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' 1'17 1 1 nf 'Z' i WN. F W. V Q u ' , ll I JK! w 1 , np 1 gl ? i 42 3 !ZZ71La.,., ff? Q x ' , N ll a W '11 X ' x x 95" ' fir 1 -nf, fr? fa 5 1 xkxtliyk ,fl V1 -., ,ff if 1 7 l xy! 5 f"EQ".-5 K .A V -Lg. u A I WI , X- X 'Q "' s 5 , F11 I b - ni A. 19 54354 g if V',2 1 ' ,L -Q - V,-,-Lint-g, i H A911 T' ' 'Wg' un-r:T1: , - fr 9 ,ang swim '55 ? 'Q Q: ,- Aix. 4 C251 Ev , - Q, Fr. ,ffklf ' X 4 P . 75' vt V i--'-,jx 'V ' 41 V 4 lu I Fi xx A , N Q-9, 3: 2 , W ,.-,, ., 5 AMY' x I' 'v' v 'MHA --'Sq 2x ll I'.' n 1 ,I 'xx X, . I ,R4-gh .,. ,. I ' JA' I .I 1? l 'T I 'I ' ' If 1 fvl' , A it fly! I K hx: " A i Y N Xbiw- , f f , , if W H ADAMSON IGH SC OOL presents the fax KX., 1962 OAK FGRE ORD The students and faculty of W. H. Adamson have always taken pride in their spirit. From September to June this spirit has been exempli- fied many times over in the attitudes and ac- tions of all connected with our Alma Mater. We, of the 1962 Oak Staff, realizing the value of school spirit, have tried to record its impact on every aspect of student-faculty life in your 1962 OAK. Lydia Thomas Editor NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Sponsors: Miss Ruth Ruffin Mr, Roland Hallmark Mrs. Helen Larner Miss Roberta King Mr. Royce Larson Miss Meredith Schroeder On May 5, 1961, the National Honor Society initiated fifty-eight new members, to Join the nine old members. Forty-four of the new members were 4A's, the remaining fourteen being 3A's. Those initiated were: Norma Acker John Allen Jerry Arnold Frances Belk Richard Best David Bonnell Merle Bowman Sherrill Brown Ronald Browning Bill Burke Connie Bussell Nita Callison John Carter Bonnie Caruth Helen Chapman Clifton Comfort Elizabeth Ann Co X Warren Donworth Raymond Drum Colleen Edwards David Farrar Donna Faulkner Jimmy Fisher John Goble Reta Griffin Judy Gunn Jean Harrison Sue Henderson Linda Houston Ruth Lewis Kay Ludden Sue McCaffity Julie McGhee Nancy Melton Bill Miller Kaye Monk Nancy Muller Cheryl Oliver Carolyn Patton Judy Philbrick Margaret Polk Sue Reid Carolyn Rhodes Johnny Seaborn Sandra Senter Brenda Shipley Elaine Simpson John Spillyards Janice Sudduth David Tabor Lydia Thomas Sandra Walters Tommy Weaks Tomi Wilson Jeanne Worley Linda Wyatt Ann Yarbrough Nancy Yarbrough mf., Ml L, 'Sn 4, gn 1 E' .UWHWS Qi 2 2 N 1-all . fllmnwm u lull lwpll, . S' . 1 1 1 1 ,Q . A' ,, ' IHYWJIN HU" 545 ' eww' M , ' K 4lw5fslf,'g'l'Q.2 "lvs? 1' " NKE Mlllllig-g YQ. xl 'al A CHEERL XM, Inu I...,x Y ,,f. , . r uug LINE? ME if a, A- ...,i4- Ll f 1 , yn muiiwtfisf I. ll Hi I I '1 fi , 1 , n 1 , V Y..-W . Y... fo. l...., I3 HM Wfilf ll f'1fm.f, lm fl to f fn.-4 5 t ??iJfhlNONl1Y YIU, ,., . ., rili-1lltq'41 -IH- If "G J' 16101 fi!! '7f,1 'W HIM! iff IIISJW, J.. 13.4 l:,j,.,..1 A-ff 2 I I !'.v!M l 'Swann ra 5? 75 W But what did they do with the fire prevention posters! ,k, Ai..W Wi .. ,,,.,,,,. ,. nwA-n- Qilmi FQ SNWCYX A "LN 1 foil 7. iafiggulf VO E my . l , . Psa 4 lv--5.f,' swaffzgika, 5 i,,,1w Qv,,,."Qg :KN I Q rig-I o 2 , J 2532 V 2:22 fi Too bad, Karol, all that work for nothing! The cheerleaders of our school are selected by the Student Body after months of hard work and practice. They make our football games and assemblies interesting for all who attend with their antics and cheering. I Li 1 The "Quiz 'Em on the Air" team defeated Sunset, Woodrow Wilson and North' Dallas to become city champions for the second year. The sponsors were Mrs. Chappel, Miss King, Miss Ruffin and Miss Creel. 'Q ,Q The Career Clinic is an annual event at Adamson. Here Mr. Cathey speaks on photography as a vocation. - 1'-H -f-- - - '--- v - 6 'NN N, . 5 i T an ' x in On Career Day Miss Laverne Paternostro from Neimans spoke to girls interested in modeling. 'T 'M' "l ...,.K... SENIOR DAY! The one day all students look forward to. 4 'TL -,-.yas srl? 'TI sz ' if r ,za ,e Y 1 . 'B' SQ. w 4 - -QS , The Band Spectacular is an annual show staged by the band to help raise money for its needs. Last year it was directed by Mr. Robert Davis. Awards Day As- sembly was the day on which all awards f o r outstanding achievements were awarded. 7 Oak Editorial and Business Staffs ready for presentation of 1961 Oak Miss Winine Langford, to whom the 1961 Oak was a corsage after hearing the Dedication read. Wi-. xiii' Q , dedicated, receives , I . I . - - ..-. .. . ., K X, .- .. , W " 'Q , ' . '- ' , - f-14 5 .. N H " 'll if K, QC:-n ,,.. ' . mi i. ' 21 - -un N - M M, ' . n A Y- . Judy Ledbetter presents Mr. Norton with a gift from the Acorn Staff. . "There is your picture!" zriii 'Y k .... . , .A , 1 X If ' "Please let me use your pen to sign this Oak" 9 The Student Council entertained the teachers with a tea on the first day of enrollment for the new year. Knowing how much the teachers were going to have to look at us all year, we just let them help themselves and stayed out of their way. like NI W is .wi "I know I am just going to love it here" "Now, Mrs. Underwood, was that a nice thing to say." - oft ' jigsaw:-, f f The Student Council showed their appreciation to the faculty for all their hard work by honoring them with a breakfast. The Student Council installation was a highlight of the Fall term. The officers and members took an oath of allegiance to their school and to the people whom they represent. ....,,,.,.,.,,,,,,, ,.., mv, ,.,,.,,. ... ,- . , ,H . TABLE O ADMINISTRATIUN SENIORS UNDERCLASSMEN FAVORITES wtf ! I Y fly? -'IF AQ , -84 -6' fa A WV! Nl' hd W' 4, Xxx? Jw , J " f-aff: A xg? fa-4 we ,awp - if S 1 ' IG ,Jig 'E ' f f ff 8.145 "' s 5 rf fi b' 5'- l 5 HP fb' I ,,1 , 'O GNTENTS Qi W' :if JZFQ ,gg 5 I ' ii! ggi? pg In A E 1-.,IfA-Y 6 jg! y MILITARY KJ' X. ORGANIZATIONS K SPORTS ADVERTISEMENTS C2 ,U lj 1 L If fl I ' fu ,CJ Qi , W A , li Y R ' ,Q f ff, g""' '09 H ts!! 1 h 'ge-1 v' nl 0 ADMINISTRATION ll In every organization there must be leaders as well as followers. However, the persons who are placed in a position of authority are often taken for granted by those under them. Therefore, we wish to offer a vote of thanks to those able administrators who have done so much for our school and its students. DMINISTRATOR DR. W. T. WHITE Superintendent of Schools DR. FRANK L. WILLIAMS DR. E. D. WALKER Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Instruction in Charge of Personnel R. H. McKAY DON E. MATTHEWS DALE DOUGLAS Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent ASSiSfHl'lt Sllpefintefldent in Charge of'Administration in Charge Of SPCCi31 Services in Charge Of Business IN DEDICATION For her unselfishness and unequaled guidance, we, the Seniors of 1962, dedicate this OAK to its able sponsor, Mrs. Morelle Moore. I , N ePR1NC1PALiSMES512GE -e-It is'my'earnest jaesilfe- that the concept of maturity whichxs 'being develop in lhdxstudents of ,Adamson High School will continue to growig and thatas you take' advantage of the many oppofnmiriese afforded you as students, you will realize that hand-in-hand with those opportunities are 'duties and responsibilitiesywhich are also yourstlto assume and handle. The extent of your participation in both opportunity and responsibility is a real measure of your accomplishment. , l f 'Myl fervent hope isjthat each of you will arrive at graduation in possessionyof skills and knowledge in' keeping-with your highest level of achievement. i ' ' Thomas W. Meek ' It was with great happiness that we welcomed to our building Thomas William Meek as the new principal of W. H. Adamson High School. He endeared himself to all asso- ciated with him, first as teacher, and later as assistant principal. Now we feel it a privilege to work with and under Mr. Meek, a man with a sincere love of people, a sympathetic understanding of pupils and teachers, and a kindness of heart toward all. tvs xv'-X ' ffff' This face is known to all at Adamson. Mr. John L. Ligon, ASSISTANT PRIN- CIPAL, has been with us for the past three years. Now serving under a new principal, he remains a person in whom we may have great pride. Miss Lona Belle Spruiell serves again as DEAN and friend to our students. She and her busy staff maintain the many necessary attendance records and still have time to see that a lunch is returned to a student. 6 wax .fw- Mrs. Holloway, former SECRETARY to Mr. Allen and Mr. Adamson, joins the Whole school in welcoming Mr. Meek. Serving as his secretary as well as that of the school, she helps lend a bit of gladness to the day of everyone who comes in contact with her. , k,,, Miss Roberta King, SENIOR COUNSELOR, and her staff maintain the academic records of the school. Besides counselling all seniors, she has a ready and willing ear for any studentis problems or questions. Mrs. Nettie Bridges and Miss Ruth Ruffin assist Miss King in her many tasks. They are indispensable aids and are more than happy to help any student in any possible way. This is Mrs. Browne's second year with us at Adamson. We are only too proud to have her here as ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN. Her warmpersonality cheers all who know her. Miss Thompson, who serves as head LI- BRARIAN, is an overflowing fountain of knowledge concerning our library and its contents. Striving sincerely to please, she has helped many a student choose just the right book in his hour of indecision. Mrs. Sanders, NURSE, is new to Adamson this year. She came to us from California. Whether it he a minor cut or a more serious injury, she always has a kind word and a helping hand. MATHEMATICS 3 SCIENCE 'g e n ., T I QE A LA if LAA EE A 1,A A . A A .:.. , ..X, -' . .V r J :"' A A A x KENNETH BRASHEAR J. ALAN BOULTON "?' """"N-., J. B. HEAD RALPH MARTIN EUNICE TILLEY JAMES BATCHELOR JAKE CARTER EDWIN CASON q'5:?Qfgkj :. ' n .. 251 A A '1?f. Li . , " mb-t V i Y .,.. P x - 5 .AA. ,. 1, ' A A :L gm A He' k,hh I FRANCES FEESE BOBBY HAZLEWOOD CONLEY JENKINS RACHEL SNODDY MARY HELEN SWANER 26 si' mi ix R LANGUAGE , HISTORY igv, A . TRW, JEANETTE ALSTON CAROLYN CREEL was ., Q'I"X Ig I.-I U . J his " g 1 2.51. - gggygkx k-+fX:':ag , - s-S, . A15 5 ,Q w, ., QQ- " I Yi, R- Y .-K - SIE' A Q fligii 'I Z, in -A ' I su- 1 ag A .L A K s5. gg.,lk i - I Q. 1 5 38 L A 1 - ' Ln n sr , FSS MARILYN MORGAN EUGENIA NEWBERRY HAROLD WOOD A551 GEORGE BROWNLEE E. M. CAIN FRANKLIN CATE DAVID FORGEY BURL KIGER WINNIE LANGFORD LESTER ROBBINS B. B. STEVENSON 27 GENERAL ENGLISH WINNIE CHAPPELL JAN E ETHERIDGE - 'J """"r.:,' , N. f " X 3 ,F Q, 1. ,J WILHELMINA HEDDE HELEN HORN HELEN LARNER ROYSE LARSEN fb' JOE NORTON MABEL ROCKETT RUTH RUFFIN MARY LOUISE UNDERWOOD ff' I . I fm, W, , 'Qf"' L 34- -gii , W Vu, X JQIZ' . I LOQKN ,x ' V3 It-4 . A 5" are' fi'-'wifi ' 4-' f+J"+ i'f-Qi' 'ffl' I MEREDITH SCHROEDER J UDITH AHLFINGER RIPPLE FRAZER JEROME MADDISON THOMAS MYERS Aff Homemaking H0memakiUg Mechanical Drawing ' Wood Shop 28 GENERAL E GENERAL fx-4 ,gym RUSSELL McKISKI JOE TEAGUE Band Music Iii if 'Vx 4""'? MARCIA M ANESS NONA RANDOLPH VIRGINIA TYLER ARTHUR B. WEATHERREAD Business Business Business Accountin 8 5 f kvkkk P S ' W'W' 11 ' i X if mf . N to A 'T b R D Q JANE BLACKWELL RAE CULLUM ROLAND HALLMARK ALAN L. FULTON Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education R.0.T.C. .NELL FLOREY D. E. MELTON Distributive Education' Industrial Cooperative Tr. Vi? LUCILLE McNIEL Study Hall Sfyiv QQ-'P ' MORELLE MOORE BLANCHE STOVALL Study Hall Study Hall 29 PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION OFFICERS 1961-1962 President ,.,,,,,,,,, ,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,.,,,,ILA,,,,,,,,.,..,,, ,,,1,, M r s. James H. Weaks Vice-President .,,......,....,....,,,,1,,,I,.,,,,.,.,...,,1, Director of Department of Organization .t,,., ......,,. Director of Department of Program Service Mrs. Jack Melton Mrs. A. J. Frampton Mrs. J. W. Murray Director of Department of Social Activities .... ....,.. M rs. Leo R. Pinn Director of Department of Public Welfare .1......1.1.. Mrs. T. 0. Ford Director of Department of Eclucation ....... Director of Department of Health ..,...... Director of Department of Efficiency .,,,..., Director of Department of Publicity ,cc.,,c. Recording Secretary .........,,..,,..,......,..,.... Corresponding Secretary ,,,.,11 Treasurer ,,.,.,,,,,..,.,,,,.......,.. Historian ..1.,1,.,....,..., -. Parliamentarian .,...,..... Mrs. Harry Ekstrand Mrs. Claude Wesson .. Mrs. E. H. Morgan Mrs. Joe Thomas Mrs. O. M. Putman Mrs. Clyde Harden Mrs. Wayne Comer Mrs. M. D. Parsley Mrs. T. E. Morris Delegates to Council ....... ........ M rs. Charles V. Foster Mrs. Marion M. Ricketts fm rv 3 DAD'S CLUB ,I OFFICERS 1961-1962 President ,,,7....,,7,,77,,7,,77,.. , ,,..,w.,,7,,,,,7,,.,,.,,,,.,v.,..,......,..,..,., A Presidential Assistant First Vice-President fProgramj ,,,,,,7,,, Assistant .,,,,,,.............................V,,......... Second Vice-President flllembershipj .Y7...Y........... Assistant ,.A..........,..........,,..... ......,...........,,., ......4...... Third Vice-President I F inance :fc Entertainmentj ..... Assistant ....................,,...,............,.V,,......... i .............w.. Fourth Vice-President K Publicity 49: Educationj ..,,.,,s A ss tstant ....,wV..,v.s.,...,............. .4.......................f.... Fifth Vice-President flmprovementsj .,,,.,,,. Assistant .,,..V,,.....,,,..v...............,..,,,,,,A .... Sixth Vice-President f A thletics j ,,,.,,, Assistant ...,,,,.....,.....v.,t.v,,,,,,,.,7,.. Secretary ........ Treasurer ..,...,..,,,... Principal ....,.,..,,......,.............. .... Assistant Principal ,,,........,.........vt.t...........,. Past President I Athletic Departmentj ,..... Ted Holland Jim Depew ., ,,.,,t Oruan Carnes Joe C. Humphreys J. L. Boyd Richard J. Kalies C. M. Jenkins Tom Pendergraft Vernon E. Young Harry A. Ekstrand George W. Sorrels Robert L. Davis Royce L. Walters Ernest W. Sigler John B. Carlisle Fred Monk T. W. Meek John Ligon Ken Clinton Mr. Allen offers his humble thanks to all present and expresses his many fond memories. H. A. ALLEN On Sunday, October 8, 1961, the students, faculty, and grad- uates of W. H. Adamson High School gave an open house in hon- or of Howard A. Allen, their re- tired principal. The speakers in- cluded Rep. Jim Wright of Fort Worth, a former student of Mr. Allen'sg our present Adamson principal, Thomas W. Meek, Dr. W. T. White, superintendent bf the Dallas schools, and Dr. Ewell D. Walker, assistant superintendent and long-time friend of Mr. Al- len's. All joined in paying heart- felt tribute to the man who had invested forty years in the wel- fare of our school. In 1921, Howard Allen came to Oak Cliff High School as coach Mrs. Allen receives a bouquet of long-stem red roses for her many years of behind- the-scenes help. RETIRE and mathematics teacher. He car- ried Oak Cliff to the state cham- pionship playoffs three times-in 1921, 19214, and 1926-winning the state championship in 1924. Between 1929 and 1934 he taught mathematics only. In 1935 he be- came acting principal. When Mr. Adamson died in 1936, the school was renamed in his honor and Mr. Allen was made principal. For twenty-five years, until June 1961, Mr.'Allen was the ruling spirit of .W. H. Adamson High School- finding joy in helping and guiding students, in inspiring his faculty, and in watching the success of his graduates. He is a great school man who made his school great. Congressman Jim Wright and Warren Harding chat with Mr. and Mrs. Allen bcforc the formal reception begins. Mr. and Mrs. Allen greet many alumni and ex-teachers. 33 They could get together even if the UN couldn't. Xu W. 1' ff Q... ' i ll Q A , Do you think I ought to try the "old walk around" just once more? 34 x ya But how could it snow down south of the border? E5 Aw, come on, boys, it's so cold and those periods were just in fun! 'SWK 61 FALL I see them, but where's Zsa Zsa, Mama, and Ava? Do you think he will get a . . . ah . . . detention? Mr. Ligon. I'd he ashamed! s..q 2:5 I f 555512 5' --::::.-' I A .X .::: -251 sg E!:::::ri L X f"o"2E5 ::::::sa hols... fn fe: + Now, you see here, . . . 35 la 0 0 bl'-A H 4. - -In 1 v X ,fwf ,rim 1 1 J X OQS, The senior members of any group are always those who make or break its spirit. In this section we pay tribute to the Senior Class of 1962 which has done much to keep the Adamson Spirit as it should be. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Peggy Ragan Steve Phipps Steve Larner Program Chairmal Vice-President President Linda Chapman Roddah Hyde Secretary Social Chairman ARERNETHY, FURMAN ANTHONY- "A" Football, Allied Youth, Student Council: Hi-Fi Club. ALDRIDGE, GLENN- Acorn Staff, three years, Allied Youth, two years, Leopard Band, three years, Moon Lighters, two years, R.O.T.C. Military Band, three years, Chess Club, three years, Drivers Road-E-0, three years, Ac- counting Club, Jr. Red Cross, Slide Rule Club. ANGONA, PHYLLIS ANN- Cheerleader, one year, Miss Howdy, Homecoming Princess, Select Cho- rus, two years, Acorn Staff, Allied Youth, Girls' Chorus, Y-Teens, Most Popular Senior Girl. ARCHER, PATRICIA ANN- Editor of Adamson Acorn, Jr. Red Cross, Dramatics Club, President, Quill and Scroll, Student Council, Future Teachers of America, Re- porter, Football Queen, Student As- sistant. AUTRY, CRYSTAL LYNN- Allied Youth, Ice Skating Club, Jr. Red Cross, Hi-Fi Club, Acorn Staff, Business Leaders of America, Mixed Chorus, Modeling Club, Bible Study Club. BAKER, ANGELA KAY- Art Club, Vice-President, President, Allied Youth, Select Chorus. ADAMS, JERRY WAYNE- Square Dance Club, Sportsman Club, Architectural Club, Auto- mobile Club, Camera Club, Aero- nautical Engineering Club, Radio and T.V. Club. ALFORD, JIM- National Science Foundation Sum- mer Seminar, Mu Alpha Theta, Slide Rule Club, Future Teachers of America, Pan-Amercian Club, National Honor Society. ARAYA, ROBERT- Allied Youth, Honorary Member of the Pan-American Club. ARENIVAR, ANN BAILEY, GENE A.- Sports Club, Automobile Club, Science Club, Astronomy Club. BALAJ KA, JOHNNY- Key Club, Allied Youth, Library Club, Pan-American Club, Base- ball Club, Acorn Staff. 39 BART OLI, GLENDA FAYE- National Honor Societyg Student Councilg Pan American Club. BEATY, ANNA- Leopardettesg Allied Youth, Stu- dent Assistantg Y-Teens. BLISSITE, JOYCE- Y-Teens. BOLES, CHARLEY- BOYKIN, MARY LEE- Acorn Staffg Science Clubg Jr. Red Crossg Mixed Chorusg Student Assistantg Y-Teens. BREWER, DON LEONARD- President of Student Councilg Cheerleaderg Best All-Round Un- derclass Boy, 60-61g Safety Coun- cilg Select Chorus, three yearsg President 1A Class, Vice-President 2A Classg Mr. Howdy, 61-623 Sig- nificant Improvement Award. 40 BATES, BRENDA- Select Chorusg Leopardettes, one yearg Science Clubg Clinic Assist- antg Y-Teens. BERRY, RUBY- Student Councilg Oak Representa- tiveg Y-Teensg Select Chorusg Allied Youthg Girls' Chorus. BOHANAN, DAVID BOSWELL, BILLY- Baseball. BRADSHAW, PIERRE- Company Commander, R.O.T.C.: R.O.T.C. Drill Team: R.O.T.C. Rifle Teamg Allied Youthg Ice Skating Club. BRI DWELL, SHIRLEY RUTH- Student Assistaritg Jr. Red Cross. BRIGNON, FRAZIER JAY BROWN, DOUGLAS RUSSELL- Cheerleader: Allied Youth, Presi- dent: Key Club: Student Council: "B" Football: National Thespians. BROWNING, GEORGIA- Leopardettes: Acorn Staff: Select Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Girls' Choir: Y-Teens: Ice-Skating Club: Student Assistant. BURKETT, DARNELLIA FAYE- Allied Youth: Student Assistant: Ice-Skating Club: Gym Assistant: Acorn Staff: Homemaking Club. CALLAHAN, PAUL DOUGLAS- Cheerleader, one year: Vice-Presi- dem 2A Class: President 2B Class: President 3A Class: Square Dance Club: Best All-Round Senior Boy. CAMPBELL, ROBERT EDWARD- Leopard Band: Chorus: Basketball: Track: Student Council: Science Club: Allied Youth: R.0.T.C. BRODHEAD, DIANA- National Honor Society: Mu Alpha Theta: National Thespians: Nation- al Forensic League: Junior Red Cross: Select Chorus: Allied Youth: Junior Achievement Of- ficer: Alternate Student Council Representative: First Place Essay Contest Winner. BROWN, LESLEY- Aeronautics Club: Sportsmanship Club: Camera Club: Chess Club. BUNCH, RONNIE BURNS, WILLIAM- Track: Slide Rule Club: Allied Youth 3 Electrical Engineering Club. CALVIN, JOHNNY- Baseball Club. CANALES, SAMUEL- Leopard Band: R.O.T.C. Band. 4I Aeronautics Club, Allied Youth: CARTER. CHARLOTTE WYNNE- Ice Skating Clubg Allied Youthg National Honor Society. CARUTH, BONNIE- Mu Alpha Thetag National Honor Society, two years, Select Chorusg Oak Staff: N.S.F. Summer Pro- gram: Latin Club, Art Club: Girls' Chorus. CAVINESS, FREDDIE- Aeronautics Clubg Allied Youthg Pan-American Clubg Baseball Club. CHENNAULT, GENEVA- National Honor Societyg Student Assistantg Future Business Leaders of America, President. CLARK, BARBARA SUE- Modeling Clubg Airline Steward- ess Clubg Secretarial Club. COATS, MARVIN- Cheerleaderg Student Council, two years, Vice-President, one yearg Acorn, Assistant Editorg Quill and Scroll, Treasurerg Most Popular Senior Boy. 42 CARTER, JAMES- Football and Baseballg Square Dance Club g Coach's Office Assistant 5 Travel Club g Driving Road-E-O. CASTLEBERRY, NANCY LOU- Acorn Staffg Jr. Red Crossg Science Clubg Mixed Chorusg Student As- sistantg Two Year Bible Awardg Y-Teens. CHAPMAN, LINDA JOYCE Leopardettes, two years, Leader, one yearg 2A Secretaryg 3B and 2A Sec- retary, 4B Secretaryg Jr. Homecom- ing Princessg Oak Business Staffg Pan-American Clubg Acorn Staffg Student Assistant. CLARK, ANITA- I.C.T., one y'ear. CLEVELAND, LANA- Allied Youthg Future Business Leaders of America, Vice-Presidentg Secretarial Club. COLBURN, SANDRA KAY- Leopard Band, three yearsg Art Club, two yearsg Ice-Skating Club: Acorn Staffg Allied Youth, Junior Red Cross. CONLEY, NOEL- R.O.T.C. Officer, Bible Linz Award, two yearsg J.A. Officer, Allied Youthg Junior Red Cross. COOK, ROBERT EARL- Camera Clubg R.O.T.C. COWAN, RONALD RAY- "A" Basketball, "A" Baseballg "B" Baskethallg "B" Baseballg Oak Rep- resentativeg Square Dance Club, Allied Youth, Mixed Chorus. CROCKER, MARY ANN CROWDER, LINDA JOYCE- Cirls' Chorusg Camera Club, Model ing Clubg Junior Red Cross. CRUTCHFIELD, MACK- Mu Alpha Theta Societyg National Honor Societyg R.O.T.C. Officer's Clubg Slide Rule Clubg Radio T.V. Club, Aeronautical Engineering Club. COOK, JOHN- R.O.T.C. Drill Teamg Camera Clubg President 60-61. CORLETT, FRANK E.- Dal-Hi Symphony Orchestra, two yearsg All-City Woodwind Quintet, one year, Adamson Woodwind Quintet, one year, S.M.U. Concert Band, one yearg R.O.T.C. Band, three yearsg Leopard Band, three yearsg Adamson Concert Band, three yearsg Senior High Honors Band, one yearg Chess Club. CRAWFORD, CLARNELL- Dramatics Club, Program Chair- mang Future Business Leaders of America, Secretary: Junior Red Cross, Secretaryg Future Teachers of Americag Acom Staffg Quill and Scrollg Allied Youth, Student Councilg Mixed Chorus. CROUCH, BETTY- Art Clubg Allied Youthg junior Achievementg Y-Teens. CRUCE, PEARL- Camera Clubg Distributive Edu- cation. DAILEY, MARY LOUISE- Leopardettesg Student Councilg Oak Representativeg Art Clubg Acorn Staffg Student Assistantg Student Crafts Fair Winnerg Base- ball Princess. 43 DAVILA, ROBERT- National Honor Societyg Automo- bile Clubg Baseball Clubg R.O.T.C. DENHAM, DIANA DOBBELS, PATTY- F.B.L.A.g Y-Teensg .Iunior Red Crossg Future Nurses Club. DUBOIS, DONNA- Nurse Assistantg Future Nurse's Clubg Square Dance Club. DU PLESSIS, PETE- Key Club, Secretaryg Future Teachers of .America Clubg Ice Skating Clubg Allied Youthg R.O.T.C. Drill Teamg R.O.T.C. Battle Group Commanderg Individ- ual For Wozencraft Best Drilled Cadet. EDMONDSON, MIKE- Select Chorusg Allied Youthg Na- tional Thespiansg Track Teamg Art Clubg Student Councilg Leopard Band. 44 DAVIS, FRENCH- Allied Youthg Y-Teensg Acorn Staffg Student Assistant. DEPEW, LANDA KAROL- Oak Staffg Quill and Scroll, Pro- gram Chairmang Select Chorusg Basketball Queeng Thespiansg Stu- dent Councilg Student Assistantg Allied Youthg Y-Teensg Junior Red Cross: .Iunior Achievement. DRUM, RAYMOND- Pan-American Clubg Future Teach- ers 'of Americag Mu Alpha Thetag National Honor Societyg Allied Youthg Chess Clubg Slide Rule Club. DUNCAN, BILL- Pan-American Clubg Allied Youthg Baseball Club. DURRETT, DANA DALE- Creative Writing Club, President: Bible Awardg Student Councilg Na- tional Thespiansg .Iunior Achieve- mentg Future Teachers of America, Social Chairmang Pan American Club. EDWARDS, MICKEY- 'Trackg Football, two year lettermang Hi-Fi Clubg Student Councilg Base- ball Club. EITLE, DONALD- "A" Basketballg Camera Club. EVANS, SHARON- Most Beautiful Senior Girl. FARMER, SHIRLEY ANN- Acorn Staffg Future Nurses Club. FERRELL, LOIS- Future Nurses Club, Camera Clubg Modeling Club. FIELDS, FRANCES- Girls' Choir, Mixed Chorusg Pep Squadg D.E.g Modeling Clubg Per- sonality Clubg Secretarial Club. FLUKE, ANDREA DARLENE- Future Nurses Clubg Chess Clubg Library Service Club, Acorn Staffg Two Year Bible Award. ESPINOZA, CARMEN- Library Club, Presidentg Art Clubg Future Nurses Clubg Pan-American Club, Vice-Presidentg Oak Rep- resentative. EWTON, LOIS- Y-Teensg Camera Club: Blue Band, Girls' Clioirg Select Choiir. FARRIS TOMMY FIELDER, SUSAN- National Honor Societyg Art Clubg Modeling Clubg Future Nurses Clubg Fashion Design Club. FIELDS, JUDY- Bible Award, Girls' Choirg Junior Red Cross: Modeling Clubg De- bateg Senior Invitation Commit- ICC. FLUKE, SANDRA LEE- Leopardettes, two yearsg Allied Youth: Square Dance Club. 45 FONSECA, OFELIA- Foreign Exchange Student, 61-62g Honorary Member of the Pan- American Club. FORD, RICHARD EVANS- Leopard Band, "Moonlighters"g Student Councilg Ice Skating Clubg Allied Youthg R.O.T.C.g Architec- tural Drawing Clubg Baseball Club F RASURE, CAROLYN- Acom Staff, Mixed Chorusg Mod- eling Clubg Student Assistant. FREEMAN, DEAN JERRY- Square Dance Club, Allied Youth Architectural Drawing Club. GENSEKE, KAY ELLEN- National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Thetag Future Teachers of Ameri- cag Quill and Scroll, Art Clubg Reporter, Art Club, one yearg Oak Staff, two yearsg Acorn Staff, one year, Drama Clubg Two Year Bible Award, Allied Youth, three yearsg Spring Editor of Acorn. GEORGE, LARRY 46 FORD, JANET LYNN- National Honor Society, Student Council Secretaryg Mu Alpha Thetag National Thespiansg President, Na- tional Thespians, one yearg National Forensic Leagueg Entre Nousg Pan- American Clubg Historian, Pan- American Clubg Oak Representa- tive. FOSTER, CHRIS- "B" Footballg "B" Baseballg Mu Alpha Theta, Chess Club. FRAZIER, ORMAN GARRETT, VICKEY CHERINE- Acorn Staff, Bible Awardg Studen Assistantg Junior Red Crossg Dra matics Club. GASKIN, REBECCA- Oak Business Staff, Quill and Scroll. GHEEN, BETTY- Future Teachers of Americag Treas- urer, F.T.A.g Secretary, F.T.A.g Moming Meditations, Y-Teens, Pan- American Clubg Student Assistantg Office Assistant. GIBBONS, J OE- Golf Teamg Ice-Skating Clubg Square Dance Club: Student As- sistant. GORMAN, MICHAEL SAMUEL- Sr. Pan American Clubg Baseball. GRAHAM, LINDA C.- Oak Representativeg Safety Council: Allied Youthg Camera Clubg Pan- American Clubg Future Nurses Clubg Student Assistant. GREGSON, KATHERINE ELIZABETH- Leopard Bandg Ice Skating Clubg Acorn Staffg Moonlightersg Library Service Clubg Junior Red Cross. GUMM, DORATHEA CHERYL-- Leopardettes 60-613 R.O.T.C. Banu Sponsorg Y-Teensg Allied Youth. HANAUER, ANDRA- Select Chorusg Girls' Chorusg Square Dance Clubg Junior Red Crossg Pep Squadg Twirling Clubg Secretarial Club. GOFF, CHARLOTTE ELAINE- Leopard Band, three yearsg Ice- Skating Clubg Allied Youthg Fu- ture Teachers of Americag Art Club. GRABBE, MARY J AN ETTE- Leopardettes-two yearsg Tennis Teamg Mu Alpha Thetag National Honor Societyg Y-Teensg Baseball Princess 59-60. GREGORY, PATSY- Student Assistantg Hi-Fig Future Teachers of Americag Allied Youthg Modeling Clubg Mixed Chorus. GUAJARDO, MARY ESTHER- Cheerleader 61-623 Square Dance Clubg Twirling Clubg Pan-Am Club, Secretaryg Modeling Clubg Allied Youthg Oak Representative: Pep Squad. GUNN, SANDRA BEA- National Honor Societyg Mu Alpha Thetag National Thespiansg Quiz- em on the Airg Pan-American Club. HARP, WILLIAM RED- Football Lettermang Student Coun- cilg Key Clubg Stage Crewg Film Projectorg Slide Rule Clubg "D" Clubg Allied Youthg Boys' State Rep. 47 HARRINGTON, JUDITH ANN- Entre Nousg Y-Teensg Office As- sistant. HARVLEY, EVERETT HOFFMAN, JANET- National Honor Societyg Acorn Staff 3 Student Assistant. HOOD, LYNDA- Y-Teensg Modeling Clubg Hi-Fi Clubg Future Nurses Club. HUBBARD, EVERETT BURTON- Pan-American Clubg Hi-Fi Clubg Allied Youth. HUGHES, JUDY- Future Nurses Clubg Modeling Clubg Pep Squadg Square Dance Cluhg Junior Red Cross. Y . 'B Ji' K S O 'K 'T PB K' .....-s..J 'N-I HARRIS, DOROTHY- Office Assistantg Pep Squadg Junior Red Crossg Y-Teensg Hi-Fi Clubg Modeling Clubg Secretarial Club. HENSON, LINDA- Y-Teensg Modeling Clubg Hi-Fi Clubg Square Dance Clubg Secre- tarial Clubg Pep Squad. HOLLAND, TOM- "B" Footballg "A" Foothallg Key Clubg Tennis Teamg Square Dance Clubg Most Handsome Underclasi Boyg Most Handsome Senior Boy. HOOPER, GLENDA- National Honor Societyg Student 'Councilg Acorn Staff 3 Science Club: Allied Youthg Y-Teens. HUF F MAN, LARRY EUGENE- Student Assistantg Camera Clubg Hi-Fi Clubg Sportsman Clubg Auto- mobile Clubg Square Dance Club. HULME, MARILYN JEAN HUMPHREYS, SALLY ANN- Oak Staffg Select Chorus: Girls' Chorusg Student Councilg Student Assistant. JACKSON, JOYCE HULENE- Y-Teensg Student Council Repre- sentativeg Girls' Chorusg Select Clio- rusg Blue Choirg White Choir. J ANUARY, WILLIAM SPENCE- Key Clubg Allied Youthg National Thespiansg Pan-American Clubg Presidentg Delegate to Pan-American Conventiong Summer Seminar of Foreign Language at Instituto Tec- nologico de Mexicog Aeronautics Clubg "B" Football Teamg Bible Award, two years. JENKINS, BOBBY- Oak Representativeg Library Serv- ice Clubg Pan-American Clubg Al- lied Youthg Key Club. 61 lf-t 5' JETT, RICHARD- it 4 'i Baseball Clubg Meteorology Cluhg Sports Clubg Automobile Clubg Sportsman Clubg Debate. JOHNSON, JOE H.-- Hi-Fi Clubg Camera Clubg Allied Youth. t 1' ,fav 'lfiii A DNR 'S Q, . Sim- -ps". .M t ' -'QM--t , ,rl -v ' 1 New Wx! ,av mfg 'J r t ' . Hiya thqg 1 , N .'r fb.: ' it . qw 'xf':2'5. l HYDE, RODDAH JEAN- Cheerleaderg Acorn Staffg Student Council: Social Chairman of Senior Classg Most Popular Underclass Girlg Homecoming Princessg Square Dance Club: Allied Youthg Student Assistant. JANOUSEK, .IUANITA ADELE- Leopardettes, two years, Leader, one yearg Allied Youthg Vice- President Y-Teensg R.O.T.C. Drill Team Sponsorg Homecoming Queen, 19613 Student Council Rep- resentativeg Student Assistant. JARMAN, DWAINE JANSEN, CHERYL CHRISTINE- Allied Youth: Library Service Clubg Mixed Chorus: Girls' Cho- rusg Modeling Club. JOHNSON, DAVID- Leopard Bandg Golf Team Letter- mang Dixieland Band Club. JONES, DINA- Industrial Cooperative Trainingg Ice Skating Clubg Library As- sistants Club. 49 JONES, .IEANETTE ELIZABETH- Student Assistantg Acorn Staffg Ice Skating Clubg Square Dance Club: Allied Youthg Mixed Chorus. KENNARD, PATRICK R.- Hi-Fi Clubg Ice Skating Club, Al- lied Youth. KING, SALLY- Student Assistant: Clinic Assistantg Square Dance Clubg Ice Skating Clubg Acorn Staffg Future Nurses Clubg Hi-Fi Clubg Allied Youthg Medical Club. LACKEY, BETTY LAMBERT, BRENDA- Mixed Cliorusg Y-Teensg Future Business Leaders of America. LEATHERWOOD, KAY- Leopardettesg Select Chorusg Girls Chorus: Ice Skating Clubg Pan- if American Clubg Entre Nous, Pres- identg National Honor Societyg Mu Alpha Theta. 50 1 A955 I X Y- 3 N lv! R 5 Wy. s ,QlP""Nf an-YP' 1"" wx I w i 1' Z- V. ' 1:-wwf irh . f-as II! JULIAN, CURTIS PAUL- "A" Football Letterman, two yearsg "A" Football Squadman, two years: "B" Football, one ycarg Sportsman's Clubg "D" Clubg Baseball Club, Track, three yearsg Oak Repre- sentative, two years. KING, KAY FRANCES- National Thespiansg Hi-Fi Clubg Fu- ture Business Leaders of America. KROGH, MARY LINDA- Modeling Club: Library Serviceg Junior Red Crossg Industrial Cooper- ative Training. LAMB, MARILYN- Future Teachers of Americag Jun- ior Red Crossg Secretary-Treasurer, Junior Red Cross, Latin Clubg Al- lied Youthg Library Service Club: Student Assistant. LARNER, STEVE- President Senior Classg Mu Alpha Thetag Select Chorusg President, Select Chorusg Allied Youthg Art Clubg Golf Team. LEE, HAROLD D.- Pan-American Clubg R.O.T.C. Drill Teamg R.O.T.C. Rifle Teamg R.O. T.C. Officer, Regimental Staffg Oak Representative. LESLIE, MARY ALENE- Pan-American Club, Junior Red Cross, Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Stu- dent Assistant. LONG, CHARLOTTE- Pep Squad, Modeling Club, Hi-Fi Club, Future Nurses Club, Y-Teens, Secretarial Club. LOVING, JACQUELINE D.- Mu Alpha Theta, Fashion Design Club, Student Assistant. LUDDEN, KAY- National Honor Society, National Thespians, Secretary, National Thes- pians, Select Chorus, Mu Alpha Theta, Pan-American Club, Y- Teens, Two Year Bible Award, Best All-Round Senior Girl. LYON, TED LYNN- "A" Baseball, "B" Baseball, Mixed Chorus, Baseball Club. McCONATHY, RICHARD TEX- Select Chorus, Football Letterman, "A" Baseball, Golf Letterman, Stu- dent Council, Baseball Club, "D" Club. LITTLE, JOHN- ,vv Acorn Staff, Allied Youth, Hi-Fi Club. LOTT, PATRICIA ANN- vv Vice-President, Library Service Club, Library Assistant, Science Club, I.C.T. LOZANO, DELIA- Pan-American Club, Dramatics Club, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, gf -f-,ji Morning Meditations, Two Year I 3 Bible Award. f fe is L . 2 Qf 5 g, I LUECK, JOHN .N 2 4' rx'- , vga, f-iv.. K , A wi t R Q. . ' , K, t F' If ,x J j . A' 4. - ,, .If ' '59 C2129 . me tc! , N MCCAFFITY, GARY- X, Student Council, Leopard Band, Key Club, Select Chorus, Allied Youth. 2-s -' T, MacDONALD, DAVID McDONALD, ELIZABETH ANN- Cirls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus: Square Dance Club, I.C.T. lVIcGLAMERY, JAMES T.- Key Club: Safety Council. MCKIDDY, PEGGY- Adamson Leopard Bandg Girls' Chorus, Select Chorusg One Year Bible Awardg Bible Study Clubg I.C.T. MARTIN, DAYTON- "A" Baseballg HB" Baseball, "B" Footballg Baseball Club. MASON, JEAN- National Honor Society, Art Club, Secretaryg Pan-American Clubg Future Teachers of America. IVIATHEWS, STEVE- Allied Youthg Acorn Staff. 52 MCFARLAND, ROD- Allied Youthg Senior Invitation Com- mitteeg Automobile Clubg Radio- T.V. Clubg Aeronautics Club. MCINERNEY, MADELINE- Pan-American Clubg Treasurer, Pan- American Club, Entre Nous, Na- tional Honor Societyg Junior Red Cross. MCMURRY, RAYMOND- "B" Football, Ice-Skating Clubg Bible Award. MARTIN, DON- Q, "A" Football, one year Football ',, Letterman, "A" Baseballg Mechan- ical Drawing Clubg "B" Football: "Bu -Baseball. MASSEY, ROBERT- R.O.T.C. MATHEWS, TENA- Library Assistantg Secretarial Clubg Art Club. MATTHEW, JUDI- Art Clubg Future Nurses Club. MELTON, NANCY LEE- National Honor Society, Student Council Parliamentariang Quiz 'Em on the Air, 19613 Safety Club, Sec- retary and Reporter: Representative to the Junior Citizens' Traffic Com- missiong Future Teachers of Ameri- cag Allied Youthg Acorn Staffg Quill and Scrollg Assistant Editor of Acom for Spring. MIEHLKE, 'SANDY- Junior Achievementg Junior Red Cross, Art Clubg Y-Teensg Girls' Chorusg Future Nurses Club. MILLER, JOHN- National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Thetag "A" Baseball Teamg "B" Baseball Teamg "B" Basketball Teamg Chess Club, Vice-President. MILLER, WELDON LESLIE- Tennis Letterman, three yearsg Key Clubg ND" Club: Ice-Skating Club. MONK, KAYE- National Honor Societyg Secretary- Treasurer, Mu Alpha Thetag Select Chorus, Tennis Letterman, two years: Library Service Clubg N.S.F. Seminar in Mathematicsg Math Cluhg Slide Rule Club. AP". its had Ai ,f 'A """"'-9' s,,,....-'v ?' MAULDIN, ANN- Student Assistantg Art Clubg Catn- era Cluhg Secretarial Club. MERSHAWN, WILLIAM GARVI N- Projection Clubg Baseball Clubg "B" Football Teamg NA" Track Teamg Key Club: Allied Youthg "B" Basketball Teamg I7an-Axneri- can Club. MILBURN, DELIGHT- Student Council Representativeg Select Chorus, Secretary: Entre Nous, Secretaryg Oak Representa- tiveg Bible Award: Ice-Skating Club. MILLER, LINDA ANN- Library Assistantg Girls' Chorusg Y-Teensg junior Red Cross. MITCHELL, CECILE- Select Chorusg Library Clubg Foot- ball Princess, Junior Yearg Home- coming Princess, Senior Year, Junior Red Crossg lee-Skating Club. , MONTALVO, SYLVIA 53 MOODY, JEAN- Leopardettesg Student Councilg Stu- dent Assistantg Acorn Staffg Square Dance Clubg Ice Skating Clubg Allied Youth, Medical Club. MOORE, BERYL GRANT- Leopard Band, four yearsg R.O.T.C. Bandg R.O.T.C. Band Commander and Instructor, Moonlighters, two years, Drill Clubg Rifle Club, All- City Bandg Ist Division Woodwind Ensemble, Sym-Ball Committee. MOORE, RONALD- Aeronautics Club. NASH, LINDA- Square Dance Club. NEUMANN, JAMES- Future Teachers of Americag Track Teamg Slide Rule Club. OGILVIE, MARSHA- Student Assistantg Allied Youthg Art Clubg Medical Professions Clubg Junior Red Cross. 54 Yvn v 1 Q MOON, GARY- Debate Clubg Slide Rule Clubg National Forensic League. MOORE, DARLENE- Future Nurses Clubg Modeling Clubg National Honor Society: Girls' Cho- rusg Select Chorus: Student Assist- alll. MURPHY, MIKE- Hi-Fi Club, D.E.g R.O.T.C. NELSON, RONNIE- National Forensic League, Presi- dentg Texas Association of German Students, Boys' Stateg lst Place- Boys' Debate. NOWLIN, VIRGINIA- Student Assistantg Future Business Leaders of America, Junior Red Crossg Art Clubg Junior Achieve- mentg Future Nurses Club. ONDRUSEK, JOE- Mu Alpha Theta, Quill and Scrollg Oak Staff, Allied Youthg R.O.T.C. Drill Teamg Camp Dallas Company Commanderg Battle Group Executive Officerg R.O.T.C. Drill Team Com- mander, lce Skating Clubg Key Club, Vice-President. OTTENSMAN, SANDRA- Modeling Club, D.E. PARKER, ELVA LEE- Future Nurses Club. PATTON, JAN- National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Oak Staff, Quiz 'Em On the Air Team-1961, N.S.F. Seminar in Mathematics, E.T.S.C., ,lunior Red Cross, Future Teachers of America, Quill and Scroll, Two Year Bible Award, Mixed Chorus, Student As- sistant. PERKIN, RICK- Football Letterman, Track, Key Club, "D" Club. PFIEFFER, BEVERLY KAY- Leopardettes, Acorn Staff, Tennis, Y-Teens, Junior Achievement, Al- lied Youth, Student Assistant. PHIPPS, STEVE- Allied Youth, Ice Skating Club, Chess Club, Vice-President, 4B Class, Debate Letterman, Projec- tionist. ,t,t,,,,Q 4, ML 7 I l,lA OWEN, SUE- Camera Club, Secretary, Girls' Chorus: Future Teachers of Amer- ica, Student Assistant, .Iunior Achievement, Assistant Treasurer: Y-Teens, Senior Invitation Commit- tee, Junior Red Cross. PARRISH, BEVERLY- Future Nurses Club. PENNY, DAVID- "A" Baseball, two years, "B" Base- ball, Hi-Fi Club. PETERS, BOBBY PHILLIPS, KATHLEEN- Student Assistant, National For- ensic League, Feature Editor, Acorn, Spring '61, Editor-in-Chief, Acorn, Fall '61, Pan-American Club, National Thespians, Stu- dent Council, Quill and Scroll, President, Debate Club. PIER, KINCHEN C.- Debate Club, Vice-President, Na- tional Forensic League, Allied Youth, 2nd Place American Legion Oratory Award, Ist Place Boys' Debate, Hillcrest, Debate Letter- man. 55 PINN, MARY JANE- Modeling Clubg Office Assistant: Allied Youth, Industrial Coopera- tive Training. POLSTON, VIRGINIA ANN- ,lunior Red Crossg Future Nurses Club, Presidentg Future Nurse of the-Year Award, 1961, Representa- tive to Future Nurses State Con- ventiong Allied Youth, Mixed Chorus, Student Assistant. POW ELL, FRED- Football Letterman, one year, Junior Class Vice-Presidentg Key Clubg Bible Award, one year. PRUETT, JO ELAINE- Girls' Chorusg Square Dance Club: Camera Club, Y-Teens. RACHAL, PATRICIA DIANE- Student Assistant, Junior Red Cross Clubg Secretarial Club. RAINS, ERNEST- Distributive Education. 56 fwfr' f-fr.-5' gin ., at . if f I' YQ me .ff , I I ,xr :j 5 me 1 55' ,ss ,,:q! ., xl ' .,.,? aa. Rigid I ,. ' .aa Y snug ravi s we . ,,, ww f 'F' Y, .cf r a .4 rf" ma. 9 pf' X POLK, MARGARET- Oak Business Staffg Quill and Scroll: Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Future Teachers of Amer- icag Pan-Amercian Clubg Student Councilg Tennis Letterman, three years, Spelling Club. POST, LIN DA LEE PRIEST, MIKE PURSLEY, BILLY- Cheerleader, Student Council Treas- urerg Select Chorusg Key Club, Allied Youth, Ice-Skating Clubg Bible Award, two years. RAGAN, PEGGY ANN-- Leopardette, ,two years, Leader, one yearg Senior Class Program Chair- man, Mu Alpha Tlletag National Honor Societyg Y-Teens Treasurerg Student Councilg Rifle Team Spon- sorg Allied Youthg Student Assistant. RAY, SANDY- Baseball Clubg "B" Football Team: "A" and "B" Basketball Teams: UA" Baseball Team. REDMON, SUSAN- Cheerleader 3 Student Council g Clinic Assistant, Gym Assistantg Allied Youthg Safety Clubg Acorn Staff, Medical Clubg Square Dance Club. RENO, NELDA- Future Nurses Club, Treasurerg Al- lied Youthg Junior Red Cross: Homemaking Club, Student As- sistantg Bible Award, two years. REYNARD, RICHARD LEE- Baseball Clubg "A" and "B" Bas- ketball. RICE, DON- Leopard Bandg Moonlightersg R.O. T.C. Band, Chess Clubg Allied Youthg Ice Skating Club. RIVES, KENNETH ROBERTSON, GALE 1 , D -r ag , I in f ..,-tx sf - 'V'- ' if i,rl4risf.E?t . '??7i7-F Q21-f .V l,,,,mgg i "E--vc' T9 y f., 2 of 1 l t 7? f a., ix:-is651iJ:,1?g!V!E?lj REED, BRENDA- Future Nurses Clubg Library Serv- ice Club. RETTA, GLORIA JEAN- RHODES, CAROLYN- National Honor Society, Secretaryg Mu Alpha Thetag Allied Youthg Entre Nous, Reporterg Latin Clubg Future Teachers: Library Service Club, Bible Award, two years: Spelling Teamg National Council of Teachers of English. RIGGIN, LINDA KAY- Future Nurses Clubg Art Club: Student Assistantg Modeling Club. ROACH, NANCY ROBINSON, DIXIE- Pan-American Club, Future Teach ers Clubg Girls' Chorus. 57 RUSAW, DONALD E.- Track. SAMPSON, HERSCHEL WAYNE- Leopard Bandg Medical Clubg Dix- ieland Bandg Moonlightersg As- tronomy Clubg R.O.T.C. Bandg Movie Projectionist. SEAHORN, JOHNNY PRESTON- National Honor Societyg Mu Alpha Thetag Leopard Band, Drum Maj- org R.O.T.C. Officerg Military Drum Majorg Representative to Rotary Club. SHARBER, RANDY RAY- Leopard Band, Key Clubg Dal Hi Symphony Orchestrag R.O.T.C. Band: Chess Clubg Alternate Drum Majorg All-City Honor Band. SHERRILL, PATRICIA D.- Leopardetteg Student Assistant. SILLS, GARY- Football, one year Lettcrmang Key Club. 58 isa.. ,- 3 X I . ' .4 , . 2 gk s...,,,, Q41-3-g!:C'1L 4' '-21471141 , 1 S... 1,1,T:. X 4243235 ...n " X1 ,44-an , fs- ' ',,. ' ,- ""'7i -Y .., is 'C T-vf S-.1 Q-4173 if e A - O . D J -. 3 . f is r N28-in ,.....,2" iI"N "ES" . X, V LL. 2. . -S if 104' yo- uu' .. uri' 6: wa 'TZ' RUSSELL, ROBERT- Sportsman's Clubg Allied Youthg Wrestling Clubg Safety Clubg Stu- dent Council Alternateg Automobile Clubg Mixed Chorus. SCHWARTZ, GLYNNDA- Student Council Representativeg Oak Representativeg Senior Invitations Committceg Student Office Assistant. SEMLER, KELLY- Stage Crewg Movie Projectionistg Baseball Managerg Slide Rule Club. SHARKEY, JAMES- Allied Youthg Camera Clubg Slide Rule Club. SHIELDS, GARY- Select Chorusg Allied Youthg Cam- era Clubg Aeronautical Club. SIMMONS, SHARON ANN- Future Teachers Clubg Modeling Clubg Girls' Chorusg Mixed Chorusg Lintz Bible Award. SIMPSON, JERRY- Allied Youth: Square Dance Club: Baseball Club: Oak Representative' Student Council: Mixed Chorus Slide Rule Club. 1 SMITH, DAVID GLEN- Camera Club: Allied Youth: Pan- American Club: Mixed Chorus: R.O.T.C. Officer: Slide Rule Club: Aeronautical Club: Ice Skating Club. SMITH, MARY- Counselor's Assistant: Hi-Fi Club: Junior Red Cross: Future Business Leaders of America. SORRELL, GEORGE SPEEGLE, MICKEY RUTH- Student Assistant: Secretarial Club. STARR, DORIS- Allied Youth: Y-Teens: Modeling Club: Junior Achievement: Student Assistant. .4-" ...ff ww Y' ve' lf' an-s..,,.f 'ZF N x awk' , -ff l 19' SMITH, CHARLES T.- Leopard Band: R.O.T.C. Band: Chess Club: Allied Youth: lce Skating Club. SMITH, JAMES M.- Allied Youth: Key Club: Golf Letterman. SNIPES, JAMES SORRELL, JERRY W.- Allied Youth: Student Council Representative: "B" Baseball: Baseball Club: Mixed Chorus: Ice Skating Club: Square Dance Club: Movie Projectionist. SPEERY, LESLIE ANN- .lunior Red Cross: Student Coun- cil: International Cooperative Training: Skating Club: Girls' Chorus: Hi-Fi Club: Mixed Cho- rus: Allied'Youtli: Modeling Club. STEPHENS, ANN- Student Council: Leopardette: Na- tional Thespians: Future Teachers Club, Vice-President: Acorn Staff: Bible Award, two years: Girls' Chorus, Allied Youth: Quill and Scroll: Assistant Editor of Acorn. 59 STEWART, BETTY ANN SUMMERS, WILLIAM- Allied Youthg Sportsman's Clubg "B"-Footballg Radio-T.V. Club. THOMAS, LYDIA ANNE- National Honor Societyg Mu Alpha Thetag Quill and Scrollg Oak Staff, Editorg All-City Honors Band: Dal-Hi Symphony Orchestra, three years, Leopard Bandg As- sistant Drum Major, two yearsg Sym-Ball Committee, Chairman. TOMLINSON, THOMAS MICHAEL- Camera Club: 'Key Clubg Allied Youth, Vice-Presidentg National Thespiansg Projectionistg Leopard Bandg Alternate Cheerleaderg R.O.T.C. Band. TORRES, OPHELIA- Pan-American Club, Girls' Chorusg Junior Red Crossg Select Chorus. TRUITT, KAREN- National Honor Societyg Mu Alpha Thetag Oak Representativeg Senior Invitation Committeeg Clinic As- sistantg Gym Assistantg Medical Professional Club, Vice-Presidentg Allied Youth. 60 1 . is s ,t -I" fe-'N 'QT-Z'-7 1 l"4sx 'I if K, I f' H' t I 'Ft H Q .rs KW SUAREZ, SHANNON- Future Teachers of America, Presi- dent, Girls' State, 19613 Pun-Amer ican Clubg Mu Alpha Thetag Na- tional Honor Societyg Acorn Staffg Student Assistant, Mixed Chorusg Quill and Scrollg Editor of Acorn. SUTTON, JERRELL, HOWARD- Select Chorusg Oak Staffg Student Councilg Allied Youth. THOMPSON, JULIA NELL- Oak Representativeg Square Dance Clubg Ice Skating Club: Student Assistantg Y-Teens. TOMPKINS, TOMMY JOHN- Acorn Staffg "B" Basketballg Base- ball Clubg Allied Youthg Mixed Chorusg Square Dance Club. TRIMMIER, BRIAN D.- "A" Footballg "B" Footballg Select Chorusg Leopard Bandg Safety Council: Square Dance Club. TUCKER, BEVERLY JEANNE- Leopard Bandg Band Sweetheart: Entre Nous, Treasurerg Allied Youthg Alternate Assistant Drum Major, '61-'62g Art Clubg Student Council. VAN ZANDT, DOUGLAS- Ice Skating Club: Square Dance Club: Art Club: Sportsman Club: Student Assistant: Geology Club: Allied Youth. VINCENT, MIKE- Football Letterman: Basketball Let- terman, two years: Tennis: Golf: Baseball: Chorus: Chess Club: Stu- dent Assistant. WALKER, RAY- g'A" Football: Track: Allied Youth: Student Assistant: Sportsman Club: Square Dance Club. WALLER, LONNETTE- Student Assistant: Oak Representa- tive: Allied Youth: Mixed Chorus: Junior Red Cross: Ice Skating Club. WALTERS, JUDY- Select Chorus: Blue Choir: Two Year Bible Award: Future Nurses Club: Pep Squad: Latin Club: Morning Meditations Song Leader. WAY, ELLIOTT- Allied Youth: Stage Crew: Motion Picture Club: Drill Team: Camp Dallas: Co. Commander in R.O.T.C. VAUGHN, BARRY WAYNE- R.O.T.C. Rifle Club: R.O.T.C. Drill Team: Slide Rule Club: "Des- tiny's" Combo: Junior Red Cross: Architectural Club. VINES, BARBARA LYNN- Bandg .lunior Red Cross. WALLACE, BARBARA- Student Council: Pan-American Club: Student Assistant: Y-Teens: National Honor Society. WALLIS, GENE- "B" Basketball: Baseball Club: Square Dance Club: Radio and T.V. Club: Student Assistant. WATTS, RONALD DAVID- "B" Football: "B" Baseball: Select Chorus: Student Council: National Thespians: Leopard Band: Base- ball Club. WEBB, WILLIAM H.- Architectural Club: Golf Team: Camera Club: Motion Picture Op- erator: Allied Youth: Pan-Ameri- can Club. 6I WELCH, GERALD WHITNEY, JANICE- Distributive Educationg Mixed Chorus. WIDENER, J OHNNY- Acorn Staffg Golf Teamg Sports- man Clubg Student Assistantg Mixed Chorus. WILLIAMS, EVELYN ELAINE- Leopardettesg R.O.T.C. Company "B" Sponsor-19605 R.O.T.C. Com- pany "A" Sponsor-l960-613 R.0. T.C. Regimental Staff Sponsor- 1961g Y-Teensg Student Council Representativeg Acorn Staffg Allied Youthg Student Assistant. WINTERS, JIMMY L.- Industrial Cooperative Trainingg Square Dance Club, Aeronautics Club. WORLEY, JEANNE- National Honor Societyg Mu Alpha Thetag National Thespiansg Two Year Bible Awardg Pan American Clubg Delegate to P.A.S.F. Con- vention-1961g National Forensic League: Student Assistant. 62 WHITE, J UDY- Modeling Club, Secretaryg Acorn Staff, Quill and Scrollg Mixed Cho rusg Y-Teensg Student Assistant. WHITTLE, LARRY WILBANKS, TOMMY- "B" Footballg Baseball Club: Square Dance Clubg Aeronautics Club. WILSON, ROBERT J.- R.O.T.C. Drill Team. WOOTEN, JANET WYATT, LINDA RUTH- Cirls' Chorusg Select Chorusg Mu Alpha Thetag National Honor So- cietyg Future Teachers of Americag Acorn Staffg Latin Club, Vice-Pres- identg Junior Achievement. YARBROUGH, ANN F.T.A., President one yearg Mu Al- pha Thetag National Honor Society, Vice-President, Student Council' Student Assistantg Art Clubg Presi dent 1B Classg Girls' Chorus' Morning Meditations, Vice-President YOUNG, RICHARD MILLER, HUBERT t M. ,QR- Wbffa' IG. I , X Q .1 rg ...Q . NOT PICTURED Anderson, Ralph Bailey, Billy Barker, Bruce Beavers, Bobby Bodiford, Bon Bracken., Frank Bragg, Barbara Browning, Ronald Camero-n, Leslie Castillo, Raymond Chamberlain, Evelyn Cole, Edgar Freeman, Martha Garner, Ernest Garvin, Allen Gregory, Buddy Harkin, Gene Hill, Diane Holleman, Elton Holt, Lyndon Jarman, Dwaine Jackson, Paul Kaiser, Judy Kipps, Dorothy Kennedy, Judy Lassiter, Jackie Lawrence, Jerry Malone, Rosemary lVlcClary, Ray McHargue, Gene Miller, Hubert Nichols, Don Overby, Richard Puente, Manuel Romo, Frances Reed, Charles Rodriquez, Albert Sills, Lois Stephens, Tommy Terral, Filmore Todd, Donald Trees, Dale Wagliardo, Anthony Wells, Clyde Whitaker, Donald Wilson, James Woodell, Freddy Young, Donald Williams, Donald Welch, Sharon YOUNG, HENRY ZOLLICOFF ER, JIMMY Camera Club. SUMMER SCHOOL GRADUATES BLAKE, PAT BLAKE, IDA he , CHANDLER, VERNON gi 1' "" ' ' im me FOWLER, JOE N' A fl: A f 'I L C""7' Not Pictured Braswell, Ray Womack, Michael EVENING SCHOOL Not Pictured Butler, Rita Ward, Glynn FOREIG STUDE T Ng., We were very fortunate this year to have Adamsonas first foreign exchange student. She is Ofelia Fonseca of San Jose, Costa Rica. During her visit here in the States, she has been the guest of Kay Leatherwood and her family. Ofelia was selected to be an exchange student by the American Field Service because of her outstanding ability in scholarship and personal recommendations. Ofelia previously attended Colegio Superior de Senoritas in Costa Rica. During National Brotherhood Week, Mrs. Helen Horn sponsored an assem- bly which introduced the students of Adamson to the foreign exchange pro- gram and encouraged their participa- tion. Special guests included foreign exchange students from other schools. FIRST ROW: Lars Hernroth, Swedeng Hele Kettenun, Finlandg Nazneen Shcckll, Pakistan: Mrs. Horn. SECOND ROW: Mary Pat Green: Ofclia Fonseca, Adamson: Becky Flachg Robert Araya: Robbie Cludiusg Paulette Hankins: Glen Zauber. . 1 A 1- H---uri ' UPERETTA HIGHLIGHT EASO Mike Murphey, Judy Walters, and Steve Lurner, Stars of Trial by fury. I ,M fl . U "6 f rx . f '. i V I il Kay Ludden and Hunk Price, Stars of Miss Cherry blossom. The venerable judge tells his story as the whole court looks on. These pretty geishas entertain the audience with a dance and fan routine. 66 . TAR DU T DA CE ' S i 2 The 1962 Oak Favorites are: Hank Price, Dick Fant, Cathy Carnes, Dottie Parrish, Marvin Coats, Phyllis Angona, Tom Holland, Kay Ludden, Paul Callahan, and Sharon Evans. Quill and Scroll, the honorary journalism organization, presented a dance on February 2, 1962, using a night club theme. The highlight of the dance was the presentation of the 1962 Oak favorites. Music for the evening was pre- sented by the "Rebels," Hostesses and waiters, chosen from Quill and Scroll members, seated and served the crowd. 4-1Q Some happy, others sad, as the names were called. All were tense as the big moment arrived. 67 Ji! I Jia fa fl H bv-gb The Underclassmen of today are the Senlols of tomol row and as such W111 soon have the lesponslblhty of ma1nta1n1ng school Splflt In th1S sectlon we W1Sh to 1n troduce to you the persons who W111 help to carry on the tradltlons of Adamson JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS John Wolf Sheila Pettigrew Jimmy Bauman Vice-President Secretary President 1, as JF if , Q13 , ' ' .. sigff l ii xxx ., 1 , E i . 'N-rf' Q . va Wi' A ia. X ig K 'tr Johnnie Abraham Karl Adams Billy Ahrens Joyce Allen Judy Anderson Pat Angell Tommy Armstrong Dorothy Artist Gary Autry Wiley Bailey Linda Baker Linda Bankston Sue Bannister Bill Barrett Kay Bates Paul Bates Linda Batson Jimmy Bauman Sara Bearden Betty Beason David Berry Jon Bethke Elizabeth Blankenship Priscilla Blackstock Lorin Bliss Bill Blanton Dianne Brabham Pamela Bredeson Gary Brewer Tommy Brittain Nancy Bronar Jack Bronstad Linda Brownell Janet Bullington Larry Bullington 7' Kay Bumbalough Wayne Burdine Cherry Burroughs Martha Bussell Linda Butler Nancy Butler Karon Bynum Richard Calvert Ester Cantu Sonya Carey John Carlisle Cathy Carnes Helene Cosello Bunice Chamberlin Maurice Chamberlin Cathy Chamness Tom Champion Odette Champlin Sandra Chancellor Jerry Clancy Karen Clanton Marilyn Clark Martha Clements Janet Cleveland Carla Coleman Mike Compton Gayle Cone Gloria Cortnas Sue Cowan Wayne Cox John Craft Doreen Craig Peggy Crump Gary Crumpler Rodney Davenport 72 eff? ff T-LZ? if 3.2: as in 5-N all I rj, . ,qi -, aware' - X lf x S5 if ' f-iff r v If ,,,,h,, '-p, Y L if ,. vw H ky '- as " s Q. . l I ' l ' " ll 1' I I l:" ' I 1 'L Hi ' Surf-M 'Q , . , 1 1 ,. '.TR"2-4 3. Kxix id e r uf QT-S 3. 'jk L 1 pi V A .k r .. K B rr K . ,Mfg M as SX Lf ,,.,r4v-f Asif!" -N sm mx ii X is 1 elf' 5 2 A f w ww. ,, fu I- , w ..., 4 ug, F541- .uma-n. it-K rv, .lohnny Beth Davis Marty Davis .lohnny Degelia Gerald Dolczar .limmy Donner Jigger Downing Denica Duncan Ann Edwards Martha Edwards Laura Effel Mary Elliott Mona Elsik ,lean Emmons Steve Epps David Fain Dick F ant Donna Faries Yolanda Fernandez Donna Franklin Sandra Franks Holly Frost Ginger F ulenwider Patsy Fulgham Richard Grace Ruth Gracy Roy Grady Walter Grant Ellen Grimes Linda Goodman Leonard Gowins Ray Guajardo Victor Guggenheim Diane Gustavus Vick Haak Edgar Hall Cecelia Hamm Chris Hansen Fay Hardy Sherion Harrelson Don Hart Cary Hatch Judy Hathaway Joan Hayn Medelyn Hayn Charlene Hearn Rebecca Hendricks Jimmie Hendrix Linda Hendry Darlene Hibbard Carolyn Hines Charlotte Hoggard Nancy Hollingswor Bill Holstead Lyndon Hood Lorraine Howard Jody Humber Bill Jack Cheri Johnston Sandra Johnson Ella Mae Jones Homer Jones Jan Jones Ronny Jones Patricia Kidd Mike Kimball Eddie King Susanne Kennedy Deanne Knodle Edna Kromberg Paul Lasiter 74 I 4:-. 43" -. X Q 7 uf x""1' N fg:...,v . inf' ,?:,..v Excl' .5 J f" it-K" "' 1 4x:.fd 'J - K ,, .-' , "ST Nb K r' 33" l K. EXP! fi- fm ' if W 7 H. N s kvvgfi V f. M I ,Ll i i Jim , ' x po. ,,,f-"i -it-3' f, 195,05 xi x", we eil, 'Wo- rt 7, fx , wwf .',,qs S, 5" if wwifl ,, My if 4' xp... A .Wx X W, Q- 'fv- C' Nw., Q7 Pu' 45' f ...4 Q55 '1 1 f'--. ' fl. ? 1135 'T . - . me 1 M mfg, y ,ri ,v-ma'-',' X- .- , L ' ,L " . . , ,.-an .v- t W r " Q . gg , B 13 'Q' -- ' ?--- A A aux W W, 5 qw- ..,. M af' Nw-- 113 -:Lg ' z L . : X nw s. HU' we--V-M ,M , i Stephen Lamkin Garvin Lester Carole Lisle Claudia Little Frank Little Sharon Loftin Robert Lam Pat Lopez Carole Lueck Nelda Lunsford Stanley Luttrell Connie Madewell Jimmy Malone Jeannie Marble Irene Martinez Albert Masters Don May Charles Mazer Rita McDaniel James McGehee Donna Mecklin Linda Merrill Linda Merrill Mary Miller Helen Million Robert Miltner Sandy Mitchell Freddy Montalvo Carol Moore Eddie Moore Paula Moore Carolyn Morgan Bill Morrow Mike Murphy Norma Murray janet Negethon Eddie Nesmith ,lohn Nicholson Jimmy Nacklenger Phyllis Noll Pat Norman Beverly Norris Jimmy Oakley Sandra O7Dell Gloria Ortega Diane Pace Dottie Parrish Jackie Parr John Parr Annette Parsley Mike Patterson Robert Pendergraft Carol Peschke Sheila Pettigrew Judy Pevehouse Kay Pierce Peggy Polston Donna Pope Kathy Pote Hank Price Betty Puckett James Putman Leslie Putz Joan Ragsdale Elaine Railsback Doris Rand Greg Rawlings Margaret Ray Lanet Rice Diana Rhodes QS 'A- , tx x Q ,--rv. In 19 yy W Y .af Av' 'sl ,' uf -f x fr- is ,it by Wigs, gl . , , 1 - .uf wg' Ai Vw' - K -5' ,ic ran . A 3.65, fp.-me L K 5vy.,,v,tr-,. staff: ,my L. .pw .ry 1 we vim icuii? vfhggs-'tzil' 1 f - l9f9?Yl'3l2i . in ' "Hill-"1 H- f if 5 'Hf W, Ay.. Y a rw... f NX .J Q X - -.:f, P as I ' Ni ,-, -Q LW sf. f 7 X ,P K an ' li, ""' 37:3 F -'SQ4 . , I A 'Q 'Jw' '47 sf- Q f' f , R la K - no .ix 7' fm ll 4' -as fn- gf:-fl X ' - t . at XPP? . X ,t yre A I Y z gggffy, K :ij F 'gg 5 - asf -1553? LF' .1 41... i . oiv '42, K ' 7-T' ., ,g ,fa ' Q f ',.-'T 'P' an 4 Y '-,, Q. i Y pr 4 fy l' E 'bf f n, ,J A ' ,af . 4' A . . do " A , , -Emil: A A P If' re "5 .. l. A 'S "P .K f l - ,avr , ,L ,I ,, . . 6 f s fs iw nh. Q-M" Q YQ an l 4 ar' Y f if M """ 75 ' ' l .ff l . ix .0-. fin '25-' fi? 1, x jf .,1 1' Nj Q, 5 X52 .L . -v s Q' ' ar 'I- ',1 06 ff , ,Q x J Johnny Rousseau Rosalie Rau Delores Ruiz Rodney Sandell Janet Savage Pam Shaffer Judy Simmons Sharla Sims Kathleen Stoddard Wanda Shekton C. L. Smart Beverly Smith Charles Smith David Smith Fred Smith Forest Smith Patsy Smith Mary Sue Spademan Clynda Stovall Norma Stovall Harold Summers Welma Summers Elizabeth Sudduth Larry Tey Steve Suarez John Tate Tarzie Thacker J. W. Thomas Darrell Thompson Sihyle Thompson Pat Thurman David Titsworth Betty Tollerson Alexia Tonick Teddy Tropt Linda Turner Pat Vandever Larry Vaughn Carolyn Wade James Walters Pat Walthall Ruth Ware Richard Westmoreland Carole Vvhitehurst Dale White Cheryl Williams Jack Wilkinson Ann Wilson Bill Wilson Janette Wood John Wood Susan Wood David Woodruff John Woolf Linda Young Edward Ray Susan Morgan Tom McGowan Barbara Ingram Jerry Adams Jerry Atherton Dorothy Bennett Linda Brownell Thomas Brittain William Baca Johnnie Burns Wayne Buchanan Joann Coplin Jenny Childress Wesley Cason Frankie Canter Judith Coffee Denica Darlene Duncan Terry Denton Barry Emmett Diana Eliff Ronnie Fields Steve Fallis Charlotte Flowers Barbara Fowler 78 Lynne Frindell Richard Franklin ,J twig: v CF, YV' ull!- 2 ,or Q- ..- 7 "X X K, W. 462,31 'Q- 8 K A S Q! . I .- A XQ ' K ii.. X ff N ffm , 1 . RQ, lla '. X' - iv: iifbami 41' .,,f...f 1 J t fm Q vii jg, 1 f 1 J fy J as ' "Lt W .Q yt ,W Patricia Freenman Jimmy Graves Orval Gibson Gary Goodman Merida Genzel Jewel Could Richard Hooper Effie Hamilton Ronald Halbrook Hugh Hood David Hultsman Charles Hardt Victor Henson Merle Hobbs Barbara Ingram Ella Mae Jones Cecil Jones Ray Key Linda Kellian Jean Lumley Ronnie Lipps Linda Little Robert McCabe Charles Murray Joe Mulcahy June Malone Penny Maxcy Elaine Miller Clarance Nall Jimmy Nicholson Viola Nettsles Paul Pederson James Picard David Pickett Rosalie Rare Grady 'Rigsby Lynn Richards David Rowley Leslie Roddey Charlott Roberts Shirley Philpott Teddy Sutton Jerry Don Shipley William Sailers Ronnie Snow Bobby Stephens Mike Tennent Ray Thomson Tommy Thompson Jerry Virden Linda Vantreese Ken Wegman Donna Wood Linda Winsett John Wood Harold Watkins Jacky Wallace Jerry Wright O. C. Wilkinson James Wilson Calvin Womack Joe Whitaker David White Pat Wegman Sharron Wright Wilbum Young 'Gs-env i t l gre..- . 1 l S SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Allen Williams Darlene Benson Ernie Sigler Vice-President Secretary President FIRST ROW: Glenda Atchley, June Brown, Becky Burns, Darlene Benson, Barbara Adams, Beverly Law, Sandra Brown. SECOND ROW: Miss Ahlfinger, Iris Belk, Lyn Nette Brown, Cheryl Brad- beary, Joan Barham, Shirley Bullard, Sandra Brown. THIRD ROW: Steve Ghol- son, Buddy Barber, Frank Coats, James Oldfield, Jim Boyer, William Butler, Tony Post, Bobby Bowles. xml J sl 'F A-.-1.-m F , 1 FIRST ROW: Judy Dandridge, Carolyn Click, Betsy Cantu, Marilyn Capp, Diane Burke, Gladys Cantu, Marcia Comer, Susan Condor, Barbara Clinton. SEC- OND ROW: Johnny Derczo, Kathy Cum- mings, Carolyn Carter, Letha Cush, Bet- ty Cannon, Robbie Cludius, Hester Ter- rece. THIRD' ROW: Ronnie Conn, Robert Dilday, Mike Crouch, John Carter, Rich- ard Chamberlain, Tony Chomplin, Gary Cook. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Brashear, Jackson Draper, Johnny Dial, Pat Cough- lin, Barry Depauw, Howard Chandler, Sam Chandler, John Crow. FIRST ROW: Martha Ashcraft, Virginia Archibald, Diana Brinegar, Marie Aldridge, Lounan Black, Brenda Blanton, Irene Bell, Jay Carr. SECOND ROW: Linda Bragg, Ros- alyn Braswell, Sharron Baker, Sandy Bridges, Peggy Baird, Kathi Boyd, Diana Bishop, Carol Blanton, Glenn Bates. THIRD ROW: Randy Bowen, Elaine Anglin, Donna Argo, Benny Cameron, Phil Broxson, Donnie Blankenship. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Boulton, John Bullock, Glenn Aguilar, Roland Bullard, David Bright, Doug Adams, Darrell Aldredge. FIRST ROW: Kay Garling, Lota Dunham, Cristine Flores, Nancy Frampton, Sharon Epps, Mary Jo Gilbreath, Carolyn Flint. SEC- OND ROW: Charletta Echols, Jeannen Gas- ton, .leanelyn Gardner, Patsy Blissard, Anna Lee Glenn, Dina Dudley, Carolyn Garrett, Carol Ann Downs. THIRD ROW: Tabo En- riguez, Ted Farmer, Joel Furr, James Elder, Troy Evans, Phil Eichhorn, Jimmy Edmonds, Wayne Fluke. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Forgey, John Faust, Danny Franklyn, Cholly Edwards. i ' FIRST ROW: Peggy Sue Moore, Clara Chance, Barbara Clendenen, Margaret Dickerson, Martha Campbell, Fran Col- lins, Peggy Hash, Sandra Jones. SEC- OND ROW: Miss Creel, Patricia Grif- fith, Madeline Cantu, Kay Earnhart, Earl Ranks, Craig Goodrum, Don Smith, A1- oert Torres. THIRD ROW: Peter Davies, Chuck Barr, James Smith, Danny Senter, Mike Culley, Billy Schmitz. FIRST ROW: Carolyn Hensley, Carol Sinor, Clydette Harden, Karen Huggins, Sally Watson, Shirley Hunter, Joan Hackler, Susan Henrikson. SECOND ROW: Dr. Freese, Pauline Harelson, Paulette Hankins, Charlene Holan, Kay Hinckley, Judy Gunnels, Helen Harrison. THIRD ROW: Mike Hanson, Robert Felts, Norman Gust, Richard Hammond, Tony Gorman. FOURTH ROW: Bill Har- ris, Jim Grossman, Travis Geiser, Roy Gould, Sammy Rodrigue, Dale Harring- ton. Not pictured: Mary Pat Green. 8l FIRST ROW: Gay Killion, Mary Jar- rett, Joan Krizmanich, Jackie Johnson, Sheila Kuhn, Darlene Ladd, Elaine Law. SECOND ROW: Janette Lawhead, Cindy Jones, Sherry Jenkins, Ricki Kalies, Mary Jackson, Patricia Leslie. THIRD ROW: Thomas Horton, Jesse James, Richard Koepke, Michael Huggins, David Lovell, Jerry Hinkle. FOURTH ROW: Charles Lewis, Gene Hinson, Teddy Jernigan, Blanton Kephart, Dennis Lindsey. FIRST ROW: Betty Myers, Glenna Pear- cy, Janice Pitts, June Wilson, Jean Wil- son, Mary Pruitt, Sue Rotramel. SEC- OND ROW: Carol Ogilvie, Linda Myers, Carolyn O'Brien, Linda Powell, Rosaline Cranford, Marsha Miglinas, Miss Hedde. THIRD ROW: Aubrey Self, Tony Po- lansky, Bobby Richardson, Bubba Ward, Herby Prewitt, Ronald Haake, Danny Roady. FOURTH ROW: Don Van Slyke, James Pierce, Allen Williams, Wayne Biel, Frank Purnell, Danny Durst, Charles Foster. 82 FIRST ROW: Sllcri Merritt, Shirley McCann, Carla Moore, Ann Marley, Judy Lang, Mildred Martin, Ella Jean McCleary. SECOND ROW: Ruth Marsh, Nelcine McDaniel, Kay Massey, Charlotte McFarlin, Phyllis Milburn, Lynda Meadors. THIRD ROW: Dale McCaffity, Don Meyer, Clifford McVey, Larry Peacock, Roger Massey, Eddie Briscoe, Mack Massey. FOURTH ROW: Don McCarty, Ray Stuart, Harry McNair, Wayne Mackie, Jimmy May, Mike Mickler. FIRST ROW: Janice Jackson, Martha Jett, Mary Fain, Jerry Wilson, Judy Evans, Patsy Gilbert, Sherril Sheafer. SECOND ROW: Johnny Lawrence, Ron- nie Johnson, David Lee, Marilyn Nichols, Donna Harris, Carolyn Finley, Joan Fierge, Miss Morgan. THIRD ROW: Lloyd Loving, Jesse Lopez, Glenn Stine- baugh, Mike Murphey, Harry Lackey, David McGee, Tim Havens. FIRST ROW: Pat Vincent, Bonnie Sar- ratt, Elizabeth Shaw, Nancy Smith, Lupe Trevino, Mary Anita Page, Gloria Trent, Janie Woods. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Sanders, Kathy Speck, Linda Smith, Pat Smith, Louis Sharplcss, Gary Willis. THIRD ROW: Billy Willis, Jerry Wood- all, Rick Tarwater, Johnnie Wilbanks, Hal Wesson, Mike Teulmer. FOURTH ROW: Ronnie Banners, Miss Snoddy. FIRST ROW: Joyce Poole, Mary Pendleton, Patti Jarrard, Rosilancl Mt-lton, Re-lit-cca Pt-lt , Gloria Pomeroy, Janita Padilla, Sharon Brad- ley. SECOND RONV: Clara Norris, YVanda Osbirn, Dale Haney, Jerry Sowell, Pat Musick, Lottie Webb, Nancy Nystrom. THIRD ROW: Miss Mancss, David Sharp, Michael Rodri- qucz, Ernie Sigler, John Ricllardson, Jimmey Smith, Richard Sharp, Rudy Perez, John Richardson. FIRST ROW: Mary Whittcr, Dianne Weaks, Joyce Welsh, Linda Tomlin, Donna Terry, Maria Trevino, C-loria Whitled, Jamie Wor- den, Carolyn Washam. SECOND ROW: Pris- cilla Wegman, Pansy Wecse, Jackie Woodruff, Phil Woehleke, Ronnie Wilson, Harold Whitt, Ronnie Young, Terry York. THIRD ROW: Glenn Zauber, Herbert Williams, Ronald Yar- borough, Miss Randolph, David White, Gregg Wood, Robert Wright, Thomas York. FIRST ROW: Treva Strickland, Jeanie Ricketts, Lorri Moffatt, Susan Smith, Sharon Satterwliite, Andrea Sharp, Col- leen Rulnsey. SECOND ROW: Sandra Satterwhitc, Elizabeth Sadler, Mary Row- land, Jan Shockley, Florine Rogers, An- nie Shipley, Dorothy Stunkard. THIRD ROW: Larry Weber, Mike Southerland, Ronnie Tydlaska, Lee Tallent, Mike Sparkman. FOURTH ROW: Doyle Tate, Larry Scott. FIFTH ROW: Mrs. Larncr, John Sitzer, Jimmy Hamm, Larry Steven- son, James Starks, Jimmy Rowland. SIXTH ROW: Jimmy Stanley, Ceorge Roope, Robert Smith. FIRST ROW: Jeanette Marlin, June Mc- Inerney, Janice Mauldin, Joan McIn- erney, Grace McDaniel, Linda Lancaster, Juanita Sneed, Sharon Johnson, Alys Mc- Donald, Billye Sue Tiehenor. SECOND ROW: Johnny Poston, Erich Thies, Cary Payne, John Nauss, Billy Morris, Jimmy May. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Tyler, Richard Packer, Danny Dancer, Bonnie Martinez, Eugene Owens. 5 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Sh fyl Fl Linda H ghes Jerry Thornton S ry V P d President FIRST ROW: Elouise Allen, Carolyn Bogtner, Cheryl Butler, Sharon Ayers, Cynthia Davidson, Patricia Brown, Kath- leen Cary, Annette Bord, Susan Tabor. SECOND ROW: Kathleen Mulcoby, Karen Butler, Barbara Sinor, Linda Brown, Darlene Benson, Lillie Burton, Judy Cox, La Jugna Blankenship. THIRD ROW: John Button, Robert Barton, Henry Bennet, Gary Barbee, Larry Deon Carroll. FOURTH ROW: Oscar Bena- vides, Lloyd Ayers, Harry Aeford, Don- ald Bass, Ronald Bass, Bobby Clark, Teacher: Mrs. Cullum. FIRST ROW: Patricia Pelt, Elaine Lev- erington, Janet Holme, Shirley Patterson, Gwen Settles, Jeannie Luman, Beatrice Pierce. SECOND ROW: Diane Smith, Sandra Stephenson, Virginia Skaggs, Donna Reece, Barbara Simpson, Pamela Slagle, Rosemary Murray. THIRD ROW: Rusty Prince, Page Polk, Charles Pres- ley, Ronnie Summers, Mike Poole, Roy Stanly, Dale Mims. FOURTH ROW: Roy Lee Spruiell, Robert Resales, Jerry Don Thornton, Jodie Robinson, James Ryals, Vemon Bareroft, Art Simmons, Teacher: Mr. Myers. 86 FIRST ROW: Brenda Miller, Linda Lucky, Doreena Lumley, Marlene Moran, Linda Karen Ballard, Evelyn McNair, Linda Mitch- ell, Kitty Millicah. SECOND ROW: Olivia Lopez, Sandra Mason, Beverly McClain, Naomi Morales, Doris Sires, Bill Milky, Steve Nelson, Lon Oakly. THIRD ROW: Cecil Meadors, Larry McNair, Douglas Lunsford, Don Menley, Joe Padilla, Jerry McDanials, Vernon Barcroft. FOURTH ROW: James Murphy, Donald Mitchell, George Neff, John- ny Nixon, Jerry Osborn, Jimmy Pierce, Thomas Parker, Teacher: Mr. McKiski. FIRST ROW: Pat Jackson, Donna La Beck, Mary Hunt, Sandra Laird, Linda Hughes, Katharine Harman, Bertha Feazell, Linda Harris. SECOND ROW: Bryon Hood, Pat Johnson, Pat Kelley, Anita Harris, Shirley Law, Quinn Harncsberger, Shirley Jones. THIRD ROW: Wayne Ivey, Richard Hinojosa, Johnny Kelley, Joe Cuajardo, Fred Cordon, Earl Heath. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Norton, Joe Crimes, David Allen, Mike Holt, Richard Keith, Bobby Gray, Rudy Hinojosa. FIRST ROW: Lynn Charis, Cheryl Day, Carolyn Donald- son, Betty Davis, Mary Gonzalez, Lupe Davila, Jo Beth Dunaway, Geraldine Goad, Janie Flores. SECOND ROW: Julia Diaz, Cheryl Flowers, Lorriane De La Garza, Louise Dodds, Joe Espinoza, Don Donovan, Larry Evans, Samuel Delomar, Larry Goodman. THIRD ROW: Jerry Fields, James Dendy, Larry Darnell, Danny De Loach, Joe Colden, Joe Dunn, Jimmy Jones. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Maddison, Tom Fryman. FIRST ROW: Jennie Mornell, Mary Patrick, Peggy Lee, Sherry Matloct, Sarah O'Connor, Doris Nixon, Karen Lee, Marilyn Nowlin. SECOND ROW: Todd Kent, Randal Palmer, Jerry Latham, Gloria Lipps, Janice Wheeler, Polly Gibson, Peggy Murray, Carol McCabe. THIRD ROW: Ronald King, Archie Parker, Dwayne King, John Rick- land, Kenneth Pate, Perry Pemberton, Therman Sehnan, Ronald C. King. 87 FIRST ROW: Patricia West, Patricia Stricklin, Cherri Tarwater, Gloria Wilder, Anita Williams, Sarah Wilbanks, Cherry Thomas, Zannia Williams. SECOND ROW: Oran Howard, Johnny Wright, Russ McKiski, Gail Sanders, Julia Walker, Marilyn Williams, Mary Tate, Johnny Vaughn. THIRD ROW: Gary Wilson, Jimmy Rajac, William Willis, Mike Yarborough, Jimmy King, Danny Ward. FOURTH ROW: James Hunt, Mackie Walter, Steven Hughes, Ronny Ward, Charles Wallace. BACK ROW: R. D. Larsen. In Memoriam GARY CRUMPLER Gary Crumpler, whose untimely death on March 23, 1962, was held in high esteem by both faculty and student body. He was a good student and an all-round boy whose spiritual nature was "sustained and soothed by an unfaltering trustf, J s V J Opffg These are the people who have Worked extra hard for their school and, therefore, have been rewarded for their labor by being chosen for these honors. We hereby pay tribute to those who gave just a little bit more. A vii?" va.. X-K '-314.5-5, ,X A531 M? 442 55, . V: i .. 1 'Q .4 X XE M -V vip .fa . K i f I 1 ,. W , I tr? A 2 A S " gf. , ff 1 ' ggessygiii ,. k 7 ' M :gf 2' ,mfraf il' ,- . f '-5 f 'V .H f In ' ,Wm :fi U 7 . ' - X sf Lv- - "LL 1' Jf wg, ,ff X AY V L W. Alkhg V R X ,ff 5, ii. fs 1 . x ,KK . -- -L. vl" '1f!" 'Q GIRL 'km D Xu. -gkvgm MOST HANDSOME SENIOR BOY Tom Holland MOST BEAUTIFUL SENIOR GIRL Sharon Evans MOST BEAUTIFUL UNDERCLASS GIRL Dottie Parrish I 3 MOST HANDSOME UNDERCLASS BOY John Woolf a I S 1 ! fm- fc.. . ,.,Q,, V. A Qi.. .. ., A 1 .,.' -gkfg.-f.-T::. f 1 .x'.' , -. , 1 . fa' x'-1 .-fm.-, - 1 -', R31-Y 12' J fX1F.sga'Agf . 'S . P X, gl' , Q, ,.. ,P '?f5'T-,1ff'.:f." .' , yr: Vw, , .L .. .-,Sf '- . 'wiv '-.Fl .A A x w v BEST ALL AROU D U DERCLASS BOY f qi 4. 'ia Y 4, wg ig f 3 h i 7 V11 f, MOST POPULAR UN 1jERCLASSfQIRL Cathy Carnes m 'Y Vi lkl kkyr 4 --AL Q. ..,,, .. -fussy:-f X .. ., x-:, A .. v,-- N... .. . , . .f-.W . V5 ,k:::. X55--1 X V X-age - - -. ', -A Y . .X K k ,-:im-i f-- 5- ,. f ' . :Lf-14:-ff-'T'--. 4 , ,M 1' 3 .:A.v,. w,-153'-:FL . .- gs.:-T A-1,,Qf.'l':-V-F. ,-Y' -3-T-"il-gt-4' 'r-f. --'-4151. 1' ,,..i15fg:tEi?lQg-g-" :Zi ,.4iff.-35-1.3--'iigiiii , "TENS 452 Y v :f:2L"':"f'-' 1--"1-x--"Q 1--'...t-2 .1N.W . " . ,Li -fl-1-1-if'gi4f"'f'f" ' -var f ffl J -:1 :'fi:7:-I.L:K--i,.f'i-w l-: 'Tfr "1542:1'-,. T Y-3-1 -.'-'14-1 1-.1:sZ:j'-':'f..f.,','-J-S '. .E',. - -:-M-eg 'il-f -1":-.-.."XT2z':-is: -'1'.Z . Z1 4'-"5 -" lv.: - 4' 'rf 1, i-L-'.4ii:11:3,N:+.:-:I .:-5-1' ' 5.1L 4" .R -"f.'4'- 'cg:,'-:-1qi'lQI-Sggl-gf,iffy -ff: "-'zgjfg img!! QX,.1QS1j:--'-5. -gg jj , 'Q 1 2- ' -N if:f'2fi:4-E1fL:Y:f'--iw"1'-fx fur-f x - tv- A ' N-:SST-1: N f " - ' f .gslfwgii-51'-Fi-x:43,7j:.1g.,Q51 225.-3 3Q1.qgg -5I'J..f - -' ' K ::.j:'tf5J.'j,2l: -3,,.,,.-.- gs- 131: ,f 55 ' ' Q' R-Bibi? " "-.s5i""2i4' - ' gs. A-.ig:gf.:5+m Q- .- .A . -' . - ,yiel- ,, H .'-1-,sky fs Af'-4.1 f-: iii 1- -:'.4+ ,, -1: 51 10 f Q., - W.'..'., ,Ir va Q-+-:N - L, . L, if i. J 55353.l33-? K . wi. ,, R , x i " ,H-".r".'L-. '16 A fire , ' -2. '-'fig-K2 ,i f -- ' -- 3-Q 1 Qvkx my ffl' K Q43 .- iff' ft' 5293535 , 'ef V ' if ,Z , ws w I I V 319' M G - Q E W , if ,K ,,,,g,,,, , mf! 2. M 'fd 3, , 2 .' 41 . Z M vm x 1 an Q-5 :58 v, " X- rp fx mg? -A N Pete duPlessis Ann Stephens Ann Yarbrough Jill Grabbe WI-HTS Steve Larner Peggy Hagan WHO '4 Kaye Monk Jim Alford Margaret Polk Janet Ford NNI' M. 'JSI .lean Mason Tom Holland George So rrells Lydia Thomas Kay Genseke Bonnie Caruth -er-ef Raymond Drum Jan Patton 'Y' Phyllis Angona V94 -jaw-.pwx ff Ronnie Nelson X'-Q.. Kay Luddcn Bill Pursley Nancy Melton Don Brewer Marvin Coats Roddah Hyde Q? Johnny Seahorn Shannon Suarez 4, Joe Ondrusek Cecile Mitchell sk HOMECOMI G xt HOMECOMING QUEEN Juanita Janousek The Homecoming Court, from left to right: Phyllis Angona, Cheri Turwuter, Pat Johnson, Queen Juanita, seated, Cecile Mitchell, Cathy Carnes, Darlene Benson, Judy Coffee, Jeannie Ricketts. I08 2155- fxk 5 xi A 1962 BASKETBALL QU EEN Cathy CLll'Il1'S a o Jak if kr MQV The Military Department always strives to bring honor to our school. However, since they are not often recog- nized for all their work, We take this opportunity to introduce you to the instructors, officers, and cadets who make their group all that it is. Cl YTRST BATTLE GROUP, SLCGND R .... W. H. ADAMSON HTGH SCHGCJL DALLAS, TEXAS ll2 O T C RLGT NTLNT Colonel A. L. Fulton has been Commandant of Cadets at W. H. Adam- son High School since September, 1957, following two years in the same capacity at Sunset. He graduated from The United States Military Academy in 1920 and has served in the Cavalry as Troop and Squadron Commander. He served in Armor as a Group Commander and also as a Division and Corps General Staff Officer. Returning from overseas he retired from active military service in September 1954. Col. Fulton was awarded the Bronze Star and Legion of Merit medals for his performance of duty in World War II and the Legion of Merit medal for performance of duty in the Korean War. Master Sergeant Thomas H. Andress has served in the United States Army for 19V3 years. During this time, he served in World War ll sta- tioned in Europe, North Africa, and Japan. He first came to W. H. Adamson High School as R.O.T.C. instructor in the fall of 1952, but returned to active duty in the Korean conflict. While in Korea he was assigned to the United Nations Honor Guard at Seoul, Korea. In February 1956 he re- turned to Adamson and has been an instructor ever since. Battle Group Commander Battle Group Staff Sponsor Elaine Williams Pete duPlessis Battle Group Executive Officer J oe Ondrusek CAMP DALLA 1961 Camp Dallas Company B Hdq. A-1.0, 'hui Brigade Parade Time to go home! COLOR GUARD Aubry Self, Bill Barrett, James Nachlinger, Charles Smith. BATTLE GROUP STAFF FIRST ROW: Pete duPlessis, Elaine Williams, Joe Ondrusek SECOND ROW: Frank Bracken, Joe Whitaker, Edgar Hall Harold Lee. 1961 D R.o.T.C. ' DRILL TEAM Commander Sponsor .loe Ondrusek Juanita .lanousck pu-nn P-Q ,crux Y R K 'I ,- FIRST ROW: Juanita Janousek, Joe Ondrusek, ,loe Whitaker, Pierre Bradchuw Bob Wilson Richard Calvert Pete du Pl ' SECO cssis. ' ND ROW: .limmy Malone, Mike Kenible, Dale Whitey C. L.NSmairt, Holly Rroot, Bonnie Martinez. THIRD ROW: Billy Jack, John Richardson, Hubert Williams, Stanley Luttrell, Albert Rodriguez, David Rowley. FOURTH ROW: Glenn Stinebaugh, David Davis, Jerry Virden, Charles Smith, Bill Barrett, Mile Culley, Hubert Downing. 1961 R.O.T.C. Captain P SPOYEOT Clarence Nall CSSY agall PRONE: Aubrey Self, George Roope, Barry DePaw, Robert Dilday. KNEELING: Harry Alford, David Davis, James Nach linger, Michael Holt, John Carter. STANDING: Clarence Nall, David Titsworth, Peggy Ragan, John Parr, Joe Bracken PONSOR Elaine Williams, Peggy Ragan, Juanita Janousek, Cheryl Gumm, Sandra Stephenson, Cathy Cames, Judy Coffee, Donna Pope. BA D COMPANY Pal Commander: Beryl Moore Sponsor: Cheryl Gumm KNEELING: Beryl Moore, Johnny Seahorn, James McGehee, Mike Compton, Richard Packer. FIRST ROW: Cheryl Gumm, Stephen Nelson, Wayne Fluke, Gary Cook, Johnny Garcia, Richard Grace, Toel Furr, George McCaffity, John Carlisle, Glenn Aldridge. SECOND ROW: Bill Harris, Stephen Lamkin, Thomas Horton, Roy Grady, John Setzer, Mike Murphey, ' ' ' ' C 1 L ' Bli s, Bisk Russell McKiski, David White. THIRD ROW: Gary Autry, Glenn Augular, Mike Mllkler, Frank or ett, orm s Kephart, John Dial, Robert Lamb. m e 'Elm . 1 S Q COMPANY A Q.. ' Commander: Albert Rodriguez SDDTLSOTJ Sandra Stephenson KNEELINGg Hubert Williams, Dale White, Albert Rodriguez, Bob Wilson. FIRST ROW: Sandra Stephenson, Johnny Poston, Don Meyers, Mike Southerland, Joe Padilla. Bonnie Martinez, Marshall Baily, Holly Frost, Stephen Nelson. SECOND ROW: Stanley Luttrell, Mike Holt, Hubert Downing, Harry Alford, Chuck Foster, Don Hudson. THIRD ROW: Charles Smith, James Nachlinger, Aubrey Self, Bill Harris, C. L. Smart, Ronnie Ward, Billy Barrett. COMPANY B Commander: Clarence Nall Sponsor! CfilhY CHTHCS KNEELING: David Lovell, David Smith, Clarence Nall, David Titsworth. FIRST ROW: Cathy Carnes, Jimmy Malone, Mike Kemble, Douglas Lunsford, Richard Franklin, Joe Grimes, Dewayne King, Marvin Dunn. SECOND ROW: .lohn Richardson, Ronnie Snow, Ted Farmer, Cecil Meadors, Mike Culley, Roy Spruiell. THIRD ROW: David Sharp, Peter Davies, Thurman Selman, Harry McNair, Robert Smith, George Roope. COMPANY C QA .- Conzmnnder: Richard Calvert Sponsor: Judy Coffee KNEELING: John Carter, Raymond Smith, Richard Calvert, Mack Crutchfield, Jolm Parr. FIRST ROW: Judy Coffee, Ronnie Reynolds, Kenneth Lind, Charles Wallace, Jerry Osborn, Wayne Cox, Harold Watkins, Eddie Rriscoe. SECOND ROW: Rilly Jack, Wayne Ivey, Danny Roady, Barry DePaw, Glenn Steinbaugh, Robert Wright. THIRD ROW: David Davis, .Ierry Virden, Tommy Rrittain, .lerry Massey, Joe Mulcahy, Roger Marshall. COMPANY D Comnmnrler: Pierre Bradshaw SPD"-'Off Dfmnil PUP0 KNEELINC: Robert Dilday, .IOC Bracken, Pierre Bradshaw, Noel Conley, Barry Vaughn. FIRST ROW: Donna Polk, Richard Kieth, Jolmny Degelia, Larry McNair, Bill Blanton, Donald Mitchell, Mike I-lanson, David Rowley, Robert Massey. SECOND ROW: Larry Pitts, David Pickett, Jodie Robinson, Mike Compton, Gene Owen, Mike Tuebner, Odells Scroggins. , 10, 1.3! ,1 1' 5 4 W, , fr.. . . 1, Q , ,iw ,, .L -5 ,, X IJ.. l RV 1- V 4,1 11 Jqlxvvw --- 1 1511 1'- Q" 51- Kg '-:ffm ,-rw 121 14,- 7 'Q -4 ' ' 1 .ivy ' 3, ,..' I 1 ,LV , .1,. VX A :J . . .1 6 1 r Q j 1 115-fv,.'Lu-,1 's 7.-9:1-, A14'f1x.Sw.T" V A ' H 'F . b .K EA ' Vi ,A 11 14.1 ,. ,,, . W f,5??24"711' .13 , 5-F41 1 L 1 - 1 1 1 + 1 ,L 1 1 i Lif!r,.Q'W:111f,-2:4 111 TTT TT1 'TTI 'TTI 1 J-1-4 WiQ.sf1-5 , 1 1 1 1 1 . 12 i5,mg'aafff:11 M 111 111 111 1 1 'J f 1 ' 4,1 QL-211 QV- Q J- ' H A , ' ' ' L 11 - 'J B11 11'1i11w1+nfzf 1 1 1 1 Q11 1 1 1 as - Q fr 1---. 1 A .. 11 11 'K .K-A ' - ' A gdzmr' 'J-as 1 Q ' 1' 1 " - , . 411.11 Ill Wi' 111 - 1 1 Ill Ill sl- --ig. ?"r"lf"-f-- F--fm Q7 '1 1 "PP11'- "n4,--w.g.rP'v. ' 'I V, l J," V' 15 1 -4 1 'V 771 lk , fil:-:4Q 'ij f',T 'iQ -5871-A 5 -1 W V , A-MAN, f ', , ' A,,......,.. , ... ,-.1. .1 ..1. , L fffLiZ3-41-1 A-49' 1 1 ff- 111- -1 15 3 ' 12171 ' 1111 A 1 ll MS I Mil 1 -,yw.,is..1 " 1 1 --1---1-.1 z5gifi3.,L,5e2ag7353511 I 1 11 an an H Ill was aa 1. 1 .11 1 if 1. 1 '1 1 1 1 11 1 m ami Ill me lll 1:11 . . 'If-'12 1 ,T1 if 'myrjv--V 1: i'.:"f - ' U ,,,,,.,,, M f 1 I 3 . 1 , A-+V -- '1 ' "121j"? "f 1 " X , 'lil 35 L' . .,.. HM. 11111. .,,.l. H 1. .... 1.. 1,, ----if 5151 T 1 .11 1,11 fr-1 1 , f-av-1 , 1 M, 11 ,111 41111711 -1 1 -- 1-14-.1+rLa:,:i4"'W ' 11 .111 4 4- 11 1 A M,..-.,,1,, ,1 , , ,, - --1-""1'f 1 . 1-11 ,1 .. 1 ,,xA .1 1 N1-f11?-- -M' -i1----ff 11 'f1'Q,,."' 1.,.1 LIT' .. Q 1 ""n"7 1 13? 11111 ' 14.1. 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'X ,' .L Ia - '-1: 1, fi .1 FJ . 1 11: 1:..1 -Qzrfxzimi ' 'f 1 11351 is 11 1 Q fmxg. f 1 J fr! 3- 1 'Q 1 1' 41 -' J f.. 1 '1 1 1 'T 1 1 , 1111, Q 1 Pb 14 1 1 1 -1" 1 xv ,.' - '- , v , - I .-r v.-3-A - ' 1 . - ' Fur' ' 325 ug 1'1"-S ' 11 21- :.1 .Q-. 5117- 256 44 .QA fm, .V '11 4 fp' t 1 B--, 11,1 35 11 1 1 1 . f gf 1, 3 U -ag ' 1-.V , . my . 11 11 1 1 5 6 1 v1.11-if 1.4, ,Af 1 1 f 1 1 -ali I' , 1 V-11' A AQ A 1. A . 1 V -3 I 1 , ,, 1- . r 1 - ' z 1 1 r . , 4 1111! S 4 'rf J",-li alvlbowqv-Bmw. 'ill 1151 1 , 1. V .... .... .. ...,., : 1'!'-Y ... A . .,,,V,.w. , ,,,,. M.--"' . v7 11- -,mmf .. .,,,1.4,., f' uf ' ' Q. ,LNQJ 4 -114 ,:i'1': . ,, m 'f '1 --Nw..- .F,- H 1.-ru -vw -.nvr..:.--...rf-1 , .nu-1l...4...1.. .. W5 mins.:-u-I.- Q .J -'M Nj vb ,X ,.,.. - -.. . my 1 A. B YANW "! 'Q . H..Y3n-lvpmrvi'-nunus..hi , ....1w. 1, J M. 'ifgf I A ' , "Q ' 3 'N ' 'M 'iajkrwfi ' .'-'T'-. w...?. ff' 'Wy-Qfjgj fini' Y: 51 51,1113 ' 513 g , g 1 r 291.1 f. .j.rg'Q 1: 5,431 1 1 - 11' 'af-er .. -fy: K AJ ' xii ' TJ ' A W xqsgxd '2,A3f--Sw Q5 ., ' ., ',,' ,s. ,5.1Q1Lg'1 .- . ' - .wht 1,5 ,. .. -1 M Ati 55:5--iiigj 'lififri' , 11 'fa 4" ' ,f-1 .b .4 1 -, .,-.,,V5 MXT. , - sf' ., X- ,I :V ,.-'1 1 t ' , ' ' , 1,,' 1 . 7 ,ju 1 , Nia: x1 nga .1 1 . g- ', ' r. ' 'Q 'Lg' ,-v ,, ,-45'-" ' ' -. tu-k4'l-.,.-. ,, .w'... K1 pangs . 1.11 M. -- vi ,, if 'Q . 4 . UAW , 'Z 1 1 1 3 if 11j',U U 1 lejgu' 1 " , M , W , 1 M'-,W f ,' W My ,M W ', ,, rn 1' if 11. a,. , ,-'HU'-' Vw- ' ' ' , ' ' ' ' tg 14 1 1 J 4 L .. . . . , 1 j. .1 HJ' Mx W AXWZAN N These groups, some of which function year-round, Work tirelessly to help their school. As few receive all the thanks they need, We use this section to acquaint you with the groups, their members, and their Work of loyalty. 3 ST UDE T COUNCIL lk fi' Billy Pursley Vice-President If Don Brewer President Janet Ford Secretary f IDS Marvin coats , Naqcy Melfqn Treasure, Sponsor: Mr. David Forgey Parlramenzarzan Jean Barham Jimmy Bauman Ruby Berry Bob Bodiford Rosalyn Braswell Douglas Brown Cathy Carnes Tom Champion Susan Condor Betty Davis Karol Depew Kenneth Forman Mary Gilbreath Mary Green Chris Hansen Red Harp Linda Hughes Jody Humber Ronald Johnson Charlette McFarlin Tom McGown Janice Mauldin Delight Milburn Pat Musick Linda Nash Sheila Pettigrew Kathleen Phillips Hank Price Jeanie Ricketts Jerry Sorrell Sandra Stephenson Jerrel Sutton Tommy Thompson Teddy Trept Beverly Tucker Loury Vaughn Joyce Welsh Allen Williams Elaine Williams Ann Yarbrough Officers and members join in the search for better ways to do things Here they discuss possible ways of helping the traffic situation around the school with our representative from the Dallas Police Department. The Student Council of W. H. Adamson has 58 members who represent over 1400 students. The officers who were elected last spring are: Don Brewer, presidentg Marvin Coats, vice-president, Janet Ford, secretaryg Billy Pursley, treasurerg and Nancy Melton, parliamentarian. The active sponsor is Mr. David A. Forgey. This organization's activities started in midsummer with a money raising project. After raising fifty dollars, the group promoted student handbooks which were given to all new students and teachers the first day of school. The council has sponsored a faculty brunch, the annual Student Council-Faculty Breakfast, the Mr. and Miss Howdy Contest, Twirp Week, and Homecoming. They have promoted a series of patriotic assemblies and have provided guides for American Education Week and Howard A. Allen Day. Decorations and activities for Thanksgiving and Christmas have been other projects of this club. Thanksgiving. ti Here the officers of the student council are shown in one of their many projects, namely decorations tor n ELECT CHORUS K" PS-7 fxn ' 'fmt is X It Mr. Teague This year, many beautiful performances have been given by the Select Chorus. These included performances at Mr. Allen's reception, on the Thanksgiving assembly, the Christmas Pageant, and a taped broadcast over KRLD. They have also given several operettas and have sung for many civic groups. The Select Chorus plays an active role in the activities of Adamson. OFFICERS 1 ' , nr l W , an 8 "N f W Q K Q I R .X X a. ' 5 a , T31 if Steve Larner 1 Gary McCaffity Delight Milburn Cecile Mitchell President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Qiirf yy Q r Phyllis Angie Linda Buddy .loan IfiS Angona Baker Baker Barber Barham Belk A 3 I 3 WW .z ii .: Q QF :A A J. i -3 'ls I C 9 '79 jg, i 1 K V Q , M i. 1, Ruby .lan Kathi Don Diana Georgia Cherry Martha Bonnie Karol Berry Bethke Boyd Brewer Brodhead Browning Burroughs Campbell Caruth Dcpcw 4 .' 7, Q 3 34:9 36, ii- irrr Ig! 1 3 fs I . , ' sf X x 4 , I 4.-s 'MQ , nil, Q A I i i ' F w Mike Lois Donna Ginger Kay .leannene Roy Andra Clydette Sherion Edmondson Ewton Faries Fulenwider Carling Gaston Grady Hanaucr Harden Harrelson .Q ge- ,Q J a 6- Q A: ,, 3 . .vt 3- 97 if ,it ,M f X S- BJQZ,-5 " K Don .ludy Charlott Sally Hulene Cheri Sandra Robert Charlene Kay Hart Hathaway Hoggard Humphreys Jackson .l0l1I'lSl0I1 Laird Lam Lawhead Lndden A tt - g i ark' as SE B 5 AW 'J if .Y A ,,,, A C- 1 -K . 'iff f ' - A W Q is - Rick Tom Phyllis Kaye Darlene Kathleen Mike Norma George Pat McConathy McGown Milburn Monk Moore Mulcahy Murphey Murray Neff Norman ,136 A via lv-L . "' H fa ' W5 +56 Q f 3 3 + .fa " K . ' t to ,r s L s Q: , 5 V i A hwy 11' Diane ,lackie Annette Hank Billy Leslie Gloria Carolyn Diana Jeannie Pace Parr Parsley Price Pursley Putz Reita Rhodes Rhodes Ricketts '79 C . - 0 ,. as ' , B 'iii Bonnie Gary Sharla Kathleen Norma .lerrel Ophelia Brian Linda .ludy Sarratt Shields Sims Stoddard Stovall Sutton Torres Trimmier Vantreese Walters A C .z 1 6 iii A ' ' A ' ' "9 ... . , 5 ' L l ' "7 L 1 tx Ronnie Clyde .lerry Cheryl Janette Susan Linda Watts Wells Wight Williams Wood Wood Wyatt l27 Q ,,..., ..,.!,.r,,,,,. ,n .. , El, T Y Linda Chapman Cathy Carnes ,-,Y ..-wxjfjffi-2:4 .e'up..., marspiwmwg mg.wmWhwm,Em,,!q? , . .V . . .. . :kim L LEOPARDETTE --.V Juanita Janousek Peggy Ragan Mrs. Cullum, Sponsor Joan Ragsdale Dorothy Parrish H W., Brenda Bates :Q 3.-w Sandra Fluke wg. .fi-r.:au,A Beverly Pfieffer f 2 i -' I -ig Anna Beaty Jill Grabbe w Q Q 1. as + x K v 1 K Q Linda Post ., .,,. X . B 1 " ' l K ' X X J ,L V I 1 I S vp .I 3 I r K, j I l f I 2 1 1 ., Q . , . . 5 Q Q ? 4 1 s f z 2 E 3 5 ' R l L f ' 1 ,y in 'awry , t , A'-Q . - -xx I , ff, fys, ' Aff ' , f l if xx +3 'x K fg ,- A ,. -, . ., L. . Q S 3 , L Q . Q- Vaavm .at 5' ,-4' 1111 i 1 k. 1 xl-jf view:- 1 X Q Q 'Q 3 L is Q Q ,, A B , , .Le,, . 5' K -7 , E Q 5 me ,. L ,:.- G.,i . Q 4 4 'P ir : Y L fl A I . 1 il 3 5 x . I, lxfc g ' X N L 3 - -:fa 2 im is . I - ' Q 5 5 Q ,J 'X 5 ' ' '. ' 'f if ' L 1 r A , H, o Q 2 , 52 Q 1. , y M 3 5 w B B . 1 Q 15, il A' f 3 ' K Q EP .I k L L Y Q , E W . . Vx J ws K rf ii ' - v S - 4 1 Q I is L! X Q . Q. Qs- f 1 2 . i . S, X . 5 B i 1 fb r 2 gf- L B ff - ll 4' , j . fx W 5 - S A ' J I . x r , 1, in ,B 7:51:69 'T,. Bi - aa. - ie - B '- W ii ' , - ag, , Ei ' ii , - 1 E L ' Georgia Browning Mary Daily N5 K , . B ii,-ni I J- - 'K Y ' L' A. ' v, "fill i - ,, -'-l.'1 5 ' " F H R li lj Q , .X f A .A.. . Q 1 x Q 5 an il , J Cheryl Gumm Kay Leatherwood .lean Moody Q " Sw i :K 2, 5 . , . . f 1 i B X f' I , 'X V 5 yn., 3 g v ,B .f f ef if 4 f .B gif' 545' B B B ' aaaae i Q -- l LSE " i B arm' . , 5: f 'f 1 af. ' 'ft 5 X - ".. Z, K 'Ib . 1 5 . B Q X 1 9 A B ' g: 5 A b ' . ,, ,,,-. if K , raw. Patti Sherrill Ann Stephens Elaine Williams IZ9 Judy Pevehouse Peggy Polston Sandra Franks I 30 Es., '-.,-,fi dn, 1 N1 S- bw-fr? 3 ,. ,Meir 1-Qf, .- W .xv fam. -K Q, K ,S -v. N4 -- .v H.. Y f .f Kay Bates Janet Bullington ':'1f"2fL-.1 .4 K '5 24: - 53 42 V la 5 - , a Q ' " if X , .QQ-'f-ST- . ' " ' '5 y 4 ' -V .. A f . ,Q 55' 'LS TIT5. ' K L, Q , H fs ,Q L 5 fe 1 ,f ug, x f Q ?.5..,-ff'-T3 ' -' lisfiim gi' -girfiks-ff-f-3,21 -- - - :W sm. . . fy r -1 I -- '- If '- :-1- wr-Fwy. f rf if A of -f s. . . '35 lc . .. sta 5 S if ,-x- 3-5, .. X Q Q, , Q .1 f ffmnm, ,A A '::'f , FX-5430 L.. .r I ' " Charlott Roberts Johnny Davis Barbara Fowler Carol Hines Q Cheri Johnston Claudia Little 3,14-5 qv.. , .- ' .'f'K:, am. ,w '1 1 ,M . ,I . Oh! Those - ' ' Susan Morgan Tania Morgan early morning practices! 1 5 . ,Rf , , 'G as. 'af . -as 5 . 1 4, Norma Murray Annette Parsley Joyce Allen Sandra Chancellor Diana Rhodes Susan Condor .lean Wilson June Wilson l3I V I l gd, ii n '.'5.4..,: i ,,n... if iinifiilifffifiif Yffiiiiiifgfitiitxxiig 12:::n:2::::m:::::a:- .::::::::1:r::::x::::: 5712222533 S55E?ii5jE555553i5iffE55i5 z2+E'E'E-imagiiz. x gii5lEiEiiiHiiifEEiEiE2Ei """'EEEES5EEZEEE?F 1525223225251 5555515525f3ESifE5EE.E555f if5.If"5i:?'15If1?fflI??" fm'-1-1--V. . .-.... ..... ..g......,. ...............z ............ .......... ..........,., ,., z.. rirufhrzff' .:::::x:::::!E::,::::::::i ::::::::::::::: 'nr'-'-::: :::::::::::5,,m:3ggg:a ..,rgyyl:,.., 3 2 iw? Mr.. aii"sasass1sss assesses ssssszszs 55?E33i5555SESi5551':555 . -f fmftflfys 11 1 2 1 zsiissisaaisssisassssss 31212121 :west m:zm:..,...,.,fq.... ,. .... . -4-W -- LEOP RD B .ludy Coffee, .lohnny Seahorn, Lydia Thomas The Leopard Band welcomed this year a new band director, Mr. Russell McKiski. The fall season was full of many activ- ities, including playing for pep assemblies and presenting half-time shows at all the games. The band accompanied the football team to Beaumont and Irving besides marching in the annual Fire Prevention parade, the Thanksgiving Balloon parade, and, for the second year, the Cotton Bowl parade. The band performed in the pre-game activities at the SMU vs. Texas Tech game and were special guests at the Cotton Bowl Classic on January 1. The highlight of the concert season was presentation of the annual Spring Band Spectacular and participation in the City and Thomas Jefferson Band Festivals. Many of the band mem- bers were honored by membership in the Dal-Hi Symphony Orchestra, the chestra. Johnny Seahorn All-Region Band, and All-State Band or Or- DRUM MAJ ORS Lydia Thomas ...... Judy Coffee .......... Randy Sharber Beverly Tucker .,,,... Head Drum Major Assistant Drum Major Assistant Drum Major ,....,,,.,,,,,,..Alternaze Head Alternate Assistant 6 CLARINETS-From left to right: Beryl Moore-principal, Gary McCaffity, Mike Edmundson, Robert Lam, Glen Aguilar, John Dial, ,lan Shockley, Wayne Fluke, Lizheth Suddeth, Mary Miller, Laura Effel, Sandra Satterwhite, Charlotte Goff-Principal. TRUMPETS and CORNETS-From left to right: Johnny Garcia, Bill Harris, John Setzer, Mike Mickler, Mike Murphy, Thomas Horton, Glenn Aldridge, Bisk Kepart, Wayne Sampson, David White, Clydette Harden, Randy Sharber-principal. I35 l i TROMBONES-From lcft to right: Don Rice, Mike Compton, Johnny SCLlll0I'Il+ principal, Lorin Bliss, ,lolln Carlisle. PERCUSSION-From left to right: Beverly Tucker, Richard Grace, Kitty Gregson, Roy Grady, Richard Packer, Sammy Canales, Ronnie Jones, David Johnson-principal. FRENCH HORNS and BARITONES- From left to right: Dale McCaffity- principal, Cary Lynn Cook, Russ Mc- Kiski-principal, James McCehee, Char- lotte McFarlin, Patti Freeman. ATIONAL H0 OR if OCIETY Raymond Drum ii' 'QTQAQ77 . President Ann Yarbrough Vice-President Carolyn Rhodes Secretary The National Honor Society in high school corresponds to the Phi Beta Kappa Society in college. It is sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals. Students are elected to membership in the National Honor Society by the faculty on the basis of leadership, scholarship, character, and service. Only work done in the 10th, llth, and 12th grades in the Dallas schools is considered in computing scholarship averages. In no case may more than five per cent of the Ill A class, ten per cent of the IV B class, and fifteen per cent of the IV A class be elected to membership. Only Ill Ais with almost an A average and IV B's and IV A's with a B average are submitted to the faculty for election. " 'S'-.ya ...Q 65' cw" 'f 5 S ,J I N . . ., Jim Alford Glenda Bartoli Diana Brodhead Charlotte Carter Bonnie Carurh Geneva Chennault ii-I - , 5 e .. e Q . is fr B, 2 if Vina s Mack Cruchfield Robert Davila Susan Fielder .lanet Ford Kay Genscke Jill Grabhe I38 Kkvv A' 'K , ...J Q V in , Q-" N -P' K i5f'Qe.,.,.J' it lj E NNJ, W xl . 1' , -XX K si x K A K 3 XL , ,X ,z N if -J 1 f fafaf' s E ' f fs 1 W 4 Sandra Gunn Janet Hoffman Glenda Hooper 82,0-. Th !""" MM W N S -va ing-, ' 'Nw-if Kay Leatherwood E l rf" ix 3 Q ff Kay Ludden Jean Mason Madeline Mclnerney Nancy Melton John Miller 'ffm tf' Mk: cgi., .ln 'Q - ,r f ,. ,,.... ,. I, , uv lk ,C lg ls? 6.50 'Q , I 'I Kay Monk Darlene Moore Jan Patton Margaret Polk Peggy Ragan John Seahorn 1 RF 5-I 1? ,--, .W , Q jf ,lv we his J .Ai , A O N l 21'-Qi? Q M .. an A v , X Q.. Q. "T If , we Shannon Suarez LYdia Thomas Karen Tfuitf Barbara Wallace Jeanne Worley Linda Wyatt Not Pictured: Ron Browning l39 ? I s 1 x 5 i 2 k 1 r 1 s 'iiwamv ww-rg Q..,.4,,,.,.,q,M,W W I M Q f , 5 L 2 5 E gi RT CL B The Art Club consists of interested students of the art department who give of their extra time to help make Adamson a more festive place during the holiday seasons. Shown at left are three of the officers admiring the decorations for the Christmas season. The club is sponsored and super- vised by Miss Schroeder. Joyce Allen David Berry Bob Bodiford Pamela Bredeson Lynnetle Brown Leslie Cameron Sandra Colburn Carolyn Finley Byron Dale Hood Richard Hooper Dwain Jarman Cindy Jones Dorothy Kipp Deanne Knodle Dorenna Lumley MEMBERSHIP Charlotte McFarlin Joan Mclnerney Kaye Massey ,ludi Matthews Penny Maxcy Sandy Miehlke Susan Morgan Kathleen Mulcahy Joe Mulcahy Norma Murray Janet Negethon Sue Nowlin Virginia Nowlin Marsha Ogilvie OFFICERS Jimmy Picard Betty Puckett Barbara Roy Bobby Russell Pat Stricklin Jerry Taggart Larry Tey Don Thornton Julia Walker Danny Ward Pansy Weese Clyde Wells Gloria Whitted Douglas Van Zandt Mike Vincent RQPUVWV President Secretary Vice-President Kai' Censeke Angie Baker Jean Mason Tarzie Thacker m OFFICERS Linda Myers Clifford McVey Kay Monk Secremry-Treasurer Vice-President President These students relinquish their study halls in order that they can help Miss Thompson and Mrs. Browne keep the books in proper order. This helps the students of Adamson find them without much trouble. They also sponsor an annual Christmas party for the present and ex-teachers of Adamson. Shown here are some of the beautiful decorations made especially for this year's Christmas party. At the left, teachers get together for a friendly chat over cookies and coffee provided by the club. LIB ARY VICE CL B Cary Cook Carolyn Donaldson Andrea Fluke Richard Franklin Joe Golden Jackie Johnson MEMBERSHIP Ray Key Karen Lee Patricia Lott Sheri Merritt Lynda Miller Gene Owens Mary Ann Patrick Brenda Reed Jodie Robinson Sandra Stephenson U O "I O .. :- 'C 29 s: :s rr N V1 Q. ww AN-AMERICAN STUDE T FORUM OF TEXAS Hidalgo Chapter I The purpose of the Pan-American Club is to help students obtain a better relation- ship, understanding, and appreciation of the customs, cultures, and people of the Latin American countries. i Msn.. TE Miss Eugenia Newberry Harold Wood SPOHSOI' N- X Sponsor OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary TFCIISUVBV Spence JHHUHFY Jeanne Worley Shannon Suarez Madeline McInerneY 135 Iligmrian 2nd Historian Reporter P.A.S.F. Chairman Janet Ford Gloria Retta Kathleen Phillips Kay Ludden I44 Marie Aldridge .lim Alford Robert Arraya lris Belk Betty Cannon Betsy Cantu Gladys Cantu Robbie Claudis .lo Ann de Ford Raymond Drum Dana Dunett Charlotte Echols Steve Epps Carmen Espinoza Judy Evans Becky Flach Ofelia Fonseca Janet Ford Jeanelyn Gardner Betty Gheen Michael Gorman Linda Graham Pauline Haralson Paulette Hankins MEMBERS Toosie Harrison Joan Hayn Hugh Hood Barbara Ingram Spence January Sherrie .lenkins Martha Jett Cindy .lones Ricki Kalies Susan Kennedy Gay Killion Sheila Kuhn Charlene Lawhead Kay Leatherwood Harold Lee Alene Leslie Patsy Leslie Delia Lozano Kay Ludden Jimmy Malone Ann Marley .lean Mason Shirley McCann Carlota McFurlin Madeline Mclnerney Linda Merrill Garvin Mershawn Marsha Miglinas .lackie Parr Kathleen Phillips Margaret Polk Gloria Retta Dixie Robinson Sandra Satterwhite .lan Shockley David Smith Shannon Suarez Albert Torres Ofelia Torres Barbara Wallace Diane Weeks Mary Kaye Whitter .lean Wilson June Wilson Phil Wochleke Jamie Worden Jeanne Worley NATIONAL THESPIANS Sponsor: Miss Wilhelmina Hedde The National Thespians is an organization com- posed of high school students throughout the United States who are interested in the furtherment of the dramatic arts in secondary schools. New mem- bers are elected by the old members and graded on their acting ability. OFFICERS: President, Janet Ford Vice-President, Sheila Pettigrew Secretary, Kay Ludden Karl Adams Diana Broadhead Douglas Brown Karol Depew Dana Durrett Mike Edmondson Mona Elsik Vicky Garrett Ruth Gracey Sandra Gunn Don Hart I46 wma Spence January Tania Morgun Kathleen Phillips Virginia Polston Hank Price Eileen Railsback Ann Stephens Tommy Tomlinson Ronnie Watts Jeanne Worley car ATIO AL FORENSIC LEAGUE OFFICERS: President, Ronnie Nelson Vice-Pres., Kinchen Pier Secretary, Sheila Pettigrew Treasurer, Ronald Browning Karl Adams Nanci Bronar Cherry Burroughs Mona Elsik janet Ford Madelyn Hayn Lorraine Howard Steve Lamkin Alys McDonald David McDonald Cary Moon Mike Murphy Kathleen Phillips Steve Phipps Robert Pendergraft Lynn Richards Pam Shafer FUTURE TEA The Howard Allen Future Teachers of America Club, organized on November 17, 1939, strives to reach every student preparing to teach and to interest additional young men and women in teaching as their career. Aside from special programs, the FTA- attempts to assist our faculty by appearing on assemblies for American Education Week and Texas Education Week. A "Teacher of the Month Award" is presented each month in the school year to honor a member of the faculty and a spring coffee is given in honor of all the faculty. Books for the library, money for teacher scholarship funds, and various other activities are paid for with money made from their fund-raising projects. Kay Geneske Patsy Gregory Pat Archer Carolyn Rhodes Marilyn Lamb Shannon Suarez ,lean Mason Nancy Melton J an Patton Carol Downs Pete du Plessis OF MERIC Treasurer MEMBERSHIP Sue Owen Sharon Simmons Treva Strickland .lan Shockley Mary Rowland Kathleen Stoddard Beverly Norris Ricki Kalics Linda Wyatt Frank Corlett J im Alford .lames Neumann Claranell Crawford Elaine Law Carolyn Hines Margaret Polk Raymond Drum Sue Rotramcl George Sorrcls Dana Durrett Dixie Robinson Betty Gheen Ann Yarbrough Ann Stephens Donna Franklin President Program Chairman Secretary Q ILL A D CROLL Quill and Scroll, the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists, was organized for the purpose of encouraging and rewarding individual journalism achievements. It takes an active part in raising the standards of journalism and in directing the course of high school journalism. Sponsvr: Joe Norton President Vice-President Secretary Kathleen Phillips Pat Archer Kay Genseke Pat Archer Bonnie Caruth Linda Chapman Marvin Coats Claranell Crawford French Davis Karol Depew Janet Ford Becky Caskin Vickey Garrett I50 MEMBERS Kay Censeke Bill Halstead Carolyn Hines Roddah Hyde Diane Knodle Nancy Melton Joe Ondrusek Jan Patton Beverly Phieffer Kathleen Phillips Treasurer-Marvin Coats Program Ch.-Karol Depew Margaret Polk Virginia Polston Susan Redmon Nancy Roach Forest Smith Ann Stephens Shannon Suarez Lydia Thomas Johnny Widener Linda Wyatt COR STAFF Sponsor-J. L. Norton FALL STAFF Pat Archer ' ' . Kathleen Phillips ...........,...-....------ Edli0fS'm-Chief SPRING STAFF Kay Genseke Shannon Suarez ..... .... E ditors-in-Chief Nancy Melton Ann Stephens --4-,, ,,,,, A SSiSlal7,K Edit0TS Virginia Polston Elaine Williams ..... .... F 61111176 E11-75075 Andrea Fluke Janet Hoffman .... ----.-- C lub Ediwfs Bill Halstead Johnny Widener -,-. ....... S p0ftS Editors Linda Chapman -----, ,,,.. P icture Editor Darnellia Burkett Shirley Farmer ,,,,--, ...... E xchange Elliwrs French Davis Linda Wyatt ----- ,,---,, B usiness Managers Jean Emmons Carolyn Hines Spence January ..... ..... B usiness Staff REPORTERS Chrystal Autry, Johnny Balajka, Billy Boswell, Mary Boy- kin, Gary Brewer, Jack Bronstead, Georgis Browning, Nancy Castleberry, Claranell Crawford, Lois Ewton, Tommy Farris, Janet Ford, Carolyn Frasure, Vickey Gar- rett, Charlotte Goff, Kitty Gregson, Cheryl Gumm, Roddah Hyde, Glenda Hooper, Jeanette Jones, Mary Krough, John Little, Steve Mathews, Sylvia Montalvo, Mona Montgomery, Jean Moody, Don Navarro, Annette Parsley, Beverly Pfief- fer, Susan Redmon, Diana Rhodes, Forest Smith, Alexia Tonick. ISI 'Zl- -:"' O ff-5g1f'2"' - 1 ff? 1 LJ Taking a short break and period of instruction are, left to right: ,loe Ondrusek, Deanne Knodle, Mrs. Moore, sponsor, and .lcrrel Sutton. The staff 'worked from May, 1961, to April, 1962, in the preparation of the yearbook. OAK EDITORIAL TAFF From left to right: Lydia Thomas, Kay Censeke, Karol Depew, and ,lan Patton have a little fun while working in the OAK room. The editorial staff is responsible for designing the pages in the yearbook. Bonnie Caruth, Mona Elsik and Chris Hansen, three Oak Staff members, were not present for the picture. gsx Jdifk 72. 'r"5J 'T .,,,. so F' 4 OAK BUSI ESS STAFF we-3 ,m., J . ,l......., . H W N. hmm LlHdf.l Chapman Becky Gaskm 'md Mar iret Polk under the lcadcrhnp of Mr Brownlee, handle the money involved in the publlciuon and sale of the yearbook These students act as OAK REPRESENTATIVES in the counseling classes. Each Tuesday they take payments for the yearbook. I53 This year the Key Club is one of the most ac- tive clubs at Adamson. It has worked very hard to raise money to replace the leopard head with a leopard. For its hard work it has earned the most points of any club in its Key Club district. The club is under the able sponsorship of Mri Kenneth Brashear. KEY CLUB OFFICERS George Sorrels Joe Ondrusek Pete duP1es1s President Vice-President Secretary .lohnny Balajka Jimmy Bauman Douglas Brown Frankie Cantu Parke Davidson Marty Davis Dick Fant Vick Haak Chris Hansen Charlie Hardt William Harp Tom Holland MEMBERS Spence January Bobby Jenkins Eddie King Charles Mazer Gary McCaffity Jimmy McGlamery Garvin Mershawn Leslie Miller Bill Morrow Ricky Perkins Freddy Powell Billy Pursley Randy Sharber Ernie Sigler Gary Sills James Smith Steve Suarez Rick Tarwater David Titsworth Tommy Tomlinson Tommy Tompson Bubba Ward John Wolf Dickie Young Robert Pendergraft Treasurer E THE N US Sponsor: Miss Marilyn Morgan President: Ginger Fulenwider Vice-President: Kay Leatherwood Secretary: Delight Milburn Treasurer: Beverly Tucker Reporter: Carolyn Rhodes "Entre, Nous," Adamson's French Club, was or- ganized for the first time in 1961-62. Club mem- bership is open to those who are taking or who have taken French. The purpose of "Entre Nousw is to learn more about France-its people and its culture. The highlights of the club's activities this year were the Christmas party for children at Rankin Community Center, and a banquet in the spring. Linda Brown Diane Burke Cherry Burroughs Karen Butler Cathey Chamness Barbara Linton Cynthia Davidson Peter Davies Laura Effel Ginger Fulenwide Judy Harrington Linda Hendry I' MEMBERS Jody Humber Kay Leatherwood Madeline Mclnerney Jeanette Martin Delight Milburn Diane Pace Carolyn Rhodes Jeannie Ricketts Virginia Skaggs Kathleen Stoddard Susan Tabor Beverly Tucker Susan Wood DRAMATIC CL B The Dramatics Club was organized this year to promote interest in the dramatic arts. It is composed of students who are interested in dramatics and the improve- ment of their abilities in this field. MEMBERS Dina Dudley Juanita Padilla Anita Williams Sandra Land Marie Aldridge Alys McDonald ,Ioan Hayn Pat Archer Clarancll Crawford Kay Ccnscke Tony Polansky George Roope Joe Mulcahy Nancy Nystrom qt Diana Brinegar Delia Lozano Paulette Hankins Ellen Grimes Lounan Black Sue Rotranol Shirley McCann Carol Ogilvie June Wilson Janie Woods Jackie Johnson Linda Myers J an Shockley President Pat Archer Secretary Nancy Nystrom Reporter Linda Myers JU IOR PA -AMERICA CLUB Sponsor: Miss Eugenia Newberry The Junior Pan-American Club was or- ganized as a training period for the Senior Pan-American Club. Its purpose is to ac- quaint its members with the Latin American customs and with the state organization of the Pan-American Student Forum. Member- ship is open to both students who have taken Spanish and those who have had no Spanish, but are interested in Latin America, its cus- toms, and its people. OFFICERS President Vice-President Reporter Karen Ballard Clifford McVcy Jacklc Johnson Caral Agihui Judy Arney John Britton Sherry Butler Freddie Caviness Bobby Clark Robert Dilday Danny Eddy Sharon Epps Joe Luis Espinoze David Fain Ted Farmer Carolyn Garret Richard Grace Ronald Hallroak MEMBERS Mike Hanson Charlene Holan Linda Hughes Mary Hunt Homer Jones Pat Kelly Edward Ray Key Ronnie King Diane Lipps .loan Mclnerney Evelyn McNair Brenda Miller Linda Mitchell Freddie Montalvo Marlene Moran .Ieanne Morrill Rosemary Murray Sarah O'Conner Beatrice Picrce Paul Pierderson Samuel Pilanar Carol Pitts Page Evans Polk Ronnie Reynalds Roxie Rhodes Ark Simmons Diann Smith Mike Tennent Patricia Wesh Janie Woods Y-TEENS Sponsor: Miss Mabel Rockett Y-TEENS are junior and senior high school girls who are members of YWCA groups. The three goals of the organization are to grow as a persong to grow in friendship with people of all races, religions, and nationalitiesg and to grow in the knowledge and love of God. MEMBERS Rosalyn Braswell Alene Leslie Cathey Chamness Donna La Beck Carol Downs Moran Marlene Patty Dobbels Diane Pace Lynn Charis Kathleen Stoddard Sherion Harrelson Diann Smith Patricia Kelley Mary Tate Delia Lozano Ruth Ware Patricia Leslie Patricia West I58 President Kathleen Stoddard Vice-President Ruth Ware Secretary Cathy Chamness Treasurer Carol Downs FUTURE BUSINESS LE DER OF MERICA The purposes of the F.B.L.A. organization are to develop competent, aggressive business leader- ship to create more understanding and interest 1n choosing business careersg and to develop char- acter and train for useful citizenship. Preszdent Geneva Chennault Vzce Preszdent: Dianne Brabham Secretary Carolyn Wade Treasurer Dianne Weaks Sponsor: Miss Nona Randolph Dianne Brabham Ruth Ware Carolyn Wade Wilma Summers Claranell Crawford Sherry Jenkins Dianne Weaks Linda Young MEMBERS Lana Cleveland Patsy Smith Lanet Rice Geneva Chennault Marilyn Capp Ricki Kalies Sandra Satterwhite Patty Dobbels Judy Kaiser Martha Clements Judy Dandridge Eileen Railsback Treva Strickland Kathy Cummings Shirley Hunter Virginia Nowlin AFETY CL B Miss .lane Blackwell-Sponsor The activities of the safety club at Adamson include monthly meetings at school and an annual safety assembly. One of the highlights of their year was attendance at the annual S.M.U. Safety Conference. They also participated in the annual Road-E-O and presided over the Saturday morning Juvenile court sessions OFFICERS Susan Kennedy ............,.,.....,.............,..... Chairman Diana Rhodes ...,. .,...,, V ice-Chairman Iris Belk ......,.... .......,...... S ecretary Nancy Melton .. ....,,. Reporter MEMBERS OF SAFETY CLUB Harry Alford Don Brewer John Britton Lilly Burton Judy Cox Linda Graham Chris Hansen Martha Jett Ronnie Johnson Harry Lackey Charles Mazer Robert Pendergraft Susan Redman Brian Trimmier FUTURE Sponsor: Mrs. Charlene Sanders The purpose of the Future Nurses Club is to present infor- mation regarding career oppor- tunities in the field of nursing. Linda Graham Brenda Reed Dorothy Stienkard Betty Davis Ruth Marsh Linda Little Sandra Bridges Betsy Cantu Shirley Morris NURSES CL President: Virginia Polston Vice-President: Linda Riggin Secretary: Peggy Polston Treasurer: Nelda Reno B MEMBERS Donna Mecklin Darlene Moore .lo Ann Deford Judi Matthews Judy Walters Cecelia Hamm Ann Edwards Patti Freeman Carolyn Garrett Mary Pat Green Nelda Reno Linda Riggin Elva Lee Parker Beverly Parrish Patty Dobbels Pat Lott Peggy Polston Virginia Polston Karl Adams Glenn Aldridge Gary Autry David Bright Frank Carlett Raymond Drum Chally Edwards CHESS CLUB The Officers are: Don Van Slyke Steve Nelson MEMBERS Judy Evans Thomas Horton Steve Lamkin Jim McGlamery Wyne Mickey Orville Marrow Bill Milkey Leslie Miller Steve Nelson Jerry Osborn Aubrey Self Charles Smith Mike Southerland Don Van Slyke Phyllis Angona Robert Araya Pat Archer Anna Beaty Darlene Benson Dianne Brabham Pierre Bradshaw Gary Brewer Diana Broadhead Nancilee Bronar Georgia Browning Darnellia Burkett Bill Burns Johnny Calvin Bob Campbell Charlotte Carter Freddie Caviness Karen Clanton Martha Clements Lana Cleveland Marvin Coats Judy Coffee Sandra Colburn Claranell Crawford French Davis Johnny Beth Davis Raymond Drum Pete du Plessis LLIED YO TH TOP ROW: Douglas Brown, Znd President George Sorrels, lst President Tommy Tomlinson, lst Vice-President Johnny Balajka, 2nd Vice-President SECOND ROW: Sheila Pettigrew, Secretary Dottie Parrish, Alternate Officer Cathy Carnes, Alternate Officer BOTTOM: Joan Ragsdale, Treasurer Mike Edmondson Mona Elsik Richard Ford Donna Franklin Sandra Franks Kay Genseke James Godwin Ruth Gracey Linda Graham Patsy Gregory Cheryl Gumm Judy Gunnels Paulette Hankins Chris Hansen William Harp Charlene Hearn Jimmie Kaye Hen Carolyn Hensley Linda Henson Carolyn Hines Lorraine Howard Jody Humber Hulene Jackson Juanita J anousek Cheryl Jansin Spence January Bobby Jenkins Joe Johnson dn Ella Mae Jones Patrick Kennard Enna Kronenberg Marilyn Lamb Steve Larner Alene Leslie John Little Sharon Loftin Gary McCaffity Shirley McCann Ella Jean McClary Rod McFarland Gene McHargue Connie Madewell Jeanette Martin Donna Mecklin Nancy Melton Garvin Mershawn Sandy Mitchell Mike Murphey Janet Negathon Pat Norman Joe Ondrusek Judy Pevehouse Steve Phipps Kinchen Pier Mary Jane Pinn Peggy Polston Virginia Polston Peggy Ragan Eileen Railsback Susan Rcdmon Nelda Reno Carolyn Rhodes Lanet Rice Nancy Roach Mary Rowland James Slmrkey Gary Shields Garry Sills David Smith Jerry Sorrell Wilma Summers Donna Terry Pat Thurman Karen Truitt Linda Turner Carolyn Wade Patricia Walthall Ruth Ware Elliot Way Bill Webb Elaine Williams Jean Wilson June Wilson Janette Wood STUDENT ASSISTANTS These students are chosen by teachers to assist them. They give up their study halls to perform such duties as collecting attendance slips, delivering call slips, maintaining the library, and doing any small tasks that the teachers might need done. JU IOR RED CROSS Cheryl Bradbeary Lyn Nette Brown .lan Patton Betsy Cantu Edna Kronenberg Karen Clanton Patricia Rachol Grace McDaniel Sue Owens Andra Hanover Marilyn Lamb Nelda Reno Pat Musick Sponsors: Miss Judith Ahlfinger Miss Ripple Frazer OFFICERS President-Pat Archer Vice-President-Cecile Mitchell Secretary-Claranell Crawford Program Chairman-Diana Broadhead Linda Graham Lonnette Waller Janis Maulden Gloria Whitted Darlene Benson Jean Emmons Vickey Garrett Shirley Bridwell Patty Dobhels Judy Fields Mary Lee Boykin Nancy Castleberry Chrystal Autry Mary Krough Sharon Welch Ophelia Torres Sandy Miehlke Barbara Vines Mary Smith Barbara Bragg Peggy Murray Linda Lunday Linda Miller Madeline Mclnerney Linda Smith Kathleen Phillips MU LPI-I TI-IET Sponsors: Miss Frances Freese Mr. Conley Jenkins L President-Jim Alford Vice-Pres.-Raymond Drum Secretary-Kaye Monk Mu Alpha Theta is a national honorary organization in high schools and junior colleges for those students who excel in the study of mathematics. Membership is limited to students with an over-all B average and a B+ average ln Mathematics. SENIORS Jim Alford Diana Broadhead Bonnie Caruth Mack Crutchfield Raymond Drum Janet Ford Chris Foster Kay Genseke Jill Grabbe I66 Steve Larner Kay Leatherwood Jacqueline Loving Kay Ludden John Miller Kaye Monk Joe Ondrusek J an Patton Margaret Polk Peggy Ragan John Scahorn Shannon Suarez Lydia Thomas Jeanne Worley Linda Wyatt Ann Yarbrough Carolyn Rhodes Karen Truitt JUNIORS Judy Anderson Vick Haak Judy Pevehouse Jimmy Bauman Chris Hansen Robert Pendergraft Dianne Brabham Lorraine Howrad Joan Ragsdale Martin Davis Jody Humber Kathleen Stoddard Laura Effel Cecil Jones Wilma Summers Ann Edwards Tom McCown Teddy Trept Steve Epps Sandy Mitchell John Woolf Donna Franklin Bill Morrow Carolyn Wade Sandra Franks Mike Murphy Ruth Ware Holly Frost Dorothy Parrish Pax West SOPHOMORES Marcia Comer Carol Downs Clydette Harden Helen Harrison Teddy Jernigan Marsha Miglinas Sue Rotramel Lizabeth Suddeth Dianne Weaks Glen Zauber Rebecca Sue Flach STAGE CREW These boys work during all assemblies. Their job is that of pre paring the stage and stage props for every program. From, left to right: Jimmy Oakley, Joe Whitaker, Elliot Way, Wil liam Harp, Terry Denton, Kelly Semler, Fred Grodon. Not pictured: Aubrey Self and Don Van Slyke. PRUJEDCTIONISTS These boys work many times a week, often relinquishing their stud halls, to 0 erate the motion icture ro'ector for classes. Y P P P l They are Kelly Semler, Jerry Adams, Gary Crumpler, Sonny Craft, Joe Whitaker, Jimmy Oakley, David MacDonald, Bill Webb, Gar- vin Mershawn, Wayne Sampson, John Geiser, Ronnie Johnson, Gayle Cone, Elliot Way, Steve Phipps, John Carlisle. GIRL ' CHORU These girls, under the direction of lVlr. Teague, rehearse every day in order to prepare themselves for the many concerts which they give for the friends and students of Adamson. They are to be congratulated for their fine work Elaine Anglin Joan Barham Betty Beason Diana Bishop Kathi Boyd Karen Butler Linda Brownell Martha Campbell Fran Collins Gloria Corlinas Linda Crowder Louise Dodds Judy Evans ,leanelyn Gardner Anita Harris Joan Krizmanich Karen Lee Ella .lean McClary Ann McDonald Joan Mclnerney Carolyn McMillian Sherry Matlock Janice Mauldin Sandy Miehlke Brenda Miller Lorri Moffatt Sue Owen Beatrice Pierce .lo Elaine Pructt Mary Pruett Robin Rasor Roxie Rhodes Linda Riggin Dixie Robinson Colleen Runisey Gail Sanders Judy Simmons Sharon Simmons Carol Sinor 9' 4' MILIT RY B LL K..- ' 2 The regimental sweethearts dance with their escorts. QUEEN .ludy Coffee Queen Judy and her court, from left to right: Juanita Janousek, Cheryl Gumm, Cathy Carnes, Donna Pope, Judy fseatedl, Elaine Williams, Peggy Ragan, and Sandra Stevenson. MR. AND MISS HOWDY Don Brewer and Phyllis Angona 1 al! ' my M . . f fl I 555 V L ,xi K 1- f x , A' f wk r W1 1 '4 A+ Ui 4 ' ,N . M M, W - , M ' ..i,-fW ,L , i"f?'2'2""W'i- L 4 I Q. . -an X '- -' . f ' 'fP-- N '1"' f""""""W M' KN., E I i ,--M, , 5 " f '7l.,1ff - L ,xii ,LLQ L L 3?N-Q?"-fa. fu f f 3 Q3 5 Eg 1 ir Rf . af 3 ..: 'ii """'f H if - I ,. :i .. A f, f A .E tt: 3 I , 4 u 4 1 .b , ii N ' I Vg' r, , W ' ' H . A ' rf f n A f ax. n f if Jw' Sponsor: Miss Nell Page FIRST ROW: Sandy Ottersman, Frances Fields, Pearl Cruce, Odctte Champlin, Martha Freeman, Diane Denham. SEC- OND ROW: Miss Page, Roger Sowell, David Bohanan, Donald Greenwood, Ernest Garner, Robert Carter. THIRD ROW: Ernest Rains, Donnie Young, Gene Mc- Hargue, Jerry Lawrence, Jackie Lasitcr, Phil Terrell. DI T RIBUTI E EDUCATIO The cooperative part-time school program enables a limited number of students to get practical experience and training on the job and schooling at the same time. D.E. offers an opportunity to learn retail selling in actual work situations. The student is of junior or senior classification and spends one-half day at school and the other half working on the job. The I.C.T. program offers a large number of trades and occupations from which the student may select and which he may learn on the job. Credit is given for only one and one-half or two years of work in this program. It is impossible for a student to pass one phase and fail the other. If a student is to receive credit, he must do creditable work in both the classroom and the work experience divisions. I DUSTRIAL COOPERATI E TRAINING Sponsor: Mr. D. E. Melton FIRST ROW: Linda Turner, Marianne Crocker, Sharon Evans, Helen Milliorn, Patricia Lott, Peggy McKiddy.,SEC- OND ROW: Sondra Johnson, Janet Savage, Patsy Fulgham, Pat Norman, Linda Stokes, Doreen Craig. THIRD ROW: Dina Jones, Jimmy Winters, Ray- mond Binners, Larry Goodman, Johnny Rousseau, David Butler, Paul Lasiter. FOURTH ROW: Sibyl Thompson, Ann Wilson, Buddy Gregory, Henry Young, Joe Bob Wilcoxson. Not Pictured: Anita Clark, Sylvia Montalvo, Gerald Welch, Edgar Cole, Gene Harkins, Don Navarro, Rosemary Malone, Odette Champlin. I74 AUTOGRAPHS J, K x his on S The Sports Department works year-round, competes with other schools to gain honor for Adamson. In this section we wish to recognize and honor our athletes and their coaches who have given so unselfishly of their time and effort. FOOTBALL COACHES Roland Hallmark Batchelor George Brownlee Ed Cason Kenneth Brashear Bllddl' SWVCHSOH South Park- Beaumont .,.. Samuell ,,,..,,,. Hillcrest ......... Irvlng ..,........... Kimball ............ South Oak Cliff Bryan Adams ,. North Dallas .... Sunset ..,...,......, Bryan Ada'ms -- Adamson Adamson Adamson- Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson wr' TEAM . -. ROW 1: Steve Suarez, Tony Gorman, James Ward, Dick Fant, Walter Grant, Ricky Perkins, Dickey Young, Eddie NeSmitl1, Henery Pruitt, Hal Wesson, Larry George, .Jerry Atherton. ROW 2: Mickey Edwards, William Harp, Jack Wilkinson, Pat Lopez, Johnny Moreno, Freddy Powell, Paul Julian, Don Morgan, Tommy Farris, Tom Holland, Kenneth Forman, R. Westmoreland, Chris Hansen, Jimmy Bauman. THIRD ROW: Cary Hatch, Eddie King,'James Carter, Bobby Stephens, Vick Haak, Tommy Thompson, Don Martin Csfharlhz Jardt, Ernie Sigler, Jay Carr, Mack Lewis, Rickey McConathy, Jerry Clancy, Cary Sills, llill Borrow, Ceorgf orre s. HB" TEAM ROW 1: Norman Guy, Danny Franklin, Johnny Lawrence, Teddy Jernigan, Glen Zaulaer, Allen Williams, Rick Tar- water, Phil Broxon, Jimmy Nay, Thomas York, Mike Crouch. ROW 2: Terry York, ,James Elder, Charles Barr, John Nauss, Tommy McGowan, William Ganakos, Ronnie Young Lee Tallent, Tony Post, Roger Massey, Jesse Lopez, Taho Enriquez, Johnny Wilbanks, Larry Weber, Jim Crossl man, Johnny Wright. ROW 3: Howard Chandler, Hal Whitt, Ronnie Wilson, Bennie Cameron, Mike Rodriquez, Dennis Cust, Thomas Benevides, Wayne Beil, Troy Evans, David Hultsman, Larry Peacock, Jimmy Edmondson, Steve Tilxbs, Ronald Haake, Rusty Prince. Managers: John Richardson-Pete Davies. Coaches: Buddy Stevenson and Kenneth Brashear. 1 CHARLIE HARDT, Junior CHRIS HANSEN, Junio ERNIE SIGLER, S0ph0m0r6 DICKIE YOUNG, Senior Quarterback Back Quarterback Quarterback Letterman Letterman Leilermarl DON MARTIN, Senior ROCKY WALKER, Senior JIMMY BAUMAN, Junior TOM HOLLAND, Senior Halfback Fullback Halfback Halfhack Letterman Letterman Letterman GEORGE SORRELS, Senior PAT LOPEZ, Junior WALTER GRANT, Junior TONY GORMAN, Sophomore Fullback Back Halfblmk Back Letterman l80 RICKY MQCONATHY, Senior Halfback Letterman JAMES CARTER, Senior Center EDDIE KING, Junior JERRY ATHERTON, Junior DON MORGAN, Junior Halfback Halfback Center Letterman Letterman EDDIE NE SMITH, Junior HERBY PRUITT, Sophomore J. W. THOMAS, Junior Center Back Back Letterman JACK WILKINSON, Junior Guard GARY SILLS, Senior WILLIAM HARP, Senior MACK LEWIS, Junior Guard Guard Guard l8I PAUL JULIAN, Senior TOMMY FARRIS, Senior RICK WESTMORELAND, Junior KEN FORMAN, SODIIOITIOTC Guard Tackle Guard Tackle Letterman Letterman Letterman Letterman LARRY GEORGE, Senior BILL MORROW, Junior STEVE SUAREZ, Junior DICK FANT, Junior Tackle Tackle End End Letterman Letterman Letterman RICKY PERKINS, Senior FREDDIE POWELL, Senior BUDDY WARD, SOPITOHIOTC MICKEY EDWARDS, Senior End End End Manager Letterman Young, Atherton, and a mean-looking Spartan play "follow the leaderf, McConathy marches on. Don Martin tries to sneak off with the pigskin. MHold it, boys!" MR. CARTER, Head Coac'h BASKETBALL l Adamson .......,,,,..... Adamson ,...,,,,,,,,A,,, Adamson ,,,..,..,,...,.. Adamson ,..,,,,,...,.,,, Adamson, ,,,.,......,, W Adamson ,.d..A,..,,.,,,, Adamson .....,,.,,A.,.., Adamson ,,,,..........., 57 Adamson ,A..,..,.,,..... Adamson, ,,,,,,.,...,,,. SCORES North Dallas .,.. South Oak Cliff Crozier Tech. -, North Dallas ,,..v Sunset ......,,,.. Kimball ..,.,.... Kimball .,,v,,,,.... Crozier Tech. -, Sunset ,,,,.......... South Oak Cliff NWAITIN' " "A" TEAM ,- X l Q5 li'lRST 3031: Cary Brower, Sandy Ray, Norman Grey, Tony Gorman, Bill Halstead, Richard Hooper, Billy Boyd, , immur a ' ey. SECOND ROW: Mr. Carter, Ronnie Cowan, Don Eitel, Robert Miltner, Richard Overby, Lowry Vaughn, Richard Reynard. GGBW TEAM FIRST ROW: Jay Carr, Jeff Grey, Gary Barhee, Bennett, Rusty Prince, Johnny Vaughn. SECOND ROW: Mr. Cason, Danny DeL0ach, James Pierce, James Dendy, Art Simmons, Allan William, Lon Oakley. THIRD ROW: John Bullock, Richard Hammond, Ronnie Young, Steve Epps, David McGee, James Ward. m 3 F an TRACK Coach Hallmark with high jumpers Lowry Vaugn and Allen Williams. FIRST ROW: Mike Grossman, Teddy Trept, Ronnie King, Jack Wilkinson, Herb Prewitt, Tom Champion, Frank Little, Charles Mazer, Steve Tibbs. SECOND ROW: Terry York, Don Eitel, Don Van Slyke, Mike Yarbrough, Bill Aherns, Larry Cillard, Mickey Edwards, Rick Perkins, Ronnie Young, Rusty Prince. THIRD ROW: Lorin Bliss, Lowry Vaughn, Bill Burns, Chris Hansen, Jim Bauman, Tommy Thompson, Rick Tar- water, Larry Peacock, Charlie Hardt, Allen Williams, Bill Neuman, Coach Hallmark. Bauman in action. Jimmy took second place in low hurdles in city as a sophomore, and is shooting for state this year. These boys, as well as running their individual events, make up the mile relay and sprint relay teams. They are, from left to right: Charlie Hardt fhurdlerl, Chris Hanson f100 yd. dashl, Jim Bauman fhurdleri, and Tommy Thompson i220 yd. dashl These boys are the half milers. They are, left to right: Larry Peacock, Rick Tarwater, and Bill Burns. I88 EBALL This year our baseball team has worked hard to Jring glory to Adamson. There were two returning lettermen from last year's team which tied for first place in the South Zone, but lost to Sunset in the play- offs. These lettermen are Richard Hooper and Sandy Ray. The baseball team is coached by Buddy Stevenson. Coach BUDDY STEVENSON X Q 'GX' ,I ls-s,,vk., - Left to right, FIRST ROW: Fred Montalvo, .lay Carr, Rick Westmorland, Norman Grey, Parke Davidson, Richard Hooper, Ted Lyon. SECOND ROW: Kelly Semler fmanagerl, Tony Gorman, Bobby Stephens, Walter Grant, Bubba Ward, Dayton Martin, Bill Hallstead, Coach Stevenson. THIRD ROW: Sandy Ray, Billy Boswell, Steve Suarez, Richard Overby, Dick Fant, Vick Haak, Dicky Young. if PITCHERS Fred Montalvo, Billy Boswell, Steve Suarez, Bubba Ward, Bill Hallstead. INFIELD FIRST ROW: Rick Westmorland, Ted Lyon. SECOND ROW: Norman Grey,' Parke Davidson, Jay Carr, Richard Hooper, Sandy Ray. I OUTFIELD FIRST ROW: Bobby Stephens, Dicky Young, Dayton Martin, Tony Gorman. SECOND ROW: Richard' Overby, Dick Fant, Walter Grant, Vick Haak. I90 TENNIS Coach : MR. HAZELWOOD FIRST ROW: Robert Pendergraft, Charles Barr, Tom Holland, Leslie Miller, Mike Huggins, Jessie James. SECOND ROW: Kaye Monk, Nancy Frampton, Jeanie Ricketts, Karen Huggins, Susan Morgan, Margaret Polk. 1 g ,L L MARGARET POLK KAYE MONK ROBERT PENDERCRAFT LESLIE MILLER Letterman Letterman Letterman Letterman I9l GOLF LETTERMEN Mr. Brashear coach, with James Smith. Left to right: John Wood, James Smith, and David Johnson. wig, FIRST ROW: Jimmy Stanley, John Wood, Rick McConathy, Lee Tallent. SECOND ROW: David Johnson, John Miller, Jack Bronstad. THIRD ROW: Paul Pederson, Dan May, Leonard Gowins, Bill Webb, James Smith, Don Morgan. AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS A I fa 0 'Q , if X ' I LFQDSMM The companies and people mentioned in the following pages have given of their money, as well as time, to help Adamson. They, through their monetary contribu- tions, have been partially responsible for this record of the real Adamson High School: its faculty, its stu- dents, their SPIRIT. --W I2NELIDQyY STE 06 ELECTRIFYING PEOPLE r ' 4 Mauna, fwfg- ,,-.,,,,.,,-..... EL ll' X J we-' F ' A er' Q H - - .MEWEYLOE Q .QTL - - - - - L65 3 EY- - - - - - - - - S o g . -, TT E032 ...... .. ...... - -NL 10202 - 1 EQ' 1' B Most Likely to Beco V' P esid You Jan 5 , 'E' ' 1-'O P an wb' - ig 97 ,ly 'Nl Ser Eeiciw. - ,. ........ - .......... C 2630. An - QQ N Beauty V Most Likely to Be in Your Future Young Modems Live Better Electrically DALLAS POWER 8: LIGHT COMPANY CGS 4 f WEDDINGS CHILD STUDIES CATH EY'S HCUSE GF PCRTRAITS 2026 FI. WOFII1 Ave. PHONE WH 8-8900 COMMERCIAL GLAMOUR Congra+ula+ions +0 Seniors of '62 From DOUGHERTY'S PHARMACY Beckley a+ Woodin WH 6-SI86 4248 S. Lancasfer FR I-l3l4 3424 Sunnyvale Dr. FR I-I355 Lancasfer, Texas Ph. 62l2 "Won'i' anyone help you?" Q44 U RCJH NAZAIQ-EN-E Tenth and Beckley Robert G. Nielson, Pastor Dallas 200 CLIFF TEMPLE BAPTIST CHURCH f' ." 'Pi ' f . I A S , 1 J 1 P . E T f X ,T f ,f ,'. , If DR. WALLACE BASSETT ..,......... ...,.........,......... P as1'or MAURICE N. CLOPTON .....,.............,........ Music Direc'I'or J. EARL MEAD ................................ Assisfanf Pasfor and Minisfer of Educafion JAY L. SKAGGS ............ ,.......... B usiness Adminisfraior N., Com limen'I's of GRACE TEMPLEP BAPTIST CHURCH Services on KSKY 8:05 and II:00 A.M. Each Sunday Daily Broadcasi' 9:00 fo 9:I5 A.M. BUEL R. CROUCH Pasior CARL WATKINS Music and Educafion Corner Ten'l'h and Tyler DALLAS A J IT'S NOT WHAT YOU GET OUT OF LIFE THAT COUNTS. IT'S WHAT YOU f PUT INTO IT! GALILEAN BAPTIST CHURCH 20I Easf Tenfh R. H. KEYES, JR. Pasfor For God so loved Ihe world I'ha'r He gave His only begoHen Son, 'rhaf whosoever believefh in Him should no+ perish, buf have everlasfing life. John 3-I6 Bul' God commandefh His love Io- ward us. in 'rhat while we were ye+ sinners. Chrisl' died for us. Romans 5:8 PAGE'S REXALL DRUGS Prescription Specialists Fealuring a Complele Line of Drugs Toilelries Cigars Candy Soclas FREE FAST DELIVERY FROM BOTH STORES For Direcl Lines From Dallas and Grand Prairie 'lo Arlinglon, Call AN 2-0606 DALLAS ARLINGTON 3230 Falls Drive 903 E. Park Row Weslmoreland Heighfs Sylvan Heigh+s FE I-5453 CR 4-6585 CHRISTMAS PROGRAM Through the efforts of the speech and music departments Adamson again enjoyed a memorable Christmas assembly. The scenes pictured on this page are those which were given in connection with appropriate songs. We should never forget the true meaning of Christmas as told in this story. UGLY MAN MARVIN COATS Good looks are merely in the way in Adamson,s annual Ugly Man contest sponsored by the bi-weekly newspaper, the Acorn. Four boys from each classification are selected from homeroom nominations, and through ballots published in the Acorn. One from each classification is selected. From these, Adams0n's most popular boy is chosen THE UGLY MAN! MILLER'S FLORIST 22II Cedar Cresf Blvd. When You Think of Flowers Think of Ours. Bus Ph. WH 8-372I Res. Ph. FR 4-08l2 oys This Autograph Page Compliments of Your Official Class Ring Manufacturer TRINITY CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY KARLE HIGHTOWER-Owner Free Delivery IOI3 Vermonf WH 6-0463 FRANCES KING BOOK SHOP 929 W. Jefferson WH 8-8665 SCHOOL BOOKS AND SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS WESTCLIFF BAPTIST CHAPEL IMission of HiIIcresf Bapfisf ChUFCI1I II9 JuIian Sfreef W. PAUL WILSON, Pasfor "BeIieve on fhe Lord Jesus Chrisf and Thou sI1aIf be saved" Acfs I6:3I TRICE FLOOR COVERINGS, INC. 5I4 W. Jefferson Oak Cliff WH 3-4663 RES. PHONE: FR I-l533 EDDIE'S GARAGE GeneraI Aufo Repair Hydra-Mafic Service Aufo Air-Conclifioning Service FE 7-755I 406I Jefferson EDDIE WETHERINGTON-Owner OAK CLIFF FLORAL CO. "For Every BIooming Thing" 2II E. Colorado WH I-56I6 Courfesy of BEVERLY HILLS PHARMACY 320I W. Davis FE I-5I9I FREE DELIVERY Cosmefics-School SuppIies Prescripfion Specialisfs DIAMOND RINGS WH 6-0729 BULOVA AND HAMILTON WATCHES JEWELRY AND WATCH REPAIRING R. B. RAYMOND Jeweler 42I W. Jefferson ROSE DRESS SHOP More Fashion, More Qualify More Value for Much Less There is one in your neighborhood 5509 W. Lovers Lane 24I2 Gus Thomasson Rd. 423 W. Jefferson I9I9 Skillman 3I09 Oak Lawn Congrafulafions fo fhe Seniors of I962 af Adamson High Cne of Our Three Favorife High Schools in Oak Cliff THE OAK CLIFF TRIBUNE Since l903 Published Fridays . . . I3,000 Paid Circulafion THE STAR TRIBUNE Published Wednesday . . . 32,000 Free Circulafion I25 Cenfre WH 8-75I5 CONGRATULATIONS FROM RUTHERFORD METROPOLITAN School of Business Since I887 2020 Main S+. RI 2-4538 COX-MOORE DRUG CO. "Oak CIiff's Drug Sfore" Phone WH 6-2IOI Prescripfion Headquarfers "FREE DELIVERIES" Tyler and Jefferson WE GIVE BROWN STAMPS WATKINS MUSIC CO. Oak CIiff's Complefe Music Sfore WH 6-3I96 WH 6-3902 838 Wesf Jefferson ADAMS CHARMODE BEAUTY SALON Feafuring Confinenfal Coiffures DALE ROBERTSON E. D. ANDERSON D 81 E MOTORS Qualify Used Cars 5I2 E. Jefferson HAMPTOIT:-QLLLIQQSS CENTER 8-3.00 WH 6-I298 TALLENT'S FURNITURE STORE TEXAS SEED AND jLZVZ'Z121+ PLANT co. WH 2:5667 Good Luck fo Class of '62 My American 528 E. Ten+h WH I-II24 and French Provincial ' FP 'BIll'l'EI SQ JIMMY RU NNELS APPLIANCES Air CondiI'ioning--Television-SI'ereos SALES AND SERVICE 504 W. Jefferson WH 3-4573 -AUTOGRAPHS- PARK PHARMACY 2I4 Wesf Colorado Opposiie Me+I'1odis+ Hospi+aI WH I-I I88 SHOETOWN "Shoes FOI' AII" I35 W. Jefferson DALLAS, TEXAS CLIFF HUGHES ELECTRIC CO. Commercial-Indus+riaI-ResIden+iaI We Give S. 84 H. Green Sfamps CEDAR CREST CLEANERS I723 S. Ewing WH 6-0I32 F Pick-Up and Delivery 'Service 22II Lamoni'-DaIIas I6, Texas S I G FOR OVER 30 YEARS office: FR 6-8289 Home: FR 4-5548 ERI' N ALL WORK GUARANTEED BOLTON INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance Counselors Insurance for Teenagers LOUIS F. BOLTON Res FR 4 5720 WH 3-4549 BEST WISHES FROM A FRIEND JAIvIESON'S OAK CLIFF OFFICE SUPPLY BOUNDARY PHARMACY 8. PRINTING W.. .,,.-,... "The House of Qualify" 2600 W. Jefferson 332 W. Jefferson WH 3-742l Jeff-DGVIS Cenfer DALLAS 8. TEXAS FREE DELIVERY IN ALL OAK CLIFF J'S CAFETERIA 307 Jeff-Davis Shopping Cen+er WH 6-I498 AUTOGRAPHS HATLEY'S Sfevens Park Pharmacy Phone WH 3-4677 DaIIas, Texas 2IO0 Ff. Worfh Ave. af Hampfon Besf Wishes, Seniors of '62 A. Harris Cenfer Barber Shop Hours: 8 a.m.-9 p.m. Saf. 8 a.m.-7 p.m. 3lI A. HARRIS CENTER FR 4-9334 TRINITY HEIGHTS PHARMACY Prescripfions CarefuIIy Compouncled I725 S. Ewing WH 8-6872 Prices Are Lowesf af No Inferesf-No Carrying Charge FURNITURE CARPET DRAPERIES RICK I005 W. Jefferson I I3 E. Jefferson I909 GarIand Shopping Cenfer 3 Locafions: BRIGNON AUTO SUPPLY 3205 W. Davis af Wesfmoreland FE 9-8778 WH 2-0698 Special Discounf fo Sfudenfs and Teachers ANNEX CLEANERS Complefe Laundry Service Cleaning---Alferafions-Fur Sforage WH I-49I3 2I7 Jeff-Davis Cenfer WHITE'S FLORAL when urs Flowers-Say If wah ours 2I I7 W. CoIoracIo WH I-5I70 WH I-5I56 SAFETY BRAKE SERVICE 305 NorI'I1 Beckley WH 3-8I I2 FAY'S JEWELERS Oak CIi'If's OIcIesI' JeweIe SERVICE STATION I500 S. Ewing S L WH P AND H CAR CO. ROCK-A-BYE I80O S. Beckley WH I'5o25 539 W. Jefferson Call For and Deliver-Cleaning-Pressing "YOU'LL FIND US BETTER" BECKLEYWCJOD CLEANERS HUBERT AUTRY, Owner 2l26 Soufh Beckley Avenue PHONE WH 6-0059 A Abernethy, Anthony--39 Abraham, Johnny-71 Adamds, Barbara-80 Adams, Douglasf80 Adams, Jerry Phillip-169 Adams, Jerry Wayne-39 Adams, Karl-71, 146, 147 Aguilar, Glenn-80, 117, 135 Ahrens, Billy-71 Aldridge, Glen-39, 117, 135 Aldridge, Marie-80, 145, 156 Alford, Harry-86, 116, 118 Alford, Jim-39, 103, 138, 145,149,166 Alldredge, Richard Darrell-- 80 Allen, David Earl-87 Allen, Eloise-86 Allen, Joyce-71, 130, 141 Anderson, John Anderson, Judy-71, 167 Anderson, Ralph Curtis Angell, Pat-71 Anglin, Elaine-80, 96, 170 Angona, Phyllis-39, 92, 105, 126, 132, 133, 172 Aragya, Robert-39, 145 Archer, Patricia-39, 149, 150, 156, 165 Archibald, Virginia-80 Arenivar, Ann-39 Argo, Donnaw80 Armstrong, Tommy-71 Arney, Judy Artist, Dorothy-71 Ashcraft, Martha-80 Athchley, Glenda-80 Atherton, Jerry-179, 181 Autry, Crystal-39, 165 Autry, Gary-71, 117, 136 Ayers, Barbara-86 B Baca, William Bailey, Billy Bailey, Gene-39 Bailey, Marshall-118 Bailey, Wiley-71 Baird, Margaret-80 Baker, Angela-39, 126, 141 Baker, Linda-71, 126 Baker, Sharon-80 Balajka, Johnny-39, 154 Ballard, Karen-86, 157 Bankston, Linda-71 Bankston, Nelda Bannister, Jimmie-71 Barbee, Gary-185 Barber, Lowell-126 Barcroft, Vernon-86 Barham, Joan-80, 124, 126, 170 Barker, Bruce Barr, Charles-81, 179, 193 Barretg I HL4-71, 114, 115, 118 2I8 Barrington, Marlene Bartoli, Glenda-40, 138 Barton, Robert-86 Bass, Donald Bass, Ronald-86 Bates, Brenda-40, 129 Bates, James-80 Bates, Kay-71, 129 Bates, Paul-71 Batson, Darlene Batson, Linda-71 Bauman, Jimmyf70, 71, 124, 154, 167, 179, 180, 188 Beal, Fred Bean, Bettye Bearden, Saraf71 Beason, Betty-71, 170 Beason, Madge Beaty, Anna-40, 129 Beavers, Bobby Belk, lris-80, 126, 145, 160 Bell, Endna-80 Benavides, Oscar-86 Benavides, Thomas-179 Benners, Raymond-174 Benners, Ronniew83 Bennett, Dorothy Bennett, Henry-86, 185 Benson, Darlene-79, 80, 165 Berry, David-71, 141 Berry, Ruby-40, 124, 127 Bethke, Jan-71, 127 Biel, Wayne-82, 179 Bishop, Patricia-80, 170 Black, Lounan-80, 156 Blackstock, Priscilla-71 Blackwell, Tommy Blankenship, Donnie-80 Blankenship, Elizabeth-71 Blankenship, Kenneth Blankenship, LuJuana-86 Blanton, Bill-71, 119 Blanton, Brendav80 Blanton, Carol-80 Bliss, Lorin-71, 117, 137 Blissard, Pat-81 Blissitte, Joyce-40 Boatner, Carolyn-86 Bodiford, Bob-124, 141 Bohanan, David-40 Boles, Bobby Boles, Charley-40 Bond, Annette-86 Bond, Howard Boswell, Billyw40, 189, 190 Bowen, Randy-80 Boyd, Billy-185, 186 Boyd, Mary Kathi-80, 127, 170 Boyer, J immy-80 Boykin, Mary-40, 165 Brabham, Dianne-71, 159, 167 Bracken, Frank-114 Bracken, Joe-116, 119 Bradbeary, Cheryl-80, 165 Bradley, Sharon-83 Bradshaw, Pierre-40, 115, 119 Bragg, Barbara-165 Bragg, Linda---80, 136 Bramlet, Ray Braswell, Rosalyn-80, 124, 158 Braswell, Roy Bredeson, Pamela-71, 141 Brewer, Don-40, 105, 124, 127, 132, 133, 172 Brewer, Gary-71, 185 Bridges, Sandra Jane-80 Bridwell, Shirley Ruth-40, 165 Bright, David-80 Brignon, Frazier-41 Brinegar, Diana-80, 156 Briscoe, Eddiew119 Brittain, James-71, 119 Britton, John Brodhead, Diana-41, 127, 138, 146, 165, 166 Bronar, Nancilee-71, 147 Bronstad,.Jack-71, 192 Brown, Douglas+4l, 124, 132, 133, 141, 146, 154 Brown, J une-80 Brown, Lesley-41 Brown, Linda Kayh86, 155 Brown, Patricia-86 Brown, Sandra Kaye-80 Brown, Virginia Brownell, Linda-71, 170 Browning, Georgia-41, 127, 129 Browning, Ronald-3, 147 Broxson, Philip-80, 179 Buchanan, Wayne Buckelew, Glenda Bullard, Roland-80 Bullard, Shirley-80 Bullington, .lanet-71, 129 Bullington, Larry-71 Bullock, J ohn-80, 185 Bumbalough, Kay-72 Bunch, Ronnie-41 Burdine, Wayne-72 Burke, Martha Diane-80, 155 Burkett, Darnellia-41 Burns, Becky-80 Burns, Johnnie Beth Burns, William-41, 188 Burroughs, Cherry-72, 127, 147, 155 Burton, Lillie Ann-86 Bussell, Martha-72 Butler, Karen-86, 154, 170 Butler, Linda Sue-72 Butler, Nancy-72 Butler, Sherry-86 Butler, William-80, 174 Bynum, Karen-72 C Cadenhead, Joy Callahan, Paul-41, 95 Calvert, Richard Alan-72, 115, 119 Calvin, John Ray-41 Cameron, Benny-80, 141, 179 Campbell, Martha-8, 127, 170 Campbell, Robert-41 Cameron, Leslie Canales, Sammy-41, 137 Cannon, Betty-80, 145 Cantu, Betsy-80, 145, 165 Cantu, Ester-72 Cantu, Frankie-154 Cantu, Gladys-80 Cantu, Madeline-81 Capp, Marilynw80 Carey, Sonya Carlisle lll, John Byron-72, 117, 137, 169 Carnes, Cathy-72, 100, 109, 117, 118, 124, 128, 171 Carr, .lay Ronald-80, 179, 185, 189, 190 Carroll, Larry Dean-86 Carter, Charlotte Wayne-42 138 Carter, James-42, 179, 181 Carter, Carter, John-80, 116, 119 Robert W.-174 Carter, Sina Carolyng80 Caruth, Bonnie-3, 42, 104, l127,138,150,166 Cary, Kathleen-86 Casella, Helene-72 Cash, Letha-80 Cason, Wesley Castillo, Raymond Castleberry, Nancy Lou-42, 165 Cates, Robert Caviness, Freddie-42 Chamberlain, Bernice-72 Chamberlain, Evelyn Chamberlain, Maurice-72 Chamberlain, Richard-80 Chamness, Cathey-72, 155 Champion, Tom-72, 124, 187 Champlin, Odette-72, 174 Champlin, Maurice-80 Chance, Clara-81 Chancellor, Sandra-72, 130 Chandler, Howard-80, 179 Chandler, Samuel-80 Chandler, Vernon Chapman, Linda-38, 42, 128, 150 Chennault, Geneva-42, 138, 159 Childress, J canny Clancy, Jerry-72, 179 Clanton, Karen-72, 165 Clark, Anita-42 Clark, Barbara-42 Clark, Bobby-86 Clark, Marilyn-72 Clements, Alma Joyce Clements, Martha Louise- 72, 159 Clendensen, Barbara-81 Cleveland, Janet-72 Cleveland, Lana Lee-42, 159 Click, Carolyn -80 Clinton, Barbara-80, 155 Cludis, Roberta-80, 145 Cluke, Edward Coats, Frankie-80 Coats, Marvin-42, 93, 106, 124, 132, 133, 150 Coffee, Judy-107, 117, 119, 134,136,171 Colburn, Sandra-42, 136, 141 Cole, Edgar Coleman, Clara-72 Collins, Frances-81, 170 Comer, Marcia-80, 167 Compton, Michael-72, 117, 119, 137 Condor, Susun-80, 124, 130 Cone, Gayle Emmett-72, 160 Conley, Noel-43, 119 Conn, Ronnie-80 Cook, Gary-80, 117, 137, 143 C00k,J0hn VVHHank-43 Cook, Robert Earl-43 Coplin, Charles Robert Coplin, Joann Corgill, David Allen Corlett, Frank-43, 117, 136, 149 Cortinas, Gloria-72, 170 Couglin, Gordon Pat-80 Cowan, Ronald-43, 185, 186 Cowan, Sara Sue-72 Cox, Judy-86 Cox, Wayne Marshall-72, 119 Craft, John Howard-72, 169 Craig, Doreen-72, 174 Cranford, Rosaland-82 Crawford, Claranell-43, 149, 150,156,159,155 Crocker, Marianne-43, 174 Crouch, Betty-43 Crouch, Mike-80, 179 Crow, John-80 Crowder, Linda-43, 170 Cruce, Ruby Pearl-43, 174 Crump, Peggy-72 Crumpler, Gary-72, 169 Crutchfield, Mack-43, 119, 138, 166 Culley, Michail Lee-81, 115, 118 Cummings, Kathy-80, 159 D Dailey, Mary-43, 129 Dancer, Danny-84 Dandridge, Judy-80, 159 Danford, Mike Davenport, Rodney-72 Davidson, Cynthia Anne- 86, 155 Davidson, Parke Richard- 154,189,190 Davies, Peter-81, 118, 155, 179 Davila, Lupe Linda-87 Davila, Robert-44, 138 Davis, Betty-87, 124 Davis, David Harold-115, 116, 119 Davis, French-44, 150 Davis, Johnny-73, 130 Davis, Linda Davis, Marty-73, 154, 167 Day, Cheryl-87 De Ford, J o Ann-145 Degelia, Johnnv-73, 119 De la Garza, Lorraine-87 Delamar, Samuel-87 De Loach, Danny-87, 185 Dendy, James-87, 185 Denham, Diana-44, 174 Denton, Terry-168 Depauw, Barry-80, 116, 119 Depew, Karol-4, 8, 11, 21, 44, 124, 124, 127, 146, 150 Derczo, Johnny-80 Dial, Johnny-80, 117, 135 Diaz, Julia-87 Dickerson, Margaret-81 Diaday, Robert-80, 116, 119 Dobbles, Patricia-44, 158, 159, 165 Dodds, Louise-87, 170 Dolezar, Gerald-73 Donaldson, Carolyn-87, 143 Donner, James Elmo-73 Donovan, Donnie-87 Dorman, David Reed Douglas, Asa Carl Downing, Hubert Loranie- 73,115,118 Downs, Carol-81, 149, 158, 167 Draper, Jackson-80 Drum, Raymond-3, 44, 104, 138, 145, 149, 166 Du Bois, Donna-44 Dudley, Dina-81, 156 Dunaway, Jo Beth-87 Duncan, Denica Darlene-73 Duncan, William Clinton- 44 Dunham, Lota-81 Dunn, .Joe-87, 118 du Plessis, Pete-44, 102, 113, 114, 115, 149, 154 Durrett, Dana-44, 145, 146, 149 Durst, Danny-82 Dyson, Jimmy E Earnhart, Brenda-81 Echoles, Charletta-81, 145 Eddy, Danny Edgie, George Larry Edmonds, Jimmy-81, 179 Edmondson, Mike-44, 127, 135, 146 Edwards, Albert Edwards, Betty Ann-73, 167 Edwards, Cholly-81 Edwards, Mickey-44, 179, 182 Edwards, James Edwards, Martha-73 Effel, Laura-73, 138, 155, 169 Eichhorn, Philip-81 Eitel, Donald-45, 185, 186, 187 Ekstrand, Harry Elder, James Harry-81, 179 Elliff, Diana Elliott, Mary Adena-73 Ellis, John Lynn Elsik, Mona-73, 146, 147 Emmett, Barry Patrick Emmons, Jean 73, 165 Enriquez, Tabo-41, 179 Epps, Sharon-81 Epps, Steve-73, 145, 167, 185 Espinoza, Carmen-45, 145 Espinoza, J oe-87 Evans, Judith-83, 145, 170 Evans, Larry-87 Evans, Sharon-45, 96, 174 Evans, Troy-81, 136, 179 Everroad, Don Ewton, Lois-45, 127 F Fain, David William-73 Fain, Mary Eliz-83 Fajerson, Otto Fallis, Steve Fant, Dick-73, 99, 154, 179, 182,189,190 Faries, Donna-73, 127 Farmer, Shirley-45 Farmer, Ted-81, 118 Fairs, Tommy-45, 179, 181, Faust, John-81 F eazall, Bertha Ann-87 Felts, Robert Ellis-81 Felts, Ronald Fernandez, YoLan Da-73 Ferrell, Lois-45 Fielder, Susan-45, 138 Fields, F rancis-45, 174 Fields, J erry-87 F1elds,Judy 45,165 Fields, Ronnie Lee Fierge, Joan Sue-83 Finley, Caroyln Faye-83, 141 Fitzgerald, Mary Flach, Bill-145 Flach, Rebecca Sue-167 Flint, Carolyn-81 Flores, Christine-81 Flores, Janice-87 Flowers, Charlotte Diane Flowers, Sheryl-85, 87 Fluke, Andrea-45, 143 Fluke, Sandra-45, 129 Fluke, Wayne-81, 117, 135 Fonseca, Ofelia-46, 145 Ford, Janet-46, 103, 124, 138,144,145,146,147, 150, 166 Ford, Richard-46 Forman, Kenneth-124, 179, 182 Foster, Charles-82, 118 Foster, Chris-46 Foster, Janice Fowler, J oe Fowler, Barbara-130 Frampton, Nancy-81, 193 Francis, Hamil Allen Franklin, Danny-81, 179 Franklin, Donna-73, 149, 167 Frankli 143 n, Richard F.-118, Franks, Sandra-73, 130, 167 Frasure, Carolyn-46 Frazier, Freema Orman-46 n, J erry-46 Freeman, Martha-174, F reema n, Patricia-137 Frindell, Lynn Frost, Elizabeth Ann Frost, Holly-73, 115, 118, 167 Fryman, Tom-87 Fulenwider, Virginia-73, 127, 155 Fulgham, Patsy Lauelle-73, 174 Furr, Joel-81, 117 Ganaka G s, William-179 Garcia, Johnny-117, 135 Gardner, Jeanelyn-81, 145, 170 Garner, Ernset-174 Garling, Kay-81, 127 Garrett, Carolyn-81 Garrett, Vickey-46, 146, 150, 165 Garvin, Garvin, Gaskin, Gaston, Allen Lester Donald-75 Becky-46 Barbara-81, 127 Geiser, Travis J ames-81, 169 Genseke, Kay-46, 104, 138, 149, 150, 156, 166 Genzel, George, Gharis, Merida Larry-46, 179, 182 Marianne-87, 158 Gheen, Betty-46, 145, 149 Gholson, Stephen-80 Gibbons, Joe-47 Gibson, Orval Boyd Gibson, Polly Lou-87 Gilbert, Patsy Lou-83 Gilbreath, Mary-81, 124 Glenn, Anna-81 Goad, Geraldine-87 Godwin, James Glen Godwin, Marvin GoH,Cl tarrotte-47, 135 Golden, Joseph Dale-87, 143 Gonzalo z, Mary-87 Goodman, Gary Ronald Goodman, Linda Jean-73 Goodman, Raymond Larry- 87 Goodman, Larry Wayne-174 Goodman, Robert Lloyd Goodrum, Craig-81 Goodwin, Lee Gordan, Gordon, Fred Lee-87,168 Mike Gorman, Michael-47, 145 Gorman 185, 1 ,Tony-81,179,1a0, 86,189,190 Goula, Clifford Roy-81 Gould, Jewel Gowins, 192 Leonard Dale-73, 2l9 Grabbe, Jill-47, 102, 129, 138, 166 Grace, Richard-73, 117, 137 Gracy, Ruth-73, 146 Grady, Roy-73, 117, 127, 137 Graham, Linda-47, 145, 165 Grant, Patsy Ruth Grant, Walter-73, 179, 180, 189, 190 Graves, Jimmy Rat Gray, Bobby Lee-87 Green, Charles Green, James Green, Johnny Green, Mary Pat-124 Greer, Linda Faye Gregory, Buddy-174 Gregory, Patsy-47, 149 Gregson, Kitty-47, 137 Grey, Norman Lawrence- 1'79, 185, 186, 189, 190 Griffith, Patricia-81 Grimes, Carole Mary Grimes, Ellen-73, 156 Grimes, Joe Burl--87, 118 Grossman, James Hugh-81, 179, 187 Guajardo, J oe-87 Guajardo, Mary-47, 132, 133 Guajardo, Ray-73 Guggenheim, Victor-73 Gumm, Cheryl-47, 117, 129, 171 Gunn, Sandra-47, 139, 146 Gunnels, Judith Marie-81 Gunther, Harold Guot, Dennis Ray-81, 179 Gustavus, Sandra Diane-73 H Haak, Victor-73, 154, 167, 179, 189, 190 Haake, Ronald-82, 179 Hackler, Joan-81 Halbrook, Ronald Hall, Edgar-73, 114 Halstead, Bill-74, 150, 185, 186,189, 190 Hamm, Cecelia-74 Hamm, Jimmy-84 Hammond, RichardA81, 185 Hammonds, Roy Hanauer, Andra-47, 127, 165 Hanes. Robert Haney, Bob Haney, Dale-83 Hankins, Helen-81, 145, 156 Hansen, Chris-74, 124, 154, 167, 179, 180, 188 Hanson, Michael-81, 119 Haralson, Pauline-81, 145 Harden, Clydette-81, 127, 135, 167 Hardt, Charles-154, 179, 180, 187, 188 Hardy, Fay-74 Hargrave, Franklin Harkins, William Harman, Katharine-87 220 Harnesberger, Mildred-87 Harp, Nancy Harp, William-47, 124, 154, 168, 179, 181 Harrelson, Sherion-74, 127, 158 Harrington, Dale-81 Harrington, J udy-48, 155 Harris, Anita-87, 170 Harris, Bill-81, 117, 118, 135 Harris, Donna-83 Harris, Dorothy-48 Harris, James Harris, Linda-87 Harrison, Helen-81, 145, 167 Hart, Don-74, 127, 146 Hawley, Charles-48 Hash, Peggy-81 Hatch, Gary-74, 179 Hathcock, Joy Hathaway, David Hathaway, J udy-74, 127 Havens, Tim-83 Hawbecker, Mary Hayn, Joan-74, 145, 156 Hayn, Madelyn-74, 147 Hays, Steve Hearn, Charlene-74 Heath, Earl-87 Hendricks, Carol Hendricks, Rebecca-74 Hendrix, Jimmie-74 Hendry, Linda-74, 155 Henrikson, Susan-81 Hensley, Carolyn-81 Henson, Linda-48 Henson, Thomas Henson, William Hibbard, Darlene Higgins, Janet Hill, Diana Hill, Jerry Hinckley, Kay-81 Hines, Carolynf74, 130, 149, 150 Hinkle, J erry-82 Hinojosa, Richard-87 Hinojosa, Rudy-87 Hinson, Gene-82 Hobbs, Merle Hoffman, Janet-48, 138 Hoggard, Charlotte-74, 127 Holan, J ana-81 Holiman, Elton Ray Holland, Tom-48, 96, 103, 154, 179, 180, 193 Hollingworth, Nancy-74 Hollis, Elaine Holt, Lyndon Holt, Michael-87, 116, 118 Hood, Byron-87, 141 Hood, Hugh-145 Hood, Lynda-48 Hood, Lyndon-74 Hood, Mary Hooper, Glenda-48, 139 Hooper, Richard-141, 185, 186, 189, 190 Horton, Thomas-82, 117, 135 Howard, Lorraine-74, 147, 167 Howard, Oran-88 Hubbard, Burton-48 Hudson, Emmett Hudson, Henry-118 Huffman, Larry-48 Huggins, Karen-81, 193 Huggins, Michael-82, 193 Hughes, Judy-48 Hughes, Linda-85, 87, 124 Hughes, Steven-88 Hulme, J anet-48 Hulme, Marilyn Hultsman, David-179 Humber, J ody-74, 124, 155, 167 Humphreys, Sally-49, 127 Hunt, James Hunt, Mary Ann-87 Hunter, Shirley-81, 159 Hyde, Roddah-38, 49, 106, 132, 133, 150 I Ingram, Barbara-78, 145 Ivey, Wayne-87, 119 Ivey, Donald J Jack, William-74, 115, 119 Jackson, Hulene-49, 127 Jackson, Mike Jackson, J anice-83 Jackson, Mattie Jackson, Mary Elsie-82 Jackson, Mary Patricia-87 James, J esse-82, 193 Janousek, Juanita-49, 115, 117, 128, 171 Jansen, Cheryl-49 January, Spence-49, 144, 145, 146, 154 Jarman, Dewey-49, 141 J arrard, Patti-83 Jarrett, Mary-82 Jenkins, Robert-49, 154 Jenkins, Sherry Lou-82, 145, 159 Jernigan, Teddy-82, 167, 179 Jett, Martha-83, 145 Jett, Richard-49 Johnson, David-49, 137, 192 Johnson, J acqueline-82, 143, Jones, J an-74 Jones, Jeanette -50 Jones, Ronnie--74, 137 Jones, Sandra-81 Jones, Shirley-87 Julian, Curtis-50, 179, 182 K Kaiser, J udy-159 Ka1ies,Ricki-82, 145, 149, 159 Keith, Richard-87 Kelley, J ohnny-87 Kelley, Madeline Kelley, Patricia-87, 158 Kemble, Mike-115, 118 Kenkman, Sharon Kennard, Pat-50 Kennedy, Judy Kennedy, Susan-74, 145, 159 Kent, Todd-87 Kephart, Blanton-82, 117, 135 Key, Edward-143 Kidd, Patricia-74, 136 Killian, Linda Kellion, Linda-82, 145 Kinder, Judy King, Eddie-74, 154, 179, 181 King, Horace-87, 118 King, J immy-88 King, Kay-50 King, Ronald-87 King, Ronnie-87, 187 King, Sally-50 Kipp, Dorothy-141 Kiser, Jackie Klapproth, Richard Knodle, Deanne-74, 141, 150 Koepke, Richard-82 Krizmanich, Joan-82, 170 Krogh, Mary--50, 165 Kronenberg, Edna-74, 165 Kuhn, Sheila-82, 145 L Labeck, Donna-87, 158 Lackey, Betty+50 Lackey, Harry-83 Ladd, Darlene-82 156, 157 Johnson, Johnny Johnson, J oe-49 Johnson, Patricia-87 Johnson, Ronald-83, 124, 169 Johnson Johnson , Sharon-84 , Sondra-74, 174 Johnston, Cheri-74, 127, 130 Jones, Barbara Jones, Bertie-87 Jones, Cecil-167 Jones, Dina-49, 174 Jones, Ella-74 Jones, Elsie Jones, Homer-74 Laird, Sandra-87, 127 Lam, Robert-75, 117, 127, 135 Lamb, Marilyn-50, 149, 165 Lambert, Brenda-50 Lamkin, Stephen-75, 117, 136, 147 Lancaster, Linda-84 Larner, Stephen-38, 50, 102, 126, 166 Lasiter, Paul-74, 174 Lasseter, Jackie-174 Latham, J erry-87 Law, Beverly-80 Law, Elaine-82, 149 McGlamery, Jimmy-52, 154 Law, Shirley-87, Lawhead, Janette-82, 127, 145 Lawrence, Jerry-174 Lawrence, John-83, 179 Leatherwood, Kay-50, 129, 139, 145, 155, 166 Lee, David-83 Lee, Harold-50, 114, 145 Lee, Karen-87, 143, 170 Lee, Peggy-87 Leslie, Alene-51, 145, 158 Leslie, Patricia-82, 145, 158 Leverington, Elaine Lewis, Charles-82 Lewis, Mack-179, 181 McMurry, Raymond-52 Lind, Kenneth-119 Lind, Mary Lindsey, Dennis-82 Lipps, Gloria-87 Lipps, Ronnie Lisle, Carola-75 Little, Claudia-75, 130 Little, Frank-75, 187 Little, John-51 Little, Linda Lloyd, Joshua Loftin, Sharon-75 Oakley, Lon-86, 185 Long, Charlotte-51 Long, Judy Lopez, Jesse-83, 179 Lopez, Olivia-86 Lopez, Pat-75, 179, 180 Lott, Patricia-51, 143, 174 Lovell, David-82, 118 Loving, Jacqueline-51, 166 Loving, Lloyd-83 Loyd, Sherry Lozano, Delia-51, 145, 156, 158 Lucas, Helton Lucky, Linda-86 Ludden, Kay-3, 51, 94, 105, 127, 139, 144, 145, 146, 166 Lueck, Carol-75 Lueck, John-51 Luman, Jeannie Lumley, Doreena-86, 141 Lumley, Jean Lunday, Linda-165 Lunsford, Douglass-86, 118 Lunsford, Nelda-75 Luttrell, Stanley-75, 115, 118 Lyon, Ted-51, 189, 190 Mc MacDonald, David John-51, 147, 169 McCabe, Carol Ann-87 McCabe, Robert McCaffity, Gary-51, 126, 135, 154 McCaffity, George Dale-82, 117, 137 McCann, Shirley Jacquelyn- 82, 145, 156 McCarty, Don Clifton-82 McClain, Beverly-86 McClary Ella Jean-82, 170 McClary, Ray Wayne McConathy, Richard-51, 127, 179, 181 McCreary, Ethel McDaniel, Grace-84 McDaniel, Jerry McDaniel, Nelcine Ann-82 McDaniel, Rita-75 McDonald, Alys-84, 147, 156 McDonald, Ann-52, 170 McFarland, Rod-52 McFarlin, Charlotte-82, 124, 137, 141, 145 Q McGee, David-83, 185 McGehee, James-75, 117, 137 McGown, Tom-78, 124, 127, 179 McHargue, Gene-174 Mclnerney, Jo Madeline- 52,139,134,145,155 Mclnerney, Joan-84, 170 Mclnerney, J une-84 McKiddy, Peggy J oyce-52, 174 McKoski, Russell-88, 117, 137 McNair, Evelyn-86 McNair, Harry-82, 118 McNair, Larry-86, 119 McNatt, Gene McVey, Clifford-82, 142, 157 M Mackey, Walter Wayne-82 Madewell, Connie-75 Malone, Jimmy-75, 115, 118, 145 Malone, June Malone, Rosemary Marble, Jeannie-75 Marley, Priscilla Ann-82, 145 Marsh, Ruth Evelyn-82 Marshall, Roger-119 Martin, Jeannette-84, 155 Martin, Dayton Wayne-5,2 Martin, Donald Craig-52, 179, 180 Martin, Gary Martin, Helen Dolores Martin, Mildred Ann-82 Martin, Ronald Martinez, Bonnie-84, 115, 118 Martinez, Irene-75 Mason, Joyce Mason, Jean-52, 103, 139, 145, 149 Massey, James Mac Massey, Kaye-82, 141 Massey, Jerry Mack-82, 119 Massey, Robert Douglas- 52, 119 Massey, Roger Kenneth--179 Masten, Carmen Jean Masters, Albert-75 Masterton, James John Mathews, Steve-52 Mathews, Tena-52 Mathews, J udi-53, 141 Matlock, Sherry-87, 170 Mauldin, Janice-84, 124, 170 Mauldin, Ruth Ann-53 Maxcy, Penny-141 May, Dan-75 MaY, Jimmy-84, 179 May, Jimmy Lynn Mazer, Charles-75, 154 Morgan, Carolyn- 75 Morgan, Don-179, 181 Morgan Susan-78, 131, 141, 193 Morgun, Tania-131, 146 Morrell, J eanne-87 Morris, Billy-84 Morris, Shirley Morrow, Bill-75, 154, 179, 182 Morrow, Orville Medors, Cecil-86, 118 Meadors, Lynda-82 Meclin, Donna-75 Medley, Don-86 Medlin, Vickie Jean Melton, James Richard Melton, Nancy-3, 53, 105, 124, 139, 149, 150, 159 Melton, Rosalind Ann-83 Merrill, Linda-75 Merrill, Linda-75, 145 Mershawn, Garvin-53, 145, 154,169 Merritt, Sheri Marie-82, 143 Meyer, Don Robert-82, 118 Mickler, Michael Edward- 82, 117, 135 Miehlke, Sandra-53, 141, 170 Miglinas, Marsha Colleen- 82, 145 Milburn, Delight-53, 124, 126, 155 Milburn, Phyllis Ann-82, 127 Milkie, Bill-86 Miller, Brenda-86, 170 Miller, Elaine Miller, Hubert Miller, J ohn-53, 139 Miller, Linda-53, 143 Miller, Mary-75, 135 Miller, Sue Miller, Leslie-53, 154, 193 Millican, Katherine-86 Milliron, Helen Lee-75, 174 Mills, J 311163 Miltner, Robert-75, 185, 186 Mims, Calvin Dale Mitchell, Cecile-53, 106, 126 Mitchell, Donald-86, 119 Mitchell, Linda-86 Mitchell, Sandy-75 Moffatt, Lorraine-84, 170 Monk, Kaye-3, 53, 103, 127, 139, 142, 193 Montalvo, Alice Sylvia-53 Montalvo, Freddie-75 Moody, J ean-54, 129 Moon, Gary-54,4 147 Moore, Beryl-54, 117, 135 Moore, Carla Sue-82 Moore, Carol-75 Moore, Darlene-54, 127, 139 Moore, Eddie-75 Moore, Paula-75 Moore, Peggy Sue-81 Moore, Ronald Murry-54 Morales, Naomi-86 Morgan, Frances Moran, Karen Moreno, Johnny-179 Mulcahy, Joe-119, 141, 156 Mulchany, Kathleen Ann- 86, 127, 141 Murphey, Mike-83 Murphey, Mike Martin-75, 127,147 Murphy, Mike-54, 117, 135 Murphy, James-86 Murray, Charles Murray, Morma-75, 127, 131, 141 Murry, Peggy-87 Murray, Ann Musick, Pat-83, 124 Myers, Betty Jo-82 Myers, Linda-82, 142, 156 Myrick, Linda Jean N Nachlinger, James-76, 114, 116, 118 Nall, Clarence-116, 118 Nash, Linda-54, 124 Nauss, John-84, 179 Navarro, Don Gilbert Neff, George-86, 127 Negethon, Janet-76, 141 Nelson, Ronnie-54, 105, 147 Nelsqn, Stephen-86, 117, 118 NeSmith, Eddid-76, 179, 181 Nettles, Pearl Neuman, James-54, 149 Nicholes, Don Nichols, Jimmy Nichols, Marilyn Jean-83 Nicholson, J ohn-76 Nixon, Doris-87 Nixon, Johnny-86 Noll, Phyllis Kay-76 Norman, Pat-76, 127 Norris, Beverley-76, 149 Norris, Clara-83 Nowlin, Marilyn-87 Nowlin, Virginia-54, 141, 159 Nystrom, Nancy-83, 156 0 0ak1ey,JnnnneN-76,16a,169, 185 O'Brien, Carolyn Sue-82 0'Connor, Sarah-87 O'De1l, Sandra-76 Ogilvie, Carol Lynn-72 Ogilvie, Marsha-54, 141 221 Oldfield, .lames-80 Oldfield, Jennie Ondrusek, Joe-54, 106, 113, 114, 115, 150, 154 Ontiveros, Roy Ortega, Gloria-76 Osbirn, Wanda Faye-83 Osborn, .lerry-86, 119 Ottensman, Sandra-55, 174 Overhy, Richard-185, 186 Owens, Eugene-84, 119, 143 Owen, Sue-55, 149, 170 P Pace, Diane-76, 127, 155, 158 Packer, Richard-84, 117, 137 Padilla, Joe-86, 118 Padilla, J uanita-83, 156 Page, Mary-83 Palmer, Randle-87 Parker, Archie-87 Parker, Elva-55 Parr, Jacqueline-76, 127, 145 Parr, John-76, 116, 119 Parrish, Beverly-55 Parrish, Dottie-76, 97, 128, 167 Parsley, Annette-76, 127, 131 Pate, Kathy Pate, Kenneth-87 Patrick, Dianah Patrick, Mary-87, 143 Patterson, George-76 Patterson, Shirley , Patton, Jan-6, 55, 104, 139, 149, 150, 165, 166 Payne, Cary-84 Payne, Roger Peacock, Larry-82, 179, 187, 188 Pearcy, Glenna-82 Pederson, Adrian Paul-192 Pelt, John Pelt, Patricia Pelt, Rebecca-83 Pemberton, Vincent-87 Pendergraft, Robert-76, 147, 154, 167, 193 Pendleton, Mary-83 Penny, David-55 Perez, Rudy-83 Perkin, Richard-55, 154, 179, 182 Peschke, Carol-76 Peters, Robert-55 Pettigrew, Shelia-70, 76, 98, 124, 146, 147 Pevehouse, Judy-76, 137, 167 Pfieffer, Beverly-55, 129, 150 Phillips, Kathleen-55, 124, 144, 145, 146, 147, 149 Philpott, Shirley Phipps, Steve-38, 55, 147, 169 Picard, James-141 222 Pickett, David-119 Pier, Kinchen-55, 147 Pierce, Bea Pierce, James Charles-86, 185 Pierce, James Rodney482 Pierce, Jeanne-76 Piland, Mike Pinn, Mary-56 Pitts, Carol Pitts, Laural-82 Pitts,-Raymond-119 Polansky, George-82, 156 Polk, Margaret-3, 56, 103, 139, 145, 149, 150, 166, 193 Polk, Page Polston, Peggy-76, 131 Polston, Virginia-56, 146, 150 Pomeroy, Gloria-83 Poole, .loyce-83 Poole, Micheal Pope, Donna-76, 117, 119, 136, 171 Post, Anthony-179 Post, Lindaw-56, 129 Pote, Kathy Poston, Bobbie Poston, Johnny-84, 118 Powell, Dale Powell, Fredric-56, 154, 179, 182 Powell, Linda-82 Presley, Charles Prewitt, Herby-82, 181, 187 Price, Hank-76, 101, 124, 127, 146 Priest, Mike-56 Prince, John-179, 185 Pruett, .10 Elaine-56, 170 Pruett, Mary-82, 170 Puckett, Betty-76, 141 Puckett, Nancy Puente, Manuel Purnell, Franklin-82 Pursley, Billy-56, 105, 124, 127, 132, 133, 154 Putnam, James-76 Putnam, John Putz, Leslie-76, 127 R Rachal, Patricia-56 Ragan, Peggy-38, 56, 102, 116, 117, 128, 139, 171 Ragsdale, Joan-76, 128 Railsbock, Eileen-76, 146, 159 Rains, Earnest-56, 174 Rajac, Jimmy-88 Rand, Doris-76 Randolph, Vernon Rasor, Chris-136, 170 Rau, Rosalie-77 Rawlings, Robert-76 Ray, Edward-78 Ray, Margaret-76 Ray, Sandy-56, 185, 186 Redmon, Susan-57, 132, 133, 150 Reece, Donna Reece, Gary Reed, Brenda-57, 143 Reed, Charles Reno, Nelda-57 Relta, Gloria-57, 127, 144, 145 Reynard, Richard-57, 185, 186 Reynolds, Ronnie-119 Rhodes, Carolyn'-3, 57, 127, 138, 149, 155 Rhodes, Diana-76, 127, 131, 160 Rhodes, Roxie-170 Rice, Don-57, 137 Rice, Lanet-76, 159 Richards, Lynn-147 Richardson, John-83, 115, 118, 179 Richardson, Robert-82 Rickard, .lohn-87 Ricketts, Jeanie-84, 124, 127, 155, 193 Riggin, Linda-57, 170 Rigshy, Grady Rinehart, Claude Rives, Kenneth-57 Roach, Nancy-57, 150 Roady, Danny-82, 119 Roberts, Charlott-131 Robertson, Gale-57 Robinson, Dixie-57, 145, 149, 170 Robinson, Jodie-119, 143 Robinson, Lelia Roddy, Leslie Rodriguez, Albert--115, 118 Rodriguez, Mike-83 Rodriguez, Michail-179 Rodriguez, Sammy-81 Rogers, Sue Rogers, Florine-84 Roland, .lummy--84 Romo, Frances Roope, George-84, 116, 118, 156 Rosales, Robert Rotramel, Linda-82, 149, 156 Rousseau, Johnny-77 Rowland, Mary Ann-84, 149 Rowley, David-115, 119 Roy, Barbara-141 Ruiz, Dolores-77 Rumsey, Colleen-170 Rusaw, Donald-58 Russell, Robert-58, 141 Ryals, James S Sadler, Elizabeth-84 Sailers, Vance Sailers, William Sampson, Wayne-58, 135, 169 Sandel, Rodney-77 Sanders, Carolyn-83 Sanders, Dorothy-88, 170 Sarratt, Bonnie-83, 127 Satterwhite, Sandra-84, 135 145, 159 Satterwhite, Sharon Savage, J anet-77 Schmitz, William-81 Schwartz, Clynnda-58 Scott, Larry.-84 Scroggins, Odell-119 Seahorn, John-3, 58, 106, 117, 134, 137, 139 Self, Aubery-82, 114, 116, 118 Selman, Thurman-87, 118 Semler, Kelly--58, 168, 169 Senter, James-81 Settles, Gwen Setzer, John-117, 135 Sewell, Jerry-83 Shafer, Pam-77, 147 Sharber, Randy-58, 134, 135, 154 Sharkey, J ames-58 Sharp, Andrea Sharp, David-83, 118 Sharp, Richard-83 Sharplers, Lowis-83 Shaw, Elizabeth-83 Sheafer, Sherril-83 Sheleton, Wanda-77 Sherrill, Patti-58, 129 Shields, Cary-58, 127 Shipley, Annie-84 Shipley, Jerry Shockley, .1 an-84, 145, 156 Sigler, Ernie-79, 83, 154, 179, 180 Sills, Gary-58, 154, 179, 181 Sills, Lois . Simmons, Art-185 Simmons, Judy-77, 170 Simmons, Sharon-58, 149, 170 Simpson, Barbara Simpson, Jerry-59 Sims, Sharla-77, 127 Sinor, Barbara-86 Sinor, Carol-81, 170 Sires, Doris-86 Skaggs Slagle, Smart, Smith, Smith, 118 Smith, 114, Smith, Smith Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, 154 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith 1 Smith, Smith, Smith 1 , Virginia-155 Pamala C. L.-77, 115, 118 Beverly-77 Charles Duane-77, Charles Thomas-59, 115 David-59, 118, 145 Delores Donald-81 Effie Flora-84 Forest-77, 150 Fred-77 Gladys James Melton--59, James Wade-81 Jimmey Fred Linda-83 Mary-59 Nancy-83 Pat-83 Patsy-77, 159 Stokes, Linda Smith, Raymond Davis-77, 119 Smith, Robert Dean-84, 118 Sneed, Juanita-84 Snipes, James Albert-59 Snow, Ronnie-118 Sorrell, Jerry Wayne-59, 124 Sorrels, George-59, 104, 149, 150, 179, 180 Southerland, Mike-84, 118 Sowell, Asa Roger-174 Spademan, Mary-77 I Sparkman, Michael Ray-84 Speck, Kathy-83 Speegle, Mickey-59 Sperry, Leslie-59 Spruiell, Roy Lee-118 Stampfer, Henry Stanley, James Howard-84 Stanley, J eroldine Kay Stanley, Ray Stark, Charles Staeks, James Arthue-84 Starnes, Kenneth Starr, Doris-59 Stephens, Ann-59, 102, 129, 146, 149, 150 Stephens, Bobby-179 Stephens, Tommy Glenn Stephenson, Sandra Kay- 117, 118, 124, 143, 171 Stevenson, Larry Paul-84 Stewart, Betty-60 Stinebaugh, Glenn Anthony- 83, 115, 119 Stoddard, Kathleen-77, 127, 149, 155, 158 Stovall, Glynda-77 Stovall, Norma-77, 127 Strickland, Treva J can-84, 149, 159 Stricklin, Patricia-88, 141 Stuart, Douglas Ray-82 Stunkard, Dorothy Jean-84, 143 Suarez, Shannon-60, 106, 139, 144, 145, 149, 150 Suarez, Stephen-77, 154, 179, 182 Summers, William-60 Sudduth, Lizabeth-135 Summers, Buddy Summers, Harold-77 Summers, James Ronnie Summers, Wilma Lois-77, 159 Sutton, J errel Howard-60, 124, 127 Sutton, Teddy E. T Tabor, Susan-86, 155 Taggart, Jerry-141 Tallent, Lee-84, 179 Tarwater, Cheryl-88 Tarwater, Rick-83, 154, 179 Tate, Doyle-84 Tate, John-77 Tate, Mary-88, 158 Tennent, Mike Terral, Harry-174 Terrel, Hester-80 Terry, Donna-84 Teubner, Mike-83, 119 Tey, Larry-77, 141 Tezier, Douglas Thacker, Tarzie-77 Thies, Erick-84 Thomas, Cherry-88 Thomas, J. W.-77, 181 Thomas, Lydia-3, 60, 104, 134, 136, 139, 150 Thompson, Darrell-77 Thompson, James Thompson, Julia-60 Thompson, Sibyl-77 Thompson, Tommy-124, 154, 179 Thomson, Ray Thurman, George Patrick- 77 Tibbs, Steven-179, 187 Tichenor, Billy Sue-84 Titsworth, David-77, 110, 116, 154 Titsworth, Virginia Todd, Donald Tollerson, Betty-77 Tomlin, Linda-84 Tomlinson, Thomas-60, 146, 154 Tompkins, Tommy-60 Tonick, Alexia-77 Torres, Albert-81, 145 Torres, Ophelia-60, 127, 145 Trammell, Cecil Trees, Dale Trent, Gloria-83 Trept, Theodore-77, 124 Trevino, Lupe-83 Trevina, Maria-84 Trimmier, Brian-60, 127 Truitt, Karen-60, 139 Tucker, Beverly-60, 124, 134, 137, 155 Tucker, John Turner, James Turner, Linda-478, 174 Tydlaska, Ronnie-84 V Vandever, Pat-78 Van Slyke, Don-82 Vantreese, Linda-127 Van Zandt, Douglas-61, 141 Vaughn, Barry-61, 119 Vaughn, J ohnny-88, 185 Vaughn, Lowry-78, 124, 185, 186 Vincent, Mike-61, 141 Vincent, Pat-83 Vines, Barbara-61, 136, 165 Virden, Jerry-115, 119 W Wade, Carolyn--78, 159, 167 Wagliardo, Anthony Walker, Julia-88, 141 Walker, Roy-61, 180 Wallace, Barbara-22, 61, 139, 145 Wallace, Charles-88, 119 Wallace, Jacky Waller, Lonette-61, 165 Wallis, Gene-61 Walters, James-78 Walters, Judy-3, 61, 127 Walker, Mackie-88 Walthall, Patricia-78 Washam, Carolyn Ward, Danny-88, 141, 190 Ward, James-82, 154, 179, 182, 185 Ward, Ronny-A88, 118 Ware, Ruth-78, 158, 159, 167 Watkins, Harold-119 Watson, Sally-81, 136 Watts, Ronnie-61, 127, 146 Way, Elliott-61, 168, 169 Weaks, Dianne-84, 145, 159, 167 Webb, Bill-61, 169, 192 Webb, Lottie-83 Webb, Sandra Weber, Larry-84, 179 Weese, Pansy-84, 141 Wegman, Kenneth Wegman, Pat Wegman, Priscilla May-84 Welch, Gerald-62 Welch, Sharon-165 Wells, Clyde-127, 141 Welsh, Joyce-84, 124 Wesson, James-83, 179 West, Patricia-88, 158, 167 Westmoreland, Richard-78, 179, 182, 189, 190 Wheeler, Janice-87 Wl1itaker, Donald-136 Whitaker, Joe-114, 115, 168, 169 White, Davidh84, 117 White, Dale-78, 115, 118 White, David Wayne-135 Whitt, Harold-84, 179 White, Janie White, Judy-62 Whitehurst, Carole-78 Whitney, Janice-62 Whitted, Gloria-84, 141, 165 Whitter, Mary Kaye-84, 145 Whittle, Larry-62 Widener, J ohn-62, 150 Wight, Jerry-127 Wilbanks, Johnnie-83, 179 Wilbanks, Sarah-88 Wilbanks, Tommy-62 Wilson, Zana Wilcoxson, Joe Bob-174 Wilder, Gloria-88 Wilkinson, Jack-78, 179, 181, 187 Wilkinson, O. C. Williams, Anita-88, 156 Williams, Cheryl-78, 127 Williams, Donald Williams, Elaine-62, 113, 114, 117, 124, 129, 171 Williams, Harriet Williams, Herbert-84, 115, 118 Williams, Jack Williams, Lewis-79, 82, 124, 179, 185 Williams, Marilyn-88 Williams, Zannia-88 Willis, Gary-83 Willis, Willis, WilliamW83 William Rilie-88 Wilmany, Douglas Wilmany, Elizabeth Wilson, Ann-78, 174 Wilson, Billy-78 Wilson, Gary-88 Wilson, James Wilson, James Willington Wilson, Jean-82, 131, 145 Wilson, Jerry-83 Wilson, June-82, 131, 145, 156 Wilson, Robert-62, 115, 118 Wilson, Ronald-84, 179 Winsett, Linda Winters, Jimmy-62, 174 Woehlcke, William-484, 145 Womack, William Womack, Mike Wood, Donna Wood, Gregg-84 Wood, Janette-78, 156 Wood, John James-78, 192 Wood, John Wayne Wood, Susan-78, 127 Woodall, Jerry-83 Woodell, Freddie Woodruff, David-78 Woodruff, Jack-84 Woods, Janice-83 Woolf, John-78, 154, 96, 167 Wooten, Janet-62 Worden, Jamie-84, 145 Worley, Jeanne-3, 62, 139, 144, 145, 146, 166 Wright, Johnny-88, 179 Wright, Robert-84, 119, 179 Wyatt, Linda-43, 62, 127, 139, 149, 156Y166 Yarbrough, Ann-3, 63, 102 124, 149, 166 Yarhorough, Mike-88 Yarhorough, Ronald-84 Yates, Paul York, Terry-84, 179, 187 York, Thomas-84, 179 Young, Dickie-63, 154, 179, 180, 189, 190 Young, Donnie-174 Young, Henry-63, 174 Young, Linda-78, 159 Young, Ronnie-84, 179, 185 Young, Vernon Wilburn Z Zahn, Jane Zauber, Glenn-84, 167, 179 Zollicoffer, Jimmy-63 223 'ELA WE THANK Mrs. lVlorelle lVloore, our sponsor. for her undiminishing en- couragement and dedication which have influenced us all. Mr. Bill Cathey for his patience and cooperation in preparing the excellent photographs appearing in this book. The Oak Cliff Tribune for their cooperation and additional pictures. Taylor Publishing Company for their guidance and assistance in the publication of this year's book. Every member of the faculty for their courteous assistance. The students without whose participation this book would not have been possible. THE OAK STAFF futon lLUEL!Sl1!I4SG1C9M3ANY f ,isn ' ' -lg 2' film i Xi, 1 'iw rt . ,A V V li ., Q L.. 1 I' ff -.- f-,X i h , Y .k..,,,. ,W ,,,, 41:11, ,,,, 'kiwi' 41" ' 1 5191 ' ' 1 A ' .J . ix. will F- jf TE. 4 1 C , ,fl A iw ' f. 7 Q-. .Y , 11 N gi S W4 Q - ffl' A fm. i f 4'Tl,r.. f,x-AAI ', I w, I E i. 3 mi . I 42 WV 4 1 'Q + EF I I A W J , I q X' 'qw 'qs I NR .X 'll fi! if 1 xxx xx in X X 'yr 'aw W1 I , 13 N 1 J lm 1 'I nf, i i 5 H r w x X X, ,x ' 5'f"7T . it If .J "I-.:'J' .?1.'Vj,5..'-'Cv V - 1' :- .'- .214 V. ,L--.. ' . 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