Adamson High School - Oak Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1948

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Adamson High School - Oak Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1948 volume:

f-l--,Q K f ,A ,A - .. - . - . sv-1'Qb9-4-aff,-Q-, 1 " -as LQ- . J W: -1 ' R " .. - - . 17. ,Q V V, .,, ,. ,.. - V f J, . ,'5"Ewf-fair' -" X Y ff-'L ,- 'fa f Lg L5 1 1 - ,2,f1if .i. L fi aff an -' .Y H . -- -1.-.Li ,+G '- :rsh - fr ,g .' Y -- ,-- f w -' -' 2 'fi' T'2-.-iii' 3 -, Y , ,. i . ,Y V 24, ,Y Y, 4 -Q - , Y ,J,'f5,v '71 . ki .V,,i5x.'g,-,ggwv-w,,:i,f . ff.: V , WN 1 , , ,Q,,,Q.gg5L.,,,.,,i,f , --41 ?f7"'f-Q""i" f 'Vg'T'i3"?f' .qgS5""1'-'-"' f ' ' V " " ' ' - ' - V' 1 ' . ,L ' -' ' -' -"" 721305, A' If ,L ' 5 5 pf? M ' 'glib f by f Vg 5 ' A'2 , A fiZ5'0'0M i 2 fi 2 .,f 'T 4:2 01 I . . ,x 1, ff J, sw -ff, , K '," C jg If , ' v, X, A, wff . ' ' U CQ, 'F vq ' riff? LQAZLW MS ,,, 1 gwwef J' if 13f' ! Ay lxwvx 0' + V f fl L 9 yi ffffffzxx A' 591 i N g f 435 UVQJ ,Fm jg . ig, f' K., Q Q 37 K? F , V ,f , , V 1 kfiw--' .f ' V 'V .V V ' -f 1 W- wx , ff? f ' I pi: fm 0 ,g I ff It 4 1 1 I 0- fQ,l,u,QQ,L-X iffgiyf Zfiifw Zf ', ff? ' - if Z5 Xf , my D f GL A iffbvfx gf? fiadbzs L V' 42 XJWJQZ 4 u ,fyf LW wwf? KW' fm , 45 X 1 o WM , f,M,W f5Mfe5f'f5 J"7 wif M ,pf L1 lyldaufwgr My Vwywirl ff,ffffw loaf' , xfmb jwf w 4 My ff Q V V' xs if fp ' CQ' Lf? J3WX w . lm ,s aff' ff gj,gf J lMM, 45 WM ff 5 gf!! . K! ' I v 5 , P-H, JV ,. - , 'V H W ,Laila x rip 'LY-x., if MW W' x 5 , f aa!! .ff ' 1' ff X ,, ,,j , ' Q, , S l'43'T"""-C? : ds 1 " . f ,T J' ri .:J.'. ' -I ,.A J 41' . QLQIQS5' " IX. N? Affffff-ff P L r E - l J S xl V-Xi ,S X5 , ' 'Q - . I S :X mx K y 5' A .N . x H? 1 OX r ggi-A if ffgeiza xx 1 x U ' 1 V 8 lb' xi 'W I V' H" fYK4.g X' . X W ll' M Ha S xl' NA,- L' x, .+ . X S M N' ' - ' v Ax X Q x VU, .. N ff fuxww , X LW, 'X X " Q . U x XS? .A- K' - o x , THE SENIOR CLASS of W. H. Adomibn High School T650 K y 2' MMP U1 ,Af af ,,,4,.,Mf 4-96?-V0 u WW! Jew X56 W M W My O 1 - 1 , . my l F ' Y I , , f- ' ' :J 28634-1001.43 N--4 -5 kk? QQQQQGQ Qgfkfc Vx if I ...-- my , 7 Fr X Qkvfis cf "-'Z I, z, 1 , .7 51 ? X + .257 fin., it C fm-3 ?v"6"A: Mb S 'X uglqb L Jn? , X fy, 4 -00N ' LIL if S eS4xc.'iRh JL 5? 7? K C' V ep ? C71 Q C L ' Lo 2, ffiiri -X353 - i,f CF fp -'gtg PJ cz V X ' ' ck PM :Q A1251-Ei y 'K 0 f G k S Q Q ' GAY' l 5 -9? HCTwsTyES, J K g 'iq 6:gx.ih U CLuB9 'if3'g " J 'U'-f gk MPLITARY bxrxc fgfn ATHL , 3 CQCNFJJ Vx V . tm .2 A, N N Q3 5-4:3 JV any 4 . N X L L Q f LN 'jfifwfk Dedication Out of respect and admiration for one who performs a difficult task with effic- iency and grace, we, the Senior Class of 1948, dedicate the thirty-sixth volume of the Oak to Miss Lona Belle Sprueill. f! 1 f N R X N x -P 2' I f .f I . Vi ,, . E- f u q , I ' . ,1 1, Aulnxnxsirai on 2 . I X J A, g. A A ' ,A 6. X ft fyzb . I? I Ji, - 'll' fg 4 l, 4 1 ,, 4' f I ' ' ,I , . f w H.. .4 , 1, . f Q- 1 fl, I .rf , ' A ' Q , jr lf, 3 -If 'hzr g 4-ff ,AL ' ' --f ,, L P I 1 I af 1, . 'J sf 1 I li , I1 A 4, I! , A-aa , ' fl , , . I A , I, Lf' -' Lf . , f K. na- r J-I f , s ,, ,V , 4 Ip, 1 .,.." ,syr- -,f , -f . E ' 1 n 5 'v -' f, ,1' W '.A 1 1, 'i 1 ' ' I 1 1, P l lv 'i 'r 5. 'I 1: 'r lr lr D ,xx J r w-x- f IP jQg..g LQ xKm, 4Lf fl -A 5 MMLO Ik! ' -QL! wwfigfw! W f1 M.6!fL M 01 WW , T . i , Ag 03, GLB' j ' 4A , Q, M? am' QQ 4:41 ag? 3 i I kshxilm 4, -,' fN.S-2--'.'.w I .- Q T Wk l Lf " HOWARD A. ALLEN, Principal W. T. WHITE E. B. COMSTOCK Superimendem of Dallas Schools Assistant Superintendent in Charge of High Schools David W. Carter, Jr., President R. L. Thomas, Vice-President Fred D. Danford Lloyd M. Campbell W. C. Scurry Avery Mays Mrs. Tracy H. Rutherford E. D. WALKER Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Personnel l R 'I R 2 MT: W. I. Abbott, Mrs. H. P. Keahey, Mrs. C. C. Williams, Mrs. T. I. Mi: Lewis Turner, Mrs. R. L. Strange, Mrs. Basil P utt M s R Coleman, Mrs. W. T. Hamilton, Mrs. Fred Albright, Mrs. Y. C. O'GIee. Skaer, Mrs. Leslie Smith. W. H. Adamson High School Pa rent-Teachers Association OFFICERS Page Te n President .... First Vice-President . Second Vice-President Third Vice-President Fourth Vice-President Fifth Vice-President . Sixth Vice-President . Seventh Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secreta Treasurer . . . . Historian .... Paliamentarian . . 'Y Delegate to the Dallas City Council . Alternate .... . Mrs. C. C. Williams . Mrs. H. P. Keaney . Mrs. Leslie Smith . Mrs. John E. Fuller . Mrs. Lewis Turner . Mrs. Y. C. O'Glee Mrs. R. L. Fitzpatrick . Mrs. Fred Albright . Mrs. T. l. Coleman . Mrs. Basil A. Pruitt . Mrs. W. I. Abbott Mrs. W. T. Hamilton . Mrs. R. L. Strange Mrs. Robert A. Skaer . . Mrs. J. N. Nutt Earl Britton, W. E. Richburg, D. G. Gibson, R. W. Perkins, C. l. Anderson, Howard A. Allen, Dr. Baker, L. W. Eudy. W. H. Adamson Dads Club OFFICERS President . . .... . Charles Anderson V. P. Programs . . . D. G. Gibson V. P. Membership ..... . Lewis Turner V. P. Finance and Entertainment . . Dr. Bryant Baker V. P. Education and Publicity . . W. E. Richburg V. P. Building and Imbrovements . . V. S. Perkins V. P. Athletics ...... . Earl Britton Secretory-Treasurer . . L. W. Eudy Page Eleven ...W ,T ,.... ,-. ..., . 1:53555 3 t ?' HELEN ADUDDELL FLOY AGNEW French English 5 Z 5 LAURA ALEXANDER JEANETTE ALSTON Mathematics Bookkeeping S. N. BAKER OLIVETTE BASOM ANNA BELL Shorthand Study Hall Higyory GEORGE BOLEY MINNIE BRAMLETTE GEORGE BROWN History Mqyhemayics Algebra THOMAS WEST BROWNE IDABEL CABANISS Bookkeeping L. E. CAMPBELL MARY LOUISE CLYETTE Home Economics Mechanical Drawing English 'bv- W. R. CONGER RAE P. CULLUM VERDE DICKEY HENRIETTA EISENLOHR Music Physical Education Mathematics Journalism W. D. FRANKS WILLIAM HOMER FULLER H, S. GRIFFIN MCl1hem0fiCS Physical Education Commercial FRANK GUSICK W. T. HAMILTON CHRISTINE HAMMOCK Commercial Physics Lufin 1 uf.,:M' .ji .AZ Q I I ' i i . ii . . V 'E Q ,A ,g L, .4 . , u5"l'" MARGARET HARRIS MAY HASELTINE J. B. HEAD WILHELMINA HEDDE Hisgo,-Y English History Speech I I H. B. HESTER LORINE HIGGINBOTHAM GERALDINE HOLLQWAY HELEN R- HORN Mcxnuul Arts History Clerk English VIRGINIA R. JUERGENS MARY KENDRICK ROBERTA KING Spanish Study Hull Spanish HELEN KUEHNE WINNIE LANGFORD NELLY BLY LANKFORD History History English L. C. LEFTWICH J. H. MALONE EURICE MILLER HAZEL MILLER Mathematics Biology Physical Education Typing MORELLE M. MOORE JAMES NALL EUGENIA NEWBERRY CARL C. NUTLEY Sfudy Hull History Hisfory Debate C. H. REDWAY JEWELLA RILEY MABEL ROCKETT Biology Physical Education EngIisI'i RUTH RUFFIN MEREDITH SCHROEDER R. N. SMITH English Ari Maihemaiics LONA BELLE SPRUEILL HAZEL STOUGHTON FRANCES THOMPSON CHARLES B. WILLIAMS Dean Assistant Librarian Librarian Music X Vx' X ,gf - 04' 14' Y Y--A .v Semors 3 MNMBX K 'Zh 4 1 I JH ,Q- s f . x . - .a .ll , .Ki 4 ,fy I 5 X 41 I Q v5 I As If rx L 4 LXR .lib-X ,. 'I '.-.A f 0 ,J,'4 p I if ' 7-. wavy fffcwqf ifffil jwfa iw? xi 1 sg111.l,Rf' W J n ' X' ,M s ww - Tj -ffm , ' 'I is 5 TE-ILVti!1nj,1,1Q f-n. , - " f 1 h if ' M ,UQ-,, 1 IKo ,Ml '4' 'l,L'L:!,'j V Q M W X X12 'RRP' I 6 Off! ' , L 95? ' N MQ U 1 Q -I. XXV W M t f Q .4 '3 Lg l . lf X U fill!-,ij , -Ji-f-a,2.. Page Eighteen, January 1948 Class Officers President . . Jack Talbot Vice-President . . Dudley Harris Secretary . . Billy Earl Smith BOBBY ATKINS Hi-Y Stage Crew French Club MATTIE BIELENBERG Pep Squad Leader Banking Representative Senior Y-Teens Book Review Club Art Club CLIFFORD BOOKER GRADY BRUCE Allied Youth CHERINE BYRD Senior Play Cast National Honor Society Underclass Favorite 1947 Student Council Girls Sports Club Four Year Everts and Linz Awards Scholarship Club Secretary of 4B Class - Student Assistant niuemm cAl.LowAY MARY BETH BERLIN Pep Squad Allied Youth Pan-American Club - JAN BLACK Student Council Senior Y-Teens Student Assistant ROSE MARlE BROCK Allied Youth Student Assistant Scholarship Club Acorn Staf Girls Sports Club BETTY RUTH BRUMIT Student Assistant Pan-American Club Select Chorus Book Review Club National Honor Society BETTY CALDWELL French Club National Honor Society Scholarship Club Four Year Everts and Linz Awards JIM CATHER Football Letterman "D" Clul' D Page Nineteen BOB CHENEY Officers Club Hi-Y Company Commander Linz Award Nafional Honor Sociely Allied Youfh BILLIE JOYCE CONATSER Book Review Club BOB CROCKETT Pan-American Club Allied Youfh JACK DIAMOND Tennis Club Tennis Leilerman JOAN EDWARDS Senior Y-Teens Senior Play Cast Allied Youlh Acorn Staff JOHN FAXON Acorn Slaff A Nafional Honor Sociely Dallas Hislorical Society President of 3A Class Non-Com Club Thompson Journalism Award Allied Youfh Siudeni Assislanf Tennis Club Scholarship Club Page Twenty JANET CONNER Speakers Club Selecf Chorus Senior Play Cast Book Review Club BENNY JOE COUCH Allied Youth BETTIE DAVIS Allied Youlh Office Assisionf BETTY DOZIER JUANITA El.Y Acorn Siaff National Thespian Honor Sociely Book Review Club Safety Club Selecf Chorus "H.M.S. Pinafore" WILLIE JG FEATHERSTON HOPE FOSTER National Honor Society Dallas Historical Society Allied Youth Senior Play Cast BILLY GRIMES DUDLEY HARRIS Vice-President 4A Class Hi-Y "D" Club Track Letterman Football Letterman DARWIN HATHEWAY Tennis Club Swimming Team Blue Band R.O.T.C. Band Rifle Team Hi-Y Square Dancing Club Select Chorus GERALD HILL Senior Play Cast "H.M.S. Pinafore" Acorn Staff Select Chorus Officers Club Stage Crew Manager Allied Youth CHOYCE LEE HOY HAZEL GREEN Senior Play Cast Scholarship Club Allied Youth Pan-American Club Acorn Staf Safety Club FLORENCE HAIR Select Chorus Girls Sports Club Square Dancing Club Oak Representative Student Assistant "H.M.S. Pinafore" Allied Youth Musical Review of I947 JOHN HARRIS Dallas Historical Society National Honor Society Senior Play Cast National Thespian Honor Society National Honor Society THOMAS HENDRIX CARL HOFFMAN "D" Club Football Letterman Hi-Y ROGER HORN Hi-Y Officers Club Allied Youth Stage Crew Page Twenty-one GEORG "D" Club Hi-Y ' Football Letterman Track Letterman Acorn Staff Vice-President of 4 Allied Youth ViRGlNlA Art Club E HUNT , V, B Class JOHNSON LILA FAYE JONES Ara n Staff Sen or Progra Committee .IIMMY LESTER TOMMY MQCORMACK Football Letterman Track Allied Youth National Thespian Select Chorus Boys Chorus Perfect Attendance "D" Club Honor Society Award LAURA McLAUGHLlN Page Twenty two JEANNlENNE HYDE Senior Y-Teens Tennis'Club Pep Squad Sports Club CLYDE JONES PAT KING NOVELLE LUCAS LELAND Mc.lUNKlNS KATHLEEN MEE National Honor Society French Club Four Year Everts Award Linz Pin ALICE MORRISON AMOS NORTH Football Letterman "D" Club Hi-Y MALCOLM PAYNE KENNETH PULLEN Art Club Hi-Y Allied Youth Orchestra Football BILLY REESE Hi-Y Bowling Club National Thespian Honor Society Dallas Historical Society Cheerleader Select Chorus Square Dancing Club Allied Youth Vice-President of 3A Class GERALD ROSE Football Letterman Track Letterman Hi-Y National Thezpian Honor Society Allied Youth Student Council NORMA JEAN NEWTON LAVERNE PARKER GLENN PRICE Allied Youth PATRICIA RATHER Pan-American Club Art Club "H.M.S. Pinafore" Senior Play Cost Select Chorus A.Iied Youth DAVID RIBBLE Bowling Club "H.M.S. Pinofore" Musical Review of 1947 Hi-Y Select Chorus SADIE LOU ROUGEOU Art Club Page Twenty-three National Thespian Honor Society JOHN RUMSEY Hi-Y Track Library Club Allied Youth Student Council MARGIE Student Assistant Allied Youth BILLY GENE Book Review Club National Thespian Scholarship Club Student Council Senior Play Cast Allied Youth Acorn Staff SHEFFIELD SNODGRASS Honor Society Perfect Attendance Award National Honor Society JACK TALBOT Football Letterman Track Letterman President of 4A Class "D" Club Acorn Staff Hi-Y Allied Youth VIRGINIA TURNER S. JAY WILEMON Football Band BILL SELF Football Letterman Track Letterman Senior Play Cast Student Council National Thespian Honor Society Acorn Staff Allied Youth "D" Club BILLY EARL SMITH Football Letterman Hi-Y "D" Club President of 4B Class Senior Play Cast Secretary of 4A Class Allied Youth FLOYD SWINDELL BILL TUCKER JACK VANDEVER Officers Club Rifle Team Projection Machine Operator Vice-President of Sophomore Class Page Twenty jour LOUIS Senior Play Cast Girls Sports Club Library Club Senior Y-Teens Junior Red Cross E WILSON ROWLAND WILSON Art Club Oak Staff Dallas Historical Society Square Dancing Club Social Dancing Club Senior Play Cast Hi-Y Bowling Club Allied Youth National Thespian Hono r Society JOHNSON YIUM Acorn Staff Officers Club Best All-Round Underclou Boy 1946-47 Stage Crew Allied Youth Q Page Twenty-five Page Twenty-six June 1948 Class Officers President . . Louis Palmer Vice-President . . Doreen Shirey Secretory . . . Raymond Fitzpatrick RANDALL ADRIAN Acorn Staff Scholarship Club Allied Youth Hi-Y MINNIE ALEMAN BILLY ALLARD ROBERT D. APPLING Basketball Baseball Hi-Y Acorn Reporter MARTHA AYCOCK Dallas Historical Society National Honor Society Sports Club Allied Youth ORLAND BAKER Officers Club Social Dancing Club Allied Youth Scholarship Club BARBARA AKERS LEO ALEXANDER National Honor Society Oak Advertising Staff Officers Club Civic Federation Dallas Historical Society Allied Youth JOYCE ALLEN Allied Youth Junior Red Cross R.O.T.C. Sponsor LOYCE NAN ARMSTRONG Sports Club Allied Youth Student Assistant MARY AYCOCK Sports Club Dallas Historical Society Senior Y-Teens Junior Red Cross Allied Youth Gym Assistant ERNEST BARESCH Allied Youth R.O.T.C. Non-Com Junior Red Cross Page Twenty-seven CHARLES BARRETT R.O.T.C. Officer Allied Youth GENE BASKIN Select Chorus Senior Play Cast WAN DA JO BECK BARBARA BERGOON Select Chorus Allied Youth Sports Club Senior Y-Teens Review of '47 "H.M.S. Pinafore" JIMMY Bl5HOP Allied Youth Basketball JULIA-ALVA BOLTON Pan-American Club National Honor Society Page Twenty-eight DAVID IARRON Oak Staff Hi-Y Non-Com Club Band Allied Youth BONNIE BOUKNIGHT Art Club Y-Teens Sports Club Pep Squad Square Dancing Club JOHN LEWIS IECKHAM National Honor Society National Thespian Honor Society Dallas Historical Society Pen Pal Club Spealrers Club Senior Play Cast NORMA IINGHAM Allied Youth Book Review Club Y-Teens Oak Representative Acorn Reporter PAULA BLANK Art Club Allied Youth Sports Club Square Dancing Club Acorn Reporter JOYCE FAYE IOSWELL Allied Youth l'lElGA BOYD National Honor Society Dallas Historical Society Y-Teens Oak Staff Blll BRANCH Officers Club Social Dancing Club Allied Youth Bowling Club Safety Representative JIMMY BROCK Allied Youth Hi-Y Basketball l. W. BRYANT Basketball Red Cross Hi-Y Allied Youth JEAN BURDEN Allied Youth Distributive Education Scholarship Club BARBARA CANNEFAX French Club Sports Club Allied Youth CAROLYN BOYLS Band Orchestra Y-Teens Art Club Acorn Reporter Oak Rpresentative .IOANNE BRENNAN Oak Advertising Staff Dallas Historical Society Art Club Allied Youth Acorn Reporter Scholastic Art Winner Bll.lYE BRYANT Cheerleader '44-'48 Art Club Allied Youth Square Dancing Club Senior Sweetheart Sports Club Acorn Reporter ROY BUCHANAN Staff Sergeant BEVERLY BUTLER Art Club Scholarship Club Allied Youth French Club Dallas Historical Society Book Review Clulu R.O.T.C. Sponsor Senior Play Cast Student Assistant National Thespian Honor Society GEORGINE CANTRELL Di trict Extemporaneous Champion '47 Acorn Staff National Forensic League National Honor Society Book Review Club Pen Pal Club Linz and Everts Awards Page Twenty-nine JEAN CARPENTER Allied Youth Art Club JOHN CARPENTER Dallax Hiltoriral Society Social Dancing Club Tennis Club Allied Youth GLENN CARTER Football Track Allied Youth BETTYE SUE CARVER Allied Youth Art Club Acorn Reporter CATHERINE CHABOT National Honor Society National Forensic League District Championship Debate Senior Play Cast THOMAS CHERRY Football "D" Club Allied Youth Hi-Y Page Thirty Team JERRY CARPENTER . Football .- .. Officers Club Allied Youth if RICHARD-CARRINGTON Baseball - Football - W- ' Basketball Acorn Reporter Allied Youth - JEAN CARTER Allied Youth ' OPAL 'LEE CARY Allied Youth Y-Teens ' JOANN' CHEEVES fr Allied Youth - JIMMY CHRISTIAN Track Baseball Football Allied Youth Stage Crew -I .IERRY CLINE Junior Rotarian Football Track Hi-Y "D" Club Scholarship Club Allied Youth Officers Club CAROL COLLINS National Honor Society Art Club Dallas Historical Society Oak Staff ROBERT COLLINS Officers Club Allied Youth Scholarship Club Stage Crew FLORENCE COX R.O.T.C. Sponsor Student Guard Student Assistant Square Dancing Club Social Dancing Club Acorn Reporter SHIRLEY COX NANCY CROSS R.O.T.C. Sponsor Senior Play Cast Art Club Acorn Staff Student Assistant Book Review Club Scholarship Club Allied Youth Social Dancing Club MARILYN CLOUSE Allied Youth Sports Club FRAN COLLINS Student Guard Office Assistant Acorn Reporter JOANNA CONWAY Sports Club Allied Youth Y-Teens Select Chorus MARQUITA COX National Thespian Honor Society Allied Youth Book Review Club Pen Pal Club Scholarship Club One Act Play Banking Representative Senior Play Cast JOE CREEL Baseball Allied Youth LQVON CROW Allied Youth Pan-American Club Blue Band Square Dancing Club Civic Federation Banking Representative Scholarship Club Non-Com Club Page Thirty-one JIMMY CROUCH MACK CRUSE Allied Youth HARVEY DAVIS Allied Youth ROBERT DAVISON , ' Bowling Ciub M , Oak Representative R IMOGENE DIAL National Honor Society Oak Representative EVEIYN DOUGIASS Page Thirty-two - MARY FAITH CROWDER Y-Teens Allied Youth Athletic Queen Scholarship Club Student Assistant MARCELLINE CURRY Library Council PATRICIA DAVIS Allied Youth Book Review Club Acorn Reporter GWEN DEGENHART Safety Club Allied Youth Acorn Reporter Banking Representative CHRISTOS DIXIE Safety Club VIRGINIA DRAKE Pep Squad Student Assistant Square Dancing Club BARBARA DURRETT Allied Youth Student Assistant Oak Staff National Thespian Honor Society Acorn Staff Dallas Historical Society Senior Play Cast MABEL LEE EATON WILLIE ENGLAND Basketball JAMES FARMER Officers Club Band Debate Club Student Council National Forensic League Scholarship Club Allied Youth Civic Federation ALBERT W. FIORENZA .IEWELL FOSTER National Honor Society Civic Federation Stage Crew Student Council Library Club Officers Club SHIRLEY DYER Library Club Distributive Education Allied Youth' " I Q 1 Pep Squad One Year Linz Pin MARY ELLIS Art Club Student Assistant Acorn Reporter CONNIE GAY EPPS PATSY ,JO .FERGUSON Allied Youth Distributive Education V RAYMOND FnzPAnucK President of 4B and AA Class Hi-Y Allied Youth Football Baseball JIMMY FRAZIER Hi-Y I Track Football Select Chorus Allied Youth Thitty -three BETTY FREEMAN JUNE FULTON Allied Youth Sports Club BETTY GAINER National Thespian Honor Society Select Chorus Student Council CLAUDE GALLOWAY Allied Youth THOMAS GANIE Boys Chorus Track "D" Club Allied Youth GRACE JOSEPHINE GENTRY Allied Youth Girls Sports Club Page Thirty-four EARLYNE FREEMAN Select Chorus WINONA FULTON Allied Youth CORA WRETHA GALLATYN Art Club Allied Youth Book Review Club Senior Y-Teens Acorn Reporter ROBERT GANDY Football Hi-Y "D" Club Tri-Captain of Football Team MOZELL GAUSNELL R.O.T.C. Sponsor Student Council Oak Representative Senior Y-Teens Allied Youth WANDA LOUISE GIBSON Student Council Oak Representative Allied Youth Hi-Y-Teens Secretary of Senior Y-Teens French Club Dallas Historical Society BILLY JACK GLASCOCK National Honor Society "A" Scholarship Club Student Council Allied Youth HARRIET GRANT Select Chorus Allied Youth Review of 1947 "H.M.S. Pinafore" Square Dancing Club LAVONA GREENE Allied Youth Book Review Club Senior Play Cast LEONARD GRISWCLD Allied Youth JIMMY GUAL Football Golf "D" Club Hi'Y Art Club DARLENE HAMILTON Acorn Reporter FRANCES GOSSETT Pep Squad Student Assistant Art Club Allied Youth Square Dancing Club Student Guard ELDRED GRAY Non-Com Club Allied Youth BOBBY GREER Regimental Commander of R.O.T.C. Allied Youth Stage Crew Rifle Team Vice-President of Officers Club Scholarship Club ? BILLY GROOMS Baseball Basketball Hi-Y GINGER HAINLINE Square Dancing Club Sports Club Advertising Staff Allied Youth DUANE HAMILTON Page Thirty-five JOHNNY Cheerleader Select Chorus Track Review of 1947 Allied Youth Scholarship Club Stage Crew Junior Red Cross Hi-Y HAMILTON CLEO JUNE HAROLDSON Allied Youth Student Council French Club Office Assistant Review of '47 GEORGIALENE HEARN National Forensic League National Honor Society National Thespian Honor Society Pen Pal Club Acorn Staff One Act Play LORENE HENRY Allied Youth SHIRLEY HERSHEY KATHER Art Club Pep Squad Pen Pal Club Allied Youth Senior Y-Teens Page Thirty-six INE HIEBERT OWENDA Allied Youth Tennis Club LEE HARDY Square Dancing Club Dallas Historical Society Senior Y-Teens Sport Club Student Assistant NORMA HARVEY Student Council Oak Advertising Staff Art Club Allied Youth Girls Sports Club JOE Football Basketball Hi-Y "D" Club Acorn Staff HEDGE SHIRLEY HENSLEE Debate Club R.O.T.C. Sponsor National Honor Society Book Review Club National Thespian Honor Society National Forensic League City Championship Debate Team LA VERNE HICKMAN Orchestra Guard C471 JACK TRAVIS HILL Allied Youth Officers Club Scholarship Club 'I947 BARBARA ANN HODSON National Honor Society Dallas Historical Society National Forensic League Acorn Staff Select Chorus JERRY HOOKER Allied Youth Rifle Team JIMMIE HORNSBY Officer in Bond Officers Club Social Dancing Club Scholarship Club Tennis Club Allied Youth LEON STUART HUN'ER National Honor Sacieiy Pon-American Club Allied Youth Select Chorus Dallas Historical Socie'y Civic Federation DORIS JENKINS Allied Youth Advertising Staff Sports Club NANCY JOHNSON Allied Youth Y-Teens Tennis Club DOLORES HOLT R.O.T.C. Sponsor Student Council Oak Representative Senior Y-Teens Allied Youth JOANNE HORN Art Club Oak Representative MARll'lEl.EN HUNSUCKER Select Chorus Sports Club Pan-American Club Safety Club Allied Youth WELDON HUTSON Allied Youth CLARA JOHNSON BARTIS SUE JOHNSON Allied Youth Acorn Reporter Office Assistant Dallas Historical Society Page Thirty-seven JIMMY JONES Allied Youth H S C. BETTY FLO KEININGHAM Sports Club Square Dancing Club Senior Y-Teens Student Assistant PAT KEl.l.EY MARY BETH KERR Senior Y-Teens Allied Youth Sports Club Girls Chorus BILLIE ANN KING R.O.T.C. Sponsor Book Review Club Student Assistant HALLIE KINSEY Pep Squad Leader Athletic Princess Allied Youth Page Thirty-Eight 1-iss .N .,,. l is WANDA JONES Pon-American Club Select Chorus Allied Youth ANN KELLY Allied Youth Senior Y-Teens Girls Sports Club JACK KERR Basketball Track MAMIE KILGORE Student Council Distributive Education KARON KINNAMON National Honor Society Pen Pal Club Assistant Editor of Acorn Senior Y-Teens '47 Spelling Team Student Assistant Delegate to '47 Girls' State Second Place Winner in Junior Historical Essay Contest Advertising Staff of "Oak" MARY ALICE KNOX Allied Youth Girls Sports Club SUE LAMB National Honor Society Dallas Historical Society Book Review Club Y-Teens Allied Youth JEAN LARA NORMA l.AYNE R.O.T.C. Sponsor Student Council Allied Youth Pep Squad BETTY LEE Art Club Sports Club Allied Youth Square Dancing Club ILA DEE LEETH French Club l.0UEll.A LISH Acorn Reporter Allied Youth Student Council library Club Senior Y-Teens Pan-American Club Book Review Club Dallas Historical Society Girls Sports Club JOHN l.ANGE Pan-American Club C. T. lAYFlElD Allied Youth Non-Com Club YVONNE LEACH Dallas Historical Society Music Festival Queen Art Club National Thespian Honor Society R.O.T.C. Sponsor Allied Youth Secretary of 4B Class All.lE DEE LEETH French Club THELMA LIGON Pep Squad Allied Youth PATRICIA l-lTTl.E Page Thirty-nine BOB LITTLE Golf Bowling Club Allied Youth andoks Loveiov Non-Com Club GUY LYON? ' Student Council " ' National Honor Society' Officers Club Allied Youth Junior Rotariun Civic Federation MARVIN MCCOY Student Council football Ailes Mmomm JAMIE McMlLLEN Art Club Allied Youth Page 'Forty NINA FAY LOVE National Honor Society Tennis Team Pon-American Club Acorn Staff . 3B Class Officer Allied Youth BURCH LOVELY Allied Youth ' " Non-Com Club WAN DA JUNE McCLUNG N . BETTY JANE McCRANEY Y-Teens Allied Youth Office Assistant PATRICIA McLAUGHLlN Allied Youth '- MARY MQMILLEN Art Club Allied Youth BILL MADDEN Golf Allied Youth Hi-Y JACKIE MARGHBANKS French Club BILLIE SUE MARTIN Art Club Band BOB MAYERS DARLEEN MILLER National Honor Society Select Chorus Allied Youth Senior Y-Teens "H.M.S. Pinafore" Review of i947 BILLY MINNIS GLENN MANDEVILLE Officers Club Rifle Team Allied Youth Senior Play Cast JIMMIE MARSHALL Girls Sports Club Square Dancing Club Allied Youth Junior Red Cross DONNA MATLOCK Art Club Allied Youth Safety Representative Girls Sports Club Dallas Historical Society BILL MAXEY Allied Youth Officers Club Social Dancing Club GLENN MILLER DAViD M2'l'CHELL Football Track Hi-Y Acorn Staff Allied Youth Bowling Club Junior Red Cross Baseball Page Forty-one REBECCA MOON Allied Youth Sports Club ALVIA MUIRHEAD Select Chorus MARGARET NELSON Art Club Allied Youth PAULA JEAN NORRIS CAROLYN O'GlEE Select Chorus National Honor Society Dallas Historical Society Book Review Club "H.M.S. Pinaforeu Review of l947 Oak Advertising Staff JOHNNIE MERLE OWEN Allied Youth Y-Teens Page Forty-two JOHN MOORE CHARLES MYERS Baseball Scholarship Club Allied Youth Traclv Junior Red Cross Stage Crew I NANCY LOU NELSON Oak Staff Student Assistant Acorn Reporter Sports Club Allied Youth Art Club JAMES LON NORTH Hi-Y Allied Youth Football Baseball BETTY GENE OLDHAM National Honor Society Book Review Club Allied Youth Y Teens LOUIS PALMER Hi-Y Vice-President of 4A Class Basketball Acorn Staff Oak Representative Baseball V! ANNIE LOU PANNELL Allied Youth PRESTON PARKER Dallas Historical Society Allied Youth NANCY SUE PATTON Art Club SHELTON PERKINS Golf Bowling Club Allied Youth Scholarship Club Hi-Y BETTY JEAN PICCOLA I Art Club Pep Squad MARY PITTMAN . National Honor Society Dallas Historical Societ Book Review Club Select Chorus Library Council "l'l.M.S. Pinaforeu "Review of 1947" Y Track NELDA JO PARHAM DON PATTERSON Allied Youth Bowling Club BETTY PAYNE Allied Youth Select Chorus PAUL PETERS Officers Club Movie Operator SUE PIKE Student Council Book Review Club Dallas Historical Society Social Dancing Club Allied Youth Linz Pin JOIDA PON DER Page Forty-three IETTYE POSYON Diltributor's Club Safety Representative BASIL PRUITT National Honor Society Oalx Advertising Staff Civic Federation Allied Youth Dallas Historical Society Traffic Commission JAMES PYLE Debate Club Officers Club Golf Scholarship Club Allied Youth National Forensic League ESTHER KATE RASCO Allied Youth Senior Y-Teens JAMES REED Hi-Y Allied Youth Football Student Council Track MILDRED REYNOLDS Select Chorus Symphony Club Y-Teens Allied Youth Page Forty-four JEANETTE PRAGUE Allied Youth Select Chorus JOHNNY PUCKETTE Allied Youth lURl.lNE RAINS Student Assistant Art Club Allied Youth WANDA RAY National Honor Society Dallas Historical Society Book Review Club Allied Youth Tennis Club EUGENE REESE Football "D" Club Hi-Y Allied Youth BARBARA RIBBLE Allied Youth Select Chorus MARY RICHBURG National Honor Society Allied Youth Student Assistant Dallas Historical Society Safety Club GILBERT ROBERTSON REBA RODERICK Girls Sports Club Allied Youth Junior Red Cross Banking Representative BILLY JOE ROGERS Allied Youth Hi-Y Football Track JAMES ROSS Traclt RONALD SAMFORD "D" Club Baseball Basketball G. A. RILEY Select Chorus "H.M.S. Pinofore" Bowling Club PATSY JEANNE ROBINSON Allied Youth Library Council DICK RODGERS Allied Youth Acorn Reporter JIMMY ROGERS Allied Youth JOANNE ROWNTREE National Honor Society Student Council Oak Staff Dallas Historical Society R.O.T.C. Sponsor BERTIE SANFORD Pep Squad - Social Dancing Club Pen Pnl Club Page F orty-fue MILDRED SATCHELL Allied Youth Y-Teens Dallas Historical Society Student Assistant Scholarship Club Acorn Reporter DARRELL SCOTT Allied Youth DOREEN SHIREY Student Assistant Girls Sports Club Secretary of 4A Class Safety Representative Allied Youth BILLY CHARLES SMITH Hi-Y Allied Youth Traclm Basketball Select Chorus Student Council Scholarship Club KATHERINE SMITH Student Council Dallas Historical Society Allied Youth Select Chorus Y-Teens Acorn Reporter WAYLAND SMITH Allied Youth Officers Club Page Forty-six BETTY SAWEY KAL SEGRIST Baseball Basketball Hi-Y "D" Club Allied Youth I DOROTHY JEANE SMALL Social Dancing Club Pep Squad DALE SMITH National Thespian Honor Art Club Speech Club Hi-Y Dallas Historical Society Social Dancing Club Square Dancing Club Acorn Reporter Cheerleader Senior Play Cast MILTON SMITH Hl-Y Band Allied Youth DAVID SNOW Society GARY SPAIN Football Track Hi-Y Allied Youth Select Chorus JOE STALCUP Student Council Allied Youth National Honor Society National Forensic League National Thespian Honor Society Acorn Staff State Championship Debate Team 1947 Social Dancing Club CLAIRE STEWART Athletic Queen l945 R.O.T.C. Sponsor Maiorette EDGAR STONE National Thespian Honor Society Tennis Team Select Chorus Allied Youth Officers Club Safety Council BOB STOTTS ' Basketball ' Baseball . "D" Club - Hi-Y i E Allied Youth S WANDA STOUT National Honor Society Pan-American Club Book Review Club Dallas Historical Society Speakers Club Civic Federation 1, lf! xx l ll if JAMES SPRAY Bowling Club Allied Youth Acorn Staff Office Assistant Student Assistant JACQUELYN STANLEY Band Allied Youth Girls Sports Club Civic Federation MARY JO STEWART NANCY LEE STONE Allied Youth Art Club Sports Club Book Review Club Y-Teens Student Council PAT STROUD One Act Play Allied Youth Student Council Speakers Club National Thespian Honor Society State Declamation Champion Senior Play Cast JOE SWOFFORD Page F orty-seven KENNETH RAY SUTTON Allied Youth Officers Club Stage Crew JOHN PAT TARVER Allied Youth Hi-Y Student Assistant Social Dancing Club BILL THORNTON Allied Youth PATRICIA TOWNSEND Allied Youth Y-Teens Dallas Historical Society Pep Squad French Club MARY JOYCE TURNER Library Council Y-Teens Pan-American Club Office Assistant Student Council Girls Sports Club DORRIS VERHYDEN Band Tennis Club Girls Sports Club Page Forty eight PAUL TANNER Allied Youth Hi-Y Hi-Y Teens Football "A" Squad JAY THOMPSON Dallas Historical Society National Thespian Honor Society Allied Youth Safety Club ORBRA TOLLESON Allied Youth BOB TUCKER Allied Youth LA VERNE MARIE UECKERT Allied Youth Y-Teens Girls Sports Club LOUISE VEST Allied Youth Library Council CHARLES WACKER JOANNE WALKER Pan-American Club Oak Representative NELL WALLER Allied Youth NORMAN WEAVER Allied Youth Select Chorus "H.M.S. Pinafore" "Review of '47" .IOHNNIE EDWIN WILBUR "D" Club Football Allied Youth JUDY WILLIAMS Office Assistant Square Dancing Club 'BOBBIE JO WADE Distributors Club Oak Representative Student Council Allied Youth Scholarship Club PATSY W Select Chorus Girls Sports Club Allied Youth ALLACE BILLIE WARREN DIANE WHITE Book Review Club Allied Youth Student Assistant CHRISTINE WILLIAMS Student Assistant Oak Representative BERNARD WILSON Page Forty-nine Blll. WILSON National Thespian Honor Society Hi-Y Tennis Allied Youth Safety Club Scholarship Club JOAN WOOLEY Dallas Historical Society Orchestra Oak Representative Oak Advertising Staff Allied Youth Student Assistant Acorn Reporter WILUAM YEAGER 1 Select Chorus Allied Youth Hi-Y Social Dancing Club RAYMOND WIGAND Allied Youth ROBERT GEEO Page Fifty I rf- ,B 5 A lv. 1: 4? GENE WINTON Maiorette NITA YATES Student Council Safety Representative JOAN CAROLE YORK Banking Representative STANLEY FREEMAN Allied Youth BOB HUNT W 212 N 6 1 .QQ-A . Q? 'ji ' I T26 W L .A A 5? -A X we Ml :ALMA , if rj! mi I l.,.,..,...,....M.....,.............,..A,.... - , fx an unclerclass es -flS ln ' n M 1 V . L1 x f r J, 1 Y! y l C ' X x XXX , , 1 5 'i 3 r ti 2 's ,if Ly"J ' 'fy ,J Jffdvl kf4'j,"Jxzu'P-1 . 61 X VM ffl A . ,f ff' A A ' I . Q Y 1 , X .3 5 if 1555 'ks 4? 'jj' x V ,Q -Q xx x Q ix X 1 ' 1 , ' 'xx V . W yy iwfq 'QQ , 1 my Tiff QI fj ggxggll jg! fN ,1 . 'X .as MQ nk, 5 I . ' 6' C ' aj .ln V QW' to' 'hz' , 536 C , Page Fifty-four Officers, January, 1949 Class President . . . Richard Langford Vice-Presideni . . . Richard Bean Secretary . . . Helen O'Brien s .Syl 7,,,,,. xl 'Q' AVO Ex av. .431 x gn .fl av Q lf in wb 4' fx fs, libs +: Q - 1 eq Q.: is VL' ,VS J "5 " f 1 W fi, 'H is K Lgg. A 'fy i 2 fa X , - as ,J J 4 A B 0 ' v .f 1 'w 'wk 54. ,. w ,Ny J, .. -. gf g Q X , m Z - - my . 1-df 4. 'V Q X U Y 3. . V wi A s,5ia.2y.,a. " , 'yixfw 4 3 ' V m V i-'Y ll-f , b ,. J ,xiwri K . Page Fifty-six Officers, June, 'I949 Class President . . . . Jack Dalton Vice-President . . James Whittlesey Secretary . . . Judy Basden in algal. YK - 4... .39 N. ." ' ' Row 1 Johnny Keorley, Joe Brooks, Sue Mitchell, Katherine Johnson, Margaret White, Bette Richardson, Josephine Carlton, Marilyn Staley, Elzetta Paine, Phyllis Shugart, Dorothy Haynie, Patsy Brown, Bobbie James, Joyce Johnson, Juanita Sikes, Mary Katheryn Minter, Joan Molten, Mary Lou Yates. Row 2 Corinda Rougeou, Mary Wood, Joy Harrell, Mary Anderson, Barbara Jasper, Jane Front, Edna Newton, Frances Walker, Dorothy Ross, Jeannie Henry, Joan Thompson, Jean Peters, Gloria Bracke, Maxine Lollar, LaVerne Miller, Doris Sanderford, Norma Nowlin, Audrey Montgomery, Elaine Rushing, Nita Wright, lva Marie Cameron, Janice Kenizon. Ron 3 Karl Cunyus, Wickie McAfee, Raymond Belken Lyndon Austin, Richard Fitzgerald, Lewis Tur ner, George Aycock, Dick Sharp, Carl Gross Harold Hatfield, Emmett Bolton, Bill Binford Dick Cayce, Jerry Proctor, Charles Albright. ,sr T Row 1 Joyce Gardner, Barbara Blakely, Joan Truly, Daisy Ray, Judy Basden, JoAnn Fitzpatrick, Jeannie Abbott, Barbara Eudy, Patsy Thomas, Louise Haigwood, Mitzi Harris, Billie Jean Creel, Ann Ward, Grace Ransom, Margaret Dodd, Alice Nicholson, Mollie Post, Gladys Bohanan. Row 2 Lewis Barnett, Robert Cadwallader, Bill Bar- nette, Joe Ben James, Virginia Miller, Roberta Brumley, Jean Bradley, June Earnest, Betty Ferguson, Letty Geiger, Charlene Compton, Doris Crisp, Imogene White, Shirley Wheeler, Billie Windsor, Darlene Williams, Patricia Carmichael. gl XX K Row 3 Russell Duke, Phillip Matthews, Bobby Grubbs, Tommy Layne, Varnell Huckeba, Harold Hol- lingsworth, Charles Bigham, Gavin White- head, Eddie Swink, Billy Pounds, Jimmy Barnhouse, Richard Bowery, Benny Giles, Harry Cummings, Jack Clement, Jimmy Galloway. Page' Fifty-xf1'f'n A J Y ,sf H1 ,lvl -C ..,x.f' fi A - a" N 'INA L 4. .f.4.,f N. .. Row l Sue Scott, Joyce Chewning, Gayle Alldredge, Dorothy Coker, Olga Akins, Patricia Boulware, Constance Pias, Louise Broussard, Jo Ann Hammer, Jennie Lee Martin, Barbara Rush, LaNelle Enslen, Joan Collis, Ola Butts, Donald Carroll, Charles Barnhart, James Milson, M. H. Trulock. Row 2 Wylie Simmons, Jeanette Roady, Mildred Scribner, Bobbye Myers, Judith Armstrong, Jean Yates, Eloise Johnson, Jennie Lynn Cross, Evelyn Cruthirds, Quincy Borden, Juanice Crume, Letha Nell Sims, Duallise Grimes, Patsy Cummings, Bryan Hart, Bill Bennet, Wilton Stone, Bobby Hickman. Row 3 W. D. Wilhite, Verde Dickey, Don Sheeler, Leo Lynch, Jerry Rackley, Richard Carter, Kenneth Tomczak, Edwin Tipps, Paul Jones, Bill Cantrell, Murrell Caddell, Jimmy Stallings, Tommy Sawyer, Don Wright, Vincent Gish, Barbara Ewing, Johnnie Jones. A 529' LM if . Row I Jean Morrison, Fredda Massingill, Bonnie Crawford, Joyce Foster, Peggy Faulkner, Sarah McKnight, Ann White, Mary Jane Swinney, Dorothy Smith, Geneva Redwine, Joy Snow, Margaret Thorp, Peggy Kline, Josephine Milke, Mary Lou Irwin, Louis Nelson, Richard Muegge, Vincent Janosek. Pug? Fifty-eight Row 2 Freda Harbert, Thalia Clements, Armida Cuth- bertson, Jean Happ, Betty Layfield, Beulah Green, Marilyn Mitchell, Dawn McWhorter, Ruby Nell Kerr, Reba McGrew, Doris Dean, Mary Hunter, Bettie Sims, Gerry Stephens, Glenna M. Russell, Pat Keahey, Billy Alsup, Thomas White, Victor Patton. Row 3 William James, Ira Lester, Max Gandy, Gene Webb, Jim Tom Payne, David Phillips, Thomas Springer, Soren Peterson, Edgar Smith, Samuel Arnold, John Rackley, Chene Evans, Cecil Easley, Charles Nichols, Marvin Hurley. Row 'I Darlene Biondi, Margene Kelly, Betty Hine, Joan Schott, Juanice Thurman, Marlene Ste' phens,M artha Boggess, Cornelia Watson, Ernestine Rhodes, Thelfred Morton, Patsy Ap- pling, Jocele Kinsolving, Joyce Boggan, Rose Taylor, James Nixon, Wanda Pruitt, Mary Sue Wood, Betty Jean Jonte. g 'jak' Row I Paul Recklein, Ann Robnett, Thomas Eiland, sey, Charles Anaston, Charles Huse, Sally Jones, Peggy Hose, Sarah Horton, Clela Ruth McRorey. Richard Rains, Dorothea Davis, Betty Pruett, Billy Cowan, Robert Aiton, James Whittle- Row 2 Gladys Butts, Peggy Cassady, Joyce Parks, Vernelle Caldwell, Carolyn Coleman, Edra Baker, Mary Jane Derrick, Cora Faye Penton, Jeanette Robertson, Linda Vaughan, Bonnie Kizzia, Myra Lee Peters, Frances Sanders, Bill Echols, Stanley Shaver, Richard Wickline, Bobby Teal, J. R. Rambo, Jimmie Robinson. Q50 Row 2 Jack Dalton, Pat Pettit, Annabell Wages, Linda Kelley, Doris Good, Gloria Gambrell, Maxine Smith, Bill Binford, Charles Albright, Emmett Bolton, Donald McGee, Eugene Elliott. Row 3 Billy Jack Harrell, Bobby Mason, Joe Sed- berry, Joe Keyes, John Coker, Clarence Jen- nings, Kenneth Shields, Leonard Morgan, Joe Simmons, Sammy Parker, Bob Lundy, John White, William Parrish, Bill Thornby, Joe Morrow, Ray Tucker, W. D. Sims, Bobby Brock, Don Smith. AX lt? Row 3 Joe Keahey, Bob Bryant, Don Stem, Paul Yeatts, Claude McDonald, Bobby Jones, Frank Bergman, Virgil Box, Charles Dillard, Charles Edwards, Russell Herman. Page Fifty-nine Page Sixty F H Officers, January, 1950 Class President . . . . . Jim Berry Vice-President . . . Herbert Braswell Secretary .' . . . Rita Easley if xx VR' K ml ,F M is Q, a 3 7 ' f U A i ig E W0 E12 I A' xi P ' . l 5-Sw f . A fiflifw' . :gl lg K j 1-SM. A ll po as H2 Y .psf Y? 5 if Q 5 .A " A V ff . , ,X Q . ' Pl, in A - g 5,4 , Q . ag , U .43 J. " ? 'K PM ' -ri 512 ' 12, 'xfligs' 5 A , W ,. A A "ix ,V A f- H A ,Q ra A-' up! gn. I X1 ... rw KN .1 fl R v M ' E ,Q 5, W o ,. 'ex ,, , , , , t. gg 'F xx xv xv 1 3' , Q . A in I , .x v Q r ,, ,L -. ' -f-vm ' f V' ' - f.. , , x I K 5 I X ,,., ,..,X2,f? ,Q , b Q -4 N A if L A . Q.. x. .N W, ,. . 1 1 . ... -V ,W . - t 5 1. .ZW .,,-. 5 k 1 fri 'WW' -J 1 ?.'.,.,'f' Mx,,yy,g, H ,V . ,,, . I .IM , .-4 J , .kg ilfiiffqg V G i?k 1 fix , gs 'A A ' '. Q 1 Q' 5 N? 5 W""f 3 fb Ni Q Eg ? . Qi 5 i A W ,,.. I V lj , 2 4 1 ., , , me .J w if 35 15 f ,fi g,,' . , . f-X 2 figs? Q 5, , Ai M 7 Page Sixty mo Officers, June, 1950 Class President . . . . Fred Ferguson Vice-President . . . Don Clark Secretary . . Glenna Duncan di . , ,- , so Row I Barbara Harrison, Marjorie Mervin, Joy Nell Kinsey, Betty Sue Moore, Wanda Coughran, Pat Richardson, Charlotte Wileman, ,lo Ann Cullum, Marilyn McWithey, Patsy Blake, Billie Gaulden, Margaret Loewen, Dorothy Tutt Rosalie Robbins, Maureen O'Brien, Billy Joyce Vick, Joe Pat Minter. Row 2 Wynema Watson, Dorothy Lee, lla Mae Lee, Ann King, Betty Lou Smith, Barbara Nelson, Carolyn Sinnott, Lois Tosspon, Gay Mizell, George Mizell, Jerry Matson, Jimmy Ledbetter, Jack Webster, James Barbosa, Don Clark, Joe Walker, David Koster, George Copeland. J 5,4 - fxif . i f 'lvl 1 E - i if L - L Row 3 Joy Lee Fuller, Patsy Lee, John Wilson, Sidney Morrion, Kenneth Florence, Wilburn Litch- field, Bob McGregor, Gene Riddle, Clarence Troupe, Jimmy Hall, Truman Bailey, Fred Ferguson, I.. B. Johnson, Earl Potts, Joe Walker, James Brooks, Donald Kennel. LI: :L ,, fy, Row l Margaret Simpson, Dorothy Hall, Carlie Mae Brunson, Sue Cofer, Earline Miller, Charles Williams, Leon Hensley, Paul Marco, Gerald North, Tim Jolly, Dick McRoberts, Nancy Vaughn, Darlene Varley, Samantha Lynch, Christina Tapia, Betty Harvey, Shirley Morgan, Billy Hickey. Row 2 Jarrett Shirley, Dolores Payne, Norma McKin- non, Carolyn Eubank, Alice McMillian, Frances Dalche, Rita Fletcher, Mary Lou Dupree, Eliza' beth Elliott, Georgia Chabot, Petra Leach, Barbara Archibald, Virginia Fields, Doralee Hutchinson, Barbara Brown, Lorraine Jasper, Norma June Loftin, Barbara Harrison, Joyce Penn. Row 3 Smith McLaughlin, James McCaghren, Jess MeKee, Harold Gillian, Douglas Weeks, Gil' bert Pate, Bill Ray Smith, Edwin Sallis, Jimmy Taggart, Dick Thomson, Dolores Scott, Gloria Wallace, Sally Butler, Hilary Reynolds, Mary Sue Prewitt, Loyce Penn. Page Sixtyelhree I -fe . 6 'u E 45 SH L' 4.3. .. 'wr-r N 1 vw ,1 .Hx -wp..-, vu, 6 vm -1 K-,. 54 5 I 1 ' Wir' ff A if QQ 8 vxgixz 4 :ll d,x Y' wx if 'QQ w F G 9 l Wai , " z-. o , L, ., - ,I 1 Page Sixty-six r January 1951 Class OFFICERS President . . Robert Harrell Vice-President . . . Bobby Simmons Secretary . . Clarence Clouse Row 1 Mae Gene Clark, Patricia Moyers, Fred Dees, Jim Robnett, Thelma Ross, Carolyn Strange, Mary Ann Brown, Gloria Moseley, Frances Kirk, Arnett Pittman, Jimmy McKinney, Johnny King, Bobby McPhail, Charles Spain, E. C. Holtsclaw, Jack Richburg, Franklin Johnson. Row 2 Joan Caldwell, Charline Chenault, Helen Moon, Helen Collier, Geraldine Johnson, Bob Robertson, Wayne Eppars, Jack McConathy, Charles Wilson, Nick Arndt, Monty Coon, Jackie Walden, Clarence Clouse, Charles Shaw, Herman Roberson. Row 3 Joy Peak, Patsy Hamilton, Katherine Holland, Gerald Bradford, Jerry Thompson, George Clary, Doyle Chapman, Eugene Harris, Betty Jo Thomason, Norma Capehart. Page Sixty-seven President . Vice-President Secretary . 1' June 1951 Class OFFICERS Don Archer . Kay Berry . Bob Baumgartner 4, ,tt I ,A NV Row 'I Cecil Long, Bobby Haley, Bob Griffin, James Farrimond, Marilyn Moore, Sylvandia Garrett Julia Howard, Theresa Geiger, Evelyn McCall, Doris Low, Bobbie Calvert, Doy Marie Davis, Barbara Thedtord, Novalene Follis, Olga Atkins, Wayne Spruell, Jimmy Mullin, Tommy Maples. l'11gr' Sitti'-right Row 2 Charles Weston, Dean Coon, Virgil Jaques, Joanna Brown, Kay Berry, Shirley Richard, Margaret Wallace, Barbara Croft, Bobbie Knoll, La Verne Hanks, Mary Ann Burks, Laverne Compton, Louise Rigsby, Jack Gillis, Andrew Davis, Billy Walsh, Gerald Morrison. Row 3 Charles King, Richard McLaughlin, Roy Dean Bays, Jack Bryant, Nancy Cornehls, Jimmie Ruth McGee, Dorothea Scott, Rena Nell Cot- ton, Patsy Cravens, Nelda Adams, Louise Hooper, Delbert Goins, Bob Stevenson, Far- rell Stolces, Jerry Purkins, Bill Ellison. Q wx 9. 'V W-M L 'i- Y wi' VNV' +4 MAF , - K w' 3 sw Si' Q v ui-. f,. is tff gig Q 2 " Q. f .f Wy. 1 K if 'ef Q ,af ' X f . - 5 - E 3 ex 15" '- X ' K- in 'ia A X 1 f f L , 9. 'VT Ct. gg X 'C ' " f Hair 5 LZ, 1, V g, , 1, QA ' 1 ,X hw W, 1. Q 3 2, . 3 " :X , I + 1 I as li if . fx' ., ST! Q i L, to 0 X MIDP! QS ' ,..W.v-f.-A-vw.-v-Qf-AM-f--ffffgzigxiijtlia, ,. -I-W-M-M-6 'Tf7""e""""'A',' ' ' ' 4 -X ' 2 1, . ' X if v , .H X 1 , xi ir J-Q47 - J W, X A 'X .- j V f Q, ,fffQjD55iA-f' x 'Y Q1 , Q 4 ' 1 fx 6L41:,.,.,L ,.. fx W jk 5 'D wemq vw, QW Qawwm Q SLM fav Winn, Fw MXN vw ' fx '5"QEf" A, ni Q' Q '. i f .- , f gf, mf :MW , , xx,-J, K 1. W, M V, 2 , 5 fgifls xglszwi' ., on sg gk 643, X 4' x. ,,'::' V N. . if K ,,,.q3ff,w43ff jgse-Wi" ' igifwimii .ufglm-1j725iiiR1 jprwf -- L ig, if gm. 'Y N: j -1, 5- A 1 ' Q ' Rig a1??4F'?E1a1-:" f1WkNif?5K i- . 1Tf1.32334f:4 'f 'efi J img . ,L., , K ff- sw qggf , '2 f A ,, iff' fr 23.11 TF 'I . gk vm X-135551. L ,mf Best All-round Senior Boy TOMMY McCORMACK Best All-round Senior Girl YVONNE LEACH Favorite Undercloss Girl JUDY BASDEN Mx ' 'jg Ease Q 328' Fc: vorite Underclcss Bo CHARLES BIGHAM Y I Q SHMQ M .va Best All-round Undercloss Boy BILLY JACK HARRELL ,ar KN.. Best All-round Undercloss Girl GLORIA BRACKE I ' W? ' ' Q ...-.-fvifilfrlgxi'3'iI1f-ilfAifl'.llwf'fllLflTfaf"f'W' 5 A Ulmos who X """"""""""" """""""""""" """"""""""""""""""""""""""' QQ? vvvsv Nfvvna X 3 Z E 12 ,L P fi' ? 'X 'fwbvvl'-""' Tiny 12:9 JOHN LEWIS BECKHAM National Honor Society, President of All- City Pan-American Student Forum, Na- tional Thespian Honor Society, President of Pen Pal Club. JOHN FAXON National Honor Society, Thompson Jour- nalism Award, Editor of Acorn-Fall, 1947, Dallas Historical Society. 1" " Q A ka-irtitfifcfn t ' f v,.g.s5, Page Srrcnty-right JOE STALCUP National Honor Society, State Champion- ship in Boy's Debate 1947, City Champion- ship in Extemporaneous Speaking, 1948, President of Student Council. . K E I BARBARA ANN HODSON National Honor Society, City Champion- ship in Girl's Debate 1947, Dallas Histor- ical Society, National Forensic League. SHIRLEY HENSLEE National Honor Society, City Champion- ship in Girl's Debate-1947 and 1948, No- tional Forensic league, First place winner of State Historical Essay Contest. BETTYE RUTHE CALDWELL Vice-President of National Honor Society- Fall, 1947, President of French Club, Scholarship Club, Four Year Linz and Everts Awards. KARON KINNAMON National Honor Society, Acorn Stott, Sec ond Place winner in State Historical Essay Contest, Spelling Team-l947. CHERINE BYRD National Honor Society, Four Year Linz and Everts Awards, Senior Play Cast, Underclass Favorite of 1947. CAROL COLLINS Secretary of National Honor Society, Co- Editor of Oak, Secretary of Art Club, Dallas Historical Society. BASIL PRUITT Vice-President of National Honor Society, Spring, 1948, Business and Advertising Manager of the Oak, Dallas Historical Society, Civic Federation Representative. JOANNE ROWNTREE President of National Honor Society, Co- Editor of Oak, Dallas Student Council. Historical Society, GEORGIALENE HEARN National Honor Society, National Thes- pian Honor Society, Editor of Acorn, Na- tional Forensic League. Puge Seventy-nine PAT STROUD State championship in Declamation-l?47, President of Speakers Club, One Act Play, Cost-4948, Student Council. NANCY CROSS President of Art Club, First place winner in Dallas Symphony Art Contest, Acorn Staff, Szholarahip Club. JOHNNY HAMILTON Head Cheerleader, 1947, Scholarship Club, Music Follies of 1947, Select Chorus. JAMES FARMER GEORGINE CANTRELL National Honor Society, City Champion- ship in Girl's Debate-l948, District Ex- temporaneous Speaking Championship- 'I947, National Forensic league. WANDA STOUT National Honor Society, President of Pan- American Club, Secretary of Dallas His torical Society, Civic Federation delegate Page Eighty National Forensic League, Secretary of Student Council, Civic Federation delegate, Scholarship Club. Q x 'wh s Q W 5 ze' , S vw QM 'W if ':a. - Q A . ' :is . Q ,Q Sli i 5 6 R . . Q""""Q., vii , 4,3 i Q gi 1 I , I r h . ' fi . "-T' WQLWMMMWMM if 2 x" fy .x Yfff ' Q'-T-."" cw? Aciiviiz ies N 3 4 Q- J ff' Q f' f'-Q,7J - IZJLM-K. 9 ff? C. J f 7 ,J if VC wk 59 sf? -33 E9 1 Xx Jeannie Abbott Leo Alexander Barbara Archibald Martha Aycock Judy Basden John Lewis Beckham Kay Berry Gay Boswell Beverly Butler Basil Pruitt Betty Ruthe Caldwell Iva Marie Cameron Gcorgine Cantrell Catherine Chabot Carol Collins Charlene Compton Lavone Cone Marquita Cox Doris Crabtree Doris Crisp Jo Ann Cullum Jack Dalton Imogene Dial Leslie Acheson Randall Adrian Gayle Aldredge Minnie Aleman Joyce Allen Marilyn Allison Judith Armstrong Mary Aycock Jerry Baggett Orland Baker James Barbosa Lanell Baskin Bob Baumgartner Robert Bell Bill Bennett Ann Berry Jim Berry Eloise Bivens Gerald Blacketer Patsy Lou Blake Barbara Blakeley Gladys Bohanan Julia Alva Bolton Orville Booth Helga Boyd Marie Brock James Brooks Homer Brown Jean Burden Onita Burson Sally Butler Page Eighty-jour Scholarship Club A Verde Dickeylf Glenna Duncan Hope Foster Jack Glascock Bob Griffin Martha Griffith Johnny Hamilton Patsy Hatchell Georgialene Hearn Shirley Henslee Barbara Hodson Carol Lynn Hunter Paul Jones Sally Jones James Keahey Karon Kinnamon Sharlie Kirby Sam Laden Sue Lamb Patsy Lee Claude McDonald Glenn Miller Cherine Byrd Vernell Caldwell Richard Cantrell Donald Carroll Peggy Cassady Claudia Chears Bob Cheney Jack Clement Jerry Cline Mona Coleman Fran Collins Ruth Cooper Gloria Cootes Noncy Cornehls Ronnie Cox Bonnie Crawford Billie Jeane Creel Pat Crofts Jenny Cross Nancy Cross Jimmie Crouch Le Von Crow Mary Faith Crowder Harry Cummings Karl Cunyus Frances Dalche Jo Ann Daugherty Bob Davis Dorothea Davis Doy Marie Davis Evelyn Douglass Donald Minick George Mizell A Charles Myers? Georgia Nutt Carolyn O'Glee Myra Peters Mary Pittman Wanda Ray Herman Roberson Janice Robbins Joanne Rowntree Billy Charles Smith Geraldine Stephens Eddie Stevens Lo Rita Stevens Wanda Stout Christina Tapia Pat Torver Lois Tosspon Jimmie Lou Watts Darrell Williams Johnson Yium Thomas Yium Louise Dozier James Duncan Billie Dutton June Earnest Cecil Easley Bob Schols Davis Epps Jacqueline Erwin Carolyn Eubanks Luanne Evans James Farmer James Farrimond John Faxon Betty Ferguson Fred Ferguson William Fessell Virginia Fields Jo Ann Fitzpatrick Jo Ann Ford Joyce Foster Earline Freeman Sandra Fry Wanda Fry Laura Fuller Jimmy Galloway Thomas Ganze Joyce Gardner Sylvandia Garrett Mozell Gausnell Jerry Gilmore Hazel Green Shirley Green Bobby Greer Jimmy Gual Florence Hair Marilyn Hale Norma Hale Barbara Halliburton Clyde Hamm Doris Hamm LaVerne Hanks Constance Hansen Jean Happ Freda Harbert Owenda Lee Hardy Cleo June Haroldson Dudly Harris John T. Harris Darwin Hathaway John Matheway Harold Hatfield Dorothy Jo Haynie David Hendrix Jack T. Hill David Wayne Hodge Gayle Hodges Nann Holland E. C. Holtsclaw Carol Lynn Hooker Elizabeth Hooker Joanne Horn Jimmy Hornsby Dorothy Horton Varnell Huckeba Jean Hudnall Kathy Hughes Ronald Hughes Jane Hull Marihelen Hunsucker Leon Hunter Peggy Huse Mildred Hutchinson Mary Lou Irwin Coleman Jennings Carol Johnson Mary Jordan Maudell Kather Joe Keahey Patricia Keahey Janice Kenison Sarah Kerr Mamie Kilgore Joy Nell Kinsey Jocele Kinsolving Bonnie Kizzia Peggy Kline John Lange Petra leach Allie Dee leeth Louella Lish Cecil Long Nina Fay Love Jimmy Lowry Guy Lyons Marvin McCoy Paul McDonald Barbara McDowell Jess McKee Norma McKinnon Patricia McLaughlin Smith Mclaughlin Billy McPherson Marilyn McWithey Glenn Mandeville Paul Marco Jacqueline Marchbanks Jimmie Marshall Billie Sue Martin Jennie Lee Martin Philip Matthews Kathleen Mee Mariorie Mervin Bill Miller Darleen Miller Virginia Miller Betty Millsap Guy Mizell Marilyn Moore Shirley Morgan Jimmy Mullin Lee Roy Nichols Amos North sf Helen O'Brien Maureen O'Brien Betty Gene Oldham Donald Page Robert Page Dolores Payne Hearst Paxton Joy Ann Peak Shelton Perkins Arlene Phelps Delores Phife David Philipps Lynn Phillay Haloise Pirtle Charles Pop Betty Poston Mary Sue Prewitt Jerry Proctor Jimmy Pyle Richard Rains Sally Ramirez Florence Randlett Esther Kate Rasco Daisy Ray Geneva Redwine Hilary Reynolds Shirley Richard Arthur Richardson Nelda Richardson Jack Richburg Mary Richburg Lester Robbins Sandra Roberts Gilbert Robertson Patsy Robinson Reba Roderick Gerald Rose John Rumsey Barbara Rush Elaine Rushing Glenna Maude Russell Robert Sadler Margaret Saunders Virgil Scott Bill Self Ralph Shanahan Bobbie Jo Sheffield Don Sheeler Lanette Sherman Katherine Smith Viva Jean Smith Billy Gene Snodgrass Joe Stalcup Marcus Steadman Billie Stem Nancy Stone Barbara Strange Pat Stroud Jack Talbot Rose Taylor L Juanice Thurman Leola Tillery Clarence Troup Joan Truly Nancy Truly Dorothy Faye Tutt Gay Vaughn William Vines Charles Wacker Bobby Wade Frances 'Ann Walker Jomae Waller Donna Wantling Wynema Watson Jimmie Lou Watts Patricia Wheeler Shirley Wheeler Boyd White John White Margaret White Gavin Whitehead James Whittlesey Johnnie Wilbur W. D. Wilhite Charles Williams Billy Wilson Charles Wilson Sandra Winborn Roy L. Windham, Joan Wooley Robert Woods Paul Yeatts Pershing Yium Joan York Beverly Zinn Ann Zuspann Page Eighty-five National Honor Society FALL OFFICERS SPRING Joanne Rowntree . President . . Joanne Rowntree Betty Ruthe Caldwell . Vice-President . Basil Pruitt Carol Collins . . Secretary . . . . . . . . Carol Collins Sponsors: Miss Lucy Hamilton, Miss Ruth Bell, Mrs. Minnie Bramlette, Miss Christine Hammock Leo Alexander Martha Aycock John Lewis Beckham Julia Alva Bolton Helga Boyd Betty Brumit Cherine Byrd Betty Ruthe Caldwell Georgina Cantrell Catherine Chabot Bob Cheney Carol Collins Imogene Dial Page Eighty-six NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS John Faxon Hope Foster Jewell Foster Jack Glascock John Harris Georgialene Hearn Shirley Henslee Barbara Hodson Leon Hunter Karon Kinnamon Sue Lamb Nina Fay Love Guy Lyons Kathleen Mee Darleen Miller Carolyn O'Glee Betty Oldham Mary Pittman Basil Pruitt Wanda Ray Mary Richburg Joanne Rowntree Billy Gene Snodgrass Joe Stalcup Wanda Stout Darrell Williams Siucleni Council OFFICERS FALL Joe Stalcup . . President . . . Joe Stalcup Bill Self . . Vice-President . . Darrell Williams Verde Dickey . . . Secretary . . James Farmer Bobby Ahlfinger Robert Aiton Gayle Alldredge Bob Baumgartner Bill Bennett .lim Berry Eloise Bivens Orville Booth Gloria Bracke Charles Brown Onie Jane Bruce .Ioan Caldwell Frances Dalche Jacquelynn Erwin James R. Farmer Novalene Follis Joyce Gardner Sponsor: Miss Floy Agnew STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Mozell Gausnell Jack Glascock Cleo June Haroldson Patsy Hatchel David Hendrix Betty Hine Kathy Hughes Johnnie Jones Mamie Kilgore Bonnie Kizzia Iva Neal Langford Louella Lish Guy Lyons Wiclrie McAfee .lack McConathy Marvin McCoy John McKeIvey Wynell Monk Lee Roy Nichols Donald Page Jerry Proctor Hilary Reynolds Herman Roberson Joanne Rowntree James Slatton Katherine Smith Joe Stalcup Marcus Steadman Clarence Troup Joan Truly Jimmie Lou Watts Boyd White W. D. Wilhile Darrell Williams Page highly seven .IENNIE LEE MARTIN Art Editor HARRY CUMMINGS Sports Editor ug- -j ,., TOMMY KAN E Photographer Oak Staff Christine Hammock, Meredith Schroeder, Jeanette AIston, Sponsors JOANNE ROWNTREE CAROL COLLINS Co-Editor I Co-Editor NANCY NELSON Clubs BARBARA DU RRETT Activities ROWLAND WILSON S1 ' .. I . I 4 is 3 I HELGA BOYD DAVID BARRON Staff Typist Snapshots -5 ,1 or A , K GERALD HILL Fall Business Manager JOHN FAXON , Fall Editor-in-Chief , RANDALL ADRIAN . JOE STALCUP Business Manager , Advertising Manager BARBARA ANN HODSON Spring Assistant Editor JUANITA ELY GEORGIALENE HEARN . spring Edhopin-Chief Fall Exchange Editor GEORGINE CANTRELL NANCY CROSS Club Editor R.O.T.C. Editor Acorn Staff J HENRIETTA EISENLOHR, Sponsor W I l NINA FAY LOVE KARON KINNAMON Exchange Editor Spring Assistant Editor JACK TALBOT ORLAND BAKER LOUIS PALMER JOHNSON YIUM Fall Sports Editor 'Staff Photographer Sports Editor R.O.T.C. Editor Oak Business Staff LEO ALEXANDER BASIL PRUITT Business Manager Business Manager Advertising Manager Advertising Manager CAROLYN O'GLEE JOANNE BRENNAN Bookkeeper Salesman NORMARENE HARVEY Salesman Page' Nilwly MAH KARON KINNAMON Salesman HOPE FOSTER Salesman Gayle Alldredge Barbara Archibald Betty Avrett Jack Baker LaNell Baskin Ann Berry Norma Bingham Gerald Blacketer Gladys Bohannon Carolyn Boyls Joan Caldwell Iva Marie Cameron Josephine Carlton Nancy Cornehls Oak Representatives Nancy Cross Harold Daniel Bob Davison Imogene Dial David Epps Luanne Evans Wanda Gibson Mozell Gausnell Florence Hair Joy Harrell Carl Hoffman Joanne Horn Mary Lou Irwin Linda Kelley IIN ISI ifmf' Mary Frances Kirk Bobbie Ann Knoll Patsy Lee Bob Lundy Norma McKinnon Helen O'Brien Mary Oliver Louis Palmer John Rackley Jerry Rackley Florence Randlett Janice Robbins Bob Robertson Page Ninety one -es-age..-. ..-re ,e. .. es ee' -in e f '.a.+ fs ' A iff will ,ff 4, . 1 , xiii , e1,. ff, T. , K. - -ff.A . xii:-,ik . .fs-2:7 kay . :A ge T1 we-,L ge ,, "2ifQ?'i wi' ik .gsm ,vi Q, ' W X Hi s h il I L: CAST George Carr . Mrs. Carr . . Carol Ruth . . Mr. Carr . . Mrs. McDuffie . . Miss Lucinda Carr Mr. Yeates . . Elaine Carr . . Dan Drennan . Mr. Drennan . Dicky Turner . Janet Roden . Mickie Strong . Liz Estes . . . Extra ...... OF CHARACTERS - THE SENIOR CLASS of W. H. ADAMSON HIGH SCHOOL Presents "DEAR PAPA" W. H. ADAMSON AUDITORIUM 8:00 p.m., December 12, 1947 . . . . . Tommy McCormack . Billy Gene Snodgrass TIME: The Present . Janet Conner . John Harris . Hazel Green . . Pat Rather Billy Earl Smith . Cherine Byrd . . Gerald Hill Rowland Wilson . . . Bill Self . Joan Edwards . Hope Foster . Louise Wilson . John Foxon PLACE: The living room of the Carr home SNYOPSIS OF SCENES ACT l -About 3:30 one afternoon ACT ll -Next day about 3:30 ACT Ill-Two days later about 10:00 a.m. Page Ninety-two SPECIALTIES Adamson Quartet . . Doyle Riley, Donald Steadman, J. W. Nail, Gene Baskin Duet .... . Betty Brumit, Juanita Ely PRODUCING STAFF Play Director ..... Miss Wilhelmina G. Hedde Orchestra Director ........ W. R. Conger Class Sponsors . . Miss Anna Bell, Miss Margaret Harris Program Committee . . Marie Brock, Florence Hair, Mary Beth Berlin Property . . . Juanita Ely, Johnson Yium, Betty Brumit Prompters . . . Stage Crew . . . Sadie Rougeou Patsy Robinson Florence Hair Novelle Lucas Johnnie Owen Earlyne Freeman Harriet Grant Norman Weaver Charles Brown Ralph Parker Charles Anderson Bill Merwin James Brooks Raymond Stammire Earnest Baresch Kenneth Duke . . John Faxon, Hope Foster . . Johnson Yium, Roger Horn GIRL USHERS GUARDS Ginger Hainline Reba Roderick Frances Gossett Margie Sheffield Joanne Brennan Virginia Drake Jackie Marshbanks Charles Dillard Wayne Martin Charles Williams Earl Potts Stanley Shaver Alfred Copeland Richard Bowery John White Leo Alexander Linda Russell . Pauline Russell . Otis Kerby . . Homer Judson . Bruce Judson . June Bishop . . Donna Craig . . Phebe Atkins . Miss Edith Crest Glen Willard . Selected Numbers Play Director . Orchestra Director Class Sponsors . Program . . Prompter . . THE SENIOR CLASS of ADAMSON HIGH SCHOOL Presents "OUT OF THIS WORLD" By Paul S. McCoy W. H. Adamson Auditorium s.oo p.m., April so, me CAST OF CHARACTERS . . . . . . . . . Beverly Butler . . Pat Stroud . . . Dale Smith . . John L. Beckham . Gene Baskin . . . Nancy Cross . Barbara Durrett . Catherine Chabot . Marquita Cox . Joe Stalcup Leo Dennis . . . Glenn Mandeville Myrtle Huff ....... . . Lavona Green Time: The Present Place: The Living Room of Otis Kerby SYNOPSIS OF SCENES Act I -A morning in late spring Act II -One hour later Act III-Evening of same day . . . . . . . Adamson Orchestra PRODUCTION STAFF . . . . . Miss Wilhelmina G. Hedde . . . . . Mr. W. R. Conger . Miss Margaret Harris, Miss Anna Bell . . . . . . . Joan Wooley . . . . . . . . . . . . Betty Lee Make-Up-Paula Blank, Billye Bryant, Nancy Stone, Bonnie Bouknight, Betty Gainer, Ginger Hainline, Judy Williams. Property-Barbara Bergoon, Mary Katherine Pittman, Betty Oldham, Kenneth Sutton. Ticket-Nita Yates, Johnny Hamilton, Joanne Horn, Bill Maxey, Joan Wooley, Jimmy Frazier, Jerry Cline. Ushers-Betty Kenninghom, Florence Randlett, Betty Milsap, Patsy Peters, Dorothy Small, Betty Sawey, Lois Armstrong, Mil- dred Hutchinson, Owenda Hardy. Guards-Alfred Copeland, Don King, Mack Cruse, Johnny Redman, Wayne Martin, Bob McPhaiI, Gerald Morrison, Harry Cummings, Charles McMerrell, John Franklin, Ralph Gilbert, Billy Hickey. Page Ninety-three Select Chorus Row 'I Betty Gainer, Thelfred Morton, Barbara Bergoon, Mildred Reynolds, Patricia Rather, Joan Truly, David Ribble, G. A, Riley, Mr. Williams, Alvia Muirhead, Wickie McAfee, Shirley Wheeler, Katherine Smith, Claire Stewart, Bar- bara Ribble, Joyce Gardner. Row 2 Betty Payne, Mary Jordan, Joy Snow, Harriet Grant, Norman Weaver, Tommy McCormack, Don Mclendon, Florence Hair, Darleen Miller, Patsy Wallace, Wanda Jones, Earlyne Freeman, Louise Hooper. Row 3 Jeanette Prague, Jeannie Abbott, Freda Harbert, Carolyn Coleman, Juanita Ely, Bill Yeager, Bryan Hart, Edgar Stone, Tim Jolly, Janet Conner, Jocele Kinsolving, Judy Basden, Bobbie Marie Pierce. Row 4 Billy James, Martha Nell Butler, Barbara Hodson, Car- olyn O'Glee, Mary Pittman, Gerald Hill, Charles Al- bright, Richard Bean, Tommy Millican, Gene Baskin, Johnny Hamilton, Billy Charles Smith, Betty Brumit, Joanna Conway, Joan Irby, Marihelen Hunsucizer. Grchestra " W nu 1 Row 1 Row 2 Joyce Chewing, Joan Collis, Ann Berry, Martha Boggess, Edgar Stone, Guy Woodard, Guy Lyons, Raymond Joan Wooley, LaVerne Hickman, Carolyn Boyls, Norma Belken, Deral Bryant, Hale. Ilgl' Nfllrttvfnrtr Scholastic Awa rds Rowland Wilson was awarded a S25 savings bond as aresult of winning first place in the Navy Day Poster Contest. The theme of his poster was "Educational Opportunities in the Navy." Scholastic Art Awards in the Regional Exhibition were won by the following Art students. Christine' Williams Jack Clement . . Thelma Ligon . . Joanne Brennan . Jack Clement . . Jack Clement . . Rowland Wilson . Carolyn Boyles . Billy Grooms . . Christine Williams Dress Design . Water Color . . . Handicraft . Dress Design . . . Water Color . Water Color . . . . Water Color . . . Water Color . Handicraft Dress Design .... Key Certificafe Key Certificate Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorab'e Mention Honorable Mention INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE LITERARY EVENTS Girls Debate - First Place - City K Extemporaneous Speaking - First Shirley Henslee Place - City Georgine Cantrell Joe Stalcup Boys' Debate - First Place - City Paul Jones Declamation - First Place - City James Farmer Peggy Huse PERFECT ATTENDANCE AWARDS January Billy Gene Snodgrass Florence Marie Hair ADVERTISING ESSAY Peggy Faulkner-"How Advertising Helps to Raise Our Standard of Living" READYWRlTER'S ESSAY CONTEST John Lewis Beckham HISTORICAL ESSAY Georgialene Hearn - "Freedom Is Everybody's Job" CANDIDATES FOR 4-YEAR LINZ AND EVERTS AWARDS Leo Alexander Martha Aycock John Lewis Beckham Julia-Alva Bolton ' Helga Boyd Georgine Cantrell Carol Collins Nancy Cross Imogene Dial Jewell Foster Johnny Hamilton Shirley Henslee Georgialene Hearn Barbara Ann Hodson Mary Pittman Leon Hunter Karon Kinnamon Charles Myers Carolyn O'Glee Betty Oldham Wanda Ray Mary Richburg Gilbert Robertson Joanne Rowntree Billy Charles Smith Wanda Stout 4-YEAR EVERTS Billy Jack Glascock 4-YEAR LINZ Beverly Butler, Catherine Chabot, Basil Pruitt 1-YEAR LINZ Randall Adrian Minnie Aleman Orland Baker Jean Burden Robert Collins Marquita Cox Billy Jack Glascock Bobby Greer Owenda Lee Hardy Jack Hill Sue Lamb John Lange Nina Fay Love Guy Lyons Darleen Miller Glen Miller Shelton Perkins Betty Poston Jimmy Pyle Joe Stalcup Charles Wacker Bobbie Wade Page Ninety five Attendance Office Julia Bolton Betty Brumit Beverly Butler Sally Butler Fran Collins Nancy Cornehls Florence Cox Doris Crisp Hazel Green Jean Hudnall Pat Keahey Nina Faye Love Sue Pike Herman Roberson Barbara Rush Glenna Russell Margaret Simpson Book Room James Barbosa Bill Norcross Page Ninety-six Student Assistants Business Office Roy Buchanan Armida Cuthbertson Barbara Durrett Bob Griffin Cleo June Haroldson Elizabeth Hooker Sue Johnson Virginia Miller Wynette Whitaker Christine Williams Joan Wooley Senior Counselor's Office Barbara Archibald Jo Ann Cullum John Faxon Sarah Johnston Billie Ann King Maxine Lollar Joida Ponder Wanda Ray Hilary Reynolds Pat Tarver Rose Taylor Diane White Banking Assistants Martha Nell Butler Gloria Cootes Marquita Cox Verde Dickey Sue Lamb Georgia Nutt Betty Gene Oldham Louis Palmer Billy Charles Smith Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Jean Carpenter, Jacqulyn Stanley, Basil Pruitt, Charlene Compton, Jewell Foster, Claude McDonald, Wanda Stout, Marquita Cox, Gay Barbara Hodson, Hearst Paxton, LeVon Crow, Leon Hunter, Robert Boswell, Iva Marie Cameron. Raymond Fitzpatrick, Jim Berry. Collins, Guy Lyons. Civic Federation Youth Institute The Youth Institute forums are held at Scott Hall one or more times annually. They are an attempt on the part of the Civic Federation to bring together under pleasant conditions the young people of the city for frank discussions of present day problems. Eight students from each high school met for six ses- sions held during each of the three different institutes offered this year. Selection of students for this honor was made on the basis of iunior or senior classification, interest in public affairs, and evidence of good citizenship in their school behavior as well as scholastic standing. Nationally recognized leaders in the field of sociology conduct each session. Page Ninety-seven if C lulns Ti 5:26 5 1 3 Q I MAJ L '6 Q W7 'fix QW x vs V LQ ,5 fx 1 cv 5? 5 Sponsor . . President . . Vice-President . Secretary . . . Charlene Compton Joanne Cox Marcelline Curry Joanne Ernst Jewell Foster Theresa Geiger Libra ry Council OFFICERS Nancy Johnson Sue Johnson Paul Gene Marco Mary Pittman Anne Reid Arthur Richardson Miss Frances Thompson . . Mary Joyce Turner . . Patsy Robinson . . . .Jewell Foster Patsy Robinson Mary Joyce Turner Louise Vest John White Louise Wilson An effort is made to keep the number of members of the Library Service Club uniform by electing an equal number of student assistants from each classification. Written application is made with the librarian who requires recommendations from two faculty members. Pupils are recommended upon scholarship, an average of "C" being required for membership. Qualifica- tions other than scholarship are dependability, accuracy, tact, courtesy to other workers and those served, promptness, neat- ness, and willingness to accept and act upon criticism. One period each day is given by each assistant to library service. Duties are varied depending upon the degree of ability and the interest of the worker. They range from recording attendance, taking messages, circulation work, mechanical preparation of books and magazines to some simple reference work. Page One Hundred 7 Nancy Cornehls, Louise Wilson, Norma Chaney, Mitzi Harris, Sylvia Moon Junior Red Cross OFFICERS Sponsor . .... . Miss Idabel Cabaniss President . .... Mitzie Harris Secretary ................... Haloise Pirtle All students of Adamson are members of the Junior Red Cross. This is possible because of the Red Cross policy of admitting to membership all students of schools where the 'Funds voluntarily donated during the annual drive average a membership fee for all students enrolled. The council is composed of those students who actively participate in the Junior Red Cross program. Some make garments for distribution to the unfortunate through the disaster program of the American Red Cross. Others make Christmas stockings and party favors for veterans in government hospitals. Most of them distribute posters advertising the Spring Roll Call of the American Red Cross. Numbers of them assist at Chapter headquarters in assembling and packing materials for shipment. Page One Hund ed One Row I Row 2 Row 3 Karon Kinnaman, Joanne Dough- Freda Harbert, Juanice Thurman, Miss Nelly Bly Lankford, Marquita erty, Dolores Payne, Norma Mc- Sally Butler, Glenna M. Russell, Cox, Georgialine Hearn, Charlene Kinnon, Minnette Daugherty. Bette Richardson, Marilyn McWithey Compton, John Lewis Beckham, Kay Boswell. Doris Crisp, Jennie Lee Martin, Jean Happ, Mrs. Helen Horn. Pen Pal Club OFFICERS FALL SPRING Doris Crisp . . . . President. . . Freda Harbert Norma McKinnon . Vice-President . . . Sally Butler Charlene Compton Glenna Russell . . . .Secretary. . . . Program Chairman . . Sponsors: Miss Nelly Bly Lankford Mrs. Helen Horn . Shirley Green . . Jean Happ The Pen Pal Club of Adamson is composed of pupils who are interested in developing their creative literary talents. Programs are presented at regular meetings by members of the club. The pupils volunteer to write a poem, short story, or essay and read it for the club at the following meeting. After this is done, the merits and shortcomings of the selection are discussed and con- structive criticism is offered by the club members. The club has an active membership and the members provide interesting programs. Page Une Humlrvrl Two Fov 1 Row 2 ue Lamb, Wanda Stout, Billie Ann King, Miss Higgin- Betty Oldham, Vivien Hammer, Charlene Compton J n ot am, Marquita Cox, Beverly Butler, Doris Crisp. Derrick, Peggy Cassady. Book Review Club OFFICERS FALL SPRING Billy Gene Snodgrass . . . President . . . Marquita Cox Betty Oldham ...... Vice-President .... . . Wanda Ray Joanne Daugherty ...... Secretary ..... . Wanda Stout Sponsor: Miss Lorine Higginbotham The Book Review Club was organized in Adamson in 1939. Its purpose is to give girls who love to read an opportunity for widening their knowledge of books and for friendly associa- tion through regular meetings held twice each month. At each meeting a book is reviewed by one of the members. When time allows, discussion of this or other books follows. Two social meetings, one at Christmas and the other in the spring, are always included in the program. The socials usually vary be- tween dinners and picnics. Occasionally, refreshments are served at the regular meetings. One tradition of the club is the contribution made to some worthy cause at Christmas. In I947, the gift was a CARE package sent to some needy person in Europe. Underclass girls are invited to ioin and thus have the pleasure of membership through most of their high school years. Page One' Hundred Three Row 1 Bobbie Helga Boyd, Joanne Rowntree, Katherine Smith, Joanne Brennan, Row 2 Row 3 Jimmy Mullin, Martha Aycock, Mary Pittman, Sue Lamb, Wanda Ray Barbara Hodson, Hope Foster, Sue Pike, Wanda Stout, Louella Lish, Petra Leach, Miss Owenda Lee Hardy, Mary Aycock, Wooley, Peggy Cassady, Billy Reese Langford. Yvonne Leach, Dale Smith. Dallas Historical Society Sponsor: Miss Winnie Langford OFFICERS FALL SPRING Dale Smith . . . . President . . . . Helga Boyd Beverly Butler . . Vice-President . . Leo Alexander Yvonne Leach . .... Secretary .... . . Wanda Stout Page Or The purpose of the Adamson Chapter of the Dallas His- torical Society is to offer the students a wider knowledge ot the historical background and the civic lite ot Dallas. In the course of the school year, the members make several tours to historical sites and to present day places of interest in and around Dallas. The programs of the club include projects de- veloped by the students concerning Dallas history. They are presented through various methods, such as oral reports, ques- tionnaires, and skits. Such activities serve not only to increase the member's knowledge of history, but also to form the basis for an entertaining club. ze Hundred Four Leo Alexander, Basil Pruitt Jo 1n Carpenter, John Lewis Beckham John Faxon, John Harris Joan Art Club Row I Jennie Lee Martin, Jean Carpenter, Francis Gossett, Betty McCraney, Nancy Cross, Dale Smith, Carol Collins, Joanne Brennan, Naomi Clowers, Norma Harvey, Betty Gai- ner, Miss Schroeder. Row 2 Betty Carver, Betty Piccola, Joanne Horn, Lurline Rains, Katherine Hie- bert, Mary Ellis, Carolyn Boyls, Gay Boswell, Florence Randlett, Lola Bell Featherston, Paula Blank, Yvonne Leach. Row 3 Billye Bryant, Margaret Nelson, Nancy Patton, Paul Marco, Nora Moser, Bonnie Boughknight, Herbert Braswell, Beverly Butler. Sponsor: Miss Meredith Schroeder OFFICERS President . . . .... . Nancy Cross Vice-President . . Dale Smith Secretary . . . . ........ Carol Collins The Art Club is the heart of Aclamson's Art Department. Through the club's various activities, the school has received much recognition in the field of art, and the students have been further educated in the fine arts. The club has a limited mem- bership, but encourages all to join who are interested in art. There are two programs each month, which are planned to familiarize the members with the practical application of their knowledge to future careers. The members of the Art Club are active in city art affairs. Our school has participated in the Junior Art League, while many individual members have won high honors in city and state competition. Thus the Art Club serves as the center of progress for art in our school. Page One Hundred Fwe Row I Karon Kinnamon, June Ransom, Margie Wallace, Constance Han- sen, Jennie Lee Martin, Margaret Loewen, Jolly Butler, Adele Berger. Row 2 Nancy Wilson, Jan Cocreham, lla Dee Leeth, Cleo June Haroldson Allie Dee Leeth, Constance Pias Jimmy Bithas, Raymond Thomas. Row 3 Beverly Butler, Charles Wilson Charles King, Norma McKinnon, French Club Sponsor: Miss Helen Aduddell OFFICERS 1 Christina Tapia, Nann Holland, Jean Webb, Jack Gillis. Row 4 Russell Herman, .loe Simmons, Miss Aduddell, John Gaither. President . . .... . . Charles Wilson Vice-President . . Cleo June Harrolson Secretary .................. Beverly Butler The French Club is made up of pupils who would like to know more about France, as well as of the pupils taking French as part of their high school course. Although the club is small, the members have a great deal of fun. This year the main event of the club was a dinner honoring the graduating members. Afterwards, the members attended a good movie. French movies also are often attended. Page One Hundred Six I Row 'I Corinda Rougeou, Ann Ward, Judy Basden, Bonnie Kizzia, Myra Lee Peters, Betty Brumit, John Lewis Beckham, Miss King, Darrell Williams, Wanda Stout, Betty Ferguson, Nina Fay Love, Maria Cristina Tapia, Daisy Ray, Iva Marie Cameron, Josephine Milke. Row 2 Margaret Simpson, Wanda Coughran, Rita Easley, Wanda Patton, Joy Kinsey, Jerry Matson, Kenneth Duke, John Yates, Bill Norcross, Jess McKee, John Lange, Bob Crockett, Pat Croft, Jerry Watson, Richard Rains, Jerry Proctor, Lavona Cone, Joanne Ford, Mona Coleman, Maureen O'Brien. Pan American Club President . . Vice-President . . Secretary . . . . OFFICERS Sponsors: Miss Roberta King Miss Eugenia Newberry Mrs. Virginia Juergens Row 3 JoAnn Cullum, Barbara Archibald, Pat Rather, Wynema Watson, Joan Truly, Hilary Reynolds, Julia Alva Bolton, Barbara Armistead, June Earnest, Wanda Jones, Katherine Smith, Louella Lish, Gloria Bracke, Glenna Maude Russell, Pat Keahey, Patsy Thomas, Jimmie Lou Watts, Rosalie Robbins, Haloise Pirtle. . . Wanda Stout . Pat Keahey . Myra Peters The Pan-American Club of Adamson is one of the many clubs affiliated with the Pan-American Student Forum of Texas. The purpose of the organization is to strengthen the ties of friend- ship, understanding, and cooperation between our people and our Latin-American neighbors. Since understanding and friend- ship cannot be complete unless we speak our neighbor's lan- guage, the club conducts its meetings, games, and all proiects in Spanish. The members participate with the other Dallas High Schools in all of the city undertakings, as well as with other cities in all efforts to live up to our motto, "Of one blood hath He made all men." Page One Hundrerl Sffmfrz National Thespian Honor Society Sponsor: Miss Wilhelmina G. Hedde FALL OFFICERS SPRING Joe Stalcup . . . President . . . . Dale Smith Pat Stroud . . Vice-President . . . . Pat Stroud Yvonne Leach . ..... Secretary . . . Doris Jean Peeler MEMBERSHIP Jeannie Abbott Juanita Ely Peggy Huse Dale Smith James Barbosa Carolyn Eubank Petra Leach Joe Stalcup John Lewis Beckham Betty Gainer Yvonne Leach Claire Stewart Eloise Bivens Jean Happ Jennie Lee Martin Edgar Stone Beverly Butler John Harris Betty Oldham Pat Stroud Charlene Compton Georgaline Hearn Doris Jean Peeler Jay Thompson Marquita Cox Shirley Henslee Bill Reese M. H. Trulock Barbara Durrett Herman Russell Billy Gene Snodgrass Billy Wilson Rowland Wilson The National Thespian Honor Society, Troupe 338, was or- ganized at Adamson in 1942 with our speech instructor as sponsor. This society is an educational organization established for the advancement of dramatic arts in high school, The Thes- pians have made many outstanding accomplishments in speech tournaments. Programs are prepared and presented at regular meetings by members of the society. In order to obtain member- ship in the society, one must have had some previous experience in acting and speaking. He also must appear before the society with a two minute dialogue to prove his ability, and then it is left up to the members to vote whether he is worthy ot mem- bership. Page One Hundred Eight FALL Pat Stroud . Peggy Huse . . Dale Smith . Jeannie Abbott Don Archer Gretchen Baumel Robert Baumgartner John Lewis Beckham Iva Marie Cameron Georgine Cantrell Speech Club Sponsor: Miss Wilhelmina G. Hedde OFFICERS . . President . . . . . Vice-President . . . . Secretary . . MEMBERSHIP Jannet Conner Doris Crabtree Shirley Harrell Shirley Henslee Peggy Huse Anne Reid Dale Smith SPRING . . Pat Stroud . Doris Crabtree . . Doris Peeler Marlene Stephens Wanda Stout Barbara Strange Pat Stroud M. H. Trulock Emma Frances Wilson Frances Wilson The Adamson Speech Club was organized in 1943, with our speech instructor, as sponsor. The club was organized to help those students interested in advancing their talent in public speaking. Members of the Speech Club have participated in many of the speech tournaments held in Texas and the South- west. In order to obtain admittance into the club, one must have interest and ability in the field of speech, and be recommended by a speech teacher and members of the club. Interesting pro- grams are prepared and presented at regular intervals by members of the club. Page One Hundred Vine I i -guna-ur--fr-. . Row I Emmett Bolton, Gary Spain. Row 2 Mr. George Boley, Bill Yeager, Jimmy Frazier, Louis Palmer, James North, Thomas Cherry, Jerry Cline, Jack Smith. Row 3 Richard Bowery, Ben Petit, Harry Cummings, James Reed, David Mitchell, Billy Cowan, Duane Hamilton. Row 4 David Barron, Bill Madden, Billy Charles Smith, Shelton Perkins, Wilton Stone, Milton Smith, Wiley Simmons. Row 5 Jimmy Whittlesy, Ray Fitzpatrick, Darwin Hatheway, Eugene Reese, Jack Dalton, Billy Wilson, Billy Ray John- son, Bob Appling. Row 6 Dale Smith, Charles Myers, Jimmy Christian, Randall Adrian, Vincent Gish, Jimmy Gual, Robert Gandy, Paul Tanner, Richard Bean, Jimmy Crow, W. D. Sims, Glenn Miller. Hi-Y Sponsor: Mr. George Boley OFFICERS FALL SPRING Billy Earl Smith . . . . President . Louis Palmer Bill Reese. . . . Vice-President . . . Gary Spain S. Jay Wilemon .... . . . Secretary . James North The Hi-Y Club of Adamson is an organization for boys of iunior or senior classification. The club's purpose is to create, maintain, and extend high standards of Christian character throughout the school and community. Meetings are held each Wednesday night at the Oak Cliff Young Men's Christian As- sociation building. The boys are entertained by movies, speakers, and other activities planned by the program chairman. After the meeting the boys play indoor sports in the gymnasium. Page One Hundred Ten I Debate Club Sponsors: Miss Ann Patrick Mr. Carl C. Nutley OFFICERS President . . . . . . . . Vice-President . .... . Secretary . . . ....... . . . . MEMBERSHIP Bettye Lou Jones Jimmy Pyle Paul Jones Bob Bryant Norma Hale Bill Merwin Georgine Cantrell Clyde Hamm Marjorie Merwin Richard Cantrell Patsy Hatchel Virginia Miller Lavona Cone Georgialene Hearn George Mizell Catherine Chabot Shirley Henslee Donald Page Luanne Evans Barbara Hodson Dolores Phife James Farmer Ronald Hughes Charles Pope Laura Fuller Peggy Huse Lester Robbins Jerry Gilmore Daisy Ray Bob Robertson . James Farmer . . Joe Stalcup . Shirley Henslee Virgil Scott James Slatton Joe Stalcup June Stefka Marlene Stephens Eddie Stevens Linda Thompson Clarence Troup Wynette Whitaker Roy Windham Adamson has one of the largest debate groups in the state. At present, it contains 41 members, 36 ot whom hold at least an honorary degree in the National Forensic League. Not only has the group placed in the finals at many tournaments, given radio speeches, and made numerous civic appearances, but it has also taken more than its share ot interscholastic honors. In 1947, the group won the state championship in boy's debate, the city championship in girl's debate and the Texas-Louisiana regional championship in the National Forensic League tourna- ment. Membership to the club is granted only to those who possess a high scholastic record and a love ot speech. Page One Hundred Eleven Row 'l Sfereft Russell, JoAnn Daugherty, Ann Reed, Nancy Cornehls, Roibeth Holland, Ethel Robinson. Row 2 Sarah Wilson, Novalene Follis, Olga Atkins, Doy Marie Davis, Frances Showers, Luanne Evans, Linda Slatton, Mary Ann Brown, Loretta Taylor. Row 3 Richardson, Ann King. Junior Y-Teens Sponsors: Miss Helen Kuehne Miss Mabel Rockett OFFICERS President . . .... . Nann Holland Vice-President . . Pat Richardson Secretary .... . . . . . . . . Ann Berry The Junior Y-Teen Club, which was formerly called the Girl Reserves, is under the sponsorship of the Central Y.W.C.A., and this year had approximately forty members. During the first part of the year, money was raised for the world wide Fellow- ship. This money was used to help the Y.W.C.A. in foreign coun- tries. The last part of the year plans were made to raise money for CARE, which is an organization that sends boxes to the children of Europe. The club sent two of its officers to the Confer- ence Camp last summer. This helped in planning the club work for this year. Page One Hunrirerl Twelve Minnette Daugherty, Claudette Jones Sarah Kerr, Ann Zuspann, Wynema Watson, Carolyn Eubank Nann Holland, Wanda Coughran Pat amsmmw-A , ,X Row 1 Sue Pike, Louella Lish, Katherine Smith, Mary Aycock, Owenda Hardy, Dolores Holt, Mozelle Gausnell, Joan Ed- wards, Betty Oldham, Maudelle Kather, Louise Wilson, Joyce Allen, Barbara Bergoon, .loan Moulton, Letha Nell Sims, Daullise Grimes. Row 2 ' Johnnie Owens, Katherine Hiebert. Senior Y-Teens Sponsors: Miss Eugenia Newberry, Mrs. Minnie Bramlette FALL OFFICERSG SPRING Betty Oldham . . . President . . . . . Betty Oldham Marie Ueckert . . Vice-President . . . . Pat Richardson Wanda Gibson . . . . . . Secretary . . . Nann Holland The Senior Y-Teen Club, formerly called the Senior Girl Re- serves, is an organization affiliated with the Y.W.C.A. The purpose of the club is stated in its slogan "As Y-Teen girls, we will try to face life squarely, to find and give the best." The symbol of the club is a triangle in a circle, which represents the spiritual, the mental, and the physical life in its growth toward the ideal. Members of the Y-Teen club are able to attend the Y.W.C.A. camp at Glenrose, Texas, and also have access to the other recreational facilities at the Y.W.C.A. Membership in the club provides the girls with enioyable entertainment all the year around. Besides having fun, they try to be of service to others by helping various organizations such as CARE and World Fellowship. Page Une llumlrml Karon Kinnamon, Mary Faith Crowaer, Darleen Miller, Marie Ueckert, Mattie Bielenberg, Cora Gallatin, Jeanette Robertson, Wanda Gibson, Pat Townsend, Ann Kelly, Mary Kerr, Mary Pittman, Helga Boyd, Nancv Stone, Esther Rasco, Thirlvcn Allied Youth Allied Youth Organization Sponsor: Mr. W. T. Hamilton FALL OFFICERS SPRING Tommy McCormack . . . President . . . . Gary Spain Billy Earl Smith . . . . . Vice-President . . . Betty Gainer Bill Self ......... Secretary ........ James Reed The purpose of the Allied Youth Organization is "for the liberation through education of the individual and society from the handicaps of beverage alcohol-." At the regular meetings, students may express their feelings toward alcohol and its effectsp often speakers are asked to make talks to the club. The Allied Youth Paper is sent to each member. Entertaining socials are given for those enrolled in the club. The membership of the group this year was five hundred and twelve. 1 Inge U1 Hundred Fourteen 1. gi ' .iw K f K a t 'W . ' M Q ' sf it . ,sl H W ! LA . J. W f 1' IJ' f' ,twin ,f . in Hiram X7 xr ,lylf A' ,V ' ,I V 4 1 .4 , ff - I 4 v V ' Wx' f V' m pl.. fu' ' ,. pf - , .f .5 "'f W1 , ff ff if f f I -1, X, ,J ,iff 1' r" ,f V f ' r A' .A,Y 'w vi' l ,'vlf"" X14 f ' Lf" J nv" Ill, , . I 1 V! jf "W ' X 'L f 7 ,M I Ii M I VJ ,JA yi Z J A ff - . X, , -1 1' V 1 I 'f M! " J' Q.. .Lgf PNN A lg? i - W COLOR GUARD Gerald Tucker, F. B. Golden, Victor Pcltton, Don Rheinfeldt H jkekh 9,45 MAJOR CLEMENT SERGEANT MULLIN MAJOR GREEN SERGEANT TAYLOR I 1 Um' llumlrml h'1'glnlvw1 .q-4' 'x li nf' MW 'W' B . 3'h...,, R.O.T.C. Sponsors Dolores Holi, Joanne Rownlree, Joyce Allen, Billie Ann King, Nancy Cross, Mozell Gousnell, June Stelku, Norlnu Layne Sfolff John Foxon, Edgar Stone, Johnson Ylum, Bobby Greer, Paul Pelers, Jewel Foster, Don Wrighl. -in-u .K ,.. L A 4. - ha... Row 1 Jimmy Ledbetter, Don Smith, Raymond Gil- bert, Bill Mervin, Raymond Stammire, Leo Alexander, Charles Barrett, Roger Horn, Ger- ald Hill, Harry Cummings, Gene Dale, Jack Clement, Don Kennel, James Brooks, Kenneth Duke. Row 1 Bryan Day, Marvin Williams, Clyde Hamm, Jackie Walden, Eugene Beck, Virgil Scott, Jerome Savage, Glenn Mandeville, Billy Maxey, Kenneth Sutton, Sherman McMurray, James Nixon, Oliver Dean, Billy Ellison, John Kearley, Tommy Maples. ' Company A Row 2 Ralph Parker, Richard Bowery, Charles Wil- liams, Burch Lovely, Harvey Davis, Bill Par- rish, Jerry Proctor, Charles Dillard, Charles Anderson, Bill Brian, Edgar Smith, Arthur Richardson, Wayne Martin, Bill Thornby, Johnny Redmond, Earl Potts. Company B Row2 L. B. Johnson, Charles Marshall, Victor Path ton, Joe Ben James, Richard Cantrell, Bob Bryant, Jack Lewellen, Jerry Hooker, Eugene Elliot, Gene Payne, Lee Hainline, Gerald Mor- rison, Charles Baker, Lester Robbins, Don Rheinfeldt, Karl Gross. ' li A4 :HL J... ., .. - L Row 3 Benny Giles, John White, Rufus High, Charles Brown, Ray Tucker, Bill Cantrell, Jimmy Har- rison, Richard Fitzgerald, David Phillips, Ern- est Baresch, Alfred Copeland, Eldred Gray, Stanley Shaver, Robert Bohanan. Row 3 Brooks Loveioy, Joe Morrow, Jimmy Pyle, Richard Carter, Lewis Turner, Gerald Tucker, Bob Lundy, John Harris, Roland Wilson, Gerald Kempe, F. B. Golden, Delbert Goins, Bill Norcross. ..fJ"" "-s'.5'-ni-I-na:ual1r-r:I..i1 31, .2 Sc- , , . .55 -w,muY'.I"' A N....rA J. Wen...-. .' . - 14... r ' 1- 1 .1 . . 1 . f.1-sum. Q- "-"' ' -'flaws ini - LQ? - , A . F 2'-..'."'ff". "' ' -4 ", - avg Sw-f-f:fQQ H., Q: , A t Q, qs h V, , t .Q ,Q kg, ,Q ., F 9 S , 1 -5, .s, 'S . . e I 1 -' ' . . . v - 5 kv' . m . f , A f 1 f ,. I A . , , X , . , ' , ' ' 8 , A , U 1 . ' T , A f 1 , , , A: X WY ,-kg! ix!-Q E5"x Qfggrr ' ' . F ' I ,r 7, Q , , 5' - , I V I n F 'X , 1 f 5 4 g Y A ' ' 3- P M. 5 . -sv --1 Y' M - A ' W . le - Q15 f""f"" f f' W 1 . - y , X 'Z' l . A , ' f A 9 . 2 6 if A ig if ? X ' 1? 'ff ff , S 'I Qi? .X Q' ni ?- f Q 6 an ,S ' A S2 gf I 5 5 . gg h , 'A - ' 'A ,X ' ' 5 k- 54 " M f-'2 X' A Q7 V- X-ff f grfff-X 1-.W ,..,, -. ff ww! H F' .avi gr 1,1 3 3' . f x .K gs., I 5 P, , 1 7 -v , Q , '- 1 Q . Y 1 A4 '.. X. xr t 7' P 1- f A 9 .Y 7 W .x . . it i . ' ' ., ' ' 15' if ,J S. A N ' ' ' V , 4 5 X 4 If K, , 'L . ' ' .xy 'X L ww 45, W 1 ' ' . 1.1 1 ro. ' In 5 .W 1, r fl n M ffm mfs U ' 2 ' sz "' I i L K. :S ?' , ax my X, -'5 I I Y' Q ,A , 55 i ,. 5, 'nf' 2 3 5 45 if g v W iw rf A ' " 5 m, ' fm . r- . 1' . ' ' Z W 1 2 2, ,J n . . U ?.w, . S - mg I ' S' 1 f . 1 : 5,5,?f ing? QQ, ,, . 9 ,QQ 1Iu I U G 13 . Rm Gm 51' R 1, Q In A D N rs W I 5 .3 ,si mmm: W. rv., -swag Y ' 4 1 mas. SB , ' 52" I - l b A-75' Q ggi ' , v X f ti 1 1 V 'xx . .KM I ' ' ' diff i Q5 .191 3 'og ' , . I 'Va-X! , o ' Y. P ff. '- I lx V' ' . ig . , I sl i1 ' ! 5 . . fl ff" ,Q IP Q . IU Q rj fix, ' i 2' f . ' I -f3wff 3f'1c,,f.Q,Tf'Qs' V K 1 ' W . 4 f s s 1 9 Wa L ,. I C iii as ...-Q ,Q bm-: . ni. 1, I I qx ,M ,Q 4 xg, . H 99,5 1 . . -I It E, aj. 591 '. .v,: .L.,S . ' 54, ' ' - I. u I Y. f - i'7l?'fi '2 f'f 5 fi if 5 -21 - fm- . ? f oN zz I 25 ' W - 5, TJ.-- . Q W A N Na X Ailxleiixcs I A i fxvgq C69 fax! , A "7 , Y ,. ' f1"lI4 I, rv ie? ' X f 'gf we f X7 ,, 4'-'xg f .jf . 4 4 . 1 , ' , f m. I , , 2' I 'y 4-. I f XJ 'I 4. C L A L L ,. I by 'z-3 -ml 7 , 'N 'X Pi L. L, ,. M - I f I V . --.lf 3 1 , J ' in ! . ,f . f I 1 1. l Q :Y ' 0 . , E 'A sf, XT I , P ' 1 ' u M ' F.: . , , ru," olore es 3 , , . Lk w L K x JUDY BASDEN , JEAN PETERS 5 . F , CLAIRE STEWART f L if ' yf NITA YATESA K in AP j SUE MITCHELL ELOISE BIVENS Bo nd f 1' Row 1 ly Martin Oliver, Orland Baker, Eddie Stoltz, Jimmy Horsby, Edwin - Harris, Jimmy Farrimond, Mary Jane Derrick, Robert Phillips, L. B. BJ S-v--fi 4 Johnson, Robert Bell, Patsy Lee, Doris Verhyden, David Barron, lma , L' H .lane Smith, Guy Lyons, Leon Hunter, Joe Sedberry, Johnny Rackley, , Jackie Childress, Glenna Duncan, Joy Lee Fuller, Mary Ann Watson, L ,- Jimmy Ledbetter, Alice Jane Hestand, Jacqulyn Stanley, Dolores Bar' Kjff' nett, Thomas Prague, Jerry Gilmore, Bob Griffin, Billie Jean Creel, fuflx-d,F1 Frances Coulson. K Row 2 Row 3 Gene Clark, J. R. Rambo, Bobby Teal, Milton Smith, Guy Woodard, Claude McDonald, Jerry Packer, Marlene Stephens, Geneva Redwine, Betty Davis, Joyce Boggan, John Coker, Charles Spain, Joe Minter. Eddie Stevens, Bill Martin, Barbara Eudy, LeVon Crow, Kobert Collins, Murrell Caddell, Joe Bowling, Wilburn Litchfield, Jerry Cline, George Owens, George Mizell, Arthur Richardson, Jerry Matson. 'v K. V K i s, . ga I M his xx oemzv siemens Pep Squad Row I Jane Hall, Elaine White, Bertie Sanford, Betty Jennings, Janiene Fry, Donna Ruff, Margaret Simpson, LaVerne Bell, Reba McGrew, Loretta Taylor, Frances Gossett, Clela McRorey, Doro- thy Small. Row 2 Joy Kinsey, Georgia Percin, Mary Beth Berlin, Julie Pulaski, Wanda Fry, Lorraine Ryan, HALLIE KINSEY MATTIE BIELENBERG N1-X 'in' Betty Tarrey, Mildred Scribner, Rita Easley, Ann King, Wanda Patton. Row 3 Joy Pennybaclxer, Bonnie Boulrnight, Geleslxa Showers, Wyvonne Stephens, Jimmy Ruth McGee, Margaret Thorp, Charline Chenault, Mary Anderson, Janet Bailey, Billie Gaulden Thelma Ligon, Nora Moser, Joan Simmons. it ffl! 3 ll All' ll l Athletic Director P. C. COBB of the Dallas Independent School District Ba sketbci ll Row l M louis Palmer, Richard Carrington, Kal Segrist, Sid Holi day, Jimmy Biimop, Billy Cowan, Bobby Stotts. Page Une Hundred Thirty-eight Row 2 - Joe Keys, Billy Grooms, Ronald Samford, Jack Kerr, Joe Hedge, Bob Appling, Luther W. Bryant, Herman Roberson, Mr. Homer Fuller. -wtf! ,1 Basketball L. W. Bryanl, Jimmy Bishop, Sid Holiday, louis Palmer, Billy Mac Grooms, Billy Cowon. Row 2 Bobby Stotls, Ronald Samford, Richard Cor- ringlon, Kal Segrisl, Bob Appling. Row 3 Jack Kerr, Jae Hedge. J l sk r' 4... Cheer Leaders Johnny Hamilton, Gloria Braclle, Billye Bryant, Dale Smith Not shown: Margene Kelly, Billy Reese. A Squad Row I Richard Carrington, Raymond Fitzpatrick, Jack Talbot, Kenneth Shields, Amos North, Gerald Rose, Wilton Stone, Jerry Cline, Paul Yeatts, John Richardson, Billy Rae Johnson, Po'-' 2 Carl Hoffman, Thomas Eiland, Gene Baskin Paul Tanner, Gary Spain, Tommy Ballinger David Mitchell, Billy Earl Smith, Bill Sell Dudley Harris, Jimmy Gual, James North Eugene Reese, S. J. Wilemon, Bobby Hickmar Kenneth Lawson. Row 3 George Hunt, Joe Hedge, Johnnie Wilbur Marvin McCoy, Jimmy Frazier, James Reec Bob Lundy, Tommy McCormack, Jim Cather Charles Bilgham, Lamond Steaclman, Thoma Cherry, Raymond Davis, Willie Wilson, Ray mond Hulse, Robert Gandy. A . ,i x it j ar f, Q s. i e . Y ' ui. is 1 , , ggi QE 2 T. S ' ,- i' ' ' ' K - 'xx . - L V ,V 5. V gf., 5:55, - K . y . is f iii 'JL MJ - lvl. .Af s ,Y I Q ' , 3 A I K ' l L . .V .. i l k., jig? ,Est f f K lyk, . X I-img -w,., X Q W J s . ' J , f I MR. HEAD MR. MALONE MR. NALL B Squad Row I Jack Smith, Boyd White, Jim Tom Payne, Charles Williams, Billy Jack Harrell, Robert Coleman, Kenneth Belken, Marcus Steadman, Victor Patton, Truman Bailey, Max Gandy. Row 2 Jack Bryant, Jerry North, Harold Daniel, Donald Lambert, Jimmy Crow, Joe Ben James, Verde Dickey, Tim Jolly, Millar Browne, Eddie Pollock, Don Stem, Dick McRoberts, Don Jolly, Bob Sadler, Mr. Head. ,,.f'-ii' ' .Q Row 3 Bobby Mason, Don Sheeler, F. B. Golden, Leroy Rickerson, Bobby Sim- mons, Ross George, Jimmy Whittlesey, Joe Morrow, Robert Aiton, Ralph Shanahan, Thomas Swann, Don Page, Wickie McAfee, W. D. Simms, John McKelvey. Row 4 Jerry Senter, Orville Booth, Don Vllhitaker, Gerald Bradshaw, Billy Ray Smith, Lonnie Sparks, Bill Cantrell, Richard Bean, Gene Reynolds, Connie Foster, Raymond Belken, Soren Peterson, Wayne Wood,, Ronnie Andlirson, Carroll Lewis. Pillai' Um' llumlwfl TIILIAUHIIIU TOMMY McCORMACK BILL SELF GERALD ROSE BILLY EARL SMITH 1 A I . ' DUDLEY HARRIS ROBERTLGANDY I 1" . I V v ' I x I TY - 4 JACK TALBOT CARL HOFFMAN GEORGE HUNT MR. GUSICK VINCENT GISH AMOS NORTH MR. DICKEY THOMAS CHERRY JERRY CLINE EUGENE REESE JOHN RICHARDSON JOE HEDGE JOHNNIE WILBUR I' I I I 1 I I JIMMY GUAL ..-uni.. RICHARD CARRINGTON CHARLES BIGHAM THOMAS EILAND , JIM CATHER I ww I - - - ,....., A..,.,....4J 'I gl KENN ETH LAWSON RAYMOND FITZPATRICK MARVIN McCOY Track Row I Raymond Belken, Wayne Wood, Pershing Yium, Johnny Hamilton, Jimmy Frazier, John Richardson, Pat King, Joe Morrow, Ronnie Ander- son, Homer Stone. Row 2 Jerry North, Robert Latimer, Bob Sadler, Don McClendon, Ronnie Cox, Richard Wickline, Eugene Cavanaugh, Millar Browne, James Nixon, Bobby Phillips, Mr. Head. U Row 3 Jack Kerr, Billy Charles Smith, Bobby Allen, Tommy Ganze, David Mitchell, Johnny Wilbur, Jerry Cline, Lee Roy Nickols, James Ross. Row 4 Jarrett Shirley, Billy Ray Smith, Johnny Rackley, Mac Parker, Russell Duke, Leroy Rickerson, Bob Wimberly, Philip Matthews. Page One Hundred Thirty-five ,T .C ,,.... .-... . ,. . vi, hz? ir .-n.u.. 5. . X Baseball Row I Row 2 Tom Bollinger, Ronald Samford, Billy Cowon, Kal Segrisf, Raymond Thomas Yium, Billy Jack Harrell, Edwin Sallis, Verde Dickey Jack Fiizpairicls, Charles Bigham, Jimmy Gual, Richard Carrington. BILLY COWAN "Y L - 0-"' 1' uv ff f X 6 L Lug? " i X A 1 'S ,XC X ' -" fplfh Y, B Xl ,. I jj f , ,' l + f ,f 1 'Sv I x , 1 BOB APPLING BOBBY GROOMS Bryunl, Jock McConaihy, Bob Appling, Wilton Stone, Gene Reynolds Charles Myers, Sid Holliday, Billy Grooms, Bobby Stotts Bobby Grooms, Mr. Boley. KAL SEGRIST N 1 -ef' x Al Q, , KN Txbf ,, f sf Q, 3 .4 ' ' , 4 ,B W' I ,ff ' 1,1 'fig dy I an .NX If-dsl! W ' ,N + fini, xx , Hr .T ,y fe, WJ ll , . f ,fql I I." L ' N l l 1 . , ld' 'il l I l l I CHARLES MYERS . lllixix 1 N Xl a XL BILLY GROOMS THOMAS YIUM 1 1,40 1-I wwg A ws P5 WY g xsf xgw , , . ., . my : I 3 Nd E 5 I T f X I . r 1 X J I, y E I I xx 'X It I, ff. xx I MgNM K 5 ., - .f 55 1 ' ' HL QW 1 4 - 'K I . ,I,,,:af95:j,., . - gy fL , '.x .I g J Q I - ff, I 'N if qw: I- - ., -3:-, V. - "' WeQQ3 Au K A , ' 2 V1 Q Q -A: wg gigli A EDWIN SALLIS BEN PETTIT LOUIS PALMER RAYMOND FITZPATRICK ROBERT McGHEE CHARLES BIGHAM JIMMY GUAL VERDE DICKEY RONALD SAMFORD RICHARD CARRINGTON SID HOLLIDAY BOBBY STOTTS -M 5 Page Une fllHHIlt'lI Tlzirfy-vigil! Girls Physical Education Page Une Humlred Thirty-nine Tennis Club Row I Jack Diamond, Edgar Stone, Don Sheeler, James Milson, Jimmy Hornsby, John Carpenter. Row 2 Nino Faye Love, Wanda Ray, Owenda Lee Hardy, Jocele Kinsolving, June Earnest. Row 3 Joyce Parks, Eilefia Paine, Jeannie Henry, Joanne Fiizpafrick, Mr. Smith. Row 4 Edwin Tipps, Billy Wilson, Golf Team Bob Lifrle, Shelion Perkins, Leonard Warren, Bill Madden, Joe Sedberry, Joel Jones, Jimmy Gual, Mr. Lefiwich l'uga' Um' llruufrvrl Furli Girls Sports Club Square Dancing Club Compliments of SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO 61 1 West 'Jefferson d 1: 2 lr 11 l Compliments of ' nnnnnnn nnnn nn E5 MMMWWM Since 1915 MMMMWMM 3 5: Cleaning Dyeing Cold Storage 3 702 E. Jefferson 2 S MQ8111 "The Snnth's Most Beautiful Cleaning Plant 2 E. W. KERR, Owner 5 P Beckley Cleaning Co. T. A. VINES, Owner "Always Beffer-Beifer All Ways" 1101-03-05 S. Beckley W-8100-W-4313 P F f CONGRATULATIONS, ADAMSON SENIORS On Your June Graduafion From former Leopards whd now are TEXAS AGGI ES R. Avery, '49, Arch. R. E. Baggeff, '50, Engr. Dayton Blaine, '51, Pre James Calvert, '50, Bus. Riley Epps, '49, Bus. H. J. Finch, '51, Engr. Jules Griffin, '51, Bus. L. H. Harper, '47, D.H. R. L. Hefner, '51, Agr. D. H. Hoofen, '49, M.E. C. E. Laffimore, '48, C.E. Royce McClure, '50, Engr. Med. Bill McCormick, '48, M.E. R. L. McGlasson, '49, C.E. R. C. Qualls, '48, P.E. S. J. Schepps, '51, Bus. C. T. Tarver, '50, Bus. Jack Tanner, '51, Engr. A. P. Wiley, '46, Bus. J. E. Wiley, '46, C.E. Compliments of DICK PRICE MOTOR COMPANY DE SOTO -- PLYMOUTH Page One Hundred F 0 X ew- X e e - x i51EXx:w 1, 0 0 a , E-1 1511115 X W., X gn' J W: Pg 1 WL 1 ,dwcdgfff 1 ' Y 11' 11 A ' 111 1 1' 5 WWW . X 111, lllflz f Q 2 M BROTHEF5 1 M - Jfwelfi- O RED BRYAN'S SMOKEHOUSE Since 1910 610 Wes? Jefferson 0HddF I 57 Roland Ellis"Back to Campus' Contest Guen the Opening Dale of Our FALL BACK TO CAMPUS Promotion Which Will Fall Between August I0th and September I0th PAGE NUMBER OF THIS AD IN THE OAK IS ALL YOU NEED TO QUALIFY Ist PRIZE -525.00 SPORT COAT Get Your Entry Blank at 333 West Jefferson znd PRIZE - 515.00 sLAcKs V u ard PRIZE - 57.50 sPoRT SHIRT ' 4th, 5th, am, nh, afh, wh, iofh PRIZES ONE 52.50 NECKTIE ' ' E .A , CONTEST CLOSES JULY 31st-6:00 POST MERIDIAN J. C. Shorty Foster Automotive, Service O Pointing O Body Work 0 General Repairing C Wrecker Service 1808 N. AKARD R-1776 Page One Hundred F FAY'S Jewelers Diamonds-Watches-Gifts Oak Cliff's Oldest Jewelers 116 W. Jefferson 353 W. Jefferson Compllmenls of A complete Department Store of 4 Y nationally advertised brands. ,Y Y Infants to 12 years of age b L Both boys and girls ' ., Layettes - Apparels - Shoes - Toys. Furniture Y2-4008 jnfanfi 5' Clgifdqgn Alggfl H9 West Jefferson QX You're Always Welcome At DUNTON'S CAFETERIAS DOWNTOWN - OAK CLIFF - LAKEWOOD 1609 ELM THROUGH TO 1620 PACIFIC I g One Hundred Forty-eight A5 you go upward and outward into the world yozlll come to appreciate the worth of quality in everything you buy . . . E. M. KAHN 81 CO. Main and Elm at Lamar Quality Apparel for Men, Boys and Women 6 Z O Hart Schafner 8. Marx Clothing 0 Stetson Hats 0 Arrow Shirts C McGregor Sportswear Compliments of BALL NUT 81 CANDY l COMPANY SALTED NUTS - FINE CANDIES 209 S. Beckley 1' , l h 6 0 I P one M-0078 so Ju . Q -- Cn? WESTERN WEAR Best in the West ,E pw Wf-O Famous brands Fashioned in the true tradition of thewest For men and women. FINE WESTERN BOOTS '- T- Charge and Budget Accounts Solicitecl. Page One Hunzlrea' For Your Oak Cliff Jewelers A, f 6 , U r jg A ZX 5-L ' . Phone W-4084 133 W. Jefferson Q3 NEILSO BEAUTY CIILLEGE Finetti in Drzllax and the Southwell Beauty Culture Offers Splendid Careers in Operating, Managing, Demonstrating, Selling, Teaching, and State Supervising 412 W. JEFFERSON M-0458 Glnznznzeed Beauty Service to the Public G WINFIELD 1271 LEADER FURNITURE COMPANY EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME DALLAS, TEXAS IRVING R. PARNASS 103 E. Jefferson at Beckley Q, L I T Z DEPARTMENT STORE 511 W. Jefferson W-1151 - I I g Ou: Hundred Fifty AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK OF OAK CLIFF Member F.D.I.C. 401 W. Jefferson M-2'I 85 Q3 I STARLING FOOD STORE Fine Foods WE DELIVER Y-2-9858 Y-2-0881 G. C. STARLING NORVIN STARLING O TRICE FLOOR COVERINGS, INC. Carpets- Rugs- Linoleum -Tile The Southwest's Leading Supplier of Nationally famous Floorcoverings STORE HOURS: Weekdays 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Saturdays 8:30 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. FOR FLOOR COVERING ADVICE SEE TRICE 514-'I6 W. Jefferson Phone M-2019 19 MEET YouR FRIENDS AT THE LEOPARDS' FAVORITE RECORD SHOP DAVIS RECORD SHOP 936 W. Davis Phone Y2-7595 MRS. KATHRYN C"KATIE"J FORREST, Manager Page One Hundred AIQGES-I' IN DALLAS Streamlined courses, individual advancement, urgent demands for graduates, select student body, prestige with employers, and national reputation attract more students to DRAUGHON'S than to all similar schools in Dallas combined. Prompt placement in preferred positions. DRAUGI-lON'S BUSINESS COLLEGE Commerce and Harwood Telephone R-3133 O OAK CLIFF BANK 8K TRUST CO. 250 West Jefferson R. D. SUDDARTH President Member of Federal Depofit Infuranee Corporation - 9 Dallas Piano Ma rt K. H. McDaniel Co. Across from Adamson "If We Can't Repair Your Fountain PIANOS MODERNIZED - REFINISHED Pen, Throw It Away" and REPAIRED I Greeting Cards for Every Occasion Best Used Piano Values in the City Pens - Pencils - Desk Sets Fountain Pens Repaired 313 N. BECKLEY M-1908 206 BROWDER C-T920 SUITS - PANTS - OVERCOATS Compliments of Ready Made . . . Tailor Made George M. Stuart BELL CLOTHING CO. F L O R I S T "The Young Men'J Store of Dallaf' 1422 Commerce 'I6'I7 Main Street Dallas, Texas Phone C-5175 HUDSON C. LOCKETT Page Om: Hundrwl Fijtyrlwo THE RUSH CO. School Art Supplies 1305 Elm St. R-4403 SMILEY SHOPS 5407 E. Grand 211 W. Jefferson WESTON HARDWARE CO. HARDWARE AND PAINTS Gas Ranges, Barbed Wire, American and Ellwood Fences, Mound City Ready Mixed Paint and Varnishes 1o2o Elm sf. ' 1020 Pacific Ave. Phone c-5126-c-5127 PENNEY'S J. C. PENNEY CO., INC. 425 W. Jefferson "lf iff from PENNEY'S iff right" CLYDE A. WHERRY KENNETH L. GERMANY Realtors REPUBLIC NATIONAL LIFE BUILDING Business Properties Property Management M-6730 Y2-2969 Welborne's Stores No. 1 Dallas 8, Texas Phone W-0566 120 W. Jefferson FIRESTONE No. 2 Store 2210 S. Beckley Y2-6225 Compliments of American Beauty Cover Company 2002 N. Field R-5179 "We Service Everything We Sell" Riley Electric Company WHOLESALE - DISTRIBUTORS Lighting Equipment- Lamps A Complete Line of Electrical Supplies Motors - Fans - Radios - Appliances 1608-10 S. Ewing W-4651 Page One Hundred Fifty-three Oak Cliff Pharmacy Phone M-5'I2'I 10th and Lancaster DALLAS, TEXAS Over a million Prescriptions and fifty years of Service. FREE DELIVERY Compliments of Campbell's Furniture and Upholstery RUTHERFORD-METROPOLITAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS A MAJOR SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Offering Professional Level Training in Accounting, Secretarial Science, Office Machines, Salesmanship DAY SCHOOL NIGHT SCHOOL Personally Supervised Home Study AIR CONDITIONED - MODERN EQUIPMENT Approved by the State Department of Education as a Business Junior College Commerce at Field Phone C-4538 "The Oak Cliff Y.M.C.A." Goes Forward With the Youth of Adamson High School 328 SANER Take Time To Be Healthy .ll W-4305 JOIN THE "Y" L Tenth and Beckley Y2-3138 FORD'S I' VARIETY STORE Hardware and School Supplies 412 N. Bishop Ave. M-0006 "Complete Home Furni.rher.r" Smith Furniture Company EASY TERMS 912 W. Jefferson Buy . . .Sell . . . Exchange Phone W3-4611 Dallas, Texas h6afi6f'E70,5Z0e3 Compliments of I Laundry Supreme Laundry and Dry Cleaning Q Pick Up and Delivery Service 319 W, JEFFERSON 400 W. Jefferson Y2-3147 W-8916 Page One Hundred Fifty-four ZALE'S Jewelers Co. Southwest's Largest Jewelers Y2-5992 Jefferson at Zangs Clyde B. Lamar Joe H. Smith LAMAR 81 SMITH Funeral Home "Orchard Ambulance Service" 800 West Jefferson Madison 2146 Madison 2147 "Dallar' Bert Buy5" I:RANKLIN'S Smart Styles for Juniors, Misses, Women, Children, and Infants At Popular Prices 1610 ELM STREET MAYFAI R "DallaJ' Newer! Farbion Center" Smart Wearing Apparel For Juniors, Misses, Women, Children, and Infants 1414 ELM STREET Elm at Akard Eagle's Grocery and Market 1201 N. Bishop We Are An A-G Store Compliments of Cliff Laundry 8. Dry Cleaning Co. "If We Did It, It'.r Clean" W-0385 1221 North angs Blvd. Krayer's Pharmacy PRESCRIPTIONS Colorado at Ballard Phone W-1188 Dallas, Texas MIDWAY PHARMACY, Inc. BECKLEY at JEFFERSON Prompt Delivery Service Cline Music Company, Inc. Everything for Band and Orchestra Guaranteed Repair Work C-1948 1409 ELM ST. Phillips Store No. 1 121 W. Jefferson Your Neighborhood Store M-2127 M.2123 1 334 W. Jefferson Phone M-4251 C O K E R S QUALITY MERCHANDISE LQNE STAR "The Fabric Center of Oak Cligu Two Convenient Locations CAMERA EXCHANGE 314 W. Jefferson 923 W. Jefferson Y2-2986 W-9340 A. KNOPF DALLAS 8, TEXAS Across from Rep. Near Rosewin Natl. Life Bldg. Theatre i Page One Hundred Fifty-five C I. t f 209 s, Beckley M12134 om :men s o P HUBER COMPANY E. C. TIDWELL "Since 1905" l HOME APPLIANCES 25 Years in Same Location GROCERIES . MEA15 FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS I I4 W. Jefferson M-0223 O. R. Huber, Jr. T I P T O N S Compliments of Cleaners ond Dyers We Have the Plant, the Knowledge and the Desire GULF OIL CORP. SERVICE To Do Good Work H U H6 S. BECKLEY We D0 I, M4397 TWELFTH at BECKLEY W-1413 A. W. PRICE L. T. PATTILLO CO. Oak Cliff Sewing Machine and Appliance Co. II5 W. Jefferson Phone Y2-4247 Pianos, Radios, Victrolas, Records and Music OPEN' EVENINGS 226 W. Jefferson W-I171 THE IDA LEE SHOPPE Ladies Shoes, Hats and Hosiery 133 W. Jefferson DALLAS, TEXAS TEXAS BARBER SHOP "Most Complete in DalIas" 326-A WEST JEFFERSON TEXAS BEAUTY SHOP Tom J. Hawkins Bus. 6-0480 Oak Cliff Radio Service l ACME CLEANERS Madison 9585 918 W. Jefferson . ' G. E. and R. C. A. Authorized Service Pick Up and Delivery Zenith and Philco Authorized Service Y2-5700 Complete Repair Service Automatic Radio-Phonographs - Radio-Combinations 932 W. DAVIS CHAS. R. BEE THE OAK CLIFF TRIBUNE FRANCES KING Since 1903 Book Store and Rental Library Texas' Largest Weekly Newspaper Greenn . . . . , g Cards for All Occasions Fighting Oak Cliff s Battles .... school Books and Supplies 212-214 E. Jefferson Blvd. M-3629 929 W. Jefferson Next Door to Rosewin Theater KERR'S KLIFF LANES BOWL Fon HEALTH ADAMSON FOUNTAIN AND HOBBY SHOP 102 East Ninth """"' BOB ELLIS, owner 309 E. JEFFESSON AVE. W-6035 Complete Fournain Service Golden Rule Printing Co. "Complete Home Fumixberf' EASY TERMS "It Pay! To Plan With Your Printer" BOLIN 81 SELVIDGE PHONE M-OGI6 wm. aosrocx Beckley a. Twelfth si. 209 Em' Jeffe's"" We Buy-Sell-Exchange Phone M-2586 ev ' . Page One Hundred Fifty-six Imperial Polishing Company DUFOLD MAPS MACHINE RENTALS Household Polishing and Cleaning Aids The Only Janitor 'Supply House in Oak Cliff CANNON VARIETY STORE School Supplies Hardware Corner of Edgefield and Davis 307 S. Beckley St. Phone Y2-8185 TRINITY HEIGHTS SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. PHARMACY oak cliff store. soo s. Beckley LYLE H. ROGERS W'3I64 1725 s. Ewing M-6872 H' B' POGUE' Manage' Groves Lumber Co., Inc. Yard, Corner of Beckley and Jefferson MRS. HOMER H. GROVES, President TOLAND PLUMBING Repair and Construction 715 Saner Phone W-4662 J. T. GROVES, Vice-President BUY SELL REPAIR Paine-Wooster Typewriter H A R R I 5 O N 5e'V'Ce Grocery 8. Market ' We Make Typewriters Write - Adding Machines Add Cash Registers Cash Phone Madison 4063 415 W. Davis Dallas 8, Texas 505 N. BISHOP Use Phone M-5101 for Service Thank You! INEZ HELMS EVERETT L. BRADLEY INEZ GIFT SHOP "lVe Perronalize Stationery and Giftf' Packages Wrapped for Mailing - Baby Gifts 517 W. JEFFERSON BLVD. M-5527 Phone M-0210 Bishop at 7th YOUNG CLEANERS "The Topy in Dry Cleaning" Jordan Floral Company Fine Flowers at Reasonable Prices I32 North Beckley Phone W-1808 Dallas 8, Texas M-3902 - Nights Y2.14o1 WATKINS MUSIC CO. BAND AND ORCHESTRA EQUIPMENT SHEET MUSIC 838 W. Jefferson Dallas 8, Texas Texas Seed and Floral Co. 528 East Tenth W-'I'I24 GULF SERVICE STATION 'I445 S. EWING Phone W-8828 W-0826 Y2-0830 WALKER BROS. Magnolia Service Station Zangs Blvd. 81 Davis St. J. L. WALKER RAY WALKER Delivery Service Telephone M-2155 Raven's Prescription Pharmacy PRESCRIPTION SERVICE EXCLUSIVELY 326 W. Jefferson Dallas 8, Texas Page One Hundred Fifty-seven R. A. Wood Service Station Beckley at Melba 303 N. Beckley M-0123 Dallas, Texas BRlTTON'S GARAGE 305 N. Beckley "If We Can? Fix It, Give It Away" Phone M-2043 "Bible School Needs Our Specialty" BIBLES-BOOKS-OFFICE SUPPLIES Buchanan's Supply Store YANTIS READY-TO-WEAR Dresses, Blouses, Coats, Slacks, Jewelry "We Are Anxious to Serve You Well" 207 West Jefferson Phone Y2-6646 LOGAN BUCHANAN Dallas 8, Texas W-4906 1321 W. Davis M .III F h O Joe Volcik 415 N. Beckley Avenue efrl S res range OAK CLIFF IMade Daily From Fresh Orongesl 1209 N. angs Blvd. Opp. Lake Cliff CHARLIE'S BICYCLE SHOP 207 No. Beckley Dallas, Texas Lawn Mowers, Boat Motors, Home Appliances Garden Tools, Accessories of all Kinds Sales and Service R. P. DEKKERS, Owner and Operator Phone M-0531 FORD, RADIO FURNITURE a. APPLIANCES Complete Home Furnishings FRIGIDAIRE 200 W. Jefferson Phone Y2-3119 POOLE FUNERAL HOME "In the Service of Otlaerf' 437 W. Jefferson Dallas 8, Texas Auto Top and Seat Cover Co. FANCY TAILORED SEAT COVERS AND CONVERTIBLE TOPS Phone M-4776-Night T3-6466 TEXAS THEATRE 231 W. Jefferson M-2161 BROOK MAYS 8. CO. Pianos - Records - Radios 1005 Elm St. Phone C-6214 B. F. GOODRICH COMPANY Retail Division "Horne of Silvertown Tires" 436 W. Jefferson Phone Y2-3141 Compliments of BROWN PLUMBING CO. OAK CLIFF FLORAL CO. Flower: for Everyone 210 South Bishop E. F. BELK "For All Plumbing Needs" 211 E. Colorado W-5616-Y2-0577 Goodyear Tires Goodyear Batteries Compliments of Lifeguords Motorola Radios CENTRAL REALTY COMPANY Ph. M-5134 117 N. Beckley II DUNLAP-SWAIN COMPANY 638 W. Jefferson Avenue "When You Stop We Start" W-5252 Page One Hundred F ifty-eight . ..... .... . .1.g...-.g.g.g.:. Each year finds an even greater eifort on the part of both the Oak Staff and our organization to keep up the high standard of the ADAMSON HIGH Masterpieces. We appreciate the journey through the years with your publication personnel and School officials. SQUTI-IWESTERN ENGRAVING Co OF DALLAS I k on Street Phone R d 2158 DALLAS, TEXAS '5 4164" , , v2:ffj "l7l?5."!vj. .- .- Q -- - I 1 ' . al F 4 tv i, if .' H , ' i ' f fr-.... N- 1 li ' ' 17Y7 WOOD STREET --llfl MI J iz :: faax A -70-OV Q s-'67"'f'tjif"n6!'6"'An!"'4q!' ,4-1-7"'6"7' had k,, ii-M-ff-ffwf ... fwawfv ,MMM M " ' M , 2 .0 ,wal 7ra"44-44'-'5ff",i'J ,,,,,4!.f-zfawveawv 'LI gf'-ivy! U KN kt lka-in nfg , O . L A ' vi ' 5 J + ' n Z , ., ,146 -Qld! 9-'addzim Q ' M 34' . t 1 J' , ' ' bw . .,,g.-ggd. . ., , H ' . -4 ' - 1: ' - " - - .-yi-1. , ' , , X f -W Bti P I 1 . Q JV N V ,. ,,.' f ' " n -, . ....u....-' ,, .r .q.:-....aniulh.i!.4 . A - ' w.:e.- '+ 1 fx' .l,,4mg- .,y,f' gf ff - ,, , ,V 1' ,,'i'f'4+' 'f Z w 1 , .ff ixfgjfd - F' 'r 1 .. . i -L , . , , A ,,! I ' -, .. -,a ,.. LE, Q .vnqi 1-. . C' '. ," - ' 1 ' . - . ,, , , -4.j:?.--- - eff. 1,12 ,QV . .f , L . .- . A ,F -r-' ' rv . l I K U YP x, V A. A J . V ! . '-"W -as-f.' "' 5 " J., ' 'H-'J ' ,- ,, - :L , -fr X Y-4,7 L, - ., 1 I U,-3. , 1315 ,E rj .xv-f... 4, ' ' t 5 :".Si'.- --, '-- na -,-.,,4n '-fag, . " ....-1, h if Q X 'F' 29' 'J 1 .. -V 1 Qi! -qv ', .s. , . , . - .. .. 4"'?, " f '1,". '5. Q ' 1. ' , -1 - - 4 954.5 ,I . 'el ,-L , '4' 4 I V ' , ,. . ' 'K - .L 'Hr' ' 1 x I f", -1' ' x Q., fy .. .w - 1-N , . -, .,.- A - 7, ,--A ' w-,!: , r -- 11 ' -4.15 "u. Q---'-11, ' , .,, - , -2:-' ' sg.. -. 'Z , - 2, .. ,Q , 1 iF... . . v 1 ' 1 ,. ' A ,fvf an J ww s K I E ? 5 F E if fi 4' H Ki Q E E ,H EL r 5 1 .. W 111.41511 :.Y " nr' "4 -Q G.: I I I gWf MM, M, MMwf " J LQ' 40 A DZ 57 .fffdfzz JA A' K V Qgcdz-fi - ,fly ff, A ft 4125. YY ,, ,, -X. ' gflfzvfy zsuiffpg Q I ,og X! W g fff! Maj! JVQVI ,gn , VV f . X f ' t ,wi 9 y "' , fp!!! K ,, 1 f , 5XfX . 1 , x ' . ' I Y ' I ' J ' ' , I " 1 x A Aa' ' - I gf ' E ' - -1 ff- g.. ' 73: J X

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