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1 . . .. . ,. . f .- -ILL.. 11,21 I., :NA W W 1 V I ' . . . .WH .. l Q I s 1 ,,-' vii-,,:.,,,.y,'... -' 4 - . Lp ,MV ' --Lg.-,:, ,'.-'fel 1. - 'L t -.- . 'fl nl 1 ,.., I 1 I . 'wr .xx I. .V 'Li :, '.'j..'v - ff iff-1 ' . kgjlz 3 . hzmf 5- -:IL IM, ., 4, 'T fa . 11" - . 1 m 1,1 .Q ',' fd, if. 1 f, I.-I, H ' El-7762 -,Hg-. -A pt. 'xr ...E-" .11."f A HJ: . ' I ' '- :.1Z'.-'.i:': --",v'.E'fL'L .'f2.,w.'..-'57 'lfs ' "ff: '71 H'-' Y? KF? L '31 s Mag 'p 12- ,Q I-A s Xe wi 'bv E Q Q an-'ll 5 :yup '4 Ns. 75 I f,o ' we 'EW ' ' x' K l -- K In , ' xx bus t mv 3.2 'er' .U-A u 'L QM.-A K I Q8 ,ra - Q.. M 0" -Q vQ "NM , . . ' 5.75 Q , . .Y ' if f 'Q W- 5 . x Q xx . R S' 'R 34 ' C' Q vi ' -x v. Q. 'A' ' 'A via A xx. . ,ff 'mf i Q 3 -5. N I Y Email Vgs,-We - 1. , q '? .1 , b 'al' 'F . -f 3 T - HY.. ., " " ' 'C - , t s Q vkxlxi 47 p Llws vig I t - - 1 mfkh A N I Q li ' I Q . -h Q. , , -af wi :Si lk 'V 4- - .tn " -' ,' ,lx . , 'G hh iq i rf X 4 ' t .I su' A x -1- nt ' f"w 5' , , , n . N I K h .v'- .4 , 'I ll l f' ' ,-I" X A .9 - A I . A ., 'U-il , f X V1 DMINISTRATION W QQ!! 1 .JL,l, X Yllrfdinn OUR PRINCIPAL To you, Mr Robert Mason, we dedicate our annual THE SALADIAN In our futu e we know that the guidance and understanding we have received from vou will serve as a light Although we have only been assoc life your friendly attitud and sincere interest in us May your future be a successful one mhe Saladian Qtalf lated with you for the past two years, we ANNUAL STAFF Editor Palmer Caliban Assistant Editors Mary Kirby, lhlph Shirer Business Manager Ronald vliles Sales Manager Juanita Mullen Advertising Manager David Davis Advisor Hrs Crystal Boyer 14" Social Editor Class Editor Hus1c Editor Sport Editor Alumni Editor Art Editor Bertha Gress Betw Bowden Carol. Jones Dick Butler Genevieve Hayle Edith Neuman Those who follow us are breaking a trail into a new tanorrow. It is our hope that the trail we have broken proves true and useful It is our prqer that the great highway 11111 lead through time to God's eternity We invite you to journey with us through our yearbook and see how we at AHS acquire our wisdm THE STAFF 9,1 4 Q Q an - 1 . Q un Q - Q an an . Q o o 0 Q n - Q i Umm rf NDLN rl U Lszf sf: For those who are graduating from Adamsville High School may this annual always serve to remind you of the friendshlps and accomplish ents of your high school days You will look back on your h1gh school days as the happiest years of your life We sincerely hope that your preparat1on here will make you a useful member of your community We hope that you will grasp every opportunity to make yourself a better member of soc1ety NThis I beheld, or dreamed lt ln a dream There spread a cloud oi dust along a pla1n, And underneath the cloud, or 1U 1t, raged A furious battle, and men yelled, and swords Shocked upon swords and shields A pr1nce's banner Wavered, then staggered backward, hem ed by foes A craven hang along the batt1e's edge And thought, UHad 1 a sword o' keener steel Blunt thing he QTEDPGQ rd flung lt from his hand, And, lowering, crept away and left tle fleld Tren came the knrg' son, wouraeu, sore be ocad, and aeaponles , nd saw the broker sword, Hllt bur1ed 1n the d13 nd trodden sand, And r n and snatched 1t, and th ha tle shout L1 ted afresh, he hPJ9C tl eremy down, And s ved a gre t cause tn t bEFOlC Gay Edward Howl nd 5111 l , . -A -fn X '- lftv xi,a m ? f 1, Q 'Q r' ' F' r' ' "' X X1 f X X- -4 J ' O That blue blade that the kingls son bears--but this --PY .. ' a.. ' ." I I vi N4 N7 E4 Hr X4 Q4 09 .WI oo? lx fx. ii Im iN fx Ii Y X' Xl 57 N4 N7 '34 N7 Nd Q4 1,99 .M 90 Fi i iN ,Qin PN IX Ii ,vw MR' J A mm Superintendent Ma. mam' mason Principal, :mn Science MIB J CBEPHINE PATTON FACULTY if SLT I hx MLB CFUSTAL BUYER Commercial Home Econanics WILLIAM E POOLE Social Studies Language .I N Ox Tl, 'E E- CLIFFORD C GIEFKE Vocational Mrs ANN cmm mic, Engusn !' Y. Agriculture mm. M K Q04 fx u Q, II . J, L J S L L HR. . - Q33 Q? . WESY. 1? W . HR. ' - - . 1.x X Q' n w- P - ' HR. ARFHUR MACKLIN Coach, Driver's Ed l MR. HUGH MAHONEY Seventh Grade ."'7""3 ll 1? gt Illvlii 'ali 7 'QWL4' I Q P-x .1 Q aAQ,g' 6 'fr I km A' 'u MISS HAZEL DAVIS English I.I' W QIQQ MIB ZEI..Pl-IA BRCNN Seventh dz Eighth Grades VIR. RICHARD S JOHNSTON natrumental Music -6 XLT AJ BPH ON VANDIVORI' Eighth Grade Yffff. FL as L. -N ,- 4 Q , . :Liv ' l ,T 6 ' fa! 1, 5 'X O I . ' f xx Q3 .ff M X .- 4-f U a J' ' MR. - Q Q A ,A 5- ' I- .te , Y-'JJ-"'?' Q .. -,Q ' 2.- Z rw 4 , f, ffl? M3?g ffafgf, ,1 f Jim , ,Huw th :im f ggi , Wm mx X, -'Th XVLCD ? Z? ENIORS 'I -iii sw 'W -rg, 49 -var'-..-v-,-. QivY'iXp-rYX4fiI'4""W N... E P-05 M-IFN 1 Q fe 2, - 42 ff ?j. 5 I eniors zoN DAVISON 41' 1 BRENDA DOZFH CARL SNTDER CAEDL sus Gam: DOLGLAS em, KEN J UDY TUBES 1' -OFM? SANDRA BALD'vI1'N KDNALD BALDWIN mg! SANDRA WLDDLETON ELDEN SA 'IBAUGH M10 HZ P DONALD MHITEMAN CAKJL LEE LITTICK MARY LOU HITTLE X PATTY WH"T.LF R ,Af ,, 5 NS YR JAMES DARNER NA U31 JORDAN RLEY FLIGER LORFJ KNIFELY SHI 4, v w lx CQ A! 'Ex mn mm norumn smm ffl X Q64 L ll N' I Y' 1 JAMES WMGHT LINDA BUTLFR KSN 3 9:22 If W A KATHLEEN ADAMS GAR! CAMPBELL R. f 4 l- - - -1 -va! . . -J , if V ' ' ? 5 . . , -JL, 5 :wi , , f: y 9 - S 'ii' , L' , 1 1 N xx, 7 agp If Ml r ,fy ll , V--ixq vxx 14" nf V' 9 D gf-5' , 1 " fl 3 A s :f if ' A, I -25 ' f - 'ff .w f ai 1 Rf, 1 , ,-! ' ii' V ' , lf 2 ,lg 7 ROBFR1' KENNEDY JEAN HILL ! S JIM JAMES n RANDOLPH STALNAKER KJBEFU' HOFFER BOB KENNEDY RANDY DTALNAKER FFA 2 3 ll AFA Basketball 2 3-L Parlimentary P100 3-M Monitor lx Movie Projector ls LOEN KNICBLY FFA 1 2 3 ll FFA Officer Parllmentary Proc Basketball 1 Class Offlcer 1 Class Play 3 Band 1-2 h H 1-2 3 h FFA Judg1ng 2 3 FFA Basketball 2 3 h H Officer 2 Monitor la Mov1e Projector CAFDL LEE LITTICK Band 1-2 3 ls Chorus 1-2 3 Class Play 3 C1ass Queen 2 Home Be club 1-2 3 Rane Ee Officer 3 Student Council 2 3 Saladian Staff 3 Office 3 Band Officer 3-h Chorus Offlcer 2 ls H 1 2 3 Red Cross 11 SANDRA MIDDLETON Band 1 2 3 h Band Offlcer 3 Chorus 1-2 3 Chorus Officer 3 Home Ec Club 1 2 Saladian Staff 3 Class Offlcer 2 Morntor 3 h Office 1-2 3 11 H 1 2 11 H Officer 1 2 Red Cross L ELDFN SA RBAUGH Basketball 1 2 3 lx FFA 1 2 3 h FFA Off1cer lx Plrlimentary Proc 74 ,J H 1 2 3 h H Officer 1 B88eb8l1 1 Student Council 1 CARL SNIDFR Woodworking 1 Safety Patrol Captain 1 Bulletin Board Staff 1 'lash Staff 1 Movie Crew 1 Monitor 1-11 FFA 2 3-14 FFA Officer 3-14 Pl-'rlimehffaly Proco 3 I-I Saladjaan Staff 3 Class Officer 3 N-f YQ fi FFA 1-2 3 h FFA Basketball 2-h Parlimentary Proc Basketball 1 3 Class Officer 1 3 Class Play 3 FFA Judging 3 Baseball 3 h Monitor U DONALD STEMM Basketball 1-2 3 h Class Officer 1-2 3 Monitor 3-I4 Saladian Staff 3 JUDY TUBBS Movie Crew 1 Camera Club 1 Y Teen 1 Monitor 3 Office 3-ls student Councll lx Class Queen 14 Saladian Staff 3 PATTY WHEELER Band 1-2 3 h Chorus 1 2 3 Class Play 3 Home Ec Club 1-2 Saladian Staff 3 Band Officer 3-h Student Council 2 Monitor h L H 1-2 3-14 DONALD WHITEMAN FFA 1-2 Baseball 1 Student Council Monitor 3-h JADE WRIOHT Monitor h FFA 1 2 3-14 3 Q- KATHLEEN ADAMS HomeEc c1ub123h chorus 1 Class Play 3 FDNALD BALDWIN Basketball 1-2 3 D Baseball 2 3 Class Officer h Class King 3 Saladian Staff 3 Monitor 3-L Class Play 3 SANDRA BALDWIN Chorus 1 2 Office la Class Queen 3 Home Ec Club 1-2 3 h Cheerleading 1 2 3 lx Class Pla 3 Student Councll 3 Hqne Ec Officer 3 Saladian Staff 3 Class Officer 14 lg H Club 1-2 DOUGLAS BRACKEN Monitor h Class King lx LINDA BUTLER Hclne Econanlcs Club 1 Junior Marshall 3 Saladian Staff 3 Class Officer 3 11 Office 7.1 Cafeteria 3-14 GAR! CAMPBELL FFA 2 3 h FFA Officer lg Camera Club 1 Monitor 1-b FPA Judging 2 3-lx Parlimentary Proc Hi Y 1 woodworking 1 JIM DARNER Band 1-2-3-I4 Class Officer 3 Student Council Band Officer FFA 1-2 Class Flq 3 ZON DAVISON Vo-Ag 1-2 Baseball 2 Class Officer 1-2 Monitor 3-b BHENDA DOZER Hdne Bc. 1-2-3-lg Home Ec. Officer 2-3 C1ass,F1ay 3 Saladian 3 Chorus 1-2 la-H 1 -2314 SHIRLEY FLICER Home Ee 1-2 3-h Home Ec Officer lx la H 1-2 3-L Class Play CAIUL SUE GREEN Band 1-2 3-lg Chorus 1-2 3 Chorus officer 3 Clase Play 3 Hane Ec 1-2 Home Ec Officer 2 Saladian Staff 2 3 FFA Queen 3 Class Offlcer 1-lg Monitor 3-I1 Office 2 3-24 lx H 1 2 3 Junior Marshall 3 Fkad Cross h JEAN HILL Hans Ec Club 1 Monitor 1 BETH HITTLE Home Ee 1 3 Band 1-2 3-L Chorus 1-2 office h Class Flay 3 Monitor h MAH! LOU HITTLE Band 1-2 3-L Office 2 3-h Chorus 1-2 1-Ime Ec. Club 1-2 3-I4 Haze Ec Officer Class Officer 1 Band Officer 2-h Saladian Staff 3 Class Play 3 Cheerleader 1 2 Student Council 11 Class Queen 1 11 H Club 1 mmm from-Jn h H 1 2 3-h FFA 2 Jr Leadership 1-2 3-la Monitor 1 3-11 Flash Staff 1 Basketball Mgr 3 FFA Basketball Saladian 3 JIM JAMES FFA 2 3 Monitor MARION JORDAN Baseball 3-lg Basketball 3-21 Class Play 3 Monitor 3-lg Sensor Class Hnstory DRAMA OF THE ACPIIEVBIENTS AND LCTIVITE OF THE CLASS OF 1,959 GENERAL SE'l.'1'Ill3 Adallsvills High School, Admsville, Ohio HAIR CAST The knowned Class of "S9" MINOR CHARACTEPE Others Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores INTIDDUCTION The high school teachers and expectantly for the curtains to part and AT ACT ACT the parents of the members of the cast are waiting the drama to begin Although the teachers every year the final ect of another, nevertheless, they are one. Each drama is different and the achievements of This year as the seniors leave Adamsville High to see the beginning drama of one class and always watching with anticipation, every the class of "59" BN tml? 0uf'Uf'U1d-1118 face the world, the teachers each and everyone, can feel content in a job well done. The fol lowing is a drama of the achievements, activities, accoulpliskments and maturing of the Class of 1959 The acts in this drama are to be considered as being ten months long, with a short intemis sion between each As the curtains part, the 25 eager freshmen rush across the stage, jostling the minor characters but, nevertheless undaunted The minor characters fseniorsl laugh at these new freshnen and make remarks about them, but soon becme accustcmed to than and as the freslmeh becme used to the routine of high school, the school days become :ore enjoyable Some of the more memorable scenes in this act are the election of class officers with Carol Green in the leading role as president, Ronnie Baldwin assisted her as vice president, Donad Steam was the secretary, while Zon Davison handled the proceeds from the various activities. The Queen of the Freshnen Class was Mary Lou I-little, and she and Sandy Baldwin were the freshmen cheerleaders for the reserve basketball tem, which was very much strengthened by the atheletic ability of Randy Stalnaker, Donald Stemm, Fbnnie Baldwin, Jim Van Dyna, Elden Sarbaugh, Loren Knicely, Jim Knipe, Bill Grubb and J im Brewer. We also see the minor characters Cseniorsl regained some of their lost dignity by initiating the freshmen In the second act, the cast has acquired the new name of "Sophomores" There have been eleven new members added Namely, Judy Tubbs, June Smith, Jean Hill, Doug Bracken, Carl Snider, Jim James, Jerzy Stump, Steven Butler, Gary Campbell, Peggy Walker and Bob Hoffer In this act we see scenes of the various activities held by the Sophcmore Class, which are ably guided by Sandra Middleton as president, with Ranch Stalnaker as vice president, Donald Steam is again elected as secretary and Zon Davison retained the office of treasurer, Carol Lee Littick plays the role of class beauty, while Mary Lou Hittle and Sandy Baldwin again show talent as cheerleaders and they have reason to cheer, because we see our basketball team,which is very much bolstered by the talents of Donald Stemm, Randy Stalnaker, Bonnie Baldwir, Elden Sax-baugh and Bill Grubb, marching on to victory after victory Thus wherever you look you will see scme member of the Sophanore Class leading the way with his natural talent and genius The new name of 'Juniors' has now been acquired by the cast which has dwindled in size somewhat, but those remaining are wiser and more detemined than ever before In this act we see that the role of class officers is headed by Jim Darner as president, with Zon Davison as vice president, the secretary, Linda Butler and Donald Stn is now treasurer. Loren Knicely edits the Junior Class news, while Carol Lee Littick, Donald Whitman and Sandy Baldwin are the class representatives to the Student Council We also see Sum and lbnnie Baldwin reigning as Class Queen and King Hary Lou and Sana' are again cheering on to victory I l O 0 C I Cseniorsl and filling the T01 with talk. They hurry aroxmd, vexy much unsure of themselves, II III ACT our basketball tem of which Elden Sarbaugh, Randy Stalnaker, J im Van Dyna, Donald Stem, Ronnie Baldwin and Marion Jordan are fran the Junior Class. In this third act we also see the Junior Class present a play entitled, 'Grandpa Goes To College. Near the close of this act, the entire cast assembles on the stage, bedecked in their best bib and tueker, preparatory to attending the J unior-Senior prom, given in honor of the Seniors. IV As the members of the cast again assemble on the stage for the fourth and final act their number has been reduced to twenty nine and these carry themselves with an air of confidence, and wiv not? Are they not Seniors? They now feel their importance and look upon the other students as undergraduates. In this ect, the final and most important one of the whole drama, Ronnie Baldwin and Carol Green are seen filling the offices of president and vice president Linda Butler is in charge of the minutes of the class meetings and Carl Snider is the newly elected treasurer. In Student Council meetings, the Senior Class is represented by Judy Tubbs, Mary Lou Hittle and Jim Darner, the class news for the year is handled by Sandy Baldwin Doug Bracken and J udy Tubbs now occupy e Royal ThI'0Il0o In almost everyone of the venous activities in the high school, we see several Seniors On the basketball team we see, Marion Jordan, Fbnnie Baldwin, Elden Sarbaugh and Donald Stem, using thelr athletic talents to defend their Alma Mater, we also see that Sandy Baldwin and Mary Lou Hittle have been chosen for the fourth consecut1ve year as cheerleaders They now are veterans. As sweet ani beautiful strains of music float across the stage, the curtains are pulled back further to reveal the Adamsville High School Band and Chorus, in which several seniors are participating The Seniors hold various assemblies and activities and sell candy to earn money for their class trip For the cast of Seniors, the fourth act passes unusually fast and the time is drawing near. Soon they will be honored with a prom or banquet by the J union, and their class play will be a big event Then on Hay 26, 1959, the Senlors who have presented this memorable drama, will step forward for their final bow and as the curtams close, it ends the four happiest and most unfor- Uetable years of their life :imma IIILPW H2225 ,1 ,91L,y, A I2 X4 1 i lslffcs l 0 i . .K . . X: . U in 1 . I sau s, D-, U M' Xllhh XV-Abu: -NW X i Q Q DL 2 , ""' 0sx1l"i5...', ffm QL- ag ' 4 e ., P' el x - 'x, 1 I If 3' Sembr Pmpfzecy well, kids, here we are at the Tenth Anniversary of the Class of '59. Only, we're just not "kids" anymore. I've interviewed all of our old classmates as we've been sitting here in Hemry Hall, and this is what I've found: JIM DARNER has just received the Nobel Prize for his out-standing work in nuclear physics. He is still a bachelor as he couldn't forget Sandra Middleton. Speaking of SANDRA, she is an entertainer at the Zane Hotel, Her husband is J D4 JAMES, the manager. DON WHITBMAN is in the Foreign Legion. He likes it very much. HAM LOU HITTI8 Stemm Kirby Baker Moore, is here with her four children. At the present time she is married. The fine entertainer you saw on stage just a few mcxnents ago is BOB KENNEDY. He has even brought vaudeville back to fame. SANDY BALDWIN is a beautician in Hollywood for the "stars", She is considered the very best because she is such an expert on bleaching hair. JEAN HILL is also associated with show business since she has taken Marian Ander-son's place. Secretary of the Air Force, IDBER1' HOFFER, is with us today He tells me he is going to resign his post and run for President PATTY WHFELER is a very busy little woman She is the first wcman to be named head of the Ohio State Highway Patrol BETTY liI'1"I'LE is head disc Jockey for Station K Y W, Cleveland Probably because of her gift of gab RON BALDWIN is the proud father of three sets of twins, all boys, His wife, the former CAHJL LEE LITTICK, plays trumpet on the Lawrence Welk show on Saturday nights while Ronnie baby sits LINDA BUTLFR 15 the head cook in the cafeteria here in Adamsville CARL SNIDER called frm Zanesville just a few moments ago to say that he and J IM WRIGHT will be here as soon as possible He is Sheriff and Jim is a Deputy They have some last minute things to do SHIRLEY FLIGVR and GMU CAMPBELL were married last month after a courtship of nearly ten years Instead of love, they're living on cherry pies KATHLEEN ADAMS Yansickle has a Laundromat here in Adamsville We have a telegram from DONALD STEMM who is :Ln Australia He is sorry he can't leave his 25,000 acre Kangaroo Ihnch but will "hop" up to see us at our next reunion LOREN KNICELY, RANDY STALNAKER, AND ELDEN SARBAUGH have gone into business for themselves They have the only Fishing Worm factory in the United States BRENDA DOZER Heil has finally learned about fanning She 15 secretary of the COBA and she and her husband are raising Hampshire hogs MARION J ORDAN is head coach at OSU but informed me he is coming back to his Alma Mater next year to train the Wildcats to beat Haysville DOUG BBACKEN is another who cou1dn't be with us He is in the Belgian Congo taldng the place of Tarzan, who is ill ZON DAVISON is writing the comic strip 'Little Abner' and GARJL SUE is his wife and secretary And I, JUDY TUBE Hoffer, have been living in South America for five o the past ten years We have a diamond mine and Ilama Ranch there It surely has been fun talking to all W old classmates again I hope our next Reunion in 1979 will be Just as eng oyable 'xx 4, 5 -fi, .2 .4 A f x I Q 0. I I ' '- -A gg.. 'Q K ,uf ' f 0 ff! 4' ,ffl l 0 S f I "cl 0 1' L f , ,, f "' .J Q ,f XTWL O T.- 2 Hass Will we, tha Senior Class of 1959, of Adamsville High School, Muskingum County, State of Ohio, Continent of North America, lmowing that everyone w1ll miss our smiling faces, our qu1et ways, and our intel ligent brains, do hereby make this our last will and testament T0 the hard to get along w1th 'hI!10!'S, we leave our well used candy customers, our fed up teachers, and the intelligence that has been left over from our class To the spolled Sophorrores, we leave our sympathy, which they will need in order to get along w1th the Junlors To the wild and Wooly Freshmen, we leave our grown up, sensible manners, so that they might follow in our footsteps To the rude, uncouth Eighth Graders, we leave our monitors that worked so hard to keep them out of trouble "'0 the concelted Seventh Grade, we leave our deslre to always get ahead To our dearly beloved C91 teachers, we leave our thanks for putting up with us all these mary years and also, future students that wlll get passes before they skip classes Tre following Seniors have individual bequests Kate Adams, will my temper to Pansy Cusac Sandy Baldwin, bequeath my peppy activeness to Betty Bowden Ronnie Baldwin, leave my position as captaan of the basketball team to Harold West Douglas Bracken, leave my bashfulness to Linda Denrqf Linda Butler, leave my quiet was to Sandra Va.nDyne and my cafeteria job to amrone who will have it Gary Campbell, leave ly ahmlity to flirt to Brian Foley J imngy Darner, leave my knowledge of math and science to John Smith Zon Davison, leave my ability to get along with girls to Ralph Shirer Brenda Dozer, leave nv sewmg ability to Janet Williams Shirley Fliger, leave my slim, girlish figure to Joyce Agin Carol Green, leave my natural curly hair, to Dorothy Heil J san Hill, leave :gy ability to get good grades to Jerry stump Betty Hittle, leave my-ex boy friends to Martha Foraker Mary Lou Hittle, leave my ability to get along with boys to Karen Golanan Bob Hoffer, leave my crush on Carol Green to Claude Foley Jim James, leave my ability to sleep in class to Palmer Caliban Marion Jordan, leave ly Clfflhillg antics to Bill Graham Bob Kennedy, leave my ability to do algebra to Darlene Bowden Loren Knicely, leave mr height and good looks to Larry her-son Carol Littick, leave IU false teeth to Earl Hoffer Sandra Middleton, leave my slender build to Gail HcCallister I, Elden Sarbaugh, leave my ability to square dance to lbnnie Wiles Y . In 1, , I, ' l If If I, . I, , In I, . In I, I, . I, - If Io In In In In I, I, 1, Carl Snider, leave my F. F. A. presidency to Dick Butler I, Randy Stalnaker, leave nv love for Mr. Macklin to Sandy VonKa.ne1 I, Don Stemm, will my many aches and pains to Mr. Poole I, Judy Tubbs, leave my ability to get along with teachers to Eddie Heck I, Patty Wheeler, leave my tom-bcyishness to David Davis I, Donald Whiteman, leave nv ford to Miss Davis so she can get back to school I, Jim Wright, leave nv naturally curly hair to Hr. Green Besides these bequests, we leave our best wishes to any and all who may desire them. Any property or personal possessions of ours that may remain in addition to the items specified we give and bequeath to the Adamsville Board of Education to use as it sees fit. We can think of nothing that we have forgotten except our old books, and we suggest that they be given to the Fresh men class, thus saving money which may be applied either to the teachers' salaries or toward the purchase of mouth organs, ukuleles, and kazoos for the school band. Of course, this is entirely a matter for the discretion of the school board. Finally, we do hereby name and appoint as the sole executor of this, our last will and testament, our class advisor, Mr. J A Hemry In witness whereof we, the class of 1959, the testator, have set our hand ard seal on this twen y ninth day of Hay in the year of 1959 Signed Witnesses GDCLUQg5XNNL91lsu1 SIXTH 'L SENSE P Y-265289 wHo?MEP S 2 K 7.569 Q X- X is f :X fu e 5- e fl f NX A n 6 q 7 Q :Z X I . U t .. . E Y - . Q? JJ 1 f Q 1' I Y Y ' eh ..2:f:ffzfgfffgffffff::.::ft:::f:ff:f:jg:5j:i' ,- '. .-,:.... 4 I , F! CLASS POEM "Ah, we have tired of lessonsg Study has grown a boreg we've sighed to rest us, Rest where schools are no more, So fare thee well, our Alma Mater, fare t Ah, we are sick of tests, weary of vain exams , All books are pests, And final marks are only shams Ah, we're fed up w1t.h lectures, Stifled by stupid rules, de've sighed to rest us, Far from the sight of school fare thee well, our Alma Hater, fare t have been crammed nth knowledge, Stuffed till our heads are numb, We've been inspired till we're so tired Our intellecbs are out of plumb can no longer bear it., Heads from exhaustion swell Sad is the tale, sad is the tale we tell, Dear school, kind school, farewell , M hee well hee well xx K. I 1 K . 1 As K 512331 ivx So S, . We ' MM mf UNIORS If f-+ I N - N :fx XXX '- Q Mgwvg S Yvsix f N ' tgxlc. it XR ii Y! E L A ,A ' ,- X I za f F AX 4 XAYA X! 5"' "Nfx , Lf' 2 JU IORS William Graham Dorothy Bissett David Davis Ruth Huffman Jerry Stump Linda Hittle Villiam Van Dvne Genieve ay e Donald Baker Janet Williams Gerry James Martha Foraker Kenneth Denny Carol Jones Ronald Wiles Edith Newman diehard Butler Bertha Gress Palmer Calihan Wanda Sarbaugh Martin Sheck Juanita Mullen Douglas Browning Loretta Hayes John Smith Peggy King Brian Foley Betty Bowden Dorothy Heil Iona Jennings J n 1' UI, I ' J 61 1 O Junior H1 tory The Class of 1960 entered high school Septanber IL, 1956, with 37 pupils We gained Bill Norton from Roseville and Edith Newman fran Roosevelt Wilma Farabee came fran Zanesville but later moved back During the year we lost Sue Powelson, who moved to New Concord Bob Glasser later quit On Ssptenber 21, the seniors initiated ua and on October 211, we held a party in the high school gm We had a movie on December 6 Our class officers were: President, Linda Hittle, Vice president, Palmer Calihan, Secretary, Janet Williams, Treasurer, Patty Wortman, News Reporter, Bertha Gress, Student Council, Carol Jones and Louanna Heck Linda Hittle and David Davis were elected reserve cheerleaders Wanda Sarbaugh was elected class queen. On September 3, 1957, the Class of 1960 returned to school We had two new members enrolled They were Dale Fitch and J immy Stevens Donald Howard Jimmy Stevens later quit During the summer we lost Louanna Heck, who became Mrs Buddy Hittle Theora Evans quit to become Mrs. John Mumaw On September 5, we elected officers. They were as follows: President, Carol Jones, Vice president, Leonard Jordan, Secretary, Wanda Sarbaugh, Treasurer, Patty Wortrnan, News Reporter, Palmer Calihan, Student Council, Dorothy Bissett and Theora Evans Linda Hittle and Patty Wortman were elected reserve cheerleaders Janet Williams and John Smith were elected class queen and make money for our senior trip On November 22, we had a farewell party for Mr Windland, our class advisor During May we ordered our classrlngs, the first class to do this in their sophomore year The Class of "60" returned to school in September with 30 members. W gained Ruth Huffman from Zanesville, and during the summer, lost Leonard Jordan Patty Wortrnan quit to became Mrs Walter Harris Our officers were: President, Palmer Calihan, Vice president, Ronnie Niles, Secretary, Juanita Mullen, Treasurer, Wanda Sarbaugh, News lbporter, Edith Newman, Student Council, John Smith, Dorothy Heil and Dav1d Davis Linda Hittle and Janet Williams were elected varsity cheerleaders Linda Hittle and Dick Butler were elected class queen and king During the year we had a weiner roast and hayride at Hayes We also sold candles, Watldn Products, had dances and various other things during the year to make money We received our class rings in October and are en,1oying wearing them W are looking forward to our class play and the prun we will give the seniors in the spring l'4 6 e e O O O I O , . and I O During the year we held skating parties, movies and a talen show, to I O e u 0 e O b o 0 I gill V! OPHOMORES SGPHCMORES Ida Veneicle Uele Fitch Anite Young AlbertTnrk Derlene Bowden T0-v Sanur 3811118 Wilson Taq Snith Wanda Shirer Delne Jones Shirley Jordan hugh Surat Kg Hclleieh arvhxBn er fhycehgin Hachgin Barbara Graham Bill TQOtl Betty Grahul Russell Hexvell ld th HCc8111Bt8F Henbrick Irene Hiller Jbhn King Jean Hetifield Merlin Stotte Barbara Howard Jim Derry Roberta Foraker Larry Emerson Donna Pierce Dennis Kennedy Carl Hoody Mary lirby B111 Hilde shun Claude Foley Pansy Cucsac Robert Doughty Russell Mingus Wesley Matchett Donald Je. 'mings Marion Hz tfield Earl Hoffer Harold West Roger Kreis Sandy Von Kanel Harold Polock We, the class of "61" entered high school w1th 53 members Our teachers were Mrs. Butler Mr Meloy and Mr Mason Our officers for the year were as follows President, Tan Smith, Vice president, Junior Hatfield, Secretary, Marun Brewer, Treasurer, Mary Klrby, News Reporter, Anita Young, Student Council, Russell Maxwell and Darlene Bowden We went to Cambrldge Park on our a.nnual school picnic We entered our Sophomore year to f1nd we had lost Judith Ford and Harold Pollock, whom we gain back later We also galned Shlrley Jordan, Sandy VonKane1 and Marilyn Wilson We now have a total of L6 members under the supervision of Mr Gierke and Mr Macklin Our officers for the year ares President, Jim Derry, Vice president, Wesley Matchettg Sec retary, Anlta Young, Treasurer, Shlrley Jordan, News Reporter, Russell Maxwell, Student Council, Dennis Kennedy and Jean Hatfield Our King and Queen for the year are Tom Smith and Anita Young We are planning mones and various other money makmg projects for our senior trip We have also ordered our class nngs so we may wear them at the beginning of our Junior year. K Q l a 1 We X RESHMEN f 95 J? Ricky Derry Mona Butler Donald Lane Marlene Uilee ROSOI' HcCall1ster Gerald Hayes Mary Ellen Knicely Roger Myers Jane Smith John Barker Dianne Mumaw Paul Johnson arlene Glosser Robert Hittle Julianne Gebhart John Grels Jean 'Pidcock B111 Goodall Kay Arnett Roger Baker Katherine Reilly Bernard Jordan Linda Denny John Brewer Hilda Bowden Eugene Cooper Karen Coleman Earl Church Linda Woffer Eddie Heck Mary Smith David Hatfield Bonnie Bowden Henry Brugh Doris Miller Ch Mary Jennings Gerald Brock Mary Friend Donald James Dorothy Barnhart Charles Sparkman Donna Mullen Ronnie Go0dI'iCY1 Sandra MDX David Cambell Robert Bates We, the Class of "62" entered high school on September 2, 1958, with 147 members, under the supervision of Mlss Davis and Mr Mason. We lost Deloris Bendamin, Bernard Jordan and Gerald Lane, now making a total of hh Our class officers for the year are as follows: President, Ronald Goodrich, Vice President, Roger Myers, Secretary, Mona Butler, Treasurer, Linda Hoffer, News Reporter, John Gress, and Student Council members, Mary Ellen Knicely and Jean Pidcock. We elected Marlene Wiles and Rodger Baker as class Queen and King Cheerleaders chosen from our class were Linda Hoffer and Mary Friend X NA! ,g , jf XX U o Q -C+ U 0 0,53 N 2 J 0 f X X Q ,R Rfk X EIGHTH GR DE Smaron Culbertson Douglas Kreia Sandy loffer I-Ury Lapp uginig Devil Mrk Hittle Jo Anne Hittle Helter WoJ.te Jme1.Le Horn Robert Belden Joan Tucker Robin Steam Shirley Butler Trlnklin Yeung Charlotte King uale Hoife Larry Huffman Phyllis vlisonart William Foraker Cneryn liherson WiLL-Lam Beers Pamela Poole John Pidoock wmv Hvivr Terry Sith Mary Hu-'l'Phy Stanley Lyon! PULL! Sith Robert TUDOB Caro.L Mchleien Charles Anus Juanita Butler Maurice Hqle Sandra VanDyne V . bnirley Stotts 5,1 585 GX S Z 1 Y A ' Q ,W t' WK' W 6 I 2 ' 5 26, X "5 iii 7,1Q 1 X' A 491 X I5 .. Y, X N f Y 4 lu. Kung Stanley Lyons UBCH Phyllis W1S8h8Tt L51 Larry Hula: Bose Ann Barker Jonn Fisher Btbara Halbrick Theodore Kennedy Susan I-me Gail Mc!-Allister Carol Honra Shirley lolfe Robin Jana H.1..Lstoa x wi xf' 42 x Z I X-X5 d SEVE TH GR DE Diane Foley Delbert Hoody Diane Kreis 0 H8 Linda Halley Stanley Pickens Hary Hayle David Shinn Etmtlce Cunningham Clyde Knipe Shirley Tubbs Paul Murphy Janice Knipe Ronald H ullen Marie Fchelberry Gary Maxwell Pauline Kirby Wildford Wolfe Helen Greene Vern Hittle Beverly Orr Stalnalner Rita Bradford Leonard Dayton Sandra Butler Lar W secr ver 'Yaren Hump ey Fred Barnhart Dorthy Whlte Larry Turk Karen Beers Eduard Sheila Black Weldon Kreis Carol Han I 6' Hb Eh QW5 'lg George Gress 52-tiff 1 vsp IQ :SSI wg WORRV Noi'- S ,E 'V .L Harry Pierce fly Wheeler Daniel Scott Evelyn Jennings lbger Green J eckie Stun Ti West Hary Lou Lane John Green Douglas Elson George Ethell Robert Halley Rose Ann Bowden Charles ean Robert Sims UI SIXTH GR DE Richard Hittle Dime Hoffer Robert Bednarczuk Shirley Iblfe Roger Smith Darla Baldwin Virgil Alexander Shaun Pearl Robert Hiller Betty Pidcoek Wallace Derry Donna Perdue Ronald Shire:- Ivonne Beech Daryl Bern 3 Virginia Lane Raymond Fluharty Karen Hox Richard Smith Mary Hqle Steven Morrison Daniel Paisley Louise lurenda David Jones Ranb F oraker Terry Yan Dyk, Roy Cooper llonm Finney David I-euure Rvlvnd Alexander 'YL1 'RADIUS 03105 Steven Clark cm-y Lowry Ju-es Tucker mum, Taylor Ku-gn Hilstead Donald hex-son 6 3 f 1 ' e ' lf" WJ. ' ' A . A- is . 'X T B. 2 , Tx . 1 x . I xx ! K FIFTH GRADE f X j L!! jj, Becky Johnson Idnda Bowden James Smith Joyce Ha le Lhwnlkbuuld Benjamin Horrisen CaflVeHMn Patricia Steen James Green Glenn Nolt Hnmriy Bwuden Banu Hmiull Patricia Richardson Helen Vansickle Sue Culberson GH11 Hittle Quin Shdtz Mildred Barnhart Flecta White harl Hatfield Daniel Kreis Donald Phillips Linda Finney Susan Cockran arry 'ccallister onald Foraker Lillie Brewer Doris Smith Kenne th Jennings Richard Wisecarver Clarence Mitchell Constance Clark Nancy Peck Hazel Wolfe Jerry Van Uyne Linda Wisecarver 'la 4 Nf 4rQ3 3.4 'L 1 ,.-- ,A xt la ?l T Y 'S . 6 he k t' ' b il S-, ' . .- K fe' 'a. 3w,,1 J- 4 Y . . Su , P9534 I aw.,,. 7 4. ' 1 W, ,WL sf 4.4 mi, -A Q Quilt uf' : V ,H ig, 5.5, . V' Na+ K ur 1 aiu 3, o 49:55 Q Ab, , 4? N-I? A 'Z J , A 1 ff 1' 4' f' "f K5 . .: ff ' 'isa at 51, 3m ns " 5. 1. ,azz he .w Q 55- , .1 a , Mx! r, , I Q PM A, 1 gp 42,31 M W H W .3 L ,ami 24' J rf fx Qin.. 4 , M5 ' Nr., F? L H A 2 QQ iw k M- 1 Q5 V - ,QS 2 4 3 'L 'QF Q'-iff A , THIRD GRADE Charles Newman Janlce Derry Glenn Nice Janet Derry ames Vernon Elaine Finney David Young ebbie Krels Farley Smith Carol Emerson Jay Clark Martha Greene wllllam smith Mary Lou Harden wlllam Hlcele ileen Finney Donald Gheen Carolyn Hayes Robert Baker Patsy Lautzenheiser Elaine White Norwa Nolt Kathryn 'Merle K ith Mavle Shirley Peck Richari Boden 010:-es Blaseiff Haroll Bammrt' Vicky G1OS3eT erry Hatfield Margaret Alexander Roy Lane Shelby Drvis David Mays J D Stephen Reed D T SECOND GR DE Christine Hittle ctor Myers Barbara Jennings 'effrey Norrison Mart a Marshall Qmlth D1ane Newman Eodle Heil Ruth Roahrig Carson Bowden Sally King Russell Burkhard Shellej Kennedy Robert La1ley Wunita Wolfe Donald Hittle Vickl Graham Roger Peck Betty Mays N1ke little Jean Brewer David Lane Larry uegue Gerald Barnhart Michael Kennedy Albert H111 Junier Hcnunlld Donald Hutchison David Foraker Gary Myers Terry Mawhenu Verne Morrison Russell Bateman Bryce Leach an Barbara 01iH80f FIRST GRADE X wikxmew av-Q 1 ' ee' 'C 8.2 1 0 Troy Everett Darlene Green Gerald Davis Dorsey Smith John Lowry Donna Fond Richard Barnhart Ernest Wells Huy Dailey Thomas Wo:-man Ibbert Steen Cheryl Ann Myers Thomas Gheen Donna Lee Bolt 'P' Nancy J ean Vanaickle Allen H03 Deborah TIIZPSOD Ruth Ann Bednarczuk Darlene Clark Jackie Lee Tracey Deborah Sue Baldwin Mary Hilltead Ernest Grimes Deborah Brown Alven Mox Dannv 5pencer Nancy Jennings Robin Brown Sue Reed V 1 3, air! Sharon McCallister Marjorie Green Jimmy Clark a olyn 1-fu as gr lliam McDonald skxfpghhaanfi- , 4 , K a Q 5- ' 5- i .,. V ?f" j -if A J . :Q 5 -. 'v, ' ff , n W- vr 2 5 A fu- .' , ' ' - ,. ' 46 M V N 5 , ' L 4 jfs y .rx I ,Z " V' Are V .. .ng XJ., -" Q: r y W I, ' .ff ' ' ' 9 L C. " 5 . x,. ' l 6, . D 5 x 5 l N X D f A If ' kk, . .. , ' f ' - L L i 'Q "' ff 3. ' A n X, V 3 Q - 1-si Y 44 f me, -.. .:E5i5" D 4 Q Jeanette Cheney Margie Grimes Nancy Newman Cabat Lucas Gary Hill Kenny Hittls Jackie Hiller an Gilbert Lyons David Culbertson Janet Alexander Joyce Kreis Tommy Grimes Lyle Cachran Ellen Tayllr SECOND GR DE Rita Shaw Ralph Mitchell Sandra Broun Jon McCarty Blends Alexander Tom Green Linda Wolfe Stephen Hilstead Betty wright Gary Durenda THIRD GR DE willnm .xheen D1ane Wzmlliams Thomas Jenn1n,s Te'-isa V.111er R. . Judy Lane - A ' 1 jx WfXbJ1-H NG VON JQUAAI I HR. JACK GOODALL red la 5 me mama cmmuson W5 JESSTEU-NE and 1 G fi 2 3 Flrstand SecondGrade it xnmlilll x ,.,, GF W' 'I hav ...Q ikv Xxa 3 Row 1 Ricke Lee Stemm Belerly James Ruth Fthell Dou las Wyatt Jlmmy Mc une oa 2 ary H111 Peggy lark Cyrus Bowers Terry Sheppare Ernie Denny Row 3 Chr1stine hurch Raymond Lawson Mary Kennedy V1Cki8 Llvhthlzer Delbert Alford Row h Rlchard Lamson Barbara Pletcher Vdna Mae Gawer Sus1e Lyons Debble Reynolds Pow 5 Shirley W1SC3TVeT Bertha Wumaw Ronnie Moody Susan Wiscarver David Wallace Row 6 Louise lurk Debbie Behr John Al'ord Lster Newma Becky aims Ron 7 Dennis Knicely Jerry Kenndy Linda Huffman Patric1a Anderson Clanence Northup Y- jus, THIRD AND FOURTH GRADE 4l'? 'D 9' W" Q1 A 'BVU' " 15 NIP-0 VJ Ill. an AQ um" 49' xv C""' 'K' llbg lllwn 49 F r is Sly if 'Y' F 2- N IGN 4, 1 War Wheeler David Pletcher Nelly Sue Hague Hike Flynn Arleeta Reynolds Sharon Lyons Cheryl Tubbs Chrls dorthup Vicky Clark Herman Brugh Freddy King Allen Turk usan White Glenna McCuen Ricky Mermaw John McCuen J1m Snyder Frank Swartz Rita Sims Pauline Bowers Margernto Hill Veronica Murph Danny Smith Becky Alford Narvln Bowers Diane Swartz Judy Vunmaw Wllliam Pletcher Linda Snyder Steven Howard Wilma Butler Vary Moody Lonnie Kennedy Joanne Wisecarven Dianna Newman FIFTH ANDSIXTI-IGRADE xm..'L Lee Knicely Carlene James Sandra Wisecarver Harry Hague Sharon Agin Frank Tubbs David Turk Linda White Rita McGuen Judy Shipman Emory Brugh Randy Agin B111 Sims David Shriver Freddy Mingus Colleen Alford Linda Campbell Brenda Mullen BW 'S As. A XY .5 f- N K l SR QS 1 f 4 . V A. '- . Vx 'i . KQN , ' if 5 A . , I .i . .' ' , f,,"'n ' , . .,f, rl 1 o v. 44' efef'-If' -' ' :hh W:-f f . . N- e ! ' L I Qqih , -- X , , 5 A I - A -nh - - H ,..- ,- - ,. , 7-1- Q.. i 5 -v '. -. 3 K , PQ C IVITIES Q fl!-IEW yxffl ,F F QC 4 K T Junror Class 0 Sensor Class Olfrcers C RDI. llrcers UESLEY HATCHET1' SHIRE! JO AN Sophomore Class OFF EEN LINDA BUTLER CLE. SNIDER FDNALD lrl'JLES .r umrn mm C W sms usa PALMER cnnmr S RJNALD GOODHICH IDGER HYEIE JOHN GRFSS LINDA EWFER AHITAIUMI JD! RR! Freshman lass Ol n s alibi- :W f' n l ,I I , , on ' Y W n ' iff.,-. ,fr , , -5 W FD D A G I I is U . WANDA A I ICBI' wir 'Q 0 RD DE QUEENS fx' I9 fw JUNIOR QUEEN Linda Hittle SENIOR vUptN Judy Tubbs nag Kg M SUDHOMORE QUEEN Anita Young 1-'.F.A. QUEEN 1,55 FRESHMAN QUEEN Caroi Green Marlene Wiles JU IOR SE IOR PROM X The Juniors, Seniors, and Faculty of Adamsville High School held a prom in the school auditorium April 20, 1958 The Junior Class had decorated the auditorium using the theme MI BLUE HEAVEN A wheel, hung in the center of the ceiling, and card tables arranged around the floor were decorated in the color scheme of blue and white Music was furnlshed for dancing and entertainment by the 'Blue Knights', a five piece orchestra from Zanesvllle Small pottery obgects were glven as favors Refreshments of ice cream, cake, punch, nuts, and mints were engoyed by everyone. .4lll I Junior Class Pla The Junior Class presented their class plqy GRLHDPA GOES TO COLLME, written by John Hash, on April 9 at 8 pm was mmder the direction of Hrs Peggy Butler It was a very enjoyable plq and was well presented. The out was as follows: Doug Bening Clhrion Jonianj, e football player, Maxine Doran Oiary Lou Hittlej, e reluctant campus queeng San Banning Ckmald Baldwinl, e cheerleader-3 June Dq Uietty I-Iittlel, a nlor carrying co-ed Kher Sloane Unnea vm Dyneb, Q mann beau, mme B1-mm fsmay mmm! a girl with deteminntimg Roman Gross flianq Stelnskerl, s student with ideasg Huy Shayne Kcerol GnenD, e capns belle, Elmer CTexJ Colriver CLoren Knioelyi, a cowboy from Texas Jed Parsons Uh Darnsrl, nn elderly lang Co-eds, Beth KOA:-ol mtuekb, Angela tracy Wheelerlj ma Kitty fShir1ey nigex-J. Prompters, Sandra Middleton and Brenin Doserj Stage Hmegers Gary Cnpbell and J mee W1-:gl-tg Programs, Bob Hofter and Linda Bntlerg Advertising, Don Stem, Zon Davison, and Don Whiteman, Hake-up, Kathleen Adams, Judy Tubbs, and Mary Wise- hartg Ushers, Jean H111 and Katlg Urban --y., . It 3 1 K 4 ' f V I' Inft to right: Loren Jil Ronnie Betty, R ! Jiq, Carol, Sendy,.Cu-oi Lee, and Petty. un to ABM' 'uf' " Dorm' .. ! , July, and Marion Left to right Marion, Ronnie, Jil, Shu-leg, Sandy Carol Lee Petty, Jilq, Betty, Mary Lon, and Carol S, AN g 'ZW- CLAHINETS Sandra Middleton, Douglas Elson, Sharon Culbertson, Beverly Orr, Bonnie Bowden, Jackie Steh, Diane Krles, Rita Bradford, Sandra Butler, Karen Hex, ihrlene Wiles TRUMETS J il Darner, Carol Littick, Hamld West, Patty Wheeler, Ralph Shirer, Billy Goodall, Shirley Tubbs, bbert Bednarczuk FLUTES Anita Young Pamela Poole BELL L!HE Carol Green, Darlene Bowden Eb HOIUS Virginia Davis, Sandra Hoffer, Carol Mclieish, Cheryl herson J BAEITONE BORIS Carol Jones B TENOR SAX Wazxia Shirer E ALTO SAI Ada Vansickle, Mary E Knicely, Robin Stan, Kq Wheeler, David Leuure TIIHBONES Bob Bowden, Larry Wisecarver, Daniel Paisley BASSE Betty Hittle, Mark Hittle PERIUSSION Mary Lou Hittle, Mary Friend, Jin Derry, Wesley Hatchett, Dave Campbell, Tm West, Peggy King DIRECTOR Rlchani S Johnston PEHSQKCEFERSQ The Adamsville school band presented its Spring Concert on April 18, 1958 at Nancy Lyons, narrator 'T'he opening number was 'March on America , followed by the "Step Spangled Banner Fred Durant Played NNY PSSHPGS' as a solo accompanied by Janelle Horn The guest conductor for the evening was W E Poole, who conducted 'Colonel Bogey March N Numbers played included All Shook Up", "Shortn1n' Bread Novelty", When You Wish Upon a Star' Five Foot Two , and many others ' or b Q b - 0 8:00 p.m. in the school auditorium with Richard S. Johnston, director and, A n ,, . . n n v 5 ' n " D IUNIOR CHORUS RCM I Sheila Black Bobby Halley, Barbara Hanbrick Helen Greene, Mary Hurplv IMI Bradford Mark Hittle, Harry Pierce Mary Hayle Linde Halley, Wayne King Karen Beers, Doug Elson Uv! Shirley Wolfe, Pamela Poole, Janelle Hem, Hary Hoover, Janice Alan, Hlyllil Wieehart, Karen Humphrey, JoAnn Hittle, David Shinn, Eunice Cunninghel, Marie Echelberry, Hr Johnson R04 III Pauline Kirby, George lthell Sharon Culbertson, Charlotte King, Shirley Stotte, Gail HeCa1l1eter, Carol Mayes. Diane Foley, Joan Tucker, Gary Maxwell Nz 'sl Y 'iw gil 5241! 1 I f . ' I ' . R II - . 4' , x CUB x-A. B-6 Q Q' r 'Q v ' -f 1 - 1 , , gy J :J Lin. ,, .T l . ,, - - .31 ,A fi : .::::::. 'VE555:f:' N ' 'gy' ' 'I' ACTI ITIE tudenf Council CAFETERI WORKERS KINGS f' OUR ADVISO 'I hr! Sherman Mays, Ric mrd Norrison, Maurice Radcliffe, Ed Perdue, John Bowden, Bernard Coleman, Paul Adams, Herman Verr-on 4' v , - ,. e 4" 14 C 625' 63? 5-29 A 2' 1 s , gm. 42 ' ' Q ' n Y X I va . f. 4: . , , 'f n -' l 8 ef I A I A A Homemakers of America Row l Darlene Bowden, Wilda Bowden, Julianne Gebhart, Linda Denny, Dorothy Barnhart, Irene Miller, Lzmdm Butler Row 2 Bonnie Bowden, Ka M N ish Donna Pierce Jane Smith, Sandy Baldwin, Linda Hittle, Karen Colexmm, Joyce Agin, e , , Charlene Glosser, Mary Jennings Row 3 Brenda Dozer, Bertha Gross, Mona Butler, Donna Mullen, Barbara Graham, Kathleen Adams, Shirley Fliger, Mary Lou Hittlo, Barbara Howard, Sandra Mox, Linda, Hoffer, Hllda Shultz Hrs Patton How IL-Fairlane Niles, Edith Harry Kirby, , HcCal1ister, Jean Hatfield, Katherine Reilly, Wanda Shirsr, Roberta Foraker, Shirley Jordan, Marilyn Wilson, Anita Young , Betty Grrham, Mary Frlend, Pansy Cucsac, Mary Ellen Knicely OFFICERS Doris Miller, y ce I, , D Dian MILES! KayArnett FUTURE F RMERS of AMERICA David Hatfield, Don Baker, Martin Sheck, Wesley Matchett, Carl Snider, Gary Campbell Elden Sarbaugh, Paul Johnson, Gerald Hayes, Mr. Gierke Ralph Shirer, Roger Baker, Douglas Browning, Albert Turk, Harold West, Tan Smith Roger Kreis, John Barker Bob Kennedy, John Grese, John Smith, Jim Derry, Jim Wright, John Brewer, Bill Goodall Tan Stslnaker D1ck Butler, Randy Stalnaker, Bill Graham, Loren Knicely, Harold Pollock, Brian Foley, Dave Campbell 'H of """"w Q 4 ly: The Adamsville Chapter of hxture Farmers of America held their annual banquet on March 26, 1958 The speaker for the evening was Stanley Matchett, s local FFA boy who made State Farmer and ie now enrolled at Ohio State Unlversity Jin Durant showed slides that he had taken in Korea of dlfferent agrlcultural areas The following were elected officers of the FFA for the 1958 1959 year Ppggidgnb Carl Snldel' V1ce President Gary Campbell Segpetgry Wesley Hatchett Treasurer Elden Sarbaugh Sentinel Delmas Jones Reporter Don Baker Student Advlsor Martin Sheck The Muskingum Tractor Equipment Company of Zanesville, presented a certificate to an out- standlng FFA boy, and he also rece1ved a free vacation to the FFA Camp Muskingum The receiver of thls award was Jun Derry The Future Farmers of Amenca held their Greenhand uutiation at the high school on September 23, 1958 The following boys were initmtedx Roger Baker, John Brewer, John Gr8B8, Bill Goodall, Eugene Cooper, Dave Hatfield, Gerald Hayes, Dave Campbell and Paul Johnson Jack Goodall, Princlpal at Washington Rural School, was a guest at the meeting. The FFA Queen for the school year of 1957 1958 was elected in Yarch 1958 Carol Green was Queen and her attendants were Rita Sherrick and Marie Adams QQ ' J J J I - , II - ' , rw III - , mw IV - ' - 1 , .1 0, 1 A ' X: -71 cv .N j ' . O l - . , Q C SUPHBH YOu!! HEETIIIS JIM DERRY LOOKS OVJR SU"IMER PROJ OT xx wow' m Fm er Jomw SMITH AND non BAKER PROUD!-Y 1NsPEc'r THE NEW TOOL CABTNTT BUILT DURING SUMMER iff' A ,lv-xx, f. jg? ra 6 " ' 5110 , 'o 1, 5 .- EO , , U Qvx 405 9 Tj X, O U 5? 727' A ff", I0 o ... 'V 1 ' I ,J QA 9 , V, 3 X 7 X M . lux . 1 D x ,U ZX-f Y J wI'ri LPLHELP OF OUR W TOOL CABINET wr. VH NG D KAW FINISHED UwUDUf'1'b RELAXITJG '3:1FOR:5 SUI'fU'u1,H X I IQ i' . -. N 53-,tp IX . u fi l MATERIALS TJ - 2,3 ,' H 'A 'Stk-Zi? W I . . Q5SZ3ICp ff fry A 'I N f cviin 3 , 50 - 3 Q36 Xgfbirf DICK BUTLER AND uRTAN E LLY IEPMIRH BHM ICHAIES FOHKHASSHMBB ffa? Q N QQ JH Q Sp BUILDING INCINLRATOR INBPECTIHG FINEH D CHAIRS A DAY AT WORK Z THLETICS A O VARSITY R04 I Toll Smith, Mgr , lbnald Baldwin, Richard Butler, Jim Derry, John Smith, Albert Turk, Mgr Arthur Macklin, Coach, William uraham, Donald Stamn, Eldon Sarbaugh, Wi1J.'Lm Hamer, Reserve Coach 'NNI K - A Y 0: S+ V' CHEERLE DERS U? S Mary Lou Hittle, Janet fiilliams, Linda Hittle, Sandra Baldwin 0 M- Lk LY'-" , , V il ' I Q ' gy! N . R041 II - " NH: ' gl 1 M ' X dy k ,gif in I '-' f 1 f' 4 - , '59-is I 9 -.- ' U. I 1 f . A . I fx ' JU l0R VAR ITY IUW I Tam Smith, Mgr , Douglas Browmng, Bob I-httle, William Hammer, Reserve Coach, Richard Derry, Harold West, Albert Turk, Mgr CHEERLEADERS Ada Vansickle, Linda Hoffer, Jean Hatfield, Mary Friend I-'Q 4.1 'fzw EIN II - Q f L l , l Q Y 1? X I f l .. f 2 CLASS OF 1957 WELDON ADAMS Home, Adamsville, Ohio 1 Jug x60 ffrchmn BAGENT hssex wire, zahesnne, Ohio ,- Ae? i GFRALD Brssormrrs smrevs Slaughter House, Adams-ville, "A DAVID BRADFORD Essex Wlre, Zanesvllle, Ohlo JLAN u-ALIHAN flbgnenl Housew1fe, Zanesville, Ohio X X DOROTHY DAYTON Bethesda School of Nursing, Zanesville, MARLENE FOSTOR CGreenJ Housewife, Route 1, Dresden, Ohio DALF GREEN Famlng, Ibute 1, Dresden, Ohlo VIOLET GFESS Edmounts Coshocton, Ohio PEGGY HAMBTI K CGlosser Housewife, ibute 5, Zanesville, Ohio PATTY IXATFIELD Mosaic Tile, Zanesvrllle, Ohio LAURABELLE hscx hone, Aaamsvine, Ohio JERIU HVRN Kinrqy'a Shoe Store, Zanesville, Ohio BARBARA KITTU' Brauning's Super Market Zanesv1lle, Ohio NANCY HOOVER Secretary Uuvenile Court , Zanesville, Ohlo JD! KING rarming, Adamsville, Ohio JIM KIRBY Essex YJIIE, Zanesville, Ohio CONNIE MAYLE Home, Adamsvnle, Ohio CHARLFNE OLIVER KKr11ceILvD HOU.S8W1f6, Adamsvllle, Ohi LESTER PROUTY Fam Bureau, Zanesvill , Ohio Bos SHULTZ Navy BARBARA STALNAKER Uioorel Housewife, Adamsvllle, Ohio JANICF' WISBCARVT-'R Home, Adamsville, Ohio CLASD OF 1958 MARIE ADAMS Essex Wlre, Zanesvllle, Ohio DAVID BAKER 1-arming, Adamsv1Jle, Ohio MARILYN BENYAMIN Ohio Fuel Gas, Zanesv1lle, Ohio LEROY BOWDBN Mechanic, Route 1, Sonora, Ohio DOROTHY BRACIGEN Home, Zanesvllle, Ohio LAJOY BURWELL CG:-eenl Housewife, Dresden, Ohio DONALD CALDWELL Farming, Ad8.UlSV1J.1S, Ohio LARIH' CALDWELL Farming, Adamsville, Oh1o FRED DURANT t'I01l18,Ad8ITl.SV11l6, Ohio LARIH DUTRO Home, Adamsville, Ohlo ANITA FOLFY Meredlth Business College, Zanesville, hi HAIDLD GREEN Marlnes, California KATHLEEN GREIWN Edmounts, Coshocton, Ohio DELORES HAYES Home, Zanesville, Ohio MARY LOU IFCK Beaut1cian's School, Newark, Ohio PAUL HEII. Muxucipal Airport, Zanesville, Ohio STANLEY HITTLE Big Bear, Zanesville, Ohio DANNY HOFFER Baker Brothers, Zanesville, Ohio ELLEN HUTCHIQON Kresge's, Zanesville, Ohio WILLIAM J ENNINGS Amy, Hawaii SHIRLEY LEHMAN Home, Chandlersville, Ohio NAIKIY LIONS KPI-outyl Housewlfe, Zanesvllle, Oh1o RODNEI MATCI-1'.'i'I'T Bluck, Massey, Harms, West Lafayette, Ohio DWAIN MERRIAH Home, Zanesv1lle, Ohlo RELVN MILLER Tasty Burger, Zanesv1lle, Ohlo ROBERT PITTS Farming, Adamsvllle, Ohio CAROL REED fDutroJ C1tizen's National Bank, Zanesville, Ohlo P- CHARL"S REILLY I-'licklhger-'S Cash at Carry, zahesvule, Ohio Mfg PETA SHERHICK Home, Adamsvvlle, Oh1o MARIA TAYLOR Home, Zanesville, Ohlo R BERNARD WORFMAN Ph1l's Pure 011, Zanesville, Ohio g VERA BUTIFR Bethesda -Iosp1tal, Zanesvllle, Ohio , A - ' Ohio X - Ohio I . - . . O - ., S DUANE BPDCK - Judy's Service Station, Zanesville, Ohio . - ' O o 'Y 5 ' - ' I ' 'Ev W 1 wats? ff AWLIA, x, 04,23 NE! 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Service, East Pike, Zanesville, Ohio Harry Wahine, Putnam Avenue, Zanesville, Ohio Mrs Marian Glemenson, New Concord, Ohio Rosanne's Beauty Shop, Zanesville, Ohio GLadstone 3-14216 Mclbnry's Confectionery, Adamsville, Ohio A Medical Friend, Zanesville, Ohio A Medical Friend, Zanesville, Ohio Three Star Sunoco Service, 30146 Maple and Military Road, Zanesville, Ohio C Arnold for Meats, 1011 Greenwood Avenue, Zanesville, Ohio Oreenwood Market, Greenwood Avenue, Zanesville, Ohio Buchanan Shell Service, East Pike, Zanesville, Ohio Zane Tool Grinding Compamf, 1139 Maysville Avenue, Zanesville, Ohio Dari Delite, Otsego Avenue, Coshocton, Ohio f 1169147 -'ZZM l0g,fW6 fa? Dairy Queen, Linden and Commissioner Streets, Zanesville, Ohio X DVERTISING XX ff X If 2,15 I x O -1 Y gf 7 JNLAV N AEST XUJV F 7 f75X A NACK I fx Q x 4T?S395l!If! I RA 'X :iIlc:'i 'lilrze X. FULL COJRSE DINNERS AND BREAKFAST Greenlawn Restaurant has the finest foods in the country an DRIVE IN SERVICE 4-FN, Call GL 3 1385 For orders to take out ROUT FEATURING OUR OJN BAKED GOODS A I' 49 fV mu .K EAST PIFV DITLHING CONTRACTING Haste sewer gas Underground Cable Footer's Drain Tile SKEET BLACKWOOD MAH 5 ife: Nw T Q A i.. E N L A W N C O J 5 N . Most Nodern Trailer Court W Southeastern Ohlo Located l mile East of PHONE: GL 3 1385 EAST PIKE Zanesville Qoutes U0 22 'fill 'X ' Vf "XVI ATB N22 3 ff N... W3 , . 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PAIR "IT.'I.'5'2'2?:'L"' W' DEER!- QURLITV FARM EOUIPMENY STATEMENT f 3 GG- DIAL Gl 23035 souTH ZANESVILLE omo Q it IMI as I ll C 0 M B l TIME UW! lu mher FREEDELIVEEU 5147 LIKDBI Avx. un-:svn.1.n, oazo Southeast Oh1o T1mber Products Company 837 839 LEE STREET Phone GLadstone 3 6253 ZANESVILLE OHIO CASH BUYERS OF VENEER AND SPECIALITY LOGS fWalnut Ash Cherry Red and White Oak? STAVE BOLTS We also buy good quality standmg txmber Authorlzed Dealer For HOMELITE CHAIN SAWS H U U M R s A s I A o N 'gl ' E3 WT W T U TIIIW D V - g - 0- K - 'ET 5 T T U COAL and CONCRETE f 'Em gms ij 511352 3.2234 35.531-N565 egg, Eezzig gg.-1Xsg,Qn,c-aff rm ,.,,, mmm gg: z1Aggasp1fmnE:1 For Health SVO MAIN SYRE T zfAgg,B'.5,vf1LLE f gmc YOU HAVE NUI' CO'VIPLETED Y UR EDJLATION UNTIL YOU HAVE. UEARNFD TO SAVE And V1ta11ty MART AI N Dresden, Oh1o mg 'QUALITY D! 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ST PRDJD S I i oonies etc WEDDING AND DEXIORATED CAKES A SPEIJIALIT! PHUL PL L 215 Dresden, Oulo LI-'IE AND F :CML Z R QPRFADTW' L PNNN PLAZA L1 1593 ,v A Tr nwag, Oh1o W Q ipww 1 1 i '! DAVCO F RFILIZER BASIC DOLOMITE E - McKEE INSURA NCE AGENCY conmmz INSURANCE COVVRAGE Fm Ntrro LnBn.I'r! HOSPITALIZATION ISLAND MARINE gmvrv INSURANCE Fon Nnmms on NoN Humans cm. AND NAYBELLE McKEE PHONE GL 3-5757 120 N. Yth. WGLFE BUILDI 6 CENTER Y '45 If . U 'Q j j 1' J I ?ffQ.2?nf1.12fu0fh03D uF.NNOII'5BA EHY I. Ii. OF nh... gh. . ' 1:3 L p 4 'JL J L in .,Qi:Li ' f"":fQ:Xx M4 Liill' xii Nfxa auf jigi NL ' Y, A 1 - ' Nu am W 1 Bakers of 3read-Cakes- Rolls ,E - A , V , I 7. ' I F U 1 - J " G 2 N E F U 5 4 XY!! 'E - .fy I ds 1 X- " ' . n .R 'n.' ', 1 ' vs, N .rj X 9 . ' fry. ff l .rm X L 2 LEROY KING VI 9-2234 E. Fhltonham, oui. 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NBERY S DUSE UNT FRE ANING PROCESS E CLING-FREE CLE mal 517 Underwood S9 ZANESVILLE OHIO FRAPE AXEIL WHEEL QALRNV' FRONT END Hubbard Aufo Servlce 721 West Taylor St Zanesville Ohio POMPLETE Iowa TUN up "R - B' Brand Heats Pblllf-fy Fish H N ' P H A R M A t IIA Q DRUGS tw Z g + mscmrrrons Q ID NQ' State Willow Streets GL 51127 FL zanejirille, ohio PHONE PL ,4-5221 Dresden, O GREINEFJS FILNERS In 1 E " overs From A Dependable Florist' lr-XX X GMPH Phone GL 2 5771 Pg r I f" f'N a D D, QGA -J L Q , wi opposn. Postoffice K v 8 , Zanesville, Ohio hurl!" ZANVJVH. , PHONE GL 2 71.18 I r n 0,115 M nhn 8: 4 2 NC B9 PPLIE5 E LE OHIO PLUMBING gl HEATING SU e F A k ICE CREAM Q 'K In rxfg ' X 5 all 2 1 GI..adsione 2 2258 PHONE! GL 2 505 esville, Quo 50 54 South Thaxd sn-ee: LE OHIO Zan ZANESVIL MILK I N. . ,E L--nm . V' J . ' , Ii . , - J 0 S T 0 N S C Y . , X I I If o wa 4 w2'i7l?I?'-Iuio . - I I 2- - i A 2 om PM ' VI ' A Fl , 2 , F'-e UI 4 4 9' 'IJ Q Sf"'1w?J::"d" I J I I .. f- . E : 3 fi I I S I E I 2 f .2 I 1 I ,3 g .1 -GL ,I YOUR FRIENDLY DIAMOND JEWELER NNEW EASY TERMS" NMWW wa, ef i , . x LEE VJ V L E 12 Main Street Zanesville, Ohio P A U L F L O vi E R S H O P Flowers for all occasions Ve e :RUG 4 gf'- PHONE L 2 6766 1370 Greenwood Zanesville, Ohio Plllhlal' ll YSII Sll0P 29 NORTH FIFTH ST I 0 0 F VIINSEL A SON Q1 ah CUT' STORE R M ELUCK AND SON Massey, Harris Ferguson Sales and Services Tractors, Combines and Implements gif: 'A " 1 15 X ll Wx Phfmef 5577 west Lafayette, Ohio T H E C A H E R A S H O P 'Everything Photographic' L C Englehart Mgr 620 Market Street Zanesville, Oh1o Phone GL 2 7302 I E3 R Home Killed 'Vleats flholesale 84 Retall Custom Butchemng home 1-reezer Processlng Adamsvlll , Okuo N48 PHONU SYL 6 Zh State Rt COOPEKWILL ROAD MTCHERY Red Rose Feeds Baby Chicks Coopermill Road, Zanesville, Ohio Wills Creek, Ohio Conesville, Ohlo GL 3 3550 X X if-v 1? ' A ' il-' E Q , .X , YN" . 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Suggestions in the Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) collection:

Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 149

1959, pg 149

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