbling' and passing the ball, and possessed an eye for ll the basket. Johnnie was in every game and worked like i 1 a 'l'ro.ian and gave his best all through the game. Another I, 'W year holds great promises for Johnnie. :L- Q LEVVIS MOSCRIP, Center 'iii l lt was a pleasure to watch this agile center move over lil l I the floor. Lewis was apparently always at ease, hut could if W move like a flash when necessary. Many times Moscrips' fl long' arms shot out and checked the ball as it flew from the ,fi opponents hand. He had a wonderful ability to worry the ill opposing' center. VVe will expect and see great things of rl Lewis next year. ffl, LICVVIS HARRISON, Forward M Lewis was the big' noise in scoring' on the team. He caged "' the most baskets from the floor than any member of the in team, and stood high in the list of high scorers in the valley. llewis was a fast, shifty forward, breaking' for the basket , ' like a shot and making' a Counter before the opponents were ' aware of what had happened. Lewis was in the game fight- ii ina' hard and breaking' up opponents playsg he will he back V next year and will do much for the suecess of next years I il team. i lot F PAUL Moom-1, Gum-ti 'ii' "Han1hi.irg"' was the ideal guard. A man had a hard time 1 Y Q' :setting around l'aul. His ability in taking' the ball off the M2 hawk board. and quickly throwing the team with the offense, lvl was a specialty. He was a strong' player, going' after the ball all the time, and fighting hard for the suecess of Adena. Paul was a man feared by every forward whose duty it was gf ' qw' to sc-ore from the right corner. We regret his leaving' this ji! ks' year, for he is a born athlete and a true sportsman. JUIHN LOP0, Guard i This stalwart guard was one of the towering' pinacles of if i the team. He was all over the floor at once, breaking' up the ij . opponents offense. His clever dribbling. passing' and side- I stepping' were the bane of many a team. This curly-haired y i lad brought the crowds to their feet more than onee. by it drilnhlingt through the opponents defense, and caging' the ball if" with a shot' from the middle of the floor. He and "Han1hurg4" made a pair of guards past whom it was hard for opponents T, to get. il LEVVELLYN BEYNUN, l4N0l'lV1!Illl .Inst how "l'ean" managed to stand the gaff against the ii:-4 giants of the opposing teams has been amystery to many, hut W in very few instances have the Adena's opponents been able xii i io put anything over on him. Beynon is a good shot from ,il any position and his foul shooting' ability has helped Adena's 'll W seoring' in the past season. Beynon should be a great help to VI, next years team and make it a winning' team. ij. JOSEPH SINGHAUS, Forward i This was "Buds" first, year on the basketball squad but . b he carried himself like a veteran and did some pretty work , i l'or Adena. He was a dead shot and did his share towards il getting' points. llud usually held his own against all comers and has ilie makings ot' a whirlwind. He is only a Freshman ,E and we will see more of him in the future. l t RALPH GUSNELL, Gum-ti l liaek of experience and his diminutive size were two big A ohstaeles in the way of Gosnell, but regardless he came f 'I 1lii'on,:h the season with a good record and with much promise for a big season next year. He was a good foul shooter and a fighter from start to finish. - . may-all-.eeefxfgae s e swag.Lseaeeaesf-----s -as f s L2f2iGeee1Wf 1 . . .efffsii A i ADENI AN lljg- it I .. i N N7 ,.. I. . I n N L, fi Z s IF If A xv la wx A W 3 'Q F we A -A ... ff Im f f .4. .2 u se lil . . ll ll Our team with more pep and enthusiasm than found in the past Q teams, are setting a record pace to other teams of the Valley. Although , k the hurling staff is small it is mighty. They register a victory every time , they take the mound, due to the fact that they have an invinceable support A i backing them. At the rate our team is going they should be the District all and State champions. Confidence of each player toward the other is the as-U ' o main stay of our victories. fi ' Bail Seluearlfmle for Tiltonville 4- ...., at home ...... -April 20, Adena 16 Bridgeport. .... - .... away ........ April 21, - ,,,., - - . . Dillonvale- - ...., --at home ....... April 25, ,,.. - -- - . Martins Ferry- . .... away ..... ,- April 28, ....,,. - . Flushing 1-- - ..., - at home ...... -May 1, - . -- .- --33 Dillonvale 2-- away ..... .--May 2, --- 9 Martins Ferry-----at home - ...... May 9,.--- ---- Bridgeport- ..... --at home . .... . - May 12, -. --- Flushing ,... . away.--- .- --May 18, Tiltonville--- - -- away ...,, - --May 19,-- - . dnl i iw 4, f H. 'l I JL Albert Battistone ....... C Joseph Mudre ---. ---- .-P Henry Bednarski---- ---P Paul Moore .--- joseph Singhaus John Lopo.---. -.--. Zigosi-tiiroiris Llewellyn Beynon . -- -- . S. S. Russell Penman ---- L. F. John Moreland - -. - ---. C. F. James Moscrip .--- -- - . . ----- Robert Csssells --- ----- . Lewis Harrison - ---. . 1 Silvio Zancanella .uv m 1 B R F at 2 B F 3 B F - Sy. 4. -,--,, F, wa if ' . Lit-. :UV 'r'fE9AQYi'Effke e1...Qii31, It aeee so Arid . B in ' sgvf Q 4' l ,A -,gi ' .:"'L55fQ7QL-.'f i ease.. . ,w , SM sx Q . .Fly " ' l l Z LL ,VH,, p V l f FD Gs ALAMEIIA VVANNACOTT, Guard Jerry, she was rernrkably fast for a guard. By getting the ball on her opponent she helped make a fine reserve strength. Jerry will be fine material for the team next, year. EI.lZAliE'l'H MO0R.l:l, Guard Libe could always be depended upon as a valuable guard to ably fill the position when ff' necessary. She fought hard, harder perhaps. than the rest of the squad, with few exeep- tions. "Libe" is only a Sopho and will fill Titzy place next year. L ESTELLA LUBER, Guard l Luber, middle name shoul be fight, for she surely did display plenty of it. Her- will- 'uv ingness to mix it up cost her plenty of fouls. liut as the season progressed she retained her E.-N spirit and didn't foul so much. She will be hard to beat next year. Q IIICLEN LUPU, Foirwarll Wi l' Lopo was a wonderful reserve forward. She just had tough luck trying to beat out Ml such stars as Hattista and Mosrrip, but with Tissie gone, Lopo should step right into a, regular berth next year. 5 Q3 JOSl'll'lIlNlQ wAs1i0, Guard l X Wasko came to us with a reputation as a basketballer and she surely lit-ld up her reputation. She was one of the most dependent players on the team, and only a lfrwshie. 3 lf she continues to improve she'll be a. whirl-wind when she finishes. l NANCY SH.l1IARHR, F0l'VV2i.l'd , Nancy earned in her Junior year what she has been striving for since her Freshman mv lays. She worked hard for her letter and it can be assured that it was highly apprf-1,-lated. She should be a great assistance to next year's team. , MARY llA'l"l'lS'l'A, Forward ' Captain Tissie has the honor of leading the first undefeated team Adena has ever ' the greatest player in the Ohio Valley, as voiced by every official who worked our games. ,. she will always be remembered as Adena's greatest basketball player. To the viz-tor be- longs the spoils. SARA MOSCRIP, Center Sally comes from the fighting Moser-ip family of athletes. No wonder she's good. She was strictly a team player carrying the brunt of the attack. She is only a Sophomore, so watch her go. 1 l , l Ill l In l I l, produced. Our success was clue to her consistent good word. She was without a doubt ll I ll :li I. 1 MARGAILWI' FITZGERALD, Guard Titzy finishes her fourth year of high school basketball in a blaze of glory. She has made a record for herself, which shall put her name on the annals of Adena High as Adena's l ix foremost guard! G.EN.lf1Y IV E L ICXVIS, Forward Babe was Geor,:'etoWn's loss and Adena's gain. She surely did fit in well in our system of basketball, being' a good shot. ln another year she should be a wonder. 4 ,-. , U .. ' J.9k all .49 Cie' lint ill ll .I 'I i. lllll , l E5 15 of Ill I 1 I l I ,l l il il SI l l I 1 4. .ia l l' 'W Li? F in er .ee eel A ,se eos afar it e .v 1 35121 1 5. . Sb., 4' N ..- 1 1 1 . --.W I I .11 1 1 1 1 1 1. .. ,111 ,. R 1 11' .N I 1 1! W 'Q 1 1 " 1111 1 1 111 1,3 1 1 1 111 A 11, .1 M lv 111 PE ff 'Tif v 1,5 1,1 1 'Q2 1 1 111 1111 4. H 1 .ui GIRLS' BASKETBALL 111 111 11' 1 11 N . . . . 15 GIRLb BAbIxIuTHALL bUMMARY ' 1 Q .Mlm-11:1 ... .....,...........,. I0 24111i1l11'if'l1l ........... . .. .11 ei A-1111111 ... ..:111 N1-11' A1111-ns .. ....1s .Eg .X1lv11:1 ,,. H23-I 151115111112 . . . . . . .115 1 1 .XI1l'll2l ... .... 1:4 11111.1111'111v .. .11 1 ' l1i .x.11-1111 ... .... 11 121111Z ......... .... 1 s ill' '11 11.11-1111. .. .... 171 RI1. 1'11111s:1111 .. .. 1: if' .fXfl1'11:1 ... .,r,:a S1. 1'1111m-11111, .. ....111 . F A'f0lH1 ... ....Hifi 131-12111112 ..... .... 1 T1 1 PM ,XIlI'lHl ... .32 Sn1i1l1t'11-lcl .... .. -1 1 .Mlm-11:1 ... H716 N1-xx .Xthvns .. "3 ' ,E .1111-1111 . ..:,1s A11. 1111111511111 .25 1 .X1l1111:1 ... HHN SI. l'I:1i1'svill0. .. .. 6 'N A1ll'112l .,..30 II1-1'ul111lz ...,IT I 111 A111-11:1 . ...17 1'11.11z ... 911' l ! .X1l111:1 ...Iii IJ1Il1111v11h- . .112 lj- 'l'ul:1l- ixllvllil ........ .... ..,.. 1 S 23 0111111111-111s ...... ................ 2 Sli 1 I1 6' 15 5141 give 11 fig: 'wa Qifiiffflff 16?-1 Ldfiffwlimi' L i LT. ,gs ' t v' RN-' ' it f l ,v un -pu-an naar q eta Odetta Anthony has her drawing t I- always -1 littlt talk 1. The piano will cry NVhen she has gone by. Helen Fhaney is quite witty Sho has no desire for the city. And some mother's son will slide XVhen this lady he has eyed. There goes Joe Mudre. The Crowd all stare to see. L,t'll"l lfarrell hasn't much to say Nht s from Hqrrisville by the way. .X teacher some day will be, Her report card you ought to see. Leona l-tughes from Harrisville comes Or rides on the bus when it runs. To laugh loud is her delight, liut not too boisterous is alright. Forest has such queer notions, Hopes some day to fly the ocean. T5 ?" 't ,- .- N, ,Qt Ili AV X -. XX I,-.1-,-,..g-.lfgifgx-jg" --L-V-3 , A ' , .'. N A ,tk ' "3-74-"T ei' Eein " .g:.- I - .Thbw 'Q if v' ' it 10, 3 ll l ll I 7 - 1 ' Q 1 ,, , 44 f , , f ff 9 t f 5 f ,f 9 ' l t, fa it 8 t ' o do, ' . . ' ' , xl I hit L . t t tot C 1' t Y l l I l dn Mfr, 3' f fs? if lvl 'Ill 'I 3 'Il X394 I ? le For now he is in VV. M J. VVl'tere players play. Martha is always studious, Never failing' in her duties. On a farm will migrate To live in quiet with her mate, -4 VVhen NVilliam Packer is through with A. H. tv He will probably drift west, And live on a farm in the country ln the land of the free. l'aul Moore, a kid quiet and courteous VVill never marry before his thirties. In athletics well rounded. Some heroes are yet unfounded. Margaret Crawford, a lady-like lass, Stepping as lightly from Class to Class. Her youth will always remain Her hugger will always he the same. Hero's Verna taking life slow, Brings tenderness wherever she may go. .X maiden ealm and trite Hoping to eross the water blue. There is Miss l+'itzg'erald, Dreaming' dreams of another world. In studies. no milder girl, ln athletics, no wilder whirl. Here's Dorothy Hentlershot. Her friends all 1-all her Dot. VVho hopes to be a model farmers wife, 'Foilingg rejoicing, upward in life. There is Olive so ealm aand cool, VVho this year came to our school. In her books she is master, ln her Ford none dare pass her. Mary Battista is a jolly little lassie, And that isn't all: she's classy. Basketball is her delight, No sports will she slight. Paul Carrothers has great love for dueling, Says it ought to be taught in with schooling. We all agree that he is quite right, And now Paul has a duel most every night. liut there is milk to be delivered, And the potatoes must be covered. Now Carl States hails from Jewett, Perhaps you all knew it. Fart. at meehanie will be, Just look at the honors in physics and chemis- try Helen Heath must make a noise, Or else be teasing' the boys. ln athletics she does the cheering, And it' the game isn't worth seeing, she's worth hearing. Miss Hastings has silence so rare, liternal sunshine plays about her hair. Shell graduate and enter college, There will obtain more knowledge. Next we come to John Lopo, UF tourse to college will go. llt-'s a boy with lots of fight and fun, .Xml many fl victory this lad has won. liy the way, there is another lass, That makes quite a ehatter in the Senior Class. lint without llea and her noise, 'l'hing's would he lonesome for the boys. Now eomes Helen Ward, She thinks. all boys are horrid, But we hope she is mistaken And from her dreams will soon awaken. 'l'liere's Flora who likes dancing' best, XVhen her halter's loose she's headed west. Yes to the land of filmdom, So, you promoters, make room. Hello there Silvio Zancanella, Ht-'s another jolly little fellow XVho has a great determination Some day will find him ruling a nation. And last as is always the Case, No matter where the place, lt' the writer you wish to see, Inquire tor lt. V. C. 6 M. If r M33 i HIE QF-ei l l t W li l ll ' 3 I i t l l tl? ui, t tai 3 i ,l It I tl t l t l V ill .15 T 'gt UM eta ri ,gm ADENIAN ....... 'V' Q w N M 5 W fm jj i lg M r fire MEL A-J, ie fi ij' 11' Ulf I 2 W S U w Wx MH 15' ,if X K ff F -if M mm Hi F? ,P W wi. M t 1 N ,iv A W , w L S AY Q. Q ADEN IAN ls i of it ' L. W l l at it F., ll l l l l li ,ll F W T7 l Q 'sf fi' ri ORCHESTRA ll l The High School Orchestra has played a large part in the High School activities for 'ii past seven years. The orchestra at the present time has eleven pieces. Although it is l smaller than it has been in the preceding years, we consider the quality to be just as good. Four members of the Senior Class will be greatly missed next year:-namely, Margaret Crawforcl,QOdetta Anthony, Paul Carothers and Forest Hawthorneg but there are always others to till the vacant places. Under the direction of Mr Volpe the orchestra has made nxuth progress. PERSONNEL , Clarinet Trombone Raymond Crawford Lewis Harrison Piano Odetta Anthony Bass Horn Albert Battigtom Cornet Raymond Mtllen Grace Machan Frederick Packer arf--px Saxophone Margaret Crawford Frank Hargrave Violin Paul Carothers Forest Hawthorne It il l i al 'U ' F 2512 ggi Q JH:-, -Le, li T V V ost ll. -'LS .x in .ii rl, 4 . . .- . ,. ff-'fs' I ,c'f3il'.25"35i:ffA' . DENIAN S l I . Fry gig t ' - QU in t --- WE . li 1"'er ill' l ly i I l l . l I l il 3 l l li ill lil i l l I l l We ll ii ill W ill ll ll al if .li El :fi Slit gil rf l l . BAND 5 . . lm 1 Our Band is small but great. At our footballgames they deserve much credit for m the victories-the music inspired the hghtmg spirit into our boys, spurred them on to v1c- A tory. We are proud of each and every member, even though we sometimes fall to express l our appreciation. i During thesummer months, concerts are given and the crowds that gather prove 3 that this VlC1Hlty IS deeply lnterested ln these act1v1t1es of A. H. S. 3 lg The success of our Band goes to Earnest Volpe and to the Band members, who, for , i l four years have co operated and sacrificed many pleasures to furnish our Hlgh School wlth ll a Band. ,M PERsoNNEL V. 'l Director, Ernest Volpe fi Cornet: Clarinet: Trombone: Raymond Mullen William Packer Lewis Harrison ll X Grace Machan Raymond Crawford paul Carrothers ix I . Alfred Heath , L Imogene Singer Saxaphone: i Q' Frederick Packer Frank Hargrave Drums: H Bass: Margaret Crawford Ruth Beynon -db Albert Battistone Barbara Symons Wayne Mullen 54 ' ' Qfiffgfilg :1-.:36 i1 TEL.. I Sei-eg S R QKL ei' W- M 'Ph 93' ilu l ll li , l J, lil l l l l l l ,,. f P. 5, ' 4" . U. l Q 3 l le Ml l l I l GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Club was organized under the leadership of Miss Lorentz. The club consists of thirty members and is a class of selected singers. Can they sing? They sound like canaries, especially when they sing the "Coo Coo Clock." The girls took part in several entertainments in the High School Auditorium. How could the entertainments and club be otherwise than successful when under the super- vision of Miss Lorentz. If all future organizations take this one as an example we know they will attain a high degree of perfection. LIST OF MEMBERSHIP K4 it if rll, M1142 F "l:: 2 ,,-we I gm- DENIAN First Soprano: Second Soprano: Alto: Odetta Anthony Mildred Bowen Bernice Buchanon Cecila Casper Katherine Heath Irene Horanzo Imogene Singer Henrietta Sloan Beatrice Stanley east sm? me S use -egw Martha Binns Pauline Farrell Clara Farrell Gladys Ligget Helen Lopo Mildred Phillips Olive Sargent Nancy Shearer Anna Mae Sloan Helen Ward Mary Toole Mildred Anthony Lois Beveridge Helen Chaney Margaret Crawford Inez Gillespie Pauline Hastings Margaret Jack Madge Kugler Luella Kugler Genevieve Lewis Elizabeth Moore DENIAN r BOYS' GLEE CLUB A Boys' Glee Club was organized this year by Miss Lorentz, Music Director They were shy las all boys arel about singing in public, but several times they forgot their shyness and gained an undying reputation for them- selves. The "Variety Entertainment" which the boys took part in could not have been a success with-out them, when they sang "KentucKy Babe," people remarked about their melodious voices. We are all anticipating that in future years we shall hear some of the boys of Adena High singing to us over the radio. LIST OF MEMBERSHIP Lewis Harrison Rauly Vifisliard Fred Naylor Kenneth Warner Raymond Mullen Silvio Zancanella Paul Carrorhers james Moscrip Edward Dudjik Forest Hawthorne Paul Moore Albert Battistone Ralph Gosnel Wayne Mullen 9:5 ra, LHS - U Qt 53-iid all if l I Q . l il l 'i I, Yi li 1 il i xi 11 il i i i I 1l i 'i iii l'li lqll ts .J .13 tl? 'ill Iii irl 1 i tl il i 1!. 11 T11 121i 41 ill 11 l1 il ll l 1 1 11 ro Literary Q eieties l'rincipal Miss llayer selec-ted the members for the literary soeieties, whieh number four. Two of these, Spartan and Athenian, have been organized for a number of yearsg one new one, lllllffllllilll, was started two years ago and this year another, Philamathean has oeen added. Every week one of the societies have a program and the others are guests. The officers of the soeieties are: Je- e 9, il 11 il 1 1 ' i i' 1 1 imrfiw. - Il .VR ii li .Atll0Yll21ll-'AtlVlS0l'. Miss llayerg President. Helen NVai'd3 Yiee President. John Lopog Seeretary, and Treasurer. Dorothy Hendershotg Critic, James Moseripg Pianist. Odetta A nth on y. Spartanfndvisor, Mr. Edwards: President, lllargaret Crawford: Vive l'resident, Elizabeth Moore: Secretary, Mary Rattistag Treasurer. Pauline Hastings: Pianist, Nancy Shearer: l'ritic-. Olive Sargentg Sergeant-at-Arms, Robert Vassels. Platonian-Advisor, Mr. Shieldsg President, Lewis Aloserip: Vice President, Ray- mond l'rawfo1'd: Seeretary and Treasurer, Helen Heatlig Pianist, Margaret Jac-kg Critic, sara. Moserip: Sargeaiit-at-Arms. .lohn Mooreland. Philomatl1eniaii---Advisor. Miss Smith: President. l'aul i'Ill'0iil0l'I Yiee l'resident3 Lewis Harrisong Sem-retary, Lois Beveridgeg Treasurer, Henrietta Sloan, Pianist. Lois Beveridge. "LYf'EUlVI REVIEXV On October 10. 1927, the Seniors of A. H. S. presented a Lyceum Review. The pro- gram was divided into five sections and was assisted by the High S1-hool oreliestra. Margaret l'rawford, Odetta Anthony and Paul U1lI'lllll9l'S represented the Lowell l'atton Artists Forrest H2lXVlllUl'll0, Paul Moore. John Lono and Lewis Harrison represented Taylor and Keylor. A short play was also given to represent "Daddy Long Legs," the charaeters being Dorothy Hendershot, llelen Ultaney, Helen XVard and Helen Heath. Following this. Robert Cassels Well impersonaied Chief Strong lleart. A spec-ial daneo number was given by Helen Heath, Hele11 XVard. l'auline Hastings, Sara Dickerson and Flora DeNoble fLeaderJ. The prograni also included several solos given by l'Ill'lIlll0I'S of tl1e oreliestra. The entertainment was highly complimented by all that attended. "LYl'El'M ENTERTAINMl'IN'l'S" The Lyeeum entertainments, under the eontrol of the Senior Class have been a great sueeess and highly eomplimented. They were as follows: l. Lowell l'atton and His assisting artist. 2. Taylor and Keylor. 3. Daddy Long Legs. 4. Chief Strong Heart. The .lunior Ulass has seleeted the Lyeeum numbers for next year's eourse and they will again be ofthe highest type. The year's course eost the elass 15500.00 and next year's will be a similar sum. 3 1 l 1 l,. s ii? i ff 1 1- I 11 1i' ,l if .. ,. . , 1 A 1 1 11 .MI 1 I ll. ll 1 I1 1 l I l l W1 1, 1 ' l, l 1 Y H1 ft I il: 4 11 an . -gt , ,, nf i 'S-a Fgsgggm... aww SQ: ill 'll i l ll' Ni ill! iz, l 3 ll- li lli 'l, N. at la U 'TT -ffl 9 f li itil ff-32 J JL ill l i THE BOOSTERS CLUB li If The Boosters Club was organized September 20, 1927 The following omcers were electedg i President, Margaret Crawford I Vice-President, Helen Heath L Secretary-Treasurer, Robert Walker P The purpose of the club is to boost the school, take care of the cheer- lx ing at the games and to purchase gold footballs and gold basketballs for the Senior letter boys and girls. The club is composed of the students of ll Adena High School. Funds for the club were secured by selling refresh- ments and sandwiches at the football and basketball games. J 5 :'t Stag gg ,ll 952.-yifsfi in W Y H fQ '3N i t DENIAN auf "Q I7 J Q . . f-fx Q , . Xb' it and l wi ml l l i v t will W Q32 ll Q l i l l l i ll ll 'flu K' ?iS'f3i:M f""-.- :mix , m,Q .-ppc--v 1.1".':!:l,:' .- y --. fy" .. . " . ' " ' ' . . 5 7 'JKDAQH-F: -.713 -igfi'-'I:i.., - AJ" Y ' l' :N 4 H 5 t' 'I All ' 'fy --Q45 '72 not f'w-'-- i -' -'wif-,-' , g.i-,.j..,,,,- N , . '- V-:fm . if-'.m x . ...- . N qxi.. s.. ' .- .. . .FE li? Q" ' J -if l I 1 iw' up 'W ann 3 1... W im? i as A i iii ii' 1 Ml lil 'i U Ti: m.f ,'f:,e 'ii ar 1899 :'I.iila f'l'owmsondD Hawthorne. ll:-v. llohert .l. Shields, Charleroi, Pa. 1.1-onarel Bonar. 1900 .losiv iIlornardJ Harrison, Adema, Ohio. Mary iXln-Lauglilim, Alliance. Ohio. Maud QVVrig'11tJ Allison, Carnegie, l'a. .lames Vasner, Canton. Ohio. 1901 X"ii'g'inia Q'l'ownsemd5 Crawford, Adema, Ohio. Mary lllamiltoni Shields, Charleroi, l'a. ll. .Xnderson Irlagam, Long' Beach, Calif. llarry G. Johnson, Adema, Ohio. 1902 Alu-o illarkhurstl Illeakmore, Adema, Ohio. Yirgrinia Lliamiltomj Folk, Warren, Ohio. iiillaisy 11-lagranb Heath. Leora fHag:'anJ Humdershot, York. Ohio. 21it'lymlv U. Naylor. IG1 hvl CAlexamder7 Morton, Vifintersville, Ohio. Hay NV. Moore. Ads-na, Ohio. 1913 llaliih l1E1I'1f'l', Cleveland. Ohio. x1ill'Qi2ll'f'1 iMOLaugihlimJ Lukens, Maplewood, Missouri. Myra. tM1'LaughlinJ Demnis, Adema. Uhio. 1914 Nlarp:'aret lc-kis, Adema, Ohio. Mary tl'osni-ri l'orter, llellevedere, Ill. lsaholh- lGrovul McCracken, Fairpoint. Ohio. llawrf-m-o N. Newberry, Uhrichsville, Ohio. 1915 llay Munson. Joweti. Ohio. 1916 XVilma Qliernardl Dokis, Canton, Ohio, th-orpria llell, Smithfield, Ohio. lililna iGoldsboroughl Wocifi, Adena. Ohio. .lusiin Johnson. Navarre, Ohio. liorr Mc'Laug'hlin, Pittsbur,s:'h, Pa. liao Moore, Cadiz. Ohio. l'aul lioymohls, Akron, Ohio. l'harlotio CSulin,2'sl Munson, Jewvti. Ohio. l'IIsio ghloorei Amicom. Kent, Ohio. Martha flier-kj Bernard, Adema. Ohio. 1917 lilmhlh iHarQ'i'ave5 Black, Parkershurgg NV. Va 'Palma Qlieidj Mick, Canton, Ohio. l.:iw1'eiwr- Murdock, Emerson, Ohio. llvrlwri Somerville, Cleveland, Ohio. 1918 lilizaheth Grove, Adena, Ohio. Madam- Carter, Adema, Ohio. lfisilier fSymonsJ Allen, Edimborougrh, Srotland Yelnia flililhoani Hirmey, Toronto. Ohio. Mary f'l'urneri Gibson, Scio, Ohio. l+'ranc'es fStrimg,'erb Mallernee, Cadiz. Ohio. Lois Ll-leidi Beveridge, Adema, Ohio. Charles Bernard. Canton, Ohio. I-Ziigvne 17L1I1,9.'E111, Adena, Ohio. Corwin Dumgan. Adema, Ohio. l-Edna Sutherland, York, Ohio. 1919 ltalpli l'hilpott, Adema, Ohio. Alaruarei Omeal. Adema, Ohio. Mayme CNaylorJ Ellsworth, New York. N. Y. 1920 Cornelia lMc'EwamJ 'l'hui'man Riddle, Alliance, Ohio. 1921 .Xllwrt Singhaus, Adena. Ohio. .lohn Hanna, Adema, Ohio. 'Fhcflma Omeal, Adema, Ohio. Ili-niamin Shields. Adema, Ohio. Clara lllazier, Ohio Valley Hospital, xV1'll'U11I1Q'. NV. Va. Floyd Bernard, Canton, Ohio. Craig' Shields, Cadiz. Ohio. la-tha fMCLeodJ Ceasar, Dillonvalu, Ohio. .Xlvvrma flllamchardb Saunders, Dayton, Ohio. 1922 Rlaraaret Smith, York, Ohio. lda Llleynonj Shields, Ada-na, Ohio. Lettalia fMurdockb Barrett, Cadiz, Ohio. Ernest Ramsey, Adema, Ohio. .loh11 Castilow. W. 8: J. College. Xvashimgilon, Pennsylvania. 1923 Margraret Smith, York, Ohio. lda illevnomi Shields, Adema, Ohio. Lawrence Jordan, Kimbal. W. Va. llvlen fVVaughJ Parkinson, York, Ohio. Eriwst Ramsey, Adema, Ohio. 1924 Lyle I':m-dia-k, Adema. Ohio. .lohn Mullen, Detroit, Mich. Faye Singer, Adema, Ohio. lloy Oneal, Adena, Ohio. llclen Heck, Canton, Ohio. XVanila Huskirk, Adema, Ohio. Iddwin Eggenschwiller, Vvashimaton, D. C. Amelean Maud, Adema. Ohio. Mary Maud. Adema. Ohio. f M nga: ee .iii - Aigner efi3F5iiE6i.. .Q 1- :9 lk uf cw 'Pl I 1 X Am ll ll I4 F2 is 3.1- iii iii 8 'Il i i l 'ii f 1 .gf r v Emi U HI 0 E. so I Q I Q il , I I II ll W, --I I II llgl N .JK I iiil I I I I i i ,J T UI! M I.l I ,li II' III iii' ll. 4..- I 'f ,v , ,o xx "7 I ADENIAN Z l'oarl Namcth. Adena, Ohio. Howard Hothfuss, Adena, Ohio. Alta Roush. NVhceling', NV. Ya. XVilliam Shearer, Adena, Ohio. Oliver NVard, Cleveland, Ohio. Thelma NVarnor Fleming, Atl:-na, Ohio. Hxlfrcd VVhinnery. 5 1925 LeMoyne liarkhurst, Harrisvillo, Ohio. Dean Barnhart, Smithfield. Ohio. Fulio llenedict. Ohio University, Athi-ns. Ohio. lllanche tllorkoskij Martin, Aflcna, Ohio. Vyrus Vasscll, Denver. Colo. Nicholas De-Noble, Aclcna, Ohio. Jennie 4DickersonJ Houlan, .tilt-na. Ohio. Mildred llungan, Adena, Ohio. Edna Harrison, Ohio Vliesleyan Vollctre. Dela- ware, Ohio. ' June Hanna, Ohio Valley Hospital. Wheeling' VV. Va. Lorain Henderson, Ohio Valli-y Hospital, VVhee-ling, NV. Ya. G:-orgo Hine, Canton. Ohio. John Lasko, XVestern liosci-vo Vcllt-gre, Ulvve- land, Ohio. Gcorgc Madzia. XVoostcr Vollcgc, XX'ooster, O Virginia tltlaudj Garlmesi, Mt. Pleasant. Ohio. lmnora Murdock, Adcna. Ohio. Vivian Murdock, Mcllohcrts. Kentucky. Hi-len fNicholsJ Pczzopanc. Fayt-svillv, XV. Ya. John Orosz, Adena. Ohio. Mildred Singhaus. Adcna, Ohio. Ralph Somerville, Ailvna, Ohio. Agnus lStantonJ Zimmerman, Smitlifit-lil, O. Olive Worthington. Ailena. Ohio. 1926 Lorena liakcr. Cadiz, Ohio. Graco liattistone, Ohio ITnivvi-sity, Athi-ns. O Lcstcr lleck, Adena, Ohio. Ruth Ile-ve1'idgie, I-larrisvillc. Ohio, llyron Rcynon. Akron. Ohio. - Yorna L'a'lrlwell, Zanesville, Ohio Mario Ulialiey. Ohio Valli-y llospital. VN'l1eol- ing: VV. Va. Uarolyn Christy. Ohio lhiivvrsity. Athi-ns, O Julia Dalrymplc. Muskin,:'uni College, New l'O11COl'd. Ohio. Kathryn Tlalrymillc. York. Ohio. John Eggenschwiller, Adm-na. Ohio. Iicrilos, Ohio State University, 4'olumlmus. Ohio. l-Zvi-lpn Fox, Adena, Ohio. Myrlv Gillespie, Ohio Valli-y Hospital, Wlict-1- ing: VV. Va. Louise lckis. Ohio University. Athens, Ohio. t'ar1 Irvin. Arlena, Ohio. AZ , , , Q MZ imfs . Q, sts? I its O B YW Andy Kalonick, llnivvrsity of Micigan, Ann Harbar, Mich. Eleanor Lough, Ohio Valley Hospital. XVheel- ing, VV. Va. George Naylor, Adi-na, Ohio. Carlo Pezzoimane, Aflena. Ohio. Charles Purdy, Harrisvilli-. Ohio. Beatrice Phillips, Toronto, Ohio. Elizabeth fParkinsoni Reid. Ni-xv Town, O. Helen Robb, Ohio Yallcy Hospital, XVhccling, XV. Ya. lflsthcr Smith, NVoostcr l'oll1-gc, Wooster, O. Mary XValkcr, Muskinguni Noll.-uc, Nou' Con- cord. Ohio. Margarct Ward. Ohio Valley Hospital. XVhce-l- ing: NV. Va. l-Irina tVVannacotO Golilshorougli. .Kilt-na, O. H327 Mildred K.-Xdanisj lllakv. Adena. Ohio. Mar,2':irct Blcakmore. Adcna. Ohio. Theodore Battista, Adcna. Ohio. Pauline Bowen, Harrisvillc. Ohio. XVilliam Bcynon, Adi-na. Ohio. Wilmer Dickerson. Adena, O. Ada Carter, Harrisville, Ohio. Olympia DeNohle, Adona, Ohio. Mable Fox, Shafcr Missionary Training' School, Ch-velanil. Ohio. Stanley Kaminski, Detroit. Mich. Geraldine Hayne, .Kilt-na. Ohio. Joseph Lock, Adema., Ohio. Glafline Harron, Ohio State lhtive-rsity, Co- lumbus. Ohio. XVilliam Murdock, Ohio NVQ-slcyaii l'ollcQ'-2, Delaware, Ohio. Virginia Henry, Atlena. Ohio. Louis Oreosz, Adcna, Ohio. Lcnora Kidd, Martins Ferry llospital, Mar- tins Ferry, Ohio. Clarence Penman, .-Xdena. O. Esther Martin, Martins Ferry Hospital. Mar- tins Ferry, Ohio. VVilliam Scovronski, Ulevclanfl, Ohio. Elizabcth Maud, Ads-na, Ohio. Joseph Sommervillo, Advna. Ohio. Marian Mullen, NVilliam and Mary Vollege, VVilliamsburg'. Va. Raymond Rucker. Adena. Ohio. lrcne Mercer, Harrisvillc. Ohio. Joseph Vvasko, Chicago. lll. Dorothy Symons, Dcl'auu' Univvrsity. Green- castle, Ind. Reno Zancanella., W. .Q J. College, XVilShll1f.l'- ton. Pa. Isaac Lewis, Harrisville, Ohio, if e Bti 267171 71153 . B4 if I' rigs? ""., Q.,-1' IL IM. .Q - it :iris - 1, 3.5 Y QQ? .ik It J MP6 II ll I 3 X 'W' ,W I I iii H91 QQ 4'4- iii II I I 2 2 l', V I wr Ag f' H- W il N il l me i yu ll li l l il ml -,- ii tif' gi -S i THE ADENIAN PAPER STAFF The expermintal work done in journalism was pursued this year, in fact, at the be- i ginning of the year a staff of twenty-two high school members was selected by Superinten- dent Dennis. During the school year light issues have been published. lt is hoped that C X the work may be continued next year and may eventually become a permanent curricular l activity. E The ,Hdenian Paper Staf l Nancy Lee Shearer-- ...... Editor-in Chief Class Edilors Beatrice Stanley - ..... .- - F- -- Assistant N l Raymond Mullen ....,.. Business Manager Udetta AUUWOUY --.- ---- 5 PUIOT Reporter Dorothy Hendershot - 2- I- Assistant Anna Mae Sloan ...,,s.c, Junior Reporter Robert Walker- -A-. ClfCL11H'UUg MQDHHCY Lois Beveridge- ....., Sophomore Reporter W Helen Heath- ------------' -"--- A Sfetfmf Clyda Mercer- - ------ - Freshman Reporter if Athletic Editors ll l Elizabeth Moore Lewis Harrison Reporters l. Forest Haythoren Margaret Crawford y ly H Clara Farrell Raymond Crawford fake Eddofs Helen Ward Helen Chaney Robert Cassels John Lope Sara Moscrip Paul Carothers Qi 71 -JL-ff -,JE as 214644 or Q 426- -- 23? gi g up--1, .gp XX i 9 W 9 f AA f ' 205 tlilf l Min Cherry Tame ji A Comedy in Tliree Acts Presented by i i i THE SENIOR CLASS LIAY 9 i CAST H1 Aunt Mar,2'aret Grant, the aristocratic mistress of the Grant household. .Maryfaret Cl'2lVi'f0l'fl I-Ethel Grant, her neice ...................................................... Helen VV:1rfi iii ,Ti ii ,gr Connie Trimble, the pretty little neigrlihor pest... P, ,. Flossie Barnes, a. rather troublesome young' lady. .. Vinie Jackson, cook for the Grants ................... iii Jack VVessler, who is interested in cherries in general, H1 .-..-...-. ..... -..-.... ...... .............. . .... 1 i and one Cherry 7'herry Adoms, Ethel's cousin, who ehooses to amuse herself by growing' Cheerios. ...... . . .Beatrice Stanley . . . .Flora DeNohle . . . .Helen Heath . . . . .Leona Hughes in partieular .... . . . . . . . . John Lopo - il..-l. , h ' . ,I -mx: 1 " n:,A.Vz.:!:-I-H b 'Qu ,Wl.i,!.tu , .:.--'- . . 'N . ,.A,1"'.-, Il' 1-iff-. -, "Sl-I.,'f'.',-j.1,' .- l ' "' x' ': ' 1 ,-v ,NN " " .l-.r.1g'..-,,-t -.5 I ' , f- ' 'x ' -.y -. 2 -'A -'f fe ' ' -- NV' a X 1 li i I r ii i i ,i , Ayn A ff i 7 "f 74 ' 5f'ffWd'Zf 1 f f f l ' f A " 1 fin 1 54? if f li Ii 1 i U 9 99 i i Chippy Henderson, Jack's friend... Sammy Closs, a young neighbor ......... Ioseph Meadows, owner of Meadows Uanery ...... Fritz Koogle, biggest fruit grower in the county. .. Tugg'1es, a butler ............... ............. Play Assistants Finance and Publicity- l'rog'rzims and Ushers- Margaret Fitzgerald Pauline Hastings Joseph Mudrue Carl Slates Verna Conley Martha Binns Mary Battista Clara Mae Farrell Stage Managers- VVilliam Packer Olive Sargent 1 .. . . .Paul Moore . . .Paul l"ari'otl1ers Forrest Hawthorne . .Silvio Zaneanella . . . .Robert Fzissels Iii fi, ii' L. ' Wi"'i9i- ee.-ef F lfffifsiili- f vzzaaf R. -it?-Ti- Qt-Q7 .W '. 21.111 .1 V' Mix . ' D:-,'312:,7::c..-,. I , . . ,...f , ,.,, .-1, . . -, I -,.-. -A DENIM ' ",,,l Y ' X ' 1 A xx X Y, , Mfg.-f ., 4. . mm. Mm., M f A W, .WWW 2' I 66 ' M if 1' 6? College Bays ' A Romance of American College Life Presented by THE JUNIOR FIASS XVednesday Evening, April 9. 1928 CAST . . .Llewlyn Beynon yvilliam D1-:in Coles, "'1'ubby" ................... , .Iohn Harris, "Jack" catcher on college nine .... ....... D avid Fox David Vzrrson "Davy" pitcher ................. ...... I ,ewis Harrison Dorothy Smith, "Dot" Prexy Smith's daughter .... .... TS ernadine Carruthers Helen Gorilon, "Dot's pal" ............,........ ...., - Anna Mae Sloan lfhuiiiivy DL-l4'ornsst, "Dude" .................... ...Lewis Moscrip lim Fox, "Foxy Grandpa" owner of Poolhall ..... . ........,....... Robert Nvalker Professor Horam- Crelly Smith, "l'rexy" president ol' the llrinkdale College "Loves Ra- nmiive' ..........................,................................ Raymond Mullen M:i,r1.lia llzildwin Tl-ale, "Baldy" Dean of VVomon ol' llrinkflalv College, "Loves Romaneeu. . Nancy Shearer Fred Swift, "'l'oppy" . .. .... Ralph Gosnell Charles Swf-ely, "Sweety" . ..-. Edward Dujik Don .Iovve1t, "Babe" . . . .................. Fred Naylor College Girls ........................ .,..................... G vnvvieve Lewis, Mary Toole 47llUliUS-The chorus was selected by Miss Lorentz, Music Director. They are: Sara Moserip, Clyde Mercer, Kathryn Heath. Hein-lotto Sloan. Flora DeNoble, Elizabeth Moore, Helen Lopo, Lois Beveridge, Sara Dickerson, Inez Gillespie, Frank I-Iargrave, l':uil li11lllbl'ldg'Q, Joseph Bainbridge, Raymond f1l'2lVVl!0l'fl, Rohr-rf Somerville, and Ken- nvlh Warner. XT, 3 l . l H l l ll ly li llll will gl? 'ir 2301 l". ll!! il li I ll l liyl l 13 I i 5 4. HMG M E miie ' '.E ilQf3x?' -pig 1 . I if 'f ff' Presented by THE EIGHTH GH.-Xllli ' CA s'1': Mihitahel Sawyer, excessively neat. . .. f Johnathan Sawyer. her husband--.. N Lizzie Perkins, a neighbor . ..... .. V Xdolphus Perkins, her husband... 3: Martha Uurtis, a widow ........ . Dirk Curtis, her son ................... Rodney Stone, Cholerie and unscrupulous. .. Q4 Margery Stone, his daughter ............ Susan Taylor, Marg'ery's cousin. NVilliam Green, Susan's admireix... Hli Grant, Sheriff ..... .... . Teddy Javkson, Colored boy .. .,.....Norean Maud Josephine Scrovinski . . .NVanda Olvszewski ....NVilliam llartok ......'Yera Sloan . . .Cher-atel' NN'vlls . . .l-Sruna Pezzopane . . .I-Barbara Symons . . . . . , .Mary Srott .. .Uoido Dannihelle . . . .John VVasko .. .Alex Fillipovieh - rs: . :gpg W ygiimz t I it It l A it l it tl li I it "1 ,ttf it III: THQ f S fi ij? if 1llu' III it A G 'N EIGHTH GRADE OUTSHINES HIGH SCHOOL ISV NVINNING ICIGHTH GRADE TUURNISY HELD AT AIDICNA MARUH 9 AND 10 Adena Chamber of Conlnu-ree Present:-d Silver lvlounted B. li. Trophy The Adena grade basketball team coached by Mr. Burns, the Eighth Grade teacher. won the Adena district Championship over Smithfield in the finals. The Chamber of Vom- meree presented the winning: team with a silver-mounted miniature basketball as a trophy. This basketball becomes permanent property of the team winning it three years. The runners-up received a silver loving' cup, presented by the Adena Grades. t ., .. 1, " , .. --as ' A ,. -ilg'Li5.f1fLH' " Q N. 'R U .' Y. -' . .rm A A' ,Q if Y' A: . K'-5 " I .I 'rt i I IJ ufn 7,92 ga 1-Tx fe 3,47 t 1 ll ll it 5 The teams that entered the tournament are: Adena, Smithfield, Geo1',::'etown, Dillon- 3 vale. Mt. Pleasant, Pleasant Grove, New Athens, Harrisville, Cadiz and Duneanwood. After the finals on Saturday evening' the trophys and the all tournament team was annomu-ed. Offieiating was done by Shearer and line-ker, ..v. iw t l feta lgt ,wa . Y. --- - - . . ,, .-.,. Wine-2 le- .1 151- N ' Wziai..-if. S fe- e tafhf .9-1 , , 'Ein ir.-F'-W." . . I . Qu -I .A ,, . ,. K .. 4 -- V ,f . . , ' .-.2113-,'.,4 2 my X I H is ., 5 , ,N Z'.nl','-'lx' 2 , Xe ' . ,Km 65' we 'H my . . . .- I t 3 A H. S. party . for the purpose of init 1 School Colors. Several gy' The remainder of the Q served at a reasonable an 1 students at a High St . . ,, ,WXWW 1 5 "H. S. PARTY" riven in the High School auditorium on the evening of December 23 ating' the Freshmen. The auditorium was decorated with the High t-lever trim-ks were carried out by the Sophornores to initiate them. evening' was spent in playing ,names and daneina: A luneh was hour whit-li was enjoyed by all. S. IPROLH' AND BASKETBALL l3ANQl'l'I'l"' The members of the girls and boys basketball teams were the quests of the A. H. S. -hool Frolie on Friday evening, Mareh 17. The auditorium was :leeorated in keeping wi th the season and St. I'atri1.:k favors were given. Luiieh was served t tit 8:00, followed by a program whieh is as follows: Welcome ..... ............ ' My Experienee As a CH Voeal Solo ............... Sportsmanship in Athl Sensation of a Captain .... Vocal Duet ........,.... - Worries of a Manager... . Talk .................. llornet Solo .............. sehool Songs and Chee The annual foo Margaret Crawford, Toastmistress . . .Helen Heath . . . . . . . .Miz Edwards iaeh. .. ... Sernadine Carrothers .. ....l eties. .. .......... Mary Battista ...... ......... .. ........... Lewis Harrison . . . .Bernadine Uarrothers and Lois Beveridge ....Robert XValker .. ...... .Miz Dennis . . . .Raymond Mullen FS. "ANNUAL FOOTBALL BANQUl+I'l"' tball banquet was given by the mothers of the football squad in the ' 'lining' room of the M. FI. eliureh, on the evening of Dec. 5. The room was deeorated with 1 the High School colors and football favors were given. Dinner was served at 6:00 following: " with a program whieh is as follows: Speech. . . Toastmaster, Mr. Shields .. Coat-li Edwards .C'apt. Joe Mudrue -P Speech. ............................. , ....................... , ..... . . . .. it Speer-hes were given by the Senior members of the football squad and by Rev. "F Trotter, Rev. Conley and Mr. Dennis. ll' I I ll 1. n 19 l l l l l , : l ll it ll Illl lit. Q? at itll Ili l ll Il l 1 It l t 5 I l l iii ll ll "THE Pl'lOl'Ll+lS NATIONAL BANK GIVES lRANQlll'l'l"' The Peoples National Bank entertained the boys of the football squad at the Gen- eral Custer Hotel of tladiz, after the victory of the Cadiz vs. Adena football gxarne. After a delicious Chicken dinner a program was carried out with Mr. li. M. Symons ac-tina as toastmaster. , Song .................. .. ........... "Adena Will Shine" Speer-hes were given by several of the football players, Foam-li Edwards and Mr. Xvorthinegton. the cashier of the bank. Free tiekets for the theater were given to the boys by Lonp:"s Theatre. "I'I! 84 If LAJWQTEL 3 N 2 :li -- .- N: gf -I Q LFE., . 9 Q M ,Q V! U6 it ll "1 J xl 31 W 'Ill .mill if: ij? P? will i Ill F W, , l 6 I 1 .fff JK- Tia? f f . rt' 1 i 7 -ri iii H i e it iii I Ii, ii ii in l il 'I 'I .lliil t Psi Qs 4 .- f - t.:' ,. t ,lf Y 3"""'- ' U Nw lil, V lu, w,ji,: 211' -'.- :ff M. I, - '1 " -' ' J, j'.l '- ' . .4-g',:.,T.1y , ,A - ..Ni','1j-Y... A ' I A is . . .- , , Y nk X5 ""' jf.j,:, U . .Flu-' 4-5. . .:1. 5, ,Q "VARIETY ENTlCRTAlNMl'lNT" On the evening' ot' March 28, a variety entertainment was Q'lX'1'l1 by the Adenian Staff, under the direction of Rev. Conley. The program was as follows: Selection ............ . . . . ....... ....... ..... . ............................... O 1 'chestra Tlpening' Song. .....,..... . ..... .. ...............,..... "Let Ils Have Some Pep" Trio-"Sunrise and You"., .... llernadine Carothers. Lois lleverida-e, Nancy Shearer Girls Glee Club ....... ..,..... . ........... . .. .."t'oo Foo Clock" "I Love a Little Cottage" "Hip: llrown Hear" Boys Glee Club .. ,...... .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..."Kentucky Babe" "Une, Two, Three, Four" Dance Specialtyf-f-Flora In-Noble tleaderj. Helen VVard, Helen Hcath, Inez Gellespie, Sara Dickerson, Clyde Mercer. Play... ,....................................... ..... ' 'Here Homes thc Bride" Scene: .X Railway Station. Time: Present, Cast of Characters: Tfynthia Carson, a husband-hunting old maid ........ ..... S ara Moscrip , Betty Allen. the bride ...................,..... ...Beatrice Stanley Bertie Danforth. the groom... ...... Paul Carothers ' Lois Allen, l3etty's sister ........... ...Margaret Crawford Maurice Danforth, llcrtit-'s brother .......................... .... T lewis Harrison D Hiram Hawkinas, who is looking' for his mail-order hrirle ..... . ..... l'aul Moore Peter Hames, Station Agent ........................................... ........ . lohn Lopo Farewell Song' .............. ..".lust Smile and Say Goodbye" "ALUMNI BANQUETU 2 The Alumni Banquet was given in the dining' room of the M. Fl. t'hurch on Decem- ber 17th. The room was decorated with the Higrh School colors. A delicious chicken Jinner was served. followed by a program which was as follows: Toastmaster ................................ ........... H oward ltothfus Boost ...... ...,... I .ouise lekis Toast . . . . .Howard Rothfus 8 Roast. ........ ........................................... lk larian Mullen There was also speeches given by several college students. They were by Carolyn Christy, Edna Harrison. John Cassels. Dorothea Symons, E8l'l10St Ramsey, George Naylor ind Reno Zancanella. "J UN I OK - SENIOR lfANQl'l'I'I"' The annual banquet given by the Junior Class, honoring' the Seniors was carried 8 out to a successful close this year. The banquet itself consisted of a delicious three course dinner, some witty toasts. and speeches by faculty, students and certain prominent Seniors. This was merely a trivial event of the evening: preliminary to the journey to "VVonderland" which had 'irigrinally been the High School aym. There the guests assembled and to the strains of the latest, tunes, danced their way to the close of the evening: which was termed by all 4 who witnessed and participated in the fun, a jolly good time. N H BQ.. E N - 1 e.. St: me he ue aa. -4 K, -7 " 1 1' . I ",.'l4,.h. - 26.3, f ' ' 1 ""' "dx ff'-'l'-"l"f5i".Fin . . DENIAN is W .f ' X --' .4 I .xx " sw . ...'::',: fl ul - .1- ,,., It 4,3 1, I . gf . 1 ' ' I V " f SEPTEMBER 21 Frosty entertains Class with his "Banjo," . . . Zi---M: lf .' l'u"'l A sn ' .' ' tud ' hall. Sflloors opened. Registration cards filled V U Mx X P' H Oleg In S 5 Q out Z., -Only I8 days to do your Xmas sliopplng. 6-S--Iiverytliiiig in it turmoil. Students find- 20 'mlwurfls IWW his Tlflllemf- mg mm-eg 27 -'llc-lon He-:ith sports red sweater with let- 1 .. 1-l - 1 A , . V . y 1 t it-Uliallwl held and we are introduced to Miss lf' V t 1 011 Pt" c'a'fl1L- Qhlcaeo' Oh ' smith and Mr, Edwards. We- Ullmflln' , . , JK Helen lllltllllfy attends arty with Burns. ,Q 11 -lilonduy. p Q 13-Several new students. 'll Mm' lduum mlmbel' ll VY.' ., , . -4 Q 4 I .1 t-llim,s ,..o on .is usual. I NOYICMBER X-if 15-Football boys begin D!'21L'llCC. Tryout 'Q some of XV. X J's ideas. 1 Morning' sitter the night before. V lti-There isn't' any school tomorrow. VVhy? -' ,Miss l32lYfl!' tells Uil'91'0 CTNSH Thilt "Eat" 'Cause tomorrow's-Saturday. fliilllll wordj means "let him ent." I tit- Mr. Case springs ll tire drill on us. -iplllllfefkly the fhlfd- 5' Ztt-Hzurrisville hus lute. Twenty-five pupils I -Ntltlllil SWHYUIJS Sf. Cl8il'SVillG- tl' 5121250 itll lmltwflllllll DHFLUIG i11f0 Study T l'onley-l'z1L'ker romanee fully developed. dl, mm' X lleport eards given out. , lie-NW1112' "'WNUi'l hammnpd' St- Lewis Harrison rides ponm-ye-in Latin l 22--lfresliie ezniglit in the act of asking a plugs, Teiiiorlgirl how told she wus. He will be H NU! Svhunlt Hurrah! iuiig-'et 11 sunse. ,4 . H H ll -Filmulmt-tli Moore gets her Stflth huwlliie' ng 23'-Adm-nu struts her stutt. llents Mt. Pleas- ,mt .M H . any ' I t 44 I V u .1 -, vi ior girs gossip . ou ro- s o' gg, am 2"0' 1' s 1' '1 ' fm f f tk fi lf. 1 Jh -.Xlhmt lnittistone decides to gum up. mmm bummotl 27-glib unit I.ewis dist-over a ease-of what. MMUPNNS on H mmriagu ' uve. ,, , , A pt A A 1 A i lt Ht-len l honey decides to let her hzur grow i ' 28'-Mr. lc-kts takes up tully ten minutes ot nm our Hvziluzihle time." Come asrain Mr. V MARIS. when you can Stay longer- I hive: il ,nts tollon Hslens example. . . 2 -S ' Q' " - 1 ' . " 29-ltutpll spends Thursday evening: in Har- I mm' 'Wu mug Hmmm TNT' I-isvmel 22 l':iul Moore sets kieked out of elass. 30- -Helen :ind Surat tezwli us some new yells- 2R"'Nm'VmlH! yt-gli! ,xtlomill it -l'uuse oi' our Y'lf'I'VUllSl1C'SS-Vilfiltl011. , QS -NVliztt'.' wrong? 0I"l'0llltR ' it , Q I 1fl'f'l'li1j'lTltllltl trnwford sits with Lois Beve- 3---lllue Monthly. I'ifls'G. 1 .Jly.m.hl.,-S Q'-iw. ...wh Class a pl-Mont of 3 3tlffHa'lll'lllll:l Sloan has Z1 new suitor-Eddie nice little test. l'1llll'll- 5----New moon. , I , DEI LMBER W 6--Orehestrai Il'l'tll'llL'0 new s e l e C t 1 o n - .. ,- - ,.. ' V 4 lx Adlvlm' .+- Oth-11:1 finds ehewing' gum under het' 7--Miss UHYCI' solves IQPUIFC 011 Speed. desk :intl dot-sn't like the taste. 'A ' ' l " ' I ' - - 4. , 10 Gulh Glo? fluff l"'lUK'e hold' tv li:i1ht-r c-lnlly-Students dawn Red Flan- lt -.Xdeniun pfiper staff appointed-results in nf-ls." :L bottle. , 1 . ' V 1 -Short lesson today-Outline the book and i2-'NW-zitlierinziii Ill'f'dlL'lS rain today. fm m 13'--Iliiliielw tl-tv-wiw s'1id so? , , . 1 I MD 1' ' k N R -lunzlish c-losses write letter's to Santa. 1 ,toxin lmtls .1 trog in 'hai poc et. i on wt, hmm mon, Wishes are gmmedl wlio could he so mean? , . E -li 'Q -lr .1 s ' - ' ' s ln---Ileutricv culled to the phone. "I wonder ' lm W N Nlmmg neck end m Mmntms ' ., lferrv. . who. ' l 1 17 ,I.3,-01.5-tlnmi is I-ogy. I2 -M. l.. Dennis spends lust day in A. H. S. ' 18-Marry Iluttistzt pusses "Fan Fun" ehewinp' 115-f-Rev, Vonley takes on duties of Superin- 1, gum around. tt-ntlent. fI,Il , . . , . gag 1Di4N:irt1e spends the evening at Crawfords. it-l.m-onli tells ot her romance with Delbert. ji wa .N 0. mf: ff -f - 4:-. --. fn- "f "' " 7 31,29 ,, fee--.ide We 'We ei eeeewew BL D6 6 I f-wie? -p-1. 1 -, X . Pt . Q ., -1-.- K , i s' ' NNY, . 3. . ,.I-,--1.34 4 s ' ' ily- 7-ml' 1' lzNx "'- fig-.-f 4.-.i-..3'..,,,.-v " I .X I ' " ip' X . "" .'ff:..-. - ATEN' .i EV, xv, ...I :H , i if C 1 f ,V Y , W 1 ' Z fig r It i! it 1 it 1 'i V 15 Calenti -High School paper "out"-Staff very busy. lb--Please put the "western mag:azine" in 20 S., .,-g 4 6 away, Frank. lil. E. S. -Sara has a date. NVe wonder'?? -York girls have party. '71-Mudre brings t'g'arlic" to school. -Dorothy Hendershot goes shopping. lfluys present for Art. -Vacation begin s. JAN LHXRY 3-School bell rings again. -Freshmen blockade traffic. -New Super arrives. "Wonder if he will be hard on us?" Sl-Last day of grave. 10 16 17 18 lil 20 23 -1 1-12-13-Examinations -4119 rules laid down to students. --74334 amendments added, -Needed, a few students 1-ontented with th ei r schedules. --ltalph goes to Harrisville. --Cadiz comes to .Xdc-na. -Shields tells Forest and lleatriee to please finish their dates some evening: Zl- 25 Smiths "Ford" freezes, Seniors jubilant. -Paul Carothers informs us that Napoleon established an "umpire" in Mexieo. 27 30 tl l I is I WI ll lil 's 45 N 'i l ui tl. XX'ish something' would happen. -Leap Year. Girls are very busy propos- ing . -Junior boys det-ide to be "Old Maids" for- ever and ever. 31-Lewis sits beside t'lyde as usual. in study 2 -l 6 T 8 U 10 13 11 15 16 hall. l"EllR,LlARY --.lust like every other day. -Beynon writes poem in honor of Harrison. -This is February the "Sixth." -Donald NVells reaches school in time to go to seeond Class. -Seniors interview picture man. -Dolly Johnston visits sehool. Shows girls latest styles from New York. -Play Basketball against Mt. Pleasant. Of Course, we won. -Everyone learns to "VVarble" at Glee Club practiee. -Paul Moore takes orders for invitations. "I believe THQ dozen will be enough. -Cast for "Here Comes the Bride" chosen. -Luella searuhes for somethin,u' in the waste basket. Why, don't you buy your own gum. Luella? 17-Did we beat I:6l'5J.'llUiZ? No. 21- .- lf wishes were horses beggars eould ride to the tournament at Steubenville. 97 - -Sorrowful faces--we lost at the tourney. 28- liveryone wears a sniile. ' 251--Pic-tures taken. Paeker goes to Alt. Pleasant for ads-'?'?'? Proofs of pietures arrive. Uh! How niee M.Xlil'll 1-More pit-tures taken. 0, . -1-Silvio :ind Joe go to Steubenville. ga, -mine's not a bit good. T-Ralph doesn't go to l-larrisville. g,, Paul Farothers referees "bont'L between two Senior rls. 1 .2- -Yes! lndeedy! 13---Did l get an "F" today? 14-Pictures came yet? lo-Ulara F.. in an exeeptionally good humor. lil- lll-St. Patric-k's Frolie held in Auditorium. 17741 amendments added to new rules. Seniors get "mill numbers" and sine' "Prisoners Sona." -D 20-lland praetir-e. 21-Spring is here. 22---One month sinee Georges birthday. -3-llovs sing' in t"hapel. '26-liemainder ot' students get their prison suits. 27-XVhat happened to Sprinui' She left so soon. Z8--Frosty goes to NVheelina'. 29-llattle in Senior elass over "In t'herry Time" and "At the l-Ind ot' the 30-"Gathering of the Nuts." ltainbowf' .loe Murlre re- reives "bla:-k hand letters" t'rom Martins Ferry. 'J ggi, 4., .1- APRIL Xll fools return to sehool. Seniors start their Literature exams. Tests! Tests! is our ery. Seniors are relieved-lixams are over. it-NVondering if our pit-tures are Coming: 10- Pay day but not for High Sehool students. ll-.lnniors give play "t'oIleg'e Days" -I --W- Lewis liloserip quits sehool. t'lyde very lonesome now. 1 3- Senior pictures arrive. 16-Blue! Tllue! Everything' is blue. 18- X birthday in the Senior Vlass. It was- perhaps we shouldn't have mentioned it. 1 it-. Iust another day nearer the ".ludi:'emeni," Sad for some. yet happy for others. -.-Annual goes to press. .W May l'ROSI'l'lI"l'l'M 9-VVednesday-Senior Flass Play, "ln Cherry Time." 20--Solo by Silvio. "Get Your Pictures Taken May ll-Farewell chapel. , at Steubenville." May 18-Senior Plass Day. 21-Uonley tells Paul t'. to at-t as though he May 156-Senior Flass party. were 141 1WWl3'W9fliill the plain may ia-Miss Smith entertains senior Ulass. 22-Georges birthday. May 20-Haeeulaurete Services. ,If 23-The day of miracles past? Nog Third May 21-KWmimeneement. 7.15, period is omitted. THF: END ati We N f99... '5if EL.--O9 - ---44 Q at emi 'X ADENIAN w I 31 Q 1 in 1 A WMM Q I ewf mlwllzlh f I Ullll'lI G x"' CLD QP U-.W , W 1ff fw 5 L Q Q . tff lif- '7 O E -X -f C9 x - M.. I fm WnffAf-ea i':vEwQLliz3eaafam I le me u f ' I ,'. ,. 4 nijv.-A., l M if DENIAN Q " S.. . is-' ' -3 ska, . H: if 7 ll Relayetl hy Station A. and li. Good evening, radio friends-This is radio station AHS, Adena, Ohio. The program this evening, to be given by the May class of '28, is divided into four parts. The first part, conducted by Miss Lorentz, is a group of Irish Melodies tgreen being the predominating color! sung by the class! !'?- - -at-N6 tstatic7+Next on the program Miss Martha Hinns will sing "In Your Green Hat," This number is dedicated to, and sung especially for mem- 1 he-rs of the class of 1928-Xl !:?-- At this time we wish to announce the dedication of the ' High school auditorium. This is to take place August 22,' 22 and some of the pageant is to be given at this dedication. It is requested that every one possible be present. Please stand by. Station AHS is about to begin the second part of its program. Miss Leona Hughes ' will review for us the book, "The Slough of Despondf' It gives us great pleasure to pre- ,I sent Miss Hughes. "The Slough of Despondf' opens with the Class of '28 bravely enter-- l ing the Sophomore year. Many difficulties are met along this way. The first is the giant, a great, angular creature called Geometry, who is death to good grades. Caeser's bridge ' is in need of continual repairs, and many fall in the Stream of Despair, trying to cross. ' 'Phat fierce dragon, Modern History, draws many into its claws of maps, and devours them V with its teeth so full of dates tto be rememheredi. To top it all, a fierce warrior, Elia, ,, comes plunging on his mighty charger, and strews destruction in his path. However, the hook class with the Class of '22, bravely struggling through it all, in spite of the efforts of l the monster, May exams, to crush them"-f- You have been listening to Miss Leona Hughes 1 review "The Slough of Despondf' One moment pleasee- Q -. - Station AHS, Adena, Ohio. We will now relay a program from Station J. R S. lianquet, 'broadcasting from High School Auditorium. Stock Reports .............,................ ........ J ohn Lopo Jazz Review ,... ...Flora DeNoble Grand Opera .... ,.... M iss Helen VVard lied Time Story . ................. ..... li llss Margaret Smith -1,5-Vg f'?!J Xl-- We will conclude our program this evening with a group of musical numbers. The first will be a piano solo by Miss Helen Heath "Bring Your Money for Class Pins." Next a vocal duet by Silvio Zancanella and Dorothy Hendershot "Have Your Picture Taken Friday." Mr. Paul Carothers will render a violin solo "Did l Get Any F's Today, Miss Smith?" Next Mr. Paul Moore will sing "How Many Cards and Invitations "- One mo- ment please-The next number is a song hy the cast of "Practice Makes Perfect." For con- cluding number on our program is a song, "F'arewell." sung by the Class, directly from the auditorium stage. This is Station AHS, Beatrice Stanley announcing, signing off May 21st, 11128. Good Night, EVel'ybOdy. NVE WONDER WHY: COULD YOU IMAGINE: Forest goes to Flushing. - Ralph doesn't go to Harrisville anymore. Raymond Mullen brought his "Overland" to play practice. They call Paul Moore "Hamburg" Miss Smith spends week ends in Wooster. They tease Madge about Bruny. Harrison's car sets in front of Moores on Sunday nights. Nancy wears a diamond. Miss Bayer is so dignified. llill Packer called on the preacher so often. Margaret Crawford says "Captain Marty." Silvio goes to the Pastime so aften. Mr. Roshan is so partial to American Proh- lems class?'?????? Verna dreams so much. In Biology Class Prof. Shields-Now that we have Pickled the frog, desected the crawfish, microscoped Physics class reciting. Mr. Edwards without his permanent. Lew lieynon quiet. Miss Iiayer chewing gum, Miss Smith married. Mr. Shields shrieking. Mr. Rashon saying six words a minute. Margaret Crawford "not tired." Dorothy Hendershot crying. Olive Sargent not studying. Henrietta Hobson without her vocabulary. Odetta fat. Mary llattista with straight hair. Frank Hargrave without his ice cream. Mildred Philips skinny. HP1017 Chaney getting less than A in Ameri- can Problems. ln American Problems Class l'rof. Hoshon-Name the seven cardinal principals of High School education. -.L 1 I it i I VA? 15? 4,6 tilt l I I F the fly and studied man, what is the highest Mary llittista-Help beauty, worthy use of type of animal life? powder puff, use of leisure to vamp sheiks, David Fox-The giraffe. effecient use of compact. ' -N-'EI :W Bt -53411 2133 fpf Lois lfl.-Hlnnocense is bliss." -gg--v f Q u , 15.1, V 125-,1-x.. f -, -- Z- I ,X - its "Y -f.'.-.2-zo, . , f' ,-2-s, f ' ' - f he .ri tv lu f X "e' H -.r5.g:.,,,.-. ' ' 1 N Q ' " 2 Wrox N. Xxx H n KQV-. .. , nf' Y' .' .- Lf all ' ' -....-.-.. if Q - AC .if ll li , Q 'ill I li Il Il' v i l ll il 1 .l , 1. Wah A HOT GAME AND THEY PLAYED BALL There lay the diamond, the game opened, Molasses at the stick, Smallpox was catching, Cigar was in the box with plenty of smoke. Horn was playing at first base, Fiddle was playing at second, Corn was in the field, Apple was umpire. When Ax came to bat he chopped, but Cigar let Brick walk, Sawdust touched all bases. Song made a hit and Twenty made a score. Every foot of ground kicked and said Apple was rotten. Balloon started- to pitch and went straight up. Cherry tried but was a wild one. When Spider caught the fly the crowd went wild. Old Ice cool as the game proceeded, until hit by a pitched ball, then you ought to of heard Ice Cream. Cabbage had a good head and kept quiet. Greens covered lots of field. Organ refused to play. Bread loafed and was put out in the fifth inning. Wind began to blow and what he could do. Hammer began knocking. The trees began to leave, knife was out for cutting first base. There was lots of betting on the game, when Glass fell they all went broke, but Soap cleaned up. They all kicked when Fight was put out. The way they roasted Peanuts was a crime. Balloon went up in the air when Pigs began to root. The score was C1-Ol when .Apple told Fiddle to his base, this shocked Oats in center field. Song made a hit and Trombone made a slide but was put out at first base. Meat was in the plate when the game ended in favor of Butter. ' R. V. C. IIOVV VVOIJLD YOU LIKE TO HAVE: Mrs. ltoshon-"Why didn't you shave?" Mr. lloshon-"I did." Dimples like Inez and Genevieve. Mrs. Roshon-4,,W,hen?,, Yoiee like liarndines. Hziir like Helen Wards. Feet like Verna's. A laugh like 0live's. nearly ready." Mr. lioshon-"Just after you said you were .X vliin like Helen Chaney's?? XVit like Bea. Talent like Lois. Smile like Edwards'. l-lands like Miss Bayer. Heighth like VVayne Mullen., XVeight like Virgie Steenrod's?'? Eyes like Freddie Packer. Figure like Clyda. A complexion like Martha's. .ls miu-h to do as Robert Walker. Sisterly love like Madge and Luella. l':itienee like Edwards. A disposition like Pauline. '79 Delbert W.A"l don't see why you insist on walking in the deep snow and getting' your feet wet." Leona H.-"Do you think 1 want everyone in town to see the hole in my stot-kin::'?" lllurtlia ll-"'How do you like my new kiss- Lib Moore--"Yes, but look at ull the good jokes that get by you." Grave M-"Don't you like my Company?" Kenneth W.-"Sure, but I don't like you." l"0T'2'l8-U.-XW', give us a kiss." Helen Heath-"Say how many are on this 1mrty'?" lllr. Shields---"How can you tell ai poisonous from an unpoisonous snake?" Fred Naylor-"By the bite." Silvio-"XVhere is Paul Moore?" Joe Mudre-"A. D. O. L." Silvio--"Whaddayah mean?" Joe-"After women or liquor." Ralph G.-"NVliat's your brother suffering' from?" Frederick P.-"Brain fever." Ralph--"Oh, I thought it was something' serious." :gangs . J' r W l ill! AS it 33? Mil itll proof lipstick?" :P ldrzink H.-"It's all that it's smacked up to Odottu-.Beatrice bet me fifty WMS Shfvd lie." have a date with a football man." t'lara--"Well, did she?" 'Phe modern woman has been weighed and 0.10113-"Yes, and she gets the half backy- W found wanting'-everything' under the sun. , , Mr. Volpe tto pupill-"VVhy don't you prae- l Helen NV-"Come see the moles 1 just lm' Wlml YOU S'-'heechw c'aiig'ht." I "It isn't every man who has :1 wife like M iiiii Milflf C'-4"I didn't know moles were con- mine" boasted the individual who married the M' t2In41011S-" circus bearded lady. A15 lvl: ...... - . N N 96114 BI S-E4 Ms n V A .W U ., ., 4. .ff-VP 1 I " R S1 Nag, 'E jhihxbv- 'as 'I 3 Q 8 M "'l ff' ' , X 1' fl X ,ll I H '1 1 H '. w X gf + f l 1 9 ? X Q f Mr 1-FTHIS VVAY FOR ADS 0 0 m oonn ANTHONY S l 2 4 .. ..,,, I I I Q? Qi T 5'i,g,1i5?f1 ' 5gf l, .51f1ML fi Q EwQw wQ P"5 . . MWY Him? WW. A XV COMPLIMENTS N ...oF... His? ig: THE ig PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK fe? 52 ADENA - - . OHIO nl N "SAFETY-PLUS" L ,J 573 -.1 ' 3 TQ Q T Q Q IPPOLITI MILLING COMAPNY WHOLESALERS 52' gi GRUGERIES--FLUURS--FEEDS El ig? s, ' T 4, T .1 :. FOR BETTER BREAD USE MOTHER HEBBARD FLOUR IQ QT FOR BETTER PASTRIES USE 0Rl0LE FLOUR E if ge' T jg OFFICE PHONE 9 RESIDENCE PHONE zo T1 P. 0. Box 435 H r T DILLONVALE OHIO .I I.. 5 5:95 E C Kwai omg EMP' FT gina CADIZ REPUBLICAN The Community NEWSPAPER For 113 Years BUSY BEE Service Station Sinclair Gas and Oils, Tires Tubes and Accessories J. A. WASKO, Prop. ADENA, OHIO IOKER IA Gasping Voicel "Don't shoot me Mister l'Il marry your daughter." Supt. Roshon: Un Chapel Speechj At the next game we are going to have a Boys Section and a Solid Girls Section, so he sure mid get into your right Sections. FOR SALE: A fnldinghed by a lady, that doubles up and looks like a piano. A Recitation a day keeps tIIe flunks away. Never put off today that which you have to put hack on to-morrow. MORAL: IDon't take your pants off Ferguson's Inn mivious CHICKEN and WAFFLE DINNERS Dance if you wish Private and Large Dining Rooms G. W. FERGUSON, Prop. Phone 50 Mt. Pleasant, 0. JOKER The Freshmen are so dumb that they think HAMLET is alittle pig. SENIOR: Why did.n't MOSES take bees into the ARK? FRESHMAN: I don't know. SENIOR: MOSES was never in the ARK. The Adena Fire Department was Called out at 2:00 a. m. They hasten- ed to the scene of the fire and aided wonderfully tothe further spread of the tire. Smithfield Auto Company Authorized Dealers FORD The Universal Car Phone 57 Smithfield, O. R. H. Thompson INTERNATIONAL moron TRUCKS 5 ag I I I I I I I I L S' 1 I W I when you go to hed. Nash Cars I I She sleeps but not alone, Cadiz O Jewitt O. L She has a sister. ' ' ,gg le il' LL :Le I 2.5 1? IE. F La I :gi I is ri. fa IQ I T We , Furniture Linoleum 5'Pves HOOVER-PHILLIPS Gmc" Dishes Rugs THE STORE OF THE PEOPLE Complete Home Furnishers I 143-145-147 North Fourth Street STEUBENVILLE, OHIO Ii, . ,Q JOKER JQKER lg JONNY: "Mother if the baby was TEACHER: "Tommy if you had S0 1 5 to eat tadpoles would it give him a bass gems jingioloan-Edt3f1 Cfntsbtosgoufhsls' voice like H mg?" 52,SnCemfS'Slid0y53uhraviieffil ow MOTHER: "Heavensnogthey'd kill TOMMY: -11 Wouldnq have any him." SENSE l ft " 1 -IONNY5 "Well tI'1eY dldfft-I' MISS QEAYER: "In what country is SENIOR: "Are you supporting the the K3U83f00?" Annual?" LEONA H. fDay Dreamingy 'fn has I ' NANCY: "Sure not, it has a staff." 3 IOUE EHII-" Q HARRISON in Biology: "This salt POUR SHORT SFIIORIILSI I so BEN SIIIELIIS 'gpm an Ounce OH IIC-hate Iihtrance Pill Pulecat :I your head." Gate Romance Kill P'whew 5 F ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES I I I PHONE 119-X CADIZ, OHIO I I1 ' I , .s 5 ll ' wl3wii v 11511 K """'ll'?""""'Ti'f3I,"'11'1'I""I"2 -:gig Im or L, U-'Q D ,.,. .!. 1 v : , ,,:,.Y , Y . ' 'Y iv - f . - 1 - I .ZTQ n- femme-f "'ff E 5 24 Q1 3 el I Il I 1 1 l I Compliments of I h H ' 8: J ff :a H L4 FSI ,lil 52 l I C -, I X, ji., JOKER L5 NO FICE-You will ind on the fly- -1551 I Compliments of leaf of this book a pin, in order to aid you in seeing "the point" of these jokes. e D. One way to keep people off your toes ?5m is to keep on them yourself. 011 fr-nn Qt , ROCKY: "A cat has nine lives." Q Confectionery LoPo1 '-rnnvs nothing, a frog can croak a thousand times." CADIZ, BOY: "Give me a cigarette." , SIQL EDWARDS: "How old are you." gf- BOY: "Eighteen" Fl EDWARDS: "You are old enough B to huv them." , ' i, 3 C MISS BAYER CTo pupil who has just :Sa Fil made a wonderful translation in Latinl F7 , "Now will you please ride up to the front of the room and dismountl' Up-to-Date and Sanitary lf any one asks you if you can take I pictures, reply in the negative and ' await developments. JUNIOR SLAM W- A- NEGU5 P"'P- LEWIS VIOSCRIP: "That isn't an Annual the Seniors are putting out. Phone 36Rl9 lt's a joke paper." RAYMOND MULLEN: 'It will be B Colerain Ohio talriusqni ,paper if they put your pic- - -4- - w ho D I, Q E 4 Ass. 1 EEEEAL .. The Aclena Miners Supply Company A ONE PRICE TO EVERYBODY l Phone 51 Adema, ohio 322 SALEM 1. MAUD l A School Supplies Candies and Tobacco BOARD and ROOMS a SPECIALTY ROOMS Fon LIGHT HOUSE KEEPING l All Modern Conveniences as ADENA omo iff QUALITY ABOVE ALL HERFF-JONES COMPANY DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF COLLEGE AND SCHOOL JEWELRY INDIANAPOLIS. mo. l OmCiSlfCwP1EfS lo Jqdcna Hzgh School as E q EMU Mo 'll' , Ji- llll' gl.. sis 'I F Q 7' 'T 1 i l J l .5 :QL - I B !. Q h ness semi' J .. P- p nwmsmb l ac Compliments of CHESTER FRANZELL gl COMPANY Eugene C. Host Grower of Worlcl's Finest GLADOLIES WRITE FOR PRICES uQ4 W S' J F' rjj x Q i WHEELING, WEST VA. JEWETT 01410 p I I l Dress up Your Home as Well as Yourself. See Me for Dungan Brothers Iigli General Merchandise 8 STYLES SUITABLE FOR jg EVERY HOME 5' SWIFT TO SERVE YOU O J. J. Morriss Ph 75 M Oh. P. o. Box 124, Hmawiiie, o. one em' 'O K ' JOKER T' 'E Compliments of MUDRE. How does ii some that an these Senior girls are wearing such peculiar expressions on their faces We i . I ., ,fm lately? in ffg, SILVIO: They are trying to look like Q their photographs for the Adenian. BEN SHIELDS: Who can tell me the scientihc names for the sheep family? 5 BRIGHT STUDENT: Ram the old :F Man. Dam the old Lady and Lamb the Kid. The Besl Boxer in Town A TRAGEDY IN FOUR ACTS H Act. 1 ........ . ,............... Cram Act, ...... . ......... .... E xam Act. 3 ,,,,, ...... F lunk O' C' Hargrave Act. 4 ....... .... .......... T r unk . L iNote found in milk hottlel Milkman please leave a quart of milk and a quart of water and I'll mix . . it to suit myself as l have some spocial E' Business IS Dead baking to do, 1' ' a busive-Z -.L2QQgs.Q Q?75KQ 5Se'5E GeEfXfZCHTg,DDiQ,Qif'iS"' If HEATH'S QUALITY MARKET VT I na CANDY AND PRODUCE I If it is good to eat---HEATH has IT Phone 32 Adena, Ohio A Im 'if T :?: 54 I ' 4 4 I . It III 2 I If? ADENA AUTO REPAIR 112: 1 I A. R. SICKLE, Prop. Storage---Shell Gas, Tires, Tubes and Accessories, Free Cranlzene Service 5 '53 8 Hr. Battery Service, Electric Brake Lining Service, Oil and Grease Acetyline Cutting and Welding, Free Air and Water 'CEI ,Y , QI A W GENUINE FORD PARTS DAY OR NIGHT SERVICE I 5 L Q' Gauge Phone 77. Residence Phone 24 : East Main St., Adena, O. I I S' 1 -Z' me H , I I I 1 3 SMART SUITS for YOUNG MEN and ' ' MEN who STAY YOUNG AT The QU.i'JLH'lilElQ STEUBENVILLE, OHIO L- K5 1 Q 255359 m T1'3..3IQ4gfi5'1U':, Mm- MY, :E-f 1,4 D ,1 ff,-afEv,',' l A I 5 Q6 54313 WF is' JOE MARTIN 81 SON COAL CO. I DEALERS IN ti CCAL It I? T52 ,Q I Y , . ' I J PHONE 241228 ADENA, oHio I 0 5: I E I Service : Quality : 1Right llbricc ,IUKER I Bashore SL Steele Q FRICS: "I am having alot of trouhle with my classmate " E - it , v, -U . , I I DOIIII: What 5 the trwublef - Pianos Fur-nlture lb I-RIA: "I am trying to Iearn him to X512 e F gay weachiy- Phonographs Rugs F51 , . 43' I Records Radios I 21 Two Scotcfhnien bet earh other 506, I ' -if which one voultl stay under the water I In gg? the longest would rcreive the money-H Mt. Pleasant, ISOTII WICRE DROWNIQD. ' 1stSENIOR: "Who was that High School Boy I saw you with last night?" N E W 2nd SENIOR: "That wasn't a Iligh School Boy, that was a I"RIiSIIIVIAN." EDWARDS: "What are the proper- ' ties of Hydrogen?" I CARI. S: mfasteless, smellese, col- Q 2 orless and sightlcssf' I The difference between zx Scotchman 4, JJ and a Cocoanut is that you can get Z1 drink out of it cocoanut. fa -yd QM QM bfi, j6 T, T- if-W i idx: - W -3- F iw f 'NVQ E THE 0 S CRAMBLET COMPANY LTD DODGE BROTHERS MOTOR VEHICLES GRAHAM BROTHERS TRUCKS . CADIZ OHIO gg: I , as f 5 1, I Q That's the Kind of Printing We Turn Out i I I I I, ge I 't?WW5'+TfQ,, Q E V' I I 7 ' I y I .5 I - T il I I S El 1 I Ian 1 I LJ TRY Us I . if 309 W. Market Street, Cadiz, Ohio ggi 5 if Li.. 555 1 COMPLIMENTS OF I DR. E. D. KACKLEY ja I ADENA, OHIO E gg, vE 'Q5 5m fn" V W in : .3 sv- H s' UHONESTY Our Policy" "QUALITY Our Motto" At the A 8: P you are sure to find your favorite Nationally Advertised Brand of Goods WL y Taxa E1 a .T 5 in WE HAVE A Y COMPLETE LINE Of H . Gi Dry Goods : Groceries : Hardware 5 Why not trade at home, why be prejudiced against your neighbor, when he can serve you better than a stranger? THINK lT OVER AND COME AND SEE US C. J. SAAD 8z SON 3, Adena, Ohio Blairmont, Ohio gl 1 A x 8 lx A sei M Q A , N .JSE ' fmesii Qifc"ID'WEl Fifowefs F F Agent, O. C. HARGRAVE, Adena, O. REAL SERVICE Phone 121 Steubenville, O. 173 N. Fourth St. 3, El 'c ,- ' - . ,T E V . .7 x :gg -15,1 , Q1 ........... ..,...-..,...- .. M Q 'al' WJMQ , 'Y' M .5 Q E 5 Finish row? 4 I In a dependable ACCREDITED SCHOOL of BUSINESS where expert teachers A 7 1 and thoro, modern and prartical courses are employed. Such a School is I 1 , V. U l,l, O i R' i Siiemilleeirwullle Qwhlege 1 3 i l Thirty-two years success. Over Five Thousand Graduates and former students started on the road to success. Let this College give you the rlghtlstart. OPEN ALL SUMMER :: BEGIN ANY MONDAY Write or call for Bulletins J. T. THOMPSON, President g 5 185 North Fourth Street Steubenville, Ohio 3 r 5 it S 5 lf ii BROWNSVILLE SUPPLY F5 T-I ITT 1 .i 4 i i B. BAT1 isTA, Prop. 7 I l l I l GROCERIES z MEATS g FURNITURE 'QI l. L FOOTWEAR : HARDWARE T Everyone Treated Fair and Square if SOMMERS omo 15-1 gi " '- ' -"W 'F W f f f '5 1 if l Qrmim MODERN AND FIREPROOF i l LEO J. FRIEDMAN :: Leuee and Manage Shoppe Rfofcaiztwtca 4 IN CONNECTION AT POPULAR PRICES ,L cAD1z omo Lu g41g1T.e-m..- ,t tgrwzmaw ,em , Q q ' THANK YOU! WE take pleasure in thanking you for your patronage. WE believe everything you buy of us will give you entire satisfaction. WE want your trade solely upon the merits of our goods. "Satisfaction Guaranteed" or Your Money Cheerfully Refunded l BEN L. MCGARY ADENA OHIO l i "A BIG STORE IN A LXTTLE ROOM" A i -ii' lllll i. YE! ' ls Ei PEzzoPANE'5 sHoE sToRE We Handle Only One Thing And We Handle It Right EG N lj? or Lessig ll eg ADENA, o. cAD1z, o. 55 8 all F rl ' COMPLIMENTS OF Hastings Mdse. Company ADENA, onio -E! 'c O or i ,Q W-u-.,.1 lil R 14- ll 5 me-1 -,eww-Z 'nwnwmze-QAM Q H. G. Fnlnnmcns fi' x" ' 3 'iifst' A ef? 1' X Ai Everything ln y H ' -f 'X 0 , . J Qi QQ SPORTING coons h - if l ii - E-E14 TRACK TENNIS SWIMMING I I GOLF BASEBALL X 'L H324 ' BASKETBALL FOOTBALL A ii A4-pw-ZZ L Bicvcuzs ALL MAKES 2351 EQ f pf? 7? i Phone 659 n ig 9 1523 Market Street T' A Wheeling, W. Va. sh , 565 5 JOKER Ti" I ETHEI. H: "Clarance A. kissedme B S ni t." 5 B: "Did you show him his is Compliments R. H. 3 fe??El1ELII.: -'Nome found it him- 1 5 of ' PROF. EDWARDS in Science Class: Q ' ' "Well are you going to answer my 1 W question?" D Q1 P'sARA D.: -'I shook my head didn't Q P' 1 M- j I f STARRETT JEWELER PAUL ADAMS - CADIZ, n CADIZ, INSURANCE Of All Kinds onlo OHIO J Fourth National Bank Building A CADIZ, OHIO ' .C Q5W9asf2:'+,:..qfefo9 Lf L.- . - --- -Y ---- . .... 1:4 Q f I E. V. ROSE DAIRY I WHOLE MILK and CREAM HF Q, TUBERCULIN TESTED Cows Phone 291216 ADENA, o. ig? ig? I3 ie 52 I I I I Cadll Feed Company 76 . . Quality Service Cadiz, Ohio ue' EF E: ia i I F I COMPLIIVIENTS OF 4 CADIZ BUS LINE COMPANY, Inc. For Service Call Us On flny Occasion Phone 224X CADIZ, OHIO Sb .I EJ 223 !i 'div ugn FA "1-.u. ' " K' ""' ' - 'TW' "J ' ' " W" -.-aa arms ' ,O EM. W., .M .MFE Stone 8 bomas Km Home T Ymgawm i A U WHEELING WEST VA. S E' i........1-..1.4.-.. fi wi FLOYD H. LAMB 5 CONTRACTOR AND DRILLER Q l 5 L l' L Q . C Water Wells, Blast Holes and Blasting ALL WORK GUARANTEED is-f Short Creek, Ohio Phone 9-R-21 me TT: Dies, Tools and Special Machinery Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting :TE THE SATURN FOUNDRY 81 MACHINE COMPANY GENERAL MACHINISTS and Manufacturers of Copper, Brass, Bronze and Aluminum Castings Improved Parts for Mining Machines E l Q WHEELING WEST VA. Q 0 'i"ff"' NE P' D 7":l ?-W" -05 0 DC DC Lamb's Studio M. M. MORRIS HARRISVILLE, O. WILL FINISH YOUR PICTURES Barbering Marcelling All Late Styles in Short Creek Ohio Hair Cutting Short Creek Service Station cAs AND Auro Compliments of Dr. J. C. McCleister ACCESSORIES Harrisville, O. F. G. SWABADO, Prop. - 2321933335495 mime The M, F, Auto Siimiwacexy SUPPIY C0- ROSS DAVIS, Prop. E3aa.Q5jicafvi1.m1g Phone 631-J ALLIANCE OHIO Martins Ferry Ohio I.. ENGELMEIER 81 SONS Westlake BYOS- Chevrolet Dealers GENERAL MERC1-1AND15E Martins Ferry, 0. Phone 123 CHEVROLET and FORD Harrisville, 0. Barton, O. DC C he wwi iau ii ' L nfl ?-we 00Ei1 Q m?'? F' S THE PEUPLES NATIUNAL BANK I MT. PLEASANT, OHIO Capital S50,000.00 Surplus 350,000.00 I Total Resources S630,000.00 is 495 Paid on Savings Accounts 234. - - 8 fig CHRYSLER Sis SALES SERVICE . . THE WORLDS FINEST CARS U ll" 52-62-72 and Imperial 80 S' ' I 3 l Gas Accessories Oil Tires ag Phone 196-R McKinley Ave. Cadiz, Ohio Sf? li if sig R. E. DICKERSON Dealer in y Jewelery Kodaks Sporting Goods Patent Medicines Toilet Articles A il Phone 72 Bridge Street Adena, Ohio 'J E Q mmrdsl """" :':7fl"'.OOl"7f.'T A'EW OW We Lead Others Follow THE LEADER STORE DRY GOODS CROCERIES MEATS Trading at the Leader will save you Money l A RICHARD THOMAS, Prop. 8? Phone 1' Adena, Ohio Hi ig 15 5. R. C. BOWMAN Li. M PARKING GARAGE .4 W -N - E32 Qi W One Block From Everything -ar x l r ' ,E l!' 1206 Main street Wheeling, W. va. 25 . i li HEL 1: WY, PASTIME THEATER A The Home of Good Entertainment yu Adena, Ohio .5 . E . - . g em m r'-F i ' J. B. ZAMBON COIVIPA Y 1' :L F n r AE. F BB il' 31 WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS DILLONVALE, OHIO 9963 2353553 i Makes Better Bread, Rolls, Cake and Pastry i We guarantee the quality of "OCCIDENT" Flour to be not only good, but better than other Hours to be immediately noticeable-that you can make bread from it, that in purity, whiteness, rich flavor, fine even texture and general goodness is better than the bread you can make from other flour. 5 g- Backing this guarantee every dealer has authority to refund the purchase price to any dissatisfied HOCCIDENTH customer. TRY THIS OFFER Try a sack of HOCCIDENT' and make many bakings as you wish. If you are not satisfied that it is better than any other Hour you have ever , used return the unused portion of the sack and GET YOUR MONEY BACK. Your dealer will refund it without argument. ls '-1: 'fri FLOYD CUTTER F 5 L . General Automobile Repairing i HARRISVILLE, omo SICK ROOM SUPPLIES Everthing for the Comfort of the Invalid Rolling Chairs : Hospital Beds J. L. MCLAIN Phone: Office 90 : Residence 4240 Auto Top 8: Radiator Works AUTO TOPS SEAT COVERS Radiators Rebuilt. Bodies and Fenders Straightened DEPONT DUCO FINISH 1053 Main St. Wheeling, W. Va. 25 20th St. Wheeling, W. Va. fig -.:. aw , .1,,. FT' 'Mr West law uaJ 'i""Qr WW we "'1 "a'-efo NE I 5 51113 nqzv. 330' 75232 QQ "-1 F 1 E COMPLIMENTS OF THE A ,, Q ,gf-f W Q , l L., 4, V Q, fr -,A fl, aj, , 1 W fha EFI' W, MARTINS FERRY, O. it I? ji is t COMPLIMENTS OF T , - ' ' I -. 5 P WHEELING, W. VA. ig Better Clothes For Less lie WHEELING'S GREATEST CLOTHIERS IVIEN and BOYS CLOTHING SPECIALIST , 1052-54 Main Street Wheeling, W. Va. L 55" u-d r-"W w'-?0'a EQl 1 eeee ge I I :-o M UQ DC . 9 .-5317: A 14:1 65 Y I 'I F 1 E COMPLIMENTS OF E ADENA, OHIO if all il? 5 .sn f O COMPLIMENTS OF if Wim Harrison Jeiifezgwra 25 jg Flaemgphwme Qi zzapamgfy' ig! Q CO. PAINT : WALL PAPER PICTURE FRAMING The Dependable Your Diploma or Clan Picture will be expertly framed if done in our shop 506 Mafkef Sfmt THE MARIETTA PAINT srons Q. Stel.llJeIlVllle 161 South 4th St. Steubenville, 0. L 2:25 ' 'nw . ups fi'-' -e E-f 'DE L-u d ruvwd I 1521 we DC from we-: Pe W STEUBENVlLLE'5 NEW MILLION DOLLAR HOTEL HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL ATHLETIC CONTESTANTS Sl? ' Y' w IIAIfI, ,Q is ld 514-522 Market St. Steubenville, Ohio Q I W1 in 'wg fl I faiwufxg 'Wave if 99 Q A Q 'IF 'ar WOMENS AND MISSES' WEARING APPAREL I il 1II Third and Market Streets Steubenville, Ohio FOR THE BEST QUALITY AT LOWEST PRICES DISTINCTIVE YARD GOODS QQEME-' L Ii F ' n "After You Graduate---Start Your Career Right" 7 T gf ig CARZOIL I Gasoline "Will help you over many a 'hill' " Along the road of life I The CARSON OIL COMPANY I y IU ,., h Phone l93X CADIZ, OHIO ,Q T35 VET uw I2 J I I V21 Q gig TAXI SERVICE I I I ' l FIVE PASSENGER SEDAN---Safe, Warm, Comfortable Riding W. S at Au Tame....AT YoUR sERv1cE i l L ,LQ IQ WILLIAM HUF F MAN I I f A TAXI SERVICE-ANYWHERE-ANYTIME- W FOR A REASONABLE PRICE , -1 552' Day Phone 60 ADENA, OHIO Night Phone 60 if 43 2 3 2 QI 'E' f' 1-2 A T " K, When in doubt for something to eat---Call at il I ii , MACHANS RESTAURANT I il Always at Your Service Confections---Cigars---Tobacco Bridge Street Adena, Ohio A K 3 FN I Q Q W "ADENA" The "BIGGEST" z z "SMALL" Town Home of Good Churches, Good Schools, Good Business Enterprise, Best Community Spirit AND Largest Coal Shipping Center in Eastern Ohio :E ADENA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 5 .,..............,................ 5 he E iii? COMPLIMENTS or t E Q' D ADENA, ouxo gl 4 F55 Li. 51 "M For Best Results ' USE I The SYMONS and PACKER CO. n M M ADENA, OHIO L J sg Gimme, V A-MQ Wai on A WALL PAPER AND PAINTS For Quick Service Phone Your Orders ALLEN E. CARTER The Painter and Decorator F5 Phone 24X ADENA, OHIO jg IF You WANT TO SEE A Fires? SEMA m m gimp amd Qozuiemwmwy V co T0 PETE MILICIA H ADENA OHIO V? A TWIN KNOLL DAIRY PURE MILK AND CREAM WILMER HAWTHORNE ADENA z 2 AND : : CADIZ ,C g 'A PP' New C3 EW WE P' C "iW ,-6.-. , Launderers . : Cleaners 1 kr' .ls A 1 I' F Zease w The Laundry Just Phone 632 Does It Best STEUBENVlLLE,O. W 3, ,Ig M iii? is. ,C ,, h uso-152 50.FQURTl1FQI. sifubguvlugo. T? Ei Li. ,ii THE lVlcGOWAN BROS. CO. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Town Crier Flour : : : King Midas Flour Hygeia Coffee : Fort Steuben Food Products Little Crow Pancake Flour 8 Branch at Uhrichsville, O. STEUBENVILLE, OHIO 0 'E"' "'E Ln-v ss-J ?-'Qc' 'Sa E' GJ I3 1 -'M 1 The E:.2fQZ1lfli2 wi SQKVEQCQ w 1 lf , 9 .,. 1 il ff A fA Q1 ff M "Z': W2 ,tA f 5: 1 z Li if ,E ,i Q T5 'il H' 5 F ! Fsvurcadatwm to Clvlzimmegy U i Af Q LJ D bQIm'7'1lQe- WWW 0-'Q. P"i W i 'E R7e'54ff R. E. WALKER li , ,w 1 1, , , 1 . 1 V V ip 11 l l Q Hardware-Farm Machinery-Lumber and Builders' Supplies L i Phone 27 1 ADENA - - -y oH1o if 1 E. tgp 2 ill7i'LSON'S LAUNDZQ? Modern Laundry Modern Laun Q Washing: Washed Cloi es f I L I l t 2.35-237 Jefferson St. Martins Ferry, Ohio PHONE 365 Q X-QI F' Uisit This Modern 73Iant---See For Yourself 5 i Modern Laundry Modern Laundry iii Washing! Washed Clothes S 2 Q Guards Health Last Longer 5 13 5 55 ff: l i ' i gf Compliments of L l l' a THE Bmvuli cum cu. W L ADENA, OHIO 5 ' 1 , F35 'lair f F.1 V L . vu ,mM?,,m,,,,m,,,,,A,, .ss. ,N W -L A fs img-+mMKE6.3 rg. w 1 Tl . -. fem. 31? 9 l ii QI 1' 1 1 COMPLIMENTS OF 5 W DR. H. C. CRAWFORD ADENA, OHIO a If if 5 Q A REAL BOOK is the BANK BOOK Li. i 'F l 1. IT is the KING of all Books -- h l g IT Stands out ALONE--- l Li IT gives a Summary of FACTS-1 As you read through its pages scribbled with figures in ink--- Q IT drives away all worries and cares. Tible if'3o1mici?m1 if CADIZ, OHIO ggi ig? C. l... BUNDY 8z SONS ' il h DAILY SERVICE---ORDERS GIVEN PROMPT ATTENTICN g V Q 1 A A HEADQUARTERS AT HARRISVILLE, O. ' Adena Phone 83R 8: 83X Wheeling Phone 3870 Cadiz Phone l93X or Leave Orders in Order Box . at Carson Oil Company. B ,L f Elmira-:sw Q W MMP-A O Si? T e RAMSEY ' HOTEL and RESTAURANT MEALS AND SHORT ORDERS CIGARS-CIGARETTES--TOBACCO Fine Candies Ice Cream A Q EVERYTHING GOOD TO DRINK T34 Phone 40 Adena, Ohio 3 h few - - ,-.. .- ..,,-. ff ARL. D AD Qi C . ME W IWW AQ+ n F 1 E' ' N A fPost Office Buildingl 5 INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE ,egg PHONE 181-X CADIZ, OHIO gg E I , I 2 1 iff ' mi-A fi I Y, W W . Q' I ' A Compliments of I A E. M. Long 8c Sons A CADIZ, oH1o lg 2. AQ W J. B. GIFFEN 5 The Home of O I 'I MO, W 3 Vg Wi I we W, 5 X pt O5 O if HARRISVILLE, OHIO pg R Q A-Omwfcfo Ulliires L'iFwOn'?oes Of FO 4 PHONE 81R O Q Q O O ' O I Whee11ng Townslup is A? O O in Coal Mmmg Co. 5 fa- in Miners and Shippers O 4 No.8 COAL. O E O O ADENA OHIO 32. 3 egg! 1 A q O 33T, vii i wh E S f E T EI I 1 SALES SERVICE li for Economical Transportation gf ig 53 Sa ,1 M5 3, 'X . i A 1 Frank J. McGavran Eg Glbewolet Ecaler ig 8 5 G1 bg :gd 'I il 1 F' Phone 12 CADIZ OHIO .11 dh 5 Q'.1Em W Ally The Pictures in this ADENIAN were Photographed by P Shulman's Photograph Studio Photographs of Distinction j 3 J PHONE 2299-R 1 5 1118 Steubenville Bank and Trust Building ii ix STEUBENVILLE, OHIO k ak' This book the "Adenian" was printed by 'f The Stem Prlntmg Co. . . Quallty Printers '1 Fa i I The cmzen. Bank Building l I 3 ig. PHONE 1s2.R MARTINS FERRY, OHIO Qi' ,ig N E I, is' F Fl 7' 51 I 1 i Caps and gowns used by lhe 1928 graduating class of Adema High School are supplied by COLLEGIA TE CAP AND GOWN CO. Academic ,fqpparel CHAMPAIGN - MADISON - COLUMBUS - CHICAGO "A Superior Renlal Serviceu l! 1 ae. Lodi 'M H ia as Jw- .. - -M +L- Ria ' ' 5.'i..--iq, ge a M, g 1 Wi e e cgi: ae ue a E I E. L. IRWIN 'If FRESH MEATS FINE GROCERIES ALWAYS ON TIME WITH DELIVERIES FRESH VEGETABLES OYSTERS : FISH : POULTRY IN SEASON Phone 22 ADENA, O. I I III RAILROAD RESTAURANT IIT E JAMES CIFALDI, Prop. F ,MI TRY OUR SHORT ORDERS and HOT LUNCHES ,h Q Cigarettes Cigars Tobaccos Q I Confectionery Groceries gi Phone 23 ADENA, O. If 35 PT If You Get Your Winter Coal NOW I AT THE I Maple Grove Coal Company It Will Last All Winter E. E. RILEY, Supt. ADENA, O. 52 I IEQJ EQW F Q 5 e ITE ' COMPLIMENTS OF les s W M sie Enstwamor Lessons on All Instruments 3 ADENA ' oruo QT 'f Mmgam ymmd Qmmemimawyw Before you order any ICE. CREAM or Refreshments i for your Parties see our Prices-Lowest in Town THANK YOU! T5 Main Street Adena, Chic " "Say It With Flowers" FROM Eioggagserys Greenhouses All Kinds of Potted Plants Cut Flowers For All Occasions HARRISVILLE, O. Phone 86Rl4 A L qos ll 1 ! 9? E5 IG! 'B K 27 i I i s if QQ .1 L K5 O was-'O A-'E L'-1 A WE 1 19 Mc SCIIIS c1cl1u11 w ffm OIIZL' !CISlllIIQ ll SUl'l'Il'U fL'Cf!f7Cl'A7l'l1lC 1'04'UIllf70llSL' 1'f111c!11sl1'f1' C9 fb - lp Q Ile Cl1lfO1l C7'115j1'c11'111Q 11114 C.f!L'l'fl'O1gj7U 0 C L111lu11, Q7lll.U 'ry ' . . . W C!l'L7C!lICCI'S of ffm CC 11,j1'111'111,jS 111 Ilus 5170041 The above illuslmlian ix 1111- ,111-lxi11l11r 1Iv11mrinI1sreczeda1 Canton, Awvilldllfllll lzululred sir. m,.JA.. eaxffd 4'- HIM X A . COT F'- W ww-q ssc-'E V 221' -5. 'O COMPLIMENTS or Q JC 1 I gi 31 ?F' 'U 5 Q? Itwmeie Hzasstmlrifzricm Lessons on All Instruments A L ADENA ' omo it M W Before you order any ICE CREAM or Refreshments u for your Parties see our Prices-Lowest in Town THANK YOU! ig Main Street Adena, Ohio ig "Say It With Flowersn FROM Eiiolwgiaerys GTQQEEMQRMSQE All Kinds of Potted Plants Cut Flowers For All Occasions HARRISVILLE, O. Phone 86R14 who -,Emi-f O-lmQ El""'C""-1 51 !"v 4, i ix W 14 4 x f l Q----. .sulzscullvll ll '1 L we on ., 0 . .' ' - 1 5 ' .9 1' C9720 Qcmlon CQllQl'ClI'l'llg c111c!6:l0ci1'olJ.jw Q0 C.'2lIlfUll, Lvlubo fij?'Of!l1l'l'l'S ul! ffm' ccllIQI'llI'I.IlQS I-Il links 5130041 The above illustration is llw .Uf-A iulf-v lfwnnrinl :erected at Canmn, A uulceu lzululred slr. J 24 N w RN ! Xl X? , f ' N - I 'Q n 1 ,xx 1 4 J .1 if 5 Q in E 'Ps Fi a E G J i , M, F an w , Ek IL .nk :M pi ai LH fi 5 Qi 1: S ga .4 , LJ ,x T9 if E E 3 fp Ei H il aa 5 fs 2 5 S 5 5 n 5

Suggestions in the Adena High School - Adenian Yearbook (Adena, OH) collection:

Adena High School - Adenian Yearbook (Adena, OH) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


Adena High School - Adenian Yearbook (Adena, OH) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 87

1928, pg 87

Adena High School - Adenian Yearbook (Adena, OH) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 56

1928, pg 56

Adena High School - Adenian Yearbook (Adena, OH) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 94

1928, pg 94

Adena High School - Adenian Yearbook (Adena, OH) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 72

1928, pg 72

Adena High School - Adenian Yearbook (Adena, OH) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 14

1928, pg 14

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