Adamson High School - Oak Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1965

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Text from Pages 1 - 288 of the 1965 volume:

1- 1-.ww .1 V W, H W., vm Y,.,::, v:'1:.,v ,er ' M Y -nwpw vxvf--aw.-.wen :vm mf- W se mum,1w',S'f:-iiiui-' WWI hi W, 'fi 'Hz'-S1ifvW,f'1"' ' "M" wY'2'f'1' 'T' 7" "W, -' W m" " W W"""'u." W L25 vu ' W - G" 'W f a v? 1 ffil f -,s '7 W x V i' 1' JL' W 'It 4 'w ilwf-' ,QW ny, H H W - My 'f:' Q155, j5 qm?ZIiw- -E w w f',f'2L1,-wif: f1,:1-grfwf!w .M'wwf "Q-far-fi "Af"wif fm -1:56 a v iwlyifiwvw M1 ? we'ffiei4Qf:::wfT3Mw'f'Lft"ifr 1' wut' f - f 1 , X - L , 1 . ' 1, Q 5 if 4 L--P-WW., Q fw,.,vf.,wg,.a2" ,. .miwiifw mwwf, --M f, Q ,'14,f:msA,f-w..f -ff, M1 w . fggfqfs-fr-.f yew ,iw ',,ft,f1-mf ' ' '1 ' - my 'N 'x ,L ' , fn ' gy' ' gg., - f'k"l ' "1f"?'5i'?I-Eff?"'?'TYT??".fQl1'Em:'- fi ilk " K Q-Qqhl I V K , Q ,L 4 if - Eafyyn vw .1 1 1 A. , .Li fxvfggu, :J 1 4-j-ff-qu f '. 'm 1 :?3g,.j- , .,5,1,g,., - 4-5,-J" SQ W X W my , Ugg, .,,g,A1, f zgvffgw, fi , 1:74 ' AT? KVM 1, ' ' Viv I .1 . x 1 A S . 4 1 N Y-5 ,. I-wr. ' , ,Ei-PM Y MEI" vu' M,-'f..:.i 1. I -f 1 I S r 5 11113 9 .1 G ..-. -..:--1. 'lima ..-, ' ,A -uf- Q,,,.g5Sv.d.J WM kaymb bw-an MMWWMMJ by Uwhimmw Bw MD Wwwwggwims W W QL5-wx 9 A4921 I A . I V Q I I I Wfffwajwwfm W X Y? MQ ., MF? fy 2 if 5 fa 1555 fmggwfg S Q z, 5 X 1' K1 Y ,Ja 'ir fi Q 'pilfm Ji J KW M fs kk'-F :Es , W . +1 l"W'f ., ui, it 5. v 3: ,M F 'C' 'K nik Y f v ' 1 W ju-uv" ,, Q1 f -4' f-E!..1.,,W.A mmm wi , 0 - VAKVW W "' K .. Q A 2 If C' LEOPAROS 9 Y' 6' 'Z' 00 - 5 J su- I 3' 6 I 1 I U , v W. H. ADAMSON HIGH SCHOOL VOLUME un DALLAS, TEXAS I sENloRs PERSONALI TIES ADMINISTRATION UNDERCLASSMEN SPORTS 4 ACTIVITIES MILITARY ADVERTISEMENTS EACH DAY . . early and late, more than Thirteen hundred endlessly busy Leopards gather in clusters and crowds ioin in routine daily affairs of classes and clubs . . check the latest reports of proiects and parties, of plans and paraphernalia . share work and play, ioy and tears, victory and defeat- all of the moments that combine to form the years we call "the best." 6 FOREWORD Leopards, 'A TogeTher we have lived anoTher year in The proud hisTory of Adamson High School. TogeTher we have sTudied, worked, played, and prayed. Now iT is Time for us To store up These cherished memories. For The seniors, iT is Time To Take Their places in a much larger and a much more demanding world. For The underclassmen, iT is Time To rededicaTe Themselves To The Task of preparing for The world which The graduaTes now face. No maTTer whaT our classificaTion, we all face The indi- vidual responsibiliTy of growing up, for This is whaT our world requires of use we musT noT fail. Nov maTTer whaT The fuTure may hold, The pasT is behind us. Yesferday is hisTory and is now recorded so ThaT we mighT always remember iT- This, Then, is The purpose of The Oak. Adamson, and every liTTle parT of iT, has become a very imporTanT parT of each and every one of us. WhaT Adamson has done for us, and whaT we have done for Adamson, will have a very definiTe bearing upon all of our lives as we go our separaTe ways. During The years of our aTTendance, we have all made memories which will never be forgoTTen, however, where There is success, There is also failure which musT be overcome. All in all, our school days have laid a solid foundaTion upon which we can build our fuTure. Deep down inside, we know ThaT our individual presence in This school has helped To make iT whaT iT is. We also know ThaT this school has helped To make us whaT we are and whaT we will be. No maTTer where we go or whaT we do, we shall always hold our heads high and be proud ThaT we had The privilege of aTTending W. H. Adamson High School. We shall always remember whaT we did here and what we learned here. ln a backward glance we see The end of a school year, buT in realiTy, iT is only The beginning of a challenging fuTure. QM Tram, N, if ADMINISTRATION Left to right: Loyd G. Shelby, John Plath Green, Mrs. Vernon D. Ingram, Donald M. Bruton, Robert S. Folsom, Dr. W. T. White, Supt., J. Willard Gragg, Lee A. McShan, Jr., Percy E. Luecke, Jr., 'Field Scovell. BOARD of EDUCATION and ADMINISTRATION SITTING: Mr. Dale Douglas, Dr. W. T. White, Superintendent, Dr. Frank L. Williams. STANDING: Dr. E. D. Walker, Mr. Hollis Allen, Mr. Don E. Matthews, Mr. C. C. Miller, Mr. Robert H. McKay. Mr. Meek has long been associated with Adamson High School, tirst as teacher, then as assistant principal, and novv as principal. Since i938 his loyalty to Adamson and its students has remained foremost. This feeling still marks Mr. Meek as principal of W. H. Adamson High School. THOMAS W. MEEK Principal wgqn 4 '7Nw1-,kxv ivmf ie. 412E,Xi3I'ig JOHN R. LIGON Assisfanf Principal GERALDINE HOLLOVVAY Secretary GLENN ODLE LAURA POLLARD Attendance Clerks H HELEN BROWN Dean ' ,gsj-jgffggjfllffli:25ff?ff'H9Z!i :aug 1' RUTH RUFFIN AssisTanT Counselor CAROLYN HYMAN Senior Counselor NETTIE BRIDGES Clerk LIBRARIANS Mrs. Elizabeth Scott and Mrs. Grace Brown do much towards helping students at Adamson in their studies. :wi NURSE "What do you mean l'm not sick?" asks Cheri as Nurse Faye lngram reads the thermometer. ESRI!-Ml is Cnr GMBH El I B M CLERK Amidst all the complex machinery Mrs Virginia Cafferata goes about her daily tasks MRS. WINNIE CHAPPELL MA SMU, English Senior Sponsor MR. HAROLD DUNCAN BA, Baylor English MISS JANE ETHERIDGE MA SMU, English Senior Sponsor MRS. HELEN LARNER University of Maryland English, Sponsor FTA MR. ROYCE LARSEN MA ETSC, English Tennis Coach MISS MABEL ROCKETT BA Trinity, English 5 f: MISS ANN ADCOCK BA SMU, Civics piqF""'A MR. GEORGE BROWNLEE MS TCU, History Oak Business Staff Sponsor A Football Coach 'S WE 'Q MR. DALE DUDLEY BA UT, History Chess Ciub ...,f......v"' MR. DAVID FORGEY BA NTSU, History Student Council Sponsor .t M- MR. TERRY GREENE BS NTSU, History C Football Coach ...R1 .AWN 9 MR. GARY MARRS BS, UT A Boys' PEJC Football, Key Club Sponsor fb' 'v ei. Xt gr .- tl"'.l'fxf .li 'ff .5 AMW: MT MR. LESTER ROBBINS BA Wesleyan, History Debate Jo? Jsgwgwww-w MR. BUDDY STEVENSON BS UT, History A Baseball 2l 5.-A MR. JAMES BATCHELOR MS ETSC, MaTh A Football Coach MR. JOHN CARTER MEd ETSC, Math A Basketball Coach MR. EDWIN CASON BS, ETSC,Ma1h Track Coach 2 PSN- Q A A5 E 5fQg: ., .Q -Feqgjggiwg gg 5 xlib E R M W' 5 A MR. E. D. CHAMBERS , S BS NTsu, Ma1h gg S A 5 .M f ,X es: im MR. CONLEY JENKINS MS NTSU, Mafh MU Alpha Thefa .JMX as, MISS RACHEL SNODDY MA UT, Math ,, X. . 'ff ms if ' fx MISS MARY HELEN SWANER BS NTSUQ Math Cheerleader Sponsor ssl? ,M W ., .,,.,,A ,. y .. A- an its ' ' ' f sw ff: i f gf , 'K .1 , . . M - .,r+ ,A ' ii 'gjsjfrf I L f J y 1 , , li. . zwgwvly, f " .. . -va??f.:4i-fmvrt.-.. : ' 1 s ,fm fimgm.-f sgvyggns.-.-:m,.:fi ., 1, ?r,,ff,, ,, 1 3 p5w,v,MS, - .M A s tw.-5-Q -- .s y - A. 55. ci-.migigf ' - , W F-isisygizifiiilf Q A ' 292- in E?" 1r'f5 ' ' sSfvx?ief.ii?. ff . . W f.f'gr1ii-iw.w3'y'?2b?5" ki gflfgsglaii X fig? 5,395.2-.ziwgifiza W . fEfffffhragLtig,1'feQy1,f- -F - fiigf mass ' wfxwfmx 'mzsfg-if-' 'Y iw . X . xi-12 2--. ani. 2, Qi. . mix'Sfii'2.:52iZ??Qi A. . , ' 1 MR. J. A. BOULTON MA University of Missouri Physics iw-' MR. DECLAN HOFFMAN BS NTSU, Biology Swimming Coach, Science Club Spon sor 24 .ngflv fvosunrf MISS KATHLEEN BROWN BS SMU, Biology MR. KENNETH BRASHEAR MA ETSC, Chemistry Football and Basketball Coach MISS EUNICE TILLEY BA, UT, Science 2 ,. as A . 1 F 'Q fx 1 6 R FV 2, , as -, T4 . .6 . 4 fx xx ga A Q ww 551 Q ,Alike L ' X 4? f . Q if f if MISS JEANETTE ALSTON MRS. REBECCASBURROW BA SMU, Latin BA Hardin-Simmons, French, Entre Nous Sponsor MISS KAY COMBS BA UT, Spanish Pan Am Sponsor WM K z F mf 1 2 ' ffiffi ' 1Zi?i5""f MR. HAROLD vvooo Miss CAROLYN CREEL BA Stanford BA SMU, German Spanish, Pan Am Sponsor FTA, German Club Sponsor R... - .gh ., 1-11-ew ,,M,.,W.A. 77 --mW.,.77.m. 7 . 7 H, 3935 77 , . - 'WR ' RRW7? 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'I' 'K :fi-15-kggsgsiigfgg-: 75113235 ' ifvij-.3zj.j3,1:g,SjW 75.749 7.sL11fz7k.'- :R 11255: Y 55,53-'ij 'g' - "--' 1-ngwjkli lmjik 3 ' N77k1x.v7ik iw S'7?sfi2iiQ7-wg.LsaiifN-.QMS , - 1-- "". , Q. 7 g2i:l7.s2421",31Sfif:gfQ -7::l.f77.se1gggf77 7-9737, - 7 -..fQ:sg7,.7.g.g.7,,- Q73-L. 5 2,777 , , .7-5 3 555737 I7 W... H7.775 . 7 57 R' I , -- ' , 7 7 , fizilffffiiwfif A Y A I T21 -7 - . , " ' 7 . - A iff ' :.:7f1:77 ' ' BBA BBY in Shorthand 26 9' f ?7ff:f w mKssvxsmmmmRpR 7. ffm MRS. CLARICE COLE BS NTSU Homemaking fu!-:M oo oooo oooo f o Homgmaking llkf 1.24 l 1-L, 1 K ' ' ,- ,gzezo MR. SRAY HARDAWAY MS ETSC o Wood Shop MR. JERCiME MADDISON Med NTSU Mechaniggl Drawing MR. WILLIAM BECKHART BM SMU Band Director MR. ROBERT JOHNSTON BS NTSU Journalism, Speech, Oak Sponsor, Acorn Sponsor T 5 . T-Inq if MISS MEREDITH SCHROEDER MA Columbia, Art T 28 Art Club Sponsor gem ,:,-- 5, MR. .woe JTEAGUE BME University of Tulsa Select Chorus , , M, MISS JANE BLACKWELL BS TWU Safety Club L MRS. BULA HAMM Study Hall , nqgpn, .hA V W i x A Qf' 5 '.LL' L EL 46i,,gt,,,,M..A... R L +f SS'S , - "., K- L N 9 A L 3 1 COL. ALAN FULTON BS USMA ROTC Commandam' X MRS. RAE CULLUM BMS USC P.E., Leopardetfe Sponsor MRS. BLANCHE STOVALL STudy Hall 29 Miss Spruiell came to Adamson in September of 1944 from Sunset. She served as dean for 19 years before taking her new position at Justin F. Kimball. During this time, she was always recog- nized for her fairness and kindness. She was, and is, respected by all. We proudly dedicate this page to Miss Lona B. Spruiell. This page is dedicated fo MISS LONA B. SPRUIELL During Open House, November 8, Miss Spruiell was presented a plaque in ap- preciation for her many services to Adam- son High School. QD 4 fz. . .. Q Y . 5 : QE-fl K ,512 -gm LUNCHROOM and CUSTODIAL STAFFS DIETITIAN Barbara L. Craft W. H. ADAMSON HIGH SCHOOL PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. William E. Walls Stacy Eclwardss.-. Ray Zauber ......,, John Zimmerman Jack Melton W. W. Broyles ..... Cecil King . ..... , Clyde Sailor ,...., C. E. Hanks ..... , Adam Bliss Geo. Settles ...... Lawrence Grey . .s-------President ----Vice-President . .. .... ...... D irector of Organization ....---.Director of Program Service . Director of Social Services ,, ,..... Director of Public Welfare ..-Director of Education Director of Health L ...Director of Efficiency .... Director of Publicity L ...... ..... R ecording Secretary ....... Corresponding Secretary W. G. Teubner ..... ........c..c. . c, T reasurer C. B. Wakefield - .....,c...ccc Historian Geo, Ven Meter ........,...... Parliamentarian Leonard Davis ,,..,,, ......., D elegate TO Council Frank L. Pierce , ...,. Delegate to Council LF' 2?,.w,MN Maw., SENIORS F489 R Q, X 'I - ': -----AUTOGRAPHS i , :iiif Q .. ,z3i'l'.- '- X :I Xl. ,, 1 .f ' X- Q 7 kffe , . ldgfdf g6Z agtfjf ff 'Q 32225 Q' KJ f My If I A C NV . Mfg 6,6221 7 L? if I . A ycigg 4 ,+V H ' " f?yiC, X4 XX XX V I A U 1, Q W' f-,' ,X X V -Q' M , xy X sv N N M W . , X , ,X , ,xv rm 'fr V: ix f' " X 'J'XgXJ, KM W ' .V lj XJ- w WV' , X J x .NJ YQ-7 lf! X 'J 'V S4 wr Iv w f N' X xJ X , 9 ,HU W Nlfv , vu 0 'X vw Q' N AMF: . SJSU' N 'X WIIQJ wvg, N I fx 4 X- ,SA mf bi w A-5 'fir W xl QV 5 X. xw V ' .x Q W 'N 3-6 A Wwjfxw av .idiixb N VI Yxxx X Tir A ,j L gwjxxj x . Q XJ AQ 4 QP 13' NW X ' X ' Xl -I X I KxJ Xa W Y VW + 3- V fl FW' NX X! X6 Fl, GJ Q, j X , K .' U X XX ,Sr X X 1' ' AN. , Xb by, -- uxx is WQQQ may ? ,S LQ ,wk K ' 'S M ' Q' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS WILSON PETERS RUSTY PRINCE DQUQ FULENWIDER Vice-President President Program Chairman ANITA FORD CARLA ADAMS Social Chairman Secretary ADAMS, HOWARD Battalion Staff, Officers Club, R.O.T.C. Drill Team, Stage Crew, Pres. of J.A. Co., "B" Drill Team Commander, Color Guard N3-f 'K AsKiNs, JANicE Leopardettes, Leader 64-65, Pan- Am, Allied Youth, Oak Repre- sentative, Oak Business Staff, Future Business Leaders of America Sec.-Treas., Basketball Princess 64-65, National Foren- sic League, Debate Letterman. ALLEN, STEVE R.O.T.C. '63 Architecture Club '63 199 ,ov ,Spf BAKER, DONALD Cheerleader 64-65, Pan-Am, Phi Beta Chi, Future Business Lead- ers of America Vice-President 64-65, Select Chorus, Vice-Presi- dent 64-65, Leopard Band 62- 64, R.O.T.C. Band 62-64, Na- tional Thespians -rf ABERNATHY, HENRY Pan-Am, Allied Youth ADAMS, CARLA Leopardettes, Leader 64-65, Senior Class Secretary, Quill and Scroll, Most Beautiful Under- class Girl Runner-Up, National Honor Society, R.O.T.C. Rifle Team Sponsor, Oak Business and Editorial Staff lSr. Class Editorl Mu Alpha Theta, Allied Youth Treas., Miss Adamson Finalist C1963 and l964J ' 'Q-if ARMSTRONG JEANIE R.O.T.C. Typist, Future Nurses, Red Cross Library Asst., Chorus BARBEE, GARY Distributive Education, l.C.T. 'V' Huang, ASHFORD, CAROL National Honor Society 64-65, Library Service Club Pres. '65, Future Business Leaders of America 63-65, Entre Nous, Al- lied Youth, Y-Teens. A in A , D 3 W if if -.6 Q I z- 'lv' 41, gf-: I . ., BARNES, DONALD "A" Football "B" Football, Art Club, Mixed Chorus, Allied Youth, Pan-Am, Acorn Staff BASS, DONALD BASS, RONALD 1-nw-w JI 'ftlmwf 5 BEDNORZ, DARLENE Industrial Cooperative Training ' BLACKBURN, JIMMY "A" Baseball 3 yr. Letterman, Student Council, Key Club Vice- President 64-65, Mu Alpha Theta, Allied Youth, FBLA, Pan- Am, Future Teachers of America BENAVIDES, OSCAR BLANKENSHI P, DONNA Future Business Leaders of America, Girls Chorus, Student Assistant, ICT I gh,- BEAVERS, RANDOLPH Leopard Band, Select Chorus, R.O.T.C. Band 62-65, Chess Club, Allied Youth, Oak Rep- resentative X.. 1' BENNETT, HENRY Key Club, "A" Baseball 2 yr. Letterman, Allied Youth BECKHART, SHARON Leopard Band 62-65 Treas. 64- 65, Pan-Am Sec.. 64-65, Mu Alpha Theta, Spanish Honor So- ciety, Chess Club, Allied Youth, IBM Student Asst. Leopard Con- cert Band 62-65 '59- BERRY DIANE Leopardettes 63-65, Acorn Fea- ture Editor, Quill and Scroll Future Nurses Club Treas. 64- 65, Red Cross Treas. 64-65, Y- Teens, Allied Youth Html' BLANTON, BENNY Pan American, Science Club, Proiectionist 2 years, Allied Youth 'FW' by ffl? i , BRITTON, JOHN National Honor Society Presi- dent 64-65, Mu Alpha Theta Vice President 64-65, Key Club, Junior Citizens' Traffic Com- mission Chairman 63-64, Student Council, Track, National Thes- pians, Pan-Am, N.5.F. Biology Seminar, Brown University, Bausch 8- Lomb Science Award, Bible Award v -05' , ,.,1 I y y ,D 2.-,,,, mmjf 3 , tss V. BRADLEY, AUBREY Tennis 2 yr. Letterman, Pan- Am, Allied Youth, Chess Club Q'-H-"7" BRODHEAD, JIMMY Phi Beta Chi, Mixed Chorus, Pan-Am, Allied Youth BLAGG, DAVID ICT 2 years s-,Q 4, BRAY, KAREN Leopard Band 62-65, Mixed Chorus 62-64, Junior Achieve- ment 62-64 'fitszzur 7 BRONAR, ROBERT National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Oak Representa- tive, Student Asst., Executive 'Officer Co. "B", Nuclear Physics Seminar BLAGG, WOODROW Art Club, Allied Youth BRIDGES, JOHNNY Leopard Band 63-64 BROOKS, JEANELL R.O.T.C. Typist, Student Asst. Dramatics Club, Red Cross Chorus BROWN, GAIL BROWN, PATRICIA Allied Youth, Future Nurses, ICT, Junior Red Cross, Office Asst., Y-Teens BULLARD, PAULA National Forensic League, Pan- Am, FBLA, Sec.-Treas. of Dra- matics Club, Allied Youth, Acorn Staff, Select Chorus, Y- Teens, Student Assistant 7 ,ffl-we ,f BURNS, KATHERINE National Honor Society, Mu AI- pha Theta, Select Chorus 62-65, Future Nurses Club, Entre Nous BURTON, LILLIE Leopard Band 62-65, Future Nurses, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Morning Meditations, Office Asst. vi ' 94 N, 4 BUTLER, CHERRYL National Honor Society, Future Teachers, Allied Youth, Mu Alpha Theta, Pan-Am, National Merit Semitinalist, Student Asst. BRUNDRETT, JACK Golf Team 63-64, Pan-Am BURNS, ROBERT Weir' BUFORD, SANDRA Leopard Band 62-65, Art Club, Entre Nous, Select Chorus, Jun- ior Red Cross, Leopard Concert Band 62-65, Allied Youth BURT, SHERRIL "A" Football, , "B" Football, Shorthand Award, Blue Ribbon Track, Key Club, Allied Youth, in Aff Appfedation Student Council, Acorn Staff, Quill and Scroll CADMUS, PAUL Battalion Executive Officer 64- 65, Camp Dallas 62-65, Co. Commander '64, Rifle Team, 62-65 J. A. President, Oak Staff IOrganizations and Mili- tary Editorl, Drill Team, FTA Quill and Scroll CANTU, FRANKIE Allied Youth, ICT CASTLE, SUSAN CAVINESS, LINDA BUTLER, KAREN Acorn Staff News Editor 64- 65, Asst. Editorial Editor 63- 64, Student Council, Select Chorus, Quill and Scroll, Entre Nous, Student Asst., Allied Youth, Library Asst. BUTTLEMAN, KAY Pan-Am, Entre Nous, Mu Alpha Theta, National Thespians, Se- lect Chorus, President 64-65, National Honor Society, Girls Chorus, French Department Award '64, German Club CANTU, MADELINE Oak Representative, Pan-Am, Y-Teens, Art Club CASTER, NANCY CHANCE, DANIEL CHANDLER, SAMUEL Art Club, Nominee for Wittiest French Club, ICT, Track, Rifle Senior Boy, Allied Youth, Track Team, Southwest AAU Weight Lifting Champ, State Weight Lifting Champ CHAPMAN, STEPHEN Track Team CHARLES, BEVERLY Leopard Band, Pan-Am, Art Club, Future Nurses, Phi Beta Chi CLARK, GARY CLARY, JOHN CLENDINNING, BEN National Forensic League, R,O. T.C. Co. Commander, Drill Team, Military Officer, American Le gion Medal Award, Rifle Team, Commandant Asst. CLARK, BOB C. Pan-Am, D,E. Allied Youth, Safe- ty Club "B" Football, "A" Football, 2 yr, Letterman, Key Club Presi- dent 64-65, Student Council, Architecture Club Ubi COOK, GARY COX, JACQUEUNE Band 62-63, Library Service Office Assistant 62-64, ICT Club, R.O.T.C. Band 62-63, ICT UQQ -ag CLEVELAND, CAROLYN Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Future Business Leaders of America, Girls Chorus fill" mr CLEVELAND, SAM National Honor Society, Mu Al- pha Theta, Cheerleader 64-65, Select Chorus, Track, Student Council, Key Club, Architecture Club, Senior Social Committee CULVERHOUSE, GARY DAVILA, LUPE Pan-Am, Y-Teens I-ggi, "' . , .,..,gNl www, I EM Q ' . . 'V , f 'Vkriiil 'f , as ' I if ... CURTIS, KAYE National Honor Society, Mu Al- pha Theta, Pan-Am, Allied Youth -an-..,'-4 ' DAVIS, BETTY Leopardettes, Leader 64-65, Stu- dent Council, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Ger- man Clubl, President 64-65, Phi Beta Chi, Representative to Teenage Council, Future Nurses Club, Allied Youth, Select Chor- us 63-65 COX, JUDY Future Nurses Club, Junior Red Cross, Y-Teens, Devotional Chairman, Morning Meditations Qt DARNELL, LAWRENCE Allied Youth, Art Club Vice President CRAVEN, CAROL NFL, Oak Representative, Fu- ture Teachers, Pan-Am, Select Chorus 64-65, Y-Teens, Girls Chorus, Allied Youth DAVIDSON, DOROTHY DAVIS, DENNIS Q61 'aw' DAVIS, JEAN DAVIS, JAMES "A" Company Executive Offi- cer, Drill Team 63-65 DONALDSON, CAROLYN Allied Youth, Future Nurses, Junior Red Cross, ICT, Library Club, Oak Representative, Stu- dent Council mind DUNAWAY, JO BETH Leopardettes 63-65, Allied Youth, German Club, Entre Nous, National Honor Society, Student Council DAVIS, STEPHEN National Honor Society, Key Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Golf Team 63-64, Student Council Phi Beta Chi, Allied Youth, Student Assistant, Motion Pic- ture Operator DONOVAN, DONALD DUNN, JOSEPH "A"'DriIl Team Commander, Battalion Cadet Instructor, Co. Executive Officer, R.O.T.C. Offi- Cef DIAZ, JULIA Pan-Am, Allied Youth, Student Assistant, National Honor So- ciety, Bible Award it as-""' DOUGLAS, WAYNE Allied Youth, Pan-Am, Key Club, Golf Team 63-64, Archi- tectural Club ,nf-' DOMINQUEZ, MARIA Pan-Am, Y-Teens, Future Busi- ness Leaders of America Art Club W' '71 DRUM, RUTH Future Teachers of America, Y-Teens, Pan-Am, Future Busi- ness Leaders of America, Al- lied Youth 3 eww s . W, 1-t 2 s Q j gaisgr . 1 .,t1f-i-2E5 ts211'i'---'Q t,,,. . tt.. ""FD'W ELLIOTT, RICHARD Leopard Band, Military Officer, R.O.T.C. Band, Select Chorus, Architectural Club, Pan-Am EMMETT, JACKIE Future Business Leaders, Pan- Am, Allied Youth, Select Chorus 62- 65, Y-Teens, Future Nurses ESPINOZA, JOE Pan'Am Art Club ESSARY, LORIS National Merit Semi-Finalist, National Forensic League, Sec. 63-64, President 64-65, Debate Letterman, District Persuasive Speaking Champion 1963, Stu- dent Government Award-North Texas State University' 1963, National Thespians, Debate De- partmental Award 1964 '15fil' DUNCAN, MYRA Future Teachers of America, President 64-65, Junior Citizens Traffic Commission Reporter 64- 65, Pan-Am, P.A.S.F, Chairman 64-65, Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Mu Alpha Theta, Accounting Departmental Award lun 5 K EPPINETTE, BRENDA Leopardettes, 64-65, Distributive Education f- E131 Mi ml 'V -, EDWARDS, Lois EPPS, WILLIAM National Honor Society, Vice President 64-65 Leopard Band, Drum Maior 64-65 R.O.T,C. Band, Drum Maior 64-65, Key Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Band Officer, Trophy Winner of Crafts Fair '62-'63 EVERS, PATRICIA Miss Adamson 1965, Allied Youth, ICT, Y-Teens EVANS, RUDOLPH EWING, JOHN Allied Youth, ICT FARIS, SAMUEL Student Council, National Thes- pians, Mu Alpha Theta, "A' Basketball, Track, Nominee for Most Handsome Senior Boy, Select Chorus, Senior Social Committee 1 FERRELL, SHlRLEY Select Chorus, Girls Chorus FORD, ANITA National Honor Society, Leop- ardette 64-65, T964 Homecom- ing Queen, Social Chairman of the Senior Class, National Thes- pians, Treas., Entre Nous Vice- President, Select Chorus, Allied Youth, Jr. Homecoming Princess 1963, Nominee tor Most Popu- lar Senior Girl kt- vviif l 'WD '- . 6, L ic XX ry? FIELDS, SANDRA Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Future Business Leaders, Future Nurses QI. FORESTER, DAVID Mu Alpha Theta, National Hon- or Society, Select Chorus, Allied Youth, Senior Program Commit- tee FARMER, THOMAS National Honor Society, Mu Al- pha Theta, President 64-65, Key Club, Band 62-63, "B" Foot- ball, "A" Football FLETCHER, BRITTON FAULKNER, LINDA Entre Nous, Reporter 63-65, Acorn Staff, Quill and Scroll Library Service Club, Student Assistant, Morning Meditations 64-65 FOLEY, DANNY Mixed Chorus, Pan-Am, Allied Youth, Acorn Staff in-"' ta L,-N tj-x FRANKLIN, PAMELA K3 git! MM' FRYMAN, THOMAS mcg, ' FRAYRE, ROBERT its 'Eg sham C ., cw-has--We-W" Q- , s. 16, FULENWlDER, DOUGLAS Chairman of Morning Devotion, Art Editor of Oak, Mu Alpha Theta, Junior Citizen's Traffic Commission, Science Club, Vice President 64-65, Senior Class Program Chairman, Architecture Club, National Honor Society, Select Chorus FOUGHT, ROBERT "B" Basketball Mgr, "A" Bas- ketball Head Mgr., Allied Youth, "B" Football Mgr., 2 yr, Letterman Basketball Manager FOWLER, RICKY Allied Youth, Pan-Am, Student Asst., 2 yr. Golf Team, Capt. 64-65, Most Handsome Under- class Boy Runner-Up '63 and '64, Proiectionist LQ , -an Y We FRIDDLE, DAVID -QU' GARDNER, NANCY 'thi Freosr, MARTIN National Honor Society, Mul Alpha Theta, 1963 Chemistryt Award, Science Quizdown '64 Mathematics Representative, Tennis Team, 1964 Summer Mathematics Seminar at SMU, L 1964 Mathematical Association of America Award :ii NSW - , . :Qi-SWS? '5 M - its at ,t-1 gf f-efe I 33 Nt , at fff , y GENSEKE, CAROLE Leopardettes' 63-65, National Honor Society, FTA, National Thespians Sec. 64-65, Entre Nous, Y-Teens ICC Representa- tive, Pan-Am, Bible Award GENTRY, PATRICIA Future Teachers of America GHARIS, MARIANNA Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Mixed Chorus, Art Club, Student Coun- cil, Student Asst,, Acorn Report- er UW GORDON MICHAEL D.E., ICT WDW' GRAHAM, SHARON FBLA, Future Nurses, Allied Youth, D.E. T ef J 'VY GREER, BRYAN Track Team, Allied Youth, Select Chorus, Acorn Staff, Entre Nous, Phi Beta Chi, Quill and Scroll M5- GREY, JEFFREY Student Council Vice-President 64-65, Acorn Sports Editor, President Quill and Scroll, Key Club, "A" Basketball, "A" Base- ball, "B" Basketball, "B" Base- ball, Allied Youth, Chess Club 6'l-62 GOMEZ, XAVIER Tennis 63-65, Junior Citizens Traffic Commission K, Q gf We ll A 31,24 5' qs A .YA GRAVES, JERRY Mu Alpha Theta, Track Team 62-65, Stage Crew, Chess Club, Allied Youth Nw-34 ww sv'- R ,Egg V .A I g y .,.. ,,, V A Y 11" . 1- A ? '55 - ,-asxif 5, GORDON, FRED Track Team Manager, Stage Crew, FTA, Science Club I' 979' 3' -- V, -3 I f A f GREEN, BRENDA Mu Alpha Theta, Phi Beta Chi, Secretary 64-65, Tennis Team 62-65, Select Chorus, Girls' Chorus 'Wx 'Qui wh v - HAAKE, LINDA ,,,,f.4-Q1 HALL, RUTH Future Nurses, Girls' Chorus, Clinic Asst. HARGIS, MARTHA Leopardettes 63-65, Student Council Treasurer 64-65, Allied Youth Sec., R.O.T.C. Sponsor Co. "B", Oak Representative, Baseball Queen 1964, Basketball Princess '64, Homecoming Prin- cess '64, Select Chorus, Mu Al- pha Theta ' mga-an HARMAN, KATHERINE Leopardettes 64-65, Student Council, Future Nurses Parlia- mentarian, Y-Teens Secretary, Leopard Band 6'l-63, Oak Rep- resentative, Student Assistant GROGAN, MARION Industrial Cooperative Training HALSTEAD, LUCINDA National Honor Society, Mu Al- pha Theta, Sec.-Treas. of Archi- tecture Club, Student Asst., Pan-Arn, Tennis Team, Honor- able Mention ALM Drawing Contest HARNESBERGER QUINN GUY, JOHN Art Club QE' HAN NA, JOE Debate, National Forensic Lea- gue Treasurer, Student Asst., Allied Youth fx HARRIS, ANITA D.E., Select Chorus, Oak Rep- resentative, Student Council HARVLEY, ZENA National Thespians Pres, 64-65, Entre Nous Treasurer 64-65, Select Chorus, Counselor's As- sistant, Acorn Reporter, Girls Chorus, Contest Play W63-64 -qw "' HINOJOSA, RICHARD HENDERSON, PAULA R.O,T.C. Sponsor Company " HINOJOSA, RUDY "B" Baseball, "A" Baseball HOUCHINS, TERRY HOWARD, ORAN "B" Football, Student Asst., Art Club "A" Football, Letterman 64-65, Allied Youth at HENDRIX, Dons President of Student Council, Captain of Football Team 64- 65, 2 yr, Football Letterman, "A" Basketball, "A" Baseball, Key Club, Allied Youth, Most Popular Underclass Boy l962- 63, Optimist Club Youth Appre- ciation Avvard, Nominee for Most Popular 63-64, 64-65 HERRON, JOHN National Thespian Society, Art Club, Architecture Club HOGAN, DAVID National Honor Society, Mu Al- pha Theta, Phi Beta Chi, Stage Manager, Pan-Am, R.O,T.C, Co, Commander, Sons of the Ameri- can Revolution Medal 41-A li HOOD, BYRON Art Club HUBBARD, RAY Allied Youth, Pan-Am, Phi Beta Chi, Student Council, Architec- ture Club , . """ li fi , ' -E 'BQ-War 6 A HUMPHREYS, BARBARA Future Nurses Pres. 63-65, Red Cross, Pan-Am, Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Clinic Assistant, Future Business Leaders of America Student Asst. WI' 'tx 1zrf'TKi"" HUDDLESTON, JERRY HUNT, KAREN Student Assistant ,M-. HOWELL, PHILLIP National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, "A" Football HUGHES, STEVEN Distributive Education xv 9 HUSKEY, MICHAEL Architecture Club HUBBARD, JUDY Allied Youth, Select Chorus 63- 65, Oak Representative, Future Nurses, Junior Red Cross, Acorn Representative, FBLA HUMBLE, ROY Chess Club, R.O.T.C. Drill Team, Officers Club, Battalion Staff, Color Guard 'W- -KW! -ning -uw- JACOBS, MARY HELEN Leopard Band 62-65, Pan-Am, Select Chorus, J.A. 62-65, Girls Chorus, Morning Meditations JETT, BARBARA Acorn Staff Exchange Editor, Quill and Scroll, National Thes- pians, Future Teachers, Pan- Am, Allied Youth, B.ible Award JONES, GLENDA National Forensic League, Quill and Scroll, Acorn Club Edi- tor, Allied Youth, Dramatic Club, Future Teachers, Debate Team, Student Assistant 4bv'iy KANTZ, SHARON Select Chorus, Pan-Am, Future Business Leaders of America, National Thespians JOHNSON, GAIL Art Club Prestdent 64-65, Red Cross, Mixed Chorus, Allied Youth, Student Assistant, Nurses Club I2 JOHNSON, LINDA Industrial Cooperative Training 3 JOHNSON, PATRICIA Basketball Princess 64-65, Fin- alist for Miss Adamson 60-61, Homecoming Princess 60-61, ICT, Most Beautiful Underclass Girl 63-64, Nominee for Most Beautiful Underclass Girl 61-62, Student Council JONES, JONNE National Honor Society, Student Council, Leopardettes 63-64, FB- LA, Pan-Am, Leoparclette Man- ager 64-65, Senior Program Committee KAY, PAMELA ICT sift NAM JONES, WANDA JORDAN, LARRY Select Chorus, Girls Chorus, Oak Leopard Band, R.O.T-C. Band, Representative, Junior Red Cross, Allied Youth, Y-Teens, F.B.L.A. umm' Architecture Club, Officers Club, Dance Band KENNEDY, JAMES Distributive Education ae J 5 KIDD, WAYNE Key Club, "A" Baseball, Entre Nous, Phi Beta Chi, Select Chorus Mt' I KING, LEONARD KING, RONALD R.O.T.C. Drill Team, Instructor Key Club, "A" Football, "B" Staff, Officers Club Football, Track, Student Coun- cil, Pan-Am, Allied Youth 3 KEITH, FRANCIS Leopard Band, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Span- ish Honor Society, FTA, Nation- al Thespians, Pan-Am, Select Chorus, Miss Adamson Finalist 64-65, Spanish' Departmental Award 63f64 KELLEY, JOHNNY KING, CLIFFORD R.O.T.C. Commander, Company "D", Officers Club 'av KOKEL, JIMMY Key Club, "B" Baseball, "A" Baseball, 2 yr, Letterman, Al- lied Youth KING, DEWAYNE R.O.T.C. Drill Team, Officers Club, R.O.T,C. Staff, Slide Rule Club 5 KUSSEROW, DEAN Architecture Club, R,O.T.C. Drill Team, Chess Club, R.O.T.C, Officer LAIRD, SANDRA LATHAM, JERRY Select Chorus 6l-65, Oak Rep- l.C.T, resentative, National Thespians, Art Club, Dramatic Club LEWIS, DONNA LOAFMAN, EVA Select Chorus, Allied Youth, Art Club, Secretary-Treasurer 64- Y-Teens, Future Nurses, Pan- 65, 5TUGler1t ASSiStSI'1T, MiXSd ' Am, Student Assistant Chorus, Allied Youth LUCKY, LINDA LUDDEN, CHARLES National Honor Society, Quill Select Chorus, Pan-Am, Phi Beta and Scroll, Y-Teens, Allied Chi Youth, Acorn Editorial Editor LESLIE, SANDRA Leopardettes 63-65, Student Council, Oak Representative, National Thespians, Homecom- ing Princess '62, Secretary of Sophomore Class, Y-Teens, Miss Adamson Finalist 1965, Allied Youth, Library Asst. LEVERINGTON, ELAINE Art Club, Future Teachers of America Secretary-Treasurer 63- 65, D.E., Second Place Sales Award 1964, Oak Representa- tive I , LOCKHART, GARY "A" Football Letterman, "B" Football LOPEZ, OLIVIA' Cheerleader 62-65, Most Popular Underclass Girl l963, Best All- Around Underclass Girl 1964, Allied Youth, Student Council 62-65 X X 4 , -.X MCCOY, RODNEY R.O.T.C. my J x jot' McDONALD, JOHN "A" Football Letterman, Cheer- leader 63-64, Select Chorus, Student Council, Allied Youth, Future Business Leaders of America, Acorn Staff .J- MCCREA, SANDRA Distributive Education MCFARLIN, JUNE Leopardettes 62-65, Leader 64- 65, Allied Youth, Chess Club, Oak Business Staff -as LUMAN, JEANNIE Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, J.A., Leopard Band, Morning Medi- tation, Future Nurses, Mixed Chorus, Oak Representative as ,allrlsls MCDANIEL, JERRY Allied Youth, Future Business Leaders of America LUSK, BOBBIE Acorn Staff, Art Club Officer McDONALD, ESTER wir wvwfifs we-v-ff' MCLAUGHLIN JULIE McWlLLlAMS BEN Q C E4 tm as .,., Future Nurses, Allied Youth National Honor Society 4 MADDOX, KASSA Future Teachers of America, Future Nurses, Girls Chorus 'W""'s MARTIN, MARY Future Nurses, Mixed Chorus W1 MARTIN, ROY Key Club, "A" Football Let- terman, "B" Football, Coaches Office Asst., Art Club, "B" Baseball , Q 2. "55:3...,sk .T .fi F.t2 MILKE, STEPHANIE MlLKlE, WILLIAM Phi Beta Chi, Girls Chorus, Leopard Band 62-65, R.O.T.C. I Select Chorus, Allied Youth, Fu- Band 62-65, Chess Club, "B" F, ture Nurses Baseball "A" Baseball, Bible 7 f"euiw45, , Award, Student Council 3,1 H: sf.:, ...,,i A , is-, MIGLINAS, JUDY Leopardettes 63-65, Pan-Am Vice-President 64-65, Select Chorus, Basketball Princess 64- 65, Entre Nous, Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Student Council MILLICAN, KATHERINE Allied Youth, Junior Red Cross, Future Business Leaders, Future Nurses, Y-Teens, ICT hh. My MILLIORN, FREDNA Mixed Chorus MILLER, BRENDA Allied Youth, Secretary and Acorn Representative for Li- brary Service Club, Select Cho- rus, Y-Teens MILLER, ROBERT National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Architecture Club, Leopard Band, R.O.T.C. Officer, First Division Instrumental En- semble I964, R.O.T.C. Band, Outstanding Drafting Student T964 1 MITCHELL, DONALD MITCHELL, LINDA Distributive Education, Bible Award MORALES, NAOMI Art Club, Junior Achievement Assistant Treasurer 'X :gs MORAN, MARLENE Student Council Parliamentarian 64-65, Editor-in-Chief of Acorn 64-65, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Feature Edi- tor of Acorn 63-64, Allied Youth, Student Asst., Nominee for Best All-Around Senior Girl , 4 -- , l, MILLS, SUZETTE Future Nurses, Chaplain 64-65, Junior Red Cross, F.B.L.A. Stu- dent Asst., Allied Youth MONEY, NADA KAY Future Teachers, IBM Assistant, National Honor Society, Acorn Reporter, Debate MILTNER, MARILYN National Honor Society, Mu Al- pha Theta, Oak Business Staff, Tennis Team, Allied Youth, Safe- ty Club, Future Nurses, Entre Nous, Junior Red Cross, Bible Award MOORE, ROBERT Select Chorus, Allied Youth MOREAU, STEPHEN MORRIS, RITA "B" Football, "A" Football, Mixed Chorus, Art Club, Allied "B" Basketball, "B" Baseball, Youth, Future Teachers Club, Coaches Office Assistant, Allied IBM Assistant Youth, Pan-Am MOSELEY, CHRIS "B" Football, "A" Football Let- terman, Key Club, "B" Baseball, Allied Youth ., Q 47" it 4? is , Ai. sg-jw' -H? NACHLINGER, ROBERT "A" Football, Allied Youth, Band, German Club, R.O.T.C. Band WY? 'IC f OAKLEY, LON Cheerleader 63-65, "A" Basket- ball Manager, "A" Baseball Manager Letterman, 2B Class President, 3B Class Vice-Presi- dent, Allied Youth President 64-65, Best All-Around Under- class Boy 63-611, Student Coun- cil, Key Club, Acorn Reporter t rs, ,..,,. MURPH, EDWARD NELSON, STEPHAN R.O.T.C. Battalion Commander, 64-65, Leopard Band Pres., Chess Club Pres. German Club V-Pres, Mu Alpha Theta, Na- tional Honor Society, Dallas High School Chess Asso. Pres. O'CONNOR, SARAH Allied Youth, Oak Representa- tive, Pan-Am, Student Assistant MURRAY, PEGGY Allied Youth, Art Club, F.B.L.A. Future Nurses, Girls Chorus Office Asst., Junior Red Cross, Mixed Chorus, ICT, Y-Teens awe ,.., .,,, Hfn NORMAN, LYNDA Pan-Am, Allied Youth e sikisli -f', .K f D iff i , , iii E MURRAY, ROSEMARY Leopard Band, Future Nurses, Junior Red Cross, Student As-. sistant F21 -lm-wwf' NOWLIN, MARILYN Leopard Band, Art Club, Junior Red Cross, Future Nurses, Morn- ing Meditation awk Q' ,gmt -1 -, fm-r 1 ,v Y if, x x PARK, MARILYN PATTERSON, SHIRLEY Industrial Cooperative Training, Junior Red Cross, Y-Teens, AI- Junior Red Cross, Office Ag- lied Youth, Future Teachers, sistant Future Business Leaders of America PEACH, RONALD German Club, "B" Football, "A" Football, Student Assistant PEGRAM, ROBERT BRUCE "B" Football, "A" Football'Let- terman, Key Club Treasurer 64 65, Allied Youth OREM, TOM "B" Baseball, "B" Basketball, "A" Basketball, Allied Youth, Entre Nous, Architecture Club wi,-f PARKHAM, CHARLOTTE Select Chorus, F.B.L.A., Future Teachers Club, German Club, Al- lied Youth ONDRUSEK, BARBARA Leopa-rdettes 63-65, Select Cho- rus Secretary 64-65, Allied Youth, Oak Representative, Pan- Am, Y-Teens Vice-President 64- 65, Office Assistant PEDERSON, DIANE National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America js so-if PENNY, SHIRLEY Distributive Education, Student Council, Pan-Am !2"'L"'7 PETERS, WILSON Senior Class Vice-President, Mr. Howdy, Key Club, Allied Youth Vice-President 64-65, Select Chorus Treasurer, Pan-Am, Stu- dent Council, Track, Phi Beta Chi, President, Nominee for Most Popular Sr. Boy I l PHIPPS, BARRY Entre Nous, Select Chorus 62 65, Allied Youth, R.O.T.C. 62- 63, Drill Team 62-63 PIERCE, PAMELA PIER, JIMMY National Forensic League Vice- President, 3 yr. Debate Letter- man, Third Place Debate-Hill- crest Debate Tournament, Fourth Place Extemp.-Brownwood Speech Tournament. M' . -QQ-K f PITTS, DAVID Allied Youth, Pan-Am, Ugly Man Finalist, Nominee for Wit- tiest Senior Boy ,Qc 64,64 x ,J 't I 'T' 1- , If POTTKOTTER, LOUIS PRESLEY, BILL Track Team, Allied Youth, R.O.T.C. Drill Team, Pan-Am Nominee for Most Handsome R.O.T.C. Officer Senior Boy I fy K, PIERCE, BEATRICE PIERCE, JAMES Leopardettes 63-65, Select Chorus, Acorn Reporter, Student Council, Y-Teens, Pan-Am, Allied Youth, Girls Chorus ,....--' Aki POLK, PAGE Student Council, Select Chorus, National Thespians, Key Club, Oak Staff 63-65, Pan-Am, Stu- dent Assistant, Quill and Scroll, FTA, Allied Youth POOLE, MIKE D.E., ICT fi! 'USED' 4'1- Wh' RASOR, ROBIN Leopard Band 61-65, Miss Adamson 2nd Runner-up 1965, National Thespians, Select Chor- us 62-65, Pan-Am, Band Vice- President 64-65 'law 'inn-an-g., REDDEN, JOHNNY Golf Team, Oak Representative, Library Assistant, Art Club, Al- lied Youth Mtifv' 'VIEW-f A RAYMOND, CAROLYN 1a"'i"""i -stays V' so , , , 1? 1 Fe., REDDEN, RICKY Future Business Leaders America, Allied Youth PRINCE, JOHN Sophomore Class Vice-Presi- dent, Best All-Around Under- class Boy Runner-up 62-63, Junior Class President, Key Club Secretary, Senior Class President, Most Popular Under- class Boy 63-64, Student Coun- cil, "A" Football, "A" Basket- ball, "A" Baseball, Allied Youth QUINN, JAMES Leopard Band, R.O.T.C. Band Chess Club LGT 1' ua-.-e RAYMOND, LARRY R.O.T,C. REDD, MARSHA Leopard Band 62-64, Leopard- ettes 64-65, Future Nurses Club, Y-Teens, Future Business Lead- ers, Select Chorus, Student Asst. REECE, DONNA tit rv-1 REYNOLDS, RONALD R.O.T.C. Drill Team, Pan-Am, Officers Club RHODES, LINDA National Honor Society Secre- tary, Mu Alpha Theta Secre- tary, Oak Business Staff, Entre Nous Sergeant-at-Arms, Allied Youth, Student Council, Future Nurses, Tennis, Bible Award, Student Assistant RICHARDSON, BETTY rw' nviw RIGGIN, PAT Art Club, Leopard Band, R.O. T.C. Band, Architecture Club ...-an-.., RUIZ, HELEN Art Club, Allied Youth, Y- Teens, Future Business Leaders of America ROBINSON, HARRY R.O.T.C. Drill Team 63-65, R.O.T.C. Company Commander, Camp Dallas, R.O.T.C. Officer, Library Service Club, Student Asst. .fav-we K rf? RUSSELL, SHARON Assistant Chaplain of Future Nurses Entre Nous, Y-Teens Treasurer, FBLA, Allied Youth, Library Service Club, Leopard- ettes 64-65, Student Assistant RICHARDSON, IRENE Allied Youth, Girls Chorus, ICT, Mixed Chorus, Oak Representa- tive, Student Council Y-Teens ROGERS, CONSTANCE Phi Beta Chi, Entre Nous, Jun- ior Red Cross, Junior Achieve- ment ff' fslfifi RIDENER, JUDY National Honor Society, Select Chorus, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Allied Youth, Pan-Am, Future Business Leaders of America, Student Asst., Bible Award AVWX ,ae- ROGERS, SUSAN Girls Chorus as FV! 1 IW? SANDERS, DONALD Track, Architecture Club, Allied Youth ,Q if SIMMONS, PHILLIP Battalion Adiutant 64-65, Rifle Team Commander 64-65,, Bat- I talion Sergeant-Major 6364, 'A" Drill Team, R.O.T.C. Officer, Student Assistant swf SCHELLENBERG, SHIRLEY Leopard Band Treasurer 63-64, R.O.T.C. Sponsor Band Com- pany 63-65, Junior Red Cross President 64-65, Future Nurses, Counselor's Assistant, Future Business Leaders, Y-Teens SIMPSON, MARTHA Allied Youth, Future Nurses, Select Chorus 63-65, Girls' Chorus spit-.- , J 1 z " ' if A ' -.. A., 3,6 ,iis , . sw RYMAL, SARAH Leopardettes, Leader 64-65, R.O.T.C. Staff Sponsor, Entre Nous, National Forensic League, Student Council, Allied Youth, National Honor Society, Mu AI- pha Theta, Student Asst. SEIBERT, RAYMOND Chess Club, "B" Basketball 8 SAENZ, LOURDES SETTLES, GWENDOLYN Leopardettes 62-65, Student Asst. Art Club, Allied Youth, -A Junior Red Cross, Homemaking J? vl Award 63-64 SIMS, LINDA SUE Future Business Leaders Presi- dent 63-65, Future Nurses, En- tre Nous, Y-Teens, Student Asst., Allied Youth, Library Asst., Mix- ed Chorus, Student Assistant Future Teachers SKAGGS, VIRGINIA Jr. Cifizen's Traffic Commission, Oak Staff Business Manager, Entre Nous Secretary, National Honor Society, Jr. Red Cross, Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Bible Award SMITH, DIANE SMITH, DIANN Leopardettes 64-65, Future Busi- ness Leaders of America, Pan- Am, Student Assistant, Mixed Chorus, Y-Teens, Nominee for Most Beautiful Senior Girl SPINKS, JAMES STEPHENS, KAREN Distributive Education STRICKLIN, PATRICIA Quia SUMMERS, RONALD Mixed Chorus, Art Club, Junior Allied Youth, "B" Baseball, Pro- Red Cross, Y-Teens, Girls Chorus, Allied Youth, Future Business Leaders of America iectionist, Student Council SNOW, SALLY Select Chorus, Future Business Leaders of America, Student Assistant, Pan-Am, National Hon- or Society YEA STEPHENSON, SANDRA D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award 64-65, R.O.T.C. Sponsor 6l-62. Student Council, Vice-President of Future Teachers, Allied Youth, Bible Award, Architectural Draw- ing Club, Student Assistant, Library Service Club , Wx "vuNs.a-If SOSEBEE, DONALD STONE, CHARLES Select Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Allied Youth, Future Business Leaders of America ' A s X TATE, DOYLE Allied Youth, Mixed Chorus THOMAS, CHERRY Allied Youth, Art Club, Future Business Leaders, Future Nurses, Mixed Chorus, Office Asst., Jun- ior Red Cross, ICT, Y-Teens TATE, MARY Allied Youth, Future Business Leaders, Future Nurses, Junior Red Cross, ICT, Y-Teens THOMAS, KATHRYN Leopard Band 62-65, First Place in Instrumental Ensemble 1963, Mu Alpha Theta, Future Teach- ers, Pan-Am, Chess Club Sec.- Treas. 63-65, Member of Dallas Chess Association 62-65, Select Chorus, German Club Program Chairman .Pc 5 siss J ww - W, X TABOR, SUSAN Leopardettes 63-65, Oak Staff 63-65, Copy Editor 64-65, R.O.T.C. Sponsor Drill Team 64- 65, Company "C" 63-64, Entre Nous Vice-President 63-64, Presi- dent 64-65, Y-Teens, Quill and Scroll, Student Assistant 61-65, Student Council, Allied Youth, Oak Representative TARWATER, CHERI Leopardettes 64-65, Homecom- ing Princess 61-65, R.O.T.C Staff Sponsor 62-63, Student Assist- ant 61-65, Allied Youth, Student Council, Acorn and Oak Repre- sentative, Finalist for Miss Adam- son 1962 TEAGUE, JOE Leopard Band 62-65, R.O.T.C. Band 62-65, Select Chorus 62- 65 THORNTON, JERRY DON President of Freshman Class, Art Club J- f f su , C. , M V? ' ,HL P - .if ' 'Q'-.: I I 51 X gif 4 , if if TEMPLETON, JIM "A" Football, "B" Football, Select Chorus, Architecture Club, Allied Youth, Acorn Staff .IP ff TINCHER, JOHN Leopard Band TOMAS, ENRIQUETA TOQMBS, BILL Girls Chorus, Future Business Stage Crew Leaders of America, Library As- sistant UTLEY, STEVE Cheerleader 64-65, Allied Youth, Pan American Club, Key Club, Student Council Alt., Student Assistant, "A" Baseball, "A" Track team Manager 63-64, Nominee-Best All Around 64- 65, "B" Basketball TURNER, JAMES Allied Youth, ICT ' Wilsfzl ft flaws ifz,f:f5,,,5c,g55 22,51 4515, N ,,ii ,- , is . Tx 1 -s me fi as annie -i,, Q .,-...,,, , like ' me-as if x Zim, s wins-a a a my , ,e ,I ' Q ., , . ings ' ,grae ' .. f WALKER, ARTHUR WALLER, KAREN "A" Football, Track, R.O,T.C. Y-Teens, Student Assistant, Fu- Staff Officer, R.O.T.C. Rifle Team ture Business Leaders, Allied Letterman, Camp Dallas Youth, Future Nurses 'ii TREVINO, DORA TURNELL, JOYCE VAUGHN, JOHNNY Student Council, Allied Youth, "A" Basketball, "B" Basketball, Track VELA, OLIVIA Pan-Am, Y-Teens, ICT uv-f",, ilhditbr' "'J2' WALLACE, CHARLES R.O.T.C. WALTER, MACKIE Distributive Education, Student Council WAY, CAROLYN Leopardettes, Leader 64-65, Miss Howdy, Student Council Secre- tary 64-65, National Honor So- ciety, Mu Alpha Theta, R.O.T.C. Sponsor Company "A", Most Popular Underclass Girl 1964, Junior Class Secretary, Select Chorus , fl' ws' WEST, PATRICIA Leopardettes 63-65, Y-Teens President, Student Assistant, Allied Youth, Junior Red Cross Sub" WEAVER, KATHY Leopardettes 64-65, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Select Chorus 62-65, Pan-Am, Allied Youth, Student Council, Girls Chorus, Senior Social Com- mittee, FBLA WI ..fv""" WHITE, GREG "A" Track Team, R.O.T.C. Drill Team, FTA, Architecture Club, Acorn Staff Aww' 1 'ri awzgiwv' WEBB, LAURA Allied Youth, Future Business Leaders of America, Y-Teens, Student Assistant, Pan-Am . 'ES' tm, .el I WILLIAMS, BECKY WEBB, WELDON "B" Basketball, "A" Basketball, Allied Youth I 4 I -are-"" lah-uf WILLIAMS, GEORGE Leopard Band, R.O.T.C. Band, Chairman of Morning Medita- tion, Chess Club, R-O-T-C Offi- cer E C LQ WILLIAMS, MARY LOU National Honor Society, Mu Al- pha Theta, Future Teachers, Pan- Am, Leopard Band 62-65 ffiawfl ww' itlbf' WILSON, JAMES if, I I 'fa -W' ,-'f GN! Nm"-1 Ef f in any , WRIGHT, TONY "B" Football, "A" Football Let- terman, Captain 64-65, Coaches Assistant, Social Chairman of German Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Key Club WILLIAMS, ZANNIA Leopard Band, Y-Teens, Future Nurses, Vice-President of Jun- ior Red Cross, Oak Represent- ative, Student Asst., Morning Meditation. -www- WINKLE, BOBBIE we YORK, STEPHEN Debate Club, Secretary of Na- tional Forensic League, National Thespians, Select Chorus WILLIS, WILLIAM Industrial Cooperative Training 'vw-.W W WOLFE, JOHN Mu Alpha Theta, Allied ,Ng Youth ,,,,., X , A WILLOUGHBY, JAY Track, Architecture Club, Am, Office Assistant Pan- :mu -as -.. WORTHY, RICHARD Oak Editor-in-Chief, Boy's State Representative, "A" Foot- ball Letterman, Track, Best All- Around Underclass Boy Runner- Up 1964, Quill and Scroll, Acorn Representative, Nominee for Best All-Around Senior Boy, Na- tional Thespians, Student Coun- cil id-ar sf' FDB ZAUBER, KIM HOLT. MIKE "A" Football Letterman 2 yrs., Mixed Chorus, Allied Youth, Pan-Am, "B" Football Coaches Assistant SUMMER SCHOOL GRADUATES BLANKENSHIP, LUJUANA CARROLL, LARRY Industrial Cooperative Training cull, , Owfvg I 70 v'F+' . ' '..g.1': -:' - 1513. , - lf.-iii , - D 4 , -'1""f .' I . 413 " If If . , f, L ff' C AUTOGRAPHS : ' X CC J Z' ' J ... . 'J ' -' 1 x ,, ' '5fg , ' f I f R Q, A W J 4 Q -'. fr V kr! fyiff A K '4 ' xgffg' x x 'C X' "X ' X f,,t ,ff 'X 52" -- '. f7g f,. ffQ'cf . -.4 X! Q71' . ff ff? 1 - K fy QJ ,gf f g1,.,'7 -f -7 L Wcygfid cfaff- , H472 :J Zu ,fl ' -ZZ! K 4424, Y ' ff" 'i Q D 522 7 L f gaajgfw-4 ,- X ' , 4 UC V W F, J f If F f ..f4,!!, C i277 ' I Wig K, Lf, ""7'7 f ' X ,ffff ,,ff4. fL ,,,,y ff 4 N 5 C K Wfff 'Lf . A 4, 45154 f fr J , '44, . f gy 1 , , H Li Zig, j Af QQ? WWW Sim ww? DWZM Dwwvjwkgwmggyxgafd 'jaw WMM jZZ?!LQMUWCi'Qm My MW lf' QW f JP WW Q39 S 55355375 ff 552211 M LAM Qcwm kZlq CMM QW? 5 x X5 Q! QKmXwQ UNDERCLASSM EN --f-AUTOGRAPHS' fffi ,..... fm MM .Q-AnQwU,Ofz0 ZkgUn ' K S , figiilfefzfgjm gi M00 VW' WMM Q01 if Q9-Q.:-f yawn? gQ R Qmuaww .9i.,.gQ.,w ZSWEQMTQTQWQEM ff E fe X Q ?iiif 5ii2Q3 'QD -Q, L 2 ESX rgsigg 225 Q ef fZi?DJ,,S iii? Z 522353 Q12 fsxog V f N Ba 22 Q 74 A, , sry' NN: nav. mv, 1,004 la., if eww-r -J! ,,-N f'+-ff ml Aguilar, Ester Alvis, Diane Ashcraft, Mary Baird, Betty Barnett, Barbara Bauer, Barbara Bearden, Roddy Bellah, Larrye Beltran, Lupita Benson, Lanna .Q Berry, Carol -ff Bills, Lennis Bishop, Roy Blaisdell, Linda Bowling, Ray Wake up guys, the film's over! .-"""w L S .-at What was that someone said about evolution? Boyd, Peggy Bradshaw, Steve Bridges, Larry Bridges, Lorna Briscoe, Twana Brister, Maefair Brown, Jimmy Browning, James Bryant, Ernest Bryant, Ronald Buchanan, Carolyn Burns, Delene Cadmus, Mareda Carr, Randy Cavazos, Joe 'Wh' WL ,mba 'VX 311 if MN xg ' , me ,YI MAR .f y -,.,.,,-vs-Q-1 ,au-., uf' --o Y ,wi i-my 'H-' r' 5 ,. ,'k..aS 14 Y ff C179 Q 3 -Q-nu. Aww iff is B.-'ff' .4 4 Lum Whai is this, integration? jrfiif' Clapproth, Richard Clements,'Vicki Collins, Bill Collins, Michael Colvin, Marcia Chamberlaine, June Congleton, John Cook, Barbara Cortinas, Victor gzugflgf Cox, Joanne Creel, Sharon Crippens, Ronald Crowder, Corky Cummings, Martha Davis, Rita .Q-' s-Sv .rw-" -nn., A moment of silence, brought to you by Miss' Stovall. 78 I Sijffi-ff ?,,f:'Q2H, f A .i,,f , 23332 l "Quick, finish the cage." uw'Q"' wa- 127 W. X fm Q' WX 'Cir Q W J lx ma. 'aww asm Win 4' pn- WM A Davis, Sally Diaz, Virginia Dilday, Ann Doody, Odessa Drumwright, Mark DuBois, Linda Dunaway, Elaine Dunn, Murphy Edwards, Carolyn Eskew, Patrick Espinoza, Pete Ewing, Janette Fanning, Glenda Faust, Jerry Ferguson, Fay "They think I know how to work this problem." a 5 fi 'F - -is A I. ,t ,, .3 H Barbara Steve will never take your place." 1 1 79 X 5 Fernandez, Josephine Fleeman, Elizabeth Flener, James Flores, Joe Forbes, Bill Fosier, Julie Franklin, Peggy Franks, Sharon Franks, William Fulton, Larry Gaskin, Juliet Groce, Larry Gunderson, Brenda Hackley, Peggy Hall, Pamela 80 "lt's the only way to fly." Adamson's football squad in a daily workout?l "4-ua' ,yn-f-O A i W W5-nw-vv in , .,,g XQTM' ,fr 1.-nw I if RW Hanson, Robert Hardin, Harriet Harris, Jean Harris, Joe Hartman, David Hayn, John Hensley, Kathy Herrell, Clarence Herrmann, Dorothy Hilburn, Joetta Hill, Dana Hill, Robert Hilterbrand, Charmayne Hitt, Jimmy Holland, Jeanie 0: 6" gasp' iziifffr .A Vid., 40" Es.. af' , 'J'-WX as-ff 'f , ' r F 1 iii Q' xLi'ffiJ,p,i Lyyif' U VL JV WJ 1 WJ QJU' I WLM in ,, BU iii fi U X. N Q ,WD Oily ,U pf iii W' his My X., V V X N i it 1 ' " and a two . " F i,dQ'iiU yi. V gm!! Lv JJ? Mack VL' r , ' x i J x i 1 x i 11 J J L Jfqqpi ILJFLWTPV ,R iso . , I' d X v l 1 x 82 , M, L, rfb rim O' if 1 i L. Qi in JY 9 'JJ in iw Li In .nu -.s 2 -.L L? Sauriifrgm . A Holmes, George Howard, Debbie Hubbard, John Horion, Anita Hulfsman, Kathy Ingram, Frederica Ivey, Jess Ivy, Loyd Jack, Horace Jett, Charlotte Johnson, Bertie Johnson, Cynthia Jones, Raymond Kean, James Kennedy, Kathy an fsifxhr -- "Hi There!" Kersien, Paula King, Phillip Kingsbury, Kay Kiser, Linda Klaiber, Ursula Klinge, John Laird, Charles LancasTer, Elaine Lee, Kenneth Leverington, Gayle Lindsey, John Little, Joyce Lively, Linda Lovell, Michael Lozano, Edward ii V' -ij' '33, 'Z we A ' fi x l ii.,- .. ,ff ,js W C X 5 .af lv-..,,,. Many nights were spent labouring over a ho? float. "Now's my big chance if l 1 l Luttrell, Don MGClary, Kay. McDonald, Gary McDowell, Frederick McKethan, Barbara McKinney, Andrea McWilliams, Linda Joyce Maddox, William Martin, Robin Martinez, Crey Martinez, lrene Martinez, David Mee, Diane Meyer, Susan Miller, Bruce A typical picture of the luruors hard at work on their float 84 WWW Q4 in '92 'W- sqm..-f-H 'Z3' LN-W ag.. 05, 1'-2377 vu- 4 "Oh well, i1's one way to kill a period." Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller , Miller, Carl Judy Lloyd Marshall Shirley Morrow, Lannie Moseley, Wendell Newman, Ronald Oisen, James Oliver, Michael Orsburn, Marsha Patterson, Tommie Patton, Barbara Pelt, Patricia Pierce, Nancy "And I thought I was teachers pei." ,hr Q i "Ah, come on . . . teach me how to tie my shoe." Pollard, Martha Pomeroy, Mary Pope, Rusty Price, Randy Prince, Melvin Putman, Donna Ramirez, Danny Recer, Ricky Reese, Sharon Rhodes, Linda Richard, Sue Rippy, Rebecca Rivers, Larry Roady, Randy Rodriguez, Manuel 86 90" ,V 'syk 'si I if M , M all 5 s 'K 141-, T' I 9" 155 ' if 4 Zi is ' , 2 3 Q nf hug l ii' Ml irq I we it if M ' igkxxn' if 1-' if dk A "Maybe I could interest you in a larger model." ' ,nel H, 4 1 W fi K ,I 'A l ,, 1 ig, 'EI7' Rodriguez, Mary Rowley, Randall Ruiz, Janie Russom, Eugene Rymal, David Sage, Margaret Sanders, John Sandifer, Jane? Semler, Donald Settles, Janice Sharp, Wayne Smalley, Sherry Smith, Cynthia Sours, Linda Spencer, Carol A 87 Ili -""'? J ,Sr If .iii W.'ff'r'v Q5-4 'V ' 5 ' 55:2 V? V, ,V W' -.,h: V x' L x..,,' I sm, , yky LL X it I sa - M WH' ' ""' mf" """""' 7 Q '.1.,: , ir EW? as A l A 88 ff, 'W' f f j an B. "Does that mean I fail?" Spillers, Sharon Springer, Pamela Squier, Ellen Steen, Joe Stephens, Stephen Stevens, Eddie Stoddard, Richard Surley, Richard Sutherlin, Mike Tarum, Bonny Templin, Bill Terry, Carolyn Theobalr, Charles Toogood, Pamela Trevino, Margarita Turner, Milton Turner, Thomas Vanmeter, Charles Wakefield, John Wallace, Bruce Washam, Charlene Webb, Sandra Whiteshield, Roberta Whitman, Linda Wilcox, Valdi Williams, Barbara Williams, Gerald Wilson, Kenneth Wilson, Keith Winningham, Lester Womack, Mary Wooten, David Wright, Robert Walls, Linda Young, David Yrigollen, Joel Franklin, .lack Pope, Janace Rhodes, Phyllis if L., r l flz- -ef A r 1 A K -up -ia ' .i fa, K7 1 ...:. ,:1, 'sr ,auf 9?- AW A-rs., Wikia I ia -we Nw MF' fic"-ri' , . ,A- -l w-'W f , 39 X. E' , 45 'Ulf " 4 fr. f-w M' - A tqylx of: ,kr C ' In Z- 2 , ' KD 51223 a 42, 3. ,W D5 63 959 The calm and serenity ofthe library. fffg ,Q 71? 5,9 l 4, 89 And here they are! . . . Where are they? Janace is assisted from the Junior float. ..-,.-'41, K ,a E, 5 A if ,A 4 igww as ,F if JUNIOR FLOAT WINS AGAIN IN '64 ,,..,, AVAA. . .farm il we , ak W . Q These are next year's seniors? Fw, Janace Pope and Martha Cummings ride on this year's prize winning float. pyfiiillif .L W X L u A L K 4 :X r K , i x ,f 1 K e 6 5511 'al --1, -M if . - x Q ,Q V W H , i ' 'zz' , .5325 ! ":' I-8. 542,-" EMM W Wt I K 1 A , 9 'X Mya, .1 Q' . ff .SEQ My . W, ' '-Qeff,1.:::,1f'g-1-1,. - SE5U'5fswiL1fsSif-W I , V. A V .k,. I. 5 'df , 5, if H ,'5e 4 1 Q . Mum ,1,. 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V' " ,lf X H3 v 9 r Addie Lou Bigler, Linda Bills, Marsha Blankenship, John Blanton, William Bliss, Linda Boring, Larry Boswell, Carolyn Boyd, Ann Bratton, James Breshears, Judy Bridgers, La Quetta Burrell, Oscar Byram, Wanda Cadmus, Royce Callahan, Patrick Cameron, Kay Cancino, Aniseto Clark, Sherry Clary, James Clifton, Mike Clinton, Janie Cludius, Kathy Conine, Charles Cooper, Charlotte tg?-ffl: 1' 3 Z- as if i., . gi mv A , xg, fi - , W Q, 'gt' af is gr J A ,Ek at ,FQ .4 'R . I , A Q 'A' V Q , , .,., K V i'-awk f, l I 4 ..,. K K :' ,Q . ff Corgill, Carol Cor, Annette Crosby, Frances Crowder, Judy Cruse, Jo Culverhouse, Ted Daniel, John Davidson, Kathie Davila, Olivia Davis, Carol Davis, Jimmy De Baun, Pamela Dial, Patrick Dickson, Michael Dillon, Michael Douglas, Mike Douglass, Vicky Drischel, Patricia Dunn, Nellie Ellermann, Kay Ellis, George Eoff, Pamela Etheredge, Suzann Everroad, Randy Farmer, William Faulkner, John Featherston, Linda Fernandez, Richard Foreman, Kenneth Foster, Richard Fought, Gail Furgeson, Jan Gentry, Arthur Gilliland, Renee Glenn, Steve Golden, Janie y- 1,1 93. in , f ,,, i 9 -at ll 'ma K ' :uv 'x Q . .. 4'-I , ,553 N ,,, HW mg H Q Q r , a, r . . y 93 x.,, 7 2 S u J, ' if it Q q'?W 1 l e l J I q' J flil W H 2 Gonzales, Richard Goode, Billie Goodman, Claudia Goodman, Rita Gordon, Martha Goss, Judy Gould, Dorothy Green, Royce Greer, Phyllis Griffin, Joyce Hanks, Diane Hanson, Steve HW, 5' SOPHOMORES BEWARE Ol lp 4 'W , ' ix .g f Am r' A My ZZ: bl. ,v:: XZ V K ' ii ' I Y, C 11-If J ll l E 2 S L 8 by X . 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J Q Jernigan, Sheila Johnson, Jackie Johnson, Janyce Johnson, Kathleen Johnson, Reeda Jones, Welda Jordon, Merry Kalies, Deborah Key, Mary Kidd, Susan Klapproth, Karen La Gard, Marilyn THE IDES OF MARCH" Latham, Anne Lazo, Thomas Leet, Janice Leslie, Randy Lester, Patricia Liebel, Jeff Lopez, Joe Love, Carol Loyd, Robert Lucky, Ronald Lusk, Betty McBeth, Stephen McCloy, Elizabeth McKeever, Sonia Mackey, Vicki Maris, Stephen Marks, John Masters, Frances Mathews, Shelia Matlock, Linda Maultsby, Mary Maxwell, Linda Mecklin, James Melton, Jack ,, Q: ,K Q, . if it M If wi W. . 3 yisy if . il ' 4 I :VL Q it J an iii R if xs- ffs W' s i, r -: ,r ami.. f ,Ve x ,ki f as :Lf ,. -- . se... 1. ., if U f M 1' qv-fvzffzsg 45. ww L we J, J if' 5 7,5 i Q' i buf wi, -: , ., , , - .iq isa ,, F ' i,,ff41? 1 .., M. L 1-fm . nn, 4 "'.., f : fm Af zrii if "' , L L J J W r n i r o, J L A T ..,,,,. ,K ami!!! 5? A 95 if is it 4 ,.-.,.4 . ,.,. me , if L ang, it gi Sophomores learn "Battle Cry." , 4 .,.,s,. a..'-'t2::::: Milke, Lennie Miller, Gail Miller, Kathy Mosley, Barbara Murphey, Pat Murphy, Joseph Nash, Carole Nelson, Jeanette Newell, James Niederer, Janis Nielson, Steve Nystrom, Barbara Ortega, Ray Patterson, Connie Perez, Sergio Phillips, George Phillips, Jean Picchioni, Anthony Putz, Donna l . I 2' . is 10' Ut Q, gg Q. 1 V3 I if J if Q slow, izfii if .,i, . GEQS Qu'i? ... .r,, 5 C S , if '-f- " M934 frr itai J ii l i - - i v an zy. il 0 , 5 K. .f n , EQQ A gg Q K . H M3 ! x J I an , B lbwfp ey: ' Ei- radar' 2235s 3. if . ' K, ., , 5,5 Raymond, Jean Reeder, Deborah Reynolds, Carolyn Rhodes, Patsy Robinson, Bobbie Robinson, Glen Rodgers, Jack Roio, Luis Rowland, Robert Ruiz, Johnny Salford, Frank Sailor, Wayne T F ,RK Pillow, Sandra Poole, Cheryl Powell, Edna Pullen, Randy Raley, Janice fr. 5555 W 6 Q Q ieyii K Q f'f' is .,,.. Ai I : if iiii C P --if :ii K ,EfEgg ? ifiiiii Salazar, Julian Sanders, Sue Sarratt, Jimmie Scott, Glenn Scott, Linda Seals, Hollis Sellers, Gary Serur, Loretta Shaw, Linda Silva, Carmen Simmons, Carol Smith, Ronalda Smith, Steven Sowell, Ronald Spangler, Max Stafford, Jenny Stanley, Richard Starr, Sharon Stephens, Janis Stevens, Cynthia Stevenson, Carol Stevenson, Louis Story, Gary Swan, Joseph Tallent, Suzanne Tallent, Walter Teague, Mike Thornton, Phyllis Timby, Barbara Tubbs, Mary Vela, Henry Villarreal, Diana Violett, Cindy Volkland, Lester Wade, Sandra Walls, Revon U' age, , ,fm ,ti - R S' Q if ar ,, , gg w e 'Ig ne Qty QA f ft Q . 4 J ."': P N 3 :L E I H it . " f-:- 1 L' I it Ward, Dennis Warren, Linda Janice Webb, - White, Helen f- White, Jackie , 5.2 4' White, Sharon 4' fi r . i 1nne e,r ,rii S W Williams, Greg Williams, James Williams, Rickey Williams, Sara Sharon n , Williams, Sherry ..-' Williams, , qi wmas, Shirley ,Y ' . , f F H, Wilson, Barbara ' ' ' A Wilson, Gary ' is il'l J 1, :'Vr Wilson, Nancy ' N g a' ' N y i: Q - Woehleke, Gill .A I T is , Woods' pany ,V.. M Wren, Linda . , J, i. 1-'A frm , W, WYa"' Ricky -fl! " fm U 9 u A Yen, Eugene ' it -ffl-pt? YOUHQI Donnie I , A 'ii Yrigollen, Evangelin at f A " ii 2 L I g Zimmerman, Jeannette A f ' -- , , . 1 , L , B k , G ld i Q F ,y i 81233, can , fx f Q: V fi 9. - ': " , 'S Cameron, Jimmy N . 1, Elam, Lewis , ' i ' ' . Foster, James ,,,,. I I ZA A My z Gonzales, Yolnda 1 I Am ui ,fn ' - J , Graves, Jay Q' . Q , , J ,fr 7 Harding, Glenn , y . ,tg ,Q ,Q g y Q 3, y , , H YA . Y . ,V Hensley, Glen J, if y, Hollis, Jusfin ' i fi 2 i E V .y , J B ' Kelly, Robbie ii '- "" - A Fi I Kelly Robert 5 f Q i i M I 5 ,gill , ' i ii . X A g:Qfff' it K R S V f In I I Laughlin, David ' I i 1 F ', ry Loafman, Doyle erlaris Mew' Bi" iiii 1 J ' ? All V . dx ..v ,, fy- tx., AL? .- 98 Ross, Jimmy Stevenson, Chuck X i Once upon a time . . . 1 'NW M,,,,.....-M-v.m..,.....v.---" I Q E ,S 'f' -4' 11, . ,V I A 5 I' 5 wxjxf JSA V' fe' fm 74' ' 'zu 4 ww' 5? 1 , 1 .J Q ii . H A 5,4 M X MR. BRASHEAR'S HOMEROOM 1 . ,C cs. l i S 'fi 1' 234 B,-:sr 'IIN frfs hx? TOP ROW: Philip Brannon, Larry Butler, Benny Cook, 2nd ROW: Robert Becker, John Addison, Robert Brannon, Don Calvin, Charles Broeske, Mike Brewer, Lynn Adams, 3rd ROW: Bobby Beltron, Tom Burgess, Marvin Alsip, Tom Clark, Sidney Black, John Butler, 4th ROW: Judy Stroud, Pat Carpenter, Nancy Burgess, Brenda Clark, Janice Barnes, Labetha Byers, 5th ROW: Sylvia Alverez, Nancy Cantrell, Cincli Caldwell, Rachal Chevez, Olivia Barron, Nora Bybee, Vicki Charney. MR. CHAMBERS' HOMEROOM Vx TOP ROW: Billy Dixon, Carl Drake, Marshall Cothran, Edward Flores, Mr. Chambers, Juan Garcia, 3rd ROW: John Dixon, Billy Dorsey, Bobby Fulbright, Steve Foster, Drake DeLa Garza, Brenda Estep, 2nd ROW: John Wesley, Joe Crews, Bill Edmundson, Bobby Delmark, Judy Day, Linda Gerron, Sherry Drake, Judy Gogle, lst ROW: Yvonne Gibbons, Sondra Culverhouse, Pat Diaz, Anita Frazier, Alice Dominquiz, Margie Elledge, Judith Elliot, Coleen Foley, Wanda Gee. MR. DUNCAN'S HOMEROOM Lal T 4th ROW: Christopher Toland, Mark Stanley, Larry Tatum, Fred Whitman, Leonard Trout, Agapito Trillo, Marty Wilbanks, Toby Tobar, Mr. Duncan: 3rd ROW: Lillian Watton, Melinda Woodring, Jerry Watson, Ruben Villareal, Johnny Torrens, Ray Tumer, Robert Torres, Johnny Williams: 2nd ROW: Jo Ann Willis, Norma Tussy, Carolyn Tiftee, Kathy Webster, Martha Wiley, Carol Stephens, Darlene White, Pat White, 'lst ROW: Kitty Villarreal, Susan Willis, Ann Stephens, Jan Stephens, Pat Walker, Kathy Thompson, Regina White, Joe Stovall. MR. GREENE 'S HOMEROOM aft. Wav 1e,...,.. 1 if n 'W' it if sr- ', L: V QR. 5 i 'Wag 4th ROW: Jerry Garvin, Charles Harper, Paul Hurley, Tommy Hathaway, Mr. Greene, 3rd ROW: Don Graham, Edward Gonzalez, Jimmy Hall, J. D. Hutchins, David Hawthorne, James Gaston, Jimmy Hiniosa, Tommy Hill, 2nd ROW: Irene LeMasney, Beth Hall, Linda Hale, Dominga Guerra, Margaret Holmes, Barbara Guidi, Evelia Lozano: lst ROW George Ann Hudson, Mary Gonzalez, Ouida Lewis, Laurie Kelley, Julie King, Wanda Holley, Debbie Grant, Paula Gullery. MRS. LARNER 'S HOM EROOM ' "' -1-iii 433 1 anew: ' gl- 5th ROW: Waymon McMackin, Don Morgan, 4th ROW: Harold Miller, Howard Knight, Dickie McDonald, Floyd Manery, Robert Landrum, Robert Lee, Mrs. Lerner, 3rd ROW: Mike Ross, William Jackson, Cary Molock, Randy Nusbaum, Vester McDonald. 2nd ROW: Linda Morgan, Jo Ann Pendarvis, Sherry Nichols, Patricia McQuaid, Mary Newman, Jody Pierce, Linda Melton. lst ROW: Betty Perry, Joan Meyer, Mary McGee, Linda McCrea, Carolyn Morgan, Ponciana Munoz, Jonnie Marie Pierce, Lucy Long, Rebecca Park. MR. LARSEN 'S HOMEROOM 5th ROW: Russell Osage, John Nixon, Phillip Renteria, Mr. Larsen, 4th ROW: Robert Paulk, Jimmy Newton, David Pierce, Donald Ozio, Roy Reynolds, Jessi Padilla, Steve Peachy 3rd ROW: Ruth Reece, John Silvey, Mark Sinclair, Ronnie Repka, Larry Pollock, Thomas Rogers, Mike Charneyp 2nd ROW: Kathy Sanders, Juarine Pioir, Nelda Rogers, Brenda Reynolds, Sandra Scraberry, Linda Royal, Carl Smith, Douglas Scroggins: ist ROW: Mary Rader, Elaine Sinor, Carolyn Reed, Gabby Rasor, Dorthy Pomeroy, Mary Ekaggs, George Settles, Reginald Oakley. .. 152 -----i-l- , ' .' --.........,, . 'a - .Q 1, l'.: ...: . '.' AUTOGRAPHS I . Wiwfiw' wx QW 'Z M 'uf' 55553 QW JU WW Q CZ Wai hJC4fpi .Wkf 42272214168 fnykfgggf 7641461 0zf10fffM,cLg1Qm lf? C' M156 - -lima C 4 . fm dfwfcf yi, ff! 241623616 f?'P" ' V Q1 f LY gb 15.92 l, 7 9 H ' '- , v ' J 1- 4 k , 3- V ,- in,,, ' ' 232-f in h 4 4 by is 1, , L, A -x . .LJ 'fl eg gf . ,,L!2'l-.X fu tg - Vai' in 7 Y iii: F Q .A . .A,. ' 'iafifg 2 f - , I ykrr ' , P : .K J , , In .QW , ,, . I -rw I ' ff-rw ' fb-4-'fm r ...W ...M .Wm L? -',X L,,L, 775 iikw qf -wwf an k"""w N I5T4D8"1 ! x ,ff 1 pl? .Hx M, Wig-we -im, L' my , EXW 5 rw - if .V viii? , V. 3:1565 ,M 1 1 V-sg 3 31 16.5 ,ah Ik N3 N W KL . wig :X fm: giefffg iw '- Hi Z' W' if X Lfigwd m ' , ,asf EXW ' f"':Q: 41:44 :i'f1f:3?:w,J , f . , fi , vw' ,A 'wr -W , M -ww .4-gg'-wif if 'W ,QQ 515 mm: E 9 x M i E I SENIOR FAVORITI MOS' X S ":' E BEST ALL-AROUND STEVE UTLEY RICHARD WORTHY BE BE LOPEZ MARLENE MORAN WITTIEST ELW Q. 'DDJ E DANNY CHANCE g DAVID PITTS JANICE ASKINS KAREN BUTLER 5 R RUNNERS-UP POPULAR MOST BEAUTIFUL MOST HANDSOME MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED LORIS ESSARY DOUG FULENWILDER KAY BUTTLEMAN DAVIS UNDERCLASS FAVORITE RUNNERS-UP MOST POPULAR BEST ALL-AROUND MOST HANDSOME MOST BEAUTIFUL 4 RON BRYANT JIMMY CAMERO ETHA BYERS EU? b UZ fn-3 S ng, WL, 'Uhr H O W D Y 1 9 6 4 I l "'1 NJ Carolyn Way Wilson Peters MISS ADAMSON The Miss Adamson Pageant has become an annual event in our school. Contestants are sponsored by the various clubs. From the original group of contestants, eight are screened as finalists. These eight girls are presented in the pageant out- fitted in suits and formal wear. They are also required to per- form in the talent division. Due to extremely close iuclging, nine girls were chosen as finalists this year. They were: Dottie Herrmann, Francis Keith, Martha Pollard, Carolyn Way, Sandy Leslie, Pat Evers, Freddie Ingram, Robin Rasor, and Betty Davis. From these girls, Pat Evers emerged as Miss Adamson. Freddie Ingram was chosen as first runner-up and Robin Rasor was selected as second run- ner-up. I 1 f '44 I ff, If jf r f f , , 1 f l 1 ', .1 f, 1 V f X ,L ff, 'ff , aff., . A 1 , .,,f. 4 ' K 'ffl' fl., ff, 1 if , !,i,V!f is I 4 .f , Lf". 4 1 1 f fl Xl" , ya J' W 5 gf Ll gig FREDDIE INGRAM "',t w First Runner-up r , Y rw. 'Q 'iw Wx 1,9 5 1, ,N lil 5 f M " . ' i- it iff' A 1 faaaaawfaiaiiamafwms 3 f hfpwlwfwmaawwntw-ft Y 32, ' ' . A, - if if V 535 4' V' 1 tt wwf? tttwwmwviww nJFawlV,LEQ?WQsaEf r g. L, x - V V, Zi m., VV 925 ju g, L A Jai, i t ' . , wi W ,7E,,3?,, M , iq , 1 ,S ii . Y 'r l 1 Fi f i. 1 47 s .wi " 'i ,, 6 ' 'ff ! F t ui K f- 2, is. K w ,f 'tilt X, r -. J, 7 4, ri. .'t. . 1 1 ft 'gf .. l ayQ:,fmyrWq . 3 f -- ' 2 T asM.amag+Q I N if 7 Q at SH ra. t my , .1 A 5 PAT EVERS Jean Wilson, last year's Miss Adamson, was present to crown Pat. FF r S 53 Tl I 'i---1 gf '4' ' UTOGRAPHS . W Q L Q 5 LMI x, QQ QT f k X Gp X Q1 QQ Xwewwu 3' ' A C A f A957 XQQSBYPJ lwwwf 5 5 X W G58-5 if wife! bww QQX5f3fwQ MMM gi? jj5wfjl'fu'e 3 wafijiqg my 3935? Wyvfffwfw by ,f'?X J' go Off M599 if U5 NOQVQ,-y2'g3'Y X 1 fgfijj Sify , ff' wf G . 567211 AZ5 ZZ.zez 'A Efwafxaayjhdubif p6 Q44f2eD? GQMQM' J-220 AUTOGRAP:-:il -1 -'4-- 29 C MW Q 'NXf- U Y YQ fb JMJW W7 'LU fifwcw' V A 3 it M V jg 1 ,, , A , X ,f of JV VWZJMIZM X Q L, fy VL Vw Www? Nj XV!! B3 J VW yy! my My gf , . iffy gf JW yi W5 ww My mf? mx ' 7 WJ Mm p k , WM 45, Z5 N M Lf ff .X ear:-"' 1 g i?-'fggiiz ' 'W CARLA ADAMS Leopardette Leader National Honor Soci t 1 9 yr Secretary of Senior Class I' 2, Fw' ,asf .ww KAY BUTTLEMAN President, Select Chorusg National Honor So- ciety, National Thespians , oy far' ,L al JOHN BRlTTON President of National Honor Societyp Vice- President of Mu Alpha Theta, Summer Semi- nar, Brown University WH O'S WHO CHERRYL BUTLER National Merit Finalist, Na- tional Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta fp: ' ,annum-m PAUL CADMUS Military and Activities Editor of Oak ROTC Battalion Executive Officer, Rifle Team BETTY DAVIS Leopardette Leader, TeenfAge Council, National Honor Society BILL EPPS Blue Band Drum Maior, Vice-President of Na- tional Honor Society, Key Club LORIS ESSARY National Merit Finalist, Presi- dent National Forensic League, Boy's Persuasive, District First Place 1963 ANITA FORD Homecoming Queen, National Honor Society, Social Chairman of Senior Class O "ll qi :ia Y' L DOUGLAS FULENWIDER Program Chairman of Senior Class, National Honor Society, Art Editor of Oak WHO'E IVHO MARTY HARGIS Treasurer of Student Council, Leopardettef Baseball Queen, 1964 any-'A RUSTY HENDRlX President of Student Council, Football Tri'Cap- tain, Key Club f li l i u1,l fAz A DAVID HOGAN V National Honor Society ' Stage Manager, R.O.T.C. J.-Il BEBE LOPEZ Head Cheerleader, Student Council Representa- tive, Allied Youth tim.. ROY MARTIN Second Team All-City Quarterback, Key Club, Football Letterman my-w ff 'uv-A . ,al MARLENE MORAN Acorn Editor-in-chief, Student Council Parlia- mentarian, National Honor Society BOB MILLER Blue Band, National Honor Society, Outstand- ing Drafting Student 1964 STEVE NELSON .. . ' ROTC Battalion Commander, r w,,f to Leopard Band President, Na- ,V tional Honor Society 'WM 1 . y.oly 1 or F SUSAN TABOR N Student Assistant, Copy Editor of Oak, Presi- dent Entre Nous LON OAKLEY Cheerleader, President of Allied Youth, Acorn Reporter VHO X , 9.?B!'f-G wwf IWW' RUSTY PRINCE President of Senior Cl ass, Key Club, Student Council LINDA RHODES Secretary of National Honor Society, Secretary of Mu Alpha Theta, Oak Business Staff L.....u,, ,comm SARAH RYMAL Girl's State, National Honor Society, Leoparolefte Leader CAROLYN WAY Secretary of Student Council, Leopardette Leader, National Honor Society RICHARD WORTHY Oak Editor-in-Chief, Boy's State, Football letter- mah t W if ,af Hu The Ugly Man ConTesT is sponsored annually by The ACORN. Purpose of The con- TesT is To selecT The ugliesT boy in Adamson. Nominees Th-is year were Joe Crews, freshmang Bobby Casas, sophomoreg Joe Harris, iun- iorg and David PiTTs, senior. IT was The honesT opinion of The sTudenT body ThaT Bobby is The ugliesT boy in The school. Bobby Casas UGLY MAN 1965 41 Q gm, M' gh '5- f Z! s 161 , 1,32 , ff, if a , 5 ' an-2 is 5454" . - 'gps A" Q., ' -il ' f-136 V., W 'L 'R Az! 'ig U' I wk 5 M1 '55 'ful 5 5 i x m f 'fff-, !:2sd -a ' ff A , Xxxlx qhmlw-w'iZiiim,L LQ 5 aw' F . .sw gg. WW ,VV gg, ' M W W L ff V ff' V' WHS? V3 ' it 3,1-' ' f w r WL My Q as' Q 3, af E , W., WM'-J,,,.Qf' , rm -x N xg s ,H lv 'K 1 , R v W A 1 4' ' 'fy Q 1 , 32535555 "' A. H4-1 Us W Mui" .af WN -'xv xi. f 2 :H af . Q X wg L ,,, in if 'A - 1, S ,Jw f 1? 5 xr ,, M , l,, A .r an I, in, igiiiiimifadl '9fi51l!l!ll? Wxfv wimp u Nqlinnn LUW L thi I,-J. L 'Q-M-W I ACTIVITIES 5' 4" U T U R E USINESS EADERS MERICA xudent COUDC? 1964 1995 'XIX nf K vm Q 0 em Handb H RUSTY HENDRIX President JEFF GREY Vice-President CAROLYN WAY Secreiary MARTY HARGIS Treasurer MARLENE MORAN Parliamentarian I MR. DAVID FORGEY Sponsor OFFICERS STUDENT ,, I.- H' Q I g 3.6 X R 7 . W M..-Q-1--fI5:g'isd, M If Q F35 f K A Q ' , SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES -:: ,I . Y W,..:-0. I- . , -K , I . ,. ' ,, T 1 sg' I I E V . . , nf OUNCIL SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES L Um R, JUN'IOR REPRESENTATIVES mgmm ,fm .M f - 1 FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES T l39 33, lm- Nofional Honor Society HONOR SOCIETY K NATIONAL T , , i lx 2 if 5 Miss RUTH RUFFIN is gpm V5 4 l L. Carla ACl6mS Doug Fulenwider Sarah Rymal Ben McWilliams Carol Ashford Wire ,ful 4 ' Robert Bronar Kay Buttleman Phil Howell Jo Beth Dunaway Sam Cleveland ., Judy Ridener David Foresie, Julia Diaz Steve Dayis Kathrine Burns f . ' V o i o ei we if A M iw l"' f : ,.r1e A " Q we Z , Z7 .,q,,..,f Fr-wwf' ' Tommy Farmer Carol Genseke Martin Frosi Francis Keith David Hogan F f i rw 01'- C 6 I' JQHN BQITTON WILLIAM EPPS LINDA RHODES president Vice-President Secretary S vm.-M Sally Snow Bob Miller Kay Money Don Donovan Marlene Moran W - 3 R 2352. ,fiifl Steve Nelson Linda Lucky Virginia Skaggs Mary Lou Williams Jonne Jones 1,-wg I ' nv' 460' , ui , Ur y! Cindy Halstead Betty Davis Cherryl Butler Kathy Weaver Marilyn Milfner gagmxi-"QM 4 ml' '- I f """.... V.-2 aff, f :-rfa.f- Camlyn Way Diane Pederson Anita Ford Kay Curtis I4I Mu Alpha Theta MR. CONLEY ' JENKINS f 1? Carla Adams fi? V' r ' ' lfklixsfu ., za 4- W . '3' . Kaye Curtis David Hogan 4, , an ..,, Y, '. wav Carolyn Way Larry Fulton :ai 1. 7Tv'-f f .,.: . ar ?f ti Sharon Spillers l42 Sharon Beckhart Li a' T Q if D 1. 1" Betty Davis Phil Howell 9 Kathy Weaver Larry Groce uni ,EA it ,. err, Valdi Wilcox President J , 55 7' TOMMY FARMER Robert Bronar JL A w T , fl' I -cn. , . 'gf L Jimmy Blackburn , ! ww xy f' E... Qi A A , Steve Davis Francis Keith if is Ego "TW 'U 'V Tony Wright John Hayn Charmayne Hilter David Wooten Bill Epps do i2f1?',j Bob Miller V ,i,..- I sri't,i L -6 K. ,f x,' . ' w Jack Wolfe Stephen Stephens Vice-President JOHN BRITTON fefffifa if K 3 l 4 Cherryl Butler .5 1 3 ff ,"'0 'f iw- . Martin Frost Marilyn Miltner Steve Bradshaw Dfand James Uieson Robert Wright' Secretary LINDA RHODES James Chen 3 5 5 Cindy Halstead HH Steve Nelson Sally Davis Barbara Patton is-Q lil Larry! Rivers , :SSS -f O .I I8 en.. i far' .-M l Sam Cleveland je-D' Marty Hargis Y it 5 vl, Kathy Thomas , I' alll Q . fel-1 , 4, E 13? Carolyn Edwards .K I Jan Settles , ,V ..,,, , ,, it rf eg Joyce Turnell - v . . li was Dr. YV. T. White, By Marlene Moran me H tenclent of the Dallas 011 Mvmlrly and luesday ure- ,O K W , , , .vim L-4f.+,i,i fn Aflnm- W, H. All2ll11SlIIl'S 19134 State eedingr exams, classes will be It? amy wwf t 'YWFUP U""I'f"1"'I' Mm 'xlwl som "Qld in usual' Students wishing: to purchase lionorr es IN-fo!-4 Januar ' 0 Pyin g Thom: lerl 4. pay c xssistar li. , homie iii ,on pre-si 1x11 ami gh, ' 'A the stucli TIN, llli I I hv har im-S of , MII will win iam anrl I ,' :ilu 'vf of mm Q lrter zinc Ain 0,-itqi I lib? inneth lirashear. In aclmlilion to the plaque. the Ill for hoo! was presented with twr mr kep- iphies from the Jr. Cliainl-mei V iclieaf Commereo in appreciation lc are ad Iimmn s Blur Band and hop ,idures ileltes for their partieipatioi' dgyidua the Fire Prevention Parade! 95, ani ic txopliicw were press-nteil tl on th, Nleeli, accepting them lol V' he year - school, by Sarah Rynizil Sponsor oparcletle Leader and Willian aff thgf ps llruin Blalior of the Iilus -MNA-W-I-"w"""'f..".ff.....M the 033 1-we ..... e, his Iieliel' that "automo- l' Sponsor-MR. ROBERT JOHNSTON lelte tryouts. Ivelif-r flmn it has ever been lie I'o the out: MARLENE MORANwEdnOr-in-Chief -we ill-finite statenien the Leoparilelles and Manu 'IOI' M 73415 Q-V91 f'mk..M,it will noi 19, JO O By Diane Berry they have given gain and people pil' meh of ll' ri arounf' in the' looking Well, thi it kind 1 n the halls 4 I ' ' 41 v X, w . 'KQWOUCI fmml' prominent Senior w - 1 ll BRYAN GREERfCircuIation Manager L If JANACE POPE-Columnist MARLENE MORAN-Editor-in-Chief JEFF GREY-Sports Editor GLENDA .JONES-Club Editor ZENA HARVLEY-Copy Editor ...,.4,.,.f. ,Mr ... -.....,.., -... WN., . .,- 0I"Il. but two oi' these seniors ,een together through all grades of school. Each maiies up quite a nit, or me gangr. There are also several other families with six ehililren living.: on the hlocli, In the last few years eight -A :Lum Au...., :N ,. ,.:i-.L,... ,.+-iw... ,-4.,,1Q,,-ff. . . I lil Islru ,V 1 hi wr-Q hi vii-mnfiiffi nu Ol LHP XNCQKS OI clay alternoons January 12 through 243, :incl for many of the girls it will he the emi ol' a lot oi' harcl work. Hut for others. it will lie only the hegfiiniingz. Ghnrus Presents The Acorn reporters are always on interesting news. Alllluul ruvuvunun, By Bea Pierce Ailanisoirg annual Christmas progirani was held Tuesday after- noon, IIlUt'L'llllDL'l' 222, The program was presented by the Select, Chorus sponsored hy Blr. Teague. Music on the progrruin con- vonsisterl of such songs as 'fWoncler, XVonller," I"l'he Little . . ,U as . ' i LIN FAULKNERAAdvertising Manager LINDA LUCKY-Editorial Edifor BARBARA .IETT-Copy Editor I BOBBIE LUSK-Picture Editor DIANE BERRY-Feature Editor hen may Iiave looked :incl gym-nl KI lil' ' ' " "'or feels that the nov IVV rs have zuljustecl wel . KAREN - ' . , . . it BUTLER News Ednor ozisilnlity of the: s and are working 1- olll ini-inlu-rs if .nest year-houlc pos .Ns Slalllrrs In-grai ng: ilu- summer plan -ekoffl21w11,1'ufI1i11s:fran- ning' the general form uf thi und alll exchange has holi QIZilYlSOIlI reSent 0 me Texa Soeiatio v s. seeon !lIg,fllUSl in iw rmsr.. wail MISC on news eoveragro, Sports, Yea tures. editorials, columns, head lines and makeup. To enter the contest, eac school submits three papers These papers are then classifier grracleal and placed. The Acor classification is Bi-Weekly Claw the lookout for, the enrollment i J and 1500 Stuflenl: The score given the newspape roflel-is its standing in compar son with other newspapers i the same rlassitication. This eontest, sponsored by th Texas Women's University Dc partment ol' Journalism, strive to improve pulilirations So tha every school can produce its bei possihle sc-hool paper. So now we luke time to Sa3 OAK Editorial Staff MR. ROBERT JOHNSTON Sponsor SUSAN TABOR-Copy Editor VIRGINIA SKAGGSABusiness Manager CARLA ADAMS-Senior Class Editor PAUL CADMUS-Organizations Military Editor, and Photographer RICHARD WORTHY Editor-in-Chief and DOUG FULENWIDER-Art Editor RICHARD WORTHY-Editor SANDRA WEBB-Spohomore Editor SUSAN TABOR-Copy Editor PAGE FOLK-Activities Editor I RICHARD STODDARD-Freshman Editor MAEFAIR Bmsren-Junior Editor EDDIE STEVENS-Sports Editor OAK Business Sfaff MR. GEORGE BROWNLEE Sponsor June McFarlin, Linda Rhodes, Janice Askins, Carla Adams, Marilyn Miltner, Martha Cummings, help Mr. Brownlee celebraie The naming of Lancaster as the hub of the universe. Vicki Clements, Sharon Spillers, Mary Ashcraft OAK REPRESENTATIVES Key Club Sponsor: MR. GARY MARRS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer JOHN CLARY JIM BLACKBURN RUSTY PRINCE BRUCE PEGRAM , 1 J eg-. I J Q f y V 455 A W 1 A Ii 583 Q. I wg 4 A R V, by gtk if if K .rq b W if Ali h 4 A Henry Bennett Bobby Burns Sam Cleveland Tommy Farmer Ronnie King Jimmy Kokel t . f , ,, .la 61. .. , " J -3- 1 J I 1 I A A Q Page Polk Steve Utley Tony Wright Danny Ramirez Rusty Hendrix Lon Oakley xl se' A ,331 - J ty fl, at ul lig if It M.: J X fn 5 ' I A A Jeff Grey John Britton Steve Davis Bill Epps Chris Moseley Wayne Douglas , M . " F" -e , ' dl R V ',--'. E QW K We W' Y Hlzgg 'A WWW, ' K, ' " ' ffif. .MM V vw K K " , in 'ml' ":l A at H of Mark Drumwright Steve Bradshaw Ron Bryant John Lindsey Billy Collins larry Groce N Q V . E ,, xl 75 J A 2 '3' L V A 2- .--' 1- he 5 J ag- 5 Y '-2 'Ia-at ' J , 25' ' 'tw John Hubbard Phil'King Jimmy Ross Glenn Hensley Donnie Young I46 nf ,e N ,Lx . ' we an Wilson Peters 4- V Roy Martin Wayne Kidd J ei'-W .V to N I JI Joe Harris inniewmnrloml Quill and Scroll ll' Sponsor: ,IQQXZS MR. ROBERT JOHNSTON , W g24Q gf wr ' ff ? "7" Carla Adams Paul Cadmus Linda Lucky Bobby Burns a-1 My i A me if 'gt it sri, ' W.. f ff . , , ,X ll , S, iq'fx4'Qs,e L f mis . 5 Lin Faulkner Barry Phipps x 5 5 Susan Tabor Page Polk Diane Berry Eddie Sievens 1 'ii "" ay ... Vlzz f'iff3' Marlene Moran Charlene Washam A vrrvl L L L H,q 9 iiiii , 3? 1- wf'v,? . ggwy qjmk f x. ,.i- , .- ' , si K la n 3 A . Y, QQ. vs' V. Q K, fwfg K S J li, , fm rffzlii, ' as Kay Money Linda Walls Maefair Brisier Barbara Jeif A Janace Pope 'saw' Donna Lewis . . ,ga B N fn- . .ai Bea Pierce Kaihy Weaver -sr, fi'-25li1V sg,HfTg.iy, g4+WjF ,, ,V is M. E A E72 W' J' ' ' 'ik ,r W N s:f.ff M give -Njr .Q an Bobbi Lusk Glenda Jones Paul Bullard Q Weill 5' R5 if , a an 56 aggag, S G an S, f Richard Worthy Richard Stoddard EW M ggu- 337 E if Q as P' 98 AL- ff f Karen Butler - Q- ,!.'g " f m ,, Virginia Skaggs I47 .g,,' , r.r-r"'r' 0 Mfxfnire, ,L ,, . , , " -'I:- 1 2 'N 83'.'Tf"s"t 3 2 P T I V , ,, f at S ' S -at , ,y 4 S if A X . . KAYE BUTTLEMAN DON BAKER BARBARA ONDRUSEK WILLIE PETERS ZENA HARVLEY President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Librarian if TENORS TOP ROW: Jim Templeton, Mike Ludden, Ronnie Lucky, Wayne Kidd, Ernie Bryant, Glenn Scott FRONT ROW: Don Baker, Wayne Sailor, Chuck Stevenson, Barry Phipps, Lennie Milke l48 BASSES TOP ROW: Bill Zimmerman, Pat Dial, Wilson Peters, Steven York, Se Cleveland, Doug Fulenwider 2nd ROW: Mike Teague, Joe Teague, Randy Beavers, Dave Forrest: Sammy Faris FRONT ROW: Lloyd Miller, Charlie Stone, Joe Lopez, Bruce Walla: Justin Hollis, Richard Elliott A L T O S JP ROW: Kathy Thomas, Joyce Turnell, Judy Breshears, Kathy John- TOP ROW: Linda Featherston, Paula Bullard, Carol Craven, Linda son, Judy Miller, Marsha Redd, Stephanie Milke, Caroline Way, Bliss, Sharon Franks, Barbara Bauer, Sandy Buford. Donna Putz, Judy Ridener. FRONT ROW: Anita Hix, Barbara Baker, Carol Aguilar, Glenda Fan- ONT ROW: Jean Raymond, Donna Lewis, Frances Keith, Kaye ning, Cynthia Huckeby, Betty Davis, Anita Ford. McClarey, Martha Simpson, Joyce Little, Gabby Rasor, Sally Snow. S O P R A N O S DP ROW: Linda Scott, Brenda Miller, Pam Toogood, Cathy Lever- TOP ROW: Kathy Burns, Sharon Kantz, Jana Germany, Mary Helen ington, Bea Pierce, Barbara Ondrusek, Judy Miglinas, Barbara Jacobs. Patton. SECOND ROW: Carol Genseke, Jackie Emmett, Wanda Jones, Vicky COND ROW: Karen Klapproth, Marilyn McKiddy, Janice Raley, Douglas, Debbie Hughes, Joetta Hilburn, Linda Blaisdell. Bobbie Robinson, Jan Settles, Becky Williams. FRONT ROW: Marty Hargis, Carol Berry, Shirley Ferrell, Judy Hubbard, ONT ROW: Carolyn Reynolds, Cindy Smith, Shirley Miller, Jan Ann Boyd, Susan Castle, Mareda Cadmus, Susan Kidd. Niederer, Kathy Weaver, Robin Rasor, Sandy Laird. Under the able direction of Mr. Joe Teague, this organization has brought much credit to Adamson. Besides presenting programs for the student body, they are often heard in many civic programs. This year the Chorus has H2 members: V and each one of these people has given his all for each performance. To this fine X J' y N ' ' group goes congratulations for a fine year. ' " MR. JOE TEAGUE, Sponsor Nafional Thespians Sponsor: MR. ROBERT JOHNSTON X Zena Harvley, President, Sammy Faris, V. President, Anita Ford, Treasurer, Carol Genseke, Secretary, Randy Roady Social Chairman Richard Worthy, Program Chairman, NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE MR. LESTER ROBBINS Sponsor ISO Mr. Robbins, President, Loris Essaryy Vice-President, Jimmy Pier, Secretary, Steve York, Treasurer, Joe Hanna. En fre Nous MRS. REBECCA BURROW President, Susan Tabor, V. Pres., Anita Ford, Secretary, Virginia Skaggs, Treas., Zena Harvley, Parl., Linda Rhodes, Reporter, Lin Faulkner. I K aim! as .ee VX s 5 4 Der Deutsche Spass Sponsor: MISS CAROLYN CREEL President, Berfy Davis, V. Pres., Steve Nelson, Secretary, Ursula Klaiber, Program Chairman, Katherine Thomas. .Agn-,mm FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Sponsors: MRS. HELEN LARNER MISS CAROLYN CREEL President, Myra Duncang Vice-President, Sandra Stephensong Sec.-Treasurer, Elaine Leveringfong Publichy Chairman, Glenda Jones FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA ,1..gx. ,. I I 1HfYi?I?!iI" GL A J is 11 SY J --Wwiw Jw. gm CW-1. X A ,vgg sm ,,.gf,fQ.I-, QQQM1, , ,H Q ,, . N 5754 'I "in e ml' '42, , if f 'H 1 EW :V-,ah :Ref 1:-win -4 . I-,f,,, -Mm H -- ,,Afm,...4 A -I S ' ' f T g ,ax 5552115 Sul' , W1 I JH ' ,I I ff xwa 1, K, I HN, f ff 2-Q A 1? . ia f f I. :TQ if K. ,.,. rw " I President-SUE SIMS V.-Pres.wDON BAKER Sec.-Trees.-JANICE ASKINS 'Z af, Il- -1-""""" 'Mr'- ,..-""" lr JUNIOR RED CROSS Sponsor: MISS LEOLA RAMSEY Shirley Schellenberg, Pres.g Zannia Williams, V.-Pres.g Irene Martinez, Sec.g Diane Berry, Treas.g Virginia Skaggs, Reporter. STUDENT ASSISTANTS These students give up their study halls to help in the office and classrooms. l i 3' A! I ik 4 PAN-AMERICAN STUDENT FORUM OF TEXAS Sponsors: MR. HAROLD WOOD MISS KAY COMBS OFFICERS: Judy Miglinas, Vice-president, Cindy Smith, Treasurer, Francis Keith, Presidentg Sharon Beckhart, Secretary, Barbara Williams, His toriang Myra Duncan, P.A.S.F. Chairman LIBRARY SERVICE CLUB These students relinquish their study halls in order to help Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Browne keep our books in proper order. Sponsors: MRS. ELIZABETH SCOTT and MRS. GRACE BROWNE if l f I If- OFFICERS: Brenda Miller, Acorn Reporterg Carol Ashford, President, Martha Pollard, Vice- President. 5 SCIENCE CLUB President--Wilson Peters V.-Pres.-Doug Fulenwider Sec.-Brenda Green Sponsors: MISS KATHLEEN BROWN MR. DECLAN HOFFMAN SAFETY CLUB Chairman, Delene Burnsg vice-chairman, Lana Bensong Secretary, Barbara McKethang Reporter, Myra Duncan. STAGE CREW Hg F dG d D ldS I BllToombs J y B own, David o a or on, ona em er, i PROJECTIONISTS Donald Semler, Bill Toombes, Jimmy Brown X Arf Club OFFICERS: Gail Johnson, President, Larry Darnell, Vice-President, Eva Loafman Sec Treas Bobbi Lusk Reporter 'Banki- I alrr D K M V ,- Ll l g l i- Sponsor: Miss MEREDITH SCHROEDER , ,.. FUTURE NURSES .ay 5 gk X Sponsor: MRS. FAY lNGRAM OFFICERS: Barbara Humphreys, Pres., Kaihy Leverington, V. Pres.g Cindy Smith, Sec., Diane Berry, Treas.5 Suzy Mills, Chaplain, Kathy Harmon, Parliamentarian. if ALLIED YOUTH li Lon Oakley, President, Wilson Peters, V. Pres., Marty Hargis, Sec., Carla Adams, Treas.p Betty Davis, Reporter. ' Y-TEENS Pat West, Pres., Barbara Ondrusek, V. Pres., Kathy Harman, Sec., Cherry Russell, Treas.g Carol Genseke, Inter-Club Council OFFICERS: Steve Nelson President, Watson Wakefield Vice President, Kathy Thomas' Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor: MR. DALE DUDLEY INDUSTRIAL COOPERATIVE TRAINING Q-O' 7' DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATICN MRS SP gg :mmf W, , gnfffvf M1 .X -ff 45, ML - iw lk 5 Mggyw 1 Q, " W ' W ' ! SPORTS QM? Tv ' ' 'Vi V , a .. .5 hh. ,JL 'i r Q. Q gs fr ' , J E3 'fir-15 V n 3' . x '- ifxi. Un' 4:32 at F.-, 'PQQ lx all ,wi -A ... '. an p Q36 '1' I ,W -Ao-1 Q , y QA! v- ..-sn Qu N454 ' ., II Q-I . Xe g 5 1 w. M fi... pu lad-" 'ki 1 S xi 'Nu' ,,- -4 3 c'x V 1 V, EL 'G . 4 7 Q: ', 1 2 1 xA ,.vx,, H Uv, 2' . Q1 ' , fi-v ., Ei, 5 if T' :gs E2 F K 'rg if Xin A ii' A g, 4 wr 5, AQ '4 Y S 1 J My 1 Yi" w . v s, l' ISK T, haf V 1 H - -,-. , mv L.. -I Q E ,I mga, 1 . 1 an ,Y wi A L n ' Q Mi. J: ,A U3 "W TQ, ,-1 12' Mg Kwik iff!! ,, ,gt 1 Q 5. A ff 44 M,-f ,wk ,.,.- - Q--ul., -...M .1 -..........J 'Vi iluu.....,.,,. H vw uk -fs: 'Mi ig VM.,i - - , . . f -- -VL .av M ngiiamww, A pf- M- ' 2 if . , . view. - ff. 1 31-zL..,r :L W , , ,bwg .. 1, Q., , .. K, Q , gli Q, S . 4345. , ,nf K. ,, . K, sk 1 1 .,., -A .. .' L. 5, '.m I 3 1 f 5 We.. ,. 4. . . , .,, ,, :, iV , , E -. ..., , ,g,, N i j zf : L'k- X ' .. . 1 if 1 . , 41 J -.Q ai x-Y 'ft S' 'Q is 7 'Y 'uf , .f J f - n f , if Q4 xg 5' 'F 2 ff 1, ag , , Mk 1 K If Q W 3 Q49 'P' f E 2 i .V,. W 3 K ,,..: A E155 ' H.: . .. .V gf g . . if f A v Q :S ei. K 8 'il E H if W T- c as fy..-wr 'wud -, ,nw m'?fi.fxff,f..:-zu.:-.w,,,,.fQe.: gs Wm L EOPARDETTES The Leopardettes as a' group worked, played, laughed, cried, prayed, and learn- ed 'ro become one of The hard workrng groups among The many at Adamson. Mrs. Rae Cullum Jonne Jones Carla Adams Janice Askins Beny Davis -3. Q2 N ,.,,, ,. .,,.,,.,,.., , K- Q- , of 5'2" M- -, ,. vmgjgxzf ,V " ,Quin i F M M' ,,e, , Q -11-. in 1 or June McFarlin Sarah Rymal Carolyn Way Diane Berry 2 year Sandy Leslie 2 year Jo Beth Dunaway Carole Genske Marty Hargis 2 year 2 year 2 year Judy Miglinas Barbara Ondrusek Bea Pierce 2 year 2 year 2 year Gwen Settles Susan Tabor Cheri Tarwater Pat West 3 year 2 year 'l year 2 year Brenda Eppinette Anita Ford Kathy Harman Marsha Redd I year 1 year 1 year I year Sherry Russel Diane Smith Kathy Weaver Diane Alvis 1 year 'I year 1 year 1 year Tommie Patterson Barbara Patton Charlene Washam Sandra Webb 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year Barbara Bauer Carol Berry Maefair Brister Glenda Fanning 1 year l year l year l year Sharon Franks Susan Meyer Martha Pollard Margaret Sage I year l year l year I year Sherry Smalley Pam Springer Valdi Wilcox Barbara Williams I year 'l year I year 'I year l Mr. William Beckhart Linda Blaisdell Librarian - 1 ..,, --11 i it K S. N. A i gf. , ' M m f," Clyde Brown Trumpet M as -el Q, if A - M flag i"' s a M 5 A Beverly Charles Saxophone Pam DeBaun l 70 Flute Rebecca Rippy Secretary J , we ,W . f mf 1965 LEOPA R D BAND This year's band, under the direction of William Beckhart and Bill Epps, was one of the best in the history of Adamson. They combined with the Leopardettes To provide excellent half-time enter- tainment throughout the football season. The band also represented us well in such events as the Big D half-time show. all Sandy Buford French Horn We , ff 1' K X, 1 4 Q .2- ,H a E., M ,Q alfa gifs gin Simi? gawfidszgmiiafsegt, zaaausszmnws -fm 3 M . ,, W H ,, it 331 Strfiaiig r 5, M pages ,Z at W 2 5 1 O Wray 5 uf ...V-, -Wt fwfsm 'f ft Y f ffwlvtmenxsna James Chen Trumpet Richard Elliot Clarinet ' A iii it 'iff M my .. ,i,.. rf 1. f 2 f M 'T :ei S, 9, Sharon Beckhart Lupe Beltram Drums Bass Horn . ' X QV' X ' ,,...,e, 'K -.wr--,Ere ..'7 ,i2..1'fI:-, 'U S:t...,.,M,L.w,'.f:7?r f l Nancy Burgess Trumpet John Chen Trumpet Pam Eoff Flute Tommy Burgess Trumpet Kathy Cludius Flute Jack Falkner Trombone l Q ,... Pi , ,s , M E X.-Q4 ' , . rf """'a1: if , 9-W.-... .ww--' ' g "--Qs ' if ,- : f"fQ'U' .f R Linda Bliss Trumpet Lillie Burton Clarinet t, Y S E A" 4 . ,. 'F ffit"'9'-X, ,..--Q---fic: www 3: V ' nf 1 - 'fy 51. ,...a--4-"""" . Mike Collins Clarinet B F fi i f L., gflue .K 43 , ,aj - ' ' ,jk-"f'f,...,.1f""g sm M.,-..,... A X 3 - ,L,,,...a-- ww Richard Gonzales Trumpet WA ' Q' , A J 'Bill Epps Drum Maior f 'Q l K if I ff N if Mu gl, .. view.. Karen Bray Bass Clarinet Kay Cameron Clarinet 'jf 5 F W. ,.,,, ,.., sgllfliaifs Jimmy Davis Trombone wtf X -if Carolyn Harmon Drums 'Ti Wil . gr" .. 'X -24,7-H"'1L ':L:L,'..'-FR '31'j22if',.'LTlZ.Z1'jZI - 'lllilffff fQ..a,...,.. .,.. ,,,i, - .ff U-....,,,,h. if-l' Z: l i Donny Hodges Trumpet .-, .Q ,....-J-J fzf... ,L '3'.':-.4--'12 in , , ,,.,.,-M--f"1'ff3' ...., a--vm., v it if .MN ,,..,...-af, X: .A...,,,:. N,.,.....--V df 4 BN 3 44: X79 ayg wg ff My at as at 5' as-7? 'I L 4223 W' w X QS xi 0, A I 0 ,Jam .0-up-0' ,.,.. 0,-., Q -.ce,,.... N .,.f Larry Jordan Trumpet is 531, lf.,-U-..,-. 0,36 :',,,..ff---:, A---....,,,,,'9 A-A..f,:...........,,a L j"""1j:fJ: --M-I ..."T.'l.'9T' George Holmes Trumpet I if m y V' Ps . 'I 'mf ef N, 4"' l if L ' 'of-1' Francis Keith Flute Monte Jack Saxophone W f Y , ,, 51. f' , 3, Kathy Kennedy Flute Summer practice . . . A -:ar W I Bill Maddox Bass Horn xpnpkr -no-Q cgct f' me ,,,..a.--...emma L , wif 4 I 'F ,tsl . . T .,t,, W . W : i if Q L ' L 0 Marilyn McKiddy French Horn PatAMurphey Rosemary Murray Saxophone Bass Horn , Ea ,. T ,V N Robin Martin Trombone Q ,ix ii. aiu, 5 2, as is k,.. as Steve Nelson Drums "' ,ff . ' .::fz1f:'f"f"f3-'fb f Mary Helen Jacobs Flute X ll .V Ni, :,:5n V' ..,,,, 5 ,EL Lonnie Lankford Trombone 1-f' V-1-qw., C,s..,..., M: :.LQ"-127-Ili' " ,.,...,., 5 'Wifi W! fx bn 'La 0-fwwZ' 5" Charlotte Jett Flute '-""":-f-Q-...n A --.....,,gg ,...--...fe "ai it if Y , ax ' ' Kathy Leverington Clarinet if-qw H, W 1 1 , :W-W:.:::z? 421 -M 2 Cindy Johnson Oboe Jeannie Luman Bass Horn ,Y .f 'ig + sf U' l', .. , n 5:::,5At 't,,.1,, ,. . , ,Q , , ,. Larry Massey Trumpet Ronald Newman French Horn and cold mornings lead to . . . S 2 S S 3 4 .. .. ., , .. ,AWB - we new f?LaL t P ,W W - We-gz 53,5- mx W i,L,:e,:xraaf M Q' ,zzffr ISE iiasiw 2-,2fg':gkk,-fwrazae' - ' 3237-smifbiis '??5iQ",f' 4 .xiii 'li WEE! 551' Bill Milke Trumpet Sue Nowlin Trumpet Bob Miller Saxophone V3 A .fi In KE ,, L K, if ff? 1 Il., -,......,,':NT:"" watts-of 'fQ'r",' ML,,,...., S117 ,.Q.m'M.f, f1TJ.e.-Q,-V-2-" , ,..5.M,Qw-vt., - I QA- ,fime-, .t Ray Ortega Trumpet I 7 l wwf A Q Ni 1 '31 1' , S 6 2 ASQM Y ' vifafg, - f- 42255 ' ' Donald Ozio Bass Horn C I it x 2 as as lf? f lb ft ff., QQ---.,..,,u,....-fng-",':',:5g .. M rw C1 Jimmy Posey Bass Clarinet ifil i 5' ,. L'A,' lii Pal Rl99ln Sue Sanders Trumpet Flute ,, 27" Mike Teague Trombone Kathy Thomas Clarinet gr ,. Pi 2, :J ,X Fug , T i Melvin Prince Drums M T V., 'tit 5 ma 'F AK ty ,af 2 ar 3 F if u Shirley Schellenberg Drums last ir at Z. :- S t 3' z fa K Q M S K We ,aff 4 i 1 Mi, ag A V sv N im .. Q wfygw aifffnsw gays fax ' my x , Q' in at John Tincher Saxophone ,,.......ff -j.":'..--"" 2' Rf. , , Zffffg-j,,.... ,, ' ' 2' ZSW1 '4 u""'." U H... , V ,Q ,,,..-ww" ,..,,.W,U Gerald Williams l 72 Trumpet ..this.. Mary Williams Clarinet tiff' , iii. . 1?-fI3"J5-'-'M"V'i"' 1 fizif--M-L-""'f"""':"a:ffi' -1' U Vw Y U X S ff W, no f -. H 2 gm... 1, X M,.,4,,-JJ Ricky Williams Baritone Horn ,.-i ,,'f' ,,,i Q :,v -f hi A James Quinn Baritone Horn Q Q ,,,l,., ::::Qj.E 5,2 ,:'1, : in . ' .,, '29 -..'..',: Richard Stoddard Drums , , ,,,.,...---.W Q t 'E 1 , aim M , 'X .1 I.: . P, 1 """"""" ,::::1::.:1,. .awww ,Fw G ..,...t., . f ----.-....,,," ..f4-.,---14" Watson Wakefield Saxophone Zania Williams Bass Horn ff ,-,..,..-,,,,,.k,,....-.--.--173 u,,,.w-mv. r7u,,.....,,. ,,,,,.,---5.17 ' , ,---., 'X . .Q-nndllu ' W 'lv Robin Rasor Flute 4, i "'l' Q ,V p gnw f E 'Q xy 4 0 J. am ' as 'ar' " f V iw. ,,.,,,....v--W ,.-+- u' ........- on 3-1 ,,.,.l-ff. .. V Mike Southerland Baritone Horn '- l f ,.....,L, Q ,,...p.......- ,,.. ...Y , WN' N ,, ,, ,,,,...a-.W-4....., , Xa 'QQ 4'- 1 A 'ig' ff- Lf f' -, 9 :'1' .- '!'4Ex,.. 'F !W """""' 0 fn 0 ,O James Welsh Trombone Sharon Reese Clarinet Joe Teague French Horn A --if ,x iii- , f , ,,t, rj ji Ra V 3 Q JW!! W. 0, ,W .awww ,,..,. . .. M George William: Trombone . . . and this. ' .....W. .,,. ,, ' ,.--4-"""" it ft f 2 Map ,qu 215 A AW vt Y 'E' l fr 41, :gf .,...,,.,. , 9 if ..-fin l 1 F5 ,- ,,,..,, .... ,,,, , t,,....M VN. .W ,J Bobby Wright Bill Zimmerman Clarinet Trumpet 196 4 - 65 CHEERLEADERS Martha Cummings Dottie Herrmann JGHSCG POPE and and and Don Baker Lon Oakley Steve Utley Bebe Lopez and Sam Cleveland This group of eight spirited cheerleaders was the nucleus of our Tremendous school spirit throughout the school year. They were elected from an original group of Thirty-one in April of l964. During the following summer they attended a cheerleading school at S.M.U. at which they perfected their techniques. These kids worked hard for Adamson, for they, like everyone else wanted the best for our school. Miss Mary Helen Swaner, Sponsor Mya ggi gi- . v,,.- . . M , f- ts Q me ' Ht 'iris . .i',::'L 5 I . rat 'ffm m Lf' My .m I K S, .. 4 P,,zQi5f,,L' i ,gf xiii!-M , 672' JK, M if ,, f -2 K .AY , -+"" x , Q f--...E fe? Q35 EE, .. i N1 , -----.0 P W i ' Y T Akx . T I H A A X . ,Ms 4s-.AW 3 M' Z W- , . fpvfw W, QM., f ind' 5""1NN,.-- X -. .vw .Say ,U M. 99 2' ,Q M, M1 nf' HN Q 9 'aff '59 1964 HOMECOMINC QUEEN ANITA FORD and Royal Court ORO NATION SENIOR FLOAT i963 princesses Jean Wilson and Kathy Cummings prepare to leave the float as l96-4 senior princesses Cheri Tarwater, Marty Hargis, and Anita Ford await their entrance onto the field. tr, sts SOPHOMORE FLOAT Janice Johnson and Sharon White, sophomore princesses, sail in aboard their class float, which was finally completed after a series of set-backs. ,r 3... JUNIOR FLOAT Junior princesses Janace Pope and Martha Cummings proudly ride aboard the prize-winning float which carried out th! theme of Flower Day. FRESHMAN FLOAT Proudly representing the freshmen, princesses LaBetha Byers and Linda Mel- ton receive their first taste of high school personality contests. F F 5 1964 " " FOOTBALI ROW iz Jimmy Hitt, Mgr,, Bill Meyers, Arthur Walker, Jimmy Ross, Phil King, Jerry Lewellen, Gary Culverhouse, Doyle Loafman, Danny Ramirez, David Laughlin, David Hartman, Richard Worthy. ROW 2: Joel Yrigollen, Mgr., Joe Steen, Mgr., Chris Moseley, Glen Hensley, Charles Bowling, John McDonald, John Clary, Bobby Burns, Larry Fulton, Kim Zauber, Tony Wright, Randy Carr, Bruce Pegram, Bob Nachlinger, Ed Cason-Coach. ROW 3: George Brownlee-Coach, Buddy Barnes, Mrg., Chuck Laird, Robert Loyd, Ronnie Carson, Gary McDonald, Billy Collins, Corless Wiley, Larry Groce, David Young, Roddy Beardon, Mark Drumwright, Gary Lockhart, Rusty Hendrix, Jimmy Kean, James Batchelor-Head Coach. ROW 4: Buddy Stevenson-Coach, Rusty Prince, Phil Howell, Ronnie King, Jim Blagg, Terry Houchins, David Fisher, Roy Martin, Steve Bradshaw, Steve Moreau, Ron Bryant, David Rymal, Jim Templeton, Tommy Farmer, Eddie Stevens, I78 f 'N' . rfieiaff WV' " ' 'jg W f 'W . if Waiter' QQTFSBQ gllwgtfilq ,. wmv-. asf -L ,. .wt-s .2 M M if W ,V fwmfvkt 'Wlll was - QMS? ,. ' - 'H . sw .sw " wi 1:2333 at A 'L . .,,.. s,ff1:f:-:rf f V- L, -?1'f?Le-2 :sr as , .,,.:, 5 . 82225555 8 -- 4134 Adamson lf1 Adamson l2 Adamson 0 Adamson O Adamson O Adamson 0 'Adamson 7 'Adamson 6 'Adamson Sl 'Adamson 7 'ADAMSON lA denotes district gal Waco .lolun Tylvr Spruce T. J. Spruce Samucll S. O. C. Woodrow Wilson Kimball North Dallas SUNSET YTCS, TEAM L if 1 I :P ,tr r 1 V yr. Letterman A J 5, ig ,, L. a ga 'ay LL U' F if , , J . .3 a L Y A 1 JERRY Halfback 1 yr. Letterman x J., me fs' l80 Against TJ, Worthy punts as Laird blocks ft tag 1' Q tr comsss WILEY, Jr. ' W Def. Halfback 'I yr, Letterman I yr. Letterman 3322 Letterman ' e offense takes a break in the TJ game. V f' Bret' 'I I-W yr. Letterman W .s ,XE .'f5' I Letterman Center General George Brownlee 'I yr. Letterman f All-Oak Cliff 1 -, It t P V! f' ir Q ' r ' f' 5 A ' tt if r S X. ' -Wea P Q s Bradshaw movei in for the kiil, l8l WIN l82 IOYD, RCI' yr. Lcttcrmafi N JIM , Qfyf. ' I yr. ! v xi gf . 1 X VVlmh vxny is lim go.1I'?'?'? ra. .J ' :W ,X 3' , Drumwnght In one of many rcccpluons, Def. e TJ assembly. I ? Two agamst one, that msn t fanr! 'W""x""wu mmm., '4i?i2Q MCDONALD P-...NN Leiterman Game p ans ,ng 5- Mmiw sf www 45 ng Nue- Chris Moseley slashes for yardage agains! "Yogi Bear" F Q -1? is 'K , z n Hendrix ,xv , A .1 2 rx if s ov-0 of Martin hvorlfe vargetg 2x L"' J P msg T:.-A X u-355 Mr. Brownies s boy Houchms xl 3 1 Q5 av . 9 f it 6' ff U I I K 5 r , ,va Q.. .ir z , ,. .'....-lnft.'v' L s W..,.,-..1w- V f -f ': ., . . ' - 2- 31. r ...A ':'A' iff 'Linebacker ' ' 7' Q-an X X f , 5 if if A wmv. fa tl! an 2 X s gifs? 1 Si. SS wir l J ,air wi 2 5,1 W M, 1 ., gfv s, its M" 1,4- , K 54' , . elf' Af . 6-in ,V R "CASON'S CANHKAZE CORPS" ln football, just as in life, there are those who are greatly re- sponsible for success, but who receive little recognition because they work behind the scenes. Such is the case of the CCC boys. Though not lettering, each of them contributed vitally to the teams efforts. , r-fi' gl K .12ivz'2f7f+,-ef, . We ' tl l 1."Q--5" s .fs 53 4,9 i . .5.h...,4sc. ,M ' f wwe S if A De f :" gg f saw 15 fig' gi-i.fs1H1, ,t I gba . A ' ,. ,,, ,,,. 2 - g .. , 7, .fiEWg,, , , 11 ff' 1- . 1-T -. - lf C , ,.. 1 Hs, M. "C Q:-c .ff H -, as 1 ff-fm , " ., ' '-X2 '. . , , e . ,si lf' , . f f f . , I , .: ' W 'L r -. I, t 'I 31711 C' it W!! 5 Q S 1 l fs , ,f A X Nj M' 'H at' ld 2 of +55 4 1 I li if 'ak 2 iii Q X w ge fy 'jffis ii rf 4 sf , it ,in X' X f A Q 1- , . 15 ,..., . . 'W 1' , '52 f ix. 'iw s fin , , 4 A' W 1-G -x xiii: Q.. me KQQQQ " in 4. Q, .MV . r .I-.l:.:-55515377 ' ,"'?f- 5I:f:Q':s. -I f' 'r-- " 'E ":'i ' 2" ":" V54 Q, 1 ll Jr N gf u -as W? C W, 'M F FC.: X su- 4 si s " , r 15 2 ,,..,, gk Q' ' "-', "ko ,,,: H RYANT' .1 I A L ' ll .H Guard ul!! f 1 f ., Q fz 4 s 4 if g "I x s 1.-J is , 3 5 ' Q 5 X 1 sf s, f S N - , . 2 QW' - YV sfff-fs ' 'Ziggy ,I tg We fig? , , ,gm L- ,yy WA .jail .s . - 51 .ig Wh A L i Y' PE i gy Y A -in is a 1 t l85 " 1 ,.-,V . F ,S H-AWE.. Z .Lyn ' ..y, , fi' fgiiif F2 , wg. Y' if ' F1 V, K , 5- . I my I AE W Qiw,:Qg,, 7 X M X iff Z Q , 1 Q ww Pr is W i K M9525 Vg' 6' X 4 wp V . , E ,d ,W ,, . 'QM , . " ,4 ' .M 6' - 4 :,, .,,... X' k ,M ' .L ,Q Vkrk vi i ,,j,L,fL5, ,QLARRY FULTO I86 A ,. : , 6 ,Wm K S3 x 'W F 3 vb S ,, . 'E , 5 K Q AM R wa X 2 sq, fl, ,1 My 950.5 ,E-rsfhfaffxf K ' X -ff 1 WM ,,V, rf.,,.i im- -.r..M. m,Mmm,.M..,, ,.,, , 4, ,,,, ,,,... .V ,gk fx gk- W, ,V if , Y .nf we H , My Q r 1 Ar 1---- 1964 FOOTBALL ,A J 4 5, S .3 ii X1 fa Q Richard Worthy served as student MC. 5. lgkyxxu kms The 1964 letterinen were announced. -.qu 'ae W BANQUET Everyone enioyed the delicious dinner. An attentive audience listens while Mr. Cowley outlines the "Basic Fundamentals" of life. Mr. Cowley, Assistant Athletic Director, present- ed this ball, used by Mr. Batchelor, in i9-16, to hint. Representing the Dad's Club, Mr. Royce Walters presented a plaques in honor of Coach Batchelor, I87 V7 THE LITTLE LEOPARDS nweuvirt amass' ,anarnfexa aaa-ivfmnnfwlwrfrif B994 sf WWW5 W-"'455'W""5 . B'i'WFW"'t ii ' WW ii' LYS ' 'K' H ' 7 WL? i f na as paw' M . W., ,W ,,.., 9, ,,,,,,..1c, ,M rm, is im., an ,nw my nu af, wan in aa-af as-fra new :we Yea, K V Wifi V Wgaikj .Q M iam mx ,qw , nam my msn wwf lvl :mn uw um lar: nm may mm mm we mm fwfr ww wnwww- we lwilmw 'seam game f if ., ,s NB fe, ws, an-Lfsqvvdfawjxire ,- Q- ry timer? ,sa H Us K I In un: as Q .men an mm Ama me :wmv was an an wwf an was nu ' can mia was was aw-nz sm an-Q a M. fy umm 'ff-as mia mam uma! :anal a,,,-Qi ami kj:-,fi V V f V saw new ww ,IW wir wmqng ' new t mm lin: smannnq mutha Mm mln www mine th! MW bww ww -ara: MQ, W, .WM Wm Wi! wrt' eff' Elway www- M fffyra -l 57 W 4-as d , JH 'brim . PNB l wif 'htm Noi! wmv 'Wwe' '30 md MQW 'WMS e418Zal 1? ram? imma' SMD! 2:21:55 Q ,fmt 5345, f X551 4 'W XP We 51.1 "W 'lit' V WEAR: WPMS V"f'f+" Wtsvz s f ' tw, nr Q SEIQQF-llfffltd-X-'IM-6'-'f.r,ri4 ii KHWk:MENl5'iH?f'if KUW!a3"iW4ll'W8?kHl?'1fA"ltZfB5G'W2V23fh r 'lv ew" "' Wiki 4lQ',,,1.z,', 9KPP71" if',N'T4'u' N WNW? : f' 1 l'ifff'4FQQXm,., iii! K HUM M!QvHUK'iFBi!tlW5Q4iVE'G'K9!5WKWiXSJ79t5fR 3fMEKV' i'45Y?E9l'wt:wf f . 'H?'3'-aE55fWZ'f2i s ":iZvfMi3f5K?5'f!v 'WHT 'J-t-YJ: Jklfrf K nnrsigzus as an an no nm mn nm mar an mm amanda mm ruse aw. ,qmffgfifv I, :mm ww mme me Ma' 'mess J fri ,fr ar aww aww , -if UMW 'tw fkiliwy !KllHI593Q9ll3-"is9IA1HU?i libfiwlfi i ' L A' lYf:4vif'Hu.4si r .9 'fgngqsi "Mme vw, ,gay ,. , -ag, gm, sf. mga, :nu ugjw an an we my an nnnungfew fm me -ffsunusuaunrnmf um an Av ew mass J my ri ,H ax wer in-sms mm an wa, one mm new iw: we 4 ,mu ,, ,wus xi , ,,,""' "'-qgnx-5 'FV an if, ff :wa sw wr uw mm was was num Kimi M Lf.-Y we : H mae ww at sw- afar, :ww nw: qs -mae aaa-5 wx was - as 1- wa L vnu ,.-."J. new me i3k'q2'a1w'an'i"gaiL'355'w7f'a?a'1Ta'2.a H-Ea ms"n3"ma" mea' Sammi ' are 'W H : V ' 'P " W W We W 'W 'ft W' ' :W if 'Y f :mm ,p in -. M ,K mix W he W A -U-www'-dna an . . 4 ,ik nwnp,.,:4 . I me-s,-, M. Kwan., anna ,rin ,,a's',,'.,rN,,,,,,,""",,1',,""' . """MfW1bllfMlnvlul ignnsmluhmmswwuurlnt. 1'3aai5vmarii?N'msf, gmWNmMmwB9PzWm h ,,,,mW,,5Msw.M7--:Saw !',,',, 34.1, ,hir ,Q L ., 'L 'A u an My ,K W, """",,m"" W, 514595 rigs mmm 7-mqawja aawfvs yy - v are M f ami' A 'h"mt,," aw ,,,,,,,,' 'fg,,,,,,, ' 'J it Mi jg 'ggi' af ? lu ncaa ns mm K lags, at we lf , ,, asf' P as ' ' ' , ' www-im mai it 53" aa, , 'L L,,,d,2, nnifmwfv, - awe L ., mi Qnjwgai-alias , 57' f ,, . - 'XT ,I 7 'aw Q, rf 3aQQ,,igiQ. Q32 vm fn ma' we, L. .W K ",?t"4w QW? A v V we wr rs P " A-20" 'mfg WWE., 'aww f '7 W is New 'L ew, we Q . . ' X s Q tw v 4 0271 52 "P 6 bl? 7 Vw "v ,F . S3 8 5 ' kr , 0 sian , 4 , . I I A U J . . Y -.. ' X ' -g, " A A , 1 I an v A , J' , J B X, 1 A A? F rr: . 'A -I ' 'T I ' ' L i f' , ' ,W 1 , " ', t y 7' 'i ' 55 ,, 'L i Q-,, 'Q f A 8 , , A w L4 A J, 2. M,4?w by ni mv . Z3 if 3 6J2,td3,, 265 15 724 ei J 4 : ' -ar A , J , A : A , Q " J +V 1' S -, H.: .- '13 . - .Q . ,. ,,-213, it - .ffl , J' fl 5, 'eu i r 1 'ww 4 A -, 'Y 2 Q if-Y B it so 8 ' ' Q- O J 5 3 x ' f . . if' , - ai? My A- ' s 3 4: 'Q ,J 5, 11 1 , , 'i-., ig, . ,A .1 ' a . ,- , Q.. ' - , : ' : ., . .. ' wfrzf 'L' , . ., r . n . ya, . we ' ww J - ,sf - A . ---, , Y V , 7 a w - . .. : : :L ' , im , " - sm ,E H - ' - s ' " -: , lm..-.wr . - ' '-" W as f-'f x ' 1 , X , , r,:1,e ' ROW l: Bobby Riley, Sonny Ward, Randy Pullen, Steve Suddith, Jay Graves, Ricky Daniel, Randy Leslie, Justin Hollis, Lewis Elam, Chuck Stevenson, Frank Safford, James Williams, Ted Culverhouse, Randy Everroad. ROW 2: Gerald Brooks, Steve Maris, Robert Kelly, Bobby Lamb, Jim Brahan, Johnny Ruiz, Charles Murphy, George Ellis, Bobby Rowland, Jim- my Cameron, Donnie Young, Robby Kelly, Wally Tallent, Terry Jordan, Leon Hernandez, ROW 3: Gill Woehlke, Coach K. N. Brashear, Bill Farmer, Mike Dillion, Richard Joslin, Jackie White, Robby Daniels, Sonny Burrell, James Foster, Joe Cavazos, Glen Harding, Larrye Bellah, Bobby Knowles, Richard Somerville, Fred McDowell, Jonathan Arostegui, Gary Sellers, Jerry Poston, Ricky J Templin, Mgr. Not pictured: Steve Glen, Mgr, Daryl Carleton. THE LITTLEST LEOPARDS FRONT ROW: Michael Brewer, Tommy Hill, David Pierce, Edward Milkie, Bobby Lopez, Johnny Williams, Lynn Adams, ROW 2: Mr. Greene, Coach, Jerry Watson, John Stefanich, Thomas Pollard, John Henderson, Harold Miller, Gary Wesson, Robert Paulk, Don Morgan, Mr. Marrs, Coach ROW 3: Dickie McDonald, Joe Crews, Bill Edmondson, Bobby Belton, John Eclvvards, Mark Stanley. I88 yr- Qg 2. we W P ' Fc 'ze 5+ . 8 SW 'A S W?fM:' Sag 4 :: - SQ. 4 ' ' 31 I 91 X K 523 53 ? ' Q1 in , 1, 'U Qi? L gg Y1 , A ' A 20 ,L ,fx , ' Eg 1 1, ALAL L m Ae O ' ,,.'...m-W5 if W X, I f 'E V1 wi 4 N il ax L, + Q . L ' f i ii I 1-2 1 , E f L.':, 5 4' gwww, 3 1 YL A J 1 ,. M35 3 0? 5 38 11 ZS BASKETBALL 1965 Coach Managers JAKE CARTER RANDY PRICE and ROBERT FAUGHT TEVE BRADSHAW Junior JOE HARRIS Junior JERRY FAUST JUVWJUV fenfer Letterman Center 2 yr. Letterman Forward Letierman fapfain I9I 'H-WB? RAYMOND SIEBERT Senior Guard W, ., . , 'MM Harris goes high for "Big A" LARRY FULTON Junior Guard J .. ,W Lim 'wig 2 3 I Chalk up fwo for Grey. NELDON WEBB Senior STEVE MOREAU Senior Suard Forward '93 B-TEAM BACK ROW: Coach Ken Brashear, Glen Harding, Bobby Casas, Bill Meyer, Eddie French, Bobby Knowles, Buddy Barnes. FRONT ROW Joe Lopez mgr., Glen Armstrong, Jimmy Cameron, David Laughlin, Leon Hernandiz, Dickie Rice, Lewis Elam, Jimmy King mgr. C-TEAM BACK ROW: Robert Paulk mgr., Leonard Trout, Bobby Beltran, Joe Crews, Wayne McMackin, Don Morgan, Tommy Hill mgr., Mr. Marrs. FRONT ROW: Marshall Colhran, Harold Miller, Juan Garcia, Reggie Oakley, John Edwards. I94 TRACK AND FIELD 1965 if 2': 4, Q A Hx Tw 19' Q lu ,f 'V Ei J' Q65 If . 2 'M ' I i T.. X 'Qi Q ' ff ' vs' aww, 31 was X, an ,, V 5 19: 84 fl Q lc' 3 38 ., I :Ile 1 it A 5 M li if , ,uf S15 e if - Q -gr V., 5 X 66. M.:-,Q L' 1 .ff 1 , A " ssss 'mf :r H Q an , g A . -:. ,, A ,K . I , , 4431,-C Dfw, g 8.4. T tg sw, Qui' G -:f is T ij, I if - - L,- ' M K K fa. L in J -A I ' . q ,mmf . ,V Vg I g,,,,tx V kk ill i as 32 K wg I -- V V ug., A yr ,X V V A ,,fVwirKrfW ,ia z . K , K . 1 . K i. J 1 ' L L A eww. ,, W f J iggifiif' ff' ,sj ' , V is . gxfmgg: A wffwf 'J qi, Q' s . .WML--fi - ,3w'.i 2,1 4- " V 'L' "Y W M nl , -L, if af ,V i F, .. w .S 9 .M 1 Lg v K agus! I xw, F if W x Q, JW ,V L: QQ, Z - A . i ,si ' :M . , is, fy ,U ,T 7.,' , . . s ", - -f QQ, - V 5? f, fi, .L . - G, be 3: sf Z A, ' ' 'f I. K if K: , :Saw K -Q. if -.', MrV'tQg!1gr'f 1: ,'4,55gQ,f,gg , Q A -, fe 5, 5' , A . wxifsikllih if "'f'i". gm vw AAf?"Y,!fg, ,155 . gif ax, W k i V ' 4 . Y 'J A " i ii - K iv, TL Y A f, wi' J! ii MTQ 1, ,6g.,c,QG--'05 '7 . - ff 4-1: -rw: , , -T s 1 , Q A . s f . . i it , Q , 7, waf'Q,.ai 390 'ies , 1 14 M ' ii 1 A J s fir? Mimi? L- I ,f A -':3'i13Mi4l?'L ,R ,:. 'Mg Lffkzf 'Nigel as sw! T965 TRACK TEAM Steve Chapman, Jimmy O'Neal, Greer, Phil King, Corless Wylie, Ronnie Carson, Lester Winningham, Sammy Faris, Richard Worthy, and Jay Willoughby. 3rd ROW: Robert Loyd, Jim Browning, Greg White, Bill Meyer, Steve Puckett, Glen Harding, Richard Joslin, Bobby Knowles, John Sanders-mgr., and Rick Templin. SPRINTERS lst ROW: Lewis Elam, Glen Hensley, Weldon Webb, Lynn Harcourt, Mike Oliver, Bobby Burns, Charles Murphy, and Sam Cleveland, 2nd ROW: Ronnie King, John Britton, Wilson Peters, Bryan KNEELING: Phil King and Ronnie King. STANDING: Lewis Elam, Richard Joslin, Lynn Harcourt, Bobby Knowles, Corlis Wylie, Ronnie Carson, and Jay Willoughby. I96 MN .M .. -L .",N COACH ED CASON Track is a demanding and grueling sport, which requires individual stamina. In no other sport is there as much emphasis upon the individual. To excel in track, one must be willing to forfeit many common pleasures, such as a rich diet and late hours. "The thrill of victory and the agony of de- feat" cannot be equaled to that of track competi- tion. DISTANCE MEN KNEELING: Wilson Peters, Jimmy O'Neal, and John Britton. STANDING: Jim Browning, :Mike Oliver, Rick Templin, and Richard Worthy. SHOT PUT Steve Chapman, Glen Harding, and Robert Loyd. DISCUS Sam Cleveland HIGH JUMP Lester Winningham and Sammy Faris BROAD JUMP Greg White, Bryan Greer, and Bobby Burns 4 I98 HURDLES Steve Puckett, Glen Hensley, and Bill Meyer. VAULTING Charles Murphy and Weldon Webb. Q 1965 BASEBALL TEAM 3 4 if: Mark Drumwright, Henry Bennett, David Laughlin, and Jimmy Ross 3rd ROW Richard Cook Jeff Grey Wayne Kidd Rudy Hlnolosa Jack lst ROW: Jimmy Hitt-mgr., Keith Wilson, Lon Oakley, Steve Utley Rusty Prince, and Larry Fulton. 2nd ROW: Gary McDonald, Roddy Bearden, Wolfe, Jimmy Kokel, Chuck Laird, and Buddy Stevenson-coach. Not pictured: Rusty Hendrix and Bill Milkie. "" 3. Ma 1:- ,, 2252 W tyt. We ,.Sc is ,wwf BUDDY STEVENSON JIMMY l"llTT Coach Manager I99 JIMMY BLACKBURN JIMMY KOKEL HENRY BENNETT Senior Pitcher Senior Pitcher Senior Shortstop 3 year Ietterman 2 year Ietterman 2 year Ietterman N. 200 WAYNE KIDD LON OAKLEY STEVE UTLEY RUSTY HENDRIX Senior 3rd Base Senior Utility Senior Outfield Senior Outfield tg ' McDonald sets the target. ii' ' , Mk ' if 9? fr , V . Fulton stretches for the ball during warm-up exercises. . E il Q , Fulton leans into one. W 'Y' Each boy anxiously awaits his Turn at bat during practice game against SOC. JACK WOLFE RUDY HINOJOSA RUSTY PRINCE BILL MILKIE Senior Outfield Senior Outfield Senior Outfield Senior Outfield ,V e in N Mg ! 5 . 'air 2 . is ,,,.- ,. W- - ' 1 L1'. , x ll ll l A 4 1. we fa 3? t it "'e'Aliu'Aba? K AKNKQ wh, W at ,we , .,, 7 :EE I Q, xx 'Jil Nf-l gc,-qnia ugffflml ,.,.,,Z 1 X. an vii J of . A . .. ' ra R'- r ... 'l af- fa -+' x V '1 1' ,' fe -' if, if M- V iff'.e??r:i:' ,ai Q '3 2 - 'fi A sfilfa '.f""' 4 'ir A Y' -- 5 ww ' 1.6 if QW,-'a, f R ,Q may , ff A A nf W K K I iw 5 M k 4.8 kk,h . .N 'A . -,,', , , 1 " - WL- ' iff y lqfgggig 555' . K , .15 K L ,aw . af , , ... 1:,1mf a .I L ,- -,J if, . WML -, - . kj' A . 7' V. Y J a, ff, V f- ,liz Qxli - , . 523 W ' A 'f' A-QQL+73C" A 153135 .- 3 GARY MCDONALD MARK DRUMWRIGHT RODDY BEARDEN Junior Cafcher Junior Outfielcl Junior Oui-field Zol LARRY FULTON KEITH WILSON CHUCK LAIRD RICHARD COOK Junior Ist Base Junior Outfield Junior Catcher Junior Pitcher JIMMY ROSS Sophomore 3rd Base DAVID LAUGHLIN Sophomore 202 'I A great coach, Mr. Stevenson, urges our team on "B" TEAM Arm ht ROW: Ray Ortega, Jesse Aguilar, Dennis Ward, Randy Leslie, and Jimmy King-mgr. 2nd ROW: 'enry Vela, Robert Kelley, Donnie Young, Gary Hooper, Glen Armstrong, Johnny Ruiz, Bobby Casas, mmy' Cameron, and Bobby Rowland. 3rd ROW: Chuck -Stevenson, Albert Martinez, Mike Dillon, Don ornelius, James Williams, Steve Suddith, Terry Jordan, Jackie White, Dickie Rice, Bobby Riley, Justin ollis, Royce Green, Steve McBeth, and Randy Everroad. "C" TEAM MR. GEORGE BROWNLEE st ROW: Johnny Williams, Reggie Oakley, George Settles, Lynn Adams, Tommy Hill-mgr. 2nd ROW: eonard Trout, John Edwards, Robert Beltran, Waymon McMackin, Don Morgan, Bill Edmundson, Harold liller, David Hawthorne, Mike Brewer. 3rd ROW: John Butler, James Gaston, Russel Osage, Eddie lorsey, Edward Flores, Floyd Manery, Joe Crews, Marshall Cothran, Ricky Hardwick, and Tommy Ginn. MR. GARY MARRS TENNII 9 6 Royce Larson-Coach, Brenda Greene, Kathy Kennedy, Carolyn Edwards. :er f 2'te at i t Aeee A a sia we ft at A ,. 1 tw. view" ::' ,,. W, Av, A, ' K., Uk,n ,V . .. L -.,, L, V . Q a -1 'T A K -V .. ?g::B,.Yl F, ,V Q1 3 N33 fx "H' Jew, . , if-9'iW23 U S Y' 'f 'sos - - A-Q j Y iiteii I - 2 3 Q erre 4 1 f ,WX A J fig, ,. Q XV , , I K N N 1 ,V -,V . .1 . Q Y' "wig . K A ' V f 3 y ,R i 4 'iflifv Jan Settles, Joetta Hilburn, Linda Rhodes, Barbara Nystrom 'EAM Y ,riff i f' l i Bill Humphries, Martin Frosi, Xavier Gomez, Bob Humphries Walley Tallenf, Gary Wilson, David Hartman, Claude Brown d"N XO 0? COACH TERRY GREENE LARRY GROCE L W b f I I GOL! 1' 'fy JERRY GRAVES JOHNNY REDDEN aurcv-4 NUNNALLY EAM 34 'V . as Isa 4 441 PHIL RENTERIA EDWARD LOZANO EDDIE FRENCH ANTHONY PICCHIONI vw? u,fJ5 J a , i': 'sq 4 I f B-U mfg - ?'6 1 ,y ,fin W J-an . .wil .4-A K '54 ' . - -qv ik .. A M ff V : , , , I .',, , 1 A- ,K 1 1 ff," . L an , .N ,f , 5, X .,-A in Q, is ,QV i ., ff- wg gg 5, f f 7 . 'H J A 6 sf Ing? My 41' ' ' -' 3, :ev "'1""' A if ffi A ff f. L 6 w fix' .- -iwgf., 5 4, ' .L Q, in at A A my , ,y ,V mg " fi Jw m- A Jiilfv gi, ' 5-Q "Y" 14M'lh1:fg V -. W -as-lm K 4. ,, gr , f, 0 ,, new J 'W A 1 1-. f awqfmwa. 1 3 C qw Qf,..5WW"Ptvmw-I 5 kggL" S' W s1.'l fiF..4m J 4 Q' ,eq is 9, . 5' ,L P ill MILITARY FIRST BATTALION, 2nd ROTC REGIMENT c:oL. A. L, FULTON, c d fC d src. JAMES MOBLEY omman e' O 3 e's SGT. DON GRAVITT f il-'f ' W :,ff,f.'- uf.- gf ,..-f .1 COL. STEPHEN NELSON Battalion Commander LT. COL. PAUL CADMUS Batialion Executive Officer BA TTALION STAFF S-I Adiutant CAPT. PHIL SIMMONS S-2 Intelligence CAPT. ARTHUR WALKER S-3 Operations CAPT. ROY HUMBLE S-4 Supply CAPT. HOWARD ADAMS Sgt. Mai. RONNIE SOWELL Battalion Staff Sponsor MAJOR SARAH RYMAL INSTRUCTOR I LT. L STAFF EONARD KING CAPT. JOE DUNN LT. RONNIE REYNOLDS ' "A ff.s2T':?ib19l'f ' Ill, COLOR GUARD Guard MIKE KIRBY National Colors ROBERT HANSON School Colors STEVE STEPHENS Guard STEVE HANSON COMPANY A nuns-n uasmnunn uaonsann--1.-1 1 -was as-.-1 ,dun-no-savanna -1 snuumnaxnnw Neuman- tl! simian! 'lst ROW: Jaynes, W, Theobalt, C, Miller, M, Bridges, L, Trimble, R, Friddle, C, Craft, L, 2nd ROW: Trillo, A, Davis, J, Clark, T, Rodgers, T, Bostick, W, Taylor, J, Fernandez, R, 3rd ROW: Foster, J, Crocker, L, McDonald, M, Black, S, Padilla, J, Tatum, L, Lankford, L, Cristopher, L, 4th ROW: . Hoover, D, Wallace, C, Clark, G, Davis, J, Bryant, E, Wilson, K. C0 Sponsor com PANY B :gg ,,,.. 'A " .? 21'-,"?'9., 3 f .a:,......, - M: if-W , ,Az- 'lst ROW: Wilson, J, Voorhis, T, Rojo, L, Roberts, E, Volkland, L, 2nd ROW: Forbes, B, Lazo, T, Whittington, T, Whitman, F, Hall, G, 3rd ROW: Rhodes, C, Brannon, R, Bell, H, White, C, 4th ROW: Hanson, S, Conine, C, White, P, Scroggins, D, 5th ROW: Glenn, S, Bronar, R, Hogan, D, King, H, Raymond, L. CO Sponsor David Hogan Marty Hargis er l COMPANY C EfiE H 4 nn -ncnsnpuwucnuuun-an as an-Q anna: :taxis-nsennannsn -,.q,.g, .aqmaqa-owen wma-ur 1.4-qv. any-nun-1 iii'-E 'Uflihzl H sawn Milan- Vial!!! 'wi' .,., ,K Hz, , ls? ROW: Nixon, J, Jackson, P, Manery, F, Snyder, D, Miller, H, 2nd ROW: Foreman, K, Mosley, E, Drake, C, Spangler, M, Walters, J, Aldaco, S, 3rd ROW: McBeth, S, Castro, R, Liebel, J, Scaff, G, Jackson, W, Aldaco, P, 4th ROW: Mecklin, J, Franklin, J, Hanson, R, Robinson, H, Presley, B, Martinez, D. CO Sponsor "any C OM PAN Y D MW :wanna 4 f ws Q J' fam 1:-' Liz :Ji .4 ' F K - r 1 'lst ROW: Canipe, JT, Hurley, P, Wyant, R, Chamberlain, J, Mitchum, D, 2nd ROW: Stevens, S, Knight, H, Reynolds, R, Addison, J, 3rd ROW: Hernandez, L, Gonzalez, E, James, R, Franks, B, 4th ROW: Siovall, J, Kusserow, D, Sinor, L, King, C, Luflrell, D, McCoy, R. CO Sponsor Clifford King Paula Henderson RIFLE TEA M TOP ROW: Arthur Walker, Rifle Team Captain Phil Simmons l Gary Clark, Carla Adams, Paul Cadmus. LOWER ROW: Robert Rifle Team Sponsor Hanson, Phil Simmons, Earnie Bryant. Cafla Adams Drill Team Commander Joe Dunn Drill Team Sponsor Susan Tabor 2I4 DRILL TEAM Ill? Qlll f-f V. .p ,, A , me ff! A "'7" ' fl? N 5 ' is fl 6 , .. , A Y-Hia 'HT- A .S fue wil -fd, ,gt T lst ROW: Theobalt, C, Adams, H, Davis, J, Jackson, P, 2nd ROW: Kusserow, D, King, L, Wilson, K, Foster, J, Dunn, Mp Forbes, B, 3rd ROW: Hanson, S, Spangler, M, Luttrell, D, Stephens S, Cristopher, D, Volkland, L, 4th ROW: Martinez, D, Franklin, J, Foreman, K, Sowell, R, White, C, Fernandez, R. Susan Tobor Joe Dunn ROTC BAND Drum Nlaior Bill Epps Bn. Staff Sponsor Sarah Rymal The Adamson ROTC Band is easily the best military band in Dallas. In addition to playing at all parades, they also played at the Fort Wolters' Helicopter School graduation. SPONSORS X! Sarah Rymal Carla Adams Susan Tabor Shirley Schellenberg Carolyn Way Marty Hargis Kay McClary Paula Henderson Band Sponsor Shirley Schellenberg ROTC Miss Adamson finalist Carolyn Way 2l5 THE SARGES ' l ,. pq, 6 1 8 n Q ' fs? 3' O 'Q ,. :N W' , of ,, Q. Practice Everyday DAD! You missed the whole largel. .-1-.SI-Ti . 'gg l QS? i xxx. "dl,.f"- I want my mommy Rifle MH! Get a flyswafler. We issue two sizes, too large and too small 'QQ ' , e' ,. , WRTQ A V, 1 , ,. 'W 5 al ,,.- , wi V L 1- . A F' ' 78 ,. I si fl The drill team performs for parents at Open House Nov. 8. H W- I . . . ., ' , . 'Q 2l6 NO! NOT CAPS! YEAR '64-'65 m-H Well, why did you let her touch it? My way or no? at all. Rank-happy, eh? BANG! And then you take a half a cup of sugar Queen Ani1a's Honor Guard. CAMP DALLAS FZEZHQ Company F 2nd Battalion, 39th Brigade Camp Dallas, Mineral Wells, Texas ,,, Co. F officers: Capt. Paul Cadmus, Capt Steve Nelson, 'IfLt. Glenn lMouseyJ Miles, 2fLt. Arthur Walker, 2fLt. Gary Clark, 2fLt. Danny Fricke , I -" f 1-'c-19:21 3.1. , AJTTW .X A ASN ruff' X , "fM'4ll9'f' itll 'D ISN: Jr 'SML-5 X EAR - t .J" E -. ' V' W 711' T' Q7 . lc in 'si xx' l .IRQ My lu Drawn by "l l 'I -' Cadet Pfc. l King Sanders 'A JI! cgP'l'Q.ur, unset -- ' A -' Fi Cadmu' The combined Adamson-Sunset company. :xxx an-.1.:'ev-1 Ili! fs, ' .wig fe . we LQ l , .3 .. rx X! ' Q il if Ei t: E NW 'X , it K may 2fLt. Arthur Walker Company F on the parade field. 2 l 8 2nd place, Military Decathalon JUNE, 1964 Iv .ta Play Time Four hours of classes everyday. Blank ammo is used in tactics problems. A .S Copters from Fort Wolters helicopter school were always around. :L Adamson attacks the TJ company, and won the problem. f, .lx ..- Adamson-Sunset wait for SOC and High- land Park to attack. Mineral Wells after we left! 2 l 9 O UR FEARLESS LEADERS Easy livlng???? Hard at work zzzzzzzz. Captain Cool il l an l v 4 .al H. , ,S, l J l I l it t 'v' tt.. Stonewall Jackson Sgt. Rock Gen. "Hap" Arnold Col. Fremont 'ginivlw General "Blood and Guts UTOGRA PHS iijgn ifri, WL 'W ew U 7 Q K' W " 5 f aj V if 1 A W! ff!! l ' 4 Q 6 L A YEA R WITH ALL THAT MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN . . . Such posters like Janace and Pages were exhibited for a three day period throughout the building the week of elections. The Art Department makes decorations for all holidays. M put in much time making designs such as these. 222 2' embers The candidates for cheerleader do "Two Bits" the last time before going before the student body. i S Q .11 ,,.,,... L -. K To T .M xl if 'THE 'ia xr fr' Here Mr. Ligon, Mr. Forgey, and former student Shirley McCann survey the front hall the morning of the elections. T HE 1965 OAK April is always a busy month at Adamson. Such activities as the Select Chorus operettas, the one act play, National Honor Society initiation and Mr. Adamson's birthday, which is observed as Flower Day, are observed during this month. lris Belk, Don Baker, and Jim Templeton had the leads in "The Fortune Teller." Joe Teague displays his talent in SeIect's "Miss Cherry Blossom." Adamson's entry in the one act play contest was "The Twelve Pound Look." Charles Ingram was named best actor in the South Zone for his performance. Flower Day was observed on April 26, Mr. Adamson's birthday. At the end of the day the flowers are placed on the grave of Mr, Adamson at Laurel Land. 'Q fi 53 6' A Each year the NHS initiates its new members on an assembly in April. Here Carol Ann Downs calls out the new members of the Society. Hmm Us Friday, May 1, was Student Council elec- tions, and shown here are the candidates for all 5 offices. 224 is ,, ri e . t l k Mr. Forgey expresses his thanks for the work of the 1963-64 Student Council officers. -'xv-- -,,Nf-, 4 H May means many things to many people. To the Seniors it's The lasf of Their high school daysg To The underclassmen it means siudy for exams, and bear The hof weafher. i Senior Day had John Bullock portraying one of the Great" '64 Seniors, but WE '65 Seniors know beffef- The Mouse That Roared was the 64 Senior Play Charles Ingram played Tully Here, some of our beiier dressed stu- denis pose for new Mug Shots! Tacky Day has become an- oiher Adamson ira- diiion. May 22, 1964, Sen- ior Day, catches the Seniors in a happy, but sad time, for it is the last time they will be in Adamson as students. May 21, 1964 was a special day for all Adamson students. The "Oaks" came out that day, and every- one wanted their friends' signatures. Don Donovan looks very disgusted with it all. Some underclass- man made off with his Oak. ,B .Il l REQ gnu Student Council officers for 1965 are Rusty Hendrix, Pres., Marlene Moran, Parl., Jeff Grey, V.-Pres., Carolyn Way, Sec., Marty Hargis, Treas. With them is the sponsor of the Council, Mr. Forgey. sit, During the HOT summer months our football team slaved to make the football season a good onel ,, .Q SUMMERTIMEIIIIIIII These halls were soon to be filled with the excitement and activities of the 1964-65 school year. 1 , n,..f...,aiEe The month of August meant practice for the Leopard Band. 227 Mr. Batchelor explains the athletic program to the newcomers. During the first all-school as- sembly, the student council offi- cers reaffirmed their dedication to The month of September began another school year. Activities dur- ing September centered mainly around the football season with the assemblies, garnes,- and parties. For some this was to be their first year of high school- for others, the last. Well don't iust stand there, do something! E Adamson. Also on the assembly was Sarah Rymal who reported her experiences at Girls State. Richard Worthy is pictured here relating his week at Boys State. This year, the Leopardettes had a new and different type of Leopardette. Becky Davis served as mascot. Here Aunt Betty looks on as Becky is presented to the student body. October is usually known as the "Fall Frolics Month". This year the Fall Frolics was a tremendous suc- cess. The annual SOC assembly, Fair Day, and initial work on the homecoming floats were other events which marked October as a month to be remembered. Members of the Acorn and Oak staffs ' attended the Southwestern Journalism Forum held at SMU. E , Q 5 hVMf' V Q Jimmy Kokel and his famous "Golden Duds" performed their famous precision kicking on the SOC football assembly. . Ai . "Leader of the Pack" Swaner and her girls are carried away by the performance of their idols. Fall Frolics held a new surprise for everyone-Adamson was invaded by the Beatles. They included from left to right "John" Robbins, "George" Hoffmann, "Paul" Greene, and the GREAT "Ringo" Creel. Wh ABOVE: The annual football banquet was held at the Oak Cliff Country Club. The food was good, but the announce- ment of the 28 lettermen was better. RIGHT: Miss Spruiell was honored during Open House for her untiring work while at Adamson. A nip of cold wind and Homecoming in the air brought the month of November, "Victory is sweet," but the taste of mud isn't, as the Leopards won their first game of the year against North Dallas. QE "Big D" provided color and a feel- ing of good sportsmanship for those who attended. The candidates for Homecoming queen anxiously await the climax of all the Homecoming festivities-the crowning of the 1965 Homecoming queen. Mr. "Shorty" Beckhart was presented with an Adamson blue blazer from the Leopard Band for his devoted service throughout the year. Mrs. Rae Cullum was honored in her final year as teacher and Leopardette sponsor. Homecoming Queen Anita Ford and Senior princesses Cheri Tarwater and Marty Hargis. Freddie Ingram performs her version of "The Night Before Christmas" on the annual Christmas Assembly. 'fm-1... ' Students from the homemaklng departments served as hostesses for the Christmas party given ln the library for faculty and school officials. 232 The month of December means ordering graduation announcements for the seniors. Lon Oakley played the role of "Scrooge" on the Christmas Assembly. l l i E 4 Q Y Proceeds from the annual Penny Parade were used to benefit various needy organizations WNW. 5 Q.: XBOVE: Dr. White presents Mr. Meek with a rophy won by Jacob Morgun in a contest spon- ored by the General Motors Corporation. RIGHT: Decorations furnished by the art depart- nent, and our leopard greeted Adamson's visitors luring the holiday season. Qtflgl 195231 it x J Rebecca Rippy and Lillian Hardwick present to Mr. Robbins the first place trophy they won in Girl's Debate at the Jesuit speech tournament. Mr. Larsen -helps a student with some last-minute studying before mid-term exams. 234 Steve Bradshaw goes for two points in the opening game against SOC. While cleaning out lockers before exams, some students find books they never knew they had. On the basketball assembly, this plaque was presented to the school in honor of last year's State Run- ! ner-up team. Also presented was i this year's team. 'Y xv, nt HQ T11 e 1 sf ,.....u '-r 'Q , :n A , Q ,, Q 5 if V - si .3 ' E it ,, 5 it t r, -at hx, thai.: ,Zt.s There is some hidden talent in everyone, however, "Elvis" Forgey seems to have lost his. But he retains his admirers. LEFT Senior students Sammy Faris and Marsha Redd study for mid-term exams hoping that these will be their last. BELOW: Sarah Rymal and Bill Epps present trophies awarded to the band and Leopardettes for their participation in the Fire Prevention Parade. The month of February was almost the busiest of all the school year. The Sweetheart Dance, Pay and Brotherhood assemblies, Military Ball, and Leopardette initiation were among The activities. So you think Leopardettes is real neat??? The new girls found out what Leopardettes held in store for them. Here they sample a new type of food? and their new costumes!! Larry Groce proved to everyone he could sing!!!!! He was one of the out- standing features of the annual Pay Assembly. 236 Cindy Smith sang her version of "l Can't Say NO on the Pay Assembly. 1 3 1 TWENTY-EIGHT FOOTBALL LETTERMEN MINUS NINE ' ' ami? r Ugg - 238 Z u CARLA ADAMS SWEETHEART QUEEN 1965 THE QUEEN AND HER COURT: S iors-Martha Cummings and Pam Springer Sophomores-Bobbie Maulfsby and Cindy Violet? Freshmen-Debbie Grant and Jo Ann Willis eniors-Judy Miglinas, Carla Adams and Carolyn Way Jun , I ex. ,gr ,, if R rr 'L 3, ,g 4- '- 22 2 , S, Wi SENIOR FINALISTS: Princess Judy Miglinas, Queen Carla Adams, and Princess Carolyn Way. 1 J Si The annual Brotherhood Assembly was held on February 26, 1965. There were various speakers on the subject of Brotherhood, and Your American Brother. Janace Pope won first place in the Dallas County Advertising Editorial Contest. Here she accepts her award. Adamson's newest student, Thomas Allen Teague, was introduced to the student body. Sammy Faris gave the devotional on the Brotherhood As- sembly. Other speakers were .lanace Pope, Steve Bradshaw and master of ceremoniesy Larry Groce. 4. nw, The Military Ball was held February 27 in the girl's gym. The evening was clirnaxed by the announcement of the 1965 Military Sweetheart, Marty Hargis. LEFT: The sponsors and cadets worked hard to make the ball a success, here they relax and have a good time. BELOW: The sponsors dance with their company Commanders after the announcement of the Queen. 1' ...awfwy F Queen Marty is presented her roses and the crown by Battle Group Commander, Steve Nelson. - -'diff' -' 1 . :L P1 . AUTOGRAPHS "Son, are you still using that greasy kid stuff?" "Remember my brother?" "What! You again?" r Q., 3? Those schoolburgers are MURDER!! 2 "Our group had 452,940,927,584,i82'-X, more cavities!" Ban takes the worry out of being close. Z' "Who said that I'm conceited? Hwnh love, forever' . . . H "Come on Mr. Batchelor! We want to play too!" 242 iii! X mv M5125 maart RP 'D F51 1 .,,, . JL , ,am if Q' H, mb' ' , . F m E 3 v 3 ,A W2 ,V .2- 1 ,gre y I ,gg:f ',f'.,,,:' 5 5 2'-xp ' .f ' ' .- , 3-4.5 '94 ,.Q-5?,.fgw- ': , win . ' . " K' ' ' if -.rv 'Mn . "4 , ' ' ' ' 1 M wise? 5 W, m , 1.5 1 . W nfl!! .U , + I-. ' , in Lgf. . Q 'A ,rg , , 1 ,A ' Q. -, K K , -V.. . - ' 1 ,. ., v, . tr " ,, T W ,EAW --M Q '5-' Y L wf- M ,M 5 Elyse, I V , 436251, . ' ' A . , V . K 'K wi .KJ i. yr Q, .,, fi Q, .5 4. ,-,, , '4 ,R ,, . am fn -. b, ,Vq, 1 ADVERTISING one final word X wisdom ST IN S LES... BEcAusE wE'nE ST IN SERVICE I . . . .J LELMENHDDU. LEMMON AT lNwooD - DALLAS, TEXAS - LA 6-8811 CIIEVROLET G , H 0 HERBIE DODD WYNNEWOOD TEXACO 2204 S. Llewellyn "l-lorne of Friendly Service" Sponsor of Li'H'le Cowboys Ba ncli+s Wynnewood Cubs ACME WOOD SHOP 27I4 Easf Elevenih WH 2-65I2 SPECIAL MILLWORK KiI'cI1en Cabineis-Door Drawers-Dressing Tables Enfrance Doors MCKINNEY-WI LLIAMSON BOLTS-NUTS-SCREWS "The Besl Place Io Buy" RI 8-703I 2I47 Farringlon S+. PARK PHARMACY 2I4 Wesi' Colorado Opposife MeI'I1odis+ Hospifal WH I-II88 DUDLEY M. HUGHES FUNERAL HOME "Home of Personal Service" 400 Easi' Jefferson Ambulance Service WH 6-5I33 FRED'S BARBECUE Wynnewood Village -Open Daily- Cusiom Cooking Call WH 6-423I for Orders To Go RANGER CAR WASH ENCO PRODUCTS 2420 S. Zangs wi-I 2-4601 DAVID JORDAN, Mgr. Besf Wishes 'Io Adamson High School S'ruden+s and Faculfy From CLIFF TEMPLE BAPTIST CHURCH Sunsei and Zangs-Tenfh and Beckley DR. WALLACE BASSETT-Pas'I'or ras'-ai JL 1 Q iiH.lx0RX HICKORY HQQEE HOUSE ??lG'f:l it onuomu. i 6362662 HWHOTW- Q B2'1'fn'?E'E .marry-1-Q.www" "L 11- '::m'.L"9""'i'L"' Q. ' 'fi- Mei-QA nfififcisn' mmm H V 901755 2.56 m021,,H0USi SAUCE Wang? MUSTABQE ,7 . G. A.,. ' lik K, 3-.,,,M,,,,.. HICKORY HOUSE 900I Chancellor Row Dallas, Texas 3 1 M1242 Omamm mum x nm' nm...-n, .-.fK..,. . Y M N.. rqvwm-vm manufa- s-M. ww fa -0' -Q..-Q if B..lllU8,NlH CARL'S SEWING CENTER 9I5 W. Jefferson 482I Ross Avenue 2243 Gus Thomasson Road "The Coolesf Graduafion SHI" Special Sfudenf-Faculfy Discouni' "Dallas' Largesl Selecfion- All Makes" GOFF'S Charcoal Broiled Hamburgers "QualiIy You Can Tas're" Also Iry Mrs. Goff's Ice Cream 32 Flavors Wynnewood Village WH 2-6772 WOODY'S PANCAKE HOUSE I32 Wynnewood Village Brealcfasi All Day "FamiIy's Favorilen STEAKS sANDwlcHEs WAFFLES SHRIMP PANCAKES Hours 7 A.M.-9 P.M. LLOYD'S CREDIT JEWELERS S'IudenI' Accounls Inviled WH I-4084 207 W. Jefferson Complimenfs of W. A. GREEN'S Kiesi' aI' Lancasfer Phone FR 6-73II Where you never pay more . . of+en less . . . and gei- S8rH GREEN STAMPS Compliments of PAGES DRUG Prescrip+ion Specialisls 3230 Falls Drive, FE I-5455 DALLAS, TEXAS DALLAS, TEXAS l052 W. Camp Wisdom Rd. CA 4-352l DALLAS. TEXAS Casa View Drug l030l Ferguson Rd. DA 8-439I ARLINGTON, TEXAS 903 Park Row CR 4-553l Complimenfs of FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF OAK CLIFF 330 Easf Ann Arbor Dallas I6, Texas JAMES L. COOPER, Pasfor GO! GO! FASHIONS For Those On The Go. COLBERT'S 220 W. Jefferson WH 3-4666 GLENDALE CAMERA SHOP 4444 So. Marsalis FR 4-6465 Dallas, Texas Oak Cliff's Mosf Complefe Camera Shop Packard Bell-Curfis Mafhes Sfereo-TV-Combinafions WH 6-06II WH I-5000 BISHOP AUTO GLASS CO. A Complefe Aufo Glass and Since IQO4 Upholsfery Service Furnifure-Appliances-Food Lockers lol W Jefferson Door Locks Repaired I03 W. Ninfh ' Furnifure and af Beckley Desk Tops THIS SPACE COURTESY THE MULLETS Johnny Vaughn Sieve Ufley Jeff Grey Jingles Foughi' Wings Webb Lon Oakley Henry BenneH Rusfy Prince Dad Hood Rusfy Hendrix Don Donavon THIS SPACE BELONGS TO THE "RED RAIDERS" 19- PR-65 Lon Oakley-CAPT. Sieve U'I'Iey-CAPT. Hank BenneH' Dad Hood Reggy Oakley Dale Whife Roberf Foughf Wayne Sharp Randy Price Don Donavon Billy Collins MUSTANGS John McDonald-Capf. Larry Moore Roy Mar+in Chris Mosley Larry Darnell Tony Wrighf Kim Zauber Ben Clendinning TEXAS SEED AND PLANT COMPANY TRINITY PRESBYTERIAN Good Luck Io Class of '65 528 Eas'I' TenI'h WH I-II24 2II E. Colorado WH I-56I6 '-l" A Church Family Wirh a Warm Heari ZANG BOULEVARD AT FIFTH STREET DALLAS 8, TEXAS Sunday School 9:45 A.M. Morning Worship-I I:00 A.M. For Every Blooming Thingv- W. WALLACE FARIS, Pasfor Phone WH 87I34 Learn 'lo Live fo GUITARS-AccEsSoR1ES PRIVATE LESSONS Drive Righ+ Enjoy i1 BOYD GUITAR SCHOOL CLYDE BOYD-Direc'l'or O' BOYD MUSIC co. OW"e"OPe'alo' DALLAS SCHOOL OF DRIVING 3l4 So. Beclcley Sfudio WH 6-3460 Dallas' Texas Res' FR "3544 2525 P+. warm Ave. aaoz cedar Springs FE 1-1215 LA 8-0150 .... 1..T... MILLER'S FLORIST ' JOHN BULLARD When you +l1inlc of flowers . . . 'lhink of ours I J. B. ancl LOUISE MILLER E 81 E Enferprises y Cedar Hill, Texas 3003 So. Lancasler Bus. FR I-2373 Dallas, Texas Res. CA 3-6580 AX I-I5l5 1 M.. fb- """'u 7 I 5 5,42 ,, K , if ' l ff If I A "'5""'fff2 we L I , 'un SAFETY BRAKE SERVICE 305 Nor+h Beckley WH 3-8II2 sl H' KETCH UM 81 KILLUM 334 Wesf Kies+ RAY FITZPATRICK Cgngrafulafigng Enco Service S+a'rion Seniors '65 Kiesi' and Polk FR 6 6822 COMPLIMENTS of a FRIEND EUGENE R. MCDONALD WORLD BOOK EncyclopediafCHlLDCRAFT Represen'ra+ive WH 2-O I 69 Courfesy of QUALITY CLEANERS 623 W. Jefferson Blvd. Dallas 8, Texas WH I-4727 There is no subsfifufe for qualify" J'S CAFETERIA Sewing Fine Foods Seven Days a Week COMPLIMENTS or THE BLUE DEVILS Bobby Burns Rusfy Prince Ronnie King Richard Worfhy Jerry Lewellen Wayne Douglas Wilson Pefers 307 Jefferson Davis Cenfer WH 6- I 498 CROSSWINDS APTS 5I5 Wesf Tenfh Reynolds 8: Sales Norman Consfrucfion wig egg ak Glili 'ilirihum SINCE I903 Hey Students READ HI-TIMES News of Junior and Senior High Schools 3333 Tribune Drive Call FR 6-4343 TALLENT BROS. FURNITURE Early American and Provincial I ITALIAN - SPANISH "Reasonably Priced" Liberal Terms 2260 W. Illinois Ial Hamplonl FE I-6444 True Diamond Rings Bulova Walches Jewelry and WaI'ch Repairing Cerlifiecl Masler Walchmalcer WH 6-0729 I R. B. RAYMOND .IEWELER AI' Bishop and Jefferson Sl. R. B. "BOB" RAYMOND 306 So. Bishop MATTYE MAUDE RAYMOND Dallas 3. Texas For All Your Beaulfy Care.Try TERRl'S NEWPORT BEAUTY SALON 2I05 S. Eclgefield Call WH 6-3l8I for Appoinlmenl' JIMMY RUNNELS APPLIANCES Sales and Service 6I W. Jefferson Ave. Dallas, Texas BROINNIE PETERS . 5 .?::'1.?ese!:.e, ELECTRIC New Telephone! . . . WH 6-2nas COMPANY LONE STAR DONUTS WH 6,2676 Dallas 3, Texas WH 6-2680 I426 Fer d I Dallas. T FORWARD Wifh fhe Friendly People of Oak Cliff GRACE TEMPLE BAPTIST CHURCH BUEL R. CROUCH, Pasfor Tenfh and Tyler WH 8-9066 WEDDINGS CHILD STUDIES CATH EY'S House of Portraits 2026 P+. Worfh Avenue Phone WH 8-8900 COMMERCIAL GLAMOUR If's Nof Whaf You Gel' Ouf Of Life ThaI' Counfs, Buf Whaf You Puf Info If GALILEAN BAPTIST CHURCH 2OI Easf Tenfh TOM BRIDGES Pasfor For Gool so loved fhe world fhaf I-le gave His only beqoffen Son, fhaf whosoever believefh in I-lim should nof perish buf have everlasfing life. John 3:l6 Buf God commanclefh l-lis love foward us, in fhaf, while we were yef sinners, Chrisf dies for us. Romans 5:8 I. C. DEERE TRANSFER 81 STORAGE' 'NC' I B. F, Goonmcl-I S. S. CAPLE, Manager CLASS OF '36 I02 Norfh Ewing Dallas, Texas Complimenfs of LONG DISTANCE MOVING Buford Owen Charles Deere 81 I28 W. Jefferson Your ROTC Headquarfers fhvfeuianal Pauwphhn flifaamacwi. Open 9:00 A.M. 'Io 6:00 P.M. Thursday Un+iI 8:30 P.M. A 81 B FABRICS PaHerns-Ta pe-Braids-Zippers Lace-Thread-NeedIes-BuH'ons 500 W. Jefferson WH 6-2I55 . . 34II so. Lancas+er FR I-3404 M'II"'e'Y Supphes 240I Kiesi' af Hampfon FE I-4343 ALTA HICKS Phone WH 2-62I2 2609 S. Beckley ji JIMMIE HOLMES WENDELL HOLMES 1, LA TIARA BEAUTY SALON A Oueen's S+yIe ai' a Peasan'r's Price. Phone WH 6-5757 I I I Wesi Hobson 4 Q ACCENT COIFFURES 25l3 Souih Hampion FE 7-7307 Personalized Sfyling . Uhr Gbak I3iamon lgrwhgivrian Qlhurrh "?fl'3? In ou Tenfh and Madison I invi+es you Io ioin us in worship Sunday Morning 8:30 A.M. I AM. 1 Sunday Evening 7:30 P.M. I In Sfudy Sunday Morning 9:45 A.M. i Sunday Affernoon 4:00 P.M. IYou+hI ezoo P.M. ifxduiii I and in his service everyday Youfh Choirs leading worship each Sunday nighf Pas'I'or-EDWARD S. BAYLESS Associa'I'e Pasfor- A JOHN A. si-lure , , Minisfer of Music- w. c. evemrr ii I i B IT5' II fa-fi 4 x ELECTRIFYING PEOPLE .: x E1 ' Emi ,' 4 l'0!0 if1'fdff"2,14, Lug 121152 icymfgfffe ee L - W ew WTA ' 'L' 5 if F w i O il. 7 , Most Likely to Go in Orbit Nowheresville Q - -I .. -......- ..... ... - ......... 4 4 .J 5 L E . ' I ' jf - ,,, fri ' , ' .. .. E011 .-, gb.: Beg? G GJ ' 0 vv I fm ' E Most Likely t Become Vice President Like Wow! C o y. My M . K A ,i 1 f--P 5 ,X MI im ieichwiffifi ........ 4-1. :-if4L1.K?L Ah F C - . QQ igfowoiib U 'V Beauty Most Likely to Be in Your Future 11-1.-.......--....i1......,11..-.......-1-.-.-.1 Young Moderns Live Better Electrically D kk DALLAS Powsn a uc:-rr COMPANY E , ll? JOHN HIEGEL'S ONE HOUR MARTINIZING 264l Sou'l'h Hampfon 702 Wynnewood Village FE l-4203 WH 6-4435 WESTCLIFF BEAUTY SHOPPE 2I9 Wesfcliff Shopping Cenfe Phone FE 7-7700 I' KING'S BOOK STORE School Texfs and Supplies Paper Backs-Books of All Kinds Same Localion Since I93I 929 W. Jefferson WH 8-8665 H. E. WESTBROOK MOTOR CO. 407 Soufh Beckley Ave. Dallas 3, Texas WH 2-4909 5-i0 BEN FRANKLIN 5-i0 Kiesl' and Poll: Village Open: 8:30-8:30 Mon. 'lhru Fri. 9:00-7:00 Sal. You'II Look Long and Lean In Tapered Slacks. All Year You'II Be Nea+Iy Draped By Removing PIea'rs and Resfyling Your Trousers. CLIFF Tailors 84 Reweaving 300 Cen+re WH 3-4 I 4I A Secure Fu+ure Can be Yours-Through Regular Addi+ions To Your Savings Accouni' Wi+I1 OAK CLIFF SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Texas' Largesi' Suburban Savings Ins+i+u+ion CONGRATULATIONS sENlORs ROWLEY UNITED OAK CLIFF TH EATRES TEXAS - WYNNEWOOD VOGUE - HAMPTON ROAD Congra+uIa+ions 'I'o The I965 Seniors of Adamson. BRADY'S FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES 939 W. Jefferson Ave. WALT DROZE RON BRADY WH 2358' CONGRATULATIONS Ewa! AND TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Deposil' Insurance Corporafion ZANGS BLVD. AT TWELFTH STREET-DALLAS, TEXAS a Iine of bull from . . L 25 CHARLIE'S RANCH ALOA MEAT MARKET CATES PHARMACY Prescripfions "THE BEST PLACE TO MEAT We Inviie Charge Accounis 8 HELILEIYMD 249 Wynnewood Village I0 A.M. Io 7 P.M. Sundays WH 6-2440 2I0l S. Edgefield Vermoni' and Ewing WH 8-7303 WH 6-2 I 79 COMPLIMENTS OF THE AC'S Sam Cleveland Sfeve Davis Wayne Douglas Wayne Kidd Ronnie King John Lindsey BILL FERRELL INSURANCE AGENCY "For all your Insurance needs." Sammy Faris Wilson Pefers Bryan Greer Gary Syory 58I5 W. Jefferson FE I-4346 SENIOR '65 W. L. PETERS WILSON PETERS Aufhorized Disfribufor For H. W. Ferrell 58I5 W. Jefferson G 8: O Radiafor Cores TEXAS AUTO RADIATOR CO. Radiafor Cleaning, Repairing and Recoring Radiafor Shop Supplies Phone RI 8-30I9 2649 Main Sfreef Dallas 26, Texas FERRELL LUMBER CO. "We Specialize in Safisfied Cusfomers. True Diamond Rings WH 6-0729 Bulova Wafches Jewelry and Wafch Repairing Cerfified Masfer Wafchmalcer R. B. RAYMOND JEWELER Af Bishop and Jefferson Sf. R, B, RAYMOND 306 SO. Bishop MATTYE M. RAYMOND Dallas 8. Texas SPEEDY CHICK NO. 4 703 Wynnewood Village Broasfed Chicken - Pizzas 3 Mile Free Delivery WH 3-7387 WH 3-7386 WH I-I669 FE I-6514 New and Remodeling Cabinefs All Worlc Guaranfeed Drain Boards BRUCE B. FEATHERSTON BUILDING CONTRACTOR Res. Phone I902 S. Tyler WH I-I230 Dallas, Texas THANKS ! ! ! ! ! FOR YOUR WONDERFUL RECEPTION REX CINEMA Oak CIiff's DeLuxe Theatre! 927 Wesr Jefferson WH 6-7I7I HANKS HUMBLE SERVICE I04I So. Beckley ai' Clarendon ROAD SERVICE TUNE UP AND BRAKE SERVICE TIRES BATTERIES AND ACC. S 84 I-I GREEN STAMPS JAMESON'S PHARMACY EL CHICO Siilpiffgiil, RESTAURANT No. 8 2600 Block W. Jefferson Dallas, Texas IIO W. Davis WH 3-86l0 BEST WISHES, SENIORS, I965 , Serving 1'l1e Finesi' in Mexican, MOSELEY'S BARBER SHOP . , American and Sea Food 904 Vermonf ai' Ewing We need your head in our business. S JARMON MOTORS Highway 77 Carrollfon, Texas CH 7-6I7l 5 E E There's SomeThing For Everyone A+ Bronco Bowl! IT's Dallas GreaT Family Fun SporTs CenTer! BOWLING: 72 of The finesi' lanes anywhere! Complefe pro shop and ins+ruc'I'ion. AUTOMATIC ARCHERY: Firs'r in The area! I3 lanes, compleiely aufomaiicg compIe'I'e pro shop and insfruc+ion. GOLF DRIVING RANGE: Newly insialled BASEBALL BATTING RANGE: 3 au1'oma'l'ic pifching machines: 3 speeds. PLUS: New Res+auran'I', Beau'ry Sho , Barber Shop Home of "THE PIT" Clilb All Indoors! All Under One Giganiic Roof! All-Wea+her Fun! BRONCO BOWL 2600 FT. WORTH AVENUE PHONE WH 3-7473 Phone FE 7-9239 GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 4I6 W. J ff By Professional Barbers WH 6-arisen WESTCLIFF BARBER SHOP Hair Cui' To Your Sa+isfac1'ion 204 Wesfcliff Shopping Cenfer Hampfon Road af Loop I2 Dallas, Texas HA 8-7474 'K INSTALLATION " CLEANOUT "' MATERIAL SERVICE FOREST AVE. ARMY STORE 'F REPAIR R.O.T.C.-N.D.C.C. SUPPLIES SHOES-KHAKIS-JACKETS J- F- SMITH AND SONS 2732 Pom, Ave. Dallas ,Sl Tam DALLAS' OLDEST SEPTIC TANK CONCERN WH 3-4303 xi, 2 .,,. gift? '-1225 52:-'..S Erma -.' .I 1 5 X '24 i.. rid Y gli: '-it Ex tx M W Q +I? my 'ZA fi V A 'F I M., ...,.- fwffww ture S T A- T EK I Q A My K IUUHINIHGILLINUIS MEMBEREIZLZZJ . I i I I i . I I I I I I I I I 'Q' '12 ,W ,iii 371."?I?' 'ymkf IL Mafia NMMA? H: X'z':3'QI5a'l'Si5L.!l'J"fZ'Wf'Wfla'vl Ii5iC!lV2?LHl41 iSl1l'UL1XIF"37B.'l"l5'1WY'S' ff ., 5 mc 4, 15,15 is If 'Y 4.916 r Y LJ In my 'Nl-sn' by 2 I tn F F Qak Chff 'llirnhunz HEY STUDENTS ...... THE OAK CLIFF TRIBUNE SERVING THE COMMUNITY WEST OF THE RIVER SINCE I903 . . . . . . READ HI-TIMES News of Junior and Senior High Schools 3333 Tribune Drive Call FR 6-4343 FOR ALL Youn BEAUTY CARE TRY TERRI'S NEWPORT BEAUTY SALON 2I05 Sou+I1 Edgefield CaII WH 6-3I8I for Appoinfmeni I I I TALLENT BROS. FURNITURE EarIy American and Provincial II'aIian-Spanish "Reasonably PricecI" LIBERAL TERMS 2260 W. IIIinois Iai' Hamp'IonI FE I-6444 143, 153 A Abernethy, Henry-38, 154, 158 Adams, Carla-6, 38, 129, 214, INDEX Bearden, Roddy-76, 178, 180, 181, 182, 187, 237, 201 Beavers, Randy-39, 148, 225 Becker, Robert-102 215,224,37,230,158,166, 142 BeCkl'l31'1, 51131011-39, 238' X- 159,154 AhmsHmmM-N,NL2M BMhm?UiWw4W7'2'r2rm Adanw,Lynn-402,188,203 BML HOWCG-212 Adams, Margaret-92 Adams, Sherilyn- Adams, Vickie- Addison, John-102, 213 Aguilar, Carol-92, 149, 139 Aguilar, Ester-76 Aguilar, Jesse-92, 203 Aldaco, Pete-213 Aldaco, Steve-213 Alford, Alford, Harry- Regina-92 Allen, Betty-92 Allen, Steve-38 Almaguer, Julian- Alsip, James-102 Alvarez, Rosita- Alvarez, Sylvia-102 Alvis, Dianna-76, 168, 224, 151 Armstrong, Glen-92, 194, 203 Armstrong, Virginia-38, 149, 153 Arostegui, Damaris- Arostequi, Jonatan- Arrendo, Angelita- Ashcraft, Mary-76, 145 Ashford, Carol-38, 151, 152, 158, 159, 140, 154 Askins, Janice-38, 224, 189, 166, 145 B Bailey, Margery-92 Bailey, Marshall- Baird, Betty-76, 222 Baird, Jack- Baker, Don-38, 135, 148, 173, 174, 154, 175, 222, 223, 225 152, 150 Baker, Margaret- Baker, Barbara-92, 149 Baker, Sharon-92 Ballagas, Ana- Barbee, Gary-38, 160 Donald-38, 147, 178 Barnes, Barnes, Janice-102 Barnes, Buddy-194 Barnett, Barbara-76 Barron, Olivia-102 Bass, Donald-39 Bass, Ronald-39 Baston, Jack- Bauer, Barbara-6, 76, 149, 169, 187, 225, 189 Beam, Mary-92 Beamguard, Addie-92 Bearden, Alan- 274 Bellah, Larrye-76 Beltran, Lupe-76, 170 Beltran, Robert-102, 194, 203 Benavids, Oscar-39 Benners, June- Bennett, Henry-39, 135, 146, 200 Bennett, Judy-92 Benson, Lana-76, 155 Berry, Carol-76, 149, 169, 236 Berry, Diane-39, 167, 147, 157, Bigler, Linda-92 Bills, Lenis-76 Bills, Marsha-92 Bishop, Roy-76 Black, Homer- Black, Sidney-102, 212 Blackburn, Jimmy-39, 146, 142, 152, 200 Blackstock, Billy- Blagg, David-40 Blagg, Jim-5, 178, 181, 182 Blagg, Woody-40, 157 Blaisdall, Linda-76, 149, 170, 225 Blankenship, Donna-39 Blankenship, John-92 Blankenship, LaJuana-70 Blanton, Benny-40 Blanton, William-92 Bliss, Linda-92, 149, 139, 153 Blissard, Phyllis- Boatwright ,Dorris- Boring, Larry-92 Bostick, William-212 Bostick, Yvonne- Boswell, Carolyn-92 Bowling, Ray-76, 178, 181, 187, 185 Boyd, Evelyn- Boyd, Ann-92, 149, 139, 157 Boyd, Peggy-77 Bradshaw, Steve-77, 178, 180,181,183,187,146, 190, 191, 142, 242, 234, 230, 237 Branan, Robert- Branch, Linda- Bradley, Aubrey-40, 222 Brannon, Phillip-102 Brannon, Robert-102, 212 Bratton, James-92 Bray, Karen-40, 170, 242 Brashears, Judy-92, 149 Brewer, Mike-102, 188, 203 Bridewell, Linda-157 Bridges, La Quetta-92 Bridges, Johnny-40 Bridge Bridge s, Larry-77, 212 s, Lorna-77 Briscoe, Twana-77 Brister, Maefair-77, 169, 147, 144, 151 Britton, John R.-40, 129, 224, -M-1--f 1A2,1,5Q,.1,9721,9Q , W W Brodhead, Jimmy-40 Broeske, Charles-102 Bronar, Robert-40, 212, 142, 140 Brooks, Gerald-98 Brooks, Helen-40 Brown, Clyde-98, 170, 205 Brown, Gale-41 Brown, Howard- Brown, Jimmy-77 ,156 Brown, Patricia-41 Brown, Shirley- Cancino, Aniseto-92 Canida, Randall- Canipe, Thomas-213 Cantrell, Nancy-102 Cantu, Frances- Cantu, Frankie-42 Cantu, Madeline-42 carpernen Nukeaea H Carpenter, Pat-102 Carr, Randy-77, 178, 182, 183 Carr, Peggy- Carroll, Larry-70 Chapman, Steve-43, 198, 196 Carson, Ronnie-178, 180, 181 182,237,196 Charles, Beverly-43, 170 Casas, Bobby-194, 134, 203 Caster, Nancy-42 Castillio, Nora- Browning, James-77, 189, 197, 196 Brumfield, Joe- Brundrett, Jack-41 Bryant, Earnie-77, 148, 212, 225 Bryant, Ron-75, 77, 178, 181, 185, 189, 146, 139 Buchanan, Carolyn-77 Buford, Sandy-41, 149, 170, 225, Bullard 157 , Paula-41, 149, 147 Bundick, Nancy- Burgess, Nancy-102, 170 Burgess, Thomas-102, 170 Burns, Delene-77, 155 Burns, Kathy-41, 149, 225, 140,151 Burns, Bobby-41, 146, 178, 181,186,147, 198,196 Burrel Oscar 92 l, - Burt, Sherril-41 Burton, Lillie-41, 170, 153 Butler, Cherryl-41, 129, 142, 141 Butler, John-102, 203 Butler, Karen-42, 225, 147, 143 Butler, Larry-102 Buttleman, Kay-42, 129, 148, 140 Bybee, Dora- Bybee, Nora-102 Byers, Labetha-177, 231 Byram, Wanda-92 C Cadmus, Mareda-77, 135, 149 Cadmus, Paul-42, 210, 214, Castle, Susan-42, 149 Castro, Rosendo-213 Cavazos, Joe-77 Chamberlain, Joe-213 Chamberlain, Opal-78 Chance, Danny-42, 157 Chandler, Sam-42 Chanvez, Rachel-102 Charney, Mike-104 Charney, Victoria-102 Chen, James-170, 142 Chen, John-170 Christie, James- Christie, Tommy- Clark, Brenda-102 Clark, Gary-43, 212, 214 Clark, Robert-43 Clark, Sherry-92 Clark, Thomas-102, 212 Clary, James-92 Clary, John-43, 178, 180, 181 224, 146, 237 Clary, Hoyt- Clements, Vicki-78, 187, 232. 145 Clendenning, Ben-43 Cleveland, Carolyn-43, 192 Cleveland, Sam-43, 129, 148, 173, 174, 175, 222, 224, 225, 146, 189, 138, 142, 230, 195, 198, 196 Clifton, Mike-92 Clinton, Janie-92 Cludius, Kathy-92, 170 Coker, Larry- Collins, Billy-78, 178, 181, 185, 146 Collins, Donald- Collins, Donna- 147,144,280 Cadmus, Royce-92, 135 Caldwell, Cindi-102 Callahan, Pat-92 Calvin, Larry- Cammeron, Kay-92, 170 Cammeron, Jimmy-98, 194, 231, 203 Collins, Mike-78, 170 Colvin, Marcia-78 Congleton, John-78 Conine, Charles-92, 212 Connelly, Carolyn- Contreras, John- Cook, Barbara-78 Cook, Benny-102 Friddle, Charles E Cook, Gary-43 Cook, Richard-202 Coomer, Janus- Cooper, Charolet-92 Corgill, Carol-93 Corley, Tommie- Cornelius, Donald-203 Corpier, Jack- Cortez, Jose- Cortinas, Victor-78 Cothron, Marshall-102, 203 Cox, Anita- Cox, Annette-93 Cox, Jackie-43 Cox, Joanne-78 Cox, Judy-44, 153 Craven, Carole-44, 149 Creel, Sharon-78 Craft, Larry-212 Crews, Joe-101, 102, 176, 139, 153, 194, 231, 203 Crippens, Ronald-78 Cristopher, Don-214 Crocker, Larry-212 Crosby, Frances-93 Crowder, Corkey-78 Crowder, Judy-93 Cruse, Jo-93 Culverhouse, Garry-44, 178, 187, 182, 180, 242 Culverhouse, Sondra-102, 157 Culverhouse, Ted- Cummings, Martha-75, 78, 173, 174, 175, 176, 189, 72, 73, 90, 145, 238, 231 Currie, Patsy- Curtis, Kay-44, 142, 141 D Dailey, Larry- Dandridge, Mary- Daniel, John-93 Daniel, Robert- Daniels, Jerry- Daniels, Kenneth- Darnell, Larry-44, 157 Davidson, Dorothy-44 Davidson, Kathie-93 Davilia, Lupe-44 Davilia, Olivia-93 Davis, Betty-44, 130, 149, 175, Delmark, Robert-102 Deluna, Betty- Dial, Cynthia- Ellis, Tom- Dial, Patrick-148, 93 Diaz, Julia-45, 140 Diaz, Patricia-102 Diaz, Virginia-79 Dickson, Anthony- Dickson, Michael-93 224,166,142,141,138,158, 151 Davis, Carol-93 Davis, Dennis-44 Davis, James-45, 212, 214 Davis, Jean-44 Davis, Jimmy-93, 170, 212 Davis, Johnny- Davis, Rita-78 Davis, Sally-79, 142, 151 Davis, Stephen-222, 45, 146, 142, 140, 153 Day, Anna- Day, Chris Day, Judy-102 De Baun, Pamela-93 Dean. Jonnie- Delagarza, Drake-102 Delmark, Marie- Dilday, Ann-79 Dillard, Anita- Dillard, Venita- Dillingham, Glynda- Dillion, Michael-93, 203 Dixon, Ann- Dixon, Billy-102 Dixon, John-1-02 Dodson, Edna- Dominquez, Maria-45 Dominguez, Alice-102 Donaldson, Carolyn-45 Donovan, Donald-226, 45, 141 Doody, Odessa-79 Dorsey, Billy-102 Douglas, Mike-93 Douglass, Vicky-149, 93, 139 Douglas, Wayne-45 Dowdy, Tad- Drake, Sherry-102 Drischel, Patricia-93 Drum, Ruth-45 Drumwright, Mary-178, 180, 182, 183, 187, 79, 146, 190, 191, 242, 237, 201 Du Bois, Linda-79 Dugas, Charles- Dumas, Dan- Dunaway, Elaine-222, 79 Dunaway, Jo Beth-167, 45, 140 Duncan, Myra-46, 154, 155, 152 Dunlap, Don- Dunn, Betty- Dunn, Joe-211, 214, 45 Dunn, Murphy-214, 79 Dunn, Nellie-93 Eamhart, Kay-139 Eason, Moira- Edmondson, William-102, 203 Edwards, Carolyn-79, 142, 204 Edwards, John-203 Edwards, Lois-46 Elam, Lewis-98, 194, 196 Elledge, Margie-102 Ellerman, Kay-93 Elliot, Judith-102 Elliott, Linda- Elliott, Richard-170, 148, 225, 46 Ellis, George-93 Emmett, Jackie-149, 46 Enoch, Louis- Eoff, Pamela-170, 93 Etheredge, Suzann-93 Eppinette, Brenda-168, 46, 159 Epps, William-170, 215, 46, 130,142,141, 235 Eskew, Patrick-79 Espinoza, Hope Espinoza, Joe-46, 135, 242 Espinoza, Pete-79 Essary, Loris-224, 46, 130 Estep, Brenda-102 Evans, Rebecca- Evans, Rudolph-46 Everroad, Randy-93, 203 Evers, Patricia-126, 46 Ewing, Janette-79 Ewing, John-47 F Fain, Billy- Fanning, Glenda-169, 149, 79 Faris, Sammy-224, 176, 148, 225, 47, 190, 191, 138, 242, 231, 235, 198, 196 Farmer, Tommy-178, 185, 47, 140, 142 Farmer, William-93 Faulkner, John-170, 93 Faulkner, Linda-47, 147, 143, 151 Faust, Jerry-79, 191, 242 Fields, Jerry- Fernandez, Richard-212, 214, 93 Ferrell, Shirley-149, 47 Fernandez, Josephine-80 Ferguson, Fav-79 Featherston, Linda-149, 93 Featherstone, Nelda- Fields, Sandra-47 Finch, Robert- Fisher, David-178, 180, 181, 182 Fisher, Shonnye- Fleeman, Elizabeth-80 Flener, James-80 Fletcher, Britton-47, 159 Franklin, Peggy -80 Franks, Manley-153 Franks, Sharon-80, 149, 169 Franks, William-80 Frayre, Patricia- Frayre, Robert-48 Frazier, Anita- 102 Freeman, Susan- French, Edmon-207, 194 -212 Friddle, David-48 Frost, Martin-48, 224, 142, 140, 205 Fryman, Thomas-48 Fulbright, Bobby-102 Fulbright, Glenda- Fulcher, Fay-159 Fulcher, Floyd- Fulenwider, Doug-5, 48, 130, 14.9, 224, 37, 140, 144, 155 Fulton, Larry-80, 178, 180, 182, 186, 187, 142, 193,242 202 Furgeson, Jan-93 G Garcia, Juan-102 Garcia, Teodoro- Gardner, Nancy-48 Gardner, Ricky- Garrett, Kathy- Garvin, Jerry-103 Gaskin, Julie-80 Gaston, James-103, 203 Gee, Wanda-102 Genseke, Carole-48, 149, 167, 140, 158 Gentry, Arthur-93 Gentry, Patricia-49 Germany, Jana-149 Geron, Gharis, Linda-102 Lynn-49, 135 Gibbons, Rita- Gibbons, Yvonne-102 Gilliland, Renee-93 Flores, Edward-102, 203 Fogle, Judy- Flores, Joe-80 Foley, Coleen-102 Foley, Danny-47 Ginn, Thomas-203 Glanz, Louise- Glenn, Steve-93, 212 Glynn, Joe- Golden, Joseph- Foley, Patrick- Forbes, Bill-BO, 212, 214 Ford, Anita-47, 130, 149, 168, 189, 224, 37, 141, 151, 231, 150 Foreman, Kenneth-93, 213, 214 Forester, Dave-47, 148, 140 Foster, Donna-102 Foster, James-98, 212, 214 Foster, Julie-80 Foster, Richard-93 Fought, Gail-93 Fought, Robert-48, 190, 242 Fowler, Ricky-49, 189 Frame, David- Frame, Melba- Franklin, Jack-89, 213, 214 Franklin, Linda- Franklin, Pamela-232 Golden, Margaret-93 Gomez, Candelaria- Gomez, Mary- Gomez, Xavier-49, 205 Gonzales, Edward-103, 213 Gonzales, Elvia- Gonzales, Richard-94, 170 Gonzales, Rosie- Gonzales, Joe- Gonzales, Nlary-103 Gonzales, Yolanda-98 Goode, Billy-94 Goodman, Claudia-94, 139 Goodman, Larry-159 Goodman, Rita-94 Goodrich, John- Goodrich, Paul- Gordon, Fred-49, 156 Gordon, Martha-94 275 234 Gordon, Mike-49 Glass, Judy-94 Gould, Dorothy-94 Graham, Donnie-103 Graham, Sharon-49, 159 Grant, Debroah-103, 238 Graves, Jay-98 Graves, Jerry-49, 206 Green, Brenda-49, 204, 155 Green, Royce-94, 203 Greer, Bryan-49, 143, 195, 198, 196 Greer, Phyllis-94 Gregory, Carolyn- Grey, Jeff-49, 146, 175, 224, 226, 228, 229, 138, 242, 143, Griffin, Douglas- Griffin, Joyce-94 Groce. Larry-80, 146, 178, 180, 181, 187, 236, 237, 142, 206 Grogan, Marion-50 Groves, Gary- Graumann, Nancy- Guaiardo, David- Guaiardo, Joe- Guerran, Dominga-103 Guidi, Barbara-103 Gunderson, Brenda-80 Gutierrez, Aciand- Gutierrez, Augustine- Guttery, Paula-104 Guy, John-50, 157 H Haake, Linda-50, 157, 153 Hackler, George- Hackley, Peggy-80 Hailey, Daniel- Hailey, William- Hall, Elizabeth-103 Hall, George-212 Hall, Pam-80 Hall, Ruth-50 Halstead, Cindy-50, 142, 141, Harris, Jean-81 Harris, Joe-81, 146, 175, 176, 190,191, 242, 231 Harris, Mary-94 Hartman, David-81, 178, 186, 187, 205 Harvley, Zena-51, 148, 223, 143, 151 Hatfield, Judy- Hatchcock, Floy- Hathaway, Thomas-103 Hawthorne, David-103, 203 Hayn, John-81, 142 Hays, Sally-94, 157 Henderson, Paula-51, 213, 215 Hendricks, Linda- Hubbard, Judy-52, 149 Hubbard, Ray-52, 138 Huckeby, Cynthia-149 Huddleston, Jerry-52 Hudson, George-103 Hughes, David- Hughes, Deborah-94, 149 Caviness, Linda-42 Hughes, Steven-52 Hull, David- Hultsman, Kathy-82 Humble, Roy-52, 211, 159 Hume, James- Humphreys, Barbara-52, 157 Humphries, Robert-94, 205 Humphries, William-94, 205 Hunt, Karen-52 214 153 Hamm, Jimmy Hanks, Diane-94, 139 Hanna, Joe-50 Hanson, Robert-81, 211, 213, 214 Hanson, Steve-94, 211, 212, Hardin, Harriet-81 Harding, Glen-98, 194, 198, 196 Hardwick, Lillian-94, 234 Hardwick, Rickey-203 Hargis, Marty-50, 131, 149, 167,176,189, 212, 215, 224, 226, 228, 138, 158, 231 142 Hargove, Belinda Harman, Katharine-50, 168, 158, 157 Harmon, Carolyn-94, 170, 159 Harnesbeger, Mildred-50 Harper, Charles-103 Harrington, John-94 Harris, Anita-50 276 Hendrix, Rusty-51, 131, 146, 178, 180, 181,182, 183, 187, 190, 224, 226, 228, 138, 247, 153, 237, 200 Henrickson, Dan- Hensley, Glen-91, 98, 146, 178, 185, 139, 198, 196 Hensley, Kathleen- Hernandez, Albert-94 Hernandez, Leon-213, 194 Hernandez, Mario- Herrell, Clarene-81 Herrmann, Carolyn-94 Herrmann, Dottie-81, 173, 174, 175, 139, 151 Herron, John-51, 222, 157 Hibbler, Don- Hilburn, Joetta-81, 149, 204 Hill, Bobby- Hill, Dana-81 Hill, Robert-81 Hill, Tommy-103, 188, 203 Hilterbrand, Charmay-81, 142 Hinoiosa, James-103 Hinoiosa, Richard-51 Hinoiosa, Rudy-51, 201 Hitchcock, Franklin- Hitt, Jimmy-81, 178, 237 Hix, Anna-94, 149 Hodges, Donald-94, 171 Hodges, Judy-94 Hogan, David-21, 131, 142, 212, 140, 156 Hohmann, Betty- Holland, Jeanne-81 Holley, Wanda-103 Hollingsworth, Billi- Hollingsworth, Jimmy- Hollis, Justin-98, 148, 203 Holmes, George-82, 171 Holmes, Margaret-103 Holt, Michael-70 Hood, Byron-51, 135, 157 Hooper, Gary-203 Hoover, Dale-94, 212 Horton, Anita-82 Horton, Lillie-94 Houchins, Terry-51, 178, 183, 187, 157, 237 Howard, Deborah-82 Howard, Oran-51 Howell, Phillip-52, 142, 178, 186, 187, 140 Howery, Nelda-94 Hubbard, John-82, 146 Hunter, Douglas- Hunter, Terrie-94 Hurley, Paul-103, 213 Huskey, Lennie-94 Huskey, Michael-52 Hutchins, J. D.-103 Hutchins, Katherine-94 Hutson, I Ingram, James-94 Frederica-82, 126, 232, 157, 232, 236 Jordan, Larry-53, 171 Jordan, Merry-94 Jordan, Terry-203 Joslin, Richard-196 K Kaiser, Rueben- Kalies, Deborah-95 Kantz, Sharon-53, 149 Kay, Pamela-53 Kay, Sharon- Kean, James-82, 178, 181, 186, 194 Keen, Louis- Keith, Francis-54, 142, 171, 175, 228, 149, 140, 154 Kelley, Johnny-54 Kellogg, Ted- Kelly, Laurie-103 Kelly, Robbie-98, 203 Kennedy, James-54 Kennedy, Kathy-82, 171, 204 Kent, Durbin- Kersten, Paula-83 Key, Lee- Key, Mary-95 Kidd, Susan-94, 149, 139 Kidd, Wayne-54, 148, 149, Ivey, Jess-82 lvie, Jeannie- lvy, Lana-94 189, 153, 200 King, Clifford-54, 213 King, Horace-54, 212 King, James- Klng, James L.- King Julie-103 King Leonard-54, 211, 214 King Phillip-146, 178, 185, 196 lvy, Loyd-82 J Jack, Horace-82, 171 Jackson, James-213 Jackson, Mary- Jackson, Nelda- Jackson, Paul-213, 214 Jackson, William-104 Jacobs, Mary-52, 149, 171 James, Rodney-94, 213 Jansen, Carol-94 Jarnagin, George-94 Jaynes, Wesley-212 Jernigan, Doris- Jernigan, Sheila-95 Jett, Barbara-53, 147, 143, 154 Jett, Charlotte-82, 171 Johnson, Bertie-B2 Johnson, Cynthia-82, 171 Johnson, Gail-53, 157 Johnson, Jackie-95 Johnson, Janyce-95, 176, 231 Johnson, Kathleen-95, 149 Johnson, Linda-53 Johnson, Patricia-53, 189 Johnson, Reeda-95 Jones, Bert- Jones, William- Jones, Glenda-53, 147, 143, 152 Jones, Jonne-53, 166, 141 Jones, Raymond-82 Jones Wanda-53, 149 1 Jones, Welda-95 King, Ronald-54, 146, 178, 181,185,187,192,196 Kingsbury, Kay-83 Kirby, Michael-211 Kiser, Linda-83 Klaiber, Ursula-83, 151 Klapproth, Karen-95, 149 Klapproth, Richard-78 Klinge, John-83 Knight, Howard-104, 213 Knowles, Bobby-194, 196 Kokel, Jimmy-54, 146, 229, 153, 200 Kovacev, Demetar- Krosschell, Robert- Kusserow, Dean-54, 213, 21.4 L La Gard, Marilyn-95 Lackye, James- Lackey, John- Laird, Chuck-83, 178, 180, 181, 183, 237, 202 Laird, Sandra-55, 147 Lamb, Bobby- Lancaster, Elaine-83 Landrum, Robert-104 Langford, Lonnie-171, 212 Latham, Anne-95 Latham, Jerry-55 Lester, Pat-95 Laughlin, David-98, 178, 194, 202 Lazo, Thomas-95, 212 Lee, Kenneth-83 Lee, Robert-104 Leet, Janice-95 Lesile, Randy-95, 203 l.esile, Sandy-55, 167, 154 O Leverington, Elaine-55, 152 Leverington, Kathy-83, 149, 171 Lewellen, Jerry-80, 178, 242, 237 Lewis, Donna-55, 149, 225, 147 Lewis, Ouida-103 Liebel, Jeff-95, 213 Lindsey, John-75, 83, 146, 176, 139, 231 Little, Joyce-83, 149 Lively, Linda-83 Loafman, Doyle-98, 178 Loafman, Eva-55, 157 Lockhart, Gary Steven-55, 178 182, 183, 184, 187, 242, 154, 230, 237 Long, Lucy-104 Lopez, Joe-91, 95, 148, 139, 194 Lopez, BeBe-55, 131, 173, 175, 228 Love, Carol-95 Lovell, Mike-83 Lowder, Catherine- Lowe, Carl- Lloyd, Robert-95, 178, 182, 187, 242, 198, 196 Lozano, Edward-83, 207 Lozano, Evelia-103 Lucas, Guy- Lucas, Shirley- Lucky, Linda-55, 147, 141, 143 Lucky, Ronnie-95, 148 Ludden, Mike-55, 148, 225, 154 Luman, Jeanne-34, 56, 171, 232, 157 Lusk, Betty-95, 229 Lusk, Bobbie-56, 147, 157, 143 Luttrell, Don-84, 213, 214 M McBeth, Stephen-95, 213, 203 McCandless, Robert- McCarty, Carolyn- McClary, Kay-84, 149, 213, 215 McCoy, Rodney-56, 213 McCloy, Elizabeth-95 McCracken, Larry- McCrea, Linda-104 McCrea, Sandra-56 McDaniel, Jerry-56, 135, 225 McDonald, Ester-56 McDonald, Gary-84, 178, 181, 201 McDonald, Marvin-104, 212 McDonald, Richard-84, 104 McDowell, Fred- McFarlin, June-56, 166, 145 McKeever, Sonia-94 McKenzie, Linda- McKethan, Barbara-84, 155 McKiddy, Marilyn-149, 171 McKinney, Andrea-84 McLaughlin, Julie-56 McMackin, Wayon-104, 194, 203 McQuaid, Patricia-104, 135 McWilliams, Ben-56, 140 McWilliams, Joyce-84 Mackey, Vicki-95 Maddox, Kassa-57 Maddox, William-84, 171 Manury, Floyd-104, 213, 203 Mann, Barbara- Miltner, Marilyn-58, 142, 187, 224,141,151,145 Mitchell, Donald-58, 213 Mitchell, Linda-28, 159 Mitchell, Susan- Molock, Cary-104 Mitchum, Donnell- Money, Nada-58, 147, 141 Moore, Robert-58 Morales, Naomi-58 Moran, Marlene-58, 132, 135, 224, 226, 228, 147, 138, 143, 229, 141 Moreau, Stephen-58, 178, 193, 242 Moreno, Albina- Moreno, Joe- Morgan Carolyn-104 Morgan Charles-104 Morgan, Donald-203 Morgan, Linda-104 Maris, Marks, Stephen-95 John-95 Martin, Larry- Martin, Mary-57 Martin 150 Martin, , Robin-84, 171, 151, Morgun, Jacob- Morris, Rita-58, 157 Morrow, Weaver-85 Moseley, Chris-59, 146, 178, 180, 183, 187, 242 Moseley, Wendell-85, 213 178,18O,181,182,187 Martinez, David-84, 213, 214 Martinez, Irene-84, 153 Martinez, Richard- Massey, Leo-171 Masters, Frances-95 Mathews, Shelia-95 Mathis, Author- Matlock, Linda- Matthews, James- Maultsby, Bobby-95, 139, 238 Maxwell, Linda-95 Mecklin, James-95, 213 Mee, Diane-84, 222 Melton, Danny- Melton, Linda-104, 177 Melugin, Mary- Roy-57, 131, 135, 146, Mosley, Barbara-96 Munoz, Ponciana-104 Murph, Edward-59 Murphey, Pat-96, 171 Murphy, Charles-195, 198, 196 Murphy, Joseph-96 Murray, Peggy-59 Murray, Rosemary-59, 171 N Nachlinger, Robert-59, 178, 186, 151 Nail, Billy- Nash, Carole-96 Navarro, Jerry- 146, 173, 174, 175, 222, 224, 138, 232, 128, 232, 200 Oakley, Reginald-101, 104, 139, 194, 203 O'Conner, Sarah-59 Oiesen, James-85, 142, 224 Oliver, Charles-85 Oliver, Mike-196, 197 Ondrusek, Barbara-60, 148, 149, 167, 158, 153 Orem, Tommy-60, 190, 191, 242 Orsburn, Marsha-85 Ortega, Ray-96, 171, 203 Osage, Russell-104, 203 Ozio, Donald-104, 172 P Padilla, Jesse-212 Padilla, .loe- Palmer, Billy- Parham, Charlotte-225 Park, Marilyn-60 Park, Rebecca-104 Parker,'Joyce- Parker, Richard- Parker, Stephen- Patterson, Connie-96 Patterson, Shirley-60 Patterson, Tommie-85, 168 Patton, Barbara-85, 142, 168, 139 Paulk, James-104, 194 Peach, Steve-104 Peach, Ronald-60 Pederson, Diane-60, 141 Pegram, Bruce-60, 146, 178, 18O,181, 182,187 Pelt, Patricia-85 Pemberton, Becky- Pendarvis, Jo Ann-104 Penny, Shirley-60, 159 Meyer, Joan-104, 139 Meyer, Susan-84, 135, 169, 243 Meyer, William-178, 186, 194, 198, 196 Miglinas, Judy-57, 149, 167, 189, 224, 154, 23a Milke, Lenny-96, 148, 243, 154 Milke, Stephanie-57, 149, 222, 225, 152 Milkie, Bill-57, 171, 201 Miller, Brenda-57, 149, 154 Miller, Bruce-84 Miller, Carl-85 Miller, Frances- Miller, Gail-96 Miller, Harold-104, 213 Miller, Judy-85, 149 Miller, Kathy-96 Miller, Lloyd-85, 148 Miller, Marshall-85, 212 Miller, Robert-57, 132, 142, 171, 141 Miller, Shirley-85, 149 Millican, Katherine-57 187, 189, 237, McDonald, John-56, 178, 183, 225, 237 Milliorn, Fredna-57 Mills, Suze-28, 135, 157 Nay, James- Nelson, Jeanette-96 Nelson, Stephan-59, 132, 142, 171, 210, 228, 141, 159, 151 Nemeth, Helen- Newell, James-96 Newman, Mary-104 Newman, Ronald-85, 171 Newton, Alton- Newton, Bob- Newton, Jimmy-104 Nichols, Judy- Nichols, Shirley-104 Niederer, Janis-96, 149 Nielson, Steve-96 Nixon, John-104, 213 Norman, Lynda-59 Norton, Betty- Nowlin, Marilyn-59, 171 Nunnally, Butch-204 Nusbaum, Randy-104 Nystrom, Barbara-96, 159, 204 Oakley, Lon-6, 59, 132, 135, Perez, Martin- Perez, Sergio-96 Perry, Betty-104 Perry, Roddy- Peters, Wilson-60, 37, 125, 132, 146, 148, 197, 189, 224 225, 138, 158, 154, 155, 196 Phillips, George-96 Phillips, Jean-96 Phipps, Barry-61, 148, 147 Picchioni, Anthony-96, 207 Pier, Jimmy-61 Pierce, 147 Beatrice-61, 149, 167, 138 Pierce, David-104, 188 Pierce, James-61, 135 Pierce, Johnnie-104 Pierce, Judith-104 Pierce, Nancy-85, 159 Pierce, Pamela-61, 159 Pillow, Sandra-96 1 Pitts, David-61, 189, 225, 242, 231 Pioin, Juarene-104 Polk, Brenda- Polk, Page-6, 61, 135, 146, 222, 225, 147, 138, 150, 144, 153, 154, 135, 232, 280, 277 238 Pollard, Martha-86, 169, 192, 154 Pollock, Larry-104 Pomeroy, Dorothy-104 Pomeroy, Mary-B6 Poole, Cheryl-96 Pope, Barbara- Pope, Harold-86 Pope, Janace-72, 73, 89, 90, 173, 174, 175, 176, 222, 224, 147, 143, 229 Posey, James-172 Poston, Jerry- Pottkotter, Louis-61 Powell, Edna-96 Presley, William-61, 213 Prewitt, Johnny- Price, Charles- Price, Randy-86, 190, 191, 242 Prince, Rusty-37, 62, 133, 135, 146, 178, 224, 153, 201 Prince, Melvin-86, 172, 228 Pritchett, Patrick- Pruitt, Jack- Pryor, Helen- Puckett, Steven-198, 196 Pullen, Randy-96 Putman, Donna-86 Putz, Donna-96, 149 Pyles, Emmer- Q Quinn, James-62, 172 Quiroga, Ramiro- R Rader, Mary-104 Ragan, Charles- Raley, Janice-96, 149 Ramby, Sue- Ramirez, Danny-86, 146, 180, 181, 187, 178 Rasor, Christopher-62, 149, 172, 228 Rasor, Gabrielle-104, 149, 139, 154 Raymond, Carolyn-62 Raymond, Jean-96, 149 Raymond, Larry-62, 212 Raymond, William- Recer, Ricky-86 Redd, Marsha-62, 168, 149, 235 Redden, Fredrick-62 Redden, Johnny-34, 62, 206 Redding, Thomas- Reed, Carolyn-104 Reece, Donna-62 Reeder, Deborah-96 Reese, Ruth-104 Reese, Sharon-86, 172 Reeser, Darrell-86, 172 Reid, Bobby- Reneau, Jessie- Renteria, Irma- Renteria, Phillip-104, 207 278 Repka, Ronald-104 Reynolds, Brenda-104 Reynolds, John- Reynolds, Carolyn-96, 149 Reynolds, Fergus- Reynolds, Larry- Reynolds, Ronald-62, 104, 211 213 Reynolds, Roy- Rhodes, Cecil-212 Rhodes, Linda-63, 133, 142, 14O,141,151, 204,145 Rhodes, Linda M.-86 Rhodes, Patsy-96, 134 Rhodes, Phyllis-89 Rice, Richard-194, 203 Richard, Marian-86 Richardson, Betty-63 Richardson, Elizabe-63 Ridener, Judith-63, 149, 225, 140 Riggin, Par-63, 172 Riley, Bobby-203 Rippy, Rebecca-86, 170, 234 Rivers, Larry-86, 142 Roady, Randy'-86 Salazar, Julian-97 Saldana, Dorlores- Sams, J Udy- Sanders, Clifford-243 Sanders Sanders Sanders Sanders , Don-64 , John-59, 196 , Kathy-104 , Sue-97, 172 Sandiffer, Janet-87 Sarratt, Savala, Jimmie-97 Pedro- Savell, James- Scaff, Gene-213 Scarberry, Sandra-104 Schellen 228, ber, Shirl-64, 172, 215, 153 Scott, Glenn-97, 148 Scott, Linda-97, 149 Scroggins, D.-104, 212 Seals, Hollis-97 Seibert, Raymond-64, 193 Seibert, Raymond, 64, 193, 242 Sellars, Walter- Sellers, Gary-97 Selman, Thurman- Semler, Donald-87, 156 Spencer, Carol-87 Spillers, Sharon-88, 142, 139, 154, 145 Spinks, James-65 Springer, Pamela-88, 135, 169 151, 238 Squier, Ellen-88 Stafford, Jenny-97 Stanley, Mark-103 Stanley, Richard-97 Stansell, Danny- Starnes, Beverly- Starnes, Floyd- Starr, Sharon-97 Steen, Joe-88, 176, 186, 187 Stefanich, John-188 Stembridge, Judy- Stephens, Annett-103 Stephens, Carol-103 Stephens , Janis-97 Stephens, Jannett-103 Stephens, Karen-65 Stephens, Stephen-88, 142, 211, 213, 114 Stephens, Trennis- Roberts, Earlyne- Roberts, Eugene-212 Roberts, Lydia- Robinson, Bobbie-96, 149 Robinson, Glen-96 Robinson, Harry-63, 123 Robinson, Jodie- Rodgers, Jack-96 Rodriguez, Manuel-86 Rodriguez, Mary-87 Rodriguez, Selina- Rogers, Constance-63 Rogers, Nelda-104 Rogers, Roger- Rogers, Susan-63 Rogers, Thomas-104, 212 Roio, Luis-96, 212 Rosales, Robert- Ross, James-98, 178, 187,190, 191, 139, Ross, Michael-104 Ross, Steve- Rowland, Robert-96, 203 Rowley, Randall-87, 190, 191, 242 Royal, Linda-104 Ruiz, Elizabeth- Ruiz, Janie-87 Ruiz, Johnny-96, 203 Ruiz, Mary-63, 157 146, 185, 242, 202 Sernpek, Madge- Serur, loretta-97 Settles, George-104, 203 Settles, Gwen-64, 135, 167, 157 Settles, Jan-87, 142, 149, 139, 204 Sharp, David- Sharp, Wayne-87 Shaw, Linda-97, 157 Shelton, Ronnie- Silva, Carmen-97 Selvey, John-104 Simmons, Arturo- Simmons, Carol-97 Simmons, Phillip-64, 211, 214 Simpson, Martha-64, 149 Sims, Sue-64, 152 Sinclair, Mark-104 Sinor, Elaine-104 Sinor, Larry-213 Skaggs, Mary-104, 152 Skaggs, Virginia-64, 151, 147, 141, 144, 153 Skall, Sharron- Smalley, Sherry-87, 169 Smith, Cynthia-87, 149, 224, 157, 154, 236 Smith, Diane-65 smith, Diann-62, 135, tba Stephenson, Sandra-65, 153, 152 Stevens, Cynthia-97 Stevens, Eddie-88, 178, 182, 187, 147, 139, 144, 237 Stevenson, Carol-97, 157 Stevenson, Louis-98 Stewart, Derrell- Stoddard, Richard-88, 172, 147, 144, 159 Stokes, James- Stone, Charles-65, 148, 225 Story, Gary-97, 139 Stovall, Joseph-103, 213 Stricklin, Patricia-34, 65, 232 Stuart, Robert- Suddith, Stephen-203 Summers, Ronnie-65, 135, 222 Surley, Richard-88 Sutherlin, Mike-88 Swan, Joseph-97 Swan, Walter- Tabor, Susan-6, 66, 135, 161, 167, 187, 147, 280, 232, 230, 138, 144,151, 242,158,153, 154 T Tallent, Suzanne-97 Tallent, Walter-97, 205 Russell, Sharon-63, 168, 158 Russom, Riley-87 Rymal, David-87, 166, 178, 181, 186, Rymal, Sarah-34, 64, 133, 211 214, 224, 228, 140, 232, 243, 151, 235 S Saenz, Lourdes-64 Smith, Herbert-104 Smith, Kenneth- Smith, Ronalda-97 Smith, Steven-97 Snow, S 225, Snyder, Somervi ally-65, 149, 222, 224, 140 David-213 lle, Richard- Sorenson, Toni- Sosebee, Donald-65 Tarwater, Cheryl-66, 167, 176, 224, 231 Tate, Doyle-66, 225 Tate, Mary-66 Tatum, Bonnie-88 Tatum, Larry-103, 212 Taylor, James-212 Taylor, Johel- Teague, Joseph-66, 148, 172, 223 Satford, Frank-96 Sage, Margaret-87, 169 Sailor, Wayne-96, 148 Salazar, Benny- Sosebee, Jane- Sours, Linda-87 Sowell, Ronald-97, 214 Spangler, Max-97, 213, 214 Spence, Gary- Teague, Mike-97, 148, 172 Templeton, Jim-66, 148, 176, 180, 223, 225 Templin, Richard-198, 197 Templin, William-88 151 Terry, Carolyn-88 Terwilliger, Brenda- Teubner, Mark- Theobalt, Charles-88, 212, 214 Thomas, Cherry-66 Thomas, Kathryn-66, 103, 142, 149,172,159,151 Thompson, Kathy- Thornton, Phyllis-97 Thornton, Jerry Don-66 Thurman, Ronald- Tiffee, Carolyn-103 Tiffee, James- Timby, Barbara-97 Tincher, John-66, 172 Tobar, Salvador-103 Toland, Christopher-103 Tomas, Enriqueta-67 Toogood, Pam-88, 149 Toombs, William-67, 156 Torrens, Johnny-103 Travis, Douglas- Trevino, Dora-67. Trevino, Margarita-88 Trillo, Agapito-103, 212 Trimble, Robert-212 Trout, Leonard-103, 194, 203 Tubbs, Mary-97 Tunnell, William- Joyce-67, 142, 149 Turnell, Turner, James-67 Turner, Joe- Turner, Milton-88 Turner, Ray-103 Turner, Thomas-88 Tussy, Nonna-103 U Urban, Bobby- Utley, Steve-67, 135, 146, 173, 175, 138, 154, 200 V Valdez, Lasro- Vanrneter, Mike-88 Vaughn, Johnny-67, 175, 190, 229, 242, 234 Veal, Roger- Vela, Henry-97, 203 Villarreal, Diana-97, 139 Villarreal, Kitty-103 Villarreal, Ruben-103 Villegas, Jerry- Villegas, Jesse- Violett, Cindy-97, 139, 157, 151, 238 Volkland, Lester-97, 212, 214 Voorhis, Terry-212 W Wade, Sandra-97 Wakefield, Watson-88, 172, 242, 159 Walden, William- Walker, Arthur-67, 178, 182, 186, 211, 214 Walker, Patricia-103 Wallace, Bruce-88, 148, 225 Wallace, Charles-68, 212 Waller, Karen-67 Walls, Linda-89, 147 Walls, Revon-97 Walter, Mackie- Walters, John-213 Ward, Dennis-98, 203 Ward, Ronald- Warrell, Larry- Warren, Linda-98 Washam, Charlene-89, 168, 187, 147, 236 Washburn, Mariorie- Watson, Jerry-103, 188 Watson, Wanda- Watton, Lillian-103 Way, Carolyn-34, 68, 133, 135, 125, 149, 212, 215, 224, 226, 228, 141, 138, 238 Weakley, JoAnn- Webb, Weldon-68, 135, 175, 190, 193, 242, 198 196 Webster, Helen- Webster, Kathy-103 Welsh, James-172 West, Pat-34, 68, 167, 232, 158 Westbrook, Frankie- White Charles-212, 214 White, Greg-68, 198, 196 White, Helen-98 White, Jackie-98, 203 White, Jewell-103 White Patrick-103, 212 White Regina-103, 243 White, Sharon-91, 98, 176 Whiteshield, Roberta-89 Whitman, Freddy-103, 212 Whitman, Linda-89, 139 Whittington, Timothy-212 Wilbanks, Marty-103 Wilcox, Janet- Wilcox, Valdie-89, 142, 169, Wiley, Corless-178, 180, 187 Wiley, Martha-103 Williams, Barbara-89, 169, 187, 151, 154 Williams, Becky-68, 149 Williams, George-68, 172 Williams, Gerald-89, 172 Williams, Gregg-98 Williams, James-98, 203 Williams, John-103, 188, 203 Williams, Mary-69, 172, 141 Williams, Rickey-98, 172 Williams Sara-98 Williams, Sharon-98 Williams Sherry-98 Williams, Zannia-69, 172, 157, 153 Willis, Shirley-98, 222 Weaver, Frances-68, 142, 149, 168, 147, 141 Webb, Janice-98 Webb, Laura-68 Webb, Sandra-89, 157, 161, 164, 168, 187, 144, 243, 153, 280 Willis, Susan-103 Willis, William-69 Willoughby, Jay-69, 196 Willoughby, Larry- Wilson, Barbara-98 Wilson, Gary-98, 205 Wilson, James-69, 212 Wilson, Kathleen- Wilson, Kenneth-89, 212, 214 139, 202 Wilson, Michael-89 Wilson, Nancy-98 Winkle, Bobbie-69 Winningham, Lester-89, 190, 191, 242,198,196 Woehleke, Gill-98 Wolfe, John-69, 135, 142, 176, 231, 201 Womack, Mary-89 Womack, Vickie- Woodley, Orval- Woodring, Melinda-103 Woods, Patsy-98 Wooten, David-89, 142 Worthy, Richard-6, 69, 133, 224 178,180,181,182,187, 228, 229, 147, 280, 197, 237, 196 Wren, Linda-98 Wright, Charles-69, 142, 146, 178, 181, 153 Wright, Robert-89, 142, 172 Wyant, Ricky-98 Y Yarbrough, Michael- Yen, Eugene-98, 207 York, Stephen-69, 148, 224, 225 Young, David-89, 178, 185, 203 Young, David W.- Young, Donnie-98, 146 Yrigollen, Evangelin-98 Yrigollen, Joel-89, 178 Z Zauber, Kim-70, 178, 180, 18 182, 183, 153 Zimmerman, Bill-148, 172 Zimmerman, Preston- Zimmerman, Jeannette-98 279 As the final deadline has now been met, and our part of preparing the annual is now finished, we of the T965 OAK STAFF would like to ex- press our appreciation to . . . MR. BOB JOHNSTON-Staff sponsor MR. THOMAS MEEK-Principal MR. JOE TEAGUE-Photographer MR. BILL CATHEYfPl1otograpl1er MR. CHARLES WILSON-Taylor rep. TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY THE STUDENT BODY AND FACULTY . . . for their vital contributions to the 1965 OAK. THE OAK STAFF M Ng? JK G' ' 'L.,1 -1 'V" f ',4. '," 1 V f A " , ,Q ' ' 'A' -V 0' gy. V Q ' ' M F? M A Q , Xpyw N 1 v i I 3 , w W7 WWW .P 69? 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"X "l - - .-- 11- ' .f ' ,f ,Ji'5'75, " , i ...Q 4 J 7. , '3 '9M.'Z11'taQ':""1.'S' lo K f . - . ' - 1, . , .,: 3' NP. 4 " fii ii'-, 311-'-'F "1 jf -',F3"'ihfS-ii.. 'Q ' 'lu '34 xi. -1. A 7-I-i',oA1.., Vai- . Q m '-,"f':1ff -1 az-9' ' 'E'?'f"', ' 'F .,.,0,- 1.-.'g,'-Lg 'Q ,. , .-.-.7,,,,. . x li "L" 'Q-1" " " "i " " 1" 5 f.. Hsu' -.ij-ff.. .f -0- . ' 'i"::5"5Q .Wig my-an ' f . .v..,fQ .1---4-if f.- --xr-f .-1..Q.--,.., -.'-1 1.5, f 3.3: ' ' ' ,fn ., 1. .1 w 4 'fa-3-14559-fi"4:f, ' ' iai- .f ,. -Q -5.2" . A tg f , 4 - T'. 1 s .-'I-ww!-A .QP . . .39 'A ' .imc ' -- --+..,:, ,V 'eg 'K - , n,f.,-.f- 'W 1 .g f-Qgiia.. cg. 'Q' ','4Y ' rf'-1-51 ,N -l'fl',:4,. L., :Q ffjx 4:-' ft.'W1,.' '. A 'x ,.-X-.. ' 5 . fat' nf- E 'S , fax f. -x -6. 4x ,K-ll' g 1" 'H-a.'."l x - ,, -:,4w"8i"ti!Q"4S N4 "K:75,f ax.-vw 4.1 '3 .CF3 g Wf,,:.,', 1 - 2-1 ff! .

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