Adamson High School - Oak Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1951

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Text from Pages 1 - 169 of the 1951 volume:

V Q, - 1',y1 Af Q - 'iff 'J f V ff YOV?a.fd Meat' -517: ,' 4, 'V 'if' 'V '4 kJ- gA.lJfT 1 L -Vt-,'Jw L 'x'. 1 , V ,' f ,.J.ifN,L.f fJ.f--J"J- " -II," 'f I K f . I l , j, K!! I 1 1 ff! I Ry ff .ff Y 1 v J , - yff' 1 f J ,Q U e f A U X N I f IH Y ' , v' " , V X rl! .X : x jf V' f f' f , f 1 U l 1 ' 1 ,Q I .2 JI 1 '- 51 . f- x x' . f 4 AX ,3 K 9' 252,23 b Xf5M XQQ A WW J w ii?55E Q1JfjLWfj3i1M zi?ElRg XV!! Q E ' . ,7Qf,fff7f'ij!f Mfwwfwffwfyf ' .f7 W'C ff W M21 UVM ww WW W W WS W WW QR ' U .JK K, f 1. 1 -,LZW3 .K gAAjlErf", , ,-.,f iv - A E i1k 'aw,,,Si'3f?f' fg V . ,N .4 av, il w vg wir 'll , AN-1 gwfw 1532 X? it-2 ifgk Eva? My U Mfifm W A, -, 1 I Q 9 f ff fwg MQZZQWMU, Q X XQ 9 W . O 0,1 wfiyyjvwfq WZA wk WH mf fifyjifiiw I H ,H W H , i H. i ii , H Y Qi V Q i rf' GAK wp U QQ? P 0. f ' ,v x, Q' wb ,,.,. M- . A N 4 5 d .VL-:ra . X ,ffl , V, 'iff I-I .1 ' :lf W. ,A . . 3:2 IIZIIA4! D Lf A picture oi the student activ- ities in Adamson durina some ot the happiest years oi your lite to remind you when time clouds the memory-that is what the stafi hopes to aive you, the students oi Adamson I-iiah School in this, the thirty-iirst issue ot the QAK. xUtE1'iHi KHEiEiEHm"' H xii Because of his outstanding leadership in Debate and the honors his work has brought to our school, we, the senior class of l95l at Adamson High School dedicate this edition oi the OAK to Mr. Carl C. Nutley. .g. V? ' g w I xt 6 Ll ' if ,fs 4 4 4 f I I S' " 5? 15, f nj T g fx . a "' 2 ' 3 ,923 'L -7 xii ? " mf I.. I X ' 5j 3 4." -AL. 1 9 '.I3!'l?i?tc" -:'1'3T' - -ft' as-:E f +413 ,, 1 ' ' T ,5, ,Y , 3 f - 5.3. 1-G , I. sf - ,Q ,562 .fhszjav 391-r9sf,3,f 'M .. f.+- .1-2, 'Q -'-Gif-gi, 6 - - ,'.1paX - W- -Cf' -. -2.6-Sv-2 -. , .-,ij G cb ' ---,4,.,'.I,g f -gf 2. - ' f cQ,g.5f7'KX9'4'flh 15,-1- Q 15.5-f?PQ,57?IA - .--4., , . ,:,,.,,: ... K-.9 , :- 1 :- -sb , - ezfmfzfvf -f ' --,i w 11, fm- R' -- 4 -" -. il .45-X 1 , , ,ebga 1 A - .. - X X1vv?A. .C-. 7 5 3- xs . - I ,- X. f ADMINISTRATION E. D. WALKER R, H, MCKAY Assistant Superintendent Assisfunf Super-infendenf in Charge of Personnel in Charge of Administration W. T. WHITE Superintendent of Schools A. C. COBB BRYAN ADAMS J. F. CARDWELL Director of High School Secretary-Business Manager Coordinator in Charge of Athletics Secondary Education President ...... R. L. Thomas Vice-President ..... ...... A very Mays Mrs. Tracy H. Rutherford W. C. Scurry Lloyd M. Campbell Ralph M. McCann Edwin L. Rippy, M.D. Harry Stone F. L. WILLIAMS Assistant Superintendent 1 in Charge of Instruction Five Mrs. Vernon D. Ingram ix PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION President ,..., .. .. First Vice-President .,.,,., Second Vice-President ...... Third Vice-President ...... Fourth Vice-President ...4,,. Fifth Vice-President ,...... Sixth Vice-President ...... Seventh Vice-President ....... Recording Secretary ......... Corresponding Secretary .,.,... Treasurer, ,......... ......,.........,. Historian .,..,....... Parliomentarian ,.......,,...,,.......,. OFFICERS , .,.,......... , . Mrs. .lack T. Erwin Delegate to Dallas City Council ...,., . Delegate to Dallas City Council ,...... J. L. Smith Mrs. George R. Monroe ...,.,..,..Mrs. A. A. Taylor ...,..Mrs. J. H. Dillon ....,...Mrs. Burt Davidson .,......Mrs. J. B. Miller ,.,...,Mrs. R. D. Cash ......,..Mrs. E. G. Robbins .......Mrs. R. L. Strange ..,...,.Mrs. W. F. Sieber ..,..,..Mrs. H. P. Keahey .,..,....Mrs. Sam Timpa ...,Mrs. H. D. McGauhey ,Mrs. John L. Watt O. M. Baker ,,,, Dr. E. L. Evans... J. L. Smith ......... B. C. Eubcmnks ..... James Carpenter ........ M. W. Stevenson S. E. Wise .......,.. T. K. Chandler ......... DAD'S CLUB OFFICERS .....First Second ...Third .Fourth ...Fifth ...Sixth Vice- Vice Vice Vice Vice Vice President President -President -President -President -President -President ...Secretary-Trecxsurer Nezen 1 E 54- HOWARD A. ALLEN , if MX xg' Principal wxwrxlgg N13 fe. ks 1 AN wvfk NJ 6 ,Q-ffm, W X, x V, Q HELEN ADUDDELL French MINNIE BRAMLETTE Mathematics W. R. CONGER Instrumental Music RIPPLE FRAZER Home Economics FLOY AGNEW English GEORGE BROWN General Science Mathematics ADELE COVINGTON Biology FACULTY LAURA ALEXANDER Mathematics S. N. BAKER Shorthand IDABEL CABANISS Home Economics ROGER CARROLL History RAE CU LLUM Physical Education HENRIETTA EISENLOHR Journalism JEANETTE ALSTON Mathematics ANNA BELL History L. E. CAMPBELL Mechanical Drawing w. B. CLEMENT 1 Military VERDE DICKEY Mathematics Football EDITH FLETCHER History it GEORGE BOLEY Baseball History MARY LOULSE CLY ETTE English 1W. D. FRANKS Mathematics Q Nine HOMER FULLuR FRANK GUZICK Basketball Mathematics Physical Education Football J. H. HEAD WILHELMINA HEDDE Track Public Speaking Physical Education VIRGINIA JUERGENS ROBERTA KING Spanish Spanish GENEVA LESLEY Clerk Ten FACULTY GLADYS HAMBY Assistant Librarian CHRISTINE HAMMOCK Latin H. B. HESTER Wood Shop W. D. HILL Physical Education Mathematics HELEN KUEHNE History WINNIE LANGFORD History W. T. HAMILTON Physics MARGARET HARRIS MAE HASELTINE History English LORINE HIGGINBOTHAM History GERALDINE HOLLOWAY HELEN HORN Secretary 5 English R. O. LADD Biology NELLY BLY LANKFORD L. C. LEFTWICH English Mathematics RAW LUCILE McNElL J. H. MALONE Study Hall Biology EUGENIA NEWBERRY CARL NUTLEY Spanish Del-Wie RUTH RUFFIN CHARLES SANFORD English Typing Law FRANCES THOMPSON Librarian FACULTY EU RICE MILLER Physical Education KATHERINE MOLL Nurse EDYTHE OSBORNE Bookkeeping ANNE PATRICK English MEREDITH SCHROEDER Art LONA BELLE SPRUIELL Dean HAZEL MILLER TYPif'9 MORELLE MOORE Study Hall NELL PAGE Distributive Education JEWELLA RILEY Physical Education R. N. SMITH Mathematics BLANCHE STOVALL Study Hall Qei is JAMES NALL History Football MABEL ROCKETT English JOE TEAGUE Music Eleven QNIQ 6 ,Y I f I PQ QW if Ig? 46? ff pg' WF 42:52 12 Sfiflzf-fi A :Goya ' aff 45553 ,, 622-gf"3' N 295563 72 0 5 Q A ,' ' 'V , 6.31 24: , -, ' X f f ' 9 u ,nl 23 1 'x 1 ' If? .41 xx "Ip , ' Q .4 SA 4, -. Q ' :lf ry: 1 . Nu filf " ' -.2 ".gV?p .0 ' 1, 4 , 1, 4 . 'I ,' ff -, Q5 M' 'A f ' Q , Z + 541, g" Uni- .-' Va - 9, N r' -Q - ff. Q v .0 . f , -. 35:5 D. ' 9 1- , J ,. sf 1 4.'fi,Qj". ,QI .M 9 f I January Senior Class Officers President . . . . . . Jack Smith Vice President . . .lock Montgomery Secretory . . . Margaret Hughey Thirteen 1 I 2 s January Senior Class Officers President . . . . . Jack Smith Vice President . . Jock Montgomery Secretary . . Margaret Hughey Thirteen JOHNNY ANDERSON Allied Youth Distributive Education BOYCE BLACKMON JACK BRACKEEN Allied Youth National Honor Society Dallas Historical Society HARLEY BRYANT Allied Youth Social Dance Club CHARLINE CHENAULT Girls' Sports Club Art Club Social Dance Club Dallas Historical Society Office Assistant Allied Youth BARBARA JEAN CONINE Acorn Reporter Allied Youth Dallas Historical Society Senior Play Committee Art Club Girls' Sports Club Fourteen .6 61425, QP , ,.., ,W t ,., . , . 1 F254 t ' I panels", V ila V . ii,t,,,.M, , ii?f:3f4fHt?Z'3 f " f Exits K 5, "' ,it 3 M lr t T' W 1 4-2 jg 9 5. 'M in +2 vt , sz E? Sw V fd 4,3 5 me FK 'SQ + M Q ' ,.,. Mt., , , -:ff-' f . ',,,,,, W, ,vs www" Wm """"" , ,.,, s i . H . - ,.f'?lH 3 . if ui Tl., , . , -L :fi Q , ,QI f I . V -LW . Q 7' 1, .ff Wt' JIM BITHAS Allied Youth Senior Play Cast Acorn Staff French Club Pen Pal Club HAROLD BLAKEWAY Allied Youth Rifle Team BROWNIE BROWN Distributive Education ONITA BURSON Salutatorian Pan American Club Dallas Historical Society National Honor Society Girls' Sports Club Library Service Club Oak Representative Senior Ploy Cast Allied Youth TOMMIE FRANK CLEVELAND Allied Youth Senior Play Girls' Sports Club DOUGLAS D. COWAN Allied Youth Sportsman Club Officers Club Social Dance Club Young Life Tennis REBA CUNNINGHAM Athletic Queen Chairman of Senior Invitation Committee Senior Play Cast Editor of the Acorn Art Club Girls' Sports Club Dallas Historical Society Social Dance Club Allied Youth JERRY FORD EVELYN GOODWIN ROGER HARMON IRLE HIGHTOWER Acorn Reporter E. C. HOLTSCLAW Allied Youth Young Life Officers' Club Drill Team Sportsman Club Captain in R.O.T.C. LOLA BELL FEATHERSTON Art Club Girls' Sports Club Allied Youth SHIRLEY FORD Allied Youth Y-Teens Girls' Sports Club Scholarship Club Senior Play Cast 4A Social Committee WELDON HAILEY Allied Youth BOB HARRELL Allied Youth DONALD HOLLAND Young Life Allied Youth Juvenile Jury Motion Picture Operator Social Dance Club MARGARET HUGHEY R.O.T.C. Sponsor Secretary of 4A Class Allied Youth Acorn Reporter Senior Play Cost Select Chorus Senior Day Program One Year Linz Pin Fixteen GERALDINE JOHNSON Allied Youth Dallas Historical Society Senior Play Cast Social Dance Club Red Cross Representative Girls' Sports Club DON KENNEL HENRY KROGER Social Dance Club French Club Allied Youth Art Club President ED LINDSAY Motion Picture Operator Social Dance Club R.O.T.C. Senior Play Cast JACK McCONATHY Student Council Senior Program Chairman Allied Youth HELEN MOON Page Sixteen JERRY KEE Cheerleader Distributive Education B Team Basketball Manager 1 B Team Football B Team Baseball JOHNNY KING Vice President of 3B Class Secretary of 3A Class Rifle Team Officers Club Drill Master of Jody Drill Team ILA MAE LEE Allied Youth WILLIAM McCLENDON Acorn Staff JACK MONTGOMERY Key Club Allied Youth EDITH LOUISE NASH Student Assistant Allied Youth Book Review Club 9 JEANETTE PERRY National Honor Society Banking Assistant Student Assistant Girls' Sports Club Orchestra Scholarship Club Junior Red Cross Three Year Linz Pin EARL POTTS Square Dance Club Allied Youth Young Life Program Committee JOHNNY REDMOND Allied Youth Drill Team Captain in R.O.T.C. Perfect Attendance Award HERMAN ROBERSON Valedictorian President of National Honor Society Vice President of the Student Council Cheerleader Social Chairman of Senior Class Senior Play Manager of Basketball Team Four Year Linz and Everts Award Key Club "D" Club JACK T. SMITH President of 4A Class Allied Youth Jody Drill Team President of 3A Class R.O.T.C. Company Commander HELEN MARIE THOMAS Acorn Staff Social Dance Club Senior Invitation Committee CAREY E. PLEXCO National Forensic League Allied Youth Senior Play Cast 4B Secretary Young Life WANDA RAY Allied Youth JACK RICHBURG Allied Youth Young Life President of Officers' Club Oak Representative R.O.T.C. Captain DONNA RUFF Allied Youth Girls' Sports Club Biology Assistant Senior Program Committee LE NA STEMBRIDGE Junior Red Cross Allied Youth Girls' Sports Club ROGER WADE Senior Social Committee Allied Youth Social Dance Club Seventeen HAZEL WARINER Senior Play Cost Acorn Reporter Allied Youth Student Assistont JIMMY WINBORN Senior Program Committee Allied Youth Eighteen IVALEEN WILKERSON Student Assistant DORIS JEAN WRIGHT Allied Youth Blue Band June 1951 Class Officers President ...... ....... G eorge Nelson Vice-President .,.. ....,... E rnest Proud Secretary ,.s.... .... ....,.......,...... .....,..............,........ J o B eth Spain Senior Day Program Chairmen Barbara Strange, Luanne Evans N inereen CAROL ABBOTT Pan American Allied Youth Blue Band RICHARD ADAMS Allied Youth MARY LOU AKINS Girls' Select Chorus Junior Red Cross Oak Staff Allied Youth BOB ALLAN Distributive Education DON ARCHER Regimental Commander Hi-Y Officers' Club Allied Youth Rifle Team Key Club Student Council ARTHUR BAILEY Allied Youth Pan American Club Social Dance Club Baseball Twenty NELDA ADAMS Allied Youth BILL J. ADDINGTON Allied Youth Distributive Education PETE ALEMAN Football Allied Youth Young Life Track REX ANSLEY Baseball Allied Youth Social Dance Club OLGA ATKINS Allied Youth Girls' Sports Club CHARLES BAKER Select Chorus Football Track Tennis Allied Youth Young Life Hi-Y Acorn Reporter Oak Representative Key Club DON BAKER Allied Youth Young Life .Iody Drill Team JEAN BARNARD Allied Youth Distributive Education RICHARD BARRETT Allied Youth PEGGY ANN BEENE Book Review Club EMMA BENNETT Representative at Traffic Court Y-Teens Allied Youth LINDA BLOCK Allied Youth 'IOOW Banker Scholarship Club Girls' Sports Club Office Assistant SALLY BARD JEANETTE BARNHOUSE Student Assistant National Thespians Pan American Club Allied Youth Dallas Historical Society BOB BAUMGARTNER Secretary of Freshman Class Scholarship Club Allied Youth Hi-Y WAN DA LAVERNE BELL Oak Representative Allied Youth Office Assistant GERALD BLACKETER National Honor Society Allied Youth Pan American Club Young Life Scholarship Club LEROY BORGESON Allied Youth Twenty-one CHARLES BOSHART Select Chorus Allied Youth . , 2' -Qt ., ' 1 W 351 Hu . is t JOHNETTA BOWLES Allied Youth Girls' Select Chorus STANLEY BRATCHER CHARLES BROWN Distributive Education Hi-Y l year Linz Pin Football JO ANN BROWN Pan American Club Book Review Club Junior Red Cross Representative Student Assistant 3 i .t M- ?1 H' , Jr" 2 ' Q . ' g - AUDREY ANN BRUNNER 55 5 gr 45 Q I , Vk,: ftcfw , ., fi' K' 5 ir K .A All-ed YO'-'lh , K 5 f .f.1! f , ' A - '. 14, - , -W: ' Q ' , ,iiiifif Q ii m y e ff- N 1 ' ' ' 'ii' V' i If ' -, T A ' Y i W V Aiblk ' k 'Yi i- Afvll 7 in iii f 3'-"l:E'7'1:f35l .y1f?'4,ivI- :--jf-' ROSEMARY BOUGHTON Allied Youth Y-Teens ' -' ' Scholarship Club Leopardette Ook Staff Secretary Allied Youth Senior Invitation Committee Young Life MARY SUE BRADSHAW Art Club Allied Youth BARBARA BROWN R.O.T.C. Sponsor Allied Youth Y-Teens Social Dance Club HOMER BROWN Allied Youth Hi-Y Football Young Lite BARBARA BRUCE Allied Youth Red Cross Representative-. Student Assistant JACK BRYANT' Hi-Y ' "D" Club 3 Allied Youth ' "ft" Football Letterman' "' ""i K ' Vice President of 3A Class Young Life R-JO BURNS : Allied Youth JANE CARPENTER Leopardette Pan American Club ROBERT CARROLL Allied Youth JOYCE CHAPMAN MORRIS CLAYTON Radio Club Allied Youth Square Dance Club Social Dance Club JOHNNY CODY Football Letterman Basketball Letterman Hi-Y Allied Youth Vice President of 4B Class "D" Club DORIS BUTLER BARBARA CARR French Club Square Dance Club Blue Band JANETTE CHANDLER Three Year Linz Award Art Club Student Assistant National Honor Society Banking Assistant Student Council Allied Youth Y-Teens Scholarship Club Junior Red Cross DORRIS CLAYTON Allied Youth Radio Club Square Dance Club Social Dance Club JIM CLEVENGER LAVERNE COMPTON Girls' Sports Club Twenty-three AL COOK National Honor Society Regimental Staff Rifle Team lady Drill Team Allied Youth Linz and Everts Awards MONTE COON Distributive Education KATHRYN COOPER Scholarship Club Junior Red Cross RENA' COTTON Pan American Club Allied Youth WILLIAM B. CROSLIN Debate Social Dance Club Square Dance Club Stage Crew Allied Youth Ice Skating Club ED CRUTCHFIELD Allied Youth Hi-Y - "D" Club Football Letterman Young life Twenty-four DEAN COON Distributive Education .IOANN COOPER Allied Youth Distributive Education NANCY CORNEHLS National Honor Society National Thespian Oak Staff Civic Federation Four Year Linz and Everts Awards Senior Play Cast DORIS CRABTREE Senior Play Cast President Dallas Historical Society Vice President Junior Red Cross Book Review Club President National Thespian Society JANICE CROW Student Council Allied Youth National Thespian Senior Play Cast EUGENE DALE "D" Club Track Allied Youth VIRGINIA DANIEL Y-Teens Social Dance Club Allied Youth DOY DAVIS Oak Representative Allied Youth Y-Teens Medical Professions Dallas Historical Society BRYAN DAY Officers' Club Allied Youth Acorn Reporter ANN DENMAN BETTIE DOLLINS Y-Teens Social Dance Club Allied Youth Girls' Sports Club Oak Representative JEANINE DOUDNEY Girls' Sports Club Ice Skating Club Allied Youth ANDREW DAVIS Hi-Y Basketball Student Council Allied Youth Senior Play Cast AUDREY DAY Student Council Student Assistant JACK DEMPSEY Hi-Y Allied Youth Basketball Art Club Student Council Vice President of 3B Class 10011 Banker RAYMA DITSON Allied Youth Girls' Sports Club Orchestra Blue Band NELLIE DONALDSON Leopardette Allied Youth Y-Teens Student Assistant JERALDINE DOUDNEY Ice Skating Club Allied Youth Girls' Sports Club Dad's Club Princess Twenty-five NOMA DULWORTH LEE ETTA DURHAM Vice President National Honor Society President of National Thespians Secretary of Allied Youth National Forensic League City Debate Winner Debate Club x .f nov Ecxzuzo . Stage Crew Vx, N V, 'Ji A Drill Team X- - Non-Com Club X Officers' Club K' National Thespians H J Allied Youth " - Square Dance Club Acorn Reporter Social Dance Club BILL ELLISON Allied Youth Officers' Club Square Dance Club Jody Drill Team LUANNE EVANS Senior Play Cast Vice President Student Council Cheerleader R.O.T.C. Sponsor One Year Linz Award National Thespians Acorn Staff JACK FINNEY Distributive Education Twenty-six SIBYL RAE -DUNN Girls' Sports Club Library Service Club RAY EASLEY Acorn Reporter Distributive Education JIMMY EUGENE ELLIS Distributive Education JACKIE ERWIN Senior Play Cast Allied Youth Maiorette Select Chorus Favorite Underclass Girl 1950 Young Life Candidate for Miss Teenage Acorn Staff JAMES FARRIMOND Pan American Club Scholarship Club Allied Youth Key Club NOVALENE FOLLIS Allied Youth Girls' Sports Club MIKE G. FOLSE Student Council President of Officers' Club Regimental Staff" ' Rifle Team Jody Drill Team Commander Scholarship Club Allied Youth BONNIE GARRETT Book Review Club Allied Youth JACK GILLIS Allied Youth Officer's Club Rifle Team Football Ticket Seller JAMES GINNINGS Allied Youth DELBERT GOINS Allied Youth Officer's Club Rifle Team BOB GRIFFIN National Honor Society Key Club Tennis Scholarship Club Allied Youth Blue Band Social Dance Club NORTON GAMEL Blue Band Allied Youth THERESA GEIGER Banking Assistant Student Assistant Civic Federation Scholarship Club Oak Representative Junior Red Cross JERRY GILMORE National Honor Society President of the Student Council President of National Forensic League President ot Debate Club Junior Rotarian Key Club Officer's Club Senior Play Cast BARBARA FA GLOFF Pan American Club Allied Youth Scholarship Club JAMES GOOD Dallas Historical Society Social Dance Club Square Dance Club Scholarship Club Senior Play Cast MARTHA GRIFFITH National Honor Society Dallas Historical Society Allied Youth Select Chorus Student Assistant Four Year Linz Award Four Year Everts Award lce Skating Club Twen ty-seven BOBBY HALEY Pan American Club Allied Youth R.O.T.C. Officers' Club CHARLENE HALL Pan American Club Girls' Sports Club SHIRLEY HAMLIN Vice President of Allied Youth Secretary of Junior Red Cross Oak Staff Scholarship Club Linz Award Office Assistant Oak Representative Civic Federation Acorn Staff Young Life LAVERNE HANKS Student Assistant Allied Youth Dallas Historical Society Nici QQXSQ 4'C3x'Kc,7, nonem' M. HANNKZ Motion Picture Operator Select Chorus Allied Youth BILL HARRISON Acorn Staff Allied Youth Distributive Education Senior Play Cast Twenty-eight EARL HAYLEY DON HAMILTON Allied Youth EMMA HANKINS Allied Youth Acorn Reporter Dallas Historical Society Girls' Sports Club R. E. HANNA Football Allied Youth Young Life JOANNE HARGIS Secretary of 2B Class R.O.T.C. Sponsor Dad's Club Princess Scholarship Club Allied Youth Linz Award Office Assistant Senior Play Cast DON HAWKINS Distributive Education Allied Youth SIDNEY HENDERSHOTT Allied Youth JOHN E. HEYDE Square Dance Club Social Dance Club Scholarship Club Allied Youth Dallas Historical Society Non-Com Club DAVID HODGE National Honor Society Key Club ROIBETH HOLLAND Allied Youth Y-Teens Young Life JEAN HORNER Pen Pal Club Dallas Historical Society Junior Red Cross ANN HUNTER National Honor Society Allied Youth Office Assistant we Q NH MARY ALICE HERMAN GORDON HINES Blue Band Allied Youth BETTY HOLLAND Allied Youth V Dallas Historical Society Girls' Sports Club MARY ANN HOLT Allied Youth Scholarship Club National Honor Society Distributive Education ROBBIE HORTON Allied Youth Orchestra All State High School Orchestra WANDA INMON Allied Youth Young Life Twenty-nine LAURA IRVIN Book Review Club Girls' Sports Club Allied Youth ANNA JOHNSON National Honor Society Allied Youth Girls' Sports Club Blue Band Tennis Square Dance Club JEAN JOHNSON Pan American Club Square Dance Club Library Service Club Medical Professions Club Allied Youth Red Cross Representative Senior Play Cast JIM KEAHEY Baseball Letterman Tennis Letterman Oak Editor National Honor Society Vic President Nat'onal Thespians Key Club Acorn Reporter Allied Youth Acorn Editor Junior Rotarian LAUREL KELLUM Oak Representative Allied Youth Distributive Education BOBBIE ANN KNOLL Dallas Historical Society Square Dance Club Allied Youth Medical Professions Club Thirty S J. , g 'vm F Y S K it 37, ,. 6 gmt, . 'Wi " ' A . HL ' . J" K ' 'Q , QQ : . . , ggi ' wt' ' S ff 1 ,. X " Si swift! MW' L 4 br , f 'Ya L. 5' - .1 - I M.-::s5 ' Ff I-:,-, W. 3, gi ii-is i 55.3 , t - . j r we F - 'SH -4giS? iige,4zv-,Q iff gE?"xr """":::z,s ,W 1, , ,MS M- if ' fm? ' -5 - iw: faq . v , ., ?...+ '- 1' AUBRY JENKINS FRANKLIN JOHNSON Allied Youth SHIRLEY JORDAN Y-Teens Allied Youth Oak Representative ALEX KELLER National Honor Society Allied Youth Football Baseball Hi-Y Senior Invitation Committee CHARLES KING SAM LADEN Senior Play Cast National Honor Society National Thespians President of Pan American Club Officers' Club Secretary Civic Federation Key Club Student Council Junior Rotarian Student Assistant PATTY Lewis Allied Youth . Distributive Education EUGENE LIVERMAN Hi-Y "D" Club Allied Youth Football Letterman Young Life CECIL LONG Hi-Y Allied Youth "D" Club Three year letter in Baseball All-State '50 in Baseball Favorite Underclass Boy i950 -V EVELYN McCALL Allied Youth Dallas Historical Society Student Assistant Student Council PAUL McDONALD President of "D" Club Two Year Baseball Letterman All-City Baseball Football Letterman Key Club Hi-Y Allied Youth TROY McKENZlE Track Letterman "D" Club ROBERT LINSKIE National Honor Society Key Club Officers' Club Allied Youth Regimental Staff JOAN LOFTIN Distributive Educatoni BETTY LUTES Distributive Education NORMA JEAN McCUlSTON Allied Youth JIMMIE RUTH McGEE Allied Youth RICHARD McLAUGHLIN Allied Youth Social Dance Club Square Dance Club Thirty-one SHERMAN MCMURRAY Drill Team JEAN McWHORTER National Honor Society Y-Teens Foods Assistant CHARLES MALONE Allied Youth CHARLES MARSHALL Officers' Club Allied Youth Acorn Reporter Young Life LOYIS LAVERNE MASSEY Allied Youth JERRY MATTHEWS Square Dance Club Officers' Club Jody Drill Team Sportsman Club Allied Youth Thiny-two BILLY McPHERSON Dallas Historical Club Social Dance Club Pan American Club Allied Youth Civic Federation Square Dance Club Young Life GARNER MALCOLM Football Track Select Chorus Allied Youth Baseball TOM MAPLES Allied Youth Officers' Club Camera Club Jody Drill Team BARBARA MARTIN Allied Youth Dallas Historical Society Acorn Reporter GLORIA MASTERS Y-Teens FRANCES MEDLEY Allied Youth Office Assistant LARRY MILI-IOLLAND Allied Youth French Club Tennis .IOE MILLER MARILYN MOORE Pan American Club Dallas Historical Society Square Dance Club Allied Youth JIMMY MULLIN Debate Club , , National Forensic League Treasurer of Key Club Acorn Reporter Junior Rotarian Allied Youth National Honor Society Scholarship Club ALICE NEFF Allied Youth BOB NICHOLS Key Club Allied Youth Two Year Letterman in Football Track Letterman ' President of 3A Class President of 4B Class Basketball Hi-Y "D" Club JIM MILLER Allied Youth "D" Club Hi-Y Three Year Letter in Baseball Football Letterman Basketball LOUIS MITCHELL EDWARD MUIRHEAD Cheerleader Distributive Education ROBERT NALE Allied Youth GEORGE NELSON Two Year Letterman in Basketball Key Club National Honor Society Allied Youth Hi-Y Senior Play Cast BILLY NICKELL Thirty-three GEORGIA NUT1 Pan American Club Civic Federation Student Assistant National Honor Society Banking Assistant Allied Youth Scholarship Club Oak Representative Junior Red Cross Three Year Linz Award PAULINE PARKER National Honor Society MARTHA JOAN PARKS Y-Teens National Historical Society JIMMY PENTON Allied Youth THELMA PHELPS Debate Club National Forensic League One Year Letter in Debate DORIS PITMON Girls' Select Chorus Thirty-four BILL PARKER Art Club Square Dance Club Social Dance Club Allied Youth RALPH PARKER Allied Youth "D" Club Hi-Y Football Letterman SHIRLEY LYNN PAXTON Art Club Select Chorus Scholarship Club MARY ANN PERCIN Select Chorus Junior Red Cross DELORES PHIFE National Honor Society National Forensic League National Thespians Debate Club Oak Representative Allied Youth CHARLES POPE DELORES POUNDERS Allied Youth SHIRLEY QUICK R.O.T.C. Sponsor National Thespian Senior Play Cast' Allied Youth Officer Y-Teens Dallas Historical Society Student Assistant JERRY RAMPY Allied Youth Social Dance Club Radio Club Baseball ANNE REID Leopardette Y-Teens Allied Youth Dad's Club Princess Select Chorus Dallas Historical Society SHIRLEY RICHARD Allied Youth EMILY JO ANNE RICHARDSON Select Chorus Girls' Sports Club ERNEST PROUD National Honor Society Two Year Letterman in Baseball Basketball Key Club Student Council BARBARA RAINS National Honor Society Student Council Oak Staff Alternate Maiorette Head Leopardette Dallas Historical Society Linz Bible Award ROY REGER Dallas Historical Society Social Dance Club Square Dance Club Scholarship Club Sportsman Club Allied Youth Senior Play Cast .IAMEES RHODES ARTHUR RICHARDSON Concert Band Student Conductor of Band President of Sportsmans' Club Acorn Reporter Allied Youth Key Club R.O.T.C. Officer MOZELLE ROBERTS Allied Youth Distributive Education Thirzy-five NEI.DA ROBERTS ETI-IEL ROBINSON National Thespions Select Chorus Allied Youth Ice Skating Club Girls' Sports Club SHIRLEY: JOAN ROSE Girls' Sports Club SUZANNE ROSSER Allied Youth Allied Youthl , I French Club Oak Representative Y-Teens DOROTHEA SCOTT Leopordette Art Club Allied Youth Medical Professions KENNETH ' SCOTT Allied Youth National Forensic League Thirty-six BETTY ROBINSON Y-Teens Allied Youth HAROLD ROGERS NORMA GAY ROSSER National Honor Society Office Assistant Y-Teens JIM SANDERS Sportsman Club Concert Band Allied Youth JACKIE LOU SCOTT ESTHER SCRIMSHIRE TED SEBASTIAN Motion Picture Operator Drill Team CATHERINE SHAW BOBBY JOE SHEFFIELD Allied Youth NANCY SHOLUND National Honor Society Allied Youth Pan American Club Girls' Sports Club Tennis Square Dance Club Blue Band FRANCES ANN SHOWERS Allied Youth PERRY SIMS MARILYN RU Scholarship Club Art Club Girls' Sports Club Allied Youth Four Year Linz Pin CHARLES Football Allied Youth TH SETZER SHAW JOHN SHOCKLEE Ice Skating Club Motion Picture Operator Jody Drill Team Allied Youth R.O.T.C. NANCY ANN SHORT Allied Youth MARGARET SIMPSON Dallas Historical Society Y-Teens R.O.T.C. Sponsor EDWARD SLAMPA Thirty-seven LINDA SLATTON Allied Youth Y-Teens Acorn Reporter CLARENCE SLEEPER BETTY SMITH Y-Teens P.T.A. Representative 10 BETH SPAIN Cheerleader Secretary National Honor Society Secretary of 3A, 4B, and 4A Classes R.0.T.C. Sponsor Favorite Senior Girl National Thespians Four Year Linz and Everts Award Student Council ROSE ANN SPARKMAN Secretary of 38 Class Select Chorus WAYNE SPRUELL Stage Crew L Social Dance Club Thirty-eight -f. ,,,, , U . is wig, . as BOBBY SLAUGHTER Civic Federation Square Dance Club Social Dance Club Dallas Historical Society Pan American Club Alned Youth Young Life JOAN SLEETH Allied Youth Social Dance Club Square Dance Club HELEN SMITH Civic Federation National Thespian Acorn Staff Oak Staff Leopardette Allied Youth Senior Play Cost Four Year Linz and Everts Awards Student Assistant LINDA SPAIN Select Chorus Cheerleader Best All Round Girl '49-'51 National Thespians Allied Youth President of 'IB Class President ot IA Class KAY SPRINGER Allied Youth ALICE STERNENBERG Medical Professions Allied Youth LO RITA STEVENS Pen Pal Club National Honor Society Select Chorus Scholarship Club Linz Bible Award JOHNNY STEWART Allied Youth Hi-Y Social Dance Club Ice Skating Club BILL STINSON Distributive Education Allied Youth EDDIE STOLZ Senior Play Cast Key Club Officers' Club Allied Youth Student Director of Band Acorn Reporter Dallas Historical Society MARY DRU SWEENEY Library Club Pon American Club P.T.A. Representative Girls' Sports Club ALBERT LOUIS THOMPSON Scholarship Club BUDDY STEVENSON Football Letterman Baseball Letterman "D" Club Hi-Y Allied Youth All-City in Baseball MYRA STEWART DARLENE STINSON Select Chorus BARBARA STRANGE National Honor President of Allied Youth American Legion State Winner Secretary of National Thespians Governor of Girls' State Senior Play Cast WILLIAM EDWARD TAYLOR Scholarship Club Allied Youth P.T.A. Representative BETTY THOMPSON National Thespians Medical Professions Dallas Historical Society Thirty-nine JOE ANN TONEY Allied Youth Girls' Sports Club Scholarship Club EVA MAE TU RNEY BETTY .IO VINTON GLORIA WALDEN Dallas Historical Society Allied Youth BILL WALKER Allied Youth Acorn Staff WILSON WALKER Allied Youth Football Hi-Y Social Dance Club Sportsman Club F orzy NANCY TRULY R.O.T.C. Sponsor Pan American Club President Girls' Sports Club Tennis Scholarship Club Student Council Health and Welfare Committee Juvenile Traffic Court Acorn Reporter FRANKLIN E. TURNIPSEED Allied Youth Distributive Education HELEN VOYLES Allied Youth JACK WALDEN Football BILLIE MARIE WALKER MARGARET WALLACE SALLY WALLACE l Scholarship Club President of Medical Professions Vice President of Dallas Historical Society Red Cross Council Student Assistant One Year Linz Award Allied Youth LEONARD WARREN Allied Youth Hi-Y Y Social Dance Club "D" Club Golf Young Life Acorn Reporter BOB WHITE W Officers' Club Sportsman Club Motion Picture Operator MARY ANN WICKLINE l Oak Representative Art Club l One Year Linz Award MARVIN WILLIAMS Senior Play Cast Officers' Club Jody Drill Team Pan American Club Allied Youth Young Life SARA GRACE WILSON Allied Youth Y-Teens P.T.A. Representative N 'Xt , ,X 'S-. m i a W- sw I ,, ,, ,. , , er ' ,Si .F ygy M my y he wsu, gm ff., It V5 1' S ., 'WSW' ilbifiiise. ' ' f LAVONNA WARE Girls' Sports Club Scholarship Club Allied Youth Two Year Linz Award JAMES WELCH Acorn Staff Allied Youth FRANK WHITSON Allied Youth National Honor Society Citizens Traffic Commission LEWIS WILLIAMS Football Letterman Hi-Y Allied Youth "D" Club Track Acorn Reporter BOBBIE WILSON Cheerleader Allied Youth National Thespions Snow Queen Y-Teens SANDRA WINBORN Allied Youth Book Review Club Medical Professions Club Student Assistant Forty une BILL K. WOFORD Allied Youth Golf Lehermcm BONNIE YOUNG BILLIE JEAN THORNTON Art Club Allied Youlh F arty-two PEGGY WYLIE Allied Youth Y-Teens Oak Represenlulive BOB ROBERTSON BARBARA BARNETT Ari Club Allied Youth U K 3 , , , X ,f X CQ F I '6 'off I! , 1, '- KT ,X " I X- WJ C3 :Qi 14251 Fgzfff . P 4"49 if' . 3 ' ,Q I 5 -' H 9' ' gc?" .7 f - - QQ ? gfpygmzge , A Q ,Qff'1fff,4'2o2,5'Q,f?',Z7 f:. ci' fi f 23' ,ff 'f" - " ,, ,Www we-1fQ 1 ,, 1 4 ,,,, -1' .L WH' gig:-rf 0' 4, 74- -A W "3 ' " fig' f . xv'-'A' r Af-'39 4 ' I ' 954K f Q' 1" 4 07 ' .M - -- 72. ' " 1' 4 ix W' 27 em- 2.7. VM., 59,0 "- M52 .-9 3' '- :-ew 'fat . A E-232221. 5455 Jap OFFICERS January, 1952 President ..A.,.A....... ......., P aul Painter Vice-President . . Jeanette Walden Secretary ,. . Gary Marrs June, 1952 President . . , Kenneth Kimbrell Vice-President , . Talmage Baker Secretary . . Betty Neel January, 1953 Presi t .,.......,... .,....... Jack Berry Vice-P esident ....r....... Ray McGregor Se et ry .....,........ .,.,, S ylvia Hendrix June, 1953 President ......,....., ., .Edgar Casey Vice-President Jim Bob McMains Secretary ...... . A ,.,, Della Aycock -" June, 1954 President Gordon Brown Vice-President Tommy Hefner Secretary . ,,.,. , Julie Hale OFFICERS January, 1954 President . ,,.,,..... t..... . ,Bud Watson Vice-President ...... . Jo Ann Smith Secretary .....,..,. .. Carolyn Harmon Row 1: Armelia Bailey, Ann Eames, Elizabeth Jones, Patsy Pankey, Leland McBrayer, Jack Mitchell, Charles Lollar, Bobby Speck, Jean Larsen, Shirley Hollahaugh, Bobby Palmer, Beatrice Keeling Don Caldwell, John White Row 2: Mary Ann Daniels, Delores Enright, Betty Denton, Peggy ROW 4: Ronnie Davis, Howard Evans, Scottie Ashley, David Deis, Taggart, Peggy Wright, Carolyn Vowels, Margaret Davis, Pat Jerry Bramlett, Calvin Bowen, James Clendenen, John Bowen, Paimer,JeanI1ene Elmore Samuel Sheets, James Cash, Gary Marrs, Royce Ballew, Don Row 3: Beverly Dyson, Barbara Barnett, Carol York, Janette Hopper, Jackson, J. Robert Bell, Albert Cunningham, Norman Barnes Class of January, 1952 Row 'l: Frank Johnson, Diana Rohinette, Ann Thomas, Kathy Post, La Vonne Harvey, Shaneen Gahagan, Jim Bob Speir, James Joyce Glass, Jo Ann Pennington, Barbara Jo Sasser Shanahan, Andrew Tuma Row 2: Regis Rhea, Erma Lee Smith, Velma Caldwell, Nelda Prince, Row 4: Larry Watson, Robert Williams, John McRay, Joe Gibson, Margaret Jo Smith, Myrna Randolph, Pat Murphy, Bessie Pruett Frank Woodyard, Herman Wilkerson, Carl Young, Paul Painter, Row 3: Frances Scott, Billie Thornton, Margaret Samford, Lloyd Roach, Karl Southwarcl, Jack Phillips F urzyesix Row 'ls Carol Johnson, Donna Wantling, Sue Fite, Janice Robbins, Suwanne McNellis, Peggy Manchen, Harriette Nicks, Carol Rasmussen, Mary Ann Eason, Jeanette Walden Row 2: Truman Miller, Patricia Wheeler, Evelyn McGlynn, Edwina Giltner, Jo Mae Waller, Lelia Kedy, Dionne Tucker, Geraldine LaBarbera Row 5: Jerry Carpenter, Max Kincaid, Gerald Finch, Edward Hunter, Gumm, Ronald North Row 3: Morgan Ferguson, Leon Heath, Sally Rameriz, Patsy Kelly, Sandra Roberts, Eileen Johnson, Barbara Harvey, Jim Huggins, Gary Moore Row 4: Walter Stewart, Donald Kitchens, Don Frasier, Dewey Dyer, Robert Lee, Leland Denton, Bobby Alhfinger, Ted Ferguson, Louis Mizell Sammy Nelson, Ronnie Harrison, Willis Brumley, Kenneth Ward, Jimmy Forzyeseuen Row 1: Linda Woaley, Mary Thompson, June Terry, Marlene Slayton, Billy Ethridge, Carolyn Wamble, Runelle White, Norma Timby Virginia Ballard, Beverly Tillison, Ella Mae Bloom, Nancy Weese, Row 4: Billy Tucker, Don Jacobson, Joe Wages, C. W. Hefner, Ronnie Joyce Stevens, Pat Smith Davis, Mae Dell Walker, Peggy Sue Tosh Row 2: Bobby Walker, Walter Simmons, George Gravley, Marian Row 5: Bill Sieber, Haskell Stonaker, Robert Warren, E. G. Sebastian, Holcomb, Kathleen Leftwich, Beverly Robinson, Anna Marie George Lee, James Greenlee, Juanita Wier, Jo Ann Wheeler Wilson, Jeanette Tolliver Row 6: Robert Woods, Richard Stallings, Bob Berry, Bobby Lane, Row 3: Don Thurman, Donald Hensley, Horace Crow, Ronnie Ewing, Larry Showalter, Bruce Norman, Jimmy Rogers, Jimmy Bowers Row 'l: Charlotte Tonkersley, Alice Dickson, D'Ana Alexander, Derilda David Baird, Billy Don Powell, Harry Bowman Jones, Gloria Neild, Shirley Blakely, Beverly Aday, Florence Per- Row 4: Don Dillard, Kenneth Kimbrell, Hugh Wickham, Wayne Blank, kins, Charlsie Brefel Bobby Britton, Charels Denison, Jackie Tomlinson Row 2: Gloria Hughes, Virginia Manning, Dorothy Carter, Betty Row 5: Randall Allen, James Boyd, Robert Cox, James Henry, lrven Walters, LaDonna Bourns, Karla Kilgore, Carolyn Dixon, Tommie De Vore, Eddy Overal Bain, Alice Aleman, Josephene Aleman Row 6: Kermit Thiele, Norman Hinson, Jimmy Jones, Sonny Glass- Row 3:aBet,!ylTlgney, Ronnie Hur cQNations, Talmgge Baker, cock, Linton Hinton, Tommy Birchman . if' 1 M6 U x ,N A r T T ii' If Us.. l f' l if ff' ' li l - ' it ' . V 2 . it if 'ill J D" bl 'Forty-eight Y, 5' Al 671, M? JU- X V .IKQJL i L.. 'll . ee.. Row l: Betty Clary, Janet Harrison, Bernice Hardin, Betty Hayes, Barbara Crow, Dianne Frazier, Billie Jean Conway, Helen Smith Row 2: Teddy Clemmons, Anita Epperson, Lynn Duncan, Francine Daniels, Janie Fogleman, Carma Stone, Marie Myers, Sylvia Oliver, Mack Sanford Row 3: Malcolm Dillard, .lessamine White, Lita Mae Horn, Nadine Johnson, Tawana Hamilton, Kaye Duncan, Wayne Matthews, Jim Carpenter emo ww., Row 4: Robert Davis, Joan Duncan, Janyse Chandler, Sarah Allen, Alroy Cox, Mary Lucas, Elaine Dillon, Gerald Knight, Bob Rodriquez Row 5: Gary Cloninger, Tommy Craft, Alvin Gatlin, Jerry Keen, Roy Denney, Thomas Denton, Johnny White, Gordon Robertson Row 6: Wayne Finch, Raymond Dixon, Charles Jackson, John Harrell, Millard Fairchild, Jim Leyhe, Hershal Jones, Richard Parkins, Mike Montgomery Class of June, 1952 Row l: Patsy Collier, Philip Wright, Bobbie Moon, Melinda Bowen, Eleanor Butts, Gale McKinney, Bobbie Mitchell, Gloria Pettit, Peggy Johnson Row 2: Joe McCallum, Marilyn McCoin, Mildred Carpenter, Joyce Jones, Charlene Gilliland, Jane Hooten, Shirley Honeycutt, Dorothy Utter, Barbara Northwick Row 3: Jerry Laza, Tommy Stewart, Sherry McGauhey, Juanita Holland, Carolyn Huth, Jackie McCrone, Nancy Best, Betty Cole Row 4: Craig Marion, Mack Monroe, Vaughn Johnson, Jo Ann Jonte, Lottie Sue Martin, Dorothea Lankford, John Squier, Robert Hill Row 5: John Skelton, W. H. McCuiston, Elwin Myers, Jeanenne O'Conner, Caroline Mizell, Frank Jenson, Kenneth Lyon Row 6: Victor Luker, Billy Kerss, James Willingham, StanFey Miller, Alfred Mellor, James Robinson, Don Linebarger, James Marks F arty-nine Row 1: Patricia Hill, Doris Post, Georgia Moore, Jamie Portwoocl, Betty Neel, Peggy Parker, Wynona Rodgers, Carol Johnson, Donna Sappington Row 2: Bing Young, Cy Peters, Barbara Lambert, Sylvia Seale, Rosalyn Page, Barbara Neal, Beverly Pulliam, Robert Risinger Row 3: Richard Parker, Howard Winters, Virginia Jackson, Leanne Stinson, Glenda Newsom, Shirley Morrow, Frances Deere, Norma Fifty Cram, Robert Segler Row 4: Fred Rotunno, Bobby Wilmoth, Tommy Bragg, Billy Post, Alston Morgan, Jesse Moore, Frank Matthews Row 5: Ralph Welch, David Peasner, H. L. Powell, Jack Ruth, Sam McCasland, 'Marlin Harris Row 6: Tom Shaffer, David McWithey, Charlie Reed, Charles Pribble, Johnny Thompson, Alfred Price, Harlan Walker, John Chappell 'wo' Row 'l: Teddy Moody, Patsy False, Martha Wilson, Charlotte Coats, Brown Cleo Carter, Reba Faye Box, Louella Barton, Ja Ann Scoma, Row 4: George Carr, Thomas Adrian, Frank Sloan, Wayne Smith Patsy Whitten Eugene Crabb, Duward Bean, Ray McGregor, John Bagwell Row 2: Donnie Onstott, Floy Bourn, Doris Sanderson, Nelda Ueckert, Joe Bough Daisy Self, Martha Vowels, Jo Ann Wade, Patsy Wilson, Nancy Between 4th and 5tl1: Jack Rhodes, Charles Richardson Straubing Row 5: Bobby Cannon, Gene Pope, Kenneth Sides, "James Wilson Row 3: Barbara Salyer, Barbara Smith, Dorothy Yates, Dea Lynn John Polk, Jack Berry, Wayne Neal, Billy Bohanan, Jack Bullock Griffith, Sylvia Hendrix, Carolyn Carpenter, Joy Babb, Brownie Johnny Collins Class ol January, 1953 Row 'lx Betty Hill, Sandra Lane, Shirley Prather, Jeannean Russell, Row 3: Gloria Johnson, Patricia Bierhalter, Virginia Searcy, Helen Betty Sue Howard, Juanita Parsons, Betty Cothran, Sue Quick, Baty, Jo Ann Stewart, Ardyce Black, Alclredge Tillison Mary Oler, Gerry Schroeder Row 2: Glenda Jefferies, Barbara McDiII, Arnetha Davis, Eloise Row 4: Richard Berry, Charles Houston, Bobby Simmons, John Darby, Peterson, Patsy Mitchell, Charlotte Jones, Yvonne Cox, Barbara Rex Rogers, Sammy Timpa, Don Gazzaway, Clifford Reed, Don Owens, Bobby Hamm Harvey Row 5: Dale Leamon, Jack Hickman, Kenneth Ewing, Dan Humphreys, Scotty Scott, Henry Duncan, Bobby Dandridge, Kenneth Anaston, David Grossman, Ross Farrington, Arlon Lindner, Franklin Moffitt, Terry Irby Page Fifty-one Row 1: Margaret Sands, Carol Ann Cox, Jean Craft, Jo Ann Sisk, Row 2: Sammy Overall, Nickie Julian, Nadell Freeman, Dalton Martha Sandeter, Suzanne James, Martha Winslett, Delores Hampton, Bob Staley, Pat Shaw, Lillian Lea, Barbara Chaney, Evans, Diane Parkins Billy Jo Avrett Row 3: James Harris, Bobby La Rue, Cecil Thomas, Thomas Ponder, Melvin Leslie, Kenneth Thompson, Herbert York, Allen Krogler, Armour Potter F ifzy-two pf-we Row 'l: Norma Jones, Frances Milam, Carol Keele, Lois Linebarger, Row 3: C. L. Eudy, Harold McCollum, Joyce Kidd, Patricia Lowthorp, Anita Merchant, Jo Ann McMillan, Eileen Straubing, Virginia Jonte, Bobby Swan Virgie Lindsey, Bob Kennamer, Leslie Long, J. C. Eudy, Richard Maas, Billy Lewis Row 2: Jesse Bolin, Billie Ruth Mattex, Mollie Sue Martin, Mary Row 4: Bill Cumbie, Billy Anderson, Kenneth Blankenship, Jim Bob Jones, Martha Layton, Carolyn Males, Sandra Mayfield, Jean Marrs,"EUgene Smith McMains, Dorothy McClure, Donnie Griffis, Leonard Butcher, Bill Midkiff Row 5: Gene Montgomery, Joe Pearson, John Hopkins, Morris Mewbourn, Don Mewbourn, Bill Moser, Mark Kuehne, Jimmie Hammer, Don Reagan Class of June, 1953 'lill- Row 1: Bobby Phelps, Barbara Milner, Ann Rowe, Iris Cooper, Dremma Moore, Ann Mousner, Maud Roberts, Sally Satterwhite, Eva Robuck, Richard Palmer, Buddy Lundgren Row 2: Bobby Huffhines, Dorothy Paschal, Shirley Tunnell, Jane Rogers, Dale Morris, Donald Motsenbocker, Rachel McKinney, Carolyn Mandeville, Ann Summers, Reginald Reedus Row 3: Nettie Wariner, Jackie Polson, Barbara Rodgers, Shirley Lopez, Harold Patman, Betty Satterwhite, Carolyn Decker, Connie Thomas Row 4: Mary Nall, Betty Patton, Sally Hays, Roma Nations, John Peterson, Christeen Kimbrell, Bobby Pitcock, Mermann Pollard Row 5: C. M. Hester, Bobbie Sue Sisk, Joyce Morrison, Dale Morrow, H. G. Lovell, Harold Parker Row 6: Gerald Schmidt, Bobby Reynolds, Paul Tadlock, Jimmy Perry, Henry Jordan, Joe O'Lexy, Tyler O'Teter, Mr. Smith Fifty-rhree Row T: Della Akins, Delores Beall, Phyllis Burt, Melba Bryant, Perry Barton, Charlene Bell, Marilyn Brimager, Shirley Arnold, Thomas Mclunkins, Nelda Atkins Row 2: Wayne Hooks, Sarah Overton, Barbara Craig, Peggy Barrington, Myrna Brown, Terry Lawson, Virginia Brown, Peggy Burns, Pat McCTanie Row 3: Leon Sanford, Beuton Voss, Verena Loftin, Jim Ed Spencer, Roma Beyer, Shirley Benningfield, Jane Blackwell, Charles Barnes, Peggy Davis Row 4: James Davenport, Billy Sanford, Jackie Baggett, Bobby Splawn, Thomas Bowman, Jearld Jackson, Edward Boswell, Ray Aulbaugh, Dewayne Hooks Row 5: Jimmy Baker, W. C. Bills, Robert Webb, Ronald Boaen, Jimmy O'Conner, Ivy Grant, Jimmy Brown, Leroy Wilson, Walter Waldie Row 1: Myrna Lindner, Margot Strange, Carlene Zenor, Yvonne Langford, Joyce Wright, Patricia Williams, Cheree Hughes, Pat Whitis, Jerry Sue Bledsoe, Shirley Yates Row 2: Peter Sykes, Johnny Cameron, Jimmy Davis, Cleta Welch, Geneva Hackler, Gaynelle Ferguson, Glenna Wright, Della Aycock, .loyc'e Burns, James Stepter Row 3: Marjorie Hearn, La Yvonne Wenzel, Bettie Wilson, Joe Row 7: Burton Eubanks, Harry Rasmussen, Bobby Hall, Melvin Watson, F i fly- four Carrell, Dorothy Jackson, Marilyn Wilson, Connie Young, Shirley Tinder, Jerry White Row 4: Helene Schroder, Ruby Whitehead, Eugene Milner, Doyle Trent, William Thomas, Kay Wilson, G. V. Lewis, Eugene Smith Row 5: Billy Townsend, Philip Walden, Bill Earnest, Bill Taylor, Louis Andrian, Kay Wilson Row 6: Larry Tate, Robert Wickline, Bobby Charles Thomas, Ray Watkins, Bob Thompson Gene Thompson, Edgar Casey, Richard Geiger can ml' Row I: Emily Sue Green, Peggy Shrum, Collene Wyatt, Alice Jean Wallace, Donna Williams, Wilma Coats, Mary Lou Alton, Louella Joan Connelly, Peggy Vinson, Jackson Yium Wilson, Margie Johnston, Rosa Lee Dennis Row 2: Frances Platt, Peggy Clemmons, Marilyn Cruse, Mary Lou Caviness, Shirley Caviness, Lois Tabor, Fatima Solmon, Jackie Chapman, Shirley Cronkhite, Marvalee Gerard, Edward Shelton Mowrey' Glyn Church' RUY Caller' Rlcllarcl Cruz' Bill Stembridge, Gaynelle Tucker, Doris Davidson, Rheau Nell Duncan Row 4: Jimmy Colvard, Wayne Hitt, Melverne Doss, Margaret Ladymon, Arden Andrews, Don Stewart, Charles McCrone Row 5: Wayne Grover, Bobby Stafford, Gerald Chancellor, Kenneth Denney Row 6: Robert Colley, James Haddock, Dan Cleveland, Bobby Chris- Row 3: Jeanette Coddell, Carol Ewton, Peggy Milton, Mildred tian, Richard Smith, Billy Roy Walden, Bobby Choate gay:-f-nt new new ,AT W S1 SKQQUW -- I r m' W f 'i war .se af.. ' 4.1-'Q Row 'I: Shirley Easley, Doris Havins, Carole Giblin, Jeanette Gaines, Row 3: Janice Enright, Morris Foster, Robert Goodrich, Melva Jo Cleta Fair, Joyce Finney, Ledora Osborne Henderson, Bobby Joe Campbell, Gloria Foy, Albert Ingram Row 2: Audrey Holloway, Ruth Holt, Barbara Hunt, Beverly Holmguest, Row 4: Robert Furr, Lewis Gordon, Lewis Gaulrapp, Sidney McKissack Dorothy Gordon, Shirley Hughes, Margaret Frazier, Delyte Evans Charles Bailey, Earl Greathouse Row 5: Alton Fry, John Fulghum, Buddy Britton, Charles Sutherland, Billy Collins Fifty-five Row 'l: Marie Voyles, Dorothy Cochran, Jo Ellen Shanahan, Dolores Row 3: .lannie Mattix, Elaine McCormick, Carol Cumming, Joyce Vandever, .loy Barak, Barbara Green, Virginia Bogle, Bobbie Stevens, Leah Ray Crenshaw, Peggy Turner, Clara Thompson, Farrell, Rita Burns, Bobby Folse Betty Wade Row 2: Betty Matus, Wanda Newsom, Dorothy Lasiter, Elsie Lavers, Row 4: Gwendolyn Hoggard, Adrian Peterson, lla Beth Browning, Renee Tillery, Peggy Shelby, Johnnie Sue Stone, Marilyn Watkins, Betty Thrash, Carol Smith, Clara Thompson, Billy Clements, Tommy Cox Edwin Davis Mike Stuart Row 5: Cecil Stdne, Jean Grace, Kenneth Stokes, Willie Barnes, Harry Busbee, Richard Gaylor, Robert Vallejo, Clark Gentry, Donald Davis Fifty-six W rs., ,Aik- sri war Alexander, Roy Lee Starnes, Jerry Donald, Reto Armstrong, Frances Reynolds Row 4: Mike Johnson, John Coats, Edwin Cason, Clyde Anderson, Harry Selman, Don Gibson, David Whitehead Row 5: Ray Lewis, Clifford Cook, Roy Gloss, Edwin Carrell Row 6: Jerry Hollingsworth, Alton Smith, Archie Robinson, Tony Alderson, Charles Thornton, Gene Knight S Q S 5 i Row 4: Robert Wise, Bud Watson, Eugene Wright, Rita Kempe, Pat Pendley, Ruth Vinson, Jackie Jackson Row 5: William Pickett, Morris Wilson, Clara Sue Grady, Peggy Swaggerty, Sylvia Slover, Joan Barr, Carol Stewart, Reba Lewis Row 6: Mary Ann Jamerson, Clevie Puckette, Charlie Nichols, Jackie Woods, Donald Ramsey, Jerome Martinez Fifty-seven Row 'l: Mary Perez, Shirley Birdsong, Carolyn Rowe, Grace McDougal, Row 3: Bernice Church, Merle Ramirez, Jerry Lynn Nickell, Harold Barbara Reynolds, Patsy Ruth Penny, Virginia Strom, Mary Rumph, Oliver Newland, Lewis Ponder, Bud Loftin, Ray Shores McClure . . ROW 21 5"i"eY We' Rebah WQ"'e'f MW M"'1'9"me'Yf Ween Rowkiltseiflizyotiifofl oftfZL.fofQ1siiLle'Df:lidHfllil 'Eff Eifrm' Rackley, Darlene Thomason, Vonnie Lightfoot, Donald Payne, V ' ' ' John St. John, Gerald Oliver Row 5: Elizabeth Nichols, J. T. Hill, Wayne Reed, Geraldine Brown Class of June, 1954 Row 'l: Lyndal Stocks, Billy Don Tabor, Beniamin Widener, Sherrill Row 31 Glynn Smith, Dorothy Williaford, Jerry Jordan, Tooney 570031 Cvrol SleVen50nf CCY Tl"0mP5Qn Scruggs, Richard Gregory, Bobbie Tribble, Wanda Jeter ROW 21 Roi-9977 Terrell, TeddY Shores, sl1"'l9Y Spenceff RUY Sharp' Row 4: Willis Speck, Glenda Vogle, Barbara Crouch, Barbara Jerry Williams, Shirley Sullivan, Phyllis Stith, Betty Taggart, Sfgnsonl Roy Smith, Lucy Rosas Marvin Wilmoth Row 5: Howard Williams, Don Walters, Bobb Coons, Travis Titus, P. T. Moser, Donald Dempsey, Ernest Hamilvon F ifty-eight Row 'l: Delois Johnson, Shirley Knearem, Virginia Kirk, Pat Beck, Row 3: Margaret Espinoza, Michael Mobley, Joyce Long, Betty Maron Gibbs, Bobbie Hulshouser Haught, Joanna Gaugh, Sandra Liverman, Anneil Luckie Row 2: Julie Hale, Emley Lyle, Minnette Hyman, Ann Jackson, Mary Row 4: Buddy Dickens, Leon Cooper, Jimmy Hinton, Billy Freudiger, Ann Bush, Sarah Goins Billy Dutton, Tony Davila. Row I: Hollis Cowan, Mitzie Crater, Carolyn Dinsmore, Delores Row 3: Margaret Ditson, Connie Dixie, Dorothy Avrea, Margaret Farmer, Ann Walters, Delores Cooper, Jan Crow, Jack Corbett Ellis, Judy Eshenfelder, Paul Bell, June Peach, Mary Frances Row 2: Julie Ferguson, Sue Cooper, Betty Feimster, Jean East, Mar- Perdue garet Cousey, Jean Church, Jarelle Stewart Row 4: Bobby Compton, Bob Cowan, Henry Brunner, Earnest Cotton, Gerald Summers, Eugene Anderson, James Cornehls Fifty-nine ARR , rf a ' 'gi' Q f SQ 2' U' 3 I cf, If 1, a '7 f, 1 ,WWWPQQ 7 A A -5 wr' Q xxl fr my y mg K X Ql d 4 " x , ff' W ff 'ASK W x Q95 W h " 'Y3,fy,7f H24 A " 4 f a 4?,,g,f4f QW 07 f6vJ I ' f ffffff q .aft '. 1 11 rn ,ai A ' I b'1fUf,.i.- ,N-v I ,hx 03 f LJ -: ,Q J V , fr . if fi ' if ' 15 ff , f 37" 1 I' p ' L4 :Q H r I' -I r' I' ul '-J 'if , .X ,V z' If 'WAS 'ig' ,4 1 I 5,5 g-,qw 1- yy 1 1 1 V T if' I aff' Lf' 0 .r x r ff ' , 'gg v,y4OK', 5 iffy '. j'Q 'ri' V' ix: ,fy f 4 I " 0 X p ,"'N I Q", 'f ,V 'i 4" " V5 'G-1 lf 1"L":'f I ' '- sn 53V f' A' 41' p Q-ff if ' vvLwnL' wwf .I I I' Q V' 17' pb?'!'9 - - ,-2,2 - if 1 I' "Z, 4 "ff'?f-,. A - -, , ,,,4g51,i , , . ' " ' ' . 111. Favorite Senior Girl JOE BETH SPAIN Favorite Senior Boy ERNEST PROUD Best All-Round Senior Boy GEORGE NELSON Best All-Rouncl Senior Girl LINDA SPAIN Favorite Underclass Boy KENNETH KIMBRELI. Favorite Underciass Girl MELINDA BOWEN Best All Round U ncferclass Girl BARBARA CROW x NA" 4, Kr yi, , Best All Round U nderclass Boy LARRY SHOWALTER WHO'S WHO -'. ' ' Vice President National Honor Society LK ' CJ, 2,1 2 gh r 7 . JERRY GILMORE JIM KEAHEY National Honor Society President Student Council Edllor of Oak President Debate Club Edllor of Acorn President National Forensic League Baseball Letterman Junior Rotarian Debate Letterman Officer's Club Key Club Sixty-six Tennis Letterman National Thespians Key Club Junior Rotarian 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards BARBARA STRANGE National Honor Society President ot Allied Youth Secretary ot National Thespians American Legion State Winner Governor of Girl's State Debate Letterman Senior Play Cast JIMMIE MULLIN National Honor Society Debate Club National Forensic League Junior Rotarian Treasurer ot Key Club Acorn Reporter Debate Letterman 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards LEE ETTA DURHAM City Debate Champion 1950, 1951 Vice-President, National Honor Society President National Thespians National Forensic League Senior Social Committee 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards WHO'S WHO HERMAN ROBERSON President National Honor Society Valedictorian of the January Class Vice President Student Council Cheerleader Social Chairman of Senior Class 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards "D" Club Key Club ROBERT LINSKIE President National Honor Society Regimental Staff Officer Key Club Junior Rotarian Otticer's Club 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards GEORGIA NUTT National Honor Society 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards Pan American Club Civic Federation ,Oak Representative Student Assistant Banking Assistant Junior Red Cross -...., WHO'S WHO JEANETTE BARNHOUSE National Honor Society National Thespian Society Pan-American Club Dallas Historical Society Student Assistant 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards SAM LADEN National Honor Society President of Pan- American Club Secretary of Otticer's Club National Thespian Society Senior Play Cast Key Club Student Council Civic Federation Company Commander 4-Year Linz and Everts Awards JO BETH SPAIN Secretary National Honor Society Secretary 3A, 3B, and Cheerleader Favorite Senior Girl R.O.T.C. Sponsor 4-Year Linz and Everts National Thespians Oak Advertising Staff 4A Classes Awards ADAMSON'S RECO INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAG C1950-51l REAGAN SPEECH TOURNAMENT-Houston, Dece Ist in Girls Janice Ist in Boys' Joe Gi M- Girls' Janice Adamson - BAYLOR SPEECH Ist in Girls' m ' Debate: Robbins and Lee Etta Durham Original Oratory: bson Extemporaneous Speaking: Robbins Winner of Sweepstakes Trophy TOURNAMENT - Waco, Februa Debate: Barbara Strange and Donna Wantling freceived scholarships to Baylor U.D Adamson -Winner of Sweepstakes Trophy SMU SPEECH TOURNAMENT - Dallas, March 2-3, Ist in Girls' Debate: Shirley Blakely and Sherry McGauhey RD of UE WINNERS ber 9-IO, 'I950 ry 16-17, 1951 1951 UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON SPEECH TOURNAMENT 'Ist in Girls' Debate: Delores Phife and Barbara Strange CITY MEET, INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE - Dallas, Ist in Boys' Debate: Irven DeVore and Gordon Robertson Ist in Girls' Debate: Lee Etta Durham and Janice Robbins Ist in Boys' Extemporaneous Speaking: Jerry Gilmore - Houston, March 'I6-'I7, 'I95'I April 5-14, 1951 Adamson -Winner of Kiwanis Trophy for 5th consecutive year Seventy Contest Boys' Debate Boys' Debate Girls' Debate Girls' Debate Boys' Extemp Boys' Extemp Girls' Extemp Girls' Extemp Boys' Declam Girls' Declam Spelling One Act Play CONTRIBUTORS TO KIWANIS TROPHY Rank 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 4th 2nd 3rd 4th 4th 4th 5th ation ation REGIONAL MEET, INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE - Dallas, April 21, 1951 1st in Boys' Debate: Names Gordon Robertson and lrven DeVore Jimmy Mullin and Donald Ewing Lee Etta Durham and Janice Robbins Delores Phife and Barbara Strange Jerry Gilmore Bobby Rodriguez Shirley Blakely Donna Wantling Joe Gibson Sherry McGauhey Helen Stewart and Beuton Voss Barbara Strange, Joe Gibson, Bobby Rodriguez, Sherry McGauhey, Doris Crabtree, James Clendenen Gordon Robertson and Irven DeVore TEXAS STATE MEET, INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE -Austin, May 4-5, 1951 STATE CHAMPIONS, BOYS' DEBATE: lrven DeVore and Gordon Robertson NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE DISTRICT TOURNAMENT, TEXAS-LOUISIANA Arlington State College, Arlington, Texas, May 11-12, 1951 BI-STATE Deb CHAMPIONS: Clie: Jimmy Mullin and Ronnie Ewing Delores Phife and Barbara Strange Boys' Extemporaneous Speaking: lrven DeVore Boys' Humorous Declamation: Johnny Wilson Adamson-Winner of Sweepstakes and Debate Trophies Points 1200 800 1200 800 600 200 400 300 200 200 200 200 The following Adamson Students will represent Texas and Louisiana at the NA- TIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE NATIONAL TOURNAMENT to be held in Los Angeles, California, on June 25-26, 1951: Debate: Boy Jimmy Mullin and Ronnie Ewing s' Extemp: lrven DeVore Seventy-one ART AND ESSAY CONTEST AWARDS KEY AWARD WINNERS Dolores Beall Ctwol Jo Beth Spain Thomas Bowman Marilyn Setzer Janette Chandler Amelia Bailey Lola Belle Featherstone Bill Parker Mary Sue Bradshaw Mary Ann Percin Henry Kroger CERTIFICATE WINNERS Mary Cabbell ltwol Shirley Honeycutt Billy Don Kerss Jim Bob Speir Mary Ann Wickline won a S40 gift certificate in the A. Harri Christmas card competition. 1951 NATIONAL SCHOLASTIC ART AWARDS Janette Chandler - S25 - Fabric Decoration s 81 Co. annual CITIZENSHIP Sponsored by Oak Cliff Civitan Club 1. Jeanette Barnhouse ..............,.....,................,..,................. ,.,.... S 25.00 2. Robert Linskie ..,....,... ,,,, 1 5,00 3. James Clendenen .. ....,....,......, ..........,...... ,...... . . . 10.00 FREEDOM'S OPEN DOOR Sponsored by Ladies Auxiliary to Veterans of Foreign Wars 1. Anna Marie Wilson ,...........,...,.... ..........,....,.,...... ,,,, 2 5 ,OO 3. Lottie Sue Martin ..,..........,..,............,..,....,.,.......................,...,....,.. ,... 1 0.00 THE EVILS OF ALCOHOL AND HOW TO REMEDY THEM Sponsored by C. H. C. Anderson of Brotherhood Class of Tyler Street Methodist Church 1. lrven DeVore ...,.... ,..,.....,..........,.,.,......,.,..,...........,..,.. ,,.. 5 0 .00 2. Joyce Stevens ..... 3. Bill Earnest ,..... 4. Ronnie Ewing SELLING AS A CAREER Sponsored by Sales Executives Club 1. Bill Earnest .. MERCHANDISE PRIZES 1. lrven DeVore 2. Patricia Pendley 3. Mildred Carpenter THRIFT Ist in school - Bill Earnest .,..., . , Inc. Is-i' in city to be announced. Sererzty-two 25.00 15.00 10.00 ........S300.00 ,S25.00 Q,'YWlTf 9 421 5 Wa 0' fx B1 ZS:- Yaf, 1 -' X! f l X f' 4 XS iff 5 V tif! v .QA C fi " Ei " - 'ff n- n I 4 -7 -r- Z ' -' LPS X fl ' Ziff ., X . ggyiq 4 X1FXBf 5 1 fflgie f 4 X! 55,-jg ' 1 , X XX f,,, ,., - QBX if --' ' "-.K X ,f-"J, 'E National Honor Society 1950-51 President . . Vice-President . Secretary . . President . . . Vice-President . Secretary . . . Barnhouse, Jeanette Blacketer, Gerald Bowen, John Brackeen, Jack Bruce, Barbara Burson, Onita Chandler, Janette Clendenen, James Cook, Al Cornehls, Nancy Davis, Ronnie DeVore, Irvin Durham, Lee Etta Ewing, Ronnie Farrimond, James Frasier, Donald Gilmore, Jerry Gloff, Barbara Good, James Griffin, Bob Griffith, Martha Hodge, David Holt, Mary Ann Seventy-four FALL OFFICERS 1 1 . s . Q - . - . n a Q u e - - SPRING OFFICERS s Q n f . 0 0 s o Q Horner, Jean Huggins, Jim Buck Hunt, Charlotte Hunter, Ann Johnson, Anna Keahey, Jim Keller, Alex Laden, Sam Linskie, Robert McGauhey, Sherry McGlynn, Evelyn McPherson, Billy McWhorter, Jean Mullin, Jimmy Murphy, Patricia Nelson, George Nutt, Georgia Parker, Pauline Perry, Jeanette Phelps, Thelma Phife, Delores Proud, Earnest Rains, Barbara Herman Roberson . Lee Etta Durham . . Jo Beth Spain . Robert Linskie . . Jim Keahey . . Jo Beth Spain Ramirez, Sally Randolph, Myrna Robbins, Janice Roberson, Herman Robinson, Beverly Rosser, Gay Scott, Kenneth Setzer, Marilyn Sholund, Nancy Smith, Helen Smith, Suzanne Spain, Jo Beth Stevens, Lo Rita Strange, Barbara Thompson, Albert Thompson, John Tuma, Andrew Watson, Larry Whitson, Frank Winborn, Sandra Wickline, Mary Wantling, Donna Ware, Lavonna President . . Vice-President . Secretary . . STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Sponsor . . . . . . . Martha Anderson Perry Barton Mary Lou Batla Jack Berry Joyce Burns Jerre Bolin Harry Busbee Edgar Casey Janette Chandler Bobby Christian Doris Crabtree Anne Daniel John Darby Cecil Day Jack Dempsey Alice Dickson Kay Duncan Luanne Evans Mike Folse John Fulgrum Jerry Gilmore Carolyn Harmon John Harrell Marjorie Hearn Carolyn Huth Shirley Jean Jones Don Kitchens George Lee Vonnie 'Lightfoot Robert Linskie Sandra Liverman Lola McKenzie Charles Moore Barbara Neal Sammy Nelson Charlie Nichols Jerry Gilmore . Luanne Evans . . . Alice Dickson . . Miss Floy Agnew Paul Painter Ned Pederson Mermann Pollard Doris Presson Charles Reed Jo Ellen Shanahan Margaret Simpson Jo Ann Sisk Bud Stevenson Don Stewart Helen Stewart Jerelle Stewart Edward Taylor Beuton Voss Dorothy Williaford Anna Marie Wilson Tommy Wilson Frank A. Woodard Sixty-five EZQEIW 233' FZTTQNYY! MW L.,,,,,,,, W , V , PAN AMERICAN OFFICERS President . . . . . . . . Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer .......... Reporter ............. Sponsors . Miss Eugenia Newberry, Mrs. Virgin MEMBERS Abbott, Carol Aday, Beverly Bailey, Arthur Barnhouse, Jeanette Berry, Richard Beyer, Roma Lee Bierhalter, Patricia Blacketer, Gerald Bourn, Floy Bowen, John Bowman, Thomas Brown, Jo Ann Burson, Onita Carpenter, Carolyn Carpenter, Jane Cotton, Rena Daniels, Francine Davis, Edwin Earnest, Bill Farrimond, Jimmy Fogleman, Jane Gardner, Barbara Gloff, Barbara Green, Emily Sue Hoggard, Gwen Haley, Bobby S eventy-six Hall, Charlene Harris, James Hart, Kathleen Hearn, Mariorie Honeycutt, Shirley Huggins, Jim Johnson, Jean Johnson, Peggy Knight, Gerald Laden, Sam Ladymon, Margaret Lea, Lillian Lee, George Lewis, G. V. Lundgren, Buddy Martin, Lottie Sue Mayfield, Sandra Merchant, Anita Moffitt, Franklin Moore, Marilyn Mousner, Ann Mowrey, Kenneth McKinney, Marjorie McPherson, Billy Nutt, Georgia Pendley, Pat If W EEE . . Sam Laden . James Farrimond . Beverley Robinson . Jeanette Barnhouse ia Juergens, Miss Roberta King Ragland, Patricia Ramirez, Sally Robbins, Janice Roberts, Sandra Robinson, Beverly Robuck, Eva Seale, Sylvia Searcy, Virginia Shanahan, James Sholund, Nancy Slaughter, Bobby Snider, Mary Nell Specker, Ted Stepter, James Sternenberg, Alice Strange, Margot Sweeney, Mary Dru Truly, Nancy Tuma, Andrew Vallejo, Robert Wallace, Sally Waller, Jo Mae Webb, Robert Wheeler, Patricia White, Jerry Yium, Thomas Fall Henry Kroger . . Tawana Hamilton . Elaine Dillon . . Sponsor . Barbara Barnett Barbara Jean Barr Joan Blankenship Thomas Bowman Mary Sue Bradshaw Ada Nell Brau Janette Chandler Charlene Chenault Albert Cunningham Reba Cunningham Alice Dickson Elaine Dillon Kaye Duncan Roy Eckard Janice Enright Donald Fagci ART CLUB OFFICERS . . President . . Vice-President . . Secretary . Janie Fogleman Tawana Hamilton Shirley Honeycutt Shirley Jordan Henry Kroger Martha Layton Arlon Lindner Gary Marrs Billy Marshall Larry Martin John McRay Georgia Moore Patricia Nelson Harriette Nicks Bill Parker Shirley Paxton Spring . Tawana Hamilton . . Alice Dickson . . . Elaine Dillon . Miss Meredith Schroeder Florence Perkins Diana Robinette Carolyn Rowe Dorothea Scott Marilyn Setzer Helen Smith Jo Beth Spain Leanne Stinson Shirley Sullivan Douglas Thomas Billie Thornton Dionne Tucker Martha Vowels Mary Ann Wickline Anne Wilson Bobbie Wilson Sezentg senen NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY Fall Lee Etta Durham . Janice Robbins . . Barbara Strange . Sherry McGauhey . Sponsor . . . Olga Atkins Virginia Ballard Jeanette Barnhouse Shirley Blakely Nancy Cornehls Doris Crabtree Jancie Crow Irven DeVore Alice Dickson Joan Duncan Lee Etta Durham Roy Eckard Jackie Erwin Luanne Evans Shanene Gahagan Seventy ezghz OFFICERS Spring . . President . . . . . Doris Crabtree . Vice-President . . Sherry McGaughey . . Secretary . . . . Jo Beth Spain . . Treasurer . .... Alice Dickson . . . . . . Miss Wilhelmina Hedde OFFICERS Francis Giles Jerry Gilmore James Good Betty Hayes Bud Heinlein Sylvia Hendrix Jim Keahey Buddy Laden Sherry McGauhey Troy McKenzie Charles McMerreII Florence Perkins Delores Phife Beverly Pulliam Shirley Quick Janice Robbins Herman Roberson Bob Robertson Ethel Robinson Erma Smith Helen Smith JoBeth Spain Linda Spain Barbara Strange Betty Thompson Joe Ann Toney Margaret Wallace Donna Wantling Leonard Warren Bobbie Jean Wilson Shirley Yates President . . . Vice-President . Secretary . . Sponsor . . Della Aycock Virginia Ballard Richard Berry Shirley Blakely Kenneth Blankenship Jerre Bolin Johnny Cameron James Cash Eugene Crabb Horace Crow Irven DeVore Lee Etta Durham Ronald Ewing Carol Giblin Joe Gibson Frances Giles DEBATE OFFICERS Jerry Gilmore Beverly Holmquest Cheree Hughes Olin Johnson Carol Keele Charles Lowler G. V. Lewis Sherry McGauhey Frank Matthews Alma Merwin Jimmy Mullin Paula Murphy Pat Pendly Thelma Phelps Delores Phife . Jerry Gilmore . Barbara Strange . Janice Robbins . Carl C. Nutley Janice Robbins Gordon Robertson Bobby Rodriguez Marjorie Schmitt Jo Ann Scoma Kenneth Scott Peggy Shelby George Smith Carol Smith James Stepter Johnnie Stone Barbara Strange Donna Wantling Carolyn iNebb Johnny Wilson Shirley Yates Seventy-nine Eighty V DALLAS HISTORICAL SOCIETY President . . Vice-President . Secretary . . . Excursion Chairman Sponsor . . . Dana Alexander Duane Biggs Onita Burson Charline Chenault Doris Crabtree Reba Cunningham Doy Davis James Good Martha Griffith Laverne Hanks OFFICERS Betty Holland Jean Horner Geraldine Johnson Bobbie Ann Knoll Evelyn McCall Marilyn McCoin Jacqueline McCrone Billy McPherson Barbara Martin Marilyn Moore Shirley Quick Margaret Simpson . Doris Crabtree . Betty Thompson . . Sally Wallace . . Mrs. Winnie Langford Roy Reger Ann Reid Jo Ann Remington Margaret Simpson Bobby Slaughter Helen Thomas Betty Thompson Gloria Walden Jeanette Walden Sally Wallace i 1 5 k it . -I lg nm i Miss Mabel Rockett President ..... Vice President ...... Secretary and Treasurer . . . Inter Club Council Representative Dana Alexander Sara Allen Duane Biggs Mary Carsey Elaine Dillon Joan Duncan Kaye Duncan Janie Fogleman Julie Hale Tawana Hamilton Sylvia Hendrix Nadine Johnson Joyce Long Margie McKinney Rachel McKinney Y-Teens SPONSORS Mrs. Minnie Bramlette OFFICERS Helen Smith . Tawana Hamilton Jean McWhorter Michael Mobley Shirley Anne Morrow Marie Myers Elizabeth Nichols Mary Palmer Martha Joan Parks Mary Frances Perdue Gloria Petty Jamie Portwood Sally Ramirez Helen Smith Leanne Stinson Jessamine White Bobbie Jean Wilson Kaye Duncan Marie Myers Eighty-one Pen Pal Clulo Faculty Sponsors - Mrs. Helen Horn, Miss Nelly Bly Lankford OFFICERS Spring a Beuton Voss . . . . . President . . Elaine Dillon Margaret Ditson . . . Vice-President . Patsy Collier Verena Lottin . . . . Secretary . . . Beuton Voss Judy Eshenfelder .... Program Chairman . . Charlotte Hunt Avrea, Dorothy Hill, Betty Eighty-two Collier, Patsy Daniels, Francine Deere, Frances Dillon, Elaine Ditson, Margaret Eshenfelder, Judy Horner, Jean Howard, Betty Sue Hunt, Charlotte Johnson, Margie Loftin, Verena Robinette, Diana Snider, Mary Nell Scruggs, Tooney Stevens, Lo Rita Voss, Beuton Wantling, Donna Red Cross Council Jerre Bolin . . . President Doris Crabtree . . Vice President Shirley Hamlin . . . . Secretary Miss ldabel Cabiness . . Sponsor Jim Buck Huggins . . President of Dallas County Chapter of Junior Red Cross Eighty-three Book Room Afiendo nce Office 4 F X 1 Student -at ? i i r ik, Assistants I 1 - We Ks, ' so -,M ,pf - 4 Banking Business Office Senior Counselor's Office Miss Henrietta Eisenlohr Reba Jo Cunningham . Helen Thomas . . . Jim Bithas, Bill Harrison, Jim Keahey . Jimmy Mullin . . . Alex Keller, Bill Walker James Welch .... Arthur Richardson . Luanne Evans . . Helen Smith .... Acorn Stall FALL STAFF James Welch . SPRING STAFF Jackie Erwin, Lee Etta Durham . Shirley Hamlin . . . Eighty-six . Faculty Sponsor . Editor-in-Chief . Exchange Editor . Business Staff . Editor-in-chief . Assistant Editor . Sports Editors Business Manager . . ROTC Editor . . Club Editor . Exchange Editor . News Editors . . Typist Della Aycock Charles Baker Virginia Ballard Carolyn Baumgartner La Verne Bell Roma Lee Beyer Emma Lou Bilderback John Britton Joan Bullis James Clendenen Sihrley Cronkhite Barbara Crow Betty Denton Don Dillard George Dlabai Margery Ellis J. L. Epps Janie Fogleman Calc Representatives Mary Sue Foster Theresa Geiger Sondra Gilbert Patsy Gerard Shirley Hamlin John Harvey Richard Haywood Ruth Holt Mary Ann Jameson Shirley Jordan John Kidd Anita Merchant Sherry McGauhey Gale McKinney Mary Nall Gloria Paine Delores Phife Shirley Prather Nelda Prince Sally Ramirez Wynona Rodgers Leon Sanford Jo Ann Scoma Virginia Searcy Glyna Smith Linda Spain Johnnie Stone John Thompson Kenneth Thompson Norma Timby Alice Wallace Dana Welloorne Peggy Wylie Shirley Yates Eighty-seven Oak Business Staff Sponsor Miss Christine Hammock Jo Beth Spain Barbara Rains Mary Lou Akin Oak Editorial Staff Sponsor . . Miss Jeanette Alston Editor . . . . . Jim Keahey Art Editor . . Bill Don Kerss Assistants: Melinda Bowen, Mildred Car- penter, Joyce Jones, Barbara Neal, Nancy Cornehls, Shirley Hamlin, Rose- mary Boughton, Don Thurman, Joe Bob Gibson, Bobby Lane, Ronnie Davis, Franklin Moffitt Typists: Audrey Day, Margie Wallace, Ann Hunter fa Library Service C ub y C as left to Right: Larry Martin, Melveen Lain, Joan Compton, Miss Thompson, Nola McKenzie, Carolyn Baumgartner, Jack Spang- ler, Jean Johnson, Mary Carsey, Thomas Bowman, June Peach, Robert Good, Marilyn Harden, Sondra Mayfield, Margot Strange, Janet McKinney, Margaret Ditson. Civic Fecleration Row 'lz La Verne Hanks, Nancy Sholund, Marilyn Moore, Anna Johnson, Helen Smith, Carol Abbott. Row 2: Charlotte Hunt, Lo Rito Stevens, Jeanette Barnhous e, Nancy Cornehls, Shirley Paxton, Mary Dru Sweeney. Row 3: Marvin Williams, Lee Roy Nichols, Al Cook. Ninety French Club Faculty Sponsor - Helen Aduddell Carolyn Dixon . Ernest Proud . Suzanne Rosser . Kenneth Banks Charles Cunningham Marlin Harris Joe O'Lexy Adrian Peterson Ernest Proud OFFICERS Peter Sykes Robert Wickline Sue Cooper Carolyn Dixon Mariorie Ellis Gloria Foy . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary Leta Mae Horn Charlotte Hunt Shirley Knearem Marilyn McCoin Barbara Northwick Suzanne Rosser Ninety-one Crchestra String Instrument Class N inety-two Row 1. Lcxvora Bullard, Joyce Stevens, Robbie Horton, Rayman Ditson. Row 2. Edward Slcxmpa, Frank Ccxdwollcxder, Terry Irby, Larry Martin Charles Baker Talmage Baker Virginia Ballard Shirley Blakley Charles Boshart LaDonna Bourns Johnetta Bowles Jerry Carpenter Bobby Choate Johnny Collins A. W. Cox Albert Cunningham Rayma Ditson Jeanenne Elmore Jackie Erwin Carol Ewton Robert Hanna Betty Hayes C. W. Hefner Henry Jordan Joyce Kidd Geraldine LaBarbera Select Chorus Sponsor - Mr. Joe Teague Dorothea Lankforcl .lean Larsen Dorothy Lasiter Elsie Layers Patty Lewis W. H. McCuiston Barbara McDill Suwanne McNellis Peggy Manchen Mike Montgomery Shirley Morrow Elwin Myres Barbara Neal Billy Ray Neel Rosalyn Page Paul Painter Shirley Paxton Florence Perkins Doris Post Kathy Post Myrna Randolph Bobby Reon Charles Richardson JoAnn Richardson Ethel Robinson Jack Ruth Sally Satterwhite Richard Schroder Jackie Lou Scott Pat Smith Fatima Solmon Linda Spain Rose Ann Sparkman Jim Bob Speir Haskell Spillers Bobby Stamps LoRita Stevens Tommy Stewart Carolyn Vowels Jeanette Walden Mae Dell Walker Donna Williams Carl Young lV1'm'ty-three Ninety-four Girls Chorus Sponsor - Mr. Joe Teague Beverly Aday Mary Lou Akins Martha Anderson Dorothy Avrea Mary Lou Batla Charlene Bell Shirley Benningfield Emma Lou Bilderback Joan Bullis Cleo Carter Dorothy Cochran Barbara Craig Shirley Cronkhite Barbara Crouch Carolyn Decker Melverne Doss Nellie Donaldson Lynn Duncan Rheau Nell Duncan Delores Emmett Janice Enright Bobbie Evans Barbara Farmer Gaynelle Ferguson Joyce Finney Mary Sue Foster Joanna Gaugh Clara Grady Melva Jo Henderson Audrey Holloway Beverly Holmquest Jane Hooten Mary Ann Jameson Peggy Johnson Virginia Jonte Rita Kempe Jessie Lewellen Joyce Long Mollie Sue Martin Betty Jean Matus Peggy Sue Milton Yvonne Minshew Michael Mobley Georgia Moore Ann Mousner Danice Norris Mary Oler Diane Parkins Mary Ann Percin Doris Pitman Jamie Portwood Joreen Rackley Beverly Robinson Tooney Scruggs Bobbie Sue Sisk Jo Ann Sisk Carolyn Smith Nancy Smith Carolyn Stewart Sally Taylor Rennee Tillery Peggy Vinson Martha Vowels Greta Warren Marilyn Watkins Dana Welborne Jeannine Whipple Dorothy Williaford Louella Wilson Linda Wooley Charlene York I l l President . . . Vice President . Chairman Roller Skating Club Sponsor - Mr. Franks . . . . Gene Wright . . . Johnny Shocklee of Social Committee . . Don Alexander Darla Alexander Virgie Athas Olga Atkins Tommy Barker Perry Barton Charles Barnes Lynaveta Bates Carolyn Baumgartner Roma Lee Beyer Shirley Birdsong Joan Blankenship Ella Mae Bloom Eddie Brooks Virginia Brown Willis Brumley Shirley Camble Charlene Carney Betty Cole LaVerne Compton Gail Cooper Joann Cooper Pat Covington Bill Cumbie Virginia Daniel Olin Davis Don Dillard Betty Dollins Sylvia Doninie Jackie Erwin Jerry Eskridge Paul Finley Loretta Floyd Mary Alice Floyd Novalene Follis Louise Franks Norton Gamel Barbara Gloff Robert Goodrich Charlene Hall Barbara Harvey Melva Henderson Robert Hill Gordon Hines Bootsie Holland Juanita Holland Jenette Hopper Cherrie Hughes Barbara Hunt Minnette Hyman Wanda lnmon Carol Johnson Gloria Johnson Norma Jones Shirley Jones Allen Kroger Geraldine LaBarbara Dorothea Lankford Elsie Jane Lavers Ray Lewis Dolores Lockridge Joan Loney Secretary . Treasurer. . . Emley Ann Lyle Hank Matthews Gary McAfee Evelyn McCall Grace McDougall Suwannee McNellis Anita Merchant James Mclntosh Danise Millea Peggy Milton Yvonne Minshew Teddy Moody Jackie Munn Betty Neel Gloria Paine June Peach JoAnn Pennington Jimmy Penton Mary Frances Perdue Billy Post DeLois Pullen Shirley Quick Edward Quinn Sally Ramirez Warren Reynolds Barbara Reed Clifford Reed Ethel Robinson Diana Robinette Barbara Salyer Betty Sanders . . . . Jackie Erwin . . Suwannee McNellls Margaret Wallace Catherine Shaw Johny Shocklee Bobby Dan Slaughter Clarence Sleeper Lynn Sneed Jeanette Stapleton Donald Stevens Joyce Stevens Cecil Thomas Jo Ann Toney Sue Tunnell Peggie Turner Nelda Ueckert Carolyn Vowels Mae Dell Walker Margie Wallace Ann Walters Carolyn Wanble JoAnn Wheeler Nancy Weese Jeaninne Whipple Runelle White Bobby Wilmoth Martha Winslett Robert Wise Gene Wright Philip Wright Collene Wyatte Patsy Wyatt Sue Wyatt Ninety-live Hi-Y Row 1: Cy Peters, Bobby Nichols, Ed Crutchfield, Buddy Stevenson, .lim Miller, Gary Marrs Paul McDonald Cecil Long Row 2: Lenard Warren, Homer Brown, Johnny Cody, Eugene Liverman, Lewis Williams Don Jackson Jack Dempsey Row 3: Charles Baker, Sammy Nelson, Bobby Ahlfinger, Alex Keller, Ralph Parker, Jack Bryant Paul Painter Row 4: John Harrell, Raymond Dixon, Jimmy Rodgers, George Nelson, Randall Allen Row 5: Larry Showalter, Andrew Davis, Mr. Hill. ' Motion Picture Operators lvl-I1!'lj'-Sli' D Club Row Row Row son, Row 1: Earnest Proud, George Lee, Lewis Williams, Cecil Long, Jimmy Miller, Buddy Stevenson, Randall Allen, Paul McDonald. Row 2: Eugene Dale, James Cash, Bruce Norman, Freddie Goodman, Johnny Cody, Eugene Liverman, Ed Crutchfield, How- ard Winters, Ronald North. Kenneth Kimbrell, Herman Wilkerson, Larry Showalter, Jack Walden, Ralph Parker, Billy Don Kerss. Charles Reed, Robert Warren, Jimmy Perry, Andrew Davis, Jack Bryant, Talmadge Baker. Leroy Nichols, Charles Creel, John Harrell, Jack Berry, Gary Marrs, Jimmy Gumm, Leonard Warren, Donald Jack- E. Hanna. us. Stage Crew Row 'l: H. G. Lovell, Wayne Spruell, Bobby Folse, Roy Eckard, Jack Bullock. Row 2: Jack Phillips, Charles McMerrell Douglas Thomas. N inety-seven Sportsman Clulo N i nety-eight Row 1: Buddy Lundgren, Arthur Richardson, Douglas Cowan, Allen Kroger Row 2: Avon Confrell, Kenneth Thompson, Arthur Bailey, Mack Monroe. Row 3: Bryon Jennings, Jim Sounders, Mr. Franks, Roy Reger. President . . . lst Vice President 2nd Vice President 3rd Vice President 4th Vice President Secretary . . . Cartoonist . . Allied Youtl1 Sponsor - Mr. W. T. Hamilton OFFICERS Barbara Strange . Jackie Erwin Margaret Hall . Shirley Quick Shirley Hamlin Lee Etta Durham . Alice Dickson Ninety-nine 4XL-I 1 ' 76 +41-nu. " 'if ff in f 1 I P Q 41 if ' f ff il f p! gf 1 fs' fy x 6 Q 1,K pf fl W F F. 4 .. Q 1 l' 1 "u ZX Qs 4' if 5. 1 4., . fffgfnv . 4 " bf ,L f ' 'f H '--:V ,Y 1 , 684, 4' 'ff 75 I 1' 'F ,fi " .1 - w g V- 5 vfl,,?, ,Q ff--,v'.1 .15 . ,Dy r n- 1. '- "',,f'f.' an-11.1" Y f 'Q 1 24'-' " 'f4 53 , -P 1f2'49f'fwf- - ef' A .fr .4 .' f , . 1 ", X 2 I . I V 536 1gZZ"",.9 -'!x H fi , . J - fa , ff . 4 ., f' '1..f f . Q If av M 'IW ull , Q "' ' 'I A -Ig, ' " Zi' , , f ' if ., . , , , fi' rr ' . I V "3 " L-. " ' f ' ' '17, 7 f " I OFFICERS CLUB Row 1: Robert Linskie, Johnny King, Don Archer Jerry Ford, Al Cook, Jery Matthews. Row 2: E. C. Holtsclaw, Mike Folse, Leland Denton, .lack Richburg, Ronnie Ewing, Eddie Stolz, Andrew Tuma, Jerry Gilmore, Roy Eckard. Row 3: Robert Lee, C. W. Hefner, Larry Wotson, Jack Gillis, Tom Maples, Jack Brackeen, Bobby Haley, Ted Ferguson, Sherman McMurroy. Row 4: Donald Kitchens, Johnny Shocklee, Douglas Cowan, Buddy Laden, Willis Brumley, Royce Ballew, James Mclntosh, Arthur Richardson, Wayne Spruell. Row 5: Delbert Goins, Robert White, Johnny Red- mond, Charles Marshall, Bill Ellison, Marvin Wil- liams, Bryon Day. STAFF Row I: Don Archer. Row 2: Jerry Ford, Robert Linskie Johnny King, Al Cook, Jerry Mat- thews. i i COLOR GUARD Ted Sebastian, Henry Kroger, Young, Allen Kroger. Band Row 'lc Bill Eornesf, Teddy Moody, C. L. Eudy, Jerry Gilmore, Jerry Bolin, J. C. Eudy, Norman Barnes. Row 2: Don Onstotf, Clark Gentry, Kenneth Blankenship, Bobby Lone, Irven De Vore, Hollis Cowman, .lack Corbett, Don Kitchens. Row 3: Andrew Tuma, Don Thurman, J. Robert Bell, Edger Casey, Edward Quinn, Alvin Gammel, Duword Bean, Eddie Stolz. R 0 T C Sponsors I 2 VVV: V ,.,. aj rs rg mg V -gg ' , f .le r 4 ' iii i W. .Q .A El ,,'. ,re 1 . A Margaret Simpson, Deo Lynn Griffith, Shirley Quick, Barbara Brown, Jo Ann Sisk, Nancy Truly, .lo Ann Smith, Margaret Hughey. Rille Team Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 1: Ronnie Ewing, Don Thurman, Dewayne Hooks, Robert Linskie. Row 2: Don Archer, Al Cook, Larry Watson, C. W. Hefner. Row 3: Delbert Goins, Eddie Currie, James Mclntosh, Mike Folse. Jody Drill Team Johnny King, Mike Folse. Ray Eckard, Gene Wright, Sherman McMurray, Edgar Casey, Joe McCallum, Sammy Timpa, Robert Linskie. John Squier, Hugh Wickham, Royce Ballew, Robert Woods, Alvin Gatlin, Ronnie Ewing, Charles Barnes, Robert Lee. John McRay, Marvin Williams, Larry Watson, C. W. Hefner, Jimmy Baker, Don Baker, Dewayne Hooks, C. M. Hester Tommy Maples, Edward Boswell, Wayne Hooks, Ted Sebastian, Jerry Matthews. Walter Simmons, Al Cook, Kermit Thiele, Eddie Currie, Johnny Shocklee, Ronnie Harrison, Bobby Britton, Clarence Sisk COMPANY'MH C. M. Hester Sidney George Joe McCollum. , Bobby Cotter, Row 'l: Roy Eckard, Mike Folse, Robert Lee, Bobby Haley, Bobby Hutfhines. Row 2: Johnny Wilson, Henry Jordan, Walter Simmons, Bobby Choate, Larry Starks, Gordon Robertson, Bud Linder, Duwoyne Lundgren, Johnny Cameron. Row 3: Robert Furr, Harold Justice, Jackie Richardson, Robert Cowan, Don Baker, Jerry Bolin, Bill Mitchell, Jack Cenny, Row 4: James Boyd, Joe Pearson, Bill Nelson, Ronnie Heer, Ronnie Davis, Richard Berry, John Heyde, Bill Cumbie. Row 5: Billy Post, Frankie Moffitt, Kenneth Scott, H. G. Lovell, Billy Mayne, Clifford Reed, Tommy Craft, Jimmy Tally, Row 6: Ronnie Harrison, Charles Richardson, Buddy Britton, Linton Hinton, Ray Lewis, Sidney George, Tommy Bragg Charles Baldwin. COMPANY'BH Row 1: Royce Ballew, Ronnie Ewing, Jack Brockeen, Larry Watson, Wayne Hooks. Row 2: Hank Matthews, Richard Haywood, Billy Tabor, Tommy Hefner, Bobby Phelps, Carlton Williams, Sammy Timpa. Row 3: Dewayne Hooks, John Burrows, Lewis Gordon, Jack Bullock, Gene Young, Harold Blakeway. Row 4: Walter Woldie, Jesse Barnes, Bobby Stamps, Sherrill Stone, Vonnie Lightfoot, James Blakeway. Row 5: Jimmie Baker, Lewis Ponder, William Moser, Donald Payne, James Stepter, Jim Bithas. Row 6: Jimmie Hammer, Tommy Adrian, Robert Goodrich, Joe Lexy, Donald Caruth, Paul Finley. Row 7: Steve Milner, G. V. Lewis, Louis Andrian, Billy Jordan, Thomas Lemaster. 1 COMPANYHCH Row Row Fred Row Row Row Row Row T: Willis Brumley, Leland Denton, Ted Ferguson, 2: Edward Slampa, Franklin Johnson, Gerald Finch, William Thomas, Carol Stevens, Benny Widener, Eugene Smith, Bobby Swann, Rotunna. 3: John Squier, Bobby Slaughter, Edwin Carrell, Gene Montgomery, Richard Palmer, Jimmy Davis, Gene Ewing, John White. 4: Richard Cruz, Jerry White, Mark Kuehne, Edward Boswell, Jimmy Bowers, Johnny McRay. 5: Albert Cuningham, Brick Moore, Melvin Watson, Charles Thorton, Clive Puckett, Donald Hensley. 6: Don Linebarger, John Skelton, E. G. Sebastian, Robert Robinson, Bobby Blankenship, John Bowen, Charles Bailey. 7: Eddie Currie, Billy White, John Neathery, John Reynolds, Tim Henderson. COMPANY'DH Row 1: C. W. Hefner, Douglas Cowan, Buddy Laden. Row 2: Gerald Oliver, Larry Tate, Bobby Folse, Donnie Griffis, Lyndal Stocks, Malvin Thomas, Donald Stevens, Aldredge Tillison, Ma- dell Freeman. Row 3: Robert Hanna, Elwyn Fuller, Robert Bridges, Henry Brunner, Tommy Hogan, William Pruitt, Billy Lewis, Donald Moore, Hugh Wickham. Row 4: Billy Neal, Eugene Wright, Keith Miller, Arthur Brooks, Charles Cunningham, Olin Johnson, Charles Lawler, Leon Cooper. Row 5: Gerald Knight, Kenneth Banks, Alton Smith, Richard Smith, John Coates, Jerome Martinez, Ralph Welch. Row 6: Robert Hill, Tyler O'Teter, Gail Sistrunk, Wayne Nall, Coy Thompson. Row 7: Alston Morgan, Robert Woods, Billy Anderson, Ray Albaugh, Terry Irby, Cecil House, Tony Alderson, Max Kincaid. 1: '7' If LQ, if AL. . lflf-' F N KL' ff af 0 I LT I ,fa gf Wwg Gr-:Q-lf?-E--ik A 1' 'J 'S is-:w1.xLiS." 'ifxfp' il 14-.Qi -f.51g.AQ5f-jim-2,52 ,I v V , f.e.'f.f,- W ff 'fbhx 1 . - ,ifT f52.:Qg'eff' :53.,,s.1,,1g.x,g-I-ffcf, f w'1,'-?'?1-- f Sip- rff' . I, 1 ..- .,-X- - g 4 1 'X 'VM Siva! 4 i f "L-KQEQ. ,xg vi. Kxg 3 Ixlxff-af, -'Y' .VX , N X. ,B . .,,.X..x:1 fb A' Atl f ff J 1 f 2-iff I 144-.ffm ASL. "'-1-1 'f:3?'f'f L 41 V I-:. V6 fgqg j f .yr ,1 -M:-:Eff , Mimi" I ,.,. 0 , wr 24 VA dl L , , ' ral 4 3 J W, r 1 I ., Ei XRXINK 1" M W1 One Hundred Eight Cheer Leaders Jo Betty Spain, Jerry Kee, Lindo Spain, Ed Muir- head, Louonne Evons, John Chappell, Bobbie Wilson, Hermon Roberson. Maiorettes Jackie Erwin, Jeannene Elmore, Betty Hayes, Margaret Hall, Barbara Crow, Melinda Bowen One Hundred Nine Mr. Nall, Mr. Dickey, Mr. Guzick John Harrell Jock Bryuni Tackle Guard FOCT Buddy Stevenson Jack Walden End Center Ralph Parker Guard B0lCk Ed Cruichfield Freddie Goodman Buck Jimmy Perr K I1 Herman Wilkerson Tackle Jack Berry Tackle y ennei Kimbrell Eugene Liverman R. E. Hanna Buck End Center Guard James Cash Back Tclmuclge Boker Guard Gary Mclrrs Back Jimmy Miller Jimmy Gumm Cy Peiers Mgr Billy Don Kerss y Buck End ' End Johnny Cody Back Charlie Reecl Tackle Bobby Nichols Back Charles Shaw Don Jackson Lewis Williams Paul McDonald Bock Buck Back Gqard BASEBALL Cofcher Jackie Hickman Coicher ,f -r, if Q51 W W K,,g...,-f,:m"""h'?!.f,5a, ,,,,-if-Q-swf-rff-y3g 4 f 1 - X 1 Lg ,iw 3:15. 'rf , J..--my 5- - :gr - fgi'3i4nQ ig: iifiif K -mf,--f A Q 4.MAf'f+f" . -S" 2 YQ ' , , f , , I F' W3 . T . -if T F .4 T T an per J 1 I fm A e 1, iffv-2 5 - - --1 A X X -gy A uv., 5. ff Y f . is so 4,2 'f " V , . ' ' 1 fi- f ' ,,.. T W' ,g N ' Q Q mf, all ' - N Q25 ., T fx L 'bf in ' fig x 3 1 I , L K. X , ag H , 5 Kms y 3 5 Q , I .sf ,3 were AJR xl' ,. ig5g5Rix5Qr.-,.wfXQ Earnest Proud - Pitcher " , -' li ' Q , , fi, 'i vff1f.f" ' in - , ' 'Q V 2 - fugli-Sffisisri A I .11i1i'fELW,' , 4-if ' I 5 1 'W F 1 A , , ' 1 .7.,Affi,1. . , ,-J ,. .ss , X ' A: - ,,. 1,41 K ' 5,zif2iiiSgQiP21v"W: '54 A ' EMF.: -. A 1 k,,,,sf5fg-egg, -v we -1 . qw, vm., ,M,.xgy1""'m-W , 1 'f - .wfifl , M " f QQ. K,glr?fQ we-ex .,,M ,,.L,TUya?g?gi W wer 'figs -Mew-ferns? w'Q?z'Fm's::"4 f .J ' .F A P- Isfwms T , .. 5 J .i , -N ew .1 r , if A wi - A - - eff- 'rw f "F of T-f?2f.ff71M" fu'fff-ff1.1,figsf2:.4sL 'A ' g ?'f'iif"-+392 4 'ag Af. ' " ' ry rfgfff U V1 c" I ' ,av-psf ' .- -.s 5-23,31 , 48. 5, . 33 'F f- -'Fi .Q W f f L14 " px ,QQQQQM ww , D, my Arlhus Baileyh Uiiliiy lnfielder Rex Ansley - Third Base Roy Denney - Third Base Edgar Casey - Pifcher Don Frazier - Pitcher Thomas Ponder- Third Base Billy Kerss - First Base Paul McDonald - Left Field i I 1 iiiil vl gifl . y as rf' T f ' 9 iil' 4 ' W e , ' 2 - F T, M T 4 X T 'i': il i 'V' ii i A F' T, .. , ,, , :,. :rife ,. ?,h if: ,,,' , b Nw V , , k j .j rw T 'i i T 4 T riell J a Cggfffff T ' , 1335. V , W 'X -:swf ',.v:' ' I .iirwiiw -:leaf i .. "3wi1b'7i' 35ih.ii,I? Q :J 4 li W ew L gg ,, a 1-f " .H !'1r3s V, 'Q '.', , :fM.m:. . f - 1,- Buddy Stevenson - Second Base, Cecil Long - Shorisiop ,Jimmy Miller - First Base -A We 'WWW Earnest Proud, Robert Warren Pitchers Robert Warren Pitcher Gary Marrs Center Field Paul McDonald Left Field Victor Luker Right Field Returning Lettermen: Robert Warren Cecil Long Jim Miller Buddy Stevenson Paul McDonald Gary Marrs Earnest Proud X x W w 'Si As,t,,,, -, ,.: I K 4 1 ..-. ,, if , , ,g , - . i Qi V L t,. z ,Q t 'ff "' it 'B 'L ,Q .9 -- f M., L . - , ji -- , , A r . ,, ' . F f lx sg N 41 1144! "3 , 7' A V - :Mew gg - ' b . I I 2 A . " L ' X "5 ":Z3'-le. . . 1 -53 ' V , it Q ,, V ir Q sv .Je .. Ya 1? JW A - H .W . I x I rf' I H, 5 " wh A - ff ' A R' " 51215 ' 7 ' My itlgjggragifrgijgf . , " 3 ' 5 ,- : 4 ,yy it -1,9 f rf : ii ' VSMQ' .EW t f 'A " 'Qi .5 if? ' ' 'v ' 1 Wifi V W -: wi 'Q wfffwf 'rt A- f 5,2 in 5 w -' ,r 'IKM S f-rw K, , ,L .f We zq .qkxsflfgww ,.saLr,.:,z f r 1 si ' f , "5 .s I f . x 4 AUX- " f , tgrzfgi-if'fi 'L Wvtmfif .V . ffl. ,jlL,,f'-73 1' ' x, " 1 if 'Xi ', " .L . S it A 'f ii W ' Y .57 fiilisif 1 f. -. -Q. wi V ' , V yi, -- gen -2 .1 tx haf, K, 5,22 - firi ng-. I ' 1' if p " fig ' 'Y A - - A L- ' X - 1 - - M.ms2Qft-'W' Lib " -- - ff'-trwiegr 5 ' f 54 N.-s-i",w' K 5 at '- .. V ' Q' . Cecil Long - Shortstop, Buddy Stevenson - Second Bose ' we ,Wwe Jim Keclhey, Mermcnn Pollard, Richard Stallings, Alex Keller H' 1 , V VJ 4 lr 4' 3+ -' J , . A Lf' lr' ' 7' if .Y a 3 5 3 . , 7 in W ' l ex., E . ,., J 2 f . ,f',, Q B .Fr Bruce Norman Forward i g4f:qQ Baslcel: VL' 4 , fl .7 ,Af 5 7 Johnny Cody Forward George Lee Guard Earnesi Proud Guard Mr. Fuller, Charles Creel, Andy Davis, Larry Showalter, Earnest Proud, George Nelson Andrew Davis Cenier -f 4, QteQQiz,39 5 if 3 Q " 9' T, - Q, , 2 53 6? i f 55,53 ' I .. "ffm S ' K.: :iff , r , W r xg I Y NYKM, If L73 5' :lx r e' f ' , - S W' , r P' V .- -r ' . ' if . , .v ' . 0 1' V5 15 1: K ki ::Q3.:zagf,,'-I' f' ' - ,, 3K - - g,5.1..5,fQ1f,-11. if - ' I-. J f 5 L . 4 1 ' I -e . YM LW-ia 5 3 ,f .4 I, ffiizzml, 353, 3 ,f ' 1 Chvrles Cree: George Ne'S0n f., ,,,, ,, 1 L J V- '- f- wk v 'Oi -:ff -A , 5-W -mm Y . .ffiafz M. , -1 Sf ffliiy Q , ' '1. 'lj "las f W Q f , . N,--. . , :Te 54' " U if 15: ' 1 eww . V' igfffiiv -Q fef, L ' T' .1 ' -' Tvj:5?5f" 'E Z' a - i A Jas fr , K Q 6 el ' H . f-,f N ML.,5,, ,E I X 1. M Larry Showalter Center Jimmy Gumm Guard 5 .. 1g ,E "'.,,.i.:v-E,-L .L QQ, gssifgif E5 . , Q' gf ' r S is fig, S in 3? u My ff ,gc Q 3 v 2 5 'i K K9 Q 1 R535 jf m 2 52 Q X , r," 'f Q f in . L. ,, Qi, Lf? T ' L. 55" -159' .rr-'J T w Ronal Jimmy Perry Mr. Head Freddie Goodman Melvin Leslie W. H. McCuis1on Lee Roy Nichols d Norih Calvin Bowen f'-1 Ray McGregor, W. C. Bills TRACK Don Jackson, Jimmy Rodgers, Troy McKenzie Q I l i 4 i 4 1 Lee Roy Nic Melvin Les Craig Mari I Raymond Dickso Tommy Stewu Charles Reed John Harrell Jack Berry az.. Colvin Bowen Jimmy Perry Freddie Goodman Melvin Leslie W. H. McCuis1on Wayne Reed John Hopkins Paul Tadlock Jackie Woods Robert Wickline 5 --, . 1 iii ,Q 1. , iiiifi fy. Q '- ' -3, Qflzis - -, -- ' J ' X4 f - 'i'i 1 ,- 1 i , V ,5 Vx if , 1' .3 ,.9- fl - 3- ' if , . 7, , e- J .Z 7, ' " vi 1N ,-Qe X f W - -?:-'sf-w,- 1 . - ., i?Lif.'sz'g, ffiiifai A Q f Q, if 1 K - ' f S f., V' z i . -,, to H f if ir -r ,'2'-'yi' 'if e. ve., V-HF:-f.'1e. .fir . E ' fs Mimi?-, A' -- ' v, .-, +11 ..,. qi. gm. ,-, U.-, f 5 ' .1 wer'-V. . W m 5 . S Bw: 1 Qi A, V. .A A Q WB ff' A , , 4 ' X J j ' " .,- k r J . J :L 4 X , f ' 'qua' K , Z ' , t X ' ,A ' i I A . V . ' hgfbv: ' , . rf. ff . , ' -m .,.'-" A ,l M: - A.-1' Y ' --.V+ ., . , ...., , ...A.-.L-g44...4i.4A..LL. Bobby Christian, Arlon Lindner Bill Walden, Harry Busbee a GOLF TEAM Coach - Mr. L. C. Lettwich Row 1: Bobby Folse, Jerry Matthews, Avon Cantrell, Bing Young Row 2: Mr. Leftwich, Leonard Warren, Robert Nale, Bill Woforcl. One Hundred Twenty-four TENNIS TEAM Coach f- Mr. R. N. Smith Row I: Anna Johnson, Nancy Truly, Nancy Sholuncl. Row 2: Sammy Tempo, Jim Keahey, Mr. Smith, Charles Baker. Row 3: Larry Milholland, Dick Schrader. Page One Hundred Twenty- GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION ,gi x iii!! fl ,E f 2 ' 3 r 1 l A 3 Instructors Mrs. Roe Cullum Miss Eurice Miller Mrs. Jewello Riley il fd pau o IPW3 w',,1g5-2 Q 1 f 332 A grid-fn' 9152 4 'ff -5113? V inns , -ani' W A59 fl L fjf 5 4, 2543! nr' f .7 NJ 4 B ,V X of 3? ' ' EXE? i f dwg ? Li., 1 L.- f 3 wi? ' V s,,'f.1 2.q',w 'f- 7 42 'J ff gd ' , f. dbg? Kllfn- -3 1' V' i " Bud seems well under hand. Mus? be o iruck meet. Mr. Guzick and his boys. They look like o happy bunch Bashful Buddy. An added oifradion of Adamson. Posing for o picture, Donnie? Why lhe frown, boys? Awards for our or! deparimeni. Watch the birdie. The cream of the crop. He'll moke o good soldier. Our leopard queen. The Puppet Show. Good material for Fuller. Easy - if you can do it. Our favorite of favorites Snapshot Photographer. Underciass officers. How's that for strength. Not as easy as it looks. Our pride and ioy. March winds ure blowing. That's no wcy to study, girls. See you next year, Barbara. The Jody Drill Team. Bee? Half-lime performance trophy. Jackie and Shirley on way to Buck Hill Falls. Aw- come on. Smile. Boy gets girl in Senior Plny.L Barnacle Bailey the sailor. W Dillard and gang. Our hero. Margie's wondering. Swee! Willie's go? flue ball. Hello, Joe? Al! Take il away, Paul! Had fo subsliiuie McRay for ball. Oh Joyce, ihey're raking iur picture! Cash looks worried-if's his ball. Silin' on the slaps. Police lineup. The old homeslead. Four-of-a-kind. Prison line. W. H. Adamson Band. Good examples of our military Vote-getters. Get after that Bison, Jack. Ross Elmo. Buddy and his brother. High point coger. Fireclrill You'll be a senior soon. Big little mcln. Caught robbing ticket box. Einstein of Adamson. Open yous eyes, Horriette. Four swell gals. Three of the best. Coulcln't do without 'em. Bubba ran into somv" ' ' Suicide squad. Rev. Haley. look at Hermie. General Gilmore at work. l1's gone! Queen and Co. Fixin' io make a pass, Old home week. My friend, and you are my friends- Biz off. Conga line. lf's only a pose. Geiin' the votes ai Bryans. Andrew and friend. Flag 'em down. Arthur, Margaret, and Patsy. Watch out, Sunset. Reba gets crowned. Arthur in pastoral setting. Round mon Roberson. Jeanette and Gary. Miss Tilley and fellow genuises Jeannene look! boshful. Open the door, Richordl Gary and Jimmy. Buddy looks mad. Pvt. False. Double positive. Beef trust. Mr. Osborne and crew, Music, Music, Music. President, Veep, Secretary, and two chcairwomen. The four horsemen of W. H. A. S. Flash. Denny the Slugger. Where did the ball go? Barbara, woods, and waler. Mr. Browne und loot. Caught in the uct. Sillis ond grill. Cl1c1rlie's going fo fly. Who's being torn opuri now Alley-Op! Hay, Johnny's over here. Buclchill beauties. Winner's all. Elaine's dream house. The wrong fellow. Just Joyce. Oh, Girls! Somebody's dreamboat A Texas peach. Chow. Jerry's done it again. A bevy of beauiies. Wha! a swing. Still, for once. A res? from bookkeeping Skipping school? Mus! be an exam coming up The fovorifes and Ihe runner's-up. Gqufogcj 10,1261 . J, yr ,NIJ 9 ' ! ' My? ,xg ffumjyj W!! f ' , Q qjjUW!gl!p, Y O !fijM,,fi'j,VJ Wy ufo k ,X ,. w M ." X,- x' L d .I n ' , r , I Q ,- K J 1 3- 'J 0 I , ,-' .' ' f' .4 5 W , Z 'Y u ADVERTISING STAFF Row 'lz Jackson Yium, Jackie Erwin, Ruymcx Difson, Jerry White Row 2: Harold McCollum, lrven DeVore. RED BRYAN'S SMCDKE HOUSE Since 1910 Barbecue a Specialty 1 Students Always Welcome 610 West Jefferson l1tmerioa's most complete fleet ofifkil? outboards! g . ' . . 'C'I'I" I . H s--:. .... . ..,.. .,V- , .. V, gm..- Y., .... ,- .-5:-!:3n::ffl"""3 n VNfzgigsilzl-1:ffezvzezl-f----1:1:15iEErf. I ' 'i '4"' 1-5 . lA'Q5af-fifzii' -:5J'1i.l!tfEi5iiiEf255ff'5fff'5?T5"' U la r A Eli ' 1' -97' ' '!"' ':2EsEsEE5sS5EsE5?i52515:A' ' '?a?1f'f 5.15555552325S53E25252525552:ifsgsizfsgasist'11, .ru 1:-Q, .. . 'lime TWIN rv," " ' ' E: - It ,gm 5 great models-all with complete Sh WHAT CONVENIENCE and handling ease! Scott-Atwater's com- plete Shift gives you Neutral, Forward, Reverse-greatest improvement in outboard history. What performance, too! S1-0-o-w trolling . . . flashing top speeds. And what a fleet to choose from ! Five sleek beauties-one for evegl boat and budget. Look 'em over today! BUY TODAY-12 MONTHS TO PAY! ift ... ... -,"' I t' - as xsvs H ,gg For complete service xi. "-. . ' r 1, 1 Q O . , Q GUN RENTALS REPAIRS 108.10 E, Jgffefsgn 108-10 E. Jefferson Ph. M-1022 pg, 940.1022 One Hundred Fortyy-two eel' Steak BiII's Corner of Beckley ond Jefferson - Ook Cliff Telephone YU-T929 BIRTHPLACE AND HOME OF THE "BEEFY BURGER" THE GRAND CHAMPION OF DOUBLE DECK HAMBURGERS STEAKS O ITALIAN DISHES O DOUGNUT5 MADE FRESH DAILY FROM OUR OWN AUTOMATIC DOUGHNUT MACHINE COME IN AND GIVE US A TRY. THANKS PARDNER. Beefsfeok Bill COI'l'll96lfl'l2l'ltJ of BARRETT CLEANERS FINE CLEANING CCDLD STORAGE 702 E. Jefferson WO-8111 The Soutlaff Mort Modern Clevmz g Pl E. W. Kerr, Cwn The Most Popular Students Wear The Most Popular Clothes - From Roland Ellis Kuppenheimer Suits f ' Resistol Hats - Y Florsheim Shoes Open - Thursday and Saturday 'Til 9 P.M. 533 West Jefferson - Young Men's Center WE-5010 316 E- Jeffefson JORDAN FLORAL COMPANY GOODWILL MOTORS NEW AND USED CARS BOUGHT - SOLD - FINANCED KEN MOORE 1517 Ross Ave., Dallas GROVES LUMBER CO. Yard Corner of Beckley and Jefferson MRS. HOMER H. GROVES, Pres. "ll'7e have only the one location" WO-2171-2-3-4 Fine Flowers at Reasonable Prices Corsages a Specialty 132 North Beckley Phone WE-4647 WO-0210 Bishop at Seventh YOUNG CLEANERS "The Tops in Dry Cleaning" PAYS 6 efry . DIAMONDS ' WATCHES ' GIFTS Oak T'Cliff's Oldest Jewelers O ' '367sWesf Jefferson A - ' ' WO-5977 Page One Humlred.F0rIy-five American National Bank of Oak cliff Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation WO-2185 401 W. Jefferson JOHN MARSHALL Compllmems Exclusive Prescription Pharmacy I Phone YA-7777 Zangs Blvd. at Sunset PUCKETT s M Rock A BYS Shop EAGLE GROCERY a. MARKET TOP QUALITY FOOD WI-0496 539 W. jefferson 1201 North Bishop Compliments of DUDLEY M. HUGHES FUNERAL HOME 400 E. Jefferson Blvd. Phone WO-5136 AMBULANCE SERVICE FUNERAL INSURANCE Rutherford - Metropolitan School of Business Complete and Review Courses Shorthand, Accounting, Typing, and Comptometer Commerce ot Field RA-4538 Ford's Variety Store HARDWARE and scHooL SUPPLIES WO-0006 412 N. Bishop Page QM: Hundred F orty-sis: RING and BREWER K has the Sportswear and My aw Westernwear you'll love M . . . True to the Western tradition! we Sportswear for Men and Women 1- Western Boots . . . for All Sizes ir Complete Weggernweaf Departments if Women's and Children's Shoes af Men's Shoes 9 ,,,. a,,,,,,,, DUNNIGAN'S SERVICE STATION BURN'S WASHATERIA PICK-UP and DELIVERY 10th and Beckley MAGNOLIA PRODUCTS Phone WE-8479 3911 S. Lancaster .. A Phone FR-3348 MIC H AE L'S Jefferson and Cumberland CHARCOAL-BROILED HAMBURGERS DELICIOUS ICE-CREAM SUNDAES THICK MALTS Davis Street 936 W. Davis St. KATIES Record Shop Open Evenings Phone YA-7595 Q , - WO-7756 THE COMPANY Pick-Up and Delivery HOYLE CLEANERS JACK HOYLE SCHOOL ART SUPPLIES 125 South Patton at Jefferson Q , ,ar I 1305 Elm Street MICKEY'S JEWELRY I3IO West Davis Phone RI'4403 Wfatches - Diamonds - Jewelery f Ring Repair - Watch Repair X - - V 7'-W -- -- --ftf -f+----' ' EILSOI Beauty College Finest in Dallas and the Southwest Beauty Culture Offers Splendid Careers in Operating, Managing, Demonstrating, Selling, Teaching, and State Supervising. 412 W. Jefferson Year Around Air Cwdirioning Phone WO-0458 Page One Hundred Forty-seven J. C. Penny Co., Inc. 425 West jefferson "lf It's From Permyiv, lt's Right" Compliments of CEDAR CREST CLEANERS 1723 South Ewing Phone YU-8165 NaII Quality Produce Co. Fcmcy Poultry 84 Eggs 105 S. Marsalis Dallas, Texas ov ' 7 " TRINITY HEIGHTS PHARMACY Prescriptions Carefully Compounded WO-0152 . Q- Olfflel'-V - . 1725 S. Ewing Phone YU-6872 R. L. Littlejohn-J. W. Wilkerson RENTAL REPAIR QUINN'S SPORTING GOODS 122 W. jefferson FISHING X HUNTING PAINE 81 WOOSTER Typewriter Service We make Typewriters Write, Adding Machines Add, Cash Registers Cash . 415 W. Davis Wo-4063 C0lnPA'nent6 Lani Your Family Theater THE LISBON PERSONALITY BARBER SHOP Third Door West of Rosewin Theater Phone WO-0418 931 W. Jefferson WEE ST. ANDREW America's Finest and Largest Putting Golf Course "Complete Home FlH'7Zi5b61'5U EASY TERMS BOLIN 81 SELVIDGE FURNITURE We Buy, Sell, Exchange 209 W. jefferson WO-2586 Q Oak Cliff CI'r1'hune Since 1903 Texas' Largest Weekly Newspaper Fighting Oak Cliffs Battles WO-5629 212-214 W. jefferson THE oAK curr Young IVIen's Christian IIss'n Goes Forward with the Youth of Adamson High School JOIN THE "Y" TODAY! For Fun,,Fellowship, Friendship Tenth and Beckley YA-3138 . 4 Page One llgglzdfr,-rl IVUNQV-c-iglzt Compliments of TENNE SSEE MILK Your Best Food At IT's Best TE KW YaurBest food -:IEEELI I M I LK I At Its B... CLIFFTON BEAUTY SHOP WE-1079 214 W. Colorado X ,,,,, 7, Y, V, ,, A ,,1 ,7,, Bus. Phone WE-4551 Res. Phone ED-Z-1658 COCH RAN MOTOR COMPANY FINE USED CARS PAUL H. COCHRAN 736 East jefferson Dallas, Texas .5?,,, L. , Tropical Plants Exotic Cacti Phone WI-4247 GRAY'S Glen H. Jones Greenhouse EXCLUSIVE CLEANERS Cut Flowers - Pot Plants - Designs 1308 W. Davis Phone YU-6276 Zclngs at Beckley xi memos 61918 4111 EXCLUSIVE LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR 125 W. JEFFERSON 0 DALLAS, TEXAS Phone WE-8511 Page Une Ilzlmlrerl Form You're Always Welcome al DUNTON'S CAFETERIAS Down Town Oak Cliff Complete House Furnishings FORD RADIO Furniture 81 Appliances Jefferson of Zcmgs WE-7521 CHARLlE'S BICYCLE SHOP WO-0531 207 North Beckley St. JOE VOLEIK 415 N. BECKLEY llak Cliff 'lop and Seat Cover Co. Fancy Tailored Seat Covers and Convertible Tops Phone WO-4776 Compliments of GEORGE M. STUART FLORIST IN OAK CLIFF l3l5 N. Zongs Blvd. WE-4615 Compliments of BALL NUT St CANDY CO. Solfed Nuts Fine Candies WO-0078 409 S. Beckley Largest In Dallas Streamlined Courses, Individual Advancement, Urgent Demand for Graduates, Select Student Body, Prestige with Employers, and National Reputation Attract More Students to DRAUGHON'S Than to All Similar Schools in Dallas Combined. PROMPT PLACEMENT IN PREFERRED POSITIONS DAUGHON'S BUSINESS COLLEGE Approved by The State Department of Education as a Business junior College Commerce ond Hoirwood Telephone RI-3133 On e Hundred Fifty Household Goods of All Kinds DITSON MANUFACTURING CQ. Largest Stock - Lowest Prices R DITSON ODD LOT MERCANTILE COMPANY J' ' 114 North Lancaster 954 East Clarendon S. V. MCCARLEY, Owner Wo-9465 FR-0638 P. O. Box 8556 Dallas 16, Texas WATKINS MUSIC COMPANY Pianos - Band and Orchestra Equipment Sheet Music 838 West jefferson WO-5902 Q-CVC? - .--Af ,- , ... , C .,,, TEXAS ARMY AND NAVY STORE 128 West jefferson Phone YU-1985 4 Your dollar buys more Shoe values at . . . SWBES SINE Oak Cliff - 310 W. Jefferson 1 University Park 6812 Snider PI. East nauas - mo suinman ' Adamson Wash-O-Matic T02 E. Ninth Street Phone WI-0175 OAK CLIFF PHARMACY WO-5121 Tenth and Lancaster Dallas, Texas Over a Million Prescriptions and Fifty Years of Service Free Delivery 60lYl-,JAIYLBIIIJ of ROBB and ROWLEY Oak Cliff Theaters I , , ,.. ,......... . .... .,. ..,, ...N ..-, .A...A.....,.a....-..W.-, -. ,,.. ,- ... - ,,,V V ,Y .ew i,,A Q, -.. . ...,..,,,.,,,.. -..,,....,..y,,,w....-,.,. .-.4-..--.,.,..,- - ,Y-, -.---of-..-7 FF S ompliments 0 A FRIE D Page One Hundred Fifi Ig! OAK CLIFF SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION The Savings Institution in Friendly Oak Cliff 320 West Jefferson Boulevord WELBORNE'S "Firestone" Stores T20 W. Jefferson WI-0566 2210 S. Beckley YA-6225 SCHOOL BOOKS 81 SUPPLIES FRANCES KINC BUCK SHUP and RENTAL LIBRARY Greeting Cords Mogozine Subscriptions 929 W. Jefferson YU-8665 TIPTON'S CLEANERS 8: DYERS Supporting ond Rooting for the Leopard for I9 Yeors TI6 S. Beckley WO-0397 UAK CLIFF MUSIC CIINIPANY OAK CLIFF MUSIC COMPANY YA-7341 612 W. Jefferson PATTERSON 84 MARTIN BARBER 8K BEAUTY SHOP Four Barbers - Prompt Service 106 North Lancaster Ave. WO-0476 FRED PATTERSON WALTER MARTIN Your Oak Cliff Jewelers Phone WI-4084 .,. JK 'F 9 I A 133 W. Jefferson hm llumlrerl Fifty'-two ' I Q-vvnolf , ' . - ' . ' 'L I N 4 ff, 4,,,J.4yfAJ4 uf, 1i!Q5VY QENT R f HOBBIES at CRAFTY FOR EVERYONE 349 W. Jefferson Phone WE-0298 M- Q MAGIC cmche OF FASHION Congroruloifes The Clciss of '51 Z, L . f ' C C Co-eols vofeol most likely to succeed 'l X , wecur foshions from our up-To-The- minute Junior ond Town 'n Country A Shop. -- T-2-20 WEST JEFFERSON' OAK C'-"F LUCKTTO THE LEOPARDS! . ff f A- 0 , l BRUMLEY'S HAMILTON S PHARMACY Automatic Laundryette Prescriptions Called for and Delivered MPM Yom, Dads in B1.umley,s Sudsu Fast Motorized Delivery ' WO-5911 1 Fluff Dry l 1001 E. Jefferson YA-7157 , 49 A if --- Butler Jackson FORBES TEXACO SERVICE STATION ANNEX CLEANERS Washing - Lubrication Complete Laundrv Service- - Cleaning Eighth Sf Jefferson WEJ460 R12'n152EldS'ZtS3ninQ1152fy5525352 YA-0930 410 N. Tyler sf. Page One Hunzlrml Fifty ll BILL UTLEY AUTOS Better Used Cars Bought and Sold 607 N. Beckley YA-2620 A' -"'w" "" -"' -'A' """' 'f"-4?-- f-'-- gibw. ,.,.. - ...f.L....... .,.. ....,.,.......,,, ,,,.,.,, LEWIS MEN'S WEAR I Compliments of 314 W ff te LAUNDRY SUPREME WO-0255 Manchester Suits - Wing Shirts Laundry and Dry Cleaning Maqiggg'-Uzgzrxfnrots Pick-up and Delivery Service Levies - Lees -- Dickies Work Clothes 400 W. Jefferson YA-3147 L , W ,LLL-L,.,,LLQ,,,L-,,,,LLL ts,,, ,L sssss ,.,i.,, SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. LOAN STAR DONUT CO' oAK CLIFF STORE i YU 8 7770 502 North BiSg1ffM 12 PM 500 s. Beckley YA-3164 I Hof Donuts Daily' ' ' ' H, B, PQGUE, Manager 5 P.M. - 12 P.M. We Cater to Special Orders A b V I WF W I?-L-, L LLL. .,.. YE.. L... POOLE FUNERAL HOME LOONEYS "ln the Service of Others" WATCHMAKER S - JEWELERS I 1 . H n W1-4 437 W' Jefferson Dallas 8' Texas I ,SEAT lliuiiljfs Are Electronically Timedigl Y A-7 Essees 4, L44 Us .I KANTZ FURNITURE COMPANY BeckIey ot Davis Phone Y-2-8343 FINE FURNITURE One Hundred Fifty-four For The Finest In Mexican Foods ZZ ?ea6x Open 7 Days a Week T608 McKinney 120 East Colorado Blvd. Between Zangs 8r Beckley Compliments of DOUGHERTY'S PHARMACY Oak Cliff MARVIN'S FAMILY STORE 2633 Lancaster Rd. WE-6885 You'll Find Your School jackets at Our Place F I Sl'lAFT'S R I O Home of Those Good Double Rich Z Thick Maur E : NCUSTARD -T S T 1600 N. Beckley Q -- -A-----ff --- 4--i---- DlIIKERSON'S WASHIIMATIII Try Our New Model Bendix Also Cook Washette Q Washing - Drying - Shirts Finished Family Bundle Special WASHED - DRYED - FOLDED 2124 S. Beckley WE-0180 le- .....L,,7,,,,...-,..-, D .A D- 77, . .Y Your Patronage Will Be Appreciated YANTIS READY-TO-WEAR CNear Edgelield and Davis? 1 WI-4906 1321 West Davis I Q+---- ,....-, CLIFTON CLEANERS 1227 Ballard Street WALTER P. HOLT, Owner Telephone WE-1134 - Dallas, Texas ,Q . . Phone YU 9529 Free Delivery JOE RUSHING Sole Owner Cleaners and Dyers ' Fm' Storage 20 Years Experience in Oak Cliff 1106 W. DAVIS ST. DALLAS, TEXAS jones-Blair Paints and Varnishes AARON PAINT AND FLOOR SERVICE ARTISTS SUPPLIES 311 South Llewellyn Phone WO-9470 I I For Rent: Sanding Machines, Polishers, I Spray Guns I AARON SMITH, Proprietor . ,. Page One Hundred Fifty-ive WO-0826 Y-2-0830 WALKER BROS. MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION COmpIImGhfS Zangs Blvd. and Davis Street J. L. WALKER RAY WALKER . fe A HARRISON GROCERY 81 MARKET 505 North Bishop 3 CO. Phone WO-5101 for Service - Thank You Q CORNETT'S TEXACO SERVICE "If We Did It, lt's Clean" YA4894 Tyler 31 Davis Dallas, Texas 49 , WI-0385 1221 N. zcmgs Blvd. f3S.E3iieE'5,32Ei,i2i.A1S'S5?5SEZZIESQS Rent a Typewriter - 553.00 per Month TEXAS TYPEWRITER COMPANY 1007 West Davis YA-0385 -0 DRUGS - DRUG SUNDRIES - COSMETICS R. A. WOOD SERVICE STATION BECKLEY AT MELBA 303 N. Beckley Dallas, Texas Two Registered Pharmacists VETERANS DRUG STORE Prescription Specialists 4500 S. Lancaster DR-4-0166 Free Delivery Service James Harris WO-0125 QUALITY SHOE SHOP Take Care of Your Shoes The Better the Care - The Longer the TVear G ,W , TEXAS PLANT FLORAL CO. 528 East Tenih 'IT24 WO-0308 951 W. Jefferson AMERICAN PR-0677 ee fe Compliments of BEAUTY COVER CO. 2002 N. Field Une flzuulrefl lfiftw'-six Trade in Oak Cliff - Your Neighborhood Friendly Store 45 i-. LADEN'S FOOD MARKET JOHNSON PERSHING Free Delivery Service i 519 West Davis Y2-1183 l Complimems T of the ADAM CLEANERS N 217 S. Adam N Progress Laundry WO-0160 l THOMAS JACKSON . so S H, , Congratulations! Trinity Heights Church ot Christ Marsalis and Montana Streets DALLAS, TEXAS Page One Hundred Fifty outhwestern Balfour Co. Supplying Senior Rings Club Pins Commencement Invitations C1279 Downtown Sales Office SANGER BROS. SECOND FLOOR Telephone Riverside-4079 ddFf h f"p' K 5 ew Z4-zgaaalnq ea. 'Y wishes to thank the JJ: 67 i sponsors of the Oak QV? for their co-operation 905 Slocum, al' Wichita In the hear! of lhe Trinily Industrial Distric! Page One Hundred f ,,., I 1 5 9 1 x 1 1 x 1 . , Vx , I , V I f 1 pl jc PIE "122f1 "211: 12: sumssfwifwfxf'fsshszvarerfzr-m 'w l X1 if Quan Avizgnq gnqzun X IRVING A.Wll.KlNSON.0wner A xf' 'l l. ,- Af, ' W ff if 1, ., here Ou Get :iA 622 WT 40W?45fpRfC5f WOODS 0 Page 0116 I-I1nm'1'erl Sixty WWW L, ': ' 4 Q - BN Q W MP 3 ' ' - "' WNW Qi? E ' f . Jn V. 5.3 V Q . .A., .. ERE . Q 3 X if ii? Kwik 1..m,..JL.4aJ..asn,1 J

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