Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY)

 - Class of 1955

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Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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0 hlfiiltllflll We, the Junior Class of Adamsville High School, wish to dedicate this year book, the Saladian, to Mrs. Crystal Boyer, our Saladian advisor we feel that she is the one person who has greatly helped in making our an nual a success. She has taken a great interest in it along with our other activities. We wish in this way to express our gratitude for all she has done for us. THE STAFF 5 ii n rp 6 4 a A , F Y ,ol ' fp Q Shirley Lane Year Book Sales pi Carolyn Ly0nS Class Editor 'ig Gloria Durant Art Editor XRA NW G Maureen Matchett VN' Editor in Chief Helen Echelberry Publicity Director Lester Prouty Gerald Prouty Assistant Editor Business Manager HTl1ITl Rosalie Allen Social Editor 1u1fa1H,SitaifiE' f' Delores Bowden Literary Editor "L, Shelby Hayes Alumni Editor Mrs Crystal Boyer Advisor Q 5 4 JF' tk 'ls r if ' x J'-f, A fv- Dave Knicely Advertising Sales Delmar Dutro Sports Editor QQ xwffflbax - J 6X-5' vffdxf M E SSAGE. May this annual serve to remind you of the many treasured friendships which you have made in your years spent in old Adams ville High School May its treasured pages serve to bind your hearts into one brotherhood ll When back across the swelling seas of Time It leads our ship 'Remembrance" to the bay Of Youth, we'll cast our anchor in that clime where we can watch the dawning of L1fe's day where we can muse upon the friends we made And dream old dreams, and watch the sunset fade your e e 1 M J A Hem y Superintendent Muskingum, C S U science, Chemistry Mrs Crystal Boyer Muskingum, 0 S U Commercill U SZ Mrs Ulizabeth 'ochran Ohio State Jniversity Vnglish, Speech Ohio Univ , O S Band, Math , Language Mr Ray Smith Oklahoma A k M Vocational Agricultlre 5 4 -: ,T Y S To e 0 I' A Q A-a v x 4 Q 1 9 -1 I , Nr, William Poole . . . U. I O I . . . of ' 7 K Mr filliam Drylio Salem College, 'est Va Univ Coach, Social Studies Mrs Olive Stockman Ohio University Elementary Music Niss Louise Eistetter Ohio State Social Studies, Phys hd ar uillard Green Union College, Ky Prin , Sixth Grade Mrs Josephine Patton Muskingum Home Economics Hrs Mozelle McCann Muskingum, Ohio Univ Fifth Grade Mrs Lthel White Muskingu Second Grade 'rl fxx Mrs Volena Lighthizer Muskingum, Meredith Bus Vol Fourth Grade Miss Marie Klein Muskingum irst Grade Mrs Lois Graham Muskingum Third Grade YOQ f u . 9 ff as J' 1 v Likuv' 5 ,nu QIXY Tifxn U v A sn .J-H, .-L-2,',.f " ,fm 1 .!.. IL, ,ww Q W... ww" Ffa 'xi '-- .E +Lk1 wg: ' 0 1 pm 'K X 2 W O 2 T H , , K Y xx KZ, ' K.,-'1 SEHIUHS 'fn' rn W, J' ki Q K A-..,,,, 'lb K lutfflfy -Xxx ffly V N HELEN,JENNINGS Class esident Class cretary Class Play Class Reporter Student Council Junior Marshall Saladian Editor Wildcat Staff Librarian Home Ec Club STANLEY MATCHETT Class Secretary Class Plav PPA President FFA Secretary 'F Distr FFA Sec'y Treas Saladian Staff -l:'5"-F7b.JbJkA-IT'-5:'l'XJ WJ? JTDJ-F'41'41' 1 A 5' X 1 XZ Z 2 f-fig? y QI' 7,1 U X D LBERT BROCK w4rww-F'-FJCTC.: r- Class esi3egtNwN Class Treasurer Class Vice Pres Class play Basketball FFA Reporter Wildcat Staff Baseball Saladian Staff FPA COLEEN JORDAN Student Council Class Treasurer Class Play Class Vice Pres Home Ec Club 1 2 A 465 Q fu N , A . wi: ' 'Etna ,r I Sig n Q,e, . Elle E 1lllf 1: ' I 'rl -UVQK A. A S QTH GQ S ip E GRB Wildcat taff Saladian Staff Home Pc Club Class Play GENV COLEMAN Class Play Basketball Student Council Iildcat Staff Saladian Staff FFA PAUL KNICELY Class play Class Treas1rer FDA Sentinel Wildcat Staff Saladian Staff Band PF Baseball Basketball 4314 .ll'hJP"fNJ-Il'P-'ku jlabmlcm GAIL PROUTY Class Vice Pres Class Play Basketball 2 Student Counc1l FF UPA Treasurer FFA Vice Pres MARILYN SA ClasZiPlay Chorus Home Ec Club Cheerleader Wildcat Staff JTD-14?-F'-FT'P'N 2 QATGH 23 kvkdkalku ff 5 U 44444 4 , .- 4 L I I vm ' rw T N PuA57F.N4, FTRNNPT w 13 ' 'I as :3 5' X u 4 o ' H ' ff o t Ps -4 1' my ' D-'I-'P' 0' N I nl '-- l vvvv U-f I I I I 47-'JT-P' ,. f Q, f5C ' P i I. .1 P . ff! i' tu ,qs-,. ,Y I P-' P-' ,, ,,, . I I :ae N ' u l J Q n 1 1 , V' W V , FWNQTHJF ' ' 5 BOB JAMES Class Play Basketball Baseball Saladian Staff BOB CHURCH Class Pres?gInf Class Vice Pres Student Council Baseball FFA gqsglbrrnw 9 J NE,HATFEilD Slthvnagg LL Treasurer Librarian Hildcat Editor Class Reporter Class Play Class Queen Junior Marshall student Council Wildcat Staff Cheerleader Saladian Staff CARY GEYER Class play Class Vice Pres Basketball Student Council Baseball 'Da NN , Q I 6 I I' 1 5 X 3 X, X - l-2 l-3 ' 3 If X Q! ' l.' s A A K V 2- 1- Home Ee. Club 1- M Qs ' -v 4 I n . 5 Mx! X . 5 1-2 1-2 1-2-3 9 , -. 6 fi iff fb . X - mnnbbwqg CATH m- RADCLIPF Chorus Band Class Play Wildcat Staff Saladian Staff Home Ee Club Librarian MARGAWET Class Play Chorus vildcat Staff Librarian Home Ec Club Majorette Saladian Staff 1f2 MURPHY 2 'F'-F'u241'41'P" wFFFF' HOMER GRVEN ,i DON KNICELY Class Play FFA Sentinel Saladian Staff Distr FFA Sentinel DONNA YOUNG Chorusxskcxnmx Band Home Ec Club Saladian Staff Vildcat Staff 1 2 Class Play YS N w 41' FWNFN PFA QXDBTUADJXQQHVQ Bib Saladian Staff lZI1IlZlI'5 Row 1 Jane Hatfield, Coleen Jordan, Marilyn Sarbaugh, Margaret Murphy, Helen Jennings, Martha Gress, Donna loung, Cath erine Radcliffe Row 2 Gary Geyer, Delbert Brock, Homer Green, Gene Coleman, Row 3 Bob Church, Bob James, Paul Knicely, Don Knicely CLASS PLOYER vhite Carnation CLAS COLOWS Scarlet and Grey CLAS' MOTTO 'The Door to Success is Labeled PWSHM G 0 0 C 'fS 51 Gail Prouty, Stanley Matchett, Mrs. Patton Sanunfgleas Mustafa September ll, 1951 Dear Diary Today twenty two eager and enthusiastic freshmen entered their first year of high school wondering what was in store for them We soon found out The Seniors ini tlated us It was a lot of fun As we looked around the room we found that we had lost two members, Nova Lautzen heiser and Helen Harmon We had also gained two members, the Browning sisters, Marilyn and Anne During the year we gained three more members They were JoAnn McNlchols from West Lafayette, Myra Crom from Hopewell and Barbara Huff from Cin cinnati As is customary we elected officers They were President, Delbert Urock, Vice President, Coleen Jordan, Secretary, Stanley Matchett Treasurer, Jane Hatfield, Student Council, Gene Coleman and Helen Jennings Our home room teacher is Mrs Jean Evans During the year she moved and Mrs Pearl Sarbaugh took over September 2, 1952 Dear Diary After a wonderful three months vacation we again have found ourselves together for our Sophomore year he found that we have lost three members Myra Crom, who returned to Hopewell, Barwara Huff, who moved to Glenford, and Joye King, who be came hrs Frank Wisecarver Later we lost Lena Hambrick, Alfred Durant and Jlm y Swain 'ur class officers this year are Pres1dent,Bob Church, Vice President, Gail Prouty and Gary Geyer Our home room teacher is John Worthington we have five boys playing on the basketball team this year Yhey are Gary Geyer, George roster, Delbert Brock, Paul Knlcely and Gail Prouty Marilyn Browning is our varsity cheerleader Thus another year has passed for us with two more to go September 7 1953 Dear Diary Today we gathered in the new building for our Junior year There were twenty one of we lost Manda Hawkins, Lena Hambrick and Anne Browning and gained Larry Barth low This was a year of activity for us We sold basketball pencils, plastic towels, had a turkey raffle, class play, square dance, edited the Annual, sponsored the Junior Senior Banquet and received our class rings Class officers elected were President, George Foster, Vice President, Gary Geyer, Secretary, Larry Barthlow, Treasurer, Delbert Brock, Student Council, Helen Jennings Coleen Jordan and Jane Hatfield Mrs Cochran was our home room teacher and advisor After having completed three years of school together we are looking forward to the last and hope we can all be together September 7, 195k Dear Diary Je are gathered together again for the last time During the summer we lost JoAnn McW1chols and Larry Barthlow George Foster withdrew, which left us with eighteen Class officers are President, Helen Jennings, Vice President, Delbert Brock, Sec retary, Stanley Matchett, Treasurer, Coleen Jordan, Student Council, Jane Hatfield, Gail Prouty and Gene Coleman Mrs Patton was our home room teacher and Mr Hemry our advisor Jane Hatfield was elected Class Queen and varsity cheerleader After a year of many activities we are looking forward to Com encement, our trip and next year. Q 0 . 3 . Secretary, Helen Jenningsg Treasurer, Paul Knicelyg Student Council, Jane Hatfield I us. ' . - glass Ellltblll We, the Seniors of 1955, of Adamsville High School, town of Adamsville, Salem Township, are about testament To the To the To the forward to To the To the To Mr chemistry To Mr of the Ag To Mr To Mrs Muskingum County, State of Ohio, United States of America, knowing we to leave our dear old alma mater, do hereby make this our last will and Juniors we leave some unpaid candy bills and many moneyless customers Sophomores we leave our endless store of knowledge Freshmen we bequeath our footsteps in which to follow--a goal to look Eighth Grade we will our unquestionable personality and spotless manners Seventh Grade we leave a gray-haired faculty Hemry, pupils Smith, Class Poole, Boyer, we leave several blindfolds for use we leave some cyanide gas with which to dispose of his unruly we leave a broken saddle horse for use in rounding up the members the trombone on students who watch the we leave some windy students to play typewriter keys To Miss Eistetter, we will a straight A Government To Mrs Patton, we leave a cookbook for use in her To Mr Drylle, we leave a year's supply of chewing class Home Ec classes gum and a printing press with which to print his late slips To Mrs Cochran, we bequeath a private office ln which to punish her problem students To the Faculty, we leave peace of mind upon our departure I, Delbert Brock, will my public speaking ability to Leroy Echelberry and to Ronald Baldwin, I leave my curly hair Gene Coleman, leave my wisecracks in American Government Class to Larry Hitth Bob Church, leave my detention periods to Dwain Merriam To Bobby Pitts I leave my hot rod Gary Geyer, leave my much used datebook to Dave Knicely, and to Donald Stemm I leave my shy ways I, Homer Green, leave my ability to play basketball to Gene Vernon and to Leonard Jordan I leave my glasses I, Martha Gress, leave my ability to sell candy to Faye Robinson To Maureen Matchett, I leave my courageous spirit I, Jane Hatfield, leave Delmar Dutro to Ruth Mays lo Gerald Bissonette I leave my ability to get A's I, Bob James, leave my ability to get along with Mrs Cochran to Nova McGlothlin To Jerry Hern, I leave my ability to shoot paper wads in Study Hall I, Helen Jennings, leave my job in the cafeteria to Janice Nisecarver To Sonia Stansberry I leave Homer Green I, Coleen Jordan, leave my position on the casy Method Team to Delores Bowden To Sadie Foster I leave my part in the class play I Donald Knicely, leave Margaret Murphy a new Nash and Eugene Siddle Freddie Durant, I leave my National Guard uniform I, Paul Knicely, will my height to Jim y Darner To Jim King I leave my hook shot I, Stanley Matchett, bequeath my slim figure to Carl Smith To Bernie Wortman I leave my steady nerves I, Margaret Murphy, leave my baton to Connie Mayle xo Nancy Lyons, I leave my operatic voice I Gail Prouty, leave my Ayrshires to Gloria Durant To Dave Knicely, I leave my habit of skipping school I Catherine Radcliffe, will my clarinet to Norman Hutchinson I, Marilyn Sarbaugh, will my broken hearted boy friends to Ettamae Graham and to Helen Echelberry, my ability to get along with Miss Eistetter I, Donna Young, leave my band uniform to Mr Smith To Pat McNichols, I leave my ability to draw we, the Class of '55, do hereby, this twenty third day of May, one thousand nine hundred fifty five, wash our hands of the whole thing and set our Seal CLASS OU 1955 Gene Coleman, Attorney at Law cv I U I . O O O O . C . . O . I l C O . O D I I . I, I , N .N . I, C . Q . I! I . . . I l - O I . . , . To . . O ' D 1 . rn . I , . . , D . O I O ' e Mass Epfaqphata In the year, 1965, I was sitting in my beautiful home leafing through a magazine and happened to come upon a beautiful painted picture. I was a bit surprised to find the artist was none other than my old classmate Donna Young. Then I began to wonder what had happened to my other classmates. This, I remember, was hospital I was met by talked a little while Martha Gress had gone me that Margaret Murphy was teaching toe dancing in a famous studio in New a nurse who was none other than Catherine Radcliffe. about our schoolmates and she was able to inform me to Hawaii and had become a hula hula dancer She also As it was dusk when I left Catherine, I decided to stop in a night club to something to eat It so happened they were having a show that evening and Coleman was the star singer with Bob James as his accompanist After the we managed to get together and talk over old times Gene said that Delbert the day I was to donate a pint of blood, As I entered the We that told York have Gene show Brock was now married to Barbara Matchett and was doing fine as a door to door sales man Gene also told me that Bob Church was leading a quiet life as a copper Gary Geyer was a test pilot for Jet Airplanes It was time to find a room for the night so I left them and went to a hotel The manager turned out to be none other than Stanley Matchett He was quite sur prised to see me We spent a few minutes talking and then I asked him about our schoolmates He said Gail Prouty owned a dairy farm in Wisconsin and was happily married to Helen Powelson Paul Knicely was doing a tightrope ac in Ringling Bros Circus Homer Green had bought a cattle ranch in Oklahoma and was now a very wealthy man After spending a very restful night in the hotel I boarded a bus to go to the hotrod races The driver was none other than Donald Knicely Of course, reached my destination safely I went to the grandstand and got seated watched the races I recognized one of the drivers as Coleen Jordan After she had won the race I went down to congratulate her and chat for a few minutes She told me that now she was Mrs Gene Vernon and had three very ornery boys Gene was home baby sitting She told me that Helen Jennings was an English Professor at Ohio State University She also tole me that Marilyn and Ronnie had moved to Florida because of Mar1lyn's health Since I had now satisfied my curiosity as to the where abouts of my classmates I decided that it was best I return home I wasn't sure that there would be anything left since had left my five children under the care of my husband Jane Hatfield am S5 ' 'w AS YOU TRAVEL ALONG IL As you travel along in your daily toll Keep love in your heart in vour eyes a smile Give a word of cheer to those who are blue, A warm handclasp will help some, too, A wave of the hand, a cheery 'Good Day To those you may meet, or pass by the way As you travel along Y-0 f 'aw' YJ Start in the day with a word of prayer, As the birds trill their notes to the morning air Let your prayer be to God, like their songs to Heaven, Thankful for life and the blessings given Thinking those thoughts that are right and good, Doing those deeds that you feel you should As you travel along Q9 . . t Q C I . , As I . I 1 , ng. 5 :A 5217-'I 5. lijff X 2 gigs ' :vie n Q5 Y , 51, 1 if ,f 1,1 rl, E v F HI Cf'f V A 13811 'E'-lS A L, I NLS NIW Q QQTD gag Qhgsxk i SED 'I f wil" ' L AY- , we 4 fry 6 e - fp 0 UAQ!? A 9 :G Q o O ai.JN 6' ,' , O NS' llI'lIUI'5 kj Row l Ruth ays, Shirley Lane, Carolyn Lyons, Shelby Hayes, Sonia Stans berry, Gloria Durant, yrna Snarkman, aureen atchett Row 2 Lugene right, Larry Hittle, helen chelberry, elores dowden, Faye Ann Robinson, Carol hittle, Rosalie Allen, Gerald Frouty, Gerald Stotts, Hrs ochran dow 3 LOWBI1 y rs, av Knicely, Jon Adams, Eugene middle, Norman hutch inson, Qobert Sigrist, Uelmar Dutro Twenty nine eager reshmen entered niah school September 2, 1952 e found we had lost Hussell willey but had gained Don Adams, who came from Otsego Before long we were initiated by the Seniors e then elected our class off1cers Fhey were President, Don Adams, Vice President, Lynn Stevens, Secretary, Naureen Matchett, Iatchett was elected cheerleader ost of the boys took Dart in basketball Mr Poole was our class advisor September 8 1953 we began our second year of high scrool e found that we had lost two members, Rollin Vanslckle and Ruby Southwlck e gained Lewis Barthlow During the year we lost Lynn otevens The class officers were President, Delmar Dutro, Vice President, Lynn Stevens, secretary, Shirley Lane, Treasurer, Lowell Vvers, Student Gouncil, Gerald Frouty and Gloria Durant were elected Waureen Watchett and Gloria Durant were elected cheerleaders orthington was our class advisor e began our Junior year September 7, 195k fe found that we THQ lost Lewis Barth low and Dob Grant e gained Iyrna Sparkman, who came from Zanesville our class officers were president, Shirley ane, vice rresident, Delores Qowden, Secretary, arolyn Lyons, Treaslrer, Garol nittle, Student Council, Gerald Proutv, Helen 'chelberry and vrna Snarkman e are beg1nnin5 to do many things to earn money for our class Naa een atchett, Gloria Durant and Helen hchelberry are cheerleaders Shirley Lane is our F1835 Queen lhe boys are again taking Dart in basketball Mrs bochran is our C1853 advisor C 0 v cw , , it I 9 WW fi . rx Q D ' ,' 9 W rf G ,J Q, ' av J .J E ' 5 ' M ,, . " . A'A - ' 151 M L 7 m - V '- '- - . ' ' " V, A A. IL ,' A I . .I 1 ' ' V P V . , J A ' - H e 3 e ' ' X ' , , D f m . H , L U V . . w - ' . ' : Treasurer, Lowell Hyersg Student Council, Shirley Lane and Gerald Stotts. Maureen 4 . K A . . , I , , -J '. U fy A. Q , -I Q - . 1 . H . , . A : HV ' G , . 1 X - , Mr. I . y. V1 L 0 .Z . A . - 1-5 Q 'I 0 my . L . ' " - C ' T .f lr ' L' L . t X, . , . H ' f . . . ' Ei .. J M , A " f l Q e , J A . , . A . 0 ,U rr uf' FC' .- Cnllhumnrfif Row 1 arole Hayle, Dorothy Dayton, helen hittle, Charlene Oliver, Janice Mlsecarver, Barbara nittle, Peggy Ham brick, Ettamae Graham Row Violet Gross, Marlene Foster, Patty Hatfield, Gerald Bissonette, Richard Dagent, Dale Green, Sarbara Stal naker, Connie 'ayle Row 3 Jimmy King, bester Prouty, Dave Lradford, Jerry Hern, 'eldon Adams, Jim Yirby, 4r Smith On September 8, 1955, twenty three freshmen entered high scrool e lost tuo moved to Conesville Nova McGlothin came to us from anesville Ve all got through initiation and then to work At our first class meetlng we elected officers They were Uresident, Lester Prouty, Vice president, Jerry dern, secretary, Carol Wayle Treasarer, Barbara Stalnaker stddent ouncil, har 10H6 1liVGP and elen tittle Jhen we came back September 7, l9Sh we found we had lo t Dale Haves and later gained Peggy Hambrick from Fopewell This year's class officers are President, Lester Prouty Vice President, Jerry darn, Secretary, Richard Bagent, Treasurer, Patty Hatfield, Student Council, Charlene 'liver and Carol Mayle helen Hittle was elected varsity cheerleader and Patty Hatfield our Class Queen e are all looking forward to being Juniors y ull 9, EG O4 all 'D " I C A , CJ AL G . 2 - v Ll v., L I ' . - A D X V members during the summer--Joy Nhltmer and Wayne Lawrence, John Watson later , . 7 , . 4 4 5 ' v . : . ' . Y - " ' I 1 e " 1 "' f' . .. , , e C - L H I . 1 Q , A' I e . , : : - - ' - e " ' n f' . C e . . T I ' . W . rfslxnlcn Ellen Hutchinson, Rita Sherrick, Vera Butler, Delores Hayes, Nancy L Row 2 Figggie Durant, Anita Foley, Lila Mayle, Leroy Bowden, Pat McW1cho1s, Bernie Wortman, Shirley Lehman, Bonnie Lane, Bobby Pitts Row 3 Dwain Merriam, Duane Brock, Larry Dutro, Donald Caldwell, Paul Van Sickle, Harold Green, Rodney Matchett, Paul Heil, Larry Caldwell, Stanley Hittle The Ureshman Class of 'Sh entered high school with 35 Pupils Since last year we have lost Joe Barthlow and Richard Kennedy We gained Kita Sherrick and Nova McGloth1in David Baker, Donna and Kathleen Urban moved away the first six weeks ot school e were initiated September 21 and all were glad when it was over Our class officers are rresident, Ellen Hutchinson, Vice President, Rita Sherrick, Secretary, LaJoy Burwell, Treasurer, Carol Reed, Student Council, Anita Boley and Larry Caldwell Rita Sherriek was elected Class Queen and cheerleader There are eight boys and girls in the band and several of the boys are going out for basxetball C92 0 NE' F l e To L, Row 1 - LaJoy Burwell, Carol Reed, Kathleen Green, Helen Miller, Peggy Walker, Q1 H Row Wow Wow Jimmy Darner, Ronnie Baldwin, Linda Butler, Carol Littick, Mary Lou Hittle, Sandra baldwin, Jim VanDyne, Jim Nright Loren Knicely, Carl Smith, Don Whiteman, Jim rnipe, Robert Glggggp Handy Stalnaker, Donall otemm, hiss Eistetter , Betty Hittle, Carol Green, Sandra Iiddleton, bhirley Fliger, Charles Murphy, Yon Davison, nlden Sarbaugh Row l Dow 2 Wow 3 Peggy King, Dorothy Fail, earol Jones, Janet 1l113mS, Qertha Gress, Bowden Loretta raves, worma Pierce, Iona Jernings, anda Sa baugh, Ronald iles, Delmar Krebs, Roy urphy, Douglas Drowning, artin Sheck, rock, Mr Drylie Leonard Jordan, Johny Smith, Charl s Sparkman, Glenn bhaw, James Billy Graham, 'ick Rutler, Leroy chelberry, Bill VanDyne, Gerald Lehman, Qrian foley, 1 -' . - 2 - .- 1 . 1 3 - -1 i -J L 4 Patty Wortman, Linda Hittle, Sue Powelson, Dorothy Bissett, Betty rfluza H l X Row 1 Anita Voung, Darlene Bowden, Judith Word, Irene iller, Donna Pierce, Barbara Graham, Fay McNeish, Roberta Foraker, Betty Graham, Jean Hatfield Wow narrel 1cG1othin, eslev Matchett, Delmas Jones, John ning, Pllly Hmnbrlck, Harold 'est, Jimmy Derrv, lommy btalnaxer, mommy em1th Ralph Shirer, Yonnie hlte, woger rreis Row 3 Gary Thompson, Claude Foley, Bobby Joughty, Parold Pollock, Junior Hatfield, Ada Vansickle, Vande ehirer, Mary kirby, Narlene renned Donald Jennings, Mr Green dnl lew olfe avid Q 1 Gerald na es Willy Foraker Gharlene Jlosser, bnl , ow hatfie1d,YSagdra vanDyne, grv deqn Ugg, 1 a omden, onnie owden b R wma Rom 2 ggrgarg Jordan, argaret bhurch, larv hnlcely, aicharo ferry, sandra NOX, June Church, aflene 1195: Jean itcock O is 1ll18P, Uoger hvers, hrs ncCann Q ttl Roy 3 Denver rennedy, Larrv Foster, Kenny Werrlam, 0 bv 11 E E' . - .. 11 . A . V 1 l .. . 2 - J F H , ' . -' . ,v m . . ,-, , . A n V X , , - " .V , I -'J . l ., , ' C' VI ' v ' 1 A A . y , u P ,.. . M 7 -X u ' -L U ' 'I A A 3 "' . Y . -x - A 2 1 . .- . . A A , . ' .'1 V . 1 1 Q 1- Af A -' ' I A A , w x' " ' ' 'J " - - .'A , - ,, 1 ' A 1 'J .J J -n . ' A '. .-A -v - 1 ' - '- 'V T ' "rl - . Y . " -f F ' 'N . A A A ' V U A A v - . v Row 1 Row Row 3 JoAnne Hittle, David Shinn, Mark Hittle, Robin Ste m, Mary Murphy, Carol McNe1sh, Eddie Miller, Clyde Knipe, Willard Wolfe, Junior Gress, Barbara Hambrick, Joan Tucker Kenneth Hambrick, Betty Bowers, Junior Dayton, Maurice Mayle, Kathleen Barcroft, Stanley Lyons, Maurice Mayle, Dale Wolfe, Eddie Stalnaker, John Pitcock, Cheryl Emerson, :eldon Krebs, Pamela Poole, Janell dern Paul Murphy, Robin Milstead, Sharon Culbertson, Larzy Lapp, Bllly beers, Terry smith, Richard Weiser, James vhite, Douglas nreis, Bobby Row l Row 2 Row 3 '11 1 '11 I. L"L4w"cO?13 DOQPWDW 'ig' o'1cf'1 '1 D-PVOITM '4 HO!-'U-4 CDD!! 03 :Ji uzU101D ""0w"CDl4 KAOS 0 I-I 0:31.-fb 710 0' P-'P-JCIN1' p nap-fcfo '1,U'144b-"O',U qv--ua-mo Od' Orf"m 'SDPIU' D v 5 UI! UJ u1S'P"I3 '1"Sr-'sumti 490 D-'B 0Q.mop.og1 I-PS '10 'SOOOZSWII '1 H4 'SO' D- d'?x00 Qu argl-I-5 gg:-e mu'- 'Ui-I-U Eiihtgihm W I-1-'1D'S1'-'USD 53:-1-gr-1 md Uno v-45:0 ua 50+-'D 'IF' O10 o I3 gl f-QD' Pu O oo r-'-gvmo '19-' '10-'-'3'1 '18' Cfcrdm '4 14'-+C" '1 -r-H-1 .nfs 09-'U D44 U"'O D-" P' S3 O SDD-ig!! I-'Ui Div D-' D-'I-" FDHOD: HH-' '15 HH 'YJQIKDJJ Q 0 mo H Z1 If-H115 o mw- UC' '4tDCD6D 00 w md CW on-rv OQU' IDG' r-'un 0- ,U D' H 2110 to OUDSDUQ 81 :Jn-No U1 SHOPS n-'4 OEM-' mtl 'iv-J Q O'1 Graft! :xv-I 01400 - Q 5 aaa '- '-ul! C 0- '1 '1 N 0 u I , , , Q 'H, 2 gl E C z H Q 0 T . s S '- O E 3' o , , . E 3, Ill at m . .I , E' 2 f A m Q . U' p ' ' s 1 H fi , 5 A E ef D J E 4 4 w UI 4 O r H - , m D" cr., , F P' N m , d rx , .Q W l t I Row l Row Row Yvonne Beach, Steven Morrison, Carol Shaw, David Leasure, Ruth Kennedy, James Green, Karen ilstead, Gary hittle, Carol Thompson, Tommy Green, Ruth NcKnight, Roger Thacker Ka en Qox, Roger Smith, Ronnie Dovenbarger, Harold Thompson, Daniel Paisley, Donald Emerson, Gary Lowry, Ronald Shirer, Loren Hayes, Daryl Hern, Bobby Bednarcsik, Earl Hatfield Ferry VanDyne, Darla Daldwin, ally Derry, Virginia Lane, Jimmy Tucker Bobby Burwell, Bobby Miller, David Jones, Larry Radcliff, Betty Pitcock, Richard Pittle, Gene Caldwell, Mrs Jhite Row l Roh 2 Row 3 helen Vansickle, Joyce Carroll, Pamela Camp, Linda disecarver, Daniel Kreis, Beverly Bowden, Sue Culbertson, Richard wisecarver, Larry 'olfe John Foraker, Benjamin Lorrison, Doris Smith Thomas Roberts, Kenneth Jennings, Bernard hayes, Jerry VanDyne, Clarence Litchell, Karen shultz, Patricia Richardson, Leda Grimes, Joyce hayle, Robert dhite, Kent v1lliams, Patricia Steen Gary O'heil, David Mays, Robert Mays, Robert Foraker, Patricia Emerson, Electa White, Donald Phillips, James Powelson, Linda Bowden, Diana nlson, Linda McDonald, Carl Vernon, Miss Klein Absent Emily England and Ronald Foraker 1 . - I P vb ' 7 rl , - 2 - r . 1 3 ' K 5 1 L A V V ,. w w N , . 1' H , 1 A -'L fs ' 1 , .H , . . " ' H ALUI I l 5 Bernard Bissett At home, Sonora, Route 1 Jane rowning equitable Life Insurance Company, Zanesvi le Carol Darner At home, Sonora, Route 1 Rernard Geyer At home, Zanesvllle, Route 5 Mildred Hittle working at rown Cow, Zanesville Ralph Je nings Farming, Adansville, Route l Relen Ying Ross ousewife, Torwich, Route Lewis King Vuskingum College, Iew Concord, Chic Garnet Lapp 'orking a Dairy Rar, 211 South Sth Street, Coshocton Rodney McNeish Warm Bureau, Zanesville Philip lozena Ohio State University Ronald Qyers Glass Plant, Zanesville Helen Powelson Newberry's, Zanesville Mary Louise Powelson Habibs, Zanesville Ronald Sarbaugh Moore's Service Station Verna White At home, Adamsville, Route l 1953 Dale Adams Glass Plant, Zanesville Martha Bagent Mosaic Tile, Zanesville Alice Bollinger Browning McDowe's Spot Kestaurant Joan Durant Newspaper Lorena Witch WAC'S Mary Hatfield mosaic File, Zanesville Dalton King Rurnam Boiler, Zanesvllle Jane Ynicely At home, Sonora, Route 1 Clarice Matchett Ames Penny's Coshocton herbert Robinson Clifton Electrical ngineering C , adillac, ichlgan Paul Robinson Airforce at Lackland Airforce Rase, San Antonio texas Clare Smith Buchanan househife, Canada Roy Stalnaker Airforce at Lacxland A rtorce ase, San Antonio Texas Belva Taylor City Loan, Zanesville James Jisecarver At home, Sonora ' -cz: - 9 'Ll 5 - ' ' H 1 A - V 3 , 1 . x . -' X ' ., 1 1 f ., P 1- Barbara Hatchett - U. S, Dept. of Agriculture, Stabilization Dept., Zanes V , L - I J ,I A - E o. C If s A Q K , N . - ' .i 1 3 , si I xl 9- '1' 'IV 41 ' 'J -of Q? .sr KL DIJQD frs NcCann Stanley hatchett Carl Vernon Dale Green wands Shirer Ronald Shirer Dmwwwldwcmwu Opal Sarvaugh Ed James Betty Wisecarver Mrs Ernest Miller Mrs Louise Hemry Mrs Don Paisley Wrs Mae Hlttle Barbara Stalnaker Helen Jennings Zon Davison Don Knicely Homer Green Charlene Oliver Catherine Radcliffe Delores Bowden Irs Lura Littick Dave hnloely Delmar Krebs Faye Ann Robinson Bob Doughty N M D Gre n Stanley Pickens nr W B Wortman Carol Jon s Ronald iles Coleen Jordan Sonia Stansberry Gerald rrouty Eugene Wrlght Martha Gress Bud ortman Shirley Lane Bonnie Lane Dorothy Dayton Sharon Culbertson Dick eiser Helen Hittle Larry Eoster hrs Lighthizer Mrs Stockman Marie Klein Diana Elson Douglas Kreis Robin Milstead David Shinn Douglas Elson Beverly Orr Bonnie Bowden Vary Ellen Knicely Johnny Smith Carol Reed Mrs Patton Rita Sherrick Anita Foley Mr Ray Smith Weldon Adams Gerald Bissonette Gloria Durant Donna Young Mrs Myrtle Huffman Rosalie Allen Donald Stem Mrs Gilbert Lyons JoAnne Hittle Cheryl Emerson Mrs Cochran Roger Kreis Gerald Brock Donald White an Stanley Hlttle Dorothy Hell Bob Church Bob Janes David Leasure Robert Bednaresik Vera Butler Richard Bagent Elden Sarbaugh LL JJ 1 P X P! P PJ P Bob Pltts Larry Lapp lr. D. . e m 1 . A x Qfllaw Queen SENIOR vw, E Shirley Lane SOPHOMORE Petty Hatfield FRESHMAN Rita Sherrick 'Z e M Jane Hatfield ' , N Qx lui Irf- Sikubxemil Nxeulwggpnagplef Staff I0 Qvmmmmil The Adamsville High School Band was organized in September of 1952 under the capable direction of Mr William E Poole There are approximately no students in the Senior Band A Junior Band has been organized, also mor the past year the band members, the progressive council student council and others nave been working hard to make enough money to buy uniforms for the band In November of this year their dream was realized They are beautifully outfitted in scarlet and gray uniforms The Band plays for special occasions, assemblies, P T A , and has given several concerts They also play for Com mencement and Baccalaureate e wish to take this opportunity to express our apprecia tion to Mr Poole for all the countless time and effort he has put in toward making this a group of which to be proud william E Poole Director Wana 1155: v Earle Thorns There are forty five members of the Girl's Chorus this year he sang for the Thanksgiving assembly for our first appearance A spring concert is planned in cooperation with the band honey raised in this way will be placed in a fund to be used for giving awards for sing1ng in the Crorus The type of award and the number of years of membership required for an award will be decided upon during the year There will be opportunity to particlpate in the county mus c festival again this year le will be assigned the number of singers that we may select to send Those who went last year enjoyed it very much The preparation of music to be sung at the Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises is the climaz of the An ensemble of girls chosen from the chorus is preparing numbers to sing, also A trio is being formed and a second ensemble, singing a different type of music, is being organized The chorus elected officers october A They are President, Carol Reed, Vice President, Carol nayle, Secretary, Charlene Oliver, Treasurer, Gloria Durant News Reporter, Helen hittle, Sonia Stansberry, Lroperties, Mary Lou Hittle, Carol Littick, Sandra Baldwin, Sandra 4iddleton, Librarians, Dorothy Bissett, Linda Hittle, Janet Jilliams, Carol Jones, Carol Green and Sandra Middleton Elllajafefcdlea cv 5 1 . Q ' . . . l , - O . V O , F I year's work. 0 , O A mv , . . . 'y' 0 A 0 e Q 1 , , , l . failure ESHIFIMLEIFEJ aflzkmcruta Row l Delbert Brock, Paul Knicely, Dave Knicely, Gail Prouty, Helen Echelberry, Stanley Matchett, Donald Knicely, Lester Prouty, Gerald Prouty, Eugene Wright Row 2 Mr Smith, Fred Durant, Larry Caldwell, Bobby Pitts, Stanley Hittle, Pat McN1cho1s, Rodney Matchett, Harold Green, Paul Vansickle, Paul Heil, LeRoy Bowden, Donald Caldwell Row 3 Bob Sigrist, Gerald Bissonette, Dave Bradford, Dale Green, Homer Green, Dwain Brock, Richard Bagent, Jimmy King, veldon Adams, Don Adams fo- 'R chu There are 32 FFA members Thirteen Greenhands were initiated in October OFFICERS ASSISTANLS President Stanley Matchett Richard Bagent Vice President Gail Prouty David Bradford Secretary David Knicely Jerry Hern Treasurer Gerald Prouty Duane Brock Reporter Paul Knicely Gerald oissonette Student Advisor Lester Prouty Pat McNichols Sentinel Donald Knicely Rodney Matchett Advisor Ray Smith Our activities for the year include Greenhand initiation Chapter Farmer initiation Parliamentary Procedure contest Public Speaking contest Dairy Judging contest General Livestock Judging contest Sheep and Wool Judging contest "' Dairy Products Judging contest Meat Judging contest Our money raising activities include l Raising four market pigs 2 Scrap drive 3 Donkey basketball game Q Selling seed corn and oats 6 a YY -ugiqgz "1 -'V' 'A g 1 . 'E' " l . XC'.uv52f -Mg' V J Tl 1. 2. 3. ' M. 5. 6. 7. 5. 9. fl: ZF A Qlulzexem HELEN ECHELBERRY Shop Richard Bagent, Jerry Horn, Gerald Bissonotte, Dave Bradford, Mr. Smith, Weldon Adams, Jimmy King 0 Q D .J K, f rbga ,yn 'A .4 J . lo . C' ., G 'fl Q future Mumcmskers 11 ",.0 'Be lx 'llc ll.:::' , "-'.::' - lun, .ll'z, '-."'.'!',""',...:5S-1,4 S f off The money that the Home ECODOm1Ca Club received last year for serving the UVA Banguet was used to purchase a mirror for the press door in the Home Ec room The FFA held a party for the home Ec girls Games were enjoyed in the gym nasium and refreshments were served The boys furnlshed the ice cream and the girls furnished cake and punch Later on a gathering was held in the school cafeteria by the two groups Games were played and Helen Echelberry was elected FPA Chapter Queen On November 16, l95h, the following girls were elected to hold offices 1n the Home Ec Club President, Coleen Jordan, Vice President, Shirley Lane, Sec retary, Carol Mayle, Treasurer, Carol Reed, Head News Reporter, Margaret Mur phy, Freshman Reporter, Vera utler, Sophomore Reporter, Connie Nayle, Senior and Junior Reporter, Carolyn Lyons The Home Ec. Club held a Chrlstmas Party on December 23, l95h. They exchanged names for gifts and refreshments were served. Everyone had a :ood time. iff, . - dz- 23735 b rt 3 fe N' v, .fr f '3.Q:, A.,-.'.',,L.':",,.., lx , ,ed 'I V I 1" 1 V, A' ' ,Q ,W :EE5fg55E':"!-aa. .E555,,::'-- lm? -::iEE:.22:g." V' ' .:.'ll 1 Cffv YM 'la 'X 9 S ,N 4"' X 41 as U4 Qiiirlg QDIHQS 1' 'ACJOK5 N. D Mass Smeg I II The Junior Class presented Bolts and Nuts , a farce in three acts by Jay Tobias on April 16, 1953 This was under the direction of Mrs Elizabeth Cochran The cast was as follows. Bonita Bolt Rebecca's niece Lutie Spinks The Maid who winks Rebecca Bolt Manager of the Bolt Sanitarium Martha Grubb The Cook, a melancholiac Twink Starr Benita's finance with delusionscf grandmr Dr Hippocrates Joy A Psychiatrist Henry Goober The porter, afraid of lunatics Phineas Plunket A lawyer with a humility complex Miss Prunella Figg A patient with claustrophobia Cadwalleder Clippy A patient afraid of cats Mrs Gertie Glossop A patient who fears contamination Uilber Glossop Her darling child Jack Gordon A young interne Marilyn Sarbaugh Jane Hatfield Coleen Jordan Catherine Radcliffe Larry Barthlow Delbert Brock Gene Coleman Stanley Matchett Paul Knicely JoAnn McNichols Gary Geyer Bob James The Senior Class presented 'The Custers Last stand , a farce in three acts by William D Fisher, on December 17, 195g This was also under the direction of Mrs Cochran The cast was as follows Junes Custer Harriet Custer Emogene Custer Jim y Custer Johnny Newson Esther Custer Terence Ayrsdale Lavina Platt Lavernia Platt Betty VanAyrsdale Claire VanAyrsda1e Georgy Little Bear the father his wife his unmarried sister his son his cousin Jimmie's sister her fiance from Boston a spinster from East her spinster sister Terence's Aunt Betty's sister a homeless Indian waif 163 Donald Knicely Jane Hatfield Donna Young Delbert Brock Gene ColemI1 Martha Grass Gail Prouty Helen Jennings Coleen Jordan Catherine Radcliffe Marilyn Sarbaugh Stanley Matchett D N I 0 . . Z I : Helen Jennings 1 N 1 K 'gv 6 O 6 K V. 'QQ W r K 'M ff 4, ' A v. ,fl H1 X .. H F f ' 1.4" fi Q 'K iI1T1:f1f:'f 3' Row 1 J Kirby, D Broc D Merriam, F Durant Wow 2 D Stemm, Mgr , Caldwell, L Prouty, L Outro, B Pitts, J Darner, Mgr Row 3 D Caldwell, G Vernon, Coach Fr Drylie Row 1 Stomm, Mgr D Qrock, G Hrout D Dutro, J Darner Row 2 Vernon, G Stotts, L Prouty, B Sigrist, Mr Drylio, Coach Row 3 D Ierriam, P Knicely, D 0 U ' Do 1 0 ' ' yn ' Mgr. . S . 0 - G. Knicely, G. Prouty in yx X A - . . - k, A .' 0 . 0 Lo BASKETBALL BANQUET At the end of a very successful basketball season the boys and cheerleaders were treated to a very fine meal. The banquet was held in the high school cafeteria on April 13, l9Sh. The toast- maeter of the evening was John Graham. The principle speaker was Coach Don Swegan of Muskingum College. Coach Ralph Sharrer pre- sented all the players and cheer- leaders with letters. J. H. W! ROTARY CLUB BANQUET At the end of a successful season the Var sity players and cheerleaders had the priv iledge of attending the Rotary Club Banquet t the Y W C A We were all treated to a fine meal and excellent entertainment Later the Rotary Club presented us with the Citizenship Trophy and the cheerleaders received roses from Imlays Hatfield, H, Echelberry, M. Matchett, R. Sherrick, Hittle, G. Durant H ?"""" -W My lu! jf X ' C I X X j W 21 , , Mm -1 I Q e e e fs ,,, J ?'m1f:f,, 1 , H ,.-3.5. 'Q ' 1,f?'iI W. , an 1A , W if , 'a mmf .J,, .5571 . ' ' 71:1 ? Pf gin- ,,gf, :rw .Q 4 ,, ,., :H ' ,Q s wig - f., Mx, . em. iv mf ,, , . ,g Ziife-29: . An 1- ,14- 4: wr iff? W W ,,A A ' 3-7-gif Fifi xpk Q wax? f 5? f 4 A f Y M 0 f 1 Q, . af Z Q. f '1 5 m, ,, 1,4 X fm , 1 'K 4, 1 t Q, 9 nf- ! '- f by R -., fm, 214 43 2 5 W .W 1 ff 5 554.1 , S m3955015 Ii T., f if J' "x, HDVERTISIHG i MU ' 1' 1 . Y 'N K, Rxxw-unix, if f iw , xi V11 ,Y , , ' Q, figs XYX g X Q , Y 5 X N X N I 'EH ' , X X Q Q E ,S , F-' 'A 'w- . l X -X Avy ff' XX Congratulations to I I lil THE CLASc OF 1955 msr Ano AQEBANK of Zanesville, Ohio and New Concord Office ZANESVILLE'S GRAND OLD BANK 'W xg' ,::Ill-. C A N A K Home of Kreme Krust Products Bakers of' Bread Cakes Rolls Cookies Etc wedding k Decorated Cakes a Specialty PHONE 82151 Dresden, Ohio Y' ve ' N O N S B E R Y fou Can Depend on '1 WF-r-tllizer Lime General 'arm outplies Lawn Boy Power lowers lour wayne Weed lan P mem 0712 L- ' Q in 'l M N- sri?-fm 6 sl :X Xl ' ADAMSVILLEFEEDQCHlgwi-:ARE 3- Q 'mir N '71 :.!',1wF. ,Af Q11 Y' 'I-Q wwf l iii "3 THETIMESRECORDER 145' l PHEZANESVILLEJIGNAL T53sf1r:DA'fT1Q.3s51GraA1. , .J 'hg hype' , M v 5 providing Southeastern o wo own F latzpst ana most nous and oictures ard the only conrlet svovoin guides to Zanesville Stores f fkxqf 5 vhere riends 'Teet To Eat ROUTE MV V' P WA TLIL BA SABDBEHEEE E' E 'N I-'ULQPEP For All oultry k Livestnc ustov CI"11'1'i1V1 ix in '4a'Psv4 Ile D .Livefy eacn edm-s"aV anesville Phone 7 V117 A' ' Vlx . . , L In ' YH . ,, ? F 'ggnigallb 'G 9 E E N L A MJ N D R I V E - I N RESTAURANT " F I. " -AST Of A WHSV ,' X 7,1 :tx ' ' A- -I N:-W- Jr o 4 F U L - Q - P E P . J E L S ' J P f K C .1 r ,S Q A in' .. I 9 . ' . f X.. v 5 I L E 2 F E E T S E E Y I f I Compliments of I D E A L A R T S T U D I O Zanesville, Ohio 6 North oth Street Phone 3 8116 O Roadv to fear Drygoods W PPDV' L71 Dresden, Ohio or 1 e Qmality A parel fo the Ent're Vlmily Also Rugs, 'ar ets, Llnoleums, Wotions, Diece woods, Bedding, Linens, Piece Goods o All Kinds T H E T O W N E S H P U-I jloys H13 9-M In Zanesvllle...It's W E E E R ' S F , ? n XL p ' - r l . . o p -. 1 F . A O e P5 S gif-3'e9?f 0:1 iacac U 1370 Greenwood Avenue Zanesville, Ohio Dial 2 6766 Specialist in Floral Design For All Occasions V 33 Sou Compliments of windows Cu stomnr Parking Drive in Phono 2 M533 th Sth Street 119 S G I I in Amber Bottl E-.. .S L Now Available Milk Only ld More Per Qt Than Homogenized 6th Street Zanesville D111 2 5u51 P A L ' S F L O W E R S fl x6e A Z A N E S V I L L E F E D E R A L S A I N G S A N D L O A N A S S O C I A T I O N A L B O R D E N M I,K i2IQi I I CHEVROLET Fil"i. 1 1 Selling Fhevrolets S ncc 19115 an Hour' AAA Road, Shop, weaker Service Y Bridge Phone 2 3611 A Y Q, Bottlers PEPSI COT A WUBULE P ana OLD FDLDFTY EPS' 01-A V Q Suburoan Gas S-rvice Refrigerators 'water' Heaters Ranges Aashlngton 'dachires plumbing emu I-eOting 3 Aiavsville Roan Phone 2 S2143 W H T E ' S ' ""' ' ""-" "--f- 5 1' - EEE? -Ziljifiiliilllflljgfiii 3 glvggsia ' + CL CITY BEV'RAGE CO. of ,, - U 1 QD DA ISC3T'SSOTTLEDGASCO. cm C' 04 0 0 11,9 Dea or in Sinclair Prodwcts Tires Groceries Tobacco oft Drinks ADAASVILL ROAD Q PHONE 2 2Qc5 SONORA, OHIO Compliments of Genuine Chevrolet Parts R Service SOHIO Products Phohe 2331 Main Street New Concord O Piano, O cans, Para 2 crcnestra Instrumental Sheet Music C7 N wifth St anesvillo A CL N fn ' ro lo '9 H H R M A N R. V E R N C N HJ QP 'T, E - L.F.D. 1 H A M M O N D C H E V R O L E T S A L E S - : . .' ' , O. L O N G S H O R E M U S I C S T ' R E Wm EEUU ' Builders' Supplies Hardward Glass Lumber Phone 2 SAMS Zanesville, Ohio SM? Linden Ave S5 North Fifth Street Business k Secretarial Training Summer Term, June 13 Fall Term, Sept 6 meach Speedwriting the ABC Shorthand R K E Shoes for the Family Read to wear work Clothing Wallpaper Phone 8 26h1 Dresden, Ohio SX dll! 5 if 7 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND O I .F " Ol IE R fQ4g4- f im' 3 f-TQ 'IE C O M B S L U M B E R C O. T H E M E R E D I T H C O L L E G E xll, Q- uit' I We A - B A H ' S Q fl - I X 3: xR I - 1 if NN2M,! E rn L R verything in Building New Lerington, Ohio South Zanesville, Ohio Zanesvllle, Ohio Phones 700 R 701 Dial Phone 2 9375 Phone N S151 g Always First Quality xx 22 32 North Sth Street Zanesville, Ohio lNlN '---!g.L! IV I T A 7 I Home cooked meals, Lunches, Snacks Room for private parties Dresden, Ohio Phone 8 33M2 SL SHEPWER GARA Adamsvi lle , Ohi o Phone 216 J ff lr: TH sN1D'R-FLAUTT UMBE co, W tzQ3 .9-Ly WE fl XX PE NY'S 5 1 .. XX Q ':: MQ ' .. 1 -""""4""""""' f X ieG1,f'm, svxxvs RESTAJR NT 5: I 11 ' . . . 'E 147' . 1RvINMEADov.'coLDDA1RY Q' I 1, nf A Dairy Products Mun RE M 379 Adair Avenue -- Tel. 2-27f'f' - 2-27f'9 --Zanesville, Ohio Civ Fompliments of dmc E Q1 te Complete Line of' Dairy Products Dresden, Ohio Compliments of W A T R New 8: Used "ers ot? Sc Warietta Streets Phore 2 6365 I MARTINS DAIRY OHIO POH...R COMP NY Your Electric Servant O ZALE LIJCCLN-MERCURY CO. rfra pa S , JW fliq f JI: '1 U 1 15t1PO Q' - stfv e.0lP :A wpn 8 Q effe e ' n e ve me Phone P2 '1 A J -7 vviav-y Yr Q 1 O 3' ts va akLe a a CWD, 1 s. 1 , 9 5, P , ' If V I .' Z Z Z ' I H,Mv KiQ1,i HQQC - 'iclesnle 5 ieiaig Tliifm iHlVh?' .Q - Edna Freevpf ?TimGT3ii? Pif:. Z,f Aiamsville, ihii ,2.te ?i, 72 T U E F I X - I T 3 H i P ?'rr, dpilt CQ Qr1,f Vphol ,.ing - R m 4,l1xr - ierair Pnone 23D ::.'i8.f'1S'.'il1,, LE i J E A Q U I 1 Q T W H - Y Y T O X f 3 3:,,t Sava - H,i5er, H,n?y K, FVRTQT 'Quilt no 'X ,Mr th Best O., Clxfe Rnd" 7 .Lpl A 2-6 5 ZFmes'fi1l'Le, fhir 7 2 D H x A Q f 1 T 1 j 3 1 L . 1 ' 1 f f ' f I lf"-Elf Hai. fxII',Bf Hts its ?.--uis ani pat.c.s of Aiaxsville iii vi9i:4tv as ie 1- 1 .lu M' ssets. ' :rice I L nw 715 - f8lf9Y 3 f vi l9N'v-TTA s .Z Q1 6 AN omp 1 nt X 4?wW ,fxgigb V F RKET 5599? Otsebo S of ji 1 a svillp , Ohio LL iff. JJ' F , E uneral 1ome Ambul 8.IlCQ Phone 212 Ad .xxx amsvil le, ohio :sf-A 1759 Everytking to a Home Builders' S Build upmlies, Lumber E Millwork 4aVsvi1le Avenue Phone 9 2701 an S 111 , ow O Dhone Commliments of D L x, ra dwa e Paints cpl 1 ul4a c 5 3uS1 S Qsdeu, Obi O 'filfllu 1. X - 3 K 1lgq'i Wy abt U . l me. l 'V 'S' lk Nl , X 1 " j A B B O T T ' S 3 T O R 2 S ' 1 H.E. SHIRER as SON ,,,g-f ffigwf, N s.'- ' -ip.: Q, ff' ,'f5, :Aff I' - Xi Q Qiy .f4?4J F I N L A W L U H E E R C O. lg v YI T H U F R A Z I ' R C A I P A X Y T r r - . - Electri ul gr, l n e ill DEER R E r. A so E' John Deere Quality Farm Equipment Fertilizer, Lime, Seeds, Paint QUALITY FARM EQUIPMENT Electric Fencing Pnone 2 Sehl 717 North Seventh otreet Zanesville, Ohio H O W Gulf Gasoline 8 Oil A' ' v General Nerchandise .9 Ademsville Road . N47 N.. XXI. M C H E N Open 7 Days a Veek Sohio Gas A Oil Confections 8 Pool Phone 31h Adarsville, Ohio A U S O 9 V 1015 Monroe Street QR auxgnqd If fyfl-P-am" ' Q Qsgfgrlg Zanesville, Ohio F'A.MERSII'1PLM"NTCOY'1P NY A R D M O O R E R S O N -N .rP'Q,"' I Qifgic' X 1: WV. - ...gtg 'xfs' s . 'fl jx. A 5393 " l X Vx lux "' 'ffl C' I :fl ,' is . lk". A . X. A I ,!4A 4 Q. , Af' Hi' N ' HY', m mf , 1 .,f N R Y ' S C O N F E C T I O . E R Y .1, V s SQ ' ' ifflukln ll' J 'lr . 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Suggestions in the Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) collection:

Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 74

1955, pg 74

Adamsville High School - Saladian Yearbook (Adamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 107

1955, pg 107

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