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 - Class of 1957

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-2, 7 -Kfglwk - 1 ff f"' " "X" v I .11 I ig Y ' x ,I xrt, 91, .'! 5. 6 , V fx ' 1 ,I xx 4 K1 5, , nf ' 3' . i -,Q Au , 6 .r , 'xg xg gs 0. 'S 1 I Z.- 'x Rfij- ve Q, . . S! , , 4 , n is X t ,e A1 4,1 ,ik ' . K I 8 35, ,,. . .M X' 1.-gf" Nm., 1454! fi Ti,-Q Z 'J'..'JA, C Z, .4 f'- '- 'A' ' f. ' ., ,: "T fgL gsfgif, H. , , . v. , 4' -,tv V5 fy any ' 1 1-, 4.4, ' A A N' ! F , ' "' " --, AU, 4,5- z UV sf ww., M , -w ',, ' 1,5 'B-'i5'f'I T W5 W' X s, -S.. V., Q ,Lou V -q. 1' x .W 3 , , ,ij W' A "' uh , -Rf' Lg f ix , ' f.i -, . 'Qw- ,.-1.75,-'1fr""'-f '--K ' -V' 1 ' W .f fuggfgi -MA.'i""7. . A U A , vs. lglfll'--ri ' af. L -""' 'r F' 4 K 1 3 .M ff ,,. ,1 , l A 1 1 ., K 1 . K 6' ,Vt X . .. .49 " ' P 1 . N i"' -A. .T 'EX rx X- ' V 'IT' ' ' ni X nv his s If si- . ',: U 1 O' x nb 2. hlrfdinn WE! the Saladian Staff of 1957 of Adamsville High School, wish to dedicate this edition of our Annual to the heads of our vocational departments--Hrs. Josephine Patton and Hr. Robert windland. Both have given much time and effort toward estab- lishing a background for our future lives. we extend our gratitude and wishes for the very best in life for each, and to !OU we give our 'Thanka'. THE SAIADIAN STAFF f R f A ,, 1 I 1 x .1 t ' i - 3 4 Q x'...f , . 'a - ' , .N U . n .' I: .H I 8 3' 3 :4 4 wg .,, 3 ' w f, Q , N O , NNUAL STAFF ANITA FOLEY Business Manager ROD!!! HATCB TT Advertising CAROL REED CAROL GREEN E317-01' Ass 't Editor DUANE BROCK Yearbook Sales RIT! SB RRICI Yearbook Sales CRYSTAL BUYER Advisor NANCY LIONS Vusic Editor LARRY CAIIHELL Ellll HUTCHISON Class Editor Sports Editor IAJOI BURWELL BONNIE LANE ' Alumni Editor Socinl Ed tor WV V M24 Ufgmlrfmof N ri X, Qssf Q- As you open the pages of your Annual, may each picture bring back happy memories of your years spent in Adamsville School The years, to you, may have seemed to go slowly, but to your parents and teachers they have been all too short. Aa you look back on your high school in the years to come, may it be with the satisfaction of a job well done. And when the stream which overflowed the soul was passed away, A consciousness remained that it had left, Deposited upon the silent shore Of memory, images and precious thoughts That shall not die, and cannot be destroyed, gm , n,. . y A A umen ' ?i utyyy m A ff I M my W YY 'f ff H ,f ,W W I W, ,,U,, J , 1 M,yMzHN yy l H r- r - r' - Q- I r' D .. .. J J MR J A. HHH! HRS JOSEPHINE PATTON Superintendent HW-Wkillglill Muskingum, Ohio U BQ S. in Biuc M A., B. S Home Rzoncmics Science, Chemistry -mv, 4' JA luiiif' Qing HR ROBPRT SHUTTLBHORTH Muskingum B. S. in Biuc Coach, Civics, Biology HR. ROBERT WINDLAND MRS. CRYSTAL BOYD! Univ. of Arkansas Muskingum, 0. S. U. B, S, A, B. A, 'Io-Ag. Commercial HRS ELIZABETH COCHRAN HRS pp3RL SARBAUGH 01110 Stat! Uni-V0 Bowling Green State 5311131110 B.S:LnB1uc. 318119111 31200021 Hath nn. WILLIAM E. Poom: Om, Uni, B A MISS nouzsz nsrmm Ohio Statg: H: A: ohio state, B. s. in nm. s 18.1 s ai P Hath, Instr. Music oc tu Us YU" me Languages T. EVERETT LEZLCM Muskingum Science, Spelling English H. x ,759 e 7 S K 'S Q HRS. HIOGHESHRTON Ohio State, Ohio Univ. Muskingum BCI. Music W f ps xg, .X ik Union C01-1'3" KY Muskingum, Ohio Univ. lm Prin I: Gnd. Fifth Grade Sift MRS HENRIETTA BARNES MRS LOI5 GRAHHY ali. St3tC au.. Univ Muskingum MUSIC-DC'-ml Thircx Grade Fcurth Grad HRS EFHEL WHITE Muskingum Second Grade 2 -I 5:1 hui Et-- I 11 1' MISS MARIE KLEIN Hulkingum First Grade 1-393 Q 3'-B WELDON ADAMS JEAN CALIHAN G ff' ,."x'.f:-'wf ' K x ASQ' 'naw' x X 'V K RICHARD BAGENT DOROTHY DAYTON 'P -4 all x I Q in GERALD BISSONETTE HARLENE FOSTER 4? M5 f X 9 Q 0 " 11- Q A .SHI 'F f x A N - X X I . ' 4 X 4. Q' ,X f - '. Ag K ,Z X '- 21, A bf , X Q ' ., t if .5 S DALE GREEN PATT! HATFIELD V101-ET GRE55 LAURABELLE HECK PEGGY HAHLBRICK JERRY HER' Y vb, BARBARA HITTLE JD4 KIR-BI -pf-f' NANCY HOOVER COWNIE HAYLE JIM KING s A s K C'-IARLENE OLIVEF BOB SHULTZ LESTER PROUTY BARBARA STALNAKER .AIS ' 062 Cv 2-1 DAVDS 1 FORD J JANICE 'JISECLRVER WELDON ADAMS FFA 1 2 3-M FFA Officer M FFA Judging 1 2 Class Play Band 1 2 3 RICHARD BAGENT Basketball FFA 1 2 Class Officer 1 2 Student Council M Saladian Staff 3 Class Historian M DOROTHY DAYTON Junior Marshall 3 Class Officer M Class Play 3 M Home Ec Club 1 2 GERALD BISSONETTE FF l 2 3 M FFA Officer 3 M Class Play 3 M Band 1 2 3 M FFA Judging 3 M Parlimentary Proc Student Council 3 DAVID BRADFORD FFA 1 2 3 M FFA Officer 3 M Class Play 3 M Band 1 2 3 M M H 1 2 Class Officer M JEAN CAIIHAN Librarian 1 M H 1 Office M Student Council Class Queen M Monitor 1 Office 3 M MARLENE FOSTER Home Ec Club 1 Band 1 2 3-M Class Play 3 M Band Librarian Office M M H 1 2 3 Librarian 2 3 DALE GREEN FF 1 2 3 Band 1 2 3 M FFA Officer 3 M FFA Contest 1 2 3 Saladian Staff 3 PEGGY HAMBRICK Class Play Home Ee Club 3 M Librarian 1 Office M M-H 1 PATTY HATFIELD Home Ee Club 1 2 Class Queen 2 Cheerleader 3 M Saladian Staff 3 Class Officer 2 Class Play M Student Council 3 dildcat Staff 3 Chorus 1 2 3 M Band 1 2 3 M Librarian M Band Officer M Home Ec Officer IAURABELLE HECK Home Ec Club 1 2 M Gir1's Glee Club 1 2 Office M JERRY HERN Band 1 2 3 M FFA 1 Saladian Staff Office 3 Chorus M Class Officer 3 Basketball 3 Class Play 3 M Student Council M Baseball 3 Band Officer 3 M BARBARA HITTLE Home Ec Club 1 2 Class Play 3 M Chorus 3-M Hajorette 1 2 3 M Wildcat Staff 3 NANCY HOOVER Librarian l Monitor 1 M H Club 1 Class Play M Office 3 M Class Prophecy JAMLD KING FF 1 2 3 M FFA Officer M FFA Juagmg 1 2 3 u Class Play M Band l 2 3 M VIOLET GRESS JAYES KIRBY Home Ec Club 1 2 Student Council Cafeter1a Cashier Basketball 2 3 M Baseball 2 Class Play 3 M Office 2 3 Saladian Staff wildcat Staff 3 Cafeteria M Class Hill M CONNIE HAYLE Home Ec Club l 2 Saladian Staff 3 Class Reporter M Home Ec Reporter CHARLENE OLIVER Home Ec Club 1 2 Class Play 3 M Band 1 2 3-M Chorus 1 2 3 M Class President M Student Council l Wildcat Staff 1 2 Chorus Officer 2 3 Office M Librarian M Band Treasurer 3 M-H 1 2 3 M LESTER PROUTY BOB Basketball l 2 3 M Baseball l 2 3 M 1 2 3-M Contest l 2 Officer 1 2 3 M Club 1 2 3 SHULTZ Camera Club 2 Red Cross Repres 1 Band 2 Hi Y 1 BARBARA STALNAKER Home Ec Club 1 2 3 M Junior Marshal 3 Class Play 3 M Wildcat Staff 2 Saladian Staff 3 Class Officer 1 3 Chorus 1 2 3 M Office 2 JANICE WISEEARVER Librarian 1 Chorus 1 Home Ec Club Office M Class Play M Nildcat Staff l Saladian Staff 3 A " " 3'u 0 -v 1 -3 - -3-u ' - 3-U . 3 - - -u , . - -3 1-2-3 . - -3-1+ - - - -3- - ' I - - - -3 . - - -3-M ' ' ' v . 3 A - - - - I Z - - . - - 1-'FA - - - - mu - -3-M - - - mx - - - - M-H - - - 3 3 . -3 FFA Judging 1:2-3-M M-H l - ' - -u - . n . - -3-U - Q Q u - - ' . 1-2-3 . -2-3-L1 - u -, ' -- " A af A - - - - ,P ' - - -LL ' A - , , , , , Wm Z - -I+ - - - rx B . ---3 A ' - - 3 -3-A 1 ' 3-u - In 3 V , 1 , o 2 Mass Eprsgphets Following my hobby--which is watching television--I saw the show of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. I was amazed at the fantastic details of story and the way the pictures unfolded. That beanstalk just grew and grew and grew. How high could a vine really grow? This question I pondered quite seriously. As a result, I climbed that beanstalk in the much talked about repeating a refrain, 'Nancy lies fame and fortune.' I any effort on my part. Up and up and up! At the top was a whole new world, the year of 1967, Oh! Q., my dreams. That beanstalk was mixed up with ' ladder of success. I seemed to hear a voice climb steadily and observe as you go. Above started up that vine. My feet moved without A" , ' what I found out as I strolled about! ' Lester Prouty is the janitor of the Adamsville High School Patty Hat field, who always wanted to be a beautician, is now married and kept busy setting the children's hair Weldon Adams is happily settled on his pig farm in Adamsville Marlene Foster is the President of the Adamsville P T A and with twelve children in school She believes in the saying 'cheaper by the dozen ' Y Violet Gress is teaching a kindergarten class in Adamsville, her old A home town Gerald Bissonette is the town marshall of Adamsville It was necessary to hire someone to keep order since they now have street , lights Dale Green is the owner of a farm equipment store in Adamsville K F ,,--- Dave Bradford won top honors at Indianapolis Speedway the one time that speed paid off I found Charlene Oliver in Vashington, D C working as a secretary for the F B I Jerry Hern is a mechanic in his Antique Shop, repairing all makes of antique cars his specialty is Ford's Barbara Hittle writes advice to the lovelorn columns of the Chicago Daily Tribune Richard Bagent has been promoted from stocking the shelves in the Big Bear Store to driving the delivery truck Connie Mayle is in politics and is now rurning for the nomination to State Senator of Ohio Dorothy Dayton is Head Nurse in Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio Peggy Hambrick is Home Demonstrator for all M-H Clubs in Muskingum County Ju C Li' Eight of us are in New York Janice hisecarver is the secretary to man much in demand Elvis Presley James King Just set a wor1d's re cord for going around the world on a pogo stick Jean Calihan is a famous model for Vogue Magazine Robert Shultz is making monthly ex cursions to Mars and back Barbara Stalnaker is a dance teacher at the Arthur Murray Studio James Klrby made his first million testing mattresses for Simmon's Mattress Company Laurabelle Heck is now the owner and operator of a famous vacation playground up in the Bear Moun- tains where people flock all year round for all kinds of sports And I, Nancy Hoover, am going to transfer my dreams to paper and see if television and movie studios would be interested 1 1 Aff lx 4Q,. U " - f X o ,X-EL . i 'fa N, 'ff' , X X he fs ll! , X , , , W I . g:,! .- ,W " ' ' -- - ' 1 ' ' FL-tv .5 V' ful' -if 'A ge'- . ' 8 6' u . . - 4 . ' - s , , e A-N X qk, ff s l'yy v I:f:::Zf1Zfff::f::2:1f:::221:112221::ffII:1Z:::::::::::::::::f::::I: ir If C5 S f . .t.t -W ' 1'-Z' 4' il - ' ' I " f ..,, "5 f , I c "T " 9 EE! fb Us N I X assi Glass EQUDEM Ne, the SENIOR CLASS of 1957, in the town of ADAMSVILLE, the county of MUSKINGUM, and the state of OHIO, being in good mental condition as usual, and in much better temper than usual, do hereby make this, our last will and testament, rendering void and of no avail an former will or wills that may have been previously made by us during a period of temporary optimism, we feel that our brilliant record and our unusual achievements will live after us, but not wishing to take any chances, we suggest that a tablet, on which shall be inscribed our several names and a few of our most astounding deeds, be purchases and placed in the auditori m of the school in a position where it will strike the eye of all who enter. And in this manner do we dispose of our possessions To the spoiled ill-tempered JUNIOR5, we leave our daring ways, our unused candy boxes, and our ever-faithful credit customers we also leave to the JUNIORS our over-worked teachers. who have pushed us through the last year the conceited SOPHOMORES, we leave our abilities in class and our great patience, which will needed to get .long with the Juniors the green, loud mouthed FRESHMEN, we leave our ability to grow up and our desire to do well the ill mannered group of EIGHTH GRADERS, we leave our unused thumb tacks, which are not be put on seats the SEVENTH GRADE, we leave our luck so they might get a good start in high school To our ever faithful TEACHERS, we leave our incomplete papers, a quiet senior room at noon, and students that do not cause grey hair The smaller individual bequests are as follows I, JEAN CALIHAN, do bequeath my ability to play the part of Mae West to Miss Eistetter BARBARA HITTLE bequeath my secret passion for a certain boy cheerleader. to Wanda Sarbaugh I NANCY HOOVER, bequeath my flaring embarrassment, to Mrs Cochran VIOLET GRESS leave m job in the cafeteria to Iona Jennings CONNIE MAYLE, bequeath my ability to speak Spanish, to Rev Koepplin JERRY HERN, bequeath my faithful ford to Donald Stemm, so he can drive to school BOB SHULTZ bequeath my seat among the girls in American Government, to David Davis CHARLENE CLIVER bequeath my unfinished work of Mr Shuttleworth's, to Helen Miller 'ELDON ADAMS, leave my appetite to all those who rob the cafeteria of edibles each noon T DAVE BRADFORD and GERALD BISSONETTE do hereby solemnly bequeath our lifetime membership to tne Bachelor's Club to Bobby Pitts and Dwain Merriam I JIM KIRBY, bequeath my ability to get out of Government Class to Dwaln Merriam RICHARD BAGENT, bequeath my outstanding ability to jitterbug, to Bill Jennings DALE GREEN leave my love notes and letters for publication in next year's Salndian JIM PING, leave my passionate love for Carol Lee Littick to Zon Davison BARBARA STALNAKER do bequeath my blond hair to Vonda Frank JANICF JISECARVER, bequeath my secret passion for Elvis Presley to Mary Lou Hittle V RLENE FOSTER do bequeath my girlish figure to Judy Tubbs I . To be ' . To - . To - . to . To . I. . . . . . I. . . . I. ' . . I. -. . I, t , . I. - . . . I,'- . . R D ' . . I. . .. . 1. . , . I, 1 . I, . . , , 1, .. W' ' , I, .A. , , I, LESTER PROUTY, do bequeath my masculine handsomeness to Bill Graham. I, PATTY HATFIELD, bequeath my ability as a cheerleader to Joyce Moore. I, LAURABELLE HECK, bequeath my quietness to Linda Denny, I, PEGGY HAMBRICK, bequeath my job as candy salesman to Leroy Bowden. I, DOROTHY DAYTON, bequeath my part in the class play to Shirley Lehman. We can think of nothing that we have forgotten except our old books, and we suggest that they be given to the Freshman Claes, thus saving money which may be applied either to the teachers' salaries or toward the purchase of mouth organs, ukeleles, and kazoos for the school orchestra. Of course, this is entirely a matter for the discretion of the Board of Education. Finally, we do hereby name and appoint as the sole executor of this, our last will and testament, our class advisor, Mr. J. A. Hemry. In witness whereof we, the CLASS OF 1957, have set our hand and seal on this 20th day of Hay in the year of 1957 SIGNED ATTORNEY AT IAW JITTNESSES 'YOUNG GRADUATEI' Your best years are just ahead Nothing matters that has sped Yet you need these as you start Kindness and an honest heart' These two things will take you far, Add to them the will to learn And life's highest gifts you'll earn' q Orin ay e f C ie M 1 aim A Eager graduate--each eye a star! X f 333-' '1 1' Senior Hisiioryo' if On September 8, 1953, the now Senior Class entered their first year of high school with twenty-three members. During the sum er we lost two members-- Joy whitmer and wayne lawrence. John Watson later moved to Conesville, we gained Nova McGlothin from Zanesville. We all came through initiation and then to work. At our first class meeting we elected officers. They were: President, Lester Proutyg Vice President, Jerry Hern: Secretary, Carol Hnyleg Treasurer, Barbara Stalnaker. Student Council members were: Charlene Oliver and Helen Hlttle when on September M l95U we came back, we found we had lost Dale Hayes and later gained Peggy Hambrick from Hopewell Our class officers for the year were President, Lester Prouty Vice President, Jerry Hern Secretary, Rich ard Bagent Treasurer, Patty Hatfield Patty was also elected class queen Helen Hittle was chosen as cheerleader We are all looking forward to being Juniors On September 6 1955 twenty tuo students entered their Junior year of high school we lost two students Helen Hittle and Carol Hayle They are both married we gained Elizabeth Durbin from New Concord The third week school we elected class officers They were President, Richard Bagentg Vice President, Charlene Oliver, Secretary, Barbara Stalnaker, Treasurer, Jerry Hern Student Council members were Patty Hatfield, Violet Gross and Gerald Bissonette Elizabeth Durbin was elected class queen Patty Hatfield was chosen as varsity cheerleader we ordered our class rings and received them in January The class play 'The Adorable Ilp' was given on April 27 under the direction of Mrs Boyer May found us getting read for the Junior Senior Banquet The fall months were spent getting the Annual material read for the oress It was distributed in the early part of March As the last year of school life rolls around we find we have twenty four mam bers we lost Elizabeth Durbin and gained Jean Calihan, Nancy Hoover and Bob Shultz from Zanesville, Laurabelle Heck from Chandlersville In September we had the pleasure of initiating the Freshmen Our class officers for the year were President, Charlene Oliver Vice President, Dave Bradford Secretary Dorothy Dayton Treasurer, Barbara Stalnaker Student Council members were Jean Calihan Richard Eagent and Jerry Hern Jean Calihan was also elected our class queen Early in the year we ordered our name cards and invitations We had our graduation pictures taken in September After Christmas we pre- entec our class play 'The Boarding House Reach' under the direction of Hrs Cochran Our Senior trip will be another big event in our life Me have worked hard this year holding dances and various other events, trying to get enough money together for the trip Hrs Patton has been our home roam supervisor and Mr Hemry our class advisor we are all looking forward to Baccalaureate and Commencement 3 .f"'u,, ,f"" A ag? f ff '. Q -- . . of P . p, , -'ff' ss' ' V72 Z f C .fees .5 ff ' , uw """""s If i f . Harit Ad8lS Harillm Benjamin Leroy Bowden 'hw' Lajoy Buruell Vera Butler Donald C33-dW911 Lan? Dutro Vonda Frank Anita Foley Y N f .41 Q.: Duane Brock Dorothy Bracken TAT' Larry Caldwell Fred Durant Harold Green Kathleen Green 31 PJ ,- Deloris Hayes Mary Heck Saul Heil Ruth H111 St nley Ufittle .5T'5fi S ,--11 Z' r 17' ,'.0 K . .7 1, , W J S Pg r i ,, ff A 1 H " ,ff Bill Jg'mi"'S Shirley Lehman D. Nancy IUODS Rodney Matchett Dwain Merriam Helen Miller Robert Pitts .J Carol Deed Ru' Shernck Varta Taylor Paul Vansickle Bernard wortman J' DS ll I f 5 ,L Y , - f I fi X o V , Danny Hoff 91' Ellen Hutchinson 50111119 Lane X , , ' Y Q of J' 1, JUS , f SOPHOMORES 'vs Kaghleon Adams Ronnie Baldvin vandy Baldwln 'ti I Linda Butler ' ry Camwbell James Darner ft I1 f 1 i .ff hirley Flfger Peggy Gallis Cdrol reen 1 f r ren-1111 if Tj iY+1e iii ldh rd suv 5-nf Agni Uouglas dracken 31'-991131 Butler 4 Zon Davison Prend Dozer it! 7' Q.. Xvr'-7 Elll Grubb Norma H mbrick lf S fT"N.4 obert Joffer O -" 1 W ' 'T A 4 1 ' A ' -ff Q ' N '- wi I ul'-' 8 N f rf- 'W 3 ' , , v "' 'R' V, 2, 1 k Z X -P 8' " 4 . v -N' ff' ff 3 fig C , 1 'A ,A. Z ' ii. 1'A' 1 1 , i Qi. I 1 5 1 , I ,P . 9, f"- milf- ' ' if , , . N Q V , ' 4 ' 1 xx 5 1 V ."u'.' 1 . . ' ' "fy L I :Pyfv Hi. Vary Q VI I T .BP-5.76-Q 3 fg-d Q3 2 '- il l 2 I 5- i . QQSQWQSQWQQQZ G 1 Litti k Jim James Robert Kenneay Loren Knicely aro C Joyce Moor' Elcen Sarbaugh June smith Carl Snider 'K' ..l J T bb Don ld Qtemm Jerry Stump udy u S James Van vyne atty wfheeler Donald ,mneman Jams Wight ff. Sandra Middleton Randy Stalnaker Jeggy Nalker f' of ,X A A i Q11 Yx sf Mrs Dorothy BiSSGtt Betty Bowden Douglas rowning Gerald Brock ,P Palmer Ca11han Dav1d Davis Kenny Denny Q5 ur-" .YQQ3 Martha roraner okert Glosser Bertha pegs Loretta Hayes f QC 4217 ,...f rorothy Heil Llnda h1u+16 onald Howard vary James RRRN ma 315' xx 1" f f "0 FRESHMEN 5 A w-.Q Dick Butlar Theora Evans Brian Foley Louanna Heck Iona ennlngs " 1 4 s i W 975,11 s.,1wQ!X 1 1 s Q 2 , A"" ' W ,,, W.. V ' . 71 s: s -s . ' X J ?.gAE2 ,M fi F .2 XLM K K A , rs VK X s ef, A I 5 Us rv' 1 A f A R ,-s . 'W 1 Carol Jones Leonard Jordan Wilma Farabee Charles Sparkman Y ,yn- lv? Sue Powelson William Van Dyna Peggy King Jam, Loman Gene dove Hayle f,g,'?-I? """fQ Wanda Sax-sau h Martin Sheck f f 'Gif 11011314 Wilea Janet Mlliana L I i AKE Juanita Mullen v ! Xmr ig Q if John mith Patty Worhman ga A N A i V' ' IV V Q , ' ' ' A fu My I ,,, , I ' 1' , ,A., g ...A , lv: 4 M7 5 . I Wt T3 ul L d' :,, . V- L.: I' .van-"-u",' ii 'inf .ik ' ' l :li ff ll, 3 ,' ' 14 'I' E 12 Li- t ' 1 1 r nl fa , P 5,12 . I X45 ' j. .X uf x vxxmx wx X. l l. , f I X x X . ...V 'f :xx 27 M m FRESHME The Class of n6on entered high school September U with 3? pupils, We gained Bill Norton from Resevilb and Edith Newman from Roosevelt Wilma Farabee came from Zanesville but later moved back, During the year we lost Sue Powelson, who moved to New Concord On September 21, the Seniors initiated us and on October 2U we held a party in the high school gym we had a movie on December 6 Our class officers are President, Linda Hittle Vice President, Palmer Cal ihan Secretary Janet Williams- Treasurer, Patty Wortman: News Reporter, Bertha Gress- Stu- dent Council, Carol Jones and Louanna Heck Linda Hittle and David Davis were elected cheer leaders Wanda Sarbaugh was elected class queen. Twenty-five excited Freshmen entered high school on September 3 1955 we gained Joyce Moore and Patricia Wheeler from Pleasant Grove, Charles Hood from Hancock, Peggy Gallis and Kathleen Adams from Roosevelt During the year the we had a hayride Our class officers were. President, Carol Green, Baldwin Secretary, Donald Stemm, Treasurer, Zon Davison Our class Sandy Baldwin and Mary Lou Hittle were reserve cheerleaders when we returned on September 5, 1956, we found we had lost June Smith Jean Hill, Gary Campbell, Stephen Butler, Jerry Douglas Bracken from Zanesville Peggy dalker also returned Grubb to South Zanesville Our class 0ff1COPS for the year Brenda Dozer from Roscrans, Seniors initiated us and Vice President, Ronnie queen was Mary lou Hittle Carl Smith We gained Judy Tubbs, Stu p, Jim James, Carl Snyder and During the year we lost Bill are President, Sandra Middleton, lice President, Randy Stalnaker, Secretary, Don Stemm, Treasurer, Zon Davison, During the year we sold magazines and had movies to make money for our Senior Trip Our class queen was Carol littick Mary lou Hittle and Sand Baldwin were elected reserve cheerleaders JLI ICR We entered our Freshman year with 35 pupils Since last year we had lost Joe Barthlow and Richard Kennedy We gained Rita Sherrick and Nova McGlothin David Baker and Donna and Kathleen Urban moved during the year We were initiated September 21 Our class officers were President, Ellen Hutchison Vice President, Rita Sherrick, Secretary, 1aJoy Burwell Treasurer, Carol Reed Student Council, Anita Foley and Larry Caldwell Rita Sherrick was elected class queen and cheerleader Our Sophomore year we started with 32 pupils During the year we lost Peggy Jalker and Lila Mayle we had movies during the year and sold banners and magazines in order to put some money in our class treasury Our class officers for this year were President, 1aJoy Burwell Vice President, Rita Sherrick, Secretary Rodney Matchett Treasurer, Carol Reed, Clase re porter, Pat McNicho1s Student Council, Larry Caldwell and Nancy Lyons Rita Sherrick was elected class queen and she and Ellen Hutchison were elected reserve cheerleaders Our Junior year started out with 35 pupils Je gained Marie Adams, Marilyn Benjamin, Dorothy Bracken, Vonda Frank, Mary Lou Heck, Marta Taylor, Ruth Hill, Doris Howard and Danny Hoffer from Zanesville Je lost Pat McNichols and later on, Doris Howard I8 gained Patty Gray from Zanesville in November On September 18 we had a hayride and on October U we ordered our class rings he hope to receive th m by the first of February Since the of September we have been hard at work on the Saladian, our school annual It on December 15 Our class officers for the year are President, Anita Foley Bobby Pitts Secretary, Yarta Taylor Treasurer, Marie Adams Student Council, Marilyn Benjamin and Dorothy Bracken Bonnie lane is our class queen and Rita Burwell and Ellen Hutchison are varsity cheerleaders second week goes to press Vice President Stanley Hittl Sherrick, LaJoy Je are looking forward to our junior class play and the Junior Senior Banquet HISTDRY fx I fjl HIL . 0 I . 2 5 ' I 9 n n . Q , . . . . . I ' e e . I ' 0 V f . Q 5 ' , . U . . 3 3 ' I 3 Q , Y . . : g ' n I ' - I . . , Z 1 -. I 7 I 'A V . . . . 0 3 3 ' n I 1 S F ei . Q l . I - , --E 301 an -, , .Ain I f -in i 6-. F H A EIGHTH GR DE mi 'N ddie Heck Judith Ford Darlene Bow ,lf Sv' Harold West Jim De,-ry Hilda Shultz fs 1? is Donna pierce Clyde Parsons T0mmW Stalnakef NU Herlin Stotts Kay Mc Nels Roger Kreis in den Irene Miller OJ' f'-zf Delmas Jones is Russell Vlngus Q. Joyce Agin Donald Tennin 19 in 'no QD' .af Marvin Brew "BP GI' Freda Grubb Roberta Foraker 3 1 Larry Eknerson Anita Young Ada Vanslckle Pettv Graham Barbara Graham - v "O XY, .3 :J--TTT.' " .W :Ll 13,3 P ,, ' f A ' S "' , . lf QS x . Q A t r 5" ' -- :. D N 1 'MQ A , a a f h , 5:5 . , L, ' B111 Davis J h Ki Robert Dofught O my ng y Mary Kirby Leroy Echelbez-ry Doris Jean Hatfield Junior Hatfield Tomq Sith Barbara Howe rd Glen Q-h .1 Manda Shire:- Russel Maxwell Dennis Kompq Charles JUDO' Earl Y-Ioffor 'G 'Jillian Hambrick Alben Turk Chde Foley Ronnie 'Wie Ralph Shu-er Harold Pollock QM i 'L M, lu' wozav ' I Delilah Tyo Eougla s Agin , M ' 5 W, h f ' fig 1 'Ak V. i gf ' is - I . V Q Q .f . fig ' wg "5 'f SEVE TH GRADE Charles Ldams Linda Hoffer -'UU' Marlene Niles Richard Dgrry Donald Lane Katherine Reilly 8' Harriet Swartz Martha Pidcock David Hatfield I Henry Brugh John Brewer an N, Mary Knicely -U Deloris Benjamin tff :N is ,Xf- nugm smith wobert Hittle nda Benn John GYGSS 'TIT Rover Mc ullister Larry Hummaw Sandra Mox Bobby Tubbs Donna Hn11.n 3 7' xx f J5i'2 It Q JQQ ff 1 gig, 5 LLL ng: '5 7 . xi' A -4, it 1-E' rf '!!l? A L 4 ' Shirley Wolfe Mona Butler T li 4 :gf . N ' .Q G. f ,- , :Q ' 1 4 :Q .fe f 'ifr,, 5 'N a ,' l uk P - ' , I . . xf Bonnie Bowden ,. it .- ' ' ' I Gerald Hayes Julianne Gebhart Ellen Arnett Roger Byers Charlene Glosser Dori! M113-er David Campbell Har-7 Jennings Robert Bates K ren Coleman Jillian Foraker Donald James wud. Bowden mann, Hmmm, WOW .yi 7 7 5' ew, X L AQ 'QQ' 45. T f -, Bernard Jordan X ' Wfnfer K' '53, -2 Jammer .- . Q .- s. N ' ,w Xxx 'S - x x X. X . X , v V -, , -- - ' 1 1 rf. .f V, 1. n 73 2fI'Z"7' ,f '.'.g.,o ' '.' ' ". ff, '-bs .M1 Qgfffw vx 3' 51.111 513,510.19 ,f,5'.,.1.N - 9 .g AN Qfp21gg,js3.'.5'Q- V x D ' 1 ' , ,,.,..- ...--- .. . ..- . , I Q 1 l G k ul I 1 a 4 ,. ,. Douglu K:-ies Robert. Bovdm Janes Whitt Dtvid Shinn IXTH GRADE Ulf! Humlv Robin Jane Hilstead Halter Wolfe Je Ann Bittle amen vmnyne umm Bm-n Barbara Hmbrick Robin Stun Terry Smith Richard Weiser Hark Hittle Willard Wolfc John Pidcoek '59 sharon Chzlbertson Smdrl H-'ff' I-IH!!-IPP Stanlq Lyons L? 'f .1 I Q ,ff,1.4fL2 " ' ,W IV 4 'W 4-:-.VXI XV V7 4 Joan Tucker Leonard Dayton .,' D310 Wolfe Paul Murphy Virgmia Davis Maurice Hayle Elin Stalnakem- 81' Mill er if Betty Bowers Q.-af Q Sn- Pmela Poole Janelle Hearn Cheryl Iierson Susan Lane YA Frmum Young JY' Janlce Adams can 1' Geroge Gress Thomas Shaw Carol Mays sun-ny suzu Clyde xnipe Kam8th Hambrick , 1 N gif- r L 'I ,. X 4 'x L-5 QQ. D K . gl QA 'LS :gl 4 0 9 H 1 613 v,:l: , i if - j .. Q,-J: r ,. 5 In '. ' , .f . 1 W I 1 A 3 His ' A 1 s 7 V Sandra Butler Douglae Eleon mum Foley Sherry Downey Dmiee Cunninghm Harry Pierce N N 5 L. L u. Harylauhne Tholae West Hlrie Echelberry 7 es. - E z K William Roberta FIFTH GRADE ,F 'w.1don gui, Larry Wisecarver Karen Beers Ronan Bowden Helen Greene Diane Kreie John Green 539119 'hnni-339 Vern Hittle Stanley Pickene Beverly Pauline Kirby Rita Bradford "T 1 X :S N Y rx. X' XY: if filf :jf ui! 1 Mary Hgyle Roger Green K , I l .LZ 'a 4, ,M , Orr J 5 ill? 51' 40' -rr-'sv 'Sul' '-lu- -- GRADE amuse Derry norm Perdue David Jones Lu-ry Radcliffe Karen Hilstead Rum Forum' as Q an lsrqj i' 5,1 Q1 Earl Hatfield Carl Grubb Tomy Green Yvonne Beach Ruth McKnight Hanan Finn, f5 'D 43 I 'ff ll W'-sf Loren Hiya Gary Lowry Devin Leaaure 41 153 Q, if X-,wr VS xg., Kg' Daryl Hern Robert Miller Ronald Shir-er 4-5 I1 i 17mm il -4 'J' ui 3 Haul wolf' Robert Bednnrczuk Carol Shaw Donald Emerson 'o"'0u, Qka so fox ' -at Steven V K Terry V9-HDIUG Diane Hoffer Shirley Jon, 'meth Dobbing Morrison ? Virsinil Un' Karon lox Darln Baldwin Babb, Bu,-,,,11 Daniel Paisley Ji-my Green Diane Taylor Roger Sl f 15 -0' Betty Pidcock .1 Clifford Speakman if '1."-fl J inlay Tucker 4.-9' W5 ith Robert. Rushihl 4049 , sf N--r ,, 'Y ruchard ann. Cami' Dobbins V sr , 1. A Af 1 gf V A ,K Z I , l 1 6' K if J I my ,. A-' , M' , V , , .,, D 4' .A D ,I w, une!! r' if X 5,5 5 7 -9 A f V NL' E' w, 3 I ,3 V A - .ff A -4 F" M D., ' ix , M, J K Y 3 V' I 4, , V4 K A , M K X - c 3 7 , x W D .D Q o ik' .. 1 V Y tv A n f . Q lie X W hx Patricia S1060 Linda Finney Donald Phillips ,.,, 2 .Jillian Lane Rebecca Brewer GRADE Helen Vanaickle :af Benjamin Morrison 'hr Ronald Foraker Jerry VanDyne THREE onstance Clark Linda Wisecarver Betty Davis Patricia Richardson 57 sl Larry McAllister I., , 47- Beverly Bowden Daniel K1-913 Robert Roecket Richard vlisecarver .Xl Kent william: Jg , i 4 C K, 1 4 Clarence Mitchell Thomas Rob rt: Bernard Hqeg Kenneth Jennings K 95 Q5 Nancy Peck Gary mule Leda Grimes Susan Cochran Linda Bowden Linda McDonald Diana Elaon Dori! Smith gr 15522 if ue Chxlbert son Elect! White Karen Schultz Carl Vernon Patricia hex-son J al! Joyce Hnyle 4 S :ar I B 1 Pi: .gt .xt ,S ' v , if xl Q if . M Y S avg , ,. 4 , GRADE SWW Linda Iapp Ronald Cheney Cynthia Clark Victor Johnson David Tyo Gary Dutro Linda Botson David Pays Susan Paisley Joyce Pickens .,-fs", -if I ,s Donna Myers Ronklo Williams Linda YcKn1ght Earl Butler 'Ni' B . T9 Alan Hahn Diana Shaw Charles Johnson Cheryl wells Larry Fliger Nellie Steen 4. . . Q uf... s .s ' - ' .. Y E if 1' ' vm: Yitchell Hatfield Ruth Ann Baker Robert White Judy Ann Tracy Clarence Green Kaye Taylor Connie Nyers James Powelson wmv Jeffrey YcNeish Dennis Porter Larry Wolf Alice Norton Tommy Jennings Mary Ann Perdue Samuel Mitchell Sara Geyer Robert Foraker .may Baldwin Robert May Rllph Johnson al 'uv 'V'-nr 4.1 Deborgh Kreis ani 15' avr! btephm Reed i Terry Hatfield wen Ernest. urimes 4 .0 ha ,.,.--0 XXV' Fl Robert BSKBI' Shelby Davis Dolores Bissett ii! 'lb 5'-N1-v' Llnda holfe Sheila Crousser Rita T-V0 RST GRADE will Sq.-7 Elaine Finney w.........d Terry Pollock fi Kv j' Carolyn Hayes if 'Lv -sd' donita wolfe X :eggy Trlmper 1? Rf Eileex Finney it "2:.r"5, W11l1an Hittla Plaine White Junlor Mc Donald Nu? Mary Lou Hardea 'A ' ' C .' I 4. G - . iff " ' ' f f , 'V IW, 5 ' I 4 mf , ' 1 'Z V I 4, . ., x u 9 f, g4J -k K ' f ."' 'P ' "" ' J-H . , f 1 ' a 2 F M, 'f ' 1 ' ' V' A 5 ' "' at . NAA i . 1' My , - . 1' 1 .. 1 I . 1 'J , ohirley Peck Diann Williams Betty Hays Martha Green AQ C5-1' 01 HEPSOXI K -'63 TOM Green Ie th Mayle Jay Clark -so Patsy Lautzmheiser Vicky Glosser Edward Hal 1.0 -183109 Derry Janet Derry JUW Lane Dennis Asbury Janey h1seca.rver 'NV an? Hs....f J 91,-ry Dobblns Dav1d Young Glam Nice Richard Bowden Kathryn Mayle James Vernon Roy I-8119 ' '-' ' 1 ,V q r' ' 1. 5 f, 5 X, 1 -'T M fi ""T'?., N Wfbrll NG IGN AMAA! FIR T Herman Bruzh Mollie Hague al! Ill 3 Jerry Kennedv Rlchard Mumaw Arleeta Reynolds gf -it-. K ln.. Stephen Hamnv John McCuen Avg lin Margaret Hill Clarence wortY4w 'nr Eea 'g L V1r inia Hu+ter haFTY Rutter Frank 0VaT Z 'SC' T Bobby Jbhnson Dav1d Pletcher L.-if oll Il James Snyder Hllan Turk hervl Tubbs Qusan Jhite Judith nathan L T' pac ,Q AW ,f3v,,,? , A , , v' Avy 1 7 A ,V "Na- m " 7 7 1 'A' . I 2 --l .- 'M ' kg I -a A b I Q Ln 1 1 -- Q . H Y D' ' R y 345: WV Qigzwkw' xjggggg I H R K ,H , g?Q? li' l H -run v.4h N ,a V .J ,,. kg? 1 K 3 Y . . x Q ur I 1 H 4- . ' 4' - . 1 5, t fi. I . X I . x ' ' A 4 ' ' 'M . ' - - 'AI , , - bf 2512+431 , f . . ' " A ff . f ' " V 4, ,qv . - fit' f qi 'NL , - I l , Y H, . -'N 'x 1 :Z N' . 4 - -:.'.- -x .-.- f B C - Z , 4 fo fr - H f 'P D E tr J"'4Z ,.A x .Egg E? ami? V' 'J , y Joan aisecdrver 5 1 f ! S I :ulllll Jilma Butler Lonnie Kenneqy Billy Fletcher 'sr ali lil Y Q r SECOND RADE Timothy Clark Judeth Mumau .J eggy Fodgers 0 ll' .-5 ui v Bam John Factor 5 Dianna Newman Al Danny mith ggi' Steven Howard Christopher Northup I fda Snydtr Clifforo Hennirg Glenna Vccuen Rally Angles file mt THIRDA D FOUR'l'H GRADE Sharon Agni' HUT? H3839 Kinny Hzmphrgy Ctrlem Janes Lee Knicely Rita M4-:Cum Gary Saxton Janes Smith Frank Tubbs Linda. white E 'V sk l at 'E 1-li 'E 1 ' Y Randy Again Larry Bmgmm Bwory Brush '-' 5 "' 1-.rt X Linda Cmpbell Stun Clark Cheryl Hayes Fred Hingug Brmdg Hullm X' David Shriver Dick Smith Pall sunt, Cynthia Fati Hrs Lme y e " 0 , mmf X N Y " Q- N 'aa X 1 -,QL W A , gf - +- -1 I I .f , ' H K 1' . I' HW h .6 A' Y 7 21,-' . W .. , ff' : :heila Black Danny Scott Stella Angles Ted Kennedy FlFTHand IXTH GRADE Charles Dean Jacqueline Stem Larry Turk Shirlev Butler Ronald Wuller George Ethell Karen Humphrey Ggry Maxwell Nellie Swartz Johnny Suu-zz Shirley Tubbs s Kay Wheeler Dorothy White wonetta Butler Mary Hoover Carol Howard n Paula Smth sue Snider Jack Good-211 i 4 0, if l l . . X S ar.- ' A h XNS N' -:Ll - 1956 ,J J DON ADAYS Yeyser Alumlnum Co , New rk, Ohio RCSALIE ADAMS Home, Route 5 Zanesvllle, Ohlo DELORES BO DEN JOHNSON Housewife, Adam ville, Ohlo CLFPIA DLRANT Secretary, Cambridge Prod A Credit Assoc , Zanesvllle, Oh1o DELMAR DUTRO- Hazel Atlas Glass Co , Zanesv1lle Ohio HELEN ECHELBERRY VERNON Housewife Yentor, Ohio SHELBY HAYES Home, Route 5 Zanesville, Ohio CAROL HITTLE Home, Adamsvilla. Ohio LARRY HITTLE- Essex Wire Zanesville Ohio NORMAN HUTCHISON Farletta College, Marietta, Ohio DAVID KNICELY Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio SHIRLEY LANE MOODS Housewife, Route l, Nashport, Ohi CAROLYL LYON5 PROUTY Receptionist, First National Bank MAUREEN MATCHETT MCNEISH Big Bear Zanesville, Ohi GERALD PROUTY Hazel Atlas Glass Co Zanesvllle, Ohlo EUGENE SIDDLE- Home Adam ville, Ohio ROBERT SIGRIST Army SONIA STANSBEPRY MCCARTY Housewife, Greenlawn Trailer EUGENE MRIGHT Home, Adamsvllle, Ohio ECB CHURCH Hazel Atlas Glass, Zanesville, Ohio GENE COLEMAN Army GARY GEYER Eernam Boiler Co , Zanesville, Ohio HCMER GREEN Hazel Atlas Glass Co Zanesville Ohio MARTHA GRESS Edmont Glove Co , Coshocton Ohio Building, Zanesville, O Court, Zanesville, Ohio JANE H TFIELD Eesthesda School of Nursing, Zanesville Ohio BOB JAFES Fit It Shop, Adamsville Ohio HELEN JEbNINGS SPEARN Housewife Coshocton Oh1o COLEEN JORDAN Fosiac Tile Zanesville, Ohio DCNALD KNICELY Farmer, Sonora, Ohio PAUL KNICELY Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio STALLEY MATCHETT Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio MARGARET MURPHY Home Adarsville Oh o GAIL PFOUTY Zane Tool Co , Zanesville, Ohio CATHERINE RADCLIFFE- Home, Adamsv1lle, Ohio PARIIYN BROWNING SARBAUGH Housewife Norwich Ohio DONNA YOUNG Chicago Transforwer Co Zanesvllle, Ohio .. Q ' . --. , ' ' xl ,s 1 '-- e e I , " e . I I hr " 1 I Q' ' ' -- . J P 5 - Q , , -- l O -- .' . . 1955 DELBERT BROCK--Ray Thomas Lumber Co., Zanesville, Ohio Pj . -- . D . . rJ . . . -- . , FJ M A -, , .-J F' A 0 ' M ' rl , 3, A --A ' . . H 3 " ' N . -- , . , i 'Jaw fw J BN CALIHAN Smior CAROL LE! LITTICK Sophmo BONNIE LANE Junior ,-o HARDA SARBAUJH Fr eshman ., 'J Qtx sj E On April 27 1956 in the High School Audltorium, the Junior Class of 1956 presented their annual class play WTHE ADORABIE IMP' by Jay Tobias It was under the direction of Mrs Crystal Boyer Despite the fact that one of the leading characters took ill that afternoon, the play was a huge success Music was furnished by grade students, who presented an instrumental duet and an instru mental solo The cast of characters was as follows HORTLNSE HOSTETTER CDorothy Daytonl the maid who 'Sees all hears all, and tells all ' BETTY LOU GORDON CBarbara Hittlel who nurses an aching heart MRS ABBY SIMPKINS CPeggy Hambrickl her maternal grandmother BRIAN BARCLAY CJerry Hernl the wldower who lives next door MALVINA BARCIAY CMarlene Fosterj his lynx eyed daughter PAMELA GORDON CCharlene Oliverl a gay widow on the trail of a r1ch husband CLINT PURDY CDave Bradfordl an old bachelor, grandma's beau IMOGENE VAN RYNDON CBarbara Stalnakerl ward of Winston Pickrell, with a cat phobia JINSTON PIOKRELL CGerald Bissonettel a rich and irasclble old man with the gout DIDMORTH PICKRELL Caeldon Adams? his grandson with d spepsia ROSS JALDRON CJim Kirby, and fRichard Bagentl another grandson, a college senior PRO PTERS Patty Hatfield, Elizabeth Durbin, Violet Gress STAGE MANAGERS Dale Green and Lester Prouty SOUND EFFECTS Jim King, ADVERTISING AND PROGRAM Righard Bagent, Violet Gress, Connie Mayle MAKE-UP Janice wisecarver USHERS Violet Gress, Donnie Mayle, Ettamae Graham The Senior Class of 1957 will present as their Senior Play WTHE BOARDING HOUSE REACH', a comed by Donald Payton It is under the direction of Mrs Elizabeth Cochran The cast of characters is as follows JERRY WILBER CJerry Hernj the thirteen year old robust son HERCUIES NELSON CJim Kirbyl Wilbur's best pal, also thirteen BETTY LOU MAXJELL QJanice Wisecarverl the fourteen year old daughter who has little patience CONNIE MAXJELL KPatty Hatfield, the seventeen year olf daughter, very pretty and neat BERNADINE SMITH CNancy Hooverl Betty Lou' beat friend, also fourteen JOHN MAXJELL Cweldon Adams! the father, middle aged JANET MAXWELL CCharlene Oliverl the mother, middle aged and very understanding AUNT MARY CPeggy Hambrickj Mrs Muwhwawmammsnwywnom LMWMWMMChnwPmmHagwn,wwtwhWyunof age NORA CBarbara Stalnakerl Limpy's wife, about two years younger than he HEHMAN 'NINETY VOLTN JONES KJimm King, a beat up pug, not too smart ROUGHHOUSE RUBY CMarlene Fosterl she is Herman' wife, stout and stockily built M POTTER CGerald Bissonettel a likable chap in his early forties LUCY BURNS CDorothy Dayton, a virtual walking encyclopedia She knows all, sees all, and tells everything MRS MOTT CBarbara Hittlel a little lady who never says a word, CONNOLLY CDavid Bradfordl a rough and tough plain-clothes min, who has everything his own way IUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET On the evening of May 18 1956 the Juniors, Seniors and Faculty of Adamsville High School gathered at Nichol's Restaurant for their annual banquet The menu included Tomato Juice, Steak or Fish, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, French Fries, Lima Beans, Tossed Salad, Rolls and Butter, Cherry Pie and Ice Cream Our toastmaster for the evenlng was Richard Bagent Mr Hemry gave the Invocation Richard welcomed the Seniors and presented the rest of the program Gerald Prouty gave the response to the welcome. Gloria Durant, David Bradford and Jerry Hern sang 'Mansion Over the Hilltop' and'Memor1es Are Made of This.n Mr. Hemry gave the closlng remarks. After the program some of the group attended a show and others went to a dance. asf AWLLL M ,yi f't' 4J is v fi Nj Jil? NQEZJ , ,lm W 8517 Jpwplvvwfff 5-5-"" 40ffVfMf-J ZuAJMw4QH4+fMf ,AQMJ W E IGI X g- pu.: ,ff L' 49 -19 pJz,,Y.,,Wm,,M, LQjg,4.U.fZ.b4,.,., PMA-1-L1,v.,C4.i59.vJf,......,I I Q XL-1..4.a,Juf-pw!!! 1 WK in -1 V, ' rf 5721, V M., M , . qv, I 5' Q Q? qw 5-M,gwr.f M -. '1 Wh W 'Q LV" , ' ' 5 , ,E "". ,' yr f 1 I - 3 s ,.. , ., 4 X FUTURE HOMEMAKERS A X ' Q, . ' 4 -, f, ' 4 . 71: " f RCM ONE RCM TWO R011 THREE 005 X 'N Patty Wortman, Patty Wheeler, Loretta Hayes, Brenda Dozer, Linda Hittle, Betty Bowden Jean Hill, Ruth Hill, Sandra Baldwin, Carol Littick, Rita Sherrick, Helen Hiller, V Butler, Mary Lou Hittle, Genevieve Hayle, Peggy Gallis, Kathleen Green, Peggy Hambrick, Iona Jennings , Dorothy Heil, Wilma Farabee Linda Butler, Carol Jones , Janet Williams, Dorothy Bissett, Sue Powelson, Bertha Great, Juanita Mullen, Louanna Heck, Theora qvans, Lourabelle Heck, Nome Hambrick, Martha Foraker, Peggy Klng, Kathleen Adams, June Smith, Carol Sue Green, Shirley Fliger Barbara Stalnaker, Hrs Patton Wanda Sarbaugh, Ellen Hutchinson, Sandra Middleton, Vonda Frank, LaJoy Burwell, Bonnie Lane, Darol Heed, Nancy Lyons, Anita Foley, Mary Lou Heck, Delorie Hayes Moore , Patty Hatfield 5'Qvxo'1 .oaqe me me if QJ-7-J A I' ue ,, 7 sz. .QM w 1 v 2 0 era ' 1 . A ' Shirley Lehman, Marlene Foster, Dorothy Dqton, Marta Taylor, Barbara Hittle, Joyce OS n 61-eq X 0 ' I 4, D 0 5 eff ., . 0 4 X 'Bb e f0ll8l5 61 .Seann ka 'Bfq 360075 Q NCooKs Gym FuTure, Lcammy fb lf 71 fewmy fc me -v SM, fg1f!A!?ZJ20ZfvJIfG "7 lfllf mfffde Y' V MQ J ' .,, . A 1' g ' 4 'X 4 11 ' J 0 C I fd J " 7? C 0 C FIS 0' . 95,25 b It . .1 f '.x,'.',L 1 'UQ Q' A' I V ' QL! ' ,. -0 X .. .B ' I fig? g5EEh1'uu , 4-lul:t,,..l.'lpl.H - --:::..,,M--:gggv , J" . . xi I I J XXV ,jigs Q 5 4' NATIONAL F. F. A. CONVENTION KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI STAR FARMER OF AMERICA National F F A, Band at Convention Hall Morning we left Mo, Cotton Mill in Arkansas I ff" 'J6Ba 2'Q,N' QS Lou Rice F1elds in Arkansas glnrock Farm JUDGING CONTEST Dairy Judging at Chandlersville 1 I X 1'sn',k..,.1k J. X .' .IQJ7 'rl ' i , 1 X . K' Y f nge- 2: N x Dairy Judging at Chandlersville General Livestock at Frazeysburg General Livestock at Frazeysburg Repairing 7-'arm Iachlnery m Shop + Hog Feeder bunlt in Shop IL 1,3 ! GOOFYXID IDNKEI BLLIBAHE by an FFA member WAYS AND MEANS OF RAISING FUNDS FOR F F A Planted corn and harvested it Saved wheat Planned donkey ballgame Sold Ads for FFA Calendar -10 II If jf' 'za' 4 ex 54355353 0 P YA Um 1,0996 5 5 Zi 2 , ? W7 This year there are approximately U5 members in the band under the capable direction of filliam E Poole The band is planning to play for pep rallies, com encement, bac calaureate and various other school activities They will also participate in the All County Music Festival to be held in the spring There will be a band party and a trip before school is out This year's officers are President, Dave Bradford Vice Pres- ident, Jerry Hern, Secretaryy Carol Reed, and Treasurer, Patty Hatfield ffyr Q1 .J x,I'luJJPU D ' FIRST RON: Carol Green, Patty dheelor, Brenda Dozer, Carol Littick, Sandy Baldwin, Rita Sherrick, Mary lou Fittle, Bonnie Lane SECOND ROM- Ellen Hutchinson, Nancy Lyons, Betty Hi+tle, Peggy walker, Joyce Moore, Wilma Farabee, LaJoy Burvell, Mrs, Shelton THIRD RON Marta Taylor, Charlene Oliver, Barbara Hittle, Barbara Stalnaker, Patty Hatfield, Martha Foraker, Carol Reed This year the high school chorus is being directed by Mrs. Ehogene Shelton. It has approximately twenty five members, including a few boys, For the 1956 57 year the chorus is singing in the Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Baccalaureate and Commencement services. Also, they are planning to participate in the All County Spring Music Festival. Officers for the year are President, Carol Reed: Vice President, Rita Sherrick: Secretary, Ellen Hutchison, Treasurer, Carol Littick and News Reporter, Bonnie Lane. 4 J 4' J- aw I 3.wn,,1y J, iq r r "H fl fs H Pig s ff' ' Q I Q ...J X J 0, ',g 'J N QUJQ Xf1i,J Jim Kirby, Lester Prouty Duane Brock, Larry Caldwell Managers Gerald Brock Bobby Hoffer V ITA L I N.sTRuc.T1oN P X fx P Q' I 'I Bill Graham, Leonard Jordan, Donald Caldwell, Dwain Merriam, Richard Bagent, Larry Dutro n a 3 9 , A Q I 'I Ducwen 'Rnchprd' "J im' 'LRTTLI V 41. . KX x X.. N '-11 X A X BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1956-1957 November November November Nov mber Nov mber Dec aber December Dec mber December December January January January January January January February February ON 1 Cambridge St Benedict Conesville Plainfield Roscoe Hopewell Pennsville Chandlersville South Zanesville Union Frazeysburg Penneville Cambridge St Benedict Hopewell Chandlersville South Zanesville Pleasant City Frazeyeburg 5 Cenesville Q91 Away Home Home Away ome Away Away Home Away '37 Home H me Away Home Away Home one Away L rn, LCONHYJ B lL DWR: N orwvae 6 . zo 23 27 30 H 1+ 7 11+ 18 21 A 1+ e . ll 18 25 29 1 B D A lf -25 v 'Z - , '9 il 1.1 " ww N . R 1Qf'bf10f'S Mr xr KJ vpfl MW! Qmgw M l"'I"P I"' I"P F' X.rfmilf'flDr'1J SFR ff P r" "FP XFX RANDISTALNAKER, IDNALD STEM, DICK BUTLER, ELDEN SARBAUGH BILLGRUBB,RClALDSTALNAKER PWM IX' J Qx P r' Vr' -I+-..: -:J J ffx Q 'N iff my ' 'fm LN33 ,GJ ' L'..ARLY BIRD GLU, Mrs. McCann Karen Coleman Rita Sherrick David Young Catherine Radcliffe Sandy Baldwin Patsy Lautzenheiser Everett Leedom Carol lee Littick Darlene Bowden Carl Vernon Jimny Vernon Charlene Oliver Sandra Middleton Ronnie and Wanda hi Harold Green Anita Young Donald Whitman Bernard Jordan Nancy Lyons Sharon Culbertson Millard Greene Dav1d Shjnn Bonnie Lane Anlta Foley Mary Ellen Knicely Bonnie Bowden Rita Bradford Vonda Frank JAHemry Shirley Iehman Ruth Ann Baker Jerry Radcliffe Mrs. Lois Graham Robert Bednarczuk Richard Bagent Duane Brock Iaurabelle Heck Gary Lowry Linda W1seca.rver David Leaeure Dale Wolfe Robln Stemm Richard Weiser Patty Wheeler Joyce Moore Robert Bates David Davis Dorothy Dayton Jerry Hern LaJoy Burwell Stanley Hittle Stanley Pickens Marlene Foster '-' James Kirby Bobby Baker 'anda Sarbaugh Patty Hatfield Peggy Malkner Laffy If-PP S Kay Mclleish Barbara Stalnaker Barbara Hittle ' W O IO CAMBRIDGE OHIO r M15 KF'CoJKDf1k f IFQX ll JIGPA 1' lil-Dfxf DICIPIXI Pro iding South astern Ohio with th latest and most ne s fX Fr- Nqm Zan sville St res X 'IDX A2 Q Z Z I I mms 'IL1.f., A , T' 1' T I " fx " ' L Q-I ui -J "V ' xx fl f 'H 1 fr L ..f 1 - J .. ., r. 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RU GENUINE CHEVROLET PARTS Arm sznvxcs A sol-110 PRODUCTS ,p w f P V Y Phone 3035 Main Street New Concord Ohio Compliments of N VILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS Ann LOAN ASSOCIATION G"-0WRAT55" Drive in Windows Customer Parking 33 South 5th Street Phone: GL 2 14533 .. .... . ..... I 1 . 2-:f:1:g:,:g23:,:,:,g:12 I , zu x M MMI -?...-fl HU lOPOW -F"' If 1 '1 X ,. 1 ' X F '3 K? s ,, 4.- z A E s r' JHIO HQWFA CSMP,-XNK Q 'v LIVE Hman max:'m1cAu.y Y ff ZANESVILLE CHIC WONG SHOA f M U:,IC 5 LM f 2 a a 3 5 Q' E : as 2: 5 E E E Q E sz Will 0 0 N W IJ 0 ll Y' D-' P-' 0 BM U1 N1 2 0 11 5' '1 V12 1+ D' UI rf P4 I Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF SKING COUNTY PLEME EALER 5 ATI A ww' DEER QUAUTV KAIIM EQUIPMENT H n OLIVER -rl I r, O ! r r , X 14 -J ,ff- Exit-xy xivx Wx I! I Z r r' H H' D f r' -I - -J -J Q I "SD e""S ,,' J s I Su W9 E lx re -- v , M u U M 1 M N 1- I D s A s o c 1 o N lm 0 "Qui, l NAR! PAIR 'BE SURE IT'S A MOCK KITCHEN' Colplete Kitchen Planning for Both New and Renedelled Homes Call Today for Free Estimates MOCK WOOUJORKIIU Phone GL-338329 301 Adair Avenue Zanesville Ohio WV 'lixqy I NW BRA ING' SUPER HARKE 2,673 fa ful' Q? iii? +9 ' VXXQY 1015 Honree Street Zanesville Ohio SURE xv" USKINGUH 'QQ . 13' 11' Jyqt 3-PLOW LVIIEEI. FORD C OR AND EQU P Corner Lee and Pearl Street Zanesville Ohio 'WE SERVICE WHAT WB SELL' Eur conrx AC 'X hm, s N U N s 'r f,dw,M Q9 R' as :' ' 'G' ' Q6 I eg- ,R Lp -0" , I ,N 4 M 1-RA T I 14 N! e Qkgff-u ,. 0 1 ' ' T R T 0 R HERHAN VERNON The Dealer in Sinclair Products Tires Groceries Tobacco Soft Drinks Phone GL 2 2805 Sonora, Ohio Route 1 raw WW MONUMENT DEALERS Phone GL 2 2980 WERS G N Sonora, Ohio D X COHPLTMENTS yg, I QF" if GREINER DAIRY COMPANY BEST IN NHITE AND CHOCOLATE HIIK 57 0 fi' Q rf N UN KD S 1496 98 Wayne Avenue Zanesvil le, Ohio J BAKER BREAD COMPANY f,,f ..- 'eu ll Rich as Butter Sweet as a Nut W W BM' 'BU'r'n: Ill :Ill H, Jinx . ww, WJ Sa M V R-Nm' annum Zanesville , Ohio R. V9 A Lal "X -- -- -- N . ips W A X 5 'P 1 Aamsvnle nom C4 f xx -l 3' at B O n D 1 I T Y 1 4, 1 OF 1 X. V, ' 1 A mf, 4 - C1l.4' Q 41 COMPLIHENTS OF COOPER AND BENNETT qs L Supplier of Sinclair Products MYSIERIES .ji ' Hx Phone 730 Coshocton Ohio ITUS HOLSTERI COM A - BUILDERS OF FINE FURNITURE XX S'lw' ROUTE 2 mi, Coshocton Ohio ii' Puoma 33168 H00 ALLIS CHAIMERS SALE AND SERVICE PHONE PIAZA 1+-2766 FARM P 5c44 HN AC um 'Mu KV' BARGAINS IN USED FARM NUIPHENT TRINWAY OHIO THE CGWLIHENTSOF OEKEL COMPANY I ZANESVILLE , OHIO Q Af A ,ME li S I X , 'I Q N7 V L- ' 1 X K+ , 1 - ' .77 'r UP no P NY ff, , 4 K MZ.. VZZEZEUV .V I Q If E5 12 . ,wx f J: 1 .. .1 lag, 6- F E ' S S U P I, Y . ' M 9 ,lm .N l, 'J 5' Ill' 2, - . I ,f R Compliments of COMMON WEALTH L 147 N Fourth Stroot, Zonesvillo, Oh A Consumer Finance Company Haking Loans Of S10 to S G D Tice Mgr OAN COHPA io 1000 For Ang Worthy Purposo I 60101 -,LA ns'ii ln! H E P F E A N D S N I D E GARAGE SERVICE TE co ln all 48 States Www CARS TRUCKS AND TRACTORS cJFF'clQL Phone SYL 6-2811 - R X y ssnulce X .avr K 1 ,SWQZSY Adamsville, Ohio C L A Y C I T Y E V E R A G BOTTLES OF QEEZQQ PEPSI COLA BUBBLE UP C O M P A N Y ,npdicf Z fig! 4, 04. OLD comm W' For Health And Vitality ..."'-5 H A R T I N D A I R Y N "'f Dresden Ohio llll l m .3 l a L 'QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS' 6 Phone PLAZA B-ZOUZ I nd reverse charges for delivery 1 n Adamsvillo area N Y O . ' I mn ll " , T EE S R - . me .. .. . f .,,' . I-fx--Q : A B E ' - ., - - P oo t t QQ A ,. Q52 N af, , ' S -I - OIS R. F. D. o. 2 I if COMPLIHENTS G A T E W O O D S T U D I O Zanesville, Ohio 'All Types of Photography' S M C O L L 55? North Fifth Street Business Q Secretarial Training Summer Term Fall we teach Speedwriting The A B C Term Shorthand T H E I 'Everything in Building' sign New Lexington Ohio South Zanesville, Ohio Phones 700 A 701 GL 2 9375 D F L A U L U M B E R N.. L42 One Board or a Tramlo ad Zanesville, Ohio GL 3 0381 V I N 'The Finest in Dairy Products ii 379 Adair Avenue P hone GL 2 2700 GL 2 2709 Zan I R Y ICE REA esville, Ohio of 49' o v- 9. 4 THE EREDITH EG:-3 txl, I ji- SN BR- TT co. 1.-If' 3 ::"- 3 ' QT' QQ I' ' I' ' . IR MEADow GOLD DA WHILE IN ZANESVILLE VISIT 3 rv -. at Q UNCLE JlMa ff-, coco Noon AND FOUNTAIN smrrcx-: open 6 A. M. 2111 12 P. M. fV 225 Underwood Street James C. Pfeifer. PPOP. TERI COMPANY TRANSFORMERPLANT lfllllliw '2 H' nnnm A Division J' 5 ' ' -'lu McGraw Electric Company Zanesville Ohio SIGNS AND LETTERI Jr fx lfkrxckf' I TELL THE WORLD WITH SIGNS noun 5 Riverview Dial GL 2 3936 Zanesville Ohio SIGNS ARE YOUR SALESMEN N11 TI XI lorlmuxl Sunnis no Ion XSSOCIXTION ISNIHNIIII 1 ll I W fxNI'SNIlII OIIIO GL 2 5'-+67 LINE MA AL T ij"" . E-sl! nVI- of lv at A ' 1 ' 'xl ffl U 1 X 1- '55 I I NG Q Nb f f 'JN JJ ..l , - I ll I vv is N ""' ' ' " V .rel 2'A4A, ...A AAAA-A 'A A 3, I was SOLJT Fllil-YSTPEEY fc W . , , " 4 7 'I 2- 1, PAYDAY FOREMOST PFI 1lFY"' ALNAYS FIRST QUALITY LOOK FOR PENNEY S FAYOUS BRAND NAMES W 6 ' cmmoms TCNNCRAFT x 4 TOWNCIAD " MARATHON B? 23 North Fifth Street Zanesville Ohio PfNPJf"PI" Never an JD f Zanesvil1e'e -gl gddgd oldest xx N llhi HIHIIW cost Qx ' 'V credit uuqyrgr 4 for ? Q A fy jewelers XN' C1-edu. XX XX r. r.. A Q x fx If-I S .J x Jgf. Teen Age Charge Account s welcomed Pzoneer 'Wg Elec lC Zanesvxllex Olclut Ap lance .fron IIT Zancsv1l1c Oh1o Phone GL 2 9995 +11 L11 YOU MUST BE SATISFIED Otsego COMPLHENTS OF STO 4? 'fl fxvd ' ' K-zvfffil 'ry Wiz' Adamsville 1 'lm O X X 9 - I e .1 I 1 , ff xX ' X 4 1 E- N- X l A 4- L' 3 - 4 Z- s f 1 22- 0 - Sq, J . """ "4 A V fi- x 4 1 I ff. ,W ' 'f 5? Xl, N... -n f ww ff- L Q, J ig ' I I I O t 0 5??i:5Ff"' r ai . a' INCOIPO ID W 3 1"f.g' . I PM ' lb Q1 , . I A B B O T T ' S R E S Q , . E :SSN EMU ug, nt. .22 -'ff,5?s "'1"q: ' l IW 4.. VwT"" .. ' 4 LAUNDROMAT W 8 Pick up and Delivery Service sgndd, S9 A nvndffl Plenty of Free Parking CALL GL 3 30146 ll-L26 Maple Avenue 1 Zanesville Ohio MEET AND EAT B R O W N 3 D R I V E-I N Open All winter ? Maple Avenue Route '77, Zanesville, Ohie I5 we ld Bu5nvE55 EQIPMENTCOMPANV lu "' ....... Y- Ray F Collins i Charles R Wood Office Szppliers X-LUN 4'-3' Market at Fourth Zanesville, Ohio pnmwlfl HNS PHARMACY Q ,-,,-,, Dresden Ohio Phone PL U 5221 flu? l I ,A Q' rf! u , 2 WV AX! H - "!Qf 1 ' X 1 .-:I li A " H A. L L ' s c o w , I 1 : ' f N-, 1-- r f' X -11: 1-p: - LX gpziigzzg , I l ' """"'- Ji. -ff QU '4 ,'!--A - fffkf- 5 ' Q X5 Q- '. -,'.'-1-P17 ' - 'iifffielf it J o T o N ' s 5 V J! 9 A F- A fs2111l:.i.a. . 5 I fCISS!f5 Coafi' UJIPG TZN'3 OLXJC 5 U 7.5 I 1406 Main Street, Zanesville, Ohio 1' f' FJQFNGH SHLJP 1.61, A LEADING WCMEN'S APPAREL SHOP PHONE GL 2 lb 2 ART KING REPAIR SHOP CASSADY'S STORE 9vR1nn,4P I I E WESLTRLHE ig I ls? Adamsville, Ohio Phone PL 8 2512 Dresden, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF S H E R W I N L L I A S Your headquarters or Paints ffm? wallpaper a . , Q IARYN Artist Materials A Ap! Floor 8: Wall Covering HITS DUTRO AUTO PARTS omplete line of shop equipment 5 auto parts CAP- Q D HANDS ll Ohio South Third Street, Zanesville, Ohio 6214 Hain Street Zanesvi e, PHONE GL 2 N546 COAL AND CONCRETE mg lm-I fo xi L4 Read Mixed Concrete Delivered Anywhere A Square Deal DIAL GL 2 3036 South Zanesville, Ohio FONLER BOLIN China Glass Gifts COME IN TODAY Southeastern Ohio'a largest Dinnerware Glassware and Gift Store Zanesville, Ohio .fa r A f-I 1 fN g a, ' 1 EGM' f' A , 5 . 1 j L- U ,A. i BX 1 I , 5 ,Q Mu N 'I A H U I 2 -33 S' jlzfiihclff 37 V13 ' A W I M C 0 . 'C I ' M9 I - l ' :Qi , A ll, 510, D SOHIO ERVIC G G GERMAN 'S TEXACO STAIIAID Ssso STATIONS Adamsville 5 Pleasant Grove Road East Pike and Pleasant Grove Road Vt' mall 48 States CASH MAR 51 xl 'iiflzx WU 3' -Q East Pike Zanesville, Ohio Phone GL 3 7513 FRAN COOPER KET JEWELER M!l! E Z. 'f frmN Phone GL 2 1226 7 N Fifth Street Zanesville , Ohio AJHITE PIMARS ANTIQUES-GIFTS RAY THOMAS LUMBER COMPANY Route 1 Prazeysburg Road, Zanesville, Guo Johns Manville Products Celetex Building Products Pel la Windows Plywood Zonolite Hard Wood Flooring wood and Aluminum Storm Doors Red Wood Siding One Board ora Trainload Lumber and Buildex-'s Supplies Ohi tmstom Built Cabinets Phone TR 2 1277 Norwich, o ZANESVILLE COMMUNITY SALES A R R 'Your Livestock Market' I Sales Every Monday Malinda Street Phone GL 2 7186 Zanesville , Ohio 'The Best Place To Shop After All' For Hen and Boy s Wear 5 X l-Lth At Hain - - e-agiq, FOX DRUG STORE V A R Y G I F 'I' S H 0 P Ridge Avenue 5 Brighton Blvd. 53OMarketStreet THRESS DRUG 0 ll23 Pine Street in SQARTGIFTS PURE: DRUGS PDUHPT SERVICE Moderate Prices Phone GL 3 N817 Zanesville, Ohio Zanesville, Ohio GREINER ' S FIDNERS MARKET TIRE 8: SUPPII 'Flowe Fr rs on A Dependable Florist' Leo McLoughlin 5 Sons FL S Tires U S Batteries Phone GL 2 5771 8 5,9-BPH Sinclair Products 45 Dsl, -9 Opposite Postoffice U'in "' Zanesville, Ohio ervice is Our Business' arte' Dial GL 2 3276 Cor Sixth 8: South, Zanesville, O MUSKINGUH COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP ASSOCIATION Zanesville f Dresden Ymr-V Complete arm Supplies Black Hawk Farm Machinery Modern Grain Handling Facil YAN FEED SERVI Dial GL 2 3552 5 Grinding at nning K Complete Line of Feeds Fam Hardware Saddles 8: Tack itigg Haysville Pike South Zanesville , O 'Nt f" J eb -A DAWSON 5 -- FURNITURE in' Bottled Gas Service APPLIANCES 'bxxa -Z Q1 A Ranges , Waterheaters 35 Hz-:mms A 0 CP. ,Q , RADIOS so s 46 'we carry our own accounts' 701 Main Street Zanesville, Ohio Ph one GL 2-52143 Adamsville Road S T R E Y jjilllllltc: I U. . . . ' 4 if- ,WND , .Jil ,f",,,...ff-df .P ns BR CE "' ' gigiiaf PJ l l "' , P X fx J " 1 ' - 'A7 li X fl xr fQf'ile o,s N X j I ' ,N ' . . M vc' . f-' Q00 rl Io 011 pivxbc' g,o. FOR BETTER ShoeRepairing SEE SARGE SARGE'S SHOE REPAIR 59 North Fifth Street Zanesville, Ohio Air Conditioned Soft Water BownAn' ff! Barber Shop - A Three Barbers , 711 " , 'JC , -1' tigyl I S 3 ua e 9 ' Il 4 .X 9 T'- ' Q I A: I ,I 'I Zh ' A ,4 512 Market Street Zanesville , Ohio Hocro AUTOMOTIVE 475405-' i f 123 South Second Street Coshocton Ohio Phone 3132 3133 H C I N T O S H CASE FARM HCCULLOCH EQUIPMENT CHAIN SANS A- 'Q-P Phone 162W Shop 1621! Res Shenango Steel Building Coshocton, Ohio HAROLD HAHN'S GENERAL STORE We Sell at You Want Bargains in Everything .ff QNO Pnl A ig 1 f 'N 7: Q . '9'1WWWQW' 0 eva Otsego , Ohio Phone 1413 THE COSHOCTON FARMER'S EXCHANGE ,vu nn,4 SERVICE Phone lt9 Economr Feed Seeds we r-ur me MARK Fertilizer Farm Hardware Soy Bean Heal Coshocton, Ohio ALL YOUR YEARS GOOD YEARS 0 C000 YIAI TIRKS Anderson and Son Coshocton Ohio T H E X Adamsville. Ohio Upholstez-ing f Recovering ' i ix-g Q3 Refinishing ' 3 'Nw Ed James Phone SYL 6 28241 F. D. C O S N A A 'bi ' fix,-'J-A S S - M 1 gr J-f 45553 -TF Aw , : . oo 1, 42 Wh -- - 'S 2' - . A 23 ' 13 K, n:f.::,- ,g f' A - 1 F I - I T S H O P MAY BE ?I'I'f'3'Z-' '.- ' 1 I pf 1 fa f e I couP1.m:N'rs 1 , 'ro14's OF T E R R A C E A P P L I A N C E S, I N C. 1 Our Own Ice Cream I . lllf' I , A 'N,., Hotpoint - RCA - Sales and Service ' f ICE CREAM BowL Half dh 7 .3 Sandwiches - Chocolates - Nuts .fs N Two Stores 532 Hclntire Avenue lhl8 Maysville Avenue Zanesville, Ohio Phone: GL 2-4503 2215 Maple Avenue Z anesville, Ohio COHPLIHENTS YOU of L MUST BE E SATISFIED L I P P S T E X A C O S E R V I C E Best Place To Buy Floorcovering and Draperies Linden Avenue end Zanesville, Ohio 1306 Linden Avenue of 'Y' Bridge Phone GL 3 3400 Phone: GL 2 0110 Zanesville, Ohio U R A B E A U T Y S H O P T H E C A M E R A S H O P 528 Market Street 'Everything Photographic' ,,. L or 2 9U67 Zanesville, Ohio 620 Market Street L C Englehart, Mgr 'Hair Styling By All Operators Zanesville, Ohio Phone GL 2 7302 Nationally Advertised watches and L O S S M A H A R D W A R E Diamonds Everything in Silverware Hardware and Athletic Equipment L E E J E w E L E R 4 110 e tu ' ip' ms Q Q 5: .1 512 Main Street u-...- QD Zanesville, Ohio Zanesville Ohio 'Your Friendly Diamond Jewelers' ' f L L A P E V -W6 ' A X ,. I 1 gnc W 5 ' X .6 S, 7' . Q ,f NE! N we K GL - 6 . , M I . . . c N s ,..,i - C14 3 UQ N , ',.l .:,xx,,ry as D A I R Y Q U E E N UThe cone with the curl on the top' 1 PHONE: GL 3-2689 Royal Typewritere t Olivetti Printing Calculators 1 5:jgg'Qyf32Q Adding Machines Nl VLQLZZZQSQ Sales - Service - Rentals ZANESVILLE TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE Jim Charles, Owner Everything in the Ice Cream line we have u Taste that fresh frozen dairy goodness 16 yarket Street Zanesville' Ohio Commi sioner Street Zanesville, Ohio 'See Fe For A Bargain In Typewriters ZANE LINCOLN MERCURY VINSEL A SON 01 fifx QF mfnlunv Marietta 5 South Sixth Street Zanesville, Ohio Willa Creek Ohio Conesville, Ohio awp f,..,.2.,..,v. wwe! 7ZVf'M J lilxff' ff X L 4,4 ww' M X Zvi!!! I HW Y, ff 59' M I 5. X. :if" Q A I - ' - . V. F. I "H I lst 1 ":I:E!?n ' ' I 'VLA L , " ,A .JWVJ ' . . ' fffj nw A . ff fgflyflw O ,, 'Q 1 J ,.f L, Q M ,,4 I by V VJ! fl ' f, VL? I VA X fi-'XXX lf Ilfbthn , il' , I K X77 ' O ,,-1,4 Lf X ' 1 vb? VD ', fl A i . f W X wife' lwflff 'VLA ' 4 BOOSTER PAGE Harley-Davidson Sales, 129 Main Street, Zanesville, Ohio Kesler Supply Company, 217 Hain Street, Zanesville, Ohio Farm Exchange, Linden Avenue, Zanesville, Ohio Paul's Flowers, Greenwood Avenue, Zanesville, Ohio Necchi-Elna, West Main Street, Zanesville, Ohio Balderson Motor Sales, 2970 Maple Avenue, Zanesville, Ohio Young's Feed Store, New Concord, Ohio Zan Ab1e's Tire and Recapping, Haysville Pike, esville, Ohio Bloomer Candy Compaq, Zanesville, Ohio svill Ra S li Sixth St t Zan Thompson die upp es, ree , e A Friend, New Concord, Ohio Zanesville Paper Company, Zanesv1lle, Ohio lzel Osborne, Conn's Potato Orphe Flowers American News J H McHenry Zanesville, Ohio Chips, Zanesville, Ohio Dress Shoppe, Zanesville, Ohio Company, Zanesville, Ohlo Confectionery, Adamsville, Ohio Barber's Shoes and Clothing, Dresden, Ohio New China Restaurant, Zanesville, Ohio Radcliffe Traller Sales, Zanesville, Ohio e, ohio Dr Forrest D, Ballle, Optometrlst, Kresge Build1ng, Zanesville, Ohio Lily Ann Beauty Shoppe, Kresge Building, Zanesville, Ohio Burtch Barber Shop, Sth Street, Zanesv1lle, Ohio whitacre Typewriter Exchange, Market Street, Zanesville, Ohio Roy S Davis, Route M, Zanesvllle, Oh1o Borden's Dalry, Zanesvllle, Ohio Russi Paint Store, Zanesville, Ohio Wlsecarver Service Store, Adansville, OPIO Parson's Body Shop, Zanesvi.1e, Oh1o Graham Implement ompany, Adams M1lls, On1o Snith'e Red and Whlte Store, Adamsv1lle, Oh1o Ray Coy1e's, Zanesvllle, OV10 Dar1-Delite, oshocton, O ao Mary McClintock Beauty Shoppe, Dresden, Ohlo Paul's Red and White Store, Coshocton, Ohlo Coshocton Brake and Supply Company, Coshocton, Ohio C I I Barbour's Cash Market, Greenwood Avenue, Zanesville, Ohio n .- ,. xy NT R COLLEGIATE P E Kunsus Cnty 5 3 v V59j'fl: K Q QL 'X PuhMshe's fave' MD'WUfUlYL.TE'i Bo:xB d FAUORY HUM OFFNCE

Suggestions in the Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) collection:

Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 144

1957, pg 144

Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 150

1957, pg 150

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