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Text from Pages 1 - 214 of the 1956 volume:

fwvn-AYP' Wil W '.,, 15.: 1.:f1 g W Mgfggf if Q55 E, "WW 1 2' Al' fix W JM ,, sm I 25223 jf LD Z- PM 647 7 fvfy 5' QWMWM ibfyvmfw pujww My WWQ f M SS WW B ,Vfjfff VW by ' ik.. Vf. V Q V ,' 'A ul ,N Q xx' A , 'L 1 V? , fs . X 3 - r AE , ' V N 1-Ib, I K X .., Q ' A '.' " y . , 1. Y xi 'xg 2 x .gg h ,XX A , .1 :wx ' Ai A 1 V Ux xg -. . ' "Q , A ' -'Xa 'QQ f ' A - m A N X x -- , . , N , 5 Y . u AQ ,A V if .Q QQ, gs X . V . , V . H Ag lk: f - ly . lf ' H ' fl XA 'dx . V B UQ" - . ,' , N . . ' f ' ,I I ' S . x v I V VV VV . W V. l" 4 1 D ' , 'V QV V, N ' ' V S ig ,ja y A X , ',,V,1"L?3g'f:H"-WL? ffl' Q in 3.51,-fcgf-V 5f15,,'Vf-,' -q. .Wml.V.5ga,,, gp , 5',W.V-V---- V M, 1 X -, V 5.514-'g',g V U ' " ' ,V A V 1 A H Y i 'A 'Y' ' Y I 'N54Z35f!'f3"l'Sf'x Cliff: V VJ? ' Ma f - fi?-Y Y "W V, 3 M5 V-I ' , Y v,-, '4.L2'f,y5E42V-"wv3VV ml'-1 , '31, i, UF'4V ?"':'1,-n,1'Rie55.rQiab5-H " " ' ""'2 " YW'9i".f-iff?-9' '5". 4-5:-fy w 3' 1' V V 5957- 'Z V,N 1,,1,J,,, A. Ve , , V by 7' av ' W ,Q . fo 1A,,w ' W AN- ' 'i M! 0 u , " . rcvka 'K K l X 'M ' J h X Q5 - I ' Q s KN' 'I A b l!LJ J L Qi ,J R , W gl up ZQ - ww MM,f'jw WM WG. , If Q E4-IJ Elf' -.2 ,JJ , 1 Q ,gy W VR ,,, W -W " ' 2' - . " ,V ' 4 ,fu My Q fqfr-VL! :5fffff,ff fffQ 9 5 6 ff' I 1 ',, w rjljy 1'Ql'.g?'!Jv' zf lp -- Wi?-evCQ,JLu,cXQ ov CXQLQ --2'-Q wM5wvoJ2, .Luz df - -' E xr ' . ' ' Q W , . , Q R .. OQQAJ "k"'f-Lxf dff. -2. 1 ' - -,rf Q . ,U 1 BZ , , . gg 54 , fN "W',7W1 law fw r, ss ge-7 . I, ,iw -gr in ftfvh 'f 5, 1 - I-'Hi NM F .1y3f ' 4 .ji .JE i:K:W6!h, 36 l , -'ff ' A M' 54 m ,,g3,'i2.'f5gQ.W,4::w gf-si ef 1 "H nf 15,5 Q, N511 1,3-Tallfff 345 - 0 Wg SEM .- 41- -y ' ix " af- 5' ' . V-vwvfffx . api a S Liz, Q 4 Tiff!-,' 'I' '?3f'i5ff '- L 'T Q W 1- -.-'- 'K-- 'snr' V -, C- ' f -.J Q C, J, f QE, if 2 -'V-1s'132igas,4'ifQ+1i'p2"' ' '26, Q99 f L SP 3 Lf 43 'J XI' ' iff QL' ' M' f' I f s A QQ. 1' .R xl gh., T9-ff'4 V ,NV ki' T . .jfg R if KE: ik?-S Q5 il, A V .2 , ' FX -rf' w , pw Q ,mg ALMA WXATER Ulorals and TYXu-s'.c ba., R-E. Ellis, Sr- 6 ' 4, ' ' . 5? ' f":.'L'-MIR'-I-'.':'-545'-'T-S"-'L-.' 0 o ' ' L L f- ' -----'--:xii I , .5 1111515.11 r , :vs . 1 . . 1:-ml .. ejro-'YGY'-3 MC- LUi+K kghgy- ang :slorsi CYOIJNCJ """4'n wjgur his 0" 9 -7 ' I ' 'O o 1' una' 1.11 'alilllillllllli 53Jl,gQ':FM?1 J -v-wx, TI That, Cleo., Ling, -4- ugkffej we Pltlae qur 50141 - WAP IZ el FI -I-nf, Luc l,, 4i-o+'ere W'4"l C0"1Cf f1G"Ff"W' OV uic.+Bl"'V"-if 9 , EFWPFTIIP Frl .L.. W 7n V Y F n , we Z D ?.,+.,'vi f 'G 'r L5 'fi GX , if N, aw ' , , A 3 5 , 2A ..,, V' 1 f ' , 3 W gt ' Q1 I V W1-ff Q 1 55,3 1' . 1 ,H X . , ,Q Q . H. ADAMSON HIGH SCHOOL "f,,.,,,,l , 4 , ' I n , V, ,, rs .. , v f . X I , 0 X f ' K 1 X 'X .1 , O W C Q luf 'x f 1 1 Q 1 ' N v X N m x l Q Q tl-R 1 1 v xx 5 A lk I, Q l EJ X AA,, W U X ' Ni X fllfikfiivcqlbol YJ Lcefilai Jfvxv- XXXQA Q N 1 - 1 A CI N g"X?Tggot',A,,F ,9.,qj..,.v ,,.. k ,.., x fljlaaggikx y ' '53 X xjgouac- blfrfefsiw RAM? XJ J N xcj i f fi X i Egrswix. girlie' Qty lf IN F5 ' loc' 'v ,ifjfiwtfe 9 Us-90 rx., X i ,i ii f-A. Ji X 5 -s if XA TN xl Y ' Q! xg 'jir- Sb wi fs? ,it S vi of - 'N x- X Q li xv ' .N i X W X54 is W Egg N 33 35 , 'i i Q , xiii Q Xi Refi my R X 'X A Wi ,ff xg To the entire student body and espe- cially to the Seniors, the Yearbook is a volume containing memories of friends, activities and achievements attained during those all-important years of your high school career. We hope that we have succeeded in making this '56 edition of the "oAK" one that will -be cherished through the years as a reminder of your high school days. THE EDITOR 0 0 liiflif N H211 E l Q ll' til DW , TEV i i my , i ' 1 - i 4' Q . ix i E' h ig" ls Q I r X , QW gm lil N .i V ld Wi i iid ily lil Q lp DJUX fly A 4.7 55 i ri ij fi K Vxjifcqgf if 54 Q, 1 J ,J 4? CONTENTS ff LW! ff Q fi ' In if 2 I K 5 A- 5 12 Ifrflq J 69 5 P Qffibya ' 'J jr! C5 Edit? 'x'Il 'A 5 J? Cv Af! fly, V ' ' ci lib! S f JJDJQQI ,IIIAII I f Af I f If' XII I UI I i fi fy' f' ,,,, Sf - If ,M ,I v 3, 4 ADMINISTRATION fig jffj jf QTEK, SENIORS If ' UNDERCLASSMEN fzyffff' FAVORITES IX 7 gg xp ORGANIZATIONS fo Q0 IAAII S Ji MILITARY Ni? fx YJXJIV f SPORTS I gb QW ' By' Y XXII ADVERTISERS E If if I Q? JQM QJ I I IWIYISFEIW SS SR AM- I v ,QQ A A IE 55 SH Qi WN I3 'ff TIS if R9 I Ny S' fbffvffg C339 l.4 Le., , ,,, Inside Boys, Gym Boys' Gym ABOUT OUF Girls' Baseball AMPUS Federal R.O.T.C. Inspection Mrs. Moll in the Clinic Behind the Wheel Drivers 'vw if 1. may f 1 A f. . 2' Q. , Qffw.-'Tf'TTI+ 6' ' " fn 5. x T n K wi,- f Kg N. 1 wM,"1 ' 2., M , ff ' wnif' Sm ' ef 4, 1,1 fa7,f,w'9' AE' I ' A M .Q ,K , A- 4: . , gf'-A K ' T, r ul ,A . f 'aj S- , , K K. M .N 'ef ,K ff K K , LK ,Q pw -.,f. 4 ,. :gg , 4 mg.. M, Kf ,,, Ai' ""'f ' H 'F - ' Q ew- X, V W" mmm K. u j ' , , 1 '5 ff? 51,1 if . Q, Q , -f V. E Q5 gi m,,.Mh .A W -LQ :Kg f J gsm. 5, K .ffyw K A .. . ,A-V if an .gf-wwf. .if ,rw 1 K ' fy W, .s ,d,,f., c , .L MASRM, M , ' f ' 'Le' w KB .Q K, WM . '6 3. MA nf K1 A Q -wh. 4 ,Wad Q 1 , If 'xx w Q. , wa? , vm a , EK, LAM' , N. .' .J 1, 1- ,1 " ZS" . Q. 3- 'K' Z .5 " V W , M 4 t K ef 77 X a , , V H - , , ,, ' 5- X, N' an X . . M .Lv A Z." 3 M ' , -5 ' 7 H Y K KK K K L . 'A K ,R :www , 2,4 l."w h QQ, wav ' K X, Ki., gym .f ., .K- ,,,.?Kf R." ,iw , KK 6 WK A M ff, ,ig V ,K ,WK KKXQ5 1 KA, -g,,i2v,1:f7lg-.qaiigfxf f 14 K ,K B, 1 Kf, A-.f K gx u K X W .Q 5, W. Qvyggw My ' 5 1' W 'K A, 1' 'I g- f. 'S' A S -6 , W M,5f?i"QM Jw' ,Q-11,.'g"C? Qggwigi 3' 74 ' my Q, 'ff M ' 3 Wg, 'Y gQ:1f"5i2.'i- '4.vff"f9? ifwiiskkygw ' . 'f 'L wiv' n. fi? wk. 5- S- 1 4 ., 1 M 'M V A m, ,1,v,z, na A .iii K N Mm. 5 ,. ,. .K,m:Mw,i,MK,.i,,.ML AM . .. G ' +-,gfigl-MXH fx.-1 N44 W KK .M .Q .- . wxwmna' ,Qs W , My ,fy M358 ,,.. f y , -.KH ,L eg, 3 M ij. ,nf Qjgvi My 1, W 1 V.. - A 2- ,NK -K Mirgxgxa J . ,5 f X ,uv F "f I -W., . f B L U E B A N L C E H 0 E P E A R R L D E E A D T D T E E R S S 1 P A LLDL I Woodshop Library Visual Education EI'1g1iSh gg!!! ZL , E!'L 9iff23Ei2EEfi1"1fZ6K'!i.6i2SF Mathematics Acorn Staff Dean Spanish History .V 'L YV. new A R ' L l ,- My m, ,, X , HMM, K K 5 , , 5 L H L--LL i 'L'L'L " - ggjgj- ,-1 TW w:1G33Y.,M.2fY..' ' Lunchroom MRS. HOLLOWAY, S6L'1'6lfZfy MISS KING, Seffiw' CUZWIFMI' CAROLYN TAYLOR, Offire Ayfiflafzt Art Biology Commercial Chemistfi' A -'WB'-wuami' 1119 Foods bfi. . f-4' 3 C9 '97 ,Q Music Physics Clothing ADIVIINVSTRATION Seated, left to right: Dr. E. D. Walker, Auirlfant Supl. in rlaarge of Pe1',f0mzel,' Dr. W. T. White, Szzpe1'jfztendent,' Dr. Frank L. Williams, Ayrirtmzzf Supff. in charge of Imtrzzczfion. Standing: West Browne, Sefrezkzry-Burifzeff Mamzgeu' Don Matthews, Arfirtafzt to the Superizztefzdefzm' Robert H. McKay, Asiiylafzt Superinlefzdefzt 212 rlmrge of Adfrzifzifmztiozz. BOARD OF EDUCATION Edwin L. Rippey, M.D., Preridenl Mrs. Tracy H. Rutherford, Vice Prefident Mrs. Vernon D. Ingram Franklin E. Spafford R. L. Dillard, jr. Rouse Howell Van M. Lamm W. A. Blair R. B. Gilmore QUR PRINCIPAL NX F ? 1 ' lu i-f'vf,S9f im ,Q ' HOWARD A. ALLEN Demi LONA BELL SPRUIELL A.f,Yj,ff!IIZf Prim'ijmf THOMAS W. MEEK DEDICATION Because of his willingness to serve, his happy disposition, his earnest endeavor, his spirit of friendlinessQ and his high ideals, the Senior Classes dedicate the 1956 volume of the Oak to TOM CHANDLER. HELEN ADI IDDELL English French COI.. H. C. BIIRGESS R.O.T.C. WINNIE CHAPPELL English FACULTY f .hn LALYRA YIEANETTE BARBARA EURICE GEORGE ALEXANDER ALSTON BAKER BASS BROVUNLEE Math Latin Orchestra Phygiqgl Ed History lNIath S if sw ff .N IDABEL L. E. ROGER JOHN TOM CABANISS CAMPBELL CARROLL CARTER CHANDLER Clothing Mcrh. Drawing History Math History RAE VERDE BONNIE JANE A. F. CLILLUM DICKEY EICHORN ETI-IERIDGE FAULKNER Physical Eel Math Math English Debate CARL RIPPLE FRANCES ARVO FINLEY FRAZER FREESE GODDARD Journalism Foods Math Band FACULTY FRANK GLADYS XXL 'II GVZICK HAMBY HAMIIIION Sales I.ihi'ai'y Assistant Physits 'ts VUILHELINIINA H. B. W. D. HEDDE HESTER HILL Public Speaking Wcmcmil Shop Physical Eclucation VIRGINIA JUERGENS Spanish BLIRI. KIGER History MW ROBERTA KING Spanish IX IA R G A R E 'I' H A R R I S H i story - -: . . ' -. it 'fr - ,iv-4+ ,,,.k 11,3 -"- ' ' G E RA LD I N I2 HO L LOW' AY Sccretiiry ALICE LACKNESS English Qs! MAY J. B. HASELTINE HEAD English Math -4,, R ,. .. Q bllk 'X Q A lql ' '2':,'- .. is nkmgf. K i HELEN R. A. HORN JOHNS English Biology if mv. A L, C. XWINNIE LEF'l'XX'ICH LANGEORD Math History LIQCILLE j. H. D, E. WANDA INICNIEL INIALONE MELTON INIILLS Study Hall Biology Industrial History Cooperativc Training FACULTY ,.-me-W" KATHERINE INIORELLE JABIES FVGENIA lNlOl.l, BIOORE NELSON NEVUBERRY Nurse Study Hull Cummcrriul Spanish V- .,-- , 4 ' ' - ,-2, x i L, Am" A Q O Q Q y ighiflas I ' .--. R V i I I 5 g. :g ONA BIABEI. -IACK RIUIAH ANDOLPH ROCKE'l"li ROGERS RUFFIN Typing English History English P, T. My 'S mgnuw: f R. N. BLANCHE JOE SINIITH STOVALI. TEAGUE Math Study Hall MuSiC ,A NELI. ANNIE PAGE PATRICK Distrihiitixic English , Eiliuxitiun sv- isa-, CHARLES IVIEREDITH SANFORD SCHROEDER Cmiuncrrial Art FRANCES MARY LOUISE THOMPSON UNDERXWOOD l Library English EDXYIN KIRBY D. A. B, l VVAITS VUATKINS XXf'EA'1'HERREAD History General Science Commercial PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Preridezzl .,,,...,....,,,..,,,,,, ,.I,.. M rs. R. C. Carpenter Fjfff Vive Pr'e.fide11I ,..,,,,., .,...,,... M rs. A. Ward SE'l'0l1d Vife Prerideut ...,,,.. .,,,,, M rs. K. P. Wright Third Vife Preridezzr .,.,.,.. .,,,,,, lx Irs. jack Whitaker Follrffy Vive Prerideflt ..,,,, ,,,,,,.. M rs. F. McFarland Fifth Vire Preridenl ...., .. Mrs. E. S. Jett Sixfh Vive Prefidezzf .,,,, ....... M rs. R. B. Fryer Sezwzfb Vire Prerdienf ..... .......... M rs. Pete Andrian Revordizzg Sevrelary .,...,..,. .,,... M rs. R. Sf Alexander C0rr'e.rp0ndifzg Seu'etm'y .......... Mrs. Bud Green T'!'6'tI.fl1V6'7' ........................... ..... . , Hj.ff!lf'jzllI and Plzblicify Parllfzfzzefztarzmz ...,............. ..... Delegate to Coznzfil ...,,. .. Mrs. Henry W. Wilson Mrs. O. Stewart Mrs. Wayne P. Bridges Mrs, Henry Scudder Delegate to COIHILUI! ......, ........ M rs. R. H. Murphrec We have two student representatives on our board this year, Lynn McDonald and Rana Seale. These will be re- placed each month by two other members of the student body. DADS' CLUB OFFICERS 195 5-56 Plwizfezzf ,........... ...,.,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,AA,AA ,,,,,,,,,,, Fifi! Vjfe P7'Efjd67lf ...., .,7.,,., Semin! Vife Prefidem ,,... ....,. Tbird Vive Prefidezzl ..... ,,,,,,, Fourth Vife Pfefjdezzzf Fiffh Vice Prefidefzf ..,..... ,,,,,,.. Sixfh Vire Prefidezzl AY.... ,,,.,,, Sefreffzry-Tz'ef1m1'er W. P. Bridges G. G. Tatum W. I-I. Pitcock J. A. Randolph V. R. Faulkner D. A. Cook, Jr. J. A. Tanner Al Mellor I' I " 5 9 fx? Hy! Q PQ sppxa ,, ,. 0 Wy F JL 5 NY f M01 ff y,y 95q L yo wt Off gf? W7 fly' 5 'N 'U an u 4- S53 9' i x JI E 0 ' 9 ft' 6 I JUNE 1956 CLASS OFFICERS Prefidezzf .....,...........,,,.,.. DAVID BOGKOUT Vive Prexidezzi .......,..,......... XVALTER XWOOD Serr'e1m'y ...........,,....... NANCY HIGHTOXWER JANUARY 1956 CLASS OFFICERS Prwiduzl ,,...,,,,,,,, ...,,,,.. R ODGER SMITH Vire Prwfdwzf ,,,,,.. .,,,.,.. J ERRY PITTMAN S6L'I'L'l.lJ'-Y .,,,,,,,... ,,,,,,C S HIRLEY SANFORD , . S ,QW ' A A ' 1 V A ' 'mx Y, ,. , W.. ,, ,i V' , ,Q gg K, M A ANUARY BAKER. ANN-National Honor Sotiety. Camera Club. Square Dance Club, Dallas Historical Society, Allied Youth, Pan-Ameii can Club. junior Red Cross. BARNES, 'l'O1NllN'Illf LANCAS- TER-Maiorette 54-55, Secretary ZA Class, Student Council. Acorn Staff. Senior Play, Senior Social Committee. Quill and Scroll, Square Dance Club, Social Dance Club, P-T Aide, Tennis. BRASHEAR, MARGO W Arr ' 55 Club, Allied Youth. " CLICK. CAROLE-Select Cho- rus. Senior Play Cast. Senior In- vitation Committee, Two Year Bible Award, Secretarial Club. French Club. Allied Youth. DENTON. VUANDA WATSON -Art Club, Allied Youth, Blue Choir. Wfhite Choir. All-City Chorus. Y-Teens. Select Chorus. Social Dance Club. Tennis. Modeling Club, P-T Aide. DUNCAN, JEFFAPresident of 2B Class, Allied Youth. National Honor Society, Student Council. Tumbling Club. - 2, nhl, A 4 -4. qw--,afyr ':- ss -1' ie ? ic ii l""'Xg S' il' 2 .Q f' J JM ,. 5 I6 lf 1956 BAKER, JERRY-ROTC Officer, Select Chorus, Blue Choir, Allied Youth, Acorn Staff. BLANKENSHIP, A A R O N DALE-Blue Band 51-54. Presi- dent of Camera Club 54-56, Sec- retary Junior Boneheads 54-56. BULLARD. DOROTHY - Nurses' Club, Dallas Historical Society, Sports Club, Allied Youth, CODY. EUGIENEfDE. DILLARD, JACKIE VUESTON -Leopardettes 53, Square Dance Club, Social Dance Club, Allied Youth. Girls' Choir, Tennis, Student Council, Senior Play, Y- Teens, Art Club, Dallas Histori- cal Society, DE. EASON, DANNY--Vice Presi- dent of 3B Class, President of 3A, 4B Classes, Football, Bas- ketball, Allied Youth, Pan-Amer- ican Club, Oak Representative. GRANADO, DORIS - Dallas Historical Club, Girls' Sports Club, Allied Youth. HENDERSON. ELLEN - Ma- jorette 54-56, Leopardettes 53-54. Quill and Scroll, Square Dance Club, Senior Play, Program Com- mittee Chairman, Student Coun- cil, Acorn Staff, Tennis, Social Dance Club, P-T Aide, Allied Youth. JACKSON, JACKIE - Girls' Chorus, Allied Youth. JOHNSON. DARRELL-Basket ball Letterman, "D" Club, Vice President of 4B Class, Pan-Amer- ican Club, Allied Youth. Foot- ball Letterman, Senior Hi-Y. KENT, ELWANDA - Allied Youth. Y-Teens, Acorn Staff, Square Dance Club. LARK, ROBERT - National Honor Society, Social Dance Club. H IZNDERSON, EVELYN VANCE-Leopartlette 55-54. M21- iorctte 54-56, Student Council, Quill and Scroll. Senior Social Chairman. Square Dance Club, Y- 'l4LtL'IJS, Social Dance Club, Allied Youth, Tennis, Acorn Staff. HUTSUN. CAROLAfNational Honor Society, Chairman Senior lm itation Committee, French l Club, Allied Youth, Mixed Cho- rus, 2 Year Bible Award, 1 Year Lim Award. Secretary of Secre- f.1I'lLll Club. JENNINGS. MIKE-Sportsman Club, Gun Club, Square Dance Club. JOHNSON. RICHARD BER- NARD-Blue Band 51-53. F000 ball, Social Committee. Quill and Scroll, Business Manager of Acorn, Sergeant-at-Arms of Press Club, Hi-Y, Allied Youth. KING, PAT-National Honor Society, Senior Program Commit- tee, Pan-American Club, Commit- tee of Girls' Sports Club, Mixed Chorus. Social Dance Club, Mod- eling Club. Allied Youth. MCLANE. LEE-National Thes- pians. Senior Play Cast, Square Dance Club, Field and Stream Club. Allied Youth, Program Committee. MARKHAM. CHARLENE - President of lB Class, Leopard- ettes 53-54, Football Princess 55, Senior Social Committee, Senior Play Committee, Y-Teens, Model- ing Club. MEWBOLIRN, BELL IRIS MORRIS. CHARLES - DE, Acorn Staff. NORMAN, TOMMY - Boxing Club, Pan-American Club, Sportsman Club, Art Club, Radio and TV Club, Allied Youth. PRICE, DON-National Honor Society, Architecture and Engi- neering Club, Football Letterman, "D" Club, Senior Social Com- mittee, Allied Youth. SAMFORD, SHIRLEYfNation- al Honor Society, Leopardettes 54- 56, Senior Play Cast, Assistant Editor Acorn, Select Chorus, Sec- retary EA-4B-4A Classes, Quill and Scroll, Student Assistant, Al- lied Youth, Secretary Art Club, Oak Representative. MENDIAS, RAYMOND-Key Club, "D" Club, Senior Hi-Y, Baseball Letterman 2 Years, President Social Dance, Senior Program Committee. MINYARD, LARRY-Vice Pres- ident "D" Club, One-Year Foot- ball Letterman, Track, Engineer- ing Club. INILILVANY. BILLY R.-Grand High Bonehead, Ice Skating Club, Pan-American Club, Motion Pie- ture Operator, Allied Youth. PITMAN, JERRY - National Honor Society, President 3B Class, Vice President QB, 2A, 3A, -IA Classes, President Art Club, Vice President Art Club, Senior Play Cast, Key Club, Art Editor Oak. Senior Invitation Commit- tee, Senior Hi-Y, Student Coun- cil, Allied Youth. RAMSEY, MILTONABasketball Letterman, "D" Club, Key Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, Essay Contest Winner 55, Architecture Club, Allied Youth. SATTERWHITE, JOYCE - Se- lect Chorus, Blue Choir, Girls' Chorus, Student Council, Senior Program Committee, Senior Play Cast, Allied Youth, Vice Presi- dent Girls' Sports Club. SIMON, FRED-Secretary of Art Club, Square Dance Club, Box- ing Club, Junior FBI Club, Gun Club, Allied Youth. SMITH, FRANCES - National Honor Society, Allied Youth, Sec- retary of 3B Class, Pan-American Club, Dallas Historical Society, Camera Club, Square Dance Club. STEELE, BOB - Square Dance Club, Junior FBI Club, Gun Club, Allied Youth. WADE, JAMES - Gun Club, Architecture Engineering Club, Officers' Club, Regimental Staff, Junior FBI Club, ROTC Intelli- gence Officer. WILSON, BARBARA - Student Assistant, Library Service Club, Junior Red Cross Club. Evening School .,, ,r ,, 'QF' 4-Hi" APN? Nur .. ,Jr QS chgu 2 vhwvi N 0 piclure SITTON, BARBARA - Social Dance Club, Modeling Club, Al- lied Youth, Girls' Sport Club. SMITH, RODGER - National Honor Society, President of 2B and 4A Classes, Senior Play Cast, Student Council, Key Club, Na- tional Thespians, Blue Band President 54-56, ROTC Band Commander, All-City Band 53- 56, All-City Orchestra 54-55. TANCO, WINSTON -M Boxing Club, Square Dance Club, Jun- ior FBI Club, Tumbling Club, Allied Youth. WHITE, HARRY - President of Medical Professions Club 54-55, Junior Bonehead, Senior Play Cast, Blue Band, ROTC Band, Jody Drill Team, Rifle Team, Basketball, Mixed Chorus, DE, ICT, Allied Youth. HOOD, ROBERT PAUL - Stu- dent Council Representative, Jun- ior Red Cross, Science Club, Stage Crew. FEATHERSTON, DURWOOD VENTIMIGLIA, JOE STEWART, JAMES WILSON TRESP, CAROLYN SHAVER JUNE ABBOTT. TOINIINIY - Boxing Club, Tumbling Club, Hunting Club, Football. BAGGETT, BILLY BARBARIA, JOE - Baseball Manager 2 Years, Junior Bone- heads "Little Chief," Allied Youth. BARTON, MARTHA-National Forensic League, Debate Letter- man, Select Chorus, Allied Youth, NFL Debate Team 1954, Debate Club, Student Assistant, Student Council. BARTSCH, MARY LOUISE - National Forensic League, Nation- al Thespians, Select Choir, Blue Choir, Dramatic Club, Allied Youth, First Prize Winner "Evils of Alcohol" Contest, Third Prize Winner "Thrift" Contest, Debate Club, All-City Choir, One Year Linz Award, Student Council. BENNINGFIELD, BRUCE - Select Chorus, Blue Choir, Key Club, Allied Youth, Junior Bone- heads, Oak Representative. viii.,-...f,..f 'iiif -is it fi . A av. sh 5 xi K , f mga, , 3 Nfl' - my do ea 6 re ti' tg f?.fi K' . -V ef rg? Tn? S' -5322 ' - ' xv 'T .W I .,' all ' ' eirepwa Eli' I 551575 fxem I Ai... iwlff. Q ,aqui 1956 AMASON, DONALD CECIL - Allied Youth, Gun Club, Hunt- ing and Fishing Club, Camera Club, Sportsman Club. BAKER, EUGENE BARRON, BARBARA-One Yr, Linz Award, Student Assistant, President of Nursing Club, Jun- ior FBI, Y-Teens, Pan-American Club, Allied Youth, Modeling Club. Debate, Tennis, Quill and Scroll, Acorn Staff, BARTA, JOE LEON - Allied Youth, Senior I-Ii-Y President 55, Cheerleader 53-54, Press Club 54, Bonehead Club 53. BELKEN. NORMA - Allied Youth, Camera Club, Square Dance Club, Social Dancing Club, Girls' Sports Club, Student As- sistant, Modeling Club, ICT. BLACKWELL, JOE BLEDSOE, LOUIE-"D" Club, Hi-Y, Allied Youth, Football Manager 2 Years, Basketball Manager 1 Year, Baseball. BOOKOUT, DAVID-National Honor Society, President of Key Club, President of Student Coun- cil, Health and Welfare Com- mittee, Football Letterman, Base- ball Letterman, President of Al- lied Youth, President of 3A and 4B Classes, Oak Staff, Harvard Award, Four Year Linz and Evert's Award, Senior Invitation Committee. BRITTON, MILLER - Dallas Historical Society, Pan-American, Student Assistant, junior FBI, ROTC. BROWN, CAROL - Library Club, junior Red Cross, P-T Aide, Modeling Club, Student As- sistant. BURLESON, ANN-Pan-Amerh can Club, One Year Linz Pin, Blue Band 2 Years, Student As- sistant, Camera Club. BUSH NORMA - Press Club , .. ,Q I if QR 1- Q .,, we WHY ra- skating Club, Modeling Club, A 2 , Na Allied Youth, Pan-American if Z" Club, Quill and Scroll. BOND. GEORGE - Art Club, Wfestern Club, Oak Staff, Journ- alism. BRIDGES, ELAINE - Secretary of National Honor Society, Na- tional Forensic League, National Thespians, 4 Year Linz and Evert's Award, NFL Debate Team, Debate Letterman, Secre- tary Creative Writing Club, De- bate Club, Social Dance Club, Select Chorus, White Choir. BROOME, DON - Cheerleader 55-56, Oak Staff, Football, Square Dance, Allied Youth, Grand High Bonehead, Linz Award, Social Dance, Key Club, Ice Skating. BULLINGTON, GERALD-Key Club, "D" Club, National Honor Society, Hi-Y, Allied Youth, Football Letterman 2 Years, Baseball, 4 Year Linz and Evert's Award. BURTON, ,BOB - Football 3 Years, Baseball, Track, Best All Around Boy 54-55, Key Club, Vice Persident "D" Club 54, Secretary "D" Club 55, Stu- dent Council, Hi-Y, Football Captain 55, Vice President 2B, 3B, 3A Class, Second Vice Presi- dent Allied Youth 55-56. CAIN, BOBBY -- FBI, Arch. and Engineering Club, Latin Club. CAMPBELL, THOMAS-Tumbk ing Club. CARTER, CELESTA -- Future Nurses Club, DE. CASH, BONNIE SUE - Future Homemakers of America, Future Teachers and Ministers, Library Club, Home Economics Club, Secretarial Club, Girls' Athletic Association. CHEEK, MARGARET - One Year Linz Pin, Student Assistant, Girls' Sports Club, Secretarial Club, Social Dance Club, Square Dance Club, Modeling Club, Oak Representative, Allied Youth. CI-IILDRESS, SHARON-Allied Youth, Girls' Chorus, ROTC Sponsor, Y-Teens, Modeling Club, Gym Assistant, Red Cross Repre- sentative. CLEMENTS, SHIRLEY-Allied Youth, French Club, Social Dance Club, Student Assistant, Square Dance Club. , I 5-, ff scer mi Ji , 4- .sa 'K' skew . if t 5 1 W. CARSEY, GERALD - Football Letterman, Hi-Y, Medical Pro- fessions Club, Scholarship Club, Key Club, "D" Club, Basketball, Track. CASE, ANNETTE - Cheerlead- er Alternate 54-55, Treasurer Al- lied Youth, Select Chorus, Girls' Choir, Secretarial Club, Modeling Club, Secretary Science Club. CELLIER, ALFRED - Arch. and Engineering Club, Amateur Radio Club, National Honor Society, Honor Roll fEach Yearj, ROTC. CHENAULT, SALLY - Nation- al Honor Society, Cheerleader 55- 56, Blue Choir, Select Chorus, Editor of Acorn, Quill and Scroll, President of Y-Teens, Chairman of 4B Invitation Com- mittee, Student Council, Morn- ing Meditation Executive Com- mittee, Debate Letterman, Two Year Bible Credit Awards. CHRISTIAN, GLORIA-Moorb lighters, Select Chorus, Modeling Club, Secretary 1B Class, Blank Spots Trio, Girls' Chorus. CLOWER, WENDELL - Select Chorus. COFFEE, JAMES H. - Assist- ant Drum Major 54-55, Band Vice President 54-55, Dance Band, Saxophone Quartet, Social Dance Club, Radio Club, Blue Band, Officers Club, Latin Club, All-City Band 53-56, Fall Frolics 54. COOPER, ALICE-Camera Club. Tennis Club, Allied Youth, Sec- retary Nurses Club, Student As- sistant, Girls' Select Choir, Girls Sports Club, Secretary Club, Y- Teens. CRONAN, TOMMY - Student Assistant, Linz Pin, Oak Repre- sentative, Allied Youth, Model- ing Club, Tennis Club. DE MOSS, MARY ANNfSec- retary Library Club, One Year Linz Pin, Student Council Rep., Allied Youth, Art Club, Scholas- tic Art Award. . DIXIE, GEORGE W President National Honor Society, President National Forensic League, Span- ish National Honor Society, 3 Year Debate Letterman, City De- bate 54, National Thespians, Stu- dent Council, Health and Wel- fare Committee, Key Club, Oak Representative, Pan-American Club, Freshman President. DONWORTH, PATRICIA - Quill and Scroll, Acorn Reporter, Y-Teens, Girls' Select Choir, Press Club, Camera Club, Office Assistant, Tennis Club, Allied Youth. 951 ' S f P? s 'Ig' at IS S, "iff I6 'fig 2 ' if ts 3 I 534 ff:--: I3 f X r.. . J-Qi-W - -aw.. a A ir, 7 . .R lc. 3 af' JF" , 4 gt Z,'-'fa--IZ 1 1- 1 A Y-E, ,ka ,A K ,li 'V by .N fx? " .-t fu ! : .cfs .,, jrg JF 'Q , 'tx , , E' , rr c'rr ,,, 1 -,., ., ff' - ' - A -5, 5 -if tr i , ,.,. 32,1 ,E is if if 3 'frm 4 ,, 5 I' at 1, ,Z ".' ,'.-2 W r-gw Q Ei 'II .. E .ix .rw 6 fx- 2 if 4. , - tl 5 Y 'K ' 1 i"'s 7 an at-an-,gs COLLINS, FRANK-Latin Club President, Vice President Gun Club, Chess Club, Officers Club, Football, Square Dance Club, Science Club. COWAN, ANNA - Oak Repre- sentative, P-T Aide, Modeling Club, Tennis Club, Girls' Select Choir, Allied Youth, Student As- sistant, Secretary Club, Red Cross Representative. DAVIDSON, BEN - President National Thespians, National Forensic League, Student Coun- cil, Key Club, Select Chorus, Chairman Health and Welfaire Committee, City Meet: One-Act Play, Debate Club, Allied Youth, Linz Pin. DILLARD, NANCY DODSON, DIANE W Allied Youth, Secretary of Science Club, Vice President Modeling Club, Press Club, Pan-American Club, Dallas Historical, Ice Skating. DYSON, ODIS - Baseball, Sen- ior Hi-Y, Study Club, Sportsman Club, DE. EAGLE, PAT ! National Foren- sic League, Girls' Sports Club, Future Teachers, Allied Youth. Student Council Rep. EMMETT. BOBBYE - Leopard- ettes 54-56, Select Chorus, Stu- dent Council, Secretary Dramatics Club, Modeling Club, Allied Youth, Social Dance, Square Dance, Girls' Chorus. FITZGERALD, PAT - Tennis I Club, Future Nurses Club, Pan- American Club, Allied Youth. FREEMAN, PATSY - Leopard- ettes 54-56, Allied Youth, Social Dance Club, Press Club, Square Dance Club, Modeling Club. Mixed Chorus. FULKERSON, JOHN - Basker- ball, Key Club, Social Dance, Gun Club, One Year Linz Pin, Baseball, Allied Youth. FULLER, BETTY 3 One Year Linz Pin, One Year Bible Award, Student Assistant, Allied Youth, Nursing Club, junior FBI Club, Pan-American Club, Y-Teens, 59'-Y , , l 5 iii 5525 e - .ii v ' -. We-at sris 56235. p ' .. X S w , A . dr , ,, qi? ri .. ,, - E,' a I., -, s 5 , 5 QSM? .- -1, . ,gn -, I .tw 1- v X Y H lea -wo QV- -, J' , 517 ---.V 'M g' - ' - . T155-.N " ,, , X' ,,Zwfpg.g.ff W. -. .- :Q -Q ,S , , 1 'as . r , ELLIS, PATSY SHELBY-Four Linz and Evert's Award, Nation- al I-Ionor Society, Home Econom- ics, Modeling, Tennis, Dallas His- torical Society, Allied Youth, Pan- American Club, Student Assist- ant. EPPRIGI-IT, JANE - Cheer- leader 55-56, Oak Staff, National Forensic League, Student Assist- ant, Vice President National Thespians, Allied Youth, 4 Year Linz Pin, 4 Year Everts Award, Dramatic Club. FOLSE, GEORGE - Football, Square Dance, Pan-American Club, One Year Linz Award, Motion Picture Operator, Golf, Spanish National Honor Society. FREUDIGER, BOB - Student Council, Football. FULLER, ALBERT GARDNER. GEORGE - Foot- ball, Hi-Y, Allied Youth, Student Council, Junior FBI, Key Club. GILILLAND, DON - National Honor Society, National Thes- pians, Allied Youth, Moonlight- ers, Dallas Historical Society, Western Music. GLASS, HELEN-Oak Represen- tative, Modeling Club, Leopard- ettes 53-54, Majorette 54-56, So- cial Dance, Square Dance, Allied Youth. GRAU, MARLENE - National Honor Society, Girls' Sports Club, Secretarial Club, Student Assist- ant 55-56, Gym Assistant, Mod- eling Club, Square Dance Club, Junior FBI Club, Allied Youth. GRAY, JAMIE MAY GRIFFIN, KAY - National Honor Society, Vice President Y- Teens, Junior Red Cross, Pari- American Club, Allied Youth. GUGGENHEIM, VICKI - Na tional Honor Society, Junior FBI Student Assistant, Dramatic Club, Typing Club, Secretary of Pen manship Club, Press Club. 4. f - ' as K WMS ai 5 ff ,rtk . " i 5' -r, F Si g ' ,.. . ' :':. cf Q .-i- I S 'Si' -.i,,,, , -- I ,W W gl f . fr x A v t-yu 1 W 9 0 x I 'r'iZ1f17,' Y I EQ 2 ., ?faL.fae+f, ggi' -V .,.-wQ,,,.,, K -E. f-raqxy ' V , h .1 - . " fl! V , ..'- C . s- -13 fuk .. . xr, 3 K -As- in ff . . ,ww 59" 'Q 4 X -sf? -fi GILLILAND. REBECCA-Girls' Choir, Square Dance, Social Dance, Modeling Club, Allied Youth, Girls' Sports Club. GOLDBERG, ELAINE GRAVES, BETTY JO 4 Square Dance Club, Social Dance Club, Girls' Sports Club, Secretarial Club, Allied Youth. GRAY, MARCIA - Quill and Scroll, Allied Youth, Oak Repre- sentative. P-T Aide, Student As- sistant, Modeling, Girls' Sports, Vice President of Press Club. GRIMES, GERALD-ROTC, Fu- ture Business Leaders Vice Presi- dent. I-IACKLER, ANDREW - Allied Youth, Dallas Historical Society, Officers Club, Pan-American Club, Debate Club, National Forensic League, Drill Team 52- 53, Regimental Staff 55-56. HADDOCK. JOE VU. - Junior Bonehead, Allied Youth, DE. HAMMONS, MARGARET-AL lied Youth, Nurses Vice Presi- dent, Medical Profession Secre- tary, Modeling. 4' NF' HAILEY, BARBARA - Nation- al Forensic League, City Debate Team, National Thespians, Allied Youth, A, Harris High School Advisory Board, Student Council Representative, Oak Staff, Four Year Linz and Evert's Award, Dramatic Club, City Declamation, Select Chorus. HARGIS, CAROLYN-Y-Teens, Tennis Club, Modeling Club, Al- lied Youth, Social Dance Club. HARRIS, CECIL - AI-I Club, Field and sm-am Club, Allied "A -- HARRIS, DAVID l YOLltl1. "N" fy if i ' l f: , .... f , I X- li . 2 ... '. . I 5 if I HARRIS. KEITH - "D" Club. Senior Hi-Y, Football, Allied Youth, Key Club. HARRISON, ROBERT HEISKELL, LEANNE - Social Dance Club, Square Dance Club, Art Club, President Fashion De- sign Club, Allied Youth Officer, Select Chorus, Student Assistant, Pan-American Club, Senior Invi- i tation Committee. ,. A :Ii , C sf Kes. I : F w I 114 .753 . 32352. gs.. me 35,5 I HW? ,wa I . HARRIS, SHIRLEY - Debate Club, Modeling Club, Contest Club, Social Dancing Club, Y- Teens, Student Assistant. HARTMAN, GERRY SUE-Seo retary Math Club, Science Club, Ice Skating Club, Debate Club, Honor Roll, junior Y-Teens. HIGGINBOTI-IAM, JERALD - 'Iodie Drill Team, Officers Club Allied Youth. H IGHTOXWER, NANCY Cheerleader 55-56, Secretary SB. 3A, 4B Classes, A. Harris Ad- visory Board, ROTC Sp0l1SO1'. President Y-Teens. President Modeling Club, Student Council, Office Assistant, Acorn Staff, First Place Ready Wi'iting. Quill and Scroll, Allied Youth. HOLLAND, BETTY HUNT, ROBERTgSenior Hi-Y, DE, Sports Club. JENKINS. GLENNA-President Library Service Club, Square Dance Club, junior Red Cross, Allied Youth, Art Club, Scholas- tic Key Art Award. JONES, BETTY-Aimed Youth, Tennis Team, Girls' Sports Club, Modeling Club, Square Dance Club. Senior H1Y DE Allied Youth af" 19 , ,iq .U . Y Zz I if B' it 'PE'1.1i.,, rj' fi , , .f . + if 3 ,wiki 1 .2 , 151- -iwsifl S l i KINDRED, TOMMY-Baseball, . ., y u , , ...,. 2 ,A., 55, Sportsman Club. 1 ,.,,'. mf at A , xf 4, ..:.. ,ng I ' N Q: '- .. ae' T r at E ,,,., 41. . -lx ' ui ,. , -W fa. aa- .sh I " . 1 mf' .. .f . A' ' ' ax at t-if ' . as . 1- e i A 8 . -R5 4 Q. , - t,,fW X it 'f'f:. W ,X 7 , ., ., uf, r . xv' V!- ., W 'LQ 5 '- xx. N , x . . .,i , ., f"'u,n mfxmk' H " Ya jk Q 'I J ff iwxxix 'Mr JM. Q :fs ogy, .f 33:1-,naxf x ,s sl 4 ' 'N xhxi RG 1 Haig xxx I 1 N '1-s-,sta , -st rw HILL, jO ANNgPan-American Club, Square Dance Club, Select Chorus, Girls' Chorus, Dallas Historical Society, Girls' Sports Club, Modeling Club, Scholarship Club. HULSTROM, LOIS - National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Pan-American Club, Press Club, Modeling Club, Student Assistant, 4 Year Linz and Everts Award. JACKSON, JOHN JOHNSON, EMERY-DE, Foot- ball, Magic Club, Hunting and Fishing, Contest Club, Social Dance Club. KEYSER, VERNA-Leopardettes 54-56, Girls' Choir, Allied Youth, Modeling Club, Girls' Sports Club, Future Teachers Club. KING, KIRBY-Officers Club, Company Commander ROTC. KLEBER, IVIICKEY Y DE, ICT. Square Dance, Sportsman Club, Tumbling Club, Golf, Allied Youth. LAXSON, JOEL REESE-Most Handsome Underclass Boy 54-55, Basketball Letterman, Cheerleader 54-55. Football. Senior Hi-Y. Key Club, Allied Youth, Select Chorus. LEXWIS, CAROLYN - Select Chorus, Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Allied Youth, Y-Teens, P-T Aide, junior FBI, Modeling Club. LINDSEY, KATHRYN VIR- GINIA LOVE, JOHN-2 Year Football Letterman, Oak Staff. Basketball, Chemistry Assistant, Arch. and Engineering Club, "D" Club, Junior Bonehead. McDILL, BETTY-Select Chorus, Hi-Tones Trio, Blue Choir, Mixed Chorus, President Girls' Choir, Camera Club Program Chairman, Morning Meditation Committee, Future Nurses. Al- lied Youth, Square Dance Club. 2 Year Linz Award. 5 . .K req w 5 W. . . as , , ff? ,X ,,, . , ,six ,e g .. bta. . ' -' . ,,, .4 f I ' 'ie I ofa, A my I . ,. .. I N . - -7. A, P 3 -,.., ,E f f - -lv Q K k A -5' I ' WX Q, 1t""'? -WW' Q xr J hone' 'qv-' ,fi LAVUING. LINDA - National Honor Society, Leopardettes 54- 56, President Pan-American Club, President Dallas Historical So- ciety, Student Council, Secretary Allied Youth, Select Chorus. Blue Choir, Senior Invitation Committee, Four Year Linz and Everts Award, Square Dance, Spanish National Honor Society. LEECI-I. SALLE - Secretary junior FBI, Dramatic Club, Stu- dent Assistant, Allied Youth, So- cial Dance Club, Ice Skating Club. LILLY, WANDA INEZ-TenniS Club, Social Dance Club, Secre- tarial Club, Home Ec Club, DE, Chorus. LOHMAN, BILL - Basketball Letterman, Key Club, "D" Club. Hi-Y, Allied Youth. Square Dance Club. McCANN, MARCELYN Y Na- tional Thespians, Select Chorus, Dramatic Club, Student Council, Senior Play, Linz Award, Girls' Chorus, Allied Youth. MCDONALD, LYNN - Foot- ball, junior Boneheads. Social Dance Club. Baseball, Debate, Student Representative to PTA, Motion Picture Operator. Christ- mas Pageant. MCINTIRE, SYLVIA BETH - Allied Youth, Select Chorus, Stu- dent Council, Scholarship Club, Blue Choir, 4 Year Linz and Everts Award, Modeling Club, Home Economics Club, Tennis, Student Assistant. MCKINNEY, LOURITA - Al- lied Youth, Nursing, Modeling, Tennis, Social Dance. MARLOWE, ALTON MARTIN, FRED - President Gun Club 54, Color Guard Com- mander 55, ROTC Officer, 'Vice President Officers Club 55-56, Junior FBI. , MARTIN, LOU ANN - Quill and Scroll, National Thespians, 2 Year Debate Letterman, Na- tional Forensic League, Future Nurses Club, 2 Year Linz Bible Award, First Place Denton Tournament 54. MATTHEWS, ANNE - Leop- ardettes 54-56, Student Council, Select Chorus, French Club, Al- lied Youth, Square Dance, S0- cial Dance, Girls' Sports. 'fi f-A .a ' ,fl '- 'fi A , " Q L ,A Q e rs, I MQJUNKINS, JANE - Girls' Z "t-: lzl ,,' Sports Club, Modeling, Allied 5 ' -,..- V ' Youth. A . t O Xb'-TT' ll , 45. MCNEIL, DELORES ANN - Allied Youth, Modeling Club, Tennis. MARTIN, DOROTHY-Square Dance Club, Social Dance Club, Modeling Club, Secretarial Club, Girls' Sports Club. MARTIN, JACK - President Gun Club, Square Dance, Drill Team Letterman, Allied Youth, Social Dance Club, Company Commander, Officers Club, Rifle Team 54. Winn- s..2 " . be A W .. ,t ,' , ffl' 4- F- . 'Q ,. . ,, girlie . K , . 15fzs?1Qsi'4i:,1l1i. jc Vziwla ' MASTERS, LARRY - National Honor Society, President Latin Club, Member Medical Profession Club. MAUZY, PATTY ANN - Stu- dent Council, Secretary Modeling Club, Social Dance, Square Dance, Girls' Choir, Tumbling Club, Girls' Volleyball, Allied Youth. MILLER, BET'l'YfFasl1ion Dc- sign, Allied Youth, junior FBI. Modeling Club, Future Business fReporterJ, Social Dance. MOORE, CECIL GLENN-AL lied Youth, Football, junior Bonehead Scribler, Hunting and Fishing Club, Bookroom Assist- ant. MOORE, JESSE CHARLES MORRELL, TOM - Regimental Adjutant, Gun Club, Color Guard, Mixed Chorus, Drill Team, School Dance Band, West- ern Music Club, Sportsman Club, Allied Youth. MURPHY, RICHARD Q Na- tional Honor' Society, Key Club, President junior Classical League, President Science Club, Debate Club, Second Regional Boys' Ex- temp, Senior Invitation Commit- tee, junior Bonehead Club. MUSSER, MARTIN - President French Club, Western Club, DE. i , ,,,.. ., , 5, g. ,tt r t't'- I . A MOCK, DON F.-junior FBI, ICT, Linz Pin. MOORE, ELIZABETH - Na- tional Honor Society, 4 Year Linz and Everts Award, Select Chorus, Secretary National Thespians, Quill and Scroll, Oak Business Staff, Blue Bonnet Girls' State, Fashion Design Club, Art Club, Allied Youth. MOORE, MARGIE-1955 Stu- dent Council Secretary, 1955 De- bate Club, Vice President Student Council, National Thespians, Na- tional Forensic League, Executive Chairman of Morning Medita- tions, Health and Welfare Chair- man, City Regional, State Debate Champ 1955, Second Place in Extemp State NFL District, 4 Year Linz and Everts Award. MURPHREE, RONALD D. - Jody Drill Team, Officers Club, Hunting and Fishing Club Secre- tary, Junior Boneheacls, Study Club, Allied Youth. MURPHY, SHIRLEY NASH, BOB - Social Dance Club, Gun Club, Wrestling Club, Color Guard. NORTHCUTT, BARBARA - State Debate Champion, Secretary of Debate Club. Quill and Scroll, Acorn Staff, Scholarship Club, Student Council, Y-Teens, Na- tional Forensic League, P-T Aide, Allied Youth, Vice President Creative Xwriting Club. PARKER, CORAVAlliecl Youth, Modeling, Y-Teens, Secretarial Club, Social Dance. DE. PAYNE, MARY - Quill and Scrol l. PERRY, ANN 7 2 Year Linz, Allied Youth, National Honor Society. Dallas Historical, Square Dancing, Library Club, ROTC Sponsor. POGUE, BERNADEAN -- Foot- ball Princess 1954, Student Coun- cil Rep., Study Club, Platter Club, Allied Youth. Secretarial Club. DE, Tennis Club. POTTS, MARY ANN - Select Chorus, Allied Youth, Vice President Home Ec Club, Girls' Chorus, Modeling Club, Junior FBI, Dramatic Club, Oak Repre- sentative. ik is ri ibm. L. K. cs , N. 'Z ' Ji 'J' if f rf ,.:f,, -5 K .. - I trr ' , rf 'K , I r i I 'I I t,', ,Tk 1 ff ., fa . - far 2 "rh H1-M.. A '..1,ifif', PALMER, EARL PASCHAL. HOXXIARD WAYNE -Allied Youth, Junior and Sen- ior Hi-Y, Football. ROTC Offi- cer, Square Dance, Science Club Vice President. Magician Club, FBI Club, Radio and TV Club. PEREZ, NICKIE-Art Club, Sec- retary Geology Club, Allied Youth, Oak Rep., Girls' Sports Club, Secretary Club. Y-Teens, Girls' Chorus. PINKSTON, DAVID SWAYNE -ROTC, Architecture Club, Sec- retary Hunting and Fishing Club. POST, SHIRLEY - Student As- sistant, Y-Teens, Modeling, Pro- gram Chairman Home Ec Club, Allied Youth, junior FBI. PRICE, ELIZABETH - Girls' Chorus, Modeling Club, Dramat- ics Club, junior FBI, Fashion Design, ICT. RAINIIRIZZ. ANTONIO, JR. --- lfootball, Acorn Reporter, Senior Hi-Y, Allied Youth, Sportsman Club. REESE, RAYMONDA-DE, Hunt- ing and Fishing Club, Auto Club. REGAN, WILLIAM MARION -fCheerleader 55-56, Editor-in- Chief Oak, President Select Cho- rus, Blue Choir, Student Council, Boys' State Delegate, Social Dance Club, Square Dance Club. Linz Bible Award, Ice Skating, Allied Youth, Quill and Scroll. ROBERTS, JOAN - Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Modeling, Typing Club, 1 Year Linz Pin, Scholar- ship Club. ROGERS, BILL-Student Assist- l ant, Stage Crew, Study Club. Ross, MIKE We .Q W Assn' ' qkqve 9 7 , ff...::jf: . W. , -' as-1 . ,Kg V, iifz . , -Wax ' tx I fr 2 ,L , A ,aww ,,,, ,f 1'-321 ia' ig? Ss F 'C is A in H 1 ' 'gk 1,..',ff if Q, ,al- K' .self 4-w"? If 'Q X A ' -Ji: Eff nf-X1 nm, vw., RAMSEY, CARI.-Senior Hi-Y. RENFROE, MARY ELLEN - junior FBI, Fashion Design, Fu- ture Business, Secretary ROTC Sponsor, Allied Youth, Modeling Club. REYNOLDS, LYNITA-Model- ing, Allied Youth, Home Eco- nomics. ROBERTS, WAYNE - Presi- dent Press Club, Football Letter- man, "D" Club, Acorn Reporter. ROSS, DON ROSSE, BETSY-Linz Award. Scholarship Club, Intel'-Club Council Rep., Y-Teens, Treasurer Y-Teens, Typing Club, Modeling Club, Pan-American Club, Allied Youth, RUMFELT, BOB - Automobile Club, Junior FBI Club, Arch. and Engineers Club, Allied Youth, Football. SANDERS, ROBERT - Tumbl- ing Club, Tennis Club. SATTERXWHITE. GARY SEGRIST, KAY-Select Chorus. Modeling Club, Art Club. Allied Youth, Sports Club. Mixed Cho- rus, Girls' Chorus. SHAW. G. B. - Secretary 1A Class, Vice President Hi-Y, Stu- dent Council, Allied Youth, Health and Welfare Committee, Football Letterman, "D" Club, Acorn Reporter, Oak Representa- tive. SHOWERS. VERNON - Radio Club, Allied Youth. W! S SX Wi T7 -F, I ,I ff. ...gait 11'- wr-u RUSSELL. XWILLIAM W Vice President Future Ministers Club, Debate, Chess Club. SANFORD, RALPH EDWARD --Mixed Chorus, Western Music Club, Allied Youth. SEALE, RANNA-Allied Youth, National Honor Society, Select Chorus, PTA Rep., Bible Award. SESSIONS, CLAUDINE--Tennis Club. Girls' Sports Club, DE, Ice Skating Club, Student Coun- cil. SHIPP, WAYNE SIEBER, ROBERT EARNEST- Football, Hi-Y, Oak Representa- tive, P-T Aide, junior FBI, So- cial Dance. f. SIMINIONS, BOB-Square Dance Club, Dallas Historical Society. junior FBI, Select Chorus, Sports Club. SMITH, LAVERNE - Library Service Club, Secretary Club, Girls' Sports Club. SMITH, NORMAN - Allied Youth, Track Letterman, "D" Club, Social Dance Club, DE, Football Manager. SPECK, LEM - Vice President 1A Class, Hi-Y, Football Letter- man, Allied Youth, "D" Club, Key Club. SPEIR, SANDRA-Allied Youth, Secretary Home Economics Club, President junior Red Cross, DE, Modeling Club, Student Assist- ant. STANLEY, CARMEN - Oak Representative, PTA Representa- tive, Linz Award, President Pan- American Club, Secretary Camera Club, Modeling Club, Allied Youth, Secretarial Club. Q W' 1 3 A as, .ilsiff NH .,.. J. . Q , ref, 1' . P' -fi -js, , 3, I . ...Q-F'-2 V: .,- uf.-'f,:fff,. ax, ,' .flag if-r ffgft 5, -S , ' Sf. f , , . at al? f' -.X H, ,,. -J if f X? is Hsiiffib ' 4 1: , , - A :fi y 1 .ai 'nv ,Zi g 2 Rfb , . .,,. . , . , SMITH, BENNY SIVIITH, LORETTA - ROTC Sponsor, Art Club, Fashion De- sign Club, Allied Youth, Select Chorus, Linz Pin, Student Coun- cil. SORRELL, SUE - Leopardettes, National Thespian, Student Coun- cil, Bible Award, Allied Youth, Secretary Latin Club, Ice Skating, Modeling, Girls' Sports, Future Teachers Club. SPANN. TEDDYE - Tennis, Secretary Club, Nurses Club, Al- lied Youth. ,aff STAFFORD, BEVERLY KAY- Leopardettes, Select Chorus, Al- lied Youth, Linz Pin, Latin Club, Girls' Sports Club, Future Teach- ers Club Vice President, Model- ing. STANLEY, JANET - National Honor Society, Leopardettes 53- 55, Majorette 55-56, Linz and Everts Award, Quill and Scroll, Oak Business Staff, Student Council, Allied Youth, Social Dance Club, Square Dance Club. i STELL, GERALD RICHARD - Architect and Engineers Club, 'Iunior FBI Club, junior Classical League, Automobile Club, Allied Youth. STITH, DALE STONE, LENORA -- President Home Economics, Modeling Club, Tennis Club, Dallas Historical Society, Linz and Everts Award, Allied Youth. Pan-American Club, Student Assistant. SUMRALL, XWANDA A Dele- gate Girls' State, Delegate Girls' Nation, Secretary Select Chorus, Blue Choir, First Place City De- bate, President Girls' Sports Club, Oak Staff, Acorn Staff. Student Council, Quill and Scroll. TAYLOR, CAROLYN - Home Economics, Allied Youth, Model- ing Club, Quill and Scroll, Of- fice Assistant, P-T Aide, Student Council. TOMLINSON, JOE-Blue Band Drum Major 55-56, All-City Band 54-55, Allied Youth. Art Club, Social Dance Club, ROTC Band Drum Major 55-56, ROTC Offi- cer. Eff? F 'S'-Tv mild . ' fi -it --li f l-l ,Q if ,A-. -w-....,, .,:.f:sf.i1.f fic figs-pf' ., K , i ii.. 'R ' , T ': 'ltd if 1 vQ"fQt 'gs Q' .' I Ex 115' , o.v.ux, ig. Q ' Q Q 5 U Q ' an . I .1 , Q. . t if ' ,lla 'Q ', 1 N. r fq,'g, Q, Q, .,f,,1-wt ' . ln v 'Q ' M1 an.. M. 0. fa ' fir: is WWE ,im -wi ,, c T ,Q WM, g --az 1 -puff' , , if-t, STEVENS, JAN THOMAS A ROTC Company Commander. Drill Team, junior Bonehead Club, Allied Youth, Student Council, junior FBI Club, Gun Club. STOKLEY, IRWIN - Medicall Profession Club, Science Club, Hunting and Fishing Club. SUDDERTH, JERRY fNational Honor Society, Oak Staff, Stu- dent Council, Linz and Everts Award, Football, Basketball, Baseball, President junior FBI Club, Allied Youth, Square Dance Club, Social Dance Club. SWIFT, JIMMIE LEE f Select Chorus, Blue Choir. Allied Youth, President Secretarial Club, National Honor Society, Student Assistant, 4 Years Linz and Everts Award. TAYLOR, DIXIE - National Thespians, City Debate Champ, Linz Pin, Student Assistant, Quill and Scroll, Allied Youth, P-T Aide, Acorn Reporter, Press Club. UTLEY, PAT - National Thes- pians, National Forensic League. 3 Year Letterman Debate, Select Chorus, Student Council, Y- Teens. VALLEJO, RICHARD - Tennis Club, Tumbling Club, Football, Press Club. WALDEN, ROBERT -Football. junior Hi-Y, DE, ICT, Square Dance, Stage Crew, Social Dance, Allied Youth. WELCH, LORETTA 1 Allied Youth, Oak Representative, Mod- eling Club, Secretarial Club, Se- lect Chorus, Social Dance Club, DE, Girls' Chorus. XVI-IITE, DENNIS - National Thespians, Debate Champ 55, City Declamation 55, NFL De- bate 55. Junior Rotarian, 2 Year Debate Letterman, Red Cross, Chess. WILLIAMSON, LINDA W Na- tional Thespians, Allied Youth, Leopardettes 54-56, Secretary Dallas Historical Society, Latin Club, Secretary Social Dance Club. WOOD, JOE-2 Year Baseball Letterman, Football Letterman. Secretary Key Club, "D" Club. Senior I-Ii-Y, Allied Youth. Of- ficers Club. VINTON. ELAINE Select Chorus, Camera Club, Nurses Club, Art Club, Girls' Chorus. XWALLS, VIRGINIA - IVIost Popular Ifnderclass Girl 1955. Football Princess 195-I, Baseball Sweetheart 1954, Allied Youth, Vice President Secretarial Club. Secretary FBI Club. XX"ES'l'ERMAN, EARNEST JE- ROME - junior Achiexement. Gun Club. XVI-IITE, RONNIE-Gun Club. VUILSON, JOHN - Sportsman Club, Gun Club. Architect and Engineering Club, ROTC. XWOOD, WALTER -5 Year Football Letterman, All-City 1954, President ZB, ZA, ESB, Vice President SA, 4B, President "D" Club, Favorite Underclass Boy 53, Most Popular Unclerclass Boy 54, Vice President Allied Youth, Key Club, Hi-Y, Most Valuable Football Player 56, Football Cap- tain 2 Years. WRIGHT, WAYNE - Allied Youth, Drill Team, Color Guard, Sports Club, Officers Club, jun- ior Bonehead. YIUM, MARIE - Secretary 2B Class, Secretary 2A Class, Secre- tary Modeling Club, Secretary Y- Teens, Secretarial Club, Allied Youth, Oak Representative, Linz Bible Award, Science Club, Stu- dent Council. ina-f' ,..,r.a.M,... .:4:..."',4s...., 'IZA 315 Q... . ,Z 'S-...Q-""" 'Wav-W. ...M H A iff. . "'l:....Q-v-""""""i.,Qh"W" -:Z YOUNG, DARRILYN - Press Club, Modeling Club, Mixed Cho- rus, Allied Youth, Senior Play Usher, 1 Year Linz Pin. GARRETT, SHARON - Oak Staff, Secretary 2A and 3A Classes, Select Chorus, Four Year Linz and Everts Awards, Junior FBI, Square Dance, Pan-Ameri- can Club, Tennis. .ave ' , . A 'W I Q wx n.. 1 2 , SUMMER SCHOOL GRADUATES J' 2 ii EHRHARDT, PEGGY JEAN - lst, I . g, Library Assistant, Secretary Mixed " . Chorus, Square Dance. junior ,kzl FBI, Secretarial Club, Y-Teens, Allied Youth. , eeesrlttletit 'Ka ' -' ,, - .f ,:fLssa3ggi,Z' EVANS. VIRGINIA FRANKS. GLENDA FREEMAN, MELFRED GARRETSON. EDDIE GARRETT. CECIL Nu jzir1m'e.r,' JONES, OSCAR LANDER, DONAL LAWRENCE, RAY OLIVER. GARY PITTS. Jo ANN WYLIE, RANDALL - 2 Year Football Letterman, Hi-Y Secre- tary, Allied Youth, "D" Club, Square Dancing, Sports Club, Mixed Chorus, Key Club. YOUNG, CAROLYN - Select Chorus, Modeling Club, Dramat- ics Club, Junior FBI, Social Dancing, Fashion Design, Girls' Sports Club, Ice Skating Club. FISHER, SARAH -- Linz Bible Award, Allied Youth, Ice Skating Club, Square Dance Club, Tennis, Pan-American Club, Spanish National Honor Society, Four Year Linz and Everts Award. POLSON, YVONNE - Select Chorus, Blue Choir, Girls' Cho- rus, Dance Band, Social Dance Club, Modeling Club. RUSSELL, MARTHA - Allied Youth, Modeling Club, Junior FBI, Girls' Sport Club. REDD, EDXX' IN D WATKINS, GEORGE MOND WERSAL, CHARLES N k k 0 0 Q x hun 'Suu LX Suu i 2 X :fi Q- Q g, 11, 1 :':g.,,5 f . , Q . 222 5 - . 5 i , , 2 QQ L in T' 'VUL - i , f Q- " . if 7 , I FT hhh K 7 2 ' H' 'yi f, 1 'ix Y Jw! . ' ,Q ff" i f R gf' W ggi: L h - ,,.', ,V ' , , V , Hi, 1 . ,f t if -53 ' A ' 42 ,A,A L S225 M 1 'NW hh ' i f 'K 'W f " -'-2 1 5 h N, xl- 1 If-Q, g ' .5 , 5 ' . '----'v ,,. "'L n h,ZA h mL , 4 . M h ,f, . A fj L, V Ima lf KM' ,W , 'fir V gg' ' 6 f iff? ' vi , ami "The Greatest Show on Earth" Teaches trymg to swmg It to and fro Malone "c1omps" to victory. "Thank you Mrs. Direftorf' X-,. N.. if, ' ,M W in Upmsunting thc finer, more glxucfnl. snlc of lifcf' sf - NSSELSQ1? ,Z ' 1 41355 E .f ,Eff My ! oo U5 Ls Q . , My , .ex 1 , q52Q?aQi FALL FROLICS I . , W. mr ff, ,E ,LL,, ' '.-as "And you think bop is new F" 1 .Z ,W me 1955 Dr. Spenhokif, "XY'hut .nc you doing?" For all the "music lovers," "Tl1crc's been some changes nmdc' 75? If Y ,,,,.,....-f- 'ia f' K if f x Mx, ,M 1' ' f 3 4 E 'is waiw IWW' my f , wi ' f"'--R if W 'W W M My W if QJSJQDERCLASSMEN jd A JW,,f 410- 429 -7 4 ' f .f'zWfww,ZLf.,,,, 1-mf-J f'W'V'A7TW0l gxpfyfgaffy, 77 GLU A Air 536 gm gy A 56 Q Q ,1 B t 21, X 139'ri"' Wx N 5296 Qigtgb W' K Q 2? 1 ik E? Q Ni "' gi if Q gg UNIOR CLASS OFFICERS BA P7'L'.l'fLjE7lf JACK NICKELS Vice Preridenf RAY ROBERSON Ser'r'e1r11'y sHARoN csARRET'r 5B P7'F.l'iljf3Ill TROY LOVELL Vice Pawidezzl CURTIS HITT Sefrelfzry JUDY AHLFINGER First row: Shirley Burton, Barbara English, Judy Lane, Pat Bailey, Sarah Fisher, Peggy Eckhart, Pat Allen, Sharon Garrett, Ann Shramek. Second row: Elise Carter, Teddy Sphan, Janice Baker. Yvonne Polson, Pat Cawthorn, Evadill Gunn, Phyllis Henslee, David LaCroix. Third row: Kenny Rambo, David Rose, Joe Geiger, Don Morrison, Lonnie Wilson, Emmett Williams, Mike Gallagher, Bobby Wfard. Fourth row: Casey Beaty, Bobby Martin, Homer Crim, Danny McCormack, Robert Garrett, Charles Reed, Leo Navarro. Fifth row: Mike Mellor, Martin Donley, Bobby Stalings, Ray Roberson, Dennis White, Dennis Thornton, Olin Garrison, Jack Nickels. Sixth row: Dean Pipes, Paul Menard, Gerald Hix, R. A. Wade, Alex Troup, Eddie Bass, Ben Rogers. First row: Doris Clark, Barbara Cauley. Ann Doughtry. Diane Congleton, Glenda Box, jane Ferguson, jackie Green. jewel Godfrey, Francis Atkinson. Second row: Diane Covington, Marilyn Church, Louise Clark, Virginia Roberts, janice Gibson, Mary Fowler, Nancy Gibbs, Danny Crawford, Charles Hackler. Third row: judy Van Keuren, Barbara Andres, Patricia Feree, Sanja Byrum. Sherry Bynum, Frank Hayden, Melvin McCollough, David Green. Fourth row: David XY'oodsey. Ray Elliot. Robbie Everhert. Todie Eagle, Richard Chappell, Robert Hutthinson, Don Hunt. Fifth row: Herbie Benson, XY'ayne Harris, Harold Hill, joe Cummings, jerry Hunt, Grady jones, Bill Tolerson, joe Hamby, Sixth row: Sonny Madewell. Daniel Gyajardo. Boyd johnson, Don jones, johnny Espianoza, Doyle Gilbert. First row: Levell Wfilliams. Mary Hern, Virginia Powell, jean jones, Helen joy Holly, Ann Hinman, Barbara Houston. Gerry Robbins. Mary jo Humphries. Second row: john Nevitt, Troy Lovell, jim Hinman, Kathy Mt'Afee, Erlene Kilgore, jimiline Harrison, joan Hearndon. Stanley Keeney, Gene Godley, janice Griffin. Third row: Earl Montgomery, Paul Hankins, jerry McGhee, Kathy Mclntosh, Dianna King, jane McFarland, jean Ann Hill, Diane Hejl, Roxie johnson, Leroy Holland. Fourth row: A. MCCrery, Bell Adams, Milton Trilica, Don Holmquest, Max Klien, Robert Carpenter, jack Kirby, jerry Xwright. Fifth row: Bobby McDonough, Thomas McCarthy, Don james. Ralph Matthews. jay journey. Charles Hailey. First row: Dorcas XY'hite. Heidi Trep. Nell Stuart. Linda Wilser. Nancy Swanner. Teddie Light- foot. Paula Stone. Brenda Hooker. Chorl Thorton. Second row: Larry Hollis. Bill Zollicoffer. Buddy Tanner. Robert Isaacs, Joe Underwood. Duam Roady. Gwen Vlfilliamson, Sammy Wester. Third row: Monte Dupree, jim Stuart. Lynn Wilson, Eugene Wacher, Charles Brewer, Hark Stanley. XX'esley Vifitty. Fourth row: Mr. Rogers. First row: Geraldine Finley, Lynell McClendon. Linda Mundy, Norma Chastain, Marie Park. Jeanne Case. Martha Ann Brise, Carolyn Baylor. Beverly Sclenempsbire. Nancy Collins. Sheryl Brevling. Second row: Pat Peck. Barbara Brice. Marie Byrd. Mary jo Perkins. Norma Powill, Leah Carlisle. Gwen Burkholker. Carrl Angell. Third row: Barbara Piece, Michealene Lamphier, Myra Ramsey, june Garrett. Larry Tucker. Carolyn Madson. jerry Townsend. Lavonne Rushing. Fourth row: Jack Sutton. Betty Banks. Henman Brown. E. G. Thornberry. Larry Arrington. Thomas Simms, Cidney Coker. james Burch. Fifth row: Charles Bishop. George Brachvell, Lance Tatum. Benny Clark, Carl Canada, Ivy johnson. Dick Barnett, jimmy Carter. First row: Emily Ledbetter, Sylvia Palmer, Gayle Harper, Sue Titus, Sandy Trammell, Vicki Broome, Glenda Kalinec, Marianne Maclary, Beth Romans. Second row: Nancy McClintock, Beverly Myers, Mary Lockridge, Sarah McClosky, Marlyn Neale, Margie Lenin, Sherrie Vest, Billie Nichols, jimmy Yarborough. Third row: Carol Lawrence, Lee Ellen Storens, Rosetta Lee, Melvin Barter, Linda Morris, Alice Kriska, Brenda Brown, Ruth Medlin. Fourth row: Eleanor Miller, Linda Moore, Margie Mahanay, jimmy Simmons, Clifford Reavis, Jessie McCarthy, Nancy Mitchell, Bobby Ladymon. Fifth row: Kenneth Spivey, Melvin Smith, Don Moore, jimmy Mitchell, Mary Kate Hill, Eugene Butler, Don Goss, jerry McKiddy. Sixth row: Kenneth Rodey, Bueal George, Travis Spradlin, jerry Richards, Bob Miller, Richard Francine. First row: Betty I.aFleur. Ruth McCallum. Sandra johnson. Peggy Barnett, Judy Ahlfinger. Kay Bledsoe. hfavanee Scott. Lois Shanahan. Shirley Sims. Second row: Barbara Schatkford. Helen Cranford, Beverly Allen, Caron Leonard, Alice McKenzie. Dianna Schupaul, Patra Randolf, Shirley Birkholy, Bill Jarrard. Donald Palmer. Third row: Aridis Robinson, Sherry Hodges. Doris Page, Ida Ann Barnett. Mary Bowen. Nancy XY'atson. Margaret Armstrong. David Bailey. Bobby Abbott, Hy-ung jinjun. Fourth row: jerry Lou Huff. XX'anda Pruitt. Barbara johnson. Logan Knapp. Tony Brown, Robert Becker, Fred Neuman. Gayle Pepper. Dale Pace. Fifth row: Robert Benners. Gene Belk. Carolyn Marcls. Frank Copeland. Anita Scorborough. Mike McDonald, Phil Hipps. Day id Pitcock. Larry Cotton. jim Portwood. jack Bonds, Sixth row: Bob Durrett. Sammy Ramsey. Arthur O'Brian. Richard Nelson, Lynn Putnam. First row: Hulan Gardner, Sue Primrose, Frankie Farmer, Belle Ferguson, Patricia Gubel, Priscilla Flanagan, Peggy Suddeth, Gwen Cowan, Patricia Fulfer, Joe Ann Cook, Patsy Baker, Saundra Timpa, Second row: Sylvia Tipps, Betty Walker, Elizabeth Dill, Kathryn Fuller, Mary Ann Hernandez, Pat Louie. Befky Shaw, Margaret Emerson. Adrian Finney. Third row: George White, Pat Thompson, Nadine Miller, Vivian Moore, Nancy Tompkins, Kathryn Dill, Archie Ward, Sammy Moorhead, Bo Hulcy. Fourth row: Harlin Draper, Harold Gilbert, Calvin Dennis, Charles Godwin, Ralph Coke, Ray Gleason, Gene Hunter, Wayne Fulghurn, jack Clevenger. Fifth row: James Crawford. James Cowan, Antonio Vallejo. Leon Davis, Kermit Shields, Tom Wilson, Jerry Crump, Ace Gordon. Sixth row: David Woodsire, Steve XY'eber, Billy Franks, Maurice Villareal, Willis Vifalker, Mike Baumgardner. AUTOGRAPHS SOPHO ORES CLASS OFFICERS Prvridezzl KENNY JOHNSON Vice Preriderzl SHIRLEY MAR'I'IN Secretary PATsY Hix 2B Preridezzf BILL HENDERSON Vice Preriderzl DAN DENISON S6'Cl'8f5I1'j' .IO ANN HARRIS 'KJ First row: Faye Ross, Donna Dees, Shirley Warrell, Patsy Hix, Sharon Faulkner, Carolyn Robertson. Nancy Nelson, Wynona Stcgall, Shirley Martin, Lorreta Walker. Second row: Anna jean Miller, Kay Hanna, Judy Maples, Alleda Lindsey, Joyce Ham, Linda Laman, Richard Goldman, Alice XX'oods. Third row: Merwin Henderson, Allen Davis, Bradley Hay, johnny Ray Bullard, Bobby Moss, Kenny johnson, Howard Pate. Fourth row: Wayne Webb, Charles Strick- land, Gilbert Johnson, Mike Davingport, Tommy Xwhite, Bentrum Knisley, james Fibash, Jerry Harris, James Stanley. Fifth row: Tommy Shatwell, Miss Rockett, Travis Rockley. MX ' First rovv: Sandra Murrak. Jackie lNIarshall. Patsy Davis, Nancy Rornk. Beverly Barber. Shirley Wfitt. l Linda McDonald, Carrl Page, Sharon Small, Shirley Parish. Second row: Ronald Reynalds, Betty l Hawton, Deloris Lancaster, Bobbie Hitchcock, Carolyn Mitchell, Peggy Nichols, Bernita Martin, 1 Carol Cain. Rosie Sapedi. Evelyn Janusack, Larry Cook, Billy Hamilton. Third rovv: James Faulkner. 3 Pat Newberry, Betty Moore, Kathy Robertson, Lee Robertson, Noel Roberts, Dell Donner, Carol Easley, Margaret Cole, Janice Calfee. Fourth row: Dan Dodson. Sharon Jameson, Karis Caldwell, l Don Shipp, Don Dennison, Eddie Schmitz, Buddy Pierce, Sandra Earnhart, Glenda Farrell. Fifth row: , W. B. Futch, Richard Everhart, Shirley Northcutt, Charles Pierce, Gussie Gregory, Nick Dixie, Ken- l neth Smart, Oliver Hardy, Donald Clendennen, Janie Eanes, Beverly Dovvdy. Sixth row: Jimmy Ep- person, Gerald Phillips, Ben Rhodes, Carlton Echols, Larry Snyder, B. L. Grrdy, Helen Skrhak, Patsy Elliott, Raymond Cryer. w wr -rl 5 2 wi 5 as Fr we 1. 2 5 3,1 First row: Patty Carter, Linda Hoffman, Jill Cheeves, Mary Kate May, Susan King, Lenora Milner. Yvonne Mills, Betty Bruce, Loana Franks. Second row: Norma Brooks, Norma XY'ilson, Judy Barber, June Barham, Barbara Bain, Sue Ballinger, Suzanne King, Fay Buchring. Third row: Tommy Max- well, Harvey McMullen, Fran Brstick, Jack Dinum, Chester Oliver, Sylvia Berryhill, Barbara Bavv- man, Amelia Brunnen. Fourth row: Jimmy Leneh, Jodie Nichols, Jimmy Brisindine, John Porter, Dan Harris, Pete Carter, Phillip XXfarner, Guss Bowen, Fifth row: Dennis Martin, Ray Harris, Jimmy Lench, Neal Armstrong, Virgil Crouch, Jerry Carbin, Arland Brown, Tommy Davis, O. B, Smith, Guss Bowen, Sixth row: Jerry Lester, Bobby McGuire, David Bumbgardner, Frank Anderson, Vin- cent Murphy, Tommy Lambert, Harold Petty. Eugene Mortin. First row: Lloyd Stewart, Maxine Dillingham, Linda Jones, Gayle Hamman, Laura Fox, Kay Garven, Dannell Hawkins, Patsy Howard, Irene Farmer. Judy Conner, Judy Grayhouse, Jerry Harris, Second row: Bob Gardner, Carolyn Cheek, Jo Nell Satterwhite, Deane Gardner, Betty Ellenga, Janice Eshenfelder, Nancy Gelnett, Jackie Howard, Ann Gobel, Nelda Cothran, Jimmy Harris. Third row: Lonnis Goodman, Linda Fant, Jo Dundees, Anna Kay Farler, Mary Evelyn Danes, Floris Bridges, Mary Lou Frank, Farrel Ginson, Nola Crow, Larry Gardner. Fourth row: Billie Dodd, Claudia Copeland, Judy Cronan, Martha Chaney, Patsy Cawson, Velma Davis, Sue De NX'ees, Margaret Carter. Fifth row: Mr. Hamilton, Jimmy Gardner, Richard Gambrell, Robert Jett, Jimmy Hailey, Carol Condor, Marjorie Collins. Bill Hampton. Jerry Jordan, Larry Hatchcock, Miss Hedde. Sixth row: Bobby Kanard. Raborn Garewood, David Hoyle, Jackie Humphreys, Bill Henderson, Bob Fancher. John Harris. Elliot Hohnson. XX'illiam Kay. First row: Don Utley. Linda Moore. Beverly Myers, Suzie Moore, Patricia Muller, Dianna Maymard, Sonja Monts, Charlene Maples, Vdlanda Martin, Beverly McAlister, Jeanette Cavis, Jimmy Turmam. Second row: Robert Varby. Virgil XX'ard, Kenneth Neidenback, Gloria Maulden, Sherry Miller, Doylene Tucker, Shirley Martin, Neta Moore, Pat McKissack, Betty Moore, Roger Williams. Third row: Thomas XX'right, Glenn Ellis, Frank Naverro, Frances Shafer, Joyce Winningham, Evelyn Mayfield, Louise W'hitely, Sara W'ilbanks, Pat Summers, Eddie Dunn. Fourth row: John Stanton, Eugene Nagethon, Darrell Atkinson, Wayne Rodgers, Jim Whitaker, Jerry Terrell, Linda Sandefer, Lorretta McNeely, Jackie Simons. Fifth row: Grover Railey, Aldon Robertson, Jerry Norton, Tom Norton, Robert Muncrief, Steve Westhafer, Marie Ward. Sixth row: Billy Rankin, Dean Watson, Gary Morrison, Edward Redwine, Neal Smith, Tommy Vittrup, Dwight Nelms, Roy Lee Robinson, Marvin Coyle. Seventh row: Wynn Presson, Bob Smith. ww S5321 First row: jean Hill. Emily Ciiger. .lucly Grimes. Carol ,lean XX'hitter. Fyelyn Zmolik. Cathy Foster. Doris Teams, Valerie XX"elher. Secoml roxy: Lou Ann W'hatley. Frances Harris. Norma Hill. XX'ilma Gene Horne. Syhil George, Brenda Hall. Lana Henslee, Miriam Daniel, Helen Rentzel. Thircl row: Earline Vifacle. Danny Johnson, Tommy Haywood. Peggy Henley. xloanne Harris. Donna Garclner. Carolyn -lamenson. Barbara Harris. Fourth row: ll. B. Hulshorser. john Hunter. Bill Kantf. john Harris, Tommy Wfells. Duclley Parr. Billy Dennis, Roger Murphy, -loe Lambert. Fifth row: ,lack Ore. James Higginhotham, Ivy Johnson, Humphry Wfilman, Fred Price, Tom l.eMauk, Rohert Lunclaz. Amos Lawrance. Glenn Smith. Sixth rowi Jimmy Hunt. Paul Hamilton. Danny Hill. Roger Iillis. Bill Soclcwall. Frank XX'hite. ,Ioe Schmiclt. il. VU. Straiemler. First row: Sahra Houchin, Pat Campbell. Mary Kay Bridges. Martha Bohannan. Loretta Martinez. Gloria Blanks. Rosalee Gomez. Arletta Bourns. Second roxy: Eugenia Lankforcl. Harold Bratchelt Carolyn Arney. Barhara Boncl. .luily Bullock. Sally Perry. Kay Baggett. Barhara Beck, Linda jackson. Loretta Barak. 'lhircl row: Louanne Blansitt. Jeannine Kingshury. Voncla Anclcrson. Penny Brunson. -lean Bocliforcl. Donna Allison. Virginia Bronchato. jack Tolison. Richarcl Johnson, joe Curtis. Mary Hill. Fourth row: .luily johnson, Ronaltl -Iorclan. Miss Chappell. Joel Deiggan. -lames Blanton. Don Brock. Bill Amos. Bill Burleson. Paul Dill. Fifth row: Lincla Love. Pat Cate. Jerry Don Alfratl. Lee De Vancy. Ronnie Liars. Ronalcl Barnes. Ricliarcl Harrington. Harold Ivfyrton, Dayicl Marton. Dale Lane. Sixth row: Jack Miller. XX"ayne Iyfajors. Terry Locklear, -lim McMillion. First row: Anne Rohinson, judy Lowe, Charlene Reynolds, Sandra Sahean, Dolores Rakes. Ruby W'ilson, Peggy Davis, Willy Saunders, Barbara Houston, Glenda Scudder, Billy XX'eleh. Second row: Margaret Sprunk, Linda XX'est, Lois Rohinson, Phyliss Rushing, Gail Sellers, Sandra Sathre, Donna Reynolds, Pat Reynolds, jan Bridewell, Don Robertson. Third row: Pat Vaughn, Barbara XVilliams, Marilyn Young, Alma ,lean Stemhrige, Alice Nelson, Doris Scoggins, Trudy Wfilson, Carol Sharpe, Nancy Taylor, Deanna Smalley, Kenneth Ueckert. Fourth row: jean XX'ooster, Stephen Rose, David Yarborough, joe Tolaska, Tuffy Seale, jon Smith, Mike Wfheeler, Howard Taylor. Glen Wfilliams. Fifth row: john Lambert. David Renfro, jerry Stovall, Ken Dawson. john smirk. james Hume, joe Mack Tinnen. Dennis Thompson. Sixth row: XVayne Wfind, Bobby Stenson, Marc Parish, Frank Reiser, Russell Wfatts, jack XWitcher, Alfred Watkins, Wlilliam Smith, 0 AUTOGRAPHS Y 4 fe T 2 , M- SQ. .rf, HC wwf L M MW! ME' LEM 1' ' V 1 My at Mfg ' LUUM it 'Pe like W1 l Wi A jfgm if-UVM y LQ Q A 3 kj, R Ll NN, 224447 fQ'g'S1m,,1,fv7 f 9 5 ' FU xuktijls yiawu I i X we UML vwltfxlg f A f -V of . Njllf . CJ hw yytlip A ,Mad Q? l op A ,top 'M h 7 Ee I KZ, ' SZ ' ,af ,J FRESHM N if CLASS OFFICERS Pvefiderlt y FLORENCE DAILEY Vice Preiidem' ROSEMARY BENSON Serrelzzry VICKY ALTHATQSEN Pawidezzl GERALD IRION Vice Preridenz JERRY MITCHELL S6CH'1zl7"'l' TOMMY PATY 1 W at g ,K First row: Shirley VUarner. Maxine Davis, Carol Griffin. Gail XX'hitter, jackie Guard, Suzanne O'Rear, Carol Hodges, Meredith Little, Connie Allen. Second row: Suzanne Troup, Deanna Adams. Carol jones, Cynthia Garrett, Florence Dailey, Sandra Higginbotham, Marcia Knox, Patricia Armstrong, Shirley Mitchells. Third row: Bobby Johnston, Richard Van XWinkle, Louis Harris, Larry Utley, john 'Weaver, Tensley Huff, Barbara Pittman. Fourth row: Richard Carpenter, john Murray, Danny Simmon, Vicki Althousen, Roy Lee Davis, james Murley, Martin johnson, Tony Ross. i First row: Barbara Zemlirks, Venita Valentine, Lana Walker, Peggy Tipps, Peggy Wilbanks, Roberta Vlfillis. janet Wilson. Second row: Gloria Vlfallace, Judy Wilson, Sarah Jo Wfalker, Mary Beth White, Sandra Willianis, jackie Whitaker, Mr. R. N. Smith. Third row: Glenn Strauss, jimmy Thompson, Dale Sullivan, George VUells, Tony Taylor, Henry Wakefield, jerry Wfells, Robert Walker. Fourth row: Fred Thies, Milton Wenzel, jimmy Wilson, Mike Smith, jimmy West. First row: Betty MrAlpine, Linda Bar- rett, joan Munden, Diane Lynbont, Berda Lynch, Bennie MCCreary, Virginia Lillard, Tommie Lou Ecbols. Second row: James Hume, Dudley Hughes, Billy Joe Hand, David jut, Bruce Horn, Sybil Band, Janice League, Mary Wfall- drop. Third row: Barbara McBroom, Billy Harris, Amarda McFarland. Betty MCNulta, Emily Laughead, Marcia Bue. Fourth row: Bruce Harris, Bobby Lee Hill, Benny johnson, Steve jones. Gerald Irion, Dennis Laylor. First row: Carolyn Copeland, Vancene Ferhuson. Kay Eagle. Laura Fuller. Bar- bara Ann Clark. jean Smith, Dana Morgan, Karen Friday, Virginia Brooks. Barbara Jean Clark. Second row: Peggy Splann. Donald Clark. David Brown, Carl Brockway, Pat XX"alker, Sidney Crow, Margaret Chennault, Paula Craw- ford, Pat XX'alkner, Third row: Sammy Byrd, jackie Blalock, Donald Casey, Charles Carlisle. Brian Bynum, Dickey Carter. Velain Eubanks. Bobbie Bullard. Betty Childress, Linda Fisher. First row: Donna Parker. Hazel Parish, Martha Oding, Margaret Owen, Pat O'Connor. Sue Powell, Delores Mor- rell. Second row: John Lockridge, San- dra Purtell. Thomas Low. Roy McGown, Peggy Norman, Mary Putman. Lynda Peters, Sandra Padgett. Third row1 Tommy Laxson, Clarence Logan, Jean Tucker, Patti Naelling. Joann Philips, Charlene Murphy. Carolyn Palmer. Fourth row: Nancy Packer, Fred Mealio. Jerry Mitchell, Edward Swann, Tommy Petesch, Micky Mitchell, Jerry Ledcn- han. fl' HQ-wma,famwasw fa-mre-wwgyrrflw f. ,-,, 1g.s,.7-w-rgrs: -,.- - First row: Judy Griffin, Delores Gar- cia, Florence Gudson. Helen Hackler. Virginia Hanson, Lois Strawn, Diane Gann, Annette Hallis. Second row: Carl Donnell, Bicky Gaskin, Bonnie Gravley. Patsy Hughes. Peggy Hoover, Melvin Coker, Jimmy Farnis. Bobby Duggan. Third row: Cecilia Harper, Betty Ho- gan. Charles'Garakas, Mike Faulkner, Mary Hassell, Betty Willirims, A. L. Gardner. Fourth row: Gary Fuller. Jimmy Daniel, Ivan Ray Vlfenger. XX'al- ter Donaldson, Otto Fullen. Ralph Earn- heart, Jerry Stafford. First row: Joyce Sanders, Jamie Knox, Linda James. Theressa Blakensliip, Patsy Garretson, Rosemary Martinez. Dorthy Hardy. Yvonne Owens. Second row: Johnny Mack Hill, Kelly Loving, Joy Drane, Donnie Arnold. Jeanie Mar- lowe. Charlu Bell, Linda Hunt, Kather- ine Presely. Third row: David Campbell. Gilbert Montalvo, Jimmy Kennedy. Annell Anderson, Bobby Davis, Sandra Klokau, Janis Adams. Fourth row: Mil- ton Lam, John Shipp, David Barnes, Judy Garner, Mary Ayres. First row: Barbara Shaw, Mary Raybon, Sara Rudolph, Sharon Rogers, Diane Rccer, Carol Melton, Ruby Sanders, Glenda Suhockley. Second row: Mike Polk. Brian Todd, jim Nash, Carol Schultz. Carolyn Stocks, Faina Shaffer, Donnie Morris. Third row: Tommy Sanford, VUayne Showers, Larry Murphrec. Tommy Paty, Carolyn Seaman, Gail Robertson, Pat Putz, Arleen Sexton, Claudette Stain, Lynda Rhodes, Billy Serue. AUTOGRAPHS mn.-X r an AR 5? nm.-ni .aiming Wh. H wg if M P1432 LW 0, mf? ILITARY 'UW """'? 709, Y bvigtrc tf-C146 f'b52's:dU?-'QQ' cfri,c0c'f',0 0 5,55 x. 30" f ta s Q ir 'iq ' , I N I, Q.. , ,ti g 1. ' 0 fja v 1 0 6 xx 9,0 9 g- r ' K G f - f , 2 f-' ,- ' ' " ' W L--. ws f lv G F-Q Q . ' ., K b :fr Q. Q I COLOR GUARD Semzzd Regimefzl Gerry Gurmin, Max Klein, Sammy Ramsey, Billy Adams SPONSORS Doris Scogin, Suzie Troup, Ann Peary, Dorcus White, Loretta Smith, Mary Renfroe COMMANDANT OF CADETS Col. H. C. Burgess USA CRet.j REGIMENTAL STAFF A- 1 - .L f-. ,,, INSTRUCTOR STAFF R.O.T.C MJ as ' i , T A ym'.' ' 15, Z ? . , I 'ag A Capt. Carl Earles USA Mfsgr. George Black USA MfSgt, james Breeze: USA Andrew Haul-zlcy. Robert Bowen. Frank Collins, Doris Scoggin, James Wade, Tom Morrell. David Green. BAND j ES Wfilliam Amos Roy Barber Gene Belk Arlin Brown Charles Copeland Calvin Dennis james Gallagher Gene Godley Charles Hackler Richard Harrington Leslie Baldwin Ronald Barnes James Benat jackie Blalock Aaron Blankenship Miller Britton Robert Brooks Dickey Carter Pete Carter Pat Cate Don Clendenen COMPANY "A" CUIIZPHIIQ' Cmzmmzzder, KIRBY KING SPOUJOPU SUZIE TROUP Larry Hathcock James Higginbotham LeRoy Holland Louis johnson Jay journeay James Kennedy Milton Lamm Joe Lambert Jimmy Lynch Robert Martin Cloy McMillan Gary Morrison Ronald Murphree Robert Nash Gilbert Putman Wayne Rogers Stephen Rose Billy Server Glenn Smith john Stanton COMPANY "BH Company Commmzder, JAN STEVENS Spwzmr, ANN PEARY Hugh Coker Frank Collins Carl Donnell Herman Duncan Charles Fagg james Firash Andrew Hackler Kenneth Hale William Harris John Hastings Ivey Johnson Terry Locklear Marshall Majors Charles Morrell Lynn Morris Fred Price Edward Redwine Holbert Shotwell Michael Smith William Stevens Jack Sutton Howard Taylor Lloyd Stewart john Stracener Glenn Strauss Richard Terrill Fred Thies Virgil Ward Russell Watts William Welch Steve Westhafer Thomas Thornton james Todd Jack Tolleson Gerald Townsend Kenneth Ueckert james Wade Bobby Ward James West james Whitaker David Woodside Wayne Wright James Yarborough Frank Anderson james Arnold Charlie Bell Darwin Bostick Robert Bowen Charles Brewer Jimmie Carter Alfred Cellier Melvin Coker james Cowan Danny Crawford COMPANY "C" Campiznj Conzzmmder, HOWARD PASCHAL Sporzrmf. MARY RENFROE jerry Crump Lee DeVaney Ralph Earnhart Jimmy Farris David Green Billy Hand John Harrison Jerald Higginbotham Bobby Hill Bruce Horn Kenneth Huckeba David Jett Clarence Logan David Martin Fred Martin Lem Moore Robert Muncrief james Nash Thomas Norton Jack Orr Travis Rackley jerry Richards CCMPANY "D" Company C077lNlL1I1d61', ALEX TROUP Sponmr, DORCUS WHITE P . it -L . 1, 22. .."'., f 2:13 . -5"r "pig: P W 3 to ' 1 pf . 'i r e xi Q ' if y ,C tj, 5 1 Q L C cgi i r T at F f " . K . f as . X A 1 to an i i , 4' , lk i sv L xx L s . 'il' - i 2 , ' if K , , W K X, -i ' ' t ' ' ' I 1 '!s.x.3'? 4 T T it ata I - 4 la 'L W! x F .J ' , w " Hi ' " "" f W , , - T T, 1,1-w 1 - 2 .u 3' , f iJM.fVeg,,A1hv W Q rf A PM.-RA 3-5 gk:,gt?-fghgg 5 ' , ' - Hg jg .. ff: ii-QQ J We-,. ll "3 ,S . r jEg'fT.J:f'L rfjffsiaagi, .25 ive "aa a, ggfL,4., ,R 'ffrlfi Billy Adams Darrell Atkinson Byron Barber Donald Casey Marvin Coyle Walter Donaldson Wayne Fulgham Albert Fuller Charles Ganakos Burnace Glenn David Godwin Richard Gray Gerry Gunnin Charles Haley Tommy Hammond Johnny Hill Larry Hollis Jerry Hume Donald Hunt Grady Jones XX'illiam Kay Lawrence Lane Max Klein L. T. Manuel Jack Martin Bobby McGuyer Harold Merton Thomas Miller james Murley Richard Nelson Arthur O'Briant Buddy Powell Marc Parrish David Pinkston Royce Pipes Sammy Ramsey joseph Schmidt Kermit Shields Thomas Simms Joseph Stevens Jerry Stovall Dennis Taylor Robert Taylor Tommy Thomason Nolan Webb Stephen Weber Jerry Wells Thomas Wright Duane Roady John Shipp Michael Springer jim Stewart Robert Stinson joe Tydlaska john Whitcher Dennis White Umphrey Willmon Gaston Wood "Pwilrsv-www , RIFLE TEAM Fred Fagg. Gene Belk, Thomas Simms. LeRoy Holland, Sammy Ramsey. James Yarborough. DRILL TEAM uv ' ,,,, Don Arnold Charlie Bell jackie Blalock Arlin Brown Pete Carter Don Clendenen Melvin Coker Jimmy Carter Marvin Coyle Danny Crawford Calvin Dennis Lee DeVaney Walter Donaldson Wayne Duncan Ralph Earnhart jimmy Farris james Finash Charles Ganakos Ellis Glenn William Harris john Harrison Frank Hastings Tom Shotwell james Higginbotham Thomas Simms Gerald Higginbotham Glenn Straus jerry Hume jim Kennedy Leon Moore Bob Muncrief Marc Parrish Lynn Putman Fred Price Wayne Rodgers Brian Todd Jack Tolleson Jerry Townsend Bobby Ward Wayne Webb Steve Weber jerry Wells Jim West Thomas W1'ight FAVORITES ,f f ff f N 1 'V' 5 1 48" 'ag ii .. 4 f' .ffligzs ig if K ga Sf., If .5 J K ' L' 1 4 , sl , ,jf 6 t an x 1 M 7 in 1 4. M49 .,' ' f 1:4 .L ' nr K W BI 1 - , ar I I: '-IJ'. J W. .x 4 9 ' ' . E., . lp N ' T N A 215 Z' is 'iff W nk if fem. -.ff2X:f7g21 3!'salw,,- '5- . .... . .1 1 3 1:1 - 7 fl" - A?iQi5Vl7il. 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E' --5, i sfff2Yki?fi??z1e . - 2t2w1al2f L . . 5w,,,..X M 3 if "' M Y' 1 sg- W L rg iw mg! ,EV sg L U Z5 SN M, VM -,.Jrf2ff,L,L,Q?iw - M: .fi - , , -, J 4 f,.,,,f,z,.,, W V: 2 w:1fY5!k3'f1:i 13- 5 iw H 21 if fl If at FTW ,X 1 7f.- x ' Q 6. gig if .Q f QL, if 4 fa I? Q 22? Q1 ,W ,S f my ,A ,k., ,i,,Qf,, . .. ,, .mfg ff S. ,W ,i Wu. . A if G Curtis Hitt JO A1111 Brown MOST HANDSOMI5 UNDIQRCLASS BOY AND MOST BEAVTIFUL UNDIYRCLASS GIRL Ol WHO'S WHO MARION REGAN BARBARA HAILEY Wa JANET STANLEY JOHN FULKERSON x il JERRY SUDDERTH ,whiff Q 51,3 JANE EPPRIGHT WHO'S WHO GEORGE DIXIE ELIZABETH MOORI XVANDA SUMRALL DON GILILLAND 9 .D .0 450' GERALD BULLINGTON JIMMIE LEE SWIFT WHO S WHO JERRY PITTMAN SALLY CI-IENAULT EVELYN HENDERSON DAVID BOOKOUT XWALTER WOOD ELLEN HENDERSON WHO'S WHO ROGER SMITH LINDA LAWING NANCY HIGI-ITOXVER RICHARD MURPHY ni , VL , , xx BOB BLfR'I'ON MARGIE MOORE WHO'S WHO LARRY MASTERS ELAINE BRIDGES BARBARA NORTHCUTT ALFRED CELLIER SHIRLEY SAMFORD FRANCES SMITH ACTIVITIES I J 'cf up IQ? fb 'S 4 'J .9 I 0 . V59 I I 9 anis? paw! I 'V ,N w A . Q0 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Sf7U!I.ff!J.l', MISS RUTH RUFFIN and MISS ROBERTA KING i Avnn 1 '- I if ' ,E :VI . I V- , I I i 3 it -':- K Vx 'V I if ", if V -'- ffq s A Y I . I film' N, 'if i . hw .J .. t.,,,,ei 'X hm I iglgiww , .,f,w4' . :,: , -ir A I in S,I.V. K S gffffif I 5 I I iuz' my A 4 A, ,, gf. f ' Q f. . .. - i V' V' I.,-,V , . . f Q .5 . - -f-, I K. , 5-lx-SA +- X K it 41 W.. 'l - 1- tri . .. .t.,,.s,E.,g .. . V ,- le 'X m 'I usa- ,,,.:, M . 'L ,k.: i 5: . -sr' t -, --", ",-- ' I L . Q i,'. 3 .I Szi My ,. f .. mf 5 I S , h - 1, Q 21 f i ,,vk z . ,mg . if., S ISS . if SILI 2, ' "": '1 ',' Aff' -i if 135, ' X ,Q I S A Q " M ',V , . . - Q, - A. K H .1 A MQW . . 'I' 4 . , - t fa - I T' SS 4.-. .r it dir 1. A IQ lf ,. ,-"1"3i. . f1e'L"1"3:X S f Q - I .5 5 .1 P yi I f WI' etuf A First row: Baker, Anng Boolcout. Davidg Bridges, Elaineg Bullington, Geraldg Cellier, Alfredg Chenault. Sallyg Dixie, George. Second row: Duncan. Jeff, Ellis. Patsy Shelbyg Evans, Virginiag Gilliland. Dong Grau, Marlene, Griffin, Kayg Guggenheim, Vicki. Third row: I-Iulstrom, Lois, Hutson, Carolag King, Patg Lark. Robert, Lawing, Lindag Masters, Larryg Moore, Elizabeth. Fourth row: Moore. Margieg Murphy. Richardg Perry, Anng Pitman. Jerryg Price. Dong Ramsey, Miltong Samford. Shirley. Fifth row: Seale. Rannag Shramek, Virginiag Smith. Francesg Smith. Rodgerg Stanley, .Ianetg Stemmons, Suzy, Sudderth. jerry. Sixth row: Swift. jimmy Lee. STUDENT COUNCIL 51101110 r'.' A. F. FAULKNER QI, 'Qi il fg,..t DAVID 1fooK0l"r MoN'r12 MADDOX Mariana Moomz PJ L ,vfulwll E ... W my Vire P1'w'idef1f C S 35 Q If 2: it ' W - :'5': ' 5 ,. 'S Q . E 4 N f ii, Ly VA., g. ! X ill? mr- I arf ' -ef rw in 3 -Q "A' -.,. V it 1 M Pat Armstrong Byron Barber Dick Barnett Arletta Bourns Barbara Brice Betty Bruce joan Burden Carolyn Copeland Patsy Elliott jane Eppriglit Gerry Gunnin Bill Hampton Joann Harris Steve jones jimmy Kennedy Logan Knapp Bobby Ladymon jerry Ledenharn ga ,-1... H - 4991, Q K or it J , ul J W zv' 2 f a 'lf Ci. B. SHAW S447-gflgry f'lL'n!'J! Rc,lml'lc'f , ts . ,. ' A 'A' t a 4, , Q. K'-eg-.Q f C f 3 1 I : ' " : 4 " V - 5 A or I -7 I wa of-Mt ,. .V ww- 3 than W V22 ' 'f-,,.. A ' MEMBERS Mareelyn McCann Nancy Mc'Clintoc'l4 Mary Kate May Wfynn Presson Milton Ramsey Lyndal Rhodes Lee Roberson Ann Shramek Lois Shanahan '- -if 'x..f A ti so ,,, j- Et 25 in Becky Shaw janet Stanley jan Stevens Paula Stone jerry Sudderth Peggy Wfilbanks Joyce vUiI'll'llflgllLll1'l David Yarborough 6 fi v. J g i. ,.,, ,. x, . W y Y' ,if M? l SCHOOL CHOIRS Director: JOE TEAGUE Select Chorus 5 I!! - ... Blue and Wl1ite Choirs 'U '-1352 .2 -1J,,, S , sg: . 1 i ii - '-,- M23 R ig R ii if if 1 .25 5 2 3 S . - 2 f- sf 5 -, Q 1 ,xv l -J 1, ,, gk Q f Y B . T 1 Y ' 5 , 1 3 5 '25 1 l 'Q .X if? Hg- i- -sw ,Q 5 5 1, M i .ii E if is : w: as f' gr 7 F fffv RSS GIRLS CHORUS fa fa. 1 F U 1 1,7 , -4 K Nxg Q .. - 959 fi' Gin BOYS' CHORUS '55 NATIONAL THESPIANS Sjrwz,r01'.' MISS WILHELMINA I-IEDDE BEN DAVIDSON fm I 4' I Q. I I 1 'I- , ws. Q ,. td 'Im , , I ,,.. .. V - ., .,.. .mv L. ,.L. Q . . if JANE EPPRIGI-IT ELIZABETH MOORE Prexidwll Vin PI'6,IkjLjt'llf S6c'r'vI.1rJ I ' wi I I Iris , L T' ' ' . ,- -WS I W JM I QI A W, Q 7' , I 'QE3 L, k g 123'-J' A I Jlf, I I L1: N 555 ,I ELAINE BRIDGES NORMA CHASTAIN MARY BARTSCH - .r my -gngk 1. ss I ,, " -I , 54 f, Eliza zs- 1 : A , i, .fav f. - J '. 5. ,I 1,-fl, i Q ' ' . .' M ' A FH ' ,J ,ff 'A I 1 W "'f ' MQW J' !:i:x1 - gl 4 nf flip, TEDDYE MARCELYN LIGHTFOOT MQCANN JUDY JOHNSON Fw. , -,emi A, ' Y fj " ' A 5 'si' , .1""':' y' ' . ' A AAII I ' 7: A 5 I E "",- Y f XXI' AN DA PRU ITT PATRA ARLENE RANDOLPH SAMPLES ALEX PAT LINDA TROUP UTLEY WILLIAMSON I A DON GI LILLAND 2 I f -5 wf , A 1 W' I I 28? I rs MARGIE MOORE 112' I 1 x SUE SORRELI. KIV: .f'.L,kr f , IIIiII JUDY WILSON LOU ANN IVIARTIN Awfzvz Rrliwrlw' BARBARA HAILEY xi : ' ' f I I ffs-fki:g9Q?Ln, I A 1235 .1 dk ::, . -'J' I wma, .ai T' ,sf 'leg px 'L :Q-:.,W.f um:- .ag J I PAT MUELLER DIXIE TAYLOR K' 'Y DENNIS WHITE JANUARY CLASS SENIOR PLAY "UVla0if the Fool?" Dzm-nd ev, buss VUILHELMINA HEDDE CAST OF CHARACTERS Teuiu Prmfvy ,,,,,,,,,...,.,..,,...,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A,,A,A,,,,,, C urol Click 111153 P11141-3 Sfgle P1 adj .,,,.. Zwi CAIVHUII ,, Lib LL L' ....,,,,.. fllidtqv Alilfu' , Belb l'rz1d'y .A., Tommie Barnes Ellen He-mlcrson Rodger Smith Shirley Salnfmml Evelyn I-Iemlerson jackie Dillard Lfffjd Pflldj' .,,,..,, .,,,, I .cc McClain 551111117 Slliifb ,,Y.Y,. ,,.,,, V lcrry Pltmgm Hffzzmd Il"lm'lm ....... ,,,,,,,,,,, H gm-y Wluite Effie Puyze ........., .....,,,,.... ,,,,, J 0 ycc Satterwhitc DRAMATICS CLUB': MISS WILHELMINA HEDDE FT Pfwidefff ............... .... P ATRA RANDOLPH V111 Pfwidlnl ,,,..,,. MARCELYN MQCANN SwnI,1z',1 ,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,......... BOBBIE IEMMETT PIYJAQNIIII Cbzljfillclll ,, JOYCE SATTIZRNWHITE 'l'r'e.zJln'w' ,,.,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,.,...,,,,,,,,,,,, PAT KING MEMBERS Doylene Tucker Patsy Baker Gloria Blanks jean Bodiford Barbara Bond Carol Condor james Crawford Bobby Duggan Carolyn Easley Emalee Geiger jerry Harris Glenna jenkins yrol 5' if Anna J. Miller Neta Moore Rhonda Morris Patricia McKissick Loretta McNeely Anne Robinson jim Whitaker Sandra Williams Phillip Warner john Stranton Nancy Packer Delores Lancaster LIBRARY SERVICE Spwzfar ..... Prefldent ,... ...... .................. Vire Prefiniezzz CLUB MISS FRANCES THOMPSON SANDRA WILLIAMS GLENNA JENKINS Serrelary .......... ...... E MALEE GEIGER Trearuref air JERRY HARRIS Archie Joe Jordy Patsy Dawson Martha Oediny Sally Perry Sharon Rodgers Pat Rutz Mary Lou Raybon Connie Allen Florenice Daily Jerry Mitchell Cathy Edge Sandra Klokau QUILL AND SCROLL SOCIETY Spm1,s'm',' CARL FINLEY Y f uv 4+-. 1, M 7 ff' ,ra Preiidefzl ..,,,....... Vife Prefideuf ,,,,,., Seweffmy ...,,,,...... Barnes, Tommie Barron, Barbara Bush, Norma Chenault, Sally Donworth, Pat Gililland, Don Gray, Marcia Henderson, Ellen Henderson, Evelyn OFFICERS XSCANDA SUMRALL DIXIE TAYLOR NANCY HICJHTOWER Hightower, Nancy Hulstrom, Lois Martin, Lou Ann Moore, Elizabeth Northcutt, Barbara Samford, Shirley Stanley, Janet Sumrall, Wanda Taylor, Dixie Wilsoii, Lonnie SENIOR HI-Y OFFICERS Prefidezzl ............ .....,....,..,.,.,,,............. J OE BARTA Vife Prefidezzl ....... ,,.....,,....... G . B. SHAW Secrelary .......... ....... R ANDALI. WYLIE Spomorf .. .....,.... JACK ROGERS W. D. HILL JUNIOR H1-Y mb OFFICERS Prefidenl .,............... .. ......,,...... EDDIE SCHMIDT Vire Prefidenl .,,,.... ,..,... V IRGII. COUCH Sef1'etary-TreaJu1'e1' . ..,..,,. DAN DENISON Y-TEENS Sf701I,liUl',l' . ...... MISS lV1ABEL ROCKETT RUSS NONA RANDOLPH Prefidezlf ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ...,AAA. S ALLY CHENAULT Vim' P7'ffjdC7If .....,. ....Y.. S HARON SMALL Serrc1.1ry ...,,,,,A,..., ...,,.... B ETSY ROSSE Tz'tiz,r1n'er ..,,A KAY GRIFFIN "For development of the individual girl so she can better serve community, family, and church." Martha Barton Elaine Bridges Janice Calfee Carolyn Cheek Elizabeth Dill Nick Dixie Ferol Gibson Billy Franks Gene Godley Gerry Gunnin -N, MEMBERS Barbara Hailey Kenneth Hale Jimmie Harris Florence Hudson Max Klein Margie Moore Larry Murphree Richard Murphy Dale Pace DEBATE CLUB Slbgnjgr ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,..,,,,..,, A F FAULKNER Preriderzz .........,.,, ,..... G EORGE DIXIE Vice Preridefzl .,..... ............,...... M ARGIE MOORE Secretary ,,,,,,,,,, ,......., B ARBARA NORTHCUTT William Russell Sandra Sabean Jack Sitton Sue Titus Pat Utley Valerie Weber Sammie Wester Dennis White Judy Wilson Wanda Pruitt UNIOR RED CROSS MISS IDABEL CABANISS and MISS RIPPLE ii FRAZIER, Sfwflfmi Pic tlujcflll ,,,,,, Viva' Pf'e,i!dc11f SeL'1'rfl.11'y tum' RL'f7I'L',I ezzmliz e Allwzzrllcf ,, OFFICERS W V, V I , PAUL HOOD I,aVONNI3 RUSHING T?'t',l.I1l7'677' , ,,,,,,,, IANA IIFNSLIZE KAY GRIFFIN , EI.IZAI3l?liH VINES Kwa . Gin R ISITATRICE McCAI.LIS'I'liR In Adamson every student is a member of the junior Red Cross. Those students espe- cially interested in Red Cross service meet as a club on Second and Fourth XVednesdays. Their activities include: making special Christmas gifts for veterans in government hospitalsg work at Junior Red Cross headquarters on Saturday packing boxes for ship- pingg distribute posters for annual Spring membership driveg sponsor entertainment programs for veterans and for patients in County Convalescent Home. I if 'K MATHEMATICS CLUB OFFICERS Praridezzf ,...,.,..,.......,.,........ HYUNGJIN JUN Vjfe Preyfdefzf ,,,, ,..,...,,,. D AVIE GORDON Seffelfzrj ,,,,,,,., ...... G ERRY HARTMAN OFFICERS Preiridezzf ...,....,,.,.......,,,,,,, LONNIE WILSON Vive Pfvsidfwi ..... .,.,.....,,,. M ARCIA GRAY Secretary ...............,.....,...,,, KATHERIN DILL Sergemzz-at-Army ........ RICHARD JOHNSON MISS FRANCES FREESE, Spowor PRESS CLUB CARL FINLEY, Spwzmr SQUARE DANCE H. B, HESTER, Spwzmf DAVID BOOKOUT Prefidefzl KEY CLUB spam,-. J. H. NELSON ig ff :f iL f'i1 li JACK NICHOLS Vife Preridenl R il , I gk? R 1. .gg ,.jyj'1.,-gf,.-'- V. y,f,s,g: 'fs K 'fi 5 :--: 5 A AJ' V ifif1s'f1F" , ' , B L,,i f.:,'e- r fs gm 1 5 1 H' 1 12, Benningfield. Bruce Burton, Bob Bookout, David Boome, Don Bullington, Gerald Davidson, Ben Eagle, john Fulkerson, john :IS-655' - , in 'dddd MEMBERS Gardner, George Geiger, Joe Harris, Keith Hipps, Phil Lohman, Bill McCormack, Danny McDonald. Mike mi E la ie i Maddox, Monte Mendias, Raymond Miller, Bob Murphy, Richard Nichols, Jack Pitcock, David Rambe, Kenny , ,il msn, - 3, 3'-I QM, , if-f fi J' 19' S f Q. www r f - ,i "K, JOE WOOD Serremry ,f fistws . -.ff - .me ff'-N - 'az ' M if S ' E fm' ,,,,., 'K Q 'ui Sai? E 'F his 52355 ,,, . Zami ,E , , i:'W'. 2 vw . 1 Ramsey, Milton Roberson, Ray Stallings, Bob Tanner, Harry Wade, Wood Wood Wylie, R. A. joe Walter Randall "D" CLUB Sp07IJ'07'.' VERDE DICKEY Louie Bledsoe CZ john David Bob Gerald Gerald Homer Bookout Burton Bullington Carsev Crim Eagle john Fulkerson Olin joe Paul Keith Phil Darrell Garrison Geiger Hankins Harris Hippg Johnson Don jones it ' i M Q. 'mm - 1 Q: l Q 14 David Pitcock G. B. Shaw .QA K. ,W , awe' aww, , sax X l 5 l Bill john Danny joe Laxson L0hmf1I1 Love McCormick Mendias Nichols Raymond Jack Kenn Milton Toney Ray Wayne Don y Price Rambo Ramsey Rameriz Roberson Roberts Lem Buddy R. A. Joe Wood Walter Randall Speck Tanner Wade Wood Wylie ART CLUB MISS MEREDITH SCI-IROEDER Sfwrfllmzf FALL TERM SPRING TERM JERRY PI'l"I'MAN , ..,..... Pwfidwlf ......,.,,.. ....,. J OE TOMLINSON GEORGE BOND .......,.. ,A,,, I 'ire PI'L'.li62IH1f ...,,. ....... D AN GUAJARDO SHIRLEY SANFORD ,,,,, ,,,,, , Sc'f7'c'fJ7'-7 ,,.,,,,.,, ,,,v,,, L EANNE HEISKELI. FASHION DESIGN CLUB Miss MERIEDITH SCHROEDISR, sp,,,,.,,, OFFICERS PI't'1'l64J6'lIl ........... ,,.........,..,.,,.,,. I. EANNE HILISKEI. Vice Pmvidefzl .,... ,.......... j UDY HEISKEI. S6'fI'6'f:l7'j ,,,....,.., ...... A NN SI-IARAMEK if sf L P I? sw This club attracts those who are intcrcstcd in thc field nt' Fashion Design, In this way they have an outlet for thcir own personal tastes and designs. A .V iw K .:,-f ip? f -.......... FUTURE NURSES CLUB Sjwzzmrs MRS. KATHERINE MOLL W I E, 1 OFFICERS P7'?VidFllf .,..,,,.....,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,Y,.. BARBARA ISARRON Lyjfc? P1'6.v'fLf1'11l ,,,...,,.... INIARGARET I-IAINIIVIONDS Se'r1'c'!m'y .,......,4, ,,..,....,,,.,,,,,,,, j UNE GARNETT CAMERA CLUB 511701150 1'.' ROGER CARROLL EEQIQI S I I OFFICERS Prearidefzl ,,.......,,,.,,,,,.,,,,....,.... CARMEN STAN LEY Vive Plwidelzi .,.. ,I.,.I......... D ALE STITH Ser1'efm'3' ,,.,...., ,........ B ETTY MLDILI. MEDICAL AND PROFESSIONAL CLUB DI. H. IVIALONE, Sjlozzwx' I I 5 , X SCIENCE CLUB R. A. JOHNS. SPUIZIII1' 13633552 I OFFICERS P1'6.Ijdb'1!l .............,.............. HARRY WHITE Vive Prefidezzl .,,.......,,.... GERALD CARSEY SECl'FfJ7'j ......A.,... MARGARET HAMMONS E11I67'laif1111611l Comm. FRANCES JOHNSON CYNTHIA GARRETT -I Virginia Brancato Bonnie Cashin Eddie Dunn Kay Eagle Pat Eagle Carolyn Easley Betty Elenga Glenda Franks joan Hitchcock l MEMBERS FUTURE TEACHERS AND MINISTERS CLUB MISS JANE ETHERIDGE, Sjmzzrof OFFICERS Prefidiwz ,iii., ,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,A- G RADY JQNES Vice PM-146111 A, ,i,,,,,V,,, PAT EAGLE Ser1'efrn'y ,.,,,,, ,,,..,--- P AT PECK Wesley johnson Grady jones Verna Keyser Lynella MCL:-:ndon Anna Miller Pat Peck Sue Sorrell Beverly Stafford Nancy Taylor DALLAS HISTORICAL SOCIETY MISS XVINNIE LANGFORD and MISS MARGARET HARRIS, SfW1lI.l'07'.Y OFFICERS P1'?,fjd67l1f ,,,..........,. ...,,,, L INDA WILLIAMSON Vife Pl'6.t'Id6'I1f .,.,... ..,........ M ILLAR BRITTAN Serre!l11j ,..........., ,,,..,,,,,. L INDA LAWING The purpose of the Dallas Historical Society is to better acquaint its members with some of the history of our own town and its citizens. After school the club members take field trips to some of Dallas' important historical monuments and during the time allotted for meetings at school. Lectures are given by outstanding citizens of Dallas. JUNIOR F.B.I. CLUB Sfwzzfwx ,,,,,. MRSA HELEN HORN P1'e.i'idw1I ...,. ..,.A,.,,, ,.... J E RRY SUDDERTH FRANK GUZICK Sefre!m'9 .......,,,...,.,........ ......,,,.... S ALLY LEECH JOHN CARTER P1'ag1ww Clmirmmz ....,.. ,,.,.. M ILLER BRITTON "Investigating law enforcement agencies and how they work, Trying to cut down steal- ing and improve driving at Adamson." JUNIOR BONEHEADS Sjwzzmrn Big Cfmlf ,,,,,, Swlbfifw' Y,,,,,.,, fllnmg Gnpzfzlzw 1.f1ll4 Cblvf ,.. H ,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,..,,, l5l'RL KIGER CHARLES SANDFORD EDXX"IN XWAITS DON BROOME ,, CECIL MOORE GENE HUNTER 'IOE BARBARIA OUR MOTTO "To learn more and morc about loss and less until we know evcrythmg about notlung F51 41" li ' 'x l 1 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Sf ffff MISS NELI. PAGE INDUSTRIAL COOPERATIVE TRAINING Sim 11,f 01: D. MELTON I l MODELING CLUB MRS. XXIANDA MILLS and MRS. ALICE LACKNESS, Sprmsors OFFICERS Preiidezzf .,,........,. ....,.,,,,.. N ANCY HIGHTOWER Vife Pfefiderzt ..,,... ......... D IANNE DODSON Serrefary .,...,,,............ ..,,...... P ATTY MAULSY Program C196lf7'71Zu'7Z .....,.................. PATSY ELLIOTT THE MOONLIGHTERS MISS BARBARA BAKER, Spwzfor' 4 Janice Calfce Bettye Bruce Stanley Keeney Rodger Smith jimmy Coffee Bob Smith Bill Sockwell Bob Johnston Bubba Kolb Don Moore Yvonne Polson Don Gilliland OAK EDITORIAL STAFF Sp0f1Es'0r.' MRS. MORELLE MOORE 2 A AO ff EH if S a M WE X STAFF MARION REGAN Edirol'-212-Chief ..... ........A...... Art Ediforf ,..., Sporty Ediforf .Y,.... CM55 Edilom' .... Avtizfifief Edifom' ..,.. Smzpyfyoty ,, JERRY PITTMAN GEORGE BOND DAVID BOOKOUT JERRY SUDDERTH ., IANE EPPRIGHT BECKY SHAW BARBARA HAILEY WANDA SUMRALL SHARON GARRETT DON BROOME OAK BUSINESS STAFF B11 Wim- UIJIh1gc'I.' -lAlXll2S NELSON ft, za ,,-we, . X . was H, S l i, of Ag'-.ef h f JE K s S S li -532 eg, f ,f . f . 'WWW' K Lei C ,, STAFF Helen Glass Elizabeth Moore Pat Peck janet Stanley Paula Stone OAK RIIPRIZSIZNTATIVIES 723 ACORN STAFFS FOR 1955-56 Spflllf .f1',' CARI. FINLEY ,A 1, 2 I .. . if ., NE my EB- 'M 3 'aa G' -sw ., I . 555 45 " I 'A Q E Q 1,1- L, WA' 4 I f fx 4 I, gi 11 If Edilm' ,,,,......,.,, AJJI. Eajffw' ,,,,... Spmn Edifm' ..,. B11,fi11f.f.r IIII1m1ge1' Feuflzre Edflwf ...... A.... ..YY.... Colzzmazf Edifw' E.X'fb:IIIgE Edifw' fr I ' I ., I .I ' 3 :av-5 - . kl. , H 5.", 7. I ,-" V' f 9 .1-0 if V . .N 1 5.'-. f We. . Q -,' ' 2211-ff, 5-, ff lw " Y Y ' " ' ww' 'A if FALL 1955 SPRING 1956 SALLY CHENAULT SHIRLEY SAMFORD LONNIE WILSON ...,,. RICHARD JOHNSON ELWANDA KENT EVELYN HENDERSON TOMMIE BARNES ELLEN HENDERSON Edifm' ........,,,,.. AJ.I'flfjIIf6 Edlfw Auf. Editwzf .. Cvlzmzm Editor . Feuffzfe liditoff Exchange Edila DON GILILLAND xr .. ,,,.. XXIANDA SIQMRALL LOIS HULSTROM NANCY HIGHTOWER BARBARA NORTHCUTT Nezrf Edilor ..., .,,........ B ARBARA BARRON LOU ANN MARTIN ........,,... MARCIA GRAY PAT DONXYORTH TI . Y.V....... NORMA BUSH DIXIE TAYLOR .I... G. B. SHAW Spam' Edilor ,. 6052 , yr' Bobby Abbott Anne Burleson Jeannie Case Deanne Covington Carol Cain Elizabeth Dill Suzanne Echols Betty Ellengs Sara Fisher Pat Fitzgerald George Folse Laura Fox MEMBERS Kay Garvin Elena Goldberg Sarah Guajardo Frank Hayden Lana Henslee Linda Hoffman Gene Hunter Norma jolly Linda jones Charles Lawhon Linda Lawing Ray Lawrence PAN AMERICAN SOCIETY Sjwfzrwi MISS EUGENIA NEXVBERRY MRS. VIRGINIA JUERGENS Preiidefzl .,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, L INDA LAXWING Vife P7'L.fjd6'l1f ........ ......... E LINA GOLDBERG Sez'f'e'lm'5 ,,,,,,,..... ..,,,. D EANNE COVINGTON Bernita Martin Linda Morris Billy Mulvaney Marianne McClary Melvin McCullough Doris Pope Myra Ramsey Susie Stemmons Nancy Taylor Pat Vaughan Dean Wfatson Valerie Weber H: ww snare vwo Lmcwvccs is wfssrw two ,Man 1 Charles Brewer Martha Ann Brice Sonja Byran Carole Click Nancy Collins Cecil Garrett Mary Kate Hill Carola Hutson Jeanne Jones Grady jones jane McFarland Paul Menard FRENCH CLUB Sfwfzfm' .........,,,,,,,....,,.. MISS HELEN ADUDDELL Preifdelfl ,,..,,,,,,,,.. ,,,...,Y,,,..,,..... lk 'IARTIN BUJSSER Vice Prwidezzl ,,,.,i... .,.,,,....,,,.. C AROLA HUTSON SeL'7'el:11'j ,....,,.,Y, .,,,,.... N ANCY COLLINS Avon Miller Martin Musser Marilyn Neale Pat Peck johnny Sanchez joe Schmidt Beverly Scrimshire Lee Ellen Stevens Kathy Robertson Carol Janice Thornton Gwen Williains M HOME ECONOMICS CLUB MISS RIPPLIQ FRAZIIIR iinil MISS IDAIIIII. CARI' miss OFFICQPRS I'ninfif1f . . I.IfNOIlA STUNIQ VIII Plwfufclll ,,,, , SANDRA SIIIZIR SL't'VL'f,llV1 ..,,...,., ,, . , NANCY INIITCIIIILII Ti'i.1i1wii , BIARILYN CHVRCH Piffyq. C,!'u1'. ,,,,,,,,, DORIS CLARK Bonnie Cash MaryIin Ciliurch Doris Cllurk Paula Criiwtiord Patsy Shelby Iillis Limlgi Fisher Izmiiic Gray Iirniucs Harris LiIIy Inez joycc Marshall M ary Wfaldrop Ruth Mciuilin Nancy Mitchell Mildred Morris Simdrn Padgett Lynda Pctcrs Sara Rudolph Siliidra Spcir Lcuorn Stonc Sgiumira Timpa IfIiznbctI1 Vincs Q 2 I id MOTION PICTURE CPERATORS STUDENT ASSISTANTS STAGE CREXW SAFETY CLUB S'jwf1m r'.' GEORGE ISROWNLEIT .mi I RADIO AND TELEVISION CLUB Sf70II,f07.l. W. T. HAMILTON. EDWIN XVAITS and ,IOE TEAGUE ALLIED YOUTH Sjw11,mz'.r.' Burl Kiger, Kirby XX'a1tIcins, Charles Salnfmd. Mrs. Mary Louise UmIcrwoorI, Mrs. Winnic Clmppell, hr' Y? OFFICERS l'Hrf:fe'ff! H H ,,,,., ,,,,, D AVID BOOKOUT IIIII Pfwfzfrfff ,,,,,,,,. KEITH HARRIS Vim Plwnfwfl ....,. ,,,,,,,,,, I SOB Bl'R'I'ON 5w'M!.1f',1 ., ,,,., ,,,., I .INDA LAXWING 1,470-fIff7'C'74 ,YY,,V,.....,.,,.,,,...,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ANNE'I"I'E CASIZ GIRLS' SPORTS CLUB 5',lw11vf.z nf IvIRS. RAE CUIIUM INIRS. EURICE BASS OFFICERS p,.c,,,f,,,f I4,,, H I rrrr ,,,rrrr xx IANDA 5L'MRAl.1. If'irr P1'Lf,IlL!L'l!f ,,,, , VIOYCIE SA'I'TERXY!HITE 5'Hf,'gfh,,-5 ,,,,,,,, BEVERLY STAFFORD ATHLETICS , X 4f"i':53, .1 ,,,?,"9f 'fm lf, Jlfffga 4, X V ACA lf' i in-2 M 3,-y "':Z nun- Y, Q . WV BLUE BAN ARVO GODDARD, Ilircrfaf' mm.. ' . 1. C .7 A I 4' ..... W 1:5 ,::i::::, 'Q'-'f:i?z':if15IiE:'Li.'w, , :?5w,,,i355::::g i 2. mm: ?.h..Hwmwm Q - - f LEOPARDETTES -lllllff SUIHICY Helen Glass Tommie Barnes :I S Ellen Henderson Vivian Moors Evelyn Henderson CHEERLE T ERS Jane Eppright Nancy Hightower M . -. unlQmln?unum'nnnm'muw"nnsuns1 U' uu"'nnu" unmmuunmsnmnisnm dlll . IBIIIIIU a"........-"'--.... a 1. r wnlfmw QA., i . ..'ria':.':.iP'..'Wf.'...-zz ig-.""' 'Tue W-- ' ' E "" ' nur ug' CY ' li 'qi ig' 11:1 liii un in QI IR EH CDES' U' 95? .:.-,, , --,. .--'.. , -- if 5:':ifz25M Fifi? i 3 . .- .::.f.,.. V, r -- i ' if ,'- ,., K R 55 ri2vv1wf+s'zzaai'f-QV, ii ,, -.W W Q i . 1 f "fU,fE1.Q , Six M. i at SM M, W Y, ,.,. , if ii, Kim 7 .xii -Q M, igixgggr55955-.Mai if5fUfz9211fgit":fi, 41' M g, ,M -ik ,gg-My :gLi:3z,:iwf,vmm51rea- H w-worm' ,,, QW W K .k.,,A i ,,,. mu, . we W i . 5 V255 'E'-5 'Il'-2 1 Qui o 95 ' , ,Q-i..,53i,p .. ,, 5 is 'fm ,Q Wi NM' 52315 of fWf1.,g,s'if:2'x"'? for f " ff , Z .. ,. w :: rv K fr , ,ggggi Q- 1 wi wg, rwm mmi H' wr, L ,gsi aii .5 i. . f- .rs ,Q - Q ii SH A 1 Q rig: - A L 4 , , "" I I f I - W, ' ' ,MV ,.. I N f 1 V '1 if-SC! , , ,1 A , "J -f i 1 f ' ' fiifflif' E? V- '?!:':a':Eg 1 - as . 7 f t'?s'w5': 1 ' 1 H X 1 " 3 gf: ff 1 N9 f X1 I 5- up ,it Q 3, 4 - A u f I - :if 3 i M 3 , 29" X, 4 A 3' i 1 , . , W: . ,rp Q gg K 1 'X A ww dwggf if ii 562 K, .W X i 1 3 ,+ ff wi Mr will iff xg 2 4 for 2 ,Q a fi ,Qi , 538 sg AQ J 9 W rf y ,Q L gi ww S6 Xggxi 31 iggigzs X 2 gg 5 any 40,12 ., fn H eggs f if ii, 9,9 'Gig 9, gm, is J, , kg 35 5, ,X qui 1 ig Q 5 ii, ,is Q 3 mv, 19, 5 ,W R, , za 1 , ygmvm uhm si V M mg 9,3 wg 1 1 N M 15555 M fi Hai? Wg 1 iw Li M 1522 A e awww K K gl F, is Z ,c wg an i '? , 3 L E ,343 in .Mg ik x 4 'if 9 ' A e' QS-2' ,F 1 ? ay s 5 E we 5 M 1' in is is is Q 4 'Ak 1 Z? me 44 :- f fi3 ,Ais5Q ffiirfffi V 'fl 'i f 'Tl iff' ,,s,ww,M5m , I5 It 5 ,LV , Q :1.gLi A W.,k:im,,pggfg5m. , ef.- W 1 M .of-r1Q:mawm mi ., , 1 - x ' , JL 2 1 1 2 2 2 E 2 2 1 2 I i s E 2 X I l E 'E Becky Shaw ,i 4 , .. lun . - EW 1162? A ' F A . ,, 5 gm A ,,,, Q li 4 1 fx ' --': . .,:i:. -- Judy'Ahlfif1gQf Josie J3f1idCS Don Broome Curtis Hitt Gerald Hix Marion Rogan 1955 DADS' CLUB QUEEN Am sf liiltvhk, Suzy Stcmmonb QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Kahuna-"U HH 'N fans MM 11 . 1 5, N , 7 N ' . x ' P 4wff. 1 w ff ' u 4 1 m f U ,UL m -'if ,QW , 519, , , V, x v 7 , . 415' Piyf' F A Q T- x ' L M-,' , ' N um Agn N H m 5 ff NN NN mm N N m Suzy Stemmons jackic Guard Pat Thompson X Cflmrlcnc Simmons Linda Faint 1 Sandra Sathrc Nancy McClintock X , F GOTBALL TRI-CAPTAINS AY ROBERSON WALTER WOOD "as, f sri M3 x X' or-R ' r gwx I' 5 I J xdmth, q L5 duh A iz' ' is- V M ca me Q3 cv , 3 155 , "5 Q 'K an ' '- at B A.-fl' .E L fff sv , A A ff it - - 1 "- . J ' T fi' A iii to tw , -NV WA , 5, t eg ff A 'Q " ' " f ff. A ,ra it lr- f, :Qi s l if -' , .f 92 E ... , ,. a, c T, " .W g 'Z 4 mx J if ri ? eff , A fr H1 L ' S .il -.41 ,mu First row: Richard Ard, Bob Burton, David Pitcock, Walter Wood, Kenny Rambo, Gerald Bullington, john Love, Olin Garrison, Homer Crim. Second row: Frank Col- lins, Don Price, Randall Wylie, David Bookout, Keith Harris, joe Geiger, Ray Rober- son, Larry Minyard, Lem Speck, Tony Ramirez, Richard johnson. Third row: Mr. Dickey, Louie Bledsoe, Darrell Johnson, Kenny johnson, joe Wood, Wayne Roberts, G. B. Shaw, David Rose, Gerald Carsey, George Gardner, Bobby Stallings, Don Jones, Danny Eason, Lynn McDonald, Mr. Guzick. Fourth row: Casey Beaty, Cecil Moore, Larry Tucker, Jimmy Yarborough, Archie Ward, jim Hinman, Paul Hankins, Jerry Sudderth, Monte Maddox, Robbie Everhard, Don Morrison, Lance Tatum, Jimmy Mitchall. Fifth row: Bob Sieber, Dick Barnett, john Todd Eagle, Bobby McDonough, Richard Franceen, Bobby Ladyman, Roy Lee Roberson, jerry McKiddey, Mike McDon- MR. DICKEY ald, Buddy Tanner, MR. GUZICK r .i.- , , ,,,- , X? .r -. 13 at 5 fir if ., 'lf' fr LOUIE BLEDSOE A MR. HEAD MR. CHANDLER g. ,V.' g K ,f "BH TEAM MR- BROWNLEE "c" TEAM Fil 4 nm ii X ,ar .V , ,L 4, if Y 5 1 W ,a.i 2- 1 54 4-"' -5 4 ,,.. X, QQ-Q 2-S "--' 1 S ran?-Qvitriiriivxe.Ajagcagpfavjeij A a o l . fi-QW .Lf if if .A V' X .K ,. wM if 'X 5 Year Lcttcrman 2 Yun' I.CltL'I'INLlI'l 1 Yun' Lcttcm XWALTER XWOUD OLIN GARRISON VIOHN IZALQHZ mn QA fa, , .AA 5 W-'W 'uma , fm, GERALD CARSEY G. B. SHAW' l Ycar Letterman l Year Lcttcrn: -P 1 4 : ,f u W A- - -,fw1+feK I-1 Y 4. .- - . V 'A " f A. f , 1 1 tt 'Z ' ' " " ' MS., .' ' .f fr ' 1 W nf -my in if - .- ' fd a., 41 ,ii 1 -11, , ., ,. L L , M f,K,,Y, Z . K ' A' 1,5-n5,g m ,Q-pg .,-?:aE".,,, g H 5 , 1 ,4...2.f41 3 A w,,,23f"i?f:4- 3 3 .1, gig? J ' ?,.911'Ff5'-a'1'Q' iw-i' ,lg-Y5S':???' f?" 1 i f iw? 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A ' '-3' gf A my h f fl it ' f ' 7 .,,A tv, -yrygr K K H 4 , 3 A ta M ft t t V 555 fy VKLV 2. 5 - J ! 'A Q H: y P V. , b . A Y S ' I I 'f Aga, , H K L I XR D X D , . "' 4 f A , , L L L rtt ' ' , -f .,, . . A' .,s5'Qmx V , ff,"9gg4 f ff P . t ff pw M v ,-W , ' 'V 3 .f , - Y A X E551 . - W - -- ' -'--'fffli ., 'V , 4 , .I"3.:j.ii'f TH' ,Q Q-J" "iv H " ' 1135 'Z - ,' f -- : ' - ' K , wr tr , W "' f ' A Y . K iiu?gggt,t?,,..--X3 ig. - , w 7' in K ' , . D Af 5 , S Q' , My , V., ,Z - , L, ,, A PAUL HANKINS JOE GEIGER RAY ROBERSON 1 Year Letterman 2 Ycar Letterman 2 Ycar Letterman BASKETBALL '55-'56 W M U ' , z . .. I S klliff S55 S2Vs,tL.17? iii x'?"',iLia?X 1 Ywqv 5? A Y! H I t Q X? is D If E 1 5 N' K A if pg ,,.m,E?.,Y K3 no T , ,5 a - .QA I ,gm 3 'f 1 5 531 :E Wi Bi? i gg F . . ' M k lf 'Q -N-Q5 rv 'Sgr lg Q, T' 5,1 ' ifimdgw 5 ,j ' -X 5 ,Q .V 4 't 2 ' A 0 3 ' f f ,Xi , , A V I , f gf ' wi r fc ff Fir X A f' ,gg 1' ' Q RY Fjg gf kmw,-ff vikk ? E1 I I N533 5 , V ? KVV, "A" SQUAD st row: Dixk Iiglmctt, Iiuiwlwy Du1'1'ctt. Suomi ww: .Iulumy lfulkcrwn, D.mny Blkflnxnuugxuk. Phll Hipps. Bud pl4LlHHL'I'. Hu Hulny. -Luk Nimlwlx. ,Igukic Clnxxugcr. Dmmlll l,g1mIc1', 'Vlmkl nm: Mr. C,.1IAfL'I'. Bxll l.uhm1m, Dgufcll ,lulmrmsmk Elm! I.g1Xwm. R. A, Xxvgldf, I,.ll'I'y' Cfuttun. Miltwn Raxnwy My I L Q 4 wi 5 y rw CQAPTAIN BILI, IUHMAN .xml MR. CARTER 'iv I 1 I6 ' , 'R . g Q? W Q51 "fl Ti, 7 If Ngiifigf k 2' AN ,,,, 2 z I ,IOIZL LAXSUN W I yur lQttu'm.m fi? Vv. , In jf A , , ,hi 1 'gg iii fx if , Q l3lI.I. IXJHNAN 2 yur lL'HL'I'lN.llI MILTON RAMSIEY 2 yc.11' lcttpwmun R. A. WADE - yum Idtumm PHI! HIPPS 2 56.11 luttulugxn DANNX MLC.lJRMAC.lx LETTERMEN . 4 JACK NICHOLS 1 year letterman BO HULCY 1 year letterman 'Iggy -u., Q STI S Tl LARRY Co'rToN img 1 year lctterman DIOHN FULKERSON Manager fy a 1-, ' K ' - 71" , . if y ly. y First row: Mike Spence, Noel Roberts, Tommy Haywood. Second row: Kenny Johnson, Bill Hen- derson, Roger Ellis, Wynn Presson, Steve jones, Mr. Gusick. Third row: Dan Dennison, Virgil Crouch, jack Miller, Gilbert Montavo. Steve Swann. Y , JB. is Q, "?W'?' 3 f -Y BASEBALL 1956 First row: john Nevitt, Donald Brock, Bob Burton, Dan Dennison, Mike Wheeler, joe Cummings, Sammy Ramsey, Paul Hankins. Second row: Bo Hulcy, Odice Dyson, Byron Barber, Mike McDonald, David Pitcock, Leon Davis, Jack Miller, Bobby Durrett, Third row: Mr. Chandler, Bobby Becker, Lonnie Wilson, David Bookout, joe Wood, jack Nichols, Phil Hipps, Buddy Tanner, Tommy Lindred, Joe Barbaria. f 'Q " . . I , "f7'f" "WY" 1.1.9 i ,yr ,A l'L'Z. Q ' f l ir fjp, . 1 9,4 M - 4f '1,!l ', l ,... 'haf' f-1 ' t ,fl - L' - " -'. .9 , 4- ' 23 I if M7134 ' . H: . 492' ' ily' .Q " - lg-,, CITY AND BI-DISTRICT CHAMPS ToM CHANDLER, com G . ,V 5, , J' 2, 'V I ,'i7VV,g - 'K Y Q V V, ' 5-X VV V V- VIIV ' II V I -I V A QV , V AMA, A .T....-.,. , has ,Mt 5: 5 H A.,, iq S wx , V R .. 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V Buddy Tanner. Leon Davis. .V, V 2 I 3 It 2 'I xy. V Y , ' V I , ,gy I .f.V 5 II I 4 . V ,VV w II I! , I , as A . w , .V Vw- V I- Q' Q I -' " I if-4' In f - V ' f2I A 5' ' 2 I V I V A . ,V A I . V V I I IV 4 I A- V... ' .fig ,V WI V I- II 1 V I-mi 3' I - I II ,I .V I KI I -- 1 I .- 'MY II V I VIII I 1 . , g V V V 4 'W ,-.V. .V V . we fP'sf QV, V , V .+ .- in I f . ' . Q., . y-Q . VI I Vg Him L,', 1545153 I ,IV ' V I if I 4' yi U V V Q? IV " I ' 'I VV QI V 1 fi- . I V V. X u VW- -f I my C ii ,'V.V Q I 'EV S is JB . I .., ' gi ' VM ' ,, 2 x 'Ig t, A -VV, k . Vg 2,211 , I 5 7 . Q 5' V Q V ' " I .L-- sf Q I 'TA D ' 4 'Ol Q' ' mm QV I VV ,-I gk N I ' ei ' :Z " I- 1 V 'n I I IV 1 I f V V V f VW , .V , I 'F V In-fI,,VV ,V .LI 5' V . V Ig e I I V, III B If on y , , If .. ' I -h I I-.. " V.,I I N NII II V ' I I I ggaffffgwf, ' V II .V VV, g5,.w3t+:f2wm ' II V I A ., V -I I QM I g.fVg'Q1 1, - Vw: g ' AI VV Vwvfwrgww fy-A Ve- II ' ' ' . l 7 V W g,':Y1"j' I. 1VVi'g.V g. .QOO V ,V , xx 1 If 4'! I'l'E'.VVV I y V. I Y I"I X ' ' I ' ,IIVI " V " D Vw " iw3f?i4afm7'fQf 1' . ,. 'f'i'L,,,5AII'I ' if W.,gVVfiV'V7'f ' Mft' M" "II' I --,, iv I -I 5 A , IV V- V H ,,.V,,wj'f-x, I-XVII: . ,. .mfr V V .VVI ,V , ,Vw V ,VV V V . . V, . IVQIIK V ' ... X I V 7 M, ,V A VMV,.V.,V Odice Dys on. joe Wfood, Phil Hipps, Don Dennison, Tom Paul Hzmkins, David Pitcock, Byron Marbcr. Jack Miller, Bobby Durrett, David Bookout. Kindred, Bobby Becker. Bob Burton, Sammy Ramsey. Q T I2 ,ci JOE BARBARIA JOHN NEVITT 1956 LEOPARDS Bo Hulcy. aww, LETTERME Q " as DAVID PITCDCK 4 -al i Ri ,P , , V V R fi 'N EF F K'-f iii --, V . Eff Y Q, A -V t , Q K gf ll D V, I gl, L a , Z 4 ? ' , BUDDY TANNER V5 . A 1 , , wW'r Ppsffgf ,V ,fm -VH' V 1 . f -nl., 5 .A . . ,. if , . AV g Q , ' 5 U 'ix' x .7 W , gg A . fi PAUL HANKINS ,- gg Y 2 '-iV.Q , i2 'X' X ,l1M . ' 1: uf: -V-QV M. I -M WN K I , 1 ' ' 4514 T, 'f' 2 921. MV1 .V V V4 l'II?I V-W, W - A, V " V MV ' ' JACK NICHOLS V 13 . ,lyk 5- L ff -235: 0 , A :V V img! -ky, , 'V wk- 'ix fx, if -15,5 W KL 1 5' T O ' J K f' V ' -,QEMQ Lia " X A j11,,. W 153, ' 4 V 'f1:V V. . if 2 ,I RU ,V Ex V..,gfz - , " '. 2: . , . , ,M . - f i! f . " - ' ' ' ,TW ' , . jgj, E M ' JOE WOOD H .W . -' V .,-wg, V M 'V - DDA. A - +V: - 4- Avg . , t w V fa, - , ' , Eg- 5 L Off, , M HA . , I I V . fH 5.1'iY , r. Il. V ' VL. Ji: -' . ,M ' V1 , ' -Q W 5' 4.1,-Q 'ffsfsf VVQ1:DV VgfgQ5m , KI V K. K N 5 P . my , ml, .2 , iw, V F , ,QF 'V.s J l T Q ' V. if V ',ex?fTf- 'li L," f , My WM WMM M E 1 ., .. ., xx - .K,, sh V. A Lg , JV, I . V -'-' -5 ,'-. wwf VM 4 "M" , ,. , as-f , - . ff:-'. V Q KG V 5 - jg - uf iff. V. my - . I .. "hr :' V mf ,, SVPSX. "'k L4ikffg'..fb.fU'5'Vz' QQ Jf' gg-5, A :- c VV.VX4g,Aa11+'f V V gg ,-QV ,xx W-1-1-1w"M--M", rj' V V' 6 "if fifggfaffi 5 .. qz1 1Nf57K"F ,,.k 'TW BOOKOUT ' 5 ' M - ' ,, " DN '- 'D M " V f V 4, W-K' -w5?gldi'E Q' IL. . ga V 7'3-22:1 ' -'Hz N " .V V V V ,f fV Q' O' ., ff . v"- tw-V. h"X ' Mwyyef:--f-Q-1 5 , ' N 7 4 4 - , 1" xzuf, . Riff V. yi 6' fn. L u i: .V VL 7 ' ,H :V X il 1,7 A s V LV kizqffu M I lu 'V D -V-, Q, V .. 14 - 'V V- , H ,. ' ' 'D" A' D' D' ' D , ' M , p -- ,. , fi ' ,V - p .Y ,D 'auf 1 '-ffzm -D'-f .. ' 'L ' V ,. fsiigwV,,w1:' -1 ,JMC fig, if 1955 BASEBALL QUEEN Lana Henslce QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Loretta Walker Janice Brundidge Nancy McClintock Glenda Purcell Hunt Lana Henslee Linda Ladymon jackie Guard jo Ann Cook 1956 TRACK TEAM First row: jim Rhodcs, Bohhy Liidymon. Gerald Irion. jimmy Hailey. Dirk Barnett, joe Geiger. Ray Roberson, Danny Mtilormatk. Guy Gregory, Sammy Moorchcad. Second row: Don jones, Harold Hill, Dean Watscmn. Hank Dtiinlcy. jimmy Mitchell. B. L. Grady, jerry Norton, Tommy Petesch, Carlton Echols. Third row: Bill Hampton, james Burt. Daxid Yarhorough, Archie Ward, Larry Hatlicock, Bob Gardner, Bobby Carpenter. Luc Rohcrson, jim Portwood, Mr. Head, Fourth row: Don Lander, Lonnie Goodman. Olin Garrison, Dwighi Mclns, Wfynn Presson, R. A. XX'adc. jack Clcvcngcr, Burl Atkins, Richard Francine, Don james, jimmy Yarborough. X xf. nl I j. B. HEAD, Coarh 1955 TRACK LETTERMEN I , " - L'LL ' ,L,i 4, 7 7 .1:. E5 ' ' ' 'W H :QS i 'V ..,., f U -533, XV! Y Z:-jj-1 1 ,." , A., A R 'T X x WPS ' ' ::,. E f ' A nf" A .. X Q2 - 1 , YL.. Q ARAR T A A R. A. WADE y A. OLIN GARRISON ROBERT ROBSON HAROLD GILBERT, Manager GOLF TEAM C,vH.IL'fz.' I.. C.. l.lilf'I'XVICIH First row: Mclvin lNIcCullough. Lynn Wfilsnn. Ifxui Fugg. Stephen Swigcr, Mike Gullzzghcr, .linuny Simmons. Sc-cond row: ,lim Stewart, George Fohc. -loc Bxxlnnun, Larry Snider, I.. Cf. I1-ftwilim. XE? ,, my fu , I --'fx-.A A ,HM S'I'EXX'ART LYNN XWILSON 111 TENNIS TEAM Cfff.irZi.- R. N. SMITH First row: Frank Hayden, joe Smitz. liwiw Siiiulws, .Ii-fry Siiililcrtli. Sc-iumi ww: Mr. Smith, Batty jones, Sherry Bynum, Priscilla Fliiniigiin, Mary .lo Perkins. V 5 ' K . XX O Q X 'li lllllllllllllllllllln Elilllllllli llllllllllllllVAI'llllllll llllllllllllllIl:::'lllllllll lllllllllllllllllllliiii5lllllIli'SgE3i5w llllllll A s' ' .------:lllllllllllli!f?H5llllllhu '.4 SPORTSMAN'S CLUB Sjwfzw 1'.x.' TOM CHANDLER, JOE TEAGUE HUNTING AND FISHING CLUB Sf f,,ff XXVD. H1141. HUNTING AND FISHING CLUB Spu 11.w'f:1'.' W. D. XVEATHERRED "'!2!m:u-m-n-nu .........,.,,, V l BK ! "flume ffm Ilemld Azzgelr Sing These are scenes from the Christmas Pageant presented each year by the Speech and Music Departments. The .rbejfbefdf hem' zzeuts' uf Cb1'j,!'f!.4' birlb. ADVERTISEMENTS , iff ,rf""f9,!!LvgA0f'5jf7j! V W Ziff ,fy WW f ffp wM'Z !f!VjfifW M 2,Lj 0mfZ!f MSM X, Q E xi fr E " -ff ri Q il CCJMPLIMENTS GF 7 - ELEVEN STDRES CompIimen+s of +I1e SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. DAVIS - HAWN LUMBER COMPANY "ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIALS" 232WV:l. Jefferson ICM' S. Beckley '3'4645 WI-I-6-a I 23 DALLAS, TEXAS DALLAS JUDGE FITE COMPANY DUDLEY M. HUGHES ReaI'I'ors-Insurers FUneraI Home Members M 400 E. Jefferson L WH-6-5I33 S 280I W. DAVIS WH-I-II82 Compliments of A FRIEND Complimen+s of TRIPLE OAKS GREENHCUSE BEDDING PLANTS ARRANGEMENTS CUT FLOWERS CORSAGES Mrs. Sam A. Cooper l6I0 Kings Highway WH-2-3327 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND PAGES REXALL DRUGS Prescription Specialists Feafuring a Comple+e Line of Drugs TOILETRIES - CIGARS - CANDY - SODAS 3203 Falls Drive FE-5457 Corner Wesfmorelancl and Falls Drive IN WESTMORELAND HEIGHTS 'The Habi+ of Saving is Hself an Educa+ion." MUNGER Save Regularly METROPOLITAN SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION I4OO Main Rl-5IOI Currenl' Dividend Rafe 370 TYLER AVENUE GARAGE 2 I 8 S. Tyler WH-6-3545 All Types of Mechanical Work SPECIALIZING IN BODY WORK Am HOWELL - MORGAN 81 ASSOCIATES General Insurance erican Bank and Trusl' Co. Bldg WI'l-6-4206 INSURE AND BE SURE J. B. MOTOR COMPANY COMPUMENTS OF WE suv, SELL, OR TRADE I-EVER' NG-I-ON WHOLESALE OR RETAIL JEWELERS 421 N. Beckley WH-3-2883 J. B. Breazeale, Owner 925 W. Jefferson WH-3-8803 A. L. RAMBO 84 SON REAL ESTATE R INSURANCE esiden+iaI and Business Proper'ries Au+omobiIe and Fire A. L. Rambo 345 E. Saner Doyle Rambo WH- I -4224 W. Am WILSON - WELCH 81 COMPANY CH CARIE E. WELCH Insurance- Safefy Bonds erican Bank and Trusf Co WEL . Bldg. 7I6 Jefferson Tower WH-8-3545 ALAMO LAUNDRY 8: DRY CLEANING 0 Discounf-Cash and Carry PICK UP AND DELIVERY II6 S. Tyler Phone WH-8-7394 zofy RAY DONNELL SERVICE STATION Zangs and Cen+re AUTO REPAIRING WH-2-9398 COX - MOORE DRUG STORE "OAK CLIFF'S DRUG STORE" Prescrip+ion Headquarfers Free Delivery Tyler and Jefferson WH-6-2IOI COMPLIMENTS or ROY'S DRIVE- IN I I I5 Norfh Zangs Phone WH-6-0685 Complimenfs of BELL CLOTHING COMPANY I32 W. Jefferson "The Bell Dressed Man is fhe Well Dressed Man" Phone WH- I -5552 HUMBLE SERVICE STATION Jefferson and Ewing DALLAS, TEXAS Humble Pefroleum Producfs Road Service WH-8-868I Complimenfs of DENLEY DRIVE CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY SERVICE BEAUTY SALON FR-oaso 2I va Denley Drive 2014 Balboa WH-6-492l BOB FAULKNER- Owner Dallas, Texas COX AND OLDHAM BEAUTY SALON COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE AIR CONDITIONED 264I S. Lancasfer DR-4- I 522 DALLAS WINDOW SHADE CO. LINOLEUM-TILES-CARPETS VENETIAN BLINDS WINDOW SHADES 246 W. Davis WH-6- I 054 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND jmzafxfdc J di , .15-Lfbffo L E . , T nj? Lang, ...- 52165761 ,HA-3,4'7kx3 1' 661,e,g,ZgA'L,r.j,, MLM-gthfl ,ggi-,g,yl. 3,f'..wp,5 Al.. ff.!m.1.g flaw., A14-'L .JJ I 3 cv SGUTHWESTERN LAND AND LOAN COMPANY .TL Q Real Estate Land Develop 4l3 N E y RA737l COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND M, NEFQ 4 B 15? ! 2 E MAREK'S CAFETERIA "Serving Good Food" SPECIALIZING IN FOOD TO TAKE OUT WH-2-OI I5 623 E. Jefferson af Lancasfer COMPLIMENTS or W. N. RAST COMPANY I 805 No. Haskell UNion-5436 Autographs YOUNG CLEANERS Bishop a+ Sevenfh WH-6-02I0 THE TOPS IN DRY CLEANING" COMPLIMENTS OF EL FENIX RESTAURANT I 20 E. Colorado WH- I -4050 CompIimen+s of CLIFTON CLEANERS L. F. JULIAN I227 BaIIard S'I'. MOTOR CO. Across From Me'I'I1odisI' HospiI'aI WHi+ehaII 8-65I5 We Opera+e Our Own "VIC AUTO-PER PLANT" Laundry Service 9I'I1 and E. Jefferson WHiI'eI'1aII 6-34I6 BeH'er Used Cars L. F. JULIAN NICK JULIAN CompIimenI's of R. A. WOOD SERVICE STATION Beckley af MeII:a 303 N. Beckley WH-6-OIZ3 TEXAS PRODUCTS MILLER'S FLORIST 22II Cedar Cresi' Blvd. WI'IiIeI1aII I-I42I MRS. J. B. MILLER MOOR'S DRIVE IN GROCERY Open 24 Hours a Day "WE SOMETIMES DOZE BUT WE NEVER CLOSE" 4IO Corin'rI1 S+. Road WH-3-0I82 4 DAVIS GULF SERVICE CompIe'Ie Lubricafion and Road Service 3726 W. DAVIS ED-2-9 I 22 CompIimen'I's of Horace B. Houston, Jr. JORDAN FLORAL COMPANY and FINE FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Ben Atwell Reasonable Prices ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS '32 N. Beckley ' AT I-AW WH-3-4647 or WH-6-5905 "Q7W.WX is MW if KW Y FAIRWAYS Wliffifvll O. in.i.iS+fiai if if W s aa a 30 Tees --4 Targel' Greens GOLF INSTRUCTORS AVAILABLE GOLF SHOP lPro Line Clubsl 50c Baskel' Baseball ........ . . . Automatic Machines I0 Balls . . . 254 Localecl Below Dal-Hi Field JOHNNY OVERTURF Pro-Manager 4 "I see a BRIGHT FUTURE for youli' I Xlfi 2, 2 fa I fl "I see more opportunity, more pleasure, more comfort. . . I see modern electric living in your bright future! "Remember . . . I'm your friendly electric servant, on the job Wherever I'm needed. You can always count on me to Work for you." DALLAS PUWER 8: LIGHT CUMPANY SIVILS DRIVE-INN RESTAURANT 34I9 W. Davis a+ FI. Wor+I1 Cu?-Off FE-389I BEST WISHES TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU FLEMING AND SON, INC PHYSICIANS LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA OWEN BROS. AGENCY WH-2-6I24 I022 S. Beckley CROWN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 32 I Cen+re WI"IiI'eI1aII-6-5 I 37 W. T. IBiIII Bird REALTOR INDUSTRIAL REAL ESTATE ONLY Rl-6552 Res. JU-soo-1 DALLAS ELECTRIC COMPANY EIec:+ricaI Con'I'racI'ors 5I0 N. Ravinia WHi'I'eI1aII 2-2909 GEORGE WALKER SOUTHWEST TITLE AND INSURANCE COMPANY Oak CIiff's OIcIesI' Tifle and Absfracf Co. Main Office 503 W. Jefferson WHifeI1aII 8-7383 PAINE - WOOSTER TYPEWRITER SERVICE Sales-Renfals-Repairs 4 I 5 W. Davis WH-6-4063 DEPENDABLE SERVICE JOE RUSHING CLEANERS AND DYERS FUR STORAGE Phone WH-8-9529 II06 W. Davis Free Delivery Complimenfs of BALL NUT AND CANDY CO. SALTED NUTS - FINE CANDIES 409 S. Beckley WH-6-0078 PALMER BAGLEY MORE INSURANCE-Less MONEY 225 E. Jefferson Phone WH-I-4084 L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY DAVE RAMSEY, Represen+a+ive Senior Rings- Gradua+ion lnvi'I'a+ions - Awards Second Floor SANGER BROS. STORE WILLIAMS AND WAGNER CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. WILLIAMS AND WAGNER INVESTMENTS, INC. ELDORADO OIL AND GAS, INC. I330 N. IndusI'riaI BIvd. DaIIas PR-5222 FREDERIC WAGNER - Presiden+ Lamar and Smith Funeral Home ORCHID AMBULANCE SERVICE FUNERAL SERVICE INSURANCE 800 W. Jefferson WHi'reI1aII-6-2 I 46 507 THE TOWN AND COUNTRY MOTEL "For +I1e Res+ of Your Life" Singles, Doubles, Ki+cI1ene'r+es, Sui+es Dining Room, Swimming Pool, Playground WEEKLY RATES FI. WorI'II Ave. PR-3434 BODIFORD GROCERY AND MARKET Air Condirioned WE DELIVER 2I03 Sou+I1 Edgefield WH-8-9680 SUNSHINE LAUNDRY Co"""i"'e"+S of AND OAK CLIFF DRY CLEANERS OPTIMIST CLUB 40II Maple Ave. LA-992I FRIEND OF THE BOY 207, Cash and Carry DALLAS, TEXAS C0mPIImen+S of Complimenrs of BILL SHAW OAK FARMS Disfrici' Clerk MILK ICE CREAM CLIFF CLIFTON HOTEL SANITARY e-ROCERY COFFEE SHOP 837 N. Lancasfer 2l4 W. Colorado WH-6-0040 WH-64029 "We'll serve you a meal or a sandwich. DELIVERY SERVICE i+'s a pIeasure." H. L. PETERSON CO. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Farm Equipmenl' ancl Traclors 234 W. Commerce Rl-I293 Holsum SU N B EAM Bread Fresh Twice Daily C0fT'lpllff16I'1I'S of General Insurance WH-I-0428 SHARROCK BROS. ELECTRIC COMPANY IncIus'I'riaI Commercial Residen+iaI Wiring 7I4 W. DAVIS WH6-5I I6 CAMPBELL FUNERAL HOME 300 W. Davis WH6-8 I 65 JONES-CALVERT CO. Rea'+0fS DELSING AND McDANIEL M0 SOUTH HAMPTON BuiIders and Developers Members Business and ResidenI'iaI Real Es+a+e Insurance RenIaI5 M L S 2853 WEST DAVIS STREET Renfais Loans WH IA784 WHI-033I CLARENCE'S RESTAURANT "Where Dallas Ea+s" Corinih and EigI1+I1 Sfreef WH6-0089 OPEN TWENTY-FOUR HOURS CompIimen+s of MOTOR SERVICE GARAGE Au+I1orized Hudson Service and Par'rs 730 WEST DAVIS WH I -4700 OAK CLIFF PHARMACY "Big Enough Io Serve Your SmaIIes+ Need" SINCE l89I ' I0+h and Lanca's+er WH6-5I2I VETERAN CLEANERS II45 SouI'I1 Hampron WH6-9383 908 Vermonf WH3-0 I 55 STA-NU Finishing Process Complimenfs of THE SOUTH DALLAS BANK ROTH'S RESTAURANT SEA FOOD BARBECUE RIBS FRIED CHICKEN STEAKS 260I FI. Wor+I1 Avenue E. W. Ro+I1, Owner MILTON A. ROTH, Manag WI'-II-OZI I Complimenisv of ALTON MILLER, REALTOR Real Es'ra+e -- Insurance I23 COLORADO WH8-7544 W. A. McKINLEY COMPANY 3I2 Reserve Loan Life Bldg. RI-4700 CompIimenI's of ATLAS FENCE COMPANY 924 Wesf Davis WHI-0I58 FRANK HOLISTER COMPANY, INC. Manufacfurers MECHANICAL SPRINGS WIRE PRODUCTS METAL STAMPING TOOLS DIES 4960 SingIeI'on Blvd. P. Box 6326 FE 323I MAHER BROS. Au'rhorizecI Ford Dealers EWING AND 8TH H. T. GREEN 81 SON GENERAL INSURANCE Fire, Au+omobiIe, Bonds III5 SO. BECKLEY WH-6-5768 O. V. ROACH 8: ASSOCIATES 322 W. Jefferson Suife 3I7 WH2-5245 SPECIALIZING IN ALL TYPES OF SECURITIES ASEL ART SUPPLY "Everyfhing for fhe Arfisf and Signwrifer" I643 PACIFIC AVENUE PR 5960 PR 596I SHERWIN-WILLIAMS OAK CLIFF STORE I26 Easf Jefferson WH2-3I64 Your Dollar Buys More af BRIDGES SHOE STORE 4222 Oak Lawn I9I0 Skillman 3I0 Wesf Jefferson EYAPORATIVE COOLERS Complimenfs of UTILITY PUMP COMPANY 649 Ff. WorfI1 Avenue TEACHERS' PROFESSIONAL INVESTMENT CORPORATION 3002 Commerce Sf. Offering sound invesfmenfs and sound fina n cing fo 'Teachers and professional people of T EXGS. BUY, SELL AND EXCHANGE Invesfmenfs - Renfals A. R. McKEE 300 Cenfre Sf. WH3-888I R. L. PROFFER, Presidenf J. RAY WILLIAMS, Exec. Vice Pres. Complimenfs of SNAPPE'S 5I0 Wesf Davis ED 2-0968 PAUL'S CLEANERS Formerly WESTON CLEANERS We Operafe Our Own Planf 904 Main Sf. RI-0040 Complimenis of WHEAT LUMBER COMPANY Complimenis of Specialisis in PRICE AND QUALITY WH I-II7I II20 S. Beckley RESTAURANT 3620 Weil' Davis S+. FE 522I LONE STAR DON UTS 336 w. Davis WH a-7770 Specialiling. in Souf Lalu TRICE LYNN BISHOP MOTORS 23 I Soufh lndusirial Rl- l 892 FLOOR COVERINGS Carpefs - Rugs - Linoleum 5l4 W. JEFFERSON WH 3-4663 LOONEY'S JEWELERS 537 W. Jefferson WH l-439i ELGIN WATCHES The Beauiiful Way +o Tell Time W. N. LOONEY, Waichmalrer EAGLE GROCERY AND MARKET C. F. EAGLE, Owner I20I N. Bishop "We S+rive Io PIease" CompIimen+s of MOOSE'S HITCHINC-5 POST zso4 WEST DAVIS WH6-5672 AMERICAN COMMERCIAL TITLE TITLE COMPANY AND OF DALLAS ABSTRACT COMPANY American Bank and Trusf Bldg. Zangs and Twelffh DALLAS, TEXAS I2I3 Main SI'reeI' 203 Soufh Zangs Blvd. DALLAS. TEXAS HUB AND RED TIRE COMPANY Firesfone Tires - Bafferies CompIe+e Recapping I80I W. DAVIS AT CLINTON WH4-I I I6 Dallas, Texas AL HAMMER REALTOR 42I4 S. Lancas+er Bus. Phone FR 3974 Res Phone WH2-5654 BUY-SELL-TRADE CARNELL'S BEAUTY SALON 3209 W. Davis WH3-825I EXPERIENCED OPERATORS Permanenis-Dyes-Tinis Color Shampoos-Hair Shaping TEXAS MOTO RS Buy From fhe Man Who Appreciafes Your Business WH 2-4648 30I W. Jefferson MARVIN FAILS K. W. HARRIS I HARRISON GROCERY 505 N. Bishop Complimenls of GEORGE M. STUART MAIN OFFICE AND DOWNTOWN ss-lop WH 6-Slol I422 Commerce RA 5I75 OAK CLIFF SHOP I3I5 N. Zangs Blvd. WH3-46I5 TEXAS SEED AND PLANT CO. 526 Easl' TenI'I1 S+ree+ CUT FLOWERS PLANTS FLORAL OFFERINGS ADELL'S BEAUTY SI'IOP Aclelle Belew- Syble Creel Yosl' Niglwf AppoinI'menI's 'For Working Girls WH 2- I 767 2847 ALABAMA Y' NATIONAL CREDIT CLOTHIERS IOI8 Elm S+. PR 4460 HOME OWNED AND OPERATED "You Will Enjoy Our Friendly Personal Service" M. C. DRUMMOND SERVICE STATION PANHANDLE PRODUCTS WH 2-I020 622 Foresl' Ave. CompIimen+s of YOUNG'S DRIVE IN IBOI S. Ewing "TEXAS SIZE HAMBURGERS" BARR CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Insurance EsIimaI'es JACK BARR, JR. General Confracior WH I-07I7 WH I-4242 ST II88 DUGGAN IRON AND METAL CO. Dealers SCRAP IRON AND METAL Specializing in Foundry Grades 2209 S. Indusfrial Blvd. HA 8-I3II CompIimenI's of -'OE RUSH Ran TV SERVICE co. TEXACO SERVICE Radio and Television Repair LubricaI'ion Wash Sales GHCI Service Road Service HAMPTON AND ILLINOIS FR 0I3I ED2-9385 2605 SOUTH LANCASTER FR 232I NEELY'S PIT BARBECUE Ribs - Chicken - Beef Homemade Pies 530I WEST DAVIS ED2-9202 W. B. GREEN DRIVE IN GROCERY Open 7 a.m. Io I p.m. SOI WEST DAVIS CompIimen+s of DALLAS ROYAL TIRE COMPANY 40I Wesf Davis aI' Bishop WH 2-3 I 44 YOUR OAK CLIFF U. S. ROYAL DISTRIBUTOR CONGR TULATIONS I1 G-RADUATING CLASS STORM-VULCAN, INC. THE WORLD'S FINEST AUTOMOTIVE ENGINE REBUILDINC-5 EQUIPMENT 225 Burb In EL 3 35 CpII'f FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN GRAND PRAIRIE Congratulations to the '56 Graduating Class CHEMICAL SOLVENT COMPANY 3OI3 N b TR 3284 OAK CLIFF FURNITURE AND AUCTION HOUSE 920-22 WesI' Jefferson WH 6-0936 WH 3-872I BA'NS JOHN PATTON MOTOR OO LEATHER CRAFT Personalized BeI'rs, BiIIfoIds and Purses a SpeciaI'Iy 4037 BARKSDALE CT. ED 2-0733 Dealer in A-I Used Cars Body Work- Painring - Gas and EIecI'ric Welding 2406 SOUTH BECKLEY Complimenfs of A-I SUPER SERVICE STATION 638 WesI' Jefferson Humble Producrs--Good Tires LEON MALCOMESIUS, Owner GILBERT BISHOP, Manager NU LOOK CLEANERS AND DYERS In Cedar Cresi' Shopping Cenrer CASH AND CARRY-STORAGE LAUNDRY SERVICE "We Operafe Our Own PIan+" 2627 Sou+h Lancasier DR4-II55 CLINE MUSIC COMPANY Everyfhing for Band and Orchesfra I307 ELM STREET DALLAS, TEXAS THE TEEN SHOP PRE-TEEN TEEN JUNIOR Dresses, Sporfswear, Lingerie and Accessories 3223 DAWES DRIVE Wes'I'morIand Heighfs Village HALBERT RIDING ACADEMY Horses for Renf Hayriding Parfies ED 2-9366 BLUE CUT ROAD V2 Mile Soufh of Jefferson PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. 220I Leonard Sfreef RA 22I I LONE STAR CAMERA EXCHANGE LAMAR AND SMITH L S M E T FUNERAL DIRECTORS Lone Sfar Makes Fairesf Trades Nafional Brand Cameras Experf Phofo Finishing Camera Repairs Free Insfrucfion 334 Wes'I' Jefferson WH6-425 I Orchid Ambulance Service 800 WEST JEFFERSON WH6-2 I 46 WH6-2 I47 Funeral Service Insurance From Birfh fo Ninefy Years OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY "EveryI'I1ing for fI1e Office" I304-I0 YOUNG STREET RA 4573 RICHARDSON BROS. FENCE COMPANY 284I Ff. Worfh Ave. WH 6-7523 WH6-4062 6213 GYUMSE 72 f' MIIPDRTRAITS COLBERT'S 220 W. Jefferson "The Smarfesf Adamson Co-Eds Shop af Colberf's" - fa MANHATTAN MOTOR COMPANY S. A. MEAZELL We Buy-We Sell-We Trade Used Cars 9fh and Jefferson Bus. WH-8-3389 Res. DR-4-36l7 CECIL BISHOP MOTORS 247 Soufh Indus'I'riaI PR 452I FLOWERS EOR I W, EVERY OCCASION Wil I SDIO ,Y 2739 S. Hampfon Road FE 433I WE WIRE FLOWERS SHAFT'S Home of Those Good DouIaIe Rich Thick MaII's I 600 N. Beckley WH6-0492 DALLAS BUTANE GAS CO. 423 W. Commerce RI 5488 DEPENDABLE SALES AND SERVICE ROUTE SERVICE CompIe+e Carburafion Service CLAY'S BARBER SHOP 2736 S. Beckley Open 8:00 A.M. Io 8:00 P.M. YOUR BUSINESS APPRECIATED MOORE REAL ESTATE 3 I 5 Beckleywood F. E. CLAY, Owner WH'-0785 WH3-0122 VERY BEST WISHES MAHER BROS. From 301 N. Ewing a+ s+h ALBERT ROLLINS WH8-735I INSURANCE AGENCY DALLAS' ONLY COMPLETE AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER 2 I 6 S. Llewellyn WH2-7270 24 Hour Service .A SE HELM PGNTIAC. INC. :za so. LANCASTER New and Used Cars WH-a-3561 EAA96 " wb. 8 hifi FAY'S JEWELERS Diamond's Wa+ches GIHS OAK CLIFF'S OLDEST JEWELERS 367 W- Jeffefsof' i SAFETY BRAKE SERVICE E. E. BASS, Owner 305 N. Beckley WH-3-Sl I2 Congralulalions l'o flue "OAK" on Hs 40+h edifion, from ihe manager of l9l6 - Now in The furniiure business. Here 'ro welcome you and supply all your house hold needs' SMITH FURNITURE CO. Juuus H. SMITH, Manager 912 W. Jefferson ROSCOE GASS REXALL DRUG MERRILL'S FRESH ORANGE Prescripfion Specialisfs vol w. JEFFERSON '209 N- Zangs VV'-L6-2' I6 OPPOSITE LAKE CLIFF RICK FURNITURE Furnifure Carpefs Main Sfore NOW 3 CCNVENIENT LOCATIONS l909 Skillern Plaza l005 W. Jefferson Warehouse Store Garland, Texas II3 E. Jefferson MARSALIS COMPLIMENTS OF LINCOLN-MERCURY RUSSELL REALTY COMPANY 4I5 Ervay 232 NOYIII Marsalis WH6-ZIZ4 WI"I8-359I CONGRATULATIONS COMPLIMENTS OF LEOPARDS SPIVEY-BAUMANN FUR COMPANY 908 - I0 Commerce PR-I952 Cleaning, Glazing, Repairing Re-SI'yIing and Siorage FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE RALPH POWERS 300I GasI'on Ave. TA 99I5 Insurance Aufomobile-Fire-Casualry BRYAN'S SMOKEHOUSE Students Always Welcome 6l0 Wes? Jefferson DELMAR'S DRIVE IN I953 Norih lndus+riaI Blvd. Ra 0649 ron riirljon or Your cnolcs ,Beam sI'IOR',IlIAND k,u, l NO svmsots M ul ff57,IZr5w FAM O UAS AB C SYS TEM 5 9 1 J TYPING AVAILABLE Schools In DVI' 350 CWI! Qualify for 1. well paid position in only 6 weeks! "Go laces' P 150,000 Emduah' faster as :secretary because you are in line for opportunity . .. . you make important contacts . . . your talents are noticed. Speed- nu writing is based on the simple ABCs, you take dictation the fmnoyngng gnylq very first day . . . attain a speed of 120 WPM, 5096 faster than 0 Civil Service. Used in leading odices, Civil Service. Amazing U0 WORD! PER MINUTE low cost. Free trial lesson! Come, observe. Convince yourself. One lov: In No Elm Tuition o New Day or Evening Classes Every Monday Also Gregg SI'1OI"I'I'IaI'Id and Oiher Business Courses Please Send 'For Free Boolxlel- RUTHERFORD-METROPOLITAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 2020 Main RA-4538 . thou PQNZTNCTQ E 'bigger is f1f,w:1L CHARMODE BEAUTY SALON l0I8 S. Beckley WH6-424 I WH2-9894 . . IF YOUR HAIR IS NOT BECOMING TO YOU . . YOU SHOULD BE COMING TO US" n I'II Be Wearing My LEE RIDERS TOO THE H. D. LEE COMPANY 6I5 Nor+h Good S+. Dallas. Texas OAK CLIFF LANES 309 Eas+ Jefferson BOWLING AT ITS BEST - FULLY AIR CONDITIONED COMPLIMENTS OF AN DREWS-McDOWELL CCMPANY Insurance-Bonds 4I4 Davis Building RA-4I4l KEY MOTORS IOOO W. Jefferson WHI-0383 E-- M. ,MSEE HIS FAlN'S GARAGE 4I6 Wesi' Davis WH6-4472 r DOUGHERTY'S PHARMACY STORE NO. I STORE NO. 2 STORE NO. 3 STORE NO. 4 2009 S. Beckley 9l0 Vermoni' 4248 S. Lancasfer 2IOI S. Eclgefielcl ALMOST ALL HOMEMAKERS COOK WITH Flame Fast GAS if FASTER 1' 1001 SETTINGS i' CLEAN, SMOKELESS BROILING 'A' PERFECT BAKING if DEPENDABLE, SAFE And, for whai' if cos+s +o cook elecfrically for ONE YEAR, you can cook more 'khan FOUR YEARS wifh flame fasi GAS! COMPLIMENTS OF GRACE TEMPLE BAPTIST CHURCH "Growing Wi+h Oak Cli'F'F" Services on KSKY 8:05 A.M. and Il:0O A.M. Each Sunday BUEL R. CROUCH Pasior VIDAL JONES Music and Ecluca+ion CORNER OF TENTH AND TYLER VX X mf. A MW Q77 X M lg lf Li3'iRvf.g-. gg Xxx V, 'i J I "V T ing WI Q l.ilfl2 Gawai- WE LBORN E'S l20 W. Jefferson WH6.8I I9 22I0 S. Beckley WH2-6225 Complimenfs of CLYDE WHERRY 81 ASSOCIATES Jefferson Tower Bldg. CLYDE WHERRY-GRADY G. MARTIN WH-3-7534 Phone WH-6-3902 WATKINS MUSIC CO. Pianos - Band and Orchesfra Equipmenf - Accordions 838 W. JEFFERSON DALLAS, TEXAS HUNT'S DEPARTMENT STORE Wishes fo Congrafulafe fhe l956 Seniors Compliments of BARRETT CLEANERS ESTABLISHED OCT. l2, l9l4 Fine Cleaning Cold Storage 702 E. Jefferson Wh-8-75l I The South's Most Modern Cleaning Plant E. W. KERR, Owner BAPTIST PROGRESS PARIS PHfF'fAF3f BOOK STORE Opposlfe Mef odlsf osplfa 426 W. Jefferson 2I4 W. COLORADO Phone WH-I-I '88 "YOUR OAK CLIFF STORE" Bibles - Picfures - Books Church Supplies GIVE US A CHANCE TO SERVE YOU OAK CLIFF SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION "The Savings Insfifufion in Friendly Oak Cliff" BISHOP AT CENTRE LUBY'S JEFFERSON CAF ETERIA FINE FOOD FAST, FRIENDLY SERVICE COMPLIMENTS OF Ninfh af Lancasfer I-ri-ll Thru 'ro Jefferson -'SQL-Zi Telephone WH- I -I I6I COME OUT OUR WAY TRADE YOUR WAY CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO GRADUA- TING CLASS AND REMEMBER TO MEET WHERE FRIENDS SEMOS 605 FI. Wor'Il1 Ave. MIRAMAR l922 FI. Wor'rl1 Ave. SEMOS AND MIRAMAR Restaurant and Drive In YOUR HOST Chris Tom Semos Bo'Il1 Open 6:00 A.M. Io 2: A.M. POPULAR PRICES Privafe Parry Room Available +0 Serve 4 +o 600 People CURB SERVICE AT MIRAMAR 7 Days a Week Charcoal Srealcs and Hamburgers CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF I956 AT ADAMSON HIGH One of Our Three Favorile High Schools in Oak Cliff THE OAK CLIFF TRIBUNE ismcz 19033 Published Fridays- I3,000 Paid Circulalion THE STAR T TRIBUNE Published Wednesdays-32,000 Free Circulalion T20 Sunset WH-8-7515 JOE VOLCIK OAK CLIFF AUTO TOP TIPTON'S AND CLEANERS AND DYERS SEAT COVER COMPANY Fancy Tailored Seal' Covers and Converfible Tops 4I5 N. BECKLEY AVE. WH-6-4776 Supporling and Roofing 'for Ihe Leopards for 20 Years II6 S. Beckley WH-6-4647 FRANCES KING BOOK SHOP School Books Supplies Greeling Cards Sfafionary 929 W. Jefferson Nexf Door +o ROSEWIN THEATER Oak Cliff Floral for Every Blooming Thing 2lI E. COLORADO WH-I-56I6 I f'7 COMPLIMENTS OF w A Q A Q X47 UJXDW ff' ,,,,,f-"'n""""' , wr" .Q 12" nik -A 1-V -wk-iff' 4 ' . s :W 'TN-A X1 wx, Wx L X A 'Rd ' . . 17-,5?ln , -- TG A -- 'PH A f Emiimw f1:1wff?ff'Q"'i'l?2f. w:Qf+,w.a f+Ng322.2"f.a1e.w1:xQ sw: A R -QE ff? A . . A 2h 'w 5,g2igfgg, - ' N IK E -j xx , A W 1 vs " E QQ ff N W 'K ,fffgezkpf NES? 5-gifs: 53 'WA lr '55'f?rg4 LA' .-if war an wifi' ,A 3 ..,E-Www-A ga qi X- gf ., we .f??'z4'4' Y 17?S'fw?ifX'.f11 1 '-,.w,ML'1,,- ' kj X f s' . ,a E 7112. 'iff ' . A . N ,Q 4, , . ,S i Z Y 1 Q 'N .,, ,V-5' W :xg A 'W , E 32 rv. ' Y- Ex e-S5 .M +A ft .f A 4, 5- 1. - f-A YQ . .E 1 ., : vi '. Q . K E 'A E " K V1 FW I " if.: 4 : 2:3 ig-:ix ' E545 'Q,XYssZZui:if':lf'N:-Ei A . Q " S7 Q. -, 1 ' - .3535 -xx . 41, ,Nw . -fm . at . -SMJMQ isa. 1 w.K .+,r st f, v- Na, Q' 35325, . 1 is -, bxxxsw l LQ' 3 N12 V1 -if 1 . . A sl L sy W . - X- - ,,. W n . . .Q 'Q' 1 , . I Q . : ,5, A, lm., 1 fx Q, ., - w -1-,UQ 2 .A 4 . 'ff Ara-f Q' . ,, .. ,254 -wir S 5 'N-fiff fi E 1 -' ' ' M' AMERICAN COVER CO 2002 N. Fie BEAUTY MPANY Id PR-0677 Autographs FRED'S BARBECUE Our Specialfy BEEF - HAM - RIBS - CHICKEN We Prepare PARTIES - PICNICS - CUSTOM BARBECUE Wynnewood WH 3-423 I CENTRAL CLEANING AND LAUNDRY AGENCY l6l4 Commerce S+. Experi Shines PR4992 TWIN HI-WAYS DRIVE IN THEATER 8008 Wesi' Davis NALER'S DRUMSTICK Resiauranr II23 W. DAVIS TELEPHONE Wh2-2I20 glfgdtlfdflfe XXX :ie A If LLoYD's f 0'2" A: OAK CLIFF CREDIT JEWELERS fr f ' Phone WI-4084 207 W. Jefferson mm Q 5. f ' 1-fQ Q va, ., ' rv- his PW f ffp ' Qi Mr. Allen presents commissions to deserving cadets on the special R.O.T.CI. assembly Everyone was entertained by the precision drills of the drill team. s..Mnmq OUR THANKS O We, the Oak Staff of 1956, Wish to express our thanks to those who have contributed their untiring efforts in publishing this annual. The interest and enthusiasm of all have encouraged us. Especially do we wish to thank the Taylor Publishing Company for their understanding and help and Mr. Cathey, our photographer, for his patience and cooperation. Gratefully, O-Q, D THE OAK STAFF Qvfaafftf i yn -Jfzafufu 4a,QLM"Qj7ff-:af fffffj A Maw! ana! I I ygbv Qafawae fe ii - ' WMD AWD ff' J T if J U, pf-2 JJ au:EQgTZ.JZ:3,Q..u W45!Q'x?f5'7iAyW ,aku-e.uf'a-4.510-U. dzxheafng' gD6f,,Lfi'f,68' yew 4,512-15:7-4.9 I VXW2: M iii? Jmgwwwhd 02gff"W'fgY7'fL',,Jf1y WZEWJ f Jfpfb OL DMZ W , M' iii? Qi, Graf? MMM

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