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, Ky Ai" 'X xx 4' N xi Ax: X R ,Its X . NX xxx Mkxw 'fx NXXR 'X' X 5 U, -k Q w M x x ,,.,.f..Vf :gf aw R- . f""f E fam HX s S a .., if-M-Mumgr-Af W' . ' , ff? Qin nf W. IJ .Q Q V n. w at A-I ' A W A , I av ,, ww ,A ww' li YW? " Y 3' .mg 'Y' W 'M -A In .. M., ,, M ' 5 M ..,, r' 'n A, A'f'QG'ff.m by 'www' x mm -W 1 - 'ffm 'lziiu . , Al-3' Q' ka 'tam mf .Q Q-.,,,g ii" -M-.N yum .V . A W .vw ,f ' H49 inet W ,v -Mww V , ,W S' ... hlfflfllllll We, the Saladian Staff of 1956, nah to dedicate this Annual to MR. WILLIAM E. POOLE, in grateful recognition of his many years of service as Band Director and teacher, whlch has played such an important part in our lives and that of the school. THE STAFF h Patty Hatfield Year Book Sales Janice Wisecarver Claes Editor Dale Green Art Editor lliin Lester Prouty Editor in-Chief James Kirby Business Manager Carol Reed Assistant Editor ANNUAL STAFF Richard Bagent Sports Editor Elisabeth Durbin Social Editor David Bradford Advertising Sales Mrs. Crystal Boyer Advisor Charlene Oliver Publicity Huw. Jerry Bern Literary Editor Stalnaker Alumni Editor PRINCIPAL MESSAGE Once more we eagerly turn the pages of our Saledian and learn the But- what is to be the fate of this little book? Will it be placed upon a dusty shelf and be looked upon only at house-cleaning til? Or will it be a constant reminder of high school days? We hope it will be the latter, for the book :Ll written that it may be the bridge spanning the gulf between High School and the World Hay the Saledien of 1956 be a never failing remainder of the happy days spent within the portals of Adamville High School. QQ 9 things which have taken place during the past year. What a year it has been! , Qt we El furulg Mr William E Poole Ohio Univ , B A Ohio State, A Math, Instr Music, LUIEVUSSS Superintendent Musldngum, Ohio A Science, Chemistry Mrs Josephine Patton Muskingum B S in duc Home Economics Mrs Crystal Boyer Muskingum, O S U B A Comercial Mr. Rudy Antonet: Muskingum, B A. Hmtory, Coach OD ,E 0, H. . Q! o Q41 K XV x, CJ Mr. J. A. Henry U. M. ., B. S. I I E O Miss Louise Eistetter X 'i ohio state, B s in Educ Hrs Elizabeth Cochran Social Studies , Phys Ed Hrs Emogene Shelton Ohio State, Oh1o Univ , Hr Robert W1nd1a.nd Muskingum Univ of Arkansas Elem Music Vo-Ag Ohio State Un1v B S in Educ English, Speech weve, A 1 woivgq woekv 'f Mr Millard Green Union College, Ky Elem Prin Sixth Grade ,Q .11 ..v-gk! -- QQ' -UW :ge .. EN 'XX ,, D f ,! , S 'sf 'f . B. S: A. ' ' '31 Q' '. ., ..f Mt:--Q, x 'g .7363 I. W,- fs 5 Mrs Esther Patton Hrs Mozelle McCann Ohio University Huslclngum, Ohio Univ Fourth Grade Fifth Grade sua 3.5.-.- Wht Mari Hi E Ethel ie Mrs ,cis Graham 1:1211 e en Muskingum G Second Grade Third Grade First rade I ff GW, N fl! ' Umfcqlll A tt E Q DAVID KNICELY F 1 2 3 h FFA Officer 3 11 State FFA Sheep Q Wool Champion 1 Basketball 1 2 Baseball l 3 lg Band 1 2 3 14 Class Play 3 Junior Marshall Saladian Staff 3 Scholarship Tests h MAUREEN MATCHETT Home Ec Club 1 Saladian Editor 3 Cheerleader 1 2 Librarian 1 2 Class Play 3 Chorus 3 Wildcat Staff l CZ af HELEN ECHELB RRY Majorette 1 2 Cheerleader 3 b Band l 2 3 h Chorus 3 Class Trees Saladian Staff 3 Wildcat Staff 3 h Editor 14 Student Council 3 Home Bc Club 1 2 FFA Queen 3 Class Queen M Librarian 3 Office 2 SHIRLEY LANE Hole Ee Club 1 2 Band 1 2 3-U Junior Marshall 3 Class Play 3 Wlldcat Staff 1 2 Class Queen 3 Saladian Staff 2 3 Student Counc11 1 Home Ec Pres h Band Vice Pres 3 ROBERT SIGRIST FF l 2 3 Basketball 1 2 3 h Baseball 1 2 3 L1 Class Play 3 Student Council H9-. 'Qt X5 fa' FA - - - - Q ' '3'h - -3-h - - 3 ' ' - -2 3 Class officer 2-3-M . -2-L - -3-h A - - h - -3-h . h . - -3-h 03 :P 15 x 57 CAROLYN LYONS GERALD PHOUTY Home Ec Club 1 2 3 h Wildcat Staff 3 Saladian Staff 3 Class Play 3 Class Officer 3 LARRY HITTLE FF 1 2 3 BB Manager 2 3 M Basketball 1 2 3 h FF l 2 3 h FFA Officer 3 h Student Council 2 3 Class Play 3 Class Offlcer h Wildcat Staff 3 h Saladian Staff 3 SONIA MCCARTY Home Ec Club 1 2 3 M Class Play 3 Student Council h Chorus 3 Wildcat Staff 1 3 Class Play 3 GLORIA DURANT Librarian 2 Home Ec Club 1 2 3 h Band 1 2 3 h Chorus 3 h Wildcat Staff 1 Cheerleader 2 3 h Class Play 3 Saladian Staff 3 Offlce 2 Student Council 2 Chorus Officer 3 h 3: 5 2 E F SZ-' - J. ' ' ' ' Baseball 1-3:h- - A - - .- A - - SHELBY HAYTS chorus 3 h Wildcat Staff ll Saladian Staff 3 Home Ec Club 1 2 3 Home Ec Reporter ll EUGENE WRIGHT FF 1 2 Basketball 1 Baseball 3 .r"' .af ,..,-f-,,,::T--'- L CAROL HITTLE Home Ec Club Band 1 2 3 h Class Officer Class Play 3 Wildcat Staff 1237.4 ill"--f 1 -1 if 3 03 3 ,. X 5 A DELMAR DUTRO Baseball 1 2 3 Basketball 1 2 Class Play 3 Class Pres ROSALIE ALLEN Home Ec Club 1 2 Band 1 2 3 h Class Play 3 Saladian Staff 3 NORMAN HUTCHISON Basketball 1 Baseball 1 MYRNA SPARKMAN Ho e Ec Club 2 3 h Chorus 2 3 Cheerleader 1 Camera Club 1 A Student Council 2 3 DELORES BOWDEN Chorus 1 2 3 M Band 1 2 3 ls Majorette 1 2 3 h FFA Queen 3 Wildcat Surf 2 h Saladian staff Librarian 1 2 Home Fc Club 1 M class Officer 3 I4 Office 2 DON ADAMS Clase officer FF 1 2 3 Basketball 2 Student Council h Stud EUGENE SIDULE FAYE ANN ROBINSON Chorus 13h Home Ec Club 1214 Raul H9112 Rov3 Sonia McCarty, Hgureen Hntchett, Carol Hittle, Myrna Sparkun, Rosalie Allen, Delores Borden, Shirley Lane Hr J A Henry Udvisorl, Eugene Siddle, Shelby Hayes , Faye Ann Robinson, Helen Echelberry, Gloria. Durant, Carolyn Lyons, Hrs Josephine Patton Uiome Roan! Larry Hittle, Norman Hutohison, Don Adam, Eugene Wright, Delmar Dutro, Bob Sigrist, Gerald Prouty, David Knicely CLASS FLGUER 1 Red Carnation CLASS COLORS Blue and White CLASS HOYTO 'To Reach The Top, Never Stop' President - Gerald Prouty Vice President Shirley Lane Secretary - Carol I-little Treasurer - Helen Echelberry fm SENIORCLASS PROPHECY It's the year 1976 I , Helen Echelberry, now the wife of the famous Five-Star General, Gene Elwood Vernon, an returning to dear old Adamsville after 20 long years in San Antonio, Texas, along with our ten sons five sets of twins Ike and Hike, Elmer and Delmar, Pete and Repeat, Elwood and Plywood, Cecil and Decil As we drove into Adamsville, now a large city with a population of l6,000, my mind wondered back to A H S, and the happy memories of the Class of '56 We stopped for lunch at the Piggly Wiggly, a large drive in restaurant in Ademsville and the waitress was none other than Faye Ann Robinson, now Mrs Delmar Dutro. She informed me that she was now supporting their family as Delmar's large 'dill pickle factory' had gone under As we continued tallclng she told me that Shelby Hayes is now teaching Third Grade at A H S and is happily married to Jin King After we left they restaurant we had to stop to ask directions because the city had grorm so large we couldn't find Clyde Vernons We found the cop was none other than Don Adams Don is now a part time cop and owner of a Safety Pin Factory run by his wife, Joyce Moore As we continued on through Adamsville, I kept looking for familiar faces We finally found Vernon's and left our ten boys with their grandmother and left looking for a filling station, 'as our radio was on the blink Luckily we found a 'Fix It All Radio Shop' and to our surprise found it was owned by Bobby Sigrist and his assistant repair nan was Larry Hittle Larry is married to their bookkeeper, Rosalie Allen, and they have two daughters As we waited while Larry fixed the radio, Bobby and I gossiped about our old classmates at A H S I found that Sonia and Judy McCarty had moved to California They new own a 699 acre ranch and have started their family with six daughters, Bob told me that Shirley Lane, now Mrs Darrell Hoods, is running the cafeteria at Adamsville High School Bobby and I continued talking and I thought of Myrna He said she was nw Mrs Bob Church Bob runs the Big Bear Super Market and Myrna hasn't been promoted am' further than the basement as yet I got lv radio and we went on to the Quarter Filling Station The owners were none other than Eugene Wright and Dave Knicely, who are in partnership together As I was talking to Dave, I was shocked to find that he had married Carolyn Lyons after she had two-times Midge Prouty ltldge 1l now a famous plq boy in Hollywood and drives a mink lined Cadillac convertible From Eugene I learned about the other members of our A H S class Carol Hittle, now Mrs Gary Geyer, runs a dancing school along with her husband, who is the toe dancing teacher Gloria Durant, who married Dick Jones a few weeks after school was out, now has two children look like Gloria. Eugene Siddle is now master of ceremonies for the famous T V Show, 'The S6h,O00 Question " is now married to Janice Uisecarver and they have twelve children Delores Bowden is now the fat lady in the Ringling Brothers Circus and :Ln an act with her hue band, Ivan Johnson, who is the fire-eating nan in the circus Norman Hutchison, now a famous scientist, is in Europe studying Zoology and is working his way through Chic State University in his spare time Maureen Matchett is now happily married to Rodney McNeish, the coach at Adansville High School We left and found the 'Henry Hotel", owned by our '56 Superintendent, Alfred Henry As we went to register Robert Windland asked us to sign The bellboy was none other than Rudy Antonets and helped us to our room In the evening we went to the dining room for our evening meal We were served by my old Home Ec teacher, Mrs Jo Patton, and the music was furnished by an orchestra with Hr Poole as director and made up of all his little Pooles As we left the dining room, the cashier turned out to be my olf commercial teacher, Mrs Crystal Boyer She chatted for awhile before we went to our room. To sy surprise the maids preparing our rooms were Louise Eistetter and Elisabeth Cochran We talked a few minutes They told us that they made more money doing that than teaching school The next morning we picked up our kids at their grandmother's and started on our long trip back to gens How happy I was to hear about all my high school teachers and classmates in this year of 197 Helen Echelberry O! 41 1 l X ll' J' C . O who e e e HQ Maureen teaches girl's physical education and also instructs the opera singing at Adamsville, . . O I O I 0 XJLV 5 " ' 'Jw . 1 , ll . s 2 I1 . S WA 1 , SENIOR LASS WILL My friends and teachers, I have been called upon to execute this last Will and Testament of the grand and glorious Senior Class of 1955 S6 If am' illiterate inbecile of the student body feels slighted :Ln the distribution of our ill begotten gains, please blame it on the mental fatigue brought about by the terrific amount of study forced upon us in our senior year. After long tiring periods of nod itation, we have decided to dispose of our material possessions in this mnnera ITD! I To these hard headed, mentally retarded Juniors, we leave our intelligence, our great learning capacities, our wisdom and a.ll of our other good qualities which we possess in enormous quantities. ITB!! II We also leave to the Juniors our bruised, beaten and bedraggled teachers, along with all used paper cups from the Pepsi machine. ITEM III To our good friends, the sophomores, we leave our ability to get along with Hrs. Cochran and one case of ear plugs so they can stand the senseless chatter of the Juniors. ITEM IV To this uncouth group of Freshmen, we leave our undying love for dear old A. H S ITEM V To this undoserving group of Eight Graders, we leave a dozen vhetstones so they'll always have keen minds for Hr Poole's classes. ITD! VI To the Seventh Grade, we leave a ladder to enable then to reach our high social standard ITEM VII To our beloved C71 teachers, we leave the peaceful quiet caused by our absence and our bright outlook on l:Lfo, so that they won't be saddened too much by our departure. Larry Hittle, leave Charlene Oliver to Leonard Jordan. To Bill Jennings I leave my love Practical Math Delmar Dutro, will my crew cut to Miss Eistettor. To Brian Foley I leave my respect for women. Helen Echelberry, gladly will Gene Vernon to Betty I-little To Sandra Middleton, I leave ly excess weight. Don Adams, leave my umhing love to Joyce Moore. To Gene Vernon I leave U respect for Hrs. Cochran Eugene Wright, leave Vera Butler to Lester Pronty on condition that he returns the 82.98 that I paid for her ring Gloria Durant, leave my cheerleading ability to Sadie Foster. Carol Hittle, leave IU extreme shyness to Zen Davison. Gerald Prouty, leave my little red bucket of bolts Ilford, to Jimmy Darner. Carolyn Lyons, leave W feminine ways to Jim Brewer. Dave Knicely, leave nv height to Freddy Dunant To Shirley Fliger I leave my slender build. Gene Siddle, leave nv immense store of knowledge to Rita Sherrick. Sonia McCarty, leave all IU heart-broken admirers to Carol Reed. Bob Sigrist, leave my position on the basket ball team to Gerald Bissonetto. Faye Robinson, leave ny ambition to be a success to Donald Steam, Herman Hutchison, leave my heart to Dorothy Bissett. Shirley Lane, bequeath my graceful manners to Pat McNichols. Rosalie Allen, leave Hawkshaas' Chevy to Iona Jennings to oat her dimer in Shelby Hayes, leave nv ability to milk cows to Hrs Cochran. I, Maureen Matchett, leave my wild and Wooly ways to Ettanao Graham, . . I, of I. N 1, , . 1, In I, Delores Bowden, bequeath nv short, dumpy figure to Patty Hatfield. I: In I. I, I, . In . I, T. In I, , 1, . I, . 1, . I, Wrna Sparkman, leave my great ability to run over dogs to Brian Foley It is with great sadness that we, the Semor Class of 1955 56, prepare to leave this sacred house of knowledge and as we go our separate ways into this cold, cruel world, we find a small measure of joy that some day another class may honor this school by attaining our exceptionally high standards with tears in our eyes, we dutifully appoint Mrs Josephine Patton our sole executrix on this 28th day of Hay, in the Year of our Lord, 1956, and dutifully set our Seal Norman Hutchison Attorney At Law P I Pk ASS PO "LIFE Life is a gift to be used every day, Not to be smothered and h1dden awayy It 1sn't a thing to be stored in the chest Where you gather your keepsakes and treasure your best, It isn't a joy to be sipped now and then And promptly put back in a dark place again Life is a gift that the humblest may boast of And one that the humblest may well make the must of Get out and live it each hour of the day, Wear it and use it as much as you may, Don't keep it in niches and corners and grooves, You'l1 find that 1n service its beauty improves Q F. A . . A X F3 65.3 r W! -' , O X7 NV, 44 I -. ' xg! . " " ff 7? W A -'Z C L E H SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Twenty-nine eager Freshmen entered high school September 2, 1952. We found we had lost Russell Willey but had gained Don Adams, who came from Otsego, Before long we were initiated by the Seniors. We then elected our class officers. They were: President, Don Adams, Vice President, Lynn Stevens, Secretary, Maureen Hatchettg Treasurer, Lowell ibersg Student Council, Shirley Lane and Gerald Stotts Maureen Hatchett was elected cheerleader. Sole of the boys took part in basketball. Mr. Poole was out class advisor for the year. September 8, 1953 we began our second year of high school. We found that we had lost two nen- bers, Rollin Vansickle and Ruby Southwick. We gained Lewis Barthlow. During the year we lost Lynn Stevens. The class officers were: President, Delmar Dutrog Vice President, Lynn Stevens, Secretary, Shirley Laney Treasurer, Lowell Myers, Student Council, Gerald Prouty and Gloria Durant Maureen Hatchett and Gloria Durant were elected cheerleaders Hr Worthington was our class advisor We began our Junior year, September 7, l95h We found that we had lost two members, Lewis Bar thlow and Bob Grant We gained Myrna Sparkman, who came from Zanesville During the year we lost Ruth Mays Our class officers were: President, Shirley Laneg Vice President, Delores Bowden, Secretary, Carolyn Lyonsg Treasurer, Carol Hittleg Student Council, Gerald Prouty, Helen Echelberry and Myrna Sparkman The biggest events of the year were getting our class rings , the class play 'Shy Guy", and the Junior-Senior banquet This was held at Beverly Hills Maureen Hatchett, Gloria Durant and Helen Echelberry were elected cheerleaders Shirley Lane was elected Class Queen As the last year of our school life rolled around we found that we had twenty one members left We lost Lowell Myers and Gary Stotts In October we had the pleasure of initiating the Freshmen Our class officers were President, Gerald Proutyg Vice President, Shirley Laney Secretary, Carol Hittleg Treasurer, Helen Echelberryg Student Council, Don Adams, Bob Sigrist and Sonia McCarty Early in the year we ordered our name cards and invitations During October we had our Halloween Carnival We had our graduatlon pictures taken in September After Christmas we presented our class play We have enjoyed these years and are looking forward to Baccalaureate and Commencement Our senior trip will be another big event in our life Hr Hemry has acted as our class advisor this year and Mrs Patton has been our home roam supervisor, 5 A -I A 21? if Ev? " LA J QV .W U Q Jig. 'Jah .YL 0 are f - 'xx I: V gl :union cuss ROW I Dorothy Dayton, Janice Wisecarver, Barbara Stalnaker, Patty Hat field, Elizabeth Durbin, Barbara Hlttle ROW Mrs Cochran, Lester Prouty, Dale Green, Mar lene Foster, Peggy Hgm brick, Charlene Oliver, Connie Mayle, V1o1et Gress ROW III Jerry Hern, Dave Bradford, Rlcharfi Baeent, Weldon Adams, Jim K1rby, Gerald Blssonette, J1m King On September 8, 1953, the now Junior Class entered the Freshman Class w1th twenty three members lost two members during the summer Joy Whitmer and Wayne Lawrence John Watson later moved to Conesv1lle Nova McGlothin came to us from Zanesville We all got through initiat1on and then work At our flrst class meeting we elected officers They were Presldent, Lester Proutyg V1ce President, Jerry Horn, Secretary, Carol Mayleg Treasurer, Barbara Stalnaker, Student Council, Charlene Oliver and Helen H1ttle when we came back September 7, l9Sh we found we had lost Dale Hayes and later ga1ned Peggy Hambrick from Hopewell This year's class officers are President, Lester Prouty, Vice President, Jerry Hern, Secretary, Richard Bagent, Treasurer, Patty Hatfleld Patty was also elected Class Queen Helen Hlttle was chosen as cheerleader We are looking forward to being Juniors On September 6, 1955, twenty four students entered the Junior Class We have lost two students Helen Hittle and Carol Hayle They are both marrled We gained Elizabeth Durbin from New Concord The third week of school we elected offlcers They were President, Richard Bagentg Vice President, Charlene Oliver, Secretary, Barbara Stalnaker, Treasurer, Jerry Horn, Student Council, Patty Hatf1e1d V1olet Gress and Gerald Bissonette Elizabeth Durbin was elected Class Queen and Patty Hatfield varsity cheerleader We have ordered our class rings and expect to get them in January The class play 'The Adorable Impn, will be g1ven in April May will find us gettlng ready for the Junior Senior Banquet At present we are hard at work getting the annual material ready for the press P ,-J fx X 63" X OFFICERS AL l" 1 gf ff, U , . - :mfg Q g Q .' .. ey, Xxax fn? E a 00+ r lx 22 c r f I fx, I Q We 4 I to Sophomores ROW I LaJoy Burwell, Bonnie Lane, Nancy Lyons, Rita Sherrick, Ellen Hutchison, Carol Reed Vera Butler, Lila Hayle, Anita Foley, Helen Miller, Sh1r1ey Lehman ROW II Mr Windland, Bob Pitts, Fred Durant, Harold Green, Kathleen Green, Delores Hayes Larry Caldwell ROW III Duane Brock, Dwain Merriam, Larry Dutro, Stanley Hittle, Gene Wortman, Donald Caldwell Rodney Hatchett, Paul Vanslckle, Paul Heil, Pat McNichols, Billy Jennlngs, Leroy Bowden The Freshman Class of l95h entered hlgh school with 35 pupils Since last year we have lost Joe Barthlow and Richard Kennedy We galned Rita Sherrick and Nova McGlothlin David Baker and Donna and Kathleen Urban moved away the first six weeks of school we were initiated Sept 21 and it was a lot of fun Our class offlcers for the year were Pres1dent, Ellen Hutchison, Vice President, Rita Sherrick, Secretary, LaJoy Burwell, Treasurer, Carol Reedg Student Council, Anita Foley and Larry Caldwell Rita Sherr1ck was elected class queen and cheerleader As Sophomores we felt very grown up and are looking forward to a big year We elected offlcers which were as follows: President, LaJoy Burwell, V1ce President, Rita Sherrick, Secretary, Rodney Matchett, Treasurer, Carol Reed, Reporter, Pat McN1chols, Student Council, Larry Caldwell and Nancy Lyons Ellen Hutchison and Rita Sherrick were elected reserve cheerleaders We had a hay r1de September 23 to Zanesvllle, Dresden, Coshocton and back to Zanesville On October 2h we started to sell magazines Our ueeof HF:-'w S EKQQG- HEI ., 2 ., .x l SX I hi tsseeeeueeeee. 4 ,B-Sxxffd XXI!! VP-ESH M A N ROW I Mary Lou Hittle, Carol Littick, Sandra Baldwin, Brenda Dozer, Patty Wheeler, Joyce Moore, Betty Hittle ROW II Mr Poole, Jim Brewer, Jim Knipe, Donald Whiteman, Zon Davison, Norma Hambrlck, Shirley Fliger, Sandra Mlddleton, Carol Green, Linda Butler Bill Grubb, Jlm VanDyne, J1m Wright, Carl Smith, Donald Stem , Loren Knicely, Elden Sarbaugh, Randolph Stalnaker, Ronald Baldwin, Jim Darner The Claes of '59 entered high school with 25 pupils We ga ned Joyce Moore and Patty Wheeler from Pleasant Grove and Jlm Brewer and Bill Grubb from Hancock Brenda Dozer later came from Rosecrans and Charles Hood from Hancock, making us a total of 27 pupils We were initiated on September 27 and enjoyed a hayride on September 29 Stemm, Treasurer, Zon Davison, Student Council, Jim Knipe Mary ou Hittle was chosen as our class queen Mary Lou H1ttle and Sandy Baldwin were chosen as reserve cheerleaders ,f ,- C C if .23 fficers ROW III- ' ' , i Our class officer: are: President, Carol Green, Vice President, Ronnie Baldwing Secretary, Donald . . . L V - lg, 15 24.1 elf M ' r:::" R011 I RCM II ROW III EIGHTH ROJI SEVENTH GRADE Marion Hatfield, Wesley Matchett, Billy Hambrick, James Derry, Ada Vansickle, Roberta Foraker, Kay HcNeish, Freda Grubb, Judith Ford, Darlene Bowden, Ralph Shirer Harold Pollock, Betty Graham, Anita Young, Wanda Shirer, Mary Kirby, Roger Kreis, Harold West, Barbara Graham, Donna Pierce, Irene Miller, Jean Hatfield Lane, Claude Foley, Bob Doughty, John King, Delmas Bill Davis, Donald Jennings, Ronald Gary Thompson, Tommy Smith Jones, Larry Emerson, Ray Stalnaker, fg Z Qi1-QF' ' W GRADE Loretta Hayes , Dorothy Bissett, Sue Powelson, Wanda Sarbaugh, Genevieve Hayle, Janet Williams, Carol Jones , Dorothy Heil, Betty Bowden, Martha Foraker, Miss Eistetter Charles Murphy Glenn Shaw, Douglas Browning, Bertha Gress, Patty Wortman, Linda Hittle, Iona Jennings, Norms Pierce, Peggy King Bill VanDyne, Roy Murphy, Johnny Smith, Charles Sparkrnan, James Lehman, Jackie Brewer Martin Sheck, Richard Butler, Robert Glosser, Ronald Niles, Leroy Echelberry, Leonard Jordan Cir l .ff-1, ', 4 ' 4 ' fvfgy- ,jul I 2' fs Hoa II , new III , SIXTH GRADE RCM I Doris Miller, Mary Ellen Knicely, Sandra Mox, Marlene Wiles, Charlene Glosser, Gene Pidcock, Bonnie Bowden, Hilda Bowden, Karen Coleman, Mary Jennings, David Hatfield, Robert I-little RUR II Bernard Jordan, Larry Foster, Roger Evers, John Brewer, Kenneth Merriam, John Gress, Gerald Hayes, Lillian Foraker, Rickey Derry, John Bowman, Mr Green Absent Joyce Thompson, Shirley Wolfe re' 455 ,gr Milk 4.12 C7 w FIFTH GRADE ROW I Robin Milstead, Pamela Poole, George Gress, Eddie Miller, David Shinn, Barbara Hambrick Sharon Culbertson, Douglas Kreie, Mary Murphy, Mark Hittle, Franklin Young, Wllliam Saltz ROW II Joan Tucker, Sandra VanDyne, Cheryl Enerson, Dick Weiser, Walter Wolfe, Robert Bowden Clyde Knipe, Carol McNe1sh, Maurice Mayle, John Pidcock, Dale Wolfe, Mrs McCann ROW III Jerry Smith, Joann Hittle, Stanley Lyons, Robin Stemm, Edwin Stalnaker, Carol Mays, Betty Bowers, Paul Murphy,wona.rd Dayton, Kenneth Hambrick Absent Janelle Hern, Wlllard Wolfe, Willlam Beers, Larry Lapp, I Y y V6 9. 90 0 E '-5? A 0 2. ' t nl ' 6 A- I.: :rr I tl L xg ' 'B AMX! "i 'M 4' . Q5 y ' 5 r- XQM 73 Z F' f fn 'N a ' I 5 X 'lx '. XX 1 va - ' 9 1 Q ' . , ae . r ' , r 1 s 0 5 O 0 FOURTH GRADE RUAII gary Mayle, Jerry Radcliffe, Roger Green, Diana Foley, Sandra Butler, Thomas West. Pauline irby, Sherry Downey, Weldon Kreis, Helen Green, Stanley Plckens, Vern Hittle, Hrs Browning CSube J Evelyn Jennings , Diana Kreis, Rosanne Bowden, Rita Bradford, Marie Echelberry, Paula Carroll, Eunice Cunningham, Karen Beers, Harry Pierce, Donald Bowman, ,gig-ry W Do y, William Roberts 4,1 fgii -85 0 v 3 Q 892, i2 RCM' I RCM II RUN' III fa THIRD GRADE Karen Milstead, Carol Shaw, Yvonne Beach, Karen Mox, Ruth McKnight, Michael Saltz, Wally Derry, Virginia Lane , Roger Smlth, Darla Baldwin, Diane Taylor, Betty Pitcock, David Leasure Clifford Speakman, Terrv VanDy-ne, Steven Morrison, Danny Paisley, James Green, Bobby Hiller, Loren Hayes , Daryl Hern, Robert Bednerczick, Larry Radcliffe, Roger Tucker, Norman Finney, Hrs Graham Thomas Green, Bobby Burwell, Gary Lowry, Earl Hatfield, Richard H1tt1e, Ronnie Shlrer, Randy Foraker, Harold Thompson, Carl Grubb, David Jones, Gene Caldwell, Judson Kinney Hoa II W H ' ' I JM A' inlet: 359g 5 . , - ' f ' 'I in ' 4 KX , , ' 2, 4 1 y - 'iii X , If - U l:' B ' W Q ,E xs A , 'Ll SECOND GRADE RW I Joyce Carroll, Helen Vamickle, Linda Finney, Clarence Mitchell, Richard Wisecarver, Michael Gebhart, Ronald Foraker, Leland Cannon, Rebecca Brewer, Gary 0'Heil, lancy Peck, Bobby Hays, Kent William RUN II Diana Elson, Sue Culbertson, Daniel Kreie, Patricia Stenn, Jerry VanDy'ne, Carl Vernon, Gary Hittle, Linda Uisecmer, hemon, Doris Smith, Bernard Hayes , Linda McDonald, Leda G1-nm, Hrs White RCW III Tomy Roberts , Patricia Richardson, Donald Phillips, Karen Schutt, Benjamin Morrison, Joyce Hayle Randy Spealman, Linda Bowden, Blecta White, Beverly Bowden, James Powelson, Robert Foraker, Kenneth Jennings 4-S"" 3 A FIRST GRADE RCM I Kaye Taylor, Ruth Ann Baker, Nellie Steen, Cheryl Hells, Linda Lapp, Judith Tracey, Judy Baldwin, Linda Botaon, L:I.nda McKnight, Dianne Shaw, Lindaiolfe R011 II Larry Fliger, Clarence Green, Sue Paisley, Donna hers, Joyce Pickens, Sara Geyer, Tommy Jennings, Tommay Saltz, Larry Wolfe, Jeffrey Saltz, Miss Hein R01 III Ronnie Williams, Ronnie Chaney, Gq.Duiro, Al len Hahn, Earl Butler, Jeffrey Mclleish Freddie Gebhart, Mitchell Hatfiefd, David Mays, Sammie Kitchell, Tom Green 9 g-J I 19 B 19 Delbert Brock nay Thomas Cabinet Making, Zanesville, Ohio Gene Coleman Kroger Store, Zanesville, Ohio Bob Church Hosiac Tile Compan , Zanesvllle, Ohio Gary Geyer Burnam Boiler, Zanesville, Ohio Homer Green Grain Elevator, Marengo, Ohio Martha Gress Edmont's, Coshocton, Ohio Jane Hatfield Bethesda School of Nursing, Zanesville, Ohio Bob James At h me, Adamsvllle, Ohio Helen Jennings At home, Adamsv1lle, Ohio Coleen Jordan Hosiao Tile Company, Zanesv1lle, Ohio Donagd Knicely Mason Work with Ed Knicely Paul Knicely Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio Stanley Matchett Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio Margaret Murphy At home, Adamsville, Ohio Gall Prouty Essex Wire, Zanesville, Ohio Catherine Radcliffe At h me, Adamsville, Ohio Donna Young Essex Wire, Zanesville, Ohio Jane Browning Wallace Equitable Life Insurance Company, Zanesville, Ohio Carol Darner Line Material, Zanesville, Ohio Bernard Geyer Hosiac Tile Company, Zanesville, Ohio Dorothy Grant Roseville, Ohio Mildred Hittle Dairy'Cream, Zanesville, Oh1o Ralph Jennings Farming, Adansville, Ohio Helen King Ross Housewife, Adamsville, Ohio Lewis King Coshocton, Ohio, Carnation Milk Garnet Lapp Edmont'a, Coshocton, Ohio Rodney McNeish Farm Bureau, Zanesville, Ohio Barbara Metchett U S Dept of Agri Stabilizatio , Zanesville, Ohio Philip Hozena Ohio State University Ronald Myers Glass Plant, Zanesville, Ohio Helen Powelson Prouty J J Newberry's, Zanesville, Ohio Ronald Sarbaugh Huck Brothers, Zanesville, Ohio Verna White Homen's Air Corp, Mather A1r Force Base, Nether W1e1d, 0311? 55 S - " ' .v S Bernard Bissett - Sale Barns, Zanesville and Coshocton, Ohio Pr 999 Efv SENIOR JUNIUR Helen Echelberry Elizabeth Durbin Rita SheI'I'iCk Lou in Ill , I All x. -.4 On April 22, 1955, the Junlor Class gave their Class Play, entitled NShy Guy' The cast were as follows FRED HASTING A h1gh school senior and football player MIDGE PROUTV CORA HASTINGS A happy, fluttering woman in her late forties CAROL HITTLE GILBERT HASTINGS Nearing fifty, is a loyal husband and father DELMAR DUTRO NANCY GRAHAM A pretty and vivacious g1rl of seventeen GAROLYN LIONS LARRY MADISON A speedy, energetic high school senior BOB SIGRIST JULIE TUCKER A talkative girl w1th an overwhelming fondness for dogs and Larry HAUREEN MATCHETT GLORIA PATTERSON A beautiful young woman in her early twenties GLORIA DURANT MELINDA WHIPPLE A wiry, eccentric llttle lndv of eighty SONIA STANSBERRY LOIS CORHIN An attractive and efflclent bus1ness woman 1n her early th1rties ROSALIE ALLEN MRS DANBURY An aggress1ve and 6HthUSlBBt1C woman of forty five SHIRLEY LANE BILL STERLING A pleasant but determined young man in his late twent1es DAVE KNICELY PROMPTERS Delores Bowden and Shirley Lane STAGE MANAGERS Larry Hittle and Gary Stotts MAKE UP Helen Echelber1y'and Mrs Boyer DIRECTOR Mrs Boyer The Cast did an excellent job and the play was a huge success JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM On the evening of May 6, 1955, the Juniors, Seniors and Faculty of Adamsvllle High School, gathered at Beverly Hills for their annual banquet We were all dressed up for a gala evening The menu included Tomato Juice, Steak, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Succotash, Rolls and Butter, Cole Slew, Chiffon Pie and Coffee This compr1sed a delicious meal Our TOASTMASTER for the evening was Shirley Lane Mr Hemry gave the Invocatlon Shirley welcomed the Sen1ors and presented the rest of the program Helen Jennings gave the response for the SSHIOTS Glor1a Durant sang 'Now is The Hourn Gerald Prouty read the Prophecy and the Juniors passed out articles to represent this Carol Hittle played NMelody of Loven on her accordian Mr Hemry gave the closing speech Some of the group went to a show or a dance to f1nish the evening . 7 r 'x ,,, , ml 'K E My MM Q i z 5 A ,.,- -5 qi A hh ,, wv 55 :ff if f-wx? y -.V, wg X ,m"' 7f.yfiQlI eivfifa i , Ba 31 5 gg nf, ' QQSMXV K. . 55"f1IqQ.l54?QA., g W ,mm , 3 gg, 4. :fs-fmggl M.. - - W warg, g -:2e?f5! vfggijsiglzszsi +5s2sg.:i7g: 1 mm, 9352! I P 592. 8 f :W 5 if 4 Q W IM A 1 : A 4 'W ' ' V we fl' ,,' X iw., s 11 lf' Science .la Girls Physical Education WHAT 165115 inf MIN I il Fifi I 7 I N V c I 1. 6 , fe Qggwl ,"':g,gf1 ,, Ju ' 52, +-,ew kj. sl I JN rm Q I QM. V ' ,, f LQ I A wg-W, W :YQ f3 . M gg , 4 0 4 .,. '. -,' o lo - 13 I Q f Y an X Sm , ,HQ -' " ',effW 'Iv 'P '9 A- 5' u. 5' Future Farmer of America ea ROBERT WINDLAND VO AG INSTRUCTOR ff-Tkfbss 11: , W + , ra X 5110 9 9 1 f I :Fo 04- Q lZ"'Ir-L1 ROW I Paul Vanaickle, Lester Prouty, David Knicely, Delores Bowden CFFA Queenl, Rodney Hatchett, Bob Pitta, Pat Hcblichols R041 II Hr Windland, Randy Stalnaker, Fred Durant, Loren Knicely, Dave Bradford, Gerald Prouty, Dale Green, Donald Caldwell, Paul Heil, Gerald Biesonette ROW III Eldon Sarbaugh, Jim Darner, Larry Caldwell, Stanley Hittle, on Davison, Jim Wright, Donald Whiteman, Charles Hood, Leroy Bowden, Harold Green O i J ks 5 l K C I - ,wr diff? 'I' V 3 geo: ,I -fgqffn I 1 5 . 1 52-LP' Q-3 ex ' D -J ,XS o u I Ie. I. T V! z 'A FFA OFFICERS PRESIDENT - Dave Knicely VICE PRESIDENT - Gerald Prouty SECRETARY - Duane Brock Cabl TREASURER - Lester Prouty SENTINEL - Fred Durant REPORTER - Dave Bradford STUDENT ADVISOR - Dale Green FAC. ADVISOR - Mr. Windland Paul Vansickle, Leroy Bowden, Larry Caldwell, Fred Durant, Bob Pltts, Rodney Matchett Winland, Paul Heil, Stanley Hittle, Harold Green, Donald Caldwell, Pat HcN1cho1s sw' 'in 7.34. qv i 3 -Y' j Q ' :- H! x A N00 X Q P Mr. l ' B+- A Q Diff? MP' 1 W V165 'W 9 Q- so N' ,A BAND The Adsmsville High School Band was organized in September 1952 under the capable dlrection of Hr William E Poole There are approximately hl students in the Senior Band, plus 5 majorettes A Junior Band has also been organized and this year contains 2h members At a recent eeting the following officers were elected for the year Presldent, Shlrley Laney Vice President, David Bradford, Secretary, Gloria Durant, Treasurer, Jerry Hern During the past summer the Band played for Decoratlon Day, a special Memorial Service, three concerts at the Homec ldng, two Ice Cream socials and the Dresden Homecoming This fall they have played for the Community Thanksgiving Serv'ce, P T A Chrlstmas Program, Annual Band Concert, Progressive Councml Program and all pep m68t1hgS 4 - a x? XZ The Chorus this year is under the able direction of Mrs Emogene Shelton It is composed of ho girls They have sung at the Thanksgiving and Christmas programs and for P T A They are planning to participate in the All County Spring Music Festival Officers for the year are President, Carol Reed, Vice President, Charlene Oliver, Secretary, Gloria Durant, Treasurer, Carol Green, News Reporter, Bonnie Lane and Director, Mrs Shelton Q' fb . R X Q ? ff e 1 C Q P P 5 N A E V 222, wh s F35 iii . .' - L- 'PV A32 FIGHT Q' 6 fw Wi, A X my Q5 F20 JJ' 0925 I 4 J' J- X ..f Q fy? 5 Qs' Q0 X ,I Q? Q' V Q, 4 f Q f X A2 PQ, - ..., fl fx mfg Q if elf 'L K 1 F Q ui ' '-' 5 A V1 4 X. vs I My , 'Q 2 i3 H f 5342 I 0 'to 'P " gg 6 V W Q. , X 1 , W' 14.33 QE? X 'kg -M QF? ,X ,-1, M naw-. gk? an 4, A L ff g' 545 qw ' . gm, Af' K A M S ,V 3. 3. Y x I wx I , 5 5 N Q. 'H J FP W Lggiiyfw- 'wf!NMi,mN5151w. '. mm - K f ' 1" K V f iv Q V - J "-. I X L ' 2 'X L- A ,3 ,L I f I W' Q , A ' : ' Q ' A "X . '55 ii - 1, ' ,H . p fi 5 Q - . 4, 2,5 M - L - V -fam ' V- A Q 4+ aa- is W2 f is "M W" ui -A. -.V ,.,,- M- W' N., W' ,, .5 " SQ a ""' Q uf nl V! 1 ek A-' , '- 'F W' V , , A - f .A ' 'X f K ,RQ N Q- 'Q 'A f ,,, M W ,Q an K K- wmv w ' we: i 45 if 41: fl A Nw, -4 .L Q, A E YL V P b , .Q X 'E ,W A Mfzff " 29"X2 . gg, I. W Q X mf- jp-'sf E1' Eg E M A K f Q , 33 3 gf V Z?'U?,,,q V . V I .K xA 3, M V: J by 5 1 wwe A M, j If A Xie H , ,1 is gd ' ...ft an-, . Q.-N r if Ax 4' , uf , .LM X fi, Y? if 5, I ., Y wifsgyf M ,J 'Sw' x. 4 5 M, 311 , 1 -X Mfg My M an M ,-. is ww' air 'WS wr X W, 'Mv- inf? f M X, R ,HP . ,, L 2454 mf Rudy Ruth Ann Baker Sandy Baldwin Bonnie Bowden Delores Bowden Rosanne Bowden Duane Brock Elizabeth Cochran Karen Coleman Sue Culbertson Dorothy Dayton Brenda Dozer Elizabeth Durbin Helen Echelberry Anita Foley Marlene Foster Dale Green Harold Green Violet Grass Patty Hatfield Jerry Hern Barbara Hlttle Betty Hittle JoAnne Hittle Ellen Hutchison Carol Jones Coleen Jordan James King Hrs. H, J. Kirby Mary Ellen Knicely Betty Lyons Matchett Dwain Merriam Mrs Hozello McCann Sonia McCarty Hazel Hohenry Sandra Middleton Joyce Moore Charlene Oliver Hrs Josephine Patton Stanley Pickens Bob Pitts Sue Povelson Hrs Gail Prouty Catherine Radcliffe Carol Reed Faye Ann Robinson Wanda Sarbaugh Ada Shepfer Rita Sherrick Tommy Smith Alta Stalnaker Donald Stemm Myrna Sparknan Carl Vernon Herman Vernon Dick Weiser Patty Wheeler Ronald Wiles Janice Wisecarver Mary Wisecarver Eugene Wright x XQXYN. Q xff x x any N' . fn- XX V- X - ,.,. .uf Qx.. 1 .-4-, ,M ar' N "-Xi. if 1 as . nm.. .W H!-91's-' lf mf ,,,.-i...,,.,, 'n1Q2'2.a-if N mx Congratulations to msr no AGIIBANK of Zanesville, 0h1o and New Concord Office ul MH En I ' N .BJI ZANBSVILLE'S GRAND OLD BANK T H E T I N E S R E C 0 R D E R T H E A N E S V L L E S I G N A L T H E S U N D A Y T I H E S S I G N A L Providing Southeastern Ohio w1th the latest and most news and pictures and the only complete shopping guides to Zanesville Stores W- fiixx iff nmcLAsso1-'1956 , if " pg JK, in 'l Llp Inf li N Z I of 6 North 6th Street Compliments of D E A L A R T U Zanesville , Ohio 1 Phone: Gladstone 3-8116 I . .. Q:..' .-Q , P L':- , .V.,f'Lfg!,' n ,- ',"! I 1 ' 1 I ST DIO fi N N O B A K E Home of Kreme Krust Products Bakers of Bread Cakes Rolla Cookies Etc Wedding A Decorated Cakes A Specialty "'1 THE rJ asfel' ,- Hake? PHONE PL h2S1 Dresden, Ohlo N EW BOO se-mes Im TRPNCTORS FUN 3 plow power' TRACTOR Complete service For Your Farm Equipment At MUSKINGUM TRACTOR AND EQUIPME T COMPANY Zanesville, Ohio Phone GL 3 8526 'Service Is Our Business' Norb Phelan, Mgr. C A N ' S R Y 1- ' ,f-ff.-3 ' Q 'A f 1 BE SURE IT'S A HOCK KITCHEN Complete Kitchen Planning For Both New and Remodelled Home! - Call Todq' For Free Estimates MOCK WOODWORKING 301 Adair Avenue Phone GL 3 38329 wt-W' Complimentsof HE FIRST ST SAV R I H W Newcome, Ass't Cashier D d B h Mr-:Mann res an 'am rnnl:nA1.m:sr:nvr: SYSTEM N G S B A N K Dresden, Ohio In Zanesville It's B E R ' A For Fine Quality Apparel For The Entire Faxuly r-,A ffffp 0? Also Rugs, Carpets, Linoleum, Notions, Piece Goods, -L I Bedding, Linens , Piece Goods of A11 Kinds NS NX x S it S Z I I D T T U 8: IS N-p' f W E S I -L A 5 f FL ,,!'. ', - ' v AL R' lc 4? LONGSHO SI STORE rumental Sheet Music 'U H E 8 v O '1 UQ FS U 9 U7 W U Q: R' 5 23' 0 U cf "1 W I'-I 5 U L+ will Z O 3 27' '21 P' PS d' 5' U2 CV '1 0 0 Cf YN S CD M 5. D-' F'-' 0 u 9 P O x I D SH 6 IIDDY KILOWAIT 0 1' Q LEC RICAL7' C 11 13 f omp menso EX OHIO POWER COMPANY Your Electric Servant Phone 3035 HAMMOND HEVROL SALES Genuine Chevrolet Parts 8: Service f ,... --1 SOHIO Products Maln Street New Concord, Ohio CAP- 1 g ,2f1'nnm'g 5 11 W5 Selling Chevrolets Since 191h Hour AAA Road, Shop, Wrecker Service Y Bridge Phone GL 2 3611 BEST WISHES I - To Llghten LIFE s Way GUERNSEY MUSKINGUM ELECTRIC CO OPERATIVE, INC ex eddy! an Lyle McCormick, Manaver New Concord, Ohio omplimentsof ZANESVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN SOC ATI L S "' I-OW RATE5"' Drive in windows Customer Parking 33 South Sth Street Phone GL 2 hS33 A 'fe if 2h Q 0 Nl 9 7 2 AND AS I ON .e i ll wx Q J COMPLIMELTS OF -' JE- tegisq fxciuit Eggs: i?z!5ES:Ls ---- we 3 K BOTT TORE Otgegg l13mSV11 S Pzoneer 'g Electrzc Zanesvxlles Olalest Mmm Applzance .flare IIICORPOHATID Zancsvllle, Ohxo Phone GL 2 999 Established l9h5 w s Ray F Collins Charles R Wood EQ IP IPP SOM PANY Off1ce Supnliers Market at Fourth Zanesville, Ohio in 5-Q fl F0c"2P5'o C P A U L F L O W E R S Ill! QS f LONEVEFS SP6C18l1Sf1 in Floral Design For all Occasions 7 Qleilyjwfm 1370 Greenwood Avenue, Zanesdlle, Ohlo Phone GL 2 6766 -we SLWJ4 'Q X Q . Q if f AB 'S s s O O ' - 5 f f' F' sq: ' .Lf .J I jd ,-------- ' 9 ,l 9, x,lf""" - ' S F E ' 66 99 0 I I2 I 1 I 'Ill Mlm A J' 9 Y S H All OPPE 34 U R A B E A U T ,A- 1 S28 Har 967 Hair Sty ket Street ling By A O W D Zanesville, ll Operators Ohio R I V E I -N,- Q:-1 B R :J 4 Avenue at Maple O W N C WOpen A11 Winter il! fr-ie-fgw , 5-mlroon L1ViDgStOD on Route 77, Zanesv11 , ill, L A W N n HUD! to Build TEIEP Vllll IIIIIIS 111 verything a Home Lumber Q Mi llwork I Builders' Supplies, Zanesville, Ohlo 1759 Mays ville A venue Ph one G1 2 2791 D A I V I N sn I! ASN A-'!,,, nThe Finest in Dairy Product -l 'L 9 XV Ohmo r Avenue L 2 2700 ' 3 ZXf 379 Ad8i Phone G - GL 2 27 O9 Zanes ville, 5.0 lv- 1 QW M f uf 'N 'igvl WQQ 1 ' sb 'X 'Y l..l4N, 3 '--. ngxxj I . HAI,L'S - N q"3x- - n im? 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COM LIMENTS OF T U A L V I N D A T I oou T, , FPRGET GL 2 5,467 Zanesville, Ohio YOU .. uus1 as Q smsnso 493 di X951 A WI' 1015 Monroe Street Zanesville, Ohio 'WET ,H GL 3 S607 E R V I C E A N D Gulf Pasoline Q Oil General Merchandise A R D W A H E Adamsville Road 'CN R M A N E X A C East Pike Q Pleasant Grove Road , 're co C all 48 Szates Nw fa? MU FEDERAL SA os XTHXL' I levy AN LOAN Assocx ON ' I I gi , 6 A 'C BR s SUPER ET XR - N' . 8,9 e gp! O Mooa 's SE H J GE 's T o 'S- -J fl inf ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY LOOK FOR PENNEY'S FAVOLS BDAND NAMES 9 f l x 4 PAYDAY GAYMODE 4 TONNCRAFT 4 FOREMOST -15, -,- -.. TOWNCLAD MARATHON S E QXXN' A3704 9 f CLIANERS + Q, 4, 0 'IAW S17 Underwood Street 54-n cni' '7a.nesvi 116, ohio Aww GL 6502 E D I T H C O L L 1 North Flfth Street Business Q Secretarial Training Summer Term Fall Term We Teach Speedwrlting The A B C Shorthand I Q I R B R Home Killed Meats Wholesale 8: Retail Custom Butchering Home Freezer Processing Phone 8140 Afiamsville, Ohlo State Rt ROAST ROAST 5 rw I' F' I V' X X .... J ff XX Q . 4+ I l x x 1 .gg .1 Xgb, 'Z " ' - 4 f 1 D U N B E R Y ' S Sendl hai 'I rtroaflasfgp AND at qu LL. P Q' 'Z-4 ,495 T H M E R E E G E 5551 ' U 'I . i O ,. 9 s H E R o s. I 1 N ' . 75 EDIE'S GREENHOUSE fa g West Pine Street Q-7', fir V ff-f-'S ougag Zan t 0,Vlf0I1Q.Ify0ll61Y8 V Coshocton, Ohio Nx.1Q Growers or plantal plants and bulbs Phone 1997711 Cut flowers h potted plants CID PURE JOH TON PHARMACY BRUG5 Paar-AP" ssnvuci Drseden, Oh1o I Phone PL I4 S221 Famous qo Toqeihers I boq...qlrI...Coke 1 J COSHOCYON COCA COLA EOTTLING WORKS I THE FRAZIER COMPA QVEH1 -. 2 Dresden, Ohio gr I Phone PL lx 3,481 H3253 1 Q f 'E 4 ' F 61 ' K '! ' . x oh . . . , y - I' Sago . xio' C N S ' S , . Q or Il .n - A 'LD' 124-'limi-a. . , - K I I QQ 'TV o Q 0 Tl I K 6-N1 iv ' nv-fi . ': F ' . :.,m::.1:,,. 57 ,QL of nm My-xl h Z alma., f , -- QI, Wim ' 'H '13 ' 4 -wmlu mx I, a- Md ' f X I Q. f ff. ..,m.f......,....,.. . c..m.m..,...,.v - , DC 'H X I N Y - 1 1 ,fx -0 111, x Abixfrx' xxx I 'l9:-I:--I ' ' ' 7-, fr g . 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' ' 2 ' s Nationally Advertised Watches and Diamonds L E E J E W E L E R S 4 S12 Main Street Zanesville, Ohio Your Friendly Dlamond Jewelers COUNTRY FAIR SHOPPING CLNTER Southeastern Ohio's largest selection of Toys and Juvenile Furniture T H E X Adamsville, Ohlo 'o I o !I Upholstering h I - x. -S Refinlshing -,Ei Ed James Phone 23h KEITH'S SHELL SLRVICE 1530 West Maln Street glve S Q H Green Stamps Phone GL 2 0121 Charles L Keith, Mgr MARKET TIRE 5 SUPPLY Ieo YcLo1ghl1n A Sons S Tlres U S Batteries Sinclair Products ervice 18 Our Bus1nessW Dial GL 2 3276 Cor Sixth k South, Zanesville G I F T S H O P S30 Market Street SMART GIFTS Moderate Prices Phone- GL 3 h817 B R O T H E R ' S Sc k S1 Store 95 SMlTH'S GENERAL STORE Red A Whlte Brand Foods REDS 4? STORES ' Q l s4iW' 4ZZ5'7! C. H. Rice, Manager WHITE' Phone 239 Adansvllle Ohio West Lafayette, ohio Phone' 5 653 ' ' F I - I T S H O P O ...... . 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M BLUCK AND SON Messy Harris Sales and 5erv'lce 9,555- QED Phone 5-6777 West Lafayette, Ohio S BERCOMPA Builder' s Supplies Hardware J, N- Lumber f -qs L-C+ Glass One Board or a Tralnload Phone GL 2 Ubud 5147 Linden Ave Zanesville , Oh1o Coal dz Concrete HEMMEH OurOvmIceCream lc E -'in Mer REA S3 Mclntire Avenue 1h1B vill Ave squausconn neu NEWS S Dial GL 2-3036 South Zanesville, Ohio Zanesville, Ohio 1 WI' .. ,ek I . I 3 . I n : P P 7 ' 1 5 V 'E ?' E . 9 47 I 'R-4 Eg I 1 Q u .- W- A Q 'J' y- : . ft 4 34 ,.. 0-I 1 V97 YU? If --. VI, N A R 'H 51 A w P ,, 'A X O nm. t it 1 Z wi 7 X, - pq .. qum l W U. .11 A 1 X. . - 7 .X '- 57 . I .fsllxloll r, Y -' . C! P Ev- s 1 : :X Z ' . ' E 5 7' - 5 H ' , ' I . : ' A 95: in I : cn n as 2 v +4 . ' 5 ' J ' O S T E P A G E OHIO VALLEY DAIRY NSW Concord, Ohio A FRIEND Coshocton, Oh1o THOMPSON RESTAURANT West Lafayette, Ohio JOHN HALL'S ORCHARD Route h, Coshocton, Ohio GRAHAM IMFLEMENT COMWANY Adams Mills, Oh1o ACKERMAN TEXACO STATION New Concord, Ohio ZANESVILLE POTTERY SALES Norwich, Oh1o THE NEW CONCORD SUPPLY COM ANY New Concord, Ohio YOUNG'S FEED STORE New Concord, Ohio ALTMAN'S FURNITURE Dresden, Ohio A A P TEA COMPANY Zanesville, Ohio HAMPTON k ROGERS Coshocton, Ohio AZEL OSBORNE Zanesville, Ohlo A FRIEND New Concord, Ohio SICKER STUDIO S18 Main Street, Coshocton, Ohio B O R S JACOBS FEED STORE - Dresden, Ohio QB? xy INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS Kunsus Cnty Pubimhers Cover Munuiurluvevs Book Brnders FACTORY HOME OFFIU v- nw fl. M V me Y Xf,Q .xx ' ' -2 hui' Abu i I - 1 H4 W iw 5 E L 4 :,g::E,i: . ' . :,.. , im . is QS ,V . 1. ,tx I 5, w Q M N Wi LM W' Q 'igm K X. -c 3. - ' ..-fn f., a - if . L4 4 ,--,, ., U. :- ,,.-,..g - ,1'-w:.- . 4 .pi rms-mg,

Suggestions in the Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) collection:

Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 93

1956, pg 93

Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 51

1956, pg 51

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