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 - Class of 1950

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Text from Pages 1 - 150 of the 1950 volume:

, .6 'ff' 5 ' ' 63 0? 1 Z :M . ,r A N 1 ' - 025:52 'za I ' - fs. qx , :Zi 'Q N HJ 29 ' 5 if-,. E 0 . . Q PARD PRINTS H5225 5 1 , VPTJJ f ' 1 Q- 1 1 1 14 gg, at, ,,1, -..L 1 ,A V ' - - .Q .ir PQ1 if A K - ' Of' 00 ff 6, W g ff. -1 X --f '54 ul, 'Q 'fr , 'O Q s 'dp' 4 ' .way ,Q,!25j'2' U: , If 9. 4' 4 I, W .aiega ' QQ N Q - 1 a - 00- 'af I' if ' , f 'A 'of . 25Z'f'E:'-: Q9 ' n . cf 4 9,1 :ax..a'f.-mg, 3 gi. gg' O: Q Yf:-a'e5?,ff- me D PR 1 NTS - - Q .. f oo- - x - ------ J- 7.5 eq' 95. QKUIAT K lg d : ' ,. ' A .- ,. -14e., '- ' 'O .Q , , ' . .Q .ha E-E114 I I' ' a Iyu' I ex - 32- an 0 XE A Q .1 Q 1 f LW' f 1 D! 0 4 . - 'ar ir X f, i f EQDARD Pa2:N T 0- . 'affef-I ' z ' ...JQN-9 ii QQ. - :?u..ggq:gE'nagi I V V Yvf f I1 ' ..r . I. ?sh.2'5gzt,' , X Q s W Quiz.- Q x -gi 0l,:,,'j- ' v., L ' W. -- 1 ' , - :L--.4-rn . . . 'gg-': 1 2: 4 . 'iivffoj ',- 66- ik ffl? Qi ' X !f i' ' HT' , 1 og ,ex x Q . gf I X3 9 r , . 0 'H N -ui' . O . Q Q alma.: .. I ., ,ug han, . .Q - 1 9 ldlvf. D 'v Q I' .A . 3..0f4z!,,f. Q Q Nm x '9i ',':'1 : x . Q-50:,:a,ff0.Y ' Q r:...,,,,,..- ,,,4 . P A My ?-92 ,,, RD PRINTSN '- ----f:.:.--.- 7 v ' ' . Q- - ' 'Q L 'ww - 1 f 9-, 01, ffm' . ff.-sw 'I oi e Q Q Q uf, .fpu-f .-v2g., ,, 4 I f. 50' - -- M 1' 4' ' i , gg X av g., of 'E' , if :Q 0: i pkwl x 'Az 6' ' P41 sts' K . -: f w' EQPARD PF Y .a'1524 or '1 . XS' gs.. . asgfzm ' - mf 0+ Q! Mffvags ' L0 'Z W 00' M'- , 33,3 fy' A . 1 f , Q -'V f ,,,! -' L f , Q X Y' 7 7?50 042 PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS 1 OF ADAMSON HIGH SCHOOL ww-gk ' ' , , nl N x 93 KL . 6.,f. ,N ,W ML K K , Q M, 4, . 7 ,Blk , ,QI K . ,gf we-uf , . A A, ,ww f M K 1 ,M 5 W W. .,3E.l9i.g. if 7' N' ' 1 w 1. , - .. '- 'J 1 M ei.-,bg f,,...vJf F .F 1' Q .- q,,.-......--f V 3-i A... s w ' s sfes ffliss . X5 - gl an sux fgi . Fzf 3 R X Qs -:tea m of bw l l l 1 ...... ,...., , V .... . . time t n ny V 5 Q it 1 ft 5 is L, a P , ,:g o r l ifsiiifl 1, if ,,... EQ ei Q22 af M51 ' ,M 1, 5-Ax ,Wits in , if W2 s . J mix: . ,g .1 , .Wig ' A s, , t f f .-:ia :,. ,. ,.., 5 i t is ik I ,.:.:.,: 5 t all ,,.. A? t se xy N: f , f V s - y- Yds? t to E: il nfl F 2 i 3 2 , at 1 x s A zzzzy 7 x 1 n k, . ss Dedccczlwn , is To our friend. leader and principal Howard A. Allen, who this year completes his thirtieth year of devoted service, we the senior class of l95O get at Adamson High School dedicate this edition of A V, : r s.-x ,wot X SQ :Jig 5 -.a::s:s::-:-my s ,sf '- E'e:a:eaa:. . 4 .:.- X ::::s:zss:sz we ,.,.,., , A' 2222222222: Q XXX is 2 ff Q' .af Q its A ??l5l?i'2f .:::::::. gig 1, it E Iv, , . .::s gf , , ,, ag gl t l S Q we W3 W. T. WHITE E. D. WALKER Superintendent of Schools Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Personnel E. N. DENNARD FRANK L. WILLIAMS Superiniendenf in Charge of Adminisfrafion Assistant Superintendent in Charge of lnsfruction JM 4 QM iw he 1 r Q P. T. A. ..w.......:.....,...s.........,,. K ww- I ,Q , i K Dwi 4.-'af -ev L WL. , Roilv 'l: Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Strange, Mrs. Sleeth, Mrs. Keahey, Mrs. Erwin, Mrs. Dillon, Mrs. Robbins. Row 2: Mrs. Wales, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Marrs, Mrs. Quick. President . . . First Vice-President . Second Vice-President . Third Vice-President . Fourth Vice-President . Fifth Vice-President . Sixth Vice-President . Seventh Vice-President . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer . . Historian . . Parliamentarian ..... Delegate to Dallas City Council Delegate to Dallas City Council Six OFFICERS . Mrs. H. P. Keohey . Mrs. J. H. . Mrs. G. F. . Mrs. J. L. . . Mrs. L. E. . . Mrs. W. Otis Dillon Sleeth Smith Wales Turney Mrs. George W. Truesdale . Mrs. J. B. Miller . Mrs. E. G. Robbins . Mrs. R. L. Strange . . Mrs. Glenn . Mrs. Claude A. . Mrs. Jack T. . Mrs. E. W. . . Mrs. W. F. Marrs Smith Erwin Quick Sieber DAD'S CLUB vi-x.n . Wilma ..ls5'l!ff'Q ,K 'A cf. w- L, .A 4 , 454, ix .1 aff? sg... l. Row 1: Mr. Tucker, Mr. Allen, Mr. Cantrell, Mr. Reid, Judge Richburg. Row 2: Mr. Whittaker, Mr. Anderson, Dr. Evans, Mr. Browne. OFFICERS William Cantrell . . . President G. C. Reid . . First Vice-President R. K. Hanna . . Second Vice-President Dr. E. R. Evans . Third Vice-President W. E. Richburg . Fourth Vice-President J. R. Tucker . . . Fifth Vice-President Charles Anderson Sixth Vice-President M. H. Browne . . Secretary-Treasurer E. D. Whittaker . . . Assistant to Second Vice-President Seven A iw? sm y Helen Aduddell Floy Agnew French English Ruth Bell George Boley English History W. B. Clement Mary Louise Clyette Commandant English Laura Alexander Mathematics Minnie Bramlette Mathematics W. R. Conger Band FACULTY Jeanette Alston Mathematics George Brown Science Adele Covington Science S. N. Baker Commercial T. W. Browne Commercial Rae Cullum Physical Education Olivette Basom Study Hall ldabel Cabaniss Home Economics Verde Dickey Mathematics Anna Bell History L. E. Campbell Drafting Henrietta Eisenlohr Journalism Nine Edith Fletcher History Margaret Harris History Helen Horn English C71 W. D. Franks Mathematics May Haseltine English Virginia Juergens Spanish Ripple Frazer Home Economics J. B. Head Health Helen Kuehne History FACULTY Homer Fuller Driving Wilhelmina Hedde Speech Roberta King Spanish Frank Guzick W. T. Hamilton Christine Hammock History Science Latin Henry Hester Lorine Higginbotham Geraldine Holloway History History Secretary R. O. Ladd Nelly Bly Lcmkford L. C. Leftwich Physical Education English Mathematics it ,Q any lz. i i L L x . l 4 l A 1 v:,--: gee, FACULTY Geneva Lesley Lucille McNeill J. H. Malone Eurice Miller M. Hazel Miller Marelle Moore Katherine Moll Clerk Clerk Science Physical Education Commercial Study Hall Nurse James Null Eugenia Newberry Carl Nutley Nell Page Anne Patrick Jewella Riley Mabel Roclcett History Spanish Debate Distributive Education English Physical Education English Ruth Ruffin Charles Sanford Meredith Schroeder R. N. Smith Lona Belle Spruiell Blanche Stovall Joseph E. Teague Frances E. Thompson English Commercial Art Mathematics Dean Study Hall Vocal Music Librarian Eleven ,E1V. in-as mmf xi?,,, -.N if li Eur 440' vi 10, p.. w Roncnld Hughes Jock Alexcnnde Wanda Potion U r 4 Q I R 11 . V 1 ' A .adw- fm -we .xy Jcmucxry, 1950 Class Officers , . President r . . . Vice-President . . . Secretary Thirteen 'il w g . ' 9a N if g 'JG . M M A 3 '..,... 1, K f gi, Q : 's Wu., . mai. N 1 'wg 'C it ' : Q Y ,... ffiftgtf-,et .. .. .. -. :f'fE5'h:1Q-.594 5 5551: P Y t W - 50 W , . E -W +5 'BA , . ?f Y. . ,gem 3 '.A ' K Es-M' 5 ,Sa the f E A If JACK ALEXANDER: Vice-President of 4A Class, Cheerleader, Senior Play Cast, Art Club, Student Band Conductor. DORIS MAE ALLEN: Acorn Reporter, Allied Youth, Sports Club. LEWIS BAKER: Distributive Education. DOLORES BARNETT: Blue Bond, Allied Youth, Medical Profes- sion's Club. CHARLES RAY BEALMEAR: Hi-Y, Allied Youth. MARTHA ANN BERRY: National Honor Society Secretary, Student Council Secretary, National Thespian Society, Four-Year Linz and Everts Awards, Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Pan American Club. GERALD BRADSHAW: Allied Youth. AUSTIN SCOTT BRATCHER: Student Council, Allied Youth, Scholarship Club, Football, Sportsman Club, Hi-Y. ROBERT BROCK: Allied Youth, Art Club, Sportsmons Club. HAROLD COWELL: Allied Youth. I ' . ii ,f.,,.Ji ' y i A t SYBIL THEONE CREEL: Senior Play Cast, Acorn Reporter, Select Chorus, Book Review Club, Medical Profession s Club, Sports Club, Art Club, Allied Youth. PAT ' ' CROSSLAND: Distributive Education, Art Club, Allied Youth. GEORGE DENTON. LEE DODSON. Fourteen ., Me, at its 15 R . iw ak!! S-hr Kd' -fl' in LOUISE DOZIER: National Honor Society, Allied Youth. RITA JO EASLEY: Maiorette, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Senior Day Program Chairman, Acorn Staff, Oak Staff, Allied Youth. BILLY WAYNE EMBREY: Allied Youth. YVONNE ELAINE EPPS: Acorn Staff, Allied outh. JOAN FINNEY: Acorn Staff, Allied Youth. MARIE FISHER: Art Club, Allied Youth, Acorn Reporter, Y-Teens. LETTY LEWIS GEIGER: Medical Profession's Club. PEGGY GIBSON: Acorn Reporter, Senior Play Cast, Salesmanship Award, Art Club, Y-Teens, Allied Youth. RAYMOND GILBERT: Distributive Education. BOBBY GROOMS: Basketball Letterman, Vice-President of 4B Class, Select Chorus, Adamson Quartet, Sports Editor of Acorn. . Sheff aww JAMES L. HARRISON: Officer's Club, Non Com Club, Acorn Staff. BETTE JUNE HARVEY: Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Sports Club. MARGARET ANN HAWKINS: Allied Youth, Girls' Sports Club, Acorn Staff. RUFUS WHITAKER HIGH. Fifteen K . it .e . Bi e x A- DON HUBERT HOLT: Allied Youth, Oak Representative. BILLEE JEAN HOUSTON: Art Club, Allied Youth, Girls' Sports Club, Acorn Staff ftypistl. LAVERNE HUFFSTUTLER: Art Club, Allied Youth, Acorn Reporter. RONALD HUGHES: President of 4A Class, Vice-President of National Honor Society, Debate Club Secretary, Senior Play Cast, State Finalist in Extemporaneous Speaking, Two-Year Linz Award, Two-Year Letterman in Debate, Allied Youth, Student Council. TOMMY HUGHES: Allied Youth. LINDA SUE KELLEY: Editor-in-Chief of Acorn, Scholarship Club, Art Club, Allied Youth, Student Assistant, National Thespian Society, Senior Play Cast. SHERRILL KING: National Thespian Society, Senior Play Cast, Drum Maior of Blue Band '49-'50, Orchestra, Student Council, Allied Youth, Social Dance Club. JIMMY LOWRY: Hi-Y, Football. ANDREA LYDEN: Senior Play Cost, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Allied Youth. GRETA WILLYNE McCUISTON: Allied Youth, Art Club, Girls' Sports Club, Acorn Staff Ctypistl. - i ,gent Ati! 52 Stuff gr K llil . L 'iii BOB MCGHEE: Baseball Letterman, Basketball Letterman, All-City in Baseball '47-'49, All-State in Baseball '47-'48-'49, All-City in Basketball '49, Favorite Under- class Boy '49, Hi-Y, Student Council, Allied Youth. JAMES McLAUGHLlN. PATSY McNELLlS: Art Editor of Acorn, Student Assistant, Salesmanship Award, Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Art Club, Senior Play Cast. LOUISE NICHOL: Allied Youth, Tennis Club. Sixteen 'Ui 'ND' . .,s:+i. 'BP' 'EG' ,, p , ft i I 'fz H, ii 5 if f kv Je tyggwf JAMES NIXON: R.O.T,C. Captain, Allied Youth, Officer's Club, Radio Club, Track Team, Rifle Team. GERALD ROBERT PACKER: Officer's Club, Band Commander, Stage Crew, Allied Youth, Sportsman Club, TennisvClub, Bowling Club. WANDA JOAN PATTON: Senior Play Cast, One-Year Linz Award, Maiorette '48-'49-'50, Underclass Favorite Girl '49, Oak Staff, Club Editor of Acorn, Allied Youth, Secretary of 4A Class, Scholarship Club. MARIE PENN: Art Club, Sports Club, Allied Youth, Y-Teens. CAROL YVONNE PLANK: Student Assistant, Allied Youth, Dallas Historical Society, Pan American Club, Sports Club. BETTY ANN PORTER: Select Chorus, Allied Youth, Senior Play Cast, French Club, Pan American Club. D. KEN- NETH PRITCHETT: Non Com Club. GAYNELLE PUTNAM: Student Assistant, Allied Youth, Dallas Historical Society, Pan American Club, Sports Club, Library Council. ROGER DENNIS RISINGER: Non Com Club. LOIS JUANITA ROSSER: Exchange Editor of Acorn, Y-Teens, Girls' Sports Club, Allied Youth, Book Review Club. N EDITH ELAINE RUSHING: Allied Youth, Scholarship Club. ANDREW SIEG: Allied !Youth. JOANN SIMMONS: Allied Youth, Medical Profession's Club, Book Review ,Club, Art Club, Girls' Sports Club. WYLIE M. SIMMONS. it ... i Seventeen 'Hr-'27 ' 5 ' .- ' 9. ner' s :ii tt ',-' I if X We 1 , il X V wif W g., 1 3. ,N ,, gf K IV 3 E, - ' if wt, WADE DEWITT SIMS, JR., Allied Youth, Junior Red Cross, Senior Play Cast. JIMMY STALLINGS: Distributive Education. BILLIE JOE STEM: National Honor Society President, Football, Allied Youth, Student Council. JAMES EDWIN TAGGART: Advertising Manager of Oak, Motion Picture Opera- tor, Allied Youth. RAY TUCKER: Officer's Club, Allied Youth. WANDA WHEELER: Cheerleader, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Allied Youth, Tennis Club, Select Chorus. PATRICIA CARROLL WARREN: Allied Youth, Sports Club, Dallas Historical Society, Square Dance Club. Eighteen 1950 Class Officers J u ne, JIM BERRY. . . . . ..... . . . President TIM JOLLY . . . . Vice-President ANN ZUSPANN . . . . Secretory Nineteen I i ' rv re f . ,fbfis NEI' ef 52 775. , seg iii' T -...ff ,ms ,.,, :X , ,,-, 4,,,, .L R :? Z. f fi 5771 Q E x , V . g,-,Q -me 'mf' 'W .4-..,., 1 f9Y 'm. ik T hh -nuff?-9' GAY ANGEL: Art Club, Dallas Historical Society, Future Teachers of America, Allied Youth, Scholarship Club. HELEN KAY ANGEL: Allied Youth, Ar Club, Future Teachers of America, Dallas Historical Society, Scholarship Club. BARBARA ARCHIBALD Pan American Club President Book Revue DUNCAN ADAMS: French Club. CHARLSIE ALLSBROOKS: D. E. Club, CHARLES ANDERSON. RONNIE ANDERSON: Allied Youth, Football. ELLEN 1 z . . I , W r Club, Scholarship Club, Girls' Sports Club, Good Citizenship Award, National Honor Society, Allied Youth, Student Assistant, Civic Federatio Delegate, Linz Award, BARBARA ARMISTEAD: Y-Teens Vice-President, Acorn Reporter, Student Council, Allied Youth, Bowling Club, Girls' Sport Club, Square Dance Club. ROBERT D. ARMOR: French Club. BETTY AVRETT. ' ME' no I -wr RAY BABER: Rifle Team, Officer s Club. JERRY D. BAGGETT: Allied Youth. JANE BAILEY: D. E. Club. TRUMAN BAILEY: Football Letterman, Allied Youth. Twenty :Wo 51'-4' 1 ., 00111 ,. . JAMES BARBOSA: Social Dance Club, Book Review Club, Student Assistant, National Thespians, One-Act Play Cast Contest, Senior Play Cast, Dallas Historical Society. HARRY BARD. LEWIS BARNETT: Officers' Club, Staff, Rifle Team, Bowling Club, Allied Youth. RACHEL BARRINGTON. ELLEN BASS: Allied Youth. EUGENE BECK: R.O.T.C. JEFF BEESON, JR.: Allied Youth, R. O. T. C. KENNETH L. BELKEN: Football Letterman, D Club, Allied Youth. ROBERT A. BELL: Officers' Club, Dallas Historical Society, Sports Club, R.O.T.C. Band Commander, Radio Club, Allied Youth, Scholar- ship club. JIM BERRY: National Honor Society, National Thespians, Football Letterman, President of 4A Class, D Club, Senior Play Cast, One- Act Play Cast Contest. DAVIE NELL BEVILL. CLIFTON ARTHUR BIRCHMAN: Baseball Letterman, Acorn Reporter, D Club. PATSY LOU BLAKE: Editor of Oak, National Honor Society, Feature Editor of Acorn, Tennis Team, Three-Year Linz Award. LORETTA BOOHER: Allied Youth, Student Assistant, Scholarship Club. 'Y Twenty-one aitiff 1 : , --raw, , ,Q ' ORVILLE L. BOOTH: Football Letterman, D Club, Allied Youth, Hi-Y, Student Council. BILL BOSTOCK. JOE BOWLING: D. E. Club. BILLIE .IOAN BOYD. EDWARD L. BRADFIELD: Basketball, D Club, Allied Youth. .IEANINE BRANNON: Y-Teens Secretary, Acorn Reporter, Allied Youth, Camera Club. EARLE BRITTON, JR.: Motion Picture Club, Acorn Staff. JAMES BROOKS: Officers' Club, Acorn Staff. BARBARA BROWN: Allied Youth, Social Dance Club, Y-Teens, Art Club. MARY ANN BROWN: Bowling Club, Oak Representative, Allied Youth. MILLAR BROWNE: Football Letterman, Baseball Letterman, Basketball Letterman Football-All-City and All-State 1949, Captain 1949, Voted Most Valuable Playel 1949, Student Council Vice-President, Allied Youth. ONIE JANE BRUCE: Concerll ' Band, Allied Youth, Social Dance Club. DIXIE BURNS: Art Club, Girls' Sports Club, Y-Teens, Allied Youth. GLORIA BURTON: D. E. Club, Allied Youth. Twenty-:wo 126 'fi , it , 5 , f. :il .13 - at X xx YE: . - Q 1 225 fmgl A 5? 'M ' ,f A 1. , ia., 'xt asf, , l , . , W J X DAN BUSBEE: Hi-Y, Allied Youth, Track. MARTHA NELL BUTLER: Four-Year Banking Assistant, Acorn Staff, Perfect Attendance Award, Oak Representative, One-Year Linz Award, Scholarship Club, Student Council, Y. Teens, Bowling Club, Allied Youth. SALLY BUTLER: Student Assistant Senior Play, Student Council, Scholarship Club, Y-Teens, Bowling Club, Allied Youth, One-Year Linz Award. BILL BUTNER. JOAN CALDWELL: Oalr Representative, Student Council, Y-Teens. JIMMIE MARIE CALLAN: Girls' Sports Club, Allied Youth, Student Assistant.CHARLES CALLOWAY. RICHARD CANTRELL: Officers' Club, Allied Youth. GERALD CARBONE: Allied Youth, D. E. Club. SHIRLEY JOYCE CARPENTER: Student Assistant, Girls' Sports Club. BEVERLY CHAMBERS: Select Chorus, Majorette, Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Acorn Re- porter. BILLIE LEE CHATHAM: Pun American Club, Allied Youth, Student Assistant. CLAUDIA ANN CHEAIRS: Student Council, Red Cross. JACKIE CHILDRESS. will Twenty-three ...K 2 . ic A mr. 'Qu 'FQ . .. - .i gy vi: :VL A sw- RICHARD CHILDS. DON CLARK: Basketball Letterman, D Club, Allied Youth, Student Council, Hi-Y, Sports Club. GENE E. CLARK: Football Band, Allied Youth, Perfect Attendance. BILLIE FRANCES COALSON: Blue Band, Square Dance Club, Girls' Sports Club, Tennis Club, Bowling Club MONA COLEMAN: Pan American Club, Allied Youth, R.O.T.C. Sponsor. JO-LEE COMPTON: National Honor Society, Scholarship Club. LAVONA CONE- National Thespians, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Senior Play Cast, Acorn Reporter, Dallas Historical Society, Oak Representative, Future Teachers of America Pan American, Student Assistant, Allied Youth, Debate Club, Scholarship Club. ETTA RUTH COOPER: Allied Youth, Mixed Chorus, Scholarship Club. GLORIA JEAN COOTES: Student Council, Banking Assistant, Tennis Club. Bowling Club, Debate Club, Dallas Historical Society, Girls' Sports Club. PEGGIE COPE: Allied Youth. 1 JEANNE COX: Art Club, Medical Professions, Allied Youth. JOANNE COX: Art Club, Medical Professions, Girls' Sports Club, Allied Youth. RONALD G. COX: Allied r , , my Youth, National Forensic League, Debate Letterman, Track, One-Year Linz Award, Scholarship Club. MARTHA CRANDELL: Civic Federation, Y-Teens, Girls' Sports Club, Acorn Reporter, Scholarship Club, Girls' Bowling Club. Twenty-four 'wp I, - T . M W .. S V' ' V. , I iii V 'fi . . , .N ' plan.. ana A lifri. ' K i Q , f y K I . f, .. div wqq 4 t , V -KRW , Q A. A, 4. t in K Z ew Ki s fi. i A K -N- rf 'wr wi.- 'ilrw -4' -av- Q1 K I M f .ggxk K we . .fra S fm .K X f i wtf ' Z , ff' A M- D lie , ...- ii L M ' f-f A A ' ' ' ' V 1 ' . V W Qmr' ' 5 ' , ' t, 2, U ' R .P sr K , . R . T ? . 1 ., . . MARY ANN CREEL: Allied Youth, Red Cross. PAT CROFTS: Pan American Club, Square Dance Club, Allied Youth, Radio Club President. JO ANN CULLUM: Civic Federation, Book Review Club, Pan American Club, Allied Youth, Dallas Historical Society, Student Assistant, National Honor Society, Girls' Sports Club, Four-Year Linz Award. ALTON F. CURRY: One-Year Linz Award, Allied Youth, Scholarship Club. FRANCES ANN DALCHE: Dallas Historical Club, Medical Professions, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Senior Play Cast. HAROLD DANIEL: D Club, Hi-Y, Football. JOEANN DAUGHERTY: Red Cross Vice-President, Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Girls' Sports Club, Acorn Reporter. MINNETTE E. Girls' Sports Club. BOB DAVIS: Select Chorus, Allied Youth. FRED H. DEES: Rifle Team, Officer's Club, Band. DAUGHERTY: Allied Youth, Y4Teens, '33 ... - . - r L L K K ... isr, ,x P N kg .. gy sf V -al' 'ti ia fsifi FRAN DRAKE: Future Teachers of America, Senior Play Cast, Dallas Historical Society, Thespians, Acorn Reporter, Red Cross. REAGAN LAYNE DUBOSE, JR.: Art Club, Square Dance Club, Radio Club, Blue Band, R.O.T.C., Youth Forum Representa- tive. KENNETH DUKE: Ofticer's Club, Regimental Commander. JAMES HOUSTON DUNCAN, JR.: D. E. Club. fbi' Qi Twenty-five ,g 'wr . ts' ,W -win? Q,','f,?' an . in riff, .sw 'E .M LV g ii A I iii' Q. . , , , W. , , Ji Nita, 1 ' If CLYDE ENRIGHT: Hi-Y, Select Chorus, Sportsman's Club, D Club Football Letterman Track Letterman Basketball Allied Youth. DAVID O EPPS: Allied Youth, Basketball. JOAN ERSKINE: Allied Youth. CAROLYN EUBANK: National Thespians President, Y-Teens, Pan American Club: Scholarship Club, Allied Youth, Student Assistant, Oak Staff. ARTHUR FAGAN: Pan American Club, Ofticer's Club, Sportsman's Club, Allied Youth. FRED FERGUSON: Baseball, Allied Youth, Scholarship Club, Banking Representative. VIRGINIA FIELDS: Allied Youth. JOYCE FIORENZA. RITA ANN FLETCHER: Allied Youth. KENNETH FLORENCE: Football, Hi-Y. , - .... f , I 4 :V iii Y l M, MARY FOGLEMAN: Y-Teens, Acorn Reporter, Allied Youth, Girls' Sports Club. A CONNIE FOSTER: Football, D Club. DAVID E. FRAZIER: Football Letterman, Base- ' K ball, D Club, Hi-Y, WANDA LOUISE FRY: Dallas Historical Society, Bowling Club, Office Assistant, Square Dancing Club, Scholarship Club. agp-'F Y., Twenty-six LAURA FULLER: National Honor Society, National Thespian Society, National Forensic League, Dallas Historical Society, Student Assistant, Debate Letterman, Girls' Sports Club, Allied Youth, Gym Assistant. BILLY GAYLOR. ROSS GEORGE: Hi-Y, Allied Youth, Football, Acorn Reporter. HAROLD GILLIAM: Art Club. HARRY LOGAN GOODNIGHT: Non-Com Club, Motion Picture Operators, EVELYN GOODWIN. JO GREER: Bowling Club, Girls' Sports Club, Student Assistant. JUANDA RAE GREGORY: Allied Youth, Girls' Sports Club. JOHN GREGSON. MARILYN JEAN HALE: Dallas Historical Society, Y-Teens, Social Dance Club, Square Dance Club, Scholarship Club. NORMA LEE HALE: Scholarship Club, Debate Club, Future Teachers of America, Dallas Historical Society, National Thespian Society, Allied Youth, Acorn Reporter. BOB HALL: Cheerleader, Allied Youth, Baseball, Acorn Staff. DOROTHY JEAN HALL: Select Chorus, Dallas Historical Society, Senior Play Cast, Allied Youth, Oak Repre- sentative. BARBARA JEANE HALLIBURTON: Allied Youth, Student Council, Student Assistant, Girls' Sports Club. Twenty-sever: VH L . in PATSY HAMILTON: Oak Representative, Allied Youth. CLYDE E. HAMM: R.O.T.C., Football. PATSY HATCHEL: Senior Play Cast, Dallas Historical Society, Future Teachers of America, Allied Youth, National Honor Society, National Forensic League, Student Assistant, Acorn Reporter. JO ANN HAWKINS. NELSON HENSLEY. ALICE JANE HESTAND: Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Future Teachers of America, Oak Representative, Bowling Club. BILLY SCOTT HICKEY: Cheerleader, Ofticer's Club, Senior Play Cast, Library Council. MARGIE MARIE HIGH: Book Review Club. KENNETH RICHARD HOFFMAN. KATHERINE HOLLAND: Y-Teens, Allied Youth. NANN HOLLAND: President of Y-Teens, Camera Club, Bowling Club, Sports Club, Student Council, Acorn Reporter, Scholarship Club, Allied Youth. LAVERNE HOLZMAN: Select Chorus, Allied Youth. ELIZABETH HOOKER: Student Assistant, Civic Federation, Dallas Historical Society, Girls' Bowling Club, National Honor Society. GLENN W. HOY: D. E. Club. T wenty-eight WWI!! WFP 'Ax .Bt Mfglg, gg 'tv f 15 xv 4 We M 5 52 'aan 'I- ggy' f--.1 J ,V K -Ei .. . Q. .,, 1 . fi - it ' ' 'V'f i', . :, re X: M' ,fa fl BOBBY J. HUDDLESTON. JEAN HUDNALL. KATHRYN VIRGINIA HUGHES: Student Assistant, Allied Youth. MARTHA JANE HULL: D. E. Club, Square Dance Club, Allied Youth, Acorn Reporter. CAROL LYNNE HUNTER: National Honor Society, Pan American Club, Allied Youth, D. E. Club, Four-Year Linz Award. DORALEE HUTCHINSON: Select Chorus, Musical Review '50, Y-Teens. PATSY MERLEEN JARRELL. ALICE LORRAINE JASPER: Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Dallas Historical Society. BETTY JENNINGS: Allied Youth, Bowling Club, Student Assistant. NANCY LOU JOHNSON: Y-Teens, Allied Youth. -d ' TIM JOLLY: Football, Hi-Y, Sportsman's Club, Vice'President of 4A Class, Under- class Favorite of 1949, Select Chorus. BETTYE LOU JONES: Allied Youth, Debate Club, Art Club, Y-Teens, Scholarship Club, Gym Assistant, Girls' Sports Club. JOEL JONES: Golf Team Captain, Golf Letterman, D Club, Allied Youth. ERLYNN KAMPER: Oak Staff, Allied Youth. Twenty-nine Z . . k,., i DAVID KASTEN. GERALD A. KEMPE: Football Letterman, Hi-Y, D Club, Allied Youth. SARAH LILLIAN KERR: Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Student Assistant, Scholarship Club. JOE EDD KEYES: Basketball, Hi-Y, D Club, Allied Youth. ELIZABETH ANN KING: Art Club, Girls' Sports Club, Y-Teens, Scholastic Art Key. MARVIN DUDLEY KOINER: Blue Band, Pan American Club. JOY KiNSEY: Maiorette, Pan American Club, National Honor Society, Girls' Sports Club. SHARLIE KIRBY: National Honor Society, Civic Federation, Girls' Sports Club, Book Review Club, Allied Youth, Four-Year Linz Award, Oak Staff. DOROTHY ANN KOGER. DONALD LAMBERT: FootballLetterman, D Club, Football Tri-Captain. WILLIAM EDWARD LANKFORD. JIMMY A. LEDBETTER: Band, R.O.T.C., Dallas Historical Society Presideht, Art Club, French Club, Square Dance Club, Social Dance Club, Non-Com Club. DOROTHY MARIE LEE: Allied Youth. PATSY LEE: Student Assist- ant, National Honor Society, Girls' Sports Club, Oak Representative, Allied Youth. 9 Thirty . 'fligigl wif -iff 'f . S Y -iz T if Q, .- A L. G. pk Wh? fa . ' K ,tm W i 'Q f 9 . 5,3 i X ' Q, -- , JACK LEWELLEN: Officer's Club. CARROLL LEWIS: Art Club, Social Dance Club WILBURN LITCHFIELD JR' R OT C Band Bl B d N C . , ,uean,on-om Club, Social Dance Club, Golf Club, D Club, Allied Youth. JUNE LOF'l'.N: D. E. Club. ROBERT HENRY LUNDY: Football, D Club, Civic Federa ti , Of' ' Cl b k ' - ' ' on lcers u , Oa Representative. JAMES MCCAGHREN. Allied Youtn, Baseball. BENNY MCCLENDON: Red Cross. JAMES McGlNNlS: School Banker, Social Dance Club. JUHN MCGLAMERY. BOB McGREGOR: Basketball Letterman, All-City Basketball 1950, Captain Basketball 'l950, D Club, Allied Youth, Hi-Y Club, Student Council, Scholarship Club, Sports Club. -'c RICHARD A. McJUNKlNS: Allied Youth. JESS T. McKEE: Company Commander of R.O.T.C., Officer's Club, Rifle Team. JOHN McKELVEY: Basketball Letterman, D Club, Allied Youth. NORMA McKlNNON: Secretary of 4B Class, Art Club, Bowling Club, Senior Play Cast, Pen Pal Vice-Presiclent, Oak Representative, Scholarship Club, Y-Teens. Thirty-one !.'31llv- ,,,,.......-. WILLIAM SMITH MCLAUGHLIN: National Honor Society, Allied Youth, Chemistry Assistant, Civic Federation. RICHARD L. MCROBERTS: Allied Youth, Student Council, Hi-Y, D Club, Football Manager. MARILYN McWlTHEY: Pen Pal Club, Book Review Club President, Acorn Staff, Allied Youth, Scholarship Club, Civic Federation, One-Year Linz Award. PAUL GENE MARCO: Allied Youth, Art Club, Dallas Historical Society, Library Council. WILLIAM E, MARTIN, JR.: D. E. Club. SHIRLEY ANNE MARTIN: A rt Club, Dallas Historical Society, Girls' Sports Club. WAYNE MARTIN: Hi-Y, Football, Baseball, Allied Youth. JERRY WAYNE MATSON: Bond, R.O.T. C., Pan American Club, Delegate to Pan American Student Forum. RALPH MAUPIN. BILL MERWIN: National Forensic League, Debate Letterman, Debate Club Secretary, R.O.T.C. Officer, Acorn Staff, Senior Play Cast, Allied Youth, Scholarship Club, City Winner in Original Oratory, 'l950. s.,--or MARJORIE ANN MERWIN: National Forensic League, National Honor Society, Allied Youth, Girls' Sports Club, Debate Club, Future Teachers of America, Scholarship Club, Banking Representative. BILL MILLER: Scholarship Club, Allied Youth, Basket- ball. BARBARA EARLENE MILLER: Civic Federation, Scholarship Club, Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Dallas Historical Society, One-Year Linz Award. JOE MINICK: Acorn Staff, Scholarship Club, Allied Youth. -.K Thirty-two g. ,t BOBBY MINTER: Allied Youth, Bowling Club, Oak Representative, Band. JOE MINTER: R. O. T. C., Officer's Club, Allied Youth, Attendance Award. ROBERT MIXON: Art Club, Tennis Club, Chorus. GEORGE MIZELL: Debate Letterman, National Honor Society, Concert Band, Allied Youth, Senior Play Cast, National Forensic League. GUY MIZELL: National Honor Society, Student Council President, Hi-Y, D Club, Football Letterman, Track, Allied Youth, Four-Year Linz Award. SYLVIA G. MOON: Allied Youth. BETTY SUE MOORE: Art Club, Girls' Sports Club, Y-Teens, Student Council, Allied Youth. MARY MOORE: Girls' Sports Club, Allied Youth, Book Review Club Vice-President, Bowling Club, Acorn Reporter, Oak Staff. SHIRLEY ANN MORGAN: Scholarship Club. SIDNEY MORRISON: Senior Play Cast, Acorn Staff. NANCY JOAN MOTTASHED: Girls' Sports, Club, Pen Pal Club, Debate Club, 5 corn Reporter. BARBARA FAYE NELSON: Allied Youth. BILL NORCROSS: Officer's lub President, Allied Youth, Student Assistant, Student Council, Regimental Com- ' f fi ' ' ander, Rifle Team, Pan American Club. JERRY NORTH: Hi-Y Secretary, D Club, lrack Letterman, Football, Baseball, Acorn Reporter. Thirty-three LOUISE OBERMIRE: Girls' Sports Club. MAUREEN O'BRlEN. ANN OGLE: National Honor Society, French Club, Red Cross, Spelling Team. MARTIN OLIVER: Baseball, Allied Youth, R.O.T.C. Band. MARY OLIVER: Oak Representative, Student Council, Scholarship Club, Dud's Club Queen, Mixed Chorus, Allied Youth. ROBERT C. PAGE. SAVOLA PARISH: Allied Youth. Blll. PARRISH: Officer's Club, Allied Youth. GILBERT PATE: Select Chorus. CECIL HEARST PAXTON: National Honor Society, Civic Federation, Allied Youth. . 'lf , SE gi? .K www ' S V ,-,j,, , -F'-llbfiu . f if I5 L15l'T,:'73,'E!fE Q5211S5g - -sei.: .e3'..1s: ,, s21,wgi2.i5f1gg,:w ,mg-Qgif ' Anangu.. fe mm., Thirty-four DOLORES JEAN PAYNE: Student Assistant, Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Scholarship Club, Pen Pal Club Secretary. GEARLD PAYTON: R.O.T.C. Otficer's Club, Sportsman Club, Civic Federation, Allied Youth. JOY ANNE PEAK: Student Council, Oak Repre- sentative, Allied Youth. JOYCE PENN: R.O.T.C. Staff Sponsor, Allied Youth, Dallas Historical Society, Blue Band, Red Cross, Girls' Sports Club, Perfect Attendance Award. 1 l E 3 s E . 2 i NPRM.. LOYCE PENN: R.O.T.C. OFficer's Club Sponsor, Allied Youth, Dallas Historical Society Vice-President, Blue Band, Girls' Sports Club . JOY PENNY- ACKER: Square Dance Club, Social Dance Club. BOB PHILLIPS: R.O.T.C. Band Captain, Hi-Y, Track, Allied Youth, Social Dance Club, Otficer's Club, rack Letterman, Blue Band. HALOISE PIRTLE: Pan American, Allied Youth, Student Assistant, Scholarship Club, Y-Teen, Oak Staff. THOMAS RAGUE. MARY SUE PREWITT: Allied Youth, Y-Teens. JERRIE ELLEN PRUETT: Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Senior Play Cast, Acorn Reporter. JERRY W. AMPY. JOE ANN RANDALL: Y-Teens, Allied Youth. HILARY REYNOLDS: Student Assistant, Pan American Club Vice-President, Y-Teens, Scholarship lub, Allied Youth. PAT RICHARDSON: French Club, Y-Teens, Scholarship Club, Book Review Club llied Youth, Student Assistant, Two-Year Linz Award, Oak Staff. V.RGiNlA ANN CHARDSON: Art Club, Girls' Select Chorus, Allied Youth, DOROTHY RZPPY: ,t Teens, Bowling Club, Allied Youth, French Club, Scholarship Club, Acorn Reporter, STER ROBBINS: Debate Club President, National Honor Society, OFficer's Club, lied Youth, National Forensic League, First Place in Boys' Original Oratory I949. Thirzy-five , 2 l J-V9 ,si .Q . Eqj S s Q V., , Q y Q . . eb! , m , Q 1 ROSALIE ROBBINS: Social Dance Club, Red Cross, Allied Youth, Square Dance Club Vice-President. BOBBY GENE ROBERTS. .IIM ROBNETT: Officer's Club President, Rifle Team, Tennis Team, Allied Youth. J. BERT RODRIGUEZ, JR.: lnterscholastic Awards, Art Club, Oak Staff Artist, Acorn Staff, Allied Youth Cartoonist, Scholarship Club. LORRAINE RYAN: Cheerleader, Y-Teens, Allied Youth. ROBERT W. SADLER: Student Coun- cil, Allied Youth, Football, Track, Scholarship Club. EDWIN LEE SALLIS: D Club President, Student Council Secretary, Allied Youth, Basketball Letterman, Basketball Letterman, Basketball Captain, Baseball, Three-Year Letterman, All-City and All-State 1949. MARGARET SANDERS: Art Club, Allied Youth, Student Assistant. SUE DELL SCHNEIDER: Allied Youth. VIRGIL L. SCOTT: Allied Youth, Civic Federation, Student Council, National Honor Society, Scholarship Club. BUD SENTER: Football Letterman, D Club, Allied Youth, Red Cross, Hi-Y. JARRETT FOREST SHIRLEY: Track, Football, Allied Youth. FRANCES GELESK SHOWERS: Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Acorn Reporter, Bowling Club. M. DONAL SIDES: Square Dance Club, Pan American Club, Sportsman's Club Vice-President, Blue Band. Thirty-six 9161 490 IQER9' BOB SIMMONS: Football Letterman, D Club, Hi-Y President, Allied Youth. CAROLYN RUTH SINNOTT: Allied Youth. JAMES HOYT SLATTON: Pebate Club, Officer's Club, Regimental Staff, City Champion in Debate I949, Allied Youth. BILLY RAY SMITH: D Club, Track, Allied Youth, lootball Letterman, Baseball Letterman. JACK LINZY SMITH: Hi-Y Vice-President, Football Letterman, D Club, Allied Youth, Red Cross. IMA JANE iMITH: Blue Band. VIVA JEAN SMITH: Oak Representative, Girls' Sports Club President, Maiorette, Senior Play Cast, Y-Teens. JAMES SNELEN: rand, Select Chorus, Football, Baseball, Allied Youth. GLORIA MAE SPARKS: Y'Teens, Bowling Club, Girls' Sports Club, Allied Youth, Oak lepresentotive, Acorn Reporter. RICHARD M. STEADMAN: Football Letterman, Allied Youth, D Club, Hi-Y. ff FRANCES WYVONNE STEPHENS: Art Club, Tennis Club. CURTIS E. STEVENS: Iational Honor Society, Civic Federation, Band, Orchestra, Hi-Y. LORETTA TAYLOR: owling Club, Tennis Team, Girls' Sports Club Vice-President, Gym Assistant, chool Banker, Allied Youth, Scholarship Club, Perfect Attendance Award. ROBERT HOMPSON: D. E. Thirty-seven DICK THOMSON: Hi-Y, Allied Youth. LINDA THOMPSON: D. E. Club, Debate Letterman, National Honor Society, Allied Youth, Certificate I950 City Art Contest. LEOLA TILLERY: Art Club, Allied Youth, Y-Teens. CLARENCE G. TROUP: R.O.T.C. Maier, DOROTHY FAYE TUTT: Club. GAYE VAUGHN: Bowling Club, Art Club, Allied Youth, Square Dance Club, Physics Assistant. NANCY .IO VAUGHN: R.O.T.C. Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Senior Play Cast, Future Teachers of America, Gym Assistant, Girls' Sports Club, Scholarship Club. BILLY JOYCE Allied Youth, Book Review Club, Y-Teens, Art Club, Pan American Club. WILLIAM VINES: Football Letterman, Basketball Letterman, D Hi-Y, Allied Youth, Oak Representative, Student Council, Sports Editor of Acorn, Scholarship Club, Sports Club. JOE WALKER: Baseball, Youth, Hi-Y, Sports Club, Student Council, T hirty-eight GLORIA WALLACE: Girls' Sports Club, Allied Youth, Social Dance Club, LEWI WARREN: Allied Youth, Basketball. WYNEMA JOYCE WATSON: Dads' Club Princes Cheerleader, Senior Play Cast, Civic Federation, Bowling Club President, One-Ye Linz Award, Student Council, Acorn Reporter, Y-Teens. .lIMMiE LOU WATTS: Exchang Editor of Acorn, National Honor Society, Library Typist, Representative of Acorn t Texas High School Press Association, Allied Youth, Student Council, Dallas Historic Society, Pan American Club. t . l A.: . rw W Eur' SW - fi! I A it BARBARA JEAN WEBB: Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Oak Representative, Acorn Reporter, Red Cross, Girls' Sports Club. JOHN WEBSTER: Scholarship Club, Pan American Club, Allied Youth, Social Dance Club. TOMMY WHEELER: Blue Band. BOYD WHITE. MONA WYNETTE WHITAKER: National 'hespian Society, Y-Teens, National Forensic League, Girls' Select Chorus, Allied Youth. DONALD R. WHITTAKER: President of 4B Class, Football etterman, Tri-Captain, All City Fullback 1949, Track, D Club, Hi-Y, Allied Youth, Scholarship Club. CAROLINE WILCOX. CHARLOTTE WILEMON: kllied Youth, Tennis Club. VIRGINIA RUTH WILEMON: Allied Youth. IVALEEN WILKERSON: Morning Guard. JOHN H. WILKINS: Student Council. CHARLES WILLIAMS: R.O.T.C. CHARLES VILSON: National Honor Society, Student Council, Hi-Y, Allied Youth. FERN WILSON: . E. Club. Thirty-nine ,V 'sa-fm, , . X 5 , FRANCES WILSON: Y-Teens, Red Cross, Camera Club, Allied Youth, Bowling Club. JO ANNE WILSON: Secretary of Camera Club, Y'Teens, Sports Club, Allied Youth, Girls' Select Chorus, Oak Representative, Acorn Reporter. DOROTHY LOUISE WINNIFORD: Book Review Club, Library Club, Select Chorus, Allied Youth. ROBERT L. WOODS: Football, Allied Youth. WAYNE BOWEN WOOD: Football, Track, Allied Youth. VERGIL T. WYNN, JR.: Hi-Y, Allied Youth, Baseball. NORETA YARBROUGH: Dads' Club Princess, Bowling Club, Y-Teens, Red Cross, Allied Youth. VERA YEATTS: Art Club. CHARLES HERBERT YORK: Hi-Y, Allied Youth, D Club, Football Letterman, Oak Representative. THOMAS JOE YIUM: National Honor Society, Student Council, Allied Youth, News Editor of Acorn, Baseball Manager. Page Forty DAVEY ZIEGLER: Allied Youth, Hi-Y. DOLORES ANN ZUSPANN: Student Assist- ant, Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Secretary of National Honor Society, Secretary ot AA Class, Sports Club. ,I , Qs , Q .f v , J Qi . ni- P' 'f'f .. fi 2 5' af JWBDWIL sf 414, , 4 i., L, f fi. .gi IWC :Jw - ,X M lisp: . Mv iff? , Ig' .',ci,x'V Class o Jan.ury 1952 President Paul Painter Vice-President Sammy Nelson Secretary Rose Ann Sparkman UNDERCLASS OFFICERS Clags of January 1951 President Jack Montgomery Vice President Herman Reber on Secretory Carey Plexco HMV Class of June 1952 President W. H. McCuiston Vice-President Jackie Grigsby Secretary Billy Don Kerss Class of June 1951 President Bobby Nichols Vice-President Jack Bryant Secretary Jo Beth Spain Class of January 1953 President Jack Berry Vice-President Ray McGregor Secretary Mary Sue Foster Class of June 1953 President Sabre Brown Vice-President Don Stewart Secretary Della Aycock : .- Q . IEEE l 1 vnlnn A -. '- ...,- '--- . J U N I O R S iw ' . . n . , - sf , I +' 80 if Q fi its ::: A X ':: P A g Q f ' 2: A I Q . : sti l I I g . 'Q 'Q X .. ' -sg' ' Q ii.. 2 ' - 4 l 4 on -:--- C: Q: '1 , . Z I l fr glee: NB 5 .N A J R Q- VIQZ: I ZIZI4 k QQ- F 6 X ,. 'P .2:.x 'fi .--, Q I i ,-A , r ',: fE ' X e Q: , fr ,C ::::: :::: , 3 ,re gs ix 2 l 'I 1 N N ROW 'Ia Nelda Adams, Richard Adams, Bill Addington, Bob Allan, Pete Aleman, Johnny Anderson, Mary Anderson. ROW 2: Mary Anderson, Rex Ansley, Olga Atkins, Carla Baggerly, Arthur Bailey, Charles Baker, Don Baker, ROW 3: Sally Bard, Jean Barnard, Richard Barrett, Sally Battenfield, Bob Baumgartner, La Verne Bell, Emma Bennett. ROW 4: Jim Bithas, Gerald Blacketer, Linda Block, Peggy Bolton, Leroy Borgeson, Charles Boshart, Rosemary Boughton. ROW 5: Johnetta Bowles, .lack Brackeen, Mary Sue Bradshaw, Stanley Bratcher, Barbara Brown, Brownie Brown, Charles Brown. ROW 6: Homer Brown, Jo Ann Brown, Mary Ann Brown, Audrey Brunner, Jack Bryant, Onita Burson, Barbara Carr. Forty-three 1' iff' .,,-sw: :fig C . we f f 5 Q? 4 , f ,fm--1:21 I Yi X 555 ARE f D ROW 1:J Clowe ROW 2: Jo ROW 3: Ka ROW 4: C ROW 5: A ROW 6: J Forty-four JUNIORS f V'-4 , . V,.. 5 fi 'SL ., , - '2'-:- 1-. .- A. :' . :In - . .1 . -:- -. .:. 3. -33.5 ,Q ,.,. -'jf' V f :'A - Zi. aneffe Chandler, Joyce Chapman, Charlene Chenaulf, Dorris Clayton, Morris Clayton, Tommie Cleveland, Jack r. hnny Cody, Elton Coleman, Joy Collier, La Verne Compton, Barbara Conine, Al Cook, Jo Ann Cooper. thryn Cooper, Nancy Cornehls, Rena Cotton, Douglas Cowan, Minnie Cowell, Doris Crablree, Barbara Craft. harles Creel, Bill Crossland, Ed Crulchfield, Reba Cunningham, Eugene Dale, Andrew Davis, Doy Davis. udrey Day, Bryan Day, Jack Dempsey, Ann Denman, Lois Dingler, Rayma Difson, Nellie Donaldson. eanine Doudney, Jeraldine Doudney, Kenneth Duggin, Norma Dulworfh, Lee Elia Durham, Roy Easley, Roy Eckard. 'W JUNIORS '- -am::ass::: W: fs. 2 5' fi ff ,K iw., , M, ls ' ' .1. .19 ffifsz.-.,, -5 -Y, st . 5: ,Ei ,A ,. ll '1 :f2,.:5I,i':' ,.f'fIQs:v..,,::'i get A .I .,:: 5 ..,.4 ,,.: Q 5 ::: 5? .srere nnt M , + if if swf ,11- W 3 V. 6' f ...rf ROW 'l: Jimmy Ellis, Bill Ellison, Jackie Erwin, Luanne Evans, James Farrimond, Lola Belle Featherston, Novalene Follis. ROW 2: Mike Folse, Jerry Ford, Shirley Ford, Joe Foster, Don Fowler, Bonnie Garrett, Don Garrett. ROW 3: Theresa Geiger, Jack Gillis, Jerry Gilmore, Barbara Gloff, Helen Goins, James Good, Billy Green. ROW 4: Martha Griffith, Robert Haley, Margaret Hall, Don Hamilton, Robert Hampton, Emma Hankins, La Verne Hanks. ROW 5: R. E. Hanna, Robert Hanna, Joanne Hargis, Roger Harmon, Shirley Harrell, Bill Harrison, Marvin Harvey. ROW 6: Sydney Hendershott, Charles Henderson, John Heyde, Margie High, Irle Hightower, Gordon Hines, David Hodge. F orty- ive JUNIORS fix S Q' A M N f '- ag A . .,.,.,., .,..,...,.,.,.,.,. . Forty-six ROW l: ROW 2: ROW 3: ROW 4: ROW 5: ROW 6: Marilyn Hoffman, Betty Holland, Don Holland, Roibeth Holland, Ann Holt, E. C. Holfzclaw, Barbara Honeycutt. Jean Horner, Dorothy Horton, Julia Howard, Anne Hudnali, Margaret Hughey, Ann Hunter, Dan Hutson. Laura Irvin, Carolyn Jaresch, Virgil Jaques, Anna Johnson, Franklin Johnson, Luther Jones, Shirley Jordan. Jim Keahey, Jerry Kee, Alex Keller, Laura Kellum, Charles King, Johnny King, Bobbie Knoll. Henry Kroger, Sam Laden, Maurice Langford, Jean Larsen, Ida Leath, Ed Lindsay, Robert Linskie. Donald Lish, Eugene Liverman, Jean Loftin, Charles Lollar, Cecil Long, Evelyn McCall, Jack McConathy. ':': 'fl 'iffliiilili Jiffifiggf- . .. ig ,,,, ,,,,, . in N val 1 A ff' Q X, flax of X 5 ff , -51321511 12-372: ' ' , .,,,,,,.r,.,.,., y J at ,C 4 '-:: ,'r' me ,Q ze. JUNIORS rr 'S -2 Q 5 Q7 wh , Q363s,,. X as S N Q xi 25, .Q 'guna -, - -. . -m.,.,,,, :- : . .xx-ns.. .rf-1 ,:gz, - 0 - iigswsfmzz 1- 'mv-war.-.. ., :L ' ri: 1 im S KR4 XXX kb Jyyy nrrr , J ysrryr ' sse ss ,, a J rrrr,,,re J Yr? r ,,h .:.,i 'P :1 1 qV,qAi, ' .:.:.,: Q : N It 1 f '1Z-F22 'f,.:: 1-., Q 2 : 1:::'A1:: f ' :1f1': : '1 '11f:1: 35 vv' I 'lul 1 .refs :f-2 mg f zz' 3 E if lff3i321,.'g ::: '1:-1 :'- 2 : V-k.:.A ' .fi 5 it 3 J' :I2 li' bqzl Q if '--- .gg E I QQII: vvl' 3 a n ...F t F iz ,..A was j x ffewfuf av i Q U XE 1, , A .::1:.,. Elizgz. , , M rw . s W .:.,,:.m,-. is M N, 1:. 152, i EJ . 'Q ROW 1: Jean McCuiston, Paul McDonald, Jimmie McGee, Troy McKenzie, Richard McLaughlin, Ernie McManus, Bob McPhail. ROW 2: Billy McPherson, John McRay, Jean McWhorter, Charles Malone, Tommy Maples, Charles Marshall, Barbara Martin. ROW 3: Loyis Massey, Jerry Matthews, Frances Medley, Larry Milholland, Jim Miller, Joe Miller, Steve Milner. ROW 4: Jack Montgomery, Helen Moon, Marilyn Moore, Ed Muirhead, Jimmy Mullin, Bobby Nichols, George Nelson. ROW 5: Alice Neff, Fred Needham, Edith Nash, Robert Nale, Georgia Nutt, Bill Parker, Ralph Parker. ROW 6: Martha Parks, Shirley Paxton, Mary Percin, Jeanette Perry, Thelma Phelps, Delores Phife, Carey Plexco. F orty-seven i - Y- JUNIORS ROW 1: Earl Potts, Delores Pounders, Johnny Pritchett, Shirley Quick, Barbara Rains, Joyce Ramsey, Wanda Ray. ROW 2: Roy Reger, Anne Reid, Dale Reiser, Shirley Richard, Arthur Richardson, Jo Anne Richardson, Jack Richburg. ROW 3: Billy Roberson, Herman Roberson, Mozelle Roberts, Nelda Roberts, Bob Robertson, Betty Robinson, Ethel Robinson. ROW 4: Harold Rogers, Shirley Rose, Gay Rosser, Suzanne Rosser, Jane Sampert, Jim Sanders, Richard Schanz. ROW 5: Edward Schwedler, Dorothea Scott, Kenneth Scott, Esther Scrimshire, Ted Sebastian, Marilyn Setzer, Catherine Shaw ROW 6: Joe Sheffield, Johnny Shocklee, Nancy Sholund, Nancy Short, Frances Showers, Lindo Slatton, Bobby Slaughter. Forty-eight JUNIORS F ixsf: ::: s:a:s:s:Q:e ::::::--::-:2 1 wr:- i 8 s iris S , ,Liss ,sf .. 1 pi X its E gg i' 5 l , QV' 1 YI 5 H :- 'Q .V.. S ..-q--m-.,M- R M Q ,- g :,:, , , , ,M-1 - 2 :., 'IEW' -'-' s :'1 3 gy Q 1 . ' tow 1: Joe Slaughter, Joan Sleeth, Betty Smith, Helen Smith, .lack Smith, Jo Beth Spain. Row 2: Wayne Spruell, Alice Sternenberg, Lena Stem- Jridge, Buddy Stevenson, Lo Rita Stevens, Johnny Stewart, Bill Stinson. Row 3: Farrell Stokes, Eddie Stolz, Barbara Strange, Mary Sweeney, :harles Swindle, Edward Taylor, Helen Thomas. Row 4: Albert Thompson, Joe Ann Toney, Virginia Truesdale, Nancy Truly, Betty Vinton, Helen loyles. Row 5: Jackie Walden, Jerry Wales, Wilson Walker, Margaret Wallace, Sally Wallace, Lavonna Ware, Leonard Warren. Row 6: James Nelch, Charles Wesson, Ann White, Bob White, Bobbie Whitis, Frank Whitson, Mary Ann Wickline. F arty-nine JUNIORS Row 'lz Herman Wilkerson, Lewis Williams, Marvin Williams, Bobbie .lean Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Jimmy Winborn, Sandra Winborn. Row 2: Roy Windham, Martha Wifherow, Bill Woford, Doris Wright, Peggy Wylie, Carl Young. Fifty SOPHGMORES i s 6. 5 gfjggglltfi ,IZ ,.:. ...,. --aazzfzfzee A A f, '54 ' 'fi -:-:- fgr .223 ':'.. I eifti ., , X . , '67 a as -5.21 fw- an .5 fx f in x ,tr al y Q fax- ' Q 3 g, Q 2 . f wi fy 1' Q 2,7 , blzi Row 'Ia Jean Abbey, Carol Abbott, Beverly Aday, Bobby Ahltinger, Alice Aleman, Josephine Aleman, Dana Alexander. Row 2: Nancy Allen, Randal Allen, Sarah Allen, Vernon Armstrong, Scottie Ashley, Alene Avrett, Armelia Bailey. Row 3: Tommy Ann Bain, David Baird, Talmadge Baker, Virginia Ballard, Jeanette Barnhouse, Norman Barnes, Barbara Barnett. Row 4: Robert Bell, Betty Benson, Dwane Biggs, Tommy Birchman, Shirley Blakely, Ellamae Bloom, Glenda Blount. Row 5: Dorothy Booth, Lo Donna Bourns, Calvin Bowen, John Bowen, Melinda Bowen, Jimmy Bowers, Harry Bowman. Row 6: James Boyd, Tommy Bragg, Charlsie Bretel, Barbara Bruce, Willis Brumley, Joan Buddemyer, Jo Burns. Row 7: Eleanor Butts, Mary Cabbel, Don Caldwell, Velma Caldwell, Jean Campbell, Jane Carpenter, Jerry Carpenter. Fffly-one SQPHOMORES r -iiz V V , 5 A..,, , . hm v 9 J A1 --:: E . -f ,.-W A ---:, Sh . L- .::-..: 5 5:1 vvvi In . , t , eil f . 23 .c 'rs 'Cf I ' ' i H 'V , :fig vnu Q W I Row 'lz Ruth Clabaugh, James Clanton, Jim Carpenter, Milcliecl Carpenter, Effie Carrell, Dorothy Carter, John Chappell. Row 2: Betty Clary, Teddy Clemmons, James Clendenen, Gary Cloninger, Patsy Collier, Billie Conway, Elizabeth Coover. Row 3: Alroy Cox, A. W. Cox, Carol Cox, Robert Cox, Tommy Croft, Barbara Crow, Janice Crow. Row 4: Albert Cunning- ham, Ann Daniel, Virginia Daniel, Francine Daniels, Margaret Davis, Robert Davis, Ronnie Davis. Row 5: Frances Deere, David Deis, Charles Denison, Roy Denny, Betty Denton, Leland Denton, Thomas Denton. Row 6: lrven DeVore, Alice Dickson, Don Dillard, Malcolm Dillard, Elaine Dillon, Raymond Dixon, Bettie Dollins. Row 7: Jimmie Lee Dominic, Patsy Dugan, Joan Duncan, Kaye Duncan, Lynn Duncan, Stanley Duncan, Dewey Dyer. F i fry-two SOPHGMORES 2 l W' is 3535 ' - . 'fi ' 1' 1 'K I ai 1 4 Q ra: f E J X un 'x J-fi , :, J Row 'lz Beverly Dyson, Ann Eames, Mary Ann Eason, Jeannine, Elmore, Delores Enright, Anifa Epperson, Billy Eihridge. Row 2: Walter Evans, Ronald Ewing, Millard Fairchild, Morgan Ferguson, Gerald Finch, Wayne Finch, Sue File. Row 3: Jane Fogleman, Dionne Frazier, Mary Fuller, Ted Furgeson, Shaneen Gahagan, Joe Bob Gibson, Sandra Gilbert. Row 4: Frances Giles, Charlene Gilliland, Edwina Giltner, Joyce Glass, Johnny Glasscock, George Gravley, Jackie Grigsby. Row 5: Jimmy Gumm, Virginia Guy, Charlene Hall, Tawana Hamilton, Shirley Hamlin, Bernice Hardin, John Harrell. Row 6: Jane? Harrison, Ronnie Harrison, Barbara Harvey, Lovonne Harvey, Louise Harvey, Belfy Hayes, Ronald Heer. Row 7: C. W. Hefner, Eldon Hendricks, Carol Henry, Donald Hensley, Patricia Hill, Rober! Hill, Joyce Hilton. F i fly-th ree ?i1. F i f ty-four SOPHOMORIES ii Row 'l: Norman Hinson, Linton Hinton, Shirley Hollobaugh, Gene Holland, Juanita Hollancl, Marion Holcomb, Shirley Honey- cutt. Row 2: Jane Hooten, Janette Hopper, Janet Horne, Robbie Horton, Earl Hudman, Jim Huggins, Charlotte Hunt. Row 3: Edward Hunter, Ronnie Hurley, Carolyn Huth, Roberta Ingersoll, Wanda lnmon, Don Jacobsen, Don Jackson. Row 4: Virginia Jackson, Frank Jenson, Joy John, Carol Johnson, Carol Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Geraldine Johnson. Row 5: Jimmy John- son, Lanny Johnson, Nadine Johnson, Peggy Johnson, Vaughn Johnson, Eileen Johnston, Derilda Jones. Row 6: Elizabeth Jones, Hershal Jones, Jimmy Jones, Joyce Jones, Jo Ann Jonte, Lelia Keely, Jerry Keen. Row 7: Beatrice Keeling, Hubert Kelley, Patsy Kelley, Peggy Kennedy, Billy Don Kerss, Karla Kilgore, Max Kincaid, Dolores King. S CD P lt CD AA CD R E S 5 , ,,.- Q .,.:1' .iew 'Q 'L X y zzz E i Qi i f . wbfeeiww gvv 'L dxf :'V' J 45? f V if f ff av X if P, J J , me f -W 4 ggi ,Q-f' ' ' ' iff :-1:f fifff ':--: ii I 'K 4 --'1 1 , ' ' f . ef f: 12 232: Row 'lz Donald Kitchens, Gerald Knight, Allen Kroger, Geraldine La Barbara, Barbara Lambert, Bob Lane, Dorthea Lankforcl. Row 2: Jerry Laza, Betty Lee, George Lee, Robert Lee, Kathleen Lettwich, Patty Sue Lewis, Jim Leyhe. Row 3: Don Line- barger, Mary Lucas, Victor Lulxer, Kenneth Lyon, Leland McBrayer, William McClendon, Marilyn McCoin. Row 4: Joe McCallum, Jacqueline McCrane, W. H. McCuistan, Sherry McGaul'1ey, Evelyn McGlynn, Gale McKinney, Dolores McManus. Row 5: Charles McMerrill, Sherman McMurray, Swanee McNellis, David McWithey, Peggy Manchen, Virginia Manning, Craig Marion. Row 6: James Marks, Carol Marlowe, Gary Marrs, Billy Martin, Lottie Martin, Peggy Martin, Harry Marvill. Row 7: Frank Matthews, Wayne Matthews, Alfred Mellor, Jr., Stanley Miller, Bobbie Mitchell, Jack Mitchell, Caroline Mizell, Louis Mizall. F ifty-five F i fty-six SGPHOMORES jg, KTM . at ,ie ,J 3 ,ay t ak H 4-,P Q , 4' mv 255255 0' X f, ,J 523 3 ff X 2' , wit h t ...Q Wy? f F Row 'l: Mack Monroe, Mike Montgomery, Bobbye Moon, Brick Moore, Gary Moore, Georgia Moore, Marilyn Alston Morgan, Patty Morris, Shirley Morrow, Rex Morton, Pat Murphy, Cora Myers, Barbara Neal. Row Billy Neal, Sammy Nelson, Jane Nevil, Glenda Newsom, Lee Roy Nichols, Harriett Nicks. Row 4: Walter Nitz, Ronnie North, Barbara Northwick, Eddie Overal, Rocie Owen, Rosalyn Page. Row 5: Paul Painter John Palich, Richard Parker, David Parkins, Shirley Pedersen Phillips, Doris Pitmon, Arnett Pittman, Joe Pitts Billy Don Powell, H. L. Powell, Charles Pribble. Moore. Row 2: 3: Betty Neal, Bruce Norman, Peggie Parker, Joanne Pennington. Row 6: Florence Perkins, Cy Peters, Gloria Pettit, Jack Row 7: Charles Pope, Jamie Portwood, Billy Post Doris Post, Kathleen Post, SOPHOMORES ix an do 2,-'I' , 'S-3 if it WiFi Jr-QQ ' l -V ,Q ,IIV , .,-, l::: Y , 5 B 3 q :E EEII , P13 'E .. f '.f J: V i I., IVVVIIE J Zfag F ii .1 a ny mjai vu If gi ff Row 1: Nelda Prince, Bessie Pruett, Beverly Pulliam, Sally Raminez, Myrna Randolph, Billy Ray, Bobby Reon. Row 2: Regis Rhea, Nancy Ridgeway, Robert Risinger, Janice Robbins, Sandra Roberts, Gordon Robertson, Diana Robinette. Row 3: Beverly Robinson, Wynona Rodgers, Bobby Rodriquez, Jimmy Rogers, Fred Rotunno, Jack Ruth, Margaret Samford. Row 4: Robert Sanderson, Barbara Sasser, Jackie Scott, Richard Scott, Sylvia Seale, E. G. Sebastian, Robert Segler. Row 5: Tom Shaffer, James Shanahan, Milla Jean Shaw, Glenna Short, Larry Showalter, Mary Sills, Walter Simmons. Row 6: John Skelton, Marlene Slayton, Erma Lee Smith, Helen Smith, Jo Smith, Pat Smith, Suzanne Smith. Row 7: Carl Southward, Ruanna Southern, Rose Ann Sparkman, Jim Bob Speir, Bob Staley, Richard Stallings, Mitchell Stenzler, Joyce Stevens. SOPHOMORES n qt, n i Q 35:25 - ,.. 1: - .I 'il PE ,M Row 'Is James Sykes, Ariel Strandquist, Donald Stull, Leanne Stinson, Tommy Stewart, Peggy Taggart, Charlotte Tankersley. Row 2: June Terry, Kenneth Thiele, Ann Thomas, John Thompson, Mary Thompson, Billy Thornton, Don Thurman. Row 3: Beverly Tillison, Norma Timby, Jeanette Tolliver, Peggy Tosh, Dianne Tucker, Andrew Tuma, Eva Turney. Row 4: Carolyn Vowels, Jeanette Walden, Bobby Walker, Mae Walker, Jomae Waller, Carolyn Wamble, Donna Wantling. Row 5: Robert Warren, Larry Watson, Nancy Weise, Jo Ann Wheeler, Patricia Wheeler, Billy White, Jessamine White. Row 6: Johnny White, Runelle White, Hugh Wickham, Juanita Wier, Barbara Wilkinson, Don Willard, Bobby Wilmoth. Row 7: Anna Wilson, Johnny Wilson, Howard Winters, Margaret Wise, Robert Woods, Linda Wooley, Philip Wright, Wanda Yarborough. F i fty-eight FRESHMEN 'JU A fi' . ' was lem? , Louis Andrain, Malcolm Arrington, Della Aycock, Jack Babbitt, Jimmy Baker, Willie Barnes. Row 2: Richard Berry, Patricia Bierhalter, Ardyce Black, Jerry Sue Bledsoe, James Bloom. Row 3: Virginia , Sabra Browne, Joan Bullis, Joyce Burns, Jackie Burton, Harry Busbee. Row 4: Johnny Cameron, Row 'lc Kenneth Anaston Helen Baty, Kenneth Beck, Bogie, Peggy Jean Brown Joe Carrell, Barbara Chaney, Dorothy Cochran, Ray Ccthran, Bobby Cotter, Jan Commons. Row 5: Tommy Jo Cox, Yvonne Cox, Jean Craft, Barbara Craig, Bobbye Crum, Carol Cumming, Johnny Darby. Row 6: George Dlabal, James Davenport, J D ' C l D k r, Bill Earnest, Olin Davis, Arne-tha Davis, Donald Davis, Edwin Davis, Peggy Davis. Row 7: ean avison, aro yn ec e Burton Eubanks, Carol Ewton, Bobbie Jean Farrell, Goynelle Ferguson. H i F ifty-nine Sixty FRESHMEN W -1114? V A,AAA gf - -A:11- ' A y is A 'IJ :fs ' 1 If 9 . ,ie f , ., ., A , , . .N exif 1.1 it 'X X! , A '55 ff ,ff ggi j 23. K Q ,, E J ,.. ... . , :EE -zvv -lzl 5 L - , In ,.,.., ,'.. 5 .::, A r .,,, AAA: .8 1 w D :.,,, -, K , Y 'Z V.l,, lx J to . L' ::' GQ J in '.bA A - A- '21 1 lf M ,Q 'A 8 . J B : A ,. l ...M ,fits -it ' of Row 1: Bobby Folse, Jr., Nadell Freeman, Richard Long, Barbara Gardner, Billie Jean Garvin, Richard Gaylor, Don Gazza- way. Row 2: Richard Geiger, Clark Gentry, Marvelee Gerard, Robert Good, Freddie Goodman, Barbara Green, Emily Green. Row 3: Norma Gross, Wayne Graves, Geneva Hackler, James Haddock, Dalton Hamilton, Joe Hansen, James Harris. Row 4: Marlin Harris, Donald Harvey, Jimmie Henson, C. M. Hester, Betty Hill, Wayne Hitt, Gwendolyn Hoggard. Row 5: Dewayne Hooks, Charles Houston, Betty Sue Howard, Bobby Huffines, Dorothy Ruth Jackson, Suzanne James, Glenda Jefferies. Row 6: Margie Johnson, Billy Jordon, Nickie Julian, Christeen Kimbrell, Henry King, Margaret Ladymon. Row 7: Yvonne Lanlrford, Bobby La Rue, Dorothy Lasiter, Elsie Jane Lavers, Lillian Lea, Melvin Leslie, G. V. Lewis. 2 f , 1 . , -.,, :. -....:. ss FRESHMEN ,.,. N, .::::.:Z-,A 'te ' 3 4 5 , if T, P R , , M ' y V -Q ' Q : 6 uqqq :Vl zz, Q .:-: H , : ' ' 0 ' is, W ,?.: . ut' gf , x f is at - ff' it , J 5 32 ., .5 W t ,, r f ff 4AA. f M Y E E ' A he 1? U-cu Q Q ar 2 ,g f E A L ,,.. N Kali ' ::: E E ,..,, f ,JS 5 , N , 'A-17, , x ,K 3 rf? X 5 1 ' in . SEQ fwfgf ik V if : N V M 6 k 'KIA ,:.......,:,,:,.4:-1 ,, , ,, , 4 r J, Row 'l: Jan Littlejohn, Verena Loftin, Shirley Lopez, H. G. Lovell, Alice Ludwig, Buddy Lundgren, Barbara McDiII. Row 2: Bill McCallum, Patricia McCranie, Thomas McJunkins, Rachel McKinney, Shirley McNeill, Carolyn Manderville, Mary Jo Martin. Row 3: Jannie Lee Mattix, Betty Jean Matus, Keith Miller, Barbara Milner, Peggy Milton, Mary Etta Mitchell, Patsy Ann Mitchell. Row 4: Franklin Motfitt, Roger Money, Joyce Morrison, Kenneth Mowrey, Mary Jane Muegge, Dale Mulvany, Billy Nelson. Row 5: Marjorie Olson, Sarah Overton, Diane Park'ns, Juanita Parson, Jean Penny, Joan Penny, Armour Potter. Row 6: Clifford Reed, John Reynolds, Rex Rogers, Margaret Sands, Martha Sanford, Billy Joe Sanford, Leon Sanford. Row 7: Betty Satterwhite, Dick Schroeder, Scotty Scott, Virginia Searcy, Edward Shelton, Peggy Shrum, Louise Silces. Sixty-one Sixly-Iwo FRESHMEN Row 'l: Bobby Simmons, Bobbie Sish, Jo Ann Sisk, Charlene Smith, Fatima Solmon, Jim Spencer, Bobby Splawn. Row 2: Bobby Stafford, Mildred Stembridge, Anita Jay Stephens, James Stepter, Don Stewart, Jo Ann Stewart, George Summers. Row 3: Lois Tabor, Paul Tadlock, Cecil Thomas, Douglas Thomas, Robert Thomas, Kenneth Thompson, Alclredge Tillison. Row 4: Sammy Timpa, Billy Townsend, Peggy Turner, Robert Vallejo, Carol Vanclergriff, Peggy Vinson, Beuton Voss. Row 5: Patricia Wages, Billy Walden, Walter Waldie, Alice Wallace, Robert Webb, Elnora Weckter, Jerry White. Row 6: Jo Ann White, Sterling White, Patricia Whitis, Donna Williams, Leroy Wilson, Lou Ella Wilson, Martha Winslett. Row 7: Jackson Yium, Herbert York, Collene Wyatt, Jo Ann Young. KN-xk Q-lf.l2x 5i Fovorife Senior Girl NORMA MCKINNON :Hd Fovorife Senior Boy JIM BERRY Besf All-Round Senior Girl JOY KINSEY A I .-1 YT H , wg ,I T L ,f ...- ffggjagxss firm -. ,L . -I- '?..',f . 'ff f 7, 1. K A in-Q , . -1.5 , ,- 3' 3 Best All-Round Senio GUY MIZELL 'N9PQ!' L 'sf ei X 0 rr I . f , r Boy ff W - ' fww-1 ,M af -fr-X-V .1 W A H, . I Mlaffeif ,, Q,-1, ' , 7' '--' . .xx A I if ' ? . . Fovorife Undercloss Girl JACKIE ERWIN Besf All-Round Undercloss Girl LINDA SPAIN Besf All-Round Undercloss Boy BILLY DON KERS5 ,M . M LES JIM BERRY President of 4A Class National Honor Society TER ROBBINS President Debate Club BILL NORCROSS Regimental Commander JO ANN CULLUM National Honor Society Civic Federation il m F E1 Natio 7055 National W inner in Debate 1950 Jclely SHARLIE KIRBY National Honor Society Oak Business Staff 2044 BILL MERWIN Debafe Lefferman National Forensic League GEORGE MIZELL National Honor Society Debafe Lefiermcm RONALD HUGHES President of 4A Class National Honor Society BILL STEM President of National Honor Society 'I949 ANN BERRY Secretory of National Honor Society 1949 Secretory of Student Council MARILYN McWITHEY President Book Review Club National Honor Society 7064: 'a GUY MIZELL President of Student Council Ncntioncl Honor Society -IEL Society ic League ANN OGLE Winner in City Poetry Reading Contest French Award 7044 BARBARA ARCHIBALD President of Pan American Club National Honor Society JAMES SLATTON National Winner in Debate 1950 City Winner in Debate l949 o..,-M- 'm ' ,,...,.-N ,,..-- ANN ZUSPANN Secretary National Honor Society SPRING STAFF Editor .... Business Manager . Advertising . . Feature Editor . News Editor . Sports Editor . ROTC Editors . Exchange Editor Club Editor . . Typist . . . James B . . Joe Min . . Earl Brit Sidney Morri . . Patsy Bl . Thomas Y . William V rooks, Bill Me Jimmie Lou W Marilyn McWit . Martha Bl. ACORN STAFF Q iw. Ae FALL Editor-in-Chief . Business Manager Assistant Manager Sports Editor . ROTC Editor . Club Editor . . Art Editor . . Exchange Editor ACORN STAFF Typists . . Billee Jean Housto . . Linda K . . Jim Har . Earl Britton . Bob G71 . . Rita Et . Wanda P1 . . Patsy Mct' . . . Lois R n, Greta McCu NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Seated: Ronald Hughes, Ann Berry, Bill Stem. Row 'l Jimmie Lou Walls, Ann Zuspann, Joy Kinsey, Jo Ann Cullum, Louise Dozier, Sharlie Kirby, Mariorie Merwin, Laura Fuller, Elizabeth Hooker Palsy Lee Patsy Halchel, Carolyn Hunter, Linda Thompson, Palsy Blake, Ann Ogle, Jo Lee Compton. Row 2: Hearst Paxlon, Lesler Robbins Jim Berry Charles Wilson, Eddie Stevens, George Mizell, Guy Mizell, Virgil Scott, Smith McLaughlin, Herman Roberson, Thomas Yium. Barbara Archibald Jim Berry Patsy Blake Jack Brackeen Onita Burson Jo Lee Compton Lavona Cone Jo Ann Cullum James Duncan Lee Etta Durham Laura Fuller Bobby Griffin Palsy Hatchel David Hodge Elizabeth Hooker Jane Hull MEMBERSHIP Carol Hunter Jim Keahey Joy Kinsey Sharlie Kirby Sam Laden Edward Latimer Patsy Lee Bob Linskie Smith McLaughlin Marilyn McWithey Mariorie Merwin Bill Miller George Mizell Guy Mizell Jimmy Mullin Georgie Nutt Ann Ogle Hearst Paxton Herman Roberson Lester Robbins Robert Sadler Virgil Scott James Slatton Jo Beth Spain Eddie Stevens Lo Rita Stevens Lincla Thompson Jimmie Lou Watts Charles Wilson Thomas Yium Ann Zuspann S evenly-sevclz Q 2 .. f ...- . QI . 'N f 1 'if''7.,5'4 'QSi'?f:v--vff-44:1' f ,,'. N? t Y. Lg! , . -1 .,, - use .: . ff -A 4 ,235 Q 1 ?'iiQ iTV S FSF 'J 1 ,,,f dx Q-,,, f .-.ff 1 X4: .44 .JU NATIONAL THESPIANS Row 'l: Janice Robbins, Lavona Cone, Norma Hale, Virginia Ballard, Virginia Truesdale, Alice Dickson. ,. . .r 135 f Row 2: Lee Etta Durham, Erma Lee Smith, Donna Wantling, Olga Atkins, Sherry McGaughey, Laura mf- .1 i L Fuller, Miss Hedde. Row 3: Martha Wiltherow, Barbara Strange, Ann Berry, Linda Kelly, Luanne Evans, Fran Drake Shaneen Gahagan. Row 4: Jim Robinson, James Barbosa, Jim Keahey Sherrill King, Jim F Berry, Jerry Gilmore, Kenneth Duggin. - , Row 'lz Bobbie Moon, Patricia McCranie, Sally Wallace, Carol Johnson, Suzanne Smith Bobbie Knoll, Marion Holcomb Jean Cox. Row 2: Robert Vallejo, Bobbie Mitchell Joanne Simmons Mary Fuller, Janice Crow, Joan Cox Row 3 Barbara Johnson, Peggy Martin, Sybil Creel, Lo Rita Stevens, Mrs. Covington 5' L2-f,, 'A ,. 3 - f .fs eJL.--5.5292-..5.-I-wwe.-..., Law' i1 22.Cd3'5'vi?Zi2,52'!iv'H!f'1L. if , w . ,.,. ,f ---. . . .aria-ff e 5, 1, , 4. 'fn ' iam? .. 1ff+.s,. .. - -,.1-52111-we-5 -'Sie-Q.1:a.'f1-i4.11v+'Hf ' .-f. 7 ' --5?fI'i 'i ? - - i K I . 1 .'iQf l w if' 1 . .15 i I 1 ' DC 1 f ' l ' F hx' l ' N x N 1? L, 1 5 n- ' Y I ul f JA t :,,-rw , I ,, 'f i if 2 Q 1 . L 55 . ' r fff' ' 2, M fx Mil' X f ' +L 4 i ' i . m safe. we . irxiq 13: I I I ,f .ew 2' .,-f - . ' - - -.i:.g:M2 1 2 : . 1 -'- if' ' - . 'f it r Ligf. il ' ig? i ' 'W ie' 'fr V ,, ff' - 3 Q...-' . 'Av ' gf ., 1 W. C ,- . , 1 ' 1' ' 'ZA- '3 ,- , , W A ' w e .f -1--M :ff-e-V ,- .f. ,- .- . ve- ? f l -'ts - i'..,. z'if.'Q-' J . 'f'-1 , , '. v . s- .- A f f if - - 1..:.1,:::-,games . - -f +:.wis.4fw' 2 4 N.-3-:-awvfwdfeeaam . . FF qgemfff- ,,.,- . - . .. 3, Q, ,, ,L,,,:57g,g2E-.aah l I 1 -hk?52:,,,?,.m:,.+ .6,e.,.5, .-M.. . M... ... ,,,3,,...,...,. , .,,,,L,m,,m.,,.,,... ....Ji,. .5.S.,,,4..:4 . I X 'f Z?..A in , l . +3 13,9 .Ffa W V , 1, '- r - f ' Q- -7 -V i I rg- , Q ww S ,,, , we , , . 1 4 af T 5 . :af . ' 1- mu 4' f , X' A 1 1 'mf ,f -14-. 2, V .. f . .wg f 'I 1 f 4 1 . .. '.A va -- 1' - ,r.-.11 .1 . X ,..- -. - - 1-V' ' if.-: ,f -4- 'f p. 6 'f , 1, P64 . I 4.5 , .Q , .HV , , . ,,.m,.li.,3,::,.4,,t, is V , is , ,H K v 2 y , 'I 1-fifth-.+ve . 5, . , 1 1 1,9 ' 44 f ,. .f' - -:. .V 'S H ' sr - Q if - p of . . L M11 - .Q L - 5-. A f- ,aw .. I ,H , Z X A, . , j-1, if f ' t 't Q ' y . - ,yr 1 W K . - .. A .- ' ?'f:j,-,, . .F I 1 ' . . . , , ,f . I ,Z 5 1 ...,.,.... ,,f1.., ..,.-, ,,,- ..,,, , ,W , ,An '5 , f 5,1 B , ,, ,YW ,M ,W Y,,, , Y . ' 'I W f Row 'l: Billie Coalson, Loretta Taylor, Sharlie Kirby, Joy Nell Kinsey, Viva Jean Smith, Shirley Hamlin, A , , LJ, g 2' GIRLS' SPORTS CLUB V Rosemary Boughton, Nancy Vaughn, Shirley Pedersen, Jackie Burton, Alice Aleman. Row 2: Geraldine Doudney, Dixie Burns, Laura Fuller, Mary Moore, Barbara Archibald, Jo Ann Wheeler, Bettie Dollins, Margaret Wise, Barbara Green. Row 3: Linda Block, Jeanine Doudney, Eleanor Butts, Charline Gilliland, Josephine Aleman, Jacqueline McCrone, Jo Ann White, Jean Davison. Row 4: Runelle White, Edna Johnston, Nancy Ridgeway, Mae Dell Walker, Lavonna Ware, Norma Gross, Virginia Bogie. SPORTSMAN CLUB Row 'lz E. C. Holtsclaw, Jerry Wales, Robert Bell, Roger Money, Tim Jolly, Mack Monroe, Joe Carrell. Row 2: Jim Sanders, Arthur Richardson, Jerry Payton, Arthur Fagan, Allan Kroger, Roy Reger, Harry Marwell. Row 3: Mr. Franks, Bob White, Donald Sides, Douglas Cowan, Bobby Berry Clyde Enright, Charles Brown. i i f f .. sg, , QR. , 'GQ'- : 92 :QT7 '12 S Sf U . ,S , Wan.-- 'la ik S K. .' 1-1 +1- S -:::. -' T W' .-: ew. i. ,,.3f-2.3.13 'K ....i, -' 4, -Ishii K fi,-, .,, 1453.53 f' , .wg M.---, Ln' is ' ...V ,i i Y'r'1'fW 4,1 5 v, 5 ,Q-is . ff? . 1 V1.1 I f 1 if ' , S l A F A ae 3+ , x 'sr EE I i .S i F new S K C , Y tax 1-4 .-1-. . f ,ul .ilu qv , C, AV, 2 'flu' la lt Xi i-l l I f 111.1 ' 3 , :A T1 .V.. V v,,,. -I is L.. i, , 11.224, tc.: ij , ., .. .i M X L i ef' jk It . f W L a 55 J 5,2 3 -4 Qi' 1 ' V- ' 1 1 4 ,X p W LM. it ,N NN 4 , 'ix iii? X V. B si or c ,ES it W - 1 E' 3- 1 X K , In 'NS N Y uf 2 af' 5 Q X , Q., S C b w so , -is if ks S 'K ' V Lx m,,,..s......,.,c ,.,,...s is v y ., In eb-S K' 24 S sn y, if fl . .V .. i rq H -e we-waist f , fr 'Elini' X ' xi N .3 Egg TX i A X7 an . fl N- ' . A , -- , +--.L - 'ff -to I is Wifi J ' ff - Q I fy A n w I i 5 :QAM 'C Hb -' .fl 1 ,- f. L'.,,t7 'QI I I Q? . gJ ' M' 5' Q Q 1 .ff D. 1.,f.. H QL! . Nvliiifr, 5. I - ' i 5 5 v 2 - 2 PAN AMERICAN CLUB Row 'l: Mildred Carpenter, Beverly Robinson, Sally Battenfield, Bobbie Mitchell, Gloria Pettit, Alic Aleman, Nancy Allen, Joanne Hargis, Mona Coleman. Row 2: Miss King, Ethel Robinson, Frances Gile: Marilyn Moore, Carol Hunter, Virginia Ballard, Shirley Hamlin, Juanita Holland, Barbara Archibalcu Mrs. Juergens. Row 3: Barbara Honeycutt, Ann Reid, Herman Roberson, Janice Robbins, Walter Evan: Jeanette Barnhouse, Barbara Bruce, Shirley Pedersen, Virginia Daniels, Jean Horner, Melinda Bowe Row 4: Kathleen Leftwich, Evelyn McGlynn, Dorothea Scott, John Webster, John Bowen, Sam Lade Don Frazier, John Heyde, Jerry Matson, Hilary Reynolds, Onita Burson, Robert Linskie, Ronnie Davie Frank,Whitson. Row 5: Nancy Truly, Georgia Nutt, Eileen Johnston, Martha Griffith, Sandra Gilber' Jim Keahey, Arthur Fagan, George Owens, Donald Sides, Alex Keller, Al Cook, Linton Hinton. DALLAS HISTORICAL SOCIETY Row 'l: Norma Hale, Patsy Hatchel, Virginia Truesdale, Anna Marie Wil:on, Fran Drake, Sally Wallace Bobbie Knoll, Shirley Martin, Mary Ann Wickline, Martha Witherow, Laverne Bell, Bobby Slaughtel Row 2: Dolores Barnett, Jimmie Lou Watts, Barbara Bruce, Jeanette Barnhouse, Novalene Follis, Wand Fry, Ann Holt, Lavonna Ware, Marilyn Setzer, Gay Angel. Row 3: Marilyn Hale, Elizabeth Hookel Marilyn McCoin, Joyce Penn, Loyce Penn, Olga Atkins, Laura Fuller, Lorraine Jasper, Onita Bursor Barbara Rains, Kay Angel. Row 4: Miss Langford, Lavona Cone, Shirley Paxton, Rena Cotton, Sandrt Winborn, Doy Marie Davis, Frances Dalche, Jimmie McGhee, Martha Griffith, Jack Brackeen, Jam Good. Row 5: Jimmy Ledbetter, James Barbosa, Roy Reger, Paul Marco, Robert Bell, Jo Ann Brow Dorothy Hall, Billy McPherson. uf 5, ge. 1 'fwf- 41-M X -fr- 5 3- 1 We WQMJWQJEBSQZ Mr s f 'I 1:5 1 ' ' ' Phif-psizz. . r -fm-se' 1 31 s 'QI ' ,5 - 1: 1 wif , , f ft . 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Row 2: Fran Drake, Helen Smith, Betty Sue Howard, Marilyn Hale, Bette Harvey, Beverly Tillison, Jo Ann Wilson, Martha Crandall, Viva Jean Smith, Carla Baggerly. Row 3: Dixie Burns, Ethel Marie Penn, Norma McKinnon, Virginia Daniels, Frances Wilson, Mary Fogleman, Delores Payne, Joeann Daugherty, Leona Tillery. Row 4: Jan Cochran, Barbara Martin, Helen Smith, Jo Beth Spain, Sally Butler, Ann Zuspann, Sarah Kerr, Sandra Winborn, Marion Holcomb, Virginia Guy, Nancy Allen, Nancy Johnson, Gloria Sparks, Geleska Showers, Miss Rockett, Lorraine Jasper, Carolyn Eubanks, Martha Butler, Barbara Armistead, Velma Cogwell, Roibeth Holland, Nann Holland, JoAnn Brown, Barbara Brown. ART CLUB Row 'l: Jeanette Chandler, Mary Happ, Margaret Sanders, Greta McCuiston, Jo Beth Spain, Helen Smith, Martha Witherow, Alice Dickson, Norma McKinnon. Row 2: Kathleen Leftwich, Marie Penn, Bonnie Young, Billie Houston, La Verne Huffstutler, Joan Buddemeyer, Shirley Martin, Diana Robinette, Gaye Vaughn, Miss Schroeder. Row 3: Mary Cabbell, Elaine Dillon, Jo Ann Simmons, Sybil Creel, Mary Fuller, Marilyn Hoffman, Bettye Jones, Joanne Cox, Marilyn Setzer. Row 4: Tawanna Hamilton, James Barbosa, Jimmy Ledbetter, Shirley Paxton, Linda Kelley, Jeanne Pruett, Wyvonne Stephens. Row 5: Carrol Lewis, Du Bose, Lola Belle Featherston, Dixie Burns, Barbara Gardner, Albert Cunningham, Bert Rodriguez, Robert Mixon, Kay Angel, Henry Kroger, Jock Alexander, Layne Vera Yeatts. Row 6: Harold Gilliam, Paul Marco. 3, 4-arf if 4 f46 I ,S . rr r . F!! ,ff is :, ', 15S'li '- vt ,1 ft. ,. sl: gi sf, :L - .i '3 1-E? if. - i -f A ' 'FF' ,iigliiiff-L ' .. in. , ' ' hifi' :X uv-- . ,J ev 'ut t ' ' f if ,J , -- :7- ' s.. Tnil :WWI J: X12 5:11 A L fi , Q . 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STUDENT COUNCIL : Jackson Yium, Jim Huggins, Bill Earnest, Wynema Watson, Audrey Day, Ann Berry, Virginia Searcy, Patsy Hatchell, Reba Cunningham, Alice Dickson. Row 2: Bobby Nichols, Herman Roberson, Guy Mizell, Sabra Gilmor Eddie Stevens, Janice Crow, Sherry McGaughey, Bobbie Wilson, Betty Hayes, Martha Witherow, Brown. Row 3: Bob Sadler, Austin Bratcher, Charles Wilson, Joe Bowling, Paul Painter, Jerry e, Margaret Hall, Jeanette Perry, Frank Whifson. Row 4: Nann Holland, H. l.. Powell, Nelso Hensley, D. Talmage Baker, Arnetha Davis, Mary Oliver, Cecil Long, Jack Dempsey. Row 5: Home Brown, Miss Agnew, Gary Marrs, Joe Gibson, Jim Edd Spencer, Harold Daniels, Robert Warren, Jac McCon athy, George Lee. Lg iw , ,YN PEN PALS Seated: Shirley Pedersen, Jane? Harrison, Betty Howard, Alice Dickson, Evelyn McGlynn, Donna Watling, Francine Daniels. Standing: Mrs. Horn, Charlotte Hunt, Ariel Strandquist, Carol Marlowe, Virginia Jackson, Betty Hill, Jean Horner, Peggy Brown, Pat Murphy, Beuton Voss, Marilyn McWithey, Elaine Dillon. BOOK REVIEW CLUB Row 'la Sharlie Kirby, Martha Crandall, Mary Moore, Jo Ann Simmons, Helen Smith, Barbara Archibald, Pat Richardson. Row 2: Sandra Winborn, Margie High, Edith Nash, Jo Beth Spain, Marilyn McWitl1ey, Jo Ann Cullum. Row 3: James Barbosa, Rena Cotton, Jo Ann Brown, Sybil Creel, Jimmy Ledbetter. 1 55w' ' ' A-nz. .V M X' 1 ,-Q. F, ,Q,., .f 'U ' Y F' J Win 3 ij . L fW ?i ,- ie, 1 f',N ,Qf,jg3t4L ,ii , T, l , ., AW gs 1 V, J K g x l I x l , f fix' Q ,, . 2 'R x- if t , l 1 L4 1 My 1, fm F , J . 3 4, ' gm J :Y i lux X f I KL Ei' i 3 tv t AX J ,W 1.9 1 1 1 'rl QL ' t 5 v ,Q -fl V Qi .gd y t .,, K ',,jE'5, fx -1 i s , ll ' gf I V -H231 :ffl ,Q rd A . s i 1 V. 5 , 4 pi 1 ' 123:-v.T 1 rt I it - f 'W '1 t M .gi Q X E l li 3 ' R ' E .5 I X l X , ' , 5 F is x ni A l r si FT, 1 A ' Mx , Y Mg QQ' is IP .k X L'f,.t- Essay-Q--,I vi' -X lar' 'B DQ N L Q , L ' .- 'ili- .-- 1' , .jig W, 'ff Ii X 1 . X' A ml 'i -77 , if .1-v V-.Q-, c....,,?,,, H VE, . fi Y: i f 1 if , fy ' 'TT PTi l ' 23 f ir. 1?ffi'- f ICVT ,X . 4 Egfr? X: ' A '. ' n' A ' , 1 T :ifig , e - ,Ley ,ff i ' '32 ,I Q5 M i ey, KF V h CIVIC FEDERATION Row 'iz Sharlie Kirby, Earlene Miller, Wynema Watson, Shirley Hamlin, Jo Beth Spain, Billy McPherson, Bobby Slaughter. Row 2: Kathy Shaw, Ann Hunter, Elizabeth Hooker, Jo Ann Cullum, Barbara Archibald, Robert Linskie, Mrs. Horn. Row 3: Buddy Laden, Georgia Nutt, Roy Reger, Gerald Blacketer, James Good. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Row 'l: Janice Robbins, Lavona Cone, Norma Hale, Fran Drake, Alice Jane Hestand, Patsy Hatchell Jeannene Elmore, Gay Angel, Kay Angel. Row 2: Martha Griffith, Barbara Bruce, Nancy Cornehls Jeanette Barnhouse, Shirley Hamlia Kay Angel, Gay Angel. Row 3: Charlotte Hunt, Theresa Geiger Jack Brackeen. wfanw 5 J .5 vw -N V 3 .L - 1 if f' 5 f J sf. if ff .s 1 - :Y ., ' f:.,' 'yi.11:g3 .1?I1ss0': ff.-if V 1 ' T . . N il :A V . ' J -,,,, gl Q ,igief fear 'T' ff f-X A : 1 f 2 if Y V- -- 2 --- DEBATE Row 'lz Anita Epperson, Cheree Hughes, Donna Wantling, Thelma Phelps, Anna Wilson, Suzanne Smith, Elizabeth Coover, Billie Conway, Gerald Brown, Frank Mathews, Richard Berry. Row 2: Della Aycock, Lee Etta Durham, Sally Taylor, Delores Phife, Sherry McGauhey, Dolores McManus, Mary Fuller, Betty Hayes, Virginia Jackson, Gordon Robertson. Row 3: Jeannene Elmore, Frances Giles, Lavona Cone, Marilyn Setzer, Jeanette Barnhouse, Marjorie Merwin, Betty Jones, Horace Crow, Kenneth Duggin, Ronnie t Ewing, Henry Jordan. Row 4: Beverly Pulliam, Virginia Ballard, Erma Lee Smith, Barbara Bruce, Joyce Burns, Barbara Strange, Joyce Hilton, Kenneth Scott, Johnny Wilson, Mr. Nutley. Row 5: Myrna Randolph, Jimmy Mullin, Sandra Sellers, Janice Robbins, Shirley Blakely, Carolyn Huth, Talmage Baker, G. V. Lewis, Jerry Gilmore. Row 6: Jimmy Jones, Bill Merwin, George Mizell, James Clendenen, George Nelson, Bob Rodriguez, James Slatton, John Chappell, Joe Bob Gibson, Bob Robertson, Lester Robbins, Irven DeVore, James Cash. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: Herman Roberson, Sharlie Kirby, Laura Fuller, Joy Kinsey, Mariorie Merwin, Patsy Hatchel, Thomas Yium. Row 2: George Mizell, Linda Thompson, Patsy Blake, Jimmie Lou Watts, Barbara Archi- bald, Elizabeth Hooker, Guy Mizell. Row 3: Hearst Paxton, Virgil Scott, Carol Hunter, Jo Ann Cullum, Ann Zuspann, Patsy Lee. Row 4: Smith McLaughlin, Ann Ogle, Jo-Lee Compton, Lester Robbins. 2 ... if Us ,,- l' 2... , i g 2 1- -qs. .X ' Q Av 1 'f mf tis. FS' l? w Q ' ' :WWI 'B C9 fel lilllltgg if 'Fu l 1,57 'K -' Z X 1, -il VN lvbl F:H ': . ' Ln 'FNXN , - P - lf .pf VL . , my J i fi Q-.. qw-9 'A-. Q - . 15:-,, x. ' di- J . S. , r-1-T7T,o. , -, IWW, fgi .4xX, V A: A 1 , X X , 3 5 , ,X fix.. U f f fm W: , if my . l ,, Z? ' -V s im- , , 4 9 1 3 V Q L 1 1 ' Q lf? L f .1 , 1 4, X 5 .1 ' ,, , 15, I 6, 2 gf L , Tfriylfl r J r 5 ' A , i I 4 s 1: l .19 1- it ' 7: J ' '35, 1- 1' f E If ig I 3: 1-3 4 ,Q ,, x ,animal 5 h Y ...f , ,iw , za, 2 54? YS I , ,V , . ffl D' an w-SQ. r .311 -A V ,se iii :.. x Seated: Miss Aduddell, Carolyn Dixon, Suzanne Rosser, Lavonna Ware, Barbara Carr, Earnest Proud f' Mary Ann Wickline, Elaine Dillon. Standing: Bob Armor, Duncan Adams Dorothy Rlppy Ann Ogle V1 Row 'I: Charles Wilson, Jerry North, Bobby Simmons, Ross George, .lim Miller, Cecil Long Bob Phillips N Row 2: Sammy Nelson, Ronnie Anderson, Paul McDonald, Guy Mizell, Lewis Williams Johnny Cody Buddy Stevenson. Row 3: Gerald Kernpe, Orville Booth, Charles York, Don Whittaker, Kenneth Florence, Homer, Brown, Harold Daniels. Row 4: David Frazier, Clyde Enright, William Vines, Mr Ladd Ronnie 1, ,mf 1 l-I atv 1-ss 13 he ,mv ,, .ME , 41 .M self.-'Q - . -1: s :Q-ww' ' -: ,wir --- 3 .Vps , Q- ' f ,. . ..,-,wi-l,,-c, . . . . .W....,. ., f .. - , M.. ., ,. - . I w w if-if, ' ,M 2' . ' f -Lg-'V-' ff.5'31e- -Z' .-f:?f111w'i'. - Q WU' K-.sw.:n:,H:Xie-Y-'if-2-':2:fJv1 .-.-4:-1121: 1 1-121 43-7'1--.1ff'12--f.:i,,1l:c'1G ':r-151-F51HJ 2': 3-s ,.fle?S'l'?. 'f 5 ' hifi ,fi:j'1i.,!'51.,?' 1' 1 . - fa:-1:5-ge.: 42-1 19, ,L 1'i..:-,11.,,:.f -' eE:iii::.12:Pfar:psEv1i?f .1.1 .: ,a:,- ,4 fu. .:2:.g,1::1g::f-':i :s1q,g:ff.f.a ,ggxrgf ': Q Nia. 'vi i-siicfil'-11'11?I:1l l Fifi'-sit?-v2v,2:::iic,:f:?7b:AF4QPiii:2s32G?i' :2?ffi?'.' ,--I .g,,f,,5.:f, aw, 4 sw.-smwryWeisz:-syf53:,.fss-ls.4:2211-sr,.hrssfq-wigs-sf,'.f,:?,L,i.:gp5g,miavg,s:1,.af2-fs.-5'fM:FQ4g4-ss, -1, f L54 swf'-chsif-32.5 - if lin . le we 221f:s.aff'an2sL11-Q.2,erifnzpssygifw,fmgi:sei-avgif,,l1 :p:f41:g,cw- gif ' - ,. ., sf. , ,S 1 ,V , H -1.,.1sff1'a,i.':v.-5:lass-.fi1ev,,fsA-W1,:,,:f,:,v-Q,fiwif,.Mm-,-.-l.,-.,,1,,-fm. -1 fp.: if ,.,.,,,1:,...... . - , .f reszzp,-1.1,-yE'1::.g3::-1, 4, - -g W:-47'- f ' Q 11::-:inetZ':'frzf f,:f-- 111 :.. - .. +51 J -V t .A f gl 1 ,D ' -4 el 'X , -,, 1 l,'37- :2..:,f-I-fs: X - 5' ,f .ik -, ' f .. ,, A ., iff: Ffr' I-1 1 A V'-I J :fi Qs' 'A xy- z - , , i 'i v ' 1 sw. pf 3 arg QI. ' 3 fg, 4 jx k . gn 'lqvl .-lyk V 2 'W if ri, : ii W L , IP . . ,331 f. N s is a g-P v M , .4 .W 'E ng qc J ' .ki ,h v 1 N, ir J IJ K, f 'ffl i . N3 jig A ' 5, L ll ,iff r Q 4 -x, Y :- 4. L if me L N I . , C 'h .. 5 A Q-'M AT- A .44 K uf' x.. ,1e,iEZg l':-Y .f xx 1' ,R .k'?'?.if'Yf. if ,-fi' 'wwf' e'J i f 'KJ ,?!'f f 5. ' v.-ravi 0 M , , ,- , . iv ,,w,-ff 've y gfxx sawn 4 ,, , ' W, ' -4 if 'K lf: - ii: 'A 1' fl 5: fig ,AM-7 4 ff fg,:-Wf r-fxf' 41 kjxfw 'Q 2.59 Z1 . I ' My 7 'K:'Z Ty mf Q, 2: H ff X - - ,. ,- ,. hi ' 'QI ,ile- -.4, .5 At ref V ,me J 1f,Lg A ,nf , ,V W,,..,,,Q,. hw' W' ' 'M D CLUB Row 1: Herman Roberson, Charles York, Donald Lambert, Millar Browne, Jack Smith, Cecil Long, Thomas Yium. Row 2: Marcus Steadmon, Bob Simmons, David Frazier, Billy Ray Smith Dick McRoberts Bobb Nichols, Jerry North. Row 3: Guy Mizell, Harold Daniels Gerald Kempe, Truman Bailey, Clifton Birchman, Ed Crutchfield, Jim Berry. Row 4: Mr. Dickey Kenneth Belken, Don Whittaker, Orville Booth Clyde Enright, Jerry Senter. Row 5: Bob Lundy, Ed Sallis, Williom Vines, Bob McGregor, Leroy Nichols. STAGE CREW 'Seah-acl: Roy Eckard, Jerry Packer, Donald Stull. Standing: Robert Bell, Troy McKenzie, Linton Hinton Joe Miller, Charles McMerrill, Mike Folse. - 'f71-Ewa S' N-,lf ?5'i'HH,ff. ,. . i N -v i, 371' ,: '-EEL.:-:,'1 NL .gffi ' .' 1, S- wizafa.919--ggicwiagf-'t'f:1.fin'rg'at1552-fi-:Enixu-QP...frfngigsf.geqrfyfgztii, s-:1'iv'5:'ggpz.,,,5 ., 15 -' , f - .C C -. rf' H' ' ' 'Q': L4Yf'fA g: ,'Y'if- F415i:'- 11?2:1f1 Q' - 'g,L-' Q Tw V 'L J MV- - f-av. ' ' x z ' 5' V A A rl r 1 ' 4 WE A.. 1 4 ? v ,W r MW H M meer :ms . 'vine fc' f -ef ff 1 T' ,.: 2-2 .1 F- f::3if75.1'4r'Qf .A -I -' '- U' -f .. 5-r . - . ' 21 A Q .12 ' Girl: 'I 5 vi , J' 1 11 ,fp C S.. X X :,,. , :wifi .- by x,, f f Ze- are J A - Eli A 1? T V V f,!,.H5t It K 1' . 5' 1 Q. 'G J if . if l l5 ' 7 P , . T :fff ' ' as l -Ji -if ' C , C E T' .. ...A . .. 7 f .JN T T A',V fy U it MW 1, .,.- fc., Jijggfgir' ,..-'P' h,g-.ff ,H , ,. .,,. XL, .4 L.L'f',, f , ' SQUARE DANCE CLUB i if 1 w i 4 1 i Row 'l: Teddy Moody, Dorothy Cochran, Bobby Slaughter, Jerry Matthews, Gloria Pettit, Helen Smith, Janet Harrison, Rosalie Robbins, Hank Matthews. Row 2: Shirley Paxton, Bobbie Ann Knoll, Anna Johnson, Nancy Sholund, Gale McKinney, Jamie Portwood, Christine Compton, June Terry, Billy McPher- son, Donnie O'Rourke, James Good. Row 3: Miss Miller, Jim Huggins, Nancy Cornehls, Martha Griffith, Jean Abbey, Barbara McDill, Rocie Owens, Pat Pendley, Kathleen Leftwich. Row 4: Bill Parker, Jo Ann, Sisk, Bobbie Sue Sisk, Juanita Parsons, Juanita Holland, Mary Sue Foster, La Verne Hanks, Marilyn Moore, Mr. Hester, Row 5: John Heyde, Pat Croft, Albert Cunningham, La Donna Bourns, Tawana Hamil- ton, Leanne Stinson, Joyce Burns, Jerry Sue Bledsoe. Row 6: Roy Reger, Donald Sides, Ronnie Harrison, James McGinnis, Harry Marvill, Morris Clayton, Dorris Cloyton, Gaynell Tucker, Joy Pennybacker. SOCIAL DANCE CLUB Row 'l: Alice Dickson, Barbara Brown, Rosalee Robbins, Jerry Sue Bledsoe, Bobby Slaughter, Gloria Pettit, Helen Smith, Dorothy Cochran, Jimmy Huggins. Row 2: Billy McPherson, Barbara Crow, Jane 1 Horne, Morris Clayton, Dorris Clayton, Beverly Robbins. Row 3: Miss Miller, Earl Potts, Millard Fairchild, Bill Parker, James Good. OAK REPRESENTATIVES Row 'l: Martha Crandall, Ann Randall, Mary Ann Wickline, Virginia Ballard, Delores Phife, Joann Cooper, Alice Hestand, Jeannene Elmore, Jane Fogleman, Jane Carpenter. Row 2: Viva Jean Smith, Mary Moore, Patsy Lee, Julia Howard, Ann Hudnall, Margaret Hughey, Carol Johnson, Peggy Manchen, Billie Coalson, Franklin Moffit, Billy Neel. Row 3: Suzanne Rosser, Martha Butler, Mary Ann Broyn, Onita Burson, Linda Kelley, Frances Welch, Mary L. Fuller, Dsolores McManus. Row 4: Harry Busbee, Nelda Prince, Dorothy Hall, Shirley Jordan, Jo Ann Brown, Clarence Troup, James Clenclenen, David Baird. Row 5: Leon Sanford, Dalton Hampton, Don Dillard, Dale Mulvaney, Leland McJunkins, Don Holt, Mack Sanford, Bobby Minter, Charles Baker. Row 6: David McWithey, Bob Lundy, Jack McConathy. MOTION PICTURE OPERATORS Row 'l: James Nixon, Keith Miller, Sammy Timpa, Johnny Cameron, Mike Folse, H. G. Lovell, Ronald Heer, James Greenlee. Row 2: Harold Hill, Robert Hanna, Hugh Wickham, Bob Staley, John Skelton, Dorris Clayton, Morris Clayton. Row 3: Bob White, Wilburn, Litchfield, Linton Hinton, Jimmy Taggart, Jerry Packer, Earl Britton, Ted Sebastian. .5-. 'ff ' :Pe 'lr - N - ! iv: f 3 ? im' :LG 2? . ,. Ja' K . i . . .. -..K x ry X . V ' xg P '1!- . fr: , A 'N ' l i ff' Yi K-it .., -,ic A 4 . i ,. J w ., ii. i ,!yt,gxL F l??2ul1' l lt Ki TE 1 Y' -1 fl. it ' ,. .., .s ' f :A ff -121' fi :1 JN J , ,t .. ,yy .-,Wk 5- fi ' LQJ '35 i R Rss ' ' I1 .222 '-'Y 1- . , . .gvx N 'ex , . . Y : xiii-jgiwg - ., . 'N - r 3' ., My . ,M by . , X ,4 ,,, - 1 ...yu-1 .1 Q Bk N w.? il 'NT .A Ylbk Lx, ,4.-, ' ,, . I ,Q . , l , Ninety ALLIED YOUTH OFFICERS President . . . . . . . First Vice-President . Second Vice-President . . Third Vice-President . Secretary .... Treasurer . Reporter . Cartoonist . Sponsor . Ronnie Anderson . . Sharlie Kirby . Kathy Shaw . Laurel Kellum Rosemary Boughton . Sally Battenfield . Shirley Hamlin . Bert Rodriquez . . Mr. Hamilton NATIONAL DEBATE CHAMPIONS James Slatton, and Lester Robbins, left, are Texas' first national champions in high school debate... They brought home the trophies Tuesday from Kenosha, Wis., where they won over regional champions from twenty-five areas last week end. The National Forensic League question for the contest was, Resolved, that the President of the United States should be elected by a direct vote of the people. The Dallas team, taking the negative in the championship debate, contended that a popular vote would destroy the benefits of the electoral college and bring classism into elections. S 9 E Q I za f 2 Colonel Norcross Mcuior Clement Colonel Duke 5 .f . ,ff aff' v , 4-'ii COLOR GUARD Charles Malone Delbert Goins Jack Gillis Clarence Sisk STAFF Row 1: Lewis Barnett, Bill Merwin Bill Norcross, Doy Davis Kenneth lik 1 U ef James Slatton, James Nixon Row 2' Jess McKee, Arthur Fagan, Dob Lundy, Charles Williams, Fred Dees, Jack Brackeen. OFFICERS CLUB Row 'lz Billy Hickey, Jerry Ford, Bill Norcross, Nancy Truly, Jack Richburg, James Brooks, James Nixpn. Row 2: E. C. Holtsclaw, Don Archer, Johnny King, Bill Parrish, Joe Minter, Kenneth Duke, Robert Phillips. Row 3: Lester Robbins, Bill Merwin, Clarence Troup, Lewis Barnett, Freddie Dees, Jim Robnett, Ray Baber. Row 4: Jerry Payton, Bob Lundy, Charles Williams, Jess McKee, Jerry Packer, James Slatton, Jimmy Harrison, Richard Cantrell, Ray Tucker, Robert Bell, Ed Crutchfield. NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS CLUB Row 1: Arthur Richardson, Buddy Laden, Robert Hanna, Jimmy Clendenen, Joe Pitts, Jerry Matthews, Philip Wright, Norman Barnes. Row 2: Ed Schwedler, Jack Gillis, Roy Eckard, Henry Kroger, Royce Ballew, Robert Linskie, Mike Folse. Row 3: Walter Kroger, Douglas Cowan, Louis Mclntosh, Hugh Wickham, Al Cook, Willis Brumley. Row 4: Charles Malone, Jerry Gilmore, Edward Stewart, Charles Brown, Robert Hill, Linton Hinton, Delbert Goins. Ninety-four RIFLE TEAM Row 'l: Don Archer, Ray Baber, Louis Barnett, James Nixon. Row 2: Freddie Dees, Bill Norcross, Johnny King, Ed Crutchfield, Jess McKee, Jim Robnett. Row 3: Robert Linskie, Al Cook, Charles Brown, Wayne DuBose, Mike Folse, Jack Gillis, Larry Watson. MILITARY BAND Row I: Jerry Packer, Richard Shanz, Clark Gentry, Marie Myers, Norman Barnes, Donald Kitchens, Robert A. Bell. Row 2: Robert Phillips, Eddie Stolz, Bill Earnest, Don Thurman, Andrew Tuma, Joe Minter. Row 3: Bob Lane, Cleo Wiseman, Irvin De Vore, Jerry Gilmore, Val Rogers, J. Robert Bell. Row 4: James Cash, Layne Du Bose, Stanley Duncan, Edgar Casey, Richard Warner. N inety-five i COMPANY A Row 'l: Johnny Cameron, Bobby Cotter, Bobby Huffines, Clifford Reed Margaret Simpson, Franklin Moffitt, C. M. Hester, Jimmie Hen- son, Joe McCallum, Duwayne Lundgren. Row 2: Jerry Payton, Jimmy Jacobs, Jimmy Bowers, Leland Denton, Ronnie Eding, Ronnie Heer, Phillip Wright, Jack Grigsby, Ronnie Davis, Richard Cantrell, Don Ray Archer. Row 3: Ed Crutchfield, A. W. Cox, Jimmy Ray Johnson, Carl Young, Tommy Bragg, Walter Simmons, Kenneth Scott, Gordon Robertson, James Boyd, Craig Marion. Row 4: Millard Fairchild, Burton Eubanks, Albert Cunningham, John Skelton, Tommy Craft, Eldon Hendricks, H. L. Powell, Billy Powell. Row 5: C. W. Hefner, Henry Jordan, Bobby Britton, Al Cook, J. B. Haddock, Frank Whitson. Row 6: Charles Malone, Linton Hinton, Charles Brown, COMPANY B Row 'l: Franklin Johnson, Wayne Hooks, Dewayne Hooks, Tommy Maples, Luanne Evans, Don Harvey, Nadell Freeman, James Stepter, Jerry Mathews, Robert Folse. Row 2: Jack Richburg, Billy Hickey, Charles Dennison, Johnny Wilson, Walter Evans, Bobby Haley, Roy ce Ballew, Charles Pope, Jimmy Baker, William Price, Johnny King. Row 3: Harold Blakeway, James Clevenger, Sidney Hendershott, Brian Day, Scotty Scott, Billy Neel, Elton Coleman, Walter Waldie. Row 4: Arthur Fagan, Roy Eckard, Louis Andrian, Bill Ellison, Marvin Williams, Malcolm Arrington, Billy Jordan, Steve Milner. Row 5: Bobby Staley, Douglas Cowan, Delbert Goins, Claude Witherspoon, .lack Babbitt, Alston Morgan, John McRay, Jack Montgomery. Row 6: Clarence Sisk, Duncan Adams, James McLaughlin, Richard Geiger, Charles Marshall, Mike Folse. John Reynolds, Dick Huffman, Ted Furgeson. N1'nvr,v-.wi.r COMPANY C FIRST ROW-James Greenlee, Luther Jones, Wayne Finch, Sammy Timpa, Joe Slampo, Nancy Vaughn, Billy Post, Jerry Ford, Billy Stan- ford, Bobby Slaughter, Joe Slaughter. SECOND ROW-Lester Robbins, Billy Nelson, Luther Swindell, Don Linebarger, Loyd Roach, John Squier, H. G. Lovell, Billy Green, Robert Linskie, Oliver Dean. THIRD ROW-Haskell Stonaker Allen Kroger Richard Stallings, Ralph Welch, John C. White, Dewitt Green, Bobby Alfinger, Joe Foster. FOURTH ROW-Ray Baber, Robert Hill, Harry Marwill, Kermit Thiele, Wayne Spruell, Robert Woods, Vernon Miles, John Burrows. FIFTH ROW-Jess McKee, Jimmy Jones, Arthur Richardson, Billy White, James Mclntosh, Troy McKenzie, Charles McMerrell, Fred Rotuno. SIXTH ROW-Robert White, John Shocklee, Ronnie Harrison, Billy Reeves, Eddie Currie, Harry Goodnight, George Newman, Ralph Maupin. COMPANY D FIRST ROW-Gary Moore, Jerry White, Don Hamilton, Keith Miller, Juanda Gregory, John Darby, Bill Walker, Robert Lee, Don Baker. SECOND ROW-E. C. Holtsclaw, Robert Hanna, Jeff Beeson, Henry King, Jimmy Ellis, Eugene Heyde, Peter Peterson, James Harris, James Brooks. THIRD ROW-Henry Kroger, Franklin Turnipseed, Jimmy Bithas, Robert Bass, Gary Cloninger, Gatlin Alvin, Jim Robnett. FOURTH ROW-Buddy Laden, Joe Pitts, G. V. Lewis, Max Kincaid, Sherman McMurray, Charles Calloway, Walter Stuart, Gerald Knight. FIFTH ROW-Jan Littleiohn, Ray Easley, David Kasten, Hugh Wickham, Lynnwood Mclntosh, Willis Brumley, SIXTH ROW-Bill Stinson, Jack Smith, Jack Lewellen, Edward Schwedler, Maurice Langford John Roberts. N inety-seven Federal Inspection. Did someone say Hose-nose? Are you girls by any chance skipping class? They got lucky at mid-term. The clay of speeches. ,:..5:g,., mfM,w,,,,...i ..,.., J. Jima M M-g,f:.1,,--W 'rv' 2:-'M A ,W W, mmf .wwmmwm M.. Carolyn Ryan, Wynema Watson, Bob Hall, Ed Muirhead, Lorraine Ryan, Jack Alex- under, Billy Hickey, Linda Spain. ROW ONE-Carolyn Ryan. ROW TWO-linda Spain, Lorraine Ryan, Wynema Watson. ROW THREE-Billy Hickey, .lock Alexan- der, Ed Muirhead, Bobby Don Hall. WM. ,,.,,,,,,,,,a..i QM 'mxmwar BLUE BAND ll ONE-Bobby Crume, Palsy Lee, Martha Wilherow, Ann Berry, Onie Bruce, Anne Johnson, Billie Coalson, Mildred Warren, Bob Minler, iThompson, Jackie Childress, Sherrill King. ROW TWO-Nancy Sholunol, Loyfo Penn, Joyce Penn, Don Thurnwn, Gordon Hines, Ernw Smifh, or Casey, James Clendenen, Arlhur Bailey, Andrew Tuma. ROW THREE-Bill Sieber, Johnny Cameron, Jane Fogleman, Carol Abboll, lma lh, Bill Earnesl, Clark Gentry, Malcolm Dillard, Layne Du Bose, Jack Alexander. ROW FOUR-Jim Sanders, Tommy Wheeler, lrvih De VOTE, key McCoin, Bob Griffin, James Ledbeller, Thomas Prague, Gene Clark, Marvin Koiner, Eddie Slolz, Robert Davis, Freddie Dees, Royma on, Norman Barnes, John Harrell, Donald Sides. ROW FIVE-George Owens, Arthur Richardson, Burton Eubanks, Johnny While, George D n Boker, James Snelen, Eddie Slevens, Bob Lane, Wilburn Litchfield. ell, Dick Warner, o iF5l !' rw. S ' - W bherrlll King, Beverly Cham- .:::' rox Wm. . fm' RNC' Eosley, Jackie Erwin. Dick McRoberts Manager Gus Mizell H211 Back A SQUAD Row OneeJames Snellen, Dean Coon, Garner Malcolm, R. E. Hanna, Johnny Cody, Jerry North, Alex Keller, Leroy Borgeson, Charles Baker. Row Two-Bill Stem, Bobby Nichols, David Frazier, Jimmy Lowery, Jack Bryant, Bobby Ahlfinger, Kenneth Florence, Ed Crutch- field, Bob Sadler, Wilson Walker, Gene Clark. Row Three-Dick McRoberts, Jack Smith, Kenneth Belken, Mil- lar Brown, Billy Ray Smith, Guy Mizell, William Vines, Harold Daniels, Donald Lambert, Truman Bailey, Bobby Simmons.Rowv Four-Clyde Enright, Jerry Senter, Jim Berry, Orville Booth, Don Whitaker, Paul McDonald, Ger- ald Kempe, Ross George, Charles York, Bill Norcross, Sammy Ne.s::n, Connie Foster. Row FiveAHomer Browne, Herman Yiikerson, Marcus Steadman, Jimmy Miller, Lewis Williams, Buddy Stevenson, Wynn Woods, Eugene Liver- man, Pete Aleman, Ralph Parker, Ted Furgeson, Carl Young. Bobby Simmons 56 .limrny Lowery 3l Back Back Billy Ray Smith ,,32,, Jack Smith 23 Bobby Nichols 33 Back BGCli Back Ed C Y hfie'd 20 Herman Wilkerson 66 ru c Back Adamson 6 Reagan 6 Charles York 55 Guard Tackle Adamson O Highland Park Jim Berry 65 Tackle 6 nn an a K, Adamson 13 Sherman 7 Harold Daniels 42 Cenier FOUVUZ-Quarter TD Gwes fs Wln Over Adamson -me . .A,.. , K' P1 A M mf bm M, , K 2 'Tr Fx vi, swf W, 2 .ir mffsMr'.1g r f-1: M, mi A -Mp F rr L Connie Foster SO Halfback Marcus Sieadman Si Guard 5 Kennefh Belken David Frazier 72 73 End End -2 Adamson 31 Woodrow 13 Adamson 6 Marshall 35 TrUmUf'TBU!:9Y 61 Don Whifiaker 22 Wayne Woods 75 GC 9 Back End .4 , V K, ew A J my - V 6,,ig,7:+MV. ,,.. W. l v . eX'B'2. '-Q l M X ':'3'5'?i?-ad N i R Billy Ray Smith Adamson 31 Tech 20 Adamson O Sunset 15 Cl de Enrighl 6-4 William Vines Millor Browne ' ll Bock Y Tackle End Guard i Coflie gf rnmwnf Dua 8 xr- A ' 0 W ns mm r- .W ,Q b P Adamson 38 North Dallas 7 Gerald Kempe 76 End Jerry Sensei- 41 Ronnie Anderson 74 Orville Booth 3 Center Adamson 40 Forest 12 l l End Back B SQUAD Row 7: Don Dillard, Leroy Wilson, Bill McCullum, Walter Simmons, Bobby La Rue, Dalton Hampton, Sammy Timpa, Morgan Ferguson, Harris Hampton, Jackie Grigsby, Hugh Wickham, Loren Huffman, Jimmy Rogers. Row 2: Charles Shaw, Jackie Walden, Robert Lee, Jack Ruth, Wayne Grover, Ronald North, Calvin Bowen, Billy Ray, James Davenport, Melvin Leslie, Richard Parker, Roy Denney, Mac Monroe, Jim Spencer, Jimmy Gumm, Gene Holland, Tommy Craft, Norman Hinson. Row 3: Armor Potter, James Boyd, Buddy Ponder, Talmage Baker, Kenneth Lyons, Gary Marrs, Freddie Good- man, Louis Mizell, Steve Milmer, Ken- neth Kimball, Tommy Bowers, Robert Woods, Earl Hudman, Billy Kerss, Craig Marion. Row 4: James Cash, C. W. Hefner, Robert Warren, John Hare rgll Willis Brumley, Ronnie Harrison, Leroy Nichols, Dale Mulvany, Charles Reid, W, H. McCuiston, David Mc- Withey, Rex Martin, Don Hensley, Don J.l:ks.m. Brothers of Rivals? Queen Mary. We can't all be angels Compton Comets. National Winners. In a hurry, girls? Another athlete. BASKETBALL Row l: Johnny Cody, Lewis Warren, Bobby Nichols, Jimmy Miller, Millar Browne, Don Clark, David Epps, John McKeIvey. Row 2: Herman Roberson, George Nelson, Bob Allan, Ed Sallis, Bob McGregor, William Vines, Bobby Grooms, Ed Bradfield, Mr. Fuller. Herman Roberson Manager George Nelson John McKelvey Bob McGregor William Vines f kj ADAMSQNC N 1 a 2 Si, ' Xa! f 9 ' 5 3 ' - f If V YH xo . 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A- V, gif Vw: fi f ,VM V 1, V, 'mo H ' -V - 'W mnwmmpf:-A Vmwawm L Mr. Boley f Thomas Yium Randall Allen BASEBALL ROW ONE-Sherman McMurry, Wayne Mason, Jerry North, Thomas Yium, Randell Allen, Martin Oliver Jim M'll , ier. ROW TWO-Paul McDonald, Gary Marrs Joe W Ik , a er, Rex Ansley, David Frazier, Cecil Long, Ed Sallis, Millar Brown. ROW THREE-Mr. Boley, Fred Ferguson, Robert Warren Earnest Proud Bill R , , y ay Smith, Clifton Birchman, Clarence Clouse, Jim Keahey, Victor Luker, Buddy Stevenson. 9B .QB B B B 1 - of .,.,.,. . X H ,, -fw, ,xxx ,ij A ,.,.L i A - i 'B -.., X N EB new 5 0,90 B f l B A --.-M.,......... BM B J we 9' 5 ix X, if gr i , 5 E , X, EB 1 , B 1 Y H W age fm ,523 Lkki VBB. 4.J,,JB ,,,5iB , th A LBBB B - B B Q- ' A K iii 'tiimf Li 'E 'i'i ' Firiifis, Mi4 'f2l5?i5?:il -fA- 557W 5' , i Bf,' 'Ei Wx ' B 4 .- - -'-- , J 2 X B ' Q' B: ,.,, figiim , V ,F ,li-25? fs Q -- QB -A 1 f . -sis Bl 'wi 2 B . F S ' B wi -,J 5-ff' X 'A 'X ' fix t 'FBRF if .9 4,1 P - 1 -ls - 'M gf jx E Q B Q A 'fb' 999 , 45, V1 , B BB FB. ,5?Z1i:,,BQzQ-ii5ff,gf Gary Murrs, Jim Miller, Paul McDonald Sherman McMurry Robert Warren Jerry North 0, B Marfin Oliver flarence Clouse Rex Ansley Ed Sullis ap Wayne Mason Cecil Long Billy Ray Smith Jim Keahey Fred Ferguson Ed Sallis Buddy Stevenson Millar Browne Clifton Birchman Joe Walker David Frazier TRACK TEAM ROW ONE-Mike Montgomery, Troy McKenzie, David Crow, Craig Marion, Eugene Dale, Bobby Phillips, Walter Stewart, Jarrett Shirley, Ralph Montavo, Bob Sadler, ROW TWO-Freddie Good- man, Billy Sanford, Ted Sebastian, Ronnie Cox, Dan Busbee, Bobby Nichols, James Davenport, Billy Jack Walden, Harry Busbee, Don Thomas, Joe Min- ter, Sterling White. ROW THREE--Wayne Wood, Don Whittaker, Herman Wilkerson, Clyde Enright, Jaclf Berry, Leroy Nichols, Bobby Allan, W. H. McCuis- ton, Charlie Nichols, Guy Mizell. -xl, -lr Bob Phillips, Bob Allan, Bob Sadler Ronnie Cox Wayne Wood Dan Busbee, Guy Mizell, Don Whitaker, Jarrett Shirley. Mr. Head Eugene Dole Leroy Nichols Eugene Dole Bob Nichols Leroy Nichol Freddie Goodman .lcrreif Shirley Troy McKenzie Clyde Enright GIRLS Y EDUCATION CLASSES PHYSICAL TENNIS TEAM Row 'lz Loretto Taylor, Billie Coolson, Helen Smith, Patsy Blake, Anncl Johnson, Nancy Sholund. Row 2: Wilburn Litchfield, Bob Griffin, Bill Addington, Mr. Smith, Tim Jolly, Jim Robnett, Boyce Bluckmon. GOLF TEAM Seated: Jimmy Davis, Philip Wright. Standing: Mr. Leftwich, Henry King, Joel Jones, Bill Wotorcl, Leonard Warren, .luck McConc1thy Ulm Ilumlrcd Sixteen Posing for o picture, Bev? Betty, Marilyn, Nellie. Something the cots drug in Romeo Thurman. See something, Ed? Merry Christmas! w, , .... , Z. 'X fi 1, A YQ' w K... i Wx, f it ggi? ATTENDANCE OFFICE Row 'I: Sarah Kerr, Betty Howard, Alice Dickson, Sally Wallace, Melinda Bowen, Joyce Jones, Mildred Carpenter. Row 2: Nellie Donaldson, Marilyn Mc- Withey, Ariel Strandquisf, Beverly Robinson, Javene Smith, Sharline Hall, Shirley Hamlin, Barbara Gardner. STUDENT BOOK ROOM James Barbosa, Miss Ruffin, Bill Norcross. BANKING Jeanette Perry, Theresa Geiger, Gloria Cootes, Jeanette Chandler. ,A ,Q f -A, 1 .ai 0. EK..- ! 199 -9.01 vu-rf 'QW' qw BUSINESS OFFICE ' Row I: Norma Hale, Billie Jean Chaiham, Carol 7 'iff Johnson, Wyneffe Whifaker, Patsy Hatchel, Elizabeth - ii' Hooker. Row 2: Edwina Gilfner, Dianne Frazier, Jimmie Callan, Loreifa Booher, Wandra Fry. ii if fx Assls-l-AN-l-S MEZTNM'i','J,? fngx COUNSELOR'S OFFICE Jo Greer, Jeaneffe Barnhouse, Miss King, Anna Marie Wilsow, Eileen Johnsion, Claudia Cheairs, Barbara Bruce, Evelyn McGlynn, Miss Bell, Carol Plank, Gaynelle Putnam, Hilary Reynolds. 9 . 5. Rita Easley, Wanda Patton, Bob Lane. 6 5 Joyce .lones Bob Lane Melinda Bowen BUSINESS STAFF Sharlie Kirby Carolyn Eubank Miss Hammock Haloise Pirile Pal Richardson OAK Pcdsy Blake Editor STAFF Q Q52-.Jfggff EX , .N ART STAFF Mcxrthcn Wifherow, Bert Rodriguez Joyce Jones, Barbara Neal, Jim Kecihey undo Bowen, Erlynn Kemper, Joe Bob Gibson. ifjmfr Finally made it! Hightones. Take it easy, Jeannine Miss Tilley's boys. Working hard? Sentimental Six. Select Chorus. Princess Jane and Ann. Our Pride and Joy. What are you waiting on, boys? Can't tell background from boys PiIgrim's Progress. Military Escorts. Interested? Mid-day Rest. Princess Margaret. A Gloss Angel. Three of ci kind. Another ongel. Must have been cz good ioke Looking for compcmy, Don? Sam finally got C1 tooth. Will vote for you, boys. 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T G ' Cliff V rleiy and Hardware 5 Notions - Toys - Paints and Varieties W 425 West jefferson Dallas, Texas I LADEN'S FOOD MARKET Free Delivery Service 519 West Davis YZ-1183 QQ Arif-, -L Visif Our Record Deparfmeni POPUYLAR, CLASSICAL and HILLBILLY -1 FORD RADIO FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES 200 XV. jefferson at Zangs W5-7521 Une 111111411141 7'u'f-'lzty-ciglzl Compliments of RARRETE ELEAEERS Cleaning Dyeing Cold Storage 702 E. Jefferson M-3111 The Sontlfs Most Beautiful Cleaning Plant E. We KERR, owner Your Oak Cliff Jewelers X? V U Phone W-4084 Y, + ,, ,- AKA, , ,7 W ,, 4,,,,,., if Compliments of Ball NUT 81 Candy Co. SALTED NUTS FINE CANDIES M-0078 409 S. Beckley 9 andemam S 133 W. Jefferson JACK HARPER CLEANERS Sujzermr Cleaning :md Pressmg SERVING OAK CLIFF I 313 North Bishop Phone M-0543 5 Y A,A Y Texas Seed and Floral Co. W-1124 528 East Tenth 1 fi EXCLUSIVE LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR T25 W. JEFFERSON 0 DALLAS, TEXAS Phone W3-8517 TRINITY THEATRE l750 South Ewing Ave. YZ-3052 Best Entertainmezzt at Fair Prices , C - , C 35 39 Wait and See the Film at the Trinity Theatre I I Wyalt Food Slore No. 24 110 wesf Davis Res. Phone YZ-9356 Bus. Phone Y2-5667 TALLENT'S FURNITURE STORE YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME Complete Home Outfitterx I AT IIVYATTLS' EASY TERMS - TRADE IN I V 815 Vermont St. I MRS. R. E. TALLENT Dallas, Texas V W U HLLI1'tll'L'll 1 lurtv J. C. lShortyl ' Painting Foster Automotive Service v Body Work ' General Repairing v Wrecker Service 0 Your Ford Is at Home with Shorty v R-3693 'I808 N. Akard R-1776 - Q F S H A F T ' S R Home of I , O Those Good Double-Rich Ford S Variety Slore Z Thick Mum E Hardware and School Supplies N C U S T A R D M-0006 412 North Bishop 1600 N. Beckley , 1 209 5' Bemey Mlm CHARLlE'S BICYCLE sHoP 207 North Beckley Dallav. Texas l 1 S i fl C 9 1 9 0 5 ' ' 5 Laugarfzlilgrlllelfoolgvg, jicgelgrhries ,oil Atl! Algilrzldx Home Applianrex - Groceriey - Meats i SALES AND SERVICE Frozen Food Lockers R. P. DEKKERS, Owner-Operator M-0531 Golden Rule Printing Co. Phone M-0616 It Pays. to Plan with Your Printer XVM. BOSTICK Beckley and Twelfth St. Household Goods nf All Kindf ZENITH - EASY - CROSLEY - GIBSON GRAND - STEWART-XVARNER ', Odd Lot Mercantile Co. 114 N. Lancaster - Dallas S. V. MCCARLEY Bus. M-9465, Res: M-5932 Une flluulrcd Thir ly-U Congrafulafionsl TRINITY HEIGHTS CHURCH OF CHRIST Marsalis and Montana Streets Dallas, Texas 'Q OAK CLIFF BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 250 West Jefferson R. D. SUDDARTH, President Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - C9 The Oak Cliff Tribune Since 1903 Texas' Largest Weekly Newspaper Fighting OAK CLIFF's Battles M-3629 212-214 E. jefferson Blvd. v- is CUT FLOWERS, PLANTS, DESIGNS, GRADUATION CORSAGES Let Flowerx Express Your Thoughts Special Attention to WEDDINGS AND BANQUETS Funeral Designs Winheld 5454 Hunter 8-6237 TRINITY HEIGHTS PHARMACY LYLE H. ROGERS Y8-6872 1725 South Ewing 1728 S. Ewing Avenue, Dallas 16, Texas One Hundred Thirty-two DITSON MANUFACTURING CO. VERMONT CAFE Catering to Fine Food Dinners - Short Orders - Deluxe Hamburgers 904 Vermont No Beer W5-0055 J. R. D1TsoN R MARTIN'S LAUNDER-MATIC 934 East Clarendon Bendix Self-Service Laundry P. O. Box 8556 Dallas 16, Texas DRYING SERVICE Y2-0834 1606 South Ewing Y Complete Home Furnishers Yr E A S Y T E R M S BOLIN 81 SELVIDGE FURNITURE THE RUSH CO. Wfe Buy, Sell, Exchange 209 East Jefferson Phone M-2586 W-0826 YZ-0830 School Art Supplies WALKER BROS. illagnolia Service Station 1 Elm Sf. Zangs Blvd. and Davis St. J. L. Walker Ray Walker Your dollar buys more K shoe values at . . . SWBES Oak Cliff - 310 W. Jefferson University Park 6812 Snider PI. East Dallas - 1910 Skillman I SAFETY GLASS COMPANY Auto Glass - Furniture Tops Desk Tops 622 West Davis St. W-0321 DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY BOBBY R. BELZLE Wfatchmaker M-0270 101 N. Lancaster, Dallas Ray Smith Electric Co. 110 S. Beckley - Phone XV3-4619 Raymond H. Smith Res. W-1270 Harrison Grocery and Market 505 North Bishop Use Phone M-5101 for Service - Thank You Compliments of American Beauty Cover Co. R-5179 2002 N. Field One Hundred Thirty-three BILL UTLEY AUTOS BETTER USED CARS Bought ond Sold Y2-2620 607 N. Beckley R. A. WOOD SERVICE STATION Beckley at Melba Your Firesfone Dealers i PC st 0 il C 120 W. jefferson 2210 S. Beckley Phone W-5165 NALL QUALITY PRODUCE CO. Foncy Poulfry ond Eggs 303 N. Beckley M-0123 Dallas, Texas joe Volcik 415 N. Beckley Ook Cliff Top 84 Seo? Cover Co. Fancy Tailored Seal Covers and Convertible Pops PHONE M-4776 TIPTON'S CLEANERS 81 DYERS lVe Have the Plant, lhe Knowledge and the Desire to Do Good Work WE DO IT 105 S. Marsalis Ave. Dallas, Texas 116 5, Beckley M4397 PENGUIN ROOT BEER Penguin Feature - 35C Hamburger - Root Beer - French Fries 227 West Davis JEFFERSON NEWS STAND 209 West jefferson 0 Oak Cli,H's Exclusive News Slaml Blshop Handling Widest Selection of Magazines and Books Hallmark Greeting Cards, Candies and Tobac 0 Humlrezl Thirty-four Ring 8s Brewer A, : hos the sportswear and J 5495 wesiernware you'II love 'K . . lrue fo the Western fradifion! i' Sportswear for men and women i' Western Boots . . for ull sizes 'A' Complefe Westernweur Depurfmenis f Women's and Children's Shoes if Men's Shoes 7 777 -7 777 Q 7 77 77 7 7 7777 7777777777 77 l Compliments of Leveringfon - Cusfom Jewelers I jewelry Made lo Order l CO' l 933 W. jefferson Phone W3-8803 P. O. Box 6100 Dallas, Texas 77777,7,,7v,.,,,,7,,,.,,,, , ,,,, ., .77 7 7777 77,,7,,,7,,, , , ,7777,7, C0,,,f,,i,,,e,,,,0f i OROvEs LUMBER CO., INC. l Yard Corner of Beckley and jefferson DOUGHERTY'S PHARMACY l Phones M-2171-2-3-4 MRS. HOMER H. GROVES. Presidenl Oak Cliff We Hare Only the One Location JORDAN FLORAL COMPANY : EAGLE GRGCERY 8 MARKET Top Qualify Food Fine Flowers al Reasnnalzle Prices Corsages a Specialty 132 North Beckley Phone W5-4647 1201 North Bishop a w Phone M-0418 f Dunnigan's Service Station PERSONALITY BARBER SHOP l Tenth and Befklsv' Third Door West of Rosewin Theater ' Producfs 931 W. Jefferson Dallas, Texas Phone W3-8479 Phone M-0433 7777 77777 7,7777 .. ,,7777,77 TRICE FLGORCOVERHNGS, INC. CARPETS - RUGS - LINOLEUM - TILE The Southwes1's Leading Supplier of Nationally Famous Floorcoverings Store Hours - Weekdays: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturdays: 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. For Floor Covering Advice, See Trice 514-16 W. Jefferson Phone Y2-7595 One Hundred Thirty AY' ewelry C 0. DIAMONDS ' WATCHES v GIFTS Oak CIif'T's Oldesf Jewelers For Information - Call FAY'S .IEWELERS No. I-353 W. Jefferson-M-5977 No. 2-I I6 W. Jefferson-W-46II IIHNII IIIHNIIHHI EIIMIIHNV Fine Furnifure Y2-8343 Beckley af Davis nr, YV, -, -.,- - , -NW .-.... -.-?L.+ ,Y ,,,,, - 1, , -A EIL O BEAUTY COLLEGE Finesf in Dallas and fhe Soufhwesf Beauty Culture Offers Splendid Careers in Operating, Managing, Demonstrating, Selling, Teaching, and State Supervising 412 W. Jefferson M-0458 Guaranteed Beauty Service to the Public tired Thirty-six LARGEST IN DALLAS Streamlined Courses, Individual Advancement, Urgent Demand for Graduates, Select Student Body, Prestige with Employers, and National Reputation Attract More Students to DRAUGHON'S Than to All Similar Schools in Dallas Combined. PROMPT PLACEMENT IN PREFERRED POSITIONS DRAUGHON'S BUSINESS COLLEGE Approved by the State Department of Education as a Business junior College Commerce and Harwood Telephone R-3133 C0mPlfmWff0f CLIFF JEWELRY AND LOAN LAUNDRY SUpREME W3-9391 238 W. Jefferson Q5 A L-. Laundry and Dry Cleaning I SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. Oak Cliff Store: 300 S. Beckley 400 W. Jefferson Y2-3147 W5164 l-I. B. POGUE, Manager Pick-up and Delivery Service OAK CLIFF NASH, INC. NASH SALES AND SERVICE Y2-61 I7 I000 West Jefferson 4. 1? ,N Y LEWIS MEN'S WEAR I I 314 W' Jefferson I THE OAK CLIFF Y.M.C.A. Mallory Hats - B.V.D. Underwear . Wing Shirts -O Dickey Work Clothes 1 Goes Forward with the Youth of Adamson High School Royal Tire 8g Battery Company I JOIN the Y Today! D'5 ib f - ' - ' U. S. Royal Tirgs, Igggzgies, Accessories F0'F1mfFf110wf1ffP, Friendship 1301 W. Davis - W-1116 HUB CAMERON RED KEPKE Tenth and Beckley Y2-3138 Home-W3-8004 Home-M-9940 I One Hundred Thirty-se1 en - Y - -W -'Y if V -ff-- Y -- Beckley Cleaning Compan T. A. VINES, Owner fffllways Better - Better All Ways 1101-03-05 S. Beckley W3-8100-W-4313 0 dlh h Compliments of COLBERT,S LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR 222 W. Jefferson .. QL Compliments of For ALL Your Printing Needs . . . KRAYER'S PHARMACY W-1188 214 W- Colorado . MODERN PRINTING co. HARRY BROWN, Owner WATKINS MUSIC CO. 1 Y8-9613 Pianos - Band and Orchestra Equipment Sheet Mum 1009 Vermont Dallas 838 West Jefferson M-3902 Air-Conditioned Compliments of Patterson 8. Martin Barber Shop Four Barbers - Prompt Service 106 N. Lancaster Ave. - Phone M-0476 M. Fred Patterson Walter Martin Florist in Oak Cliff Lone Star Do-Nut Company YS-7770 502 North Bishop 8:00 a.m. - 12 p.m. 1315 N. zangs Blvd. W3-4615 HOT D0-NUTS DAILY 5:00 p.m. - 12 p.m. We Cater to Special Orders ...49-i -V+ - 7-1 if You're Always Welcome at DUNTON'S CAFETERIAS Downtown - Oak Cliff - Lakewood One Hundred Thirty-nine Compliments of DUDLEY M. HUGHES FUNERAL HOME 400 East Jefierson Boulevard Madison 5 136 AMBULANCE SERVICE FUNERAL INSURANCE PEEK'S CREDIT CLOTHIERS We Trust You R. D. Schultz, Manager YL4315 211 W. jefferson NINA'S FLOWER SHOP Corsages - 1.00 up Orchids - 5.00 up Weddings a Specialty 1810 S. Ewing Avenue W-4046 DALLAS 16, TEXAS Cliff Sanitary Barber Shop Friendly Service Operated by Barto Massey Y2.0871 409 North Bishop OAK CLIFF MUSIC CO. W-II7'I 612 W. Jefferson OAK CLIFF PHARMACY Phone M-5121 Tenth and Lancaster DALLAS, TEXAS Over a Million Prescriptions and Fifty Years of Service FREE DELIVERY C onzpliment: of BRITTON'S GARAGE 505 North Beckley Across from School If We Can't Fix It, Give It Away Phone M-2043 Reflfill Repair PAINE-WOOSTER Typewrifer Service We Make Typewriters Write, Adding Machines Add and Cash Registers Cash 425 West Davis M-4065 Dallas 8, Texas jones-Blair Paints and Varnisbes Aaron Paint and Floor Service ARTISTS SUPPLIES 311 South Llewellyn Phone M-9470 For Rent: Sanding Machines, Polishers, Spray Guns AARON SMITH, Proprietor J. C. PENNEY CO., INC. 425 West jefferson If It's from PENNEYHS' In Right One Hundred Forty AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK or OAK CLIFF Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Madison 2185 410 West jefferson Swartz Department Store 100 North Lancaster Everything for All the Family YZ-5755 Beauty Control Beauty Shop Cosmetics and Permanent: a Specially Free Skin Analysis W3-1674 421 S. Beckley RUTHERFORD-METROPOLITAN School of Business A Major School of Business Obxering Professional Level Training in Accounting, Secretarial, Science Office Machines, Salesmanship DAY SCHOOL NIGHT SCHOOL Personally Supervised Home Study Air-Conditioned - Modern Equipment Approved by the State Department of Education as a Business College Commerce at Field C-4538 RED BHYA ' SMUKEIHI E 610 West Jefferson Since 7970 One Hundred Forty-one For fhe Finesf in Mexican Food Air-Conditioned Buy EL FENIX Canned Chili and Tortillas af your favorite grocery Open 7 Days a Week 1608 McKinneyy- 120 East Colorado Blvd. - 5027 Lovers Lane HOBBY CE TER Hobbies and Craffs for Everyone 349 West Jefferson Phone W3-0298 U ll lm! l orly-lu, Saulfnwmfean Z ' ea. OF DALLAS wishes to thank the sponsors of the Oak for their co-operation. 905 Slocum, at Wichita In the heart ot the Trinity Industrial District 1 :!H2! '15:1H12ii'H- : .1ns. !, E. ,,, ' 11 i I u mmm: I: nu al' !'4!i'Hlii il!Ei ff E fwnfnn Alhbnq fgmpan f ' X X- mvmc A.WILKlNSON.0umu- W s7'E-' G ...kliii E-QQ : Q h ere Ou Get :S wE,,,,fD,,Z HW wana: ' 19 r 1 5: mm I4 mwfffmwa. hu.w:IMM1mnmwmmwK.w.nmf41,i,.,hn...,na1+:lm..f.u:xw1mn-wr vm-1mmf.w.1m?f! ,mmhn.4wu!1man,:4 fa la .1 iii: fm.wu.a, un.:,H-11m:4w,:1i,-rmv.muh ml ,mai

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