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ak lm... 9 '54 AN, Q x v w 4 2' THE OAK I 968 VOL.Lhl W. H. Adamson High Schpol ya ,, V , I , 4 . KN Dallas. Texas .X 55-fkfwf 'b x X. K.. , ,I . 1, ,. X f ff1,, 7'. f V1 , M1 1 L1 'jf 1 Let's Face It Let's face it, the many and varied faces of Adamson represent us, the student body. The silliness of a somewhat frightened fresh- man, the anxiety of a sophomore, the confi- dence of a junior, and the proud bearing of a senior, express the emotion that fills the halls of our school. Faces reflect: happiness, sadness, confi- dence, disappointment, embarrassment, pride, determination, thoughtfulness, ignorance, wisdom, and a myriad of other feelings. On these pages we see the smiling face of victory, the sober face of discouragement, the stern face of determination, the laughing face of happiness and the self-conscious face of embarrassment, emotions everyone has ex- perienced. The face is like a chapter in a life book that tells a story. For this reason, we have recorded the various and memorable events of the year by using your faces. Through faces we hope to capture for you the unforgettable experiences of the year 1968 at Adamson High School. Oak Staff Editor ...... Ani. Editor . . . Aa'mi1zim'a15i01z .. Stzzdent Life , . . Perfofmlilier . . . Orgafzizaliorzr . . . . . . Seniors ...... Umierclafrmefz . . . . Sports ........... Bmifzeff Mafzazgerr .........MarySkaggs Sondra Culverhouse . Rosemary Newell . . . . . Betty Bronar, Allen Kirsch Sondra Culverhouse . Yvonne Gibbons Donna jackson . . . . Linda Barton, Fredna Murray . . . Patty Bachman, Kay Patton, Susan Baker . .. Gary Wesson . . . Norma Tussy, Ann Keeter 2 e E i E E 2 fi 1 I 1 i , , l? , N , . TABLE OF CONTENTS Adminisiraiion ...... ... TTT: Qiudeni Life ig f' lo, 58 Pe rsonaliiies ...... - . 3, K I . .f f i ? :W ma: :U .::,..f 80 .... ..... O rganizaiions Ut... ,H Seniors ...... ............... ...... Llnderclassmen Qporis ....... Q04 ...... Adveriising QQ 78 , af 4 t' it I ,M - -,,, -21 ., ,',. tw- t tif? ? 4 2f"' of i ",' i ' ,sf ffrgyflr Ee-Ezagfa-+wa...,.f 413532: smart- fatitiww-Q , ff? "g,,gf"'M2,,j Wag, s "" b'-, ,,.. ""' i"Wi"i"'7'i:H"'i'7f'M,i . ' W 'KL' I . . . A-b' ' it ,,AA -,'. , -,mx , ,.., 1 H , , K '." , - t ffl- Oak Honors Mr. Stevenson Hard-working, dedicated, tolerant, and ami- able are words which describe this year's dedi- catee. Always enthusiastic and eager to assist, he has won the admiration of many students. As a baseball and football coach, he teaches athletes how to win in sportsmanship as well as in sports. Because he is well-known, liked, and respected by fellow teachers, students, and athletes, we dedicate the 1968 Oak to Mr. Buddy Stevenson. is -r .1 E ll Views of Adamson We Often Take for Granted The beauty of our snow covered campusg the intricacies of our build- ing, resulting from additions through the yearsg the venerable trophy cases, surrounding our fight- ing leopardg the bronze plaque rep- resentative of our school's historyg and the typical scene at the end of the clay of a trash can and broorng these are the many views of Adam- son we take for granted. Q , 7 qflfw WWW WMM ctw A fa Administration . . . Faces of teachers reflect thoughtfulness and excitement. I0 X. 42 .Q-f' SJDOLMUVQ' V Olcwxkjqi Qcmxil, l K' Q i ,, as , ..',. KSN- .V ,LS E ' 2 7 5 fa Kkk'. I fi 56 K A... ,,1i,,,iQ, Q NW ,, vwwflfv A L,,.L ,figs M3 wi' M 5 -' f Ediied bg Rosemary Newel Board of Education and Administration -- - I Left 10 Right: Marvin H. Berkeley, jerry D. Wheat, john Plath Green, 1. Willard Gragg, Lee A. McShan, Jr., Dr. W. T. White Supt.3 Percy E. Luecke, Jr., M.D.g Emmett J. Conrad, M.D.g James E. Joy, and Mrs. Henri L. Bromberg, Jr. Left lo Right: Hollis Allen, Don E. Matthews, H. D. Pearson, W. T. White, Supt.g Frank L. Williams, E. D. Walker. Szandnzgf Dale Douglas, C. C. Miller, and Robert H. McKay. ORUERYUUR YEARBO g',,i As Principal of W. H. Adamson High School. Thomas W. Meek has earned ihe respeci and admiraiion of boih ihe siudenl bodg and facullg. He is an able leader. inspiring spirii and enihusiasm in school projecis. Ever willing io lend a helping hand, Mr. Meek provides needed guidance for success in ihe high school program. Assisiani Principal Rogce Larsen. assisiani principal. keeps discipline wilh a firm gel undersianding hand. Adamsoniies noi onlg respeci his judgement bui also look +o him as a friend. Adminisiraiion a+ Work and Plag N Dvfmkxf 1:1 'X' ii. ' - . ,..1 -.-,: A W 3.-v' 1QfiTHRYN 1 PEMBERTON ig Nurse Guards Student Health: Secretaries Sh-ive for Efficiencg While Mrs. Tompkins, the school nurse, keeps the student body in good health, Mrs. Holloway, the principal's secretary, keeps the office in good order for carrying out school business. The IBM machines, which have made data processing quicker and more effi- cient are operated by Mrs. Caffareta. Coun- seling records are kept by Mrs. Bridges. M f . I I ,, 'WJ "w.,m H-A .-W, lu, G NETTIE BRUDGESQQ vii, gs w.,.5? :A ff se? ai . 5 1: A sf 'f b fl B -5 ,Q il 'E- 53V 1:1 92' 47 l 4? H ' JE 5 :sf Q- I 135 22 2 Q 5 H 5331 ni ????2L gjg3f'n1 , -Q25 aigsiam - , ,a 'jg A ,gf , 5552, 5 gg , .i f V., gl, ' ii . . in ,:- x , gg aff? i f ggi ., 4 5 H M My 2 f f if 53 Hg f V 1935 an ,ff fm? f f 9 I wi f,-gfaf .. .. 'firm ' ' in if iff , , 5:6 5 iv 1 'Y 5235 :Ei 2? X P P ,Mm-f , mfr 1 MJ, 1, f 2 Gs 1:-M - g. mpeii ,,-. Sq' . x ,,.,, 3. x. J, mimffff 2l 1, ,- ,. -M w J' I 'A ltd'-L' rl 1 xi. X' 3,--,::,.MV L .LL .L V w vi s 2 A ii H y 5 N 1 iii wm S fe a ' W - if .www .R ifHiiiiiiavz5:j2.i5:x25iiQ7iX - K 1 wil Q HELEN SHAFER B.A.g University of Texas Biology Physics 1 Faoulig Faces Anofher Year . Wwmfmwv 28 alffaif "NN-. HELEN IARNER B A M A LIIHXCISIQ of Muylmd fngllsh I F A Qponsor An Inspiraiion +0 Qiudenis Faculig Supporfs School Projecis AIDA MORALES B A Lmx ers1ty of Spamsh ,, ' X ' R - L' ,, 4 1"-If? ,K J 45, ,. mv ' iv assi - - fs + . iw V ar .. I They Shape the Leaders of Tomorrow COLONEL fRet.J ALAN L. FULTON R.O.T.C. B.S., United States Military Academy JERRY L. CUMMINGS Eighth Gradeg Math Science, Related Algebra B.S.g M.E.g Abilene Christian Colleeg NTSU MYRNA B. COPELAND Latin 3 and 5g English 3 B.A,, NTSU Lunchroom and Cusiodial Qiaffs The Cu d I S ff Th L hroorn S ff Presidenl Mr. Royce Walters Program Chairman Mr. Benarr McFadden Membership Chairman Mr. Harry Ekstran Finance Chairman Mr. Gene Bryant Edueazion, Sperial Arlinizfier Mr, Pete Bratten Improvements, Civie Relalionx Mr. Wilford Loyd Azhlelirr Mr. Bernis Vaughn Serretary Mr. W. C. Morgan Prexidenl Mrs. Keene Ludden Viee-President Mrs. R. H. Gatewood Direelor of Oragnizatian Mrs. Victor Barton Direelor af Program Seruire Mrs. R. P. Rasor Direetor of Social Aelizfiliexr Mrs. Robert Smith Direcmr of Puhlic Welfare Mrs. B. Frank White Direrior of Edaealion Mrs. Tom Hearn Direetor of Health Mrs. Claude Wesson Direrzor of Efficiency Mrs. joe Thomas Direczor of Puhlieizy Mrs. Leonard Bourell Recording Secrelary Mrs. Donald Reynolds Correxpanding Serrelary Mr.s T. P. Keeter Treafurer Mrs. John Zimmerman Hiftorian Mrs. M. Barnauskas Parliamentarian Mrs. Clyde Sailor Siudeni Life . Faces of students reflect talent skill, and friendship. 646 v r l 35g'3lgilL KN X GF W W Ediied bg Allen Kirsch and Behg Bronar Qiudeni Life ls an Expression of... Student Life is an expression of many things, but one of the most vital is that of spirit. A1- though it involves long strenuous hours of hard work, these are the hours that make school mean- ingful. . . . Spirii Richard Snyder presents Mr. Meek with trophies from the Sherman and San Antonio tournaments. -M "Up With People" entertained and inspired the student body with songs of patriotism and good will. Gabby Rasor and Randy Nusbaum demonstrate Leopard spirit in pep assemblies. 39 at 'w '1 It's worth a quarter any time to miss sixth period!" ...Jog We like to think that Student Life is mostly joy. It's attending the Faculty Basketball Game and miss- ing sixth period, being nominated for Homecoming Queen, or hearing jim Taylor's joyful song at lunch. There is even joy in defeat when "defeat" means receiving the honor of senior Homecoming Princess. "Nobody knows we've skipped three days of classes to get a seat!" "Surely one of them has a tomato." "How do you like that? A handshake instead of a kiss." . . . Disappointment Everything has its sad side, and Student Life is no excep- "Would you believe 40 words and 41 errors? tion. The 'F' in English, a forgotten assignment, the lost elec- tion, third period lunch all add up to an occasional "Blue Mondayfl' . . . Friendship This is the most valuable part of student life. It's walking that special girl to class, letting someone borrow your only pencil, giving away the answers to a test you failed yourself, and making the friends you will keep for a lifetime These will be lasting impressions of friendship when high school days are far behind.- ". . . behind 7-Eleven at 4 o'clock." Look, jimmy. Oh, look. Look and see!" "Well, she asked me if she could have a lift I said he carries my books on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays' Head of the Adamson Scholarship Foundation is inducted into A the Adamson Hall of Fame. Leopardettes are honored by the PTA as Leader Carolyn Sosebee, presents sponsor, Miss Betty Sewell, with mum. 44 Basektball Queen Nominees are presented at the Faculty Basketball Game. The nominees for Homecoming Princess are presented. . . . Recognition This is a special part of Student Life at Adamson. Re- ceiving the approval of teachers and the high regard of fellow students by being named Most Likely to Succeed, being crowned Valentine Queen, winning a basketball tournament, or making straight A's-it all adds up to school days we will always remember. "Little Sisters" present the leaders with mums. Linda Ludden is recognized as a Basketball Queen nominee 45 I "Little man, you've had a big day . . . . . a Desire To Learn Although the desire of some exceeds the desire of others to learn, the drive for better grades also plays a large part in student life. 'Yes, Eddie, if you just have to!" A moment of silence, brought to you by the honor study hall. Students constantly strive for better grades. Friendly student-teacher relations make learning a joy." Seniors frequent the library for term themes 47 Karen Owen serves Adamson as school organist. . . . Logaltg and Dedication Loyalty and dedication are evident as Leopardmen prove themselves to their school and their fellow stu- dents, as young people dedicate their time and effort to the cause of promoting democratic ideals, and as stu- dents join in encouraging youth participation in the community "Sing Out!" ROTC drill team members spend hours of practice on drills for patriotic assemblies such as Memorial Day in preparation for military service to their country. In these and many other ways, students prepare to become capable, responsible adults and good citizens. ROTC Drill Team performs on the patriotic assembly, Decem- ber 7. -.-R . M2- Students were stirred to energetic participation in the patriotic singing of "Up With People!" The first pep assembly of the season introduces the fighting Leopards of 67 68 Directed by Mr joe Teague the chorus presents musical entertainment at open house 5 "Actually I'm bored to tears, but I've got to keep up appearances." Sock it to 'em, Mr. Stevenson! l .. Please buy our corn flakes, the-y're made from corn! . . . Talent Even a dedicated desire to learn is in- terrupted for entertainment, usually in the form of student talent. tl' Randy Nusbaum and Larry Sanford perform on the annual pay assembly. fjv cf, :UWM rlwfl vffdffjfffjv gf ff! 42.472 , 5M Orgf "Up With People" introduced such songs as "Freedom Isn't Free." . . Bugaloo Down Broadway Excedrin headache No. 6103. "Down the hall, Richard, second door to your left!" "Mr, Johnston, I can't believe you said that I" 52 w , . . . and Then There Are Some Expressions Thai Can'i Be Classified "The cover is wha! color, did you say???" X Number 23 finds out that not everyone uses Dial. "Robert, are you sure that you aren t chewmg gum? Ex s 4 "Kiss me, you fool!" "What did you say was unzipped?" 'Poidg Z-day beauty plan it . wor e or me!" . . . Qhll More Thai Can'+ Be Classified. "Shoo, fly, clon't bother me!" "No-Doz . . . unconditionally guaranteed." 54 "The sky is falling the sky is falling!" "Ultra-Brite did it!" "There's just nothing I can do to ruin my image they love me." "What does she have that I don't have?" "Do you really think he'll notice me? La Beiha Byers Crowned Homecoming Queen 56 J d F g J R g d L 5 L g princesses. Representing the junior class were Mary Jane Miller, Barbara Reese, and Karen Roach. K , ,Ni Marianne McConaLhy, Linda Hodges and Debbie Bates were nominated sophomore princesses. fi i L. , .5 k Tanya Cruse, Sarah Polanco, and Cheryl Huckaby were selected freshman princesses . f A :xx Personalifies Faces of personalities reflect surprise, congratulation, and joy. , FY-' X 'Tia' A ,W .JF W in 'Y 3 in im- 1? It il '1m '!'1I Qs' 'Hg' -2 1 pg im' EMM I Ediied bg Sondra Culverhouse 59 .1 .,,, ,Q fame aw:-Q --yv Qin,-,iuzmuw --21-1:,w'w if f zv1zz,,-inf .L L L: M,:m- -6 E 2:5 .f --wk? v , 'Q Aneilgiggm ' 4. 5, s 52 M Q Q' z H K W Es., ag N1 Q X rx , ..,. 1 :mzelzsswzw 1 .,. W Y ,1 . 1., 'H am' 11: fm- ,. X- , A g ' " E 5 E P " fm , ,:- - 7 5 W?-i f f N X' :EE RE fx Q 1 ,215 E air. 2 R W 1 fri,-.EQ ' ' 5 3:5 ef C 5 2' 2 Es. E fi g i sg ' 52 5- 55 3 ' a . ,. .. . . Z 5 , 5 Q. NE is ' 29 xx ' Q xl u X Sz, V- ggi, 3 ? ll n"N w ' i 0. 5 5 .Viv xg gsyvvggg A SEEK ,EQ fhm23W.v,Wg-.- .W-, I ..LL, ,,.m,.- 5: wig, G1 f 13'E3'i.' .,Xf,Qff- N .. ,A iw aww fi F M, WA .af-ww fx , 1,0 'Zigi si g , . - Y 1 Q- fix 3 W vi - K ,..LqL,Q,,s , '- Sw 'i 'if e fffi , Q . ,K aug., .,..,, 1,1-Qii?iifff'1.l,, w rx Q Qt 1152+ H , wr xx- ' 5, P "ff 'v P " I H Q 6' 3 4 QMS Ya-,L 'A 5 if ,Q ,1 if igmgd 1 ', .f S, 5 fkfgveih ,' U. sg. N Q + gy-T gf A 5 m .5 Q ff A SEQ fggwk ,mfg is 2 3 2 jg? 1, 4, .IL , . v w 1 15 , Qgggfm L Q Q f E ze Q Q sae 'Q ' ff fl 5' N 151 .-.2 i 5,5 E ' 1' fe - V Z 5 " ' 'pg .X 2 57 'Y Le ,E mia gg'E?g '52 z P .- EE K 5. . .iw Q eg , 51 2 r 1? Q E 5 i I z 5 3.1 Z K 3 5 5 hgzffff: - ' ?s:ewf:z?1z'Hmm W,-Am H mu: al - 1 1 E55 , ,E .W,. ,gas 3, 5 ffm G 1' , ' 'L M2 ' W- J v '5 2 Qi Ez 1 , V 5 ggi , A 1 I - 1 ,I ? fffiiiififff-i?1Eif3E?'-' - 'T "'5' 511151 if 11-5.51 ' I -fi- + Q"-ESQW aa f Ya if QW , a V F Q ., 1 . zffzpzfeyfeff-ffwk PZ, ' ,' I Senior Bog Wa r ww Q1 . 2 'lex ,LF Q 'il Ei if Ea Z J 1 ,,,,,,..x an fa: asaymmw 4 h , wg Q Eder? ME-g gs? 'EE 1 Q , I ew"fee Es 'A JL 32521 S541 qi ww L U gi, me jsfli1?"2, Www B iw ' We W-'15g,LiSm r QQ? E W, 1-38 W mamma? W if 5 K fem r ,S as WS E ,?,1,y.s his W, 5 r. H E 3 231, vi 5 mei 11 53 -fi KEYS ? jvh -1 21.635, 5,1 ik 9' 'L 'ff-5 X! 4 5 A '21,-12 45x35 . v 1 f :s'1t:':1L,:'H KH 1 f . Si '5 2 g X 5 1 ggi 5 .3 X H, 5 in S' ik Y 2' em 1g E wt gk 1 s Q 54 ' 3 Emi , 3 Q D e Pi., 215 m ma i? m:?,u,,l j MW, 522 - 2' V ..W.sQ?5AwfK.. .1-:L-miewiwnws Ee Shea qua ,E 'A E a if ,e Senior Bog Mosi Likelg To Succeed JOHN THOMA Q 66 by A W if if f fr! wwe f' 3255 5 4:1 5 r in Twp? X7 Elissa Q 2 Hu W ,,,, ' + f' ' f 1' Wwe dx " mf '4 my ai f ng 5 gg' Z ff I 52 .,.. .mf,,w, QL , H .. gy 14, ' 1-ifiy F 5 ff, , ' Q ,f f , V 5 img . U-IW an 'Z f w ' ,J ,D x K. f ig Q E fl xg - 4 'As 2 . .Q-4 M -1 4 3246: if 1 s . 1, 1: 3 i 5 J 9 it af' 6 ml il vi .af . .,l I T 5a 's 1 a E I 1 1' Ne E a I I ii i We 1 M in V747 Wd Y Y WY, 'W ,,,,,,,, ,. A19 Q 4 ' LM - --- -- fn' "Y" 'W' W "W 'M' Lu,- 'iffy 'if fi W E Ju? 7. is ' 5If?'9??,Qa'i?fE 'EL ,sf 1 '11 ,V if f-Q W' L , Mwaw. a 'F 23 . iff im? 3 4. f H4 11 , .PCL W 4 1 521 aff1fr'f fi My 52 1 . .,, X ?,.i,5g ,x, , E42 .2 5? ig 2? i 352 "li . 5 2 A . , 1 4 I ff+,.nmw,g5g3. Q- ,H s ,,.v- Wwim 'Rf 1 F ,f 4gf's 5 wry" .Nl 4 . a v .. li 2 v S 5 3 JANE 1 n ToMMv JOE CREWS Student Council Presi- dent, Senior Class Presi- dent, Key Club President LUCY LONG National Honor Society, National Thes- pians, FTA Secretary DONNA JACKSON National Honor So- ciety, Quill and Scroll, OAK Editori- al Staff Honored Seniors Selected to Who's Who Seniors with outstanding leadership and educational achievements during their high school careers are honored each year by being selected Who's Who Candidates by the Faculty. LINDA LUDDEN Student Council Secre- tary, National Honor So- ciety, National Thespians President WAYMON McMACKIN National Honor So- ciety Vice-President, Key Club, Basketball Letterman 73 Who's Who FREDNA MURRAY National Honor Society, ACORN News Editor, Quill and Scroll ROSEMARY NEWELL National Forensic League President, Quill and Scroll, National Thespians MARY SAILERS National Thespians Secretary, Medical Careers Club Vice-President, National Forensic League STEVE SHARROCK Civitan Citizenship Seminar, Basketball Letterman Key Club, GABBY RASOR Select Chorus Secretary, National Honor Society, Allied Youth Membership Chairman LEONARD TROUT Allied Youth President, Basketball Let- terman, Key Club MARY LYNN SKAGGS OAK Editor-in-chief, Student Council Parliamentarian, JCTC President CAROL SMITH National Honor Society, OAK Business Staff, Leopardette Leader 1 JOHN THOMA National Honor Society President, Key Club, OAK Business Staff CONNIE WAY Select Chorus, Leopardette, French Club Who's Who Ann Keeter Crowned as Miss Adamson Miss Adamson is chosen from eight semi- finalists who are judged on their talent, poise, and beauty at the annual pageant. Ann was crowned by Principal Thomas W. Meek and the 1967 Miss Adamson, Addie Beam- guard. Runners-up were Mary Sailers and Lucy Long. 76 Brgne Lusk Reigns as 1968 Valeniine Sweeiheari 1967-68 Mr. and Miss Howdg Linda Barton Eddie Vaughn Linda and Eddie were chosen Mr. and Miss Howdy by the student body because of their outgoing personalities and their friendly smiles to new students entering Adamson. "Howdy Week", sponsored by the student council, has been carried on for many years at Big Organizations . . . Faces of club members reflect concentration and excitement. 31551391 Edifed bg Yvonne Gibbons and Donna Jackson 8I Norma Tussy, Business Manager Allen Kirsch, Student Life X ' all alva S X aaaa aaa aaj Q aaai Mary Skaggs, Editor-in-Chief, and Sondra Culverhouse, Assistant Edi- tor and Personality Editor Kay Patton, Sophomore Class Editor WW, ,.,. , Gary W'esson, Sports Editor Ann Keeter, Business Manager Yvo Org I1 21 Patty Bachman, junior Class Editor Rosemary Newell, Faculty Editor Oak Staff Works Hard to Produce '68 Annual nizations Editors ne Gibbons and Donna Jackson, if it t Jig- ' X- ees? X or, E? ii : ,E 55 The Oak is a collection of memories of the 67-68 school year which will be treasured for many years. This year's staff put many hours into the creation of this annual. They sold ads, cropped pictures, wrote copy all in an effort to make this '68 Oak the best. Susan Baker, Freshman Class Edi- fOr Betty Bronar, Student Life, Linda Barton and Fredna Murray, Senior Class Editors sl' . as -, I 5- A L ' E2 ,, K A A jim Taylor, joe Crews, Kathy Zimmerman, and Kitty Villarreal Carol Smith and Lucy Long type records for Mr. Brownlee. record all Oak sales. Oak Business Staff Manages Moneg, Records Supervised by Mr. George Brownlee, the members handle all the money and finances concerned with the yearbook. They also handle distribution in the spring. One Oak representative is chosen from each homeroorrx to help with the records of individual sal sk f IN L X I . ,WLM , , ,U fs ff et Ur T5 13 Paula Cummings, john Thoma, and Fran Hearn file the sales. , 1968 Oak Representatives Staff Produces Monthlg Acorn Under the direction of Mr. Bob Johnston, the journalism class writes the stories for the newspaper. The staff proofreads and makes up the layout pages to produce the final edition of the Aram, Adamson's newspaper. Betty Bronar, Editor-in-Chief, works hard on her column, "Bronar's Byline," in order to meet the deadline. News Editor, Fredna Murray, proofreads copy before it is Besides writing stories for the paper Yvonne Gibbons, Fea- sent to the printer. ture Editor, helps write headlines for the stories. Kathy Scheiern, Business Manager, takes care The reporters for the paper are taken from the students taking journalism. of all of the finances of the paper. The officers are: Robert King, Treasurerg Joe Crews, Presidentg Marshall Cothran, Vice-presidentg Mary Skaggs, Parliamentarian and Linda Luclclen, Secretary. yu B Student Council Qtrives - ' +o Improve School I X Thi y 's student council, one of the largest ever, is sponsored by Mr. David Forgey. Man fort while projects are accomplished through this leading school organization to improx damson and its facilities for present and future generations. Two representa- tives a t alternates are chosen to represent each homeroom. Q R41 ' fwrma. i is rg N if-rl? aw 1' Q E 2 r if : A 'X Y E4 2 r H li sl if " T: r L S Q Q S W K' x 5 1 fl s if-S ,.,, . sew ' J' xr . W UN KRW ir ,K 5 S iq and Reggie Oakley Cheerleaders Carrg 9piri+ e ,. . X a ,E 4 1 'K H i 3 5 ,z 5 This yearls cheerleaders carried the gg- Qi- E' spirit of Adamson from football season "ff . through basketball season. The new A cheerleader sponsor this year was Mrs. Jane Bailey. jucli Furgeson and Sam Garcia Charles McDowell, Joyce Rogers and Davicl Clary Karen Owen, Manager, Mary Skaggs, Manager This year's Leopardettes worked hard creat- ing a new look at halftime performances. As a reward for this diligent effort, the Adam- son P.T.A. dedicated its yearbook to the drill team. Carol's Squad L i Leopardeites 6 7-68 d 3 s 9 fl u a d h Betty Sewell, Sponsor, Linda Ludden Susan Baker Kathy Clark Becky Foreman Susan Garth Debbie Kelly Janis Pegram Barbara Reese ...Jil Laurie Kelly Marella Lotzer Mary Jane Miller mziiartha Pasha LaBetha Byers Dana Clary Donna Jackson Donna XV ood Y 89 Patty Bachman Ann Aguilar Linda Barker Betty Bronar Robyn Bryant Debbie White Nancy Burgess Bryne Lusk Julianna Nemec Debbie Crouch Jan Dolla I Rosemary Newell Carolyn Prentice Susan Rollins Mary Sailors Brenda Snyder -Martha Wylie Judg's Squad Judy Kidd Linda Barton Diane Hilterbrand Ann Keeter . Lynne Samet Norma Tussy Barbara Vela 'nv' Sarah Hargis Judy Huddleston Lucy Long Carolyn Sosebee Johnnie Pierce Karen Roach Kathy Zimmerman Nix A X "'NW11QE2K"22!1f!? Nr Q-ff-vi:r:f:::: J f 5 ' E if 'ff . .r.. Jr,, J J, , , r fn Connie Way' v.. First Battalion Second ROTC Regiment The Reserve Officers Training Corps was established in order to train and discipline young men interested in entrance to a mili- tary branch of the United States. Provided with uniforms by the U.S. Army the students in R.O.T.C. practice many long, hard hours under the leadership of Colonel Fulton. The results of their practice are their performances on stage and their expert- ly executed parades. Rick Hardwick Barbara Guidi 92 Commander Spgmgy Rick Hardwick, Vester McDonald Roy Reynolds jesse Padilla Color Guard Doug Janes jimmy Yen Kevin Clark Tommy Byrd BaHaIion Qfaff Mike Hogan, Richard Sharp, Steve Brown. n. A iii' ,".' ffl ' ' fij ' 5 ii f-A " fiiii-1 I Diane Hilterbrand Spamor 'The Cavalier:-F , Ef ' I' Q rlsX,5f??f' t '..- -1- 1 E 25 sg kg ,--, -1 I .... K .K e t ., Row 1: Ric Hardick, Robert Shaw, Mike Hogan, Richard Sharp, Kevin - ,f ff 9 Clark. Row 2: Robert Ginn, Steven Martin, Tommy Byrd, john Dixon, 'i"i Gregg Haake. Row 3: Irving Martin, Stanley Davis, Ken Philpot, jimmy Yen. Row 4: john Haley, Andy Dixon, Fred Chinske. DOl1g James Lottie Edwards S Commander pgnygr Rifle Team Row 1: Ric Hardwick, Mike Hogan Middle: john Kemble A Row 2: Jimmy Yen, John Haley 'ffm Ric H3fdWiCk Brenda Clark 94 Comnzfmder Spomo, T f' ROTC Band John Silvey C ommnmz' er Row 1. Thomas Davis, Dennis Askins, Mark Scroggins, john Allen, jackie Rawls, William Meek, and Robbie Shappard. Row 2: Albert Lankford, Roman Ross, Jim Hollowell, Phillip Brannon, Floyd Ridg- ley, and Mark Dewease. Row 3: Bob Floyd, Martin Norwood, Gary Hogan, Marvin Cannon, Paul Goodrich, and Jodie Maddox. Row 4: james Haake, Mike Brewster, Dennis Upton, William Broyles, Danny Aguilar, and john Silvey. Company 'A' Qpii S 'ia Margie McConathy Spomor ' x Tony Chustz Captain Row 1: Odis George, Tony Chustz, john Dixon, and Roy Reynolds. Rauf 2: Don Curtis Terry Raske Jerry Stembridge Diego Padilla slss itzx "t:1::', li 2 -fr,2f rw ' ' :Ki gfii: faggj .4-Y' i ff, ,. K 1 3 5 1 1: t- f . w and Joe Poimboeuf. Row 3: Ray Iiandrum, Earnest Fredrickson, Terry X' Ashley, Dewey Radican, Boyd McClure, and James Haake. Raw 4: '- Ronald Cook, Stanley Davis, john Morgan, and Leslie Tanton. Row 5: Robert Shaw, Andy Divon, johnny Grizzle, john Haley, and Robert Ginn. Linda Thurman Spomor 95 Compan Vx 7 . , -f ...,........., and Euesbio Medina. Row 2. Row 1: james Haskins, Burt Com Ralph Salazar, Oswaldo Salazar, Weldtun Damewood, and Burforcl Sortor. Row 3: Ray Pennington, Stephen Martin, Terry Lemieux, and Mark Goodrich. Row 4: George Mitchell, Kevin Clark, GeralcLWalker, Euesbio Medina and Kenneth Philpot. Raw 5: jimmy Janes and jimmy Yen. Debbie Him mander Sponsor Com ng 'C' Row 1: john Kemble, Doyle Deese, Robert Gatewood, Gerald Lotzer, and Edward Gonzales. Row 2' Manuel Sanchez, Vlfayne Wilson, James Robert Gatewood Comnmnder 96 Hebert, Billy Shguit, and Tommy Byrd. Row 3: Kenneth Bourell, Sam- uel Rhodes, Irving Martin, joseph Zapasnik, and Curtis Rosinbaum. Row 4: Morris Lee, Robert Starr, Larry Reese, Steven Elich, and Edward England. Judy Gammons Spomor Quill and Scroll Honors Publications Staffs Membership in Quill and Scroll is the highest honor a high school journalist may obtain. Members must have a B average in all subjects and be a member of the Acorn or Oak staff. Patty Bachman Linda Barton Betty Bronar Sondra Culverhouse Johnnie Dolezalek Carolyn Evans Allen Kirsch Marella Lotzer :NIE DNATIONAL N C in-K Linda Ludclen Scott Gallaway Yvonne Gibbons Donna jackson Ann Keeter Calvin Skinner Carolyn Sosebee Norma Tussy Cathy Ward Gary Wesson Fredna Murray Rosemary Newell Karen Owen Kay Patton Kathy Scheiern Valerie Seale Mary Skaggs Thespians Displag Interest in Drama Row 1: Yvonne Gibbons, Gabby Rasor, Donna Jackson, Lucy Long, Debbie White, Tanya Cruse, Marsha Mills. Row 2: Margie Mc- Conathy, Mary Sailers, Rosemary Newell, Suzy Bass, Pat Walker, Linda Ludden, Sandra Herrmann, Jackie Roberts. Row 3: Cindy Abshire, Pam Hardin, Ann Keeter, Lynne Sarner, Patty Rose, Kathy Zimmerman, Sharon Stone. Row 4: Doug Janes, Steve Brown, jerry Beaird. Officers are Yvonne Gibbons, treasurer, jerry Beaird, program chairman, Cindy Abshire, vice-presidentg Donna jackson, social chairmang Mary Sailers, secretary, and Linda Ludden, president. 98 Sponsored by Mr. William Nunn, National Thespians is an organiza- tion of students interested in speech and drama. Members are judged by the officers at the first of the year on their presentation of a 2- minute monologue. JCTC Urges Safety Row 1: Patty Rose, Linda Disharoon, Suzy Bass, Cheryl Huckaby, Mary Skaggs, Doris Atkinson, Sandy Herrmmann, Robyn Bryant, Carolyn Sosebee. Row 2: Sandra Spears, Debbie Bates, Mariana McConathy, Teri Killian, Lenora Stedman, Sondra Culverhouse, Karen Clark, Dawn Huffman, Mary Cota, Kathy Bridewell. Raw 3: Mr. Heeney, Randy Cosby, Bobby Hubbard, Alan Eliott, Clint Kelly, Joe Hinojosa, Gary Wesson. Row 4: James Goodwin, Bruce Pfieffer, Steve Hiegel, Juan Baldor, Mik E d E e verroa , rnest Hernandez, john Culp. JCTC, sponsored by Mr. .Heeney, pro- motes the practice of safety among students. The members have initiated many worth- while Projects. Culverhouse, Vice-President, Mary Skaggs, President, Robyn Secretary, Ernest Hernandez, Treasurer, and Gary Wesson, 99 FTA P Future Teachers of America, sponsored by Mrs. Larner, promotes Encourages Teachin 2 M.. l x i Cathy Ward, Treasurerg Mrs. Larner, Marianna Greene, Presidentg Lucy Long Secretaryg Yvonne Gibbons, Social Chairman. the teaching profession for young people. Student teachers serve as fine examples for any young person thinking of this profession. Raw 1: Patty Abshire, Bettye Cameron, Lucy Long, Yvonne- Gibbons, Pam McCoy. Row 2: Barbara Atherton, Becky Rymal, . . . . Cat h L' d Barton Marie McConathy Dawn Huffman Row 3' Mariana Green Kay Patton, Cindy Abshire, McConat y, in a , g , . . , Ann Keeter, Mary Cota, Kathy Bridewell. Row 4: Bruce Pfieffer, Ken Bourell, Philip Brannon, Robert Gatewood, Mike Gary Shields, Scott Gallaway. I00 by teh Y-Teens Promotes Friendship 5 Row 1.- Barbara Guidi, Martha Pasha, Nancy Anderson, Gracie Anderson, Kay Newell, Cheryl Huckabey. Row 2: Kitty Villa- rreal, Charlotte Molan, Robyn Bryant, Donna Hazlett, Kathy Gorman, Jo Ann Wilburn. Row 3: Norma Tussy, Pat Abshire, Karen Park, Kathy Chappell, Dawne Huffman, Mrs. Henry. Row 4: Debbie Minor, Judy Gammons, Sondra Culverhouse, Mary Cota, Doris Wilburn. Adamson's chapter of Y-Teens, a division of the YWCA, held a bake sale at Christ- mas to raise money to buy stockings for children in hospitals and also to adopt two children. Mrs. Joyce Henry sponsors the organization. The officers are: Gracie Anderson, Secretary, Karen Park, Program Chairman Kitty Villarreal, Treasurerg Barbara Guidi, President, and Sondra Culverhouse Vice-President. IO! Karen Owen Prerident Mr. Teague Majorie McConathy Vice-Prerident Qeleoi Chorus' Musi Directed by Mr. joe Teague, the select brings beautiful music to assemblies and programs. Members are selected by Mr. Teague L, shag r 3 5 iia E . ,Vs,l Lina, ., , lsss iis . J iali s lsa.ssss i aas . p . ,.,. .,,, A V:f .1,. - 3 ' - fa' ' . a as .A Y s A - as A Ae r r f Cindy Abshire JoAnn Alsip Carol Anderson Zack B91'1'Y Walter Blaisdell Jana Bl6vinS i i sey 7 C ieiss C C l,,: , A H j. , , , I 1- LVIVK: I yr' VV V, 2,3 A ,ffs rhfi y y V C , N it rlsi M lrsiiisi i .iris l saei a ' y lyi. syisy ssys " i o V, i lsieis 'i'I1r 'A 'iir C C sri H 's"sr1 C C ii s.iis Q Ak A' ,in "'l i 1 r Phillip Brannon Sue Bratton Barbara Buttleman Betty Cameron Carlene Carden jimmy Chance if ff .. ff ' 15' ' C Rr Sq 'gf V ,',r"-- , 1 ,.,, f if lyi,s J yiir fi yof i - 1 A 0 Debbie Cf011Ch Doyle Deese Rose Diaz .ll-ldy Dilday jan Dollar Patty Dugger ighlighis Assemblies hard to perfect their talent. They presented at Christmas, Easter, and open house. was the Spring Musical. .lan Fanning Becky Foreman 1 fb. W 5 fm if ' sess at . .... pp .plps B Q in 45' .ii'f .c ff. Gabby Rasor Secretary . .sa 53:1 05" f- l aeisr Linda luddfn ' - as i., 5 ' jerry Beard Trearurer ., .',, f . ,El 'fi., . H' I-f ,-"" .Yt V - .ag i i . .t i zesisl r .i iiii tt1tf ttt i t as i e i l A a i Robert Gatewood Dennis Godwin Marianna Greene Mike G'-limi fear, ' A f, -,,, ' A A 'Z Debbie Hadaway Charles Harris Mike Hayden is ' . ,. ,Q V il ,- , .iay a al Harry Hubbard Bobby Hubbard Anna Jimenez Donna Hazlett Mike Hix Jim Hollowell M W? We il l ypp Qllfxf i 1, r " ' . Y . V. , .,,, err , jig kxr., I j Lf.V ii. . .4 .ai Sandy John Kathy jordan Debbie Kelly 4? Laurie Kelly -"iii fi- if 1 1 I 51 Mike McLaughlin . 'MQW-s'! ' Wgegkt, f ef Nancy Morrison Ffedna Murray Randy Nusbaum Judy Kidd Teri Killian Marella Lotzer Marianne McConathy Ninette McDonald 1: "ff f--' if 2 me f l - Robert Paulk james Pierce 412, K Wryk A. sie 'i'., K ia 99 ' 'lll Jlll il Bonnie Pille Patty Pope Rex Rasor Lynn Raulings John Silvey Sharon Sin0r li 2? ,1 ' 2 Calvin Skinner Carolyn Sosebee Ann Stephens Jan Stephens JOE Stovall Inez Tando i y e y i l If Pat Walker James Wallis Connie Way' Sherry Winton Entre Nous Studies France The officers are: Mary Ann McConathy, Sec- retary, Margie McConathy, Vice-Presidentg Kathy Zimmerman, president. 1.' Betty Bronar, Teri Killian, Candy Philly, Barbara Williams, Chris Wood, Mrs. Row 2: Kathy Clark, Marianna Greene, Earlene Pearson, Mary Ann McConathy, Jansen. Rau' 3: Connie Way, Paula Cummings, Becky Rymal, jane Carter, Margie Kathy Zimmerman, Mary Coat, Dawn Huffman. Row 4: Billy Cantrell, Joe Davis, Ronnie Lewis, Kevin Clark. Salvete Amioi Learns About Ancient Rome Row 1: Cathy Birdwell, Reba Lambert, Dana Evelyn Hernandez, Anita Sailor. Row 2: Margie McConathy, Pam Hardin, Kay Patton, Mariana Greene, Sandra Spears. Row 3: Tommy Davis, Robert Gatewood, Gary Turner, jim Hollowell, Charles Harris, Coy johnson. Row 4: ,Mike Carpenter, Bruce Pfieffer, David Clary, Dennis Upton, Kenneth Bourell, jay Swindel. officers are: Margie McConathy, Cathy Bride- Kay Patton, Evelyn Hernandez, Tommy jim Hollowell, Robert Gatewood, Kenneth '05 Linda Thurman Jackie Murphy Bettye Camaeron Lynda Hodges Mary Franks Sam Caster Bert Neal Billy Allen Rita Hartman Fran Hearn ' ean Kathy Cla Juan Baldor Susan Baker Joyce Rogers Rose Navarro Patty Abood Dianne Weeks Linda Sheeham Debbie Minor Martha Pasha Cheryl Smith Brenda Clark Diane Alvarez Sherry Bullin Patti Abshire Barbara Vela Lynn Sarner Juarine Pryor Janet Rogers Pam Walstrum Mary Jenkins Pan-Am Discovers the Excitement of Countries South ot' the Border Debbie Bates Teri Killian Janis Fallis Josie Parades Ricki Ivy Karen Owen John Culp Colleen Foley Sam Walters Bonnie Pille Laurie Kelly Alan Elliott Joe Stovall Nancy Burgess Becky Rymal Teresa Davis Edward Milkie Frank Gomez Betty Bronar Larry Ridener Steve Papania Teodoro Garcia Debbie White Donna Woody Becky Herndon Robert Martinez Phil Brannon Helen Trevino Harold Pearce Peggy Cason Carl Smith Wesley Lynn Dean David Hawthorne Beverly Blanton Judy Huddleston Georgeanne Hudson Chris Harrington Robert Gatewood Jack Frampton Bobby Beltran Kay Atkinson Adela Rodriguez Adela Tovizon Richard Snyder Joel Hinojosa Glenna Montgomery Ernest Hernandez Charlotte Abernathey Linda Disharoon Susan Rollins Elizabeth Barton Mary Ann McConathy Margie McConathy Randy Nusbaum Becky Foreman Johnnie Pierce Kathy Thompson Brenda Synder Dianne Bainauskas Lenora Steadman ark Mulholland Patty o man Margaret Gelacio PAN-AM, sponsored by Mrs. Aida Morales, consists of students with an avid interest in the Spanish speaking count-ries. The members learn more about the people and the way of life in these countries. Officers are .Eladio Guitierrez, social chairmang Connie Trevino, vice- Pfesldenfi Billy Morgan, program charrmang Diane Hilterbrand, sec- retaryg and Rudy Hernandez, president. I06 Junior Red Cross Helps Olhers Officers are Nancy Williams, Treasurerg Coleen Foley, Pres- iclentg Pat Walker, Vice-Presi- Librarg Club Aids Mrs. Qooll dem' Row 1: jan Stephens, julie King, Ann Stephens, Karen Clark. Row 2: Susan Klapproth, Sharon Clark, Debbie Hume, Sondra Lemmond, Nancy Willianms. Row 3: Brenda Thill, 'julia Biscomb, S are: Jan Stephens, gene, Susan Rollins, Patty Abshire, Barbara Musick, Mona Reid. Brenda Thill, Presidentg julie Vice-President. '07 Band's Performances Highlight Characterized by hard work and many hours of Margie McConathy practice, the band puts forth a great effort to mak. halftime and assemblies peppier, Mr. Beckhart, the sponsor, leads the band in its perfectly executed performances. Drum Majorelle .,, i . V it X , 'dia Dennis Askins Cathy Bridewell TOmmy Davis 'fr Q get i 'W 3235 x gl .i fi, Mem' ,., :fur giiiif' , Q- W Susie Skank Derrick Norwood Linda Harrison Marc Dewease Reba Lambert J firr " f" iii-Ji' :', fi 15565 I .- f . ff r.1 if 5 5 r si e if 't" f ir ' 4 'i'i f'f' ,," 1 Z 1 ' 'V 'N NX , . r 'i siyrr fiif rsre iair y zry, . I -V.. Jackie Rawls Charlene Bunch DCHIHS Upton Dorothy Cota jim Hollowell Linda Dighafqm R Zia- i ., -W aff M' it .Wx , ,,., ,aa y sss, y W. sss J0hH Silvey Patty Rose Mark Scroggins Barbara Atherton Alvert Lankford Janice Coffee all' Time and Assemblies s, A .s ,. E sv K '7 B eege i sg eeesss s e' 1 sel B T D L VVA . af ,N e fs :X:i1 s"" 3 g 'f'. K :.V 3 H :-- 1 nz. , i r . Vf K. rl ,xrr I VVKJ A Lamon Thomas B111 Bfoyles Barbara Williams ill eek Gail Sanders Marvin Cannon ?gjis?g N' fffgf , l'r'g XL 1 f l f-,. 1 e e iiia if 1 aaez - a aaae 1 ,i.,1. - Z1, laa, ' M ffa, , B aiss iaaaei a,i eiaa. aiaaa ai.a - aila Q' s aai ili ,E i-"i f I V i"' ' iiiii li . Q . iaa 1 B ia's - 1 ' fiie' ls- so 'B aiss Bob Floyd Wanda McClure john Allen Jim Haake Roman Ross JOYCC Ortiz A .-s',, ""' - A' . fi We is M . iies , za- 1 In X I ' ,' I Q. ,':. B B 1 af , . i i Jody Maddox Paul Goodrich Pat Puckett Danny Aguliar Mike Brewster jerry Hogan 4 Robbie Shappard Drum Mayor Officers are Bill Wilson, Presidentg Barbara Buttleman, Secre- taryg Russell Eskew, Vice-Presidentg and Mike Everroad, Treasurer. Art Club Members Show Creative Abililg Under the leadership of Miss Wilbur, Art Club members have made the halls of Adamson a little brighter. Members have shown their ability in the attractive Christmas decorations and various art displays. Raw 1.' Nancy Morrison, Nancy Wallace, Brenda Spencer. Row 2: Barbara Buttleman, Patty Pope, Diane Hilterbrand, Melinda Thurman. Row 3: Allen Kirsch, Bill Wilson, Mike Everroad, Russell Eskew. lI0 Students Show Interest in Science Raw 1: jan Dollar, Cindy Abshire, Patty Abshire, Joyce Rogers. Row 2: Paul Goodrich, Steve King, Harold Pearce, Mike Carpenter, Burt Fain. Raw 3: Bill Wilson, john Thoma, Terry Lemieux, John Dixon, Gary Hogan, Ernest Hernandez, Al Kay. Officers are Joyce Rogers, Secretary, A1 Kay, Vice-President, and Steve King, President. Science Club members are those students who show an interest in science. The club helps to promote the study of science at Adamson. Mr. Hoffmann sponsors the club. Projectionists are Jimmy Bickerstaff, Russell Eskew, Robert Lee, Tommy Garrett, and Robert Ginn. Projeciionisis and Qiage Crew Help Faculig and Qiudenis 5 3 5 Q Stage Crew members are Tommy Garrett, Robert Ginn, and jimmy Bickerstaff. DE Provides On-The-Job Trainin U5 A , mf Fin! Row: Mrs. Page, Mary Mulcahy, Danette Sanders, Linda Fuller, Brenda Reynolds, Lois Richardson, Shirley McDonald. Second Row: Connie Woody, Linda Bickerstaff, Ponci Rodriguez, Claudia Zollicoffer, Cathy Hutchins, Becky Fletcher, Debbie Erck. Third Row: Salvador Amador, Pete Velasquez, Danny Meeks,-johnny Dorman, Tommy Clark, Oscar Campos, Don Freeman. Fourzb Row: Randy Rogers, Julius Zeisel, Shelby judkin, joe Bennett, Larry Pollock, Johnny Williams, Tommy Burgess. ICT Promoles Indusrrial Careers Firft Row: Sandra Sorrell, Paula Vanhekken, Linda Shipley, Beverly johnson, Mr. Melton. Second Row: jill Crowder, Neita Hammontree, Connie Donaldson, Eve Lozano, Michelle Arostegui, Teresa Carr. Third Roux' Roy Navarro, Steve Donaldson, Ronald Carl, William Rhodes, Paul Vancil, Fred Whitman, Gary Starnes. Fourfh Raw: julian Salazar, Ray Turner, jerry Clark, Robert Watkins, David Pierce, Mark Sinclair, Gary Andrews, Billy Dixon II3 NFL Brings Fine Record Home Cynthia Abshire, Rosemary Newell, Freclna Murray, Russell Eskew. Rau' 2: Dennis Askins, Bill Meek, Stevtfkiegel, Al Kay ee. ' , X 13 MNJLA' l. Siudenfs Assisi Faculig Qglfiiuili Qiudenl Chairmen Mainiain Honor Qludg Hall Begun last year, Honor Study Hall was established in order to maintain desirable self-direction and self-discipline among those student who desire an opportunity to be on their honor during study hall. Mr. David Forgey, faculty sponsor, supervises the study hall chairmen. ANNA Fin! Roux' Leonard Trout, Janis Fallis, Reggie Oakley. Second Row: Joe Rymal, Tommy Pollard, Billy Morgan, Charles Hill, Mike Mulholland. Members Find Chess Game of Skill Rau' 1: Steve King, Reba Lambert, Patricia Walker, Donna Swanson, Suzy Bass, james Hollowell. Row 2: Reggie Oakley, Mike Foley, Wfilson Smith, Albert Lankford, Doyle O. Deese, Lester Walker. Row 3: juan Garcia, Dennis Askins, Bruce Pfieffer, joe Alvarez, David Quintana, Bill Broyles. Rout' 4: john Taylor, Gary Hogan, Dale Martin, Bill Wilson, Leonard Trout, john Silvey, Al Kay. Chess enthusiasts find excitement and re- ward in the early morning meeting of the Chess Club. Members learn and perfect their own skills in competition. The sponsor is Mr. Dale Dudley. Officers are: Steve King, President, Reggie ley, Vice-President, and james Hollowell, tary-Recorder. ll6 Service - Goal of Keg Club joe Crews Marshall Cothran jack Frampton Richard Snyder P1'6Jidf'fll Vice-Prefidwll Serrezary Treaiurer Bobby Beltran Ronald Brown Wes Edwards Russell Eskew Rudy Fernandez Ed Firor Davud Hawthorne W' ff? ff , ,ollyylolo ,ft lolyy oloo Sal' in ,yi Charles Hill Robert King Charlie McDowell Wayman MacMackin Don obert Paulk Steve Sharrock David Strawn jim Taylor John Thoma Leonard Trout Eddie Vaughn Zack Berry Billy Cantrell rm Don Dickson Billy Hopkins James Kimbrough Bobby Lopez limmv Murillo 12-Ck Newman TOHHHY POUHICI Terry Rivers joe Rymal Kenneth Woodard ll7 Grfxej Allied Youlh Sponsors Activities The officers are: Gabby Rasor, vice-president, financesg Linda Barton, vice-president, programg Leonard Trout, presidentg Linda Ludden, vice-president, mernbershipg and Mr. Robert Little, sponsor. ll8 Allied Youth, an or- ganization of students op- posed to drugs and alcohol, sponsors the annual Christ- mas dance. This year at Christmas the members made and sent out tray fa- vors for the Presbyterian Hospital. Members Seek Careers in Medicine Svonsored b Mrs. Luceil Tom kins, the Medical Careers Club l Y P promotes an interest in the medical profession. Members learn more about the various careers possible and their requirements. Officers are Pat Walker, presidentg Donna Haz lett, program ehairmang Mary Sailors, vice-presi dentg Gracie Anderson, secretary. Fin! Row: Nancy Anderson, Barbara Williams, Pat Walker, Gracie Anderson, Sandra Hash, Diane Weeks. Sefozzd Row: Susan Klaproth, Karen Hobson, Mary Sailors, Donna Hazlett, Sylvia Alvarez, Debbie Minor. Third Roux' Sondra Lemmond, Linda Dilday, julie Biscomb, Phil Brannon, Kathy Hardin, jackie Cambell, Jeanette Zimmerman, II9 Cindy Abshire Sylvia Alvarez Barbra Buttleman joe Crews NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY S "f 3 'J 5 Z S john Thoma Waymon McMackin Prefident Vire-preyident Naiional Honor Qooieig Members of the Nationa Honor Society are chose twice a year on the basi Linda Ludden of scholastic achievement Secretary Sondra Culverhouse Yvonne Gibbons Donna jackson Allen Kirsch dU"i'zt Lucy Long Marella Lotzer Debra Minor Fredna Murray Carolyn Prentice Gabrielle Rasor Mary Sailers Kathy Scheiern Promotes Qcholasiic Achievemeni Prestige follows initiation into this organization. This year the organization is sponsored by Miss Carolyn Hyman. Mafy Skaggs Carol Smith Ann Stephens Leonard Trout Kitty Villarreal Seniors . Faces of upperclassmen reflect the studious, happy lifeeof a senior I22 Ediied bg: Linda Barlon Fredna Murray I24 Senior Class Officers Pre.rif!e2zt joe Crews Vice-Pferiflent Marshall Cothran Sefrelfary Bryne Lusk Progmm Clmirmmz Joyce Rogers Social C lmirmmz Charlie McDowell ABERNETHY, CHARLOTTE Pan-Am, Student Assis- tant, Student Council, FTA, Y-Teens, Art Club, jr. Red Cross ALSIP, MARVIN ANDERSON, GRACIE Student Assistant, Y- Teens Secretary, Medical Career Club Treasurer t . V i v ,Nt ,ul ABSHIRE, CYNTHIA Entre Nous, FTA, Girls and Select Chorus, Phi Beta Chi, National Foren- sic League, National Thespians ABSHIRE, PATRICIA ADAMS, LYNN AGUILAR, ANN Phi Beta Chi Program "A" Baseball Leopardette 66-68 Chairman, Y-Teens, Li- pardette Leader brary Club, Pan Am, Al- Band, Student lied Youth, FTA OAK Representative ' th Seniors of '68 BACHMAN, PATTY Leopardette 66-68, Leo- pardette Leader 67-68, Student Assistant, OAK Editorial Staff, ACORN Reporter, Allied Youth BAILEY, STEVE "B" Football, "A" Foot- ball, "B" Baseball, Track, Pan Am BAKER, SUSAN Leopardette, OAK Edi torial Staff, OAK Repre- sentative, Student Coun cil, Student Assistant, En- tre Nous, Pan Am, Al lied Youth Am Allied You Alpha Theta, Club, Student ALVAREZ, SYLVIA Medical Career Club, Pan Am, D.E., National Hon- or Society, D.E. Essay BARNES, JANICE Medical Career Club BARTON, LINDA Miss Howdy '67-'68, OAK Editorial Staff-Sr. Class Editor, Student Council, Allied Youth Program Chairman, Leo- pardette '66-68, Sr. Pro- gram Committee, Quill and Scroll, Bible Award -2 years, Future Teach- ers BEAIRD, JERRY Select Chorus Treasurer, National Thespians Pro- gram Chairman BEARDEN, ANNA MARIE Student Assistant, Leo- pardettes '66-'67, Tennis Letterman 1 year, ACORN Reporter BECKER, ROBERT The names and faces have been Ha ppiness s BELTRAN, ROBERT "A" Football Letterman, Key Club, "B" Basketball, "B" Baseball, Pan-Am., Track, Student Council, Honor Study Hall BENNETT, JOE R. Student Assistant, Student Council '66-'68, D. E. BICKERSTAFF, LINDA D. E., Medical Careers Club BOLLING, PAMELA ANN Student Assistant, OAK Representative BRANNON, PHILLIP Leopard Band, Art Club, Allied Youth, Pan- Am, Military Band, ROTC, Medical Careers Club, Select Chorus, Student Council BREWSTER, BETTY Student Assistant to protect the guilty. . . Qeniorifis BURGESS, THOMAS DEWITT ROTC, Band, ROTC Band, D. E., Student Council BURROWS, PATRICIA Y-Teens, Chorus, Pan Am BUTTLEMAN, BARBARA Pan-Am, Select Chorus, Art Club Secretary, Allied Youth, Interscholastic League Spelling and Plain Writing Contest-3rd Place '66-'67, Future Nurses, FTA, National Honor Society BYERS, LABETHA Homecoming Queen '68, Princess '65-'67 Leopardette '66-'68, Key Club Sweetheart '67- '68, ROTC Sponsor, Most Beautiful Under- class Girl '67, Basketball Princess Nominee '67 and '68, Valentine Princess Nominee, Allied Youth CARDEN, CARLENE Select Chorus, Pan-Ain CHANCE, JAMES Select Chorus BRIDGES, MICHAEL RAY Student Council, A1- lied Youth, Honor Study Hall BRONAR, BETTY Leopardettes '66-'68, A- CORN Editor, OAK Edi- torial Staff, Quill and Scroll, Entre Nous, Pan Am, Bible Award, Sr. Program Committee, Stu- dent Assistant BROWN, RONALD Key Club, Student Coun- cil, Allied Youth, Honor Study Hall, Latin Club BURGESS, NANCY Leopardettes '67-'68, ROTC, Sponsor, Leopard Band, Pan-Am, IBM As- sistant CREWS, JOE KYLE Student Council President, Senior Class President, Key Club President, Jr. Class President, Sophomore Class President, Freshman Class President, Foot- ball Letterman, Honorable Mention All-City, 2 years, Baseball Letterman, Honorable Mention All- City, 3 years, Most Popular Underclass Boy, Na- tional Honor Society CULP, JOHN Pan-Am, JCTC, Track CULVERHOUSE, SONDRA OAK Editorial Staff, Assistant Editor and Per- sonality Editor, Y-Teens, Vice-President, JCTC Vice-President, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Student Assistant, Pan-Am, FTA, Student Council DAVIS, TERESA DEAN, JIMMY WRAY Pan-Am DILDAY, LINDA Y-Teens, Medical Careers Club, Student Council, Student Assistant I28 CHUSTZ, JULIUS ANTHONY IBM Assistant, ROTC, Company Commander, Drill Team CLARK, BRENDA Pan Am, ROTC Sponsor, IBM Assistant CLARK, TOMINIY D.E., ROTC, Company Commander COFFEE, JON Chess Club, Latin Department Award, 2 years, Track Team, Honor Study Hall, Latin Club COTHRAN, MARSHALL Student Council Vice-President, Senior Class Vice- President, Key Club Vice-President, Jr. Class Vice- President, Sophomore Class Vice-President, Foreign Exchange Student to Denmark, Track Letterman, Select Chorus, Most Handsome Underclass Boy, Morning Devotion Chairman CROWDER, MARY JILL Student Council, ICF, Student Assistant Senior Memorie 1, u,m,Jn'1L Year Eu, Q u."l'l'o"r Have been The sam vw- ,x,..-ef ast Forever "Why don't you jump off the Tallahatchee Bridge" DIXON, BILLY ICT DIXON, JOHN P. dent Assistant, "C" Basketball, D.E. DOLEZALEK, JOHNNIE MARIE Leopardette '67-'68, Select Chorus, Pan-Am, Stu- dent Assistant, ACORN Reporter, Quill and Scroll, OAK Representative DONALDSON, CONNIE Student Council, ICT, Student Assistant, OAK Representative DONLEY, JENNlFER ICT C, Medical Careers Club, Chess Club, Y-Teens DORMAN, JOHNNY ROTC, Drill Team, Pan-Am, Science Club, Stu- l29 DORSEY, EDDIE Student Assistant, OAK Representative EDWARDS, WESLEY UA" Football' Letterman, "B" Football, "B" Bas- ketball, "A" Baseball, "B" Baseball, Student Assist- ant, Pan-Am, Key Club, Student Council ESKEW, RUSSELL C. Adamson Representative to Physicians Day Sem- inar, Adamson Represent- ative to Teen Telescope, Art Club, Vice-President, Allied Youth, Honor Study Hall Chairman, De- bate Team, Key Club, Projectionist FERNANDEZ, RUDY JR. Pan-Am President, '66- '68, Select Chorus, Allied Youth, Key Club, Student Council, Baseball Letter- man, Nominee for Sr. Boy Most Likely to.Suc- ceed FIROR, ED Key Club, Latin Club Treasurer, Allied Youth, "B" Baseball, "A" Base- ball Mgr., "B" Football Mgr., "A" Football Mgr., Letterman '66-'67 FLETCHER, BECKY Student Assistant, Student Council, D.E. Cross Presi- ,Pan-Am, Y-Teens, Club, Medical Club FURGESON, JUDY '67-'68 Cheerleader, Stu- dent Council Representa- tive, Select Choms, Sen-r fi ior Homecoming P ' GAMMONS, JUDY Y-Teens, ROTC "C" Company Sponsor V'QA'l'E7'l" GARCIA, JUAN GARCIA, SAM GARCIA, THEODORE GARRETT, NE-ITA Pan-Am, JUUi01' Achieve- '67-'68 Cheerleader, Stu- Track, Pan-Am ICT ment dent Council, Select Cho- rus President GATEWOOD, ROBERT Allied Youth, Pan-Am, Latin Club, ROTC Com- pany Commander, Select Chorus, F.T.A. GIBBONS, YVONNE OAK Staff, ACORN Fea- ture Editor, ,National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, National Thespi- ans Treasurer, Student Council, F.T.A., Allied Youth, Student Assistant GOMEZ, FRANK Pan-Am GOODRICH, PAUL Band, Science Club, IC'I', Junior Achievement GREY, LAWRENE Adamson Representative to Teen Telescope, Al- lied Youth, Y-Teens, Pan-Am GUIDI, BARBARA ROTC Sponsor, YJTeen President, Student Coun- cil, Honor Study Hall Secretary, Student Assistant GUTIERREZ, ELADIO "B" Football, "A" Football, 1-year Letterman, Pan- Am Social Chairman, Coaches Assistant, 2 years GUY, ALBERT ROTC, Honor Study Hall GUY, WILLIAM Allied Youth HARDIN, KATHERINE Student Assistant, Medical Red Cross Career Club, Junior 1 I Wlaliifif' MM A 0 ., ' CW M if , ,y X AW jf iellijl ffffw , R ,fr z libffi ff f'W'?,ffdlZiWffiiW7f ,, yxfllij 'Li 5" Life! ' fl My 1 ffzpffljjfiiffii "Nothing like a good warm drink on a good warm day!" 1' ,ig X HAZLETT, DONNA Select Chorus, Y-Teens, Medical Career Club HILL, CHARLES Key Club, Allied Youth, Student Council Rep resentative HILL, KEITH Allied Youth, Student Council HILTERBRAND, DIANE Leopardettes '66-'68, Pan-Am Club Secretary and Treasurer, ROTC Sponsor, Student Council, OAK Representative, Art Club, Student Assistant HOGAN, MIKE ROTC Battalion Commander, ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Drill Team HOLMES, MARGARET Student Assistant, Pep Squad KING, STEPHEN Chess Club President, Science Club President, Tennis Team, Allied Youth, Entre Nous KIRKENDOLL, LARRY KIDD, JUDY Leopardette Leader '67- '68, Select Chorus, Stu- dent Council, Allied Youth KING, ROBERT Student Council Treasur- er, Key Club, Allied Youth, Chess Club, JCTC, Honor Study Hall Chairman, Best All Around Underglass Boy Nominee HUDSON, GEORGANNE Future Nurses, Pan-Am, ACORN staff, Stu- dent Assistant HUTCHINS, KATHERINE D.E., Student Council JACKSON, DONNA Library Service Club Secretary, Leopardette, OAK 'Editorial Staff, National Thespians, National Honor Society, Latin Club, Allied Youth, Quill and Scroll JOHNSON, BETH Pan-Arn, ACORN Staff, Student Assistant JUDKINS, JAMES D.E. KELLY, LAURIE Select Chorus, Leopardette '67-'68, Band '66- 167, FTA, Pan-Am, Latin Club, Allied Youth MW W. f' girl fail 0 a Fr: e ndshu p "Jimmy Jett calling Control Tower' KIRSCH, ALLEN Student Council, OAK Editorial Staff. Stu- dent Life Editor, Quill and Scroll, Latin Club Program Chairman, JCTC, Art Club, Interscholastic League One Act Play Contest, National Honor Society, Wittiest Sr. Boy Nominee KUYKENDALI., GARY FTA LIEBEL, JEFF Pan-Am, Art Club LEWIS, OUIDA LONG, LUCY Leopardette '66-'68, Sr. Homecoming Princess, National Honor Society, National Thespians, FTA Secretary, OAK Business Staff, Allied Youth, I.atin Club, JCTC, Wittiest Sr. Girl Nominee LOTZER, MARELLA Leopardette '66-'68, Select Chorus, ACORN Reporter, Quill and Scroll, Latin Club, Sec- retary Student Council, FTA, Student Assist- ant ever Fade LLOYD, ELIZABETH Tennis Letterman, Stu- dent Assistant LOZANO, EVELIA ICT LUDDEN, LINDA Student Council Secretary, Leopardette Leader '67- '68, National Honor So- ciety Secretary, National Thespians President, Girls State, Best All Around Underclass Girl, Jr. Homecoming Princess, jr. Valentine Sweet- heart, Select Chorus, Most Popular Senior Girl Nominee LUSK, BRYNE Leopardette '66-'68, Stu- dent Coundil, Student As- sistant, Valentine Sweet- heart '65-'67, Senior Class Secretary, Most Beautiful Senior Girl Nominee MCDONALD, MARVIN VESTER ROTC Rifle Team, Student Assistant, Stage Crew MCDONALD, SHIRLEY DE, OAK Representative MCDOWELL, CHARLES E. Cheerleader '67-'68, Key Club, Senior Class So- cial Chairman, Student Council, Allied Youth, Science Club, Student Assistant MCMACKIN, WAYMAN EARL Basketball Letterman, Key Club, National Honor Society Vice-President MADDOX, WALLACE B. ROTC Drill Team, Student Assistant MERSHAWN, WAYNE FTA, Tennis Team, OAK staff '67, Slide Rule Club, Chess Club 9am!99UDt if Seniors Mee MINOR, DEBBIE PanLAm, Y-Teens, Jr. Red Cross, Medical Careers C u ' MISER, MELVA MONTGOMERY, GLENNA DIANE Student Council, French Club, Pan-Am, Y-Teens MORGAN, BILLY "A" Football Letterman, 2 years, "B" Football, Track, Student Council, Pan-Am Social Chairman Allied Youth, Select Chorus MORGAN, DENNIS MORGAN, DON Key Club, Coaches Assistant, "A" Football Letter- man, "B" Football, "C" Football 1 JW ,igytb ,ff lifw' ew Challenges -1 We ada W All M aww MORRIS, DAVID "A" Football Letterman, "B" Football, Key Club, Allied'Youth, Pan-Am MORRISON, NANCY ANNETTE Select Chorus, Student Assistant, Art Club, Jr. Red Cross MULHOLLAND, MICHAEL r Track, F Pan-A MURILLO, GENARD MURRAY, FREDNA National Honor Society, ACORN News Editor, OAK Editorial Staff, Sr. Class Editor, Quill and Scroll, ACORN Reporter, Select Chorus, Ln- terscholastic League Typing Contestant, Sopho- more Valentine Princess Nominee NEWELL, ROSEMARY Band, Leopardette '66-'68, National Forensic League President, Quill and Scroll, OAK Editori- al Staff, Faculty Editor, ACORN Reporter, Latin Club, National Thespians, Wittiest Sr. Girl Nom- inee, Interscholastic League One Act Play Contest I37 NUNN, REBECCA NUSBAUM, RANDY OAKLEY, REGINALD OESTREICHER, ANN Pan-Arn, Student Coun- cil, Allied Youth, Select Chorus GLEN "B" Baseball, "B" Bas- ketball, Allied Youth, "A" Baseball Mgr., Chess Club Vice-Presi- dent, JCTC, "A" Bas- ketball Mgr., Cheerlead- er '67-'68, Student Coun- cil, Student Assistant O'NEALL, DEAN LARRY 1!lf'!mQr'l inli OWEN, KAREN Student Council, Select Chorus President, Inter- scholastic League Win- ner, Leopardette Manager, French Club, Pan-Am, Allied Youth, Corre- spondent for IN Maga- zine, Nominee for Sr. Girl Most Likely to Suc- ceed PAULK, ROBERT Nominee for Wittiest Sr. Boy, "A" Basketball Mgr. RICHARD C. ROTC Rifle Team, Let- terman PEGRAM, JANIS Leopardette '66-'68, Most Popular jr. and Sr. Girl Nominee, jr. Class Sec- retary, jr. Homecoming Princess, Student Council, OAK Representative, Stu- dent Assistant, Art Club, Allied Youth PETERS, JUDY POLLOCK- LARRY POMEROY, DOTTIE PAUL Pan-Am Vice-President, Select Chorus PRENTICE, CAROLYN SUE Leopardette '66-'68, Na- tional Honor Society, Al- lied Youth, Student As- sistant D L! Ski 65, "New Ultra-Brite toothpaste gives you sex appeal." '39 ROGERS, NELDA ROGERS, RANDY EUGENE DE ROLLINS, SUSAN Leopardette '66-'68 SAILORS, MARY KATHLEEN Leopardette '67-'68, Medical Careers Club Vice- President, National Thespians Secretary, National Forensic League, French Club SAMFORD, LARRY WAYNE Select Chorus, Pan-Am SANDERS, DANETTE DE I40 REYNOLDS, BRENDA REYNOLDS, ROY ' ROTC Instructor's Staff, Drill Team, Battalion Staff RHODES, WILLIAM RICHARDSON, LOIS RODRIGUEZ, PONCIANA M. Future Nurses, jr. Red Cross Secretary-Treasurer, Student Assistant, OAK Representative, Student Council, D.E., JCTC ROGERS, JOYCE Cheerleader, Student Council, Science Club Sec- retary, Sr. Class Program Chairman, Pan-Am, Al- lied Youth, Sr. Homecoming Princess, Nominee for Most Popular Sr. Girl, Latin Club, Student Assistant Seniors Await "You mean they really took off Sump'n Else?" ollege Acceptance SCHEIERN, KATHY Quill and Scroll, Latin Club, ACORN Reporter, ACORN Business Manager and Copy Editor, Stu- dent Council, Allied Youth, Student Assistant, National Honor Society SEALE, VALERIE LYNN Leopardette '66-'68, Allied Youth, Latin Club, Student Assistant, ACORN Reporter, Student Council SETTLES, GEORGE TRUETT JR. Select Chorus, Allied Youth, Student Council, Stu- dent Assistant, Baseball SHARP, RICHARD "A" Drill Team, ROTC .Battalion Staff, Rifle Team SHARROCK, STEVE Key Club, Basketball Letterman, ,Golf Team Let- terman, Civitan Citizenship Seminar, Student Coun- cil, Nominee for Best-All-Around jr. and Sr. Boy SHIELDS, GARY WAYNE Science Club l42 "What makes you' think I wear contacts ?" SILVEY, JOHN Leopard Band, Military Band, Select Chorus SINCLAIR, MARK DENNIS ICT SIRES, JEANETTE SKAGGS, MARY Student Council Parliarnentarian, OAK Editor-in- Chief, JCTC President, Select Chorus, Sophomore Class Secretary, Quill and Scroll, Leopardette Man- ager, Bible Award, Sr. Program Committee, Nomi- nee for Best-All-Around Sr. Girl SKINNER, CALVIN Allied Youth, Pan Am, Future Teachers of Ameri- ca, "B" Football, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Foot- ball, Student Council, National Thespians, 1 yr. Football Letterman SLAMA, RETTA N. Senior Aciiviiie SMITH, BETTY SMITH, CAROL ANN National Honor Society, Leopardette '66-'68, Lead- er '67-'68, OAK Business Staff, Texas Teen Film Review Board Representative, Select Chorus, FTA, Nominee for Best-All-Around Sr. Girl, Student Council, Basketball Princess '67-'68 SMITH, HERBERT CARL Student Assistant, Pan-Am, Allied Youth, Library Club SNYDER, RICHARD Key Club Treasurer, Basketball Letterman, Pan- Am, Allied Youth, Student Council, Phi Beta Chi SNYDER, ROGER SOSEBEE, CAROLYN GRACE Leopardette '66-'68, Leader '67-'68, Select Chorus, Quill and Scroll, ACORN Reporter, Student As- sistant, FTA, Allied Youth, JCTC, Nominee for Wittiest Sr. Girl wbm vw Mlwl wh! . iw, ,JM 'fftfe W' tl' - Mlifilfo 'TWT cw .lt W as Ll Ilmax the Year ,QW ' Qeeogp WMSJWW fam W qzlqf V-X STEPHENS, ANNETT Select Chorus, Pan-Am Publicity Chairman, Li- brary Club, Library Assistant, Craft's Fair, lst Place STEPHENS, BERRY ZAN "A" Baseball, "B" Baseball, JCTC, Art Club STEPHENS, JANNETT Pan-Am, Select Chorus, Library Service Club Sec- retary, Library Assistant, Craft's Fair, 1st Place STEVENS, ANTHONY STOVALL, JOSEPH D. ROTC, "A" Drill Team Letterman, Student Coun- cil, Allied Youth, Select Chorus, Pan-Am, Nom- inee for Wittiest Sr. Boy STRAWN, DAVID "B" Football, "A" Football Letterman, Key Club, Track I43 TANDO, SYLVIA INEZ Select Chorus, Girls Cho- IUS TAYLOR, JAMES Student Council, Rotary C l u b Representative, Track, Student Assistant, Allied Youth, Most Handsome Senior Boy Nominee, JCTC, OAK Business Staff THOMA, JOHN National Honor Society President, Key Club, Sci- ence Club, OAK Busi- ness Staff, Football, Track, Nominee for Sr. Boy Most Likely To Suc- ceed THURMAN, MELINDA Art Club, Tennis Team, Pan-Am, ROTC Sponsor, OAK Representative "I always knew I'd wind up a big whe Contemplaiion, I TOBAR, SALVADOR Band TOLLERSON, BRENDA L. Student Assistant, Art Club, Girl's Chorus TREVINO, CONSUELO Art Club, Future Nurses, Pan-Am, Vice- President TROUT, LEONARD LEE f'A" Basketball Letterman, "B" Basketball, Student Council, Key Club, Allied Youth President, Bible Award, Phi Beta Chi, Rep- resentative to Central Dacl's Club Teen Dis- cussion Board, Chess Club, Nominee for Best-All-Around Sr. Boy TUCKER, BOBBY TURNER, JERRY Art Club, Chess Club, French Club, Allied Youth, Track sl.. , Part of Senior Li VILLARREAL, KITTY National Honor Society, OAK Business Staff, Y-Teens Treasurer, Student Council Repre- sentative '64-'68, Allied Youth, Student As- sistant, Latin Club, Senior Girl Most Likely to Succeed Nominee VILLARREAL, MARIA Student Assistant, 2nd Place in Adamson Crafts Fair '64-'65 WALKER, PATRICIA 'JEAN Medical Career Club President, jr. Red Cross Vice-President, National Thespians, Se- lect Chorus, Chess Club, FTA Vice-Presi- dent, OAK Representative, Student Assistant, Latin Club WALTERS, SAMUEL JOE Pan-Am, "B" Baseball, "A" Baseball WARD, CATHERINE DIANNE FTA Treasurer, French Club, ACORN Re- porter, Art Club, Art Club Reporter, Student Assistant, OAK Representative, National For- ensic League WAY, CONNIE LYNN , Leopardettes '66-'68, Select Chorus, Pan-Am, French Club, JCTC, Allied Youth, Student Assistant TURNER, RAY EDWIN ICT TUSSY, NORMA Leopardettes '66-'68, OAK Staff, Allied Youth, Library Club, Pep Squad, YFC, Y-Teens, OAK Representative, Student Council VAUGHN, EDDIE Key Club, Allied Youth, Pan-Am, Letterman, Bas- ketball 5 yrs., 2nd Team All-City, Best All-Around Underclass Boy, Student Council, Mr. Howdy '67- '68 VELA, BARBARA Leopardettes '67-'68, Pan- fem WEBSTER KATHY Y Teens Library Club Medical Careers Club WHITMAN FRED JAMES ICT ROTC JA Band Girls Chorus Pe P Squad Student Assistant 7? 44, 6524 WILBANKS, MARTY FTA, Student Assistant, WILEY, MARTHA Leopardette '67-'68, Stu- Allied Youth dent Council, Student As- sistant, Medical Careers Allen, that's the only funny thing I've heard you say all year!" I46 WILLIAMS, BOBBIE Student Council, Allied Youth, JCTC, ' French Club, Student Assistant Club Secretary, Allied Youth, FTA, Tennis Team WILLIAMS, EDDIE WILLIAMS, JOHNNY WILLIS, JOANN WILLIS, SUSAN WILSON, WILLIAM DE, "C" Football, "C" Baseball Art Club President, Al- lied Youth, Chess Club, Phi Beta Chi, Tennis Team Letterman, Student Assistant No Spring Exams Are a Sergio! Privilege 5,-J 55'-1"Jl'fj.Z"'g-ff"", iflf"""7' af' 9,-6 QW ' Q51-f WOOD, STERLING WOODY, CONNIE WOOTEN, DON BROWN, STEVE Pan-Am, Student Coun- Leopardette '66-'67, DE ROTC, Projectionist, cil, Golf Team Letter- Stage Crew man ,I47 Underclassmen Faces of termination, Underclassmen reflect awe, de and cheerfulness. l48 Edited by: Patty Bachman, Kay Patton, Susan Baker Junior Class Officers Presidenf . . . Jack Frampion Vice-Presideni . . . Marg Jane Miller Secreiarg . . . Karen Roach Adams, Tommy Aguilar, Danny Allen, John Alsip, jo Ann Amador, Salvador Anderson, Nancy Aricheta, james Arostegui, Michelle Baker, Clifford Baker, Linda Barnes, Charles Barton, Liz Basset, Pat Baysinger, Martha Berry, Zack Bickerstaff, jimmy , A ,A 6 , ,, .,..W f,:,,'U are il- 9 Biscomb, julie Blaisdell, Richard Blalack, Debbie ' Blalotk, Carolyn Blevins, Jana Bourell, Kenneth Brown, Brenda Brown, Karla Bryant, Robyn Cantrell, Billy Carpenter, Mike Carter, Mark Cates, johnny Cavazos, Diana Clark, Kathy Clary, Dana "Keep up the good work, GAN G!" Clary, David Cota, Mary Crouch, Debbie Dalon, Steven Dean, Wesley Dewease, Beth f Dewease, Marc Dickson, Donald Dilclay, Judy Dixon, Andy Dollar, jan Dunn, Mary Ann Edwards, Mary Evans, Carolyn Fain, Burt Fallis, Janis Flatt, Phillip Foreman, Lorene Foreman, Becky Fox, John Frampton, jack Fuller, Linda Gallaway, Scott Garcia, Gloria If mother could only see me now." Garner, Jerold Garth, Susan Glenn, Jack Goldman, Patty Greene, Mariana Guinn, Michael Hardin, Pam Hargis, Sarah "Somebody ought to tell Eddie he's a senior, but it's not gonna be me." Harrison, Linda Henderson, John Henry, Linda Hernandez, Ernest "XWe better hurry and finish this tune before they stop us again l55 Welcome to the White House Hollowell, james Hopkins, Billy Hernandez, Evelyn Hernandez, Maria. Hiegel, Steve Hinojose, joel Hinz, Debbie Hix,'Michael Hobson, Karen Hodge, Gary Howard, Freddie Huddleston, Judy Huffman, Dawn Hume Debbie Huneycutt, Ken Jansen, Sandra johns, Sandra Johnson, Beverly "Son, we usually wear our uniforms to the games Onlg One More Year jordan, Kathy Keeter, Ann Kelly, Carolyn Kelly, Debbie Kimbrough, James Klapproth, Susan Lambert, Reba Lemieux, Terry . irrg ., d G M ld M h M'chae1 G lv MFdd M bb 1 dra d argie da ronia ' ' 15' 619611 fi 4 Qvfgy Q A5559 M W5 61 ' X Q Lb 1 5 fx Q QV 555 , XJSQQX bgyilww Wg! DJQSD6 K unlors Siruggl XDKDQS vt D0 QQQQW vb lf' 'LP DQQ! Q71 U Q 6 55' 0 Miller, Mary Jane Miller, Richard Mills, Marsha Mitcham, Vicky Murrilo, jimmy Nelson, Kathleen Nemec, Juliana Nesbitt, Reggie r June 1969 Newell, Kay "Man, these bright lights are too much." Wfilfffwiff x l? llEND F wEa Yeamoi Slug and Ac+iv W Newman, john Newman, Nancy Nunn Naomi Ortiz, Joyce Papania, Steve Pasha, Martha Patt K y Pea E l Phill y C dy Pierce, Della Pille, Bonnie Pillow, Willam l P, l l60 Rawls, jackie Reese, Barbara Reynolds, Tommy Rhodes, Lanna Richard, Joe Ridener, Larry Rivers, Terry Roach, Karen Rodgers, Joyce Rodriquez, Adela Rojo, Anita Rowland, Susie Pollard, Tommy Prentice, Bill Raske, Terry Rawlings, Lynn Rymal, joe Sanders, Sharon Sarner, Lynne Shappard, Robby Smith, Bonnie Snyder, Brenda Tavizon, Adelina Taylor, Susan Thill, Brenda Thomas, Billy Thompson, Miclcie Travis, Dorothy Turner, Gary Upton, Dennis Wallis, James Wesson, Galy White, Debbie Wittington, Donna Williams, Nancy Only One More Exam "Keep both hands on the wheel, Skeeter!" Wirbufn, jo Williams, Barbara Winters, Gene Woods, Franciene Woody, DOUHH Juniors Prepare for rhe Furure "You're kidding, you mean we have to read this whole book tonight ?" "How do you put lipstick on braces?" "Were you really a Charles Atlas drop-out? Zimmerman, Kathy Branan, Robert Marble, Van Sorrell, Sandra I65 I66 Sophomore Class Officers Presideni . . . Richard BenneH Vice-Presideni . . . Juan Baldor Secreiarg . . . Marianne MoCona+hg Mrs-. BaiIeg's Homeroom Row 1: Christine Tando, Stella Sanchez. Row 2: Virginia Billy, Deanna Navarro, Debra Wilburn, Tova Gonsales, Kay Haley, Jean Strawn, and Lucy Rojo. Row 3: Lester Walker, Randy Daniels, Glenn Tuthill, Russell Stonecypher, Chris Smith, Wayne Wil- son, and Russell Goodenough. Raw 4: Leslie Lanton, jimmy Yen, Ralph Salazar, Gary Smith, Robert Smith, Tommy Wilbanks, john Taylor, Gerald Walker, Robert Starr, and Raymond Taylor. Mr. BIedsoe's Homeroom Raw 1.' Peggy Gardiner, Lynnita Weeks, Dana Wilson, and Lynda Hodges. Row 2: Kathy Wallace, Priscilla Hodges, Pam Walstrum, Helen Trevino, Vicki W'll' S d W f ' ' e 1 is, an ra a er, Stacy Bellingham, and Lenora Steadman. Row 3. Sonny Tucker, Steve Waller, Therman Sharp, Billy Shgmit, Jim Seal, David Salzman, and Larry Simpson. Row 4: Ricky Risinger, Jimmy Tallent, Vincent Thill, Johnny Rincon, David Weir, Jay Swindle, Brad Van Dyke, and Ernest Wyndham. I67 ll Mr. Dudleg's Homeroom Row 1: Paula Cummings, jennifer Coffee, Linda Disharoon, Sherry Donaghey, and Kathy Miller. Row 2: Janice Fanning, Mary Franks, Shirley Campbell, Patti Dugger, jo Ann Darr, Karon Park, and Barbara Deford. Row 3: Bobby Dlabaj, Sam Rhodes, Mickey Chamness, Michael Conley, Bob Floyd, Delvin Canady, Steve Elliot, Albert Gutirrez, and Dewayne Deese. Row 4: Brian Chenalt, Robert Burgess, Danny Davis, Gary McCurdy, Ronnie Rogers, Mike Everroad, Randy Cosby, Gilbert Davis, and David Smart. Mrs. Geiger's Homeroom Row 1: Georgia jones, Santa Rodriquez, Redonna jackson, Anna Jimenez, Pat May, and Diane Hayes. Row 2: Karen Holt, Lillian Gaither, Rita Hartman, Mary jenkins, Debbie Ketchum, Mary Guy, and Peggie Manson. Row 3: Daniel Frayre, Dennis Godwin, Charles Harris, Douglas Luttrell, james Haake, Donald Foster, and Jodie Poimboef. Row 4: Raymond Koblinski, Tom Lee, joe Maddox, john Knapp, Larry Hanks, Melvin Goodman, Danny Kinney, Albert Lankford, and Ross Christy, David Judkins. I68 if ,A-fflriilr. bra x. Mr. Hardawag's Homeroom Row 1: Sue Bratton, Nancy Arney, and jannell Brown. Raw 2: Janice Brundrett, Karen Clark, Cathy Bridewell, Jane Carter, Debbie Bates, and Barbara Atherton. Row 3: Tommy Andrews, Rodney Wolf, Tommy Bates Robert Adams, Billy Allen Frank Brundrett, juan Baldor, Roy Brown, and Gene Bauer. Row 4: Ray Brown, Carl Abney, Kenneth Philpot, Ken Alvis, Mike Anderson, Larry Stephens, Sam Barricklow, Bill Broyles, and Mike Brewster. Mrs. Henrg's Homeroom Row 1: Kathy Laborde, Pablita Barrientos, and Clara Rios, Row 2: Kathy Hobson, Darlene Hutchins, Deborah Hadaway, Beatris Gonzales, Margie Gelacio, and Mary MacDonald. Row 3: Henry Massey, James Haskins, Ronald johnson, Robert Lee, Raymond Landrum, and Alan Elliott. Row 4: Doug jones, Neal Lee, Larry Lee, Boyd McClure, Charles McClure, jan Hager, Tommy Hager, Hector Hernandez, and Larry Little. I69 Mrs. Morales' Homeroom Row 1: Pat Puckett, Delia Ortega, Dolores Haylock, and Mona Reid. Row 2: Frances Schwartz, janet Terpening, Barbara Musick, and Kathy Zimmerman. Row 3: Jerry Morgan, Richard Salas, Rickey Sanders, Robert Shaw, Mike Southerland, Mike Palin, and jesse Byrd. Row 4: Martin Romley, Tommy Anderson, Manuel Sanchez, james Pierce, Terry Pleasant, George Nelson, Douglas Sartor, and Larry Reese. Mr. Nunn's Homeroom Row 1: Constance Lane, Teri Killian, Sandra Spears, and Linda Tillman. Row 2: Donna Wright, La Mon Thomas, Lydia Soto, Janet Rodgers, Doris Wilburn, Linda Sheehan, and janet Vanderlinden. Row 3: Clifton Story, Bill Meek, Claude McWhirter, Jack Shaffer, and Kenneth Piper. Row 4: Bruce Pfieffer, Mark Scroggins, Ronnie Murray, Steve Martin, Jimmy Musick, Oswald Planas, Dean Nusbaum, and Ronnie Samford. l70 Miss Ramseg's Homeroom Row 1: Linda Strickland, Alysia Lovell, Linda Martinez, Marianne McConathy, Naomi Leffall. Row 2: Louise Maxcy jackie Mur hy, Juanita Luna, Charlotte Melaun. Rauf 3: Martin Schulz, Ricki Ivy, Robert Harris, Adolph Gonzales, George P Harris, Randy Holmes, Bobby Hubbard, Richard Guercla. Row 4: Gary Hogan, Robert Montalvo, Don Nichols, Paul Moralis, Bert Head, Martin Norwood, Frank Marttinez, Mike Hayden. , Sue Moore, Mrs. 9hafer's Homeroom R 1: Anita Sailer, Pamela McCoy, Diane Rosentreter, Debra Shindall, Laura McBee. Row 2: Kay Sears, Debra Morris, Ro ow betta O'brien, Diana King, Vickie Roper, Patricia Pope. Row 3: Edward Law, Clint Kelly, Danny McBeth, Kenneth Crews ' b K' l M'k Ranne Steve Kelly, Timothy Shorten. Row 4: Coy johnson, john Foreman, Gary Caster, Danny Betts, Ro ert isse, ie Harold Pearce, Raymond Phillips. l7I Mr. 9-tevenson's Homeroom Row 1: Christine Frayre, Martha Hinojosa, Rebecca Ewing, Sandra Hash Debra Ellis Row 2' Sharon Sinor Gale Holden Dor th , - - , , 0 Y Farmer, Fran Hearn, Karen jones. Row 3: Odis George, Michael Foley, Ronnie Davis, Stanley Davis, Daniel DeLuna, Wesley Bishop, Michael Gates, Robert Guinn, john Haley. Row 4: Earnest Freclrickson, Carlton Evans, Robert Reynolds, John Gaines, Ronnie Grady, Vincent Hernandez, Leonard Bennett, Jerry Fine, David DeLuna. Mr. Young's Homeroom Row 1: Sylvia Adams, Debbie Carpenter Diane Alvarez Jer Bates I C U , , ry , rma asas, Linda Carty. Row 2: Patricia Rose, Joan Hundley, Kathy Chappell, Evonda Smith, Beverly Blanton, Diane Barnauskas, Cindy Burrows. Row 3: Kevin Clark, Mike Cheat- wood, Randy. Courtney, Nicky Cooper, Richard Barnes, Tommy Cook, Richard Bennett. Raw 4: Toomy Byrd, William Travis, Dennis Askins, Terry Ashley, Gilbert Casas, Mike Dorsey, Dan Cade. l72 Freshman Class Officers Presideni ................. Randg Recer Vice-Presideni ............. Arline Sharp Secreiarg .............. Chergl Huckebg Mr. Beckhart's Homeroom Raw 1: Martha Cortez, Janie Bickerstaff, Diane Anderson, Doris Atkinson, and Mitzi Bivens. Row 2: Vickie Christopher, jackie Crain, Jacqueline Cambell, Marilyn Billy, Suzy Bass, Dianne Cope, and Dianne Beaty. Row 3: Steve Davis, joe Alvarez, Darell Bybee, David Batson, Ronnie Daniels, Marshall Adams, and Fred Chinske. Row 4: Thomas Allen, Randy Beason, Roger Strait, Ronald Dendy, Weldon Damewood, Richard Alvarado, Mike Brazeel, and Jeff Beatty. Mr. Ca r+er's Homeroom Row 1: Virginia McCain, Tanya Cruse, Susan Gaytan, Dora Garza. Row 2: Carmen Edwards, Delva Hernandez, Sharon Hamil- ton, 'llherese Goodenough, Paula Hodges, and Rose Diaz. Row 3.' Patrick Goodenough, Edward England, John Hunt, Mark Goodrich, Charles Gore, Mike Escober, and james Hebert, Row 4: Dale Fulcher, Gary Clark, Robert Clark,-johnny Grizzel, Steve Cosby, Steve Elich, and james Byrd. I74 Mr. HoFfman's Homeroom Raw 1: Ninette McDonald, Anita McCann, Sue Hill, Cheryl Huckeby, and Sandy Herrmann. Row 2: Cora Raymond, Wanda McClure, Sandy Myers, Marline Nix, Angelina Palorno, and Ester Nesmith. Row 3: Lance Lindsey, Guy Fawks, Jeff Evans, Vernon Gunn, Thomas Long, and Paul McSweeney. Row 4: Steve Meadors, Scott Lee, john jones, Alton jackson, Byron jordan, jim- mie Morales, Mike Poland, and Kevin Mooney. Mr. Maddison's Homeroom Row 1: Esther Padilla, Sarah Polanco, Nancy Roberts, Arlene Sharp, and Pamela Sanches. Row 2: Lydia Ortega, Carol Nichols, Suzy Schenck, Becky Pickett, Gail Sanders, Janelle Sillavan, and Suzanne Sparks. Row 3: Glen Pate, Jerry Stembridge, Mike Sugg, jerry Powell, Leeland Musick, and joe Villeszau. Row 4: Tom Natesway, Randy Recer, Rex Rasor, Mike Rich- ards, Dewey Radican, Curtis Rosenbaum, Diego Padilla, and Danny Salazar. Mr. Teague's Homeroom Row 1: Anita White, Pauline Tutt, Rita Willis, Jo Ann Galvan, Pat McFarland, and Janice Walker. Row 2: Bonny Smith, Linda Wheeley, Ellen Warren, Lana Thompson, and janet Wright. Row 3: Ronnie Whatley, Juanita Whatley, Rhonda Woods, Glenda Tushka, and joe Zapasnik. Row 4: Oswaldo Salazar, Ronnie Smith, john Sheafer, Bobby Sutton, Gary Sanders, and Mike Woods. Mrs. Evans' Homeroom QIQI, ,, Row 1: Waymon Morgan, Mrs. Suzanne Evans, Tommy Whitman, and jerry Hayes. Row 2: Jannette Huffman, Charles Whit- man, Gary Redding, Pat jenkins, A. J. Barnett, William Mc Cullar, Ronnie james, and David Coronado. I76 2 arf: 'l fiim ii? T lleit D , ' I , t K 4277 '33, K, 7gQ ,, 'il- nzl W QQ if jiz '57, 14,7 L .,,,,77,, 7, 77 i - ,. --h S ' 'V 'LIL T' , ' 'L ' 1' '7 ,, 7 77 Y 'il fliif. ya. fi. "-' M " " wi , si 5 ' ' , 1 ' "'h' :'x 1 ' , cce, - i to it 4 , oyyi at ' V ' f u rff :Milli 'fff umm, wwrlr 'I,1: 1: ..',:.V z ,f:. ee, ,.... 19: ...-" f : ,u '--ff tn., . 1 ' , -1 , 'ef' 4 Y:,:'.v. f p Y: , -'Si'-2ff2iuf"'::: LL2" "" 1 'f f "L21 T . s , L " L -P 521542 45 , ,,,' i w, ' ',"LW 7 l ' , , V ' ' L i - ' . ra , nw K - ' Lp, ..-33. , haha?-114 ,- L Mk. ' i n ' irtrc t 'm . 2 ' 1 S f ., L" LL w,.i - B ' A RV Row 1: Val Childers, Gwen Bailey, Cynthia Harris, Sharon Stone, Jean I Rhoades, and Pat Miller. Row 2: Gilbert Richardson, Gloria Sanchez, Donna , Gilley, Olga Rico, Christy Gates, and Glenda Pence. Row 3: Wiley Reid, ,,,t qt, Kenny Kimbrough, Barbara Caskey, Debbie Voss, Diann Aaron, Lydia 7 ,,, , 7 Luna, and Fred Wallis. Row 4: Glenn Jones, Rusty Brown, Terry Potter, , Q, Mike Musick, Larry Ginn, Paul Conn, Mike Brown, and Tony Pirtle. - 12 , af, R ' The Eighth Grade Class Officers are Benny Gugman, Presi- dent, Debbie Voss, Vice-President, and Gladys Senters, Sec- retary. 3. J, , . Row I: Louise Tatum, June Horn, Gladys Senters, Charlene Vlfornick, and Rosemarie Flores. Roig 2: Judy Radar, Mar- garet Lamb, Judy Cupp, Barbra Bradley, Brenda Manor, Glenda Frey, Elsa Garza, Rebecca Escobar, and Marguerite McDonald. Rau' 3: Mike Dunsan, Harvey Sanders, Larry Higgs, Jimmy Gordan, Florencio Flores, Walter Lane, and Grady XY'illiams. Rau' 42 Jackie Evans, Louis Glenn, Maurice Sartor, Robert Young, George Mackey, and Dennis Barty. P. o Cm ue m I' rpo no nm s Y. H o Hm ae mr mo OO hm S Sports . . . Faces of athletes reflect fatigue and strain. , IZA, ,A,hA A ,M,,i L N,., ,K ' ' 1 Q 'A'Q Q ,. P' - 5 aifiaefwf- i- in if---if M , ,Q ..., ,-" 3 fgglgg-gqj ,. g , Kxb' N5 ..E-:21.iQEW.2!' " 22.-:h..1i?iTE?'VfQ ' wh W .L . ,..., .. ,Q k . 'su 5 ., . - .:,:,f.... kxu. ,.,. . W.,W,W 3 1 W n R9 K L.: ml , A , , 3 N lux, xx B , f .3 vw z mi ! ' I , . ,,... .t-,wggiyk ,1 , .. 5 311, - ' , ,.., 'T ' I2 My iff? , ., f mw. M Q, Mm-- if . 1'-'-t-vw 2:11 , la. ' 1 y Kmssfffmwmfwww -- Zi:- Q fv K .-Mmmf 2 X1 m ' 15522102 E'-3, t:-" . k"'932 K 1:g Qe5g , , ,.w Simi, 43" M Q.. Ediied bg Garg Wesson Rau' I: Mark Dewease, John Thoma, Bobby Beltran, Edward Milkie, Terry Rivers, Billy Allen, jimmy Murillo, Larry Ridener and Ricky Ivy. Rau' 2: Pete Firor, jack Cole, Dennis Kaiwi, Bobby Lopez, Don Dickson, John Henderson, David Strawn, Ray Koblinski, Jack Newman and Bill Pillow. Row 3: Coach Stevenson, Coach Cason, james Tallent, Steve Bailey, Steve Ricks, Wesley Edwards, jack Framp- ton, joe Crews, Calvin Skinner, Bill Morgan, Ricky Kimbrough and Coach Batchelor, Row 4: joe Rymal, David Hawthorne, Don Morgan, Tom Pollard, Bill Cantrell, John Goggans, Eladio Gutierrez, Ken Woodard, Ron Samford and Coach Brownlee. 1968 Varsiig Football Team 9eason's Record Q wins 7 Losses I Tie ff- --1-sf Adamson... ... Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson ,... . e if 530 ' . 5.2. ' - ' ' il ta ..,,, J 2123 fi F ,af K K ,,,. J , , ,V g ,ft ...:. t f ' Y 3 , . .z f .., ' If .,. ,I fda Kip-, . 1 . l, , if Wf,Q,, W. it ,,,-a ,, ' , 5 f. , W" . 1 -1 . ff '- ' - R d." -... .... ..,., A . A-+ -aa Lemza-M6 .. i...,fi V . 1 .zamawa'rafa .-, x -:tt 1 ,.,. ' ' ai: Zff? Eii' i ef. w . 1 -' -aa... R "" - I f t aaas W e . . a L. I7 fx . , at 1 5-fl? 1: . ' I '7 ff" "" 'Ogg .5, ', ,,,,k, ' "- ff-Q?ft:!,Z1f"2Zl'7f2-7i1.!5 zi7f?V5f?iVf , . -ll.Z-:fZe.i2ff3E:Qi?.f7?"lg, .. . . f .11 'kr ' T7 if 'f l ' "'nf?2sW wwf , ng a. 1 ,. JOE CREWSg Sr. 2 yr. Letterman Tri-Captain Scores Denton .... Washington . . , .7 .28 Roosevelt ...... , , 35 Woodrow Wilson . . . Carter ......... . Kimbal . Lincoln ..... . North Dallas .. . . South Oak Cliff . . . .19 .18 ..O .39 13 .20 BILL MORGANg Sr. 2 yr. Letterman Tri-Captain tx.. w ' i ig p ,, ., , ,.. ft fifw' , W Ad,, 1 .... Q ,- . X pfgil .,,ig:,if1g...c ag., - .pam f 41364 ,.'-mag: ey, 1 . ' V11 +1 - f WESLEY EDWARDSQ Sr. 1 yr. Letterman Tri-Captain t. Sunset ....... . 54 L .. fmfwffwf f 1 . Wt tara as f , f. Q 'T' . . :h1a.iQj'5Q.jQf Ru ' ,fi ., .. ' . f - W. " . .- . ' V, Qagl, ,ga g av- . , az., i.,.,fa.,. ag35,,.,14n,. 14 W 4? 'f . . ., 1 . 1 as 4 f ,gags 2 3: ' 61 -f . :QM at .. . ,aif l - fi" sasist ' aatts ll i elaasl . ff , . 222 2 rt-. 'Q if ft I, ., in ai' DON MORGANg Sr. 2 yr. Letterman N, .,'L X' X w I' XX 33? , Q, .4 Y t I 1 -. 54, . . ,.,. . ,...,,, , I N 25i:i522:i ::f- iiswm, .M ft A ' LL . ., '1:f1ffwl' X 1, -- , . , ,,,, LL,IX ,- ..,111z11., , 3 AlA I Q Iair A A ' .,,, ' 1 ' 'hk ,-A .I ..... ir M111-wg 'H .ir -f ., ft i ts ,. m.,21 W N ,..V,,. Egw, we .12 -ff, 1' 'z'fj,if,4 .V 1- I-2-fmiii-353: -f i t 1, - 3 1 DAVID STRAWNQ Sr. DAVID HAWTHORNEg Sr. 2 yr. Letterman 1 Simi- S I - 1 1 ..:11,L 'cvs Y . - ' '-"-s:'f"'rib1:" 'Eh-: fifzefw faf z,-1, .. ,, " - ':.Li.aeifN"Ii -P 5 ..,, 1 .' .,.. X 'e12f4'-W' 1? '- '- u f " . -1Lfesftz1i":s Mgggsm M ., pg. ,. ' I X we t qi i gr . T2 Ist, K if tl X y 4. 1 A fu, . gm b r .ft if - 3 Q' We f dw at I 1 yr. Letterman K , I A , "lf . ,. 'I 1 ' , , ..f,,,.1 Liyi. 1 -,1g.,z1,1,. r 5 W,,. . .mi-ff zE,fE,M::,,, if --at , I , ...... Q :J .,:.Q,g:wtx--- A--fwf--f:-f.,-' Olly' I ,. I , , f--- - mix? rf-zfwgiyx .. 2221we-11:ff:i'.,:1:',:'s JOHN GOGGANSg Sr. 1 yr. Letterman CALVIN SKINNERQ Sr. Dodging opponents, Beltran angles in on a Kimball Knight. 1 yr. Letterman I I L K :J,i.1,: tg Q A iiillftffw-1. e ' N 1:-f -'L 1 -. , .:,.: , I . A N' 'N ' . ' " , '- A ' 1 1.5521--Tig fail-:g.1' ii 1' t. 1 45,5 if! D Effti-iiftasagi , :jf "Sg,.rgfj:Qgg:y?i,sxQ--W --3iiEE2122k:1':?':2Eisf21 -V ,, -yffjiggika. 2 - ,15:535:Vg355A, -V5,1,,:g- fljg2-1554152-jlkfe'fixi figrnft.: ' I L I i nf ix 42511 ef ,- :I Q :L-it-la' BOBBY BELTRANQ Sr. 1 yr. Letterman I 82 DENNIS KAIWIg Sr. 1 yr. Letterman . 1 .2 I - -t' -f f leerir l I f I f A' I g. I L 1 1 QF . ' get ttra ' I , , 1 -if in Y -in it Qt? H wxgzr ki, V Liang QS x5H2i.L6-slailfilfh 'ie we I 5.,,,wi,2 It t. ,Mt-.,,1.i., ,mt-awsxfm F' t Qitfirii-Pa tem'iast,3.,u.,,.,, ELADIO GUTIERREZg Sr. 1 yr. Letterman A , ' 'L'AA 'aff-23,5 K 1, ' K 'T :S -Y" -- W- xt. " ' 1 Q 4 ' fi w ' ' ' t STEVE RICKS3 Jr. 2 yr. Letterman I W V N I K t ,J 4 ai'f1fJi":,iif1'fff,.b- e,' w1',et-:,f-"I-ff . 1: 535-f if L ll 1 . tt 1 f 1-ff" - ' A ' '- - . ft N, , tw' .W , t f f - ,. w a. - , - N . K M MWA- . .. yy..-M, B ixiliwtq- .... wr it-SQ' 1235-seafglg ' t r 1. I -. - , -ff j-,vit 1 4. t S6-13,3-Y g 385' F ' ",A 5 . . ff- - . ,-',,-:www 5-..iL.:':, tg. lisp-fe'-a: ":-:teh s? 'sfw-Q . tim JACK FRAMPTONQ Jr. 1 yr. Letterman ' f. 5 "P" ' fkefi A , W ig- ,, , -53 , Lf ' 5 rf ..... . . ' ,,r5Si:,gt.ft..U ' 1 19 " -A ,,..fLr .ftmti X . r t gggfd. .,, 335: A, .. uf. ' R , W - JOE RYMALQ jr. 1 yr. Letterman s ,tai 1 QR Ja is WK we .L ,, xrifkm w. X L . 1, 'ff V ,,.., .. L' "H - ' . H ..t. ,,.,, -, F Q NP 5' L K ilffhf Q tp f Nt fi R t Q H? 5 " S+ 5 ttf' .N it fr x Fzfmirik XX ,QM 'QW 'PQ 5 ' f E rt Sie 3 1 1 , , .,: Q53 ,ir A S K' ra x 15 . t. 1 tm , fnwifqiihfkketiatl m - . . -- - 'Q . A BOBBY LOPEZQ Jr. TOM POLLARDQ Jr. 1 yr. Letterman KEN WOODARDg jr. 1 yr. Letterman 1 yr. Letterman 4r1 if . .55 'E :ts list? .aes-Q..-':,: ., 5 ft. :-'ff57YjE?!?ZEif5f, i5,f M3515 ,... . rang: K- '- Hfffw:-f.N,. ,,,, ' fefftt e- N ff: 'fefltgf irq, w , K ' , w i: . A -fm' .femMme-wwfzzdtst-ersfnf me ' 'X' W .3 :A ,, , -: 3221- u t. tg 1 555. . . it 4 ..,, M .. N - t' "t"' , 1 - , JACK NEWMANg jr. 1 yr. Letterman Leopardmen watching the game with a determined look. I83 Bill Morgan puts the stop to a charging armored Knight. BILL CANTRELLg Jr. 1 yr. Letterman 1 . W. , ' , ,' ,, WW ' 3 , H i ' ' J ,,.. f 1 -W Z ,,., , , . 1 'eh " iri,, an i 4- - - . " . " 'I ' " - ' "" ' ' 'L i I f f '- me . A, ,,, H I ,,,, L,,, , f f ' f it . ' ' R kk" N , S 5 ' V I I- f DON DICKSONg Jr 1 yr. Letterman t, -an RON SAMFORD3 Soph. 1 yr. Letterman fl e ti ' 'Q ,ati M f , 'I " if A 'Q I VVVV in ',.,. ,,. . X? ,.,, , f ,,, :,, I .1,,,t,,,:f ,.,, ,,,: I 21 ff ' I ,A I fe ,fwgifm,fwwa ,Q I . ,. S W .2Y1,.121'3:Elfi.sw-:HE 'iffkdffff ff..'2wifw ,f wi , as ' A i. if . ,,.1,,, , .,,, f-Wt, 1-41 17. -I . I 2 JAMES TALLENT3 Soph- RAY KOBLINSKIQ soph. I 84 1 yr. Letterman 1 yr. Letterman RICKY IVYg Soph. 1 yr. Letterman r 'I fwi I 5 441 1 ' i X , Di f 'A ' Q I .R ,,.. , ,,.., , U . BILLY ALLEN3 Soph. 1 yr. Letterman is W W ' M- f 'MW , M" QQ' ,,.ff-'VZ If , 1 ' 'R f, I, , W,,. 5 ' if f' , , A , ,,.. JOHN THOMAg Sr. Squadman 0, ..,f,., ,L 'f 5 E 'V , ' ff di. ' 'ysi Av: , " Q , ,,.. if AS ,,... Q ii ,gfp-ff-f':wG51, . ' "'- -f 9-::75p5Qf:g,gf1,y:f ' L H V.,. bl ,mp H .V ,.,4.g,IS,fzf, vL.09:,, , .i f 5 , MM, 1 S , STEVE BAILEYQ Sr. Squadman A 1 .V A . ,,,k TERRY RIVERS, Jr. Squadman Crews battles forward for extra yardage. L .,,,,,. , R , ,,,L A . 4 , , 4, ..,,.., , I u , Y. 'X -" t , w 1 ,, 'A ., " JACK COLEg sf. Squadman . ,,,,.m9 'Sf - 3Q2?'j1!if',l:f '13 ' jj, ',?"Uf-,ff9f",,,, 7'114g?' Zff ' ' . , VRVV R, H 4 , ,pw 5gk3-'H-rv---gg-,:g'q,,,,A -i . I . gi,gsgigs51eafw'!t.isf5ge:,:,,.,:s:m:,,, 1gg,H55Vi,5j,s.1.2img2,1sm, .:,?sJ!55,.w ' H175 ' ' . f ,. R ' 1 we mga? '- 1-w,:p,1.,M waz N as msiiwfgg , , ,1 . e , 'K . .Q . , ,. , .. Q in ,,.. f -5941 f ,' -. hif i "' 'W ra- ' Q K' A LARRY RIDENERQ Jr. Squadman JOHN HENDERSONQ Jr, Squadman Wa K j '- ',',,,,,::w,:-- ,9,,1,,f,,-,ff imswff . f -f,,:,,,,1ff,f.,m.,,,,,:f.fffm,,afzefwffefwfs:,'s:fffffiffg?g.. :,eef1iks?f9 in .. au, M5 5 3' 1 '41 r :W , T W- 1 n if igj,-gd ,, ww ' , W M wwf 40 ff 4 Zfmiif-ffff?'u ,. W, ,,,,,, ,,,.,, ,, ,,.., ,,,. , , .,,,, ,,.,, , 1' x 'H 3' W ww , Evil' fm? F Wewabi, ,W vl+ Y 1Q'f,,ifQf2s 52,5 I W r f , :Ziff v U 'f f ' fi? ' 5 ir? M41 J- ,.m'f-5 4 iw, W ,ff f V, E' air, nk :J s. I 1 IW ,ifzcfp ,3i-fQ,3f4i'r Q L f A "M-1 W1 MSW :Mx RICKY KIMBROUGHQ jr, I 8 5 Squdman - 74, , ,, 1:1 fb. 1 ,mi 5 A -,,-- - . ' J.: , H : - ,, . ,M ,,,.., ,,,. . , "- ' W vfbqtl-'rn 11 "'LI,"1 :'z , , W 1, , , - ' as - F 4 ' f . ., ..-if-f I 16.4 4 55,3 X I . S if , tin M WM Hb amp' H . me 12 .rg Q f 3721 , , ' 1 ,.,,.,,,'Q' , ,,.. ff ,141 ,. 1-,wf.,,,- aiiss 1' A ,,., K ' 1. ' A A . . . 5 1 1 ,. 5' H ,fu . ,,f .. ., fr f vim ? af .11 .,,. 1 ' f"'5AYf544i 'Wiziff912521155521Elia-iamwfffkz . - 11' A EDWARD MILKIEQ jr. JIMMY MURILLOQ jr. MARC DEWEASEQ Jr. Squadman Squadman Squadman Seasonal 9+a1is+ios lst Downs ... 125 Rushing . . . 1080 Passing . .. 1451 Punts . .. 46 . . . average .. . 32.5 Frampton Passing Att. Com. Intercepted Yds. Average 188 97 14 1368 14.0 Crews Rushing . . . Carried Yds. Average 110 445 4.0 ED FIRORQ Sr. Mgr. BILL PILLOWg jr. Mgr. '86 Goggans attempting a completion of a pass. "B" Team za? , Row 1: Burt Head, Steve Kelly, Gerald Walker, Randy Daniels, Tommy Lee, Dan Davis, john Gaines, Dan Cade. Row 2.' Coach Greene, Roman Ross, Jerry Morgan, Robert Reynolds, Robert Kissel, Frank Brundrott, Richard Bennett, Ronnie Davis, Robert Smith, Ricky Risinger, Ken Piper, Larry Lee, Coach Young. Row 3: Russell Goodenough, Thomas Anderson, De- wayne Beard, Gary Capp, Carl Abney, Robert Adams, Ricky Sanders, David Little, Dave Stephenson, james Pierce, Robert Starr, Learon Tidwell. Row 4: Leonard Bennett, Raymond Vela, Gary Battee, Christopher Cherry, Gilbert Davis, Nicky Cooper, Gary Smith, David Carr, Robert Smith, Skip Bush. "C" Team ll Raw Z: Steve Davis, Ronnie Daniels, Steve Meadors, Sonny Tucker, Larry Ginn, Byron jordan, Vincent Yrigollen. Row 2: Mike Brazeel, Scott Lee, joe Zapasnik, jerry Powell, Joe Alvarez, Darrell Bybee, Steve Ellich, Coach Bledsoe. Row 3: Jeff Beatty, Gary Clark, jeff Evans, Gary Sanders, Dewey Radican, Edward England. I87 Row 1: Marshall Cothran, Eddie Vaughn, Phil Platt, Steve Sharrock, Leonard Trout, and Raymond Taylor. Row 2: Coach Carter, Robert Paulk, Richard Snyder, Jack Frampton, Bill Hopkins, Waymon McMacl-tin, Robert Starr, and Richard Miller. 1968 Leopard Basketball Squad This year's team, as in the past, was one of the highest ranked teams in Dallas. The team is instructed by Coach jake Carter, one of the main reasons for the success of Adamson's Basketball Squad. The basketball squad possesses every quality needed to produce a winning teamg sportsmanship, leadership, unity, desire, and spirit. I88 EDDIE VAUGHNg Sr. VVAYIVION IVICMACKINQ Sr Lefwfman, FOYWHIC1 Letterman, Center STEVE SHARROCKg Sr. RICHARD SNYDERQ Sr. Letterman, Forward Letterman, Guard 1 BILL HOPKINSQ Sr. LEONARD TROUTQ Sr. Center Guard 5 35-fw 1- JACK FRAMPTONQ Jr- PHIL FLATTg Jr. RAYMOND TAYLORQ soph Guard Guard Guard , 1 ROBERT STARRQ Soph- ROBERT PAULKQ sf. RICHARD MILLERQ Jr. Forward Mgr. Letterman Asst. Mgr. WTR N V K lf' xpxx , 5 Q , R 1 'I ff , ,I 5 IE lf! 1 I4 , 1 f I I IW f E 1 V It 1 M ' X I XHX K I 1 W ff xx X Il! 4-J L' Trout Out-jumping an opponent, while lNIcMackin waits for the ball. 1 f 'E "B" Squad Row 1: Bruce Myers, Dan Cade, Richard Bennett, Billy Allen, Coy Johnson, and Mike Polan. Row 2: Robert Montalvo, Raymond Kolb linski, James Pierce, Ronnie Samford, Robert Reynolds, Melvin Goodman, Gary Batte, and Russell Goodenough. "C" Squad Byron Jordan and Mlke Woods Row 1: Steve Davis, Randy Recer, Scott Lee, Benny Cordell, Gary Clark. Row 2: Jeff Beatty, Darrell Bybee, joe Alvarez, Steve Meaidyors, ' . l , A ' A ,.,, W ,. ,. , A f ,K 15 'N i , , LIZ LOYDg Sr, Row 1: Laura Stroud, Sandra Herrmann, Marianne man and Priscilla Thomas.. Row 2: Rex Rasor, Jimmy 'f""',f' ' J of J?" 1 ring? 1 3 74 ,L ' , I . . A' f rnnrr 1 rrri i A iirr in f -, , fvyr 1 ' 2 A 1 rrrrr L 1 r.i i a we ,, AY, MARK CART ER: Jr- ANN MERRILL Jr- MIKE FOLEYQ soph. STEVE KING Squadman 1 yr. Letterman Squadman Squadman I92 2 yr. Letterman jane Carter, Ann Merrill, Liz Loyd, Becky Rymal, Melinda Thu "Nc-:Hers keep +h www' . M5 1,13 , K , V, i ,, ., .. , Steve King, john Taylor. Bill Wilson, Mark Carter, Mike Foley JANE CARTERQ Soph. MELINDA THURMANQ Sr and Marshall Adams. Squadman Squaclman all bouncing ,iii, bo lf M M 5,1 4 3 T71 "' f' i,. lfoo V 1foiff',f1ifiii ll1':l,,ii,' M ,,lli,. 1,l, M . V . ,, if 'f ,, , , ' 1 'Z F' ' I Y . 75? is l QT! K ll ' ii V,:- . ,r , 5 ,,,A5,11ffi5,?l,1, I ,1fi,, 1 .,,11,., Qufa.,1sw ,aff lin, Weif' 'i +:,'f.I' : iS?-f ' L , Q .. K H 2 TI: K: ,..... . .,., 6 f::1,u9,mw ,,., , ,,.,, .- 'fi' s:xf5f52nJ:1t::.uff:'K-f .. ' "' . ,lf,,.,1,ffux:11:f-2,7-115---1-: 1ff.:.f1f, - , ,.,, ,,... , .-f1,,,,-wf .gfififi - 'ffiliiif A iii":l 'Jl', I .,lii I JOHN TAYLORg Soph. JIMMY TALLENTQ Soph BILL WILSONQ Sr. Squadman Squadman Squadman I93 ,ff Win.. MR. XVILLIAM ENWING, Coach STERLING WOOD Letterman FRANK BRUNDETT PHILLIP RENTERIA Letterman MIKE BRAZEEL y . A ,Au aj fyffrwihf of Aww A in if7 JL .gwmmfft ffhvg gf gd! 1 " I 968 ol TK5VgLfT'If'Wl4,7 W AM Golf is an individual sport that requires skill and agility. Adamson's golf team has greatly excelled in the past. This year's team is no exception. Early in the season several members shot extremely low scores to be ranked among the city's highest. Each afternoon the golf team is on fairways and putting greens putting forth an effort to improve their skills. l94 ,Q fx jilfdgf STEVE SHARROCK Letterman V. x ZACK BERRY FPA Phil Renteria putting during a late match in Ft. Worth. 1 ASQ AF mx aff JOE VILLESCAR L JJ Q , ?v l , x g Q . gl i f , a ' Q f CD Rau' 1: Wfesley Edwards, and Steve Bailey. Rou' 2: Carl Abney, Mike Everroad, Robert Kissel, Ron Daniels David Little and Rodney Wolf. Row 3: Couch Greene, Gerald Olson, Carl Osage, Ken Woodard, Steve Ricks, and Gerald Vifallter Adamson's First Swimming Team MR. TERRY GREENE, Coach I96 Adz1mson's new swim team is the first in the history of A.H.S. Despite being a newly formed team competing against older swim teams, the Leopard swimmers improved steadily through the season with hard work and determination. Next year's team should do well with a strong nucleus of returning upperclassmen and many new prospects. Row 1: John Carpenter, Lester Walker, Roman Ross, john Chamberlain, Frank Almendrez, Gayle Truss, and Ron Davis. Row 2 Dan Davis, Marshall Cothran, Randy Canup, Mack Ortez, Bill Allen, Robert Kissell, and Harold Pierce. Row 3: Dewayne Beard Ken Woodard, Bill Cantrell, Don Dickson, john Goggans, Tom Pollard, jack Frampton, and Gary Wesson. 1968 Track and Field Track and Field requires individual stamina and effort, unlike most sports where strain is put on the whole team. Track is different, because there is no one to help win but the individual. Each member trains during the season for the one opportunity to letter during the district meet. Xl A ,- an Q y , ls .vu xx K 2 X .WU HURDLES, Billy Allen. I97 l l DISTANCE: john Carpenter, Lester Walker, and Harold Pierce. MID-DISTANCE: Frank Almendrez, Bill Cantrell, Roman Ross, and Mack Ortez. I 98 1 i n DISCUS AND SHOT: Tom Pollard, Gary Wesson, john Cham berlain, Randy Canup and Dan Davis. POLE VAULT Ronme D1x1s jack Frampton, Marshall Cothran, and Don Dick- Teamwork is important during the Hand-off of the baton in relay races. I99 Rau 1 Edward Milkie, Ricky Kimbrough, Bobby Lopez, Don Dickson, Ron Samford, and Bobby Beltran Row 2 Larry 5 . . 1 Robert Montalvo Zan Stephens, joe Crews, Ricky Sanders, Robert Kissell, and Sam Walters. Row 3 Reggie Oakey fmgr Lynn Adams Stexe Papania, Van Marble, Terry Rivers, Wesley Edwards, and jack Frampton. 1968 Leopard Baseball Team A highlight to the spring sports seasons is baseball, with its color that is displayed throughout every game. As the season opened, the Leopards had revealed their talent by making an excellent start to the newly opened season. Due to the publication deadline zone information was not available. OUTFIELDERS: Kneeling, Rick Sanders, Rick Kimbrough, and Larry Ride-ner. Raw 2, Jac Dickson. 202 RETURNING LETTERMEN: joe Crews, jack Frampton, and Rick Kimbrough. k Frampton, Steve Papania, and Don Z 64, Ms K 55 B" Team W"-rv-.-, mf? U-9 G E 8 6 I if - 4 . , H :Y ff 'Li f 3 x Em 'id' 1 f h af iisbaijgi' ' ., N ' Z . ms. 'H ml -me W MJ QQ Y w Q1 X E210 Lx 'XV , Q h M- A 35' .141 .V+-' ,Lgvi K 5'9- '. fm y I f,,- ' ' fr D -NXrJ"'l ,xv ' lv N AM Edi+ed bg Norma Tussg and Ann Keeier W 'a AM GMM sNo-c:oNE Bring Your OAK To Aunl S+elle's For Her Aulograplw and Receive a IOQ Snow Cone FREE IOQ ISQ X 209: : If You Like Snow Cones You Will Love Aunt Sl'elle's Marlborough and Clarendon Famous For Fine Snow Choice of Twenly Five Delicious Flavors MOST POPULAR- Charles Mcdowell Eddie Vaughn Janis Pegram Linda Ludden BEST ALL AROUND- Leonard Troui' Richard Snyder Carol Smi1'h Judy Furguson MOST HANDSOME Roberf King Jim Taylor THE LOSERS SENIORS '68 WITTTIEST- Allen Kirsch Joe Siovail Lucy Long Carolyn Sosbee MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Waymon McMackin Rudy Fernandez Karen Owen Gabby Rasor MOST BEAUTIFUL- La Be+ha Byers BeH'y Bronar CATES PHARMACY P . +. KuNe's BOOK STORE W I . 'eZl:'P""'1 + SOHOOL Texrs AND SUPPLIES e "me 'nge eww' S PAPER BAOKS-BOOKS OF ALL KINDS FREE DELIVERY Same Loca+ion Since I93I I0 IOPIR1 Pgfrldays 929 W. Jefferson WH 8-8665 2IOI S. EcIgefieIcI Vermonf and Ewing WH 8-7303 wi-1 6-ZI79 , I U 0 M3365-1f'fE1:2:FS:2:2:2z K H41-f-".,. ,.,.3g:5:5:5:5:55551-'- 332323.24-1.9 3913243323 '-5:5:5:3:5i5i3:3:,. .g'--:.1,., 22s2s2sSsSs2sSsSz:s:s:1. ii. .::s:sSsSs2sSsSs2255222221 Q -.-.--"''251ilSIE235555E3i5i5E5E5E5E5i5i:3'352555: 'Sei 532525125 55. :2E2Eff"' 25232212252E2E2E2i2E2EIi1:5:1if"'--1-.A pi? .-.-ifiiififi5253535555525-.-. .,.. .. .- . is5s2s:.- 'Iii " igziiiiiiiffiefifin' -'-zfiiigfifffffififisi::"""""f'5f5:2:f:f:QEE3:g:5:5:3:3:3:5:Q:QS2225if2522ifEi2E2ifff5Qffiigfffiffifigfffffifff Iifzg .... ,, " -'1'3'5:2:5: .... 1 .... 'I .' w g . Jw ' I 40? n --' T' qIIIIluInIIlIII fx 'Ihr' - ' Tnlll w I Il .O.',.' nfs 125. 1 1 CLIF? ' " 721110115 , --alIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIllIIDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH.. f I Es VING 212 s. iwaaison WH3-4141 I WH 6-06II WH I-5000 DODGE CITY, INC. BISHOP AUTO GLASS CO. A CompIeI'e AuI'o Glass and Dodge Cars and Trucks UpI1oIsI'ery Service New and Used ZIO8 Cedar Springs Door Locks Repaired I03 W. BecIrIey RI 7-754' FLIl'I'1I'I'LIf'e and b-06" Desk Tops Compliments of PAGE'S DRUG 3230 Falls Drive, FE I-5455 DALLAS, TEXAS DALLAS, TEXAS ARLINGTON. TEXAS l052, W. Camp Wisdom Rd. 903 Parlc Row CA 4-352l CR 4-553l DALLAS, TEXAS Casa View Drug l030l Ferguson Rd. DA 8-439I Thinking of a Fufure? TEXAS BEAUTY 8: BARBER COLLEGE 525 and 53I W. Jefferson WH 3-7333 Owner: HELEN SPEARS Enroll Now! Open 9:00 A.M. 'Io 6:00 P.M. TI'1ursday,Un'IiI 8:30 P.M. A 81 B FABRICS PaHerns-Tape-Braids-Zippers Lace-Thread-Needles-BuH'ons Millinery Supplies WH 2-62I2 ALTA HICKS 2609 S. Beckley TYLER STREET METHODIST CHURCH TenI'I1 af Polk Says CongraI'uIaI'ions SENIORS '68 FLOWERLAND I2I W. Colorado WH 6-8I47 WHITE ORCHIDS-s.oo PURPLE ORCHIDS-3.00-up FOOTBALL MUMS-I.25-up CARNATIONS-I.00-up Open Un'I'iI 7:30 P.M. Sunday UnI'iI 6:00 P.M. TOM BRUNSON Prescriplions I'2I9 N. Beckley ai' Colorado Dallas, Texas Phone WH 6-2I23 For All Your STATE FARM AuI'o, Life or Fire Insurance Needs, STATE See BILL RIPPY 2506 S. Hampfon FE 7-5644 2II CHARLEY SMALL'S PHARMACY 20l Souih Zangs al Sunsel' Dallas, Texas 75208 PMR RMACY Op osi e Melhoclisf Hosp. , i K E 37 2I4h W. Colorad WH 3-4684 FREE DELIVERY W in l fb L, Q gy' i -1--Wi-11 I , if "US'N'f55 I. C. DEERE TRANSFER 8. revolves STORAGE, INC. around "Our Kind of Bank" Y s r A r e n A u 'I canuvmafuwafs Mfmfmm l02 Nor+l1 Ewing Dallas, Texas Long Disfance Moving BUFORD OWEN CHARLES DEERE FAY'S JEWELERS School Charms, Engraving I DAY SERVICE 3I Years In Oak Cliff 345 W. Jefferson WH 6-2I97 212 ANGLER'S SUPPLY 202I So. Beckley Dallas, Texas 75224 "Fea+l'1ers for Any Purpose" JIMMY RUNNELS APPLIANCES 6I6 W. Jefferson Avenue WH 3-4573 WYATT'S CAF ETE RIAS OAK CLIFF'S FAVORITE FOR DINING OUT!! Priva+e Dining Rooms Available For: Banqueis Pariies Club Dinners Priva'Ie Breakfasfs Wedding Dinners Wedding Recepiions CONVENIENT LOCATIONS: Wynnewood Village 2647 S. Lancasfer SEE YOU AT WYATT'S CAFETERIAS Uhr Gbak Qilfff lgrrahgtman Qihurrh Tenfh and Madison inviles you 'lo ioin us in worship SUNDAY MORNING 8:30 A.M. ll:00 A.M. SUNDAY EVENING 7:I5 P.M. SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:45 A.M. and in his service every day You+l1 Choirs leading worship each Sunday nigl'1'r Pasfor-DR. THOMAS W. CURRY Associafe Pas1'or- JOHN A. SHUTE Minisfer of Music- , Bookkeeping, Nofary, Real Es'l'al'e J. E. JORDAN INCOME TAX SERVICE 23:3 s. Beckley WH I-l93I LLOYD'S JEWELERS Sfudenl' Accounfs w. cz. EVERITT ,,fgf,3ifxa! "W"fed Ag rx fa X WH I-4084 207 W. Jefferson llngvlll ilifiliilil. A Hifi ,wef"'2fz'f as liia SM' i 1-ef are L zfy r gui 'E Y as E i,ia sras A Aerri A LAWRENCE KERR'S One Hour Marlinizing 2,4 702 Wynnewood Village WH 6-4435 WH 3-8803 LEVERINGTON JEWELERS Jewelry made To Order Cong'-afulai-ions 20 Years Experienpe Seniors 158 I can make, duplicafe or repair anyllning in Diamond, Gold or SI-IDERS TEXACC Plafinum Jewelry 905 Sgufh Zang, Waicli and Clock Repairing 905 W. Jefferson Dallas, Texas Complimenls of FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF 0AK CLIFF 330 Easl' Ann Arbor Dallas I6, Texas JAMES L. COOPER, Pasfor I - 1. ...- I I 5-I0 BEN FRANKLINS 5-I0 Kiesl' and Polk Village Open: Ihru Fri. LUMBER COMPANY I I 700 Marsalis Parkway WH 3-4323 I MAGIC MIRROR COIFFURES 20I4 Balboa WH 6-492I Elmwood Shopping Cenier CLARK'S HOUSE OF FLOWERS l32 N. Beckley WH 2-4343 Aufo Commercial Life 'The New Think In Fashionu Fire Homeowners Hospifalizafion COLBERT'S JIM GUMIM SAM NELSON 220 Wesf Jefferson Blvd. WH 3-4656 STATE WIDE INSURANCE AGENCY Go Where fhe Acfion Is 826 So' Hamplon WH I-034I Bonds Aufo Loans OAK CLIFF FLORAL "For Every Blooming Thing' 2I I E. Colorado WH I-56I6 Color and Black and Whife Sfereo and Radios JACK ANDREWS COLOR TV CURTIS MATHES AND RCA SALES AND SERVICE Phone WH 8-6003 245 Wynnewood Village Phone FE I-3777 305 Wesfcliff Mall MARTHA WASHINGTON ICE CREAM 81 CANDY SHOP 9 I 7 Wynnewood Village ADAMS JEWELERS Wafches-Jewelry-Diamonds Wafch and Jewelry Repair: Engraving 323I Dawes Dr. FE 9-8820 if Pavfeuianal Paucnqziahn fffxaamaciei. 500 W. Jefferson WH 6-2I55 34II S. Lancasfer FR I-3404 240I Kiesf af Hampfon FE I-4343 Insurance Is Your Besf Profecfor JOHN F. RHYNE JR. Insurance of AII Kinds WH 8-3058-WH 8-3207 Res. FR I-I694 303 E. Jefferson Dallas 3, Tex. 2I7 ' ' , N 1 1' ' K hh N . v QR 1 f -N N e 6 N N N I N NN E NN i1 -f fiif NN N N , Q 'l-' l gi 9 -nyk , QE "Q A N 1 N NNfi ' N 2 '-.,-' f N N l ' ff . NN ' N N 1 ,1.,, i' iQ1 f V. . lf i 1 ' lli fi ., 1-A ' Q1- ' xt? N NN 5 NA t N f l f , :',. f Q N N ?l , . fJ , Q . , :. , k,:, 5l N N E f -fi i E I A K b K gig ? . Q ,, L , ,, , KJVE EEN., EV.:. 2 .,,, V. , , .- if-,, Q ,. K- 95 f' X' 2 N , 1' , ' -.IS ig f y T -' W 1 ' f CREATED BY 'YE f' .. N , H . in-X' ,1 N x Z 1 4 X ' 'rf ' . ' FA JEWELRY'S FINEST CRAFTSMEN Q Q i if x R CLASS RINGS AND PINS ' CLUB INSIGNIA ' MEDALS Q lf " 2 S-1 X TROPHIES ' PLAQUES ' DIPLOMAS ' INVITATIONS - ,i -x Ka- XKN. fr 'x-xx 1 ' X. . . it ' 4 ' Rv . N Q- X . ,fj f , , ,f I X Q , . -51,4 , 1 f A . --f Q 'Q 6 l Y r Symbol ol Qvalil 1 , aucx' D ga I PARK PFIIXRIVIACY bf - Beckley ol Woodin 51.11.101 I0 oo . 7 oo 2 - Polk and Kiesl 51.11.101 I0 oo 7 oo 3 - 4228 So. Loncosler Outh All Day Svnddy 4 - Loncosler, Texas 8 A.M. TIL I0 PM. TEXAS SEED AND PLANT COMPANY Good Luck To Class of '68 528 E. Tenl'l'1 WH I-H24 - WHileh1:1II 6-5186 - FRonklin 6-7383 ' Fllonklin I-l3l4 5 . Phone 6212 'E V J l Cloud sunday if 1 jf? 513424 sunny Vole of. - rrzansuan lAI355 f U DJJ ,-,A,hu Clams 5.1-aa, I R21 ' Aff K T'-xx ,ww 6 V 2920 N. Hornplon Rd. Rlverslde 7-9793 ,J O , swan, Iooo foo A .L , A .A11jCL' "TJ MN ff' KSN J f rf 1, A .-J. X Y f, A TV NTP' XX Lf .2 ,gy ' - 1 f" V ww' V lv CNT ff' K W1-1 14340 U NAT 1 M, ' STEPH EN TAYLOR T 1 L. ff! . 1 Weddings In Color 1 606 S. Hamplon Road Dallas, Texas 75208 SAFETY BRAKE SERVICE 305 Nor+l1 Beckley WH 3-8ll2 I J's CAFETERIA Wade Lee MERCANTILE BARBER sHoP 2122 Q'fQjfjjjQQ Mercanllle Bank Bldg' Weekdays lI:00-2:00 4:30-8:00 Rl P4489 Confinuous Service Sunday lI:00-8:00 TALLENT BROS. FURNITURE agnes Qfgrqdy "Reasonably Priced" FR M044 LIBERAL TERMS 5I5 Golden Triangle Cenfer 2260 W' Illinois al Hamplon Polk ai' Highway 67 Sou1'h FE M444 CONGRESSMAN JOE POOL "l am proud of my early governmeni rraining a+ Adamson High School. I+ has enabled me +o belrlrer serve our Cily, Slale and Nafion as your Uniled S'ra+es Congressman." 220 SPECIAL FILET MIGNON SI.42 STRIP SIRLOIN SI.37 CHOPPED FILET SL25 BONELESS CLUB 52.15 CHARCO-BROILER STEAK HOUSE Open Daily Il:00 A.M. fo 9:00 P.M. Closed Sundays 4I3 W. Jefferson lln Calc Cliffl 64l7 Hillcresf lAcross From S.M.U.l I6l2 S. Buckner Blvd. lln Pleasanf Grove BELL CHEMICAL CO. I42 I Levee Sf. RI 8-5I35 "Experience Counfs MOST" LAMAR 8. SMITH FUNERAL DIRECTORS 800 Wesf Jefferson Avenue WH 6-ZI46 fe I, . at fl Your Dollar Buys More Shoe Value af BRIDGES SHOE STORES 3I0 W. Jefferson SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY GUITARS-ACCESSORIES' PRIVATE LESSONS Preigieeiens BCYD GUITAR SCHOOL e e e Remember CLYDE BOYD-Direcfor WARDS BOYD MUSIC CG' Number One Drug Chain In Texas 314 So. Beckley s+udi0 WH 6-3460 CUT-RATE Dallas, Texas Res. TA 4-5937 "Our Name Is Your Guaranfee" BAKER PLUMBING 222 RI 2-5565 f pofpf wwf H BETTER IDE14. city isn't doing it better yet, we're working on it. . . I3 4' DALLAS Powm zz. LIGHT COMPANY ID eel.. .' 9 G9 ff! WWI may .V ar'YSEi+ionS Srsi '68 'gg , l I ' ooees FX milky OD STOR A .In Q52 Ce Cr + M lil!! ll II lgffifvcjjiicgisls - I 5 B - '4f" be ll! ll! ligfk , . ,Jia I A ,, ij, I Fl ll? Clarice 5529 W. Lovers Lane-2827 W. Illinois QX C24 Q A I FL I-995I FE 9-4III wYNNEwooD Q PER WH ""'4'8 PRESCRIPTION 7 503421, BQRBEAR SHOP PHARMACY 6 Ali: Regiilgr Ifllaircjlis Wynnewcaoa:d.Professional T. K. CHANDLER ul mg 93l W. Jefferson WH 3-2l03 Dallas, Texas WYNNEWOOD DELICATESSEN Imporfed ancl Domesric Food Specialiies Buffel' Trays and Lazy Susan Carering SECURITY SAVINGS ASSOCIATION WH 3-0050 . STERNBERG 243 Wynnewood Village Owners Dallas 24, Texas S . S 3 I S 0 Q05 I I- W. lllinois a'I' Hamp'Ion FE 9-7I5I Yeah, You Do Have 251, Fewer Cavifies Wirh Cresfli 224 Congralulalions Srs. '68 From YE OLE MU LLETS I965 FAMILY SHOE STORE 233 Wynnewood Village WH 6-I966 RoberI"s Shoes 'lor Men, Miss Wonderful for Ladies ROSEMONT CHRISTIAN CHURCH Hamplon Road al Brandon S'I'. DIXIE R. GREEN MOORE'S GREENHOUSE 832 S. Tyle I'I. T. GREEN 81 SON WH 6-2343 Insurance: Home-Aulo-Casually-Bonds "MUMI'l6V9n" WH 6-5768 52-75 UP IlI5 So. Beckley Dallas, Texas 75203 f4666wf 0 2468 W. Illinois Hamplon Village Cenler FE 7-68 I I Besl' Wishes 'ro Adamson Sludenls and Facully CLIFF TEMPLE BAPTIST CHURCH DR. DAROLD H. MORGAN-Pas'I'or Sunsel and Zangs-IOII1 and Beckley Congrafulafions Seniors '68 ROWLEY TH EATRES Texas Wynnewood Vogue Heighfs Hampfon Road and Jefferson Drive-ln's WH 6-2l6I Complimenfs of DR. R. B. DRENNAN Chiropracfor l40I W. Jefferson WH 2-5200 Phone: WH I-0224 LE CHIC SHOPPE 522 W. Jefferson Fashions Especially for YOU! "You've gof the cufesf liffle baby face!" LON OAKLEY. SR. Trim and Cabinef Confracfor Craffsman of flwe Trade Since i940 809 Norfh Lancasfer Ave. WH 2-5238 Dallas, Texas ZANGS BOWL 333 W. Keisf FR 6-8246 AMERICAN Oak Cliff Service Cen'I'er R. O. THORNTON, Deaier Phone WH 6-4777 5II S. Zangs aI' I2I'I1 JEFF E. SAMFORD. Agen'I 7I7 Exchange Bank Building Dallas, Texas Bus. FL 7-8285 o Res. FR 4-I043 Life Insurance-HeaI+I1-HospiIaIiza+ion AMERICAN GENERAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. SHE will puIsaI'e SHE will vibrafe in a Formal From I If Pensions-Annui'I'ies-Group Sdoffef PETITES-JUNIORS-MISSES GALILEAN BAPTIST CHURCH 20I Easf Ten+h REV. TOM BRIDGES, Pas+or AUTO CLEAN CO. DUDLEY M. HUGHES Manufacfurers of FUNERAL HOME High Pressure Cleaning "Home of Personal Service Waxes, Soaps, Polishes 400 Eas+ Jefferson CompIeIe Line of JaniI'or Supplies Ambulance Service 2I46 Irving BIvcI. WH 6-5.33 RI 7-3673 BOncIeOI and Insured 24 I-IOur Service JANITOR SERVICE Window Cleaning Wall Washing Carpei' Cleaning Lawn Service Parking Lo+ Sweeping Floor Mainfenance SPECIALISTS IN FIRE CLEAN-UP and SMOKE ODOR CONTROL BELCO BUILDING SERVICES, INC. RI 7-6262 500 S. Ervay S+. Uncle Cal's Eleclronic Hanclkerchief Emporium, Psychedelic Liveslock Show and Mellow Yellow Pancake Counfer Congratulations! To Our Mother MRS. MADELEINE BROWN lNEEl DUNCAN and Her Classmates ot Class ot '43 From Her Sons J. GLENN BROWN STEVEN BROWN Class ot '66 Class ot '69 Texas A 8: M Sophomore Potential Law Student Petroleum Engineer S.M.U. Major HAPPY 25 YEARS! Congratulations From THE CLASS OF 1943 lCelebra'ling 25'll1 Anniversaryl to the CLASS OF 1918 lCelebra'Hng 5O'lh Anniversaryl And Especially To CAROLYN CARLILE lClass of '43l and her MOTHER, MRS. CARLILE lClass of 'l8l The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly KEY CLUB-'67-'68 BRENDA CLARK-Military Queen W P F Qak Cliff 'llirlhunz HEY STUDENTS . . . THE OAK CLIFF TRIBUNE SERVING TI-IE COMMUNITY WEST OF TI-IE RIVER SINCE IQO3 . . . READ HI-TIMES News of Junior ond Senior High School 333 Tribune Drive Call FR 6-4343 233 Abernethy, Charlotte 125, 106 Abney Cad R. 187,169,196,205 Abood, Patricia 106 Abshire, Cynthia S. 102, 125, 98, 100, 111,101,120,114 Abshire, Patricia 125, 106, 100, 111, 107 Adams, Lowell Thomas 151 Adams Lynn E. 125, 200, 201 Adams Marshall 193 Adams, Robert Lacy 187, 169, 203 Aguilar, Anne E. 90, 125 Adams, Sylvia 172 Aguilar, Danny G. 95, 109, 151 Aleman, Hector Alexander, Joe Index 106, 105 Brown, Brenda 152 Brown, Jannell 169 Brown, Karla Y. 152 Brown, Ray G. 169 Brown, Ronald C. 117, 127 Brown, Roy G. 169 Allen, Billy James 169, 180, 191, 106, 198 Allen, John 95, 109, 151 Allen, Thomas G. Almendrez, Frank 198, 199 Alonzo, Cypriano Alsip, James M. 125 Alnp,Jo Ann 102,151 Alvarado, Richard H. Alvarez, Diane 172, 106 Alvarez, Joe 187, 191, 116, 203 Alvarez. Sylvia 125, 119, 120 Alvis, Kenneth 169 Amador, Salvador 151 Amos, Michael "Patticake-patticake baker's man . . . Anderson, Carol E. 102 Anderson Diane L. 174 Anderson, Gracie V. 125, 101, 119 Anderson Michael 169 Anderson Nancy V. 151, 107, 101, 119 Anderson, Thomas J. 187, 170 Andrews, Gary 113 Beard, Dewayne 187, 198 Bearden, Anna M. 126 Beason, Randy M. Beatty, Jefferson C. 187, 191, 203 Beaty, Julia D. Beavers, Randall L. Becker, Robert E. 126 Bellingham, Bruce Andrews, Tom Dean 169 Aricheta, James R. 151 Arney, Nancy Cecile 169 Bellingham, Stacy 167 Beltran, Roben 1s0,17s,117,126, 200, 201 Arnold, Eddie Arnold, Roger Arostegui, Adolfina 151, 113 Ashley, Terry 95, 172 Askins, Dennis 95, 172, 108, 116, 114 Atherton, Barbara A. 169, 109, 100 Atkinson, Florence L. Atkinson, Doris 99, 107 Atkinson, Marilyn K. Bachman, Patricia L. 83, 90, 125, 97 Bailey, Beatrice Bailey, Stephen D. 180, 185, 125, 196 Baker, Clifford R. 151 Baker, Susan E. 83, 89, 125, 106 Bennett, Joe R. 126, 113 Bennett, Leonard 187, 172 Bennett, Richard L. 187, 172, 191, 166,71,203 Berry, Zack H. 117, 102, 151 Betts, George D. 171 Bickerstaff, Janie L. 174 Bickerstaff, Jimmy R. 112, 151 Bickerstaff, Linda L. 126, 113 Billy, Marilyn Billy, Virginia 167 Biscomb, Julia A. 152, 107, 119 Bishop, Wesley 172 Bivens, Mitzi L. Baldor, Juan Antonio 169, 99, 166 Barker, Linda D. 89, 151 Barnauskas, Media D. 172 Barnes, Charles 151 Barnes, Janice C. 125 Barnes, Richard 172 Barrett, Bonnie Barricklow, Samuel D. 169 Barrientos, Pablita 169 Barton, Linda Jean 79, 83, 91, 97, 126,100,118 Barton, Mary E. 151, 106 Bass, Suzanne 98, 99, 116 Bassett, Patricia J. 151 Battee, Gary E. 187, 191 Bates, Deborah Sue 169, 106, 99, 57 Bates, Jerry 172 Bates, Thomas Alan 169 Batson, David Bauer, Gene 169 Baysinger, Charlotte Baysinger, Martha 151 Beaird, Jerry 103, 126, 98 234 Blaisdell, Walter R. 102, 152 Blalack, Deborah S. 152 Blalock, Carolyn K. 152 Blalock, Shirley Blanton, Beverly 172, 106 Blevins, Jana Lynn 102, 152 Bolling, Pamela A. 126 Bottoms, Eddie Bourell, Kenneth W. 96, 152, 100 Bradley, Ethel J. Bradley, Martha Brown, Steven M. 93, 98, 147 Broyles, William H. 169, 95, 109, 11 Brundrett, Frank G. 187, 169, 194 Brundrett, Janice A. 169 Bryant, Robyn J. 90, 152, 99, 101 Bullin, Sherry 106 Bunch, Paula C. 108 Burgess, Nancy 90, 106 Burgess, Robert O. 168 Burgess, Thon1as 127, 113 Burnett, Jack O. Burrows, Cynthia 172 Burrows, Patricia K. Bush, William 187 Buttleman, Barbara S. 102, 110, 120 Bybee, Glenn D. 187, 191, 203 Byers, Labetha J. 89, 127 Byrd, James 174, 93, 96 Byrd, Johnnie D. Byrd, Tommy C. 94, 172 Caddell, Martha S. Cade, Danny M. 187, 172, 191 Cameron, Bettye Jean 102, 106, 100 Campbell, Clara S. Campbell, Jacqueline 119 Campbell, Shirley 167 Campos, Oscar 113 Canady, Delvin R. 168 Canida, Randall Cannon, Marvin Odell 95, 109 CanneH,BiHyYV. 1s0,117,152,19s 199 Canup, Randy 198, 199, 203 Capp, Gary D. 187 Carden, Carlene F. 102, 127 Carl, Ronald B. Carpenter, Debbie 172 Carpenter, John M. 152, 111, 105, 198, 199 Carr, David Roy 187 Carr, Teresa Ellen 113 Carter, Jane K. 169, 192, 193 Carter, Mark C. 192, 193, 178, 152 Carty, Linda S. 172 Casas, Gilbert 172 Casas, Irma 172 Cason, Peggy Anita Caster, Gary 171 Caster, Samuel Lee 106 Cates, Johnny 152 Cavazos, Diana E. 152 Cavazos, Israel R. Chamberlain, John 198, 199 Chamness, Mickey D. 168, 203 Chance, James W. 102, 127 Chappell, Kathy 172 Cheatwood, Michael 172 Chenault, David B. 168 Cherry, Christopher 187 Chinske, Fred L. 94 Branan, Robert C. 165 Brannon, Phillip D. 95, 102, 126, 106, 100,119 Brannon, Richard C. Bratton, Carolyn Sue 169, 102 Brazeel, Michael H. 187, 194 Brewster, Betty M. 3, 126 Brewster, Michael E. 169, 95, 109 Bridewell, Cathy Ann 169, 108, 100, 99, 105 Bridges, Michael R. 127 Bronar, Betty J. 83, 85, 90, 97, 127, Christopher, Vickie Chustz, Julius A. 95, 128 Clark, Billy C. Clark, Brenda J. 94, 128, 106 Clark, Gary L. 187, 174, 191 Clark, Jerry Wayne Clark, Karen L. 169, 107 Clark, Kathy L. 89, 152, 106 Clark, Kevin S. 94, 93, 96, 172, 105 Clark, Robert 174 Clark, Sharon L. 107 Clark, Terry D. 6 Clark, Thomas W. 128 Clary, Dana L. 89, 152 Clary, David L. 88, 153, 105 Coffee, Jennifer Ann 167, 109 Coffee, Jon Wayne 128, 114 Cole, Jack 180, 185 Collins, Edward Conley, Michael 168 Cook, Thomas W. 172 Cooper, Floyd R. Cooper, Jackie Cooper, Nicholas J. 187, 172, 203 Cordell, Benny 191, 203 Cortez, Martha 174 Cosby, Anthony 174. Cota, Mary Dorothy 108, 153, 100, 99, 101 Cothran, Marshall G. 86, 188, 189, 117,128,124,198,199,64 Courtney, Randy 172 Courtney, Vanda L. Cox, Henry H. Cozby, Randal S. 168 Cragg, Sharon Y. Crain, Jackie N. Crews, Joe K. 180, 84, 86, 117, 128, 124,200,60,201,203,202 Crews, Kenneth Wayne 171, 120 Crouch, Deborah Sue 90, 102, 153 Crowder, Mary J. 128, 113 C ruse, Tany L. 174, 98, 57 Culp, John S. 128, 106 Culverhouse, Alton L. Culverhouse, Sondra 82, 1, 128, 97, 99,101,120 Cummings, Paula Ann 168, 84 Curtis, Don W. 95 Dalon, Steven P. 153 Damewood, Weldon L. 96 Daniels, Randy Ralph 187, 167, 203 Daniels, Ronny 187, 196 Darling, Terry Darr, Jo Ann 167 Davis, Danny M. 187, 198, 199 Davis, Gilbert Ray 187, 168, 105 Davis, Ronald W. 187, 172, 198, 199 Davis, Stanley A. 94, 95, 172 Davis, Steve R. 187, 191, 203 Davis, Teresa Gail 106 Davis, Thomas D. 95, 108, 105 Day, Anna Dean, Jimmy 106 Dean, Lynn W. 153 Dean, Tommy Deese, Doyle D. 168, 96, 102, 116 Deford, Barbara J. 168 Deluna, Daniel 172 Deluna, David 172 Deluna, Paul M. Dendy, Ronald D. Dewease, Lizabeth A. 95, 153 Dewea 1 53 se, William M. 186, 180, 108, Diaz, Patricia A. Diaz, Rose M. 174, 102 Dickso 198, fr, Donald G. 180, 117, 153, 199,200,203,202 Dilday, Judy K. 153 Dilday, Linda 102, 128, 119 Disharoon, Linda K. 167, 108, 106, 99 Dixon, Billy W. 129, 113 Dixon, David L. Dixon, Durward A. 94, 153 Dixon, John P. 94, 95, 129, 111 Dlabaj, Bobby 168 Dollar, Janis L. 90, 102, 153, 106, 11 Donaghey, Sherry L. 167 Index "It gives me a heavy heart, but the class flunks !" Donaldson, Connie 129, 113 Donaldson, Stephen E. 113 Donley, Jennifer L. 3, 129 Donnell. Lanny Dorman, Jonathan 129, 113 Dorsey, Billy E. 130 Dorsey, Mike 172 Downs, Lisa Dugger, Patricia Ann 167, 102 Dunn, Betty S. Dunn, Mary A. 153 Dunn, Patricia Duron, Rosie Eastus, Eugene G. Edwards, Carmen 174 Edwards, John W. 180, 117, 130, 196,200,201 Edwards, Lottie 94 Edwards, Mary J. 153 Elich, Steven J. 187, 174, 96, 99 Elliott, Alan C. 169, 99 Ellis, Debra K. 172 Elliott, Stephen R. 168 England, Edward L. 187, 174 Erck, Deborah 113 Escobar, Mike 174 Eskew, Russell Clark 117, 112, 130, 110,114 Espinosa, Rose Marie Evans, Carlton 172, 97 Evans, Carolyn Sue 153, 97 Evans, Jeffery L. 187, 175 Everroad, Michael A, 168, 110, 196 Ewing, Rebecca A. 172 Fain, Burt P. 153, 111 Fallis, Janis M. 153, 115 Fanning, Janice Sue 167, 103 Farmer, Dorothy J. 172 Fawks, Guy A. 175 Fernandez, Rudy 117, 130, 106 Ferrell, Dorthy Fine, Jerry 172 Finley, James Firor, Edward L. 186, 180, 117, 130 Flatt, Phillip A. 188, 190, 154 Fletcher, Rebecca J. 130, 113 Flores, Edward H. 131 Floyd, Bob Baily 168, 95, 109 Foley, Coleen M. 131, 106, 107 Foley, Michael 192, 193, 172, 116 Force, Brenda D. Foreman, John 171 Foreman, Lorene A. 154 Foreman, Rebecca 89, 103, 154, 106, 107 Foster, Darrell Lynn Foster, Donald W. 168 Foster, James Fox, John C. 1541 Frampton, Arthur J. 180, 188, 190, 178, 117, 154, 106, 150, 198, 199, 200,70,201,203,202 Franks, Mary E. 167 Frayre, Christine 172 Frazier, Anita Frayre, Daniel Fredrickson, Ernest 95, 172 Freeman, Don L. 113 Freeman, Martha Frey, Brenda D. Fulcher, Dale R. 174 Fuller, Linda M. 154, 113 Furgeson, Judy C. 88, 131 Gaines, John F. 187, 172 Gaither, Lillian D. 168 Gallaway, Furman S. 154, 97, 100 Galvan, Jo Ann 176 Gammons, Judy 96, 131, 101 Garcia, Gloria 154 Garcia, Janie Garcia, Juan 131, 116 Garcia, Sam 88, 131 Garcia, Rosie Garcia, Teodoro C. 131 Gardiner, Peggy J. 167 Garner, Jerold W. 154 Garrett, Neita 131 Garrett, Thomas 112 Garth, Susan Lorine 89, 154, 70 Garza, Dora 174 Garza, Rudy C. Gates, Michael 172 Gatewood, Robert H. 96, 103, 131, 100,105 Gayton, Susan 174 Gelacio, Margie 169, 106 George, Odis 95, 172 Gibbons, Yvonne 83, 85, 80, 131, 97, 98,100,120 Giles, Randy L. Ginn, Robert 187, 94, 95, 112 Glenn, Jack H. 154 Godwin, Dennis W. 168, 103 Goggans, John 180, 198, 199 Goldman, Patricia 154, 106 Gomez, Frank 131, 106 Gomez, Santiago Gonzales, Beatris 169 Gonzalez, Edward 96 Gonzalez, Adolph 170 Gonzalez, Mary L. Gonzales, Tova 167 Goodenough, Patrick 174 Goodenough, Russell 187, 167, 191, 203 Goodenough, Therese 174 Goodman, Melvin T. 168, 191 Goodrich, Mark L. 174, 96 Goodrich, Paul R. 95, 109, 131, 111 Goodwin, James Gore, Charles G. 174 Grady, Ronnie L. 172 Graham, Betty J. Grant, Deborah M. Gray, Kathleen T. Greene, Mariana C. 103, 154, 100, 105 235 105,116 Horn, Linda C. Grey, Lawrene E. 132 Grizzle, Johnny 174, 95 Groce, Gary Stephen Guercia, Ricardo J. 171 Guerra, Magdalena Q. Guidi, Barbara 92, 2, 132, 101 Guinn, Michael L. 172, 103, 154 Gunn, Patricia E. Gunn, Vernon L. 175 Gunnels, Rebekah Gutierrez, Albert 168 Gutierrez, Eladio A. 180, 182, 178, 132,106 Guy, Albert Lee 132 Guy, Mary Elizabeth 168 Guy, William Burnett 132 Haake, James C. 168, 94., 95, 109 Hadaway, Deborah M. Hager, James T. 169 Hager, Jan Halbrook, Joy Haley, John W. 94, 95, 172 Haley, Kay Frances 167 Hall, Sharon L. Hamby, James A. Hamilton, Sharon G. 174 Hanks, Larry Edwin 168 Hardin, Kathy L. 132, 119 Hardin, Pamela Sue 154, 98 Hardwick, Rickey A. 94, 92, 2, 80, 133 Hargis, Sarah L. 91, 154 Haroski, Elizabeth A. 133 Harper, Charles E. 133 Harrington, Chris 133, 106 Harrington, John T. 133 Harris, Charles R. 168, 103, 105 Harris, George L. 171 Harris, Robert 171 Harrison, Linda S. 109, 155 Harrison, Peggy E. 133 Hartman, Rita K. 168 Hash, Sandra Kay 172, 119 Haskins, James L. 169, 95 Morris, David 180, 117, 137 Hayden, Michael K. 171, 103 Hayes, Mary Diane 168 Haylock, Avelina 170 Hazlett, Donna J. 103, 133, 101, 119 Head, Robert Wilburn 187, 190, 171 Hearn, Frances 84, 172 169,103 Index Jacobs, Carolyn Jacobs, Deborah James, Laura J. James, Vicki Janes, Jimmy D. 94, 93, 96, 98 Jansen, Sandra J. 157 Jenki ns, Mary R. 168 Jimenez, Anna 168, 103 John, Sandra 103, 157 Johnson, Beverly A. 157, 113 Johnson, Coy Ray 191, 171, 203 Johnson, Gary M. Johnson, Ronald 169 Johnson, Zura B. 134 Jones, Georgia L. 168 Jones, John 175 Jones, Karen F. 172 Jordan, Byron U. 187, 191, 203 Jordan, Kathy 103, 157 Juarez, Benito "And now for my next number I'd like to sing Cielito Lindo." Hix, Michael E. 103, 156 Hobson, Karen G. 156 Hobson, Kathy A. 169 Hodge, Gary D. 156 Hodges, David L. Hodges, Lynda Sue 167, 166, 57, 71 Hodges, Paula K. 174 Judkins, David A. 168 Judkins, Shelby 134, 113 Kaiwi, Dennis 186 Kay, Alfred Noble Jr. 111, 116, 114 Kay, Darrell Keeter, Ann 82, 91, 97, 157, 98, 100, 76 Kelley, Carolyn S. 157 Kelly, Debbie 89, 103, 157 Kelly, Clint Earl 171 Kelly, Laurie D. 89, 104, 134 Kelly, Stephan James 187, 171, 203 Kemble, John Philip 94, 96 Ketchum, Deborah A. Kidd, Judith L. 91, 104, 134 Killian, Teri 170, 104 Kimbrough, James R. 180, 185, 117, 157,200,203,202 Hogan, Gary Elliott 95, 109, 111, 171 116 Hogan, Michael W. 94, 93, 80, 133 Holden, Gale 172 Hollowell, James L. 95, 103, 108, 156, z King, Diana King, Douglas King, Julie F. 107 King Katherine King jRobert W. 86, 81, 117, 134 King, Stephen C. 192, 134, 111, 116 Holmes, James R. 171 Holmes, Margaret A. 133 Holt, Karen Jane 168 Hood, Ellie M. x Hopkins, William F. 188, 189, 117, 156 Hebert, James J. 174, 96 Heinen, Robert Henderson, John C. 180, 185, 155 Hennessey, Richard Henrikson, Gary D. Henry, Linda 155 Hernandez, Delva 174 Hernandez, Ernest D. 155, 106, 99, 111 Hernandez, Evelyn M. 156, 105 Hernandez, Hector 169 Hernandez, Marie E. 156 Hernandez, Tim Hernandez, Vincent 172 Herndon, Rebecca Herrmann, Sandra L. 175, 192, 98, 99 Hiegel, Stephen H. Higgins, Vicky Hill, Brenda 175 Hill, Charles W. 117, 133, 115 Hill, Gerald K. 133 Hilterbrand, Diane 93, 91, 2, 133, 106,110 Hinoiosa, Joel 156, 106 Hinojosa, James J. Hinojosa, Martha 172 Hinz, Debra A. 156 156,114 236 Howard, Freddie Don 156 Howard, Hope Key, Roger Hubbard, Harry Leroy 103 Hubbard, Robert Lon 171, 103 Hubbard, Vicki L. Huckeby, Cheryl K. 175, 99, 101, 173 57 Huddleston, Judy K. 91, 156, 106, 107 Huddleston, Michael Hudmon, Christopher Hudson, Gary Hudson, George Ann 134, 106 Hudson, John Huffman, Dawne 157, 100, 101 Hufstetler, Marjorie Hume, Deborah A. 157, 107 Hundley, Joan 172 Huneycutt, Ken M. 157 Hunt, John T. 174 Hutchins, Darlene 169 Hutchins, Katherine 134 Ivy, Ricki Thomas 180, 171 Jackson, Alton D. Jackson, Donna S. 83, 89, 97, 134, 98, 120 Jackson, Redonna 168 Kinney, Daniel M. 168 Kirkendoll, Larry 134 Kirsch, Frank A. 82, 97, 135, 110, 120,208 Kissel, Kandee Kissel, Robert 187, 171, 198, 199, 196 200, 201 Klapproth, Susan L. 157, 107, 119 Knapp, Johnny R. 168 Koblinski, Raymond J. 168, 180, 191 Kuykendall, Gary D. 135 Laborde, Kathy L. 169 Lambert, Reba A. 108, 157, 105, 116 Lane, Constance 171 Landrum, Raymond T. 169, 95 Lankford, Albert R. 168, 95, 108, 116 Law, Edward C. Lawrence, Michael Lawson, Jerry Leach, Caraline K. Lee, James B. Lee, Jeffrey Scott 187, 191 Lee, John Thomas 187, 168 Lee, Larry W. 187, 169 Lee, Morris N. 96 Lee, Robert 169, 112 Leffall, Naomi 171 Liebel, Jeff 135 Lemieux, Terry W. 96, 157, 111 Lemmond, Sondra K. 158, 107, 119 Lewellyn, Rayna J. Lewis, John D. Lewis, Ouida S1 135 Lindsey, Lance K. 175 Nesbit Little, Jack W. Little, Larry D. 187, 169, 196 Long,Lucy 84,91,135,98,100,121, 76 Long, Thomas C. 175 Lopez, Robert 180, 117, 158, 200, 201 Lotzer, Gerald 96, 158 Lotzer, Marella 89, 104, 97, 135, 121 Loveless, James C. Lovejoy, Ronald Lovell, Alysia 171 Lowder, Patsy R. Loyd, Elizabeth S. 192, 193, 135 Lozano, Evelia 135 Ludden, Linda S. 86, 89, 103, 97, 135, 98, 120,118 Luna, Juanita 171 Lusk, Kerry Bryne 90, 135, 124, 65, .77 Luttrell, Douglas R. 168 MacDonald, Mary E. 169 McBee, La ura C. 171 McBeth, Danny K. 171 McCain, Virginia M. 174 McCain, R ichard A. McCallum, Debrah S. McCann, Anita R. 175 McClure, Boyd 169, 95 McClure, Charles H. 169 McClure, Wanda L. 175, 109 McConathy, Margie J. 95, 2, 102, 108 158,98 106, 100, 105 McConathy, Marianne 171, 192, 104, 106,100,105,166,57 McCoy, Pamela E. 100, 171 McCurdy, Gary L. 168 McDaniel, Kenneth B. McDaniel, Landa 158 McDonald, Marvin V. 92, 2, 136 McDonald, Ninette 175, 104 McDonald, Shirley J. 136, 113 McDonald , Veronica M. 158 McDowell, Charles E. 88, 117, 136, 124 McFarland, Patricia 176 McGee, Joe C. McLaughlin, Michael 104, 158 McMackin, Waymon E. 188, 189, 117 136,' 120 McMahon, Chrystal G. McPherson, Cathy L. Index "One, two, three turn . . Melaun, Charlotte A. 171 Merito, John A. Merrill, Lois A. 192, 158 Mershawn, Larry W. 136 Murray, Ronald Alan Musick, Barbara 170, 107 Musick, Jimmy L. 170 Musick, Leeland R. 175 Musick Olin R. Myers, ,Bruce M. 191 Natseway, Francis Natseway, Thomas 175 Navarro, Deanna L. 167 Navarro, Rosario 106 Navarro, Eugene R. 113 Nelson, George B. 170 Nelson, Kathleen H. 159 Nernec, Julianna 90, 159 t, Reginald M. 159 Nesmith, Ester M. 175 Newell, Eadie K. 159, 101 Newell, Rosemary 83, 90, 97, 137, 98 114, 69 Newman, Catherine E. Newman, John L. 180, 117, 160 Newman, Nancy 160 Nichols, Carol A. 175 Nichols, Donnell J. 171 Nix, Marilyn S. 175 Nix, Nelda M. Norwood, Martin D. 171, 95, 108 Nunn, Naomi 160 Nunn, Rebecca A. 138 Nusbaum, Dean W. 170 Nusbaum, Randy T. 104, 138, 106, Morris, Debra S. 171 McQuaid, Patricia McSweeney, Paul W. 175 McWhirter, Claude W. 170 MacFadden, Gary B. 158 Maddox, Jodie R. 168, 95, 109 Maddox, Wallace A. 136 Manery, Floyd J. Mann, Linda Y. Manson, Beverly Manson, Peggie L. 168 - Marble, Van Allen 165, 200, 201 Markham, Patsy M. Marshall, Carol A. Marshall, Sherry H. Martin, Irvin D. 94, 96, 158, 116 Martinez, Martin, St ephen C. 94, 170. 96 Martinez, Frank 171 Martinez, Linda 171 Martinez, Richard Robert 106 Lanka, Edwan1B4. 186,180,158 106, 200, 201 Miller, Judy K. 167 Miller, Kenneth L. Miller, Mary J. 89, 159, 150, 57, 72 Miller, Richard L. 188, 190, 159 Mills, Marsha C. 159, 98 Minor, Debra S. 137, 106, 107, 101, 112 121 Miser, Melva K. 137 Mitcham, Vicky L. 159 Mitchell, George G. 96 Montalvo, Robert 191, 171, 200, 201 Montgomery, Glenna D. 137, 106 Mooney, Kevin Mooney, Richard L. Moore, Marjorie Sue 171 Mora, Dolores M. Mora, Sylvia Morales, Ruth V. Morales, Santiago J. Moralis, Paul 171 Morgan, Dennis 137 Morgan, Donald R. 180, 178, 181, 117,137 Morgan, Jerry 187, 170 Morgan, Jim Morgan, John M. 95 Morgan, William C. 180, 137, 106, 115 Morrison, Nancy A. 104, 137, 110, 107 Moses, Sally A. Mote, Nancy Elaine Mulcahy, Mary P. 51, 39 Oakley, Reginald G. 88, 131, 115, 116, 200 O'Brien, Roberta K. 171 Odell, Richard Oestreicher, Richard 138 Olson, Gerald A. 196 Oneall, Larry Dean 138 Ortega, Delia 170 Ortega, Dolores Ortega, Lydia 175 Ortez, Mack 198, 199 Ortiz, Joyce 160 Osage, Carl 196 Osage, Joe B. Osage, Russell D. Owen, Karen L. 89, 102, 138, 97, 107 Padilla, Diego 175, 95 Padilla, Ester 175 Padilla , Jesse R. 92, 170 Palin, Michael Paul 170 Palomo, Angelina 175 Pantaze, Peter D. Papania, Stephen S. 160, 200, 203, 202 Paredez, Josephine Park, Karon E. 168, 101 Pasha, Martha V. 89, 106, 160, 101 Pate, Glen A. 175 Patton, Curtis L. Patton, Marjorie 82, 97, 100,105,160 Paulk, James R. 188, 190, 117, 104, 138, 68 ' Payne, Barbara A. Pearce, Harold S. 106, 111, 171 Pearson, Earlene M. 105, 160 Mason, Carol L. Massey, Henry 169 Maxcy, Denise Louise 171 Meadors, Stephen D. 187, 191, 203 Medina, Eusebio 95 Meek, William E. 170, 95, 109, 114 Meeks, Daniel 158, 113 Mulholland, Michael 137, 106, 100, 115 Munguia, Santos E. Murillo, Genaro 137 AtunH0,Jnnnqf 186,180,117,159 Murphy, Jackie D. 171 Murray, Fredna Kay 83, 85, 104, 97, 137,121,114 Pegram, Carole J. 89, 138 Pennington, Ray 96 Peoples, Luvenia E. Peters, Judy G. 138 Pfieffer, Bruce Kean 170, 100, 105, 116 Philley, Candy Jo 105, 160 Philpot, Cynthia A. 237 Philpot, Kenneth L. 169, 94, 96 Phillips, Raymond 171f Pickett, Rebecca 175 Pierce, David E. Pierce, lla M. 60 Pierc Q1 198, 199 C. 187, 17 , 9 , 104 ezalek ohnnilx 91 129 , J ille Bonita C. 1 4, 106, 160 Pillow Willia . 186, 180, 1 Pingleton ar es E. i l asant Terr im oeuf ' ie 168, 95 ,lan Fdwa M. 191, 203. co .' . 175,57 enneth N. 18 , 17 Oswald Luis 170 ar omas L. 180, 17, 1, o ock Larry 138,113 i P P 3 a , 170 b , f' Po i ar I P A il' 1 , ., ,72 omeroy, Dorot 138 198 199 Pope, Pat 'cia y n 104, 1 Powell Pren ti f A. 187,175 , rolyn S. 90, 8, -1 Pr ' e, William W. 1 P ewitt, Johnny J ryor, Helen J. Puckett, P ic' A. 170, 109 Qui ana 'id 139, 116 Ra er, ary J. 139 dican, Dewey W. 187, 175, 95 aney, Phyllis A. Rankin, Ranne, Ranne, Carl P. Brenda K. Mike R. 171 Raske, Terry 95, 161 Rasor, Gabrielle 103, 139, 39, 121, 118 Rasor, Rex G. 175, 193, Rawlings, Nita Lynn 10 1 Rawls, Jackie L. 95, If Raymond, Cora A. 17 f Recer, David R. 175, 191, . , O3 Reed, Carolyn S. 159 Reed, Gay R. Reed, Joseph Danny Reed, Sherry Y. 9 . N Reese, Barbara Sue 89, 161, 57 Reese, Darlene Reese, Larry S. 170, 96 Reese, Ruth A. 139 Reeves, Randy Reid, Mona L. 170, 107 Renteria, Phillip G. 139, 194 Reynolds, Brenda 140, 113 Reynolds, Larry Reynolds, Robert H. 187, 203 Reynolds, Robert D. 172, 191 Reynolds, Roy 92, 95, 140 Reynolds, Tommy 161 Rhodes, Jo Ellen Rhodes, Lonna 161 Rhodes, Lyndy Rhodes, Robert M. Rhodes, Samuel E. 168, 96 Rhodes, William 140, 113 Richard, Floyd M. Richard, Joe F. 161 Richards, Larry Richardson, Lois R. 140, 113 Ricks, Steven D. 180, 196 Ridener, Larry R. 180, 185, 161, 200, 203 Ridgley, Floyd 95 Rimmer, Marguerite C. Index Rincon, Johnny David 167 Rios, Clara 169 Risinger, Ricky . 187, 167, 203 Rivers, Terr . 180, 15, 1 , 1 200, 201 L Roach, Karen . 161, 15 7 Roberts, Jacki I 9 . Roberts, Nanc C. 175 Robles, Rachel Rodgers, Janet S. Rodgers, Joyce M. 111, 161 Rodgriguez, Adela 106, 161 Rodriq-uez, Diane 106 Rodriguez, Ponciana 140, 107, 113 Rodriguez, Santa 168 Rogers, Gary S. Rogers, Joyce 88, 140, 106, 124, 61 Rogers, Nelda R. 140 Rogers, Randy E. Rogers, Ronnie J. 168 Rojo, Anita 161 Rojo, Lucy 167 Rollins, Susan 90, 140, 106, 107 Roper, Vickie Lynn Rose, Debbie L. Rose, John D. Rose, Patricia 172, 108, 99 Rosentreter, Diane M. 171 Rosentreter, Marshal Rosinbaum, Curtis 175, 96 Ross, Roman N. 187, 95, 109, 198, 199 14.0, 113 Roth, Alan Herman Rowland, Martha Sue 88, 161 Rowley, Martin K. Ruiz, Gilbert Vela Rymal, Joseph Russel 180, 117, 161, 115 Rymal, Rebecca L. 195, 106, 100, 105 Sailers, lNIary K. 90, 140, 98, 119, 121, 76 Sailor, Anita D. 105, 171 Salas, Richard 170 Salazar, Danny 175 Salazar, Julian 113 Salazar, Oswaldo 176, 96 ,jf- Salazar, Ralph 167, 96 Saling, Salzman, 167 140, 51 . 180, 170, 191, David Manuel 170 Sanche Sanche Sander z, Pamela A. 175 z, Stella 167 ford, Catherin Sanders, Danette 140 S d s G an er, Sarner Sartor, G. 109, Buford D. 170 ary D. 187, 176, 203 187, 170, 200, 202 161 Susan 91, 98, 161 Scarberry, Sandra K. Scheiern, Kathryn A. 85, 97, 141, 121 Sche ck, Suzette C. 175, 108 idt, Marvin L. Sc lz, Martin F. 17 wartz, Franc croggins E. 170, 95, 108 Seal, es ay alerie L. 97 141 Seals: Gary Don 167 "I'll never be able to dI1H Sears, Senter, Clydia Kay 171 Randy M. Settles, George T. 141 Shaffer, Jack 170 Shappard, Charles R. 95, 109, 161 Sharp, Arline F. 175, 173 Sharp, Richard P. 94, 93, 141 Sharp, Therman J. 167 Sharpless, Lois A. Sharrock, Stephen L. 188, 189, 117, 141, 62 Shaw, Robert D. 94, 170, 95 Sheafer, John L. Sheafer, Robert D. Sheehan, Linda T. 170, 106 shguif, Billy R. 167, 96 Shields, Gary Wayne 141, 100 Shindall, Debra A. 171 Shipley, Christine Shipley, Linda 113 Shorten, Timothy W. 171 Sillivan, Mildred J. 175 Silvev, John W. 95, 104, 108, 142, 116 Simpson, Larry 167 Sinclair, Mark D, 142, 113 Sinor, Elaine K. Sinor, Sharon Sue 172, 104 Sires, Jeanette 142 Skaggs, Mary L. 82, 86, 89, 97, 142, 99, 121, 63 Skinner, James C. 180, 178, 182, 104, 97, 142 Slama, Retta N. 142 Smart, David Brian 168 Smith, Betty J. 143 Smith, Billie F. Smith, Bonnie 162 Smith, Bonny L. 176 Smith, Bradley E. Smith, Carol Ann 84, 86, 143, 121 Smith, Cheryl E. Smith, Fvonda J. 172 Smith, Gary 187, 167 Smith, Gary Hunter Smith, Herbert C. 143 Smith, Howard C. Smith, Robert L. 187, 167 Smith, Ronald R. 176 Snyder, Brenda M. 90, 106, 162 Snyder, Richard L. 188, 189, 117, 145, 106, 58 Snyder, Roger A. Sorrell, Sandra 165 Sosebee, Carolyn G. 91, 104, 97, 143, 99, 50, 44 Soto, Lydia C. 170 Soto, Theresa C. Southerland, Mike XV. 170 Sparks, Suzanne C. 175 Spears, Sandra Kaye 170, 99, 105 Spencer, Brenda C. 110 Spieker, Carl Lee Squier, Linda K. Starnes, Gary B. 113 Starr, Robert L. 187, 167, 96, 188, 190, 203 Steadman, Leonora A. 167, 106 Stembridge, Jerry XV. 175, 95 Stephens, Annett 104, 143, 107, 121 Stephens, Berry Z. 143, 200, 201 Stephens, Jannett 104, 143, 107 Stephens, Larry B. 169 Stephenson, David A, 187 Sterling, Diana Stevens, Anthony 143 Stonecypher, Russel 167 Story, Clifton G. 170 Stovall, Joseph D. 104, 143 Strawn, David E. 180, 117, 143 Strawn, Elizabeth J. 167 Streit, Roger C. Strickland, Linda D. 171 Strickland, Margie Stricklin. Mary A. Stroud, Bruce NW. Stroud, Laura L. 192 Sugg, Michael L. 175 Sutherland, Rhonda L. Sutton, Douglas Sutton, Robert P. 176 Swanson, Donna 116 Swindle, Jay L. 167 Tallent, Jimmy E. 167, 180, 193, 192 Tando, Chrisine 167 Tando, Sylvia I. 104, 144 Tanton, Leslie G. 95 Tatum, Robert VU. Tavizon, Adelina 162 Taylor, james F. 84, 117, 144 Taylor, John T. 167, 193, 192, 116 Taylor, Raymond 167, 188, 190, 205 Taylor, Su san 162 Terpening, janet L. 170 Thill, Brenda K. 107, 162 Thill, Vincent G. 167 Thoma, Jo hn o. iso, iss 144, 111, 120, 66 Thomas, Billy XV. 162 Thomas, Lamon 170, 108 Thomas, Priscilla A. 193 Thompson, Clyde D. 106 Tholnpson, Kathryn E. Thompson, Dorothy A. Thompson, Lana S. 176 ,84.11I Index "One drink of this potion, and . . Travis, Dorothy L. 162 Travis, William B. 172 Trevino, Consuelo 144, 166 Trevino, Helen D. 167, 166 Trout, Leonard L. 144,115,116,121,118 Truss, Gayle 198, 199 Tschoerner, Bonnie Tschoerner, Darlene Tucker, Audie J. Tucker, Bobby 187, 144 Tucker, Mary E. Turner, Gary jay 162 Turner, jerry Wayne 144- Turner, Ray E. 145, 115 Tushka, Glenda F. 176 Tussy, Norma L. 82, 91, 97, 145, 101 Tuthill, Glenn 167 Tutt, Pauline E. 176 Upshaw, Forrest A. Upton, Dennis Keith 95, 108, 105, 163 Valdez, Faustino V. Valdez, Lasro Vancil, Paul Vanderlinden, janet Vandyke, Brad E. 167 Vanhekken, Paula 113 Vargas, jose Vargas, Maria Vasquez, Rebecca Vaughn, Eddie Don 79, 188, 189, 117, 145 Vela, Barbara A. 91, 145, 106 Vela, Raymond 187, 203 Velasguez, Pete 115 Villarreal, Kitty S. 84, 145, 101, 121, 67 Walker, Patricia I. 104, 145, 98, 107, 116, 119 Wallace, Kathy A. 167 Waller, Steven C. 167 Wfallis, James 104, 165 Walstrum, Pamela Kay 167 Walters, Samuel J. 145, 200, 201 188, 189, 17s, 117, Ward, Catherine D. 97, 145, 100 Warrell, Larry A. Warren, Ellen R. 176 Watkins, Robert Neal Way, Connie Lynn 91, 104, 145, 105 Webb, Jerry L. Webster, Kathy A. 146, 101 Weeks, Lynnita D. 167, 106, 119 Wegman, John L. Weir, David Lynn 167 Wesson, Gary W. 82, 87, 97, 99, 163 198, 199 Whatley, Jaunita R. 176 Whatley, Ronnie D. 176 Wheeley, Linda S. 176 White, Anita 176 White, Deborah Gay 90, 98, 106, 163 Whitman, Fred 146 Whittington, Donna K. 165 Wilbanks, Marty Lee 146 Wilbanks, Tommy 167 Wilburn, Debra 167 Wilburn, Doris Lynn Wilburn, Jo Ann 101, 164 Wilburn, Sharon D. Wiley, Martha 146 Willhite, Larry D. Williams Anthony W. Williams Anthony W. Williams Barbara A. 108, 164, 119 Williams Williams Williams 9 Bobie F. 146, 107 Eddie P. 147 John M. 147, 113 Williams, June Williams, Nancy J. 107, 163 Williams, Sharon K. Williamson, Robert E. Willis, Jo Ann 147 Willis, Rita s. 176 Willis, Susan Y. 147 Willis, Vickie L. 167 Thompson, Michele 162 Thurman, Melinda M. 95, 193 144, 106,110 Thurman, Ronald Tidwell, Learon 187 Tillman, Linda Ann 170 Tobar, Salvador C. 144 Tollerson, Brenda L. 144 Villarreal, Maria L. 145 Villescaz, Joe R. 175 Wafer, Sandra K. 167 Walker, Gerald 187, 167, 96, 196 Walker, Henry C Walker, Janice V. 176 Walker, Lester T. 167, 116, 198, 199 Walker, Mary D. Wilson, Dana Greer 167 Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson, Wayne 167, 96 Wilson, William D. 193, 147, 110, 111, 116 Winters, Gene M. 164 Wolf, Rodney Lee 169, 196 Wood, Christina C. 115 Wood, Sterling C. 147, 194 Woodard, Kenneth 180, 117, 193, 199, 196 Woods, Francine 164 Woods, Michael L. 176, 191, 203 Woods, Rhonda 176 Wood ' . 115 oody, Donna 86, 106, 1 Wooten, Donald W. 147 ri fht, Jane 176 ! rig t, onna 170 Wyndham, Ernest 167 Yen, Jimmy J. 167, 94, 93, 96 Yrigollen, Vincent 187, 205 Zapasnik, joseph J. 187, 176 Zeisel, Julius 113 Zellmer, Erwin F. Zimmerman, Kathryn A. 84, 91, 93, 105, 165 Zimmerlnan, Mary K. 170 Zollicoffer, Margate 113 239 Siaffers Express Relief Relaxed expressions of the Oak staff reflect exhaustion and relief as they complete a long task. This year's staff worked diligently in an effort to recapture the many and varied faces of Adamson representing you, the student body. As you face the future, We hope that these pages will remind you of the happy and exciting experiences which were yours during 1968. 5913? fg iaxoym Tlsfi F' Z. fi wiwfwf HKS 3?-ff? mf,g1jW Qi XX aww in r 1 1 A ,, A V K N I I x ' K, - ,A I Q 91 ff' FT . 3- .3 ..:f.1'Fh 1-Wa-, -. .W xx 'fWf,,.-.H if :,. 5 l,,,'Q..' .,

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Adamson High School - Oak Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


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