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v e N Y Q A 1 H n X x 4 K C Q. The Seventy-Eighth GRADUATING CLASS of ADELPHI ACADEMY BRUUKLYN, NEW YURK Presents The Aeademy's Sixtieth Yearbook T H E 1 9 4 8 ADELPHI!! - 1 v ,s Q 53 '-1 ' 5 I xg? Q- fi I xx - if W-7 o ' l 3 Q 5 is 'W ' X K xv -W X . ' A r R Q Y . . Q, XJ ' , , I R 'N ,r . 'N .4 - gh I f Hue., X.,- fb if 2 ,. 'Q ' f s U iii.. 4' w 1 F ar ' x N K fx ' u Q., Y 'fi of , h, 1 VP 0' x . -AW ' , I 1 . I, . I r . . 1 5 .dfxww J,-f 1' WI , JWWM4 M m 4? 7 Vx SSL - w 1 -' a if ' 4 A tv A Y I . W -- - '? .V ' I I f , lr: ' ge ,, I 1 N, .sl y ' -Q 5 7 , F I v ' A A 5 1 W .Y 1 J Y hp i . 1' ? ,A ul 2 x ' X X -1 Qi' t . ifi. ' K I ww W U., 'S ' W ' ff 1 L .. , TQ ' 5 591 5 .P I X . mx sf , ,af W Y, l .S if R gg 5 Q N - VX H! fuxmig -- FOREWORD ELPHI ACADEMY was founded in 1863 by john Lockwood a name famlllar to all of us as one of his projects in the Held of higher education Startmg with one student ln September of ltS First year its ranks mcreased until there were twenty eight enrolled by the end of the second semester In 1871 the first graduatlncf class consisted of one student The well known school colors brown and gold were adopted in 1886 name and colors are known to many in the metropolitan area We feel sure it will continu to command in the future the same respect for its attain ments ln scholarshlp and athletics whlch it has enjoyed ln the past Because our school has such a long and interesting history a history in which we take a very natural prlde we the seventy eighth graduatmg class have dedicated our yearbook to the traditions of Adelphi 6 ' . 6 . . - Through the years, our school has risen slowly but steadily, until its DEDICATION It is with both affection and gratitude that the seventy-eighth graduating class of Adelphi dedicates this Adelphic to you, Mr. Johnson. You have been our principal, ad- viser to the senior boys, and our history and civics teacher-and we found that time could not wither nor custom stale your untiring efforts in our behalf, in any of these capaci- ties. We greatly admire the capability with which you administer the affairs of the school as principal. The boys among us are deeply indebted to you for your help and advice concerning our post-graduation plans. But more than anything else, we will all remember how you made history and civics- subjects generally considered dry-come alive by communicating to us your intense interest in them. Your humor, down-to-earth manner, and your vivid portrayals were a constant source of enjoyment to us. Ave atque vale. 7 HEADMASTER S MESSAGE N A COUNTRY and a clty where almost everythmg IS new often brand new even It IS unusual to find a school as old as Adelphi The very name w1th 1ts smack of classlcal learnlng speaks of another century In the course of nts many decades of exlstence a host of trad1t1ons have grown up here at Adelphi tradltlons whlch are as much a part of the school as the brlcks that make 1ts walls Such customs as openmg the dally session w1th the Lord s Prayer the annual charlty bazaar the carol Slflglflg on the sta1rs at Chrlstmas tlme And less tangible thmgs l1ke our code of good the way everybody pltches 1n to make school projects a success These are only a few of the tradltlons that give our students something concrete and Worthwh11e to remember when ln later years they turn back to thelr schooldays ln a remmlscent mood But the greatest trad1t1on 1n any school IS an mdelinable one com pounded of the do1ngs and the harmless mlsdomgs the hopes work and laughter of a lot of boys and glrls Really lt IS the boys and glrls them selves In thls peclal sense of the word the class of 48 l1ke xts predeces sors IS the favormte and the oldest tradxtlon of Adelphx 0-4--Q D 1 - y ' 7 1 1 9 sportsmanship, the general relationship between students and teachers, and , - . y . . - , - . u y . . . - . Q . , . . - - - 1 v , . 8 1 Qffx i'x 'Ng Ag'fi '46 '1' X xg'fNg' 9i'g'x 1Xfx'fE'x'fi 4 Contents POREWORD DEDICATION MESSAGE PROM THE HEADMASTER THE SEVENTY EIGHTH GRADUATING CLASS AND THE CLASS HISTORY THE TORCH BEARERS Faculty arc1CI1b5c-s OUR TIME HONORED ENTERPRISES Sororltles and Prats. Student Act1v1t1e.s Clubs ADVERTISING CZ JN-,J ,xf-X, at i, x!! x 9 Vxxff Y xi X fr 'XY Nj 'yr xr 71 'N fi yr ' XY 'xr' ,lyi yr ,' Xv,f'xff Y CV Y ,I wx, xl I 6 5 f Q n jx S 6 f 6 S . Z Q Q1 'F T' C 5 a J C 0 F ' R S a 9 t Q ' ' ...................... 6 3 3 P! M - 5 9 ..................... f Q ya , S 4 .......... 8 Q fa S T P 3 ' 5 Q ............. 1 1 6 f 5 f 3 - - ' . C ' ' .' ....... . . 29 Q Q 6 9 ' ' 1 9 Q I f 5 H Sports ....................... 36 5 sv 1 f W 5 ' ' ' 1 ................., 39 5 9 3 ,f ................... 40 g 0 5 3 Q ....................... 42 6 Qs 3 Q ' ..................... 53 2 S . 4 f X 1 U I Q C Q 3 Q C QI 3 f 9 Q 1 9 5 f N N 5 s 5 5 Q 6 CI 3 I, I 4 0 N N Y a S Q Q FI QL, X 41, I ,T ,xujx fjI1f,0f,xW-f,-1fjxx,J,x,,Xi,J,I!,,,i,'.,i,J, Y, Ix,,, , X ,J, ,D f ,Q ef Q Hr f , 'X U A if f ff' M rj' Q, N .,.....L V, ' 1' W 'Q ' F A A ' 2... ' 'M , M W ah - f nu 5 'Nlr-,ggi-W, Y, ' ' 1. 1 -an .P . -Q f -' R -, Wxpf D SSMWS CAROL ANNABLE the pride of our class for live years Thls queen of our Mardi Gras and president of O K B has had honor marks all through high school She IS a member of the Glee Club and the Adelphia llt erary staff and vxce president of the Extenslon So clety Carol hopes to go to Middlebury and become a commerclal artlst A rare modesty and a sweet and gentle dlsposxtlon have endeared her to all of Let s look at the record BETSY BADGER carrles a lot of weight at Adelphl especral ly on her wrist The Jxnglmg of all those silver bracelets can always be heard whether Betsy IS selling chances sollcltrng axd or just erasmg some thlng She IS a zealous member of O KB and an equally zealous member of the Rldmg Club Let no man escape' J u wcwfwb 11'-Me' kk' fL,6L!4 ,af-rf-71A-f': YwhM l our terror of the grldlron Bob has shown hlmself proficient rn baseball and basketball as well Whitey of the quxck good natured grm often on the honor roll He hopes to go on to Colby where he will major m the lrberal arts and then take up busmess admmlstratlon The happy warrior Mwxdsllhfs fu 1-pf '4 4 rJ,...,q -Y- US. X' . ROBERT BENFARI Glo. ,- Io CV' 1 L 21 , A -' 5+ j 004. RICHARD BROSNAHAN quxckly entered into the spxrxt of thmgs though he dld not come to Adelphi tlll hxs Junior year He lmmedrately established hlmself on the grxdxron at the end of the year recexvmg a varslty letter as a reward for hls efforts On the scholastic side he has been a consistent honor student Poor Rlchard has missed one common school experience however Due to cxrcumstances beyond hls control or so he clalms he has yet to hear the mne o clock bell ring! Do It now' s H10 S' 1!'Ebv 'N:Et5 1:t5QtfQL' f r HARRY CA EY 3 AQ the pride and Joy of the Irlsh has also become the pride of Adelphi Presxdent of Alpha Ph: xn our Junior year class representative to the Student League and chalrman of the Game Com mittee for the Mardi Gras Harry has not let these extra curricular actlvltles interfere wlth his athletlc attamments Casey longs to be a member of the Flghtmg Irlsh and brmg greater fame to Notre D ame pda, 8 ,Lf I have just begun to fight' 41-Z-01 L15f1ul-,4f. an-. CAROL CHALUPSKI whose good humor and wlllmgness to work have smgled her out for greater thlngs yet to come has been actlve ln athletlcs the Glee Club and the charlty bazaars This year she was co cap tam of the varsity hockey team and designed a number of lmoleum cuts for the Adelphzan A mem ber of Ph1 Gamma Sngma Carol IS undeclded about her college cholce but mtends to be a nursery school leader Be sure you are always nght then go ahead ' ' r 'Vx s'2fa..,, A C ,' - It '--so V ' V I l Z a. Q! MWMILYZ EVELYN COHN IS outstandlng ln several ways An excel lent student she is completmg her high school course m three years and has also made an enviable record ln athletics Evle IS a member of Phi Gamma She w1ll always be llked wherever she goes To the victor belong the spoils IOHN DOUGLASS has been the mamstay of Adelphxs ath letlc varsxtles John xs captam of the football bas ketball and baseball teams Aslde from hls proli clency on the athletlc Held johnny xs one of our better students secretary of the Student League and a sxlent admxrer of the opposite sex Johnnys outstandmg characterxstrcs are his Hawless hand wrrtmg hrs chpped red hair and hrs hkeabxllty lfty four forty or fight' EANNE DUV L IS the dash of chlc m the class of 48 For eight years we have been as amazed by her Interest and skill m French as dlverted by her mlmltable laugh Her Junior year she was treasurer of the Extenslon Soclety and presldent of O K B One of Mrs Pooles loyal asslstants and a member of the Glee Club and of the J V hockey team Jeanne plans to go to Middlebury to become a French teacher Bon voyage notre petltel Make the campus d1Herent I . , ' 1 ' ' , 7 , . 1,114 4 , . ' 3 A 1 BARBARA FEUER has been ln Adelphl smce the first grade In these years she has shown her true Adelphl splrxt by her work on the Adelphzan art staff and her speed and sklll on the varslty hockey and Jv basketball teams Easy gomg and dependable Bobby has been a representative to the Student Board a promlnent Egure m Phi Gamma and a loyal alto ln the Glee Club We are lookmg forward to reading her news paper column some day m the future Take It easy' BEATRICE FRIEDMAN the ballet enthuslast of our class IS also one of our Fmest muslclans A dlllgent student Bea nevertheless IS always able to find txme for any worthy cause Her efforts made the Plant Table a supporter of h r favorlte club Face the muszc MERYLE GELLER a glrl with a sparklmg personallty and eyes to match has long been an important spoke ln our class wheel The Junior varslty hockey and basketball teams have profited from her sklll ln athletxcs Not content with partlcnpatxon ln sports alone Merry has channelled some of her enthu slasm mto other aCtlVltlCS The capable clrculatxon manager of the Adelpluan she has also worked hard for the Extenslon Socxety Bazaars We understand that lately she has become a member of the Cornell boosters club Friendship chanty and loyalty , . . . ' J Y ' 1 great success this year and she is an enthusiastic e ' . .. - ., il I 13 , . , .. , ., ll ' . A ll , . N Q X l.,.1. x 7' ll' 15' 5 X- ,ef-F 16 ROBERT GIBB whose pralses can be adequately ex pressed only by the use of a golden pen has been a great source of entertainment for the past ten years His line voice has made hlm an outstanding member of the Glee Club and has won hlm the many operetta leads which he played so deftly He IS a member of the Adelphzan literary staff edltor ln chlef of the Adelplnc and secretary treasurer of Alpha Phl Famous for hxs musical and tricky an nouncements Bobby operates our school movies for us and IS known to be an avid stamp collector Now he belongs to the ages' ARIEN HAUSKNECHT our Lorelei for the past elght years has been bewltchmg us wrth her beauty brams and musical talent A presldent of the Jumor Student s League m the lower school Arlen was elected to the Students League rn the hlgh school and has served as a cheerleader and a worker for the Vic tory Bank and as a member of the Extension So cxety Arlen mtends to study educatlon and chlld psychology at Wheaton Live love thmk pray and dare TOVA L HELLERMAN has attamed a Fme scholastxc record these past four years A loyal Adelphlan she IS a con sclentlous worker She belongs to the DISCUSSION Club and especially excels m llterature as many a page of the Adelphzan will show Tova hopes to enter Vassar We know she w1ll do as well there as she has here at Adelphi Do It better yet' 'V ANNETTE HEZINGER though an honor student has found time for -'many extra currlcular act1v1t1es durmg her four years at Adelphi In her semor year she has played varsxty hockey and basketball ln addition to holdmg Ph1 Gam together as thelr presldent RCCIPICHX of the Elmira Key Nettle was our honored head glrl ln h r Junlor year We all feel that she w1ll be a true repres ntatlve of Adelphl when she reaches college With malice toward none with charzty for all ALEXANDER HOLLAND amazed Mr Cayne and the rest of the rldmg group by his uncanny horsemanshlp He IS the semor rep resentatlve to the Student League a brother of Delta Theta and an enthuslastxc member of the Electronics Club A popular fellow Al mtends to go to Syracuse where he wlll study lumber ad mlnlstratlon A strenuous life' RICHARD KAISER Adelphl s best known humornst has been wlth us for four years Secretary of Delta Theta Rlck has lent us a helpmg hand m sports and the bazaars and has added h1s lusty voice to the programs of the Glee Club His good nature and spontaneous wxt make hlm the lxfe of every party and wzll prove valuable assets m the future' Food will wm the war Don t waste lt' 'Q I , 7 ' I ' ' ' ll ' 97 3 -our class Mr. Lucky -has always , - , , - .. . ,, ., . , I GEORGE KANE has definltely become one of the boys though he only came to us m his semor year A trlple threat George qulckly establxshed h1s pro ficlency in sports playmg football baseball and basketball Smce he wants to be a man m whlte he expects to study lTlCd1C1I'lC at Wesl yan Wlth h1s pleasant manner and well rounded personalxty George xs certain to be a success Although he IS silent he speaks' ESTHER KAPLAN has quietly been an mtegral part of Adel ph1s actlvxtxes smce first grade A llttle thmg like a cold never kept Esther from commg to school Llbby and Mrs Morehouse to send her home agam An able halfback on the Jv hockey team and an actlve member of the Extenslon Socxety the Glee Club and O K B Esther wants to be a nurse Its our guess that a lot of patlents are gomg to want their pulses taken The first twelve years are the hardest CAROLE LEVENTHAL IS an all round Adelphlan wlth good marks athletlc abxllty and a general mterest 1n all school domgs Smce her freshman year Carole has con tributed much to th fame of our school teams A ardent member of the hockey tennis and basketball teams she has won both Jv and varsity letters Hopmg to become a Spamsh lmgulst she IS lookmg forward to entering Middlebury next September We do our part ' . 4: ' , - xl ' I though it often took the combined efforts of Mr. ' e . n , . ELLIN FELICE LOURIA a newcomer to our class she has com pleted high school ln three years Desplte all this extra work Ellm has mamtamed honor grades WhlCh entitled her to Cum Laude membershxp Ellm was the able goalle of the varslty hockey team and a deft forward on the basketball Hoor She mtends to study med1c1ne at Radcliffe where we re sure shell continue her excellent record Over the top' DOUGLAS LUDEMANN has been president of our class many txmes durlng his twelve years at Adelphl Doug xs treas urer of Delta Theta and vxce presldent of the senior class Hopmg to study lnvestment bankmg at Brown or Dartmouth h1s conslstent attalnment of honors should help hlm achxeve the goal Regular entries m the tardy book testlfy to Dougs excep tlonal fondness for wrltten work Hold the fort' Im commg' 'Q 'L-'L lA..A.. D x r a PATRICIA MARKS has charmed us all wlth her sweet smcerlty Pat worked like a Trojan to make the Greetmg Card Table at the Mardl Gras a Fmancnal success and has malntamed good grades all year We know that good fortune w111 attend our popular Pat m any field she chooses to conquer Stand Pat' 1 7 - , . . . v 7 i ' y . . . . . . , 1 , on ' 4 'S xl ,QL - .4,,,+xv 4' -.4---1 xy., AY. n X . .N l - I sr-- X - I n v K L nv a ', li Hg' . .Q pl I 'lf .f fx ' '-' in, - x - 4 Q, F L' Q., J,-.., - . it A by-, N N .IQ . fm' 9' .1 .1 SUSAN MARTIN a loyal Adelphlan smce first grade has played on the Jv and varslty hockey teams and ardently supported the Extenslon Society of whrch sh rs president thls year No day would be com plete wrthout one of Susres earnest appeals for donations for one of her worthy organlzatrons A member of O K B and the Glee Club she plans to go to Bates and prepare for work ln rellgrous edu cation Glve until it hurts' IRENE MENDELSON our promoter of the good nelghbor polncy for four years has charmed the entrre school wlth her magnetlc personallty Member of the llterary staH of the Adelphrc and a dllrgent typrst for the Adelphzan Mldge has also been a wrllmg worker as co charrman of the Parcel Post table at our bazaars She intends to maJor rn English at college where she wlll certamly continue to be the center of attraction My frzends can do no wrong' ELIZABETH MITCHELL for four years has vlgorously partrclpated rn the 3CtlVltlCS of the Student League the sports teams both basketball and hockey and the Glee Club Although a very busy socral lrfe takes up qurte a bxt of her time she has also managed to lead the cheer leaders be presldent of the class and treasurer of Phr Gamma She rs particularly out standmg for her spectacular lmdy and Hoddy The good neighbor' s G . . . I - . . , . . . , H . . . ., ' n - n ' ' 1 . . . H ' n n ' n 1 v 2 9 1 H ' n S., J I'LA EN,CE M ,KATHAN came to us from S910 s Mllytary Axiad wbge he yeh a trophy for eymg Durmg hrs three y at Aqplphl Larry,has been actxve enms s nd bow11ng4!nd has taken part ln the mm lub This ear Larry was the typing an proofread e tojoi the Adelphia work 1nto which he entered Wlth hls customary fehthuslasrf Dot t tread on me' RUTH RICHARDSON our candidate for future Journallstxc honors-1s well on her way to success in her chosen career through her work as edltor m chlef of the Adelphzan and staff member of the Adelphzc Active ln sports and school affalrs Ruth IS secre tary of the Extensron Society belong to both the Dramatlcs Club and the Glee Club and also finds tlme to wleld a mean hockey stuck Hitch your wagon to a star' MARILYN ROGOVIN IS Adelphx s threat to Helen Hayes promx nence on the stage She IS an efiicxent typxst for our school publlcatlons but prefers to spend the major part of her t1me ln the Dramatlcs Club Marllyn a petlte and charmmg addltlon to our class can always be seen wearmg the most becommg fashlons We study that we may serve ' I In X -' 1 fx ' ' . ' ' fl ff' 5 V' .C ' ' , ' l h ,f x ,l X .- , , 5 ' Q . 5 , 4 1- s J , . . xy ,- 'T . - e 1 ' . 1 I , . 1 L 1 V n , 1 ' 'ar' R . a A h , ,v . . I - , a , I .. . ,. . . . , . - . , S i H - H . ., , . I ' 1 VIVIAN ROHDE IS the pr1de and Joy of the Adelphran and Adelphlc art staffs and edxtor of both Her covers and cuts for these publlcatlons show that she IS well fitted for her chosen career lllustratmg and de lgnmg Vlvlan played on the hockey team dld decorations for the Mardl Gras represented the semor gurls on the Student Board and ln her Junlor year was a cheerleader besides In her spare tlme this decoratlve member of the class kmts the snap plest palr of argyles we ever saw Charge' And remember jackson' SHEILA ROTHSTEIN Fort Hamxlton Hxgh Schools gxft to Adelphl That school lost a valuable asset when Shella left for she was taking a major ln muslc and had been an actlve member of the busmess staff of thelr school paper and of various sports clubs both the Adelphlc and the Adelphzan were prompt to take advantage of her mmble lingers Shella has also gone m for dramatlcs and belonged to the French Club Deeds not words' BERTRAM RUBEN came to us m h1s Jumor year from Mid wood High where he held the offices of class presz dent and Student Councll Representative He was also a member of the All Cnty Hlgh School Chorus and hls line volce has been a great help m mam tammg the hlgh standards of Adelphi s Glee Club Bert wants to study lTlCdlCll'1C at the UnlVCfSlty of Rochester Our wlshes for h s success go with him Let us have peace' . 1 . Upon her arrival at Adelphi, the typing staffs of . ' x ' ' A X V MARIE SAXTON the Julret of our semor class possesses bountlful generoslty good nature a soft volce and Rlchard Mane IS a member of Phl Gamma She intends to enter the nursmg professlon work in which her gentle ways wlll prove mvaluable Entanglmg allrances with none' ROBERT SELEY always ready wxth a wltty anecdote or a choxce blt of lromc humor has provxded many chuckles for everyone His popularity made hlm the presldent of our class whlle hrs talent gamed hxm the llterary edxtorshlp of thls yearbook R1v aled only by hrs brother Jlmmy class of 46 Bob IS a champ on the tennls courts Gifted and versa t1le Bob cant miss success The president cannot be dzsturbed' SARAH SILVER has been a much lnked and much respected Adelphlan for srx years Thls year as busmess manager for the Adelphrc Sarah IS just addmg one more actlvlty to her 11st She has travelled exten slvely and rn her travels has collected many unlque mmlatures Her plans for the future mclude gomg to college and marrvmg a man luke her older brother' You are your brothers keeper' 1 1 1 .4 - - - u 1 . . , 1 1 . , . , . fa - - n ' 1 s 1 n 1 11 ROBERTA SPATT IS the envy of her fellow classmen for her abxllty to come up wlth a qulck answer to one of M Johnsons brain teasers A member of th J v basketball team Roberta IS also a notable horse woman We hope she will keep that beaming smile and good natured personality of hers throughout her life work I will not retreat a smgle meh and I wrll be Feard' IOSEPH STAVENHAGEN has become one of our favorlte classmates though he has been wlth us only two years We can always count on hls ready smlle and mtellrgent comments We have reason to be glad his nature IS so pleasant as h rs a crack rlfleman An lmpor tant contrlbutor to the Adelphran Joe IS a much travelled member of the class and hopes to study busmess administration at the Wharton School Praise the Lord and pass the ammumtronf EDWARD STEWART a leader of our class smce hls lirst day at Adelphi Ed IS a two fold president having ac cepted responsxblllty of dlrectmg both the Student Board and Delta Theta Yet with all thls he has still found tlme to manage both the football and the basketball teams Last year he was the busy busmess manager of the Adelphran Ed IS plannlng to study vetermary medrcme at Cornell We are ure the anlmals he treats will be as charmed by him as we have been Forty acres and a mule' JW D KK ' !! I'. . 2 . . , ' H . . . . n u 4 . P Q . . . - , .. . 1 4- - - - U .. - , - ' 5 S . . 4. n . V I 5 ! TERESA TAMARGO who IS affectionately known as Peppy has been a zealous cheerleader a worker for the Extension Soclety and a member of Phi Gamma She has also belonged to the Glee Club and the Art Club She hopes to go into merchandlslng wlth the ultrmate mtentxon of becommg a buyer and lf her taste ln her own clothes IS any mdlca tlon she ought to be a great success We ll see you rn Bonwlt Tellers Peppy' What are we here for? AUDREY TANCREDI has a radxant goodness whlch expresses It self ln her mdefatlgable efforts as chaxrman of varx ous commlttees for the Settlement House Bazaars thlng else she does For the past four years we have been the fortunate reclplents of Audreys supernatural ab111ty to ferret out every forthcom 1ng test and excltedly spread the alarm Be prepared' NATHAN WEISS one of our more energetlc semors dur mg the three years he has been at Adelphl has gone out for baseball football and basketball A staunch supporter of all school actxvxtles Nat proved hrs usefulness at this years Extenslon So c1ety bazaar Nat IS headed for Ohio Wesleyan Though he has not yet declded upon hrs lxfe work we are sure he wlll do well ln any held he choos s He serves Ins patty best' ' ' ll 37 , , . , , . , Q , . . , , . .. ., . 7 in her work in the Red Cross Club and in every- . . , ' ' KC I! , . 1 . . , . , RICHARD WEISSMAN has been glvmg us all mferlorlty complexes for eleven years what wxth hxs knowledge of law rallroads French and Just about everything else In addition to memorlzmg the encyclopaedia Dlck has found time to play volleyball soccer and Jv basketball smg ln operettas and the Glee Club work on the Vlctory Bank and help the Extenslon Soclety He mtends to prepare for a caree m law at Columbia or Harvard I would rather be nght than be presxdent' H, IJ!! r ffl, I! ff 713 'Ajff lf' 7 rl 'WMI MIIMUD ffffffff' THROUGH THQ AQNZMJ K- I Most Popular ED STEWART and BETTIE MITCHELL Most Bashful ALEX HOLLAND and CAROL ANNABLE Most Athletlc JOHN DOUGLASS and CAROLE LEVENTHAL Best Looking ROBERT BENFARI and ARIEN HAUSKNECHT Cutest JOHN DOUGLASS and IRENE MENDELSON Best Natured RICHARD KAISER and ANNETTE I-IEZINGER Most Musical ED STEWART and BEATRICE FRIEDMAN Most Sophisticated JOE STAVENHAGEN and IRENE MENDELSON Best Dressed ROBERT BENFARI and MARILYN ROGOVIN Most Dramatlc LARRY NATHAN and MARILYN ROGOVIN Biggest Fllrts RICHARD BROSNAHAN and ARIEN HAUSKNECHT Smartest RICHARD WEISSMAN and CAROL ANNABLE , f ,fy 5- Y . f 7 off ' . Y I ff , M15 fix 'J 4, I, f AA I. I K ' J M, , ,, I , . 4 f' 1 ' l I f , ' , , , IVA. If lr!! 141 ' L vi I T I ' In , I f . ' 4' I A I I I ' . V4-4 g ' 1 h I 1 ' 26 CLASS HISTORY OR TWELVE YEARS the 1llustr1ous class of 48 has been treadmg a path of fame to graduation Many of those who started wxth us 1n the first grade changed to dlfferent treadmllls but others took their places and helped our happy throng reach the1r present helghts of attamment What fun It IS to remember our early years' Under the Inspired gu1d ance of Mlss Otls we made and operated a store and post office In th1rd grade we put on our first pageant a lavlsh extravaganza whlch would be the envy of Cecll B DeM1lle Thls was an Amerlcan Indlan productlon ln which we sewed our own be frmged and wampumed costumes ground corn w1th a mortar and pestle made a bark wlgwam and composed songs whlch we sang leapmg around a cerernomal fire before the eyes of our startled parents Then 1n fourth grade we nearly enbalmed our teacher ln an elaborate Egyptlan tomb CThe tomb was really the cloakroom whlch we transformed by palntmg authentlc hleroglyphlcs on the wallsj The fourth grade was also a theatrlcal year memorable for the masterplece Sokar and the Crocodzle and our part ln The Seven Dwarfs In the fifth grade there was an event which foreshadowed the mcomparable Adelphxc of 48 Our class sent forth its first Journallstlc efforts ln the form of a lxterary magazlne whlch had wide clrculatlon fWell among our parents anyway'J That was the year of the Renalssance We dressed as knlghts and ladles forged ornate shlelds and fiashmg sabers of burnished card paper The Gllbert and Sulllvan operettas started the next year and for many years three of our number had solo roles whlle the rest of us caroled merrlly 1n the chorus as japanese gentlemen Brltlsh sallors and Arcadlan courtlers All these ventures were pronounced hlghly successful Our soclal studles projects wxth Mrs johnson taught us much that we were to Fmd very useful ln reports for Mr Cayne Mlss Corcoran Mlss Palmer and Mr johnson When we reached the exghth grade we complxed w1th trad1t1on and graduated About thls t1me our unsympathetlc elders were go1ng around w1th superlor youll find out smlles announcmg You now cease to be blg frogs ln a lxttle pond and become llttle peepers ln a large one We soon dlscovered as awed freshmen that thls was very true but gradually began to hop about as gally as the blg frogs As sophlstlcated sophomores we established a place of respect xn the eyes of the upper classmen by glvmg a Wham bang Sophomore Hop and our members supported substantlally Mr Llbbys Glee Club the athletlc teams and the honor roll Thrs was also the year of our first theater ven tures Our xntroductlon to Shakespeare was As You Lzke It after which we really went Shakespearlan trooplng en masse to The Tempest and Hamlet The Junior year brought source themes but through this vale of tears there shone the hope of becomlng that exalted all powerful belng 27 P . . . , . Y 1 ' - I . . . - . v , 9 ' Y V ' LL ,V ' ' 7 . , , . , . . . . . ' 7 . , . . . - board, and created a stained glass window of rainbow-tinted tracing ' 7 1 ! I . U , . y . ' ' ' As v vw ' - , . . ,, . . ' Ct ' I9 ' ' Cl Y! ' 1 . . . , . ' Y ' 1 . ' ' ll H! ' 5 v ' . 1 a semor' After wadlng through puddles of parllamentary procedure letter forms and essays wrltten dur1ng the depression we drowned our sorrows m a Llvmg Verse Havlng found the theater excursxon a source of pleasure for all we attempted It agam as Jumors Nothxng could have appealed to us more than Ingrld Bergman 1n joan of Lorrame Many of us st11l look back on It as a very speclal event of our llves We also enjoyed Henry V and State of the Umon and at the same t1me obtalned a lot of knowledge the pleasant way Our last year has brought us Amerxcan hlstory reports a senlor toplc Chaucer and other such trlals but we ve kept a stlff upper 11p Cstlff from fear of those final examslj Havlng behaved IH the studxous and royally dignified manner wh1ch becomes an Adelphl senlor Clt serves as an mspxra t1on to the underclassmen you know J we are about to graduate We leave behmd forever sad sweet memorles unsat sllps and study hall detentlons To all those who have suffered Wlth and for us namely our teachers prxnclpal and our headmaster we leave battle scars and gratltude We pass on wxth the sure knowledge that we have glven to them such varled experlence that the future can hold for them nothmg new or astonlshxng IN MEMORIAM HOLLIS SPOTTS Smce the begxnnmg of llfe It has taken the best men to establlsh ldeals prlnclples and foundatlons on wh1ch the condxtlons and standards by wh1ch we lxve are set up Babe Spotts was a man of pr1nc1ple and ldeals belxevmg ln respect loyalty and honesty as the symbols of manhood Through h1s ct1ons speech and command he has set an example for us the men of tomorrow to follow Hls sportsmanshxp persever ance and d1l1gence ln carrylng 1nto effect those thmgs wh1ch he so strongly upheld have been mstllled 1n us and though he IS no longer w1th us physlcally h1s Splflt w1ll prevail 28 - v ' ' sl - 11 1 s 1 ' 1 Q . , . . . x v ' i 1 - v - 1 1 - v - 1 1 ' T l s - ' - - as 11 1 s 0 1 9 1 .. , . , ' 1 v , . Y wa ws-W 111-L!M L.J s swxgsx gl! S C WY 05 H A gt M nie X orcotim Dogggsole A W QY- I0 D ne CO Ott Q1 Tefman Ci S W' he on a G39 G C op fo T693 L KN Chou? Y ABYSOQE Paxmetxfke B Mo Xe K ?c:J1Cfure o FACULTY A frlendly sympathetlc and capable faculty has always been a tradl t1on at Adelphi one of lts very best tradltlons Ours IS no exceptlon to the rule For four years we have worked hard under the kmdly dlrectxon of our teachers findlng them always w1l11ng to help us often more anx1ous for our good than we were ourselves We only hope that they llke us half as much as we llke them' One thxng we know we shall remember them affectlonately long after we leave Adelphl 30 14. n 0 v , rn ' ,NVQ ,e. Q - , .LX .C :?' ' E- 13 0 ' Y ' . b 1 1 KN gnc!-B' , ' . Y T vue ,dw P . 3oW'5o ', PS- , ' Pm - AP' Q L. .' df N n ' Y 1 r , ,-- .4 .. 4, - - I s If, .9 'fl , p 1 . , . I v Though, in the beginning of the year, from our superior height as seniors. we regarded the efforts of the freshmen somewhat quizzically, we are now willing to take our hat off to them. They have pitched into all activities and have often come out on top We feel certain that they will be as loyal to the school as we have tried to be We even envy them a little for they still have three years ahead of them in Adelphi 0.0 E few P D, D Wa osa et'-ic C es-96 R ar x Moftey Marrln Perl? Nltardyw Freder 1 DI n N P-ima, Orgbulsl draw Hegerclfon D M Gfllhan Zarltsk Grnso n Uller B Ipman 11161- A I. Ha er N e H3143 aels J ares ylhols Seca man Sch M 0' eventhal E B ny erwagwz Rifgde olean A Ellrtb I-05,12 chnller el' iii? ii FRESHMEN t lf I' - ,.- f' 5 In - ,ff l 1- ,- film , I A F3 1 ,V s ,NX T 1'0W. . 1, ' . '. - blizgy ' R -J. h' .M J, 'WJ .1-A. aff E. , , l'. ' . M-Kaa'B.T'R-T fb' lf. '- 3. 'PB LK ' .' ' 11 . ,R. Y, ,DV - ' v - b -D h If . , 'M -A I1 .L R - . QX ' 'S d ,Sn I- .iw 1, Y f'X ' ' NX XJ l 31 ,I d . O y , fl rug J N X . p ' A ,,' I f x. lb-'OV J l x fs' ix QQ' K7 ' , up . fvf xv ,- PL gif.. X rr '-'avi' , 'R J V Lu . . 11,7 Q1 'V 1 XJ 1, X ' L x .fi:t.o:'P.I igfvlfx 1 Logyk ' V, 1.,' A . ,- V 1 A X WQQQW mf: ,N XX. N N X J V lax 2 L fi 'iff '-fa J' My Ja D'-1 ' Q2 17,351 fm Lump K 2 Q 'f KL 'gf wc V7 iff?-if X14 3 I 0 a I f Xe 9 Rosenihax Q0 X Ugaix Lafflpa Y Lavefl ll Levme Van yffe S r0W 3055 Rxfde Bangex ed ouftlrudef x A algy S Spxeg-ilfd fogvbefg YMBQOWQQ D Cufne n S O 15x30 Fiinix at1'XCYtYavSs Abfamin R QW oW c an sS 1' okof ecotld 1' xtkpiflhafdson Rosixfflum 1 Wyjxdk Vi I Sax XXSOU SS Xmon d X 5 Zal Yfe Cygef wfure Q4 W stefnbex moms' f ,A J 4 A www of 1 B Wane as JJ.,of ' 5 'L Q rw' NP V MUS visa W fuk soPHoMoREs M 'O Th1s happy gang are contrlbutlng a lot to the spxrlt of the school The sophs recelve the1r share of unsat s11ps CBut then what class doesnt9j After all they re a trad1t1on at Adelphlj They are often to be found on the honor roll too whlch IS 11k6WlS6 a tradltlon at Adelphl And they have helped us make a go of clubs sports and other school projects No clas has a more mt stmg total personallty Good luck to them' X563 TX Af',V ofrcyfigfppoo gg Q52 ebb' .sv 13g-,swf ,ig Q Lf' Q xc Jw XX. X V51 01 X Qb Y I Fa I 1 Ae Ni -XS B ,, A X .iq It X' A x OJ w' I, 5 No fl, '. 1f f X . ff . A J Q N ft -5' . , -7' U ., N - ' qi lvl f' 1 1 X l 4 , J-x 4, 9449, 45 4 X 44,55 qi- 144 Co 7 so 1 X 'I '-1 'Q J c V 3 Q' el . J , 'J' 9 ' '-, fig' .5 ' , . 5 3 .P,. 0 o '- L A H- - - ' I 'U Bfq T' 1.1 ft- ,R-F ', 'gf tk-.1 V1 l it - xg I A. sl .P .Q E. I ' .F Q - Yi 1 -' ' A 1 ' ' - KN- - ' ' Kp .. F . Ni -5 P : ,HX :R. . y NL . !.1iVl,f V 1 Q T ,- 5 .-:lA T .S ,Y--KA. ' S. .V 3 S I' ll: ' . 1 f - 1 ' A. ' ,Pv . I ' fTf.,-Vf 3 Q' P 3 iacgby' ky- N101 p 6. ,ijt ffxc ',,K :X x ' ' X 5 T 'V' r' xy ,- f lj if ,gmc . ' 'H' ' 'X My E K' f-J V - t - f. j I f-.Rx f n l .' A WS- Ya Q 1,1 -1 I 1, lr- 5 5 I : x , Eg fi . ' MX Eli? 1 ya l .Xp 5 I M , ' 2 ',,. ' V kj In , xx S 1-Q -.-W., I 8' 4' . A X, . Q 4 sw A - .... . . .. .. Q rx- . X f - f Q, lv , Rx 35 s L ,sf p X' , Q ' E -, R 32 X Y. by N xx I X Q Q gf- - I : y at cy 'L sbt R ny 1 xx I ' M fl' ' X xg .5 ' 'Xfq N QV. X - VX x . w f rf. 10, XI' Dj xi X Y- lx xx W U V . -V I KX !' Apmvl. . ,Q J ji XX' W1 . D L. A , I Tux' 1 l X pit ' xx -,H N lk BQ l, - U ll' ,X x lu -- xl ,I 'X4' J X VN QNX 4 R ww' XV' ,X -fn uf . - A Ml ol suit ,Ll , ki- - , ' ' ' T ?l Y f' ' xx I' U Ng hvQl9:bI I 116 . ' 1 'Q Y' H -t - Z 3. 63503 orb! V :rush - , ,' g.- -Q 3,4:,,w, -- X ' ' N e -75 Q ll' . - ' . , ff 9 03 Y . 'QN df: 760'-Zgifoufu ffiff f 9, V, .g dy of- J 0 ,f Q f .2 ff 1 ez ' f- 1 ' is s 0' C C ' R -vi, A XZ. X V In X S 00 JP A f' I QV cl I if. .jug .1 4. el- . L' 1 ' Tag f' L v it-.2101 371 4 0-llrt l .A .,3 'f' - ' '- 's gp 1 656 Ffiuuzwf -2, fl,. Ui ft. , A. U' , - 4 2 , The closest-knit classfsin Adelphi, the juniors possess unlimited enthu: .-'jr - -of siasm, energy and talent. Its members manage to hold the line and make ar:-if-,4 .,lf.f'6' the basket in sports as well as in studies. They have been a real help in all extra-curricular activities and their class parties are justly famous. We know that they will chalk up a high score for Adelphi next year. They , rj , . G,-' 4, if eff' A K., 5 N :Vi work hard, these juniors-and long-standing Adelphians all of them-they Y stick together! . 'WJ , -, it'J'l 1'f A 1 V! I 'eh' 'S li 'M 5 Aux ,UMM Eiin91 Op I. Nltar OW Otma dy DV Ben oopefn I M 2 ro aulsflieln Az-al A pectgr Kamen 7,611-Q1 Warwl Sc W cooper Barnett Oftlwrow C Rib Col Greg? EI emer FOX ewezc e rl gton ai?-an 6 chler Sher J FMU' IOWM osenook at er Mllefoa row L o Cr o a mf '7 0 D 5 Rosa Bed Grggerwooouff ,OW we ee: FS rlmbfr nwald U86-r Decht S. J Q. g N0 eld J F1 6' 'D plc!!! ,nan eg j ,L 'L.f red Beck JJ Gilbert f 4, f Q, af-'. ,, -5 - av l Lx-K ' f W 4 le. -1 -lf. 'fn Q . M . 1 X . W f ,U N ' A l f . ' , T W . - F i 'l U. Z D - C , ' -P ' - ' , G Z. S iM, a I ff. ' A, I ,H ' 'C 'M 'Ji G 'lr' h R- . , ' ' F. '.G- 'R- G,S'Y,JH-.W- -R. b,W,NR IUHB '11 .S . . - , .R 17 'K. G b - . j 0, , 'M .' i 'G 'L. , -' . rsei -L Z' Kle' ant-?, N odman, Hoffma P' La R ' S-lfir, JA. J r . L -U F l S I .QL RL A J- C, 'A. , Wy , 'HB-' QHJR fp, ,D, ,-.1'f ' M, lf' in ,pf ' ,JF '-- ,M ffl U' l -' ' ,f i If , L4 J T 5.3. X' Y 17,11 .. J' el' .A ' 'ly I ' ,. . , . T , 'NL ? AA , ' ' -' I a. ' V- i A Riff If ll- A . ' ' ' , f Y . 1 ' by 1, - 33 fi. . 7 f ' - ALL Mr A1no5 M ohnson M155 Palmer M155 Corcoran Mr Cayne M155 Anderson Mr Wagner MISS Mackey Mr Llbby M155 Holton MISS L1n1ere M155 Poole M155 Doggett Mr5 Morehouse Mr P1ne M155 Cooke M155 Kneeland M155 Terman oe 34 THE WKHUIJS Such Stu A,STAGE Skrpper Next to God State of the Unzon Crrme and Pumshment Endearmg Young Charms Call Me M1ster Young Mans Fancy Man and Superman Squarmg the C1rcIe Of Thee I Smg Unconquered Lady of Lyons Varrety G1r1 Youth Must Be Served Brlef Encounter as Dreams Are Made Of Wmged Vzctory Seven Lrvely Arts Power Wlthout Glory ack of A11 Trades 111 S f yf yf f wf f f f f yf f 7 f f at W Y Mr.LGau1 '. . . b G Y .Q ' G. .Q .. ., A. 't'.He11zapophin L' . .H n , eer, Y p ,Qu ' O1 4. 3 A mf ' 5 1 . D Q., my K x F iv K xx g I., I V' sv Q . .. xnb ln- N . 4. .xl A a A as . fi? 1 V A ' 1 Q, .ty Qaxuafwksf' f gi 'Qi xf!Ni'Y3!If1N7' ' 7 i? 'Q' f . M f - . f - 4 of-f X --1 '1 . I 3 --sn., A -naman-wr-. 'W x FOOTBALL Although there are few boys to choose from, Adelphi has managed to muster a group of daunt- less and spirited players who have fought loyally against overwhelming odds. Amazingly enough, despite our limited numbers, the Adelphi football team scored the most points against Horace Mann. Not a bad record! BASKETBALL Adelphi's basketball team was received this year with increased enthusiasm. They began the season by defeating the First team they played against. Although they were handicapped by their insufficient height, they counteracted this difficulty by their true Adelph'an spirit. TENNIS Tennis is one of the more popular fair weather sports, One need not be a member of the varsity to enjoy this wonderful game, as is proven by the large number in our school who participate. Energy and enthusiasm are not lacking when these fellows take to the courts. BOWLING Although bowling is not a traditional sport at Adelphi, the introduction of this activity this year met with great success. So great was the number who flocked to the alleys that some of the alleys were used by six or eight people at once. GIRLS HOCKEY Inspired by their new coach, Miss Cooke, the girls hockey team started the season with a game with Birch Wathen. This outlet for feminine ener- gies has become an example, par excellence, of tra- ditional Adelphian spirit. Defeats and victories are soon forgotten-fellowship lasts forever! So accurate . they wear a hole in the basket. RIDING Although Adelphi has no share in the Kentucky Derby, it could offer some fine entries, for agility, grace, beauty and skill all go to make a winning con- testant. Once every week the girls go out for a trot in the park. This serves as beneficial exercise, lim- bers up the muscles and develops an insatiable appetite. ALPHA PHI Adelphi's oldest fraternity, Alpha Phi, goes out of its way to further the traditions of the Academy. Admitted in 1890, its members have since then graced the honor rolls, literary staffs and teams. A glance at this year's frat Finds it represented in all activities. PHI GAMMA SIGMA TK Unique for their versatility. these girls are all out for dear old Adelphi Academy. They defend her name by adding their talents to her numerous activ- ities. You'll always find them wending their way with smiling faces. 1 ,MV L, . , r X DELTA THETA io! 1 .J '- I Delta Theta was originated in Adelphi in 1896. Through the years the names of many of its mem- bers have appeared on the honor roll and on the list of athletic awards. Though all but one of the old brothers will soon be gone, the new members will carry on. O.K.B. This group of enthusiastic Adelphians enters into almost all the school activities. We find them on the honor lists, in sports, leading the Extension Society and working hard on the Adelphian and Adelphia staffs. They played a spirited part in engineering the successful Fratso dance this year. TP 0 f 7 6? J ARD STUDENT BO S x U09 he OVC C30 x hex: 5974 xhgtf um '09 c 3 meal ge 3 exec' s Hom Q6 ac annually V 5 3 fe Mau Kali S 8 XC 2 revfece ova 3 Names who g 6 Xe or a 515 affao S5 Y sf- O Coils 1 QX2- he You? X bd QC We A 'oY X ws 3 54100 x bow new me V 69 9. e re A si Ceis q69a 30 e 056 hefs 'YV geac QQS CX a a55m As soon as each grrl enters Adelphl sh autom xcally becomes a m mber of the EXtCHSlOn Soclety Th1s organlzatlon contrrbutes to VQFIOUS worthy causes with whxch our school 1S concerned Besides runnlng the annual bazaar and several other func tlons lf annually plays Santa Claus to the needy at Chrlstmas Adelph1 can well be proud of th1S group 40 J 5 K Q5 T - E . . O . X T - Q b . h X 55. ' A Cac K 35 V l X . . . L 3 .L O 3 5 9 5 h . 6 ' 'Y 'Y 6 1 Q EXTENSION SOCIETY W - y -I an l U I Q.. fi X W if N 1 3 if 5-dl' . I 1. ,Q V is Y ' 4 If , 1 -ag. No' , 1 sig' 9' -3 K . I pw x L' peg 'QS Q .Q 0 if ' . .ix X 1. Q. lx g - 1 X! . if mal: ffgfi K K -X. -N iw' ,XA ,. 1. wa .Ah A My .VG S. ti K xii- X QW Y vtxg 3 Al 1 13, V , 14 I nu. A' :if 'nv ,- 0 B . X Z' 5 'I XJ, V U N' P X '5 bw 1 pf- ? , , QT: 'T' X n N 'I jf X 4 ml- J? 1 I f CHORAL CLUB This is the First year since the 1920's that Adel- phi has had a choral reading club. Under Miss Palmer's able guidance, this vowel-slinging, meter- minded group spends every Thursday afternoon chanting songs without music. We hope that some day they will give a performance in assembly. 1 -J .?',.,,A,w- - f JV- n xi! SHOP' In plane English, this club has been hammer- ing its way to success. No one foresaw that this group wood get down to brass tacks. Under Mr. Williams, the various members do their level best and have an opportunity to make use of their constructive ability. DISCUSSION CLUB The discussion club consists of a group of students who are interested in important political and international questions. They argue the ques- tions back and forth, and though they seldom reach a conclusion, they have a lot of fun and gain a lot of information. ELECTRONICS Buck Rogers is small change compared with the Electronics group. Although we do not expect another atomic bomb to be produced under Mr. Gaul's supervision, still we advise one and all to stay clear of room 86 during club periods. Judging from the weird contraptions scattered around up there, the members must be having a marvelous time. ART CLUB The Art Club, aslde from functioning merely for amusement and improvement, also serves a practical purpose. Its members illustrate the Adel- phian and can always be counted on to design clever posters for coming events. DRAMATICS Although we don't know what this busy group is rehearsing, we are eagerly awaiting their final production. The curiosity of the staff has been greatly piqued by the sight of members mysteri- ously flying around with wet rags and by the inter- mittent arrival of huge cans of paste, accompanied by the demand, Open this! at the most incon- venient moments. A8 MC E8 My H03 m E W 22:5 mowgcw HO UHOUAH 2 NGO E N Um! A353 40 ENSUZE MC HMEEBA Aww RSV Homme! AH 'H ww so EN HEH Hvkamg AHUOOM :NE 3 Haw w vga mv Bag 4 E203 D OE 5 wc was LUCSHH 3 can WO HO iam EN m :EF 2550? EU EE EE nwsbgm HO EE so ng 3 CO E 4 E3 WO WEEE Z! 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U3 D Hom VHOODBOZ C0200 Bww U EDU305 MC EN HH 5 2 H H mm xuOhENrw NAOLIM m -H Nm BU 32m 0 Em UHYHMH 'MHHUQMQEO UZHQZQPWHDO NECUDUA o EMO EN AFM Horam BEM 93000 Sm NM E23 NH EE Om No 4 SMC Nmm 26224 GMES vm N909 Egixmgwm GU H4 S EO v NASE GNEHVQ :H 8 :gm Sai Emnam :SEQ 02262. mg MSOQ HES' CLOU EA mgm xg! 25 OSU N330 NA-:Nm Ewewdwem ESU M usiwm :BOM uowgwm Nmmuom Q exam OED msdqz g M H M 4 E H H N M M M M ME H M Em M H M E M H h M um M M M M W Z O I : M M Q s M b v M M E M M W 4 . ' H M Z : Q M H H M Z W M .H anew E :Ear 4 BE purge NCOGE 4 WEQENO Emcwcwme dmcompvm new tvnom m 4 : 7 H M H H m M M M 2 H I M : w M H M H H . W I: M M M . M E M A Z H M M M M H D L I: E M Z 1 H M Z M .4 M H M M M W H M H W M H M M Z H H ACME: wg img S MVP Aug E3 5 :M WO POOH UE m NAOGOE 0 OEM m A8202 SE H EBL W 3505 E Sm U COD nmimva OH MC OM m Org H WC mOA new pon! UOOU W H L we E EE COMES? 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FIVC p01nts depend upon your abllxty to follow d1reet1ons A subpect 1n great demand 47 The varled repertory of these groups ln cludes hymns carols and ballads as well as selectlons from Tun Pan Alley and the seml classtcs The choruses slng as tunefully as a umt as they do tn the1r respectlve d1VlS ons 48 GLEE CLUB When Mr Llbby came to Adelphl ln 1945 he immediately began to SO1lC t members for a Glee Club We must admxt that at first he had llttle cooperatlon The school was not yet tu1e con sc1ous Fmally a sufficxently large group was assembled and soon the halls resounded wlth Strange Muslc Eventually the group grew so large that Mr Llbby ln order to facllxtate manage ment and rehearsals declded to dlvlde It mto two From ltS beglnnlng the Glee Club has partlcxpated ln the tradxtlonal Thanksgxvlng and Chrlstrras Day ceremonies It has also enhanced graduatlons and other OCCHSIOHS Wlth ltS splendld performances . . . i . ' 46 1 . . ,, . . .. . ,, - , sections, one for the boys and one for the girls. , . , . . . E I Kw K i s iw ti- , - , M...., 5.w, ,N 2, an-VII: x 3 , T.. M 1 'A 5 'E 1 3912 1 2-53' if 7,-f A A fu ,W W Y' ff av -.,.i3kgy4 Muir 2 A ff if J X dm A 'fi 15 : A 1 . ' -. f .. fa K, W 2' fit!! ggqftif my xE.txAm Ls, ff , p ii I Q- - TQ il Q 'i ff' 1 X ' I izvglfq v 'S . f 6 ' W, l,' 'A 1 A . 1 I . ,J 1 v n A 1 1 -, . ADELPHIAN. . In f 1 , u With the help of much diligent effort on the part of the staff, and continuous ap- peals for contributions, this worthy publication makes its appearance four times an- nually. Crammed between its commas are choice bits ' of the best of Adelphi's lit- erary achievements. l on ' an Q ' ' . I, 'Ann' 8' ' . , . 5 n ADEL'P+i1Q-' Editor-in-Chief ' ROBERT GIBB , 1 Literary Staff . ' . 1 ROBERT SELEY: Editor Betsy Badger I - Arien Hausknecht ' Douglas Ludemann ' Irene Mendelson Ruth Richardson ' Edward Stewart U Richard Weissman ' Assistant Editor Richard Weissman Photography Editor f George Azal Art Editor Vivian Rohde 4 Advertising Manager Elizabeth Mitchell Business Manager Sarah Silver , Circulation Manager Typing and Proofreading Lawrence Nathan: Editor Meryle Geller Marilyn Rogovin Sheila Rothstein Adviser Miss Isabel Corcoran A- TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN YEARBOOK blography IS llke a dedlcatlon on a tombstone about whlch an Orlental phllosopher once remarked after wandering through the graveyards and readmg the mscrlptlons K1ll all the l1v1ng and resurrect the dead Thls year we expect the usual quota of those who w1ll be d1s satlsfied w1th the1r representatron ln the yearbook To those people we can only say Don t take lt too hard Thls book does not express a final Judg ment but merely of necesslty refiects the dlfferent moods 1n whlch the staff was found when Wfltlflg the 1nd1v1dual blographles To round out thls comment we have decided to g1V6 a frank play by play report of how the llterary part of the yearbook came 1nto bemg We doubt lf you ll be surprlsed Our work began w1th the wrltlng of the Foreword At that t1me we were hesitant neophytes and so after many laborlous hours lmbued wlth the rdea of mjectmg the tradltxons of Adelphl lnto our work we achxeved a first draft as ponderous and full of detall as the Constitution of the Unrted States Then havmg exhausted our pent up energy we fell mto the self confident lethargy common to yearbook staffs whxle the deadlme IS st1ll far far away Durmg thxs perxod of dellghtful mdolence we started to wr1te the blographles Here we ran lnto dlfficultles Dlfiiculty No 1 We were at a loss to find words whlch would not be corrected Dlfficulty No 2 Some people have Just done more than others during the1r four years 1n hlgh school In trymg to solve th1s difficulty the staff h1t upon no method by whlch the wrlte ups of these people could be made as long and compl1mentary as those of the1r more energetlc classmates The llttle comments whrch you w1l1 find at the end of your blographles were taken from famous Amerlcan quotatlons They were meant to be characterlzxng Slnce however thexr source 1S history and they are 1m mortal you can look upon them as laudatory lf you 1ns1st and are the opt1m1st1c type Our most enjoyable moments were spent upon The Teachers Page and The Senlor Reflector Durlng the wrltlng of these pages we had many opportunltles to set down br1ll1ant w1tt1c1sms about practlcally every body You may be sure that we took advantage of our opportumtles w1th shouts of glee but our valor havmg been rubbed out by our advlsers dlscretxon the world and the rest of Adelphl w1ll never know how funny we can be We have one more confesslon to make Thls revelatory article occuples the space whlch we had orlglnally asslgned to an edrtorxal to be entltled The Senlor Spotllght Due to the staff s obvlously congemtal dlSlI1CllI'la tlon to work the artlcle never got wrltten Probably lt IS just as well And now havlng let you ln on the secret of how our part of the year book was produced we feel that there IS nothlng more to say We suspect there lS room for lmprovement but t1me IS runnlng short and though lt IS w1th great reluctance we are compelled to lay down our pens Our work IS done 51 1 1 . . . . H . . . 1 11 ' ' ' 1 ' 1 an 1 1 11 - ' , . 1 1 1 an ' 11 ' ' . , . - 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 - 1 ' u 11 - - 1 H . . ,, . . . . . - 1 1 ' 1 1 ' gg 1 11 14 ' 11 - ' - ' 1 ' ss 11 - 1 1 ' T T M . . ,, , . . . . . , . . , - 1 . 1 , . REFLECTIONS HEN, IN 1944, we came to Adelphi as freshmen, we considered the four y-ears before us an eternity in which we would have immeasurable time to fulfill all our ambitions Now that the four years are spent we realize with some regret that we have all made mistakes Most of us feel that better scholastic records might have been attained and that our ac complishments mlght have been more numerous and more commendable However these things are behind us now and the past cannot be altered With our graduation this episode in our lives will come to a close never to be reopened except perhaps as cherished memories in the dim and un certain future The Movmg Fmger wntes and havmg wut Moves on nor all thy P1ety not W1t Shall lure It back to cancel half a Ime Nor all thy tears wash out a word of If 52 ' 1 , . 1 1 H . . . s . . 1 x P ' U 662 fy QQQQ WYYMWXSY MANS M Xsollll-IR liifllx fs' -oo Y JAHN 8 CDLLIER AGAI T e slogan that s laaclzecl y genu ne goo ness 1n qua ty an servlce t e result of 46 years success expenence 1n t e year oo sz 16 We 11111 rea SatlS actlon 1n p easlng you t e year 130012 pu llslzler as we as your p otograp er an your prlnter .IAHN S CLLIER ENGRAVING Makers of Fme Prmtmg Plates for Black or Color CommerclalArtlsts Photographers 8I7 W. WASHINGTCN BLVD., CHICAGO 7, ILL. Qxll! 'mr uhh! 5 9 U tie s V L ,ummm abs an It Xxe vxc' ' -9 ix A x Q! 99 11 ' 1, i cl - li cl - , L ful - - 11 1, 1 f' 1.1. L' , ll L 11 .1 C1 OSU GRADE A MACARONI PRODUCTS 4fzfff,?!K45 MKKKS7 .5271 W5 'W4W At better grocer: everywhere -,,,a.,.- an 53' MOS c's K -Jn s Gun amen! by Good Ilou ek epmg Wr his V La Rosa 81. S ns Brooklyn New York Danielson Conn if - ,, 4' A., ,....r-fw .:. as-M uNf0 .. -:1-'E3:: 3' .iii1....3. -- ' Hxnygglg-7, ,,5.... ---M ... -. ... - ' , GMACAROIU 41 ' ' M A 'J 7' v 1 nn 1 P' , liflr ' F' ' 1 on lf , If kt. A ogtiil Wtlp at , .5 4,4 Q 1 'A S E lrotrzunr: on xg 0 4' llvcnnsn 1 ' n I . . T E L L E R llllf' 'L Af TADYDUSI' 11 Snucss Story of MIIIIODG OMIM sugubs sroms Iggm muh mu words Regular Saving Emu small mmunts sand ucry pxyday soon grow ro cnough to I thu Iuxlmss own your hmm r xlly gnyoy Ilfg Study suing LTV IIIII THE SAVINGS BANK OF BROOKIYN FULTON STREET AND DE KALB AVENUE BROOKLYN I NEW YORK BENSONHURST 86 SI d 19A FLATBUSH A e J nd Co ey Isla dA e MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION IQ 592229 SILVER JUNIQR Inc Wm Haedrlck8e Sons, Prlnhng 1400 BROADWAY W Y rI N 75 LAFAYETTE STREET Brooldyn N V I f A -P 2 ge, In I ff TS A f ,SWL 'X x - 0 ,rl i Ht. A ,. . . L . ..,. N, V ' ,' , - ' H- IWLII' A N I ',', ' ' ', CQ I' ' '. ' aI0cs III-CN UI I .Un Ve. ' ,Z V . C II n V . TPHP e - 223 I ' . III WI' Ne ow, . Y TOPPS CHEWING GUM ONLY NATURAL FLAVORS l mt Zlzc W1 Dcb Mzop on tfzc Fabulou Fozntfz Flow ummm? LTON AT BR DGE Mflxnsleld 6 977i SINGER S DRESSES 1573 ELATBLJSH AVENUE Ivlfxm 2 96I3 S Sfemlwauer ancl Sons Jake s A complele lune of Al The Jlmcllon S+ahonery School Supplies Arhs+s Brooklyn N Y Maferlals 356 DeKfNLB AVENUE Brooklyn New Yorlc 0 1 FU I STREET, BROOKLYN my I l l l . I II Ill Adelphl Academy offers an unbroken course from fhe pre school lo college The academsc +rammg under a slrong feaclwlng force ensures adequale preparahon for college and 1'l1e exfra curricular achvlhes a'rl'1lel'lc social and phnlanflnroplc are desugned +o broaden and deepen +lxose ol'l1er fine m+anglble quallhes wluclm go fo malce up +l1e lruly well educafed man and woman CZK I ' - . a I , , . . XXX l l I f .RY X - YZ BRANDON TAMARGO and CO Inc Expor+ers and Forengn Represen+a+nves T52 WEST 36'rIw STREET New York C N Y Alan C Salko 50 Mnlberg and Mllberg, nc L MII +SIp N I 'I ' 555 Hy, . . I I I C mpIimen+s of I I . I I ady i icen i s . N Q 5 +4 I New York, . Y. cgcfucatzon alone can conduct 5 to that enjoyment wfnefv 15 at n quantzt gforace Swann I I E -Q - HHHPHI '43 Frrendly Place Io Meei' Your Friends Breakfasi' Luncheon Affernoon Tea Dmner Cakes Candles Sodas SCHRA FFT 5 C-ERESCHLER S THE DENNY TAG C YI! BROAIJVVAY JUNIOR TOWNE fh g I I3 In AVEN BIYNY wx 2- I I , I NEW YORK 7 N. Y. I I I Any in for Girls Tween-Ieens and Juniors 482 I UE l:?D TO THE GIRLS OF THE CLASS OF 48 Keep your hes wn+l1 Adelphi close as +l1e years go by Joan +l1e Assocuafe Alumnae Help make Adelphn s+ronger THE ASSOCIATE ALUMNAE OF ADELPHI ACADEMY TRABULSI TEXTILE COMPANY 387 FOURTH AVENUE NWYQIINY FULTON NOSTRAND REALTY P Supreme Imhng CO ANNAS BEAUTY SALON nc S+ 4I MURRAY STREET V UNIVERSITY TAI' OR SHOP wh: InsI'u'ru+e Arhsis Maferlal Co A 5 U 0 EX, . . I, EfI AI-II AVINI1 If I' N Y I l ., I I ' I'I3Ir IyIIs .YI IV-VAII3 ,fx IINIUI . . Bw' N, Y. Law- ElnanclaI- Corporafe IW I I- I CIeaninq and Dyeing New Yqprlqy N, Y, Pressing ie You Wait REU I-I4fXI,E AVENUE . . . . :ff 'K I,fA'v:'SI I ., IXI.V, HARPER MOTORS CORPORATIONS OLDSMOBILE MOTOR CARS 760 BEDFORD AVENUE vi? ARGULS FUEL CORPORATION 762 PARK PLACE Brooklyn N Y LEO HARF and SON Gveelmgs Class ol 48 l AN Qu: lwopes are all for you We re WlSlTlV'lQ you llwe besl ol luck In eyeryllwmq you do Mr and Mrs HARRY N GIBB F296 LOU S SERVICE STATION AVNU NY llfv 4 4' T Meais and Poulfry . ' ' 796 V1 579 NEDSR 1 lf AVL ' I 66 U Til? lb f L Ay WILLIAM R FRIEDMAN and COMPANY LADIES AND CHILDRENS KNIT UNDERWEAR 330 FIFTI-I AVENUE New YQIIQ CIW SYLRAY NDERWEAR CO SAKURA MILLS Npha IVIIIIS W Nam R Fnedmm VVIIIIFITI Marx li I , I I I .,,. Q. II , I: ' - I c 9 nf X. . X ESKAY COAL CO BROOKLYN N Y E BLUMBERG S JEWELERS l9IO NFC R Nl AVE IDEAL MEAT MARKET C 'v R f W P CAMPION BARBER E9 CAHER S R B l N Y L WE: MEYER DANTER BUTCHER AVENUE The Eva Washlngfon Shop wr RALB AV NL JACK HAIR STYLIST N S A AJENUl Besl Washes To The Class ol Mr and Mrs Phlllp Hellerman 4 Vxfl 5 ' l I 4220 1 lzw A A l E' . p N, if ' l l E u l For Hosiery, Gloves, Blouses, Lingerie l Cosfume Jewelry l if-X E, 'F l C:5ri'V'e Va 954 1 4 l ' W W ' ' Y' l 1 U ws Q YR NT A A l EM'-uf V.Y. l l fl 'Qlo Q ' l l Since V ww .J re Jw, l l l 4022 vlENXv'OfTQl CAV 3 lm N. 1. f N . 0 l l . . l l' ' T EET ,,, ,WWF ,M H-P ANC-BELO PAINO CONSTRUCTION CO Brookym, New York Peerless Paln'r and Varnlsh Corp 205 PLYMOUTH STREET O 5Oh6I FOX SEWING MACHINE I TM CANDLELIGHT RESTAURANT II4 HENQY swam P 81 M BERNIKOW Y N F I I PAVONE BROS CLEANERS DYERS 75 77 NOSTRANI3 AVI NUT 70 DAVID BRAND NA AI 29 JOHN V WILLIE S Q 9 21 MANHAIIAN AVINUI CompIImenIs Mr and Mrs R H Weissman C Call and Delivery . 8 k , , BI II-.Ixr 75 NM, YWL . BA . 595 RUG Br'0,IcIyn, New YcurI4 I Jeweler 7I SS JST. f ST. Y I 7 YMI I QMLI I Lug a e Shop NIH . om. G, ,,,. V, am III.-,ws IfD qa 'f ' 357 VVLS Ie STRIII U Nf-f. Y' 'I IP N, Y. OI . . I 0 K s 0 Becky' N. Y. I Cigars - Cigareffes - Cand - Sodas I IIHYI CQUII SBIVIW. Comp meml l lrlwe CLASS of 49 Qoullw 33 COLLINS 81 TAYLCR Carroll Pharmacy Plumbing and Heahng Comlracfors Wa Deliver L B DVOQD A fE Bm If .3 Q, , I ,. 37 40 NK 8 2172 lf? Srwfrull fvrwP W9 P f 2 MF Cfftr. ,frrgvll f3 'f'fP B' lvl. -,P Nffr,-1 Y. '- Y C l r v llrg: Nw.-f Yurl EIVIERSON RADIO MARBRIDGE PRINTING CO NC I9I4 NA ICK SIPE and Mrs Harry I-Iellerman 4 05 SAVOY GARAGE RI INC Mr and Mrs NaI'I1en Deuflk and Family BREMER BROS INC IO QEVENTH AVENUE DOTTY S LUNCHEONETTE HOME cooxme mrs New N . . Prin+inq for Aclvedisers Since Y 225 f 2 -U ,I , YH N. . y I4 W Y MeaIs 8: Poulfry fi , E'C:IX,H IN. Y. 4 IIyv1Ijf'w'n :ff I Mr. . , :Jimi-ni' -I3 FR1.s'J'1r' 3'E97c N 355 Ze I E BH'-I .rw 5 N. Y. P27 SIE. w PLACE Bwrw N. Y. I I +W +W The'ra Kappa Be+a Phu Gamma Sigma Sororl+y Sororl+y + W + W Alpha Phu Fra'rerm+y Del+a Thefa Fra+ernl+y 395 5595 Beg ishes 365 Ishes Bee ishes EWEN X RAY CO 26I FIIZTI-I AVENUE New York CIW CENTURY FOOD J Av NI RICHARD C KAISER GUSTAVSON S I1 SEVLNT 6 I 44 CATON TENNIS COURTS CATON d M ONAID AV INULS 8 T 4 7056 PLAZA RADIO SHOP II NEWKIRK PLAZA 6I6 EAST Ibfh STREET N LV 9 6967 CARL L VOOSEN I 828 MANHATTAN AVENU METTLER S JEWELERS 8?I MANHATTAN AVENUE B y 22 N Y CompIImer1Is OI Mr and Mrs Edward S Silver '41 I V gwf, I w1f,I'fNw 1 li I BWILIVQ N, Y, I Y .Ir Fvic-vm fwfi Mm'- I I I I . I Uphos ering and Draperies I IAQ ' 'J AVENUE I B':5IIm N. Y. I I Cf f' K ' if-rr' I I A FRIEND Wlmdscr O SIcaIing In Season I an LD E I BrocpIc'yn New York I I ennis Courfs GL . ' B'c'rOIrIyn . Y. U . I . A A I . Sfa ionery, Toys, Sporfing Goods I I E I I mu r I . . WVT OIIH I 'II CLASS of 50 ZELMAN S B E N O F S K Y S COMMERCIAL STATIONERS The Sfore of Ea Thousand News EXCLUSIVE DRESSES 0 .C Eqmpm H+ p,.,,+.,.q BENJAMIN S RADIO and ELECTRIC a Ios Te evlsfon Recor Apphances and Mrs Sydney R Marks V I CE, NN AWE. f, OI IIW65 I ,QALJ ,:, I I ff' Q A e - ' ' QSO IJ 'Q ,Affi'.I.' Tv 1'E'f,LIAT'A', AVE 1. , ,. L: ,3 l ,WAV I: 4 , N V I R d' - F. M. - I E ' ' ns- A11- ,II 'IIJ :4,,. .VJU-,I SVNIU. Park Slope TaIIung Machine Shop Inc 306 FLATBUSH AV NU N I3esI Wnshes Io Ihe Class of 48 UDELL SHO: INC Mr 8: Mrs C Kaiser G 2 FREY 81 HEZING-ER PROVISIONS I 37 FULTCN SIRE N 6033 PHILIP LANG-SAM pf 794 NOSTRAND VHNJE 95363 ANDERSON 8: SON Inc F 7I7 7I9 MANHATTAN AVPNIII R I IN I I54 SEVENTH AVENUE and Mrs Herman Orberg You II Shme WII Hollywood Shoe Polish N 'XII I4 3I I4 , . ' 5 5 I Brooklyn I7 . Y, ' SI 35oI7 ' I I . - I Bags, Hosiery, S orfswear I BTCII Y' N. Y. 0 A ,M N, WW, , ,Y I I I I I CQ LII' W-HI Mr. . I I I I I I I I, IQSY E- 'Ev ' I1 BIQGI-gn 33. . Y. Y W I PRI-I fir-F4 3- O omeirisf ,AX i II ' B'oiIcIy'1, N. Y. EVQrq'66' ' , . Furnifure and Ioor Covering - ,ww ,F Inv. 'ffl I Complnmemlrs of Hwe CLASS of 5I GRILLOS SEA FOOD CENTER FORMAN 31 KAPLAN WHOLESALE za RETAIL WSURANCE A FRIEND BULKLEY 81 HORTON CO N J EXW ENUY l I f n- V50 vi 1f, , 4 3-'14, Freslw Fish Daily Lv A W Av fxlm,-,. L. .VIALQAX K ' - - 13bLA'p' V! S '2,T 5' '- .' NJ. '. L 7 pf My ,rnvf Compfumenfs of Mr and Mrs Max Klemfelcl L Rodneys Hair Dresslng 4 SLWNTH AWN N CARROLL TAILORS 74 CAPPGLL COHEN S DAIRY QNURQM Aw JERRY GREENWALD NC 4 B A 'N JOHN WETJEN NK 5 RAN AV NU Washmgfon Hand Laundry ALBA W L SN 0 . . f. f 5:50 . . . I Q UE I BV mf , Y. 5 ' as as L00 QC iw Aw' 7034 NW, Yak, N, Y. LL STREET fsrfrfsmxwr Nr YA 'F-H 3 Il! Delicafessen 81 Groceries 1 75? 77 T Ir L 'L an 'MW Nr wx 130, 'Q - NUI ' B' Lf' N Y, 1 323 I7 -'K VENLF r ryr , Y. HELP YOUR RED CROSS TREPEL FLOWERS TANEN SHOPS F J MURRAY JOSEPH GIUFFRE PARKWAY FLORIST FRED W GREITE POULTRY 81 GAME L i Frui+ A Veqefabies - Groceries -134 F9fifqv'5i'i -if'f7Q5,' RV- i,:- l if HATBUSM PXHNLSL E BU .,y.-mfr., Z,P47X tt: up , fl-i if '-TELL H A22 WSI , UM fi N, ii. Feminine Accessories Y- vw, fwww H' 4 .'-1w'1i'? iiA,ff'X' JULIUS LEVENTHAL 84 BROS Inc Manufaciurers of SI'nrI's 267 EIETH AVENUE New York Sfevenson 8: Marsiers nc STATIONERS YP 373 TULTON STREET N 65 Bk 49 KOBELL 81 MAZOR I IQ27 CHURCH AVENUI N ARTCRAFT PHOTO STUDIO 707 NIOSTRAND AVENUE N BROOKLYN MUSIC SHOP 773 NOSTPANID AVENUE 4 I958 LAMB S PHARMACY 130 CLINTON STREET A FRIEND I INIII IX Ir C ull I OXx1k 'Xxx 'I , I . T ewriiers, soIcI, renfed, and repaired ' B'S'I-IVA IXI. V. Bvcokw .Y. MAMA Vx I - .jg V 1 472:--.4 ' -'9 I . , I IcIyn N, Y. I UC mimIcr - 630 Sie ionery - Toys , , CwmpII' N' . :I awww 24, . Y. I BrwIcw' I6 .Y 'lc ,m a II. 'mx Hams, N1.,2fI f Ii 1 S'1.,,' Y Yului II. X. Y. 6

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Adelphi Academy - Adelphic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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