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Text from Pages 1 - 214 of the 1957 volume:

M", i-ll . K? A fam iD ,365 t GQ--If' , ,fifty iii 1 YC X HW '2 ML , ' K , ' ff M I 1 k6'v,w7dM1? ,,,fJf fb ER QR ,ifti ,fu KV X W JzM,W y xi iii-il-'::,:' WN ' f A ,M-,hz I Q 032.24 ,55,,,,4 Q I A ,,gwf"f f N., X, Q' f- 1-'f fx X Xx.. CZfCVJJQ?J I r 5l5Q,UjU?I9 - floffvhiy Br , X X. WEW - 7 wgfv' W - Xf QQ J A9 Qi f l 1 N NJ QV ,ff if f A 5 if U - ,-4:39 J F..-V r W MW W WX WWQIMQ va 1 1 sl ii iii 535 533 VM ds, f f, vga'-52 C 6: Q QQQ can A! XQCC ,-if f'ffa,iff2?'Xf5 ,S BE X33 kgfljlwc -Q E? gk 52 YD D ggi NS WSW 0 MM f WWW wfiiwfffff Mf'e?wg an fix Qiqgiqwmfgft 1 Tl-IEVV Sr-:mo A RS PR 13 DAMSGN E SENT Tl-IE IDP I-I i957 Mem Foreword ..- Hwv n,,,,,i,,gw..,.,-.....u,,,.,, ,.,W.,,, WWW .W " W ,,,,,,t,M-W.,,.,,w-of-Ma M-Mg ,N- as i..W..f.i.s W., My S 3 1 2 Ei ,gqsavimswniitmeuvilvkesstwoasseessaff 5 3 . tg 53 Y. T5 5 E ...., M i 1, LE mwsmwwmmstnsmvwf ,stunts 'Five V, , .M wuei:sw1wie.mfw,-- f Dallas, our city . . . a metropolitan of huge skyscrapers, great factories and industries, crowded streets, enormous railway yards, large fashion markets, and the agricultural distributing center of the Southwest . . . We are happy to belong to a small part of Dallas and her wealth. She provides our home, our protection, and our way of life. Molded from Christian ideas Dallas has grown up under iiii who looked toward the - men like John Neely Bryan and George M. Dallas . . . Because built around a Democratic cornerstone we see her now at a high peak of development . . tam of the Yearb,Q, Staff hope to express oir sincere admigamiieniersgnd respect for our Q 3 fiefsrzwas -f. 0 :, ri. f .awww ,V 1:33 g 66D.99 you will sense 3 N, 5 fi K1 be if 55 olgr themeggas Ecu turn age jtages of the Oak toire-live eicperiiences of yourgchool year with iliiiiyg fawagsasai fiv- t,rt K sms Fil E? 322 fig Eg 22 friends andwggglagmates. p 3325554342 Editor Judy Ahlfinger , Y x uw! si ff. at FQ M Q2 z si: g W M gait Zi 5 5 is E' Res, fi 5 V X " 4 to A. .,,,, -- ,,,' ' ' ., 1 gg -r- ,ip-znzusfnn' L au" " . i 1. v reno- r I L 134411 5 1 E 1 - i f- V X.: . r W ' 4- Administration A J- ,fm Military QQ! . i .... '- N ' .-fm-Q, 0 Seniors Table 0 Contents 'YCGT1fOiiI'i'liOWiL S W ' am gif.. .'-:Hifi 5 f ,g ' - , 'fi' b ,,. t Y 'Q' In ', - xgiiwe S We 551.3-"1 If ' iff f fitiie l' -- ii' BFE 'll if " of Y Iii Har iii :ze la: fl 54, -. , W, fg-fg 1--H-'-f, L, V qs' .arg-7 Q W ff"'l5',,Q ,gn ri - - ' ,,:f4,,,fr- .., ,, W, g f - A t 4s :she 4 "' '21, .,. Q! fx f ZH ' K gnu ll Q f if if A N-1-wi Y, -' , ri V : iw f iif t. gag . e ff, L 2 ,Mt '- - ' , 1 - H " H1 Q . ' n 5 7- 1- ' T-M ' s W W ,H we ig h I 1 ., me KRW N,,-V,..A, W .L W, 3 3 1 . he A Q P 3 , Nw M in ff' fi im, Q Underclassmen Activities I Y kkfk rgijteijw-1, J 1-a' V, ,Q I V V it wi ,g fi, Favorites Sports Advertisements A , , ,'. , . . , .. P "M"-s..,, - , in 5. 3 y 3' . . , 1 A . N - ' 5 '. iimriqe 1 Z' y :I vw 'gi i'ff1gi Q A , .,...... 4 V 1 0 - u V , Q :Sins r- ? ' VV-N g . V5 , L' U . - Q.-'bg , g its Vf,,,,,, rw , J A Q a gli .g,, ., 73-5-.sp -f' ""' ...- L ' v. ,f gg V, Va A . V V. V -g Q .ft -1' ' V ..,....,,,.-M-VM V. , LV , '- , ,, - MV -. P f - A L - V1 V.....,:Q--4 -sew.: ......-'-' .. V .313 , . ---lf' 21... """""-,, .-o - fi ,M ,,,..' . , 1-"" -va P... --f Q VV V' V A f-. 1-A 1 2'-.-. f VF' , V 1 s Qu I .9 M .., , , x Mm . 'V '- " t ' -',,,..,. . , 'Q ' --.-v , ' 'rw :. ' ' V -. V ?':"'?-isa Y V Q fl '+V an 'Q 4 - 4 v-'- Q -- ' 7 2... .. A- . V ' ' ., -VL , ' M, V 1 ,.-1 ,gf if its ,,,V , 3, , -A g, v- .NX ,, ,T , ji T.. " . 1 ' V" . ,H Q Z 1 K N. M Q . .L V" K 'Fm 1851.201 A C 'M- 5. ' Q V V. -ll' ',-- if 1,551 i A J 11" 5 , ,,,:.Vw ' f -,NA , Q .,.,:,..wL' ,,,,,,... 5 3. 5 -Q3Tf""':g:: ' 5 ' A' 's A ' 1, . j Y V --"" Q,,,,.,,, - '4 Q 33, K' Q - ' A J? al Q -3 is . 1- ai if ',, , f 5 .. V 4 , Va: , wh MMA kk mmwwawumwmg -1 I - 21 , Q- ix? A , e QQ ' ..-1:1 SL 'fy ., ' A '. E .,..f.1Vw,..,QwM I k 4 . 3 yn 1 H lj - , . 1 V V- V ,V ., V :V k V 3, 5 ig - Li ,. , , V A if if .ff 'iii , i V - f QV V x ' " f . 9 ag 5 E V M " - A V V in V f - V .V V V V ,V M V A . W 'Lf 4 1 gf 2 A if , V, -.,,. 1 V2 , 21 vs! V, Q x ,A :V Q. My 4- 4, 'N tlwivff f X! ..- w V M- f V V7 '4 , V H 5 V ,gm Q - V , , 5 I L: ,- , f- ..-V. : 4 -, ,V , , 'V ' - A ' 5 . ,ff HQ., 'F3'-' ' 'A X a V ' - V' .9 -3' dawg . Kg xr nga ' ,fa f EQA , .Lew 5 Q' 6 VV V View 1 ' K .- V im - gf V' ' W xl, - KW V .5 's Q ,,g V , V ,Ag A Q In -mlmifk. ,nwV,,,, ,VV - Q 1 , 1 VN ,Q 3 V -, ' . ' gf 'V f+1, fi 1 ff? g ,x Q 5 1 1 if H, V V, Ai, M. V , . , .K ,K , K . LW, - fi - W' A Hz: ' 'V 5 ig .. - 4' ' X 'ilk ' f A . ,,V V - A , V V V 3, , is 'V .. - . 1 - , A' ,f . , Wh' V Z k I L . "Q i ' ' x i f A V ' , , V ,, Am x V- V V Q A -az' V 1, .a m K ,V X . ' 'Y F 06,5 A V , ' A I , :QV X Z V- . Wm L Vg' 1 " .fl X .-Q' r A ' a g . I 0 A' 4 l ' 'Vs vJ , e Q - Q. AY' Administration ,,M"t'M yvmnlblw ' . G ,., . ' ' , ' . A. H K P- - --Q " 1, 'f ,Sw L My 1. . ,tw : - -as-SV, 3 ug.. ,, in If Q ,. . A School Administration Building Left to right: Don Matthews, Assistant to the Superintendentg West Browne Secretary Business Managerg Dr. W. T. White, Superintendent, Robert H McKay, Assistant Superintendent in charge of Administrationg Dr. Frank L Williams, Assistant Superintendent in charge of lnstructiong Dr. E. D. Walker Assistant Superintendent in charge of Personnel. Board of Education Edwin L. Rippey, M.D., President Mrs. Tracy H. Rutherford, Vice President Mrs. Vernon D. Ingram Franklin E. Spafford R. L. Dillard, Jr. Rouse Howell Van M. Lamm W. A. Blair R. B. Gilmore Uur Principal 'vt 'wa MW-W Students of W. H. Adamson High School, my sincerest wish for each is that you might learn here the foundations for successful and gracious living. May the knowledge that you gain in this school grow through the years into wisdom, as you temper it W1 ness, unselfish service, nobility, and Christian conduct. th kind- 0 Dean LONA BELL SPRUIELL Assistant Principal THOMAS W. MEEK MRS. GERALDINE HOLLAWAY Secretary GLENNA SCUDDER BOBBY JOHNSON Assistants Attendance il MISS ROBERTA KING Senior Counselor Office jj., Because of his loyalty to duty, his earnestness of purpose, his high sense of that which is right, his untiring ef- forts in molding the character of boys and girls, and his sincere interest in all phases of our school life, we, the Senior Classes of l957, affectionately dedicate this volume of the Oak to Thomas W. Meek, Assistant Principal of W. H. Adamson High School. f and French '1 XT I 'xx gg Q R ,iff n E1 , L WK , 5 K B 9 it I ti AZ-553 , ,ik A 2533 L ALLEN BOULTON Physics fs: 3 . ffl-1' s s 5:12 ww' - ROGER CARROLL History ADUDDELL LAURA ALEXANDER JEANETTE ALSTON Facu lty .-an nv BARBARA BAKER Orchestra EURICE BASS Math Latin and Math Physical Education N ,VIH gr ,Si f- - if: alfa-L ii'i 7555 A,A,. it GEORGE BROWNLEE COL. H. C. BURGESS IDABEL CABANISS L. E. CAMPBELL History R.0.T.C. Clothing Mechanical Dr. E 5 f v-'Fld Ku Q 'R 5 2212 JOHN CARTER TOM CHANDLER WINNIE CHAPPELL ROBERT H. COWSAR Math History English 1 Faculty l Mist 12 ,Et W,- 45 , y , aww Ayvg 0 If RAE CULLUM VERDE DICKEY BONNIE EICHORN JANE ETHERIDGE A. F. FAULKNER Physical Education Math Math English Debate ' l if 3' CARL FINLEY RIPPLE FRAZER FRANCES FREESE ARVE GODDARD GLADYS HAMBY Journalism Foods Math Band Library Assistant 'NY Mix I ff.:--M MARGARET HARRIS MAY HASELTINE J. B. HEAD WILHELMINA HEDDE H. B. HESTER History English Math Public Speaking Woodshop is Faculty ttl ft i i ,sw V 5 l mg I+ Q N N .av X I,-Irma, L Q ii it E' 5 I Tir i S M 1 T Q' Q v. ff' Q ? E fa... M 4' CERALDINE HELEN HORN R. A. .IOHNS VIRGINIA JUERGENS BURL KIGER HOLLOWAY English Biology Spanish History Secretary al Y 434' II . if J A, bi 1 .. X , ' . , , ' aid! iq ,f A' iff: ' ' ,WSE ' -. 1 K .. . , Isa if ' I 42 as '- ., - A AJ' f-gr' TI' V. .. A I :e,i oii L 'Ai IOBERTA KING WINNIE LANGFORD L. C. LEFTWICH LUCILLE McNIEL J. H. MALONE Spanish History Math Study Hall Biology 'K - ,M , 2 ,, . , I. W1 W. I 19' 9' . , 1 M -, I f my ,. W , ,V,.. Fnlyr iw' -rs 7 -ir U,-I fx , M, I "fl lim, -XX Q I, t .... K Q ' My -M 'Mt M A' L, -ff' ' L ,f Y -ls In 5 H X if Eiffl l 5 . I 35-It X 5, , 2 wa I it 3 4 , 1 IIN ,MES Jw b. ia 1 gave, f-wggr: f f f' ' '- has :-fH'ff:",.ief'4v: ' , D. E. MELTON KATHERINE MOLL MORELLE MOORE JAMES NELSON EUGENIA NEWBERRY ndustrial Cooperative Nurse Study Hall Commercial Spanish Training N 1 3 .f LHS Ji f 'I' 4 3 3 Q13 ' H i f xp: 4 K Faculty A 2:,. Q NELL PAGE ANNE PATRICK NONA RANDOLPH MABEL ROCKETT RUTH RUFFIN Distrihutive Education English Typing English English CHARLES SANFORD MEREDITH SCHROEDER P. T. SHORES R. N. SMITH Commercial Art Accounting Math Study Hall STOVALI JOE FRANCES THOMPSON MARY LOUISE EDWIN WAITS KIRBY D. WATKIN Music Library UNDERWOOD History General Science English E ' I i . A. B. WEATHERREAD JAMES H. WILDER Commercial Parent- Teacher Association President . ,,,,,,. .. ,,,,,,, MRS. HENRY WILSON First Vice President ,s,,s, .. s,s,,s,.s, . MRS. E. E. SNYDER Second Vice President Third Vice President ,,,,. Fourth Vice President Fifth Vice President . Sixth Vice President ,,,,,,,,,, Seventh Vice President ...,,s,s ,,,,,, MRS. BILL HOLLAND MRS. M. E. KLEIN MRS. J. A. WARD MRS. JACK DENHAM MRS. LEONARD DAVIS MRS. CLAY PAGE Recording Secretary ,,s..,.s.s ..,,,,,,, M RS. C. D. JOHNSTON Corresponding Secretary ..,... .,,..... M RS. J. D. STEWART Treasurer ........................... .......... M RS. R. B. FRYER Historian and Publicity ., ,...,,,. ......,...... M RS. D. F. PRUITT Parliamentarian , .............. , .- MRS. HENRY SCUDDER Delegate to Council ....... .......... M RS. BUD GREEN Delegate to Council ..,.... MRS. A. L. STOCKS Dads, Club . W. H. PITCOCK President ,,,,,,..,,,,.,,,,,.,.. ...., First Vice President ,- Second Vice President Third Vice President Fourth Vice President Fifth Vice President ....... Sixth Vice President ,,,... Secretary- Treasurer ..,e, ....... Principal ,,,,e,e,.,,,,, Past President ,........ W. L. LUNDAY G. G. TATUM J. A. RANDOLPH A. L. RAMBO G. W. WELLS J. A. TANNER V. R. FAULKNER H. A. ALLEN A W. P. BRIDGES T, v..W W.. ?farf:Lf'ffvfq7fr'Nwi Seniors g1,yg,,5,,,.gA,,,g,g, A m.gig,,gLg,,,Ms aigwiwii,,kz,,z,,a.a,,,..i,i,i,,E,i..3.L.4n- .Nw-nf nf-1,-X-HM :www-wwwnw 11111 V DW vx ,,,........... , My Lani!-if W V ' 5 I L - A , 2.ZiqQU,.,L V V , ' ig Q ' , i . sa Q 1 - K i i ,4 A .ww I4-. I -if-kai g , qiwfi' .1-'Lf aw-is A . J W Y f- L- v fig A I Q 64.94 7 - 1 4 gj ,,, ' 'K?.i zfV '.f1 ' V f f L- f K -iLee,,' ega-'shggzlgqi' J 2' 'az w g , ,- , -. , VE , , ,yi W, T W, , ,. , Y 'ni-f'c12Af4,v - , ' , - , W fx, I A . , ' - W , ii if-fa,,'3!Sf ,J gfigj f , M-A ' fifw. . - J L , MQ f J . M i v - fi 7 ii -. W5gQf4 , X X f .. ' , , Y 1, - .1 'iffy 2 - ' f 'wgg A W , -,... if Qaifvmiz 73, 'A ,Y . . Sf ,i X 5-,xx-i'::.ff: :.. 47:75 I - kv' Vi' : . Q V4 ug: , --3:-QE Z' 7 I 1 I A v 45, A ., , ,W -my A v ,- lil' Q " L , , img-i A if .,, , , B, 5 if Q + A K 4 A f Sv' n"1,':A:.,y17. 7 A f . W ' AS'N:HfAAi1'K McFarland Auditorium S. . U 4A Class Officers Www, ,.f""""' """"""'N President ,,,7,,,s.,s..s ,,,,,7,,7, J ACK NICHOLS Vice President ,,,,,.... ,,,,,,,,,, R AY ROBERSON Secretary ,,,,,7,... ..,,,,7, I ANICE BAKER ABBOTT, BOBBY Linz Pin Pan American Club Sportsman Club BAILEY, DAVID Tumbling Club Wrestling Club Select Chorus Boys' Chorus 1 Year Linz Bible Award Mixed Chorus Tennis BASS, EDDIE Camera Club Sportsman Club Vice President Automobile Club ICT Band Allied Youth CARTER, ELISE National Honor Society Allied Youth Girls' Choir 1 Year Linz Pin Latin Club Astronomy Club Medical Professional Club Safety Club DANIEL, BOYCE Radio and TV Club Sportsman Club Secretary of Automobile C1 FBI Club Wrestling Club FOWLER, MARY LOUISE Select Chorus Tennis Modeling Club Dramatics Club Allied Youth Blue Choir Senior Program Committee Girls' Choir Senior Play Committee ub ALLEN, BEVERLY Girls' Chorus Band Assistant Modeling Club Dramatics Club Dallas Historical Society Secretary Club Home Economics Club Y-Teens BAKER, JANICE Senior Play Cast Senior Program Committee Student Assistant Sports Club Allied Youth Student Council Linz Bible Award Y-Teens Secretary 4B and 4-A Classes Dramatics Club Modeling Club Tennis Team '54-'56 Select Chorus Blue Choir Allied Youth Girls' Choir Senior Play Committee -A - I 1 A BYNUM, SHERRY LOU if A CAWTHON, PAT Senior Play Cast Allied Youth 1 Year Linz Pin Secretary 3B and 3A Classes Girls' Sports Student Council Modeling Club Student Assistant Y-Teens ENGLISH, BARBARA National Honor Society Student Director of Select Chorus Senior Play Y-Teens Pan-American Club Student Council 2 Year Bible Linz Award 3 Year Linz Pin FULLEN, KATHERINE Nursing Club Girls' Choir Camera Club Mixed Chorus GARRISON, OLIN Key Club "D" Club Three Year Football Letterman Two Year Track Letterman Co-Captain Track Team t 'ww--1-uf ,461 my 9 1 Y ,Xi Q Y Basketball Allied Youth Square Dance x W g it ie? GOEBEL, PATRICIA Nursing Club Camera Club Study Club Girls' Chorus Mixed Chorus 1 ., .: my M: 'l t sele 5 X if F ,po--K HICKS, JAMES ICT , w'l',Qg,,? I 1.1, Qi LADYMON, DAVA Modeling Club A ' Senior Committee of Play ,V 3 L' 5 1 Year Linz Award ' Girls' Chorus Debate Club sf McBRIDE, EDDIE Senior Hi-Y Football President Reading Club Member Art Club - . fe Q..-1:-., - X . ' -at ,,..s-- . MADDQX, DON RONALD 1 Mi SporLman'sCClub VJ A A ' T 1' I b 'Pa A ,,t- I me 11 ,.:,q,. G ,mf Industrial Arts Club Stocks and Bonds Club Wrestling Club Square Dancing Club Jody Drill Team A A P GEIGER, JOE 3 Year Football Letterman President IA and 2B Classes "D" Club Key Club Senior Program Committee Senior Social Committee Track HENSLEE, PHYLLIS National Honor Society Linz Award Scholastic Key Art Award Senior Play Mixed Chorus Allied Youth Vice President Library Club Secretarial Club Square Dance Club Girls' Sports Club KEELING, ARGERIE Allied Youth Modeling Club Junior FBI Club Fashion Design Club Select Chorus Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus LANE, JUDY Leopardettes 55-56 Senior Play Cast Allied Youth Pan American Club Modeling Club Y-Teens Square Dance Club Social Dance Club Girls' Chorus Secretary 2A and 3B Classes McCORMACK, DANNY RAY Key Club "D" Club 3 Year Basketball Letterman Track President 3B Class MADDOX, MONTE National Honor Society Vice President Student Council President Allied Youth Best School Citizen Award 1956 Camera Club Representative Regional Meeting Football Letterman Baseball Senior Activity Committee MARTIN, ROBERT MITCHELL Basketball Junior Boneheads Officers' Club Select Chorus Blue Choir White Choir Boys' Choir Junior FBI Architectural and English Club Allied Youth MENARD, PAUL Select Chorus Senior Play Committee French Club Blue Choir White Choir 1 Year Linz Award Boys' Choir Medical Club MOTSENBOCKER, DON M. Football Radio and TV Club POOR, PAT Camera Club Perfect Attendance Award Secretary 2B Class Rifle Team Square Dance Club Allied Youth 1 Year Debate Letterman Color Guard Commander Social Dance Club Select Chorus RAMSEY, CARL Sportsman's Club REESE, ELEANOR MARIE Modeling Tennis Mixed Chorus Future Homemakers' Club Pan American Student Forum C2 QE' mapa :fi li' MELLOR, MICHAEL "A" Squad Baseball MORRISON, DONALD HERBERT Football Junior FBI Baseball Allied Youth NICHOLS, JACK Football Baseball Letterman three Years Captain 1956 Basketball Letterman "D" Club Key Club President 4-B, 3A, 2A and 2B Classes RAMBO, KENNETH IRWIN "D" Club Key Club 3 Year Football Letterman Basketball Allied Youth Junior FBI Club REED, CHARLES F Band Radio and TV Club Camera Club ROTC Hunting and Fishing Club RICH, SHIRLEY BURTON Girls' Sports Secretarial Club ROBERSON, RAY National Honor Society Football Letterman Vice President Senior Class Key Club "D" Club 4- Year Linz Pin Everts Award SHIELDS, KERMIT Junior Achievement ROTC Gun Club Allied Youth Radio and TV Club STEMMONS, SUZY Candidate for 4- Year Linz Candidate for Everts Award National Honor Society Chairman, Senior Social Committee Football Queen, 55-56 Pan-American Club Tennis Senior Play Cast Student Assistant Allied Youth SWANN ER, NANCY Select Chorus Girls' Chorus Blue Choir Sextette National Thespians Invitation Committee Modeling Club Leopardettes 54-56 TROUP, ALEX Editor of Acom Cheerleader 56-57 StQient Council 4B Vice President ROTC Captain National Thespians 2B Secretary Allied Youth Oak Representative Senior Social Committee WADE R. A 3 Year Track Letterman 1 Year Football Letterman D Club 9 - it 'll' I f -A L- 3 Year Basketball Letterman f A US l l was Hi-Y Q 5g --Q Key Club 'f af? to, , '--': 5 an y Linz Bible Award ROGERS, BEN J. Sportsman's Club Allied Youth Band Tennis SHRAMEK, ANN Art Club National Honor Society Fashion Design Club, Secretary Student Council Student Assistant Scholastic Art Award 3 Year Linz Award Bible Award STOGNER, BAILEY PATRICA Allied Youth Girls' Chorus Pan-American Club Modeling Club Y-Teens Square Dance Club Acorn Staff Camera Club Senior Play Committee Gym Assistant T IMPA, SAUN DRA GAYLE Select Chorus Senior Play Cast Senior Program Chairman Allied Youth Student Council PTA Representative Blue and White Choirs Y-Teens Alternate Cheerleader 54-55 UNDERWOOD, JOE Allied Youth Accounting Award Bookroom Assistant Gun Club Senior Play Production Staff WARD, BOBBY L. Officers' Club Drill Club Drill Team 54-57 Staff Officers Hunting and Fishing Club Junior Texas Rangers WARD, J osEPH A. Football Track Select Chorus President Western Music Club Senior Play Cast Blue Choir Vice President Radio Club Baseball Boys' Choir White Choir WILLIAMS, EMMETT Allied Youth Student Assistant Gun Club ROTC ICT Amateur Radio Operators 1 A A A in-' . " I It L by , 'wi' K we No Picture CECIL HARRIS Night School CARLTON O'REAR WATSON, NANCY BOGLE Dramatics Club Tennis Girls' Chorus Mixed Chorus Allied Youth Fashion Design Club Girls' Sports Club WILSON, LONNIE All-City Baseball 1956 Baseball Letterman "D" Club Quill and Scroll Press Club S.M.U. Journalism Award 4B Class Officers , if fffifffs I Y 5 I 5 . I as 'I it ,,. 5 President ,.,,s......,,s, ..s,s,.As J OHN EAGLE Vzce Preszdent .,....,.. ...A,,....,,,,......,,,, P HIL HIPPS Secretary .,.,,,,,....... ,......,., D IANNA SCHOPPAUL ADCOCK, SYBIL Secretarial club Y-Teens ANDERS, BARBARA MARIE Student Assistant Secretarial Club Modeling Club ARMSTRONG, DORIS MARGARET Dallas Historical Club Allied Youth Y-Teens Bible Linz Award ATKIN S, CHARLES NILE Junior CPA Distributive Education Astronomy Club Tumbling Club BAKER, PATSY Library Service Club Vice President Vice President District Library Club Dramatic Club Secretary Allied Youth Modeling Club Student Assistant National Thespians Girls' Sports Club BARBER, BYRON LEE Key Club "D" Club 2 Year Baseball Letterman Vice President Allied Youth President Allied Youth Student Council Senior Play Cast ROTC Rifle Team Officer ROTC .2 k 'R AHLFINGER, JUDY ,ltyb Editor of Oak 1, National Honor Society I M T 4 Year Linz and Everts Award " I Cheerleader 56-57 Y Q A," a , Alternate Cheerleader 55-56 .-.. K , H Ab. Secretary IB and 3B Classes " Student Council Student Assistant i- 5, Allied Youth ' Modeling Club Quill and Scroll G ,K ANGELL, CAROL -V 6 L as . JANICE ' ' ,I R o k R ' 5 R ' g o f Fishiolipliiliglaiiiib et i Q ARRINGTON, LARRY 9 'x Wwe' ATKINS, FRANCES LORETTA Tennis Club Astronomy Club Allied Youth Dallas Historical Society Scholarship Club ICT Linz Award 2 Years M BANKS, BETTY ELAINE 5 ITC Girls' Chorus Mixed Chorus Allied Youth Y-Teens Secretary of Secretarial Club BARNETT, IDA ANN Y-Teens Modeling Social Dance Square Dance Allied Youth BARNETT RICHARD Key Club Senior Hi-Y Football Basketball Linz Pin BAYLESS, STEVE Moonlighters President Band Council Dal-Hi Orchestra ROTC BECKER, ROBERT Baseball Football SportsInan's Club Senior Hi-Y BEUTEL, RAY Tennis Club Stage Crew Scholarship Club Officers Club Regimental Staff BISHOP, CHARLES Blue Band Military Officer Science Club Junior FBI Chess Club Latin Club ROTC Band BOWLING, SHERRY ALICE Student Council Modeling Club ROTC Sponsor DE H. BAUMGARDNER, MIKE Football Manager Hi-Y Allied Youth . BEATY, CASEY Football Quill and Scroll Acorn Staff Allied Youth Junior Texas Rangers BELK, GENE DENTON Junior Texas Rangers President First Aid Club Company Commander of ROTC Motion Picture Operator Rifle Team Senior Play BIRKHOLZ, SHIRLEY Blue Band Allied Youth Y-Teens Modeling Club Cheerleaders 56-57 Leopardette 54--56 Student Council Allied Youth Modeling Club Dallas Historical Society Student Assistant Social Dance BLEDSOE, KAY 5 BRABHAM, ALBERT GEORGE Band Commander Student Director, Band Officers Club Junior FBI Science Club ROTC Band BRICE, BARBARA Leopardette 56-57 Student Council Student Assistant Modeling Girls' Sports Allied Youth Mixed Chorus BROWN, ANTHONY Linz Bible Award Advanced Bible Award Allied Youth Senior Hi-Y Junior Bonehead Club BURDEN, JOAN Select Chorus Secretary 3A Class Quill and Scroll Modeling Club President Allied Youth Y-Teens News Correspondent Student Council Acorn Reporter BUTLER, EUGENE DE CANNON, TOMMY One Year Linz Pin DE CASE, JEANIE Girls' Chorus Mixed Chorus Dramatics Club Pan American Club Junior Red Cross Junior CPA Club BROOME, VICKI Leopardettes 56-57 Square Dance National Thespians Student Council Camera Club 1 Year Linz Award Modeling Club Bible Award Allied Youth BROWN, HERMAN Hi-Y Social Dance Tumbling Club Wrestling Club BURKHOLDER, GWENDOLYN Office Assistant Mixed Chorus Fashion Design Club Modeling Club BYNAM, SONJA French Club Modeling Club Girls' Sports Allied Youth CARTER, JIMMIE B. Regimental Commander Drill Team Commander Science Club Chess Club CHAMBERS, SANDRA Secretarial Club Y-Teens One Year Lin Pin S.,cQaet C11-51""' CHASTAIN, NORMA JUNE Oak Staff Acorn Staff Quill Sz Scroll Select Chorus Girls' Trio President, National Thespians Secretary Dramatics Club Morning, Meditation Com. Student Council Modeling Club CLARK, BEN NY President Architecture Club Senior Hi-Y Football Art Club Boys' Chorus CLARK, LOUISE Student Assistant Secretary Club Girls' Sports Club Nurses' Club Future Teachers and Ministers Dallas Historical Society COLLINS, NANCY Bible Award French Club Secretary Girls' Chorus Select Chorus Linz and Everts Award COTTON, LARRY Two Year Basketball Letterman "D" Club PT Aide COWAN, JAMES ROTC Math Club Boys' Choir Vice President Radio and TV Club Select Chorus White Choir Square Dance Mixed Chorus CHURCH, MARYLIN Mixed Chorus Modeling Club Fashion Design Club Home Economics Club Nurses' Club CLARK, DORIS Home Economics Club Modeling Club Mixed Chorus Fashion Design Club Library Club Nurses' Club fir? ss. CLEVENGEP., JACK Basketball Track Hi-Y Allied Youth ss 41 t ,,. , ,: '.. A ' A ri, .,,, - , g ,. , . f'i"'t CONGLETON, DIANE Y-Teens i '.,, fi f V ,E ff Modeling Club , mx .. 5 'S Camera Club ' ,,,, , 5 Secretarial Club t, ' we as COVINGTON, DEANNE Blue Band Four Years Drum Majorette 56-57 ROTC Sponsor Student Assistant Secretary Future Teachers Club Secretary Pan American Club Vice President National Historical Society Club Library Service Club Social Dance Club Four Year Linz 'and Everts Award COWELL, GWENN Y-Teens Secretarial Club Allied Youth Shorthand Club Fashion Design Club CRAWFORD, DAN ROTC Officer's Club Drill Club Drill Team Sportsman Club Regimental Staff Debate Club CREEL, KENNETH Art Club Dallas Historical Society Medical and Professional Club Library Service Club Junior Red Cross Band ROTC Allied Youth Latin Club CUMMINGS, GORDON Sportsman Club Allied Youth Baseball Basketball DAUGHERTY, DARCUS ANN Y-Teens Square Dance Dallas Historical Society Modeling ICT Camera DENNING, AUSTIN ROTC Com. Officer Officer's Club DILL, LUCIE KATHRYN Office Assistant Secretary of Press Club Treasurer of Reading Club Tennis Club Tennis Team Camera Club Ice Skating Club Social Club r-vp f rp. I J- CRAWFORD, JAMES Vice President Library Service Club Arch. and English Club, Select Chorus White Choir ,I I 6:5 CROWDER, GENE LEE fe .1 si 52? I' if YQYESL 'A ' it 'gif f V ff'ft5.x ,fy ,, 3535? " ,ft ' I ,itiiiiii tl- :f,fX1jsf.xg,h ..,,t,r.-,V-,W -far 5. 1 I 4, in X asv, lla . is "et 'R tx M .Q , I . ssiirr ,A K was A ,wel Lf. 1 - W-'1"T' ,sf 4 t 'TR' 'Q fs' 'or gay 3 A Tumbling Club ICT Radio Club CURRIER, PAT Senior Invitation Committee ROTC Sponsor Modeling Club DAVIS, LEON Select Chorus Radio and TV Club Math Club Blue and White Choir Baseball Boys' Choir Sportsman Club DE ROTC DENNIS, J. CALVIN Allied Youth ROTC Officer Drill Team Officer's Club Drill Club Boys' Chorus Mixed Chorus DILL, MARY ELIZABETH National Honor Society Pan American Club Debate Club Linz Pin Future Teachers Club Office Assistant A. Harris Fashion Board Secretary Spelling Club National Forensic League DONLEY, MARTIN NEAL Stage Manager Senior Hi-Y Blue Band Officer's Club DURRETT, BOB Baseball Basketball Linz Pin Secretary Sportsman Club Senior Hi-Y Allied Youth EMERsoN,MARcARET ' tl' at L N A RQ 1 Wagyu' 5 Leopardette 54--57 National Honor Society Select Chorus Girls Chorus Four Year Linz Pin Allied Youth Future Teacher's Club Modeling Club PT Aide EVERHEART, ROBBIE ICT Tumbling Club Football Track Wrestling Club Secretary Sportsman Club FARMER, FRANKIE JEANETTE Girls' Chorus Y-Teens Modeling Club Allied Youth Penmanship Club Social Dance Club FERGUSON, JANE Select Chorus President Girls, Sports Linz Pin Allied Youth Girls' Chorus DUPREE, MONTY L. Football Allied Youth Sports Club Math and Architectural Engineer Club EAGLE, JOHN Football Letterman National Honor Society Key Club "D" Club Most Popular Underclass Boy President 4B Class Two Year Linz Pin lg EMMETT, JOE Acorn Reporter FAGG, FRED Reg. Adj. ROTC Captain of Rifle Team Allied Youth Officer Club Sportsman Club Medical Professions Club -jgf4yge FERGUSON,BELLE Square Dance Social Dance Dramatic Club Math Club Secretary of Junior CPA Allied Youth Linz Award Mixed Chorus FERREE, PATRICIA ANN Student Assistant Y-Teens Club Fe' Junior FBI Club Modeling Club Garden Club F INLEY, GERALDINE Modeling Club Y-Teens Acorn Reporter Allied Youth Social Dance FRANKS, BILLY Math Club Debate Letterman Band Chess Club ROTC Medical Professions Club National Forensic League FREENAN, LA NELLE GARNETT, JUNE Leopardettes 56-57 Select Chorus Secretary, Nurses' club Modeling Club Girls' Sports Club Tennis Club GEORGE, BUEAL Football Wrestling Club Boxing Club GILBERT, HAROLD Vice President National Honor Society "D" Club Track Letterman Math Club Vice President Allied Youth Linz Pins Student Council Ww,y Y izz wit Vky, V B V' .,.,. ' H V ' K f D fi . ,', 5 fr' -' its., it f '?"WN an lx X o x t ,en ,lzzi f wi 'Ali fmi' "Lil .V S E s L, 1 t RAS at , I . I it -' i Wg' 'ffk1lr:'A , 'Q i f I 'til , I eg 252: v fi if ,ig 1 ,. E794 x W '? M 2 t at f tkws 99 'WI' Zim, . ' T f l t Ilii gi' liri ii' y FLANAGAN, PRISCILLA Tennis Team Tennis Club Modeling Club Press Club Future Teachers and Ministers Club Oak Representative Student Assistant Study Club FRANSEEN, RICHARD Two year Linz Award Football Track Mathematics Club F ULFER, PATRICIA ANNE DE Modeling Club Secretarial Club Y-Teens Club GARRETSON, BILLY One year Linz Pen Hi-Y Wrestling GIBSON, JANICE Modeling Club Dramatic Club Linz Bible Award Allied Youth Two year Linz award Student assistant Mixed Chorus GLEASON, RAY D. Future Business Club .Iunior CPA Club Student Assistant Accounting Award GODFREY, IEWELL Allied Youth Member Leopardette 56-57 Student Council Student Assistant President Girls' Sports Club GORDON, DAVID National Honor Society President Math Club Boxing Club Two Year Linz Award Everts Awards GREEN, JACKIE YVONNE Majorette 56-57 Leopardette 54-56 Oak Staff Linz Awards Senior Invitation Com. Student Assistant PT Aide Junior Red Cross Rep. GRIFFIN, IANICE National Honor Society Leopardettes Select Chorus Select Girls' Chorus I Dramatics Club Modeling Club Allied Youth Four Year Linz and Everts Award GUN NIN, GERRY CHARLES National Honor Society National Forensic League National Thespians Four Year Linz and Everts Award Student Council NFL Debate Rep. to Rotary Club Allied Youth HALEY, CHARLES Allied Youth Securities, Stock and Bond Sportsman Club ROTC Social Dance I . . as If 'fi-i f as i ef ff Wk' I, wifi: . Q "t. V. ' T - AM duo N-ff' ,gat GODLEY, GENE President National Honor Society Vice President National Forensic League Four Year Linz and Everts Awards City Debate Team Three Year Debate Letterman Rotary Club Rep. Student Council Debate Club GREEN, DAVID LEON Student Council Reg. Exec. Off. First Place Lumberman's Award Honorable Mention in Ford's Art's Award One Year Linz Award Chairman "Youth for Traffic Conf, Chairman Junior Citizens Traffic Com. Rep. in Juvenile Traffic Ct. GODWIN, DAVID FRANK National Honor Society ROTC Officer Latin Club Tennis Club Cheerleader Club Science Club Junior Boneheads Four Year Linz and Everts Awards GUAIARDO, DAN Radio, TV Club Vice President Art Club Award Winner Oil Ind. Art Contest HACKLER, CHARLES ICT ROTC Pan American Club Allied Youth Junior Texas Rangers Student Council Acorn Staff Dallas Historical Society HALLOCK, BERT Pan American Club Dallas Historical Society HAMBY, JOE Junior J BI Automobile Junior CPA HANKINS, PAUL Basketball, letterman 55-56 Football letterman 55-56 "D" Club Allied Youth Tumbling Club Wrestling Club Pan American Club HARRIS, JAMES C. Western Club Sportsman Club Track Junior Achievement Select Chorus HAYDEN, FRANK Tennis Club Tennis Team Square Dance Club Chess Club Pan American Club HEISKELL, JUDY Select Chorus PTA Representative Student Assistant Allied Youth Vice President Fashion Design HERNDON, JOAN Allied Youth Girls' Sports Club Modeling Club PTA Representative Mixed Chorus HAMM, SHIRLEY ANN Modeling Club Social Dance Tennis Club Y-Teens Allied Youth Junior Red Cross Club HARPER, GAYLA Nurses' Club Modeling Y-Teens HATFIELD, BOBBY Boxing Club Wrestling Club Social Dance Junior Bone Heads DE HEARN, MARYE Select Chorus National Thespians Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus Fashion Design Allied Youth Social Dance HENDERSON, MERRILL Girls' Sports Mixed Chorus Allied Youth Junior Red Cross HIGHTOWER, HARLEY HILL, HAROLD Football Student Council President Senior Hi-Y "D" Club Track Letterman Two Year Linz Pin HILL, MARY KATE Dallas Historical Society Girls' Choir Y-Teens Allied Youth One Year Linz Pin HINMAN, J IM Arc. Engineering Club Radio and TV Club Select Chorus Blue Choir Boys' Chorus Football Golf HITT, CURTIS LEE Cheerleader 55-57 Track Most Handsome Underclass Boy 55-56 Student Council Sports Editor of Oak 56-57 HOLMQUEST, DON National Honor Society Allied youth Football Letterman "D" Club Select Chorus Sportsman Club White Choir Four Year Linz Pin Boys' Chorus HULCY, LOUIS "BO" Basketball Letterman Baseball Allied Youth Junior Hi-Y "DN Club Ei: fi . ,. 5 ,. .,-sa Q 5 Sh, L ,tw fig-M ' ,Six siege H, 3 A A ff, 5 -of. A V5 Lt .V 52 '35 3 i" Nz, it ,K , , F Ht, E l r 3 2 f0"' I P . ,i . f .t , 5 t r iil , I ni fe , ., lt .. ..--. I :.v, V . gy "a:- ,X 1 " f'w.f.,f"'-.,v. tr is f - 2 f I HILL, JEAN ANN Dallas Historical Club Student Assistant Allied Youth Girls' Sports Oak Representative PTA Representative HINMAN, ANN Allied youth Modeling Club Press Club Dramatic Club Y-Teens Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus Acom Reporter HIPPS, PHILLIP LYND Basketball letterman Baseball letterman One year Linz pin President Key Club Vice President of "D" Club Student Council Allied Youth HOLLAND, LEROY Select Chorus White Choir Boys' Choir Gun Club Automobile Club Arc. Engineering Club Sportsman Club HOUSTON, BARBARA Girls'. Chorus Select Chorus White Choir One year Bible Award Allied Youth Modeling Club Y-Teens Acorn Reporter HULSHOUSER, JACK Tumbling Club Radio Club ICT Sportsman's Club HUMPHREYS, MARY JO National Honor Society Debate Club Student Council Allied Youth Student Assistant Acom Staff Pan American Club Bible Linz Award National Forensic League HUNTER, KELLAND GENE Bonehead Scribbler Pan American Club Art Club Allied Youth HUTSON, MARY LOU ICT Allied Youth Press Club Journalism Secretarial Club JOHNSON, BOYD Football Radio and TV Club Wrestling Allied Youth JOHNSON, ROXIE PT Aide Modeling Club Two Years Bible Award One Year Linz Pin Leopardette 55-56 Majorette 56-57 Pan American Club Student Assistant Allied Youth Girls' Choir JONES, DON "D" Club Secretary of Hi-Y Two Yeafr Football Letterman Allied Youth Track van 'ik QW' ,gp-P-4-, ff' 'sr' JSE' wg -I I 'F' ' ' 7, J ixabk toglota A HUNT, JERRY Senior Hi-Y Football Vice President 2B Class Track HUTCHISON, ROBERT JAMES, DON RICHARD Select Chorus Football Letterman "D" Club Senior Hi-Y Arch.-Eng. Club Track Sportsman Club Basketball Baseball JOHNSON, FRANCES Modeling Club Allied Youth Chairman, Medical Professions Club Nurses' Club Square Dance Social Dance DE JOHNSON, WESLEY Blue Band 54--57 Science Club Future Teachers and Minister Bible, Two Years Orchestra All-City Band Camera Club JONES, JEANNE National Honor Society Four Year Linz Award Two Year Bible Award Everts Award Quill 81 Scroll Debate Team Junior Red Cross JONES, VIRGINIA LEE Allied Youth Modeling Club Oak Representative Student Assistant Girls' Sports PT Aide Student Council DE KALINEC, GLENDA Girls' Choir Select Chorus Student Assistant Senior Invitation Committee Modeling Club Y-Teens Cheerleader Club Allied Youth KING, DEANNA National Honor Society Four Year Linz and Everts Award Two Year Bible Award Quill 81 Scroll Junior Red Cross Allied Youth KLEIN, MAX Debate Club Pan American Club National Forensic League Allied Youth Debate Letterman Drill Team KRISKA, ALICE Modeling Club Secretary Club Four Year Linz 81 Everts Award LAWRENCE, CAROL Modeling Club Pan American Club Girls' Sports Student Assistant PT Aide ,Ink wg. N--s...f- 'ilk ii I ,. S A V.. .,:' arrta J OURN EAY, JAY CPA Club Officer's Club Gun Club ROTC Drill Team KEENEY, STANLEY Moonlighters Blue Band ROTC Officer Sportsman Club Pan American Club KIRBY, JACK Cheerleader 56-57 President Cheerleading Club Senior Invitation Committee National Thespians Select Chorus Blue Choir Tumbling Club President Ice Skating Club Oak Representative Allied Youth KNAPP, LOGAN Radio Club Arch.-Eng. Club Student Council Allied Youth LADYMON, BOBBY President of Student Body "D" Club Football Letterman Track Hi-Y Select Chorus President Sportsman Club President Radio, TV Club Allied Youth LEANOS, JOE Basketball Science Club Stocks and Securities LEDBETTER, EMILY Leopardettes 56-57 Select Chorus Girls' Choir Allied Youth Square Dance Club Social Dance Club Art Club Linz Bible Award LEONARD, KAREN Vice President Dramatics Club Cartoonist for Allied Youth National Thespians Senior lnvitation Colllluitlee Select Chorus Blue Choir Y-Teens Art Club Social Dance Club Linz Pin LISLE, TOMMY Junior FBI Club Junior CPA Club Gun Club Blue Band Stocks and Securities LOWE, PATRICIA Vice President of Press Club Dallas Historical Club Modeling Club Mixed Chorus ,Iunior FBI Club Acorn Staff MCCARTHY, TOMMY Blue Band 53-57 ROTC Band Moonlighters All-City Band 56 Linz Award MCCLOSKEY, SARAH JANE Linz Bible Awards Secretary, Press Club Modeling Club Allied Youth Square Dance Club G 1:5 LEE, noNALD RAY Llcnrroor, TEDD113 Art Editor of Oak Leopardette 56-57 National Thespians, Secretary Select Chorus Linz Bible Award Contest One Act Play Allied Youth Senior Play Production Staff LOFTIN, JANICE CAROL Girls, Sports Club Alofleling Club DE McAFEE, KATHY Latin Club Y-teens Secretarial Club Select Chorus Blue Choir Four year Linz and Evert's Award Shorthand Club Modeling Club MCCLINTOCK, NANCY Modeling Club Girls, Sports Student Assistant Allied Youth Oak Representative Student Council Football Princess 55 Pan American Club MCCULLOUGH, MELVIN National Honor Society HD" Club Golf Club Bible Awards Four year Linz Award Select Chorus Blue and White Choirs Student Council Evert's Award McDONALD, MIKE Key Club "D" Club One Year Football Letterman Two Year Letterman Baseball Vice President 3A Class Oak Staff Two Year Linz Pin Allied Youth MCFARLAND, CAROL IAYNE French Club Latin Club Reading Club Tennis Allied Youth One Year Linz Pin MCKENZIE, ALICE FLORENE Modeling Club Y-Teens Allied Youth MADEWELL, SONNY President Radio, TV Club Social Dance Club MARSHALL, JOYCE RALYN DE Junior Achievement Geology Club Modeling Club Junior CPA Club Junior FBI Club Home Economics Club Reading Club Two Year Linz Pin Allied Youth MAYS, JOE ANN COOK Leopardettes 54--57 Oak Staff Most Beautiful 54-56 Modeling Club Allied Youth Twirling Club Dallas Historical Society MCDONOUGH, BOBBY Football One Year Linz Pin Allied Youth Student Council MCKENNEY, JOHNNY Allied Youth ROTC President Hunting and Fishing Club Sportsman Club Social Dance Club Camera Club Arch.-Eng. Club MACLARY, MARIANNE Blue Band All-City Orchestra Two Year Bible Award National Honor Society Science Club Math Club Pan American Club Four Year Linz and Everts MADSEN, CAROLYN Modeling Club Junior Red Cross Club Square Dance Club Social Dance Club MATTHEWS, RALPH Allied Youth Medical Profession Club DE MEADLIN, RUTH Allied Youth Reading Club National Thespians Modeling Club Home Economics Club Linz Bible Award MENDIAS, RUDY 'Baseball ICT Social Dance Club Sportsman Club Mixed Chorus MILLER, NA DENE Camera Club Y-teens Secretarial Club Allied Youth MITCHELL, JIM Football Letterman Track Architecture Club Sportsman's Club MITCHELL, NANCY Allied Youth Modeling Club Girls' Chorus Vice President Home Ec. Secretarial Club Y-teens Square Dance Club Nurses' Club MOORE, DON A. Band Sports Club Architecture-Engineer Club Moonlighters Electrical-Engineering Club Allied Youth MOORE, VIVIAN Leopardette 54-55 Majorette 55-57 National Thespians National Honor Four Year Linz and Everts Awards Select Chorus Vice President, Dramatic Club Social Dance Club -11-it 65- I I Us 5 -,fs MILLER, ELEANOR Modeling Y-teens Allied Youth Girls' Sports Club Junior Red Cross MILLER. ROBERT Key Club Select Chorus ROTC Allied Youth ICT MITCHELL, JOYCE MARIE Student Council Dads Club Princess Allied Youth Square Dancing Club Student Assistant Modeling Club MOONEY, CARLIS WAYNE Math Club Slide Rule Club Blue Band MOORE, LINDA D. National Forensic Leagu Girls' Chorus French Club Modeling Club Allied Youth Two year Linz Pin Debate Letterman Social Dance Debate Club Tennis MOOREHEAD, SAMMY Football Letterman 'QV 3, Baseball Allied Youth Square Dance Track MORPHEW, SAMMYE Homemaking Club MORRIS, MILDRED DE Junior Achievement Modeling Club Junior CPA Junior FBI Home Economics Club Reading Club Allied Youth Art Club Geology Club MUN DY, LINDA Select Chorus Linz Bible Award Modeling Club Pan-American Club Tennis Club Allied Youth Latin Club MYERS, CHARLOTTE if Book Review Club Girls' Sports Club National Honor Society NELSON , CHARLES NELSON, RICHARD Basketball Letterman Senior Hi-Y "D" Club Track MORRIS, LINDA National Honor Society Future Teachers Pan American Club Social Dance Club Modeling Club Press Club Allied Youth Student Assistant Quill 81 Scroll Four Year Linz and Eve MOTT, REBECCA JO Bible Club Medical Profession Allied Youth MYERS, BEVERLY Ice Skating Modeling Y-Teens Girls, Sports Oak Representative Allied Youth Students Assistant N EALE, MARILYN French Club Modeling Club Junior Red Cross NELSON, JUNE National Thespians Modeling Club Dramatics Club Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus Tennis NEVITT, JOHN Baseball Manager One Year Linz Pin President Junior Boneheads President Junior FBI Allied Youth Student Council NEWMAN, FRED Wrestling Club Tumbling Club NICHOLS, BILLIE Cheerleader 56-57 Leopardettes 55-56 Student Council Student Assistant Allied Youth Vice President Cheerleading Club Modeling Club Social Dance Junior FBI Ice Skating Club PACE, DALE National Honor Society National Forensic League Linz Bible Award Four Year Linz and Everts Debate Club Science Club Slide-Rule Club Debate Letterman PATY, MARTHA BRICE French Club Tennis Club Social Dance Club Astronomy Club Oak Representative Allied Youth ICT One Year Linz Pin PEPPER, GAYLE Baseball Junior FBI Arch. Club Chess Club PHILLIPS, J. W. DE Baseball ROTC Allied Youth Gun Club Social Dance Club Stocks and Security Club Oak Representative N EWSON, NELL STEWART Mixed Chorus Square Dance Club Dramatics .lunior Red Cross Club Modeling if A O'BRIANT, ARTHUR Allied Youth ROTC C-un Club Junior CPA Baseball Social Dance Boys' Chorus Mixed Chorus -W we PARK, MARIE Y-Teens Modeling Club Nurses' Club Girls' Chorus ANNE National Honor Society Four Year Linz and Everts President French Club Secretary Future Teachers Club Oak Business Staff Acorn Reporter Oak Representative Modeling Club Quill 81 Scroll PECK, PATRICIA nf- It-A 5, PERKIN, MARY Jo Modeling Club Fashion Design Club Select Chorus White Choir Girls' Sports Tennis Team French Club Allied Youth , ' F ' J PIERCE, BARBARA Modeling Club Girls' Sports Club Nurses' Club Acorn Reporter Student Assistant Mixed Chorus Allied Youth PITCOCK, DAVID LEE Three Year Football Letterman Three Year Baseball Letterman Allied Youth Basketball Senior Hi-Y PRIMROSE, SUE Secretarial Club Allied Youth Girls' Sports Club Square Dance Club Student Assistant, Gym PUTMAN, LYNN Drill Team Officer in ROTC Drill Club Sportsman Club Hunting and Fishing RAMSEY, SAMMY Allied Youth Student Council Baseball Boys' Chorus Mixed Chorus ROTC Rifle Team ROTC Color Guard Gun Club Select Chorus RAY, CARL Distributive Education Allied Youth Boxing Club Square Dance Club .Iunior Boneheads ROBBINS, GERRY mt., 'Wx 'fs' J ffftgtows egg" X if POPE, DORIS Allied Youth Pan-American Club Modeling Club Girls' Chorus Two Year Linz Award Two Year Bible Award PRUITT, WANDA MAE Select Chorus National Thespians Linz Bible Award Four Year Linz and Everts Girls' Sextet Three Year Debate Letterman Dramatics Club National Forensic RAMSEY, GLENN RANDOLPH, PATRA MALINDA Select Chorus White Choir Girls' Trio National Thespians President Dramatic Club Four Year Linz and Everts Student Council Allied Youth REAVIS, CLIFFORD Senior Hi-Y Math Club Acorn Circulation Manager Allied Youth ROBERTS, VIRGINIA Modeling Club Secretarial Club Allied Youth PT Aide Student Assistant SIMMS, THOMAS ROBINSON, ARIJTI-Ls Allied Youth Nurses' Club Girls' Sports Mixed Chorus RUSHING JACKIE LA VONNE Student Council Y-teens Modeling Club Linz Bible Awards Home Economics Award Student Assistant J' it f :E - I 'Wu 9 I S X -sc. Q gk His 4 President, Junior Red Cross SCHOPPAUL, DIANA Secretary, Student Body Secretary, Allied Youth 4B Secretary Leopardette 54--56 Majorette 56-57 National Honor Society Select Chorus Girls' Sextet 5 1, I t my Health and Welfare M J., g , , A is ii, Committee A if ' ,,3f,"",s5',,,Qf,?Q,fQ Senior Invitation Committee ' ' 5, 4,5 ' SHACKELFORD, BARBARA National Honor Society President Secretarial Club Gym Assistant Allied Youth Girls' Sports Four Year Linz and Everts Awards SIDDON, VIRGINIA LYNN Girls' Chorus Social Dance National Honor Society Linz Award Girls' Sports Secretarial Club Geology Club Latin Award Allied Youth Oak Representative Officer, ROTC ROTC Drill Team ROTC Rifle Team Junior Boneheads Officerls Club BUTCH Ross, WANDA SCARBOROUGH, ANITA Girls, Chorus Secretary, Dallas Historical Society Press Club Junior FBI SCRIMSHIRE, BEVERLY Secretary French Club Two year Linz Award Modeling Club Clinic Assistant French Award SHANAHAN, LOIS MARIE Leopardette 54-56 Majorette 56-57 Student Council Rep. Safety Council Allied Youth Social Dance Modeling Club Social Dance Club SIMMONS, JIMMY National Honor Society Golf Allied Youth Sports Club Linz Scholarship Award Architectural-Eng. Club Radio and TV Everts Award SIMS, SHIRLEY ANN Bible Club Bible Credit Morning Meditation SIMONS, JIMMY National Forensic League City-Meet Debate Linz Award Four Year Debate Letterman Science Club Key Club SPIVEY, KENNETH Allied Youth First Aid Club Art Club Red Cross Club Mixed Chorus Select Chorus SQUIER, BILL Stage Crew Mixed Chorus Sportsman Club Radio and TV Club Art Club Junior FBI Junior Hi-Y STEPHENS, BETTY MARIE Square Dance Club Modeling Club Secretary Nurses' Club STEWART, JIM Three Year Golf Letterman Science Club ROTC Officer "D" Club Dallas Historical Society Junior FBI Club Officers Club Fun Club Allied Youth SUDDUTH, PEGGY ANN Dramatics Y-Teens Mixed Chorus Future Nurses' Club Modeling Club Allied Youth SMITH, MELVIN DAVID Officers Club Blue Band Tumbling Club Sportsman Club ROTC SPRADLIN, TRAVIS G. Art Club Junior FBI Club STANLEY, HANK Football Track Junior FBI Club STEVENS, LEE ALLEN National Honor Society Vice President Future Nurses Club French Club Tennis STONE, PAULA Four Year Linz and Everts Leopardettes 54--57 Oak Business Staff 55-57 Student Council Twirling Club Allied Youth Program Chairman Modeling Club Social Dance Club Square Dance Club Quill 81 Scroll SUTTON, JACK National Honor Society National Forensic League Linz Bible Award Four Year Debate Letterman Vice President IB Class Medal of Honor Winner Most Friendly Boy 56-57 Student Council Officer's Club Science Club SWIFT, MARGARET ROSE Girls' Chorus Dramatics TATUIVI, LANCE Football President Architecture Club Junior FBI Club Square Dance Club Sportsman Club THOMPSON, PATRICIA ANN Adamson Blue Band Dad's Club Football Princess 54456 Allied Youth Girls' Chorus Mixed Chorus Moonlighters Dance Band Y-Teens Modeling Club All-City Band TITUS, SUE President National Forensic League Secretary National Honor Society Ex. Char. of Morning Meditations 1956 City Debate Champion Girls' State Rep. Two Year Bible Credit Awards Essay Contest Winner City Extemp and Spelling Second Place Muskogee 'little Natl' Four Year Linz and Everts Awards TOWNSEND, GERALD Stage Crew Motion Picture Operator Perfect Attendance Record Automobile Club Radio and TV Club ROTC Drill Club ROTC Officer's Club TREPT, HEIDI Select Chorus Student Council ROTC Sponsor Belaire Sextet Dramatics Club Modeling Club Pan American Club Fashion Design Club White Choir TAN N ER, HARRY Football Baseball Letterman HD" Club Key Club President Select Chorus Linz Pin THOMA, SCHARMEL Allied Youth Club Y-Teens Club Social Dance Junior Red Cross Club Modeling Club Linz Pin Debate Club THORNTON, CAROL IANICE Select Chorus Girls, Chorus Oak Representative Modeling Club, Dallas Historical Allied Youth Acorn Reporter Dramatic Club Camera Club TOMPKINS, NANCY SUE Student Council Girls' Sport Club Modeling Club Dallas Historical Treasurer Allied Youth Secretarial Club One Year Linz Award Student Assistant Mixed Chorus TRAMMELL, SANDY National Honor Society Four Year Linz Award Everts Award DE Girls' Sports Club Dramatics Club Pan American Club Modeling Club TUCKER, LARRY Allied Youth Football Junior Boneheads Square Dance Radio and TV WALKER, WILLIS TYNDELL, BARBARA JEAN Modeling Club Junior Red Cross Club Square Dance Club Social Dance Club VAN KEUREN, JUDY Spelling Club WACKER, EUGENE Blue Band Science Club Sportsman Club Gun Club Radio and TV Club Aeronautics Junior Texas Rangers Camera Club WESTHAFER, SHARO Square Dance Social Dance Y-Teens Medical Profession Nursing Club, Chairman ICT WHITE, DORCAS ROTC Y-Teens Square Dance Modeling Club Two Year Linz Pin Nurse Club RAY VALLEJ O, ANTONIO Band ROTC Tennis Club Astronomy Club ICT Junior FBI VINES, ELIZABETH ANN Girls' Chorus Allied Youth Junior Red Cross Rep. Home Ec Club Secretary Mixed Chorus WALDIE, MICKEY President, IB Class Baseball Third Vice President Allied Youth Treasurer, Boneheads Square Dance Club Student Council ICT WATSON, DIANA Allied Youth Girls' Chorus Select Chorus Dramatics Club Sports Club One Year Linz Award Modeling Social Dance WESTER, SAMMIE National Honor Society National Forensic League Three Year Debate Letterman President, Press Club - Secretary, Debate Club Bluebonnet G. St. Rep. Four Year Linz and Everts Award WEBER, STEPHEN WILLIAMS, GWEN National Honor Society Pan American National Honor Society Vice President Pan American Club Modeling Club One Year Bible Award Four Year Linz 81 Everts Award Dallas Historical Society WILSON, LYNN National Honor Society Quill 81 Scroll Four Year Linz Everts Award Three Year Golf Letterman "D" Club Two Year Linz Bible Award Future Teachers Club Acorn Staff WOODSIDE, DAVID EUGENE Officer's club Science Club Gun Club Junior FBI Officer ROTC ZOLLICOFFER, BILL National Honor Society Four Year Linz 81 Everts Arch. and Eng. Club Science Club Senior Play Cast if , 3 'ffm 'C 4 ,ff ' X li. No Picture ANTHONY, SHIRLEY BURT, JAMES HARRIS, WAYNE KUNG, CHANMYUNG MARKWOOD, DAVID MURPHY, MIKE ROADY, DUANE WEATHERFORD, RUTH WILSON, LINDA Select Chorus Girls' Choir White Choir Bible Award Dramatic Club Y-Teen Club Sports Club Acorn Reporter Allied Youth WILSON, TOM One Year Linz Pin Science Club Tennis Club Bible Award YARBOROUGH, JAMES R. Track Football Rifle team Officer's Club Allied Youth Science Club WHITE, GEORGE Circus Capers . gf mmvmmm M..-. gif Christmas Dance 6 21-5 .wif If Acorn Staff Lunchroom Gym , , sq. E Y' , W fq Biology Lab Leopa I 215 ,.1Y Senior play Pep assembly si Mr. Weatherhead He Mrs. Moore's Study Hall 1?- Student Body President Senior Counselor Library .1 fi Nurse 1:OO'TBAL-L' SE A30 A ,Vg ,www W , , J Q, av "q"Q"fv'd3v 0 . - ' V . f ' J- -N vs,-7'!?Q'if' Kf'P4'o"+'Q'0'0V 558: ,,,.,.b,3,.h.,- . .J in Q ,, ,Z www. , 1, 4, ,343 ?2vfg.3Q1A 51. M T2weg4jif2g',f,fg.3v35,v1 aw isa sk w:,sfq'wae0 4400 'f vm es, F, 'J 4 43 f- 4 Q 0 ',9,,'f'q'9'Q Og' ,x ' , , Q ,'qgf1q!+,a6 . , . Q , Qfgagi 1'5?5f3'Iv'f' G5Y'Y':'6'v3i'Q'o'o'o'o'v'5'0'5 -ff 1 123980, e on ae s ann 000.031, ffjif-Ye,v v v sy 4 +,g,+,o:s 2,33 G ,f,0,9.SQ,7,' W 1 455' "sl W5 '03 on H -4-Of' . .. 's a 0 Sift Q 'O K. k . ' I LQ, UQ Vf. LK... L'-'bw-'v-'-w-'-'v-'wwwkk we ' MMM? 'x,nM-awk-in 64,21 fl e,v,ps,wvrf, Wwa-,Mn -rm-Vw Q Q Q - ,',?"?'3",guui??'l -. , 49 4 W ' " W .u'w.w, .'.N-my 'Q S A 5 at E f 1 a 4 , adie Hawkins Dance , f i z' it -w l nil? 4 nf we W' Ha, Ha , I d , any In 011 1- have f I N Hit Oneyl Durrett couldn't understand why more didn't wear their See, Kenny? Itold you somebody Bermudas would take your picture for the Oak .. A r 1 6 WX Diana! That tickles! WSI? happy if ...f he 4, N is Oh, Haroldl l ' l 5, , 5 X , , hr- L L ,Q Main tu 'V I Ln N in -. K ,ft , - 4 K 4 9, It X li fly, -time A Q 2 ' 3 LL, t s l A I s I X W' , f x i S PM 5 s Q ' l ' S I , , R , fs Three girls brought their twin brothers Gee, Jim, get off my foot! r - aj V , ,. ,... K .- ,lsr-I '-- .,a.,.z:5. '. 5,3552-,, ' -f r 1: -fngfwvt tx we f-Q, miss,-W 1 - .. infinite li is 3 , ' 5:1 fare, --W r fd if fa 5 A rf "+:'-: - - l 3 ky T' H 1 an - t , 9 - - , V R 'e ' -Y--NJ ' K ' ' " Q, f-- V I Gt ff r. it 42 ER 1 Y 54 it A f 115,295 Tom, you,re standing in front of me ..,,,i 'NAP rs , . . 5 .Q M? Q H hiv hx., K ,,,,:g,n71-'i-.,g5- 1:-J a, www .W 5 f A.Q,' V . "K" M? . ,1 A1-ss? of 4 f . Ig . "A fl" ,A -,lsglf-, A f99':-5, 7 ff flz"f. L. ' M' 1' Jifiwikb -54 ' ALA-, V fili,-fa fp ww W fr 1 - - at l J K 5 me -K rs'-'ffxf KX' will ESS! REQ I lip Underclass President-PAT PACE Secretary-CONNIE JOHNSON E K I if 1 E K,-.- President-LARRY MURPHREE 2B Vice PresidentiTUDY GRIFFIN Secretary-JERRY EVANS IB Vice President-YVONNE HARRIS President DENNIS BEARD IA Vice President ROBERT HOOPER Secretary .IO ANN CAMPBELL Officers President-TOMNTY COLE 3A Vice President-RICHARD Secretary-SANDRA HIC GINBOTHAM President DAN DENISON Vice President .THWTNIY HAILEY Secretary PATSY ELLIOTT VAN WINCKEL President-KENNY JOHNSON 2A Vice President-JAMES STANLEY Secretary-WYNONA STIGALL First row: Judy Conner, Nelda Cothran, Billie Dodd, Ferol Gibson, Carolyn Cheek, Maxine Dillingham, Laura Jean Nolen, Gloria Tutner. Second row: Velma Davis, Patsy Dawson, Mary Evelyn Dance, Judy Cronan, Martha Cheney, Carol Condor, Sue DeWees, Margaret Carter. Third row: Jimmy Hailey, Bill Hamp- ton, Lloyd Stewart, John Porter, Jimmy Gardner, Bob Fancher, Burl Atkins. Fourth row: Jimmy Brisendine, Bill Henderson, Jack Humphries, Raborn Gatwood, Lonnie Good- man, Gerald Keenum, Richard Gambrell. Fifth row: Larry Gardner, Mr. Boulton. Juniors First row: Anna Jane Miller, Judy Maples, Donnie Lee Deese, Carolyn Robertson, Shirley Martin, Wynona Stegall. Second row: Kay Hanna, Linda Laman, Sharon Faulkner, Nancy Nelson, Katherine Snider, Shirley Warrell. Third row: James Stanley, Mike Davenport, Allen Davis, Richard Goldman, Kenny Johnson, Miss Rockett. Fourth row: Bertram Knisleyg L. T. Manuel, Wayne Webb, Jerry Harris, James Fivash. First row: Lenora Shirley, Mary Kate May, Suzie King, Judy Barber, Barbara Bain, Yvonne Mills, Linda Hoffman. Second row: Jill Ann Cheeves, Nancy Brownlow, Suzanne Echols, Martin Perez, Jack Denham, Peter Carter, David Lewis, Marvey McMullen. Third row: J erry Lester, Jimmy Lynch, Fran Bostick, Bobby McGuyer, Dennis Martin, Harry Deutsch, Dan Harris. Fourth row: Tommy Lambert, Leland Treece, Neal Arm- strong, David Baumgartner. First row: Martha Bohanan, Pat Campbell, Mary Bridges, Loretta Martinez, Virginia Broncado, Pat Scott, Darlene Brewer, Roselie Gomez. Second row: Judy Bullet, Linda Jack- son, Barbara Bond, Donna Allison, Jean France, Linda MacDonald, Vonda Anderson, Carolyn Arney. Third row: Paul Deal, Wayne Duncan, James Blanton, Jerry Alford, Harold Bratcher, William Brunsen, Jack Tolerson, Joel Duggan. Fourth row: Mrs. Chappell, Don Brock, E. G. Thornberry, Ronald Barnes, Bill Burleson, Coy Taylor. Fifth row: Bill Amos, Lee DeVaney. First row: Betty Janes, Patricia Hollings- worth, Norma Jolley, Jeanine Kingsbury, Eugenia Lankford, Sayra Houchin, Alice Nelson. Second row: Linda Jackson, Linda Love, Ruth Mitchell, Betty Housewright, Pat Rich, JoAnn Wilson, Sharon Tolston. Third row: Richard Harrington, Ronnie Marrs, Kenneth Dawson, Richard Miller, John Lam- bert, Dale Lane. Fourth row: Harold Merton, Frank Anderson, Jimmy McMillion, Wayne Majors, Terry Lacklear, David Martin. First row: Glenda Farrell, Beverly Dowdy, Janie Eaves, Betty Sue Howton, Helen Skra- hak, Julia Calderon, Margaret Cole. Second row: Janice Calfee, Patia Havens, Carole Cain, Evelyb Janousek, Karis Caldwell, June Brag, Patsy Elliott. Third row: W. B, Futch, Carlton Echols, Dan Denison, Nick Dixie, Tonny Davis, Russell Floyd, Jimmy Epper- son. Fourth row: B. L. Grady, James Faulk- ner, Richard Everheart, Mrs. Cullum. First row: Doylene Tucker, Bettye Moore, Pat Vaughan, Jeanette Davis, Sonja Monts, Beatrice Dutel, Pat Mueller. Second row: Sherry Miller, Gloria Mauldin, Linda Moon, Suzie Moore, Nancy Taylor, Diana Maynard, Shirley Martin. Third row: Gene Negethon, Jerry Norton, Guy Kinley, Wynn Presson, Joe Tydlaska, Dwight Nelms, Alfred Wat- kins, Fourth row: Mr. Faulkner, Gary Morri- son, Edward Redwine, Bob Muncreif, Kenneth Ueckert. SHE First row: Donna Gardner, Margaret Sprunk, Brenda Hall, Emilee Geiger, Sara Guajardo, Janet McDonald, Barbara Ann Hill, Johanne Harris. Second row: Francis Harris, Lana Hensley, Norma Hill, Carolyn Jameson, Peggy Henley, Sybil George, Carol Sharp, Deanne Smalley. Third row: Bill Kanty, Joe Tinnin, Dennis Thompson, Howard Taylor, Danny Johnson, Tommy Haywood, John Hunter, James Higginbotham. Fourth row: Don Bob Hill, Al Bobock, David Harris, Paul Hamil- ton, Mr. Finley, .John Harris, Richard Ter- rell, Jimmy Hunt. First row: Miss Hedcle, Janis Eshenfelder, Linda Jones, Kay Garvin, Laura Fox, Charlotte McBrayer, Donnell Hawdins, Irene Farmer, Judy Greathouse. Second row: Jere Bahling, Anna Kay Forler, Jo Nell Satterwhite, Mary Lou Frank, Sue McMillan, Diane Gardner, Wanda Mae Ehrle, Gayle Hamman. Third row: Linda Fant, Jo Dundas, Elliot Johnson, Frank Hastings, John Harrison, Robert Kan- nard, Patsy Howard. Fourth row: Robert Jett, David Hoyle, Jerry Winn, William Kay, Larry Hathcock, Bubba Kolb. First row: Sara Wilbanks, Pat Summers, Betty Bruce, Linda Sanderfer, Marie Ward, Rita Arby, Silvia Berryhill, June Barham. Second row: Louise Whiteley, Frances Sha- fer, Norma Brooks, Joyce Winningham, Loretta McNeely, Marvin Coyle, Don Utley, Third row: Ellis Glynn, Bob Smith, Virgil Ward, Robert Varley, Roger Williams, Thomas Wright, Jim Whitaker, Jimmy Tur- man. Fourth row: Mr. Waits, Dean Watson, Eddie Hoyt, Steve Westhafer, Roy Lee Roh- ertson, Tommy Vittrup, John Stanton. First row: Ann Robinson, Sharlene Reynolds, Judy Lowe, Phylis Rushing, Delores Baker, Sandra Sabean, Ruby Wilson, Lois Robinson. Second row: Arlena Samples, Glenda Scud- der, Earnestine West, Donna Reynolds, Sandy Sather, Barbara Williams, Bobbie Payne, Gail Sellers, Pat Reynolds. Third row: Russell Watts, Reynolds Seale, John Stark, John Smith, Mark Parrish, Jack Whitcher, Roy Barber, Billy Welch. Fourth row: Bobby Stenson, Jerr Stovall, James Wheeler, Riche dee Phisis, Wzlliam Smith. mmmmsamgs ssitsggsss Q sss we First row: Jean Wooster, Betty Moore, Marilyn Young, Trudy Wilson, Nancy Roark, Jackie Marsall, Vivian Fish. Second row: Sharon Small, Shirley Whitt, Carol Mitchell, Jo Ann Phillips, Peggy Nichols, Bernita Martin, Annette Watesman, Rosie Sepida. Third row: Gerald Phillips, Jerry Hume, David Yarborough, Bill Hailey, Lee Rober- son, Dan Shipp, Gussie Gregory, Larry Snider. Fourth row: Glynn Williams, Ben Rhodes, Frederick Brisidine, Eddie Schmidt, Wayne Wynn, Noel Roberts, Kenny Smart. Fifth row: Mr. Malone. Autographs First row: Carol Miner, Mary Jo Miller, Wilma Horne, Carol Whitter, Helen Rentzel, Evelyn Zmolick, Norma Wilson, Betty Con- way, Miriam Daniel. Second row: Thomas Wells, Joe Scrmidt, Billy Dennis, Umphrey Willmon, John Carlow, Mr. Watkin. Third row: J. W. Stracener, Billy Stockwell, Frank White, Roger Ellis, Fred Price, Robert Lun- day. ophomores First row: Maxine Davis, Cynthia Garrett, Sandra Higginbotham, Carol Griffin, Donnie Box, Carolyn Feezell, Connie Allen. Second row: Chester Hodges, Maggie Blume, Deanna Adams, Marcia Knox, Patsy Schnider, Florence Dailey, Vicky Althausen, Mr. Chand- ler. Third row: Con Cray, David Baker, Dan Markwood, Tommy Cole, Gerald King, David Wood, Roy Lee Davis. l First row: Ann Riddle, Linda Sebring, Linda Stiebbs, Carolyn Shannon, Sue Slaughter, Pat Taylor, Mary Stong, Kay Mines. Second row: Jimmy Davis, Glenda Robinson, Myrna San- ford, Lois Thomas, Joanna Stewart, Linda Smith, Jeri Salebice, Lavetta Theobalt. Third row: Gary Williams, Winfred Vanderstice, Walter Van Briggle, John Westbrook, Joe Warren, De Wayne Watts, Tommy Watson, Ronnie Wood, Olen Wright. Sky is is 'fill Hanna: ala Ill First row: Joan Taylor, Darnell Simmons, Shirley Warner, Suzanne Troup, Myrtle Mc- lnlyce, Suzanne O'Rear, Carolc Jones, Barbara Pittman. Second row: Robert Jous- ton, Larry Utley, Lewis Harris, John Weaver, Larry King, Bill Trummier, Billy Riggs, Tony Ross. Third row: Miss Freese. James Hurley. Danny Simmions, Paul Berry, Eddie Mcfleliee. Richard Van Winkle, Manes Garcia. First row: Priscilla Webb, Amanda McFarlin, Janis King, Emily Lawhead, Barbara Mc- Broom, Virginia Lillard, Sharon Baird, Virginia Barber, LaWanda Akin. Second row: Betty McNulta, Ruth Watford, Connie An- gell, Betty Webb, Linda Barrett, Anita Welsh, Carole Wilson, Tommy Nichols, Machere Bell Third row: Bruce Horn, Bobby Hill, Jimmie Franklin, Bob Woodman, Jimmy Allen, Don Alley, Joe Autry. Fourth row: David Jett, William Harris, Dudley Hughes, Steve Jones, Gerald Irion, Mr. Brownlee. X 2 535 ESE sssggassa asus was rialitliisim fiiV::,,1- "Hs-2525 First row: Carolyn Copeland, Laura Fuller, Kay Eagle, Barbara Jean Clark, Bobbie Bullard, Karen Friday, Velaine Eubanks. Second row: Billy Strong, Dana Morgan, Jean Spears, Virginia Brooks, Barbara Ann Clark, Vancene Ferguson, Patsy Walkner, Malcolm Hood. Third row: Donald Clark, Leon Thomas, David Brown, Donald Casey, Clifford Calfee, Carl Brockway, Sidney Crow, Miss Alexander. Fourth row: Sammy Byrd, Jackie Blaylock, Dickey Carter, Charles Carlisle, Brian Bynum. First row: Dorthy Swearengen, Mary Rags- dale, Carole Parker, Judy Potts, Martha Parsley, Judy Haghlinger, Pat Patterson, Second row: Carolyn Rike, Nancy Newton, Frances Phillips, Dolores Mullenix, Judy Schuepp, Eddie Scott, Mark Roberts. Third row: Frank Saladino, Roger Simpson, Joe Roseborough, Billy Sebastian, Bruce Truitt, Eddie Standifer, Dafrell Shields, Allen Schmitt. Fourth row: Bill Sudderth, Tommy Rogers, John Rhodes, Mr. Carroll. is X First row: Mary Miller, Gay LaFever, Brenda McGee, Janet Pritchett, Cherie Mishler, Judy McDonald, Caroline May. Second row: Martha Ewer, Rosalie Marlowe, Nelda Le- hew, Sandra Miller, Sandra Medor, Mary Lawson, Emmaline May, Murlyn Moe, Norma Jo Miller. Third row: Billy Nelson, Jim Morrow, Donnie Orr, Tony Robinson, Weldon Rhea, Paulus Petree, Don Peper, Jerry Park- er. Fourth row: Ronnie Reynolds, Gerald Pullen, Nathan Dove, Larry Nichols, David Pate, Harold Morris, Steve Phillips, Mr. Cowsar. First row: Tudy Griffin, Helen Hackler, Thellys Williams, Linda White, Virginia Hanson, Annette Hollis, Diane Gann, Bicky Gaskin. Second row: Jean White, Delores Garcia, Kathy Winn, Judy Williams, Mary Hassell, Betty Williams, Ceceila Harper, Florence Hudson, Tommy Monckton. Third row: Otto Fuller, Walter Donaldson, Mike Faulkner, Ralph Earnhart, Melvin Coker, Jimmy Farris. Fourth row: Mr. Hester, Bobby Duggan, Jerry Stafford, Joe Brannon. a 5 First row: Billie Johnson Knowles, Mary Harris, Mary Gumm, Carmaletta Johnson, Laura Howell, Jerry Henderson, Mary Ann Hardt, Kathryn Kirk, Orville Jenkins. Sec- ond row: Lucia Hendrin, Delores Johnson, Linda Green, Walter Miller, Jimmy Mitchell, Phil Sussman, Charles Mersch. Third row: Douglas Irby, Phil Marcy, Charles Mais, Joe Maurieio, Roger Little, Bill Lovinggood, John Mathews, James Grant. Fourth row: Mr. Head, Richard Martin, Charles Keeneem, Donald Mabrey. Ill In Ill Ill In Ill assign: X 1 First row: Diana Gibson, Jerry Evans, Rojuan Giddens, Jeffie Fisher, Jerri Eoff, Jean Fu- qua, Queve Evans, Rickey Hatley, Basil Du- bose. Second row: Dorothy Gibson, Diane Gee, Janice Elliott, Minnie Elliott, Kathy Hall, Ralph Fergu-son, Jerry Hooper. Third row: Tommy Baker, Richard Deitz, Tommy Elder, Craig Fowler, Steve Guisinger. Fourth row: Mrs. Newberry, Kenneth Howard, David Hollingsworth, Larry Griffin. W -f r. .V f ff -.m:1ws""n, f- s 1. ,:asi1s'x s'...' .f,. rw:sffl h First row: Linda Peters, Donna Parker, Sandra Purtell, Delores Morrell, Sue Polvell, Carolyn Palmer, Charlene Murphy, Peggy Norman. Second row: Rhonda Morris, Ida Halfiedd, Pat O'Connor, Nancy Parker, Martha Oeding, Novie Jo Brewer, Patsy Stowell, Patti Nailing. Third row: Roy Mc- Gown, Tommy Larson, Jerry Ledenham, Micky Mitchell, Fred Mealio, Jerry Mitchell, John Lockridge. Fourth row: Mrs. Horn, Ed Swan, Thomas Lowe, Thomas Petesch. First row: Sharon Rogers, Jeanette Stith, Sara Rudolph, Carolyn Stocks, Carol Melton, Ann Phillips, Jane Allan, Judy Macioce, Second row: Donnie Morris, Diane Recer, Lynda Rhodes, Gail Robertson, Carolyn Sea- man, Faina Shaffer, Miss Schroeder. Third row: Kenneth Jones, Mike Polk, Tommy Paty, Curtis Yarbrough, Larry Murphree, Mecheal Reese, Tommy Sanford, Wayne Show- ers, Jim Nash. First row: Mary Beth White, Sandra Wil- liams, Peggy Wilbanks, Roberta Willis, Sandra jo Walker, Barbara Zemlicks, Jacquelyn Whitaker, Peggy Tipps. Second row: R. N. Smith, Gloria Wallace, Judy Wilson, Veneta Valentine, Lana Walker, Janet Wilson, Henry Wakefield, James Broadhead. Third row: Glenn Strays, Neal Cox, Jimmy Thompson, Jimmy Wilson, Tony Taylor, Fred Thies, Robert Walker. Fourth row: Mike Smith, Dale Sullivan, Mike Spence, George Wells, Jimmy West, Achie Jo. Jordy. ATS? w?.f"',..-f""'.,...,2fs"J-'.T'! First row: Bennie Pate, Wanda Butler, Pat Burns, Martha Holiday, Karen Becker, Carolyn Brundrett, Meline Bryant, Pat Black- well, Jean Bullock. Second row: Virginia Harris, Low Nell Cash, Brende Brodnax, Gayla Carnes, Harriet Brown, Sharon Bunn. Third row: Wayne Biggs, David Bloodworth, Stanley Smith, Don Burris, Herkie Briggs, Thomas Braden, Wayne Boswell. Fourth row: Bob Blair, Gordon Bowden, Jerry Stewart, Buddy Benedict, Wayne Benson, James Bed- dingfield. nc. W it 'wie' , iz E i 1 Q s 1 ref, Q First row: Linda Hunt, Theresa Blanken- ship, Janis Adams, Joyce Sandess, Linda James, Barbara Holland, Annell Anderson, Virginia Reidy. Second row: Kelly Loving, Ralph Metz, Jean Watkins, Jamie Knox, Rosie Martinez, Jeanie Marlowe, Mary Ayres, Mack Hill. Third row: Milton Lam, Donny Arnold, David Campbell, Gilbert Montalvo, Don Pederson, Charlie Bell, Billy Newman, David Barnes, Jimmy Kennedy. Fourth row: Mr. Teague Autographs First row: Mary Cavitt, LeE1len Conner, Jeanette Prichett, Judy Dudley, Mary Jo Croe, Florence Anguine, Patsy Cox, Ellen Davison. Second row: J. Carn Coleman, Becky Caviness, Mary Christopher, Wayne Comer, Don Depew, Wayne Callahan, Betty Ckact, Lucy Dison. Third row: Jimmy Case, Fred Cadius, Fred Denton, Don Denton, Don Davis. Fourth row: Mr. Weatherread, Jerry Cambell, Mike Daniel. YM., f x Freshmen First row: Margaret Cagle, Oveta Crawford, Patsy Woodell, Betty Jean Thomas, Jo Anne Campbell, Linda Lou Aubrey, Carol Smith, Ann Wooten, Sue Wendeborn, Linda Ste- phens. Second row: Walter Muir, Richard Backburn, Gloria Utley, Betsy Walls, Letha Rhodes, William Wright, Donald Thompson. Third row: Donald Rabun, Robert Hooper, Bob Davis, Wylie McLain, Jimmie Warthan, May Haseline, Dennis Beard. Ill In In :nag ln 'wir 45' Z: First row: Marjorie Hitt, Dorthy Kramer, Gloria Henslee, Patricia Jones, Yvonne Harris, Ellen Lisle, Annette Maybin, Gladys Huff. Second row: Mr. L. E. Campbell, Anna Harris, Linda Jones, Connie Johnson, Pat Hunt, Gail King, Nawatha Douthitt, Bobbie Johnson, Lionel Lumavn. Third row: Donald Jones, William Larsen, John Lowery, Darrol Hulshouser, Bradford Waller, Lee Kilmer, James Larsen, Benny Langford, Gary Ken- nedy. Fourth row: Myles Franklin, James Cheek, Rondal Lewark, Bobby Keith, David House, Robert Whitney, Bill Petty, David Hughes. First row: Verna Dee Bost, Berna Lee Bost, Gail Cameron, Annie Brown, Beverly Addi- son, Marsales McLean, Jane Copeland, Janieee Cranfor, Joyce Smith. Second row: Miss Cabaniss, Shelby Hadaway, Jacqueline Butler, Sandra Bennett, Sandra Bass, Cleo Bullard, Marilyn Brown, Hellen Church, Geraldine Freeman. Third row: James Chance, Eugene Gould, Jimmy Carrell, Billy Cox, Gene' Bowman, Marshall Collins, Gerald Coker, James Cowan. Fourth row: Larry Davis, Raymond Granado, Bennie Berryhill, Steve Cariotis, Joe Brown, William Caddell, Randy Carr, Billy Anderson. pol First row: Eva Guajardo, Janice Galloway, Katherine Ganakos, Saundra Ford, Jacquelyn Flowers, Jeannette Dixie, Mickie Ewton, Mary Jo Hammons. Second row: Billy Duggan, Wallace Charles Goodman, Mike Dobbins, Linda Herron, Jerlene Eiehhorn, Myra Han- sen, Jerry Welch. Third row: Walter Elliott, Jimmy Head, Ronnie Eubanks, Charles Grady, Donald Wayne Roberts, Gene Goforth, Alfred Salas, James Flint. Fourth row: Randell Flan- nery, Bobby Joe Petty, Jerry Eaves, Martin Honeycutt, Gene Gregory, Larry Garner, Miss Harris. ?N 'l'fW....,, f:E Ui"" Y ,i'4",s.,...,, ....... W First row: Alta Fenner, Elena Oliver, Marilyn Nelson, Paula Miller. Judy Oliver. Dora Lo- pez, lllizalietli Ann Moses, Joan Patterson. Carolyn Peck, Ray Smalley, Second row: Louise Dunlap, Shirley Sue Parker, Patricia Page, Betty Mae Moore, Rosemary Nicholas, Gloria Dillon, Mary Neff, Kay Morrison. Third row: Jerry Slaughter, Jerry Reynolds, Johnnie Rauser, Gordon Smith, Robert Rami- rez, Jerry Shelley, Clifford Shipp, Roy Smal- ley. Fourth row: Stephen Reynolds, Wayne Spain, Frankie Spross, Thomas Reid, Howard DuBois. First row: Marian Littleton, Barbara Mc- Falls, Reba Arellano, Joan McCallum, Betty Lee, Barbara Smith, Cuann Looney, Jerry Ruth Mock, Tommy Moorehead. Second rowf Richard Murray, Mynona McKee, Carol Lemmons, Carolyn Pierce, Carol Mason, Martha McLaughlin, Evelyn McNulta, Kathy Masters, David Pendleton. Third row: Robert, Jerry Minshew, Bob Merrill, Tommy Man- ness, Jimmy Pomersy, Benny Martin, David Moffatt, Roy Quinga. Fourth row: Royce Owen, Hershel Massey, Gerald Marshall, Don Thomason, Pat O'Rear, Rusty Miderer, Jerry Price. Mrs. Chitwood. 1, x K I First row: Frances Shelton, Doris Minor, Wanda Reed, Jane Picchioni, Doretha Ride- ner, Barbara Shields, Janice Heley, Patricia Womack. Second row: David Whitter, Joyce Powell, Flora Roger, Marilyn Peck, Francis Selman, Karen Casteel, Ralph Wright, Tommy Sharp. Third row: Martin Johnson, Craig Waldie, Albert Peldegrinie, Charles Miner, Jimmy Turner, Donald Whitfield, Bobby White, Jerry Warren. Fourth row: Robert Miles, John Norman, Allen Pitts, Richard Boone, James Stembridge, Jimmy Sercet. Fifth row: Mr. Wilder, Frank Davis, Charles Venis, Grover Vines, Tommy Stricklin, Ray Wilson. . 0 3 e- .1 .I f ' ,1 0 7 ' N: if! First row: Janet Cowan, Judy Denison, Ruth Berry, Becky Davila, Margie Davila, Patsy Lambert, Marie Edwards, Jeanette Worthy, Sharon Law, Jimmy Forbis. Second row: Shir- ley La Fleur, Alice Wilson, Eileen Billings, Sharon Breland, Pat Batron, Wayne Woodside, David Yarborough, A. E. Dickenson. Third row: Teddy Cornett, Jerry Dowdy, Joe Young, Douglas Evans, Richard Barnes, P. T. Shores, Danny Canup, Medford Cox. v-'W 'xy .4 rf ,ls . Q -mx 'Q M1 -1 " nf 1, .. .-Q., ff f , ME W -ww- Ik, 1 Em-aa Military Parade in Downtown Dallas COLOR GUARD Russell Watts Jimmy Lynch Pete Carter ,lim Whitaker SPONSORS Cf"' E327 Heidi Trept, Pat Hunt, Deanne Covington, Patsy Elliott, Brenda Brodnox, Pat Currier Sarah Wilbanks. INSTRUCTOR STAFF R.O.T.C. 1 X 3 1. Q i :iv S E , . X34-Q. M MXSGT T. H. ANDRESS, 1ST LT. T.C. NUNN COL. H. C. BURGESS, MXSGT J. E. BREEZE A if ,f.. D ff' li I fl I I IIMMIE CARTER 1 BOBBY WARD REGIMENTA DAVID GREEN MP5 RAY BEUTAL ?-H"i'Zffii COMMANDANT OF CADETS ,- . .L ASK 5 E X i COL. H. C. BURGESS USA fRet'dJ L STAFF l FRED FAGC DANNY CRAWFORD L. T. MANNEL FRAN BOSTICK 13 X Y W'-'U --.. ' 'in' I: Q L. T ' f' 5 if ,-'h It Vg .. r I .,,,,'- 34 sv T at .r Company MA" Company Commander-JACK SUTTON Sponsor-PAT HUNT First row: Jack Sutton, Glenn Straus, Pat Hunt, J. Calvin Dennis, Austin Denning. Second row: Donald Denton, David Bloodworth, Howard Taylor, Robert Duggan, Richard Harrington, Jerry Welch, Howard Dubois, Avon Miller, Rayburn Shaffer, Third row: Robert Davis, Fred Thies, Royce Owen, Hershel Massey, Richard Boone, James Flint, Jimmy Head, Louis Armstrong. Fourth row: Hulan Gardner, Gary Kennedy, Wayne Rogers, Gary Morrison, Don Burrows, Russell Floyd, Ralph Metz, Jeff Roy. Fifth row: Billy Welch, Gordon Bowen, Donald Roberts, Elliot Johnson, Bill Amos, Roy Barber, David Hill, James Garcia. Company MB" Company Commander-DAVID WOODSIDE Sponsor-SARAH WILBANKS First row: David Woodside, Jimmy Yarborough, James Kennedy, Sarah Wilbanks, Jay Journeay, Wayne Webb. Second row: William Harris, Richard Blackburn, Lee Kilmer, Donnie Morris, Carl Coleman, Mike Smith, Virgil Ward, Wayne Duncan, Terry Locklear. Third row: Milton Lam, Melvin Coker, Coy Taylor, Charles Nines, Marshall Collins, James West, Harold Merton, Bruce Truitt. Fourth row: Carl Donnell, Marvin Coyle, Charles Mersch, Don Casey, Jerzy Slaughter, Gerald Coker, Lloyd Stewart. Fifth row: Bryan Bullard, David Martin, Larry Hathcock, Ron Reynolds, Dwayne Rhea, Louis Cahahan, Eugene Gould, Donald Jones, Bill Stevens. Company WC" Sponsor-DEANNE COVINGTON Company Commander-LYNN PUTMAN First row: David Godwin, Walter Donalson, Deanne Covington, Lynn Putman, Max Lein. Second row: William Wright, Gene Godley, John Rauser, Wallace Goodman, Bruce Horn, Charles Bell, Bob Merril, Archie Jordy. Third row: Tony Robinson, Tommy Maness, James Giggenbotham, Jimmy Warthan, Fred Denton, Richard Murray, Bob Muncrief. Fourth row: Bob Woodman, Rank Anderson, John Rhodes, Larry Griffin, David Biggs, Bob Hall, Marc Parrish, John Harrison. Fifth row: Lee Devaney, Don Alley, Darrel Shields, Tom Wright, David Hollingsworth, Wayne Majors. Company MD" gg 74, M D - -rf-s , J 1 it e 't 93- -rl Sponsor-PATSY ELLIOT Company Commander-GENE BELK First row: Thomas Simms. George White, John Stanton, Patsy Elliot, Gene Belk, Martin Donley. Second row: Paulus Petree, David Jett, Billy Duggan, Billy Trimmier, Mack Hill, James Fivash, Joe Schmidt, Ellis Glenn, Jimmy Nash. Third row: Gary Williams, James White, Gene Goforth, Billy Cox, Gerald Marshall, Steve Westhafer, Joe Tydlaska, Billy Whitney, Jimmy Mitchell. Fourth row: Charles Cludius, Kenneth Jones, Donald Rabon, Harold Swann, Charles Reed, Bobby Petty, Jack Whitcher, Bobby McGuyer, Ray Wilson. Fifth row: Donald Mabrey, Allen Pitts, Bobby Davis, Kenneth Ueckert, William Kay, L. T. Manuel, John Stracener, Steven Weber, Fred Price. ff? 'just af Q ,M S Q Band Drill Team Kneeling: Jimmie Carter, Brenda Brod- nax, Bobby Ward. First row: Wayne Rogers, Wallace Goodman, William Wright, Billy Welch, Jerry Welch, Thomas Wright, Bob Davis, Donald Denton, Ronny Reynolds. Second row: L. T. Manuel, Ellis Glenn, James Fivash, David Bloodworth, Walter Donalson, Tom Maness, Dwayne Rhea, James Kennedy, John Harrison. Third row: Joe Schmidt, John Rhodes, Bill Stevens, Marvin Coyle, Melvin Coker, Lynn Putman, Mare Parrish, Robert Whitney, Lee De Vaney. Fourth row: Thomas Simms, Howard DuBois, Melton Lam, Donal Roberts, Glenn Straus, John Stanton, Ralph Metz, Gary Ken- nedy, Fred Price. fsfi, Rifle Team First row: Bobby Ward, Tom Simms, Jimmy Yarborough, Pat Currier, Fred Faff, Wayne Majors, James Higgin- bothan. Second row: Gene Belk, Jimmie Carter, Marvin Coyle, Bob Muncuef, Pete Carter, Bobby McGuyer. l MW , . af Fa orites 3. :J U Muff W 'A Q 5m A v K, 5 wg, 1 if 5.5 - 1 ' I .JINIY ,,, ff: m 'a wr mils' SQ, X Lake Clyff N001- 5 ,, Q , , wx ' 'LQQQ A,.f.K-i Mfg W I :xEafP"'?:Q2f,?fW'A' H 2 A Q, ,.L,,, gg v 2g???4A M31 if 95' 353 V ' ,K ,T ' S, , f f.-Y ,, EA Ti A .3 x 'A ' , ,, I, Qc L W, ,Mii if? f M4 . :fwex?Q2ge?fS2Sfi2f""JP1""kM ,K fg:f,f.i?f .q,,,,, ww if ,fd 1 ,X y ,il 7. -W, L A F V K .,,Vk Wi 1',lfZ'45 f' , A " V :f::1,., , N? ms.. . ""?'ii:'x1, ' A ,SME 7ww:,:gg5,f- '- sf 2wfx:12f12QfAeg15f.L -',+if1gfj3W4s , , W MW --,--Q. .,.,,LA , A if , H! 3, :W V ,,., ffggzggam 5 39. ,N M ' iw?--wav' 1 gggsgigsS.'i1:, --L, q:5,,2,Qgw.:yfN, Most Popular Senior Boy if ,N PHIL HIPPS W My-a . KN - Q . , H Y 65 ' JESS? 1 If h 5 - I ' HQ 'f 'w - I ' 5,3 3 gg . 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Q, I ' J RA, s "v-mg.,-Qf' RAY ROBERSON PAULA STONE PAT PECK TEDDIE LIGHTFOOT Whogs Who JIMMY SIMONS OLIN GARRISON JACK NICHOLS VIVIAN MOORE MARIANNE MACLARY ANN SHRAMEK Whops Who GENE GODLEY GERRY GUN NIN LINDA MUNDY WANDA PRUITT SAMMIE WESTER MARGARET EMERSON Whops Who SUE TITUS LINDA MORRIS N53 MARY JO HUMPHREYS ELIZABETH DILL DAVID GREEN DON HOLMQUEST Activities FAIR AUDITOREUM Fair Park Auditorium "P - I .,,- Moa NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY X! ational Honor ooiety Sponsors MISS RUTH RUFFIN, MISS ROBERTA KING xl 'f gf! W? trait g l Judy Elise Ahlfinger Carter who -S.. David David Godwin Gordon 1 5 R Deanna Melvin King McCullough I ',, 5:1 ll I , , fi ' s oaaoa W Pat Ray Peck Roberson Susie Lea Ellen Stemmons Stevens Elizabeth John Margaret Barbara Harold Genf Dill Eagle Emerson English Gilbert Godls as is i' l aa I af .-, .. ' 'W ' ' IH Janice Gerry Phyllis Donald Mary Jo Anna Je Griffin Gunnin Henslee Holmquest Humphreys Jones D- Ms- 5 SE X .. ,fi k N W., -,, W 1 ., it . if "" f li 'K fr 5 1 1 at I "': if 4 at ,:.-: fr J A .i.,, ' ' its 4 - A Marianne Monte Shirley Vivian Linda Dale Maclary Maddox Martin Moore Morris Pace I 8 7'2" " f - I I I- . if xt Dianna Barbara Anne Virginia Jimmy J ack Schoppaul Shackelford Shramek Siddon Simmons Sutton: Sue Sandra Sammie Gwen Lynn Bill Titus Trammell Wester Williams Wilson fx- ' A tudent Council STUDENT BODY OFFICERS H ' 4 , . ' fi"'r f fig", ff. . f . Q ,942 M Q n President Vice President Spring Term SCCVWUTJ' BOBBY LADYMON MONTE MADDOX Vice President DIANA SCHOPPAUL STEVE GUISINGER A -I 4, - I L Q I ,A 4 at a A 423 3 F. V ,,, ,ag 4, 4 ix i 12. 2 M' it L., r to "fag iii , N f . e S L 'Qi-:Q i x A Af . 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Tinnin, Joe Wheeler, Mike Whitcher, Jack Yarborough, David p ,s 'l Big 5 if Fir N h 3:15-"fbi: GIRLS if Barham, June Bourns, Arletta Bowman, Barbara Broncato, Virginia Bullard, Bobbie Chambers, Sandra Chastain, Norma Collins, Nancy Dance, Mary Ellen Daniel, Mirian Ehrle, Wanda Ellenga, Betty Emerson, Margaret Eubanks, Uelaine Ferguson, Jane Garnett, June Garrett, Cynthia Garvin, Kay Griffin, Janice Harris, Joanne Harris, Yvonne Hearn, Mary Housewright, Betty Houston, Barbara Jameson, Carolyn Lankford, Eugenia Lawhead, Emily Rose Lawson, Mary Sue Ledbetter, Emily Leonard, Karen McAfee, Kathy Marlowe, Jeannie Moore, Vivian Mundy, Linda Pritchett, Janet Putz, Pat Randolph, Patra Reynolds, Pat Samples, Arlena Sanders, Joyce Sathre, Sandy Schoppaul, Diana Trept, Heidi Tucker, Doylene Vaughan, Pat Wilson, Linda Winningham, Joyce Orchestra Sponsor: MISS BARBARA BAKER - J 'K Y rllilr' iw f-ga... L- Aiikiwwwiof-,. wi, E Sponsor: MR. ARVO GODDARD Blue Band H . .,,,. , , ff , ational Thespians Sponsor: MISS WILHELMINA HEDDE Q x " Ai' . Q, 'ik nm X N N X x X QTSSXX W I "M X v.. X 5312.5 ,X X33 :Q f f ' ' ' x .I . , . - . wgaaawgkkr f..fw" .' 'sz mfr: A Q if 'F W f we 1 NORMA CHASTAIN President Patsy Baker -z ' . sw- V gl V - ,lb if 5 x K Ng: 2 sig 9 N H it lg if E ,i X Eugenia Lankford N x PATRA RANDOLPH TEDDIE LIGHTFOOT 'H -1 q LINDA MOON Treasurer Vice President Secretary - rr' Q xx A ., Aga ' ?, 11"-". i f r.: 6 V.-'jk ,VNO 2'r'- I if Arletta Bourns Karen Leonard Vicki Broom Ruth Meadlin i f .K Wanda Pruitt Sandra Sathre Nancy Swanner Mary Hearn Jack Kirby Vivian Moore L W 4 . 5 . . -5 .I 4 'Z .1 Qi-'R O wt , O, -M ' " gif' fi ww V Q Betty Webb June Nelson in ' , -zwfijw' ' K Judy Wilson Dramatic Club Sponsor: MISS WILHELMINA HEDDE gy OFFICERS President ,,,,,, , ,, , ,.,,, ,I ,,,,,,,,, ,, PA'IRA RANDOLPH Vice President ,,,,.,,v , ,,,,, KAREN LEONARD Secretary ,,,,,,,,, .,,,,, , , ,, ,,,,,,,, NORMA CHASTAIN Program Chairman , , ,,,,,. , ., ., DIANA SCHOPPAUL Acorn Reporter ,,,,, ,, ,.,,,,,,,,,, , ,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, I ,INDA WILSON Press Club E 5 1 if "' i 'TI Vi TI' I 'XT1 Sponsor: NIR. CARL FINLEY Sponsor: MR. JAMES NELSON y Ke Club 511 I N s' if X N 2 l if xxgi U President Vice President Secretary Y TANNER JOHN TODD EAGLE PHIL HIPPS BUDD 'W me 9, 'vw Byron Barber Dick Barnett William Brunson Tommy Cole Dan Denison Li 5 L R Mg .V r,. ,, if Bob Fancher "iX"'11x Olin Garrison Joe Geiger Tommy Haywoo d Bill Henderson Danny McCormack Mike McDonald Monte Maddox Bob Miller 2. 'NW' lm 'WIS 522 Jack Nichols David Pitcock Kenny Rambo Ray Roberson T? M Tomm Rodgers R. A. Wade Lee Roberson Noel Roberts y Q O DC S ,o CC 99 19 D Clu, Sponsor: MR. VERDE DICKEY 6 is y ' , A 'Hs y sm he . KJ, r. 1 bn 7 Byron Barber Dick Barnett Casey Beaty Larry Cotton f f A -elf '- ,ffl -Q V , :kzr V . - W Q "1r, , A r ,j'fr.:i" eggs Y , I c . .1 r ,H Bill Hampton Paul Hankins .4-In D 15,5 i "'fi'i""t9 Y Don Jones Kenny Johnson Harold Hill Don Holmquest WX a glr f - 911.15 ' Bobby Ladymon Melvin McCollough Ai JSI' 3 ew Bobby McDonough Jack Nichols David Pitcock M' H f.L.X Kenny Rambo ,Q , K - ' vi 5 kg Jim Stewart Buddy Tanner R. A. Wade Lonnie Wilson President .7Y,Y,o.,....... .......,.w,,..,,7.. R AY ROBERSON Vlce President ,,,,,. ,.,,,,,,, D ANNY McCORMACK Secretary ..,Y,,7,7.7., Y,YY,YY.v..,.....i....,, P HIL HIPPS gl 'QWUF ,Q , , ge, an as John Eagle rg. 5, l!1"""M ,tl , gi? , K Phil Hipps vr S vflfifii, Dan McCormack Ray Roberson V W wi D' is 2 11 1 Lynn Wilson K a Olin Garrison if? X H Bo Hulcy 1? It Mike McDonald Eddie Schmidt LANA HENSLEE A ssistant ri NORMA CHASTAIN MIKE MCDONALD Assistant Sports Co-Editor l 1 ' -fix 4 . , 4 . to ,Qi 6-E" EA ,sf , si! If JOE ANN MAYS Class L JACKIE GREEN CURTIS HITT TEDDIE LIGHTFOOT Activities Sports Co-Editor Art Editor 7 Oak taff 4 I D 1 J ,I ,I JUDY AHLFINGER 'A JJ A Editor-in-Chief 5312553 , 'J - MRS. MORELLE MOORE Sponsor Editorial ar' " x it 37? xv. .. M m v , 'r ' 1 Aihn X Oak Business Stuff ggfh ifxfs M. H- 1-eg ' - V ' ix . QQ: i '1 Y s a- vw F ,f PAULA STONE Ik .l if Iii , f Rik: ' 5 ,44,, aff, id , Q 'L 'VAQ QE' M- - P f ,v.. ' SHIRLEY MARTIN PAT PELK WYNONA STIGALL MR. JAMES NELSON l s Oak Representatives Sponsor 13 ALEX TROUP PAT PECK Fagg Edi,0,.i,l.Chief LINDA MORRIS Spring Editor-in-Chief Spring Editor-in-Chief Acorn taff wi Q' 6 5 I I ,L K1 go- N E 1 .Ivwt , Q ':,. - if or I5 PAT BAILEY ,...,....,,,.... ,.,..,,,,,........,,..,,7 F eature Editor CASEY BEATY ...,,.,,.. ,....,...,,,,...,,,,,.... S ports JOAN BURDEN ............... ..,..,.,., A ssociate Editor NORMA CHASTAIN ...i..,... i......,,,, A ssistant Editor CAROLYN CHEEK. ....,.....,, ..,,,.,,., P age One Editor ELIZABETH DILL ,...,....,,.,,,.,,... v.,,,,,,, E xchange Editor PRISCILLA FLANAGAN ...,,,,., .......... E xchange Editor MARY .IO HUMPHREYS ,.,,,,,. ,,.,...,,,, A ssociate Editor MARY LOU HUTSON ,,.,...,... ......,....... F eature Editor IEANNE JONES ,........,.,..... ,,,,,,,, P age Two Editor DEANNA KING ................... ..,,,,,,,,.... P age Three Editor JOE LEANOS ........................... ,,....,,,, A dvertising Manager SARAH MCCLOSKEY .,,,,..,.. ,.,,,,,,,I,,,,, A ssistant Editor CHAROLETTE MYERS .I.....,, ,,,........, A ssistant Editor GAIL SELLERS ,,.....,,.......,,Y ...,.... C irculation Manager CAROLE THORTON ..,...... .,..,.,....... F eature Editor LYNN WILSON ..,....,..,.,,,,,, ,,,,,,oY N ew Editor MR. CARL FINLEY ,.o7,,..., ,...,,.,..,,Spons0r Library Service Club Reading Club Book Remew Clu b Sponsor: MISS FRANCES THOMPSON Sponsor: MRS. MARY LOUISE UNDERWOOD Sponsor: MISS FRANCES THOMPSON -Iufmfml H1-Y sponsor MR. KIRBY D. WATKINS nail JUNIOR H1.Y OFFICERS I President: RICKY HATLEY Vice President: GEORGE WEI-LS Secretary: SIDNEY CROW SENIOR HI-Y OFFICERS President: HAROLD HILL I ' Vice President: TOMMY VITTRUP Senlor H'L,Y Secretary: DON JONES 36. V., Sponsors: MR. JAMES H. WILDER, MR. A. B. WEATHERREAD OFFICERS President: SHARON SMALL Vice President: ELAINE EUBANKS Secretary: NORMA BROOKS Program Chairman: CAROLYN ROBERTSON , H -u Y - Teens 24 I fl " ' 9 2 2 ,If . I LAT, it K ly, , xl V irq.-K Zi' , 1 , K .A z is K 5 3 . ff I Sponsors: Miss MABEL ROCKETT, MISS NONA RANDOLPH 1 i, 'I I I S , 1 .W.,I ,.,..2. ....:. ' ' 'I ' "" I I 4 1 2 1 E 1 I 1 I I .I:, ,ggg .,,f 3 "'." l"""l ff ,A ,I.,,I,, ,,LIE , AM 1 M , - ' ff: ,.g'T:QQf-ig' '- I- xg Y I:,, 5 Q , ,A - ka 1 i f S uill and croll Sponsor: MR. CARL FINLEY ,S --ww' 'K Q MX. W SA- E k,,i ' , ,gif , eerer f to P ' f Zia at is Judy Ahlfinger Casey Beaty ,loan Burden Norma Chastain Carolyn Cheek Kathryn Dill Priscilla Flanagan SL. i Sy x 'WW Mary Jo Humphreys Mary Lou Hutson Jeanne Jones Deanna King Teddie Lightfoot Sarah McCloskey Mike McDonald Linda Morris Charlotte Myers Pat Peck Gail Sellers Paula Stone Alex Troup Lynn Wilson ,V .ki Wi, X ,f F 3 O DEBAT cn.uB lk Sponsor: MR. A. F. FAULKNER OFFICERS President , 4 ,. l 4A,,.. ..w... Vv ,... w. s UE TITUS Vice President ,,......, ..,,,,,, C ENE GODLEY Secretary ,,,,,,,,,, ., ...,. JIMMY SIMONS Parliamenzarian ........ GERRY GUNNIN Junior Red Cross Sponsors MISS IDABEL CABANISS MISS RIPPLE FRAZER OFFICERS President ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, CAROLYN FEEZELL Vice President .,,,, ,,,,,,,,,.,.,,, L ANA HENSLEE Secretary .........,,,, .,...,,,, F LORENCE DAILEY ,Ks 6 ,ak , 71, x -. e- Q . , , . , Y , YL y l H A Sf bf X 1 , me-.4 .W Mgfiw- 4 4 534252 11233253 . 3 ,,. ,,,S. uw, , , W , A ,mi 125428 gag ff2"L gif? ri, 'Q '1 ?:'2f L?:'5".-I V--9z,lTii. ' 1f.Z-frmiw. 4, i :QL .3- I 1 n,,,..,.--wfwm' M. WAHM.- W- .nf ,unv- 11 fx, im, wg Home Economics Club Sponsors MISS IDABEI CABANISS ' : ui Miss RIPPLE FRAZER 5 A l. 4 Secretarial Club F7 Za ' sl lhttll Sponsor MISS NONA RANDOLP Pan American ociety Sponsors MRS. VIRGINIA JUERGENS MISS EUGENIA NEWBERRY OFFICERS President .,,..,,,..I.,,..,4.,...,,......,.,,,,,.... LANA HENSLEE Vice President ....... ...,..,....,... G WEN WILLIAMS Secretary ....,,.,,,......,,,, ,.v... D EANNE COVINGTON Program Chairman W .,...,,.... BETTY ELLENGA 'UE if figs Sponsor: 'XIISS HELEN ADUDDELL President: PAT PECK Vice President: NANCY COLLINS Sefretary: BEVFBLY NC RIWIQHIRE MEMBERS Nancy Collins PM Pvck Gloria Henslec .l3I1iCC Revivl Jeanne Jones Kathy Roberson ' ,lane McFarland Beverly Srrimshirm- Latin Club QgHd?51R0rrl if1Ck?H5iHEf:1S SWIM: uw Jr XlNEl IF XISTON A afi yn lea P ee A en evens President: BILL SUDDERTH Ronald Barnes Carl Brockway ,lune Barham Wayne Comer John Carlow Vice President: RONALD BARNES Secretary: PHIL MAXEY MEMBERS David Godwin Shirley Lal7leur Bill Levcrton .lorry Minshew Richard Murray Pat Mueller Bobby Petty Gerald Phillip Peggy Smith Bill Sudderth Hike Wheeler Art Club Sponsor: MISS MEREDITH SCHROEDER OFFICERS President ,..,......A,,,,.. .....,,..,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, A NNE SHRAMEK Vice President ,,,.,,, ,,,,,....,,. E DDIE MCBRIDE Secretary ,,,,,,,,,..,, ,,,,,,,, S ARA WILBANKS i A Sponsor: MISS MEREDITH SCHROEDER Fashion Design Club President .,.,,.,.,,,,.. ,..,,,,,,,...,... ,...,,,,,,,,,, P A TSY ELLIOTT Vice President ..7,,,,, ..,,., G WEN BURKHALDER Secretary ,,,.,....,.,,, ,,,,,, D OLORES MULLENIX Sponsors MRS. BONNIE WINIKATES, MRS. WINNIE CHAPPELL Cheerleader Club OFFICERS President: JACK KIRBY Vice President: BILLIE NICHOLS Secretary: KEY BLEDSOE Sponsor: MRS. EURICE BASS l Dallas Historical Society Sponsors: Armstrong, Margaret Covington, Deanne Creel, Kenneth Doggan, Robert Donaldson, Walter Duggan, Billy Hallock, Bert Harris, David Harris, Jerry Hamilton, Paul Hill, ,lean Holland, Barbara Jett, David Kenisely, Bert LaF'leur, Betty Lowe, Judy MISS LANGFORD, MISS HARRIS MEMBERS Lowe, Pat Martin, Bernita lVIcCullen, Harvey Mitchell, Jerry Mott, Becky Reynolds, Sharlene Rike, Carolyn Sandefer, Linda Scarborough, Anita Sims, Shirley Stewart, ,lim Swanenger, Dorothy Warncfr, Shirley White, Mary Beth Hill, Mary Metz, Ralph 'Medical Piaofessiolls Sponsor: MR. J. H. MALONE il'---M W fa .,,,..-.--uuuunnsuupgw Science Sponsor: MR. R. A. JOHNS me . 1 kg-1 oi f si W 5 .W E Y 5 , , ' Q flrchirtectural Club X new Sponsor: L. E. CAMPBELL Industrial Arts 13 Sponsor: H. B. HESTER 4 EL , N X - E' WJ Architectural Engineering Sponsor: MR. L. E. CAMPBELL Sponsor: MR. BOULTON Camera Club sponsor: MR. CARROLL wssfwif?-1:2142 'MSL Camera Club Sponsor: MR. CARROLL Drill Club N Sponsor: COLONEL BURGESS junior Texas Rangers naw- -W "' 1- R314 Sponsors: MRS. HELEN HORN. MR. ROBERT H. COWSAR. MR. JOHN CARTER Junior C.P.A. Sponsor: MR. P. T. SHORES . . Stool-as and Securmes 5'-, or ges!?swSE2f:f1ss. J .,,,,'b3i4Li 7 5 Q, W F 4, Sponsor: MR. CARL FINLEY l Mathematics Sponsor: MISS FRANCES FREESE Geology Club -e vi A ' mn-smlulmw-sw mn-spawns-M-bw -gn--an-dw'-n--H F 3 Q" Sponsor: HR. J. B. HEAD Astronomy Club C5 .., P ax X, Q 5 s E Qgaimlimi , -w. . I ,..,. ANP-, Tux.. .' 'xlfg' x r, . X Sponsor: MR. KIRBY D. WATKINS Sponsor: MR. ARVO GODDARD Square M oonlighters D fu, LTICQ if fl ?s f 1 E X ...ning Sponsor: MR. H. B. HESTER Allied Youth Officers President First Vice President Second Vice President Secretary Treasurer BYRON BARBER BO HULCY JOHN NEVITT DIANNA SCHOPPAUL NANCY THOMPKINS Girls' Sports Club ie Q V-,.' 41,1 MK le A if MRS. RAE CULLUM, MRS. EURICE BASS 1 Sponsors Motion Picture Operators Student Assistants 5 Stage Crew ai Sponsor: MISS KATHERINE MOLL i S F uture Nurses mf? Future Teach ers , .ei e- 11 glilg Q Q fn? 2 PV S 'CR' Sponsor: MISS JANE ETHERIDGE Diistribntifve Education MISS NELL PAGE, Sponsor gif X X X Industrial Cooperative Training D. E. MELTON, Sponsor Athletics I U N ' i 2 Ill! IMI! Ill x iw 3 Lb-Ev-fwa K lug! -IIIIIII lull"-ll E u--.5 3 llll IIII llll V Cotton, Bowl - Fair Park 1 E L A 5 Mrs. Rae Cullum Linda Barrett J8.Clii6 GICCII Roxie Jghngon Betty Jones 1 Carol Griffin Vivian Moore Laura FOX Barbara Brice Kai' Garvin Barbara Williams Jewell Godfrey Betty Webb L?.+ , Vicki Broome Brenda Scutter Tommie Nichols Jill Cheeves J une Garnett Judy Lane DE TT Joyce Winningham 3 . 1 o ,N 2 lb 4 5 i if' Wanda Mae Eherle Diana Schoppaul Linda J ames Lois Shannahan Paula Stone Emily Ledbetter Janice Griffin Bobbie Bullard Mary Cavitt Teddie Lightfoot J oe Ann Mays Patsy Elliot Margaret Emerson Dolores Mullinix D0I1Die Dees Brenda McGee SaUdY Sathfff Cheerleaders '56 - '5 7 MRS. EURICE BASS, Sponsor RICKY KIRBY, Mascot Q if ag V 5 X gig' SS, ,,ij,'. 1 Azffegfe jk .. J K W f 5 1 sf? Qsjqy L ,L En 9' Q ,M ,W LL S1 N 5 i f Ev - , - 5 X ,A f , 1, S Y , , .. . Agn Q x Arjji.. I W Vkrk . f , Q A f' ' , 5211! y y SUSANNE KING JIMMY HAILEY KAY BLEDSOE .IACKY KIRBY CURTIS HITT, Head BILLIE NICHOLS LEE ROBERSON .IOANNE HARRIS ALEX TROUP JUDY AHLFINGER Dads, lub 1 8671, -f. X K K x .,, :x'6??fS+E'11., ,jgiwx Ebiigr Z .V . , -I W. ff my ' g W. V L fa".vf., . A L W., ' - f ff 1. fy 1 , , 'ifffsJ'Q2?iEfqs?f5kXzi. in '-y , , - K Q .,:kfff',fs 3 :Wg-gs? H551 A Tuma ,I ','a,fgmg:7,.f, W ' -ewgg L,1zg,fgs-,w ,. 1-awsizm f 11 fix?-fi 11 - x - K m , - lviassgmf' 'ffzmi , j MW- M535 ,,., rf .QL W M, . f , ,1,1, L. . ,.,. ,Ag serif , W -I CAPTAINS Olin Garrison John Todd Eagle David Piteock 3 . 4? 4,12 it-5 N3 ,MQW ml- X 'f fs ww 0' HA" TEAM First row: Bobby Stallings, Kenny Rambo, Jimmy Mitchell, Monty Maddox, Don Jones, David Pitcock, John Eagle, Roy Robertson, Bobby Ladymon, Dwight Nelms, Olin Garrison, Kenny Johnson, James Blanton, Grover Railey, Robbie Evorhart, Don Holmquest. Second row: Mr. Dickey, Tommy Cole, Ray Roberson, Jerry Alford, Paul Hankins, Gussey Gregory, Carlton Echols, Bobby McDonough, Donald Morrison, Bob Fancher, Casey Beaty, Eddie Schmidt, Harold Hill. Third row: Ronny Marrs, David Hoyle, David Baumgardner, Mike McDonald, Richard Franseen, Don James, Dick Barnett, Joe Geiger, Sammy Moorehead, Tommy Rodgers, Wynn Presson, Buddy Tanner, James Higgenbotham. Fourth row: Jim McMi1ion, Jim Gamble, Robert Jett, Bill Henderson, Jim Gardner, Don Brock, John Stark, Jim Reed, Monty Dupree, James Fiveash, George Q HIGH at W 'r 9PJ"I'4,2 T'E W I . . . Wen, . A Q V rm.: fm' . V, "-"': QWLAS in 1:53614 V ,q Vt' 9 . A 3 . I lik' ya v.THL'l?rlliNT i' ,MSCHXQW f MPAH 5 lxvi RQBQ, ' U vvlglr VV If , j f z J. B. HEAD f ' A y TOM CHANDLER uB,, Team W 'SQ .,.v K ucv Team LQ g " Mwji. . ' X ,X s ,,B,, Team Bob Cowsar, Verde Dickey, George Brownlee ,,C,, Team . .. A. 1 : "L' i"'f, " " , ',, .l,:o,.t..:rfww+f ,..1:fwefsszrzf?7l as-rf-fc'e'.-we 1 he a f a r ' f ' QM .- ff-'fif . :-1 ,at 1 I 1 5: fi, iz' , ffgf L, ,,: . f gp V - 'U V! . K 'A 'gif' ' 'Q 'Q f fw wf fm' ' jiilitfi e 1 W f "'J .1 t " ":o f y 'ra W L-vials? tlii ft l. X 3 Q f: r L S KA f gk Ark pg, 2 Q Q A x . My Q, ' p 1 v Q 6 v if V H' r ' K .-. 1- Q '19 '." 'W Q V,,- , 9 ADAMSON-12 SUNSET-0 Featuring a hard running fullback in Kenny Johnson, the Adamson Leopards ripped the highly touted Bison line from one side of Dal-Hi to the other. Johnson carried twenty-two times and netted eighty-six yards on his bursts up the middle and off tackle. The Leopards caught the Bisons off balance with this type of play as they figured us to ,rely on the speed of Gregory and Jones. Jones, passes were also clicking and they kept the Bisons bewildered all night. High point of the game was when the Adamson forward wall kept pushing the Bisons backwards until it was fourth down and forty-eight yards for a first. The Leopards had no trouble moving the ball against Sunset and should have scored four or five times, but lost the ball inside the Bisons, ten three times. Sunset, however, made only eighty-three yards total yardage as the Leopard forward wall tore the Bison line to pieces. KENNY RAMBO End DON HOMQUEST, Manager OLIN GARRISON, End ADAMSON-27 LUBBOCK-7 Using a crushing ground game, the Adam- son eleven chalked up one of the biggest upsets in high school football. The Leopards rolled up 316 yards rushing and added 82 passing. Gregory scored twice while Garrison and Maddox scored once each. Maddox added the extra points. High point of the game was when the stout Leopard line held Lubbock on the one foot line on a fourth down try. DAVID PITCOCK Guard ROY ROBERTSON Guard JOHN EAGLE, center ADAMSON-7 PORT ARTHUR-0 Playing in a Texas downpour for the first half, the Leopards' terrific speed was slowed to a crawl, or I should say a slow swim. Dur- ing the second half the rain slowed and Adam- son speeded up for a sixty-four yard march and a score in the last quarter. Sammy Moore- head carried over for the score and Gregory added the extra point. BOBBY LADYMON Tackle JIMMY MITCHELL Tackle cussns GREGORY, Back MONTE MADDOX, Back DON JONES, Back Garrison carries against Paschal. Eagle and Rambo led interference. ADAMSON-19 PASCHAL--0 A fired-up Leopard eleven ripped the t O - b e Cowtown champs apart. Gregory led the Leopard charges and rolled up 129 yards of the Leopards, 140 rushing yards. Gregory scored twice and set up the Other, which was scored by Jones. An alert defense, led by ,lim Mitchell, Rambo, and Garrison, recovered six Panther fumbles. ,,,.s,. - it S V uw ' KENNY JOHNSON, Back RAY ROBERSON, Back JOE GEICER, Back F ew I c e- 3 CASEY BEATY, Tackle BOB FANCHER, Tackle CARLTON ECHOLS, Guard Hankins carries against Hillcrest ADAMSON-M7 r HILLCRFST-7 Fumbles and pass interceptions for the second straight Week de- prived the Leopards of another win. Adamson drew first blood on a long drive, with Jones doing most of the work. He scored on a thirteen-yard plunge off tackle. Hillcrest bounced back to tie the score, and that was the ball game, as the Leopard drives were stopped by many fumbles and pass inter- ceptions. '-.fw.,q .1 Wm 'S i PAUL HANKINS, Back DWIGHT NELMS, Back TOMMY RODGERS, Back gm 4 MIKE MCDONALD End DICK BARNETT Quarterback DONALD MORRISON, GUHTC Hankins brings down Wildcat 3 ADAMSONH7 WOODROW-13 The Leopards dropped from the unbeaten ranks at Franklin Field to the Woodrow Wilson Wildcats. The Wildcats were only inside the Leopards, forty-five yard line twice, but made their drives count. They struck for two quick T.D.'s and the Leopards could never catch up. Gregory scored the only touch- down on a 28-yard gallop. Fum- bles stopped the Leopards' drives all night. i' w X, Y . V., bn I 1 BOBBY MCDONOUGH center DON JAMES Tackle EDDIE SCHMIDT, End Basketball First row: Jack Clevenger, Bobby Durrett, Bo Hulcy, Phil Hipps, Noel Roberts, Roger Ellis. Second row: Ben Rhodes, Mr. Carter, Jack Miller, Dick Barnett, Wynn Presson, Kenny Johnson, Bill Henderson, Lance Tatum. R, A, WADE MR. CARTER,-PHIL HIPPS fCapminJ DANNY MCCORMACK Basketball Lettermen BO ' HULCY EPHIL HIPPS NOEL ROBERTS JACK CLEVENGER RICHARD NELSON ROGER ELLIS BOB DURRETT DICK BARNETT MB 9' Team Basketball First row: Joe Young, Terry Green, Steve Reynolds. Second row: David Pate, Steve Gulslnger Steve Jones, Jimmy Smith, Richard VanWinckle, Mickey Mitchell. Third row: Mr R H Cowsar Wayne Benson, Tommy Sanford, Gilbert Wantalvo, Ricky Halley, Mike Spense, Bob Blair Benny Johnson, Don Dupue. 5 , y 1 i ' V 's I ,,,,MJ,f S ,p ,,.,, 9,5 ,V V 'Y K 5 er'lev'eel Ti i fx!! aj l fl if fe' -as x "il ' V Q W M so , as 1956 - 57 Basketball Queen DELORES MULLENIX if 0 o ,v 4 , . 'Y I 7 1956 Baseball Queen SHIRLEY POST 1 U ".'- B' ' " " C Qin i H x '.1'- f . A" 3 ie z iilll Q - , Q -2: .'1:' y 4 , ,,,' Sl Yf 1 Q B -'yr 135- ff 1 , 3 r y .A Q ff' " M . , K H , ,I - 1 H iff i , li n 'i A mm' . freiwf B , ,ff Q in ,-czf n W ff' 3 r . 31' , ' , x'w"f ..'-P gi ' fsiifgg -if If .- MMMZ wg, 43: nf' X! In m H a 3 , -B ,rr B B ' 5 A , , F s f 3 A 4 M " A , - 2, ir 5 N -1 " - . 1 1 -M' k A , , t ,sup . - Q . ' H , ig , i B f B X ' if' 2,5 rrl, 3,4 ' g - V 5' 5 ll , Q V V My ,M ' k ., E , f , Q .Q Y E , .mVV V X M , ,f y XML X. 5 , -. ,,V. in , ,, lj A ' Q 1 , , A, N, I , P , H A gy ,I 4 ,. ky I y ,,mk J, 5 an Q 2 ' V Wi B in A .I ff A Q 3 2, Q K I -M , Ji 5 if - 5' J" wi, , . L , if ," - rw , ' . ff: C1 ll , H 1 '- it D - 3,7 .W 3 N . ,L A eg- Vi b ,, , iff' ' L K , Si f . ff ,-. rv , I Q - , M I , , , , . . . i ,e V ' V e V . A wi A .f . Q il ii N ,f . .,.V - ' , 'P i Q EA 1 h1 , . "di L 'Qfff M-3 3,2 'xwj' l ,J B g 7 K 7 H R H r ' l y B l i f , , la ' I of Q B ' . ,. a ..L: lx Emil- 3 'Iii' Q. ' illaf lljiz NJ! in hifi! - ' L gf IC i Q 3 is S a X I , Q 1957 Baseball First row: Paul Hankins, Byron Barber, Phil Hipps. Mike McDonald, Buddy Tanner, Boh Durrett, Bo Hulcy, Dan Denison, Bill Henderson. Second row: ,lohn Dean Smith, Ronnie Marrs, David Pitcock, Mike Spense, Jim Wilson, Robert Becker, Jack Miller, Wayne Benson, ,lohn Nevitt, Third row: Sammy Moorehead, Gerald King, Penny Brunson, Don Brock, James Blanton, Mike Wheeler, Robert Jett, Coach Tom Chandler. Coach TOM CHANDLER Baseball Lettermen X w X . 28 Byron Barber Phil Hipps jf Tanner McDonald Paul Hankins David Piteock Robert Becker Bill Henderson, Gerald King, James Blanton, Jack Miller, Bob Durrett. Penny Brunson, Robert Jett I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l 5 1 I Sammy Moorehead, Dan Denison, Bo Hulcy. Q Mike Spense, Wayne Benson, Mike Wheeler, Ronnie Marrs. ii R x John Dean Smith, John Nevitt Track First row: Tommy Cole, David Yarborough, Charles Logan, Jimmie Carroll, Jimmy Yarborough Tommy Vittrup, Richard Goldman, Tommy Strickland, Gordon Smith, Bud Atkins, Robert Hooper Second row: Harold Hill, Jack Clevenger, Jim Mitchell, Garald Irion, Jimmy Hailey, Don Jones Jank Stanley, Louie Armstrong, David Pate, John Carlow, Steve Guisinger, Lee Roberson fasst managerl. Third row: Bill Hampton fmanagerb, Tommy Rogers, Lonnie Goodman, Curtis Hitt James Street, Mike Baumgartner, Wynn Presson, Bob McQuire, Bennie Johnson, Richard Fran seen, Harold Swann, Bobby Ladymon, Mr. J. B. Head fCoachJ. BILL HAMPTON, Manager Track Lettermen, - 1956 R. A. WADE High Jump OLIN GARRISON HAROLD HILL High and Low Hurdles P016 Vault -arf- Golf First row: Melvin McCullough, Larry Snider, Jim Stewart, Lynn Wilson. Second row: Jerry David House, Fred Flagg, Mr. L. C. Leftwich, Larry Tucker, Ralph Ferguson, Fred Simmons. Golf Lettermen LYNN WILSON JIM STEWART LARRY SNIDER MELVIN MCCULLOUGH 'A Tennis First row: John Lockridge, Frank Hayden. Second row: Mr. R. L. Smith, Mary Griffin, Jayne McFarland, Tommy Petesch, Joe Schmidt. Tennis Letterman V-A M' ' vp , nz' . W?"1354Vs ge. 5' ., ii- 1,3 -.., : .. 'Nfl' J OE SCHMIDT N z ..,k SL I ' DAX 15567 MW BNN: M"DcmallS 0-H, dom'-Y 'kike vtlr 'fc-5-are 5 Harris' and L'3'5MQ"+ Ear ban Qqa-on Advertisements Greater Dallas Skyline EAGLE GROCERY AND MARKET C. F. EAGLE, Owner I20I N. Bishop "We Sfrive +o Please" PARK PHARMACY Opposi+e Me+hodis+ Hospifal 2l4 W. COLORADO Phone Wh-I-I l88 CLIFTON CLEANERS l227 Ballard S+. CLIFTON HOTEL Across From Meihodisl' Hospifal WHi+ehall 8-65i5 2:4 w. Colorado WH-6-0040 We OPe"aTe OU' Own "We'll serve you a meal or a Hvlc A"'To'Pe' Plamu sandwich, if's a pleasure" Laundry Service OAK CLIFF FLORAL LONE STAR 'for Every Blooming Thing DON T 2II E. COLORADO l U S WH-I-Sblb 336 W. Davis WH-2-l525 LONE STAR Complimenfg of L S M F T BALL Lone Sfar Makes Fairesf Trades Nafional Brand Cameras Experf Pholo Finishing Camera Repairs Free lnsfrucfion 334 Wes+ Jefferson WH-6-425 I NUT AND CANDY CO. Salfed Nufs - Fine Candies 409 S. BECKLEY WH-6-0078 N I xg I 'N ., X I 1 W 7V HI. X 455616 QP77 L. QL 49 Q lilflz WI Z' clawi- LAMAR AND SMITH FUNERAL HOME Orchid Ambulance Service Funeral Service Insurance 800 W. JEFFERSON WHi'I'eI'1aII-6-2 I 46 NAI..ER'S DRUMSTICK CompIimen'Is of RESTAURANTS A FRIEND II23 W. Davis wi-1-2-2120 600 W. Davis WH-3-8929 SOUTHWEST TITLE AND INSURANCE COMPANY p oak CIitt's oldest Title and Abstract Co. MAIN OFFICE 503 W. JEFFERSON WHitel1aIl 8-7383 Compliments ot ALTON MILLER, REALTOR Real Estate--Insurance I23 COLORADO Compliments ot YOUNG'S DRIVE IN l8Ol S. Ewing TEXAS SIZE HAMBURGERSH WH-8-7544 HUNT'S FRANCES KING DEPARTMENT BOOK SHOP STORE School Books Supplies Wishes +C Greeting Carcls Stationery Congra+ula+e 929 W. JEFFERSON -the Next Door to I957 Seniors Rosewin Theater Complimenfs of BELL CLOTHING COMPANY I32 W. Jefferson "The Bell Dressed Man Is fhe Well Dressed Man" Phone WH-I-5552 Zxgcauite Qecaehg LLOYD'S OAK CLIFF CREDIT JEWELERS Phone WH-I-4084 207 W. JEFFERSON BAPTIST PROGRESS BOOK STORE 426 W. Jefferson "YOUR OAK CLIFF STORE" Bibles - Picfures - Boolcs Church Supplies GIVE US A CHANCE TO SERVE YOU TRICE FLOOR COVERINC-BS Carpefs-Rugs-Linoleum 5I4 W. JEFFERSON WH-3-4663 COX-MOORE DRUG STORE "Oak CIiff's Drug Sfore" ROSCOE GASS REXALL DRUG Prescripfion PRESCRIPTION HEADQUARTERS . . Speclallsfs FREE DELIVERY 90I W. JEFFERSON Tyler and Jefferson WH 6 2' I6 WH-6-ZIOI ' ' -FOR THE JOB OF YOUR CHOICE ,eww SIIORTIIAIID , TA? 110 IN r NO SYMBOLS lily ff M3172 NO MACHINES .l47W" ah uses Ascu lbnwfaff wssxs P221 37 13 11 Q ' I V TYPINGAVAILABLE DVM' 360 CHIC! Qualify for a well paid position in only 6 weeks! "Go places' ' faster as a secretary because you are in line for opportunity . . . 150300 if-'dm' you make important contacts . . . your talents are noticed! Speed- nli writing is based on the simple ABCs, you take dictation the gnpwym T gnylcg very first day.. .attain a speed of 120 WPM, 5092: faster than EI: Civil Service. Used in leading odices, Civil Service. Amazing 110 WORDS PER MINUTE low cost. Free trial lesson! Come, observe. Convincc yourself. Ono Lew Fu No Exlll Tuition Day and Evening Classes Also Gregg Shorihand and Ofher Business Courses Please Telephone for Free Booltlei' RUTHERFORD-METROPOLITAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 2020 Main RA-4538 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF I957 AT ADAMSON HIGH One of Our Three Favoriie High Schools in Oalt Cliff THE OAK CLIFF TRIBUNE ISince I903l Published Fridays- I3,000 Paid Circulaiion THE STAR ik TRIBUNE Published Wednesdays-32,000 Free Circulalion I20 SUNSET WH-8-75I5 ,.-nnuxiibnin-I-i f -,,nv"""' Hun.. ' nf s A a ' 1' xx 'fre N If racluate to Better xx! Liang. . ufcmlciuviyf' N 'Y 1 J it ul' iliac:-sy -J Somewhere in your future there's a home of your own, Where you will live better, easier than folks have ever lived before . . because you can live electrically! It means more comfort, convenience and pleasure . . and you can i always count on me to do the work. I'll help you build a L better life. Pm your electric servant, always on the job! y Zim, '7 fi' llN'lll1'Ul 4 I ' i viyi I V " K Qt Q4 Inns! ' DALLAS POWER Sn LIGHT COMPANY RED BRYAN'S SMOKEHOUSE S+uden+s Always Welcome 6l0 WEST JEFFERSON FAlN'S GARAGE 4I6 Wes+ Davis WH-6-4472 COLBERT'S 220 W. Jefferson SPORTSWEAR WITH THAT "GO-TOGETHER-LOOK" T Congrafulafions fo flue "OAK" on ifs 4lsf edifion, from flue manager of l9l6 -- now in fhe furnifure business. Here fo welcome you and supply all your household needs. SMITH FURNITURE CO. Julius H. Smifh, Manager 9l2 W. Jefferson FULFER DOUGH ERTY'S MOTOR COMPANY PHARMACY "Used Cars Wifh Many Unused Miles" B. P. FULFER 229 Easf Jefferson Wl13-964l Sfore No. l 2009 SOUTH BECKLEY Sfore Number ll 9I0 VERMONT L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY DAVE RAMSEY, Represenhafive Senior Rings - Gradua+ion lnvi'I'a1'ions - Awards Second Floor SANGER BROS. STORE hr we Q13 ,,,, w ,wwf ,ff EESSO' a ri a ri ac SAFETY BRAKE SERVICE WH-3-8l I2 JORDAN FLORAL COMPANY Fine Flowers for AH Occasions REASONABLE PRICES I 32 N. Beckley WH-3-4647 WH-6-5905 Your Dollar Buys More aI' BRIDGES SHOE STORE I9I0 Skillman 4222 Oak Lawn 3I0 Wesi' Jefferson RICK FURNITURE Furnifure Carpefs Main Sfore l909 Slrillern Pla I005 W. Jefferson WAREHOUSE STORE Garland. Tex. lI3 E. Jefferson KEY MOTORS COMPANY IOOO W. Jefferson WHI-0383 WEDDINGS CHILD STUDIES CATHEY'S HOUSE OF PGRTRAITS 2l26 For+ Wor+h Ave. PHONE WH 8-8900 COMMERCIAL GLAMOR 14 1, 'Vi 2 ff' 1M7,g0lf'?liAITS I W ,,f', ,C55i2:'f'ITZ I J K PAINE WOOSTER TYPEWRITING SERVICE SALES--RENTALS-REPAI RS 4 I 5 W. Davis WI-I6-4063 E. E. MASSEY FURNITURE 4OI W. Jefferson WH8-3500 900 W. Jefferson WH6-7I I3 4324 Ross Avenue TA3-5222 EL PATIO RESTAURANT Specializing in MEXICAN FOOD 245 Wynnewood Village Zangs af IIIinois Open Daily 7 A.M. - 9:30 P.M. COVE CAFE 3I2 W. Davis WH6-0688 We Specialize in Sfeaks, Home Baked Ham, Sandwiches of AII Kinds and CoId Drinks. Owners: BUCK AND CLAUD MCCRAW Boirliizligliiffoioie OAK CLIFF PHARMACY "Big Enough fo Serve Your SmaIIesf Need" DODGE-PLYMOUTH Since I89I III NorfI1 MarsaIis I0fI1 and Lancasfer WI"I3-4623 WH6-5 I 2 I YOUNGBLOODS' HUMBLE FRIED CHICKEN I26 E. Colorado WH2-8333 ORDERS TO GO AT NO EXTRA COST CATERING TO PRIVATE PARTIES SERVICE STATION Jefferson and Ewing DALLAS. TEXAS HUMBLE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS W. O. Burns WH8-868I 746 Genoa WH6-98l4 SINATRA'S TROPICAL FISH AND NOTIONS CLARA SINATRA SHAFT'S FROZEN CUSTARD IlWI19F9 Ihe Gang IvIee+s" FOR THE BEST IN MALTS AND DOGS I600 N. Beckley CompIimenI's of BILL DU PRIESIHS COLE CLEANERS 3IO E. Saner WH-8 7565 New I957 Fords For Your I Fasf Delivery Service A-I USED CARS WH 3-4677 ARCHIE MARTIN THE STEVENS PARK Y Dawes Q Phone WH 3-4677 2I0O FI. WorI'I1 Ave. a'I' Hampfon Dalles PAUL HATLEY FRANK PURCELL RI8-I45I WH6-3958 Wulf! WEDDING ARRANGEIVI OTOGRAF-'H 2121 W. COLO WHITEH PAGES REXALL DRUGS PrescripI'ion SpeciaIisI's FEATURING A COMPLETE LINE OF DRUGS TOILETRIES CIGARS CANDY SODAS Free Fasl' Delivery From Bo+I1 Slores For Direcl' Lines From Dallas and Grand Prairie Io ArIingI'on Call AN2-0606 DALLAS ARLINGTON 3230 Falls Drive 903 E. Park Row Weslmoreland HeigI1I's Sylvan HeigI1+s FE I -3277 CR4-6585 Dependable Service MODERN JOE Rus:-IINO CLEANERS AND DYERS IHARRY BROWN' Owned FUR STORAGE IO09 Vermon+ Ave. phone Wg-13-9529 Phone WH8-96I3 H06 W. Davis FREE DELIVERY Complimenfs of TEXAS-WYNNEWOOD-VOOUE THEATRES ' WH6-2I6I MOVIES ARE YOUR BEST ENTERTAINMENT H. BOEDECKER JOE LOVETT'S 8: SONS GARAGE THE STORE COMPLETE CARBURETCQERGSE IGNITION II3 +o l2I N. Lancasfer Ave. l3I7 E. Saner WH64092 FRI-3488 BROWNIE PETERS ELECTRIC COMPANY I 'T JEFFERSON Bt EWING MOTORS AOTOMOBILES -- BOUGHT AND SOLO I426 Ferndale P, Q. BOX 8806 ik' .rxs DALLAS 24, TEXAS WH 6-2680 WH 6-2676 Com plimeni' of a FRIEND You Gef I'I1e Besf BARBER SERVICE af EARL ROWE'S BARBER SHOP l7I9 Soufh Ewing Ave. "So Drop by and Give Us a Try" HARRIS USED CARS 8OI W. Jefferson "GOOD CLEAN CARS" WH2-4648 VETERAN CLEANERS II45 Soufh Hampfon WH6-9383 908 Vermonf WH3-0I55 STA-NU FINISHING PROCESS PETERSON GULF STATION Clarendon and Ewing GOOD GULF GAS AND OIL AUTO REPAIR WH3-0247 BUD ADAMS HUMBLE Beckley and Clarendon WH2-4344 FRIENDLY SERVICE FAST ROAD SERVICE MECHANIC ON DUTY CRANFORD'S SINCLAIR STATION WASH-LUBRICATION Open Sundays 8 I 7-82 I W. Jefferson WH3-4823 REYNOLDS MOTOR CO. WE SPECIALIZE IN CLEAN CARS ONLY WH2-2577 704 W. Jefferson WARREN REYNOLDS JESSE BOLIN MOTORS AUTOMOBILES BOUGHT AND SOLD 405 N. BecIcIey WHI-4280 CompIimenI's of WYNNEWOOD STATE BANK Dallas, Texas Complimenfs of POOLE FUNERAL HOME 3 I 5 So. Hampfon WH8-7348 JOE DANNA'S DRIVE-IN 5I9 Wes'I Davis WH2-I I83 BUY FROM THE MAN WHO APPRECIATES YOUR BUSINESS Free Delivery Service TEXAS SEED AND PLANT CO. 526 Eas'r Ten+I1 S'Iree+ CUT FLOWERS PLANTS FLORAL OFFERINGS R 84 R TV SERVICE CO. RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR SALES AND SERVICE 2605 Sou'I'I'1 Lancas'rer M 81 M SALES CO. JB PAINTS ARMSTRONG LINOLEUM HARDWARE WALLPAPER 609 Easi' Jefferson FR I -2321 W"'6'0629 A- R- MCKEE CRUMPS CAFETERIA 300 Cenire 328 Wes+ Jefferson WI-13-8881 REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS WHERE FRIENDS MEET AND ENJOY FINE FOOD CEDAR CREST BAPTIST CHURCH was organized in December I939, and since has been a+ i+s presen'r locafion, Belknap a+ Ohio +o Fowler S'rree+s, in +he Trini+y Heigh+s area. Will T. Dansby became pasfor February 5, I945. A+ +he presenf +ime he has associa+ed wi+h him Clayfon D. Spriggs as Minis+er of Educafion and Music and Miss Sunshine Rogers as You+h Worker. The organiza'rions of +he church make exfensive use of lay leadership wi+h more +han 200 +eachers and officers and o+her workers in places of responsibilify. The church has grown +o a presenf H9561 membership of over I,200 wi+h a Sunday School of approxima+ely 'rhe same number and a Training Union of 500 plus. The expanding membership has made necessary four building programs and +he purchase of +hree dwellings which were converfed +o organizafional use. Preliminary plans are being made for addifional educafional buildings 'for +he immedia+e fu+ure. Facili+ies are 'ro be provided in 1'he nex+ s+age of 'lhe building program for an aHendance of a+ leasl' I,200 in Sunday School. A mas+er building plan has been formula+ed which includes a fu+ure audi+orium +ha'I' will seal approximafely 2,000. The church is si+ua+ed in +he midsl' of a rapidly ex- 1 panding communi+y and is seeking +o keep pace wilh 'rhe grow+h of +he area +ha+ i+ serves. A special invi+a+ion is exfended +o +he s'ruden+s, Faculfy, and friends of +he Adamson High School +o visil' in any and all services of +he Cedar Cresl' Bapfisf Church. Complimenfs of C 8: H TRANSPORTATION CO.. INC. I935 W. Commerce RI I -3624 GEORGE V. DELK, GENERAL CONTRACTOR Cusfom-BuiI+ Homes and Remodeling 3I3 NW I3'II1 S+. Grand Prairie AN2-I764 CompIimenI's of BRQWNIES AMBASSADOR SERVICE STATION SHOE REBUILDERS AND DYERS Ravinia Dr. a+ FI. Wor+I1 HDaIIa5! FIne5'I'H WH3-0l89 Beckley and Jefferson 2922 FI. WorI'I1 FREELAND MOTORS 535 Eas+ Jefferson WH8-3529 "We Specialize in One Owner Cars" S 1 Complimenis of V A'-B'N'5 'ssna:e:zn':19.-.:fs'A"' if WATERMELON GARDEN myf 510111011 624 Wes'I' Davis SI'ree'r cuSI'0M FURNITURE Melons Sold by tgqlzgiifit WHOLE HALVES SLICES MARSALIS CLEANING COMPANY WE ARE AS NEAR AS YOUR PHONE Call WH6-8727 303 N. Marsalis Ave. CompIimen+s of NEWMAN 'S DRIVE IN RESTAURANT 4435 S. Lancas'Ier Rd. MEISCH PRIVATE SCHOOL KINDERGARTEN-FIRST GRADE II9 W. Mon+ana WH 6-0854 FRED'S BARBECUE OPEN EVERY DAY Wynnewood ViIIage Phone WH6-423I CEDAR CREST CLEANERS LAUNDRY AGENTS Phone WH6-0I32 I732 S. Ewing F DaIIas I6, Texas ALL WORK GUARANTEED TIPTON'S CLEANERS AND DYERS SUPPORTING AND ROOTING OR THE LEOPARDS FOR 20 YEARS II6 S. Beckley WH6-0397 I CLAY'S Complimenfs of BARBER SHOP WYNNEWOOD 2736 S- BeCk'eY PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Open 8:00 AM +0 8:00 PM IOI Wynnewood Professional YOUR BUSINESS APPRECIATED BuiIdIng F. E. CLAY, Owner VVI-16-2103 Phone WH3-0I22 Autographs All Work Guaranleecl H. D. STANBERRY Qualify Wa+cl1 and Jewelry Repair BI3 Haines, 3 Blocks Nor+l1 of Davis Wa1'cl1 Repairing Elecfronically Tesfed THE TEEN SHOP Pre-Teen - Teen - Junior DRESSES, SPORTSWEAR, LINGERIE AND ACCESSORIES 3223 Dawes Drive WESTMORELAND HEIGHTS +l1e WGTCII Mas+er Way VILLAGE Whz-2434 Ee7-658 I MIRAMAR Complimen'rs of Specializing in CONRO MFG. CO. PIZZA PIE I922 Forlh WOFTI1 Avenue ALAIVIO LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING 207, Discounl--Cash and Carry Pick Up ancl Delivery II6 SOUTH TYLER WI18-7394 Complimenfs of REAL ESTATE -INSURANCE - BUILDERS HERMAN LOUPOT AND COMPANY Realfors Bus. Eel-l55I, Fe7-20Il Res. Wl1I-4l75 Wes+moreland Heighls Shopping Village 3I I3 Falls Drive Complimen+s of I. C. DEERE TRANSFER AND STORAGE LINE Long Dislance Moving I02 Nor'rl1 Ewing Whl-I972 OAK CLIFF ASSEMBLY OF GOD 9 I 9 Morrell DALLAS, TEXAS "A Church for I'I1e Young PeopIe" HOME OF THE MORNING WORSHIP HOUR Mon., Thur., Fri.-7:30 A.M. Sai. ancI Sun.-9:00 A.M. KSKY H. C. Noah, Pasfor SERVICE SCHEDULE Sunday ScI1ooI 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship II:00 a.m. Young People 6:30 p.m. EvangeIis+ic Service 7:30 p.m OAK CLIFF ASSEMBLY OF GOD 919 Morrell Ave. Week Nigh+s Doilas, Texas Tues. and Fri. 7:30 p.m. I KERR S WASHOMATIC 2I24 Sou+I1 Beckley WH3-0I80 FLUFF DRY WET WASH 'WIA' ner PU' "' " if ur. ro 9 I2 sims .ws 'msg LLOYD M. KERR, Owner, Class of I946 9 x I2 Shag Rugs-Dry Cieaning ONE DAY SERVICE -- PICK UP AND DELIVERY CATES PHARMACY Call Us We Delwer CompIimen+s of Your Doc'I'or Knows Us PRESCRIPTIONS Two Loca+ions +o Serve You NO. I 2IOI S. EcIgefieId Wh-87303 NO-2 STATE BANK 9 I 0 Vermon'r WI1-62 I 79 Serving "Oak Cliff" PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED NO EXTRA CHARGE CompIe+e Line of Cosme+ics" THE B. F. GOODRICH COMPANY IncIus+riaI ProcIuc'rs Division RI-I-560I I4O0 TurI'Ie Creek Dallas "FIRST IN RUBBER" OAK CLIFF SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION An Insured Savings InsI'iI'u+ion Bishop a+ Cenire DALLAS. TEXAS TENTH ST. COmplimen+s of BEAUTY SALON QUAKER II3 S. Cumberland WH-6-0I48 New Managemen+ I327 Levee AIR CONDITIONED HAIR DRYERS RI-I..I772 L 84 L TOOL 81 SUPPLY C0. l408 Bonnie View Rcl. Dallas, Texas WH-2-I I84 ED LAYMAN Dis+ribu+or for: Black 8: Decker Por+able Elecfric Tools, POr'l'er Cable, Porfable Wood- working Tools, Binks Spray Equipmen+, Nye Pipe Tools, Cogsdill Twisf Drills, Sellsfrom Safefy Equipment Also a Disfribufor for DeWal+ "Power- shop" Saws. We Take Tracle-ins and offer Easy Terms. MERLE NORMAN TEXAS TILE OAK CLIFF STUDIO 8. ABSTRACT CO. 306 S- Bishop FOR FREE DEMONSTRATION 325 Gems S+- AND SKIN ANALYSIS WH'8'7569 Call WH-I-5848 "Try Before You Buy" GRQVES MARIE'S BEAUTY SALON I I I0 W. Davis WH-6-025I WH-6-2244 "3 E' Jeifefson THE I-IAIR STYLE OF THE MONTI-I WH-6-2l7l AOAPTEO TO YOUR FEATURES FAI.. CLIFF TEMPLE BAPTIST CHURCH DR. WALLACE BASSETT ,.w,LLL.LLLLLLLLLLLL,.,...,L.,,.....VEE.,EEE.... Pas+0r MAURICE N. CLOPTON ......,, .,.......... M usic Direc'I'or J. EARL MEAD ....,,,.,.,.....,.,.. ....... A ssis+an+ Pas1'or and Minisfer of Ecluca'Hon JOHN SHANK ......... ...............,. A ssocia+e Minis+er of Educa+ion and Business Mgr. J A ss.T A if A s'RsR ,ff Q A T .. . A R . A ff fix' V? Personalized Hair Slyling WE SELL AND REPAIR ALL MAKES Q69 and SEWING MACHINES All BeaUTY Your Friendly Necchi-Elna Dealer C Service CARL'S SEWING CENTER X, 933 W. Jefferson WH-8-9909 X Complimenls C of 6 gd FRIEND 60" 2II Cenfre WH-6-3355 Free Es+ima+es Work Guaran+eed We Build Anyfhing ROOMS, DENS, PATIOSg GARAGES PAINTING, SHEETROCKING, TEXTONING JAY HANSEN WH-3-7360 DON'T IGNORE YOUR FUTURE LEARN BEAUTY CULTURE II' offers everylhing you wanI' in a shorl' lime. SI'yIi'ng under supervision of Mr. Paul Chau- mier, who I'aughI' hair sfyling af Neiman- Marcus and has I0 French Diplomas. Summer s+uden+s are accep+ed. PAUL'S BEAUTY COLLEGE Jefferson a+ Bishop ANN OF DALLAS 205 S. Zangs WH-3-4223 BAILEY PLUMBING CO. IOI E. Jefferson a+ Beckley CONTRACT REPAIR REMODEL PT '-M lv vsft REGISTERED TRADE MARK - I 'P ' 42 Sfiiiggw Q, -I . ca i ignf o Z ' - .. 0 p. +08 , 0+ LEON'S PIT COOKED BAR-B-Q FEDERAL INSPECTED IOI N. Ewing Avenue DALLAS 3. TEXAS If It's for Sandwiches or Picnic Dinners, and II"s LEON'S PIT COOKED BAR- B- O It's Good! FOR YOUR CAFE, GROCERY STORE OR HOME USE We Have Federal Inspection for Your Protection A COMPLETE NEW PLANT TO SERVE YOU WITH A COOKING CAPACITY OF 7200 LBS. DAILY Sincerely, LEON CLEMENTS ITI1e OwnerI TYLER STREET METHODIST CHURCH Ten+I1 and Polk DR. LOUIS N. STUCKEY, Paslor KGKO l48O a+ 8:30 A.M. THE Complimefws of LEWIS R. JoHNsoN R. A. WOOD AGENCY SERVICE STATION Beckley a+ Melba PiIo+-Life Insurance Company I328 Kirby Bldg. RI-2-7998 35 Years an Oak Cliff Residenl' 303 Beckley Wh'6'ol23 Gracluafed From Adamson I934 TEXAS PRODUCTS "Service +o Olhers is +I1e Renl' We Pay for Room on Ear1'I1" E. C. HOUSTON ELECTRIC SHOP 3627 Bonnieview Road FR4-4400 WH6-3 I 3 I CompIimen+s of BAGGETT GRO. AN D MKT. 359 Morrell WH6-035I Complimenfs of RHYNE INSURANCE AGENCY 303 Wesf Jefferson WH8-3058 "ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS" WH8-3207 ALLEN'S SHOE STORE Feafuring Kay Kings In Y L I' W 2I9 WEST JEFFERSON The S ces ou Ove O ea' WH6-I082 MILLER'S FLORIST 22II Cedar Cresf BIvd. WHI-I42I MRS. J. B. MILLER 940 Easf Jefferson WH6-0I70 2226 Cedar Cresf WH2-I9I8 O. K. CLEANERS TO PLEASE YOU . . . OUR AIM We Operafe Our Own Planf Cleaning - Laundry - Hafs C and B JACK HAYS Owner MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS "AII fhe Beffer Known Brands" WATKINS MUSIC COMPANY Band Insfrumenfs GUITARS - PIANOS - DRUMS ACCORDIANS 838 Wesf Jefferson WH6-3902 We Give Brown Trading Sfamps LADEN'S CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY Plenfy of Free Parking 52I WEST DAVIS STREET WH2-5008 Complimenfs of YOU NG'S NO. I AND NO. 2 DRIVE-IN Bofh on Ewing "TEXAS SIZE HAMBURGERSH CAMPBELL FUNERAL HOME 300 Wesf Davis WH6-8 I 65 CALL FOR AND DELIVER- CLEANING- PRESSING "You'II Find Us Better" BECKLEYWOOD CLEANERS HUBERT AUTRY, Owner 2I26 Sou+h Beckley Avenue PHONE WH-6-0059 Complimenfs of LAUNDRY SUPREME AND CLEANERS 400 Wesf Jefferson WI"I2-3 I 57 BONDED FUR AND GARMENT STORAGE Spirif of God. keep me from judging and crificizing a man's Reli- gion, or manner of life, un'I'iI I have walked in his shoes for fwo weeks. DALLAS CLOVIS STREET BAPTIST CHURCH Clovis and Alvarado J. CALVIN DENIS, Pasfor Res. 29I2 Grayson Dr. Phone DR4-4006 Telephone: RI8-2576 DR. CARL R. CATHEY O pfomefrisf I606 Main Sfreef DALLAS, TEXAS WH2-5667 WH3-4686 TALLENT'S FURNITURE STORE "Don'f Seffle for Less- Gef fhe Besf" SIS Vermonf MAPLE, FRENCH PROV. AND AS. Mrs. Joy Tallenf TERMS TO SUIT LEVOY HART CONSTRUCTION AND LUMBER COMPANY Business and Residenfial I I I4 Foresf Avenue WH2-9696 OR WH3-75I9 DALLAS Complimenfs of TEXAS ARMY AND NAVY STORE I28 Wesf Jefferson DALLAS. TEXAS WH3-938I W. P. lWindyl MOORE MOTOR COMPANY "I'II Pay Top S for GOOD CLEAN CARS" WH2-OI I I 4I9 Wesf Jefferson EXQUISITE JEWELERS LLOYDS OAK CLIFF WH I -4084 CREDIT JEWELERS 207 WEST JEFFERSON "Bris+Iing Wi'rh Fashion Ideas" FASHION POST WH-6-0503 PATTERSON AND MARTIN Casuak BEAUTY SHOPPE l52 A. Harris Shopping Cenfer Permanems our 5PeC'a'+Y FR 8905 BARBER SHOP I06 Norfh Lancas'l'er off' f i x! Tl h I40II:eSyIvan VSIFIIQEBIIFB D ' ' WH-I0394 E BAUMAN FOOD STORE Roy E as'rus eaI s+a+e Free Delivery REALTORS WH I -4036 WH6-03 I4 B"'IIde" and Deve'OPe' of 902 Easi' 7'I'h aI' Jefferson Fine Home Secfions DALLAS 8, TEXAS HOLSUM S U N B EAM BREAD Fresh Twice Daily FRED'S FLOWERS F A300 Cenfre S+. Corner Madison WH6-3226 Famous Memorial Wreaihs and Flower Baslcefs ' Florisf --A Nursery - Ceramics - Planfers THE PLACE TO BUY YOUR PRETTIEST FOOTBALL MUMS" ADAMS CHARMODE BEAUTY SALON , IOI8 Sou'rl1 Beckley "lf Your Hair ls Noi' Becoming +o You . . . - You Should Be Coming 'lo Us" TED LYNN SERVICE HUMBLE STATION l4I0 Eaei' IIIinois-A+. Cofin+h and Lancas+er BATTERIES TIRES PHONE TUBES FR I 0318 ROAD senzvuce WASHING Lusmcmnom Y s +h O k cuff H bl s TEXAS TERRAZZO COMPANY I I927 Adeline FL-2-2496 ' GLEN OAKS 4960 Clear Creek Road DALLAS 32, TEXAS TRINITY FAIRWAYS l945 Norlh lndusfrlal GOLF 30 Tees 4 Targel' Greens GOLF INSTRUCTORS AVAILABLE GOLF SHOP lPro Line Clubsl 504 Baslcel BASEBALL Aulomalic Machines I0 Balls . . . 259: Localed Below Dal-Hi Field JOHNNY OVERTURF Pro-Manager GOODMAN PIANO COMPANY Kohler- Campbell and Esfey Pianos 6I2-I4 Easf Jefferson 2000 Greenville WH2-I387 TA4-I7I2 Congrafulafions of Your Friendly Neighbor OAK CLIFF CHRISTIAN CHURCH , I0I'l'1 a+ Crawford I HUGH M. RILEY, Minisfer PAUL'S SHOES Dallas 24I Wes'r Jefferson FIRST M CHURCH of the NAZARENE ROBERT G. NIELSON. Pas+o Tenih and Beckley DALLAS Complimenfs of GRACE TEMPLE BAPTIST CHURCH "Growing Wi'rh Oak Cliff" Services on KSKY 8:05 A.M. and II:0O A.M. Each Sunday BUEL R. COUCH Pas+or VIDAL JONES Music and Educa'l'ion CORNER OF TENTH AND TYLER DALLAS This Page Given in Loving Memory of MR. W. H. ADAMSON TEXAS RUBBER SUPPLY, INC "lf H"s Rubber, Call Us" 2436 I g Blvd. D ll T PHONE Rl 7 3l43 DENLEY DRIVE H 81 H CLEANERS AND GENERAL DIRT LAUNDRY SERVICE FRI-0380 2I I8 Denley Drive A. B. Huggins MRS. JAMES K. THURMAN, Owner LEVELING GRADING Dallas. Texas Parking Lois a SpecIaI+y DAY OR NIGHT CALL WHiI'eI1aII 6-4662 WHi'I'eI1aII 2-58I0 529 Hoel Drive WAREHOUSE I9I4 Sou'II1 Beckley L, CompIImen'Is of A EARL HAYES Nin'I'I1 a+ Lancas+er Thru I'o Jefferson I Telephone WH I-I I6I COME OUT OUR WAY TRADE YOUR WAY COMPANY ? .WWI CompIimen+s From PRECISION AUTOMOTIVE, INC. I7I0 N. Akard Rl 8-4646 ROSE DRESS SHOP Fea+uring Formals for You a+ 4423 LOVERS LANE 2550 ELM II7 W. JEFFERSON I9I9 SKILLMAN Bridal and Bridesmaid Dresses a+ 3I09 OAK LAWN I026 ELM ST. Q --AUTOGRAPHS .W ,L - ML Q fffA3?,ff' HV if W MQW X S ff fgm Zigi WWW 2 ff We, the Oak Staff, Wish to extend our sincere thanks to the people who have made it possible for us tocomplete the 1957 OAK. A We Want to express our gratitude to our sponsor, Mrs. Morelle Moore, Without Whose understanding, patience, and helpful assistance this book would not have been possible. Especially do we Wish to thank Mr. Allen and Mr. Meek for their service and efforts to make this OAK a reality. We appreciate the co-operation and diligent Work of our photographer, Mr. Cathey, and the Taylor Publishing Company. We are grateful to the Statler Hilton Hotel for permitting us to use their premises as a background for our F avorites' pictures. Each one Was necessary in order to have the 1957 OAK published. We would like to say that the interest and enthusiasm of the faculty and of the student body have encouraged us throughout the year. We only hope that the OAK measures up to their expectations. Gratefully, THE GAK 'STAFF ,Ayr-f""l" an Kg iw is QWXSW, ik wwf J Xi .13 xx 3 5 3 .- 'WW wx uk S QS 5, -i'fq',,,,.5?,. ,Z-ff 61 .,,- ,.SLfj-Z! F127 .gba J4 V X if f mf' A I jf tiff I ,Jlblf 1,1 7,2 i q 1 HN in 'A V f If . 4.

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