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Text from Pages 1 - 166 of the 1949 volume:

I A . -xx ' 1 ' I ff' ,iff ' I H 1 . '7,. yay ij , , WM 'V .I XJ! 1 I .1,.4 -Pg , ,,,,,VM, j ,W fke worfclii a me, ,,,. .L, ii, .J CU16! I'l'lel'l GHC! lfUOI'l'l8I'L 'merefg lafagerfi, fAeg Acwe fAeir exiffi ana! fAein enfrancefig ana! one man an 3 :F Q I-4 'x WNY S2 5 fr Q 'T 6'-1 '7 6 -,- S. Aid fime lofayfi many loarf -1-,lQ,fl -SZ' Or 0 Q . f I M . . 3AaLe5peare 3 Q 1, A 1 fi ag" HJ, Z P XQLQ ,Jaxx Cx GWNQ,-gi-Kgyxff -L?w ff A13 O 1 L. if S . 3' P'K '. f-air' tx ug. Q , , F wx A "r',.'?',, 0 P I, 1- g 12,15 , , M ,,, sl, Q V. ,J . A ' G5 1,-2 . 1 f '-M, vm w 5: J 1 , ,MM 'Q " 5 N 1 A gfw -4' xc W, Q 3 nv , A ,W , W r,.'f:l ,Y-4 ' , , Qu 'Inf 4' gif .,. ,f , 1 Y, ' 6: . 'QP' r 2 2 Qi' IL S' - . , ,fs ' S' 'f'W'!s 543 'Lita' l,Lu". ,L+.:J Q., f : ' Llggfsl R - '-' ' .-, ,Q ,. :sv I y ff ' H- N 43:71 Q' 'ff-I--f ' -'Q - 1' - -.4 rum xl""h -' .Q nv- 'Q fig 1.-1 xx f"' .W M -Q QC?" 1' 1 if mi -wi. Q-'R rysds' K ,,,X- u 9 Z :Awfrfiff vv5?,l KM w, l-- 4 .'v-kv P - " ' : W5 1 X f ""'.a Z .. 7193 f dl ' A 's ' 5 A. X ' l.Mi'kg-'h,,w,f g s V A, glen 3. y , Q, 2 I 7,55 Q V331 2 I . Afivt ' 9' ' ' . . . mf -f l ' '- . -'f 1- "AU 'JT 45'-' 'qi 'BMS - ' 3315? 'ici 5" 72 fn' x wma! 'M iw, ' s A -l+f'4- . f Q Xi K Lg, .R gay , 1 X, . JM A AY 'A Q ,, VV I ,xl 3 NT, hs! ,X it , ,ref V 1 Q 1, 3 .I if R .f!bK,W ll,.l gf QW. 5315, ,V V ,mi Y? I Hhs ' ' 1403.2 ,fi 1, 5' .,v Q tdlgw' K qf.,,'v43f he 4, x,'I W Nuff, 1 ,, ,L , F 'tUa',165,.i"',j 4 'Q r. Xifx 'Jr -:swf Q w..rf fi , '. , wagexm ' fy fr' 55 298-f K 'P ' xt!-xl' .Q KX 'fviwe t ' 'Xl 'Q 4i4f,593X" 5 Vfnni' N lh ' 1. wig ,hp , uw Q Af' V? - X iw' V Q Li M ' "y4-.- 'Q .wx X ' ' : 1.1 A H 5 'fm .fzfx 1 WS' .f vL,'-2 v - t K Q K nil' 39,4 wily.. awk, K K4 4. ,.,, J ,X X yy K, Jig ., K ., V, 1 1, Y QF? , ffjizkrz il QW ifigbfxig. 1 .-. , .I ,I 9 Z . 1 1 Q- L, 4, M ' V, 2 Q . ff' -dk XS" xknlw., " - ,. A ,,.k:i'pfQ,z,Lvfk, P ,QL kwa?-Y 1. ,, ,A , is I X W .ygi F ,M .Q xf-'3fA Q , A , , , X , I X, ' .-M 5:3 ,rw A, fi :YW :?'Lsq,k xi? Qi , 5 , ' :I K Q . , wt. ,-, ur 0 , , ,1- Y Q K . .F . xx N , "' 3 69 Q fu r X A 15 4 f , , '52 5 wsli H W' '.1'.1' f . . 'ff ' . '4""nfQff ' 'C Q 7' K ' S I ' gf ' "fx sf xg 3.5 X , vii ,X ' N., l, ,hy ig' 8 ' in n. ty! k Y. 1 N x y WY Q Y X xx 4 X ' ' ss A ii R if . -S, Q 'Uv Sf " Mr' f 4- 1 'U r:"'nf'i6QfL s ' Q. . . we 35: :Q ,,, 1 E f. , , , ,SET E i x. ,Li 3 Ad , 1 2 -W E, 44: We KS M... N' at ii' I if 3 . 1 Qs' X ' 1 if ' 14251 5 f 111, up smm 4 14. if kk t K , W . QI t ji M If in ,,L kyl 4 ii we Q 3 5 +V f,,-5: ., ff gff?"5::s Lf' .Af -QQ Q qw f" . ff? ' QM -' 4 Q ,W fi -X f . . - M75 " '5 ' IW A 'ffm Kg X J fu .f 'TSS . 5? :J , .2 x - rggfx fwfxxl Y "Q, r jg ff ,am K .3-lik ,X . ,iq A L M .ga 3 A Si . F xiii-5"J'ii3 fifu xl ' Q i ' P. W ' N 5 I 'YJ -' D" A :A V . X L A , ' 'fx lx- ig, ,Q I a A 'YV . nf' W 4 j 3 GA ., dv.. L, AW -, " f r gpg, v, X , A ' K' r Inj? W Q 31? , 'V V Q if 4 'Q .si ' '. . ' ' ff-9 . if K.. x X: .. If-vs:-3 I , in-ylfbffje W , w A 5 ' X :gm 2 NA . M: 'yy' ,kj i .Q .7 i EW' X -fgXL,3'g X 1 5' Q V 74.47 . 4 , . H H y K ' -, ,75E3, wh my - ,155 5751? x , ' X W 5' -U YK m .I H F M L L aw ' ' ' K , rwm ' I V X Kxf . A 5 bf ?if 5 ,ff Yi 11. '-,, ,.,, .Q . , K i .i Q J J K 125' 1 I I J Q L11 'L' of 1949 presenfy 1 5 X P , 1, Jai ' 'zf iff' Ygzjaz jug if C5-. QCQQ is X Hxxiii X , JIXRX XX X fj X , M155 Y it s Foreword E NX In September as we on the Oak -' tried to choose an appropriate theme for the T949 Oak, we thought back over the colorful past of Adamson's athletic teams, school dances, carnivals, and other varied activities. We wished to honor some outstanding part of our student body by personifying them in our theme. As we pondered the question, we remembered a group who has won many honors for our school in the past, and whose record th's year has surpassed our fondest EPARTMENTS. , There are no cheering sections, no bands playing, no batons twirling, when they go on the field, but in the past, in the present, and in the future, they have been and will always be able to carry the ball over for a touchdown. To the SPEECH and DRA- MATICS DEPARTMENTS we sincerely dedi- cate our theme. I es our SPEECH and DRAMATICS s -The Editor 4' Wfifww lil M' Wt gffjij fi s 4 l-il' fifl, ffl- .- :.,:,gf- It-Q l 2 if lr M .MI To MISS HEDDE for her undying effort toward higher attainment in drama and public speakingp for her spirit of optimism through many senior playsp for her attitude' of unselfishness in the rendering of countless services to our schoolp for the admiration and affection she has inspired in all of us, we I'T1OSl',l'1.Ul'T1blS' dedicate the Oak of 1949. p,. I I' 75 one ff mg Guffff' fgwffffffj ff1'7'f-Z. SWK? Hb H115 Za- 1 WJ r , fa My i, fir? mi rf rv J ' Wi is' if 'A"'A""'A"' 'A'A"'A""" A ' 'A'A A Af' ii CONTENTS ii :EE ii 1511 Admmisfrohon itil 41 22 Seniors tx, i f 34, ' b 131+ Underclcisse 5 K K i ix 5 ga g Q Q Favorites K' X 6 ' g Z. 'I i if w i -. H' ,Q IEIE Who's Whoa. Y. , ,"' L. il S " I is rX4ri?fif Egg Activities ' 5 i N' fig , K I vu 1 A 4, 1' K ER ' iff Military ig Qi Q 'Sk Afhleficg' h iii li . i M . I I R is it if i Snopshok is ,fix X . ' -' A Q W - A 8 Y . r 1 4V f ki IE 52 .f 11 fm XX L:.::::v:ff-:-:-2:rg2::::::::::::::::y3:::::::::: vff I S ri' we l wi I X ix fx fr 4' w Q K, 3. I , ,Q Q HDIHIHISTHHTIUH OXQQQYLQQWD ili HOWARD A. ALLEN, Principal Board of Education President ..... Dr. David W. Carter, Jr. Vice-President . .... R. L. Thomas Fred D. Danford Avery Mays W. C. Scurry Mrs. Tracy Rutherford T. WHITE Superintendent of Schools Lloyd Campbell . D. WALKE R Assistant Superintendent E. B. COMSTOCK Assistant Superintendent Seated: Mrs. H. P. Keahey, Mrs. Joe R. Peters, Mrs. Claude A. Smith, Mrs. T .l. Coleman, Mrs. R. L. Strange, Mrs. John Fuller Mrs C C Williams Mrs. Lewis Turner, Mrs. Jack Erwin. P. T.A Standing: Mrs. Robert A. Skaer, Mrs. H. R. Martin, Mrs. A. E. Sheeler, Mrs. J. H. Dillon. Page Ten President . . . First Vice-President . Second Vice-President Third Vice-President . Fourth Vice-President Fifth Vice-President . Sixth Vice-President . Seventh Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer . . . . Historian . . . . Parliamentaricm . . Delegate to Dallas City Council . Alternate to Dallas City Council . OFFICERS . Mrs. R. L. Strange . . Mrs. T. I. Coleman Mrs. Claude A. Smith . . Mrs. John Fuller Mrs. Lewis Turner Mrs. Joe R. Peters Mrs. A. L. Sheeler . Mrs. Jack Erwin . Mrs. C. C. Williams . Mrs. R. K. Hanna . Mrs. H. P. Keahey . Mrs. H. R. Martin . . Mrs. J. H. Dillon Mrs. Robert A. Skaer Mrs. Joe B. Ballinger C. I. Anderson, Wm. Cantrell, C. G. Reid, L. W. Eudy, H. A. Allen, Cliff Boils, Dr. E. L. Evans, M. H. Browne. President . . . First Vice-President . Second Vice-President Third Vice-President . Fourth Vice-President Fifth Vice-President . Sixth Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer . Dad's Club OFFICERS . . . . L. W. Eudy . . C. G. Reid, Program Wm. Cantrell, Membership . Dr. E. L. Evans, Social . Cliff Boils. Publicity . . . P. K. Carmichael . C. I. Anderson, Athletic . . . .M.H.Browne Page Eleven Helen Aduddell Floy Agnew Laura Alexander Jeanette Alston S. N. Baker Olivette Basom Anna Bell Ruth Bell George Boley Minnie Bramlette George Brown Thomas West Browne Idabel Cabaniss L. E. Campbell Warren S. Clement Mary Louise Clyette Faculty W. R. Conger Rae P. Cullum Verde Dickey Henrietta Eisenlohr Edith Fletcher W. D. Franks Ripple Frazer William Homer Fuller Frank Guzick Lucy Hamilton W. T. Hamilton Christine Hammock Margaret B. Harris May Haseltine J. B. Head Wilhelmina Hedde H. B. Hester Lorine Higginbotham Geraldine Holloway Helen R. Horn Virginia Juergens Mary Kendrick K Roberta King Helen Kuehne R. O. Ladd Winnie Langford Nelly Bly Lankford L. C. Leftwich Geneva Lesley Lucille McNeil J. H. Malone Eurice Miller M. Hazel Miller Katherine Moll Morelle M. Moore James Nall Eugenio Newberry Carl C. Nutley Glen M. Odle Nell Page Anne Patrick Jewella Riley Mabel Rockett Ruth Ruffin Charles Sanford Meredith Schroeder R. N. Smith Lona Belle Spruiell Frances Thompson Eunice Tilley Charles B. Williams 'lon ea 31- f'v"5 3 .- MIIIUHS cm-QQQDQWD - - MA. srl' H'-' e Ill " l2l"Efi!E2 January 1949, Class Officers President . . . . Darrell Williams Vice-President . . . Donald Page Secretary . . . Helen O'Brien BEHELER BERGER BRYANT CANIPE CHAPMAN DAVENPORT DUNCAN FULLER GILBERT GISH HENDRIX HUTCHINSON PEGGY BEHELER: Senior Play Cast, Program Committee, Social Committee, Sports Club, Allied Youth, Gym Assistant, Oak Staff Ctypistl. MARVIN BERGER DERAL BRYANT: Band, Orchestra. GARNETT VERNON CANIPE: National Guard Representative. PATSY CHAPMAN: Allied Youth. J. C. DAVENPORT: Allied Youth, Football, Hi-Y, Acorn Staff. BILLIE MAXINE DUNCAN: Exchange editor of Acorn, Office Helper, Banking Representative, Sports Club Senior Play. RAY FULLER: Senior Play Cast, Officers Club, Allied Youth, Scholarship Club. RALPH GILBERT: Rifle Team, Acorn Staff, Stage Crew, Senior Play, Non-Com Club HAROLD VINCENT GISH: Football Manager 46-48, Track, Hi-Y, Allied Youth. MILTON DAVID HENDRIX, JR.: National Honor Society, National Thespian Society, President of Dallas Historical Society, President of Social Dancing Club, Senior Play Cast, Student Council, Alternate Cheerleader, Advertising Manager for Oak, Allied Youth. MILDRED J. HUTCHINSON: Scholarship Club. Page Seventeen .,,. s ly lg ie JOHNSON KARGER KATHER KING LANE LANGFORD LONON McLENDON LYNCH MILLIGAN MILLSAP NORVELL JOYCE JOHNSON: Senior Play Cast. BILLY MAX KARGER: Acorn Reporter. MAUDELLE RUTH KATHER: Medical Profession's Club, Pan American Club, Student Council, Sports Club, Senior Play. JEANNETTE KING: Scholarship Club. TOM LANE RICHARD J. E. LANGFORD, JR.: Company Commander, Vice-President of Ofticer's Club, Senior Play Cast, Cheerleader, Senior Day Program Chairman. CARTER LONON: Library Council, Student Assistant. MARVIN DONN MCLENDON: Dallas Historical Society, Social Dance Club, Allied Youth, Track. LEWIS DONALD LYNCH: Secretary of Officer's Club, Regimental Commander, Student Council, Rifle Team, Acorn Staff. BEN MILLIGAN BETTY LOUISE MILLSAP: Senior Play Prompter, Sports Club, Dallas Historical Society, Scholarship Club, Student Assistant. BOBBIE NORVELL: Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Sports Club. Page Eighteen HELEN O'BRIEN: Secretary of 4A Class, Editor-in-Chief of Acorn. Senior Play Cast, Oak Representative. DONALD PAGE: National Honor Society, Debate, National Forensic League, Football, Vice-President of 4A Class. MACK PARKER: Colonel in R.O.T.C., President of Officer's Club, Captain of Rifle Team, Track. FAY PENTON: Social Dance Club, Senior Play Cast. DAVID PHILLIPS: Senior Play Cast, Scholarship Club. BETTY JEAN PICCOLA: Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Sports Club. FLORENCE GRACE RANDLETT: President of Art Club, Chemistry Assistant, Allied Youth. JOHNNY REILLY: Track Team, Allied Youth. JEANETTE ROBERTSON: Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Make-up in Senior Play. FAYE RUSSELL: Allied Youth, Sports Club. ELI JEROME SAVAGE: Senior Play Cast, Rifle Team, Treasurer of Officer's Club, Scholarship Club. TOMMY J. SAWYER IRIEN PAGE PARKER PENTON PHILLIPS PICCOLA NDLETT REI LLY ROBERTSON RUSSELL SAVAGE SAWYER ,ww Page N ineteeu SCHELL STRINGER Page Twenty STEEN STONE WALLER WHITE SHANAHAN SIKES STEADMAN SWANN SWANN UECKERT RICHARD BERNARD SCHELL RALPH LEON SHANAHAN: Football. JUANITA SIKES: Sports Club, Allied Youth, Band. ZANE LAMOND STEADMAN: Football Letterman, Hi-Y. CARROLL STEEN: Square Dance Club, Senior Play Cast. HOMER STONE T. J. STRINGER: Distributive Education. PATSY RUTH SWANN: Sports Club, Y-Teens, Square Dance Club. THOMAS SWANN: Football, Hi-Y. JAMES UECKERT BOBBIE LOUISE WALLER: Square Dance Club, Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Oak Representative, Sports Club. HAROLD WHITE WARREN WHITE DARRELL WILLIAMS: 4A President, Student Council President, Cheerleader, National Honor Society, Pan American Club, National Thespians. WILLIAM WILSON: Football Letterman, Football Captain, Hi-Y, Track. ROBERT C. WIMBERLY: Track, Allied Youth. GUY R. WOODARD: Band, Allied Youth. JOHN EDWARD YATES, JR.: National Thespian Honor Society, Social Dancing Club, Senior Play Cast, Civic Federation, Bowling, Vice-President Dallas Historical Society, Pan American Club, Scholarship Club, Chairman Senior Invitation Committee, Allied Youth. PERSHING YIUM: Acorn Staff, Track, Stage Manager, Allied Youth, Hi-Y. WHITE WILLIAMS WILSON WIMBERLY WOODARD YATES .. YIUM Qi L-it J X-cl., ff-F . ::' 1 5 L LLIV , A Page Twenty-one x l Page Twenty-two June Class of 1949 President . . . Billy Jock Harrell Vice-President . . Eddie Swink Secretary . . . Edrc: Baker ABBOTT ADAMS AQTON AKINS ALBRIGHT ALLDREDGE ALSUP ANDERSON APPLING ARMSTRONG BAKER BALLINGER JEANNIE ABBOTT: National Honor Society, National Thespians, Book Review Club, Tennis Letterwoman, Select Chorus, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Senior Play Cast, Allied Youth, Musical Revue of '49, Future Teachers of America Association. PATSY JUNE ADAMS: Allied Youth, Sports Club. ROBERT AITON: Football, Baseball, President Student Council, Hi-Y. OLGA AKINS CHARLES ALBRIGHT: Musical Revue of '49, Select Chorus, Social Dance Club, Allied Youth, Sportsman's Club. GAYLE ALLDREDGE: Allied Youth. Student Council, Oak Representative, Senior Play Cast, Book Review, One Act Play. BILLY ALSUP: D. E. Club. MARY ANDERSON: Dallas Historical Society, Student Assistant, Pep Squad, Allied Youth, Girls' Sports Club. PATSY APPLING: Allied Youth, Sports Club, Acorn Reporter, Medical Profession's Club. JUDITH ANN ARMSTRONG: National Thespians, Allied Youth, Student Assistant, Exchange Editor on Acorn, Scholarship Club, Third Prize Winner of Essay Contest. "Evils of Alcohol", Sports Club. EDRA BAKER: Sports Club, Allied Youth, Secretary of 4A Class, Senior Play. TOM BALLINGER: Football Letterman, Baseball Letterman, Secretary of 4B Class. Page Twenty-three BARNARD BEAN Page Twenty-four J i my .V 1, 'l , E Q.. 5 BARNHOUSE BARN HART BARN ETTE BASDEN BELKEN BENNETT BERGMAN BIGHAM BATTS LOUISE BARNARD: Distributive Education Beauty Queen, Oak Representative, Acorn Reporter. JIMMY BARNHOUSE CHARLES BARNHART: Student Council, Vice-President of D. E. Club, D. E. Club Reporter. BILL BARNETTE: Select Chorus, Track. JUDY BASDEN: Maiorette '47-'49, National Honor Society, Underclass Favorite '48, Select Chorus, Pan American Club, Good Citizenship Award, Civic Federation Delegate, Candidate for Four-Year Linz and Everts Awards. GLADYS BATTS: Allied Youth, Vice-President of French Club. RICHARD BEAN: Football Letterman, Vice-President 4B Class, Vice-President Select Chorus, Vice-President Hi-Y, Acorn Reporter, Oak Representative, Allied Youth, "D" Club. RAYMOND JOE BELKEN: Track Letterman, Allied Youth. BILL BENNETT: Allied Youth, Letterman in Basketball, "D" Club, Hi-Y, Student Council. FRANK BERGMAN CHARLES BIGHAM: Football C2 yearsl, Baseball C3 yearsj, All-City in Baseball, All-State in Baseball, President Allied Youth, Vice-President Sophomore Class, "D" Club, Underclass Favorite. 4 Q BOHANAN .sig . ,FQ 'J S 8 LS Q ff' Q . 7 . K lWs 4 1 Q1 4 BILL BINFORD: Football Manager, Lunchroom Cashier, Allied Youth, "D" Club. WILMA DARLENE BIONDI: Square Dancing Club, Acorn Reporter. BARBARA JEAN BLAKELY: Student Assistant, Social Dance Club, Sports Club, Allied Youth. JOYCE BOGGAN: Band, Athletic Queen. MARTHA JULIA BOGGESS: Orchestra, Student Council, Allied Youth, Acorn Reporter. GLAYDS BOHANAN: National Honor Society. Student Council, Dallas Historical Society, Allied Youth, Gym Assistant. EMMETT JEROME BOLTON: Hi-Y, Allied Youth, Acorn Staff, Acorn Reporter, First Vice-President of Hi-Y. GAY BOSWELL: Secretary National Honor Society, President Art Club, Girls' Sport Club, Square Dance Club, Book Review Club, Allied Youth, Civic Federation Youth Institute, '48, lnterscholastic League Spelling Team, Member of Talented High School at Dallas Museum of Fine Arts for four years. GLORIA BRACKE: Acorn Staff, Sports Club, Best All-Round Girl '47-'49, Student Council, Cheerleader. JEAN BRADLEY: Allied Youth, Sports Club, Art Club, Spanish Club. RAY BRALEY BINFORD BIONDI BOLTON BOSWELL BLAKELY BOGGAN BOGGESS BRACKE BRADLEY BRA ii! mf -s ik 'Wi V 'Ui C ' . gtigf'-. W - jsitfll , Y ' N ' I I .6 . -f LEY 1 .Vi Page Twenty-five 1,40 BROWN CAMERON Page Twenty-six r f ' . I - I ' -HL. . ,,,V, . .V.. .,.,, . .,., . .f A -1.- . , .,.,.f . sk f BRUMLEY BRYANT BUTTS CADDELL CALDWELL CANTRELL CARLTON CARMICHAEL CARROLL CASSADY PATSY JEAN BROWN: Medical Profession's Club, Girls' Chorus, Sports Club, Red Cross ROBERTA BRUMLEY: Chorus, Red Cross, Allied Youth, Student Assistant. ROBERT K. BRYANT: Officer's Club, Company Commander, Vice-President Debate Club, National Forensic League. OLA BUTTS: Allied Youth. WILLIAM MURRELL CADDELL, JR.: Band '46-'49, R.O.T.C. Officer. VERNELLE CALDWELL: Pianist for Chorus Q3 yearsl, Allied Youth, Red Cross, Co-Director for Senior Play. IVA MARIE CAMERON: President of Book Review Club, Vice-President of National Honor Society, Pan American Club, Dallas Historical Society, Civic Federation Youth Institute Delegate, Winner in 1948 interscholas- tic League Spelling Contest. BILL CANTRELL: Football '48, Allied Youth, Hi-Y, Oak Representative, Officer's Club. JOSEPHINE CARLTON: Allied Youth, Art Club, Select Chorus, Oak Representative, Sports Club, Medical Profession's Club. PAT CARMICHAEL: Student Assistant, Allied Youth, Pantomime Cast of P.-T.A. Pay Assembly. DONALD CARROLL: National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Allied Youth, Civic Federation. PEGGY CASSADY: Book Review Club, Art Club, Y-Teens, Dallas Historical Society. -it 'Hd' DICK LON CAYCE: Track, Square Dance Club, Social Dance Club, Allied Youth. JOYCE CHEWNING JACK CLEMENT: National Honor Society, Art Club, Regimental Staff Officer, Officer's Club. THALIA CLEMENTS: Allied Youth, Sports Club, Acorn Reporter, Student Council Medical Profession Club, Social Dancing Club, Student Assistant. JOHN THOMAS COKER, JR.: Baseball, Art Club, Blue Band. CAROLYN COLEMAN: Select Chorus, Allied Youth, National Thespians, Girls' Sports Club, Revue of '49. SHIRLEY JOAN COLLIS: Orchestra, Allied Youth, Medical Profession Club. I CHARLENE COMPTON: National Honor Society, National Thespian Society, Honor Society, Library Service Club, Student Assistant in Gym, Pen Pal Club Oak Representative, Book Review Club, Medical Profession Club, Sports Club BILLY BRYAN COWAN: Allied Youth, Hi-Y, Basketball CAll-City, 2 yearsl, Baseball Letterman, "D" Club, Tennis. Red Cross. I BONNIE CRAWFORD: Co-Editor of Acorn, National Honor Society, Senior Play Cast, Secretary Library Council, Allied Youth, Scholarship Club, Linz Award. BILLIE JEANNE CREEL: Allied Youth, Sport Club, Blue Band, Scholarship Club. DORIS LYNN CRISP: Pan American Club, Pen Pal Club, Book Review Club, Schol- arship Club, National Honor Society, Winner in "Bad Boy" Essay Contest and "Americanism" Essay Contest, Office Assistant. CAYCE CHEWNING CLEMENT CLEMENTS COKER CO COLLIS COMPTON COWAN CRAWFORD CREEL CRI LEMAN SP ,f'.,,b 'f kwa' 'V' Page T wenty-seven CROSS CUNYUS Page Twenty-eight CROW CRUME CRUTHIRDS CUMMING CUMMINGS DALTON DEAN DERRICK DICKEY DILLARD JENNIE LYNN CROSS: Allied Youth, Art Club, Student Council. JIMMIE BURCHELL CROW: Football Letterman, "D" Club, Baseball, Track, 2A Favorite, Hi-Y, Acorn Reporter, Allied Youth, Social Dance Club. JUANICE LAVERNE CRUME: Art Club, Allied Youth, Medical Profession's Club. EVALYNE CRUTHIRDS: Sports Club, Gym Assistant. PATSY ALLENE CUMMING: Allied Youth. Student Assistant in Typing, Sports Club, Oak Representative, Oak Staff. HARRY V. CUMMINGS: Associate Editor of the Oak, Lieutenant Colonel R.O.T.C., Of'ficer's Club, President IA Class, Lead in Senior Play, National Forensic League, interscholastic League One Act Contest Play. KARL K. CUNYUS: Scholarship Club, Student Council, R.O.T.C. Band Commander, Officer's Club, Blue Band, Pan American Club, Allied Youth. JACK WINSTON DALTON: Favorite Senior Boy, National Honor Society. Cheerleader, Hi-Y. DORIS GWENDOLYN DEAN: Medical Profession's Club, Sports Club, Allied Youth. MARY JANE DERRICK: Sports Club President, Band, Book Review Club, Medical Profession's Club, Allied Youth, Gym Assistant. VERDE DICKEY: Vice-President Student Council, National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, "D" Club, Basketball, Football, Baseball. Linz Pin, Three-Year Everts Award. CHARLES DILLARD: R.O.T.C. ENGLISH EUDY EWING FAULKNER RUSSELL DUKE: Select Chorus, Allied Youth, Basketball, Track, Acorn Reporter. GLORIA JUNE EARNEST: Pan American Club, National Thespian Club, Book Representative, Al'ied Review Club, Scholarship Club, Civic Federation Youth, Tennis Team, Candidate for Four-Year Linz Pin and Everts Award. Senior Play Cast, Representative in interscholastic Spelling Meet. CECIL EASLEY: Allied Youth, Radio Club, Motion Picture Operator. BILL ECHOLS: Pen Pal Club, Non-Com Club, Scholarship Club. THOMAS EILAND EUGENE ELLIOTT TOMMIE LOU ENGLISH: Sports Club, Make-up Committee for Senior Play. BARBARA JEAN EUDY: Dallas Historical Society, Red Cross Council, Sports Club, Acorn Staff, Blue Band. BARBARA EWING: Distributive Education Club, Social Chairman of D. E., Allied Youth, Student Council Representative, Cast of D. E. Assembly, Acorn Reporter, Oak Representative. PEGGY FAULKNER: Allied Youth, Student Assistant, Scholarship Club. BETTY FERGUSON: Pan American Club, Secretary of All-City Pan American Student Forum, Sports Club. RICHARD A. FITZGERALD: Non-Com Club, Square Dance Club. UKE EARNEST EASLEY ECHOLS MP4, .. 7. ., " ,Z , if 21 ,,Ws..,.1'jl. g Q I," EILAND ELLIOTT FERGUSON FITZGERALD Page Twenty-nine FITZPATRICK GARDNER Page Thirty FOSTER FRAZIER FROST GAMBRELL GANDY GEIGER GIBSON GILES GOLDEN GOOD JOANN FITZPATRICK: Tennis Team, Book Review, Allied Youth, Banking Repre- sentative, Red Cross, Scholarship Club, Tennis Letter Q3 yearsl, Sponsor Fall '48. JOYCE FOSTER: Allied Youth, Art Club. ELLEN FAYE FRAZIER MAE JANE FROST: Art Club, Sports Club, Allied Youth. GLORIA MAURINE GAMBRELL: Allied Youth, Art Club, Co-Director Senior Play. MAX GANDY: Football, Allied Youth, Student Council, Oak Representative. JOYCE MARIE GARDNER: Favorite Senior Girl, Cheerleader, Dads Club Princess Student Council, National Thespian Club, Select Chorus, Allied Youth, Scholarship Club, Student Assistant. LETTY LEWIS GEIGER HARRY GIBSON: Hi-Y BENNY ROSS GILES: R.O.T.C. Officer. DORIS JEAN GOLDEN: Sports Club, Allied Youth, Scholarship Club. DORIS GOOD BEULAH GREEN DUALLISE GRIMES: Y-Teens, Sports Club, Allied Youth. FRED GRIMM BARBARA HAIG: Allied Youth, Red Cross, Medical Profession Club, Y-Teens. LOUISE HAIGWOOD JO ANN HAMMER VIVIAN HAMMER: Y-Teens, Book Review Club, Dallas Historical Society, Art Club, Acorn Reporter. CONSTANCE HANSEN: French Club, Select Chorus. JEAN HAPP: National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Allied Youth, Vice-President of Pen Pals, Treasurer of National Thespians, Sports Club, Student Assistant, Civic Federation, Medical Profession Club. FREDA HARBERT: National Honor Society, National Thespians, Program Chairman, Pen Pal Club, Select Chorus, News Editor, Civic Federation, Allied Youth, Student Assistant, Winner of Essay on "What Are Evils of Alcohol and What Can Be Done to Remedy Them". RAYMOND HARRALSON BlllY JACK HARRELI.: Basketball, Baseball, "D" Club, Student Council, Acorn Sports Editor, Best All-Round Boy '48-'49, Allied Youth, President 4A Class, EREEN GRIMES GRIMM HAIG HAIGWOOD HAMMER AMMER HANSEN HAPP HARBERT HARRALSON HARRELL Page Thirty-one HARRELL HICKMAN Page Thirty-two HERMAN HARRIS HARRISON HATFIELD HENRY HUCKEBA HINE HODGES HOLLINGSWORTH HORTON .IOY HARRELL: Oak Representative, Allied Youth. MITZIE HARRIS: Red Cross Council President, Dallas Historical Society, Medical Profession Club, Allied Youth, Acorn Staff. JIMMY HARRISON HAROLD HATFIELD: Basketball, Hi-Y, Allied Youth, Scholarship Club, Student Council, Safety Council. JEAN HENRY: Allied Youth, Dads Club Princess, Art Club, Sports Club, Acorn Reporter. LEROY RUSSELL HERMAN: Social Dance Club President 4A, French Club President 4B and 4A, National Thespians Vice-President 4B, One Act Play 4A. BOBBY HICKMAN: Football Letterman, Baseball Letterman, "D" Club, Allied Youth. BETTY JEAN HINE: Distributive Education Club, Social Chairman of D. E., Allied Youth, Student Council Representative, Cast of D. E. Assembly, . Acorn Reporter. GAYLE HODGES: Medical Profession Club, B Honor Roll. HAROLD HOLLINGSWORTH: Allied Youth, Youth Institute, Senior Play Cast. SARAH LOUISE HORTON: Art Club, Allied Youth. VARNELL HUCKEBA . 122112 fr Q. . . Q EW if .tg eat ' Z LEROY HULSHOUSER: D. E. Club. MARY JOSEPHINE HUNTER MARVIN RAY HURLEY: Distributive Education Club, President of D. E. Club. PEGGY JEAN HUSE: City Championship Debate Team, President National Thes- pian, Vice-President Student Council, Co-Editor Acorn, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, President of National Forensic League, National Honor Society, All-Athletic Queen '47, N. F. L. Champion in Declamation 1948, Cast of Senior Play, Contest Play 1946-'47. MARY LOU IRWIN: Allied Youth, Linz Award, Select Chorus, Acorn Reporter, Oak Representative, Scholarship Club, Distributive Education Club, Secretary of Mixed Chorus 1947, Musical Revue of 1948 and 1949, Square Dancing Club. WILLIAM JAMES VINCENT JANOSEK BARBARA ANN JASPER: Allied Youth. BILLY RAY JOHNSON ELOISE JOHNSON SARAH JOHNSTON: Medical Profession's Club, Senior Counselor Assistant, Acorn Reporter, Allied Youth, Physics Lab Assistant, Y-Teens, Sports Club, Scholarship Club. BOBBY JONES: Allied Youth. ULSHOUSIER HUNTER HURLEY HUSE IRWIN JAMES KNOSEK JASPER JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSTON JONES Page Thirty-three JONES KENISON Page Thirty-four JONTE JORDAN KEAHEY KEAHEY KEARLEY KERR KINSOLVING KIZZIA KLINE ' KOGER SALLY JONES: Y-Teens, Scholarship Club, Medical Profession Club, Senior Social Committee, Sports Club, Oak Representative, Pep Squad, Linz Award. BETTY JEAN JONTE: Pan American Club, Allied Youth. MARY KATHERINE JORDAN: Musical Revue of 1949, Select Chorus, Scholarship Club, Allied Youth. JOE HENRY KEAHEY: Allied Youth. Club PAT KEAHEY: National Honor Society, National Thespians, Pan American President, Select Chorus, Allied Youth, Sports Club, Office Assistant. JOHN THORNTON KEARLEY: Senior Play, Officer's Club Regimental Staff, Captain of Rifle Team, Allied Youth, Sportsmen's Club. MARIAN JANICE KENISON: National Honor Society, Student Assistant. RUBY NELL KERR: Sports Club, Medical Profession Club, Student Assistant, Oak Representative, Allied Youth. JOCELE KINSOLVING: Maiorette, Sponsor, Dallas Historical Society, Medical Profession Club, Tennis, Allied Youth, Student Council, Book Review Club, Select Chorus. BONNIE KIZZIA: National Thespians, National Honor Society, Select Chorus, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Pan American Club, Medical Profession Club President, Allied Youth, Student Council, Sports Club. PEGGY MARIE KLINE: Student Assistant, Sports Club, Business Manager of Acorn, Safety Council, Allied Youth, Scholarship Club. DONNIE RAYMOND J. KOGER BETTIE LAYFIELD: Allied Youth, Book Review Club, Y-Teens. sosnv LINDSAY: Allied Youth. MAXINE LOLLAR: Student Council, Sports Club, Y-Teens, Book Review Club, Allied Youth, Student Assistant, Senior Play. RAY LUPER: Select Chorus, Musical Review, Adamson Quartette, Basketball. WICKIE McAFEE: President Select Chorus, Musical Review of '49, Hi-Y, Social Dance Club, Allied Youth. CLAUDE MCDONALD: National Honor Society, R.O.T.C. Officer, Scholarship Club, Senior Play Cast, Delegate to Civic Federation Youth Institute. DONALD McGEE: Radio Club, Lunchroom Cashier, Allied Youth. SARA McKNlGHT: Art Club, Allied Youth, Y-Teens. CLELA RUTH McROREY: Allied Youth, Medical Profession Club. DAWN MCWHORTER: Sports Club, Student Assistant. JENNIE LEE MARTIN: Lead in Senior Play, One-Act Play Cast, National Honor Society, President of Pen Pal Club, Secretary of Art Club, Vice-President of National Thespians, Editor of Oak '49, Candidate for Four-Year Linz and Everts Awards. PHILIP MATTHEWS: Officer's Club, Hi-Y, Rifle Team, Track, Officer in R.O.T.C., DeMolay. .AYFILLD LINDSAY LOLLAR LUPER MCAFEE McDONALD AcGEE McKNIGHT MCCROREY McWHORTER MARTIN MATTHEWS '94 L k ,lr T ""' A 5 I iissli A 5 I 'iffy A M 'V , 3 -- ,- si, rf L , .i.. Page Thirty-five MILLER MILLER MILSON MINTER MITCHELL MITCHELL MONK MORRISON MORROW MORTON , MOSER MOULTON BEVERLY LAVERNE MILLER: Y-Teen, Art Club, Allied Youth. VIRGINIA MILLER: National Thespian Society, Debate Society, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Allied Youth, National Forensic League, Office Assistant. JAMES MILSON: Golf, Allied Youth, Hi-Y Club. MARY KATHRYN MINTER: Girls' Sports Club, Gym Assistant, Allied Youth. MARILYNN MITCHELL: Scholarship Club, Sports Club, Program Committee for Senior Play. SUE MITCHELL: Maiorette, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Oak Representative, Civic Federation Representative. WYNELL MONK: Allied Youth, Y-Teen, Secretary 2B Class. BETTY MORRISON: Allied Youth, Y-Teens, Red Cross, Social Dancing Club. JOE MORROW: Track, Officer's Club, Senior Play Cast, Allied Youth. THELFRED MORTON: Pan American Club, Select Chorus, Allied Youth, Acorn Reporter, Musical Review 1949, Medical Profession Club. NORA BELLE MOSER: Art Club, Select Chorus. loAN MOULTON: SportslClub, Allied Youfh, Social Dance Club, Square Dance Club. Page Thirty-six LEE RICHARD MUEGGE: Major in R.O.T.C., Officer's Club. BOBBYE MYERS: Allied Youth, Sports Club. LOUIS JAMES NELSON: Social Dance Club Vice-President, Allied Youth, Student Assistant, Senior Play, Advertising Manager of Oak, Banking Assistant. EDNA NELL NEWTON: Art Club. LOUISE NICHOL: Allied Youth. BERTHA ALICE NICHOLSON NORMA NOWLIN BITSY OVERTON: Medical Profession Club, Sports Club, Pen Pals, Y-Teens. ZETTIE PAINE: Secretary Pen Pal Club, National Thespian Honor Society, Club Editor of Acorn, Book Review Club, Tennis Club, Social Dance Club, Scholarship Club, Student Council Representative. MARY LENORA PARKER: Pan American Student Forum. DAN SAMUEL PARKER: Non-Com Club. VICTOR PATTON: President of Officer's Club, Officer in R.O.T.C., Rifle Team, Track IEGGE MYERS NELSON NEWTON NICHOL NICHOLSON 'WLIN OVERTON PAINE PARKER PARKER PATTON un., Nc lj .--nm'-f if Page Thirty-seven lfcltxa rcinvgo r 9 u rm... .H-N .... POST POUf ! W7 PROCTOR PRUITT RACKLEY I -, f ' Page Thirty-eight M' ry' ky I . JEAN PETERS MYRA PETERS: Pan American Club, National Thespian Society, Medical Profes- sion Club, President of National Honor Society, Select Chorus, Student Council, R.O.T.C. Band Sponsor, Allied Youth, Sports Club. JOSEPH SOREN PETERSON: Officer's Club, Allied Youth. PATRICIA PETTIT CONSTANCE J. PIAS: Secretary of French Club, Social Dance Club, Allied Youth. BOBBY MARIE PIERCE: Allied Youth, Select Chorus, Review of '48-'49, Secretary of 2B Class, Vice-President of 2A Class, Dallas Historical Club. MOLLIE NELL POST: Allied Youth. Student Assistant. BILLY POUND: D. E. Club, Hi-Y, Safety Council Representative, Allied Youth. WANDA PAULINE PRUITT JERRY PROCTOR: Social Dance Club, Scholarship Club, Linz Award, Allied Youth, Pan American Club, Student Council. JERRY RACKLEY: Oak Staff, Allied Youth, Orchestra, Non-Com Club. JOHN RACKLEY: Drum Maior, Ofticer's Club, Hi-Y, Track, Band. President of 4B Class, Basketball, Allied Youth, Oak Representative. RICHARD KERR RAINS: Pan American Club, O'fficer's Club, Company Commander, Rifle Team, Tennis Team, Allied Youth, National Honor Society. J. R. RAMBO: Allied Youth, Student Helper. GRACE ALICE RANSOM: Art Club. DAISY RAY: National Honor Society, National Thespian Society. National Forensic League, Debate Club, Future Teachers of America, Allied Youth, Blue Band. GENEVA REDWINE: Blue Band, Scholarship Club, Sports Club, Orchestra. ' RONALD GENE REYNOLDS: Baseball, Football, Track, Allied Youth, Senior Play. ERNESTINE RHODES JOHN S. RICHARDSON: Oak Representative, "D" Club, Football Letterman, Track. LEROY RICKERSON: Football. Track. JIMMIE ROBINSON: Pan American Club, Allied Youth. MARY LOUISE ROBERTSON: Distributive Education Club. WACKLEY RAINS RAMso RANSOM RAY REDWINE fmows Rnonss RicHARDsoN iucicERsoN RoBiNsoN RoseRTsoN Page Thirty-nine if A I Lg , ROUGEOU SCHOTT Page F arty C .,., at I ' l Q3 is ROY RUSH RUSSELL SANDERFORD SANDERS SCOTT SCRIBNER SEDBERRY SHARPE SHAVER CORINDA ROUGEOU: Sports Club, Allied Youth. JOYCE MARIE ROY: Social Dance Club, Square Dance Club, Y-Teens Club, Allied Youth, Sports Club, Acorn Reporter. BARBARA RUSH: Book Review Club, Allied Youth, Oak Typist, Student Assistant, Oak Representative. GLENNA MAUDE RUSSELL: National Honor Society, National Thespians, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Pen Pal Club, Pan American Club. Student Council, Office Assistant, Select Chorus. DORIS MARBETH SANDERFORD: Student Assistant, Social Dance Club, Square Dance Club, Y-Teen Club, Allied Youth, Sports Club, Acorn Reporter. FRANCES HELEN SANDERS: Sports Club, Allied Youth, Student Assistant. JOANNE SCHOTT: Sports Club, Office Assistant, Art Club. SUE SCOTT: Allied Youth, Sports Club. MILDRED SCRIBNER: Square Dance Club, Allied Youth. JOSEPH ALAN SEDBERRY RICHARD SHARPE: Radio Club, Allied Youth. STANLEY MILLARD SHAVER: Art Club, Dallas Historical Society, Allied Youth, Non-Com Club. DON SHEELER: Officer's Club, "D" Club, Company Commander, Football Letter- man, Allied Youth, Student Council, Scholarship Club, Hi-Y Club. KENNETH RAY SHIELDS: Football, Track, Select Chorus. Joe simmons: Allied Youth, French Club. ' BETTY SIMS: Athletic Princess, Sports Club, Allied Youth Officer, Y-Teens, Student Assistant, Acorn Reporter. LETHA NEll SIMS: Square Dance Club. Sports Club, Red Cross. DON SMITH: Tennis Team, Allied Youth. DOROTHY SMITH EDGAR SMITH: Officer Company C, Officer's Club, Allied Youth, Rifle Team. FRAN E. SMITH: Y-Teen Club, Square Dance Club, Allied Youth, Acorn Reporter, Sports Club. MAXINE SMITH: Art Club, Sports Club. WANDA JOY SNOW: Select Chorus, Allied Youth. DORIS ANN SPAIN SHEELER SHIELDS SIMMONS SIMS SIMS SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SNOW SPAIN 3? 6 , I Q A f nir f S , , N recall . ,, gi . , . A ' 'Ii i XIfsS?Xf' Pi f .nn G' N Pager F ortybone SPRINGER STONE Page F orty-two 1 , f. i ,Mi- STALEY STEFKA STEM TEAL STEPHENS SWINK SWINN EY TAYLOR STEPHENS THOMAS THOMAS SPRINGER: Basketball, Track, Hi-Y. MARILYN STALEY: Allied Youth, Medical Profession Club. JUNE MARIE STEFKA: National Forensic League, Scholarship Club, Debate Club, Bowling Queen, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Student Council, Senior Play Cast, One Year Linz Pin. DON M. STEM: Football, Track. GERRY STEPHENS: Pep Squad Leader '47-'48, Scholarship Club, Medical Profes- sion Club, Y-Teens, Student Council, Acorn Staff, Oak Representative, Candidate for Perfect Attendance Award, Sports Club. Candidate for Linz Award. MARLENE STEPHENS: National Thespian Society, National Forensic League, Debate Club, Book Review Club, Future Teachers of America, Allied Youth, Sports Club, Student Assistant. WILTON RODGER STONE: Oak Representative, Allied Youth, Letterman in Foot- ball, "D" Club, Square Dance Club, President of Hi-Y '48-'49, Select Chorus, Blue Band. ED SWINK: Vice-President of 4A, Basketball, Tennis, Allied Youth, "D" Club, Scholarship Club. MARY JANE SWINNEY: Allied Youth, Distributive Education Club. ROSE TAYLOR: Regimental Sponsor of R.O.T.C. '48, Scholarship Club, Acorn Reporter, Student Assistant, "Reviews of '47", Y-Teens, Allied Youth, Sports Club, Physics Lab Helper. BOBBY TEAL: Blue Band, R.O.T.C. Band, Allied Youth. PATSY THOMAS: Pan American Club, Gym Assistant, Sports Club. JOAN THOMPSON: Cheerleader, Oak Representative, Acorn Staff, Allied Yoluth, Sports Club, Y-Teens, Freshman Favorite, One Act Play. VELMA JUANICE THURMAN: Pen Pal Club President, Pan American Club, Civic Federation Youth Institute, National Honor Society, Four-Year Linz and Everts Awards. EDWIN D. TIPPS: Golf, Tennis, Hi-Y, Allied Youth. KENNETH W. TOMCZAK: Scholarship Club, Allied Youth. M. H. TRULOCK: Oak Representative, Allied Youth, National Thespians, Hi-Y, Social Dance Club, R.O.T.C. Band. JOAN MARIE TRULY: Select Chorus, National Honor Society, Book Review Club, Pen Pal Club, Historical Society, Allied Youth, Pan American Club, Art Club, Revue of '49, Scholarship Club, Candidate for Four-Year Linz, Everts Awards, LEWIS TURNER: Social Dance Club, Square Dance Club, Allied Youth Staff, Non-Com Club. FOY VINSON: Blue Band, Allied Youth. ANNABELL WAGES: Art Club, Gym Assistant, Acorn Reporter, Allied Youth, Student Assistant, Sports Club. FRANCES ANN WALKER: Art Club, Scholarship Club, Allied Youth. LEWIS JACK WALKER ANN WARD: Art Club, Medical Profession Club, Sports Club, Allied Youth, Acorn Reporter. THOMPSON THURMAN TIPPS TOMCZAK TRULOCK TURNER VINSON WAGES WALKER WALKER TRU LY WARD .J K Page Forty-three WARREN WEBB WHITE WHITE WHITEHEAD WHITTLESEY WICKLINE WILHITE WILLIAFORD WINDSOR WOOD WOOD PATRICIA CARROLL WARREN: R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Allied Youth. SYLVAN GENE WEBB: Select Chorus. INOGENE WHITE JOHN W. WHITE: Radio Club, Officer's Club, Rifle Team, Stage Manager, Library Club, Public Address Assistant, Motion Picture Operator, Allied Youth. GAVIN WHITEHEAD: Basketball, Cheerleader '48-'49, Allied Youth, Scholarship Club. JIMMYQNHITTLESEY: Hi-Y, Band, Allied Youth, National Forensic Society, Football Letterman, "D" Club, Student Council, Debate Club Presiclent. RICHARD WICKLINE: Track Squad, Hi-Y. Allied Youth. W. D. WILHITE: Officer's Club. RAYMOND CECIL WILLIAFORD BILLIE JEAN WINDSOR MARY WOOD: Scholarship Club, Allied Youth. MARY SUE WOOD: Oak Staff. Page F orty-four CHARLES LARRY EDWARDS: Orchestra C4 yearsl, Blue Band fl yearl. RALPH MILTON STOLZ: Concert Band. JOSEPHINE MILKE: Pan American Club. GENE MURPHREE: Acorn Reporter. CHARLES ANASTON LANELLE ENSLEN BILLIE DUTTON: R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Dean's Assistant, Teacher's Assistant, Banking Staff, Senior Play Cast, Safety Representative, Student Council. ELOISE BIVENS: Thespian Secretary, Maiorette '47-'49, Dallas Historical Society, Allied Youth, Baton Club, Sports Club, Acorn Reporter. DON K. WRIGHT: National Thespians, Student Council, Officer's Club, Senior Play Cast, Rifle Team, Allied Youth Treasurer, Scholarship Club, President 'IB Class. NITA RUTH WRIGHT: Student Assistant, Library Club. MARY LOU YATES: Sports Club, Acorn Reporter, Allied Youth. PAUL LEONIDUS YEATTS: National Honor Society, President of Allied Youth, Football Letterman, Hi-Y, Track, "D" Club. JOY LYNN PRITCHETT EDWARDS STOLZ MILKE MURHPREE ANASTON ENSLEN DUTTON BIVENS WRIGHT WRIGHT YATES YEATTS PRITCHETT I Page F orty-five CIE! UHIJERCLHSSES Q73 January Class of 1950 President . . . Robert McGhee Vice-President . . Bobby Grooms Secretary . . Rita Easley L"" at r.,,,,.W r.,.,...,.....,. ta ia .fi I Q ' , luis' 39 'Y' , 5 ,nv Row 1: Rita Easley, Wanda Patton, Billye Jean Huston, Lavena Fry, Norene Houchins, Linda Kelley, Laverne Huffstutler, Mary Ann Cox, Petra Leach. Row 2: Kenneth Pritchett, Ray Tucker, Iva Neal Langford, Ann Berry, Pat Crossland, Gaynell Putnam, Jagk Smith, Bob Phillips. Row 3: jack Alexander, James McLaughlin, Charles Bealmear, Bobby Grooms, Robert McGhee, Rufus High, jim Berry, Jerry Packer. Rouf I: Doris Allen, Lois Rosser, Patsy McNellis. Peggy Gibson, Sybil Creel, Joy Parks, Yvonne Epps, Margaret Hawkins, Greta Mcguis- ton, james Nixon. Row 2: JoAnn Simmons, Dolores Barnett, Elizabeth Porter, Lewis Baker. jimmy Lowry. Austin Bratcher. illy Embrey, Ronald Hughes, Tommy Hughes. Row 3: Bill Stem, George Denton. Don King, Wayne Martin, Gerald Bradshaw, Robert Latimer. Paul Carter, Sherill King. Row 4: Reid Crow, Raymond Gilbert, Ross George, Harold Daniels, Jimmy Harrison, Don Holt, Floyd Thompson. Row 5: Harold Cowell, William Vines, Bobby Thompson, Gene Payne. 1 ! , . . , ., ,..,io.,- , -g.,.L.a.M:,,,.,.,is.,M haw A-New ,Ctrl 1 . . , W -. i re if V if - June Class of 1950 President . . . . Tim Jolly Vice-President . . . . Ed Scxllis Secretory . . . Norma McKinnon '-rv 5 mms 3 9 mr'-1' Q E 3 is Si N3 y M n frvii M"M -.- Row I: Marjorie Merwin. Wynema Watson, Rosulee Robbins, Beverly Chambers, Barbara Nelson, Ila Mae Lee, Joy Kinsey, Betty Sue Moore, Patricia Richardson. James Brooks, Rauf 2: Donald Kennel. Ann King. Bettye Lou jones, Charlotte Wilemon, Dorothy Turf, Nancy Wfoestman, Carolyn Sinnott, Patsy Lee, Joe Minter.iRou' 3: james Barbosa, joel Jones. jimmy Ledbetter, Marilyn McWithey, Dorothy Lee, JoAnn Cullum. Joyce Fiorenza, Maureen O'Brien. David Kasten. Row 4: John Webster, Farl Potts, joe Minick, Bill Miller. Don Lish, john McKelvey, Patsy Blake. Wilburn Litchfield. Rou' 5: Bill Merwin, George Copeland. Jerry Key, Louis Mitchell. Don Clark. Guy Mizell, joe Walker, Kenneth Florence. Row 6: Billy Martin, Jerry Matson, Gerald Kempe, Truman Bailey, Gene Hellums, Fred Ferguson, Hershel Box, Sidney Morrison. Row 1: Margaret Sanders, Frances Coalson, JoAnn Cox, Gloria Burton, Betty Avrett, Jeanne Cox, Shirley Martin, Sue Del Snyder, Savola Parrish, Alton -Curry. Row 2: Marie Penn, Billie Lee Chatham, Eileen Nosher, Leola Tillery, Pauline Baresch, Barbara Arm- stead. Zanice Baugus, Donna Ruhr. Brownie Brown. Row 3: Lynn Philley, Dixie Burns, Jo Lee Compton, Joyce Carpenter, Gloria Sparks. Georgia Percin, Jackie Childress. Barbara Seale. Rau' 4: Loretta Taylor, Eddie Stevens, Ronnie Cox, Kenneth Belken. Millar Browne, Jerry Baggett, Donald Sides. Thomas Prague. Rau' 5: Frances Bullard, Paul Carter, Ray Baker. Bobby Davis. Marcus Steadman. Pat Crofts. Robert Bell. Rou' 6: Linda Thompson. Geleska Showers. Frank jones, Bill Butner. Joe Bowling. Orville Booth, Jerry Senter, Ronnie Anderson, Gene Clark, johnny Wilkins. jerry Carbone. 'iii' l l A A .i . 5, M ,.C:2,.f as-vw. Row I: Jane Hestand, Loretta Booher, Barbara Harrison, Charlsie Allsbrook, Jimmie Callan, Glenna Duncan, Patricia Ware, Betty Garvin, Sally Butler, Billy Hickey. How 2: Juanda Gregory, Laura Fuller, Patsy Hatchell, Elizabeth Hooker, Jimmie Lou Watts, Adeline Pomeroy, Joanne Daugherty, Norma McKinnon, Dolores Payne, Row 3: Barbara Halliburton, Jane Hall, Patsy Jarrell. Row 4: Carolyn Hunter, Marilyn Hale, Vernelle Henry, Silvia Moon, Alva Harmon. Jerry North, Tim Jolly, Dick McJunkins, Dick McRoberts. Row S: Minnette Daugherty, Vernica Kemp, Martha Crandall, Joy Pennybacker, Wayne Wood, Millard Hudnall, Harry Goodnight, lgzull Marco. Row 6: Virgil Wynn, Lewis Warren, Bobby Don Hall, Jimmy Taggart, Edwin Sallis, Don Holland, Harry Bard, Bill i lips. Rauf 1: Norma Capehart, Eatline Miller, Frances Dalche, Doralee Hutchins, Carolyn Eubank, Alice Irby, Virginia Fields, June Loftin, Mary Lou Dupree, Thomas Yium. Row 2: Joan Caldwell, Petra Leach, Joan Ard, Patsy Hamilton, Barbara Brown, Lorraine Jasper, Lois Penn, Joyce Penn. Row 3: Bob Arnold, Kenneth Duke, Dorothy Hall, Janet Bailey, Georgie Chabot, Katherine Holland, Billie Gaulden, Patsy Ewton, David Ziegler. Row 4: Roy Askins. Carroll Lewis, George Mizell, Rita Fletcher, Bobby Simmons, Don Lambert, Harold Gilliam. Eugene Beck. Row 5: Clifton Birchman, William Christy, Bob Hall, Charles York. Eugene Bell, Eugene Beck. Row 6: Jim Robnett, Bert Rodriquez, Clarence Troupe, Jerry Moon, Bob McGregor, Bobby Clower. John McGlamery, Doyle Chapman, Harry Essex. .a imma! January Class of 1950 President . . Jack Smith Vice-President . . . Johnnie King Secretary . . . Jerry Ford -- a ..,...,.., , ,,,..... nc- , s , Q, I ...a it fs. ...F if" 1' it ' ..,., .,.,,..,...,..M.f.,.,t..,.,. , L, Q , 2, at 4 9 - .451 ,..:..."....::.':.':. .,...':....,2: ..,-,..t.-....,,.a...,,.h.,m..,.,., L f f K K .pu v .-. l..-.M-a. fn -qu.-4.-.-so ,,,.,.... -"-'ff-"H--:'-we V - -ww , , 4 f f - . fx -u-an muuugqqaan-.a .,,,,. ...W vw, ,Wm , , , Q..... i ...V-U ...M f-.M -.... i fa A Q vw V annum unuumnuuum-'wa .f , .na -.-..,r...W. ' , rr' 'H 2 -up , 4 M., ., H, ,L x W, K ,xi .-L31 , ' gdffw' ' ,C fffyv ' Q ' '93 wget, gg JV. Y , V V x ' xr 'vi L F, 5- g Q13 1 Mr Af.. sail' . . rv A . af-4 'V M. Row I: Margie High, Joy Ann Peak, Patricia Moyers, Lola Belle Featherstone, Wanda Faye Ray, Mary Ann Brown, Mary Frances Kirk, Geraldine Johnson, Charline Chenault. Row 2: Herman Roberson, jack Richburg. jerry Ford, Bob Robertson, jackie Waldin, Clarence Clouse, Eugene Dale, Lyn Nicholson, Marvin Kainer. Rou' 3: Bill Addington, jack Montgomery, Douglas Cowan. Edward Schwcdler, Jack McConathy, Marvin Harvey, Charles Shaw. Row 4: Johnny King, Eugene Harris, George Clary, Joe Don Barnett, Don Holland, Gerald Bradford. Row I: Onie Jane Bruce, Reba Jo Cunningham, Mary Creel, Gay Angel, Kay Angel. Tommie Cleveland, Ann Denman, Colleen Bul- lard, Shirley Ford. Row 2: Margaret Hughey, Kathy Hughes, Mary Cresl, Noreta Yarbrough, Barbara Conine, Vera Yeatrs, Bettie Mae Brit- ton. Onita Burson, Beverly Zinn. Row 3: Margaret Ann Sapp, Ruth Cooper, Sylvia Glass, Lena Stembridge, Dorothy Winniford. Helen Thomas, Doris jean Wright. Row 4: Harold Blakeway, james Clevenger, Edward Lindsay, Roger Wade, Jimmy Winborn. Tommy Wheeler, Jimmy Bithas, Jerry Wales, Carey Plexco. Row 5: Bobby Meador, Charles Henderson, James Jennings, Harley Bryant, Robert Harrell, Willis Langley, jack Clower, jack Brackeen. Row 6: Ernie McMannis, jack Smith, Bobby Allen, Leroy Borgesson. June Class of 1951 President . . . PaulMcDonald Vice-President . . Barbara Strange Secretary Lee Etta Durham Row I: Kathryn Cooper, Dolores Phife, Sandra Winborn. Barbara Strange, Nancy Sholund, Ann Reid, Dorothy Horton, Esther Schrimshire, Anna Johnson. Rau' 2: Nancy Truly, Roibeth Holland, Ann White, Kay Cook, Sue Benningfield, Mary Fuller, Peggy Bolton, Bobbie Whitis. Row 3: Marvin Williams, Roy Windham, Billy McPherson, Sam Laden, Carole Dunn, Linda Slatton, Horace Crow, jimmy Sanders, Bobby Slaughter. Row 4: Bryan Day, Eddie Stolz, Bobby Sheffield, Ed Crutchfield, Gerald Blacketer, Jim Keahey, Don Archer, Jerry Gilmore, Charles Polk. Row 5: Don Baker, Charles Marshall, Homer Brown, joe Miller, Leonard Warren, Pete Aleman, Paul McDonald, David Hodge. Row 6: Stanley Bratcher, Ralph Parker, Charles Brown, Charles Baker, Bill Harrison, Eugene Liverman, R. E. Hanna, Arthur Richardson, Bob Baumgartnet. Row 1: Dorothy White, Sally Battenfield, Martha Adams, Ethel Robinson, Theresa Geiger, Frances Showers, Luanne Evans, Sara Wil- son, La Verne Bell. Row 2: Bobbie Ann Knoll, Marilyn Moore, Barbara Honeycutt, Betty Small, Emma Bennett, joan Loftin, Margaret Hall, Jacqueline Erwin. Row 3: La Verne Hanks, Lo Rita Stevens, Evelyn McCall, Doris Hamm, Shirley Quick, Patsy Walker, Martha Grilfith, Helen Goins, Tommy Maples. Row 4: Bill Ellison, Bobby Haley, Jimmy Farrimond, Jack Bryant, Wilson Walker, Al Cook, john Burrows, Jimmy Mullin, Arthur Bailey. Row 5: Bob Grimn, jimmy Penton, Delbert Goins, Duncan Adams, John Cody, Jack Dempsey, Rex Ansley, Billy Joe James. li . Z : gi V 2l-1s1.g,i,1.f'- Q tilfii Row I: Virginia Truesdale, Mary Ann Wickline, Sally Wallace, Betty Jo Vinton, Lavonna Ware, Javene Smith, Anna Jean Still, Barbara Ann Webb, Helen Voyles. Row 2: Joan Sleeth, Jane Sampert, Betty Werning, Helen Smith, Jo Beth Spain, Helen Collier, Lavonne Harvey, Carla Baggerly, Alice Sternenberg. Row 3: Billie Walker, Helen Moon, Carolyn Jaresh, Georgia Nutt, Bonnie Cope- land, Betty Sm1th,. Nancy Short, Mary Sweeney. Row 4.' Bobby Shelheld, Edward Taylor, Franklin Turnipseed, Eugene Shaw, Robert Milke, Frank Whitson, Joe Slaughter, Kenneth Scott. Row 5: Jimmy Sanders, Clarence Sisk, Edward Stewart, George Nelson, James Partridge, Troy McKenzie, Bill Stinson. Row 6: Raymond Mitchell, James Welch, Lewis Williams, Bill Woford, Earl Bronar, Gene Holland, W. D. McClendon. . Row I: Martha Witherow, Joyce Ramsey, Shirley Richard, Dorothea Scott, Rena Cotton, Joann Brown, Mary Ann Burks, Margaret Wallace, Carma Jean Stone, Novalene Follis. Row 2: Nancy Cornehls. Betty Wise, Pat Bow, Barbara Thedford, La Verne Compton. Jimmie McGee, Barbara Craft, Doy Davis, Olga Atkins. Row 3: Gerald Ferguson, Bill Roberson, Jack Gillis, Buddy Stevenson, Andrew Davis, Virgil Jaques, Robert Nale, Roy Poe, Charles King. Row 4: Farrell Stokes, Dean Coon, Don. Fowler, Roy Regor, Ronald Carmichael, Val Rogers, Charles Wesson, Cecil Long, Wayne Spruell. Row 5: Roy Eckard, Jack Phillips, Richard McLaugh- lin, Albert Thompson, Bill Parker. ' ' . V ,. , . , - ,--r1mw.'fM .yes'fJ'.,4f.euf.sef,v.n 7 , V, -H -, ff' -Wg: , K . ,,,,,k,,E,, ' ' . , . Q , , M ,Y ' 'C :1:L,,II Row 1.' Billie Jean Jones, Barbara Martin, Thelma Phelps, Jean Larsen, Alice Neff, Billie Jean Laughlin, Laurel Kellum, Laura Irwin, Jean McCuiston. Row 2: Mozelle Roberts, Dolores Pounders, Martha Parks, Frances Medley. Jean Newbourn, Gay Rosser, Jean Mcvlfhortet, Loyis Massey, Jean Johnson. Rau' 3: Mary Perrin, Jeanette Perry. Nelda Roberts, Shirley Paxton, Barbara Rains, Pat Hammond, Billie Jean North, Betty Robinson, Suzanne Rosser. Row 4: Randall Martin, Jo Ann Williams, Bonnie Young, Jo Anne Richardson, Shirley Rose, Joy Briggs, Sally Bard, Garner Malcolm, Larry Milholland. Row 5: Charles McRay, Alex Keller, Charles Malone, Morris Clayton, Dorris Clayton, Robert Linskie, J. R, Mouser, Glen Kyser, Bobby Nichols. Row 6: Jimmie Miller, Edward Muirhead, Charles Nevins, Mike McNellis. A Raw I: Barbara Gloif, Bobby Carroll, Audrey Day, Bonnie Garrett, Ann Holt, Juanelle Simmons, Betty Holland, Noma Dulworth, Anne Hudnall, Joe Johnson. Roufi 2f-'JanerseaChandle1:,- Jeraldine Doudney, Jean Barnard, Mary Sue Bradshaw, Nellie Donaldson, Joanne Hargis, Johnetta Bowles, Ann' Hunter, 'Mary Bone, Mary Lou Akins. Row 3: Ruth Burgess, Lois Dingler, Emma Hankins, Jeanine Doudney, Barbara Carr, Rayma Ditson, Joyce Chapman, Lee Etta Durham, Joann Cooper. Row 4: Don Hamilton, Gordon Hines, Ted Sebastian, Rag Easley, John Collins, Mike Folsef Don Hawkins, Dan Hutson, Billy Green. Row 5: Sidney Hendershott. Robert Hanna, Tommy Elting, obby -McPhail, Linda Block, Charles Creel, Charles Boshart, George Whitten, Jimmy Ellis. Row 6: Shirley Hamlin, Richard Barret, Billy Pogue, Donald Belt, Kenneth Moyer, John Heyde, Elton Coleman. January Class of 'I952 President . . Lee Roy Nichols Vice-President . . Peggy Wright Secretary . . . Gary Marrs Rauf I: Elizabeth Jones, Shirley Camp, Shirley Hollabaugh, Mary Alice Cabell, Betty Benson, Charlene Hall, Mary Anderson. Beatrice Keeling, Aline Webb. Row 2.' Julia Rollins, Wanda Inman, Johnny White. Donald Jackson, Harry Maxwell, Gary Marrs, Leland McBrayer, Dolores King, Wanda Yarborough. Row 3: Jack Mitchell, Charles Lollar, Don Caldwell, Jimmy Clendenen, Edward Slampa, Jerry Mathews. Row I: Carol Johnson. Edwina Giltner, Patricia Wheeler. Wynell Seale, Illa Ray Waller, Janice Robbins, Linda Spain, Betty Parham, Martha Mayers. Row 2: Mildred Warren, Sally Ramirez. Donna Wantling, Tommie Ransom, Jo Ann Smith, Mary Ann Eason, Nancy Wilson, Mack Monroe, Jeannette Walden, Gary Moore. Raw 3: Jane Carpenter. Oreata Painter, Sharon Cruze, Virginia Guy, Shaneen Gahagan, Sandra Roberts, Joyce Glass, Jan Cocreham, Mary Lou Seale, Peggy Taggart, Jomae Waller. Row 4: Billy White, Sammy Nelson. XValter Stuart, Lee Roy Nichols, Edwin Wesson, Ronald North, -Charles McMerrell, Jane Nevil. Raw 5: Jerry Carpenter, John Franklin, David Parkins, Willis Brumley, Maurice Lankford. June Class of 1952 President , . . Sarah Nell Fike Vice-President . Randall Allen Secretary . . . Joyce Jones Row 1: Cyrus Peters, Suzanne Smith. Bobbie Moon, Sara Fike, Charlene Gilliland, Jacqueline McCrone, Joy Sue John, Mary Fuller. Philip Wright. Row 2: Mack Sanford, Bob Staley, Tommy Stewart, Bobbie Mitrhell, Barbara Johnson, Billy Ray, Joe Pitts. Howard Winters. Row 3: Darro Walters, Frances Giles, Melinda Bowen, Eleanor Butts. Robert Hill, Margaret Wise, Joyce Jones, Mildred Carpenter, Harlan Walker. Rau' I: Clarence David, Billy Sandcrford. Billie Joplin, Jayme Portwood. Leanne Stinson, Gale McKinney, Gloria Pettit. Billy Don Kerss. John Skelton. Row 2: Sondra Heaton, Marilyn Moore, Clara Mae Lott, Doris Thomason. Frances Deere, Barbara Lambert, Ariel Strandquist. Annelle Garrison. John Squiers. Rau' 3: Walter Nitz, Richard Parker, Tommy Bragg. David McWirhay, John Chappell, James Willingham, Robert Chikosky, Patsy Collier. L3ZEiMkihEA9k3lGHbif?ZimHhd:fEfls. ldiikliiialsxriiiliiw. Ni 'JI ilslihifrliiiilididailrzfx.,,fL,42Lfe:w,'mgszf!!ks83ZSi.kSQb f fiiwlsi''LZ5kSi4li3B5lxa..55shft:arwai.'Q Rau' I: james Harris, Durvis Brodie, Ellie Carrell, Virginia Marrning. Norma jones. Rocie Owens, Derilda jones, Nancy Allen, Alice Dickson, Robert Horn. Rou' 2: Randall Allen. Don Dillard. Diana Metzler, Barbara johnson. Patty Morris, Duane Biggs, jane Hardwick, D'anu Alexander. Karel Hodges, CeCelia Bennett. Ron' 3: Albert Lane, Ann Reeds, Beverly Robinson. Row 4: Allen Kroger, Earle Evans. Ellamae Bloom, Patsy Dugan, Gloria Hughes, Don Jacobson. Kathleen Leftwich, Ronald Hecr, Row 5: Jimmy Johnson. Beverly Tillison, Caryl Odom. Rau' 6: Kenneth Kimbrell, Lanny johnson, Brick Moore, Cecilia Berry, Linton Hinton, Stephen Wilburn, Bobby Berry. Hugh Wickham, James Boyd. Rauf 1: Wayne Matthews, John Wilson. Marie Haigwood. Virginia Ballard,Velma Spann, Jeannie Raleigh. Helen Marie Smith. Janet Harrison, George Graveley, Jimmy Leyhe. Row 2: Robert Rodriquez, Phyllis La Zella, Cora Myers. Elaine Dillon. Betty Loomis. Winifred jean, Dorothy Carter, Barbara Crow. Hcrshal Jones. Frank Matthews. Rau' 3: Mike Montgomery, Peggy Parker. Sara Allen, Janet Horne, Nadine Johnson. Jessamine White, Tawana Hamilton. Peggy Martin, Shirley Redcrson, james Rogers. Row 4: Wfilburn Pittman, Harry Barnes, Ronnie Ewing, Jimmy Maris. Rau' 5: Richard Smith, Charles Reed. Ronnie Davis, joe Gibson, Billy Ethridge, Wendel Knopel, Bobby Lane, Fred Rotunno, Robert Hefner, Don Hensley, Louis Pena. Mitchell Stenzlcr. AT! ' . -tfifwiwl sifiilll- J-.lke?3w..,1,..2zifffesf .futile H - . 2' li 1- .. . - E.. ' - 'N ' .. f -- . . , FHVUHITES Umzlyagjsfib fmgwhm "xl 6, fmjancfa g?affo1z FAVORITE UNDERCLASS GIRL a .V , 5., ,mam J 5 ., ' ' b M ,X 'Q' ' 15,5 Q ' ,l ,V. b , K, X ? b cfcigsfzt dmc ' FAVQRITE UNDERCLASS BOY -up- 3,p-H A LW,,.W A BEST All-ROUND SENIOR GIRL . , , MM, 2 .J - Pff.,,,,.g.iM ., 51. ,, ,, 141, ,,,, mm N 'im-ey- ff ,, V ,Q .M fag? 0, JIWM QSM' ,K ,wg M4 f x 5 X. Cidagwflfgexo lHHU'S lUHU QXQQQYQQXCWU MYRA PETERS President of the National Honor Society National Thespian Club ROTC Sponsor Pan American Club Linz and Everts Awards - VERDE DICKEY Vice-President of the Student Council National Honor Society Linz and Everts Awards JUDY BASDEN National Honor Society Maiorette Pan American Club Linz and Everts Awards l J I1 Wka 5 JENNIE LEE MARTIN Oak Editor of 'I949 National Honor Society President of the Pen Pal Club Vice-President of National Thespian Secretary of the Art Club Third best Actress in the City for 1949 Lead in the Senior Play Lead in One-Act Contest Play Linz and Everts Award JACK CLEMENT National Honor Society Regimental Staff Officer Art Club Linz and Everts Award Wien Ci PAT KEAHEY National Honor Society National Thespians President of the Pan American Club Office Assistant Linz and Everts Award IVA MARIE CAMERON National Honor Society Dallas Historical Society Interscholastic Spelling Contest Lmz and Everts Award DAISY RAY National Honor Society National Thespians Debate Club Future Teachers of America Linz and Everts Award imiaLBilf2DZ'!fWdaR'iii5?fiaI 'Yawi DORIS CRISP National Honor Society Scholarship Club Pan American Club Essay Winner Office Assistant Linz and Everts Award JAMES WHITTLESEY Debate Club President Student Council National Forensic League Hi-Y Linz and Everts Award DAVID HENDRIX, JR. National Honor Society President of Dallas Historical Society President of Social Dancing Club Senior Play Cast Student Council Advertising Manager for Oak Alternate Cheerleader Linz and Everts Awards MARLENE STEPHENS National Thespian Club Debate Club Students Assistant National Forensic League Linz and Everts Awards f7f DARRELL WILLIAMS AA President Student Council President Cheerleader National Honor Society Pan American Club National Thespians Linz and Everts Awards GAY BOSWELL Secretary National Honor Society President Art Club Civic Federation Youth Institute Linz and Everts Award CLAUDE McDONALD National Honor Society Scholarship Club Senior Play Civic Federation Youth Institute Linz and Everts Awards PEGGY HUSE City Championship Debate Team President of National Thespian Vice-President of Student Council Co-Editor of Acorn President of National Forensic League National Honor Society Senior Play Linz and Everts Awards C7 K 4 5 I A .UQ I HCTIVITIES 'IB Nancy Lee Allen Randall Allen Celia Bennett Melinda Bowen Mildred Carpenter Effie Carroll Ronald Davis Frances Deere Alice Dickson Elaine Dillon Ronald Ewing Mary Fuller Frances Giles Jane Hardwick Ronald Heer Karel Hodges Charlotte Hunt Don Jacobsen Barbara Johnson Lanny Johnson Joyce Jones Billy Don Kerss Barbara Lambert Kathleen Leftwich Frank Mathews Patty Morris Shirley Pedersen Gloria Pettit Ann Reeds Beverly Robinson John Skelton Suzanne Smith John Squier June Sommerfield Leanne Stinson Ariel Strandquist Eva Mae Turney Johnny Wilson Philip Wright IA James Clendenen Carol Johnson Dolores King Lee Roy Nichols Sally Ramirez Janice Robbins Sandra Roberts Donna Wantling Jomae Waller Patricia Wheeler 2B Don Archer Arthur Bailey Bob Baumgartner Kay Berry Gerald Blacketer Page Seventy-six Scholarship Club FALL SEMESTER Sylvia Blaylock Rosemary Boughton Homer Brown Audrey Brunner Janet Chandler Doris Clayton Al Cook Kay Cook Katherine Cooper Nancy Cornehls Ed Crutchfield Harold Dunn Norma Dulworth Doy Davis Carol Dunn Lee Etta Durham Luanne Evans Jacquelynn Erwin James Farrimond Novalene Follis Barbara Gloff James Good Billie Green Martha Griffith Bob Griffin Shirley Hamlin Doris Hamm Joanne Hargis Laverne Hanks R. E. Hanna Sidney Hendershott David Wayne Hodge Ann Holt Betty Holland Ann Hudnall Ann Hunter Laura Irvin Jean Johnson James Keahey Alex Keller Sam Laden Robert Linskie Cecil Long Jimmie Ruth McGee Billie McPherson Jean McWhorter Jean Mewbourn Marilyn Moore Jimmy Mullin George Wilson Georgia Nutt Shirley Paxton Jeannette Perry 'Thelma Phelps Delores Phife Charles Pope Shirley Quick Barbara Rains Arthur Richardson Roy Reger Nelda Roberts Ethel Robinson Suzanne Rosser James Sampert Kenneth Scott Marilyn Setzer Nancy Sholund Richard Shirley Frances Shours Bobbie Dan Slaughter Catherine Shaw Helen Smith Javerne Smith Jo Beth Spain Barbara Strange La Rita Stevens Wayne Spruell Alice Sternenberg Edward Taylor Albert Thompson Virginia Truesdale Nancy Truly Lavonna Ward Sally Wallace Frank Whitson Mary Ann Wickline Bob White Marvin Williams Sandra Winborn Roy Windham Martha Witherow 2A Gay Angel Kay Angel Jack Brackeen Mary Ann Brown Oneta Burson Pat Crossland E. C. Holtsclaw Kathy Hughes Margaret Hughey Jack Montgomery Joy Anne Peak Herman Roberson Vera Yeatts Beverly Zinn 3B Barbara Archibald La Nelle Baskin Robert Bell Patsy Lou Blake Loretta Booher Dixie Burns Sally Butler Richard Cantrell Billy Chatham Mona Coleman Lavona Cone Martha Crandall Jo Ann Cullum Laura Deavers Kenneth Duke Glenna Duncan James Duncan Rita Fletcher Mary Fogelman Wanda Fry Laura Fuller Shirley Green Bob Hall Norma Hale Patsy Hatchel Laverne Holzman Elizabeth Hooker Nann Holland Jane Hull Carol Lynne Hunter Coleman Jennings Bettye Jones Joel Jones Sarah Kerr Joy Kinsey Sharlie Kirby Patsy Lee Norma McKinnon Smith McLaughlin Marilyn McWithey Paul Marco Mariorie Merwin Bill Merwin Bill Miller George Mizell Guy Mizell Joe Minick Eileen Nosher Maureen O'Brien Ann Ogle Robert Page Hearst Paxton Dolores Payne Lynn Philley Haloise Pirtle Hilary Reynolds Pat Richardson Lester Robbins Robert Sadler Virgil Scott James Slatton Viva Jean Smith Eddie Stevens Linda ,Thompson Leola Tillery Clarence Troup Scholarship Club Wynema Watson Jimmy Lou Watts John Webster Lewis Warren Don Whittaker Charles Wilson John Wilkins Vera Yeatts Thornas Yium Ann Zuspann 3A Ann Berry Jim Berry Pat Crossland Louise Dozier Joan Finney Ronald Hughes Wanda Patton Bill Stem 4B Jeannie Abbott Judith Armstrong Louise Barnard Judy Basden Barbara Blakely Gladys Bohanon Gay Boswell Iva Marie Cameron Donald Carroll Peggy Cassady Jack Clement Charlene Compton Bonnie Crawford Billie Jeanne Crisp Doris Crisp Harry Cummings Karl Cunyus Jack Dalton Billie Dutton Verde Dickey June Earnest Cecil Easley Bill Echols Peggy Faulkner Jo Ann Fitzpatrick Joyce Foster Joyce Gardner Gloria Gambrell Doris Jean Golden Billie Gaulden Jean Happ Freda Harbert Joy Harrell Harold Hatfield Gayle Hodges Harold Hollingsworth Varnell Huckeba Peggy Huse Mary Lou Irwin Vincent Janosek Sarah Johnston Sally Jones Paul Jones Mary Jordan Pat Keahey Janice Kenison Jocele Kinsolving Bonnie Kizzia Peggy Kline Claude McDonald Clela McRorey Jennie Lee Martin Virginia Miller Joan Moulton Louis Nelson Myra Peters Jerry Procter Richard Rains J. R. Rambo Daisy Day Geneva Redwine Mary Louise Robertson Jimmie Robinson Barbara Rush Elaine Rushing Glenna Russell Don Stem Don Sheeler James Slatton Geraldine Stephens Marlene Stephens June Stefka Eddie Swink Juanice Thurman Edwin Tipps Kenneth Tomczak Joan Truly Gavin Whitehead James Whittlesey W. D. Wilhite Mary Wood Don Wright Nita Wright Paul Yeatts 4A A Ray Fuller Joyce Johnson Maudell Kather Jeanette King Bob Mayers Betty Millsap ,. Helen O'Brien Donald Page David Phillips Jerome Savage Ralph, S.hanahan Darrell Williams John Yates Page Seventy-seven National Honor Society OFFICERS President . . .... . . . Myra Peters Vice-President ............... lva Marie Cameron Secretary ................... Gay Boswell Sponsors: Lucy Hamilton, Miss Christine Hammock, Miss Ruth Bell, Mrs. Minnie Bramlette, Miss Ann Patrick, Mr. H. B. Hester, Barbara Archibald Judith Armstrong Ann Berry Billie Jeanne Creel Jo Ann Cullum Karl Cunyus Louise Dozier Glenna Duncan June Earnest Jo Ann Fitzpatrick Joyce Gardner Ronald Hughes Mary K. Jordan Sharlie Kirby George Mizell Geneva Redwine Page Seventy-eight Mr. Carl C. Nutley. Bill Stem Jimmy Whittlesey Jeannie Abbott Judy Basden Gladys Boswell lva Marie Cameron Don Carroll Jack Clement Charlene Compton Bonnie Crawford Doris Crisp Jack Dalton Verde Dickey Jeannie Happ Freda Harbert David Hendrix Peggy Huse Pat Keahey Janice Kenison Bonnie Kizzia Jennie Lee Martin Claude McDonald Donald Page Myra Peters Daisy Ray Richard Rains ' Glenna Russell Juanice Thurman Joan Truly Darrell Williams Paul Yeatts FALL Darrell Williams . . Peggy Huse . . Joyce Gardner . . Martha Gayle Adams Robert Aiton Doris Allen Ronnie Anderson Charles Barnhart Ann Berry Martha Boggess Gladys Bohanan Nancy Cornehls Jennie Lynn Cross Janice Crow Reba Jo Cunningham Arnetha Davis Ronnie Davis Verde Dickey Alice Dickson Carole Dunn Lee Etta Durham Student Council OFFICERS . . President . . Vice-President . . Secretary . Luanne Evans Joyce Gardner Doris Hamm Billy Harrell Patsy Hatchel Nann Holland Pat Keahey Bonnie Kizzia Willis Langley Jim Leyhe Jack McConathy Robert McGhee Charles McMerrell Gary Marrs Guy Mizell Franklin Moffitt Edward Muirhead Pat'Murphy Bobby Nichols SPRING . . Robert Aiton . . Verde Dickey . Bonnie Kizzia Lee Roy Nichols Paul Painter Joy Anne Peak Myra Peters Gloria Pettit Herman Roberson Robert Sadler Edwin Sallis Scotty Scott Margaret Simpson Jo Beth Spain William Vines Wynema Watson Jim Whittlesey Howard Winters Martha Witherow Thomas Yium Beverly Zinn Page Seventy nme Jennie Lee, Mary Sue, Bryan, Jerry Jerry, Patsy, Barbara, Harry, Jim Editor-in-chief Jennie Lee Martin Associate Editor Harry Cummings Snapshots Bryan Vinson, Jerry Rackley Activities Jim Keahey, Patsy Cumming Typists Mary Sue Wood, Barbara Rush Jennie Lee Mary Sue THE OAK STAFF Sponsors: Miss Jeanette Alston Miss Meredith Schroeder Miss Christine Hammock '---1.51 Business and Advertising Manager Louis Nelson Secretary Sharlie Kirby Bookkeepers Mary Moore, Claude McDonald Barbara Jasper Advertising Staff M. H. Trulock, David Hendrix as -WMWNMMWSJ B Mcvry Sharlie Standing: Louis, Claude Seated: M. H., Barbara OAK BUSINESS STAFF Sponsor: Miss Christine Harnlmock Standing: Louis, M. H., Claude Seated: Ba rba ra,Ma ry, Sharlie I ,W Charles Baker Louise Barnard Richard Bean Millar Browne Bill Cantrell Jack Clement James Clendenen Charlene Compton Jo Ann Cooper Janice Crow Harold Daniels Don Dillard Jerry Gilmore Page Ezghty-two Oak Representatives Margaret Hall Patsy Hamilton Ann Holt Elizabeth Hooker Don Jacobson Carol Johnson Sally Jordan Linda Kelly Sarah Beth Kerr Sharlie Kirby Melvin Leslie Jack Mc Conathy Mary Moore Mary Oliver Myrna Randolph John Richardson Barbara ,Rush Margaret Simpson Viva Jean Smith Bill Stem Gerry Stephens Wilton Stone Joan Tompson Clarence Troup Jessamine White Charles York Row 1: Gerry Stephens, Peggy Huse, Bonnie Crawford, Sally Jones, Miss Eisenlohr Row 2: Judith Armstrong, Peggy Kline, Emmett Bolton, Billy Jack Harrell, Glenna Maude Russell, Gloria Bracke Helen O'Brien . . Pershing Yium . Co-Editors . . . Business Manager . Advertising Manager Feature Editor . . Club Editors . News Editor . Exchange Editor . Sports Editor . Typists . . ACORN STAFF Miss Henrietta Eisenlohr, Sponsor FALL STAFF .....Editor . . . . . . BusinessManager SPRING STAFF . . . . . . PeggyHuse,BonnieCrawtord . . . . . Peggy Kline . Emmett Bolton . . . . . . SallyJones . Glenna Russell, Gloria Bracke . . . . Freda Harbert . .JoanTruly . . . . . . . . . . . BillyHarrell . Judith Armstrong, Gerry Stephens, Joan Truly Page Eighiythfee F H ku l 0 l ff' Henry Bixby . Martha Bixby . Betty Bixby . Elmer Hicks . Binks . . Marie . . . Beevy . . . Archie Pomeroy Andrew Grimes Howard Wills . Helen Maxwell Page Eighty-four Pleased Ta .Meetcha A MYSTERY-coMEDY BY BERNARD cHlcl-listen Presented by the January Senior Class W. H. Adamson Auditorium Directed by Miss Wilhelmina Hedde CAST OF CHARACTERS David Hendricks Peggy Beheler Maudelle Kather David Phillips . Ralph Gilbert Joyce Johnson Richard Langford . Carrol Steen Jerome Savage . John Yates Helen O'Brien Etta . . Randy . Mrs. Pryor Mr. Pryor Buzz . Mr. Dean Sharon . Bob . . Wayne . Tex . . Polly . Helena . Marvella Daphne Mr. Dugan Susie . Winnie . Hal . . Boops . Stu . Kit . Bella . Girls . Coaches The Divine Flora A COMEDY BY FLORENCE RYERSON and COLIN CLEMENTS Presented by the June Senior Class W. H. Adamson Auditorium April 29, T949 Directed by Miss Wilhelmina Hedde CAST OF CHARACTERS . . . . . . . . . . . Jennie Lee Martin . Harry Cummings . . Edra Baker . Gene Reynolds . Don Wright . . Louis Nelson . . . June Earnest . Claude McDonald Harolcl Hollingsworth . . Wickie MacAfee . . . Joan Truly . June Stefka . Sue Mitchell . . Billie Dutton . . . Joe Morrow . Marlene Stephens . Gayle Aldredge . . John Curley . . . . Daisy Ray . Jimmy Whittlesey . . . Peggy Huse . Bonnie Crawford . . . Maxine Lollar and Barbara Blakely . . Vernell Caldwell and Gloria Gambrell The Selecf Chorus Sponsor: Mr. Charles Williams The Orchesfro Sponsor: Colonel W. R. Conger,, 4-nw sm. f -.sfmwvn-W Y 5 Red Cross Council Sponsor: Miss Idabel Caloaniss Dorothy Nell Carter, Tawana Hamilton, Joyce Chapman Jim Huggins, Mitzie Harris, Helen Smith, May Lou Akins, Letha Nell Sims. A V Civic Federation Youth Institute Freda Harbert, Jeannie Happ, Juanice Thurman, Marilyn McWithey. Betty Fergu- son, June Earnest Don Sheeler, Claude McDonald, Sue Mitchell, Judy Basden, Smith McLaughlin, George Owens Mrs. Horn, Bob Lundy, Harold Hollinworth, Jess McKee if 9 Doris Crisp Attendance Office Kay Berry Melinda Bowen Student Assistants Senior Counselor's Office Mary Anderson Barbara Archibald Barbara Bruce Joan Cullum Janice Kenison Elaine Dillon Carroll Dunn Luanne Evans Joyce Gardner Laverne Hanks Maxine Lollar Carol Plank Gaynelle Putman Hilary Reynolds Joan Hargis Mary Wood Jim Keahey Pat Keahey Boqk Rgqm Marilyn McWithey James Barbosa Pm Moyers Bill Norcross Barbara Rush Glenna Russell . . Business Office Margaret Simpson Natalie Wade Sally Wallace Page Eighty-eight LaVona Cone Edwina Giltner Norma Hale Jean Happ Jane Hull Charlotte Hunt Carol Johnson Maxine Lollar Virginia Miller Annabell Wages Wynette Whittaker Banking Martha Nell Butler Jeanette Chanber Gloria Cootes Billie Dutton Georgia Nutt Jeanette Terry Nancy Wilson President Library Service Club Sponsor: Miss Frances Thompson Vice-President . . Secreta ry-Treasurer . . Typist . Jeanette Barnhouse Ruth Clabough John Collins Charlene Compton Bonnie Crawford Delores Enright Ann Hunter . . Charlene Compton . . JohnColIins Bonnie Crawford . . NitaWright Anna Johnson Paul Marco Bobby Rodriquez Nancy Sholund Mary Sweeney Mary Ann Wickline Nita Wright Page Eighty-nine lnterscholastic League Winners BOYS GIRLS Debate- Poetry- Peggy Huse, 1st place Jimmy Whittlesey, lst place Claude McDonald, lst place Lavona Cone James Slatton Radio Speaking- Laura Fuller, 1st place . . Bob Bryant 3rd place Daisy Ray, 2nd place Original Oratory- Essc ' . y- Marlene Stephens, 2nd plac Lester Robbms' ls' Place Journalism- Ann Ogle, 3rd place Exlemporaneous Speech' Jim Harrison Jane Hardwick, 2nd place Ronald l'lU9l1e51 3rd Place Ed Crutchfield Doris Crisp, 3rd place Declamation- Special Award- Bonnie Crawford Bob Robertson, 2nd place Jennie Lee Martin, Third Best Actress in City Billie Dutton Jo Beth Spain Jack Clement Teacher - C. Nutley ............ Miss Hedde Regional Scholastic Art Awards Gold Achievement Keys Honorable Mentions Mary Ann Percin Jennie Lee Martin Wynell Monk Donald Lync illy Don Kerss Martha Witherow Florence Grace Randlett Jack Clemer Sarah Horton Jeanne Cox Winner Iva Marie Cameron Joe Stalcup Bonnie Crawford Cristina Tapia Mariorie Merwin Freda Harbert Gay Boswell Judith Armstrong June Earnest Onita Burson lva Marie Cameron Doris Crisp Jennie Lee Martin June Earnest Winners in Essay Contests Spring and Summer, 1948, after Oak went to press Title "Human Rights, The Key to World Peace" "What Are The Evils of Whis- key and Alcohol and What Can Sponsor Ladies Auxiliary ler St. Methodist Church Be Done To Remedy Them?" "Good Citizenship" "Thrift" Civitan Club Mr. Fred F. Florence Brotherhood Class of Ty- "Good Citizenship" "Good Citizenship" "Selling As a Career" "Good Citizenship" "Selling As a Career" "What Are the Evils of Alcohol and What Can Be Done To Rem- Civitan Club Civitan Club Dallas Sales Executives Club Civitan Club Dallas Sales Executives Club Brotherhood Class of Ty ler St. Methodist Church edy Them?" "What Are the Evils of Alcohol and What Can Be Done To Rem- edy Them?" "What Are the Evils of Alcohol and What Can Be Done To Rem- edy Them?" "What Are the Evils of Alcohol and What Can Be Done To Rem- edy Them?" "Everybody Benefits" "Everybody Benefits" "Our Navy" "Ready Writers Essay Contest" "Americanism in My City" Brotherhood Class of Ty ler St. Methodist Church ler St. Methodist Church Brotherhood Class of Ty ler St. Methodist Church Winners in Essay Contests - 1948-49 Community Chest Community Chest Lions Club lnterscholastic League B'Nai B'Rith Lodge and Brotherhood Class of Ty- Place lst in City 2nd in county 3rd in City lst in school lst in City 2nd in City 3rd in City 3rd in City lst in City 3rd in County 3rd in County 5th in County 1st in school 2nd in school 2nd in City lst in 'school lst in City Chapter "What We Can Do to Help Bad Majestic Theater 3rd in City Boys" "What We Can Do to Help Bad Majestic Theater 5th in City "How Advertising Affects Our Dallas Advertising 1st in lst in City Lives" League and Advertising City Federation of America Journalism Award: French Award: Doris Crisp Ann Ogle Prize 525.01 25.01 10.01 25.01 25.01 15.01 50.01 10.01 25.01 50.01 12.51 12.51 5.01 510.0 5.0 15.0 50.0 50.03 5.0 Theater Gif Book 100.0 Future Teachers of America President ................... Ed Muirhead Vice-President . . Joyce Gardner Program chairman . . Joyce Gardner Secretary ..... . .... .... N ancy Cornehls Sponsors: Miss Roberta King, Miss ldabelle Cabaness, Mr. Carl Nutley, Mr. James Nall Front Row: Jeanette Chandler, Joyce Gardner, Sarah Fike, Mary Elizabeth Happ, Theresa Geiger, Marlene Stephens, Daisy Ray Second Row: Charlotte Hunt, Carolyn Coleman, Bonnie Kizzia, Mary Jane Derrick, Nancy Cornehls, Georgia Nutt, Kay Angel, Gay Angel Third Row: Ed Muirhead, Jimmy Miller Sponsors: Jennie Lee Martin . . Juanice Thurman . Dolores Payne . Yvonne Alexancler Kay Berry Linda Block Patsy Collier Charlene Compton Bonnie Copeland Doris Crisp Elaine Dillon Jo Ann Daugherty Bill Echols Page Ninety-two Miss Pen Pals Nellie Bly Lanktord, . . President . . Vice-President . . Secretary . Shirley Green Jean Happ Freda Harbert Betty Hill Betty Sue Howard Charlotte Hunt Jennie Lee Martin Marilyn McWithey Pat Moyers Zettie Paine Mrs. Helen Horn . Juanice Thurman . . . Jean Happ . Marilyn McWithey Shirley Pedersen Glenna Russell Catherine Shaw John D. Squier Jaunice Thurman Virginia Truesdale Joan Truly Donna Wantling Patricia Wheeler Maureen O'Brien Jane Derrick . . Doris Crisp . Jeannie Abbott Gayle Alldredge James Barbosa Gay Boswell Jo Ann Brown Iva Marie Cameron Peggy Cassady Charlene Compton Doris Crisp Book Review Club Sponsor: Miss Lorine Higginbotham . . President . . Vice-President . . Secretary . Jane Derrick June Earnest Jo Ann Fitzpatrick Vivian Hammer Russell Herman Margie High Jocele Kinsolving Mary Frances Kirk Iva Marie Cameron . Maureen O'Brien . . . Joan Truly Bettie Layfielcl Maureen O'Brien Zettie Paine Barbara Rush Dorothy Scott Joan Truly Darlene Varley Sandra Winborn Page N inety-three President . . Vice-President . Secretary . . Archivist . . Mary Anderson Olga Atkins Gladys Bohanan Jeannine Brannon Iva Marie Cameron Jo Ann Cullum Glenna Duncan Rita Easley Barbara Eudy Shirley Green Page N mety- four Dallas Historical Society Sponsor: Miss Winnie Langford OFFICERS Mitzie Harris David Hendrix Peggy Huse Sally Jones Linda Kelley Jocele Kinsolving Petra Leach James Ledbetter Don McClendon . David Hendrix . John Yates . Rita Easley . . Glenna Duncan Marilyn McWithey Betty Milsap Bobbie Pierce Stanley Shaver Margaret Simpson Gerry Stephens Joan Truly Darrell Williams John Yates President . Vice-President . Secretary . Patsy Appling Pauline Baresh Gloria Bracke Joan Collis Charlene Compton Jeanne Cox Jo Ann Cox Sybil Creel Bob Davis Mary Jane Derrick Barbara Haig Medical Professions Club Sponsor: Mrs. Adele Covington Jean Happ Jeannie Henry Gail Hodge Peggy Huse Bobby Jones Sarah Johnson Sally Jones Maudelle Kather Linda Kelly Jocele Kinsolving Bonnie Kizzia . . Bonnie Kizzia . Rose Taylor . . . Peggy Huse Petra Leach Clela Ruth McRorry Thelfred Morton Bitsy Overton Myra Peters Betty Prewitt Gerry Stephens Rose Taylor Joan Thompson Ann Ward Page N inety-ive Art Cub Sponsor: Miss Meredith Schroeder FALL OFFICERS Florence Grace Randlett . . President . Gay Boswell . . . Vice-President Jennie Lee Martin . . Secretary . Gay Angel Kay Angel Armelia Bailey Buddy Bass Gay Boswell Jean Bradley Ruth Burden Josephine Carlton Peggy Cassady Jack Clement Bob Cody Jeanne Cox Joanne Cox Sybil Creel Jennie Lynn Cross Elaine Dillon Roy Eckard Delores Enright La Nelle Enslen Lola Belle Featheston Page Ninety-Six Marie Fisher Rita Fletcher Joyce Foster Mary Ann Fuller Gloria Gambrell Barbara Gardner Peggy Gibson Shirley Green Tawana Hamilton l Vivian Hammer Sondra Heaton Billee Jean Houston Millard Hudnall Laverne Huffstutler Bettye Jones Greta McCuiston Sara McKnight Paul Marco Jennie Lee Martin Shirley Martin SPRING . . Gay Boswell . . . PaulMarco . Jennie Lee Martin Laverne Miller Nora Belle Moser Edna Newton Bill Parker Mildred Rincker J. B. Rodriguez Margaret Sanders Marilyn Setzer Stanley Shaver Jo Ann Simmons Helen Smith Maxine Smith Jo Beth Spain Joan Truly Annabell Wages Frances Ann Walker Martha Witherow Vera Yeatts Bonnie Young Sponsor . Fall Peggy Huse . Russell Herman Eloise Bivens National Thespians Abbott, Jeannie Armstrong, Judith Barbosa, James Bivens, Eloise Coleman, Carolyn Dickson, Alice Earnest, June Eubank, Carolyn Gardner, Joyce Happ, Jean Harbert, Freda Herman, Russell Huse, Peggy . Wrig . Miss of-f Wilhelmina Hedde Spring President . . . . . . Vice-President . . . Secretary . . . . ht, Don Keahey, Pat Kizzia, Bonnie Leach, Petra Martin, Jennie Lee Miller, Virginia Paine, Zettie Peters, Myra Ray, Daisy Russell, Glenna Stephens, Marlene Strange, Barbara Trulock, M. H. Whitaker, Wynette Marlene Stephens Jennie Lee Martin . Jean Happ Page Nmety seven French Club Sponsor . . Miss Helen Aduddell OFFICERS President . . ,. Russell Herman Vice-President . . Gladys Batts Secretary . Page Ninetyeeight Olga Atkins Gladys Batts Jim Bithas Ronald Carmichael Barbara Carr Elaine Dillon Constance Hansen Russell Herman Geraldine Johnson Henry Kroger Jim Ledbetter Andrea Lyden Shirley Morrow Ann Ogle Constance Pias Betty Ann Porter Tommie Ransom Joe Simmons June Sommerfield Jessamine White Mary Ann Wickline Bonnie Young Constance Pias Pan-American Club Sponsors . Miss Roberta King, Miss Eugenia Newberry, Mrs. Virginia Juergens President . . Vice-President . Secretary . . . Don Archer Barbara Archibald Judy Basden Ann Berry Kay Berry Patsy Blake Onita Burson Iva Marie Cameron Billie Chatham Mona Colemon Doris Crisp Pat Crofts Jo Ann Cullum Karl Cunyus Jo Ann Daugherty Minnette Daugherty Laura Belle Deavers June Earnest Jackie Edwin Luanne Evans Arthur Fagan Betty Ferguson Virginia Fields OFFICERS Billy Green Doris Hamm Patsy Hatchel Carole Hunter Betty Jean Jonte Maudelle Kather Jim Keahey Pat Keahey Sarah Kerr Bonnie Kizzia Bobbie Knoll Buddy Laden Jerry Matson Josephine Milke Marilyn Moore Jimmy Mullin Georgia Nutt Maureen O'Brien George Owens Lanora Parker Myra Peters Delores Phife Jerry Proctor Shirley Quick . . Pat Keahey . . Glenna Russell . Barbara Archibald Barbara Rains Richard Rains Anne Reid Hilary Reynolds Jo Ann Richardson Herman Roberson Ethel Robinson Jimmie Robinson Glenna Russell Catherine Shaw Donald Sides Margaret Simpson Lo Rita Stevens Patsy Thomas Juanice Thurman Joan Truly Virginia Truesdale Nancy Vaughn John Webster Darrell Williams Sara Wilson Beverly Zinn Ann Zuspann Page Ninety-nine Hi-Y Sponsor Fall Wilton Stone . . . President . . Paul Yeatts . . . . . Vice-President . . Jimmy Whittlesey . . . Social Chairman . Lamond Steadmond . . . . Secretary . Page One Hundred Charles Bealmear Richard Bean Emmett Bolton Bill Cantrell Jim Crow Harry Cummings Harold Daniel Harry Gibson Harold Gilliam Harold Hatfield Billy Ray Johnson Tim Jolly Robert Latimer Jimmy Lowry Wickie McAfee Robert McGhee Dick McRoberts Mr. George Boley Spring . Wilton Stone . Emmett Bolton . Richard Bean . Charles York Philip Matthews James Milson Bobby Mintor Jerry North Billy Pounds Johnny Rackley Don Sheeler Bobby Simmons Jack Smith Fred Springer Lamond Steadmond Wilton Stone Jimmy Whittlesey Don Whittaker Richard Wickline Charles Wilson Paul Yeatts Charles York Y-Teens Sponsors . . Miss Eugenia Newberry, Miss Mabel Rockett President . ........... Nan Holand Vice-President . , Pqf Richardson Secretary . Barbara Armistead Frances Bullard Glenna Duncan Carolyn Eubank Joyce Fiorenza Marie Fisher Peggy Gibson Nann Holland Janet Horne Bettie Layfield Peggy Martin Pat McNellis Wynelle Monk Maureen O'Brien Haloise Pirtle Shirley Quick Pat Richardson Geleska Showers Helen Marie Smith Gloria Sparks Wynema Watson Shirley Quick Page One Hundred One L Sponsor . President . . . Vice-President . Secretary . . Virginia Ballard Calvin Bowen Bob Bryant Lavona Cone Ronnie Cox Lee Etta Durham Luanne Evans Ronnie Ewing Laura Fuller Frances Giles Jerry Gilmore Norma Hale Jane Hardwick Ann Holt Betty Sue Howard Ronald Hughes Page One Hundred Two Debate Club Peggy Huse Betty Jones Robert Linskie Frank Matthews Bill Merwin Marjorie Merwin George Mizell Jimmy Mullin Thelma Phelps Delores Phife Carey Plexco Myrna Randolph Daisy Ray Janice Robbins Lester Robbins Bob Robertson -s -fe - gun-1 . Mr. Carl C. Nutley . Jimmy Whittlesey . Bob Bryant . Peggy Huse Gordon Robertson Kenneth Scott Marilyn Setzer James Slatton Erma Smith June Stefka Marlene Stephens Ariel Strandquist Barbara Strange Sammy Timpa Virginia Truesdale Donna Wantling Lavonna Ware Jim Whittlesey Johnny Wilson Roy Windham Distributive Education Club Sponsor . Miss Nell Page President . . Marvin Hurley Vlce President . . Charles Barnhart Secretary . . . 1 . . ..... Maxine King William Alsup John Anderson Bob Arnold Janet Bailey Louise Barnard Charles Barnhart Ray Birdwell Paul Carter Doyle Chapman Alfred Copeland Truett Davis Harry Essex Barbara Ewing Billie Gaulden John Gregson Betty Hine Leroy Hulshouser Marvin Hurley Mary Lou Irwin Maxine King' John McGlamary Jimmy McKinney Bob McPhail Jerry Moon Billy Pogue Billy Pound Ernestine Rhodes Mary Robertson Melvin Smith Jimmy Stallings Mickey Stringer Jane Swinney Billy Wilson Page One Hundred Three 15 Q R. O. T. C. Commandantof Cadets . . . Major Clement Sergeant Instructors . . MfSgt. Gordon Sgt. UC Taylor Sgt. IXC Simonton COLOR GUARD Richard Cantrell, Charles Dillard, Thomas Sawyer, Delbert Goins ie .1-A . 94 i. ,M ..,,, .. f' P' wwvu- 1 WA-wal v sf.-.www '-,Apu 'IH' . -W M-xv -sw O O Q . O n v UL.. , A vw Yi . A Q n 0 0 b W! 1 -M mbsf L-Jas 5: wg ' -wg, A Q fm, A 3 . A ,, fy J iff' 2' we hm , , ? 'A -L-af , KN- "'w -4 .lm W-1 M-. i fi V 17. i if .-,489,lEi' 4K'l F1 S 'A "TEM W ih- F. 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V ' .. ,. - - - .1 f -:. gm, A -A V, H -V , Q V, .K - 2 v .. , ,, Q Q , L Mm, L, R, Lssglz fj k V 4lQ7l 3, Ll N f QiA f 3 , 4 ,3XqL flv . , V n. . ,, M M . . . 2 I - my E'h g 7 f Q ,, '- ' 9 1 A 2. K1 fl K' as ,. blz l L i, K xi? . fb K J 1 E VLEA. W lg K -ff- LF ' - J -+ 5 2 - 5 ' V - iw 'QV 5 f . 3 S m W 6? 9' 3 L5 W ,av , my V Gy B Qi is - i ' A- ' f .Q ' , ff. 9 ,A wi fl vi' Q, ggi- .Q h b4 if d Q. nf -?'f ff. M .. . . , ,, i ua, , .I , .. E gs ivan, LW, is it '. L ku Zlwgwwfwr -'niggaz' xx t hifi is . . BSN' . . 5.1, ' - gf: . -W ' A ' - GA, ' ' 1 A ' 4 1 - K , L . . - T 0 aff. ' 4 1 Q . . . as . A In - n . 0 o , . s ' . . 1 s , o u y 1 Q ef Q1 mv 49' Q? 3 VW, ff,- f Q ,A W 5 my f En 3 Q fg. . 'fs' 2' 1" Jr- - 1" Q Lf- has Q Vg" -'.. ,.. - - '.-T.. 1 x 1,1 A: ,E A r. LR K, K gif: N , s ,ue -Wa -i, . ' -' -' ' 1 ' 'Z 2' I q "1 , I I Z ' 2' 3' E f K , auxin-E E fl! li U . ,. -,g.LiL2,.1k ' X: gag' " 4- an K4 I W L P A W: A 1 ' ga ' A AA N :K :La I A E -- ,sf , 'Hz w -QQ -12 3 4' , 'ix K a GT gk w 4, ff 5 5 Q A gg yr ' rg .4 mi al? Q wi gas xg W 2 E, U 9 g if I, Q fa.. e gi! 14? gy? Q- my 9 Q if lf 22 B" 'A' W gf' 5 5. 5 z M aww S M., ka 'E ..,-- . . v. M- A.: .fffwvw Q Im., 4 FJ K, Q7 9 Q7 Q' 5 O Q 5 5 4:- Qw xD I 53? 0 53 'iffi 5 V 'Q m x QQ 117 A ,MQ ,i 5' 5, f s !x 2 I5' ?Q,f1 ffff fb N +21 ci'-.Q--W Q Q ff Q Q xi Cl.'..-"W Q Q fx Wbwk f QC X XM!! ff ' ' 2 .Aa Y X Rf I My ff if - K s Ls-XgMW,5fxXf Qvw ,W ll ' ' ' W B 6 l l r R Y 'lz Berry, Patsy Lee, Frances Coalson, Billie Jean Creel, Arthur Bailey, ckie ildress, Jimmy Ledbetter, lKayrfBerry, Bobby Minter Row 2: Glenna uncan, Thomas Prague, Onie Bruce, lklgores Barnette, Bob Griffin, Jimmy Clendenen, Gordon Hines, Johnny Rackley Row 3: John Coker, Deral Bryant, Joyce Penn, Loyce Penn, Anna Johnson, Ima Jane Smith, Robert Bell, Donald Sides Row 4: Eddie Stotz, Jimmy Whittlesey, Claude Witherspoon, Jim Sanders, James Snelen, Bryon Vincent, Karl Cunyus, Jerry Packer, Charles Edwards, Gene Clark, Jack Alexander, Donald Sides, David Parkins Row 5: Daisy Ray, Bobby Lane, Geneva Redwine, Joyce Bogan, Eddie Stevens Row 6: George Mizell, Joe Bowling Foy Vincent, George Owens, Milton Stolz, Wilburn Litchfield, Johnny White, Mur- rel Caddell, Arthur Richardson, Earnie McManis THE MAJORETTES AND THE DRUM MAJOR Eloise Bivens, Jean Peters, Judy Basden, Johnny Rackley, Jocele Kinsolving, Wanda Patton, Sue Mitchell ii V fl If -rf" 4 Y. THE CHEERLEADERS Joyce Gardner, Gloria Bracke, Joan Thompson, Petra Leach, Richard Langford, Darrell Williams, Gavin Whitehead, Jack Dalton T "A" Squad Basketball Seated: Herman Robertson Row 'I: Eddie Swink, Verde Dickey, Millar Browne, Billy Jack Harrell, Harold Hatfield, Gavin Whitehead, Billy Cowan Row 2: Mr. Fuller, Ed Sallis, Bobby Grooms, Bob McGregor, William Vines, Thomas Springer, Bob McGhee, Bill Bennett, Ray Luper. "B" Squad Basketball Row 1: John Cody, Don Clark, Bob Nichols, Jimmy Miller, David Epps, Ed Braclfield, Bill Miller Row 2: John McKelvey, Mike McNellis, Bob Allan, George Nelson, Dick Stewart, Louis Warren. BILLY BENNETT BILLY JACK HARRELL RAY LUPER EDDIE SWINK GAVIN WHITEHEAD WILLIAM VINES I949 Boskefball Team "THE MIGHTY LEOPARDSH BILLY COWAN BOB MCGHEE VERDE DICKEY ED SALLIS BOB McGREGOR 'ps , ,,g "THE MIGHTY LEOPARDSH Football "A" Squad Coaches: Manager: VERDE DICKEY Bill BlNFoRD FRANK GUZICK y Football "A" Squad Row 1: Millar Browne, Billy Ray Johnson, Jim Whittlesey, Verde Dickey, Tom Ballinger, William Wilson, Thomas Eiland, Joe Ben James, Lamond Steadman, Don Whitaker, Kenneth Belken, Ronnie Anderson, W. D. Sims, Charles Bigham. Row 2: Bob Lundy, Paul Yeatts, Richard Bean, William Vines, Wilton Stone, Don Sheeler, Don Stem, F. B. Golden, Robert Aiton, Billy Ray Smith, Jim Berry, Kenneth Shields, Bob Hickman, Truman Bailey. Row 3: Wylie Simmons, Wayne Woods, Max Gandy, Clyde Enright, Marcus Steadman, Gene Reynolds, Donald Page, Bill Cantrell, Ross George, Ralph Shanahan, Thomas Swann, Orville Booth, Connie Foster, Bobby Simmons, Don Lambert, Harold Daniels. "THE MIGHTY LEOPARDSH Football "B" Squad Coaches: J. H. MALONE J. B. HEAD JAMES NALL L Football "B" Squad Row 'I: Charles Shaw, Richard Parker, Jack Clower, Bob Robertson, Dean Coon, David McWithey, Wilson Walker, Bobby Berry, Buddy Stevenson, Ronald North, Clarence Clouse, John Collins, Gene Dale, Bob Lane, Bill D. Kerss. Row 2: Bill Stem, Billy Martin, Wayne Martin, Jack Bryant, Tim Jolly, Charles York, Jack Smith, Jim Lowery, Joe Boyd, Mack Monroe, Charles Brown, Jimmy Milton,.Mike McNellis, Bob Sadler, Pete Aleman, R. E. Hanna, Jarrett Shirley, ' Row 3: Malcolm Garner, Dick McRoberts, Richard Cantrell, Bob Alfinger, Billy Joe James, Buster Brown Gary Marrs, Eddie Nicholas, Bobby Nichols, Paul McDonald, Bob Baumgartner, Austin Bratcher, Bobby Minter, Leland McBrayer, Jerry North, James Snelen. Row 4: Bill Norcross, Willis Langley, John McKelvey, David Frazier, John Chappell, Eugene Liverman, Jack McConathy, Dick Stewart, Kenneth Florence, Gerald Kempe, Guy Mizell, Charles Reed, Charles Baker, Ralph Parker, Leroy Rickerson, Gene Clark, Kenneth Kimbrell, Jackie Walden. James Whittlesey Millar Browne Willie Wilson Truman ailey Charles Bigham Bob Lundy Tom Ballinger Joe Ben James "THE MIGHTY LEOPARDSH Kenneth Belken Billy Roy Smith Don Whitaker Bobby Simmons Donald Lambert FOOTBALL LETTERMEN Jim Crow Don Sheeler Paul Yectts Lomond Steadman Verde Dickey Wilton Stone Billy Ray Johnson Richard Bean Bob Hickman Jim Berry Thomas Eiland F831 ,,., ,, , . 'Rf ' U 1. L SPA' -1 L ':f'g:: a .. ri!-M. fi-i 4. ,- ' .Y "A" :V i . . . 'h William Vines of v . ' x.yAg:Ev'.- w Thomas Swann Robert Aiton Tennis Front row: Mr. Smith, Jeannie Abbott, Jo Ann Fitzpatrick, June Earnest, Jocele Kinsolving. Second row: Elzetta Paine, Edwin Tipps, Richard Rains, Don Smith. Golf Standing: Mr. Leftwich, James Milson, Bill Woford, Edwin Tipps, Leonard Warren. Sitting: Joel Jones, Wilburn Litchfield, Philip Wright. Row I Mr. Boley, Tom Ballinger, Ed Sallis, Millar Browne, Chili Bigham, Verde Dickey, Bob Hickman, Thomas Yium. Row 2 Jimmy Miller, Don Fowler, Joe Walker, Joe Bowling, Robert Mc- Ghee, Jerry Senier, Cecil Long, Rex Ansley, Victor Luker, Randall Allen. Chill Blgham Verde Dickey 7949 Baseball Team Tom Ballinger Ed Sallis m 5 ui X , fi 1 :K Q. ,W , . I we , 4-vo l l Don Fowler Aillor Browne Joe Bowling Cecil Long Rex Ansley Clifton Burchmon "The Mighfy Leopards" Jimmy Miller gmfiffafv- 1, ,Q v me , 'flrffhkf 17 in iyisfyffgg X E Robert Aifon Victor Luker Track Row 'l: Garner Malcolm, Cy Peters, Bobby Wilmoth, Bob Saddler Row2: Victor Patton, Jim Berry, Dick Stewart, Richard Wickline, Don Gipson, Bob Nichols, Eugene Dale, James Nixon, Jimmy Rogers, Don Stern Row 3: Mr. Head, Dick Cacye, Bob Harrell, Raymond Belken, Paul Yeatts, Ronnie Anderson, John Collins, Troy McKenzie, Jarrett Shirley, Jo Miller, Phil Matthews Row 4: Joe Morrow, Johnny Rackley, George Nelson, Lee Roy Nichols, Bob Allan, Bob Lundy, Thomas Springer, Clyde Enright, Leroy Rickerson. Dick Cayce John Rackley James Nixon 7949 Track Team "The Mighfy Leopards" Joe Morrow Paul Yeatts Leroy Rickerson Richard Wickline r 'WSW Raymond Belle Gym Assistants Row 'l: Rita Easley, Gay Boswell, Bonnie Crawford, Billie Dutton, Mitzi Harris, Annabell Wages, Barbara Blakeley Row 2: Gladys Bohanan, Mary Katherine Minter, Charlene Compton, Evalyne Cruthirds, Mary Jane Derrick, Peggy Kline, Patsy Thomas. Sportsman's Club Sponsors: Mr. Franks, Sergeant Taylor l V l 1 Row 'l: Joe Johnson, Buddy Stevenson, Joe Miller, Ralph Parker, Jack Clement, Karl Cunyus, Mack Monroe, Jerry Matthews Row 2: Jim Sanders, Arthur Richard- son, Bob White, Clyde Enright, Arthur Fagan, Jerry Wales, Allen Kroger Row 2: Sergeant Taylor, Mr. Franks. Page One Hundred Twenty-nim? Girls Physical Education , Instructors: Mrs. Roe Cullum Mrs. Jewella Riley Miss Eurice Miller Social Dance Club Row 1: Jessamine White, Helen Marie Smith, Janet Harrison, Constance Pias, Peggy Ann Parker, Gloria Hughes, Barbara Blakeley, Rosalie Robbins, Joanne Daugherty Row 2: Joe Slaughter, Jerry Procter, Dick Cayce, Joy Pennybacker, Loretta Booker, Peggy Taggart, Minette Daugherty, Charles Albright, Harry Cummings Row 3: Russell Herman, Louis Nelson, Wickie McAfee, R. E. Hanna, Carroll Lewis, Jerry Rackley Row 4: Henry Kroeger, Miss Miller, Earl Potts, Bert Rodriguez, Gene Hellum, Ronald Carmichael, James Barbosa, Page One Hundred Thirty-two Square Dance Club Row I: Alice Dickson, Nancy Allen, Helen Smith, Janet Harrison, Sue Dell Schnyder, Jo Beth Spain, Bob Moyers, Jo Anne Harris, Gerald Ferguson, Don Archer Row 2: Rosalie Robbins, Louella Taylor, Dorothy Carter, Marilyn Moore, Mary Ann Eason, Billie Chatham, Jamie Portwood, Helen Smith, Joan Caldwell, Leanne Stenson Row 3: Miss Miller, Pat Murphy, Bobby Knoll, Sandra Heaton, LaVerne Hanks, Joy Pennybacker, Pat Hammond, Nellie Donaldson, Barbara Lambert Row 4: James Good, Al Cook, Dick Cayce, Harry Merwill, Earl Potts, Albert Cunningham, Ronnie Harrison, 'Joe Johnson Row 5: Frank Whitson, Bert Rod- riguez, Mr. Hester, James McGinnis, Willis Brumley. Page One Hundred Thzrty three Girls' Sports Club Sponsors: Mrs. Rae Cullum, Mrs. Jewella Riley President . . Co-President . Patsy Appling Sally Bard Rosemary Boughton Darlene Biondi Barbara Blakely Gay Boswell Gloria Bracke Thalia Clement Frances Coalson Bonnie Copeland Billie Creel Patsy Cumming Evalyne Cruthirds Mary Jane Derrick Bette Dollins Barbara Eudy Betty Ferguson Doris Golden Shirley Hamlin Freda Harbert Inge One Hundred Fhirty-four Jean Happ Mary Elizabeth Happ Ann Holt Billie Jean Houston Betty Sue Howard Suzanne James Pat Keahey Laurel Kellum Bonnie Kizzia Peggy Kline Ruth Louderman Jean McQuiston Virginia Manning Loyce Massey I Diana Metzler Mary Katherine Minter Marilyn Mitchell Joan Moulton Shirley Pedersen Myra Peters Shirley Quick . MaryJane Derrick . . . Doris Golden Corinda Rougeou Frances Sanders Joan Schott Sue Scott Betty Sims Letha Nell Simms Joan Sleeth Suzanne Smith Gerry Stephens Marlene Stephens Barbara Strange Mary Sweeney Peggy Taggart Loretta Taylor Patsy Thomas Joan Toney Ann Ward Carolyn Wilcox Bobbie Wilson Mary Elizabeth Wood 92 Allied Youth OFFICERS Sally Jones, Gerry Stephens, Betty Sims, Don Wright, Mr. Hamilton, Paul Yeatts. Page One Hundred Thirty-five 1 , 7, Zigi? -fdufog, A ap 5 if ,M ER 'f'L W? F3 Hifi? fy Z W ,ff ' fffkf Mmm ff W M CQM5 WM gf W W,6fJ .K .,, 41 If . l .Q "TL "' 1 ' -Q f ' AA 1 -. 6,-,-,LI :I li 1 " I f f ' ff 4' QL. - "I ' A s. n if Q I. A Q L ,L,ls,M, 1-' I- v,1,'.,L f H i 5 3, s., , mam f4w01'? ' 'L . fm Q4-1 wW'a gg' aww -. - f .lj-f ' W Q - .f X L, W. -gfwf 'fav-wb 0ffwL'1MwAQZ?fUff9vQAQjWF fx lz r 0 w W QQ, , V I m 4 M,fMW'i Q JP ,,, L D., 16-M- Wtixsfmw ww Q f 1 gf ff f V J wsfiff A J ri Y, : I I , km , nm ,, , . ,. ,- rf .ff ,f--,'Hvg1-1-.--4!!1?"'!!!'F1F'tf..V...,,rgwlmsyqiyf,--,-JIIQ-yy.--afvxzf?-V-1 Y-5' .-7-, -Y :f 7,1111-:'g'w'v1'!v:'-fm .'-f-1-mimi'-rvsgf , . . X .. w - 'i -- A, . ,-' . w - - ,- Q . -' .' W 1 ' ' f' .N f A , f ,b i-g'5-Fmyxi . .- ,vig ,V . , H V 5 , V . , , . ,V . 47, P ..,, Qi 535 Q 1 Y fb" D554 V' ' 'fi ,Qs f M, 2 , VJ ufo rapifs , , , WSWW 2 ff if r E t, F L N 7671 ' F r n E22 f n 9 r L if 7"A'ff" fwfffl ggfgfjffjwf J fly!! Aff M ff ff! ff! WW! 9f1 1W'4 .3 'pg W1 SX E555 ' 1. if ' 9--H ,"' ' i . A N y Vw J NU 7 X X xj gj .V R ,r JH Kjg 5 X K ' xt MY JU N V f 1 Q f f gf M A gf , JV XX J 4 f' if f bf X V fi ' j, x uv lvqij Nj ,jj H Q1 ki, ' W ju j , UAE Sfoza Qmzzg, oafg dhff Buift , 7+ i POHddF Compliments of BARRETT ULEANERS Cleaning Dyeing Cold Storage 702 E. Jefferson M-81 1 1 The South s Must Beautiful Uluaulug Plant E. W. KERR, Owner Beckley Cleaning Co. 0 03 05 S ld W-8100-W RED ISRYMVS SMIIKE IIIIUSE Since 1910 610 West jefferson O "For fhe Finesf in Mexican Food" AIR coNDmoNEo EL FENIX CAFES OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 1608 McKinney 120 E Colo do Bl d 5027 Lovers Lo D A L L A S Pouddrf Complimenfs of TENNESSEE DAIRIES "WORLD'S SAFEST MILK" 0 HOME LOAN H EADQUARTERS In Oak Cliff Oak Cliff Savings and Loan Associafion 320 West Jefferson Boulevard Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce Building Dallas 8, Texas TELEPHONE W-5331 CARN ES MOTOR SERVICE General Aufo Repair All Makes Bfh and Beckley ORVAN CARNES Dallas, Texa Pge0neHuddF E AY ' S Jewelers Diamondsv-Watches--Gifts Oak Clifs Oldest jewelers 116 W. JEFFERSON 355 W. JEFFERSON Q . , , , 0' - l'lEf':f52 vp I , j M . New ff u W M fe 'ru 1 -Q. 1, ' ' Wage We S ff! M WMPWNL M Z 'mm A . . . .Vince 1877 POHddF' BECKLEY AT DAVIS PHONE M-9250 FOR THE BEST BARGAIN SEE BENNETT 81 HEFNER NEW AND USED CARS "More Cash for Your Car. ..More Cm' for Your Cash" . 0 PHONE W5-8511 MANDELSTAM'S LADIES' APPAREL 125 W. JEFFERSON Q -E HOME FURNITURE CO. OAK CLIFF ,"Eve1'y1fl9ing for the Home" 610 E. jefferson at Marsalis I Q YOZl,V6 Always Welcome at DUNTON'S CAFETERIAS Downtown f Oak Cliff f Lakewood Page Une Hundred Fo ty Compliments of COLBERT' LADIES' READY-TO-IVEAR 222 W. JEFFERSON Y 9 Ring 8g Brewer has the sportswear and westernwear you'll love ..true to the Western tradition if Sportswear for men ond women f Western B ts . . for all sizes if Complete Westernweor Departments f Women's and Children's Shoes wk Men's Shoes O KANTZ FURNITURE CO. FINE FURNITURE PHONE Y2-8543 BECKLEY AT DAVIS 0 EILSO BEAUTY COLLEGE Finest in Dallas and the Southwest Beauty Culture Offers Splendid Careers in Operating, Managing, Demonstrating, Selling, Teaching, and State Supervison 412 W. JEFFERSON PHONE M-0458 Guaranteed Beauty Service to the Public I , Page One Hundred Forty-eight As you go upward and outward into the world you'll come to appreciate the worth of quality in everything you buy.. E. M KAHN 81 CO. Main and Elm at Lamar Quality Apparel for Men, Boys and Women --e OAK CLIFF BANK 8: TRUST CO. 250 West jefferson R. D. SUDDARTH, President Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ' 6 f Your Oak Cliff Jewelers ' TF V 5 I iifs U 1: 0 J KL: X "" V D V li I lx A XD Z I 3 Phone W-4084 133 W. Jefferson Compliments of I W V - F A Complete Department Store of 4 f Nationally Advertised Brand C S Infants to 12 Years of Age E g Both Boys and Girls A vs LAYETTES -- APPAREL - SHOES 5.1-Q. TOYS - FURNITURE Children's Shop Phone Y2-4008 119 West Jefferson Page One Hundred Forty-nine TRICE FLOOR COVERINGS, INC. CARPETS - RUGS - LINOLEUM - TILE The Soutlowesfs Largest Supplier of Nationally Famous Floorcoverings STORE HOURS Weekdays, 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Saturdavs. 8:30 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. FOR FLOOR COVERING ADVICE SEE TRICE 514-16 W. Jefferson ' Phone Y2-7595 AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK of Oak Cliff Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 401 W. jefferson Phone M-2185 9 LARGEST IN DALLAS Streamlined courses, individual advancement, urgent demand for graduates, select student body, prestige with employers, and national reputation attract more students to DRAUGHON'S than to all similar schools in Dallas combined. Prompt Placement in Preferred Positions DRAUGHON,S BUSINESS COLLEGE Approved by the State Department of Education as a Business junior College Commerce and Harwood Telephone R-3133 0 The Oak Cliff Compliments of Y M C A Laundry Supreme Goes Forward with the Youth of Laundry and Dry Cleaning Adamson High School Pickup and 'Delivery Service Take Time To Be Healthy join the "Y" 400 W. jellerson Phone YZ-3147 N Tenth and Beckley Phone Y2-3138 One Hundred Fifty PRICES ARE LOWEST AT RICK'S Jefferson J Bishop at Polk 6 and Seventh W-1133-37 W-1133-37 FU RNITU RE CO. Dallas, Texas Y I I I i I J. C. lShortyl FOSTER AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Painting, Body Work General Repairing, Wrecker Service 1808 N. Akard Phone R-1776 THE RUSH CO. School Art Supplies 1305 Elm Street Phone R-4403 Rutherford-Metropolitan School of Business A Major School of Business OFFERING Professional Level Training in Accounting, Secretarial, Science, Office Machines, Salesmanship DAY SCHOOL .NIGHT SCHOOL Personally Supervised Home Study Air Conditioned - Modern Equipment Approved by the State Depeartment of Education as a Business College COMMERCE AT FIELD PHONE C-4538 "Complete Home Furnishings" SMITH FURNITURE COMPANY EASY TERMS Buy . . . Sell . . . Exchange 912 W. Jefferson Phone W3-4611 Dallas, Texas THE LEOPARDS' FAVORITE KATIE'S DAVIS STREET RECORD SHOP 936 W. DAVIS PHONE Y2-7595 Mrs. Kathryn f"Katie"l Forrest, Owner Compliments of American, Beauty Cover Company 2002 N. Field R-5179 Page Une Hundred Fifty-one PENNEY'S J. C. PENNEY CO., INC. 425 W. Jefferson "lt lt's from P E N N E Y ' S lt's Right" Clyde B. Lamar Joe H. Smith LAMAR 81 SMITH Funeral Home "Orchard Ambulance Service' 800 W. Jefferson Madison 2146 Madison 2147 SUITS - PANTS - OVERCOATS Ready Made . . . Tailor Made BELL CLOTHING CO. "The Young Men's Store of Dallas" 1617 Main Street Dallas, Texas HUDSON C. LOCKETT M A Y F A I R Dallas' Beautiful Fashion Center" ll SMART WEARINS APPAREL for Juniors, Misses, Women, Children and Infants 1414 ELM STREET Elm at Akard Weather Bird Shoes PHONE W3-1395 ' f I I ,M I Jesse Bolin Motor Co. I . in -F1111 lg , 1 .1151 F "Used Cars With Many Unuse:l Miles" 310 W. JEFFERSON 316 E. Jefferson Dallas, Texas W-8916 C f l l' f th I ongmualons O 9 ' WYATT FOOD STORE Adamson Graduates John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company 130 N. BECKLEY PHONE M-4153 Store No. 24 110 W. Davis You Are Always Welcome at WYATT'S Page One Hundred Fifty-two Compliments of GEORGE M. STUART Florist in Oak Cliff FORD'S VARIETY STORE Hardware and School Supplies 412 N. Bishop Phone M-0006 1315 N. Zangs Blvd. Phone W3-4615 O A K C L I F F P H A R M A C Y Phone M-5121 10th and Lancaster Dallas, Texas Over a Million Prescriptions and Fifty Years of Service FREE DELIVERY BILL UTLEY AUTOS Better Used Cars Bought and Sold 607 N. Beckley Phone Y2-2620 Texas Vogue Congratulations from Rosewin Stevens Dallas Radio 8. Beverly Stevens Refrlgeratlon Co. A T SERVICE ON RADIOS AND APPLIANCES s or Lloyd Pullen, Manager 128 N. Beckley Phone M-8062 Dallas, Texas Visit Our Record W E L B O E ' S Department Popular, Classical and Hillbilly ' FORD RADIO S T O R E S FURNITURE Sl APPLIANCES 200 W. Jefferson at Zangs W3-7521 120 W. Jefferson 2210 S. Beckley Page One Hundred Fifty-t Compliments of Ball Nut 8: Conday M. C. Horton 6: Company Painting . . . Papering . . . Decorating COIUPHHY Taping . . . Textoning SALTED NUTS-FINE CANDIES 2907 Hcflvndvle 409 S. Beckley Phone M-0078 Office w-4839 Res. W3-9697 Q Service Printing 81 I YUUR NITIUNIL '-""'BMNllSS1IJRE 511 W. JEFFERSON W-1151 Office Supply CO. 512 West Jexerson Dallas 8, Texas M-2343 - Y2-0596 o PRINTING . OFFICE SUPPLIES . OFFICE FURNITURE . LEGAL BLANKS Poole Funeral Home PHILLIPS' STORE I "In the Service of Others" 121 W. Jefferson 437 W. Jefferson Dallas 8, Texas Your Neighborhood "5 and 10" A. W. PRICE L. T. PATTILLO 0 Oak Cliff Sewing Machine 8: . Appliance CO. 115 W. Jefferson Phone Y2-4247 209 S. Beckley Phone M-2134 HUBER COMPANY "Since 1905" HOME APPLIANCES - GROCERIES MEATS - FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS The Vita Craft CO. Dallas, Texas FINE ALUMINUM UTENSILS Phone Y2-5377 336 W. Davis The Ida Lee Shoppe Ladies' Shoes, Hats and Hosiery 133 W. Jefferson Dallas, Texas INEZ HELMS EVERETT BRADLEY INEZ GIFT SHOP "We Personalize Stationery and Gifts" Packages Wrapper for Mailing-Baby Gifts Gift Wrapping 517 W. Jefferson Phone M-5527 M. R. HAYS Hays' Service Station WASHING - LUBRICATION TIRES -- BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES ROAD SERVICE Bishop and Davis Phone YZ-8401 Page One Hundred Fifty-four jack Harper Cleaners SUPERIOR CLEANING AND PRESSING "Serving Oak Cliff" 313 N. Bishop Phone M-0543 Clifton Cleaners 1227 Ballard Street Across from Cliffton Hotel Telephone W3-1134 HILLPOT'S BICYCLE, SPORTING GOODS, LOCKS, KEYS, GUNS, and REPAIRING Good as the Bert--Better Than the Rest 708-10 E. jefferson at 10th 8: Lancaster Phones: Madison 1022 and Madison 0632 Alan Bayse Electric Co. CON TRACTING - WIRING MAINTENANCE - REPAIRS 1005 W. Davis Phone Y2-3755 Safety Glass Company Auto Glass, Furniture Tops, Desk Tops 622 W. Davis Phone W-0321 Carolyn Baker Realty Co. It Pays to Plan With Us To Build - Business or Buy - Residential Prompt, Efficient Service 509 W. Davis Bus. W5-4249, Rec, M-7054 jack Hammond SERVICE - TEXACO - STATION Friendly 24-Hour Service-Marfak Specialists Zangs at Davis Phone W3-6700 ANNEX CLEANERS Complete Laundry Service, Cleaning, Dyeing, Alterations, Fur Storage Free Pickup and Delivery Service Phone Y2-0950 410 N. Tyler St. Cliff Variety 81 Hdw. Co. Notions, Toys, Paints School Supplies and Varieties 423 W. jefferson Dallas, Texas WATKIN S MUSIC CO. Pianos - Band and Orchestra Equipment - Sheet Music 838 W. jefferson Phone M-3902 Dunningan's Service Station 10th and Beckley MAGNOLIA PRODUCTS Phone M-4321 Royal Tire 81 Battery Co. Distributors of U. S. Royal Tires, Batteries, Accessories 1071 W. Davis at Willomet Phone W3-8479 Phone M-0435 Hub Cambron Red Kepke Home W-8004 Home M-9940 Fast Road Service Washing 81 Lubrication phone M-0210 Bishop at 7th Slay's Service Station TEXACO PRODUCTS CHIS. C. SLAY, Dealer 12th and Beckley Phone M-0569 YOUNG CLEANERS "The Tops in Dry Cleaning" Phone W3-7555 Compliments of jefferson Finance Co., Inc. COLLATERAL LOANS Furniture, Auto, Equipment All Loans Insured Bruce McKee, Mgr. 122-A W. Jecerson Oak Cliff Music Co. Pianos, Radios, Vicfrolos, Records and Music Open Evenings 612 W. Jefferson W-1171 Page One Hundred Fifty-five One Day Service at Our Office CLIFF LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANING CO. Phone W-0385 Zangs Blvd. at Colorado Cliff Barber Shop "Friendly Service" 409 N. Bishop EAGLE GROCERY 81 MARKET y Swqrfz Sfore Top Quality Food 1201 No. Bishop 10th and Lancaster Newest Store in This Locality PATTERSON 81 MARTIN BARBER and BEAUTY SHOP 20 Years in the Same Location Phone W-6165 Nall Quality Produce Co. Fancy Poultry and Eggs 106 N. Lancaster Phone M-0476 105 S. Marsalis Ave. Dallas, Texas Household Goods of All Kinds Diamonds Watches Jewelry zenith, Eq5y, Crosley, Gibggn bb R B 0 I Grand, Stewart-Warner BO Y ' e'Z e Odd Lot Mercantile Co. WATCHMAKER 114 N. Lancaster, Dallas Phone M-0270 101 N. Lancaster, Dallas S- V- MCCARI-EY, Owner Bus. M-9465-Res. M-5933 Compliments Brown Plumbing Co. 210 South Bishop "For All Plumbing Needs" Frances King BOOK STORE AND RENTAL LIBRARY Greeting Cards for All Occasions School Books and Supplies Alterations Storage Nu-Look Cleaners-Dyers "Look New with Nu-Look" Phone W-0992 2627 S. Lancaster HARRISON GROCERY Sr MKT. 505 N. Bishop Use Phone M-5101 for Service 229 W. Jefferson Next Door to Rosewin Theatre TITOHIC You BUY REPAIR - - PAINE-woosTER W 0826 WALKER BROS I2 0830 TYPEWRLTER SERWCE MAGNOLIA sERvlcE stAtioN Typewriters Type -EAcIIld51g Machines Add ZCIDQS Blvd. cmd Davis St, . Cash Re9I5Ie'5 CMI' .I. L. Walker Ray Walker 425 W. Davis Phone M-4063 CLINE MUSIC COMPANY, INC. FORD RADIO Everything for Band and Orchestra Guaranteed Repair Work Phone C-1948 1409 Elm St. FURNITURE 8K APPLIANCES Complete Home Furnishings Frigidaire 200 W. Jefferson Phone Y2-3119 , . Page One Hunrlred Fifty-.six Goodyear Tires, Goodyear Batteries Lifeguards - Motorola Radios Dunlap-Swain Company 638 W. Jefferson Avenue "When You Stop, We Start" W-5252 Joe Volcik 415 N. Beckley Ave. OAK CLIFF AUTO TOP 81 SEAT COVER CO. Fancy Tailored Seat Covers and Convertible Tops Phones: M-4776 - Night T3-6466 R. A. WOOD SERVICE STATION Beckley at Melba Jordan Floral Company FINE FLOWERS AT REASONABLE PRICES 303 N. Beckley Phone M-0i23 T32 N- BeCkleY Dallas, Texas Phone W3-4647 Corsages a Specialty Delivery Service Telephone M-2155 Texas Seed 81 Floral Co. RAVEN'5 PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 528 East Tenth W-1124 Prescription Service Exclusively W. Jefferson at Bishop Dallas 8, Texas Golden Rule Printing Co. Phone M-0616 "lt Pays to Plan With Your Printer" Wm. Bostick Beckley 81 Twelfth St. TlPTON'S CLEANERS 8a DYERS We Have the Plant, the Knowledge and the Desire to Do Good Work "WE DO lT" 'li6 S. Beckley Phone MAT397 Charlie's Bicycle Shop 207 No. Beckley Dallas, Texas Lawn Mowers, Boat Motors, Home Appliances Garden Tools, Accessories of All Kinds Sales and Service The Oak Cliff Tribune Since 1903 Texas' Largest Weekly Newspaper Fighting Oak Cliff's Battles R. P. Dekkers, Owner and Operator Phone M-0531 212,214 E. Jefferson Blvd. phone M3629 "Com lete Home Furnishers" 0 - ' P EASY tems Sherwin-Williams Co. B0lIn 81 59lVlClQ9 oek cuff Store: soo s. Beckley FURNITURE W-3164 209 East Jefferson We Buy, Sell, Exchange Phone M-2586 H. B. Pogue, Manager Beckley Barber Shop T04 West Jefferson Blvd. Berry and Wycough Britton's Garage 305 N. Beckley "lf We Can't Fix lt, Give It Away" Phone M-2043 Trinity Heights Pharmacy LYLE H. ROGERS 1725 S. Ewing Y8-6872 Groves Lumber Co., Inc. Yard: Corner Beckley and Jefferson M-2171-2-3-4 MRS. HOMER H. GROVES, President "We Have Only the One Location" Page One Hundred Fifty seven 6 ' SUUTHWESTEHN BALFUUH C0 Swfvlfwf SENIIIII IIINSS - IJIUII PINS CUMMENCEMENT INVITIITIUNS Downtown Sales OfHce Sanger Bros. - Second Floor Telephone RiverSide-4079 I .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Each year finds an even greater effort on the part of both the Oak Stall? and our organization to keep up the high standard of ADAMSUN HIGH Masterpieces. We appreciate the journey through the years with your publication personnel and School officials. SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING Co OF DALLAS 905 S1 m St. at Wichita St. A Phone R d 2158 DALLAS. TEXAS ,,7 ,,,, , , , , 65f'f5W3Jf9f N 5 J X Q' offs Rl' 3.1 0-7 X V ff 7' vu ,W ff , W U ' , ,.L':- "-.'f:" v-M ,.,. ,Q g::J ,sms .,.,.f, ., W- 1 ,. ,,.,.,Nf , " g nu ,:. .za w.:2 Qf "ia ' I'f' '2' "' S1' 222f222f22'f -wif Wiilf!f"'E'W'E' , fwnmn 7-z'17uQnq Zninyran TX mms unll.KlNsou,omf- :Ai L - h Q, G t Mndag ww LR-I6Z2 47. Z'9u,e4f-,oR,Ce,,- wooost 4 35 ? ffl? .355 IQ ?jf,253HH13 ? if Q KF if if If

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