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null , lllll lllll 'EPS QSILAA M- " ' JF 315, if n'x ? flalvlil' -im-,jx . -H asfljliix .:, i-4 It . - N. Ls, 1 Uhr Ahvlphi Ubrarlv 1917 lguhlizahrh ,AIIHIIEIHQ hg thr fduninr 0112155 nf Ahvlphi Qlnllvgv 15111. X I V Ernnklgu -1- Nun Burk 1915 um ,E V131 .KQNHJ v, JC, I . A, , , .,, AM ome rom 9 E eaw1f: FMT E , av L-,--.42 , 1, l -- , , , fi g Y V 6 I M Mfhvf a Gin Frank Eirkinnnn Blnhgett in plmnant mrnnpnt nfihin his Era! gear muh un' uuh in aniiripatiun nf tht qrara tn rum: the Gllanz nf Nineteen iuuhreh anh Bznmtrm hrhiuirn this wrath 1 i 1 i 1 1 1 I N I 1 4 - l w 2 w 1 1 1 1 1 V Q s 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 i I 1 1 . 1 i 1 X 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 r 1 1 2 i 4 4 E i I X 1 v Y --4. 1 ,. A A 1 1 A ' 33 w w r A i QR lk X m A 1 5x Ml I ,, MM I T Jzpwgfos Q Big, S 2:2504 'Q-at 39 -6? is 523 f , ll" K Q xx: 2" ' ' WW- " ' "" WW' 'ix' ' ' I , L 1 1 CLINTON L. ROSSITER REVEREND S. PARRES CADMAN, D.D., S.T.D. LLEVVELLYN A. XXSRAY JAMES H. POST EDWARD T. HORWILL GILBERT C. FIALSTED JOHN V. JEWELL VVILLIAM FICCARROLL F. A. NI. BURRELL ' FREDERICK E. CRANE HERBERT K. TWITCHELL HERMAN A. NIETZ FREDERICK I. H. CRACKE CHARLES G. BALMANNO THOMAS L. LEEMING FREDERICK D. NIACKAY HON. CHARLES S. VVHITMAN ' EUGENE C. ALDER JAMES A. SMITH CHARLES BRODY 23 ,Spy Y Sd 9' -'a':g's QP sf: S w5:f:Pl?4'sl' il 'W 'P f'f1 'Q xt' 4"'g's 1 'S.! nf 'I' K' 'apt WIP? "M ' XYIYY 1-I iii Lol tia ra ll II wt!! FRANK DICKINSON BLODGETT, AB., ANI., A K E, CID B K ' Born in Cortland, N. Y. Graduated from State Normal School, Cortland, N. Y., 1889, from Amherst College in 18935 A.M. from Amherst in 1896, Professor of Greek and Latin State Normal School, Oneonta, 1893-I9o7g Professor of Logic and Pedagogics, State Normal School, Oneonta, IQO7HIQI5, Mayor of Oneonta, 1912-I9I3g Trustee, Adelphi College, President of Adelphi since 1915. made Emeritus Professor, June, 1907. 25. FREDERICK XMEBSTER QSBORN B A M A Born in Bloomfield, N. Prepared at Bloomfield Institute, studied at Yale University Where he received degree of BMA., in 1855, and NLA. in 1858 entered Andover Theological Seminary, from which he graduated ID 1861 became .Professor in Adelphi Academy In 1873 Professor of Psychology and Philosophy in Adelphi College 1896 1909 IVILLIAM CLARK PECKI-IAM, B.A., M.A., A A CID, fb BK Born in South Royalston, Nlass. Prepared at Lawrence Academy, Groton, Nfass., studied at Amherst, where he re- ceived the degree of B.A. in 1867, and of A.lXfI., in 1870, Principal of Leicester Academy, NIass., Instructor in Willis- ton Seminary, Easthampton, Nlass., traveled around the world, studied theology at Union Seminary, New York City, taught in Lockwoodls New Academy, Brooklyn, took part in War, 1861-1865, Post Commander of U. S. Grant Post, G. A. R., Fellow of Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, Member of American Physical Society, Fellow of American Association of Advancement of Science, on editorial staff of "Scientific Americann, hfIeteorologist of City of Brooklyn, 1894-1898, Instructor in Adelphi Academy, 1875-1896, Professor of Physics in Adelphi College since 1896, Chair- man of Administrative Council, Adelphi College, 1913. JOHN BARNARD IVHITTAKER Born in Templemore, Ireland. Began his career as an artist when he was twenty yearsxold, studied at Brooklyn Institute of Arts and at the Academy of Design, took charge of Art School, 1875-1876, lVIember of Salmagundi Club, New York and Brooklyn Art Club, Professor of Painting and Drawing in Adelphi College since 1896. ELIZABETH VENABLE. GA1NEs, B.A., M.A. Born at Nlossingford, Va. Entered Vassar College, 1888, studied at Nlassachusetts Institute of Technology, 1892-1894, Professor of Biology, Adelphi Academy, 1894, B.A., Adelphi College, 1898, lVI.A., Columbia University, 19o3, Professor of Biology, Adelphi College, since 1896. 26 ANNA E. HARVEY, MA. I Born iniRye, N. Y. Student at Rye Seminary, gradu- ated from Normal Training Class of lVIme. Krauss, 1891, Director of Kindergarten Department of lVIartha's Vineyard Summer Institute, 1900-1906, President of Brooklyn Kinder- garten Union, 1903-1904, Professor of Froebelian Mfethods in Adelphi College since 1896, Dean of IfVomen of Adelphi College since 1912. LOUISE BOTH-HENDRIKSEN Born in West Indies. Studied in America, England, Holland and France, taught in Packer Collegiate Institute, Smith College and Vassar College, Instructor in History of Art in Adelphi Academy, 1894-1896, Assistant Professor of History in Adelphi College, Emeritus Assistant Professor of History in Adelphi College since June, 1908. 0.9.1 EUGENE XIVIALOUBIER, B.A., M.A. Born in Paris, France. . Studied at the College of Fon- tainebleau, Where he received the degree of B.A. in 1897, received the degree of lVI.A. from the University of Paris in 1905, Instructor in the French Language and Literature at the City of New York College, 1906-1908, Assistant Pro- fessor of the Romance Languages and Literature in Adelphi College since 1909, absent on leave. EDGAR A. HALL, B.A., M.A. Born in Wisconsin. Graduated from Nlilwaukee State Normal School, 1897, received a degree of P.A. from the University of Wisconsin, 1906, and of IVLA., IQO9, Graduate Student of the University of Chicago, 1910-1912. Head of Department of English in National German-American Teachers' Seminary, lVIilWaukee, Wis., 1899-1904, head of Department of English in North Division High School, NIH- Waukee, 1906-1908, Member of Faculty of the University of Wisconsin, 1909-1910, lVIember of NIodern Language Asso- ciation of America and of the Andiron Club of New York, Assistant Professor of English in Adelphi College, 1912-1913, Professor of English since 1913. 28 W11.L1a1i1 .ARNOLD COLVVELL, AB., M.A., P1-1.D., CID B K Born in Providence, R. I. Graduated with A.B. Phi Beta Kappa rank from Denison College, Granville, Ohio, in 1899, Professor of German and French, Grand Island Col- lege, Nebraska, 1899-1901, AM., Harvard University, 1902, Instructor 'in German, Tufts College, Mass., 1902-1904. Instructor in German, Harvard University, 1904-1909, Ph.D., Harvard University, 1906. Also instructor In Ger- man, Radcliffe College, 1906-1909, Professor of German and French, Wofford College, 1909-1914. r,, 1 f . am, ga ,ff sw ' Vw... as , ' BRUNO ROSELL1, PI-I.D. Born in Florence, Italy. Prepared at Ginnasio Galileo. Received Francesco Ferruci Prize for Best Scholarship of Province of Florence. Studied at Liceo Galileo, graduated in 1905 in Arts and Sciences Cdiploma corresponding to Amer- ican degrees of B.A. and B.S.l. Entered University of Urbino, and graduated as Doctor of Laws, 1909. Special Diploma in History of Art, Universita Fstiva, Florence, 191 1. Lecturer on History of Art and Italian Literature. Contrib- utor to several newspapers and periodicals. New York correspondent for La Naziovze, of Florence. Assistant Pro- fessor in Art History and Instrutor in Italian Language and Literature in Adelphi College since September, 1910. REUBEN HARPER AUNGST, B.S. Graduated from Lock Haven Normal School, 1899, graduated from Pennsylvania State College, 1905, Prin- cipal of Public Schools, Dorhersville, Pa., Assistant Chemist, New York and Pennsylvania Paper Co., Chief Chemist, Coke Plant of Lackawanna Iron and Steel Co., Assistant Instructor in Chemistry, Pratt Institute, Instructor in Technical Chemistry, Pratt Institute, Professor of Chem- istry, Adelphi College. 29 1 ADELBERT GRIXNT FRADENBURG, fb I' A, fb B K Born in Point Peninsular, N. Y. Graduated from Alle- gheny College, 1890, received degree of Ph.D. from Univer- sity of XYisconsin, 1894, Professor of History and Latin, Dickinson Seminary, ISQOWISQIQ Graduate Student at Johns Hopkins University, 1891-1892, Instructor in History and Economics, Lake Forest University, 1894-1896, Assistant Professor of History, Adelphi College, 1896-1899, IVIember of American Historical Association and of American Econom- ical Association, Professor of History and Politics in Adelphi College since 1899. JOSEPH BOWDEN, B.A., P1-1.D., CID B K Born in St. Day, Cornwall, England. Graduated from Yale University, 1891, Where he received the degree of Ph.D. in I-S975 taught at Yale, 1892-1897, Graduate, School of Yale, 1898, Author of "The Theory of Integersn, Editor of Phillips, and Fishers7 "Elements of Geometry", hIember of American hIathematical Society, Blember of Association of Teachers of hlathematics of hIiddle States and NIaryland, President of hdathematical Department of Brooklyn Insti- tute, hflember of the Advisory Council of the Simplified Spelling'Board, President of the Brooklyn Spelling Reform Society, Professor of hflathematics in Adelphi College since 1898. ERNEST NORTON HENDERSON, B.A., M.A., PH.B., CIDFA, fb BK Born in Illinois. Prepared for college in California? graduated from University of California in 1890, Principal of High School in Woodland, Cal., Instructor in Psychology and Education at California State Normal School, Chico, Cal., Studied at Columbia, IQO2, Where he received degree of 'Ph.D. in 1903, author of 'LA Study of IVIemory for Con- nected Trains of Thoughtf' and text-book in the "Prin- ciples of Educationv, Professor of Education and Philosophy in Adelphi College since 1902. 5 . 27 WILLIAM WEST MOONEY, A.M., PH.D. Born in hlurfreesboro, Tenn. Educated at Vanderbilt University, University of Chicago and Princeton University, degrees received: A.B. and A.M., Vanderbilt University, Ph.D., Princeton University, 1913, Professor of Classics in Central College, Fayette, NIO., and Wofford College, Spar- tanburg, S. C., author of 'CThe Door on the Ancient Stage", Professor of Latin and Greek in Adelphi College since 1913. RAPHAEL D'AMoUR, B.A., MA. Born in France. Graduate ofthe University of France, Laureate in Philosophy in ISSZ. For several years taught the classic languages and literatures in his native country. Was at one time head of the French Department of the Berke- ley Institute in Brooklyn, and for seven years, head of the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Fordham University. Took his lVl.A. degree in the Graduate School of New York University, Department of Latin, 1912. Is a candidate for the doctorate of philosophy. Has been for the past four years Director of the French Department in the School of Pedagogy of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences. The late Professor Franklin 'W. Hooper spoke and Wrote of him as "the best French teacher he had in twenty-five years." Professor D'Amour is a Nlember of the Board of Directors of the National Society of French Pro- fessors and Teachers in America. He has been for the past four years Chairman of the Committee on Pedagogy of the same society, which had the honor of being Hcouronne-e" by the French Academy. He lectures every year before the various groups of the Alliance Francaise in several States of the Union. He is the author of a Practical French Course which is Widely used as a text-book, also of several literary Works both in prose and poetry. In 1913, the French Gov- ernment conferred upon Professor D'Amour the decoration of "Palmes Academiquesfl with the title of "OHicier d'Acad- emief' in recognition of his most successful services for the advancement, in this country, of the interest in French language and literature. Acting Professor of French in Adelphi, 1914-1915. 30 META ELIZABETH SCHUTZ, B.A., M.A. Born in Baltimore, Nld. Early education received there, graduated from Erasmus Hall High School, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1902, graduated from Adelphi College, 19065 studied at Columbia, I9o6-19075 M.A., Columbia University, 1914. Taught Latin in Beall High School, Erostburg, Md., IQO7- I9o9g taught History at Erasmus Hall High School, 1909- 1911, taught History at Brooklyn Training School for Teachers, 1911-1912, History at Brooklyn Heights' Semi- nary, September, 1912-January, 1913. Professor of Latin and History at Adelphi College since February, 1913. Q 2 3 I r ssv ,srl .'v yd L'f' f '2 w ,zffg nfs' Q. x"-f 5 C' 9 :4'vi:: 1 S S 5 g xi' x55 ,Y . 1 ' 9 1 9 1 ' !.lUlIlll1i1l.l!lr llltv, U f Y 1 mi N. LOUISE ROETHGEN, B.A. Diplomas from the Hoboken Academy the Elementary, Ixmdergarten and Special Course for Teachers from the structor in lXlartha s Nmex ard Summer School 1900 IQO6' President of the Broolxlx n kindergarten Union 1907 1909' Instructor in the Connecting Class Adelphi Academy 1898- 1912 Instructor in the Normal Kindergarten Department of Adelphr College since 1901 Director of Kindergarten .x'i,.' l .+, 'k in and Connecting Classes of Adelphi Academy since IQIZ' 1 . ,. . . Vik was - Assistant Professor of kindergarten and Primary Education i'Pf'f?' 7. A I i Oswego Normal School, and from Adelphi Collegeg ln- ' P 7' , , , r S ' ' 5 " ' .qxmxhu . Q . . , since 1914. WILLIAM ARMQUR THAYER Born in Brooklyn. Student at Adelphi Academy, 1880-1891. Pupil of H. Brewer Corganj, Dudley Buck Ctheoryl, D. Meehan Cvoicej. Twenty years organist of St. James P. E. Church. Now organist of St. hlarks M. E. Church. Director of Music in Adelphi College since 1907. 33 R031-LLIA DEL PILAR CUEVAS, B.A., lXl.A. From Bogota, S. A. Studied at the 'cColegio de la En- cenanzan of that city, and for two years at the 'cCollege Faimilian of hflilan, Italy. Came to the United States in 1901, B.A., Adelphi College, 19o9, lXI.A., Columbia Uni- versity, 1913, Instructor in Spanish of Adelphi College H, 7 since 1903. CLIFTON OSCAR TAYLOR, B.A., PH.D. Born in lX'Iilwaukee, 'Wis., 1874. A.B., University of Chicago, 1899, Fellow in Philosophy, ibid., 1899-1902, Ph.D., University of VViirzburg, Germany, 1905, Taught Psychology and Education, Chicago Normal College, IQO2- I904, lVIichigan State Normal School at Nlarquette, h'Iich., 1906-1907, Michigan State Normal School at hit. Pleasant, Mich., 1906-1907, Head of Department of Education of Pratt Institute since 1908, Lecturer at Adelphi since 1914. GEORGE B. GERMANN, A.B., PH.D. Born in Brooklyn, N. Y. Wias graduated from the New Palz State Normal School, 1889, and taught in the Brooklyn elementary schools. Granted the degrees of A.B., 1895, and Ph.D., 1899, by Columbia University. Served at Columbia as Assistant in IVIathematics, Assistant in Philosophy and Education, Lecturer in Education at Teachers' College, and as University Registrar. Since 1902, Principal of Public School I3O, Brooklyn. Since 1912, Lecturer in Education at Adelphi College. 34 FLOY VICTORIA CSILMORE, LLB., AB. Born in Greensburg, Indiana. Graduated from Law Department, University of Nlichigan, 1901, appointed by Governor Taft, Assistant Attorney in the oHice of the Attor- ney-General, lVIanila, P. I., 1902-1906, A.B. degree from University of Wlashington, 1910, Graduate VVork in Colum- bia University, 1910-1913, in partial fulfillment of require- ments for Ph.D. degree, lVIember, American Sociology Society, Instructor in Economics and Sociology, Wellesley College, 1913-1914, Department of Sociology, Adelphi Col- lege, 1914-1915. R. EMORY HOLLOWAX', A.B., RIA. Born in BIarshall, BIO., in 1885. Received the degree of A.B. in 1906 from Hendrix College, Principal of Normal Department, Amity High School, Amity, Ark., 1906-1908, Professor of English, Scarritt-Rlorrisville College, Nlorris- ville, NIO., IQIO-IQII, Fellow in English, The University of Texas, 1911-1912, received the degree of NIA. from The University of Texas, 1912, Instructor in English, The Uni- versity of Texas, 1912-1913, appointed Fellow in English, Ya-le University, 1913, Graduate Scholar, Columbia Uni- versity, 1913-IQI4, Instructor in English, Adelphi College, 1914. NIAUDE I-I. GEFVERT 1910-Graduated Savage Normal School Physical Edu- cation, 1910-1911, Berkeley Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y. 1911-1915, Assistant, Savage Normal School Physical Edu: cation, 1910-1913, Barnard Camp for Girls, Lake Cham- plain, Vermont, 1913-1915, Physical Training Teacher Adelphi College, 1914, Camp Sewanhaka, Long Island' 35 1 Alirr, em Hrrahman, n All rnllrge hzfnrr hvrg Qlnllzge hm' mnnherlanh Sin- im vxplnrer. w TQ WZT fLYZ'?E UM D1 My U E Ld QU W, N pw X 1 KMA' J-J 1 I 1 f' it Edna Allen Frieda Atwater Benita Bond Lucy Brower Anna Bowles Llary Burnes Stella Caplin Nlargaret Carey Helen Clark klargaret Crane Dorothy Dana Ella Delaney Jessie Dehlolte Alice Doye Cora Ellard Ruth Ely Isabel Barrett Gladys Bennett Isabel Brandow Eugenie Cronk Beatrice Femman hlabel Ferguson lhlildred Hannewald Floye Kanouse Ellrvahman Gllzma IJ:-exz'afmzf . . BENITA BOND l'z're-P1'ffz'de1zt . LOUISE LANE Srr1'f'fa1'y , LUCY BROWER TfF6ZJll7'K1' Klargery Flanagan Helen Gregory Alice Hann Frances Hawkins Susan Hay hlarian Hedger hlav Holbrooke Josephine Hova Claire Jackson May Johnson hlary King Rosalind Kuhn Esther Kurzrok Louise Lane Josephine Lewisohn hlarguerite Lorenz hlargaret Wiova iintvrrh in Elivhrrtarg Jeanette King Nlarjorie Lannin Helen Latto Nlildred Luide Ada hlonholland Evans Power lvlargaret Price Sophie Rackebranat Anna hTcGrath 41 RUTH LENFEST Frances Black Ruth Lenfest Ruth Nlackay Cvrace Morey Pauline Blur Elise Pando Ruth Praeger Nlary Ranous Edna Rogers Clara Schmitt Viola Schwatje Annunciata Sibilia Dora Shapiro hflarion Smith hlarion Stringarn Priscilla VVing Beatrice Schwartz Nladelaine WVolf Sarah Cohen Nlargaret Flynn Helen Lay Angela hlurray Lillian Shapiro Anna Kilroe Bnphnmnrr Alina with iunnhrr grunm rhrnnir 51215125 highsr ruliure, Anil iinhz it zz tnnir. N Bhgxgbkbuoo xx QXXX ij? J DJ! Jn 2 QJ75 NJ 3,U23ylQQ X 1 N , 3 w I J 1 ' fx 'I 7f fl X XNjjWWWJjjRKVI M -f-K XX J'X f'X- fk1.. MN r??, P' N 4 Y X X df w O- Q k s X f L Nw .Uh 1 I Q C ' 1' X - f f 0 I 1 fX-1 K K Q V M X 3 W i KX CT' Q A ,X ki 3 V X U 1 L Ill :ff I N ly, E F3 I :L . 1 Edith Akins Flora Anaberg Esther Aube Helen Baldwin Anna Biershank Ada Bowden Alice Brennan Rica Brenner Nellie Brink Helen Correll Annie Cowen Charlotte Drews Marie Drizal Louise Fischer' Ellen Flaws Mary Fox lVIiriam Frank Rosalie Geer Evelyn Girdner Augusta Glathe Svnphnmnrr Glleum P1'erz'de1zt . . . HELEN BALDWIN V1'ce-Preridmt . . EVELYN IKINGSLEY Serrfmry . GERTRUDE SMITH Trearzrrer Ruth Gordon Anna Halpin Zelma Hanson hflary Hoffmann Dorothy Jachens Ruth Johnston Beatrice Judge Evelyn Kingsley Charlotte Knox Susie Lewis ' Bertha Lowe Nlargaret Luche Gertrude lXfIacPherson Anna Nlahoney Dorothy lVlcDonald Rachel NIcDowell Ethel lVlcLean Miriam Nledd Lolita lVIetzger Nlarjorie North Julia Weiss 45 . ELLA TAYLOR Helen O'Keefe Alice Pool lVlarion Richards Edith Roney Hildegarde Schalch Edwiene Schmitt Katherine Sheldon Ethel Smith Gertrude Smith Mina Squire Elizabeth Stanton Dorthea Stubbe Ella Suydam Ella Taylor A Corinne Thompson Irene Thun Barbara Tramontana Isabel Tyte Arline Voorhies Agnes Walsh Alire, an Zlxminr. Tllnftilg rhmmng. iharhes an altituhr Qbuite nurrpnmrriug M , ,f .f' - ' .uw 'al Am S: 5 fW2f?z f-Hi:-'Aw A, 835951 xm , .w fA g N2 Azhgvg'-' js ' " f - - 'f'g '3" ! V. M E ' -" mi f , W x E EX, , , 1 A XX 'Q f N A X E N, IFR' fm ,, I J V16 wr' ' X , f 7X S f N 5, I ' --M619 Dorothy Affel Evelyn Allenspach Nliriam Bearman Orrell Bond Esther Burford Edna Burtis Rose Carlin Anna Connors Helen Demarest Agnes Divine Nlildred Downey Ernestine Dressler Anna Friedlander Adela Girdner Gladys de Gruchy Hazel Healy Mabel Lederhil A Marie LeBlanc Edna Lewis Agnes Meffle Enid Moor 3lu11inr Qllauin Prefzdenz . . HAZEL HEALY Via'-P1-eridevzz , NIARION lVlURPHY ' Serrfzary . GLADYS SMITH T1-earzru'e1- DOROTHY AFFEL lXfIarion hflurphy Alma Nammock Jessie Orgill Ines Pando Evelyn Peavy Nlildred Proudfoot Justine Quenzer Marie Rade Isabelle Rowlands Harriet Sharp Ray Singer Isabel Slade Gladys Smith Jane Smith Nlarguerite Smith Helen Tiebout Harriet Tillman Pearl Van Siclen Gertrude Waldron Nlarion VVilkinson Theresa Wolfson Alia, EI 5PI1iU1', Sun-nunhingfa mftgrunm Strugglwa fur frrehnm, Uhr mnnlh fur hm' num. ..ll,l.ll-l- IIIIIIII " A WWNH I' S xg My X Xin x X L 7- K1 f x Q - fl ' ' 'NE x VQVX ,of ' '9' ' gf' bl 1' l ' s'4' K XTR Z F fl!-Q tx , ks :gag X. X - .vfix 5 1 ' XJ X Q Fit - -QS X -X A , X W1 V K N I z- N kk Mr S Q x X x C L-K W X N K ll. . 5 N X 4' - h- 7 ' , 4 5 x! Dorothy H. Bachman Dorothea lvl. Brommer Alice V. Brophy Florence A. Brown hlargaret V. Cameron Frances E. Cederstrorn Grace L. Corey Catherine Cowenhoven NI. Irene Davidson Blanche Davison Louise A. Douglas Esther Enselberg Harriot K. Ewald Hester F. Flynn Adine Gombers Gladys F. Grossman Sophie Helfst George F. Irwin . Anna Koster Jean NI. Lucas Mabel B. Martin Margaret G. Mayorga Helen Murphy Svvninr 615155 Prmidezzt . . . FLORENCE WEST I't'ice-Pr'eriz'dem . CATHERINE COWENHOVEN Secz-ffm-y . NIARGARET CAMERON Treafzzrfr . CAROL TABER Agnes Natelson lklary O'Connor lX'Iuriel O,Donnell Lillian B. Penchoen Ellen Peters Selma Peters Susan M. dePeyster Rosa E. Prigosen Geraldine G. Rielly lylildred Schaefer Florence Schrnittrnan Rachel T. Stiles Margaret K. Swan Carol E. Taber Josephine Traendley Florence Troy Florence Vastola Nlargaret Weirnuth Florence N. VVeinstein Florence M. West Jessie R. White Frances Wilson Katherine E. Young 53 4 415111 X X mx N inxxwwm-r f QW 9 :nw f Z! X 62 Gb 4 , a ' X. ,alll C? F" t " f . X S s?S V f S 6 if , i QW? QR , U 1 R. :fa ' 6. K ' V . V7 If l M , f r " il U -H Z l"Hou4roa'r -S., 'Y - they i t i P Eurail HHH-MPllPUiI Aaauriertinn nf Ahelpln . NTARGARET SWANI . ELLA TAYLOR Prerirlznl Secretary Members Beta Sigma Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Kappa Chapter Qf Kappa Alpha Theta Omieron Chapter of Delta Gamma Alpha Alpha Chapter of Delta Delta Delta Psi Chapter of Phi Nlu illratrrnitirs Qrprrsrnteh in Zlntrr-Snrnritg Qlnnfrrrnrr 1 Alpha Chi Omega IO Delta Zeta 2 Alpha Delta Phi II Gamma Phi Beta 3 Alpha Gamma Delta I2 Kappa Alpha Theta 4 Alpha Omicron Pi I3 Kappa Delta 5 Alpha Phi I4 Kappa Kappa Gamma 6 A Alpha Xi Delta I5 Phi Mu 7 Chi Omega I6 Pi Beta Phi 8 Delta Delta Delta I7 Sigma Kappa 9 Delta Gamma 18 Zeta Tau Alpha 56 I. file Bw A Ez , -xc 1, -J-.:'4Vf,1Tx 5 f? ' I-' Q3- F39 . I, PHI . . BETA SIGMA BVETA ALPHA BETA IOTA . Psi . . BETA TAU . BETA Psi . BETA BETA GAMMA RHO BETA UPs1LoN . LAMBDA . BETA NU . BETA RHO . IOTA . MU . DELTA . BETA CHI . BETA DELTA XI . . KAPPA . CHI . ETA . UPsILoN . EPSILON . . BETA LANIBDA . BETA ZETA THETA . OMEGA . SIGMA . BETA MU . BETA THETA BETA XI . . BETA OMICRON . B-ETA PHI . BETA PI . BETA OMEGA . PI . . BETA ETA . liappa liappa Zliuuuheh Mamma Ellrntrrnitg Uilrtnhn' 13, 13711 IKIIII nf Gllmptrrz ALPHA PROVINC E Boston University, Boston, Mass. . Adelphi College, Brooklyn, N. Y. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. BETA PROVINCE Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa: . Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. . . Victoria College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. GAMMA PROVINCE . Allegheny College, hfleadville, Pa. . West Virginia University, Morgantown, W. Va. lylunicipal University of Akron, Akron, Ohio . f s DELTA PROVINCE Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio De Pauw University, Greencastle, Ind. . Butler College, Indianapolis, Ind. . . Indiana State University, Bloomington, Ind. University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky. EPSILON PROVINCE ZETA PROVINCE University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. . . Adrian College, Adrian, Mich. . Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. . . . University of Nlinnesota, Minneapolis, Nlinn. ETA PROVINCE THETA PROVINCE University of Wisconsin, lXIadison, IVis. Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. Illinois Wesleyan, Bloomington, Ill. University of Illinois, Champaign, Ill. Iowa State University, Iowa City, Iowa Nlissouri State University, Columbia, Mo. Kansas State University, Lawrence, Kan. Nebraska State University, Lincoln, Neb. Colorado State University, Boulder, Colo. . Oklahoma State University, Norman, Okla. IOTA PROVINCE KAPPA PROVINCE 57 Texas State University, Austin, Tex. Tulane University, New Orleans, La. University of Montana, lVIissoula, Mont. University of Washington, Seattle, Wash. . University of Oregon, Eugene, Ore. University of California, Berkeley, Cal. Leland Stanford University, Ir., Cal. Jean hlarks Coleman Emilie Botsford Ella Dutcher hdarguerite VVells Ecker Elsie Kraemer Holmes Gertrude hfleans lXf1arion Cudlipp Mudge Florence Hawkins Ostrander Ida Brown Patrick . Jennie Pfeiffer Evra Sigma Gllrapter Qmartereh Mag 2U,'1HlI5 Svurnrra rx 151112 Clara Kaufman Purkis Susie hlae Ireland Elizabeth R. Jackson CPJD Abigail Remsen Cowenhoven Irma 1fVeeks Lane Mary Flagler Rue Irene McCullock Swift Dorothy Tuthill Thompson Edna Wakefield Ruth VVells Wilhelmine Wissman Yoakum Nlarie Allison V Louise Avery Bessie Sparrow Anderson Sara Barber Edna Herbst Berger Dora Emily Boole Florence Alexander Boole Helen Brady Grace Broadhurst Robinson Ethel Harned Gauvran Lillian Halsey Elsie Hayward Elizabeth Brown Orr Frances Compton Cardozo Bertha Chapman Catlin Ruth Cawl Belle 1Vall Chamberlin Dorothy Cook Jeanette Comstock Alice Nason Cooper Nlarion Cutter Ruth Cutter Agnes England Jean Evans Dora Stone Foote 1515 Grace Corey Hester Flynn Dorothea Bromrner Gladys Grossman Jean M. Lucas Clara Mohrmann Susan de Peyster 1 5 1 7 Nlildred Downey Ines Pando ,Snrnrra in Hrhr Dorothy Zehner 5 8 Ruth Nesmith Pratt Bertha Sterling Hawley CBeta Ethel hflay Howell Olga Lydia Lafrentz Nlarie Benyon Lyons Nlargaret bdackintosh Nlabel lVIacKinney lfVinifred lXfIarshall Nlildred bIcDermott Loretto NlcGuire Ethel Kipp lXflills Katherine Tobin hflullin Regina Alice Holt Nagle Elizabeth Schmidt Tdelle Scott Eleanor Weir Smith Neva Haight Schultze Chloe Skilton Juliette Hollenback F anita Fando Ethel Thackery Elizabeth Trundle Leila 'Wadsworth Ruth Fanshaiv 1W7aldo Clare Wentworth 15111 Rosalie Geer Alice Pool Maieion Richards Elizabeth Stanton Ella Taylor 1515 Nlargery Flanagan Margaret Crane Alice Doye Elise Pando Mary Ranous Priscilla VVing Uprilonj fl KN hail 5 ii yr I mms: uf' , 5 :FH x Q AAGUA ,Nfl ,325 ' H, - ' 1 ff ' ,FEE 3 'il -, ALT A , .s i - 'fit 1 , ry, f 2 gym I . ,IUTE A ' WC l,l 5,3 I .- sf, I' " A ' Q an ,F , , - eu. - A- I ' I. V: :Da :Q ",. 1,gt. 'hit "ss, FTA, , ou P ,Q 'PN ., mf' .V L ' 'I -I'i Ma " " JA ' N, :mc .A ALPHA BETA . GAR-IAIA . IALPI-IA ETA ALPHA CHI DELTA TAU . UPSILON . PSI . . ALPHA PI . ALPHA PSI ETA . . MU . . . ALPHA GAMMA . ALPHA TAU . ALPHA OMEGA . TOTA . LAMBDA . SIGMA CHI . KAPPA . RHO . . ALPHA IOTA ALPHA NIU ALPHA RHO . ALPHA UPSILON . PHI . OMEGA . ALPHA BETA . ALPHA DELTA . ALPHA KAPPA . ALPHA THETA . ALPHA OMICRON . ALPHA PHI . . ALPHA LAMBDA . ALPHA NU . . ALPHA XI . ALPHA SIGMA . Kappa Alpha I hvta ifluunhrh Zlamtarg 27, 187D Lfllliaptnr iliull DIS'PRICT ONE . . . De Pauw University, Greencastle, Ind. lndiana State University, Bloomington, Ind. . . Butler College, Indianapolis, Ind. . . . Vanderbilt University, S. Nashville, Tenn. . . . Purdue University, Greencastle, Ind. DISTRICT Two . . . University of lllinois, Champaign, Ill. . . Northwestern University, Chicago, Ill. University of Minnesota, S. E, Minneapolis, hflinn. . University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. . . University of North Dakota, North Dakota . . . Lawrence College, Appleton, Wis. DISTRICT Tl-IIKEE . . University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. . Allegheny College, Nleadville, Pa. . Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio . . University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio . . University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa, DISTRICT FOUR . . . . Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. . . . University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. . Toronto University, Toronto, Ont. . . . Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. DISTRICT FIVE . . . University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kan. University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. Wvashington University, St. Louis, NIO. University of hrlissouri, Columbia, hflo. . . University of South Dakota, South Dakota . . . . PV6lSl'lDL11'1'l College, Topeka, Kan. DISTRICT SIX . . , Stanford University, Stanford, Cal. . . . University of California, Berkeley, Cal. DISTRICT SEVEN . . . Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa. . . . . Goucher College, Baltimore, Nld. , . . Adelphi College, Brooklyn, N. Y. DISTRICT EIGHT . . . . University of Texas, Austin, Tex. . . . University of Oklahoma, Norman, Okla. . . . . Newcomb College, New Orleans, La. DISTRICT NINE . . . University of lfVashington, Seattle, Wash. Montana State University, N. E. Seattle, Wash. . Oregon State University, Eugene, Ore. . Wfashington State College, Pullman, Wash. 59 .Alpha liappa Glhaphzr lylarion Lukeforth Carr Edna Stoughton Conover Nlildred Crawford Alice Durland Nlarjorie Commisky Grant Ella Hale Agnes Haldane Anna Adams CTauJ Nlarguerite Stephens Anderson Dorothy Andrews Katherine Baker CClzij Marie Balmanno lXfIar-iery Bartlett Marguerite Behman hlildred Benton Alice Cone Best Irene Black Bertha Bond Qfiflpha Gammaj Adelaide Garland Brown Grace Commiskey - Erene Figuera Correa Elizabeth Devoy Eva Finley Dodge Mabel Donaldson Genevieve Beavers Earle Armanda Edson Elizath Fay QZEMD Alice Fish Juliana Edson Fradenburg Alice Gardner Bertha Graf Blandina Gurule Grace Gilbert floral Marguerite Haver Laura Haugaard Madeline Frost Hennessy Marjorie Hoffman Qdlpha Zaiaj Isabel Kelly Genevieve Kenmore Adeline Kiep flolaj Ruth Knowles Qlhartrrnh 311112 5, 15117 Svnrnrrs me nth? Regina Gorman Hatheway Elizabeth Hill Evelyn Thompson Jones Estelle Conelyea Nlaxwell Francis Napier Anna Bullwinkle Penlield Anna Van Vranken Caroline Sutphin 'Wycoff Snrnrma in iilrhr ' Dallas Rogers Koehn hlarion Kramer Estelle Laux Cora Snowden Litchfield Clara Malilei' Maeder Eleanor Marine Nlabel Nlarine Katherine hfleehan Louise Moller Marjorie Bacon Nicholas Mflplza Zetaj Nellie Cummings O7Connor Iva Peters Cloiaj Clarissa Pettit Jessie Righter Hermia Ross Nina Sailes fEp5i!o1zJ Edna Reilly Schoemer Josephine Kelly Seed Ruth Shorter Gladys Simmons ' Dorothy Cook Smith Cdlpha Zetaj Harriet Smith Nlarguerite Sutphin Isabel Robertson Thatcher Uotaj Nlary Haskins Thope CEtaj Nlay E. Townsend-Titus Cdlpha Betal Pauline Anel Volken Lucille Baldwin Van Slyke CCMJ Loretta Walsh Maude NVebb Maude Mendall NVhite CXO Gladys Willard Elsa Gubner Williams Cdlplza Zelaj Eva Capron Wilson Uoiaj Nlarie Frith YVood Cfiflplza Zezaj 1 H 1 E Adine Gombers 1 H 1 7 Adela Girdner Marion Murphy Marie Rade Hazel Healy Mildred Proudfoot Helen Tiebout Pearl Van Siclen 1 H 1 H Evelyn Girdner Miriam Medd Evelyn Kingsley Dorothy McDonald Corinne Thompson 60 1 A Ugurh I M .....,,. ....,. ' Wh- : hifi- z i 1:2 of 7 -Q xii" 1 , mei ' sr -7 Q' ' 4: '. ,L '-1 .N J, 1 '-, 125- ,+I 7 " LAMBDA . MU . NU . XI , OMICRON . PI . RHo . SIGMA 'TAU . UPSILON . PHI . CHI . PSI . . OMEGA . ALPHA BETA ALPHA GAMBIA ALPHA DELTA ALPHA EPSILON BETA SIGMA GAMMA UPSILON ETA UPSILON THETA ALPHA THETA SIGMA LAMBDA NU PHI OMEGA CHI SIGMA . CHI UPSILON OMEGA SIGMA ALPHA CHI GAMMA CHI BETA LAMBDA BETA NU . THETA CHI MU ALPHA MU BETA . OMICRON SIGMA RHo SIGMA KAPPA ALPHA KAPPA THETA TAU ZETA . PSI OMICRON PSI PHI . OMEGA . HARTFORD . ALPHA EPSILON BETA . CSWAMMA EPSILON ZETA . ETA . VISHETA IoTA . IQAPPA Evita Mamma lfiratrrnitg Zlinlmhrh 1874 Bull nf Cmizmtrra . Wasliington State University, Seattle, Wash. . University of California, Berkeley, Cal. . Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio Albion College, Albion, Mich. . Akron lVIunicipal University, Akron, Ohio . University of Indiana, Bloomington, Ind. . University of Illinois, Champaign, Ill. . University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. . University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. . University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, IVIich. . . Adelphi College, Brooklyn, N. Y. University of Nlontana, IVIissoula, Mont. Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. . Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. . University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. Leland Stanford University, Palo Alto., Cal. . University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo. . Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. . Goucher College, Baltimore, Md. University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa. . Toronto University, Toronto, Ont. . Oregon University, Eugene, Ore. . Wasliington University, St. Louis, Mo. Aluinnzr Glhaptrrz Alumnae Amanriatinnz 61 Seattle, Wash. Los Angeles, Cal. . Akron, Ohio Indianapolis, Ind. Evansville, Ind. IVIinneapolis, Minn. Denver, Colo. . Chicago, Ill. New York, N. Y. Milwaukee, Wis. Pittsburgh, Pa. San Francisco, Cal. Spokane, Wash. Portland, Ore. Cleveland, Ohio ' Kansas City, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Boston, Mass. Syracuse, N. Y. . Omaha, Neb. . Lincoln, Neb. Iowa City, Iowa Baltimore, Md. Philadelphia, Pa. Madison, Wis. Hartford, Conn. Alliance, Ohio Evita Gamma Zliraternitg Blnnnhrh 1574 Chmirrun Qlhapirr Snrnrra in lllrhn A. Mabel Bath Caroline M. Behre Adelaide Brewster Katherine R. Buckley CCILD Florence Chinnock Ruth Clarke Ufappaj Elsa XIV. Draudt Cecile Eichbauer CSig77ldD Mildred Field Marguerite Halsted Edna Harris Maroc Hubbard Frances Latzlce CTILEMD Madolin Nlaplesdon Dorothy Beemis COmegaD Nlabel Sweezy Belden Faith Browning QCMD Gesine M. Candidus Hortense Clarke flfajzgbal Jessie M. Cozier Lila Eastwood CSig11z.aJ Ethel E. Merson CCMD 'Catherine Gleason Katherine Harding I. Nlay Howard Elsie Jenkins Ida Lentilhon Estelle W1 Merrill Nlarion 'W. McCracken Edna hlorrison Lillian Levermore Billman Frederica Ammon Bolger Flor-Etta Kimball lVlarjorie Prentiss Margaret G. Nlayorga Marga1'et V. C. Graesser Helen Baldwin Ruth H. Johnston Rachel I. McDowell Edith P. Roney I Saturn-5 rx Rfb? Anna YValker Hyde 1915 1517 Enid A. lVloor ima V 62 Lydia Mullon Ufappaj Janet W. hlcCracken Ruth McCay Eugenie O'Brien Mary O. O'Donnell Adella Church Payne CEMU Miriam Rawls CPJD Winifred Rose Rhoda Ross Cfllplzaj Dorothy E. Taylor Gertrude Wbrkman fUp.filo1zJ Elizabeth C. McDowell Grace Johnston Nloult Florence Nlurphy Grace Nlills Patrick Nlarie Perozo Rose lVlills Powers CXD Jane Rawls CPJO Florence Beemis Reed fOmegaJ Edith Quinby Ross Louise L. Schriefer Anna Knapp VValden Lois V. YVard Corrinne Wendell Marguerite D. 'Winant Grace Gibbs Yawger CCMJ Ruth Darville CChiJ Katherine Clendinning CC!ziD Esther Baldwin fdlplza Betaj Helen K. Smith CUp.riZo1zJ Nlargaret Levermore Bosworth Louise Hoschke Hund Blanche Canton Nlills Norma E. Sammons Katherine E. Young Orrell Bond Genevieve Bowden Annabelle Biershank Charlotte E. Knox Agnes B. Walsli 4.5 Brita Brita 5521121 Hratnrniig -- 1. A Zlluunhrh GIILIIIIIBQIIIIIIQ Eur, IEEE I? :Q - , fllull nf Olhaptrra I- 'ef :fy - ALPHA PROVINCE ,t L A ALPHA ALPHA . Adelphi College, Brooklyn, N. Y. " PQ, 'A , H-Lax ALP!-IA . . Boston University, Boston, Mass. 04,5 F-' fiffqfit ALPHA Er-s1LoN Brenau College, Gainesville, Ga. S Maia,--eli m 'FAU . . . Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pa. "SQ-,Tl-VqnC9W5A ALPHA UPs1LoN . Colby College, Waterville, Me. I ALPHA BETA Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. XI .... Goucher College, Baltimore, IVId. ALPHA ZETA . . ..... Hollins College, Va. PSI , . . University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. ALPHA XI . ALPHA DELTA BETA . OMICRON . ETA . . ALPHA GARIAIA GAMMA . DELTA NIU OMEGA DELTA DELTA IoTA DELTA LAMBDA ZETA . . DELTA ETA. DELTA ALPHA DELTA :KAPPA DELTA ZETA PHI . . DELTA THETA EPSILON . DELTA BETA IOTA . . DELTA EPSILON THETA . DELTA X1 DELTA NU . UPSILON . NU . DELTA . BETA ZETA DELTA GAMMA MU . . DELTA DELTA LAMBDA . P1 . . THETA BETA THETA IOTA KAPPA . THETA THETA THETA GAMMA . Randolph-h'Iacon University, Lynchburg, Va. . . Stetson University, Deland, Fla. . St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. . Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. . . . University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. . . . . . Wesleyan University, Macon, Ga. DEI.1'A Pnoyixcri . . . . . . Adrian College, Adrian, NIich. . . . Alabama University, Tuscaloosa, Ala. . . . Ames College, Ames, Iowa University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark. . . . . Butler College, Colo. Ifniversity of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio - . Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa De Pauw University, Greencastle, Ind. . Drury College, Springfield, NIO. . Franklin College, Franklin, Ind. . University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa . . Judson College, hfIarion, Ala. . . Knox College, Galesburg, Ill. . . Miami University, Oxford, Ohio University of hflichigan, Ann Arbor, hfIich. . . IVIillikin University, Decatur, Ill. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. . University of Missouri, Columbia, NIO. , . hIt. Union College, Alliance, Ohio . Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio . Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa . Transylvania University, Lexington, Ky. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. . University of IfVisconsin, Madison, 'Wis. . . VVooster University, W'ooster, Ohio THETA PROVINCE . . . . Baker University, Baldwin City, Kan. . University of California, Berkeley, Cal. . University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo. Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kan. . ' University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. . University of Nevada, Reno, Nev. . Universitv of Oklahoma, Norman, Okla. THETA DELTA . . . University of Oregon, Eugene, Ore. THETA EPSILON , , Southwestern University, Georgetown, Tex. OMEGA . . 03 . . Stanford University, Palo Alto, Cal. THETA ZETA . . . University of Texas, Austin, Tex. THETA ALPHA . . University of Washington, Seattle, Wash. TH ETA ETA . . . University of Wyoming, Laramie, VVyo. 4 63 ' Alpha Alpha Qlhaptrr Ghartrrrh 3111112 III, 1511 Er. A. CE. Zllrtxhvnhurgh in Zlkxrnltair Gertrude Ahern Bessie M. Ash COmicr Florinda Balbin Gertrude E. Betsch Sara Conway Rose Cortelyou Carrie Curtin Cornelia Dilchisur, M Loretta Doherty H. Cecelia Donovan Marie A. Duffy Florence M. Dunne H. Jacqeline Gibbons Mabel Gorden Virginia A. Griswold Honour B. Gelson Grace Grant Jeanne Hollywood Theresa Haskins Ida V. Heyson Vera Ha mmann, Nlrs. Florence A. Brown Louise A. Douglas Alma F. Nammack Ellen Flaws Ruth Gorden G. Josephine Hood onj rs. A. C. CXD Snrnrrz in 1Hrhv Ruth E. Hubbard Cdlphaj Elizabeth Kelly Amy Kelly Ida Kahler Blass, Mrs. G. Florence Lampe Norma Morison Romer, Mrs. J Edna Kincaid Helen McCormick CBctaj Llorys Green McCormick, Mrs. K. Grace McManus Gertrude Merry Rita Namack Casey, lXf1rs. T. F. Adele Powers Laura Romer NIcCleland, Mrs. W. Louise Rapp Brown, lkirs. O. CRhoD Helen Tibbits Blanche Taylor, Mrs. Wm. M. CLamba'aD Malva G. Mahnkin, Airs. Edith Schnurr Edwards, lV1rs. A. Eva Faulkner Thompson, Mrs. C. M. Grace Mercer Abbott, Mrs. W. H. 1915 Mabel B. Alartin Florence M. West Frances A. Wilson 151 7 Harriet E. Sharp 1 H 1 H Helen O'Keeffe Bertha Lowe Arlene Voorhies 1519 Susan D Hay 64 l 'wif ,,,f,,, Jinunhrh Jlannarg 4 1552 -'f - - ' I -'-Ii' 1.,-1 -. ' - .' I'- 3,1 ' v- In - ,, ,J.,w 1..I. - iris . . .Ti ...I Li 'i - ' Ulm iff ,vw--1 RK-HX 'L' f - , 1 TL '-A. ll-'W .N ':.-.-- '. I' 41: if' 'Civ' YQ IX- :fr 'g IE' , N- I i II 4 ra Prnt ,Q i I -I - .- jj ig lnli kl-Ni, ' f""C'-. i H n ew: 1 .5-sf I Af ,I I - ' X . -. '- I . -'-'N ' I -I.: ,. fy. - - 'ess -h e-xv I '---'J ' I f':4I4i,U" ' fbi y I .tXIL,f'1' -f ' A- It :I 3: Q f. W., '-.5 X :M X, ul, -, .. 57' ' , .. , ., a x 5-25 A, .9 4, ,X CQ .Q-gif: 5' My.. ' ' I '-,gn -are? ' ' Olliaptrr iKn1I ALPHA PROVINCE ALPHA . .... VVesleyan College, lVIaCon, Ga. KAPPA - University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn. lNlU . . Brenan College, Gainsville, Ga. EPSILON . . . Milsaps College, jackson, Miss. BETA PROVINCE BETA . .... Hollins College, Hollins, Va. LAMBDA Randolph-Macon, Lynchburg, Va. PI - University of Maine, Orono, Me. PSI . . . . . Adelphi College, Brooklyn, N. Y. BETA ALPHA . George Washington University, VVashington, D. C. GAMMA PROVINCE OMICRON .... Buchtel College, Akron, Ohio RHO . . . . Hanover College, Indiana UPSILON . Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio SIGMA . . . Knox College, Cwalesburg, Ill. CHI . . University of Missouri, Colurnbia, Mo. EPSILON PROVINCE , DELTA . . . . Newcomb College, New Orleans, La. XI KAPPA Southwestern University, Georgetown, Tex. PHI . . . . University of Texas, Austin, Tex. EPSILON ALPHA . Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Tex. ZETA PROVINCE XI. University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, N. M. TAU . . Whitman College, Walla Walla, Wash. IOTA . . . . Lawrence College, Appleton, Wis. OMEGA . . Iowa Wesleyan College, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa IOTA SIGMA . University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Cal. 65 Hai Glhapirr Gharivrrh Qbrtnhvr 2, 1513 Svurnrma rx lirhe Eloise lVIaucle Ritter Svurnr Margaret Smith Amber, Mrs. W. Cfflphaj Ethel Kingsley Arthe Frieda Ann Bach CRhoj Edna Dunlap Badgeley, Airs. C. Cdlphaj Lucille Spain Brown, hflrs. L. Cdlplzaj Anne Brewer Cgfftlb Elsie Elizabeth Beuchner Katherine Chambers Cnflplmj Maude Chambers fgflpfzaj Helena Ogden Cambell, Airs. H. Cfflplzal Anna Hermine Fink Anne Gunter CDfIzaj Alice Pickard Harris, Xlrs. H. Cfiflplzal Florence Harrison, Mrs. R. CXD hflarguerite Erwin Hazard, hlrs. T. Cdlplzaj Bertha Catherine Helmken Zaidee Erwin Johnson, lXflrs. F. Cfflpfzaj hlarian B. Nlacksey PB in Vera Roscoe 1Hl'1TlP Elizabeth Wilson Kemlo Grace Day Lee, Nlrs. fZz'faj Cleo Vivian Lunger Dorothy Hall Nlerill, Airs. E. fzillplzaj Beryl Molleson, Nlrs. M. CKappaD Josephine hllonaco Robina Nlurray Marion Broomhead Pattus, hlrs. E. Cdlphaj Pearl 1fVilcox Pignol Caroline Wieaver Porter, Airs. NI. Cdlphaj hflary Schofield Cliflpfzal Mary Troy Smith, lXlrs. T. Cdlplzaj Louise Wardlow Sneed Cfilplzaj Ottilia Nlarie Stehlin Leonore Sterling CXD Grace Loretta Sturdevant Amanda Sexton Taber, Kits. E. Cfllphaj E. Bedell Jacques, Mrs. F. cffzpzwp ' Catherine Cowenhoven Constance Atwater Mabel Lederhill Edna Lewis Louise Fischer lVIarga ret Ca rey Jessie DeMotte Ruth Stallings Witherspoon, lXfTrs. P. Cdlplzal 1515 Blanche Davison Nlargaret Swan 1517 F. Isabelle Rowlands Isabel Slade Jane Hillier Smith U 1918 Susie Lewis Marjorie North 1 H15 Louise Lane Edna Rogers 66 5 4? 9593 'CQ QA ' , .,-:Q f 2. X v Y W V mmm f RQ. 6 Prefidenz . IRENE DAVIDSON Vice-Prefident. MARGARET GRAESSER Secretary . HARRIET SHARP Treafurer ARLINE VOORHIES Exerutiurn Lillian Penchoen, 716 Elizabeth Stanton, '18 Muriel O,Donnell, '16 Evelyn Kingsley, '18 Ines Pando, 717 Claire Jackson, ,IQ Pearl Van Siclen, ,I7 Margery Flanagan, ,IQ 68 9 W: IJ, Chi of s 2 E Th o , Etesndenls A ro Grace Corey Marie Le Blanc Jean Lucas Irene Davidson Mabel Martin Clara Nlohrmann 1915 1517 Hazel Healy 1913 Helen Baldwin Corinne Thompson 1515 Benita Bond 69 Premdent . IRENE D AVIDSON Vzre Prendenzf CATHERINE YOUNG Rachel Stiles George Irwin Florence Weinstein Frances Wilson Florence West Catherine Young 1fK73l.krIill1b-sm new Vtcz Prendmt. Blanche Davison lVIabel M,artin Peggy Swan Frances VVilson Florence Brown Jane Smith Elizabeth Stanton Lolita Nletzger Elizabeth lVIcLean Anna Nlahoney Edith Roney Charlotte Knox Gertrude Smith Arline Voorhies Genevieve Bowden Ellen Flaws Louise Lane Ruth Lenfest Josephine Hood Claire Jackson Edna Rogers Jessie De lX4otte Sue Hay 'r 151B Carol Taber 1517 Gladys Smith 1 5 1 S Isabel Tyte 1515 70 NIABEL NIARTIN JANE SMITH MIRIAM MEDD SUSIE LEWIS Louise Douglas Nluriel O'Donnell George Irwin Margaret Weidmuth Lillian Pencheon Nlargaret Graesser Corinne Thompson hlirian Nledd Dorothy Jachens Ella Suydam Dorothy NIcDonald Barbera Tramantana Edith Akins Ruth Johnston Susie Lewis Annabelle Biershenk Benita Bond lvlargaret Cary Marian Hedger Frances Hawkins hlarguerite Lorenz Nina Squires Josephine Lewisohn +L, E 'G IAITTTE NE! 'PLM A3 .-.-7, - I u 1 QT :rom ir Mm' E 3 f 3542 .a emi AQHALJ ul M3 E72 my q ffm lil 'C' rw 7 17 Til 'li-'Jigga l dll ,udgilgzv-pg 7 1 amamwir me g -mga ru, -1-134' wig' Z4 if M ZZ I SID r -W-Z VW! 5 0 -1,,3- W nf- 7""'f5nf B GF.- I A- I' Wi' . ,' " ' ...W - might, Ha 3 I Mm,-A R.. ,L-.5 'V E i ' :ws-:nun-. ' :urn mln. -' : ' 'l, - W ' ' -,-,S : .. 7.11:-n-:tin-I j.. yi I 5 , , -- -rm EQ L- L-:Ear by . fs My ..i " -if .' .1 .I ' Tr' EEE EE R. 'v' ' 'f " VW 17.5" .-.',- H 1 ' :.f 4, V, -, ' fy ' L' M5 - Mr. , .. I h X , ' it f ' ,T , . , il .I.....i'i.. ' 5' fm' 'L ' ' F ' ' 'I 15:1 ' I -1 .- - -- g gf' A If ig,l,Li,l, , i 2-15 ? - - .L i., -- En .in s .f 2 ' - . . :J . ' 5 35 ' 2?'5'5 Ellflfi' - Wil if ' . '- ' F. - ' "'e'J.'f?, Tar 1 E Lggffh' Zyl. ' ' I - fl i if :W , , ' I . , l - . ' . Lk? I -E .. 1' f ' T: ,- l - Q- .- 4 .pri J lp i v I 11 , ... H 4. .4 7.. m iiij lva-al l ' KW in-ai ,g52," '- 'me-erfiJx3:5as,2!y'7 EEE . l , - , iv' we Q 'A .,, ff Af ,IH , ""i , y . 1 .V me -- -.-u. . . .Uk ,FII 1' lf! - , fx 'a' L i 1 .4. - rl ..4,..u,,,.Y,.,.,,1, ., ,,. , I , H, 1 , Y ' I Mil .41 '2.a.- -ni'-s-,ir .f -Y w glf fall ,I lil' lil H -'I Q1 Kr -1" - X F. h,,,,,,m.,,,,..,,,,,, rl I ur ,Q a t e za., if g - II , A 1 Q - f 7" 'ZW7f A ' , SJ? 'A' .F- 715 5- 45 ' "MEI ! fi' '-4' ' -'Ii ' "'-": '-1 '-""'5L-zs fii' ,+" "' 7: Af' . N EE' "-Ei ' l - if-5.4 " ,bam - "L'5,f K ,"- . 95.95 f ..,.,,g5,,- Z - 5- .1 -f i " f.:a'g1Fr5 ef , 2 i L - 214 f a- 14 6 ,Lf , '-:J -- 9- 'E' . siwlir ,-5 " f 4, 6 "V , .:.. Ei: 14 : - r if -Lrg: A ,lg 433 171-7E fl Mil, :f-: : -0 ' . . - A, -T Y - E 15: ,--f - ,,, nm l,A,.,- -V -A? V, 1, , Prerzdent . Rosa E. PRIGOSEN Vice-Prerfident FLORENCE WEINSTEIN Secretary . BERTHA LowE T1'ea.v1z1'er GERTRUDE SMITH Members Esther Kurzrok Nla rga ret Lorenz Corinne Thompson Rosalind Kohn Nlabel Nlartin Florence 'Wilson Isabel Tyte Florence Vfeinstein Grace Cory Rica Brenner Sue Hay Mary Ranous Ruth Nlackay Margaret Crane Anna Bowler Miriam Nledd Margaret Nlayorga Stella Caplin ' George Irwin Mildred Downey Elsie Stringharn Ruth Johnson Ruth Lenfest 71 Edna Allen Louise Lane hflay Holbrook Dora Shapiro Helen Clark Frances Mack Agnes Natelson Nlargaret Graesser Nlarie Rade Nlargaret Fischer Nlarjorie North Annunciata Scibilia Julia Weiss hflarie Leblanc Harriot Ewald Geraldine Reilly Adele Girdner Selma Peters hflary Cary be fe ,J W uunh able Prafzdenr FLORENCE IIVEINSTEIN Secretary THERESA WoLFsoN Trearurer ELLEN PETERS 1915 Margaret Cameron Catherine Cowenhoven X Irene Davidson George Irwin Jean M. Lucas Clara Mohrmann Mildred Downey Margaret Graesser Enid lVIoor Jessie Orgill Agnes Natelson Ellen Peters Susan de Peyster Rachel Stiles Florence VVeinstein Catherine Young Marion Sturgis 1917 72 Ines Pando Harriet Sharp Isabel Slade Theresa YVolfson nite Qlllh f N Pfendeazf . CLARA BfIOHRMANN Vzce Prefzdmzt NIARGARET CAMERON Tveaszuer . NIARGARET GRAESSER 1515 Nlargaret Cameron Irene Davidson Hester Flynn Harriet Ewald hflargaret Nlayorga Clara hfiohrrnann Agnes Natelson Nlargaret Swan Katherine Young Lillian Pencheon 1 H17 Margaret Graesser Enid MOOF Nlarion lVIurphy 1513 Genevieve Bowden Gertrude MacPherson Nellie Brink Marjorie North Ruth Johnston Edwiene Schmitt ,Elizabeth Stanton 1915 Claire Jackson Ruth Lenfest Rosalind Kohn Edna Rogers 73 ...- ......,t z L . ..... .... ..... --V 1 Q irwggtjrtqgi Q, ni J www! -- ' "" ' f , J .Agar-:If-grass-':c"'b' '4"' i'1m'497i53'S "Eff:-1 'i'5:?'ift-. W, sifniwmmkiril' : ri'-172.5 .,.x , X I .,,., - I Preridmt GEORGE IRWIN Secretary ALICE BROPHY Trearurer RICA BRENNER Rica Brenner Alice Brophy Hester Flynn Gladys Grossman George lrwin Nlarie Le Blanc Edna Lewis Helen lvlurphy Enid lXf'loor Jessie Orgill lXflarian Richards Isabel Slade Jane Smith Josephine Traendly Pearl Van Siclen Florence Wleinstein hflargaret Swan Evelyn Allenspach hflarie Drizal Gertrude Smith Alice Pool Priscilla Dexter hlildred Schaeffer Anna Connors Agnes Natelson Nlargaret Cameron 535 s Q92 'Rufn ff' P1'fJidf11t . FRANCES WILSON Vicf-Prefidevzt Secretary , AGNES NATELSON Treamrer RACHEL STrLEs 1 H 1 E Dorothea Bromrner Rachel Stiles George Irwin Florence Weinstein Agnes Natelson Jessie Wfhite Florence Schrnittrnan Francis Wilson 1517 Dorothy Affel Gladys Smith Justine Quenzer 1513 Helen Baldwin Lolita Nletzger Nellie Brink Edwiene Schmitt Louise Fischer Ella Taylor Evelyn Girdner Isabel Tyte Mary Hoffman Julia Weiss 1515 Freda Anvvarter 75 Marion Stringham Xi XX fl f fi J un fi ii X f V . - c x ,N 1 We tx 3. it A w X s Il 1 ll ll I l . ll X ug? H E 6 U X X 1 'f'w.Al5'l!?. X ,nfnrnlalglff X F A Honorary Prerident . DR. BRUNO ROSELLI Prefident . . KATHERINE E. YOUNG Visa-Preyident . . ELSA LANG Secretary JOSEPHINE MONACO Treafurer HARRIET E. SHARP 1915 Katherine E. Young f 15117 Harriet E. Sharp Marion B. Wilkinson 15115 Mrs. Baldwin Priscilla Dexter Alice Fuller Lucie Gerard Annie D. Hanks Alice Kneeland Grace McManus Adelaide Pettit Hannah Beswick Ilrna Bernhard Hnrlanzihrh illllemheru Amy Dillhof Aimee Gerard Anne Griflin Sarah Hodges Elsa Lang Josephine Monaco Adelaide Scheuore Catherine Wingate Ella Wright 76 - six W 0: Ehilosophg El Prenfcient Treafurfr Irene, Davidson Harriot Ewald George Irwin Jean Lucas Margaret Mayorga Catherine Young JessieOrgi1l Bertha Lowe i ji? Y P JEAN LUCAS . FLORENCE WEINSTEIN illllemhrrn Nlargaret Cameron V Agnes Natelson Susan de Peyster Rosa Prigosen Florence Weinstein Margaret Swan 1517 Edna Lewis Evelyn Peavy 1518 Ray McDowell Gertrude Smith 77 in ix in X I il ' fsih 'iff' f 1 QL is V MATH C LU Honorary Prefidfnt Prffident . Vicz-P1'efident Sec1'Eta1'y ' . Trea.fu1'c'1' Ilnhrrgrahunir Mrmhera 1915 Irene Davidson Blanche Davidson lVlabel Martin Nluriel O,Donnell Nlargaret Swan Florence West 1517 Evelyn Peavy Jane Smith 1513 Genevieve Bowden Susie Lewis Edwiene Schmitt Arline Voorhies 78 ls . DR. JOSEPH BOWDEN PROFESSOR EDMUND JEWETT MABEL MARTIN MARGARET SWAN SUSIE LEWIS Prexident , Vice-President Sfrretary Treasurer Alice Brophy Dorothy Bachman Nlarie Bennet Alice Brennan Ruth Bonham Mary Burns Rita Nammock Casey Anna Connors u Laura Cummings Florence Cusack Marie Drizal Ella Delany Grace Doyle Marie Donnelly Grace Fitzpatrick , Florence Fenning Margaret Flynn Bessie Gallagher Marion Grodotzke Alice Hann Josephine Hamilton Lillian Hartish Henrietta Haaren 5 Grace Holzenthaler Nlary King Dorothy Kevin Anna Kilroe lVIarion Kramer lVIarie LeBlanc lVlargaret Lucke Helen Lay Ruth Lee Nlarjorie Lannen Katherine Lernaire Helen Nlurphy lVIarion Nlurphy Frances Mack Angela Murray Grace lVIoray Anna McGrath Therese lVIueller Cecile NIcSherry Catherine McGuiness Kathryn Magee Alice McTigue Clare McMahon 79 l NIARIE LEBLANC DOROTHY KEVIN lVlAR1E DRIZAL GRACE DOYLE Gertrude Nlaclnherson Nladeline Ott Helen O7Keefe Nlary O'Connor Rita O'Brien Ines Pando Elise Pando Evans Power Geraldine Reilly Nlarguerite Ryan Nlarie Rade Nlildred Schaefer Regina Smith Ethel Smith Annunciata Scibblia Camille Thompson Marie Tilyou Florence Vastola Margaret Weimuth Marion Wilkinson Loretto White Beatrice Wade Henrietta Wilson - V166 Prefidevzt Rachel Stiles lVIary O'Connor Dorthy Alfel Nliriarn Bearrnan Alice Brennan Helen Correl Benita Bond Lillian Bowles Isabel Brandow Mabel Furguson Rosalind Kohn FlNvil..CLul: RACHEL STILES DOROTHY AFFEL AUGUSTA GLATHE ALICE BRENNAN 1515 A Irene Davidson Ellen Peters 1517 Orrell Bond r Ernestine Dressler k Justine Quenzer 15 IH Augusta Glathe Mary Hoffman Dorthea Jachens 1515 Helen Latto Ruth Lenfest Pauline Mur Margaret Price Nlyrtle Rogers Nnrmal Mildred Donaldson Lillie Jacobs Katherine McGinnis Edith Morrison Madeline Osgood 80 l lillllllllllfl llllltlllill Pferzdemf . CORINNE THOMPSON P L66 P78JZdF7lZ Szrrefam TI'EdJl1l'Kl' . Ena Wlange Lillian Haitsh Kathleen Evans Dora hloller Rosa Prigosen lXiIarie LeBlanc hflary Smith Nlildred Schaeffer Alice Hann Ruth Gorden Ethel Kaiser Elise Pando Florence Weinstein Isabell Rowlands Jennie Hartman Geneva Disborn Gertrude Smith Katherine Lyons Ruth Knowlain Alma Nelson E Minna Squires Ruth Praeger RUTH BONH iM AIIRIAM NIEDD S-ue Hay Josephine Hood Do-t hlcDonald Josephine Traendly Ruth Bonham Hazel Healy Corinne Thompson Florence 'West Florence Vastola Nliriam Nledd Dorothy Dana Anna Mahoney Nlarion E. Smith Margaret Cameron Evelyn Kingsley Alice Doye Alice Poole Muriel O,Donnel Esther Burford Margaret Flanagan Margaret Lorenz Jennie Smith 'ITU' W CO Prffidfnt . AGNES NATELSON Secrftary-Treaxurfr NIARY O CONNOR Alice Brophy Nlargaret Cameron Harriet Ewald Nlargaret Nlayorga Agnes Natelson Ray Singer Gladys Smith Rica Brenner Rosalie Geer Ruth Johnston 19115 1917 IBIS 82 lXfIary O7Connor Susan de Peyster Rachel Stiles lvlargaret Swan Florence VVeinstein Gertrude VValdron Theresa Wolfson Dorothy MacDonald Gertrude Smith Arline Voorhies Y? .ob xf X XX , X, EWR NME ! I Xl I I Q I Ill 1 2 1 1 1? 5 13 CQ? 1 :7 Ci: gi f-:-7' f- N' ? -f' 77Y'5'hilI11v:a7l 77 g X X D x X X 'X-, I f K 1 f X f, 1, f ,, f X Nl f f 1 fx-, , Bramatir Aannriaiinn Prfridmz . NIARIE LE BLANC Vice-Prefident ENID lNflooR Secretary . FLORENCE WEINSTEIN Treafwef' ISABEL TYTE Flag Qlnmmitire Chairman-THERESA XKVOLFSON Margaret Nfayorga Bertha Lowe Catherine Cowenhoven Nlarie Drizal Esther Burfo rd Qlnmmittvv fur Shakeapearv Night Chairman-SUSAN DE PEYS'i'ER 94 Shvrxunnh UI' Knhin :IBUIJD anil the Uhrvz A Idlay in Zfiiur Arts by Alfrrh Niagra Erunrntin iiirrannzv Robin, Earl OfI1IllIfZv7l,fILZ1O1l, lenorcn ar Robin flood Little fohn I Friar Tncle 1 Ouflczfcr and follo-fcerf lfill Scarlet 3, of Reynold Greenleaf i Robin Hood M'nch, the lWiller'5 Son i Alan-a-Dale J Prince john , . . King Richard, Coeur de Lion . . Blondel, King Riclzard'r fi'I1A71.Yf1'z"l . Oberon, King ofthe Poirier . Titania, Queen ofthe Fairiir Pitch, a Fairy . Sheri-if of Nottingham . Fitzwalter ..... Shadow-of-a-Leaf, a Fool . , . . Arthur Plantagenet, Nephew to Prince john . . Queen Elinor, Mother of Prince john .... .Marian Fitzzoalter, known af Maid llflarian, hetrothed to Robin Hood ...... fenny, Maid to Marian . . . Widoro Scarlet, Mother' of Will Scarlet Priorefr of Kirlelee ....... Fairies, merry men, serfs, peasants, mercenaries, an ::Ki11Q5 A IARGA RET A IAYORGA f RUTH JOHNSTON i RLXRIE LE BLANC RLXRY RANOUS i JESSIE ORGILL 5 IQACHEL STILES i, IRENE DAVIDSON CAROL TIABER ISABEL SLADE AIARGARET CAMERON HESTER FLYNN ANNA CONNORS ERNESTINE DRESSLER JANE SMITH MARION STURGIS BEATRICE SCHWARTZ GERTRUDE BIACPHERSON SUSAN DE PEYSTER BERTHA LOWE ENID MOOR STELLA CLAPLIN . NIIRIAM FRANK abbot, a baron, a novice, nuns, courtiers, soldiers, retainers, etc. Produced under the direction of Anne Throop Craig, May 5, 1916 35 at The Academy of Music fel-f i t QQ VVe have lost our hearts to D'Arcy, Jack D'Arey of the Guards, He's the most delightful hero Ever sung by Irish bards. With his Winning Irish brogue, He's a tantalizing rogue, Oh, We're all in love'with D,Arcy of thc Guards. 86 :av-V Euth illirfllag an 'Blank iEl'H1'rg," i11 "E'Arrg uf Ihr Cguarhz GRACE COREY X Aihlrtir Ananriaiinn Prefident . GRACE COREY Vice-Prerident HESTER FLYNN Szcratary . LILLIAN PENCHEON Trearurzr MARGARET CAMERON Athlrtir Ennqnri Glnmmiiirr Chairman-MARGARET CAMERON Dorothea Brornmer Margaret Swan Harriet Ewalcl Gladys Grossman Katherine Young go Marion Wilkinson Edith Roney Helen Correll Alice Brennan Louise Lane 'Huraitg Uvurn Forwardf 5 Cenler . Side C anim' . Guard: l Subftituzfex 4, V l Gamez A Bhzlphi un. Nrin llnrhellr January 22, 1916 ...... March II, 1916 A Winners nf "5-Va" HEI,EN BALDWIN ' ALICE POOLE ARLINE VOORHIES lvl!-XRGARET GRAESSER RUTH JOHNSTON l ISABEL TYTE JUSTINE QUENZER RACHEL MCDOWELL JANE SMITH Score: 27-20 Score: 26-26 Helen Baldwin Margaret Graesser Alice Poole Ruth Johnston Arline Voorhies Isabel Tyte QI U S.-J J A 0R'lYlE'I9l71 Q2 Gilman Gemma 1515 HJXRRIET EVVALD NTARGARET BKIAYORC-A LILLIAN PENCHEON NIABEL NIARTIN CAROL TAEER HESTER FLYNN FLORENCE XNEST 1517 JUSTINE QUENZER JENNIE SMITH JESSIE ORGILL ORRELL BOND RJIARGARET GRAESSER ISABEL SLADE 1913 HELEN BALDWIN ' RUTH JOHNSTON ALICE POOLE RACHEL NICDOWELL ARLINE VOORHIES ISABEL TYTE ELLA SUYDAM 1915 MARY RANOUS NIARION SMITH BENITA BOND RUTH LEN1-'EST LUCY BROWER ESTHER KURZROK x 011111 mmm bg 1913 Q2 'iiurnts Rzuznilzg Broad jump Eighty-Yard Drzffz Bafeball Throw Hoop Rare Potato Race Three-Legged Race Long Diflauce Raef Voorhies Baldwin Taber . Corey . Davidson Poole . McDonald . McDowell . Wilkinson Zllielh Bag 3111112 EH, 1915 Zllirat Yoorhies II feet, 7 inches lYilkinson Davidson Poole Taber McDowell McDonald Corey Poinff . II - 7 - 5 Q 5 1 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 . . 5 Flynn . . Srtnnh Fly n n io fr, 655 Drizal Baldwin Voorhies Bond Yoorhies Suydam Baldwin Drizal . Bond . Suydam Biershank Johnston Bowden. Graesser Young . Pencheon Glup Mun bg 1918 93 if Glhirh Biershank 9 ft. 1 in Baldwin Young Graesser Flynn Johnston Bowden Pencheon . 6 . Poimf - 3 - 3 - 3 . 1 . 1 . I . I . I . I x CTop ROWJVOORHIES, JOHNSON. CMiddIe Rowb QUENZER, SMITH, BICIDOWELL. CBottom Rowj GRAESSER, BALDWIN POOLE, TYTE, SLADE, SMITH, GRAESSEH, ORGILL, Q UENZER, BOND K fTop Rowj SUYDAM, BALDWIN, Voonums. CMiddIe Rowj POOLE, JOHNSTON, TYTE. QBotLom Rowl McDOWELL Q , 'x I ii CTop Rowj SMITH. CMidd1e Rowj Bnowmz, RANOUS. CBottom Row! KURZROK, LENFES'i'. BOND W r Gln HHQ iKu51ir Emir! Oh, men may laud fair Guinever, Or praises sing to Jean, But I shall sing to Phoebe dear, Be dear, my love and queen. For Phoebe, when you milk your kine, Or pat your yellow butter, You fill my soul with love divine, Divine, and hard to utter. And when you hitch old Dobbin up To drive him to the town, It sends my heart a-bobbin' up A-bobbin, up and down. You look so pink and fresh and sweet Wvhen marketing you go, I'd like a girl like you to eat- To eat from top to toe. 98 S. M. dP. '16 N w ' x Swninr Eurntn Gllaau Bag Chairman, GRACE COREY Susan dePeyster Irene Davidson Gladys Grossman Hester Flynn Catherine Cowenhoven Katherine Young Ennrhenn Chairman, JOSEPHINE TRAENDLY Margaret Mayorga Dorothea Brornrner Alice Brophy Mabel lXflartin Florence Schrnittman Elhratrr lgartg Chairman, ELLEN PETERS Florence Weinstein Agnes Natelson Jean Lucas Margaret Cameron Margaret Swan IOO v V f Juninr Envnia EHrmahman-Jluniur mrhhing C1Z6Z'f1'J'P7,6Z1'L, HARRIET SHARP Gertrude VValdron Nlargaret Graesser Enid lvloor lX'larian Wilkinson iiivreqaiiun in Ellrehmnn Cfmirmavi, GLADYS SMITH Harriet Sharp Ernestine Dressler Bflarian lXflurplny Gertrude 'Waldron Eluninr lgrum Glnn1n1itIrr Chairmaar, lX'1ARIAN lX'IURPHY Enid Bloor Helen Tiebout Esther Burford Pearl Yan Siclen IO2 jazfzwf IWW X Svnphnmnrv Enenta Svnphnmnre Bans: Chairrnan, MARIE DRIZAL Miriam Frank Helen O'Keefe Louise Fischer Suphnmnrr Ura Qlnmmittee Chairman, lX4ARION RICHARDS Annabel Biershank Elizabeth Stanton Marjorie North Bertha Lowe Evelyn Kingsley Svnphumnre Flag Olnmmitter Chairman, RICA BRENNER Beatrice Judge Ruth Johnston Isabel Tyte Gertrude Smith IO4 We Qibpfwmoffi Jw x X QS ff! S39 4-1 we-O , X f X f"'K X ff fi' .i WX I- bl V I . my mu' " ' pn I 1 iiullnmfrn Hartg Glnmniiiire Chairman, EDITH RONEY Rica Brenner Edvviene Schmidt Nlarion Richards Y Dorothy hfIcDonald Gertrude lWaePherson Ex ojicio, Helen Baldwin Svnphnmurv Funeral Glnmmiiirr Chairman, ARLINE VooRH1Es Genevieve Bowden Gertrude Smith hflarjorie North Freshman-Snplynmnrn Eizmrv Glnmmiitre Chairman, ALICE DOYE lVlargery Flanagan Jessie dehflotte Alice Hann Lucy Brower H36 m tff f -! lg, Q I xxx 'iz inf' 1 f X f ' F .f z U J We SQUQQWQYE5 W EVGSEQUQED CT ber 29151915 HQUOUJEED Pang iHr1znhman-ilnninr Mvhhing OR'1YLf'I9Il I QQ Haumannk Enurh Editor'-in-Chiqf, BIIARGARET RIAYORGA Literary Editor, AGNES NATELSON Rezvifwf, CSLADYS SMITH Nmw, RICA BRENNER Fzmz, lVIARION A. SMITH Bmivzen Ma1zage1', ORRELL BOND ArZz'f1'zI'Ji1zg MQ1ZdgK7'f, JANE SMITH, BfIARY RANOUS Subxcripzfion, ARLINE VOORHIES Exchange, MARGARET SWAN Normal Lizfe1'a1'y Rawefenzatiw, NIARGARET ADAMS Norma! Bufineff Rep1'efe1Iz'ative, ALA OTIS 113 e ORllU'l9l7 gg, Glnllegv Gbrrhraira Manhnlin lvlargaret Graesser Jane Smith Evelyn Peavy Dorothy Aflel Harriet Sharp Muriel O'Donnel lvlargaret Lorenz Hinlin Julia Weiss Annabelle Biershenk Guitar Ruth Lenfest liianizt Gertrude hflacPherson II4 All-Glnllvge 151121115 Zllarulig Idartg Glnmmitirw Entertainment Clinnuuittre Susan de Peyster, Chairman Isabelle Slade Carol Taber Rica Brenner Theresa Wolfson Helen O7Keefe iflvfrenlymrnt Qlnmmiitrr Helen hvlurphy, Chairman Charlotte Knox Esther Burford hlarion Wallcinson hflarie Rade Louise Lane , Q'Ll1ilhrPn'n Hating Glnmmitten hllabel hflartin, Chairmmz Nlargaret Swan hflargaret Cameron hflargaret Graesser hlarion Murphy I IS Ruth Johnston Ruth Lenfest Edna Rogers Ella Taylor Ellrmznrh Glluh Svnirve Qlnmmiitvr Florence Weinstein, Chairman Rica Brenner Jessie Orgill V Alice Brophy Gladys Grossman La Duchesse Couturiere, Benefit of Le Paquet du Solclat. ilinunh Flzrhle iiirrital Qmeahings frnm Shakmaprare Lrg Mrs. Hnrhra-Kuhinaun Hair illerrptinn Glummittve Ellen Peters, Chairman Nlarion Sturgis Theresa YVolfson Ines Panclo Jean Lucas hflargaret Graessei Shalzefipearn Niglgi Qlnmnriiier 'zlllnhrr ihv Axmpires uf the Qlullrgr Amziliarg Susan de Peyster, Chairman Anna Connors Hester Flynn Gertrude Smith X 116 Salvatore Altoriso Ethel Baker, hlrs. Nlarion Brady Gosine Candiclus A. E. Crane Arthur Crouch Adele Day Anthony Desideiro Beatrice Dunn Robert Edgren Edwin Fanelli Clara Fasario Grace Fitzpatrick liareen Hamra Helen Hodgson artment II Vincent Horton Georgia Johnson Phyllis Kerr Katherine Lemaire Frank Bflancini Nlarie Nlantio Katherine A-'liller Elinor Nluhlert Jane Penza Gabriel Pelretta Aline Pierson Lena Stern Nlarie Tilyou Bessie Ver Valen Helen VVilliamson Envzhag Earning Svkrtrh 6112155 NIR. FREDERICK BOSTON, Imirucior Miss A. G. Brookhuysen Nlrs. Lulu Davis Mr. VV. E. Denis lN'IiSS Loretta Egan Nlrs. A. Garlich lXfIr. Donald Heyward 1X4r. Robert Lewis II N112 John Bliller Bliss Agnes Natelson hir. Samuel Olcott Bliss Claudia Samenfleld NIL C. R. Tews Bliss Biarie Tilyou Bliss Tora VVi1berforce Erlvgaiinn at Siluvr Eng, llunr, 12115 ,L - . M' ,ly w .I I nm.. SLADE, GEHTRUDE S1u1'rH Jzsssm ORGILL, ISABEL SLADE FAcUI.1'Y DELEGATION fMASCUi.INE, AT SILVER BAY wif? 'flf J Essm 0RG1LL,Is.mEL SLADE ISABELLE ROWLANDS 'CV HARRIET RIARGUERITE Er-rm-:s'r1N12 ALMA Gswrnunlz . '11v7'f ' .-, 1. F2 1 -' ,:f:i':zy -1 - 4 1 JUSTINE QUENZEH ANNA CONNORS r H.kRRIET, HELEN, ERNESTINE. LIARJORIE M lss GAINES Miss Monmu. we offend, it is with our good will. That you should think, we come not to offend, But with good will to show our simple skill That is the true beginning of our end. Consider then we come but in despite. t We do not come as minding to content you, Uur true intent is. All for your delight We are not here. That you should here repent you, The actors are at hand and by their show You shall know all that you are like to know." I23 Midsummer Nighfij' Dream and Math prolalems S0 haul, Dues to collect Bnruthg Sv. .Affel 'Must she in all things look for the how the why and the wherefore ?" io solve .final guard, Questions to asle, Oh, oh! Olvjeetlobfls to mise "No-0-0-O." Dramatic Association CI, 2, 35, Athletic Association QI, 2, 3D, Die Boclenrunde C2, 32, Hallowelen Party Committee Qzj, Sophomore Funeral Col, Anvil Club Q2, 35, Treasurer of Anvil Club Czj, Vice- President of Anvil Club C3D, Class Treasurer QD, Collegiate Asso- ciates C3D. 124 linelgn Ellrehrirsr Allennparh A, "'Moclest and simple and sweet,-the very type of Priscilla." Neal and trim, Quiet, prim, Tall and thin- Thatlv Evelyn. Le Circle Francais QI, 2, 35, Erasmus Hall Club Cgl, Sophomore Recital Committee lfzj, Sophomore Funeral Athletic Association CI, 2, 35, Collegiate Associates CI, zjf 125 c Ubrrvll Ifinnil A F "Your eyes beam a true ray which can never deceive." Owe!! has such Zotx to do, H 01415 in a day seem few, Printers and publishers she maxi see, Anal 'very practical She 'mast be. Of 551155 and tact it takes a 5250616 To manage well our Paumanole. Barnard College QI5, Athletic Association C2, 35, 'Class Basket- ball Team C2, 35, Dramatic Association Q2, 35, College Play C35 Collegiate Associates C2, 35, Anvil Club Q2, 35, Hand Book Publi cation Committee C25, Business Manager, Paamanole Q35. I2 6 illliriam Eearman ' "The secret of success is constancy to purpose." ' ,pgs 1 iff, ' ,' L. r...-x s an . -1 . 21 -'f -. V . "' Typewriting, music, chemistry, too, Who is it thinks my interests are few If patient striving will aught avail, I n my endeavors I shall not fail. Dramatic Association CI, 2, 3D, Collegiate Associates QI, 2, 3 Anvil Club CI, 2, 3b. B 127 Esther Ifiurfnril "Her hair, like flaming meteor, fell adown her shoulder." Esthefs fond of dancing, and fond of mnsic, too, Spreads and zfeczs and mcztinees-with parties scattered through. But-when it comes to hnmdrnm things, Esther will decline, For lessons, rests and meetings dry are not in Esthefs Zine. Daisy Chain C2D, Prom. Committee C3D, Athletic Association CI, 2, 35, Committee for Christmas Party C2D, Nlandolin Club CI, 21, Erasmus Hall Club, Chapel Leader, Play Committee C3j, Dramatic Association CI, 2, 35, Membership- Committee of Adelphi College Auxiliary, Basketball Team CID, College Dramatics, Class Dramatics. 128 When Edna carnehto college We thou h li g t t at knowledge Was her only end and airn But later we decided, Her interests were divided ' And not all intent on favneg For we found Geo rge carne on Sunday And Percival on Monday, And other nights they carne, 129 iiima martin' "Whence is thy le arning? Hath thy toll 1 o'er books consumed the ' ' ' 7 midnight ozl? Quan Glcrrlrn 'KHow pretty V Her blushing was and how she blushed ' again." My blushes are a joy to see, And I am always one of three. If in Adelphi you chance to be, Y0u'ree5u1'e to see Anna, Ray, and me. 130 Anna Glnnnnrz "Rare compound of oddity, frolic and fun To relish a joke and rejoice in a pun." ,43- Our Anna is quite pretty, VV!!! all agree 5he'5 witty, But .fhe rteoer carer ez wink What other people my or thirth. She'5 aZwczy5 sure to have her joke At the exjbeure of other folk. find though sometimes 5he'5 very hlurtt, Yet never, ueoer take ajfrout, Because-it'5 outy Anna. Newman Club 12, 35, Dramatic Association CI, 2, 3D, Athletic Association CI, 2, 35, Christmas Party Committee Czj, Daisy Chain Czj, College Play C2, 3j, Class Dramatics Czj, Class Play Committee CZQ, Sophomore Tea Committee Czj, Students' Executive Czj, Sopho- more Musicale Qzj, Mandolin Club CZD, Sophomore-Freshman Funeral QZD, Business Board, ORACLE C3j, Cercle Francaise C3j, Fresh- man-Junior Wedding Q3l, Dramatics-Benefit College Settlement 131 J igvlvn lm, Ermarveit Such work I have for doing, elbow deep in social problems." Before her recimtions In class on any day, Helen always :D'l'6f,l.9CES.' "I was just goin' to my." Collegiate Association QI, 2, 35, Dramatic Association QI, 2, 31, Athletic Association CI, 2, 35, Chairman of Freshman Tea Committee, College Settlement Q3D, Sophomore Funeral 132 1 n I w 4 Agnrn Evninv For she loveth all lowly creatures Oh, Agnes likes biology, She cloies upon Zoology. On hugs and wings, Internal things, She is quite an authority. I iIIHilhr2h HH. Bnmnrg "Queen rose of the rosebud garden of girls." Her manner is inost gracion5,' Her cooleing is aleleclalionsg Her actions are oioacionx In class sheds alispntalionf- But though we all hola' her inost dear Yet in our hfart of hfarls wif feai' Shall .toon lake Wing anal disappear. Freshman-Junior Wedding KID, Chairman of Junior Party CID, Basketball Team QID, Sophomore Dramaties, Daisy Chain C2D, Hallowe'en Party, Y. M. C. A. C3D, Round Table C3D, Class Ring Committee Q3D, Editor -in-Chief of ORACLE C3D, College Settlement C3D. 134 Ernwtinre Erwazlrr "I would I were a grown up child." E1'nestiue's little, smart and guieleg She always looles so cute and ehteg Though .English may bore her, Anal Logic ajbpall her, Yet when it eomes to hearing all about the latest sho ws, Then just apply to Eruestlhe, for she's the one that goes. A Athletic Association CI 2 35 Fre h 4 , , , s man-Junior Party CID, Class Dramatics Q2j, Collegiate Associates QI, 25, Anvil Club CI, 2, 35, Junior-Freshman Party Committee Qgj, Dramatic Association QI, 2,- 3D, Cheer L cl ' ' ' ea er Czl, Daisy Chain Czl, Class Musicale Committee QD, College Dramatics 135 Anna Zlfrivirlzxnilrr "Good temper, like a sunny day, sheds brightness over everything." Latin is hersspecialtyg To class she's always Zateg As to views on matrimony, It is the 'fmartial state." 136 Ahelr CEirhnPr K A 9 The reason firm, the temperate will, l Endurance, foresight, strength and skill We do not know her very zoellg Whether 511675 exclusive we ccznlt telZ,' 7 But her conscientious rncznner Is quite czflcznnting banner Of her knowledge in economy, Anti her prestige in logczrnezehy. I 37 Margaret Ctrsvanrr "A hearty laugh is one of the best soul- restorers in the world." With quite positive opinions For the good of our alominions, Or even smaller matters than these ajairs of State, Will Margaret on occasion Give ample demonstration - That her mind can cope with problems small or great. Her ways are most methodical, Her reasons oery logical, With professors stern or gentle she'll debate. Collegiate Associates CI, 2, 32, Dramatic Association CI, 2, 3j, Athletic Association CI, 2, 3j, Barlow Medal Q2D, Students' Execu- tive KID, Class Treasurer CID, Class President C2D, Freshman-Junior Wedding Committee, Glee Club, Treasurer C3D, Vice-President Students, Association Q2D, Christmas Party Committee CI, 31, Round Table C3D, Varsity Team C2, 3D, Class Team QI, 2, 31, Class Day Usher C2j, Athletic Association Secretary C2j, Aisle Girl, Class Day C2D, Committee, Freshman-Sophomore Dance, Glee Club QI, 2, 35. 138 33212121 16221133 K A 9 ' "My soul to fancy's fond suggestion yields - And roams romantic o'er her airy fields." Hazel earne to snrniner school, Alnel now strange tales we hear Of automobiles anal Cabnerons And other things quite queer. Anal though in Rohert's Manual She's newer reacl, we fear, Yet we all agree with Fracly, "Hemel Haley" is a clear. Cflee Club Dramatic Association CI, 2, 3j, Class Play fzj, Daisy Chain QZD, Sophomore Dance Committee Qzj, Sophomore Funeral Qzj, Cercle 7 VW edding QD, HalloWe'en Committee CID, College Play Czj, Athletic Association CI, 2, 35, Francaise QD, Freshman-Junior Czj, Erasmus Hall Club C3D, Class President Cgj. 139 illiahvl illvhvrhill 'IJ M "The languages, especially the dead, The sciences, and most of all the abstruse In all these she was much and deeply read! Who is it clearly likes to boss? Who is lt gets so awful cross? W hols always first to jinish exarns, And yet declares she never crarns? Who is itfor us cares not a pin? Who is it wonderful tales can spin? Who in the libr'y in study hour, Feels to the full, her sense of power? 140 iEhna Erwin CD M 'She wlzo smiles and laughs away The little trials of today, Will live to smile and laugh away A stronger trial another day!" Her retiring disposition Has rnacle the recognition Of her talents and opinions very slow. Bat therejs still another year QAt least we hope so, dear5, When more about her we'll expect to know. Athletic. Association QI, 2, 35, Dramatic Association QI, 25, Cercle Francaise Q2, 35, Collegiate Associates QI, 25, Junior Musicale Committee Q35. E I4I Miss MejjZZe's very tiny, That much we do knowg Miss MejZe's very quiet, At least we think so. In stating her attainnients, We must go sZ0w,' Whan wine seen more of her Will let you know. 142 s Agnwa 111121112 "Gentle of speech beneficent of mmd 7 ' iinih illHnnr "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart." Her bearing, 50 gentle, Must have been instrumental In making ns think her so inild and sedateg F or we've all discovered, CSince her heart 5lte7.vinnco11ered5, Shelv jolly, good-natnred, and just simply great. Dramatic Association Cz, 35, Athletic Association Q2, 35, Glee Club Cz, 35, Cercle Francaise Cz, 35, Round Table C35, Y. W. C. A., Sophomoreilduneral C25, Sophomore Recital Committee C25, Sopho- more Tea Committee C25, Class Play C25, College Play Q2, 35, College Settlement Play C35, Daisy Chain Q25, Associate Business Manager, ORACLE Q35, Junior Prom Committee Q35, Junior-Freshman Wedding Committee Q35. 143 1-if Mse' fifwff , Z illlarinn A. illllnrphg K A 9 "Let the world slideg let the world go A fig for care and a fig for woe." " aaa.: , A. .if-N'-f7"I,1+ 5 "l5'75'1.:, f..31f- '3'i:5i4i1Z-Qfffq 1, ' , - "':-1751-fl:-.L .1'3fK.i55:gg:?"' 1 . - vuswfw 'rf me . ,:f' - .gv?::+.'- 114555-gal" '. , 1'-13. J "'- ii ' ': ' -:5iI12gE" ' . , '. 5,1 X ,1-',yQ.:ig::+f ,i?l"'?'3'i3Zf32fxQ12 Qu.-, - Sf .' '11 . Q 1 ,:. 'Z'-:,,.513' - . Aff X5-o..a-4'-, Indispensable at teas, junior Prom? a pure delight, But quite impowible to appease Such a great big uappetitef' Glee Club CI, 2, 3j, College Play CI, 2j, Athletic Association CI, 2, 3j, Newman Club CI, 2, 35, Dramatic Association CI, 2, 3 Hallovve'en Committee, Sophomore Tea Committee C2D, Sophomore Funeral, Athletic Banquet Committee C2j, Childrenls Party Com mittee C2, 32, Senior-Sophomore Party C2j, Junior-Freshman Lunch eon Committee 135, Junior-Freshman Wedding C3j, Daisy Chain C2 , Vice-President of Class C3j, Chairman Junior Prom. C31 144 Alma Namnmrk A A LX f- "Hers with the stature of the child, I l The wit as great as man's." '-7 . 1 . U u .sg ' Dear little Al, just came to town, With curly hair arid eyes of hrowri. Shels perfectly jolly arid sweet as they grow, But, oh, earl she whisper? Ash Fracly. Helll leriow. Barnard College CI, 25, Dramatic Association C3j, Athletic Association Qgj, Newman Club 135. 145 Slemiiv Qbrgill "All yield services unto her will." PV ith photographers and ORACLE ads fessie's had her troubles, But there is ei time when the inyiiacls Of woile seevn just like bubbles. A time when lights are iliin and low, Anil life's dull care retarcls, To leave cz picture that we know As 'cD'Arcy ofthe G'Lld7'Cl.S'.7, Long Island High School Scholarship, Chairman, Freshman- Sophomore Dance CID, Sophomore Funeral fab, Business Manager, Sophomore Play Czj, Sophomore Nlusicale Committee Czj, Executive Collegiates Cal, Executive Students Czj, Chairman, Hallowe'en Party Qzj, Athletic Association CI, 2 3j, Class Basketball Team CI, 2, 35, Collegiate Associates QI, 22, Barlow hledal Cal, Cercle Francaise Q2, 3j, Philosophy Club Qgj, Round Table Q3j, Chairman, College Settle- ment Entertainment CQ, College Play QD, Business Nlanager, QRACLE. 146 Elura Iganhn K K 1' "She is great, whose quiet bearing makes her greatness well assured." xx. K X AA'-w..! b . ,. if 'AV in We hacl written foi' Ines a beautiful lenocle, But when it was jinishecl, it was such a shocle To hear tales of vengeance she ineant to wreak On Zhe Literary Board who would claie to speak Of her Hproucl Spanish lveauzfyn anal Hheaey satire," So 250 save ourselves, welll guiclely retire. Round Table Cgj, Chairman, Sophomore Tea Committee 121, Chairman, Class Ring Committee C3D, Newman Club QD, Athletic Association, Dramatic Association, Glee Club CI, 25, Daisy Chain Czj, Studio, Class Eicecutive Cgj, Art Editor, ORACLE. 147 Eunlgn HPEIUQ "I have fed Perhaps too much upon the lotus-fruits I , Imagination yields-fruits that unfit The palate for the more substantial food Of our own land-reality. Acids, ehlorides, oxides, salts, Nitrates, brornicles, ehlorin, rnalts, Coinhining, testing and resolving, A future scientist evolving. I Philosophy, poetry, inath and art, I n all these her interests have a part- This curious, stuclious, versatile lass- The Gascoigne of the junior Class. Math Club QI, 2, 31, Social Study Q2j, Philosophy Club QQ, Dramatic Association QI, 2, 35, Freshman-Junior Wedding QU, Funeral Q2D, Junior-Freshman QD, Athletic Association CI, 2, 3j, Collegiate Associates CI, 2, 3j, Mandolin Club, Czj, Orchestra Q31 148 Milhrrh lgruuhfnnt 'The soul and source of music Which makes known eternal harmony When this girl begins to play, All our cares she drives away. She charms us all with nielodiesg We'1'e sure she belongs to the musical fairies. I 49, .ilwatinr HI. Qbnrnzvr move us to gentlenessi, We all know jay comes every day, ?Tw0'aZal break her heart L0 siay away, But then shelf as nice as she can be. Aft basketball, 5he'5 a wonder to fee. Anvil Club QI, 2, 3j, Dramatic Association QI, 2, 3D, Class Basketball Team CI, 2, 35, Varsity Basketball Team Q21 150 "Your gentleness shall, more than force, Marie iliaihv K A 9 Where did ydu get those eyes of blue? ffffe nevev' jimi her sit cmd chat Around the study table. She never 5pfah5 on 11zeezfi1zg days, .4Zth0ugh we think 5he'5 able. ISI Elaahvllr Qnmlanhz KID M QW "Bright, happy and gay am I." A ,,.,. ., l If you would light-hearted be, Gay and happy, quite care-free, Consort with one herfriends ca!! 'CFurry, " Wfhom cares or troubles rtfvfr worry. Dramatic Association CI, 2, 31, Athletic Association CI, 2, 3 Y. W. C. A. CI, 2, 35, Erasmus Hall Club C3D, Sophomore Play C2 Daisy Chain 152 Martini Sharp A A A "No lovelier spirit than thine." 9 No matter what you want to do, She will gladly help you through. She's gifted in so rnany ways- The ukalele gay she plays, Alt rnusieales she shows her powers, And deftly she rnakes paperflowers. But what we'd really wish to know Is why she likes Italian so? Students' Executive CID, Dramatic Association QI, 2, 3D, Athletic Association CI, 2, 3D, Secretary of Class Q2D, Sophomore Tea Com- mittee C2D, Sophomore Funeral Committee C2D, Secretary of Students' Association Q3D, Literary Board of ORACLE Q3D, Treasurer, Societa Leonardo Q3D, Round Table C3D, Chairman, Junior-Freshman Wed- ding Committee QD, Chairman, Junior Musicale C3D, Delegate to Intercollegiate Students' Conference C3D, Daisy Chain C2D. 153 ling Svingvr "Here's a sigh to those 1 A And a sm' vho love m , zle to thas f e e ulho hate." Wvrizfing stories if her hobby, Ami 5716 03065 Z17,677'L'7!E7'jl wfllg Szfuciymg Imlicm is another, M.d. suits har, you can tell. Dramatic Association QI, fa, 3j,lunior-Freshman 'Wedding QD, Athletic Association QI, 2, 3D, Sophomore Funeral Czj, Scribblers' Club QD, Collegiate Associates CI, zj, Social Study Club C 154 1, 25. Jlaahel Slabs fb M "Blest be the tongue that speaks no illg Whose words are always trueg That' keeps the Iaw of kindness still. ' fii f f i '1V"' f ' Whatever others do." ,Sm gg gp gi Her height, her prim and proper ways, Her shocked expression and miiltiple fills, May lead yon to thinle she can't take a joke, And isn't as jolly as other folle, But these things are misleading, she's fond of fnn, And really yon'll jind her a tfery good ehnm. Secretary of Class CID, Vice-President of Class C2j, Treasurer of Students' Association Czj, Cercle Francaise C2, 3D, Round Table fgj, Athletic Association CI, 2, 3j, Basketball Team QD, Dramatic Asso- ciation QI, 2, '3D, Sophomore Funeral Q2D, Sophomore Play C2j, Fresh- man-Junior Wedding CQ, Collegiate Associates QI, 2, 3Q, Delegate to Silver Bay f2j, Freshman-Sophomore Dance Committee CI, 2, gj, Hallovvelen Party Committee 125, Committee for Presidentjs Recep- tion Cgb, Chapel Executive Cgj, Winner of Tennis Tournament Singles Q3j, Assistant Business Manager of ORACLE Board Cgj. 155 Mlahgz 13. Smith "Teach me half the gladness That thy brain must know." Do you wan! to run a play, Or a picnic holiday? Go to Glady5. Would you have a .vpread or zfea, Or a musicale or party? Go Zo Gladyr. Would you like a new club planned, Or a dinner party grand? Go to Gladys. Have you got a ease of blues, And a tonic you would ure? Go zo Gladyr. I5 it help for Paumanoh, Or a comrade you would knock? Go to Glady5. Dramatic Association CI, 2, 32, Die Bodenrunde Cz, 39, Athletic Association CI, 2, 35, Chairman, Sophomore Recital Czl, Chairman, Sophomore-Senior Party Czl, Chairman, Freshman-Junior Luncheon Cgj, Class Secretary C3l, Scribblers' Club QD, Collegiate Associates QI, 2, 32, Stage Manager, College Play Cgl, Review Editor of Paumanole. 156 llanv Eillivr Smith KID M "Her life has many a hope and aim, Duties enough and little cares." 2, Dear jane-let its make a suggestion To aooial "fraternity indigestion, 77 I By giving up lobsters and ereaing For logic doth teach its That ptoinaine will reach its If that is the inenn, 7tzooiiZd seein. Vice-President, Y. W. C. A. QQ, Treasurer, Collegiates' Associa- tion 121, Treasurer, Athletics Association Czj, Sophomore Tea Com- mittee Qzj, Freshman-Sophomore Dance Committee CID, Varsity Basketball Team C2, 3j, Class Team QI, 2, 3j, Athletic Banquet Com- mittee Cgj, Assistant Advertising Manager of Paiwnanok 157 Marguerite Smith "I must wear a gala dress, Long stored up within my press, v For today a dance is given." When she dances, her grace e1fLt1'a1zces All who on hev' gazeg 'Tis said she sews, makes pretty clothes, Afhd she has pleasant waysg But how she Hams hefofe exams, And from all classes stays. Athletic Association QI, 2, 3j, Erasmus Hall Club C3D, College Dramatics CID, Sophomore Hazing Committee Qzj, Sophomore Dance Committee Qzl. 158 151211211 Efivhnut K A 9 " You look so neat and sweet in All your frills and fancy pleatin H elerfs Mase'-but curious, Absent-minded-out thafs spurious, Lowes candy-thczfs injurious, Speaks calmly-never gets furious. I lgarriri Efillman "Her doubts are traitors, And make her lose the good she oft might win, o By fearing to attempt." There was a famous Senator, once, His name it way Tillman t 7 00: And they say whenever he made a speech He talked the whole day through. ' And Frady Jays Qand he ought to knowb We7oe one who with hun could vie- Anci when it comet to fa5hion5 and Jtyles, H er pozoerf we ean7t deny. 160 Elgrarl Han Svirlen ' K A 9 "Not from all shells in India bays Are pearls to win as we have won." 5 it f "': - 1. 'I i. Jlffk., 4 f ' ' -. 'Z-. "f,7'5T -f -' l fziiifif Pea1'Z's a very dainty gif! Who always acts just so,' Anything that isu7t neat, just simply has to go. If she ctoesuft feel quite sweet, Sh!!! speak to you-or 110. Dramatic Association CI, 2, gj, Athletic Association CI, 2, 3j, Chairman, Sophomore Funeral Czj, Class Dramatics Qzj, Usher, Class Day C2j, Assistan CI, 2, 35, Class Executive Cgj, Junior Prom Committee. t Business Manager of ORACLE, Cercle Francaise 161 Chertruhr walhrnn "With the faith that life is blest, Brave and noble, bright and good." , In this class of varied specialties, There are none can write such poetry A75 Gertrude. And though you may compete in French, The 'ctref exeltentew you cannot wrench, ft'5 Gertrudelv. So herels to her, so jine and clever, There'5 a place in our hearts forever and ever, F or Gertrude. Dramatic Association QI, 2, 35, Athletic Association CI, 2, 3j, Sophomore Funeral Committee C2D, Sophomore Show Committee, Class Dramatics 125, Junior Wedding Committee C3D, Scribblers' Club QD, Junior-Freshman Party Committee, Assistant Literary Editor of GRACLE. 162 Marian 115. milkinann t "A girl of cheerful yesterdays and coni- dent tomorrowsf' 1 t ijt. Wlzo is it that paints anal draws so well? llflarion. Who is it that replies, "I eanlt Zellu? lllarflon. W ho is it Zhat receives letters galore, Frorn Washington, Brooklyn and San Saloaclore? i Marion. Graduate, Adelphi Normal Art Department, 1914, Sophomore Funeral Czj, Sophomore Play Committee QQD, Sophomore Hazing Committeelfzj, Dramatic Association Cz, 35, Athletic Association Q2, 32, Sketch Club KID, Newman Club Q2, 35,3 Societa Leonardo 132, Collegiate Associates, CI, aj, Basketball Czj, Chairman, Handbook Publications Cal, Assistant Art Editor, ORACLE C3j, The Studio Q3j, Junior-Freshman Wedding Committee Q3j,' Chairman, Place Card Committee, Athletic Association C3j. 163 Elhvrrmr mnlfznn complishes no victories without it." Theresa has such fuzzy hair, I t causes vnneh ctiftnrhanee, When of it all her loving friends Care to 'fncihe oh5eroanee. We cionit know if that i5 why She has such funny notions' Of gooerninent and politics, 'Mid waves of great emotions. Dramatic Association CI, 2, 3D, Athletic Association QI, 2, 3D, Round Table Cjj, Round Table Recital Committee, Secretary of Round Table, Christmas Party Committee, Scribblers' Club C3Q, Ring Committee QD, Shakespere Tercentary, College Dramatics C3j, Wheeler Scholarship, Literary Editor of ORACLE. 164 "Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm. It is the genius of sincerity, and truth ac- DOUDGLE Department 1 1 MARGARET ADAMS FLORENCE ALBERT CLARA BARSLEY MARIE BENNETT RUTH BONHAM JESSIE BURGESS JEANNETTE COHEN LAURA CUMMINGS GENEVA DISBROW NIILDRED DONELDSON MARGARET FLYNN BESSIE GALLAGHER MADELINE GERAD HENRITTA GESEKI JENNIE HARTMAN LILLIAN HARTUSGLE ISABELLE HART MILDRED HEAD BEATRICE HOLLANDER VIOLA JAQUILLARD RUTH KNOWLSON iluninr 0112155 Prefidem . VIRGINIA TAYLOR Ififf-P7'6'.YidE7Z1l JESSIE BURGESS Sfcretary . . MARGARET ADAMS Treafurer . FLORENCE ALBERT CATHERINE MCGINNIS CECILE TNTCSHERRY ALICE NICTIGUE KATHRYN NIAGEE MARION MEREDITH EDITH BAORRISON ALMIRA NELSON TVIADTELINE OSGOOD RUTH PETTIT MYRTLE ROGERS NIARY RUBINOSKI ANNA RUDNICK MARGARET RYAN ANNA SCHLEFER LILLIAN SHAPIRO VIRGINIA TAYLOR CAMILLE THOMPSON K. ADELE TODD ALVINA TOLLE ENA WANGE LILLIAN XVICKS HILDA WILDI-'ORSTER I I x I 1 -1 ALMA BERNHARDT ALIA BLUM MILDRED CRAWFORD MYRTLE CUDDEBACH GENEVIEVE CULLEN KATHLEEN EVANS MILDRED HANCOCK JESSIE HILL GRACE HOLZENTHALER LILY JACOBS ' ELIZABETH MCDONALD I iHeh1'narg Snninrn Prefidem . GENEVIEVE CULLEN Vice-President ELIZABETH MCDONALD Secretary . . ALLA O1-15 Treafwer MYRTLE CUDDEBACH ALLA OTIS LILLIAN PALLEY I THELMA PRENSKY ELOUISE TUCKER MARGARET TUCKER PAULINE WRIGHT MARION BYRNE HELEN HILLYER FRIEDA MATZ PAULINE YUELLS GRACE DOYLE 69 x 1 - ' :T-1.4 -3 1. -. 4. z ,A. QQ .Q BfIARY A. ANDERSON ANNA M. BUSCHER REBECCA COHEN DOROTHY CONKLIN JULIA CRADOCK RUTH CRAGIN FLORENCE CUSACK ELSIE DEHLER MARIE E. DONNELLY EDNA HAERLE JOSEPHINE HAMILTON GR-ETCHEN HAWKINS HAZEL B. HOOPER ETHEL KAYSER DOROTHY KEVIN RUTH LEE ELLA KOUWENHOVEN FLORENCE LEHNER ' IME I I 1 Sveninr Qllazz P1'ef1'deuf . RIARY E. MONEIPENNY Vice-Prffidemf ELLA KOUWENHOVEN Serz-gram . RUTH CRAGIN Treafmw' , HELEN k'iCDOWELL I7I SADIE NI. LEVY HELEN NICDOWELL VIOLET MAC GILLIVRAY NIAUD L. MATHESON EMILY G. NIEURER DORA NIOLLER NIARY NTONEYPENNY TERESA NIULLER RITA C. O,BRIEN HELEN O,LEARY ELIZABETH O,NEILL LIBBIE RABINOWITZ SADIE ROSENWEIG LILLIAN Ross RUTH SIMONSON PAULINE STEPHEN HE'NRIETTE WECKSTEIN MARION GRODOTSKE g f1Ei Dg1-'DQ 335 ff A Prefident . ELIZABETH MCDONALD Vice-President . K. ADELE TODD Secretary . KATHRYN IVIAGEE Treasurer ANNA M. BUSCHER 172 Q .XLQQ3 r ., . L .mlaffbxxgs Q 1 5 ' X -N'-z',2MS1" 'A 5 . f ,, X Hx . I X D I I XX -ww ' Bw ' -2 f W ,film f X, X 9' gt no Q' 'I ' -, J Z, If l ,l- fda? ',..T I U ma" 41 if Z: sf G ? ' 9, l A W '-1.114-vii ,fh Y , , .. - ?- .C ' f 7 f .1 J M? gif kv . .., 1 1 I? "uh fy.. ' ? H U I . A. V I k. us: M., A ,I 41 .INS .I E uxiifin- F N4 -2 .ff if GX . ' '- - - ' - J' QBIJ '-f , .L fs-.--s .A N L, 7- - 1' " , 5 I-23 X' lx - 'f A- .. . , 'Y - ' V fl . - 'f " 77. A ii" --N AT: Tl-,- T-V U l ' rl 2 I N I .f Q . 'l" , I .-"' " - " fl x lu g 5 1 r Q ,. , ! -:fl f ' 'ii -if -A f w 9 T2 71 'Z 5 if i- - Svvninr Eirrrturg 1 73 Svrniur Ollann Birrrinrg ' NAME FAVORITE EXPRESSION, CRUSH PRESENT OCCUPATION FUTURE PROSPECTS ANDERSON Ah! go on. E K. Clltching trains - 7 - Fliousekeeping -N BUSCHER Why pick on me? Some-lad on the Quarreling with him Sport CONKLIN lVhere is that Ellawoman? Rflgm Eating Farming at Roslyn COHEN Thatis my seat!! A. L. Fhoning to 'cHen7, Psychology prof. CRADDOCK I don't know Duff CDearj hunting French interpreter CRAGIN NoW-er- lfVhich? Interrupting professors Suffrage speaker CUSACK How do look? Jimmy 'Working? Surely Remodeling hats DEHLER Nlost assuredly Guess Stretching her vocal cords Good Samaritan DONNELLY Really? C. D. B. Keeping up With the fashions Model GRODCSKE Fm so tired! Ken Coming late Chauffeuress HAERLE My dear! Cholly Dreaming lVlan hater HAMILTION 'What are you doing T. P. Oiqicial chewer Seeking a mate HAYVKINS Say, do lplook like a Brownie Phoning to Ted Getting married HOOPER rrgiigim' Bill Jack Qf all -trades - Hgusekeepei- KAISER Sh!! keep stilll Donald Class giggler , lmitating Nlary O Fickford KEVIN W'ho has a little piece of--F That's telling Hunting for pins Professional skater KOUWENHOVEN But my dear!! L. B. Taking care of Dot German tutor LEE Is it late? Brother Living up to her Hrepsl' Recuperating LEHNER Let's see! I. H. Writing notes Pianist LEVY l've got that all dofneff Horrors! Distributing information Being the boss MACDOWELL Some little bug Will get you Charlie C. Collecting dues Future Harry Lauder MACGILLIVRAY I iiiiirsltesiiltiildy. Too fickle Deep thinking I Writing shorthand MATHESON A lsn't it aw-W-ful? G. C. Wearing Howers Depending on G. C. jfs question MEURER What's at the Bushwick? Um. H. Coloring old clothes Vaudeville star MOLLER CNothing much.D F Relating trials and tribula- Flirt MONEYPENNY Lifzfefi, girls!! Shorty K. Peace fesjtqosrei' The only kindergart- MULLER Oh, for goodness sake! K. H. Absorbing knowledge Geriiian translator O,BRIAN Cut it out! jack Consuming frappes Nlovie star OlLEARY Did she call the roll? L. H. Improving complexions Nletropolitan star RABINOWITZ ............... . . . Ben Working overtime French modiste ROSENZWEIG Oh, that's fafy! We Won't tell Explaining complex situa- A fount of knowledge Ross W-W-ait a minute. R. L. Getttjiiiig a man for a dance Being important SIMONSON Let's hurry! D. F. Wearing a broad smile Southerner's love STEPHEN CNone.j N ? Runningto college School marm VVECKSTEIN Whatls that? Loads of them Keeping up the class Hrepll Authoress Svvninr 0112155 Svnnn, Dear Adelphi! The Nineteen Sixteen Girls are loyal, Dear Adelphi! Thy name will ever cherished be, Dear Adelphi! We give a cheer for your royal A-D-E-L-P-H-I ! Adelphi! liinhvrgzwtvn illllehlvg Did you ever hear a Kindergartner sing Soldier Boy, Soldier Boy, WVhere are you going? Then carne the call of the brave Knights so true, Tra-La-La-La-La-La-La-La-La I hear the bugle calling, so merry and so free. Come, Seniors, We are playing, Oh! I am a jolly miller and I live by the mill And-a merry band are we, Standing here so merrily. A With one, two, three, away We go. VVith-Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the Way. Oh! what fun the Seniors have When their games they play and sing. A happy day now to you, A happy day now to you, A happy day, dear playmates, A happy day now to you. 176 A .w Elfazhinn Shnin smh Elhllliwa lgrwrntrh hg Ihr Sentara uf 1112 Normal Eeparimrni filling 12, 15113, in thx' Qlhzqarl 551111 Cllnmmitter HAZEL B. HOOPER . . . . . . . . Chairman MARY NIONEYPENNY GRETCHEN HAWKINS A GRACE DOYLE MARIE DONNELLY ELLA KOUWENHOVEN ANNA BUSCHER BAARION BYRNE ELIZABETH MCDONALD 177 Svvninr Alphahrt -is for Anderson, lVIay is her name, She's a charming little miss, and will bring Adelphi fame. -is for Burnet, a pretty name, I know, But kindly tell us, Rachel, will it always be just so? -is for Conklin, who is always on the run. She's very fond of teasing and is always full of fun. -is for Donnelly, who is fond of tango teas, She also works quite hard, trying everyone to please. -is for energy, with which we do our work. We always strive the very best our duties not to shirk. -is for fun that we have in games, But beware of the fact that they may take your names. -is for Grodoske, our chum from out of town, Who is always ready to go home CFD before the sun goes down -is for Hooper, a very pretty miss, Who dreams of the future and forgets she's in our midst. -is for ingenuity, for which we've stood a test, Keep right at it, classmates, and do your level best. -is for Juniors, the Class of Nineteen-Seventeen, They're working hard and have been since Fifteen. -is for Kaiser, the genius of our school, Though she's really smart, she likes to play and fool. -is for Lehner, who is always alert And never has tried her duties to shirk. -is for Moneypenny, who helps us do our share, And when we're too mischievous, she cries aloud, "beware -is for the notes, so silvery and sweet, When Gretchen's at the piano, just watch the moving feet -is for the office, a room just off the hall, Many go in feeling big and come out feeling small. -is for the pranks that we play every day, Woe be to the Junior who passes our way. -is for the questions we're asked in class, - If we can't answer them we never can pass. 178 Sveninr Alphabet-Qlnniinuvh is for Ross, a merry old soul, VVho does all her lessons and never gets in a hole. is for Simonson, one of our commuters, VVho always has a new joke with which to amuse us. is for the trains that we run to catch each day, But when we reach the station theylve started on their way. is for the union, the good fellowship of all, We all strive to do good work-and not to fall. -is for the vigor, vim, and force, They figure in our college songs and sound just fine, of course. is for lYeckstein, the most willing worker of all, She's always busy and finds no time to gossip in the hall. -is some unknown quantity that turns our Juniors pale, They wonder at our great success and why we do not fail. -is for the yesterdays that we have let go by, But if we get busy, we might catch up by and by. -is for zeal, by means of which we win, Defeat we will not stand forg for success we work with vim. what mnnlh iqzqapvn, Ilf- Nliss Littig could make us stop talking? Miss Harvey was early to classes? ' lVliss Roethgen received home work on time? Miss lvlorse became strict? lVIiss Conner didn't call us her dear children? Dr. Henderson didn't tell us about his little girl? Dr. Ruger gave an easy test? 179 A. M. B MAY ANDERSON ANNA BUSCHER REBECCA COHEN 1515 "When one is contented there is nothing more to be desired." "A little thing, but large enough to love." "Whatever I have done is due to patient thought." DOROTHY CONKLIN JULIA CRADDOCK RUTH CRAGIN "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenancef' 'cHer stature tall-I hate a dumpy womanf' "I have found you an argument, I am not obliged to find you an understanding." FLORENCE CUSACK ' ELSIE DEHLER 4'She is small, but pleasantf' "The only Way to have a 'friend is to be one." LAIARIE DONNELLY "Style is the dress of thought." NIARION GRODOSKY EDNA I-IAERLE "Oh, bed! bed! bed! delicious bed! That heaven upon earth to the Weary head, Whether lofty or low its condition!!! "I have no other but a WOman's reason: I think him so because I think him so." JOSEPHINE HAMILTON "She doeth little kindnesses which most leave undone or despise." GRETCHEN HAWKINS HAZEL HOOPER ETHEL KAISER DOROTHY KEVIN "Love is not to be reasoned down or lost in high ambition." "Their love in early infancy began, And rose as childhood r1pen'd into manf! 'cIf eyes were made for seeing, Then beauty IS its Own excuse for being." Ufack shall pipe and Jill shall dance." ELLA KOUWENHOVEN RUTH LEE "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart." "Genuine simplicity of heart is a healing and cementing principle ISO FLORENCE LEHNER "I know a maiden fair to see, Take Carel She's fooling thee!" SADIE LEVY "'What is the end of study?" HELEN IVIACDOWELL IC 7 Blushing is the color of virtue. ' VIOLET MAC GILLIVRAY "Shut up In measureless content." NIAUDE MATH EsoN '4Air and manners are more expressive than words " EMILY MEURER "I am myself indifferent." DORA NIOLLER "Her voice is ever soft, gentle and low-an excellent thing IH a woman IVIARY NIONEYPENNY "Gentle of speech, but absolute of rulef, THERESA IVIULLER "We know little of thee, But that little is good." RITA O ,BRIAN "There's a sweet little cherub that sits up alo To keep watch for the life of poor Jack." HELEN O'LEARY "If in the breast tumultuous joys arise, lVIusic her soft assuasive voice supplies." LIBBIE RABINOWITZ ' "Nothing is insignificant-nothing.,' LILLIAN Ross "I think, therefore I amf' RUTH SIMONSON "Innocence is strongg A thing most sacred in the eye of Heavenf' PAULINE STEPHEN . "So many hours must I take my restg So many hours must I contemplate." I-IENRIETTA WECKSTEIN "Knowledge itself is power." RACHAEL BURNET ' ' "It is better to learn late than never." EDITH SWAN "A talent is developed in retirement." SADYE ROSENZWEIG "There's not a minute Without some duty." ISI f JUSI-IES Kitty ascends the stage-wild bursts of enthusiasm from the audience-Kitty, smiling and bowing, takes all the applause for herself Qas only Kitty can and as Kitty always willl. When will Flossie Albert ever learn that little girls should be seen and not heard? There's one thing we like about Ruth Bonham-she does take criticism so politely. Pass the hat-we are taking up a collection to buy Camille Thompson a bottle of anti-fat. Oh, Adele! why not first try out that trick stuff you use on the dog? There's one thing in history that Ruth Pettit never will forget, i. e., "All roads lead to Romef' If the NIcTigue family doesn7t become famous, it won't be Alice's fault! Come on now, Cecile, that highbrow talk listens well in Boston-but-l Oi course, Jessie Burgess, we all know that you're an A-I eriticizer-but just wait until it's your turn to read a theme in class. 182 fl5UPml You may think that we are silly, You may think that we are shy, Perhaps it wouldn't hurt you ,To know the reason why. This year is but our first one, VVe admit the work is hard, If we didn't, say-now Seniors, VVould't it be hard? Weire scared of all the teachers, Weare lost in halls immense, VVe simply canit deny it' VVe do not show much sense! But when we don our caps and gowns, The difference won't be seen. VVe're counting on the deadly black To cover up the green! Now, classmates, little Juniors, Our motto let's rehearse:- HAS Seniors unto us have done, Let us do,-'much more.' 9' lxfilARION NIEREDITH. Now, hflarion, of course we agree with you that you7re pretty good-but you'll have to admit that Tennyson was a little better. 183 7 K Glhr 'iaarhrlnfa iKeurriP Zllrhrusxrg Sveninra, Nnnrmher, 24, 1915 The Cast of the playlet was:- Prologue by ..,. Bachelor . . Grammar School Girl High School Girl . Baxleetball Girl . Winter Girl . College Girl . Rah-Rah Girl . Society Girl . Sport Girl . Actrefy . . M aliriee Girl . Riding Girl . Termi: Girl . Summer Girl . Bathing Girl . Merry Widow .... Bride ...... lVI1ss MARION MEREDITH Miss MILDRED CRAWFORD Miss HULDA WILDFORSTER Miss ELOUISE TUCKER . Miss JESSIE BURGESS Miss ELISABETH MCDONALD . Miss FRIEDA MATZ . Miss ALICE MCTIGUE hflrss KATHERINE MAGEE . Miss ANGELA MURRAY MISS GENEVIEVE CULLEN Miss MYRTLE CUDDEBACK . Mlss GRACE DOYLE Miss MARJORIE TUCKER . Miss HELEN HILLYER . Miss RUTH PETTIT Miss NIARGARET FLYNN . Miss ALMIRA NELSON Miss Mildred Hancock was at the piano and Miss Alla Otis was the manager. Gllazia Sung nf the Firhrnarg Svrninra CTO the tune of "Thom Charlie Chaplin Feefnj Adelphi College dearg Adelphi College dearg To you we are sincere. We'll give a rah-rah, and cheer you. Always tru e, . No matter what you do. We'll hold you dearest in our hearts, and never Will 'we let it sever. Your bright halls, Always to us recall S A memory loyal, true and sweet and dear, And loved by one and all. If ever you're in need, we're sure. To help you with good heart and pure. Always with you, ' Dear Adelphi Hall. I Alphabet nf Thr Iliehruarg Sveninrz A-starts the alphabetical review Of knocks and boosts of me and you. If you are hurt, or perhaps pleased, Don't let us know, we wonlt feel at ease. B-is for Bernhardt, a studious child, VVho spends her time on things that are mild. Also for Byrne, a stranger in class. C-is for Celia, a nice simple lass. D-is for Doyle who cuts just for sport. E-is for Edith, a girl of strange sort. F-is for Frieda, a very tall lady. G-is for Genevieve, a society maiden. H-is for Hancock, our leader will be. In all the new dances, a genius is she, And it's for Holzenthaler, a babe in disguise. I-is for innocence, expressed in her eyes. J-is for Jacobs, well read is she, Also for Jessie, we all love to see. K-is for Kathleen, our slim little blond. L-is for Lillian, of sweet things she's fond. M-is for Nlyrtle, who comes from afar, And for McDonald, a popular star. N-Notoriety our class has attained. O-is for Otis, through whose help this we gained. P-is for pleasure we've had through the year. Q-is a letter we can't use in here. R-is for rhythm we have every week. S-is for suitors whom We all seek. T-for the Tuckers, not sisters are they, Both very sweet and always so gay, Also for Thelma who has just the style V Wihich keeps our eyes open for quite a while. U-is for us, symbolic we'll say Of the good old spirit of the U. S. A. V-is our voices, which sound just like birds. W-is Wright, she says many a word. X-for Xcuses on the tips of our tongues, VVe give them so often we'll wear out our lungs. 185 Svnrial 7 mania Uhr Ahelphi Nnrmal Banu? The Adelphi Normal students held their Annual lVinter Dance at Adelphi on Friday evening, February 18, 1916, and as usual a very pleasant evening resulted. The committee in charge consisted of Lillian Ross CChairmanD, Nlary Nloneypenny, Ethel Kaiser, Elisabeth McDonald, Ruth Lee, Dorothy Kevin, Thelma Prensky, and Cathrine Magee. The patronesses Were, Nliss Anna E. Harvey, Miss Nellie L. Roethgen, Miss Harriet Littig, Mrs. Frank Blodgett, Nlrs. Nelson Nloneypenny and Mrs. James McDonald. Ailarge number participated in the dance and all present voted it a great success. L Eaxllntufrn Idarig A Hallovvelen Party was given by the Senior Class to initiate the Juniors on October 30, 1915. The Juniors, by means of various Hallowe'en stunts, furnished much amusement for the Seniors and the Faculty. The Normal Study Hall Was prettily decorated with autumn leaves and lack-o-lanterns, and refreshments were served there. After that, dancing Was indulged in. The committee for the after- noon Was: Edna Haerle, refreshment, Nlary hfloneypenny, decoration, Ruth Cragin, entertainment. , The Juniors gave a Thanksgiving Party to the Seniors and Faculty on Wednesday, November 24, IQI5, at which they entertained them with a playlet entitled, 'cThe Bachelor's Reverief' It was held in the Chapel Hall and, later, a fine buffet luncheon was served in the gymnasium. 186 C E LIA B LUM IH 17 Zlivhruarg Sentara 'cShe is one that could move a mountain OH its base and move it back again NIARION BYRNE lirm, steady and Constant." 'iYou'll find the friends are few that you can hold, Be kind to her, she asks for nothing more." NIYRTLE CUDDEBACK at She is sweet and her cheerful disposition doth oft ,pare for her a happy way GENEVIEVE CULLEN MGH GRACE DOYLE KATHLEEN EVANS with the dance, let joy be unconfinedf' g'She is a leaiiess, stemless, floating Hower, From a rainbow's scattered bowerf' "She is of an even disposition, and will always have friends about herf, HELEN HILLYER '4Such triumphs as no mortal ever gained Nlay yet be thinef, GRACE HOLZENTHALER "She wrought and sang from morn till nightg No lark more blithe than she." MILDRED HANCOCK f'Her gentle voice and ways are of pleasant helpfulness and cheer." JESSIE HILL LILLIAN JACOBS ':For the heart hath many passages Through which the feelings roam, But the middle aisle is sacred, Over which we each may roam? "She always did unto others as she would be done by, And this is the secret of a long life and a happy one." 187 Elirhruarg Svrninra-Clnniinurh ELISABETH NICDONALD "Her friends are as countless as the sands of the sea, And in her does each one find a refuge freef, EDITH NIORRISON "Her modesty doth oft hide her clearness and powerf' ALLA OTIS "It would seem to me as though just a touch of hers, however light, Vvould make all darkness dayf, LILLIAN PALLEY A'She never forgot that a kind word and a smile cost nothing and are precious jewels to the discouraged." TH ELMA PRENS KY "Such was the way To turn her daily duties into daily praise." LIARGARET TUCKER "She reliected from her face the god of light, And man rejoiced when he saw the sightf' ELOISE TUCKER "Her lips are red as poppiesg Her hair is smooth and neatg And in her glad expression There is always something sweetf' PAULINE WRIGHT "Thou dost not dream what forces lie in thee, Vast and unfathomable as the mighty sea." NIILDRED CRAWFORD L'Like a Wreath of scented flowers Close entwined each heart with hers." 188 fduninr linnrka FLORENCE ALBERT 'AAS a lyke to compare in taste chalk and cheese MARGARET ADAMS "The true sovereign is the Wise Manf' MARIE BENNETT "Fair was she and like a Howerf' CLAXRA BARZELAY "Shreds of Wit and Senseless Rhymes Blundered out a Thousand Timesf' RUTH BONHAM "Yet not superior to her sex's airs, The mode she fixes by the gown she wearsf, JESSIE BURGESS "-Ioyousness in thee, like a summer mornf' JEANETTE C01-TEN A uhflild as when Zephyrus on Flora breathesf, LAURA CUMMINGS "Playful blushes that seemed nought But luminous escapes of thought." :NIILDRED DONELSON "For she is gentle that doth gentle deedsf' GENEVA DISBROW "Seize the present moment." BESSIE GALLAGHER "Always prepareclf' HENNETTA GESEKI "Harmony with every grace Plays in the fair proportions of her face." LILLIAN HARTUSCLE f'The world is a comedy to those who thinlcg A tragedy to those who feel? ISABELLE HARTT "To get the good of a book, ' You must go beneath the cover." JENNIE HARTMAN - "Above our life we love a steadfast friend." BEATRICE HOLLANDER "My tongue is the pen of a ready writer." 189 RUTH KNOWLSON Sluninr llinnrksa-Glnniinueil "Red as a rose is she." KATHERINE MCGINNES at Still waters run deep." KATHERINE MAGEE "From whose lips divine persuasion flowsf' ALICE NICTIGUE 4'Be not the first by whom the new is tried, MARION MEREDITH Cl Nor yet the last to lay the old aside." Though I am young, I scorn to flit On the wings of borrowed witf' CECILE MCSHERRY 4'Nothing is said nowadays that has not been said before RUTH PETTIT MARY RUBINOSKI IVIADELINE OSGOOD "He was the mildest mannered man!" "Ambition should be made of sterner stuff." J cc ANNA RUDNICK K. ADELE TODD VIRGINIA TAYLOR ALMIRA TOLLE EVA WANCE Her Words are few, such as move the human heart." "The power to know, the aim to do." MARGUERITE RYAN uShe even has to all allotted, soon or late, Some lucky revolutions of their fate." "Wisdom is better than rubies." YCAMILLE THOMPSON "To Wake the soul by tender strokes of art, To raise the genius and to mend the heart? "To err is human, to forgive, divinef' 4'Child of the meadows, born of sun and Howersf' ':Nothing is there better than a friend." IQO 3111 thvnv nnmhvra hr vxprmmeh meaning Elven 'neaih mvrrg 1251. ETF-9 3 ' Elriala nfra lhtnrker Did you ever try to write a knock, And find out with an awful shock There really wasn't a thing to say. She wasn't sad, she wasn't gay, We couldn't slam her on her looks, She wasn't 'specially fond of books, She wasn't a grind, yet never said Things made right up out of her head, Like, 'lNapoleon crossed the Rubicon, Or, "Alfred Noyes was a Spanish donf' We couldn't knock her on her hair, That wouldn't have been exactly fair. She didnit like peanuts or taffy candy, With brush or pencil she wasn't handy, She didn't draw, she didn't paint, She didn't write, she didn't faint. She hadn't any peculiar ways, Like wearing rubbers on sunny days. She never expressed a predilection To make a postage-stamp collection. We didn't know of a foible or fad, She wasn't either good or bad. She wasn't short, she wasn't tall, She wasn't thin or fat at all. She didn't even like to chat, Now what could you say of a girl like that? 192 77 5559 f I Efhvnrg There was a chapel speaker once, And he was wondrous wise, He told us that our table-talk We really should revise. He said that in this land of ours, One reason for decay, YVas that, around the festal board, Such trivial things we say. NVe talk of politics or plays, Spring fashions or baseball, And of the more important things We do not talk at all. He said that it was up to us To start a new crusade, And with the Wisdom We had gained, Come to our country's aid. He said we should begin at home. And talk of problems great, Philosophy, biology, And questions of the State. Mrartirr There was a college student once, And she was not so wise, She listened to this speakerls views, And then his theories tries, So topics biological She sought to introduce, But oh, alas, for motive's height, lt wasn't any use. For when she talked of lobsters' claws, Darwinls descent of man- Her brother only stared at her, And said, "Fd like more hamf' She turned to themes more popular- The ethics of all wars, But when their feelings heated grew, Their ethics showed some flaws She tried great Kant's philosophy, But interest seemed to pall, The government in ancient Greece- But no one spoke at all, The value ofthe classics, sage, And futuristic art- At lengthher dad the silence broke, "I think l'll take a tartf' illllnral Remember that, when speakers come To talk before a college, They think to say the humdrum thing Would quite offend our knowledge And so a Word of warning here: When listening to a speech, lmbibe the theory all you will- D07'l7f prarficf what lhfy preach. 194 A I f fs-4 i t sift With ultra-learned air He'd sweep the panorama, And choose this subject rare: 77 "The psychology of drama, Or, with meditative phiz, As stern as the Doxology, He'd say: 'chfly subject is H The drama of psychology. And all who heard him rant, From Nlaine to Alabama, In ecstasy Would chant: 'WVhat psychology! Wfhat drama!" And so he felt no Whit Like making an apology, For knowing not a bit Of drama or psychology. i . N. Y. Timex. 196 I-lu i 1 1 , I CDL11' Atlilrtwa Listen! listen! Hear our rooters greet them, Cheering with a Weego, Weego, Wy. Hurry, hurry, we must go to meet them, That's the team from Adelphi. Sing their praises, All are daisies, Three are here before your eyes. Weego! weego! That,s a cheer for Margaret, She is sure to keep the ball, Grinning, grinning, now there is no need to fret, Margaret is there-that's all. See her jump, Hear that thump, Once again the rooters call. Look out! look out! There's the ball in center, Watch Arlene get on the job. Nothing, nothing, blocks the ball that's sent her. People can't sit still-they start to bob, Jump about, Sing and shout, She's the girl can charm a mob. Helen! Helen! How can we describe her? There's magic in the way she treats the ball. Baskets, baskets, watch the score go higher, Our throats get hoarse, so we can't cheer them all Sheis the cream Of every team, Adelphiis tearn-the finest team of all. T97 . I 3111 the Elenatnr I Oh, Andrew, wait a moment, please, There's surely room enough for us, VVe just can't spare another cut- Doc. Bowden will make such a fuss. 2 Did you go to the Senior Tea? We are packed in here just like sardines, Did you say he gave you a C? Some Profs are certainly fiends. 3 Have you heard the latest about Nliss Gaines hfly dear, it was a perfect scream- lXvIr. Hall's sick today, they say, Dined on lobster and peach ice-cream. 4 Do you know Frady's newest joke? Yes, it was Noah sailed in the Ark- Are you coming to the Junior Prom? That Freshman at Math's a perfect shark. 5 Pray Frady wonlt call on me today, I havenit done a thing all year- VVhy are you nudging me like that? I never knew that HE was here. 6 Say, what's the lesson in English Lit? Theory of integers, you say? Who wrote the Ancient Mariner? VVhat did you have for lunch today? 7 Suppose this elevator broke, We'd all go crashing down to- Page 63 in Arnold's prose- Oh, this is 3, please let me through. 3 , Where does the Latin lesson stop? What's the chapter in Psych about? Oh, teach a lesson on the plum- Why, this is Where we all get out. 198 . Mlrfvfafy 7 Save time, use the telephone booth!" Sounds very well, but is far from the truth XVe stand outside for an hour or two, VVaiting patiently for her to get through. Then when it comes our turn to lphone, Vile find itls too late or time to go home. Courses in psychology And pedagogy, too, English Lit, and history- Long themes we have to do. Observations, lesson plans And methods do We seek, Nights to cram for hard exams, And this-for live per Week. 199 Pe! J ' Eta 9:05. Andrew gathers up a group of girls and starts his flight. "You're late, aren't you?,' he asks, sympathetically, "and Dr. Bowden won't like it either, will he?" "But we have French." "The poor Frenchman, but he don't mind, do he?', comments Andrew, familiar with the ways of our Profs. 9:10. The Frenchman suddenly wakes up. "Look at the time, ten minutes past nine and only ten girls here. After this I am going to be strict and call the roll every morning at ive minutes past nine and if you are not here, you will be absent. Now I am going to have some fun." fWaves a pile of papers about ecstaticallyj "Miss Shaeffer, you're a bad girl, you only hand me in one paper out of three. You bad girl, you. "Miss Nammack, Alma Mater, that's the girl that talks all the time. "Miss Rochelle Stiles, she has a good style, that girl. "Miss Flanagan, that's a French name all right. "Miss Waldron let me see what I ut on this pa er. Semi! ar ait .ri rfavait af beaucou de a P P fautff. Oh, yes, would be perfect if there were not so many mistakes. '4Miss Weiss, you mean girl, you only gave me five pages. "Miss Jackson, twenty-six pages, that's an A for her all right. "Miss Powers, trer romcienlieux. 4'Miss, lVIiss-who is this girl, L'Avare? 4'Miss Brown, Florence, thirty pages. That's I0ofZ,, that is. "Miss IfValdron, you talk all the time. All right for you. You get an F for the term. This is my logic. You talk, you don't listen. You don't listen, you donit hear. You don't hear, you don't learn. You don't learn, you don't know. That's right, all right "Oh, hello Miss Metzger" Qglancing at the clock, which points to 9:30j, "here's your paper. She comes in once in a While, that girl ' 4'Now, I'm going to give you something about Moliere. I'll write it on the boards. You copy it in your book Then you have correct French. I explain as I go along. You get the language, the gram- mar, everything at once, and at the same time you learn something. That's practical, very practical. Now, I explain something that no one else explains. But it should be explained. That's practical. It's explained in my grammar, but nowhere else. You should be given the phil-ol-o-gy as you go along. That's practical, practical French. You study. You learn to say,'VVhere are the gray felt slippers of my grandmother? A table is not an animalf Thatis silly. I teach you practical French. "Oh, now you can go. Wait, I'm going to have some fun first. Where's my trusty little book? For demain prepare the next scene in Moliere, so you can translate it at sight in class. Prepare it care- fully and I will call on you to translate it in class. Goodbye, girlsf' ZOO TDU5 EVE EQ esmfs QE3 ln? F. x 5' ,Q TUWS1 T65 YJSRBTCE 65, TUMQMEQ E r Wi M5 Q nm .A nl Q: ' ff , , , X X gh MM. 'f A !5 2?'g :. :g9 W "',9af. AKA-tri? ' , Z--T"1 f - f ng.-1aiMA.' 1.1 - -O 1 IILNG x f ' ,Q 3. Ka? , Eg 2751! K .4 Q ,J I - , .M --' .:-. ' Zzfibzudfwzdsimlinim Wg? gflm 4- 'A X IE! 1 "7 5 I may WJN .f1g,v wwnm gmwr:F3?F: fflliillii E?i'fiii " liIEiiE!ii " 'f Pagfxgavg - . -f- A n , 'mmfll MI -f. nil ' my Ai Fr qglimdk " Half I X 9.4 i4 1 I -4 1, 4 my f , f A I mg I 5315? ' if i .ff kg- 7 K - Va f T7 QE- N . f 1 4 2 sf 1455 S30 X fi I ri' Fw U ml UI Ulm mm f H,1 E"T'WUU .fx NSG ' 2531 UH x1 fi-Qofu. um mm- fn -K 'A F1112 Elhrre linnnh Iahlva V DI' Uhr Nnhlr 'ilinighm nf the Apprtttvz Matin: Eine in Eat Ghflirvrn GRAND lXf.lASTER and Przcmztof' Cof gifzrj HAZEL HEALY Chief of the COW1W1iI.Yd7'y Depczrmzevni . NIILDRED DOWNEY illllrnthrra DOROTHY AFFEL INES PANDO ORRELL BOND ENID RIOOR lVl1LDRED DOWNEY HARRIET SHARP MARGARET GRAESSER GLADYS SMITH HAZEL HEALY ISABEL SLADE Jessie ORGILL GERTRUDE WALDRON THERESA VVOLFSON iiintnrg Call righta rrzzrurhl One beautiful day last autumn, a hungry group of Juniors, having a few stray pennies between them, decided to club together and get a bowl of potato salad and some saltines, Wlhat magnificent organizations grow out of trivial happenings! Little did they think, as they sat that day, out of their humble means supplying the department of the interior, that their group would eventually become the charter members of one of Adelphi's most flourishing societies! Cl-lere I want to insert a Latin quota- tion about food. How would UPabulum vinci: 67717276137 doij And what, dear friends, is the secret of their success? Ah! you who have not had ENGLISH 116 will never know. ltis from the dramatists of yore that we have learned the devious ways of arousing interest. For one thing, every luncheon comes as a surprise to the majority, and the suspense of at least one member is not lessened during the meal. The moment of exciting force is ushered in with the dessert, and a triumphant climax takes place after the last spoonful. The ending, needless to say, is always a most happy one. Various and fitting conclu- sions are declared by the corps of speakers, and the meeting breaks up with vociferous and hearty applause from the sympathetic audience. The heroine of the occasion, grasping a newly purchased volume, is then solemnly escorted across the street, to meet a sordid one o'clock appointment in the class room. Have I said enough yet to arouse the readers' interest? Ah! then it is time to stop. 202 Don Don ' Don Don Don Don Don Don Don Don Don Don 't 't 't 't 't 't 't 't 't 't 't 't Don't Don Don lt 't Ennis fur Olhaqavl Speakers pick out an interesting subject. shift from one foot to the other. fiddle with your watch chain. twirl your thumbs. kick the footlights. repeat the same thought more than twenty times. use more than twelve long words at once. say "and," "but,,, or Heh-h." talk more than two days or less than five hours. use notes-forget what you wanted to say. look over your glasses. jig, and Clon't step on your own foot. open or button your coat. blink. forget that we're all hungry at 11:30. Herne an la Whitman The Juniors know more than you suppose. The Juniors do more than you suppose. People like the Juniors betterhthan you suppose. Even in their unusual costumes they look nicer than QTMJ rozwzdf bumpy enough, goodnexf knowffj 203 you suppose l ii 'X x X if 4 ff i ff f it X X 'Jia q,,ff if fi X it X fi Q f f f jf X xx x X . is X ' N x X X XX QJX , 7 , 'if 'J XX K x XX X S f X ff' " X 1. xx X e XX Y! F .xx L1 ff X!! fl K 1 - H ' ff X X - i X f f 1 ffl 1 X X X g '- I F ll it W- X A, X , f J .,. , f x -. K ' x is it N 2 U X . XX is .. 'I i pf W K X ' " 1 ' i ff -" LX X c fc f- ' . R? f- X 'cf fc, -xx-cfm. c. Glnllrgv Sung VVe've been working at Adelphi All the live-long dayg VVe've been working at Adelphi just to pass the time away. Can't you hear our Andrew calling, "There's no more room in the 'EIWF When you've climbed up to the fifth fioor, Bing, goes the fire bell. VVe've been eating in the lunch-room All the live-long yearg lvlacaroni, soup and beans Sure do cost us dear. Wfish they'd have another menu To please our appetites. If they'd give us chicken pates, VVe'd never go home nights. VVe've been crossing Clifton Place All the live-long dayg VVe've been crossing Clifton Place just to pass the time away. VVe've been using rubbers only- Wish there was another way. If they'd give us jitney busses, Wie feel sure they'd pay. 2o4 55? 0liFlil'l9l7 QQ Svtuhvnts' mating After several imperative taps of the bell: PRES: "The meeting will please come to order. Will the officers kindly attempt to be here on time hereafter? This meeting was called for 12:10, here it is twelve minutes after, with the Secretary and Treasurer just appearing on the scene! "The question which is to come up for discussion today is the matter of morning chapel. Shall we or shall we not have morning chapel? CLoud silence.D Well, hasn't anyone an idea on the subject? What is the matter with the members of the Junior Class? While I am speaking of the Junior Class, I should like to say that their line in chapel last Thursday was a disgrace to the college. It was notice- able for its scarcity, and I request that you arrange the matter so that the whole class will not cut on the same day. "To return to morning chapel, NIiss T--b--r have you anything to say about this question?" Miss T-B-R: 'WVell, I think that we all ought to begin the day right. We go around all the time leading hypocritical lives, or pretending to be someone we are not. It will offer a splendid opportunity to come together a few minutes in the morning and really be ourselves." Miss C-M--oN: "Oh yes, I think morning chapel is a wonderful thing. We never half see one another around college, if we all came together in the morning, it would produce more college spiritf' Miss T-B-R: "I think Miss C. vou're confusin two entirelv se arate matters. Mornin cha el a , 8 . P 8 P is conducted for the s iritual advanta es which may be ained and 'noi for social ur osesl" P Z , 8 P P Miss B- Cindignantlyjz "Half the girls who come from Long Island canit get here for nine o'cIock classes, let alone getting here at 8:45 for chapel." PRES: "There are so few girls coming from Long Island that I think we need not take them into consideration at all. CHeavy satire.j I donit know whether the Normal girls come into this, Iive never seen any normal girls in chapel. Well, all those in favor ofhaving morning chapel signify by saying, "Ave," QLOUD NOISE., "Those opposed, please say, "No.,' ' QLOUDER NOISEJ "Noes, please standf, QCasting her mathematical eye over the multitudej "The ayes have it!" I Meeting adjourned on motion. 205 es! om it-1917 gi illrahg nn Qlhirkvn Qaiuing Young ladies, it's a sad thing about Chickens and their raising. Chickens die of a drooping black death. They wither away, their feathers drop one by one, and they're gone to some place-Heaven knows wherel Hml Them you hatch in incubators die toog ihfy never knew a motherls care! But the worst of all are turkeys, young ladies. They're the peskiest creatures alive, if you give them too much to eat, they die of internal trouble, and if you don't give 'ern enough to eat, they catch cold in the feet and die. In either ease they die, and I tell you, young ladies, it's pretty poor raising- chicken raising. 13 207 We had so many conflicts, that we knew not what to do, Until Miss Schutz suggested we meet in her "five by two." That the class begin at nightfall, And extend to the "wee sma' hours," So we might sleep in the bath tub And be wakened by the showers. DR. TAYLOR: MA man is drunk when he has had two glasses of beer, accord- ing to a judgef' NIAGGIE: "Well I'd make it more." ' DR. FRADENBURGH: "ln the United States there is a circulation of 8597,- Io8,847 in gold. Have you got much of it, Miss Sharp?', Miss S.: "No -er -er not muchfj lVI1ss SLADE: "ls lVlr. Seligman a socialist?" DR. FRADENBURGH: "No, he's an angel. He died several years ago.', A Qbnentiun uf make-Hp ' MARION S.: "Yes, you wear a long white beard, Jessie." JESSIE O.: UI'm so glad, for I know my chin would look round and foolish if I didn't." MARION S. Creflectivelyj: "Yes, beards do cover a multitude of chinsf' 2o8 Great 132111312 Math Ailelphi Fllntftereh GENEVEVE YV. BEAVERS CAdelphi, IQO71 QlVlrs. William Pitt Earle, School of Philanthropy, Charity Organization of New York City. THEODORA GOLDSMITH CAdelphi, 1901, M.A., Columbia, 19071 Affiftant Superintendent of High Schoolf Affiftant Principal of Adelphi Academy EMMA JOHNSTON CAdelphi, 18991 Principal of Brooklyn Teacherf' Training School MARY E. NIATHEWS CAdelphi, 18991 Superintendent of Library Branches GWENDOLYN BROWN CAdelphi, 19141 Superintendent of Brooklyn Library Branch ALICE PFIZER KAdelphi, 1899, M.A., Columbia, IQOZ1 QBHFOIICSS Alice Bachofen von Echt1 Head of Military Hofpital in Graz, Aluxtria ANNA L. PHILLIPS CAdelphi, 19051 Vice-Principal of Eaftern Diftrict High School VIOLLETTE SCHARFF CAdelphi, 19001 Ph.D., Uniuerfity of Loufan, Switzerland META SCHUT7 CAdelphi, 1906, M.A., Columbia, 19151 Affiftant Profeffor of Hiftory, Adelphi College EMILY C. SEAMAN QAdelphi, 1899, M.A., C0lumbia1 lnxtructor of Biology, Columbia Uniuerfity ELEANOR WEIR SMITH CAdelphi, 19101 Ejiciency Expert with Lord ES' Taylor, Newilfork ADA STEPHEN CAdelphi, 19071 CMTS. C. T. Fitts1 Oahu College, Honolulu, Hawaii ALWIN THALER CAdelphi, 19071 Inxtructor in N orthweftern U niverfity MARY J. THACKERY QAdelphi, 19011 Head of Williamfburgh Branch of Brooklyn Public Library KATE E. TURNER CAclelphi, 19031 Vice-Principal of Erafniux Hall High School MARION "ROCHESTER" WHITE QAdelphi, 19111 Head of Bronx Branch of Public Employment Bureau 209 1355-1915 Zflnnugnratinn nf igrmaihrni Flirttnk B. Elnhgvii, A. 13111. Ahelplyi Glnllrge lflhihag, April 7, 1915 AI my tfamnkign Amnpmg uf mum lirngram ' PROCESSIONAL . . . Triumphal March,-Grieg INVOCATION . . . Rev. Charles Carroll Albertson, D.D. INTRODUCTORY REMARKS S hir. James H. Post, President of Board of Trustees, Adelphi College Justice Frederick E. Crane, Chairman ADDRESS . . . The Governor of the State of New York MUSIC ADDRESS . . Nicholas Murray Butler, Ph.D., j'ur.D., LL.D., President of Columbia ADDRESS . John H. Finley, AMI., LL.D., L.H.D. President of University of State of New York ADDRESS Alexander Meiklejohn, Ph.D., LL.D., President of Amherst College MUSIC GREETINGS Fred W. Atkinson, Ph.D., President of Polytechnic Institute Edward Goodwin, L.H.D., President of Packer Collegiate Institute Honorable George D. Pratt, Treasurer of Pratt Institute ADDRESS OF WELCOME , Rev. S. Parkes Cadman, D.D., S.T.D., L.H.D. INAUGURAL ADDRESS . . . . President of Adelphi College MUSIC RECESSIONAL . . Festival March,-Laehner ZIO Sstatintirn Saturday, june 5zfh.' Glnmmrnrvmmt Euenta Ennis, 15115 Class Luncheon, Hotel Bossert. Sunday, fum 6th, 7:45 P. Tuefday, june Sth: Baccalaureate Sermon by the Rev. Dr. S. Parkes Cadman in the Central Congregational Church. Senior Promenade, Hotel St. George. Wednefday, june Qlh, 8:15 P. Class Day Exercises in College Hall. Thursday, fum? 10th, 3:15 P. Saturday, fume I2Zh.' The Nineteenth Annual Commencement of Adelphi College in the Opera House of the Brooklyn Academy of hlusic. Alumnae Supper and Entertainment in the College Hall. 212 I. II. III. IV. Xff VI VII VIII IX. X XI XII. XIII XIV. XV. Glnmmenrvmrnt Exnrrizm BILJSIC ..... Professor YVilliam Armour Thayer THE COMMENCEMENT PROCESSION THE INVOCATION Rev. Arthur J. Smith, D.D. MUSIC ....... "Hail to Adelphiv ADDRESS-'lThe College and Afterwards" Dr. Sarah Louise Arnold Dean of Simmons College, Boston, NIass. MUSIC ...... 'lHail, Adelphi" AWARD OF JUNIOR COLLEGE CERTIFICATES. AWARD OF DIPLOMAS FOR IKINDERGARTNERS. ANNOUNCEMENTS AND AWARDS OF PRIZES AND I-IONORS. PRESENTATION OF CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS. PRESENTATION OF CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS. MUSIC ...,... "Bright College Years" BENEDICTION . Rev. Samuel Parkes Cadman, D.D., S.T.D., Acting-President COMMENCEMENT PROCESSION. IVIUSIC .... Professor YVilliam Armour Thayer 213 011211111 Eng Glnmmiitrv LEAH STURDEVANT, Chairman NIAY BEHMAN iX4IR1AM SELSS RUTH MCCAY HARR1ET SMITH ESTELLE PRICE ELSA STUMPF CLA RISSA PETTIT, ex-ojicio Gilman Bag Hrngram I. Pr.e,via'eht'J Afddreff H. Down the Aifle of Time. HI. The Wrath of the Goddefr: Scene: The Land of Spirit Time: june 9, 2015 Juno: Clarissa Pettit The Spirits of Class of IQI5. IV. The Song of IQI5 1515 214 CLARISSA PETTIT IXIADELINE OTT, Composer fe! a t Sf? Glnllvge ihnnnrn nnh Elgris-1125 Honors for the attainment of highest excellence in the work of the several departments during the Senior College course are awarded among members of the Graduating Class as follows: Ein the Biuininn nf Qiatnrg anh lghilnanphg Zin ihr Ennnrtnirnt nf iiiaturg uf Art Louise Nlay Hall Zin tin' Erpnrtmrnt nf Eitatnrg Grace hflargaret Allen Dorothy Zehner Ottilia Nlaria Stehlin lin Thr Erpnrtnwni nf illliilusnnhg Bertha Catherine Helmken Marjorie Hunt Florence Johanna Isenburger Zin this Evpnrt111r11i nf Suriulngg Florence Johanna lsenburger Zin thn Islinizinn nf languages anh Eiinrntnrra Zin 1111: Erpnrtmviri nf iEng1isah Louise May Hall Harriet Elizabeth Smith Florence Johanna Isenburger Dorothy Zehner Zin Ihr Ewnrtmrrtt nf Eflrrnrh Nlarjorie Hunt Esther Eva lvalzer Harriet Elizabeth Smith Zin the Brpnrtnwnt nf German Bertha Catherine Helmken Nlarjorie Hunt Zin the Ernnrhnrnt nf martin ' Edith Rose Burns Zin the Eiuiniun nf Mnihvmntiru nnh Evrivnrm ' Zin the Erpnrimrni nf mathrmntirz Janet Wylie McCracken 215 Qkef 0li'llE'I9l7 Earlnm fllllvilalu The George Francis Barlow Medal, signifying the Hrst honors in the Class of IQI7, for the two years of the Junior College course were awarded: 1. Zin the Bvpartmrnt uf Eaxngusxgru anh Eitvraturma In Margaret Van Cortlandt Graesser ' 2, Zin the Eiuininn uf Qisturg anh lghiluznphg in Jessie Harriet Holland Grgill 3, Ein the Eiuisiun uf illlizrilirmaiira anh Svrimrrz in Nlargaret Kissam Swan 4. Uhr Sufism illvurmrhn flllvhal ia zuuarhrh tu Josephine Nlonaco, who showed the highest pronciency in the study of the Italian Language and Literature Upon the request of the student body the Faculty has instituted a society based upon scholarship modeled after the National Phi Beta Kappa Society. The following members of the Class of IQIS have been appointed to this Society: Grace Nlargaret Allen ' Florence Johanna Isenburger Bertha Catherine Helrnken Janet Wylie hfIcCracken Marjorie Hunt Harriet Elizabeth Smith 1 Dorothy Zehner Zlirnm the 0112155 uf 1511? George Francis Irwin 2 1 6 Fe S 01111 -1917 QQ . Svrhularr-hips Five free scholarships of the value of S180 each are awarded annually to those candidates for admission to the incoming Freshman Class who show the highest proficiency in competitive examination upon subjects required for admission. The winners in this competitive examination this year are as follows: Q 1. Dora Shapiro, ofthe Girls' High School 2. Claire Jackson, ofthe Girls' High School 3. Edna May Allen, ofthe Girls, High School 4. hlary Y. Ranous, of hlanual Training High School 5. Viola Schwartje, of the Newtown High School Uhr Ahrlphi Arahrmg Syrhularahip 111215 aniarhrh tn Lucy Powell Brower, of the Class of IQIS Uhr Sarah Urmsrlgra iiiiakrr flllrmurial Svrhnlarshiii fur Ihr gran' 1515-15113, mas zuuarhrh tu Susan hilary dePeyster, ofthe Class of 1916 Uhr Biaghrn M. whrrlrr illllrmurial Srhnlarahip fur thr grin' 1 E115-1211 B, uma auuarhrh in Theresa Wolfson, of the Class of 1917 Uhr Uarnlinr Hiluthilhr Qrhrr Srhnlarahips fur ihr gran' 1 H 1 5-15 15, uirrr aiuarhrh in thr Class of 1916, to George Francis Irwin Class of IQI6,TOJC211'1 Marshall Lucas Class of 1916, to Frances Augusta XVilson Class of 1918, to Ella Amelia Taylor ihnlhrrz uf Ulllniurraitg Svrhulurzhipan uf Ihr Stair nf Nrhi Earl: arr matrirulntrh in Ahrlphi Uullrgr as fullumaz Dorothea S. Ailel Edna Nlay Allen Anna Lillian Bowles Rica Brenner Nellie C. Brink Edna L. Burtis Jessie Mitchell De Motte Charlotte Drews Louise Fischer hiary A. Fox Augusta Glathe Anna Halpin lVlay Nlagdalene Holbrook ZI Claire Jackson Mary P. King Louise Cooper Lane Josephine C. Lewinsohn Gertrude E. Macpherson Lolita E. Metzger Hilclegarde B. Schalck Edwiene Schmitt Viola Schwartje Dora Shapiro Gertrude A. Smith julia V. 1fVeiss Theresa VVolfson i t wr Ari Svrhnnl ililvhaln At the annual exhibition and competition of the students of the Art School, held lVlonday, Tuesday and Wednesday, June 7th, Sth and 9th, the judges of award were Harry C. Edwards, Benjamin Eggleston and Max Hermann. Medals for excellence were awarded as follows: Elini' Eraiuing ftnm ihe Antiqur Drawing of the head-First Prize, Silver Medal Katherine Edna Lemaire, with honorable mention of Adele Day Drawing of the Figure-First Prize, Gold Nledal Dorothy S. Hughes, with honorable mention of Vincent Horton Elinr Brzuuing frnm Mite Drawing of the Head-First Prize, Silver hrledal Tora VVilberforce, with honorable mention of Henry A. Nliller Drawing of the Nude Figure-First Prize, Gold hledal Tora 'Wilberforce, with honorable mention of Evelyn N. Parker Zlinr Painting from Eifv Painting of the Draped Figure-First Prize, Silver hfledal Tora 'Wilberforce, with honorable mention of Henry A. hfliller Painting of the Nude Figure-First Prize, Gold Nledal Tora NVilberforce, with honorable mention of Dianiso Berardinelli Iliur Greuivat Zlmprnuvnrrnt in Brzuuing Eating 1119 Evan' Silver Nledal, lkflarie H. Tilyou 218 CFS - Mi! ,fa n Vi fifivaz' E ui Fxifffi sv-J t i An 'iinnr Now the hour's begung Watch the little grains, See how fast they run. Teacher, dear, explains Things we've left undone. Lesson halfway throughg Goodness! But itls slow. Teacherls in a stew, 'Cause We do not know Things she wants us to. Rejoice, give thanks and sin E The sands of time are run. Well quit the stupid thing, And have some fun. 219 ADAMS, MARGARET, N . AFFEL, DOROTHY, 717 . A141NS, EDITH, '18 . ALBERT, FLORENCE, N , ALLEN, GRACE, '14 . ALLENSPAC11, EVELYN, ,I7 ALLISON, MAR1E, '14 . ALTORISO, SALVATORE, 1-I ANDERSON, ETHEL, '15 ANENBERG, FLORA, ,18 ANWARTER, FREIDA, 'IQ AUBE, ESTA, ,18 . . AUNGST, RUBEN, F . BACHMAN, DOROTHY, ,16 BAKER, ETHEL, .J . BALDWIN, HELEN, '18 . BALDWIN, NATAL1E, N . BARNUM, GERTRUDE, ,I4 BARUCH, SARA, U . BARRET, ISABELLE, '19 BARZILAY, CLARA, N . BATH, MAEEL, ,18 . BEARMAN, M1R1A11, '17 BECKER, fXLVA, 714 , BECKER, FLORENCE, ,I4 BEDELL, ALICE . . BEHMAN, MARGARET, ,IS BELL, MAY, A , . BENNET, GLADYS, ,IQ . BERNHARD, ILMA, 719 . BERNHARDT, ALMA, N . BERQUIST, HELEN, 314 . B1ERSHENK, ANNABELLE, '18 BLANK, RfIARGARET, '14 BLODGETT, FRANK, D., F. BLUM, CECILIA, N. . BOENIG, ROSA M., ,IS . BOND, BENITA, '18 , BONHAM, RUTH, N. . BOTH-PIENDRIKSEN, Louis BOTSFORD, E1v11LY, ,I4 . BOWDEN, GENEVIEVE, ,18 BOWDEN, JOSEPH, F. , 220 2-70 Lalayette Ave., 106 Rodney St. 54 Downing St. zo48 E. 14th St. 857 St. Alarks Ave. . 480 oth St. . 160 E. 23d St. . 401 4'l1l'1 St. 241 Carlton Ave. IO4 Garfleld Place 506 NVilloughby Ave. 34 Richmond St. 583 Macon St. 244 NVilloughby Ave. 1422 President St. Q5 St. Marlds Ave. IO NVOOdruFf Ave. . 150 6th Ave. 1095 Prospect Place 1037 Broadway 487 Bedford Ave. . 1365 48th St. New Brighton, L. I. , 576 73d St. 65 Wlest 87th St. 676 East 2ISt St. 997 Greene Ave. . 57 7th Ave. 169 Sterling St. 321 Neck Road Q2 NVooClruPf Ave. II2 Orchard St, . 1571 47th St. Northport, L. I. 706 Macon St. 327 East ioth St. . 189a Floyd St. 157 Meeker Ave. . 1250 43d St. IO3O East 1Oth St. . 39 Monroe St. 187 Nlontrose Ave. 24 Clifton Place 24 Clifton Place BOWDEN, SYDNEY, N. . BOXVLES, ANNA, 'IQ . BRANDON, lsA1sELLE, '19 BRADY, MARION, J. . BRAY, LUCILLE . . BRENNAN, ALICE, '18 . BRENNER, IRICA, '18 . BRINK, NELLIE, '18 . BROMMER, DOROTHY, '16 BROPHY, ALICE, '16 . BROWER, LUCY, '19 . BROWN, FLORENCE, '16 BURFORD, ESTHER, '17 . BURGESS, JESSIE, N. . BURN!-ET, RACHEL, N. . BURNS, RIARY, ,IQ BUR'I'1s, EDNA, '17 BUSCHER, ANNA, N. . BYRNE, NIARION, N. CADMAN, S. PARRES, F. CALIERON, R'lARGARE'l', '16 CANDIDUS, GESINE, A. . CAPLIN, STELLA, 'IQ . CAPPEL, EJXIMA . . CARLEN, RosE, '17 . CAREY, NIARGARET, '19 CASXVELL, CLARA, '14 . CAXVL, RUTH, '15 . CEDERSTROIII, FRANCES '16 Y CHURCH, DOROTHY, A. CLARK, HELEN, '19 . COHEN, SARAH, ,IQ . COLYVELL, W. A., F. . CONNORS, ANNA, '17 . COPEMAN, ELSIE, '15 . COREY, GRACE, '16 . CORRELL, HELEN, '18 . COWAN, ANNIE, '18 . COWENHOVEN, CATHERINE, '16 . CRANE, NIARCARET, ,IQ CRANE, WILLIAM, A. . CRONR, EUCENIE, ,IQ . CROUCH, ARTHUR A. CROWELL, MILDRED, N. CUDDEBACH, lMlYRTLE, N. CUEVAS, ROSALIA, F. . CULLEN, GENEVIEVE, N. CUMMINGS, LAURA, N. . CURTIN, CARRIE, ,IS . CUSACK, FLORENCE, N. D'A1vIOUR, RAPHAEL, F. DANN, ROLAND . . DANA, DOROTHY, ,IQ . DAVIDSON, IRENE, '16 . DAVIS, CECELIE, N. . DAVIS, JOHN A., A. . DAVIS, WINIFRED, N. .V . DAVISON, BLANCHE, '16 DAVISON, EDNA, N. . DAY, ADELE, A. . DEHLER, ELSIE, N. DELANEY, ELLA, ,IQ . 221 . 231 Fenimore St. . . 474 54th St. . 141 McDonough St. IZOZ Oak St. 773 East 14th St. . 231 Union St. . . 252 Carroll St. . . 269 Wierield St. 205 Walnut St., Richmond Hill . . 978 Park Place . . 311 Rugby Road Q2 Brooklyn Ave., Freeport, L. I. . . 645 East 24th St. . 22 Maple St. . . 6oo Third St. . 571 Bainbridge St. 203 Van Buren St. . Valley Stream, L. I. . 293 Carroll St. . 64 Ielierson Ave. 260 Cumberland St. 770 St. Mark's Ave. . 338 McDonough St. 945 Prospect Place . . 2oo Vernon Ave. . 230 St. james Place 7 Toledo Ave., Elmhurst, L. L . 1378 President St. . . 616 East 21st St. . 38 Stratford Road . 236 Greene Ave. . 234a Vernon Ave. . . 135 Ocean Parkway . . 122 Fenimore St. 183 Union St., Flushing, L. I. . 94 Prospect Park, West , . 356 Union St. , . 61 South St. . 5024 18th St. 810 Birch St. 1232 Pacific St. . 89 Fenimore St. . 572 Carlton Ave. 3oo Lafayette Ave. , 310 West 113th St. . 125 Lafayette Ave. 254 83d St. . 82 Fenimore St. 186 Berkeley Place . . 611 Putman Ave. . 870 Macy Place, Bronx, N. Y. , 374 Hancock St. 1520 Marlborough Road . . 43'I Classon Ave. . . 506 Willard St. . , Amityville, L. I. . 273 St. Mark's Ave. IO22 Curtis Ave., Richmond Hill . . 363 Carlton Ave. 152 Madison St. 48 Halleck Ave. . 157 Garfield Place DENIAREST, HELEN, '17 DEMOTTE, JESSIE, ,IQ . DESIDERO, ANTHONY, A. DEXTER, PRISCILLA, ,I4 DISBROW, GENEVA, A. . DIVINE, AGNES, ,I7 . DODGE, HELEN, A. . DONALDSON, NIILDRED, N. DONNELLY, IVIARIE, N. DOUGLAS, LOUISE, '16 . DOWNEY, MILDRED, ,17 DOYE, ALICE, '19 . DOYLE, GRACE, N. . DRAUDT, ELSA, F. . DRESSLER, ERNESTINE, '17 DREws, CHARLOTTE, '18 DRIZAL, NIARIE, '18 . DROSNESS, REGINA, A. DUMPROEE, HELEN, A. DUNN, BEATRICE, A. . DUNTZE, KATHERINE, ,I4 EBELING, EMIWA, N. . EDGREN, ROBERT, A. . ELLARD, CORA, '19 . ELLSWORT1-1, EVELYN, '19 ELY, RUTH, ,IQ . . ENSELBERG, ESTHER, '16 EVANS, KATHLEEN, N. EWALD, HARRIOT, '16 . FANELLI, EDVVIN, A. . FARR, RXIABEL, Lib1'm'ian FASANO, CLARA, A. . FEINNIAN, BEATRICE, ,IQ FELLOXVS, JUANITA, N. FENNING, FLORENCE, 7I4 FERGUSON, NIABEL, ,IQ FERRER, MRS. JOSE, N., A. . FISCI-IER, LOUISE, '18 . FIXSEN, lVlABEL, N. . FITZPATRICK, GRACE, A. FLANAGAN, MARJORIE, ,IQ FLAWS, ELLEN, '18 . . . Queens, N. Y. I4 Howard Place, Jersey City . . 131 Stone Ave. . . . 1268 81st St. 397 Macon St. . . 408 8th Ave. 819 Lincoln Place 1301 Park Place . 1725 East 17th St. Babylon, L. I. . 726 Ocean Ave. . 1 I7 Berkeley Ave. . 355 Hancock St. 38 Cambridge Place . 950 St. NIark'S Ave. . . 223 Cornelia St. . 334 East 124th St., New York . . 1906 Douglas St. . . 58 lVIonroe St. A 130 Halsey St. . Paterson, N. . I'I7Z East Ioth St. . Sea Gate 141 Gates Ave. 292 Ryerson St. . 364 Macon St. 302 Pulaski St. 138 Clarkson St. . . 1211 Ave. N. . Ioo4a Putnam Ave. . 556 Lafayette Ave. . . 197 Navy St. . 576 Willoughby Ave. F. . 232 Quincy St. . 48 St. IolIn's Place . . 358 Lincoln Road . . 109 Sterling St. 72 Shore Ave., Union Course, Richmond Hill . , 512 Monroe St. . . 334 East 17th St. . . . 54 Ocean Ave. . . 385 lVlonroe St. FLEMMING, HENRIETTA, Srcrslary . . IO East 16th St., New York FLYNN, ALICE, '18 . . . . . . 205 Van Buren St. FLYNN, HESTER, '16 . . 4367 Grafton Ave., Richmond Hill FLYNN, MARGARET, ,IQ ' . . , . 670 Putnam Ave. FOX, lNlARIE, '18 . . . . . Freeport, L. I. FRADENBURGH, ADELEERT, F. , , 182 Klidwood St, FRANK, lVlIRIAM, '18 . FRIEDLANDER, ANNA, ,I7 FRIEDNIAN, ANNA, ,I4 . 'GALLAGHER, BESSIE, N. GAINES, ELIZABETH, F. 'GEER, ROSALIE, U. . GEEVERT, MAUD H., F. GENNER, FLORENCE, N. GERARD, MADELINE, N. GERMANN, GEORGE, F. GIESEKI, HENRYETTA, N. GILLEN, ANNA, N. . GILLESPIE, MAE, N. . GILMORE, FLOY V., F. 222 8 Fiske Ave., NVin1C1eld, L. l. . . 241 Stockton St. . . Sea Cliff, L. I. . 449 Lafayette Ave. . 296 Ryerson St. . 241 NVashingtOn Ave. . I4 Fuller Place . 654a Lafayette Ave. . Ryder Ave., Patchogue . 167 Rutland Road . 202 Hancock St. . . 36 Bay 35th St. . . 388 Putnam Ave. 610 VV. 111th St., New York GIRDNER, ADELA, '18 . GIRDNER, EVELYN, '19 . GLATHE, LAUGUSTA, '18 GOERRE, SELMA, N. . GOFFIN, BERTLIA, N. . GOMEERS, ADINE, '16 . GORDON, AIABEL, '14 . GORDON, RUT1-1, '18 . GRAESSER, AIARGARIET, '17 GRANT. GRACE, '15 . GREGORX', HELEN, '19 . GRODOTSKE, ALARION, N. GRoss1IAN, CiLADYS, '16 DE Gnucnv. GLADYS, 'I7 HAIXILIEN, I'lENRlETTA, N. FIAERLE, EDNA, N. . HALL, EDGAR A., F. . l.'lALL, LouIsE', '15 , HALLHECR, CARIN, '19 . I'lALPIN, .ANNA, '18 . HABIILTON, IOSEPHINE, N. I-IARINIAN, ETHEL, N. . IJAMRA, IQAREEN, J. . LIANCOCK, AIILDRED, N. HANN, ALICE, '19 . LIANNEXVALD, AIILDRED, '19 LIANSON, ZELRIA, 'IS . FIARDING, DOROTHY, '17 HARRISON, RIAUDE . HARTISCPI, LILLIAN, N. HAR1'AlAN, EIENNIE, N. HART, ISADELLE, N. . HAYXVKINS, FRANCES, '19 LIAXVKINS, GILETCHEN, N. HARVEY, ANNA E., F. . I'lAY, SUSAN, '19 . . HAYWARD, DONALD, A. LIAYVVARD, ELSIE, '14 . HEAD, AQILDRED, N. , PIEALY, I'l'AZEL, '17 . IJEDGER, AIARION, '19 . HELFST, SOPHIE, '16 . HELMKEN, BERTIIA, '15 47 W. 71st St., New York . 47 W. 71st St., New York . 519 Ioth St. 1155 Bushwick Ave. 172 Pennsylvania Ave. . 53.7 Madison St. . 364 Claremont Ave. , 364 Claremont Ave. 260 Clinton Ave. . 418 Madison St. . . 628 li. 32d St. 78M Ray St., Jamaica - 1066 Lincoln Place 440 Prospect Place 8516 Ft. Hamilton Ave. , . 419 5th St. . . 420 Park Place . , 1422 52d St. ISI NV. 87th St., New York , . . Greenlawn, L. l. 758 NN7ill0ughbj.' Ave. . 213 Lee Ave. . 85 State Sr. 88 Hendrick St. 1304, Carroll St. 401 Gates Ave. . 542 Dean St. . 2121 Foster Ave. 270 St. James Place 1966 Hornecrest Ave. 2022 Regent Place Northport, L. l. . Glen Cove, L. 1. 638 McDonough St. 238 Washington Ave. S0 Winthrop St. . 607 Flatbush Ave. , 131 Clifton Place . 505 9th Sr. 973 Park Place Glen Cove, L. I. . 519 Chauncey St. . 1321 Ave. G HENDERSON, ERNEST N., F. .... 391 Lafayette Ave. HILL, JESSIE, N. . . IHILLYER, HELEN, N. . HINES, HAZEL, N. IHODGON, LIELEN, fl. . HOFFMAN, EVELYN, N. HOFFNIAN, NIARY, '18 . HOLBROOK, BALARY, '19 , ' LIOLLANVAY, R. E., F. . HOLLENDER, BEATRICE, N. HOLLYWOOD, lVIARTHA . HOLZENTHALER, GRACE, N. HOOD, GRACE, '19 . HOOPER, HAZEL, N. . HORNBECK, FLORENCE, N. HORTON, VINCENT, A. . HOWARD, IDA NIAY, '15 HOYT, RUTH, '14 , HUNT, NIARJORIE, '15 . HUSTON INDIA N. . 1 825 Nlaclison St. ' A21 Deems Ave., NVest Brighton, N. Y. 900 Lincoln Place 335 Lafayette Ave, . 4402 Iltll Ave. . , 341 11th St. . 279 Cooper Ave. . 203 Underhill Ave. 233 Lynch St. I4 Clifton Place . 58 Covert St. . 920 Delamere Place 186 Arlington Ave. 1078 Park Place 230 Stuyvesant Ave. 257 Stuyvesant Ave. 516 'Washington Ave. 329 Clifton Place Io2 Macon St. HYDE, NIRS. IQATHERINE C., U. . - 470 7-d Sf- 14 223 HYNES, SADIE, '18 IRWIN, GEORGE, '16 . ISENBERGER, FLORENCE, '15 JACKENS, DOROTHEA, '18 JACKSON, CLAIRE, '19 . JACOBS, LILLIE, N. . JAEGAR, GERTRUDE, N. JAMISON. PAULINE, A. , JAQUILLARD, VIOLA, N. JENNINGS, MARY, '18 . JESSUP, ELIZABETH, N. JOHNSON, GEORGIA, A. JOHNSON, MARY, '19 . JOHNSTON, RUTH, '18 . JUDGE, BEATRICE, '18 . KAISER, ETHEL, N. . KANOUSE, MARJORIE, '19 KELLEHER, LILLIAN, '18 KELLY, AMY, '17 . . KEMLO, ELIZABETH . KENNEDY, DOROTHY, '15 KENNEDY, MARY . KERR, PHYLLIS, A. . KEVIN, DOROTHY, N. . KILROE, ANNA, '19 . KINCAID, '15 . KING, JANE, A. . . K1NG, NIARY, '19 . KINGSLEY, EVELYN, '18 KLING, JEANNETTE '19 KNOWLES SOPHIE I4 KNOWLSON RUTH IKNOB. CHARLOTTE 8 VON KNULL ADELINE A KOHN, ROSALIND, 9 . KOLKER, ROSALIND, N. KosTER, ANNA, '16 . KOWENHOVEN, ELLA, N. KREILLSHEHVIER, T1-IERESA, KUHNLA, ERNESTINE, '14 IKUNTZLER, ANIALIE, N. KUNZE, lV.lILDRED, '15 . KURZROK, ESTHER, '19 KINKEL, ELIZABETH, '14 77 7 9 ' V ' 7 4 , , 1 . 5 7 ' ' 'I N LANE, GERTRUDE, N. . LANE, LOUISE, '19 . LANNIN, lVlARJORIE, 'IQ LATTS, HELEN, '19 . LAUX, ESTELLE, '14 . LAWSON, ANNA, A. . LAY, HELEN, 'IQ . , LEBLANC, lVlARIE, '16 . LEDERHILL, MABEL, '17 LEE, RUTH, N. . . LEE, ELIZABETH, A. . LEHNER, FLORENCE, N. LEMAIR, IKATHERINE, A. LENFEST, RUTH, '19 . LEUTERITZ, ELIZABETH, '14 LEVY, SADIE, N. . . . 18 Polhemus Place 174 South Elliott Place . 93 Schenck Ave. . 247 71st St. . 275 Halsey St. . 339 Stratford Road , . 168 Hall St. . 257 Clermont Ave. . I7 Ocean Ave. 109 Schermerhorn St. . 126 Gates Ave. 259 Hillside Ave., Jamaica 259 Hillside Ave., Jamaica . 232 Hancock St. . 922 President St. 660 Delamere Place . II I4 Jamaica Ave. . 230 4th St. . 48 2nd St. . 315 Macon St. . . 104 Clymer St. 1024 Hudson St., Hoboken, N. Y. 72 Gorden . . 2822 Ave. K 252 Gates Ave. 541 Bergen St. . 413 2nd St. 175 Park Place Northport, L. I. . 1715 Ave. H . 131 Winthrop St. . 4114 Jerome Ave. 888 Ocean Ave. . 447 E. 4th St. 1496 Bedford Ave. . . 432 Sth Sr. 441 Eastern Parkway . 165 Floyd St, 1327 Coney Island Ave. , 134 Van Siclen St. St., Port Amboy, N. J. 195 Sunnyside Ave. . 1719 78th St. . ZI Polhemus Place 99th St., 7 Shore Road . 323 Carleton Ave. . 896 Sterling Place . 191 Carleton Ave. 1367 Eastern Parkway . 394 Sterling Place . 43 Madison St. . 1964 82d St. 263 East 23d St. . . 240 84th St. . 75 McDonough St. 1530 McCormick Ave. 41 Queens Boulevard, Elmhurst, L. I. . 35 Grove St. . . 1524 76th St. 81 Pilling St. . 291 Division Ave. LEWINSOIIN, JOSEPHINE, ,IQ . LEYVIS, EDNA, ,17 . . LEWIS, SUSIE, '18 . . LINDE, IVIILDRED, ,IQ . . LORENZE, lVIARGARET, ,IQ . LOWVENSTEIN, HARRY, fl. . LOWE, BERT!-IA, '18 . LUCAS, JEAN, '16 . . LUCKE, MARGARET, '18 LUDEIIAN, LILLY, '18 . MCCAY, RUTH, ,IS . . MCCRACKEN, JANET, '15 . NICCRACKEN, LVIARION, '14 . MCDONALD, DOROTHY, '18 . MCDONALD, ELIZABETH, N. . MCDOVIIELL, ELIZABETH, ,I4 IVICIDOWVELL, .NIARJORIE . NICDOVVELL, RACHAEL, '18 . RCICGUINNESS, N. A . . NICILVANE, LAURA, . . NICKINNEY, NIARY, N. . NICKINNEY, NIARGARET, N. . MCKINNEY, NIARY, N. . MCLEAN, ETHEL, ,IQ . MCMANN, CLAIRE, N. . MCSHERRY, CECELE, N. MCTIGLYE, ALICE, N. . . IVIACDONALD, ROBERTA, N. . MACDOVVELL, LIELEN, N. . MACDOW'ELL, NIARJORIE, N. INLACGILLIVARY, VIOLET, N. . MACGRATH, ANNA, ,IQ . INIIACIKAY, RUTH, ,IQ . RCIACKSEY, RfIARION, ,I6 . NIACONCKY, SIMPSON, fl. . IVIACPHERSON, GERTRUDE, '18 NIAGEE, IQATHRYN, N. . . INIAHONEY, ANNA, '18 . . MALOUBIER, EUGENE, F. . .RfIANCINI, FRANK . IWANTIO, R"IARIO . . IVIARGOLIS, IENNIE, N. iNlARK, FRANCIS, ,IQ . MARTIN, NIABEL, '16 . IVIATHESON, R'IAUDE, N. RfIATZ, FRIEDA, N. . lVIAUER, NIARION, N. . . MAYER, FRANCES, N. . . RAIAYORGA, MARGARET G., '16 RQEADE, ELEANOR, N. . . MEDD, NIIRIAIII, '18 - . . MEFFLE, AGNES . . IVIEREDITH, RfLARION, N. LIERRIL, EVELYN, N. . MERRY, GERTRUDE, 718 INIETZGER, LOLITA, ,18 . IVIETZGER, LOUISE, ,IS . iN4EUER, EMILY, N. . IXIIEYER, EMMA, 714 . RIIIEGS, DOROTHY, N. . MILLER, KATHERINE . MOHRNIANN, CLARA, '16 . TNIOLLER, LOUISE, 'IS , MOILER, DORA, N. . . 202 Pennsylvania Ave. 429 Richmond St., Richmond Hill . . 225 Halsey St. . . Q2 Stuyvesant Ave. . 486 East 28th St. 669 Park Place . 141 Greene Ave. 110 Cambridge Place . 21 Suydam Place 153 Rivington St. . 136 Hawthorne St. - . 842 Lafayette Ave. . 842 Lafayette Ave. . 5 5O 7th St. . 550 7th St. 77 Leiierts Place . 85 Lee Ave. 77 Leiferts Place . 98 Decatur St. . 206 Clinton Ave. 160 Westminster Road 169 Westminster Road 169 Westminster Road . Q2 Fairview Ave. . 694 Lincoln Place 900 St. Johns Place . . Far Rockaway 457 Park Place . 85 Lee Ave. . 85 Lee Ave. 254 Clarkson St. . 528 46th St. A . Nutley, N. 185 Bay 28th St. 89 Quincy St. . 122 Shepherd Ave. . Q0 Nostrand Place 241 Hancock St. . French Army 322 Fifth Ave. . 1745 Cropsey Ave. . . 203 East Broadway . . 925 Lincoln Place 1121 Vine St., Richmond Hill . . I603 Union St. . . Glen Cove, L. L . 626 East 35th St. I 1 1 Dean St. . 711 St. Marks Ave. . 626 East 35th St. . 811 East 19th St. . 291 Decatur St. . Big Indian, N. Y. . Woodhaven, N. Y. 238 Washington Ave. . 620 lXfIcDonOugh St. . 620 NlCDOnouglI St. . 938 Bushwick Ave. .I 485 13th St. . . 443 Shepherd Ave. . . 363 Grand Ave. 4719 Kimball Ave., Richmond Hill . 270 NVestminster Road 270 Westminster Road MOLLER, THERESA, N. MONACO, JOSEPHINE, '15 MONDS, BESSIE, N. . MONEY, ETI-IEL, N. . MONEYPENNY, MARY, N. MONHOLLAND, ADA, 'IQ MOONEY, NVILLIAM, F. . MOOR, ENID, '17 . . MOREY, GRACE, '19 . NIORRISON, EDITH, N. . lVlORTENSON, HELCA, '14 NIULHBERT, ELEANOR . NIULLER, TERESA, N. . MUR, PAULINE, '19 . MURPHY, HELEN, '16 . NIURPHY, lVIARION, '17 . l.VIURRAY, ANGELA, N. . NAMMACK, ALMA . NATELSON, AGNES, '16 NELSON, ALMIRA, N. . NICHOLSON, EDNA, '14 . NIRENBERG, CLARA, N. NORTH, MARJORIE, '18 NOSTRAND, HELEN, N. O'BR1EN, RITA, N. . O'CONNELL, AMELIA, N. O'CONNOR, MARY, '16 . O'DONNELL, MARY, '15 55 Hendrick St. . . 71 Navy St. Rockville Center, L. L 170 Prospect Place . '43 S. Portland Ave. . 77 Hendrick St. . 82 Dowing St. . 247 New York Ave. . 163 East 49th St. . . 484 16th St. . 179 Van Buren St. . 720 East 32d St. 155 Hendrix St. . 223 DeKalb Ave. . 118 Montague St. 410 Park Place 615 Macon St. . . . Par Rockaway . . 1425 46th St. . . 101 E. 32d St. 932 Birch St., Richmond Hill . . I . 139 Lott St. . . 75 Barbey St. 205 Greene Ave. . 4243 Hart St. 217 Berkeley Place . . 27 4th Place . 346 6th Ave. O'DONNELL, RALURIEL, '16 . . 443 East 17th St. O'KEEEE, HELEN, '18 . . I4 Fiske Place O'LEARY, HELEN, N. . .... 3212 Glenwood Road OLTEMANNS, HELEN, N. .... 223 Smith St. O'NALLY, DENNIS, fl. . .... 223 Clifton Place O'NIELL, ELIZABETH, N. 419 Central Ave., Far Rockaway, L. L ORGILL, JESSIE H., '17 O'ROUR14E, IOSEPHINE, N. . GRZECK, HANNAII, N. . OSBORN, FREDERICK WV., F. . OSCOOD, NIADELINE, N. OTIS, ALLA, N. . . OTT, RXIADELINE, '15 . PALLEY, LILLIAN, N. . PANDo, ELSIE, '19 PANDO, INES, '17 PEAVY, EVELYN, '17 . PECK1-IAM, NVILLIAM, F. PELRETTA, GABRIEL, A. PENC1-IEON, LILLIAN, '16 PENZA, JANE, A. . . PETERS, ELLEN, '16 . PETERS, SELMA, '16 . PETTIT, CLARISSA, '15 . PETTIT, RUTH, N. . DEPEYSTER, SUSAN, '16 PIERSON, ALINE, 14. . PIGNOL, PEARL, '15 . POOL, ALICE, '18 . . POPE, DORET, N.. . POTTER, NIARY ANN, N. POWELL, VIOLET, N. . POWER, EVANS, '19 . PRAEGER, RUTH, '19 . 22 . . 342 Greene Ave. . . 271 Division Ave. 252 South Ninth St. 270 St. james Place 278 Carroll St. . 8304 12th Ave. 33 Lincoln Place . 1438 Lincoln Place 557 Ninth St. 557 Ninth St. . 303 Greene Ave. 132 St. james Place . 181 Sarah Ave. . . 761 Ocean Ave. . . 2.115 hflermaid St. . . . 442 5th St. 953 Grove St., Elizabeth, N. J. . . IO6 Gates Ave. . . IO6 Gates Ave. . SI Quincy St. . 93 8th Ave. . 5209 3d Ave. 1064 East 2d St. . 80 Ross St. 315 Greene Ave. . 194 Sunnyside Ave. . . 1054 4ISL St. . 152 Stratford Road PRESSPRICH, MARGUERITE, '14 PRICE, ESTELLE, '15 . . PRICE, MARGARET, '19 . . PRIGOSEN, ROSA, '16 . PRINSKY, TIIELNIA, N. . . PROUDFOOT, NIILDRED, '17 . QUENZER, JUSTINE, '17 QUINN, MARY, U. . RABINOXVITZ, LIBBIE, N. RAEITEAU, CONSTANCE, N. . RACKELBRANDT, SOPHIE, ,IQ , RADE, MARIE, '17 . . RANOUS, llVlARY, '19 . REILLY5 GERALDINE, '16 REYNOLDS, ANGELA, N. REYNOLDS, EVELYN, '18 RICHARDS, MARION, '18 RITTER, ELOISE, '14 . ROBINSON, SOPHIA, N. . ROETHGEN, N. S., F. . ROGERS, EDNA, '19 . ROGERS, MYRTLE, N. . RONEY, EDITH, '18 ROScOE, NYERA, '15 . ROSELLI, BRUNO, F. . ROSENZWVEIG, SADYE, N. ROSS, HERNIIA, '14 . ROWLANDS, ISABELLE, '17 . RUBENOFSRY, NIARY, N. RLTDNICK, ANNA, N. . RYAN, MARGUERITE, N. SAGENDORF, RfIILDRED, '14 . SAIIMET, ETHEL, N. . . SAND, iHELEN, N. . SCHAEFFER, lV.lILDRED . . SCHALK, HILDEGARDE, '18 . SCHLEFER, ANNA, N. . SCHLIFEER, OLIVIA, N. SCHMIDT, CLARA, '19 . SCHMITT, EDVVIENE, '18 . SCHMITTMAN, FLORENCE, '16 SCHNEIDER, NVILLIAM, A. . SCHNELLEIN, ANNA, N. SCHRATTMAN, HARRY, A. SCHRIEFER, LOUISE, '14 SCHRIVER, LEO, Al. . SCHUTZ, lVlETA, F. . SGHWARTJE, VIOLA, '19 . SCHWARTZ, BEATRICE, '19 . SCIBILIA, ANNUNCIATA, '19 . SCOTT, IDELLE, '14 . SEITZ, MABEL, '18 SELSS, MIRIAM, '15 . SHANNON, ANNA, Al. . SHAPIRO, DORA, '19 . SHAPIRO, LILLIAN, '19 . SHAROT, lVIARY . . SHARP, HARRIET, '17 . SHAW, PHYLLIS, N. . SHELDON, KAT1-IRINE, '18 . SHERLINE, ANNA, N. . . 256 79th Sr. 277 Gates Ave. . 441 64th St. . 1016 4oth St. 165 Pulaski St. . 256 Sterling Place . . 519 2d St. . 176 Emerson Place 810 Greene Ave. . . . 594 Ocean Ave. . . . 715 Adonroe St. 70 Morningside Drive, New York . . 284 St. James Place . . . . 153 83d St. . . . 247 95th St. . . . 999 Sterling Place . 4260 Broadway, New York . 1438 McCormick Ave., Ozone Park, N. Y. Care of C. 227 . . . . Kersbey, N. J. . . 159 Willoughby Ave. . 44 Clifton Place I . . . 44.1 43d St, . . . 183 Fenimore St. 1338 Oakly Ave., Ozone Park, N. Y. . . . 288 Ryerson St. . , . 171 Henry St. . 540 Carlton Ave. . 423 Westminster Road . 473 Wortman Ave. , 1805 Crotona Ave. . . 69 Lincoln Place 23 XVest Lincoln Place, Freeport . . . 242 Stratford Road . . . 437 Ioth St. . 3304 Glenwood Road . 583 Greene Ave. . . 299 E. 3d St. . . 83 S. 2d St. . Hanover St., Queens . . 547 3d Sr. . . 710 Elmore Place . . 83 Hinsdale St. . 79 Flushing Ave., Jamaica . . . 425 Stone Ave. . Canarsie Road and E. 89th St. , , . . 348 S. 5th Sr. . . IIO Cambridge Place . 389 Weirfield St. . . . 312 Rugby Road 837 Atlantic Ave. P. Preign, 4.4164 Lake Park Ave, Chicago . . . 239 Hancock St. . . . -. 229 E. 17th St. . . 30 8th Ave. . 2204 Dean St. , . 1205 ,Eastern Parkway . . . 1346 Pacific St. Sheridan Boulevard, Far Rockaway . . I . 523 5th St. . . . 66 East 31st St. , 156 Van Buren St. SI-IORTER, RUTH, '15 . SIMPSON, FLORENCE . SIMONSON, RUTH, N. . SINGER, RAY, '17 SPAND SLADE, ISABEL, '17 . SMITH, ELLA MAY, N. . SMITH SMITH , ESTHA . . ETHEL, '18 . 7 SMITH, GERTRUDE, '18 . SMITH, GLADYS, '17 . SMITH SMITH , HARRIET, '15 . 9 ,JANE, I7 . . SMITH, NIARGUERITE, '17 SMITH, RflARION, '19 . SMITH, REGINA, N. . AU, R'lARGARET, ' I4 SPARKS, VIRGINIA, N. . SQUIRE, R1INA, '18 . STANTON, ELIZABETH, '18 STARR, EDITH, N. . STEHLIN, OTTILIA, '15 . STEVEN, PAULINE, N. . STERN, LENA, A. . . STILES, RACHEL, '16 . STRETTING, RUTH, N. . STRINGHAM, MARION, '19 STUBBE, DOROTHEA, '19 STUMPF, ELSA, '15 . STURDEVANT, LEAH, '15 SUYDAM, ELLA, '18 . SWAN, EDITH, N. . SWAN, MARGARET, '16 . TABER, CAROL, ' 16 . TABER, ELIZABETH, N. TAYLOR, C. O., F. . TAYLOR, DOROTHY, N. TAYLOR, ELLA, '18 . TAYLOR, NIARGARET, N. TAYLOR, VIRGINIA, N. . THAYER, WILLIAM A., F. THO1vIs, HELEN, '14 . 'TI-IOMPSON, CAMILLE, N. THOMPSON, CORINNE, '18 THUN, IRENE, '18 . TIEBOUT, HELEN, '17 . TILYOU, NIARIE, A. . TODD, K. ADELE, N. . TOLLE, ALVINA, N. TONER, NIARIE, N. . TOONEY, REGINA, N. . TRAENDLY, CHARLOTTE, '15 TRAENDLY, IOSEPHINE, '16 TRAMONTANA, BARBARA, '18 TROY, FLORENCE, '16 . TUCKER, E. LOUISE, N. TUCKER, MARGARET, N. TUTTLE, DOROTHY, A. . TUTHILL, DOROTHY, F. TYTE, ISAEELLE, '18 . UHLIG, SYLVIA, '16 . VAN ALSTYNE, KATHERINE, '15 . VAN SICLEN, PEARL, 'I7 . . 42 Hawthorne St. . . . 260 5oth St. Park View Ave., Hollis, N. Y. . . 1 I2 Hopkins St. . . 316 Ieierson Ave. 382 Carlton Ave. . 371 Grand Ave. 491 Willoughby Ave. . 361 Tompkins Ave. . 392 Lafayette Ave. . 4614 4th Ave. 79 Decatur St. 233 Decatur St. 380 Gates Ave. 404 Grand Ave. . 813 DeKalb Ave. 1343 E. 35th St. 416 Caton Ave. . 726 Elmore Place 1334 Mansfield Place I62 St. Nicholas Ave. . 426 Cornelia St. 458 Pulaski St. . 1256-S6Il'1 St. 571 Alonroe St. Glen Cove, L. I. 26 Harmon St. 1493 President St. . I7O Woodrui Ave. 120 Kimball Road IO7 Macon St. I34 Berkely Place 140 Monroe St. . . 140 Monroe St. . . 101 Quincy St. . 1610 Nottingham Road 69 Union Ave., Corona, L. I. . . 1473 Paciiic St. . ' . 228 Lenox Road 80 St. blames Place 1280 Herkimer St. 8025 4th Ave. . 43 W. 72d St. . . IOS 7th Ave. . 680 St. Marks Ave. . 37 Prospect Park, West . 2667 Delamere Place . . 301 Stagg St. . . 231 Moniter St. 16 Jefferson Ave., jersey City 991 Ocean Ave. 991 Ocean Ave. 298 Carroll St. 130 Hewes St. 63o Chestnut St. 630 Chestnut St. . I5 Cambridge Place 301 Lafayette Ave. . Ioo McDonough St. . 31 Covert St. . . 120 Willoughby Ave. . 55 Bergen Ave., Jamaica VAN VALEN, BESSIE . VASTOLIX, FLORENCE, '16 VOORHIES, ARLINE, '18 WADE, BEATRICE, N. . WADSWORTII, LEILA, '16 NVALDRON, GERTRUDE, '17 WALKER, ANNA, '14 . NVALKER, GERALDINE, '14 NVALSH, AGNES, '18 . WALSH, FRANCES, fl. . I NVALZER, ESTI-IER, '15 . NVANGE, ENA, N. . NVATERS, NIARJORIE, fl. VVEBER, HAROLD, fl. . NNECHSTEIN, HENRIETTE, N. WEINSTEIN, FLORENCE, '16 NNEISS, JULIA, '18 . WENTWORTH, NIARIORIE, N. NVEST, FLORENCE, '16 . WEST, GRACE, N. . NVHITE, JESSIE, '16 . W1-IITTAIQER, JOHN, F. . NVICHS, LILLIAN, N. . NVIEMUTH, NIARGARET, '16 WIESENTHIXL, GEORGE, A. NVILBERFORCE, YVORA, fl. WILKINSON, RCIARION, B.-, 'I7 NVILDFORSTER, HULDA, N. WILLIAB-ISON, HELEN . WILSON, EDNA, fl. ' . WILSON, FRANc1s, '16 . WILSON, HENRIETT'A, N. NVING, PRISCILLA, '19 . WILLIANIS, LEAH, '18 . WOLEE, R4ADELINE, '19 NVOLFSON, THERESA, 'I7 WOOD, GEORGIANA, '15 WOOD, RCIARGARET, '19 WOOD, RUTH, '18 . NVOODMAN, HELEN, N. NVRIGHT, PAULINE, N. . WYCKOEE, NIARION, G., A. NVYNCOOP, NATALIE, fl. WYNN, B'IADELINE, N. YOUNG, KATHERINE, '16 YUELLS, STELLA, '15 . YUELLs,'PAULINE, N. . ZEHNER, DOROTHY, '16 22 . 178 Dean St. 2902 Coney Island Ave. . I34O Pacific St. . . 189 Bay 28th St. . . . 1312 Caton Ave. . . . 54921 Halsey St. . 98 Cypress St., Brookline, Mass. . , . I3 St. Francis Place . . 1491 Union St. . 889 Greene Ave. . 88121 Lafayette Ave. . 576 Carlton Ave. . IZO Bay I2-Sill St. Hinsdale, Nlass. 1371 51812 St. . 296 Lenox Road . QS Williams Ave. 275 Westminster Road . 934 E. 19111 St. . 934 E. 19th St. . ZI4 Cortelyou Road . 496 McDonough St. . East Williston, L. I. . 284 Sterling Place . . Q4 Waverly Ave. , . 1 1742 Bay Ridge Ave. New Brighton, Staten Island . 337 Highland Boulevard . ,. 241 Quincy St. , Bayville, L. I. Greenlawn, L. I. . - . . . 157 Wierfreld St. . . . . 193 Quincy St. 21 Demmington Ave., Woodhaven, L. I. . . . 549 Riverside, New York 2032 Grove St., Ridgewood, L. I. . . . 672 Greene Ave. . . . 967 Greene Ave. . 413 Blonroe St. . II63 Bushwick Ave. . . 315 'Waverly Place . . 2170 Ocean Ave. . . . 1574 goth St. 38 3d St., Weehauken, N. J. . . 299 Hancock St. zoo Hewes St. zoo Hewes St. . 385 Herkimer St. S I -IB - In 3 1 I1 gl I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ff E mma mm El' Uhr Qlnlinarg Ariiai Only a cup of flour, Mrs. Deans, only a cup of flour, The dough won't get thick, The girls surely will kick, Only a cup of flour, lVIrs. Deans. II Only a few grains of salt, Mrs. Deans, Only a few grains of salt, The rareibit will sour, the girlsfll come any hour, Only a few grains of salt, Mrs. Deans. III Only prepare the dessert, Mrs. Deans, Only prepare the dessert. We've fussed and we've mussed witth this horrid old meal But have a dessert we must, Nfrs. Deans. VT ' i . N .,, - 1 - , ..: . H apifdz, 'X :1 !-,' F -. if l l ' +, -'I'Ll 11 - 'f ai- H 1- Aff" v -A:, ff- , i li " fp, i 'f ' i A "5 ' . f A"?' 'K P 'fl up 2? 5 ,vv. E V. 'Qi , x 5 , t .Q if , E rf, Q2-16 +. E . ste f jr if V -' ' S f 'A-A E ,L Q ,J 7, M ,K 4, :ff Z, , N . . J Aff 1 it X- :'-1 , I 'Y K , Q , sg, I '79 I R- -K T50 ji, ,. s 'l il 'fl I. it is YA1- 5 ' '5 " 1 i'!'Fii1'w', if ?H'!:ll'fll -. - - ' . 'ff wlfsflffflnt l ' + f .V filtfil- ' ' " f "-' - iw ., ' 5, 0 S' 5' fill .ft . i , 1 1: it V474 Q' ll ll? i. , 'i - ' .1:' I H X .' i ,, ' ' .- ea . -ad L c f lfaa1,:r3ffn..-..4.i-:ia.,.,.i.. V The Kewpies and the Sensible Woman. UOh, Bobbie l" Nan says, happily, HSee what the dear little Kevvpies have brought us! Don't May know what we like?" And Bobbie says, 'iHoo-e-e! I guess they do." The wise Kewpies are always doing the right thing to make little and big folks comfortable, contented and happy, and of l course they know, just as sensible women know, that good things to eat are one of the first considerations. ,,.- , And where is the list of good things to eat that doesn't begin with No sensible woman will overlook the easy :fell-O way when A she Wishes toserve a particularly delicious dessert, for the low cost and the delightful Havor as well as the ease of preparation of jell-O, are too well known for that. Jell-O is put up in seven pure fruit flavors: Strawberry, I X-zz, Raspberry, Lemon, Orange, Cherry, Peach, Chocolate. Each 10 40-' 52 WS cents at grocers'. I Q mms MU' will Q A tightly sealed waxed paper bag, proof against moisture and ,EQ EL2 air, encloses the Iell-O in each package. all W A beautiful new jell-O Book telling of a young bride's house- N I 352435512 ji xl 2, ' 2 I 1' 1 u' t I N., , T x, H 4- .12 jf' 'rfefli 1 5 ll f f ,5 4 1 f A ,Um v'g,1,, in I., ,rind six ik: If , 2' 'V I -, . X xx -gp fx , ' ' iv - Q N,,,uu-6 wi. nE55'1 El'5" 'uyi7,' 5 . . . . - 1 - f nu, onw kee in ex eriences has ust been issued. It has splendic pic- si ,mmm Mig, . . . ' '5 O P'f'zggP1IV5gwrw""' tures in colors and will interest every woman. It will be sent to ,,,gg,,,,.w you free if you will send us your naine and address. THE GENESEE PURE Fooo co., Le Roy, N. Y., and Bridges-ng, om. This is the Package Beautiful forms and compositions are not made by chance, nor can they ever, in any material, be made at small expense. A composition for cheapnesn, and not for excellence of workmanship, is the most frequent and certain cause of the rapid decay and entire destruc- tion of arts and manufactures Ruskm ggggglil ul lll hum ll 'il l lg! a L. IN 3311 if F 1 UR claim to your considera- tion lies in the fact that we have applied'to our own business the thought contained in . this quotation from one of the world's greatest thinkers and practical workers. If there is anything attractive beyond the ordinary, in the page arrangement, cover decoration, presswork, and general harmony which distinguish our work, be assured lt has not been due to chance We leave nothing to chance Every lme, page, volume, as it comes from our establishment, IS the result of a carefully laid, conscientiously executed plan The thought and the super vision which our system provldes is your guarantee of excellence If you have anything to be printed, write us, lf we under take lt, we will do It well Hausauer Jones Prmtmg Co 45 51 Carroll Street Buffalo, N Y - ' . - s . . . . . . 4 . . Q . . . . . . . . Q . . . . ' - . . . n Fx'551'!' ' ll , 'A -5'-if-cxflis lj m U! - Qt . . 56? - ' - fairfb- I, "sg,'1s. - Q3 1-' :?l'.l X - 5 1 . EDWARD F. FOLEY rt Photographer 385 Fifth Avenue New York City I . Bra1zclzSzf11cii05 VASSAR COLLEGE, Poughkeepsie SMITH COLLEGE, Northampton BJIOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE, So. Hadley 1916 Class ADELPHI COLLEGE COMPLIMENTS OF The Consolidated Engraving Company 155 West 25th Street NEW YORK CITY On the Very Pinnacle of Popularity B. F. KEITH'S ORPHEUM FRANK GIRARD Business Nlanager Presenting the W0rld's Best Vaueiefvztle Features NO ACT IS TOO BIG OR ARTIST TOO HIGH SALARIED FOR In Ever Irzrreasivzg Numbers They Enter THE TRIANGLE Unequaled in popularity for en- tertainment, the Triangle steadily attracts a greater and greater clientele. And, but naturall To enjoy a performance here in an at- mosphere noted for its distinctive combination of gaiety and refine- ment is to derive so much greater pleasure than elsewhere possible. The Triangle is nightly crowded with delighted patrons who come to enjoy the S3oo,ooo Weekly Triangle programme. ' The productions of Griflith, Ince and Sen- nett, the three creative geniuses of the silent drama. Musical olferings of excep- tional interest, and well chosen orchestral 1 t' b the Brooklyn's Greatest fgt ,f Els sc IOHS Y X f riangle Symphony Theatre f' Orchestra. Heflley nstltute COMMERCIAL REGENTS COLLEGE PREPARATORY CIVIL ENGINEERING AND GYMNASIUM Secretarial Course particularly adapted to students of high schools. Best facilities and teaching force. : : : : : 243-245 RYERSON STREET Corner DeKalb Avenue BROOKLYN, N. Y. ffft--"ss ' SE -.f E ally xi cecsaaas-News ' ? swag?" - as- l 3 .f um cam lm T x giwi R XV :Jer-in-. V -it sei . ' . - " 'Q' 1 - Y . - - , il E E- J -:.geftA::,g, -Mia...-. -51.7. Telephone 2218 Prospect Willard E. Tunison CARPENTER and BUILDER ' Jobbing promptly attended to. ' Alterations, factory and mercantile violations a specialty. 262 GREENE AVE., BROOKLYN, N. Y. 1 Y Y I3-.,. 1 'gn Y , Q i -A -1.-11 11 .1 Gotrell 8: Leonard ALBANY, N. Y. MAKERS OF Caps 539 Gowns to the American Colleges from the Atlantic to the Pacific CLASS CONTRACTS A SPECIALTY COLUMBIA GRAEONOLAS and A DOUBLE DISC RECORDS Largwt and Bari Equipped Dzpart ' ment in Brooklyn CHAS. E. GORHAM, IHC 60 Flatbush Ave. BROOKLYN Maker: of 1916 Normal College Ringf Langrock Bros. Company Insignia Designerr and MannfactzL1'er5 General Oflice and Factory 35-37 Ormond Place BROOKLYN, N. Y. Repfurented by B. L. BOSSELNIAN To the fine-soul in search of ex- pression, the Steinway comes with an untold wealth of treasure. Re- sponsive as the vivid harp to the wind, its wonderful mechanism has an almost human understanding of every mood. In the Steinway's tonal range, each note of the human voice finds its perfect complement sustaining it with sympathetic sweetness and flawless purity. In craftmanship, the Steinway is as near perfection as human skill can make it. And here is a fact for your consideration: you can buy a Steinway, with all its superior worth, at a moderate price and on convenient terms. Write for illaf- trated literature about STEINWAY STEINNVAY SONS, STEINWAY HALL IO7-IOQ East Fourteenth St., N. Y. Subway Express Station at the Door I-IOTEL TOURAINE 23 Clinton Street . Have you had luncheon in the MISSION ROOM? BATZ 81 VOGT Theatrical and Nlasquerade Costumes 401-403 Bridge St., near Fulton BROOKLYN, N. Y. C051-anzev-,v zo Adelphi Wornan Suffrage Party Headquarters 342 Livingston St., near Nevins Stop in and get the latest Suffrage news and literature. Use the Suffrage Library and Reading Room VISITORS WELCONIE P. F. CRADDOCK Dealer in Hay, Grain, Feed and Excelsior 383 Oakland St. Termr Caflz Estimates Given on Large Lots Telephone 548 Prospect C. F. WVETNIORE Lafayette Garage and Machine Shop Automobile and General Machine I1Vork 372 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Te'ephone 1656-1657 Prospect C07?'I.1Jll7l'lF'lllJ' of YV. NI. EVANS DAIRY CO. 32-34-36 Lexington Avenue BROOKLYN, N. Y. CONKLIN, TUBBY ik CONKLIN Lumber, Coal and Hardware Paint and Glass Tel, 140 I. KING'S COUNTY TRUST CO. 342-346 Fulton St., Borough of Brooklyn CITY OF NEW YORK OFFICERS Julian D. Fairchild . . . l,7't'.l'Y.Kllt'7Il Julian P. Fairchild J William Harkness L I .- D. W. hfIcWVilliams f - I 1ff'P'fHfff"1f-f William J. Mason, Jr.j Thomas Blake . . . . Secrelary Howard D. Joost . . flfft. Serrelary J. Norman Carpenter . Trias! OQTCE7' George V. Brower . . . Cozumel CAPITAL . . . S 5oo,ooo.oo SURPLUS . . . z,ooo,ooo.oo UNDIVIDED PROFITS . 635,213.82 TRUSTEES Vlfalter E. Bedell ' Edward C. Blum Geo. V. Brower D. YV. NIcVVilliams Henry A. Meyer Chas. A. O'Donohue Frederick L. Cranford Charles E. Perkins Dick S. Ramsey H. B. Scharmann John F. Schmadeke Oswald W. Uhl John T. Underwood W. M. Van Anden Robert A. Drysdale Julian D. Fairchild Julian P. Fairchild Joseph P. Grace W'illiam Harkness Joseph Huber Whitman YV. Kenyon John J. lVilliams Llewellyn A. Wray Compliments of JOSEPH TETLEY Sc CO. CHARLOTTE KNOX: What is an epi- thet? BERTHA LOWE: Something they put on tombstones. H. T. CAREY 8a Co. Bankers cmd Brokers 66 Broadway NEVV YORK CITY Your friends can buy anything you can give them-except Your Plz otograph College YVork is Our Specialty Nfake an appointment today with Ye Colonial Studio SOS Fulton Street, near Loeser's , Tel. Nlain 3660 - Telephone Prorpect 4694 .126 DeKalb doe. LOUIS 'ABELOFF Painter an of Decorator A FULL LINE OF PAINTERS, SUPPLIES and BRUSHES 249 Greene near Grand Avenue BROOKLYN B1'anc1z,S728 13111 Awe. Phone Bafh Beac1L336'6 J WE BUY OLD BOOKS Single. Volumes or Entire Libraries B7'O0IEZ3'7'L,.S' Biggert Book Store Neil Morrow Ladd Co. 646-648 Fulton St., Tel. Pros. 686 WE PAY CASH Tels. 3081 Pros., T. F. Harrington 5oo8 W. Flat., Edw. W. Harrington T. F. HARRINGTON 8: SON Plumbing, Healing and Ga: Fitting Furnaces and Ranges Set and Repaired Leaders, Skylights and Gutters Erziimaler Giozn fobbing ez Specialty 334 De Kalb Ave. 384 Vxlebster Ave. Flatbush, Brooklyn, N. Y. MARESI COMPANY CATERERS AND CONFECTIONERS 30 Clinton St. Brooklyn, N. Y. 719 Sixth Ave. New York WALTER T. CARPENTER D. D. S. Phone Pros. 6364 191 Ryerson St. Brooklyn, N. Y. H iff?-L Q Tel. 6710 Main N WILLIAM ,M. SCHAEFSER z 1UU.?9l'- gf Prescription Optician i 0' 'S 320 Fulton St. Near Pierrepont BROOKLYN, N. Y. Phofo Dforlopiiig and Printing GEORGE W. SWAIN High Grade Work iii C'ateri11 g 7 Greene Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. F. A. WALTER Pfzotograplzer 510 Fulton St. Brooklyn, N. Y. Wlhen a Prof's going to give an exam, Never bother to worry' or cram- Plan a speech or a trip, And the date he will skip. Really, this is not meant for a slam. Established 1863 Telephone 1847 Nlain T. KELLY, Inc. 464 to 466 Fulton Street BROOKLYN, N. Y. FASHIONABLE APPAREL of QUALITY for SPRING Complete Collections for Women Misses, Young Men and Boys AT fITTR.4CTI VE PRICES and on LIBERAL CREDIT Fifty-Three years of success founded on upright business methods assures you oflabsolute dependability. VVe guarantee perfect satisfaction or your money refunded. '-1-:mms-wav: 1402 Telephones,Prospect 1403 1404 Brooklyn ' Metal Ceiling Co. Metal Ceilings Wall Decoratiom Office and Salesrooms: Nos. 283-289 Greene Avenue BROOKLYN, N. Y. MECHANICS BANK Court and Montague Sts., Brooklyn, N. Y. Chartered 1852 Capital and Swpluf, - 5 2,4oo,ooo.oo Total Rfrourcef, - - 26,000,000.00 GEORGE W. CHAUNCEY, Chairman of the Board Harry M. De Mott, President Andrew T. Sullivan, Vice-Pres. James A. Stewart, Vice-Pres. J, Frank C. Rhodes, Vice-Pres. Harry F. Burns, Vice-Pres, Francis Weekes, Vice-Pres. Wilton C. Donn, Cashier J. A. Alexander, Asst. Cashier Edward Q. Baker, Asst. Cashier A. S. Ingram, Asst. Cashier FL I. Ketchum, Asst. Cashier Jacob Schaefer, Jr., Asst. Cashier Joseph Stewart, Jr., Asst. Cashier Branch Bankf BAY RIDGE BRANCH-Third Ave. and Fifty- First St. BROAXDWAY BRANCH-Broadway, near Gates ve. FIFTH AVENUE BRANCH - Fifth Ave. and Ninth St. FULTON BRANCH-356-358 Fulton St, NASSAU BRANC1.-Bedford Ave. and Broad- way. SCHERMERHORN BRANCH-Third Ave. and Schermerhorn St. TWENTY-SIXTH WARD BRANCH-Atlantic and Georgia Aves. Individual and Business Accounts Invited Vlfhen You Buy Athletic Goods ,omg insure your satisfaction by j sp insisting upon seeing the 2,3 Spalding trade mark on uv, 0 Q, what you purchase. It SQA. UIQ? has stood for forty years 0 ql:""f-P"'l as the sign of honesty, quality and fair dealing. A. G. SPALDING SC BROS. ' 124-128 Nassau St. 520 Fifth Avenue NEW YORK CITY U51 VER SEL S J. Lehrenkrauss 8: Sons, Managers 359 Fulton St., opposite Boro Hall Trlephovzf, Blain 5920 Brooklyn STEAMSHIP AND RAILROAD TICKETS EVERYWHERE Drafty .Money Orders Tcl. 180-4898 Main Res. Tel. B252 Flatbush Willis E. Stafford Sc Son YOR Fan eral f-SWT ef' 04' - "ff 4li:.:.,..f'5'qXQ" Dz1'ect01's 57 15' ie-.56 oi 12,0-Ill ii 5 L' " igston Street ' -if U11 , Brooklyn, N. Xt. LVN-Ni J. fiffbeft G39 S017 .ua fflfu fmiffff ,if Ladim' Fine Shoes and Siippfrf 557-507 DfKn!b .-lcv fzlz iw Broolefyn, N. Y. Hotel Bossert Montague, Hicks and Remsen Sts. BROOKLYN Y Ijzzropran Plan .'10J'0flLll7fy Firepmof 400 Rooms and Suites with Baths Restaurant a la Carte Open till I A. hi. Orchestra, evenings 6.30 to 9.30 iX'I3gI1l'F1CC11I New Ballroom Emi 1'r' lyfrer of porif Rr vvzl' an Sl. Entrance Banquet and Assembly Rooms acronzvnradalzng up in 400 diner: Y Montague Street Car, transferring to all sur- face and elevated lines, passes the door. Phone S100 Blain CHJXRTERED 1866 Brooklyn rust Company illzzivi 0jlTCf,' 177 Nlontague St. Brarzclig Bedford Ave. and Fulton St. Jllllllflllffllll Brazidig cor. Wall Street and Broadway CAPITAL, .....,..,..., , ......... ...,. S l,500,000.00 SURPLUS. .,.........,.. . , . 3,000,000.00 UNDIVIDED PROFITS ,. ........... . 750,000.00 TRUSTEES Frank L. Babbott John H. Emanuel, Jr. Howard YV. hlaxwell Harold I. Pratt Walter St. bl. Benedict Wiilliarn Hester Edwin P. lX'Iaynard Clinton L. Rossiter George NT. Boardman Francis L. Hine Henry F. Noyes I. H. XValbridge Samuel W. Boocock David H. Lanman Willis L. Ogden Alexander 34. White Edgar M. Cullen David Cv. Legget Joseph E. Owens Willis D. Wood 'William N. Dykman Frank Lyman Robert L. Pierrepont ADVISORY COIN-INHTTEE-BEDFORD BRANCH Eugene F. Barnes Edward Lyons 'William B'TCC3ffOll Edward Thompson ' OFFICERS Edwin P. hlaynard, David H. Lanman, Frank VV. Diller, Prfridmzl V iff:-P1'e.r1'rlm1 Vim-Prefidevzl VVillis NIcDonald, Ir., Frederick T. Aldridge, Willard P. Schenck, 1710-Pre.ridf11t Ifvlvff-P7611-Li67Zl Scrrezary Horace VV. Farrell, Herbert U. Silleck, Austin WL Penchoen, 14552. Secretary AI.r.f1. Sacrefary Ant. Secretary "Style at a Price" This is the principle underlying the great ABRAHAM AND STRAUS stocks of Ready-for-VVear-Apparel for Women, Nlisses and Children. Always to show the new things FIRST, provided they are goody always to make prices lowg but never one to the exclusion ofthe other-this is our unvarying rule. It is this steadfast adherence to "Style at a Price, '7 with QUALITY an inseparable factor, that makes The Store Accommodating a store of real public service. The principle holds as true of Coats, Suits, Dresses, Blouses, Lingerie, and all other apparel, as of Millinery, our inspiration for which is drawn direct from Paris. Ala ltliiivi Straits New Suits ami Dresses For Spring arial Summer Many of these LOESER Suits and Dresses duplicate the lines ofParis models. Others are originated for us by American designers with true insight as to correct- ness of style and materials. Price! are Moderate V i-Mi, BROOKLYN - NEW YORK Everything for the School Room Printing and Engraving a Specialty Peckham, Little 5279 Co. School and College Siippliezv Commercial Statioizer: , 59 Eaft Ilth St., New Yorle City Telephone, Stuyvesant i 91:04 DAVID F. wiLL1AM T. Soden's Motor Cabs Phone, 4400 Bushwick 595-597 Quincy St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Station: ARCADIA HALL, BRIGHTON BEACH Touring Cars, Limousines A Service Night and Day. Central Garage Storage, Elo. EDXl'.'XRlJ nl. l7.XUS'l'. Pres. XX',X1,l,,XQ1Q j"yq3tyNI.1Y, XML,-1p,,CqfGCu,l Mgfn STANDARD SHIPRUILDING CORPQRATION 5 3 SHIP REPAIRS 44 VVhitehall Street New York 'l'l'il,l'il'l'lUNl., lllllhllb 1515 Sl'lll'Y.XRD: RICHXIOND BORO, N. Y. 'l'elcplione,6IO West Brigliton Cable .Xddtessz Z' DOWNIQYARD H NEW' YORK A 9 1 St. .IohnSCollege C LEXYIS ,AND XVll,l,UL'Gl'll3Y XYES. F Easy of access from all points REG. U.S.PA'I'f OFF Tlzatls the pfarf to educate your ,,4,'4L1l Classical, Scientitic, Commercial, Engineering, Pedagogical and hlusical Courses. School of Pedagogy for Teacherse courses leading to Degrees. Both men and women are admitted to these courses, which have the ap- proval of both the Board of Regents Chocolate Bon-Bons that have the advertisement on the inside of the chocolateg investigate and see if it is not so. Delicious, real Home-made Candies. Only the highest priced, finest rna- terials used in our manufacturing. ofthe State of New York and Board of Examiners of the Department of f 5ClQlBf2...FTS Education of New York City. Pleafed Parentf and Sucremful Stualenrr Our Ben? Rffommemicztiom' Adelphi College Lafayette Avenue, Clinton and St. James Places BROOKLYN, N. Y. THE NEXT COLLEGE YEAR BEGINS Wednesday, September 20, 1916. VVednesday, Sept. zoth, to Saturday, Sept. 23d, Registra- tion. Nlonday, Sept. 25th, Classes begin sessions. Teacher's Course begins NIonday, Oct. znd. GRADUATES FRONI CITY HIGH SCHOOLS and other approved schools are received upon their Diplomas or by Certificate. Ap- plications for the College or Normal Kindergarten Course may be made at any time to Dean Anna E. Harvey. V HOLDERS OF STATE SCHOLARSHIPS ARE RECEIVED. EXAMINATIONS FOR HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIPS, Mon- day, June Sth, 8.30 A. NI., to VVednesday, June 7th. Applica- tions for admission to examination must be made not later than INfIonday, NIay 29th. ' ART SCHOOL-Students may enter at any time. Apply to Professor John B. YVhittaker,'Director. SUIVINIER SESSION begins VVednesday, July 5th, and ends Friday, ' August 15th. Application may be made at any time to Dr. A. G. Fradenburgh. MR. JAMES H. POST, President of the Board of Trustees. FRANK DICKINSON BLODGCETT, A. M., ' President of the College. The Peoples Trust Company INCORPORATED 1889 ISI-183 lVIONTAGUE STREET Nostrand Avenue, corner Herkimer Street, Clinton Avenue, corner lylyrtle Avenue, Fifth Avenue, cor- ner Fifty-Fourth Street, 43 Flat- bush Avenue near Fulton Street. Capital and Snrplzu, ,K2,j00,000.00 Member of the New York Clearing House The careful management which you yourself exercise over your affairs during your lifetime should not be allowed to cease at death. The Peoples Trust Company, as your executor, will continue effl- ciently to carry out your plans. fnlfrefi Allowfd on Dfpofilf Telephone Bedford 9967 Open Day and Night Bedson Motor Car SCFVICC Touring Cars and Limousines to lzirc at all homer PACKARD CARS Hour, Day, VVeek or Flat Rate Sprcfa! Rain-for BJLLS, WEDDINGS, SOCLJLS, ETC. -121 LEXINGTON AVENUE Near Tompkins Avenue BRooKLYN, N. Y. L3 J. N. Telephone 2498 Prospect H. M A A S S Loclcsmlth U Dem in Electrical and Nlechanical Belllxanger Fine Mgatj and Sled Food Philadelphia Poultry a Specialty 315 Grand AVC- Brooklyn CORNER GREENE AND GRAND AVES. E. KOLB BROTHERS , Pharmacists Delz catesseu Corner Greene and Grand Avenues 283 Grand Avenue Brooklyn BRQQIQLYN7 N.Y. GOLDEN FLOWER SHOP HUNTER COLLINS, INC- MAE B. GOLDEN, Proprietor P7,fZ'7,lti7,lg- 59 Lafayette Ave., Jct. Fulton St. 138 Livingston Street Tel. Prospect 184.6 BROOKLYN, N. Y. Tel- 1059 Main BROOKLYN, N- Y- WM. L. BULLOCK F. VALECHI Fine Book and fob Printing ' Phgfggrgjpllgr 423 Richmond Terrace Tel. Nlain 6539 514 Fulton Street NEW BRIGHTON, N. Y. BROOKLYN, N. Y. I. Nl. Sargent G. XV. Toolcer SARGENT 82 TOOKER F LO Rl STS I06I Flzzlbuflt xlw., urar Bf'cn'1'l1ry Rd. Brooklyn, N. Y. TKIKPILOlit'-e,l.,l651Ffdlb1l.fl1 1LCOmplrlr lim' of illwff, lP'07IIfII,,f and Chil- drwzlr Hoxfrry. fLfV012zw1',s' Ul1df'l'wc'a1' ll Spfrifzlly. 111llz1z'l Ordcfzv Fllfrd Promplly. THE HOSIERY SHOP 529 Fulton Street, B ROOKLYN, N. Y. N4ISS R. E. HINSKY, formerly with James NlcCreery of New York. Phone Main 73 J.MAL'r13R CLEANSER and DYER 214 Greene Avenue, cor. Grand Avenue Branch Stores: 240 Sumner Ave. 3873 Nostrand Ave. BROOKLYN, N. Y. 394 Columbus Ave., New YORK CITY NIO BRANCH ON GRAND AVIE. Tel. 2556123 Prospcrt. Steamer Baskets ECKLEBE Sc GUYER Expert F1'uiti.rL: FULTON ST. and DIQKALB AVE., Opp. LO0Ser'S Tel. GUS Main BROOKLYN Phone: 612 Flatbush Res. Phone: 145-R Prospect F. A. Hutchinson, Jr. Pfunzbzhg and Gas Fz'tz'z'ng .ionnmo 1-'ROMPTLY ATTENDED TO 1057 Flatbush Avenue Opp. Beverley Road BROOKLYN, N. Y. Our-n Evenings by Special Appointment Telephone 12783 Prospect The Lafayette Parlors LADIES' HAIRDRESSING Permanent Marcel, Round and WaterWg1ving, lVIa.n- icuring, Shumpooing, Facial Massage, Scalp Treat- ment, Hair Dyeing and Bleaching. 259 Ryerson St. Brooklyn, N. Y. ' Telephone 4914 Bedford - M amz farlurer of , SAXONYv KNITTING MILL Fancy Knit Goods and Bathing Suits EMIL BRUMM, Prop. 1027 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. for Men, Women, and. Children DU BARRY SHOP 468 Fulton St. Brooklyn TRIMMED HATS 555.00 37.50 510.00 BLOUSES-Latest Models 31.95 tO 3510.00 The Engagement Ring for 1916 should be of platinum or line gold or a pleasing combination of the two precious metals, cunningly wrought in plain pattern or delicate lace-work design, and set with a SINGLE LUSTROUS DIAMOND pure white or blue-White, Without spot or blemish. GEIVIS OF HIGHEST GRADE Ranging in Weight up to seven carats. S50 to S1500 ' W e have ,fold over 10,000 diamond ring: 711. New York and Uicmiiy H. HEALY 468-470 Fulton St., near Elm Place Eftablished 32 Years 5 ,wwf -gkln

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