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F52 Yr Wiz .A "' NES ' new L fljgi. V A .f-W, rx: .l' 1 4 I i i i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I wil 'W Y' .f A 1 LH ww 1 x , I ,M wr, , W W x r 15 f, ww A W, t .Wx-, 1 .J WI.. Q n , , ff , x , QI? USl.C EWQ!!S' C7-A0 C9011 IOI' CJAISS Of Z. GKCGCJQITLQ Q,-f,f,4fy,,. mf UMA X . 11 V .qjrcfsefl is VJAQIII' yearbook. Gjpus Cghe IQKSQ cfelplzlc verture Adelphi Academy has completed a new. modern concerto, written from September, 1948 to June, 1952, orchestrated by the class of 52. The concerto itself has been acclaimed by the critics as a graduation to a "new freedomn which has become possilolethrougii time scheme of time old means ot expression. Four years of rehearsals bring CEGIDUS '52, into the literature of music. You are seated in the concert-hall, listening to a new and different orchestration in Adelpiirs art. You settle tuacli in your seats, program in hand: you wait expec- tantly. . . Eecficcz tio I1 L nd erstanding, ox enness o position and untaiting good tiuinor seein to us. ixtr. tgtllfll, ttie very es- SCIISG3 ot YOIII' CtlEll'ilCtl'l'. No ottler HICINIDCI' ot ttie tauitty is more Closely in toufti wiltl ttle stu- xx itll tllelr dents or more in syinpaittmy " protmteins. WW M1 , W0 Maw' 1' " M ff f ,f V ff, 4W""' 'Q ,. - I 1 Nor stint' we ew-r torget ttle extra tlours you limi' spent idler SVIIOOI in an ettort to tletp us raise our grades. nor your untaiting willingness to tletp us in every way you routd. Atwow- ull, we appreciate ttie deptti and sincerity ot your desire to see us develop into genuinely good men and women. XVe know. Ntr. Pmructi. ttiat we stmatt at- ways rernernlwr and tae grateful to you. But tiecfause we wanted our teeting about you to tae expressed in tangitnte torm, We. ttle ctass ot 62, dedicate to you this. our year- taootc. , tt ri' ee it 5 ii I .B 4 w 'C 0 iff-MVWN ,,,, ' kr I ..x.x. 513 V 55. ' gift Q ,ff 4, g?,,W.,'.:ff I K f.. 1-.swwM..W XXXXXX. , -. , F , y ., Q , 1 ' Q fi "XA i Z v vw NN wwyws Wh ss of ssc , 6 Jfff M42 fCJClC!l7ICZSllQl' 3 essczge NXIP all EIN' EIWEIFG ol llllx lJ2lSif' IlCiPCl lOl' ll2il'lll0Ily ill filly I1lllSiCEll vomposilion, wliifli is also true os El noocl among time peoples ol tile worlfl. ll is easy lor us lo limi mmlogios lJPlXYOi'Il music anal lile ilsell. Xvv lllllSl. as iIlCllViClll2ll nofvs or inslrumonls. play our part io lorm il Com- plr-lo vomposiiion. any one ol ilif- svpamic' lzlflors is nol in lmrmouy will: llic- oilwrs, wo lincl Qliscorcl or il clislorlion ol lilo vulirv pivvv. It is llu-rvlioro 6-ssenliul lliul vmili ol us pill lorlli all our cnorgy to soc limi we 1'I'fA2llf' as perlevl u pic-vel as possilmlm-. ir- ll is the cluly ol Hufili nwnilwr ol lilo class ol l Ml lo ilicslllvulv into llir-ir pliilosopliy llw llic-ories wliivli will vrczilv an lizirmonious musifzll com- position zmcl al llic- sonic- limi- lin- laiml ol worlcl in wliifli we may live in peuw. ll is on lliis mole llml l ollvr you my silicon- Congl'alul21lio11s ancl wislios lor time lilllliillllllilll ol your umlmilions. 2Aff,fQ2f4f.m rogmm otes AUDITIUNS 0x'erii1re . . . Dedication . . . The ixlaestro Speaks Qpus '52 .... REHEARSAL Keynoies . . . Adagio-Freshman . Andante-Sopilomore Allegro-Junior . . TUNE UP TIME! Student Board . . Publications . . Sports . . Familiar Scene. Classes . Clubs . . Further Scene: PERFQRNIANCE Xviids Xvilo in the flrciiesirzi . Program Notes .... Recorded Music . The Angels . . . . . RQ Credits . Finis . pus 32 A long foresitaclowing roll A powerful ciiorcf A sympiiony in tile infancy of its creationg instruments unaware of their strength seek recognition: Tile maestro confidently conclucts tile first movement orciiestration Over unfamiliar keys, tiirougii unfamiliar measuresg Tile group unites in tile mocierato of tile founclation. The tempo of tile first movement cieveiops in tile inackgrounclg Soioists rise from tile mass to produce Anclante in the base. allegra in tile treble,- Discorcis mark tile ciasn of inctiiricluai goals. The actagio movement restores all harmony- Discorilant youtit is calmed by the tempo Of peace, tile mood of tranquillity The music of past accomplishment ciominates. The final notes of the aclagio preclict approaciling Assured musicians emerge to climax their youtii Amidst tile confusion and the commotion of prestog The instruments have founct tIlQil" range: Their adolescent ideals have f9eenaccompIisi1eci,.- A concorctant overpowering citorcir-4 The symphony accepts conclusion. 8 termination v.H13V-SL P-0 xJ4 A ,gf-E' W . X, fix tg Jg' pair-Mg'-" MwwmW,,fV,,ff V, fm ,f , ,V ,, ,A.,-,.f W ,,.Wwmf.,Nf4.W gffwlfzfa GERALD ANDERSON FREDERICK V. BRUCH JANET COOK ISABEL CORCORAN Coach, Principal, Phys. Ed. EngliSl1 Football Adviser, Coach, Social Sludies Boskelball Senior Boys Basketball Adviser, Baseball American History Adelphic Adviser, Adelphian Varsiiy Club ARTHUR DOOLING JEWEL FEWKES F. H. HELDT CHARLES INGERSON Biology Spanish German Music Geometry French Modern History Glee Club Adviser, Adviser, Adviser, Sophomore Boys Sophomore Orqcle wa-QW' M- l' X 0769 ecgnotes A' i ,gl ' if QQQ wi i QR www' ANBR E l.4NlERE GRACE MAKLA DOROTHY MATTHEWS JOHN NOAKS faieI'ICl1 Phys. Ed. English Chemistry 1 :slant dviser, Speech Physics le fl 50Clefy Dramafics Adviser, Bfllfldlar, . Junior Boys p arent ea oar , . ifjffvi ii J 2-5' :iv T 4 I J fu J 3 2 IJ 5 I fi .1 4:4 -Q EMILY J. PALMER GWYN REES ALBERT ROST WILLIAM SCHAU English Gym Typing Algebra Adviser, Assisionf Coach General Science Senior Girls JOHN STIGI Indusfrial Arts Shop Club NOT DOROTHY POOLE Librarian Adviser, Extension Society Adviser, Bazaar PICTURED JEANNE LA ROCQUE French Algebra Trigonometry Adviser, . Junior Girls JHJ Modern History Adviser, Freshman Boys ADA TRECARTlN Lafin English Adviser, Freshman Girls Cavalcade 7 VN 1:1-V 4 lf' X45 if-' in a"'l " . 3 , WX' . . . f i" , ' 1-.ff "' I . ffrii - .. ""'f.'i' M fi' .1 . f" ...sry . I 4- J' " 4 L rf' hr 'i?xE,1"" ' WJ BRN". f1:f"'.:'f V We-F5 '7"4'5 HTSNP.. -2 i i. ' - 6'..3Tv?1526!445 W V . V Q J. 5. ' ' .F X ' . X ,,,, ' . Q N., , . . ff -...ff ,, 7 1,9 .X f . , w ff A if Q 2,2 f' 4' f , ' f 1 , if 1 f M' ' A 1. V . . S ' Q. ff V: " .,:."' 2' , f. V wr f Q 2 , 5 . i n 'X ' , u g '. 'Z - "" 'Q .3 N .- y If fa . A . -A ' filffik. f' .5231 'JZ I - ' , I, .N I 4 X yy , - ,, ,Al f X X M K. N , I . an - f V W A ., , . 5. BW f 1... ffi'1'f f ' X - ' 'A W ' i'F5F" 'f- ' f 0 .. f Qi, 5 ff X ,, F1 3 , , ' MW, ff 1 - V sf . , .. wb ' ' ,fff ,, ' M' f W ' f- 'W 5 , Q 4- ' ,fin f , Ls -2. Z? FA . an Q.. ,K -W . I f "7 Q , X- ' tr' X . -" .V fs. -1 ' .,,. U s i 9 ' 5 illli 'W ' il 'ill .. ,,L-... Q. , R. ,J f Top Row: G. Caddy, G. Chrisfopherson, J. Danzer, G, Di Figlia, B. Engelhard, R. Fowler, M. Freeman. ' K R. Ka lor, L. Klein, L. Kranish. Second Row: L. Fruchtman, A. Harris, D. Heller, J. anner, y Third Row: E. Kurzrok, W. Lampal, S. Levine, M. Lipstein, R. Martin, E. Masvidal, C. Morgenlander. Fourth Row: A. Paone, M. Phillips, R. Raymond, M. Rudy, J. Scardapane, R. Scardapane, J. Sidimus. Fiffh Row: B. Silberdick, E. Simon, B. Tolces, R. Wahler, R. Winfer. Nor Picfured: D. Fraser, J. Herman, M. Streif. C9298 'lITl.CU'L G!ClSS temlaer, 1951, tlie llalls ol Adelplii eclroed a new note and freshmen lnad arrived. Tlieir Willingness ln Sep Were Filled with a new spiritg tlle and rusll to do everytlling at once entered Witll tlmem. Tliey were so suc- cessful that Llney set an example lor tlieir admiring elders. X QQ., s . 'Q QF. x' x jf "" 36 -s. 'QQ . I! ,' a tl Y? ll I W u W . -iff ff Q 2 JV, . , X ne w X N. I X ' :t if f 6 , - as A V? ,ii I I G ' 25 rg? .5 rf: yi M '1' if' J Y ' " 'I J . at , 4 4 fl. , or . Nw: 41561 re -:M ' 1 :A ff 1- "' wr ., --.E 1 4 f - Y - " ff ' Q I . - 2? -, Q ' A QQJQ' -3 . X X, .,, I f ,,,f,,,5' f f Q x '. Y ' 7 2 , A D I ly Q . Meg 1 1 if J --1 m y AW' , , Q v.-!'Qr ' '70 3' . wi , 2 -ir , Z ' p 55, , J !".J y ' .LX s ha 'QQW "if, " 'fix I f ' ll 1 Y I za. I' . ly f .V DN. , 'f v lf 8 3' , I F' 5 4 I .-' D no 'Q' A f -Y. -J ii Q. Top Row: P. Alicandri, D, Andrews, H. Apier, E. Berkowitz, R. Bernstein, E. Bezozi, C. Cashin. Second Row: G. Christopherson, S. Danzer, T. Dyk, R. Esfrin, W. Flanagan, S. Fudell, W. Glaesel. Third Row: J. Grover, M. Haiken, J. Hyman, P. Judd, J. Kalison, S. Kaufman, B. Kohak. Fourth Row: N, Krolick, A. Levy, P. Magdalany, W, McCall, R. Miller, E. Moftey, E. Narefl. Fifth Row: M. Newman, R. Osias, D, Patino, I. Podnos, L. Pomerantz, D. Sawyer, L. Schein. Sixth Row: J. Schtierrnan, E. Stokes, J, Turino, L. Waldhauer, K. Wessel, C. Wilson, R. Young. Nor Picfured: L. Berman, P. Brennan, F. Cirlin, L. Gross, P, Meilen, E. Moran, F. Seley, S. Zonis. cgbophom ore Gfass C61 cfan fe The high schoolls Hhiggestu class lcount themll . . . this lmusy and original group. true to their reputation, put on the uhiggest" Soph Hop in years. Upperclassmen can tincl nothing to criticize except that there are so many ot them the Cashah sometimes hecomes overcrowded. 9. V MMM. , , A J ,. 5 f f Q 4 y Z - Q. 1' if . .2 '1 WZ 3? ffl' x f if 6 , .v B x 1' ...,.L,g,5,x Q ' -- r 4 XX F SF .f I 23, i Ag s ti -' ti - J, I. ' :Sf . -' ' N. l ,QW S ,W ' Nz. N , . A X.. 4 , 2 Q W 5 I 'f W X Q ,1. , 44 f f . if X . X fx 3 N' Q .- Q V K ' .. .., .. , fl ' W X X x at 6 A 1 4 I 1 1 W X K f 7? 1 . 0 .3 V f 1. 'Y .1 20s-rf I 4' S3 me , a i X fu .. V b.:bb . D N t. .1 ff .,,, S fr... 5 U :A ,. V' X Qh-- . ' J W '- of I A R """"" .Q RSM . L . 1 ! - Q ' we J f ,. ' ff - iq f N X I 1,1 V ff . 3 .Qs . 5 If . V ., 'ZW V .mliff E -2. - . l . ' 1 . he L- , em nie -R ' 'S 1 . Top Row: S. Arzt, J. Bischoff, V. Bonadio, T. Buckley, M. Doherty, H. Dubrow, R. Fabrikant. Second Row: P. Force, V. Gavian, P. Goodman, L. Harris, N. Heller, C. Horowitz, J. Jude. Third Row: M. Knittel, D. Kohler, G. Levin, S. Lipman, A. Mokla, L. Marcus, J. Moslcovit. Fourfh Row: M. Moss, C. Needham, P. Norris, K. O'Neill, P. Price, D. Robbins, S. Root. Fifth Row: M. Rubenstein, S. Saffler, R. Siegel, J. Simon, R. Train, R. Traubitz, J. Vazoulas. Sixth Row: C. Winter, B. Zuckoft, C. Zweibel. Noi Pictured: R. Daly. ll.I1l.Ol' GAISS 'Sons and claughters of NQ,.ium9' is the most fitting title for our juniors, juclging hy the name they Chose lor their Junior Prom. This is a talented Classg we lcnow their Hperlormancen as seniors will he a com- IflCl'lClEll3l6 One. ff X' jf, is 1 A fx if az? Q aff X . V v,,. ! AW Q ,f f'-f pr yn 1 Q x 4 'Q 'ff X K EX X! Q k5QXXX x X X if 7 ffm? rms f xi 9, PK YVXSYXN G We X TUNE up TIME fda i K' applied to school busines STUDENT BIMHD Once again Adelphi can loolc haclc on a year oi activity, a year which marlcs a forward step in its student government. As is the custom, two representatives Were elected from each class hy the students. This year the Hvoice oi Adelphiu helped to create a stronger and more unified school spirit. lts outstanding contrihution Was the loudget, acclaimed as the laest in many years. OFFICERS President JOEL GERSTEN Vice-President GVVEN BUNIM Secretary NIYRNA RUBIN- STEIN Representatives. Freshman Rohert Nlartin lxflerrill Freeman Sophomore Harold Apter Judy Turino Junior Roloert Young Virginia Gavian Senior ixlichael Spiegel Cynthia Schreclcinger Ayes Ceyesj and noes lnosesj 1-J ik .. -..N-X.-x ..., A -+ i I AIJELPHIII The Actetptiic is. in a sense, the autotoiograptiy ot ttie senior class. It is ttleir recorct ot tiieir tours years in tiigti sctioot-the storetiouse ot a host ot recottections. some important, some trivial. some serious, anct ottiers amusing. It is puibtisiwect as a txinct ot tarewett to Actetptii, anct as a keep- sake to toe treasured in years to come. Adelph ADELPHIC STAFF Editor-in-Chief MAXINE EEIN- GERSCH Assistant Ertitor SHEILA MILBERG Literary Staff: ROBERT SHORIN. Editor Gloria Barry Gwen Bunim Sigmund Fox Art Editor .IQANNE STECER Advertising staff: EDXVARD SCHOEN. fxlanager Cynthia Sctirectiinger Jane Lee ixftartin Pliotograptly Staff: CHARLES NENSER, Editor Steptien Bolnicti Harry Levine Richard Train Business Ntanager BERNARD ISER Typing Staff: RICHARD HEIMER, Editor Cwircutation iwanager PERRY DORNSTEIN vw r a Z t ic: Sound for the "record." i 1 . The Adeipitian olllers those who are interested in creative worlc an opportunity to see their eiiorts in print. Produced entirely hy the students, it contains short stories, novelettes, poems and essays-and includes many fine photographs and drawings. ORACLE STAFF Editor-in-Chief Richard Heimer Associate Editors Gloria Barry Edward Schoen Carol VV'inIer Sports Editor Joel Gersten lxflichael Spiegel, Asso- ciate Art Editor lvlaxine Feingerscli JHITICS XIE1ZOLIlZ1S, Asso- ciate Business lvlanager Bernard lser Advertising Dionne Rohluins Typing Charles Nemser Secretary Marilyn Lasliy Assignment Editor Arline Gollulyer Faculty Adviser lwlf. Charles lngerson ADELPHIAN STAFF Editor-in-Chief Gloria Barry Literary Staff: Sigmund FOX, Editor Edward Schoen. Feature Editor Art Staff: Maxine Feingersch. Edi- tor Sheila lxlilherg Joanne Steger Business Staff: Michael Spiegel, Adver- tising Manager Harry Levine, Circula- tion Nlanager Typists Carole Handsman. twan- ager Betty Scarane Roloert Shorin Literary Adviser lxliss Isabel Corcoran FX We TW The school newspaper was organized lor the purpose ol awarding recognition to student activities. We are proud ol its evolution. lromb the original mimeographed sheet to its present printed form, complete with photos, thoughtful editorials, and news. as . Q.. A Q E5 ,EQ ,iii ff-rf S fi-RK 5:3 m It Y 2' 4 riiwlfi ... Sr- if ., 'W , 1 Q' ai Wifi .ww 1 ?y , X, fffff , f mf W, w f sl 4 - My ftmigx 1 'N 'C'-f. Aly r 'Star l 2 VJ. 'E 'li :X,,,.,f.1 Sf' 1 'Q '-Juli' 13,79-L .1 F r unfffru J f,r,wlJ" wana-,awww-M Row 1 Poly must be winning. Waiting warriors. The Faculty frolics. Two points for . . . .AA Joe- Row 2 Row 3 the man ot the switch. P.L.E.A.S.E! The Admiral surveys his crew. Sorry! No comic books left. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Riverdale T4 A Ade l p hi 0 N 'X i TriniiY 7 ft WX E VV,ff."t Adelphi 0 ft Poly Prep 20 Adelphi 6 Stony Brook 6 Adelphi T2 Sf. Paul-cancelled Horace Mann T3 Adelphi 13 The Big Three FUUTB!-LLL Back: Mr. G. Rees-Assisiant Coach, G. Parker, W. Flanagan, T. Buckley, J. Jude, D. Steele, P. Lospitalier, R. Doly-Co-captain, G. Stoddart, J. Schtiermon, Mr. G. Anderson-Coach. Middle: M. Spiegel, W. McCall, S. Fudell, R. Smolowe, K. O'Neill, J. Gersfen. Fronf: R. Walker, S. Posner, C. Beyrer4Co-captain, P. Brennan, T. Weinstein, M. Doherty. Noi Picfured: D. Andrews, W. Fredrickson, W. Glaesel, J. Scardopane, R. Young. S l , I l l I s 5 1 2 2 Basketball Team D. Andrews C. Beyrer R. Daly-Guard M. Doherty W. Flanagan-Forward J. Gersien-Manager I.. Genaff-Forward J. Jude K. O'NeiIl G. Parker M. Spiegel-Manager R. Sieele-Center 8- Captain G. Sioddari T. Weinsiein A. Weisman R. Young-Cenler Mr. G. Anderson-Coach BEST RESULTS IN YEARS! Cup-Tsf place Private Schools Aih. Assoc. Trophy-Tsf place Class 3 Hollis Spofis Memorial Trophy: Won by Dick Daly-lvy League's Most Valuable Player All-Ivy League Tsf Team: Dick Dalyp Bob Young Won Losf T9 9 B SHETB LI. rlilwe Adelphi five enclecl tlleir cam- paign by Winning over two-lllirds of n sclmeclule of twenty-seven bard loudlut dimes. Tlie scllool is proud ol: llmeir recorcl and even proucler ol the lqiglwling spirit tliese boys clisplayecl on ull occasions. Leff: A "Daly" double Below: "Steele" tension under il-me boards. , ,,,,. Z . ,N it x f .M 3,3 - Q as : Wi S .we 1 MW,r,N.m....m.s.M,,...,., .. ,XLX i ,.. . D . . ....,,. . ,, - - . . , ,.,., , V r - . A r' s. . x X K 'ig it . M wm .Q f f an X x.wsx.Q. Q r : Y Q . I we x ss QQ.. TENNIS Tennis Team L. Genatt-Captain R. Shorin-Manager N. Heller-Asst. Manager F. Seley D. Sawyer S. Root Tire first call for tennis cancliclates met witli a very moclest response tliis season. lnut success marliecl its etiorts in spite of tliis lianclicap. Les- lie Genatt lias provecl a cap- alale leacler. lvesicles playing fine tennis tlirougliout tlie season. N T es, ...W x i . 237 ,V Z, Us , 'M i, . ,. ., 'iw V95 . 3 'Sv' :fa S x, Xi ..,. ,asv-1. f 'lf' wg 5' Q g: K F we 5' ies i .N 15 53. T l I A BASEBALL Mr. G. Anderson-Coach, D. Andrews, C. Beyrer, P. Brennan, R. Daly, P. Dorn- sfein, J. Jude, P. Lospitalier-Captain, J. Milligan, C. Nemser, S. Posner- Manager, E. Schoen, R. Steele, G. Stoddart, T. Weinstein, A, Weisman. Baseball is tlie major spring sport at Aclelplii. Eacli year tlie team malces a recorfl lor tlie otlier lvy League Scliools to slioot at. Tlie luaseloall season, iiowever, Cloes not get uncler Way until tlie Aclelplzic lias gone to press. Vve can, tlierelore, only Wisli our players tlie same success tlieir elllorts liave always olntainecl lor tliem in tire past. You're out! is XM -.s X Si. wma Fronf: A. Weisman. Leff fo righf: G. Levin, J. Moskovif, J, Casfko, G. Bunim, B. Paynter, G. Barry, C. Schreckinger, H. Dubrow, V. Bonadio. IIHEEHLE DEH5 Qur cimeerieaciers, ieoi by Captain Bea Paynter fanci iieipeci by Alan Vveismarli, Can jump and 'twiri iiice wiiiriing ciervisiies. Tiley per- iiorm an imporlant service to lime sciiooi. ieaciing Ciieers at gains-S ami raiiies, anci, in general. sianciingf as symiaois oi sfiiooi spirit. Below: Talking if over. GIRLS' B SHETBALL Tile giris' iJasi4eli1aii team is tiene principai itiililaiif ouie iet for our ieniinirw routin- gent. Practicing in lin- gym every Tuesciay ami ri-illlI'Sfiiiy' under tile ciirecliori oi ixiiss janet Cooie. tin- Qiris ivarn Coorciination ami cooperation -and have iuni Righf: Waich tha? pass! 4-iw STUDY HALL The study hail provides a zone of peace and quiet for the serious minded. The occasionai student who happens to he aiiergic to study en- deavors to secure a blue siip from the teacher in charge, on the ground that he has iegai business elsewhere. LUNEHHIJIJM The students erupt into the quiet emptiness of the school cafeteria and the scene becomes one ot goodna- tured uproar and confusion. Finally, settled at a favorite taioie, everybody Umunches iunchu and talks over the experiences of the morning. LEAVINE SIIHUIJI. School is over at 3:03. it is now 3:0-1. Thr- delighted expression on these faces is not due to the fact that their owners are leaving schooig it can rather he attributed to their knowing that their pictures will ap- pear in the yearbook. Fiashi N.. 5 ff? f' f lwa f U , 4 f f : CW , ,,,,x vga I ?' YQ, ks! 4 4 iff Xs. is new M Z , W M Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Disprove Malconceived Nofions? "A Christmas Carol." Hot off the press. Big Hsh story, Mr. Presidenf? Deadline . . . Vomorrow! Ready , , , qim , , , How abou? Saiurday night? EHENEH lnliinitives, subjunctives, adverlos ,-these represent an eternal puzzle to tlne bewildered student. Vvarned lay our own past experience, we counsel tlnose wlcro follow us to ala- sorla diligently the petit mots ole sa- gesse, HC,est la vieln SPEECH The speeclr course is one ol tlme new additions to tlle year,s curricu- lum. Qriginally organized cliielly to teacli diction and public speaking, it lias grown to include the presenta- tions ol lootli pantominies and plays. and lras definitely become one ol tlie most interesting courses at Adelphi, TYPINE A prool ol ellectiveness in achiev- ing a commonly desired goal is our new typing course. Considered vi- tal lor college worlc, tliis new addi- tion to Adelplifs curriculum lias already proven to loe ol great value. ,:', ' ms' or AMEHIIQAN HISTIJHY HHN wir Illxlxf' svlnlrmr 1 lass ullvn sm-vllws willy Ilvniml flisfllixiljll illmlll ilu- lmlilils ul ilu- 'mel-I. s om- lmrw f4lIllllillQIl. lor illslilflffh Huh fUIlI'Sf' prow-s ilml lc-urning lnisiorirnl lmlw rim urlunlly lu- lun. CHEMISTRY LAB 'Hw flIl'llliSll'y lulmrulory if-aclws the Stu! To Mr. Sfigfi and his shop glass. tlw Ii- cle-nl ilu- If-rlmirnl work irwolvc-rl in CIIQIU- lorary owns il wary hE,lIlf,lSUfllff Dime- ol furni- istry. fxflfl us llw sluclc-nt lvznrns lo work tllfff-the VIEW fffCffiViflQ Xvff CON- irllvlligr-nlly mul imlixicluzluy. class theory Qratulate them on their really artislic work- I,Qfgf,nH-S yigugil Q'YiflQ'IXCQ. mul finally, mf1USI1iP- lxnowflvclgv. WW E. A. A. Representing the gifts, atiitetic depart- ment, time G.A.A. toegan a tradition. Ttmrougti ttieir Htzittte Sistern program, they educate ttie younger girts in the meaning ot Adetptii spirit. Time organization also gives an annuat Mother and Daughter tea. EXTENSIUN SUIIIETY Supporter ot time sctioots oldest tradi- tions, ttlis organizations philanthropic work is directed toward att people, irrespective ot race or creed. Cn the list of the society's annuat events are the toazaar and Red Stock- ing morning. Ttde Extension Society has wett justified its existence. BUIJSTEH CLUB Beyond even ttie most optimistic expecta- tions, time Booster Ctutn tias promoted fun and good tettowstiip and tias been success- tut in matting a success ot a variety ot sctioot aitairs. Formed to Utboostu Adelphi spirit. time ctutn tietps ttie tower ctassmen to become true Adetptiians lay puibticizing attairs ot tile year. attending sctioot dances-and ot course ctieering when A.A. matces that ottier touctldown. CAMERA CLUB Tile members ot tlie Camera Club in- clulge tlleir t1olJlJy. learn more about plio- tograpliy ancl talie pictures tor tlle yearlxooli. tlle scllool newspaper ancl literary magazine. Tliey also sponsor an annual snap-sliol contest. CLEC CLUB The Glee Club is a yalualvle part ol Aelelplwiys lite. It pertorms at many impor- tant sclrool atlairs ancl otters an opportunity to those who love musiC to develop tlieir tal- ents ancl stucly a clitticult art. VARSITY CLUB Composed only ot lf-ttf-r men. tlie Varsity Club is under tlie leaclf-rslnip ot IJl'1"Sif,lf'Ill Ctlarles Beyrer. its purpose is to turllif-r tire interests ot its memtners, anfl to perpetu- ate the trienclstiips tounel lay tliem during tlweir scliool days. Cunha-,gi II 'I-'vinyl lillavhngqq., Q fin EBUIQIH Hnmvl Here stuctents purctiase ttle nec- essary sctnoottnootcs anot an unencting suppty ot pencits, papers, pens anct ink. Actetptcni stictcers and souvenirs gare atso tcept in stock. ttxtotez txftiss Cote ctoes not sett apptes tor teachers., IJBBAHY Containing a weattti ot titerature. ttie Aotetptii titorary maintains time stanciarcts set by ttie sctcioot itsett. Goocttiumorectty namect ttie Unum- toers ractcetu tyy ttie stuctents because ot ttie use ot ttie Dewey Decimal system, ttie titbrary otters a retuge from toorectom anct an entrance into tcnowtectge in its variety ot tgootis anct magazines ot att types. '5 4UFFIEE Y t I Tie oettice is ltmt pteasant voice on ltie teteptione anct ttie mysterious tianct ttiat matxes out report carcts anct un-sat stips. Tile anteroom to the tieactmasterts ottice, tiere visitors are received-att tiincts ot visitors,-fpar- ents, atumni, stuctents who have protatems, anct, occasionatty, stu- otents wtlo are problems. DE X l li ZHU7 Q1 U15 Q In 9 l ' intel I ll i Q W' it -ir i.Li 7 '4. 13 X -il i 9 W A ,Av U !di,,,-if . i , i i V r ' ,ll.,MJ' KJ it ff K9 c, lf, ml 5 , 4 40 . lj" 'lx' U, ' X" Q. ' . f - up . I tg ' iv 32 GLORIA BARRY lntellectual, friendly, delightful: proficient in activities tlnat require brain, beauty land brawnj 3 possessor ol tlie most bigtily prized award presented to a junior girl, the Elmira Key: bas displayed a remarlcable aptitude lor writing: is a member ol tlie literary stall of tbe Aclelpliic, and served as associate edi- tor ol tlie Oracle, and as editor-in-cbiet and mainstay ol tlie Aclelplriang possesses defi- nite dramatic ability: is director ol tbe stu- dent sliow ot 52. CHARLES BEYRER Capable, ambitious, popularg atblete: var- sity baseball and basketball: A.A. varsity football co-captain: bas shown tbat be bas real qualities of leadership: Was president of tbe junior class and president of tbe Varsity Clubg popularly lcnown as UTl1e Bearw: sings a bass protundo in tbe Glee Club, favorite pastimes: reading, pbilosopbizing and Veeps. STEPHEN ROY BOTNICK Keen. resourceful. appreciative: camera tan: maintained popularity as a Ucamera- bugu in time Camera Club: prominent member ol tbe pliotograpliy stalt of tlie Aclelpliicg atliletic tendencies: joined tlie intra-mural basketball team in liis junior year and proved liimselt a ltey member ol tlie senior intra-mural baslietball squad: liobbies outside ol scliool: collecting stamps and taliing pictures. GNVEN BUNIM Retresliing, versatile and industrious: ex- ceptionally talented in time llield ol dramat- ics: was twice a performer in tlie student sleiow and advanced to assistant director of tliat presentation: belongs to tlwe literary statis of tlie Adelplzic, Adelpliion, and Oracle: won a lnlazer jacliet tor sports: is Captain ol time girls' liaslietball team: was elected yice-president oi tile Student Board: is noted tor lneing a strong advocate ol scliool spirit. JUAN BURGER pert. glowing. zealous: mernltver of ina- zaar committees lor tour years: has acted in slcits presented lay time Dramatics Clulbz is a yalued mernloer oi tile Oracle stalil: was unanimously elected GIXA. representative in lier lresiinian year: enjoys swimming init dislilces tile lneaciies-tliinlis tiieyvre dirty: wants to travel: would like to sticlx lier nose in tlrie air and say, Hlyrn from Texas." JOAN HERB IA CA STKA Liyely, cornpanionalile, diligent: a prom- inent participant in girls' sports-owns a lvlazer jaclcetz Varsity liaseliall and lioclxey and j.y. lvaslfetliallg advocates Adelpliismg clleerleaderz yice-president ot UKH: active in tlie bazaar and otlier rliaritainle eyr-nts: displays a good ear lor music: was a mem- iyer ol Nlr. lzililiyis Glee Cluli and is a Vocalist in a cliurcli junior ciioirg joined other Adelplwians in representing AIA. at the UN. 0,7 ,Ap-1 71-7y7Z all X' a,w'T" ,, ci fl? iff? f wif Ur :loaf I 50 4 33 SJf"'fl?.,' ,M- if I 1 .gqu WJ H Nr 1 . ITV! Axjfxxjqd ' X!-J AIN lb J? 'N J' ff A 'AVE Q , P Y jf X-4 1 vw Y .1 HN , 1 J f' X 5 jf QJ 413141 ' fr W! ly W YV X ,x 1 if lkbx ,jf .J M t if LJ Y V1 J r vp .ul WN WWW ,,,, ww WHMWKIHNS f .34 SELENE RHQDA DORMAN Clieeriul, friendly, dependable: can al- ways lne found during lier free periods worlc- ing in tlie library, has proved lierselt a patriotic Adelpliiang served as co-ciiairrnan ot tlie rallies committee for tht? Sopii Hop: was an uslier at last yearys graduationg is an avid tennis player Wlio enjoys goltg lilies reading good literature and plays tlie piano: and is especially appreciative ot good music and dancing. PERRY DORNSTEIN Lively, diplomatic, sedulousg essential component ot tlie Varsity Club-Won two MANS tor participation in sports: varsity laaseluall and loaslcetloallg manager ot tl'16 tootloall teamg versatile alnilities plus a rep- utation ior dependability elected iiim to tlie position ot circulation manager ot tliis Aclelptiic, says lie talces pleasure in tlie little tliings in liter-money in particular. NANCY EISNER Veni, vidi, vici tslie came, slie saw. slie conqueredig candid and sincere: president oi G.A.A., and gets lnazaaritis annually: plays guard on tlwe varsity liaslcetloall team and plays field iioclieyg lias participated in tlde student sliow yearly: avid audience-and player ton piano. not recon-dst,-ot Gersli- win: received lionoralale mention tor Adel- phian essay in ,5l : lionor student: lilies eat- ing catered toods daily. I NAXINE FEINGER SCH Gracious, attractive. yiyacious: exliilwits prociigious conversational powers in all classes: ciisplays a natural enciowment tor literature anci art-essential lor lier worlx on tirree pulnlicationsz eclitor-in-cirieli ol time Acielpllic anci art eciitor of lmotil time flclele pllian ancl time Oracle: argues proiiciently: representeci lnciiais riglits in A,A.'s rnoclel Security Council: lanious lor translating Englisll into Spanisli ciuring Frencli classes. SIGNIUND FOX Sincere. cynical. energetic: arclent toi- loyyer oi current literature. tin- tlieater anti news: originator ancl firm in-lieyer in tlieo- ries ol Ulsoxisni-iz enjoys clelmating anti is reaciy to rliscuss practically any sulxiec t: rielie nite literary propensity: is flrucle column reporter. on tire literary stall nl tire flclvlplric and literary eciitor ol tin- Aclelplliari: was a mernlier oi tire class liaslwtlmll ti-sun lor tliree years: will lie rernf-rnln-rf-cl lor luis amle ciiction to grey suits anfl stripf-rl ties. XVARREX B. FREDRICKSCJN Joyial. rellectixe. rliaritalrle: rlynarnic on tire yarsity lootliall iii-lrlg possf-ssor ol an innate common sense- rlisplayerl at clillirull moments: memlier ol tire Varsity Cluli: participates in wrestling anrl iioxing exlnie laitionsz enjoys singing in tire filer- Clulm. partly lmecause lie loyes music. partly ine' Cause yocalizing gives irim a fllftflfff to re- yenge liimsell lor tire silence irnposecl on ilim cluring class liours. 4 .l r fo is . ,Milf vt' fl "rel"-ft. f'e'tt"'59f , mf- a"'fm"j7 .M A f or sw.. , V-fret' 1 ef E ,f 1 gl as err-fffu it ,qw Gi ' M FW ,wiv .fx fzcfagi MPS. V 'l-MZ! X4 3 6 LES GENATT Popular, intelligent, industriousg mem- loer of the Oracle advertising statlg memloer of the tennis team for two years,-elected its captain in ,513 winner of the lliglily es- teemed tennis cupg liis little figure is suited to many sports: for the past two years lie has loeen seen in many varsity lbaslcetlaall games: is a distinguished memlner of tlie Varsity Clulng plays golf in his spare timeg enjoys listening to classical and popular records. J GEL EDWARD GERSTEN Suave, candid, intellectual: president of tlle Student Board and responsilyle for A.A.,s smootliest loudget: represented our class on tlie Student Board during liis ireslfi- man and junior yearsg active in sports: var- sity lootloallg manager ol tlie varsity laasliet- loall team: Oracle reporter advanced to sports editor: unique linguistwlceeps Miss Liniere wondering wlmetlier lie is going to turn the English language into Frencli or vice-versa. RUTH NANCY GGLDBERG Always willing, always eager: secretary ot the Extension Society: lward-worliing memlner ot various lnazaar committees: ac- tive in tlne Glee Clulo: stopped lnocliey balls from the opposition as a tulllmacli during lier junior yearg belonged to loaslietloall team during lier senior yearg acts in tlle Dramatics Club: always lias a sympathetic yet encour- aging smile lor all ot usg lias a tendency to sport a olilterent pair ot shoes in scliool every clay. ARLINE L. GOLLUBER Unpretencling. sensible, ancl well-lilieclg responsihle tor the clull enamel finish and grey clrippings on the Oracle floor: creative mincl: the lnquiring Reporter on the OFCICIPI treasurer ot the senior class: cliligent worlxer tor the hazaar: vice-presiclent ol the Exten- sion Society: athletic tenclencies: haslcethall ancl hoclxey j. y. lor three years: arclent sup- porter ol dances ancl school games. CARGLE M. HANDSIVIAN Sparkling. generous. consiclerate: electecl treasurer ot the Extension Society in her senior year: composes at the typewriter: a memlaer ot the Oracle and Aclelpllic typing statts. is also the Aclelphian typing man- agerg has made an extensive stucly ot the arts: is an expert at playing the piano, sing- ing, clramatics, anal painting: in her junior year, her athletic ahilities gainecl a place for her on the j. V. haslaetlaall team: has lneen a memher ot the Hoclxey ancl Riding Cluhs. RICHARD HEIMER Elllicient, energetic scientist: has estala- lishecl resiclence in the chem. anrl physics lalbsg a senior who shows real school spirit: was one ot the founclers ancl a varsity mem- lber ot the swimming team: attainecl personal triumph: earned position ol eclitor-in-chiel ot the Orucleg notecl lor a lnroacl and crea- tive imaginationg will he rememlaerecl as author ol sunclry science-fiction stories ap- pearing in the Aclelpllian. H006 'foo Oo woes A1 s.A6n"u'l'1l Se Tbbkf You SAN uno vm-4 Mi' To 'raw any valid 0 no -- Aslhbtrf """" QLLHACD D-:.-mr Er' A-: 1 LF 19 x .4'9f'1'f f...wv.f-1- cd? f'rf1 f? fif C 'T ,I I' lj: , is I -'-1596, E .-mir,-.4 1 QA -up-no-is ing, 114, I'-NY., rwlffig 4+ 'nfs 3 1 "',:4"'n'f sq Q f Cin 'W Y lffblv tN4,,p-, V55-5.5.5 in 'asuvigb 4 Ln0a,, I S1-'sl.,- My I VW ' ity , f "!l:ZZ'J"" .37 s Q WW-as as f ff nw., A get ..f ..,,, . may . W X BERNARD ISER Deliberate, talented, etticientg manager ot the varsity football teamg member of tbe Camera Club tor tbree years-'now its pres- identg also makes pbotograpby bis bobby outside of sclaoolg dependability and a real gift for finance made bim business manager of tl1e Gracie for two years and business manager ot tbe l952 Aclelptzicg is secretary ot tbe senior class and technical director of tbis year's student sbow. BRUCE EDWARD KAHN Jovial, studious and music conscious: ac- claimed as worldis best ivory ticlderg only man ever to bave Mr. Steinway demand to lciave bis name talcen oft tbe pianog sporty dresseraz given to erudite, pbilosopbical re- marlisg bas participated in dramatics, swim- ming and tennis activitiesg played intra- mural baslcetball tor tbe sopbomore class: one ot tbe leading figures in tbe student sbows. X ,, PHOEBE RUTH KRANISH Understanding, composed personality: values good music: bas been a member of tbe lvlusic Appreciation Club tor two years: enjoys concerts and classical recordings: was elected sopbomore representative to tbe G.A.A. in ber lqirst year at Adelphi: aided the tood and toy tables at two of our annual bazaarsg spends part of ber time reading cur- rent best seltersg is lilced by all,-because she always bas a lcind word for everyone. MARILYN LA SKY Sociatnie, sprigtmtiy. industrious: active participant in ati sctioot tunctions: worked tor time bazaar: was assistant ctmairman ot ttme IVIarcim ot Dimes drive: in tmer junior year. attained time position ot vice-president ot time Extension Society: manager ot time girts' tnastiettoaii teanm: member ot time imociiey team: spends study Imaiis in time Gracie room: tamous tor devoted attention stme gives to ctmatting and taugtming. HARRY LEVINE Amiatmte. enttmusiastic. ctever: camera conscious: treasurer ot ttme Camera Ciutm, and a member ot time ptmotograptmy slatt ot time Oracle: responsitate tor some ot time tine pictures in ttmis yeartmooixz sends original ptmotograptms to ditterent snap-stmot contests: circulation manager ot time Adetptmirin: Iearned time deep dark secrets ot newspaper writing in Biiss Corcorants .Iournatisnm Ciutbz is an active memtmer ot Sigma Ptmi Beta. PHILIP AIIGUSTINE LQSPITALIER Laugtm. ciown. iaugtm: time merry matter ot every class: star stmortstop and Captain ot A.A.,s varsity tmasetmaii team: outstand- ing memtber ot tide varsity toottmati and tras- Icettuaii teams: spends many tmours playing tmocifey at Madison Square Garden: enjoys tmis memtaersimip in Adetptmits Stmop Ciutm: noted tor sporting weird tmats and corny joices. nw ,fav- HT- 1 iw l W' 'tnv--r 'Kaz-:rf if ff We ,yfiifg X ZW! 9 , If , If . , I gif- Q F- N 1 , ,ff 'ml' ,! ,ui I JANE LEE MARTIN Persevering. astute, graciousg Adelphi sophisticateg fashion editor oi the Oracieg gave oi her time and energy generously as co-chairman oi the ,52 hazaarg displayed a genuine understanding oi children as an assistant in A.A.,s nursery school: elected associate advertising manager of the Adel- phic, she helped make this yearhooic a re- aiity: is the possessor of a fine soprano voice and was a memher oi the Giee Ciuio when it was under the direction oi Mr. Lihhy. J UDITH ANN MEYER Cheerful, eiiiervescent, industrious: en- roiied in Adelphi in her junior year, entered immediately into Adelphi activities: mem- her oi the Giee Ciuh: Willing and useiui worker on iaazaar committees: iavorite sports: riding and swimming fduring sum- mer vacationsjg hohhies include: reading fpreierahiy hest-seiiersj and traveiingg is given to making witty remarks and relates side-splitting taies. SHEILA .IGY NIILBERG Sincere. poised, perceptive: was a mem- her oi the literary staffs of the Adeiphian and Oracle and assistant editor oi the Adel- phicg siciii and interest in drawing gave her a piace on two art staffs: demonstrated her versatility in Cavaicodes ichariestonsj : was eiecled vice-president oi the junior ciass and Student Board representative: no mem- her of the class of '52 enjoys, or deserves, a more genuine popularity. if A if N 1 71' . -1-jvc! '- M- v H K.. ' -if kj ' ' . K f. -I is J., A E .Wi A --may 1 40 - ,if ,f-H E 1 A , y 4,4 . i A ' " ' H A -f 34 E 1 N-iid! 1.1 U A Q ,N ' j Q . aw, ,f t , a, s . V -f V- sf If 4 - M, ,J i, 1 c i' A k ln 1 JOSEPH ARTHUR MILLIGAN Serious minded about ciuhs, hohhies and sports activitiesg an outstanding math stu- dent: plays a mellow sax: also creates hot rhythms on the Oracle typewriter: memher of the A.A. hasehall team for two yearsg avid coin collector: studies the clarinet in his spare time: liked for his clever wit and congenial smile. CHARLES STEPHEN NEM SER Earnest. thoughttuig an expert with the camera-fortunately for us. since HChuck." as photography editor, took many of the pictures appearing in this yearhookg is very interested in the sciences: active in sports as well as studies: participates in varsity hase- hali and intramural haslcethail and was cap- tain ot the swimming team for three yearsg chief electrician in the ,Sl Cavatcade-more power to him fnot in electric voitsj. GEORGE PARKER Fast stepping, lively swinging jazz man: collects classics in modern jazz trecordsjg sings a deep hass in the Giee Cluhg all around athlete: won a varsity in has- kethan, hasehall and toothaiig took part in the annual student show: helped make a success of the 1950 hazaar: can usually he found in the Varsity Ciuh room, enjoying a he-hop session or praising the "Bay Ridge Celticsfy Maw. aiwth-vw'-"' v 1-.w. , rgs ' ss" Yvczsff' '1 wr, Mfblfb WML Zgxgcffsxg J eqfiigig , Q jdjy 5' an :HK- ,f' ' -of fix WN 'uf 3 RQ. rx Ref Pi. xwnm. 'file tr it ,KZ s 'x 1 l. M1 I I mf if .QQ 4 ,bg an f fig Y 'rw 1 W ,..: , KL' fql my 1? 1, W f it p, M , if X i 's.LJ.,g Jam A . K its "1 fi J, , J, W? f I0 ,l- M. BEATRICE PAYNTER Personiilication of school spiritg captain ot time ever present, ever spirited cheerlead- ers: last yearys secretary, this year's presi- oient of 0.K.B.: Chairman of time refresh- ment taiaie at the ioazaarg one of the four year members of the girls, iiociaey anci toas- iietiaaii teams: Won a blazer jacket and Was invariably co-captain of one or both teamsg specialty,-coiiecting slips tor Mr. Noaksy "Thanks, Bea." SAMUEL PQSNER intelligent, jovial, Weil-iikeci: came to us in his seconci year from Erasmus: his per- sonaiity has iieipeoi to iarigiwten many a his- tory ciassg ati seniors eageriy await iris Whimsical remarks: active in both sports and Hacactemicsnz has been a member of the footioaii varsity as welt as manager of time ioaseioaii and ibasicetiaaii teams: is a mem- iaer of time Varsity Club: has worked in youth groupswis an assistant scoutmaster. ELIZABETH JANE SCARANE Cfoocinatureci. energetic. ambitious: mem- ioer ot time Frencii and Science Clubs: pro- gresseci from j. v. to varsity basketball: was one oi tiiose who won top ranking in tile girls' igaciminlon tourney: served as a dili- gent worker on committees for the bazaar and time Cavaicacte: saves stamps anct in her spare time, cioes tricii ice-siiating ftwiriing at 60 R.P.M.y. PAUL TIMOTHY SCHMIDT Xvitty, enterprising. stuctiousz member ot ttie Dramatics Ctutm in tiis tirestunan and soptmomore years: Actetpliiis operu star: in' ttuentiat memtmer ot time Glee Ctutm tor tour years-our own tmsso proluncto: swings El mean tennis racquet ut ttie Cuton Courts ns a member ot ttme Tennis Ctutmg ttie only Actelptmian wtio tqnows tlow to run ttme sctioot proieftor ttle sees att ttie movies-lor lreel. EDXYARD SCHOEN Forcetut. ctynnrnir: inctixictuut: presictent ot ttie senior class: elf-fs-mt to position ot SeCre-tary ot Sturt:-nt tiozirct in tiis junior year: QfdCtUEitf'f,t trom ruin reporter on ttie 0rczc'te to its assoriute eftitor: ttie uctx'ertisiiiQ manager ot ttiis yezirtiootiz fiUIIf'l'fttf' titer- ary qualities won tiirn tiis ptmi- on ttif- flftet ptzion as ttlf- teatiire ertitor: si invintwr ol ltii' varsity tmsetmll tr-mn: outslniutingj zu! Comptistiments mrount tor luis xxicti- pop- utarity. CYXTHIAX SCHRECKINCER Buoyunt. fffltilllllr. xi-rseitilf-: rtoes tu-r ut' most to promote srtiool spirit: prvsifti-int ot ttme Extension Soriety: flu-f-rtf-ml:-r: clispluys attltetic capmities us ai mf-intn-r ol Itie i. x. tioctxey anal tmstfetlmtt tennis: sr-nior repre- sentative to ttie StlIClf'flt tionrrt :imt assistant actvertising rriarmger ol ttif- flctetptzif: :is Ctiairman ot time '52 tmzfmr. stiff prowerl onu- again that stwe tias an altruistic spirit: stiouts cters the many problems presentect to tier. . , if in wt: 3 'WN I J-'Q .QQ- Y-. ."'xL, 'tak 4, uj , .Q f Q I -'LSE' I-1:4 'M 1 .21 ff' 7 "'-ey' L'-.LJ .J '7zI'.- '-'t - . ti A-1 vii in fi, sn ax f fi. Butz: 1 sv r 'U-QI 4.3 1.- rs, ' 'i PN 4' I . A . ' V .Q ,Q - ' P' n 1 X W 'I F I 'I ' r f 1 V- f ,r , 4-Q V, I ' IJ I ' ' I K , J nl F' J' ' ' r x X if , rf if L , I f, fr' LJ . . I J ' ' f , " I i -1 W ,X " , f' If iff 5, Y ,' Ink .K l'r if 7 I ,,y'1,,g, l, in? vi-9-Mk, qi i ' Ig, 5 ,. fy? if 5 'ADELE BERNICE SHAFLER t . .fm I Lively, aiiaioie, sophisticated: seii-ap- ' 4 pointed manager oi eariy morning Casioaii I Clan, for wiiom sire calmly soives ali prota- iemsg treasurer oi the Latin Club wiiiie a iresiimang acted in the Dramatic Ciulag WV added to time Vocai strength of the Giee aw Ciuiog carried tile big sticic on the girls, , hockey team and played guard on time var- sity Ivasicetioaii team: woriced on various committees for time Cavalcade and the ina- zaar. '5,VuVU"u M? , 5 N, ROBERT NEIL SHORIN Mxyybqjijplgxhy perceptive, self-reiiant figureg unusual .xwvskigfg writing aiimiiity: is literary editor of the Adel- ftw. bf' Q pttic, an Oracle column reporter and one of .E the ciiiei supporters of tile Adelphianq is RN! lax Mi also a gifted musician: played tile violin is N jg' during many student siiowsg excels in ten- nis: was a varsity member during his junior 31 . -sv and senior years as weii as team manager U' 35" by of the varsity swimming team during his W is freshman yearg sees humor in the great tragedies of sciiooi iiie. P if RGBERT SMOLGWE Resolved. unrumed personality: scientist: two letter man in ioaseinaii and iootioaiig won a j. V. for iaasicetioaiiz member oi the newly formed Varsity Ciuiog sang a Hraiter-siiaicingu ioass in A.A.,s Giee Club: was known as uiceeper of tiie zoo., at Adel- piii, when employed as lab assistant. tHe tended to tile daily needs oi our guinea pigs., yg fr ,, . Aly aff 1, X AC , r A y.ii l M Ur, 44 r A-tif. r -ul-, c F" r,r'af,." -. A tw- i gg MICHAEL SPIEGEL Sctmotarty, jocutar, inctiviciuatistiez senior representative to ttme Stuctent Boarctz tge- Cause ot tmis tqnown retiatnitity was eteetect Cireutation manager ot ttme Clructe anct tnlsi- ness manager ot ttme Actetptmirui: tme makes tiis own tieacttines on ttie toottiatt varsity tile is assoeiate sports ectitor ot time Oructei: arctent gott tan-vvoutct titre to reverse scores wittm ttiose in tiis taovvtingz is manager ot ttme tJastQettJatt team anct a memtuer ot ttie intra-murat tJast4ettJatt team. RICHARD NGRNAN STEELE Atert. active and aggressive: memtaer ot ttme Varsity Ctutx earnect ttmree varsity urxnsz tbasetbatt. taastiettnatt anct toottmattz tinown tor tmis smiting personality anct teari- erstmip: enjoys ptaying ttme jazz anct poputar ptatters: memtaer ot attmtetir ctutms outsicte ot sctmootz is captain ot tmis Ctmurctrm tmastxettmatt team: tmotatjiesz otating. eating-anrt cirinti- ing ctmocotate soctas at time Castmatm. JOANXE LEE STEGER tsigtmt-tiearteri, Consicterate. many-sictertz stmows a genuine Uf1dPfSt?iI'lCtiTlQ ot time arts. ciemonstrateri tiy tmer memtierstmip on time tit- erary statts ot ttmf- Afletptliurm anit ttie fjrurte and on ttme art statt ot time Artetptzirum: art ectitor ot time Artetptmic, stme is responsitjte tor ttme fine cirawings presr-nteft in ttmis tmootiz memtaer ot tong staneting in time fltfle Ctutm: an enttmusiastic student ot ttme f,t?lHC'f,', stme migtmt appropriatety tue citassitiect as a mort- ern toatterina tspecies Aotetptmicusj. fern 'E 'W 111:-11" i 1.3. ff If it, V , ,fff'f't J Q?-??f i5'f fn 13:74, I f, ff' 1-1, ' Q , is PL-,if?vf'Q-?2'f , rp ,w 'ti Sify. fi ,W ,f vv, , 4 wif in 'ln awp' M fm, Egg 45 Pa-an-45 Civic'-orv .al ' WWW .film a.4J.f3-,w- his if-', fa If Q gf- - lg mfg, ,- X Mi! fx .WW f. fy 7.53223 M f Q A1 f , GORDON STODDART Calm, witty, iriendiyg eiected iresbman representative to tire Student Boardg one of tire principal members of tile Sbop Club for tbree years: member oi tbe Varsity Ciubg is a tbree ietter man,-Won varsity MANS for iootbaii, basicetbaii, and basebaiig is cap- tain oi bis cburcii basketball team: deiigilts in bearing bis voice ring above tbe otbers in Cviee Club: enjoys Uvvinsocbin fcoiiege songsj music. LEN ORE CARROLL STRAUSS Personality at once staid and gay: one oi the "Royal iviountedn group at Adeipiiig dramatically inclined: a tiiree year member oi the Dramatics Ciubg appeared as time Cbarieston-dancing beroine in a pantomime meiodrama fciimaxed by a Unicii oi timeu rescue by time beroj g bas been a member oi the Giee Ciub since ber first year in Adei- pbig spends Cbristmas and Easter vacations deep in tile iieart oi Texas. ROBERT WALKER Staiwart, tbougiitiui and practical: piayed in sicits for tile '51 student sbow: essential member oi the Varsity Club: won a varsity HAH for iootbaii and baseball, j. v. for bas- ixetbaiig joined committees for tile bazaar in bis junior year: can usuaiiy be seen after scbooi playing baseball for time .Pray Ridge Rebels." TED XVEINSTEIN Temperate. rugged incliviclual: linown for spontaneous xvitticisms ancl liis ten- seater seclan: stars as a lelt lnielcler on tlie varsity nine ancl was Cliosen a memlmer ol tlle all-Scllolastic lnaselaall team: lulllmuelt on tlie varsity lootlball team: is a lrequent scorer on tlle varsity baslietlmll team: a memlner ol tlie Varsity Clulm: an active memlaer ol tlie loves fine musif: listens to tlie "3 Bus..-Bralims. Pmeetlioven. ancl Be-lJop. ALAN XVEISN IAN Blr. Personality: lun loving: supporting scllool spirit: lnest lancl onlvl male Clieer- leacler: two year member ol varsity lmsliete lball ancl luaselnall teams: Capalailitv anal popularity clisplavecl xvlien elertecl vire- presiflent ol the senior class: lorever ram- paigning in tlle Student Hoarrl elections: can lie seen lmelping at all class rlanees: Qave an unlorgettalqle perlormanre ol tlie Hljoly Hero.. in tlie stuflent sliow ol Sl. BARBARA NAN ZEVON Sweet anrl clemure: a new .Arlelpllian in tlle swing ol Aclelplii spirit: typing clevolee lor tlwe AC1ClDllif1ll ll:-arnerl ilu- ltnoxv-liow in Blr. Rostls typing rlassl: moflern flann- entlfnusiast-olten seen at Carnegie Hall: Q imp raw 1 I Aram, 4 L J 1 fx, J I it 1 f' ,ft ,JA X, .J , A- , ,+,, My 1' Af-wmv, 17 J- xr. if " is a M, .xr Jr 1- ,,' ' flf, 4-,U Q 1 I . ,? v',A 1 4, ' ff", 7.11. 'va 'J""' .,f,.,. 44.,'f-1 1 ai v!O cl' rytfv ,I .V,, f 9 4 My U as I .9 " T . of"A1r,.ed -fi Q 44 wi J ..,.+1 i L-1 ,,fCf?'M IL' , M, fa- J ,ffl-'J .J Aff ,J ip, J' ". A, rigid? Hs fb- sllows a particular propensity lor clramatirs f' .-" H ,-has zealouslv talxen lessons in tlnat art: is an active member ol the Delta Fignia lau s rorit f. . h ' i 0 5 , .N 4. lr r A4-'L .t i ft' 1 J JV' 'V , ' 1 ' R ' . ' 6, s x If , ,L s 0 ' .1-" , A x is r. 'J I ff P 1 5 4 '17 aiu Q- B 0 P 5' M KK 3 x, ' . ,A V 41 Q ' 'lrfiwil 1 r' 4 few 4. L, -af" 4 G fl ll ,E V v f X i , V fl All gk 'l 1 l ,A wry ' yy M K i ix p X ii, fill lil clk ij phi .l ip ' 'Xi-ill Q at ,ll NAME Gloria Cliarlie Steve Gwen Joan B. Joan C. Selene Perry Nancy lvlaxine Sigie Freclclie Les J of-fl Ruth Arline Carole Ricliarcl Bernie Bruce Plioelne Nlarilyn Harry Phil Jane Judy Slieila JOAN ZISES Calm, cooperative, inlormalg came from Erasmus in lier junior yearg luaci been a memloer ol tlfne sclioolys Spanisli and Dra- matic Clubs: ellicient typist: lyelongs to Aclelpliils typing clique lmemlbers oi tlie typing classlg enjoys PLA. so mucli that slie Wants lo stay lor tour yearsr-at Aclelplii Collegeg lilies to listen to music-preieraluly classicalrdancl attencls concerts loyally. rogmm otes FAVORITE EXPRESSION COLLEGE fyou Fill It lnl Letys talce a taxil Mother-come get your lboyl Smilin, ilaclil Honestl Strictly for tlie loirolsl Vvliatvs tlie matter? ltls aoloralalel Vvlwat are your-da clownl Oli, is tliat clisgustingl Qoli-am l liungryl Forget socialism,-wait lor Foxisml Tlwatys liiel UGO Wilclu Vvill you lie serious? l lxnow llm going to laill Ulm, he malces me so inacll lVlay l say somelliing? Talxe il' easy, relaxl T liave il reafly lomorrowl l A Vvait a minutel g Act your agel Are you lciclcling? Vvlierels my pipe? Y,er turnin,l No, it's a cliignonl Letls face itl Big nollwingl PRCGRAM NOTES-Cont. NAME FAVGRITE EXPRESSIQN COLLEGE Joe Tilaniis. youire a palt Hou Flu It IM Chuck Xvtmatcilaniacattiti George Go. go. got Bea i'n1 cutting practice! Sam Honest. I woutctnit iiet 1719 A-f1f4e,-T Betty Cbil, YGEIIII Paul Hutt? Ed l'll give you a quarter,-no moret Cynthia Letis go stloppingt Acieie Dont worry. taatnyt Bob N. S. Donlt worryt lt'Il ine clone. Bob I wonit cto itt Alike I cticinit do itt Diciq . . . and it elected . . . Joanne Guess wiiat? Gordon C-et outta tieret g P5521 f"'l"" Lenore I like tiwe wifte open spaces! U Bob Xviiat a iarcet Ted tie got tiwe cart Alan Listen to mf-. kid! Barbara Xyiiat a ctiaracter Joan Z. Xvheri does tlle iwli ring? Leff fo right: A, Class representatives in huddie . . . h'm . . . big deal? Weisman, Vice-Pres.g E. Schoen, Pres.g A. Golluber, Treas.g B. lser, Sec QCOVJQJ We entered Adelphi with a deceptively simple mel- ody and a rhythm of unahashed discord. Before we had even met algehra. lligures were floating laetore our eyes. Xve tried to master the French language fthe tongue that has all the nasal and gultural musical tonesl: We now truly realized that we were still the audience and not the perlormers. ln general science, we learned from Mr. Gaul that living is more than a matter of grams and litersg it also involves more important things, such as centimeters and lailowatts. And then we were formally introduced to Adelphi and her traditions: We were invited to the Mliresh- man Reception!! During the months that followed this orientation. our lives hecame patterned-it not orderly. De- spite the hardships of study. we managed to listen to other orchestrations on our liield trips. We sang our allegiance to America at the loot ol the Statue ol Liherty,-and then. heing still young and coltish. ran up the stairs to her head in an etlort to catch the last stanza of the pledge. And we slipped into our sophomore year. The tra- ditions of Adelphi had not yet Hosmosedm into us: we still played our separate Umodernn songs. The confusing prohlems ol algehra laced us once againg for all we lcnew. logarithrns were meant to he sawed in hall and put into the tire. ln that year a memher ot the class ol '52 was en- gaged in slfetches for a dynamic chord tor his concertog this Hshoclcingu Worlc was Richard Heimer,s electric notes U S l.C tuootz. tBetween tlie two coyers were sliort-wave sets, tele- pf pliones. ancl liis motliers gas-meterl. ln tlie same year. 541' -' l9-19. tlie class stucliecl tlie Bitzle: in niagnitucle ancl eve: scope. tliis worla was a sonata in itsell. It was tliis tliat first startlecl Aclelplii into recognition ol our talent. trlwlif- last tour years liaye sinee witnessecl our truly plienomenal growtlrl Xye clissectecl lrogs. vaguely renieinluerecl our Hlirst year language... ancl lbegan to stuely anotlier. VN! -f now liegan to tal-ce on a literary quality. going to clramatir' procluctions. accompaniecl lay lxliss ixlattiews. Sports. not to be outclone. noticecl a new participant in its auclitions. ln intra-mural sports. we aetiieyecl real glory lay cleleating the seniors in liaslxetluall. Xve learnecl tliat wliateyer we wantecl coulcl usually lie gainf-cl lay a little application: ancl we composecl a new song lor ourselves wlien we per- lormecl. ttiougli only soplwomores. in time fiulmicucle. tfXll that was missing was Jack Bennyis ticlrllfml txt-lie clepression ol '29 liacl notliing on liiinz tliis was luis version oi "tire craslmiil Time rlclelpliiun rf-rorclerl a new polypl1ony in literature. anrl we pretenelerl to tw journalists. A group ot intellects was organizecl ancl fXClf'llJlll was repf we -- resentecl at time Xve returnecl to lioine grouncls, tolcl Aclelplni ol tlie anfl its purposes anal tlien attempt:-cl -Z-ACPF '- to imitate tliat clayls ey ents. tal-lie two clelegates tliat repre- sentecl Russia wallierl out.l Tlius our inter:-sts were stirnu- . lated in time worlfl arounrl us anrl we lierarne tlie pertoriners. i w? mwrf, XVe had listened and applauded as an audience, and now we hegan to sing, compose. arrange and weld melodies together. Nye and the school had a new and helpful leader in Joel Gersten, the president ol the Student Board. And we were now the supreme summit ol Adelphrs art hut, to ourselves, we were the same people as loetore. although our minds were fuller. ln English. we composed literature on dililerent countries: and thus our virtuosity and creative inspirations were lused. tNevertheless. we still dreamed of writing "A" papers overnight and were sometimes misguided enough to try to write passing ones in a day.l Vve produced an Adel- phian, edited a new printed Oracle, and orchestrated a yearhoolc. The annual hazaar came upon us, and with newly lound authority. we helped in malxing it a success. Nve went to shows, attended school dances and were ejected-gracefully-from the Qracle room. After four years. the name ol Adelphi hegan to carry a new significance: and the years them- selves seemed a long crescendo. ln many ways our class is like those which have gone helore it. Yet it is dilllerent too-possessing its own distinct personality. Nye are conti- dent that what was unique and original in us will he remembered. as we shall always rememher the tour years we spent here. Every "record" has its finale. ln ours. we should like to say, "Thank you, Adelphi: thanlc you for the progress we have made and. even more. for the friendly guidance which made that progress possible." fm 77 o traces fejll' oflnff the busy scene. Qui that renzenzhrance Srrys: c7Aese ffifizgs fzave never been. " Anmmmfmflm ,S 'ik ik ik HOLLYWUOD THEATER TICKET AGENCY 225 West 46th Street 0 New York Clrele 5-6670 -fk ik ik HERMAN SAUL HQ SQHINIEIIIERSUN M SCPNS, MNC PHI. The foundation of every state is the education of its youth. Diogenes - l'HnuvHm'n2 1 155 18? 15? "FRUIT UF THE LOONP' Ladies' and RIGIIAS HANDKERCHIEFS IOI' YOUV' COIIIYQIIIQIICQ OFFICES 0 FULTON STREET and DEKALB AVENUE 0 86th STREET and 19th AVENUE 0 AVENUE Jand CONEY ISLAND AVENUE 0 MERMAID AVENUE and W. 17th STREET OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: SAVINGS ACCOUNTS MONEY ORDERS MORTGAGE LOANS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES LOW-COST LIFE INSURANCE THE DIME SAVINGS BANK OF BROOKLYN INC. 1859 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION W4AIk?I' 5-9199 P ZEVON TEXTILE CO. CONVERTERS, EXPORTERS. JOBBERS UNDERGARMENT I an FRANKLIN STREET CO., Illc. Al. ZEYON New York 13. N, Y. CAMPUS TYPE FOOTWEAR . fur HE-MALES X SHE-IVIALES 111' 135 MADISON AVE. TOWN Sz COUNTRY SHOE SHOP New York 1207 AVENUE J I Iirooklyn. N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. DAVID KRANISH N STREIT MATZOS A .ire the Origirmtors Of- fhfp HWIIOIC uwllfpflf DEwt,x 11111305 and ll00r1Stic'l.'s ' UNITED MEAT MARKET A Prime ,Heals - Freslz Poultry T 1602 ,U 1-QNI If N1 Brmlklyll. H. SIIHEQIHTI-QR. Pmp. Tvls. Bflsslingx Ure:-n U-TIUT-H THE FKTKRE OF FHEEDUNI BELUNC5 TO THE YULTH UF Tf DAY-WILL YC L' G 'ARD J J L Ackerman Press, Inc IT IN TRLWST! LAW PRINTERS 80 WI.-XSIIING'I'ON STREET Mr. and Mrs. JOSEPH BURGER NEW YORK D. ACKERKINY WISCONSIN 7-2890-1-2-3 MILL CABLE ADDRESS: EMKATZLACE WILKES BARRE, PA Wadi K 5 Za., 7m:, Importers, Exporters and Manufacturers of LACES, NET S, EMBROIDERIES and NOVELTY FABRICS 'A' if 101 WEST 37th STREET New York 18, N. Y. FRIEND OF J. L. M. Mr. and Mrs. C. Steger and Ellen RIAIII 2-9613 C G J A E 7 S 7 7 11 Cornplete Line of STATION ERY, SCHOOL SUPPLIES, ARTISTS' MATERIALS 356 DQKALB AVENUE Brouklyll. N. Y. S. Steinhauer 81 Sons PAUL'S CLEANERS 35 YEARS IN BROOKLYN BU 2.9229 EVERYBODY'S PHARMACY Reliable Prescriptions 182 UNDERHILL AVENIE Bet. Sterling 8 St. ,I0hn's Pllace ik ik Meyer H. Raikis. Pl1.C. NEvins 8-1740 VY THE SAFTLERS F. THALER Iour Nezvhborhood lfruzterer Since 1922 ik ik 182 UNDERHILL AVENUE Bel. Sterling Sz Sl. 10111115 Place Plmne: NEvins 8-2310 MAin 2,9654 INSTITUTE ARTISTS' MATERIALS CO. 'QCHARLIES' 359 DeKALB AVENUE Brooklyn 5. N. Y. dubrowvs CAFETERIAS BROOKLYN MIAMI BEACH NEW YORK 5353 DIAMONDS FROM CANAL 6- 5354 AUCTION SALES DAILY 5355 FABRIKANT BROS., INC. "The Hnlzse of lJi!lII1OlIIlSH 66 HUYYERY. NEW Yuma 133. N. Y. l'IxH.uIOI XT IJIAIIIAII CIATIJR ,Cinmlu Zlbrics gif., fm: 'ik ACME THEATER TICKET OFFICE IN C 160 WEST 44th STREET New York City M M Mr. Q7 NIM. Samuel Fciingersch QQ ACME THEATER TICKET CDFEICE INC 160 WEST 441511 STREET N k C M M Mr. if Mrf. Samuel Fciingersch Q! BEST WIS!-IES Mr. and Mrs. UNDERWEAR WARREN PAYNTER COMPANY if 'k i' 'k THE Dr. and Mrs. SWEATER MART S. RUBENSTEIN if if 320 BROADWAY New York City 7, N. Y. Renee' Tags 0 Rl1,H-N-T115 T Mr. and Mrs. AL J. SCHRECKINGER BORO MOTORS CORP. Authorized Pontiac Dealer 6's and 83 1952 MODELS NOW ON DISPLAY SHOWROOTVI SERVICE STATION AND OFFICE 1432 PITKIN AVENUE 2246 FULTON STREET Brooklyn N. Y. Brooklyn 33, N. Y. SLoCum 6-5801 I'IYarAinth 8-T500 YOUNG AMERl6'A'S FAVORITE 554335 138200 ' UONTESTSI 0 PRIZES ! ' 00114165 ! 0 CHEWING GUM, INC BROOKLYN 32, ' MR. and MRS. SAMUEL MEYER wi? ik 770.5 77124. S6vlneq77L 7m ik A. A. 81 H. BEZOZI, INC. 352 FOURTH AVENUE N. Y. IO, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. A. WINTER H. 1 Dental Techrzicians 188 PRESIDENT STREET Bro0kTyn, N. Y. J. KANTOR, INC. WISCOIISIII 7-2890 DuKAY TEXTILE CORP. "The House of Novelty Fabrics IOI WEST 37th STREET New York. N. Y. TIMBERTONE DECORATIVE COMPANY, INC. R 114 E. 32 ml STREET V V - Mr. and Mrs. N, H. l.. 16. N. X. HARRY ODZER Nlixins 84335 vrxive XXHI1 -X Smilw PARKVIEW MARKET Jo-eph C, Cluagliarfii. Prnp. Q PRIME NIEATS ff POI LTRY W SE X FOOD 196 INDI-QRHILL AX ENI E Near St. jwhn- Plavr Mr. and Mrs. IRVING BARRY iv 5 '59, .Uenzbers of New York Stock Exchange 39 BROADWAY Xew York City Terling 3-T391 ROBERT PAUL CI-IEMISTS Prescriptions Called For and Delziereal 12 NOSTRAND AVE. at PROSPECT PLACE Brooklvn. N. Y. BEST ITISHES MICHAEL FRIEDINLAN Mr. and Mrs. PHILIP KOHLER Mr. and Mrs. A. B. SCHRECKINGER 'Ir ir LOngaCre 5-0861-2 BRyant 9-T719-20 FOX-HOFF MAN HARDWARE sf SEWING MACHINE CO.. INC. 543 EIGHTH AVENUE X. Y. 18. X. Y. Plants Designed and Installed Reliable - Responsible - Reasonable BEST WISHES FROU .4 FRIEND OF CHARLES NEMSER ELM CLEANERS 1422 ELM ,xx I-Nl L: DR. and MRS. M. PODNOS Mr. and Mrs. LEONARD GOLLUBER ir GERSTEN BROTHERS, Inc. Utilo PRODUCTS 1270 BROADWAY NEW YORK 1, N. Y Mr. and Mrs. JOE LEVENTHAL i' Mr. and Mrs. MILTON RANDELMAN Mr. and Mrs. LUCIEN NEMSER - -v 0 ?x1AlIl --259- A. H. GRAFENSTADT C0 Harrlzmre and Paints lflertrirnl Supplivx and .flppliance 4-95 MYRTLE AYENLI-I Brwoklyn J. N, '1. Mr. and Mrs. BEN OSTROW ir if ik PWM ik MILBERG 81 MILBERG, INC. Mfrs. Lady Millicent Slips NEW YORK CITY Phone Nllxin- 3-2149 E-tahli-he-fl I9 wr: mu. un DPLIJVER SUPREME CLEANERS AND DYERS 3 Hour Uuulilvx Sflfllvf 1' 656 Y XNDEHHILT .XYIQ lirlmklyn. N. Bonded x1E'Il"lIJf'l' --- Tvlfgraplz Ilvliwry N-ni Whwn you think of Flwwvlr- . . . think AVENUE .I FLORIST l"rf'xh fful 1"'ful11'rx ,jill-ll NIf'dIII"l' Ha-kf4l- Ifsflliilllllif' T-1.5311 1.920-212 ,XIENI I: J Iirnnklyn .5U. N. Bl vkmin-tvr 1-T110 FLEISCHER 81 .IOACHIM lj!-XIIi'lI.SlAH,Q fffwrnzkls 310 UYQEXN .XX ENI ff. ffurnrr f.IIIII'f'll Hruuklx n. N, I. I . G E L D A 194 l NDEHHILI, ,xwim E Brooklyn. Nl. Y. Toys unfl Crr2c'l1'ng lfrzrrls Mr. and Mrs. I . W SOL BRONSFEIN i' Mr. and Mrs. JULIUS E. STRAUSS if? Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. MIKE LEVINE ABE PARKER W 'A' 'A' Mr. and Mrs. Mr. IRVING STREIT SAM LUTSKY 'A' t Best Wishes To THE GRADUATING CLASS from the CLASS OF '55 COMPLIMENTS OF THE HANDSMAN FAMILY ik 4 Service of Perfection e 1 I DORNSTEIN Mr. and Mrs. CATERERS e + ALFRED M. LASKY if l CLASS OF 253 ii? Mr. and Mrs. CHARLES WILSON ir Mr. and Mrs. MORRIS EISNER and Daughters G. A. A. i' HARRIS LEVY fobber in Cotton Goods l Importer of Linens and Curt ZS GRAND IREET iN X IIZIN I Ix CA I 6 3103 3104 Best Wishes to the Class of '52 Mr. and Mrs. GILBERT KAHN Mr. and Mrs. SAMUEL ISER i' KAREN AND MARK FRUCHTMAN BERNARD ISER YI' 'l'lIl-Q KRUSS RUXIJS UI-' FLX'1'I5l SH" KEE'S RESTAURANT Air - l,'ur1di!1'urzer1 2026 CHI RCH AN E. 4Hf'lwf:1-n Uvean X: Flallvu-h Axfwi . v ' Brunklwl 26. N. Y. ,4ffZ0flf'Uf1-f,hllll?,St' f,Lll.5ll1t' .-11 Its Bras! fllwiffv Liquors TPI. Blxvkminwlvr T-234-5 ADORA KNITWEAR CO., INC. Featuring Adorable Sweaters MRS. OTTO HEIMER FRIEND OF J. L. M e i' 'A' AIDIELIPDIHIH 0 0 AQXXI IEMXY c nowfedgements It has been both an opportunity and a pleasure to have been able to worli with you on this Adelphic, Miss Corcoran. For it was your guidance that helped malxe this yearboolx a reality. You will long be remembered by the statl ot this Adelphia tor your spirit ol triendliness and leadership. To the Brooklyn Eagle, we are deeply grateful tor permission to use the liine sports pictures which appear on pages 20, 21 and 22. And thanlc you, Joe, tor lteeping the school open until that record- brealcing 7:20. fm 1.11 1.5 Almost any school can malie a good student, but Adelphi develops in each ot us an understanding not only ot schoolworle, but ot everyday lite. For this reason, we shall always remember our tour years here. illuminating the path ot thought and ltnowledge-and ot how much morel It is with very real regret that we bring this booli-and our high- school activities-to a close. But even though we must now say goodbye, we,ll be coming baclc-ottenl PRINTED BY THE COMET Pmzss. INC.. 200 Yxnicx ST., New Yonx 14, N. Y. Q I 2 I I i wr' 1 . I 1 , z ,- f 1' L ,M I , , Q ,, ' iw 3 ,W r ' H. ,-""x" , Zllki' ' kj- ,' r fi 'K 2 '-W fx . '04 V, Yf, V .a A. ik , ?3 Z, my x ig . aw-x 21? 'V , 5 fx Rf f iii - ?Y:v' X Q , 531, X N , 2' f- -an U vw W5 L s ' img: ,wi gf. , I ?"z lil Y, , n Y 1 4 X - ,V X w- : ,- W-yq',l:, H.. I 15,fa3,i,N . ,, .,,lfifs.?-.i u- 1- ' 1'a51.'f'g1'f: .95jf , I ' ' 'ff' f ff Ysag ' v' fb t4.,'.-f'.'f1'.! ,mv.55A.,.vf, W W '1 " 'MQ Egg? ., u-J' A 5 A . 1,3 wwlv-j,aS,:G3.w1' , ,1 V X 9? Qf?55'fEE-'Yggi7- -, 5317 -13:51 ' ' am 'S ,jM'YgQf1,. M.',., w Z, , . w1,'fc':3-"Q V 'X f "1 '-F aff-L. H I 7? , 91 , N13 -V351 QW L , , X x t 'ffifrgsaii . ,5, , , .. hs, L 'fn

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