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??■;■ i ituik km ? % LE .JJoroiU. jco-V 7 B i 0 f95f PRESENTS . . . . Lighting the way to a fuller Tealization of the three phases of college life. . . . Academic Sc At HI -i s ' ss ' y Margaret Alice Cacioppo Gerard V. Carey Russell J. WyganJ Susan Huck Nancy D. McDonnell William teeny Masako Tsuzuki incent ]. Solmo Mimi Busona Peter J. Squicciarini Mrs. Helen D. Clement Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Photography Editor Layout Editor Literary Editor Art Editor Associate in Art Copy Editor Sophomore Associate Special Feature Faculty Adviser Zk mo ORACLE Dr. Hej-en E. Murphy The Staff Dedicates THIS BOOK... To Dr. Helen E. MurpKy, for being friend as well as leaclier to tlie many students who kave passed througli tlie halls of tlie Science Building in her eight years here as Professor of Biology. No ivory-towered scientist, the much- travelled Dr. Murphy endeavors to instill in her students the ability to act and think con- structively by application of the scientific method. She teaches them to live in and understand the world as it is today .... in which science plays such a vital part. Photography Entih siast Embryolocist GRADUATE DIVISION Dean Alexander F. Handel. School of Social Work Adelphi s Graduate School provides a professional training program for clinical psycKoIogy, education, psychiatric nursing, and social work. Plans have teen projected for the academic year 50-51 for training of Residents in Child Psychology in the college-operated psychiatric treat- ment center for children. A two-year graduate program leading to the Master of Science degree has been established. The curriculum is designed to provide the general basic knowledge and philosophy needed for practicing in any type of professional setting. During the second year the student has the opportunity to concentrate on his held of major interest, including special- ized Held work experience. The curriculum was developed in consultation with the American Association of Psychiatric Social Workers and American Association of School and Social Work. The student generation represented in tKe 1950 Oracle has experienced the greatest expan- sion in the history of Adelphi College. The decision to return to co-education as the permanent pj ttern ol Adelphi was the most significant decision made by Students, Faculty and 1 rustees of the College in many years. . This period of rapid expansion and major adjustment bears testimony to the resourcetulness of the Administration, the cooperativeness of the Faculty and the flexibility ol the students. After four years the important issues have been settled, the Faculty strengthened and the extra cur- ricular activities coordinated. t a T The establishment of the Division of Graduate Studies, including the School ol Social Work, the Ph.D. Program in Psychology, the Advanced Training of Psychiatric Nurses and the Hve- Year Program for Teachers constitutes another significant development in the College. We wish to express our personal apprecia tion and official gratitude to the Class of U5U and all the undergraduates who have participated in the growth and development of Adelphi during the past four years. r, i i- cjj President raul Uawson Lady Dean Botting Mr. jNIoore Dean Harley The Admmistration Any college administration kas problems to solve far beyond tbose imagined by even an informed student. Therefore, academic con- siderations can often be tbe least of their worries, when engaged in legal fencing with an outraged citizenry, or when, off-hand, the budget loolvs as though it might not balance. At such times the ill-considered actions of boisterous youth and the verbal snipings of our local champions of justice must be regarded with a certain tooth- gritting restraint. Maddening as this is to the student body, it must be said that few students attempt to view problems from the point of view of those long-suffering mortals ho occupy the first floor of the A Building. Dean Kleinspehn Mrs. Shay THE SIXTH CUT In Appreciation ... RUTH S. HARLEY Always Friendly Dean of Women Rutli S. Harley has just completed her twenty- fiftk year as a member of the AdelpKi Administration. Her career began when, a year after her graduation from Adelphi, she returned as secretary to Dean Anna Harvey. After many more years, most of these in the Registrar ' s office, Miss Harley was appointed Dean in 1942. Since then, her many personal friends among the students attest to her charm, and the sincere interest she brings to her job is responsible for her exceptional personnel work. Adelphi can be proud of Dean Harley ' s loyal and unstinting service. mt g i« tf-S««S3 •■ " Tfe . i m -: ' 1 f- . -xiiCf H Building and Little Theatre The Administration Building President ' s Home Winter The Dormitories The Recreation Building Up and Down Kk Sign Believers Spring Study Session Confab 1 I HMl w Tkere is a great difference in feeling toward our academic life wKen we look back and begin to see that tbere is a tangible result being formed out of wbat seemed to be a bodge-podge of term papers, lab science courses, concerts, trips to tbe museums of art and those seemingly unending sociology readings. Yes, we can begin to see that those hours spent tracing a drop of blood, searching for source material, hstening for theme and variation, attempting to fathom the bio-social approach to man ' s problems or deliberating on what are the values and functions of certain works of art have been worthwhile. Al- though we may not appreciate or enjoy all these, we can also begin to see that there are some who possess that same disinterest or patient toleration of our own chosen held; and we, in turn, become more tolerant. Even if this be the only result of our short look back, we have come a long way since that first theme we wrote on what we thought was wrong with the present-day system of higher education. Having acquired this understanding of the interest and disinterest of others, we now have some understanding of the prime aim of a liberal education— to make us appreciate and be tolerant of native and foreign cultures. A rain of books and not a rain of bombs is the surest way to complete freedom. DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN Dr. Helen E. Muijjhy, Biology Her world wide travel, deep understanding of human nature and easy good humor make her well capable of revealing the world of science to students. Dr. Murphy makes Biology an adven- ture rather than a task. Her advanced students can testify readily of her willingness to give freely of her time to the discussion of any troubles which they may h ave. Dr. Murphy Dr. Baravelle Mrs. Shay Dr. Herman on Baravalle, Mathe- matics His dynamic personality shat- ters the mysteries connected with the world of science. Not willing to confine himself. Dr. Baravalle is always willing to correlate the world ' s of art and science. Mrs. Margaret T. Shay, Nursing Her reorganization of Adelphi ' s School of Nursing has brought it closer to the realization of a long-sought goal— that of producing a truly well-educated Regis- tered Nurse. Dr. Ellis Dr. Goldsmith Dr. Lillian N. Ellis, Chemistry A quiet reserve, brilliant mind and natural humor give Dr. Ellis all the requirements for making chemistry comprehensible to her students. She is fully capable of her responsibilities as department chairman. Dr. Norris W. Goldsmith, Physics Professor Goldsmith ' s twinkling eyes be- tray his ability for spontaneous good humor and the enlivenment of the New- tonian theory and physical law. In Dr. Goldsmith vitality and professional so- briety go hand in hand. 17 SCHOOL OF NURSING Tlie Adelplii College School of Nursing is designed to develop in each young woman the traits necessary to render (he best possible nursing service to society. She learns to cope calmly with emergencies, and to adapt herself to any situation that may arise. A true concern for and understanding of eacli of her patients is a c|uality that Adelphi nurses have developed. The affiliation of the School of Nursing with different hospitals in the surrounding communities provides the student with diversified points of view giving her well- rounded experience and knowledge. The program in nursing covers four years and leads to a Bachelor of Science degree and a diploma in nursing. In the Classroom 18 19 Mr. Urban i waliSskLjii _is .-...-tiiiU-- -■-= j ' iS - - -.-jfc ■I ' L iie 20 SCIENCE CLUBS Chemistry dub Members: R. Fry, B. Spando, A. Marko. E. Mitchell. W. Bell. M. Rosenberg. P. Sagato. R. Berman. R, Rufalo. J. Sclilehal. H. Sabin. J. Letline. R. Cohen. B. McDemiott, B. Pasolti. A. Von Sampson, R. Herman. C. Gomez, A, Bech. R. Klepperberg. Biology Club Memhers: E. Alexander. E. Austin. R. Berman, M. Cacioppo, E. DiAnno, H. Facey. H. Fonrose. D. Field, T. Galyon, J. Krakow. L. Lindroos. N. McDonnell. C. Morgan. E. Meunch, M. Pancierov, A. Ruser, P. Squicciarini. M. Sorcher. B. Spandau, R. Thompson, M. Tsuzuki, D. Walz, VV. Seaman. V. Solmo. Math Club Members: G. Bauer. W. Bauer. N. Canosa. K. Engler. L. Ernenwein, G. Gerner, D. Janscn. A, Koss, S. KiPchner, VV. Marshall, J. McDougall. H. Quartin, H. Ross. J. Shorin. M. Stein. L. W ' atkins. A. Veider7 G. Weigand. R. Winthrop. 21 Pre Med Club 22 Chem Lab }fi Bone Man, Alterman Members; W. Bell. C. Benson, R. Herman, J. Bernstein, E. Bindler, F. Booth, M. Brod. R. Cohen, R. Collins, E. Dianna. A. Douglas. H. Facey, R. Frey. M. Friderichs, C. Goddard, R. Herman, F, Harrigan, R. Johnson, J. Kuptis, J. Lettine, E. Light, G. Lloyd, R. Lloyd. M. Mahon, D. Morarchi. S. Margolin, B. McDermott. J. McGuire, L. Mehmel, M. Metcalf. E. Mitchell. D. Paddi. H. Rowan. R. Rutulo. H. Sabin. D. Scheu. G. Schiff. J. Schlegel. P. Segatta. J. Shuthind. B. J panda u. D. Winter, L. Zuckcmian. Affiliate 25 EXPEDITION TO THE BA Storr Brenowitz Applegit Ca 24 HoPETOvvN, Elbow Cay, B. I. A1VIAS Off the East coast of Florida, a couple of air miles out to sea from Fort Lauderdale, lie tke beautiful isles of enchantment, the Bahamas. The history of these islands is comparatively short; nevertheless, it is paclted with romance and adventure. During the eighteenth and nineteenth century the Bahamas gave refuge to the pirates preying on the ocean trade of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. When one learns that there are over two thousand islands in this group, it may be seen how easy it was for the pirates to escape or at least to postpone British justice. It is known that the pirate Blackbeard used these islands as a stronghold for a long time. Still, for many years, the people of the out islands practiced piracy, on land at least, if not on the high seas. " Wreckers " these people were called and they were that -no more, no less. It was their practice to hoist a light high on a reef, luring travel-weary ships to them at night. The captains, thinking that these lights marked off harbor entrances, sailed their ships to their doom on the reefs. Im- mediately these people would board the foundering ships and methodically murder the crew and passengers. After looting the ships they would sell their prizes on the open market. To demonstrate the brutal audacity of these people, consider this: When the British government put up per- manent lights to counteract the destruction of the " wreckers, " these people petitioned the government to desist, pleading that it was destroying their livelihood. Such practices are now a long time dead. 23 Around 1812 the islands were experiencing a migration ol British loyalists from the United States. These people relied upon agriculture as their prime means of livelihood. Many of their first supplies were brought to them by the famed Captain Bligh, lately of the good ship Bounty. On the island of New Providence, Nassau spreads itself to the sun and the sea. Fabulous, beautiful Nassau is the white heartbeat of the islands. Nassau ' s Bay Street ranks with any street of the world, with a swashbuckling history. It is here on this street, that the milk cotton tree stands which served as the gallows-tree where pirates swung to the tinkle of their chains in the light tropical breeze from the sea. The population is about seventy-thousand strong, only a few thousand of whom are whites. These people are generally co-opera- tive with visitors; however, they are like most people in an isolated community, curious and suspicious. Strange as it seems, fishing is not their chief means of livelihood. Like their ancestors, they are predominantly farmers. Formerly sponge fishing was the main indus- try, but since a disease destroyed much of the sponge grounds this industry has been replaced by farming. Large juicy tomatoes and tender-sweet pineapples are a couple of their successful crops. It is to this place of scenic beauty and swashbuckling past that the group journeyed. It was the village of Hopetown on Elbow Cay, one hundred twenty miles north of Nassau, which served as the base of operations for the group. This expedition was the very first of its kind to operate in the name of Adelphi College. Under the direction of John F. Storr, it included Harry Brenowitz and Miss Ruth Apple- git, faculty members of the Biology department; Catharine Schneider and Todd Galyon, Biology majors, and Mrs. John F. Storr and her young son, Gordon. Hopetown was chosen because of its long coral reef, which is a favorite place for sea life to congregate. The coral reefs themselves are an underwater treat to the eyes. This reef extends north in a - Kfr aPMr . ,,- broken line for two miles. On tne sea side tKe deptK of the water ranged between 50 and 60 leet, wbile on tlie inshore side the depth was from only 15 and 25 feet. However the danger to boats of any size lies in the shoaling trend of the reef. In some cases the coral heads projected upward from the sea Hoor to within three feet of the surface. The expedition found that the coral on the sea side was more abun- dant with sea life. The diving was done in a Navy-type shallow water diving helmet with air supplied from the surface. Among the brilliantly colored coral formations are the tropical fish of all types which draw sports fishermen from all over the western hemisphere into these beautiful lagoons. One sees the tiny angel fish of 2 to 3 inches in length and then one looks with amazement upon the sixty to seventy pound dog snappers. Crawfish or rock lobsters abound and their tails make delicious eating. Some of the less welcome companions to the divers were the deep water sea urchins with poisonous spines. Most of the under- sea excursions were for the taking of underwater moving pictures. The method used in taking the pictures was quite primitive and time wasting, but the primitive locality prevented the utilization of a better. The light meter was sent down in a preserve jar and the light and distance setting called to the surface over an intercom system. The camera was set at the surface, placed in a heaNy metal box with viindows, sealed with an iron plate cover containing twenty-five bolts which had to be tightened individually. During the time that the group was at Hopetown only one barracuda was encountered. The head was on display in the exhibit set up by Todd Galyon for the Science Conference. Many specimens taken in the Bahamas were on exhibition in the S building during the spring semester of 1 949. This exhibit has since been dismantled and removed to Tacapausha, Nassau County s museum, where it has been reconstructed. t-is. flj Arthur N. Abrahamsen This Physics major ' s love for boats is well evidenced by his active interest in the Yacht club. Running a small sloop to Block Island during the summer with some Adelphi pals will be one of the adventurous memories Abe leaves at alma mater. Charles W. Anderson A member of the Baseball team for its three formative years and captain of the learn in his Junior year, Charlie has been active in the Physical Education department throughout his four years at Adelphi. He is not dependent on muscle alone; his keen mind adds to the salon of the intel- ligentsia that is the Snack Bar. Joy Anderton As a transfer from Cortland State T.C.. Joy ' s personality left its marks on the " R bicilding crowd. On campus she was active in the l hysical Education Club. Eileen Aro Her soothing hand and smiling face will go hand in hand with her B.S. in Nursing to- ward comforting her patients. Her Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sisters can testify to her understand- ing of people. This gal will go far in her chosen profession. Elaine Austin With leadership showing all the way, this biology major held a class office for three years, was chairman of May Day ' 48 and chairman of All College Ball for two years. Sports such as hockey and softball as well as the Yacht club round- ed out her college life. Need we say more! Erancis T. Barley Understanding and sincere, he is one very good man to talk to about things mathematical. A transfer student from Syracuse University where he was a track man, Frank also left his mark on Adelphi. ' William C. Bauer Marriage has not kept Bill ' s mind from working in mathematical progression, as is witnessed by his many activities which include Newman Club, Radio Work Shop, guidon and the Math Club. He will always be remembered for his " witty " remarks and comments in German class and the Snack Bar. William E. Bell Serious and reserved. Bill left his lab long enough to be a devoted member of the Newman Club and an enthusiastic member of the American Chemical Society and Chemistry Club. 28 Roherl L. Berger A pre-med student with lots of ability. Bob has been a valuable member during the Pre-med society ' s first year on campus. His Alpha Tau Rho fraternity brothers will testify to his warm and pleasing personality. ]udith Grace Brod Her pleasing smile and light- hearted laugh aKvays distinguished this half of the brother-sister Brod " duo. " A transfer student from the Mills school, Judy will transmit her enthusiasm for Biology by teaching in secondary school. Neil ]ames Canosa A retiring and unassuming feIlo v, his outer manner conceals one of the best minds that our Mathematics department has pro- duced. Sincere in both manner and purpose, the study of higher theoretical mathematics intrigues this senior. Priscilla Cohne Her quiet and understanding manner endears Pris to her co-workers. Public Health Nursing will claim her upon graduation, where we are sure she will be most successful. Wdliam Cuff Bill was a member of the Newman Club and its Vice President (1948-49). He was also active on guidon and oracle. His energetic efficiency in committee worli such as the Campus Chest com- mittee, which was a tremendous financial success, will be sorely missed. Jean Danielson One of those Adelphi nurses on the Judiciary Board at Meadowbrook Hospital she will certainly be a grand success in her chosen field-— Pediatrics. She was one of the Musketeers and swimming fills in those few spare hours. Anthony Dantuono A devotee of Pythagoras, Tony will divulge answers to mathematics problems at the drop of the hat. His quiet charm and win- ning smile endeared him to all interested Adelphi Coeds. Stanley Dzwonhowski We strongly suspect this gentleman with the twinkle in his eye of putting the overalls in Dr. Murphy ' s chowder! His infectious good humor lent life to many a Pre-med club meet- ing. 29 Kalherine Engler Althougli an ardent member of tlie MalK Club. Katby bas not confined ber inter- ests to Eucbd and Pytbagoras. Her varied activities include Sigma Deba Pi. Glee Club. Spanisb Club and Pbi Delta sorority. Richard D. Field Moving swiftly and efficientb ' in Adelpbi ' s political circles. Dick contributed mucb to S.A. as Vice President and member of tbe Plan- ning and Student Relations Committees. A Pbi Lambda Rbo. bis otber interests are tbe Bio and Yacbt Clubs. Gloria Frantellizzi Her brigbt clear smile will certainly make a cloudy day sunny. Just as will her sootbing band cool a fevered brow. If tbere is a sudden rusb on tbis gal ' s ward, you ' ll know wby. Yup some gal! Charles Galyon Todd is tbe " unofficial closer of tbe Science Building. " Tbis spark of tbe Bio department was a member of tbe Babamian Biolog- ical Expedition. Todd also spends many spare bours painting. Kappa Pi Alpba discussions were enliv- ened by bis oratorical talents. Gloria Geshwind Wbere tbey speak of perpetual good nature, you know tbey are speaking of Glo. After four years as a Biology major, sbe is termi- nating ber college career witb marriage. Tbis Pbi Sigma Sigma vice-arcbon is in for perpetual bap- piness. Margaret Helen Gillespie Maggie is a familiar figure in tbe Biology Department and an energetic member of Delta Zeta sorority. Not satisfied witb tbese activities alone, sbe was a capable delegate to and treasurer of Panbellenic Association and member of Canterbury Club. Coimie Goddard Wbo would tbink tbat visions of atoms and formulae dance in tbis pretty brunette s head? Honored by membership in Delta Tau Alpba. sbe also was a stalwart addition to Die Bodenrtmde and tbe Cbem Club. Connie hopes for a career in teaching. Nancy Grean My word, another Chemistry genius! Always professional and reserved in atti- tude, Nancy haunted the " S " building while at school where sbe was a member of A.C.S. and Cbem Club. She also displayed an active interest in Agora. 30 Herbert B. Green Long, Iiard liours in lab never daunted this reserved Bio major. An unfailing sense of humor will keep Herbies denial patients happy during extractions. Philip Haas This genial Math major has directed his energies in various directions. He was a member of Alpha Kappa fraternity, Editor of Hillel light and on the Campus Chest Committee. Men ' s Stu- dent Government, guidon and wrestling team man- agement also knew him. Pat Hadfield A first grade nurse and proud of it. this pert chick during her Freshman year was song leader of her class and a good one at that. During the -49 and ' 50 season, she was a member of Adelphi s famous band. Helen Hagaa Soothing ways with which to calm nervous airline passengers will enable Helen to practice her profession as well as travel as an airline hostess. Flying should be a pleasant pastime when all this happens. Daniel T. Hayes A great fellow with plenty of sociable ideas. Dan is a whiz with the slide rule and protractor. All this and muscle too! Active on the swimming and track teams, he also participated in the Math Club and Omicron Pi fraternity. Arlene Herbert The sting will be taken out of plane geometry when this pert Iota Alpha Pi girl teaches and she will be a worthy addition to the profession. She left a warm feeling with Die Boden- runde and Math Club. too. R Huqht osemary nughes Calm efficiency at all times made her a valuable cog in the workings of Queens General Hospital. Never following a narrow path though, Rosemary finds time to knit and keep her man happy. Geraldine Isola Graduate work at the Univer- sity of Pennsylvania claims this charmer of the Nurs- ing school after graduation. Gerry ' s al3ilit ' will be appreciated in any branch of her chosen profession. 51 A Jane Johnson The success this Tri Delt has achieved on campus is phenomenal. Proof positive, she was Senior Class President, S. A. treasurer, past treasurer of the Newman club, W.A.A. participant and as a final honor, a Lantern member. Alma Kaye Her B.S. in Nursing will lead to a career in the U. S. Army says this pert lass. Alma ' s admini strative abilities were well displayed as vice- president of Student Association at Meadowbrook. social chairman of various groups and active inter- ests in Glee Club and Choir. Gordon M. Keeler Tall, dark and handsome best describes Gordon, an active participant in Adelphi s aquacades. Coming to our alma mater from Middle- bury College, his ability to wrestle and pin quadratic equations earned him an enviable reputation in the Math Department. Sylvia Krasner Active in " Baravallian " circles as secretary and treasurer of the Math Club, Sylvia never allowed specialization to limit her scope in life as is proved by her membership in Hillel, Die Boden- runde and guidon staff. Joan Lawrence A math whiz from deep in Vir- ginia, the winning smile of this cute Southern belle won many friends for her in the Dorms as well as in Women ' s A. A. and the Math Club. Eloise Lippilt Her profession skill transcends mere efficiency. Eloise is a real live nurse with realis- tic outlook and is guaranteed a successful career because of her understanding personality. Estelle Maser Affectionately known as Betsy to the laboratory crowd in the Bio department, her dark eyes and pleasant expression always made her a very nice person to work with in school. She was an active cog in the mechanism that is the Bio club. Florence Mauro A Baravalle fan, Flo has been active in the Math Club and a mainstay oi Kappa Alpha Theta sorority while her acting in the Junior Class skit merits an Adelphi Oscar. Painting and music fill in this future teacher ' s spare hours. 32 Calvin May A real interest in people and science gives Cal a strong basis for studies in Biology. His activities with the microscope, however, did not prevent his active participation in the Glee Club and he was really a crooning specimen. Charles Meiselbach The field of nuclear physics had better be on the alert to pick up this bright Physics major from Adelphi. His personality will indeed be no hindrance to his success. Omicron Pi fraternity vas his social outlet. Arthur C. McDonell Art s cars keep him busy. Bridge plays no mean part in his life. A commotion Adelphi is sure to miss! With math as his major (says Art), he is sure to have a multiplying success in all he attempts. John Donald McDugall Quadratic equations and parallellograms are meat to this math major. This does not prevent him from being one of the top men in softball circles though. McDugall at the bat is something terrific!! illiarti McNamara Although not a member of the famous Band, Bill most certainly was one of those of the famous Adelphi bands of football and track stars— a Phys. Ed. major too!! Cymbals clang and the drums go bang, as we wish him success in the future. Louise Mehnwl An energetic and capable presi- dent of Sigma Kappa, Lou has not confined her activities to any one field. She was president of Die Bodenrunde, is a student affiliate in the A,C.S. and participating member of the Chemistry Club. Robert Meyer Besides his four years of hard vork in the Physics Department, Bob has acquired an ex- cellent reputation for school spirit and good sports- manship. Wrestling, Intramural Swimming and playing cards with his Omicron Pi frat brothers are the ways in which he liked to spend those oh, too few spare hours. James F. Millosky Jimmy, the Omicron Pi bro- ther, has the good spirits and humor which have been a constant source of amusement to all those vho know him. With that blond hair, one-less wisdom tooth, and basketball prowess which earned him a great one-minute reputation— we are depending upon Jimmy to become a " we knew him when. " 33 Betty Ann Mitchell Many a cliem student owes his skin to Betty for Her excellent tutoring ability. An active and ever present member of the Cheni Club, she also participated in the A. C. S. and worl ed on the business end of the yearbook. Howard John Monsees A tireless biologist with research as his ultimate goal, Howie ' s leadership ability is well demonstrated by being President of Alpha Phi Beta fraternity and he boasts membership in the Newman Club. Bernard Munn Sharp and piercing perception is shown by this personable Math major. Always sin- cere in manner, his fondness for " coffee sessions in the Snack Bar made Bernie a fixture in the A. Marie Pancirov Kappa Alpha Theta can well be proud of " Todd ' s right hand. " Marie, a member of the Biology Club, can be seen almost any time in the Science building carefully recording the results of a chemical experiment or counting hamsters. Gerald Perlin Laugh and the world laughs with you— laughing and you know Jerry is there, a shining light in the Humor department. The honor of " Coach of the Year " goes to him— he surfaced the submarine standard of Webfj Institute— with Coach Jerry, their basketball team steamed to victory; as did Adelphi with his spirited support. Barbara Powell Brooklyn runs a close second to Biology as this gal s chief loves in life. A clear and deep thinking girl, Bobbie s charm always lends a bright touch to sessions in the Snack Bar, ]oan K. Quigley Mathematics and marriage have kept this vinsome and vitty Sigma Kappa gal busy during her college career. Her daughter " Suzy Q ' has a decided advantage with this keen-minded scientist for her guidance. Alda Raubas Glee Club, formation swimming at Adelphi and Student Government at Meado v- brook Hospital kept this attractive and efficient nurse busy while earning her B.S. The nursing profession will appreciate this valuable addition to its ranks. 34 Joan Reinhold Kappa Kappa Gamma sisters shared Joanie s high spirits and unexcelled sports- manship in their activities. As vice-president of Women ' s A. A. and manager of several of the sports teams, she promises to be a triple threat to the teach- ing profession. Ruth Bownewell Rolquin A transfer student, it did not take Ruth very long to find her place at Adelphi. One of the " R " building crowd, this Physi- cal Education major should be as great a success everywhere just as she was here. Sybil Ross Quick-witted and friendly Sybil was a terror " in physio lab. Her infectious laughter makes her a pleasant person to work with. Sybil was a member of Hillel and the Biology Club. Danc- ing is one of Billie s favorite pastimes. Ralph Richard Rufolo Happily engaged in ex- plosive pursuits in Chemical research, Ralph was active in the American Chemical Society and Chem- istry Club. He occasionally downed a steinfull with his buddies of Die Bodenrunde when it didn ' t inter- fere with the track team. Augustus Ruser lU Gus " Stretch " Ruser is wel- comed by all at the Dining Hall at lunchtime for his quick dry wit. As treasurer of the Bio Club and E. C. S. C. committees, Gus prepared for a career in government research. Doris, his wife, and little Linda are his greatest fans. Howard Sabin " Mighty Mouse " has demonstra- ted his ability by serving on student government for two years and as treasurer of Omicron Pi fraternity. Howie captained the wrestling squad for two years and was also selected for " Who ' s Who in American Colleges. Nihhi Scarpone This warm-hearted nurse will find her depths of understanding used to full ability in a career of Public Health Service. Intramural sports on campus kept her in tip-top condition for the demanding profession of her choice. Ada Ruth Schiffer Nursing has always been a great love and ambition for this pleasing personality. Ada will achieve her aim this June with her B.S. in Nursing. While at Meadowbrook Hospital she was a member of Student Government. 35 Barbara Jane Schirin Sophomore Daisy Chain honors went to this pretty nurse while on campus, as well as membership in Phi Mu, Basketball Club and formation swimming team. At Nassau Hospital she participated in Student Government. Cynlhia Schwimmer As if it weren t enough being News Editor of GUIDON, Feature Editor of Hillel ' s LIGHT, and a member of Die Bodenrunde, Cynthia also belongs to the Bio, Psych and Chem clubs and served as delegate to the E. C. S. C. Phi Sigma Sigmas may proudly call this Bio major sister. Joseph C. Spollen Joe is the well-known wheel about campus that everyone has heard about. Active in many sports he is best remembered for membership on Varsity Basketball team, as President of Men s A. A. and member of Student Association. Mnnay Stambler Beware of his sharp and cjuick wit. it might catch you unawares as many of his Bio cohorts can tell you. An active member of the Bio Club, his presence also enriched the Spanish Club. lilizabeth Supernaiv This Jersey gal is left un- troubled by the campus whirl which she missed by b eing on duty in lab. hospital and ward. Liz was active in student government at Nassau Hospital, displaying her broader tastes. Anthony Sutura Depending on headwork rather than fortune, Tony spent his four years at Adelphi as an industrious Bio major. The Varsity Track Team kept him in condition to avoid microscope stoop. His smile was always in good condition. Andrew G. Theodore Football and wrestling played an important part in this science major s career at Alma Mater. Never narrowing his ideals, though, Andy rounded out his training as President of Alpha Phi Beta and Classics Club. Ronahl Halsey Thompson Student assistant in Anatomy and Physio lab, ardent Zoologist and a fondness for happy Finns characterize this purist in the school of science. As a member of the execu- tive committee of E. C. S. C. and Yacht Club, Thommy proves his ability as friend and leader. 56 o in L. Titus Wrestling with the fourth dimen- sion is easy as pie for John. He feaves Adelpiii ana the good fellowsliip of his Phi Lanibaa Rho frater- nity brothers and Yaclit Club for work in higher mathematics. Beatrice Toner Adelphi will miss this bouncing ly active Delta Gamma gal. Chosen for Who s Who and Lantern, this Physical Ed major is the President of Women s A. A.. Secretary of Student s Associ- ation and has participated on All College Xight and Student Relations Committees. Kenneth Yandewater Can two live as cheapK as one? As a math major Ken found this question easy to solve and promptly married an Adelphi grad to prove it! He plans on more serious work in mathematics upon graduation. John Yerdi One of the better known lights of the ' arsity Football Squad describes this good- looking senior. John received the Most Valuab le Player award in Football for the 1Q4Q season. He also rates as one of Adelphi s leading square dancers. LeRoy Tanfield Yatliins Lee will be remem- bered by his classmates as President of the Senior class. He served on the Executive Board in Student Government and was President of Pi Sigma fra- ternity. Three years successful participation on the wrestling team led to an assistant coaching position. A member of the Math Club. Lee looks to the future when he hopes to be an actuary. Ahce Wick Another real live nurse who put her heart into her work. Alice drew the line at dissecting cats but when it comes to music she is on the Fleet- wood team! George R. Wiegand George had the opportunity to study in Switzerland during his Junior ear. He was a representative to Honor board. Interfraternity council and a Charter member of Pi Sigma fraternity. Cieorge and his accordion provide lively entertain- ment at fraternity social functions. He vas also an originator of the no v traditional lnter-Fraternit Ball. Frances W ' olke There isn t a nurse vho vent through the trials and happy times of hospital train- ing who hasn t a warm word of praise for Fran. Her quiet good nature and understanding make her a great person to know. 57 Miye Yoshimori Miye was tlie very efficient chair- man of AH College Niglit in ' 49 and active member of the Student Library Committee. The Biology Club and the Howdy Hop committee also profited by this Tri Delt ' s ability. Success in her chosen field of Biology is a sure thing for Miye. Accuracy— THE Keystone OF Science 58 1 ' a LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE " Books are the legacies, that a great genius leaves to manhind, which are delivered down from gen- eration to generation, as presents to the posterity of those who are yet unborn. " . . . Addison DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN Dr. Ruth Richardson, Spanish Dr. Richardson has given unselfishly of her experience and intellect to her students. She has graced many of the campus functions with her quiet personality and her associates can vouch for her deep understanding of those who work for and with her. Dr. Richardson Mr. Langellier Mr. Groves M. Paul LangeUiei French With tru- ly Galhc tastes. M. Langellier personifies the typical French teacher. He is not only the teacher but the friend and coun- selor of the many students with whom he comes in contact. Mr. Owen Griffith Groves, English Mr. Groves can look up from his appar- ent philosophical detachment and give a contemplating smile. Undisturbed by the short-lived tastes of a few, he has formu- lated a well-integrated curriculum de- signed for the maximum of culture. Dr. Blankner Dr. Muller Dr. Frederika Blankner, Classics Anyone who has read any of Frederika Blanker s verse can well realize that here- in lie the expressions of one vho has lived and experienced joy and suffering. Dr. Siegfried H. Muller, German A touch of the old world is mixed with enough modernism to make his classes a pleasure to attend. Possessing the tradi- tional German wit. Dr. Muller finds no difficulty in putting people at ease. 41 Dr. Gillhoff Mr. Bodtke Miss Clarke Dr. Koster lP K.fl»3-y The Farr Corner 42 Mrs. Cowles Dr. Mann Miss Gagen Mr. Murray THE LIBRARY Miss Gallagher and her crew of tireless assistants handle a collection of over 30,000 volumes augmented by many other publi- cations. To the student, the Library means the jam at the desk between classes and at three o ' clock. It is the quarter paid for late reserves. It is the packed hours of frantic searching for materials and the few moments of quiet reading. The library serves to enrich the experience of the students of Adelphi whether they are studying to be scions of industry, Einsteins or errant knigfits of the fourth estate. Miss Nora Gallagher 45 HONORARIES Members: G. Siegel. K. Englcr. A. Fernandes, T. Labate. M. Scrra. V. Ben- ncit. R. Sl iapiro, R. Lustbader. A. Perez, M. Lindbloom, F. Rosengarten, N. Occcna, M. Occcna. Sigma Delta Pi Die Bodenrunde Memiivrs: U. Ailanis, L. Aiul.rsoii. M. Baslress. 1 ' . Bales. K. Corn, F Calropa. G. Bauer, D. Evenden, C. Goddard. M. Gross. M. Gurke, M. Hayden. A. Herbert. C. H. Urtado. I. Lclir. J. LcHinc. R. Marill. L. Mehmcl. J. Melvin, C. Morgan. D. Paddi. M. Scharf. F. Schoen. A. Scbierhorst, M, Tsuzuki. E. Turnovska, A. Quinlan. J. Albrecbt. A. DiCesare. A. Feuer, B. Hart, N. Hollister, A. Klein, B. Mitcbell, G. Sebiff, N. Stern. J. Zeilen. 44 Members: H. Anianpour. B. Ackerman, L. Angelaskas, R. BermacK. J. Break- stone. A. Budner. J. Britt. P. Chinnery. V. Guercio. W. Henry. R. KirsK. M. LindLlom. R. Lustbader. J. MacLecr. G, Meunicr. I. Mora?co. J. Prode. S. Scwartz, V. Sepez. N. Susskind. E. Turndusky. G. Weil. R. Young. D. Zinn. G. Zueli. Boning for Living Issues Le Cercle Francais 43 LANGUAGE CLUBS Being a language major was once an unenviable position, but we ' ve noticed in this past year, a new height of interest with all literary majors. It ' s possibly due to the new incentive found in the lively language clubs. The Spanish Club has made wonderful advances since it has encouraged the participation of its foreign-born students in its popular meetings. Le Cercle Francais has lost none of its continental charm due to M. Langellier ' s renewed enthusiasm in overseas education plans. Freedom from the classroom atmosphere and an interesting program make Die Bodenrunde a highly desired extra-curricular activity. The tripping bilingual tongues and light hearts give the Italian Club a well flavored zest, while Dr. Blanker still beckons Plato and Cicero from their pedestals to enjoy an afternoon with the Classics Club. The lot of a language major is far from sorry as they strive toward a better under- standing of other lands and peoples. a assies Club Miss Dietz Members: D. McKiernan. R. Alexander, E. Ogueri. I. Lorcntzen. P. Hadfield. S. Cifarelli, F. Lopresti. R. Iscovitz. C. Olivcri. S. Vilender. V. Pisciolta. P. Pisciotta. J. Perrone, M. L Femina. S. D ' Angelo, N. Marcliese. P. Karish, A. Rotella. M. Gidge. J. Salvato. C. Rusinek. D. Hanneman, F. Von Emberg, M. Frana. J. Gregg. V. Lipnicki. 46 Members ; E. Alexander, L. Angelaskas, M. Art. J. Baumann, V. Bennett. A. Betancourt. N I. Bilak. I. Busom. L. Cenaii, B. Daunenbaum. K. Engler, A. Fernandez. R. Fox, R. Gomez, V. Guercio. I. Hailbioom. C. Hurtado, R. Kuster. T. Labale, M. Lampasona, G. Laine. E. Lau, F. Llende. R. Lustbader. M. Media- villa. E. Morgan. M. Occena. N. Occena. B. Pagano, J. Pares. A. Parez. V. Perkins. E. Riba. M. Ross. G. Rudd. B. Salymou, J. Santori, J. Saporta. G. Segal. V. Sepez, M. Serra. W. Soutblca. E. Stone. O. Toledo. E. Turnovska. M. Tyler, R. Vincent. M. Volante. G. Zuricb. Members: B. Mezz. S. CifareHi, M. LaFemina. P. Pisciotta. F. Lopresti, R. Alexander. V. Pacifico. A. Rotella. C. Engel. N. MarcKese. J. Salvato. S. D ' Angelo. D. Fusco, J. Perrone. T. Labate. M. Serra, C. Onvierie, V. Pisciotta. Spanish Cluh Italian Club 47 ]ef( AUpn If you see a checkered vest coming down tlie hall you II know that in it vill be Jeff. This witty Kappa Pi Alpha man will have no trouble in keej ing his chin up iji his chosen field of English as his fraternity brothers can well testify. aic p i Amanpour Iran s gift to Adelphi was pretty Haideh. She possesses a soft smile, sombre eyes and natural reserve which have won for her many close friends at Adelphi. Upon graduation she will divide her time between her husband and writing. The French Club will miss this staunch member. Lillian Angelahos This charming French major is bound to set [- " arisian eyes a-popping some day. A member of both the French and Spanish Clubs, Lillian s ambition is to be a teacher — and a right sweet one she II make too. Grace Louise Beer Always gay and bubbling. Grace raced her way through four active years at Adelphi as chairman of Fun Night 1049. I.V.C.F., and manager of W.A.A. teams. Her Sigma Kappa sisters will miss Grace ' s good humor. ' irginia Bennett Her red hair, her winning smile and her pensive personality made her an outstanding addition to Adelphi s campus from (he provinces. She easily found a place in our Spanish Department. Agnes Betancourt Good things come in small ) ackages and Aggie s no exception. This pint-sized Puerto Rican Miss is a member of the Spanish Club, International Students Club and avid fan of an ' Art ' Club. Adelaide Blumherg May Day 48 was a great success which was in part due to Adele s executive ability on that committee. This personable Senior was also President of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority as well as being a member of the Junior Radio Work- shop. Richard Boehm Dick s literary training extends from Adelphi to the Sorbonne. He likes Shakespeare and the New York Giants. No. No. girls, he s mar- ried. His wit and understanding make him a great guy to know. 48 Robert Brady TKose erudite drama columns in GUIDON were tlie result of Bob ' s prolific pen. He has also exercised his literary abilities on the Editorial Board of pylon, using the Classics Club for relax- ation. Bob will definitely be missed in the English Department. Warren Burclett Warren has high aspirations toward a journalism career and is well-prepared with a strong background as an English major. As secretary of lota Phi Alpha frat. his social life is full. He excels as a pianist in his spare time. Phyllis Chinnery The import-export business will be gaining a valuable newcomer in Phyllis with her proficiency in French and her leadership ability. She showed her friendly and understanding nature as President and Secretary of the Musketeers and Presi- dent of the Le Cercle Francais. Charles E. Conrad With a decided flair for the finer things. Charles expressed himself most aptly as a diligent member of the Dance and Drama groups. An English major with many stimulating ideas which he offered during his coffee-time patter in the Snack Bar. Genevieve A. Cooh Sparkling and winsome at the same time, commuting from New York never phased this young enterprising, English major. The Wrong Isfand Snail Road served as a reading room for her. Thick volumes light the way to graduate study for this Phi Delt Senior. Efinoi- Fendell There is certain success in store for this pretty Phi Sig. Scholastically she proved herself more than capable as evidenced by the fad that she is on the Dean ' s List with high honors. Elite ' s written for pylon, is on guidon staff and be- longs to Hillel. fe I ' ho Anthony Feniandes Here ' s one tellow wtio can really handle the Spanish language. Proof of the fact: he ' s a member of Sigma Defta Pi and President of the Spanish Club. Tony ' s constant good-humor and sincerity have made him a popular student. Ask any of his Eta Iota Omega brothers or fellow New- man Club members. DorofJiy G. Fischer " On with the dance " might well be Dottie ' s motto, for she loves it. Vice-Presi- dent of the Dance Group and active on W.A.A., she has combined these activities with writing for pylon, with an eye on a future in the field of Eng- lish writing. 49 Lee Friedman Confident and sociable, aided by an easy conversational aptitude. Lee ' s pleasant vvitly manner and interest in dramatic matters Have brouglit him association with the intellectual set. Here is a critical and creative mind and genuine personality. Blahely Gilmore With a sharp eye for truth and good taste, Tom will have to make good In journal- ism. His keen mind and wit have left their impression on a host of friends and co-workers. His Kappa Pi Alpha brothers will testify to his geniality and humor. Sylvia Greenfield This vivacious and charming lass that hails from Brooklyn hopes to " tread the boards " after graduation. Her B.A. in Dramatic Art from Alma Mater will certainly aid in making her the bright star she deserves to be. Vincent Guercio Gallic wit and charm have been developed to the " n th " degree in this enter- prising French major. Gold Mask and Glee Club served to cultivate his artistic tastes while Le Cercle Francais and Sigma Delta Pi membership give him a cosmopolitan air. Rita Hollander Combine thoughtfulness and re- serve with a profound interest in other people and the result in Rita. The library is her second home, as is the case with all English majors. With all of these traits she also has a sharp sense of humor. Warren C. Kask A strong man for Omicron Pi and Bebop. An unassuming gentleman with serious ambitions, Warren finds great satisfaction in the works of the English masters of literature. ]udy Katz The artist of Alpha Epsilon Phi and Adelphi. Judy was Art editor of the ' 49 oracle and chairman for All College Night and May Day. She will always be remembered for her sorority sketches at rush parties. Abe Kaufman Abe could always be counted on to brighten up those coffee table conversations in the Snack Bar with some " gem. " These gems he ac- quired as an English major. Abe hopes to become closelv associated with the liquor industry. 30 Lawrence A. Kelly A willing hand. Larry ' s term on Honor Board helped direct: the cause of the honor system at Adelphi. An ardent follower of the princi- ples of Newman, he was well known in the Xe Tnan Club and was a familiar figure at all of its functions. Wairen S. Kornberg A member of the Pro- visional Student Government this able English major ' s serious side is offset by a well developed sense of humor. Warren was a representative to National Students Association. An active member of Round Table this boy also gave of his energies to GUIDON vork. Elaine Krom Her vampishly short haircut and a beaming smile are all the identification you need to recognize Elaine Ivroni amidst Adelphians. She can be found playing bridge with her Alpha Epsilon Phi sisters in the " H " Lounge. TuUio Labaie A serious student of Spanish with a Bne American sense of humor, Tullio has found time to indulge in many activities. His endless study of the books he ' s sure to be carrsing have made him a member of Sigma Delta Pi. Memberships in the Spanish and Italian Clubs add to his list of social activities. hina M. Lefcou ' if: Ardent member of Hillel, Irma spent many happy hours planning for their social functions. An English major with a bent toward the Education side, this Iota Alpha Pi will lie a great addition to the teaching profession. . orma Levein The magician waved his stick and blonde, beautiful Norma stepped out of his magic box greeted by the appreciative whistle of .- delphi males. This pretty lass boasts Alpha Epsi- lon Phi as her sorority. Rhode Island her home. Mari yn Lewy Hailing from Michigan. Marilyns an English Literature major, but enjoys tennis and s imming as well as her reading. Can she blush a pretty pink in Living Issues? I 11 say. Ruth Lusibader Being engaged never seemed reason enough for Ruth to stop being active on cam- pus. Between trips to Washington, she ' s managed to serve as secretary of Hillel and Vice-President of Le Cercle Francais. She is also an active member of Alpha Epsilon Phi and Sigma Delta Pi. 31 Hugh McDougall, ]r. Hugh majored in Scotch, I mean Enghsh, at Adelphi. He intends to study for his master ' s degree at Columbia. Met his high- hind lass in his freshman year. Guess what hap- jjened? That ' s right they did a highland fling. Mary E. Burns McDougall Meet tlie Nhssus. Majored in Enghsh and husbandry. Will study for her master ' s degree in Enghsh Literature at Colum- bia. Met her lad in her freshman year. Both have liad their highland fling. Mary Alice McKinstry As president of Tri-Delt. Mary-Ahce spent two active years as Panhel dele- gate and was chairman of the Greek Cotillion in 1949. A soft spoken gal with great literature as her ooal, we are sure she will be a success. Gloria Mertens A member of Tri-Delt sorority, Gloria worked tirelessly for four years on guidon and was President of the Canterbury Club. She also worked on the Frosh-Sophomore dance and is a member of the A.C.C.A. Hope Meyers Her warm friendly manner en- deared " Honey " to all her associates at Adelphi. A glance from her melting brown eyes is enough to send any of her many male friends spinning. All I his, and a knack for things literary too! Myma I lolnar Here is a bridge playing senior with the habit of getting good marks. Myrna ' s out- standing interest is riding. The rest of her energy is used up in active club participation. English and Hillel to be exact. She hasn ' t wasted any time while at Adelphi. Th il dramatist with lames Perrone 1 lie classical dramalist with a flair for the artistic, Jim is a well known member of I he Newman, Classics and Italian Club. As Presi- dent of Gold Mask and Dance Grou)! he led the Little Theatre " crowd " to greater things. Vita Pisciotta Her satirical comments and dry wit enlivened the guidon office during her stay as inciuiring reporter and " satirical poet. Vita s list of activities include Glee Club. ' 49 Oracle literary staff, and secretaryship of the French Club. 52 Sally -Sue Richmond Sally-Sue ' s philosophy of living, " not existing. " has won her many friends and will always guarantee her an exciting life. Her busy career at Ade Iphi included the chairmanship of Agora. Make-up Editor of guidon and membership in I.V.C.F. Nancy Bloom Robiner Nancy ' s vitality won for her the title " Song Leader of Adelphi and the class of ' 50. " All College Night saw Nancy active in the Senior skit. An energetic member of women s A.A.. she was its treasurer and camping trip manager. Her Alpha Epsilon Phi sisters are understandably proud of her. Frank Rosengarten Frank ' s managed to inject some of his dynamic personality into Hillel while serving as its president. He has also appeared in various dramatic productions and is a member of Sigma Delta Pi. tennis team and Alpha Tau Rho. Joan Rutchik Going through the trials and tribu- lations of being an English major came easily to this gal simply because she always was composed and serene. Her Phi Sigma Sigma sorority can testify to her good humor also. Diane Schwat The possessor of a rare, spon- taneous and sophisticated wit. Diane has delighted many at the Snack Bar " coffee time get-togethers. She reads piles of books, just like all English majors, and is interested in discussions of every problem. Hillel says farewell to a valuable member. Gladys Segal Gladys surmounts that tower of Babel that is the language division b walking away with honors in French and Spanish. A Dean s List celebrity with a flair for the dramatic, she served as president of Sigma Delta Pi and held many leads in Summer Theatre Productions. Vivian Sepez Vivian ' s gay personality has won her many friends here at Adelphi. Her interest and proficiencv in languages are shown by her member- ship in both the Spanish and French clubs. ' i was secretary and treasurer of the latter organization. Alice Sobel When she dances. Martha Graham best look to her laurels. Corky s president of the Dance group, member of Gold Mask, served on All College Niglit Committee as vell as doing chore- ography for several campus productions. All this and a one-night stint on C.B.S. television too. 35 Louella Irene Slide The drama is Lou ' s choice. Radio workshop, television, radio advertising have trained Lou in the fine points of the theatre— as was seen in " Beggars Opera. " An Iota Alpha Pi girl to boot and one they can certainly be proud of. Grace Torykian Chairman of Panhellenic Ball and Literary Editor of the 194Q Handbook. Grace has a reputation for being a hard-working and capable girl. Her Kappa Alpha Theta sisters and fellow Newmanites will vouch for her good-natured enthusiasm. A career in advertising is her goal. Consuelo Troucoso Connies application to her chosen field, English, is well shown by her member- ship in Round Table and guidon. She plans to use this knowledge in law. The Musketeers serve as Connie s source of relaxation. Kathryn Vorbach Kay took time out from pur- suing her ideal of being a high-school English teach- er to lend her administrative ability to many activ- ities. This sparkling gal was President of Kappa Alpha Theta, Vice-President of Panhellenic Asso- ciation and an editor oi guidon. Miriam alder Miriam could really understand English. Has an interest in things from Hillel to dance committees with a little LZ.F.A. and French Club in between. Miriam hails from them thar Forest Hills, but certainly does not act nor think like a yokel. Nuala Wafsfi A gal with winning ways and personality to boot is Nuala who promises to take the writing profession by storm upon graduation. She was a capable treasurer of Newman Club; its fund reached its highest fulBllment during her term in office. Mary M. Wesierfeft Quiet sweet ' Westy could have stepped from the pages of " Charm " magazine. With her personality and intelligence, personnel work should spell success for her. As vice-president of Harvey Hall, recording secretary for Kappa Alpha Theta, and a staunch member of the Newman Club. ' Westy ' has shown her willingness to work. Patricia A. Wilson Pat served student govern- ment as Executive Board Member, and from a social standpoint she worked as chairman of the Jr. Prom Committee. She voiced the feelings of the student body to the Administration through the newly formed Student Relations Committee and to the public by working on guidon and oracle. Pat also vas a mem- ber of Honor Board and Tri-Delt sorority. 34 Phyllis Louise W ' inchel Intelligence and friend- liness are happily blended in Phyllis. Her intelli- gence is well illustrated by her presence on the Dean ' s List in her freshman year, honors in her sophomore year and Sigma Delta Pi. She was also script manager of A.B.S. Carol Wiseman Camby, as she is affectionately known to her Delta Gamma sisters, has a definite talent when it comes to literature. Her piercing inter- pretations of Shakespeare and Poe made her out- standing in her department of English. Floyd T. Wood A Chi Sigma man. Floyd majored in English and leaves a long and varied list of activities. He was on the Golf team for three year. GUIDON for two years and was active on Pylon. He served as a capable representative to the Inter- Fraternity Council. ]anice Wurthel King Arthur ' s roundtable had nothing on Adelphi ' s own Roundtable with Jan ' s sharp wit to add to its intellectual vittles. An Alpha Epsilon Phi girl with plenty on the ball, she was a member of Panhellenic and Hillel. Dolores Zinn All things Gallic interest this vi- vacious French major. A moving force in Le Cercle Francais and Hillel. she served as a very efficient and competent secretary and treasurer of Iota Alpha Pi sorority and her pearls of wisdom will long be remembered by her sorority sisters. c amera Shy % Harold J. Asaph Edna G. Auerback Annette G. Baden Fred H. Bargetzi on Ji P. Bergen Jean Axselrod Bernstein Wdliam H. Block Marie Ada Cicatelli Joseph A. Coyle Barbara A. Draper Constance M. Dugan Gloria K. Fralinger Gloria G. Friedenberg Anita Gelb Jane Sue Gould Theodore S. Grant Helen Gregorios Rosalie M. Jamison VVilliam Js alaidjian Grace A. Kraut Joan M. Krugnian James LaCorte Eleanor H. Larsen Melvin Levine Osborne R. Mac Kenzie Dolores R. Mischo John R. A uii?i Dorothy O. On- Dorothy L. Norris Evelyn C. Ostron Anne E. Quinlan Adelaide B. Reisfeld Raymond F. Rietschel I Ionroe Rof i Eleanor Roumel Susanne Rudd Mary Elizabeth Ryan Marilyn J. Soderberg Frances A. Yalentine Lois J. Widing Nancy S. Wolf Rex C. Young George J. Ballard Frederick Brooks Marion D. Brown Robert P. Bullen Wanda H. Grau Anton L. Henig Charles H. Kelley Eleanor G. Lustgarlen Alan L. A ooii Geoffrey W ' ' . Pelletier John F. Reynolds Margaret U. Ringlehaji Jeanne G. Schreiher Alfred M. Scotli AnnabeUe S. Stapen Mary A. ielsacker Walter R. Wright 56 - i» .«-l « t ' ' , ' I 1 % SOCIAL SCIENCES " Dissatisfaction with the world in which we live and determination to realize one that shall he better, are the prevailing characteristics of the modern spirit. " . . . Dickinson Mr. Pope Dr. Ballaine CHAIRMEN Mr. Mackenzie Pope Economics Anyone who Kas experienced the stimulation of a class with Mr. Pope can give full testimony to the truth that this man makes you think. By the use of graphs. Mr. Pope can make seemingly remote economic factors take on an aspect closed to our everyday existence, with carefuffy chosen, powerfuf words. Mr. Pope Ijrings those graphs to fife. His combination of vigor, fairness, and eloquence afl go toward making him an excetlent man for the tremendous J0I3 of presenting a well-integrated program in economics. Dr. Oscar D. Anderson. Psychology A course presented by Dr. Anderson is practi- cally a " must. " His method of lecturing has indeed proved his capalale assimilation and pre- sentation of knowledge. Dr. Francis K. Ballaine. Philosophy Not without wit. Dr. Ballaine upsets adoles- cent dogmatism l ut offers in return a certain reassurance to well-thought-out hopes. His simple sincerity makes him a one in a million. Dr. Anderson A 2 Mrs. Purinton Dr. Snyder Dr. E. Louise Ware, Sociology A sweet pleasant manner without a trace of professional coldness is a perfect picture of Dr. W are. She is the best example of her own phi- losophy—personal happiness and self-confidence. Mrs. Sylvia Purinton, Home Economics With a gentle smile and an air of dignity she goes about the assignment of molding her charges into poised vomen. ready to assume the trials and duties of both marriage and professional life. She guides a comprehensive program of education and professional training for her lively charges. Dr. Chester Banows. Historj ' " A Barrows has become the supreme password in the History Department. Once a student has gone through one of those courses, he has nlled a great void in his undergraduate experience. Dr. Barrows is an historian as well as a lecturer. Dr. Agnes Snyder. Education. A pioneer in ex- perimental education. Dr. Snyder no v acts as co- ordinator of educational programs at Adelphi s cooperative teacher-training schools. Dr. Snyder is a trulv great ed ucator. Dr. Ware Dr. Barrows 4rM HONORARIES Upsilon Psi Chi Members: R . Alexander, M . Bruncks, P. Calilano. P. Handricli, M. Lanipasona. J. MacLcer. W. MrDoiialcl. H. Popper. G. Rapps. K. Read. I. Saporla. L. Sleinbcri;. G. Stcrrilt. J. Ur ■illcr. D. W ' liit- breaci. History Guild Members: P. Karisli. Dr. Ernst. M. Dick. Dr. Barrows. S. Lindner, Mr. I rerousse. Pi Gamma Mu Barrows. S. Lindner, Dick G. Eherl. Dr. Ernsl. Dr. P. Ka M. 60 Mi ' mlwrs: I. Ri, l,»r,l, I ' . Karisli, P. Hanclri. Ii, S. Riclunuiul. W. I. MiD..„hI,I, I.. Stem, A. Rosncr. G. Elx-rt. J. SoLel. S. Klein. F. Roscngartcn. D. Rubin. F. Lcssel. E. Lesser, E. Rommel. L. Buscli. G. Sterrilt. N. Lubasli, N. Newman. A. Greenberg, P. Hendricli. A. V. Samson. M. Levine. R. Kirsch. P. Alpert, B. Weiss, C. Lesser. Faculty Members: Dr. Ernst, Adviser, Mrs. Groves. gora Sociology Club Memlwrs: A. Nevin. I. Iliomas. D. JaLksun, .). Jolinsun. S. Rouim-r. H. Ol.seii. U. W ' e-tern. E. Ellis. D. Adams. S. Marcus. J. Gould. V. Calacci. J. Robinson. E. Blankmeyor, J. Hamberger. T. Greet. H. Daly. E. Walrapp. R. DeNeergaard. R. McGrane. 62 IR.C Members: W. Kaladjian, S. Harper. B. Brud, J. Salvato, A. Von Sampson. P. Alpert. L. Lackner. r ,., 1 L?S aMfc AL,nLer». J. Klipp. J. Boos, P. Quinn. J. Cumin _-, , li " rr. K Angus, A. Biorotli. E. Rutherford. M. Dzupin, B. Romar, D. Prach, J. Reynolds. 1. Blumenfeld, M. Posch. J. Rowe M. Meyers, K. Smith. i. Bauer. M. McTienney. D. W ' atkins. M. lr ine. A. Jones. I. Martin. M. Gannon. J. O ' Niel. L. Hodge. H. Ravden, C. Rella. P. Harkins. D. Hanneman. 63 Philosophy Club Members: J. Paris. A. Quinlan; T. Grant. W. Henry. H, Han mersclllag. M. Rowan. L. Whiton. Study Hour 64 Waldorf School Psych Cluh First Row: K. Read. P. Handerict. W. Mc- Donald. Dr. Kittay. P. Califano. B. Wein- blatt. Second Row: R. Alexander. H. Popper, G. Slerrit. J. Salvalo. To help children to grow with the ability to express themselves Leautifully and easily is the aim of the Waldorf School, which presents the material necessary so that the child will Avant to learn and will want to do the work. " Learning should not be a painful process, says Dr. Hermann von Baravelle. director of the program. There are almost 100 lucky children from all parts of Nassau County at this time at Waldorf. They start from kindergarten and go through second grade. After this coming September, an exten- sion to the back of the school vill be made to take care of classes up to the third grade. Plans are being made for similar extensions to be added every year or two until eventually there will be a high school across the road from the present school. 65 Dorothea Jean Adams For the past four years Dot ' s good humor and charm have won her many friends. Active in student affairs, pofitical and ath- letic, she is a memlser of Lantern, Executive and Honor Boards, Student Relations Committee, Presi- dent of Musketeers, Treasurer of W.A.A., member of Editorial Board, of oracle and the Sociology Club. Seena Adler Sparkling and vivacious, Seena always provides the pause that refreshes. Iota Alpha Pi sorority and Hillel have profited from her enthusi- astic and cooperative support. Her various spare hour activities include bridge, knitting, dancing and ath- letics. Philip Alpert Besides being a member of Agora, Hillel, Political Science, International Relations and Philosophy Clubs, Phil maintains that he is most active in the " anti-worriers " club which we d call a pretty good idea. The boys at " 63 " think so tool Doris Arnoys Doris ' warmth of personality shines forth in her many friendly associations. With a flair for political analysis, she can always be sure of hold- ing her own in any discussion. She carried a well-bal- anced interest in history and current events beyond the cla ssroom with her many departmental activities. Norma Beers Norma ' s biggest job at Adelphi was the editorship of the 194Q oracle. She has served on Student Government and Honor Board and well deserves the distinction of being elected to four honoraries. Lantern, Who ' s Who, History Guild and Delta Tau Alpha. Annette Bengelsdorf Gay and lighthearted, this senior admits that she doesn ' t have any real hobbies, but her love for playing bridge in the " H " lounge seems to hll her spare time adequately. This charm- ing Phi Sigma gal is going to be missed next year. Michael Biondo A Sigma Chi from Colgate, since his arrival on campus Micky became Advertis- ing Manager of GUIDON, publicity chairman of the ' 4Q All College Ball, wrote for pylon and was a par- ticipant in the Creative Arts program. He ' s been one very busy boy, we ' ll say! William P. Bi rd As one of the organizers of Iota Phi Alpha and later President of his fraternity. Bill also demonstrated his administrative ability by found- ing the Photography Club. He was a member of the History Guild and expects to teach or do research in History. 66 Ann Boriotti Dark hair and a beautiful smile make this Home Economics major a fine prize for any fellow. Ann was an ardent Newmanite and one of (lie Musketeers. As president of Home Ec CIuId. sfie displayed much ability vbicb she vilI utilize as a dietician. Lisa Blanch A quietness and reserve characterize this psychology major. Her sincerity of purpose with occasional touches of gay humor inspired many of us to more serious pursuits and endeavors as a result of her splendid example. Stuart S. Brown Smiling brown eyes conceal a penetrating mind that hops rapidly from Freud to Adier and back again in a split second. Always ready for a discussion delving into the depths of things experimental, this senior was also an active partici- pant in the College ' s social whirl. Madeline Brunks Maddy is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and found time for Psychology Club and S.C.A. activities despite the hard vork involved in getting a degree in three years. The profession will be proud of one who has such a devotion to teaching children. Lila Busch A doir in every sense of the word. History is her field but Lila did not limit herself. She was on the Handbook Committee and kept many a discussion sparking at Agora meetings. Lila was also active on guidon and All College Night Committees. Delta Gamma sisters are justly proud of her. Paul Califano Poised for a career in medicine, in which he vill be just as successful as in his under- graduate work, Paul held office in the Psych Club and Upsilon Psi Chi. pylon staff and Agora also had the benefits of this popular senior. Anne Carillo Underneath her aljility for exag- gerated good humor lies a sincere nature and a clear thinking mind. Newman and Ski Clubs as well as All College Night skits held her interests while Sigma Kappa sorority and a red convertible com- pleted her social life. Emily Miller Cherry Kappa Kappa Gamma sis- ters shared the warmth of this charming History major. Indispensable to the ' 49 oracle photo staff, Emily also served on the ' 48 All College Night Committee and in many other college functions. 67 Martha Clapp Marty is a girl of few words but infinite charm. She has that Alice in Wonderland expression, a pensive mouth and dreamy eyes. The Kappa Kappa Gammas are proud to claim this win- some Massachusetts miss, as would be any lucky guy. Marjorie Coffey Pond ' s is not necessary for an engaged girl as is proved by this extremely attractive transfer student from Indiana University. Marjorie will leave a friendly memory with everyone in the Psychology department. Albert Colello A transfer student from Colorado A. and M. two years ago, AI joined Omicron Pi fraternity, the Italian Club and the Newman Club in his short two years here. Al aided Omicron in win- ning the intramural sports title with his participation. Jean G. Comyns It is always a friendly encounter when you meet this attractive Kappa Kappa Gamma gal in the halls of the S Building. Busy being a mainstay of the Home Ec Department, Jean also was a devoted Newmanite and chairman of a very suc- cessful Christmas Bazaar. Kenneth ]. Costello Kenny is one man who loves action. Football in ' 47 provided plenty of it. and since then Nu Sigma, the Newman and Spanish Clubs have been lucky enough to gain his support. Foreign Service is Kenny ' s goal after graduation. Anne Cummings Randy ' s serious interest in social work will carry her far in her field. A playful personality to match sparkling eyes made her a well known and appreciated gal in Alumni Hall. Carroll J. Daly Sigh! Here he is girls— blond curly hair and calculating blue eyes. History is his field with political science as a specialty. He is Vice- President of Delta Phi Gamma fraternity, and was Business Manager of guidon ' 46- ' 47. He is a delegate to Interfraternity Council and Public Relations Manager of Men ' s A.A. Doris Dayton Doris puts her Sociology major to practical use in her varied list of activities: President of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Chairman of All College Night in ' 48, Secretary to W.A.A., Committee on Student Instruction, May Day Committee and Bas- ketball Squad. 68 Enid Delisser Her many friends know her good nature and swell understanding of tlie deeper prob- lems, something necessary since she majored in His- tory. Enid was an active participant in all dorm activities. Stephen ]. Dibble The history of Steve is to be found in the annals of Adelphi ' s Canterbury, Classics and Glee Clubs. His businesslike attitude and friendly manner has earned for him the presidency of the Canterbury Club for 1Q4Q. b Ianlyn R. Dick Keenly a vare of current events, Marilyn also manifests a lively interest for historical events of the past. Coffee time at the Snack Bar finds the History Guild president recruiting enthusiastic additions to an already popular History department. Daniel F. Didio Dan served two years on Adelphi ' s baseball team. He is a charter member of Pi Sigma fraternity and is active in Newman Club. Seymour Disraely Seymour ' s good humor and everlasting school spirit are qualities that make him a popular fellow with his friends at Adelphi. He was elected to Upsilon Psi Chi for his studious pursuits in the field of Psychology. James F. Driscoll Bursting with school spirit, Jim is a familiar figure at every college function. A member of Alpha Phi Beta fraternity and Interfra- ternity Council, he has been an indispensable par- ticipant in both organizations. Varsity football kept him busy in ' 47 and history teaching will keep him busv in the future. Debra Dubin Phi Sigma Sigma proudly claims Debra as one of its most active members, since she was Vice-President of her pledge class and represen- tative to Metropolitan Board. Psychology Club and Spanish Club also had claims upon her time. Margaref Dzupin Dreamy blue eyes and soft blonde hair are this gal ' s outstanding characteristics. By the way fellows, this Home Economics major specialized in cookies— and such cookies. Marge is Secretary of State Home Economics Club. 69 Gladys Ebert For sucli a little girl she ' s surely clone a lot. Gladys ' been chairman of All College Night Vice-President of the Political Science So- ciety. Secretary of Hillel, All College Ball committee, member of GUIDON and oracle staffs and Alpha Ep- silon Phi. Emily Ellis Once you ' ve seen her smile you will never forget it. This dynamic smile and natural en- thusiasm needed by all sociologists is abundant in this gal. Her activities in dorm life and on Judiciary Board have added to her understanding of people. Marilyn Eeclerman All of her friends testify readily to her spontaneous humor and her abiding kindness. The field of Sociology needs people like this and it is going to get this one. Beauty along with brains travel with this gal. Barbara Glasser Those overused words like dy- namic " and " gentle " take on a strange dullness when describing Babs. The Sociology Club knew her ener- gies well. The spring cleaning of slums will go well with this gal on the squad. Lenore Goldenherg After a restful summer in Europe, Lennie mournfully put her nose back to the grindstone to complete her senior year. A gal with a twinkle in her eye and a ready sense of humor, she is well liked by her Alpha Epsilon Phi sisters and fel- low members of Hillel. Eleanor Goldsmith Behind the quiet charm of Ellie, there lurks a heart of pure gold backed by tremendous energy. She ' s proved it by serving as President of Harvey Hall, working for the Red Cross and All College Night Committees and as a member of the Psychology Club and Student Relations Com- mittee. Hilda Goldstein This energetic and sparkling Psychology major is a member of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority. She gave unsparingly of her musical talents, to the Adelphi Orchestra and Glee Club. Hilda was also in the cast of the " Beggars Opera. " John Edgar Gould Thanks for the memories which Joiin and his three buddies leave as members of the famous Garden Gale Quartet. The Glee Club was fortunate in having this fellow as one of its mem- bers. Armed with the B.A. in Sociology, John in- tends to enter the field of Social Work. 70 Richard Graf History is this boy s cnosen field and a well chosen one as evidenced by his success in it. Dick promises to be one of those " we knew him " feIIo vs. Those eyes of his reveal some alert thinking. Rita A. Granitz A variety of interests character- ize Rita. vho though a Pysch major, divided her time between the Psych Club, Le Cercle Francais. Hillel, and bridge. Her domestic inchnations extend to a love of cooking. In music she hates jazz and likes classical and operatic music. Adele Schiff Greene A Phi Sigma gal who has already done well in her chosen profession is this sociology major. Despite the demands of home, hus- band, and office, Adele ' s spirit, at least, was with Adelphi. Carol Haberman Sociology Club teas and talks held Carol ' s interest during her years at Alma Mater. Social Work served as an outlet for her enthusiasm for people and all things human. Hillel work on philanthropies as veIl as social activities complete her contributions on campus. Paul Handrich Here ' s a guy to vatch; he is going after the best. The philosophical discussion groups and psychological empirics know they ' ve found a speck of genius. Truly a man the world is crying for. Jane Hansen Too bad, fellows, this blond doll is engaged and Avhat a lucky guy. Another Kappa Kappa Gamma lovely, this Home Economics major was active in the Home Economic Club and did not limit herself to indoor activities. Jane is also an ac- complished swimmer, dancer and ice skater. Wotta gal! Sheila Harper Vitally interested in affairs nation- al and international is this pretty History major. Her sparkling and intelligent conversation captures the attention and admiration of all her listeners. The International Relations Club will miss its capable Secretary-Treasurer. Laurel Herman Marriage does not seem to deter Laurie from her admirable aspirations in the social work field. Equipped with a B.A. degree in Sociol- ogy this young missus managed to fit in Hillel and AH College Night in her extra-curricular activities as well as housekeeping. 71 Grace Nelson Horowitz Her children will never suffer from a lack of understanding. Oracle ' s educa- tion in PsycKology will come tlirougfi. Not confining herself to Psych ciepartment she was active in Hillel and helped make many of its functions successful. Marilyn Horowitz Dimples in her cheeks, a mop of black hair and a friendly smile— that ' s Marilyn. She belongs to the honorary Upsilon Psi Chi. Hillel and was scribe of Alpha Epsilon Phi. Renee Israel Government may need a going over some day and Renee is well prepared to do the job. Her Glee Club and guidon activities show her versa- tility. Hillel social functions were aided by her mem bership on its Social committee. Carlos W. Janws Here is a Sociology major who aspires to a place on a college faculty and until then indulges in a favorite pastime of coaching athletes. A winning charm and a pleasing voice tag him for quick success in his chosen field. ]acJi E. Jennings Three years on the basketball court and one on the football team bounced this senior to popularity on campus. His sincere and quiet capabilities were better demonstrated by his activity on Executive Board and Nu Sigma fraternity. Madeline H. Johnson An active Delta Gamma this Sociology major was President of Student Li- brary Committee. Secretary of the Sociology Club. Chairman of tickets and invitations for All College Nite. Madeline was also active in the Newman and Psychology Clubs. All this and darn cute too. Valerie Jones As President of Delta Gamma sorority Val gave evidence of her abilities. She was on Daisy Chain and served her class in its freshman year as its very capable songleader. Marriage keeps Val busy along with her knitting and piano. Paul Karish Paul ' s gift for clear thinking and logical presentation of his ideas i s well illustrated in his presidency of Agora, and as a member of Pi Gamma Mu. Success will be a sure thing because of his friendly and intelligent personality. 72 Devorah Kessell Devorah ' s smiling face and win- ning charms brightened the functions of the French and Psychology Clubs. Her devoted interest and warm interpretation of Sociology assures Devorah of much success in her chosen career in Social Work. Majorie Kobre Cornwallis would never have been defeated if he had heeded tactician Majorie ' s wise words. A " real gone " gal on her selected field. History, Marge was active in the History Guild and a zealous member of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority. Barbara Korn Barbara plunged herself fully into History and the activities of the Psychology honorary and History Club, becoming President of the former and Treasurer of the latter. She was a member of Delta Tau Alpha and more than one All College Night committee. Carol Koumiian Combine outdoor-girl complex- ion with a sweet smile and sparkling eyes and you 11 have Carol, popular social chairman and editor for Kappa Alpha Theta. Her capabilities and energies were also invested in the Biology and Psychology Clubs. Betty Ann Kracke Her attractive smile and un- failing sense of humor will aid her greatly in her social work. A member of Phi Sigma Sigma this gal was active in Hillel, Music and International Rela- tions Clubs. Her charms were added to the 1948 Daisy Chain. Doris Kraemer A member of Tri-Delt sorority, Doris rose from Frosh and Soph S.A. to presiding in her senior year. She was chosen to Lantern and Daisy Chain. Doris was nominated to " Who ' s Who. " Donald Landsdown With a vital interest in his chosen field. Economics, Don was an active par tici- pant in the Political Science Club. Proficiency in expression is joined with a quick knack for the satiri- cal. He ' s a good man to have on your side in a debate. Loretta Leonard Loretta will fill one of the gaps in the Psychology field, and well at that. People of her calibre are few and far between, as any of her Phi Sig Sisters will tell you. There were very few spare hours what with Agora, Psych and Spanish Clubs and Hillel. 75 Florence Lesael She s always busy and it s no wonder, what with guidon, oracle, Gold Mask, All College Night and Hillel behind her. In her spare time Flo served as Vice-President of Iota Alpha Pi. Eleanor Lesser This attractive History major shows her versatility by her activities in the History Guild and Classics Club. The Dean s List held the name of this gal and Agora discussions were en- livened by her. A member of Pi Gamma Mu and Iota Alpha Pi, Eleanor is on her way. Pauline LeYine Dorm life will never be the same at Alumnae Hall after Pauline leaves, and her gra- cious manner and sincerity left an imprint on the Sociology Club and Hillel. Lucky is the man she marries this June. Waller Levine " Music by Walter " has become a password on campus. Walter is not only proficient in music but his personality is just as melodious as his music. Walter furnished the music for the 1949 Howdy Hop. the most successful in Adelphi ' s history. Aline Levy Alines membership in two honor- aries. History Guild and the Political Science Honor Society, speaks for itself. Aline doesn t believe in all work, though; so for the social side of school she belongs to Hillel and Iota Alpha Pi. Margaret Lindblom Dean ' s List. Sigma Delta Pi, Delta Tau Alpha and Le Circle Frani ais head the list of many honors Lindy has received at Adelphi. Her sweet charm and winning ways warmed Lindy to Sigma Kappa sisters and Newman Club as well as Panhellenic. Sydelle Linder Feature Editor of Hillel light. member of History Guild. Pi Gamma Mu, Rush Chairman of Iota Alpha Pi add these up and the result is Svdelle Lindner — a nice result that is, too. Ellen Culler LipshuUz Prior to her marriage Ellen was a capable treasurer of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority. A member of the Psychology Club, this striking redhead is now more interested in food than Freud. 74 Gloclys Litwin Keenly aware of l er surroundings, witli a warmtli of understanding for fier fellow man. tliis Daisy Cliain loeauty plans to make sociology her chosen profession. Other activities include Hillel and the Sociology Club. MiWreJ T. MaJJocfc Here is petite perfection in person. Charming and sopliisticated Holly lias a flare for unusual, attractive clothes. President of Phi Mu. Chairman of May Day 1930, Newman and Spanish Clubs prove that she is an industrious miss. The possession of a law degree would make her life com- plete. Sue Alarms If you bump into an attractive girl with a thick Boston accent, you ' ll know ' sweet Susie, Being ' ice-President of Alumnae Hall and A E Phi kept her busy as well as being a member of Hillel and the Sociology Club. Gertrude May The first things you notice about this pretty lass are her blue eyes and dark hair. When vou get to know her. you find that she s a member of the Newman Club and Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Walter McDonald As President of Adelphi ' s Psych Club, Walt demonstrated his administrative ability. Election to Epsilon Psi Chi is testimony to his scholastic ability. His chairmanship of the E.C. S.C. registration committee is proof of his bent for organization. Need we say more. Ruth McGrane While at Adelphi Ruth let no grass grow- under her feet. Her magic touch brings success In all her activities. For example, take the Soph Variety Show and All College Nite, Member- ship in S,A. and head of Honor Board, this Delta Gamma was also a member of Who s Who. Edward Megan- A member of Pi Sigma. Ed has proven his worth in the fields of athletics and Student Government. He was active on the track and cross country- teams and served as chairman of Honor Board. Upon graduation, Ed will be commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. Fred Messemer President of S.A. and Delta Phi Gamma along with being a member of the 65 ' club kept Fred busy. He was business manager of 49 ORACLE (peptic ulcers), one of C.C. squad. Student Government will really miss Fred ' s untiring activity. 73 Miriam Myerson An active girl, indeed! Upsilon Psi CKi. Pi Gamma Mu. Psycliology Club secretary. Modern Dance Group, E.C.SG., Interfaith Commit- tee, Secretary of Hillel and chairman of its social committee. Top of all this she managed to he chair- man of an All College Nite Skit Committee. Virginia Munzer Take a look fellas— a real doll. Ginny really does her Tri Delt sisters justice. Her presence was noticed at many of the social func- tions and her contributions to the various other ac- tivities were numerous. Marion Myers Not only a charming look, but a charming air as well. This accomplished Home Eco- nomics major will certainly make some lucky man a good wife. The Home Economics Department was not alone blessed by her presence but Delta Gamma sorority possessed in her a fine member and recording secretary. Alexander D. Nicoll, Jr. This jovial looking His tory major gave most of his spare time to the Canter- bury Club and prepares for a future in Theology. The delicate and exacting work necessary in model airplane building keeps Iiim happy when the pres- sure lets up. Alma O ' Brashy Tiny, sweet, good natured are all perfect synonyms for Alma, She s a member of Up- silon Psi Chi, Alpha Epsilon Phi, and Hillel. A very pleasant person to have around, testify the gals in the dorms. Edward J. O ' Connell As a Political Science major Ed should be vell prepared for a career in the diplomatic corps. In just a few more years we may have an O Connell for Secretary of State. Eze A. Ogueri guidon was recipient of some of Eze ' s impressionistic features as well as a regular column. Political science and government are this friendly boy s chosen field and with his knack tor putting people at ease and drawing them out he s sure to be a success in international life. Active in many campus organizations, Eze will bring fond memories of Adelphi back to his beloved Africa. Claire H. Orgel A B.S. in Education was her goal and she reached it. Claire transferred from New Paltz and N.Y.U. Teaching comes naturally to her what with all the practice she has had in raising her two children. 76 Frank Overton As a History major. Duffy is lamed for kis liumor and swimming prowess. His Nu Sigma fraternity brothers can offer testimony to the fact that this boy viII be on the roster of the we lcne v him " department. Claire Oxenberg This thoroughly charming His- tory major will be remembered for her warm mezzo- soprano voice. Claire hopes to do concert woric after furtlier intensive training in her field. John ISIichael Paris As president of the Inter- fraternity Council, John is responsible for directing the activities of the fraternities as integral groups on campus. He held the offices of Warden and Historian of Pi Sigma fraternity, and vas a member of the Psychology and Philosophy Clubs. Laurie M. Patterson Laurie was Charter member, treasurer and Interfraternity Council representative of Eta Iota Omega. That ' s not all. Laurie was a mem- ber of the Spanish and International Relations Clubs. As a transfer from Penn State, he has made himself a niche easily. Sondra Fein Perlojf Look to tbis sparkling per- sonality for the ans vers to your success problems. She possesses a bright smile, a cherished wedding ring and is a member of Phi Sigma Sigma, Junior Gold Mask. The Psychology Club also claims a share of her tew spare hours. Harry Popper A member of Upsilon Psi Chi and Pi Sigma fraternity, Harry s college career has been an active one. He was secretary of nis Junior Class and a delegate to the Eastern College Science Con- ference. He contributed to tbe success of tbe All Col- lege Ball, All College Nite, and Junior Prom. Mrs. Popper and young John Harry have a Daddy to be proud of. Doris Prach If you ' re looking for an all-around college girl, tnen Doris is the one. Vice-President of the Home Economics Club, a member of Student Cliristian Association and the formation swimming group, she still hnds time for prom trotting. She wants to be a dietician. We d risk a bet that sne 11 be a good one, Janet Quinn An Education major, Janet is Vice- President of Kappa Alpha Tlieta sororitj ' . On campus slie could be seen instructing children of Adelphi ' s Little Theater in swimming or involved in a deep discussion in the Snack Bar, Jan intends to teach History in grade school after graduation. OhI To be a schoolboy again! 77 Frank R. Ransome History and politics are the main interest of this Chi Sigma man. Serving as President of his fraternity and earning a football letter in ' 47 were not enough, he was an ahle Presi- dent of Santini Housing Unit and lent his capabili- ties to the hiterfraternity Council. Roderich C. Rasmussen Delta Phi Gamma fra- ternity testifies to the multitude of capabilities dis- played by this winning senior. Student GovernmenI: and Student Relations Committee served as a prov- ing ground for his future in government while intra- mural sports rounded out Rod ' s program. Kcithleen Read Those sparkling eyes disclose a bubbling personality and energy in abundance. This Kappa Alpha Theta Psychology major is a member of Upsilon Psi Chi. the Psych Honorary Society. Kathy was Editor of the ' 4Q pylon. co-Editor of the ' 48 Handbook, secretary of the Psychology Club and active in the Classics Club. Thomas Rice Even though a Psychology major. Tom spent a great deal of his time seeking the chem- ical side of Freud in the Chem department. His ever present social self was always brought to the fore at all the Newman Club functions. Isabel Richard Proving her capability as Hillel President, N.S.A. delegate. Agora secretary and as a member of countless committees. Isabel has been honored by Pi Gamma Mu, Die Bodenrunde and Who ' s Who. ]oseph L. Ripperger A charter member of Chi Sigma fraternity. Joe majored in Economics and was chairman of Men ' s Student Governmen t. He took part in All College Nites, was a football manager and Freshman Orientation knew his talents. As a rheerleaderr— V Sheila Roemer With her B.A. in Sociology this gal goes into the unknown with a fruitful four years behind her. Sociology Club, Band, riding, and fencing team, active on Red Cross committees. Stu- dent Government activities and debating prove her capabilities. Emify Rosenblatt One of Adelphi ' s most tal- ented artists with a lovable personality to go with it. That is Emily with the sweet soprano voice and the very talented hngers. When she ' s not studying music or psychology, her philanthropic work with the United Jewish Appeal and the Jewish Federation takes most of her time. 78 Paula Roihenberg SKe ' s cliarming, she ' s en- gaged, she came from Adelphi. All in one breath, Paula personifies these three de scriptions. Showing a breadth of thinking, she was active in the Classics Club and in her departmental activities. Edith A. Rutherford Drink a toast to the girl who thinks, acts and hves rationally. Her activities include United World Federalists, American Legion. WAC Enlisted Reserve, and the Home Economics Club, and by the way, she ' s a good cook. Jerome Sahmto Jerry s genial and active nature is well shown by his work in Phi Lambda Rho fra- ternity as secretary and Interfraternity Council repre- sentative. Gold Mask, Glee Club and the Italian Club are all on his long list of activities, Betty Schwaeber The study of tlie inner vork- ings of the mind has occupied the favorite place in the higher education of the serious Betty. Phi Sigma Sigma and Hillel have given her social relaxation and golf and tennis, too, have helped. Betty Swartz Betsy has those eyes that reveal that their owner has a clear-cut and concise view on life. This will deunitely aid her in her task of help- ing people through clinical work in psychology. Maryellen Scully This gal, an up and coming History major, made her own page of history here at Adelphi. Not confining herself to scholastic ac- tivities, Maryellen was present at a great many social functions and added vitality and chann to them. Jacqueline Seijer On to greener fields with a B.A. in Psychology behind her, Jackie vas elected to the honorary Upsilon Psi Chi and gave freely of her talents and energies to the Psychology Club. She is sure of success in any field. William J. Shine Bill ' s valuable contributions to his fraternity. Eta Iota Omega, will not soon be forgotten. A sincere fellow with many good ideas, he also vorked in the Interfraternity Council and on the GUIDON staff. 79 Sylvia Shorr Capable, steadfast and understand- ing . . . These words describe the energi-tic PresidenI of the Home Ec Club of Adelphi and the Intercol- legiate Council of Home Economics Clubs of New York. Not content with these responsibilities. Sylvia is also a member of Hillel and Iota Alpha Pi. Claire Siegel One of Adelphi ' s most active stu- dents. Claire served as editor of the Hillel light. treasurer of the Junior Class and Representative to Exec Board. She devoted all her time as a senior to being the Editor-in-Chief of the guidon. For her service she was elected to membership in Who s Who. Arthur Snelders A Varsity basketball man. Art is an energetic and versatile athlete as shown by his outstanding record in football as well as basketball. In achieving his degree in History, he contributed actively to the Nu Sigma fraternity. Helen Spakowycz A devout Newmanite, Helen was present at many of the Newman Club ' s social ' and cultural functions. She was also an energetic member of the Psychology Club and plans to obtain her M. A. at Columbia. ]ames Spatola Jimmy ' s patience has been ex- tended more than once in his capacity of vice-presi- dent, president and IFC representative of Omicron Pi fraternity, but the future history teacher has borne up under the strain and is one of the more popular members of his frat. Stanley Spiegel Stan will leave Adelphi vell- versed in the three Rs. Rorschach, Reik, and rabble- rousing. " Perhaps his interest in the canine world will turn him to the lucrative field of analysing Frus- trated Pekes. Ralph J. Slander His dignified, quiet counte- nance is only belied by that twinkling devil-may-care smile so unusual in a typical, enthusiastic Philosophy major. Ralph manages to be an active Delta Phi Gamma while searching diligently for the philoso- phies of life. Leonard Steinberg Here is an addition to Adel- phi from the wilds of Queens College and a mighty fine one at that. Psychology is his field, with an eye toward medicine. Lenny leans towards music and photography in his fe v spare moments. 80 Louis E. Stern Agora vas only one group at AdelpKi tliat knew Lou ' s able conversation and ver- satility. He held tlie Snack Bar at attention with his wittiness and good-humor. This industrious gent is a potential teacher, well on the road to success. Graham Slerritt Graham will have no trouble in apply his psychology because he has much too clear an understanding of people to mistake them for textbook abstractions. With his fine sense of humor and good looks no one need worry about his future. Dorothy Swartz Big brown eyes and a soft smile make this gal popular with the boys. Home Eco- nomics keeps her busy but not too busy to prevent her participation in Glee Club and being an out- standing member of Delta Gamma. Dot is Secretary- Treasurer of Alumnae Hall. Arthur J. Switzer Historically speaking this boy came to this fair campus from Waynesburg College in Pennsylvania and his good looks and fine per- sonality did much towards finding him a place in the History department and the college in general. Caroiyn Teperson Her Phi Sigma sorority sisters can give testimony of her abilities as can this list of activities: Hillel, English and Sociology Clubs and a deep interest in music and antiques. She has ner eye on a Master s degree also. Jean A. Thomas Versatility that ' s Jean. Be- sides being a member of the Psychology. Sociology. Newman and Yacht Clubs, this pretty Delta Gamma worked on the invitations and tickets committees for All College Nite. She is seen at most of the social functions at the college. Helen Timmons They are crying for more of Helen ' s calibre in the field of Sociology. Helen gives all to her major, her school, and to the world in general. She does not hold back the smiles either. Barbara Tomhnes A package full of energy and pep. twinkling-eyed Bobbie participated in ham- ming " up several All College Nite skits for her class, and giving life to them, we might add. With a serious turn of mind to her major subject. Psychology, Bobbie will pursue Freud and Adler down the cor- ridors of graduate school. Edwin Tidtle Ed is one of those fellows you can ' t lielp liking. Ambitious and hard working, lies a quiet fellow. A member of Iota Phi Alpha, Ed is on Honor Board, in the Photography. Spanish, and Classics Clubs. Hi s ambition is to enter government service. Helen Hodgkinson Ulz Vivacious is surely a subdued description of this gal. A transfer from Syracuse U. where she was Alpha Xi Delta, she is another one of those accomplished Home Economics majors. Her list of activities at Syracuse indicates that she is indeed willing to give freely of her time to her interests. Susan Wilendrer One of Tri-Delt ' s prettiest. Susan made Daisy Chain in her sophomore year. She kept busy as corresponding secretary of Delta Delta Delta, was a member of the Sociology and Classics Clubs, and counts knitting a favorite pastime. Albert Weinblatl Friends say the StorrAVein- blatt banterings are the only thing that kept them alive through Comparative Anatomy classes. Pre- Med, Psychology Clubs, and ECSC also were en- livened by his inimitable sense of humor. Grace ' Wenell The sparkplug behind most of Gold Mask ' s activities is Grace VVenett. Aside from her dramatic work. Grace boasts membership in Omicron Psi Chi, Radio Workshop and the Bride- lo-Be sorority of Adelphi College. 82 , tfBitifcil • MMiMlH MMMM M(a»ai f ARTS " Beauty as we feel it is something indescribable: what it is or what it means can never be said. . . . Santayana DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN Vicfoi- Jacoby Drama and Speech His vork as Director of tKe Summer Creative Arts Cen- ter, as airector or ana participant in many stage presenta- tions, and liis numerous stage settings have contributed much to the fine vork done by the Department of Drama and Speech. Mr. Jacoby Mrs. Plugge Mrs. Mary Lou Plugge, Speech and Drama. Here is our oNvn light from the " Great White Way. " Mrs. Plugge brings to Adelphi the imagination and drive for perfection vhich are a prime requi- site for the successful carrying out of Adelphi ' s dramatics program. Mr. Lincoln Rothchild Art As Chairman of Adelphi ' s expanding Art Department, Lincoln Rothchild has successfully instilled in the students of his Art Appreciation courses a richer under- standing of the history of art from pre-his- toric times to the present day. Mr. Roth- child s personable nature combined with this broad knovsledge make him an inspir- ing man to vork with. Mr. Lawrence Rasniussen Music The music department has come a long way since the one horse days of Adelphi under the guiding hand of this capable musician. An expanded program geared to professional interests characterizes this part of the curricula. Mr. Rothchild Mr. Rasmussen •83 Mr. Fleetwood Miss Holtischue ' 7 : c Mr. Tobias Miss Mun+ Miss Cutler Miss Schreiber Mr. Cronbach Miss S+anistreef Mr. Schlmmel Miss Jackson Mr. Dorsey Mrs. Rumack 66 SUMMER CENTER of CREATIVE ART Adelphi offered a six-week course in the creative arts last summer under the direction of Mr. Victor Jacoby which included courses in plastics, danc- ing and dramatics as well as playwriting. The highhghts of the session were lectures by well known and established names in the fields of art, literature and dance. A well balanced program which offered relaxa- tion coupled with satisfying hard vork, all con- cerned are looking forward to another fruitful summer on campus. Art Conference Jacoby at Work That Light Touch 87 adelph; broadcasting system Top: In the Engineer s Boolli Bottom: Executive Staff W. Bower. D. Prieariian, A. Concn, T. Hoag. N. Kearns. RADIO WORKSHOP The Adelplii College Radio Workshop is an organization run by the students for the students. It is designed in such a way that any student interested in the various phases of radio can exercise his talents. The various activities consist of directing, acting, announcing, sound effects, and writing. Outlets for production are chan- neled through such commercial stations as WHLI. WGBB. WNYC and through the newly-formed Campus Radio Station, WABS. At the present time, focal point of at- tention is the expansion of WABS. It has been in operation three days a week for 10 hours a day. The program is de- signed to conform to the specifications of the Federal Communications Commis- sion. By doing this, the personnel gained the imiTieasurable experience which will be expected when they attempt to pene- trate the commercial field. Under the guidance of Alese Cohen. Pechter, president, the Radio Workshop has had a most successful vear. On! 88 Dance Group Tlie Children ' s Theatre provides children wilh experience in the theatre arts, as an educational means for personal enrichment. Special weekday classes are taught in modern dance, speech, dramatics, ballet and swimming. The Saturday morning workshop includes classes in dance, speech, and art, with programs changed every six weeks, to give each group experience in all phases of dramatic arts. The present staff of the Children ' s Theatre includes twenty-one profes- sionals with Grace Stanistreet as director and four professional consultants. Students from the college who are majoring in speech, dramatics, home eco- nomics and psychology, act as group leaders and instructors for the children. Children ' s Theatre is one of Adelphi College ' s contributions to the com- munitv. Children ' s Theatre 89 Quartet Set on the outskirts but not on the outside of the campus, the INIusic Department is found in the " R " Building. No matter when you venture inside you are hkely to hear anything from Bach to Be-Bop. This department under the most capable direc- tion of Mr. Rasmussen lias become a living and growing part of campus life. Along with three full time teachers the department is assisted by many well-Known musicians in many of the varied musical fields. The Adelphi Band is a fine example of student interest and spirit in music. I he Orchestra and Cilee Club have been growing in popularity on campus as vell as off. Plans are made for a Ne v England Tour, by the Glee Club under the direction of James Fleetwood. Adelphi has been honored by the guest appear- ance of such stars as Lauritz Melchior, vho per- formed for the benefit of Adelphi ' s Voice Scholar- s ' lip; Frances Magnes: Ethel Elfenbein; and Brooks Smith, all of whom performed here a pre- vie v of their NeNV York Concerts. An Opera Workshop has been formed vhich includes not only Adelphi students but also pro- fessional singers interested in this project. Christmas Concert Barbara Denda Speech and radio work are Bob- bie ' s first loves. This friendly Tri Delt managed to get her fingers into many of the campus " pies " and in recognition of her work is a member of Delta Psi Omega, a national honorary for dramatics. Donata Einstein As a reporter for guidon and sec- retary of the Radio Workshop this pert Art major was kept busy during her career at Adelphi. Her vibrant personality was set off to advantage in All College Night skits. Gold Mask Productions and campus fashion shows. Shirley Freudenjall Gold Mask ' s answer to Hollywood comediennes is our Shirley. We ' ve seen her in many shows and enjoyed every one of them. Shirl was also on the Editorial staff of the ' 49 oracle and has served on All College Night Committees. This gal is marked for bigger and better successes in life. Donald ]. Friedman Production manager of W.A.B.S.. Gold Mask productions, and flashing bow ties in Chem class kept this boy busy during his years at Adelphi. Ukelele serenades in the H lounge and card tricks in the Snack Bar, Marching Band and Hillel Bll in the gaps. Edwin W. Frigard His art degree is only a step towards professional school for architecture, accord- ing to this well-known Chi Sigma senior. The state of Washington, as well as his wife, are foremost in his plans with free lance art work footing the bill. Blanche Geehie A shy and modest gal, " Scotty " was a valuable addition to the Canterbury and Spanish Clubs. The Sigma Kappas will miss this unassuming but penetrating personality as she goes forth to make her mark in art circles. Mary L. Hoelle Born to lead, Mary did just that with the presidency of the Glee Club for two years, that of her sorority. Phi Delta, and the Vice-Presi- dency of Panhellenic Association. Her clear and pleasant voice endeared her to all who have ever heard her sing. ]anet Jones Oh, so friendly and pleasant are the traits that Janet is known for. A valuable member of Kappa Kappa Gamma as well as Glee Club and Choral Group, she leaves Adelphi ' s campus with a bright star in her future. 91 Phyllis Joy Klausner Phyllis has two enviable things — a wonderful talent for music and a lovely engagement ring. A member of the Music Club, Phi Beta and Hillel. she also accompanies the orchestra. Alpha Epsilon Phi is her sorority. Lorraine Lackner A Tri Delt gal with a sparkle in her eyes and music in her heart, l_orraine s pleas- ant speaking voice and precise diction only give slight indication of the pretty singing voice concealed beneath. Noted for her sociability, she participated in many school functions. Grace Lamb With as warm a personality as she possesses. Grace vill have no difficulty in making art a fascinating study for her future students. This active Delta Zeta girl also left note vorthy contribu- tions to the Spanish, Newman and Glee Clubs. Irwin Lapointe Gold Mask and Intervarsity Chris- tian Fellowship claimed this senior ' s time at school. Clicking his vay through life behind a motion pic- ture camera is Irwin s dream after obtaining his de- gree in art. A sincere person, Irwin is sure to be a success in vhateve he attempts. Marilyn Joyce LePetri With a quiet charm and dignity, Marilyn will always be held high in the esteem of her Sigma Kappa sisters. Active in the Newman Club and Classics, this art major also spread her charm in the Spanish and Ski Clubs as well as being known for her fine renditions on the keyboard. Deena Lynn As if doing college in three years weren ' t enough. Deena with her bright smile and ■winning ways was also very active in Iota Alpha Pi sorority, the ' 49 oracle art staff and Hillel. Her academic achievements on Dean ' s List mark her for a quick success in life. Art and wit, member of the and associate to a few worthy James McDonald Speech workshop intellectuals. Jim hopes to continue the happy cul- tural life that nourished here on campus. He leaves many, many friends, indeed. Fanchon Miller Any Gold Mask production Fan participated in just had to be good. Her remark- able dramatic talent has also extended itself in Radio Workshop, Hillel and All College Night shows. 92 Marilyn Mittleman Golf and tennis rounded out this music major ' s career at Adelplii. Pert and viva- cious Marilyn also took an active part in Glee Club and Music Club. A warm and friendly person, Marilyn s charm will be missed. Doiis A. Muryn Didi ' s claim to fame is Ker infectious good natured laugh as can be testified by her Sigma Kappa sisters. Her talented artistic blurbs reflect her dynamic personality. She raises prize St. Bernards as a hobby on her upstate farm. Raymond Pawlowicz You ' ll have to travel pretty fast, girls ... to catch this Adelphi track man. Three years on the team, however, did not influence his artistic talents, for commercial art is Ray ' s aim after his successful years at Adelphi. Alese Cohen Pechter One of the bright stars in the Adelphi firmament, Alese has topped off an active academic career by adding the more domestic phase of marriage. Her work in Radio Workshop, Gold Mask and Women ' s A.A. as well as running May Day has won her a place in W ho ' s Who and Lantern. Harriet }. Press Musically inclined, Harriet has put her talents to use in the Music and Glee Clubs. She ' s served as president of Iota Alpha Pi sorority and has also worked on many Gold Mask Produc- tions. Harriet was also a inember of Panhellenic Association. Alfred Edward Rea This serious music major has spent his years at Adelphi literally singing for his supper. Well known in music circles for his catchy arrangements of popular tunes, Ed was an active member of Nu Sigma fraternity and Glee Club. Angela H. Rotella Membership in the Glee Club for four years just whetted the appetite of this bust- ling and active music major for his career in musical education. His Eta Iota Omega brothers cheered him for his excellent vork as President of the Italian Club and as Secretary of the Spanish Club. Nita S. Shapiro What with marriage, cooking and antiques, this vivacious Speech and Drama student also found time to be a valuable cog in the functioning of the Zionist Club. Hillel and the Home Ec Club. They say that they can still hear Nita playing her violin in Brooklyn tool 93 Marianne Spiegel Her dramatic arts talent was well displayed in W.A.B.S. work and Gold Mask. A transfer student from Iowa State University where she was Mortar Board, Marianne s contributions during her time at Adelphi included active participa- tion in the Children ' s Theatre program. George Wein Iasfi Choral conducting and ar- ranging are the aims of this personable music major. Hillel will certainly give George a vote of thanks for his untiring work on their culture committee as will the Glee Club for his years of service. Robert C. oodhouse The o vner of that warm, soothing voice heard over Adelphi ' s Broadcasting System could very well have been Bob Woodhouse. Further work in the broadcasting field will keep nim busy after graduation. The sports staff of guidon and Alpha Tau Rho kept his spare time at a minimum. Strike Up the Band 94 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION " There is no better ballast for keeping the mind steady on its keel, and saving it from all risk of crankiness, than business. " . . . Lowell BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION A good business man as well as a teaclier. Dr. Savage is very adept at presenting to his students the difficuh points of business. Doing this well, he prepares his students to enter the markets with self-confidence. His well-planned Business courses, along with the fine administration on the part of his staff, have served to place Adelphi ' s Business Department with tlie best. Dr. Charles L. Savage Mrs. Reichert Miss Schacht Q7 I (Pc J ' William S. Arenholz Active? Indeedl Secretary of Alpha Phi Beta and member of Interfraternity Council, Bill gave unsparingly of his energy to the Golf Team. Indoor Track, and Spanish Club. All College Nights were helped by this untiring worker. Bill was chairman of Senior Ball. Louis ]. Argonclizzo As every Adelphi football fan knows, Lou was one of the top players. Always ciuick and alert, he played for three years on the team and in ' 49 was elected its captain. Three years on the baseball team added more laurels to Lou s name. He ' s a member of the Spanish Club and in ' 49 Avas president of his fraternity, Nu Sigma. Arthur J. Asdourian First as its treasurer and then as its president, Artie proved himself an invalu- able member of his fraternity. Eta Iota Omega. This business Ad ' s activities vere expanded further as a member of the Boxing Club, Band and Orchestra. Softball and music fill in his spare time. ]ohn K. Barandon A consc ientious and enter- prising Business major, John ' s four years of hard work at Adelphi are sure to reap for him satisfying rewards of brilliance and success. May luck and fortune keep him steadfast in their fold. Philip P. Bendish A football star as well as member of the baseball team, this active Nu Sigma also demonstrated his prowess at figures in the Adel- phi Accounting Association and Business Club. Phil was also an active meinber of the Newman Club. Jerome Berger Well-armed with a disarming smile, a charming manner and a well-earned B.A. degree in Business Administration, Jerry is sure to become a success in his chosen career. Active socially as well as academically, this gent was a familiar sight at many of the college functions. John J. Black Thoughtful, quiet and easy to get along with is John. He recovers from hours spent at accounting with a quiet game bridge. His fellovs Club members have found him ready and willing to make this club a success. Marvin A. Blumenfield Well known on campus for his verbal ability. Marv has a personality bright enough to match his carrot top hair! Always well dressed and distinguished in manner, Marvin vell represents the acumen needed for a successful ac- countant. 98 Emanuel J. Borg Quietude of married life— that ' s Emanuel. Or perhaps lie ' s just busy contemplating that puzzling problem of how to discipnne two chil- dren and still be a beloved father. Emanuel majors, not only in married hfe, however, but also in retaihng. Richard G. Brons Married life Kept this Busi- ness Administration major busy after hours, but responsibihties are Dick ' s meat. He vas also presi- dent of Alpha Tau Rho fraternity. A quiet and in- dustrious senior, ve can safely predict a successful future for him. Richard A. Burchjiall Dick vas very much a part of campus hfe witli his membership in the Newman Club, Interfraternity Council, and Eta Iota Omega fraternity. A business student vith stellar qualities, he ' ll go far. Gerard V. Carey Balancing the books for oracle came easy to this clean cut, goodlooking Accounting major. Full of fun and always dependable, Gerry usually can be found with dear secretary " having coffee in the Snack Bar anv A.M. Milton J. Chercus Athletic, sociables and com- pletely charming, Milt spent t-wo valuable years on Adelphi ' s basketball team. A Nu Sigma man with a bent for business matters. Milt ' s a good risk for any- one s money. Melvin C. Christensen Mel ' s interests extend from Beethoven to Business and he goes for them ootn in a big vay. The orchestra was quick to claim his talents, while the Business Club vanted him for treasurer. As if this veren ' t enough, he is an active member of the Spanish Club. Edward J. Clark A gentleman with versatile tastes characterizes this Business Administration major, as is testified by his membership in the Eng- lish Club and Chemistry Club. Always well-dressed and friendly, Ed joins the ranks of business after graduation. Neal Comes Precise diction coupled vith a mel- low voice make Neal a pleasant person to talk to. Participation in Gold Mask and his work as a stu- dent assistant in Speech testify to his many talents. A Delta Phi Gam, with lots on the ball. Men ' s A.A. pronted from his presence. 9Q Nicholas ]. Croce The man with a soothing voice and a way with women describes Nick, whose fine renditions of current hit tunes lias set many feminine hearts racing. As a future member of the business world, success is a safe prediction for Nick. Salvatore D ' Angelo The commercial world has gained an energetic and willing worker in Sal, who has been devoted to the Business Administration department for four long years. Cheerfulness and humor will greatly increase his chances for success. Roy Daniels Adelphi ' s answer to Johnny Weis muller is Roy Daniels. A popular member of the varsity swimming team, he will be missed by his fel low students. Roy ' s talents don ' t stop at swimming for he is also considered an important member of the Glee Club. In spare hours. Business courses keep him busy. th: ithe Ronald Dennis He sure misses ttie soutnern weather and lovely belles from Florida Southern U.. but Ronnie has found good substitutes here at Adelphi with the hospitality afforded by the Busi ness department. However, there is still the case of the " southern fried chicken. " Richard Dick Tennis is the leading love of Dick s life ' and everything must necessarily play second fiddle to it. Spare moments are divided between Hillel, Business Club and his assignments for Ac- counting. Joseph H. Driscoll, Jr. A super-smooth business man-to-be, Joe mixes easily and with good conversa- tion, his Alpha Phi Beta brothers can testify. The retailing field will have a valuable addition upon his graduation. Donald Dubois Good looks, sociability and a desire to succeed, plus all the information gathered from his Business Administration instructors are the valuable qualities that Don will offer to industry. These virtues will surely be appreciated by his future employers. James Dunne Active in baseball and football with a manifest interest in all athletics, Jim never was one to limit his scope of life. The Newman and Business Clubs profited by his membership while his persuasive manner will certainly spell success in salesmanship. 190 Warren . Eichele AlthougK home affairs and family keep tliis married senior busy, Warren was part of the campus scene. Business Club and other activities prepare him for a future in Education, a field in which he promises to be outstanding. Edward R. Eichler Eddie intends to venture into the hectic, uncertain field of advertising. His hght- hearted personality and sincere interest in people as- sure his success in his chosen career. The Business Club waves a fond farewell to this popular member. Irving Eisenberg This Alpha Kappa fraternity man vill be a spark in the business world. His deep understanding of people and amiable ways should carry this boy to great heights in his chosen field of high finance. Lila Feinstein Brooklyn ' s contribution to the Class of 1Q50. this charming Adelphian devoted iier time to Phi Sigma Sigma sorority and Hillel. Her energetic work for these organiz ations is told in the history of their growth. Joseph Finn Joe, working through the fact, theory and dicta of our business department, still smiles agreeably. A Phi Lambda Rho fraternity rnan with plenty on the ball, Joe applied himself diligently to mastering the complexities of the business world. George Fishbein A business major with a firm grip on future success, George is a good natured guy whose accounting books drove him to burn the mid- night oil. The Business Club and other campus func- tions rounded out his campus career. Paul FitzpatricR Believing strongly in vork and all that goes with it, Paul made a valuable member of Nu Sigma and the Business Club while on campus. Headed for a successful career in business, his well mannered presence vill be missed. Fred S. Foley, Jr. Men ' s A.A., Alpha Phi Beta fraternity, Newman Club and Varsity wrestling kept this good looking senior busy in his spare moments from profit and loss figures. A veteran, conscious of his responsibilities, Fred is active on many com- munity committees. 101 Eugene P. Gengler An extremely friendly and ■warm personality have brought sunshine to the Busi- ness and Newman Club meetings. An Alpha Tau Rho officer and participant in intramural sports. Gene is assured an eager reception anywhere. Lionel R. Gillespie This personable young man has made an enviable reputation in the Business de- partment and plans to enter retaihng upon gradua- tion. As treasurer of Alpha Phi Beta fraternity and member of the Business Club, he obtained valuable experience in his chosen field. Glona Goldstein As president of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority, Gloria displayed many of her executive talents. Her reticence when it comes to talking about her long list of activities is just one of the reasons she was so popular with all the gang. Hillel and other social functions rounded out her career. ]ack Gordon His infectious smile makes him wel- come in any circle and will certainly aid him in his business career. A staunch member of the Business Club and Golf team. Jack was active on guidon. His hobby of boating may aid him someday in his desire to travel. Richard B. Green Here ' s a boy with a long in- teresting list of activities. Omicron Pi fraternity, Varsity Football, Varsity Lacrosse, Wrestling. J.V. Basketball and an active membership in the Yacht Club. Dick ' s spare minutes are spent flying. Robert Hammond Marriage, work and Delta Phi Gamma fraternity keep this personable senior busy and happy. A calm philosophy and gracious manner characterize this Business major and all Hooper ratings for him predict success. Edward Hand Another capable Alpha Kappa businessman, majoring in Merchandizing. This boy did not limit himself to business but was active on the social committee of Hillel. He was associated with the very successful Business Club Fashion Show of last year. Albert Hansen Al ' s vision and planning made him an important addition to the Business Club and ihe Business Department in general. With his genial smile there will be few people who will not want him to administer their business. 102 Raymond Harris Many o vs of figures figure in Harry ' s future as an Accounting major. The Business Clut vas decidedly enriclied by nis omnipresent good humor and unfaiung wit. His calm appearance has a steadying effect on all who know him. Torn Hausnerr Business and figures interest this personable senior who spent his active years at Adelphi as a keystone of the Football, Basketball and Wrestling teams. Eta Iota Omega and Inter- Fraternits ' Council viII lose a fine member. Paul Hee This boy vatches over the funds of Kappa Pi Alpha and very capably too. Paul ' s artistic talents vere displayed by his fraternity ' s poster at the Beat Hofstra Rally. The Yacht CIuIj gained an active member in Paul. Milton T. Hensley Singing his vay through Adelphi vas as easy as pie for Milt, as shown by his active membership in the Glee Club. Versatile in many respects, he pranced through activities pre- sented by the Business Club and several other school organizations. Arihur Herman Happy-go-lucky and easy to get along with— that ' s Artie. Famous to Adelphians as a talented member of the Baseball, Track, and Bas- ketball teams, he did more than his share as a mem- ber of Student Association. Nu Sigma knew Artie as an efficient secretary. Richard Janelli Tall, dark and good-looking is this member of the Men ' s A.A. Capable in every field, including the management of the Track team, he ' s sure to be a success in the business world. His bright sense of humor and many witticisms have made him one of Adelphi ' s popular males. Wallace B. Johnson There is nothing fishy about Wally, nor did he flounder his way through college. He was a well known and hard working member of the Swimming team. This lad has made many friends at Adelphi. Joan Kahn Cheerful Joan, known to Adelphians by her dimpled smile, is an energetic and willing member of the numerous college activities which have benefited from her presence. Among these are Alpha Epsilon Phi, Women ' s A.A., guidon, oracle. May Day and All College Night Committees. 105 Marilyn Kaufman Sophisticated, suave, with a pleasant smile and an eye and a figure for clothes. Marilyn nevertheles s is a student and one with ideas. You ' ll find her curled up in a comfy chair in the Guidon or Hillel offices. James Kenny A familiar Newmanite, Jim is actually a dynamo of energy. Phi Lambda Rho can credit many of its Inlerfrat laurels to his enthusiastic assistance. The offices of Vice-Chancellor, Social Chairman and Treasurer testify to the Kenny ability. Carol Kirschenbaum A serene countenance and assured manner are indicative of this Phi Sigma Sigma ' s mental composure. Just add the necessary spark and she ' ll go to town on the L.I.R.R. Business is her major and it is impossible to stump her in anything pertaining to it. James P. Korlvelesy Sailing through four years at Adelphi was an easy task for this Business major. Eta lota Omega fraternity found a valuable member in this conscientious Adelphian. and he should have smooth sailing the rest of the way. Irene Koutoukis Her understanding way and un- failing sense of humor vere a constant source of com- fort to her many friends. This pert Delta Zeta majored in retailing and should be a grand success in the field. She was treasurer of her sorority, an ardent member of Business Club and has a great interest in many sports. John R. Kutina Here ' s a fellow with a proverbial finger in every pie. An important jiarticipant in student government. President of hiterfraternity Council, President of Chi Sigma, member of Agora, Philosophy and Business Clubs, he will certainly be missed here at Adelphi. John F. Lally A Newman Club function would not be a social success without John s fun-loving presence. His keen mind and efficient manner guar antee success in his chosen field of business, as an of his lota Phi Alpha brothers will verify. Anthony Lanese, jr. Good at all types of figures characterizes Tony who is the man to see to straighten out your books after the first million has been achieved. Intramural and inlerfraternal sports rounded out this future business magnate s campus career. 104 . R. LaPlac Business Administration is this boy s chosen field and well chosen -without a doubt. As Vice-President of Epsilon Phi he did well by his fraternity brothers. He was also one of the actives of the Newman Club. Joseph M. Lappin The personality of this bright business major is a constant source of inspiration to his many friends and will be a great aid to him in his work. Joe is a Business Club member and an active, devoted member of the Newman Club. John Lee Although busy practice-teaching. John found time to be a competent treasurer of Iota Phi Alpha. His charming ways make him a big success with school girls but too late . . . He ' s been snatched off the eligible market and wedding bells will soon be ringing. MarjoHe Lehiy Garnering high ratings are as easy as pie for Marjorie as demonstrated by her academic achievement of Honors for the Class of 1Q50. The Business world receives a valuable addi- tion upon her graduation for she possesses not only efficiency but a pleasing personality to match it. Charles H. Levermore Elected to Who ' s Who, I his busy senior shows a long list of activities. Presi- dent of Kappa Pi Alpha, member of Honor Board, Glee Club, he has participated in Football and Base- ball, is one of the famed Garden Gate Quartet and active on Student Planning Committee. Thehna Leviiie Opera and business, Hillel and bridge, all of these are the active interests of this vivacious business major. Her executive ability was excellently displayed in her term as the Vice-Presi- dent of the Business Administration Club. Don Laughhn His Chi Sigma fraternity brothers will tell you of his versatility. Don was the first President of Men ' s A. A. and his drive had much to do with its successful organization. Varsity Lacrosse also knew of his prowess. Robert J. Malone Business means business with this energetic senior. As any member of Kappa Alpha fraternity and the football squad can tell you. Bob could sell you a cigar-store Indian, if necessary. All this is a good sign for his future role of super- salesman. 103 Edward C. Manser As student assistant in tne Business Department and Secretary of Delta Phi Gamma fraternity, Ed is garnering experience for a dependable future in the business vo Id. The social aspect of college life was fulfilled by participation in the Business Club. Audrey Ruth Margofis Efficiency, personaUty plus — tliat ' s Sliippy Margohs. Working faitlifully for ihe girls in the dorms, she helped malce dorm living smoother while acting as President of Harvey Hall. Skippy, as she was achieving her B.S. in Retailing, also participated in Glee Club singing. Ronald Marlis This boy held the purse strings of Alpha Kappa and tightly too. Hillel has an ex- tremely capable Vice-President in him. His literary talents made him an extremely valuable editor of the Hillel light. Certain success is headed his way. Ldlian Marsteller Pert and efficient, Lil is one of the Business department ' s " point with pride " specimens. Not only mean on the grindstone, she was a valued and able member of the Newman Club and a devotee of music, the piano in particular. Roy Stewart McKim, Jr. An active mind always ready with a new and constructive idea on almost any subject you may think of. A representative to I.F.C. for Kappa Pi Alpha. Roy ' s interests are di- vided between marriage and aviation. Fred Meyer " Do you read the Times? " is the question asked most often by men of distinction such as Freddie. Being that paper ' s representative as well as being on the guidon staff and in Delta Phi Gamma fraternity well prepares this senior for a career in advertising. Norman Meyerson President of his fraternity, this Alpha Kappa man is Hillel ' s capable representa- tive to the Metropolitan Hillel Council. Norm is also a member of Hillel s Executive Board. Psychol- ogy Club meetings were enlivened by his presence. Wdliam H. Michales, ]r. When Bill transferred to Adelphi he brought with him his energetic and in- vigorating personality. A welcome addition to the Business and Classics Clubs, he will long be re- membered for his active contributions. Lambda Chi Alp ha rounds out his social life. 106 Leonard Michelman An avid and witty Snack Bar conversationalist. Lennie keeps everyone in good spirits. Skillfully and athletically inclined, he built a highly regarded and enviable reputation as a good sport as well as sportsman. Alice Lenore Miller Alice has everything that should make her an immediate success in the busi- ness vorld. Her strong sense of cooperation, ready good humor and earnestness have made her a pop- ular girl on Adelphi ' s campus. Edward J. Morgan Here is a proud addition to the student body of Adelphi — straight from C.C.N.Y. Ed vas indeed an outstanding student and will con- tinue to be so. Ed s ambition lies in theology and he will continue his studies at Berkeley University. Rhoda Morse A fond love for bridge and Hillel made Rhoda a frequent visitor of the ' H " Building, where her talent for charming small talk made her a popular addition. Versatile in tastes, her activities include golf and the Business Club as well. Frank Nappa, Jr. Still single, after four years of narrow escapes at Adelphi, Frank hopes eventually to earn an executive position in retailing, his major. Among Frank ' s activities were an active member- ship in Omicron Pi, Circulation Editor of guidon and Intramural Sports. Robert J. NemcheJi One of the most enthusiastic talkers in the Snack Bar, ready to compare ideas and opinions with his own. Bob was a valuable cog in the Business Club and his fraternity. Alpha Tau Rho. The business world is ready to receive Adelphi s future tycoon. Marvin Novick Marvin is an ardent Business Club member and gives unceasingly of his tiine to Hillel and Spanish Club activities. His untiring perseverance and ability to put people at their ease should make him a great success in business. Charles O ' Neill Well-armed vith patience and fortitude, Charlie has attacked and conquered the problems of accounting. Amazingly enough he has retained that friendly and unpretentious manner that has aKvays made him so popular with his fellow students. 107 David Onuschah Dave will be one of Adelphi s best additions to the world of business. His sense of humor and unyielding drive make a combination which will be difficult to beat, especially as it is com- bined with a gift for making friends. Marilou Othote Her Kappa Kappa Gamma sis ters can well be proud of her activities. She was Editor of ' 4Q- ' 30 Handl ook, President of Pan-Hel- lenic, Photography Editor of ' 49 oracle and we could go on and on. Pasquale Papa One would never suspect Pal of being as sharp at accounting problems as he is at dancing, Newman Club and Omicron Pi functions would never be a success unless Pat vere present to give all the gals a twirl. Not being a social butterfly entirely, he was also active in intramural sports. Donald Patafio Varsity football, Newman Club and Spanish Club are just a few of the activities that this senior participated in. Demonstrating exec- utive ability also, he vas Vice-President of Eta lota Omega fraternity. Miguel A. Perez Better known to his Chi frater- nity brothers as Mike, this popular felIo v bursts with enthusiasm and school spirit. He ' s a well-liked mem- ber of Interfraternity Council and is seen at most of the social functions at school. W ' ayne S. Penault Service to student and col- lege makes this likeable senior an important wheel on campus. He was an assistant at Children s Theatre and a valuable member of Omicron Pi fraternity. Swimming and diving are just a couple of his ac- complishments. Alan ]. Price Ambitious and industrious is this handsome business major. He ' s both good-looking, and the possessor of an ever-pleasing personality and a large store of good sense vhich is going to carry him far. Ann H. Prussin This pert gal is a member of lota Alpha Pi. Her unfailing smile will carry her through into the business world with flying colors and her musical voice will please all of her associates. An ardent member of the Business and Glee Clubs, she was also active in Hillel, 108 Kenneth B. Reidy " Tlie Shadow Knows " but Ken knows more tnan the Shadow about business matters. Four years of commuting from Jackson Heiglits did bother this personable senior for he participated in many of the social activities which the Business Club presented. Lillian Reiter Pretty, vivacious Lilhan active treasurer of Kappa Kappa Gamma, member of the Business Club— comlaines beauty with brains as is told by Lillian s membership on the Dean ' s List and the Sophomore Daisy Chain. WiJ red C. Rippe, Jr. This fellow has all the necessary requirements for a successful business man. Cooperative, persistent and energetic. Will has built for himself an enviable academic record. For relaxa- lion he vinds his way to the Men ' s Smoker to spend hours with his Alpha Phi Beta fraternity brothers. RicJiard Rittenliouse ' There is beauty in num- bers, " says this enthusiastic accounting major. Busi- ness Club provided Dick with social relaxation and intellectual food for thought. He plows through prob- lems, expecting someday to receive his C.P.A. Bertram Robinson Bert is Vice-President of Alpha Kappa. This serious minded young man will go a long way in the business world because of his unfailing perseverance. Active in Hillel and ardent member of the Business Club, Bert gives much of his energy to all of his activities. Melvin Savitsky Mel was a group leader during Orientation Week and a member of the Business Club. He is a master of the sax-clarinet and flute. He likes women (very much) . Mel s ambition was to collect " 52-20 " and to graduate. Kenneth Schubert Ambitious and resourceful, Kenny will probably be remembered for his talent as a salesman. As a business man Ivenny is headed for an overwhelming success. Alpha Tau Rho and Interfraternity Council have helped him maintain his friendships at Adelphi. Robert ]ames Schubert A valuable member of Chi Sigma. Bob was first its secretary and later its Treasurer. The Interfraternity Council and Student Government knew his cooperation and industrious- ness. This native of Garden City is well able to at- tack the business vs ' orld with these assets. 109 Arthur Schuffman Sliutterbugging and making money go a long way keeping Artie of the Business department occupied full time. Both talents came to the fore during his several thousand mile auto tour this past summer. Quiet and sincere, lie ' s a good guy to kno v. Haniet Schwartz She huhhles with enthusiasm and efficiency over anything from Business Adminis- tration courses to dates, from Hillel to the Business Cluh. In fact, Haniet is just what Adelphi needs more of — girls characterized chiefly by a lot of school spirit. Floyd Gerard Sears An Alpha Phi Beta who has really kept himself busy these four years is Gerry. He was a member of the Varsity Football Squad in ' 4Q, played intramural football, Softball and basket- ball and vas secretary of his fraternity. His tact and diplomacy will help him in the business world. arren R. See Just ask any of his Phi Lambda Rho fraternity brothers and they will be only too will- ing to testify to the good humor, self-confidence and inborn understanding of people possessed by this boy. Charles Schearman Here goes another fine Adel- phian into the hard world of Business. Anyone who went through the woes of accounting labs can give testimony to his untiring wit, which kept many ol them from going under. Thomas Sheridan Tom can always get there first because of his experience at fleetness on both the Track and Cross-country teams, and his excellent academic record in the Business Department. In his spare time he participated in Newman Club activi- ties. Reginald ). Simes This Alpha Phi Beta man is renowned for his Lacrosse and Tennis playing. He was active in intramural wrestling and basketball. His understanding of people made him a qualified member of Honor Board and the Interfraternity Council. Edward G. Smith His winning smile and pro- fessional manner insures Ed of success in the busi- ness world. Sincere in purpose and unswerving in ambition, Ed will, we are sure, leave his mark on the world. 110 Janns C. Stratlon He was a -well liked personage in Le Circle Francais. This fellow is married and liopes to enter the field of public accounting. We hope that Jarvis never finds that there is no account- ing for the puohc. Helen Tavoulareas " I like bridge and especially the Dodgers, " quoth this vital and charming senior. NewTiian Club social events always found her pres- ent as well as the Business Club activities. Account- ing with its precise and meticulous numbers gains a valuable member. Walter Tic iy The Business Club figured as an important part of Walt ' s career at Adelphi. Real charm and personahty also contributed to the Span- ish Club and many other campus socials. Sports helped fill in those t vo iew extra minutes. Jeanne Typond A member of the Business and Spanish Clubs, Jeanne mixed business with pleasure. Bridge, baseball and golf furnish a well rounded program for relaxation from business. Never relaxed was her gay smile and pleasant personality. Walter B. Vaughan, jr. Always charming and displaying his efficient managerial ability, Walt was secretary of the Men ' s A.A. for two years. Self-pos- sessed and confident, he goes on to bigger and better things in business. Vincent Vitelli Another recruit from Long Island for the business world. Vince is indeed one of those we nominate to the " sure to succeed " list. This hand- some guy will go far without a doubt. Charles T. Walker A member of the Business and Canterbury Clubs, Charlie was also treasurer of Pi Sigma Fraternity. He hopes to be a C.P.A. or corporation comptroller. He takes time out for hunt- ing, fishing, and playing baseball. Married to an Adelphi Graduate, Charlie ' s main interest is in the making of his home. Martin Weisherg The Business Club will never be the same without Marty. Diplomacy and tact coupled with a pleasing personality served to make him one of the best-liked and most capable members of Men ' s Student Government. Marty will certainly go places come June. Ill Irving Weiss This business major lias served his fraternity, Omicron Pi. faithfully for two years as corresponding secretary, without complaint at the tedious job. Irv was instrumental in the formation of the Honor Board and Men ' s S.A. in 1946. Lynelte Patncia Weiss This trim miss is headed for an exciting buying career. While at Adelphi. Lyn accumulated many unforgettable experiences in such activities as Business Administration Club, re- tailing fashion show, field hockey, basketball and Softball teams and last but not least Dormitory Stu- dent Government. Audrey W ' enfs Audrey is one gal who can boasi a long list of activities. Her pep, vim, and vigor made her a cheerleader and a first class hockey and basket- ball player. As Pan-Hellenic Delegate and treasurer, this pretty Phi Mu displays good common sense in dealing with people. David C. Wfieefoc A broadness in scope and a versatility in talents characterizes this Business major. Phi Lambda Rho fraternity, Spanish Club and Intra- mural sports profited from his membership as will the business world he enters. Lawrence W iittfe This Business Administration major did not spend all of his time " whittling. " Larry was a gay blade at many a school function. His sincerity and understanding will certainly be an assel to him in the field of business. Robert F. V illiamson Combining an active in- terest in sports with administrative ability. Bob was a lively participant in Student Government. Alpha Tau Rho fraternity and the Ski Club, Joseph Wifsoii Any girl would consider herself lucky to receive a summons from this charming mem- ber of the Campus Police, Always gay and enthusi astic about life, he was " one of the boys of Alpha Tau Rho fraternity. Hany W , Wisnos ei Being versatile in tastes is one of Harry s pronounced traits. As a Business Ad- ministration major, he was also active in Phi Lambda Rho fraternity and the Chemistry Club, Such inter- ests will certainly lead him to success in his future endeavors. 112 John W. Zeiller Altliough a transfer student, John became part of the campus scene very rapidly. The Varsity Basketball team wouldn ' t have been the same vithout his capable presence, not to speak of the Business Club and other activities on campus. illiam C. Perkins Accompanied by his spar- kung wit. Bill has been quite active here on campus. He worked on All College Ball and AH College Night Committees, and is a charter member of the Adelphi Accounting Association. " Perky " is a mem- ber of the Canterbury Club, and served as Treasurer of Pi Sigma fraternity. Business Laboratory ii: 1953 1951 1950 Social i -Sn ,« - ' » K 9 o When the stress of academic obligations Kas relaxed, or even between lulfillments of obligations, we find tbe students issuing forth from under the academic shell and wandering unchallenged about the campus sniffing at this activity, stop- ping to observe others, and taking active part in still others. If our academic life lays a heavy stress on learning to get along with our fellow man, the social side lays just as heavy stress on this virtue. Our success in this area of activity is de- pendent upon the degree to which we are willing to practice the virtue. r i i f Here we have a practical application of theory, because of the varied backgrounds which are part of the membership of any of the campus organizations. Whether we be fraternity, sorority, student-government or just plain club minded, we know that in order to make the social Ufe of our campus a success, and that is our primary objective, we must put petty differences in the background when working in organization. The relaxation and stimulation stemming from social con- tact is well worth the effort (if it may be classified as such) that we put forth. The success achieved by this buzz of social activities is a common benefit to school and scholar alike, and the benefits to be gained from the resulting contacts are multiple. V o r Strike up tne band. Here come the freshmen. And they did, last September. We hung out the banners and welcomed all as never before. This method Avas successfully put into effect by means of ' Hello W ' eeli. ' The faces which were strange to each other would suddenly break into a warm smile and an enthusiastic Hello would issue forth almost simul- taneously. They were strangers no longer. Many a last- ing friendship vi develop from that first Hello. " Hello Week ' gave the upperclassmen just as much pleasure as it did the Frosh. Adelphi looks forward to making this another Adelphi tradition. 113 STUDENT GOVERNMENT Functioning this year as a unified organization, sensitive to the needs and problems of a coeducational student body, the Student Association is successfully completing the transition to an entirely coordinated form of government. Led by co-presidents Doris Kraemer and Fred Messemer, the Board composed of class presidents and class representatives, maintains as close contact with the faculty and administration as it does with the student body. Out of the need for an even more direct connection between the students and their government has grown the dynamic Student Relations Committee, organized in June of 1949 as a cooperative sub-committee of S. A. The purposes of this committee, as stated by the chairman of the committee, Frank Lopresti, are ... to act on student suggestions and to try to increase school spirit and student facilities on campus. " Among their accomplishments the young committee can list the organization of our Adelphi band, the inauguration of " Hello Week " for new students, and of the " Beat Hofstra " poster contest. Largely through their efforts com- pulsory chapel attendance was abandoned. This committee, which gives presidents or representatives of student groups an opportunity for organized action directed toward the solving of student prob- lems, reflects the goals of the entire Student Association. Honor Board Firs! Rom: William Borruso. Sandra Wriglit. Jean Melvin. Patricia Wilson. Dorothea Adams. Second Row: Ann Mc- Conville. Emily Ellis, Dean Harley. Edwin Tuttle. Ronald Alxiindcr. Rulli MrGrnne. I.nwrenre Kelly. Dean Mnnre. 116 Student Relations Committee First Row: M. OtKote. A. Zura. M. Biscay. F. Lopresti, B. Toner. N. Fishman. Sec- ond Row: D. Adams. D. Field A. Timmons, B. Corn. J, Paris. J. Spollen, E. Gold- smith. S. Wright. P. Wilson. First Row: E. Elhs. S. Wright. J. Melvin. D. Kramer. F. Messemer. J. McGarr. D. Adams. Second Row: D. Kuster. J. Carlson. M. Mezz. J. Johnson, R. McGrane. A. McConville. J. Tiffany. M. Biscay. Third Row: A. Herman. W. Feeny. N. Rosin. L. Watkins. J. Geohegan. K. Andre. M Rachles, E. Megarr. F. Lopresti. H. Sabin! R Rasmussen Student Association ■I Jij i 117 M. OtKote. B. Roliinson. J. Johnson, L. VValkins, ( J. Boyd. M. Biscay. V. Feeny. CLASS OFFICERS Irwin Gemiaise, Betty Mae Foster, Nancy Braverman, Jack McDonald. Lyn Fyvolcnt. Slieila Karp. M. Mczz. D. Rooney. 118 Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen IIQ hantern Firsf Roi..: E. Ellis, Dean Harley, M. Olhote. D. Kraemer. Second Rotr: N. Beers, D. Adams, J. Jolinson. B. Toner. Lantern — The members of tnis Senior Honorary Society are tne most versatile and outstanding students on Adelphi ' s campus. With seeming ease, they have successfully comliined the Isig three: Service, Socialibilily. and the pursuit of scliolarship. into their four vears at college. Who ' s Who Who ' s W io— Congratulations lo those Adelphians selected for " Who ' s Who Among Students In American Universi- ties and Colleges, D. Adams, i:. An III., lir,,-. R. Bullcn, R. Field. A. Cohen, E. Eliib. J. Julinson. D. Ivraemer. F. Messciiier, R. McGrane, M. Othole. C. Levermore, C. Siege], B. Toner, P. Wilson, H. Sahin. J. Spnllen. L. Watkins, I. Ridiard. 120 Mrml.c, : K, l,ulicrt. L. Kcrlirr. A. ur; D. Kusler, J. Higgins. G. Laine, F. Ranso I. Paris, H. G,. c, V. Borruso. " ' T!l « I. ,MtnL,, W. RhI,,,,-,!,,,,,, [. Bailc). Interfraternity c ounci I Panhellenic Association Fraternity life on campus is under the direction of Pan- neflenic Association and the Interfraternity Council. Both organizations coordinate the activities of their member groups, interesting themselves also in their relationships with the administration. Panhellenic Association governs eleven sororities and has an enviable record of raising funds exceeding $300, for the Bond fund and holding a Christmas Party for 40 or- phans of the Little Flower Home at Wading River. The Interfraternity Council, with fourteen member fra- ternities, has estabhshed a scholarship this year and is coordinating its activities with an eye to becoming na- tional organizations. First Row: K. Vorbach, D. Hanneman. R. Klein, M. Hoelle, M. Olhote, B. Foster, H. Wrosz, M. Gal laglier. A, Kester, B. Herman. Second Row: S. WrigKt, M. Bastress, D. Western, J. Kearney, N. Rosin, H. D Aniato. A. W ' entz, E. Nc -in. D. Pantierre, G. Herman. A. Rosenberg. Kappa Kappa Gamma— One of the first sororities founded on campus when Adelphi was in Brooklyn, tfie Beta Sigma chapter lias established a fast pace in ac- tivities under the able direction of Doris Dayton. Kappa Alpha Tneta Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Alpha Theta— The Alpha Kappa Chapter under the leader- ship of Kathryn Vorbach is a lively light in sorority life on campus. The Thetas have their fingers in many " pies ' as testified by their tow of achievement Irophies. Delta Gamma— With many mem- bers active in athletics, the D.G.s are always well represented at the games. The typical college girl is represented by this Omi- cron chapter, with Valerie Jones as president. Delta Gamma Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta— With many members active in school func- tions, the Tri-delts manage to make their presence known. Un- der Mary Alice McKinstry ' s lead- ership the chapter had a success- ful season which included an ac- tive part in Panhellenic ' s Christ- mas Party. Phi Mu Phi Mu-Psi chapter of Plii Mu lias a versatile group of girls in- cluclea in their inenibership. The stone bench in the lorjby of the S building which is constantly in use is a gift of tfiis sorority chapter. Holly Maddock is their president. Delta Zeta Delta Zeta -They are a group of girls vAio nave a very wide field of interests both socially and scholastically. They have held many successful social events this year. Among them have been their Christmas Party and nu- merous supper meetings. Sigma Kappa— Wovvl Here we kave an outstanding collection of vivacious girls ranging from cKeerleaders to scholars; social Ijutterflies to Lookwormsl All for one; one for all! Sigma Kappa Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Epsilon Phi — Brains and beauty are combined in Alpha Epsilon Phi to give them the larg- est membership on campus. Their many worthwhile activities in- clude the adoption of a foster child in France, a vivid interest in dramatics, radio work and ath- letics. Phi Sigma Sigma— 1 liey have given outstanding service in every field that is represented on Adel- phi ' s campus. They represent a true picture of college students. Phi Sigma Sigma Iota Ahoha Pi— Prominent in every activity in which they par- ticipate, these girls have talent, brains, and looks. They project their good-natured feeling into everything they do. Musketeers Under tKe talented and enthusiastic leadership of Phylhs Chinnery, this group of girls is interested in the promotion of friendship on Adelphi ' s cam- pus. Their many social activities cover a wide scope. Musketeers Phi Delta— Although small in number they have accomplished many things. They attack each task and subject with zest and energy. And they give a touch of lightheartedness to every gather- ing. Phi Delta Alpha Kappa — Intra- and Inter- Mural sports know well the dan- ger of Alpha Kappa team men. 1 hey form another spoke in the vlieels ol campus life. Alpha Kappa Alpha Phi Beta Alpha Phi Beta-A well bal- anced group whose representa- tives can be found in most cam- pus organizations. Government, sports, etc. and they do very well. Alpha Tau Rho Alplia Tau Rlio — Tlie l)Ooks are always balanced vnen Alpha Tau men are involved. Seeming lo specialize in business, mese men nave tneir fingers in many iither pies. Chi Chi Sigma — To list tlie activities and accomplisliments of this fra- ternity would take more space than is available. Men s A. A.. Student Govt., X arsity and intra- mural sports are just a fe v of them. Chi Sig also got Kings Point ' s goat, Neptune. Sig ma I Delta Plii Gamma— Endeavors to lie all tlial a Iraternily can he. Tlieir work lias not been in vain as the success of llieir fraternity l rojec ts well snow. Delta Phi G amma Epsilon Phi Epsilon Plii — Intra-mural sports are one of Epsilon ' s outlets. They have put a basKetball team in on the floor and were one of the first to organize an intra-mural vres- tling team. Eta Iota Omega— A great bunch of guys. This fraternity endeav- ors to foster gooa teIIo vsnip on the campus and off and to excel in athletics and scholarship while in school. Iota Phi Alpha— Their drive and speed maKe tliem an outstanding example of vhat success can be accomplished in intra-mural sports. If Iota Phi can do it all fraternities can. Kappa Pi Alpha— In their own quiet hut efficient manner the Kappa men liave gone into the detailed machinery of Student Govt, and Honor Board. The have added to the athletic stand ing of the college by contributing to the track team. One of their number served in the past year as Adelphi ' s official delegate to ihr Eastern College Science Con ference. Kappa Pi Alpha Nu Sigma Nu Sigma— The backbone of Adelphi ' s Varsity. The creed of Nu Sigma includes the follow- ing: To believe in the life of love and fellowship. To walk in the way of honor and courage. These they do vith deftness. Omega Delta Clii— Attaining the nighest scholastic rating among fraternities for the past year did not take everxlhing out of these men. They still had time and energy to offer men to Varsity sports and talce an active and pro- ductive part in Student Govt. Omega Delta Chi Omicron Pi— A great contribu- tion to ' arsity teams is Omi- cron ' s boast. Xot the only one though. Student and class gov- ernment have experienced the capabihties of these men. Pub- lications also have proBted by tlieir vorK. Omicron Pi Plii Lambda Rlio— Proving that fraternities are an asset to college life, PKi Lambda has done its share in campus and social ac- tivities. They ' re on their way to gallier more laurels. Phi Lamhaa Rho Pi Sigma— Need a good commit- tee member? Take your pick of any Pi Sig and he will fill the position with sitccess. At any and every campus function a Pi Sig vill be seen and will con- tribute freely to all activities. Tliey led Adelphi ' s " Beat Hof stra Spirit " with their Kigmy pro- duction. DORMS AND SANT NI B EHIND THE tlGHT CALL B Oh! The tender memories a Dorm girl takes with her when she graduates. The hen sessions til the wee hours of the morning, the everlasting briage games, the buzzer that means some lucky girl has gotten a phone call, and that pleading cry. May 1 borrow your black dress Friday night? I haven t got a thing to Avear. " It ' s just one big happy family. The Men s Dorms or Santini house some one hundred and fifty of Adelphi s out-of-town stu- dents. Santini also serves as a home for the foot- ball team during the training and playing season. While not located on campus, the men ' s dorms do serve to create a college atmosphere for the men away from home, the greatest fact being that they are a step towards the day when the construc- tion of the men s dorms on campus shall be a reality. Hen Session Living Issues 153 " THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE US FREE " Vol. XXVII.— No. 14 IF NOT NOW, Members: J. Lansky. J. Reynolds. C. F. Lessel, A. Marko, L. Behnken. Woodhouse, G. Downs. E. Rouniel L. Lee, G. Bauer. P. Wilson. WHEN? " GARDEN CITY. NEW YORK— WEDNESDAY. JANUARY II, 1950 PRICE TEN CENTS The Guidon is a weekly memorial to the valiant " Hemingways " and " Maughams found at Adelphi; to the many packs of paper that go down for this weekly sheet; and to the many broken heads and hearts of the staff. Its genial atmosphere made up of an illustrious social circle and its gay walls exuding pink elephants at times make the Guidon office (last stop in the " Temporary H " Building) a meet- ing place for the elite of Adelphi. As the telephone shrieks and its attendant crawls into the pink walls for privacy, a barrage of typists, copy writers and assorted Edi- tors, roll the " dummy " in to meet the latest possible deadline (mid-night Tues- day Night). Every Wednesday cheers the birth of another Guidon, never to be found before Chapel, and thousands fall over each other racing for the nearest point of dispersion. What appreciation!! The Truth Shall Make Us Free " and Guidon slicks to the straight and narrow, con- forming to every word under the skilled advice of its present Editor, Claire Siegel. Siegal. S. Huck, F. Horowitz, E. Ogueri, A. Rubin. D. Carmody, M, Biondo, R. , W. Feeny, G. Coldin, C. Scliwimmer, The Handbook " Bible of the Frosh. " Thesaurus " of the upperclassmen, and other labels have tagged the Handbook of Adelphi Club activities, school ' s constitution, sorority and fraternity members and their constitutions, and necessary information on other activities are all offered to the students at Adelphi in this attractively bound book. If you ever find yourself wondering who is president of your specihc club, the Handbook will tell you. If you d iike to know the members of Beta Beta Beta frat, look and you will hnd them in the Handbook, But better still, if you ' d like to know the name of the president of S,A. for some reason or other, you ' ll find it in the current Handbook, 156 F. Ho vitz, C. Scl- iwiinnier. C. Siegal, S. Huck. D. Carniody. Claire Siegel Shall The Truth Make Us Free? THE APRIL FOOL All The News That Fits ... We Print Adelphi Buys Brompton Avenue Homes; Plans Demolition, New Parking Field I g Editor-in-Chief And Desk Editor Die (As In Movies) With Their Proofs On Denies Administrative Plot To Ask Tuition Ten Years In Advance CONTENTS News _. Page Views . udes — Lewds On Stage . Off Stage Under Stage Catatonic Stage Features _ 18 _._ 18 S208 Sexual Features . Athletics Tbe Piddler . 69 Teacher Bites Stgdent For Asking Question By ETAOIN SHRDLC The Editorial 2 The Men ' s Room . . . you taico the door to the right and wait three doors down. That ' s not it. Then. . vou S. 0. B. HAS NEW EMBRYO The ANernoon Of A FaHen Fawn Let ' s Play, Bridget S BUILDING DEMOLISHED Squatting Squares Tw-.n Squeamish Squirm ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " " Who Threw The Bullion Cubes In Dr. Murphy ' s Agar ? I WAS A 97-pouNr ' - ' " ' °y p ' ' " » ' y Crousey Lousey, WEAKUNG . . . Says Roscoe Class of ' 49 Gives jPhysic Department To Aid r.. .. 1 1 . . Eddy H-ll For Squirm Announces Class Decision _..,..., ,_ For Dissipa LedlrfltCTS Brass Curtain Mummbo Dzumto. MasQUBrs Next] Behind Adelphi ' s HANDBOOK STAFF W. Appell, M. Othole, F. Fer- raro, Lila Buscli. J. GoeKegan, R. Scliriber, Grace TorvKian. 157 Kathy Read Twice a year a magazine called Pylon, dedicated to the young aspiring " Hemingways, " is published for the ap- proval of its Adelphi public. This year revealed a highly interesting group of authors, many of whom should make the grade some day. A staff of qualified students choose the best selections submitted (in little boxes found all over the school). After diligent copyreading and censoring, these stories, poems, or what have you, are published. A skilled staff of artists add their chef-d ' oeuvres and the Pylon, bound in an attractive paper cover, is passed out gratis to the students. Some of the pieces have re- ceived recognition and we are sure that if Pylon continues to improve, it will make Adelphi Known to the literary world. L. W ' hiton. K. Read, F. Horowitz, R. Brady. J. Kalz, I. Reynolds. PYLON 158 First Row: P. Squicciarini. S. Huck, V. Solnio. Second Row: P. Mcrkhardt, H. Facey, N. McDonnell. Margaret Cacioppo i pCp. CT " . iMat -, First Row: M. Hyler. M. Caci- oppo, V. Solmo, S. Huck, N. McDonnell. M. Lampasona, R. Alexander. Second Roiv: E. Og- veri, P. Squicciarini. R. W- ' y- gand, L. BeKnken. W. Feeny. Russ Wygand Bill Feeny MAY DAY Accompanied by tne Coronation Processional and her attendants, lovely Queen of the May, Nancy Dunleavy. was crowned by President Eddy. Amid cbeers and fanfare began tfie festivities of May Day. Queen Nancy ' s deserving attendants were June Dooling and Editli Lacey. botli at- tired in pastel go vns and stoles. Tbe Queen was dressed in white organdy which was beauti- fully set off by the navy and white gowns of the Court Ladies. Each sorority competed for top honors using a popular song. Delta Gamma was awarded first prize and the traditional silver cup. Alpha Epsi- lon Phi Avon second and Kappa Kappa Gamma won third place. The judges of the skits were Mr. Sterling Silliphant, Mrs. Lillian Van Mater, Mr. Clifford Orinskv and Miss Lillian Jackson. 140 GOLD MASK Gold Mask is a student organization whose primary function is to offer the students of tlie College an opportunity to learn about the theater and all its phases. Not only does it permit students to present their acting talent hut it offers to those who do not wish to act opportunities in design- ing, constructing and costuming the plays. In its effort to prepare those interested in the theater with a full realizalion of drama. Gold Mask has encouraged students to direct, stage manage and light productions to he offered to the public. The academic courses have found in Gold Mask a laboratory in which experiments are carried out by and for the students. Gold Mask draws upon all departments of the college, not limiting itself merely to the Speech and Dramatic Arts Depart- ment. Under the able coordination of James A. Per- rone. President, Gold Mask has produced " Out- ward Bound " by Sutton Vane. " Squaring The Circle " by Anton Chekhov and a series of three one-act plays directed by the students. ■I IL__. _„_. 9 % WmBSBBt wBBmBm w 141 ' ' Outward Bound ' " Squaring The Circle " ' land of The Dragon " " The Rope " ■ w ' ' Ways and Means " " Hello Out There " ' The Warrior ' s Husband " s ' ' H Hk ' j H - ' 1 1 . j v V hI I n N. ewman Member-!- G Nejgard. W. Bell, VV. Cuff. L. Lapidc. G. Cassano. B. Rattkamp. E. Lau. L. Marsteller. D. McKiernan, N. Dury, M. Balletto. H. Tiffany, C. Nubile, D. Paddi. M. Stein, M. Gallagher, E. Lamb. G. Bauer, H. Tary, M. Cacioppo, M. LeFenilna, J. Jablowski, G. Lamb, P. Pisciotta. F. McCal , P. Kresling, J. Erdman, J. Morris, L. Benken, V. Solmo, G. Carey, G. Gengler, A. Powers. R. Gardiner, F. Franz, M. Gannon, B. Fridericks. A. Morlalb. D. Keller. A. Adams J. Comyns. E. Kollie M. Limber. J. O ' Rourke, D. Sands, R. Cutino, H. Hove, J. Brennar., J. Gehring, A. Barbaro. N. Walsh. P. Voss. H, Asaph, P. Squicciarini. B. Brons. V. Cavanan, H. Painton. M. Gannon, A. Boriotti. D. Jackman, D. Murphy, A. Dalm, P. Papa. Members; P. Alpert, H. Horowitz, R. Marks. N. Myerson. Rabbi Kraft. F. Rosengarlen G Weinflash. H ' 11 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' - Lubash, N. Bermack. R. Lustbader, M. Bilah, E. Turnovska, 1. Richard. R. Badler. M. Ross. LVLdt A. Greenberg. Cluh 144 RELIGIOUS CLUBS I.V.C.F. Instruclion in respect for each other ' s faiths has been a traditional course here at Adefphi. where avid folfowers repre- senting the different refigious views on the spiritual force that binds us. There has been great interest in the joint meetings of the Hofstra-Adelphi Newmanites. Hil- lel put on a chapel performance of native folk dances while I.V.C.F., S.C.A., and Canterbury have been very active also. Members: M. Simpson. Rev. Hayrlen. E. Wagner, E. Pearson. J. Witherow, A. Tomlinson. B. Simpson, A. Diedricn. Canterbury Cluh Members: N. Alesliin, B. Austin, W. Boden. D. Bott. D. Carver, C Calyer, H. Crusius, S. Demolat. B. Denning. S. Dibble, G. Downs, B. Foster, S. Healy, C. Hunn. A. Kester, J. Meivin, J. " Noble. P. Oxley. M. Petroff, C. Ransom, L. Roden, J. Squire, D. Stockwell, C. W ' acker, J. Vaci er, P. Wassey, W. W ' ipfler. A. Zandlik. 143 DANCES All College Ball at tlie Astor with Vincent Lopez and our own Garden Gate Quartet commenced Adelphi ' s successful social season, while the Gar- den City Hotel was the scene of the 3rd Annual Inter-fraternity Ball highlighted by the appearance of ribbon corsages for the benefit of the hiterfraternity Fund. The origi- nal Sophomore " Cupid Capers " dance featured the choosing of a Queen of Hearts. Lyn Levine was chosen over a field of many pert Sophs. Excitement was high as the girls chose their dresses for the all important Junior Prom held at the Essex House with Billy Butter- field and Fran Warren. Sorority girls and their dates looked forward to the traditional " Greek Cotil- lion " which -was held at the Waldorf-Astoria. Last but not least comes the Senior Ball and our Seniors ' fond Farewell to the Adel- phi Scene. Inter-Fraternity Ball 146 Gayety Lady of the Evening Ladies Nn l at the Lodge Meeting Upper: Opera Citatus Loicer: Ein Kilometer ALL COLLEGE Tlie gala AH College Weekend commenced with a great show of student spirit on Thursday afternoon. November 17, as posters and exhibits were being readied for the " Beat Hofstra " Contest. At 7 P.M. festivities were officially begun with the traditional song and skit competition. The Junior class, with its presentation of a movie taken by Russ Wygand in the familiar locale of the G.S.. won the skil contest. The novel movie idea brought a tremendous ovation from the faculty and Girls of the Line 148 Beauty and the Beast NIGHT RALLY students. The class of 1953 was tne winner of tne song contest. The poster contest resuhs were then revealed. Kappa Kappa Gamma and Pi Sigma won first prizes for their poster displays. The faculty shit vas follo ved by a huge bonfire started in the field adjoining the ' H " building. The band played its repertoire and the cheerleaders won loud cheers from the students in the most exciting pep ralK ' in Adelphi s history. Watch Your Blood Pressure ' ■ " Q. ' , Upper: Rogues Gallery Lower: Witch T vin has Toni 149 JUNIOR MOVIE I3UA5IO R »S TOR ISmGLE PEOPLE OR RU IS Not lost 1 ? ? MR OLD Its « R0 AS 1 0 (H AS VrV l-IAM » . P e«ce « o«TecT)ve -K PoPFY tNTRODUCJNCr CflLPa ?£S «« K)i Mrs. VVeiman " Going to H - " is not a conaition of mind at Adelphi, rather it is a matter of location, for, lay reason of its shape, the Student Activities Building at Adelphi is called the " H. " The recent addition of a small snack counter has increased the popularity of the H, while a television set. juke box and Mrs. Weiman provide entertain- ment and a homey atmosphere. It is here that students gatlier to fill in the hours between classes watching the World Series, playing cards, or just plain loafing. Minnie ' Wlicit Size. Honev? ' Henry Coming. Alo( ier CAMPUS CHARACTERS, STUDENT POLICE First Row: W. Lowey. R. Holt. I . Lopresti. J. Wilson. Second Roir: Mr. Miller. J. McManus. E. Murray. B. ScKreiber. L. Kcrhrr. T. Fleury, F. Messnicr. The slam of large padded bodies, one against iKe other, the glaring floodhghts and shouted signals inform all passers-by that in that area of brightness men with bruised limbs are toiling for perfection with one aim in mind— Victory. This is just one area of concentration. At each practice of every sport we will get the same shouts, groans and murmurs of approval from the on-lookers when this man sends a line drive into left held, or suffers an agonizing twist to gain a quick pin. Day after day the crushing scrimmage goes on. The rhythmic dull thump, thump drifts from the indoor track out through the doors of the " R. " and whether they be inside or out the trackmen ' s push is for greater speed. Day after day, and game after game, the process goes on. and is taken for granted, leading sometimes to victory and some- times to defeat. However whether it be a fraternity basketball game or the big Hofstra game, we can never show too much appreciation to our athletes. There is no pat on the back nor word of encourage- ment which can close the wound of those one-point heart- breakers, but those pats and encouraging words can go a long way in bolstering morale and preventing greater defeats. N vv ,a v 0 N ' H Octob Cerny FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 1949 ' r 1 N. Y. S. Agricultural and N. ovember Technical 8 Rider College 13 Brooklyn College 22 Fort Monmouth 29 Arnold College 3 New Bedford College 12 Kings Point 18 Hofstra College 28-6 13-23 53-15 46-0 28-0 41-12 13-41 28-6 First Row: C. Tufano, J. Dolce, W. Manus, A. Kunkel. Q. Verdy, P. Piazza. G. Relias, B. Scott, F. Borsoay, C. Frankolini, T. Sellarole, P. Fulton. R. Peiscop, R. Green. Second Row: B. Eilel. K. Smucker. P. McDeed. L. Hart M, Vitale. B. Siciliano, Coacli J. Cerny. P. LaSota, J. Miele, J. Allen, C. Broderson. D. Burpee. W. Smitli. N. Davis, R. Mulligan. Third Row: Trainer P. DePace, E. Toturra, N. Stovall, J. Lujack. J. Fanning. A. VVliitney, H. Vogts, Coach J. Garrabrandt, CoacK A, Mann, H. Moss. S. Saun- ders. J. Finn, S. Van Burrcn. J. Lawrence, E. Kalano. Mgr. J. Ripperger. September, 1949, saw Adelphi entering a new foot- ball season with almost a complete turnover from tlie previous year s team. John Cerny. who had been line coach the previous year had been promoted to the status of head coach. A pair of newcomers. Jack Garrabrant and Art Mann, were to assist Cerny in his new position. The team s overall record was six vins and only two losses. The Hofstra rivalry came to a head the following veek as students from one campus invaded the other. When the smoke had cleared, however, there was no serious damage, except lor a few hurt prides. The stage was set for the game. When the contest got under vay. it appeared foi a time that the Dutchmen were up to the occasion. But soon, the superior Panther forces exerted their power and the final score was 28-7. completing the most successful grid campaign in Adelphi history. Mann Garrabrandt t ' M " i v i rfi 1 ,y rSm ' Ihi - Pj jH ' ' 1 . a aD T •S -s J ' " d note. 3,Spo " --5|„o,Uy, NV- o-n- BASKETBALL cr Junior arsity Cheerleaders A. Lynn, L. Fy ' oIenl, J. Krumo- nauser, E. ScnmoKa. R. Gardner. 156 AJelphi ' s basketball team has long out- grown its infancy and the group is now a recognized power in the Greater New York Basketball Conference. Both the faculty and students of the college have shown great concern over our present or- ganization and hold it in great esteem. The doings of the Panthers hold an im- portant place in Nassau County and the name Adelphi is rapidly sweeping the Metropohtan Area. But now that the team is firmly en- trenched on campus, we find that the pioneer athletes who paved the way are members of the class of 1930. Artie Sneld- ers, a mid-year graduate, was the Pan- ther s highest scorer for four years on the floor of the R building. Along with Artie, co-captain Joe SpoIIen and the entire start- ing five will be leaving this year. Names to be remembered among them are Bill Keeler, Jack Jennings, and Sonny Cher- cus. The team has defeated schools like Kings Point, Queens, Pratt and Cooper Union to date. These victories earned the Panthers a first place tie in the Greater New York Conference. If the team can go on to win the championship, the grad- uating members will leave a cherished memory behind. [V Charles Liotta f; ' - ' Row Ai p , ' ■ - tieiss, J Long Shot 157 A mucli iiiipioved Panther track team is getting set to continue its winning ways in the spring of 1950. Now under the able coaching of Bernie Mayer, former Nation- al A.A.U. shotput champ, the team has gained in membership as well as experi- ence, and is well set to go through its third undefeated season. It now holds a string of ten consecutive dual meet victories. Many of last season s varsity men have returned to form the nucleus of this year ' s squad, although Iron Man Greg Cizek, a consistent winner of the distance races, is not among those present. A tentative survey of the cinder events discloses the old regulars, Morty Mintz. Russ Vuolo and Ray Pawlowicz in the 100 yard dash. In the 220 sprint Bob Alexander and a newcomer. Dan Spencieri will accompany Mintz and Vuolo. Alexander and Vuolo are also slated for the 220 low hurdles, with veteran Joe Britt and advent Bob Jacobs filling out the fence shippers ' ranks. The high hurdle features Howard Kester as well as Britt. A Syracuse transfer student and former Long Island hurdles champ. Mort Dia- mond, promises to show well in the cfuarter mile run. Alexander, Jacobs and Jim Millosky. always a consistent per- former, will round out the field and all other departments are well in hand. Floyd Horowitz TRACK AND Momhcrs: B. Mi rr. M. Mintz, R. Vuolo. R. Pawlowicz, B. Alcxtindcr. D, Spencieri, J. Brilt. B. Jacobs, H. Kostcr. M. Diamond, J. Millosky, R. Turnor. R. Knodt. 158 Adelphi ' s harriers, Lanny Levine, Leon Herman, Bill Powell, Bob Turner, Art Elliott, Roy Cook, and Bob Banks came through their fall schedule with only one victory, despite a tremendous improvement over their 1Q48 time showings. Under the coaching of Bernie Mayer, who succeeded Vinnie Gold, the team was matched against strong competition and a longer array of colleges than was the case last year. The Panthers competed in seven meets, losing to squads from City College, Montclair State Teachers College, Rutgers, Kings Point, Hofstra, and the Aggies. Their victory was over Wagner of Staten Island. Both the Aggie and the Rutgers meets were dropped by a heart-breaking one point. For Cook and Elhott, both freshmen, the season marked their first attempt at the college cross country distance of five miles. Returning times of less than thirty minutes. Levine, Herman and Powell chopped their previous records by fully two minutes, giving evidence of their capabilities in the distance events for the spring season. Lenny Levine CROSS COUNTRY Members: L. Levine. L. Herman. B. Powell. R Turner. A. Elliott, R. Coofc. B. Banks. B Maver V. Gold. ■ 139 First Row: R. Turner. F. Muzantc. D. Delia Rocca. A. Piazza, G. Perlin. C. Bixton, Mgr. VV. Micfcldt. Second Row: Coacli J. Cerny, D. Kustcr. F. Mortinson. B. Myslik. B. Anderson. A. Siff, D. Manning. C. Liotla. L. Argandizzo. BASEBALL The 1Q4Q liaseball team under coacli John Cerny suffered setbacks even before the season ' s first game. Many veterans were lost by eligibilit ' rules and Art Herman, one of tbe team ' s most consistent centerfielders, broke bis ankle in early practice. Yet, with all these handicaps, the boys did themselves proud even when the score seemed to indicate the contrary. The m ost outstanding games were a pair of decisive wins over Kings Point and a 3-0 triumph at St. Peters. This year there is a strong returning nucleus including big Bill Ander- son. Phil Bendish, hustling Don DellaRocca, Bubs Buxton, Stan Diamond, known as the " Cynic " by the boys on the team. Bob Turner, Lou Argondizzo. whose football renown hardly overshadows his performance on the diamond Chuck Liotta and tiny Tony Piazza. Dick Arnot, Al Liff, and Dick " the Whip Kuster were there too, all of which seems to indicate an eventful season for Jack Garrabrant, the club ' s newly appointed coach. Bill Neufeld is again manager of the team. Dick Kuster won the most valuable player award in 1Q49. Bill Neufeld Warming Up Round Third 160 Last spring. Adelplii ' s infant major sport suffered what some might term an unsuccessful season, compiling a two anci Bve rec- ord with some brutal losses being served the boys at Yale and R.P.I.. but with heartening successes at Hofstra and Lafayette. Yet, to the boys on the team, the success or failure of the season could not possibly be measured in such materialistic terms. The antics of Irwin Germaise. Jim Simes, and Dick Green at the after- game welcome extended to us by Yale; the spirited play of Arty Glenn, Jack Lawrence. Chris Broderson, and Bob Stutz; the tire- less energy of Dick Siegel, John MacDonald. and Ned Romano and the amazingly rapid progress made by Harry Raven. Sy Lit- vinoff and Jules Guth have become welded into a firm body of happy memories that none of us will ever forget. Fred Bargetzi is this season ' s co-captain and shares this posi- tion with Don Loughlin. But it is last year ' s Hofstra game that gave the boys the great- est pleasure. In a heavy cold rain on a wet field, with exceptional support from Don Loughlin, Bud Bargetzi, Paul Kittay. and Ernest Schroeder. the team played the greatest game in Adelphi s short lacrosse history and walked off the grimy field of battle only after chalking up a decisive victory over the Dutchman. Robert Corn First Rou.; R. Sturz. S. LihinoH. R. Corn. P. Kitay. F. Bargetzi, R Sicgal, J. MacDonald. Second Rou " : A. Glenn, J. Gutli. D. Green. J. Simes, C. Broderson, N. Romano, H. Raven. Third Row: V. Fauci, J. Lawrence, H. Minnaer, I. Germaise, D. Loughlin, E. Schroder, Mr. Ruggian. LACROSSE 161 The Adelphi wrestling team has at mid-season registered two wins and two losses. Under the direction of the ne%v vrestUng coach. Jack Garra- brandt, the grunt and groaners have overcome the loss of a few of its old timers and have succeeded in putting a team on the mats. Cal Guest, a newcomer to Adelphi but an old mat man, has ably carried the 121 pound class for Adelphi. The only Panther veterans on the team are Norman Fidelman, 121 pound class; Howie Sabin, 128 pound class; Don Burpee, 165 pound; and Jim Fanning at 173. Both Burpee and Fanning have shown the new- comers to the squad %vhat a little persistence can bring. Jim Fanning ' s match against Brooklyn Poly was the outstanding performance of the 194Q-1930 season. With the help of promised better wrestling facilities and more equipment, Adeiphi ' s wrestling team should turn in an undefeated record for the season. Other men on the grunt and groan are John Kuptsis, Bill Long, Bill Orlin, Frank De Hergut and Walter Johnson. These men are all good wrestlers on whom the hopes of future Adelphi wrestling teams depend. Walter Johnson WRESTLING A. Guest, H. Sab in, R. Frank, W. Long, D. Burpee, W. Orli- lien, J. Fanning, J. Scott, Jolinson, R. Vaughn, j. Kuptus, J. Watt. A. McComiick. T. McDonald, W. Kenncdv, R. Knodt, W. McKee, N. Marchese. F. DeHergot, W. Donegan. N. Fidlcnian, R. Green. 102 Aleiiiters.- B. Bales. A. Tatom. K. George. H. Strauss. R. Fisli. E. McTerhnan, S. Erickson, R. Jaeger. D. Kramer. E. Stone. J Mann. D. Hayes. J. Albrecht. SWIMMING A new addition to the list of major sports was tlie Adelphi swimming team. The Men ' s A. A. recognized this activity as a varsity sport early last fall. Mr. Mann, a capable swimmer himself, was appointed as head coach, and is being assisted by Miss Nolan. As the new coaches undertook their tasks, they were met by a shortage of swimmers and by illness. Considering these burdens, the team came through with a successful season. The stalwarts of the team were Don Kramer and Ed Stone, whose competitive spirit always kept Adelphi within grasp of winning. Other candidates were Bill Bates, Jack Tatum. Dick Dawda, John Albrecht, Bob Woodhead, Roy Daniels, Heinz Straus, Harold Rice and Daniel Hayes, whose diving record scored many points for them. With the year ' s experience they have, and new candidates, Adelphi should strive to new heights in this sport. John Albrecht YACHT CLUB r» First RoH..- R. Dunhill, M. Busom, J. Thomas, B. Hart. P. Keisling. J. Noble, A. Maslow, Second Row: R. Romez, R. Herman. Dr. Kruger, B. Snow. J. Trues- dale, R. Field. The Yacht Club, which is one of the fastest growing clubs on campus, was organized in 1948. Since then, it has come a long way. It has been accepted by the college and by the Intercollegiate Yacht and Racing Association of North Amer- ica. Many of its members, who were previously nonsailors, have been turned into ardent sailing fans. They meet once a week to discuss future racing meets and to receive instruc- tions on yachting. The club has raced at many distant places Including Washington, D. C. Last spring they won the Greater New York Novice Championship and brought home the trophy. 165 TENNIS Members — J. Lansky. M. Snyder, B. Williamson, L. Druckman. F. Rosengarten. N. Hofstadtcr. Led by co-captains Tom Stocksdale and Jim Boyd and playing their home games at Bethpage s black course, the golf team won three matches and suffered four losses. To their decisive victories over Queens and Pratt they added an overwhelm- ing shut-out victory over City College. The team played hne golf and a single point would have changed defeat into victory in their matches with Montclair. Manhattan and arch-rival Hofstra. Tom Stocksdale, Jim Connors and Jim Hunter, all seniors, successfully completed their varsity careers while Jim Boyd putted his way to an un- defeated season. Chet Wood played excellent golf and turned in a great victory over his Hofstra op- ponent. Bill Arenholz and Paul Wagner also played fine winning golf and together with Jim Boyd and Chet Wood will form the nucleus of this years ten-game schedule. James Boyd For the third season the Panther racquet wielders will take to the court under the Brown and Gold Banner. Last spring ' s record of four wins against five setbacks, included victories over Kings Point, Little Three Champs. Fordham. Pratt, and St. Peters, while the losses were suf- fered at the hands of Hofstra, Queens, C.C.N.Y.. Manhattan, and Brooklyn Poly. The team will lose the services of the three top men, Lee Druckman, Newt Hofstader, and Milo Snyder, and double lettermen. Returning to the lineup, however, is Frank Rosengarten. Bob Williamson, and Jerry Lansky, three well- seasoned veterans. The schedule for the coming season will include all of last year ' s competitors, with the Little Three title again at stake. GOLF Drivers AND Putters Members: C. Wood. Co-cap- tarn: J. Boyd, co-caplain: .1. Mussen. B, Arcnliolz. R. Burger, F. LcPresti, L. Lclir, P. X ' agner. Mgr. Dancing Down . Straight to Mark M ) 1 ■ fe 9 « 1 M H! Hit it High Off to the Races WOMEN ' S SPORTS 1 HE Arrow Went I here Basketball Team Out of the Park 166 First Row: J. Lcliman. N. Fisliman, D. Reliiil, J. Reinliold. C. Alberts, S. Weinberg. B. Toner. Second Row: B. Altnian. B. Cemiak, E. Delisser, L. de Baltaire, J. McNamara. R. Rolquin. Reach! V Get the Bird! Vl T 167 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Miss Skinner Mrs. Dexter Miss W ' idfrman The Phxskal Education cleparlment. directed by Miss Arvilla Xolan leads a well integrated pro gram for its students, planned for a maximum of variety and enjoyment as well as for pre- profes- sional training. Mrs. Dexter s square and folk dancing courses are gratifying as well as strenuous, while Mr. Ruggian coordinates the intramural pro- gram. The department would not be complete however, without mention of Mrs. Rapp s Hygiene classes or Dr. Gillick s ever present physicals for the student Ijodv. 168 MEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Men ' s Athletic Association has had a very hectic, but, we heheve, successful year. The highhghts of the past school year have been the Varsity Dinner. Field Day, New Student Picnic and the annual ' ictory Dance, following our victory over Hofsira in the Adelphi-Hofstra football clash. The New Student Picnic and Field Day were conducted in conjunction with the Women ' Athletic Association, while the Varsity Dinner culminated a successful sea- son for all of Adelphi ' s athletes with the presentation of awards and letters. During the past season, intra-murals were conducted in football, basketball, wrestling. Softball and tennis. The intramural activities and all the other affairs were conducted by Bob Corn, Noel Giambalvo. Dick Carmody. Bill Neufeld. Joe Spollen and Mr. Claude, Ruggian. Director of Men ' s A. A. Joseph Spollen WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Women ' s Athletic Association of Adelphi undertook a gigantic program this year, under the able guidance of Beatrice Toner who served as president. Along with top cooperation from the Physical Education department, this program was successfully completed. Numbered among the many activities were the Student Picnic. Student-Faculty Basketball game and the Student-Alumni Basketball game. Not content with just these, the Association sponsored an Inter- dormitory Volley ball series and Inter- Sorority Basketball competition. The W.A.A. handled all arrangements for the traditional Field Day competition between the classes as well as procuring, for the hrst time in their history a new meeting room for the Association. Miss Nolan was the faculty sponsor. Firs! Rou : D. Adams, C. Alberts. J. Rein- liold, B. Toner. Second Row: J. Kahn. H. Colien. S. Seinberg. N. Fisbman. Third Row: E. Timmons, J. Laurence. D. Gold- sniilK. J. Breakstone. Ki PB9l 169 Making it New Talking it Over They Must Have Won? AT THE GAME o PERATION Nep-1 Saturday night, Nov. 5, a group of determined Adelphi men left tfie Spoon for " Operation Neptune. " Arriving at Kings Point, scouts de- termined the dihgence of the Academy guards. Two Adelphians scaled the eight-foot wall while three others entered the gate. Neptune ' s pen was easily found and one member deftly roped the ram as he charged. Once lassoed Neptune, was led easily out of the gate into the road. Here the ram stopped, within 200 feet of a guard post, and refused to budge. After much pushing and pulling he was finally loaded into a truck. Then the jubilant Adelphians sped off into the night with the docile Neptune, prized mascot of King ' s Point Academy. " Operation Neptune " was concluded at the Iving ' s Point football game, when Neptune was returned with much display to the awaiting Cadets. Tense Moment.s High Stepper It ' s been a pleasure Best of Luck to 1951 1952 - ! 953 - 1954 and all the fifties CLASS OF 1950 172 FouMdev — O Student Directory 1949-50 Abhey. Rutli E., ' 52: 1 Meadow Dr., W ' oodmcre. N. Y. Abeles, Fred 1., ' 30; 372 Ridi e vood Ave.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Abelson, Suzy I., ' 52; 645 West End Ave.. N. Y.. N. Y. Abrahamsen Jr.. Alfred, ' 52: 154-47 Springfield Blvd.. Spring- field 13. N. Y. Abrahamsen. Artbur N., ' 50: 420 Midvvood Ave., Bellmore, N. Y. Abrams. Paul D., 55: 4158 Carpenter Ave.. Bron.x 66. N. Y. Abrevaya. Robert D.. 55: 84-52 Parsons Blvd.. Jamaica. N. Y. .AcKerman, Barbara H.. 52: 1185 E. Broadway. Hewlett. N. Y. Aclin. Jobn J.. ' 55; 1Q9 Sbemian Ave.. N. Y. 34. N. Y. Adams. Alice P.. ' 52: 181-02 Dalny Rd.. Jamaica 5. N. Y. Adams. Dorothea J.. ' 50: 515 St. Marks Ave.. Bellmore. N. Y. Adams. James P.. 55: Hillcrest Rd.. Suffem. N. Y. Adams. Jane. Spec. Grad. : 19 Cbapel Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y. Adier. Seena D.. ' 50: 4125 Bedford Ave.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Affalato. . ' nthony J.. ' 52; 52-45 202 St.. Bayside. N. Y. Agresla. Ralph L.. ' 53: 921 N. Locust St.. Hazclton. Pa. Ahearn. Herbert T.. ' 33: 12-18 116th St., College Pt., N. Y. Aichcic, Richard A.. ' 55: 121-09 7th Ave., College Pt., N. Y. Alagia, Nunzio, ' 53: 4518 Brown St., Union City. N. J. Albers. Mrs. Katherine L.. ' 55; 154-21 Hook Creed Blvd.. Rose- dale. N. Y. Albert, Marilyn L.. ' 52 Alberts. Louise C 52 Albrecht. John G.. ' 52: Alenik. Marvin. 52: 1 Aleshin. Nicholas B.. Alexander. Esther. 5 Alexander. Janet K.. lage. N. Alexander. Alexander. lage. N, Alexy. Irmgard G.. N. Y. Alkon. Thomas H.. Y. Robert L.. Ronald. Y. 57 W ' oodmcre Blvd., oodmere, N. Y. 28 Piccadilly Downs .Lynbrook, N. . : 80-58 212th ' St.. Queens Village 8. N. ' 810 Longfellow Ave.. N. Y., N. Y. 55; 4 Forest Ave., Baldwin, N. Y. 5440 Pcachtree Rd.. .Atlanta, Ga. 55; 100-02 Springfield Blvd., Queens Vil- ; 1057 Carroll St., Bklyn. 25, N. Y 100-02 Springfield Blvd., Queens 51; All, Allen, Jeffrey J Allison, Jean Marie Allmendingcr. Patricia N. Y. Alpert, Elaine, 54; Alport, Philip, ' 50; Alpert, Sandra Lois, Alsheimer, John A., Alter, Molly S.. Ahman. Barbara 52 ' 52: 1656 West End Ave., 27 Gates Vil- Ncw Hyde Park, Ave., Malverne, N. Y. ■d, Lucille. Spec. Grad.; 222 7th St., Garden City, N. Y. 160 West 73rd St., N. Y.. N. Y. 52; 519 Laurel Rd.. W. Hemp.. N. Y. Spec. Grad.; 584 Merrick Rd.. Lynbrook. 631 Empire Blvd.. Bklyn. 15. N. Y. 143 West 188th St.. Bronx 63. N. Y. ' 54; 1571 Undercliff Ave.. N. Y. 53. N. ' 54: 46-28 192 St.. Forest Hills. N. Y. NLA.: 4 .Mdin Lane, Levitlown. N. Y. 52; 68-58 Yellowstone Bl vd.. Forest Hills. Amanpour. Haideh. ' 51: 194-57 87th Rd.. Jamaica. N. Y. Amant. Maude H.. Spec; 54-58 81st St.. Jackson Heights. N. Y Anastasio. Anthony. ' 54: 2141 Mapes Ave.. N. Y. 60. N. Y. Andersen. Lore Jean. ' 52; 164-03 89th Ave.. Jamaica 3. N. Y. Anderson. Barbara Ann. ' 51; 40 Oakland Dr.. Port Washington N. Y. Anderson, Chas. W., ' 50: Box 643, Roslyn Heights, N. Y. Anderson. Jeanne. NLA.: 133 Forest Ave.. Massapequa. N. Y. Anderton, Joy M., ' 30; 325 W. Valley Stream Blvd., Valley Stream, •N. Y. Andolf, Kenneth, Spec. Grad.: 245 Rider Ave.. Malveme. N. Y. Andre. Keith L.. 53: 805 Shippan . ve.. Stamford. Conn. Andrew. Marcia. ' 52; 210 Long Ave.. Hamberg. . . Y. Andrews. Ruth E.. ' 55: 550 Feltcr ;., Hewlett. N. Y. Angelakos. Lillian NL, ' 30: Glen Spey, Sullivan County, N. Y. .Angus. Ruth A.. ' 55; 282 Wellington Rd.. Mineola, N. Y. Anislon. Mary. ' 51; 1248 E. 12th St.. Eddystone. Pa. Anness. Muriel. NLA.: 1565 Franklin Ave.. Mineola. N. Y. Ansari. Mansour. Spec; 170-04 Highland Ave.. Jamaica. N. Y. 605 Fifth Ave.. Bradlcv Beach. N. J. 4 Old Colony Lane. Great Neck. N. Y. 88-24 179th PI., Jamaica. N. Y. ' 54; 405 E. Milton Ave.. Rahway, N. J. M.A.; 11 Bennett Ave., N. Bellmore, N. Y. ' 50; .41 Nassau Ave.. Freeport. N. Y. k -= r-r- L -, . ■: !■ . ,,- » , " -. Downs. Lynbrook. N, . Manhasset. N. Y. Anthony. Irene P.. ' 55; Anuskewicz. Juliet. 53; Appell. William. M.A.: Applogate. Donald J.. Arceneaux. Gloriana J,, Arenliolz. William S.. Broderson, Cliristian. 5 1 ; 225 Piccadill Brons. Barbara T., 54; Q6 Gavnor Avi Brons. Richard G.. ' 50; Lido Beach Homes. Bld . F. Apt. 9 Beach. N. Y. Brooks. FredericK, 50; 55 Mirin Ave.. Roosevelt. N. . Brosnan. Walter E.. " 55; 90-2S 187th St.. Hollis 7. N. Y. Brower. Joanne C, ' 55: 107 Bristol St.. Bklyn. 12. N. Y. Brown. Ccdric A.. ' 52: 116-5-1 120th St.. S. Ozone Park 20. N. Brown. Leah Ann. 55; 75 Jefferson Ave., Franklin Square. N. Brown. Lois Anne. 52: 15 Washington Ave.. Lyhrook. . . Brown. Lirion D.. ' 50; 7420 6th Ave.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Brown, Stuart S.. 51; 7 Road on the Hill. Great Neck. N. Y. Brunks. Madeline R.. ' 50; 68-40 Kessel St.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Bruno. W illiam A,, 53; 70 Primrose Dr.. New Hyde Park. N. Bruschi. Eho, M.A.; 22 75 E. 1st St., Bklyn. 25, N. Y. Buchak. Boris, ' 51; 89-28 Vanden-eer St., Queens Village, N. Buck. Eleanor. Spec: 195 E. Broadway, Roslyn, N. Y. Buckley. Kenneth H., ' 52: 48 Tottenham Rd., Lvnbrook, N. Budd. Marjoric J.. ' 54; 247 Stratford Rd., Bklvn. 18. N. Y. Buff, John C. ' 54: 22 Hillview Ave., Port Washington, N. Y. Bulge, Joseph E., ' 55: 97 Chatham PI., W. Hempstead, N. Y. Bulitta, Henry W., ' 55; 10 Pine St.. Baldwin. N Y. Bullen. Robert P.. ' 50: 90 Suffolk Lane. Garden City. N. Y. Bullock. Stephen. ' 53: 74 Liberty Ave.. Bklyn. 12. N. Y. Bunnell. Barbara E.. 55: 52 Ocean .Ave., . mit ' -ille, N. . Buonaiulo, .Angela D., ' 55: 1010 Third Ave.. New Hyde Park, N. Burchnall. Richard A.. ' 30: 104-45 219th St. Queens Village N. Y. Burdett. Warren R.. ' 50; 8917 184th St.. lamaica. N. Y. Burger Jr., Rudolph E.. ' 52: 28 Boulevard, Malba, N. Y. Burnett Jr.. John F., 52: West Redding. Conn. Burns Jr., William. Spec; 90 Magnolia .Ave.. Garden City. N. Burpee. Donald L.. ' 52; 4549 247th St.. Little Neck. N. Y. Burtis. Robert J.. ' 53; 12 Fortesque .Ave.. Oceanside. N. Y. Busch. Lila. ' 30: 228 E. 38th St.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Y. Lido 173 Adelphi-You ' re the tops The best is still to come! Good Wishes from THE CLASS OF 1951 174 Busoni. Micliclc L.. ' 53; 55 W ' illowdale Ave.. Port W ' asliington. N. Y. Butler. Chas. G.. M.A.: 17 Mistle-toe Lane. Island Trees. X. Y. Butticc. Thomas A.. ' 53; 156-08 59tli Ave. Flushing. . Y. Buxbaum. Laura. ' 55; 286 St. Johns PI.. Bklyn. 17. . . Y. Bu.vton. Clarence M.. ' 51: 188-34 87th Drive. Hollis, N. Y. Cacioppo. Margaret A.. ' 51: 282 Jericho Tpke.. Floral Park. N. . Caesar. Phyllis ' G.. ' 51; 535 Parkside Ave.. Bklvn. 26. N. Y. Califano. Paul F.. ' 50: 114-25 201st St.. St. Albans. N. Y. Callaci. Vincent J.. ' 51; 150-44 Coolidge Ave.. Jamaica, N. Y. Callan. Mary J.. ' 51; 53 Wellslev Rd.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Callan .Patricia A.. ' 54; 33 Wcllsjcy Rd.. Rockvilel Centre. N. Y. Calligeros. Emanuel N.. ' 55: 21-18 25 Rd.. Astoria 5. N. Y. Callis. Charles R.. ' 51: 9408 95th St.. Ozone Park. N. Y. Cameron. Ann. Spec: 110 11th St.. Garden City. N. . Caminiti. .Jeanne L.. 52: 219-07 Merrick Rd.. Springfield Gardens 13: 17 S. Maryland Ave.. Port Washington. ' 53; 3416 90lh St.. Jackson Heights. N. Y. 13. . Y. Campbell, Everitl J.. N. Y. Canavan. Virginia H., Cannon. Barbara E.. ' 55: 320 Central Park West. N. Y. 25. N. Y. Cannone. Joseph S., ' 54: 509 N. Sixth St.. New Hyde Park. N. Y. Canosa. Neil J.. ' 50; 114-50 151st St.. S. Ozone Park. N. Y. Canter. Gerald. ' 52; 196 Bristol St.. Bklyn. 12. N. Y. Caolo. Michael J.. ' 54; 144-60 177 St.. Jamaica 5. N. Y. Cappiello. Madeline A.. ' 53; 146 Graham Ave.. Bklvn. 6. N. Y. Cappo. Carl. M.A.; 15 California Place N.. Island Park. N. Y. Carcano. Charles F., ' 54; 86-14 124 St.. Richmond Hill 18. N. Y. Careccio. John. Grad. Spec; 18 Straight Lane. Levittown. N. Y. Carev. Gerard V.. ' 51; 65 Cambridge Rd.. Garden Citv. N. Y. Cariflo. Anne L.. ' 50: 64 Ashford St.. Bklyn. 7. N. Y. Carlin. Catherine A., LS. : 239 Lakeview Ave.. Brightvvaters. N. Y. Hillside Hospital. Bellrose. N. Y. 25 Howland Rd.. E, Rockawav. N. Carlton. Dorothy G.. ' 51: 16 Joy Blvd.. Baldwin. N. Y. Carman. Ruth-May, ' 53: 10 Arms Ave.. Merrick, N. Y. Carmody. Richard T., ' 31; 109 Wellington Rd.. Belmont Park. N. Y. Carlsen. Lois E.. M.A. ; Carlson. Janet NL, ' 53: Carn. M. Joseph. M.S.: 355 E. 56 St.. N. Y. 22. N. Y. Carpenter. Raymond G.. NLA.: 155-52 120 Ave.. Jamaica 4. N. Y. Carr. John R.. ' 55: 198-04 111th Ave. St. Albans 12. N. Y. Carra. James A.. ' 53; Nassau Rd.. Roosevelt. N. Y. Carson. Ann E.. ' 54; 126 Whitehall Blvd.. Garden City. N, Y. Carsweli. Robert B., Spec: 13 S. Nassau Blvd.. Garden City. N. Y. C arter. Henry. Spec: 920 Brewers Road, Woodmere. N. . Carver. Dixie. ' 52: Lincoln Ave.. NJassapequa. N. Y, Carver. Marian. M.A.; 414 N. Village Ave.. Rockville Centre, N. Y. Cashman. Claire T., ' 50: 125 Cedarhurst Ave.. Pt. Lookout. N. Y. Cassano. Geraldine E.. ' 53; 34-03 Linden PI.. Flushing. N. Y. Castellanos, Manuola. M., ' 52: 109-11 72 Rd.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Catherman. Lois A.. ' 51; 9343 222nd St.. Queens Village, N. Y. Catropa. Flora M.. ' 51; 11 Roger Ave., Invvood, N. Y. Cave. Othello A.. Spec. Grad.: 746 Putnam Ave.. Bklyn. 21. N. Y. Cella. Anthony, ' 52: 404 Wellington Rd.. Mineola. N. Y. Ccmiak. Elizabeth A.. 109 New " ' ork Ave.. Freeport. N. Y. Cevoli. Louis J.. 51: 12 Silver Lane. Levittown. N. . Chadow. Joseph. M.A.; 20 Franklin Ave.. Port V ' ashington. N. Y. Chalfant. S. Eleanor. ' 54; 52 Hollywood Ave.. Massapequa. N. Y. Chanin, Judith B.. ' 52; 750 Ocean Ave.. Bklyn. 26. N. Y. Chapman. Page, Grad. Spec; 242-10 Alameda Ave.. Douglaston N. Y. Chaprack. Harriet S.. ' 53: 137-15 227lK St.. Laurelton. N. Y. Charles. Francis G.. ' 52: 115-115 224 St.. Cambria Heights 12. N. Y. Charnley, Herbert W., ' 53; 20 Ogden Ave., E. Vv ' illiston, N. Y. Charvat, John A., ' 53: 10 MoHitt Blvd., Islip, N. Y. Chen. Kwan-Lin (Miss). Spec; 138 E. 38lh St.. N. Y. 16. N. Y. Chen. Tsin-ming Vincent. ' 55: 1 Lane 228. Route Maresca, Shanghai, China. Chercass, Selma, ' 52; 1636 E. 5th St.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Chercus. Milton J.. ' 50; 1656 E. 5th St.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Cherry. Emily M. ' 50: 87 Clinch Ave., Garden City. N. Y. Chichester. Samuel G., 51: 121 E. Pine St.. Long Beach. N. Y. Chiet. Herbert A.. ' 53; 125 Ocean Parkway. Bklyn. 18. N. Y. Chilingirian. Theodore R.. ' 53; 71 Greenway Blvd.. Elmont. N. Y. Chinnery. Barbara N.. ' 53: 50 Montague St.. Valley Stream. N. Y. Chinnery. Phyllis J., ' 50; 50 Montague St.. Valley Stream. N. Y. READY TO SERVE YOU AT ALL YOUR FUTURE AFFAIRS " MUSIC BY WALTER " A Tradition at Adelphi W. LTER Levike 34-41 28th St. L.I.C. 6. N.Y. AStoria 8-1817 4-1091 173 - ' We ' re halfway there! Greetings to you from FIFTY-TWO 176 Chiri. Joan M.. •32: 2 Bridle Way. Palisade. N. J. Chisholm, Alexander J.. ' 55: Q4-62 IQOlli St.. Mollis 7. N. Y. Christensen. Melvin C. ' 50: 249-2Q Beecliknoll Ave.. Little Neck. N. Y. Christiansen, Mrs. Marquerite, ' 52: 1008 Van Buren St., Hempstead. N. Y. Christiansen, Norman V ' .. ' 52: 1008 Van Buren St., Hempstead, N. Y. Christman, Robert W., ' 35: 51 N. Collage St., Valley Stream. N. Y. Christy. Jane. M.A.: 270 Cornwall Ave.. Valley Stream, N. Y. Chutjian. Leon. ' 55: 456 West •(3th St.. N.Y. 19, N. Y. Cicatelli, Lucia ' V.. ' 52: 235 N. Regent St., Port Chester, N. Y. Cicatelli. Marie A.. 50: Nurses Residence. Nassau Hospital. N. . Ciceron. Ann. Spec. Grad.: 511 Whittier St.. Westbury. N, Y. Cifarelli, Sarah N., ' 31: 440 Elm St., E. Hempstead, N. Y. Cipollone. Veronica C. 52: 27 Mackey Ave.. Port Washington, N. Y. Clapp. Martha Ann. ' 50: 74 Albion Rd.. Wellesley Hills. Mass. Clark. Adah H.. ' 52: 93-27 201 St., Hollis 7, N. Y. Clark, Donald T.. M.A.: 492 Stratford Rd.. S. Hempstead. N. Y. Clark. Donnell E.. ' 52: 319 E. 16th St.. Bklyn. 26. N. Y. Clark. Edward J.. ' 50: 51-01 39th Ave., Long Island City, N. Y. Clark. Janet, M.A. ; 651 Front St., Hempstead, N. Y. Clark. Patricia M.. ' 51 : 1 50 S. Middle Neck Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y. Clarke. William F.. ' 52: HI Holland Ave.. Floral Park, N. Y. Cleary, Florine, Grad. Spec; 769 St. Marks Ave., Bklyn.. N. Y. Clifton. Patricia L.. ' 55; 175 William St.. Hempstead. N. Y. Coffev. Marjorie L.. ' 31; 2205 Ocean Ave.. Bklyn. 29. N. Y. Cohen. Alese B.. ' 50: 298 E. 7th St.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Cohen. Anne-Lee, ' 52: 565 E. 55lh St., Bklyn. 3, N. Y. Cohen, Barbara J.. ' 53: 494 E. 55th St.. Bklvn.. N. Y. Cohen. Bertram S.. ' 33: 259 Central Park West. N. Y. 24, N. Y. Cohen, Florence R., ' 53: 45 Tehama St., Bklyn. 18, N. Y. Cohen, Janice A.. ' 55: 505 E. Dover St., Valley Stream. N, Y, Cohen, Leila J.. ' 50: 400 Crown St.. Bklyn. 25, N. Y. Cohen, Maurice L. ' 52: 100 Wilklow Ave., Hempstead, N. Y. Cohen. Ruth D.. ' 51: 12 Groton St.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Cohne. Priscilla R., ' 50: 700 Linden Blvd., Bklyn. 3, N. Y. Colahan, Anne M., ' 30; 155 Nevraiarkel Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Colbert. John F., ' 52: 9346 205th St., Hollis 7. N. Y. Colello, Albert L., ' 30: 217-09 Spencer Ave., Queens Village 8. N. Y. Collin. Richard D.. ' 53: 125-55 82nd Rd.. Kew Gardens. N. Y. Collins. Mrs. Lois. Spec. Grad.: 81 Botsford St., Hempstead. N. Y. Collins. Richard J.. ' 54: 24 Dolphin Green. Port Washington. N. Y. Colls. Bradley B.. 21 Eric St.. Swampscotl. Mass. Colyer. Carol " . ' 55: 85-25 160th St.. Jamaica 2, N. Y, Comes, Neal J.. 31; 125 Onslow PI., Kew Gardens. N. Y. Commer. Richard. 52: 62 Voorhis Ave.. Rockville Centre, N. Y. Comyns. Jean G., ' 50: 6812 Yellowstone Blvd.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Condict Jr.. Woodhull L.. ' 51: 5 Arbor St.. Great Neck. N. Y. Conjor. Judith, ' 53; 110 Shore Blvd.. Bklyn. 29, N. Y. Conly. Virginia C 32; Prospect St.. Centerporl, N. Y. Connolly. Jo hn A.. ' 53; 60-45 75th Lane. Elmhurst. N. Y. Connors. Francis R., ' 55: 235 Kingston Ave., S. Floral Park, N. Y. Conrad, Charles E.. ' 30; 2116 75th St., Jackson Heights, N. Y. Conroy, John J., ' 53; 23 Roslyn Rd., Mineola. N. Y. Conway. John P.. ' 35: 628 Beach 22nd St.. Far Rockaway, N. Y. Cook. Genevieve A.. 509 E. 89th St.. N. Y. 28. N. Y. Cook. Mary. Spec. Grad.: P.O. Bo.x 3177. Columbia Heights, Washington. D.C. Cook, Roy H., ' 53; 87-51 Little Neck Pkwv.. Bellerose. N. Y. Cooke. Lester S.. ' 55; 25 Hawthorne Rd.. Sea Cliff, N. Y. Cooper, Cora, ' 51; 365 W. Market St.. Yodi, Pa. Cooperman, Sheila, ' 52; 2100 Westbury Ct., Bklyn. 25, N. Y. Cooperstein. Roslynn. ' 55; 126 Berkshire Rd.. Rockville Centre, N. Y. Copeland. Rowland H.. 53: 31 Essex St.. Cartarel. N, J, Coppo, John W., ' 55; 255 W. 12th St., N. Y.. N. Y. Corcoran, Joseph G., 52; 37 Vermont Ave., Hempstead, N. Y. Cordis, Arnold, ' 54; 291 Wellington Rd., Mineola, N. Y. Com, Robert L., ' 51: 55 Floral Pkwy.. Floral Park, N. Y. Cornelius, Joan A., ' 53: 63-53 83rd PI., Forest Hills, N. Y. Cornell, Mabel C, ' 51; 8526 169th St., Jamaica, N. Y. Corwin, James F., 53; 156-21 Hillside Ave., Jamaica. N. Y. Cory, Jane A.. ' 51: 54 Tiona Ave., Belleville, N. Y. Costanzo, Alfred J., ' 55; 105-05 Otis Ave., Corona, N. Y. Costello, Kenneth J., ' 31; 90-44 210th St., Queens Village. N. Y. Cotler, Martin I., ' 55: 73-66 190th St., Flushing, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS -o£- -of- ADELPHI DELICATESSEN GARDEN CITY BANK HEmpstead 2-7553 AND TRUST CO. BLOSSOM LOUNGE HOWIE GRAHM Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FOOD and DRINKS Dinners Served — 5-9 Luncheon 273 NASSAU BLVD. SOUTH 177 Greetings to Nifty Fifty From the youngest of them a THE CLASS OF 1953 178 Cotlrell. Doris E., ' 52; II Bc-rklcv Rd.. Mineola, N. Y. Coucli, Priscilla. ' 51; 25-01 169th St.. Flusliing. N. Y. Courtacle. Donald E., ' 53; 32 W. Dover S(.. Valley Stream, N. Y. Cowit. Edward M., ' 53: 1355 Now York Ave. Bklvn.. N. Y. Coyle. Joscpli A., Spec; 94-08 150th St.. Richn.ond Hill, N. Y. Coyne, David, ' 52; 70-14 112th St., Forest Hills, N. Y. Crandell, Gertrude M, ' 32: 32 Mead St.. Hempstead. N. Y. Crapser. Madeline R., ' 51; 9416 83th St.. W ' oodhaven. N. Y. Craumcr, Jean J.. ' 52; 17 Dogleg Ave.. Roslvn Country Club, Roslyn. N. Y. Crawley, Patricia J., ' 52; 134 Berry Hill Rd., Oyster Bay, N. Y. Cremedas, Andreana, ' 51; 344 Ft. Washington Ave., N. Y. 33. N. Y. Cresswell. Lillian E., ' 52; 138 Kenilworth PI., Bklyn. 10. N. Y. Crifasi. Frank R., ' 33; 1632 Cornelia St.. Ridgewood. N. Y. Croce, Nicholas J., ' 50; 413 46th St.. Far Rockaway. N. Y. Crusius. Helga L., ' 33; 225 W. 9th St., Huntington Station. N. Y. Cuff. Eileen, Spec. Grad.; 7 Cathedral Ave.. Garden City. N. Y. Cuff. William A., ' 50; 7 Cathedral Ave., Garden City. N. Y. Cullen. Christopher B.. ' 32: 119 Second St., Garden City, N. Y. Cullin, Nancy K., ' 52; 216-11 43rd Ave., Bayside, N. Y. Cullum, William H.. ' 33; 27 French St.. Locust Valley, N. Y. Culver, Catherine Mrs., Spec; Store Hill Rd.. Westbury. N. Y. Cummings, Anne, ' 50; 18 Bonair Ave., Springdale, Conn. Francis X.. ' 31; 711 Roslyn Rd., Albcrtson Downs, 711 Roslyn Rd.. Albertson Downs, 163-16 25th Ave.. Flushing. N. Y. Cummin : N. Y. ' Cummings. Henry J Jr.. ' 51; N. Y. Cunningham. Thomas P., ' 51 Curnin. Michael P., ' 34; Bay Ave., Halesite, N. Y. Curran, Pearl J.. M.A.; 41 High St.. Hempstead. N. Y. Currie. Charles D., ' 31; 123 Eakins Rd., Manhasset, N. Y. Currie, Rose-Ellen, ' 33; 81 Princeton St., Williston Park. N. Y. Cutino, Roger J., ' 53; 135 Henry St.. Bklyn. 2. N. Y. Culler. Ellen (See Mrs. Ellen Lipshutz). Cutiere. Bernard, Spec; 47 Hempstead Ave., Rockville Centre, N. Y. Cutsogeorge. George, ' 54; 83-11 139th St.. Jamaica. N. Y. Cyr, Raymond J., M.A.; 22 Raymond Ave.. Roosevelt. N. Y. Compliments of . . . THE BOOK STORE IF YOU CAN READ IT, WE HAVE IT ■COMING SOON TO LEVITTOWN ' ' and " THE ONLY ORIGINAL SHOR ' S " Dahm, Adcic H.. ' 52; 11 Gabriel Ave.. Franklin Square. N. Y. Dalidowicz. Stanley. ' 52; Old Tappan Rd.. Glen Cove. N. Y. Dallis, Seymour, ' 52; 172-49 Henley Rd.. Jamaica. N. Y. D ' Aloisio, Santina B., ' 51; 9411 86th Ave. VV ' oodhaven 21, N. Y, Daly, Carroll J.. ' 50: 191-28 115th Dr.. St. Albans 12, N. Y. Daly, Daniel F.. ' 52: 42 S. Forest Ave., Rockville Centre. N. Y. Daly, Frank A.. ' 31; 20 Florence St.. Great Neck, N. Y. Daly. Lawrence S., ' 51; Park Ave., Jane St.. Wantagh. N. Y. D Amato, Caroline K.. ' 51; 36 Jefferson Ave.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. D ' Andrca. Clarice L.. Spec: 22 Judson PI., Rockville Centre, N. Y. Danese. Sereno. ' 33: 19 Harold St.. Tenafly. N. J. D ' Angelo. Salvatore I.. Spec: 7203 12th Av Bklv N. Y. Daniels, Roy. ' 30; 113 W. 86th St.. N. Y. 24, N. Y. Danielson. Jean M. ' 30: 801 70th St., Bklyn. 28. N. Y. Dann, Phyllis M.. ' 53: Hamden. N. Y. Dantuono, Anthony Jr., ' 30; 57-16 141st St., Flushing, N. Y. Dantuono. Daniel, ' 53; 37-16 141st St., Flushing. N. Y. Danziger. Sanford J., ' 53: 117 Lillian Ave., Freeport. N. Y. Daris, Frederic H., ' 32: 420 E. 70th St., N. Y. 21, N. Y. Davis. Charles H., ' 53: 29 Clifford Cl.. Malverne. N. Y. Davis, Joan Mary, ' 52: 311 Carnation Ave., Floral Park. N. Y. Davis, Norman, ' 33; 257 L ' nion PI.. Rahway, N. J. Davis. Richard. ' 52: 1979 Bedford Ave.. Bklyn. 25. N. Y. Davis. Robert E.. ' 52; 89-22 70th Rd.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Davis. William J.. ' 50: 7908 Ankener St.. Elmhurst. N. Y. Davidson. Lillian. M.A.: 33 Prentice Rd.. Levittown. N. Y. Day. Clarence. M.A.: 39 Adams St., E. Rockaway. N. Y. Dayan. Nelly, ' 32; 505 Blackheath Rd.. Long Beach. N. Y. Dayton, Doris, ' 50: 60 Andover Rd., Rockville Centre, N. Y. Dayton, Walter S.. ' 50; 43-11 242nd St.. Douglaston. N. Y. DeBoesche, Nathalie M.. M.A.; 89-14 239th St., Bellerose. N. Y. DeBottari. Linda. ' 32: 6 Longfellow St., Baldwin, N. Y. Deferrari, Claire L., ' 53; 240 Grand Ave.. Westbury, N. Y. Defrance. Vincent. Grad. Spec: 26 Flint St.. Hempstead. N. Y. DeGeer. Raymond R.. ' 31: 13 Fairview Ave.. Great Neck. N Y. Degen, Richard L.. ' 33: 32 Elliot Rd., Great Neck. N. Y. DeGroot. Robert J., ' 51: 109-62 196th St.. St. Albans, N. Y. DeHerget, Frank G. R.. ' 53; 35-54 83rd St.. Jackson Heights, N. Y. " EMPIRE STATE DINER " ]iist a Good Place to Eat 99 HEMPSTEAD TURNPIKE ■WEST HEMPSTEAD Tele. Hempstead 2-9469 McCABE ' S SERVICE STATION Registered Lubrication Batt eries - Accessories - Tires Cars Called for and Delivered Hempstead Turnpike M estminster Road Special Discount to Aaelpni Students Tel. HEmpstead 2-9874 17Q Compliments of THE PANHELLENIC ASSOCIATION KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA DELTA ZETA KAPPA ALPHA THETA SIGMA KAPPA DELTA GAMMA ALPHA EPSILON DELTA DELTA DELTA PHI SIGMA SIGMA PHI MU IOTA ALPHA PI PHI DELTA Compliments of the INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL ALPHA KAPPA IOTA PHI ALPHA ALPHA PHI BETA KAPPA PI ALPHA ALPHA TAU RHO NU SIGMA CHI SIGMA OMEGA DELTA CHI DELTA PHI GAMMA OMICRON PI EPSILON PHI PHI LAMBDA RHO ETA IOTA OMEGA PI SIGMA 180 DeLanev. Eileen Julia. M.A.; 9342 2I4tli St., Queens Villaae 8, N. Y. DeLarHi. Albert A.. ' 52: 83 Washington Ave.. ew RocKelle N. Y. Del Greco. Anthony J.. ' 52: 80-45 258tli St.. Floral Park. N. Y. DeLisser. Enid E., ' 50: 57 Charles St.. New Rochelle. N. Y. Delia Rocca, Dominick J.. ' 51; 153-22 U7th St., Ozone Park. N. Y. Demerest. Mary A., ' 33; 276 State St.. Albany, N. Y. Demolat, Seneca M.. ' 52; 86-04 162ncl St., Jamaica. N. Y. DeMulh. Richard G., ' 31: 77-26 76th St., Glendale 27. N. Y. Denda. Barbara H., 50: 111-14 76th Ave.. Forest Hills. N. Y. DeXeergaard. Robert J., ' 51: 8 Virginia Rd.. Bellerose, N. Y. Denmark. Dorothy A.. ' 53: 1473 ' alton Ave.. N. " Y. 52. N. Y. Denning, Barbara A., ' 52: 1411 Adams Ave.. Chehalis. Washing- ton Dennis. Leslie G.. ' 34: 9102 1 1 1 th St.. Richmond Hill, N. Y. Dennis. Ronald F.. ' 50: 48-18 215th St.. Bavside. N. Y. Denoff, Samuel. ' 51: 17 Brook Bridge Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y. Denton. Eugene W.. M.A.: 222-18 95rd Ave.. Queens ' Viilage N. Y. s . Dentz. Robert E.. ' 53: 1084 Sanford Ave., Ininglon. N J. DePalma. Harold A. Jr.. ' 53: 87-09 Santiago Ave.. Hollis 7. N Y DerBruke. Patricia. ' 52: 901 Washington Ave.. Bklyn., N. Y. Derecas. Thomas. ' 53: 463 Hawthorne Ave., Yonkers 5, N. Y. Deremer. Robert E.. ' 53; 111-44 200th St.. St. Albans. N. Y. DeRis. Joan W.. ' 53: 23 Pershing Rd.. Englewood. N. J. Deutsch. Judith H.. ' 52: 485 Berriman St.. Bklyn. 8. ' N ' Y Deutsch. Warren. M.S.: 1580 50th St.. BUvn. 19. N. Y. Devendorf, Donald A., ' 53: 600 Ingrahm Lane. New Hyde Park N. Y. Devine. Cornelius R., •33: 4 Beach Ct., College Point, N Y De itt William M.. ' 55: 3720 89th St.. Jackson Heights, N Y Dia, Sabina M, ' 54: 227 Hale Ave.. BkK-n. 8. N. Y Diamond. Morton, ' 54: 17 E. Walnut St.! Long Beach. N Y Diamond. Stanley. 53: 130-60 226th St.. Laurelton N Y DiAnno. Eugene L. ' 32: 331 Main St.. Metuchen. N J Dibble. Stephen J.. ' 50: Box 8. Mount Sinai. N Y DiCaro. Eleanor M., LA.: Nurses Residence, Meadowbrook Hos- pital DiCesare. Dominic A.. ' 31: 8411 91st Ave.. Woodhaven 21, N Y Dick. . Iarilyn R.. ' 50: 1101 Hopkinson Ave.. Bklyn.. N Y Dick. Richard. ' 50: 1101 Hopkinson Ave., Bklvn., ' N. Y Didio. Daniel F. Jr., ' 50: 57-25 160th St.. Flushing. N. Y Diedrich. Marieanna. ' 53: 3632 214th St.. Bayside. N Y Dietch. David D., ' 32: 1083 E. 16th St.. Bklvn 30 N Y Diete. . melia A., ' 31: 111 Schlev St., Garfield. N J Dietel. Marie B.. ' 51: 111 Schley St.. Garfield. N. J n ' V ' " " ' ' " " ' ■ ' " ' ' ' ° ' " ' ' = Lane. Little Neck. Digiovanni. Philip, ' 52: F-18 Apt. 15, Sampson College. Sampson. Dill. Samuel L.. ' 53: 141 S. Kilburn Rd.. Garden Citv. N Y D.llmgham, Laura J., Grad. Spec: 72 Bri.xton Rd., Garden City. Dillon. Doris G., ' 50: 138-17 232nd St.. Rosedale. N. Y. Uiroll. William. Grad. Spec: North Creek. N Y Disch. Mar - B.. ' 53: Grand Ave. Shelter Island N Y DiSesa. Diana R., ' 52: 9 Rugby Rd.. Bklvn.. N. Y Disraely. Seymour. ' 50: 285 Prospect PI.. BkK-n.. N Y Diviney. Francis J.. M.A.: 416 Cross St.. W ' estbury N Y Dobson. Helen R., M.A.: 5 Carey Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y ' Dobson. Jacqueline. ' 53: 13-06 142nd St.. Malba. N. Y. Dobson. Paul. ' 53: 215 Princeton Rd.. Rockville Centre N Y Dodds. Nlarion L.. ' 53: 24A Rose Blvd.. Baldwin. N. Y. Dodge. Norman. Ph.D.: Santini. E. Hempstead. N. Y. Dohertv-. John B.. ' 53: 43-06 139th St.. Flushing N Y Dolan. John F.. ' 33: 107-11 121st St.. Richmond Hill N Y Dolce. John M., ' 52: 107-12 88th St.. Ozone Park. N Y Dollar. Barbara A., ' 53: 7 Harbor Hill Rd.. Glen Cove. N. Y. Dombek. Michael. ' 31: 109 Evergreen Ave.. Lynbrook. N Y Donahue. Mar - L.. ' 52: 183 Bedford Ave., Merrick. N. Y. Donahue. James L.. ' 51: 15 Devon St.. Lynbrook. N. Y Donheiser. Walter J.. ' 52: 179 Randall Ave.. Freepori. N. Y. Donigan. William J.. ' 55: 164 Carnation Ave.. Floral Park N Y Donn. Mary. ' 53: 15 Amherst PI., Massapequa. N. Y Donnelly. Dan John. ' 32: 19 Jackson Ave., Rockville Centre. N Y Donnenfeld. Nancy R.. ' 53: 80-40 Lefferts Blvd., Kew Gardens, Donahue. Harold. Grad. Spec: 265 Fulton St.. Westbury. N Y Dooling. June E.. MA.: 31 Flower Rd.. Valley Stream N Y Doran, Richard F.. MS.: R.F.D. 1. Rensselaer N Y Dorando, August C. ' 52: 130F E. 87th Dr.. Jamaica Bay Homes. Bklyn.. N. Y. Dornellas. George A. Jr., 52: Foxhurst Rd., R.F.D. 4. Hunting- ton, N. Y. Dosch. Mrs. Rose, Spec; 265 E. Columbia St.. Hempstead. N. Y. Dott. Louise B.. M.A.; 194-18 116th Ave.. St. Albans. N. Y. Douda. Richard C, ' 53: 30-47 29th St., Long Island City, N. Y. Dougherty. Gloria J.. Spec. Grad.; 15 Marlboro Ct., Rock-yiile Centre. .N. Y. Dougherty-. William B.. Spec: 61-68 A225rd PI.. Bavside. N. Y. Douglas. Andrew A.. ' 53: 140-24 Mulbcrn- Ave.. Flushing. N. Y. Downs. George H., ' 52: 340 N. Village Ave. Rockvilel Centre, N. Y. Draddy. Terrence O.. ' 52: 7301 Ridge Blvd.. Bklvn.. N. Y. Draizen. Ethel. ' 53: 5502 14th Ave.. Bklyn. 19. N. ' Y ' . Draper. Barbara A.. ' 50: 181-34 Grand Central Pkwy., Jamaica Estates Draxler. Helen. Spec: 540 S. i4th St.. New Hyde Park. N. Y. Dreyfuss. Harriet R.. ' 52; 130-21 223th St.. Laurelton. N. Y. Driscoll. James F.. ' 50: 169 Seaview Dr.. Bklyn. 12. N. Y. Driscoll. Joseph H. Jr.. ' 30: 4 E. Seaman Ave.. Baldwin. N Y Dubin. Debra. ' 50: 156 West 86th St.. N. Y., N. Y. DuBois. Donald W.. ' 50; 93-12 214th St.. Queens Village 8, N. Y. Dubrof. Annis E., ' 51: 811 E. Wilton Dr., Dalton, Ga. Duffee. Shirley A., ' 32: Trinit - Ph. W. Hempstead. N. Y. Dugan, Constance M.. ' 50; 36 Ocean Ave.. Northport. N. Y Dukas, Stephen J., ' 51: 344 St. Marks Ph. Staten Island. N. Y. Duncan. Alfred E. III. ' 32: 1118 Melrose Ave. Melrose Park Pa Dunhill. Robert. ' 52: 179 Hill Park Ave.. Great Neck. N. Y. Dunne. James F., ' 30; 46-84 Utopia Pkwv.. Flushing. N. Y. Durage. Alice J.. ' 52; 808 Middle Neck Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y. Dury. Nicole M. M.S.; 3 Rue du General Njox. Paris XVI France Dver. Alan S., ' 52: 136-04 71st Rd.. N. Y.. N. Y. Dwyer. Peter E., ' 53; 955 Walton Ave.. Bronx 52, N. Y. Dzupin. Margaret. ' 30: 188 Chestnut St.. Garfield. N. J. Dzwonkowski. Stanley J., ' 50; 551 Leonard St.. Bklyn. 22. N. Y. Ebert. Gladys. ' 50; 377 Montgomery St., Bklyn. 23. N. Y. Eddy, Marvin. ' 52; 726 Park PI.. Bklvn. 16. N. Y. Eddy. Paul D. Jr.. Ph.D.; 55 Brompton Rd.. Garden Citv. N. Y. Edelstein. Jay A.. ' 35; 2566 Ocean Ave.. Bklvn. 29. N. Y ' . Edwards. Anthony G.. ' 50: 94-40 210th St.. Bellaire. N. Y. Edwards. Nancy L.. ' 53: Edwards Ave.. Calverton. N. Y. Effros. Alan L.. ' 52; 108-35 67th Rd.. Forest Hills, N. Y. Egan. Austin L.. ' 53: 308 Plainfield Ave.. Floral Park, N. Y. Ehdich. Eli J., ' 33: 90-36 149th St.. Jamaica. N. Y. Eichele. Warren J.. ' 30: 6932 Lonbet St., Forest Hills. N. Y. Eichenwald. Magda. ' 32: 102 Grandview Ave.. White Plains N. Y. Eichler. Edward R.. ' 50: 133-19 81st Ave.. Kew Gardens. N. Y. Eigen. Cecile R. (Mrs.). ' 52; 55 Lord Ave.. Lawrence. N. Y. Einstein. Edward. " 52; 5 Clock Blvd.. Amityville. N. Y. Eisenberg. In-ing. ' 50; 5301 15th Ave.. Bklvn.. N. Y. Eisler. Ellen R.. ' 52; 98-40 64lh Ave.. Rego Park. N. Y. Eitel. Robert J., ' 53; 1299 Springfield Ave.. In-ington. N. J. Elisha, Paul J.. M.A.; Box 387. Bavville. N. Y. Elliot. ArtTiur C, ■53: 28 Hcrkomer St., New Hyde Park N Y Elliot. Frank R., ' 32: 28 Herkomer St.. New Hyde Park. N. Y. Elliot. lola. Grad. Spec; 61 Hilton Ave.. Garden Citv. N. Y. Ellis. Emily. ' 50: 150 Lincoln Ave.. New Rochelle. N. Y. Elman. RosK-n M. ' 53: Locust Valley. Bedford Hills. N. Y. Elrod. George. ' 33: 414 National Blvd.. Long Beach. N. Y. Enderle. Robert J.. ' 32; 94 Munro Blvd.. Valley Stream, N. Y. Endrikat. Fred R., ' 32; 88 Lewis PL. Hempstead. N. Y. Engel. Gertrude M. ' 51: N. Countr - Rd.. Miller Place. N. Y. Engelbert. Walter W., ' 53: 131 N. Cottage St., Valley Stream. N. Y. Engelman, Frederick P.. ' 52: 250 Beach 139th St.. Belle Harbor. N. Y. Engler. Katherine G.. 50: 76 Lutz Dr.. Valley Stream. N. Y. Ephron. Ethel. ' 54: 8 E. 96th St.. New York 28. N. Y. Epperhart. William. ' 34: 40 Orchard St.. Glen Head. N. Y. Erdman, Joan P.. ' 53; 38 Glen Lane. Glen Head. N. Y. Erichsen. Stanley. ' 54; 34-16 72nd St.. Jackson Heights. N. Y. Emenwein. Dor othy L.. ' 51; 265 Jerusalem Ave.. Hicksville, N. Y. Emstin, Donata L. ' 30; 108-43 69th Rd.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Eskelund. Ellen A., ' 34: 283 Summit Ave.. Brighton. Mass. Ester. Donald W.. ' 54; 115-112 200th St.. Cambria Heights. N. Y. Evans. Ronald J., ' 51; 107-24 Springfield Blvd.. St. Albans. N. Y. Evenden. Dorothy J.. ' 51; 1244 V ' estal Ave. Binghamton. N. Y. Evers. Richard E.. ' 54: 18 Gables Dr.. Hicksville ' ; N. Y. Exonoponly. Nicholas. 51; 8 Herman Ave.. Hicksville. N. Y. 181 PHOTOGRAPHS FOR 1950 ORACLE TAKEN BY: ALFRED P. RAHEB ind BERT ROTH 152 SEELEY STREET BROOKLYN 18, N. Y. STerling S-4S12 182 Fabcr. Catherine A., M.A.: 62 Clinton Ave.. Lynbrook. X. Y. Fabian. John E.. ' 55: 676 E. 2 1st St.. Bivlya. 26. ' N. Y. F acey. Harriet L.. 53; 170 Euston Rd.. Garden Cit ' , N. . Fanning. James B.. 55; 80 Femwood Ter.. Stewart Manor. N. Y. Farino. Frank A.. 52: 116-1! Sutphin Blvd., Jamaica 4. N. Y. Farbash. Jerome. M. A. ; 1400 51st St.. Bklyn. 19. N. Y. Farnell. Alfred D.. ' 53: 45-35 41st St.. Long Island City. N. Y. Fasolino. Matlliew J.. 55; Gardiner and Brunswick Rd.. Gardiner, N. Y. Fedemian. Marilyn J.. ' 50: 625 Ocean Ave.. Bklyn., N. Y. Feeny. William D.. ' 31; 2-41-20 86tli Ave.. Bellerose, N. Y. Feiman. Joyce L.. ' 52; 670 West End Ave.. New York. N. Y. Fein. Sondra, 50 (See Sondra Perloff) Feinberg, Jayson G.. ' 53: 590 Ocean Ave.. Bklyn. 26. N. Y. Feinsilver. Ronald. ' 53: 148-48 87tli Ave.. Jamaica 2. N. Y. Feinstein. Carol B.. 52; 50 Meadow Dr.. W ' oodmere. N. Y. Feinslein. Lila I.. 50: 140 Irwin St.. Bklyn. 29. N. Y. Fellman. Malcolm J.. ' 54; 108 Myrtle Dr.. Great Neck. N. Y. Fendell. Elinor R.. ' 30; 834 E. 22nd St.. Bklyn. 10. N. Y. Fern. Donald. ' 53: 182-04 SOtli Dr.. Jamaica. N. Y. Fernandcs, Antliony F., ' 30; 37S Burkliard Ave.. Mineola. N. Y. Ferretti. Anne E.. ' 54; 65 Hillside . ' ve.. W ' illiston Park, N. Y. Ferretti. Arthur. ' 32; 61-01 78tli St.. Rego Park. N. Y. Ferretti. Roma F.. ' 52; 1814 W. 12lli St.. Bklyn. 23. N. Y. Ferzola, Henrv Jr.. ' 53: 91-07 108tli St.. Riclimond Hill 18. N. Y. Feuer. Alice D.. ' 32; 219 W. 81st St.. New York. N. Y. Feuer. Joseph. M.A.: 3505 Decatur Ave.. Bronx, N. Y. Feuer. Marilyn J.. 32; 180 N. Corons Ave.. Valley Stream 15. N. Y. Fiala. Mrs. Helen. M.S.: 373 Wellington Rd.. Mineola. N. Y. Fiance. Audrey F.. ' 55: 215 W. 92nd St.. New York. N. Y. Fichlenholtz. Judith S.. ' 51: 188-49 71st St.. Flushing. N. Y. Fidelman. Norman, ' 51; Room 7. Building F. Santini. Hempstead. N. Y. Fiedler. Simone. ' 52; 6 Woodland Rd.. Valley Stream. N. Y Field. Richard D.. ' 50: 206 N. Woods Rd.. Manhasset. N. Y. Fiescl. Suzanne M.. ' 33: 360 Stewart Ave.. Garden City. N. Y. Filner, Sarah (Mrs.). Spec; 32 Hill Lane. Roslyn Heights. N. Y. Fineman, I_aura J.. 31: 46 Strathmore Lane. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Finger. Charlotte L.. ' 53: 287 Eastern Ave.. Lynn. Mass. Finn. George C, 55: 45 Mosliier St.. Greenwich R.F.D. 3. Conn. Fink, Yvonne R.. ' 52; 9701 Shore Rd.. Bklyn. 9. N. Y. Finn. Joseph F.. ' 50: 912 N. 3rd St.. New Hyde Park. N. Y. Finnan. Nancy A.. ' 33: 1041 N. 6th St.. New Hyde Park. N. Y. Fischel. Lois. ' 52: 111-32 76th Ave.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Fischer. Dorothy G., ' 30: 33-34 163th St.. Flushing, N. Y. Fischetti. Florence M.. ' 54; 63-69 78th St.. Rego Park. N. Y. Fish. Robert . ' 33; 4 Governors Court. Great Neck. N. Y. Fishbein, George. ' 50: 63-33 98th Place. Forest Hills. N. Y. Fishkind. Robert B.. ' 32; 111 N. Village Ave.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Fishlowitz. Joan I.. ' 54: 633 Hegenian Ave.. Bklyn. 7. N. Y. Fishman. Norma G.. ' 51: 131-33 224th St.. Laurelton. N. Y. Fitzgerald, Miriam E., Spec; 60 Hillside Ave., Rockville Centre. N. Y. Fitzgerald. Paul P., ' 51; 163 Beach 129th St.. Rockawav Beach. N. Y. Fitzpatrick. Paula M.. ' 53; 13 Calvin Dr.. Garden Citv. N. Y. Fitzpatrick. William P., ' 32: 446 Beach 129th St.. Rockawav Park. N. Y. Fi.- sen. Cad B.. M.A.: 428 Bedford Ave.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Flackbert. Anita Y.. Spec; 114 Park Ave. Manhasset. N. Y. Flanders. Alvin. ' 31: 14 Brinton Rd.. Garden City. N. Y " . Flax. Simone Z.. ' 53: 500 Melrose Place. S. Orange. N. J. Fleming. James J.. 32: 84-24 Kew Gardens Rd.. Kew Gardens 15. N. Y. Flemming, Maiy ' E., ' 31; 84-24 Kew Gardens Rd.. Kew Gardens. N. Y. Flemming. David G.. ' 31; 104 Chestnut St.. W. Hempstead. N. Y. Fleury. " Theodore E.. ' 50; Box 659. Shore Drive. Bay ' ille, N, Y. Flint, Ethel J.. Spec; 114 E. Dean St.. Freeport. N. Y. Flint. Philip N.. Spec; 115 W. Walnut St.. Long Beach. N. Y. Flores, Chades P.. ' 55; 100-27 196th St.. Hollis 7. N. Y ' . Florin. Alan J.. ' 53: 4 Keewaydin Rd.. Lawrence. N. Y. Florsheim. Helen L.. ' 55: 250 Cabrini Blvd.. New York. N. Y. Flynn. Joseph D.. ' 54; 214-18 46th Rd.. Bayside. N. Y. Fogarty. Herbert G.. ' 35: 172-30 93rd Ave.. Jamaica 3. N. Y. Foley, Carolina L., ' 53; 16 Tarboro St., Elniont. N. Y. Foley. Frederick S. Jr.. " 50: Neptune Ave.. Sealord. N. Y. Foley. Richard M.. ' 55; 187-24 Hilburn .Ave.. St. Albans. N. Y. Fondo. Michael A.. ' 33; 196 Clinton PI., Hackensack, N. J. Fonrose. Harold. ' 32: 30-05 Broadway, Apt. 4C. Woodside. N. Y. Ford. William McRea Jr.. ' 52; 159 Brixton Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Fordsnian. Ethel C ' 52; 239 Hempstead Ave.. Rockville Centre, N. Y. Eorman, Geraldine F.. ' 53; 184-07 143rd Ave., Springfield Gardens, N. Y. Forrest. Cynthia R.. ' 53; 42 Second Ave.. Port Washington. N. Y. Forrest. Tess, Grad. Spec; 169 Stratford Rd.. New Hyde Park, N. Y. Foster. Amelia. NLA.: 205 Willis Ave. Mineola. N. Y. Foster. Betty M.. ' 32: 34 S. Hewlett Ave., Merrick, N. Y. Fox. Paula J.. ' 53: 470 West End . ve.. New York 24. N. Y. Fox. Rita. ' 53: 863 Linden Blvd.. Bklyn. 3, N. Y. Fragner. Suzanne J.. ' 51: 184 Rugby Rd.. Bklyn. 26. N. Y. Fralinger. Gloria K.. 50: Glenarm. Maryland Frana. Martha M.. ' 53; Calvin Ave.. Svosset. N. Y. Franrolini. Charles A., ' 52; 54 Clover Ave., Floral Park. N. Y. Frank. Edward H.. ' 52; 327 Earle Ave. Lynbrook. N. Y. Frank. Edwin B.. ' 53: 295 Wel lington Rd.. Mineola. N. Y. Frank. Enid B.. ' 55: 108-45 65th Ave. Forest Hills. N. Y. Frank. Richard B.. ' 55: 230 Central Park West, New York, N. Y Franklin. Robert A., ' 51: 21 Oakmcre Dr.. Baldwin. N. Y. Frantellizzi. Gloria E.. ' 50; 56 New York Ave.. W. Hempstead N. Y. Franz. Audrey. ' 52; 565 DuBoi; Ave.. Valley Stream. N. Y. Franz. Frederick J. Jr.. ' 33: 404 Lowell Ave.. New Hyde Park. N. Y. Freeman. Jerome. ' 53: 108 N. Grove St.. Freeport. N. Y. Freid. Barbara L., ' 52: Hotel St. George. Bklyn. Heights. N. Y. Friedman. Maxine B.. ' 54; 819 Hopkinson Ave.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Friedman. Rosanne. ' 54; 12 Briarwood Ct.. Rockville Centre. N. V. Freiman. Herbert S.. ' 51: 394 Main St.. Farmingdale. N. Y. Freiman. Joyce E.. ' 53: 44 Bernard St.. Farmingdale. N. Y. Freitag. John D.. ' 53: 128 Hampshire Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y. Freudcnfall. Shirley. ' 51; 173 Riverside Dr.. New Y ' ork, N. Y. Freund. Helen. Grad. Spec: 340 Hudson St.. Cedarhurst. N. Y. Frey. Donald F.. ' 52; 86-82 Midland Pkwy.. Jamaica 5. N. Y. Frey. Richard F.. ' 53: 246-11 91st Ave.. Bellerose 6. N, Y. Friderichs. Barbara R.. ' 51: 20 Hawthorne St.. Williston Park. N. Y. Friderichs. Maureen A.. ' 53; 20 Hawthorne St.. Williston Park. N. Y. Fried. Adeline. M.S.: 328 W. 86th St.. New York. N. Y. Fried. Constance. M.A.; 2145 Matthews Ave.. Box 60. New York. N. Y. Fried. Rence Helen. ' 35: 10-55 115th St.. College Poinl. N. Y. Friedman. Barbara A.. ' 32: 1940 Grand Concourse. New York. N. Y. Friedman. Donald J.. ' 50: 1 Jefferson Ave.. Apt. G4. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Friedman. Harold. Spec: 182 E. 93rd St.. Bklyn. 12. N. Y. Friedman, Leon. ' 50; 1159 Brighton Beach Ave. Bklyn. 24. N. Y Friedman. Martin. ' 33; 96 Chester Ave. Bklyn. 18. N. . Friedman. Stephanie H.. ' 53; 11-05 Neilson Ave.. Far Rockawav. N. Y. Friedwald. Ruth H.. MA.; 91 Oxford Rd., Rockville Centre. N. Y. Friefeld. Gertrude. ' 33: 1145 Sage St.. Far Rockaway. N. . Frigard. Edwin W.. ' 50: 161 Roxbury Rd.. Garden City S.. N. Y. Frish. Paul. Ph.D.: 260 Center Lane. Levittown. N. Y. Frisher. Ruth. ' 53: 83-13 Lefferts Blvd.. Kew Gardens. N. Y. Frobey. Donald E.. ' 32; 92-24 92nd. Woodhaven 21. N. Y. Froebcl. Helen M.. ' 51; 15 South Charles St.. W. Hempstead. N. Y. Fromberg. Sharon R.. ' 53; 10 Welwyn Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y. Frooms. May 3. S., M.A.: 115-87 219th St., St. Albans. N. Y. Fuchs. Leonard. ' 54: 135-24 233 St.. Laurelton. N. Y. Fuller. Dorothy D.. ' 55: 8433 Radnor St.. Jamaica Estates. N, Y. Fuller. Grace C. ' 51: Ryefield Rd.. Locust Valley. N. Y. Fuller. Robert H.. ' 54: 5 Dul onnet Rd., Valley Stream. N. Y. Fulton. Grace A.. MA.: 446 N. Wood St.. Fremont. O. Fulton. Paul. ' 53; 84 Grand Ave. N. Hackensack. N. J. Furman. Pollyanne. ' 52: 103 N. Fulton Ave.. Mt. Vernon. N. Y. Fusco. Dolores. ' 52: 129-06 7th Ave. College Point. N. Y. Fusco. Francis S.. M.A. ; 263 Sheridan St.. Westbury. N, Y. l " - ' olent. NL-irilyn. ' 55; 69 Claurome PI.. Freeport, N. Y. Galatola. Louis A.. ' 52: 417 8th St.. Bklyn. 15. N. Y. Gallagher. Mary L., ' 53: 32 Adams St.. Garden City. N. Y. Galluzzo. George. ' 52: 188 Lincoln Ave. Nbneola. N. Y. Galyon. Charles A. .Ir.. ' 50: 620-58 99th St.. Forest Hills. N. Y Gamber. Ruth. Grad. Spec; 16 Roosevelt . ve.. Lynbrook. N, Y. Gannon. Margaret A.. ' 55: 16 McKenna Ave.. Baldwin. N. Y Gannon. Martin G.. ' 53; 191-17 112th Rd.. St. Albans 12. N. Y. Gannon, Mary T.. ' 51: 16 McKenna Ave.. Baldwin. N. Y. Ganong. George V ' .. ' 52; 29 Admiral Kallifus Rd.. Newport. R. I. Gardner, Rulli M.. ' 53: 19 Rose Ave., Floral Park, N. Y. Gargano. Joan M., ' 53; 242 Titus Ave., Rocliester 5. N, Y. Garment. Allan L.. ' 5-4; 101 Horton St.. Maiverne. N. Y. Garolalo. Louise ]., 53; -139 Main St.. blip. N. Y. Gearns. William J.. ' 32; 41 -11 44lli St.. Sunnyside. N. Y. GebJiardt. Irene T.. ' 52: 101 Marine Ave.. Bklvn. 9. N. Y. Gecels. Annette, ' 53; 360 Central Park W.. New York 25. N, Y. Geekie. Blanche. ' 50; 133 Cutter Mill Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y. Gehring. Joan M.. 52; 42 E. Poplar St.. Floral Park. N. Y. Geliring. Nancy L.. ' 53; 42 E. Poplar St.. Floral Park. N. Y. Geier. Paul P.. ' 51; 217 Beach 116lh St.. Rockaway Beach, N. Y. Gelb, Anita, ' 50; 6913 I97th St., Flushing. N. Y. Gelb, Naomi. ' 33; 39 E. 54th St., New York. N. Y. Gellert, Nan, ' 53; 1025 President St.. Bklyn. 25. N. Y. Gengler. Eugene P.. ' 51; 133-41 114th St.. Ozone Park. N. Y. Gennes. Francine R.. ' 52; 1245 50th St.. Bklvn. 19. N. Y . Genova. Michael A.. ' 53; 95 Glen St.. Glen ' Cove, N. Y. Gentilin. Garth V.. ' 53; 3 Underwood Rd.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Geoghegan. Jean. ' 52; 355 N. Forest Ave.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. George. Donald M.. ' 53; 38 Lee Ave.. N. Merrick. N. Y. Gerdes. Herbert H. C.. ' 52; 2 Roxl)ur - Rd.. Oceanside. N. Y. Gemiaise. Irwin L.. ' 52; 102-40 67th Drive. Forest Hills. N. Y. Gerner. George J.. ' 51: 387 Louis Ave.. S. Floral Park. N. Y. Geshwind. Gloria E.. ' 50; 676 Montgomery St.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Geyer. William H.. ' 53; Apt. 420. Tudor Tower. New York 17, N. Y. Giambalvo. Noel B.. ' 52; 1285 Putnam Ave.. Bklyn. 21. N. Y. Gibash. John A., ' 52; 76 Diamond St.. Elmont. N. Y. Gibson. Leonard R., ' 32; 37 Riverside Drive. New York 23. N. Y. Gibson. Philip J.. ' 53; 37 Riverside Drive, New York 23. N. Y. Gidge. Milton F.. ' 31; 6 Ontario Rd.. Bellerose. N. Y. Gieyszter. Maria J.. ' 51; 120 Eighth Ave., Sea Cliff, N. Y. Gilbert, Nancy L., ' 31: 1813 Morris Ave.. New York. N. Y. Gill. Kenneth. Spec. Grad.: 8 Hickory St.. Floral Park, N. Y. Gillespie. Lionel R.. ' 50; 139 Grand Ave.. Freeport. N. Y. Gillespie. Margaret H.. ' 50; 190-16 1 1 5th Rd.. St. Albans 12, N. Y. Gilmore, Blakely T., ' 50; 47 E. 88th St.. New York. N. Y. Ginigcr. Doris E.. ' 53; 373 Mineola Blvd.. Mineola. N. Y. Giordano. Frank S.. ' 53; 339 19th St.. Bklyn. 15. N. Y. Gitlin. Saul. ' 53; 1035 Gibson St.. Far Rockaway. N. Y. Giltell. Shelly J.. ' 53; 2133 E. 28th St.. Bklyn. 29. N, Y. Gladstone, Judith E.. ' 53; 15 Chester Drive. Great Neck. N. Y. Glaser. Nathan W.. M.A. : 139 W. 78lh St.. New York 24. N. Y, Glass. Eileen F.. ' 52: 101 W. 55lh St.. New York 10. N. Y. Glassberg. Barbara. ' 53: 44 Sealy Drive. Lawrence. N. Y. Glasser. Barbara P.. ' 51; 119-10 L ' nion Tpke.. Kew Gardens. N. Y. Glenn. Arthur D.. ' 51; 15 Gaynor Ave.. Manhasset. N. Y. Glennon. James I.. ' 51; 76 Dalton St.. Long Beach. N. Y. Gluck. Marilyn J.. ' 52; 1844 W. 1 1 ih St., Bklyn., N. Y. Gluckson, Betty J. (Mrs.). ' 54; 724 A Broad Ave.. Ridgefield. N. J. Gluskin. Stanley. ' 51: 242-15 91st Ave,. Bellerose. N. Y. Goddard. Constance D.. ' 50; 218-22 36th St.. Bayside. N. Y. Godduhn. Donald E.. ' 53; 8014 Springfield Blvd.. Queens Village. N. Y. Goetze. John H.. 53: 124 Carolina Ave.. Franklin Square. N. Y. Golann. Alan J.. ' 52; 84-51 Bevedy Rd.. Kew Gardens. N. Y. Gold. Alice M.. ' 51; 23 Marlboro Court. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Gold. Harold S.. ' 32: 114-02 Linden Blvd.. Ozone Park. N. Y. Goldberg. Arthur, M.S.; 2288 Mott Ave., Far Rockaway. N. Y. Goldberg, Sanfand, ' 54: 287 Hobson St., Newark, N. J. Golden, Gloria, ' 53: 2720 Grand Concourse, NVw York 58, N. Y. Goldenberg. Frances L., ' 51; 31 Herrick Drive. Lawrence. N. Y. Goldenbcrg. Lenore R., ' 50: 333 Congress Ave.. Lansdowne. Pa. Goldfarb. Doris. M.A.; 73-67 197lh St.. Flushing. N. Y. Goldin. Joyce E.. ' 32: 515 Front St.. Greenport. N. Y. Goldman. .Audrey. ' 54: 133 Girard St.. Bklyn. 29, N. Y. Goldman, Benton A., ' 54; 182 Sussex Rd., Elmont, N. Y. Goldring, Harold, ' 52: 170 E. Broadway, Long Beach, N. Y. Goldsmith, Eleanor D., ' 50; 97 Brighton Ave.. Deal. N. J. Goldsmith, Irene, ' 53; 130 Centre .4ve.. New Rochelle, N. Y. Goldstein, Barbara M., ' 53: 98-34 63rd Drive. Forest Hills. N. Y. Goldstein. Gloria. " 30; 41 Virginia Ave., Rockville Centre, N. Y. Goldstein, Hilda H., ' 50; 133 Neptune Ave., Long Beach, N. Y. Goldstein, Mark E., ' 53: 172-81 Henly Rd., Jamaica 3, N. Y. Goldslon, Audrey, ' 51: 130-60 220th St.. Laurelton. N. Y. Golik. Edwin J.. " 53; 223 Lexington Ave.. Oyster Bay. N. Y. Golub. Audrey A.. ' 32; 1438 Eastern Pkwy.. Bklyn. 33. N. Y. Gomez. Roland. ' 52: 1 Lynbrook Ave.. Lvnbrook. N. Y. Goodwin. Donald H.. ' 53: 98 Montague St., Bklyn. 2, N. Y. Gooszen, Hcnrj ' C. Jr., ' 53: 154-24 l!8th Ave., Jamaica 4. N. Y. Gordon. Anne M.. Grad. Spec; 215 Middle Neck Rd.. Great Neck N. Y. Gordon. Florence C. ' 52: 1645 E. 3rd St.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Gordon. Jack. ' 50: 15 Allen St.. Hempstead. N. Y. Gordon. Joan L.. ' 53: 50 Nassau Blvd., . Ialverne, .N. Y. Gordon. Jules M.A.; 819 Franklin D. Roosevelt Dr.. New York 9 N. Y. Gordon. Stanley ' 52; 484 Adams Ave.. Hempstead. N. Y. Gorman, Kenneth J. ' 52: 40 School St., Maiverne, N. Y, Gosling, Norma L. ' 53: 185-02 Murdock Ave., St. Albans. N Y Gottlieb. Henry ' 51: 1201 E. 21st St.. Bklyn. 10. N. Y. Gottlieb. Jerome ' 32; 1201 E. 21st St.. Bklyn. 10. N. Y Gould. Jane S.. ' 31: 241 W. 97th St.. N. Y. Gould. John E. ' 30; 76 Lenox Ave.. Lvnbrook. N. Y. Gould. Sondra C. ' 51: 560 E. Olive St.. Long Beach. N. Y. Graf. Evelyn C. ' 52; 5 Monfort Rd.. Port Washington. N Y Gral Joseph A.. ' 52: 62 Campbell Ave.. Williston Park. N Y Oral. Richard W. ' 50: 194-19 114th Dr.. St. Albans N Y Granitz. Rita A. ' 30; 1535 E. 18th St.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Granneman. Wm. E. ' 52: 44 Bingham Circle. Manhasset. N. Y Grant. Theodore S. ' 50; 74 India St.. Bklyn. 22. N. Y Gratvvohl. Norman A. ' 53; 121 Fairfield St.. Valley Stream. N. Y Grau. Wanda H. 5-; 107-09 Metropolitan Ave.. Forest Hills, N. Y. Graver. .NIary A. ' 52: 23 Foster PI.. Hempstead. N. Y. Grayson. Helen J. ' 53; 62-33 Alderton St.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Graziose. Lawrence F. ' 53; Mongaluzzo Lane. Greenvale N Y Grean, Noel N. ' 30; 41 Devon Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y Green. George Grad. Spec: 107 Yale St.. Williston Park, N Y Green, Herbert B. ' 50: 502 Crown St., Bklvn., N. Y. Green. Merle ' 52: 8 Maiverne Ave.. Richmond. ' Virginia Green Richard B. ' 50; 865 West End Ave., New York. N. Y. Greenberg. Abby G. ' 51; 64 Jerome Ave.. New Rochelle N Y Greenberg. Anne L. ' 52; 120-87 St.. Bklyn. 9, N. Y. Greenberg, Harriet S. ' 52; 32 Andierst Ct., Rockville Centre, N Y Greenberg, Hazel B. ' 51; 789 St. Marks Ave.. Bklyn.. N Y Grenberg. Jay B. ' 53: 1861 Sedgwick Ave.. Bronx. N. Y Greenberg. Joan F. ' 52; 1169 E. 21st St.. Bklyn.. N. Y Greenberg. Joseph K. ' 52: 66 Washington Ave.. ' Cedarhurst. N. Y Greenberg. Philip A. ' 33: 210 E. Second St.. Bklyn N Y Greene. Mrs. Adcle ' 51: 266 Highland Blvd.. Bklvn 7 N Y Greene. Robert R ' 53; 10 Evans PI.. Port Jefferson, N. Y Greenhed. James L. ' 33; 5400 Fieldston Rd.. Rherdale 63. N Y L.rcenficld. Saul 33; 143-05 232nd St.. Rosedale. N Y Greenfield. Sylvia ' 30; 169 .New York Ave.. Bklyn.. N Y Greenman Naomi R. ' 51; 892 Westminster Rd. ' , ' oodmere, N Y Greenwald, Robert ' 52: 112-44 Francis Lewis Blvd., Ct. Albans. Gregg, James R. ' 53: 42 Salisbury Ave.. Garden City, N Y Grcgorios, Helen ' 50; 8413 Fourth Ave.. Bklyn.. N. Y Gregory. Jean F. Spec. Grad.: 28 Park Circle. Great IVeck. N Y Greit. Terry 32: 751 St. Marks Ave.. Bklvn. 16. N. Y. Griffin. Florence L.. M.A.: 1098 E. 17th St.. Bklyn.. N Y Griffing. Esther J.. M.S.: 18 Chestnut St.. Rhinebecfc. N. Y Griggs. Marjorie L.. ' 51: 136 Kensington Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Grilfin. John J.. 54; 416 Argvie Rd.. Mineol a. N. Y. Grimm Clifford. Spec. Grad.; 140 Powell Ave.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Groten. Gertrude (Mrs.). Spec. Grad.; 581 Langley Ave.. W. Gross. Francine L.. ' 53; 630 Fort Washington Ave.. New York 23. Gross. Milton. ' 51; 1340 Wilkins Ave.. Bronx 59. N. Y. Grossman. Barbara J.. ' 54; 1478 Pt. Breeze PI.. Far Rockaway. Grossman. Shirley. Spec. Grad.; 136 Smith St.. Freeport. N. Y Groten. Gertdude (Mrs.). Spec, Grad.: 581 Langley Ave., W. Hempstead. N. Y. Grubert. Herbert A.. ' 54: 33-37 71st St.. Jackson Heights. N. Y. Gruncbaum, Gabriele, M.S.: II Cotswold Wav, Scarsdale. N. Y. Gudenzi. Rircardo. 51; 22 Beverly Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y. Gudcr. Harold F.. ' 52: 217-24 49th Ave.. Bayside. ISl. Y. Guercio. Vincent C. ' 51; 102 Grand Ave.. Freeport. N. Y. Guest. Wallace G.. ' 53: 121 Kirkwood Ave.. Merrick. N Y Gundel. Wm. J.. ' 52; 12 Exeter St., Williston Park, N Y Gurke, Madeline C. ' 51; 221 Bedford Ave.. Bellmore N Y Guth. Jules H.. ' 31: 184 Fonda Rd.. Rockville Centre N Y Guy. Robert I., M.A.: 1763 N. Street N.W., Washington, DC. Haas. Philip, ' 50; 149 Grand Ave.. Freeport, N. Y. Habcrman, Carol, ' 30: I 15-06 203rd St., St. Albans, N. Y. Hachez, Maria. ' 34: 3260 Nethedand . c.. NVw York 63 N Y Hadfield. Patricia A.. ' 50: 260A Brooklyn Ave.. Bklyn . JV Y Hagan. Helen B.. ' 50; 42-13 48th .Ve.. Woodside. IV. Y. Hagan. Nancy E.. M.A.; 131 Cedar Ave.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. 184 Hailbloom, Irma R.. ' 53; 175 W. 92nd St.. New York 25. N. Y. Halbrecht, Goldie. ' 53; 1656 E. IQtK St.. Bklyn. 29. N. Y. Hall. Brian R.. ' 53 ; 2747 E. 26th St.. Bklyn. 29, N. Y. Hall. Edmund Jr.. ' 53: 53-36 219tli St.. Bayside. N. Y. Hall. Richard F.. ' SS; 35-69 168th St., Flushing, N. Y. Halligan. Edward J.. Spec: 210 E. 17th St., New York 3. N. Y. Hamburger. Jane S.. ' 52: 690 E. 19th St.. Bklyn. 30, N. Y. Hamilton, Margaret S.. ' 51: 90 Frances Ave., Harrison. N. Y. Hammel, Randall VV.. ' 53: 130 Willow St.. Garden City, N. Y. Hammerschlag. Harold G.. ' 52; 247 Cornwall Ave.. ' Valley Stream. N. Y. Hammond, Robert J., ' 50; 54 Jerome Ave., Mineola, N. Y. Hand, Edward, ' 50: 434 E. Olive St., Long Beach, N. Y. Handley. Eliz. J., ' 52: 82-15 Britton Ave., Elmhurst, N. Y. Handrich. Paul C. Jr., ' 50: 50-48 Colonial Rd., Bellerose. N. Y. Handschuh. Robert J.. ' 52; 75-57 179th St.. Flushing. N. Y. Haney, John A., ' 53: 450 Riverside Dr.. New York 27. N. Y. Hanley. Francis X., ' 53; 3044 Hull Ave., Bronx 67, N. Y. Hanneman, Dolores R., ' 51; 170-12 87lh Ave., Jamaica, N. Y. Hansen, Albert V. Jr., ' 51; 42-24 64th St., Woodside, N, Y. Hansen, Jane L.. ' 50; Setauket, N. Y. Hansen, Karin, Grad. Spec; 10 Clent Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. Harberg, Frederick J.. ' 52; 213-38 40th Ave., Bayside. N. Y. Hardcastle, Kalherine, M.A.: 285 Smith St.. Freeport. N. Y. Hare. Mrs. Jean. Spec. Grad. ; 49 Franklin Court, Garden City, N. Y. Hargrave. Mary G.. ' 52: 107 Kellogg St., Oyster Bay. N. Y. Hargrave, Joseph L., ' 52: 461 E. Broadway, Long Beach, N. Y. Harkavy, Barbara R., ' 52: 622 Ave. K, Bklyn., N. Y. Harkins, Patricia M.. ' 53; 107 Bellmore St.. Flora! Park, N. Y. Harper, Sheila M., ' 50; 170 Mayfair Ave., Floral Park, N. Y. Harris. Raymond, ' 50: 1 Petit PL, Glen Cove, N. Y. Hart, Barbara, ' 52; 720 E. 32nd St.. Bklyn. 10. N. Y. Hart. Patricia W.. ' 52; 9 Prospect Park W., Bklyn., N. Y. Hartig. Dolores M., ' 53: 61 Cedar Ave., Rockville Centre. N. Y. Hartop, Joan, M.A.; 12 North Blvd., East Rockaway, N. Y. Harwood, Mary L., 51; 333 Brower Ave., Rockville Centre, N. Y. Haskins, Kenneth, M.A.; 506 W. 148th St., New York 3, N. Y. Hassel, Norman. ' 53: 104-29 198th St.. Hollis. N. Y. Hasselberger, Robert L. ' 53: 217-32 50th Ave., Bayside, N. Y. Hausherr, Thomas A., ' 50: 16 Norwich Ave., Lynbrook. N. Y. Hay, ' Virginia S., ' 51: 115-103 220th St., St. Albans, N. Y. Hayden, Edward J., ' 51: 123-09 Beach Channel Dr., Rockaway Beach, N. Y. Hayden, Marion L., ' 31; 409 D St., Wright Patterson AFB, Day- Ion, Ohio Hayes, Daniel T., ' 50: 41 Longfellow St., Baldwin, N. Y. Hayes, Lawrence E., ' 54; 459 E. Pine St., Long Beach. N. Y. Healey, Susan C 55; 269 Candee Ave., Say ' il!e, N. Y. Heaslip. Louise K.. ' 53: 589 E. 7th St., Bklyn., N. Y. Hecht, Jean Ingle, Grad. Spec; 7 Saddle Lane, Levittown. N. Y. Hedels. Raymond W., ' 52; 30-03 119th St., College Point, N. Y. Hedges, Helen C. 5 i ; Washington Ave, Searord, N. Y. Hee. Paul R., ' 50; 53 Revere Rd., Roslyn Heights, N. Y. Heidenheimer, Suzanne, 53: 42-60 Bowne St.. Flushing, N. Y. Heimendinger, Suzanne, ' 54; 85-26 Kendrick PL, Jamaica 3, N. Y, Heinemever, Glenn R., 51; 49 Woodlawn Ave., Valley Stream, N. Y. ' Heinrich, Marion J., ' 53; 9106 79th St., Woodhaven 21, N. Y. Heins, Wesley Jr., ' 53; 23 Blue Spruce Rd.. Hicksville. N. Y. Heissenbuttel, Joyce A., ' 53; 47 Orchard Meadow Rd.. E. Willis- ton, N. Y. Heller, Stuart L., ' 52; 240 Central Park S.. New York 19, N. Y. Hendry, Jean, ' 50; 23 Amherst St., Williston Park, N. Y. Henig, Anton J., ' 50; 142-28 61 Rd., Flushing, N. Y. Henry, Wm. J., ' 52; 952 E. 18th St., Bklyn. 30, N. Y. Henshel, Carol E., ' 32; 345 DeMott Ave., Rockville Centre, N. Y. Hensley, Milton, ' 50: 27 John St.. Lynbrook, N. Y. Herberger, Eloise R., ' 52: 3805 Clarendon Rd., Bklyn. 3, N. Y. Herbert, Arlene R.. ' 50; 748 Bradford St., Bklyn. 7, N. Y. Herman, Arthur D.. ' 50; 100-10 67th Road. Forest Hills. N. Y. Herman. Beverly. 52; 15 Crown St., Bklyn., N. Y. Herman, Laurel, ' 50; 30-06 29th St., Astoria. N. Y. Herman. Leon. ' 51; 70-28 Kessel St.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Herman. Marilyn H.. ' 53; 84-49 168th St., Jamaica, N. Y. Herman. Richard S.. ' 53; 329 E. Chester St., Long Beach, N. Y. Hermanowski, John F., 53: 205 Har ard St., Flempstead, N. Y. Herrmann, Raymond A., ' 51; 92-25 Springfield Blvd.. Queens Village, N. Y. Herrnson. Kenneth C ' 52; 3525 Perry Ave., Bronx 67. N. Y. Hersh, Charles, ' 53: 106-15 Jamaica Ave., Richmond Hill, N. Y. Herzig, Marvin Jay, ' 33: 63-84 Boote St., Forest Hills, N. Y. Hess, Arthur H., ' 53; 78-52 79th St., Glendale 27, N. Y. Hetfield, Carol J., ' 51: 224-19 Davenport Ave., Queens Village, N. Y. Heyler, Marjorie G., ' 52; 221-32 Davenport Ave., Queens Village, N. Y. Heyman, Renee, ' 52; 1 Knightsbridge Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. Higgins, John J., ' 52; 42 Gesner Ave., Nyack, N. Y. Higgins, Raymond J.. ' 53: 94-14 76th St., Ozone Park 17. N. Y. HiM. Muriel C. ' 33: 67-11 Yellowstone Blvd.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Hirsch, Carol L., ' 54: 1576 Ocean Ave., Bklyn. 30, N. Y. Hirsch, Lois M.. ' 54; 470 West End Ave.. New York 24. N. Y. Hirschberger. Lora. ' 52: 11-39 76th Rd., Forest Hills. N. Y. Hirschon. Bruce H., ' 53; 39 Comwells Beach Rd.. Sands Point, N. Y. Hirsimaki, Greta S., ' 53; 9229 Shore Rd., Bklyn. 9, N. Y. Hochstadt, Gerson. ' 53: 69-50 78th St., Middle Village. N. Y. Hodge. Lucille A.. ' 53; 4539 194th St.. Flushing. N. Y. Hoelle. Ernest G., ' 52; 87 Elton Rd., Stewart Manor, N. Y. Hoelle, Mary L., ' 50: 87 Elton Rd., Stewart Manor, N. Y. Hoffman, Beth A., ' 53: 17 Franklin PL, Pelham 65, N. Y. Hoffman, Dorothy F., ' 32; Phelps Lane, RFD 2, Babylon, N. Y. Hoffman, Jay. ' 53; 620 Ft. Washington Ave.. New York 33, N. Y. Hoge, Thomas R., ' 53: 527 W. 1 10th St.. New York 25. N. Y. Holgerson, Robert O., ' 53; 167 Milbum Ave., Baldwin. N. Y. Holland. Simeon, ' 52: 451 Long Beach Rd., Rockville Centre, N. Y. Hollander, Lewis E., 51: 65 Neptune Ave., Woodmere, N. Y. Hollander, Rita, ' 50: 1068 New York Ave., Huntington, N. Y. Hollister, Nancy T.. ' 51: 53 S. Cottage St., Valley Stream, N. Y. Hopkins, John S., ' 53; 44 L nion Ave., Lynbrook, N. Y. Hopt, Bertrand F., Jr., 53; 28-12 Corporal Kennedy St.. Bayside. N. Y. Holt, Richard A., ' 32; 36 Hudson Ave., Valley Stream. N. Y. Horan. Jacqueline. Grad, Spec: 365 Stewart Ave.. Garden City, N. Y. Horan. John R., ' 52; 250 John St., Lawrence, N. Y. Hornbuckle, William J., ' 53; 100 Cambridge Ave., Garden City, N. Y. Hornstein. Lois, ' 52; 236 E. 25th St., Bklyn. 26, N. Y. Horowitz, Fleur de Lys Mary, 53; W ilkow Ave., Hempstead. N. Y. Horowitz, Floyd, ' 52; 517 Laurelton Blvd., Long Beach, N. Y. Horowitz, Mrs. Grace, ' 50; 1 Maple Drive, Great Neck. N. Y. Horowitz, Marilyn L., ' 50; 1620 Ave. L Bklyn., N. Y. Horowitz. Harold C, Spec; 200 Madison Ave., Baldwin, N. Y. Hosey, Helen J., ' 52: 55 Woodland Ave., Rockville Centre, N. Y. Hourigan. Frank E., ' 53; 138-06 230th PL, Rosedale 10, N. Y. Howell, Joan L., 53; 150 Rocklyn Ave., Lynbrook. N. Y. Howells, Cynthia L., ' 53; 33 Newkirk Ave., E. Rockaway, N. Y, Howells, Gordon T., ' 54: 959 Park Place, Bklyn. 10, N. Y. Hoye, Howard H. Jr., ' 51: 221-29 Edmore Ave.. Queens Village, N. Y. Hub. Howard D., ' 53; 183-08 109th Ave., Hollis 7, N. Y. Huck, Susan L., 51; 81 Greenway Terrace, Forest Hills Garden, N. Y. Hughes, John O., ' 52; 39 Yale Rd., S. Garden City. N. Y. Hughes. Rosemar ' A., Spec: 105-29 134th St., Richmond Hill 19, N. Y. Hull, Elizabeth A., ' 52: 60 Marvin Ave., Hempstead, N. Y. Hullen, Robert E., ' 52; 46-20 Concord Ave., Great Neck, N. Y. Humphreys, Muriel L, 52: 1 1 Dunwood Rd., Port Washington. N. Y. Hunn, Eleanor K., ' 51; 40 Columbia St., Islip, N. Y. Hurtado, Carlos, ' 52: Salinja 97, Willemstad, Curacao, D. W. L Huritz, Daniel, ' 53; 8903 148th St.. Jamaica 2. N. Y. Huschle. Charles. ' 31; 255 Dover Rd.. Manhasset. N. Y. Huschle. David V. ' 53: 253 Dover Rd.. Manhasset, N. Y. Hyman, Oscar, M.A.; Eldridge St., New York, N. Y. Iconis, John D., Spec; 7 Homestead Lane, Levittown. N. Y, Incalcaterra, Peter A., ' 51; 55 Cedar St., Amityville, N. Y. Ingebretsen, Arthur M., ' 52; 16 Benmore Ave., Franklin Sq., N. Y. Ingram, Elloitt A., ' 53; 93 Mill River Ave., Lynbrook, N. Y. Ireland, Arthur D., ' 53: 94 New York Ave., Rockville Centre, N. Y, Irvine, Marion B., 52; 165-14 Chopin Parkway, Jamaica. N. Y, Isacowitz, Riva Joy, ' 54; 959 Park PL, Bklyn. 15, N. Y. Isola, Geraldine A., ' 50: 2041 E. 17th St., Bklyn. 29, N. Y. Isola, Grace R. M., ' 51: 2041 E. 17th St., Bklyn. 29, N. Y. Israel, Renee M., ' 50: 4 Waverly PL. Cedarhurst. N. Y. Jablonski, Jeanne T., ' 52: 181 Nassau Ave., Manhasset, N. Y. Jackman. Dolores T., ' 52: 149-31 Delaware Ave., Flushing, N. Y, Jackson, Barbara A., ' 32; 176 Nassau Rd., Huntington, N. Y. Jacobs. Phyllis, ' 54: 11 edgewood Lane, Lawrence. N. Y. .lacobs, Robert A., ' 54: 1756 49th St., Bklyn. 4, N. Y. Jacobson, Herbert B., ' 52; 48 Weiden St., Farmingdale, N. Y. 183 Jacobsoil. Suzanne, ' ji; 18-l-OS Mklhirul I ' .irkwav, Jamaica Estates 3, N. Y. Jacobs. Martin, M.A.; 251 Hen.pstead Tpkc, V. Hempstead, N. Y. Jacovitz. Robert S., ' 52; 135 Belmont Ave., Long Beach, N. Y. Jaeger. Roy G.. ' 53; 84 W ' e ' tfield Ave.. Roo.sevcll. N. Y. Jaffin, Moira. ' 53: 1 Q2 Goldsn.illi Ave.. Newark 8. N. J. James, Carles W.. ' 50; 227 . Iill River Rd.. Oyster Bay, N. Y. Jamison. Rosalie M., ' 50; 67 Granite St.. Ridlonville. Nlainc Janelli. Rirliard J.. ' 50: 5 Wyngatc PI.. Great Neck, N. Y. Janicki. Rirliard A.. ' 52: 8 Elmridge Rd.. Kings Point. Great Neck N. . Jarka. Donald T.. ' 53; 197-16 llltli Ave.. St. Albans. N. Y. Jenkins. LeRoy F., ' 5-1; 2309 lack.son . Kve.. Seaford. N. Y. Jennings. Jack E., ' 50; 6 Fordham St.. Valley Stream. N. Y. Jensen. Dorothy H., ' 52; 622 Bergen St.. Bklyn. 17. N. Y. .lewett. Marjorie A.. ' 52: 4 Nassau Blvd.. Garden City. N. Y. Jinick. Anita. ' 54; Juan Escutia 57A. Mexico City. Mexico. Jobansen. Robert G.. ' 53; 90-18 21 1th St.. Queens Village. N Y Johns, Lois M.. ' 52; 90-15 21Uh St.. Queens Village. N Y Johnson. Alice F.. ' 53; 201 Earl St.. E. W ' illiston N. Y. Johnson, Calvin R. Jr.. Epec. : 6 Prospect PI.. Hempstead. N. Y. Johnson. Eunice M.. ' 53; 107 Vk ' ickham Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Johnson. Jane A.. ' 30; 448 Macatee PI.. Mineola. N. Y. Johnson, Madeline H., ' 50; 26 Duncan PI.. Oceanside. N. Y. Johnson, Philip A., ' 50; 115 Second St.. Garden City. N. Y. Johnson, Mrs. Ruth, ' 54; 81 Union St.. Valley Stream. N. Y. Johnson, Wallace B.. ' 50; 39 Pattern Ave.. Oceanside, N Y Johnson. Walter H. Jr.. ' 55; 817 Pine PI.. Bellmore N Y Jones. Janet C, ' 50; 673 E. 18th St.. Bklvn.. N. Y. Jones, Joyce, ' 51; 2 St. Clair Ave.. Rutherford N J .lones, Molly T.. ' 53; 30 Watts PI.. Lvnbrook. N ' .Innes. Valerie NL, ' 50; 75 Marshall Ave.. Floral Park. N. Y. Jordan. Frederick L.. ' 52; 115-38 205tli St.. St. Albans. N. Y. Jordan, Vm. J.. ' 52; 643 Concord Ave.. Willistiit. Park N " i ' loseph, Burton. M.A.; 517 Conklin St.. Farmingdale. N Y Joseph. Mrs. C. B.. M.A.; 174 Cleveland Ave ' . Mineola N Y Judd. Beryl E.. ' 52; 144-35 Charter Rd., Jamaica 2, N. Y Juif. Regina F.. ' 51; 597 Chauncey Lane. Ceclarhurst. N Y Jungdalil. Mrs. Louise N.. Spec. Grad.; 8425 261st St., Floral Park, Kadedi, Ann. Grad. Spec; St. Mary ' s ScIk.oI. Garden City N Y Kagan. Mrs. M. H.. Spec; 20 Linford Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y. Kahn. Barbara L.. ' 55; Sound View. Convells Beach Rd . Sands Point. N. Y. Kahn. Blema. ' 51; 191 Bay 32 St.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Kahn. .loan L.. ' 50; 2 Marlboro Court. Rockville Centre N Y Kaiser. Richard C. ' 53; 129 Noble St.. Bklvn., N, Y. Kalaidjian. Wm. G.. ' 50; Castle Hghts. Ave.. Nyack. N Y Kalvin. Eileen L.. ' 51; 9205 Whitnev Ave.. Elmhurst. N Y KamenMelvin E.. ' 53; 138-05 Rockawav Beach Blvd.. Belle Har- _ bor. N. Y. Kamm. Barbara H.. ' 52; 143-16 89th Ave.. Jamaica. N Y Kamp. Walter H. Jr.. ' 52; 110 Pearfall Ave.. Freeport N Y Kane. Albert. ' 52; 28-21 35th St.. L. I. C. N. Y. Kane, Kenneth P.. ' 53; 1407 76th St.. Bklyn. 28. N. Y. Kanter. Minerva J., ' 53; 305 Avenue F.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Kaplan. Audrey B.. ' 52; 133-18 230th St.. Laiireltnn. N Y Kaire. Fortuna L.. ' 54: 2245 Conev Island Ave.. Bklyn N Y Karish. Paul J.. ' 51; 415 Clinton Ave.. Bklyn. 5. N. Y. Karp. Helen R. ' 53: 3671 Bedford Ave,. Bklyn.. N. Y. Karp. Leonard. ' 53; 126 Vassar Ave.. Newark 8. N. J. Karp. Sheila A.. ' 33: 105 W. 168th St.. Bronx 52 N Y Karpf. Lloyd R.. ' 52; 2 Canterbury Rd.. Rockville Centre. N Y Kasha. Marilyn J.. ' 51; 7 West 75th St.. New York 23. N. Y. Kask. VN ' arren C. ' 30: 109 Doncaster Rd.. Malverne. N Y Kass. Anna M. ' 52; 8618 Third Ave.. Bklyn. 9. N. Y. Kass. Paul B. Jr., ' 53; 239 86th St.. Bklyn. 9. N. Y. Kassover. Harriette. ' 51; 428 Ave. S. Bklyn. 23. N. Y. Kates. Sue A., ' 32; 6700 Huntington Ave.. Newport News, Va. Katz. Arthur J.. ' 33: 220 Wadsworth Ave.. New York 33. N. Y. Katz, Corynn J.. ' 33; 5 Berkeley PI.. Freehold. N J Katz. Judith. ' 50; 23 Central Park West. New York. N Y Katz. Phyllis. ' 54; 67-66 108th St.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Kaufman. Abe. ' 50; 93 Glen Cove Ave.. Glen Cove. N. Y. Kaufman. David. ' 33; 82-46 166th St.. Jamaica 3. N. S ' . Kaufman. Doris. ' 50; 114-83 228th St., Cambria Fights., N .Y. Kaufman. Marilyn E.. ' 30; 750 Empire Ave.. Far Rockaway. N. Y. Kaufman. Walter L.. ' 53: 28 Chester St.. S. Hempstead. N. Y. Kaufman. Cilgia A.. ' 53; 1630 Gilford Ave.. New Hyde Park. N Y Kay. Leila Spec; 13 Ives Rd.. Hewlett. N. Y. Kaye. Alma R.. ' 50; 8 Patsy PI.. Great Neck. N. Y. Kearney. Joan M.. ' 52: 114-64 199th St.. St. Albans. N. Y. Kearns. John. ' 51; 158 9th St.. Hie k.sville. .N. Y. Kearns. Wm. J.. ' 52; 37-27 221 St.. Baysidc. N. Y. Keefe. Francis, M.A.: 194-18 116th Ave., St. Albans. N. Y. Kecler. Gordon M., ' 30: 139 Brompton Rd.. Garden City. N Y Keeler. Wm. G. ' 50; 4 School St.. Malverne. N. Y. Keenan. Geo. S., MA.: 20 Roosevelt Ave.. E. Rockaway N Y Keller. David J., ' 53; 848 Br -ant Ave., New Hyde l -irk, N. Y. Kellerman. Myra Aha. Spec: 1271 President St.. ' Bklyn N S ' Kellerman. Phyllis, ' 54; 1271 President St.. Bklyn.. N. Y Kellerman. Rhoda L. ' 53: 8-21 119th St.. College Point N Y Kelley. Chas. H., ' 30: 556 St. John ' s Place. Bklyn. 16. N Y Kellcy. Ann E., ' 52: 62 W. Raymond Ave.. Roosevelt N Y Kelly. Kelhleen T., ' 52: 1 Grand St.. Elmont. N. Y. Kelly. Lawrence A.. ' 50; 42 I inc St.. Baldwin. N. Y. Kenigsberg. Norman S.. ' 5 1: 201 Roebling St.. Bklyn 11 N Y Kennedy. Wm.. ' 55; 121 Wellington Rd.. Garden City. N. ' Y ' Kenny. James S., ' 50; 93 Winston Ave.. Lynbrook. N. ' Y. Kenny. John W., ' 51: Sharon. Conn. Kent. Thomas. ' 53: 6 Amos Ave.. Oceanside. N. Y. Kenyon. Floyd J.. ' 31: 17 Emerson Ave., Baldwin, N Y Keon, Robert W.. Spec; 254 Atlantic Ave.. Lvnbrook. N Y Kerber. Lloyd R.. ' 53; 307 S. I irst St.. Lindenhurst N Y Kerrigan Lucille C, ' 53: 99 Woods Ave.. Rockville Centre. N Y Kessell. Devorah H.. ' 50; 382 Montgomery St, Bklyn N Y Kester, Adene D.. ' 53: 237 Gnert St.. Bklyn. 7. N. Y. Kcster. Howard S., ' 31: 730 Ocean Ave. Bklyn.. N. ' Khoury. Bertha S.. ' 32: 38 Lewis St.. Geneva. N Y Kiarulff. Geo. N.. ' 52: 1651 St. George ' s. Apt. D6. ' Roselle N J Kiesling, Patricia A.. ' 53; 163 Clinton Ave.. Roosevelt N Y Kiley. Anne M., ' 53: 121 Madborough Rd.. W. Hen.pstead N Y Kim. Soon ' on. ' 50: No. 177 Hyong Suk-Chung. Seoul. Korea King lohn F.. 53; 87-70 125th St.. Hill 18 N Y Kirsch. Rene Eileen. ' 52: 765 Riverside Dr.. New York 32 N Y Kirsehenbanm. Carol . ' 50; 685 W. End Ave., New York N Y K.rshner. Florence M., ' 51: 173 E. 151st St Bronx N " ' Kirwin. Joan A.. ' 52; 33 Westminster Rd.. Rockville Centre N Y K ausner. Phyllis G.. ' 50: 3391 Bedf ord Ave.. Bklyn N Y Kein. Ar in I.. ' 53; 172 Bedford Ave. Bklyn. ll.N Y Kein. Edward B.. ' 53: 253 Ocean View Ave.. Bklvn -I4 N Y Mein. Eleanor. 33: 1011 Carroll PI.. New York 56 N Y Kein. Joan G.. ' 53; 2382 Bayswater Ave.. Far Rockaway. N. Y Mein. Rosamond M.. ' 52: 26 School St., Malverne N Y ' Klein, Sondra J.. ' 51; 87 Melrose Ave.. . Mbany 3 .N Y Mein. W ' nul. ' 52; 385 Beach 12th St.. Far Rockawav. N Y Meinman. Samuel. 51; 33-07 Broadway. Astoria. N. Y. Klipp. Justine C. ' 32: 3 Garden St.. Garden City N Y Klueppelberg. Robert. ' 51; 6 Catalpa I..ane. Valley Stream N Y Knakal. Jeanne. M.S.; 62-52 81st St.. Elmhurst N Y ' n " y " " ' " " - - - ' " ■ ' " O-OlA Crorheron Ave.. Flushing. Knobel. Philip B., ' 51: 53 Ruxton Rd., Great Neck N Y Knodt. Robert C, ' 53; 26 Ethel St.. Valley Stream N Y Knorr. Anna M.. ' 53; Box 16. Wheallev Rd.. Old Westhury N Y r norr. James A.. ' 33; 90-66 205th St.. Hollis. N. Y. Knowlton. Gen. H.. ' 52: 187 E. Maujer St.. Valley Stream N Y Knox. .-Mbert H.. ' 52: 8016 Narrows . ve.. Bklvn.. N. Y. Knudsen. Annie. Spec; 123 Kensington Rd.. Garden City. N Y Kobre. Marjorie. ' 50; 2705 Ave. L. Bklyn. 10. N. Y. Koch. Thomas A., ' 53: 64-03 53rd St.. NIaspeth. N. Y. Kockenmeister. Henry P.. ' 53: 1272 Nostrand Ave., Bklvn N Y Kolf. Arnold M.. ' 53: 214 Central Ave. Bklyn. 21. N Y Kohart. Donald E.. ' 54; 168 Nassau Blvd.. Garden City. N. Y. Kohler. Richard H.. ' 54: 110-12 207tli St.. St. Albans. N V Kolano. Ernest T.. ' 53; 97-16 105th St.. Ozone Park 16. N Y Kobe. Ellen M.. ' 53; 81-59 Dongan Ave.. Elmhurst. N Y Kole. Cha-. P.. ' 52: 94-05 222nd St.. Queens Village 8. N Y Kommel. Margot. Spec: 25 E. 86th St.. New York. N. Y. Konigsberg. Frances. ' 53: 250 V ' . 94th St.. New York 25. N. Y. Koopmann. Neil P.. ' 32: 256 Green Ave.. Freeport. N ' V Knrn. I5ad,ara. ' 50: 1629 New Hyde Park Rd.. New Hyde Park, Knrnberg, Warren S.. ' 30; 65 Terrace Ave., Hempstead. N. Y. Kornfield. I awrence. ' 32; 433 Graham Ave.. Bklyn. It. N. Y KorKelcsy. lohn P.. ' 50; 3214 2l3tli St.. Bayside. N. Y. Koryn. Andrew L., ' 33: 43 Kew Gardens Rd.. Kew Gardens. N. Y. Kosmoski. Alma. ' 50: (See Mrs. Kay) Koss. Gita. ' 53: 83-15 Lefferls Blvd.. ' Kew Gardens. N. Y. Koss. Hannah. ' 53: 83-15 Lefferls Blvd.. Kew Gardens. N. Y. Koss. Herbert. ' 53: 13 S. Nas.sau Blvd.. Garden City. N. Y. Kotoukis. Irene. ' 50: 41-23 Forley St.. Elmhurst. N. Y. Kotzc. Lorraine H.. ' 53; 16 St. Tliomas PI.. Malverne. N. Y. Koumrian. Carolyn R.. ' 50; 62 Greenwav . " Vorlh. Forest Hills. N. Y. Kovalevsky, Walter L.. ' 52; 154-40 13th Ave. Beechhurst. N. Y. 186 Koar. Rlica. M.A.: 2 S. Wliilcliall Blvd.. Garden City. . Y. KracKe, Bett - A.. 50: 16 Lakeside Dr.. Lawrence. , . Y. Kracke. Joan. 52: 124 Morse Ave.. Rutherford. N. J. Kraetnier. Doris NL. ' 50; Calvin Ave.. Syossct. . Y, Kraft. Frederick A.. ' 53: 10-4-25 lQ5lIi St.. Mollis. X. Y. Krakow. Joan B.. ' 52: 77-14 lijtli St.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Kram. Elaine A.. ' 50: 465 West End Ave.. New York. . . Kramer. Donald J.. ' 52: 9I2Q 195tli St.. Mollis. X. " ! ' . Kramer. Irma E.. ' 55; 61 W. Walnut St.. Long Beacli. X. ' . Kramer. Ronald D.. ' 55; 33-51 75rd St., Jackson Mglits., X. Y. Kranicfi. Donald J.. ' 55: 7 V ' osliagc St.. Baldwin. N. Y. Krasner. Sylvia, ' 50: 243 Sullivan PI.. Bklyn.. X. Y. Kraut. Mrs. Grace A.. ' 50: 860 Pond I_ane. Woodmere. X. Y. Kreiling. Lcnore. MA.: 72-21 67tli St.. Glendale, X. Y. Kreis. Barbara J.. ' 55; 1205 Beverly Rd., Bklyn. IS. X. Y. Kreischer. Lawrence E.. ' 55: 35 Cleveland St.. V ' allev Stream, N. Y. Kremp. Fred ' .. ' 51: 172-19 145rd Rd.. Springfield Gardens, X. Y. Kren. Joliannali M.. ' 51: 718 West State St.. Trenton. .X. J. Kretcliniar. Elaine. ' 51: 520 Crown St.. Bklyn. 15. X. Y ' . Krisal. Lloyd A., ' 51; Irwin St.. Bklyn.. X. Y. Krug. Agnes M.. ' 32; 182 Lincoln Ave.. Mineola. X. Y. Kruger. Marjorie A., ' 53: 856 Ibson St.. Woodmere. X. Y. Krugman. Joan M.. ' 30; 8850 I65rd St.. Jamaica. X. Y. Krumenacker. Jolin H.. ' 32; 67 Muron Rd.. N ' alley Stream. X. Y. Krumliausen. Joan ' .. 55; 84 Page Rd.. N ' allev Stream. X. " . Kuclin. Frank H., ' 53: 279 Woodbine St.. Bklvn. 21. X. " i ' . Kulilke. .NIarcia L.. ' 32: 26 Clayton Ave.. Floral Park. X. Y. Kump. Doris J.. ' 32; 60-67 Putnam Ave., Ridgewood, X. Y. Ivunkei. . ndrew- J.. ' 32: 107-47 87tb St.. Ozone Park. N. Y. Kuplsis. John. ' 35; Clayton . ve.. Central Islip. X. Y. Kurthy. Alexander L.. ' 53: 95-05 202nd St.. Mollis 7. X. Y. Kurzius. Dorothy A.. ' 32: 102 Chestnut Ave., Floral Park, X. Y Kuster, Richard J., ' 51; 361 Foch Blvd.. Mineola. X. Y. Kulina. John R.. ' 50: 64 Madboro Rd., Valley Stream, X. Y. Kutino, Anita, ' 53: 1749 Grand Concourse, New Y ' ork 55, X Y. Latate. Tullio T.. ' 50: 1299 Ocean Ave.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Lackner, Lorraine B., ' 50; 118 Wilklow Ave., Hempstead, X. Y. LaCore, Wm. M., 55: 135 Roosevelt Ave, Mineola, X. Y, La Corte James X., ' 30; 316 Beach I45th St., Rockawav Beach N. Y. LaFemina. Marie. ' 51: 213 Hancock . ve.. E. Hempstead. X. Y. Lassik. Olga E.. Spec. Grad.; 2106 33rd St.. Astoria. .X. Y. Lally. John F.. ' 50: 112-39 205th St.. St. .Mbans. X. Y. Lamb. Edmund F.. Grad. Spec; 28 Le.xinglon St.. Rockville Centre N. Y. Lamb. Elaine X., ' 52: 559 Washington Ave.. Bklyn. 3. X. Y. Lamb, Grace L, ' 50: 28 Lexington St., Rockville Centre, N. Y Lamberson, John ' 55: 187 Prospect Ave., Sea Cliff, X. Y. Lambertine, Joan V., ' 54: 181-33 Kruger Rd.. Jamaica 3. X. Y. I.-ampasona. Margaret A.. ' 51: 222 Madison St.. Franklin Sq.. X. Y. Lane, Geo. P., ' 52: 95 E. Seaman Ave., Frceport, X. Y. Lane, Louis F., ' 53: 29-58 170tK St., Flushing. X. Y. Lanese. . nlhony. ' 30: 1184 77th St.. Bklvn. 28. X. Y. Lang. Geo. M., ' 51: 1900 Belmont Ave.. Bron.v 57. X. Y. Lang. Valarie E.. ' 31: 664 E. I8th St.. Bklyn.. X. Y. Langer. Susanne. ' 52: 259 Ocean . ve., Bklyn. 25, X. Y. Langclla. Dominick W.. ' 54: 258 Morton Highway. Mineola. X Y. Langfeldcr. Joan. ' 53: 1282 E. 26th St.. Bklvn. 10. X. Y. Langiolz, Dorothea C. ' 52; 282 Central Ave. ' , ' Valley Stream, .X. Y. Lansdown. Donald H.. ' 50: 45 Harding . ve.. Lvnbrnok. X. ' ' . Lansky. Jcrr -. ' 52: 87-61 155rd St.. Richmond Hill, X. " ' . Lantzounis, Thomas G., ' 51: 5447 75th St., Jackson Heights, N. Y. Barnard J., ' 53: 51 Ackley Ave.. Malverne. N. Y. Lanza. . laric D.. ' 35; 51 Ackley Ave.. Malverne, X. Y. Lapide, Caroline M. LA.; 152-14 84th St.. Ozone Park. X. Y, Lapide, Lawrence. ' 51: 132-14 84th St.. Ozone Park. X. Y LaPlac. James R.. ' 50: 47 Murdock Rd.. Lvnhrook. X. Y. LaPointc. Irwin. ' 50: 8349 llOth St., Richmond Hill. X. Y. Lappin. Joseph L. ' 50: 94-25 40 Drive. Elmhurst. X. Y. Larson. Eleanor H.. ' 50; 34 Madison . ve.. Garden Citv-, .N Y Larsen, Marilynn D., ' 52: 7021 Colonial Rd., Bklvn.. N. Y LaSota. Peter E.. 55: 65 Midland .■ e.. Wvckoff.N. J Lau. Evelyn. ' 55; 42 Ward St.. Floral Park. X. Y. Lau. Louise. ' 52; 1440 Rockaway Parkway. Bklyn.. X. Y. Launders. Jeanne A.. ' 55: 5 Willow St.. Mitchell Gardens X Y Lawn. Robert E.. ' 51; 114-20 Queens Blvd.. Forest Hills. X. Y. Lawrence. Jack. ' 33: 1044 Fox St.. Bron.x 59, X. Y. LawTence. Joan. 50: Claremont. Virginia Lazar. Helen L.. Spec; 88 Clover Drive. Great Neck. X. Y. Lazar, Irwin, ' 51: 1105 Sheridan Ave., Bronx 56. N, Y. M, League, Alice E., Spec: 398 W. 19Ist St.. New York 53. X " l ' . Leahy. -Ann P.. ' 35; 166 Trinity PI.. W. Hempstead. X. Y. N. Y. Leahy. Mary D.. ' 52; 173 Belmont Pkwv.. Hempstead. X. Y. Leber. Edward, M.S.: 39 Brixton Rd.. X ' . Ierrick. X. Y. Lebowitz. Anne. Grad. Spec: 12 Hill Lane. Roslvn Highls. X. Y. Lebowilz. Irma . I.. ' 50: 815 Ave. K. Bklyn. 50. X. Y. Lcbson. Martin A.. ' 32; 255 Cabrini Blvd.. Xew York 33. X. Y. Lederman. . irthur A.. ' 53: 6651 Booth St.. Forest Hills. X. S ' . Lederman. Stanley. ' 53: 7 W. 81st St.. Xew York 24. X. Y. Lee, Joan, 32; 85 Buckingham PI., Lvnhrook, X. Y. Lee. John T.. ' 50; 1 12-04 205th St.. Hollis. X. Y. Lee, Richard A., ' 55; 67 Grace Ave., Great .Neck, X. Y. Lee, Robert W., ' 55: 6 Brown Rd., Great Xeck, X. Y. Legg, Jean H., ' 53: 82 Maple Dr.. .New Hyde Park. N. Y. Lehman, Joyce S., ' 52; 1345 30th St., Bklvn., X. Y. Lehr. Use M.. ' 51; Fowler Ave. Carmel. .N. Y. Lehr, Lewis, ' 52: 2720 Grand Concourse. Xew York 58. X. ' ■. Lehry. Marjorie A.. ' 50; 56 W. Boulevard, E. Rockaway, .X. Y. Leibler, Burton H., ' 51; 8 X ' assau Ave.. .Atlantic Beach. X. Y. Lemmon. Wm. G.. ' 52: 50 Aspen St.. Floral Park. X. S " . Leonard, Eugene T., ' 31: 62 Campbell .Ave., Willislon Park. X. " Leonard. Loretta. ' 50; 1835 Monroe Ave.. Bronx 57. X. Y. Leonardi. Chas. A.. ' 52; 106-15 217th St.. Queens Village. ,N . Le Petri. Marilyn J.. ' 50: 22 Trcmont St.. Garden Cit -. X. Y. Leslie. Marion C. ' 33: 110 Huntington Rd.. Garden City, X, Y. Lessell. Florence J.. ' 51; 569 Wilson .Ave.. Bklvn. 21, N. Y Lesser. Carolyn. ' 52; 2502 .Ave. O. Bklyn.. X.Y. Lesser. Eleanor. ' 50: 520 W. llOth St.. Xew York. N. Y. Letline. Joyce L.. ' 31; 62 Berkley St.. N ' alley Stream. N. Y. Levein. Xorma L.. ' 51; 463 Park Ave.. Woonsocket. R. I. Levermore. Chas. H.. ' 30; 137 Sycamore St.. W. Hempstead. X. Y Levi. Oscar A., ' 52; 216-05 Jamaica Ave.. Queens Village 8, N. Y Levi, Roslvn M. ' 52: 216-05 Jamaica Ave., Queens N ' illaae 8 -N. Y. s Levin. Isabel M.. ' 53: 711 Empire Blvd.. Bklvn. 13. X. Y. Levin. Sally A.. ' 35: 1275 President St.. Bklvn., X. Y. Levin, Sara B., ' 53: 748 St. Mark .Ave, Bklvn. 16, X. Y. Levine, Adene H., ' 53: 913 E. 24th St., Bklyn., X. Y. Levine, .Adine J.. ' 32: 1475 Wythe Ph. Xew York. X. Y. Levine. Barbara L.. ' 51; 498 West End .Ave.. Xew S ' ork. X. Y Levine, Leonard H., ' 52; 45 Hawthorne St.. Bkl -n.. X. Y. Levine. Mrs. Joan. MA.; 5 Crescent Ph. Bethpage. X. Y. LeVine. Marilyn. ' 50: 42-37 L ' nion St.. Flushing. N. Y. Levine. Marion. ' 53; 3156 Kings Highway. Bklyn.. N. Y. Levine, Marjorie, ' 53; 4 Iris St., Cedarhurst, X. Y. Levine. Madene R.. ' 52; 941 Washington Ave.. Bklyn.. X. Y Levine. Melvin. ' 50: 546 Claremont Pkwy.. Xew York. X. Y. Levine. Pauline. ' 50; 16 Furber Lane. Xewton Center. Mass. Levine, Rpddie J., Spec; 4605 Garrison Blvd.. Baltimore, Md Levine, Thelma D., ' 50; 1 Plaza St., Bklvn. 17. N. Y. Levine. Waller. ' 50: 5441 28th St.. L. I. C. N. Y. Levinsohn. Diane. ' 55: I 141 E. 26th St.. Bklvn.. X. Y. Levinson. Lillian A.. ' 53: 1555 E. I5th St.. Bklyn.. X. Y. Levitan. Martin I.. ' 53: 501 Xeptune Blvd.. Long Beach X Y Levy. .Aline F.. ' 50; 295 St. John ' s Ph. Bklyn.. X. Y. Levy. .Anna. Grad. Spec: 2517 Seagirt Ave.. Edgemore. X. Levy. Morton H.. ' 35; 73-19 185rd St.. Flushing. X. Y. Lewin. Julius B.. ' 52; 29 Woodmere Blvd.. Woodmere. X. Lewis. .Arthur J., ' 31; 820 West End Ave.. .Xew York 25. N V Lewis. Chas. M., ' 52: 6917 ELxeter St., Forest Hills, X. Y. Lewis. Helene B., ' 51: 2 Hartley Ave.. Mt. Vernon. X. Y. Lewis. Philip R., M.A,; 140 Sunrise Lane, Levittown, N. Y Lew-son, Arthur E,. ' 54; 178 Jafferv St., Bklyn. 29, X. Y Lewy, Marilyn B., ' 51; 51 Locust Ave.. Cedarhurst. .N. ■ ' Liang. Holt. ' 52; 67-66 lOStli St.. Apt. C-66. Forest Hills. N. Y Libasci. .Anne G., ' 55: 55 St. Marks Ave., Rockville Centre, N Y Licursi. Frank V.. ' 52: 1221 W. Broadway. Hewlett. X. Y. Liddle. Gladys. Grad. Spec; 185 N. Village Ave.. Rockville Centre X. Y. Liedemian. Blossom R., ' 35: 4 Landing Rd.. Glen Cove. N ' : Liederman. Donald E., M.A.; 34 Horseshoe Bend, Roslvn, N Y, Lifschultz, Roberta, ' 31: 205 Thompson Shore Rd., Manhassel, X. Y. Light, Elyse, ' 55: 87-12 32nd Ave., Jackson Heights, X. Y. Lilly, Eugene B., ' 30; 22 Clayton .Ave., Floral Park. N Y. Limber. Marie T.. ' 54: 40 Lincoln St.. Franklin Sq.. X. Y. Lindbloom. Margaret ' .. ' 50: 205 Claxton .Ave., Bellmnre, N Y Linde, Dorothy S., ' 52: 711 Walton .Ave.. New York. X. Y. Linder. Elise ' .. ' 51; 344 Manor Rd.. Douglaston. X. Y. Lindner. Sydelle. ' 50; 670 Crown St.. Bklyn. 15, N. Y. Lindroos, Saima Lillian, ' 51; 442 Sixth St., Bklyn. 15. X. Y. Linn. Adene J.. 55; 46 Willow Rd.. Woodmere. N. Y. Linz. Francis A., ' 53; Grove St., Glenwood Landing, X. Y. Liotta. Chas. W., ' 31:1 543 77th St.. Bklyn. 28, N. Y. 187 J " ' _ " ' ' jwilz. Beverly. Spec; 229 Clay Ave., New York, N. Y. " ' .man. Ellen L.. ' 53: 83 Pine Si.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. LipnicKi. Vincent J.. ' 53; Hopper St.. 6. Westljury. N. Y. Lippitt. Eloise. ' 50; 70 South Drive. Plandome. N. Y. Lippman. Juditli C 53; 2-422 Ave. I.. Bklyn. 10. N. Y. Lippman. Marilyn D.. ' 53; 69027 Juno St.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Lipshitz. Harold M.. ' 54; 504 W. llltli St.. New York 25. N. Y. Lipshutz. Mrs. Ellen C. ' 50; 308 Ravmond St., Rockville Centre, N. Y. _ Lisli. Natalie L.. 52; 9 Keewaydia Rd.. Lawrence. N. Y. Lisker. Berllia S.. ' 54: 312 Claretnont Ave.. Mt. Vernon. N. Y. Litt. Ivan I.. ' 52; 93-40 Queens Blvd.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Littell. Edill,. ' 52; 243 Corbin PI.. Bklyn. 29. N. Y. Little. Clifton T.. ' 53; 21 Meadow Lane. Glen Head. N. Y. Litvinoff. Seymour. ' 51: 1530 Longfellow Ave., Bronx, N. Y. Lilwin. Gladys J.. ' 50; 137-47 224tli St.. Laurelton. N. Y. Livingston. Mrs. Florence. NLS.: 1396 E. 21st St.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Livingston. Lois I.. ' 52; 1470 Midland Ave., Bronxville 8. N. Y. Livingston. Pamela A., ' 52; 111-08 122nd St.. Riclimond Hill, N. Y. Llende. Frank Jr.. ' 53; 295 Stewart Ave.. St. Pauls School, Garden City. N. Y. Lloyd. Grenvillc B. Jr.. Spec: 50 VVestgate Blvd.. Plandome, N. Y. Lloyd. Richard R.. ' 53; 9052 208th St.. Queens Village 8. N. Y Lockwood. W ' m. R.. ' 51: 98 N. Grove St.. Valley Stream. N. Y. Loewengart. Morten, ' 54; 110-07 73rd Rd.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Lombard!. Betty. M.A.: 142 Garden St.. Garden City. N. Y. London. Ruth E.. ' 54; 30-20 20th St.. Long Island City. N. Y. Long. Gerald H.. ' 52; 216 Meadeor Ave., Merrick, N. Y. Long. W ' m. K., ' 54; 121 Church St.. Freeporl. N. Y. Lcpresti. Frank A.. ' 53: 22 Brower PI.. Lynbrook. N. Y. Lorenlzen. Carl W.. ' 51: 26-46 202nd St.. Bayside. N. Y. Lorentzen. Inez D.. ' 52; 26-46 202nd St.. Bayside. N. Y. Lorio. Anthony J.. ' 51: 84 Tliird St.. Garden City. N. Y. Loughlin. Donald A.. ' 50; 22 Holland Ave.. Floral Park. N. Y. Lovas. Eniil S.. ' 52: 503 W. Scott A e.. Rahway. N. J. Lowe. Jeanne. Grad. Spec; 145 Willow Ave.. Hempstead. N. Y. Lowe. Robert VV.. ' 53; 74 Lawson Ave.. E. Rockaway. N. Y. Lowell. Mrs. Edith B.. M.A.: 23 Yale Blvd.. New Hyde Park. N. Y. Lewey. Warren G.. ' 52; Bo. 88. Massapequa Park. N. Y. Lubash. Nancy. ' 52: 114-60 207th St.. St. Albans. N. Y. Luca. Raymond R.. ' 52: S. Jamesport. I- ong Island. N. Y. Ludacer. Sue-Carol. ' 54; 139-20 Laurelton Pkwv.. Laurelton. N. Y. Ludwig. Daisy M.. M.A.; 35-43 79th St.. Jackson Heights, N. Y. Lund. Betty R.. ' 52: 100 Newmarket Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Lund. Carol J.. ' 53: 100 Newmarket Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Luslbadcr. Ruth L.. ' 50: 220 Corbin PI.. Manhatlen Beach. Bklyn.. N. Y. Lustgartcn. Eleanor G.. ' 50; 143 Newcomb Rd.. Tenafly. N. J. Lynch. Mary E.. M.A.; 145 Willow Ave. Hempstead. N. Y. Lynes. Evelyn C, ' 53: 39 Holyoke Rd.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Lynn. Barbara A.. ' 52: 63 Geranium Ave.. Floral Park. N. Y. Lynn. Dcena P.. ' 51: 100 Linden Blvd.. Bklyn. 26. N. Y. Lyons, Lucy B., ' 52; 7 Manor Dr.. Darien. Conn. MacConnach, Dorothy R.. ' 31: 26 Fonda Rd.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. MacDonald. Joseph. Grad. Spec; 317 Miller Ave., Freeport. N. Y. Mac Kay. Gertrade L.. ' 53: 125 Cambridge Ave., Stewart Manor. N. Y. MacKenzie. Osborne R.. ' 50: 351 Euslon Rd.. Garden City. N. Y " . MacKreth. Robert, Spec. Grad.; 45 N. Jerusalem Rd.. Levillown. N. Y . MacLeer. Joan A., ' 51; 128 E. Argyle St.. Valley Stream. N. Y. MacNaughton. Raymond W.. ' 52; 89-46 218th St., Queens Village, N. Y. Madalin. Wm. A.. ' 53; 320 E. Broadway. Long Beach, N. Y. Madden. Martin F.. ' 53: 85-56 102nd St.. Richmond Hill. N. Y. Maddock. Mildred T.. ' 50: 22-71 19th St.. Astoria. N. Y. Mager. Cyrus S.. ' 32: 21 10 Ave. K. Bklvn.. N. Y. Mahon. Micheal A.. ' 32: 168 Clinton Ave.. Bklyn. 13. N. Y. Malchoff. Susan H.. ' 53: 3280 Rochenbcau Ave.. Bronx. N. Y. Malewicz. Eugene K., ' 52: 51 Russell St.. Roslyn Heights, N. Y. Malito. Geraldinc A.. ' 53: 259-02 Pembroke Ave.. Great Neck. N. Y. Malone. Robert J., ' 50: 94 Harrison Ave.. Baldwin. N. Y. Maloney, Madelyn A., ' 53: Vk ' oods Rd.. Westbury. N. Y. Mandel. Marce J., " 52; 4823 Beach 48th St.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Mandola. John Jr.. ' 32: 65 Terrace Ave.. Hempstead. N. Y. Manning. Donald W.. ' 53: 35-07 90th St.. Jackson Heights. N. Y. Manser. Edward C.. ' 50: 6436 Booth St.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Mansfield. Helen M.. ' 53; 300 Dangdon Blvd.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Manus, Willard, ' 53; 601 Pelham Pkwy.. Bronx. N. Y. ALEX TAYLOR CO.. INC. 22 EAST 42nd STREET NEW YORK 17 ATHLETIC OUTFITTERS for over 50 Years ATHLETIC CLOTHING FIELD HOCKEY TUNICS SHOES FLANNEL SHETLAND BLAZERS ENGLISH INDIAN HOCKEY STICKS and AUTHENTIC EQUIPMENT FOR ALL SPORTS MEET ME AT THE ADELPHI SPA Fine Foods — Wciff cs and Ice Cream Soda Fountain 149 NASSAU BLVD., Cor. 7th Street Garden City So., N. Y. HEmpstead 2-9323 Maranda, Alfred J., ' 32; 39-66 48th St., Sunnyside 4, N. Y. Marchese. Nicholas A.. ' 52: 138 Lincoln Ave.. Bklyn., N. Y. Marchi. Thomas J.. ' 52; 376 E. 138th St.. Bronx. N. Y. Marcina. Paul C.. Spec: 116-01 107th Ave.. Richmond Hills. N. Y. Marcus. Chester D.. M.A.: 361 Broadway. Monticello, N. Y. Marcus, Sue, 50; 3 Clark Rd,. Brookline. Mass. Margolin. Stuart A.. ' 53; 1337 E. 23rd St.. Bklyn. 10. N. Y. Margolis. Mrs. Evelyn P. ' 52; 2140 Clinton Ave.. New York. N. Y. Margolis. Audrey R.. ' 50; 1825 Jennings St.. Bethlehem. Pa. Marion. Micheal T.. ' 54; 33-34 201sl St.. Bayside. N. Y. Marill. Renate H.. ' 52; 130 Momingside Dr.. New York. N. Y. Markell. Janice C, ' 32: 1025 High St., Fall River, Mass. Marko. Anita R.. ' 52; 14 Waukena Ave.. Oceanside. N. Y. Marks. Eleanor. ' 51; 9611 65th Rd.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Marks. Patricia R.. ' 52: 135 Eastern Pkwv.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Marks. Ronald M.. ' 50: 222 W. 83rd St.. New York. N. Y. Marks. Sally. ' 53: 433 Oakland Ave.. Cedarhurst. N. Y. Marmaro. Rudolf A.. ' 32; 112 35th St., St. Albans. N. Y. Marrazzo. Tobia V.. ' 50; 20 Derby Rd.. Rockville Centre, N. Y. I8S Marrow, Jeanne B.. ' 51: 604 Delafield Ave., W. Brigkton, Stalen Island, N. Y. Marsk. Boyde C, M.A.; 55 W. 8th St.. New York 11. N. Y. Marshall. Warren T., Spec; 82 Daisy Ave.. Floral Park, N. Y. Marshall. Wm. H.. ' 53; 148 Kildare Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Marsteller. Lillian E., ' 50; 131 Ingraham Lane. New Hyde Park, N. Y. Martens, Wm. R., ' 34; 677 Vanderbih Ave., Bklyn., N. Y. Martin, Cornwell C, Spec; 139 Marcellus Rd.. Mineola, N. Y. Martin, Joan M., ' 33; 32 S. Roxbury Rd., Garden City, N. Y. Martin, Lois N.. ' 52; 130 Beech St., Floral Park. N. Y. Martin, Robert J., ' 33; 80-43 218lh PI., Queens Village. N. Y. Martini, Joseph C, ' 53; 32 W. Maple St.. Valley Stream, N. Y. Martini. Theodore. M.A.; 369 Emory Rd., Mineola, N. Y. Martinson, George W.. ' 51; Forest Dr., E. Northport, N. Y, Masar, Leyle S., ' 54; 97-23 Remington St.. Jamaica. N. Y. Masar, Destine F., ' 53; 97-23 Remington St., Jamaica 4, N. Y. Masar. Estelle E.. ' 50; 88-01 63rd Ave.. Rego Park. N. Y. Masiow. Alan J.. ' 32; 789 St. Marks Ave.. Bklyn. 13. N. Y. Mason. Jean R.. ' 51; 202 Claffin Blvd.. Franklin Sq.. N. Y. Mason, Robert A., ' 52; Pond Rd.. Lake Ronkonkoma, N. Y. Mason, Theodore E., ' 53; 88-86 195th PI.. Mollis 7. N. Y. Massimi. Alex F., ' 53; 35 Lee Ave.. E. Williston. N. Y. Masterson, Mrs. Doris J., Grad. Spec; 66 Old Farm Rd., Levit- lown, N. Y. Mastin, Mrs. Ann M., Spec; 28 Kilburn Rd.. Garden City, N. Y. Matelli. Raymond J,, ' 52; 132-42 N. Hempstead Turnpike. Flushing, N. Y. Mateo, Michael J., ' 33; 32-66 81st St., Jackson Heights. N. Y. Mathewson, Harry K., ' 52; 138 Beach, Port Jefferson. N. Y. Matus, Betty J., ' 53; 42-03 Francis Lewis Blvd., Bayside. N. Y. Matus, Howard F., ' 52; Francis Lewis Blvd., Bayside, N. Y. Matzinowich, Thomas Jr., ' 31; 184 Chestnut St., Garfield. N. J. Mauro. Florence L.. ' 31; 5 Foxcroft Rd.. Manhasset. N. Y. Mavricos, Marius. ' 51; 23-25 35th St., L. L C, N. Y. May. Calvin K., ' 50; 336 W. Valley Stream Blvd., Valley Stream, N. Y. May, Gertrude E., ' 50; 216-11 1 10th Ave., Queens Village, N. Y. Mayors, Robert J., ' 32; 5608 138th St., Flushing, N. Y. Mazac, Gloria J., ' 50; 1828 Woodbine St.. Ridgewood, N. Y. McCabe, John Jr., ' 52; 73 Echo Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. McCabe, ' Wm. J.. ' 53; 32 Yale PI.. Rockville Centre, N. Y. McCall, Francis A., ' 54; 763 Carroll St., Bklyn. 15. N. Y. McCall, Frederick J., ' 53; 763 Carroll St., Bklyn. 15. N Y McCally, John J.. ' 32; 37 Pond Land. Hicksville, N. Y. McCarthy. Meyrl E.. ' 34; 796 S. 3rd Ave.. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. McCarthy, Wm.. M.A.; 252 First St.. Mineola, N. Y. McConville, Ann. ' 51; 78 Spruce Ave.. Floral Park, N, Y. McCormick. Arthur J., ' 32; 68 Chapin St., Merrick, N. Y. McCullough, Grade, Spec. Grad.; 1822 Evergreen Ave.. E Meadow. N. Y. McDede. Peter Jr.. ' 53; 2090 Jersey Ave.. Westfield, N. J. McDermott, Bernard C, ' 31; 175-23 Jamaica Ave., Jamaica 3, N. Y. McDonald, James R., ' 30; 156 Sherman Ave., New York 34, N. Y. McDonald, John L, ' 52; 34 Crocus Ave.. Floral Park, N. Y. McDonald, Marilyn D.. ' 53; 149-59 20th Ave., Whitestone. N. Y. McDonald. Terence C. ' 53; 34 Crocus Ave.. Floral Park. N. Y. McDonald. Theresa A., ' 53; 538 E. 142nd St., Bronx 34, N. Y. McDonald, Walter T, ' 30; 443 Logan St., Bklyn. 8, N. Y. McDonell. Arthur C. ' 50; 143 Vanderbilt Ave., Manhassett, N. Y. McDonell. Horace G.. ' 52; 143 Vanderbilt Ave., Manhasset, N. Y. McDonnell. Nancy D., ' 31; P. O. Box 786, White Plains, N. Y. McDougall, Barbara A.. ' 32; 110-30 72nd Rd., Forest Hills, N. Y. McDougall, Hugh Jr., ' 31: 68-54 Clyde St., Forest Hills, N. Y. McDougal. John D., ' 51; 110-30 72nd Rd., Forest Hills, N. Y, McDougall, Mary B. (Mrs.), ' 51; 68-54 Clyde St.. Forest Hills. N. Y. McGoey, Chas. F.. ' 32; 402 Marine Ave., Bklyn. 9, N. Y. McGrane, Ruth H., ' 30; 324 Brewer Ave., Rockville Centr-. N. Y. McGuigan, Hugh E., ' 32; 113-42 223rd St., St. Albans. .N. Y. McGuigan. John A., ' 33; 82-12 246th St.. Bellerose. N. Y. McGuire, Joseph F.. ' 51; 8824 215th PI., Queens Village. N Y Mcintosh. Momo A.. ' 32; 6 Howard St., Hicksville, N Y McKee, Chas. L, ' 51; 76 Cottage PI.. Mineola, N. Y. McKce, George C, ' 31; 76 Cottage PI., Mineola, N. Y. McKenne, John T., ' 32; 70 Wallace Ave., Baldwin, N. Y. McKenzie, Robert A.. ' 34; 14 Lorenz Ave., Baldwin. N. Y. McKieman. Dorothy C. ' 32; 30 Gladiolus Ave., Floral Park, N. Y. McKim, Roy S. Jr., ' 30; 202 Shelter Lane, Hicksville, N. Y. McKinstry. Mary-Alice. ' 50; 78 Buckingham Rd.. W. Hempstead. N. Y. MsManus, John J. Jr., M.S.; 41 Silver Lane, Levittown. N. Y. McMillan, James R. Jr.. ' 33; 272 Old Mill Rd.. Manhasset. N. Y. McNamara, Joan W., ' 33; Erick Ave.. Hewlett, N. Y. McNamara, Wm. A., ' 30; 10 Orchard St., Oyster Bay. N. Y. McQuade. Anthony. Grad. Spec; 109 New York Ave., Baldwin, N. Y. McQuadme, John J., ' 51; 107 Arthur St.. Garden City. N. Y. McTernan, Edmund J., ' 53; 89-20 204th St.. Hollis 7. N. Y. McTiernan, Mary J.. ' 53; 34 Osborn PI.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Mediavilla. Mary D., ' 32; R.F.D. 1, Jericho Tpke., Huntington. N. Y. Meerbaum. Lorraine. ' 34; 1476 Carroll St.. New York 13, N. Y. Megarr, Edward J., ' 30: 38 E. Poplar St., Floral Park, N. Y. Mehmel, Louise B., ' 50; 4 S. Sycamore St., W. Hempstead. N. Y. Meiselbach. Chas. J.. ' 30; 117-42 124th St.. Ozone Park. N. Y. Melvin. Jean E.. ' 32: 810 Ocean Ave.. Bklyn., N. Y. Memmoti, Adrienne E., ' 51; 181-33 Mikland Pkwy., Jamaica Estates, N. Y. Mendelsohn, Harry. ' 33; 21 Webb Ave.. Hempstead. N. Y. Mendelson, Bonnie H„ ' 34; 80-32 213th St., Queens Village, N. Y. Menke, Phyllis A., ' 53; 167-17 Cryders Lane, Flushing. N. Y. Mennear, Harley M. Jr.. ' 51; 6 Beechhurst Ave.. Floral Park. N. Y. Mercadante. Maryanne R.. ' 31; 9 W. Glen St.. Glen Cove.. N. Y. Mercer. Walter S. Jr.. ' 52; 29-34 167th St.. Flushing. N. Y. Merker. Margaret H.. ' 53: 5 Rose Ave.. Great Neck. N. Y. Mertens, Gloria P., ' 50: 198-12 113th Ave.. St. Albans. N. Y. Meshnick, Rosalie, ' 53: 42 Cumberland Dr., Yonkers, N. Y. Mesalick. Arline Z., ' 52: 62-63 Saunders St., Forest Hills, N. Y. Messemer, Fred C. Jr., ' 30; Madison Ave., Farmingdale, N. Y. Messinger, Florence L, ' 53; 2023 80th St., Bklyn., N. Y. Mestel. Anita, ' 51; 1911 Albemarle Rd.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Metcalf. Maureen E.. ' 53; 372 Lakeview Ave.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Meunier, Gerard E., ' 31; 128 King St.. Northampton, Mass. Meyer, Frederick F., ' 50; 296 Carnation Ave.. Floral Park. N. Y. Meyer. Robert W.. ' 50: 114-33 131 St.. S. Ozone Park. N. Y. Meyer. Sondral. ' 33; 4314 Beach 43 St.. Seagate. Bklyn. .N. Y. Meyerowitz, Sandra. ' 33; 153 Kilburn Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Meyers, Hope M.. ' 50; 7 W. 81st St.. New York. N. Y. Meyers, Wilbur J., ' 53; 13 Raymond Center, Garden City, N. Y. Meyerson, Kay, ' 52; 27 Sampson St., Oyster Bay, N. Y. Meyerson, Miriam M.. ' 30; 440 Lenox Rd., Bklyn. 3. N. Y. Meyerson, Norman H., ' 30; 440 Lenox Rd., Bklyn. 3, N. Y. Mezz, Madeline. ' 53: 330 New York Ave., Bklyn, 13, N. Y. Michales, Barbara R.. ' 53; 269 Rich Ave.. Mt. Vernon. N. Y. Michales. Wm. H. Jr., ' 30: 284 Newman St., Metuchan, N. J. Michelman, Leonard J., ' 30; 6203 24lh Ave., Bklyn.. N. Y. Mieczkowski, Adam, ' 33; 44 Jerome Ave., Mineola, N. Y. Miele, John G., ' 53; 3768 Olinville Ave., Bronx 67, N. Y. Mikedes, Peneloe, ' 34: 30-39 83rd St., Jackson Heights, N. Y. Milam, Vernon G., ' 33; 143-38 123rd Ave., S. Ozone Park, N. Y. Millecam. John A.. ' 52; 1 Ascan Ave.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Miller, Alice L.. ' 30: 1404 President S.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Miller. Barbara M., ' 32: 179-39 Tudor Rd.. Jamaica 3. N. Y. Miller. Edward K.. ' 33; 9 Murray Ave.. Port Washington. N. Y. Miller. Fanchon M., ' 30; 620 Ft. Washington Ave., New York 33. N. Y. Miller. Geraldine E.. ' 34: 2219 E. 28th St., Bklyn. 29, N. Y. Miller. Jaccpieline 1.. ' 53: 113-92 221st St., Cambria Hts. 11. N. Y. Miller. John J., ' 31; 90-27 193rd St.. Hollis. N. Y. Miller. John T.. ' 53; 375 Hamilton Ave.. W. Hempstead, N. Y. Miller, Myra J., ' 53; 138-36 227th St., Laurelton, N. Y. Millosky, James F., ' 50; 88-17 213th PI., Queens Village. N. Y, Mills, Sidney C. Jr., ' 32; 90 Shore Rd., Manhasset, N. Y. Min, Sam Kih (Miss), M.A.; 26 Hamilton PI., Garden City. N .Y. Mintz, Morton, ' 52: 2101 Beekman PI.. Bklvn. 25, N. Y. Mirarchi. Donna R., ' 53; 330 E. Fulton St., Long Beach. N. Y. Miron, Chas., ' 32; 1139 Blake Ave., Bklyn.. N. Y. Mischo. Dolores R.. ' 30; 31-36 33th St.. L. I. C. N. Y. Mitchell. Betty A.. ' 30: 15 Parkwold Dr. W.. Valley Stream. N. Y. Mittelman. Marilyn, ' 50: 90-11 149th St., Jamaica, N. Y. Moesel, Deirdre J. (F), ' 52; 102 N. Long Beach Ave., Freeport, N. Y. Moelis, Thelma I., ' 33: 403 E. 32nd St., Bklyn. 3. N. Y. Moelter. Francis J. Jr.. ' 51: 209-19 Whitehall Terrace. Hollis, N. Y. Moglia, Luigi F,. ' 51; 14 Baker Hill Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y. Mohring. Raymond J.. ' 54; Roberts St.. Holbrook. N. Y. Moinar. Myma J., ' 50; 910 Sheridan Ave., New York, N. Y. Monahan, Nina E., ' 32: 4 Berry St.. Lynbrook, N. Y. ' Monsees, Howard J.. ' 50; 27 Kilburn Rd., Garden City, N. Y. Montel. James. M.A.: 39-09 112th St.. Corona. N. Y. Montgomery. Mrs. Jaqueline T., Ph.D.; 94 Fourth St., Garden City, N. Y. Moomaw. David L.. ' 33; 9 Hampshire Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y. 189 Moon. Alan J.. ' 50; 88-72 IQ2nd St.. Mollis, N. Y. Moore. Ann Lois. ' 51: 1735 E. 20tli St.. Bklyn. 2Q. N. Y. Moore. Colleen A.. 55: W ' ooley s Dr.. Sonllianipton. N. Y. Moore. Curtis H.. Ph.D.; 187 Euston Rd. S.. Garden City. N. Y. Moore. Edward V. Jr.. 55; 17 Glenwooa Rd.. RocKville Centre. N. Y. Moore. Evans VV.. ' 55; Broadway P. O. Bo.x 98. Grecniawn. N. Y. Moore. Gladys (Mrs.), Spec. Grad.; c o Brookliaven National Lab.. Upton. N. Y. Morasco. Inez. ' 52; 22-58 36lli St.. L. L C. N. Y. Morehouse. Marval L., ' 52; 96 Hawthorne St.. Bklyn. 25. N. Y. Morgan, Carol T., ' 51; 127 Mnrllmrougli Rd,. W. Hempstead. N. Y. Morgan. Edward J.. ' 50; 56-10 20-1tli St.. Baysidc. N. Y. Morgenbcsser. Lewis. ' 51; 802 Harding. Far Rockaway. N. Y. Moriarty. .lohn B., ' 55; -1191 Glcnwood Ave.. Little Necli. N. Y. Morlath. Anne M. ' 53; 185 Princeton St.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Morrill. Eugene A.. ' 51; 49-15 217th St.. Bayside. N. Y. Morris. Joane F.. ' 51; 8917 190th St.. Mollis. N. Y. Morris. Richard A.. ' 55; 20 . ' rdselv Blvd.. Garden City. N. Y. Morrissey. Geo. E.. ' 51; 159 Bronipton Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Morrison. Franklin J.. ' 55; 92-15 245th St., Bellerosc 6. N. Y. Morro. Patricia. ' 55; 52-55 87th St.. Jackson Heights. N. Y. Morse. Joan K.. ' 55; 2121 Wcstbury Ct., Bklyn. 25, N. Y. Morse, Rhoda C, ' 50; 95 Lee Ave.. Bklyn. li. N. Y. Morton. Joyce. ' 55; 112 Central Park S., New York 19, N. Y. Morton, hrianl G.. ' 55; 166th St.. Jamaica. N. Y. Morvan. Betty P.. ' 52; RFT) -1 Box 272. Huntington. N. Y. Moskowitz. ' m., ' 52; 7112 55lh Ave.. Jackson Heights. N. Y. Moss. Harry R.. ' 52; 82-67 172nd St.. Queens. N. Y. Moss. Robert F.. ' 55; 5-16 129th St.. College Point. N. Y. Moss. Stanley L., ' 52; 955 Glenwood Rd.. W. Hempstead. N. Y. Moster, Rosalie, ' 52; 106 l-akeside Dr.. Lawrence. N. Y. Motamed. Manoutcher. ' 51; c o Mr. Eugene Bcrstcin. 601 W. 115th St.. New York. N. Y. Muench. Eliz. M.. ' 51; 125-11 Jamaica Ave.. Richmond Hill 18. N. Y. Muessen. Henry J. Jr.. ' 51; -108 Stewart Ave.. Garden City. N. Y. Mulligan. Richard G.. ' 51; 99-41 64th Ave.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Munim. John R.. ' 50; 58 Fernwood Terrace. Stewart Manor. N. Y. Munn. Bernard A.. ' 51 ; 170 E. Broadway. Long Beach. N. Y. Munzer. Virginia E., ' 50; 87-18 Clover Hill Rd.. Hollis 7, N. Y. Muralori. Susan L.. ' 55; 6401 102nd St.. Forest Mills. N. Y. Murcotl. Patricia J.. ' 51; 41 Ingram St.. Forest Mills. N. Y. Murphy, Dorothea NL, ' 52; 55 Tookcr Ave., Oyster Bay, N. Y. Murphy, Edmund P., ' 52; 24 Wallace Ave., Baldwin. N. Y. Murphy. Cillicrt O.. ' 52; 185-25 Dundop Ave.. St. Albans 12. N. Y. Murphy, Janet A., 55; 552 Jackson Ave., W. Hempstead, N. Y. Murphy, John E., 55; 1 Glen Ave., Glen Head, N. Y. Murphy. Ann L. ' 51; 111-11 198th St.. Hollis, N. Y. Murray, Edward H. Jr., ' 51; 40 Appletree Lane. Roslyn, N. Y. Muryn. Doris A.. ' 50; Sulfern, N. Y. Musselman, .loan E.. ' 52; 93-20 222nd St. Mustaka. Anna. ' 52; 46 Miller PI.. Hempstead. N. Y. Muzante. t ' rcd J. J.. ' 52; 25 Rose Ave.. Glen Cove. N. Y. Mye M C. 50; 552 Lakeview Terrace. Hawthorne. N. Y. Nachsin. Martha E.. ' 55; 2181 Wallace Ave.. Bronx 60. N. Y. Najim. Badiara A.. ' 53; 32-28 87th St., Jackson Heights, N. Y, Najker. Maria, LA.; 773 Garden St.. Bronx, N. Y. Nappa, Frank Jr., ' 50: 46-14 245th St., Douglaston, N. Y. Naso, Patrick, A.; 18 Lawnvicw Ave., Micksville, N. Y. Nassau, Patricia. ' 55: 1809 Albemarle Rd., Bklyn., N. Y. Nathanson, Sara Ruth, ' 55; 87-05 150th St.. Jamaica 2, N. Y. .Naysinith. Howard M., ' 52: 24-54 Gilmore St., E. Elmlmrst, N. Y. Nei ' der. Roberta. ' 51; 137-42 225th St.. Laurelton, N. Y. Neidich, Robert, M.A.; 1594 Moffit Ave., Hewlett, N. Y. Nelson, Cynthia J., ' 53; 350 Malsey Ave., W. Hempstead, N. Y Nelson, Donald C, ' 53; 135-22 225rd St., Laurelton, N. Y. Nelson, Grace (See Horowitz. Mrs. Grace) .Nelson. John. M.A.; 62-88 Dry Harbor Rd.. Elmhurst. N. Y. Nemchek, Robert J., 50; 4 Balsam Lane, Micksville, N. . Nemhauscr. Sondra. 55; 1520 Rosedale Ave.. Bronx. N. Y. Nemlich. Alan D.. ' 52; KnolKvood Rd.. Elmsh rd. N. Y, Ne-ssel. Theodore J.. ' 55; 1589 E. 29lh St.. Brooklyn 29. N. Y. Neuberger. Richard. ' 52; 160 W. 95th St.. New York. N. Y. Neufeld. Wm. V.. ' 51; 550 Ocean Ave.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Nevin. Aileen J.. ' 51; 80 VN ' alker St.. Malveme. N. Y. Newburger. Jeanne E.. ' 51; 221 Atlantic Ave., Freeport. N. Y. Newham. Robert B. Jr.. ' 52; 87-41 110th St.. Richmond Mill. N. Y Newman. Nancy A.. ' 52; 197 Marlborough Rd.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Newman. Patrtcia H.. ' 52: 263 West End Ave.. New York. N. Y. Nicholas. Marion L.. Spec. Grad.; 2 Wyoming St.. Lynbrook. N. Y, Nichols. James R.. ' 51: 158 Kensington Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Nicklas, ' Virginia A., ' 51; 770 15th St., Niagara Falls, N. Y. Ncoll, Alexander Jr., ' 50; 45-65 149th St.. Flushing. N. Y. .Niego. Marvin H.. ' 51; 67-66 108th St.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Nikbakht. Ahmad. Spec; 147-39 Delaware Ave.. Mushing. N. Y. Nitt. Ada G.. ' 55; 691 Nassau Rd.. Hempstead. N. Y. Nitt. Joyce F.. ' 52; 691 Nassau Rd.. Hempstead. N. Y. Noble. Janice L.. ' 52; Blue Point Ave.. Blue Pi.. N. Y. Norcross. John L.. ' 54: 99 Locust St.. Garden City. N. Y. Norris. Dorothy J.. ' 51: 1661 Fcnimore Rd.. Hewlett. N. Y. Noss, Henry D., ' 55: 9 Dolphin Green. Port Washington. N. Y. Novak. Adeline W.. ' 52; 182-06 69tli .Ave.. Hushing. N. Y. Novick. . Iarvin. ' 50; 1209 Dean St.. Bklvn. 16. N. Y. Nubel. Carolyn D.. ' 55; 21 Russell Rd.. Garden City. N. . Nubile. Carmen. 55; 625 Jennings Ave.. Lakeview. N. ' . Nudclman. Ira S.. ' 53: 1674 Townsend Ave.. New York 53. N. Y. Nulty. James J.. ' 53; 150-21 120th St.. S. Ozone Park. N. Y. O ' Brasky. Alma. ' 50: 514 Norton Pkwv.. New Haven. Conn. Occena. Mateo F. Jr., ' 51: 155 New Hyde Park Rd., Garden City, N. Y. Occena. Norma A.. ' 51: 155 New Hyde Park Rd., Garden City, N. Y . OConnell, Arthur W., 53: 3 Linwood Ave., Mitchel Gardens, Hempstead. N. Y. OConnell. Chas. E.. ' 52; 25 Old Mill Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y. O ' Connell. Edward J.. ' 50: 69-16 Harrow St.. Forest Hills. N Y 0;Connell. Sheila M.. ' 55; U.S.M.M.A.. Kings Point. N. Y. O ' Connell. Vincent F.. ' 53; 68 Dover Pkwy.. Stewart Manor. N. Y. O Connor. Elaine C Spec. Grad.: 107-55 Springfield Blvd.. Queens Village. N. Y. O ' Connor. Eileen A.. ' 51: 87-06 254tli St.. Bellerosc. N. Y. O ' Connor. Raymond P.. ' 52; 65 78th St.. Bklyn. 9. N. Y. O ' Dell. Patricia. ' 55; 112-01 206th St.. Albans, N. Y. O ' Donnell. Lorraine M., ' 52: 16 Sylvester PI.. Lvnbrook. N. Y. O ' Donnell, Noreen E., ' 52; 560 Clifton PI.. Bklvn. 16. N. Y. Ogucri. Ese A.. ' 51; 288 St. James PL. Bklvn.. N. Y. Newman. Harold C ' 51: 409 Be 44 St.. Far Rocka N, Y SHOP AND SAVE at the Self Shopping SWAN MARKET AND BAKERY SOUTH COUNTRY ROAD East Patchogue, L. L Compliments of A FRIEND 190 O ' Hara. Win. A. Jr.. ' 51; 256 Hamillon St.. Rockvillc Ccnlre. N. Y. O ' Hirok. W ' ni. D.. ' 55; 2513 Erickson St.. E. Elmluirst. N. Y. Oliniois. Herbert F.. ' 52: 12 Park Lane, Levittown. N. Y. OKeeffe. Dorolliv C, ' 51; 8050 Clievv Cliase Rd.. Jamaica. N. Y. Olencki. Leonard E.. ' 55; 208 Kingsland Ave.. Bkiyn. 22. N. Y. Oiewilz. Francinc R.. ' 53: 1835 Ocean Pkwv.. Bklyn. 23. N. Y. Olivieri. Catherine M. ' 52; 782 Buslnvick Ave.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Olsen, Mrs. Editli. Spec. Grad.; 17 De Soto Rd.. Amity Harbor, . mitvville. . . Y. Olsen. Hazel L.. ' 52; 154 Batler ' Ave.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Olsen. Lilcolm. Grad. Spec; 25 Drake Lane, Levittown. N. Y. O ' Meara. Robert F., ' 51; 2Q5 W ' asliington Ave.. Cedarliurst. N. Y. O ' Neill. Charles J.. ' 50; 123 Jackson St.. Hempstead. N. Y. O ' Xeill. Joan-Marie E.. ' 53; 30 Broadwav. Rockville Centre, N. Y. Onuscbak. David P., ' 50; 108-20 45rd Ave., Corona. N. Y. Orans. .Anita. ' 55; 4905 Surf Ave.. Bklvn. 24. N. Y. Orgel. Claire H.. ' 50: 428 Mineola Blvd.. W ' illiston Park. N. Y. Orbelein. William J., ' 53; 138-41 90tb Ave.. Jamaica. N. Y. Orlando. Micbael J.. ' 51: 165-31 25lh Ave.. Flushing. N. Y. Ormont. Renee. ' 53: 526 Beacli 142 St.. Neponsit. N. Y. O ' Rourke, Joseph P.. ' 53: 150-24 221st St.. Springfield Gardens 13. N. Y. Orr. Dorothy O.. ' 30; 97 Poplar St., Garden City. N. Y. Oshansky. Gloria. ' 55: 161 Jericho Tpke.. Floral Park. N. Y. Osofskv. Henrv. M.. .; 6503 Mvrtle Ave.. Queens. N. Y. Ostendorff. Helen M. ' 55; 55 Laurel St.. Floral Park. N. Y. Ostrovv. Evelyn C. ' 50: 435 75th St., Bklyn. 9. N. Y. Oswald, George J., ' 52: 524 Glen Cove Ave.. Bo.x 184, Glen Cove, N. Y. Otey, Geraldine E.. ' 51: 140-44 169th St., Jamaica 5, N. Y. Otiiote. Marie-Louise J., ' 50; 324 X. Forest Ave.. Rockville Centre, N. Y. Ourbacker. Elizabeth G., ' 55; 125 2nd St., Garden City. N. Y. Overton, Franklyn H., ' 50: 171 Jayne Ave.. Patchogue, N. Y. Oxenbcrg. Claire D., ' 50; 226 Henlev Rd-, Woodmere, N. Y. Oxley, Patricia J.. ' 55; 97-18 107th St., Richmond Hill 19, N. Y, Owens. Chades A., ' 54: 408 Congress Ave., E. Williston, N. Y, Pacifico. Vincent L., ' 32; 498 Rugby Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. Paddi, Doris ' V., ' 50: 161 W. 105tli St., New York. N. Y. Pagano. Bridget R.. ' 55: 67 Hillview Ave., Port Washington, N. Y. Painton. Harrv D., 52: 152 Hempstead Ave., Rockville Centre, N. Y. Palew. Carol J., ' 55: 41-10 74th St.. Jackson Heights. N. Y. Palinsky. Samuel. ' 55; 1270 45th St.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Pancirov. Marie. ' 50: 69-14 Elizabeth Ave.. Ar -erne. N. Y. Pancirov, Rita H.. ' 53; 69-14 Elizabeth Ave., Ar eme, N. Y. Panetliere. Dorothy J., ' 52; Park St. Putnam Blvd., Atlantic Beach. N. . Papa. Pasqualc J.. ' 30: 118 W. 99th St.. New York. N. Y. Papadopoulos. James J.. 52; Windmill Rest. Merrick Rd.. W an- tagh. N. Y. Pares, James W., ' 52: 21-18 30th Drive, Astoria 2, N. Y. Paris, John M., ' 30: 1600 Bedford Ave.. Bklyn. 25. N. Y. Parsons. Herman. ' 52: 13 N, Chowning St.. Edmond. Oklahoma Pascall. Marilyn A., ' 53: 102-07 63rd ' Drive. Forest Hills, N. Y. Pasotti. Robert N., Spec: 19 Superior Rd., Bellerose, N. Y. Patafto. Donald J.. ' 50: 54 Fainiew Rd. W., Massapequa. N. Y. Patterson. Gilbert S.. ' 52; 17 Ro.xbury Rd. S., Garden City, N. Y. Patterson. Laurie M, ' 50; 129-18 97t " h Ave.. Richmond Hill, N. Y. Paviiik. Edith A., ' 53: 42 Oak St., Northport. N. Y. Pawlowicz. Raymond W., ' 50: 131 Gillette Ave., Savville, N. Y. Pearce. Alan t., ' 52: 98 Rider Ave.. Malverne, N. Y. Pearsall. Walter S., Jr., ' 53; 287 Ocean Ave., Lynbrook, N. Y. Pearson, Eleanor 1.. ' 52: 99 South Drive. Valley Stream. N. Y. Peiscop. Ralph G.. ' 52; 270 Bedell Terrace, W. Hempstead, N. Y. Pellicane, Richard. ' 55: 190-18 89th Ave., Hollis 7, N. Y. Pelkonen. Audrey, ' 51 ; 38 Baxter Ave., New Hyde Park, N. Y. Pellelier. Geoffrcv ' .. Jr.. ' 50; 205 Burtis .Vc, Rockville Centre, N. Y. Pelhzzi. Anthony G., ' 55: RED No. 2. Cad St. Path. Babvlon, N. Y. Pepe. Ralph J.. ' 53: 1042 Maurice Ave., Rahwav, N. J. Peppc. Allen F.. ' 52; 62 Brookline Ave.. Long Beach. N. Y. Perez. Iniguez Ana M., ' 31: Calle B No. 514, Vedadc, HaLana, Cuba Perez, Miguel A., ' 50; 27 Willets Ct.. Plandomc. N. Y. Perine. Justine L, ' 51; 226 Diamond Spring Rd.. Denville, N. J. Perini. Donald L.. ' 55: 82 Richmond St.. Bklyn. 8. N. Y. Perkins. Vivienne B.. ' 52; 111-14 76th Ave.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Perkins. William C. ' 50; 5-05 125th St.. College Point. N. Y. Peda. Ivan L.. ' 33; 19 Parkside Drive. Great Neck. N. Y. Peda, Paula L.. ' 51: 553 E. 26th St.. Bklvn. 10. N. Y. Perlin, Gerald I., ' 30: 1220 E. New York Ave., Bklyn., N. Y. Perioff. Mrs. Sondra F., ' 50; 22-43 89th St.. Jackson Heights, N. Y. Pcrrault, Wayne S., ' 50; 59 Kenwood Rd., Garden City. N. Y. Pcrrone. James A.. ' 50; 77-11 Glcnmore Ave.. Ozone Park, N. Y. Perronc. Mary D.. ' 52: 165 Savoy Ave.. Elmont. N. Y. Perry. Clindton. Jr.. ' 55; 5 Sloner , ve.. Great Neck. N. Y. Persandi. George C ' 51: 143-07 Glassboro .Ave.. Jamaica 4, N.Y. Pessel, Harold. ' 52: 1801 Popham Ave.. New York 55, N. Y. Peters. Jean Marie G.. MA.; 124 Emerson Ave.. Floral Park. N. Y. Petroff. Michael. ' 53: 490 Westburv Ave.. Cade Place. N. Y. Petrone. Paul J.. ' 52: 963 Garfield. Peekskill. N. Y. Petla. Louis J.. ' 52; 7001 Ridge Blvd.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Petty. Joanna W.. Spec. Grad.; 100-30 203rd St.. Hollis. N. Y. Piazza. Mariano A.. ' 32; 216 Beach 80 St.. Rockaway Beach. N. Y. Piening. Bernhard K.. ' 52; 83-07 Little Neck Pkwy.. Floral Park, N. Y. Pierce. Frances R.. 52; 1711 Davidson Ave.. Bronx 53. N. Y. Pierini. Marie F.. ' 32; 108-42 67lh Rd.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Pinchuk. Marilyn M.. ' 52: 124 W. 46th St.. Bayonne, N. J. Pirone. Mary F.. ' 50: 449 Prospect Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Pisciotta. Joseph J.. ' 54: 114-27 199th St., St. Albans 12, N. Y. Pisciotta. Phyllis L.. ' 51; 114-27 119th St., St. Albans, N. Y. Pisciotta. Vita K.. ' 50; 56 Clapham Ave.. Manhasset. N. Y. Pizzo. Marian. ' 52; 1507 Tenth St.. North Bergen. N. J. Piatt. Evelyn. Spec: 16 Aucrbach Lane. Cedarhurst, N. Y. PIctt. Norma V.. ' 55; 80 Strathmore Rd.. Manhassett. N. Y. Pliskin. Evelyn (See Margolis. Mrs. Evelyn P.) Pobires. Adelle N., ' 54: 139 Sessions St.. Providence 6. R. L Pohren. Joseph A.. ' 55: 77 Wynsum Ave., Merrick, N. Y. Politziner. Marcus H., ' 52: 181 Beach 33 St.. Edgemere. N. Y. Pollock. Anne F.. ' 52; 6 Knoll Lane. Levittown. N. Y. Pollock. Francene B.. ■53; 219 W. 81st St., New York 24, N. Y. Popper. Harrv John, Jr.. ' 50: 205-19 118th Ave., St. Albans, N. Y. Portnov. Eleanor. ' 52: 99 E. 35rd St.. Bklyn 3. N. Y. Posch. Mar.garet L. ' 51; 284 Manhattan Ave.. Jersey CiW. N. J. Powell. Barbara. ' 50: 8801 Shore Rd.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Powell. Rebecca A., ' 55; 813 Coleman St.. Easton. Pa. Powell. William J.. ' 32; 488 Engle St.. Englewood, N. J. Powers. Ann M.. ' 52: 212 Raymond St.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Prach. Doris A.. ' 50: 33-48 214th St.. Bayside. N. Y. Potter, Paul K.. M.A.: 99 Park Ave., Freeport, N. Y. Prach. Thomas F.. ' 55: 5548 214th St.. Bayside. N. Y. Pradarits. George. Jr.. ' 52: 125-17 9th Ave.. College Point. N. Y. Prade. Josctte. Spec; Apt. D, 149-32 L ' nion Tpke.. Flushing. N. Y. Praeger. Lawrence C ' 53; 303 Washington Ave.. Cedarhurst. N. ' Y. Pratt. Donald. M.A.: 71 Washington Sq.. New York 23. N. Y. Pratt. Neil P.. Spec: 32 Willets Court. Rockville Centre, N. Y. Preisner, Arthur J., ' 51; 126-16 23th Ave., College Point, N. Y. Preschei, Marvin M.. ' 53: 2736 Pitkin .Ave., Bklyn. 8. N. Y. Press. Harriet J.. ' 50; 290 E. Sidney Ave.. Mount Vernon. N. Y. Pretzfelder. Albert H.. ' 51; 139 Oxford Blvd.. Garden City. N. Y. Price. Alan J.. ' 50: 188-04 64th Ave.. Flushing. N. Y. Prince. Davida M.. ' 32; 532 Leffcrts Ave., Bklyn. 25, N. Y. Prince. Francis J., ' 52: 6046 85rd PI.. Elmhurst. N. Y. Pringle. Charles, Ph.D.: 545 Barr Ave., Woodmere. N. Y. Proctor, Harold, ' 50: 265 Morris Ave., Rockville Centre, N. Y. Prokop, Joseph C. 52: W aldo Ave., Greenvale. N. Y. Provost, Preston E.. Jr.. ' 53: 2602 E. 26th St.. Bklyn. 29. N. Y. Prussin. Ann H.. ' 50; 2282 Ocean Ave., Bklyn. 29. N. Y. Psarakos. Nicholas J.. ' 51: 270 Audubon Ave., New York 23, N. Y. Pulese. Barbara J.. 33: Southold. Long Island. N. Y. Purdy. Seth P.. Jr.. ' 53; 555 N. Broadway. Amityville, N. Y. Quartin. Herbert P.. ' 55: 941 Washington Ave.. Bklyn., N. Y. Quigley. Mrs. Joan K., ' 50; 256 Green Ave.. Freeport. N. Y. Quinlan, Anne E.. ' 50: 72-15 37th Ave.. Jackson Heights, N. Y. Quinn. Janet B.. ' 50: 70 Clover Ave., Floral Park. N. Y. Quinn. Joyce C. ' 53: 70 Clover Ave.. Floral Park. N. Y. Quinn. Margaret M.. ' 53: 33-09 160th St.. Flushing. N. Y. Quinn. Ronald E.. 53: 28 Carman St.. Hempstead. N. Y. Raabin. Sandra L.. ' 55: 1551 Carroll St.. Bklyn 15. N. Y. Rabinowitz. Bertram. ' 50: 63-33 76th St.. Rego Park. N. Y. Racanclli. Peter J.. ' 55: 82-10 258th St.. Bellerose. N. Y. Racnles. Mona J.. 52: 225 Lexington Ave.. W. Hempstead. N. Y. Rachlin. Susan. M.A.: 20 S. 10th ' St.. New York. N. Y. Rahas. George G.. ' 55: 185 20th St.. Bklyn. 32. N. Y. Rahman. James. Grad Spec; 352 59tli St.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Rainville. Elizabeth J., ' 52; 98-10 70th Ave.. Forest Hills, N. Y. RakowJtz. Theresa. ' 55; Lake Mohigan. N. Y. Raleigh, Robert J.. ' 52; 155 Stanton Ave.. Baldwin. N. Y. Ramsay. Aletta T.. Spec; 16 Seele Ct.. Malverne. N. Y. Randall. Lucille D.. ' 51: 9841 63th Ave., Forest Hills. N. Y. 191 Randty. Wilbur E.. ' 33: 4320 250ll, St.. Lillle Neck. N. Y. Ransohoff. Mrs. Rita. M.S.; 126 Ritcliie Drive. Yonkers 5. N. Y. Ransom. Carrie T.. ' 53; 79-16 Main St.. Flushing. N. Y. Ransome. Frank F.. ' 30; N. Ocean Ave.. Patchogue, N. Y. Rapp. J. Douglas. ' 32; 43 South Drive. Plandome. N. Y. Rapp. J. Lennart. ' 53; 43 South Drive. Plandome. N. Y. Rappaport. Daniel L.. ' 52; 862 Prospect PI.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Rappaport, Hubert A.. ' 53: 62 V ' . Walnut St.. Long Beach. N Y. Rapps. Gloria. ' 31; 201 Linden Blvd.. Bklyn. 26. N. Y. Rasmussen. Peter J.. ' 51; 40 Ontario Rd., Bcllerose. N. Y. Rasmussen, Roderick C, ' 30; 40 Ontario Rd., Bellerose, N Y Raubas. Alda V.. ' 30; 125 42nd St.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Ravdin. Helen. ' 31; 141-34 78th Rd.. Flushing. N. Y. Raven. Henry M.. ' 51: 9 Koelbel Ct.. Baldwin, N. Y. Ray. Eugene E.. ' 33; 31-34 79lh St.. Jackson Heights, N. Y. Raynor. John D.. ' 52; 132 Windsor Ave.. Rockville Centre, N. Y. Rea. Alfred E.. ' 50; 194-02A 64lh Circle. Apt. 3A, Fresh Meadows N. Y. Read. Kathleen. ' 50; 33-43 75th St.. Jackson Heights. N. Y. Read. ' Vaughan. ' 53: 73 Colgate Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y. Reardon. John J.. Spec: 1 The Oaks. Roslyn Estates. N. Y. Reardon. Kathryn Rita. ' 53: 221 Linden Ave.. Westbury. N. Y. Regan. Austin P.. ' 53: 46-03 79th St.. Elmhtirst. N. Y. Rehill. Dorothy M.. ' 53: 19 Fordham PI.. Hempstead, N. Y. Reidy. Kenneth B.. ' 30: 34-52 75th St.. Jackson Heights. N. Y. Reilly. Bernard J.. ' 31; 37 Hamilton St.. Rockville Centre. N Y Reiners. Robert P.. ' 32; 1873 E. 34th St., Bklyn. 10. N. Y. Reinhardt, George F., ' 52: 115-31 219th St.. St. Albans. N. Y Reinhardt. John NL, ' 52; 186 Beach 133 St.. Belle Harbor. N. Y. Reinhold, Joan E.. ' 30: 209-26 Bardwell Ave.. Bellaire. N. Y. Reisman. Diane E.. ' 53; 26 Carman Ave.. Cedarhurst N Y Reiler. Julia M.. ' 52: 18 Skillman St.. Roslvn. N. Y Reiler. Lillian, ' 50: 46 Floral Pkwy., Floral ' Park. N. Y. Reitnian, Delores. ' 33: 9831 64th Ave.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Relkin. Donald B.. ' 52: 65-41 Saunders St., Forest Hills. N. Y. Remsen. Guy H.. ' 53: 233 Park Ave., Williston Park. N. Y. Rennie, Georgina, ' 31: 31 Wellington Rd., Garden City. N, Y Reno. Margarido F.. M.S.: 1918 81sl St.. Jackson Heights. N Y Renor. Gloria M., ' 53: 8901 Ridge Blvd., Bklyn. 9. N Y Resnick, Martha, ' 53; 1846 Brown St.. Bklyn. 29. N. Y. Reuter Harriet C. ' 32: 94 Stephan Marc Lane. New Hyde Park N. Y. Reynolds. Joan M.. ' 51: 10 Wilson St.. W. Hempstead. N Y Reynolds. John F., ' 50: 64-63 84lh St., Rego Park, N Y Reynolds. Richard D.. ' 52; 12 Orchard Meadow Rd., E. Williston. Reynolds, Roger, ' 33: Box 203. Stonvbrook, N. Y Riba. Esther. ' 53: 105-17 63rd Dr., Forest Hills, N Y Ribis. Paula E., ' 33: 1736 West End Ave., New Hyde Park N Y Rice. Harold P.. ' 52; 45-47 167th St.. Flushing. N. Y. Rice, Howard C, Spec: 206-08 34th Ave.. Bayside. N. Y. Rice. Thomas A.. ' 30; 36 Madison St.. Lynbrook. N Y Richard. Ethel. Grad. Spec: 2133 Madison Ave.. ' New York N Y Richard, Isabel H.. ' 50: 1723 Centre St.. Bklyn 27 N Y ' Richards. Robert. ' 53; 138-28 224th St.. Laurelton 13 N Y Richardson. Walter L ' SI: 178-11 Dalny Rd.. Jamaica 3, N. Y. Richmond, Sally-Sue S.. 50: 114-47 Colfax St.. St. Albans II. Ricken. Grace, ' 53: 4111 Highland Ave.. Bklyn 24 N Y Riday. John W.. Jr.. ' 31: 219-34 102nd Ave.. Queens Village 9. Rietheimer Richard J., ' 53: 12 Princeton St., Garden Citv, N Y K.etschel Raymond F.. ' 50; 336 Burkhard Ave., Mineola N ' Y ' K.mmer. Leslie D.. 32; 197-09 56lh Ave., Flushing N Y Ringen Marilyn. ' 53; 306 Maple St.. W. Hempstead, N Y Ringlehan Margaret U ' SO: Nurses Residence. Meadow ' brook nospjtal. licmpstead. N. Y. Rippe, Wilfred C, ' 50; 11 Bedell St., Hempstead. N Y Ripperger. Joseph L.. ' 50; 156 Whitehall Blvd.. Garden City N Y R.ttenhouse. Richard P.. ' 50; 8701 Shore Rd.. Bklvn 9 N Y Ritter. Alfred P., ' 51; 77 Huntington Rd., Garden City N Y ' Rilter. Cynthia M., ' 52; 979 Sumner Ave., Springfield ' , Mass. ' Rizzuto. Malcolm F., 201-20 109th Ave. Hollis 7. N. Y. Robbins. Ethel U. M.S.; 1085 E. 17th St.. Bklyn. 30. N. Y. Robbins, Norman B., ' 32: 392 Beach 12 St.. Far Rockaway. N. Y Roberto, Robert Jr.. ' 33; 49 Hilltop Dr., Manhasset. N. Y. Roberts. Charles R.. Grad. Spec: 19 Eric Lane, New Hvde Park NY. ■ Roberts. LeRoy W.. ' 33: 31 Balsam Lane. Levittown. N. Y. Robin. Clinton G.. Jr.. ' 31; 113-42 147th St., S. Ozone Park 20 N. Y. Robins. Fay. ' 32: 111-02 75th Rd.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Robinson. Joan M. ' 33: 55 Powell Ave.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Robinson, Marsha, ' 51: 319 Longacre Ave.. Woodmerc. N. Y. Roburn. Joan. Spec. Grad.: 640 VVest End Ave.. New York. N. Y. Roche. Joan A.. ' 32; 562 E. Market St.. Long Beach. N. Y. Roden. Lester A.. Jr., ' 52: 1040 76th St.. Bkfyn. 28, N. Y. Roebuck. Robert J.. ' 32; 1793 Montgomery Ave., New York 53. N. Y. Roemer. Sheila, ' 31; 315 E. 37th St.. Patterson 4. N. J. Rokiner. Mrs. Nancy B.. ' 50: 823 E. 17th St.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Rolquin, Ruth B.. ' 51: 1044 N. 6th St.. New Hyde Park. N. Y. Romano. Ann Marie. ' 53; 192 Church St.. Norlhporl, N. Y. Romano. Ned P.. ' 51: 148-31 61st Rd.. Flushing, N. Y. Romar. Eileen M.. ' 33: 58-16 197th St.. Flushing. N. Y. Romeika. Joseph H., Spec; 404 Atlantic Ave, Freeport, N. Y. Rooney. IIL Arthur D.. ' 53; 143 Floral Pkwv.. Floral Park, N. Y. Roppolo. Steven J., ' 33; 87 Bulwer PI.. Bklvn. 7. N. Y. Rosan. Stanlev, ' 33; 69-25 Harrow St.. Forest Hills, N. Y. Rosen, Minna A.. ' 51; 61-55 224th St.. Bavside. N. Y. Rosenberg. Gilbert. ' 53; 211 Central Park ' V.. New York. N. Y. Rosenberg, Irwin. ' 33: The Nevele Country Club. Ellenville. N. Y. Rosenblatt, Emily J.. ' 30: 6923 Exeter St.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Rosenblum, Signiund, ' 52: 487 Lincoln PI.. Bklvn.. N. Y. Rosenburg Audrey P.. ' 52; 130-33 235th St.. Rosedale 10. N. Y. Resendhal, Gehre A.. ' 52; 1968 E. 2nd St., Bklyn.. N. Y. Rosendorf. Judith. ' 33; 72-38 113lh St., Forest Hills, N. Y. Rosengarten. Frank. ' 50; 8 Spruce St.. Cedarhurst. N. Y. Rosenthal. J. Harvey. ' 53: 211 Central Park W., New York 24. N, Y. Rosenzweig. Robert E.. ' 53: 371 Fort Washington Ave.. New York 33. N. Y. Rosin. Alfred B.. ' 33; 8619 91sl Ave.. Woodhaven 21. N. Y. Rosin. Natalie E.. ' 52; 15 Edgcwood Rd.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Rosner. Ann H.. ' 52; 2418 Ave. P. Bklyn. 29, N. Y. Rosolino, Anthony J.. ' 32; 63 Audrey Ave.. Oyster Bay. N. Y. Ross. Barbara M.. ' 53; 293 Main St., E. Rockaway, N. Y. Ross. Helen C, ' 51; 819 Pine PI.. Bellmore. N. Y. Ross. Miriam Y.. ' 51: 1841 University Ave.. New York 53. N. Y. Ross, Sybil. ' 50; 235 Washington St., Hempstead, N. Y. Rost, Joyce C. ' 54; 319 E. 236th St.. Bronx 66. N. Y. Roswal. Leon, Spec: 234-10 133rd Ave, Laurelton. N. Y. Rotella. Angcio H.. ' 30: 84 Fairground Ave, Huntington, N. Y. Roth. Monroe. ' 30; 523 W. Market St.. Long Beach, N. Y. Rotanz, Richard A., ' 53; 33-34 93th St., Jackson Heights. N. Y. Rothenberg, Paula J., ' 50: 83-30 Midland Pkwy., Jamaica. N. Y. Rothcrham. Phyllis E.. ' 33; 482 Foch Blvd.. Mineola, N. Y. Rothermel, Albert ' .. Jr.. ' 53; 104-14 Rosita PI.. Ozone Park 16. N. Y. Rotherman. Richard L,. ' 52: 240 Cabrini Blvd., New York 33, N. Y. Rothschild. Robert R.. ' 50; 367 B. 47 St., Far Rockaway, N. Y. Rottkamp, Barbara C. ' 53; Carman Ave.. Hicksville. RFD 2. N. Y. Roumel, Eleanor, ' 50; 117 Prospect St.. Midland Park. N. J. Rovinsky. Cyrille L., ' 53; 4522 15th Ave.. Bklyn. 19, N. Y. Rowan, Monica M., ' 31: 179-13 Dalnv Rd.. Jamaica Estates. N. Y. Rowan. William H.. ' 51: 835 S. 6th St.. LindenhursI, N. Y. Rowand. Eric B.. ' 51: 85-29 67th Rd.. Forest Hills, N. Y. Rowe, Barbara A.. ' 52: 192-53 Hollis Ave.. Hollis. N. Y Rowe, Mary Janet. ' 51: 192-63 Hollis Ave.. Hollis 7. N. Y. Rowe, Marjorie, Grad. Spec; 183 North Village Ave.. Rockville Centre, N. Y. Rowen. Betty. Grad. Spec; 61 Hamilton St.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Rozcne. Beverly C. ' 33; 1604 Fairfield Ave., Bridgeport 3, Conn Rubenstein, Bert. ' 31; 410 Central Park W., New York. N Y Rubenstein. Robyn D., ' 52: 22 Girard St., Bklyn.. N. Y. Rubin, Arnold. ' 52; 75-26 Metropolitan Ave. Middle Village. N. Y. Rubin. Dorothy M., ' 53: 464 Commonwealth Ave. Boston. Mass. Ruda, Barbara A., ' 33: 148-25 89th Ave.. Jamaica 2, N. Y. Rudd, Gloria C... ' 32; 49 Alexine Ave. E. Rockaway. N. Y. Rudnick, Mrs. June J., Spec; 1501 Stevenson Rd., Hewlett. N. Y. Ruescher. Donald A.. ' 52; 100-32 199th St.. Hollis 7, N. Y. Rufo. Daniel A., ' 32: 134 W. 68th St.. New York 23, N Y Rufolo. Ralph R., ' 51; 58-39 57th Rd.. Maspeth. N. Y. Runkel, Joseph H., ' 51; 8532 tilth St.. Richmond Hill. N. Y. Ruser. Augustus IIL ' 30: 186-20 Jordan Ave.. St. Albans. N. Y Ruscr, Marilyn E.. ' 31: 186-20 Jordan Ave.. St. Albans 12, N. Y. Ruston, Marjorie W., ' 33; 13 Beach Rd.. Parkview Apts.. Great Neck, N. Y. Rusinek, Chester. ' 51: 239 Mineola Blvd.. Mineola. N. Y. Russell, Bruce T, ' 53; Canal St., Westport, Conn. Russell, John B.. Jr.. ' 52: 455 Clinton St.. New Bedford. Mass. Russo. Josephine A.. ' 53: 309 Weirfield St., Bklyn. 27. N. Y. Russo, Madeline A.. ' 33; 101 Page Rd.. Valley Stream. N. Y. 1Q2 Rutcllik. Joan M.. ' 50; 55 Eastern PU-y.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Rutherford. Edith A.. ' 50; 60 Stewart Ave. ' ., Garden City. N. Y. Rvan. Edward A.. ' 53; 244-56 90th . ve.. Bellerosc 6. N. Y. Ryan. Mar - Eileen. ' 51; 205-17 113th Ave.. St. Albans. 11. N. Y. Rvan. Marv Ehzabcth. ' 50; 38 James St.. Babvlon. N. Y. Ryan. Robert P.. ' 53; 1567 Ryder St., Bklyn.. N. Y. Ryon. Marie. ' 53; Sylvan PI., Valley Stream. N. Y. Sabin. Howard A., ' 50; 163 Buscher St.. ' Valley Stream. N. Y. Sable. Lila J.. ' 52; 710 Gerard Ave.. New York. N. Y. Sachs, Leah R., Spec; 37-21 80th St.. Jackson Heights. N. Y. Sack, Paula. 52; 65 Muriel Ave.. Lawrence. N. Y. Sackadorf. Leonard. ' 53; 1280 President St.. Bklvn. 13. N. Y. Sacks. Mrs. Helen L.. M.S.; 43-16 80th St.. Elmhurst. N. Y. Sadlier. Robert D.. ' 53; W ' estview Cottage. 5 Rifton St.. Elmont. N. Y. Sadowski. Irene T.. 53: 14 Cherrv St.. Glen Head. N. Y. St. Clair. Meador P. Jr.. ' 31; 78-32 Main St.. Flushing. N. Y. St. John. Theodore F.. Jr., ' 31: 7 Garfield PI.. Roslyn. N, Y. St. John. Charles R., ' 32: 201 S. Maple St.. W. Hempstead. N. Y. Salerno. James J., Jr., ' 53: 54 Ashwood Rd.. Post Washington, N. Y. Saleson. Carol, ' 51: 916 Carroll St.. Bklvn. 25. N. Y. Saltzman. Fav D., ' 53; 79 Dover St.. Bklyn. 29. N. Y. Salvato. Jerome J.. ' 50; 227-21 112th Ave.. Queens ' Village 9. N. Y. Salyers. Ellen C, ' 52; 125 N. College St., Carlisle, Pa. Salzman. Barbara L.. ' 52: 73 Manor Rd.. Lynbrook. N. Y. Sands. Donald V., ' 52: 607 Bergen St.. Bellemore. N. Y. Sanford. Robert F.. 6608 102nd St.. Rego Park. N. Y. Santori. Joseph. ' 55; 1 Roxbury Rd.. Garden City. N. Y, Saporla, Jack. ' 51; 1686 Grand Concourse. Bronx 57. N. Y. Saslolf. Justin S.. ' 55; 1043 E. 52nd St.. Bklyn. 34. N. Y. Sater. Jean H.. ' 53; 69 Allenwood Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y. Safer. Donald L.. ' 52: 69 Allenwood Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y. Sauer. Charles G., ' 51: 109-30 125th St.. S. Ozone Park. N. Y. Sauerivein. Alfred C. ' 53; Chicken Valley Rd.. Glen Head. N. Y. Saunders. Glee K.. Grad. Spec: 42 West Lane. Bayshore. N. Y. Saunders. Sanford. ' 53: 269 Vassar Ave.. Newark 8. N. J. Saurman. Richard L.. ' 55; 41 Rogers PI.. Floral Park, N. Y. Savage. Edward. NLA.: 8 Wheeler Ave.. Valley Stream. N. Y. Savitsky. Melvin. ' 50; 81-36 188th St.. Jamaica Estates. N. Y. Scanlon. Robert F.. ' 52; 205 Parkholm. Newport. R. I. Scarpone. Nikki P.. ' 50: 212 Beebe Rd.. Mineola. N. Y. Scaturro. Frances E.. ' 54; 30 Woodbine St.. Bklvn. 21. N. Y. Schady. William J.. ' 51: 51-43 46th St.. Wooclside. N. Y. Schanno. Lucille A.. ' 51: 104-75 212th St.. Bellaire. N. Y. Schatzberg. Joyce E.. ' 51: 6545 Wetherole St.. Rego Park. N. Y. Schauf. Muriel E.. ' 51; 235 Sumpter St.. Bklvn. 33. N. Y. Scheff. Janet R.. ' 55: 1033 E. 13th St.. Bklyn. 30, N. Y. Scheibner. Ralph B.. ' 53: 83-04 Little Neck Pkwy.. Floral Park, N. Y. Schenkel. Richard W.. ' 53: 70 Lincoln Blvd.. Long Beach. N. Y. Schetlino. Joseph F.. ' 53: 1279 Westervelt PI.. Hewlett. N. Y. Scheu. Dorothy A.. ' 53; 452 Mactee PL. Mineola N. Y. Schierhorst. Albert E.. ' 50; 63 8th Ave., Sea Cliff. N Y Schiff. Adele (See Mrs. Adele S. Greene) Schiff, Gilbert M.. ' 51; 82-02 Grenfell Ave.. Kew Gardens. N Y Schiffer. Ada R.. ' 30: 30-18 Murray St.. Flushing. N. Y. Schillberg. Henn- C. M.A.: 114 Yookum Ave.. Farmingdale. N Y Schiller. Heinz O.. ' 52: 121-16 103rd Ave.. Richmond Hills N Y Schimmel, Alfred. M.A.: 39 Ward St.. Floral Park. N. Y. Schirm. Barbara J.. ' 50: 71-27 June St.. Forest Hills. N Y Schlagman. Elaine. ' 53; 711 E. 58th St.. Bklvn.. N. Y. Schegel. John C. ' 53: 200 Wellington Rd.. Mineola, N. Y. Schlein. Naomi R.. ' 51; 158 Hards Lane. Lawrence. N. Y ScMesier. Robert. ' 53: 100-44 222nd St.. Queens Village 9, N. Y. Schlesinger. Arlene. ' 54; 91 E. 208th St.. New York 67, N. Y. Schmidt. George J.. Jr.. ' 52: 184-38 Midland Dr.. Jamaica. N Y Schmitf, Jean C. ' 33: 382 Melville Rd.. Farmingdale. N. Y. Schmolka. Eve M.. ' 33: 133 Harding . ve.. Long Beach. N. Y. Schneck. Judith L. ' 33: 12 Sutton PI.. Lawrence. N. Y. Schneider. Eugene. ' 51; 1 70 E. Broadway. Long Beach. N. Y. Schneider. Leonard B.. ' 51; 371 Fort Washington Ave.. New York 33. N. Y. Schneider. Marger -, ' 55; 108-26 67th Rd.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Schneidman. Sheila M.. ' 55: 93-06 68th . ve.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Schnofel. Tlieresa L.. Spec: Advent St.. Westbury. N. Y. ' Schoen. Iris B.. ' 53; 514 West End Ave.. New York 24. N. Y Schoenfeld. Edward F.. ' 52; 149-13 16th Rd.. Whitestone. N! Y. Scholer. Frances E.. M.A.: 166 Fusion Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Scholfield. Patricia A.. ' 50: Apt. 14A. 70 Tulip Ave.. Floral Park, N. Y. Scholl. Carolyn S.. ' 32; 20 Squirrel Dr.. E. Rockaway. N. Y. Schondorf. Jacqueline. 55: 119 Berkeley Ave.. Bloomeld. N. J. Schrafcl. Marjorie J.. ' 55: 27 Oak St.. Floral Park. N. Y. Schragcr. Jules. ' 51; 692 E. 4th St.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Schager. Phillip E.. ' 54: 1405 Octmas Ave.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Schreiber. NJrs. Jeanne. ' 50; 2 Stomi St.. Oceanside. N. Y. Schrieber. Ricky R.. ' 53; 801 Ave. 1. Bklyn. 30. N. Y. Schreiber. Robert A.. Jr.. ' 52: 95 S. Long Beach Ave.. Freeport. N, Y. Schroeder. Ernest H.. Jr.. ' 51; 42 Stewart St.. Floral Park. N. Y. Schubert. Ann F.. ' 53; 24 Windsor PI.. Oceanside. N. Y. Schubert. Kenneth A.. ' 50; 9 Christobel St.. Lynbrook. N. Y. Schubert. Robert J.. ' 50; 62 St. James St.. Garden City. N. Y. Schuffman. Arthur J.. ' 50: 1001 Jerome Ave.. Bronx. N. Y. Schuhlein. Charles M.. ' 54; 172 Jackson St.. Bklvn. 11. N. Y. Schumann. Rulef W.. ' 51: 72-17 Loubet St.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Schaeber. Betty J.. ' 50: 155-01 90th Ave.. Jamaica. N. Y. Schwanda. Joan P.. ' 51: 525 Lakeview Ave.. E. Brightwaters. N. Y. Schwartz. Barbara E.. ' 53: 172 Kings Point Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y. Schwartz. Frank R.. ' 53; 15 Devon Lane. WVstburv. N. Y. Schwartz. Harold S.. ' 52: 1266 E. 7th St.. Bklyn. 30. N. Y. Schwartz. Harriet A.. ' 50; 715 St. Marks Ave.. Bklvn.. N. Y. Schwartz. Joan M.. ' 52; 175 Sullivan PT.. Bklyn. 25. N. Y. Schwartz. Phyllis R.. ' 53; 17 Hamilton St.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Schwartz. Richard. ' 53: 3425 Gates PI.. Bronx 67. N. Y. Schwartz. Sandra. ' 53: 239 Central Park W.. New York. N. Y. Schwartz, Sandra B.. ' 54; 3601 31st Ave.. Astoria. N. Y. Schwartzbaum. Elayne R.. ' 53; 1550 E. 13th St.. Bklyn. 30. N. Y. Schwat. Diane B.. ' 50; 1 Rose St.. Cedarhursl. N. Y. Schwimer. Cynthia. ' 50; 465 Lenox Rd.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Scipien. Gladvs M.. ' 50: 30 Orchard St.. Chicopee. Mass. Scodan. Frank J.. ' 52: 112-38 202nd St.. St. Albans. N. Y. Scodart. Nicholas F.. ' 53: 104-34 Farmers Blvd.. Hollis 7. N. Y. Scott. James W.. ' 53: 111 Meadowbrook Rd.. Hempstead. N. Y. Scott. Robert G.. Jr.. ' 52: 315 Gates Ave.. Bklyn. 16. N. Y. Scott. Walter. ' 53; 33-22 Parsons Blvd.. Flushing. N. Y. Scotti. Alfred M. ' 50; 24 Eldridge Ave.. Hempstead. N. Y. Scudder. Gilbert H.. Jr.. ' 52: 140 Bassett St.. Syracuse. N. Y. Scully. Marvellen A., ' 50: 252 93rd St.. Bklyn. 9. N. Y. Scully. Michael E., ' 52; 46 Nassau Lane. Island Park. N. Y. Seaman. Doris M.. ' 53: 27-29 165th St.. Flushing. N. Y. Seaman. Warren NL. ' 52; 55 Broadway. Amityville. N. Y. Sears. Floyd G.. ' 50; 505 Carnation Ave.. Baldwin, N. Y. See. Warren R.. ' 50; 69 N. William St.. Baldwin. N. Y. Segal. Gladys. ' 50; 1749 49th St.. Bklyn. 4. N. Y. Segatto. Peter R.. ' 53; 108-51 43rd Ave.. Corona. N. Y. Sehnng. Richard. ' 51: 81-55 192nd St.. Jamaica. N. Y. Seide. Diane Jane. ' 53: 225 Sterling PI.. Bklyn. 17. N. Y. Seller. Jacqueline D.. ' 50; 157 Park St.. Woodmere. N. Y. Seifer. Stanley H.. ' 52; 1126 Virginia St.. Far Rockaway. N. Y. Sekertn. Nina S.. ' 52; 647 W. 174th St.. New York 53. N. Y. Sellarole. Theodore. ' 53; 233 Jackson Ave.. Hackensack. N. J. Sepez. Peter V.. ' 52; 85 Belmont PkwT-, Hempstead. N. Y. Sepez. Vivian P.. ' 50; 118 Mayfair Ave.. W. Hempstead. N. Y. Serra. Marie M.. ' 51: 455 Lewis PI.. Mineola. N. Y. Seversen. Richard A.. ' 53: 8102 6th Ave.. Bklyn. 9. N. Y. Sgarro, Rocco R.. ' 51; 104-16 47th Ave., Corona. N. Y. Shalvov, Walter A., ' 54: 1601 Washington Ave.. Seaford. N. Y. Shapero. Roberta E.. ' 52; 751 St. Marks Ave.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Shapiro. Jay M.. 54: 84-15 Chapin Pkwy.. Jamaica 5. N. Y. Shapiro. June G.. ' 53: 913 Washington Ave.. Bklyn. 23. N. Y. Shapiro. Mrs. Nita. ' 50: 604 Eastern Pkwy.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Shapiro. Rosalie M.. 52: P. O. Box 56 c o Almanac Country Club, Woodridge, N. Y, Sharrotf. Dorothy J.. ' 53: 177 Muirfield Rd.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Shaw. Marjorie H.. ' 54: 109 E. 153rd St.. New York 51. N. Y. Shean. Joan M.. ' 55: 82 W. Clinton Ave.. Roosevelt. N. Y. Shea. Robert L.. ' 54: 75-19 189th St.. Flushing. N. Y. Shearman. Charles W.. ' 51: 35-40 82nd St.. Jackson Heights, N. Y. Shelford, Robert S.. ' 53; 197-10 Carpenter Ave.. Hollis. N. Y. Shepard. Lionel M.. ' 52; 116 Winthrop St.. Bklyn. 25. N. Y. Shepherd. LeRoy. 55: 55 E. Clinton Ave.. Roosevelt. N. Y. Shepherd. Jack j.. ' 52: 20 Alexine Ave.. E. Rockaway, N. Y. Shendan. John J.. ' 50; 6 Stratford Rd.. Baldwin. N. Y. Sheridan. Thomas J.. ' 50: 270 86th St.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Sherk. Jerome. Grad. Spec; 17 Edwards St.. Roslyn Heights. N. Y. Sherman. Roberta J.. ' 52; 250 Riverside Dr.. New York, N. If. Shewbridge. James D.. 53: 42 Tennyson Ave.. W estbury, N. Y. Shields. I5ernard W.. ' 32: 29 East Ave.. Lawrence. N. Y. Shiffman. Sheila H.. ' 52; 605-68 St.. Bklyn.. N. Y. ' Shine. William J.. ' 50: 142-66 56th Rd.. Flushing. N. Y. Shippee, Marion E., ' 31: 158 N. Third St.. Paterson. N. J. Shorin. Alita D.. ' 55; 1460 President St.. Bklyn., N. Y. IQ3 Sdorin. Joyce E.. ' 53; 125 E. 50tli Si.. New ■ ' ork. N. Y. Shorr, Sylvia, ' 50; 1221 45tli Si.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Sholkind. Joan F.. ' 53: 39 Totten St.. Hcmpslead. N. Y. Siciliano. WilliacTi M.. ' 53: 214 W ' asliington Ave., Mineola. N. Y. Sickels. Fornian J.. ' 53: 29 Elm Ave.. Floral Park. N. Y. Siegel. Irwin M.. Spec; 200 W. 86tl, St., New York. N. Y. Sicular. Jerry, ' 34; 148-42 BQlli Ave.. Jamaica. N. Y. Siegel. Barhara J.. ' 53: 1041 E. 24lli St.. Bklvn. 10. N. Y. Siegel. Claire E.. ' 50: 68-58 Yellowstone Blvd.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Siegel. Lucv A.. ' 51; 97 Dogwood Lane. Manliasset, N. Y. Siegel. Ricliard. ' 51; 1277 W ' lieatley St., Hewlett, N. Y. Siegel. Ricliard. ' 55; 502 Longacre Ave.. VVoodmere. N. Y. Siff, Alan R.. ' 55; 54 Higlimount Ave.. Upper Nyack. N. Y. Silberman. Edilh. ' 52: 119-11 85rd Ave.. Kevv Gardens. N. Y. Silberman. Irwin J.. ' 55: 125 Ocean Parkwav. Bklyn. 18. N. Y. Silberstein. Edith L.. ' 53: 24 7th St.. Garden City. N. Y. Silberstein. Edylhe. ' 55; Everit Ave.. Hewlett Harbor. N. Y. Silkes. Leonard, ' 51: 182 Van Siclen Ave.. Bklvn.. N. Y. Silver. Herbert. ' 55; 859 E. 19th St.. Bklvn. 50. ' N. Y. Silver, Lee C. (Miss) ' 53: 150 W. 87th St.. New York, N. Y. Silverslein. Lois R.. ' 54: 226-14 137th Ave.. Laurellon. N. Y. Simes. Reginald J.. ' 50: 15 Glover PI., Baldwin, N. Y. Simmons, Stanley, M.A.: 7547 67th Dr.. Middle Village. N. Y. Simon. Lila. ' 52: 1464 E. 7th St.. Bklyn., N. Y. Simpson. Barbara A.. ' 55: 145 Bourndale Rd. N., Manhasset, N. Y. Simpson, Mary E., ' 55; 143 Bourndale Rd. N., Manhasset, N. Y. Sims, Albert M., ' 52; 1755 E. 54th St., Bklyn., N. Y. Singer, Cynthia C. ' 52: 3841 Lyme Ave.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Singer. Nancy S.. ' 53; 105 Mowbray PI.. Kew Gardens, N Y Sirkin, Ruth D., ' 55; 1922 E. 1st St., Bklyn. 23, N. Y. Sirkis. Louis. ' 52: 612 Argyle Rd.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Sitzer, Alan H., ' 35; 23 Richardson PL, Hempstead, N. Y. Slack, Adene E., ' 51; I Bavview Terrace, Manhasset, N. Y. Slater. Frank J., ' 54; 71 Locust St., Floral Park. N. Y. Sloanc. Joyce G., ' 52: 86 Roe Blvd. ' .. Patchoguc. N. Y. Sloatc. G. Barbara. ' 52: 336 West End Ave.. New York 23. N Y. Slotkin. Norma T., ' 55: 240 Cabrini Blvd., New York 55, N. Y. Smiles. Audrey F.. Spec; 51 Balcom Rd.. Farmingdale. N. Y. Smith. Arthur T.. ' 51; 19 VV. 55th St.. New York ' l9. N. Y. Smith, Clyde E., ' 52; 195 Greenwich Ave., Roosevelt. N. Y. Smith. Edward. Spec, 91-18 215th St.. Queens Village. N. Y. Smith. Edward C, ' 51; 156 W. 168th St.. Bronx. N. Y. Smith. Eugene J.. ' 52; 14 Brompton Rd.. Garden City, N. Y, Smith, Edward A., Jr., ' 50: 58 Nassau Blvd., Malveme, N. Y. Smith, Florence N., ' 35: 109 Jaffrey St., Bklyn. 29, N. Y. Smith, Gloria Mae, ' 51: Robbins Lawn, Northport, N. Y., P. O. Box 387 Smith, James P., ' 33: 42 Terrace Ave., Floral Park. N. Y ' . Smith, .Janet S., ' 53: 220-02 lOlst Ave., Queens Village, N. Y. Smith, Joann C, ' 52: 170-25 Highland Ave., Jamaica Estates, N. Y. Smith. John L.. ' 54; 156-26 72nd Ave.. Kew Gardens. N. Y. Smith. Marian. Grad. Spec; 111 Hamilton St.. Rockville Centre N. Y. Smith, Marilyn J., ' 52; Bayville Quincey Ave, Bayvillc. N. Y. Smith. Mary Caroline. M.A.: Nassau Hospital. Mineola. N. Y. Smith. Raymond B.. Jr.. ' 55: Box 1092 Hickorv St.. Seaford. N. Y. Smith. Ronald. ' 55: 255-15 Northern Blvd.. Little Neck. N. Y Smith. NN ' alter J.. Jr.. 105-18 89th St.. Ozone Park 17. N Y Smith. William S.. ' 53; 3 Rose Ave.. Great Neck. N. Y. Smithline. Elaine A., ' 34; 1354 W. 168th St.. New York 32. N. Y. Smits. Maria M.. ' 54: Rhina 88 Laulenbura (Baden) Germany Smorkaloff. Ralph R.. ' 52: 258 Grand St.. Bklyn.. N. Y Snelders. .Arthur O.. ' 30: 34 Lincoln PI.. Lynbrook. N. Y. Snow. Robert M.. ' 52: 1429 Union St.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Soard. John E., ' 55: 147-26 41st Ave., Flushing. N Y Sobel. Alice H.. ' 50: 6809 Cross Countr)- Blvd. ' . Baltin.ore 15 Md Sobel. .Judith H.. ' 52: 6809 Cross Country Rd.. Baltimore. Md. Soderberg. Marilyn J.. ' 50: Nurses Home. Nassau Hospital. Mineola. Soffer. Shidey. ' 51: 1042 45th St.. Bklyn., N. Y. Sofia, Salvatore, Spec: 53 Ostend Rd.. Island Park, N. Y. Soifer, Joan, ' 53; 37 Huron Rd.. Bellerosc. N. Y ' . Selmas. Vincent J.. ' 52: 88 Hudson Ave.. Roosevelt. N. Y. Solonjon. Edith. ' 55: 118 Amherst St.. Bklyn. 29. N. Y. Solomon. Kaye F.. ' 53; 310 E. 44th St.. New York, N. Y. Somch, Rowena B., ' 51: 465 Broadwav, Lawrence N Y Somer, Fred W., ' 52; Park PI,. Halesite. N. Y. Sorcher. Mona N.. ' 55: 67-66 108th St.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Sortore. Emerson C. M.A.; 186 White Rd.. Mineola. N. Y. Solland. Florence A.. M.A.: 4 Dallas Ave.. New Hyde Park. N. Y. Soulhlea. Warren R.. ' 52: 22-29 145rd Ave. ' S.. Springfield Gardens. N. Y. t . ' i Sowinski. Wanda M.. ' 51: 59A Sutton St.. Bklvn. 22, N. Y. Spahr. Jean M., ' 55: 8 Michigan Rd.. Bellerose 6. N. Y. Spakowyca. Helen. ' 50; 99-56 64th Ave.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Spandau. Betty Z., ' 55: 1332 Malvern Ave. Pittsburgh 17. Pa. Spanos. Xenia. ' 54: 2026 84tb St., Bklyn. 14, N. Y. Spatola. James F.. ' 50: 111-42 204th St.. St. Albans. N. Y. Spencer. Irma B.. ' 51; 307 Gardiners Ave.. Hicksville. N. Y. Spencer. Jane M.. ' 51: 108-11 217th PI.. Queens Village. N. Y. Spensieri. Danny G.. ' 54: 5804 16lh Ave.. Bklyn. 19. N. Y. Spiegel. Mrs. Marianne S.. ' 50; 1 19 Hewlett Neck Rd.. Woodrnere. N. Y. Spiegel. Nancy A.. ' 53: 748 St. Marks Ave.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Spiegel. Stanley. ' 30; 725 Florida Ave.. Hendcrsonville. N. C. Spielb erger. Jason M.. ' 51: 25-40 5lsl Ave.. Astoria. N. Y. Spier. Harold M.. ' 52; 455 Schcnectadv Ave.. Bklvn.. N. Y. Spollen. Joseph C. ' 50; 130-28 221st St.. Springfield Gardens, N. Y. Springer. Frank J.. ' 52: 160 Roxbury Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Springslead. Donald S.. ' 55: 14-20 I55lh St.. Whitestone. N. Y. Squicciarini. Peter J.. ' 52: 158-11 75th Rd.. Flushing. N. Y. Squire. James L.. Jr.. ' 52; 145 Locust St.. Garden City. N. Y. Srulevitch. Shelden. ' 54; 232-14 Merrick Rd.. Laurelton. N. Y. Stahlman. Samuel. ' 51; 220 Beach 68th St. Arverne. N. Y. Stambler. Murray. ' 50: 34-58 74th St.. Jackson Heights. N. Y. Slander. Ralph J.. ' 50: 80 S. Smith St . Mer-i-ks. N. Y. Stange. Raymond J,. ' 55: 119-55 224th St.. St. Albans. N. Y. Stanton. Alice A.. ' 52: 14 Horizon Lane. Leviltnwn. N Stapen. Annabelle S.. Spec; 27 Prospect Park W.. Bklyn.. N. Y. Sta zak. John H.. ' 55: GN Lindsav Estate. Laurel Hollow. Oyster Bay. N. Y. Slavropoulos. Anthony G.. 55; Toilsome Lane. Easthampton. N. Y. Stehr. Marilyn R.. ' 53: 19 Lincoln Ct.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Stein. Marie A.. ' 51: 282 N. Franklin St., Hempstead, N. Y. Steinberg. Joseph L. ' 55: 145 N. Cottage St.. Valley Stream. N. Y. Steinberg. Leonard. ' 51; 70-32 Juno St.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Steiner. Alfred L. ' 55: 90-11 149th St.. Jamaica 2, N. Y. Steiner. Florence. ' 54; 548 Derby Ave. Woodmere, N, Y. Steiner. Mrs. Marilyn. Spec. 5 Stony Run Road. Great Neck. N. Y. Steinrurk. Marlene M. ' 55: 198-45 Carpenter Ave.. Hollis 7, N. Y. Slelzer. William C... ' 52: 45 Blossom Lance. New Hvde Park N. Y. • ' Stem. Louis E.. ' 50: 66 Parkside Dr.. Roslvn Heights. N. Y. Stern. Marilyn. ' 54; 80-15 Grenfell Ave.. " Kew Gardens. N Y Stern. Norma E.. ' 55: 61 Plainfield Ave. Floral Park. N. Y Sterrill. Graham M.. ' 50: 92-55 244th St.. Bellero ' e. N. Y. Steuer. Rhoda. ' 52: 59 Grant Ave. Faniiingdale. N. Y. Stewart. Rodney P.. ' 55: 83 Wagon Rd.. ' Roslvn Heights N Y Stockcr. Ralph H.. ' 51: 22 Jackson Ct.. Elmont. N. Y. ' Stockman. Joan B.. ' 52; 2 Timothv Lane Huntington Station. N Y Stockwell. Dorothy E.. ' 52: 58 Center St.. Ft. Plain. N. Y. Stone. Edward R.. ' 51: Miranda Sugar Estates. Central Miranda, Oriente. Cuba Stone. Lorna M.. ' 55: 29 Brompton Rd.. Garden City. N. Y Storelli. Nada R., ' 51: 114-65 202nd St., St. Albans N Y Stowall. Nolle T. (Mr.). ' 53: 38 Yale St.. Williston Pk.. N. Y. Stracks. Marianne (See Spiegel, Mrs. Marianne S.) Straston, Jarvis C, ' 50: 52 Quarry I_ane. Levittown, N. Y. Strauss, Euna. ' 51: 261 Centrfd Ave. Lawrence N. Y. Strauss. Heinz H.. ' 55; 85-05 Elmliurst Ave. Elmhurst. N Y Streek. Inge. ' 52; 54 Bucl ingham Rd.. Merrick. N Y. Sireil. Victor MA.: 48 Chestnut Lane. Levittown. N. Y. Strelkowski. Florence E.. ' 55: 24 Vreeland Ave. Passaic. N. J Strompf. Philip R.. ' 52: 37-37 88 St.. Jackson Heights. N. Y. Stuart. Theodore H.. ' 33: 2 Hilltop Dr.. Great Neck. N. Y Stubenvoll. John H.. ' 32: 191-23 114 Ave. St. Alban.s. N Y Stumpf. William R.. ' 54: 796 Willowbrook Rd.. S. I. 14 N Y Stutz. Robert L.. ' 52; 26 Orchard Meadow Rd.. E. Williston. N. Y. Sude. Luella I.. ' 50: 54 Gaynor Ave. Manhasset. N. Y. Sukloff. Mrs. Adene A.. ' 55; 196-05A 65 Crescent. Ant iB Fresh Meadows. N. Y. Sullican. Alice A.. ' 52: 607 E. 17 St.. Brooklyn 26. N. Y. Sullivan. Eugene J.. ' 55: 65-20 Austin St.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Sunernaw. Elizabeth J.. ' 50: Nurses Home. Nassau Hospital, Mineola, N. Y. Susskind, Norman, ' 51: 440 Brooklvn Ave. Brooklyn N Y .Sutcliffe Robert E.. ' 53: 40 Beech St.. Floral Park ' . N Y Suter,n. Anthony. ' 50; 1336 80 St.. Brooklyn 28. N. Y. Swankie George. ' 50: Sanlini Apts.. Bldg. Y. E. Hempstead N Y Swartz. Bette L.. ' 50: 480 E. 21 St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Swarlz. Dorothy. ' 50; 33 Rich Ave. Mount Vernon. N. Y. Swedlin. Rita L.. ' 53: 80 Salem Rd.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Swcedler. Joseph. Spec. 685 West End Ave. New York. N. Y. Swerz. Steven. M.A.: Portland Place Westburv. N. Y. Swiderski. Elaine H.. ' 51; 96-15 25 Ave. East Elmhurst. N. Y. Swift. Martin R.. ' 52; 4 Glenwood Dr.. Great Neck. N. Y 194 Swift. Roslyn. ' 52; 4 Glcnwood Dr.. Great Neck. N. Y. Swilzer. Arthur J.. ' 30: 51 Stevenson St., Lynbrook. N. Y. Szefcely. Mrs. Edna W.. Spec. 9 Euslon Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Taglianetti. John P.. ' 51: 115 Wellington Rd.. Elmont. N. Y. Taglianetti. Stephen. Spec., 83 Marlborough Rd., West Hempstead, N. Y. Talbot, Ellen B,. ' 53: Rogues Path, Huntington Station. N. Y. Tamargo. Teresa A.. ' 53: 741 E. 22 Street. Brooklyn 10, N. Y. Tanenbauni. Barbara J., ' 53: 929 Mayficld Rd.. Woodmere, N. Y. Tartakow. Catherine R.. Spec; 10 Washington St., Hempstead. N. Y. Tarver, Theodore T., ' 33; 201-16 Linden Blvd., St. Albans, N. Y. Tatelman. Bernice M., ' 33: 2321 E. 16 St., Brooklyn 29, N. Y. Tatom, Andrew J., ' 53: 11 Crimson Ave., South, Malverne, N. Y. Tavoulareas. Helen L.. ' 50: 1240-70 St.. Brooklyn 28, N. Y. Taylor. Willis H. III. ' 52: 41-19 168 St.. Flushing. N. Y. Teichman, Wendy, ' 53: Lounsbury Rd.. Croton-on-Hudson, N. Y. Teitelbaum. Phyllis R.. ' 53: 145 Terrace Ave., Hempstead, N. Y. Tellerman. Ellen M.. ' 54; 92 Neptune Ave., Woodmere. N. Y. Teolis. Marilyn A.. ' 53: 31 E. Broadway. Roslyn. N. Y. Teperson. Carolyn S.. ' 51; 744 Eastern Pkwy., Brooklyn. N. Y. Tepper. Gerald B., ' 53: 7412 175 St.. Queens. N. Y. Terilli. Romolo W.. ' 52: 170 E. 205 St., Bronx 58. N. Y. Theodore. Andrew G.. ' 50; 2714 Rodman St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Thoma. Elizabeth. Grad. Spec; 369 Plainfield. Westbury. N. Y. Thomas. Edward A. Jr.. ' 31; 636 Westminster Rd.. Brooklyn 30. N. Y. Thomas. Jane M.. M.A. : Harbor Hill Rd.. Huntington. N. Y. Thomas. Jean A.. ' 30: 820 Lincoln PI.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Thommasson. Alan A.. ' 54; 745 West Beach St.. Long Beach. N. Y. Thompson. Ronald H., ' 30; 78 Prospect PI.. Northport. N. Y. Thompson. Mrs. Stella H.. Spec: 71 Central Pkwy., Huntington, N. Y. Thomson. Florence. 54: 17 Emerson Ave., Baldwin, N. Y. Thoron. Eleanor L.. M.A.: 31 Brooklyn Ave.. W. Hempstead, N. Y. Thuike, Anita, ' 51: 245 E. 77 St.. New York 21, N. Y. Tiche, Walter A., ' 51: 57-43 157 St.. Flushing. N. Y. Tierney. Mildred A.. ' 51; 80-09 36 Ave.. Jackson Hgts.. N. Y. Tiersch. Charles G.. ' 52: 139-29 224 St.. Springfield Gdns. 13. N. Y. Tierz. Marjorie A.. ' 51; 103-56 123 St.. Richmond Hill 19. N. Y. Tiffany. Helen G.. ' 53; 112-26 197 St.. St. Albans 12. N. Y. Tiffany. Joan F.. ' 31; 46 Walnut St.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Tilge. Marie-Rose E.. ' 52: 145 W. 69 St.. New York 23, N. Y. Timmons. Helen A.. ' 50: 303 Ridge Rd., Hamden. Conn. Titus. John L.. ' 30; 305 Melbourne Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y. Tobiason. Rolf v.. ' 53; 195 W. Smith St.. Merrick. N. Y. Tobler. Marilyn. ' 51: 81-46 190 St.. Jamaica 3. N. Y. Tokach, John H., ' 54; 47 Gushing Ave.. Williston Park. N. Y. Toledo, Ofelia F., ' 51; 107 E. Northbay St., Tampa, Fla. Tomberg. Sybil B.. ' 51: 219 Huntley Rd.. Woodmere. N. Y. Tomick, Charles J., Jr.. ' 53: 10 Governors Ct., Great Neck, N. Y. Tomlines. Barbara P.. ' 50: 124 Vernon Ave.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Tomlinson. Alfred Jr.. ' 51; 116-22 225 St., St. Albans. N. Y. Toner. Beatrice M.. ' 50; 338 Raymond St.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Tormey. John H.. ' 54: 84-37 90 St.. Woodhaven. N. Y. Torrance. Arnold F.. M.A.; St. Paul ' s School, Garden City, N. Y. Torrance. Robert W.. ' 30; 84 Locust Ave.. Rockville Centre, N. Y. Tortorici. Vincent A.. ' 54: 86-57 123 St.. Richmond Hill. N. Y. Torykian, Grace A.. ' 50: 39 Vernon Ave.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Totans. Louis A.. ' 32: 79 South Grand Ave.. Baldwin. N. Y. Totura. Emil N.. ' 52; 154-35 Willets Pt. Blvd.. Whitestone. N. Y. Touhey. Margaret E.. ' 50: 98 Park Ave.. Amityville. N. Y. Tracey. John A.. ' 53; 454 E. Walnut St.. Long Beach, N. Y. Tramonlana, Josephine J., ' 53; 689 Bushwick Ave., Brooklyn 21, N. Y. Trent. Joanne L.. ' 52: 123 Roslyn Ave.. Seacliff, N. Y. Trentadue. Dorothy M.. ' 53: 178-17 132 Ave.. Springfield Gdns.. N. Y. Triolo. Peter. ' 54: 107 Lewis Road. Northport. N. Y. Troiano. Richard. ' 53; 64 Hilltop Drive. Manhassef. N. Y. Troncoso. Consuelo R.. ' 50; 60 South Smith St.. Merrick. N. Y. Trotzky. Doris R.. ' 52: 565 West End Ave.. New York. N. Y. Truesdell. Jay S.. ' 51; 85 8th Ave.. Sea Cliff. N. Y. Truitt. John G.. ' 55: 825 Front St.. Hempstead. N. Y. Trussel. Audrey M.. ' 52: 9 Prospect Park West. Brooklyn 15. N. Y. Tsombanis. Pericles C. ' 53; 622 Washington St.. Reading. Pa. Tsuzuki. Masako. ' 51; 215 Manhattan Ave.. New York 25. N. Y. Tucker. Caryl J., ' 51; 7-13 Washington Sq.. N.. New York. N. Y. Tufano. Charles P.. ' 52: 86-40 103 Ave.. Ozone Park. N. Y. Turner. Dorothy A.. ' 51; 2311 30 Rd.. Long Island City. N. Y. Turner. Ella. ' 51: 29-54 143 St.. Flushing. N. Y. Turner. Robert H.. 33: 36 Hillside Ave.. Englewood. N. J. Turnovska. Eva O.. 51: Callejon de Dolores if 9. Guatemala Tuttlc. Edwin A.. ' 50: 97-22 135 Rd.. Ozone Park. N. Y. Twohig. Edward J.. ' 53: 89-06 210 St.. Queens Village 8. N. Y. Tyler. Maryetta. ' 53: 103 Wetherill Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Typond. Jeanne G.. ' 30: 141 E. 29 St.. Brooklyn 26. N. Y. Uhlendorf. Jane. M.A.: 15 Dosoris Way. Glen Cove.. N. Y. Ughetto. Jean, M.S.: c o Mrs. W. C. Donn. 119 Roxbury Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Ullman. Ruth F.. ' 33; 973 Walton Ave.. New York 52, N. Y. Unger. Beverly C, ' 51; 5456 Main St.. Bridgeport. Conn. Ury. John H.. 53; 1 Rhodes Lane. Lakeview. N. Y. Utz. Mrs. Helen H.. ' 50; Oakland Garden Apt.. 229-06B 67 Ave.. Bayside. N. Y. Uviller. Joan Swen, ' 51; 1038 Eastern Pkwy.. Brooklyn 13. N. Y. Vail. Margaret. M.A.; 208-18 Midland Dr.. Queens Village. N. Y. Valentine. Frances A.. ' 50; 7 White Plains Ave.. White Plains 32. N. Y. Valentine. Pamela. ' 51; 184-04 Galway Ave.. St. Albans. N. Y. Vandewater. Kenneth W. . 50; 60 Westminster Rd.. W. Hempstead. N. Y. Van Emburgh. Florence. ' 52: 31-24 82 St.. Jackson Heights. N. Y. Van Houten. Everitt. ' 53: 1000 Fifth Ave.. New Hyde Park. N. Y. Van Vliet. Theodore. M.A.; Waldorf Schaal. Adelphi College. Garden City. N. Y. Van Iderstine, Joan M.. ' 54; 88-32 196 St.. Hollis 7. N. Y. Varadv. Albert E.. ' 32: 163-42 Claude Ave.. Jamaica 4. N. Y. Vass. Ronald T.. ' 53; 30-14 Hobart St.. Woodside. N. Y. Vaughan. Walter B. Jr.. ' 50; 179 Bromleigh Rd., Stewart Manor. N. Y. Vaughan. Robert J.. ' 53: 179 Bromleigh Rd., Stewart Manor. N. Y. Velden. Vivvian I., Spec: 39 Clinton Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Verdi. John A.. ' 50: 70 Primrose Dr., New Hyde Park, N. Y. Vicente. Regina G.. ' 54; 1658 Hone Ave.. New York 61, N. Y. Victor. Rhoda I., ' 53; 255 W. 23 St.. New York. N. Y. Vielsacker, Mary A., ' 50; 7 Charles Ave.. Bellmore. N. Y. Vilendrer. Susan M., ' 50: 3314 89 St.. Jackson Heights, N. Y. Vincent. Ramona H.. ' 52: 245 96 St.. Brooklyn 9. N. Y. Vitelli. Mario R., ' 53; 35 Nieman Ave.. Lynbrook, N. Y. Vitelli. Vincent B.. ' 50; 35 Nieman Ave.. Lynbrook. N. Y. Voda. Rudolph S.. ' 52: 1525 Hoe Ave.. Bron.x 60. N. Y. Vogel, Jules H.. ' 52: 60 Beaumont St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Vogts. Howard C. ' 53: 106 Rintin St.. Franklin Sq.. N. Y. Voigt. Robert A.. ' 52: 4 Roxbury Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Volante. Mario. ' 53: 1352 81 St.. Brooklyn 28, N. Y. Vollmer. Rita. Grad. Spec: 115 Harrison Ave., Freeport, N. Y. Von Ahlefeldt. Rolf S., ' 52; 14-75 154 St., Beechhurst, Whitestone. N. Y. Von Asten. Adelhaid. ' 55: Eupen Belgium. Hill ' tr 5 Von Glahm, Arthur, Grad. Spec; 93 Louisiana St., Long Beach, N. Y. Von Samson. Armin. ' 54; Obere Hornberstreasse 359, Stuttgart 13, U. S. Zone, Germany Vorbach, Kathryn J., ' 50: 605 So. 9th St.. New Hyde Park, N. Y. Voss. Patricia A.. ' 53: 2 Ormonde Blvd.. Valley Stream. N. Y. Vreeland. Katherine E.. ' 33; 340 Waldo St.. Amityville, N. Y. Vulpio. Michael A.. ' 35: 31-17 96 St.. Jackson Heights. N. Y. Vuolo. Russell J.. ' 52: 51 Lafayette Ave.. Lynbrook. N. Y. Wacker. Carol H.. ' 53: 83-22 Midland Parkway. Jamaica 3. N. Y. Wacker, June E.. ' 52: 83-22 Midland Parkway. Jamaica 3. N. Y. Wagner. Elin L.. ' 51; Roslyn Height . N. Y. Wagner. Paul F.. ' 51: Mt. Bethel. Pennsylvania Wagner. Victor. M.A.; 21 Minetta Court. Huntington. N. Y. Waitkens. Dolores M.. ' 52: 85-18 150 St.. Jamaica. N. Y. Walder. Miriam J.. ' 50: 76-36 113 St.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Waldron. Thomas M.. ' 51: 23-51 101 St.. E. Elmhurst. N. Y. Walker. Chas. T. Jr.. ' 50: 84 Vanderbilt Ave.. Manhasset, N. Y. Wallace. Walter J.. ' 53; 454 Oak Ave.. Cedarhurst. N. Y. Wallack. Joseph C. ' 51: 183 St. and Pinehurst Ave.. New York 33. N. Y. Vv ' allman. Mrs. Jean H.. ' 53: 117 Shelbank PI., Rockville Centre, N. Y. Wallrapp, Eileen P.. 51; 8002 88 St.. Glendale, N. Y. Walsh. Uuala. ' 51; 6 Bayview Ave.. Oceanside. N. Y. Walsh. Richard H.. ' 33; 183 School St.. Oyster Bay. N. Y. Walz, Doris L.. ' 51; 191 Rutland Rd., Freeport. N. ' V. Vv ank, Peter, ' 52: 158 Franklin Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. Ward, Eugene J., ' 53; 162 Grant Ave., Mineola, N. Y. Wardrop, Jacqueline E., ' 52: 148 Hempstead Ave.. Malverne. N. Y. Warhola, Paul, ' 53: 157-58 26th Ave., Flushing. N. Y. 195 Wasserman. Joyce H.. ' 55; 1575 Sunnyside Si., Far Rockaway. N. Y. Wassey, Patricia C. ' 551 159 Broadway. Lynbrook. N. Y. Walkins. LcRoy T., •jO; 80 W. S.nilh St.. Merrick. N. Y, Walkins. Pierre A.. 55: 45 Beacon Hill Rd.. Dobbs Ferry. N. Y. Wall. James, 55: 1566 Hendrickson Si.. Brooklyn 54, N. Y. Walterson. Libby-Ann. ' 51; 87 Scaly Dr., Cedarhurst. N. Y. Watlcrson, Stephen , 55: Burr Rd.. Commack, N. Y, Wattley. Everett O.. ' 54; 107-05 142nd St.. Jamaica. N. Y. Watts. Beatrice. M.A.; 114-11 177tb St.. St. Albans, N. Y. Wagner, Victor. M.A.: 21 Minolta Court, Huntington, N. Y. Way. Harry, Spec; 840 S. Long Beach Ave., Freeport, N. Y. Webb. Bryan. Grad. Spec: 141 Ro.xbury Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Weber. Robert W.. ' 55; 51 Woodland Ave., Rockville Centre, N. Y. Weiffenbach. Robert F.. ' 51; QO-17 Jamaica Ave.. Woodhavcn 21, N. Y. Weil, Golda H., ' 51: 205 Ingraham Blvd., Hempstead, N. Y. W eisman. Ivy, 51: (See Mrs. Blumenfeld) Weinberg, Judith, ' 52: 165 Fenimore St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Weinberg. Leila, ' 52; 502 Jorgen St.. Cedarhurst. N. Y. Weinberg. Philip H.. ' 52: 1802 E. 26th St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Weinberg. Rosalie. ' 52: 720 Ft. Washingon Ave.. New York, N. Y. Weinblatt. Bert A. . ' 50: 18 Commonwealth Ave.. Merrick. N. Y. Weinflash. Geo., ' 50; 5 1 5 E. Fourth St.. New York 9. N. Y. Weingard, Barbara, ' 55; 1565 E. 24th St.. Brooklyn 10. N. Y. Weinmann. Arthur T.. ' 52; 156-56 Hook Creek Blvd.. Rosedale, N. Y. Weinslein. Carol M., ' 52; 91 Somerset Rd., Brookline 46, Mass. Weinstein. Helen M.. ' 52; 847 E. 26th St.. Brooklyn 10. N. Y. Weinstein. Sue E., ' 52; 29 Talmouth St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Weintraub. Rhoda. ' 52: 500 Central Park West, New York, N. Y. Weisberg. Martin L. ' 50; 90-11 149th St.. Jamaica, N. Y. Weiss. Barbara J.. ' 52: 1862 E. 14lh St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. Weiss, Barbara L, ' 55: 511 E. Beech St.. Long Beach. N. Y. Weiss, Daniel, M.A.: 1107 Park PL, Brooklyn 15. N. Y. Weiss, Edith. ' 55: 227 Tillou Rd.. S. Orange. N. J. Weiss, Evelyn J., ' 51; 1 Brookwood Dr., Baldwin, N. Y. Weiss. Irving, ' 50: 556 Fox St.. Bronx 55, N. Y. Weiss, Jay R.. ' 52; 59 E. Broadway. Long Beach. N. Y. Weiss, Lynetle P.. ' 50; 65 Rhame Ave.. E. Rockaway. N. Y., Myra A., ' 52; 6421 Dogwood Rd.. Woodlawn 7, Maryland Weiss, Robert M., ' 55; 4 Arleigh Rd.. Great Neck, N. Y. Weisse, Monica, ' 51; P. O. Box 556. Wilton. N. H. Wiesse. Susanna L., ' 51; P. O. Box 556. Wilton. N. H. Wellins. Dorothea J., ' 55; 4 Rose St., Cedarhurst. N. Y. Welz. Harold C. ' 52: 28 Eighth Ave.. Sea Cliff. N. Y. Wenelt. Grace, ' 50; 15 Aster Court, W. Hempstead. N. Y. Wenglcr, Ralph J., ' 52: 7846 85th St.. Glendale, Brooklyn 27, Wentz, Audrey J., ' 50: 16 Linden Rd.. ' Valley Stream, N. Y. Werner. Elaine. ' 55: 594 Main St.. Farmingdale. N. Y. Wertheim. Marion. Grad. Spec: 40 Oak Lane. Levittown. N. Y. Weschler, Robert G., ' 51; 111-19 Witlhoff St.. Queens Village. N. Y. West. Helen B.. ' 52; 17 Merrielus Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y. Westervelt, Mary M.. ' 50; 416 Stockholm St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Westgate. William F.. ' 54; 275 Broniplon Rd.. Garden City, N. Y. Westin. Marie. ' 54: 45 East Mosholu Pkwy.. New York 67. N. Y. Westman, Diana M., ' 51: 105 Chesnut St., W. Hempstead. N. Y. Westover. Thomas E., ' 55: 119-06 145 St.. So. Ozone Park, N. Y. Wheeler. George W.. ' 52: 88-07 259th St.. Bellerose. N. Y. Wheelock. David C, ' 50: 9 Lancaster Ave.. Baldwin. N. Y. Whilbread. Dolores E.. ' 51: 162 E. 22nd St.. Brooklyn 26, N. Y. While. Charlotte. Grad. Spec; Lcbkamp Ave.. R. F. D. 4. Huntington, N. Y. White. Constance A., ' 54; 20 N. Maryland Ave.. Port Wash- ington. N. Y. White. John L.. ' 52; 225 S. First St.. Lindenhurst. N. Y. White. Lois C. ' 52: 156 Verbena Ave. Floral Park. N. Y. Whitfield. Peter A.. ' 52; 1250 81st St.. Brooklyn 28. N Y Whitney. Alfred L.. ' 52: BIdg 4. Santini. E. Hempstead. N. Y. VV ' hitney. Robert E.. ' 55: 40 Willow Ave.. Hempstead. N. Y. Whiton. M. Laurenc. ' 52; 11 Lawrence PI.. New Rochelle, N. Y. (Send all mail to Alumnae Hall. Adelphi College) Whitted. Dora R.. ' 51; 5 Warner Ave.. Hempstead. N. Y. Whitte. Harry E.. ' 52; 10 Bromplon Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Whittle. Lawrence E.. ' 51; 10 Brompton Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Wick. Alice L. ' 50: 52 Reid Ave.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Winter. Harold. ' 51; 545 Washington St.. Hempstead. N. ' Y. Winlhrop. Rodger. ' 51; 25 Leon Court. Rockville Centre. N. Y. V ' ip(ler. Wm, L.. ' 55: 4022 60th St.. Woodsidc. N. Y. Wise. Rosanne. ' 52; 125 Lenox Rd.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Wiseman. Carolyn L.. ' 51; 55-18 I66lh St.. Flushing. N. Y. Wisner. Ethel M.. ' 51; 121 Capilolian Blvd., Rockville Centre, N. Y. Wisnoski. Harry W.. ' 50: Oak St., Box 251, Yaphank. N. Y. Wilherow. John H. Ill, ' 52: 221 Valley Rd.. Morion Station. Pa. Witlmann. Margaret E.. ' 52: 12 Kent Court. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Wolf. James D.. ' 55: 825 West End Ave.. New York 25, N. Y. Wolf. Nancy S.. ' 50; 285 Lincoln PL, Brooklyn. N. Y. Wolfram. Jean L.. ' 51: 21 Norwich Ave.. Lvnbrook. N. Y. Wolke. Frances E.. ' 50; 282 William St.. W. Hempstead, N. Y. Wolniewicz. Robert. ' 55; 221-42 inth Dr.. S. Albans. N. Y. Wood. Floyd T.. ' 50; 5 Corncrib Lane. Levittown. N. Y. Woodhcad. Robert G.. ' 55: 470 West 24th St.. New York 1 1 , N. Y. Woodhoufe. Robert C. ' 50; 24 St. James St.. S. Garden City, N. Y. VX ' right. Sandra L.. ' 52: 64 Meadow St.. Garden City, N. Y. Wright. Walter R., Spec: 7 Hempstead Turnpike. W. Hempstead. N. Y. Wrosz. Helen M. ' 52: 11 Ernest Ave.. Hicksvillc. N. Y. Wuerth. Roland A.. ' 55; 165 Fir St.. Valley Stream. N. Y. Wurtzel. Janice I.. ' 50: 585 West End Ave., New York, N, Y. Wygand. Russell J.. ' 52; 8 Grand Terrace. Baldwin. N. Y. Wylic, June N.. ' 50; 159 E. Broadway. Roslyn. N. Y. Wickey. Mrs. I., Grad. Spec: 205 Schenck Ave.. Westbury. N. Y. Wicksel, Jacques, ' 55: 115 Ocean Ave.. Woodmere. N. Y. Widing, Lois J.. ' 50; Madison Ave.. Blue Point. N. Y. Wieder. Amy S., ' 51: 67-66 108th St., Forest Hills, N. Y. Wiegand. George R. Jr.. ' 50: 156-11 57lh Rd.. Flushing. N. Y. Wiener. Elayne. ' 55; 941 Washington Ave.. Brooklyn 25, N. Y. Wiener. Gloria N.. ' 52; S. Fallsburgli. N. Y. Wiese. Richard Jr.. ' 54; 207 Rintin St.. Franklin Square. N. Y. Wikstrom. Doris M.. M.S.: 9 Spruce Lane. Valley Stream. N. Y. Wilchyk. Sander I.. Spec: 15 Old Mill Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y. Williams. John F.. ' 52: Plandome. N. Y. Williams. Virginia. Grad. Spec: 128 N. Bergen St.. Freeport. N. Y. Williamson. Robert F.. ' 50; 202-08 ir4lh Ave. St. Albans 6. N. Y. Wilmott, Gary B.. ' 55; 5 Argyle Rd.. Merrick. N. Y. Wilson. Joseph M., ' 50: 4 Kilburn Rd., Garden City, N. Y. Wilson. Martha S., ' 52; 125 Armory St., Hamden, Conn. Wilson. Patricia A.. ' 50: 145 Brixton Rd.. Garden City. N. Y. Wimmel. Lawrence R.. ' 55: 64-55 85rd Place. Rogo Park. N. Y. VN ' inchel. Phyllis L. ' 50: 440 West End Ave.. New York. N. Y. Windhorst. Robert J.. ' 55: 21 E. Beverly Pkwv. Valley Stream, N. Y. Winograd. Bemice N.. ' 51: 108-45 66th Rd.. 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