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Q 'r , :li- .1 x -, 'f ' ,-Q .Ls ff Ziff 1954 Senior Classes The Oak, this year, has endeavoreH to link activities and personalities of yester- year with those of the present and in so doing hopes to bring you enjoyment and entertainment and to contribute to der and lasting memories. THE OAK STAFF Qfialafzq The W. H. Adamson High School has long been an Oak Cliff landmark and tradition, dating back to the 1880's when it was known as Oak Cliff High and was located first at Eighth Street and Lancaster Avenue and then at Tenth and Patton Streets. William Hardin Adamson, after serving as superintendent of the Oak Cliff Schools and taking an active part in all West-of-the-Trinity activities, became principal of the school situated at Tenth and Patton Streets, and even yet there is evidence in the school of the spirit of honesty, forth- rightness, and determination that the much-beloved and respected Mr. Adamson instilled in all his associates. The present building was completed in 1915, but it had only classrooms. Through the years other parts were added 'and the school finally reached its present encompassment. The campus of Adamson was enlarged, finally incorporating the lots at the corner of Eighth and Crawford Streets, the home of the artist Frank Reaugh, who eventually, all the property around him being occupied by the school campus, vacated his premises. In 1914, the first football team was organized and the school began battling its chief rival of the time, North Side of Ft. Worth. The year 1920 was a great one for Adamson High School because that year, under the auspices of Coach Howard Allen, the football team, after winning two uproarious games against Sherman, went to state finals and finally carried off the state championship. In 1923 and 1924 Adamson again came out a winner, taking the state baseball and basketball championships. In other years our school has won state championships in debate and in declamation. To the deep regret and sorrow of all, in 1935 the venerable Mr. Adamson went to his reward and was succeeded as principalof our school by Mr. Howard A. Allen, who has since that time retained this position. ' The history and traditions of Adamson merit our pride and we students take pleasure in our efforts to uphold the distinction of our school. E 1 V Q 14 ,- x . .ff , ' f w ' 'Wm fy' wff',WQ5MA M 4 R K ,wazikxwmx N 4 i S z W W Y ,Sf Qwg-141' . fwf -Aw' ' , .f , , ik gk ' .fmws ,, 2 , w - . W ' '-'h -g' f. A 1 , . .. .- A, -K K , X , ,N nkzww, mam.. I HQ, - mf , f ,Q kfrww I N AW: w QM I I j :fx :R WWW 3-uzmgeala HOWARD A. ALLEN The primary aim of the W. H. Adamson High School is the development of well-rounded, successful citizens for a great democratic nation. Strong healthy bodies, alert minds and Wholesome personalities, Well-grounded in moral and spiritual values, are essential for this goal. THOMAS W. MEEK Assistant Principal , LONA BELLE SPRUIELL Dean Da66cw 7266663 5544464 W. T. WHITE Superintendent of Schools BOARD OF EDUCATION Edwin L. Rippy, M.D. Mrs. Tracy H. Rutherford Jack H. Breard Harry Stone R. L. Dillard, Jr. Mrs. Vernon D. Ingram Franklin E. Spafford Rouse Howell Van M. Lamm EWELL D. WALKER ROBERT H. McKAY FRANK L. WILLIAMS BRYAN ADAMS Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Secretary-Business Personnel Instruction Instruction Manager , , i t 7 Q First row: Helen Aduddell, French and English, Laura Alexander, Mathematics, Jeanette Alston, Commercial, S. N. Baker, Commercial, Eurice Bass, Physical Educa- tion, Anna Bell, History. Second row: Minnie Bramlette, Mathematics, Idabel Cahaniss, Clothing, L. E. Camp- bell, Mechanical Drawing, B. F. Carter, Orchestra, Troy Chandler, History, W. B. Clement, R. O. T. C. Third row: Mary L. Clyette, English, Rae Cullum, Physical Education, Verde Dickey, Mathematics, Henrietta Eisenlohr, Journalism, Jane Etheridge, English, Ripple Frazer, Foods. Fourth row: W. Homer Fuller, Physical Education, Arvo Goddard, Band, Frank Guzick, Sales. First row: Gladys Hamby, Library Assistant, W. T. Hamilton, Physicsg Margaret Harris, History, Mae Haseltine, English, J. H. Head, Mathematics, Wilhelmina Hedde, Public Speaking. Second row: Bobby Heizer, Mathematics, H. B. Hester, Wood Shop, Lorine Higgin- botham, History, W. D. Hill, Mathematics, Physical Education, Geraldine Holloway, Secretaryg Helen Horn, English. Third row: Virginia Juergens, Spanish, Burl Kiger, History, Roberta King, Spanish, Helen Kuehne, History, R. O. Ladd, Biology, Winnie Langford, History. Fourth row: L. C. Leftwich, Mathematics, Lucile McNiel, Study Hall, J. Henderson Malone, Biology. First row: D. E. Melton, Hazel Miller, Typing, Katherine Moll, Nurse, Morelle Moore, Study Hall, James Nall, History, Eugenia Newberry, Spanish, Latin. Second row: Carl Nutley, Debate, Nell Page, Distributive Education, Anne Patrick, English, ,lewella Riley, Physical Education, Mabel Rockett, English,Ruth Ruffin, English. Third row: Charles Sanford, Typing, Meredith Schroeder, Art, P. T. Shores, Account- ing, R. N. Smith, Mathematics, Joe Stalcup, English and Debate, Blanche Stovall Study Hall. Fourth row: Joe Teague, Music, Frances Thompson, Library, Kirby Watkins. 77afzewz'- 7646406 f44caaku.'c2w OBJECTS OF P.T.A. To PROMOTE child welfare in home, school, church and community. To RAISE the standards of home life. To SECURE adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth. To BRING into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the training of the child. To DEVELOP between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for every child the highest advantages in' physical, mental, social and spiritual education. OFFICERS PRESIDENT .cc.., - ...c.,.cccccccccccccccccccccccc,ccccccc,.cc FIRST VICE PRESIDENT ,,.,,,,-.,,.c SECOND VICE PRESIDENT ..,.,... THIRD VICE PRESIDENT .ccc. FOURTH VICE PRESIDENT ccccccc FIFTH VICE PRESIDENT ,.,,ccc,.cc, SIXTH VICE PRESIDENT ,,,,,,.,,,,,,i, SEVENTH VICE PRESIDENT .cc,cccc , RECORDING SECRETARY ...,..c,..c..,,,. CORRESPONDING SECRETARY ..,... TREASURER,-..-c,..,,,..,.,,.. HISTORIAN ccScccc,,ccc,.c.c,v,,,...-....,.c,c,. PARLIAMENTARIAN ,,c,cc.--,.,,c,. DELEGATES TO COUNCIL ...... Mrs. J. O. Stewart Mrs. A. M. Cook Mrs. Corliss Watson . Mrs. J. Ardell Ward Mrs. M. E. Tey Mrs. Wayne P. Bridges Mrs. Ray L. Tribble Mrs. R. C. Carpenter , Mrs. Reuben Schmitt Mrs. E. G. Robbins Mrs. W. F. Sieber ., Mrs. E. W. Sudderth Mrs. Pete Andrian Mrs. Bud Greene Mrs. Sam Timpa Dade PURPOSE OF DAD'S CLUB The chief function of the Adamson Dad's Club is to sponsor and finance worthwhile projects for the school and student body which are not normally provided for in the regular school budget. OFFICERS PRESIDENT ,.....,,.,,,,,....,,,.e.ecc,,,.,..,.e,ec.,. FIRST VICE PRESIDENT .,...,,.,,.. SECOND VICE PRESIDENT ...,,e., THIRD VICE PRESIDENT ..,... FOURTH VICE PRESIDENT ...,,.eI FIFTH VICE PRESIDENT .e,,.,.,. SIXTH VICE PRESIDENT .. SECRETARY, TREASURER PAST PRESIDENT eee,,,,,,,,,e,. PRINCIPAL ,...,,.eeee.,.eeeeeee,,..,e ffm F. D. Nelson V. S. Twaddell W. H. Pitcock W. A. Thompson J. T. Depew H. D. Burkhalter I. B. Miller A. Mellor K. K. Kennamer H. A. Allen In Memoriam ln memory of PLAY DOWNS NELSON ...HITUP frienrl of Adamson High School-loyal in spirit. generous and willing in service, sympathetic in attitude, and deeply interested in the welfare of both students and faculty. Miss Ruth Bell and two of her helpers working Miss Clyette teaching Hyong English. on Senior Counseling. 2 15' W M ki Miss Aduddell studying with her French students. Mr. Nall showing assistants how to count money while Luther observes. Look at that smile! Miss Etheridge seems happy Mr. Stalcup must have told a good joke to his over her students' bright answers. debaters. .ft Brother Smith explaining a difficult Geometry Miss Miller and Mr. Sanford chatting while stu- problem to intelligent students. dents type. Dictation! Mr. Baker's got quite a job teaching Miss King enjoys teaching beginners El Camino this to pupils. Real. We look up to Mr. Melton. JUS! wait! Geneva Leslie, calling all hockey players! Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti My hoyfrlend takes woodshopl MICS Harris IHSIIUFIIDU her Qtudy Club members 'ME' P 'D'W How to kill your future husband in one easy Glen Odle. I know why you weren't here yes- lesson. terdayf' WW Q, , V N 4 K 1 wg JANUARY 1954 CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT ,,,,,,,.,,,,,. I., Buddy Bryant VICE PRESIDENT SSSSSSS. Richard Reed SECRETARY ,.7.. ....,. R ita Kempe CLYDE ANDERSON Allied Youth, Student Council, Track and Foot- ball Manager, President Boys' Chorus, Hi-Y. MARTHA ANDERSON Student Council, Select Chorus, Y-Teens, Social Dance Club, PT Aide, Linz Award, Allied Youth, Sports Club. WILLIAM JosEPH AVERY JACKY BAGGETT Allied Youth, Distributive Education. RAY BALLARD Dallas Historical Society, Allied Youth, Select Chorus, ROTC, Linz Bible Award, Basketball. DON BARNETT Golf Team, Golf Letterman, Allied Youth. MARY Lou BATLA National Honor Society, Allied Youth, Secretary Pan American Club, Dramatics Club, National Thespians, Musical Review, Select Chorus, All City Chorus, Linz and Everts Award. EMMA Loo BILDERBACK National Thespians, Pan American Club, Allied Youth, Musical Review, All City Chorus, Belles' Trio, Student Council, Oak Representative, Na- tional Honor Society. DWJGIIT BIRD Allied Youth. JOAN BLANKENSIIIP Art Club. Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Book Review Club, Ice Skating Club, Red Cross Representa- tive, PT Aide. JACK BRANNON Football, Allied Youth. ADA NELL BRAU Vice.President Art Club, Book Review Club, Allied Youth, Dallas Historical Society, Leopard Teens. ROBERT BRIDGES Regimental Executive Officer, Officers' Club, Hi-Y, Allied Youth. CHARLES THOMAS BRITTINGHAM Key Club, Hi-Y, Sports Club, Allied Youth. BUDDY BRYANT President 4A Class, Vice President 4B Class, Hi-Y, Allied Youth, Oak Business Staff, Oak Representative, Sports Club, Student Council. LLOYD BULLARD Track, Allied Youth. ROBERT BURKHARD ROTC Reserve Officer, Allied Youth, Engineer ing club, National Honor Society. NINA CARPENTER Y-Teens, Allied Youth, National Thespians, Ten- nis, lce Skating, Dallas Historical Society, Linz and Everts Award, Debate Club, Student As- sistant, National Honor Society. EDWIN CARRELL Baseball and Football Letterman, ND Club, Hi-Y, Allied Youth. EDWIN CASON Two-Year Football Letterman, D Club, Hi-Y, Allied Youth, National Honor Society. JOHN COATES Two-Year Football Letterman, Baseball Letter- man, Hi-Y, D Club, Allied Youth, National Honor Society. CHRISTINE COMPTON Editor of Acorn, Square Dance Club, Allied Youth. CLIFFORD CooK Football Letterman, Track, Allied Youth, Hi-Y, D Club. ToMMY COWGILL Basketball, Allied Youth, Acorn Reporter, Oak Business Staff, Sports Club. ROBERT CRISWELL Two-Year Football Manager, Sports Editor of Acorn, D Club, Hi-Y, Allied Youth. MONTIE CROWELL Allied Youth, Junior Boneheads. RICHARD CRUZ Allied Youth, Art Club, Pan American Club, Movie Projection Club, Jody Drill Team, Offi- cers' Club. JAMES B. DAVIS ROTC, Officers' Club, Sports Club, Allied Youth. SAMMY DAVIS Baseball Letterman, D Club, Secretary 3B Class, Sports Editor of Acorn, Allied Youth, PT Aide, SportSman's Club. JERRY CLYDE DoNALD Vice President 1B Class, Allied Youth, Football, Ice Skating Club, Social Dance, Hi-Y. Q ,pgs 41 s ix, x .: Asseig 1 if' s2:f,E.iff?1 -, - . S Jama l' ' I 4 fi ,A ..L'1-,ms DANNA DONWORTH Leopardette 52-54, Student XCounci1, Secretary Dallas Historical Society, Girls' Chorus, Y-Teens, Student Assistant, Ice Skating Club, Modeling Club, Allied Youth. ETHELYN DOUGLASS Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Dallas Historical Society, Home Economics Club, Social Dance. MARGIE EATMON Acorn Reporter, Student Council, Y-Teens, Dal- las Historical Society, Select Chorus, Girls' Sports Club, Art Club, Senior Invitation Com- mittee. HERMAN EVANS Allied Youth, Officers' Club, Industrial Club. DoN FAGAN Art Club, Square Dance Club, Radio Club. PATSY RUTH FIELDS Dallas Historical Society, Book Review Club, Allied Youth, Home Economics Club, PT Aide. PAUL FINLEY Allied Youth, Business Manager of Acorn, Social Dance, Tennis Club, Student Council. MARY ALICE FLOYD Allied Youth, Roller Skating, Ice Skating, Dallas Historical Society. BoB FOLSE Golf, Ice Skating Club, Allied Youth, Boxing, Stage Crew, Motion Picture Operator, Distribu- tive Education, Dramatics Club. MORRIS FOSTER Allied Youth. DoN FRANK Allied Youth, Gun Club, Radio Club, Distribu- tive Education. JOHN FRANKS National Honor Society, Linz and Everts Award, Student Council, Oak Representative, Allied Youth, Attendance Award. HERBERT GAROUTTE Allied Youth, NCO Club, VI Club. EARL GILBERT Allied Youth. ROY GLASS Cheerleader 53-54, Hi-Y, Key Club, Allied Youth, Basketball, Chairman Senior Day Program. ROBERT GooDRIcH Allied Youth, Boys' Chorus, Social Dance Club Radio Club, Geology Club. CLARA GRADY Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Social Dance, PT Aide, Acorn Staff, Girls' Chorus, Dallas Historical So- ciety, Girls, Sports Club, Roller Skating Club. .DoNN1E GRIE1-'Is Distributive Education, Allied Youth, Drill Team, Non Commissioned Officer, Boys' Chorus, ROTC. ---, et 2 9. . 'it . PM xx I Bois HANSEN National Thespian, Allied Youth, Select Chorus, Social Dance. CAROLYN HARMON National Honor Society, National Forensic League, President National Thespians, Linz and Everts Award, City Champ in Declamation, Stu- dent Council, Debate Letterman, Secretary 2B Class, Allied Youth. EVELYN HARRIS Allied Youth, PT Aide, Dallas Historical Society, Home Economics Club, Oak Representative. LOLITA HILL Office Assistant, Football Queen, Allied Youth, Cheerleader, Y-Teens, Student Council, Chair- man Social Committee, National Thespians, Vice President Book Review Club, PT Aide. CHARLIE HEDGCOTH Vice President National Honor Society, Linz and Everts Award, Key Club, Officers' Club, Foot- ball, Track, Captain Rifle Team, Allied Youth. JERRY HOLLINGSWORTH Allied Youth, Basketball, Baseball. BENNY HOPPER Select Chorus, Allied Youth, Social Dance, Junior Boneheads, Hi-Y, Blue Choir. EDDIE EARL HORTON Football, Letterman, Track, Student Council, Hi-Y, Allied Youth. EDWARD JOPLIN Officers' Club, Camera Club, Allied Youth. BOBBY LOYD J ONES Distributive Education, Allied Youth. NICKIE JULIAN Distributive Education, Allied Youth, Social Dance Club, Platter Club. TOMMY KELLEY Football, Hi-Y, Allied Youth. RITA KEMPE Cheerleader 52-54, Select Chorus, Favorite Under- class Girl 53, Secretary of 4-A Class, Allied Youth, Student Assistant, Oak Representative, Y-Teens. WINIFRED KIRKLIN Allied Youth, Officers' Club, Hi-Y, Non-Com Club, Sports Club. BOBBY LARUE Distributive Education, Allied Youth, Social Dance, Platter Club. NEAL LARUE Alternate Cheerleader 53-54, Allied Youth, Social Dance, Press Club. PEGGY J oAN LAMBERT Linz Pin, Leopard Teen, Allied Youth, Ice Skat- ing Club, Typing Club, National Honor Society. JIM LEDBETTER Hi-Y, Allied Youth, Basketball, Football, Boxing Club. RAY LEWIS Select Chorus, Football, ROTC, Social Dance Club, Ice Skating Club, Roller Skating Club. LEo LOGAN, JR. Allied Youth, Salesmanship, Future Ministers, ROTC. MARGIE MCKINNEY National Thespians, Leopard Teens, Y-Teens, PT Aide, Pan American Club, Social Dance Club, Girls' Chorus, Allied Youth, Nurses' Club. HANK MATHEWS Officers' Club, Allied Youth, Vice president 3A Class, Rifle Team, Social Dance Club, Select Chorus. ROBERT MAY Basketball, Baseball, Hi-Y, Football, Allied Youth, Student Council, Sportsman's Club. JACK MEWBOURNE Basketball, Allied Youth, Acorn Reporter, Social Dance Club, Hi-Y. ALMA MERWIN Camera Club, National Future Teachers, Foren- sic League, Debate Club, Linz Award, Allied Youth, Historical Society, National Honor So- ciety. AUBREY MITCHELL ALMA ELAINE MooRE Leopardette, Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Linz Bible Award, lce Skating Club, Student Assistant, Linz and Everts Award, Modeling Club, National Honor Society. CHARLES MooRE Distributive Education, Motion Picture Opera- tors' Club, Stage Crew Manager, Junior Bone- head Club, Future Teachers of America Club, Allied Youth. HARMON DONALD MooRE Distributive Education, Hunting and Fishing Club, Social Dance Club, Sales Club, Boxing Club. EDMUND H. MORGAN Officers' Club, Motion Picture Operator, Allied Youth, Blue Band, Red Cross. JUANZEL MORGAN Student Council. Blue Band, Medical Profes- sions, Allied Youth, ROTC, Hi-Y. KAY MoRTo,N Secretary Social Dance Club, President Sports Club, ROTC Sponsor, PT Aide, Allied Youth, Select Chorus, Linz Pin, Bible Award, Scholar- ship Club, National Thespians, National Honor Society. PAULA MARIE MURPHY Linz and Everts Award, National Honor Society, Oak Representative. Distributive Education, Al- lied Youth, Member Student Council. CHARLIE NICHOLS Football, Student Council, Vice President Allied Youth, Secretary Hi-Y, Track, D Club, Presi- dent 2A Class. DON NORMAN Football Letterman, Junior Bonehead. Hi-Y, Al- lied Youth, Student Council. PAT PENDLEY National Honor Society, National Thespians, National Forensic League, Debate Letterman. Pan American, Junior Red Cross Council, Allied Youth, Clothing Award, Attendance Award. Linz Bible Award. li, :A wt... ..-, . ,taelft , f W 42. '- ., Q: , t -f-Args .ta Sf A ' it in .I p 2 , ,. ,. i ii, 2 ti is ' if-i JI E ge.:--ffff 5 A i 4 ' 4, J R A F a gi J' AJ - sw,-Q, We A mf. ix .' -I - - 'gf'-3? 1 Wife? JAMES MICHAEL PEsCoR National Honor Society, Concert Master Dal-Hi Orchestra, Linz and Everts Award, French Award. JOHN K. POPHAM, JR. Allied Youth, Social Dance Club. RocER POTTS Football, Allied Youth, Social Dance Club. DORIS PRESSON Dallas Historical Society, Home Economics Club, National Thespians, Social Dance, Allied Youth, Y-Teens. PATSY RUTH PRINCE Secretary 3A, 4B Class, Y-Teens, National Thes- pians, Linz Award, Alternate Cheerleader, PT Aide, Student Council, Allied Youth, Girls' Sports Club. CLEVELAND PUCKETTE President National Honor Society, Tennis Team, Allied Youth, Student Council, Linz and Everts Award. PAT RAGLAND National Honor Society, Secretary Pan American Club, Linz Bible Awards, Linz and Everts Award, Office Assistant, Senior Invitation Committee, Allied Youth, Y-Teens. DoN RAMSEY President Pan American Club, Student Council, Linz Award, Baseball, Allied Youth, Junior Red Cross Council, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society. RICHARD REED Cheerleader 52-54, Best All-Around Under Class Boy, President Key Club, Vice President Senior Class, Senior Program Committee, Student Coun- cil, Hi-Y, Allied Youth. WAYNE REED Football Letterman, Track Letterman, 2A, 4B Vice President, Allied Youth, Hi-Y, D Club. QJAYJ AUBREY LEE REESE Hi-Y, Allied Youth, Football, Linz Pin, Junior Boneheads, National Honor Society. PATRICIA REEVES Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Art Club, Social Dance Club Home Economics, Oak Representative, Na- tional Honor Society. J. M. RIGGS Sports Club, Allied Youth. MARJORIE LEA SCHMITT National Honor Society, Vice President National Thespians, National Forensic League, Secretary Student Council, Linz and Everts Award, Dallas Historical Society, Camera Club, Student Assist- ant, Red Cross Council, Square Dance Club. DOYLE uPETE,, SELF Allied Youth, Distributive Education, Boxing, Sportsman's Club. SYLVIA SPRINGER Red Cross Representative, Sym Allastant, Social Dance, Nursing Club, Home Economics Club, Allied Youth. Jo ANN SMITH ROTC Sponsor, Leopardette, Majorette, Best All- Around Under Class Girl, Senior Social Com- mittee, 2B Vice President, Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Student Assistant, Hy-Tones Sextet. NANCY SMITH Secretary National Honor Society, National Thes- pians, Select Chorus, Blue Choir, Linz and Everts Award, Tennis Team, Student Council, Office Assistant, lce Skating Club, Allied Youth. DOLORES STEVENSON Modeling. Home Ee Club, Allied Youth. CAROLYN STEWART National Honor Society. National Thespians. President Y-Teens. Vive President and Program Chairman. Chairman Senior Invitation Commit- tee. Senior Program Committee, Select Chorus. Linz and Everts Award. Allied Youth. Girls' Sports Club. KENNETH STOKES Basketball Letterman. Baseball, Hi-Y. ND' Club, Allied Youth. Student Council. DONALD STURCH Allied Youth, Junior Boneheads. Social Dance Club. DON THOMAS Hi-Y, Allied Youth. Football. DOUGLAS RECINALD THOMAS Stage Crew. Red Cross, Allied Youth, Junior Boneheads. EARLENE THOMPSON National Thespians. Blue Band. Orchestra. All- City Band. ROTC Sponsor, Camera Club. Allied Youth, Y-Teens. PT Aide. Four-Year Band Let- terman. KEN TRIBBLE Golf Club. NCO Club. Band. PT Aide. Social Dance Club. LYNNE VESTERMARK French. Modeling Club. LORETTA VINTON Home Economies, Dallas Historical Society. MARIE VOYLES Leopard Teens. JANIE WALKER Linz Pin, Leopard Teens. lce Skating Club, Typ- ing Club. JEANINNE WHIPPLE Art Club, Select Chorus, Blue Choir, Skating Club, Allied Youth, Y-Teens. TOMMIE WILSON Student Council, Key Club, National Forensic League, Officers' Club. ROBERT WISE Allied Youth, Ice Skating Club, Roller Skating Club, Mixed Chorus. FRANCES WRIGHT Allied Youth, Leopard Teens, Skating Club, Typ- ing Club, Magicians' Club. GENE WRIGHT Student Council, President 1B Class, Linz Pin, Football Letterman, Track Team, Regimental Commander. Key Club, MD Club, Officers' Club, Allied Youth. WILLIE WRIGHT Distributive Education, Allied Youth, Junior Boneheads, Social Dance Club. CHARLENE -YORK Student Council, Student Assistant, Linz Pin, Select Chorus tSecretaryl, Musical Revue, Y- Teens, Ice Skating Club, Allied Youth. S 5' ,--' '11 , X701 is .J 62' :lb Q gl A .. -.2 E f-ist. . 3 A I HQ., . R . 5 P.. . 'u -:5'i'ff12f 'If. . l ihrj' A -1352?-'12r1,lfz3 it PRESIDENT ,,,,.,...7, 7,,.,7 B ud Watson VICE PRESIDENT .,,w,7, Wayne Reed SECRETARY ..,.,.., ., ,,. K ay Klecka JEAN ABNEY Leopard Teens, Allied Youth. DoN ALEXANDER EUGENE ANDERSON Allied Youth, Hi-Y, Junior Boneheads, Football. DOROTHY AVREA Student Council, President National Thespians, Best Supporting Actress, Contest Play, Sports Club, Ice Skating Club, Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Health and Welfare Committee. PATRICIA ANN BAILEY Linz Bible Award, Advanced Bible Award, Leop- ard Teens, Dallas Historical Society, Square Dance Club, Social Dance Club. Latin Club, Girls' Chorus, Library Assistant. WAYNE BAKER Petroleum Club, Allied Youth. CHARLES BALDWIN Allied Youth, Social Dance Club, Hi-Y. LAVORA BALLARD Select Chorus, Dallas Historical Society, Model- ing Club, Linz Bible Award, Allied Youth. FRANCINE BARNETT Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Sports Club, Dallas His- torical Society. CAROLYN BAUMGARTNER Oak Representative, Head Leopardette, Student Assistant, Social Dance Club, Dallas Historical Society, Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Linz Bible Award, Linz and Everts Award. FRANK BEARDSLEY National Forensic League, Debate Club, Key Club, Allied Youth, Junior Boneheads. Louis BORGENSON 'fiibv LIONEL BOST SUZEE BOWERS FHA, Select Chorus, National Thespians. ANN BRADDY Leopard Teens, Square Dance Club, Allied Youth. BETTY BROCK Majorette, Leopardette, Vice President 2A class, Senior Social Committee, Select Chorus, Y-Teens, Dallas Historical Society, Treasurer Allied Youth, Social Dance Club, Secretary 3B Class. BOBBY BROWN Dallas Historical Society, Allied Youth, Square Dance Club, Hi-Y. BENNY BROWN Allied Youth. LEO BURKHALTER Basketball and Baseball Letterman K3 yearsl, President 2B, 2A 3A Classes, President Key Club, Pan Am Club, Allied Youth, Sports Ed- itor of Oak, Outstanding Junior Boy Award, Linz Award, Vice President Student Council. SHIRLEY BURRIS National Thespians, Linz Bible Award, Sports Club, Student Assistant, Ice Skating Club. RANDY BUTCHER Allied Youth, Baseball, Basketball, Junior Bone- heads, Ice Skating Club, Acorn Reporter, Key Club. IEANNE CAHILL French Club, Allied Youth, Ice Skating Club. CAROL CANNON Debate Letterman, National Forensic League, Scholarship Club, Dallas Historical Society, Y- Teens, Allied Youth, Oak Representative. AVON CANTRELL I.C.T., lce Skating Club, Allied Youth. VIVIAN CHANDLER Linz Award, Leopardettes 52-54, Select Chorus, Pan. Am Club, Oak Representative, Dallas His- torical Society, Y-Teens, lce Skating Club, Ten- nis, Allied Youth. BERNICE CHURCH Leopard Teens, Allied Youth, Sports Club, Social Dance, Dallas Historical Society. JIMMIE CLEMONS National Forensic League, Key Club, Allied Youth, Debate Club. MAXINE CLEVENGER Leopardette. Football Princess, Secretary Allied Youth, Dallas Historical Society, Y-Teens, PT Aide, Student Assistant, Social Dance Club, Ice Skating Club, Tennis. GEORGE COLE Allied Youth. MONTE COLE Allied Youth. S 20 X-vt A X if C ' it i ' SHIRLEY COLE Social Dance Club, Art Club, Allied Youth. JOAN COMPTON Allied Youth, Pan American Club, Social Dance Club, Library Service Club, Y-Teens, Sports Club, Camera Club. BETTY KWILLIAMSJ COOK Allied Youth, Dallas Historical Society, Model- ing Club. DAVID QBUDDYJ COOK Linz Bible Award, Student Council, Allied Youth, Hi-Y, Square Dance Club. JACK CORBETT Baseball, Allied Youth, Band, Hi-Y, Student Council, Football. JIM CORNEHLS Football, Bonehead Club, Allied Youth, Acorn Reporter. DOUGLAS CRANE Hi-Y, Key Club, Basketball, Baseball. Allied Youth. DAVID CROWDER Rifle Team, Allied Youth, Radio Club, Gun Club, Jody Drill Team. DAVID CRUZ Track, Allied Youth, Sportsman's Club, Camera Club. BARBARA DAVIS Allied Youth, Art Club, Social Dance Club, Select Chorus, Musical Revue, Dallas Historical Society. BEN THOMAS DAY Pan American Club. DONALD DEMPSEY CAROLYN DINSMORE Junior Red Cross, Student Council, Distributive Education, Allied Youth, Social Dance Club, Square Dance Club, Leopard Teens. MARGARET DITSON Pan American Club, Library Service Club, Sec- retary National Thespians, One Act Play, Dra- matic Achievement Award, Dramatic Club. CONNIE DIXIE National Honor Society. National Forensic League, National Thespians, Debate Letterman, Literary Editor of Oak, Acorn Staff, Band Spon- sor, Student Assistant, Pan American Club, Linz and Everts Award. JOAN DRUMMOND Girls' Sports Club, Camera Club. Allied Youth, Social Dance Club, Folk Dance Club, Red Cross, Roller Skating, Library Assistant. ROTC Secre- tary. BILL DUTTON Distributive Education, Allied Youth. Football. I.,-. . ...-. A ,-If. ,.tA.-IW ,. ..,, . rr A feieff li . ., A ., Wfif I f A fs A it . A -QI 5551 gi Q, I e',f'J'fSzAr' its 22-26? JSF Pli?gf?AlI . - tg Afgdifgig A Af-ps, ttf,-Yff A ffm .. 5 ::.. ' 1' .z'E:'X A ' A 4-' ' ll-ff , - S. : ,.,.. ,, .. . , . . A ' ... ,S if ,W tt' F2 Z gy, t t. Q!!-1f:..,A. W. Def X .. . , , . . . . ...,, . . . .. . . -- , t - JERRY DYSON Allied Youth, Distributive Education, Square Dancing Club, Social Dancing Club. LINDA EASLEY Majorette, Leopardette, Allied Youth, Social Dance Club, Tennis Club, Dallas Historical So- ciety, Ice Skating Club. JAMES ECHOLS MARJORIE ANN ELLIS National Honor Society, Senior Y-Teens, Base- ball Sweetheart, National Thespians, Oak Rep- resentative, lce Skating Club, Sports Club, Linz Award, Debate Club, Allied Youth. PAUL ENGLAND Allied Youth, lce Skating Club, Sports Club. JUDY ESHENFELDER National Honor Society, Linz and Everts Award, Acorn Staff, Debate Club. Dramatic Club, Scholarship Club, Pen Pal Club, Student As- sistant, Sports Club, French Club. GENE EWING Study Club. BARBARA F ARRAR Leopardettes 52-54, Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Dallas Historical Society, Ice Skating Club, Mixed Chorus, Social Dance Club, Tennis. SHARON FARWELL Pen Pal Club, Allied Youth. JULIE FERGUSON National Honor Society, Editor-in-Chief of Oak, Linz and Everts Award, National Thespians, Pan American Club, Dallas Historical Society, Student Assistant, Scholarship Club, Tennis Team, Allied Youth. PATSY FESMIRE Social Dancing, Square Dancing, Distributive Ed- ucation, Allied Youth. EBERHARD H. FOERSTER Allied Youth, Science Club, Engineering Club, Dallas Historical Society, Linz Pin, Scholarship Club. J. B. FREEMAN Boxing Club, Magicians' Club, Distributive Edu- cation. BILL FREUDIGER Distributive Education, Allied Youth, Pan Ameri- can Clubf BILLY FULENWIDER Allied Youth, Pan American Club, Officers' Club, Drill Team, Oak Representative, Student Coun- cil, Baseball. BARBARA GADDY Blue Band, Medical Professions Club, All-City Band, Allied Youth. ERNEST GADDY Boys' Chorus, Military Band Member. MARLENE GADDY Home Economics Club, Allied Youth, Book Re- view Club. S ,Q A 522536 l e 1 , get E QW M . it s ' ' .il R ,. t. ,ga 14 . , , 5 5 QQ' nil If is is ana MICHAEL N. GALBRAITH National Honor Society, Officers' Club, Tennis Team, Junior Red Cross Council, Dallas Histori- cal Society, Science Club, Geology Club, Latin Club, Allied Youth. MANON GIBBS Allied Youth, PT Aide, Student Assistant, Book Review Club, Dallas Historical Society, Home Ee Club, Leopard Teens. , DON GIBSON JOAN GODLEY National Honor Society, Linz and Everts Award. Scholarship Club, Student Council, Student As- sistant, Allied Youth, Dallas Historical Society. SARAH GOINS Pan American Club, Allied Youth. Student Coun- cil. DOLORES GOODING Student Council, Dallas Historical Society, Allied Youth, Library Council. Social Dance Club. MIKE GOODWIN Allied Youth, Basketball, Track, Jody Drill Team. CREIGHTON GOssOM Allied Youth, Select Chorus. DIXIE GRAHAM National Forensic League, National Thespians, Secretary Student Council, Regimental Sponsor, Debate Letterman, Acorn Staff, Linz and Everts Award, PT Aide, Girls' Sports Club, Allied Youth. VIRGINIA GRAVES National Honor Society, Allied Youth, Scholar- ship Club, Art Club, Social Dance. J OE GRIGSBY Allied Youth, Football. JULIE HALE National Honor Society, Cheerleader, Senior So- cial Committee, Student Council, Y-Teens, Sec- retary lA, 3B Classes, Allied Youth. JAMES BERKELEY HARBIN Oak Representative. WILLIAM HARRIS Allied Youth, Football. JOHNNY HAYS Track, Red Cross Council, Dallas Historical So- ciety, Allied Youth. TOMMY HEFNER Select Chorus, Football, Vice President Freshman, Sophomore Classes, Boxing Club, Allied Youth. CINDY HENSLEE National Honor Society, National Thespians, Dal- las Historical Society, Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Linz and Everts Award, Vice President 3B Class, Oak Representative, Linz Bible Award, Cheer- leader. RONNIE HIGGINS Bonehead Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, Motion Picture Operator Club, Scholar- ship Club, Linz and Everts Award, Debate Letter- man, Allied Youth, Debate Club. te is ,X F i J .gvfVf ??ii'i'? . , ,Q Ii R Q E BETTY HILL Linz and Everts Award, Scholarship Club, Al- lied Youth, Dallas Historical Society. J . T. HILL Three-Year Basketball Letterman, Allied Youth, Hi-Y, D Club. JIM HINTON HARLEY HOLLAND Allied Youth, Social Dancing Club, Square Dance Club. W. D. HOLLON Band, All-City Band, Allied Youth, Officers' Club. EARLEEN HOLMES GERALD RAY HONEYCUTT Football, Allied Youth, Social Dance Club, Pan American Club, Square Dance Club, Basketball, Drill Team. BARBARA HUDGINS Social Dance Club, Student Council, PT Aide, Allied Youth. JAMES HUGHES Allied Youth, Hi-Y, Baseball, PT Aide, Football Letterman, D Club. NANCY HUMRICK Allied Youth, Home Ec Club, Y-Teens, Band, Mixed Chorus. JAMES RALPH HUNT Distributive Education, Allied Youth, Boxing. BoEBY HUNTER Square Dance Club, lce Skating Club, Social Dance Club, Select Chorus, Dallas Historical Society, Allied Youth. MINNETTE HYMAN Tennis Team, Secretary Junior Red Cross, Stu- dent Assistant, Sports Club, Allied Youth, Treas- urer Junior Red Cross. ANN JACKSON Allied Youth. JOYCE JACOBS PT Aide, Gym. Assistant, Oak Representative, Social Dance Club, Girls' Sports Club, Y-Teens, Acorn Staff, Allied Youth. MARJORIE JARRELL Home Economics Club, Allied Youth, Book Re- view Club. ODICE JENKINS Football Letterman, Hi-Y, Vice President Allied Youth, Junior Boneheads. DELOIS J OHNSON JOYCE JOHNSON Square Dancing, Social Dancing, Distributive Ed- ucation, Allied Youth, Leopard Teens, Home Economics Club. CLIFFORD loNEs Allied Youth, Projectionist, Baseball, Basketball, ND Club, Industrial Engineering. JERRY JORDAN Allied Youth, Sports Club. HOMER KATTNER Drill Team, Square Dance Club. CHLOE KELLEY National Honor Society, Linz and Everts Award, National Thespians, Allied Youth, Student As- sistant, Select Chorus, Ice Skating Club, Acorn Staff, Linz Bible Award. BETTYE EARLENE KING Oak Representative, Social Dance Club, Art Club, Allied Youth, Ice Skating Club. KAY KLECKA Majorette 52-54, Leopardette, Best All-Around Underclass Girl, Secretary 4B Class, Senior Social Chairman, Student Council, Y-Teens, PT Aide, Allied Youth, Select Chorus. HENRY KNAPEK Baseball, Tennis Team, Allied Youth, Social Dancing, Senior Hi-Y, Tennis Club. MARJORIE LABARBERA Allied Youth, Social Dance, Sports Club, Square Dance Club, Modeling Club. I BEVERLY LAIGN Select Chorus, Scholarship Club, Pan American Club, Allied Youth, Nurses' Club. DoR1s LAMBETH PT Aide, Allied Youth, Girls' Chorus, Social Dance Club, Ice Skating Club, Tennis Club, Linz Award. DAVID LARSON Allied Youth, Football, Track, Sportsman's Club, Camera Club, Bonehead Club. JUNELLA LARUE Y-Teens, Girls' Sports Club, Allied Youth, Debate Club. THOMAS LEMASTER J ESSIE LEWELLEN Select Chorus, Home Economies Club, Allied Youth, Athletic Princess, Gym Assistant, Student Council, Acorn Staff. VONNIE Lrcnrroor Allied Youth, Gun Club. J IMMIE LINDSEY Allied Youth, Girls' Sports Club. SANDRA LIVERMAN National Honor Society, Majorette 52-54, Nation- al Thespians, Scholarship Club, Senior Invitation Committee, Office Assistant, Oak Staff, Student Council, Linz and Everts Awards, Ice Skating Club. at KV I 1 fir ta, ' 5 A. ,,. ,. 49 x ..., ef- ., K. S ,gitlltrti fl w as , A 5,6 ' ..veff.,,E, wg in Y. DOLORES LOCKRIDGE Girls' Sports Club, Roller Skating Club, Gym Assistant, Allied Youth, Red Cross, Camera Club, Social Dance Club, Folk Dance Club. KAREN LOCKE Linz and Everts, National Honor Society Award, Allied Youth, Select Chorus, Student Council, Musical Revue. LEROY LOGAN National Thespians, National Forensic League, All-City Band, President Junior Red Cross, C0- Drum Major of Blue Band 52-54-.' JOYCE LONG Select Chorus, Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Musical Revue, Sports Club. MOLLIE JEAN LOONEY Square Dance Club, Typing Club, Distributive Education. EMLEY LYLE Leopard Teens, Student Assistant, Red Cross, Ice Skating Club, Modeling Club, Home Ee Club, Allied Youth. BOB MCAFEE Tennis Team, Band, Allied Youth, Linz Bible Award, Tennis Club, Senior Hi-Y. ANN MCCANN Leopardette 52-54, Select Chorus, Y-Teens, Oak Representative, Modeling Club, Musical Revue, Student Assistant, PT Aide, Girls' Sports Club, Student Council. MARY MCCASLAND Allied Youth, Future Teachers, Leopard Teens, Y-Teens, Home EC Club, Secretary Club, Stu- dent Assistant. WANDA MCCLELLAN Allied Youth, Distributive Education, Sports Club, Modeling Club. MARTHA MCCLURG Y-Teens, Girls' Sports Club, Ice Skating Club, Allied Youth, Social Dance Club. BILLY JACK MCKEE Gun Club, Camera Club. WANDA MCWHORTER Allied Youth, Juvenile Traffic Court, Social Dance Club, Girls' Sports Club. DOROTHY MASSEY Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Girls' Sports Club. ROSA MAYER Blue Band, Secretary Camera Club, Square Dance Club, Allied Youth, Chorus, Distributive Educa- tion, Sports Club. JEAN MELLOR National Honor Soqiety, Allied Youth, Dallas Historical Society, Girls' Sports Club, Linz and Everts Award, Acorn Staff. BOB MEYERS National Honor Society, Vice President Debate Club, Vice President PT Aide, City Champ Ex- temporaneous, Camera Club, Student Director Band, International Trustee Key Club, National Thespians, All City Band and Orchestra. EVELYN AUGUSTA MICHAEL Distributive Education, Social Dancing, Square Dancing. Ha- ? J J A 5 rm 4 fri! . , , Y J, . 2-' A ., , ',, ..- , i A . 12? ,' . 1 L R 1 -but wif aj: J i 263 2 tu:'??, in 'ff ' gg, Q cgi? , 1 . I.: M- U 'ea st, , J' i Xl- W 1? ' if ff? ' -f ..,. gy, S ' 1 ., . .U A A 2 VIRGINIA MARIE MICHAEL Social Dance Club, Distributive Education, Square Dance Club. PETE MICHIE Junior Boneheads, Sportsmarfs Club, Camera Club, Allied Youth, Baseball Manager. CAROLYN MILLS Allied Youth, O. T. Linz Award, Dramatics Club, Modeling Club. JOY MILLER Allied Youth. MICHAEL MOBLEY National Forensic League, National Thespians, Select Chorus, Art Club, Blue Choir, PT Aide. ROBERT MOFFAT Select Chorus, Debate Club, National Thespians, Linz and Everts Award, National Honor Society, Debate Letterman, Band Letterman, Pan Ameri- can Club, Allied Youth, Linz Bible Award. MARY MONTGOMERY National Honor Society, Dallas Historical Society, Allied Youth, Acorn Staff, Linz and Everts Award, Scholarship Club, Tennis Club, Office Assistant. CARL K. MORRISON Allied Youth, Geology Club, Boxing Club, Pan American Club, Bonehead Club. MARTHA MORSE Leopard Teens, Sports Club, Social Dance Club, Allied Youth. JAMES MOUSER Allied Youth, Acorn Reporter, Baseball Letter- man, Boneheads, Hi-Y. DONNA JOAN MUSSER Girls' Sports Club, Allied Youth, Ice Skating Club. PERNA NALLS National Honor Society, Linz Bible Award, Stu- dent Council, Pan American Club, Leopard Teens, Allied Youth, Scholarship Club, Linz and Everts Award. ROY NELSON Social Dance Club, Senior Hi-Y. ELIZABETH NICHOLS Ice Skating Club, Girls' Sports Club, Allied Youth, Social Dance Club. NELDA NICHOLSON JERRY NICKELL Football Letterman. Mn ANN NOBLES Allied Youth, Sports Club, Oak Representative. gg,-ny GLENN OUZTS Band, French Club, Officers' Club, Dance Club, Allied Youth, Future Teachers, Architects and Engineers' Club. BARBARA OWEN FANNY OWEN Leopard Teens, Allied Youth, Tennis, Y-Teens, Nurses. MARILEE PAIGE All City Band, Blue Band, Allied Youth, Dallas Historical Society, Camera Club, Scholarship Club. GLORIA PAINE Majorette, Leopardette, Secretary 2B Class. Senior Invitation Committee, Student Council, Oak Representative, Y-Teens, Allied Youth. Modeling Club, Student Assistant. MARVIN PAYNE Allied Youth. RUTH PEAK lce Skating Club, Tennis Club, Allied Youth. Dallas Historical Society. BETTY LOU PIERCE Leopard Teens, Linz Bible Award, Dallas His- torical Society, Allied Youth, Medical Profes- sions Club, Scholarship Club. BARBARA PRESTON Nurses' Club, Home Economics Club, Allied Youth, Leopard Teens. MERLE RAMIREZ Oak Business Staff, Student Council, Student Assistant, Red Cross Representative, Oak Rep- resentative, Social Dance Club, Dallas Histor- ical Society, Y-Teens. BARBARA REED Leopardette, Majorette, Allied Youth, ROTC Sponsor, Y-Teens, Social Dance Club, Student Assistant, Roller Skating Club. STEVE REEDER Baseball, Basketball Manager, Key Club, Senior Hi-Y, Allied Youth, D Club. LAWRENCE REICKLE Rifle Team, Drill Team, All-City Rifle Shot, Gun Club, Allied Youth, Social Dance Club. BURTON REYNOLDS Select Chorus, Architects and Engineering Club, Allied Youth, Orchestra, Future Teachers Club, Dallas Historical Society. WAYNE REYNOLDS Select Chorus, Allied Youth. JEANETTE KSTRAINJ ROBSON Head Leopardette, Secretary 3A Class, Senior ln- vitation Committee, Select Chorus, President PT Aides, Y-Teens, Allied Youth. STEPHEN G. RODRIGUEZ Pan American Club. lce Skating Club, Allied Youth. MIKE ROHDE Debate Club, Junior Bonehead Club, Key Club, National Forensic League, Debate Letterman, City Declamation Champ, Linz and Everts Award, Hi-Y. CAROLYN MARIE ROWE Art Club. Oak Representative. PT Aide. f!! sits A 12' 4 wA.,.w,,,.. - I w ,.. I N ' .it. ' ,,,, Hfgl. . K 'f 4' I Vi ii f V, T HAROLD RUMPH Track, Football, Allied Youth. ALLEN RUPARD Allied Youth, JAMES SAMFORD Baseball Letterman, Basketball Letterman, Vice President Key Club, Allied Youth, Hi-Y, D Club. TOONEY SCRUGGS National Honor Society, Linz and Everts Award, Select Chorus, Pan American Club, lce Skating Club, Book Review Club, Scholarship Club, Pen Pal Club, Allied Youth. CHARLES SEAMAN Allied Youth, Sports Club. KENNETH SHEETS Basketball, Allied Youth, Junior Bonehead Club. SHIRLEY SHOWALTER National Honor Society, Linz and Everts Award, Student Council, Student Assistant, Pan Ameri- can Club, Y-Teens, Sports Club, Allied Youth, Scholarship Club, Tennis. EVELYN SHUTTS Allied Youth. JANICE SINNOTT Girls' Chorus, Dallas Historical Society, Allied Youth, Student Assistant. JOHN SMITH Hi-Y, Tennis Team, Linz Award, Allied Youth, Tennis Club, Social Dance Club, Red Cross Representative. MILBOURN SMITH Track, Allied Youth, Hi-Y. PAULINE SMITH Allied Youth, Modeling Club, Linz Award, Dis- tributive Education. ROSE JEAN SMITH Select Chorus, Medical Professions Club, Nurses' Club, Allied Youth, PT Aide, Scholar- ship Club, National Honor Society. MARY NELL SNIDER National Honor Society, Linz and Everts Award, Spelling Award, Book Review Club President, Pan American Club, Student Assistant, Y-Teens. SHIRLEY SPENCER Junior Red Cross Council, Allied Youth, Leop- ard Teens. RUBY STANLEY Select Chorus, Modeling, Allied Youth, Dallas Historical Society. BOB STAMPS Dallas Historical Society, Allied Youth, Gun Club, Football. SANDRA STERLING Leopardette, ROTC Sponsor, Ice Skating Club, Student Assistant, Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Ten- nis, Modeling Club, Pan American Club. CARROL STEVENS EVELYN STEVENS National Honor Society, Linz and Everts Award, Select Chorus Pianist, Winner Spelling Contest, Science Club, Blank Spots Trio, Tennis Club. RONNIE STEWART Officers' Club, Social Dance, Ice Skating Club, Medical Professions Club, Dallas Historical So- ciety, Linz Award, Allied Youth, Student Assist- ant, .Iunior Red Cross. BARBARA STINSON Allied Youth, Scholarship Club, Linz Award, Office Assistant, Dallas Historical Society. PHYLLIS ANNE STITH Leopard Teens, Allied Youth, Y-Teens. LYNDAL STOCKS Allied Youth, Football, Basketball Manager. Baseball, Student Council, Acorn Staff. SHERRILL STONE Jody Drill Team Commander, Social Dance Club, Officers' Club, Allied Youth, Student Council, Engineers' Club, Pan American Club. JAMES L. SULLIVAN Student Council, Jody Drill Team, Officers' Club, Allied Youth, Junior Boneheads. SHIRLEY SULLIVAN Art Club, Leopard Teens, Allied Youth, Y-Teens. BRUCE SUNDAY A.H.S., Camera Club, Allied Youth, SpOrtsman'S Club. BILLY TABOR PATRICIA TEDDLIE Pan American Club, Dallas Historical Society, Y-Teens, Allied Youth. BOBBY TERRELL EDENE TEY ROTC Sponsor, Student Assistant, Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Social Dance Club. MALVIN THOMAS Officers' Club, Ice Skating Club, Allied Youth. COY THOMPSON Officers' Club, Ice Skating Club, Allied Youth, Blue Band. JUDY TOBIAS DAVID TRENT Linz Award, Allied Youth. t L L NOEL TULEY Select Chorus. Student Council, Social Dance, Camera Club, Tennis Club. CLINTON TWADDELL Baseball Letterman, Football Letterman, All City Baseball. JACK WALKER Allied Youth, Track. VIRGINIA WALKER Allied Youth. DOUGLAS WASKOM Allied Youth, Football, Sports Club, Gun Club. CHARLES KWOOBYJ WATKINS Gun Club, Boxing Club, Allied Youth. BUD WATSON President IA-2B-2A-3B-3A-4B Classes, Football Letterman, Student Council. Hi-Y Treasurer, Allied Youth, Favorite Underclass Boy, HD Club. WILLY WATSON Camera Club, Social Dance Club, Allied Youth. Band, Mixed Chorus, Basketball, Baseball, Ten- nis Club, Platter Club. BILLY WELLS Allied Youth, Football. Sports Club. Boxing Club. GLADYS JOYE WHITE Majorette, Blue Band. Girls' Chorus, Social Dance Club, French Club, Allied Youth, Dis- tributive Education. BEN WIDENER . Junior Boneheads, Motion Picture Operator, Al- lied Youth. HOWARD WILLIAMS Engineers' Club, Allied Youth. RICHARD WILLIAMS Allied Youth, Camera Club, SPOTISIHHHQS Club. Distributive Education. ' MARVIN WILMOTH Football, Allied Youth, Oak Representative. PT Aide, Boxing Club, Hi-Y. DICK YOUNG Basketball. Allied Youth, Football. JOHN ALFORD YVONNE AMMONS JAMES ANERSON JAMES BARRETT ALBERT BRENTLINGER PHILIP BRYAN CHARLES BRYAN BOBBY COMPTON NORMA CONDLEY ttf' 5' 15 K 2' f' A ' 1 A ..i'. ii. , .f 1 'U' . ' . L. w551',11iFf'Q 'X' . f ---- 7 ti 5522 . 7 F . I A A A ... .A X .1 gr i V A Q gvy X g ' '42, I , X x 3 ' f' A . No picture DONALD GOULD CARROLL ELTON HUMPHREY GERALD LEE WARREN LOWRY ALFRED MELLOR DONALD PAYNE ANNETTE WATSON STERLING WHITE EDWARD CARLTON WILLIAMS J UNE 1954 Club. BILLY PAUL BOURLAND Hi-Y, Band, VIC, Allied Youth. HERMAN DEAVERS Football Letterman, Basketball Letterman, Hi-Y, Key Club, Allied Youth Officer, D Club, Base- ball. BETTY HOPPER Book Review Club, Allied Youth. BUD MAGOUIRK Hi-Y, Football, Allied Youth, Social Dance Club. NOLA MCKENZIE Student Council, Library Council, Pan-American Club, Linz Award. Student Assistant. BEVERLY MADDOX Future Nurses Club, Y-Teens, Orchestra. ANN MIKLAS Medical Professions Club, Modeling Club, Two Year Linz Award. D1-:NISE MILLER Dallas Historical Society, Modeling Club, Allied Youth. Linz Award. BOBBIE MITCHELI. Fashion Club, Square Dance Club. CAROLE N EFF DON Ross Distributive Education MINNIE WEBB Scholarship Club, Square Dance Club, Allied Youth. JoE LOVING W' Band, Junior Medical Professions ARTHUR STONE Sportsman Club, Linz and Everts Club, Select Chorus, Football, Club, Engineer Award, Camera Allied Youth. SUMMER SCHOOL 1954 A uw E A :fxlfi t E ml L 'L . tx .1 - A 4 li ' il, Mob- SFU bww All ffalagmglc Wwe' wi A 1, Q2 G amiafzc f-X. fs 3A OFFICERS 3B OFFICERS PRESIDENT .,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,.5,..,,,7,, A . C. Miller PRESIDENT A...7,. ...,,,,......,, J immy Bohanon VICE PRESIDENT ,,,,.v. .,E7A I ames Angell VTCE PRESIDENT ..,,......A, Bob Linebarger SECRETARY . ....,,..,.. C..... Connie Boone SECRETARY ......4,.,-.. ......A, J can Thompson First row: Connie Boone, Emogene Frank, Patsy Wyatt, Janice Fomby, Nan Brittingham. Second row: James Angell, Bob Ratcliff, Gerald Spencer, Harry Zimmerman, Gary McAfee. Third row: Jack Spangler, David Harris, Monte Fite, A. C. Miller, Ned Peterson, Jack Shepherd, Alford Deen, J errell Heibert. fi V' 1 ' ' ff,a.a 'f f2fI Af 'iVzf ' aa. First row: ltinia Akins, Pat Maples, Helen Milam, Elaine Wear, Frances Platt, Carolyn Watson. Second row: Joe Park, Weldon Tucker, Arthur Stone, Martha Swanner, Barbara Bullard, Louida Johnson, Bob Tribble. Third row: Dick Andrews, Ronald Young, Danny Bourland, James Tom- linson, Don Whitter, Don Myers, Joe Medley, Don Harris. First row: Charlene Utley, Shirlene Ripple, Pat Patterson, Betty Sanders. Second row: Carol Robbins, Helen Burleson, Patricia Fagan, Joyce Ferguson, Meri Carsey. Third row: Minnie Webb, Eddie Bevering, Frank Cadwallader, Robert Irion, Larry Martin, Sue Hardin, Janet McKinney. 'Q--.W First row: Jack King, Melveen Lane, Cindy Henslee, Betty Brock, Darla Anderson. Second row: Gary Robertson, Norman Hayes, Ann Miklis, Lynaveta Bates, Lavora Ballard, Gwen Johnson, Betty Cook, Betty Carter. Third row: Jimmy Clark, Dean Morgan, James Mizell, Robert Stark, Cale Renfro. Bruce Ray, Jimmy Dupew, Robert Phillips, Joe Davis, Eddie Brooks. First row: Eloise Hargrove, Luther Brannon, Don Coney, Shirley Cutberth, lrma Dean Lokey, Jeanie Franklin, Susan Benson. Second row: Raymond Beard, Delores Smotherman, Barbara Adams. Imogene Lokey, Catherine Blankenship, Joy Wakefield. Wanda Platt, James Carmen. Third row: Duncan Broussard, Don Caudill, Joe Cantrell, Jimmy Carpenter, Joe Warren, Sonny Vance, Joe Woods, John Hobbs, Charles Tuberville, Bob Aston. '1t,f ,. , I . if I L7 R x.,.s.,m.,a .... -fft me-.'v:111.ffJcg1fx:,m. 1. .1 . nm- First row: Zula Lanier, Mary Ann Jackson, Lemay Kerbow, Shirley Allen, Ann Coker, Glenda Jarman. Second row: Janice Fuller, Pansy George, Charlie Hollingsworth, Mimi McLane, Oscar Jones, Ronald Bain, Jimmie Hunter, Sylvia Jordan. Third row: David Ladymon, Tommy Powell, Bob Nelson, Billy McCallum, Bob King, Milton Miller, Garret Creppon, Bobby Mercer. First row: Barbara Miller, Norma Langford, Elizabeth Nicholson, Barbara Parks, Norma Kidd, Judy Mottashed, Mary Slaughter. Second row: Jean Thompson, Clovis Sheffield, Virginia Prince, Barbara McClendon, Betty Becker, Joe Warren, Sally Akin, Pat Ragland. Third row: Don Sharp, Joe Norman, Tony Smith, Dell White, Carolyn Watkins, Linda Conner, Robert Dockendorf, James Carmen. First row: Jackie Davis, Jo Cannon, Patsy Dalton, Betty Colvard, Eileen Carroll, Eleanor Reagins, Patricia Monts. Second row: John Woods. Peggy Brister, Mary Seaman, Barbara Barrett, Susan Webb, Barbara Brown, Robert Garrett, Don Jones. Third row: Jerry Bibby, Jimmy Evans, Gene Denton, Jimmy Bohanan, Joe Freeman, Durwood Feathersone, Eric Akerlund, Bob Line- lnarger, Terrence Sells. First row: Peggy Hitt, Wanda McKee, Gay Harrison, Kay Morrison, Carol Pugmire, Mary Lowry. Second row: Jack Titus, David Ferguson, Vincente Pequeno, Charles Heald, Hazel Brown, Shirley Potts, Jean Guy, Donna Holbrooks. Third row: Butch Hester, Richard Higgin- botham. Sheila Ceizer, Ann Hawkins, Janice Bollman, Carolyn Robertson, Patsy Davis, Jack Harper, John Windbigler. Fourth row: Dale Mulvaney, Truatt Thomas, Billy Clements, Weldon Siler, Robert Mclntyre, Doyle Wilkerson, Homer McNeal, David Trent, Jack Walker, Otis Martin. 0 164 2A OFFICERS 2B OFFICERS PRESIDENT . Y,,,7,7, ,,.,,.,,,,,........ J eff Duncan PRESIDENT ,,,,,,,..-,....,,.,.,,,, Walter Woods VICE PRESIDENT .....,,......,,, Jerry Pittman VICE PRESIDENT ,,,, w,-,-- B obby Burton SECRETARY .,,,,,,........,...A Tommy Lancaster SECRETARY ..,.,,,,.,A,,, ----- M arie Yium First row: Tommye Potter, Betty Jones, Ellen Henderson, Evelyn Henderson, Frances King, Dorothy Bullard, Peggy Ellis, Shirley Johnson. Second row: Carolyn Cox, Muriel Adams, Claire Andrian, Carolyn Grady, Ann Clothier, Lynn Burris, Elaine Johnson, Margo Bridewell, Patricia Taylor, Ann Baker. Third row: Dale Honeycutt, Barbara Stuart, Louise Cole, Danny Eason, Perry Hix, Gene Rooks, Leonard Jett, Jerry Baker, Shirley Bell. Fourth row: Richard Johnson, Charles Foster, Bill Beckham, Don Jackson, Darrell Johnson, Danny Eason, Mickey Cleher, Bobby Tadlock, Jeff Duncan, Robert Helfert. .u fzun n. - f .11 we .b ,. pg 'Cie WWW First row: Jackie Jackson, Mary Swafford, Zita Scudder, Joyce Satterwhite, Pat King, Pat McKin- ney, Tommie Lancaster, Sue Ann Russell, Wanda Watson, Gloria Lee. Second row: Frances Smith, Carolyn Shafer, Peggy Moore, Barbara Oliver, Loretta Lumpkin, Sue Newton, Patsy Hughes, Shirley Samford, Doris Granada, Winston Tanco. Third row: jackie Weston. Lyndel Carter, Donald Patton, Clifton Sypert, Lee McLain, Dale Blankenship, Emory Cathey, Paul Hood, Bobb Steele, Bernard Parker. Fourth row: James Wade, Jimmy Chapman, Rodger Smith, James Cody, Clark McMayon, Jerry Pittman, Don Price, Milton Ramsey, Larry Minyard, Richard Ard, Fred Simon. First row: Sonya Campbell, Loretta Welch, Shirley Harris, Carol Brown. Second row: Carol Brown, Betty Adair, Edna Allen, Mary Bartsch, Elaine Bridges. Third row: Jimmy Coffee, Donald Amerson, Dean Guynes, Miller Britton, Jack Anderson. Fourth row: Paul Jones, Gerald Bain, Joe Barbaria, Tommy Abbott, Gerald Bellington, Louie Bledsoe, George Bond, Richard Benners. u 1 im.. t:l. . 11 t-lgwf'punu nt w First row: Loretta Smith, Claudine Sessions ,Arvelene Core. Second row: Margaret Mead. Marcia Gray, Virginia Williams, Patricia Utley, Norma Bush. Third row: Robert Rumfelt. Laverne Smith. Carmen Stanley, JoAnn Hearn, Betty Jo Massey. Wayne Roberts, Douglas Wilson. Fourth row: Donald Ray Reynolds, Ben Davidson, Ralph Sanford, Scarlet Kennedy, Don Broome. Tommy Lasiter, Richard Vallejo, Roger Craiker. Walter Woods. First row: LouAnn Martin. Rita Boles, Charlene Markham, Jodell Lumpkins. Second row: Dixie Taylor, Sandra Scutter, Glenda Purcell, Carolyn Taylor, Carolyn Lewis, Jimmy Lee Swift. Third row: Bob Franklin, Marie Summers, Frances Kassed, Argerie Keeling, Jane Mcjunkins, Lourita McKinney, Jackie Lyle, Lois Hulstrom, Sandra Keith. Fourth row: Alton Marlow, Jan Stevens, Kenneth Pressley, Martin Musser. George Folse, John Jackson, Lanny Marion, Charles Main, Don Brannon. -al aunuiil i zum:-. new 'si First row: Carol Riggs, Mary Baxter, Martha Baxter, Sharon Bailey. Second row: Norma Belkin. Nancy Dillard, Sue Allen, Wanda Colvard, Carole Click, Iris Bell, Tommie Cronin, David Pinkston. Third row: Byran Kennedy, Ronnie Lane, Raye Sikes, Ann Burleson, Pansy Angel, Margaret Cheek, Shirley Bunson, Joe Blackwell, Bruce Benningfield. Fourth row: Billy Baggett, Bennie Blaylock, Terry Black, Homer Crim, Melford Freeman, Ceorge Gardner, Jessie Denney. Jess Moore, Tom Morrell, First row: Elizabeth Price, Florence Silvey, Leanne Heiskell, Marie Yium. Second row: Lenora Stove, Martha Barton, Wanda Sumrall, Barbara Barron, Jackie Teames, Aline Townsend, Ann Burton, Glenna Jenkins. Third row: Dean Jolley, John Hogan, Kay Cahagan, Betty Fuller, Virginia Walls, Louise Wagner, Gennis James, Betty Rose. Fourth row: Billy Mulvaney, Lem Speck, G. B. Shaw, Bill Stewart, Dale Stiff, Cecil Moore, Patrir Mobley. Donald Murphy. Vernon Showers. Gerald Slell. First row: Lola Harrison, Joanne Epperson, Carol Hodge. Second row: Dorothy Furlong, Don Gililand, Mack Herrod, Ronnie White, Johnny Bell, Bernadine Pogue. Third row: Joe Haddock, John Thompson, Keith Harris, David Bookout, Carl Ray, Kenneth Henson. Fourth row: Bob Freudiger, Bob Buner, Gerred Higginbotham, John Fulkerson, Cecil Harris. Wayne Ship, Andrew Hackler. First row: Carolyn Young, Linda Williams, Sally Chenault, Patricia Eagle, Wanda Davis. Second row: Joyce Carrol, Barbara Watson, Alice Cooper, Pat Donworth, Elaine Vinson, Shirley Clements, Ruby Caddell. Third row: George Dixie, Edith Lindsley, Rebecca Davis, Ann Cowan, Sandra Threadgill, Sharon Childress, Gloria Christian. Fourth row: John Glenn, Gerald Carsey, W. H. Conley, Jerry Sudderth, Bobby Cain, William Cox, Bryce Daniel, Don Mock, Bob Burton. i -MVB? 'valet aa9 il I QM' 'Bu'2s..s s M . - C x.,..-2 N mu First row: Carolyn Hargis, Helen Glass, Geneva Fogleman, Patsy Freeman. Second row: Diane Dodson, Patty Mauzy, Kay Griffin, Barbara Lewis, ,lane Eppright. Third row: Rex Morrison, Nancy Hightower, Rose Mary Fulghum, Marlene Grove, Barbara Ellis, Barbara Haley, Jimmy Hard- castle. Fourth row: Tommy Hardy, Donald Landen, Kenneth Keeble, Bill Lamar, Kirby King, Emory Johnson, Fred Martin, Gerald Sellers, Jack Martin. First row: Barbara Northcutt, Elizabeth Moore, Ann Perry. Shirley Murphy. Second row: Ranna Scale, Billy Daniels, Shirley Mitchell, Betty McDill, Delores Pittman. Third row: Nicky Perez, Mary Ann Powers, Martha Russell, Mona Scott, Ray Allen, Frank Collins, Dale McMullen. Fourth row: Tommy Kindred, Howard Paschal, Tony Rameriz, Lynn Rayner, David Hish, Roy Oliphant. R'ia1maz,,,, s: IIN' ' esimwfvfit First row: Cora Parker, Carla McWhorter, Ellen Cullison, Mary Potts, Margaret Pruitt. Second row: Kay Segrist, Janet Stanley, Joan Roberts, Loretta Sorrell, Elaine Levin. Third row: Shirley Post, Sandra Spear, Janice Powers, Lynita Reynolds, Beverly Stafford, Wayne Wright, Dick Wright, John Wilson, Patsy Shelby. Fourth row: Emmett Williams, Randell Wylie, Dennis Thornton, Robert Walden, Tilman Walker, Norman Smith, Sammy Stevens, Joel Laxson, Joe Wood, Joe Tomlinson, George Watkins. First row: Carola Hutson, Betty Miller, Dorothy Martin. Elaine Vinton, Linda Lawing, Harriet Lewis. Second row: Annette Case, Margie Moore, Vicki Guggenheimer, Bobbie Emmett, Ann Matthews, Charlotte Jones, Myrna Hill, Verna Kizer. Third row: Sally Leach, Rose Conlon, Joan Hill, Betty Jones, Ronald Sanaford, Bob Siebers, Mike Ross, Marceline McCann. Fourth row: Billy Rogers, Marion Regan, Raymond Reese, Cecil Garrett, Bobby Simmons, William Russell, Jimmy Hannett, Richard Murphy, Lynn McDonald. ' i smffffvux , ff 1A OFFICERS 1B OFFICERS PRESIDENT ..,, . ,.I,,,,,, ,, Ray Roberson PRESIDENT ,,,,,..,,I,,,.,,,,,,.,,I Mickey Walden VICE PRESIDENT ..... ,,,,..... J oe Geiger VICE PRESIDENT ,,,,, .,..,,,, J ack Sutton SECRETARY ..,.,,w.,,,... ,,.. . . ,,.., Pat Poor SECRETARY .,,..,.,,,,w. .,,.. J udy Ahlfinger First row: Judy Lane, Pat Bailey, Sara Fisher, Charlotte Chance, Suzy Stemmons. Second row: Donna Strandberg, Jeannine Brown. Sylvia Martin, Janice Baker, Pat Cawthon, Martin Donley, Sharon Garrett, Barbara English. Third row: Ben Rogers, Mike Mellor, Joe Geiger, Searcy Fergu- son, Alex Troup, Ray Roberson, Bobby Briles, Jack Nichols. Fourth row: Eddie Bass, Sidney Harvey, Jimmy Dubois, Monte Maddox, Gerald Hix, Eugene Zmolick, Le-Roy LaCvard, David LaCroix, Charles Reed, Pat Poor. First row: Joyce Mitchell, Beverly Meyers, Nancy McClintock, Doris Lutz, Jesse McCarthy. Second row: Margaret Storey, Mildred Mitchell, Linda Moore, Rosetta Lee, Ruth Medlin, Darlene Hall, James Simmons. Third row: Joyce Marshall, Linda Morris, Nancy Mitchell, Mary Kate Hill, Carol Lawrence, Eleanor Miller, Melvin Porter. Fourth row: Paul Seward, Dudley Parr, Jerry Richards, Jerry Powell, Jimmy Simons, Clifford Reavis, Don Elem, Kenneth Roddy, Gerald Prise. First row: Carolyn Crawford, Saundra Timpa, Sylvia Tipps, Nelda Nun, Peggy Suddeth. Second row: Maurice Villareal, Becky Shaw, Sandra Trammell, Pat Thompson, Sue Titus, David Wood- side. Third row: George White, Elaine Turner, Lou Della Smith, Wanda Farris, Elaine Smith, Nancy Tompkins, Scharmell Thomas. Fourth row: Charles Wren, Willis Walker, Frank Wilford, Jimmy Yarborough, Antonio Vallejo, Tommy Wilson, Archer Ward, James Harper, Jackie Clevenger. First row: Vivian Barnes, Ruth McCullough, Selva Jean Barnett, Shirley Anderson, Peggy Barnett, Myrna Jones. Second row: lda Ann Barnett, Kay Bledsoe, Shirley Wendeborn, Nancy Bogle, Shirley Birkholz, Beverly Allen. Margaret Armstrong. Third row: Bobby Abbott, Marie Adams, Harold Cantrell, Bruce Conley, Frank Copeland, JinJun Hyung, Alice McKenzie, Judy Ahlfinger, Robert Benners. Fourth row: David Bailey, Clay White. Larry Cotton, Jack Sutton, Tommy Cash, Robert Becker, Anthony Brown, Logan Knapp, Gene Belk. First row: Glenda Box, Barbara Brice, JoAnn Brisco, Diane Condleton, Louise Clark, Joan Burden. Second row: Mary Bowen, Sonja Byram, Doris Clark, Marilyn Church, Barbara Anders, Barbara Cauley, Sherry Bynum, Danny Crawford. Third row: Frank Hayden, Joe Pomeroy, Deanne Coving- ton, Ray Elliot, Wayne Harris, Herbie Benson. Delores Pruitt, Alice Newson, Jo Beth Braden. Fourth row: Billy Dodson, Gene Epperson, Johnnie Espinoza, Joe Stevens, Hayden Green, John Eagle, Doyle Gilbert, Robbie Everheart, Jerry Hill, David Green. al ff, MS W m :QS 19,4 2, ,RWM First row: Jackie Greene, Jewel Godfrey, Patricia Ferrel, Ramona Dickerson, Claudia Dickerson, Jacqueline Franklyn, Ann Dougherty. Second row: Jacqueline Davis, Sue Craig, June Ferguson, Nancy Gibbs, Mary Fowler, Jack Hulshouser, Larry Johnson. Third row: Lulilla Eason, Virginia Roberts, Janice Gibson, Jerry Hunt, Laurine DeLancey, Sue Parrott, Gene Hunter, Gayle Hicks, Wesley Johnson, Robert Hutchinson. Fourth row: Harold Hill, Donald Jones, Boyd Johnson, Bo Hulsey, James Harris, Freddie Hitchcock, Grady Jones, Melvin Hoover, Donald Hunt, Curtis Hitt. ffatagm ,.,4 gl-'4 1 TFWQ,-. W4 l f W I g X lim 2 .2 'S' gf J X N HV X? 1 I x i Z ,Y1 rkff,,,, 1 J gf .QL f ef b ' N x I f A Q Q Q X gud Wanda pm were Samba ?cwafz6z'e4 Sandra gat 1466- famed I ami? . ' ffl: ' Sr. Q . , 4-1 'Hi' Ky' 1:1 T71 lea 3 Wann M , LW'fvfffg' x . NN . f:,fy-i x Wi. ,, M 7046505 704144 ?aaafz6z'e Zee: fffl- Zuma! Zlndezcfaao 305 7Ze!4oon Ewa Siam USOH 1 6 B Iuhe Feng I o urkhalter mm ma Richa Fd Reed Y at P endley Loma Hin Edwin Cason 704a'4 7044 -. Clevie Puck eff Suxie Hale Connie Dixie -vmue H, Ig-gills 2044.4 ma Jim P680 01' Sandra L iverman Lou B363 E Maw Velyn SteV6ns 704a'4 Wh ggi Jean Mellol. Mario tie Sflhmidt Sh e Galbraith Mali' lVI1cha 1 efb' Monraom irley Sho Xe Hens wal ter 6 fl Q, , HW' is A -25 mi A fbi f B jjj - WWLXB N 'X f g lk X 5 x 1 LQ fri Z X Si N l X NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Qi V f S 4x1 mg' Wanna! Zum Saeaeze OFFICERS President ..,...,.,,., ....,,,...,,,.,........., C LEVELAND PUCKETTE Vice President ...,... 7,,,,,, CHARLIE HEDGECOTH Secretary ,,.,..... ., ......,,,,,A... NANCY SMITH MEMBERS Mary Lou Batla Emma Lou Bilderback Nina Jean Carpenter Connie Dixie Marjorie Ellis Judy Eshenfelder Julie Ferguson Joan Godly Virginia Graves Julie Hale Marilyn Harden Carolyn Harmon Cindy Henslee Chloe Kelley Peggy Lambert Sandra Liverman Karen Locke Jean Mellor Alma Merwin Mary Montgomery Alma Moore Kay Morton Paula Murphy Perna Nalls Pat Pendley Pat Ragland Patricia Reeves Marjorie Schmitt Tooney Scruggs Shirley Showalter Martha Smith Rose Jean Smith Nancy Smith Evelyn Stevens Carolyn Stewart James Angell Robert Burkhard Edwin Cason John Coates John Franks Michael Galbraith Charles Hedgcoth Karl Ronald Higgins Robert Irion Bob Meyers Robert Moffat Jim Pescor Clevie Puckette Don Ramsey A. L. Reese Burton Reynolds Jack Spangler Sherrill Stone The first chapter of the National Honor in Dallas was organized in Adamson ln 1927. The purpose of this society is involved in the four cardinal principles: scholar ship, leadership, character, and service. After meeting with the approval of the entire faculty students getting the highest rating are voted in. L. ., in Q., 'CL'-I in qfifv . ,,,.,, gif, F5??i? :-M:M iEZA7aW39AmwV ' 1f. 'r ' ' ' :..f 1' .. ' X is President ...,.,,, Vice President .....,, Secretary .,.A,, ., Sponsor MEMBERS Dot Avrea Kay Bledsoe Louie Bledsoe James Bohanon David Bookout Joan Burden Joe Cantrell Ben Davidson George Dixie Jeff Duncan Monte Fite David Ferguson Searcy Ferguson Billy Fulenwider George Gardner Swim awed! OFFICERS JULIE HALE RICHARD REED GENE WRIGHT Jewell Godfrey Joan Godley Julie Hale Carolyn Harmon Gail Harris Evelyn Henderson Nancy Hightower Lolita Hill Jimmy Hunter Leonard Jett Sylvia Jordan Jodell Lumplcins Nancy McClintock Nola McKenzie Larry Martin Gene Wright JOE STALCUP Kay Morrison Barbara Uliver Perna Nalls Barbara Northcutt Gloria Paine Richard Reed Becky Shaw Jack Sutton Tony Tracey Noel Tuley Mickey Waldie Carolyn Watkins Carolyn Watson Jackie Weston Joe Wood The Student Council, sponsored by Mr. Stalcup, is composed of elected students who' serve as a liason between students, faculty and administration. ,el,-I tqqsweivmsieiaaefsqawi, 37.7, 14' These students are representatives of the school who work in co-operation with the Parent Teacher Association. These are our students who aid the teachers in various departments of the school. s 5 Z' WE 5 .f i x W able' loam V. L. if ' K' K W W Q , my Q in Q 31 W my is gf 2 I if r ,: .V R . 'Q me rn 4, A. ,Q . , W 3 at ,L , E r 5, , X ii , ,Az, .. ,M inn Q, , 1 W Va ' QV' 54- if' iii S Wc- OFFICERS LEOPARD CHAPTER REBEL CHAPTER President .V..C.,...........Y..........C.,.....4..........CCCCw.C. JERRY NICKEL President e,e,eeee,e,,,,,e, . eeee eeeeeeee,,e, , , ,ee,eeee ROBERT CARRETT Vice President ...... e........ L OUIS BORGESON Vice President .e,,.,,,, ,,e,e, S TEVE RODRIGUEZ S effe wry eeee -e----f--e--- eeee J - T- HILL S eere :ary ..,..e eee.... BOBBY MeA1-'BB Treasurer ------- CLIFFORD COOK Treasurer ,,ee,e, MILBURN SMITH The purpose of the Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend, throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character. were e,.eew,.,,neemee -r.f ere,fe,w,.fif,1e:.em: ewes: ee. 1. , es,,e..vesemfrerereegewssesisefsew,,eeq.egzee r:-eremeg..mee,e,::wm,::wr-r1e, .fr, wereffease.W:rs.wmve, .review President ,,,,,,,,, Vice President Secretary ,,.... Sponsor Francine Barnett Peggy Brister Lynn Burris Barbara Jean Conley Carol Cannon Sharon Childress Joan Compton Claudia Dickerson Ramona Dickerson Pat Donworth Margie Eatmon Margie Ellis Barbara English Jacquelin Franklin Patricia Fagan Kay Cahagan ' 'keno OFFICERS ,, CAROLYN STEWART PAT MAPLES OWEN JOHNSON MISS MABEL ROCKETT President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Vice President ,,,,,..,,,, Secretary ,c,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sponsor ,,,,,, MEMBERS Kay Griffin Cindy Henslee Carolyn Holbert Nancy Humerick Darlene Hall Julie Hale DeLois Johnson Joyce Jacobs Gwen Johnson Myrna Jones Rita Kempe Margie LaBarbara Judy Lane Joyce Long Irma Lokey Junella LaRue Carolyn Lewis Jodell Lumpkin Doris Lutz Pat Maples Charlene Markham Eleanor Miller Nancy Mitchell Jessie McCarthy Mimi McLean Dorothy Massey Kathy McAfee Martha McClurg Pat Pendley Patsy Prince Betsy Rosse Barbara Reed PURPOSE: To find and give the best. JULIE HALE DOROTHY MASSEY JOYCE LONG ,. MRS. MINNIE BRAMLETTE Shirley Showalter .IoAnn Smith Suzy Stemmons Carolyn Stewart Ranna Seale Patricia Thompson Ann Tuttle Yvonne Terrill Charlene Utley Jackie Lou Teames Pat Utley Jan Weisbrod Barbara Wilson Carolyn Ward Joy Wakefield Carolyn Wyatts -4' M2417 eacmcc? Vice President .....,.. ,,,,,,,,,, A NN BURTON Secretary .,,,,,.,,, ,-,,,, M ARY ANN POWER Treasurer .,.,,.,,,,..........,.. JERRY SUDDERTH Sponsors ,...,.,,. MISS FRANCES THOMPSON MRS. CLADYS HAMBY I, J President ,,.,.,,,,, .,,,,,,,, G LENNA JENKINS The Library Council sponsored by Miss Frances Thompson has two main functions: to better serve Adam- son's students and teachers through efficient running of the library and to teach its members about the function- ing of a library. Seated: Shirley Mitchell, Rebecca Hill, Ann Burton, Glenna Jenkins, Mary Ann Power, Jerry Sudderth, Dale McMullen, Myrna Jones. Standing: Pat Pendley, Miss Thompson, Carol Lynn Brown, Wanda Farris, Glenda Box, ,lo Beth Braden, Ramona Dickerson, Mrs. Hamby, Carolyn Crawford, Deanne Covington, Patricia Ferree, Virginia Price, Lovella Eason. Sponsor MISS LORINE HIGGINBOTHAM 5 Qi? OFFICERS 1 President JEAN GUY V Vice President SHIRLEY SULLIVAN I Second Vice President BARBARA BRIDGE Secretary-Treasurer JEAN ABNEY MEMBERS Videll Bogard, Barbara Brice, Pa- tricia Ferrell, Jean Guy, Marjorie Jarrell, Carol Lawrence, Joyce Mitchell, Paula Murphy, Beverly Myers, Shirley Sullivan, Carolyn Watson. ea 77464 Sponsors-MRS. HELEN HORN and MRS. MARY LOUISE UNDERWOOD Seated: Pat Patterson, Susan Webb, Barbara Brown, Vickie Guggenheim. Standing: Mrs. Horn, Evelyn Shutts, Ann Nobles, Shirley Anderson, Sharon Farwell Mrs. Underwood. iafvw,: L.. f f - -- .. . . w.w4mi11u.m - nf'-an-.umm 1 li1 ,Le Delete gba! OFFICERS President ..............,..... ....,.............,................... L ARRY MARTIN Vice President .,.,..... ....,...,. B OB MEYERS Secretary .,.............. ,...... S ONNY VANCE The Debate Program is one of Adamson's most praiseworthy and active organiza- tions. This organization has helped the school keep the Kiwanis trophy for eight consecutive years. Its members are trained in all phases of public speaking and attend tournaments throughout the school year. 'IQ OFFICERS President 7,,,,,,77..,,,, ,,,,,7..,,.,,,,,77,,,,....7,,,,,,,....,, L EROY LOGAN Vice President ....,,,, ......... J OYCE FERGUSON Secretary .,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,A,.. E MOCENE FRANK Program Chairman ,,Y7, .,,,,. . . SANDRA SPEIR Activities Chairman ,.,i,i,,.,.i,,........,...,, SUE I-IARDEN Sponsors .....,.. ....,..... M ISS IDABEL CABANISS MISS RIPPLE FRAZIER The Junior Red Cross Club at Adamson is sponsored by Miss Idabel Cabaniss and Miss Ripple Frazier. It is an affiliate of the Dallas County organization of ,lunior Red Cross. Membership in the local club is open to all students who like association with people and are interested in serving those less fortunate than themselves. The Club activities include the making of articles for and entertaining Veterans in government hospitals, assisting in fund drives for both groups of the Red Cross and filling gift boxes for needy children outside the United States. Letters from the children, their parents, and teachers prove that this project is meeing with great success in establish- ing friendships with the peoples of the world. 27cm 14 1 The Pan American Club brings its members in closer touch with our Latin American neighbors through a study of Latin American customs, language, and way of life. 'Q 1 l 1 MEMBERSHIP Ann Baker Barbara Mary Lou Batla Norma Fae Bush Betty Carter Vivian Chandler Diane Dodson ,Ieannie Franklin Betty Fuller Kay Griffin Nancy Hightower JoAnn Hill Lois Hustrom Gwen Johnson Beverly Laign President ,,,...,, Vice President Secretary .,.,.,r,,,, Reporter ,.,.,.. Sponsors OFFICERS DON RAMSEY . ,,,... JIMMY HUNTER MARY LOU BATLA PATRICIA RAGLAND MISS ROBERTA KING MISS EUGINIA NEWBERRY MRS. VIRGINIA .IUERGENS Pat Maples Paula Murphy Nola McKenzie Perna Nalls Pat Patterson Pat Ragland Carole Riggs Betsy Rosse Tooney Scruggs Patsy Shelby Frances Smith Lanore Stone Pat Teddlie Carol Watkins Virginia Williams Pat King Miller Britton Richard Cruz J oe Davis George Dixie Danny Eason Andrew Hackler Charles Hackler Jerry Hill Jimmy Hunter Darrell Johnson Billy Mulvany Don Ranwsey Stephen Rodriguez Haden Green Billy .loc Jackson Svfiefs g ti Cp f. f m.fz5, ..,5t,fQf Y lam 6 President ........ ...,.,,,. R ICHARD MURPHY Vice President ..,.., ,.,,,. R OSE JEAN SMITH Secretary ....Y... ,.,,,,,,,..,..,.,..,. J OE PARKS ,. ,,,AA ELIZABETH MOORE ROSE JEAN SMITH RICHARD MURPHY CECIL GARRETT Acorn Reporters The Latin name of our club is Vox Populi, the voice of the peoplef' The purpose of our club is to enlighten ourselves and others to the interesting facts of classical civilization. We have been initiated into the Junior Classical League, a national organization, and received pins bearing the wreath and torch signifying the reward for achievement and the light of learning. First row: Sue Sorrell, Sally Leach, Beverly Stafford. Second row: Cecil Garrett, Frank Collins, Rose Jean Smith, Richard Murphy, Linda Williamson, Patricia Bailey, Elizabeth Moore, Sue Russell. Third row: Bobby Cain, Gerald Stell, Sally Chenault, Mike Galbraith, Joe Parks, Lyndal Stocks, Don Myers, Ann Hankins. . RRR A il' f-mia' zencldaf OFFICERS President .,7A,,,,,,,,,, .A,,.,A,,.7,....,7,,777,,.7,,,,,,,,,...,.,,..,.. J IM PESCOR Vice President ....i.i.. ...,...,. L YNNE VESTERMARK Secretary ...,.,.... ....,.. B URTON REYNOLDS It is the aim of the French Club to provide entertainment and profit for the mem- bers at all stages of development in French. fThe only knowledge of France and French of one member is that which she has gained through correspondence with her sweetheart, who is a soldier in France.J The club members sing French songs, read anecdotes and converse about them, and discuss French customs generally. First row: Patricia Peck, J im Pescor, Lynne Vestermark. Second row: Sonja Byram, Carola Hutson, Shirley Clements, Jean Jones, Rae Sikes, Gail Harris, Joan Burdon, Pat McKenney. Third row: Larry Martin, Miss Aduddell, Burton Reynolds, Bob Meyers, Robert Hutchinson, Luther Brannon, Claire Andrian. faw1 ai f Waimea! mmm OFFICERS President ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,.,,,,,, ,,,,. C A ROLYN HARMON Recording S ecre :ary ......,,,, ,,,........ M ARJORIE SCHMITT Sponsor .....,...,,.,,...,,.,Y,,, .,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,. W ILHELMINA G. HEDDE The National Thespians is an honorary organization in which the students who are interested in dramatics are elected in twice a year. MEMBERS Dorothy Avrea Mary Bartoch Mary Lou Batla Susan Benson Emma Lou Bielderback Susan Bowers Shirley Burris Nina Carpenter Margaret Ditson Connie Dixie Marjorie Ellis Julie Ferguson Carolyn Grady Dixie Graham Carolyn Harmon Cindy Henslee Lolita Hill Chloe Kelley Sandra Liverman Margie McKinney Lou Ann Martin Kay Morton Pat Pendley Patsy Prince Marjorie Schmitt Nancy Smith Carolyn Stewart Earlene Thompson Don Coney George Dixie Charles Holingsworth Bob King David Ladymon Leroy Logan Larry Martin Bob Meyers Charles Wren it Y. :i lm MEMBERS Sallye Akin Shirley Allen Claire Andrian Ada Nell Brau ,loan Blankenship George Bond Nan Brittingham Shirley Cole Barbara Davis Claudia Dickerson Peggy Ellis Durwood Featherston Emogene Frank fin' 66:45 OFFICERS President .......... ,,YY..ww.........,,Yi.7......,i.,..,w,... J ERRY PITTMAN Vice President ....,.,,,, ,,,,,,,A A DA NELL BRAU Secretary .........., ...,....i..ii.i,,,..,..,,..,,..,...... A NN JACKSON Sp0rLs0r .... ....,..... M ISS MEREDITH SCHROEDER Jacqueline Franklin Virginia Graves Dean Guynes Ann Hankins Ted Hargis Cecil Harris Fred Hitchcock Patsy Hughes Ann Jackson Elaine Johnson Wesley Johnson Bettye King Kirby King J an Weisbrod Jeaninne Whipple The Art Club, sponsored by Miss Meredith Schroeder instills in its members a greater understanding and appreciation of Art. pn ,lessie McCarthy Mimi McLean Don Moon Elizabeth Moore Joyce Moore Mildred Morris Jerry Pittman Kenneth Roddy Shirley Samford Zeta Scudder Fred Simon Loretta Smith Elaine Vinton 7C Deaga6Zal OFFICERS President ..-,...V.. .VY7VV......,Y.7,.................. N AN BRITTINGHAM Vice President ,..e...... ........ J EAN THOMPSON S CCVC fllfy --.---f-,-- .-..-....-...fY......-.............,Y,.. B ETTYE KING Sponsor , .e7A,77e,. MISS MEREDITH SCHROEDER The Fashion Design Club was organized this year and is doing very well. Member- ship consists of girls interested in sketching their own ideas of fashions. Some members, however, prefer designing for miniature mannequin fashion dolls owned by the club. Such costumes are made from materials provided by the girls. All agree . . . Fashion Design is fun! Seated: Elizabeth Moore, Dorris Dodd, Bettye King, Nan Brittingham, Jean Thomp- son, Bobbie Mitchell, Edene Tey. First row, standing: Shirley Post, Barbara Davis, Jackie Davis, Loretta Smith, Kay Morton, Virginia Graves, Virginia Walker, Carolyn Shaver, Nancy Dillard. Second row, standing: Miss Schroeder, Irma Lokey, Shirley Cutberth, Shirley Cole. fd' MEMBERS Denton Belk Don Brannon Vicki Broome Tommy Cash Frank Copeland Michael Galbraith Robert Goodrich Dwight Hatcher Em! OFFICERS Preszdent ,,,,,,,. ,......,,......,,,.....,..,............,,,,..., J ACK WALKER Vice President ,...,,. ......... B ETTY ROSS Secretary .,....... ,..t...... N ICKIE PEREZ Sponsor ......,, R. O. LADD Neal LaRue Lance Latum Joyce Marshall Don Moon Mildred Morris Carl Morrison Nickie Perez Roy Oliphant Betty Ross Nancy Smith Carroll Stevens Joe Tomlinson David Trent J ack Walker Billy Watson Science Elec! OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,.,AwYAY ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,..,,.,,,.,,,. W . D. Vice President ..,......, ...A..Y,,. C HARLIE HEDGCOTH Secretary AYY,Y,,,,,, .,..,,,,.,, E VELYN STEVENS Sponsor ,,,,, ,,..,.,,.,,,, R . LADD MEMBERS Ray Ballard Freeman Gile Evelyn Stevens JHITICS Barnett Charlie Hedgcoth Susan Webb Bill Beckham Harold Hill Antonio Vallijo Robert Bllfkhafd W. D. Hollon Maurice Villarreal Barbara Brown Jack Hulshouser Dick Wagner Jackie Clevenger Leonard Jett Ben Widener Jimmy Coffee Boyd Johnson Willis Walker David Crowder Donald Jones Tommy Wilson Eberhard Foerster Mary Montgomery Jimmy Yarborough M' h l G lb ' h ' ' IC 36 H fait Bobby Ratcllff Harry Zimmerman , Iwx ,Q f. I E 2 3 :YW President ........,,,.... A,,,A,,, ,I OYCE FERGUSON Secretary .,,...........,.,,....,,,,..,,,,,,..,..............,.......... ROSE SMITH Vice President ,,,,,,,,. A,,A,,,,A,,,,,,, D ON COULD Sponsor ...,. .....,... ,I . H. MALONE 'futufze Wwzeed President ,..,.,v,.,,.,,OO,,., .,.........,.. 7,OO,7,,, M A RGIE MCKINNEY Secretaries .O77..V7........VOO7VVV7.OOOVVVVVVOOVVVYV...Y,..V7,.w, ALICE COOPER Vice President .7,,.,,,, ....,.,... G LENDA JARMAN FRANCES KING Sponsor .,..,.., MRS. KATHERINE MOLL Dmudazm damwa Sponsor-NELL PAGE The basic objective of Industrial Cooperative Training is to prepare high school youth for useful employment in occupations of their choice. mime I I Sponsor MISS .IANE ETHERIDGE OFFICERS President WAYNE REYNOLDS Vice President WILLIAM RUSSELL Vice President ANNE CLOTHIER Secretary CHARLES MOORE MEMBERS TEACHERS Anne Clothier, Pat Eagle, DeLois Johnson, Virginia J ones, Ray Gene Mace, Charles Moore, Linda Mor- ris, Pat Peck, Beverly Stafford. MINISTERS Philip Bryan, Earl Gilbert, Leo Logan, Wayne Reynolds, William Russell. 946444 71' ' ' Sponsor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,...,., ...,..... M ISS WINNIE LANGFORD President ,,,...,,,,.,,,r, .,..,,,.,..,,.,,.,...,..,.. C ONNIE BOONE Vice President ,,,,,,,,,, ...,,.....,....... D AVID LADYMAN Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,..... ,,,.,.... - ,...,...,.... D A NNA DONWORTH Miller Britton Don Gilliland Ann Bailey 3 Sponsor-H. B. HESTER 5 Ii' -., li' w v ,X,4,mxf4, f kv wwe-fm wau Mwmwmwmz 74e5acckzZ cuzcegfal 1 Sponsors-MRS. EURICE BASS and MISS NELL PAGE Fh-nn.. X5 9? fi 3 M-w-wfw:swfumqsMww-- ,, , ,..xQ,mH:fQw- - , J.. -. - fr f ' - X 5-Vi X sw I '-. 'MMI' Xxgi UE!!! '13 ron gin-1 23 D-1 L CD 'XC President ,,,,...,,,,,.., .,,,,....,,,,,,,,,.,.....,,,, ,,,,.,.. R I CHARD REED Vice President ,,,,,,,,. ......,, S ONNY SANFORD Secretary-Treasurer LEO BURKHALTER Program Chairman ....., ,,,,,,,,,. T OMMY WILSON Lt. Gov. of Texas ,.,.,,.,,,. DON CONEY National Trustee ..,,,. ,,,,,,,,, B OB MEYERS Sponsor ,,,,,,.,,..,,,,,.............,...,............i,.,,,........,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,, P. T. SHORES The Key Club is a Junior Kiwanian organization which consists of outstanding young men of the school. Tommy Brittingham Leo Burkhalter Randy Butcher Joe Cantrell Jimmy Clemmons John Coates Don Coney Herman Deavers George Dixie Roy Class Charles Hedgecoth Ronnie Higgins Robert Irion Bob King David Ladymon Bill Lohman Monte Maddox Larry Martin Bob Mevers A. C. Miller Bob Nelson Jack Nichols Steve Ruder Wayne Reed Ray Roberson Mike Rohde Richard Reed Roger Smith Dennis Thornton Sonny Vance Tommy Wilson Robert W'orley Gene Wright amine? OFFICERS Grand High Bonehead .......,.,......,,...,,...,,,,,,. ,..,,.,,..,,.,,,. J OE DAVIS President .,,.,A.,,..,......A...,,.,... .A,,..,.,. ,I IMMIE DEPEW S ecre tary ,,...... ........ L UTHER BRANNON Sponsors ,....... CARL NUTLEY VICE PRESIDENTS Benny Widener Harry White Don Whitter Marion Regan Robert Phillips Richard Murphey Billie Mulvaney Robert Moffat Patric Mobley B. H. KIGER Jack King W. D. Hollon Charles Hollingsworth Jimmie Depew Anthony Brown Bob Bowen Don Broome Eddie Brooks Dale Blankenship Bruce Benningfield I an Stevens Jack Titus Joe Davis Joe Barta Luther Brannon Jimmie Hammett Dean Morgan John W. Jackson David Hish 6'We strive to know more and more about less and less until eventually we will know everything about nothing. 1 . .n ,., n Q euez by Jean Provence CAST OF CHARACTERS Donna MacArthur .....,..............,...... L ........... CAROLYN STEWART Bud Yoder ...................,.,., .........,.,. R ICHARD REED Millicent MacArthur ...... ......... - .......,..... N ANCY SMITH Floyd MacArthur ........ ,.....,.....................,. B OB HANSEN Irma ....,...................... ......... E MMA LOU BILDERBACK Jane Clayton ........ ........... M ARJORIE SCHMITT Hal Lawton .,.......,..,. ..........,........... R OY GLASS Avis Gartland .......... ........,,,. M ARGIE EATMON Sharon Kelly ........ ....,.... C AROLYN HARMON Claudia .........,.... ................. K AY MORTON .lo Ann ...- ............. .............A..,. L OLITA HILL Erwin Phillips ..... ....... H ANK MATTHEWS EXTRAS-Nina Carpenter, Pat Pendley, Evelyn Harris, Mary Lou Batla. PRODUCTION STAFF Play Director ,,,,, .,,,,..,.,,..,,,.,.., M ISS WILHELMINA G. HEDDE Music Directors . ...........,................... MR. JOE TEAGUE MR. CARTER Class Sponsors ,,,,,., ..,,,.,,. M ISS MARGARET HARRIS MISS ANNA BELL Assistant Director ..... ,..,......... M ARY LOU BATLA M, C, ,,,,.,,,-.,,,,,,..,..,., ,..,... E ARLENE THOMPSON D 'ZW nl First row: Jean Jones, Barbara Hailey, Jackie Teames, Michael Mobley, Jeannine Whipple, Mary Lou Batla, Wanda McWholter, Dee Young, Dianne Covington, Eliza- beth Price. Second row: Jeannie Franklin, Joyce Moore, Ray Allen, Suzie Bowers, Emily Lank- ford, Argenie Keeling, Barbara Anders, Margaret Ditson, Sally Chenault, Dixie Graham. Third row: W. Hedde, Roger Craker, Jane Eppright, Nina Carpenter, Connie Dixie, Judy Eshenfelder, Jerry Dillon, Emma Lou Bilderback. . M S . 6 Sponsor-L. E. CAMPBELL I A4 If J g A L- :U 1: ,-,ML f.f' -r:wmf:,n,'m,w1Qf,,:mww,NMyf n un1n-:nraw Wacky Sponsor-MISS HAZEL MILLER I I Sponsor-MISS HAZEL MILLER I I 744 044 SM!! Photography JIMMY HUNTER Literary Editor CONNIE DIXIE Editor-inChief JULIE FERGUSON Sponsor MORELLE MOORE fi JW' w ,Hi A rhroo I 1 mx olr' gi Sports Editor 1 gf LEO BURKHALTER ft ma .5 ii'-i -'k k - MX 5 5 Q . S 1- If 1: fra. iv' fx A w ' ffm in lux, ., ,.,,. W, . xgigfg M5 -- 5 -K f, I - 7 e xif if: t f , ' 7 17,211 I Art Editor PATRICIA REEVES Photography LUTHER BRANNON Art Editor CAROLYN ROWE Class Editor SANDRA LIVERMAN mag' .Snag JANET STANLEY Business Manager BETTY LEMMON J. D. NALL JIMMY HUNTER DELORES COODING LUTHER BRANNON CAROLYN WATKINS 046 ' ,-Ax N 74a 746040 Staff 1 CHRISTINE COMPTON PAUL FINLEY MISS EISENLOHR SAMMY DAVIS ROBERT CRISWELL CHLOE KELLY MARY MONTGOMERY WILLY WATSON DIXIE GRAHAM CONNIE DIXIE z O ,. K. ' - Eff, 'Z.'. Y, , I by . f a . , 9, , I ' 2 wk - ff ff 5 g5f,f3f'!f fe F Q 1' f 72535 JUDY ESHENFELDER JEAN MELLOR KENNETH SHEETS LeROY LOGAN Sponsor-MISS HENRIETTA EISENLOHR STAFF FOR FALL 1953 Editor-in-Chief .............,,.... - ................,...... CHRISTINE COMPTON Business Manager ,,.... ..,......,...,........ P AUL FINLEY Sports Editors .........,..............,,..................,.,............. SAMMY DAVIS ROBERT CRISWELL STAFF FOR SPRING 1954 Editor-in-Chief .M ..,.....,...,...I,...,,...........,......,..,..,I,..... CHLOE KELLY - Assistant Editor .... ..,...,. M ARY MONTGOMERY Business Manager ...... , .,.,........ WILLY WATSON Club Editor .........,... ......,,.,...,,.. D IXIE GRAHAM News Editor .,...... ..............,......... C ONNIE DIXIE Feature Editor ......... JUDY ESHENFELDER Exchange Editor ..... .,...,.............. J EAN MELLOR Sports Editor ....... ........ K ENNETH SHEETS R.0.T.C. Editor ..... ,.......,.. L eROY LOGAN ame Nadal Sponsors-MISS RIPPLE FRAZIER and MISS IDABEL CABANISS OFFICERS , Full Spring JESSIE LEWELLYN ........ .......... P resident .........., -. . .... JESSIE LEWELLYN CHARLENE YORK .......... .......... V ice President .I....... .........,......... P EGGY MOORE PAT REEVES ....,................,.... ...,...,.. S ecretary ..,........ ........ D OLORES LOCKRIDGE DOLORES LOCKRIDGE .......... .......... T reasurer ...... .,...,,.. J IMMIE LEE SWIFT The objectives of the Home Economics Club is to teach girls the importance of being a good homemaker through the showing of special movie films, guest speakers, and various methods of entertainment in different phases of home economics. Any girl in school is eligible to join. X oha . HUB 1, A ish E4 as I P4 -x 4 .-.-f- '- N: AAI! ax fr . 5 ij: g, I J o Q7 iiyiggf I 1 2 I . Q- ,. , ' IA. Dglad President .,, ,,,,,,A,,, ,,,,,,,,A7777A,,,,-,.,.-,7w, ,,,,,A,A A --,, E D CASON Vice President ......,A,,,,,,, , ,.,,,,,,,,,-,, ,-,,A,4,,AY--,,,-,,-,,.w,wA4,-,,- J OHN COATES Sfvfeiafy f----,--,, - -------,-----.7.Y7..........4....Y .-..... AAA C HARLIE NICHOLS , i OFFICERS President ..,.....,,......,, ......,,,,.,,..,,,,,........,,.... J AMES MOUSNER Vice President ,...,,,, ....,.........,........... G . B. SHAW Secretary .,.,.......... ......e. ........ G E RALD CAMPBELL U Q ,'ff' ' 1 S- 1 , f - J , ' ,f,.,.,-vw, ,- .,., f Y V ' WL, Af, ,K -, Xiu, 'fi 1 , . w ,, i, Q, ' ,gf A ff ' A ,mu-L I Zazwg Sponsors W. D. HILL J. B. HEAD B. H. KIGER DELMER MELTON f Lu- First row: Melvin Hoover, Douglas Wilson, Barbara English, Eddie Brooks, Jerry Townsend. Second row: Jerry Sudderth, George Folse, Richard John- son, Gary McAfee, Marion Regan. Third row: Eddie Beverin ge Mike Gallagher, Perry Hix, Clifford Jones, Billy Mul- vaney, Louis Cowell. Ream 0 Sponsor-MRS. MORELLE MOORE Sweww Seated: Douglas Thomas Tony Smith. Standing: Edmond Morgan Richard Cruz, Jimmy Thom ason, James Mizell. waded Sponsor-MISS HENRIETTA EISENLOHR Sponsor-MR. JOE TEAGUE 7ceS ' Sponsors-MRS. GERALDINE HOLLOWAY and BOBBY V. HEIZER Our club meets once each week after school at the Dallas Ice Arena. You don,t have to be a rofessional skater to 'oin. Just come and have fun. We are tr in to P J Y 5 promote an interest in fancy figure skating and good sportsmanship. sponsqr-W. T. HAMILTON OFFICERS President ........... ...,.A..A,.A.....,..,....,,,,........,,,,,, J AMES RIGGS Vice President ,,.....i.. ....,.,., J OE WARREN S ecre tary .................... . ..,......,....... ROBERT WISE Student Code Inst. .,,,,,........,,,.,,,,.,,,.... WAYNE REYNOLDS Radio Book Instructor-LLOYD BULLARD MEMBERS Dick Andrews Bob Aston Raymond Beard Jim Bohanon Benny Brown Philip Bryan Lloyd Bullard George Cole W. H. Conley Boyce Daniels Alford Deen Paul Finley Don Gibson Robert Goodrich David Gordon Johnny Hays John W. Jackson Logan Knapp Don Mock Robert Mclntyre Don Patton J. M. Riggs Wayne Reynolds Jack Shepherd Vernon Showers Gerald Spencer Joe Warren Robert Wise OFFICERS President ....... M .,............. ......................,...,,.... C HARLIE NICHOLS First Vice President .,.,,,., ,,-.,-, J AMES BOHANAN Second Vice President ..,.,,... .,,,,,,, R OBERT CRISWELL Third Vice President .,.... .,.,,. - ..-,,,.,,,, B UD WATSON Treasurer ....................e... .......,,....... - BETTY BROCK Secretary ,....,.............. ...c,.. M AXINE CLEVENGER Cflrtvonist 4..e... ......,.... E DDIE BEVERING The Allied Youth is an organization for informing youth about alcoholic beverages. Each month a news- paper, which contains material on the evils of drinking and testimonies of outstanding youths, is sent to Allied Youth members. In November, 1953, Robert Criswell and James Bo- hanan attended the annual national conference in Buck- hill Falls, Pennsylvania. can J M, X 3 Quad Richard Benners, Gerald Sellers, Gerald Bain. Wayne Wright. l I Q Staff First row: Robert Bridges, Charlie Hedge- coth, Dixie Graham, Gene Wright, Sherrill Stone. Second row: Frank Cadwallader, Mike Gal- braith, Don Myers, Larry Martin. it 2. .l gem First row: Robert Bridges, Charles Hedgecoth, Dixie Graham, Gene Wright, Sherrill Stone. Second row: Edmund Morgan, Robert lrion, Jimmy Dapen, Joe Davis. Third row: Malvin Thomas, Gary McAfee. Don Myers, J. B. Davis, Jimmy Sullivan, Ronnie Stewart. Fourth row: Larry Martin, Coy Thompson Bob King, Mike Galbraith, Frank Cadwalli ader, Vonnie Lightfoot. Q.. M . Q., 5 ' N K 21555 Y ,., .Z F - if 1 - wits, .FA V if nz .af- ' 2057. , k 59? Ldiif 5 -me nw L his M First row: Jimmy Depew, Eddie Brooks, Nancy Hightower, Bob King, Richard Higginbotham, Jerry Townsend. Second row: George White, Hyung Jin Jun, Gene Belk Gerald Morris, Benjamin Rogers. First row: Don Myers, Michael Galbraith, Earl Carmen, Betty Carter, Joe Davis, Ronnie Stewart, Jimmy Sullivan. Second row: Carl Vestol, Harry Zimmerman, David Green, Donald Elem, Larry Richards, David Pinkston. Third row: Jerry Baker, Terrance Sayles, Donald Payne, 1... .,...., Va... ii! Third row: Homer Kattner, Alexander Troup, James Wade, Ronald Bain, Wayne Turner, Fred Simon. Fourth row: William Cox, Doyle Wilkerson, Tom Morrell, Jimmy Chapman, Jan Stevens, Tommy Cash, Daniel Wilson. Fred Martin, Bob Franklin, Bob Lineharger, Joe Woods. Fourth row: Garrett Crappon, Milton Miller, Gerald Spencer, Gerald Price, Grady Jones, Clifton Sypert, Roy Barrnet, Jack Harper. dffeeczm . A km . ,,,, at . First row: Charlie Hedgcoth, Robert Irion. Second row: Gene Belk,Anthony B. Smith, Edene Tey, ,lack Harper, Don Myers. Third row: Harry Zimmerman, Homer Kattner, Lawrence Reichle, Vonnie Lightfoot. I fu!! mm First row: Bob Bowen, Lawrence Reichle, Wayne Wright, Jan Stevens, Sherrill Stone, John Wilson, Bob Franklin, Gerald Price. Second row: Harry White, Clark McMahon, Tom Morrell, Gerald Sellers, George Cole, Don Hunt. Lance Tatum, Homer Kattner. Third row: Charles Heald, Tony Reynolds, Tommy Cash, David Green, Harry Zimmerman, David Crowder, Joe Davis. - - -A .1-na-.1 m -fi z-nassn-my -1:w:nmmmmz.w,-mu4umn11v fl I I .JI AD a .'-' 'M' ' 'f - - Q'go,'!, ,-, I 2 ,I lj U' i: lflholri-Q ':: .',. 'O- '. 1 lx' ,.--,'-If -I 'Ai' opjfvf' -gQ','f 0' x' O' '0'- '10 I' 7. 0 7, 'ff 'V' ,v1 -rj' :I 9 ' U - 0 ' .',g,'E,x r., I ', 0,1'.'f,9 -- ' N ' ., p.f.i'J' -I' V' l in 1 hz, 1 , 'I -1 0 -4-' 'f.-,t,f.'- Q -O -.3 If l L11-4 'Q7' A 119. if f - - S -, ,JQQX A ' 'KN ' ll!! I wfxl 'vi 'yr QT , WY Q, s '- A-av - . ' ' 1 51 ' x ul' Z ' 5 , y '. Lyr '16 L.Q,4 N 46 1 NU B 1 F 5 BETTY BROCK RITA EASLEY GLORIA PAINE BARBARA REED SANDRA LIVERMAN JOANN SMITH Q U --Q 2 . hi In WW? RICHARD REED LOLITA HILL JOE BARTA JULIE I HALE f 0,51 'H LMT! I f JOE CANTRELL CINDY HENSLEE BOB KING ROY GLASS RITA KEMPE First row: Eddie Horton, Robert Irion, Wayne Reed, Clifford Cook, John Coates, Lewis Borgeson, James Angell, Bud Watson, Edwin Cason, Odice Jenkins, Charles Nichols, Herman Deavers, Clinton Twaddell. Secondrow: Jerry Nickell, Bob Nelson, Gayle Renfroe, .lack Brannon, Don Norman, Robert Garrett, Mike Johnson, Ed Carrell, Weldon Tucker, James Hughes, B u d d y McCourik, G e n e Wright, Bob Burton, Sidney George. Third row: Robert Criswell CMJ, Eric Akerland, Tommy Hefner, Homer Crimm, Bob King, Milburn Smith, Mar- vin Wilmoth, Tommy Powell, Jim Cor- nehls, Don Thomas, James Ledbetter, James Mizell, Lyndol Stocks, Walter Wood, Joe Grigsby, Ray Lewis, Roger Potts, Tommy Kelly, Bobby Ratcliff, Billy McCollum, Mr. Dickey, Mr. Guzick. Fourth row: Charles Hedgecoff, Jimmy Depew, David Bookout, J ay Reese, Jimmy Hunter, Garry Robinson, Dur- wood Featherstone, Bob Aston, Eugene Anderson, Don Myers, Jimmy Tomlin- son, Jerry Bibby, Arthur Stone, James Bohanan, Bill Harris, Joe Park, Bob Tribble, Eddie Bevering. HA TEAM Summary of The 1953 Football Season By ROBERT CRISWELL At the end of the football season the Leopards shared third place with Sunset and Crozier ' Tech. The '53 gridders had a season of five wins and five losses while winning three and losing three games in city play. The season went some- thing as follows: ' POLY PARROTS-The Leop- ards won their first opening game in a number of years by defeating Fort Worth Polytech- nic, 7-6. LAMAR REDSKINS-The Leop- ards ran into a stone wall when they- met the state's No. 1 team, paced by all-state candi- date Walter Fondren. They were defeated 47-0. ENNIS LIONS-Not fully re- covered from the recent defeat by Lamar, the Leopards were again held scoreless as Ennis upset them 7-0. GRAND PRAIRIE GOPHERS - The Oak Cliffites came from be- hind twice as the Leopards beat the Gophers 21-13. There were only two minutes left in the game when John Coates passed to Wayne Reed for the winning touchdown and Bud Watson in- tercepted a Gopher pass and ran 55 yards to put- the clincher Aon it. SUNSET n1soNs-For the sec- ond straight year the Leopards overran the favored Bisons. Bob Nelson kicked the first field goal Dal-Hi has seen years as they mauled setites 17-7. SOUTH OAK CLIFF GOLDEN' BEARS-Adamson won the Oak Cliff championship as they des in some the Sun-, feated the Bears 3-O in a mud drenched Cotton Bowl as Nelson kicked another- fleldi goal. WOODROW WILSON WILD- CATS-The Leopards tasted their first bite of defeat in city play as Woodrow Wi1son's mighty -Wildcats upset them 33-0. CROZIER TECH WOLVES. - The Leopards suffered their sec- ond loss as the Wolves, led by Larry George, came from behind to score a 32-22 win over thenrl FOREST LIONS-The 'Leopj ards came from behind to de- feat the underdogflsions 19-112 as Jerry Nickell' joined the Over 50 Yards Club by running back a punt 75 yards to score a touchdown. NORTH DALLAS BULLDOGS-4 The Leopards closed' out' the season with a 47-7 loss to the' Bulldogs, with Bob Burton scor- ing the lone Leopard' touchi down. M55 iii 351 iii li35'54fl?ff 'iii '25 '55 'B S' ' X -No awgrvfze A r ,gf , W - ff' safe :Mi iff . ,. f .,,., 4 of V t . Q 1 , 11 v,V'k, ,-k: t - ffwigtg f-skins v tr . paga n , f-- '--' fi are '- , f g,. 1 , -A ffl .lf as N Bi, - my - -,M ,re , .. A ,. - 6' T 2 ' -Q'-' I. if. K 335113, Q X A at iq Lf? ,abil .vp K 12 ' Bimini! si, , , f is 1 . gs A4,, -- P , ly- P , l E xile , ,,,,.,' ,..., jim .rr 4 f , is V, , , .A L , tr 35 stee. A Ref e rl , sf , .55 N W Q' 1 f A ,' 1 f , , X , -V ' v V H 65, . I W X b 1. M E n , , , J , qi B TEAM First row: Bob Frudiger, Ray Robinson, Billy Rogers, Larry Minyar, Keith Guynes, G. B. Shaw, Dennis Thorton, John Bell, Gerald Bullington. Second row: Richard Ard, Ray Elliot, Jackie Nichols, Delton Hunt, John Eagle, Ronnie Sandefor, John Love, George Gardner, Bob Seiber, Sonny Harris. Third row: Gerald Bain CMJ, Donald Jones, Derral Johnson, Ted Hargis, Earl Montgomery, .larrell Price, Joel Lax- son, Tony Ramirez, Lem Spec, Gerald Carsey, Joe Geigon, Coach J. B. Head. First row: Coach Chandler, Howard Pachell, Bob Latterman, Byron Ken- nedy, Mike Ross, Monte Maddox, Louie Bledsoe, George Folse, Winston Tanco, Antonio Vallejo, Bobbie Everhart, Robert Helfert, Tony Vallejo. Second row: K. J. Raddy, Wayne Short, Curtis Hitt, Frank Collins, Tommy Las- seter, Bob McDonough, Wayne Shipp, Wayne Roberts, Jeff Duncan, Charlie Foster, Bobby Waldon. Third row: Bobby Becker, Henry Pat- ton, Davis Harris, Keith Harris, Jerry Sudderth, Lin McDonald, Tommy Ab- bot, Archie Word, Robert Rumfett, Larry Tucker, Anthony Brannon. Fourth row: Fred Siman, Cecil Moore, Kenneth Murphy, Billy Stewart, Emory Johnson, Carl Ray, Sonny Stevens, Randy Wiler, Joe Woods, A. W. Mc- Quearey, Jessie Denney, George Buell, James Decbois. CGC!! Jim Lawson 3115 as Hema sm: wgim fieli two minute fic safety slogan of fidd' Thomas ' ay,'Alive Tomorrow ln t Coate r nson's Leopards per- W as they shared the gm . 1 N l fo JAMES HUGHES in --the District 4-AAAA the ogemli ' with South Oak Cliff , B - grab , , barely th H liopards were ever alert ball. in d zone ahead of Sunset's lon' ,ced X get 35 ,xcClinton .nd on' first fer, getting a f. 'from Jimmy 'in their city series debut against Sunset P1aYe1'S- But this ' tear him for the sunset Thursday night at Dal-Hi lmnfffve the Leopards- f ' Bobby Coleman . the I'eSl11t3.I'1t Coates! Passe: kept the Leopards After Gene Wrig 5 AT A GLANCE end for a first l Adamsgn. Sunlsat. Adamson 33, 1 6222222222253 133 launched inf El., .f::::::,1 22 mg blg 1 7 10 passed f' na-- R-1'l.:y:::::::i i i mm, rf y ,Ben- fi.:::::: ll 33 megs 'P .d e .ee alive in their bid for F on 45, and .are of the champion- X ive, - he tossed 2 third straight SP I0n'the Sunset 28, i 6 Xfourff but Coates t possession e Horton all alone on :nes on fum' A made a perfect peg. k advanf XA' stumbled as he caught istics f ,ball and fell a foot short of ' vA8 goal line. Horton made it . 100 ' over on the next down, however GENE WRIGHT' F , and Nelson 'converted as the 3,500 Far, ff Leopards shot into the lead for We 0 Word, good f- E500 XML -, 'O' other me nv, ,ren rs in the open- gif' pit W 5 over on the Nided ' :fymfm Jerry freir adval 5' f'-Iggblereby f ackhng br len afds I 1. MS that ma' tonywashm, EDWIN CASON G Atl, a preseasm Pimt on the ite, also was ma L 3 a Wide y debut. The Bisdns, e Le0PaI'd .fpards both now have sez l ,by Dickie ords of thr e victories' PUM- brilliant 68- rds showed 1 eh favored L ards for Aa p .the Sunset the Leopards' t 4:40 of the 'fielding the ' Deavers Fey added a 11 On the 2, hdown and- er' for the Bisons in th! -.H ,aelefr-famed. la 14-7 halftime le JOHN COMES? the join. JERRY NxcKeLL WAYNE REED U By Jim La 3 '1'heTlmesHersldS .Last year Adam 2 for the city hig ill championship elson calmly boo1 aint that provided ctory over Woodr And Big Bob is 'i utch-kicking trickg slight angle he ' CHARLES NICHOLAS BOB NELSON EDWIN CARRELL ae o G9 0 what wrapped up the scoring in.only a thug as the Leopards SC 'ak Cliff, 3-0, Fri- Qhe Cotton Bow'l's ut of 7,500 watched ffm? win theirsecond U65 g in the ciky race Plflyi .ng the , Grizzlies. .. trlctl nded the Leopards. last playe more M! praci team son Q rgshj son 'I verei stly rhq ' by H Opp! . WALTER wooo 's rlecisiv three-pointer 'Wi three m' utes gone in veriod.f 'The Leopards 6 - over' on the SOC 20 0 flue Reed slammed the aes' Kennith J ones hard as s ,,e's tried to pass. Clinton .Waddell grabbed the ball as it left Jones' hands. Three running X plays moved the ball to the 14, C, ' Z GAMEVAT A GLANCEfv X First downs ............ fqxfnlion geo 3:1532 zainrd rushlnz ...... 174 52 Q 522321 Passes gumbl JACK BRANNON HERMAN DEAVERS unt Yards! whic whel Twa thel wanl plac fectl the Tl pull the 1 Tl! pass vin , from F M -their 38. 'I ROBERTIRION . perfect pass to the hustling Bailey, ,who rambled to the Adamsnn..6.hefm1e. .R.ohex:t,.1.x:i-Din overtofwlf him. . if-Sig No'1'fl2i,.gxis' held for , the 1 ' ' L on si Brovi ball the l . Ad ing C of recow. OC: . s I-Bri A011 I -TI-een BOB BURTON CLIFFORD COOK I1 Lawson FII-ld SH!! Wrlkll' Iis ended their 1953 Ile HS wa I scoring at5:45 of thef' -Yoda on a '3'7fyard 'dasl' ton. A bad S' ' 1 Friday night just Sh 3 which wkepf' Q opened it back in en , off .a fp- a losing note. m the 1 5 Lions played per- II0- K I game of the sea- INIQ M Q Y u 8 Af A bowing to Adamson, Quart oolce JENKINS ' ' 6 , After, One of the seasonls smallest glIQISe:oZ'0T,1I21IigLLlgggg,w X O I-41 touch' crowds, around 1,500, watched 140-pound Speedsteg ' feconds wer' the contest which left Forest hind good block: Ai- Q11aI't9I'baCk with a 1-9 won-and-lost record 'right Sidelimv' -' made the- final for the season and an 01,6 record Leon Schwr 5 ' , Fight guard, Rnd in District 4-AAAA competition. .. , ,, Z s00'fh'S C0l'lV9I'Si0I1 sent' The victory was Adamson's ,JIOIIS into a 7-6 halftime third in five city games, and Fm, O fd. y' X Adamson Regmsqe-1' fi Adamson wastec O ' X 2 gaining the lead 0 5 33-6 quarter, with Bur , I right 'tackle and 1 111 h1S 75-Yard to,score. Gene W1 Q 6 115011 then made- the other 9 yards .icegsful extra point push, ' E Strnad was the JAMES ANGELL ,A -1 yar - chu , s o , disi safi I I I I ground gainer, w on 17 carries. Tl: his most impressiw since returning missing three--ga eolfarbone injury yards on 12 can Adamson attack. Leopard defens were Bud Watson Charlie Nichols, - Clifford Cook and Jarr JOE gglgggy while Carl Smith, Lesneg nan- cock, Neal Faulkner and Walter Stockdale paced the Lions on defense. The lineups: FOREST Ends-Smith, Havens. Malone. Taylor. Tac5clesEiNf1nce. Hancock. Lemon. Ly' S . some HoRToN ,mguas1iF1,i.EE?sEdJ.i1l:3iI J. smm, 0 Q WILLIAM HARRIS WELDON TUCKER LOUIS BORGESON 309- SI CLINTON TWADDELL 00 v Sfhi. A Ansrw Jenl IV' B N I - 1 do W ob 1 . fix ,T fi sSQVfw3fJ,7 ' ,its or , in wswf.1a421lm:f:z.mf1Mw:f?afvf5if'1 ,-f' 4:Iffiwsswgwysfewvwvsgegazwvzvn LLL,. 1 ,W is N E HM if t is 'gcwdeziali 55' 54 ,',L ,LL. w - +1 ' ' L, t if ,,-, ' ' Q, J WT ' K 'Y m i ' Vihldcqts Turned 43-31 f t , 1 . V'-- J ' ,, 'K o W' '7 7 Q ' oooo is srsss i . 1 1 In Cage Thriller s Qi' ', ' A 'K 'L ,i ki k-y'77 MS in m 1- -' f Fi .-lwm ffi-f T Q? fT7'. ' f e - s . Q if S . S W' ,I . , ,. , 5 V V Q, f , I V .is '.f,, gk.: 2 1- nfl K - Q ' . ' V sns s , ' 0 : n 6 . AH TEAM First row: Bledsoe, Martin, Wanen, Sheets, Barker. Second row: Cowgill, Crane, Cowell, Miller, Fite, May, Burk- 0 halter, Mr. Fuller. Third row: Hollingsworth, Samford, Hill, Jones, Ramsey, Mew- bourn. 'Q' - is o QS' W.H.A. Cagers Scratch Ov Q sunset with 59-42 win Qc' 5 so or N see' N.D. Goes Down After cm Cm, 3,,ff.g,e, Q? Close ss to sz mu. In Close Tilf ez-sa .ZF .Hold Second in C5 0' K' Q' 0 be Adamson Keeps Hopes: Rips Forest 73-33 N qs' Leopards Clip 'o Bulldogs 56-48 First row: Eason, Sudderth, Hulcy, Morrison Beady Stallings Hester. Second row: Mr. Guzick, Johnson, Bookout Cathey Lohman Watson, McNeal, Fulkerson. Third row: Kennedy, Cotton, Laxton, Martin Bullmgton Pittman N Bears Tamished By Adamson Quint HB TEAM J. T. HILL SONNY SAMFORD Captain All City Three Year Letterman Two Year Letterman I CLIFFORD JONES A. C. MILLER Captain LEO BURKHALTER One Year Letterman Two Year Letterman Three Year Letterman LOUIE COWELL JUNIOR HIGH ACES JERRY HOLLINGSWORTH One Year Letterman Kenny Rambo, R. A. Rade, Dan McCormick. TOMMY COWGILL JACK MEWBOURN One YC31' LClI8I'IIl8l'l One Year Letterman Z I ?54 Coach-TOM CHANDLER City Champs 1953 First row: Wes Barker, George Martin, A. C. Miller, Raymond Mendias, .lack Corbett, Jimmy Carpenter, Assistant Manager. David Bookout, Billy Fulenwider, Randolph Butcher, Clinton Twaddell, Leo Burkhalter, Tom Kindred, David Ferguson. Third row: Jack Nichols, Clif Jones, Bob Nelson, Louie Cowell, Sonny Samford, Richard Higgin- hotham, Douglas Crane, Coach Chandler. xx E9 1954 SCHEDULE il W March 2-Irving, here 8 March 4'-Tech, there March 9-Highland Park, there March 10-Tech, here March 12-Waco, there ' March 15-Hillcrest, here March 16-Irving there March 17-Carter Riverside, Fort Worth, . . there M P March 19-20-Austin, there 1 I March 23-Hillcrest, there March 26-Highland Park, Revershon Park March 30-Carter Riverside, here CITY RACE April 2 and May 3-Forest April 3 and 29-North Dallas S Q April 6 and 20-Sunset XX April 8 and 22-South Oak Cliff April 10 and 24-Woodrow Wilson Q April 13 and 27-Tech X April 17 and May 4-Hillcrest w 2 W lg h.. V Y 36 S ' N, i a O WW if - , 1 xv , O W L' .5 Y L, 9 :gr - ,r H - A q S Q A r' f In 'ff -'fir ' to N L A Y 'F i 1 W' ' . 4 I -M ,I , 6 we --.. : , skt 'f I ?h we . f f ' eeae f A a t or Y , WP I ,:,fgi31554'rg2-df' M-1, 1 Aa f.:..f:zAwsEg, Y W.: 1, RANDY BUTCHER CLIF JONES BOB NELSON Two Year Letterman DOUGLAS CRANE Jack Nichols, Sonny Samford, Two Year Letterman, Captaing Clint Twaddell, Two Year Lettermang Bill Fulenwider, Bob Nelson, Two Year Letterman. A. C. Miller, 2 Year Letterman, and Raymond Mendlez LEO BURKHALTER Three Year Letterman Captain Elm 4- LOUIE COWELL TOM KINDRED JACK CORBETT RICHARD HIGGINBOTHAM DAVID BOOKOUT DAVID FERGUSON ---...........,,,,,,,A, WES BARKER JIMMY CARPENTER Managers ' GEORGE MARTIN Two Year Letterman 1 'Q eff ,Ml ' N is 7 mek 7954 ...- N X coach-J. B. HEAD fq WH QQALA H158 if BG BLS First row: Norman Smith, A. W. Perry, Larry Minyard, Ronnie Sanderfer, Jack Walker, David Larson, Bobby Ratcliff, Jack Clevenger, Allen Patton, Ray Elliot. Second row: Mr. Head, Donald Jones, Bill McLean, Monte Fite, Milburn Smith, Robert Robson, Lanny Marion, Bob Burton, Richard Ard, Robert Ladyman, Bobby Eberhard. Third row: Jack Harper, Richard Goldman, Sidner George, John Harp, Harold Rump, Joe Geiger, Bob Tribble, Jim Tombleson, James Harbin, Jack Lacey. Fourth row: Skippy Garrison, Dan McCormick, Bob King, R. H. Wade, Homer Crim, Don Price, Jack Montgomery, Robert Irion, Jim Doughman, Harold Hill. Due to the fact that the Oak must go to the Publisher's before the track season, the results will be in the 1955 Oak. K5 J f X A emzcheam Coach-AR. N. SMITH WW' 1151 Left to right' Coach R N Smith, John Smith Minnette H man, Mike Galbraith, Julie . . . , y Ferguson, Henry Knapek, Bob McAfee, Marion Regan. Q 6450344 Sponsor-R. N. SMITH 6aZj7eam Coach-L. C. LEFTWICH First row: Jimmie Hammett, John Woods, Troy Lovell, Mickey Kleber, Dick Wright. Second row: Coach Leftwich, Joe Warren, Wayne Short, Luther Brannon, Ronnie Stewart. 6'7'!4'p4'f44?45 gdacatdow Y I My Q My VL. dad' f-time fa-, k I my . .v Q37 3' I In k k A ,. , ,.A. Y IWW: This Year in Leopardville Sept. 9-The halls of Adamson were once again filled with loyal Adamsonites. Attention girls! The boys outnumber you by 77. Four new teachers joined our faculty: Jane Etheridge, Billy Carter, Arvo Goddard, and Delmer Melton. Sept. 16-All Senior Spanish students celebrated Mexico's Independence Day by telling different classes in school about it. Sept. 17-Wayne Reed, John Coates, and Bob Nelson provided the margin for Leopard 7-6 victory over Poly Parrots of Ft. Worth. Sept. 26-Lamar CHoustonl trampled over our Leopards in a struggling 47-0 defeat. Sept. 29-Julie Ferguson was appointed Editor of the Oak while Christine Compton is our new Editor of the Acorn. Oct. 1-Buddy Bryant heads the 4A class with Richard Reed being Vice President and Rita Kempe taking the minutes. Oct. 2-Our army has seven new sponsors now. They are Dixie Graham, Mimi McLean, Mary Slaughter, Nancy Hightower, Betty Carter, Edene Tey, and Connie Dixie. Oct. 3-The Ennis Lions walloped our TEAM by a narrow 7-0 victory. During the half time our band played Dragnet while Sandra Liverman, Lindy Easley, Gloria Paine, Betty Brock, Barbara Reed and Jo Ann Smith twirled their batons and Rita Kempe, Richard Reed, Lolita Hill, Bob King, Julie Hale, Joe Barta, Cindy Henslee and Roy Glass led the yells. Oct. 9-The Leopards trimmed the Grand Prairie Gophers 23-21 with fumbles aiding the win. Oct. 15-The big Oak Cliff Duel was on tonight with all the usual festivities. lt came to a good end when Adamson smeared Sunset in an exciting 17-7 victory. Oct. 23-While the Fair was in full force and there were plenty of sick stomachs around, the fighting Leopards trampled the South Oak Cliff Bears 3-0. Oct. 28-Queen For A Day Lolita Hill was crowned in a beautiful and exciting ceremony. Our prancing Head Leopardettes, Mary Slaughter, Jeannie Strain, and Caro- lyn Baumgartner, twirled their fiery batons in a com- pletely dark stadium. After all this the mighty Wildcats of Woodrow won over our hard fighting Leopards 31-0. Nov. 20-We Licked the Lions, even though they were fighting hard, by a margin of 19-13. Nov. 21-Our cagers, led by Leo Burkhalter and Clifford Jones, won their opening game against Van 48-41. Dec. 1-The Leopards tied for third place as the 1953 season ended in football. Dec. 3-Our sophomore debaters, Elaine Bridges, Wanda Sumerall, Sally Chenault and Pat Eagle, came back from Muskogee with the honor of winning the Little National Speech Tournament. Dec. 22-We held our annual Christmas program put on by the speech and music departments. This was followed by the presentation of our contribution to the Penny Parade to worthwhile organizations. The halls of Adamson will be empty for two whole weeks for at last Christmas vaca- tion is here. Jan. l9hPerna Nalls, Don Ramsey, Pat Ragland, Emma Lou Bilderback, Pat Maples, Mary Lou Batla, Pat Teddlie and Connie Dixie were elected in the newly formed Spanish National Honor Society. Jan. 26-Everything is very quiet around Old Leopardville for today is the first day of final examinations. Jan. 29-The powerful W.H.A. Cagers smeared Sunset by a margin of 59-11-2. Feb. 1-Enrollment day brings a lot of excitement and con- fusion but all is forgiven when school lets out at 2:30. Feb. 12-Bud Watson heads the 4A class with Leo Burk- halter as Vice President, and Kay Klecka as Secretary. Feb. 16-The Adamson Student Body elected their Oak Favor- ites today. The favorite seniors are Bud Watson, Julie Hale, Leo Burkhalter, and Jessie Lewellyn. Underclass favorites are Walter Wood, Jean Thompson, Bob Nelson, and Becky Shaw. Feb. 18-The Blue and White Cagers won 10 out of 11 in City play this year and boasted one of the State's top records. March 1-We are so glad to see our principal, Mr. Allen, back again for part time after an extended illness and are hoping he will soon be in his office all the time. March 7-Since the Oak goes to the publishers today, we are unable to report on our spring sports. We hope to bring the outstanding features from these events in our 1955 Oak. Z' ll I aE IJ 'Am':: Y 5 iq A-gf L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Dave Ramsey, Represen+a+ive SENIOR RINGS ' GRADUATION INVITATIONS ' AWARDS Second Floor SANGER BROS. STORE HILLPOT'S BICYCLE AND sPoRT eooos si-IOP Scott - Atwater FIRST OUTBOARD IN HlSTORY that pumps your boat clry, keeps it clry-automatically! Bail-a-matic eliminates dipping, sponging, dumping, hand pumping-and it's a built-in teature that costs you not one cent extra! Just one ot many improvements on the thrilling new Scott-Atwater tor I954! See BAIL-A-MATIC in Action at Your Dealer 7 I O E. Jetterson WO- I O22 RED BRYAN'S SMOKE HOUSE S+uden+s Always Welcome 610 WEST JEFFERSON FORD RAD'0 I THE OAK CLIFF TRIBUNE FURNITURE a. APPLIANCES Since ,903 TEXAS' LARGEST WEEKLY NEWSPAPER WE-752' Fighfing Oak Cliffs B'a'l rIes IZO Sunsef YU-75I5 Jefferson ai' Zangs The Wynnewood Window The Window You Can Afford To Look Info CARDS ancl GIFTS 235 Wynnewood Village Phone WE-6440 I ,4 DEPENDABLE -L LSMFT SERVICE Q-SSX? Lone S+ar Makes Fairesi' Trades JOE RUSHING I' f NATIONAL Cleaners and Dyers BRAND CAMERAS FUR STORAGE EXPERT PHOTO FINISHING Ph YU 9529 H06 W D ' CAMERA REPAIRS one 'FREE DELIVERY ' am FREE INSTRUCTION Your Dollar Buys More Shia Value BRIDGES Aufhorized Ford Dealer SHOE STORES 4222 Oalr Lawn I9l0 Skillman I000 JEFFERSON YU-735I 3 I0 W. Jefferson - Waxahachie CONGRATULATIONS TO SEN IORS l954 QW. H. Adamson Dads Club . HELM'S PONTIAC New and Used Cars I28 SOUTH LANCASTER WO-SI94 :gms-Wg .5 1,1 , BARBECUE HAM RIBS FRED'S Wynnewood PARTIES PICNICS Call 'XTE co. 24 Hour WE-0075 Road Service NICK BAYAH TEXACO SERVICE NOTHING TO SELL BUT SERVICE 602 N. Zangs af Davis FRANCES KING BOOK SHOP scHooL Books surpuss GREETING CARDS STATIONERY 929 W. Jefferson Nexf Door fo Rosewin Theafre FIRESTONE Tipton's WEI-B0RNE'5 Cleaners and Dyers FIRESTONE l20 W. Jefferson WI-0566 22I0 S. Beckley YA-b225 SUPPORTING AND ROOTING FOR THE LEOPARDS FOR 20 YEARS ne so. Beckley we-4641 EL F ENIX uzo E. coLoRAoo wl-4oso Puckett's Roc k-A-Bye Shop FOR INFANTS AND CHILDREN 539 W. Jefferson CLARENCE'S RESTAURANT Where Dallas Eal's Corinfh and Eighlh S'l'ree+s Telephone WO-0089 OPEN TWENTY-'FOUR HOURS JORDAN FLORAL COMPANY FINE FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Reasonable Prices I32 N. Beckley WE-4647 WO-5905 Phone WO-3902 WATKINS MUSIC CO. PIANOS- BAND AND ORCHESTRA EQUIPMENT - ACCORDIONS 838 W. Jefferson Dallas 8, Texas TRICE FLOOR COVERINGS CARPETS - RUGS - LINOLEUM 5 I 4 W. Jefferson PICK-UP DELIVERY SERVICE Laundry Supreme ILICENSED STA-NU AGENTS, LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING WE-4663 4oo w. JEFFERSON PHONE YA-3I47 Paine - Wooster F SHAFT'S Typewriter Service R HOME OF O THOSE sooo DOUBLE RICH ri-ucic MALTS SALES - RENTALS - REPAIRS Z I 600 N Beckley E wo-o49z Oak Cliff Cushman 223 W. 7TH YA-5744 EAT AT Lu by's AND SEE YOUR FRIENDS FAY'S J EWE LE RS DIAMONDS WATCHES GIFTS 367 W. Jefferson OPEN ANY EVENING BY APPOINTMENT Ben Stanford Furniture Co. W. Jefferson WE-7503 BELL'S OAK CLIFF MAN'S SHOP I 32 W. Jefferson WI-5552 I I I SAFETY BRAKE SERVICE E. E. BASS, Owner 305 N. Beckley Phone WE-8I I2 Zxgmfadte fecaedzg LIoyd's OAK CLIFF CREDIT JEWELERS Phone WI-4084 207 W. Jefferson ROWLEY UNITED OAK CLIFF THEATRES TEXAS WYNNEWOOD VOGUE ROSEWIN BECKLEY STEVENS BEVERLY HILLS HEIGHTS MIDWAY PARK PHARMACY Opposile Melhodisf Hospi'I'aI 2l4 W. Colorado PHONE WI-I I88 Oak Cliff Floral FOR EVERY BLOOMING THING 2II E. Colorado WI-56I6 SUPERIOR CLEANING CO. CLEANERS OF FINE GARMENTS FAIR JOBBING CO. ARMY AND NAVY SURPLUS STORES The Friendly SI'ore WiI'I1 'I'I1e Friendly Prices Sfevens Parlc Shopping Village gzhgoilglfon 5337 E I' G d TR-8437 20I9 P+. wor+h Ave. PR-32I2 M8 S2iond'jQve. HU-7857 D 'NE Les G. Almond Co. a+ 522 W. JEFFERSON YU-6I96 YU-3035 DRUMSTICK Our Specially SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN STEAKS SHRIMP SMITH FU RN ITU RE CO. For AII Furnilure Needs 9I2 W. JEFFERSON WE-46Il LADEN'S FOOD MARKET FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 5I9 W. Davis YA-I I83 J. C. PENNY CO. INC. 425 W. JEFFERSON Always Firsf Qualify Merchandise COMPLIMENTS OF BALL NUT and CANDY CO SALTED Nurs - FINE CANDIES 409 So. Beckley WO-0078 COMPLIMENTS OF George M. Stuart FLORIST IN OAK CLIFF I3I5 N. Zangs Blvd.. WE-46I5 PHONE WO-2I55 RAVEN'S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SERVICE EXCLUSIVELY Jefferson af Bishop DALLAS, TEXAS Prescripfions Called for and Delivered-No Exfra Charge Edin Walaea , af X ' LEVERINGTON JEWELERS Jewelry Made +o Order I7 YEARS EXPERIENCE 925 Wesf Jefferson PHONE wE-asoa ' lnvzfafzoig is Q TO VISIT T26 A I4 Q! ROLAND ELLIS oak CIiH's Finesl' Man's Sfore 333 W. JEFFERSON BLVD. Compliments of RICK'S MAIN STORE l005 W. JEFFERSON PHONE WI-I I33 Joe Volcik MerrlII's CAK CLIFF AUTO TOP F h O and SEAT COVER co. 'es range FANCY TAILORED SEAT COVERS I209 N. ZANGS AND CONVERTIBLE Tops opposne Lake Cliff Phone WI-4305 4I5 N. Beckley Ave. WO-4776 COMPLIMENTS OF YoungbIood's Fried Chicken I26 E. COLORADO YA-8333 DEL-IAURIHASENT SERVICE PRINTING a STORE OFFICE SUPPLY Co. Wishes For o PRINTING 'fo o gFFSEE QSINIQNIG FFIC PP Congrafulm : OFFICE FURNITURE 'I'I'1e .954 Seniors 633-37 W. Davis YU-73I8 ROY'S DRIVE-IN I I I5 N. Zangs DELUXE HAMBURGERS Try Our New Delicious Chile-Me and Chile-Chee Pies IF YOU LIKE CHILI. YOU'LL LOVE CHILI PIES Parfies Are Our Speciaifies WO-0685 Oak Cliff Savings and Loan Association THE SAVINGS INSTITUTION IN FRIENDLY OAK CLIFF Jefferson af Bishop WI-I I85 FOR SMOOTH DRIVING and AUTOMOBILES See NAVY SURPLUS I58 W. Jefferson if'3Ui33L5Y 1 PHONE Complefe Line of ROTC Supplies N V YA-2620 Hunfer's and FisI'Ierman's 1-Q YA-8624 Headquarfers N 7 625 N. Beckley COME IN AND BROUSE AROUND Compliments of BARRETT CLEANERS Established-Oct. IZ, I9I4 FINE CLEANING COLD STORAGE 702 E. Jefferson Yukon-751 I I THE SOUTH'S MOST MODERN CLEANING PLANT E. W. KERR- Owner WEDDINGS COMMERCIALS CATH EY STUDIO 'Por'rrai+s of DIsI'incI'ion YOUR PH OTOGRAPH ER 2I26 Forf Worfh Avenue DALLAS, TEXAS CHILD STUDY YUIcon 8900 1 V, f w ' f . , - f - , KK ,. -, f.-.M--.,,Y - f , . .if 4 I w Www' 5, fag ibm qg- ' Our Thanks We, the Oak Staff of 1954, wish to express our thanks to those who have contributed their untiring efforts in pub- lishing this annual. Especially do we wish to thank Mr. Allen, Mr. Meek, and lVlrs. Moore for their understanding and helpful assist- ance. We appreciate our sponsors, diligent service . . . their efforts made the Oak possible. The interest and enthusiasm of the faculty and the student body have encouraged us. Last, but not least, we Want to thank the Taylor Publishing Co. and Mr. Cathey, our photographer, for their patience and co-operation to make this annual a suc- cess. Gratefully, THE OAK STAFF A749144-.444 Yesksoox Taylor Publishing Compa y D H . 1 My W

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