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r . .V fu. ,.,-,uw-y-gr k 11 ,-u-ng.. Jiswff fvfefffasf.-wi 53 cf.-'1ff74a4f,f2 Arr? fjefpvfmg All 0:76047 sl' 1 4 F, JI! 1532 1 .nd W .K Y ffl gl I S as 1-- Qc XQSQSC5 is Q' fubliafnecf by the Student aluociation 77'ze4ent4 ahfefphcfan affcacfemy Gt WOPIK ul wo rslwi p ul Siullllil The Bell Echoes Staff left to right areG. Engen, photographer: Dick Bagg, layoug I editor: Milly Edmister, associate editor: Jim Edmister, circulation mgr.: Rheeta Kel- Gt P Ol! ley, editor: Marva Shugars, associate editor: Mrs. Garberfponsori H. A. Wohlers, financial adviser: Jim Twomley, advertising manager. 1. i 3 5' 1' l if mj""' The Shiawassian - Annual Number Entered as second class matter, November 13, 1939, at Holly, Michigan, under the act of March 3, 1879. l Mama .4 '7oumw Dean of Girls G CI CI CI THESE The following admirable traits of character are represented in the life of 7750164410 .4 7ouwfw person with high moral standards dean with sincere interest in her "girls" worker of long and untiring service counselor who inspires confidence an associate who commands respect a teacher with unfailing patience a leader with knowledge and keen foresight a sincere friend to all At home, at school, or in the field of servce, the youth whom she has inspired are bearing the banner of high ideals. Miss Foreman, because you have done so much for us, we hold it a privilege to honor you in this Bill 660053 0F '52 , .Ms mmumiwf t l 9' 7' WCCCCCZ ' . 1TW"V"" dt. Z Treasurer of ,he Conferen rd Piesidehi of me Boa To Elder G. E. Hutches, Chairman of our School Board and also of the Finance Committee, and to Elder E. F. Willett, Treasurer of the Michigan Conference, we wish to speak sincere words of appreciation. During the past seven years these men have ably directed the affairs of Adelphian Academy and have carried heavy financial burdens in endeavoring to make every penny stretch as far as possible in order to provide for us the many beautiful, modern, and convenient buildings which we enjoy today. Under their capable administration the following major buildings have been erected. A mill building where over eighty young people are employed: the heating plant which also houses a modern laundry, employing thirty girls, print shop and mechanics class- room: East Hall and West Hall boys' and girls' dormitories re- spectively, which are perhaps the most ideal student homes to be found on the campus of any school. New lawns, sidewalks, drives, and equipment for many of the departments have added to the pleasure and enjoyment of attending school at Adelphian Academy. The entire school family and staff say to these men a hearty "thank you" in this Bill 660065 0F '52 C8 A Miessage rom Another school year has closed. Someone has said success is a journey, not a destination. Certainly every student at Adel- phian Academy has had a very happy journey. Success comes to those who plan their journey and have had a full life as they travel. Sometimes we travel so far and so fast in our journey that the destination is the thing when the journey should be the real thing. Honor to our parents who have made it possible for us to take this journey. Loving parents, in order to have their boy or girl achieve their purpose have struggled, toiled, planned, and sacrificed. They remained at home and wore shabby clothes that their children might go places all "dressed up" and have the same privileges and enjoyment as others on this journey. Many of their lives were stripped of even occasional enjoyments in order that their sons and daughters might be able to study music, art, or take some other "extra" while on this journey. Every student pays respect to his parents for the help they have given them in this journey of success. V I appeal to the young people who have a choice to make as they begin this journey so important in life. Adelphian Academy is the only place for the youth of Eastern Michigan to choose to travel on the road of success. Why not join the large group of youth at Adelphian, and learn that success can be a happy journey ..... not a destina- tion. Start today. QKQEMAQM 4 1 Om Principal U-I L,,""' SUN. MON. TUES. WED. THURS. FRI. SA T 'Z5I1,x3,mI11y1E11!13.Qf.f "11'1'l1w1,lI lzvzzllh, nu mm Crm :fs flisfilzctiy !1Hf1Vl'S1Il1If1 U11 as cfflrlplvlvly' fulfill 171.51 1 3555 ,ju- 1 -Avu ggjfg .,1,1f,,wf..nS tw hmm-lf, ff, my ,"P11UW'-1lF'11J,iIH, W 1,1 his f ',-mf.,r, ffm,-0f,,,-Q the 1 ' gigs' 55 111111111 simuld im :LQ l':1iI11f1,1l1,x' gu:uw1fgd :lx the f'11:11'z1c'If1r,"M1','41,, p, 195 I - , Q I , '. -' T' 'if' 56553 R E G I S TAB-A T I O N ,SA2WSEi2Q,szzC'2DVAA'5,5 DQSFJE' s o CIA L 5 1 REL! 15 GWI o Si 11' S, zsg 27 SEX V. E. Garber, M. A. PRINCIPAL BUSINESS RIANAGER Blossom ETIQSD- B- A' Miriam Foreman, B. A. REGISTRAR, ORGAN HOME ECONOMICS DEAN OF GIRLS V , ,. . HISTORY X R. W. Pratt, M. A. C. W. Mayor, M. A. H. A. Wohlers, B. A, OF BOYS QISQTLZBQATICS .xSSISTAN'f BUSINESS MANAGER BOOIKKEEPING Roland ca1a, B. A. Pauline Baldwin, B. A. L. E. Mob1eY- B- A- LIBRARIAN. ENGLISH MAIN'l'IaN.axNFI5 FRENCH BIOLOGY. SHOP ENGLISH Gnu-ZIINMENT UL C 'Ml I Anne Mayor 57 Betty Garber, B. A. CAI-'1iTIsRI,x DIRECTOR COAUIERCIAL 1 Gordon Engen, B. A. AIYSS M- Swedberg, B. Mus- Burton L. Jackson, B. Mus PRINTING MUSIC MUSIC BIBLE 7 Anita Spalding, B. A. L. W. Taft, B. S. M.x'l'HI'25l-XTIVS FARM SI'PI5RINTENDI-:NT ENrsI.Is-:H AuRIt'IfI.'1'IIIcE IHBLE ENGLISH IIISTORY P. P. Anderson EN Flor a Cole GINEER LAVNDRY SI'PERlN'I'ENDENT l Florence Riggs E. P. Weaver, B. A. STILL OFFICE llfANAGER MILL SUPERINTENDENT ,Mgr Helen Collins, B. A MILL OFFICE 'N S iklpx ,. 1 ' T"!1?ef- , I 1 F A JQQF74, Us f - ,,,. ,f., , ' 1' 3 E 4 if: " ' w ' . ,gi k 25,51 9 k - ul? xv- ' N ,, 1 k ' 1 , , , X EV' 'v A gp 1 , ' , A' J.. 2 ' K 'W 5-kg! ' ' ,- H- 4 A ,Q , Nw 5' it-QM A ., f - -X 4 4 f ,Y 'iw' ,g , f if f 2 Ji V I 4 'ilfljf ,Ml , I 27 ' - ' my if " 1 ,Z l.5 .Ja A! z., s ...gps 'uni v , 1 ws C Till .. 21: ' fm H fr S 4 I I RH E- E UL VI K PA GADBST A I CE IQRESI ELLEY YHE' I 'x DENY' KAREN TOWNSEND CHRUNICLER Q5 SERGEANT-A'1'.ARM. JIM TWOMLEY 6 xy' , 'iiX5t? 565 ' JAMES EDMISTER MARY LOUISE COLE TREASURER SERGEANT.A'r.ARMs PASTOR RONALD HUGHES ROBERT CHUMB MW i I JoANNE BARKE J!X q MARVIN BLACKERBY M MARVA BURCH im Today we follow. Tomorrow we lead. 1 , ffl ov' N :u fp.: X Nfus- IM VXI? jf' 5 Mn V JW lim-J ' r ff" .ot ACQUELINE CASTLE MARGUEHITE CHURCHILL FRANK DAISHER 6 WL Ii 0 'T S DAVID deFLUITER MARLENE DENSLOW 535351 ' MELLICENT EDMISTER RUTH GREEN .Molto Loyalty our watchword, 62 Service our goal. LILA 1-'ENNER GREER JUDITH HILL i e m ri 0 fr S SHIRLEY HISCOCK VIRGINIA HOLBROO-K Y x I 6.010124 N 1 . P Rose and Grey In M K BARBARA HOUSEMAN DALE HOWELL BARBARA JANDREAU NORMAN JOHNSON JOAN KOWALSKI LILY KIREITZKY e mm Yi 0 71' S EUNICE KROFT NANCY LUCAS- PHILLIP MARCIOE A 'fff gl0Wel' Yellow Rose JAMES MCGADDYE JAMES MP-RSA B1-:vm-:RLY ' NEWMAN 1 ? - ---L 15 16 EARL NOODEL KB M I 0 TI' S . JERRY OYERLY gext For the love of Chrlst constrameth us. 2 Cor. 5.14 qi IK' PATRICIA PAYNE SARAH MAY REDFIELI5 CONNIE SMITH MARILYN SNYDEH. JOAN STILES 'X X Q4 52 Wg W 6 X an Q 4 W YL 0 T S DAVID STREETER NELLIE THOMAS MH. AND MRS. V. E. GARBEH BETTY TUCKEIR MH. AND MRS. R. W. PRATT RONALD VAN FOSSEN EUNICE VANDERBERG SPONSORS .- M N3 X DUANE POTTER .mcx Rus:-IEE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT JUNE TREI B ER TREASURER MARVA SHUGARS SECRETARY Af .4 ,, 1 ,- I SERGEANT-AT-ARMS SERGEANT-AT-ARMS PASTOR VERNON BUTLER JOHN KINNI-I EDWIN KRICK Z ! C ,- 'if fi ,,' RICHARD BAGG MARILYN BRANSON LOIDA CAMPILLO MARY LOU BERNARD' ' M. W i 0 RAYMOND BOYLES W' S KENNETH BURT JANE BRITTON LOLA COLE ELSIE CLAUS H MARILYN COMER Lenox' deFLUITER KEITH DUNNIGAN MAXINE GHUBER M 5YLV1A ' HNAN n 1 YE vp X W 0 W T M M S ALVERDA ERICKS MARILYN GRUBER CLAUDETTE HAMPTO RENA HARRINGTON KEITH HOWLETT YVONNE HIRLINGER M WL 1 0 T S MARGARET HUFFAKER 4. LILLIAN HOLLY CLINTON JOHNSON nonsm' Kr-:ABNEY CARL I-ANG!-015 ROSEMARY KEY BILL LESTER nsx LEE, M' TNI i 0 4 :if " JOYCE LETSON T S HAZEL LINDQUIST MARIAN LINDOUIST THELMA LUDWIG FAYE LUCK SHARON LUND BEVERLY MOYLE BERNARD Mzsszn M ' JAMES MYERS 'ML , I BONNIE PARKER RUTH PIEKAREK 0 T S NAOMI PATCHIN MARY ELLEN PETTIT ELSIE RIEBOW v' J ' , uf w Q BEVERLY RHODES NORMA BOYS ' . 13551 KATHLEEN SCHUSTEB M WL I 0 T S STECK ROBERTA THOMAS T GUINEVERE sr-nznwoob JOYCE THORNTON DAVID 'roMPK1Ns ROBERT WERY ANN TRIM ff ,, M im ,fql HOBERTA WERY 70' 'V WILFRED WRIGHT elim and Jflofio '54 Q Into All The World California Daisy C'olor.4 Spring Green and Brown Oulel' RONALD WYLIE SPONSORS Charline Manier Mn. AND Mas. LARRY MQBLEY Mn. AND Mas. GonDoN ENGEN Charline Manier came to Adelphian Acad- emy in September of 1950 in her sophomore year. She soon became a favorite among the girls on the third floor of Sharon Hall. Her jolly spirit and ability to tell "bedtime stories" soon made her room a popular gathering place. She was ever thoughtful of others and willing to go out of her way to be kind to those in need. Although she lost her life in an accident at Camp Au Sable, on October 5, she will not be forgotten by her many friends in school and her many loved ones and ac- quaintances in her home town of Cassop- olis. Michigan. "Sweet be thy rest. and peaceful thy sleep- ing: God's way is best, thou art in His keeping." 2 PFCSIUCDQ TFGGSUPCF ' Vice President Secretary f X A , , 'X DAVID KUEBLER DQL'6RBS WACKER ' RICHARD ASHTON JAN VAN DEUSEN Y Swphommes MR. AND MRS. ROBERT BALDWIN MR. AND MHS. BURTON JACKSON . ' Juv!! Let the Ropes of the Past Ring the Bells of the Future Deeds Not Dreams f X LEE ANDERSON uffv SHIRLEY AYRES ESTHER BAUGHER JOANNE BIGFORD BETTY BLACK JOAN BLOM M ER BOND I HAROLD BRENNAN M,4ll- MARIE BFIEZZELL if ANNA JEAN anl'r'roN 5""f"7 I NANCY cLouc.H iv - k:k,, Q f , 'xy' GREGORY JOFIAH MARIE KIBBLIE JOHN KOVIN HENRY LANGLOIS JERRYDENE LEWISON LAWRENCE LINDQUIIT GAIL LUCK NANCY MCASKILL HOWARD MILLER HUBERT MOOG RONALD MUNN DONALD NUNEZ -'Tk Sophomomes I BETTY CROSBY SHIRLEY DENSLOW BRUCE DEWEY BOB DOTSON PATRICIA DURFEV RUTH EKKENS JOANNE FOSTER EDITH GUYOT EUGENE HARRISON RICHARD HIRSCH ROBERT HIRST MAX HOLTON N54 "" 'VX ai' 'is an ,Q r Q"""Y : ..,, ffm ,E I if 1 my J 'T PAULINE NUTTLE DARREL OPICKA HENRY OTIS DOUGLAS PARKER DOROTHY PAYNE DONALD PEDEN KENLE POLAND HENRY POTTER EDNA RIEBOW JOHN RIG-G KENNETH RIGGS HAROLD RUTHERFORD 'nib I 'I-Q 2 Q ,K wv"'T ' if Y D, K' Q1 ""' ' A gm! ,fl A .J A fel ' -.Wg 79. v ,,, ,ffisgizgifq 1 7 V - f V 4 A 433' CHESTER SHUMAKER GWENDOLYN SKINNER JAMES SPRING-STEAD RUTH STECK STEPHENSON DENNIS SWINGLEY CONSTANCE VAUGHN RONALD VAUGHN WINNIFRED WICKLAND PATRICK WIDING VESTA WOHLERS IDQA WOODWARD4 J.,-' 4' Q... X . Y President Vzce President cusureu Secretary LARRY TAYLOR NANCY WOLF 1-Q15 BELL-ORE PATRICIA KENAN MR. ANU MRS. ROLAND conf MR AND MRS C W MAYOR ETHA BELL MARY LOU BIGFORD NANCY BLACKFORD RICHARD BRAYTON NOR MAN DEAN BILL DOTSON CAROLYN EVTCHESON LEE FURMAN BRUCE GARRETT BEATRICE GEE JOAN GRIFFITH MERLIN HART GLENN HEIL J EANNETTE HOARD JERALD .IAHR JOHN JENSEN JANICE LASER CLAUDETTE LETSON ADDIE LINE MARY ANN MARLOW DAVID MARTIN JUDITH MARZIG MARIAN MOORE LESLIE NEAL PATRICIA NEAL RONALD NICKELS BILL OVIATT ek im Motto Sacrifice or Service B the Grace of God Our Best Today JOHN PARISH DONNA PATTEN WILLIAM RENDEL JOANNA ROTHERICK MARY ELLEN RUX DOROTHY SUTTON LEONARD THOMPSON DANNY TRIMBATH LUCY VAN-Y JIM WERY LORETTA WOODARD MAURICE WYCKOFF il" 1 5 QW N K A J fi 2 if it Q uf fe. 51 fi V 7 'ff' ff' f , .L.4. 2 ., I so 5 If? Q 3 . 1 F? 5 ,r if Remember the wonderful irip io Niagara Falls W-dv 34 'Tl -M, ks x ,K . '1l Q il ww . ., tr . 0 D I Lips, M, I .fa Q 5 ny vu 659 --Q, 5 . ,5 M Q L. 1 7 i 59 51, My La bi fa xg. K 5 1 we r x. mm X Nr, .4 WW 14.5, is ff ue Dcr MON TUES Holi M ch ga WED THURS 10 Fzrst Grczdir 1, ? ,. x ,. R Q te an if LHL5 ii-'S' ' ff ZR -4? Y -, A .2 I X Lycel 1 Ars Tro "Sue,-uw n Im df tffilllfff aim Thr h 1 rn Juzpuee of ,gzung thc gow rr the x ri m Us is he sm np: 1 Il Ium 1 S A PROGRAM A ' hx ,A . if I n i -kr -1.5 1 .. i-4. 43. .ae A. ' W1 ea Si 1 1 2 H3 .1 A M5 A -is -"'M.w', 'X W A My gil! ga. -1. B" 5 fda . R 75.2 A 2' "U n .'. , r . .1 - 'W .""+f'v. ' fnAr ,J 'gl' ,ff-"1 w 4... M A Q r ? 53' K 'C xW, U ' .. fggg 'Q , R ,MPN f Aw 5 W .ae M K bQggf , .ww ' W5 J. .- ... 5 Q X . . K mf ' , . - ,.x,'.',+f. K ga ' , , R S ,mf ' Th. ax 1 x J' I if ' A .rpm r ,-, . .-.J .,,. 4, At. X . . .,.. West HUM In October all of the girls were finally housed in their new home. Some of the things we enjoy are- beautifully furnished rooms our worship room electric water coolers "good cooking" in the snack room and of course, MAIL fvia new mail boxesj Our attractive lounge pictured on the inside cover is a popular meeting place on the campus. K, ,tr ,, jg.. ,if gf If . . Q .. s 7. my , . N V nq .4 ., Q, H J 4' lf.. , Aw, JV, - ,.g W ,,, ggi, Q 9. . .. , ., v ' w -, pi!" :fl xg ' ,g , 4, y-K f f El x-'ai . 6 'ifiz' V X " A ,tif 'rw ' Zh: , , b N , ' 5 Hy-','.wQ.-1 Q-,J-wwf' .X 'rvh -1 ' 5 g J' I 1' v 2 ff' ,up " . , w 1 V. w?':'s!"N Q it Q Q ' ' llc 'vi . V, X. , 4 G ,J , .Q ' ff ' eff,-ff" w, 1 A ' '4 .5 fs -E5 "V A . f.w , v , L, Q Af' K A ,, My ,ff gm, H yf VM: .,. . A , 5. ,I W ,, MQ- 11" 44" 62 K , f Q, f' , ,f ff 'W' g if' lf If 1 V 7 m .fy ,,,,ff' ' fl, f' ' .ua-4 'H 1 J,-f Q W 'N -J S'...."'-': " - si: L X , M 4' ' 'ff' Z I 5 , K F ,wr 'E M' X Q 4 A W an T 3 + I Y -N 'Sz '0'l! 5 ,gig I ' Charming Mistress of Ceremonies 4C I 1 FUN Festziovfcil Cherry blossoms Japanese lanterns Rickshaws of food "The Chief" on his throne A delightful program "Happy Birthday to You" sis. 41" I' 5 i ,L 2 ff if is Novs Frr. Sufvsr1r,Cxalfn11m N0',3'f"'Z,'f'f'lf'f'v9f2f'25 "Svest thou a man diligent in his business? 13 he shall stand before kings: he shall not stand ggi' if bvfcwe me-:in m0n."X-Prov. 22:29 'X LY wfm1f.iEU'Y 10 12 13 E E 181 gp? 2 4, QQ -LgPwbd CNMP 5 '27 Jpm. USLBUT lZFEK xl tl OF 111 SACRIFIE5 2 Two Umsmmdin Lew Johnson arrived in a snowstorm from Wisconsin with a trailer load of snakes and other live specimens ot "wild life" to give us an unusual pro- gram on "Your Friends, The Snakes." Here he is shown feeding a rattler and displaying a snake from India. Otto Schatt presented an evening of music with philosophy which we will not soon forget. Lycezwms 92 SWi"5uN4'??vi23 "2 m' ' if Q z ' :Q ,imma Q in 'Y l Q. 3 . 1 W2 A -, ff W Xi W 'E 4' 5 E 5? x T i f Nl by 1' ' s b I .4 I Q 5 fu Wi W Q-? 3 , 'W -df , .. 1 52 -, jaSM..' mi in 'Q J x 4. may , 5,4 5 5 JV? 4'4 w k E JS M, X r Q E 4 Y , aijgii NBR 51 SUN. MON. TUES. WED. TNURS. PJ "StudenQs, ycpu can make this scfrxom first dass in success by being Xabofers 2, I Q V together with ymn' teachers to Mew other -stxxdetxtfs, and by 1.eaX0usXy uxjiiting D - '--'---- 5104 yours-ewes from ax chezap, commcm, Xuw stzmdaYd.'bfF. B., 9. 464 . .5108 LYCEUN1 Fikm, "Treasure House" W x 'Sify ' 2- 2 n ' L. T, N ff 1 . 'wx ... -I-V-1 Pro re i 1 12 Chnstmas 12, 22 f X li' fd 2330 2431 2 crass 1 BND 021 zgfz 621 fi X .-f" The men of Alpha Delia Nu cerfainly puf on a sumpfuous banquet for their recepiion on December 2. Noah Beilharz, characier reader and enfertainer, was featured on the evening s program. Q 0 No Reception Dave Kuebler, President of A D N smiles as he shows the fellows the gift of shuffleboard equip- menf from Kappa Delta. 45 5 K, xL9,V,,,,.., Ii nr as We f.,1 4 J 'Y - x , Q X m kb QM, F QW, ,M I V E' , 4' ' A A QQ i ff , X If' +A 1 .. , r .19 JANUARY su g A M SUM MON. TUES. WED. THURS J.,f'Y"'fi' . f'f'?'7i'f?25'14 Jan, . 17 ......,. 5 :21 Jah. 18 ....,... 513.59 S 8 1 15 DUE DA TE Fzrst S 314 3 FRI. SA 17 18 1 9 emester md -.uaing 22 23 24 25 26 28 29 X fart doeth good hke a medicine." The Annual Board Meeiing was held on January 10. The members pictured above are left to right, H. A. Shepard, V. E. Garber, G. E. Hutcbes, Chairman: H. R. Nelson, Secretary: E. H. Knaufi, E. F. Willett, J. A. Miller, Evan Garrett, M. D., Merle Mills, J. P. Habenichi, A. R. Mohr, Fred Green, A. K. Phillips, E. P. Weaver, A. A. Leiske, R. O. Stone, W. A. Nelson, H. A. Wohlers. The Board and Faculty enjoy a banquet in the girls' club room. ff? 'ZH 5' if ' mrri-1 SEQ k + E ,ii 1 A' sf TQWEKQ LAL - 3. if ,ss ws , W if 'K 33" -- Wm? yi vjggf' sf' .S , 'Q N, 2 Z8 W sf I gg? Q 5' ,A ' +21 1 v' x f 4 ! lg,-Q , jf? Q. vm W, , W, W? M' , M F 7 ,L 1" -fuwfmfsgg ,VS Nw ,MW 5, i U-.Z i A 11 f Wx, ,L 1 ia A .I 'A I 0 . ifL.....aW N fm. SAI. aught that life moans earnest work, 111ty, care-taking."xEc1., p. 215 sift: Q 10 11 9 14 M15 E 19 zo 21 22 Q Emmanuel Missionary College Band in Concert' On February 12 the Oakland County Red Cross Bloodmobile set up a canteen in the Academy recreation room. Rgdl Cross i 3 3 6, - -r 1 Rx, QQ , 1 K - f ' x M ,Z I Q x .ifvi 4? ff 1 ' 2 3 ' 2 W, Vs ' JA I " a . 5' af M , Y M if 4??M' - gk 'f Y , Af , W, A, ,, - , f A . f A . H Rm, k N. ' D F ,, K V , Q. I, I 1: -f , 'YQ awuwhvwl ' , -fps? -..- ' mx' 4' Mwwugw ,W m . ., ,K nwidm ,ag A ,Keg W it Q aw JC' V I s J, 3, umm, ,gyfiff lm: yd f lk Mk -9, 2 E fr. 355+ . fri K. .f Wil . M-.way Wm 3 3 'B -1-.l...........W............ ,J . l 'ivx zwz f I 5 -f,. W 23 Q . 'ly tu , - .f fs ,ffauqg 5, Q V - Q Q , . Q4 vp 7 ,, .W X Q, :W -s mggwf 1+ W -:fx - '- 1 :ff 15 -'--Lf' , V' I ' 5 i I hL?L . xl , X '3 J A1,,,. w W ' ' ' 'Hz 'Q' , , t . s 1 XA E , , AMm.,,,. i f .. I wwf A XWWZZQ 7 2fQfIEif1ifi?Q ,ii f"'w-A .W,,., . , LVL. ' k 6 4, ' V. Lv? A gk k ing: I . Vik fy f '19 K fx 1 Q . 'Y 'ff ffl i?"vg Q giljfff ,fi 1 wwiwikm -We Q if Q5 I" "U A - 'fi' A 7"' If Q ' M? f " W?V if gp 1' ,f 1 W---www' In-....,.,.f-WM - f,.,,,,,, Y - ...:':1g-lqquv ,. , ,, l w., fi 1 +-21 f -I 1 Q 'fs-,fw,,.,w , Calling all students, mill, and staff emplo ee ! E geikyoug glood taped and you'l1 get your? "jog 1,553 oilevfgglf gi: a an ounty ivil DefenseU 'fh d f lld "t ' ' on the campus February 20. m a a u ay Ypmg' me folks The "Shi" Campaign Winners finally found the ideal Sunday for fheir toboggan party at Tyrone Hills. and feed in the Home Ec rooms. From reports via ihe grapevine route, the food was "super" and no broken bones resulfed from the slides. Blood Typing Q, . 3, C. Winner: A Student Ftm Judging from this candid shot on a Saturday night, some folks were having a very gay time. See how long you can look at this picture without laughing! Faculty For a change the faculty enjoyed their monthly supper and social hour in the Home Ec rooms. Mercedes Habenicht. recently returned M n from South America, was our guest. She showed some beautiful slides oi our work and other places ot interest in that country. M...-- . fl sum A Bxvuss vcfso. mug? 1' su Fri ww 4.1.1-WA P L . gaielg' .1 is' 41 schvolg its field of study, the- l!IH'V61l'SQQ its teacher, tha 1. .Q 1 5 .1e."XE'd., p. 301 3 4 5 6 XX - 1 , v-SH M S. Fifth Period 7 kt y i gf, gvcsufw XX C f x-g,5'5" ,,4: .3 MuslcNBar1tor1e Ei 'W-4. J YAL, if 9 .10 . 2 13 14 15 1 W' rvoolv I 1 6 fi' 7f 18 1 98 P256 if C E22 i X 5'-30 gm. 23 24 30 TL I G I O U S lm- 3 6 U27 za W E E K !F'crculty Parties! Szmdlem Association Second semester officers were: Earl Noodel, Donald Halenz, Milly Edmister, Dave Kuebler, Beverly Newman, Harold Rutherford, Do- lores Wacker: standing, President Ed Krick, Maxine Gruber. Rheeta Kelley, Sarah May Redfield, and Marilyn Gruber. These students served the first semest P . - 'fl ' , ' Claus, J ackle Greer, James Marsa. Dawg Kugil:-:r?rgoEdH!E-lstcllllitgs Kelley, Joan Kowalski, Judy Hill, Kay Vickers, Jack Rusher with V. E. Garber as sponsor. ce R 99 EC Pun 51 1'Ve atlll- Y 'IG E E yn! Imam B 91715 and Plays f 01- ma Ichlng the dining room any appetites Three times a day crowds oi young people satlsiy he nutritious. wholesome food. BS is a place oi busy aciivily wiih delicious. on :pn fn i 7, y., ,..f M w e 39336 if MWF? -mag if "X 4 MX' N 1 N 42' Sf, 'vga 4 .P- 'QV' sf nn":""""""w' T'f h ffl 1 ,x ,L 3- v-. "U X x Uk 'P 2 N. ZH 1 A ff, ,, :XV wk A x 'X X ' 331 ban ' Xatge elvis mthng ehmd the hats. e members ot matimba to tdxt with them. Those tn charge o Kitt axe happq to vletcome the students oi Psdetphtan have a spectat pmqtam to present each week to the meh and tn thts tnstituttoh. the 1 i 'RMS who dome JULM A even take a 6001111 qs n The righggirls w ' Rhee ho dh, 'H Ke ecfed hey ih ' Naozsl affa- i P Us f aichig, gappa D Ollores wig for agker Ihe I . Mu wo S Va gals Gr ' KEY e Vicks io rs Km n Tow nsend 1 Lou c ole' Jud!! Hill he Tre iber Scdlvbfuuth M'-is School M, T sn ' iff, W. Landlfge-219 assist 001 for '3 Harrihce of the fig-3112210131 sgancy L 'nests pefvise ucas, D r. d fhe acgsgowe U. . 98 Of Omcers J .ack Kinne and Dave Kuebler share honors as presidents of Alpha Delta Nu this year. Odher officers are Kenneih Burt, Bob Kearney, Ed Krick. Bob Doison. Willy Wright. Bob Crumb, Jim McGaddye, Dick Ashton, Paul Keller, Jim Edmister and Jim Twomley. cmdlidl Camem Shots Treed-almost. Just a few girls ? ? ? giving forth with a little and leg exercise. This "select group". Can be seen most any morning duf- ing the 9:21 study hour. -in the back of the chapel. qjlwi as mice, doing of all things -geometry! Don't the? 100k studious? They really are. Personal devotions and worship are an important part of our daily program. The friendly. pleasant association of girls praying to- gether,.. working., togeth1er,.. and playing together, does much to help us feel like one big family. No one ever gets enough mail - except Mr. Wohlers. When his office is empty about 9:30 on week days. we know he has gone for the mail. On Saturday nights. all eyes on the campus are turned toward his office window for signs that he is busy distributing those long-looked-for letters from home. Rain or shine. snow or flood. the mail somehow does arrive via "Uncle Harry" and his trusty Ford. Ccmclzidl Camera Shots Oh to see ourselves as others see us! At least most of the folks caught by the camera in chapel are singing. Km 1 9' '- ' ' Q 4:'f!"' le 5 WX Awww The Adelphian Mill, largest of its kind in the country, is the means of furnishing employment to 80 boys and girls, as well as to a large crew of adult help. T e Mill Mr. B. L. Jackson is the enthusiastic play for chapel, marching in the "Rec" ing free times in the boys' dormitory one playing in a miniature "German Band." ' I t ,s.i The Seminar director of our Band. This group of 51111191115 room, and on Saturday night Pr09T5m5- DUI' can often hear a special group of the fellows 2 a I , Q , ,X 1 This is a partial group of the students who are active members and leaders of the Seminar. R. W. Pratt is here expounding to Darlene West, Mary Lou Cole, Paul Keller, Duane Potter, Dick Bagg. Margaret Huffaker, and Judy Hill. The many serv- ices held in the churches in our districts attest to the faithful work done by this group. E S he Band! Temperance The Student Association sponsor- ed a temperance program in chap- el on March 19. Milly Edmister gave her prize-winning oration and Mr. Mayor conducted an ex- periment showing the effects ot smoking. The Association is mail- ing the magazine LISTEN to a large list of local business men. gg sv-UNX Florence Nightingale and her helpers presented a program on nursing as a profession. These young are in training at the Hinsdale Sanitarium. at H Illinois. Many girls visited these nurses in the do and learned first-hand what it is like to be a nurse. Jim Marsa and Donald Halenz work on an experiment as Mr. Mayor observes from the other side of the counter. n 7 Miss Swedberg directs the activities of ihe Girls' Glee Club. This group, under her able direction, has given many special numbers during the year. W' V" i lei A "i' W X if g ' -iviff, ' ., The "Claniorale Choristersu are shown in their new robes. The rich purple gown is dramatically set off by gold sleeves and dickies. In addition to preseniing a program ai Emmanuel Missionary College. this group will give eight major concerts before the close of the school year. 71 A faithful landmark which is no more . .... Lady Lamson. This picture will br fond memories to many girls who learned to call this place "home." It has been down to make way for more modern improvements on our campus. Teachers of Tomorrow ing Dick Bagg, Elder W. A. Nelson, Lake Union Educational Secretary. Sordon Engen, sponsor, observe Elder H. R. Nelson, Michigan Edu- :ational Secretary, presenting a T. O. T. pin to Marva Shugars, pres- .dent of the local chapter. Sahhath School Dave Kuebler. Jerry Lewison. Mr. and Mrs. Engen Sponsors. Joyce Letson. Betty Crosby, Milly Edmis- ter and Kenneth Burt were active leaders of the Sabbath School for the second semester. u4ine44 griencb HIOLLY, MICHIGAN V. K. Anderson Blendle Funeral Home Bud's Market Blyerly Store Cleaver's OK Grocery Colonial Restaurant Daylight Store and Helen Shoppe Detroit Metallic Casket Co. Paul Dryer 'I'he First State 8x Savings Bank Groves Variety Store Giudith Hardware Hayes Shoe Rebuilding Herald-Advertiser Holly Barber 8x Beauty Shop Holly Dry Cleaners Holly Farm 81 Garden Supply Holly Lumber Ez Supply Co. Holly Music 8: T.V. Center Holly Wall-Paper 8: Paint Store Ingles Appliance Kr Gift Shop Kelley's Floral Shop Kroger Store Lankin Coal and Supply MacArthur Bakery Mac's Pharmacy Earl Olsen Service Lynn Parker Pee-Wee Cafe Peace-Hamilton Elevator Kr Supply Phipps Service Station Robertson Bros. Drug Store Wm. Shuttleworth Archie D. Smith Sovex Food Products 'l'odt's Self Service Tony's Shoe Service Wheeler Motor Sales Windmill Service Station Wright Hardware DETROIT, MICHIGAN Detroit Acoustical Contracting Nelson Chemical Corp. John Sexton and Co. West Disirtfecting Co. Craine's Studio FLINT, MICHIGAN Brownson-Fisher Company Clark's Store Fixtures Davis Supply Co. King Cigar Edwin Sterner Co. LANSING, MICHIGAN Michigan Book Sz Bible House Michigan Conference of S.D.A. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Jewel Paint 8z Varnish Co. Metropolitan Lumber Co. Review and Herald Publishing Washington, D.C. Emmanuel Missionary College Berrien Springs, Michigan Grant Grocer Co. Saginaw, Michigan Farmers Gas 8: Oil Co. Ithaca, Michigan McDonald Dairy Co. Chesaning, Michigan Poppy and Lauer Fenton, Michigan Co Ass'n I 4 0,I 4 ug - - - ,. gg ..A.A,A 'A A A A .A A.A A.A AeA AeA AeA Av- A.A A. ' ' - A,A .A A.A .vA .A YES ITS TRUE " YOUR NEXT FOUR YEARS will determine in large measure your future success and happiness if YOUR WISEST DECISION will be to attend a Christian collefre where study work and recreation give you a balanced preparation for life. " YOUR MANY FRIENDS from Adelphian Academy who have made that decision advise you to plan NOW to attend Emmanuel Missionary College Berrien Springs Michigan For further information write to the Director of Admissions 1 L U U I 9 9 U l I O O O U 9 Q U U U 9 LU Lt' .. Q I K 4, 1 I, I E I , 7 4, I 4, I, 4 I 4, dl I, 4 I I 4, I, 4 I 4, . I, 4 ,b Z I 'I E 4 I 4, 4, 4 ' , 4, 5 7 I, 4 I , 4, I I 4' 4, , 4 ,a ,, 4, . I I 4, 4, I 4 I ,I , 4 I ,I 4, 4, 0 o ,I 4, , 4 I 4, I, 4 I ,, 7 I, 4' :I ' 3 T I, VY! V01 e o e l e A e e ' nf .41 H v' . . ' " " "' "' "' 'A' "' "' "' H - ' " H .ffm Y "' "' f' -A' v- 'A' '-' """'rr.' " ' -2 YI R41 A lIWllL 'A.A.A.A A A A.A. - A A A.A.A.A A A I .A A A A A A A A A A A A A.A A A A A A.A A.A A A A,A A.A A.A A A A A.A.A A ' ' -' 4 O I 4 4 ,I I awww new sip neva gm yawn, rw 4 ,I I 4 4 I FROM FOOTBALL FIELD TO MISSION FIELD. by R. A. Hayden. I Here is a story packed with all those appeals that touch Iife's deepest emotions. The author's 4 4' conversion from a life of self-sacrificing service among the Indians with Elder Stahl stivrs the heart and challenges the reader's interest from the very first page. This book is an outstanding contribution to our missionary literature. S3 50 SAINTS AND SINNERS by M L Andrecsen As you read these more than two score narrat ve accounts of men and women of the B ble you will be impressed that though some of them failed YOU NEED NOT S2 50 Add Sales Tax Where Necessary ORDER TODAY FROM YOUR BOOK AND BIBLE HOUSE Review 8: Herald Publishing Assn Washington 12 D C Iv. A,A A A 'I I 4 ' fp 4, I I I I e e I: ,I 4 - I I I, I , . . I 4 . I ,I , I ,I , 4, :I I n 1 u P I 0 'P I ' , . . I 4 I 4, I, 4 551 U ,,,,,,A.,.,,.,A , , ,, , , ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ' all -' " ' " " v ' ' " ' " " ' YF" ' ' " " IWII Q ' iitfdii g i g IYNIVYIWMIPfdiIY07it6YIiYN'lD'NlPfgYIif01D'gYlVAIIYIG E E Z Q Q Q ic 5 Anger, Audrey Anderson, Lee Ashton, Richard Ayers, Shirley egludenl 1213 Kearney Street, Port Huron, Mich. 2205 Russell, Lincoln Park 25, Michigan Box 206, Mt. Vernon, Ohio 1108 Bangor Street, Bay City, Mich. Bagg, Richard 9441 Woodside, Detroit 4, Barker, JoAnne 2881 Bluebush Road, Monroe, Mich. Baugher, Esther Stanardsville, Virginia Bell, Etha 309 Clinton Street, Jonesville, Mich. Bellore, Lois 1440 Kensington Drive, Ann Arbor, Mich. Bernard, Mary Lou 106 College Street, Holly, Mich. Bigford, JoAnne 308 Cogshall Street, Holly, Mich. Blllf0l'd, Mary Lou 308 Cogshall St., Holly, Mich. Black, Betty . 307 E. Shiawassee, Fenton, Mich. Blackerby, Marvin 46 Smith Ct., Lake Orion, Mich. Blackford, Nancy 4905 Walton Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Bliss. Glenn Route 2, Chesaning, Mich. Blommer, Jim Blommer, Joan Bond, Terrell Boyles, Raymond Mulliken, Michigan Mulliken, Michigan 4756 St. Lawrence, Chicago, lll. Branson, Marilyn 1177 Webb, Apartment 9, Detroit 2, Brayton, Richard Brennan, Harold Brezzell, John Brezzell, Marie Britton, Anna Jean Britton, Jane Burch, Kathern Burch, Marva Burt, Kenneth Butler, Vernon Castle, Jacqueline Churchill, Marguerite Claus, Elsie Clough, Nancy Cole, Lola Cole, Mary Louise Comer, Marilyn Conibear, Nancy Cook, Bob Crosby, Betty Crumb, Bob Daisher, Frank Daisher, Thomas Dean, Norman deFIuiter, David deFluiter, Leroy Denslow, Marlene Denslow, Shirley Dewey, Bruce Dornan, Sylvia Dotson, Billl Dotso-n, Bob Dunnigan. Keith Durfey, Patricia 1939 Norway, Lapeer, Mich. Mich. 331 W. Caroline St., Fenton, Mich. 308 N. Fayette, Saginaw, Mich. 509 Ralston, Flint, Mich. 509 Ralston, Flint, Michigan Mulliken, Mich. Mulliken, Mich. 4721 Vermont, Detroit, Mich. 4721 Vermont, Detroit, Mich. Grand Ledge, Mich. 5055 Maybee Rd., Pontiac, Mich. 1519 W. Main St., Lansing, Mich. 1585 N. Oxford Rd., Oxford, Mich. R.F.D. 2, Blossvale, New York 9865 Hitchingham, Ypsilanti, Mich. 1208 S. West St., Shelbyville, Ind. RJ'-'.D. 2, Hillsdale, Mich. 3420 LeErda, Flint Mich. Route 2, Wolcott, New York Gobles, Michigan 232 White, Flint, Mich. P. 0. Box 258, Angwin, Calif. 13580 Wabash Rd., Milan, Mich. 13580 Wabash Rd., Milan, Mich. 3505 Duck Lake Rd., Milford, Mich. Route 2, Lexington, Ohio Route 2, Lexington, Ohio 1460 N. Shiawassee, Owosso, Mich. 1460 N. Shiawassee, Owosso, Mich. Holl, Mfch. Box 169, Leslie, Mich. Box 85, Belleville, Ohio Box 85, Belleville, Ohio 1167 E. Hudson Ro al Oak Ohio . y . 725 Campbell si., Film, Mich. Edmfsfefi James R. D. 3, Oswego, New York Edmister, Mellicent Otego, New vm-k EKKCHS- Ruth Gobles, Mich. Ericks, Alverda Cogkg, Mich, Eytcheson. Carolyi1 1019 First Avt., Cadillac, iMch. Fenner, Lila 203 St. State St., Davison, Mich. Foster, JoAnne 357 Tecumseh, Box 1074, Clawson, Mich. Freese. Lowell 2515 Gilchrist Rd., Akron 5, Ohio Furman' Lee 515 Chicort St., Bad Ave, Mich. GIl'f'!ll..BI'yCe R. R. 3, Niles, Mich. Gee, Beatrice Route 5, Box 499, Niles, Mich. Gerdau, Jana 223655 Worthline, Taylor Center, Mich. Gilbert, Janie 316 E. McArthur St., Corunna, Mich. Godinez, Loida Concordia No. 4Fo, Havana, Cuba Green, Ruth i 28975 Sunnydale, Detroit 23, Mich. Greer. Jacqueline 10824 Goethe, Detroit 14, Milch. Grlff-th. Joan Burlington, Mich. Gruber, Marilyn 4295 Hatchery Rd., Drayton Plains, Mich. Gruber, Maxine 4295 Hatchery Rd., Drayton Plains, Mich. GUYOK. Edith Gobles, Mich. Halenz, Donald College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hampton, Claudette RJR. 3, Cassopolie, Mich. Harrington, Rena 20108 Maplewood Ave., Flint, Michigan H3l'l'lB0f'lf Ellilene R.R. 2, Quincy, Mich. Hlff. Merlin 3323 Catherine, Jackson, Mich. H9ll. Gleljh 44474 Van Dyke, Utica, Mich. Hill., Judith Route 1, Box 126, Lansing, Mich. Hll'lIH9H'..Yvonne 704 E. Maple, Holly, Mich. Hirsch, Richard 456 W. McMicken, Cincinnati, Ohio Hlfllv Bob , Route 1, Maybee, Mich. HISCOCK. Shirley 600 Jewel, Ferndale 20, Mich. Hoag, Esther 149 Liberty St., Belleville, Mich. Hoard, Jean-nette 8416 Caine Rd., Millington, Mich. Holbrook, Virginia Route 4, Eaton Rapids, Mich. HOHY' Lillian 462 105th St., Plainwell, Mich. R04 fer Holton, Max 10207 Morseville Rd., Fosters, Mich. Houseman, Barbara Route 2, Eaton Rapids, Mich. Howell, Dale Onaway, Mich. Howlett, Keith Route 2, Stockbridge, Milch. Huffaker, Margaret 18 Maple St., Berrien Springs, Mich. Hughes, Ronald 401 North St., Holly, Mich. Ivey, Jim 13710 Litchfield, Burt, Mich. Jahr, Jerald Route 2, Union City, Mich. Jandreau, Barbara 22331 Maxine Ave., St. Claire Shores, Mich. Jensen, John 416 Maple, Holly, Mlch. Johnson, Clinton Coldwater, Mich. Johnson, Norman 3236 Walnut St., lnkster, Mich. Jorah, Gregory 22821 Laukel, St. Clair Shores, Mich. Kearney, Bob 224 Pine Crest, Ferndale, Mich. Keller. Paul R.R. 1, Prattville, Mich. Kelley, Rheeta Chelsea, Mich. Kenan, Patricia 22479 10 Mile Rd., St. Clair Shores, Mich. Key, Rosemary 14413 Crescent Drive, Detroit, Mich. Kibble, Marie Kinne, John Klein, Edwin Kovin, John Kowalski, Joan Krick, Edwin Krietzky, Lily Kroft, Eunice Kuebler, David Carl Henry Laser, Janice Lee, Rex Lester, Bill Letson, Claudyette Letson, Joyce Lewison, Jerrydene Lindquist, Hazel Lindquist, Marian Lindquist, Lawrence Line, Addie Lucas, Nancy Luck, Faye Luck, Gail Ludwig, Thelma Lund, Sharon McAskill, Nancy McGaddye, James McKenney, Warren Manier, Charline Marcoe, Phillip Marietta, Duane Marlow, Mary Ann Marsa, James David Judith Marilyn Darrol Bernard Langlois, Langlois, Martin, Marzig, Matula, Meese, Messer, Miller, Howard Moog, Hubert Moore, Marian Morisette, Vada Moyle, Beverly Munn. Ronald Myers, James Neal, Leslie Neal, Patricia Newman, Beverly 619 Woodlawn Park, Chicago, Ill. 3126 Maloney, Lansing, Mich. Port Huron, Michigan 31 Riverside, Saginaw, Mich. 20200 Midway, Detroit 19, Mich. 606 W. Washtenaw, Lansing, Mich. Box 153, Belleville, Mich. B07 W. Hillsdale, Lansing, Mich. 4386 Dexter Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. 3222 Zone Ave., Toledo , Ohio 3222 Zone Ave., Toledo, Ohlo Prattville, Mich. 1061 W. Scottwood, Flint, Mich. 1624 17th St., Port Huron, Mich. 1710' N. Trumbull, Bay City, Mich. 1710 N. Trumbull, Bay City, Mich. 1505 S. Jackson, Streator, Ill. 11417 Speedway, Utlca, Mich. 11417 Speedway, Utica, Mich. 11417 Speedway, Utica, Mich. 6715 Bergin Rd., Howell, Mich. 2435 Glendale, Detroit 6, Mich. 3011 Lenox, Detroit, Mich. 3011 Lenox, Detro't, Mich. R. 1, Box 16V2A, Bowling Green, Ohlo 805 North St., Milan, Mich. 20109 Schaefer, Detroit 35, Mich. R.R. 3, Cassopolis, Mich. Holly, Michigan 420 S. Okeefe St., Cassopolis, Mich. 2703 Wyoming, Dearborn, Mich. 224 Johnson St., Owosso, Mich. 2259V2 Kent St., Toledo, Ohio R.R. 2, Port Hope, Michigan G-1105 W. Maple Ave., Flint 7, Mich. 4450 W. Pasadena, Flint, Mich. 22237 Park, Dearborn, Mlch. 4524 S. Cedar St., Lansing, Mlch. 6451 Clintonville Rd., Clarkston, Mich. 807 Nieb St., Niles, Mich. 602 S. Main S., Bryan, Ohio 12070 Dexter Rd., Chelsea, Mich. 12641 23 Mile Rd.. Utica, Mich. 2663 Mann Rd., Pontiac, Mich. 1227 W. Genessee Ave., Flint, M'ch. 408 S. Main St., Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Akron, Michigan Akron, Michigan 22722 Ridgeway, St. Clair Shores, Mich. Nickels, Ronald 300 S. Euclid, Bay City, Mich. Noodel, Earl 4871 Halstead Rd., Walled Lake, Mich. Nunez, Donald 5636 Prairie Ave... Chicago, Mich. Nuttle, Pauline 363 E. Bishop, Flint, Mich. Opicka, Darrell R.R. 3, Archbold, Ohio Otis, Henry 959 Emerson, Detroit, Mich. Oviatt, Bill Box 36, Bennington, Mich. Oyerly, Jerry 1211 Janes St., Saginaw, Much. Parish, John 1617 Whitcomb St., Royal Oak, Mich. Parker, Bonnie R.R. 1, Montpelier, Ohio Parker, Douglas Blossvale, New York Patchin, Naomi Route 2, Box 91, Walled Lake, Mich. Patten, Donna 46 Brizse Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. Payne, Dorothy Route 2, Eaton Rapids, Mich. Payne, Patricia Route 2, Eaton Rapids, Mich. Peden, Donald Box 132 St. oe Rd., Berrien Springs, Mich. Pettit, Mary Ellen .G 3333 Miller Rd., Flint, Mich. Philo, Don Piekarek, Ruth Poland, Kenle 17 Haskill Drive, Battle Creek, Mich. Holly, Michigan R.R. 4, Newark Rd., Mt. Vernon, Ohio Potter, Duane 360 Beartown Rd., Painted Post, New York Potter, Henry 16406 Fish Lake Rd., Holly, Mich. Redfield, Sarah May Reed, Glenn Rendel, William Retzloff, Richard Rhodes, Beverly Riebow, Edna Riebow, Elsie Rillil. John Riggs. Kenneth Rotherick, Joanna 203 Roys, Norma Rusher, Jack Rutherford, Harold Rux, Mary Ellen Schuster, Kathleen Sherwood, Guinevere Shugars, Marva Shumaker, Chester Skinner, Gwendolyn Smith, Connie Snyder, Marilyn Springstead, James Steck, Floyd Steck, Ruth Stephens, Shirley Stephenson, Joyce Stewart, Susan Stiles, Joan Stoia, Eli Streeter, David Sutton, Dorothy Swingley, Dennis Taylor, Larry Thomas, Nellie Thomas, Robert Thomspon, Leonard Route 3, Grand Ledge, Route 3, Holly, Route 2, Holly, 933 Porter St., Lansing, Academy Rd., Holly, Box 12, Stanwood, Box 12, Stanwood, 1151 S. Cornell, Flint, Adelphian Academy, Holly, Murray St. S. E., Grand Rapids, 533 Spartan Ave., East Lansing, Route 2, St. Charles, 136 E. Taylor, Flint, 2201 Blackmore, Sagilnaw, 119 Bowen Ave., Battle Creek, Route 2, Holly, Bloomingdale, 909 Rambow Drlve, Monroe, 20427 Cherrylawn, Detroit 21, 411 S. Elm, Jackson, Route 1, Osseo, Holly, Route 1, Carleton, Route 1, Carleton, 5926 Stanton, Detroit 8, 7949 Orridental Rd., Tecumseh, M ch. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Royal Oak, M Echigan 4031 Richfield Rd., Flint, 5526 Kendal, Dearborn, 905V2 E. Midland, Bay City, 2290 Addiss Rd.. Holly, 1003 W. Chestnut, Mt. Vernon, 587 N. Collette St., Kalamazoo, 1701 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit 8, 1701 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit8, 6306 Stanford, Detroit, Mich. Mich. Mcih. Mich. Ohio Mich. Mich. Mich. M ich. Thornton, Joyce Tompkins, David Tompkins, Joseph Townsend, Karen Trieber, June Trim, Shirley Ann Trimbath, Danny Tucker, Betty Twomley, Jim Van Deusen, Jane Van Deusen, Lucille Vanderberg, Eunice Van Fossen, Ronald Van-y, Lucy Vaughn, Constance Vaughn, Ronald Vautaw, Cherrie Vickers, Kathleen Vinkel, Edward Wacker, Delores Warden, Phyllis Wery, Jim Wery, Robert Wery, Roberta West, Darlene Wickland, Winifred Widing, Patrick Wohlers, Dale Wohlers, Vesta Wolf, Nancy Woodard, Ida Woodard, Loretta Wrench, Donald Wright, Wilfred Wyckoff. Maurice Wylie, Ronald 16105 Chatham, Detroit 19, Box 910, Scranton, 1105 W. Cass Ave., Flint 5, 6388 Hartford, Detroit 10, 3541 Kawkawlin, Bay City, 4507 Fernlee, Royal Oak, 505 North St., Holly, Box 628, Spring Lake, Fish Lake Rd., Holly, Route 1, Standish, Route 1, Standish, Route 3, Cassopolis, 2217 Park Ave., Indianapolis, 2126 Maplewood, Saginaw, Mich. Penn. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Ind. Mich. Holly, Mich. Holly, Mich. 12002 Harris, Carleton, Mich. 1406 Fielding, Ferndale 20, Mich. 323 W. Bucyrus St., Crestline, Ohio 2713 LeErda St., Flint 0, Mich. 7151 Donovon Rd., Dexter, Mich. 16520 Fish Lake Rd., Holly, Mich. 16520 Fish Lake Rd., Holly, Mich. 16520 Fish Lake Rd., Holly, Mich. .. 1409 Stacker, Flnt, Mich. 4102 Hurlbut Ave., Detroit, Mich 3431 Fenton Rd., Holly, Mich. 907 Academy Rd., Holly, Mich. 907 Academy Rd., Holly, Mich. 502 N. Union, Tecumseh, Mich. 210 St. Joe St., Elkhart, lnd. 210 St. Joe St., Elkhart, Ind. 636 Griswold, Port Huron, 1512 Campbell, Royal Oak, R.R. 1, Holly, 207 Burns St., Essexville, Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. l Looking east toward the front entrance to the Ad 'n' t at' B 'ld' , Th lproduct of Adelphian Milli shaded by a lovely Sil1vler1sBirclTxinviltgs 'gee to :egtuagcliag and enjoy the beautiful campus. 76 Ins? 'Exim K L V w YY K C, LR Ni WO -. -L23 Xa 'K ,AJ '25 -wx XT, . 'f Nd 'L' X311 'Q' 'UL my 'L' - 4? U fl x Le ,xx di H -'f N Y, Q' ZR L 4, XJ " -V K, 'U Q H I ii Y g 5 Av 'J' if 1 f ,M -ik " ya ',' a' ., fr: R FR - fx xy 'Av in ' .151 k 2 " H k.. ' Y XD ,r R1 'V' , . KW xt K x ,, sm t ,, my ,M -vw , , xv. -. V sl, 1+ I sag? um. MH A 5 ii fp , R . 5 . im

Suggestions in the Adelphian Academy - Bell Echoes Yearbook (Holly, MI) collection:

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