Adamson High School - Oak Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1952

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Adamson High School - Oak Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1952 volume:

1' , .I 15:11-.-1.0 , . L... --,' , . , B V U . 5. , .,. Q- t , Q .,,,. - 7, -wr1-.,, . "' Qld--' 'Y ' 4 , YVYWUX ,U,Mz-fi -.vb-fm-"H " s J' JG., ,J, LQ, .' .J 3, uv 1, '. 1 , , D - S may ' 0 J - QM' x NW., ,AN V 4 ,,.,, L-b-,,,,, W X , Q www S , Y?"'x'4""4 " SZ '3f"V'- I X95 W Q fkffj l . rv 'X jp if My ' yfj Q f 'Q L 1 K Q ,X I vi ,M 1 .,1 ! -. '1 Ulf'3f1f WW - ,xxx X B . gvA2fM,.,,M 'YL W :S C,-Xi, -N 1 -P4-a.Q.m..ou-Q,2Q,j,4a 5 .ix 'X' 4 L-:Q E., -R ' f xf '--X X . X V Mx. ' f" D Yr N QQ XT X' ik QQ. - AQ X 1 A 'T' mgm -5 D 4E tg 'N'-ix ' Q 51 j XEQKKN' QR X. x iv X 'Q ' x .J Yvxx X 5 -X. 12 f N - - - Y: X X J, -55 4. N X Q T z E A Q Hx 'N ' i -r-xk A ' N - N .I QA I 4 S vs hx- ' , 1- xx'-X .Lx - R 15 X E QR E'x 5 X V H, RTK kN I' ,-s-fSb LQ 1 X!! X , ,QLQ7 wwf, A g g,.-F- if- A , f Q.- ... Q VL v -.ns i...4:.: " ' "" "' A 1 54 Qgyfgpiwmyv Da,0.2a,0 WM UKQWMWW N 57 5 Q 56,5 gd? Vx 5 Jaw F35 N NN N6 M Wgfgjji iw W , W ' i - ff MM, f If 0-K' f Q Qi ' 4 gg-33 ' Xe ' ig? wx, X Q5 3' ' U X - X X 'X 5355 NR 5 X A LQ 5 Q9 ' X3 ' . . Rl 9 1 ,,, its if M Q , IX 3Q K ' X sg E 5 f A MQW l I 4 A 0 N' w1'- g vi I '- 1 3 -4 , " nk 1 w -'4 ' ' ' ,.- . " ' . r J' '1 I GA r In 1 V t ,IF A , K. 4 . , ..: k Y .L,n,, 1 .- -.II -.H .I V. QM 1 4 ' ' ' ms D x , f P 1 b A ' ,U ' .1 ef? "" .5 QQ 1 yy xg! '55 i y W MMM izfQ?2fT3e QQ K ggi? E? F1 2 y T f1EE?f ' S W mm AL' , 3 M 46 3 xxx -5 QR N Q 9 S 3 x Q x Nix: X Q Xi 3 Q X X Sm x x s SN T R x S n K 5 x X 5 Rx X N X 5 T X5 X N X 1 N X P Q sm y T X Q ' x ,X ZA! ' .1 X 's X J XX XX x N, ,X X x X Y XX ,X x xx fix X E lx X .1 X f Qxxx W x X 'w X x S x xx I X' k N x x J ' X 5 N x 2 3 l if I l E E Q Y l ' . " -'SL-' t. . - , , . A......."g , . - J Y.-QL, L ,,., ,gh ..L:g,.L.-.uzfrfwff-',-:..,g1,, , ,',, Q' l. ,,-A , L 4' Q...- Q 1 , 5 L' IJ ww fsf s Q xggagkz 5 , qzzasfifszf ' faserzifs me wt ,. , 'a,.fsw 'igmtisgaessgqg 1243.5 5 AA SS, si 'Q' mm? L, . k Y ,',. r 1,, uf. ,I ni-W 3k ,.,A i ,V if jimi ' ' Qs :rgfw ,, . 52? we aes-ztff six iiwsrihf, 5 Four Dedication 4 The 1952 graduating class of Adamson High School wishes to express its appreciation to Miss Meredith Schroeder, who with her unselfish effort has made our Art Department one of the most outstanding in the state of Texas. Miss Schroeder has helped our graduates to become distinguished members of the art profession throughout the world. Six HOWARD A. ALLEN, Principal T. W. MEEK LONA BELLE SPRUIELL Assistant Principal Dean W. T. WHITE Superintendent of Schools Board of Education R. L, Thomas, President Avery Mays, Vice-President Mrs. Vernon D. Ingram Mrs. Tracy H. Rutherford Edwin L. Rippy, M.D. W. C. Scurry Ralph W. McCann Lloyd M. Campbell Harry Stone E. D. WALKER ROBERT H. McKAY FRANK L. WILLIAMS Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Seam Eight Dod's Club President .... First Vice-President . . . Secretory and Treasurer . Athletic Vice-President . . . Membership Vice-President . Fincince ond Entertainment . Grounds and Building . . Publicity .... Principcal . M. W. Stevenson . K. K. Kennomer . T. K. Chandler . R. M. Pollard . W. H. Pitcock . B. C. Eubonks . . F. D. Nelson . E. D. Whitaker . H. A. Allen Parent-Teacher Association President ..... . Mrs. E. W. Quick First Vice-President . . . Mrs. Burt Davidson Second Vice-President . . . . Mrs. Sam Timpa Third Vice-President . . Mrs. Reuben Schmitt Fourth Vice-President . . Fifth Vice-President . . . Sixth Vice-President Seventh Vice-President . . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . . Treasurer ...... . Historian ........ . Parliamentarian ..... . Delegate to Dallas City Council . . . Delegate to Dallas City Council . . Mrs. F. D. Nelson Mrs. G. C. Blakely Mrs. Glenn Marrs Mrs. Leland Brock Mrs. John L. Watt Mrs. L. F. Dickson Mrs. W. F. Sieber Mrs. E. G. Robbins Mrs. Pete Andrian . Mrs. A. M. Cook . Mrs. M. E. Tey Nine Ten FACULTY HELEN ADUDDELL FLOY AGNEW LAURA ALEXANDER JEANETTE ALSTON French English Mathematics Commercial TROY ARGENBRIGHT S. N. BAKER EURICE BASS ANNA BELL Physical Education Shorthand Physical Education History W. E. BLAIR GEORGE BOLEY MINNIE BRAMLETTE GEORGE BROWN History History Mathematics General Science IDABEL CABANISS L. E. CAMPBELL ROGER CARROLL Clothing Mechanical Drawing History W. B. CLEMENT MARY LOUISE CLYETTE RAE CULLUM VERDE DICKEY R. O. T. C. English Physical Education Mathematics HENRIETTA EISENLOHR W. D. FRANKS RIPPLE FRAZER Journalism Mathematics Foods FACULTY HOMER FULLER FRANK GUZICK GLADYS HAMBY W. T. HAMILTON Physical Education Sales Library Assistant Physics CHRISTINE HAMMOCK MARGARET HARRIS MAY HASELTINE J. B. HEAD Latin History English Physical Education WILHELMINA HEDDE H. B. HESTER LORINE HIGGINBOTHAM W. D. HILL Public Speaking Manual Arts History Physical Education GERALDINE HOLLOWAY HELEN HORN VIRGINIA JUERGENS Secretary English Spanish ROBERTA KING HELEN KUEHNE R. O. LADD WINNIE LANGFORD Spanish History Biology History NELLY BLY LANKFORD L. C. LEFTWICH GENEVA LESLEY English Mathematics Office Assistant Eleven FACULTY l.UCll.l.E MCNIEI. J. H. MALONE R. I.. MEYERS M. HAZEL MILLER Study Hall Biology Band Typing KATHERINE MOLL MORELLE MOORE JAMES NALL EUGENIA NEWBERRY Nurse Study Hall History Spanish CARL NUTLEY EDYTHE OSBORNE NELL PAGE ANNE PATRICK Debate Commercial Distributive Education English JEWELLA RILEY MABEL ROCKETT RUTH RUFFIN Physical Education English English CHARLES SANFORD MEREDITH SCHROEDER R. N. SMITH JOE STALCUP Typing Art Mathematics Debate HOWARD STANTON BLANCHE STOVALI. JOE TEAGUE FRANCES THOMPSON English Study Hall Music Librarian Twelve eniord 'Thfrtee K -gggng gmmm WWW, L,,4, X www-ww -nl -anna 1--- 1- l -+--- ---- -- te Jolnuosry, 1952 Gfficers President , . . Paul Pointer Vice-President . . . Gary Mcxrrs Secretory . . Jeanette Wcaldon BOBBY AHLFINGER Cheerleader, 51-52 Allied Youth ' Vice-President Freshman Class Senior Social Committee ROYCE BALLEW Officers Club Regimental Staff Officer Square Dancing Club Allied Youth Linz Bible Award CALVIN BOWEN Football Letterman "D" Club Track Hi-Y 4, M""'. l5.,,Q, WILLIS BRUMLEY Cheerleader, 51-52 Key Club Regimental Commander Senior Play Select Chorus Roller Skating JERRY CARPENTER - JAMES cAsH 2-year Football Letterman 2-year Debate Letterman ' : ,Q Q f w. Vice-President of Key Club 'Q "" ' i National Forensic League .,,. Az. 2? Q J lie ARMELIA BAILEY Allied Youth Art Club Dallas Historical Club Girls' Sports Club NORMAN BARNES Blue Band Allied Youth Officers Club JERRY BRAMLETT National Honor Society Allied Youth DON CALDWELL Acorn Staff Allied Youth MILDRED CARPENTER National Honor Society I 4-year Linz and Everts Awards' Select Chorus "Selling As cn Career" Essay Award 2-year Bible Award JAMES CLENDENEN 4-year Linz and Everts Awards President of Allied Youth Vice-President, National Honor Society Senior Play Cast Key Club National Thespians Junior Citizen's Traffic Commission Senior Invitational Committee Blue Band A Fifteen CHARLES CREEL Basketball Letterman, 50-5l Captain Basketball, 50-51 "D" Club ALBERT CUNNINGHAM DAVID DEIS Football Letterman "D" Club Hi-Y Allied Youth LELAND DENTON Company Commander Officers Club JEANNENE ELMORE Maiorette Select Chorus Allied Youth MORGAN FERGUSON Football Sixteen I mx fi' f A A -L: Z - -1 A , . .,,: BARBARA CROW Maiorette Best-alleround Underclass Girl Linz Bible Award MARGARET ANN DAVIS Allied Youth 2-year Linz Award Acorn Reporter Distributive Education BETTY DENTON Dallas Historical Society Art Club Allied Youth ANN EAMES P. T. Aides Dallas Historical Society Y-Teens Allied Youth Bible Award JOHN THOMAS ETHIESON GERALD FINCH 5 EFFIE MAE CARRELL FLETCHER TED FURGESON R.O.T.C. Company Commander Key Club SONDRA GILBERT Allied Youth Y-Teens JOYCE GLASS Editor of Acorn Dallas Historical Society Sports Club Allied Youth Office Helper Bible Award RONNIE HARRISON Senior Day Program Com Honor Roll Student Teacher Distributive Education LEON HEATH Allied Youth Civic Federation mittee wi. sfmgl B' f..--im 'iiiifilmztis 'ff DONALD E. FRASIER Baseball National Honor Society Allied Youth Scholarship Club 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards SHANEEN GAHAGAN Senior Play Cast National Thespians Allied Youth Dallas Historical Society Acorn Reporter Sports Club EDWINA GILTNER Allied Youth Senior Play Prompter JIMMY GUMM 2-Year Basketball Letterman I-Year Football Letterman "D" Club Allied Youth Key Club Hi-Y Acorn Reporter BARBARA HARVEY Dallas Historical Society PATRICIA HILI Sevemeen SHIRLEY HOLLABAUGH Dallas Historical Society Acorn Reporter Allied Youth S orts Club , fi I" , A f A wr . L If I 1 ' n ,,.- JIM BUCK HUGGINS National Honor Society Allied Youth Junior Red Cross Senior Play Cast 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards Bible Award DONALD JACKSON Hi-Y "D" Club Allied Youth Oak Photographer Key Club 2-Year Football Letterman EILEEN JOHNSTON National Honor Society Senior Counselor's Assistant Sports Club Allied Youth Dallas Historical Society 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards PATSY JO KELLEY Student Council Ice Skating Club Girls Sports Club Allied Youth National Honor Society 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards CHARLES KING Mig Iafem ,K A, ' -K . i-Sei sw vs gil X , F i X K Ll LW .IANETTE HOPPER Dallas Historical Society EDWARD HUNTER Allied Youth MARY CARROL JOHNSON National Honor Society Student Assistant Allied Youth 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards ELIZABETH JONES Square Dance Club Girls Sports Club MAX KINCAID Allied Youth DON KITCHEN5 Officers Club Captain R.O.T.C. Allied Youth Drum Maior R.O.T.C Band GERALDINE lA BARBERA Leopardette 50-52 Allied Youth Select Chorus ROBERT A. LEE Key Club Regimental Executive Officer Lt. Colonel Staff Drill Master - Drill Team Officers Club Allied Youth EVELYN MrGlYNN National Honor Society Assistant Editor of Acorr' Girls Sports Club Dallas Historical Society Senior Counselor's Assistant Allied Youth Athletic Princess l95O 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards CHARLES EDWARD McMERRElL Stage Crew Manager Non Com Club Allied Youth National Thespians Acorn Reporter PEGGY JOYCE MANCHEN Y-Teens Select Chorus Oak Representative Student Council Senior Play Cast Scholarship Club Allied Youth LOUIS MIZELL Allied Youth Senior Play Cast S i 5 i JEAN LARSEN Select Chorus Musical Review of '51 Allied Youth Dallas Historical Society Senior Play Committee 2 CHARLES SLOAN LOLLAR Junior Traffic Committee JAMES l.. McINTOSH Rifle Team Drill Team Officers Club Allied Youth Sportsman Club SUWANEE McNELLIS Cheerleader 5l-52 National Thespians Select Chorus Senior Social Committee Chairman GARY MARRS President Hi-Y '5'l "D" Club Secretary Key Club Vice-President 4A 2-Year Football Letterman 2-Year Baseball Letterman Allied Youth GARY MOORE N i ueteen PAT MURPHY National Honor Society Allied Youth I'Year Linz Award LEE ROY NICHOLS National Honor Society "D" Club Track Letterman Allied Youth Civic Federation 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards ROSALYN PAGE Allied Youth Select Chorus Musical Review JO ANN PENNINGTON President Dallas Historical Society National Honor Society Allied Youth 4-Year Linz Award 4-Year Everts Award Art Club National Thespians KATHY POST Leopardette 50-52 Select Chorus Allied Youth P. T. Aide Musical Review Dallas Historical Society BEVERLY PULLIAM National Honor Society Vice-President National Thespians Dallas Historical Society Senior Play Cast Allied Youth Twemy 3995 X I' . iw false We ii X K ,Z 4 if is is g SEFHM S waits I xt, gk KS sex 5 5 H IGKXY I 1 1 titty X 5' w li X. gk Q f if .. 458' G 3 , t t ' 7 if . H W .1 of xy ' :.egj :7 f K .. SAMMY DAN NELSON Vice-President Student Council Cheerleader 5'I-52 Red Cross Representative Vice-President 3A Class Allied Youth Football 2 Years Hi-Y Senior Play Cast HARRIETTE NICKS Art Club Leopardette '50 PAUL EDWARD PAINTER Hi-Y "D" Club President ot 38, 48, 4A Class Key Club Student Council Football Letterman JACK PHILLIPS Stage Crew Allied Youth NELDA PRINCE Sports Club Dallas Historical Society Allied Youth Acorn Reporter Oak Representative SALLY RAMIREZ Y-Teens National Honor Society Dallas Historical Society MYRNA RANDOLPH National Honor Society National Thespian Leopardette 50-52 Vice-President Allied Youth 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards Select Chorus Linz Bible Award REGIS FARRIS RHEA .IANICE ROBBINS First Honor Graduate President National Honor Society President Student Council President National Forensic League Senior Day Program Chairman City Champion in Extemp. '50 City Champion in Debate '5'l Secretary National Thespians Secretary Allied Youth 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards Senior Play Cast DIANA MAE ROBINETTE Art Club Roller Skating Club Pen Pal Club BARBARA JO SASSER Allied Youth Distributive Education Linz Bible Award l-Year Linz Award JIMMY SHANAHAN -me 'W we CAROLE RASMUSSEN Allied Youth Book Review Club lce Skating Club LLOYD ROACH Allied Youth SANDRA ROBERTS National Honor Society Chairman Senior Play Program Office Assistant Linz Bible Awards WYNONA ROGERS Allied Youth Student Assistant JACKIE SCOTT Allied Youth Select Chorus ERMA LEE SMITH National Honor Society National Forensic League National Thespian Society Senior Play Cast Senior Day Program Committee Best Typist Award '51 Twenty-one MARGARET JO SMITH National Thespian Society Leopardette 50-52 R.O.T.C. Sponsor Senior Play Cast Invitation Committee Allied Youth Reporter JIM BOB SPEIR Select Chorus Adamson Quartet Senior Play Committee Senior Invitation Committee Acorn Reporter JOHN THOMPSON Drum Maior All-City Band All-City Orchestra National Honor Society Vice-President Allied Youth Senior Play Cast Linz Bible Award 'l-Year Linz Award DIONNE TUCKER Allied Youth Art Club CAROLYN WELLS Select Chorus Musical Review Roller Skating Club JOMAE WALLER Office Assistant Acorn Reporter Linz Bible Award Twenty-two New "" ' 1 'F 3 qi ,ms ,,ee i KARL SOUTHYARD Allied Youth ANN THOMAS Distributive Education Allied Youth Acorn Reporter PEGGY SUE TOSH Leopardette 50-52 Allied Youth ANDREW TUMA National Honor Society Allied Youth Senior Play Cast 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards Quartermaster of Blue Band R.O.T.C. Major Officers Club Military Band Commander Motion Picture Operators Club JEANETTE WALDEN Secretary of 'lA, 4A Classes Vice-President of 48 Class Select Chorus Dallas Historical Society Exchange Editor of Acorn LARRY WATSON 2nd Honor Graduate National Honor Society Regimental Adjutant National Thespians Hi-Y Key Club 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards Senior Play Cast Rifle Team PATRICIA WHEELER Allied Youth National Honor Society Office Assistant ROBERT WILLIAMS CAROL LEE YORK Sports Club Distributive Education I it W J . 1525?-v? x W? I I W., ff i Y . 1' at . X I J gy' Q C 1 311 1 ' T si K, HERMAN 0. WILKERSON 3-Year Football Letterman 2-Year Football All-City Captain Football '50 "D" Club Key Club Hi-Y President 3A Class Track PEGGY WRIGHT Vice-President 2B, 2A Classes Leopardette '50 Y-Teens Allied Youth Acorn Reporter CARL E. YOUNG Key Club Civic Federation R.O.T.C. Company Commander Select Chorus Senior Play Cast Twenty-three Class of June, T952 BILLY DON KERSS . . LARRY SHOWALTER . CHARLOTTE HUNT . . PATSY PANKEY . . MARTHA WILSON . . KENNETH KIMBRELL . ALICE DICKSON . . . President . Vice-Presidenf . . . Secrefary Social Chairman Program Chairman Vice-Presidenf, Fall . Secrefary, Fall Twenty-four BEVERLY ADAY Leopardette R.O.T.C. Sponsor Secretary Pan American Club Allied Youth 2B Class Secretary Girls Chorus Linz Awards JOSEPHINE ALEMAN Allied Youth Sports Club Student Gym Assistant D'ANA ALEXANDER Ice Skating Club Dallas Historical Society Social Dance Club Allied Youth Y-Teens TOMMIE ANN BAIN Dallas Historical Society Ice Skating Club Allied Youth Leopardette 50-52 Nurse's Assistant M ' D. TALMAGE BAKER 1 HI-Y Key Club ' Officers Club 7 N ' 2-Year Football I7etteri'nan All-State Football Ruhner-up All-city '51 - Senior Play Cast Allied Youth Select Chorus J. R. BELL se- y is ALICE ALEMAN Allied Youth Girls Sport Club Medical Professions Club Gym Assistant 'I-Year Linz Award RANDALL ALLEN Hi-Y "D" Club Allied Youth Baseball Manager SCOTTIE ASHLEY Hi-Y Allied Youth Basketball . I fr f X , x I DAVID BAIRD Allied Youth VIRGINIA LEE BALLARD National Forensic League National Thespians Select Chorus Debate Club Secretary Oak Representative 49-51 Senior Play Cast NANCY DALE BEST D. E. Allied Youth Twenty-five PATRICIA BIERHALTER Pan American Club Book Review Club Allied Youth Scholarship Club Social Dance Club SHIRLEY BLAKELY National Honor Society National Forensic League National Thespian Debate Club Allied Youth 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards Senior Play Cast ELLAMAE BLOOM Y-Teens Allied Youth Sports Club Girls Chorus HARRY BOWMAN Art Club Allied Youth JAMES BOYD R.O.T.C. Football CHARLSIE BRETEL Allied Youth Dallas Historical Society Ice Skating Club Tufefzty-tix X TOMMY BIRCHMAN Distributive Education vf WAYNE BLANK MELINDA LLOY BOWEN National Honor Society 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards Majorette National Thespian Favorite Underclass Girl '51 Editor of Oak Select Chorus Senior Invitation Committee Allied Youth Senior Play Cast LA DONNA BOURNS Allied Youth Art Club Select Chorus Gold Key Art Award Senior Play Cast TOMMY BRAGG Distributive Education' , ELEANOR BUTTS Allied Youth Acorn Reporter CAROLYN CARPENTER National Honor Society Dallas Historical Society Art Club Allied Youth interscholastic Spelling Award 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards CLEO CARMEN CARTER Art Club Select Chorus t Allied Youth P. T. Aide Senior Play Cast i JANYSE CHANDLER LU ANN CHITTENDEN Allied Youth l-Year Linz Award Exchange Editor of Acorn BETTY JOYCE COLE BlLLlE JEAN CONWAY Student Council Select Chorus Girls Chorus 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards JIM CARPENTER National Thespians Allied Youth Football Baseball DOROTHY CARTER Distributive Education t JOHN JOSEPH CHAPPELL Cheerleader 50-52 Student Council Allied Youth TEDDY CLEMMONS PATSY CAROLE COLLIER Pen Pal Club Secretary Allied Youth Office Assistant IRIS BARBARA COOPER Motion Picture Operator Twenty seven ALROY COX President of Allied Youth Hi-Y ROBERT COX Distributive Education Allied Youth HORACE CROW Debate Club Track Team ROBERT DAVlS RONNIE DAVIS National Honor Society Key Club Pan American Club Officers Club 4-Year Linz Award 4-Year Everts Award Rifle Team Oak Staff Linz Bible Award Allied Youth Civic Federation ROY DENNEY Hi-Y "D" Club Acorn Reporter 2-Year Baseball Letterma I1 1-Year Basketball Letterman Football Twenty-eight A. W. COX l TOMMY CRAFT Allied Youth Contest Play Cast ' Student Council Drill Team Linz Awards Senior Play Cast Senior Program Committee Best Supporting Actor '52 v-ff" ' FRANCINE DANIELS RONNIE DAVIS CHARLES T. DENISON Allied vomit 62.54, "' E iii? THOMAS DENTON IRVEN DeVORE National Honor Society Editor-in-Chief of Acorn 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards National Finalist, Extemp. Speaker Debate State 4AAAA Champ, '5'l Junior Rotarian President of P.T. Aides Vice-President ot N.F.L. Chapter Program Chairman of Key Club Vice-President of Debate Club R.O.T.C. Officers Club National Thespians RAYMOND DIXON Hi-Y Allied Youth "D" Club Football Letterman Baseball Track ELAINE DILLON Y-Teens Art Club Allied Youth R.O.T.C. Sponsor '5'l 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards Office Assistant KAYE DUNCAN Y-Teens P.T. Aide Art Club Leoparclette Allied Youth HOWARD EVANS Hi-Y N Allied Youth Football Letterman "D" Club MILLARD EDGAR FAIRCHILD Dallas Historical Society Officers Club F Pan American Club Allied Youth Rifle Team ti Q, . fe f ix 3 X 1, 1 is Ni- W' A .. 4 'EL ki 5, ":': 15 1, . 1 , 7 C re 2 tt' if if K , X , , ff s a. . .st -fi, nf A My ,R 1 Je J wie . Q 4. at " f :iif .2 il f 4, "M m -.1 :fig "H .',,,i,giQsi ffl- . A L 1.1. Ziggy ' fill ai if f s ' ALICE DICKSON Cheerleader '52 Secretary Student Council Secretary of 4B Class Favorite Senior Girl Senior Play Cast Art Club Allied Youth Linz Award National Thespians Student Assistant P.T. Aide Assistant DON DILLARD Football Letterman "D" Club Oak Representative Allied Youth lce Skating President Future Teachers of America JOAN DUNCAN Cheerleader 5'l-52 National Thespians Senior Play Cast Student Council Tennis Team Allied Youth Y-Teens Linz Bible Award 3-Year Linz Award ANITA EPPERSON Allied Youth Y-Teens Girls Chorus RONALD EWING President Student Council President N.F.L. President Key Club President Debate Club Regimental R.O.T.C. Commander President Freshman Class 3-Year Debate Letterman Bi-State Champion, Debate 50-5'l National Honor Society National Finalist, Debate 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards HOWARD WAYNE FINCH Officers Club Allied Youth Twenty-nima JANIE FOLGEMAN Allied Youth 2-Year Linz Awards Art Club Oak Representative Y-Teens DIANNE FRAZIER Office Assistant Allied Youth Linz Bible Award LANDON GEREN Social Dancing Club Acorn Reporter CHARLENE GILLILAND Allied Youth Acorn Reporter Girls Sports Club GEORGE GRAVLEY Sports Editor, Acorn DEWITT GREENE aw,-fy Q 46 Il E MARY sus Fosren A Dallas Historical Society Allied Youth Select Chorus 3-Year Linz Award MARY LOUISE FULLER Oak Representative Office Assistant Allied Youth lce Skating Club 2-Year Linz Award FRANCES GILES Allied Youth Future Teachers of America National Honor Society National Thespion Society National Forensic League 2-Year Debate Letterman Senior Play Cast JOHNNY GLASSCOCK Distributive Education BILLY M. GREEN Distributive Education Acorn Reporter V L r 1 JANICE GREENE Allied Youth TAWANA HAMILTON Jewelry and Silversmithing Scholarship Y-Teens Art Club Allied Youth Social Dance Club JANET HARRISON Allied Youth Social Dance Club Art Club Office Assistant Square Dance Club RONNIE D. HEER National Honor Society Rifle Team Officers Club 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards Motion Picture Operator Allied Youth JAMES HENRY Allied Youth BETTY HILL Allied Youth National Honor Society Distributive Education 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards ROBERT HILL Officers Club Oak Representative .wx 1' Y Q 5 ti x if l , Tw Q ? tt if Xen? lv Q iii? 'l lg ' .z 3 ,, ,,.l, W.. ., .. .. 4090 ,, JOHN HARRELL 2-Year Football Letterman Traclc Vice-President Hi-Y Student Council Key Club "D" Club Allied Youth Senior Play Cast BETTY HAYES Allied Youth Select Chorus National Thespian Maiorette Best All-Round Senior Girl '52 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards Senior Play Cast C. W. HEFNER Officers Club Allied Youth Select Chorus Rifle Team DONALD HENSLEY Allied Youth R.O.T.C. HAROLD HILL Bowling Team Tennis Team Allied Youth NORMAN HINSON Hi-Y "D" Club Allied Youth Football Letterman Thirty-one LINTON JAY HINTON R.O.T.C. lnstructor Allied Youth Motion Picture Operator Stage Crew Rifle Team JUANITA HOLLAND Allied Youth SHIRLEY HONEYCUTT Allied Youth Cartoonist Art Club National Honor Society 3-Year Linz Award LETA MAE HORN National Honor Society Medical Professions Club Allied Youth 'I-Year Linz Award CHARLOTTE HUNT President National Honor Society Secretary 4A Class R.O.T.C. Sponsor 51-52 Oak Representative Acorn Staff Student Assistant CAROLYN HUTH Dallas Historical Society Allied Youth Student Assistant National Honor Society Student Council 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards Thirty-two "xx MARION NAOMIA HOLCOMB Allied Youth Distributive Education BARBARA HONEYCUTT Allied Youth Select Chorus Office Assistant Girls Chorus JANE HOOTEN Dallas Historical Society Allied Youth Leopardette Girls Chorus Senior Play Cast J EARL HUDMAN Allied Youth Hi-Y Football RONNIE HURLEY Allied Youth CHARLES JACKSON Allied Youth Basketball VIRGINIA JACKSON Allied Youth Civic Federation Scholarship Club CAROL JOHNSON Allied Youth Medical Professions Ice Skating Club Roller Skating Club Oak Representative Linz Award PEGGY JOHNSON Pan American Club Allied Youth I-Year Linz Award VAUGHN JOHNSON Art Club Allied Youth Gold Key Award HERSHAL JONES Allied Youth JO ANNE JONTE Allied Youth Club ':. ir- hi' 4 EM L22 ' , t if N, " . in an Q Z X z . I F M " 1: f K. ., W, . . .NSLA iisiskm DON JACOBSEN National Honor Society Allied Youth Baseball 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards ELIZABETH JOHNSON Allied Youth NADINE JOHNSON Allied Youth Social Dance Club Y-Teens Girls Sports Club DERILDA JONES Social Dance Club Girls Sports Club Square Dance Club JOYCE JONES Acorn Staff Scholarship Club Allied Youth Tumbling Team Student Assistant . I-Year Linz Award Senior Program Committee JERRY KEEN Allied Youth Tlainy-zh nee BILLY DON KERSS President of 3B, 4B, 4A Classes Vice-Pres. of Nat'l Honor Society Vice-Pres. of Student Council Secretary Hi-Y Key Club Junior Rotarian 3-time Winner of Gold Key Award Best All Round Boy '50 and '52 Art Editor of Oak Sports Editor of Acorn 2-Year Football Letterman All-City, All-State Honorable Mention in Football GERALD KNIGHT Hi-Y Allied Youth Officers Club Pan American Club BARBARA LAMBERT Student Council DOROTHEA LANKFORD Dallas Historical Society Allied Youth Select Chorus Sports Club National Honor Society 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards GEORGE LEE Key Club Hi-Y 2-Year Basketball Letterman 'I-Year Baseball Letterman 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards National Honor Society GENE LEONARD Distributiye Education Tfrlirlylfuflf was i. KENNETH KIMBRELL Vice-President 4B, 3B President of 3A Favorite Underclass Boy '51 2-Year Football Letterman Football Captain Allied Youth President of Hi-Y -V 4"D" Club J Senior Program Committee ALLEN KROGER Officers Club Allied Youth Roller Skating Club Sportsman Club BOB LANE Officers Club Band Oak Staff JERRY N. LAZA Allied Youth 4 KATHLEEN LEFTWICH Allied Youth Art Club National Honor Society 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards JIM LEYHE Allied Youth Student Council DON LINEBARGER Distributive Education Allied Youth JOE MCCALLUM Allied Youth Non-Com Club JACQUELINE MCCRONE Dallas Historical Society National Thespians Acorn Reporter Student Council Health and Welfare Committee Student Assistant BARBARA McDILL Allied Youth Select Chorus Student Assistant L 4-Year Linz Award GALE McKlNNEY Leopardette '50-'52 Regimental Sponsor '52 5 1 GARNER MALCOLM Allied Youth Football Baseball Track Select Chorus X A . is X W K X W J 4, x ,I 82 ti 2:9 1' eff ? , i get -1 ,,, .T ,M V , -- ., zzz 1-mfg ,r sr giiwi - - '- irileigif? .HM QQ' is A it ,f - L ' 'vi' I , gil I A S, 17" 25. es. gk , , KENNETH LYON ,11- MARILYN McCOlN Dallas Historical Society National Thespians Oak Representative French Club Student Assistant Allied Youth W. H. McCUlSTON "D" Club Allied Youth Track Select Chorus SHERRY NICGAUHEY National Honor Society National Thespian National Forensic Leagu Allied Youth Student Assistant Senior Play Cast Student Council Best Actress City '50 E 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards ROTC Sponsor One-Act Play Cast DAVID MCWITHEY Football Letterman "D" Club Hi-Y Student Council Allied Youth VIRGINIA MANNING Distributive Education Thirty-five CRAIG MARION BILLY MARTIN FRANK MATTHEWS National Forensic League National Honor Society Key Club Junior Rotarian 3-Year Debate Letterman 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards WILLA JEAN MIKESELL Girls' Sports Club BOBBIE RUTH MITCHELL Pan American Club Allied Youth Ice Skating Club Linz Pin CAROLINE MIZELL Allied Youth Thirty-.fix ,-5 . , 1, ,zif , gm -w-fiigii 31 , -Q ff iff 'if ., ,.,. 'B aa .. ,,.. n. V 4, ., ...WA- zxssr swf , f :':-.aww I A ,fam I 'LK A K? A? I e ff Q VA' N Eg , to 2 s we S it ii? S in Q X I 1. ff 1 5 IM . , I .7 I . .-sw-, ,... Maman .,,. ,sql-:ci - l .---.- i sm. I '-rfiesisrgsx' I 'iii':' I 2QffiiEiTV' I 'fi Li' JAMES MARKS Hi-Y Basketball LOTTIE SUE MARTIN Girls' Sport Club Allied Youth National Honor Society Gym Assistant 3'Year Linz Award WAYNE MATTHEWS Allied Youth STEVE MILNER JACK MITCHELL MACK MONROE Hi-Y Football Allied Youth MIKE MONTGOMERY Hi-Y Key Club Track BRICK MOORE ROTC MARILYN MOORE Distributive Education Allied Youth SHIRLEY MORROW Select Chorus Y-Teens Acorn Reporter NORMA NATIONS Girls' Sports Club BILLY NEEL Hi-Y Officers Club Allied Youth Track Select Chorus Jody Drill Team if ,L 1 ,1m""'if' A wk, ' . , an f , .g 1. MW QW is X ixeixia sv, 4 'X lk . Q35 ff ,ei ia f vim il. -'S .i.If?:5'I:E'3i 4 iii 7- 6 f W Wea V953 'wi , ,. K .Et,L ::::, BOBBYE JEAN MOON Allied Youth Distributive Education GEORGIA MOORE Allied Youth Select Chorus ALSTON MORGAN Officers Club Allied Youth Acorn Staff MARIE MYERS Student Council Y-Teens Social Dance Club Allied Youth Sports Club ROTC Sponsor '49 2-Year Bible Award P.T. Aide BARBARA NEAL Select Chorus National Thespian Acorn Reporter Allied Youth Dallas Historical Societ BETTY NEEL Girls' Sports Club Allied Youth Select Chorus ROTC Sponsor '52 I-Year Linz Award Y Thirty-.raven GLEN DA NEWSOM Allied Youth RONALD NORTH 2-Year Track Manager Letterman 'I-Year Football Manager Letterman Hi-Y DON ONSTOTT Allied Youth Blue Band ROTC PATSY PANKEY Cheerleader '5'l-'52 ROTC Sponsor '51 Y-Teens Allied Youth Girls' Sports Club Senior Activities Chairman Student Assistant Girls Chorus Senior Play Cast DAVID PEASNER Hi-Y Allied Youth Track JAMIE PORTWOOD Allied Youth Y-Teens Art Club Social Dance Club Thirty-eight X ku 1, I Q v-V -Q t "1 WW rs, BRUCE NORMAN Hi-Y "D" Club Allied Youth Acorn Reporter 2-Year Basketball Letterman BARBARA NORTHWICK National Honor Society National Thespian Library Service Club Allied Youth Linz Award BOBBIE PALMER Allied Youth Girls' Sports Club RICHARD PARKER Hi-Y Allied Youth National Thespians 'I-Year Football Letterman Senior Program Committee "D" Club Senior Play Cast GLORIA JANET PETTIT I Xf .-it WILLIKM B. Post, JR. Officers Club Allied Youth Roller Skating Club Acorn Staff DORIS POST Allied Youth Distributive Education HENRY LEE POWELL Hi-Y Allied Youth "D" Club Track Basketball Letterman SUE QUICK National Thespians Dallas Historical Society Art Club Allied Youth Gold Key Hi-Y Sweetheart '52 Senior Play Cast Senior Program Committee Q' aossv neon 'fig ' V Allied Youth f Hi-Y Select Chorus qz: me -' '1 cannon nossnrsou Debate Club ,V -t Key Club Nyvr X N9 Officers Club 543, fi , ' " National Forensic League V, State Champ Debate '5l " ' C kr I-Year Linz Award yybv A ' - - . , . Fr! JIMMY ROGERS Hi-Y Football Track Allied Youth MVN 556. Q ' at BILLY DON POWELL Distributive Education P.-T. Aide Boys Chorus ALFRED C. PRlCE CHARLES REED 2-Year Football Letterman "D" Club Track Allied Youth ROBERT RISINGER Distributive Education BEVERLEY ROBINSON Vice-President Pan American Club Allied Youth Student Council Civic Federation Girls' Chorus Book Review Club National Honor Society 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards 'IB Secretary BOBBY RODRIQUEZ National Honor Society National Forensic League Key Club Acorn Staff Oak Representative One-Act Play Senior Invitation Committee 2-Year Linz Award 3-Year Debate Letterman Debate Club Thirty-nine JACK RUTH Hi-Y Allied Youth Basketball Letterman "D" Club DONNA SAPPINGTON Allied Youth SYLVIA SEALE Sports Club Allied Youth Pan American Club Select Chorus TOM SHAFFER Baseball Allied Youth WILLIAM SIEBER MARLENE SLAYTON Allied Youth Y-Teens Sports Club Forty ef 3' ' jf' '.,, ,-...,,. ' f 4 , MACK SANFORD Oak Representative '49-'50 JO ANN SCOMA Allied Youth Girls Sports Club National Forensic League Oak Representative VIRGINIA SEARCY Pan American Club Allied Youth Book Review Club 4-Year Everts Award LARRY SHOWALTER Vice-President, 4A Class Vice-President, Key Club Best All-Round Underclass Boy Favorite Senior Boy '52 Student Council Hi-Y 2-Year Basketball Letterman All-City in Basketball Basketball Captain All Greater Dallas Basketball All State Basketball '52 "D" Club JOHN SKELTON Motion Picture Operator Officers Club Acorn Staff 1-Year Linz Award HELEN SMITH Y-Teens Allied Youth Girls Chorus Acorn Reporter Social Dance Club ROTC Sponsor '50 '5 PAT SMITH Allied Youth Distributive Education JOHN SQUIER National Honor Society Civic Federation Allied Youth Acorn Staff Officers Club Jody Drill Team Hi-Y RICHARD STALLINGS Hi-Y Allied Youth Baseball Basketball MYRA STEWART Allied Youth LEANNE STINSON Art Club Y-Teens Social Dance Club Gold Key Award CHARLOTTE TANKURSLEY Allied Youth .,, A vi, , ,.. ,, at Q , k O ig ,,,,, 3 M l x silk , , nxt., , 1- ff s lyk IK if at ' l A x ilei X I SUZANNE SMITH National Honor Society 2-Year Linz Award Ice Skating Club Allied Youth Student Assistant BOB STALEY Allied Youth Motion Picture Operator 3rd Place in Journalism Contest JOYCE STEVENS Dallas Historical Society Allied Youth 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards f,L. TOMMY STEWART Allied Youth Select Chorus Hi-Y CARMA JEANE STONE Allied Youth Distributive Education JUNE TERRY Allied Youth 2-Year Linz Award Forty-one MARY THOMPSON Allied Youth Sports Club Gym Assistant BEVERLY ANITA TILLISON Y-Teens Girls Sports Club Allied Youth JEANETTE TOLLIVER Dallas Historical Society DOROTHY UTTER Allied Youth BOBBY WALKER Allied Youth Tennis P.-T. Aide CAROLYN WAMBLE Allied Youth Dallas Historical Society National Thespians Acorn Reporter 2-Year Linz Award Forty-two DON THURMAN Officers Club Senior Play Cast Key Club Allied Youth ROTC Band Commander NORMA TIMBY Girls Sports Club Oak Representative BETTY TURNEY Distributive Education JOE WAGES HARLAN WALKER ROBERT COLUER WARREN Ice Skating Club "D" Club Allied Youth 3-Year Letterman Baseball Football NANCY WEESE JESSAMJNE WHITE Y-Teens Allied Youth Social Dance Club Leopardette '50-'52 Oak Representative HUGH LAWSON WICKHAM, JR. Allied Youth Officers Club Motion Picture Operator ROTC Drill Team JAMES WILLINGHAM Sports Club Allied Youth Scholarship Club Maiorette Student Assistant i-Year Linz Award ANNA MARIE wlLsoN ,fl 1 Q x f x 1 MARTHA DALE wiLsoN Maiorette National Thespians Senior Program Chairman Tumbling Team Oak Staff I-Year Linz Award Allied Youth Scholarship Club YP " " .- ff! - . -iff? ,' 2l':f-is-..f Gt 1 s 1' A X S , ig.. f:,,:K'v:,fs,. if S1 , , W , All Y fd X, X A 'ii 1' - ' , --A , - i 5 - , it? l' ,, J 1 5, P HE tl 1- 1 S 1, iitifiiim' , Y .gii yftt it 'Q 19 A Kg, w -.5 1 w ft J K l Sfgte H281 53? H551 A . ':?Q1Zf, 1tQv 'hw Q ., its A K, X, , N, vi if S ig My um sz Ji msg ' f 24 X Q3 L 51,133 5 3 5 , K gli A 5 at 'Wh S 3 2 Q s at M ex A is , zgxzsgi +5 571 if ir, SAA, fa , , . , ,A A 2 , ,ggi it , A, f 2 I l fs li P Y' L r' S A Is Ne W A ht,,. - vf'z,"'.e Q 'L' Vi lv JO ANN WHEELER Art Club Sports Club Allied Youth Gym Assistant RUNELLE WHITE Allied Youth Art Club Sports Club Student Gym Assistant JUANITA WIER Allied Youth Senior Play Cast BOB WILMOTH JOHNNY WILSON National Forensic League Scholarship Club Officers Club Key Club 3-Year Debate Letterman Bi-State Champ Declamation 1-Year Linz Award ROBERT WOODS Officers Club Drill Team Senior Play Cast FRANK ALBERT WOODYARD Qglwvv VPM Nga? od: f IEA1'rx.1A, 1, - i fm? mg ' P" ,. ,, l,532'L1fJ,fl-Qr5i1'i'7 .. I - -so , Zvi ' .1 ,f ' A :J '1,ifiiffi'lf'QEf7fig3.5?2f2f M I. f ,,.l Forty-four LINDA LOU WOOLEY Allied Youth Select Chorus ,' i ' ' ,af- klfv-Hf , I 1 Lu, I-f N S3 PHILIP WRIGHT Officers Club Allied Youth Senior lnviicliion Commifiee ,S-4 Zlndezcfczaamea UI'f-1'-l'f'N' Class of January, 7954 Bud Watson . . . President Sally Taylor . . Vice-President Sammy Davis . . . Secretary ,X Class of June, 1953 Freddie Goodman . . President Jimmy Perry . . Vice-President Perry Barton .... Secretary Class of January, 1953 Ray McGregor . . . President Franklin Moffitt . Vice-President Jack Rhodes .... Secretary Class of June, 1955 David Ferguson . . . President Don Coney . . . Vice-President Jean Guy . . . . Secretary Class of June, 1954 Leo Burkhalter . . . President Wayne Reed . . Vice-President Barbara David . . . Secretary -R 'iq' f Viv ng an Class of January, 1955 TedMiller. . . . President Robert Irion . . Vice-President Joyce Ferguson. . . Secretary Forty-www Class of January, 1953 ROW l: Carrol Godwin, Patsy Whitien, Daisy Self, Glenda Jefferies, Martha Sandefer, Barbara McDill, Mary Oler, Sandra Lane. ROW 2: Yvonne Cox, Palsy Wilson, Gerry Schoeder, Barbara Smith, Pat Shaw, Jo Ann Sisk, Shirley Prather, Diane Parkins. ROW 3:..Rex Rogers, Doris Sanderson, Gloria Johnson, Jeannean Russell, Jean Craft, Dorothy Yates, Delores Evans, Martha Winslett. ROW 4: Frank Sloan, Gene Pope, Melvin Leslie, Ray McGregor, Ross Farrington, Arlon Linder. ROW 5: Sammy Timpa, Nickie Julian, Dalton Hampton, Don Harvey, John Darby, Nadell Freeman, Kenneth Thompson. ROW 'l:Louella Barton, Mackie Grisinger, Dea Lynn Griffith, Sylvia Hendrix, Floy Bourn, Jay Babb, Charlotte Coats, JoAnn Scoma ROW 2: Teddy Moody, Johnny Collins, J. L. Epps, Joe Bough, Jack Rhodes, Bobby Brown, Sieve Landrum. ROW 3: John clk, Kenneth Sides, Duward Bean, Wayne Smith, David Grossman, Eugene Crabb. ROW 4: John Allen, James Wilson, Billy Bohanon, Jack Hickman, Cecil Thomas, George Carr. ROW 5: Tommy Adrian, Charles House, Jack Berry, Bobby Dandridge, Jack Bullock, Bobby Hamm. l"rn'zy-eight Class of January, l953 ROW 'lz Jeannine Walls, Dolores Vandever, Betty Thrash, Leah Ray Crenshaw, Jo Ellen Shanahan, Greta Warren, Johnnie Stone, Peggy Shelby, Yvonne Stovall, Elsie Voyles, Betty Ray Cothran. ROW 2: Billy Clements, Wanda Ross, Carolyn Finley, Carol Smith, William Sharp, Clara Thompson, Aldridge Tillison, Betty Howard. ROW 3: Helen Baty, Betty Wade, Wanda Ruth Cumbie, Kenneth Stokes, Adrian Peterson, Cecil Stone, Bobby Simmons. ROW 4: Jo Ann Stewart, Renee Tillery, Haskell Spillers, Larry Starks, Jerry Holbrook, Clifford Rufus Reed, Richard Berry. ROW 5: Leslie Stephens, Gail Sistrunk, Kenneth Anaston, Frankie Moffitt. Forty-nina Class of June, 1953 ROW l: Frances Milam, Della Atkins, Shirley Arnold, Marilyn Brimager, Billie Ruth Mattix, Perry Barron, Roma Lee Beyer, Minnie Jo Ashley, Edna Mae Beorden, ROW 2: Mollie Sue Martin, Peggy Joyce Burns, Francess Charlene Bell, Carol Keele, Jane Blackwell, Jean Marrs, Terry Lawson, Myrna Brown, Virginia Brown. ROW 3: Norma Jean Jones, Anita Merchant, Patricia Laowthrop, Mark Kuehne, Virgie Lindsey, Shirley Benningfielcl, Dorothy McClure, Martha Jane Layton, Phyllis Burt, Peggy Barrington, Nelda Atkins. ROW 4: Jo Ann McMillan, Ray Albough, Charles Barnes, Jackie Baggett, Edward Boswell, lvy Grant, Dick Maas, Eugene Burdine, W. C. Bills, Robert Kennamer, Virginia Jonte, Billy Midkiff, Sandra Mayfield, Leslie Long. ROW 5: George Forrester, Ben Jack Marlar, Thomas Bowman, James Robert McMains, David Bryant, James Brown, Morris Mewborn, Jimmy O'Conner, Ronald Boaen, Don Mewborn, Harold Justice. E 2 ROW l: Ruby Whitehead, Carlene Zenor, Cleta Welch, Betty Wilson, Connie Young, Carolyn Webb, Joyce Morrison, Louise Sikes. ROW 2: Eugene Weir, Glenna Wright, LaYvonne Wenzel, Louise Dees, Kay Wilson, Betty Satterwhite, Shirley Lopez, John Reynolds. ROW 3: C. M. Hester, Phillip Walden, Roma Nations, Melvin Watson, George Bowen. ROW 4: Carl Coleman, Gene Thompson, Olin Davis, Daymoncl Leesman. ROW 5: Robert Wickline, Paul Tadlock, Doyle Trent, Harry Rasmussen, Jack lrick. Fifty 5 it 14' ROW l: Marlene Seclle, Jea ROW 2: Mary Ross, Sylvia D Earl Grealhouse. ROW 3: Bobby Thomas, Bill ROW 4: Rav Carter, Charles Schell Sidney McKlssack Ted Dorman Allon Fry Roberf Goodrich Edgar Casey ROW 5: Roberl Colley, Jimmy Colvclrd Gerald Chancellor James Moore Paul Sharp Leon Sanford Joe Hnnson Leroy Wilson John Fulghum Bull Showolfer l..... .. .los Y ROW 1: Rheau Nell Duncan, Sarah Overron Shirley Cronkhlfe Borbara Craig Wilma Coats Verenc Lofhn Peggy Davis Peggy Swaggerloy ROW 2: Bobbie Cason, Melverne Doss Shirley Jordan Rosa Lee Dennis Peggy Clemmons Marilyn Cruse Beulon Voss ROW 3: Pa? McCranie, Ann Summers Joan Connelly Bobble Slsk Joan Bullls Nancy Chltlenden Doris Davidson ROW 4: Thomas Mclunkins, Robert Webb James Baker Henry Jordan Bobby Choate James Cate ROW 5: Richard Long, Sterling White Bully Jordan Douglas Thomas Robert Good Donald Carufh Richard Cruze Class of June, 1953 S5 - vi x i ROW 1: Billy McPherson, Wanda Newsom, Peggy Turner, Gwendolyn Haggard, Dorothy Lositer, Hannah Harbin, Bobby Swann, Billie Mattix, Joy Barak, Bobbie Farrell, Jackie Burton. ROW 2: Elsie Lavers, Harvey Shepherd, Carol Cumming, Bobby Folse, Joy Stephens, Jean Grace, lla Beth cBrwning, Lou Ann Fitzgerald, Virginia Bogle, Betty Lewis Barbara Green Il d C L E ROW 3: David Ouzts, Edwin Davis, George Dilaba, Willie Barnes, Kenneth Beck, Richard Gaylor, Clark Gentry, Jerre Bolin, Robert Va eio, . . u y. ROW 4: J. C. Eudy, Bill Collins, Kenneth Banks, Leonard Butcher, Bill Cumbie. ROW 5: George Smith, Walter Reagan, Gene Young, John Neathery, Bobby Blankenship, Eugene Robbins, Charles Bailey, Jesse Barnes, Bob Lane, Billy Joe Jackson, Eugene Smith, Donald Davis, Harry Busbee. ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW 'Z l I r' E Doroth Paschal Frances Platt Collene Wyatt Peggy Shrum Jaqueline Polson, Dremma Moore, Maud Roberts, Ann Mousner, Ann Rowe, Emily Green. 1: Y , , , , 2: Jackson Yium, Mary Nall, Nida Rodgers, Nelda Holland, Barbara Rodgers, Betty Patton, Eva Robuck, Sally Satterwhite, Lou Wilson. 3' Edward Shelton, Dale Morris, Richard Palmer, Jane Rogers, Bobby Pitcock, Donald Motsenbocker, John Peterson, Charles M::Crone, Dan Stewart. 4: Harold Parker, Billy Pruitt, Bob Reynolds, Jimmy Perry, Robert Thomas, Mermann Pollard, Harold Patman. 5: Kenneth Gibbons, Joe O'Lexy, Bill Quattlebaurn, Kenneth Mowray, Wayne Hitt, Billy Walden, Harold McCollum, Reginald Reedus. Fifty-two I Class of June, 1953 ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW Johnny Cameron, Margot Strange, Margie Johnston, Jeannine Wallace, Cherie Hughes, Katherine Coy, Pat Whitis, Opal Rice, Mildred Stembridge. Fatima Solomon, Jerry Sue Bledsoe, Delyte Evans, Della Aycock, Lois Tabor, Peggy Vinson, Margaret Ladymon, Gaynelle Ferguson, Fay Whiteley. Bobby Joe Stafford, Glynn Church, Wayne Grover, Carolyn Decker, Yvonne Lankford, Joyce Burns, Jan Comons, Christine Kimbrell, Geneva Hackler. James Haddock, Carolyn Mandeville, Billie Dean Hoover, G. V. Lewis, James Stepter, Jerry White, Richard Geiger, Billy Townsend. Burton Eubonks, Peggy Sue Milton, Audrey Holloway, Melva Jo Henderson, Joe Carrell, Peter Sykes, Louis Adrian. Fifty-three W ...H 2 ROW 1:7 Louise Franks, Mary Ruth Bailey, Ell Bilderback, Mary Lou Batla, Dorothy Baker. Class of January, i954 enita Caskey, Valerie Bennett, Sara Crumrine, Nina Carpenter, Yvonne Minshew, Pat Covington, Emma Lou el ROW 2: Mary Ann Carson, Doris Presson, Alma Merwin, Paula Murphy, Ethylen Douglas, Jan Cook, Shirley Cain, Robert Criswell, Martha Anderson. ROW 3: Don Barnett, Loyd Bullard, Alfred Dean, Tommy Brittingham, Buddy Bryant, Jack Brannon, Edwin Cornell, Ronald McDonald. ROW 4: Dan Gibson, Rita Armstrong, Roy Cannon, Tommy Cowgill, Sammy Davis, Robert Burkhart, Danna Donswcrth. ROW 5: Avon Cantrell, Clifford Cook, Jerry Hollingsworth, Charles Baldwin, Monty Crowell. ROW 6: Patsy Gerard, Carolyn Hooper, Barbara Farmer, Paul Finley, Don Norman, Dan Alexander. ROW l: Pat Reeves, Sylvia Springer, Jeaninne Whipple, Frances Wright, Wanda Jo Russell, Kathleen Hart, Gladys Scott, Mariie Eatman, Lola Hartson J h F k . ROWo2:nAri:a1 fvtae Wilson, Ruth Smalling, Jane Walker, Mariorie Schmitt, Mary Kathryn Reeves, Barbara Wolfe, Carolyn Harmon, Joan Harvey, Willie Wright R H ld. ROW ei Billpgrable, Edward Joplin, Billie Mac Stephens, Tommie Wilson, Herman Evans, J. M. Riggs, Donald Sturch, Aubrey Reese, Richard Reed. ROW 4: John Popham, Betty Joyce Smith, Patricia Teague, Doyle Self, Kenneth Tribble, Don Thomas, Jerry Root, Harris Turnipseed. Fifty-four BMHEZW Class of January, 1954 'fe-ww? J harris? Q-Q-me-eq ROW 'l: Sally Taylor, Jane Watt, sf M. fs- Pelma Boty, Margie McKinney, Marvin Thomas, Evelyn Petty, Pat Pendley, Mary Nell Snider, Mary Ann Jameson, Mary Frances Perdue. ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW 1 new we f ROW 1- ROW 2. ROW 3- ROW 4' ROW 5 ROW 6: 2: Jo Ann Smith, Dana Welborne, Helen Stewart, Hank Matthews, Charlene York, Francine Barnett, Rita Kempe, Shirley Cole. 3: Don Ramsey, Don Stevens, Avalon Hill, Donnie O'Rourke, Patricia Ragland, Nancy Smith, Patsy Burgin, Clara Grady. 4:4Robert Wise, Bud Watson, Jerry Wright, Jarrell Hiebert, Nancy Smith, Wayne Mason, Lolita Hill, Jackie Jackson. 5: Jack Wood, Ray Lewis, Ray Glass, Frank Schmitz, Bill Fredde, Charles Woodby, Donald Moore, Mary Palmer, Reba Lewis. 6: Olin Johnson, Charles Lollar, Charlie Nichols, Clevie Puckette, Alton Smith, Robert May, Morris Wilson, Ronald Bain. ,fee Shirley Busby, Patsy Fields, Christine Compton, Delois Pullen, Alma Moore, Patsy Prince, Delores Emmett, Evelyn Harris, Loretta Floyd, Mary Alice Floyd. Roy Nelson, Juanzel Morgan, Margaret Lawson, Peggy Lambert, Barbara Frost, Tommy Kelley, Edmund Morgan. Carol Chester, Carol McDaniels, Frankie Powell, Donnie Miles, Deloris McNellis, Edwin Cason, William Force. James Hughs, Donald Fagan, Jack Mewbourn, Jody Loftis, Lewis Borgeson, Jerry Donald, Clyde Anderson, Eddie Horton, Don Frank. John Hayes, Aubrey Mitchell, Roger Potts, Bill Flaherty, James Ledbetter, Benny Hopper, Winifred Kirkland. John Coates, Robert Bridges, Archie Robinson, Charlie Herman, Earl Gilbert, Charles Moore. Fifty-ive fx Y, 'kwa ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW Class of June, 1954 'l: Peggy Ball, Shirley Knearem, Virginia Kirk, Joanna Gough, Sondra, Liverman, Margaret Shelton, Minnette Hyman, Sarah Goins, Tommy Hefner. 2: Bob Myers, Michael Mobley, Manon Gibbs, Emley Lyle, Joyce Long, Julie Hale, Roy Dickens, Bill Freudiger, Bill Dutton, Sidney George, Carl Morrison. 3: Jimmie Lindsley, Jean Mellor, Doris Lambeth, Kay Klecka, Chloe Kelley, Homer Kottner. : Wanda McClellan, Bobbie Mitchell, Ann McCann, Carrol Lowry, Gene Ewing, Forrest Silva, Arthur Lesko, Bobby McGinnis, Charles McDaniel. 4 5: Karen Locke, Betty Kirkpatrick, Odessa Funderburgh, Billy Merrell, Marion Parker, Tony Davila, Gordon Brown. 6: Paul England, Willy Watson, Leroy Logan, James Mouser, Bob Mayer, Eddie McHenry, David Larson. ROW 'l: Jeannette Robison, Dorothy Massey, Shirley Cole, Shirley Birclsong, Margie LaBarbera, Mary Lou Nehring, Shirley Burris, Juanda Bryant, Junello La Rue, Frances Bryant, Dorothy Bolinger, Robert Boughton. ROW ROW ROW ROW 2: Wesley Barker, Leo Burkhalter, Mary McCoslond, David Cruze, Edwin Beverley, Charles Coday, Henry Cooper, Jimmy Cason. 3: Charles Cates, Paul Cain, Jimmy Clemons, Ed Bennett, Delores Baker, Ann Braddy, Carol Cannon, Patsy Allen. 4: Howard Crouch, John Lynes, Frankie Beardsley, Carleen Clinkscales, Quota Barnard, Frances Bryant, Gerald Campbell. 5: Lionel Bost, Jerry Nichols, Douglas Crane, Jimmy Blank, Buddy Cook, Katye Curtis. ROW 6 :Monte Cole, Henry Brunner, Bud Loftin, Bobby Compton, Wayne Reed, Thomas Lemaster, .lack Richardson, Pete Michie, Wayne Bibby, .Io Ann Charles, Bobby Cowan, Harold Rumph, Vonnie Lightfoot. Fifty-.fix Class of June, 1954 i lr ROW l: Glyna Smith, Pauline Smith, Ruby Stanley, Joyce Zemlicka, Helen Talbot, Janice Sinnott, Wanda Shipp, Ruth Sleeper, Maureen True, Ernest Gaddy. ROWWBE Rotlzert Moffatt, Teddy Shores, Betty Pierce, Edene Tey, Charlotte Schutza, Marvilla Thomas, Barbara Ware, Rebah Walker, Barbara Daniel, Marvin I mot . ROWM3: .ainitlmy Wright, Billy Tabor, Ray MaGouirk, Carroll Stevens, Kenneth Shuford, Bobby Stone, Frances Bloyed, Joyce Vogel, Barbara Johnson, Billy ars a . ROW 4 :Sherrie Stone, Hugh Mack, Bobby Terrell, Billy Rust, Ray Ballard, Lucy Rosas, Ann Jackson, Betty Taggart. ROW 5: Lyndal Stocks, Howard Williams, Jerry Jordan, Dick Andrews, Benny Widener, Carleton Williams, Pat Taylor, Virginia Strom, Barbara Stinson. ROW l: Julie Ferguson, Connie Dixie, Dolores Gooding, Bobby Tribble, Delores Farmer, Betty Moore, Jean Church, Mildred Jones, Christine Juneau, ROW 2: Bernice Church, Merle Ramirez, Doris Jean Collins, Geraldine Brown, Patsy Penny, Mary Perez, Mitzi Crater, Hollis Cowman. ROW 3: Mary Montgomery, Martha Morris, Judy Eshenfelder, Barbara Oakes, Grace McDougal, Ruth Holley, Carolyn, Densmore, Jessie Llewellyn. ROW 4: Gerald Oliver, Glenda Burgess, Dorothy Avrea, Mariorie Ellis, Margaret Ditson, Gloria Paine, Jack Corbett. ROW 5: Ernest Cotton, Billy Paul Bourland, Leon Jenkins, Joyce Stewart, Jerelle Stewart, Howard Wells. ROW 6: Gayle Rentro, Randy Butcher, Benny Brown, Lewis Ponder, Michael Galbraith, Donald Payne, J. T. Hill, Paul Bell, Bobby Brown, Wayne Baker, Eugene Anderson. A Fifty-:even Class of June, l 954 au- ROW 'lz Carolyn Rowe, Ba rbara Hudgins, Shirley Showalter, Doris Cheshier, Peggy Davis, Shi Phyllis Stith. 2 rley Spencer, Ann Walters, Barbara Thurston, Bobbie Sue Tribble, ROW : Marlene Gaddy, Peggy Fugate, Joyce Jacobs, Myra Evans, Tooney Scruggs, Barbara Crouch, Dixie Graham, Patsy Fesmire, Norma Gilliland. ROW 3: Mariorie Jarrell, Betty Hopper, Dana Densmore, Ray Cruse, Shirley Sullivan. ROW 4: Bob Hunter, Hal Horton, Gerald Honeycutt, Ray Riley, Joe Grigsby, , Rav Sharp, Coy Thompson, Ralph Hunter, Marvin Goodman. ROW 5: Jerry Dyson, Billy Fulenwicler, John Evans, James Harbin, Harley Holland, William Harris, Joe Gibbons, Edward Flaherty. ROW 6: Clifford Jones, James Goss, Ben Day, W. D. Holland. fx ROW 'l: Perna Nalls, Marilee Page, Patricia Nobles, Mildred Lott, Nelda Nicholson, Helen iii'-urn Phillips, Thelma Nelson, Marilyn Phillips, Jim Ann Perry, Evelyn Stevens. ROW 2: Richard Sasser, Jimmy Pennington, Fred Peck, Steve Reeder, Connie Noah, Shirley Trull, Elaine Sarratt, Shirley Partin. ROW 3: James Warner, Jack Walker, Clinton Twaddell, John Smith, Bobby McAfee, Allen Rupard. ROW 4: Ronnie Stewart, Billy Watson, Gene Peters, Glenn Stringer, Wayne Reynolds, Buddy Williams. ROW 5: Billy Wells, Mike Rohde, Sonny Samford, Dyvene Smith, Robert Worley, Marvin Payne, Douglas Waskom. ROW 6: Mike Goodwin, David Trent, Glenn Ouzts, Jimmy Norris, Bruce Ray, Victor Wagn Fifty-eight er, Burton Reynolds, Richard Williams, Jim Pescor. Class of January, 1955 l ROW l: Eddie Igrooks, Patricia Fagan, Barbara Preston, Wanda McWhorter, Pat Maples, Charlene Utley, Sally O'Meora, Dolores Lockridge, Helen Burleson, Jimmy Fie s. ROW 2: Jock Shepherd, Don Whitter, Michael McAfee, Barbara Bullard, Betty Sanders, Lucille Garey, Larry Martin, Nola McKenzie, Janet McKinney. ROW 3: Frank Cadwallader, Gene Martin, Gerald Spencer, Jack Spangler, Hugh Ashley, Ned Pederson, Bobby Ratcliff, Jimmy Clark, Mary Carsee, Barbara Reed, Joan Compton. ROW 4: Richard Hansen, Johnny St. John, Fanny Owen, Joyce Krantz, Joan Drummond, Sue Harden, Carolyn Baumgartner. ROW 5: Billy Heard, Paul Curry, John Sandridge, Robert Irion, Eddie Bevering, Jerry Duancan, Elaine Barber, Joyce Ferguson. ROWS 'l:fLaJron Broussard, Betty Cook, Francile Largent, Jean Cooksey, Patricia Bailey, Betty Carter, Carolyn Holbert, Darla Anderson, Melveen Lain, Jack an or . ROW 2: Don Coney, Margene Rush, Clara Cannell, Gwen Johnson, Shirlene Ripple Carol Robbins, Katherine Pitts, Dean Morgan, Patsy Wyatt. ROW 3: Lavora Ballard, Lynaveta Bates, Betty Brock, Sylvia Cates, Shirley Jones, Elaine Carr, Jae Davis, Jimmy Depew. ROW 4: Barbara Barr, Luther Brannon, Patsy Watson, Sue Tunnell, Louida Johnson, Charlotte Holland, Jack King, Bobby Phyler. ROW 5: Gayle Renfroe, Norman Hayes, Carol Ann Seafe, Denise Miller, Jerry Johnson, Don Meyers. ROW 6: Floyd Kirby, Weldon Tucker, Joe Cantrell, Bobby Harrison, Gary Roberson, James Reynolcls, Ted Miller, Cecil Day, Robert Phillips. Fifty-nine Class of June, 1955 so so -I 5 tt fs ROW 'l: Jean Thompson, June Singleton, Susan Benson, Lois Chambers, Peggy Chandler, Joan Brunner, Betty Becker, Annette Alford. ROWA2: Gayle Stephens, Mary Moseley, Barbara Adams, Peggy Jo Gate, Dianne Armistead, Rosetta Clark, Shirley Cutberth, Delores Smatherman, Clovis nn S e ielol. ROW 3: Jimrny Carpenter, Don Cauclill, Bob Workman, Jerry Blankenship, Lindel Carter, Wayen Willoughby, Bryon Dartey. ROW 4: James Bell, Buddy Beene. QF' Y 1 ROW 1: Pat Pentecost, Alva Murphy, Jo Ann Manley, Thomas Powell, Don Sharp, Alfredo Millot, Judy Mottoshed, Sonny Vance. ROW 2: Barbara Miller, Elizabeth Nicholson, Carolyn Watkins, Jock Marlin, Billy McCallum, Minnie Webb, Barbar McClenclon, Joe Woods. ROW 3: Anita Young, Betty Jean Staten, Virginia Prince, Nancy Orr, Barbara McGee, Betty Moulton, Jimmy Hunter, Wanda Short, Raymond Beard. ROW 4: Shirley Moon, Laquanna Mathews. ROW 5: Jerry Root, David Schmitz, Joe Warren, Kenneth Harris, Charles Reynolds, Kenneth Brewer. ROW 6: Milton Miller, Bob Nelson, Jimmy Wakeland, Ben Terry, Bobby Mercer. Sixty Class of June, i955 ROW l: Betty Sue Gilmore, Margaret Hill, Mary Slaughter, Jo Anne Glass, Elizabeth Dalton, Mary Duncan, Billie Haney, Sue Summers. ROW 2: Joan Guy, Lilly Bell Garner, Gay Harrison, Aline Hays, Peggy Hitt, Kay Fuller. ROW 3: Douglas Hester, Jean Guy, Shirley Hill, Shirley Goss, Neil Harris. ROW 4: David Ferguson, Herbert Harris, Richard Higginbotham, William Gregory, Dickey Goodrich. ROW 5: Charles Turbeville, Bucky Withrow, Charles Heald, Billy Harrison, Waller Good, .lack Harper, S. C. Lane. ROW 1: Sylvia Jordan, Barbara Martin, Mary Richards, Martha Hooper, Zula Lanier, .lo Ann Jones, Doris Hoover, Jackson. ROW 2: Shirley Mason, Mary Ann l.ile, Betty Hyman, Pat Ivy, Betty Horn, Barbara Keith, Barbara Hayers, Glenda ROW 3: Charles Hollingsworth, Rodger Leesman, David Jones, Eddie Lemione, Bob King, Max Loftin, Carl Lewis, ROW 4: Earl Houdyshell, Allen Hunter, Kenneth James, Joe Lockhart, David Graves, David Hooten, Charles Brown, Woodby. Shirley Wells, Joy Wakefield, Mary Ann Jarman. Dell White, Betty Splann. Ray White, Bobby Spurgeon, George Sixty-one -an h xx . . 5 xnwp W ffikvi 'Sidi - Q .-M qw P: .A ii E fi :A 3 13 4 4 13 3 3 5 1 I FAVORITE SENIOR BOY LA R px Y .szowager FAVORITE SENIOR GIRL .fdhce mickion Jzxly-luxe 4 ff I if Sixty-:ix BEST ALL-ROUND SENIOR BOY M, :zum JQM Sixty-J Sixty-eight FAVORITE UNDERCLASS BOY ELG! 'MJGIJOI1 FAVORITE UNDERCLASS GIRL eff? Karim! Sixtywzine Sewefzly BEST ALL-ROUND UNDERCLASS GIRL jo .Ann Smifh .Pr i A A , QALA in - qi- fx - , ph I 1 1 i BEST ALL-ROUND UNDERCLASS BOY JPBMG GOOJHIGIQ Sefxenty-one 9? fl Lf' Wl1o's Wlwo Fllell me ure National Honor Society Editor-in-chief of Acorn A 4-year Linz and Everts Awards National Finalist in Extemp. Speaking State 4AAAA Champ in Deloate, '51, Junior Rotarian ,l ,J 1' President of P. T. Aide! J' ' Vice-President of Nqljllal Forensic Chapter Vice-President ofyQ6bate Club Program Chai ijxarkwpf Key Club RO Otttklgl Club N 'ng hesplans 5 it A f 3 I P J -yeo.rfDebate Lettermanqjp- .5 R or W, fl i It X52 Seventy-two Clafbffe .Nunf President of National Honor Society Secretary of 4A Class ROTC Sponsor Oak Representative Acorn Staff Office Assistant -,-4 ' 'bt 1. X 'K Q.. " s 1 , - V , 1- -1. "'.. s. u pound! glazing President of Student Council President ot Adamson Chapter of National Forensic President of Key Club President of Debate Club President of Freshman Class Regimental ROTC Commander 3-year Debate Letterman Bi-State Champion in Debate, '50-'51 National Finalist in Debate National Honor Society 4-year Linz and Everts Awards M, :zum Jem President, 3B, 4B, 4A Vice-President, National Honor Society, Student Council Secretary Hi-Y, Secretary 2A's Key Club Junior Rotarion Three Time Winner of Gold Key Award Best All-Round Boy of '50-'52 Art Editor of Oak Sports Editor of Acorn 2-year Football Letterman Baseball Letterman All-City, All-State Honorable Mention in Football Sezfenly-folzr .szerry We gauhg National Thespians National Forensic League Future Teachers Allied Youth Student Assistant Senior Play Cast Student Council National Honor Society One Act Play Cast Best Actress City, '50 Four-year Linz and Everts ROTC Sponsor Awards 7We6nc!a Moy gowen ational Honor Society -year Linz Award and Everts Award aiorette ational Thespians avorite Underclass Girl, '51 ditor of Oak N elect Chorus enior invitation Committee llied Youth enior Play Cast 1-we '- ,Q . 1 35 is 5 455 l National Honor Key Club annie avid Society Pan American Club Officer's Club 4-year Linz and Rifle Team Oak Staff Everts Awards Linz Bible Award Allied Youth Civic Federation Seventy-five Hi-Y annie eer National Honor Society Rifle Team Officers' Club 4-year Linz Award 4-year Everts Award Motion picture operator Allied Youth W Key Club arrg afrion' Chairman of Senior 2nd Honor Graduate 4- l2giiix3nAEflq:2qilTee National Honor Society 4-year Everts AG d y Regimental Adiutant Senior PIG Cosyor Rifle Team Y National Thespians Seventy-tix ,J al'n25 gklldeflefl 4-year Linz Award 4-year Everts Award President of Allied Youth Vice-President of National Honor Society Senior Play Cast Key Club National Thespians Junior Citizens' Traffic Commission Senior Invitation Committee Blue Band C6165 analjdcfiuifiea sl v .3 il il it l 1 National Honor Society Janice Robbins. . . . . President. . . . . . Charlotte Hunt James Clendenen . . . Vice-President . . . .Billy Don Kerss Charlotte Hunt . . . . Secretary . . . Beverly Robinson MEMBERS l .Seventy-eiglaz t Joy Babb Jack Berry Shirley Blakely Floy Bourn Melinda Bowen Jerry Bramlett Carolyn Carpenter Mildred Carpenter George Carr Jimmy Clendenen Billie Conway Ronnie Davis Irven DeVore Alice Dickson Elaine Dillon Shirley Easley Ronnie Ewing Jane Fogleman Mary Sue Foster Donald Frasier Mary Fuller Barbara Gardiner Frances Giles Betty Hayes Ronnie Heer Sylvia Hendrix Betty Hill Beverly Holmquest Shirley Honeycutt Leta Mae Horn Betty Howard Jim Buck Huggins Charlotte Hunt Carolyn Huth Don Jacobsen Carol Johnson Eileen Johnston Patsy Jo Kelly Billy Don Kerss Dorothea Lankford George Lee Kathleen Lettwich Sherry McGauhey Evelyn McGlynn Ray McGregor Franklin Mottitt Lottie Sue Martin Frank Matthews Ann Mousner Patricia Murphy LeRoy Nichols Barbara Northwick Jo Ann Pennington Beverly Pulliam Bobby Rodriquez Sally Ramirez Myrna Randolph Sandra Roberts Janice Robbins Beverly Robinson Virginia Searcy Erma Lee Smith Suzanne Smith John Squier Joyce Stevens Johnnie Stone Johnny Thompson Andrew Tuma Beuton Voss Larry Watson Patricia Wheeler Martha Wilson T. W. Meek . . Janice Robbins . Sammy Nelson . Sherry McGaughey Louella Barton Edna Bearden Ed Bennett Valerie Bennett George Bowen Leo Burkholter Harry Busbee Leonard Butcher John Chappell Bobby Choate Don Coney Alice Dickson Carolyn Dinsmore Dana Donworth Ronnie Ewing Monte Fite David Ferguson Richard Geiger Freddie Goodman William Gregory Carolyn Harmon STUDENT COUNCIL . Faculty Sponsor . . President . . Vice-President . . Secretary . MEMBERS John Harrell Audrey Holloway Charles Hollingsworth Betty Sue Howard Barbara Hudgins Charlotte Hunt Richard Johnson Billy Don Kerss Thomas Leemaster Jessie Lewellen Karen Locke Ray McGregor Nola McKenzie Sherry McGauhey David McWithey Mollie Sue Martin Marie Meyers Ted Miller Shirley Moon Dean Morgan Paula Murphy Perna Nalls . . T. W. Meek . Ronnie Ewing . . Billy Don Kerss . Alice Dickson Don Norman Gene Pope Donald Ramsey Gary Roberson Betty Sanders Sally Satterwhite Larry Showalter Shirley Showalter Francis Slaughter Frances Smith Rodger Smith Larry Starks Don Steward Sherrell Stone Glenn Stringer Kenneth Thompson Bobby Tribble Beuton Voss Robert Wickline Anna Marie Wilson Tommy Wilson Sevwny-uma Eighty lrven DeVore . Sammy Timpa Alice Dickson . Perry Barton .lerre Bolin Betty Brock Juanda Bryant Mary Carsey Peggy Chandler Carol Chester Sam Davis Doris Davidson lrven DeVore Alice Dickson Margaret Ditson Melverne Doss Kaye Duncan Jeanette Gaines P.-T. A. AIDES MEMBERS Dixie Graham Mackie Grasinger George Gravley Jean Guy Betty Hayes Avalon Hill Cheree Hughes Carol Keele Dorothea Langford Wanda McWhorter Kenneth Mowrey Barbara Neal Betty Neel Elizabeth Nicholas Danice Norris President . Vice-President Sarah Overton Dorothy Packer Dianne Parkins Shirley Partin Delores Place Billy Don Powell Edwin Quinn Eva Robuck Marjorie Schmitt Frank Sloan Martha Swanner Sally Taylor Earline Thompson Peggy Turner Glenna Wright Secretary Dorothy Avrea Della Aycock Louella Barton Delores Beall Edna Mae Bearden Luther Brannon LuAnn Chittenden Patsy Collier Betty Cothran Marilyn McCoin Jackie McCrone Elaine Dillon Connie Dixie Rheau Nele Duncan Margie Ellis Bill Earnest STUDENT ASSISTANTS Julie Ferguson Diane Frazier Mary Fuller Barbara Gardner Jo Ann Glass Janet Harrison Charlie Hollingsworth Barbara Honeycutt Betty Howard Charlotte Hunt Carolyn Huth Minette Hyman Virginia Jonte Mary Ann Jackson Joyce Jones Chloe Kelly Bette Kirkpatrick Bob Lane Sherry McGauhey Barbara Martin Alfred Mellor Marie Meyers Bobbie Mitchell Betty Pateete Clifford Reed Carol Robbins Beverly Robinson Clovis Sheffield Shirley Showalter Suzanne Smith Helen Talbot Martha Vowels Anna Marie Wilson Eighty-one Y .J liiglaiy-urn Franklin Moffit . Beverley Robinson Beverly Aday . . Beverly Aday Patricia Bierhalter Thomas Bowman George Carr Bernice Church Ronnie Davis Connie Dixie Millard Fairchild Julie Ferguson Bill Freudiger Sarah Goins Julie Hale Joe Hansen Ronnie Heer Gwen Hoggard J Pan' Americans SPONSORS. . Virginia Juergens Roberta King Eugenio Newberry Betty Howard Peggy Johnson Gerald Knight G. V. Lewis Bobbie Mitchell Franklin Moffit Ann Mousner Kenneth Mowrey Paula Murphey Gloria Paine Patricia Pendley Patricia Ragland Don Ramsey Janice Robbins Beverly Robinson President . Vice-President Rex Rogers Sylvia Seale Virginia Searcy Shirley Showalter Frank Sloan Mary Nell Snider James Stepter Joy Stevens Lois Tabor Sally Taylor Robert Thomas Jane Watt Dana Welborne Jerry White Glenna Wright Secretary President . . Vice-President Secretary . . Vergie Athas Joy Babb Pelma Baty La Donna Bourns Ada Nell Brau Carol Carpenter Cleo Carter Kaye Duncan Tawana Hamilton Shirley Honeycutt Art Club MEREDITH SCHROEDER, Sponsor Billy Don Kerss Kathleen Leftwich Melvin Leslie Arlon Linclner Dotty Packer Diane Parkins Jerry Pittman Jamie Portwood Mary Reeves Steve Rodriquez Shirley Honeycutt . . Elaine Dillon . Jo Ann Wheeler Schroeder Miss Carolyn Shaver Leanne Stinson Dale Stith Shirley Sullivan Martha Vowels Jo Ann Wheeler Runelle White Buddy Williams Eighty-three Eighty-four Fall Janice Robbins . Ronnie Ewing . lrven DeVore . Virginia Ballard Frank Beardsley Sue Benson Shirley Blakely Connie Boone Juanda Bryant Dan Coney Mitzi Crater Irven DeVore Mariorie Ellis Ronnie Ewing Carolyn Harmon D e b a te OFFICERS . . President . . Vice-President . . Secretary . Sponsors ANNE PATRICK JOE STALCUP CARL NUTLEY MEMBERS Cheree Hughes Olin Johnson Pauline Knight Junella La Rue Charles Lawler Leroy Logan Sherry McGaughey Larry Martin Frank Matthews Robert Moffit Robert Myers Pat Penclley Spring Ronnie Ewing Irven DeVore Frank Matthews Gordon Robertson Bobby Rodriguez Marjorie Schmitt Peggy Shelby Carol Smith Johnnie Stone Martha Swanner Sonny Vance Johnny Wilson Tommy Wilson Robert Worley Joyce Zemlicka MEMBERS Fall Sherry McGaughey Beverly Pulliam . Janice Robbins . Alice Dickson . Shirley Blakely . Dorothy Avrea Della Aycock Virginia Ballard Shirley Blakely Melinda Bowen Jim Carpenter Jimmy Clendenen lrven DeVore Alice Dickson Connie Cixie Joan Duncan Margie Ellis Julie Ferguson Shaneen Gahagan Jo Anna Gaugh National Thespians WILHELMINA HEDDE, Sponsor . . President . . . . Vice-President . . . Secretary . . . . . Treasurer . . . . Acorn Reporter . Spring Sherry McGaughey . . . Betty Hayes . . Mickey McCoin . . Dorothy Avrea . Carolyn Wamble Frances Giles Betty Hayes Sylvia Hendrix Jim Huggins Bobby King Sandra Liverman Marilyn McCoin Jacqueline McCrone Sherry McGaughey Charles McMerrill Suwanee McNellis Boy Meyers Robert Moffat Barbara Neal Barbara Northwick Jo Ann Pennington Beverly Pulliam Sue Quick Myrna Randolph Janice Robbins Erma Lee Smith Jo Smith Nancy Smith Bill Steenburgen Helen Talbot Carolyn Wamble Larry Watson Martha Wilson Shirley Yates Eighty-five Eigfffy-fix Fall Hi-Y Gary Marrs . . President . Kenneth Klmbrell John Harrell . .Vice-President . . . John Harrell Paul Painter . . . Secretary . . Billy Don Kerss W. H. HILL, Sponsor " Randall Allen Talmage Baker Roy Denney Don Dillard Raymond Dixon Howard Evans Ross Harrington Freddie Goodman John Harrell Norman Hinson Billy Don Kerss Kenneth Kimbrell George Lee David McWithey James Marks Mack Monroe Mike Montgomery Bruce Norman Richard Parker Jimmy Perry Cy Peters H. L. Powell Jimmy Rodgers Jack Ruth Larry Showalter Jim Spencer Paul Tadlock Larry Watson Y-Teens Tawana Hamilton . ...... . . President Leanne Stinson . . . Vice-President Elaine Dillon ......... Secretary Faculty Sponsors MABEL ROCKETT MINNIE BRAMLETTE Carolyn Baumgartner Ella Mae Bloom Betty Brock Joan Bullis Peggy Chandler Nancy Chittenden Leah Ray Crenshaw Elaine Dillon Joan Duncan Kaye Duncan Anita Epperson Joyce Finny Shirley Futch Tawana Hamilton Billie Haney Andy Hensley Peggy Hill Ruth Holt Nadine Johnson Shirley Morrow MEMBERS Marie Myers Barbara McClendon Sarah Overton Fanny Owens Diane Parkins Patsy Panky Mary Perdue Jamie Portwood Barbara Reed Eva Robuck Ann Rowe Sally Satterwhite Jo Ann Sisk Marlene Slayton Helen Smith Leanne Stinson Sue Summers Beverly Tillison Delores Vandever Jessamine White Eighty-:even Eighty-eight Dallas Historical Society WINNIE LANGFORD, Sponsor OFFICERS President . . ..... Jeanette Gaines Vice-President . . . Barbara Neal Secretary . . ..... Carolyn Carpenter MEMBERS Myrna Brown Carolyn Carpenter Millard Fairchild Jeanette Gaines Beverlyn Holmquest Jane Hooten Carolyn Huth Gloria Johnson Dorothea Lankford Harold McCollum Marilyn McCoin Jacqueline McCrone Barbara Neal Sue Quick Burton Reynolds Jeannean Russell Jeanette Tolliver Joyce Stevens Carolyn Wamlole Library Council FRANCES THOMPSON, Sponsor President . . . Vice-President . Secretary . . . Treasurer . Patricia Bailey Thomas Bowman Shirley Burris Donald Dempsey . . . . Barbara Norfhwick . Thomas Bowman . Margaret Ditson . . . . . Donald Dempsey MEMBERS Margaret Ditson Barbara Northwick Barbara Oakes Shirlene Ripple Eighty-nine N inezy Red Cross Council President . Sponsor .... Carolyn Baumgartner lla Beth Browning Mary Carsey Joan Drummond Joyce Ferguson Emogene Frank . . . . Joyce Ferguson . . Miss ldabel Cabcmiss Sue Harden Minnette Hyman Delores Lochridge Emley Lyle Sammy Timpa Key Club Fall Spring Ronnie Ewing . . President . . Ronnie Ewing J. W. Cash . . .Vice-President . Larry Showalter Gary Marrs . . . Secretary . . Harry Busbee JOE STALCU P, Sponsor Jimmy Baker Talmage Baker Ed Bennett Jerre Bolin Harry Busbee Edgar Casey J. W. Cash Irven DeVore Ronnie Davis Herman Deevers Ronnie Ewing Freddie Goodman John Harrell C. W. Hefner Robert Irion Olin Johnson Billy Don Kerrs George Lee Garry Marrs Mike Montgomery Jimmy Perry Archie Robinson Bobby Rodriquez Larry Showalter Jim Edd Spencer Paul Tadlock Don Thurman Tommy Wilson Jackson Yium Ninety-one N inety-turn Gak Editorial Statt JEANETTE ALSTON, Sponsor Editor ......... Melinda Bowen Art Editor ........ Billy Don Kerss Assistants - Ronnie Davis, Martha Wilson, Franklin Mottitt, Carol Keele, Sandra Liverman Oak Business Siaff CHRISTINE HAMMOCK, Sponsor Carolyn Decker Carolyn Mandeville Merle Ramirez Charles Hollingsworth Jackson Yium Jerry White Harold McCollum N inety-three Ninety-luur Randall Allen Diane Armisteacl Della Aycock Connie Boone Geraldine Brown Joan Bullis Carol Cannon James Clendenen Wilma Coats Sara Crumbie Don Dillard Jeannene Elmore Janie Fogleman Mary Sue Foster John Franks Oak Representatives Billy Fullenwicler Patsy Gerard Richard Haywood Julie Hale Sylvia Hendrix Margaret Hill Robert Hill Ruth Holt Carol Johnson Tommy Kelly Zula Lanier Sandra Liverman Joyce Long Marilyn McCoin Peggy Manchen Charles Moore Georgia Moore Sylvia Navarro Ann Nobles Nancy Orr Glen Paine Bobby Rodriquez Leon Sanford Clovis Sheffield Glena Smith Pat Smith Norma Timby Jessamine White Marvin Wilmouth Shirley Yates Acorn Staff MISS HENRIETTA EISENLOHR, Faculty Sponsor Editor-in-Chief . Assistant Editor . Business Manager . Exchange Editor . Editor-in-Chief . . Assistant Editor . . Advertising Manager Business Manager . R.O.T.C. Editor . . Sports Editors . . Girl's Sports Editor . Typist ..... Exchange Editor . Fall . . . . . . Joyce Glass . . . Evelyn McGlynn . . Don Caldwell . . Jeanette Walden Spring . . . . Irven DeVore . . . .John Squier . . Bobby Rodriquez . . . . . . .Billy Post . . . . . Alston Morgan Jol1n Skelton, Billy Don Kerss, George Gravley . . . . . . Joyce Jones . . Charlotte Hunt . LuAnt1 Chittenden N mely-li ue Ninety-:ix Book Review Club MISS LORINE HIGGINBOTHAM, Sponsor President . . . Patricia Ragland Secretary .... . . Betty Thrash Vice-President . . . . . Lolita Hill Program Chairman . . . Marry Nell Snider Social Chairman . . . . Paula Murphy Patricia Bierhalter Ada Nell Brau Patsy Fields Manon Gibbs Lolita Hill Paula Murphy Patricia Ragland Carol Smith Virginia Searcy Mary Nell Snider Helen Stewart Betty Thrash Charlene Utley Carolyn Holbert Pat Maples Gwendolyn Johnson Tommy Adrian John Allen Jackie Bagget Nancy Best Tommy Birchman Tommy Bragg Bobby Brown Gerald Campbell Bobby Cannon Dorothy Carter Robert Cox Peggy Davis Robert Davis Sue Sarol Davis Claudine Denman George Dlabai Y 1 Distributive Education Kenneth Ewing Johnny Glasscock Billy Green Donnie Griffis Dea Lynn Griffith Marion Holcolm Betty Hill Nickie Julian Sandra Lane Bobby La Rue Dorothy Leonard Don Linebarger Virginia Manning Morris Mewborn Gene Montgomery Bobby Jean Moon y x Paula Murphy Marilyn Moore Mary Oler Doris Post Billy Don Powell Shirley Prather Bobby Risinger Richard Schroeder Pat Smith Bobby Stafford Carma Stone Betty Turney Bettie Wade Melvin Watson Patsy Whitten Willie Wright Ninety-Jevefz Civic Feclerotion New I ROW 1: Kathleen Leftwich, Beverly Robinson, Betty ROW 2: Lottie Sue Martin, Frankie Moffitt, Ronnin Howard, Beverly Aclciy, Carol Johnson, Chcirlsie Bretel. Dovis, Virginia Jackson. Blue Boincl l Ninety-eight Allied Youth W. T. HAMILTON, Sponsor 'esident ......... James Clendenen Buddy Cook rst Vice-President . . . Johnny Thompson fcond Vice-President . . . . Jimmy Baker ibara Adams Jerre Bolin lriel Adams Floy Bourn verly Aday 'ce Alemon A. Allen 'ndall Allen ide Anderson trtha Anderson is Andrian nne Armistead Armstrong la Aycock i Babb 'nmie Baine madge Baker lmy Baker n Baker ginia Ballard yce Ballew vid Baird ggy Ball rman Barnes :ella Barton P. Barnett Fty Becker arlene Bell rley Benningfield aa Mae Bearden lanne Ben on hard Berry :lie Bevering ma Lou Bilclerback xrley Blakely lyne Blank tharine Blankenship hcy Best nes Bloom 'inie Boone y Bourland iald Bowen :Jrge Bowen 1 Mae Bloom La Donna Bourns Harry Busbee Harry Bowman Luther Brannon Charlsie Bretel Geraldine Brown Buddy Bryan Gene Burdine Ben Burris Ada Nell Brau Bettye Brock Jean Brunner Duward Bean Joan Bullis Jack Bullock Joyce Burns Leonard Butcher Don Caldwell Johnny Cameron Bobby Joe Campbell Bobby Earl Cannon Carolyn Carpenter Jim Carpenter Mary Ann Carson Betty Ann Carter J. W. Cash Shirley Caviness Vivian Chandler Peggy Chandler Carol Chester Glyn Church Dorris Clayton James Clendenen Anne Clothier Charles Coday Patsy Collier Doris Collins Wilma Coats Clifford Cook Bob Coons James Cornehls Clars Connell Tommy Cowgill Alroy Cox A. W. Cox Robert Cox Tommy Craft Mitzi Crater Shirley Cronkhite Peggy Davis Ronnie Davis Alfred Dean Rosa Lee Dennis Betty Denton lrven De Vore Alice Dickson Raymond Dickson Don Dillard Carolyn Dinsmore Jerry Donald Melverne Doss Joan Duncan Kaye Duncan Ann Eames Danny Eason Linda Easley Jeannene Elmore Delores Emmit Janice Enright Anita Epperson J. L. Epps J. C. Eudy Patricia Fagan Cleta Fair Barbara Farmer Dianne Frazier Thomas Fair Millard Fairchild Barbara Farrar Bobbie Farrell Wayne Finch Third Vice-President . Secretary .... Acorn Reporter . Cartoonist . Louise Frank Bill Freudiger George Foerster Mary Sue Foster John Fulghum Shanneen Gahagan Jeanette Gaines Sarah Gains Barbara Gardner Don Gazzaway Richard Geiger Sydney George Manon Gibbs Sandra Gilbert Norma Gilliland Edwina Giltner Joyce Glass Roy Glass Johnny Glasscock Sarah Goins Robert Good Mike Goodwin lewis Gordon Clara Grady Dixie Graham David Grossman Dea Lynn Griffith Donnie Griffis Jimmy Gumm Jean Lois Guy Charlotte Holland William Hamilton Tawana Hamilton Billy Haney Joe Hansen Kenneth Harris Marlin Harris Gay Harrison Janette Harrison Doris Havins Kathleen Hart Betty Hayes Myrna Randolph . Janice Robbins . . . Jo Smith . Shirley Honeycutt Sylvia Hendrix Charles Hedgcoth Janette Hedgcoth Ronnie Heer C. W. Hefner James Henry Melvin Henderson Lee Herman C. M. Hester Betty Hill Lolita Hill Linton Hinton Louise Hatcher Norma Hinson Peggy Hitt Marion Holcolme Shirley Hollabough Juanita Holland Nelda Holland Charles Hollingsworth Beverly Holmquest Ruth Holt Barbara Honeycutt Shirley Honeycutt Jane Hooten Leta Mae Horn Betty Howard Gary Howell Martha Hooper Bob Huffines Cheree Hughes Charlotte Hunt Carolyn Huth Betty Jo Hyman Albert Ingram Jack lrick Pat Ivy Jackie Jackson Jerald Jackson Virginia Jackson Joyce Jacobs Don Jacobsen Ninety-ning One Hundrecl Glenda Jarman Leon Jenkins Odice Jenkins Carol Johnson Carol Johnson Gloria Johnson Louida Johnson Gwen Johnson Peggy Johnson Vaughan Johnson Joyce Jones Herschal Jones Jo Anne Jonte Billy Jordan Donald Keacon Jerry Keen Kenneth Kellett Patsy Jo Kelley Billy Don Kerss Kenneth Kimbrell Max Kincaid Bob King Gerald Knight David Ladymon Margaret Ladymon Bob Lane Richard Long Dorothy Lasiter Jerry Laza Gene Leonard Carl Lewis Leslie Long G. V. Lewis Zula Sue Lanier Dorothea Lankford Martha Layton Kathleen Leftwich Jim Leyhe Don Linebarger Virgie Lindsay Delores Lockridge Duwayne Lundgren Pobbv McAfee Wanda McClellan Barbara McClendon Marilvn McCoin Harold McCollum Charles McCrone Pat McCrone Jacaueline McCrone W. H. McCuiston Sherry McGaughey Barbara McKee Janet McKinney Sid McKissack Peggy Jo MaGouirk J. D. Malone Jo Ann Manley Ben Jack Marlar Barbara Martin Larry Martin Lottie Martin Molly Sue Martin Frank Matthews Laquanna Matthews Wayne Matthews Betty Moulton Anita Merchant Morris Mewbourn Alfredo Millat Barbara Miller Milton Miller Aubrey Mitchell Bobbie Ruth Mitchell Caroline Mizell louis Mizell Mike Montgomery Bobby Jean Moon Alma Moore Donald Moore Gary Moore Marilyn Moore Edmond Morgan Jovce Morrison Margaret Mosely Kenneth Mowrey Ann Mousner Judy Mattashed Alva Murphey Pat Murphy Barbara Neal Wayne Neal Betty Neel Sammy Nelson Glenda Newsom Charlie Nichols lee Roy Nichols Elizabeth Nichol'on Don Norman Barbara Northwick Pat Notson Nanfv Orr Don Onstott Ledora Osborne Sarah Overton Tommie Owen Fannie Owen Marilee Paige Gloria Paine Paul Painter Bobbie Palmer Patsy Pankey Rosalyn Page David Peasner Pat Pendley Jo Ann Pennington Pat Pentecost Jerry Peters Gloria Pettit Betty Pierce Delores Place Jamie Portwood Gene Pope H. L. Powell Thomas Powell Shirley Prather Charles Pribble Patsy Prince Virginia Prince Billy Pruett Cleavie Puckette Beverly Pulliam Myrna Randolph Carol Rasmussen Charles Reed Bobby Reynolds Charles Reynolds John Reynolds Jack Rhodes Lloyd Roach Carol Robbins Janice Robbins Maud Roberts Beverly Robinson Eva Roebuck Jane Rogers Rex Rogers Patricia Ross Jack Ruth Martha Sandeter Betty Sanders Leon Sanford Donna Sappington Richard Sasser Sally Satterwhite Charles Schell Mariorie Schmitt .lo Ann Scoma Jackie Scott Svlvia Seale Torn Shatter William Sharp Kenneth Sides louise Sikes Gale Sistrunk Penv Smith Frances Smith George Smith Jo Smith Iohn Smith Pat Smith Paulene Smith R. N. Smith Mary Snider Willis Speck Jim Spencer Shirley Spence:- Bobby Spurgeon. Richard Stallings Bobby Stamps Robert Stark Mildred Stembridge Leslie Stephens James Stepter Joy Stevens ,Joyce Stevens Carolyn Stewart Helen Stewart Jerelle Stewart Myra Stewart Phyllis Stith Dale Stith Kenneth Stokes Carma Stone Yvonne Stovall Shirley Sullivan Ann Summers Sue Summers Billy Tabor Helen Talbot Charlotte Tankersley June Terry Ann Thomas Douglas Thomas Earlene Thompson Gene Thompson Johnny Thompson Mary Thompson Don Thurman Renee Tillery Beverly Tillison Sammy Timpo Peggy Tosh Andrew Tuma Dorothy Utter Dolores Vandever Sonny Vance Peggy Vinson Betty Wade Joe Wages Joy Wakefield Jeanette Walden Walter Waldie Carolyn Wamble Joe Warren Robert Warren Carolyn Watkins Ray Watkins Bud Watson Carolyn Watson Jane Watt Carolyn Webb Dana Welborne Pat Wheeler Joy White Runelle White Hugh Wickham Juanita Wier Wayne Willoughby Kay Wilson Morris Wilson Howard Winters Robert Wise Barbara Wolfe Jack Wood Linda Wooley Philip Wright Collene Wyatt Patsy Wyatt Jackson Yium Charlene York Connie Young Richard Young Gym Assisto nts Ice Skating Club One Hundred One Motion Picture Operators Q i In 'Q .X 2? 23 Pi 5 3? l 5 i ROW 'l: David Ladymon, Ronnie Heer. ROW 3: H. G. Lovell, Charles Moore, Kenneth War ROW 2: Patsy Wilson, Pat Teague, Iris Cooper. Glyn Church, Edmund Morgan. Stage Crew ROW 'I: H. G. Lovell, Marvin Witherow, Tony Smith, ROW 2: Douglas Thomas, Harold Justice, Charl Bobby Folse. McMerrill, Jerry Blankenship, Charles Moore. One Hznzdred Two Reserve Officers' Training Corps P? One Hundred Three Color Guard Billy Jordan John Skelton Jack Bullock Regimental Staff ss 'IE-mar. M, M w.-'f,,i'a?...,.e, .. g7m4-w1,'f1w anyway, ,,V,. ,, nlsgafwiywgpfu wfjffierjgv N ,,,.-,g,,,.-5,,., SE-','::" 4 " :'..- -,V R Robert Lee Larry Watson Willis Brumley Royce Ballew Ronnie Ewing Lu Officers' Club FOREGROUND: Willis Brumley. ROW 1: Philip Wright, Robert Lee, Larry Watson, Ronnie Ewing, Royce Ballew, Don Kitchens, Billy Neal, Andrew Tuma, Gerald Knight. ROW 2: Sammy Timpa, Leland Denton, Carl Young, Talmage Baker, Ted Furgeson, John Squire, Ronnie Davis. ROW 3: Norman Barnes, Steve Milner, Heer. ROW 4: Billy Post, Allen Kroger, Hugh Wickham, Fred Rotunna, Don Thurman, J. R. Bell. Band Q E ROW 'l: Don Thurman, J. Robert Bell, Donald Kitchens, Norman Barnes. ROW 2: Mr. Myers, Andrew Tuma, Leroy Logan, C. L. Eudy, Bob Lane, Robert Moffat, J. C. Eudy, Glenn Ouzts. ROW 3: Bobby Meyers, Duward Bean, David Ladymon, Edmund Morgan, Ernest Gaddy, Clark Gentry, Billy Paul Bourland, Edgar Casey. ROW 4: lrven DeVore, Bobby Compton, Jack Corbett, Edward Quinn, Hollis Cowman. R.O.T.C. sors 'fir ' l Suzanna Smith, Perry Barton, Peggy Swaggerty, Charlotte Hunt, Elaine Dillon, Sherry McGaughey, Peggy Wright. One Illnmlrecl Five it - ., . W . .T it t Co m pa ny A FOREGROUND: Henry Jordan, Philip Wright, Steve Milner, Carl Young, Alston Morgan. ROW l: Donnie Griffis, Billy Taber, Carleton Williams, Robert Terrell, Joe Woods, Howard Wells, Raymond Beard, David Cruze, Bobby Choate, C. M. Hester, Johnny Cameron. ROW 21 Bi: Chlmbief TOTTI Bfitiinghdm, Eddie Bf00lCSf Ned Pederson, Willie Wright, Billy McCallum. Tommy Powell, James Goss, Jimmy Pennington, Jerry Wrig t. ROW 32 Neil l'lCll'I'l5. JBFVY Boliri, l'lG"VeY Shepherd, Carl Lewis, W. D. l'l0llon, Gerald Oliver, Monte Cole, Jerry Dyson, Charles Turbeville, Herbert Garoutte, Jimmy Ledbetler. ROW 4: Dlonald Hensley, Vonnie Lightfoot, Charlie Herman, Joe Pearson, Ted Miller, Kenneth Gibbons, Leonard Butcher, Jimmie Clemons, John Lynes, Buddy Wi iams. ROW 5: Donald Reagan, George Smith, Henry Brunner, Benny Widener, Winilired Kirklin, Bobby Cowan, Ed Bennett, Bill Grable, Albert Cunningham. ROW 6: Edward Flaherty, Charles Reynolds, Bobby Plyler, Harley Holland, Don Norman, Burton Eubanks, Larry Starr, Gordon Robertson, Wayne Bibby. FOREGROUND: Tommy Hefner, Sammy Timpa, Robert Woods, Leland Denton, Allen Kroger. ROW l: Duwayne Lundgren, David Larson, Billy Tullingwider, Adran Peterson, Gerald Spencer, Carl Marson, Teddy Shores, Billy Watson, Kenneth James. ROW Sherrill Stone, Don Carruth, Michael Golbreth, Ray White, Jack Hayes, Jimmy Carpenter, Tony Smith, Robert Worley, Bobby King, Millard Fairchi . ROW 3: Mark Kuehne, Tommy Wilson, Bucky Witherow, Cecil Stone, Jerald Honeycutt, Willoughby Wayne, Jan Commons. ROW 4: Joe McCallum, Bobby Stamps, Bobby Mercer, Sidney George, Charles Barnes, Tommy Adrian, Bruce Ray, Tommy Craft, Jessie Barnes ROW 5: James Boyd, Don Coldwell, Thomas Lemaster, Buddy Cook, Paul Jinley, Ronnie Stewart, Bruce Ray, Brick Moore, Billy Fred Peck., Charles Brown. agar ' W , . sf , ' 2' Company C FOREGROUND: Ronnie Davis, Bobby Swan, Ted Ferguson. ROW 'l: Wayne Finch, Gene Wright, Larry Martin, Jimmy Sullivan, David Janes, Alva Murphy, Bobby Phelps, Robert Burkhard, Melvin Thomas, Carroll Stevens, Ray Lewis, Eugene Smith, Allen Hunter. ROW 2: Charles Lawler, Bobby Huffines, Henry Matthews, Gene Ewing, Jack Walker, Jerry Root, Roy Cannon, Leo Logan, Charles Hollingworth, Don Myers, Donald Moore, Richard Sasser. I ROW 3: George Bowen, Jack Bullock, Leonard Butcher, Richard Cruz, Joe Davis, Jimmy Depew, Bobby Ratcliff, John Hayes, Frank Cadwalloder, Frankie M ff'n. ROV! 4: John Reynolds, Richard Berry, Melvin Watson, Charles Bailey, John Neothery, Edward Joplin, Wayne Neal, Clifford Reed, Billy Jordan, Johnny Wilson. ROW 5: Harold Justice, Paul Cain, Bobby Philipps, Jack Shepherd, Herman Evans. Company D FOREGROUND: Billy Neel, Gerald Knight, Aldredge Tillison, D. Talmage Baker, Hugh Wickham. ROW 'l: Billy Lewis, Robert Irion, Jack Spangler, Gene Martin, Richard Pol mer, Douglas Hester, Henry Cooper, Bryan Daugherty, Jimmy Coson, Norman Hayes, Gary McAfee. ROW 2: John Skelton, Kenneth Tribble, Bobby McAfee, Benny Hopper, Dean Morgan, Charlie Hedgcoth, Don Payne, Jesse Laswell, Joe Gibbons, Mack Goodwin, James Davis. ROW 3: Gail Sistruck, Kenneth Banks, John Franks, Jerry Blankenship, Ray Ballard, Cleve Puckette, Don Onstatt, Robert Hill, Lloyd Roach. ROW 4: Johnny Hook, Alfred Dean, Jimmy Cate, Joe O'Lexy, Jimmy Blank, Milton Miller, John Sondridge, Calvin Stegall. ROW 5: Mike Goodwin, Charles Hearld, Ralph Hunt, Alton Smith, John Payne, Bill Quattlebauml w,:t.1,..,, ",11ggag-ms: 1, ,wggwt1.1w,::ffffl::g-Q'f - f J . ' Rifle Teolm Uiliihl Klhdlkim XlQi5li Drill Teolm ixmsmsria .Siaorfd Maiorerfes ROW 'l: Jeannean Elmore, Melinda Bowen, Betty Hayes. ROW 2: Martha Wilson, Anna Marie Wilson, Barbara Crow. Leopa rdetfes BOBBY AHLFINGER BUZZY CHAPPELL JO ANN SISK SAMMY NELSON CHEER PATSY PANKEY SUWANEE McNELLIS LEADERS JOAN DUNCAN' WILLIS BRUMLEY One Hundred Eleven Q, if JACKIE WOO DS GUARD Aormsok ' HUSTIIJT. TALIVIAGE BAKER GUARD DON DILIQARD GUARD .- -... - .' MW" Noknnu HINSON TACKLE One Hundred Twelve CHARLES REED TI-ICKLE - ' I ,fi BQ!! B1 BL ' W. :, 3::5:g51.,53 ,,g:g..g., 5 i 3 aw .. 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ROW 3: Bobby Plyler, Jack Brannon, Gene Peters, Jerry Donald, Eddie Horton, Clinton Twadell, Steve Landrum, William Gregory, Jodie Loftis, Bill Grable, Bill One Hzmdred Sixteen ROW 3: John Polk, Eddie Currie, Leslie Stephens, Bobby Pitcock, Edwin Casonl James Boyd, Clifford Cook, Raymond Dixon, Jimmy Rogers, Don Stewart, Jacld Hickman, David McWithey, Billy Don Kerss. ROW 4: Kenneth Thompson, Harry Rassmussen, Jim Bob McMains, John Fulghuml Alton Smith, Charlie Nichols, Robert Warren, Jim Ed Spencer, Bud Watson, Billy Boliannon, W. C. Bills, Farrington, Paul Painter. I d It I I I I I I I I I I l l l I n I I Fredde, Harold Justice, Richard Maas, Billy Harris. ROW 4: Mr. Boley, Mr. Head, Robert Irion, Sterling White, James Mousner, Rogel Potts, Don Norman, Archie Robinson, Eugene Anderson, John Coates, Otis Jenkins Ray Lewis, Richard Cantrell, Lindell Stocks, Mr. Hill. ROW 5: Billy Walden, Ben Marlon, Jimmy Wakeland, Gene Wright, Sammy Davis, Bob Nelson, Jimmy Nelson, Don Thomas, Herman Devers, David Graves, Joe Grigsby. One I-Inmlren' Seventeen lvl -f l-1 zuzzired X WEFIREY ADAMSON TECH ,,,,,, 54-26 , 42-26 " N. DI-HMS .... 5o-52 " 80-5? 6 SUN 8E7T..1,46-47 n ll S u 66 .JI-7 " FOREST ...... 75-48 72 '7 " -42 ffv ?T5 T lu. I 2, . ' .',.: ql, z 5 K A, ,, , ,, ,IQ , ,V . sys' ' . Q ff- --- 'X .: Z A, I V' V, ,. Igx , E zz' V A -'W ,-sb :Q , .1 -V ,L , - :IE , Eg, : ..,,. 2 N A, , A , .A 4 ., Q . ., X 'f x , , new ' P2 2 ,.., ...,., ., ',-- ' - -V Q 2 .,,, 1 H ,,:1-1 z 5: ' sis' ga -' e M 1 ""' " -1' ' 1 .8 - yr Q 2 , ' J.:-3 - '- SE: -r .. . ' , '--:1 A .f - , Q rss: ..:.':::51:5-E::::,.. 1 we x ,.A,AA Q:-:- .A.. 1 - n , f ' :., W A Q f- 2 ""' z -:1: ., X , ' 'Ee , . V - 4x::::::,::,5E::E:!v I .L I : ,. . .,,,. Z . THA xx -1:5 N. , I ,. f 2 X -15:55. "--- . ', I ' Ji ,Q XA - iw., nf 9 - , 1 ,... Ef f XJ? 7 L 229 XR ., ,V VE: H ..... W -:--V f L .,.,. 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Look 'em over today! 1 o GUN RENTALS REPAIRS K EYS complete service 108-10 E Jefferson BUY TODAY-12 MONTHS T0 PAY! -5 if ,," it - For ' 5 1 . , 0 r 1 - 108-10 E. Jefferson Ph. M-1022 nn. wo-1022 g One Hundred Tloirly-eight RED BRYAN'S SMQKE Heusa Since 1910 Barbecue a Specialty Stuclents Always Welcome 610 West Jefferson GOHQIOAIWZGI1 fd of BARRETT CLEANERS FINE CLEANING COLD STORAGE 702 E. Jefferson W0-81 T T Th S h Most Modern Cl Pl E. W. Kerr, Owne Kantz Furniture Company Beckley af Davis Phone YA-8343 FINE FURNITURE M I C H A E L 1 S Compliments of Jefferson and Cumberland CHARCOAL BROILED HAMBURGERS ENGINEERING CORPORATION DELICIOUS ICE CREAM SUNDAES THICK MALTS Butler R. A. Household Goods of All Ki.nds Largest Stock - Lowes! Prices BeCk'eY G' Mem" ooo Lor MERCANTILE coMPANY 303 N. BECICIGY II4 Norih Lancaster Dallas, Texas WO-9465 S. V. MCCARLEY, Owner FR-0688 Carla, 52.060 your l9lwr.,,m,,,Ae, 2126 Forr Worth Ave., Dallas, Texas Phone YU-8900 One I-Ilmdred F0 fly-0 Compliments ot TENNESSEE MILK Your Best Food At Its Best I TENNESSEE MILK Your Best Food At Its Best Compliments from Wynnewood Window -I-HE LISBON Corcls-Gifts-Concly 609 Wynnewood Plozo your jamif jLealer lf , WE-3275 Gf EILSON Beauty College Finest in Dallas and the Southwest Beauty Culture Oifers Splendid Careers in Operating, Managing, Demonstrating, Selling, Teaching, and State Supervising. 412 W. Jefterson Year Around Air Conditioning Phone WO-0458 O H rZrerZF ty! EAGLE GROCERY 8. MARKET J. C. Penny Co., Inc. rO,,Q.,Qlgfyf0Od I2OI NORTH BISHOP 425 West Jefferson f,. . ,,hc WS From Penny,Sl T DUNN!GAN'S SERVICE STATION WS Righr, A IOth and Beckley l MAGNOLIA PRODUCTS I Phone WE-8479 YY, ,I , OAK CLIFF PHARMACY WO-5I2I Tenth and Lancaster Adamson Wash-O-Matic Dallas, Texas IO2 E. Ninth Street Over a Million Prescriptions and Fifty-one Years of Service Phone WI-0175 FREE DELIVERY I I HOBBY CENTER HOBBIES 8. CRAFTS FORTEVERYONE BALSA WOOD LEATHER 209A W.Jetferson Phone WE-0298. I R4 . BOATS MODEL CARS One Hundred Forty-three AYS Jewelry Co. DIAMONDS 0 WATCHES 0 GIFTS Oak Clitf's Oldest Jewelers 367 West Jefferson WO-5977 TEXAS ARMY AND NAVY S RPLUS T28 W. Jefferson Phone YU-T 983 Complete Line of ROTC and Mititary Supplies HUNTERS' AND FlSHERMEN'S HEADQUARTERS LARGE STOCK OF PAINT DRY GOODS TENTS TOOLS snoes TARPAULINS TOOL Boxes JACKETS RUBBER BOATS PAINT anusues BOOTS auNIcs AND MATTRESSES COME IN AND BROUSE AROUND - -D mm T, , CI 8 D The ook cuff lplon S ecmers Vers Young Men's Christian , , Ass'n Suppomng and Rooimg for the i Goes Forward With the Youth of Leopards for 20 Years t Adamson High School i JOIN THE "Y" TODAY H6 S' Beckley WO'O397 A For Fun, Fellowship, Friendship I Tenth and Beckley YA-3138 One l'1ll71!1l7'6d Forly-four ,warm . ltswgli faq cs ' gvoa 95-0-nu' - . Ring 81 Brewer is at M Q We call for ancl deliver your prescriptions free MARSALIS PHARMACY Complete Drug and Fountain Service R.O.T.C. headquarters! A 'r-- F' R c.J. NicHoLs,Pr0p. ,. ,,t, S Regulation R.O.T.C. WC-5177 Xl shoe in smooth 301 NOFTI1 MGFSOIIS WO-5178 V 4 cordovan brown leather with Q M ' rubber - l isp Y ' "eel Compliments of I 7-45' , "l:r ' f LAUNDRY SUPREME Q .r-- C ,,A- x Q Q "1-1, ,V D . X., 'X M 't": Illl I 2 M in - r-et LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING ,Price whim X 5 -l.A Pick-up and Delivery Service to change 'MXN , "'i" --- . , WM' me fr 400 w. Jerferson YA-3147 CADET UNIFORMS ' FURNISHINGS ' INSIGNIA 9 -V f LADEN'S FOOD MARKET Free Delivery Service 519 West Davis YA-1 183 f , Q3 - WO'0826 YA-0830 WALKER BROS. MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION Zangs Blvd. and Davis Street 219 W. Jefferson WO-1082 J, L, WALKER RAY WALKER QP Trade in Oak Cliff - Your Neighborhood Friendly Store l One Hundred Forty-H110 SCHOOL BOOKS AND SUPPLIES Frances King Book Shop and Rental Library Greeting Carols Magazine Subscriptions 929 W. Jelterson YU-8665 Your Patronage Will Be Appreciated YANTIS READY-TO-WEAR lNear Edgefielcl and Davisj Wl-4906 1321 West Davi HAMlLTON'S PHARMACY Prescriptions Called for and Delivered Fast Motorized Delivery WO-591 1 E SHAFVS Compliments of Ball Nut Candy Co. Salted Nuts Fine Candies 409 S. Beckley WO-0078 I , Your dollar buys more shoe values at . . . ' O sT0"'ES I fl Oak Cliff - 310 W. Jefferson University Park 6812 Snider Pl. East Dallas - 1910 Skillman WATKINS MUSIC COMPANY Pianos - Sheet Music O Band and Orchestra Equipment Home of Z ' Those Good 130111716 Rifll 838 West Jefferson WO-3902 E Thick Malts 4 N BUTLER JACKSON ' ANNEX CLEANERS C U S T A R D Complete Laundry Service - Cleaning - Dy ' g Alterations - Fur Storage 1600 Beckley Free Pick-up and Delivery Service WO-0492 410 N. Tyler sf. YA-0930 Your Oak Clit! Jewelers K , -r l A O A xk r unix XJ 7 Phone wi-4084 207 W. .lelterson One H lmel rea' livrfy-.fix Compliments of CLIFF LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANING CO. "If we do it, it's clean" 1221 N. Zongs Blvcl. Wl-0385 S. Phone YU-3152 Res. Phone ED-2-1638 COCHRAN Moron coMPANY Park PlW"'mC'CY A PM USED CARS ' IN COCKRELL HILL 08 N. Ewing Avenue Dallas, Texas C Opposite Methodist Hospital CLIFTON HOTEL BEAUTY SHOP 214W Colorado 214 W. Colorado WE-1079 FE-6571 WI-'I 188 QD Compliments outhwestern Balfour Co. Supplying Senior Rings Club Pins Commencement Invitations EKU Downtown Sales Office SANGER BROS. SECOND FLOOR Telephone Riverside-4079 dZF NEIGHBORHOOD Rutherford-Metropolitan VARIETY 3' HARDWARE School of Business S U, Fi fsf, wJi?'Z,f'2SL?L'LM,p, e.,e You Complete and Review Courses W50006 Shorthand, Accounting, Typing, and A C Compfometer 2O2OV2 Main sneer RA-4538 BEN HARRBON' owne' 505 North Bishop WO-5IO'I Compliments of HOFFMAN OPTICAL CO. PIANOS - TELEVISION OPEN EVENINGS 336 W. Jefferson YA-2230 C t ct Lens Specialist O u a ae,,,CHAP,,Dow Oak Cliff Music Co. M I D W A Y I2 . - CLEANING, TAILORING AND FUR STORAGE 6 W Jegerson Phone WO-0056 109 W. Jefferson at Beckley 1,1 in Congratulations! Trinity Heights Church of Christ X Marsalis and Montana Streets Dallas, Texas :gin Qne Hundred Feffyfigffi Compliments of American Beauty Cover Co. 2002 North Field PR-0677 QQ..- PATTERSON AND MARTIN BARBER 8. BEAUTY SHOP FOUR BARBERS - PROMPT SERVICE Compliments of 106 N. L I Ave. WO-0476 George M. Stuart , d re Patterson Walter Martin Flow in Oak Cm CHARLIE'S BICYCLE sHoP WO-0531 I3I5 N. Zangs Blvd. WE-4615 207 North Beckley St 9 0ak Cliff Savings and Loan Association The Savings Institution in Friendly Oak Cliff 320 West Jefferson Boulevard WI-II85 Q9 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. OAK CLIFF STORE 300 S. Beckley YA-3164 ROSE DRESS SHOP We specialize in samples and factory closeouts of better merchandise by famous makers." 2550 ELM, NEAR GOOD STREET PR 0748 RI-0951 TRINITY HEIGHTS PHARMACY Prescriptions Carefully Compounded 'I725 S. Ewing Phone YU-6872 BRANCH - 4425 LOVERS LANE "On the Miracle Mile" 'II7 W. JEFFERSON OAK CLIFF YA-7747 I One Hundred For y-n I HOYLE CLEANERS SEE Us FIRST JACK HOYLE I25 South Patton c1t.IeFferson FOR EVERY BLOOMING THING 0 I Complimenfsof OCIK CI1ff FIoro1I Co. DOUGHERTY'S PHARMACY OAK CLIFF WI-5616 YA-0577 2009 S. Beckley WO-5I86 YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME AT Dunton's Cafeteria Down Town - Oolk Cliff - Lakewood ALBERT' I WELBDR PS ME ,S "Firestone" Stores I2O W. Jefferson WI-0566 WING SHIRTS- SPORT JACKETS 22IO S. Beckley YA-6225 SPORT SHIRTS - LEES -- LEVIES DICKIES WORK CLOTHES Q WESTERN CLOTHES AND BOOTS OSBORNE'S JEWELERS ALL KINDS OF SHOES 615 WYNNEWOOD PLAZA ADAM HATS WI-4584 GYM CLOTHES Q DRESS SHIRTS The Righf Place YORK CAFE HOMER WALKER 314 W. Jefferson WO-0235 Southern Sfylo Cooking Telephone YUkon 3011 510 w. Jefferson, oak Clif? One Hundred Fifty I JOHN MARSHALL C A S U A L Exclusive Prescription Pharmacy Zangs Blvd. at Sunset YA-7777 S P O RT Q PERSONALITY BARBER SHOP W R Third Door West of Rosemont Theater 931 W. Jefterson WO-0418 Catering to High School Students Q gg g gm Jones Blair Paints and Vernishes ine Wallpaper - Courfeous Service Wynnewood Men's Wear F . Aaron Paint 81 Rental 607 Wynnewood Plaza S9l'VlCe We rent all types ot equipment, Sanding Machines, Belt Sander, Polishers, Power Jarnlan Shoes I Lawn Mowers, Large and Small Spray Guns - Before you rent see Aaron. WI-5707 ARTISTS' SUPPLIES 311 South Llewellyn St., V2 Block South of Jefferson I WOodlawn 9470 - Dallas 8, Texas Q? WE BUY SELL RENT REPAIR paine- modfer jypewrifer .szruice We Make TYPEWRITERS WRITE-ADDING MACHINES ADD CASH REGISTERS CASH WO-4063 415 W. Davis, Dallas 8, Texas C9 TROPICAL PLANTS - EXOTIC CACTUS GLEN H. JONES' GREENHOUSE THE DRuMs'rIcK I , Cut Flowers, Pot Plants, DesIgns 627 WYnneW00d Plaza 1308 w. Davis YU-6276 INVITES YOU TO ENJOY 'S C SOMETHING DIFFERENT YOUNG CLEANERS MARYLAND FRIED CHICKEN "The TOPS If' DIY C'eanfn9" WO-0210 Bishop at Seventh On-e Hundred Fifty-one l l J Congratulates the Class of '52 Co-eds voted most likely to succeed wear fashions from our up-to-the- minute Junior cmd Town 'n Country Shop. dwmow etbwuqam olllert s - of ook Cliff J 220 West Jefferson - Oak Cliff W0 7 XXX 7 LUCK TO THE LEOPARDSl 9 Compliments of DUDLEY M. HUGHES FUNERAL HOME 400 E. Jefferson Blvd. Phone WO-5136 Ambulance Service Funeral Insurance "Complete Home Furnishers" EASY TERMS BoLvlN a. SELVIDGE The RUSH Cgmpqny FURNITURE R We Buy, Sell, Exchange 209 W. Je erson WO-2586 lg fnibune 1305 Elm Street Phone Rl-4403 Since 1903 Texas' Largest Weekly Newspaper Fighting Oak Clil"f's Battles 212-214 W. Jefferson WO-3629 9 Compliments ',.A-'i i 1" ,1'- ""'t't Quality Produce Co. VL . 5 j V . . .-..,- V, . FANCY POULTRY AND EGGS lg "'." ' ' I 'rjj p 1' rvr' 105 S. Marsalis Dallas, Texas INFANIS .MCHILDREN ,,.ll.. Mfr .'. f .,,'.... ..,.i .," 1 1. ., W .,'fl-fi7.?135-'- .-.' . . Phone YU'8l 65 539 W. Jefferson Wl-0496 One Hundred Fifty-Iwo WHERE FELLIIWS GET THAT 'RIGHT' LO0K Oak CIiff's Complete Man's Store 333 W. JEFFERSON 0 ELSWORTH Suits 0 McGregor Sportswear 0 Levi Blue Jeans o Arrow Shirts o Catalina Swimsuits I Jarman Shoes 9- A LONE STAR DONUT CO. KAT I ES 502 North Bishop Yu-8-7770 8 A-M--12 P.M. DAVIS STREET RECORD SHOP Hot Donuts Daily OPEN' EVENLINGS 5 P.M.-I2 P.M. We Cater to Special Orders 3911 5- Lancaster FR3348 49 , CLIFTQN CLEANERS JORDAN FLORAL COMPANY 'I227 Ballard Street Fine Flowers at Reasonable Prices Corsages a Specialty WALTER P. HOLT, Owner 132 N. Beckley Phone WE-4647 ephone WE-1134 Dallas, Texas 19 LARGEST ISI DALLAS Streamlined Courses, Individual Advancement Ur ent Demand for Graduates, Select Student Body 9 Prestige With Employers, and National Reputation Attract More Students to DRAUGHON'S Than to All Similar Schools In Dallas Combined PROMPT PLACEMENT IN PREFERRED POSITIONS DRAUC-HON'S BUSINESS COLLEGE Approved by the State Department of Education as a Business Junior College RI-3133 Commerce and Harwood Telephone e Marsalis Cleaners 1 Fordls Vqrlely Store HARDWARE 303 N'M"'S""S AND SCHOOL suPPuEs Yu-7758 wo-ooos 412 N. Bishop One Hundred Fifty-three Complete House Furnishings FORD RADIO. Furniture and Appliances Jefferson at Zangs WE-7521 POOLE FUNERAL HOME "ln the Service of Others" 437 W. Jefferson Dallas, Texas Joe Voleik 415 N. Beckley OAK CLIFF TOP 8g SEAT COVER CO. Fancy Tailored Seat Covers and Convertible Tops Phone WO-4776 DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY B. B. CROWDER JEWELRY CO. Diamonds Mounted - Watch ancl Jewelry Repair Phone WI-5427 515 W. Jefferson, Dallas, Texa VETERANS, DRUG R STORE S NOLDEN Printing and Office Supply Co. ART SUPPLIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES 4300 5- Lqnmsief 110 s. Beckley YA-0765 Phone DR4-0166 LAUNDEILMAGIC Alterations Storage NU-LOOK BENDIX LAUNDRY 2629 S. Lancaster CLEANERS AND DYERS "Look New With Nu-Look" DRexel 4-9212 Phone DR-4-1155 2627 s. Lancaster SEE US FOR TYPEWRITERS AND ADDING MACHINES TEXAS SEED AND PLANT co. S , S . R . R R. R . Q es, EYVICE, ePCII'5, G IO epulrs E Tenth Rent a Typewriter - 53.00 per month TEXAS TYPEWRITER COMPANY WI-1 124 1007 West Davis YA-0385 A v A 4 Compliments of a Friend, One Huhdred Fifly-four Snufhwmiefuz, 611411101914 611- OF DALLAS . wishes to thank the sponsors of the Oak for their co-operation 'S 905 Slocum, at Wichita In the heart of the Trinity Industrial District , I W Q 4 ,J I I ' A Ll: -W . :,,,E- '- - qq gww , lu 4m:nsq, H :::l'.s':1 Il9l!l!?5i?E!iZi5lLi'!!EE!!5!5355EEEEIii!!3!!'!!!'5!EEEEEi?!!!'W!!!5253! ffrff w i I ! 7 .I 2 I I I I , I Irfan nm Inq anqmn Z Z EQTIQ X IRVlNGA.WlLKlNSON,0umn- A I here ov. Get I I I W wiimfmy R-lezz ,gr 'Z,u,e,,f-pR,ce, wooosr ,Q-2 ,25f, Eff V:1ff: , p :-1:e: ,:.1i a .:.,iL N 1 f 4 One Hundred ,Fifty-.fix wtagugbde A x C ff 5 1 I 5 1 l f 1 J 4X4 I J 1 I ' . 1 I I 5 ' , , I I -'N I x . 0 I S u 1 R 4 X x Q I X a I 1 , I Z' J ff! I X If V 1 f .1 ' I XXI. jx 'I I 2, f- -- xv j Ziff, - I X 'jk 1 1' a 1 ff -f , 1 ' f 1 L J , I 1 E ',!J ls n -fi 1 , 1 1, 1 I .fy 14 ,ff , ' 1 J I ' J-f f ,', 1' . .f jf! 'lf 17' I I, 1 f 1' f , I f 'X If ' , .fr 1' J 1 II! P 1 1 ' lf! u . , N 11' . f I x .f ' ,-'Y ,f 1 .J , ff' 1 -1 1 ,ff J f f ff , 1 K' ! ffl I .1 , 1 ff! .ff , ,f I 1 I Z , f I ,f , I ff J J 'J 1 f 'J , I x' I X v x, , v J ,f V ., , I ,f Jr , 1 1 I Nu ' . 5 H X11 .1 1, 1 If Iv f 1 0 If J x J f 1 1 I I f Z fv-fff' wx . ,aa FQ' ffm,-Cfg,7 5 M , -1 4, Z 1 nf , f 485.6 ML x A Q14 'VH ' U 8 J a4Wlm-L41 xx: 1 -Z X I kj J X 1 A I J- 4 X l X N . gl x N X 4 f' X I . .. X' yf - J U' X sf ' x 1 x - 1 x fy aggaiu . f - , 1 !, ' 9 .'-Z . 'MW M M335 if gi? 1 w 6 Q ZMHZV-.jlfq ' . . and R T, KQMUEZJLVX rv 0.54-.9 X I f f ' ' V J ,R f A! ,osx fu-.zxbgf Az,-.ff.,g,1.efX ,.f I t J dffgfffbf Qf??,fj QCKUJ 'ff org ,M :Q cf' cf x 1 H A. 1' 1 . 31 - -I . 1' ,L . ' Al' fr ,L 1 , Ili M nil , . if MMEJWM WM WE of! 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W ,ff ifff' I ff V1 'L l I , Nj, A x ,4 f 2 I ,lu I t, Ml , , I f' I I I ' l fx, If 2Q -A ff I j A , I I, ,WJ ,ff I il,,f'4' I, ,y ' Mfr' If rl ff ' , ffl!" H ," ' !57"' L ' ' ' ' ' - fr- 1-1 ---'f ff -fp: , J 1' 1-''-1' iw"-17"-I-'sfr'v:r',' HA" .511 -' W-- L-, .

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