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Adelphian Academy - Bell Echoes Yearbook (Holly, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1951 volume:

I K? " " ' " " " ■ 13 " 4 . MPS i ' - ' i i - - ---i ■ ' ■ ' • ! «« J f ({l iy - ' V - ' ' .luA4AM | i JM.SJSS! ' tiMl .Vvy ' 1951 Sell Cckoe Published by the Student Association of Adeiphian Academy HOLLY, MICHIGAN Editor-in-chief Arlene Moore Associate Editors Layout Editor Advertising Manager Financial Advisor Barbara Breakie Lou Anne Elfring Lucille Van Duesen Dale Rhodes H. A. Wohlers Editorial Advisors Mrs. V. E. Garber Miriam L. Foreman The SHIAWASSIAN Entered as second class matter, November 13, 1939 at Holly, Michigan, under the Act of March 3, 1879 ANNUAL NUMBER J ]l v- - Administration cdccAtcaH. To our principal, Mr. V. E. Garber. for his persistent, patient leadership in Christian ideals, for his tireless devotion to duty far beyond the mere requirements of a job, for his unboundless enthusiasm and ever-friendly smile, for his understanding appreciation of our problems, and for his ever-available coun- sel, we, respectfully dedicate this 1951 Bell Echoes. c4delpklan cAcadetni (Board G.E, HUTCHES President H. R. NELSON Secretary W. A. Nelson . . Lake Union Ed. Secretary L. E. Lenheim . . . Lake Union President E. F. Willett Conf. Treasurer Fred Green Kalamazoo M. L, Mills Battle Creek A. A. Leiske Detroit A. K. PhUlips Jackson R. O. Stone Cedar Lake V. E. Gaxber Adelphian D. Hannah Battle Creek L. J. Wall Lansing R. D. Moon Greuid Rapids W. B. Pontynen Houghton The training of young people to live a full and happy life in this world and to be prepared for the life to come is the business of Adelphian Academy. How well it has achieved this objective is to be witnessed in the lives of its graduates through the years since it was first established. The full impact of its influence, however, will not be known until the intimate records of each individual have been evaluated by an impartial Judge and the results made known in the earth made new. In the days to come just as in the past a devoted and conse- crated faculty will emphasize character education. Christian teachers who know how to pray for youth will be at the helm guiding the destiny of the students. This is the chief interest of the Board. . 0. ftalche PRINCIPAL ' S MESSAGE What Is It? A beautiful shady campus, new essential buildings, rep- resentative equipment, and a rural location do not make a Seventh-day Adventist boarding academy. All of these essentials are necessary. They represent the abstract, the material struc- ture, of an institution. They, in reality, are not the school. A, boarding academy is a prepared environment where trained, experienced, and consecrated teachers direct know- ledge-hungry youth along paths of right thinking and Christian living. The tender plants of thought and character building which flourish during the teen-age period are given special guidance during this important growing and developing period. The student is given the opportunity to prepare, through building power into his life, to do great things for God and for his fellow men. Prospective students, if you want to live in a " community " ipade up of classrooms, dormitories, dining room, playfield, mill, press, laundry, shop, farm and campus life, you are invited to consider this institution as you choose your next school home. You will like the Christian students who attend each year. The friendships formed while here will add to the joy and happiness of your life. It is a real privilege to live, study, work, and associate with young people and teachers of like purposes and like ideals. No group of secondary youth will be housed in better dormitories than those at Adelphian. Both boys and girls will have new, fire-proof homes for the coming school year 1951-52. If you desire to enjoy the cultural, intellectual, and spiritual opportunities for growth offered by this institution, you are in- vited to make application for admission now. " . a.M H. A. Wohlers, B. A. Assistant Business Manager Bookkeeping R. W. Pralt, Th. B. Oean of Boys Bible Blossom Engen, B. A. Registrar, Home Economics Organ Anita Spalding, B. A. Mathematics English Roland Cole, B. A. Maintenance Biology, Shop Irma Church, R, N., B. S. School Nurse 4 Home Nursing Burton L. Jackson, B. Mus., B. Mus. Ed. Music Gordon Engen, B. A. Printing Bible Alyse M. Swedberg, B. Mus. Music Anne Mayor Cafeteria Director Flora Cole Dining Room Hostess Anna May- Laundry Superintendent E. P. Weaver. B. A. Mill Superintendent Products of the Adelphian Mill The faculty • • -x " ,t » ,.. " t .,4. ■ . ' 5 ■ ' ' ' ' , • . 1 1 Classes ARLENE MOORE Vice-president NANCY BATHER Chronicler ROBERT SHAFFER Paslor ROSEMARY MURPHY Secretary DALE RHODES Treasurer ScHca ' u jr y KENNETH FROEHLICH Sergeant-at-arms BETTY BADGLEY BARBARA BREAKIE DORA BROWN tr- MARGARET BARBER ESTHER BISHOP ELMER BLOMMER 7 t J e The higher we climb — The broader the view ROBERT BROWN ILENE CHRISTENSEN L MARY ANN CORTVRIENDT EDITH COCHRAN DELORES EDSELL LILLIAN HALL DOROTHY COVELL Jj Enter to learn — Depart to serve )£) ' EVELYN FRISCH ARLENE FOSTER P . JANICE IVEY EDWARD HYDE RICHARD LEVI Wine and White GEORGE LEKTZIAN CECIL MAY CAROL LUCAS KEITH McKENZIE LORENA MITCHELL ' 4 GAILON MORISETTE ,ir a. DORIS MOSER TED NABORS ELISHA PAGE DAVID PARKHURST GEORGIA RIEBOW GILBERT ROYS NANCY SCHOONOVEH JOAN STEVENSON ESTHER WICKLAND Pink Carnalion EDYTHE TARZWELL JOAN THOMPSON DUANE THORNTON f , ' , . DOROTHY WICKSTROM HENRY WIDING EDWARD WILLIAMS DORIS WINSLOW V. E. GARBER Sponsor R. W. PRATT Co-sporsor Mary Louise Cole SECRETARY 9 ' UKton4. Kathleen Vickers TREASURER Marvin Blackerby SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Joanne Barker LeRoy Borlon Alfred Brezzell Marva Burch Marguerite Churchill ' Mott The difficult we do today. The impossible takes a little longer. Frcink Daisher David deFluiter James Edmister " Don ' t equal it, better it " I- Robert Gleason Ruth Green Jacqueline Greer Shirley Hiscock Barbara Houseman James McGaddyeV ) Warren McKenney Phillip Marcoe Beverly Newman Jerry Oy«rly Patricia Payne. ■ Ted Phillips Sarah May Redfield Lavender and Green Carnation Mary Schemenauer Connie Smith Marilyn Snyde Joan Stiles 5 Nellie Thomas Belly Tucker James Twomley Lucille Van Deusen Eunice Vandenberg I LOWELL BAILEY MARY LOU BERNARD JEAN BOUFORD RAYMOND BOYLES w p H X ' ' ■ MARILYN BRANSON DON CHRISTNER ELSIE GLAUS MARILYN COMER ROBERT COOK DANNY CEIGHTON MARLENE DENSLOW SYLVIA DORNAN BILL EDSEL DOUGLASS ELFRING ALVERDA EHICKS RONALD FROEHLICH SARAH GIBSON JANE GILBERT ■J •OtAUDETTE HAMPTON ■ ' RENA HARRINGTON [K sT LEON HAUCK YVONNE HIRLINGER LILLIAN HOLLY KEITH HOWLETT - CLINTON JOHNSON ROBERT KEARNEY REX LEE HAZEL LINDQUIST MARION LINDQUIST FAYE LUCK SHARON LUND CHARLENE MA DUANE MARIETTA DARROL MEESE OWEN MOSER WORTH MUELLER JAMES MEYERS BEVERLY NABORS EARL NOODEL BONNIE PARKER yZtr - .cA, 6:hM •• " ♦«.- V, A i tK . A NAOMI PATCH IN MARY ELUEN PETTIT GLENN REED BEVERLY RHODES 4g ' ELSIE RIEBOW JACK RUSHER KATHLEEN SCHUSTER JAMES SHARROCK DWIGHT SHEPARD GUINEVERE SHERWOOD FLOYD STECK ELEANOR STEVENSON ROBERTA THOMAS DAVID TOMPKINS JUNE TRIEBER WILLIAM WASHINGTON BOB WERY ROBERTA WERY DARLENE WEST PHILLIP WESTFALL HUBERT WHITE JOANNE WRATE WILFRED WRIGHT RONALD WYLIE Lavonna BateS Grodon Bell Joanne Bigford Lorraine Bishop Nancy Clough Don Cole Betty Crosby Shirley Denslow Robert Dotson Ann Hardesty Eugene Harrison Bill Herrell Richard Hirsch Robert Hirst Howard Hughes Dorothea Isaman Edwin Klein John Kovin David Kuebler Donna Langdon K A -ut Jerrydene Lewison Lawrence Lindquist Robert Luchenbill Gail Luck |« " r» i eP qmm) Hubert Moog Pauline Nuttle J ' li Darreil Opicka ugjas Parker Dorothy Payne Kenle Poland Henry Potter Richard Retzloff Harvey Ricketts Edna Riebow Chester Shumaker Gwendolyn Skinner Ruth Steck Margie Taylor Elaihe Twomley Jane Van Deusen Barbara Watkins P tofck Widing Wohlers Ida Woodard September Well here we are again Ready for another long grind Metnorle of c4u Sable Tailored to fit Paree in miniature " a la Adelphian Atomic Secrets — but no Communists Octob er Gaiety at the colorful Fall Festival We are a minuteman church % ui ■•£ MEDICAL CADET IN DRILL AND ACTION These young men were elected to direct the so- cial activities of the A.D.N. K.D. officers can smile — even while making plans for the Reception These girls count our calories We go through A. A. via the Mill M ovemoei k These leadeis directed M.V. Share Your Faith Activities Top talent for Sabbath School En Route to Jail — Sunshine behind Ihe bars ' Seminar prepares leaders for tomorrow ; ip - 3 ecenioer k " Every pine and fir and hemlock Wore ermine too dear for an earl " Gondoliers in action Boy ' s Glee Club 1in9i1B«i Vr ' ii , A.D.N. Open House Fiisl prize at Christmas open house! (Lowell) Ghost of Open House Past — br-r. Shiawassion Staff — Probably laughing al Curly ' s comments j .- Ji M 1; ' A r 3 HB K Kt l I-. ' .:M r I K ' Hj H 1 f 1 f JJ f |i Student Association launching the Shiawassian campaign Annual Headache! (Bell Echoes) Cramming -h Boning Semester Tests anuar Fun Fair " Heigh ho-come to the Fair — Remember January 20, 21. Doc- tor I.Q. Truth or Consequences, Skule Daze (and " anxiety " ) Kitchen Band, Free? (for a pen- ny). White Elephant, Want a Million Dollars? See yourself 20 years from now and cash all your tickets for the best feed of the year. Fortune Teller. Queens of the clarinet Spring blossomed in February At K. D. Reception 3eb ruary. " Memories, memories " You were my queen in calico ' 5J ,■♦ , - ' There ' s an Old Spinning Wheel in Ihe parlor - spinning dreams of the long, long, ago! What would she do with twins?! Delightfully " informal senior presentation Junior officers officially emerge Two ' s a company — Three ' s a crowdl What goes Mr. Mobley? No wash day blues here Three reasons for lip-top shape of boy ' s dormitory r i Unexcelled cafeteria Cuisine None lazy in this machine shop — not even " Rastus " ! I " Turn your eyes upon Jesus Look full in His Wonderful Face ' arch " T " " - ' ' w " ' ' " ' tf- ■ J. P. Habenicht A. O. Dunn conduct Waeks of Prayer Our new dorm started here by Elder Hutches Progress — all year Play and Recreation equalize physical and mental powers cAprll Those " early birds " do the chores 5 minutes to worship 3 times a day A date with the dean. Sing fest at worship Come evning — lessons to get Through the day Bright-eyed at 6 a.m. Barbie has morning worship, Time t.ut for ping-pong. Path along the pines to town, To evening benediction. ■L3 -r r Put away this hour for a keepsake For you won ' t be back next fall Marimbas make melodious music I were sure— of such " lovely " atlention I would get sick on purpose uHne Jriend HOLLY, MICHIGAN Pee Wee Cafe Bendle Funeial Home Johnson Motor Sales Holly Plumbing Co. R. F. Enstine, D.D.S. Sovex Food Products Wrights Hardware Hayes Shoe Rebuilding G. M. Howell Holly Dry Cleaners Kelley ' s Floral Shop Winglemire ' s Furniture Todt ' s Gulf Service Gudith Hardware Byerly Store Wm. Shuttleworth Groves Variety Store Booth Corner Grocery Groves Variety Store Stoddard 5 and 10 Store Mac ' s Pharmacy Phipps Service Station Ingles Appliance and Gift Shop Keener ' s Lunch Holly Wallpaper and Paint Store Detroit Metallic Casket Co. The Herald-Advertiser Peace-Hamilton Elevator Supply Cleaver ' s OK Grocery Windmill Service Wheeler Motor Sales Patterson Job Printing Tony ' s Shoe Service Coffee Cup Holly Barber and Beauty Shop Holly Farm and Garden Supply Co. Hoffman ' s Shoe Store V. K. Anderson Creque Motor Sales MacArthur Bakery Beebe Motor Sales First State and Savings Bemk Holly Tractor Sales Archie D. Smith Lankin Coal and Supply Co. Robertson Drug Store Paul Dryer Daylight Store and Helen Shop Lambert ' s Floral FENTON, MICHIGAN Bedford Equipment Co. Poppy and Lauer DETROIT, MICHIGAN John Sexton and Co. West Disinfecting Co. Cinder Blocks, Inc. Craine Studios FLINT, MICHIGAN Brownson-Fisher Wallpaper Co. Mack Tea and Coffee Co. King Cigar Co. McDonald Dairy Co. Davis Supply Co. Associated Fruit and Produce Co. Edwin Sterner Co. Review and Herald Publishing Ass ' n. Washington, D.C. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Metropolitan Lumber Co. Jewel Paint and Varnish Co. Lincoln Brick Co. Grand Rapids, Michigan Michigan Book Bible House Lansing, Michigan Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Org.anized 1861 62D Tdwnsend Street, Lansing, Michigan Student JsQ ter Badgley, Betty Uailey, LowelJ Barber, Margaret Barker, Joanne Bates, Lavonna Bather, Nancy Beden, George Bell, Cordon Bernard, Mary Lou BIgford, Joanne Bishop, Esther Bishop, Lorraine Blackerby, Marvin Blommer, Elmer Bohley, Russell Borton, LeRoy Bouford, Jean Boyles, Raymond Branson, Marilyn Breakie, Barbara Brezzell, Alfred Brown, Bob Daisher, Frank deFluiter, David Denslow, Marlene Denslow, Shirley Dornan, Sylvia Dotson, Bob Dover, Beverly Edmister, James Edsell, Bill Edsell, Dolores Elfring, Douglas Elfring, LouAnne Ericks, Alverda Fenner, Lila Foster, Arlene Frisch, Evelyn Froehlich, Connie Froehlich, Kenneth Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan M ichigan Michigan , Florida Michigan M.chigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan M.chigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan ew York Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michgan Miichigan Michigan 13580 Wabash Road, Milan, Michigan Route 2, Lexington, Ohio 320 West Oliver Street, Owosso, Michigan 320 West Oliver Street, Owrosso, Michigan Box 169, Leslie, Michigan Box 85, Belleville, Ohio 20205 Barlow, Detroit, Michigan Route 3, Oswego, New York Route 2, Berrien Springs, Michigan Route 2, Berrien Springs, Michigan Box 52, Saline, Michigan Box 52, Saline, Michigan Cooks, Michigan 6666 Hildale, Detro.t, 609 Leith street, Flint, 19805 Middlebelt, Farmington, 2881 Bluebush Koad, Monroe, Route 1, Box 118, New Baltimore, 2088 Van Horn Road, Jackson, Lakeland Route 1, Ha le, 106 College Road, Holly, 510 Front Street, Holly, Route 3, Chesaning, 33328 Grand River, Farmington, 6850 Adams Road, Birmingham, 211 Lansing Road, Muliiken, Rose City, 815 East Baird, Holly, Alanson, 1839 Norway Lake Road, Lapeer, 22148 Curie, Van Dyke, Bad Axe, 509 Ralston, Flint, 1447 New Jersy, Flint, Browni Dora Lee 837 Hoyt Street, Muskegon Heights, Burch, Marva 4721 Vermont, Detroit, Chris er, Sherwood 2079 East Brady Street, Flint, Christensen, llene Route 1, Box 79, Berrien Springs, Christner, Don 4816 Van Dyke, Church, Arlene 306 LeGronde Street, Holly, Churchill, Marguerite, 1585 North Oxford Rd., Oxford, Claus, Elsie Route 2, Blossvale, N Clough, Nancy Lou, 9865 Hitchingham Road, Ypsilanti, Cochran, Edith 3767 Townsend, Detroit, Cole, Donald Route 3, Hillsdale, Cole, Mary Louise Route 3, Hillsdale, Comer, Marilyn 3420 LeErda, Flint, Cook, Bob Gobies, Cortvriendt, Mary Ann, 43283 West Rose, Mt. Clemens, Covell, Dorothy Route 3, Morenci, Cravens, Jean 13221 14th Street, Detroit, Creighton, Danny 18620 Dale Avenue, Detroit, Crosby, Betty 232 White Street, Flint, 203 South State Street, Davison, Michigan Box 59, Durhamville, New York 9939 Steel Detroit, Michigan 701 North Water, Owosso, Michigan 701 North Water, Owosso, Michrgan Box 97, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. 316 E. McArthur, Corunna, Michigan Route 1, Box 126, West St. Joe., Lansing, Mich. Ceresco, Michi gan 28975 Sunnydale, Detroit 23, Michigan 10824 Goethe, Detroit 14, Michigan Gibson, Sarah Gilbert, Jane Gleason, Bob Goss, Sally Green, Ruth Greer, Jacqueline Hall, Lillian 33 Eastway Drive, Pontiac, Hampton, Claudette Route 3, Cassopolis, Hardesty, Ann 317 South Grace St., Lansing, Harl, Dorothy 16183 Allen Road, Holly, Harrington, Rena 2018 Maplewood Avenue, Flint, Harrison, Eugene Quincy, Hauck, Leon 123 Manchester Street, Battle Creek, Herrell, Bill 173 Navarre Drive, Miami Spring 216 S. Chestnut, Lansing, 508 Front Street, Holly 465 w: McKicken, Cincin Route 1, Maybee, 600 Jewell, Ferndale, 462 105th Ave., Plainwell, Route 2, Mason, Route 2, Stockbridge, 11089 Rosemary, Detroit, 401 North Street, Holly, 1444 Division Street, Muskegon, Hill, Judith Hirlinger, Yvonne Hirsch, Richard Hirst, Robert Hiscock, Shirley Holly, Lillian Houseman, Barbara Hewlett, Keith Hughes, Howard Hughes, Ronald Hyde, Edward Isaman, Dorothea Ivy, Janice Johnson, Clinton Johnson, Norman Jordan, Don Kearney, Bob 224 Pinecrest, Ferndale, Mich Keller, Paul Route 1, Camden, Mich Kelley, Rheeta 21227 Waldron, Farmington, Mich Klein, Edwin 839 Lapeer, Port Huron, Mich Kovin, John 31 Riverside, Saginaw, Mich Kowalski, Joan 20200 Midway, Detroit 19, Mich Krietzky, Lily Box 153, Bellev.lle, Mich Kuebler, David 4368 Dexter Road, Ann Arbor, Mich Kroft, Eunice 807 West Hillsdale, Lansing, Mich Langdon, Donna Larabee, Evelyn 1948 Lee, Rex Lektzian, George Lerche, Jane 121 Levi, Dick Lewison, Jerrydene Lindquist, Hazel Lindquist, Lawrence Lindquist, Marian Luchenbill, Robert Lucas, Carol Lucas, Nancy Luck, Faye Luck, Gail Lund, Sharon 528 Grover Street, Owosso, M Vanderlinde Street, Muskegon, M " -■ M M M M 1061 W. Scottwood, Flint, Route 6, Pontiac, 2 Genesee Street, Mt. Morris, 108 Wisner Street, Saginaw, 1505 S. Jackson, Streator, 7450 Speedway, Utica, M 7450 Speedway, Utica, M 7450 Speedway, Utica, M 11448 Jennings Road, Linden, M 2435 Glendale, Detroit 6, M 2435 Glendale, Detroit 6, M 3630 Maryland, Detroit 24, M 3630 Maryland, Detroit 24, M 805 North Street, Milan, M 120 East 16th Street, New Albany, Indiana 13710 Litchfield Road, Burt, Michigan Route 1, Hillsdale, Michigan 3236 Walnut, Inkster, Michigan 321 Mason Street, Flint, Michigan McClure, Dale McGaddye, James McKenzie, Keith McKenney, Warren Mackenzie, Beulah Manier, Charlene Marcoe, Pauline Marcoe, Philip Marietta, Duane May, Cecil Meese, Darroll Mitchell, Lorena Moog, Hubert Moser, Doris Morisette, Gallon Moore, Arlene Moser, Owen Mueller, Worth Murphy, Rosemary Myers, James Route 5, Saginaw, Mich Route 3, Cassopolis, Mich 1306 Walker, Flint, Mich 896 Milford Rd., Holly, Mich Box 211, Reading, Mich 29932 Liberty Street, Inkster, Mich 2703 Wyoming Street, Dearborn, Mich 2703 Wyoming Street, Dearborn, Mich 224 Johnson Street, Owosso, Mich 16300 Fish Lake Rd., Holly, Mich 1009 Bennet Street, Lansing, Mich 2347 First Ave., Terre Haute, Ind 602 S. Main St., Bryan, 700 S. Adeliade St., Fenton, Mich 4129 Wabash, Detroit 8, Mich 12070 Dexter Road, Chelsea, Mich 700 S. Adelaide St., Fenton, M ch 1355 E. Michigan Ave., Ypsilanti, Mich 6988 Ready St., Van Dyke, Mich 620 E. 5th St., Flint, Mich Nabors, Beverly 26584 Bretton Woods, Royal Oak, Mich Nabors, Ted 26584 Bretton Woods, Royal Oak, Mich Newman, Beverly 22722 Ridgeway, St. Clair Shores, Mich Noodel, Earl 4871 Halstead Road, Wallled Lake, Mich Nuttle, Pauline 363 East Bishop, Flint 5, Mich gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan nois gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan ana Ohio ■gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan gan Opicka, Darrell Oyerly, Jerry Page, Elisha Page, Eugene Parker, Bonnie Parker, Douglas Parker, Howard Parkhurst, David Patchin, Naomi Payne, Dorothy Payne, Patricia Petttt, Mary Phillips, Ted Poland, Kenle Potter, Henry Route 3, Archbold, Ohio 1211 Janes, Saginaw, Michigan 6134 Northfield, Detroit 10, Mich gan 6134 Northfield, Detroit 10, Michigan Route 1, Montpelier, Ohio Blossvale, New York Blossvale, New York Route 2, Spring Lake, Michigan Route 2, Box 91, Walled Lake, Michigan Route 2, Mason, Michigan Route 2, Mason, Michigan 3333 Miller Road, Flint, Michigan 1761 N. Mobile Ave., Chicago, Illinois Box 241, Mt. Vernon, Ohio 16406 Fish Lake Road, Holly, Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan , Florida Michi(gan Michigan nati, Ohio M ' chigan Michi ' gan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Redfield, Reed, G Retzloff, Rhodes, Rhodes, Rickett, Riebow, Riebow, Rpebow, Rollins, Roys, Gi Rusher Sarah Box 243-A Route 3, Grand Ledge, lenn Route 3, Holly, Richard 933 Porter St., Lansing, Beverly 737 Academy Road, Holly, Dale 737 Academy Road, Holly, Harvey 1302 Center Ave., Bay City, Edna Box 12, Stanwood, Elsie Box 12, Stanwood, Georgia Box 12, Stanwood, Lowell 9960 Mettetal, Detroit 27, I 533 Spartan Ave., East Lansing, Jack Route 2, St. Charles, Schemenauer, Mary Schoonover, Nancy Schmid, Erika Schuster, Kathleen Shaffer, Bob Sharrock, Jim Shepard, Delbert Shepard, Wwight Sherwood, Guinevere Shumaker, Chester Skinner, Gwendolyn Smith, Connie 1516 Gull Road, Kalamazoo, 631 W. Belle Ave., St. Charles, 8423 Kendall Road, Richmond, 119 Bowen Ave., Battle Creek, Ottawa Lake, 2046 McKinley, Ypsilanti, 406 South Saginaw, Owosso, 406 South Saginaw, Owosso, 10149 Fenton Road, Fenton, 909 Rambow Drive, Monroe, 20427 Cherrylawn, Detroit, 302 Park Ave., Jackson, Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan M chigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan 1229 Victoria Ave. Windsor, Ontario Route 3 Hillsdale, Route 1, Carleton, Route 1, Carleton, , Box 464, Battle Creek, 307 Fulton. Holly, Richfield Road, Flint, Smith, John Snyder, Marilyn, Steck, Floyd Steck, Ruth Stevenson, Eleanor Route c Stevenson, Joan Stiles, Joan 4031 Tarzwell. Edythe 14813 University, Allen Park, Taylor, Margorie 2580 Holmes Road, Ypsilanti, Thomas, Neida 305 Warren Ave., Charlotte, Thomas. Nellie 1701 West Grand Boulvard. Detroit 8, Thomas. Roberta 1701 W. Grand Boulvard, Detroit 8 Box 149, Leslie, 16105 Chatham. Detroit, Box 910, Scranton, Pe 6388 Hartford, Detroit 3541 Kawkawlin, Route 3, Bay City Ferrysburg, Spring Lake, Thompson, Joan Thornton, Duane Tompkins, David Townsend, K ren Treiber, June Tucker, Betty Twom ley, Twomley, Elaine James 505 Front Street, Holly Route 1, Fish Lake Road, Holly M ichigan M ' cViigan Michigan Michigan Michigan M ichigan M ichigan M Ichigan M ichigan M ichigan Michigan Michigan Michigan nnsylvania M ichigan Michigan Michigan M ichigan Michigan Vanderberg, Eunice Route 30, Cassopolis, Michigan Vandeusen, Jane Vandeusen, Lucille Vickers, Kathleen Washington, William Watkins, Barbara Wery, Bob Wery, Roberta West, Darlene Westfall, Phillip White, Hubert Wickland, Esther Wickstrom, Dorothy Widing, Henry W ' ding, Patrick Williams, Eddie Winslow, Doris 607 Wohlers, Vesta Woodard, Ida Wrate, Joanne 99 Wright, Wilfred Wylie, Ronald Route 1, Standish, Michigan Route 1. Standish, Michigan 1406 Fielding, Ferndale 20, Michigan Box 191 -D, Baldwin, Mich ' gan 1820 Kilburn, Ovwosso, Michigan Holly, Michigan Holly, Michigan 939 Lexington, Flint, Michigan 809 Homew Id, Jackson, Michigan 6493 Benoit Road, Algonac, Michigan 2132 Fisher, Detroit, Michigan 778 East Ruth Ave., Flint, Michigan 3431 S. Fenton Rd., Holly, Michigan 3431 S. Fenton Rd., Holly, Michigan 5424 McKinley, Detroit 8, Michigan Lake Pleasant Road, Attica, Michigan 907 Academy Road, Holly. Michigan 310 St. Joe Street. Elkhart, Indiana Shellenberger, Battle Creek, Michigan 1512 Campbell, Royal Oak, Michigan 207 Burns Street, Essexvllle, Michigan if f . " fniir ' ■ ' - ' « ' ' ' j .«W.tA»i % . ' •ky : ' " i . ' v .i i ;i-t .-;w : ' iw ' :.l:! ' ' !: . . :- - mf ' i.: i ' n x.:. isj:3 i..

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Adelphian Academy - Bell Echoes Yearbook (Holly, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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Adelphian Academy - Bell Echoes Yearbook (Holly, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 28

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