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 - Class of 1955

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xv 1 x ' aw 1 , , til .. .vp ,- 1 X t 1 ,, gy ,,3'f I QP' X Y' 1 ' . '1 2 f Q ww fp! X Til? - Q Y" , . is ff " : A '. Y I N FA' " ' . -E,-N . , I A t .wg 'I ' , Q' Q . J Y. , 'limi felt '91 'ff T iii? ' -. 1 ' . QF X ,Q .. WL -1 . Sf' Jag' , in ,Q . 7' .-'-1 u ' x' '5v'Ee'lf-- if -in . gg. ,Wyy Q A lf, 5 . ,, L ,, 5,1 . 1 wi, Ulu In V is:--. . ,A r v 1 s ,afggdn .LB Jr' ' 2- "' -. , . -,. .V . ,, J. miwfig. ,FV .iw ' -41 -f, -1,-, W I. . . A Wy' . 2 "Win -'Vi " 'emi - f' ' x 1k. K. un 1 1 4 grz v fi.. . .a, E- ,wr 3 1 V' w ge,-, ' .1 JM' Qf 1- -, 1' "W Us s A .4 A X 'v , X s I 'E A X. K gig' Ji . Q- Q ctw 1 ,464 ur' K.- . ai ia 'P ' ' E 1 . . 'af ' N '-2' ., . mix' 1-ar . 72 Ai, 4 ,,Q,-af xs, J thawed. th- Y 1 vw ,,-- - ,, "4 4 W . A 3 V ' iifglwg wi, Mrs- lic, bg . ' .- .- dv. v ' f' '-'qw X 1 af i 'P vii wg . xx 'X I H.: 1 ', L, "l,?' ' 1,0 Y la! . ',' s ' J ' '94 -F "i 4 Ju?0W 4 vf 5 Q: n '?'1"'? pr- 1 r- ' -f .gig-251 i f f f 5-"qi.,4 ix MN P Q E wi. v -, f mm W I . va 1, -. ,-- -- 'Q N ' ,wif E Q-0' . " JN:- Q ta M. . 3, 2 'O f - ff94'f' r faffggfe , . ,Nag s"f"'f' ' . 'ff N' 4, ', . ay.. 'F 52: - f-A SW ? F, .9 3,.-5- -. I.. ' 'fi F , li pp' -'. ' r. V .' U od '. VM' " .. , A NL . J R .A, ,V .Z , - -8, -I A.,,, I 4 5 E I jk I l -ll" f e L L . , ig 4,4- . 5' - 5 I I A 4 , f I I ! I .,g, I.: r SA. .Q-+23 dr-l X I a n ' ' ' . . , - ,-Q.-H ' 4 P I ..-' A A Q , -- P .V -41 . I f Vs N1 ..,,f. I2 A -.1-sr' 'I ' 3' , , . A 1 - - N -z.. A . H' 0" f -V'-' 'noi' -- .- I , -f aiivfi 0 MM . f'5sqe?g5p'a1,,,,g x-g3:, w i f 1 , - ,fT.ff,',Qij1,5.Q1 H.,-vp' ,. , f "K, 'gg I Ak? . J ',Q,g.555Q5g.v ,lgfLs..,,,f ?'xgi1Bq5g'i ',-,ggyzpf q K - A f 3 , KE ' -4 4 4 - - 'Z " M.. ' - ' ' X , Wifi,-' V 7 1 '- ,ugly "" H' wr ' -r. -1'-I -- " " ' -f ' fi 1 ff 'H Q. , ff" . ffi,g,,,-f n f A A ' , 3.1 ' .Ag .3 ,uf at K' ,g,,P4-,1'.'- M wg. V y.,.,1. -. h. ,- 'HG3, "" f- Y -" , '5f"'l" e1f,l'4413f"' 5,l'3l"':', +V- 5'- 1419.-.P ..g"'A.1g.5,4i!yw' N f ,Q , , , fi .-Wlvsrq. -S Q34 '?.1'g,.,"Q,.-RW . 545421. ggi.-A ,inf J"w.f""4'x 4- r f 317 2 .f,f4.,,4,,,a-- ,4 gk,-fy ggevfns'-'1V2 , 4,4 "1" " Aww Ai' ', '--f' ,gg vf ,K 55,-E f x .-M ' - ' , 4, ez, , 'pw f--.- 1, - "I,5+'. ,Q . rf J-'. ,. -Aff lr 1-13 -w',5'1-??i',gi'l'E'tlt 49" was A'ff4" t1"Sft'ff ff -4. "" 531-ifvi-f 6- '31I-2.-4X'A5"fz"g'fg2lf:,f.4ff' "sf ELA- "' 1 'N rx' -- sig A if X V 9' 13 ft. 5 ? EE X! Af ,J f 1" ,,. 50' Sfqff ffi :aim-Nancy Wolf O cers Associate Editor-Ellen Boothby Associate Editor-Janet Thomas Loy Out Editor-Sharon Ketels Lay Out Editor-Don Powers Circulation Manager-Helen Racino Art Editor-James Kovin Advertising Manager-Terry Buchanan Editorial Advisor-Mr. H. Ingersoll Production, patience and perseveran-ce were readily built into stuff members as they raced against deadlines: but thus book would have been impossible without the guidance of Mr. Ingersoll, to whom we pay our tributes. hx I V, . , -5 4 , L, 7 gg it if J l The qualifications specified for the principal of a secon- dary school today are legion. The desirable traits of per- sonal character number many more. lf a person would sit down and list all these, surely he would get discouraged. The natural question would be where to find a person anywhere to fit this complex picture. Mem- bers ofthe A. A. school fam- ily would answer en masse, "Where O where, but in Adelphianf' Ad e I p h i a n students have learned that whether it's a minor personal problem, a tough Biblical question, or a major educational crisis which confronts them, there is one door on the campus always open--the door to the Principal's office. They've learned that the smiling, ex- uberant man behind the desk is ready to listen, to advise, to pray with them. The temporarily discouraged staff member likewise finds behind the same desk, a pair of broad shoulders on which to roll his problems. we .lbeclicaie N'Vhether he's busy with his dynamic discussions in Bible Doctrines, plugging through a deskful of correspondence, directing the Chapel devotions, driving the bus on a choir trip, hatching up a new activity for the Senior class, or planning how to get the student body to raise more "Shi" subscriptions, Elder R. W. Pratt's day is sure to be a busy one. That he can keep up the terrific pace with a perpetual smile on his face is a marvel to all. The theme of the l95-4-55 Bell Echoes is built around that small, but important thing--the keyhble. Elder Pratt's 200 odd pounds and six foot frame would not let him be called something small--but he certainly is something important to everything at Adelphian--as important as the key itself. Because he is the key to so much of the activities at Adelphian-- in the educational program, the religious emphasis, the cultural development, the recreational activities--in fact in all that makes Adelphian the school "where education is life" and because of the deep and abiding place he holds in the affections of the school family, the Annual Staff affectionately dedicate the l954-55 edition of the Bell Echoes to Adelphian's key personality--Principal Roger W. Pratt. Board of Education tl. IC. HUTCHPTS.. L . President, Lansing Il. H. NELSON . L . . . .. Secretary, Lansing' H. F. Roll M. Li. Rice W. A. Nelson R. VV. Pratt Conf. Treasurer Lake Union Pres. Lake Union Ed. Sec. Principal Lansing Rerrien Springs Berrien Springs Adelphian ll. li. Jones ll. L. lioothbv IC. H. Knauft .-X. K. Phillips l'i'1m'1Pal Principal Battle Creek Detroit Cedar Lake Battle Creek Fred Green A. R. Mohr L. J. Wall li. li. Garrett BLD. Kalamazoo Grand Rapids Lansing Nilr-5 IC. Vanntirimley R E. Eckerman Mt. Pleilflflrif Iflscamihgi f- Seventh-day Adventists believe in Christian education as a part of the church program just as much as any other phase ot' the Advent Message. Facts and figures have given prool' over and over again of the value of young people attending schools where the atmosphere and training is based on Bible teaching. We realize that the public schools can not give a religious mold and we would not want it that way, We count it a privilege to live in a country where we are allowed, in addition to supporting the public schools through taxes, to support our own schools for the training ol' young people along the lines of the Advent Message. Our schools provide the leadership for our cause. Future Adventist teachers, ministers, medical workers and administrators are now attending classes in our schools somewhere. We thank the Lord for the teachers who are devotedly giving their lives for the molding of the youth for a place in the work here on earth and a preparation for the home in Heaven. G. li. Hutches The Adelphian faculty and students are anxious to give honor to the faithful members of our Academy Board. Elder G. lil. Hutches, our chairman, has given splendid leadership to the advancement of the work ot' our school. Our deepest appreciation for that leadership cannot be spelled in words. The joy of association and fellowship with such a l'hristian leader of progressive vision cannot be adequately pla-ed within the confines of any written message. We can merely breathe a prayer of thanksgiving to the Father of us all and have faith that He understands the unutterable expressions of our hearts. Those of us at Adelphian appreciate the cooperation of' every Board member and wish to express gratitude for their line help. Mr. Pratt -1 . . 2 Pincipa s essaqe "There is no limit to the usefulness of the one who, putting self aside makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart and lives a life wholly consecrated to God." Ministry of Healing, p. l59. May the Seniors of the class of l955 leave the Adelphian campus with a full realization of the meaning of true J-O-Y, Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last. "The warfare against self is the greatest battle that was ever fought." Steps to Christ, p. 47. Our present world with its whirlwind of selfish pleasures often causes the youth to depend upon self first, treat others secondly and consider Jesus last in life, if at all. Adelphian Academy is dedicated to the youth of Eastern Michigan where "Education is Life," life more abundant, life where Jesus Christ is the center, "the way, the truth and the life." John l4:6. Many students attending Adelphian have found in a single moment of grace the work of God upon their hearts in converting power. They suddenly become aware that the Lord is in their life, They are no longer self-centered now but they are God- centered, Launching into real joy, they possess an inner peace where outer events can no longer ruffle their experience or handicap their faith. What they have is not important any longer, the only thing that really matters is what they are, and what they are is God's children--Students of today and leaders R. W. Pratt, M.A PRlNClPAL, BIBLE of tomorrow, aiming for service, not fame. x Q' , 6509 Donald Pearce, B.A. M bed X09 TREASURER, BooKKEEP1NG SEQ? rs. R W He' .ucv 574101 ' My-5. Reef' To THE' Pro' f PRINQDAL .uf V12 V' ' , wmv. w g Eff 'A' wp . If uH. Kiriam Foreman, B.A. X ' ' ' " DEAN or GIRLS, HISTORY Robert Morgan, B.A' Hel-luf Jensen, B.A ACCOUNTANT DEAN or aovs, BIOLOGY ADMINI TRATION vi, 5 N . I .X I. iCl10fd SCHWGYI, M-A- Mrs. Herluf Jensen, B.A. Roland Cole, 35- Mrs, Roland Cgle TORY, GOVERNMENT, LIBRARIAN HOME ECONOMICS' ENGUSH Wop MAINTENANCE LAUNDRY SUPERINTENDEN. Carrol Perry, Th.B. BIBLE, CHURCH PASTOR Herbert Ingersoll PRINTING Mrs. Carrol Perry, B ENGLISH, FRLNCII Mrs. Rhodes, Carol Rhodes, B.A. Gladys Gilberf Mrs. L. Spalding, B.A I -Io BAKERY MUSC' THEORY ORGAN. PIANO MATHEMATICS, DINING RooM HOST Iarl Hansen, B.A. Mrs. Carl Hansen MB. Jack Riggs E. p. weaver, B.A MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE CAFETERIA DIRECTOR MILL OFHCE MANAGER MILL MANAGER Mrs Kenneth Vonhof MILL OFFICE Mr. Edward Kopp Mr. Lennart Olsen Bible, English Bond P- P- Ande"50n Herold HClbel1iChl', M.A. Kenneth Vonhof, B,A, ENGINEER FARM MANAGER ASSISTANT FARM MANAGER, AGRICULTURE 'Q I 1' - A . v 1- W - ll - .. f, A-Q. -,yaf 5 , w 4 ff-.5 r -vggy . .i ' I- ,- X .Jimi-' l - ix: B fps! . . . .L mls .N h 0 x L14 71: ,Q at - ,B .Q , .L -'W' 4. . k l ,Big-rn '- 1 Tl .'-0. - A " :N .-V+ .4-- w.?'1-T3i12?? : f1Wf--'11'??wv:'?'.. x 1 it is '--' .,, 'wiwk .MQHF-v-" 'Q 'A Qu. 'v."'ig', 'J' W-'b'6'-7 . r Q P Q :NX '':Axh fimx' Aff-ff?-r ' A " . .6551 'N M "3Qvq" , ll .- .ggi , 5 I-.-3!,y,,.3-1,: .: 'Q 1. --e-3.4. 6. - 1 .. if Aq "--- . ',, 5,533-'fq's"'-kvi - vii- '. -ef Y -5. ' -. . M-'N ,-'-' '. " - 1-' . X --su w- .' I 2 kzkqf NQewQ.gLl?.t,g?Kkm94 ,f Q?-.,'9sitTfx:,nb W . I . ,g . ,Q 4 gk ,,,-YK KA' :N A ' I V ' V. I L il T A" V.. addy x"' Q.,-.. V -nv!,',4. si x ,. H I ' VQQRSX.-.-ui N- . YB' fa, F A' 'L fig, .Sw 'T Yin. Q tb v:?2'v X 5 we if 4 ' -'- "' 'fd' rf-V. . 1 "t" 'J -,-I ' -,h'5g'l -Lys, 1 r Q- ' .f ' .1 1 . l gf' !"--.-- .- ' -4 ,4 YQ., . .0 - P - QW ' Pgfs-f ' JZ : f,chl'g,' . fx 1 fm, " 4 ' :V VT .'.' ' - 3 F3 ,n I, ' 'r3 .A-5'1" -gf I l Vg in ' i ,Tir ,D Q I ,532 .. bl . 1 ug-'V V- 5 , - ,A T , ' i 1 in 4 1 hh ...1 If . 34. ,f -' M- 1 Pwkiv W --f -A n J- ' u 4 ,.r. Q '. 'J' -y,", . .1 I. YNQ-'Q - L- ,1,.,+?'f,.-gf"n g! -P 1. . , . - ' ,m , 1 , vu, .Q V .,'Mf1,, 4 5, .4 , 'YV ' - .:,2wv"' T R' I .bin - .an R ew. ,,,.,,.,,, Ywf !? K . if 2 ff ' .. f Y? :jig ws ,wha ' fu- ' y 1 , f 5 . K V l x "'. 45 - 44 1 Q ry A sf f 1 ,, -4 L-4. ,ff A - W C7232 f " . I '.-, ' J 1' gf wif' , Q". 1" :X , 4 W, P, , 42-f A T 1- f9"i 210 .. XQ-'fn-1, A - ,A we X X- 2'sf.Sw,ff"1'5?gfis x ,s .55-cxij 3: -, 3 122. xy-'Q-1 . f ' A -5 gr' -' , 'N tilts ':.54,,Q?ene4I?,S,,,i:,kE?f , fTis'T' V .N ffxjq 6- ' ,f X' X' Qv'6bX,,J.,5w-iw, . ,.'1:fuf'Nt' ,uw-f-Q: 'S 3-vv.-w, Q K' H 'NviQi,:i- M . Z' ' . "'4N.'x, ..-'.sx.gffZMg 3 -e '. V-1. 2. .Q D 9-51 ' -, 52,7 1. I J?-ks "K, K x wi '-ex K' ,, Flower: Yellow 0 ' , ll an 1 4 ' l ' Z V .Q,'n4 Q, -f -a? l Q, ll 'A SW I' X Mr l ' Q, Vll X ' Teo Rose WESTFALL, CLAYTON GREEK, RAMONA Prcsid f Vice-president Color: Light Blue cmd Dork Blue Aimr SQVWCQ 'Wl mme Textg Luke 10321 Motfoi All for each other ond one for God SENIOR ,tt Jr v QC VK.. Nw . Mx LASHIER, HARVEY DOWELL, KEITH Treasurer Pastor SCHOONARD, DARLENE Secretory .-a .us -uv -ag, X ms' L ,N UQ Mr, 8- Mrs. Schwarz Mr. E Mrs' Fran Sergeant-at-arms ROCKWELL, RICHARD 'Blur .4 Chronicler BELLORE, LOIS Sergeant-at-arms 143.5 LEE, DICK N32 X STOIA, JOHN I I K 1 I 1' WRIGHT, PAT Qvjgw I X, it . KENAN PATRICIA STARKEY, ANN I JV Wxrfff' 5-'A .A .N I, 2 bbw I I 'LVM My 'jg' by-vdfqx L ,Aw 'Qi . ffm I Jf6V,K MI RESSE, CA ROLYN JOHNSTUN NANCY HABENICHT, CHARLE9 LASER JANICE , j,, III' f Il I I cuznzvr, snug: LAWRENCE, uzorunn ff ' 'L X L i ' 1 E .l E ,-- , E rw Jfyjif K' j " X7.. 'E ::' ' MQCARTNEY, MAYLENE DEAN, NORMAN NEAL, PATRICIA MUNN, RONALD muzcoz, zoun, acnmc: K'NN'E' 'VA NEAL, LESLIE BOU FORD, DONNA .,"WF TYLE LEISMER, 0- ,, Q R, RUTH gf NANCY FX s mivf HART, MERLIN ' fx , 'V --f rw- WOLF NANCY r McKENZlE, NANCY RASMUSSEN, sl-HRLEY ourrv, JEAN LAMB, JoHN .. ..L+,. ,,,- -.-.....-L. ROSE, CLARE WYCKOFF, MAURICI ..k 4 X, VALLIERES, RONALD PARISH, JOHN RUX, MARY ELLEN BEKOWIES, NANCY '-ETSON, CLAUDYETTE LESTER, GERALD WWJQ SUTTON, DOROTHY KROHN, ARLENE KUVIN, JAMES DE FLUITER, RUTH 19 Q , 4' R BLACKFORD, NANCY 4 X NELSON, CAROL 1" 1' FOSTER RICHARD COOKE PATRICIA If HABENICHT, DONALD MAsoN, czomn I I - f A A I 'X X I X I OVIATT, WILLIAM fill KOWALSKI, CAROLYN BELL, sm,-. BUCHANAN, FRANK WARD, CAROL TRIMBATH, DANIEL My 1. 21, A MAYCOCK PHYLLIS N of q XC 9 et '7l4ss or ws 'ill 'iw - ml' J F.-SF. l5ClFICIUQf , . , R W, '7 v' up XJ' " 'K 4-. :W 0 -- if I Av! fi fza 4 UN IDR Williams, Larry PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT TREASU RER V . 5 I Boofhby, Ellen Aim: Forword with God's horid on the lever of circumstances sscnzmzv Motto: Christ points the wciy Color: Ebony ond Silver Text: Isoioh 30:21 Flower: Pink Rose 24 Mr. 8 Mrs. Olsen - M Wiggins Larry ' .f Mr. 8. Mrs, Habenichf PASTOR Bother, Norman SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Case, Gordon SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Tyler, Esther wean, cnmra sem-ef, 'GH- vv Z Pitcher, Charloffl -- V?-1. .L G-. . ,' K ' V' .1 Enderxon, Alice Fore Dolores , Haddon, Jerald gum' Bum. Boothby, Helen i Dunlap, Batty Mason, Emily 1 Shvens, Gloria f 1 M Powers, Earl K, il Hirst, Rogll Kefelsf '-GUN' Ketols, Sharon Bell, Nora QA Bernard, Phillip Reed, Lol, ,W 3 Duffy, Mika Thomas, Jdlllf Lenneville, Patricia Racine, Helen Hi ' - J. M. 'I . 7 27 in f H9 NJ M ' n u Y Carlson, Larry 47! l i ' V l 43 ' . ,fywj Redfield, Jim GHH . by r ' 2 N , 4 1. 2 -- Dean, JOYCE Suhon, Ardirh Florea, Walt Rhy d 5 M Ed H1 cbsul LI Rehling, Robert N. we Filth' 'locquelyn Meseroull, Fred 1. ,Q ' Qefglff' l Griffith, Geraldlni VS .4 '-ff-f L a, M , un mem Tompkins, Annu K Willmott, Jonathan . I Y , f f ,, ,fr I n V - L , Sherman, Eddie Allen, Anita L , . .,, ,. Rockwell, Gerald -SW Y , 5 , Q, 2351- iff " ' lf' " 1 A ' .Ami r.Er,,lg Newman, ,lane Henderson, Judy L. If IO. Feldbush, Mervln Zimmerman, Dale ll 5 ref P ' . ofterson, Nellie In Wery, James proper, Mmm' Reed, Glenn aff if bu Not Picture Wolf, James d-James Converse Gordon Marsc John Thompson I . X -.f ,f4iQjf:' , M, .V f frjz-dfff, 1-" X if 'rl fl Yrjfjj an Tjfxl' fl gnjijff. I , L 3 ' ,Jl 'vs ' 31' s d Guan Jun Presldenf UPHOMURES Crosby, Carol Vice-president Monty Phillips-Treasurer Idenak aw Faculty Cou tesy Kung Mr Hohenichl' 'i -uv , ,lyk 3 L Bnshop, Elsie Marsh, Maxine n'0"'Pson Ruth Bowron, Jock l th, H454 . gif? 5 , X , , H LVM , 7f5,ii4k Kltson, Lyla Bllesath, Betty Jo Nelson. Kenneth Kraus, Pafrlcla nderson, Beth 4 X Irving, Janet 'Cl J 231 Wg, Byarn, Alma ,ff ef! Morse, Richard Bullock, Larry Fadden, Cyndi Twomley, Dale Arms, Karen V S' W, IQ- , 'f' '. Af!,iAf'fJ 3 N,X,H,,',Tf V L- tbgz: 'lj ,jf ' 'f .wwf qw' IT :ww F' 65+ ici , ,QL sawn, Donna I, ,lid ' L x'fp' 'MLW + ff 9'f"f,1? A k Lv" r ,4 LL. I 1, li VV QL IQ WASH f J i L K' rv EL 1 V Jil 1.1 L ., M T7 , vw f,f'fff' v ' I A J' 1, , P, NIJ Irv" L ,x vff' J, . , xr - P' 4 l CV' LN ,, I f ,QQ A J 'V Hannah, Barbari- Bartelson, Sharon Wyckoff, Albert McClure, Carolyn Mitchell, Betty Wyckoff, Alfred Cory, Juanita 34 Schilling, Linda -YQC 4 IA 'fi-..,.x Edmister, Tad Ripperf, Shirlea Rvvsfer. Loretta Taylor, Meseraull, Lol: Snyder, Wilmer Cruttendon, Jqqn Claflin, Larry Parish, Patricia Smith, Margaret Beverly Holbrook, Jo Anne Craven, Goraldlna .'-sl? r its -va 32 fi Not Pictured-Bob Garrett Gloria TCIYIW Mr. 8. Mrs. Jensen in wi Mr. G Mrs. Perry 35 f, Jerry lv McKenzie, Mar ly lbffi, Agnes Smith, n icy, V306 Patchln, Daniel Presid t Aim: Growth, development, ochievement through foi ard, Kather M . Mo, F' Piekank, Karl Hawkins, Shlrlie Ly d Cleven ger, Charlene an lar ernar Motto: Rising ever upword on the wing ot foith Flower: Pink Cornotion in' Color: Ebony ond Pink 9 Y Miss Rhodes 81 Mr. KoPP Van Buren, Judy Wfrv, Nod Adams, Sally Schwartz, Roger Donohue, Joan Fambro, Robort Riff: Ali!! Glllongcrtnn, Sondra Sfwfve, Judy Caster, Echo Hughes, Ronald Von Deusen, Elaine Not Pictured-Lindo Matthews Russel Potter Ruth Ann Rendel Robert Schoonover Munson Dole Taylor, Charles Garrison, Marilyn Super, Carla Klhon, Larry Rand, Halen Sherman, Carol Wacker, Duane Taylor, Joyce Schmid, Jacob 38 JP" , s,, if x . I W gf... 3 19116- ,- , , ' I 1 aw: M -.-:Jimi .. L no'ls..x . 5 'x zu ,K if f. ,N WM " . , X x"xhX. 5 H1 V N, X' ...t N . Nw ' N..- f.. W, M xx' A ,.--"'P 1 ' .kfji "Nu wif' is 'ff' ,--ff SEMINAR fr Z' Seminar Officers Pvesidem-Leslie Neal Vice-President-Roger Hirst Secretary-Pat Glasgow Members at Large--Keith Dowel! Carolyn Kowalski The Ministvrizll S0lllllllll' is il svlf'-selvrtml rwgiaiiizzntimi whosf- niemha-rs low- tu share their faith :md tu work for ntlivi' youth. This orgaliizzitinli Servos :is :1 trziining' unit for thusi- whn swf-k Cxpl-i'ivin'v in giving Chvistizui talks, telling stories fm' K'lllllll'1'll, :Ind prrnvirliiig' musiv for wurship si-rvics-S. During thi- past sm-limml I' 4 ' - -11' - ' 1. its 'v 1' ' 'if ' y :new ings vivi " 'ly P' ni ff. ' 9 N ' z ' 'S visi 1 1' " y ' " 'S ' 'as 4-rn Micliig: L helpful xv' h Sublritli worsiii Se 'vicc. '1 ci 'rm 0 ess ' ivilivs ' 'S Lssistvd z ' vs ' Ci: :im o ei' re igiuus l11t't"llllg'S :lt iv sown. Religiou Emphasis Elder J. B. Church Pastor of Ann Arbor The Advlphian Sclioul body received much spiritual blessing from the week-of-prayer sermons by lildi-rs J. B. Church and W. C. Neff. With twenty-four inspiring meetings during the two weekly periods, which emphasized the need of God, the students irulv demonstrated the zidvivo brought to them. Thor rmlv regretted that more such ministers could not visit the campus und give the 'xl'Ulllll".l'flll sm-rmmis, which were so well received by all. Elder W. C. Neff Pastor of Ferndale 4l SUNSHINE BAND The joy of spreading sunshine and Christ into the lives and hearts of the patients in the Pontiac Infirmary was ed by Gloria Stevens, Claudia Letson, and Gordon Case for the first semes- ter. Janet Irving, Mike Dutly, and Jim Redfield shared this privilege the second semester. This "Sunshine Band" was a success because of the willingness of the students to lend their voices in singing hymns in the hospital halls on Sabbath afternoon. TEMPERANCE Q ,.a-07 . 1. ill? .- nv" Q Ml, . , . ' any . uv' -it vw -au i 32214,-A M J .A Adelphian's temperance chapter was very happy to announce the achieve- ment of 100041 membership this year. Under the capable guidance of Leslie Neal, Pat Glasgow, Bill Oviatt, and Kay Arms, the temperance officers, A. A. launched a number of successful jingle, poster, and poem contests. Let's all work together to make every year at Adelphian a temperance year! lst 2nd lBBATH SCH00l The Adi-lph' h lilll A olds 'l 1 2nd lst Sc Sem H195 Sabbath School Officers ter-Supcriniendents-Lois Clevenger, Leslie Neal Secretaries--Darlene Schaonard, Nancy Beko ' Receptionist-Lois Bellore Chorisfcrs-A Pal Wright, Dan' Organisf-Kathy Erh Pianist-Sh' wies nel Trim ard lrlic Ha ' ester-Su ' bath wkms perintendents-Larry Williams, Barbara Rowland Secrelaries-Carol Zelenak, Efha Bell Receptionists-Coral deFluiler, Joan Griffith, A Charlsfers-Dale Zimmerman, Marshall Organist-Kathy Erhard Pianisfs-Judy Hender Sponsor-Supe ' Spons vzidemy MV society . . cn-ntrzil position in the Sabbath llft9l'll00ll :wtivities on the campus. Religious motion pictures, Student talent proprrzims, Bible quiz programs, guest speakers, and progressive class work all have be-en designed planned to capture th inte-rm-st of -X r and e uttent' . delph' ' youth, ins ' C " nita Foster son, Barbara Hannah rrnfendent-Mr. R. W. Schwarz or-Secretary-Mrs. H. Jensen ion '1 lans ' plred hilst " .nd youth. The to do the work of is the- goal. ,,x,. l M. V. Officers Semester--Assistant Leaders-Bruce Garrelf, Nancy Wolf Secretary-Janet Thomas Semester-Assistant Leaders--Shirlie Ha ' Socrofaries-Georda Sponsor-M We KB wklns, Dan Pafchln Mason, Rose Greer r. Kopp Allen .. FRENCH Presldent-Pat Wright Vrce President-Lloyd Brennan Secretory-Dan Powers Treasurer-Sandra Anderson Reporter-Pat Glasgow Sgt at Arms-Dan Patchin, Larry Wnllrams SPEECH President-Terry Buchanan Vice-President-Janet Thomas Secretory-Kathy Erhord Sgt. at Arms-Don Habanicht Librarian-Barbara Rowland Publicity-Lila Soule Parliamentarian-Milton Draper Sponsor-Mr. Perry TEACHERS CF TOMORR0l President-Bruce Garrett Vice-President Carolyn Kowalski Secretary-Nellre Patterson Sgt. at Arms Terry Buchanan Sponsor-Mr, Perry A YQ cxxxxv NBMWX5 Xmxxxxx .1 A665 X xx xxxexxkvio CHX W . ,YQ 59 xo fe X0 NN xt . xox Koxii 'ati . Q ng xv. 96 'x'xx QGVVW QQYN2 'AY ' xx . xxx 9' . AQ, X60 - XXX XXXO, Ox gp. -axo xx H 'WW PA" . ,Q xX9Xx' WAX 1 KJ exagxxxk A Q ggkn L EXXQQKWIX. Waey, V868 , K x?.xxxx6YN9' w , XNXKNCSV j X xxx9'CCV5 X .A . 'iv xx ' . ' Qfxxx '00' X Mao xxxckw G. Y , QW Wx R gow wx QQWX9 COXC xxw . 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P' VWWWXB 9-9 of pvkxxkkxx-g, adds u mam kn.xw1lfW my uno QQ wang he may do m Xntex' M QA Lx-1u'xx K0 VYMW and Wm ham' Xemne tx good KYXXNI.. hwm :md dakry pmvmk. wow. gm. n A0 boys to the Vxdue uf um.mXXy, f the The ve um 0.00 xx ' 'XKUSS 0 ' ' 'HWS UXO AWN' 'SXXMO ON' Uf the many Ye?-ooxxsxby WW? KS tho cure of our '18 dun-w M WWW v1--ww--,Q wer 260,000 Km. of xfxdk XQSX, year. The duh-Y boys wmk- UW- NN. our modf-ru daii houst- pzxskemwzed, hoxwxogenkzod aifd botded nm,-Q than 6,000 quarts, BL000 pint-:. and 72,000 hzdf pknts of mihc my made nm-r A00 gxdkwns of Sec Cvcum, if . l if Xv of Vw' heu- v A XX Qeop . but 0,14 L DUMB Xe aw h 'em wk YC . U Y' Mmm Ream oi 2 ge C09 h xd YW5 U, epux Xxxgw V09 'ao CBN? ' . My bo lv ve xask K 9" com Seem Xphx ' "mf, - Xzwq, ' -930119 V PAB gmac dxvec oi wwf- WH, Am, evehjkbxutki W b X5 Www 360. fu to Xkflxegf' ,gland 6,6 oi 9 - e 0 0223229 23 ll 9 -Q0 , 0 'S 'YY' ui' K y- A dofm Crea' the d'?i?2"060i3W0 .YVS eydfge 239395 eK:lLoVi"Cw Sixth 60 ke zlnmfgfng Ks- 669 V0 beafxd khwhe Wv ZW YXG C. QI, OQQYX X' YOHQOQ wyawgt Wg, of ffm: b N 1xW'0 ,N A 'E' Rib 09? atm With Serviee as its mott Office plugs zz ' yefu' :lf Y 0, the BUWI way day aft ter year, me of student effic' . :ess er day and etingf the demands and fheulty' alike. Its mncy, attested to by the f th 11 statements and repo:-tv Serves in turn ness of :wt : . ,gnu out on time to prove the fhithful the Sehnol nlllllnij' in pl' " ' essential l.llf0l'l7IHfl'0Il x' ox ldlng xhen n eederl. v , . ,X -1 V o 4. .- I - 1 -,--:.. ww, ,,,, 2 1 K 'Wvflw 2 535115.-, I i A 5531 M QM f .x. Z -m,,,f2 -'-. ii' , 1- fwfx M Q ,,,. 1,5 V fs" 5.',z,,f'f M M .. . N 9 , , ffm-'5 5 Hord or siudy 50 1 1 , . A Shady period in session ' gl 11' - end' X2 the unknown Professor Kopp lectures on grammar Q 'Ji -M. R-f + 4 Hg 4.:...-- -uv- Befween class rush u Parlel-vous Francois? Printing lab RN, E 3' A s irit of unitv is f-vids-nt in the froum and P . U I . A - i CIIIIIR 4-ight me-mhc-rs whivh travvls as a hoostvi' r group from Adi-lphian Avadomy in X I MH 4-nstvrn 3ilf'hlQ'llI1 arm. ei choir is an organization of about forty- K I1- ey have hail svvc-ral appi-:nam-es in ma I' of thi- c'hui's'hvs in this arm-a, invlu' D1-troit, Pontiac, Saginaw, Ann Arbor, Jackson. as we-ll as thi- high svhoo Goodrivh. IA sp:-vial group within thv Choir, calh-d the! "Ha1'n1onPttr-S," Pxchanfe-1 'programs with Cedar' l,ak0 .-XC:u'lv111y. isn't always workf Thvsv 4'll1'l'Lfl'tiC, vivavious young' pm-oplv havv ad a few social funvtions, si' as 1 - - pizza few-cl, and thx- privilegw- of attr-ndinf SPVPTM1 colirw-1'is tif' thvii' GI..-X. was C llX'f'l'ZlSIPii. it is the-ir di-sirv io sing in thi- Hoavenly f'hoir" soon. P11-sicieflit. , , , John Lamh Se-vre-t:n'y , Ramona Green' Q P Ax ,I F5 -.1 Z ,rv Lf' rf' 4 -1 CIINCEBT BAND "" "W in Q X l A , - M11 D Y' f -3' .n-M .A ,. ,N V. 11, 'ew- 6 J! Qwwmw, I L71 a"'T""Xh xll' I' In QA- 1- x ---V. .-.A",y7- 4 ' ' . " ""' ' Y' "1'. V --:WIN v I ,. F V, ,.,.,- gt ,VZ- ' f rl ...f f-:D ., .,..- uf - S A 'x , A x Vol. XXVN. No. 11 Adolphson Acodomy, Hoily. Muchsgun A March 24. 192 gnu- ,Z , NY ,, ft ' 5' or . err uma sw' t . PRAYER K ' I, rf' va 'K' 7 FERNUAIJ. PASTOR A 'N Cro- .. M. .f- ' V an .. lk-ll , I 1--che ul VFNH- , Yu... nu .mul uv Q sn. X 4, ,,,, cu- - .,.. 'Q ,- . .s. .. .wiki R .1 lu.-s. 1 ln '--- 'V . -. . 4, ll1,lhl- I--v qllhl-' I' xl U M 1- 'l ,fn--Q. .,....s...-... in-I , ymmg ummlv. 1. -g.. gf U.-ff. ...ll-1-., pm .n. :mn , " 4 lwgh g-hu.-Ep wx" "'- 'n nwwd Nyfn In "' ' " "' ..v .w x.-..,...m mm. M. m wma U. of M. Spgggg ,gg Sfqdgnh Budd fxplua -..-..-...n um. , W- .,v.-.N .-1 Teacher Presents Sptlhl Progects IL- pn-grm-1 nlrwuuu--I M- .x-Q-1-Y I ..u -.. 1... hw... .......,f .....,.., Evemng of lleodmgs H. .1 A p.. .q-pw-11'---v ..-A md-Lv ' --....l'..u ..n m. N .-,.,.4. u.....-. WH" X-" ' H H" fi ' 1' I an-1 nh- ,--1--H J.. -,...,. w '-' ' 'Y L -' ,wx Q., -u , J-5,.gKxl1l l""' Y U X 77" "I ' H V' ' 7' - u,7.w hu sun- Nunn-1 "A ' , 5 'W K ....., , N nbuyuuhq- .' xx 'nm -w X, .pwl 2 mA..nl1-luv'-. -nu. 1:1-mv ...YA J- M ,EU Mu ,,...,..- A. -,.-. .Um nv- .ny ,. ,Nm ,WH uhm-vv V., l.nhvgh-I I' ' . fl' rw. ,N.1,.-1... sy -mm! WN!--W-Ymru X.. .ml YN3 - ,1 .Milli x ...u..a,.u.A.. n.-1 ...h,.... uw .. ,A 1 .I -.1 .-1 Un- tum...-p-154 N" ' if: tv--.. M E.. 1x.. ..v..1.4..:M,.x 1 - .- ' l Y" 1.. - . . V - -l- - .' 1 ft "1" :.- - . x .s .. D t W' 1 I U , "Eg, ,.,,, .1 ,,..,,, x , H ,,m.,..1.. . .... xv 7- -. ul.. -' fy-v '4 ' ' nl- n .L .lt fu. Y! L . V , , ,.s- -' f' .- 1 N.-1-.. ' --A . ,-. '- l . '...'Jl , 4 ' -4-19,-ffgwl. , f-f.:,' , ' I M' . , - '?x,,i5?N'L ' O Sh Gm - E 'UWUSSIOD Staff LS Revonfans- Dvronsz CARQL DEF - T Lols B B -CLAUDYETTLUITER YPlsT5: JAN G52-ESRE Ovs gepom-ERS? LETSON .AANET lnvms D CNA ' NN L REs1DEN'.f.:KRL-EE R LARRJJWVALLIERS MAYLELJEKM EDITHEPQR1-ER. Euglous REPILLMMS CAROLYN CCARTNEY SUTTON KEITH DORTERZ CARQLY MCC!-URE CIRCU OWELL ED11-QFHAL A N MmE5sE LATIQN MA NAC, . DALE ZIMMERMEARN R DVISORS5 E' W- 5CHwARz PRINTINQ3 EAgfffgg HERBERT 1:5 ERSOLL. , 'M N, 1 gy' Qt Ist Semester- Presidcnt-Noncy McKenzie Vice-President-Ramona Greer 13:-:rotary-Ellen Boothby Pionist-Carolyn Kowalski V JoAnn Griffith X' 2nd Semester Sergennts-of-arms-Ann Starkey, -President-Pat Glasgow Vice-President-Dorothy Sutton Secretary-Helen Racine Pianist-Shirlie Hawkins Scrqeonts-at-arms--Cloudic Lctson, Marcia Lund -anna---.. A It uso, V. . 3 ,Q A- .w ' ,,f GIRLS' RECEPTIO Box 'N oued Social S if Ln fri, Tell me u sfory Sorophemu takes the show -1 lst Semester-President-James Kovin 2nd Somesfe Vice-Presidenf-Keith Dowell Secrefary-Treasurer-Larry Williams Pasior-Clayfon Wnffall Sports Director-Dick Rockwell Sergeonfs-of-arms-Don Powers, George r-President-Larry Williams Vice-President-Gordon Case Secreiary-Treasurer-Ronald Vollieres Pastor-James Thomas Sports Director--Lloyd Brennan Sergeants-of-arms-Don Powers, Rich Pianis?-Thomas Luffman 4 f ' r 3 - Q 5 r X g d Loveioy ard Lee D F 35 'QI4' 'r ' 44 34 U x.. 0YS' 0PEN HOUSE Q a Legal Investigation Refreshments before going aboard ship h - ,L ,?i.arnse-r-ri" A X We have an encore and we'lI play it anyway Ship Ahoy R if 0h!I!! You nomo it! lil gy. Bringing buck Country Cousins memories The New York kid with thc Tenn L A littlc cssee brogue time for relaxation ,. - 4 A .J Do you remember when? - - IFLD i7 L n.' 0 - : -I 4. . ' Vf-: ."' ' - . V, 1' . V .A.,gk,,m . , Q. m Y. rr, - 0,7 I A Q is . hw 1 5,3 ' d oe Who's taking who's picture? f", . ' " .-r x " ff, . qwtigbz Q ' 1 -1 MQ' A-' They almost fi' Shivering through line Remember who won? ...L Mount Vernon Academy's Art Tolenf N .11 K 1 A , - ' Y I -4 . ' I Dr. Okev makes words come fo Cedar Loke's Tumblers in Action Collegians perform in Holly High Gym qffd hw! Shiawassion Victory Entertainment if 4 was ' K J-f, f"- Q. i ' 3, 4 Q , k 1 ., N N Bob Wood paints o portrait .-..,.,1--1 ,q'..-- -x h 54? Would you sign my autograph book? charles King' baritone up-off-. -, si 14 Y A if if 4 X' 5 1-0' I Mwmf if if ii 4Q .I is-M --L... --it --+L I . Face-lifting for Bell Echoes ,5 " 'Twos the night before Christmas" 7 Walking on the campus of Michigan Stotc 8 What a surprise 9 Double trouble lo Doon lcnsen directs worship All out to win Dishes can be tun Faculty entertains students . Spreading sunshine: in Pontiac lntirmory K A --fi X1 1190 w. Downey Ave., riimf 02 Toi facilitate you in finding a student's picture, the class in which the student is pictured, is after the name. Only current enrollment is pictured. Adams, Sally, Fres. 2489 Talley Drive, Flint, Mich. Adams, Susan, Fres. 307 Sherwood, Holly, Mich. Allen, Anita, Jr. 10901 Wisner Road, Tecumseh, Mich. Anderson, Beth, Soph. Bath Road, Byron, Mich. Anderson, Sandra, Soph. 2205 Russell St., Lincoln Pork 25, Mich. Arms, Karen, Soph. 2568 Valentine Road, Lapeer, Mich. Artress, Janet. Sooh. 6853 Fostoria Road, Otter Lake, Mich. Baldwin, Ruth, Soph. Route 2, Onaway, Mich. Balliet, Kathryn, Soph. Prattville, Mich. Bortelson, Sharon Le, Soph. Route 6, Box 820, Battle Creek, Mich. Bother, Norman, Jr. 2088 Van Horn Road, Jackson, Mich. Bekowies, Nancy, Sr. 27595 Gilbert St., Centerline, Mich. 5011. 51110. Sf- 309 Clinton St., Janesville, Mich. Bell, Nora, Jr. 309 Clinton St., Janesville, Mich. Bellore, Lois, Sr. 1440 Kensington Drive, Ann Arbor, Mich. Bernard, James, Fres. 106 College St., Holly, Mich. Bernard, Philip, Jr. 106 College St., Holly, Mich. Bigford, Mary Lou, Sr. 102 E. First St., Holly, Mich. Bishop, Elsie, Soph. 5546 W. 64th St., Chicago 38, lll. Blackford, Nancy, Sr. 4905 Walton Ave., Grand Rapids 8, Mich. Bliesath, Betty o, Soph. 575 Hunter Blvd., Birmingham, Mich. Bliesath, Lorinda, Soph. 652 E. Maple, Birmingham, Mich. Blommer, Jean, Sr. 11762 Hazedell, Arlington, Calif. Boothby, Ellen, Jr. Lawrence, Mich. Boothby, Helen, Jr. Lawrence, Mich. Bouford, Donna, Sr. Box 217, Alanson, Mich. Bowron, Jack, Soph. 1273 Tremont, Flint 5, Mich. Bradford, Lois Soph. 1701 West Grand Blvd., Detroit 23, Mich. Braun, Donald, Soph. 13553 Westwood, Detroit 8, Mich. Brennan, James, Fres. 1616 Bauman, Royal Oak, Mich. Brennan, Lloyd, Jr. 308 N. Fayette St., Saginaw, Mich. Brummett, Clarence, Soph. Route 1, Millington, Mich. Buchanan, Frank, Sr. 902 S. Leroy, Fenton, Mich. Bullock, Larry, Soph. 2121 E. Brady, Flint 7, Mich. Bullock, Ted, Jr. 2121 E. Brady Flint 7, Mich. Byam, Alma, Sooh. Route 1, Sherwood, Mich. Campillo, Noemi, Soph. Canetera 635 Guantanum, Oriente, Cuba Carlson, Jean, Soph. 840 Davis Lake Road, Lapeer, Mich. Carlson, Larry, Jr. 840 Davis Lake Road, Lapeer, Mich. Carter, Janet, Sr. 231 Howland St., Battle Creek, Mich. Case, Gordon, Jr. Route 1, Jasper, Mich. Caskey, Robert Fres. N. Adams Road, North Adams, Mich. Caster, Echo, Fres. Route 3, Fulton, New York Chadwick, Dan, Jr. 337 Raseanna Drive, Toledo 7, Ohio Clevenger, Charlene, Fres. 16463 Fish Lake Road, Holly, Mich. Clevenger, Lois, Jr. 16463 Fish Lake Road, Holly, Mich. Claflin, Larry, Soph. 565 Denver, Lansing, Mich. Comer, Gary, Fres. 3420 LeErda St., Flint, Mich. Cooke, Patricia, Sr. 704 E. Maple St., Holly, Mich. Converse, Jim, Jr. 1321 N. Waterloo, Jackson, Mich. Cory, Juanita, Soph. 214 E. Newall St., Flint 6, Mich. Craven, Geraldine, Fres. 20572 Poinciance, Detroit 19, Mich. Crosby, Carol, Soph. 252 White St., Flint, Mich. Cruttenden. Joan, Soph. Route 4, Hastings, ,Mich. Deon, Joyce, Jr. 3505 Duck Lake Road, MR I, Milford, Mich. Dean, Norman, Sr. 3505 Duck Lake Road, MR 1, Milford, Mich. deFluiter, Carol, Sr. Route 2, Box 126, Lexington, Ohio Delizotti, Agnes, Fres. 7947 S. Vernon Ave., Chicago 19, lll. Donahoe, Jean, Fres. Sec. K-1, Bid. 1132, U.S. Naval Sch., Newport, R. I. Dowell, Keith, Sr. 130 S. Clinton, Charlotte, Mich. Draper, Milton, Jr. Route 2, Galion, Ohio Driver, Ruth, Soph. 10301 Rushton Rd., South Lyon, Mich. Duffy, Jean, Sr. 5144 Estess Ave., Sylvania, Ohio Duffy, Mike, Jr. 5144 Estess Ave., Sylvania, Ohio Dunlap, Betty, Jr. 411 Woodland, Jackson, Mich. Edmister, Ted, Soph. Route 3, Qswego,iNew York Edsell, Betty, Sr. 71 Third St., Berrien prings, Mich. Edsell, Donna, Soph. 71 Third St., Berrien Springs, Mich. Edwards, Kenny, Jr. AKYOH, M!CVl- Enderson, Alice, Jr. 1592 Defer Place, Detroit 14, Mich. Erhard, Kathy, Fres. 605 Helldale Dr., Royal Oak, Mich. Ericks, Larry, Fres. 3868 Hazelett, Pontiac,iMich. Ewert, Dovle. Jr. P.O. Box 291. Yountville. California Fadden, Cynda, Soph. 493 Capital Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. Fambro, Robert, Fres. 2653 Harrison. lnkster, Mich. Fancher, Robert, Jr. R.. 1, Ch0fl01f2. M!C1'l- Feldbush, Marvin, Jr. 28235 Felician, Roseville, Mich. Fitch, Jackie 3505 Duck Lake Rd., Milford, Mich. Fitzpatrick, Hope, Jr. 29003 Sunnydale, Livonia, Mich. Florea Walter Jr. 14374 Southfield Road, Detroit 23, Mich. Fore, Dolores, Jr. Foster, John, Soph. Faster, Marshall, Jr. Foster, Richard. Sr. 70 asia .Garrett, Bruce, Sr. Garrett, Robert, Soph. Garrison, Marilyn, res. Gill, David, Soph. Gfllewqerten, Sandy, Fres. Glasqow. Pat, Jr. Green, Bertha, Jr. Green, Jan, Soph. Green, Richard, Soph. Greer, Ramona, Sr. Greer, Rose, Fres. Griffith, Gerry, Jr. Griffith, Joorl, Jr. Grianon, Sandra, Sr. Habenicht, Charles, Sr. Habenicht, Donald, Sr. Hall, Herbert, Sr. Hannah, Barbara, Soph. Harold, John, Fres. Hart, Merlin, Sr. Hartwell, Ellen, Soph. Hawkins, Shirlie, Fres. Heddon, Gerald, Jr. Heil, Glenn, Sr. Heil, Richard, Jr. Heisner, Dick, Soph. Henderson, Judy, Jr. Herr, Barbara, Sr. Hirst, Roger, Jr. Hoard, Jeanette, Sr. Holbrook, Jack, Soph. Holbrook, JoAnne, Soph. Horton, Nancy, Soph. Howlett, Linwood, Fres. Hughes, Ronald, Fres. Humann, Robert, Fres. lrving, Janet, Soph. Jahr, Jeraia, Sr. Johnson, Jerald, Jr. Johnston, Nancy, Soph. Jones, David, Sr. Jowett, William, Fres. Kenan, Patricia, Sr. Kesselring, Merton, Jr. Ketels, Laura, Jr. Ketels, Sharon, Jr. Kinnie, Kitson Kitson Kitson 1 lva Lee, Sr. Larry, Fres. Leonard, Soph. Route 1, Bristol, Indiana 828 S. Cherry St., Bryan, Ohio 357 Tecumseh, Clowson, Mich. 357 Tecumseh, Clawson. Mich. , Lyle, Soph. Kovin, James, Sr. Kowalski, Carolyn, Sr. Kraus, Patricia, Soph. Krohn, Arlene, Sr. LOUU8, Jerald, Soph. Lamb, John, Sr. Laser, Janice, Sr. Lashier, Harvey, Sr. Lawrence, Leonard, Sr. Lee, Dick, Sr. Leismer, Nancy, Sr. Lenneville, Patricia, Jr. Lester, Gerald, Sr. Letson, Claudyette, Sr. Lewis, Rebecca, Fres. Line, Addie, Sr. Luck, Ann, Soph. Lund, Marcia, Jr. Luttman, Thomas, Sr. Lovejoy, George, Jr. McCartney, Maylene, Sr. McCartney Verland, Sr. McClure, Carolyn, Soph. McKenzie, Larry, Soph. McKenzie, Marilyn, Fres. McKenzie, Nancy, Sr. McPherson, Lloyd, Jr. Mahrle, Beauford, Fres. Mapes, Dawn, Jr. Marcoe, Esther, Sr. Marsa, Gordon, Jr. Marsa, Richard, Soph. Marsh, Maxine, Soph. Moston, Patricia Mason, Emily, Jr. Mason, Georda, Sr. Matthews, Linda, Fres. Maycock, Phyllis, Sr. Meseraull, Fred, Jr. Meseraull, Lois, Soph. Messer, Mary, Jr. 3 398 Route 3, Niles, Mich. Route 3, Niles Mich. iioa Farnsworth Ra., Lapeer: Mach. 4514 McKinley Rd., Flushing Terrace Ant. 5, Union City: 2315 Wildwood Dr., Flint, 28975 Sunnydale, Livonia, 1726 E. LaSalle, South Bend, l 4715 Brooklyn Rd. Jackson B12 Academy Rd., Hollyi 812 Academy Rd., Holly, Burlinaton, Burlington, B70 Lochaven Rd., Pontiac, Adelahian Academy, Holly Adelahian Academy Holly 33 Eastway Dr., Pontiocz 1110 Clinton Drive. Charlotte, Bax 2118, Coll edale, 3323 Catherine St., Jaikson 8 214 West Seventh St., Flint Route l, Clayton 10276 S. Sheridan Rd., Millington, 1820 Livernois Road, Rochester, 8654 13 Mile Road, Warren, 8654 13 Mile Road, Warren, 712 Johnson Ave., Lansing, 1426 Palmetto Ave., Toledo 6, Wells Road, Maybee, 8416 Caine Rd., Millington, Route 4, Eaton Rapids, Route 4, Eaton Rapids, 2615 Cobb Road, Jackson, Stockbridge, 8175 E. Coldwater, R. 2, Davison, 1925 24th St., Detroit 16, 313 Murphy Si., any City, Burlinatan, 1339 Cedar St., Niles, 402 First St.. Jackson Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. ridiana Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. , Mich. , Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Ohio Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. 26763 w. outer ofave, Ecorse 291 Mich. 7235 Theisen, Dearborn, Mich. 404 Oakland St., Holly, Mich. 69 Popular St., Pontiac, Mich. 98 Rust Park Drive, Grand Blanc 3126 Maloney, Lansing 10, 1190 W. Downey Ave., Flint 1190 W. Downey Ave., Flint, 31 Riverside Drive, Saginaw, 2 2 idwa Det i 0 00 M y, ro't 19, 13345 Andrews St., Detroit, 4542 Castle Road, Otter Lake, 2315 Wildwood Dr-ve, Flint 510 Bird Avenue, Jacksoni Box 18, Prattville, 370 Grove Ave., Berrien Snrinos Route 4, Eaton Rapids: Chiles Star Route, St. Helena, Prattville, 28131 Eton St., lnkster, 518 Union St., Port Huron, 1710 N. Trumbull, Bay City, 5076 Winthrop, Flint, 67155 Bergin, Howell, 3011 Lenox, Detroit, 580 Allen Road,' Milan, 18507 Lennane, Detroit 19 820 Talbert Lane, Hyottsvil 820 Talbert Lane, Hyottsvil Route 1, Tecumseh, 1306 Walker St., Flint 3 1306 Walker St., Flint 3 1306 Walker St., Flint 3 Hope, R. 2, Brooklyn, 1016 Brown St., Saginaw 2703 Wyoming, Dearborn: 46 W. Flint Lake Orion R. 2, Port Hope Rust Park olive, Grand sienef Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Calif. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. 211 Hedman St., Harbor Beach: le, Md. le, Md. Mich. , Mich. , Mich. . Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. , Mich. Mich. Route 1, Holly, Mich. 1317 Packard St., Ann Arbor, 78 S. Johnson, Pontiac, 78 S Johnson Pontiac 401 EI Maple sr., i-ioiiy, 3857 16th St., Ecorse 10500 Cronk Rd., Lennonz 10500 Cronk Rd. Lennon Route I, Clarkston Mich. Mich. , Mich. , Mich. , Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Tenn. Mich. Mich. , Mich. Mich. Vallieres, Ronald, Sr. Mich Millam, Howard, Jr. Route 1, Mount Vernon Ohio Mefesse. CGVOIYU. Sf. 7237 Theisen, Dearborn, Mich. Mitchell, Betty, Soph. Route 2, Delta, ohio Mullins, Dennis, Fres. 2775 Delemere, Birmingham, Mich. Muon, Ronald, Sr. 1327 E. Grand Blvd., Flint 5, Mich. MUNSOFL DGIG, Fres. 458 Von Allen, Grand Rapids, Mich. Neal, Leslie Sr. 1 Neel. Pm. ff. QH22' MESS' meld-Q. Norman. Fres. V 1238 5. 15th sr., Niiesf Macnf 515001 COVOI. SY. N. Pine Grove Road, Gables, Mich. Nelson, Kenneth, Soph. 3291 Pontiac Lake Ru. Pontiac Mich mewman. Berry, Fres. 2915 5. iain sf., Nilesi Micnl ewman. Jane. Jr. 8115 Lahring Rd.. Gaines. Mich. Oliver, James, Fres. 3090 Cherry Tree Lane, Ypsilanti, Mich. Oviatt, William, Sr. Box 36, Bennington, Mich. Parish, John, Sr. 158 W, Elmwood, Leonard, Mich. Parish, Pat, Soph. 158 W. Elmwood, Leonard, Mich. Patchin, Daniel, Fres. Route 2, Box 91, Walled Lake, Mich. Patterson, Nellie, Jr, 47268 Wear Road, Belleville, Mich. Phillip, Monty, Soph. 169 Oaklawn, Battle Creek, Mich. Piekarek, Karl, Fres. 2476 Academy Road, Holly, Mich. Pitcher, Charlotte, Jr. 6358 S. Long Ave., Chicago 38, lll. Portieles, Georgina, Jr. Mortires No. 14, Artemisa P. del Rio, Cuba Potter, Leverett, Fres. 16491 Fish Lake Road, Holly, Mich. Potter, Russel, Fres. 16491 Fish Lake Road, Holly, Mich. Powers David, Soph. 15524 Lola Drive, Detroit 39, Mich. Powers, Donald, Jr. 15524 Lola Drive, Detroit 39, Mich. Powers, Earl, Jr. Route 1, Leslie, Mich. Powers, Jack, Fres. 4817 W. Center St., Millington, Mich. Racine, Helen, Jr. 39 Euclid, Pontiac, Mich. Rasmussen, Yvonne, Sr. 9213 Bradford Rd., Silver Spring, Md. Raymond, Georgina, Soph. 15010 Collinson, East Detroit, Mich. Raymond, Richard, Jr. Grove St., Union Springs, New York Redfield, James, Jr. Route 3, Grand Ledge, Mich. Reed, Glenn, Jr. 862 S. Broad St., Holly, Mich. Reed, Helen, Fres. 862 S. Brood St., Holly, Mich. Reed, Lois, Jr. 862 S. Broad St., Holly, Mich. Reeder, James, Jr. Bax 25, Grand Ledge, Mich. Rehling, Robert, Jr 521 lra Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. Rendel, Ruth, Fres. Route 2, Holly, Mich. Rendel, William., Sr. Route 2, Holly, Mich. Reynard, Peggy, Fres. 2130 Stout St., Keego Harbor, Mich. Rhyndrcss, Patricia, Jr. 2663 Mann Road, Pontiac 4, Mich. Rigg, Alan, Fres. 1151 S. Cornell, Flint 5, Mich. Ripoert, Shrlee. Soph. 415 Eldred St., Kalamazoo, Mich. Rockwell, Gerald, Jr. 3840 Flansburg, Jackson, Mich. Rockwell, Richard, Sr. 3840 Flansburg, Jackson, Mich. Rose, Clare, Sr. 445 Booth St., Grand Ledge, Mich. Rowland, Barbara, Jr. 47650 Ann Arbor Trail, Plymouth, Mich. Rayster, Loretta, Soph, 3738 Stockton, Detroit 34, Mich. Rux, Mary Ellen, Sr. 2201 Blackmore, Saginaw, Mich. Schnter, Wayne, Sr. 4959 Curtis, Dearborn, Mich. Schilling, Linda, Soph. 623 Wallace Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich, Schmid, Jacob, Fres. 8423 Kendall, Richmond, Mich. Schoonard, Darlene, Sr, Route 1, Gallon, Ohio Schwartz, Roger, Fres. 2056 N. Coit Ave., Grand Rapids 5, Mich. Sevener, Janice, Fres. 608 W. Stoddard, Charlotte, Mich. Sevener, Keith, Jr. 608 W. Stoddard, Charlotte, Mich, Sharpe, Judy, Fres. 32 Bernardo Place, Battle Creek, Mich. Sherman, Carol, Fres. 3003 White Street Road, Niles, Mich. Sherman, Eddie, Jr. 3003 White Street Road, Niles, Mich. Shumate, JoAnn, Sr, 34 Cayuga St,. lJnion Springs, N.. Y. Smith, Lynnwood, Fres. 2548 Cummings, Flint 3, Mich. 20476 Monte Vista, Detroit 21, Mich. Smith, Margaret, Soph Snyder, Wilmer. Soph. Route 2, Osseo, Mich. Soper, Carla, Fres. 2029 Harding Ave., Ypsilanti, Mich. Soule, Lila, Jr. 16394 Fish Lake Road, Holly, Mich. Spangler, Bernard, Jr. Malinta, Ohio Spangler, Marvin, Fres. Malinta, Ohio Starkey, Ann, Sr. 2027 E. Bergin St., Flint 7, Mich. St. Clair, Barbara, Fres. 1005 Fernwood Royal Oak, Mich. Stephenson, Nila, Soph. Box 376, Tecumseh, Mich. Stevens, Gloria, Jr. 1724 St. Joe Ave. Aft. 3, Berrien Springs, Mich. Stoia, John. Sr. 55 6 Kendal, Dearborn, Mich. Sutton, Ardith, Jr. 300 Davisburg Road, Holly, Mich. Sutton, Dorothy, Sr. 300 Davisburg Road, Holly, Mich. Sutton, Edith, Jr. 300 Davisburg Road, Holly, Mich. Swann, Dixie, Jr. 404 W. St. Joseph St., Lansing, Mich, Taylor, Beverly, Soph. 6767 King Road, Jackson, Mich. Taylor, Charles, Fres. 16399 Fish Lake Road, Holly, Mich. Taylor, Gloria, Soph. 16399 Fish Lake Road, Holly, Mich. Taylor, Joyce, Fres. 6767 King Road, Jackson, Mich. Taylor, Ralph, Soph. 16399 Fish Lake Road, Holly, Mich. Thomas, Catherine, Fres. Baldwin Road, Lapeer, Mich. Thomas, James, Jr. 305 Warren Ave., Charlotte, Mich. Thomas, Janet, Jr, 305 Warren Ave., Charlotte, Mich. Thomson, John, Jr. 5287 Larchmont, Detroit, Mich. Thompson, Ruth, Soph. 1607 Melinda St., Owosso, Mich. Tompkins, Anna Faye, Jr. 315 Robey Place S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Tompkins, Mary, Jr. 315 Robey Place S.E.. Grand Rapids, Mich. Townsend, Lois Ruth, Sr. 502 Front St., Holly, Mich. Trimbath, Dan, Sr. 305 Sherwood St., Holly, Mich. Twomley, Dale, Soph. 505 Front St., Holly, Mich. Twomley, Don, Soph. 16466 Fish Lake Road, Holly, Mich. Tyler, Esther, Jr. Route 3, Gallon, Ohio Tyler, Ruth, Sr. Route 3, Galion, Ohio 535 E. Nine Mile Road F rndale Van Buren, Judy, Fres. Van Duesen, Elaine, Fres. Van Duesen, Jane, Sr. Van Duesen, Ross, Soph. Vaughn, Doreen, Fres. Wacker, Duane, Fres. Ward, Carol, Sr, Watkins, Dorothy, Fres. Wedel, Joseph, Jr. Wery, James, Jr. Wery, Ned, Fres. Westfall, Clayton, Sr. Widing, David, Soph. Wiggins, Betty, Soph. Wiggins, Larry, Jr. Willmott, Jonathan, Soph. Wilson, Janice, Jr. Wolf, James, Jr. 1 9 r 107 Filmore Place, Bay City, Route 1, Standish, Route 1, Standish, Route 1, Standish, 606 E. Maple St., Holly, 3713 La Erda St., Flint 5, 1328 Avenue A Flint, 1145 E. Alma Ave., ifiinr 5, 995 Michigan Ave., Battle Creek, 16520 Fish Lake Road, Holly, 16520 Fish Lake Road, Holly, 809 Homewild, Jackson, Route 3, Holly, 3820 Parmenter, Durand, 3820 Parmenter, Durand, 1847 Stewart St., Lincoln Park, lll Palmer St., Pontiac 19, 89 S. Howell, Hillsdale, Wolf, Jerry, Fres. Wolf, Nancy, Sr. Wooden, Viola, Jr, 90 S Wright, William, Sr. Wyckoff, Albert, Soph. Wyckoff, Alfred, So h. Wyckoff. Maurice, r. Zdun, Bernice, Sr. Zelehak, Ann, Soph. Zelenak, Carol, Soph. Zelenak, Pat, Fres. Zelenak, William, Jr. Zimmerman, Dale, Jr. Zimmerman, Paula, Fres. 23328 Crossley Ave. R. l, Tecumseh, 502 N. Union Tecumseh, .D.A. Campgrounds, Grand Ledge, 5065 Moybee Road, Pontiac, 506 Morrison 506 Morrison 506 Morrison 12046 Mt. Morris 12046 Mt. Morris Rd 12046 Mt. Morris Rd 12046 Mt. Morris Rd 302 Jackson Avei: 302 Jackson Ave Road, Holly, Road, Holly, Road, Holly, . Hazel Park, Rd Davison, Davison, Davison, Davison, Defiance, Defiance, Mich Mich Mich. Mich. Mich Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Ohio Ohio 71 -qv Oy .- ,mx .. - A .. W 'Li rw? X , 5.533 'J r F' ,x. -I Lv 1. 'xx' ' 'V . '41 2-JF Y' 1 ??s" a'V'-l',?'?'v 1 Af VPN. "'?".Q ' ' .iev .SRX for p . New ' 1,2 ,I Sm 3' Ml Q -sl - i. nf 'g "5 , Q-ff. 3 ra rf f, 1 'S l .',.A .-ish ASL Nt .Wg ,. L A H,Mi2rf,P1,V, i - . ' " . v '- V9 .. .f ,.L'3,, 'J awyfkli , Jyxs, Ji, f 1 fri ,v 'll v , , , ,. ap. '. A nf, ' VV' ' 'idx I x s r' .J " 0 I N - ig " I I 'E ' - , s Q-wnqgw A 4 v QA, 2.1: S.. ,P ,,, Y-sg Ya 11 .lf WL F, .,-3 v. ,L V: QQ, x M P1 . rp. NF, ig- , , 4 L il! -K L" I -.v L, R. ig' 1 ,.ff. FT' if . , l .Q . 4. N. .'- ,su ff -Ax ...v , 1 K , im, ,,..,, I .... 1 1 -rf -x 1 N 'K V , , .- u M -qi f-- HE :J . 1 , :AVA t . .f -,4,q..x. 351: ,n , 4 .V j gf. A .. .,- r, ,.1,.N, ff' -x:1'f:11Q,. if Er--A I . . gy .1 . , u 11-'T 11" - -QP "- ' I 'L .,. ',. Q: -- -15 -- .4 -'L . -fu . L -. f. - fn ' ' 1 ' , AAA. , .1 , M... Z2 if , M jar? ff' W ,fgfwff W' W ff, f'5f fffffy

Suggestions in the Adelphian Academy - Bell Echoes Yearbook (Holly, MI) collection:

Adelphian Academy - Bell Echoes Yearbook (Holly, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Adelphian Academy - Bell Echoes Yearbook (Holly, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Adelphian Academy - Bell Echoes Yearbook (Holly, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Adelphian Academy - Bell Echoes Yearbook (Holly, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 67

1955, pg 67

Adelphian Academy - Bell Echoes Yearbook (Holly, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 22

1955, pg 22

Adelphian Academy - Bell Echoes Yearbook (Holly, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 69

1955, pg 69

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