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kv... 5 . 'fi' ' V4 fi. . af. 6' ga 535 f '-Q,-,, 31.441425 42 'ali V ,443 - -An-A 'J ff 1 1 ' 1 , -1-,T---Q ,. vue I , -Q..'--,, ."w V. - -Ars F 1. 'A .-f, rn '..f:L..fb, A ' --fu.--X ,:. 1-fffirf " .'k-"'.- Az:-Jw fx," fig . A 'C sa". ' - 1 Q 'f nf ,. 1 -.. f .- 1 M ' .1 nr .- , , V V - A 4-.. ,--.rv . 1. V. .1 A :,.-,- .- 4 ,--- ' ,ue '-:"'-"'- AL -.- .. Y- . 1 4: rf -,..,-A f E.:-wil ... -, ,E qw- - 'l-f' 'r -Q."'-.1-Q,4,fI.' ...f,..x fl, Q-L., ::1lg5fjLg.,5:l ,wal - . -2 5 .- i fffgpi, f.lQi,gf-:ilQ.f,-,L-,1J-i.- - V1-T, ,,-....f 'li .ITV Lila: -5.5-f-19:5-i".:,.1j:3A -:sua-mf., rg-14..,,-QV,1:-Z1,,.-4z8.f,,. 1, +ua2111?, .LQW-:2.yf,...,u..1.v.f.f.uq y:,g4f,.v3 V an ' V K I . V , ' V A , my L ,Q A g I I 4 M - Q 1 ,S . - O X 'Y' f X 11 , ' V Q 6 1 I T555 gi 1,5 lm' . 5 45 'Qi l. I F? 11 P ji yi 51' J! . H if 9 5 51:2 , if . . ' . .U 15 D!-Q .- 1 5 -I if '0- fl ' ni .H 125 jj: si in 1"YJ . , .1 mid 2 Q Ffa 'JM H N45 A 31 . 1,0 nj' n rn? X I 9.3 'li Q3 5 .uP w ag: 'fa Am ut? is ' .gt 9-bf ,9 .gif 1 id ,Vg Q91 ' Nil 4 EJ 1 .r vga. .fa , 3.3. , ga. E V 1- All' ,ff ai if-H 'viz QQ". F is . U 39, 'Q iii ai" lf, , 91. ,, . '1 , Q, fer- 39.2 Q I Q-1 513 ii! at fi' . I- ., I, elf A . -if? 'L-.i5'?'7i1'rq5' 'd " , FV' .x 'l"P,p"f"""'Nkf!A :FE -, :'.1,,.-' ,F 2+-3 a-1'-V ,-. f, 'gkg-gf' ,.Q'-fp: 4- vi: -. -y.-'-,:g W -: ,-zu: . V --1 Q f. , .K1v,,Eh'i3g.5eq?+f,r?n:?!?.Q:,??E,A,,Lv!7v,:.,igdfrl ,JM LW ., T I-, ,,,r'7g1 , 9133- 5:,g3,l,x,,53,-,.f ,. gym. 1,-y 1 vi , ,.-Zh., . .V , .- , , V., . . SSSNMLS f ' A544 jlfwf - A ' . 4:3 Q' my-' xx , .X x - -v ' - ff fwfg if-' "' .' a n fn-, --. Jr? -- V- V 'U .,-V- , A ,. J- . .. ..-. , , f- f-,-1..- .5 ,.. , ,.-..n7-, 4:-,...,.f.-,, 4 fx ., M. 4. ,. , .n ., .r.v1f+,'?.3f-maj, fzmfszgawf-gf-ff wi-.119 ffvfgi, 90? .gag rpzgufpp 3 ,,-,afar . , ijlvi' il,-3 .x .:..'-. 1. W A., L, .1 cgi, L .A . , . . .7 .. b .JrB:gM5?d?5g,ff55,5Qgfpg-5 ,, ,,5 ,1 Y My 9 W iw W4 v, ,w . ' Qwwwix H 4 A ' 5 ,jay W Q A -X ii ,va 0 If . N - s E Q ii Q E K? KM pf my J J N E3 if VJ Q M Wi 2 gikia JP Wx 'T .1 I, . , , . . .. -- . , .,-.. Y U- . ' - 'f.- A . . A , ,V-. ,.-.-.ffHs.:':"l'-w'-""'-'44'.-i".f,f'f-.Av-,'1'-w.'1'5"1. sv qv' f L' W' '51-'ff-, T. .g fir -' .1 1 A :JP .1 -G.'1'--tid.-,'Q'.-2-?,':',L',,-ij-'rf-'s',:"','g7,"?5i7'-V' Y: 51,2-l"f-'P-4, Z ' ,Iwi-' -- f- ,,,. f 'sffilf L11 'N -:Pm "-vikalifgf.14t..ra54.g.Q.'mEe4s'55'-11:22:11-312ser-gafargiiei-Q:-Hvgaelf!-:AE5533-Efiezhseieifwliwfzaiigf-Prfes-fdiskelf-1 ' ',.1-e-ge-w!see9errz1+4ffaesff:effiw-43f-fi-fz-4ff1:.-ff-+31- , .. if' .-,. .M M M W '-A ff U!! I LQ +3 W f 'X if My . I fwf if MN O' W5 Mm oy Q. Qu ' , 0, X Q - 1 J , , L f if f f 'WW MMJW CMM? ff ff? ,yjfw M fffii ,ff W W A Riffjgwf ! QA Of My QNOQMWN WM S252-if wmi MW A 'M f fuoffwnkif wi WAV: , 1 . iw ,- iff ,H - -. ?':E -. -, - . 1 4, . .ff- -V ' - 'I V- 1 L- . 1 " -' lf' ' 7 A V fi " si.:--'fr ,M -+1" .'.f' .V-.JH-f f -.'fFe" - -fff i n 1 A ' - 1 ' -A fl!" 3 LL A " xr , , - 2 W- u -y up f' J- '- 'MF AF?-.94 11 ',- ' V . zyfi., -. ll.: .1 .1 T, yr.:-,.,n - .,., .'.,, 'T-J5 'r eg , 1., ', .H-,-.' -I !p,. -lf ,fA.,l ,1-s ly - grfjr 'A - :' ' L4 'ff .f?'f:fw-15'-uf L - X 5, 1 .E wiv? -4 ' fa' ff' A91 -' 'Q ' 1 ii ,t'1.1: , fgfj., Y "M-'if' "4 1 .11e!Hf'?f5 ' MU CR W PQ, Q A, LA W 95 W WW . y QE, H-'21, . 9 ' JI mg W mC'PCz444Z4d!g fgiffgwwfjw QQ QW W , N N WWW W H sw "" WQQWZTQMM JWWQ WZ 3556 mf? fad EM Y ' ,ff M 1 3 . . :Q?,?,',io4 X wb QQ , 3 ,x 3 S . , gl 5 Q 02 f 3 . J WN U P I J Sf we , J xg, jlpy' W up In Tyr? A E 1 . 1 X 2 l Q 5 Y! ' X L 1 , f X t IV,y., , 37 3 4 ffla'n..., :' ry XMIIEM if gk' LT? :N MJ , NE x ,in " yt, X5 L.. , K, 4, 5 Q: I Q lv s "' A,- f" -Q.. 2.1. W ' M N-f,,' R X Byars 1 as xi S Q1 1 5 fa' ff 5' ug ,F Q A - H -S 2 , - 4 ,rl . f , ' Q55 Q 2 M740 iwgfw .,.... . .. .,.. ..,. - ...-...M-A f yx J M Q dv SY ,, , YA Q-W y Our Principal We, the Senior Classes of 1955, pay tribute to Howard A. Allen-counselor, teacher, administrator, and friend-for his devotion to the task of implanting in our minds a strong regard for duty, high ideals, and Christian virtues, which will govern our lives in years to come. in ff ' xi i CTW' x ,t A B 2 k -Lf- . ,151 ,,L: t J -'afwks w, A ' Ji' X .t ,f ,fy , i "f in X N to - ' of A , Q , ,i . W it, , ,Wg f Dedication In appreciation of her untir- ing efforts, her patience, her interest, and that ready smile so indicative of her nature tin- Senior Classes of 1955 7 ilwlic-ate this volume of the mt to Mrs. Minnie Bram- ivllv. THE OA K Presented by Senior Classes 1955 We have attempted to present this '54-'55 school year just as it happened, event by event. Here is the year just passed with the friends, activities and memories that you, the student body, have made. s -THE EDITOR N First row: Vera Takats, Wilma Hooter, Carol Whitter, Evelyn Zmolik, en a Howe, Umphrey Willman, Billy Dennis, Patrie Terry. Second row: Kerry Ann Wilson, artha Paskal, Valerie Webber, Peggy Smith, Betty Moore, Gwen Tutton, Amos Lawrence, John Stracener Th' d 0 ' Rodger Ellis, Jerry Thompson, Bill Sockwell, Frank White, Fred Price, .loe Shm dt Th a Wells, Dewey Burton. ' Autographs O5 W WWW T W mf . if W of Qfiwfi yry y Slldhhs 2262? 4 Q We of Qsillfsll W Sooner F 3 i fm: sfmum 11:1 1 .lx f f lm -an lf Afkkf fwwee-5 , . . ,ww www' . F acult MARGARET MAY WILHELMINA J. B. H. B. W. D. HARRIS HASELTINE HEDDE HEAD HESTER HILL History English Public Speaking Mathematics Wood Shop Physical Education I ' ii o ffm-. . 'Ei iili so , f'w.1:f 115. LEV1 9 Y GERALDINE HELEN VIRGINIA Q BURL ROBERTA , HELEN HOLLOWAY HORN JUERGENS KIGER KING KEUHNE Secretary English Spanish History Spanish History ag. U is Q P ."' 'tiy I j sssssli 'iii ,..k R. O. WINNIE L. C. LUCILLE MAX LADD LANGFORD LEFTWICH McNIEL MADRID Biology History Mathematics Study Hall Instrumental Music D. E. MELTON HAZEL WANDA Industrial MILLER MILLS Cooperative Training Typing History MALON E Biology Facult HELEN JEANETTE EURICE RUTH MINNIE ADUDDELL ALSTON BASS BELL BRAMLETTE English and French Math Physical Ed English Math 3 gi g, F 2 Hx 5 ' I -,f.1'- swiss S ix. ,Q T ,Lsiswsn Q,-.ii E. COL. H. C. IDABEL L. E. BURGESS CABANISS CAMPBELL R.O.T.C. Clothing Mechanical Commandant Drawing JOHN TOM RAE CARTER CHANDLER CULLUM Math Physical Ed Physical Ed VERDE SA CARL DICKEY ETHERIDGE FINLEY Math English Journalism RIPPLE ARVO LEONARD FRAZIER GODDARD GRISWOLD Foods Band History FRANK GLADYS GUZICK HAMBY W. T. HAMILTON Sales Library Assistant Pl'1YSiCS Faculty KATHERINE MORELLE J. D. NALL JAMES EUGENIA NELL PAGE MOLL MOORE History NELSON NEWBERRY Distrihutive School Nurse Study Hall Commercial Spanish Education ANN PATRICK MABEL RUTH RUFFIN CHARLES MEREDITH P. T. SHORES English ROCKETT English SANFORD SCHROEDER Accounting English Commercial Art R. N. SMITH JOE STALCUP BLANCHE JOE TEAGUE FRANCES MARY LOUISE Mathematics Debate STOVALL Music THOMPSON UNDERWOOD Study Hall Library English EDWIN WAITS KIRBY WATKINS History General Science Parent - Teacher Association Parent-Teacher Association membership offers opportunity To unite the forces of home, school, church and community in behalf of chlldren and youth. To promote an understanding of school standards, objectives and activities To develope programs and study courses on the needs of children and youth and the responsibilities of parents. To establish activities: constructive, preventive, and protective. To promote legislation for the welfare of children and youth. To cooperate with other organizations in child welfare projects. To develope informed members and efficient leaders. To build a united community, state, nation and world working together for the welfare of children and youth. OFFICERS President ..........,..,.,,,,,e,,,,,,,..,. First Vice President ,.,,.,.., MRS. WAYNE P. BRIDGES MRS. J. A. WARD Second Vice President ,,,,,,,,,r,rr,,, MRS, R, C, CARPENTER . 1. . Third lice President ...,... ,.,,.,,,,,..,, M RS, J. O, STEWART F'ourth Vice President ,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, MRS, K, P, WRIGHT Fifth Vice President ......., MRS. LEONARD FRANSEEN Sixth Vice President ,,.,............ MRS. H. F. FULKERSON Seventh Vice President Recording Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,,, Corresponding Secretary Treasurer ..... .........,.....,.... Historian .....,., . ,,,,,,, , Parliamentarian W- ,,,,, Delegate to Council ..,... MRS. TOM KING MRS. E. G. ROBBINS MRS. BUD GREEN MRS. GEO. B. GREEN MRS. EUGENE WOODSIDE MRS. PETE ANDRIAN MRS. HENRY W. WILSON Delegate to Council .....,,,. ...,,,,,-,,,,,,,.,, M RS, SAM TIMPA Dallas Public Schools Administration W. T. WHITE Superintendent of Schools Board of Education Edwin L. Rippy, M.D. Mrs. Tracy H. Rutherford .lack H. Breard R. L. Dillard, Jr. Mrs. Vernon D. Ingram Franklin E. Spafford Rouse Howell Van M. Lamm EWELL D. WALKER Assistant Superintendent Personnel ROBERT H. McKAY BRYAN ADAMS Assistant Superintendent Secretary Instruction Business Manager THOMAS W. MEEK Assistant Principal LONA BELLE SPRUIELL Dean Dadgs Club PURPOSE OF DAD'S CLUB The chief function of the Adamson Dad's Club is to sponsor and finance worthwhile projects for the school a-nd student body whlch are not normally provided for in the regular school budget OFFICERS President .....,.,,,,........,...., .,A........ A . MELLOR First Vice President ,......., ..,.,., W . P. BRIDGES Second Vice President .A...,,,, .....,...,,...... J . T. DEPEW Third Vice President ........ ......... Fourth Vice President .......... Fifth Vice President ......... Secretary-Treasurer J. A. RANDOLPH D. A. COOK, JR. J. A. TANNER R. L. DAVIS "D" Club Dollies Jane and Howard Fall F rolzcs 1 954 Ralph and Mike-, Bro. Smith tells about his cows Contribute now. Go! Go! Go! ..." "The Cloversl-, Fashion Show? 2 3 33 3 ? ww 1f,:-muy: -I - - 1" -azz.1ffq, 5353 -22 ,215 dr fi .1-ff ' ful?" Ag Q1i'::w-:Z Mig Q E J V. ,- . E. , My, V 1 WJ-zz- . , ,,,.,Jf?5 . I Zl???"!'2. . ig X wif' sin 53-if Qi ' fini ws? -ag? iiv, Q! ,Q ik if' ' W 5 m y , fx 1 32 .M - 1 9 A V :gfg:gf,,wg -, f fx Q2 -F - 5511 1 v x 1 I r 5 1 A H A f A 1 4 I ,Q .KX igg:l?Q5:f',N4,, A 'H 1 gig ,J L1" f?f229E4fQgf,YE,wlfiii. 'gsxwigfy mf 5,1 .-2gggs,ggzf...:,f ,L mix: gn,3g.,LQ,,155,' My gl 4, ,, F, -g 45?32IT.:.j. L , SHOIN 4 4 I 1 l A K v ANGELL, JAMES-President National Honor, Two-Year Football Letterman, Hi-Y, "D" Club, Key Club, Secretary 4A Class, Vice President 4B Class, Two-Year Linz Pin, Allied Youth. BATES, LYNAVETA-Press Club, Junior Red Cross. BEVERING, EDDIE-One-Year Foot- ball Letterman, HD" Club, Sports Editor Acorn, Student Council, Vice President PT Aides, Secretary Hi-Y, Vice Presi- dent 1B and IA Classes. BOONE, CONNIE-National Honor So- ciety, Cheerleader 54--55, Leopardette 52-54-, Select Chorus, Blue Choir, Two Linz Bible Awards, Senior Social Chairman, Senior Play Cast, Secretary 3A and 4B Class, President Dallas Historical Society, One-Year Linz. BOURLAND, BILLY PAUL-Hi-Y, In- dustrial Club, Blue Band, Basketball, Boys' Chorus, Allied Youth. BOURLAND, DANNY-Social Dance, Junior FBI, ROTC Rifle Team, Gun Club, Sportsman's Club. BRITTINGHAM, NAN-Allied Youth, President of Art Club, President Fash- ion Design Club, Ice Skating Club, Select Chorus, Senior Play Cast, Girls' Chorus, Social Committee. BROOKS, EDWARD-Allied Youth, Boneheads, Press Club, Motion Picture Operators. Officers' Club, Camera Club. BULLARD, BARBARA-Allied Youth, Dad's Club Football Princess, Girls' Chorus. BURLESON, HELEN-Student Assist- ant, Allied Youth, Home Economics, Modeling. CADWALLADER, FRANK-Band, Al- lied Youth, Radio Club, Camera Club, Orchestra, Square Dance Club, NCO Club, Officers' Club. CARTER, BETTY ANN-Vice Presi- dent of Pan American Club, Select Chorus, Senior Play, Student Council, ROTC Sponsor 53-54, Modeling Club, President Home Economics Club, Al- lied Youth, Girls' Chorus. FITE, MONTE- President Student Council, President 4B Class, Vice President 4-A Class, Editor Oak, Vice President National Honor Society, Track Letterman and Captain, Linz Bible Award, Key Club, "D" Club, Vice President Allied Youth, Linz and Everts Award. FOMBY, JANICE-Girls' Chorus, Se- lect Chorus, Allied Youth, Dallas His- torical Society, Linz and Everts Awards, Contest Club. FRANK, EMOGENE-National Honor Society, National Thespians, Four-Year Linz and Everts Awards, Two-Year Bible Award, Fashion Design Club, President, Senior Play Cast, Girls' Chorus. GEORGE, SIDNEY-Student Council, Senior Play, Boxing Club, Social Dance, Square Dance Club, Junior Boneheads, Track. HARDEN, SUE-National Honor So- ciety, Leopardette 52-55, Linz Bible Award, Medical Professions Club, Future Nurses' Club, Student Assistant, Oak Representative, Linz and Everts Award. HARRIS, DAVID--Senior Hi-Y, Senior Invitation Committee, Allied Youth. COWAN, BOB-Radio Club, ROTC Rifle Team, DE. DAVIS, JOE-National Honor Society, President Select Chorus 54-55, Blue Choir, Male Quartet, Mixed Quartet, Jody Drill Team Commander 54-55, Regimental Executive Officer, Presi- dent Radio Club 54-55, Grand High Bonehead 53-54, Senior Play Cast. DEPEW, JIMMY-National Honor S0- ciety, Grand High Bonehead, Battalion Commander, Cheerleader 54-55, PT Aid, Linz Pin, Senior Play Cast, Press Club, Football, Officers' Club. EMMETT, DELORES EDNA-Select Chorus, Blue Choir, Girls' Sports Club, Social Dance, Scholarship Award, Al- lied Youth, Girls' Chorus, Blue Note Trio. FAGAN, PAT-Four-Year Linz Pin, Four-Year Everts Award, National Honor Society, President Modeling Club 54-55, Y-Teens, Student Assistant, Scholarship Club, Allied Youth. FERGUSON, JOYCE-Secretary Na- tional -Honor, Medical Professions Club, Senior Social Committee, Oak Staff, Linz Bible Award, Secretary 1B and 2B Classes, Student Council, Stu- dent Assistant, Linz and Everts Awards. HARRIS, DON-Boxing Club, Hi-Y, Art Club, Football, DE, Allied Youth. HAYES, NORMAN-Select Chorus, ROTC, President Medical Association. HENSON, JIMMIE-Allied Youth, ROTC, ICT Student. HIEBERT, JERRELL BERT-Junior Boneheads, Junior FBI, Allied Youth, Gun Club, Sports Club, Non-Commis- sioned Officers' Club. HOLBERT, CAROLYN-President Y- Teens, Modeling, Allied Youth. IRION, ROBERT-President National Honor Society, President IB, IA, 2A, 4A Classes, President Allied Youth, Three-Year Football Letterman, Track, Captain, Regimental Commander, Vice President "D" Club, Junior Rotarian Four-Year Linz, Four-Year Everts. JOHNSON GWEN KWINTERSP Treasurer Y-Teens Girls Chorus Al- lied Youth Senior Invitation Commit- tee Student Assistant Modeling Club. JOHNSON LOUIDA ANNETTE- Cheerleader Modeling Club President Press Club President Allied Youth Treasurer Senior Play Cast Senior Program Committee Editor of Acorn Y-Teens. KING JACK-Junior Boneheads Medi- cal Profession Club Allied Youth. LAIN, MELVEEN-Press Club, Junior Red Cross. MCAFEE, GARY - Officers' Club, ROTC Officer, Motion Picture Club, Blue Band, Stage Crew, Allied Youth, Junior FBI, President of Camera Club. MCKINNEY, JANET-Modeling Club, Y-Teens, Secretary Library Club, Leop- ardette, Senior Invitation Committee, Secretary 3B Class, Oak Staff, Allied Youth. PATTERSON, PAT - Pan American Club, Creative Writing Club, Two-Year Linz Pin, Make-Up Committee of Sen- ior Play. PHILLIPS, ROBERT-National Honor Society, ROTC Officer, Bonehead "Lit- tle Chief," Radio Club, Linz Pin. RATCLIFF, BOB-Football, Track, Junior Boneheads, Medical Professions Club, Radio Club, Science Club, Senior Play Cast, Senior Invitation Committee, One-Year Linz Pin. RENFROE, GAYLE-Football, Allied Youth, Senior Hi-Y Sergeant-at-Arms, Boxing Club, Social Dance, Square Dance, Tennis. RIPPLE, SHIRLENE-Square Dance Club, Dallas Historical Society, Secre- tary Library Club, Allied Youth, Mixed Chorus. ROBBINS, CAROL-Student Council, ROTC Regimental Sponsor, Student Assistant, Home Economics Club, Two- Year Linz and Everts, Allied Youth. MARTIN, LARRY-President National Forensic League, President Debate Club, National Thespians, National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, Vice President Pan-American Club, Key Club, Cercle Francaise, Jun- ior Rotarian. MEDLEY, JOE-Allied Youth, Junior Boneheads, Junior FBI, Gun Club, Sportsman's Club, ROTC Officer. MILLER, A. C.-Two-Year Baseball Letterman, All-City in Baseball 1954, Two-Year Basketball Letterman, Presi- dent 3A, 3B Class, Vice President 2A Class, Key Club, "D" Club, Hi-Y, One- Year Linz Pin, Pan American Club. MYERS, DON-Football, Latin Club, Junior FBI Club, Gun Club, Sports- man's Club. OWEN, BARBARA ANN. PARK, JOE-Key Club, Senior Hi-Y, Football Letterman, Allied Youth, So- cial Dance Club, Oak Staff, One-Year Linz Pin. :::'v:4,a1-- ' -4-:acer 'RQQE A' az Zmr 45 'b'w:f'- 'Wg X ' .ab -K' JQQV RDBERSON, GARY-Football Letter- man, Hi-Y, Key Club, Allied Youth. SANFORD, JACK-Junior FBI, Junior Boneheads, ICT. SHEPHERD, JACK-Social Dance, Junior FBI, Blue Band, Allied Youth. SMITH, EDITH YVONNE-Y-Teens, Dramatics Club, Allied Youth. SPANGLER, JACK-Cheerleader 54- 55, National Honor Society, Advanced Bible Award, Key Club, Senior Hi-Y, FBI Club President, Student Council, Four-Year Linz and Everts Awards, Senior Play Cast, Allied Youth Second Vice President. SPENCER, GERALD-Select Chorus, Officers' Club, Bonehead Club, Senior Play, Blue Choir, Drill Team, Vice President Select Chorus, Junior FBI, Adamson Quartet. W' . - 1 F I ,yt 62 J If . in-V-ig iif., f 'S sg gigs H, 1 P, ff 35,33 X ' It J l Q w AA . :gil ,", 1f2,fi.1i' STARK, ROBERT-Hi-Y, Social Dance, Square Dance, Boxing Club, Al- lied Youth. SWANNER, MARTHA - Leopardette 52-54, Majorette 54-55, Chairman of Senior Program Committee, Secretary Allied Youth, Select Chorus, Senior Play Cast, Linz Bible Award, Press Club, Square Dance. TERRY, GENE PAUL-Allied Youth. TOMLINSON, JIMMY-Senior Hi-Y, Allied Youth, Football, Track, Base- ball, Senior Social Committee, Jody Drill Team, Vice President 1B Class, Press Club. TUCKER, PAT QMAPLESP-National Honor Society, Y-Teens, Chairman Sen- ior Invitation Committee, Modeling Club, Allied Youth, Pan-American Club, One-Year Bible Award, Social Dance Club, Linz Award. TUCKER, WELDON-Hi-Y, "D" Club, Allied Youth, Football Letterman. WHITTER, DONALD-Junior Bone- head Club, Junior FBI, Allied Youth, Camera Club. WYATT, PATSY-Leopardette 52-55, Historical Society Vice Presidentg Cam- era Club Secretary, Junior Red Cross Secretary, Oak Representative, Girls' Select Chorus. YOUNG, RONALD-Allied Youth, Stage Crew, Social Dance, Square Dance, ROTC Boxing Club, FBI. ZIMMERMAN, HARRY G.-ROTC Officer, Drill Team, Rifle Team, Gun Club President, Officers' Club, Science Club. TUNNELL, SUE-Red Cross Represen- tative, Press Club, Senior Play Cast, Red Cross Cluh, Roller Skating Club, Modeling Club. TRIBBLE, BOB-Allied Youth, Foot- ball and Track Teams, Hi-Y, Senior Play Cast, Senior Day Program Com- mittee, Linz Pin. UTLEY, CHARLENE-Y-Teens, Mod- eling Club, Allied Youth, Student As- sistant. WATSON, CAROLYN-Allied Youth, Dallas Historical Society, Contest Club Treasurer. WEAR, ELAINE-National Honor So- ciety, Dallas Historical Society, Con- test Club President, Four-Year Linz and Everts Awards, Allied Youth. WHITE, CAROL-Camera Club, Dallas Historical Society President, Senior Play. No picture: Night School: Milam, Helen Chester, Carol Mizell, James Crouch, J oy Reynolds, Wayne Dutton, Bill Frank, Donald Gibson, Don Jackson, William McDonald, Mary Lou Young, Bonnie May Mary and Roberi' Joe and Be-Hy Connie and Don Don and Margie Barbara and Gary Billy and Jean Carol and Bob Linda and Jack Virginia and Bob Whose Who's Carolyn and Lufher Gerald and Nancy 1 , R Jackie and David J une 1955 Class Officers - President ........... .............. J IMMY HUNTER Vice President .................... LUTHER BRANNON Secretary ............ .............. S YLVIA JORDAN AKIN, SALLYE C.-Art Club, Dallas Historical Society, National Honor S0- ciety, Blue Band, Junior Citizen's Traf- fic Commission, Junior Achievement, Linz Award. AKERLUND, ERIC-Football, Debate, Treasurer Hi-Y, Acorn Staff, 'ROTC, Current Events Club, Vice President Press Club, Allied Youth. ANDRIAN, CLAIRE-Student Assist- ant, Scholarship Club, French Club, Modeling Club, Dallas Historical So- ciety, Allied Youth, PT Aides, Art Club, Pan American Club. ALLEN, SHIRLEY - Y-Teens, A 1' t Club, Modeling Club, Oak Represen- tative, Select Chorus, Girls' Chorus. ANDREWS, DICK-DE. ASTON, BOB-Allied Youth, Hi-Y, "D" Club, Football Letterman, Track. BAIN, RONALD HUGH, Gun Club, Magician Club, Allied Youth. BAKER, IMOGENE-Sports Club, Junior Red Cross, Garden Club, Square Dance. BARRETT, BARBARA-Social Dance, Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Dallas His- torical Society, Ice Skating, Two-Year Linz Bible Award, Modeling Club. BEARD, RAYMONDrRadio Club, Al- lied Youth, Square Dance Club, Social Dance Club, Gun Club. BECKER, BETTY-Modeling Club, Al- lied Youth, Interior Decorating Club. BENSON, SUSAN-Secretary National Thespians, Co-Editor of Acorn, Scholar- ship Club, Quill and Scroll, National Forensic League, Chess Club, Oak Rept- resentative. BRISTER, PEGGY-lce Skating, Y- Teens, Allied Youth, Fall Company Sponsor, Spring 55 Regimental Spon- sor, Modeling, PT Aide, Dramatics Social Dance. BROUSSARD, D U N C A N - Allied Youth, Square Dance, Boxing Club, Gun Club, Sportsman's Club, DE. BROWN, BARBARA KATE-Secre tary Student Council, Select Chorus, Blue Choir, President 2B Class, Span- ish National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Acorn Staff, Y-Teens, Reporter Pan-American Club, Allied Youth. BUTCHER, PEGGY-Select Chorus, President Girls' Sports Club, Red Cross, Blue Choir, One-Year Linz Award, Home Economics, President, Student Council, Girls' Chorus, PT Aides. CARPENTER, JIMMY-Baseball Man- ager, Select Chorus, Key Club, Two- Year Linz Bible Award, Allied Youth. CARTER, LYNDAL-Football, Social Dancing, Allied Youth, FBI Club. BIBBY, JERRY W.-Vice President of 2B Class, Football Letterman, "D" Club, Key Club, President Hi-Y, Linz Bible Award, Secretary of Tumbling. BLANKENSHIP, CATHARINE- Square Dance Club, Junior Red Cross, Home Economics Club, Allied Youth, Garden Club. BLANKENSHIP, J E R R Y-Football Three Years, Senior Hi-Y, Radio Club, Allied Youth, Stage Crew, Gun Club, ROTZ, ICT, VIC Club, Social Dance Club. BOHANAN, JAMES E.-Key Club, Hi-Y, Quill and Scroll, Debate Club, President Allied Youth, President Radio Club, President 3B, 3A Class, Press Club Officer, Business Editor of Acorn. BOLLMAN, JANICE-Allied Youth, DE, Modeling, Linz Award, Scholar- ship Club. BRANNON, LUTHER-National Honor Society, Four-Year Linz and Everts Award, Vice President 4-B Class, Presi- dent of Camera Club, Chairman of 4B Nominating Committee, Bookroom As- sistant, Co-Editor Oak, Student Coun- cil, Hi-Y, Key Club. CATHEY, EMERY-Basketball, Band Four Years. CLEMENTS, BILLY. CHANDLER, PEGGY-Senior Invita- tion Committee, Scholarship Club Two Years, Y-Teens, Blue Band, Student Assistant, Girls' Sport Club, Square Dance Club, Junior Red Cross Repre- sentative, Student Council, Allied Youth. CHILDRESS, LAMAY-Bible Credit Award, Modeling, Square Dance. COKER, ANN-Select Chorus, Tennis, Modeling Club, Allied Youth, A, Har- ris Advisory Board 54-55, Linz Bible Award. CONEY, DON-Vice President Key Club, Vice President Debate Club, Vice ,President 2B Class, National Honor Society, National Thespians, Hi-Y, .lun- ior Rotarian, City Champ. Debate 54, Regional Champ Debate 54, Stu- dent Council, Four-Year Linz and' Everts Award. X X Yt'tXK,'li -,MN yvillixi COX, CAROLYN-Leopardette 53-55, Social Dance, Square Dance, Student Council, Allied Youth, Tennis, Scholar- ship Club. CREEL, CAROLYN-National Honor Society, Modeling Club, Y-Teens, Stu- dent Council. CROSSLAND, JAMES-Hi-Y, Allied Youth, ROTC, Press Club, Sportsman's Club, Boxing Club, Distributive Educa- tion. CUTBERTH, SHIRLEY-Fashion Club, Square Dance Club, Girls' Choir. DAVIS, ANNE-Pan American Club, Student Council, Oak Representative, National Honor Society, Four-Year Linz and Everts Award, ROTC Sponsor, Se- lect Chorus, Girls' Sports Club, Student Assistant, Vice President Future Teachers. DAVIS, JACKIE-Column Editor of Acorn, 1954- Football Princess, Secre- tary 2B and 2A Classes, Quill and Scroll, 1953 Tennis Team, President Modeling Club, Allied Youth, Girls' Sport'Club, Social Dance Club, Fashion Club. FREEMAN, JOE. FULLER, J A N 1 s - Modeling Club, Square Dance, Social Dance, Current Events, Allied Youth. GARRETT, ROBERT-Football Let- terman, Allied Youth, Hi-Y, "D" Club. GEISER, SHEILA-Acorn Staff, Press Club, Blue Band, Allied Youth, Social Dance, Tennis Club. GEORGE, PANZIE JEAN-Dallas His- torical Society, Square Dance, Typing Club, Junior Achievement Award, Re- porter for Acorn. GREGORY, WILLIAM-Football, Al- lied Youth, Social Dance Club, Student Council, Industrial Cooperative Train- ing, Debate, Junior Boneheads. DAVIS, PATSY-Medical Professions Club, Allied Youth, Dallas Historical Society, Modeling Club, Tennis Club. DEEN, JAMES ALFRED-Night School. DILLON, JERRY BOB-Typing Club, FBI Club, Tumbling Club, Dramatic Club. DELANEY, L E T H A - Junior Red Cross, Fashion Design. FERGUSON, DAVID-"D" Club, Key Club, Student Council, Acorn Reporter, Allied Youth, Two-Year Baseball Let- terman, President 1B Class, Quill and Scroll. FRANKLIN, JEANIE-Four-Year Linz Award, National Honor Society, Tennis Club, Pan American Club, Dramatic Club. 1 a Q I it gr . . , 4459 E ,, ,V V, 55. M, ,. GUY, JEAN-National Honor Society, Four-Year Linz and Everts Award, Sec- retary IA Class, Student Council, Stu- dent Assistant, Oak Representative, President Junior Red Cross, Treasurer Home Economics Club, President Gar- den Club, Allied Youth. HANKINS, ANN-Select Chorus, Ten- nis Team, Radio Club Secretary, Mod- eling Club, PT Aide, Allied Youth, Latin Club, Scholarship Club. HARGROVE, ELOISE-Acorn Staff, Quill and Scroll, Dallas Historical S0- ciety, Camera Club, Tennis Club, Mod- eling Club. HARPER, JACK-Senior Hi-Y, Radio and Television Club, Officers' Club, Allied Youth, "D" Club, Track Letter- man, Perfect Attendance, Camera Club, Rifle Team. HESTER, DOUGLAS KBUTCHJ-AL lied Youth, Student Council, Basket- ball fManagerl, Key Club, "D" Club, Sports Club. HIGGINBOTHAM, RICHARD - Na- tional Honor Society, Key Club, Allied Youth, Linz and Everts Award, Pan American Club, Baseball, Student As- sistant, Linz Bible Award, Officers' Club, Scholarship Club. , 1 tml ' - - 1 V HILL, REBECCA-ICT, Library Ser- vice Club. HOLLINGSWORTH, CHARLES-Vice President National Thespians, Blue Band, ROTC Officer, Student Council, Ice Skating, Dallas Historical Society, All-City Band, Boneheads, Student As- sistant, Camera Club. HOWARD, ,IO-Allied Youth, Science Club, Fashion Designing Club. HUNTER, ,I I M M Y - President Pan American Club, Vice President Student Council, National Honor Society, Span- ish National Honor Society, Key Club, President 3A, 4B Classes, Four-Year Linz and Everts Award,'Allied Youth, Oak Photographer, Oak Business Staff. JACKSON, MARY ANN-Senior Activ- ity Committee, Student Assistant, PT Aide, Class Acom Representative, Red Cross Council, Square Dance Club, Modeling Club, Pan American Club. JARMAN, GLENDA-Football Prin- cess, President Future Nurses' Club, Secretary Contest Club, Allied Youth, Social Dance Club, Current Events Club. LADYMON, DAVID - Drum Major Blue Band, 52-55, ROTC Band Com- mander, ROTC Staff, Key Club, Presi- dent National Thespians, All-City Band 53-55, Acorn Staff, Oak Staff, President Camera Club, Quill and Scroll. LARGENT, FRANKIE-Assistant Edi- tor of Acorn, Quill and Scroll, Dra- matics Club, Scholarship Club, Sports Club. LEE, GLORIA ANN-Select Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Chorus, Modeling Club, Tennis Club, Home Economics Club, Junior Red Cross Club, Scholar- ship Club. LOKEY, IRMA-Sports Club, Fashion Club, Y-Teens, Square Dance Club. LOWRY, MARY J UNE-Nursing Club, Y-Teens, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Chorus. LEMMON, BETTY JEAN-Y-Teens, Oak Representative, Oak Business Staff, Square Dance Club, Social Dance Club, Typing Club. JENKINS, WANDA-Cheerleader 54- 55, Social Dance, Allied Youth, Sports Club, Tennis Club. JOHNSON, BETTY-Allied Youth, Red Cross Club, Sports Club. JONES, JEAN-Volleyball Champion- ship, Basketball Championship, Sports Club, National Honor Society, Scholar- ship Club, Typing Club, Press Club, Tennis Allied Youth. JORDAN, SYLVIA-Student Council, Secretary 4-B Class, Health and Wel- fare Committee, Square Dance, Social Dance, A. Harris Young Texan Advis- ory Board, Linz Pin. KIDD, NORMA-Select Chorus, Foot- ball Princess, Dramatic Club, National Thespians, Student Assistant, Allied Youth, Musical Review, Mixed Chorus, All-City Chorus. KING, B. B.-Two-Year Track Letter- man, Track Captain, Cheerleader, 53-55, ROTC Regimental Commander, Secre- tary 2B Class, President of 2A Class, Key Club, "D" Club, Oak Staff Sports Editor, National Thespians. LINEBARGER, BOB-Vice President 3B Clss, Key Club, ROTC, Allied Youth, Mixed Chorus, Gun Club, Boys' Chorus. LUMPKIN, LORETTA-Select Chorus, Ice Skating Club, Modeling Club, Home Economics Club, Tennis Club, Girls' Chorus, Blue Choir, Allied Youth, 1955 Basketball Queen. MARTIN, GEORGE-Senior Hi-Y, "D" Club, Baseball Letterman Three Years, Allied Youth, Basketball, PT Aide. MCLEAN, MIMI--Select Chorus, Na- tional Thespians, Dramatics Club, Y- Teens, Modeling Club, ROTC Sponsor 52-54. McCALLUM, BILLY-Aliled Youth, Gun Club, Officers' Club, Art Club, Non-Commissioned Officers' Club. McGOWAN, ALFORD. ilkfgm McDOWELL, HELEN - Leopardette 51-52, Oak Staff, PT Aides, Dallas Historical Society, Secretary, Allied Youth. McKISSACK, K A T H Y - Art Club, Scholarship Club, Fashion Design Club. MILLER, BARBARA-Girls' Chorus, Square Dance Club, Social Dance Club, Modeling, Tennis, Allied Youth. MILLER, M I L T O N - Non-Commis- sioned Officers' Club, Officers Club Drill Team, Allied Youth, Gun Club. MULVANY, DALE L. MONTS, PATRICIA-Modeling Club Allied Youth, Dallas Historical So ciety, Y-Teens. 9 NORMAN, JOE DONALD-FBI Club, Allied Youth. OLIVER, BARBARA-Student Council, Ice Skating Club, Four-Year Linz and Everts Awards, Girls' Sports Club, Dal- las Historical Society, Future Nursing Club, Home Economics Club, Allied Youth, Girls' Chorus. O'REAR, SHIRLEY-Leopardette, Y- Teens, Allied Youth. POTTER, TOMMIE-Select Chorus, Scholarship Club, Student Council, De- bate Club, Girls' Sports Club, Girls' Chorus, Tennis Team, Pan American Club, PT Aides, Oak Representative, Two-Year Letterman. NOVA JEAN PITTS-Typing Club, Press Club, Volleyball Championship 54, Basketball Championship 53-54-. WANDA MAE PLATT-Orchestra. MORRISON, KAY-Acorn Staff, Quill and Scroll, Y-Teens, Modeling Club, Allied Youth, Student Council, Oak Representative, Volleyball Champion. MOTTASHED, JUDY-National Honor Society, Select Chorus, Student Assist- ant, All-City Chorus, Dramatics Club, Secretary, Four-Year Everts Award and Linz Award, National Thespians Treas- urer. NELSON, BOB-Three-Year Football Letterman, Three-Year Baseball Letter- man, All-City Baseball, President Key Club, President "D" Club, President PTA Aides, Hi-Y, Best All Round Underclass 53, Vice President 3B Class, Secretary 2B Class. MERCER, BOBBY L.-Allied Youth, Select Chorus, ROTC, Camera Club, Sportsman's Club. NICHOLSON, ELIZABETH-National Honor Society, National Forensic League, Quill and Scroll, Co-Editor of Acorn, Four-Year Linz and Everts Award, Dramatic Club, Debate Club, Student Assistant. NOLLEY, DELORES PLACE-Oak Representative, Girls' Chorus, Junior Red Cross, Square Dance Club, Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Camera Club, Three- Year Band Letterman, Student Assist- ant-Juvenile Traffic Court, PT Aide, Junior Citizen Traffic Committee. POTTS, SHIRLEY ANN-Allied Youth, Secretary Medical Professions Club, ,lunior Red Cross, Tennis Club, Basketball Championship 53-54. POWELL, TOMMY-Camera Club, Study Club, ICT. PRINCE, VIRGINIA-Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Social Dance, Junior Red Cross, Typing Club, Oak Representative, Sports Club, Square Dance, PT Aide. PUGMIRE, CAROL-Football Queen 54-55, Pan American Club, PT Aide, Red Cross Representative, Student As- sistant, Allied Youth. RIGGAN, ELEANOR-Girls, Sports Club, Modeling Club, Basketball Cham- pionship 53-54, Volleyball Champion- ship 54--55, Mixed Chorus, DE. ROBERTSON, C A R O L Y N-Dallas Historical Society, Allied Youth, Mod- eling Club, Medical Professions Club Secretary, Y-Teens. lf- ROGERS, PAT McKENNEY-Y-Teens, Oak Representative, Allied Youth, Three-Year Everts Award. RUSSELL, SUE ANN-Leopardette Two Years, Two-Year Linz Pin, Latin Club, Future Nurses, Student Council, Ice Skating. SANDERS, HAROLD-Senior Hi-Y, Vice President Industrial Club, DE, Allied Youth. SAYLES, TERRY-Allied Youth, Gun Club, Chess Club, ROTC. SEAMAN, MARY ANNE-Allied Youth, Select Chorus, Junior Red Cross, Sports Club, Square Dance Club, All- City Chorus, Mixed Chorus. SILER, WELDON HOWARD-Sportsf man's Club, Industrial Club, Boxing Club, ROTC. . , ta y, k ul Wmfa . ,S , , ,.-,gms yrs W Q digg ,932 xmgzrg be if if 'e l fs: , .- f l gl ' Q 'im .5 'G' it .. 5 , 3 Nt .,,..-.Q X ef -.4 ri, .f - .- X .. - 2... my af r -Y , ff 5,5353 52-W 5 vx' s 'H fin ni' , ' . x 1 ,gp .W f. ,,..,,,,,,-yglsf:'gy,-.fy ff I ,, , ,. . M.. M-,K-fm 1,1 .. .- . ff f , , L--L,,, , QQRfa,iM Emil? . t tl y .wmswa wwgkyfg if '- ' , C... ,l, ,A "5 .ff Q 2 ,...: , ' 'iflff if ,3, ' . ' irbif 'T 1 . ' , r .. .fTe'.H1. F11-,zl:l,' ,i VKVA .V I ,I f- .ffl 1- .,,, 7 I , , K. . X . ,Z f.-f:w....a,.,w,. -t..- ... swpfwwe THOMAS, TRUETT-Radio Club, En- gineering Club, Allied Youth. THOMPSON, JEAN-Baseball Sweet- heart 51, Football Princess 53, Cheer- leader 53-55, National Honor Society, Favorite Underclass Girl, Favorite Sen- ior Girl, Quill and Scroll, Secretary 3B Class, Acorn Staff, Student Council. THOMPSON, J O A N N - President Freshman Class, Vice President of FHA Club, Nurses' Club, Scholarship Club. TITUS, JACK-Debate Club, Linz Bible Award, City Team Debate, 53-545 National Honor Society, Key Club, Al- lied Youth, Oak Representative, Bone- head Club, Three-Year Debate, Chess Club. TRUESDALE, GEORGE-Chess Club, Allied Youth, Radio Club. TURBEVILLE, CHARLES-ROTC, Of- ficers' Club, Allied Youth, Jody Drill Team, Gun Club. wwfRW?MWWwwwWW li l SLAUGHTER, M A R Y FRANCES- Spanish National Honor Society, Presi- dent of 'Dramatics Club, Pan American Club, Regimental Sponsor 1954, Leop- ardette Leader 52-54, Majorette 54-55, Allied Youth. SMITH, TONY-Gun Club President, Stage Manager, Allied Youth, Radio Club, All-City Rifle Marksman, Tri- City Rifle Team, Officers' Club. SMOTHERMAN, D E L O R E S - Ice Skating, Allied Youth, Social Dance Club, Roller Skating Club, Girls' Sports Club, Clinic Assistant, Square Dance Club, Modeling Club, Interior Decorating Club. STEEN, J. G.-Band, Gun Club. STOKES, PATSY-Basketball Queen, Girls' Chorus, Girls' Sports Club, Cheerleader, Select Chorus. STONE, DONALD RAY-ICT, Scholar- ship Club, Football, Junior FBI Club, Field and Stream Club. VANCE, SONNY- Key Club, Debate Club, PT Aide, Allied Youth, Junior Rotarian, City Debate Champion 52, President of Debate Club 54. VESTAL, CARL-Blue Choir, Select Chorus, Treasurer Camera Club, Allied Youth, Motion Picture Operator, Chess Club, Gun Club, Boys' Chorus, ROTC, DE. WAKEFIELD, JOY-Blue Band, Y- Teens, Modeling Club, Allied Youth. WARREN, JOE-Key Club, Allied Youth, Golf Letterman, Radio Club. WATKINS, C A R O L Y N - National Honor Society, Secretary of Pan Ameri- can Club, Football Princess, Secretary 3A Class, Linz Bible Award, Four-Year Linz and Everts, Social Dance Club, Student Council, Allied Youth. WEBB, JO ANN-Fashion Designing Club, Y-Teens. No picture: Barta, Joe, Coker, Joyce, Fisher, Jo Ann, Futch, Wayne, Goodrich Dickey,Greenlee, Frankie: Harris, Bobby, Hatcher, Dwight, Hill, Charles, Hood Paul Jett, Leonard, Lawrence, David, Tyner, Charlene, Underwood, Herma, Watson Frances 'i'Y,izM:s' it WEBB, SUSAN-Acorn Staff, Quill and Scroll, Student Assistant, Linz Bible Award, PT Aide, President Junior Penman, Dallas Historical Society, Al- lied Youth. WHITE, DELL-Select Chorus, Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Red Cross Council, Treasurer Nurses' Club, Social Dance Club, Oak Business Staff, Con- test Club. WOODS, JOE-Square Dance Club, Allied Youth, ICT. WOODS, JOHN REX-All-City Band 52-53, All-City Orchestra 53-54, Dal-Hi Symphonette, Blue Band and Orchestra, Golf, ROTC, Gun Club, Camera Club. ADAMS, MURIEL-Allied Youth, Ice Skating, Future Nurses' Club, Home Economics Club. FEATHERSTON, DURWOOD - Vice President Hi-Y, Football Letterman, Art Club, Select Chorus, Allied Youth, Radio Club, Social Dance, ROTC, Track. HITT, PEGGY-Tennis Club, Allied Youth, Sports Club, Acorn Staff. MCQUAID, MARTY-Student Council, Art Club. 1955 Summer School PRUITT, MARGARET - Leopardette 53-55, Modeling Club, Square Dance Club, Allied Youth, Home Economics Club. RUTH, D A L E HONEYCUTT -Ice Skating Club, Y-Teens, Social Dance Club, Allied Youth, Mixed Chorus. SCHMITZ, DAVID-Allied Youth, Box- ing Club, Platter Club, Tumbling Club. STEWARD, BARBARA ELAINE-AL lied Youth, Nurses' Club, Home Eco- nomics Club. -..ff uma --Q . 4 1 2 1 ,z K 2 ' .35 f SL qw f' 3' 'sl 'Q 52. iff? .X ft-fxvgg r Juniors 3A Officers 3 H., 2 i i A ",,' S - i 1 i V , ,, 1 f' f f ' . I -V le S a wg , ti ' ' g J DANNY EASON JERRY PITTMAN President Vice President SHIRLEY SAMFGRD Secretary First row: Dorothy Bullard, Shirley O'Rear, Evelyn Henderson, Ellen Henderson, Gloria Lee, Dale Honeycutt. Second row: Cookie Cox, Glen Osborne, Charlie Chapmon, Tommy Norman, Jeff Duncan, Loretta Lumpkin. Third row: Jerry Baker, Benny Smith, Dale Blankenship, Robert Helfort. First row: Zeta Scudder, Sue Ann Russell, Tommie Lancaster, Mary Swafford, Wanda Watson, Shirley Samford, Jackie Jackson. Second row: Doris Granada, Martha McQuay, Joyce Satter- white, Patricia King, Winston Tanco, Jerry Pittman, Bob Steele. Third row: Walter Smith, Donald Price, Milton Ramsey, James Wade, Emery Cathey, Fred Simon. First row: Ann Baker, Barbara Stewart, Tommie Potter, Carolyn Grady. Second row: Mike Jennings, Frances Smith, Phildog Watson, Richard Johnson, Carolyn Shaffer. Third row: Darrell Johnson, Leonard Jett, Leander McLane, Clark McMahon, Charles Foster, Danny Eason. fwfffff 7 of A ' 3B Officers EWXAW Wi . 'fs E t ig 'swf lr 5 2 'e , H' 1 E Il in 5 if ii at QM 2 WALTER WOOD BOB BURTON NANCY HIGHTOWER President Vice President Secretary First row: Ruby Ward, Katherine Lindsey, Joan Hill, Margaret Pruitt, Verna Keyser, Mary Ann Potts, Marie Yium, Annette Case, Marcelyn McCann, Virginia Walls. Second row: Ronald Sandefer, Charlotte Chance, Charlotte Jones, Carla Hudson, Bobbie Emmett, Sue Sorrell, Ann Matthews, Betty Ross, Carolyn Ward, Shirley Post. Third row: Henry Davilla, Lenora Stone, Patsy Shelby, Wanda Sumrall, Beverly Stafford, Billie Jean Ray, Cora Parker, Joan Roberts, Betty Jones. Fourth row: Mike Ross, Bob Seiber, Sylvia Mclntyre, Sally Leach, Vicki Guggenheim, Joe Tomlinson, Betsy Ross, Emmett Williams, Ken Lowe. Fifth row: Bobby Simmons, Bill Steckman, William Russell, Marion Regan, Richard Murphy, Joe Woods, Don Rogers, Lynn McDonald, George Watkins, John Wilson, Wayne Wright, Gene Baker, Jimmy Hammett, Randal Wiley, Robert Walden. First row: Ann Ackles, Glenna Jenkins, Carolyn Hargis, Kay Griffin, Helen Glass, Patty Mauzy, Rebecca Gilliland, Barbara Northcutt. Second row: Marlene Goren, Jane Ep- right, Dane Dodson, Nancy Hightower, Barbara Ellis Elizabeth Moore, Mary Ellen Renfroe, Glenda Shaw Third row: David Pinkston, ElWanda Kent, Anice Smith Nicki Perez, Rana Seale, Ann Perry, Shirley Murphyz 1 Martha Russell. Fourth row: Earl Palmer, Jim Hardcastle, Jack Martin, Bill Lahman, Dale Stith, Kirby King, Eddie Garretson. Fifth row: Joel Laxson, Howard Paschal, David Kish, Larry Masters, Norman Smith, Tony Rameriz, Emery Johnson, Norman Stokes, Donald Landers, Ken Keble, James Rayner, Tommy Kindred. First row: Sylvia Tanner, Nancy Dillard, Jean Potts, Wanda Godfrey, Betty Jo Graves, Janet Stanley, Margaret Cheek, Shirley Brunson, Carole Click. Second row: Pat Mobley, Ann Burleson, Sandra Spain, Iris Bell, Carolyn Taylor, Norma Belken, Dixie Taylor, Mona Scott. Third row: Miller Britton, Carol Brawn, Betty Miller, Dorothy Martin, Elna Allen, Margie Moore, Elaine Bridges, Tommie Cronin, Mary Bartsch. Fourth row: Ronald Murphree, Lonnie Welch, Barbara Barron, Martha Barton, Betty Adair, Hazel Sandifer, Dean Guines, Tom Morrell. Fifth row: Robert Nash, George Bond, Joe Blackwell, George Gardner, Bruce Benningfield, Milford Freeman, Steve Sims. Sixth row: Jimmy Coffee, Billy Mulnaney, Craig Monnett, Byran Kennedy, Tommy Abbott, Joe Barbarin, Gary Satterwhite, Bobby Moore, Cecil Moore, Louie Bled- soe, Gerald Bullington, Don Amason. First row: Edity Ann Lindsey, Anna Cowan, Linda William- son, Alice Cooper, Pat Donworth, Sharon Childers, Gloria Christian, Carolyn Young, Lois Halstrom. Second row: Pat Eagle, Barbara Wilson, Sally Chenavlt, Lou Ann Martin, Frances Cassid, Sandra Threadgill, Shirley Clements, Shirley Harris, Jannie Gray. Third row: Elaine Venton, Carolyn Lewis, Rebecca David, Jacqueline Lyle, Glenda Purcell, Sandra Sanders, Betty Splawn. Fourth row: Bob Burton, Bob Cain, Don Mock, George Dixie, Dwaydon Wallace, Jane McJunkins, Charlene Markham, Argerie Keeling. Fifth row: John Jackson, Gerald Carsey, W. H. Conley, David Harris, Ben Daniels, Jerry Sudderth, George False, James Stephens, Lonny Marion. ophomores ZA Officers a 1 ' - f B 1:2-f 1 0 ,l"',V ,V 5255 :': W 5' if A ' I - . 1-'L ff::3:'Z "'5lN Q'f?f'L2?-iii' . , i 5, 45,508 I ,, . ., , iw, b e :Eva':uI"g gl? ' Aim ' liil7'5T'l"f , I, ' EJ." ' ' ': lg, ff m , ' 'W 5 M311-151 ' iefmiai' " " iii ' 4553 ,,L., ,, A,:, .,,., JOE GEIGER BOBBY STALLINGS SHARON GARRETT President Vice President Secretary First row: Sylvia Martin, Judy Lane, Janice Baker, Pat Hearne, Teddy Spann, Sara Fisher, Sharron Garrett, Pat Bailey, Barbara English, Elana Goldberg. Second row: Martin Donley, Derris White, James DuBois, Monte Maddox, Wayne Wylie Wright, Bob Martin, Eugene Zmolick. Third row: Pat Poor, David La Cross, Homer Crim, John Pope, Don Maddox, J. E. Mayfield, Alex Troop. Fourth row: Eddie"Bass, Paul Minar, Richard Cawthon, Doyce Flake, Charles Reed, Ray Roberson. Fifth row: Ben Rogers, Gerald Hix, Mike Mellor, Dennis Thornton, Joe Geiger. First row: Yvonne Polson, Pat Woodall, Ann Schramik, Grace Allen, Phyllis Hensley, Adrian Coats. Second row: Robert Robson, Donald Morrison, Ken Rambo, Daniel McCormick, David Rose, Zeke Stallings, Bobby Wood. Third row: Olin Garrison, Leo Navarro, James Hicks, Lonnie Wilson, Randolph Wade, Mike Gallagher, Dean Pipes, James Milam. ,C-Zfsfzag, , O A 794 Auto raphs Q Nl ME?-.ln-I' "4 ILA, 'lv-'Ql,,"y ,kbil i 'Wye 5-Cz,,0Q.,-A! f wb ' W Jie QQ A is X U 0 of ,QB 13 .VQXC 35 WW, W ii B Officers X ik ,fy f JM iii? f Nia at .JOHN EAGLE JERRY HUNT GAIL HARRIS Pf6SidCYlf Vice President Secretary First row: Rosetta Lee, Beverly Meyers, Linda Moore, Eleanor Miller, Nancy Mitchell, Ruth Meadlin, Manie Park, Jesse McCarthy, Doris Lutz. Second row: Lee Ellen Stevens, Joyce Marshall, Linda Morris, Mildred Morris, Joyce Mitchell, Nancy McClintock, Barbara Brice, Pat Peck, Carol Lawrence. Third row: Bill Sanguinet, Kenneth Roddy, Paul Seward, Herman Brown, Myra Ramsey, Norma Powell, Michalene Lamphier, Barbara Prince, Lanonne Rushing. Fourth row: Jimmy Simmons, Clifford Reavis, Jimmy Simons, Gerald Price, Jerry Townsend, Larry Tucker, Thomas Swafford, June Garnett, Joyce Rudolph. Fifth row: Wayne Turner, Jerry Powell, Don Gibbons, Tony Tracey, Lance Tatum, Jack Sutton, Bill Squier, Ivy McMullen, Durward Meeks, S. D. Strickland, Kenneth Creel, Jerry Richards, Thomas Simms, Bob Ladymon. First row: Ida Ann Barnett, Billy Garretson, Robert Benners, Hyungjin Jun, Judy Ahlfinger, Kay Bledsoe, Vivian Barnes. Second row: Mary Bowen, Selva Barnett, Betty LaFleur, Shirley Birkholz, Alice McKenzie, Myrna Jones, Nancy Bogle. Third row: Alice McCullough, Shirley Wendeborn, Mike McDonald, Phil Hipps, Anthony Brown, Logan Knapk, Fourth row: Bruce Conley, Robert Becker, Larry Cotten, Bobby Durrett, Denton Belk. First row: Emily Ledbetter, Becky Moore, Billie Meador, Lynne Jacobs, Marlene McHenry Marie Lloyd, Nadine Miller, Margie McHenry, Sarah McCloskey. Second row: Daniel Guajardo Louise McPherron, Vivian Moore, June Nelson, Sandra Maxwell, Betty Magee, Jim Mitchell Donald Lee, John L. McKinney. Third row: Doyle Gilbert, Joan Burden, Marianne Maclary Diane Congleton, Kermit Shields, Barbara Cauley, Melvin McCullough, Bob Miller, Don Moore First row: Barbara Houston, Mary Hearn, Jerry Robbins, Sally Hemminger, Earlene Kilgore, Mary Jo Humphreys, Don Holmquest, Danny Crawford. Second row: Stanley Keeney, Ann Hinman, Mary Jarrell, Margaret Cheek, Gene Godley, Jack Kirby, Paul Hankins. Third row: Bobby Abbott, Ann Daugherty, Jo Beth Braden, Glenda Box, Janis Griffin, Roxie Johnson, Diana Hejl, Jimmy Hinman, Max Cline. Fourth row: Marie Adams, Margaret Anderson, Loraine Delancey, Jerry Walden, Bob Carpenter, Leroy Holland, Gerry Gunnin, Charles Haley. Fifth row: Barbara Anders, Shirley Anderson, Beverly Allen, Ralph Coke, Gene Epperson, Don James, Jay Journeay. Sixth row: Mike Baumgartner, John Eagle, Ray Eliot, Gale Hicks, Billy Dodson, David Bailey, Richard McFadden. First row: Claudia Dickerson, Pat Free, Pat Lowe, Elizabeth Dill, Priscilla Dullon, Kathryn Deal, Barbara Graves, Joe Hamby. Second row: Mary Fowler, Lu Ella Eason, Ramona Dickerson, Kathryn Fuller, Patty Goble, Johnny Long, Curtis Hitt. Third row: James Harris, Beverly Parrott, Nancy Gibbs, Janis Gibson, Jo Ann Cook, Patsy Baker, Wayne Fulghum, Byron Barber, Gene Hunter, Donald Hunt. Fourth row: Jackie Green, Jewell Godfree, Margaret Emerson, Jane Ferguson, Jerry Hunt, Robert Hutchison, Wesley Johnson. Fifth row: Jo Ann Fobes, Patricia Fulfer, Jane Ferguson, James Cowan, Belle Ferguson, Adrain Finney, Donald Jones, Lewis Hulcy. Sixth row: Billy Franks, James Crawford, Jeanette Farmer, Harlan Draper, Harold Gilbert, Leon Davis, Calvin Dennis, Freddie Fogg, Hulan Gardner, Boyd Johnson, Zeke Hulhouser. First row: Sandra Johnson, Helen Cranford, Barbara Shackleford, Diana Shoppaul, Lois Shana- han, Sue Smith, Betty Roberts, Kathryn Snider. Second row: Frances Johnson, Mary Mclntosh, Doris Pope, Mavanie Scott, Patra Randolph, Wanda Ross, Wanda Pruitt, Virginia Siddon, Lavelle Williams. Third row: Lynn Putman, Jimmy Portwood, Sammy Ramsey, J. W. Phillips, Artes Robertson, Carolyn Margin, Fred Newman. Fourth row: Virginia Jones, Troy Lovell, David Pitcock, Arthur O'Bryant, Judy Heiskill, Jean Hill, Aretes Robinson, Gayle Pepper. Fifth row: Bobby McDonald, Leon Moore, Bobby Moore, Joyce Marshall, Cathy McAfee, Deanna King, Tommy Lise, Jean McFarland, Earl Montgomery. Sixth row: A. W. McQuarry, Sylvester Smith, John Nevin, Marvin David, Joan Herndon, Sue Primrose, Janis Harris, Robert Minyard Thomas McCarthy. First row: Janis Brundidge, Ann Barlow, Norma Chastain, Mary Jo Perkins, Betty Banks, Martha Brice, Peggy Sudderth, Carolyn Crawford, Betty Lambert. Second row: Leah Carlisle, Saundra Timpa, Barbara Babbs, Linda Mundy, Thurman Anderson, Sidney Coker, Larry Arring- ton, Carl Canida, Betty Lambert. Third row: Beverly Scrimshire, Carol Angel, Nancy Collins, Dick Barnett, Jerry Couch, Mary Hernandes, Jimmy Carter, Jerry Thomas. Fourth row: George White, Pat Thompson, Becky Shaw, Jeannie Case, Gwen Burkholder, Robert Brooks, Nancy Thompkins, George Brabham. Fifth row: Tony Vallejo, Cathy Edge, Loudella Smith, Robert Brooks, Scharmel Thomas, Charles Bishop, Mickey Walker. Sixth row: David Woodside, Willis Walker, Maurice Villarreal, Leslie Baldwin, Charles Wren, Bennie Clark, Ray Gleason, Archie Ward, Jackie Clevinger, David Gordon, Tommy Wilson. 9 First row: Carolyn Takat, Beth Romans, Betty Stevens, Beverly Ward, Carol Thomton, Linda Wilson, Nell Stewart, Paula Stone, Brenda Thompson,- Sharon Westhaver. Second row: Sylvia Palmer, Mary Hill, Sue Titus, Margaret Swift, Larry Hollis, Gwen Williams, Nancy Swanner, Sammie Wester, Hedi Trept. Third row: Sandra Trammel, Vicki Broom, Lynn Wilson, Joe Underwood, Tommy Traphagan, Buddy Tanner, Eugene Wacker, Billy Tallerson, Elizabeth Vines. Fourth row: Gayla Harper, Shirley Braswell, Dwayne Roady, John Risinger, Hank Stanley, Jim Stewart, Billy Zollicoffer, James Witherspoon, David Woods, Wesley Witty, Melvin Smith. Fifth row: Mr. Griswold, Elaine Turner, Gail Harris, Billy Nichols, Rudy Mendias, Jimmy Yarbouer, Richard Franksten, Shirley Vines, Bobby Ladymon, Travis Spradlin, Wayne Short, Miss Mills. If ijsubnmj Auto raphs 0-yi! . J W , ' 53 ' fo N969 4 MMM' fa aww? x3j51,,Q. mzfv9..QJ.DCu Cgyxl x esicxwwcibros EMM ,,.g,,, M Freshmen 1 A Officers wif' Egan, sf ,S yr, 9, y L . P' V V' ' sE'f' ,- Qi 597 ' , ff kwin-.... mi ik KENNETH JOHNSON RICHARD COLMAN SHIRLEY WARRELL President Vice President Secretary First row: Charles Strickland, Loretta Walker, Shirley Warrell, Wyona Stigle, Betty Melton, Gilbert Johnson, Joyce Hamm, Mike Davenport. Second row: Anna Miller, Shirley Martin, Judy Maples, Grace Gutonesberger, Alice Woods, Tommy White, Bobby Moss. Third row: Bertram Kniseley, Roland Jackson, Carolyn Robertson, Desrine Gilmore, Aleeda Lee Lindsey, Linda Lamon, James Stanley. Fourth row: Richard Golman, Ken Huekeba, Dan Stokeley, Miss Rockett, Wayne Webb, Bradley Hay, Don Moran, Kenneth Johnson, Jerry Haines, Weaver Payne. IB Officers DAN DENISON JOYCE WINNINGHAM KAY KENNEDY President Vice President Secretary First row: Virgil Ward, Don Utley, Kenneth Collins, Patsy Wyatt, Joyce Willingham, Linda Sandeford, Evelyn Mae Field, Marie Ward, Carolyn Morris. Second row: Kathy Robertson, Carol Mitchell, Bernita Martin, Betty Moore, Shirley White, Patsy Milam, Nancy Roark, Rosie Sepeda, Shirley Parish, Vernice Latham. Third row: Jackie Marshall, Carol Page, Sharon Small, Gerald Philips, Charles Pierce, Lee Roberson, Nail Roberts, Ronny Reynolds, .limmy Turman, Glen Ellis. Fourth row: Ben Rhodes, Linda McDonald, Peggy Nichols, Sara Wilbanks, Patricia Summers, Barbara Strange, Billy Breedlove, Jim Whitaker. Fifth row: Steve Westhaver, ,lo An Phillips, Jean Twaddle, Joan Morrison, Louise Whitley, Patricia Sumner, Barbara Strange, Frances Shaver, Sandra Williams, Tommy Vitrup. Sixth row: Dean Watson, Eddie Smidt, Kennie Smart, Marvin Coyle, Larry Snider, Bob Smith, Ray Lee Roberson, Thomas Wright, Roger Williams, Jerry Terrell, Pat Warren. , First row: Mary Lewis, Christine Chandler, Sue Long, Janice Dunn, Lenora Millner, Yvonne Mills, Dell Donner, Mary Gurley, Glenda Farrell, Phylis Rushing, Sandra Earnhart. Second row: Linda Hoffman, Carole Cain, Janice Calfee, Chester Oliver, Patsy Elliot, Kay Kennedy, Mary Kate May, Margaret Cole, Susan King, Dennis Morton. Third row: Larry King, Don Clendenen, Nick Dixie, Tommy Moore, Jimmy Lynch, Vincent Murphy, Evelyn Janoushek, Betty Conway, Richard Everhart, B. L. Grady. Fourth row: Martin Perez, Harvey McMullen, Jimmy Eperson, Russell Floyd, Jerry Lester, Raymond Cryer, Tommy Lambert, Janie Eaves. Fifth row: W. B. Futch, James Faulkner, Jody Nichols, Dan Dennison, Carlton Echols, Bobby McGuire, Larry Cook, Tommy Maxwell, Don Dodson. First row: Frances Harris, Clarise Ball, Billie Jones, Norma Hill, Judy Grimes, Peggy Henley, Syble George, Doris Teames, Norma Gibons, Bobby Nell Alford. Second row: Frank Anderson, Danny Johnson, Brenda Hall, Elaine Grimes, Carolyn Jameson, Donna Gardner, Lana Henslee, Jo Ann Harris, Helen Rentzel, Barbara Harris, Judy Barber. Third row: Jerry Corbey, Bill Kantz, Tommy Haywood, Emily Gugin, Carol Ballinger, Amelia Brunner, June Barham, Sylvia Berryhill, Arlie Buehring, Betty Bruce, Don Hill, E. B. Hulhouser. Fourth row: James Higgin- botham, Jim Brisendine, Jimmy Hunt, Paul Hamilton, John Hunter, Robert Lundy, John Harris. Fifth row: Claudia Breeden, Margaret Anderson, Ann Bramlette, David Burrkhardt, Neal Ander- son, Fran Bostik, Charles Smith, David Harris, David Howard, Gus Bowen, Bernice Bard, Dorothy Cracker. Sixth row: Arthur Adams, Tommy Davis, Arlin Brown, David Baumgartner, Virgil Crouch, Harvey Butler, John Chernik. sf W l Q ,4 2 .xx Ki w f 2 W' a , , i . M055 SQ lliQ1' MO Mp If W . ,gy 5 - hge g,,ggg,yk ., Mkt?-,3+1,1gP. ..,. k, ,QQ X. ,Y 'Q L f f X 1 s M A 5 im Best All-Round Senio1? Gi1'1 LOUIDA JGHNSON f:5ii?i2l'lf W ww,- fe 15 Q g ,, . -1 K 2 iff-, , is U 915: 1 W X, wiwlf Most Popular. Unde1'c1ass Gir1 VIRQINIA WALLS 1 2 5 a 1 2 i i 5 ? 3 E E E ! 5 3 1 2 Q E 2 E 5 3 5 2 3 5 i E Q S i 3 5 Q 5 Q Z E Q 5355, ffiflm ' Girl -aiww, ,gf Q .3 A L . 4 K 5+ v.f,M-,Q ,gf -W.aH5F.-:BL Whois ROBERT IRION J AMES ANGELL MONTE FITE Who CONN IE BOONE JEAN THOMPSON 1.2 f,-'Uma Whois LARRY MARTIN LUTHER BRAN NON BOB KING Who SONNY VANCE DON CONEY JIMMY HUNTER PAT FAGAN Whoas JACK Who SPANGLER :':4Ls1lrJ1,xgz',, , Ai.f, ,wwe ww, LOUIDA JOHNSON -M BOB A NELSON ,W Q sn+v,mwwQmni mme WhO9S ELIZABETH NICHOLSON RICHARD HIGGINBOTHAM SYLVIA JORDAN Who JACK TITUS CAROLYN Whois MARY FRANCES SLAUGHTER JIMMY DEPEW EMOGENE FRANK Who DAVID LADYMON CAROL PUGMIRE U 'aww Um: I,-E ,.- . JOYCE FERGUSON Secretary Sally Akin Luther Brannon Connie Boone Don Coney Carolyn Creel Ann Davis J oe Davis Jimmy Depew Pat Fagan Emogene Frank Jean Franklin Jean Guy Sue Hardin Richard Higginbotham 'QAT 'om H NOR 5 Ci Y afw f o 'ET tr 7 QX L Z Jimmy Hunter Robert Irion Jean Jones Larry Martin Judy Mottashed Elizabeth Nicholson Robert Phillips Rodger 'Smith Jack Spangler Jack Titus Jean Thompson Pat Tucker Carolyn Watkins Elaine Wear tudent Council v W xA 1 Sponsor, JOE STALLCUP v jg sv OFFICERS V . N 0- f Fall Semester Sprmg Semester 4 President eeeee..,.e.,, MONTE FITE President .......,.,eee...,.....Eeee.,,e JIMMY HUNTER ' - Vice President ,,,.,,,. ...,,,,,, J IMMY HUNTER Vice President .,.,,,,,,.,,. ...,,,,.... J OHN EAGLE f N Secretary ,,,,,,....... ....... B ARBARA BROWN Secretary .......,,... .,.... B ECKY SHAW STUDENT COUNCIL. f1E,, X., ,VET L J E,ti ,it we it K ggi Judy James David Barbara Betty Joan Bob Ahlfinger Angell Bookout Brown Bruce Burden Burton Z r V, ,X E r es ,,. B E BBOOBB E f V iuiii V J i if eere E Norma Ann Dan Monte Robert Nancy Mary Jo Chastain Clothier Denison Fite Garrett Hightower Humphreys , rf wt iv ,,:,,..,. B J ' O - V, -J E J E 2 t ii ' ""- ' Q 1- E Robert David Linda Doris Martha Larry Yvonne Irion Ladymon Lawing Lutz McQuaid Martin Mills Margie Moore Jean Thompson Billie Nicholson :QF it J , , i,1.., f. gg , ,Vi y Q ,Vy f Saundra Timpa Patra Randolph Weldon Tucker ,3,. Marion Regan on , ee,e Q 3 if K2 ,Sn if 2? H ,Av r . 5, ,4 ,gi I Lee Lavonne Doris Roberson Rushing Teames Wynona Jimmie Lee Watson Sarah' Stigall Swift Wilbanks Q g , ir, gn, B - .t ' '5 5 fi , in l , vtt ' t PM r,r,3, ,, . . M.: Jr M5 1 ayy J' A ' we B v g , c y , ig, me ' . L' A M Blue Choir Reynolds. Select Chorus a '1 Shirley Allen .. " "V f g Jerry Baker Martha Barton ' ii Mary Lou Bartsche 315. 7 . ffl' , 5 -. -. .- -,,. se Jai A J f . 1 I , , First row: Sylvia Mclntosh, Wanda Sumrall, Ranna Seale, Sally Chenault, Peggy Butcher, Joyce Satterwhite, Loretta Lumpkin, Connie Boone, Bet- ty McDill, Mary Bartsche, Barbara Brown, Jimmie Swift. Second row: Archie Ward, Joe Davis, Harry Tan- ner, Jerry Baker, Bruce Benningfield, Marion Regan, Gerald Spencer, Wayne , Bruce Benningfield Connie Boone Elaine Bridges Nan Brittingham Barbara Brown Peggy Butcher Jimmy Carpenter Betty Ann Carter Annette Case Jimmy Chapman Sally Chenault Gloria Christian Carole Click Wendell Clower Ann Coker James Crawford Beckey Davis J oe Davis Lowrine DeLancey Delores Emmett Barbara English Durwood Featherston Mary Fowler Kay Gahagan Sharon Garrett Carolyn Grady Barbara Hailey Ann Hankins Norman Hayes Jim Hinman Wanda Jenkins Argerie Keeling Norma Kidd Jack Kirby Linda Lawing Michalene Lanphier Gloria Ann Lee Carolyn Lewis Loretta Lumpkin Kathy McAfee Betty McDill Sylvia Mclntyre Mimi McLean Ann Matthews Bobby Mercer Elizabeth Moore Margie Moore Judy Mottashed Pat Mobley Yvonne Polson Pat Poor Tommye Potter Marian Regan Wayne Reynolds Joyce Satterwhite Zeta Scudder Ranna Seale Mary Ann Seaman Kay Segrist Glenda Shaw Robert Simmons Loretta Smith Beverly Stafford Wanda Surnrall Gerald Spencer Martha Swanner Jimmie Lee Swift Buddy Tanner Hedi Trept Pat Utley Archie Ward Wanda Watson K I ,, Klfff. , is an L,,p'.m 11 , we 5 if ff W ' y x f 'xr- a , f gp a It Sag tv 0 1 ' I Xi? VO! ii r me rry, . -M 'hw -. :.. .f ls -W... wr N in if ,Zrf gif fi w X , X Y I W, it 5--,,f.,,,,1 3 ,mu 4 2 M, 1 X, it ,J my 1 5 , Q I Km! iw f'-14 I : "f V L, .Q - . - Q ., an Library Service Club Sponsor, MISS FRANCES THOMPSON OFFICERS President ....,... ,.....,.,,,,..,. G LENNA JENKINS Vice President .A,,... ...... D ELTON HUNT S ecre tary ..,.,... ...,..... P ATSY BAKER Treasurer ....,,... MARGARET SHICK Patsy Baker Norma Bush Bonnie Cash Kenneth Creel Marilyn Church Doris Clark Carolyn Crawford Cathy Edge Peggy Ehrhardt Patricia Ferree MEMBERS Emalee Geiger Phyllis Hensleer Delton Hunt Glenna Jenkins Sandra Johnson Rosetta Lee Mary Frances Moss Margaret Shick La Verne Smith .lames Whittaker Sandra Williams Hi-Y Sponsor President ..,..... S ergean t-at-A rms Treasurer Vice President .,,,.. -,,,,, Secretary ...,.,,,-,-, W. D. HILL JERRY BIBBEY DERWOOD FEATHERSTON EDDIE BEVERING JOE BARTA ERIC AKERLAND PLATFORM OF HI-Y Clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living. PURPOSE OF HI-Y To create, maintain and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. -' f,zwl:11,'-,1sK J IH adv? I ' ?iiiS1'lflrlxffPS??fSiQ5ZHY?'h?.s'r5iii5Si?'5zf?5fi'iE!551NSic.- g Y - Teens Sponsors: MISS MABEL ROCKETT MISS HELEN KUEHNE MRS. MINNIE BRAMLETTE OFFICERS President ,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, CAROLYN HOLBERT Vice President ..,.,......A NANCY HIGHTOWER S ecre my ,,,,,,,,,, ............. M ARIE YIUM Treasurer ,,,,,.,,, ..,...... ..,,,. G W EN WINTERS Interclub Representatives ....,... BETSY ROSSE KAY GRIFFIN The Y-Teens Club is a branch of the National Young Womenis Christian Associa tion, which has a three-fold purpose of developing body, mind, and soul. THE Y-TEEN SLOGAN: + As a Y-Teen I will try To face life squarely. THE Y-TEEN PURPOSE: To find and give the best. will and croll Sponsor, CARL FINLEY OFFICERS President ,........ ...,........,.,....,....... J EAN THOMPSON Vice President ,.,.,. ...... D AVID FERGUSON Secretary ,,,,,,,,, ...... B ARBARA BROWN Quill and Scroll, the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists, numbers over thirty-five hundred chapters. These are located in nearly every state in the Union, in Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, England, New Zealand, and China. Eighty thousand young journalists, from schools which are outstanding in the quality of their publication work, wear the badge of the Society. Benson, Susan Bohanan, James Brown, Barbara Davis, Jackie Ferguson, David MEMBERS Fite, Monte Hargrove, Eloise Johnson, Louida Ladymon, David Largent, Frankie Morrison, Kay Nicholson, Elizabeth Reagan, Marion Thompson, Jean Webb, Susan Debate Club Sponsor: JOE STALLCUP OFFICERS Fall Term President ,AA,,,,,,,.,,,A,,,,,,,,,.,..,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,, SONNY VANCE Vice President ,...,,,,. ............... D ON CONEY Secretary CFallJ ......,., ....... L ARRY MARTIN fSpringJ ,,,,, .,,,,,, C EORGE DIXIE Spring 1954: WANDA SUMRALL DIXIE TAYLOR-First Place in Debate District Meet DON CON EY MIKE ROHDE-First Place in Debate District and Regional Meets LARRY MARTIN-First Place in Declamation District Meet Practice Tournaments 1954-55 First Place Trophy Winners-Elaine Bridges, Pat Utlry, Margie Moore, Barbara Northcutt, Lou Ann Martin, Gene Godley and Tony Tracey. ' ' ' " Ns1, ' Junior Red Cross Sponsors, MISS IDABEL CABANISS MISS RIPPLE FRAZIER OFFICERS President ....,...,,...,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,..,,,.,..,,.,,.....,,, JEAN GUY Vice President ,,v,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,..,.,,,, MIKE MILLER Secretary .,,,.,,....,,............ .....,,. I MOG-ENE BAKER Program Chairman .,,,.., ......,. P EGGY BUTCHER In Adamson every student is a member of the Junior Bed Cross. Those students especially interested in Red Cross service meet as a club on Second and Fourth Wednesdays. Their activities include: making favors for patients in mental hospitalsg making special Christmas gifts for veterans in government hospitalsg work at ,lunior Red Cross headquarters on Saturday packing boxes for shippingg distribute posters for annual Spring membership driveg sponsor entertainment programs for veterans and for patients in County Convalescent Home. MEMBERS Imogene Baker Paul Hood Ann Seaman Lynaveta Bates Betty Johnson Teddy Smith Catherine Blankenship Melveen Lain Kenneth Spivey Carol Brown Lenora Milner Merlene Stell Peggy Butcher Mike Miller Mary Swafford Patty ,lean Carter Dolores Nolley Sue Tunnell Kenneth Creel Bernard Parker Elizabeth Vines Jean Guy Martha Paschal Virginia Walls Barbara Wilson + iii 1 ' f fi " 53 2 ff 5 A. J Latin Club Sponsor, MISS .IEANETTE ALSTON MEMBERS OFFICERS President ...... ......,..,......,........... L ARRY MASTERS Secretary .,,.,,, ,,.....,....A., C AROLYN CRAWFORD Gene Belk Carolyn Crawford Ray Harris Sue Long Kathy McAfee Jayne McFarland Larry Masters Don Myers Chester Oliver Nancy Roark Peggy Smith Sponsor 7 ,,,7,,,, MISS HELEN ADUDDELL President .,,,,, ,..,,..,....... M ARTIN MUSSER Vice President .Q ...., ............... P AT PECK s ecfe my ,...,, ..AA.. , N ANCY COLLINS Andrian, Claire Byram, Sonja Clements, Shirley Click, Carole Collins, Nancy Garrett, Cecil Hutson, Carola Hish, David Jones, .lean French Club McCullough, Melvin Matthews, Anne Menard, Paul Moore, Linda Moore, Vivian Peck, Pat Perkin, Mary Raye, Billie .lean Scrimshire, Beverly I ..- Home Economics Club Sponsor, MISS RIPPLE FRAZIER OFFICERS Fall Term President ....,Y. - ,,,,,.. ......,, ,,,.,....... ,,..,..,..,.,.. J E A N GUY Vice President ,....,, ,,,,,,,...,.....,....,.... S HlRLEY POST Secretary ., .,:,..,,, .,,..,,..,,...,...,,....,.. J EAN TWADDLE Treasurer ....... ...,.. C ATHERINE BLANKENSHIP Catharine Blankenship Shirley Braswell Arlie Faye Buehring Sharon Burton Louise Clark Wanda Farris Jean Guy .lean Ann Hill Vice President Secretary ....,......., Treasurer ,.., Spring Term BETTY CARTER President ...,,,,,,,,,, ...,.,....,..,,..,,...,,,.......... MARY ANN POTTS MARGARET PRUITT JEAN GUY MEMBERS Betty Moore Shirley Post Mary Ann Potts Margaret Pruitt Lynita Reynolds Jean Twaddle Shirley Vest Kerry Ann Wilson Sponsor President ......... Vice President Secretary ...., Treasurer ,... ational Thespians MISS WILHELMINA HEDDE DAVID LADYMON CHARLES HOLLINGSWORTH SUSAN BENSON JUDY MOTTASHED Bartsch, Mary Benson, Susan Brundidge, Janice Chastain, Norma Coney, Don Davidson, Ben Dixie, George Eppright, Jane Franks, Emogene Grady, Carolyn Hearn, Mary Hollingsworth, Charles Wren, Charles King, Bob Kidd, Norma Ladymon, David Martin, Larry Martin, Lou Ann McLean, Mimi Moore, Elizabeth Mottashed, Judy Nelson, June Randolph, Patra Scott, Mavinee Troup, Alex f..1a14mm , 1' mmm Sallye Aiken June Barham Dick Barnett Nan Brittingham George Bond Bennie Clark Virgil Crouch James Crow Melford Freeman Billy Garretson Daniel Guajardo Art Club President ..,.,,,,.,,.. ,,-,,,,,,,i,-,l,,-,,-,,-,-w Vice President MISS MEREDITH SCHROEDER OFFICERS Fall Term Secretary .,......,. ,A.,,..,.,,--,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,--,,,, Vice President Secretary ......,,,, OFFICERS Spring Term NAN BRITTINGHAM SALLYE AIKEN GEORGE BOND SALLYE AIKEN President ,,.l,.,,...,-, ,-,,,,,il,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i,,,Aw,,,,,,,, KATHY MCKISSACK GEORGE BOND MEMBERS Cecil Harris Don Harris Billie Lou Jones Gilbert Johnson Erlene Kilgore Tommy Maxwell Jesse Moore Kathy McKissack Martha McQuade Betty Moore Jerry Pittman James Reynolds Kenneth Roddy Hazel Sanford Anne Shramek Steve Sims .Iackie Simons .Ioe Tomlinson Pat Warren George White 56 'ii' Fashion Design Sponsor .....,,, MISS MEREDITH SCHROEDER President ....... ..........,,....,......... E MOGENE FRANK Vice President ....... ....... E LIZABETH MOORE S ecre tary ,s,..,. ...., A NNE SHRAMEK s Angell, Carol King, Nan Brittingham Carter, Grace Cowell, Gwen Dill, Elizabeth Dillard, Nancy Dulancy, Letha Farris, Wanda Frank, Emogene :wiki Hearn, Mary Howard, .lo Jones, Billie Lou Kassed, Frances Keeling, Argerie Lambert, Betty McKissock, Kathy Melton, Betty .lean Moore, Elizabeth Price, Elizabeth Raye, Billie Jean Renfroe, Mary Ellen Sanford, Hazel Shramek, Anne Webb, Jo Ann Young, Carolyn A 4: :rw wiv 'QR Modeling Club Sponsor, MRS. RAE CULLUM OFFICERS President ........ ................................ P ATRICIA FAGAN Vice President ...... ......... M ARIS YIUM Secretary ......... ...... P EGGY SMITH We have a membership of 180. We have planned programs with guest speakers giving interesting talks on things pertaining to appearance and per- sonality. fm - Future Nurses Sponsor ,,,, ......,,, M RS. KATHERINE MOLL President .,.,.... ...... M ARY BOWEN Vice President ...... .......... J OYCE FERGUSON S ecre tary ......... ,...... M ARILYN SUE HARDEN Treasurer ........ CAROLYN GRADY Very enthusiastic group of girls interested in nursing as a future career. About 55 members. Programs planned to stimulate continued interest. Guest speakers from nursing schools, hospitals, health departments, etc. Field trips to hospitals, schools, community agencies, etc. Members plan our programs through an elected committee. Dallas County Medical Auxiliary fdoctors' wivesj have adopted club for special sponsorship. Medical Professional Club Sponsor, I. H. MALONE OFFICERS President ,,,,,.....,.....,,,,,,,,o.,,..,.,,,,,..,,........,.A..,. HARRY WHITE Vice President ...,..,,,,,.,,,.... ..,..,., D AVID BOOKOUT Secretary ,,,,,,,,.....,.. ..,,,.. D IANE DODSON This club was organized for those interested either in some branch of the medical profession or in science. We have films and interesting speakers to instruct us on the different phases of this subject. Emphasis is placed on preparatory work for these fields by which we hope to acquaint students with opportunities offered in this field. Future Teachers and Ministers Club sponsor, M155 JANE ETHERIDGE OFFICERS Preszdent .,,,.,,A,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A.,,,..,,,,,,.,,..,..... WAYNE REYNOLDS Vice President fTeachersl ............ BEVERLY STAFFORD Vice President fMinistersl ....,.,,..,.,..,,, DAVID LAWRENCE Secretary-Treasurer ..,,..,,...... ..,,,,,., D EANNE COVINGTON 501153 BYFHH1 Wesley Johnson Linda Morris Bonnie Cash David Lawrence Pat Peck L0lliSB Clark Marie Lloyd Wayne Reynolds Joyce Coker Anna ,lane Miller Sue Sorrell Deamle Covington Nadene Miller Beverly Stafford Pai Eagle Rebecca Moore George White Dallas Historical Society Sponsor, MISS WINNIE LANGFORD OFFICERS Fall Term Spring Term President ..,.,....... .......,,.Y,,Y...........,Y,........ C AROL WHITE President ..,.......... ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,...,,.,,,.,....,.,... M ILLER BRITTON Vice President ,,,,,,, ,,...A.....f.Y.Y.. P ATSY WYATT Vice President ,,..,,. .I.I.,, ,I EAN ANN HILL Secretary .........,,,, ..,,.,,. H ELEN MCDOVVELL Secretary ,.,......,... ,........ S ALLYE AIKEN The purpose of the Dallas Historical Society is to better acquaint its members with some of the history of our own town and its citizens. After school the club members take field trips to some of Dallas' important historical monuments and during the time allotted for meetings at school, lectures are given by outstanding citizens of Dallas. Press Club Sponsor, CARL FINLEY This club was organized to encourage interest in the field of Journalism as it affects all news media. It is open to students from all classifications. We examine and analyze problems pertinent to modern Journalism. Architectural and Engineering Club Sponsor, L. E. CAMPBELL OFFICERS President .,,,A..........,,..,....,,,,..........,,,....,,,,, DALE MULVANEY Vice President .,.....,,, ,,.,... B OBBY STALLINGS Secretary .,,...,......... .,.....,A. H YUNGJIN JUN This club was organized to stimulate interest in both Archi- tecture and Engineering courses and to help those interested in following this field after graduation from High School. , imgzg Junior F. B. I. l Sponsors MRS. HELEN HORN, FRANK GUZICK, JOHN CARTER OFFICERS . p,eside,,, ---------4 ,---,--,Ah,,,,-.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, J ACK SPANGLER Vice President ....... ......... J OE GEIGER 5,,c,e,,,,,, -----,-,,. ,,,,,,, v IRGINIA WALLS Program chairman ....... ......... J OHN EAGLE Our object is to improve conditions in our school and community. This year we feel stealing and safe driving are important subjects to study. We think the 9827 desirable students can influence those undesirable ones. , A :gg-,g A A, Rfz1.ssf'1.-wsrfmgfrii'imma'wnrfa ' - .f1f,,1i1,. - , X ' 8 gas C. ., My Er Y fl f QW f 'A 4 ff' X Misa W ' fakwi 1 " 'W 2 - fm ll , ,f-, ww- - ws so ..,. .Sm ware? , ii- ,,, ., VH NELSON DON CONEY JACK NICHOLS resident Vzce Preszdent Secretary James Angell James Bohanan David Bookout Luther Brannon Bruce Benningfield Gerald Bullington Bob Burton Jimmy Carpenter Ben Davidson David Ferguson Monte Fite "Butch" Hester Richard Higginbotham Robert Irion Ke Club Sponsor, JAMES NELSON Bob King David Ladymon Bob Linebarger Raymond Mendias A. C. Miller Dob McCormick Joe Park Ken Rambo Gary Roberson Ray Roberson .lack Spangler Sonny Vance R. A. Wade Walter Wood fe Q. J., 4 7 is - f 'i lie NSF sir, F 1,5 Z' fig g 'W 5 Q' s A55 Ta P xi w S n ltligy fs gl 4 0 'Q -x ,jx if Q Q li 5 I f fx 2 A' P' Sponsor .. Big Chief ...... Little Chief ..... Scribbler ....... Money Grabber Junior Boneheads JIMMY DEPEW ABC: DEF. ROBERT PHILLIPS J AN STEVENS JOE DAVIS MOTTO We strive to learn more and more about less and less so that we will know all there is to know about nothing. WALTER WOOD BOB BURTON KEN RAMBO PfESld6fll Vice President Secretary James Angell Richard Ard Bob Aston Jerry Bibby Louie Bledsoe Gerald Bullington Monte Fite Olin Garrison Keith Harris "Butch" Hester Robert Irion Bob King John Love Letterman? Association 66 99 Club Sponsor, VERDE DICKEY Lanny Marion George Martin Raymond Mendias A. C. Miller Bob Nelson Joe Park David Pitcock Gary Roberson Ray Roberson Norman Smith Weldon Tucker R. A. Wade , 5 f., 153, . -7 '22 Randall Wylie S25 W W 5 ,eony O Q. I 'tt x' . 2 ' Q 532 I Dil? T15 , .,-at Dramatle Club Sponsor: MISS WILHELMINA HEDDE OFFICERS President ,,Y,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,...,.,,,,,,,,,,,..,, M - ARY SLAUGHTER Vice President ,,,,,.... A......,YY,,,,,,,,,,,.,4 V IVIAN MOORE Secretary ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,. ,A..A..... ...... J U DY MOTTASHED Program. Chairman ,,,,,,, ..... E LIZABETH NICHOLSON Reporter .,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. ,,....,,,.. F RANKIE LARGENT Patsy Baker Judy Barber June Barham Ann Barlow Peggy Brister Gwen Burkholder Carole Cain Jeanie Case Dorothy Cracker Dale Donner Janice Dunn Frankle Largent Wanda Prullt Margaret Emerson Pat Lowe Margaret ShlCk Jane Eppright Belle Ferguson Arvalene Gore Barbara Graves Barbara Hailey Peggy Henley Roxie Johnson Norma Kidd Wx 2 ihll M ff the Trackv by FELICIA METCALFE CAST OF CHARACTERS Mrs. Guarino .,..............,,,,,,,.......,.............,,,.,.,,....,.,,...,.......,..,,.A.A.A.........,.... CONNIE BOONE Mrs. Reginald Vanderventer .,.. .,,,,,.. N AN BRITTINGHAM Antonia Guarino ................,A.A. ,.....,,, BETTY CARTER Silas Dobbins .,.. ,,.. ......,,,......,,,.. J OE DAVIS Willie Woodson ....,... . ....... ....,.......,,. .I IMMY DEPEW Evalina Burnpass ..,...,,,..,...,,. .....,,.. E MOCENE FRANK Miss Piclgie McDougal ....... ,...,,A.. L OUIDA JOHNSON Mr. Oscar Pozenby ., ,,..,,,A,. LARRY MARTIN Mr. John Morgan ,... .,..,,.,,,..... J ACK SPANGLER Ioan Parker ........... ........ M ARTHA SWANNER Bill Lindsay ..,.... ...,,,,,,,.A.,..., B OB TRIBBLE Betty Phillips ,,,, ...........,. S UE TUNNELL Flickie Nelson ,.,.... ..,,,,......,,...,.,.,............,..,,,,....,..,,,....... .Y...... C A ROL WHITE PRODUCTION STAFF Play Director ..,, ...,............,,.......,,...,................... M ISS WILHELMINA HEDDE Music Director ,.... ,A,,,..,,,,..,.,.,,.,..,. M R. JOE TEAGUE Class Sponsors Assistant Directors M C .................,,,,.....,...., Furniture and Props Sound Effects ........,.. MISS MARGARET HARRIS MISS JANE ETHERIDGE SIDNEY GEORGE BOB RATCLIFF ROBERT IRION BOB RATCLIFF SIDNEY GEORGE Dis tributifve Education Sponsor, MISS NELL PAGE Distributive Education is a cooperative part time school program where students attend school in the morning and work in the various stores throughout the city in the afternoon. , . ...,.. :.., M. I ndnstrial Cooperative Training Sponsor, DELMER MELTON The basic objective of Industrial Cooperative training is to prepare high school youth for useful employment in occupations of their choice. - -- W WW Oak Editorial taff MONTE FITE MRS. MORELLE LUTHER BRANNON Editor-in-Chief MOORE Ca-Edrmr JANET McKINNEY BOB KING HELEN McDOWELL MARION REGAN JOYCE FERGUSON JAMES ANGELL JOE PARK Sponsor ... ,...,.... ...,.,,.. IV IRS. MORELLE MOORE Editor-in-Chief ,.,.,. ....,..........., M ONTE FITE Co-Editor v,,,,,,,,,, .,..... L UTHER BRANNON Sports Editor .,,,, ................A... B OB KING Photography ...... .......... M ARION REGAN Assistants ,...,.. JANET McKINNEY HELEN McDOWELL JOYCE FERGUSON JAMES ANGELL JOE PARK .- ,,.. ,-fl '.'r fm Y X X . A H Mx K .f QHWHFQT, ygggmfgg 3?f65Effr A..', rreesrer e E T 1,1 V 5513. gk 7325-3 - s si-WE I ,1 f JANET STANLEY Advertising BETTY LEMMON Uak Business Staff MR. J. D. NALL, Business Manager J. D. NALL Business Manager sseT n TW f' A 'h sifffffg 1 E "" 7 ' 3 T EQ K K 'k-- J 6 1 ' ' Qtifg '-z1- m PATRICIA PECK OAK REPRESENTATIVES ELIZABETH MOORE A duertising DELL WHITE , .. ., , f fe-.A-aAQvuumwsz4 fmali --.' :z-.ff,1-'alll- .w fr 1 , I Acorn Staff LOUIDA JOHNSON CARL FINLEY SUSAN BENSON ELIZABETH X L 1 1, f ,.. s f, gr " . L A ' Q 23? H, . ,A,, .,, ,,., 5 ' r 1 EDDIE BEVERING DAVID LADYMON FRANKIE LARGENT BARBARA BROWN i SUSAN WEBB DAVID FERGUSON JAMES BOHANAN JACKIE DAVIS :', ISE , I if" 'ir AiA A Vi fi 1 f Q J I ,445 fy Q E I E Et ' KAY MORRISON ELOISE HARGROVE JEAN THOMPSON LUTHER BRANNON A sponsor, CARL FINLEY Fall Staff Spring Staff Editor .......,..,,.....,. .,,,.,,...,,,,.,,,....,,,. L OUIDA JOHNSON Co-Editors ..,..,, ,.,,,,,,,.,,,.,., .,............. S U SAN BENSON Sports Editor ,.....,,.. ..,.. E DDIE BEVERING ELIZABETH NICHOLSON Business Manager ..,,. ........ D AVID LADYMON Assistant Editors FRANKIE LARCENT News Editor ..,,.,. Sports Editor .,.... Business Manager Columns Editor ...... . Feature Editors .. Exchange Editor Photographer ...... BARBARA BROWN SUSAN WEBB DAVID FERGUSON JAMES BOHANAN JACKIE DAVIS KAY MORRISON ELOISE HARGROVE ...... JEAN THOMPSON LUTHER BRANNON P.T. Aides Student Assistants ill' ' T1 s l!l-K'H! Camera Club Sponsor, ARVO CODDARD Square Dance Club Sponsor, H. B. HESTER ' "Sf'fFn'S'JlKhQi5i7EE 5Y5 3W?Ti9'iS Contest Club Sponsor, MISS HAZEL MILLER Sportsman Club Sponsor, MR. JOE TEAGUE ' i ' I STAGE CREW Virgil Crouch Martin Donley Larry Hollis A. W. McCreary James Mizell Jimmy Portwood Bill Squires Jerry Townsend Jimmy Tomlinson Ronald Young MOTION PICTURE OPERATORS MRS. MORELLE MOORE Sponsor Eddie Brooks James Crow Barbara English Mike Gallagher Larry Hollis Sonny Madwell Gary McAfee J oe Schmidt Jerry Townsend Dick Wright Radio and TV Club Sponsors President .......... Vice President ,...,.... Secretary ....... JUNIOR MARCONI 1954-55 W. T. HAMILTON JOE TEAGUE JOE DAVIS WAYNE REYNOLDS ANN HANKINS WH? Allied Youth Sponsor, CHARLES SANFORD OFFICERS Fall Term 1954 President ......,..,.,....l.,,.,,,,,, ...,,,,,.A,....,,,,,v,,,,,,,..,.... ,,,., R O BERT IRION First Vice President ,.,,,,, ......,,.. M ONTE FITE Second Vice President ....,.., ..,,.,.,. J ACK SPANGLER Third Vice President ,,,,.. ,.,............ M ICKIE WALDIE Secretary ,,...,.....,...,..,,.,,,. ........ M ARTHA SWANNER Treasurer ...,........,...,... ......, L OUIDA JOHNSON Cartoonist ....... .......,, E DDIE BEVERINC Spring Term 1955 President ,,,,,,,....Y.........,,,.,............,,.....,,,,.,..,....,,,, DAVID BOOKOUT First Vice President ,,..A..,.,....,,..,,A.,.,,,,.,,,,,..,.,,..,. WALTER WOOD Second Vice President ,,,.,,,, ..,,.,,,........................,,ee B OB BURTON Third Vice President ...,,,, ,,,,,..,. R ICHARD HIGGINBOTHAM' Secretary .,...,,,.......,........, ..,,,,,,..,...,..........,.. L INDA LAWING Treasurer ....,.,,,,,,..,..... ..t...,,,..v,,.,.,,..,. A NNETTE CASE Cartoonist ........ .... LEANNE HEISKELL HOWARD A. ALLEN GYMNASIUM DEDICATION A With hearts full of love and gratitude, we have assembled to honor a great and humble man, one who has learned sympathy, enthusiasm, sincerity, and humility from life,s experiences of great positive value. Mr. Howard A. Allen goes about doing good-always dealing with the ageless problems of youth-developing character, personality, leadership and ideals. The welfare of Adamson High School is his magnificent obsession. Because of his tolerant vision, because of his passion for virtue, and because of his high moral and spiritual values, he has won the exuberant acclaim of all who have come into his presence. How proud he must be to witness this array of his students and his faculty and his friends paying honor to him. We would that he might feel the very intensity of our affection for him. Speech cannot contain our love. l Girls' Sports Club , . il f lf' ' w Y 4 L Sponsors, MRS. RAE CULLUM, MRS. EURICE BASS OFFICERS President ,,,..,...... ,.....,,,,,,,.....,,..,..,.,,...,,,, P EGGY MOORE Vice President ..,,,, ,,,,,,, J EAN THOMPSON Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,,,.........,,, ,,,, A......,,,, P E CCY SMITH Junior and Senior Volleyball Sports Manager ..,, ..,,,, W ANDA SUMRALL Freshman and Sophomore Volleyball Sports Manager ...,.. JOAN BURDEN 4L A WHAT IT WAS, WAS BASKETBALL The annual Basketball game between the mighty Leopards and the faculty Basketeers proved to be a top attraction of the Spring Term. Although the varsity met with defeat, the entire student body enjoyed the unusual game? Us ...... ....... 1 Its ............ .. 2 Class of 19?? Queen 1953 1 P I V. ' O A - ueen Bonehead Good Advice la.. - . aA , Lkkyg Mg: ,, A if Q 1 Y af " 1 ' e f f z. Q J ,SY eKk S E' ia is M , HPR V, , if if Z Q X' , :i, G W sgi, Mm W, ,-E1 . 1.1 gi' Q 3 . ,,,. o S F Q L 8 , f f ' a Q ' 9 l Q 4 9 9 E 1 t K ' Q 1 . k 1 1 ' 3 f 2 f , Y , I Q v 2 If x 3 Q ' ff 1 , Q 3 4 F i l . j ? V 5 i E Q Q r - 5 Q 1 1 f . V 3 f ' J ' , 5 " 1 ' 3 R 5 - F 1 3 ' . f Y? ' , 1 ' f sr X Q 3 Q Q h 'Z 6 A V 4 . - ,W Q x if 5 i I . t L 4 A 6 K 3 i 2 I Q 4 3 g gg 5 f Q fl f r g X 5 , K i 'f 11 :L1Q'e2:: g W ' l Q Y 2 x 2 ' Y V I wwqa f 9 4- ' f W K 5 F 5 ' i 5 Q , 3. b , , ,X j j: ' Q , Q , 1 A Y T Hx, V ,V if 2 9 V 5 ' T. U Qf -9 v f E i 5 4' ' N 1 - Y 'la w' 5 QE fi 3 5 - f i ' 1 ,,. L Q Q E Q f ff Sf -' Y J A f A 1 f ' s Y ff 5 . lx- F ' ' A V L Q Qbww i bf f f f Q 5 Z Q. Q. .,. 2 Q Q 1, 5 1 Q 5 ,E f S a is 1 if S f E' 'I S V - f 5 L Q 33 , f Q : .A . . I , L T , . 0 3, E i 35 . 4 6 It K 2 f Q u se- 4 1 f - 1 1' P if W Q +, f Q Y J Ig 3 Q K ' 3 J 1, -X S Z 1 Q' ' Si f YJ f . ' , ' V A 'I il A V 'S 1 .F s if if Q. S 5 ip ' f Q PK 2 fi- S' if ,f , .R y af Qgxfff. 4 , eq my " ww' X' Qy ' 2 S, W i kwk' ' 41 : fuel if 1' 'F if N W i W Q X 1,113 I 2? ws, "' 4, . ,. y , 1 Q JJ 15.3 - .eg w 45 - E Q .Q 1 1 .5 COLONEL BURGESS Second Regiment Commandant Spring Cadet Colonel BOB B. KING COLOR GUARD .loe Wood, Pat Poor, Tom Morrell, Bob Martin. CAPTAIN FRANKS Assistant P.M.S.8zT. Fall Cadet Colonel ROBERT E. IRION Mary Slaughter 'Ml' 'xl A JN Joe Davis Jimmy Depew Robert Phillips Frank Cadwallader David, Ladymon Larry Martin SPONSORS Foreground: Mary Frances Slaughter. First row: Ann Davis, Loretta Smith, Peggy Brister, Betty Carter. -az, 1:-a-it ' Qorsasfewsrssrsns.wwmzMswc.suf OF FICERS' CLUB First row: Kirby King, .lim Depew, Joe Davis, Bob Irion, Eddy Brooks, Bill McCallum, Frank Collins. Second row: Milton Miller, Garrett Creppon, Garry McAfee, David Ladymon, Charles Turbevill, Gerald Spencer. Third row: Tony Smith, Larry Martin, Harry Zimmerman, Charles Hollings- worth, Jerry Backer, Frank Cadwalla- der. Fourth row: Roger Smith, Robert King, James Wade, Lenard Jett, Bob Bowen, Robert Phillips. BAND First row: David Ladymon, Loretta Smith, Leonard Jett, Charles Bishop, Charles Hollingsworth, Rodger Smith. Second row: Stanley Keeney, Jimmy Coffee, Don Moore, Joe Thomlinson, George Brabham, Antonio Vallejo, Maurice Villarreal, Mr. Goddard. Third row: Thomas McCarthy, Haden Green, Emery Cathy, Willis Walker, Melvin Smith, Dale Blankenship, Mar- tin Donley, Billy Franks. M., K Lf M , .K 5,1 ,-Q an wi. .fm W' ., U. ' W ' "' V r .ff 'f',,f" "li-l lfi ' VE. YW, Wi' , "LW H f .wax -Lf wif 279--,ffv ' Milam Y ,..,L.,,, ,Wg 'sf ff' P - W- WW M3513 2 ' .. Q3 ,Mg wwf? mf M .W J iggggf,-11 'S V5 , f WWW v,p2xwivL .uw Q Uv Qksgim Wm HAWK, W - 5 if fi . ,ill 55, ax , G7 2193 55 4, N 5 ,. , as , Sf I 4- ,Q I 21' I I ? 5 i A . v 2+ ' 3 6,-1 'pk NA 0? First row: Bob Bowen, Betty Carter, Joe Davis. Second row: .lan Stevens, Jimmy Carter, Bobby Ward, Marvin Coyle, Jerry Townsend, Don Holm- quest, Billy Carretson, Danny Craw- ford. Third row: Jack Martin, Max Klein, Robert Hatfield, Don Maddox, Johnny Wilson, Ronald Murphree, Robert Hutchison. Fourth row: David Green, Dean Pipes, Tom Morrell, Alex Troup, Lynn Putman, Bill Zollicoffer, Jerald Higgenbotham. First row: Tony Smith, Robert Irion, Mary Slaughter, Harry Zimmerman. Second row: Fred Fagg, .loe Wood, Thomas Simms, Gene Belk. Third row: Wayne Wright, Jim Yarborough, Dan- ny Bourland, Pat Poor, Dean Guynes. CAMP DALLAS 1954 ff ' 9"fs4.t-fuv' , A .W- Ti, N i Leopardettes EVELYN' HENDERSON TOMMY LANCASTER MARTHA SWANNER ELLEN HENDERSON HELEN GLASS MARY FRANCES SLAUGHTER JUDY HARRIS i ,..,,.w., ,A wif, 1' Ml Cheerleaders 1954 55 as o ua E 2 cn A03 V ll H P1 IP 2 '-3 IE O Z 'U Cn O Z JACK SPANGLER JOEL LAXSON ,. 53, - 1 1.-,U ' JIMMY DEPEW Alternate CONNIE BOONE TROY LOVELL LOUIDA JOHNSON WANDA JENKINS ANNETTE CASE A ltemate W. H. Adamson '6Blue Band" Drum Major DAVID LADYMON Sp - ARVO GODDARD Da,d's Club Football Queen QUEEN CAROL of the House of Pugmire Princesses Mavinee Scott, Pat Thompson, Carolyn Watkins, Glenda Jarman, Jackie Davis, Virginia Walls Queen Carol. Football Tri-Captains WALTER WOOD, JAMES ANGELL, ROBERT IRION HAM Team MR. DICKEY -izgj? !3ZZg'?Ql5f?iQ0 1 3 1 " flgxwi nw+'i S A 1 3 41 K 8153. 9 r 5 38' S' L Q L ff . Q-on MR. HEAD First row: Price, Garrison, Burton, Nelson, Aston, Ratcliff, Wood, Garrett, Pitcock, Speck, Carsey. Second row: Jones, Park, Depew, Irion, Gardner, Geiger, Rambo, Love, Roberson, Williams, Bever 5293 MR. GUZICK Mes" zo.. ing, Michal. Third row: Mr. Nall, Smith, Bledsoe, Crim, Harris . ...,'2- Angell, Bibby, Tucker, Mizell, Roberson, Maddox, Tribble, Bul- m VZVA R ',iiA lington, Mr. Dickey Mr. Guzik. Fourth row: Minyard, Eason, Myers, Sandefer, Marion, Featherston, Walder, Bohanan, Fisher, g, ii' More, Bookout. Fifth row: Shaw, Roberts, Rumfelt, Wood, Sud- Io- - :ff l derth, Wade, Ramize, Sieber, Duncon, Wylie, Johnson, Stallings. K S 7 ote, 7 it 1954-S5 SEASON 1 ,,refr, ,SRR1 my i A.H. ,,.,, A ,,,, ,, , ' ' i , 7 my ..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.f..,,,,, 13 fi 7 Reagan 13 ii'i 5 0 Bfackenfidge ------- ----- 2 0 rrerre 7 13 Tech .........,,,,,...... .,,,. 6 l 0 Forest ,,,,...... ,.... 1 9 K , " , J X 7 Hillcrest ,.., .,,.. 7 , - 0 N. Dallas ...,.... ..,.. 1 2 'i i ' 35 Woodrow ...,.... ..,.. 2 0 li MR' NALL 7 Sunset ............ ..... 3 4 14 S. Oak Cliff .................. 28 AsBv 'vyg y, 'lan-" fn, ,gffia E Footba ,V 7f',ff-o1- .. N , -l, . I I 'f-l If ,' ..,,. fx - - WU" -1-rj, - - A 1' 11 1 . , ,,, , ,figs .1 va P252 . ' iq , , -v .- - ,I , f. .5 fr - D, O " , . - fo. 'cj' J' fr if ' ., 'li 41- -'ll l .,, x V lk. JAMES ANGELL Center BOBBY ASTON Tackle EDDIE BEVERING Tackle JERRY BIBBY Guard GERALD BULLINGTON Back BOB BURTON Back '-5 'mv' 1 .5.. 1 'clg x-Wi l m -wa Gttefmen ' 2 ' HOMER Tackle CRIM ROBERT GARRETT Guard OLIN GARRISON End J OE GEIGER Back KEITH HARRIS Center ROBERT IRION Back ,P 'Gas-' 4g If ,7 73?,'1,9.., , Q w . ' l"'. V Q" , , Ml' 6 . .,,7,,, Q - A t4 1-A" --' is ,151-.- vf' 'ff A A - ' 5- ' '- ' rl V '. . .9 if' it N Io. . ,,'!'15 ' : -.AJ 7 , JM, 'QT' 'VL . ., Q , F: .5 Q Footba JOHN LOVE Guard LANNY MARION Back LARRY MINYARD Back BOB NELSON Back JOE PARK Back DAVID PITCOCK Guard elftefmen gf f i fx-W -.gQXQt.v,q,q, Q 5 ,jr "W2N5' X 1:-. A N: .,,. -N A -"4 X , X'-c vi ' Z A W H I v' 1 -'YB KENNY RAMBO End GARY ROBERSON Back RAY ROBERSON Back R. A. WADE End WALTER WOOD Guard RANDALL WYLIE End CC 99 A Team Basketball 1 95 5 --A.. ......., First row: John Fulkerson, monte ln-, A.. ,. Second row: Joel Laxson, R. A. Wade, Emery Cathey, Milton Ramsey, Mr. barter. Lnuu k Phil Hipps, Darrell Johnson, Jack Nichols, Kenny Rambo Lohman, Danny McCormac , if 1-Y Dnu-V f 44739 mwgg, WA H689 TSON ,-n X an fi MR CARTE ' R ANNYT M cCOYxM ACK A. C. Mlhhbn R ' '21 WADE 70" Two- Year Letterman 666697 4.1 -f mam, Wm-.W '11-UHMAN T DAR MGT, ,2,, " PH1I161giPPs uuruu an JOHNNY N'- d. if "B" TEAM First row: Abbot, Barnett, McDonald, Denison. Second row: Tanner, Arington, Jones, Klevinger, Cummings, Roberts. Third row: Crouch, Pitcock, Stallings, Jones, Durrett, Johnson, Schmidt, Mr Guzick. MONTE FITE One-Year Letterman 880 ROBERT IRION One-Year Letterman L. Hurdles B. B. KING Two-Year Letterman H. Hurdles R. A. WADE Two-Year Letterman High Jump CIN DER LETTERMEN 1954 -.7 Q27 I I J. B. HEAD Coach "'Track'9 1955 Track Team First row: J. B. Head, Hill, Gieger, Goldman, Portwood, Robson, Higginbotham, Jones, Rose, Watson, Donley. Second row: Gilbert, Baker, Marion, Akerlund, Stallings, Davis, "BB" King, Harper, Clevenger, Smith, Stanley. Third row: Burt, Rambo, Wood, Garrison, Mitchell, Wade, Ladymon, Witty, Woods, Crouch. J. B. HEAD fi hwhul Baseball 1955 First row: Sammy Moorehead, Paul Hankins, David Pitcock, Mike McDonald, Joe Gordon, Bob Burton, Raymond Mendias, Buddy Tanner. Second row: Joe Barharia, Lonnie Wilson, Joe Woods, David Ferguson, Byron Barber, Richard Higginbotham, Phil Hipps, Jimmy Carpenter. Third row: Coach Tom Chandler, Tommy Kindred, George Martin, Bob Nelson, David Boodout, Delton Hunt, Jackie Nichols, Gerald Hix. 19544 CITY CHAMPS and THIRD PLACE STATE F INALISTS ry i N I1 1 Hg 2' , W 'W J" Eg' BOB NELSON GEORGE MARTIN DAVID FERGUSON Returning Lettermen RAYMOND MENDIEZ JACK NICHOLS Managers JIMMY CARPENTER JOE BARBARIA Returning Letterman if if 'O Golf Team 1955 Coach, L. C. LEFTWICH 506 00.9 LYNN WILSON J IM Flrst row Lynn Wllson Wayne Short, J im Stewart, Luther Brannon Jimmy Simmons John Wood Joe Warren Glen Burns Mr Leftwhlch. Teddye Spann, Sherry Bynum, Betty Jones, Jean Jones, R. N. Smith, Joe Schmidt, Marion Regan, Frank Hayden. 1955 Tennis Team Coach, R. N. SMITH SHERRY BYNUM JEAN JONES BETTY JONES F Girls, Physical Education ' VW 3. Q1 , ,Tiff 1 G 3 Lg. . '7 .. .5 i 7 . Y 34 AW W 5 i., iiiv L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY SENIOR RINGS - GRADUATION IN Second Floor Dave Ramsey, Represen'I'a+Ive VITATIONS - AWARDS Sanger Bros. Siore I' 1 1 I - 1 I i' C930 COLBERT'S I 220 W. Jefferson "The Smarfesi' Adamson Co-ecl Shops ai' CoIberI"s" 956 CLARENCE'S RESTAURANT Rush CO. "Where Dallas Ears" DIe+19e" 8' POSI C 'H' d E' Mh S+ + Mechanical Drawing Supplies mm an Ig ' ree S ArI'isI's' Ma'I'eriaIs Telephone WO-0089 Pic'I'ure Framing I 305 Elm SI'ree+ RI-4403 OPEN TWENTY-FOUR HOURS LU BY'S JEFFERSON CAFETERIA FINE FOOD FAST, FRIENDLY SERVICE CO0 FREE PARKING LOT ANNIE CLARK ERMA CLARK NURSERY FOR CHILDREN Regular and Half Sizes Junior Sizes 5-I7 205 Sou'I'I1 Zangs Phone WO-3355 2II Cenfre WEQ235 Free parkmg Ex-Adamsoniies Meei' A+ ..IAY'S FLORIST 246 WYNNEWOOD VILLAGE WI-l325 wELBoRNE's '-0ADER'5 I2 . e erson - 0 W J ff WOBII9 22l0 S. Beckley YA-6225 Open Every Evening Un+iI 9:00 v I Szgezezze female? NOW 3 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Main Sfore l005 W. Jefferson Warehouse Sfore H3 E. Jefferson I909 Slrillern Plaza Garland, Texas I FURNITURE CARPETS LIoyd's CAR CLIFF CREDIT JEwEI.ERs Phone WI-4084 207 W. Jefferson f DEPENDABLE I Q SERVICE 3 f JOE RUSHING Cleaners and Dyers Res'l'auranI' H23 W. DAVIS Telephone YAle 2l20 FUR STORAGE Phone YU-9529 IIO6 W. Davis FREE DELIVERY WYNNEWOOD RECORD SHOP LAMAR AND SMITH FUNERAL DIRECTORS d V'II . . '20 Wynnewoo I age Orchld Ambulance Servuce 800 Wes? Jefferson WO-ZI46 f-""-"ig wo-2147 YI' FUNERAL SERVICE INSURANCE LQ+g 5 BIRTH TO 90 YEARS lil! ll: u , I , , ,Wi WYNNEWOOD GLIDDEN PAINT STORE l37 Wynnewood ViIIage Phone Wl-l687 CAMMACK BUSINESS SCHOOL LADEN'S ZH S. Beckley-Huber Bldg. CLEANING 8: LAUNDRY SERVICE YU-8923 Day and Evening lllctanef glo+hesH COMPTOMETER-l.s.M. CARDPUNCH an em' 'eases TYPING-BOOKKEEPING MACHINE WWI' Davis S+--Where DICTAPHONE-BUSINESS ENGLISH LIeweIIyn and Cedar HiII SHORTHAND-BOOKKEEPING SI'ree'I's Mee'I S II CI IndivI:IEaI Ingxxiziion YA'5008 Free Placemenf AM. Io PQMQ Yes, yours to enioy to make the most of. You'll find me, Reddy Kilowatt, your friendly electric servant, always Remember. . . someday you'll have a home of your own . . . for better living be sure it's electric! Good luck for now. you deserve the best of it. on hand to help you wherever you are. x My so X9 Xxx XX SN xx rx tx xx XX x XX X XXX XC XX QXX X .X Q X X . x X .XXX xx XXXXXX Ox XXQQ X X X X XX x Xi' 2 XXX ' l flfllla ll ull lllllfilllkklx A lrr FAY'S J EWE LE RS Diamonds Wafches Giffs OAK CLIFF'S OLDEST JEWELERS 367 W. Jefferson FORD RADIO FURNITURE 8: APPLIANCES Jefferson af Zangs LONE STAR CAMERA EXCHANGE LSMFT Lone Sfar Makes Fairesf Trades NATIONAL BRAND CAMERAS EXPERT PHOTO FINISHING CAMERA REPAIRS WE-752' FREE INSTRUCTION 334 W. Jefferson WO-425l ?i'Ifi2? OAK CUFF SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 'E "The Savings Insfifufion in N, Friendly oak cliff" A 'O 0' BISHOP AT CENTRE I -'If- A' ,.,.,.,--5 Paine - Wooster F SHAFT'S . . R Typewriter Service O HOME QF THOSE c-sooo DOUBLE Z SALES- RENTALS- REPAIRS E MCH TH'CK MALT5 i600 N. Beckley N - 4l5 W. Davis WO-4063 WO 0492 CUSTARD SAFETY BRAKE SERVICE E. E. BASS, owner 305 N. Beckley WE-8 I I 2 Phone WO-3902 OPEN ANY EVENING BY APPOINTMENT WATKINS MUSIC CO. PIANOS-BAND AND ORCHESTRA Ben Stanford EQUIPMENT-ACCORDIONS Furniture Co, 838 W. Jefferson 22l W. Jefferson WE-7503 Dallas 8, Texas , - Xu 'hly I A ffdwimf f l3l fwfff ' . Jiecayff l I IH -W S I e X4 X .., I I L1- 5 xx S ' -fx 3 X A XL if ri 'ERN I ?9 b, V. N.,.y.l1' Z Y ,, u 44 Wh l.ilfl2 Jwelzdl PHONE WO-2l55 Your Dollar Buys RAVENIS More Shoe Value PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY a+ PRESCRIPTION SERVICE EXCLUSIVELY Jefferson a+ Bishop DALLAS' TEXAS 4222 Oalz Lawn I9l0 Slcillman Prescripfions Called 'For and glo W. Jefferson Delivered - N3 Exdra Charge HUNT'S DEPARTMENT TRICE FLOOR STORE COVERI NGS Wim CARPETS - Russ - LINOLEUM Congrafulafe 5I4 W. Jefferson 'Ihe WE-4663 I955 Seniors RED BRYAN'S SMOKEHOUSE STUDENTS ALWAYS WELCOME 3'2" E 6I0 Wes? Jeffers - FOR THE JOB OF YOUR CHOICE ,eww SHOLIITHAIID , r 20 NO svmsots I 'd'6M,fg MACTZZWW FAMOUS ABC SYSTEM 5922152121311 A ' TYPING AVAILABLE Q9 WCP 350 CIIIOS Qualify for a well paid position in only 6 weeks! "Go places" .Iso ooo graduates faster as a secretary because you are in line for opportunity... ' you make important contacts . . . your talents are noticed! Speed- mgg writing is based on the simple ABC's, you take dictation the EMM-QYMENT ggkylcg very first day . . . attain a speed of 120 WPM, 507: faster than 0 Civil Service. Used in leading omces, Civil Service. Amazing T10 WORDS PER MINUTE low cost. Free trial lesson! Come, observe. Convinoe yourself. Ono Low Fn Ne Emi Tuition C New Day or Evening Classes Every Monday Also Gregg SI1or+hancI and Oiher Business Courses Please Send for Free Booltlei' RUTHERFORD-METROPOLITAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 2020 Main RA-4538 Joe Vol 'It . C' MerrlII's OAK CLIFF AUTO TOP Fresh Orange AND SEAT COVER CO. FANCY TAILORED SEAT covens 'W' N' ZANGS. AND CONVERTIBLE Tops OPP05'+e Lake CMI 415 N. Beckley Ave. WO-4776 Phone W'-4305 COMPLIMENTS OF YoungbIood's Fried Chicken I 26 E. COLORADO YA-8333 il. PICK-UP DELIVERY SERVICE LAUNDRY SUPREME LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING 400 W. Jefferson Phone YA-3I47 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF George M. Stuart BALL NUT AND FLORIST IN OAK CLIFF CO' gg SALTED NUTS- FINE CANDIES l3I5 N. Zangs Blvd. WE-46I5 409 S. Beckley WO-0078 PARK PHARMACY 00k Cliff Floral Opposi+e Me+hodis+ Hospiial FOR EVERY Bl-OOMING THING 2I4 W. Colorado PHONE W"' '39 zu E. Colorado WI-Sblb MAH ER BROS. Aufhorized Forcl Dealer I000 W. Jefferson YU-735I A 0QnwZ'aZxc01Z 5 T213 . . ' A Ve TO VISIT TiPf0"'S ROLAND ELLIS Cleaners and Dyers gag, Cliff-S Finesf SUPPORTING AND ROOTING FOR THE LEOPARDS FOR 20 YEARS Man's Sfore 333 W. Jefferson Blvd. II6 S. Beckley WE-4647 ROWLEY UNITED FRANCES KING OAK CLIFF THEATERS BOOK SHCP SCHOOL BOOKS SUPPLIES TEXAS GREETING CARDS STATIONERY WYNNEWOOD XgiUl5IN 929 W. Jefferson BECKLEY Nexf Door 'lo Rosewin Theafre STEVENS BEVERLY HILLS HEIGHTS WDWAY JORDAN E FLORAL COMPANY E FINE FLOWERS FOR "-1 T ALL OCCASIONS - - Reasonable Prices I32 N. Beckley IWW WE-4641 WO-5905 - -h I CHARMODE BEAUTY SALON I0 I 8 S. Beckley WO-424 I YA-9894 ". . . IF YOUR HAIR IS NOT BECOMING TO YOU . . . YOU SHOULD BE COMING TO US." BOB CARRELL TEXACO SERVICE Jefferson al' Crawford YA-4l48 Free Pick Up and Delivery Mechanic on Du'I'y L. B. MERCANTILE "Every+I1ing 'For 'l'l1e Fisherman" I23 W. JEFFERSON ST. WI-5506 DONNIGAN'S SERVICE STATION I 0'I'l1 and Beckley CLAY'S BARBER SHOP 2736 S. Beckley OPEN 8:00 A.M. 'Io 8 P.M. Your Business Apprecia+ed F. E. CLAY, Owner WE-0l22 SKYLINE SUPER MARKET Complimenfs of S'IapIe Foods and Fancy Groceries FROZEN FOODS-FRESH VEGETABLES 8 Qualify Fresh and rff . Cured Meat Oak Cl Towers Bldg FREE neuvsnv YA-9779 2415 Eas+ lI+I1 S+. W57534 PAGE'S REXALL DRUGS Prescriplion SpeciaIis+s Fea'I'uring a Complele Line of Drugs Toilefries-Cigars-Candy-Soda 3230 Falls Drive CORNER WESTMORELAND AND FALLS DRIVE IN WESTMORELAND HEIGHTS JQHN R. RODEN SUPERIOR CLEANING CO. WALLBOARD CONTRACTQRS "Cleaners of Fine GarmenI's" EXCLUSIVE LUSTERWAY DRY I50I Rindis CLEANING IRVING' TEXAS Sfevens Park Shopping Village phone 2-0412 20I9 FI. WorI'I1 Ave. CALL COLLECT PR-52I2 Don't Overlook Dallas- But Do Overlook Dallas! I Cliff Towers af Dallas COMPLETELY AIR CONDITIONED When you are in one of the delightful rooms or suifes at Cliff Towers you Ioolc down on Dallas from a hilltop close fo ifs heart, beside lovely Lalce Cliff. It's a favorite with both transients and permanents because of its convenience, its beautiful setting, its charming appoint- ments and its unfailing hospitality. Glenn H. Lane, Manager 1-iienieagas 1 A , , IN ARIZONA The Westward Ho at Phoenix John B. Mills, President Allen Matthews. Manager Casa Blanca Inn af Phoenix George Lindholm, Manager Rancho Grande Lodge at Nogales John E. IJaclrI Davidson, Manager IN OKLAHOMA The Adams af Tulsa Franlr J. Burger, Manager IN NEW MEXICO The Crawford at Carlsbad Roy Wright, Manager IN TEXAS The Crawford at Big Spring Grady Duling, Manager The Settles at Big Spring Carter Belew, Manager Cliff Towers at Dallas Glenn H. Lane. Manager The Century Motel at Fort Worth Edward Gillei-le, Manager The William Penn af Houston Louis Marchette, Manager Hotel Brandon at Pecos Bill Clarlr. Manager Hotel Lincoln al' Odessa Blalre Sweatt, Manager Anefff L 4 iff -af lohn B. Mills, Managing Director Mercantile Securities Building, Dallas FULLER'S GENERATOR AND IGNITION SERVICE Aufhorized Speedomefer Service Dlsfrlbufor For STROMBERG. HOLLEY. AND CARTER CARBURETORS Delco and Aufo-Life Parfs WE SERVICE EVERYTHING WE SELL 500 So. Ewing YA-I88I REPUBLIC CHEMICAL CO. I 902 N. Beckley PR-6375 BECKLEY 'CLEANING co. ALWAYS BETTER-BETTER ALL WAYS Call for Delivery and for Sforage IIOI S. BECKLEY WI-43I3 VETERAN CLEANERS II45 S. Hampfon WO-9383 908 Vermonf WE-0I55 STA-NU FINISHING PROCESS SHERWIN-WILLIAMS OAK CLIFF STORE 300 S. Beckley YA-3 I 64 Courfesy of N ELLA BOU RLAN D DRAPERIES Congrafulafions fo +I1e Seniors OAK CLIFF SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Single Subiecfs-or CompIe+e Secrefarial Courses 5 I 5If2 W. Jefferson YU-9944 SUBURBAN EMPLOYMENT AGENCY MefropoIi'ran Service Wifh Suburban Convenience "THERE'S A JOB FOR EVERY MAN-A MAN FOR EVERY JOB" 5I5If2 W. Jefferson WI-I I26 Congra'l'uIa+ions Io Seniors of I955 W. E. HARRIS CONSTRUCTION CO. 228 E. 5+I1 WE-4 I 9 I Swimming Pools a Specialty BULLDOZER DRAGLINES SUNSHINE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS 4OIl Maple Ave. LA-992I DaIIas, Texas CompIimenI's of SIVILS DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT FI. WOFTI1 Cufoff and Davis oFFlcE EQUIPMENT COMPANY "EveryIhing 'For I'he Office" I304-I0 Young S+. RA-4573 FLOWERLAND Tomorrow's Flowers Today AI' Prices You Like Io Pay 0PEN DAILY AND SUNDAYS TO 8 P.M. "Jus+ Phone and Say Charge I+" CITY WIDE DELIVERY I 2 I W. CoIoracIo WO-8 I4 7 CompIimen'I's of MOTOR SERVICE GARAGE Auihorized HUDSON Service and Par+s 730 W. Davis WI-4700 DALLAS, TEXAS CompIimenI's of LONE STAR OLDS CADILLAC CO. 230 I Ross Ave. RA-7222 CAMPBELL FUNERAL HOME 300 W. Davis DOUGHERTY FU RN ITU RE CO. 525 E. Jefferson H. T. GREEN MlLLER's FLORIST 81 SON AND GENERALE GIFT SHOPPE INSURANC FIRE. AUTOMOBILE, BONDS H5 S. Beckley wo-5708 22II Cedar Cres+ WE-2029 PEERLESS LAUNDRY Complimenfs of W. B. TUPINAMBA CAFE GROCERY 2I3I P+. wonh Ave. WO-0645 OPEN 7 AM- +0 ' PM FOR THAT SOMETHING DIFFERENT No- I ENJOY OUR DELICIOUS MEXICAN 50I W..Davis AND AMERICAN FOODS No 2 II A.M. 'ro 2 A.M. SEVEN DAYS A WEEK 429 W. Commerce Complimenfs of THE TORCH RESTAURANT Serving Orien'I'aI, Greek, and American Dishes Specializing in Souf Laki 3620 W. DAVIS ST. FE-522 I DUGGAN IRON 81 METAL CO. Dealers SCRAP IRON AND METAL SPECIALIZING IN FOUNDRY TRADES P. L O. Box 9085 2209 S. INDUSTRIAL BLVD. TEL. IM-I3Il DALLAS, TEXAS PHONE YU-6276 laoa W. DAVIS GLEN H. JONES, GREENHOUSE Flowers 'For All Occasions GLEN H. IPAPPYI JONES DOROTHY JONES Complimenfs of A. WOOD SERVICE STATION Beckley af Melba 303 N. Beckley WO-0I23 TEXAS PRODUCTS GLEASON'S CLEANERS Ph EL CAPRI CAFE YA-3336 FT. WOI"I'I'l Ave. L' C. SERVING THE FINEST IN MEXICAN Owner Open I0 A.M. Un+iI 2 A.M. AND DYERS CURB SERVICE I4I4 W. Davis Sfreef DALLAS II, TEXAS Complimenis of TRIPLE OAKS GREENHOUSE BEDDING PLANTS -1 ARRANGEMENTS CUT FLOWERS -- CORSAGES Mrs. Sam A. Cooper I6l0 KINGS HIGHWAY YA-3327 Wiring, Confraciing, Repairing Indusirial and Residenfial T. M. SCHROCK ELECTRIC CO. 4I0 W. Davis S+. LICENSED ELECTRICIANS Ted Hound SERVING OAK CI-IFF 237 Wynnewood Village Phone WI-5105 Phone YU-730l ., ,,Yv .-.YV '- DOUGH ERTY'S PHARMACY Office 20l7 S. Beckley YAle-I444 STORE NO. I STORE NO. 2 STORE NO. 3 2009 S. Beckley 9I0 Vermoni 4248 S. Lancasier STORE NO. 6 znou s. Edgefield EDITH H. MELTON Real Es+a+e and Insurance 6:3 N. Bishop wl-4269 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS From a Friend POTTERY MANUFACTURERS Ideal Po'H'ery A. E. WILBUR, Owner PoHery Manufacfuring and Modeling Clay 2930 W. DAVIS WO-OI73 DALLAS KEY AND LOCK CO. LocIcsmi+I1s SAFE EXPERTS-FISHING TACKLE KEY FITTING-GUNS-NEW AND USED M. KICKIRILLO, Mgr. I4I3 Pacific Ave. RA-0762 OUTBOARD MOTORS NEELY'S PIT BARBECUE Ribs-Chicken-Beef Home Made Pies 530I W. DAVIS ED-2-9202 THE BRANDING IRON Barbecue Chicken, Ham, Ribs and Beef SANDWICH ES-STEAKS-SEAFOOD 2I I6 FI. Wor+I1 Ave. WO-0037 GALILEAN BAPTIST CHURCH 20l E. Tenih Sfreei' DR. HERBERT J. PUGMIRE lPas1'orj YUlcon-6888 Jusi' Across 'Phe Sireei' from "Dear Old Adamson" fhe School Wifh fhe "Tradi+ions" and "Figl1+ing Leopards" 1 S , R ' --'AW -532,1 K' , -ez 1 Qz,.f?fffif7iii?g53 , 4 , . ...Q Q ' ,f,f,if.7.' X 3 S 1 X S Y54-rfL"2lff---fi-2,5 , ,M ' 'R if . A- Q ii' fs-y 4 1' ' , W -:V -kg, K f.1,.-- 2 f K K 4 ff Q 'Tff 3 Lg. , J fe 2' 1 -lfssw , 97- ., . .5--.Q,f.:f.i-.fie-5552,944 -I1 - 1 " ,7 .. ' .3 5' X , i A- . K ' . . .- - 4 . , , . ,. .V - A f 'f ,fl Nl'--Wlf' :sf fa " R 1-::.f'ff sf.-sf , ' K - ..., -V M ,V f , . H . 5 U Q "L,-T, 1, " 21 9 - 2?---'flf "f.liXf?W?3f: k . .is W7--i 'f,L' , iff? , Q' - , ff , W X. -f 4 f f .- M.,-,,+--.asf ,vm,.?.zs, ,HL-er. 42.-15+-wifi-4" --A . ! Q '- ' ,. . K j - k " - ' T Q '- ' I . 5,9 -Q-,A 11, 'ii Q: Q, ,- I 1 P. jp Q' -f , fi 5.-+' L --.g ' ' 'fv , 1gfL,".f-sz,,f,?fL ' --261-ef-, - ' f5f.,N,fi1,,-i - 'I , sf ,:Q.55, - Q if fi-'f' f1ir"" " 342.151 , Egg " -as-if' 5. ,. , --1 n .L 1 .5 f .L i,w35iNm'f-, w,,.:---.,wff.' 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V , I - , H fm. . ,....- .-,,..., , ,Ly ,in K I :L K 3. f, ,Q ,Y . ,,,,.,,, .... ,.. , f- ..,,,, 9- ,..,,,... W..--L ..,.T. ,,,f.. . - f. , A f sf X msg-wage: . gy 1- . HW51, aff .L .- -,L f. ,, igg 4,1 g,x-,,- , Lf- gf- y,,,W.f,.fg-3 ,- 5 Q- saw ,-Q is ' ' ,,-1.--,., ., -, -, f f- 1--W--' - ,. ff, f. ,..,,.. , .-,..,, -M.. H ,, V- L, ,, J ,.,,,,f if 72- q -.3 F. - - '- " ,' ' Z . ' , If QQ, -i '-- . ,,. -11. .. - ' ' .' ' ,. ' i ' A .- ..,, H,-,. .,, ., , L, k -A H k V. - -,Q ,x -. 'Sify' ff 7 ,Q -sw 9-31754 ' V H , 1 . . Y ' ,. - " 1 7- f Yi -' k"'h -l ffifff ' - H 2- ' ' R 7 fix 5 3 get 'Q 1.2 W2 1 51.E,.L.,:-if5--fLf5:i,a,4ss1w25f-amwe:.zsa4?5wss?wQQs3fQbf9f'saw f - Com plimenis of Residen+ial Commercial SALES SERVICE 45"ELECTlQIC4'3' .Sbwzce TROY WEST Res. FR-8759 "WHEN SHE'S THERE, i YOU'RE THERE TOO" THE SALVATION ARMY A Communiiy Chesi' Agencyi iTl1is Ad Paid For By Friends Of The Salvaiion Army, Complimen+s of I X .ziz . I, C , Y , , L FOR ALL PURPOSES Pla+e Glass-Window Glass-Desk Tops-Furnifure Tops Picfure Windows-Shower Door and Tub Enclosures Sfore Fronfs--Ins'l'alla+ion-Anfique Mirrors for Estimate C all LA keside 9901 MIRRORS MADE TO ORDER - RESILVERING ANY SIZE-ANY SHAPE 50 I 6 Lemmon OFFICER I400 Sylvan Drive CREST FLORIST BIB I324 E. Saner Wl,d349 Bus. Phone WO'735o M339 ROY EAsTus RSE-:gale Real Es'raI'e REALTORS FILEEN PENNY GRACE SMH-H Builder and Developer of Fine Home Seciions DALLAS 8 STRUDWICK INSURANCE AGENCY si-IARROCK BROS. I I All K' d nSu'ggie8ENTRE m S ELECTRIC COMPANY Dallas Inc.Ius+riaI Commercial BUS- Phone Resiclenlial Wiring YA-l e5s Res. Phone 7I4 W. DAVIS WO-5I I6 P53062 Dallas DON STRUDWICK SATIN LUMINALL Rubberized PainI' for all lnleriors AMERICAN BEAUTY COVER CO. Loose Leaf Covers 2002 N. Field S+. DALLAS, TEXAS SPARKMAN SERVICE STATION TEXACO PRODUCTS II06 S. Ewing PI1. WO-06I8 TRINITY FAIRWAYS DRIVING RANGE I94-5 NorII1 Indusfrial i SALVATION ARMY Men's Social Service Cen'I'er HELP US TO HELP OTHERS" Save old newspapers- old cIo+hes-old furnilure eI'c. DIAL RA-5459 REHABILITATION R ehabililalion E veryone H oneslly deserves A nolher chance Io B uilcl again I nlo his characler L ove I ncluslry, T rulh. A I our Social Cenler T his opporiunily I s O Iferecl on The basis N ol one shall be denied Ihe righl Io Iry again. LEVOY HART BEN SPURGIN INSURANCE CONSTRUCTION 8: LUMBER C AGENCY BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL III4 Foresf Avenue 252' Cedar Springs WE-75I0 or YA-9696 PR-I55I Dallas COMPLIMENTS WILLIAMS 81 SON PRINTING CO. OF A Offsei' and LeH-erpress Prinfing GOOD PRINTING FRIEND REASONABLY PRICED 733 E. I5I'h S+. YU-9022 WI-07I7 WI-4242 ST-I I88 BARR CONSTRUCTION CQMPANY QUALITY FOOD INSURANCE ESTIMATES 306 Harwood I402 Main S+. 2607 S. LIeweIIyrI JACK BARR. JR. General ConI'racI'or IIO S. Murphy I4I3 Commerce FAST SERVICE OAK CLIFF PHARMACY "Big Enough 'ro Serve Your SmaIIesI' Need" SINCE I89I IOI'h and Lancasfer WO-5I2I BISHOP'S For Ihe Bes+ in Au'Io Tops and Sea'I' Covers HARRY C. BISHOP Converiible Tops are a Specialfy Lei- Bishop "Cover Up" for you WO-0727 203 N. BecIcIey ai' 9I'h Bw IN DALLAS The HOTEL AND ITS BEAUTIFUL COFFEE ROOM Af the Western Hotel Miramar is 5-10 minutes from Downtown Dallas, on the main highway to and irom Fort Worth. It is a handsome two-story hotel, beautifully landscaped. completely air conditioned. A modern swimming pool. complete with sterilizers and aerators, offers exhilirating en- ioyment to summer guests. There is plenty ol free parking space behind the building. There is an excellent new restaurant and the Busy Hampton Shopping Center, a block Glenn H. JJLW ' Gateway Into Dallas away. provides shopping-places ot all kinds and a modern motion picture theatre. E QTHESIY F " ' .VlCE,fi'- .112:355355353555SsieE525:ii2E2i111iaEi255E1:fEfif - :i ,fi:i i.3:5'1 3',ii? 15..r:1. 1:-tv:-:':-::-:-:-:-235'-t-:-:-rv:333:54:-:-3-:fig-3: "l""' 1 Lane, Manager Iohn B. Mills. Managing Director. Mercantile Securities Bldg., Dallas LONE STAR DON UTS HAROLD L. WILSON GENERAL CONTRACTOR 336 W. Davis YU-7770 HOT DONUTS Open 24 Hours '344 Arizona WO'90l9 . WE CATER TO PARTIES I DALLAS- TEXAS A. L. RAMBO AND SON REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE Business, Residenfial Proper+ies FIRE, CASUALTY, AND BURGLARY INSURANCE 335 E. Saner WI-4224 OFFICE WI- I 897 RESIDENCE PALMER BAGLEY DAVENPORT FOOD STORE More Insurance - Less Money 225 E. JEFFERSON 339 E' Sane' Ave' Ph. WM '94 R. L. DAVENPORT DOYLE RAMBO Congratulations to Seniors of 1955 R. L. HARRIS CONSTRUCTICN CO. 25I5 E. II+h YA-2889 EARTH WORK BULLDOZER DRAGLINES Congra'I'ula+ions +o Adamson High School and fhe Class of I955 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE I0+h and Beckley Dallas ROBERT G. NIELSON Pasfor Complimenfs of LYNN BISHOP MOTORS COmP'imen+S of ROTH'S RESTAURANT 23I Sou+l1 lncluslrial 260i P+, Wo,-+I-I Aye. RI-I892 BAPTIST PROGRESS BOOK STORE 426 Wes'r Jefferson 1 Dallas, Texas "YOUR OAK CLIFF STORE" Bibles-Piclures-Books-Church Supplies GIVE US A CHANCE TO SERVE YOU! SNAP SHOTS INC. OuaIi'ry Film Developing SERVING LEADING DRUG STORES AND CAMERA DEPARTMENTS SESSUMS RADIO-TELEVISION Sales and Service DALLAS SCHOOL OF MUSIC Accordion-Piano-Guirar Insfrucfions and Ins'I'rumenI' Sales I000 EIm ST-I970 BRANCHES: 28I0 GreenviIIe Ave. Phone Taylor 0996 Oak CIIH Grancl Prairie Irving Garland DELBERT'S BEAUTY SALON OF WYNNEWOOD Specializing in Hair S'IyIing and Permaneni' Waving Phone WO-492I 239 Wynnewood Village Joe N. SHIELDS Licensed, Bonded Surveyor II09 W. 7'Ih S+. Phone YA-5704 " YA-36 I 4 DALLAS, TEXAS S RADO BLVID. - IIA Nm' AVE. - 120 E. com 1608 McKI1N 14? El. IQIESTAUIQANTS WMM f 4 Gi. ia ll, fl A : 5, ' t ' 5 Cliff Oualiiy Service M. L. HUGHES TELEVISION SERVICE TRANSPORTATION Fair - Dependable COMPANY nos w. iz+h S+. Woodlawn 0I59 "IN OAK CLIFF" OF DALLAS 6 I 0 Soufh Akard TEXAS SEED AND PLANT CO. 526 Eas+ Ten'l'h S+ree+ CUT FLOWERS PLANTS FLORAL OFFERINGS CompIimen'Is of YOUR COUNTY TREASURER and Former Adamson Foo+I::aII Player WARREN G. HARDING LAWSON SHOE STORE Shoes for 'l'I1e Family Poll Parroi'-for Children Porfa Ped-'For Men WI- I 664 FRED'S BARBECUE Our SpeciaI'I'y BEEF - HAM - RIBS - CHICKEN We Prepare PARTIES-PICNICS-CUSTOM Wynnewood WO-423 I Ax McCULLOUGH'S USED CARS 8 I 0 E. Jefferson C Easy Terms Bank Rafe Financing I WE HAVE ALL MODELS . . . So Bring Dad and Le1"s Gei' Togefher. NV! WE-4 I 50 WO-3 745 Complimenfs of GRACE TEMPLE BAPTIST CHURCH "Growing wi'l'h Oak Cliff" Services on KSKY 8:05 A.M. and II:00 A.M. Each Sunday BUEL R. CROUCH Pasfor VIDAL JONES Music anci Eciucaiion Complimenfs of "TOWNSlTE APARTMENTS" Wall-fo-Wall Carpefs Newly Furnished Wide Porches Play Yards Plenfy of Parking Space LOCATED OUT SOUTH BECKLEY Office Open Daily Complimenfs of ' EMPLOYEES OF SKlLLERN'S 325 E. Jefferson WI-I I77 CARL'S CHEF Good Food, Soff Music, Moderafe Prices Rl-4520 Open 7 A.M. fo II P.M. 905 F+. Worfh Ave NEXT DOOR TO THE BELMONT HOTEL 1 I Z-I 2 S Q my A A E 251 A Q S62 Q : . gf '4 g .:fA i Sli ix- 1 ? ,rg 4 L .l . 4, 's A ' , 9 , wif' ffm' I f 5 5 ... 2325.8 ,E LLM . 'Q i fm. :. n . ' ,,1L VmAA . V i M Q 2. ,Q A Z -4 ' . 5. , -Q -H' lk? 4+ -V - i 7? F- 9 Q S? Vx 1, , A A iv ,, qgg. ,tii weddings Commercial child sway CATHEY STUDIO 2026 F'r. Wor'H'1 Ave. YU-8900 Dallas, Texas Complimen+s of W. N. RAST COMPANY Mechanical Equipmenl Sfeam Iron Boilers Gas Burners Sleam Special+ies Temperafure Confrols Dial Thermomelers Sfeel Boilers lncluslrial Thermomelers I805 N. Haskell Ave. Union 5436 DALLAS, TEXAS 9l9 Morrell OAK CLIFF ASSEMBLY OF GOD Dallas Home of 'rhe MORNING WORSHIP HOUR Monday 'Harough Friday-7:30 A.M. Safurday and Sunclay-9:00 A.M. KSKY Roy H. Sfewarf, Pasfor COMPLIMENTS OF N'nfh af Lancasfer T-1' Tlhru fo Jefferson Te'eP"O'1e Wi-"6' coME our OUR WAY COMPANY TRADE YOUR WAY Congrafulafions fo fhe "OAK" on ifs 39fh edifion, from fhe manager of l9I6-Now in fhe furnifure business. Here fo welcome you and supply all your household needs. 9I2 W. Jefferson SMITH FURNITURE CO. Julius H. Smifh, Manager For Qualify Building Maferials LYONCall5RAY LUMBER COMPANY of Texas I02 E. Ninfh Sfreef WO-2I8I Phone Wi-0l75 700 S. Marsalis Dallas, Texas MILLER USED TRAILER CO. 3500 Wes'I' Davis FE-3333 FOR A "REALCOOL" TREAT, FOLLOW THE "HEART" TO THE Cones, Shakes, Malis, Sundaes, Delicious Broil-A-Burgers. There is a DAIRY MART STORE convenienfly locafed in your neighborhood. Inquire how you can own a DAIRY MART STORE, af Lane and McClain Dis+. 3606 Live Oak VI-67l9 Dallas, Texas oAK CLIFF LANES I I 309 E. Jefferson Bowling af Ifs Besf Fully Air Condifioned MAREK'S CAF ETERIA "Serving Good Food" SPECIALIZING IN FOOD TO TAKE OUT YA-OI I5 623 E. Jefferson af Lancasfer COX MOORE DRUG STORE "Oak CIiff's Drug Sfore" Dealerlnv Prescripfion Headquarfers Gasoline and Pefroleum Proclucfs WO,2l0l G- H- SHARP. Mgr- FREE DELIVERY 4I7 N- Flemlng Tyler and Jefferson Phone YU-738I PATRICIA 'STEPHENS FINISHING SCHOOL AND MODELING In as Li'HIe as 2 Hours a Week-Gain Self Confidence improve Your Personalify-Win Popularify and Social Success CALL Pr-5l76 H092 MAIN ST. Firsi' and Finesf in Drive In Theafres Open Rain or Shine 450 I W. Davis FE-604 I Complimenfs of YATES VARIETY AND HARDWARE ZOI9 S. Beckley WO-0302 EARL THORNTON ELECTRIC CO. See Us for PAINTS- HARDWARE 23I7 E. I Hh TOYS - HOUSEWARE Yu-94l 8 Prompf and Courfeous Service Complimenfs of CAIN'S OUTPOST 2504 Wesf Davis W0-5672 CLIFTON CLEANERS I227 Ballard Sf. Across from Mefhociisf Hospifal We Operafe Cur Own Laundry Service ROSCOE GASS REXALL DRUG Prescripfion Specialisfs 90I W. Jefferson WO-2I I6 FLOWER'S INSURANCE AGENCY YU-75 I9 FE-3 726 DUTCH RUSSEY SERVICE STATION TIRES-BATTERIES-ACCESSORIES ROAD SERVICE 9 I 8 W. Davis YU-9298 QUALITY CLEANING CO. There Is No Subsfifufe for Qualify L. R. STANDRIDGE 632 Wesf Jefferson WI-4727 Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce Building FAlN'S GARAGE 4I6 W. Davis WO-4472 HOLSUM BREAD COMPANY Baked and Delivered Fresh Twice Daily Modern Homes of Dis+inc+ion by SHELBY BROS. CONSTRUCTION COMPANY I007, G. I. LOANS IZO3 Pen+agon Parkway Phone DR4-520I lun lin L ll . HUB 8: RED'S Compllmenfs of ROYAL TIRE 8: BATTERY CO. U. S. ROYAL TIRES-BATTERIES TRICK BROTHERS ' Nafional lnsfifufe of Music '30, W. Davis af, Climon 30l E. Jefferson Phone Wl'l I I6 TEXAS MAID DOUGHNUTS Corner of Jefferson and Beckley H ---1 MAN HATTAN MOTOR COMPANY E S. A. Meazell WE BUY-WE SELL-WE TRADE USED CARS 9TH AND JEFFERSON Bus. YU-3389 Res. DR4-36l 7 ul I HILLPOT'S Bicycle and Sport Goods Shop SCOTT - ATWATER FIRST OUTBOARD IN HISTORY I'I1a+ pumps your boai' dry, keeps H' dry-au+oma+icaIIy! Bail-a-mafic eliminares dipping, sponging, dumping, hand pumping, super quiei'-and fhey are buili'-in feafures +I'1a1' cosi' you noi' one cenr ex+ra! Jus'r one of 'rhe many improvemenrs on 'Hme 'Hmrilling new sC0++-A+wa+er for I955! See BAIL-A-MATIC in Acrion a+ Your Dealer 7 I 0 E. Jefferson WO-I022 17 CL M l,uwifWveq , K' ff ' - fx, 1 f , A T V' ' J QM cgmplimenfs of ' We RETT CLEANERS ww 4Es+ablished Oc+. I2, I9I4 WJ? ' FINE CLEANING ki ,T ' 061.0 STORAGE M X H02 E. Jefferson ' YUkon-75lI ff 19 . T Aff 5, 'Ag 1 . " 6? THE SOUTH'S MOST MODERN CLEANING PLANT E. W. KERR, Owner BesI' Wishes Always 'Io Each of You! FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF OAK CLIFF NinI'I1, Ewing, and Jefferson GLEN NORMAN, Pasfor MARIDN SNIDER PIANCS 200 S. Tyler Winfield 0592 Fine Selecfion on New and Used Pianos Lowes'r Prices in fhe Cify of Dallas CONVENIENT TERMS Privafe InsI'rucI'ion in Modern Piano SMALL FRY DIAPER SERVICE 33I5 Grand Avenue HA-7475 Serving DALLAS-GRAND PRAIRIE-IRVING MESQUITE AND GARLAND HELM'S PONTIAC New and Used Cars I 28 So. LancasI'er WO-8 I 94 HARRISON FENCE America's FirsI' Wire Fence Since I883 "DALLAS FINEST FENCE" One of +I1e Largesf CompIe're Sfocks in Ihe Souihwesf FHA Terms 36 Mon+I1s Io Pay RI-9688 I4II F'I'. Wor'rI1 Ave. SALES - ERECTION See Us and Save CHAIN LINK FENCING-FARM AND RANCH FENCING ALL SIZE GATES-GENERAL HARDWARE MlTCHELL'S BARBECUE "Where +o Buy I+" No. I 2I I8 Greenville TE-9243 No. 2 22I I Abrams RCI. UN-90l5 I Telephone PR-l87IO ' ' 2II2 N. Harwood 2IO8 N. Harwood SHERWIN - WILLIAMS BOEDEKER - VERNER S.W.P.-Super Kem'rone-Kem Glo Two Convenienf Oak Cliff Branches '00 Block N. Marsalis 300 S. BECKLEY 2304 W. ILLINOIS . PHONE WE-4623 ROY'S DRIVE -IN I I I5 No. Zangs DELUXE HAMBURGERS Deliver in Oak Cliff Par'l'ies Are Our Specialfies W0-0685 World's Fastest f ' f d System f 0 , 0 I .fg 1 I ' World'l fastest system. 0 Used by 932 of high-salaried I I f ' A e et: i s-taught in 89M of all l- , Itles a d high schools olfering Sec t rial ' T g N , through sensational t p ding pl ld f G egg Simplilleil Shorth d b as- tered h t ks. Typing avallsbl A ge of 10 call p graduate. New Class starting soon. Call or ph f f b ll t "A Bee-Line to a Better Job."Convenient terms, convenient h f D1 t Als Typ g Fill g DRlIUGNON'S BUSINESS COLLEGE C"""'- """" Courses. Day or Night 2I0l Commerce St, Phone No. Rl-3l33 Compliments ot CARPENTER BROS. MODERN OLDS General Contractors 9th and Lancaster B35 PLOWMAN ST. WO-5 I 7l Dallas 8, Texas DR. L Su 1 i il3ili I of , 3 Y LIFE'S' HONOR 1 I The greatest accolade of life is not , to glitter in the minds of men, butfto be enshrined t in the Heart of God. A Special Invitation is Extended to Young People Ages I6 to 24 . To Attend the Large Sunday Morning BIBLE CLASS 9:45 Taught by Mrs. Luther C. Peak UTHER C. PEAK nday Services 9:45 a.m. Sunday School . .030 am' HOW. of Wfmhp "rue church wnhnchaiienga' 5230 P-m' Tfa-'img Umons , soum ERVAY AT sr. Louis 6230 P-m- HOU' of EVan9eI'5m Lurherc.Peak,rh.D.,LL.D. Pastor . CHRISTIAN LIVING IS TRIUMPHANT llVING ' """' " ' "'--' -R mn, W, 3 Ika Jgcf3ratulations and Best Wishes Nb ONNJND ALL SEJNIORS from A FRIEND I BEVERLY HILL DAIRY DRIVE- IN 43iIo3Ll. Ezjliiream anClDij?c5:6,FZEt:I3I 5 W sift AUTOGRAPHS iff? GYM W gf' 1 aiu. Ib W W7 , i LW 1 Qwifgf W7 fliers ARES: 3 OUR TEAM FOR "QUIZ-'EM ON THE AIR" ADAMSON vs. WOODROW WILSON My R Autographs l ' R Mk bWgMMW W , J, My WW Wg? Wlgwwbvf. W qfijyff A if A ii G I Y I .auosemxmzv .5 -f f-aaegfmsns gm- ai saw! 1, ,.,, sew' gn, 111 f an 2 1 w if fi I x x Q ? u -5 I it .- 1 sq ! 3 Bvkefball A Cheerleader h U QF?- x K' 1 A Yr elf i f :S g bi, t ff. ' NIV . iq 'Zu ,mx H-+L-u ff ff- ' QQ !, , ' xslt' 9 Y ' ! C f K J x Major-rife. I Y ,Z 'V ' L , M Q N rrr f ':.' 5 f A J ' ' df 3-'T A .I cz W - " 'Gnmd' Q l LQJH F'nonife, Vlwsffijl n Qtlolflly My fl My alfw if I F We are Proud of this. r s Oak. It J J N is the finished prod of much plan- , f Q A' ' L O i ning, patience a d effort. Our sinoere thanks is extendil to the Annual Spon- 'VA fy57?Uff: I yy ' sor, the Taylor Publishing Company, the Cathey Studio, the Club Sponsors and MC pf me the Student Body. Each one was neces- JK' K , QNKV? Isggygt order to make this book a V1 1 Y -THE STAFF Y 0+ 1 Q My iW Wi NA sg WJ! 6' iisgxs Ps if i it gg Pm is Q f ji-Q f 5 is N 3 A its 73 , ' Q ' A7qan--ga YEARBOOK ' ,j .. I Taylor Publishing Company-Dall x . N ' T F H - i X ".,,uLA4f 4-A-L x Y V -L -ik AAU V lv ofyywf gy! if W Wgxbqfq 5553: 3232 K2 agifg 577 Y? N? , big? 1 i ii off? gisglijiiif 52222 Maya I f ' C533 W X . we " ' ., I i. F V: 3 Afwwjmmfwwdw ' Wwe ,W ,EQQWM WWQ F jg wwf U4 Wfff2f 5f"fm5 W 7MfffQ77f3 E ff my UfMf WMf f'Q UQ, P W fzw ff fam ' iff ,M L GMWW Godmvff "Ve, ff Awww ' if ggfmfwx E . NL go, XR X33 X QQ-lax:-my F35 QW MWWJW C Q 'QQ , , , A A I K A P? 8,-,.g'Q'1 k .ky W H, , 1 . ,L . ... L-l'J 9 if." " A '7""' - , -.,,' vw.: if ,i I",-P, 1' 22- ' .,-.f--fv":,, 5' ff, -VK--"' 1, n',f. ,dy i r - ' Qbfdegfffwgw KIQ fin, za X YQ XA X it-tix rg Tirgi? ,Whig Qty w+1vTZa0gX2,4g X X Mfg? Riff MW W' SRM Q M1 5 ff, jp Mjzfjgwv 3 f giggg1ef ,M 'M F , L ,if ,, W uf' za QM W ,gf MM 9 .qi I .FA - M'-"W , . My X' . ,1 3 2 M ' ' " I if N' V W .. I Q A , ff it W, . 17 4 V 5' 1 . , xr 1, ., R,,fSQ .gggzizm ' 4 4 'x I X , ff' tiiruifimini' It IQ'

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