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and, ut t ■4 i(l-i V, . - ,i J YDUR STAFF -4 Left to right. Front row: Sylvia Dornon, Bruce Garrett, Jcrrydene Lewison, Danny Trimboth. Back row: Roger Hirst, Jane Von Dcusen, Dolores Wocker, H. A. Wohlers, Melvin Stanawoy, Nellie Patterson, Mrs. Engen, G. O. Engcn. pusmts @@ BELL ECHOES manual BRUCE GARRETT SYLVIA DORNAN JERRYDENE LEWISON JANE VAN DEUSEN MELVIN STANAWAY NELLIE PATTERSON DOLORES WACKER ROGER HIRST DANNY TRIMBATH MR. H. A. WOHLERS MR. and MRS. G. O. ENGEN Editor Associate Editoi Associate Editor Layout Editor Photographic Editor Art Editor Typist Circulation Manager Advertising Manoger Business Advisor Editoriol Advisors In Memory of Helen Collins Faith is a brightness and a shining way; Faith is a glory that the brave have worn; Faith is a singing through a long, gray day; Faith is a healing for old hurts long borne. Faith is the first bright star hung low; Faith is the ocean ' s moonlit sheen; Faith is the dreams that all hearts know, The evidence of things that are not seen, i have not seen il, yet it walks with me; I have not touched it, yet it holds my hand; I shall not lose it through Eternity, Whether my journey be by sea or land. With its high torch to light the alien skies I shall face life and death with fearless eyes. Grace Noll Crowell This book is dedicoted to the memory of Miss Helen Collins, consecrated Christian teacher, who was cCilled to lay down her. duties March 26, 1953. Service was the gospel of her life. Miss Collins was never so busy with her own work but she found time to help and encourage those about her. In her six years at Adelphian she endeared herself to each student and faculty member as friend, leader and counselor. Prior to her teaching and registrar work at Adelphian, Miss Collins taught in the Maine elementary church schools and at Union Springs Academy. The time she spent at Adelphian was interrupted by a term of service in Africa which was cut short because of severe illness. As soon as she was able, she returned to Adelphian Academy, the place she chose to call " home. " Until the first of the year she served faithfully, this time in the accounting office of the mill. Her inspiration to others and faith in God will have a moulding effect for the years to come. faculty We Look to Christ, the Master Teacher (i V. E. Gather, M. A. Principal and Business Manager Adeiphian has been fortunate in having as its chief for the past eight years Principal V. E. Garber. We of the Bell Echoes Staff would like to toke the opportunity to replace the customary message " From the Principal " with a message " To the Principal. " Our admiration of you is shared mutually by students, teachers and friends wherever your radiating Christian leadership has been felt. Your diversified abilities and your tireless enthusiasm has made Adeiphian what it is today. We are sorry to see you and your family leave, but we know that your services will become more valuable as you toke up your greater responsibilities at Emmanuel Missionary College. Hilda Bioomquisf, B. A. REGISTRAR, COMMERCIAL )NXGER. BOOKKEEPING Mrs. Edword Gofber, B. A. SECRETARY J. R. Ward, B. A. LIBRARIAN, ENGLISH, SPEECH R. W. Pratt, M. A. DEAN OF BOYS, BIBLE Miriam Foreman, B. A. C. W. Mayor, M. A. DEAN OF GIRLS, HISTORY MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE dmlnlsti atien p. p. Anderson ENGINEER Mrs. Cecil Mayor CAFETERIA DIRECTOR Mrs. Percy Marso, B. A. E. P. Weaver, B. A. ENGLISH, MATHEMATICS MILL SUPERINTENDENT Mrs. Roland Gole w , wrtjNDRY SUPMmENDENT R. Baldwin, B. A. Mrs. Robert Baldwin, B. A. Mrs. Laverne Spalding, H. A. Habenicht, HISTORY, GOVERNMENT, BIBLE FRENCH, ENGLISH g J J, MATHEMATICS, DINING ROOM HOSTESS PARM MANAGER K. F. Vonhof, B. S. ASSISTANT FARM MANAGER, AGRICULTURE M ' r John Word, R. N MmE jfcW!fRSINQ ' sCHM)ll NURSE G. 0. Engen, B. A. Mr o.MSn Erige|) PRINTING, BIBLE MUSIC HOME ECONOMICS A » - y,cAV ® , G L. W. Toft B. S. AGRICULTURE, FARM .WANAGEk (FIR3T SEMESTER) Ma, N Gf } Irs. Roger Pratt MILL OFFICE Darlene Hyzer MILL OFFICE Mrs. Kenneth Vonhof Helen Collins, B. A. MILL OFFICE MILL OFFICE ,f ,v ll ■T ' 1 n b mU 4 l eck Left to Right: Front Row: H. R. Nelson, Seeretary; V. E. Garber, H. A. Shepard, G. E. Hutches, President; M. L. Rice, W. A. Nelson, A. K. Phillips. Second Row: E. H. Knauft, R. L. Boothby, R. O. Stone, E. L. Garrett, M.D., J. P. Habenicht, D. E. Jacobs, A. R, Mohr. Third Row: E. F. Willett, L. J. Wall, H. R. Rutherford, E. P. Weaver, E. Vann Grimley, E. L. Green, H. A. Wohlers. 12 mEMc . r Class vMANUAL We Became Leaders for Christ 13 % ' ? - sponsors Mr and Mrs Garber Mr end Mrs Pratt IMWA mm ' ' ' J MARVA SHUGARS Secretory EDWIN KRICK President WILFRED WRIGHT Sergeant-at-arms , cnia s • AIM— Led by the Spirif • MOTTO— To Serve Others • COLORS— Blue and White • TEXT— Romans 8:14 ' For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. " 15 MELVIN STAN AWAY BONNIE PARKER JAMES MYERS Cenler Bottom 16 j V SHIRLEY ANN TRIM BEVERLY MOYLE ROBERT KEARNEY jr jjr Center Bottom T SEMARY KEY KATHLEEN SCHUSTER MARIAN LINDC UIST jpAZ, y RICHARD BAGG SHIRLEY HARDEN MARILYN MATULA DUANE POTTER MARJORIE ARTRESS BEVERLY RHODES PATRICIA McASKILL SHIRLEY DOCKHAM MARY LOU CLAYPOOL Center Top JANE BRITTON CLINTON JOHNSON AYMOND BOYLES MARY LOU BERNARD Center Top Hill. A. MARILYN BRANSON) BETTY JO GAITENS The Seniors surprised the student body by having their presen- tation prefaced by a union worship talk by Eld. W. A. Nelson. Acceptance was made by Mr. Gorber. 1 ' ■vf 1 , -. X ' rt Wi., , Mrs. Word Mrs. Wohh «■ Y ' ■ 22 Alvin Rollins SERGEANT-AT-ARMS ifbhn Kovin PRESIDENT Lowrence Roderick SERGEANJ-AT-ARMS Dolores Wocker VICE-PRESIDENT Betty Crosby SECRETARY David Kuebler PASTOR Evo Mae Richards TREASURER unie s • AIM— The Clasp of His Hond a Reality • MOTTO— On Tip Toe His Hand We Clasp • COLORS— Red and Gray • FLOWER— White Carnation • TEXT-I Peter 5:6 " Humble yourselfves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time. " 23 Jerrydene Lewison Kay Limberg Vesta Wohlers Harold Racine Joanne Foster Donald Nunez Doris Kearney Glenn Reed Barbara Ellcey Richard Hirsch William Lester Henry Langlois Shirley Denslow Hazel Lindquist Lorraine Smith .- S ' Joanne Bigford Lorraine Bishop Joyce Stevenson Henry Potter Donna Manier Robert Dotson Ruth Steck Kendall Hill Julie Compillo John Rigg Dole Wohlers Ronald Wylie Constance Vaughn Gail Luck Shirley Ayers L aft 6sWideman [r Kenneth Bloser Bruce Dewey Peggy Bloomfield Aj ' Dorothy Payne Carol Vaden Harry Waits Ronald Vaughn Harold Rutherford Nancy Clough Ruth Ekkens Jean Liggins Howard Miller Eugene Harrison Hubert Moog 26 James Schenk Robert Hirst Danny Wilson Elaine Twomley Donna Redfieid Marie Kibble Douglas Parker Gary Schneider James Springstead Jane Van Deusen Gwendolyn Skinner Carol Bakeweil Terrell Bond Darrel Opicka Ronald Munn Nancy McAskill Patricia Durfey Anna Jean Britton Pauline Nuttle Karl Smith Lee Anderson Winifred Wicklond " J I The presentation of the Junior Closs climaxed a Saturday night variety program by the members of the class. JIGGS KOVIN President BEATRICE GEE Vice-president NANCY JOHNSTON Secretary SDPHDMDRES Sponsors: Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Mayor AIM— TO COMPLETE THE JOB AT HAND MOTTO— TO MAKE A LIFE INSTEAD OF A LIVING COLORS — LAVENDER AND WHITE FLOWER— LILY OF THE VALLEY LESLIE NEAL NANCY WOLF CLAUDYETTE LETSON JANICE LASER BRUCE GARRETT CHARLES. HABEmCHT LOIS BELLORE JERALD JAHR SHIRLEY STEPHENS DONALD H B ETHA BELL BILL OVrATT ADDIE LINE NORMAN DEAN MERLIN HART NANCY McKENZIE NANCY BEKOWIES BARBARA HERR PAT KENAN JERRY LESTER JEAN DUFFY DENNIS RINGE MAURICE WYCKOFF NANCY BLACKFORD JUCHARD ROCKWELL EDWARD VALLIERSr -RONALD NICKELS MARY ANN MARLOW ALFRED HAMPTON CARL BALLWEBER PAT NEAL LEE FURMAN PAT COOKE DICK FOSTER DAVID JONES criLc . JIM WERY JEANETTE HOARD MARIAN MOORE DOROTHY SUTTON GLENN HEIL DANNY TRIMBATH DONNA PATTEN TERRY BUCHANAN CAROL NELSON JERRY O ' KAIN WAVA WARNER JOHN LAMB MARY LOU BIGFORD RONALD VALLIERS NANCY LEIS JOHN PARISH KENNETH RIGGS DICK MOORE JOHN WILMOT JOHN SCHENK MARY ELLEN RUX ,lr BILL RENDEL DAWN REYNOLDS JIM GRAMLING a. .--Tt i-A Jim Wolf Vice-president Ardith Sutton Secretary Eddie Lugenbeal Treasurer FRESHMEN COLORS— GREEN AND WHITE FLOWER— WHITE CARNATION AIM AND MOTTO — NOT THE TOP BUT CLIMBING Sponsors: Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, Mr. and ' Mrs. Engen Roger Hirst Pastor Lois Clevenger Sergeant-at-arms Kenneth Williams Lois Reeti Lorry Willioms Sergeant-at-arms Danny Kittrell Anitp AITen Jane Newman Motteiii Idbush Bertha Green Howard Millom Cherie Beoven Lorry Wiggins Alice Enderson Larry Tadrick Nora Bell Dovid Hawkins Delores Strousser David Greve Mary Alice Roe Jerry Heddon Dolores Fore John Flechtner Geraldine Griffith Don Powers Geanette Lee Jackie Fitch Lila Soule Jim Mitchell 34 V ' - Hope Fiizpatrick 35 One of the first semester M.V. activities, under the leadership of Miss Helen Collins, was the preparation of Christmas baskets for underprivileged families. The Sunshine Band was responsible for making and delivering th cfi nif+c I WILL Honor Christ in thot which I choose to Behold Honor Christ in the Choice of Associates. Honor Christ in that to which • TNV-i ' Honor Christ in that which I choose to Listen. I choose to Speak. Honor Christ in the Care I give my Body Temple. Honor Christ in the Choice of places to which I Go. Pic ' urea are the officers for first and second semester M. V. work. Included are 3 the Missionary Volunteer leoders, secretaries, sponsors; the leaders of the Jail Bond, QA Sunshine Bond, Sunshine Club, and Literature Band. « " B " 3 u:. .. 37 Dave Kuebler and Bob Hirst display their poster. j-,- p r " " ' ;j-- fr :5S rj ' f ' Pr ' f-T- - ' ' ■m rf!vr r= ' - ' rtxtyy. -sw M The Adelphian Academy Youth Church is served by the above church board members. The first and second semester Sabbath School officers presented interesting programs each week. Plans were mapped by Elder Phillips, Mr. Gorber, and Mr. and Mrs. Wohlers. The field day was enthusiostically undertaken by a large percentage of students, with district leaders and teachers assisting. n i4itkeiin4 s access Excitement ran high as the money was counted (left), and OS the total of over $3,000.00 was announced, those on the platform, along with the stu- dents, vigorously applauded and thanked the Lord for His bless- ings in the successful day. nicntd sMANUAL i We Learn of Christ Through Study 41 i ' 1 1 1 The first semester musical highlight of the Cantorale Choristers was the presentation of the " Messiah " by Handel. Soloists are in the front row. The Girls ' Glee Club represented Adelphian as they visited several churches during the second semester. ■ K i f s 1 Iff § t f f fulfil M ' AjiiiiA AUK I -,. %mr - p n I- L 1 Everyone makes Music at Adelphian. Miss Swedberg gives voluable piano instruction to promising students. Boys ' Glee Club showed their ability during their Saturday night performance. Mrs. Engen prepares students to be tomorrow ' s cfoonists. In Mechanics ' Lab, Mr. Cole demonstrates how to sharpen In Home Economics girls learn the fine art ot homemaking 5 Strike Up the Band! This better bond was built by boosters of Adeiphion, who mode the new purple and gold uniforms a reality. Private lessons, such as Donald Hobenicht is receiving (left), make bond members better musicians. Eight mallets, eight hands, four students and tw,o marimbas make pleasing tiarmony. 48 VX MANUAL y mamiai We Work With Christ, the Carpenter nf Vazareth 49 mm en tke f im Two meth- o d s of milking a cow — W ' l. Bird houses are a growing item at the mill. From apartments to bungalows, these ore oil " Strict- ly for the Birds. " 53 aS ' ■ • . : r ifef- .jlfJbSP ' II Gast jitaii Boys ' Home ;93S ;j x Alpha Delta Nu officers for the year. Dormitory life is interesting and beneficia in the place where every man is a minister. Girls ' Home West iti |; flilli The oetivities of the girls ' dormitory provide opportunity for a well developed Christian character. Kappa Delta officers for the year. 7 ' ' VaUeh Froni Here, There and Everywhere. l :ps« ? " I don ' t want to play in your yard, " was the argument which Dean Foreman settled by inviting all to the girls ' back yard — their reception. Each portion of the program was interesting ond beneficial . . including the delicious ood. The Christmas season was portrayed by caroling- and a manger tcene. Adelphian ' s doubles are the Boothbys, Grubers, Thomases ond Suttons. Before the campaign " Major Defeat " could be seen lurking onywhere. From the launching of the campaign to its conclus- ion, the conquest of " Hill 1800, " the victory ban- quet, and the trial of " Major Defeated, " the " Shi " staff under Mr. Ward ' s capable leadership, guided the battalion to complete victory. LYCEUMS Owen ' s Talking Birds; Pruth McFarlin, ten- or; Mr. Krantz and Mr. Harding, pianist and violinist; Tom and Arlene Hadley, photographic explor- ers; and Doctor Myers, etymologist, gave interesting programs and left warm feelings in each Adelphianite ' s heart. Tramp-olone, Trampoline Night, with Mr. Loken, was the perfect mid year reloxer. Hard questions near- ly stumped the ex- perts at Fall Festival. Mr. Belleou took us on G trip to Canada through the lens of his camera. Kathy demonstrates her ability on the trampoline. ■A 0 w •sr SklL ' Games and marches in the crowded recreation room brightened many social gatherings. Campus capers were cut by faculty young ones who treated their neigh- bors on Halloween eve. Junior presentation in- cluded a reading by John Kovin. One of the few snowfalls afforded fun for Jimmy Garber and Ann Spalding. Future Colporteurs receive valuable Information from the veteran Bookmen as the summer ' s plans are laid. Adclphion has nnany things for which to thank the Student Association. The S. A. officers led out in the campaigns and the Wes.trr.irvater Chime project. fommM ikemc and l a ' daUem The chief of State, Gov. G. Mennen Williams, and our school ' s chief, principal V. E. Gorber, pause as they tour the mill. 21 prospective teochers were awarded pins ot the Teachers of Tomorrow Bonquet at which 79 students and guests were present. At the Holly Board of Commerce ban- quet at Adelphian, Dr. W. H. Beaven told the group about his hobby, the U. S. Senate. usmess fumd s HOLLY, MICHIGAN Al ' s Service Anderson, V. K. Beebe Motor Sales Bendle Funeral Home Bill ' s Barber Shop Booth Corner Grocery Byerly Store Cleaver ' s OK Grocery Creque Motor Sales Detroit Metallic Casket Co. Paul Dryer The First State Savings Bank Groves Variety Store Gudith Hardware Hansard Standard Service Helen Shoppe Bill Henry ' s Service Herald- Advertiser Holly Automatic Laundry Holly Farm Garden Supply Holly Jewelry Ingles Appliance Gift Shop Lee Kerton Lumber Co. Lankin Coal and Supply MacArthur Bakery Mac ' s Pharmacy Lynn Parker Pee-Wee Cafe Robertson Bros. Drug Store Smith, M. G., D.D.S. Sovex Food Products Todt ' s Self Service Tony ' s Shoe Service Wheeler Motor Sales Windmill Service Station Wright Hardware DETROIT, MICHIGAN John Sexton and Co. West Disinfecting Co. Craine ' s Studio FLINT, MICHIGAN Brownson-Fisher Company Clark ' s Store Fixtures Davis Sup ply Co. King Cigar Co. Edwin Sterner Co. Associated Fruit Produce Co. Mack Tea Coffee Co. LANSING, MICHIGAN Michigan Book Bible House CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Jewel Paint Varnish Co. Metropolitan Lumber Co. Review and Herald Publishing Ass ' n. Washington, D.C. Grant Grocer Co. Saginaw, Michigan Farmers Gas Oil Co. Ithaca, Michigan McDonald Dairy Co. Chesaning, Michigan Poppy and Lauer Fenton, Michigan Billmeier Studios Fenton, Michigan Blue Diamond Coal Sales Co. Cincinnati, Ohio 67 esk Page numbers for class pictures only ore listed tor current enrollment. Names and addresses appeor for total enrollment. Allen, Anita, 32 Anderson, Lee, 28 Armstrong, Pauline Artress, Morjorie, 18 Ayers, Shirley, 25 Bobcock, Douglas, 33 Bogg, Richard, 18 Bakewell, Carol, 27 Ballweber, Carl, 30 Beoven, Cherie, 34 Bekowies, Nancy Ann, 30 Bell, Etho, 30 Bell, Nora, 35 Bellore, Lois, 29 Bernord, Mary Lou, 20 Bernard, Phillip, 33 Bigford, Jo Anne, 25 Bigford, Mary Lou, 31 Bishop, Lorraine, 25 Black, Betty Blackford, Nancy, 30 Blaser, Kenneth, 26 Bloomfield, Peggy, 26 Bond, Terrell, 27 BoDthby, Ellen, 33 Bjothby, Helen, 33 Bouford, Jeanne, 20 Boyles, Raymond, 19 Branson, Marilyn, 21 Britten, Anna Jean, 28 Britton, Jane, 19 Brockette, David Buchanan, Tyrell, 31 Bullock, Larry Bullock, Ted Burt, Kenneth, 21 Butler, Vernon, 15 Byam, Alma, 33 Eyom, Clara, 33 Byers, Raymond Compillo, Julie, 25 Campillo, Loida, 20 Cose, Gordon, 32 Chadwick, Alvan Clous, Elsie, 20 Claypool, Mary Lou, 19 Clevenger, Lois, 32 Clough, Nancy, 26 Comer, Marilyn, 1 8 Cooke, Patricio, 30 Crosby, Betty, 21 Dean, Norman, 30 deFluiter, Leroy, 16 Denslow, Shirley, 24 Dewey, Bruce, 26 Dockham, Shirley, 19 Domino, Sylvio, 18 Dotson, Robert, 25 Drake, Nancy Draper, Milton, 34 Duffy, Morlin Jean, 30 Dunlap, Betty, 33 Dunnigon, Keith, 17 Durfey, Patricio, 28 Edwards, Kenneth, 33 Ekkens, Ruth, 26 Ellcey, Barbara, 24 Enderson, Alice, 34 Feldbush, Marvin, 32 Fitch, Jocquelyn, 34 Fitzpotrick, Hope, 34 Flechtner, John, 34 Forcier, Theodore Fore, Dolores, 34 Foster, Joanne, 23 Foster, Richard, 30 Fox, David French, Patricio, 33 Furman, Donna, 34 Furmon, Lee, 30 Goifens, Betty Jo, 21 Garrett, Bruce, 29 Gee, Beatrice, 29 10901 Wisner Road, Tecumseh 2205 Russell, Lincoln Pork 25 2634 S. 13th St. Rood, Niles Otter Lake 1108 Bangor St., Boy City Athens 9441 Woodside, Detroit A 15374 Lindsay, Detroit 27 R. D. 1, Union Springs, New York 1809 Chandler Drive, Ann Arbor 27595 Gilbert St., Centerline 309 Clinton St., Jonesville 309 Clinton St., Jonesville 1440 Kensington Drive, Ann Arbor 106 College St., Holly 106 College St., Holly 1231 2 S. Saginaw St., Holly 1231 2 S. Saginaw St., Holly 23635 Farmington Road, Formington 307 E. Shiawassee, Fenton 4905 Walton Avenue, Grand Rapids 8 19437 Midway, Detroit 19 Route 3, Niles 4756 St. Lawrence Ave., Chicogo, III. Lawrence Lawrence Alonson 1839 Norway Lake Rd., Rt. 4, Lopeer 1 177 Webb, Detroit 2 2658 Saginaw, Mulliken 2658 Saginaw, Mulliken 2147 Field, Detroit 14 902 S. Leroy, Fenton 2121 E. Brady, Flint 7 2121 E. Brady, Flint 7 Grand Ledge 5055 Maybee Road, Pontiac Route 2, Tekonsho Route 2, Tekonsho P. O. Box 43, Flushing Concordia 470, Havana, Cuba Concordia 470, Havana, Cuba Route 1, Jasper 337 Roseonna, Toledo 7, Ohio Route 2, Blossvale, New York 232 N. Walnut Street, Vernon 16463 Fish Lake Road, Holly 9865 Hitchinghom Rd., Ypsilonti 3402 LeErdo St., Flint 704 E. Maple St., Holly 232 White St., Flint 5 3505 Duck Lake Rd., Milford Route 2, Lexington, Ohio 1460 N. Shiawassee, Owosso 15393 Fish Lake Rd., Holly 7168 Rich Rd., Fostorio Box 169, Leslie Box 85, Bellville, Ohio 6416 Central Ave., Toledo 6, Ohio Route 2, Gallon, Ohio 5144 Estes Ave., Sylvonia, Ohio 411 Woodland, Jackson 1167 E. Hudson, Royal Oak 638 Atherton, Flint 3 Route 1 , Akron Gobies 125 Cottage Ave., Lansing 11438 Gable St., Detroit 12 28235 Felician, Roseville 6517 Shermon St., Otter Lake 29003 Sunnydale, Livonia Box 88, Oakwood, Ohio 20731 W. Hampton, Oak Park, Detroit Route 1, Bristol, Indiana 357 Tecumseh St., Clawson 357 Tecumseh St., Clawson 3656 Merrimon Rd., Wayne 2250 N. Prospect Rd., Ypsilonti E. M. C, Berrien Springs E. M. C, Berrien Springs E. M. C, Berrien Springs Route 3, Niles 1314 Mayflower Rd., South Bend, Indiana Glosgow, Patricio, 32 Gonzalez, Norah Gramling, James, 31 Green, Bertha, 34 Greve, David, 34 Griffith, Geroldine, 34 Griffith, Joan Gruber, Marilyn, 16 Gruber, Maxine, 16 Grum, John, 15 Hobenicht, Charles, 29 Habenicht, Donald, 29 Hadley, Ross Hampton, Alfred, 30 Hampton, Cloudette, 15 Harden, Shirley, 18 Harrington, Rena, 20 Harrison, Eugene, 26 Hart, Merlin, 30 Hawkins, David, 34 Heddon, Gerold, 34 Heil, Glenn, 31 Herr, Barbara, 30 Hill, Kendall, 25 Hirlinger, Yvonne, 19 Hirsch, Richard, 24 Hirst, Robert, 27 Hirst, Roger, 32 Hoag, Esther, 33 Hoard, Jeanette, 31 Holly, Lillian, 19 Hurley, Douglas Johr, Jerald, 29 Johnson, Clinton, 19 Johnson, Lane, 33 Johnston, Jerry, 33 Johnston, Nancy, 29 Jones, David, 30 Jorah, Gregory Kearney, Doris, 24 Kearney, Robert, 1 7 Kenan, Patricio, 30 Key, Rosemary, 1 7 Kibble, Mane, 27 Kinne, John, 16 Kittrell, Daniel, 32 Knock, Patricio Kovin, John, 23 Kovin, James, 29 Krick, Edwin, 15 Kuebler, David, 23 Lamb, John, 31 Laser, Janice, 29 Longlois, Henry, 24 Lee, Jeanette, 34 Lee, Rex. 15 Leismer, Nancy, 31 Lenneville, Patricio, 33 Lester, Gerald, 30 Lester, William, 24 Letson, Cloudyette, 29 Letson, Joyce, 16 Lewison, Jerrydene, 24 Liggins, Emma Jean, 26 Limberg, Kathleen, 24 Lindquist, Hazel, 24 Lindquist, Marion, 18 Line, Addle, 30 Luck, Foye, 17 Luck, Gail, 25 Lugenbeol, Edward, 32 Monier, Donna, 25 Marietta, Duane, 18 Morlow, Mary Ann, 30 Morso, Gordon, 33 Motulo, Marilyn, 18 Messeroull, Fred Messer, Bernard Millom, Howard, 34 Miller, Howord, 26 Mills, Thomas, 29 Mitchell, James, 34 Moog, Hubert, 26 (Moore, Marion, 31 Moore, Richard, 31 Moyle, Beverly, 17 Mueller, Geroldine 3192 Christner, Flint 812 S. Paulino St., Chicago 12, III. 1105 Prospect Street, Toledo 6, Ohio 28975 Sunnydale, Livonia South Branch Burlington Burlington 130 Park St., Pontiac 130 Pork St., Pontiac 2675 Eifert Rd., Lansing 15 Adelphian Academy, Holly Adelphian Academy, Holly 112 North Read St., Tecumseh Route 3, Cossopolis Route 3, Cossopolis South Branch 2018 Moplewood Ave., Flint Route 2, Quincy 3323 Catherine St., Jackson Route 1, Clayton 10276 S. Sheridan Rd., Millington 1820 Livernois, Rochester 1426 Palmetto, Toledo 6, Ohio Route 1, Box 126, Lansing 704 E. Maple St., Holly 313 Murphy St., Boy City Route 1 , Maybee Route 1 , Maybee 149 Liberty St., Belleville 8416 Cain Rd., Millington 3 462-105th Ave., Plainwell 209 Marshall St., Litchfield Burlington Holly 1710 Colifornio St., Elkhart, Indiona 1339 Cass St., Niles Napoleon 26763 W. Outer Drive, Ecorse 29 Merritt 224 Pine Crest, Ferndole 20 224 Pine Crest, Ferndole 20 22479 10 Mile Rd., St. Clair Shores 14413 Crescent Drive, Detroit 23 619 Woodland Pork, Chicago, Illinois 3126 Moloney St., Lansing 12129 Linwood, Detroit 6 438 Silma St., Cadillac 31 Riverside Drive, Saginaw 31 Riverside Drive, Saginaw Box 39, South Lancaster, Moss. 4369 Dexter Rd., Ann Arbor 510 Bird Ave., Jackson Box 18, Prottville 3222 Zone Ave., Toledo, Ohio Route 1, Gladstone 1061 W. Scottwood, Flint 3 Prottville 28131 Eton St., Inkster 1624-1 7th St., Port Huron 1624-1 7th St., Port Huron 1710 N. Trumbull, Boy City 1710 N. Trumbull, Boy City 1505 5. Jackson St., Streotor, Illinois 6134 Northfield, Detroit 10 3785 W. Wofer St., Route 4, Port Huron 11417 Speedway Drive, Utico 11417 Speedway Drive, Utico 6715 Bugen Rd., R. R. 1 , Howell 301 1 Lenox, Detroit 15 301 1 Lenox, Detroit 15 302 S. Main St., Berrien Springs 420 S. O ' Keefe St., Cossopolis 224 Johnson, Route 1, Owosso 22591 2 Kent St., Toledo 10, Ohio 310 North St., Holly 22237 Park, Dearborn Route 1 , Lennon 6451 Clintanville Rd., Clorkston Route I, Howord, Ohio 807 Nieb St., Niles 470 West Chicago St., Coldwoter Route 1, Liberty Center, Ohio Route 1, Archbold, Ohio 12070 Dexter Rd., Chelsea P. O. Box 208, Lomo Linda, California 2263 Mann Rd., Pontiac 1355 E. Michigan Ave., Ypsilonti 68 Mueller, Worth, 19 Munn, Ronald, 27 Myers, James, 16 McAskill, Nancy, 28 McAskill, Patricia, 19 McKenney, Stanley, 33 McKenney, Warren, 20 McKenzie, Nancy, 30 Neal, Leslie, 29 Neal, Patricio, 30 Nelson, Carol, 31 Newman, Jane, 32 Nickels, Ronald, 30 Nunez, Donald, 23 Nuttle, Pauline, 28 O ' Koin, Jerry, 31 Opicko, Darrell, 27 Oviatt, William, 30 Parish, John, 31 Parker, Bonnie, 16 Parker, Douglas, 27 Patchin, Naomi, 15 Patten, Donna, 31 Pattersorr, Nellie, 33 Payne, Dorothy, 26 Pfeifle, Gerald, 20 Piekarek, Ruth, 17 Potter, Duane, 1 8 Potler, Henry, 25 Powers, Donald, 34 Racine, Harold, 24 Redfield, Donna, 27 Reed, Glenn, 24 Reed, Lois, 32 Rendel, William, 31 Reynolds, Dawn, 31 Rhodes, Beverly, 19 Richards, Eva Mae, 23 Rigg, John, 25 Riggs, Kenneth, 31 Ringe, David, 33 Ringe, Dennis, 30 Robson, Donno Rockwell, Richard, 30 Roderick, Larry, 23 Roe, Mary Alice, 34 Rollins, Alvin, 23 Roys, Norma, 20 Rusher, Jack, 17 Rutherford, Harold, 26 Rux, Mary Ellen, 31 Schenk, Jomes, 27 Scl.enk, John, 31 Schneider, Gory, 27 Schuster, Kathleen, 18 Shiels, Mary Ann, 33 Shugars, Marva, 15 Shumoker, Chester 1355 E. Michigan Ave., Ypsilanti 1227 W. Genesee Ave., Flint 5 202 Washington, Holly 20821 Ridgedole Rd., Detroit 35 20821 Ridgedole Rd., Detroit 35 869 Milford, Holly 869 Milford, Holly 1306 Walker St., Flint 3 Akron Akron N. Pine Grove Rd., Gobies 1722 Cronk Ave., Flint 6 300 S. Euclid, Bay City 5636 Prairie Ave., Chicago 37, Illinois 363 E. Bishop, Flint 5 3656 Merriman Rd., Wayne Route 3, Archbold, Ohio Box 36, Bennington 1617 Whitcomb St., Royal Oak Route 1, Montpelier, Ohio ' Blossvale, New York Route 2, Box 91, Walled Lake 46 Brigse Ave., Battle Creek 47315 Wear Rd., Belleville Route 2, Eaton Rapids Prattville 812 Academy Rd., Holly 360 Beortown Rd., Pointed Post, New York 16406 Fish Lake Rd., Holly 15790 Ferguson, Detroit 27 39 Euclid Ave., Pontioc P. O. Box 9, Route 3, Grand Ledge Route 3, 862 S. Brood St., Holly Route 3, 862 S. Brood St., Holly Route 2, Holly Southern Publishing Association, Box 59 Nashville 2, Tennessee 737 Academy Rd., Holly Box 168, Bloomingdale 1151 S. Cornell, Flint 5 820 Acodemy Rd., Holly 16252 Kirkshire Rd., Birmingham 16252 Kirkshire Rd., Birmingham 1001 2 S. Ann Arbor, Saline 3840 Flonsburg Rd., Jackson 221 S. Kendall, Battle Creek Box 36, Southbranch 9960 Mettetol, Detroit 27 533 Spartan Ave., East Lansing Route 2, St. Chorles 519 Josephine St., Flint 2201 Blockmore, Saginaw 11164 Hamburg Rd., Hamburg 2850 N. 26th St., Milwaukee 6, Wisconsin 26206 Plymouth Rd., Detroit 28 119 Bowen Ave., Battle Creek 133 Pearl St., Charlotte Bloomingdale 909 Rainbow Drive, Monroe Skinner, Gwendolyn, 27 Smith, Karl, 28 Smith, Lorraine, 24 Soule, Lila, 34 Spongier, Marvin, 33 Springsteod, James, 27 Stanowoy, Melvin, 16 Steck, Floyd, 17 Steck, Ruth, 25 Stephens, Shirley, 31 Stephenson, Joyce, 25 Stevens, Gloria, 33 Strausser, Delofes, 34 Strickler, George Sutton, Ardith, 32 Sutton, Dorothy, 31 Sutton, Edith, 33 Swindell, Daniel Tadrick, Lawrence, 34 Thomas, Janet, 33 Thomas, James, 33 Thomas, Roberta, 1 6 Tompkins, David, 20 Trieber, June, 16 Trim, Shirley, 17 Trlmboth, Daniel, 30 Twomley, Elaine, 27 Voden, .Carol, 26 Valentin, Carmen (Lettie) Vollieres, Edwin, 31 Vollieres, Ronald, 30 Van Deusen, Jane, 27 Vaughn, Constance, 25 Vaughn, Ronald, 26 Wacker, Dolores, 23 Waits, Horry, 26 Warner, Wova, 34 Walsh, Sandra Wery, James, 31 Wery, Robert, 20 Wery, Roberta, 20 West, Darlene, 1 7 Wicklond, Ruth Wicklond, Winnie, 28 Widemon, James, 26 Widing, Patrick Wiggins, Lawrence, 34 Williams, Kenneth, 32 Williams, Lawrence, 32 Wilmot, Jonathan, 31 Wilson, Daniel, 27 Wohlers, Dole, 25 Wohlers, Vesto, 24 Wolf, James, 32 Wolf, Nancy, 29 Wright, Wilfred, 15 Wyckoff, Maurice, 30 Wylie, Ronald, 25 Zelenok, William, 33 Zimmerman, Dole, 33 2695 Columbus, Detroit 21 1504 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit 8 16055 Forest St., East Detroit Route 1, 16394 Fish Lake Rd., Holly RFD 1, Malinta, Ohio General Delivery, Tecumseh RFD 3, Grond Ledge Route 1 , 354 Egypt Rd., Carleton Route I, 354 Egypt Rd., Carleton 35 Lake St., Pontioc 7949 Occidental Rd., Tecumseh Route 1, Howe, Indiana 10260 Bread Rd., Avoca 2500 Pleasant Lake, Jackson 300 Davisburg Rd., Route 3, Holly 300 Davisburg Rd., Route 3, Holly 300 Davisburg Rd., Route 3, Holly 8426 E. Dale St., Centerline Route 4, Angola, Indiana 305 Warren Ave., Chorlotte 305 Warren Ave., Charlotte 1701 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit 3 Box 910, Scronton, Pennsylvania 3541 Kowkawlin Rd., Boy City 1808 Crooks Rd., Royal Oak 505 North St., Holly 505 Front St., Holly 7844 Robinson St., Allen Park 159 Belmont Ave., Brooklyn 12, New York 535 E. 9 Mile Rd., Ferndale 535 E. 9 Mile Rd., Ferndale Route 1, Stondish 102 N. Brood St., Holly 102 N. Broad St., Holly 3713 LeErdo St., Flint 5 635 Watson, No. 455, Detroit 1 Route 1, Gorver Lake, Edwordsburg 2925 Belvidere, Detroit 3 16520 Fish Lake Rd., Holly 16520 Fish Lake Rd., Holly 16520 Fish Lake Rd., Holly 1409 Stocker Ave., Flint 23765 Lawrence Ave., Van Dyke 23765 Lawrence Ave., Von Dyke 18 Solliotte Rd., Ecorse, Detroit 29 3431 Fenton Rd., Route 3, Holly 4163 N. Vassar Rd., Davison 1902 Don Carlos, Tempe, Arizono 312 N. Third St., Niles Detroit 1 1 1 Palmer St., Pontiac 907 Academy Rd., Holly 907 Academy Rd., Holly 89 S. Howell, Hillsdale 502 N. Union St., Tecumseh 1512 Campbell, Royal Oak 506 Morrison Rd., Holly 207 Burns St., Essexville 12046 Mt. Morris Rd., Davison 302 Jackson Ave., Defiance, Ohio -I n p •r- . cuf U " Dtfrn ' ' ■t ' ' V j. 1 ' .1 f : 1 Ih . JUT f .m " ' w % ,A iMiS. 1 JH Kd r-i or t 5 etflt , r , ' . B OmfflBlgMj ' ' ' iiS V. ■ ■■- ' ' } ' . ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' MMSi l E - ' - '

Suggestions in the Adelphian Academy - Bell Echoes Yearbook (Holly, MI) collection:

Adelphian Academy - Bell Echoes Yearbook (Holly, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Adelphian Academy - Bell Echoes Yearbook (Holly, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Adelphian Academy - Bell Echoes Yearbook (Holly, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Adelphian Academy - Bell Echoes Yearbook (Holly, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 44

1953, pg 44

Adelphian Academy - Bell Echoes Yearbook (Holly, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 19

1953, pg 19

Adelphian Academy - Bell Echoes Yearbook (Holly, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 52

1953, pg 52

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