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'A is if ., M v n i, A, , H Q V f ff ian' ,. Q-Q wif F i , --.-.--N .,,.1-4,--..4 --4-1-ff' , ..,,1,, , .f - ,L 1- i -Y -.. V. . V.,,q,,.,. Ti- -.-..-wk--,f --i,....,,,, ..,.,,w. QW Q5 BwZiKff N ' Q NN ANS' T LSQQ cg, rj 1 ...A -.uh X V ---., L fu vygyv K V W 221399 NE M E Ofw 39,15 W of 1 if ' wfbvfy Qf W ' A V "1 i if rv F. I 53 5.5 p . 1 F . U . ., ,,,, ,.,..a.....n, -Lw..aALa.5..-,.1.!.g....., A.-- .1 .. W H. ADAMSUN High School 1 889-1 964 introduces Ed THE UAK L Dallas Texas of yw wisfdgx if J I. X, i L, ,aff Foreword X51 WJ 3 br f 1 This being the Seventy-fifth Anniversary of our school, and the liftieth ofthe oAK, We ofthe oAK Staff have med in every possible way to make this OAK the best in fifty years. We have tried to capture your fondest memories, so that they may live on with you forever. The Leopard here at Adamson is more than just a mascot. He is a symbol of school spirit which will never die as long as there is an Adamson. For this reason we have chosen the seventy-five years of history as the theme of our hook, because these seventy- five years are the foundation of our school. Editor Ronnie Young .B 1-H TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration Seniors Uncierelcissrnen Perso ncilities Activities Sports Military Advertisements IT Q-as-.wan-.9 --.-...K un ra, W . 'if mi du nn "iam 0- Administration A 5,135 X -MQ, - 8 Administrators DR. W. T. WHITE Superintendent of Schools DR. FRANK L. WILLIAMS DR- E- D- WALKER Assistant Superintendent in ASSISU-int Supefifltelldeni ill charge of Instruction Charge Of PCTSOHHCI R. H. McK.AY DON E. MATTHEWS DALE DOUGLAS Assistant Superintendent in Assistant Superintendent in Assistant Superintendent in charge of Administration charge of Special Services charge of Business Board of Education R. B. GILMORE JOHN PLATH GREEN President Vice-President LEE A. MCSHAN, JR. DONALD M. BRUTON J. WILLARD GRAGG MRS. VERNON D. INGRAM DR. W. T. WHITE, SUPT. LOYD G. SHELBY ROBERT S. FOLSOM PERCY E. LUECKE, JR., M.D. Dedication In recognition of his understanding and dedication to his profession, we the OAK STAFF of 1964 pay tribute to Mr. John R. Ligon, our Assistant Principal. Principalgs Message Since all modes of association call for voluntary develop- ment of codes of conduct, We must always keep social de- mands and practices in Adamson High school suited to democratic ideals and the American way of life. Ml772wL Assistant Principal MR. JOHN R. LICON MISS LONA B. SPRUIELL Dean Dean as 0 fee MRS. GENEVA LESLIE and MISS GLENN ODLE Assistants QCT8 HIT MRS. CERALDINE HOLLOWAY Having served as school secretary under W. H. Adamson, Howard A. Allen, and T. W. Meek, three of Adamson's four principals, Mrs. Geraldine Holloway plays a vital role in the execution of school business. Counselors, Office MRS. NETTIE BRIDGES Clerk MISS ROBERTA KING Senior Counselor MISS RUTH RUFFIN Assistant Counselor f--U' Librarians MRS. ELIZABETH ANN SCOTT, Librariung MRS. GRACE BROWNE, Assistant Librarian Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Scott, who has been our librarian for one year, and Mrs. Grace Browne her assistant, are always trying new campaigns to interest students in reading. School Nurse MRS. FAYE INGRAM ,N se 2 5 i . ,551 M? Q .. C., 'Hg I MISS JUDY AHLFINGER MISS ,IEANETTE ALSTON IVIR. JAMES BATCHELOR HOIIICIHPIIUHS Latin Head Football Coach MR. WILLIAM BECKHART Band These students have the Latin language at its best-with Miss Alston. MISS JANE BLACKWELL Girls' P.E. f 1 M,sa A" Q . shll . .-f' 3 I -fii A I A I . Vzii L MR. J. ALAN BOULTON MR. KENNETH BRASHEAR MRS. NETTIE BRIDGES Physics Bi0l0gy+B Fgmball Clerk in counselors, office I8 MRS. GRACE BROWNE MR. GEORGE BROWNLEE Assistant Librarian A Football-Histor? MR. JAKE CARTER Mathematics-A Basketball I learned a new word today in Cerinan-garagekey. Translation: Garage key." 1' in s MISS MARY CLAYTOX MISS CAROLYN CREEL Commercial German MR. EDWIN CASON Mathematics, Track MRS. WIXNIE CHAPPELL English MRS. RAE CULLLTM rv PE X1 'is . . fu ,ggffvaffffwv MISS JANE ETHERIDGE MRS. NELL FLOREY MRS. MARTHA FOARD English Distributive Education Commercial MR. DAVID FORGEY History MISS RIPPLE FRAZER Homemaking "I ran for Homecoming Queen. Did you?" DR. FRANCES FREESE COL. ALAN FULTON Mathematics R.O.T.C. MR. JACK GIBSON History My J . fi . 1' r X .L st MISS JOYCE GRAY Social Studies Commercial MR. D. J. HOFFMAN MRS. GERALDINE HOLLOWAY Biology Secretary Note the alert, attentive look of these industrious Math students. wwf?-ffftri'Ziff-1f?1ia?f.ihZff'::t "N -X T f I". T 3 ' rl 'M W f. if if ssss - " X 55" 'fffi -L F , X A t Q 4 J S mf . A K K ,,,..w:.-luv. ,t E 1 t S.. . ' ,.-N - " r . ' ' - Q9 M is A , ' .sw " . .5 . ,',P' , f f 'w-1. , x "M-M' f f - -. 3925- 1 QR.-if V4.4 .zffct .,:'w.w4m,Z A. .fs M144 wfmvgaivfag - fffgfbrf .fflw Wkiiiwwwlt, . J. t '1 . .-.rg.f',.1f,g2 .xx 'iw"'- . f . - - y V Q 1. MR. CONLEY JENKINS Mathematics MRS. HELEN HORN English MRS. FAYE INGRAM Nurse .d"""""l. MR. ROBERT JOHNSTON MR. B. H. KICER Journalism Social Studies MISS ROBERTA KING MRS. HELEN F. LARNER MR. ROYCE LARSEN Cvunselfff Engiish English QM, MMA MR. JEROME MADISON Nleclianical Drawing YUM ... V Jam. Mr. Larsen! Remember it's a ten cent fine for markinv in textbooks 9 C MR. CARY MARRS Boys' P.E.f-B Football MR. RALPH MARTIN MR. D. E. MELTON MRS. MORELLE MOORE Biglggy Industrial Cooperative Training Study Hall yay, 5 MISS MARILYN MORGAN MISS EUCENIA NEWBERRY MR. LESTER ROBBINS FYCUCII Latin-'American History- Debate--History Spanish .-.lnltsli - MISS MABEL ROCKETT English The newest Adamson teacher holds the attention of the class. MISS RUTH RUFFIN Assistant Counselor MISS MEREDITH SCHROEDER MRS. ELIZABETH SCOTT MISS RACHAL SNODDY Art Librarian Mathematics M95- MISS LONA B. SPRUIELL MR. BUDDY STEVENSON MRS. BLANCHE STOVALL Dean Hist0ryfA Baseball Study Hall l Miss MARY SWANER Mathematics '4Sure, Miss Swaner. But what has that crack in the blackboard got to do Wllh the isosceles triangle?" MR. JOE TEACUE Music i llii i K. 1 A2 . if . . r ... .--, ' , ve-9, HW, 5- . . ., , 'QL :ff ,v w.f,W4 . .4 ,Q , MISS EUNICE TILLEY MR. J. A. VERETT MR. HAROLD WOOD Chemistxy Wood Shop Spanish 24 i NDon't all of you wish you were as neat as I? 91 '4Me? On Candid Camera? n KNOW this is what you do with the dough that you actually have." , 4'Don't just smile at it! Sew!" y 25 A Tribute to at Loyal Friend of Adamson High School No one has worked more untiringly for the interests of W. H. Adamson High School than Miss Roberta King. As teacher and more recently as counselor, she has found no task too difficult if thereby she could render some assistance to students or fellow teachers. This school has been her life, and its Welfare, her chief concern. Miss King is held in the highest esteem by students, teachers, patrons, and administrators because of her many years of un- selfish service, and to her we should like to express our deepest gratitude for a job well done. Lunchroom Staff MRS. SHIRLEY HEARN D t W. H. Adamson Parent-Teaclier Association In honor of the P.T.A. the Leopard Band and the Leopardettes formed the letters P.T.A. during a half-time performance. 28 President . . .r,rr7 , ,7..,77,..,,,,, 7.,,,,7.,777,77,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,. N Irs. Claude A. Wesson Vice-Presifient ,,.,,.,.e, .e,,...,,e,,,,ev,,,,,,,e,,e,e M rs. Orville Alclriflge DIRECTORS Organization . ,, ,,,, L ,,ee,,,,ee,,eee,.e..e,,, Mrs. C. B. Wakefield Program Service .,..,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,.,, ,,,, M r s . Cecil King Social Activities 7 ,,,e Mrs. Geo. T. Settles Public Welfare , ,eeee,,,,, Mrs. Wvayne Corner Ealzzcation ,,.,, ,,,,,,,, lV lrs, Stacy Edwards Health i,ii,,,, .eeee Mrs. F. L. Pierce Efficiency ..... iii.,i..,. e,,,,,,e M r s. A. J. Frampton Publicity ,,,i,i,i,,i,, ..ii ..,e,,e,.,,e ,,,,..e,..,.,,,, M r s . Obie Chance Recording Secretary ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, M rs, James H, Weaks Corresponding Secretary .eeeee eeeeeeee M rs. Lawrence Grey Tf6tIS11r6r ,,,,,,.,,,..,,.,,,,,,, ,W ,,e,, ,, Mrs. W. G. Teubner Historian .,,,,, ...,...,..... ..,,,,, M rs. Robert D. Smity Pllflidlrlenidrinn .-.,.iii.,,,, Mrs. George Van Meter Delegates to Council ei.,,. ,,,,e.,,,,, M rs. Clyde Harden Mrs. Travis Morris W. H. Adamson Dadls Club Royce L. Walters 7 H,, . Harry A. Elistrand Pat RlgglH ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, John Bullard 7 77 J. E. Tarwater 77 E. C. Shockley 7 7 E. W. Sigler R. L. Davis L. O. Grey 7 OFFICERS 77 7 7777 7777 7 77 777777777777777 President Vice-President Vice-President Vice-President Vice-President Vice-President Vice-Presiflenl Secretary 7777777Treasurer One of the main highlights of the football season this year was the Football Banquet held at the Oak Cliff Country Club sponsored by the Dads? Club. Each spring they sponsor the Miss Adamson Pageant. x7 1 ,' fqf' lm' : ,, ix W rx n ,WJJ 1' W N ' x V K 1 J . LTU Vw M J Wd! Jw L 1 WIN j Q W g Senwrs J MWA Al w wf? f Wm? Us 1 l !4,v I ' ZW' j J, W ! 0 QUTIQ DDM MW ww, ,y MW MW W LM gif wwww jpg TW , ' V X gpw' Off fwffjwfyf MQW Liu WW af fx! MQW 7 vL5 x H Qgwfff N50 XJQQQSMSW ,fly X WWSAWNW Agfa T31 0 E 2 is Yea X5 5? Q Q 5 E 'H 1 5 . f' .mf 1- A -, V f 4 Wm N- 2 --H fkf, :-f,fm- f -fn 1--N-www wk N' Senior Class 0 Beers PRESIDENT - Bubba Ward VICE-PRESIDENT - Ernie Sigler SECRETARY s Jeanie Rickettes SOCIAL CHAIRMAN - Teddy Jernigan PROGRAM CHAIRMAN - Clydetic Hardin S tive: Leopardette 62-64g Leop- ar ln ADAMS, BARBARA DEAN Industrial Cooperative Train- ingg Mixed Chorusg Student Assistant AGUILAR, GLENN Blue Bandg Military Band: R.O.T.C. Officerg Beta Sigma Beta BAIRD, PEGGY tudent Council Representa- dette Leader 63-643 Senior vitation Committeeg Select Chorusg Girls' Chorusg Allied Y outhg Student Assistant BARR, CHARLES KCHUCKJ Student Councilg Distributive Education ADAMS, DOUGLASS ALLEN Allied Youth ALDRIDGE, MARIE AN NETTE Leopardettes 62-643 Girls' Chorus: Student Assistantg Fu- ture Nursesg 2 Yr. Bible Credit Awardg Y-Teens: Dra- matic Clubg Allied Youth BAKER, SHARRON Cheerleader 62-64g Select Chorusg French Cluhg R.O.T.C. Company "A" Sponsor 62-63: Regimental Sweetheart 62-633 Best All-Around Underclass Girlg Allied Youth: Girls' Chorus BANKSTON, NELDA Junior Red Cross, Secretary: Future Business Leaders of Americag Allied Youthg- Y- Teensg Student Assistant ANGLIN, ELAINE ANNE ATCHLEY, GLENDA SUE Girls' Chorusg Select Chorus Y-Teens BLACK, LOUNAN BLANKENSHIP, KEN R.O.T.C. Drill Team Sponsorg Allied Yguth Art Club: F.T.A.: Dramatics Club BARHAM, MALVINA JOAN Select Chorusg Girls' Chorus: National Thespiansg Allied Youth 3 F.T.A.g Entre Nous 3 Student Councilg ,Iunior Red Cross BELL, IRENE Student Assist.g Industrial Co- operative Training BLANTON, BRENDA M. Industrial Cooperative Train- ingg National Thespiang Oak Representative BOWEN, RANDY Allied Youthg Key Clubg Pan American Club BELK, IRIS MARGARET Select Chorus: Girls' Chorus: Safety Club Secretaryg Allied Youthg Pan American Club BISHOP, PATRICIA DIANA Girls' Chorusg Select Chorus BLANTON, CAROL Student Assistant, Girls' Chorusg Pan American Clubg Dramatics Club BOYD, KATHI Select Chorusg Student Coun- cil Representativeg Quill and Scrollg Girls' Chorus, Entre Nousg Acorn Staffg Allied Youth BRADBEARY, CHERYL KAY Leopardettesg Entre Nous: Clinic Assistantg Future Nurses Club: Y-Teensg Student Coun- cil Representative Alternate: Allied Youth BRAGG, LINDA KAY Clinic Assistantg Blue Bandg Girls' Chorusg Art Clubg Fu- ture Nurses BROWN, LYNETTE Leopard Bands Junior Red Crossg Art Club BULLOCK, JOHN "A" Basketball, 2 Year Letter- man BRADLEY, SHARON Future Teachers of Americag Publicity Chairman BRASWELL, ROSALYN t CIN GERD Student Councilg Oak Repre- sentativeg Y-Teensg Future Business Leaders of America, Vice-Presidentg Junior Red Crossg Dramatics Clubg Allied Youthg Latin Clubg Student Assistant BROXSON, PHIL NA" Football Letterman, 2 Yearsg Vice-President, Key Clubg "B" Basehallg Allied Youthg Coach's Office Assistant BURKE, DIANE Oak Staffg Leopardetteg Entre Nous, Sergeant-at-Armsg Allied Youthg Oak Representative: Student Assistantg Dean's As- sistantg Student Council Repre- sentative Alternate BRINEGAR, DIANA BROWN, SANDRA KAY Leopardettesg French Clubg .ll1Hi0f Red CTOSSZ Libfafy' AS' Secretary, Latin Clubg Dra- sistanti Library Clllb matics Clubg Y-Teensg Allied Youth 3 i nwmww- fm CANNON, BETTY National Forensic League Treasurer 3 Pan American Forumg Library Service Club CANTU, BETSY National Honor Societyg Y- Teens President 63-643 Pan American Clubg Future Nurses Vice-President 63-643 Library Service Club Presidentg Red Cross: Student Assistant uusaaaau-nmxvuvunxwfnfvf-....--1: Y .- BUTLER, WILLIAM BYNUM, ALISSA CAMERON, BENJAMIN CAMPBELL, MARTHA ANN Freshman Homecoming Princ- essg Select Chorusg Student Council Oak Representative Y 5 CANTU, GLADYS National Honor Societyg Y- Teens Vice-Presidentg Pan American Club Sec. 63-643 Fu- ture Teachersg National Thes- piansg Red Cross Vice-Presi- dentg Student Assistant CAPP, MARILYN Future Business Leaders of America CANTU, LUPE I.C.T.g Oak Representative: Student Council CARTER, CANDACE LYNN Leopardettesg Select Chorusg Pan American Clubg Allied Youthg Y-Teensg Girls' Chorusg Future Nurses CHAMBERLAIN, BERNICE CLICK, CAROLYN Leopardettes, Student Assist- ant, Y-Teens, Art Club, Al- lied Youth, Pan-American Club COMER, MARCIA E. National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, National Foren- sic League, Latin Club CONN, RONNIE CHAMPLIN, TONY R.O.T.C. Rifle Team, Cadet Officer CLINE, RICHARD WAYNE Acorn Staff ' I A , Q in 'iw :J .---"tj- 1 . Y' H -I ,gf 1, 3.f,-,,:q1g: ,:-f',.tt- , V. k:,i', ME Skit: 1' ',,k . gag' C CONDOR, SUSAN Leopardettesg Leopardette Leader 63-64, Oak Business Staff, Acorn Staff, National Quill and Scroll, Student As- sistant, Student Council, Pan- American Club, Allied Youth COOK, GARY CLINTON, BARBARA Oak Representative, Student Assistant, Entre Nous, Mixed Chorus, Allied Youth CLUDIUS, ROBERTA SUE National Honor Society, Span- ish Honor Society, Student As- sistant, Select Chorus, Debate Letterman, National Forensic League, Pan-American Club DANDRIDGE, JUDY ANN Leopardetteg Leaderg Student Councilg Oak Business Staffg Allied Youth Treats.: Y-Teens: Pan American Clubg Future Business Leaders of America DARST, DANA ANDREW R.O.T.C. Drill Team COUGHLIN, PAT Allied Youthg R.O.T.C.g Chess Club CUMMINGS, KATHY Homecoming Princessg Oak Business Staffg Acorn Staffg Allied Youthg Future Business Leaders of Americag Oak Rep- resentativeg Quill and Scroll CRANFORD, ROSALAND Future Teachers of Americag Allied Youthg National Honor Societyg Latin Club President: Oak Business Staffg Future Business Leaders of America' Y-Teens CROW, JOHN DAVIES, PETER DePAUW, BARRY DENNIS R.O.T.C. Rifle Teamg Captain Rifle Teamg Battalion Staff DeMONNEY, DIANNE Library Assistantg D.E. DICKERSON, MARGARET ANNE Student Council Rep.g Oak Representative g Junior Red Cross Vice-President 62-639 President 63-64g Oak Staffg Y-Teensg Student Assistant DILDAY, ROBERT R.O.T.C. Rifle Teamg Pan- American .luniorg Distributive Education DRAKE, DUDLEY DUANE DOWNS, CAROL ANN Leopardettesg Oak Staffg Na- tional Honor Society, Secretaryg Mu Alpha Thetag Y-Teens, Treasurer and Interclub Coun- cil Secretaryg Latin Club, Treasurerg Future Teachers of Americag Allied Youthg Inter- scholastic Typing Contest DUDLEY, DINA National Honor Societyg Leop- ardettesg Entre Nousg National Forensic League, Presidentg Latin Clubg Debate Letterman, 2 Yearsg Junior Red Crossg Student Assistant EDWARDS, CHOLLY EKSTRAND, HARRY "A" Football 2 Yearsg "B" Footballg Key Clubg Allied Youth EICHHORN, PHIL Student Council President ELDER, JAMES Football 2 Years, Letter- 1 Yearg HB" Football: Baseball 2 Years, Letter- man l Year: "B" Baseball: Key Clubg Allied Youthg Stu- dent Assistant Coach's Office MA11 ITIBH LAAH vs EARNHART, KAY Y-Teensg Future Business Lead- ers of Americag Allied Youthg Mixed Chorus is 312 it 3 as 9? FR 556 il? 2 5 xi, Z5 5 za Ka E EDDY, DANNY Cheerleader 63-645 Student Council Representativeg Allied Youthg Entre Nous E 2 l s, 3 ,X Qt S 5 5 5 X3 ii 5 FADELY, SANDRA FAUST, JOHN C. Industrial Cooperative Train- Allied Youthg Slide Rule inggg Y-Teens Clubg Pan American Club --i., ENRIQUEZ, TABO EPPS, SHARON GB" Footballg "A" Football: Art Club: Allied Youth: Y- Allied Youth EVANS, JUDY Teensg Junior Red Cross EVANS, TROY "A" Footballg 'GBR Football: Allied Youthg Pan American Club g Key Club FIERGE, JOAN SUE National Honor Society FLUKE, WAYNE Blue Bandg R.O.T.C. Bandg Chess Club FLACH, REBECCA SUE National Honor Societyg Mu Alpha Thetag F.T.A.g Allied Youthg Art Clubg Spanish Na- tional Honor Society FORMAN, KENNETH HA" Football, 3-Yr. Letterman: Key Clubg Allied Youthg Stu- dent Council FOREMAN, PATRICIA ROSE FOSTER, CHARLES F. R.O.T.C.g Art Clubg Allied Youth FRAMPTON, NANCY FURR, JOEL Tennis-3 Yr. Lettermang Al- lied Youthg Student Assist.: Oak Representativeg Junior Red Cross GARRETT, CAROLYN Leopardettes 63-64g Student Councilg Acorn Staffg Office Assistantg Pan Amer. Club: Future Nursesg Allied Youthg Mixed Chorus GASTON, B. JEANNENE Select Chorusg Pan American Clubg Exchange Student to Mexico GEISER, TRAVIS J. GEORGE, JUDY Projectionist GARDNER, JEANELYN GARLING, KAY Mixed Chorusg Select Chorusg Select Chorusg Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorusg Allied Youthg Pan Amer. Clubg Entre Nous I n GREEN, MARY PAT Leopardettesg Allied Youthg Entre Nousg Future Teachers of Americag Latin Clubg Oak Representative, Student Coun- cil GREY, NORMAN Student Council Vice-President, Ugly Man Finalist 62-63g Key Clubg Allied Youth President: Baseball Letterman, Basketball All-City V ,ngs111utsnswsafw:- ,Mus -.,,e. W f t-ff GILLIARD, LARRY DULAIN Student Council Alt.g Oak Rep- resentative, "A" Football Let- ICITIIHII GORMAN, TONY Basketball Letterman, Football Letterman: Allied Youth, Stu- dent Assistant GOMEZ, MARY JANE COULD, ROY Entre Nous . l. AXA 1 CRIFFITH, PATRICIA D.E. GROSSMAN, JIM CRIMES, CAROLE Student Council Alternateg Dis tributive Education CUNNELS, .IUDITH "B" Footballg "A" Footballg Allied Youthg Future Nurses: "A" Trackg Allied Youth, Key Club Library Assistant GUST, DENNIS RAY HA" Football Lettermang "A" Baseball Lettermang Student Councilg Allied Youthg NB" Footballg "B" Baseball: Most Handsome Underclass Boy 62- 63 HACKLER, JOAN HAAKE, RONALD WALLACE "B" Footballg Football 1 Yr. Lettermang HBH Baseballg Base- ball Letterman l Yr.g Debate Squad 3 Yrs.g N.F.L. 3 Yrs.g Vice-President 63-645 Allied Youthg Key Clubg Mr. Howdy HAMMOND, RICHARD W. "A" Basketballg MB" Basket- ballg Select Chorusg Student Councilg Allied Youthg Oak Representativeg Student Assist.g Pan American Club HANSON, MIKE Pan-American Juniorg R.O.T.C. Drill Team HARDEN, SUSAN CLYDETTE National Honor Societyg Vice- Presidentg Mu Alpha Theta, Pres.g Select Chorus, Pres.: Blue Band Pres.: Senior Class Program Chairman g Allied Youthg Entre Nousg Linz Awardsg Evert's Awards HARALSON, PAULINE Quill and Scrollg Girls' Chorusg Select Chorusg Acorn Staffg Allied Youth g Pan-American Club HARP, BEVERLY HANEY, DALE WAYNE D.E.g Art Clubg Pan American Clubg Library Service Club HANKIN S, PAULETTE Select Chorusg National Thes piansg Future Nurses, Secre taryg Pan-American Clubg Al lied Youthg Girls' Chorus Clinic Assistant s HENDRICKSON, SUSAN HENSLEY, CAROLYN SUE GRACE Latin Clubg Allied Youthg Y- Industrial Cooperative Training Teens HARRINGTON, DAVE EARL Entre Nousg Allied Youth HARRISON, HELEN JOANNA Pan American Clubg Entre Nousg Mu Alpha Thetag Na- tional Honor Societyg Select Chorus HARRIS, BILL Blue Bandg R.O.T.C. Officerg R.O.T.C. Band HASH, PEGGY GENE Industrial Cooperative Training HINCKLEY, KAY Select Chorusg Latin Clubg Future Nursesg Office Assist ant: Clinic Assist.g Y-Teens: Future Teachersg Future Busi- ness Leaders of America HOLLIS, ELAINE R. HINSON, GENE Art Clubg Golf Clubg Allied Youthg Library Service Clubg Pan American Clubg Science Club HOLAN, CHARLENE HORTON, THOMAS R.O.T.C. Bandg Beta Sigma Beta 3 Allied Youth 3 Blue Bandg Concert Bandg Pan American Cluhg Science Club HUMPHREYS, CAROLYN Future Nurses Treas.g I.C.T.g Mixed Chorusg Clinic Assist- ant HUGGINS, KAREN Allied Youthg Art Club: Safety Clubg Future Nursesg Pan American Clubg Y-Teensg Science Clubg Junior Red Crossg Student ASsiSt.g Tennis Team HUNTER, SHIRLEY SUE Leopardettesg National Honor Societyg Allied Youthg Entre Nousg Pan American Cluhg F.B.L.A. JACKSON, MARY ELSIE JAIME, SUSIE JAMES, JESSE JARRARD, PATTI Industrial Cooperative Training ?i S E E S S 95 it Li E INGRAM, CHARLES WILLIAM N.F.L.g National Thespiansg Quill and Scrollg Acorn Staff JACKSON, JANICE Future Nursesg Junior Red Crossg Mu Alpha Thetag Na- tional Honor Societyg Oak Rep- resentative ii Di ii Z il 3 221 3 3 3 ar 12 ir ai :E xr if ?i l SE 3 . fi-ew. 1 v- .mm Nww.esam41.:,.ff,1mmaswxs1,f JOHNSON, JACQUELINE UACKIE7 Pan-American Jr. Reporterg Pan-American Sr. Secretary 5 Pan-American Sr, Historian g R.O.T.C. Sponsorg Student Council 5 I JOHNSON, RONNIE Cheerleader 63-645 President of National Honor Societyg Presi- dent of Entre Nousg Secretary Mu Alpha Thetag Student Council Rep.g Rotary Club Rep. -sb M. wwfmfame,t Qisriuw:1:sQ-I ,ss ,-7f :U- mj,,1,..,,: . f l.a r t,,, as-sw .,,,, JARRETT, MARY Leogiardettesg National Honor Societyg Oak Business Staffg Future Nursesg Allied Youthg Entre Nousg Latin Club JERNIGAN, TEDDY Mu Alpha Thetag Senior Class Social Committee Chaimiang Student Council Rep.g Allied Youthg Oak Representative: "B" Football JENKINS, SHERRY LOU Select Chorusg Future Business Leaders of Americag Pan American Clubg Allied Youthg Student Assist.g Future Teach- ers of America JETT, MARTHA Pan-American Clubg Blue Bandg Mu Alpha Thetag Na- tional Honor Societyg Junior Citizens Traffic Committee K I P JONES, CINDY Oak Representativeg Art Clubg Pan American Club: Student Assist. Dramatics Club KERN, STEVE KALIES, RICKI LYNN Mu Alpha Thetag Pan-Ameri- can Clubg National Honor So- cietyg Allied Youthg Student Assistantg Future Teachers of America: Future Business Lead- ers of America, Vice-President 62-63, Treasurer 63-64 KETCHUM, BONNIE JEAN Y-Teensg Future Nurses KILLION, LINDA GAYLE National Honor Societyg Mu Alpha Thetag Y-Teens, Secre- tary 63-64g Future Teachers of Americag Allied Youthg Future Business Leaders of America: Pan-American Clubg Dean's Assistant KINSEY, ANN KRIZMANICH, JOAN LAW, BEVERLIE Mixed Chorusg Girls' Chorus LESLIE, PATRICIA LINDSEY, DENNIS Pan-Americang Y-Teensg Fu- ture Business Leaders of Americag Student Assistant LOPEZ, JESSE G. LOVELL, DAVID "A" Football Letterman, Man- ager and Trainer, 2 Yearsg Na- tional Thespiansg Key Clubg "B" Footballg Allied Youth LAW, ELAINE Future Teachers of America: Industrial Cooperative Train- ingg Future Business Leaders of Americag Student Assistantg Allied Youthg Acorn Staff LAWHEAD, .IANETTE CHARLEN E Select Chorusg Allied Youthg French Cluhg Pan-American Clubg Future Teachers of Americag Y-Teensg Clinic As- slstant -t MAULDIN, JANICE KATHERINE Student Assistantg Select Chorusg Student Council Rep- resentativeg Oak Representa- tiveg Allied Youtlig Junior Red Crossg Girls' Chorusg National Thespiansg Quill and Scrollg Acorn Staff MAY, JIMMY R.O.T.C.g Allied Youth LOVING, LLOYD MARLEY, ANN MAY, JIMMY LYNN Allied Youth MCCANN, SHIRLEY J ACQUELYN Student Council Parliamentar- iang National Honor Societyg Editor of Acorng President, National Thespiansg Quill and Scrollg Miss Howdy '63g Al- lied Youthg Select Chorusg Girls' State Representative MAGKEY, WAYNE Allied Youthg Art Clubg Span- ish Clubg Chess Clubg Slide Rule Club MASSEY, ROGER K. HA" Baseball 2 Years, Letter- man I Yearg "B" Baseballg Select Chorusg Allied Youth McCAFFITY, GEORGE DALE Blue Bandg Military Bandg Leopardairesg Military Officerg Select Chorusg Student Council Alternateg Pan-American Club MCCARTY, DON MCCLARY, ELLA JEAN Select Chorusg Girls' Chorusg Allied Youthg Future Teachers of America MCDONALD, ALYS MCDANIEL, GRACE Junior Red Crossg Student Assist. g Y-Teensg Library Assist.g Girls, Chorusg Mixed Chorusg Future Business Lead- ers of America MCFARLIN, CHARLOTTE McINERNEY, JUNE National Honor Societyg Sec- retary-Treasurer Art Club: Jun- ior Red Crossg Latin Clubg Office Assistant MELTON, ROSALIND ANN Library Assistantg Future Busi- ness Leaders of America MEADOR, CAROLYN Junior Red Crossg Allied Youthg Clinic Assist. Girls' Chorusg Y-Teensg Art Clubg Future Nurses MEYER, DON Student Allied Youthg R.O.T.C. McGEE, DAVID L. Allied Youth Social Chairmang Acorn Staffg Senior Social Committeeg Key Clubg Pan American Clubg "A" Basket- ballg "B" Basketball MCINERNEY, JOAN Pan American Club Jr.g Art Clubg Allied Youthg Junior Red Cross MUSICK, PAT MYERS, LINDA Pan-American Club, P.A.S.F. Chairman 63-644 Pan-American Jr. Secretary 61-62g Future Teachers of Arnericag Allied Youthg .Library Assistant Sec- retary 61-623 Dramatic Club Reporter 61-629 Teachers Asso- ciation 62-64 MIGLINAS, MARSHA National Honor Societyg Mu Alpha Theta, Vice-Secretary 62-63, President 63-64g Future Teachers of America Secre- tary, French Clubg Oak Rep- resentativeg Recipient of Well- esley Awardg National Spanish Honor Society MORRIS, BILLY MILBURN, PHYLLIS ANN Select Chorus 61-64, Secretary 62-643 Student Council Secre- tary 62-63g Oak Representative MURPHEY, MIKE L. Blue Bandg Allied Youth, Pan-American Clubg R.O.T.C. Band 60-64g R.O.T.C. Band Officerg Silver Sabres NAUSS, JOHN DONALD Football Lettennang Trackg Allied Youthg Key Clubg HB" Football NYSTROM, NANCY National Honor Societyg Select Chorusg Allied Youthg Pan- American Clubg Secretary of National Thespiansg Latin Clubg Secretary of Dramatics Clubg Vice-President of Li- brary Service Clubg Future Business Leaders of America I E NAVARRO, CELIA Spanish Club O'BRIEN, CAROLYN SUE Y Allied Youth I OGILVIE, CAROL Allied Youth PA CKER, RICHARD ALAN Blue Bandg R.O.T.C. Drill Teamg R.O.T.C. Bandg Oak Representativeg Silver Sabres Treas. PITTS, CAROL LEE Bandg Pan-American Clubg Future Nurses POLANSKY, GEORGE A. Dramatics Clubg German Club Vice-President OSBIRN, WANDA Leopardettesg Vice-President 1-B and 1-A Classg National Thespiansg Quill and Scrollg Select Chorusg Student Coun- cilg Oak Representativeg Stu- dent Assistantg Allied Youthg Acorn Staff PAYNE, GARY PITTS, JANICE Industrial Cooperative Training POMEROY, GLORIA Library Assist.g Entre Nousg Allied Youthg Leopardettesg Student Council Alternate PIERCE, JAMES R- PINTER, PATSY JEAN Entre Nousg Junior Red Cross Hague- tw ,Qwrs-tr:tv - . or - , :wwe PUCKETT, NANCY Student Assist. RICHARDSON, JOHN MANLY Allied Youthg Football Man agerg "BH Drill Team Comm. Entre Nousg Officers Clubg R.O.T.C. Drill Team Comm.g Posr, ANTHONY O. Football Lettermang Allied Youthg HBH 'Baseball PREWITT, HERB Football Letterman 2 Yrs.g Key Club Sec.g Entre Nous: Allied Youthg Student Council Rep. POWELL, LINDA K. PRUETT, MARY . - s,.. Z Af. stim- .ai I., RICKETTS, .IEANIE Cheerleaderg Miss Adamson 19633 Homecoming Queen 19635 National Honor Societyg Student Councilg Select Chorus g Tennis g National Thespiansg Senior Class Sec- retaryg R.O.T.C. Sponsor RODRIGUEZ, MICHAEL HA" Footballg HB" Footballg "B" Baseball ROADY, DANIEL KENT R.O.T.C.g HA" Drill Teamg Stage Crew ROTRAMEL, LINDA SUE National Honor Societyg Mu Alpha Thetag Entre Nousg Stu- dent As.g Pan American Clubg Oak Staffg Dramatics Clubg Latin Clubg German Club, Future Teachers of America, Secretary 62-63 ROWLAND, MARY ANN RUIZ, DOLORES F.T.A. Presidentg Allied Youthg Y-TCCIISZ PGH AmCfiCHI1 Club Student Assistuntg Junior Red ' If Cross 1 UM! 4, L - fy V 5 N ' J X ' A if j r flf - rum ll J SANDERS, CAROL SARRATT, BONNIE Future Teachers of America SCHENCK, BILL SCOTT, LARRY Allied Youthg Art Clubg Chess Clubg Pan American SELF, AUBREY D. SENTER, DANNY .IAMES Stage Crewg R.O.T.C. Drill R.O.T.C. Drill Teamg Cadet Teamg Rifle Teamg Chess lnstructor Clubg D.E.g I.C.T.g R.O.T.C. A Stuff ii ,Kg li Zi :Q SATTERWHITE, SANDRA Leopardettesg Pan-American Clubg F.B.L.A., President 63- 64g Leopard Bandg Spanish Na- tional Honor Societyg Student Assishg Oak Representativeg Allied Youth SATTERWHITE, SHARON Student Assistant mmulw : . .. nn.- E 3 2 e fs SINCLAIR DANNY SINOR, CAROL I C T D E Leopardette, F.B.L.A., Y- Teens, Latin Club, German Club Treas. an-Q11-new .fwfwn aW,mafaw:- SEWELL, JERRY SHOCKLEY, JANICE Leopard Band, Select Chorus, Allied Youth, Pan-American Club, German Club, Social Chairman, Future Teachers of America SMITH, DONALD WAYNE Drill Team SMITH, ROBERT Key Club, Student Council, Select Chorus, N.F.L., Mu Al- pha Theta, R.O.T.C. Drill Team, R.O.T.C. Drill Team Commander, Latin Club SHARP, ANDREA Industrial Cooperative Training SIGLER, ERNIE President of Freshman Class, 'SBU Football, President of 2-B Class, "BN Basketball, 3 Year Football Letterman, Baseball Letterman, "All City Baseball 63,', Key Club 4 Yrs., Vice- President of 4-B Class , Coaches Assistant 5 f Q X SMITH, LINDA JEAN Leopard Band, Entre Nous, Future Nurses, Office As., Allied Youth, Select Chorus, Student Council Representative, Oak Representative, Jr. Red Cross 3 SMITH, FLORA SUSAN Future Nurses 1 ' 1 SOUTHERLAND, MIKE SPARKMAN, MIKE SPECK, KATHY STANLEY, JIM Junior Red Cross: F.B.L.A. "A" Foothallg Golf Lettermang Key Clubg Allied Youthg Ger- man Club STRICKLAND, TREVA JEAN Leopardetteg Leopardette Lead- er? Allied YOUIII SBCYCMYYS tiveg Distributive Education Entre Nous Reporterg Y- Teensg Oak Business Staffg National Honor Societyg Fu- ture Teachers of Arnericag Fu- ture Business Leaders of America STRICKLIN, FRANCES STUNKARD, DOROTHY TALLENT, LEE JEAN "A" Football 2 Yr. Lettermang Future Nursesg Industrial CO- "AU Golf Letterman operative Training Drama Clubg Oak Representa- 5 5 K 5 , ,z ,, 5 2 5 .3 S S is STEPHENSON, KAY STEVENSON, LARRY Most Beautiful Underelass Allied Youthg Select Chorusg Girlg Company HD" Sponsorg Pan-American Club Allied Youthg Select Cliorusg Future Business Leaders of America 5 , gc 2 52 S? -1 K F fi ii fl? E9 3 a I as E 5 ,M . t,,,.,, V ,. ,ttt.,, ,ttr ,ttort ,tti tat V t -,,, 1 V tttt . ...,,, TOMLIN, LINDA TREVINO, LUPE Lab ASSiSl21Hl3 Allied YOUIIIS Y-Teensg Future Business Lead- .lunior Red Cross Office As- ers of Americag Pan-American sistantg ,Future Business Lead- Club ers of America -i1 ,.,,f :s,:-,swt:-,,- . ,ss 1 4' TARWATER, RICKY EDWARD Freshman Ugly Mang Select Chorusg Track Lettermang Key Cluhg Allied Youthg Mixed Chorus TEUBNER, MIKE B. R.O.T.C. Company Commander TREVINO, MARIA GUADALUPE Pan-American Club VAN SLYKE, DON TERRY, DONNA SUE Allied Youthg National Honor Societyg Future Business Lead- ers of Americag Junior Red Crossg Select Chorus TICHENOR, BILLYE SUE R.O.T.C. Sponsorg .Iunior Homecoming Princessg Student Councilg Pan-American Clubg Phi Beta Chi TYDLASKA, RONALD JAMES VINCENT, PATRICIA ANN Trackg National Thegpiangg Future Business Leaders of Manager, Stage Crewg Allied America: Junior Red Cross: Youth 3 Film Projectionistg Student Assistant, Office Chess Clubg Senior Social Committee WARD, JAMES National Honor Societyg Mu Alpha Thetag Key Club Presi- dentg Junior Class Presidentg Senior Class Presidentg Foot- ball Letterman, 3 Yearsg' HA" Basketballg "A" Baseball WEBB, LOTTIE ALVERTA Junior Red Crossg Mixed Chorus WHITE, DAVID ALLEN Blue Bandg Blue Band Drum Majorg Military Bandg Mili- tary Band Drum Majorg Mili- tary Band Company Command- erg Key Clubg Quill and Scrollg Beta Sigma Beta WILBANKS, JOHNNY WEAKS, DIANNE Mu Alpha Thetag National Honor Societyg Pan-American Clubg Student Councilg Future Business Leaders of Americag President 62-63, Secretary 63- 643 Junior Bed Cross WEESE, PANSY WHITTED, GLORIA Leopardettes 62-64 WILLIAMS, ALLEN Allied Youth, Pan-American Clubg HA" Basketball Letter- mang HB" Basketballg Trackg Sophomore Class Vice-Presi- dentg Junior Class Vice-Presi- dentg Key Clubg Student Coun- cil WELSH, JOYCE WESSON, HAL Leopardettesg National Honor "A" Football, Letterman 2 Societyg Student Council Rep- Yearsg "Bn Footballg "B" Base- resentaiivex Allied Youth: Y- ballg Advisory Councilg Allied Teensg Select Chorusg Girls' Youth Chorus WILSON, RONNIE WOEHLEKE, PHIL HB" Footballg "B" Baseball, "An Football, "A" Baseballg Key Club WILLIAMS, JR., HERBERT FLOYD Science Clubg Chess Clubg Chess Teamg R.O.T.C. Battal- ion Staff WILSON, JEAN Leopardettesg Leopardette Leader 63-64, Entre Nous Treasurerg Junior Class Sec- retary, Senior Homecoming Princessg Select Cliorusg Al- lied Youtlig Y-Teensg Pan- American Club g Basketball Queen WILLIAMS, JACK Industrial Cooperative Training WILSON, MARILYN JUNE Student Council Treasurer, Leopardettesg Leopardette Leader 63-643 Art Club Presi- dentg R.O.T.C. Staff Sponsorg Select Chorusg Pan-American Clubg Dramatics Clubg Allied Youth WOODS, JANIE RUTH Student Council Representa- tiveg Future Business Leaders of Americag Student Assistantg Allied Youth, Art Clubg Dra- matics Club, Pan-American Junior and Seniorg Library Assistant WRIGHT, ROBERT JAMES Science Clubg R.0.T.C. Drill Team WOODRUFF, JACKIE YARBROUGH, RONALD WAYNE YOUNG, RONNIE "A" Football Letterman 2 Years, 2nd Team All-Cityg Honorable Mention All-Greater Dallas, Basketball Letterman: Key Clubg Editor of Oakg Stu- dent Council ZAUBER, GLENN R. Key Club Treasurerg Mu Al- pha Thetag National Honor Societyg MAJ' Football Letter- man, Student Council Repre- sentativeg Oak Representative, Allied Youth Vice-President, Art Clubg German Club Presi- dent NOT PICTURED Bates, Paul Blanton, Bill Bullard, Roland Coats, Frankie Derczo, John Dial, John Garcia, John Huggins, Mike Kephart, Bisk Keopke, Richard Lackey, Harry Laurent, Frank Peacock, Larry Rodriguez, Sammy Stinebaugh, Glenn Womack, Mike Yates, Paul Young, Wilburn Bambico, Brenda J. Caldwell, Nedra Forth, Linda Gonzales, Mary McKinney, Bobbie Jean McMahan, Marie Estes Nichols, Marilyn Pennington, Ella Mae Price, Sandra Ruiz, Rose L W jZXwNWUS l iwwd AILLZOSTCZPTQKW MXH W WWW MMM, figfw www J Q W 1 5 X J 'Q' 5 -L05LQmMjmQ,4UiL5MM W WM f W Mmiflywmf W 8 U My My WW WW 2' fWM6'J ,M Mfgpffaygw 6I , 5,0 Q3 W ,N V53 jim' 'ndgi X gig 51 5bfyy9iT0'i,09WW'f , nderclczssmen if 'B WBYWQM W af wggpwgjw Wdjf J, 244 ,A Q! Wf 1 XUUWL611 P141 ,ww ,WW mamwv jwfwffgf A M WM. J W ' Wo Q, wW W!Wf fx fifwigt WL ffw-M32 W City I OQSWN' uf' X MUN . NW LJ I f. I . 5 f X v K My W f" V M" - Q! Q N " IV MTM f ffm if f AV I XMJ J my M f' M X Wy! M - fi Wy r J! M5 ' af if W W fb W1 01, , HQ' JO M V , Y, on My Wk A 62 Xxx pj .ff 1 E Q s 5 ix 5 I 3. E, 5, fx 1 S. xi' i X ! 251 5, in , i 1 -E Q? ez E at L-,uw-ma. ww, M-wwzwwmnwnmxmmzmueunmmh . f . ,mm llfwwma Aww-gum awww- cvfgfmlmw emmmmfw.:vmnnunxwwmmiwnmw 'mf junior Ufficers PRESIDENT - Rusty Prince VICE-PRESIDENT - Lon Oakley SECRETARY - Carolyn Way Abernathy, Henry Adams, Carla Armstrong. Jeanie Arney, Judy Ashford, Carol Askins, Janice Baker, Don Barnes, Don Bass, Donald Beavers, Randy Beckhart. Sharon Bennett, Henry Berry. Diane Blackburn, Jimmy Blackstock, Billy Junior Class Leader Is a Prince Blankenship, Donna Blanton, Benny Bray, Karen Bridges, Johnny Britton, John Brodhead, Jimmy Brooks, ,leanell Brown, Gail Brown, Patricia Bullard, Paula Burndrette, Jack Burns, Bobby Burns. Kathv S'jBurton, Lillie , Butler, Karen Butler, Sherry Buttleman, Kay Carr, Kay Caster, Nancy Castle, Susan Chance, Danny Chapman, Steve Clark, Gary Clary, John Cleveland, Carolyn Cleveland, Sam Cox, Jackie Cox, Judy Curtis, Kaye Darnell, Larry Rocket flfloatj Soars to First Place Davidson, Dorothy Davila, Lupe Davis, Betty Davis, Jimmy Davis, Steve Diaz, J uila Dickson, Sharon Donaldson, Carolyn Donovan, Don Douglas, Wayne Drum, Ruth Dunaway, Jo Beth Duncan, Myra Edwards, Marie Elliott, Richard ,. .,,., - ,F .. 3 7, gag, , e ,e i l Fnnnett, Jackie Fppinette, Brenda Epps, Yvilliarn Espinoza, ,loe Essary, Loris Fwing. Mac Faris. Sammy Farmer, Tommy Ferrell. Shirley Fielder-White, Paul Fields, Jerry Fields, Sandy Foley, Danny Ford, Anita Forester, David Class of 965 Supports Student Council Activities Fowler, Ricky Fulenwider, Doug Genseke, Carole Gharis, Lynn Goad, Geraldine Graham, Sharon Graves, Jerry Green, Brenda Haake, Linda Haas, Anette Halstead, Cindy Hanna, Joe Hargis, Martha Harman. Kathey l Harnesberger, Quinn English Classes Take Up Residence Jacobs, Mary Helen Jarrett, Dena Jett, Barbara Johnson, Gail Johnson, Linda Johnson, Pat Jones, Glenda Jones, Jonne Jones, Wanda Jordan, Larry Joslin, Joe Kantz, Sharon Kay, Pamela Keith, Francis Kelly, Pat of Seven Gables Harris, Anita Harvley, Zena Head, Beverly Hendrix, Rusty Herron, John Hill, Judy Hinojosa, Richard Hinojosa, Rudy Holt, Mike Hood, Byron Howell, Phil Hubbard, Judy Hubbard, Ray Humphreys, Barbara Y Hunt, Karen in House Kidd, Wayne King, Clifford King, Ronnie Kokel, Jinuny Kusserow, Dean Laird, Sandy Lambert, Regina Lee, Karen Leslie, Sandy Leverington, Ela Lewellen, Jerry Lewis, Donna Lewis, Juanita Lipps, Diann Loafnian, Eva ine Une More Final Exam-Mayhew? Lockhart, Gary Lopez, BeBe Lucky, Linda Ludden, Charles Luman, Jeannie Lusk, Bobbie McCoy, Rodney McDaniel, Jerry McDonald, John McDonald, Marily n McFarlin, J une McWilliams, Ben Maddox, Kassa Martin, Mary Martin, Roy Miglinas. Judy Milkie. Bill Milkie. Stephaine Miller. Bob Miller, Brenda Milliorn, Freclna Millican. Kitty Mills. Suze Miltner. Marilyn Mitchell, Donald Mitchell. Linda Money. Kay Moran, Marlene Moreau. Steve Morris, Rita Count Your Credits-They Are Good as Gold Murray, Peggy Murray, Rosemary Nachlinger, Bob Neff, George Nelson, Steve Nowlin, Sue Oakley, Lon O'Conner, Sarah Oliver, Charles Ondrusek, Barbara Parham, Janienne Patterson, Shirley Pederson, Diane Pegram, Bruce Peters, Wilson nuanmuunmmnmmw nm -- ,iwwm-nf-M n'-nawfmmfswmsvn l1 n waw Phipps, Barry Pier, Jimmy Pierce, Bea Pierce, Pam Pitts, David Polk, Page Pottkotter, Louis Prince, Rusty Quinn, James Rasor, Robin Redd, Marsha Redden, Johnny Reece, Donna Rhodes, Linda Rhodes, Roxie N0 Ring Like ci Senior Ring Richardson, Betty Ridener, Judy Riggin, Pat Robinson, Harry Rogers, Susan Ruiz, Mary Russell, Sherry Rymal, Sarah Sanez, Lourdes Sanders, Donald Schellenburg, Shirley Seibert, Raymond Settles, Gwen Simmons, Phillip Simpson, Martha Sims, Sue Skaggs. Virginia Smith, Diann Snow, Sally Starnes, Shirley Stephens, Barbara Stephens, Karen Stevenson, Sandra Stone, Charles Stricklin, Pat Summers, Ronnie Tabor, Susan Tarwater, Cheri Tate, Mary Teague, J oe Count Down-365 Days 'Til Senior Day Templeton, Jim Thomas, Cherry Thomas, Katheryn Thornton, Jerry Don Toomhs, Bill Trevino, Dora Turnell, Joyce Utley, Steve Vaughn, Johnny Veal, Olivia Walker, Authur Waller, Karen Way, Carolyn Weaver, Kathy Webb, Laura Webb. Weldon West,4Pat Williams, Becky ivilliams. George Williams. Mary Lou Williams. Zannia Yvillis. William Jvolfe. Jack Wfright. Johnny Jvright. Tony Yarbrough, Mike York. Steve Zauber, Kim Bass, Ronald Craven, Carol Dunham, Rick X Macy. Marion Nloore. Larry Pierce. James R-ivmond. Larry Redden. Ricky Wlalters. Mackie WO1'lhN'. Richard Alford. Harry Allen, Steve Bailey, Marshall Barbec, Gary Barber, Buddy Baysingcr, Nancy Bcason, Madge Benavides, Oscar Banners, Raymond Bice, Donna Billadeanx, Diann Blagg, David Blagg, Bloody Blanchard, Kathy Bradley, Aubrey Bronar, Robert Brooks, Miko Brown, Miko Brown, Shirley Buford, Sandy Camdns, Paul Carrol, Larry Charles, Beverly Clark, Bob Clark, Robert Culverhouse, Gary Daniels, David is Davis, Barbara Davis, Sue Dial, Jo Dominqniz, Mary Dunn, Joe Etman, Johnny Faulkner, Lin Fletcher, Britton Fought, Robert Franklin, Pam Franks, Watle Frayrc, Robert Friddlc, David Frost, Martin Fryman, Tom Gardner, Nancy Colden, Joe Gonzales, Joe Goodman, Larry Coodrivh, John Gordon, Fred Greer, Byran Cuajardo, Joe Guy, John Hale, Steve Hanks, Roy Harris, Linda Hilderbrand, Ronnie .F-f .4-,..,, 4-' 'mv NOT PICTVRITD Hogan, David Houehins, Terry lloward, Oran lluddleston, Jerry Hughes, Linda Hughes, Steve Humble, Roy lluskny, Mike Javkson, Pat Jones, Jimmy Jones, Marie Kennedy, James Kay, Roy King, Leonard Kirhvy, Mike Lalfontain, Mamie Law, Shirley Lcarli, Joseph Lee. David Lotzer, Kathy Lunsford, Doug MQCrat-ken, Larry MeCrea, Sandra McKiddy, Marilyn McLaughin, Jnlic Massey, Jerry Mathews, Pam W .af Morales, Naomi Moreau, Linda Mosley. Chris Murph, Eddie Navarro, Jerry Neale, James Newton, Alton Newton, Bob Nixon, James Norman, Lynda Orem, Tom Owens, Gene Park, Marilyn Patterson, Frances Peach, Ronnie Pc-lt, Patricia Penny, Shirley Petrca, J. C. Poole, Mike Presley, Bill Rankin, Jaekio Rayburn, Charles Redding, 'l'ommy Richardson, Betty Riehardson, lrcnc Richardson, James Robinson, Jody Rodriqnez, Robert Rogers, Connie Rosales, Robert Rowland, Barbara Si-lman, Thurman Shipley, Annie Shapher, Jerry Sosebee, Dale Sosf-bee, Donald Summers, Harold Tando, Helen Tibbs, Steve Tincher, John Tomas, Enriqueata Turner, James Veal, Linda Villasana, Ester Villcgas, ,lesso Wallace, Charles Walters, Johnny W'egman, Pri-cilla Weil, Mary Ana Wliite, Greg Williams, Elizabeth Willis, Cary Willmxugllly, Jay Wilsoit, Cary Wootllcy', Orval Wfooley, Bob 73 r Our Future Leaclers??? X X l X t ,X 3 -I 1, - I Qz ' ' Well-dOH,I just Sit tll8f6. U utter U1 uut Lu mum: A L Sh0w0ff! N 1 sfo QW Bet my 'tractor can heat your Pardon-your slip's showing. Stingray. 1 Pistol Packing Mamma! ! I Hercules Unchained! Dream Along With Me! 74 ,MXX Dlljcgw, QVJ WW W ,- A , SSW W' yghij' 'Azfjyyyl ut0graPh ,Q Wx , f S - W, iffy xW1W V1 x gf UW' MQW MM LJ J I MM ,. .PW v ' 0 WjMg,4 M MM MMM NDQAV !W , i l!,,WfA 1' v n ' xg, kyypj fv fWNL,, 1jM, 55535 15910 ws AiZQQiHX jwjgyvgx yMf5fNf5Y?'2f f My W iff WWW L95 WW? 'SQL I b Q Q, MSW? I 75 Sophomore Ofjqoers PRESIDENT - Steve Bradshaw VICE-PRESIDENT - Ron Bryant SECRETARY - Janace Pope FIRST ROW: Marsha Osburn, Becky Rippy, Mary Rodriguez, Judy Miller, Janice Pope, Martha Pollard. ROW 2: Manuel Rodriguez, Diane Moe, Shirley Miller, Randy Roady, Barbara Patton, Patsy O'Ber. ROW 3: Lannie Morrow, Kenneth Reagan, Ronald Newman, 'James Oieson:,iLary Rivers, Mike Oliver, Robert Reed. FOURTH ROW: Jacob Morgun, Rodger Pope, Larry Reynolds, Jess Ivey, Wcndall Mosley, Jay Halliburton, Mr. Ralph Martin ROW 1: Ronnie Shelton, Gwen Yates, Roberta Whiteshield, Carol Speneer, Sherry Smalley, Linda Whitman, Cynthia Williams. ROW 2: Tommy Christie, James Hale, Cary Spence, George Hackler, Robby Urban, Larry Warrell. ROW 3: Wzitson Wakefield, Corless Wiley, Gary Tooley, David Pool, Douglas Travis, James Stokes. ROW 4: Mark Teubner, John Tibbs, Mike Gray, John Webb, Douglas Hunter. , Q FIRST ROW: Nancy Pierce, Delores Palomares, Lydia Roberts, Earlene Roberts, Joyce McWilliams, .lan Settles, Sharron Reese, Sheryl Martin. ROW 2: Brenda Polk, Tommie Patterson, Phyllis Rhodes, Margaret Sage, Melvin Prince, Dennis Moore. ROW 3: Wayne Sharp, Randy Price, Lloyd Miller, Ricky Recer, Joe Quiroga, ,lohn Sanders. ROW 4: Randall Rowley, Eugene Russon, Bob Seniff. ROW l: Charlene Washam, Barbara Williams, Sandra Webb, Valdi Wilcox, Vicki Womack, Carol Webster. Lorraine Tuttle, Margaret Rexino ROW 2: Tommy Turner, Bruce Wallace, Mike VanMeter, Bobby Wright, James Welsh, Bill Turnell, Butch Turner, Raymond Turner. ROW 3: Gerald Williams, David W1,uoster, Mike Yarborough, Keith Wilson, Frank Valdez, Lester Winningham. ROVV 4: Howard Burke, David M. Young, David W. Young, Kenneth Wilson, Mr. Harold D. Wood. NOT PICTURED: Linda Walls, Mary Womack, Antino Gomez, Bill Waldn-n. 78 ROW l: Janie Ruiz, Janis Smith, Pam Spinger, Sharon Spillers, Elizabeth Ruiz, Cindy Smith. ROW 2: Elaine Cambell, Linda Sours, Ellen Squires, Janet Sandifer, Rhonda Wooley, Donna Putman, Jay Smith. ROW 3: Bill Templin, Joe Steen, Donald Simler, Mike Sutherlin, Kenneth Surley, Walter Swan. ROW 4: Larry Willoughly, David Rymal, Eddie Stevens, Stephen Stephens, Hugo Torrens, Richard Stoddard, Charles Theobldt, Bonnie Tatum. NOT PICTURED: Bobby Romo. ROW 1: Kathy Leverington, Charlotte Jett, Joetta Hilburn, Rosie Gonzalez, Susan Meyer, Eula House, Anita Horton. ROW 2: Bobby Jones, Jimmy Hitt, Jack Franklin, Nelda Jackson, Kathy Kennedy, Joyce Little. ROW 3: Carl Miller, James Harthcoek, Billy Franks, Cary McDonald, Franklin Hitchcock, Damaris Arostequi. ROW 4: John Lindsey, David Hathway, Mike Cox, Joe Harris, Mario Hernandez, Rickey Garner. 79 ROW l: lirsula Klailier. Paula Blount. Daphne Bledsoe. Linda Hopkins. Beverly Royal. HOW 2: Yieki Clements. Kathy Hultsnian. Lupe lieltrani. Angie Arrendondo. Mary Pomeroy. HOW 3: William Dorivk. .lo Ann Cox. .loe Glynn. Virginia Diaz. Marcia Colvin. Mary Goinez. Charles Bowling. ROW -1: llolwlwy Weekly. Tom Hargrove. Ronnie Carson. .laines Brown. .liin Blagg. Lawrence George, Johnny Congleton. ROW' 5: llolvert Hansen, Lloyd Ayres. .lini Jackson, Miss ,lane Blackwell. ROW ROW ROW ROW 80 l: Barbara Cook. Sondra Burke. Donna Collins. Martha Cummings. Rita Davis. June Chamberlain, Mareda Cadmus. 2: Augustine Guiterrez. Martha Crocker. Delene Burns. Barbara Barnett. Francis Cay, Sharon Holt, Carolyn Buchanan, ,lohn Chen 3: Tim Gee. Larry Fulton. Mark Druniwright. Pat Eskew. Louis Enoch. Victor Cortinas. Mike Collins. -1: Larry Dailey. Dayid Fisher. Ronald Crippens. Billy Collins. Larry Croce. Kirt Showalter.Jer1'yFaust. L FIRST ROW: James Chen, Peggy Boyd, Lanna Benson, Ester Aguilar, Nellie Allred, Barbara Bauer. ROW 2: Linda Blaisdell, Maefair Brister, Jenny Benners, Lorna Bridges, Carol Berry, Diane Alvis, Twana Brister, Mary Ashcroft. ROW 3: Pete Aldaco, Betty Baird, Lennis Bills, Mike Carpenter, Jimmy Brown, Brine Bryant. ROW 4: George Austin, Stege Aldaco, Ron Bryant, Jim Browning, Steve Bradshaw, Rickie Brumfield. ROW 5: Larry Bridges, Randell Canids, Roddy Bearden, Joe Cavazos, Todd Kent. FIRST ROW: Shonnye Fisher, Peggy Hackley, Clarene Herrell, Kathleen Hensley, Ann Dilday, .Joanne Holmes, Peggy Franklin, Dana Hill. ROW 2: Sally Davis, Charmayne Hilderbrand, Doris Kephart, Toni Furr, Glenda Fanning, Sharon Franks, Carolyn Edwards. ROW 3: Brent Hardin, Raymond Jones, Paul Jackson, Monte Jack, David Hughes, Carl Hullett. ROW 4: David Hartman, George Holmes, Ted Kellogg, John Hubbard, Mr. Jack Gibson, Phillip King, Jolmny Klinge, Dan Henrickson, John Hayn. SI S ROW 1: Carolyn Jenkins, Barbara MeKethan, Linda Kiser, Carolyn Connelly, Linda Lively, Linda Molock, Kay Kingsbury. ROW 2: Cindy Johnson, Kay McClary, Margaret Hutchens, Jeanie Holland, Bertie Johnsond, Elane Lancaster, Kaniel Dumas. ROW 3: Kenneth Lee, Edward Lazano, Don Luttrell, Robin Martin, Terry Mathis, Bruce Miller. ROW 4: Bob Hill, Chris Lucas, Bill Madox, Wayne Bell, Dean Morgan, Mike Hollerman. ROW 5: Fred McDowell, John Lindsay, Mike Lowell, Marshall Miller, Mr. Jenkins. ROW 1: Rita Gibbons, Joe Ann Sanders, Sherilyn Hefner, Linda DuBois, Dorothy Hermann. ROW 2: Pam Hall, Elaine Dunaway, Julie Foster, Carolyn Terry, Josephine Fernandex, Candelara Gomez. ROW 3: Jerry Villegas, Billy Fain, Billy Canipe, Cruz Martinez, Loyd Ivey, Billy Forbes, James Lackey, Larry Flener. ROW 4: Charles Laird, James Keen, Pete Espinoza, Arthur Rath, Bobby White, Benny Straw, Tadd Dowdy. ROW 5: Ed Cason Esq. , 82 I W ,MQ-'futographs W 7 r W 0 ?f73'f K FK rf' Agw MTM if wdiff ZZQWJQW Mffffiff ff W Ur Q! 1 , Q V0 I fx 3 A , l WN pix ww Pwkw A2 iii 5 w um 22355 fiQ?Qi M1552 N Xqw Zifgillw Qi Qdls QS F A ,Q Z W in J ' "vg65 LLUf0 Q Eff, ,f V w ,Y 5-7 f " X W 2 I --. 2 JUL W wr 2g QKf?! I ,J ' X 'UP xx qi, -qi , -A fp ,M QL , F BC, V Q Q2 -, fi gy M A fx f 4? QQQQ V as ,W AY lx- W RN Q f , 1 ,Y XX 3 v. Y ,U V X x px 'pl F .1 A 5 A W M yi ,J X ,, L x gi, h N mwA+ fw kffwzczg WJUK U A gi gif QT XG! 1 l 1 QD ,T"5,. :QQ f-V i V LP' 0139 if x fffggdgfog ix M KN X XJ N . N3 J XQMX 83 Freshman 0 jqcers PRESIDENT - Jimmy Newall VICE-PRESIDENT -- Ronalda Smith SECRETARY - Joe Lopez - .. -L 'Wiki ROW l: John Conterras, Loretta Clowers, Betty Allen, Margie Baley, Laquetta Bridges, Mike Charney. ROW 2: Joe Cortez, Don Christopher, Judy Bennett, Sharon German, Sherry Clark, Bernice Bickerstapp. ROW 3: Peggy Carr, Caldia Adams, Velma Barron, Lois Bankston, Carol Aguilar, Wanda Byram. ROW 4: Thomas Canipe, Larry Craft, Gerald Brooks, Jimmy Cameron, Buddy Canipe, Cary Murphy, David Hazlitt, Mr John Carter. ROW 1: Shirley Willis, Adel Velasquez, Patsy Wood, Deloris Saldana, Rose Wilt. ROW 2: Mary Tubbs, Anita Wisnieuski, Barbara Timhy, Sharon Williams, Phyllis Thornton, Jeanette Zimmerman, Jo Ann Weakley. ROW 3: Lester Volkland, Billy Anderson, Timothy Baxter, Sergio Perez, Jim Tice, Shirley Willis. ROW 4: Charles White, Ken Wooley, Roy Leed, James Tiffee, Eugene Yen, James Williams, Diane Willarrel, Mr. Verrett ROW 1: Carolyn Reynolds, Carol Shelton, Carol Simmons, Mary Pitts, Robby Robinson, Myrtle Stephens. ROW 2: Julian Salazar, Nora Castillo, Donna Putz, Sharron Starr, Ronald Smith, Rebecca Poyser, Harriett Pettigrew Judy Stembridgze, Luis Rogo. ROW 3: Cecil Rhodes, Clifford Sanders, Jerry Poston, Ronald Sowell, Walter Sellers, Doug Reese, Raynaldo Ybarra. ROW 4: Eugene Roberts, Larry Sinor, Jackie Rodgers, David Snyder, Kenneth Smith, Carl Rowe, James Hume, Harold Pettigrew, Mr. Hoffman. ROW 1: Jackie Johnson, Mary Key, Floy Kathcock, Gail Fought, Jane Golden, Billy Ivy. ROW 2: Lillian Hardwick, Anita Hix, Lillie Horton, Geraldine Henly, Merry Hordon, Lana Ivey. ROW 3: Leon Hernandex, Nelda Howeiy, Linda Hendricks, Kathy Johnson, Aneece Gilliland, Melba Frame, Cynthia Huckeby. ROW 4: Gary Hooper, George Hennings, Rod Hill, Jim King, Aciano Gurierrz, David Guajardo, George Jernigan, Mrs. Foard. ROW l: Joe Lopez, Linda Fox, Susan Macy, Carole Nash, Elaine Parker, Shirley Lucas, Anne Latham, Jeff Liehel. ROW 2: Pat Osborn, Bobby Maultsby, Sheila Mathews, Barbara Mosley, Linda Maxwell, Nancy Moreau, Elaine Masters Kathy Miller, Miss Gray. ROW 3: Ronnie Lucky, Ray Ortega, Roddy Perry, Robert Kroschell, Stephen McBeth, Larry Martin, Barbara Nystrom. ROW 4: John Lackey, Jimmy Newell, Donald Mitchum, Anthony Picchioni, David McCullough, James Christi, Thomas Lazo. ROW 1: Charles Friddle, Anita Cox, Glynda Dillingham, Annette Cox, Ted Culverhouse. ROW 2: Suzann Etheredge, Kay Ellerman, Tommie Gail Corley, Olivia Daviala, Margie Mitchell, Kathie Davidson. ROW 3: David Frame, Larry Crocker, Barbara Pope, Hope Espinoza, Debbie Cone, Judy Earnhart, Terry Dial, Richard Fernandez. ' ROW 4: Steve Glenn, Kenneth Foremah, Royce Green, Robert Cray, James Foster, Dale Hoover, Richard Foster, Miss Clayton. Xmgmlp are A A W ,elif 5, lf Walyfti i tml at Mis f hp twat il, l in aww in Graduating Class . iffy? ' in MT ,. 5, 2 - -ga 1 :sv X' v ADAMSON'S LONG W. H. Adamson High School began its long proud history in 1889. It was first housed in a white frame building situated at Tenth and Patton, had eleven grades, and was called Oak Cliff School. Professor Doddson was the first principal, directly preced- ing William Hardin Adamson. Adamson established an undying spirit at Oak Cliff. When the high school became a separate institution, he became principal and remained so for over thirty years. At his death in 1935 the school was renamed in his honor. The present building, completed in 1915, at first had only class- rooms. Through the years additions have been made until the school finally reached its present capacity. The campus gradually enlarged, encompassing lots at the corner of Eighth and Crawford Streets, so that now it occupies the Whole block. The Allen Gym was finished in 1955. W. H. ADAMSOA I L P .M , lAND PROUD HISTORY of Oak Cliff - 1399 The first football team was organized in 1914 and its chief rival became North Side of Fort Worth. In 1920 Coach Howard A. Allen took the football team to state championships, after playing the stubborn Sherman team twice. The years of 1923 and 1924 included both baseball and basketball championship for Adamson. We have also won state debate and declamation championships in other years. In the 1950is we were city champions in baseball and went to state again. Finally in 19641 the basketball team obtained second in state, losing first place to Stephen F. Austin of Houston. I-I'oward A. Allen, former coach, succeeded Mr. Adamson as prin- cipal and held the position for twenty-seven years. Thomas W. Meek succeeded him to our present day. Adamsonas history is crowded with many accomplishments and memorable events, with only four fine principals in seventy-five years. Class of 1964 it -X . ,, , ' Y'-I 'him 5' n."'E '1 -ogg.,-1 , ,. 1..4p,gfMr I . ., A I ,'3.Nxq,..:,1,'. dl f f xxx.. X, - . If A pf U , , X 'V' .- '- 59 'Wx W- ' ' 'qxxx x ., - N ' ,fy ' ,f 0ai.x,"'gq-Z',f,yAX, -wp!! 'LMS 'lj Qx - ' - " WN -'QW' voffx ' N' 'w WWI MEQN I ' f S' ly., W 7,4-':Z'.' '-. 5.34,-g.,"3'HIb ' 'Q"'W'5,-'S ' 11 "H 'f ibn 9jQf3':- , Qfili' 55:1WV ,X f - f ,.. :I .' - J xr? v f VH ! N:-:'.fg 4,.f'5?,u V -' 1 ' , ' -4'sf."fX n Jw 'Illffl"ll' 1 fy X I ' :.4 f1' 4Xf,I'i9y?.. M I X N fr" 'V P .pw W f f .f:w1.:r2sr A .. . X -Q f A -- ff W 4-E ' 'H f"Tiis'fHv fiif .A QQM x,,,., , -X , , x .uv ,, , QV X xx6f,S1 X lx 61' A ff ,AX 2 ' s'-gag 1 x A : y. 'W X X N X 1 M X H 1 t ,Nfl I X s fb' I A I ZX ll 2,, Q ff, f Xa If ,I f .W Mb, 1.-ur Q, .XM 1 ,gpv A ,-gPS::, ,f',6ip.,Lg 1' 1 1, f yugo? Aglylff 4,fH7g1, ' "fri ff' ' " 'v 115. vbu PROFESSOR DODDSON W. H. ADAMSON Oak Cliff H.S. Prior to 1915 J X , M w N Q X A f'Ni! gs ,S gf . Xi, 'waxy' 'G . , X K 1 I . X I " QM" y X O 2 'G-E-x G pf+5'Avr1gff - MQ 'NP-1421 fgqm F Wal 03-ll vf '?l"vf'4 FW YA," ' X il X J' 2? l W '-Maxx s ff " -4' 4f'fIV 5 !!' h- M fe ff ' - 4 7mr,y Xxx ' K. - 'wh W -wiwggrf PIM, f ? ' 'iv'-. f 154.1-rwn,.fI+f,.9i L ' 4 +Ms T"c1 ' e if I .H1 i A f I, N! L- 'J' 1' iii i i i i 1 ir 'IXQQ kfuf ' pf v I fvffl x W I ! R gl f I Z A :lm , J - ' 1 X 74 'fx 5 .1 K f wx X V7 -. 9' N 147' f"x U -' fe! X' Z' 7t 2 145- ,, ,, v vga Q f Tigfl wif, Q gx 1 fb I X . YA TA? L-2 1351 .J-9? WL 2 1 WMM N, 7 LJ E7 I-Q H fgq 154 N., - MW' Q... E1 Q EffEfw ax EW ' N X . , X -- r - Aj ,Z ,L Qxvwxyvgy MVJ' ' 'ML Q, -xt L KX! WA A yi? Qiff Hs. and W. H. Adamson Hs. 1915-1964 f' WC fb, HN A V x xuw QUQGVMEN M ,QR . W wffiik ww DUN U WVQYEALLEN X 1 THOMAS W. MEEK X5 Y -35, f 'QJZXS 63 fmfvihl Ye, ,ww Nf5""'3 J ff Vvf f ,fgfqsfgy x. K.. WW! X nf-7'5i-..,,,,, 51 f . Dy 5 fill 1,1 xv, X . , 5, .i-o, . X ' ' ff" ., 'L 3 Af -f , lg, fl , I ' I I . 4 VD' -x miigmf -,1C"' .LN - a 5 BX , 'v-J' .722 , I ' ' '7:-lffi. ? 1 J AS ' X f 24 -51-A-Q.. U-.Q-. 5 N M H Z- ff,'f i.+'sf-2 ' we-' , fi ,lf-1' ' 9- .H xx' 4114- ,. Q'-1 I. ' ,t-Q E, ph , ! X! .53-'gg-,f,: f 'ff " iii? V!! 7 f -1 .lv I-ri. 'fn .' 171155, E 1. ' L ,'.- 1' K ff X f "f '- 1 f f : N .A ' . .- lx' X I -- :fj- r I .',- - , - l .I ,f f f mf, :wil-at JVM r R. M : 'gifif' ' r '1'1':, - V ff EQ: ' ' 1 ,s Egg' " .ff Z "1'5G. i,x'Q',i'f.-" , iii ' ,X Jr: L 5925" ' r L04 ' f-fr .,-5' f 4 -.7 4 .1xS,S1,g n N,.':1.a-32,3 -...-. .7':i"-A A 3 1 G If -'4" ' 2631 I ' 1:5 .. - - . - rf- ..,- 1--'-ff, . - '-, ' 170 1 - 'A '7,'Q.'.' fm 'fi Q' 'najY.s:A,.,5,..7, N., Q 'Q :rf n - , X . . .. ' to s k , ' - ""rf, 40,4 " 1' .ex . - 'if '- f ea x','oH' If' H.. -,ith 5 - . 5'-'-' " - ., 3.1.1 xx-,','4.Zw1v,j 491 .' 14, ,, gqzg-5 5 -3221 U, ,Q WQQQE! , l VX I t , 1 , X sf QQ I 1, na ,D 5...- CQMQ ht V 1 I ' 1 Q xxx ,- XS "r 5 r f XXX X . ' . S 1' ' I 5 X Y 1 " s .I lv , y V Q X -. 'v'. V X If ' I' NK F4 ' r 5. '77' AWK ' 77 f Q X X " HV ff. f I X 1. 1 I I MJ Q ,Env , N V :D A , ,N ' 4 r fn' ' I X I x X -A , ,,,,-W K. Y ' YI ii: vii! L .f,j'f25'3"f:i' w K? Persanalities X? 3 X L N , J x F Sq W Q in M N A 9 9532 iw 'N fy N? ,Q xg S N xy N fbbffi 5 Q5 Q19 fi JJ M Qi -fm A-wp av 2- M 2? if me avi E is 5 Q 2 E ,E fs 9 i gs fl Ei 1 Q i 2 5 3? Q Q ii, qi 5 5 E Q E 3 52 , ,Mgr-Y, mr- ------ gunna ,,,,, u fwmmmmsmgwwmgwswwkkSwarm: ,:- f im- - E Q E , L4 E5 is 1 gs . 5 if ii E 5 52 5 5 5 i 32 G Q 2 ff 255 fi 'G .4 5? if K iii 1, ii QL 5 Q ff! 12 31 5 2 5 5 51 . ,. X, af 3 , E Q L 1 3 5' ggi 2 is in iii fb :sa T59 EE 35 9 -S 52 E A 4 A 4 9 A w i s 1 5 1 5 si? E i E! F H , N i 1 Senior Favorite Runners-Up CNX 1 A MOST P O P U L A R Phyllis Milburn Phil Broxson Ronnie Johnson Clydette Harden Dennis Gust MOST HANDSOME MOST BEAUTIFUL James Elder Wanda Osbirn Kay Stephenson IX '06 John Bullock Norman Grey , ff' BEST A L L A R O U N D Linda Myers Nancy Frampton 2 ie e Underclass Favorite Runners-Up MOST P O P U L A R Rusty Hendri Mark Drumwright Janace Pope Dorothy Herrmann do fd jo LL I A, M Mosr Wlfwfjaayqff HANDSOME Ricky Fowler Ron Bryant ' Mosr Q BEAUTIFUL 'gxhff -r , A Nb , gt, 4, , , Martha Cummings Carla Adams V Diane Alvis 4 gy L. BEST A L L A R 0 U N D Richard Worthy Steve Bradshaw Anita Fordii Vicki Clements '07 Who as Who was mn'-'S-1. Linn Qs 2, ,.,,m,:, ,L -fan gifiisgeifs sig 'A -- iSfi1'iXffQf?ffi"Egi5 50 ' " " -P , .',jQgfg-,li'?1sEs5YSYSk5 L A .,.-Qi5, g i: slfi' f 'ISfis5l',QlA+ ' U ,gg,:il,-gpgliifgsiglmf K K if S532 Jhflffi ,,.. - ,fd Q3 X fa " Q 'W In L E5 2 Q Xe' Who Who , iZi 1 ' - . . 5 A p x I 8 . Jw? gm ge... xy K P , X , Ji , . wg X Y fr .f ,pn MISS ADAMSON Jean Wilson HOMECOMING QUEEN Jeannie Ricketts BASKETBALL QUEEN Jean Wilson II5 Activities PX fc T1 QE 5? Q, ,-. f .Zi , 'Z YQSCLM Of if , C055 C951 2 Uixigfil Q55 i i QU U mdkgwiifi if fx 253 OPCVKQ? U V5 Qi ' Q Yi! XL ' 2 ju' I Ljxn ' X U3 POCVNMQW 5 X Q3 QXSYQJ LN 'Ji' Cs ' II6 ' x If ji! , ,fl 1 , , I A . , if ' ' I V' , ' . I q,l ' , f Qi fig .4 i wjgwycya W N 'vv N QS N w QW Cy Mg-,XJj9T'9'J vga, iiiii X XX N91 Q19 My if E sag- if 4. ,Q . , 5' 2 Q 1? .. 1 fi ' , i 551, fi Q, H ' ' 5' 22711311 :W ' A u 'wif'-'fix jg We A ffm, , 1 H+ V T izgfqgf-.511:11zi:S, f.. Y K --5 5 .zfw-wk ,- . Mgr 1 .Qg.1f.-su , f ,, Q, Lfgii gs-'51 ,Q 1 Jfivf.. , W Eiiilfiiifl fm 1 gang H -- W . W ifi: 7 ,. , . .J -1-.wsgs H., exmmwwwmwwf . :gl tudent Council Sponsor: DAVID FORGEY President Vice.Pre5idem Secretary PHIL EICHHORN NORMAN GREY JEAN WILSON Treasurer Parliamentarian JUNE WILSON SHIRLEY MCCANN SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE FIRST ROW: Martha Campbell, Diane Burke. SECOND: Alys McDonald, June Wilson, Shirley McCann, Jean Wilson. THIRD: Phil Eichhorn, Clydette Hardin, Mary Pat Green, Jeanie Ricketts, Peggy Baird, Charles Barr. FOURTH: Norman Grey, Larry Peacock, Jimmy Stanley, Ronnie Young, Glenn Zauber, Danny Eddy, Teddy Jernigan. JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES FIRST ROW: Jonne Jones, Kathy Weaver, Susan Tabor, Marty Hargis, Sarah Rymal. SECOND: Jo Beth Dunaway, Lon Oakley, Anita Harris, Betty Davis, Carolyn Way, BeBe Lopez, Judy Miglinas. THIRD: John McDonald, Jimmy Black- burn, Kim Zauber, Wilson Peters, John Britton, Steve Davis. I I FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES FIRST: Carol Aguilar, Olivia Davilla, Sharron Starr, Nelda Howery. SECOND: Anthony Pic- chioni, Jerry Poston, Gerald Brooks, Richard Foster. THIRD: Jimmy King, James Tiffee, Bar- bara Nystrom. SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES FIRST: Janace Pope, Dottie Herrmann, Carol Spencer, Brenda Washam, Sharon Spillers, Jan Settles, Judy Nickols. SEC- OND: Martha Cummings, Vicki Clements, Ursula Klaiber, Barbara Patton, Margaret Sage, Joetta Hilburn. THIRD: Joe Cavazos, Ron Bryant, Joe Harris, Johnny Lindsey, Keith Wilson, Eddie Stevens. ational Honor Society y sl l ,ma l Sponsors: Miss ROBERTA KING l al, MISS RUTH RUFFIN X ,K Members of the National Honor Society are chosen by the faculty on the basis of leadership, scholarship, service, and character. siififibizltiiliie !'E'QS,ge W. 695 Q ,gM,,f-it 3 ew 5 L te 4 A 2 W Q Ki fy , , ..,., Vkyr ..g, 1,25 r L H . ,ie, gr: :xiii A' Betsy Cantu Gladys Cantu Robbie Cludius Marcia Comer Dina Dudley Phil Eichhorn .loan Fierge Becky Flach Shirley Hunter Janice Jackson Mary Jarrett Martha Jett I20 ' , ' WD wr K ff ' if Rosland Cranford Helen Harrison Ricki Kalies CK Xw 9'fl9fl, 1 M I L, 'f Z fl ,, I l .1.,L C ili , , 4' ,". V-'.V ' E RONNIE JOHNSON CLYDETTE HARDEN CAROL DOWNS President VlCC-PI'CSldCI1l S6CI'C13I'Y , X i , Gay Killion Marsha Miglinas Shirley McCanan AlyS McDonald .lune Mclnemey Nancy Nystrom Linda Powell Jeannie Ricketts S116 ROI1'0m6l Treva SiI'iCklH!ld Donna Teuy James fBubbaD Ward Dianne Weaks Joyce Welsh Glen Zauher Select Chorus t f Elaine Don Sharron Buddy Joan Barbara Randy Iris Carol Di Anglin Baker Baker Barber Barham Bower Beavers Belk Berry Bishop Linda Kathi Ernie Sandy John Kathy Karen Kay Martha Candy Blaisdell Boyd Bryant Buford Bullock Burns Butler Buttleman Campbell Carter ooyy 1 l oaa Susan Sam Robbie Betty Rita Sharon Richard Jackie Glenda Sammy Castle Cleveland Cludius Davis Davis Dickson Elliott Emmett Fanning Faris Y. ' " fi Q2 it -av it it 1 A ti,-. K vrsse F B .tftti ' . K e v ee ,., "'i 'lli Q -, ef m s- - 'Wi tim, ' YW W Shirley Anita Dave Danny Sh21'0l1 .leanelyn Bryan Richard Paulette Pauline Ferrell Ford Forester Foley Franks Gardner Greer Hammond Hankins Haralson ',A 1 , ii' I :-- ,, otvst , e K at ,f f i tt- ' ' ' ' B ' ' i ii 'H V vte te e lte ttre eY LCA i Lt-t ,1-"-- -te' e 1 0 ' A 'ta Q Helen ena K J d she' W a B 1, Clyde t ' arty nl ay u y ry 2' 0 Harris 25' 1 rgig, Q Harris Harrison ' Flarvley ' kley Hubbard ' Jenlliyg QD es Kelley J -Q 0 - -ij 3 K, ,f D fa 1 t f f J Q 9 f - ' A1 ,L Q ff 3 Q f 2 6 t A , pg, f , , , Q 3 2 J it t A J is ' 2 4? F 1 I 6 U '22 65 2 2 5 3 , CJD ,D rg f .Q 51 ei kr .. 2 RCP Wayne Kidd was , X . sw- M as - A- as me W af-,af -,. . JOE TEACUE: Director , si " K L K, ,, hh ,..-, 'V gi' -3 in - 1 my ill 'iii ' ffl Ni' ' - ' ' ., ' ",, -1 s,ii:,:f, ,,,' K K 1 2.2, rj' Q ' -, I , ' i 1 it y at . y 1 . ziigi i A K t L', ' - B4 ,,g:? f' C ' - VmVAV Y "1, '1'Z" , ",' 2 f A T i 2 t A1336 Sandy Charlene Karen Jerry Donna Diane Charles Roger Janice Laird Lawhead Lee Lewellen Lewis Lipps Ludden Massey Mauldin Dale Jean Kay John Judy Stephanie Brenda Chris Nancy Barbara Mc Caffity McClary McClary McDonald Miglinas Milke Miller Moseley Nystrom Ondrusek Wanda Janienne Osbirn Parham fsf 1, l 4 I ssarir Jeanie Judy Ricketts Ridener Barbara Wilson Barry Bea Page Patton Peters Phipps Pierce Polk In Q-R Q. . ii .. , . V A I in g :., - C 445 i f ili aiie S i In . - , t K I ' , . Q fi M 'i" ' f Bonny Aubrey J an Martha Sally Sarratt Self Shockley Simpson Snow Robin Marsha Roxie Ra501' Rhodes K 7,.-- saw- Y Kay Charlie Joe Stephenson Stone Teague ,l im Donna Joyce Templeton Terry Turnell . ' T , 'l.i p it yy Vpttp 5 p A T ' J e an J une Janie Wilson Wilson Woods Bruce Charlene Carolyn Kathy Wallace Washam 1, l . Way Weaver X 7 U Q J Pansy Joyce Becky Weese Welsh Williams Mr. Teague '23 Leo pardettes The Leopardettes have brought recogni- tion to Adamson by their excellent half time shows With the band at the football games. The high point during football season was the out-of-town game at Temple. ' iii- KL' J " ' . .W f, . j, , . 'Ef gij J " K flff323?43SklH573ii' xi, e f' 1155151 3553 J MRS. RAE CULLUM SHIRLEY MCCANN Sponsor Manager N l PEGGY BAIRD SUSAN CONDER JUDY DANDRIDGE SMILE! ! I TREVA STRICKLAND JEAN WILSON JUNE WILSON Marie Aldridge Cheryl Bradbeary Diane Burke Carolyn Click N Carol Ann Downs Dina Dudley Carolyn Garrett Mary .l arrett Charlotte McFa1-lin Sandra Satterwhite Joyce Welsh Gloria Whitted Jams Askins Diana Brinegar V Did you hear someone say they were on a diet? ?? Candy Carter Betty Davis Mary Pat Green Shirley Hunter June McFarlin Judy Miglinas Wanda Oshirn Gloria Pomeroy Gwen Settles Carol Sinor I26 I Carla Adams Diane Berry Jo Beth Dunaway Carole Censeke Marty Hargis .lonne Jones Sandy Leslie Barbara Ondrusek Bea Pierce Sarah Rymal Susan Tabor Carolyn Way Pat West New Year's Day Parade I27 Adamson Cheerleaders lx , Nh' M During 63, 64 Sharon Baker has served as head SJ jf cheerleader, ably sponsored by Mr. Martin. We yxjv V ill never forget the skits esented by the cheer- 47 ea a ' ders. 5 Q WV will , . Af W X , W W V' MT f 1 I28 V MR. MARTIN Through many pep assemblies our faithful Leopards yelled . . . but not like the Sunset Basketball Assembly. Drum Major-DAVID WHITE BAND OFFlCERSiClydette Harden, President: Steve Nelson, Vice-Presidentg Lupe Beltran, Secretaryg Shirley Ann Schellenberg, Treasurer. I30 Leopard Band Director: MR. WILLIAM BECK HART The Leopard Band was a great asset to all the activities in Adamson this year. The fall season was full of many activities including play for pep assemblies and presenting half-time shows at all the games. The band accompanied the football team to Temple besides marching in the annual Fire Prevention parade, and a torchlight parade during the State Fair. In November the band participated in the Big HD" Half-Time Show. These among many other activities have made the Leopard Band a busy one this year. ,t ,fr-A V. ff 4- -' 1 it xi, If CV , 5 Q ,Nw V, A, W Ji, ,, , , L' v Q I , f fl W if ,JJ , ggi, Z, i My y L f ' f' ' T iz" " ' H 7 A4 lf' V. Q., ,, Q4 " X ff. 35, if' . fp, .- 1 'bb' X V tt e in J f of ,pf I ,e ,. X, ,- I, gil! K 41 H ,, ,X J. Q,.Q,,1.f X , ' V, rj ,ty 14,7 if ,f , A y W ,f V if 4, af X A A ral-ty, .,,. , A, L y Q 1 ,ff typ' -Vet U ,, K .Aff it fe, ff a ,, w me 1 G25-' if uf ,. f J :Y if ,ig ,,y,,1,Qyf4 'fffff-'ff , Lys .gy af AM, It .f H ' J f , Af' QLARINETS-Glenn Aquilar, Karen Bray, Lillie Burton, Mike Collins, Richard Elliott, Wayne Fluke, Kathy Harman, Kathy Lever- ington, Marsha Redd, Sharon Reese, Jan Shockley, Kathy Thomas, Ray Gierner, Mary Lou Williams, Robert Wright. i A i V fill ' v : if ,ef rv ' ,Q , i X i NX ' I3 GD, 5 L if 1 xy jf. :-. ij . ', I Ci, Q LMLQ' - , 393' 7 Y- . if . A be-. ' !' M 1 U 'li fh T K ' ' -i X ii 1 og , 2 - , C, fy , f ' if . I A R A ' L jf , L ' i l Q 1. ,X M 1 h e 1- f .1 , "'l " I , ly X " ' fi., 4 i CORNETS-Don Baker, Timothy Baxter, James Chen, John Chen, Bill Harris, Larry Jordan, Clydette Harden, George Holmes, Thomas Horton, Mike Murphey, Sue Nowlin, Pat Riggin, David White, Gerald Williams. I3I FLUTES-Linda Bragg, Mary Helen Jacobs, Charlotte Jett, Cindy Johnson, Francis Keith, Kathy Kennedy, Carol Pitts, Robin Rasor. SAXOPHONES-Beverly Charles, Larry Bridges, Johnny Bridges, Lyrinetie Brown, Randell Lee Canida, Horace Jack, Bob Miller, John Tincher, Weston Wakefield. I32 BRASS-Randy Beavers, Carolyn Jenkins, Dale McCaffity, Robin Martin, Bill Milkie, Marshall Mil- ler, James Quinn, Mike Sutherlin, Ronald Thurman, James Welsh, George Williams. PERCUSSION-Sharon Beckhart, John Congleton, Steve Nelson, Milvin Prince, Shirley Ann Schellenberg, Richard Stoddard. BRASSA Sandy Buford William Epps Martha Jett Jeannie Luman William Maddox Rosemary Murray Marilyn McKiddy Ronald Newman Joe Teague Zannia Williams Art Club Lounan Black Billy Ray Blackstock Woodrow Blagg Linda Bragg Darlene Burns Carolyn Click Larry Darnell Tabo Enriquez Joe Espinoza Becky Flach Wayne Fluke Chuck Foster Judy Hall Gene Hinson Byron Hood Karen Huggins Gail Johnson Cindy Jones Jimmy King MEMBERSHIP Leonard King Eva Loafman Wayne Mackey Kaye Massey Sue Nowlin Gary Payne Martin Perez Serigo Perez Martha Pollard Eugene Roberts Manuel Rodruguez Bonnie Sarratt fCookJ Bill Schenck Jim Tice John Tincher Pansy Weese Margie Womack Glenn Zauber Sponsor: MISS MEREDITH SCHROEDER OFFICERS President ..A............... ....................... , .,..., - -... JUNE WILSON Vice-President .,,.......... ............. C HARLOTTE McFARLIN Secretary-Treasurer .,...... ................ .I UNE McINERNEY Reporter ,-,,................,.. ,....,,,,,... B OBBIE LUSK The Art Club consists of members of the art department and any student interested in art who is unable to be in the department. One of the services of the club is to display decorations made by club members for the holidays and school functions during the year. Entre ous Sponsor: MISS MARILYN MORGAN FIRST ROW: Anita Ford, Kay Buttleman, Sherry Russell, Barbara Bower, Diane Burke Treva Strickland Sue Sims Linda Rhodes, Carol Censeke. SECOND: Miss Morgan, Diana Bringar, Carol Ashford, Susan Tabor Connie Rogers Pat Jackson Sarah Rymal, Judy Miglinas, Kathy Burns. THIRD: Mary Jarrett, Shirley Hunter Dma Dudley Lin Faulkner Diane Mee Zena Harvley, Jean Wilson, Ellen Squier, Marilyn Miltner. FOURTH: Herb Prewitt Mary Pat Green Barbara Clinton Patsy Pinter, Marsha Miglinas, Sam Cleveland, Wayne Kidd. Entre Nous tries to create and promote an interest in France and her people Some of the highlights of the activities were a film about a trip to Parts and a probresstve dinner, in which French cuisine was served. At Christmas t1me the club donated D1 s to the Sunshine Home, in the Spring there was a banquet at a French restaurant OFFICERS President .,,,..i.,,,., ,,,.....,,.......,,,,.,, A RONNIE JOHNSON Vice-President ,,,..... ..,,.,,,,,.,i...i,,,,,..,.,,..., S USAN TABOR Secretary .,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.... V IRCINIA SKAGGS Treasurer ,,,,,,.,,,,.. .....,,V.....,,.,.. J EAN WILSON Reporter .......,.,,.,,,,,,,,,, U, ,.... TREVA STRICKLAND Sergeant-at-Arms ,,,.,.,,,,,,,.,,,, DIANE BURKE if I36 - ational Thespians Sponsor: MR. BOB JOHNSTON FIRST ROW: Gladys Cantug Jeanie Rickettsg Brenda Blanton Womackg Cindy Smithg Paulette Hankinsg Janice Mauldin. SECOND ROW: Joan Barhamg Nancy Nystromg Wanda Osbirng Randy Roadyg Anita Ford. THIRD ROW: Zena Harvleyg Charles lngramg Don Van Slykeg John Brittiong Sharron Baker. NOT PICTURED: Richard Worthyg Sammy Faris. OFFICERS President ....,,,, ..,,,,,., S HIRLEY McCANN Secretary VVVVw.V, .,..77..,..77,. N ANCY NYSTROM Treasurer ,Y.. Y,....7. P AULETTE HANKINS The National Thespians is an organization for high school students throughout the United States who are interested in the furtherment of the dra- matic arts. New members are elected by the old ones according to their acting ability. f.anm,'tawaswfaaaamnqwmm1mu:a,mww fans: at rms- 1 Fu ture Teachers of America Sponsors: MRS. HELEN LARNER and MISS CAROLYN CREEL Barbara Bauer Sharon Bradley Sherry Butler Gladys Cantu Marcia Colvin Barbara Cook Ann Dilday Myra Duncan Glenda Fanning Fred Gordon Sherry Jenkins Barbara ,lett Francis Keith Gaye Killian OFFICERS President ,,,,r.........,,r,r..... MARY ROWLAND Vice-President .................... FRED GORDON Secretary ,,,,,,..,,.,,,....,, MARSHA MIGLINAS Treasurer ...........,.,., ELAINE LEVRINGTON Historian .,..,r.....,..,...,,,,,.,. SUE ROTRAMEL Membership Chairman ................ SHARON BRADLEY MEMBERSHIP Elaine Leverington Susan Meyer Linda Myers Marsha Miglinas Judy Miller Kay Money Marsha Osburn Page Polk Sue Rotramel Mary Rowland Carol Sanders Sandra Stephenson Charlene Washaln I ey Club Sponsor: MR. KENNETH BRASHEAR .airs . re .... Y 'iw -SEXY 2 YY-ms YYMY- : -. N -K' -- Ygavefwf.-f. . ' ' , , X,,X, Lz,A 5 f - Jw, . vm,-Jrg. ' .. .. 1 ygzigge.-,ff YH . YY ' ,Yw-23: X go ,wg E Y Y K, 2 X3 52 Y r 2 H giYYY.,. 2 Ev SN M-. 155'l'.ifZfQfY'U 3 Y if Q iv U is Digi' e 2 My ,Q 5 12 in 2, Y Y s S Y, 1 gags 2 Y Y as We YY J Y James Elder Troy Evans Kenneth F01-man Norman Grey pfeigvfz . .Y - , asgzsfne .5 ,Y 157195 .. , YY, Y , ,- ,.,, ., wr , o .. Win 433 ..?' We ,MQQEY ,. -- . 1 ,Ye K X Q -, ,..Y,.+f : ni ,.:-145. K , l'l::"': Y i - Tx . A. .. ,,,.,A gg Y f1YY,g: 5Y,- A ,' YY,-Yffef ,I , ,,., Y, . ,m,.,,g Km ' K K '- 1 'rf 4 ' IOSSIIIHII I . ,Q , 1 Randy Bowen Ph1l Broxson John Bullock Phil Eichhorn Han-y Eksn-and Y, YY HQ' ij' S S Y 5 A e 5 YS' K Y i 55 xi I Y ml, J ZYELQW N Y I Ronald Haake Jesse Lopez 5391 X Ye, Q Q 3 + use 'NY ,, S., , G e Q Y 3 Q Y YE Y Y . mx--YY,,mfYe.MY-'e -:YQSSYY YY1 - -fe ffsP'?w4s1geS21Y2Qf?SS rd .. QU, We Q Yi Y 3 Q fl H9 YH YQ A Y L 5 YY Y ? Q Y, W, N 1 e V Q Me -wwf? , Y T' k 1'l5E15YS?'ff?Lil5 Y . , ..Y:-15:54 Y 'sofas' fT.9YAsYYf -YYs:1.weff1f Y Y Y .gg , "2 Y 112 - ,., Q. - I J: : 1.1 f 2' 3 Q ez ' ' ,':K f5?11zg5e -ffzzzxw :few 1 YQ, ,wiYzffngevfw--::YY--WQY " Ernie Sigler Robert Smith wi --YY,-Y.Yfwx, , - -. 'foes . i sg f -ffe1.1Y,fYY1Yf5g 5 Y Yeas H' ...i11.i1" David White Allen Williams , Y, LY Y Y Y 5 Y I F ef Y. , 3 4' fa 'YY ,.., ,.. Y i. ss MY Sf YY P ? Y 'fi 5 2 N em YY 5 'Ha 23 Y x Y David McGee Y' 2' Yr Y - 4512 .Y .:o,-.:: Y-fgmn .- ,fYYYm:fY.Y Y .f..YYYW,ff K ,fw,e-5255 w:f1e-.Y f L a ggggk v,kk- Y, " Yljsz?i::l'i?iSlQLfi21? -, 2 .,., Yag N. din G - w.1YYfYeYY:: - ' fg.1.,.YYg-,i YSY -fn ..,..,,r. ,M , .Y Y, YA a : "ji: Le -, . 'Z' Eiiiefi-33 'K ,S 55535- YY as Y gi 52 X ,S , Y Y x 55 5 x j ,ex XY., Y Q Y KY 5, aa M 2 wg f Q Ygf,Y,g2'2 1-H YYn-L,-mee., Ymef Y K 9 -ffi3Qf'YzfY.Yg-vvszm. H 1 3 Y Y ' X asf E Y ,f E if f Y if no Y' YY , X f f is fi? S Q S Y . Y ,B A Y R Q 3 'Y ,si M i Ss x John Nauss Jimmy Stanley Rick Tarwater an iwgg sffdia YJYY M E Ronnie Wilson Ronnie Young j I vers Herb Prewitt - K ,AM V Y Y l?'i'El5ifTei2? 'Z' -' - 2, - Y Y:.-fYYY.-- Y 11-55. Ki .f ' ,K 2 'Z- 5 Y -ffffaiwmifas. 1. Q eliieavfifss ,.:yYgYX , 'sf James Ward Glen Zauber I39 ,J ,X kj T ,J OFFICERS .President ............,.,.,.........,,,.,, JAMES WARD Vice-President ..,.,,....,,,,..,,,A PHIL BROXSON Secretary ..........Y. ......,,v H ERB PREWITT Treasurer ....... .....,. G LEN ZAUBER Unclerclassmen FIRST ROW: Lon Oakley, Jimmy Blackburn, Steve Davis, John Britton, Flip King, Keith Wilson. SECOND: William Epps, Chris Mosley, Mark Drumright, Rusty Prince, Rusty Hendrix. THIRD: Bruce Pegram, Roy Martin, Jeff Grey, John Clary. l40 Allied Youth Sponsor: MISS MARY FRANCES CLAYTON OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary NORMAN GREY ALLEN WILLIAMS TREVA STRICKLAND Treasurer .IUDY DANDRIDGE The Allied Youth is a national organization with the purpose to provide youth with the opportunity to learn about the harmful effects of alcohol. , l 1 li , lf" V , - A ,-e ,, W JU ,X XL! A ,.,p jx 4- .N :,. xx! If X f,-X . U Q 51 lx I 'I' 1 - I to L 'Q XX'i"' .J I J X ,Q in f ' ' 1 .4 at " M I l ' U I V-K A-I i-"" V ,xx ,X . Qppu I 4, I A 5 7 K X he .- K ,J , N- ,f ' A D ' J 'L "I I I Yi- ' L' mwliv l 5 If I ,ix-I ., ,Al 1 GJ fx ,X nf ,xx W 1 fm Lrg I Wx N U Ax i V I xii Xjki'-5 LA C, ,Q - A , X A X llfyflid , SC NJ L ,ANN H 'X , - If 4 I Q I ffl I' , W1 I' ' I xy I rt A i or . "' .' f ,ff IN ill L.: 4 N ,. 1.1 Y, I li LJ A Q- Li ,X Chess Club Sponsor: MISS JEANETTE ALSTON OFFICERS President ,,,,..,,.., .,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,..,.,.,,,, ,,,,,,,, S T EVE NELSON Vice-President ,,,,, ,,V,,, R ANDY BEAVERS Secretary ,,,,,,,,. ., KATHY THOMAS FIRST ROW: James Quinn, Steve Nelson, Kathy Thomas, Herbert Williams, Roy Humble, Mike Oliver. SECOND: Richard Stoddard, Lennis Bills, Melvin Prince, Don Hernandez, Eugene Yen, Robin Martin. THIRD: Randy Beavers, Don Van Slyke, Watson Wakefield, Anthony Picchioni, Raymond Sicbert, Tony Wright, George Williams. I42 y Y-Te Qt Sponsoxhz l 1 la U M if Marie Aldridge Carol Ashford Clanda Sue Atchley Nelda Bankston Paula Blount Cheryl Bradbeary Diana Brinegar Betsy Cantu Gladys Cantu Candy Carter Carolyn Click Roaslind Cranford ,ludy Dandridge Margaret Dickerson ,ff MEMBERSHIP Carol Ann Downs Myra Duncan Kay Earnhart Sharon Epps Sandra Fadeley Sandy Fields Julie Foster Carole Censeke Katherine Harman ,Lat y ensley aro s ey Karen uggins Pat Jac son Jean Kktchum l XNJWUN I W Gay Killion Anne Latham Charlene Lawhead Jeannie Luman Elaine Masters Linda Matlock Kathy Miller Carole Nash Marsha Redd Delores Ruiz Helen Ruiz Roas Ruiz Sherry Russell Sue Sims Carol Sinor Sherry Smalley Treva Strickland Phyllis Kay Thornton Lupe Trevino Margaret Trevino Olivia Vela Karen Waller Odessa Wells Joyce Welsh Pat West Sharon Williams Zannia Williams .lean Wilson OFFICERS President ..,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,v.,.....,,,,,.......,,...,,,,..,,,..., BETSY CANTU lst Vice-President .,i,,,,,.., ,,,.,,..,,,,,.,,.,,,,,.. C LADYS CANTU 2nd Vice-President ,....,. ,,...... K ATHERINE HARMAN Secretary V,.,.,,,,,,,,,....,,. ,....,,,.,,.,,,,,,,. G AY KILLION Treasurer ..,,...,,,,,,,,,...,,.... ..,,,,,,,.....,.,,. S HERRY SMALLEY Devotional Chairman .,,,..,,..i,v....,i, ROSALIND CRANFORD Interclub Council Representative ,,.. CAROL ANN DOWNS Junior Red Cross Sponsors: MISS JUDY AHLFINGER AND MISS RIPPLE FRAZER OFFICERS MARGARET DICKERSON GLADYS CANTU President Vice-President 1 NELDA BANKSTON GRACE MCDANIEI. Seeretary Treasurer The .Iunior Red Cross, a service organization, has sponsored two main projects this year. At Christmas, they made stockings for mentally retarded children, and made Easter baskets for childrenis hospitals. Xa FIRST ROW: Betsy Cantu, Gladys Cantu, Suzi Mills, Ann Latham. SECOND: Donna Terry, June McInerney, Nelda Bankston Lottie Webb, Dianne Weaks. THIRD: Linda Smith, Pat Vincent, Margaret Dickerson, Patsy Pinter, Kathy Speck. FOURTH: Ginger Braswell. Karen Huggins, Grace McDaniel, Sandra Brown, Miss .ludy Ahlfinger. I44 Future Nurses Sponsors: MRS. FAY INGRAM AND MRS. JAMES GLEICHE ei ' S lxitg, B L' 9 -Gif Q I Z K ' . 5 , ' OFFICERS Marie Aldridge Velma Barron Cheryl Braclbeary Linda Bragg Kathy Burns Betsy Cantu Betty Davis Carolyn Garrett Aneece Gilliland Mary Gonzalez Paulett Hankins Linda Haake Katharine Harman Jeanie Holland Kay Hinckley Judy Hubbard Karen Huggins BARBARA HUMPHREYS Vice-President .......-V .------,f----4--'V---------v------ B ETSY CANTU President .,,,..,.,.... Y4.Vf Secretary .............f- ---- PAULETTE HANKINS KATHY LEVERINGTON Parliamentarian W --A-f----------------- BETTY DAVIS Treasurer ..,,....,,,4.. Chaplain V7VV,,,,,, ......,w..... J UDY HUBBARD MEMBERSHIP Barbara Humphreys Carolyn Humphreys Janice Jackson Susan Macy Elaine Masters Carolyn Meador Mary Jarrett Cindy Johnson Jean Ketchum Kathy Leverington Kathy Miller Shirley Miller Marilyn Miltner Kay NlcClary Barbara McKathan Marsha Redd Linda Rhodes Sherry Russell Carol Sanders Shirley Schlenberg Sue Sims Cindy Smith Linda Smith Susan Smith Pam Springer Phyllis Thornton Dianna Villarreal Pansy Weese Barbara Williams Martha Simpson Pan Pierce Marilyn McDonald Sharon Graham Future Business Leaders of America Sponsors: MRS. MARTHA FOARD, MISS MARY FRANCES CLAYTON, AND MISS JOYCE GRAY FIRST ROW: Sharon Gram, Carol Ashford, Sherry Russell, Sue Sims, Mrs. Foard. SECOND: Donna Terry, Grace MCDZHUCI, Patricia Leslie, Kay Earnhart, Nelda Bankston. THIRD: Pam Pierce, Ricki Kalies, Dianne Weaks, Kathy Speck, Pat Vincent, Rosalyn Braswell, Carol Sinor, Rosaland Cranford. CRV! 5 Q M l .J ,A The purposes of the F.B.L.A. organization are to develop TZ. -' 5 competent, aggressive business leadershipg to create more h I 4 6: 0 I I understanding and interest in choosing business careersg and to develop character and train for useful citizenship. Cl - fp OFFICERS President ,,,,,, ,,,, , ., ,,,, ,,,,,,,, S ANDRA SATTERWHITE Vice-President ...,, ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. R OSALYN BRASWELL Secretary ,,,,,,,,,, ,,.... ,.,,,,,,, D I ANNE WEAKS Treasurer ,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., R ICKI KALIES I46 Library erfuice Club Sponsors: MRS. ELIZABETH SCOTT AND MRS. GRACE BROWNE FIRST ROW: Carol Ashford, Sherry Russell, Betsy Cantu, Sharon Reese. SECOND: Elizabeth Scott, Grace McDaniel, Sandra Brown, Brenda Miller, Grace Browne. THIRD: Kathy Burns, Quinn Harnesberger, Karen Butler, Gene Hinson. 'L These students relin uish their stud halls in order that . q Y Q P -' they can help Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Browne keep the books I D in proper order. This helps the students of Adamson find Q1--FF: gig ': them without much trouble. They also sponsor an annual 1-l--" O -1 'L Christmas party for the present and ex-teachers of Adamson. ,-74, fv Xxx H 3, GQ' If - 'IQ 'tislllllf OFFICERS President Vice-President BETSY CANTU JAN SETTLES Bulletin Board Committee ' MARTHA POLLARD SHARON SPILLERS National Forensic League Sponsor: MR. LESTER RQBBINS The purpose of the National Forensic League is to promote the interest of inter- scholastic debate and public speaking. The N.F.L. sponsors an annual debate tourna- ment at Adamson each year, and the members also enjoy participating in other tournaments. MEMBERSHIP wx- 11,1 Y-W fn Janice Askins Paula Bullard Delene Burns Betty Cannon Gary Clark Robbie Cludius Marcia Comer Dina Dudley Loris Essary Ronnie Haake J oe Hanna Lillian Hardwick Charles Ingram Glenda J ones Judy Miller Jimmy Newell Rick Oiesen Jimmy Pier Rebecca Rippy Randy Roady Sarah Rymal David Wooten Robert Wright Steve York FL", , L , ,, 1 ,M ff' ' -, tr 1 34- 4, . ef,- K Vice-President Secretary ...... Treasurer ..., ., mu m1nas 1 President ..,,,.,i....,,,, . ........ . .A 5 xy C. Nl O 9 fav Y x A, , X vt-Q L 63 l X li M 2 bw ,ffl V xffll .fyf ,bjff J x, C' DINA DUDLEY RONALD HAAKE LORIS ESSARY ffm' ffffff"BETTY CANNON Q gjggga J a ' CV, Pan-American Student Forum Hidalgo Chapter I Timothy Baxters Sharon Beckhart Paula Blount John Britton Paula Bullard Betty Cannon Betsy Cantu Gladys Cantu Robbie Cludius Tommie Corley Mike Cox Carole Craven Carlene Cruse Kayeg'Curtis Lupe- Davila Olivia Davila Sally Davis Julia Diaz Helen Dominguez Ruth Drum Elaine Dunaway Myra Duncan Carolyn Edwards Cholly Edwards Kay Ellermann Glenda Fanning Sammy Faris Becky Elach Gail Fought President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,o,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,A, Vice-President Secretary ..,,.,,,. , Treasurer .,,,.., Carolyn Garrett Jeanene Gaston Carole Gneseke Peggy Hackley Pam Hall Brent Hardin Helen Harrison Clarene Herrell Charmagne Hilterbrand Gene Hinson David Hogan Charlene Holan Karen Huggins Mary Jacobs Sherry Jenkins Charlotte Jett Barbara Jett Cindy Johnson Jackie Johnson Sharon Kantz Francis Keith James Kennedy Gay Killion Elaine Lancaster Jerry Lewellyn Joe Lopez Charles Ludden Shirley McCann MISS EUGENIA NEWBERRY -Sponsors- MR. HAROLD WOOD MEMBERSHIP Charlotte McFarlin Robin Marten Mike Van Meter .Judy Miglinas Marsha Miglinas Bruce Miller Jackie Moore Judy Miller Mancy Moreau Linda Myers Susan Meyers Lynda Norman '1Rick Oiese I7 rn Barbara Patton Wilson Peters Kathryn Thomas Lupe Trevino Margaret Trevino Mary Tubbs Joyce Turnell Steve Utley Olivia Vela Bubba Ward Dianne Weaks Kathy Weaver Laura Webb Valdi Wilcox Allen Williams Barbara Williams Becky Williams Mary Williams Roxie Rhodes Susan Rippy Nell Roschie Sue Botramel Elizabeth Ruiz .Janie Ruiz Rosa Ruiz Sandra Satterwhite XCindy Smith f Janis Smith Sally Snow Pam Springer James Stokes MARSHA MIGLINAS BECKY FLACH GLADYS CANTU BETSY CANTU HISIOIIHH ,,,..,., ,o,, ,,,o,M,, PASF Chairman MIKE van METER LINDA MYERS Janie Woods Patsy Woods David Wooten Evangeline Yrigollen Kim Zauber Benny Blanton Wayne Fluke Sharon Franks Pauline Haralson Bill Scbenck Billye Sue Tichenor Maria Trevino Margie Bailey Kathy Kennedy Nancy Nystrom OFFICERS FIRS Kay son, I50 Quill and croll Sponsor: MR. BOB JOHNSTON T ROW: Diane Berry, Linda Lucky, Kay Stephenson, Karen Butler, Marlene Moran, Shirley McCann. SECOND: Glenda Jones, Bobbie Lusk, Janice Mauldin, Wanda Oshirn, Cathy Cummings, Susan Condor, Mr. Johnston. THIRD: Pauline Haral- Charles lngram, Jeff Grey, Cathy Boyd, Lin Faulkner. Quill and Scroll, the lnternational Honorary Society for High School Journalists, was organized for the purpose of encouraging and rewarding individual journalism achievements. lt takes an active part in raising the standards of journalism and in directing the course of high school journalism. NEW MEMBERS ' Ronnie Young Margaret Dickerson Richard Worthy Page Polk Pete Davies Carol Ann Downs Diane Burke Susan Tabor Carla Adams Sue Rotramel t OFFICERS President ,s,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.... J EFF GREY Secretary ,,,,,, ,,,.,.,......,,,,,,,,,. S HIRLEY MCCANN afety Club Sponsor: MISS JANE BLACKWELL I FIRST ROW: Barbara McKethan, Martha Jett, Linda Myers. SECOND: Miss Blackwell, Delene Burns, Karen Huggins, Myra Douglas Fulenwider, James Foster, Richard Foster. qi' The Safety Club, whose main purpose is to pro- at 'nl mote safe driving, meets once a month. In Sep- tember all members attend an all-day Safety Con- : ference at S.M.U. In addition, they present at least . W rx one assembly each year. , wt 1 L ,,,,-. Q, , A-O. OFFICERS JOHN BRITTON .,YY,,,,,,,Y.Y,,... ..,, rss,,.s,,,.... C h airman DOUGLAS FULENWIDER vY,,.......,.. ., V ice-President BONNIE JOHNSON ,,,,,,,.,,,... .,,.,,, V ice Chairman CAROLYN WAY ...,..,,r.,,.,,s.. .....,....,.,,,. S ecretary l52 cience Club P Beta C sponsor: MR. D. J. HOFFMAN FIRST: ,linimy Neal, Connie Rogers, Stephanie Milkey, Branda Green, Billy Sue Tichenor, Linda Myers, Betty Davis, Mr. Hoff- man. SECOND: Phil Duggan, Steve Stephens. Steve Davis, Wilson Peters, Doug Fulenwider, Eugene Yen, Anthony Picchioni. THIRD: Mike VanMeter, John Britton, Ronald Crippens, Charles Ludden, David Hoggin, Karen Huggins. THIRD: Gene Henson, Jim Tice, Mike Oliver, Herbert Williams, Robert Wright, Tom Horton. The Science Club was re-organized this year to A if help promote the study of science at Adamson. fit My , Vl qw I i' S .wa 'w A Sponsor: MR. HOFFMAN OFFICERS President Vice-President WILSON PETERS MIKE VAN METER Secretary Treasurer CONNIE ROGERS BILLYE SUE TICHENOR Student Assistants Q W tt t L ttttfw M D o Mu Alpha Theta Sponsors: MR. CONALLY JENKINS AND DR. FRANCES FREESE FIRST ROWCZ John Britton, Sherry Butler, Sam Cleveland, Steve Davis, Don Donovan, William Epps, Sammy Faris, Tommy Farmer, David Forester, Brenda Green, Larry Croce, Cindy Halstead, Marty Hargis, John Hayn, David Hogan, Phil Howell, Martha Jett, Bob Miller, Marilyn Miltner, Steve Nelson, James Oiesen, Barbara Patton, Linda Rhodes, Rebecca Rippy, Sarah Rymal, Art Simmons, Joyce Turnell, Carolyn Way, Valdi Wilcox, Mary Williams, David Wooten, Tgny Wright. SECOND: Mr. Jenkins, Clydette Harden, Helen Harrison, Glen Zauber, James Ward, Jimmy Blackburn, Robert Bronar, Martin Frost, Ronnie Johnson, Ricki Lynn Kalies, Gay Killion, Kay Curtis, Kay Buttleman, Frances Keith, Dianne Weeks, Marcia Comer, Sue Rotramel, Alys McDonald, Janice Jackson, Becky Flach, Sharon Beckhart, Mike Sotherland, Robert Smith, Kathy Thomas, Marsha Miglinas, Dr. Freese. NOT PICTURED: Carol Ann Downs, Myra Duncan, Larry Grove, Teddy Jernigan, Randy Price, Nell Roschie, Robert Smith, Mary Lou Williams, Jack Wolf. fl ff OFFICERS President Vice-President CLYDETTE HARDEN MARSHA MICLINAS Secretary RONNIE JOHNSON Mu Alpha Theta is a national honorary organization in high schools and junior colleges for those students who excel in the study of mathematics. Membership is limited to students with an over-all B average and B+ average in Mathematics. I54 'aitaetstflsH.itt?' " "" " Stage Crew LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Va Slyke, l llf lglllfl' Semler, Jerry Graves, Mike Southerland, Fred Cordon, David Hogan, Danny Roady The stage crew prepares the stage and stage rops for all the assemblies. Wlwl l ll Motion Picture Operatoroi , my lx alll' Sponsor: MR. DAVID FORCEY FIRST ROW: Mike Southerlund, Fred Gordon, James Quinn, Jimmy Pierce. SECOND: Benny Blanton, Jerry Graves, Danny Roady, Dnxid Hogan. THIRD: Don Semler, Don Van Slyke, Jimmy Stanley, Mr. Forgey. The Motion Picture Operators under the supervision of Mr. Forgey are always ready to show piciures furnished by the Visual Education Department. I56 Spon Distrihutifve Education sor: MRS. NELL FLOREY Harry Alford Gary Barbee Charles Barr James Bates Rosalyn Braswell Bob Clark Johnny Derczo Robert Dilday Jerry Fields MEMBERSHIP Larry Goodman Patricia Griffith Mary Crimes Dale Haney Elaine Hollis Steven Hughes Blanton Kephart Elaine Leverington Douglas Lunsford Larry McCracken Sandra McCrea Alton Newton Bob Newton Vincent Pemberton Shirley Penny Mike Poole Mackie Walter The cooperative part-time school program enables a limited number of students to get practical experience and training on the job and schooling at the same time D.E. offers an opportunity to learn retail selling in actual work situations. The stu dent is of junior or senior classification and spends- one-half day at school and the other half working on the job. I ndastrial Cooperative Training Sponsor: MR. D. E. MELTON Judy Arney Irene Bell Patricia Brown Susan Henrikson Judy Hill Carol Humphreys Patti Jarrard Pamela Kay Regina Lambert Janice Pitts Elizabeth Richardson Andrea Sharp Helen Tando Mary Tate MEMBERSHIP April Veatch Pat Johnson June Day Carolyn Donaldson Pamela Matthews Patricia Evers Cherry Thomas Raymond Benners Cholly Edwards Aubrey Self Danny Sinclair John Walters Barbara Adams David Blagg Larry Carroll John Ewing Bert Jones Thomas Redding Thurman Selman James Turner Jesse Villegas Jack Williams William Willis Paul Yates Robert Clark Peggy Hash Dorothy Stunkard The l.C.T. program offers a large number of trades and occupations from which the student may select and which he may learn on the job. Credit is given for only one and one-half or two years of work in this program. It is impossible for a student to pass one phase and fail the other. If a student is to receive credit, he must do creditable work in both the classroom and the work experience divisions. l58 Acorn taff SHIRLEY McCANN MR- BOB JOHNSTON WANDA OSBIRN Editor-in-Chief SPOHSOF News Editor LIN FAULKNER Editorial Editor ACR P KATHY CUMMINGS i Club Editor t i MARLENE MORAN JEFF GREY KAY STEPHENSON Feature Edlwf Sports Editor Picture Editor ,,,o,' ' 1 ' r Y W Edor E 1 N' ' Yiirr Wy or Et tt 2 Q KAREN BUTLER PETE DAVIES JOHN BULLOCK Editorial Assistant Business Manager Assistant Sports Editor REPORTERS fr I59 MHS. MORELLE MOORE Sponsor Carol Ann Downs ak Editorial taff The Editorial Staff designs the pages in the yearbook, working from May, 1963, to April, 1964, in preparation for the spring presentation of the book. Margaret Dickerson Richard Worthy Susan Tabor 'L f ,min ff' i f -2 ..,m g4xR-, M .Ja M36 Carla Adams I 60 Pele Davies J i f r I L X N Q, , rf 1 - V, , RONNIE YOUNG Editor Diane Burke Page Polk Sue Rotramel Oak Business Staff Sponsor: MR. GEORGE BROWNLEE Under the supervision of Mr. Brownlee, the business staff handles all money connected with the sale and production of the yearbook, and handles distribution in the spring. gs-was FIRST ROW: Mr. Brownlee. SECOND: Judy Dandridge, Mary Jarrett, Susan Condor, Kathy Cummings, Treva Strickland THIRD: Janice Askins, Linda Rhodes, Marilyn Miltner, Rosalind Cranford. OAK REPRESENTATIVES Ibl Ugly Man 1964 JOHN BULLOCK Good looks are merely in the way in Adamson's annual Ugly Man contest sponsored by the Acorn. Four boys are chosen to compete through ballots published in the Acorn. From these, Ad3H1SOH,S most popular boy is chosen THE UGLY MAN! Here we see a group of the 1962-1963 members of the W. H. Adamson High, School faculty, who were here as teachers or students during the principalship of Mr. W. H. Adamson. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Morelle Moore, Miss Mersdith Schroeder, Miss Ripple Frazer, Mrs. Geraldine Hollo way, Miss Roberta King, Miss Eugenia Newberry, Miss Eunice Tilley,,Miss Mabel Rockeit, MIS- Helen Horn, Miss Jane Etheridge, Mrs. Nettie Bridges, Miss Winnie Langford and Miss Rugh Ruffin. l63 Autograph X SQQSWMXQQSE-3 WNW?- N WW M ff VWjw?fWW M WWfwwW'M zwwvmg 6-2, ' fi? Qbgwmb N Autographs WWW M? y '7 ' X91 X M9 S Jw W? x j Hbcfx JF Qi X VJ W . fi Q ff f ,f K IJ rf 'Nl f", fj C 6 MQ! J V Cs WV LT fx 57' Ns wff fxfi W Q? XA kv X' if WU 4 pf' A29 ful E MQ fry af T' 'VJ ' ' f L. ff M of Sports A SM XTX? Q DEW' Qz QV VWL Nw? WM S W Mpqfuwqxbmcxgmdk MMV xW N 300' Wm W fy J A! 9 QQMLU QLMT L R JTWMW MUWW fffwa my M W W W Www M f0fWMk w 5 Aix 5P"jv"fY iw' 4 X M sei ex ga ff E E? 4 vs ii 9 an i 1 'E n ,l:u1.i1. 'mfsAi"11 lH2:4S' al Wir F01 imwnf' ' .Ji fgiw :Queeg Gianni '.... 1963 MAN Football Team ROW 1: Rusty Prince, Steve Utley Mgr., Glen Zauber, Johnny Wright, Jerry Lewellen, Dennis Gust, Mike Rodriquez, Chris Mosley, Bobby Burns, Arthur Walker, Tabo Enriquez, Jolm Clary, Joel Yrigollen Mgr. ROW 2: Jesse Lopez Mgr., Phil Howell, Ronnie King, Jimmy Stanley, Tony Wright, Gary Culverhouse, Larry Gillard, Ernie Sigler, Lee Tallent, Bruce Pegram, Terry Houchins, Gary Lockhart, Bob Nachlinger, Mike Cox Mgr. ROW 3: Tony Post, Kim Zauber, Harry Ekstrand, Troy Evans, Ken Forman, Mark Drumwright, Jerry McDaniel, Steve Moreau, Charles Rayburn, Bubba Ward, Jim Grossman, James Elder, Mr, George Brownlee, Mr. James Batchelor. ROW 4: Mr. Buddy Stevenson, Mr. Ed Cason, Tony Gorman, Hal Wesson, Ronnie Young, Phil Broxson, Herbie Prewitt, John Nauss, Ronald Haake, Ronald Peach, Jimmy Pierce, Roy Martin, Jim Templeton. 1963 enior Fqotball Lettermen ROW 1: John Nauss, Ken Forman, Hal Wesson, Ronnie Young, Lee Talent, Ronald Haake, Bubba Ward. ROW 2: Glen Zauber, Phil Broxson, Dennis Gust, Larry Gillard, Ernie Sigler, Herbie Prewitt, Tony Gorman, James Elder O L ,wt . z z ? r 3,2 ??f!f1 'Qriil' fu' 1 ' S 1 ix W: 5 ffi9X"?i . Ax 5 ...,.. , L S , MQ. , Km., if "wer, O 5 ? New ff -ww QA 3-, - may , Maw" 2 l7I N F. ,L ,M ., ,L , ff mg - S2 gif . . A Q N' lf? fi' 2 2 ,--my Qs!-Q qt M' 5 W V51 ,W A 4, 742151 A. K , A X 11, " " '55 We . x ,N WN A way- Q ' T . Q f "5" if ,W iz .. f. A - A "-- ,V a .V A " 5 , 1- I M . JH N E , f Wi g, 'Tilly' f- - . 5 - Q 7 .-1, ' l ,iw , -' 5 -X1 ' . . , ' K gf-Q " -. 72? . ' .f 9 11, :RE . '- gzim gf'-ff: - L' - fn QW' Q -- :.5.:Q1u M 'Er' A-"-if ,Q if 01 . , is A "" . , M1 ,Jw -' '23 - ',f"fN K 5 f'- if . .B . ' 7 W , 'S Qfsgmi Q-1 . X ' . , f x , W N M531 525 . ,ggi +L Q , is-' 1., ' p W . f 11 ,Iggy--fy wa., fi 'WWW n 5 3 , ,T B,19b w w5,1'n'U . : ,X ,W , -'W vHAL5L5f,5x,S ' -M A lf, 1.1 WM , -1 . 5 Q -- - IL - '::,,-411, 5:4 ' 4 ' ' , - klfigfl' ' 1 - . .,rgzg,1-5w,,,4:3:.- :. - , , wx.:-' 'RJ f' Rf :"f1.-'I,4.,- 1 , VPffw.fw,,-frm, 1-aryl , - - 2 :mf ,- ..,g ig..'fqfyfgg-',-jgf--3' S, X. 45, hz M X ' ,, ' f - ,Z.,,, , . L L fk-f,,'rtrgig,3g. jlguafd . 2 2 '2 3 5 ,ifi'.fLff-flfmfgrw ' . - ' -. ' ' YW ' fu. ,ww F iz. K ,1.,g,kK:ku l7 I . ,.! 'af 'di 0 H-iw . M .1 IW, - M.. ,--Y , Q. J,5h ,,i, - emu. - A., , 15 ,V , , .,.., 7 L' 1., .1 . Tf 'WJ fy, 'inf "'N,, : .-.-sf W ' ,xi 'QQ-H ix 4 fa Q, jx, V1 .X 44 My ,-J Hg .2 k 2- pffysffgi -E ,W , 55,545 fy W 3' xWW?R ' we V ' uf-ww pauwiuwwy ... F . . , . ,Q Y ,. Mm-vx.,g ...,. -, U -, 0 .L 4 'fi'-,M Q. .sn ,, ,,.1- 5 4 +w....f I ,w QRM . Q5 1 f 3 ' 'H -Q , QQ, v' 'AI 3 X " " I 1 K ' A hw, , fg H ifvw M is-gf, asf M fw fsffmkw aw 'W Q n N 1 . - K I74 'APA V, I.. , .. ., , 'Q f,f-,wg qfnww fs , . - M ., -mira., , f , 4 L if ' Qgisfi ' R mu,..g,, Q zwrfgh .a ff--if, Yfgg ' X ' ' ,: ff rg'-11. N . -5' f . pie! " 4, 1. M' .gg ..-.-L- ...4,"g'L my Y v 'V - c4 ,3 ,g',,, hh X L 4 ' 'Sf -ul 'ig' 9. f X ' -qw-M y ,- ' tm : 3 I ' " 4 ' -. , , 1 m . ,. , X ,T , N Mwmwr EE f Q 'sri-.f Alexia, - ,. nv,.,. X V V' ,ir Qwywgmwnwgwx' ,,QMn 'I ' . i'z42fm.sMH:'5', svip h, 2' V 1 v4: ,, QQ, "iii ' x HU , ' ,ggi -:4 f Aa, gy?-sffzkgfizfgfk Y , w'fH,fwf uf f ' an g-Y5'ffwf2v A 1 VY h Ymm' iV,,55'ij,1q fgwff-- . 1 vwyw.. 3 X 'W 'q'1gyL-v- '?"sQ'3f ie .r v aix mi' , ' 5 Y : ."'5'.'k. .. qWa Qyigfmgwayazgf L4 L' 1. ' -7 ' ',3f33Sf?'rXi'f2'?,. ' f ,vu , 'iw1fQ5x.'-'W"'1-5,5.gwf.g?. ,' .3 'V JL' 1 -V x . 1 f' 'i4f',:P:f ' AQ 'Ab 1 1- X XL. ' ' azafffi- 1 ff., 4- ' fl. Q E F r I s 2 Z Q 4 -1 5 S w ?? E S 9 4-3 53 4 fi :?fIaZ..4f.j, f k-' fgfxzgfm. HimWQig3M?3wH W7 'A' Q, ff F , ' f 3 5 1 Q, 'e,g U 1 k,M52k' , 1 'R , 'K 4 ' ' ,gi 'fvgfii' 1 61' K! X N " f - ' f 5 Eff FWV5 fb' ,A eg, 'Q-5: , x ,M, ,ggg . rf., ve ' TWQA5 rw- v , . WMQR gQMWT4VW'Mig I . H L 35 A 2 wg- .'f,,.lX"", ,. 21.7 :' 'f1.- ' Mfvfg iff-2f?,f1fw Q' af I . - H f '- Q?wQQ QwHMwmwwww TQ EM L ggQj,,e3LfixL ff ug 5 - 4, f ' w x ,f -J' -w1t'. ?. a 5' -Y 'kg-r .1-3, +2 vi, Aff- gm, "-. '11 - 1, ."4"flg1 . . :Vw J."-viii?" V W . i x 5 K 55 5 ,- S 135.7 X-A1 'fen f- V li :aww '-GY ink 'Q fi AH! v gifs 15-. 'inf 'Z - -'5' K f ,J , Q1 iiillfvffkz , "':"51, V .' ,Q,.Q"':Q'SV'f,,' , . 7' 1 ' 5' , .Af - - -W , ,5JJ.ML,, iw , f A Q w W , P-'.. 4. 's ' " T " - Q ..h..v? . 2,1:',' ,,,' k v ,. V 1. A-A - W. - K?"1 va "Q ,M '53 Sivan ll Q 5 gf 4 W msg, 55" E' -W , Riga E ' d x 'G r 'iw 1 ' V' an 3, 5 , 1 QM, V . , q w. t - ' "' ,. Gai. M"xaAWL A1:'1,iQ5 A A if ' Q 5 Thanks to the efforts of the four best coaches in the city, and of our hardnose team, the Adamson Leopards proved to be the surprise team of the South Zone as we finished 2nd in the zone. Our Four Horsemen DISTRICT SCORES Adamson 26 Kimball I9 Adamson 16 N.D. 0 Adamson 6 S.O.C. 26 ADAMSON 22 SUNSET 0 firom lefti James Batchelor-head coach, George Brownlee-defense, Ed Cason-offensive, and Buddy Stevenson-backfield. The Little Leopards F 5 - '54 3 wr ti ,1 W +2 :Qi fi ROW I: Jim Blagg, Billy Collins, Ronnie Shelton, Lloyd Miller, Phil King, Cruz Martinez, Ricky Brumfield, Danny Rameriz, Bill Hazlithl ROW 2: Mario Hernandez, Bob Hill, Fred McDowell, Joe Cavszos, Bill Templin, David Hartman, Ben Musick, Billy Canipe, David Rymal,' Randy Carr, Corless Wiley. ROW 3: Jimmy Hitt Mgr., Ronnie Carson, Charles Bowling, Tommy Farmer, Mike Cox, Larry Fulton, Gary McDonald, Louis Enoch, ,lay Brown, Roy Leed, Kirt Showalter, George Austin, Joel Yrigollen Mgr. ROW 4: David Young, Kimmy Kean, Roger Pope, David Fisher, Loyd Ivy, Chuck Laird, Richard Worthy, Larry Reynolds, Eddie Stevens, Joe Steen. COACHES: Mr. Ken ' - I76 Brashear and Mr Jake Carter 1963 Football Banquet Guests of honor. PIHYQFS Pi1fem5 were H150 h0110T9d- 1963 lettermen were announced. Plaque given to the coaches by the 1963 A Football Team. Captains Sigler Hrld Ward Were Hamed- Mr. Pat Patterson gave a very challenging speech . . . and a good time was enjoyed by all. I77 ,I ffffQ MfwMff5WffQ W WWW CjQ mwV pJ,Aw5'Vj,Jff'f jk I ffwjgfff Autographs Autographs KD! dowf-Qffw '5M"'7"f"f""6g" - 1 4 MSQ,, q ' w-0ywvi1ff,l?01l, bg! Ny il., --' . ig VN, Ofnwf bf '- . D14 , Q., ,- Awww . MM fM W NWUWW Wa! LEOPARDS GO TO STA TE For the first time in forty years the Adamson Leopards returned to the State Tournament in Austin to seek the coveted State Basketball crown. This Leopard team showed determination and desire that will never be equaled. They finished second in state with a most impressive record of 26 wins and only 5 losses. TOP ROW, Left to right: David McGee, Ronnie Young, Richard Hammond, John Bullock, Joe Harris, Tom Orem. SECOND ROW: Coach Carter, Tony Gorman, Norman Grey, Allen Williams, .leff Grey, Johnny Vaughn, Bubba Ward, Rusty Prince, Phil Echorn, Sammy Faris. THIRD ROW: Rusty Hendrix, Robert Faught, Randy Price, Weldon Webb. 180 LE OPARDS WIN ZUNE Here .lolln Bullock is seen putting in two against S.O.C. who finished 3rd in Zone. Here Ronnie Young, Bubba Ward, Norman Grey, Mr. Meek, Mr. Carter, Tony Gorman, David McGee, and John Bullock present tournament trophies to the school. l8l LEOPARD WI CITY WATCH THE CLOCK: Here Big ,lolm sinks Adamson. at twenty footer with Iwo secon ds left to clinch the city championship for Here in uc-tion u-'ainst TJ. Ronnie Young grabs a rebound, Allen Williams shows great hustle and .lolm puts in another two. I82 LE UPARD WI BI-DIS TRI C T T WNY Allen Williams puts the fake on two Eastern Hills players. Big .lohn puts in two against Eastern Hills in a Bi-District contest. Which saw Adamson come out the winner 68 to 51. STA TE F I 5 f I Y l i INALIS T S X LE OPARDS win three tournaments The Leopards BIG FIVE are shown with trophies they won before going to State. Pictured are GREY, WILLIAMS, BULLOCK, HAMMOND AND YOUNG. 9-I ' Zone Record RICHARD HAMMOND Senior RQNNIE YOUNG Senior FOIWUTC1 Letterman Forward Letterman I 1-2 City Record ALLEN WILLIAMS Senior BUBBA WARD Senior Guard 2 YY- I-Cuefmfin Guard Letterman I86 3 x .sex 421 4. ff? 9 K R1 I 3, PHIL EICHHORN Senior JOE HARRIS Soph. JEFF GREY Junior Guard Squadman Forward Letterman Guard Squadman RUSTY PRINCE Junior WELDON WEBB Junior RUSTY HENDRIX JUI1i0l' Guard Squadman Guard Squadman Guard Squadman SAMMY FARIS Junior JOHNNY VAUGHN Junior TOM OREM Junior Forward Squadman Forward Squadman Center Squadman LEOPARDS SHOW BE TDEFE E I TA TE I88 l l BE TCOACHE IN THE TATE ' if Q - LL,. V. V . S ' , . VV ,,... v-www f . f V - .... . 2 Q 5 V , ,V emi? 'V V Sf H i V WV-5 we Q- WWW it V ' ,,V 'V ft if 5 V V V. KS Wx V, .af '. g . - V ' VV VV V' '- - V- 3 Q-ml? Q , Zig QV Vwmsat Ve "-- . 'Vw VV V My V V V Vt. . .. ,VV , V V V V V., ,,,, V V X V, :za X V S N - Mgtgs151 ,,m ,- - V, VV V 3 1 V V V , ' ' -f ff . . ' it A ' ff' ' ' W-Q VM., V 5 L 1 V. i x l L ' V H ' V 'Q - wf V i? ' f . fe V il . 1 VV VH- 'V 7- . Mt. ,,,,,:p:-': F' 'M k t fir gl- ,,V, ja -5..,f'f SV? V- HV-, -V JfiiVVf'V ,V .L V . . , 'WW -- V f V -V VV A .a V ,. V . u 51: .,,, L' ' VV it V- '- "' V " A VV V it i t . V - V wk' . Wg t VX9zVefZa-VVVVV- a U ' V V V SM-V . fmiE,VtV:2gifvaiV:VefS'fKi?5?fr M V V ' . 1 a li f V " , "if: ' fff V V51 1 ,Qf2V: f V V I I VV " . - V V VV VV " ,. V, VV A '- V, - ag,g,-gut' ! 2 -V V ,V V V' f . K 1 V 'K .,:'V',V ,V -.4 5 ' lf!:a5. '5TVVf Ytksf,-if 52 ' I if? 1' if-N5-V-21 . PV ie' 555 'FT i fii'f""t?f5L4f fzw"'TW A iz VV VQXVV- wir f V- V' - 1-f-V V V .Va X V Vewfhx V Vat 2 f ,ge1 ,5-VM mgg,Vw, ,M,mmV,WM-mg f ffmggw LEFT TO RIGHT: MC" team coach Mr. Marrs, HA" coach Mr. Carter, HB" coach Mr. Brashear. lgrs. Randy Price and Robert Faught were both a In honor of Mr. Carter's faithful leadership the basketball team presented rear help to the team this year in their drive to him with the basketball they used to defeat S.O.C. HIC. TEAM HO ORED B Lions Club I89 "VICTORY IS SWEET99 After winning city crown Hvictory was truly sweet" ask Sharron Baker and Ronnie, aa n f -a h ' A xt ls coach Brownlee happy ask John Bl1ll0Ck- fwfr Ygbqv-,g,.t:. " ' , :E'R,Y " N , f' A-,. on 5 ' , , 1 - ,U ' X. L -an tw: ,I ,,u.,.t. ft. J-:M f P M ' aigt3M,,.:.fM, " MMU-,,V ,,w'g,t+g.w ,,,fQ,a-'X-b-1 Q A ..','Qea,,:-1 ,W . ,rM?Q.R..,e,vMawn ew ',+-'wfmlre 'wlQf.?'t'ffa . af-of . 11 - t t 09.553,-i,.wjg'a+" we V 'f e-V Vggsgii ttggyh . , '.+3z1-fi--fret-if M., ' o f?tffia,1,se 15::'a,., t -,w,s' , A-4 2 . --:gy-N -fe, . . ., ,gf ,. , N . f W B Vf-,W 01Y:fv9k3.-dw rfw 'vw "-we M.. - 1 ., wh f 'WNW-.. N.. was l 'J' 3 'Eapejfifl ' . "wLS:'--M' ' ' -3'f2:tw.4 f 'I .yt ' f ,, If-...Vg MM ,Sava-f ,ww KM., -me .a W.. ,,. V , ,V ,. ., , M-.M-My ,M-y,,.e . ,M-.-K VNV. . Q-W N.. W .J .tw . ' ..,,:-':.,MLt,h 6- .-- lbwv-tN,.,,a. . .V VV :Bl Q I ,irish Awt:tA.A,..-.. rits.. I , - rvswiegie-f4'Ze:::a-worfa-cfs , ..i':i?fA,,i " ' ' , ,- ,, V, -Mr L . .ff rt-.fff '- 'fafmU5'0Nfwv'?'aw""i-'-ag1f-'...1m.,,,V.", of k-,ff , ., . Mu f,,, ,, t ,uimzyw i ,.,. .. , , ff M' or--elite-.en :E W im'f,s,1 L X vale ' M--r...,Q,-or-t am -- ' few.: sm' "' . V . ' ' 1-41:3-V' .-" KN ""'4"Sw V 2 5'.'h"" - s5iag!fYf3?WiTii5tl:X' V tg.-., .- Nw' , V We -- V 'H qt, V egwigam, , my V 1 i5a1WZ!,vf2,LKU :mm Y Why' W Eff' " '1f,"W'+-lf "'i"'WQil7Wt't-D -Q Qt -ff W f ,wsu-n,.v'w ,M aww' f- ,xZtl,,,ag,:y ,-farh35-vf,s,wmQig1.- ww W' - - ,f.f?52+?2f?7Z 'Qa.u'i't'-WW fi"5'5f'f" iff, . m.m'7J?L',gy,.t,,'- :D-wggffljfffw, at , -I-we f -" A .L f ,iffwt W., A..u..r, . ,S sniifrzf-t .3 Here the Leopards taste victory in Austin over San Antonio Lee. The team received many telegrams from such people as Connelly Congratulating them. ,Wm '90 LEOPARDS LEAVE FOR AUSTIN with determined looks. Gov Future LEOPARD Cagers B- TEAM C- TEAM T Cl C an i e I92 l FIRST ROW: ,lohn Nauss, Jim Grossman, Rick Tarwater, Glenn Zauber, John Britton, Mike Yarborough, Ronnie! King. SECOND: Louis Pottkotter, Herb Prewitt, Danny Chance, Richard Worthy, Don Van Slyke, Doyle Tate, .Ierry Graves, Larry Peacock, Steve Utley. THIRD: Phil King, Lester Winningham, Wilson Peters, Mike Oliver, Don' .J I Sanders, ,lay Willoughby, Art Simmons, Craig White, James Edwards, .less Ivy. j I STEVE UTLEY, Manager 1 if Track is perhaps the most competitive of all sports in that it is a competition of individuals. Self-discipline and personal desire are the main elements: however, it helps to have a little speed. ED CASON, Coach RELA Y TEAM In the two relays, four-forty and mile, individual output plus precision team work are vital for victory. It is only in the'-relays that cindermen have to rely upon some- one other than themselves. This makes the relays the highlight of a track meet. ne Mile Relay Ronnie King, Richard Worthy, Larry Peacock, Rick Tarwater print Relay I440 yarclsl Phil King, Ronnie King, Mike Yarborough, Glenn Zauher. NOT PICTURED: Ronnie Carson. printers HOU, 220, 4402 Doyle Tate, Ronnie King, Richard Worthy, Don Van Slyke, Jerry Graves, Glenn Zauber, Rick Tarwater, .less Ivy H urdlers KNEELING: Mike Yarboroughn STANDING: Phil King, .lay Wxlloughby, Larry Peacock A Typical Workout Distance Men John Britton, Wilson Peters, James Edwards, Larry Peacock, Louis Pottkotter, Don Sanders Field Events ROW 1: Jim Grossman, Greg White, John Nauss ROW 2: Mike Oliver, Danny Chance, Lester Winningham, Herbie Prewitt Ronnie King demonstrates the art of Yoga. Chance clears the bar with ease. John Nauss shows how to put the shot. BASEBALL 964 , M 9' Team i l I I Il I I I Q19 James Elder, Henry Bennett, Mike Rodriguez, Jack Wolfe, Rusty Prince, Dennis Gust, Wayne Kidd. C25 Lon Oakley mgr., Mark Drumwright, Steve Moreau, Jeff Cray, John Navarro, Roger Massey, Jimmy Blackburn, Bubba Ward, Roddy Beardon. 135 Coach Buddy Stevenson, Ernie Sigler, Ronald Haake, Doyle Hfndrix, Norman Cray, Jimmy Kokel, Bill Milkie. MBU Team ,FIRST ROW: John Lindsey, Marlin Perez, Jimmy Cameron, Gary McDonald, Chuck Laird, Ricky Oieson. SECOND ROW: Kieth Wilson, Ben Music, Jim Browning, Chick Reagon, Larry Fulton, Billy Collins, Ricke Reecer, Larry Croce, Gary Marrs. THIRD ROW: George Brownlee, Leon Hernandez, Royce Green, Cary Hooper, Charlie Navarro, Susie Steen. 'Lv A Returning Lettermen, NORMAN GREY ERNIE SIGLER JIMMY BLACKBURN Pitchers and Catchers 1 - 4 1, . . . H .. 'A .' ,, H - A ,H , QB --Z ---,- ii? if R 'Y 'JI' M l""" A A -R" . .. A 'fQ'llII"'7I,1 , rf, ..'.A Q, s V,-,. , "fQ un: ,Sf-f - - "'Q Q t , M , 1? -' , . e is --2-:ft W M NA M .3,. 2-5 V, -,, -1 . K K Lkr.k I NM L , ,.L,L .,ff:V.-:: L, ls J' m , ' - we '- e ,..,,, , Lik 2 k,,.. i '-IA I lk: .....I,.-...lim .-0 f1Tl'or:f"rr M tttits -Q-if itt A tssii M il R sssistst 'L"ro'E'1's' :ti lit? l A Q Z ,r R .qie Q 3, . oi ' ,ss .yyh zl. - ,-f1,.1 rf " f Q. L, Q' 2- V' ' 'j V .t -,st -elm H -New fi- M i tsrs M -' ' f- ,,,., l', Vi., Ar Q15 Dennis Gust, Mike Rodriguez fm Jerry Navarro, John Kokel, Jimmy Blackburn I nfielclers Ernie Sigler, Norman Grey, .lames Elder, Ronald Haake, Steve Moreau, Wayne Kidd, Jeff Grey E utfielders CD Roger Massey, Henry Drurnwright, Louis Bearden, Rusty Prince 625 Bubba Ward, Rusty Doyal Hendrix, Henry Bennet, Milkey Ruddy Gomez, .lack Wolff C Autographs M OST? My WWW WW wi'i'Q ffw W f M WMM M TENNIS TEAM S I I B 5 af E 9 FIRST ROW: Cindy Halsted, .lan Settles, Karen Huggins, Jeanie Ricketts, Nancy Frampton, Martin Frost. SECOND: Carolyn Edwards, Elaine Dunaway, .Ioetta Hilhurn, Cathy Kennedy, Branda Green, Aubrey BIHCUCY, Mike Huggins, David Hartmen, Xavier Gomez, Linda Rhodes, Marilyn Miltner, Ronnie Johnson. . ., ,xvi Q .,,, , g AAIAI 2 I igitlrj Bw if is ,.., ',Elgfff,liffLQ ,.' 1 .,,, ".. , " hl"lli .. ..,, 2 ,,,,, ' " . 1.f--r 1,a,:e -ifeb . J, E J wiss he .fi ,. H 'K it ree. A rr ,KW 'W5?f'x I . 772- oo s' , 1 5 3 f E E AQ Q KAREN HUGGINS NANCY FRAMPTON 200 2'4" t at JFS'-i'n1'.-"N m ..,, an V i-111.635 ':': t 511 ill mum lx! 11 ummm mas: W l Mmm :mural ummm mums! funsweemx :.-.5'-'ir :1" .zsq im ,Hill Ill! X11 mimi: ,Q KE1 M ,X ill t H! Mi' t 5 Ctqxsxewfiiaxl 1 5 . .,,, . - 'Psi' kziizzif funn tm. 62 wg wr Q -were j X Va"wQi5k my 4 ?" WW' W J, , 5,5 ffqsktixg, QM Y tw 2 W qw J' L 5 5 3 . . .,.. ,....., .. j ,Q Y- 1 it - 1, fc ,f Q, 5 K 1 ff as 1 E2 A ,A '- T f- , 7, H . , ,. . , , . t. . - t fgggst :xl ei. ,sie fz f . f-.Se 'L -5 www tl-f,f'5 wiv V f, 1, Q, ,.v,,,,,,,, -Rs , .v jk .tt Y-:1X1 :wtfWz .. H- W. ,-- - Q K, - nfl- , g ,- Wt. fi-V - -if':gffgm.3.,ft. I -: gk fW75'f4 !?"i6t' "V i i' iii W ,Mis 9? ' tif? 5 , '51 -f 1 ' A if-.v ::w::5,.:. tw W .:'f--.:f-sf:f mef'N,- :ww 3. -, 'Q .A . K ,rr-:ft-v,-2 -' gt f ,,-. .13 Aggie-,Kit - - Q1 .. W-iS5f'14. QS ff wiv-2.4.-f -w A. . ,L , .fw WsQ,,,, , , 7, ,K e wTMfL'f,1, M, A' ' 4, fr .nj-'gtg ,, K s , . ,ww .ww fm - , mt wg, ,+ A gf. A . ft f Qgwft -I K1 4 if Starters tf my W' it .7 , he Q J H fe. ,wk K MIKE HUGGINS Kathy Kennedy Brenda Green, Aubrey Bradley Mike Huggins, David Hartman, Xavier Gomez, Karen H1gg1HS, Jeame Ricketts, Nancy Frampton, Martin Frost GULF T EAM FIRST: Scooter Douglas, John Hubbard, Steve Davis, Jack Brundette. SECOND: JOYIIIHY Reddefl, RiCki Fowler, Jimmy Stanley, Lee Tallent, Mr. Veret. 2 Year Letterman and Captain JIMMY STANLEY 202 W Autographs W M W5 W W w ZLM lj WWWWQMM MM Q 2 M M Vw f ,W Z7g!LP QL W' , MW M WMXWW1 ff li 'Kauf- sf A ' 4 :gif YZ 'G 55 .L 5 .L,L: if ,. 35 W- p y--1 XJ 205 Mzlztary , x V , f' .M J ws 28 ., ,.,,. ,. . , .,,. . ., . W, Battalion Commander M Sgt. Stringfield, Col. Fulton, SFC Mobley S-1 .. A fo f gf g. D iL , sfAYi 5 'Aw Q, 5 5 if o fg A I R A my 5.2 . Kiih kixi. . Vyyk .,:Af k', -' ,:jg,,Q . . . .Jfi fe ,,1. af, ,- , , , I -- CDT. MAJOR PETER DAVIES A P I ,wooggg HERBERT WILLIAMS S-4 ,WH ri QQ 5 A 12:2 fy Lf A ',Vg Q1 3? A DANNY ROADY I96 S-3 - Tru-'f"'ffk ,-43 f Q- if 'S W VD L h"' f .yy , fi F ,. .. f- H Q 55 x ffl ' -2'-56 -, L g 1 ROBERT WRIGHT A o ,. QW A ..'v' ,A ...,1..-ff 5142152 W 1 wi' 7 BARRY DE PAUW Ex. Officer CDT. MAJ. JOHN RICHARDSON 963-964 R.O.T.C. ponsors A M. V ag , ii f ig? F i Egg., .K in -1 'w,,,is K A S ,S S,,: - L .,,,, S, BILLYE SUE TICHENOR - SUSAN TABOR L ' V CAROLYN EDWARDS ' L Qian f JUNE WILSON JEANIE RICKETTS I TV JACKIE JOHNSON M S SS A -5 4 :-: ,,, ,.?., 7 .. ,.., .Sw ,.,.,,.. 5.1.01 5,.x,.. .,.5,,,,L,.,2 :,,fj,:.-.- -1: ..,. A 1 'f' '1"f"!7ff SHIRLEY SCHELLENBERG LOUNAN BLACK Color Guard Gary Spence, Phillip Simmons, Arthur Walker, Clifford King. RO. T.C. Band FIRST ROW: George Williams, Randy Beavers, Robin Martin, James Welsh, Dale McCaffity, Shirley Schellenburg, David White. SECOND ROW: Marshall Miller, Mike Sutherling, Johnny Bridges, Bob Miller, Bill Milkie, James Quinn. THIRD ROW: Thomas Horton, Mike Murphey, Don Baker, James Chen, Larry Jordon. FOURTH ROW: Monte Jack, Raymond Turner, Pat Riggin, Gerald Williams, John Chen, Timothy Baker. FIFTH ROW: Joe Teague, John Tincher, John Congleton, Melvin Prince, Wayne Fluke, Ronald Newman, Watson Wakefield. SIXTH ROW: Ronny Thurman, Williams Epps, Randall Canida, Richard Elliott, Mike Collins, Glenn Aguilar, Bill Maddox. taff FIRST ROW: John Richardson, June Wilson, Peter Davies. SECOND ROW: Herbert Williams, Barry De Pauw, Robert Wright, Danny Roady, Danny Sentor. R.0.T.C. Officers FIRST ROW: Peter Davies, .Iobn Richardson. SECOND ROW: Herbert Williams, Barry De Pauw, Robert Wright, Danny Roady, Danny Senter. THIRD ROW: Steve Nelson, Joe Dunn, Don Meyer, Mike Soutberland, Dana Darst. FOURTH ROW: Don Smith, Mike Holt, Richard Koepke, Tony Champlin. FIFTH ROW: Sam Chandler, .Iodie Robinson, Mike Teubner, Robert Smith, Ronnie Reynolds. MAD, Company WM-TWV WY' W t.o4.lWllCr5,,n ' FIRST ROW: Bruce Miller, Bonnie Martinez, Joe Dunn, Stgyg Nelson, Carylon Edwards, Tony Champlain. SECOND ROW: Jeff Libiel, Gary Clark, Joe Padilla, Richard Fernandez, Bruce Bishop, Ronnie Sowell, Mack Whittington, Don Christopher, Paul Cadmus. THIRD ROW: Robert Kennedy, Joel Yirgollen, Steve Hanson, Charles White, Charles Oliver, Bonny Tatum, Leon Hernandez, Gary Spence. FOURTH ROW: Larry Reynolds, Larry Craft, Dean Kusserow, Raymond Larry, Mike Holleman, Clifford King, Authur Walker, Phillip Simmons. WB" Company FIRST ROW: Mike Oliver, Jodie Robinson, Don Meyer, Mike Teubner, Jackie Johnson, Richard Keopke. SECOND ROW: Walter Sellars, Jimmy Davis, Stephen Stephens, Eugene Roberts, Rony Leslie, Bill Presley. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Foreman, David Hathaway, Harry Robinson, James Hale, Mike Kirby, Larry Crocker. FOURTH ROW: Billy Ivey, Leonary, Kihg, Charles Theobalt, Weldon Webb, James Harthcock. S-we MCU Company FIRST ROW: Don Luttrell, Ronnie Reynolds, Mike Southerland, Susan Tabor, Mike Holt, Sam Chandler. SECOND ROW: Oscar Benevides, Thomas Lazo, Dewayne King, Garry Murphy, Pete Aldaco, David Frame. THIRD ROW: Jack Franklin, David Martinez, Ronnie Lucky, Kenneth Wilson, Ronnie Foster, Wendall Mosley. FOURTH ROW: .lim Tice, Robert Hanson, Thomas Canipe, Jimmy Brown, Dean Morgan, Rickie Brumfield, Dale Hoover. Kuunuuwlauanwswuwunn-mm R4 rmsnmunnnmmvnm-aww yy J FIRST ROW: Bill Forbes, Dana Darst, Robert Smith, ,leane Ricketts, Don Smith, Mike Hanson. SECOND ROW: Lester Volkland, Mario Hernandez, Don Hendrickson, James Hume, Terry Mathis, Charles Friddle, Max Spangler. THIRD ROW: Robert Bronar, Lennig Bills, Ernie Bryant, Charles Rayburn, Don Mitchell, Stephen McBeth. FOURTH ROW: Steve Aldaco, Bobby White, Mark Teubner, David Hogan, Howard Adams, Larry Sinor. Rifle Team Commander ffl fIIIfk' 5 .II tifxi, 1 ,f 4 LIL 7:11::-llffnw, 3 E55 252125552 far' K"k 'I' :iw gig - r . 'Ez 4'.. il N, 4353 ,ff l YL l er :e z fL i 71 1 K f4 'Z BARRY DePAUW FIRST ROW: Phillip Simmons, Champlin, Barry De Pauw. SECOND ROW: Arthur Walker, Paul Cadmus. Commander JOHN RICHARDSON 2I4 Drill Team FIRST ROW: John Richardson, Louana Black, Joe Dunn. SECOND ROW: David Martinez, Billy Franks, Jimmy Harthcock, .lack Franklin, Don Luttrell, Steve Hanson. SECOND ROW: Mike Southerland, Bruse Miller, Phillip Simmons, Gary Clark, Dwayne King, Mike Hanson THIRD ROW: Robert Smith, Danny Roady, Robert Hanson, Harry Robinson, Larry Flenor Igean Iigsserow. FOURTH ROW: Jody Robinson, Roy Humble, Jimmy Davis, Howard Adams regg hite. as 1 MB9' Drill Team Commander, Joe Dunn. FIRST ROW: Lester Volkland, James Foster, Charles White, Jeff Libel. SECOND ROW: Bill Presly, Jim Tice, Kennith Foreman, Richard Fernandez. THIRD ROW: James Kennedy, Mike Oliver, Charles Thelbalt, Leonard King. Typists The ROTC Typists do many jobs during the year for the corps pertaining to administra- tive duties. Nelda Bankston, Ricki Kalies, Beverly Law. Military Ball The R.0.T.C. cadet Officers and the sponsors are waiting impatiently for' the winner of the Battalion Sweetheart. BATTALION SWEETHEART :2"K's F-15473, Mr. Meek and Lt. Col. Pete Davies are congratulating Miss .lune Wilson on her winning the Battalion Sweetheart June Wilson and Lt. Col. Pete Davies lead the sweetheart dance. The R.O.T.C. Corps invited dignitaries from the school and the Military Dept. in Dallas. Officers and other cadets sitting at their tables with their dates after a dance. Some of the cadets mothers helped serve refreshments during the ball. The senior play 4'Ask Any Girl" was a great success. 2I8 A Year With The National Honor Society named new members on this assembly. March - The following students will have to repeat this class again next year. The ak - April The sport's trophy, awarded each year to the school showing the best sportsmanship was given to Adamson for 1963. Here the chorus puts on its annual spring oper- CMH. New student leaders were chosen from this group to lead the stu- dent body for the coming year. 2I9 l e Apri O.K., who dropped the glass. These lovely ladies were chosen for finalists in the Miss Adamson Contest. E Sl- f .s,,,.. - eg . . . , Q- . -Q -- Q- -we -11+ Qs , , az . W , . pk 4, 1 is g' gE,s:,e 13 . 35 , I ' ,. . ' 25, 'L 1 nsfftf , 22 2 Q, .i . ,kj I Q E7 1 V is gi ,Vi f ,,5,,gE,i, sg. ' ' 'W A f - ' - , ' 1' 5 2 1 , 1,17 F , Q15 1-' 33 A ' i 52 Q,.i:1g55Xiiff -I-H' ik: 'f 132: Ai ' ' ' 4 K K! : - 5 2.15 ,J " :. A , ' - 2 V .'L'1i'5i- if, 1 ' . V Zi ,- fi- ,. ' ff' 'T A ff? 2 K -W 1. yi -WU. sn. - " 1 , . T X : , .AL. A 2 i X 2 .1 ff or. K if or L gafiffiz as iz, Z V11 L Q' '752:"'- ' , c f ""'g.,E,1 Q. .52 s 55-ff 'V Q-ff V K fufdw 'ic'-M 9 5-if 5. M 15.5 1 7.x r X A V A , lggt x if V ,f"f"""'Ui" 2 , 'L , T W. N ' -e7'1..iiZ'1 fuss". ' Ph 7 ,f 'gi' - ' 1' ' 'Ir f15e:,:::"g,z5' W 'i 5143- , ' e- q o ' -1 w,,sNas.., - , 9 z. 5s'fx,.,. . 'K f 'Aft ,Tm Jeannie Ricketts was chosen Miss Adamson. h Adamson Blue and White Spring training game which the whites won for the 3rd straight year by a score of 13-0. Mhy MW W iuQ5? Student day principal Robert Pendergraft. Phyllis Milburn was dean for the day. Student officers for Student Day at Adamson. Mrs. Moore is given gift by Deanne Knodle Editor of the OAK on the OAK Dedication assembly. The OAK was dedicated to Mrs. Helen Larner. The Kingsmen sang on Senior Day for the la time. September Uetober November F O I 19 a l ' l '63, 5, V' Ma 1. l -. SENIORS ON STARTING TEAMS September X . - Football team was presented on the first assembly. Wt W, mg Ls,Q,.qW. ,-sf: 4 X 'K 'llxfm l w Leopardettes and Band perform against Bryan Adams. GUESS WHO? That's right, Mr. and Mrs. Meek. Leopard SPIRIT prevails! Oc ber Football team prepares to leave on trip to play Temple High School. To Temple or Bust? Whole School turned out to send team off. October I . 5 4 M53 Zi il if A Great Coach and Principal. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, E- 1 ,UW-Q.: THE GOLDEN DUDS ON THE S.O.C. ASSEMBLY November Miss Jeanie Ricketts is crowned 1963 Homecoming Queen by Dottie Parrish. Junior princesses Cheri Tarwater and Anita Ford ride aboard prize Winning float. Nov. 22 Faculty presented to PTA during American Education Week program. 227 November l l 1 Sophomore princesses Janace Pope and Vicki Clements. cum- -gn - -- N. . ei. 0 5 VU- ' ' ' TH .."',..,. -,,f- Ld 'V' x . V 1 - H ' , , . . . Q . X. gy' -vvf'f- 4 ttf s Q t NJ., ..,, .. - , .,i J' ,A f 14:11 -P 1 ,mb ,Mf.'vf3,- , .-QU, qs-HA, A 5' .,. .,:T51f3,'s?'zwfa-'ii '.-'w"4bfsf3f f-wi' .. +75 T ' swf 592 ' - Q if-5 -4 -' g'.js """ ' -' "-M. W-9--N 5- m..,..f 1 A. . - Wm: ,...,.s, g!6,:.t7.,3.x.-MLW.. - Q. AE, -.. .. .F ,.,a,,. 3 s, p V gp . ,, .5 - L Vie. W V V -- ,,,, News ,W ,,,.,f . 4. . 'W 4 .'s"'Y' "' N"',, ' - -4.4 55" fl - f ' 7 ,.. f"""""t""" l,,.',,' J--W, Y .L Q NW iqifm , WWW M , . .. W to S Jgeweeft ,aw My We W pf if S My Wie '3 W 4 -fwii? f tw, 'AW FW ' im., ' ,, 1,.WN .. , , ,rife H - .. mf, - - , L ' ,X ' - .Lew SUI? . A Lf 'L , H ' 2 - - - Q35 f- f K f I - w -1 ikmwwlg. " Ai- ':,..f: J'if,3-W 52 S VI .. ,... . ga, .yipys f e f t X f ewes 14 We M, Q fa, M 1 - 5 f--ew 4' , H J , ' ew M f gf S Q my-5 K it ff ,. 1 'f' tl e W at f ' 1 ' E5 if A v e is. cf , W.. . jg 'et . A 'Y 2' ' 9 X Q NK . ,S 12354 W. , 'few :WWE H ish 'E ,me ls' 4 ee sf fel ffee - Q The Leopardettes and Blue Band perform at the Big D half time show. December Part of the Christmas spirit is revealed in this scene. 228 ,smxeaefbei The Student Council spread the Christmas spir: by decorating the front hall with this huge tree December Mrs. Moore and her bag full of goodies. The Public Speaking classes preseuteel the Annual Clll'iSIlllllS l'rogrum for the Adamson student body. The 1963 Football lettermen were presenled ut O.C.C.C. dinner. January Mrs. Larner and Mr. Wood inspect the new Tllermofax equip- IUCDI. Gunner Brownlee fires away. 230 Clydette Harden training Select Chorus for "Fortune Teller Leopardettes lead Cotton Bowl Parade on New Year's Day. Brotherhood Week commemorated by these Speakers. Cheerleaders lead victory assembly. February Big .lohn's another year older and another inch taller. Mr. Beckhart addresses student body after defeat of S.O.C. 23I February T V no V' ', ,: f ,Q A , A v o f oll n l so o no l o ,l ' l I l ? l no l ,,,AA W .,11l..' 1 ,X.', ...,,,Q X ..., , A. - , . ,, V. '.:. 'UM - , 9 ' l ' - I :VV krgk I 1 I K no l ' ' P A 0 Official school ,cal adopted. Designed and drawn by Richard Wortlly' Leopardette leaders 64-65 Shirley McCann and Jean Wilson with hand-made South Zone Champs Flag 232 HOUR TEAM" March The month of March will long be remembered as one of the greatest in Adamsonls long and proud history. It was in this month that the Leopard basketball team climaxed the season as State Champion Runners-Up. This was the reward of a long and fruitful drive which never let up, We congratulate the team, lVIr. Carter, and the entire student body for a job well-done. Dale Milford lectures students on weath 1 Milf 64 .w -rf' fri 1 shoots as Grey stomps in final game Our March of the during Attentive group listens as Career Clinic progresses Advertisements Jem A MUIEW f C N Q mfewgeeee B, he egg 53521 ig fmt Q je .wfuewM awfjwfewl S I Ee fe 55 A535 Qweewjfewfefi FG ,KSC QQ as E f 55 K 593 WWQJ new WW a im 5 3 iiifqfggzigg WZWQTXQWQQS 9 6 f f fwjg ' GQ- 4 e X ix efifpeffi f WWWQW me 7712479 mm We Qvwnfmwwx frflfwywgk fpWU NE , eafegiie M esigi 2 5?3E5Eg"5ggfE?5SQ x. Eta, e fs 3533 ii Efgggsige D sg Q? Xjgxjiq? w Hi 5552 egg Q iigxgxiigi fg-yfgLW777Rf NQEQ 1539516379 Egg Q S 2 siweaifeszyieiffee is gfwv S fwfaweflwfwmwgbxg we w i W w My EL FENIX RESTAURANT EL CH'C0 RESTAURANT No. 8 IIO W. Davis :eos McKinney WH 3'86 ' 0 Serving fhe Finesf in Mexican, De Un Buen Ami'-30 American and Sea Food fn! w -' , A A up Jig ,A ' ,Q X 'f F- .T V., 3 1 px 'MMP ' , V ,. .T if' jp , :FM jf of ., si, ' ,X , fi , 'Ari 1 'pd ' - V if. Af x, -,U Yi ii, ' I Ai T J 'ML -A - 4- LTA X A qv I if 1 A ,Iii xi Lf! V DNA' V, 'lf Lil A' 'U X fi MV, 4 if ' VJ Via ,. JJ X ky 'Iii 4. H 'xl T 1 W TU I 'W - 'J T R 19 FAY'S JEWELERS LLOYD'S CREDIT JEWELERS cl f Ch , Sfudenf Accounfs lnvifed Hee quaders or School arms Mascofs, Pennanfs, Miniafure Rings. ENGRAVING - One-Day Service I-4084 207 W. Jefferson 345 W. Jefferson WH 6-ZI97 CLICK'S RADIATOR SERVICE AUTO SUPPLY 23I7 San Jacinfo RI 2-7736 - RI 8-2805 This Space Courfesy OF THE MULLETS Johnny vdUgI'Ilfw Lon Calcley SI'eve Ufley Henry Benne++ Jeff Grey RusI'y Prince Jingles Foughl' Dad Hood OAK CLIFF FLORAL CO. 'For Every Blooming Thing" 2II E. Colorado WH I-56I6 Besl' Wishes, Seniors, I964 MOS ELEY'S BARBER SHOP 904 Vermonl al' Ewing 'lWe need your head in our business" DALLAS ROYAL TIRE COMPANY 40I Wesl' Davis a+ Bishop Dallas, Texas WH 2-3I44 FRED P. PEBWORTI-I J. W. FLITON BARNET-T'S BARBER SHOP I424 Ferndale Dallas 24, Texas Bus. WH 6-0590 Res. FE 7-3902 MUSIC UNLIMITED P.o. BOX 2I I24 WH 2-6265 The UI'I'irnaI'e in Sound Background Music Cuslom S+ereo Equipmenl' LEE CRUM INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance in All I+s Phases I02 Williams and Wagner Bldg. I330 N. Indus+rial Blvd. RI 2-5I85 LEE CRUM DAVID CRUM 237 WH 6-os: I GOFFS GLASS WH I-sooo "Qualify you can lasleu Wynnewood Village AUTO GLASS CO. lce Cream Charcoal Burgers A Complele Au'l'o Glass and Uplwolslery Service ,, ,, Door Locks Repaired 203 N. Beckley We Caler lo Teens Fumimre and a+ Nimh Desk Tops WESTCLIFF BEAUTY SHOPPE ZI9 Weslclifli Mall FE 7-7700 All Well-Known Oak Cliff Hairdressers Norma Dilday, Lydia Miris, Edna Johnslon, Lois Greelee, Doris Randall OWNER - Frances Sims 238 Congralulafions +o Seniors of '64 PERSONALITY BARBER SHOP Third Door Wesl' of Rosewin Tlneafre From HODGES 93I W. Jefferson Dallas, Tex. 22I4 Cedar Cresf 20TH CENTURY ODOM'S CLEANERS CLEANERS "QUAUTY" 2000 S0001 Beckley FR 6-49II 2738 Beckley Dallas Texas We Give S 84 l-l Green Slamps DAIRY QUEEN GOODMAN'S GULF STATION I44S So. Ewinfg Washing, Greaslng 28Il S. Hampfon Road Service FE 7-2262 WH 6-0.58 MARSALIS CLEANERS HARRY'S TEXACO SERVICE 303 N. Marsalis Tune Up and Road Service G+ 8+'1 new s. Beckley WH 6-2545 WH 6-8727 U-HAUL TRAILERS Dallas, Texas 239 COLBERT'S 220 W. Jefferson WH 3-4666 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS '64 Courfesy of ED BOWEN J'S CAFETERIA Serving Fine Foods Seven Days ci Week 307 Jefferson Davis Cenfer WH 6-I498 WADE LEE'S BARBER SHOP I320V2 Saner FR 6-6564 and Dallas Federal Savings Building I505 Elm 9If30I RI 2-8835 IAppoinImen'r OnIyI CompIimenI's of BOYD'S BARBER SHOP 20I5 S. Beckley Avenue Dallas, Texas TRINITY CLEANERS IOI3 Vermonr SI'ree'I' WH 6-0462 HERBIE DODD Wynnewood Texaco Service 2204 Sou+h Llewellyn Mechanic on DuI'y WH 6-2959 WH 6-0337 TROPICAL SEAS Tropical Seas Fish Shop and Tropical Seas Pei' Shop II4I-43 Soulh Hampion Phone WH 2-7848 MODERN CLEANERS 42 I 7 Bryan TA 3-0954 AL KNOWLES TATUM'S VARIETY AND HARDWARE 906 Vermonl' and Ewing WH 2-309I SPEEDY CHICK NO. 4 703 Wynnewood Village Broas+ed Chicken - Pizzas 3 Mile Free Delivery WH 3-7387 WH 3-7386 WH 2-5555 or WH 2-9988 I FOW'-ER 5 - CLIFF REPAIR- SUPERMARKET 'l' Faciory Trained M h ' Shop a+ Fowler's ec amcs d "' New or Facfory an Rebuili' Moiors SAVE "' Free Tow-ln "' No Money Down on Any Repairs - "' Your Terms I703 ldaho WH 8-9898 I26 Soufh Sforey IROBERT FOUGHTT New Home! . . . Come See H' New Address! . . . I727 N. Beckley Trim and Cabinel Conlracior New Teleph0r1el - - - WH 6-2l35 Crallsman of The Trade Since i940 LONE STAR DONUTS Dallas 3, Texas 809 Nor+h Lancasier Avenue Phone WH 2-5238 Dallas, Texas WICKER - Stamey Mfg. Company Cuslon Hardware Kilchens, Dens, Bafhrooms l800 Coclcrell Dallas ll, Texas RI 2-8497 Learn +o Play Guilar Privale Lessons Guiiar Furnished BOYD GUITAR SCHOOL 3I4 Souih Beckley WH 6-3460 FR I-3544 Dallas, Texas L fit!! ,QM f K 5, Zixifffiis W Q0 W M afzqeilfgodwffwmgffl M4jiLfffZM ' C Wage in 5,fvefQ,,,4fQ E is x9"l7iUL01,c4,eJ aww SN H A V CHANCELLOR S22 i s 52323 s K JEWELERS is eff? be Q 9 ,R N bg? QE i s gi Si , gil Z0 7 Jackson Sfreei' RI 7-6638 r S353 - e S Y S Sf e e as N SEQ? XEMORS s 3 , is s N is-as X 5 R, 55 . Mountings. Dlamend Settings rg 32 Q Dlemonds gk NN 2 Special Orders f ESX RQ s yjsyix 535 jim why? 533355 MQW , ig SE gg . uQf'P1f'7Zv1W Q 501 IHVQ I 3 W Jiysygwfyefnisfffylfssegiffwwsflfigifiefviigalfi We S igmmwjwfwfww Page! Q43 Benchwarmer W 06 ELECTRIFYING PEOPLE M0w0 f'2--1- .-............. -ENE P JC' O il . Most Likely to Goin Orbit Q N h 'II LL , K . . D J Y ' ,E vi f Q23 i Most Likely to Become V' e President if Like Wow! Q f L A ' U ' oo 3 " " I 1 2 liiil AI lliiliiiiivliii 1 1- 1 11 if 1 5 F ' N Lf A V fx A Q XQ l MW L D fw - - - Qi ...... fifuf ..... - .. .... 'Tffef T .L'?l"l"f'.L"l"i - - - Young M odeiins Live Better E lectiically D kk DALLAS Powsn af uc:-n' coMPANv K k 415 Congrafulafions from WOODY'S PANCAKE HOUSE I32 Wynnewood Village Brealcfasf All Day "Family'S Favorifeu Sfealcs Waffles Sandwiches Pancakes RUTH ERFORD Shrimp Hours 7 A.M.-9 P.M. SCHOOL or BUSINESS .W Since I887 Besf Wishes, Seniors of '64 BECKLEY TRANSFER COMPANY zozo Main S+. RI 2-4538 3'2 565+ Jefferson WH 6-I449 WH 2-5544 OAK CLIFF PRINTING COMPANY OAK CLIFF PHARMACY Prescripfion Experfs Zlz Soull' Madison Phone WH 6-5I2I I0fh af Lancasfer WH 2-2500 Free Piclc Up and Deliver on Prescripfions Lefferpress and Lifhographing Since I898 Wedding Announcemenfs SEE LABEL! Office Forms WANTED M ch 112. Rodv- gm lei lUT Snlkciygr 7 E- c I i . , Riff " FOIA' ix Q1,eU:aKV?I5L-A fix 'P J l For Young Men Saxon Shops Offer Everylhing - and Under One Roof sAxoN SHOPS LIMITED 5'9 Sf"g'e+0" BM" CI. ' I f Dallas, Texas a lVlSlOn O ROLAND ELLIS RI 7-9025 333 Wesf Jefferson Rl 79026 WH 3-4607 Congratulations to the Seniors of I964 al' Adamson High One of Our Four Favorile High Schools in Oalc Cliff THE OAK CLIFF TRIBUNE Since ICIO3 The Newspaper Which Fealures Two Full Pages of High School Piclures ancl News Each Week 902 Vermonl WH 8-75 I 5 WH 3-732l Open Evenings By Appoinlmenl I I MR' ALVA5 ZANGS Bowl. I 333 Wes+ Kies+ ' 2025 Sou+l1 Beckley FR 6-8246 A If your hair isnur so becoming lo you . . . ' You slwould loe coming To US. e SPARKMAN SERVICE STATION ' Road Service 1 ' IIO6 Sou+l1 Ewing R 1 WH 6-9338 O. H. VICKREY 81 SONS BRANDT ENGINEERING CO RGGHOFS Air Condifioning and Healing HSWCG l927" Engineered lns+alla'rion 2248 Wes+ Illinois 9l3l Deni-on Dr, 6+ HamP+Of1 FL 7-4038 FE I-8308 GLENDALE CAMERA SHOP 4448 Sou'I'l1 Marsalis FR 4-6465 Dallas, Texas TEXAS SEED AND PLANT COMPANY Good Luck +0 Class of '64 528 Easl' Ten+l1 WH I-II24 Compliments of PAGE'S DRUG Prescriplion Specialisis 3230 Falls Drive, FE I-5455 DALLAS, TEXAS DALLAS, TEXAS ARLINGTON, TEXAS I052 W. Camp Wisdom Rd. 903 Park ROW CA 4-352l CR 4-553l Complimenfs of CHESTER A. ADAMS Prices Are Lower af RICK RICK Furnifure Carpef Draperies IO05 Wesf Jefferson II3 Easf Jefferson In Oak Cliff I909 Garland Shopping Cenfer Serving Oak Cliff for 36 Years BRIDGES SHOE STORE 3I0 Wesf Jefferson BROWNIE PETERS ELECTRIC COMPANY WH 6-2676 WH 6-2680 I426 Ferndale Dallas, Texas DUDLEY M. HUGHES FUNERAL HOME "Home of Personal Service 400 Easf Jefferson Ambulance Service WH 6-5I33 CARL'S SEWING CENTER 9I5 Wesf Jefferson I0340 Ferguson WH 3-746l "The Coolesf Graduafion Giffu Special Sfudenf-Faculfy Discounf "DaIIas Largesf Selecfion - All Makes" Complimenfs of OAK CLIFF OFFICE SUPPLY 81 PRINTING "-he House of Qualify" 332 Wesf Jefferson Phone WH 3-742I Dallas, Texas CATES PHARMACY Prescripfions Called For and Delivered 8 A.M. fo I0 P.M. Free Delivery 2IOI S. Edgefield Vermonf af Ewing WH 8-7303 WH 6-2I79 TOHMS WYNNEWOOD PHOTOGRAPHERS 236 Wynnewood Village DOTY'S STEAK HOUSE I6I9 Nor+I1 Beckley . WH I-4I6I . WH I-OI89 Vgojjds COFmme'C'aI Open Daily Till 12:00 e ings rames Slealcs - Charcoal Burgers Special Prices Io Hi-School S+uden+s Resideniial ancl Business ProperI'y ALTON MILLER RAY FITZPATRICK Enco Service SI'a+ion Real Es'I'a'I'e Insurance Kiesf and Polk 5+ree+ office WH 8-7544 Res. WH I-4l39 FR 66822 I23 Easl' Coloraclo 828 Evergreen Hill Rcl. r. PUCKETT STUDIO 1 V "VVe Creare Heirloom in PI1oIograpI'my" A VHA 308 Wesi Jefferson IO:00 A.M. 5:00 P.M. -:. ,T J WH 6-7277 MRS. PAY PUCKETT Phofographer OAK CLIFF REALTY Complefe Insurance Service RICHARD PRICE FR 6-544I FE 9-OI39 2642 S. Beckley "Need Help?" Income Tax WALTER P. MILLER JR 453I Moler FE I-6 I 22 Informarion and Trips Arranged for DeeP Sea Fishing ACCENT COIFFURES SMI TTY'S SPORTING GOODS FRANKLIN SMITH "Ca+ Fish" III Wes+ Jefferson WH 69845 Dallas, Texas BARGAINS 25I3 Sourh Hampfon FE 7-7307 Personalized SIyIing CLIFF DELIVERY SERVICE INCORPORATED 3I50 Quebec Delivery Srorage - Warehousing ME I-68I0 Radio-Equipped Trucks LOUIS THIGPEN AND ASSOCIATES AuI'o Insurance - AII Ages Davis and Bishop S+ree+s WH 2-I6I9 Ride fhe Safer Kelley Road DAL-TEX TIRE SERVICE, INC. 2026 Irving Blvd. RI 7-3I82 Disfribufors - Kelley - Springfield Tires CAREY PLEXCO INSURANCE AGENCY 7II Wynnewood Village Dallas 24, Texas WI'I 2-844I CA 4-3354 Insurance and Bonds Represenfing fhe Travelers Insurance Companies PIZZA DINER The Firsf fo Serve Fresh-Baked Qualify Pizza Wifh Dining Room and Carry Ouf Service in Oak Cliff DALLAS: I35 Wynnewood Village WH 6-0426 2535 Forf Worfh Ave. FE 7-9356 Courfesy of BEVERLY HILL PHARMACY 26I9 W. Davis WH 3-4696 Free Delivery Cosmefics - School Supplies Prescripfion Specialisfs Besf Wishes, Seniors of '64 A. HARRIS CENTER BARBERSHOP Hours: 8 am-9 pm Saf: 8 am-7 pm FR 4-9334 3II A. Harris Cenfer LAMAR 84 SMITH FUNERAL HOME 800 W. Jefferson WI'I 6-2I46 Complimenis of TEXAS ARMY 81 NAVY STORE MILLER'S FLORIST When you Jrhink of flowers . .Jrhink of ours J. B. and LOUISE MILLER 123 W. Jefferson 3003 So. Lancasler Bus. FR I-2373 Your ROTC Headquarlrers Dallas, Texas Res. CA 3-6580 KEUFFEL 81 ESSER STYLE MART COMPANY CASUALS For Besl Resulfs - Use +he Besi' "Where Friends and Fashions Mee+" E . 8'EE . + I6l A. Harris Cenler n lneerln UI me g H g q P n FR 6-6889 22II Pacific Dallas JO BRADLEY, Owner BETTY LAXSON, Mgr. 5-I0 BEN FRANKLIN 5-I0 Kiesl' and Polk Village Open: 8:30-8:30 Mon. Hnru Fri. 9:00 - 7:00 Sal. N EEL BROTH ERS GROCERY Clarendon and Edgefield "FASHION FABRICS" HEIGHTS FABRIC CENTER Wesfmorelancl Heigh+s Shopping Village "Lei us make your be ls and buckles" ANN SHEFFIELD 3237 Dawes Dr. Owner-Manager FE 9-7575 PARK PHARMACY 2I4 Wes'r Colorado Opposife Mefhodisf Hospi+al WH I-II88 SAFETY BRAKE SERVICE 305 Norfh Beckley WH 3-8II2 CLIFF TEMPLE BAPTIST CHURCH Sunsef and Zangs - Tenfh and Beckley Dallas, Texas DR. WALLACE BASSETT. Pasfor FRANCES KING BOOK SHOP 929 W. Jefferson WH 8-8665 School Supplies and Texf Books Hallmark Greefing Cards RAVENS TALLENT'S PROFESSIONAL PRESCRIPTION PHARMACIES 500 W. Jefferson WH 6-2I55 8I5 Vermonl WH 6-8404 34II So. Lancasfer FR I-3404 WH 2-5667 240I Kiesf af Hampfon FE l-4343 Early American and French Provincial FORWARD With the Friendly People of Oak Cliff PP? GRACE TEMPLE BAPTIST CHURCH BUEL R. CROUCH, Pasfor Ten'l'l1 and Tyler WH 8-9066 Congralulalions 'lo Seniors of '64 From DOUGH ERTY'S PHARMACY Beckley af Woodin WH 6-5I86 4248 Lancasfer FR I-l3I4 3424 Sunnyvale Dr. FR I-l355 AX., . .5 Y 1 . X ,wx , 5 W' Y , i Smedley Didn't Buy The Ufficial Glass Ring. He wenf bargain hunfing. He fhoughf all class rings were alilce. He hacln'f heard fhaf fhe official class ring is official because if is made fo rigid specificafions for fhe profecfion of fhe sfudenf body. Neifher, apparenfly, had he heard fhaf if is made by Balfour, fhe mosf disfinguished creafor of fine class rings in fhe enfire world. A splendid fellow, Smedley. Buf fhere are reasons fo suspecf he is nof complefely in sfep wifh fhe fimes. 'E X' 3. s an VHM gi K E r 4 of s It Pays to Do Business With Firms Worthy of Your Tru IWOHR CE ZEVRGLET CCL N. Cenrral Expressway a+ San Jacinro Rl 7-8I4l 2628 Ross TA 7-5447 st WEDDINGS CHILD STUDIES CATH EY'S House of Portraits 2026 FI. WorII1 Ave. Phone WH 8-8900 COMMERCIAL GLAMOUR HICKORY Chance Of o H R w D II T K 259 argiflj POLK STREET BAPTIST CHURCH 34l0 So. Polk S+. FR I-9l92 P +or: REV. FRED MOSELEY 260 l r For All Your Beaufy Care Try TERRI'S NEWPORT BEAUTY SALON 2105 S. Edgefield Call WH 6-3I8I for Appoinfmenf "WE'RE ON OUR WAY" Transporfafion Offered by Kennefh and Tayman Wilson rRM4P',,..,.m-vw Refused by Coach Jake Carfer l 4 DAVE SHARP PAINT 8. BODY SHOP l 3l4 South R. L. Thornton Exp. Simple Custom Work 7-Coat Lacquer Paint Jobs Also Baked Enamel Used Cars Bought and Sold JIMMY RUNNELS APPLIANCES Air Conditioning - Television - Stereos Sales and Service 6l6 W. Jefferson Ave. i Dallas, Texas AUTOGRAPHS Q I KETCHUM 81 KILLUM 334 Wes+ Kies+ I JOHN HIEGEL'S ONE HOUR MARTINIZING 264I Sou+h Hamp+on 702 Wynnewood Villag FE I-4203 WH 6-4435 263 4 IT'S NOT WHAT YOU GET OUT OF LIFE THAT COUNTS, BUT WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT K GALILEAN BAPTIST CHURCH 2OI EasI TenI'h R. I'I. KEYES, JR. Pa s'ror For God so Ioved Jrhe worId Ihaf I-Ie gave I-Iis onIy begoifen Son, +ha+ whosoever beIieveIh in I-Iim should noI perish buf have everlasiing life. John 3:I6 Bui God commande+h I'Iis Iove Toward us. in IhaI. while we were yei sinners, Chrisf dies 'for us. Romans 5:8 OAK CLIFF SCHOOL OF BUSINESS bio E. io+h B. F. GOODRICH Free Job PIacemen+ 5- 5- CAPLE- Manager Shor+ In'I'ensive Courses CLASS OF '36 Diploma Issued on Course CompIe'rion WH B-9944 This Family Thanks You, ADAMSON Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bullock, Sr. James and Sfephen Bullock Mrs. B. Roninson - Mrs. Temple Bullock Jack Bullock, Jr. - Jan. '53 Jean 'Bullock Sayles - '59 John Bullock - '64 264 one final word wisdom FRIENDLY ig- why... CHEVROLE' ,S the buy .1 U WM EWll??fQ.Q? 265 Berry, Carol-81, 122 XClary Calley, A xAbernathy, Henry-65 Adams, Barbara-33, 160 X Adams, Carla-65, 127, 162, 107, 150 Adams, Claudia485 X Adams, Doug-33 NAdams, Howard-213, 214 Aguilar, Carol-85, 119. 131 Aguilar, Esther-81 XrAgl111ii1, Glenn-33, 210 Aires, Lloyd-80 Aldaco, Pete-81, 213 Aldaco, Steve-81, 213 XAldridge, Marie-33, 125, 143, 145 KAlford, Harry-159 Allen, Betty-85 Allen, Steve XAllred, Nellie-81 XA1vis, Diane-81, 107 Anderson, Billy-85 Anderson, Moira Anglin, Elaine-33, 122 Armstrong, .leannie-65 '-Arnie, Judy-65, 160 Arostegui, Damaris-79 NArredondo, Angelita-80 Ashcraft, Mary-81 Ashford, Carol-65, 136, 143, 146,147 XAskins, .lanice-65, 126, 148, 163 Atchley, Glenda-33, 143 Austin, George-81 B Bailey, Jeanne-85 NBailey, Marshall NBaird, Betty-81 NBaird, Peggy-33, 118, 124 4'NBaker, Don-65, 122, 131, 210 xBaker, Sharron+33, 109, 122, 137 Bambice, Brenda Bankston, Lois-85 Bankston, Nelda-33, 143, 144, 146, 215 X Barbee, Gary-159 Barber, Buddy--122 NBarham, Joan-34, 122, 137 XBarnes, Don-65 Barnett, Barbara-80 Barron, Velma-85, 145 XBarr, Charles-33, 118, 159 'XBass, Donald-65 XBass, Ronald-73 XBates, Glenn- XBates, Paul Bauer, Barbara-81, 122, 136, 138 266 Index Baxter, Timothy-85, 131, 149 Bassinger, Nancy Beardon, Roddy-81 '4Beason, Madge xBeavers, Randy-65, 122, 133 142, 210 'N Beckhart, Sharon-65, 133, 149, 154 X Bclk, lris-34, 111, 122 XBell, lrene-34, 160 Bell, Wayne-82 Brinegar, Diana-35, 126, 136, 143 Briscoe, Twana-81 Brister, Mayfair-81 N Britton, John-65, 119, 137, 140, 149, 151, 152, 154 Brodhead, Jimmy-65 'NBronar, Robert-154, 213 Brooks, Delane-80 Brooks, Ceraldf85, 119 'NBrooks, ,leanell-65 XCannon, Betty-36, 148, 149 NCantu, Betsy-36, 120, 143, 144, 145, 1'47, 149 NCantu, Gladys-36, 120, 137, 138, 143, 149 Cantu, Lupe-36 Capp, Marilyn-36 Carpenter, Mike-81 'N Carr, KayA66 Carr, Peggy-85 Carr, Randy Beltran, Lupita-80 XBenavides, Oscar-213 Benners, June-81 Benners, Raymond-160 XBennett, Henry-65 NBennett, .ludy-85 Benson, Lanna481 NBerry, Diane-65, 127, 150 Bice, Donnag Bickerstaff, Bernice-85 XBilledeaux, Diann Bills, Lennis-81, 142, 213 Bishop, Diane-34, 122 Black, Lounan-34, 134, 209, 214 N Blackburn, Jimmy-65, 119, 140,154 Blackstock, Billy-65, 134 Blagg, David-160 Blagg, ,lim-80 xx Brown, Gail-65 Brown, ,lamesA80 Brown, Jimmy-81, 213 XBrown, Lynette-35, 132 XBrown, Patricia-65, 160 Brown, Sandra-35, 144, 147 Brown, Shirley Browning, Jim-81 N Carroll, Larry-160 XCarson, Ronnie-80 XCarIcr, Candy-36, 122, 126, 143 Case, Robert Castillo, Nora-86 Caster, Nancy-66 Castle, Susan-66, 122 X Broxson, Phil-35, 106, 139, 140,168,169,l71 Brumiield, .loe-81, 213 xBrundrett, .lack-65 Bryant, Ernie-81, 122, 213 xBryant, Ron-76, 81, 107, 119 Bucliann, Carolyn-80 NBuford, Sandy-122, 133 XBullard, Paula-65, 148, 149 X Bullard, Roland XBullock, John-35, 106, 110, Cavazos, .loc-81, 119 Chamberlain, Bernice-37 Chamberlain, .loe Chamberlain .lune-80 Chamberlain Richard Champlin, Tony-37, 211, 212, 214 Chance, Danny-66 X Chandler, Sam-211, 213 XCharles, Beverly7132 Charney, Mike-85 NBlagg, Woodie-134 Blaisdell, Linda-81, 122 XBlanchard, Kathy NBlanken Blanken ship, Donna-65 ship, Kenneth-34 Blanton, Bennyf65, 149, 158 NBlanton, Brenda-34, 137 NBlanton, Carol-34 Blanton, William Bledsoe, Daphnef80 Blount, Paula-80, 143, 149 Borick, William-80 Bostick, William-80 Boucher, Harvey "Bowen, Randy-34, 139 X Bowling, Charles-80 W Boyd, Evelyn Boyd, Kathi-34, 122, 150 Boyd, Peggy-81 Bradbeary, Cheryl-35, 125, 143, 145 'rBradley, Aubrey- XBradley, Sharon-35, 138 KBradsl1aw, SteveM76, 81, 107 122, 139, 161, 162 XBurke, Diane-35, 109, 118, 125, 136, 162, 150 Burke, Howard-78 Burke, Sandra-80 Burns, Bobby-65, 168, 175 Burns, Delene-148, 151 KBurns, Kathy-65, 122, 134, 136,145,147 'rBurton, Lillie-65, 131 Burton, Mike- XButler, Karen-65, 122, 147, 150, 161 NButler, Sherry-66, 138, 154 NButler, William-36 XButtleman, Kay-66, 122, 136 Bynum, Alissav36 Byram, Wanda-85 C Cadmus, Marida-80 XCadmus, Paul-212, 214 Caldwell, Nedra Clinton NChapman, Steve-66 Chen, James-81, 131, 210 Chen, John-80, 131, 210 Christi, James-87 Christi, Tommy-77 Christopher, Don-85, 212 XClark X Clark Clark 1 , B0bW66, 159 ,Gary-148, 212, 214 Robert-160 Clark, Sherry-85 ,John4-66,140,168,172 Bragg, Linda-35, 132, 134, 145 Braswell, Rosalyn-35, 144, 146, 159 xBray, Karen-65, 131 XBridges Bridges Bridges , .lohnny-65, 132, 210 , LaQuetta-85 , Larry, 81, 132 Bridges, Lorna-81 'Cameron, Benny-36 Cameron, Jimmy-85 Campbell, Elaine-79 xCampbell, MarthaW36, 118, 122 Canida, Randell-81, 132, 210 Canipe, Billy-82 Canipe, Buddy-85 Canipe, Thomas-85, 213 xClements, Vicki-80, 107, 119, 226 NCleveland, Carolyn-66 XCleveland, Sam-66, 122, 136, 154 Click, Carolyn-37, 125, 134, 143 Cline, Richard-37 N Clinton, Barbara-37, 136 Clowers, Loretta-85 NCludius, Robhief37, 112, 120, 122, 148, 149 Coats, Frankie Coleman, Charles Collins, Donna-80 Collins, Mike-80, 131, 210 Colvin, Marcia-80, 138 N Comer, Marcia-37, 112, 120, 148, 154 x Condor, Susan-37, 111, 124, 150, 163 Cone, Debby-87 Congleton, John-80, 133, 210 Conn, Phillip Conn, Ronnie-37 Connelly, Carolyn-82 Contreras, John-85 Cook, BE1I'lJZ11'Ll+80,, 138 Cook, Gary-37 l Cook, lla Corley, Tommie-81, 149 Cortez, Joe-85 Cortinas, Victor-80 Coughlin, Pat-38 Cox, Anita-87 1 Cox, Annette-87 NCox, Jackie-66 kCox, Judy-66 XCox, Jo Anne-80 I C0X,1hkes479,149,16s Craft, Larry-85, 212 N Cranford, Rosaland-38, 120, 143, 146, 163 XCraven, Carol-73, 149 Crescini, Ralph Crippens, Ronald-80, 152 Crocker, Larry-87, 212 Crocker, Martha-80 Crow, John-38 Crowder, .ludy Cruse, Carlcne-149 Culley, Michael Culverhouse, GaryJ-168, 174 Culverhouse, Ted 87 XCu1nmings, Kathy 38, 97, 111, 150, 161, 163 XCummings, Martha 80, 107, 119 1 X Curtis, Kaye-66, 1149, 154 D Dailey, Larry-80 Dandridge, Judy-38, 124, 141 143, 163 Daniels, .David4 Darnell, Larry-66, 134 Darst, Dana-38, 211, 213 Davies, Peter-38, 161, 162, 208, 211, 150 Davidson, Dorothy-66 Davidson, Kathie-87 Davila, Lupe-149 Davila, Olivia-87, 119, 149 Davis, Barbara 1 Davis, Betty-66, 71 , 119, 122, 126, 145, 152 Davis, Carol Davis, Jimmy-66, 12, 214 Davis, Rita+80, 122 Davis, Sally-81, 149 Davis, Steve-66, 119, 152, 154 Davis, Sue DeMonney, Diane-38 Dendy, James De Pauw, Barry-38, 208, 211, 214 Derczo, Johnnyf159 Dial, Jo Elaine Dial, .lohn Dial, Terry-87 Diaz, Julia-66, 149 Diaz, Virginia-80 Dickerson, Margaret-38, 110, 143, 144, 162, 150 Dickson, Sharon-66, 122 Dilday, Ann-81, 138 Dilday, Robert-39, 159 Dillingham, Glynda-87 Dominquez, Mary-149 Donaldson, Carolyn-66, 160 Donovan, Don-66, 154 Dorman, Ronald Douglas, Wayne-66 Dowdy, Tad482 Downs, Carol Ann439, 110, 121, 125, 143, 162, 150 Drake, Dudley439 Drum, Ruth-66, 149 Drumright, Mark-80, 107, 168, 175 Du Bois, Linda-82 Dudley, Dina-39, 120, 125, 136, 148 Dunaway, Elaine-82, 149 Dunaway, Jo Beth-66, 119, 127 Duncan, Myra-66, 138, 143, 149, 151 Dunham, Rick-73 Dunn, Joe-211, 212, 214, 215 Durmas, Daniel-82 E Earnhart, Judy-87 Earnhart, Kay-39, 143, 146 Eddy, Danny-39, 118 Edwards, Carolyn-81, 149, 209, 212 Edwards, Cholly-39, 149, 160 Edwards, James Edwards, Marie-66 Eichhorn, Phil-39, 109, 118, 120, 139 Ekstrand, Harry-39, 139, 168, 174 Ellerrnan, Kay-84, 149 Elder, James-39, 106, 139, 168,169,172 Elliott, Richard-66, 122, 131, 210 Emmett, Jackie-67, 122 Enoch, Louis-80 Enriquez, Tabo-40, 134, 168, 174 Eppinette, Brenda-67 Epps, Sharon-40, 143 Epps, William-67, 133, 140, 154, 210 Eskew, Pat-80 Espinoza, Hope-87 Espinoza, Joe-67, 134 Espinoza, Pete-82 Essary, Loris-67, 148 Etheridge, Suzanne-87 Ethman, Johnny Evans, Judy-40 Evans, Troy-40, 139, 168, 1-74 Evers, Pat-160 Ewing, Janette- Ewing, Mac-67, 160 F Fadeley, Sandra-40, 143 Fain, Billy-82 Fanning, Glenda-81, 122, 138, 149 Faris, Sammy-67, 122, 149, 154 Farmer, Tommy-67, 154 Faulkner, Lin-136, 150, 161 Faust, Jerry Faust, John-40 Ferguson, Faye Fernandez, Josephine-82 Fernandez, Richard-87, 212, 215 Farrell, Shirley-67, 122 Fielderwhite, Paul-67 Fields, Jerry-67, 159 Fields, Sandyi67, 143 Fierge, Joan-40, 120 Fisher, Davidi80 Fisher, Shonnye-81 Flaoh, Rebecca-40, 110, 120, 134, 149, 154 Flener, Larry-82, 202 Fletcher, Britton Flores, Joe Fluke, Wayne-40, 131, 134, 149, 210 Foley, Danny-67, 122 Forbes, Billy-82, 213 Ford, Anita-67, 107, 122, 136, 137, 225 Foreman, Kenneth-87, 139, 212, 215 Foreman, Patricia-41 Forester, David-67, 122, 154 Forman, Ken-40, 168, 169, 173 Forth, Linda Foster, Charles-41, 134 Foster, James-87, 215 Foster, Julie-82, 143 Foster, Richard-87, 119, 151, 213 Fought, Elizabeth-86, 149 Fought, Robert Fowler, Ricky-67, 107 Fox, Linda-87 Frame, David-87, 213 Frame, Melba-86 Frampton, Nancy-41, 106, 112 Franklin, .lack-79, 213, 214 Franklin, Linda- Franklin, Pam Franklin, Peggy-81 Franks, Sharon-81, 122, 149 Franks, Wade Franks, William-79, 214 Frayre, Robert Friddle, Charles-87, 213 Friddle , David Frost, Martin-154 F ryman, Tom- Fulcher, Faye Fulenwider, Doug-67, 151, 152 Fulton, Eddie Fulton, Larry-80 Fulton, Sue- Furr, Joel-41 Furr, Tony-81 G Garcia, John Gardner, Jeanelyn-41, 122 Gardner, Nancy Garlin g, Kay-41 Garner, Ricky-79 Garrett, Carolyn-41, 125, 145 149 Gaskin, Julie Gaston, Jeannene-41, 149 Gay, Frances Marie-80 Gee, Timothy-80 Geiser, Travis-41 Geneske, Carole-67, 127, 136, 143, 149 George, Judy-41 George, Lawrence-80 Gernam, Sharon-85 Gharis, Lynn-67 Gibbons, Rita-82 Gillard, Larry-42, 168, 169, 171 Gilliland, Renie-86, 145 Glenn, Steve-87 Glynn, Joe Ann-80 Goad, Geraldin4?67 Golden, Jane-86 Golden, Joseph- Gomez, Antonie Gomez, Candelaria-82 Gomez, Mary Jane-42 Gomez, Mary-80 Gonzales, Elvia Gonzales, Joe Gonzales, Mary-145 Gonzales, Rosie-79 Goodman, Larry-159 Goodrich, John Gordon, Fred-138, 157, 158 Gorman, Tony-42, 168, 169, 170, 171 Gould, Roy-42 Graham, Sharon-67, 145, 146 Graves, Jerry-67, 157, 158 Gray, Robert-87 Gray, Mikew77 Green 154 Green 136 Green , Brenda-67, 74, 152, , Mary Pat-42, 118, 126, , Royce-87 Greer, Bryan-122 Grey, Jeff-140, 150, 161 Grey, Norman-42, 106, 109, 118,139,141 Griffith, Pat-42, 159 Grimes, Carole-42 267 Harthcock, James-79, 212, 214 Crimes, Joe Grooce, Larry-80 Grossman, James-42, 139, 168, 174 Cuajardo, David-86 Guajardo, Joe Gunnels, Judith-42 Cutierrz, Aciano-86 Gust, Dennis-41, 106, 168, 169 Cuteirrez, Augustine-80 Guy, John H Haake, Linda-67, 145 Haake, Ronald-43, 138, 148, 168, 169, 173 Haas, Annette-67 Hackler, George-77 Hackler, Joan-43 Hackley, Peggyf81, 149 Hale, James-77, 200 Hall, Judy-134 Hall, Pam-82, 149 Hall, Ruth Hale, Steve Halliburton, Brad-77 Halstead, Cindy-67, 154 Hammond, Richard-43, 122 Haney, Dalegl-3, 159 Hankins, Paulette-43, 122, 137, 145 Hanks, Roy Hanna, Joe-67, 148 Hanson, Michael-43, 213, 214 Hanson, Robert-80, 213, 214 Hanson, Stephen-212, 214 Haralson, Pauline-43, 122, 149, 150 Hardin, Brent-81, 149 Harden, Clydette-32, 43, 106, 109, 118, 121, 122, 131, 154 Hardin, Harriet Hardwick, Lillian-86, 148 Hargis, Marty-67, 119, 122, 127, 154 Hargrove, Tom-80 Harlow, Ace Harman, Kathey-67, 131, 143, 145 Harnesberger, Quinn-67, 147 -Harp, Beverly-43 Harrington, Dale-44 Harris, Anita-68, 119, 122 Harris, Bill-44, 131 Harris, Joe479, 119 Harris, Linda Harris, Coergina Harrison, Helen-44, 122, 149, 154 fHartman, David481 Harvley, Zena468, 122, 136, 137 Hash, Peggy-44-, 160 Hatchock, Floy Hathaway, David-79, 212 268 Hayn, John--81, 154 Hazlitt, David-85 Head, Beverly-68 Hefner, Sherilyn-82 Hendricks, James Henricke, Linda-86 Hendrix, Rusty-68, 107, 140, 173 Henley, Geraldine-86 Henley, Johnny Henrikson, Dan-81, 213 Henrikson, Susan-44, 160 Hensley, Carolyn+44, 143 Hensley, Kathleen-81, 143 Hernandez, Leon-86, 212 Hernandez, Mario479, 142, 213 Herrell, Clarence-81, 149 Herrmann, Dorothy-82, 107, 119 Herron, John-68 Hilderbrand, Ronnie Hill, Bob-82 Hill, Dana'-81 Hill, Judy-68, 160 Hill, Rob-86 Hillburn, Joetta-79, 119 Hilterbrand, Charmagne-81 149 Hinckley, Kay-44, 122, 145 Hinojosa, Richard-68 Hinojosa, Rudy-68 Hinson, Ccnc-44, 134, 147, 149 Hitchcock, Franklin-79 Hitt, Jimmy-79 Hix, Anita-86 Hodge, Shirley Hogan, David-149, 152, 154, 157, 158, 213 Holan, Charlene-44, 149 Holland, Jeanie-82, 145 Hollelnan, Mike-82, 212 Hollis, Elaine444, 159 Holmes, George-81, 131 Holmes, JoAnn-81 Holt, lVIike-68, 211, 213 Holt, Sharon-80 Hood, Bryon-68, 134 Hood, Lyndon Hooper, Cary-86 Hoover, Dale-87, 213 Hopkins, Linda-80 Huggins, Karen-134, 143, 144, 145, 149, 151, 152 Huggins, Michael Hughes, David-81 Hughes, Deborah Hughes, Linda Hughes, Steve-159 Hull, Rod Hullett, Carl-81 Hultsman, Kathy-80 Humble, Roy-142, 214 Hume, James-86, 213 Humphreys, Barbara-68, 145 Humphreys, Carolyn-145, 160 Hunt, Karen-68 Hunter, Douglas-77 Hunter, Shirley-120, 126, 136 Johnson, 212 Johnson Johnson, Johnson, Johnson Johnson, 121 Jackie446, 149, 209, , Jackie Wayne-86 Kathleen-86 Linda-68 , Pat-68, 105, 160 Ronnie-46, 106, 111, , 136, 151, 154 Jones, Bobby-79 Jones, Cindy-46, 134 Jones, Glenda-68, 138, 148, 150 Jones, Jimmy Jones, Jonne-68, 119, 127 Jones, Marie Jones, Raymond-81 Jones, Wanda-68, 122 Huskey, Mike Hutchins, Katherine Hutchins, Mary I Ingram, Charles-45, 137, 148, 150 Ivey, Billy-86, 212 lvey, Jess-77 Ivy, Lana-86 Ivy, Loyd-82 J Jack, Horace-81, 132, 210 Jackson, Janice-45, 120, 145, 154 Jackson, James-80 Jackson Mary-45 Jackson, Nelda-79 Jackson, PatfI36, 143 Jackson, Paul-81 Jacobs, Mary Helen-68, 132, 149 Jaime, Susie-45 James, Jesse-45 Jarnagin, George Jarrard, Patti-45, 160 Jarrett, Dena-68 Jordan, Larry-68, 131, 210 Jordan, Merry Joslin, Joe-68 K Kalies, Ricki-46, 120, 146, 154, 215 Kantz, Sharon-68, 149 Kathcock, Floy-86 Kay, Pamela-68, 160 Kean, James-82 Keen, Roy Keith, Francis-68, 132, 138, 149, 154 Kelley, Johnny Kelley, Patk68 Kelley, Robert-122 Kellogg, Ted-81 Kelly, Karen Kelly, Lloyd Kennedy, James-149, 212, 215 Kennedy, Kathy-79, 132, 149 Kent, Todd-81 Kephart, Blanton-159 Kephart, Doris-81 Kern, Steve-46 Ketchum, Jean-46, 143, 145 Key, Mary-86 Key, Roy Kidd, Wayne-69, 123, 136 Killion, Gay-47, 121, 138, Hordon, Merry-86 Horton. Anita-79 Horton, Lillie Bell-86 Horton, Thomas-131, 152, 210 Houckins, Terry-74, 168, 174 Houlihan, Joe House, Eula-79 Howard, Oran Howell, Phil-68, 154, 168 Howery, Nelda-86, 119 Hubbard, John-81 Hubbard, Judy-68, 122, 145 Hubbard, Ray-68 Huckley, Cynthia-86 Huddleston, Jerry Hudson, Kathy Jarrett, Mary-46, 120, 125, 136, 145, 163 Jenkins, Carolyn-82, 133 Jenkins, Sherry-46, 122, 138, 149 Jennings, George-86 Jernigan, Cheryl Jernigan, George-86 Jernigan, Teddy-32, 46, 98, 118, 154 Jett, Barbara-68, 138, 149 Jett, Charlotte-79, 132, 149 Jett, Martha-46, 120, 133, 151, 154 Johnson, Bertiew82 Johnson, Cindy-82, 132, 145, 149 Johnson, Gail-68, 134- 143, 149, 154 King, Clifford-69, 210, 212 King, Dewayne-213, 214 King, James-119, 134 King, J im-86 King, Krng, Leonard-134, 212, 215 Phillip-81, 140 King, Ronnie-69, 168, 174 Kingsbury, Kay-82 Kinsey, Marie-47 Kirby, Kiser, Mike-212 Linda-82 Klaiber, Ursula-80, 119 Klapproth, Richard Klinge, J ohnny-81 Koepke, Richard-211, 212 Kokel, Jimmy-69 Krizmanich, Joan-47 ' Oliver, CharlesY70, 212 Krosschell, Robert-87 Kusserow, Dean-69, 212, 214 L Lackey, Harry Lackey, James-82 Lackey, John-87 1 LaFontain, Mamie Laird, Chuck-82 Laird, Sandy-69, 123 Lambert, Regina-69, 160 Lambert, Sue Lancaster, Elaine-82, 149 Latham, Anne-87, 143, 144 Latham, .lerry Law, Beverlie447, 215 Law, Elaine-47 Law, Shirley Lawhead, Charlenw47, 123, 143 Lazo, Thomas-87, 213 Leach, Joseph Lee, David i Lee, Karen-69, 123 Lee, Kenneth-82 Leed, Roy-85 Leslie, Patricia-47, 146 Leslie, Sandy-69, 127 Lester, Patricia Leverington, Elain,e469, 138, 159 Leverington, Kathy-79, 131, 145 Lewellen, Jerry-69, 122, 149, 168,174 Lewis, Charles Lewis, Donna469, 123 Lewis, Juanita-69 Liebel, .leff-87, 212, 215 Lindsay, Dennis L' Lindsay, .lohn Dennis-42 79, 1264 Lindsay, John Robert-82, 119, Lipps, Diann-69, 123 Lunsford, Douglas-159 Lusk, Bobbie-69, 135, 150 Luttrell, Don-82, 213, 214 Mc Mcl3eth, Stephen-87, 213 McCaffity, Dale-48, 123, 133, 210 McCandless, Robert McCann, Shirley-48, 109, 118, 121, 124, 137, 149, 150, 161 McCarty, Don-48 McClary, Ella-49, 123, 138 McClary, Kay-82, 123, 145 McCoy, Rodney-69 McCracken, Larryi159 McCrea, Sandra-159 McCullough, David-87 McDaniel, Grace-49, 144, 146, 147 McDaniel, Jerry-69, 168, 175 Mathews, Shuliai87 Mathis, .lerry-82, 213 Matlock, Linda-143 Matthews, James Matthews, Pamela-160 Mauldin, .lanice-48, 123, 137, 150 Manitsky, Bobby-87 Maxwell, Linda-87 May, .limmy Karl-48 May, J in1my Lynn-48 Murphy, Gary Dean-85, 213 Murray, Peggy-70 Murray, R0semary470, 133 Murray, Sandra Musick, Ben Musick. Pat-50 N Meador, Carolyn-49, 145 Mee, Diane-77, 136 Mehoves, John Melton, Rosalind-49 Naehlinger, Bobhy470, 168 Nash, Carole-87, 143 Nauss, ,lohn-50, 139, 168, 169 Navarro, Celia-50 Navarro, .lerry Neale, .lames-152 Neff, George-70 Meyer, Don4l9, 211, 212 Meyer, Susan-79, 138, 149 Meyers, Linda-50, 106, 138, 149,151,152 Miglinas, .ludy-70, 119, 123, 126, 136, 149 Miglinas, Marsha-50, 108, 121 136, 138, 149, 154 Milburn, Phyllis-50, 106, 221 McDonald, Alys-49, 118, 121, 154 McDonald Garyf79 McDonald, John-69, 119, 123 McDonald liardyn-69,145 McDowell, Fred-82 Milkie, Bill-70, 133, 210 Milke, Stephanie-70, 123, 152 Miller, Bob-70, 132, 154, 210 Miller, Brendaf-70, 123, 147 Nelson, Steve-70, 133, 142, 154, 211, 212 Newell, Jimmy-84, 87, 148 Newman, Ronald-77, 133, 210 Newton, Alton!159 Newton, Bob-159 Nichols, .ludyf119 Nichols, Marilyn Nixon, James Miller, Bruce--82, 149, 212, 214 Lucky, Little, Joyce-79 Lively, Lindaf82 Loafman, Eva-69, 134 Lockhart, Cvary469, 168, 175 Lopeg BeBe-694103,119 Lopez, Jesse-47, 139, 168, 175 Lopez, Joe-84, 8 , 149 Lotzer, Kathy Lovell, David-47 Lovell, Mikef82 Loving, Lloyd-48 Lowe, Carl Lozano, Edward-82 Lucas, Beverley Lucas, Chris-82 Lucas, Shirley-87 Lucky, Linda-69, 150 Ronnie-87, 213 Ludden, Charles-69, 123, 149, 152 Luman, Jeannie-69, 133, 143 McFarlin, Charlotte449, 125, 135, 149 McFarlin, .lune-69, 126 McGee, David-49, 139 Mclnerney, .loan-49 Mclnerney, June-49, 121, 135, 144 McKethan, Barbara-82, 145, 151 McKiddy, Marilyn-133 McKinney, Jean McLaughlin, .lulie McWilliams, Ben-69 McWilliams, Joyce-78 M Mackey, Wayne-48, 134 Macy, Marion--73, Macy, Susan-87, 145 Maddox, Kassa-69 Maddox, William-82, 133, 210 Marley, Ann-48 Martin, Larry-87 Martin, Mary-69 Martin, Robinf82, 133, 142, 149,210 Martin, Royf69, 140, 168, 174 Martin, Shyrel-178 Martinez, Bonnie-212 Martinez, CruzA82 Martinez, DaVid4213, 214 Martinez, lrene Massey, Jerry Massey, Kaye-134 Massey, Roger448, 123 Masters, Elaine-87, 143, 145 Miller, Miller, Carl--79 Judy-77, 138, 148, 149 Miller, Kathy-87, 143, 145 Miller, Lloyd-78 Miller, Marshall482, 133, 210 Miller, Robert Gary Miller, Shirley-77, 145 Milliorn, Fredna-70 Millican, Kitty-70 Mills, Suzette-70, 144 Miltner, Marilyns70, 136, 145, 154,163 Mitchell, Donald-70, 213 Mitchell, Lindaf70 .5 Mitchell, Margery-87 Mitchum, Donnell-87 Molock, Linda-82 Money, Kay-70, 138 Montgomery, Marlene Moore, Dennis Gene-78 Moore, Larry-73 Morales, Naomi Moran, Marlene-70, 150, 161 Moreau, Linda Moreau, Nancy-87, 149 Moreau, Steve-70, 168, 174 Morgan, Charles Dean-82, 213 Morgan, Jacob-77 Moreno, Albina Morris, Billyi50 Morris, Rita-70 Morrow, Lannie-77 Mosley, Barbara-87 Moseley, Chris Jarrol-123, 140, 168, 174 Moseley, Wendell Edward-77, 213 Murph, Edward Lamar Murphey, Mike-50, 131, 210 Norn1an, Lynda4149 Nowlin, Sue-70, 131, 134 Nystrom, Barbara-87, 119 Nystrom, Nancy450, 121, 123, 137, 14-9 O Oakley, Lon-64, 70, 102, 119, 140 Oher, Patsy-77 O'l1rien, Carolyn-50 O'Connor, Sarah-70, 74 Ogilivie, Carol-51 Oiesen, J'ames477, 148, 149, 154 Oliver, Michael-77, 142, 152, 212, 215 Ondrusek, Barbara-70, 123, 127 Orem, Tom Oshurn, Marsha-77, 138, 149 Ortega, Ray-87 Osbirn, Wanda451, 106, 123, 126, 137, 150, 161 Osborn, Patricia-87 Owens, Gene P Pakcer, Richard-51 Padilla, Joe-212 Palomares, Delores-78 Parham, .lanienne-70, 123 Park, Marilyn Parker, Elaine-87 269 Patterson, Frances Patterson, Shirley-70 Patterson, Tommie-78 Patton, Barbara-77, 119, 123 149, 154 Payne, Cary-51, 134 Peach, Ronald-168, 175 Puckett, Nancy!52 Putman, Donna Kay-79 Putz, Donna-86 4? Robinson, Jodie-211, 214, 212 Rodgers, Jackie-86 Rodriguez, Manuel-77, 134 Rodriguez, Mary-77 Rodriguez, Robert Rodriguez, Sammy Peacock, Larry-118 Pederson, Diane-70 Pegram, Rruce470, 140, 168, 175 Pelt, Patricia Pemberton, Vincent+159 Pennington, Ella Mae Penny, Shirley-159 Perez, Martin-134 Perez, Rudy Perez, Sergio-85, 134 Quinn, ,lames-71, 133, 142, 158,210 Quiroga, Ran1iro-78 R Ragan, Charles Lewis Rodriguez, Michael-168, 172, 52 Rogers, Connie-136, 152 Rogers, Susan-71 Rojo, Luis-86 Remo, Mary Romo, Robert Joe Rosales, Robert Roscl1ie, Nell-149 Rosentreter, Marshall Rotratmel, Sue-52, 121, 138, 154,114-9, 162, 110, 150 Settles, .lan-78, 119, 147 Sewell, .lerry-54 Sexton, Teresa Sl1arp, Andrea454, 160 Sharp, David Sharp, Way'ne-78 Shelton, Carol-86 Shelton, Ronnie-77 Shipley, Annie Shockley, Jan-54, 123, 131 Shopher, ,lerry Sl1owalter, Kirtf80 Sigler, Ernie-32, 54, 96, 110, 139,168,169,171 Simler, Donald-79 Simmons, Art-154 Simmons, Phillip-71, 210, 212, 214 Perry, Roddy-87 Peters, Wilson-70, 119, 123, 149, 152 Petrea, 1. C. Pettigrew, Harold-86 Pettigrew, Harriett-86 Phipps, Barry-71, 123 Picchioni, Anthonyf87, 119, 142,152 Pier, ,limmyA71, 148 Pierce, Bea471, 123, 127 Pierce James-73, 158, 168, 175 Pierce, James-51 Pierce, Nancy-78 Pierce, Pam-71, 74, 145, 146 Pinter, Patsy-51, 136, 144 Pius Caaa4-51,152 Pitts, David-71 Pitts, Laurel 1anicef51, 160 Pitts, Mary-86 Ramirez, Albert Rankin, Jackie Rasor, Robin-71, 123, 132 Rath, Arthur-82 Rayburn, Robert Charles-168, 175, 213 Raymond, Larry Robert-73 Reagan, Kenneth-77 Recer, Ricky478 Redd, Marsha-71, 123, 131, 143,145 Reed, Robert-77 Redden, Frederick Driggs-73 Redden, Johnny-71 Redding, Tommy-160 Reece, Donnai71 Reece, Sharon-78, 131, 147 Reese, Doug-86 Reid, Robert Rendon, Fred Reneaw, .lesse Rowe, Charles-86 Rowland, Arnold Rowland, Barbara Rowland, Mary-53, 138 Rowley, Randall478 Royal, Beverly-80 Ruiz Dolores-53, 143 Ruiz, Elizabeth-79, 149 Ruiz, Juanita-79, 149 Ruiz, Mary-71 Ruiz, Mary Helen-143 Ruiz, Rosa-143, 149 Russell, Sherry-71, 136, 143, 147, 146, 145 Russom, Eugene-78 Rymal, Charles Rymal, David-79 Rymal, Sarah+71, 136, 119, 127, 154, 148 Simmons, CarolA86 Simpson, 13arbarai145 Simpson, Martha-71, 123 Sims, Sue-72, 1 146 36,143,145, Sinclair, Danny-54, 160 Sinor, Carol-54, 126, 143, 146 Sinor, Larry-86, 213 Sires, Doris Skaggs, Virginia 472, 136 Smalley, Sherry-77, 143 Smart, Sharon Sn1itl1, Cynthia-79, 137, 145, 149 Smith, Diann-7 2 Smitl1, Donald-54, 211, 213 Smith, Emilyf7 9 Smith, Janis-79 Smith, Kenneth-86 Smith, Linda-54, 144, 145 Smitl1, Robert-54, 139, 211, 214 Snow, Polansky, George Anthony-51 Polk, Brendaw78 Polk, Page-71, 74, 123, 138, 162,150 Pollard, Martha-77, 134, 147 Reynolds, Carolyn-86 Reynolds, Larry-77, 212 Reynolds, Ronnie-211, 213 Rhodes, Cecil-86 Rhodes, Linda-71, 154, 145 S Saenz, Lourdes-71 Sage, Margaret-78, 119 213, Smitl1, Rolanda-84 Sn1ith, Ronald-86 Smith Susan-54, 145 SaHy-123,149 Pomeroy, Gloria-51, 126 Pomeroy, Mary Lynn-80 Rhodes Rhodes, , Linda-136, 163 Phyllis-78 Salazar, Julian-86 Snyder, David-86 Sosebee, Dale Saldana, Dolores-85 Sosebee, Donald 158,168,174 Pool, David-77 Poole, Mike-159 Pope, Barbara-87 Pope, Harold Pope, 1anacei76, 77, 107, 119, 226 Pope, Roger-77 Post, Tony-52, 168, 175 Poston, .lerry-86, 119 Pottkotter, Louis-71 Powell, Linda Kay-52, 121 Poyser, Rebecca-86 Presley, Bill-212, 215 Prewitt, Herby-52, 136, 139, 140, 168, 169, 170 Price, Randy-78 Price, Sandra Prichard, Jerry Prince, Melvin-78, 133, 142, 210 Prince, Rusty-64, 71, 100, 140, 168, 175 Pruett, Mary-52 270 Rhodes, Roxie471, 123, 149 Rice, Kathy Richardson, Richardson, Richardson, Richardson, 211, 214 BeHy4-71,160 1 ene J mes Patrick J hu-52,20a, Sanders, Carolyn-53, 138, 145 Sanders, Cliffordf86 Sanders, Donald-71 Sanders, Joe Ann-82 Sanders, 1ohn478 Sandifer, Janet-79 Sours, Linda-79 Southerland, MikeY55, 154, 157, 158, 211, 213, 214 Sowell, Ronald-86, 212 Spangler, Max-213 Sparkman, lVlike455 Ricketts, Jeanie-32, 52, 123, 121,137,118 114,225,220 213, 108, 95, Ridener, .ludith-71, 123 Riggin, Pat-71, 131, 210 Ripley, Thomas Rippy, Rebecca-77, 154, 149, 148 Rivers, Larry-77 Sarratt, Mary-53, 123, 134 Satterwhite, Sandra-53, 125, 149 Satterwhite, Sharon-53 Schellenberg, Shirley-71, 133, 145, 209, 210 Schenck, William-52, 134, 149 Sphweigel, Du Wayne Scott, Larry-53 Speck, Kathyv55, 144, 146 Spence, Gary-7 7, 210, 212 Spencer, Carol-77, 119 Spiller, Sharon-79, 119, 147 Springer, Pam- 79,149,145 Squires, Ellen-79, 136 Stanley, Jimmy-55, 118, 139, Roady, Daniel-52, 157, 158, 208, 211, 214 Roady, Randy-77, 137, 148 Roberts, Earlyne-78 Roberts, Eugene-86, 134, 212 Roberts, Lydia-78 Robinson, Bobbie-86 Robinson, Harry-71, 214, 212 Seibert, Raymond-71, 142 Self, Auhreyv53, 123, 160 Sellars, Walter-86, 212 Selman, Thurman4160 Sen1ler, Donald-157, 158 Senfft, Bob-78 Senter, Danny-53, 211 Settles, Gwen-71, 126 Starnes, Shirley-72 Starr, Sharron-86, 119 Steen, Joe-79 Stembridge, Judy-86 Stephens, Myrtlef86 Stephens, Stephen-79, 152, 212 Stephenson, Kay-55, 106, 123 150, 161 149, 154 Stevens, Barbara-72 Stevens, Eddie-79, 119 Stevenson, Larry--55 Stevenson, Sandri-72, 138 Stewart, Derrell Stinebaugh, Glen Stoddard, Richar -79, 133, 142 Stokes, James-717, 149 Stone, Cahrles-72, 123 Straw, Benny-82 Strickland, Treva-55, 111, 121, 124, 136, 141, 143, 163 Stricklin, Francesi55 Stricklin, Pat-72 Stuart, Robert Stunkard, Dorothy-55, 160 Sturdevart, Charles Summers, Harold Summers, Ronnie-72 Surley, Kenneth-79 Sutherlin, Michael-79, 133, 210 Swan, Walter-79 Swink, Michael T Tabor, Susan-72 74, 119, 127, 136, 152, 2 9, 213 Tallent, Lee-55, 68, 169, 173 Tando, Helen-160 Tarwater, Cheri-172, 225 Tarwater, Ricky-56, 139 Tate, Doyle Tate, Mary-72, 160 Tatum, Barbara Tatum, Bonny-79, 212 Teague, .loe-72, 123, 133, 210 Templeton, Jim-72, 123, 168, 175 Templin, W'illiam-79 Terry, Carolyn-82 Terry, Donna-56, 121, 123, 144, 146 Teubner, Mark-77, 213 Teubner, Mike-56, 211, 212 Theobalt, Charles-79, 212, 215 Thomas, Cherry-72, 160 Thomas, Kathrynl72, 131, 142, Thornton, Jerry- 2 Thornton, Phyllis 85, 143, 145 Thorpe, Nancy Thurman, Ronald 133, 210 Tibbs, .lohn-77 Tibbs, Steve Tice, .lim-85, 134, 152, 213, 215 Tichenor, Billye Sue-56, 149, 152, 209 Tiffee, .lames-85, 119 Timby, Barbara-85 Tincher, .lohn-132, 134, 210 Tomas, Enriqueata Tomlin, Linda-56 Toogood, Pamela Toombs, Bill-72 Tooley, Gary-77 Torrens, Hugo-79 Trammell, Sue Travis, Douglas Waller, Karenf72, 143 Walls, Linda Walters, Mackie-73, 159 Walters, Johnny-160 Ward, James-32, 57, 94, 108, 121, 139, 140, 149, 154, 168, 169, 170, 171 Warrell, Larry-77 Washam, Charlene-78, 119, Trevino, Dora-72 Trevino, Lupe-56, 143, 149 Trevino, Margaret-78, 143, 149 Trevino, Marie-56, 149 Tubbs, Mary-85, 149 Turnell, Bill-78 Turnell, Joyce-72, 123, 149, 154 Turner, Butch Turner, James-160 Turner, Raymond-78, 131, 210 Turner, Tommy-78 Tuttle, Carrainei78 Tuttle, Thelma Tydlaska, Ronnie-56 U Urban, Bobby477 Utley, Steve-72, 74, 149, 168 V Valdez, Frank-78 Van Meter, Mike-78, 149, 152 Van Slyke, Don-56, 137, 142, 157, 158 Vaughn, Johnny-72 Veal, Linda Vela, Olivia-72, 143, 149 Velasquez, Adel-85 Vick, Kathleen Villarreal, Diana-145 Villasana, Ester Villegas, Jesse-160 Villegas, ,lerry-82 Vincent, Patricia-56, 144, 146 Volkland, Lester-85, 213, 215 W Wakefield, Watson-77, 132, 142, 210 Walden, Bill Walden, Larry Walker, Arthurf72, -168, 175, Wallace, Wallace, Brucef78, 123 Charles 123, 138 Watkins, Darlene Way, Carolyn-64, 72, 101, 119, 123, 127, 151, 154 Weakley', Bobby-80 Weakley, 10 Ann-85 Weaks, Dianne-57, 112, 121, 144, 146, 149, 154 W'eaver, Kathyf72, 119, 123, 149 Wlebb, Welab Webb Webb, 9 John-77 Laura-72, 149 Lottie-57, 144 Sandra-78 Webb, Weldon-73, 74, 212 Webster, Carol-78 Weese, Pansy-57, 123, 134, 145 Wegman, Preeilla Weil, Mary Ann Wells, Odessa-143 Welsh, James-78, 133, 210 Welsh, .loycef57, 121, 124, 125, 143 Wesson, Hal-57, 168, 169, 173 West, Pat-73, 127, 143 White, Bobby-82, 213 White, Charles-85, 212, 215 White, David-57, 112, 131, 139, 210 White, Greg-214 Whiteshield, Roberta-77 Whitted, Gloria-57, 125 Wlhittington, Timothy-212 Whitman, Linda-77 Wilbanks, Johnnie-57 Wilcox, Valdi-78, 149, 154 Wiley, Charles-77 Willarrel, Diane-85 Williams, Allen-57, 111, 139, 141, 149 Williams, Barbara-78, 145, 149 Williams, Becky-73, 123 Williams, Cynthia-77 Williams, George-73, 133, 142, 210 Williams, Gerald-78, 131, 210 Williams, HerbertA58, 142, 152, 208, 211 Williams, .lack-58, 160 Williams, James-85 H Williams, Mary Lou-73, 131, 149 Williams, Sharon-85, 143 Williams, Zannia-73, 133, 143 Willis, Billy-73, 160 Willis, Gary Willis, Shirley-85 Willoughby, .lay Willoughby, Larry-79 Wilson, Cary Wilson, .lean-58, 99, 108, 113, 115, 118, 123, 124, 136, 143 Wilson, .lune-58, 108, 118, 123, 124, 135, 209, 211 Wilson, Keith-78, 119, 140 Wilson, Ronnie-58, 139 Wilson, Wayne-78, 213 Wilt, Rose-85 Winningham, Lester-78 Wise, Charlotte Wisniewski, Anita-85 Woehlekc, Phil-58 Wolfe, Jack-73 Wotitaelc, Vickie-78 Womack, Mary-134 Woodley, Orval Woodruff, Jack-58 Woods, Janiev58, 123, 149 Woods, Patsy-85, 149 Wooley, Bob Wooley, Kenneth-85 Woolley, Rhonda-79 Wooten, David-78, 148, 149, 154 Worthy, Richard-73, 107, 123, 150, 160, 193, 194, 195, 231 Wright, .lohnny-73, 168, 172 Wright, Robert-58, 78, 199 Wright, Robert-131, 148, 152, 208, 211 Wright, Tony-73, 142, 154, 168, 172 Y Yarborough, Mike-78 Yarborough, Mike-73 Yarborough, Ronald-58 Yates, Cwendlynn-77' Yates, Paul-160 Ybarra, Raynaldo-86 Yen, Eugene-85, 142, 152 York, Steve-73, 148 Young, David-78 Young, David-78 Young, Ronnie-59, 108, 118, 139, 162, 168, 169, 170, 150 Yrigollen, Evangeline Yrigallen, Joel-149, 168, 212 Z Zauber, Glen-19, 59, 112, 118, 121, 134, 139, 140, 154, 168, 169, 171 Zauber, Kim-73, 119, 149, 168 172 Zimmerman, Jeannette-85 27I Our Thanks To Mrs. Morelle Moore, our faithful and understanding sponsor, for her outstanding leadership as she guided us in our effortsg To Mr. Bill Cathey for his cooperation and patience in preparing the photographs appearing on these pagesg T0 the Oak Cliff Tribune and Mr. ,loe Teague for their help and addi- tional picturesg To the Taylor Publishing Company for their skillful guidance and assis- tance in the publication of this hookg To all members of the faculty for their interest, cooperation, and en- couragementg To our fellow students whose memories of fun and exciting times will live on through this hook- THE OAK STAFF TAYLOR PUBLISILIINSE CQAQPANY Nc Wovlds Bet' Yea' noks ve Tay arms e" fgliiv- -- 1-1-V---W ---- f --,Y-- A-f -- --7-.,--fr Y v-----W --rv wr- ---- YW -i - - V V Af - - L-1 - rf-f-M --Y.-T - K:.3..1.S.S.JN3S:xsJx:x.?5x It Q.E?,,y.,- mwSJ gJX ' Q-EB-SS.. awww wW.4 I r i ?"""' '7 ' RY' ' I l , . f .S -'li 253 W XM i i . B I v x P ii 4 i i 5 1 1 ,Q 9 1l 5 s ' f 1 I E r n r n V ,f 4415" w . ,,,,f1v,:': 11344 -., mg it QF W" ,V K x , X i ' 9 Q 1 -' '- 'gfw M f"M 'gg T? fMwz.'L Wy? 5 r ' ' ' f I Q i , t 5 ,n L X af Y . If 5' an 1. 1.8 ' 5.2, '35 we 'Van K r 5 L-Q - ar, 481 A DKNY QWWI' 1 qlrgl 0 MN QI an 1

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