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Text from Pages 1 - 166 of the 1945 volume:

F 1 iff gif K 7 'I if ' W W 'Yin' "" ' Y' ' gfywfyfflk Wil? jfM'fw X ' H, ,Jfj wwvxglrjbv PM, 5' E 3 A V V ,h h -1- I gf V I 1 ff' 5' 'A 4 .r- ,. xxmm 5 c+u5IH0Ud , E Lufev, vm. arQ, 3 E074 kjfcvo cami? DOM! Xrcjv-li g0fEjACLvyOLL QW ffl? L QLQJYW-4-fy A Ig,,,,Mf-' ,U-DAYQV. ,NL W .L.,UxJL,63?2liQlLb - Mxfvkd-f 'pg . G ceq. 1w r,4,u,.1f 4 ?L'1i2'2QMU,Zw ffl, Q "?f0QQV'fj1? 1H'?w,.,,, ,wmwwwf fbww- J 'HW' , ,wvlw x 'AL, in . I Hg. guy- if l 1.. . A, wt, my v J z f MN 1 K 1 '. F 1 X fx ' I J V ' fn y f -yn X . lsf' Ajfr AA ,' r , Yi V If F4 A ,J 'U k K-N M 2 -:M if . lk' I V X" f . ,Huy . X ' f' a .1 M, Miyrfax ,gif R ij XX 'VI 1 1-I . V v .1 gym? oy I If NET!! lu V, by ff Ax? . x rf' if W 25 Mfg- sf i - . I J ' V I ,A R , 4 'W if Y' I I f U f l q I Nc, I, 3 V 1 1 i iffy 7',V, ff- L -A, f ff X154 . I XL Q L., 4f,fz'K--YfC - A I V 4 AXAX-ff' If X f1,1"'L,. -. I A A W . L X5 ' if 2 Z! ., Y, vf ' f 4, ' fri- fix 7 if A , V ff- 1?AQ ' V ff, fb ' I ' ,I7 gf' J Q U ,,W,,Q- f A I K 5 I If LL H X QA, L X ff,fx,f 4 C A 41 ffl f +43 ,gf 4MfLMyL5if-fffy A , J, ' D K . fy. I 5 J ,' 7 . I ' X' - 3 ,- ..k, ,l E 1 fx ,- "- ,fx fl, , A f HJ-.v...X-ff W we,NNRx,x A .4 . P if Y v I . ...ill h 4. ' W .77 . . WL lf .Wff ,Mg N if , UM . of' . Q ' 1 .ff W . ' 'r ,J :xi VX: 6, X7 X ... My ' W V ' AJ1f'5 M 4 . fg f ' ' H lyf i ,gxfifah . as 1 3 :Sw ' VM, if ' '- A ,E - :fibrin , . f jk , ...,. V - , -E H - ,f 1, A ""' 1 " 1 ' 'V ff - ' A . l vi ? : 'V jiQj " ." -4" ,.-'f . 7 .f , Y X N ' 3' 5 an V E? Z f I ' , , HLA I 3 .,, W I 25? guilt 3 in v-. dh A Y 5 if 1' 5 xi' w 5. wa ,Z 5 nW'h!"'f 1 - W 5 'ei QR ' ? Y ag iff' Ex 03 fl 3' O WN ws ' ov 1 -Q9 X' 0.1 f ' 1 fl ffl, fy I: Af'4 AA E . 'I -Q . f If Q iflvi " N' f, Yf"" iffy I " j 0' xr! E ,V I 0, KL' I ,I E 'I 4 if - ju' . 'f , ,M 1 I A :V 1 ,f . H fa , Q M , , E -fi' J JS V7 U H, 1 'V ,fy .f , fl' 'J' N f"fzf!'gf"' ff! XE ' f ff Cf' Eff ,I ,J J f M , 'Vp ft Y ff ', , 2 ff -ff ' .Muff ,fl E' H sk. K ff! iffy, ff' . F D55 Da 'WK jffz Q for 1945 bg N939 The Thirty-third Volume P K! PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ' LW "A OM W. H. ADAMSON HIGH SCHOO DALLATM Af 27 fl 'J' V 5 1 18 f f f E fffiiljfiiff 22 f ,ff E 1 . V A M E 2 f 2 350 MU 7 rf clffmaf f, - aff'-V. '- , I ,, , ,N N K Aft, ' I 1 . 1' Q", A Al A, i ' ,f-ff-Ffr . . ' 'CH fff? .f fs, ff' f ' lf' ' 1' : "' Ip , 1 1 ' v H , . J , 1 ' I 4 1 . 4-f" J j ' 3, Zh. ' L J 5 1 1 KT-' .'.' f , 'v A I . I , 1 ff! I if fjf y Z "Ill J A J.. W if Jr i f x my --f fl f E " .Y ff' J Q if Q V . Q 13: f r J, J V If, ji r If in X fl AMX I Q N, jf, D V, ' I , X' Y f 4 ,A If .J a , f,. N ,f- f , ' 1 if' J F N I P W S 1' . f ,Y 2' K OAK 1945 J Qi T' 52 Editors 1 fi 7 j x ,. E Peqqy Archibald . . 4 Ruth Rimmer J ' X I A I Q Gloucr Russell IX' 1 . ' . - 4 1-fs .X Bus1ness Managers 5 , ff, . Q 'j U if 3 X Sondra Oster if 4 , 54? Icmie Teipel Xjyff V f, .. 5 Q N he X W 4 A lf!! ,f A K' N ,QU r ,ff s In U' QN :I 'hh 1-2 b ' ' ......."'IZ?1 E' .. s ' - Wig V ig ,,,,, E , R , va: Q . J "'g' ' ' , ' WK A .4 'WV an A I f-f A 'A 'f A l ' Q A ' Page Four ,f ., 4726 1" . n f his L l l , f A X Q 'Zac is 1 ,Q ,x.w' ' ,1 if 3 ,. 1 X' " X - - x. vnu ' X R L ',Y,' r- I .ftp N l f KY ' .AA-" Y - Yvv 'S . ,'-3 J X ,n . it " V ' 'gllv i LJ! L x 5 ,aj 1g:!fX,,"' .fg 'tw LL! , Ne , C'-QOGQ S I UJX, Prologue 'T'hXQ.Amer1can Way stands today as a symbol-to I iqf ' I - 1, X 'y ff' all people. Based upon Godliness and respect for --g, my 'A I " .f the eternal dignity of man, it is a composite belief ' f in fundamental equality embodying lofty ambition, f? '5 ,A N' "1 proud independent spirit, and justice swayed by V ' R tolerance. lt manifests itself in the small child and '-.CT I ,fl A later flourishes in the environment of democratic ard! X' Lf schools. ' ' 'f Y We young Americans are proud of our land and 9 ' our heritage. Being mindful of this, the Oak Staff "' L' I hopes that the recollections which are brought to 4" dw, l , mind by this book will reflect our appreciation for tiling, ll -' these traditions and symbolize our collaboration in IS L, V A 'f, ' K maintaining them. We hope you like it. 'ff nf "xg, 1 x, n in f' , 'xr -X ,X A- xg? X X! " X X j 31 kt' Q if 'bl f" X63 X ' '2-fx A I I lo V X a fly! .1 QP, x I 11 1 " " N k' X1 1 ff '.f " xo' X51 it ag " J ," If If l 2 ,W o' ll ' L nt! V I x L bo - -r 1 . t 1' , I lv - ' ' ' XY , ff I X 4 Y 3 l 5 , t A A fi . . 4 ,l V ' W' iff' f ll te Page Five t , QE' T725 ' XSL? I X X' Q30 fi 01 NCQ Contents ADMINISTRATION X SENICRS UNDERCLASSES FAVORITES VVHCHSVVHCD CLUBS ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ADVERTISEMENTS 1 ilg isisaiii 1' fern 5' M y '31 1 5 Effie! 1 'u or 'Wx V: 1 - 'W haul- , , Y 15 . " 'fvilfl qw- x 1 ' K a. ' WJ: f A.: 4 Slsyi, -A . ,' . 1541 . . at I Wg A A ,I A, ,kmh,JL,kw. , f K.,-,,:,f?7' 'I 5 K "Gal, ,f gS' I I Eb li ly D' r if A Ti. ,.,.V W, Miss Christine Hammock ' J ln dedicating the i945 Oak, the Senior Class, in the true American Way, Q fo ws one of our noblest traditions: we pay homage where homage is due. Among our friends of the iacultyfthere is none more highly esteemed for scholarly mind and gracious, charming manner than she to Whom this book is lovingly dedicated. Pagr Serrn l ,Me W , fxfiffiff THE AMERICAN WAY The American people have the privilege and duty l to elect and put into office those Whom they Wish to be governors. Those elected, when wisely chosen, are of true understanding and sound judgment. They endeavor to administer their affairs industriously, justly and proudly-thereby serving as examples to RTS others. X This is the American Way. gi J. SEQ T X7 "f'fE3,Zf ' ' 1, A QR-T li Illlhllil I g,,uv,,.,,1?p1s. A l A it All c 1 4: . 1. ' ,,A ' " " . K Awurj Tw. iffy x Q 'i't Page Eight T AUMHNHSTHM HN f , Students hearts arc filled with pride at the ciedicnition of our new auditorium. Page Nine ...ii Page Ten Board of Education ' 5 lv xi . ggi. , . . IUI-IUS DORSEY WARREN TRAVIS WHITE Supefinfendem Of SCl'100lS Assistant Superintendeni in Charge of High Schools David W. Carter, Ir., M.D. . . . . President Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt . . . Vice-President COMMITTEES Finance Welfare Supplies Mr. Gabe P. Allen Mr. R. L. Thomas Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Chairman Chairman Chairman Mr. Dan D. Rogers Mrs. T. A. Waggoner Mr. Dan D. Rogers Mr. R. L. Thomas Mr. Gabe P. Allen Mr. F. D. Danford Lunchrooms Rules Building and Sites Mrs. T. A. Waggoner Mr. Dan D. Rogers Mr. F. D. Danford Chairman Chairman Chairman Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Mr. Dan D. Rogers Mr. R. L. Thomas Mrs. T. A. Waggoner Mr. Gabe P. Allen IN MEMQRIAM L. V. STOCKARD February 12, 1945 in him were vest mental faculties, uncecxsinq perseverance, true integrity, and ct seitiess interest in the Weitere ot his teiiow rnczn. Page Eleven Parent-Teocher Association LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs. W. H. l'lum5:li1'ios, MIS, E. A. Lloyd, Mrs. Rizlpli Piideu, Nlrs. l. YN. Common, Mrs. I, H. Dillon, MIS. Durwoocl Clino, lVlrS. L. H. Moom Mrs, W. K. liorton, Mrs. E. I. love, Nils, B. F. Kriisoloy, Mrs. leo M.-Guiness, Mrs. T. ZX. Goodwyu. Dord's Club l Page flwuwlve LEST WE FORGET "the glory of the present is to make our Future free-- We love our land for what she is and what she is to he." The people of our city and state have for years looked with pride upon the boys and girls which Adamson has sent forth to represent her in the glorious progress of America. Today the entire world has cause to echo that acclaim. On our service flag in the front hall are fifty-one gold stars, representing fifty-one ex-students who have heroically given their lives in defense of our country. Their honor, their patriotism, their un- selfish devotion and supreme sacrifice will stand as an eternal symbol of the highest ideals of Christian Democracy. Be it our humble wish that We, the new genera- tion, may conduct our affairs so that they shall not have died in vain. This is the American Way. Page Thirteen Page Fourleen l-lowdrd A. Allen Gentlemon, leorder, friendfA mdn of sound judqmentg therefore or wise counselor cmd dn dll round fine prmcipol. Himself . . . At home with Sissy Mrs. Allen lN MEMORIAM FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT l882-1945 With the world We mourn the passing of this noble American and rededicate ourselves to hold forever aloft the torch which he kept allame so lonq. For His was the American Way. Page F if! m outs it A at f 'ST 73 MATHEMATics ggggwj TEACHERS - ,,,i,,.,..,,.W,.,,.4, .,,.,.?. t I A E Page Sixicnn For several years the Senior class has tostered the tradition ot paying spe- cial triloute in the Oak to some group within the iaculty. This year We bestow the honor on our rnathernatics instructors. Recognizing that the teaching of arithmetic, algebra, geornetry, and trigonometry gives little chance tor spectacular display, we commend therri for the quiet manner in which they have proceeded to help us build a foundation in precision, persever- ance, and patience. We are grateful to them. This is the American Way. l'-so Miss Floy Agnew English Miss Helen Aducldell English, French Miss Mary Louise Clyette English FACULTY Mrs. Helen Horn Miss Nelly Bly Lankford English English Miss Henrietta Eisenlohr Journalism, English Miss Myrtle Foster Enalish Mathematics A Miss Mae Hazeltine Social Science, English Mr. S. N, Baker Shorthandh English Miss, Ruth Ruffin English 4. " '. ',,"".:j: . ',, ay t .hw Ai,- ' uk, M' G' ' , .ie 3 . V H .,.,: , , ,x ' j tx Aj V , ' .g f" V - " ' V N as f: Miss Anne Patrick Miss Mable Rocket English English Page Seventeen Miss Annu B911 Miss Wmriie Langford History H1Si0fY st . y Miss Margaret Harris K fi History Mr. W. W. Henslee History ,mi Miss Abiqal Crane History Miss Helen Kuehne History Miss Lorine Hiqginboiham Him FACULTY Commercial Geography Mr. W. T. Hamilton Physics I , if A L Mr. George Brown Miss Eunice Tilley 'B Mr. C. H. Redway Mr. W. E. Sherman General Science Chemistry Biology Biology Page Eigbleen ' Miss Eugenia Newberry Spanish Miss Virginia Rootes Spanish Miss Christine Hammock Latin, Hisiory sb, Miss Laura Alexander Librarian N661 'C-B!! Miss Roberia King Spanish FACULTY Mr. T. W. Browne Mrs. Geneva Harris Accounting Commercial 1. 'QQ A 1, Q X x Mrs. Hazel Iones Siudy Hall Mrs. Olivette Basom Siudy Hall n wr ...,.-m..,c Mrs, Mary Kendrick Study Hall Mr. H. S. Griffin Salesmanship Miss Hazel Miller Stenoqraphy Page Nineleen -s.,-an ,,,, Mr. Virgil Ballard Mathematics, Aeronautics Mrs. Minnie Bramlette Mathematics Miss Ieannette Alston Mathematics, History Mr. Verde Dickey Mr. W. E. Noah Physical Education V inf? . fi, nw f 43 . if .3 X rs. Gwendolyn Shelton Mathematics Mr. L. C. Leftwich Mathematics Mr. R. N. Smith Mathematics FACULTY it Mathematics W ' 1: 1 .,. 2 7 2 ,ct A . 5 ,V . It 1 .. . ii E V 'Q E ' M. M 0 'ff E., li A Z ' 5 'tl " ' . . E Z Miss 'Wilhelminalledde Miss Ripple Frazer Miss ldabel Cabaniss Miss Meredith Schroeder Public Speaking Home Economics Home Economics Art Pugr Twenty Miss Gladys Neel Retailing Col. Warren B. Clement Military l Sgt. William I. Mullins Military FACULTY I Mrs. Rae Cullum Physical Education, Driving milf 1, V rt.. Col. Virgil Watkins Music Miss Lona Sprueill Dean Mrs. Mary Carter Dean's Assistant 'iii 12-it Miss Harriett Gibson Dean's Assistant '19 Mr. L. E, Campbell Mr. H. B. Hester Miss Lucille Looney Mrs. August Redding Mechanical Drawing Woodshop Dietician De-an's Assistant Page Twenly-one x . I O , - 1 f si L I 'f' I Tl-IE AMERICAN WAY ' - ff' N' FV ' " ' In America most men set qoals for themselves. These goals are attained by work.-hard Work-not I i loyvjftst a littlefnovv' and'tl'1en,"loi1t by constant effort over, a period of years. Early in the life of our boys and qif1S ,'iqfQdL161reh'beCOmee Q ff1sf'nH'd3Ef5651. ln , ff' attaivnifsfir this first aspiration, courageous Arneric r yogjlnqriejoices in-vanadvantaqei which isjreifor tile GQ 4, takinq. is, fthe American Way. ri" , .f 'NX f l ,L Q ,sf ' fl QQ xi Q z in. 1 A X' i -- ' l l - pfn yv m if l 0519 ,ff , 5 WV, rg ir ' ',,f K 'ff , if-,lil 'fi' 2' '45 1 ",' ' 'ffl' gif 5 ', .flfzl V A Page Twenty-Iwo Icmuciry commencement--Q goal is reached! Puge Twenty-fbrfe ffm. l fl, ,ew , A fkm "lg" A Hai "" H51 ia , ..', Yff' - li A, - lanuary Class QlllCSTS ' ff fied- ' , -1' 5 l e ' TO s if N Gerald Bryant . ..... . . Secretary as . J 'xg uw". " 1 .A . . Travls Pearson . . . Presmlent if iiigiitflffffffi 4 lames Steele . . . Vice-President l Page Twenty-four IOE ADAMS Bom December 17, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Reagan Handsome, capable: a favorite in all circles. DOROTHY ARMSTRONG Born August 9, 1925, at Evant, Texas Entered from Waco, Texas Winsome above all else, a memorable smile. BOBBY BEHRNS Born December 16, 1927, at Brack, Nebraska Entered from Bowie He is slow to pass judgment, but his judgment is sound. CHARLES BRICE Born lanuary 28, 1927, at Sherman, Texas Entered from Boude Storey A good sport and a friend to all. PATTI BURT Born October 28, 1927, at Fomey, Texas Entered from Houston, Texas Genial, pleasant. With her, there's fun! MARY BETH CARRICO Born December 20, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Crozier Tech Her grace and poise set her apart. 1 LEON ALEXANDER 1 Born August 4, 1927, at Eustace, Texas 1 Entered from Seagoville, Texas , Good nature and good sense 1 combined. IACK BASDEN orn February 9, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie Diligent, honest, and straightforward I B MARIORIE -BELVIN Born October 2, 1928, at Texarkana ' ,Texas I Not only a talented, clever, art V student, but also a charming lady. GERALD BRYANT 2 Born luly 15, 1926, at Dallas, Texas , Entered from Pefeler An outstanding athlete and a favorite of many. HOWARD BUTCHER Bom Septemberv29, 1926, at Dallas Texas Entered from Crozier Tech Always cheerful, always gay, Howard has a clever way. IEANET CARTER Born October 13, 1927, at Dallas, Texas. Enterel from Hogg Quick, witty, vivacious- instinctively courteous. Page Twenty-five ERNEST CHILDRESS Born March 10, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Reagan He has earned-and rightly so-our sincere admiration and respect. MARTHA COLEMAN Born August 9, 1927, at Fort Worth, Texas Entered from Reagan Friendly, elticientg in her eye a mischievous twinkle. BILLIE MARGARET CURRY Born Iuly 26, 1927, at Austin, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Warm-hearted, loyal, always gets the job done well. TACK DAVIS Born March 4, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Greiner He combines intelligence, integrity, and character. KATHRYN DODD Born February 19, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Serene, composed: always immaculate in appearance. BILL DURRETT Born Iune 3, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie Happy, healthy, wise in the ways of athletics. Page Twenty-six la' ,nn CHARLES COLE Born March 31, 1926, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Crozier Tech Talkative, witty, and affable. W. A. COUCH Born Iune 12, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey A studenteamiable and earnest of purpose. LA VERNE DARNELL Born Ianuary 18, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Possessed of unusual maturity and understanding for one so young. IACQUELINE DILLON Born March 3, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Reagan. Calm, unassuming, gentleg true in- telligence and wisdom in her eyes. MARY RUTH DRAKE Born August 31, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Perry, Oklahoma Petite, shy, a mild, kind nature. RUBY EASTHAM Born Iune 28, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Peeler A friendly, likable girl-and such lovely eyes! OMA LEE EPPS Born February 22, 1926, at Dallas, Texas, Entered from Boude Storey An exceptional conversationalistg an agreeable companion. BILLIE GARRETT Born October 2, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Quiet but smart, well-liked by her many friends. MARY LOUISE GRICE Born November 3, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Peeler lndustrious, loyal-a sweet, appealing nature. BETTYE HAMM Bom April 6, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Reagan lndustrious, quiet, extremely pleasant and gracious. BETTY RUTH HARRIS Born August 10, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie Clever, talented, alert, always on the go. ALLEN HART Born May 26, 1927, at Monckstown, Texas Entered from Monckstown, Texas Clean minded and fairy calm and collected. ,git Q' MARIE GALLOWAY Born Iuly 30, 1927, at Stillwater, Oklahoma Entered from Woodrow Wilson Gentle, quiet ,most amiable! BILL GRIBBLE Born lune 6, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie Shy, observing ,and lots of fun. TONY HAMLIN Born November 13, 1926, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Mischievous and fun-lovingg loyalty personified. ROY HAMMOCK Born Iuly 24, 1926, at Wichita Falls, Texas Entered from Sunset His good-nature gives pleasure to all who know him. ED HARRIS Born May 9, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie Genial, versatile, and original-a general favorite. SHARLOT HICKS Born April 9, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Gay, charming, pretty and sweet! Page Twenty-:wen IACKIE HITT Born September 4, 1927, at Delia, Texas Entered from Mexia, Texas A musician without the long hair, IOANN HOLZMAN Born October 8, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Sunset A tiny girl with a large capacity for work and play. LINDELI. IAMES Born March 9, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Clean, quick-witted, intelligent, versatile, one of our best-loved. WILMA IOHNSON Born August 29, 1927, at Little Rock, Arkansas Entered from Boude Storey Shy, tranquil, gentle-a girl beautiful of face and spirit! LAWRENCE IONES Born Ianuary 27, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Peeler Composed, sweet-tempered, loyal and efficient. BSTELLE KNEAREM Born lanuary 12, 1927, at New Iberia, Louisiana Entered from Bowie A quiet, modest oneiappreciated for her fine qualities. Page Twenly-eight ASA HOLLEMAN Born August 8, 1928, at San Antonio, Texas Entered from Reagan Brilliant as a scholar: genial and loyal as a friend. IOSEALE HULSE Born October 7, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey A lovely, talented, young lady of refinement and grace. IOHN IENNINGS Born May 7, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey A tall, lanky boy with an engaging grin and an honest, straightforward manner. IOHNNY IONES Born December 23, 1926, at Fort Worth, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Good-humored-always cooperative. MARGARET KIMBE-HLIN Born November 28, 1927, at Lubbock, Texas Entered from Peeler Truly beautifulein thoughts and deeds as well as features. HOMER LAWSON Born April 2, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Hogg Highly respected for sturdiness of mind and body: for his friendly spirit. FRANCES LAYTON Born December 14, 1927, at Henderson, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Charming, enthusiastic, and completely lovable. ROSALIE LOWE Born May 13, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from El Paso, Texas Lady with a future: a beautiful voice plus cordiality of manner portend success. BILL MCCASKILL Born August 18, 1928, at Pulaski, Tennessee Entered from City Park Ambition, industry, characteregui voulez vous de plus encore? BENNIE MADDOX Born November 17, 1927, at Italy, Texas Entered from North Dallas A well-poised, refined student with an infinite charm. IOYCE MILLSAPPS Born March 8, 1927, at Houston, Texas Entered from Bowie A dainty, petite, smartly dressed girl with many potentialities. THOMAS MORONEY Born November 4, 1926, at Houston, Texas Entered from Bowie Full oi liie and wit, mischievous, yet very admirable. sp- 1 5 'R fi F BOB LOVELL Born November 9, 1927, at Chicago, Illinois Entered from Mills A sincere and conscientious gentleman. WALTER MCCALLUM Born December 19, 1926, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey A real athletegthe lovable, all- round type. LESLIE MCDONALD Born October 28, 1928, at Roby, Texas Entered from Bowie A steady-thinking young man with numerous potentialities. OSCAR MATHEWS Born January 18, 1927, at Memphis, Tennessee Entered from Reagan A carrot-topped musician whose capabilities are evidenced by his conducting of the Rythmaires. DON MINNICK Born November 7, 1928, at El Paso, Texas Entered from Peeler Fun loving, popular, talented. CHARLES MORRIS Born September 1, 1927, at Birmingham, Alabama Entered from Hogg Handsome, reserved, resourceful. Page Twenty- nine MARVEL LOIS NEWLAND Born March 20, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Stamford, Texas She Won our hearts with her perseverance and reliability. TOE 0'CONN'ELL Born March 29, 1927, at Sherman, Texas Entered from Corpus Christi, Texas Sensible and manly, respected and admired by all. ALEX PEARCE Born April 17, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey A leader-intelligent, alert, and friendly. BARBARA PURNELL Born August 24, 1928, at Tulsa, Oklahoma Entered from Bowie A cute, energetic, fascinating, strong- minded, air-minded young lady! EARL RICHARDSON Born March 17, 1927, at Pocatello, ldaho Entered from Reagan Witty, loguacious, and friendly. CARL SCRIBNER Born September 17, 1925, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Lisbon ln him there is strength, courage and goodness. A citizen needed today and tomorrow. Page Thirty DORIS NICHOL Born November 15, 1927, at Handley, Texas Entered from Greiner Beautiful eyes-accompanied by true, artistic merit-designer of fashions. BOB O'HARA Born November 16, 1926, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Reagan Gay, well-liked, full of potential ability. TRAVIS PEARSON Born November 5, 1927, at Kemp, Texas Entered from Peeler Sturdy and friendly, a rare combina- tion of athlete and scholar. BILLY RANKIN Born April 28, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Reagan An inquiring mind, a pleasant manner. DAVID SCHEPPS Born March 1, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Peeler Amiable, happy-go-lucky: the life of the party! ELOINE SEAY Born December 2, 1926 at Comanche, Texas Entered from Reagan Beautiful-with a courteous and a gracious manner. BETTY SHORT Born lune 9, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey - A lovable, comely lass with a wide variety of activities. LESLIE SMITH Born March 17, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Quiet and retiring. Cooperative and responsible. IAMES STONE Born May 16, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Good looks, good manners, good physiqueg a regular football hero. IOY TABOR Born February B, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Reagan A talented writer with the great intellectual discernment necessary for perfection. DON THOMAS Born November 23, 1927, at Guymon, Oklahoma Entered from Greiner Remember him for good looks and general popularity. CARMEN WANNAMAKER Born April 13, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Woodrow Wilson Quiet, efficient, pretty-nice to know. 1 'W . 5 .Q .. , Y' .f.. , '- WU' if gn--Ae H fri t 1 . .A A 5 1 H. 1. xi . ,ow fbi i as-1 , Q ,E W a DORIS SKILLEN Born luly 15, 1927, at Muckwanago Wisconsin Entered from Midlothian, Texas A tiny girl, gentle in mind and manner. LAWRENCE SPRAY Born October 11, 1926, at Birmingham, Alabama Entered from Boude Storey Serious, determined, a popular athlete. HILDA STOVALI. Born May 28, 1927, at Sweetwater Texas Entered from Boude Storey A cute, sweet, little girl with blue eyes and dimples. BILLY IOE TATE Born December 4, 1926, at Decatur Texas Entered from Hillsboro, Texas Able to think and dog a worthy opponent in sport. MARY WALTHER Born November 20, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Peeler Persevering, quiet and determined. D5 IACK WATT Born August 24, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Hogg Competent, quick-thinking, a formidable opponent. Page Thirty-one 1 I 1 FRANCES WEBB Born Ianuary 27, 1927, at Waco, Texas Entered from Bowie There is indeed charm in her mild manner and quiet dignity. KENNETH WOOD Born September 20, 1926, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Greiner Noted for good looks and a straight- forward, amiable manner. GRADUATES WHOSE PICTURES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN ANNUAL Page Thirty- two Albert Armstrong Bill Bailey Ioseph Bowman lack Bullock Nelda Garrison GRADUATES Cecil Howell Baker Edwin K. Callaway Marvin Loyd Fuller Iames E. Hickman, Ir. Charles Forrest Kavanaugh Iohn L. Maples Richard H. Norwood Fred George Schulz Elton Dennis Smart Don Ray Smith ' Grady Spangler, Ir. " lllil A llis ' ' Laverne Golden Iames Hale Robert Hall Bettie Malone Iames Steele 1944 SUMMER SCHOOL Robert Allen Stinson Kenneth D. Stubbs Helen Ioyce Davis Margaret Nell' Maples Iuanita Anne Presson Iohn Henry Crouch William Robert Sims Oliver Kenneth Surley Preston Vann Helen Frances Bellew Evelyn Elizabeth Eeds Betty Lee Tyler A 4 g l Q Q- 1 ,V H.. is 'if K' v 1 15' It . 1 H5 . , ' ,-M., GRADY SPANGLER, IR. BETTY TYLER HAROLD WHITE Born Iuly 12, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Hogg A capable, earnest, and hard working young man. au.. 'i Y '11 ll 1- , K A 5' , Q 5? 4, ,WT . VK.. 'X-5.- Q4 5' ,M , 'nwnt J ., if ,. QE!-W QF? kia A 5 S W 'Q ' ' ... E :Y ' Pk i - 'ff 7 ' . 'EF' X X X x 'Q 3 I n rx. -14 W.. S . XQZ, '-" ,. 0-34""'9 LEFT TO RIGHT loe P1lce . . President l-lcrzelB1vens . . Secretary Elmer Ellcms Vice-President W' Q , M ' lune Class Qlficers Wi f i? Qynbr i lfjl iflll-"' W llel l e l 2 l l l l l l W' I V X K i X, ' W W l Page Thirly-four ADA IO ADAMS Born October 24, 1928, at Salem, West Virginia Entered from Forest An exponent of good taste--studious, lively, cmd witty as well! BERNICE AKIN Born September 13, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Another of Adamson's hard-working track team, a spirited athlete. EUGENIA ALLEN Bom November 23, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie Clever and capable, nice to meet and nice to know. DELORIS ANDERSON Born luly 5, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from lrving, Texas 1-low can one so efficient be at once charming and completely feminine. PEGGY ARCHIBALD Born October 30, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie Versatility personified-an artist, a wit, cz beauty, an intellectual. IUANITA ARNEY Born lanuary 30, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey You instantly like "Clem"-here is undisguisable honesty and goodness. GLORIA ANN ADAMS Born December 14, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Quaint, demure, studious---cute as a kitten. BARBARA ALLEN Bom May 3, 1928, at Big Stone Gap, Virginia Entered from Bowie Vivacious yet demurep with a very sensitive and fine nature. FRANCES ALLEN Born Iuly 1, 1928, at Sardis, Texas Entered from Bowie Quietly charmingg sincere, gracious, and altogether lovable. ELVIN APPLEBY Born April 25, 1927, at Springfield, Missouri Entered from Forest A clever, energetic, never tiring individual. EDWARD ARMSTRONG Born August 30, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey 1-le instantly commands one's respect and liking. PATSY ATKINSON Born August 28, 1928, at Dallas. Texas Entered from Reagan A petite colleen with quiet, expressive cordiality. Pug? Thirty-five IULIA AYCONCK Born November 13, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey A perfect athlete who by her per- sonal charm has won our affection. FRANCES BALCH Born February ll, 1928, at Wheatland, Texas Entered from Peeler A staunch and loyal friend, capable and intelligent. MILTON BATES Born Iune 28, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Crozier Tech Respected for his good sense, ad- mired for his good judgment, loved for his good nature. ROSE MARIE BECKENHOLDT Born September 25, 1928, at McAllen, Texas Entered from Hogg Nature's own child-calm, serene, sweet, her twinkling eyes and in- fectious giggle denote true humor. BETTY LOU BERRY Born May 27, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Peeler A lyricist with merry eyes and affable manner. HAZEL BIVEN S Born March 25, 1927, at Uvalde, Texas Entered from S. F. Austin One whose chic appearance by no means outshines her sweet temperament. Page Thirty-six ...px t-Q. ,h wy was '.., lit.: F ,... 11155 tw., .wk- TERRY BAKER Born August 13, 1928, at Temple, Texas Entered from Reagan A true friend with a tender affection for all. DELMER BATES Born April 16, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Greiner A quiet yet forceful leader-a merry maker with pleasing qualities. ROLFE BEAUDRY Born April 6, 1927, at Salina, Kansas Entered from Reagan Scholarly, intelligent, a true athlete with a bit of mischief mixed-in. DOROTHY BERLIN Born September 23, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey fascinating redhead, a charmer with dimples. CLAUDE BERRY Born October 15, 1928, at Chicago, Illinois Entered from Bowie Worthy of our sincerest respect and admiration. BETTY BLACKMON Born August 15, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Golden, Texas A stylish damsel with jet black hair ea piquant personality. V, 1 EDDIE lL0vINfYx Born June 11, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Enliered from Bowie Trustworthy efficient, jovial- 5 material for success. BILLY BRISTER Born November 20, 1927, at De Leon, Texas Entered from Boude Storey A young fellow with cheeks of tan- an amiable and placid disposition. BILL BRQUGHTON Born November 28, 1926, at Creighton, Louisiana Entered from Greiner Vtfell-mannered, considerate, manly -'what more could one wish? DAVID BUNDRICK Born Iune 15, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie His are the assets of a mature mind -perseverance, fortitude, patience. MAXINE CARAWAY Born September 10, 1926, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Trinity Heights Her gay, blithe spirit is most refreshing. MARY CARBONE Born August 2, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey One of a duetfshe's as pretty, gay, delightful as her sister. KATHRYN BOYLS Born March 21, 1928, at Breckenridge, Texas Entered from Bowie Sweet, unrufflecl, with a light-heart edness that is infectious. MARY ANN BRITT Born October 8, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Reagan A driving force at once capable, efficient, dependable. IAMES BUCHANAN Born January 25, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Forest Characterized by slow, deliberate action and his friendly grin. LOUISE 'CANNON Born December 25, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Peeler Petite, gentle, with a captivating manner. MARTHA CARBONE Born August 2, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey The other of the duetelike her sister, she is a perfectionist. PATSY CARTER Born Iuly 30, 1928, at Weewoka, Oklahoma Entered from Bowie A well-rounded personality with in- telligent ideas and a resonant voice to express them. Page Thirly-sewn ALETA CASKEY Born April 29, 1928, at Eldorado, Arkansas Entered from Grapeland, Texas A sprightly, cheerful girly she is indeed sunshine. REBECCA CAYCE Born May 20, 1928, at Vernon, Texas Entered from lola, Texas One with sweet and tranquil mannerismslsuch vivid hair! DOLORES CLARK Born November 1, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Peeler Here is a kind of quiet, sweet dignity. VBILLY CLAUNCH Born Iuly 31, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boucle Storey A friendly, artistic young fellow who has the studious qualities of a mature person. IESSIE COPPEDGE Born September 16, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey She renews our faith in human virtues, good and good for something. RUBY CULVER Born September 14, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Peeler lnteresting for the abundance of her good nature and her warm-hearted, accommodating attitude. Pagz' Tbirly-fighf 'W' 6- 1 -New , QNV i KENNETH CASON Born December 22, 1927, at Ellis County, Texas Entered from Reagan He truly excels in all activities- mental and physical. LINDY CHANDLER Born March ll, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie A capable and energetic athlete with a cordial naturefand such a cute grin! LOUISE CLARK Born luly 14, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey 1-ler persistence of effort has won our admiration. SHIRLEY CLEVENGER Bom April 30, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey A blithesome lass-brighteyed and vivacious. BOBBIE IEAN CRAIG Born March 15, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Greiner Refined, calmemature in mind and spirit. BARBARA DANIELS Born August 17, 1928, at Ranger, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Stardust in her eyes: she is radiantly lovely. MARIORIE DANSBY Born February 14, 1928, at Kaufman, Texas Entered from 1-loqq A genuine beauty--of mind, face, and temperament. FRANCES DENDY Born February 9, 1928, at Dekalb, Texas Entered from New Boston, Texas A lovely lady-gentle, beautiful, and sweet--with the persistence to win. HELEN DUNN Born December 6, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey A wise and faithful friend' a skill- ful, obliqinq companion -a joy to remember. MARY KATHERINE EATON Born May 23, 1928, at Midland, Texas Entered from Reagan The quiet kindliness of her nature endears her to all. ELMER ELKINS Born lanuary 25, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Spence An efficient qentleman- lover of athletics f--a clever conwersationalist. CLARA BELLE ENGLISH Bom May ll, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Russell Brown eyed darlinq to whom success is not only a qoal but a journey. Q if M. h K f1 Q SQ, Q 'J 3 f f! ,J wk. PRESTON DAY Born lune 4, 1929, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie Earnest of purpose, affable-he is a gentleman. BILL DODSON Born May 14, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey One who puts the interest of others ahead of his own. Honor him. MARY EARLY Born September 10, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Spence Cute, alert, well liked, she has the charm of a pixie. PAT EDMONDSON Born September 20, 1927, at Fort Worth, Texas Entered from Bowie A cute name with an exotic mien and an independent nature. EDWARD ELROD Born luly 23, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Peeler A tall, red headed Irishman with qeniality for all. CAROLYN EVANS Born August 23, 1928, at Madill, Oklahoma Entered from Bowie Twinkly eyes, casual-envied for her clever costumes. Pugz' Thirly-nine BOB FARRAR Born lune 16, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Reagan Our own "Young Man With a Horn" - keen, talented, witty. TRESSIE FORD Born August 16, 1928, at Tulsa, Oklahoma Enter from Tulsa 'With grace she exemplifies the unperturbed cooprdination of a born athlete. IACKIE FUNDERBURK Born lanuary 8, 1928, at Fort Worth, Texas Entered from Bowie Dark-eyed, gay, friendly, a competent manager. WESLEY GASS Born lune 15, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Beaumont, Texas I-lis intellect and training are remarkable, his honor is unquestionable. CHARLES GOFF Born lune 3, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Well known and well loved'- surrounded by an aura of happiness. RAYMOND GRACE Born August 7, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey A talented musician-cheery laughter and an agreeable disposition. Pugr Forly QBQ Q ,QW f .i,,, . A . ij 5 Q V .. , 3 - .W v ,, , M-5.5" fx it5,g,1,, 11 , 1 ' H -if If Z 1 . K I . R . 5 , . 2 j wr.. ,J , fob'--,S 431 .If " , M5452-X fl i wx, 1 - 33171 M - , -. .Ja it ,sf ' n , t -tslf wi-'i.fxg4g4ta ' ze ' 'f , .wa RUDOLPH FIELDS Born lune 30, 1928, at Brownboro, Texas Entered from Bowie Who can forget his freckled, smiling face, red hair, and his dovor-die spirit? CHARLES FULKERSON Born September 24, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie lie is an outstanding contributor to the glory of Adamsoffs track tame. NINA GAINES Born luly 1, 1928, at Shreveport, Louisiana Entered from Hogg Vivacious, pretty, industrious, a Veteran in that gentle art- charm. ANNA BETH GILL Born December 27, 1928, at Cooper, Texas Entered from Cooper, Texas l-ler most expressive face reflects her amiable and mirthful character. THAD GOODWYN Born October 8, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Peeler A keen and intelligent mindldepth of character- -a tine sense of humor. DAVID HAMM UCK Born August 7, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey A steady, cool thinkerg a competent able worker. PAULINE HANEY Born Ianuary 7, 1928, at McKinney, Texas Entered from McKinney, Texas Her trim mind and efficient manner- isms give her a warmth of person- ality enjoyed by all. RAYMOND HARRISON Born February 2, 1928, at Sarepta, Louisiana Entered from Bowie Carefree and easy-going but always around when a fellow needs a friend. ELIZABETH HARWELL Born luly 20, 1928, at Forreston, Texas Entered from Eowie Vivacious is the word for her- vivacious and comely. MARY HELLEN HAWS Born October 8, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Hogg Eager to help and learn, a queen of hearts. OLA MARIE HENDRIX Born March 13, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Her beauty is ours because we enjoy it so. BOBBY HILL Born April 24, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Sunset Who says what he has to say in a musical way-esuch a cheery disposition. ,Q ' 7 Q! ,M sets' . Q. my 9 41 N vt ville , "?':rZi:'?: " M It Vg . V, . ,.,.1v:'fL x .i,.z1m.g5 xwgtz, Q Sill-5? 13 QU' gf 2 . b.,. E i-Q l. X - E g.gxiiS-aatbbiis at ,J 'fe' JEAN HARBUCK Born Iuly 18, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie Hers is worth-while ambition suprred by true intelligence. IACK HART Born October 19, l927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey A sincere, upright American boy, liked by all. DOROTHY HAWKINS Dorn May 3, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Trinity Heights Ambitious and friendly, yet quiet--a cordial companion. IACKIE HEDGE Born February 17, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey A sun crowned son of the Muses, an eager scholar. BOBBIE HERRING Born April 29, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Hogg Lovable, sweet-a disarming smile -a rare gift of seeing only good in others. NADINE HIX Born Ianuary 7, 1928, at Floydada, Texas Entered from Plainview, Texas One of the friendly, quiet ones, the backbone of the school. Page Forty-one LUCILLE HOLCOMB Born September 2, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie An "always" person: always courteous, always kind, always helpful. DONALD I-IOOTEN Born Iuly 26, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Reagan Loyal and fun-loving with a magnetic charm. VIRGINIA HUDSON Born April 2, 1927, at Amarillo, Texas Entered from Spence Whose impressive voice and pen- sive eyes are accented by her bubbling laughter. EARL HUTSON Born April 14, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Avery, Texas The genial, companionable typee good-looking, earnest-minded. IOHNQINGRAM Born Ianuary 27, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Clean-cut, amiable, very gifted musically. OLIVIA IRWIN Born September 5, 1927, at Klondike, Texas Entered from Reagan Candid, sincere, honest-capable of deep thinking. Page Forty-Iwo DONALD HOMERSTAD Born Cctober 14, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Reagan Persistently interested in all constructive work. IAMES HOSTLER Born February 26, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered irorn Boude Storey A sandy-haired, easy-going, rocking- chair philosopher. CAROL HUNTER Born April 14, 1928, at Van Alstyne, Texas Entered from Sherman, Texas A very brisk young man fired with splendid enthusiasm. ELEANOR MARY HUTSON Born August 7, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie A gay conversationalist-the breadth of her knowledge and her fluent use of the English language intrigues us. LEONARD INGRAM Born February 8, 1929, at Floydada, Texas Entered from Winsboro, Texas Intelligent, frank, friendly, with a smile for everyone. ELOISE IENNINGS Born February 3, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Lancaster, Texas Calrned by her own serenity, she profits where others fail. 'N I ---x, 1 X N 1 nnnnzum lor-1NsoN Q, Born September 20, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Her limpid eyes, beautiful skin, and deliberate manner creates a charm that endears her to all. IOY LEE IONES Born December l, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie Likable, pretty-such glowing hair. I. B. KERBOW Born December l9, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie His sincerity and his refreshing in- dividuality lift him above the common place. THELMA KING Born November 28, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie Badiating happiness, she delights with her loveliness and sagacity. CHARLES KNIGHT Born December 25, 1928, at Cooper, Texas Entered from Sunset Refined, intelligent, full of enthusiasm and mischief. BILLY BOB LAYFIELD Born August 30, 1928, at Decatur, Texas Entered from Hogg The type who builds nations-- modest, unassuming, earnest. v I, . ' -if +V I X l f z,yQ'T in -li E fr? r ,Qi fi t wi CHARLENE IOHNSON Born September 26, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Her gay vivacity makes December lune for those who know her. RAYMOND IONES Born August 5, 1928, at Fort Worth, Texas Entered from Pleasant Grove, Texas A well-bred gentleman characterized by strength and intelligence. . H. C. KIDD Born Ianuary 20, 1927, at Houston, Texas Entered from Boude Storey An affable fellow, intently devoted to his friends. HAROLD KLASSEN Born December 18, 1927, at Hooker, Oklahoma Entered from Bowie A tall, Winsome lad, noted for his Wit and athletic ability. KENNETH LATIMER Born lune 5, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Hogg A track man with slow, deliberate manner- gentleman and student. BOBBIE LOUISE LEATHEBWOOD Born luly 10, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Peeler A butterfly- gay, light, and verbase. Page Forty-three SHIRLEY LIPE Born October 14, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey One reads an inherent gentleness ot nature in those very blue eyes. EDNA FLORENCE LLOYD Born December 17, 1927, at Texarkana, Arkansas Entered from Reagan Her endearing charm lies in her cheerfulness and serene untroubled spirit. RICHARD LONG Born Iuly 15, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Sunset A tall, lean, lanky tower of person- alitylanother lcabod Crane. DE LOIS LOOMIS Born August ll, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Peeler Demure, petite, quaint--a lovable individual. CAROLYN LOWREY Born March 8, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie A sophisticated young lady--her charm and loveliness increase as you know her. RUTH MCCAFFREY Born December 26, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from "Lady ot Good Council" Loved for her winsome, gentle self, for her sweetness of face and power ot graciousness. Pag? Furly-fou r '15 2 Af' J' f' 4 ELIZABETH LITTLE Born Iune 27, 1928, at Fayetteville, ' Tennessee Entered from Reagan Beautiful eyes, lovely hair, a cute little nose, the quintessence of cordiality. EVA LOI-'TIS Born December 30, 1927, at Rockett, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Her shy, sweet smile contributes to her ability to make and hold friends. WANDA LONG Born March 20, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Austin A pleasing and attractive senoritae one you enjoy being with and one who enjoys being with you. CLARA LOUISE LOVELESS Born August 30, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Peeler Serene, completely poised in spirit and mind. BETTY MCADAMS Born November 22, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Reagan Brown eyes indicative of a warm heart, lively, enthusiastic. BOB MCGLASSON Born Iuly 24, 1928, at Corsicana, Texas Entered from Corsicana, Texas An indispensable cog in the wheel of life. BETTY IOYCE MCGUINESS Born April 7, l928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Greiner She lives with a casual awareness of her value. MARCELINE MCNUTT , Born October 20, l927, at Corsicana, L Texas A Entered from Boude Storey Beautiful hair makes her lovely to 1 behold: beautiful ways make her Q lovely to know. t A DORIS MATHEWS Born lune l, 1928, at Dallas, Texas E Entered from Peeler Essence of courtesyg modest, attractive, diligent. , l l t t I t l FRANCES MERWIN t Born December 29, l927, at Bryan, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Keenly calm and collectedf one who radiates cheerfulness. , i , IOYCE MILLER Born December 25, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Reagan A captivating smile, a bubbling personality, an excellent dancer, ARDINELL MONCKTON Born August l7, l928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from "Lady ot Good Council" A dimpled face and sparkling eyes accent her merry nature, an ideal Charm. ,L , .., V V -. g?i,gL ' M5137 if , , ,mr ALYS MCLAUGHLIN Born October l7, l92'7, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie Whose laughing eyes and sincere manner make her presence a pleasure. NORMA MASON Earn September 26, l927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Reagan A ready smile plus a helping hand plus an understanding nature, N MARGARET MAYERS Born October 26, l929, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie Brainy, musical--a gay comrade. Ev R BILL MILLER -.: 3' ,,'. , Born September l6, l928, at Dallas, ,L V , V Texas ilfjyy- I digg, g N ' Entered from Peeler 5,,l 7 Manly, capable- a pillar of V V V ,,l,,, ,kg strentgh and courage. I. W. MILLER Born Ianuary l2, l927, at Abbott, Texas Entered from Abbott, Texas A person of resolution, understand- ing, and initiative. IERRY MOORE Born lanuary 28, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie His wit and disposition make him a most popular fellow. Pugv Forly-fi Ve LOUIS MOORE Born March 21, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Peeler Versatile-his achievements lie in the field of music, drama, humor, and the scientific studies. GLENN MORHOW Born March 2, 1929, at Greenville, Texas Entered from Vallejo, California Meticulous and thoughtful about the little things: wise and judicious about the big things. THOMAS MURPHY Born August 10, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from "Lady oi Good Council" One who possesses a keen edged mind, a vibrant personality and a ready wit. EDNA NEESE Born August 7, 1928, at Corsicana, Texas Entered from Corsicana, Texas A true Leo-loyal, industrious, frank, and honest. RHEA NICHOLS Bom September 5, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey He is well-bred-respect him, intel- ligent and ambitious-admire him, modest and friendly-love him. SONDRA OSTER Born March 9, 1929, at Galveston, Texas Entered from Alamo, Galveston Luck travels with the one who thinks with her heart and head, especially when she's pretty. Page Forty-six me Yi S.:-o PEGGY MORRIS Born October 12, 1928, at Wheatland, Texas Entered from Bowie A very lovely blond with charm, wit, and brains. BARNEY MOSLEY Born December 10, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie An easy-going nature does not hide his keen power of observation. IEAN NATER Born September 23, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Mills Her wit and infectious laugh lend gaiety to poised cooperation. DORIS NELSON Born April 20, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Evanston, Illinois Clever, gay, friendly-a favorite. DOROTHY OLSON Born Ianuary 15, 1927, at Garland, Texas Entered from Bowie Ouietly discriminatingg a lover of the beautiful. IIMMIE PATTERSON Born October 26, 1928, at Lubbock, Texas Entered from Bowie An independent, quiet gentleman. ALFRED PERKINS Born August 29, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie A tall, slim boy with wisdom, com- mon sense, and open-mindedness. MILDRED POSTON Born March 17, 1928, in Van Zandt County, Texas Entered from Odom School, Van Zandt With her deep sense of understand- ing and responsibility, she is indispensable. MORRISS RAG-SDALE Born October 17, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Reagan A masterful singer with a se1f-con- tidence that assures success. MARILYN REED Born September 70, 1927, at Amarillo, Texas Entered from Reagan A dark haired beauty with a mild manner and sparkling eyes. RAY REYNOLDS Born November 16, 1928, at Sweetwater, Texas Entered from Peeler Clean-cut, modest, always pleasant, helpful and understanding. BOBBIE RIGGS Born May 7, 1927, at Raleigh, Texas Entered from Purdon, Texas A gentle do or die attitude and a rare beguiling smile. x iff is W i e Hemi u se A . a s . ,hm 4 Q., -'M atv? in IOE PIKE Born October 3, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey A rare quality of determination coupled with inherent resourcetulness. GERALD POWELL Born May 19, 1927, at Martha, Oklahoma Entered from Sentinel, Oklahoma A true leader of men with a mild manner and voice. KENNETH RATLIFF Born April 13, 1927, at Hillsboro, Texas Entered from Hogg Mischievous, fun-loving, and loyal. CLARENCE REID Born May 31, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Greiner Studious, plain-spoken, and amicablefhe will succeed. WANDA RICHARDSON Born August 14, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey A golden haired treasure oi gaity and pleasantry. RUTH RIMMER Born April 15, 1928, at Passaic, New Iersey Entered trom Peeler Noted for her untailing courtesy, wisdom, charm, and incessant application to duty. Page Forty-seven MAURI NE RIORDAN Eoin Iuly 13, 1927, at Wellington, Kansas Entered from Wellington Hi Skillful is she, nimble, lively and versatile. DOROTHY ROBERSON Earn May 24, 1928, at Ennis, Texas Entered from David Crockett Her quiet, sincere charm indicates a real depth of character. CHARLES ROGERS Born September 12, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Peeler Entertaining and charming, loving . people and life. BETTY ROUSE Born Iuly 30, 1929, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Her nonchalance intensifies her charm and poise. GLORIA RUSSELL Eorn September 19, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Iames Bowie Her warm, sincerity and enthusiastic endeavor continually refresh and inspire. BER NHARD SCHRAMM Born March 4, 1927, at Dallas, 1 Texas Entered from University Hi, Austin Wellrknown, respected, and liked, earnest of purpose and clean- minded. Page Forty-eight fif B W X lj-A WW CHARLES RIPPY Born lanuary 15, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Peeler A charming gentleman with decided business aptitudes. BOB ROBNETT Born October 3, 1927, at Rice, Texas Entered from Bowie Capable, unperturbed-an efficient leader. IACK ROSSER Born May 25, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie Strikingly handsome, athletice belovedehas subtle wit. BILL ROWE Born luly 31, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Reagan A talented, popular red-head! abrupt but politep understanding. MARY SAMFORD Born December 19, 1928, at Mesquite, Texas Entered from Boude Storey ln chaotic moments she is a never failing consolation and inspiration. FRED SCHULTZ Born November 23, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie Versatile, dependable, and honest. DOROTHY SHARP Born November 5, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Woodrow Wilson "l-ler music hath charms"--and so does she. BILLYE SHERMAN Born December 6, 1927, at Plainview, Texas Entered from Plainview, Texas A human dynamo: and such a bewitching smile. IACQUELINE SKEETEH Born May 10, 1929, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Constant diligence paired with lively humor win unanimous approval for all she is and does. COLLINS SMITH Born lanuary 13, 1927, at Waco, Texas Entered from Los Angeles, California Quietly industrious, sincere, and true to his friends. IMA IEANE SPAIN Born December 7, 1927, at Venus, Texas Entered from Waxahachie, Texas An attractive miss- gracefulness combined with sophistication. IULIA STAMPS Born April 26, 1928, at Seagoville, Texas Entered from Hoag W A paragon of the feminine graces- - pretty, gentle, capable. Nz ,, ,- lk 40. WANDA SHAW Born Ianuary 6, 1927, at Olney, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Commended for conscientious and consistent devotion to daily tasks. JEAN SHUFOHD Born May ll, 1928, at San Angelo, Texas Entered from Waxahachie, Texas Her limpid brown eyes reflect the radiance oi her disposition. KATHRYN SLADE Born October 21, 1927, at Wolfe City, Texas Entered from Boude Storey l-ler shy, sweet smile signifies com- plete sincerity and honesty. DON D. SMITH Born luly 25, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Sunset l-lis geniality has drawn to him a group of loyal and admiring friends. BILLIE SPENCER Born Ianuary 24, 1928, at Scurry, Texas Entered from Trinity Heights Gifted pianist whose cordial manner and gentle wholesomeness won our complete admiration. IOHN STANDLEY Born May 16, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey His, a keen sense of humor and a completely pleasing disposition. Page Forty-nine WANDA IEAN STANLEY Born February 11, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie Sweet tempered, lovable, gentle, and diligent. BETTY SUE STEEN Born luly 10, 1928, at Plano, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Hers is a delicate imaginative nature and a loyal, tender heart, PAULA STEVENSON Born February 18, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie Fluent, invigorating: an adorable black-eyed beauty. GEORGE STONE Born luly 13, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Never too busy to help a friend, never too absorbed to be considerate. FRED STRINGER Born November 8, 1927, at Kaufman, Texas Entered from Kaufman, Texas A quiet, resourceful person on whom we can always depend. IACK TOM TAYLOR Born September 19, 1926, at Dallas, Texas' Entered from Greiner A serious but happy nature, as an athlete he possessed unsurpassed ability. - Page Fifty x Sw so st. V, .. Qp...Q,,,, , ' f 1-Q12-.afs7t.-tm,he X, yi N ' Q f-- at f , f-if ,X gI2s,..w a -til 5 lim: .V '12 'f-.,. -'fi ,. -, ., g,g, e. 1 ., ptvw.-mn an '-4, 'Z is 11 'v f,1,.f,,,j-1 . , ,.,:,,,,, . .,3, Ext QQ -1- 1 sa, ts, ,sta " ' ,ii 19fLim: 'i rf ff-W wear- time .gsp -ig "VH" " Q 5iEf1.M92i.Qjf if swzwgakze 4 Q -:gift YC P ei 5 GK., - 3 , si? ogg si rg., ALMA IEAN STANTON Born September ll, 1927, at Waxahachie, Texas Entered from Waxahachie Her ardent pursuit of profitable tasks presaqe future successes. IOANNE STEFANCKY Born Ianuary 10, 1928, at Detroit, Michigan Entered from Central, Michigan Lovely, charming. Doing things well is a habit of hers. GYWDLINE STOCKTON Born September 15, 1927, at Odell, Texas Entered from Vernon, Texas A frolicsome elf with a truly Wholesome personality. PEGGY STRAWN Born October 28, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Pretty, sweet, friendly, bewitchinq- popular with all. RALPH TACKER 1 Born September 3, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey His levity and Wit Contribute to the universal place he has attained in our affections. IEANETTE TAYLOR Born April 13, 1927, at Nevada, Texas Entered from Peeler Sincere, helpful, unpretentious- "nice to know." JOE TAYLOR Born lanuary 3, l927, at Cottage Grove, Tennessee Entered from Mills An ardent lover of nature and of the freedom which it symbolizes. IA NIE TEIPEL Born May 24, l928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Peeler ln her the capacity for scholarly and brilliant execution flourish with vivacity and true comradeship. BILL THOMPSON Born November 6, l928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Reagan Gay, fun-loving, yet serious and understanding when a situation demands. i RALPH THURMAN Born November l, l927, at Ennis, Texas Entered from Boude Storey Whose placid disposition and man- nerly ways parallel his mirthtul and W companionable ways. FRANK TUCKER Born February 8, l928, at Sweetwater, Texas Entered from Bowie A friendy, cooperative, zealous worker, who is mannerly in all his ways. LEON TURNER Born August 9, l928, at Grand Prairie, Texas Entered from Boude Storey A true Peter Pang his smile is sunshine to all about him. aim Q20 Je i EK . ,L FUN, , ,-N. 2 EE, . if JAGQQ ROSA LEE TAYLOR Born April 13, 1928, at Stafford, Texas Entered from Baskin, Louisiana A vigorous athlete, whose flashing dark eyes lend enthusiasm to the , , ,- -- swfg,-W-welt W game. PEGGY THOMAS Born May 6, l928, at Wichita Falls, Texas Entered from Fort Worth, Texas Maturity of mind and sincerity of purpose produce competence en- hGHC9Cl by gracious charm. ef: X355 n HL , ,,,l ray l ru X ra, A' K 1 , QF' We S. rw r in diggs f R r , t 'tw Q . we egg JOYCE THRAILKILL Born August 26, l926, at Warren, Arkansas Entered from Bowie Her cheerful perseverance is ample proof of complete stability of heart and soul. 15. time, PAULINE TROUTT Born August 27, l928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Reagan Petite, vivacious, enthusiastic-a clever actress. E wie Rx 2 .iv gf I. R. TUCKER Born November ll, l927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey His deep convictions blend well with his very atfable nature-what an athlete! ANNETTE WAGGONER Born lanuary l4, l927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Springdale, Arkansas The French said iteudouce comme le miel." Page Fifty-one YYY MAURICE WALLACE Born October 3, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey A neat, well-groomed chap who co- operates IOUCX: in his own inimitable way. MICKEY WATSON Born November 3, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey He will meet and overcome all of 1iie's obstacles. r W ,. ELIZABETH WELCH Born March 24, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie Modest, cornplaisant, mild mannered intriguing personality. MILDRED WILLIAMS Born September 1, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Reagan Reserx-i, a sparkling wit with true artistic ability. IOANNE WILSON Eorn Ianuary 28, 1928, at Garei, Ethiopia Entered from Greiner Gracious, enthusiastic, considerate, thoughtful---indeed lovely. WILEY WAYNE WILSON Born April 20, 1928, at Freemound, Texas Entered from Forestburg, Texas Known for his suppleness and abil- ity, his good sportsmanship and sense of justice. Page Fifty-two Q 1, 1 I 2 EF I 1 GERALDINE WARDRUP Born April 1, 1928, at Mt. Vernon, t Texas Entered from Saltillo, Texas A gentle, quiet will, accompanied by ability for precision DORIS WEBB Eorn September 28, 1928, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Bowie A guiet, simple beauty-most beloved. HAROLD WHITFIELD Born November 5, 1927, at Wingate, Texas Entered from Wingate, Texas An all-round body-inte11igent- active in sports. EVELYN MARIE WILSON Born February 5, 1928, at Nacogdoches, Texas Entered from Commerce, Texas An enticing blonde with a most complacent temperament. IO NELL WILSON Born November 26, 1926, at Hamilton, Texas Entered from Sunset A iriendly "gad-a-bout" whose driving energy leaves us breathless. SHIRLEY WOLFF Born September 24, 1927, at Dallas, Texas Entered from Boude Storey A browneeyed miss with versatility and intellect to spare. .X ,. w 'E' if 3 'S M I , 'fl A BOB YOUNG Born Ociober l4, l928, al Ellma, Alabama Entered from Boude Storey A lucky boy who has been endowed with many capabilities namely wil and friendliness. A , G Wy lar' , A! L V ,fl K., Round-about Tooqie The old qanq Misslceeter Margaret Those lanuary diplomas and Mrs. Kendrick Lovell I ,, .....,........A Page Fifty-three N ff- f f ,M f ,I ,f THE AMERICAN WAY "To form a more perfect Union" American citizens must promote the qeneral Welfare-a Welfare ac- complished by co-ordination and cooperation of the men of lesser rank and those who have been estab- lished as leaclersebe it in city, state, nation, or school. This is the American Way. HX 5 Q 3 if iw S t wi 'Q' gn t i 3 N Qld rMA:tMl"'m if 1 4 Www 5 1, .l t Q 5 1 ,m4fL145',if, Q an -if' . on was Qt gm ' . ' if-' 1'4" ' J, I Z- . 'ii ' Al fa 'EM FFK' ' 'Sie ' . ASA I,-fl ied . exp , .Q ,. T- 1. ',, 1, "I'5'. , ,, MINWEIFQEMSSIES S ,f yi. -:1szf..Lg,.: egfsglgf Sify- -ai.: -- ,: . '- A '-i'-is .A f FQ- i N E42 5 95 3-' -'.3:'5,:'- ' " ':':f5'vs':,.-1'-3'1" gf,--2' I' .sf I: " -'f:'.,':: s s A A . A , A -. ,.,. A "To avoid that run down feeling."---Observe ihe safety rules tcxuqhi as at this assembly. hifi Wanda Hardie lack Day . . Cleo Nelson . Betty Osborn . Timmy Davis . Bob Duff . . Fall Vice-President . President . Secretary Viceeliresident . President . Secretary IB CLASS Iamie Mcltfiillen ..... . Secretary Wanda Ray . . . President Milton Smith . . . Vice-President Page Fifig -six Lurline Payne . C. B. McCaqhren Sarah Hightower i 3A CLASS LEFT TO RIGHT 2B CLASS ZA CLASS . Secretary . President Vice-President JW Officers LEFT TO RIGHT IA Ioan Layman . . . . Frank Garrison . . . IIIB Betty Martin . . , . Bill Cook ...... La Tayne McClure . . . IVB Bernhard Schramm . . . Marjorie Dansby , . Elmer Elkins . . fas- . ,,. I lx? . 5.1 4, de If 5 9431 5 7'.uy 9 ' Q Tfnfii' ' ,. -4553 pl ' I 'FY' A1..f1,,,.,,,. . 2 Ii is f ,Q . Presidenl Vice-President . Presideni Vice4Preside-nt . Secretary . President . Secretary Vice-President ln Ill I 1 K Page Fifty-seven 5 LEFT TO RIGHT First RoWfGene Baskin, lB, Dale Beach, lB, Bobby Atkins, lA, L. W. Third Rowe Betty lo Brown, lB, Gretta Brack, ZB, Elizabeth Bradshaw, Bryant, 2B, lames Adcock, ZB, Bobby Appling, 2B, Thomas Ashley, QB, Waynette Bowdoin, 3B, Annette Baker, SB, Patsye Boedeker, 2B, ZB, Milton Akers, ZB, Leo Alexander, lB, Carroll Archer, lB, Bill Nancy Bray, ZA, Carolyn Boyls, lB, Betty Ruth Brumit, lA, Wanda Branch, IB, Billy Blackwood, lB. Blakley, 3B, Doris Buchanan, ZA, Paula Blank, lB, Billye Bryant, lB, Loyce Armstrong, lB, Angel Adams, lB, Mary Lou Adams, QB. Second Row-- Lois Blackwell, 3A, Bobbie Bowles, SB, Billie Barnhart, ZB, Bobbie Bridges, ZB, Doloris Armstrong 2B, leneanne Ashby, lB, De Fourth Row fBeveris Armstrong, 3A, Louis Burleson, ZA, Charles Brad- Loryes Anderson, 3B, Betty lane Adams, 3B, Martha Aycock, lB, Mary ford, lA, Bob Bivens, 2B, Gene Bennett, lA, Iarnos Barker, 3B, lames Aycock, lB, Ieannine Adcock, 3B, loyce Allen lB, Rosemary Archer, Abicht, ZA, Bert Allen, SB, Travis Armstrong 3A, Charles Bice, SB, QB, Pat Allen, QB, La Verne Allen, 2B. Dick Alexander, lB, Delbert Adams, ZB, Cdaxtes Alexander, ZB, Harry LEFT TO RIGHT First Row- -Proctor Boyd, !2B, Leslie Blankenship, 2B, Raymond Berry, lB, Third Row- -Gene Branam, QB, Laverne Boyd, 2B, Imogene Brooks, 21 R, B. Box, ZB, Billy Bridrgman, 2B, 'Tommy Blissitte, QB, Ronald Baggett, Kathleen Bryant, SB, Dorothy Biggs, SB, Eloise Brown, 3B, leannir 3B, Taylor-Boyd, Y3B, Cliliord Booker, 3B, David Barron, IB, Iohn Lewis Boyd, SB, Edna Brackeen, 3B, Louise Brazelton, SB, Vera Boyls, 3B, f B9CkhC1m, IB? H219 BTGSW911, 23- Ann Bowles, SB, Maxine Bulls, 3B, Martha Bridges, 3B, Tommie lo Bef , , ZB, Loretta Brown, ZB, Ian Black, lA. SSCOTIC1 R0WiD0f1S Brill, 3Ai DOYOTITY Bl-1l1CI1'df 335 DOfOihY BGCIVGIS, QB! Fourth Rowelames Blair, SB, lames Bryant, ZB, Wendell Baggett, 21 Kathryn Bivens, SB, Mary Kathryn B1ll1ngsley,3B, Barbara Brown, ZB, Dayton Blaine, QA, Wesley Barrett, 2B, Bobby Brown, 2A, Vincerr Barbara Bergoon, lB, Billie Brooks, ZB, Mildred Breuning, ZB, Louise Boauduy, 2A, Bobby Bracke, ZA, Billy Brice, ZB, Bobby Baker, 213 Brldqes, 11-X2 Rumorm Burhson, IA: loan Blce. ZB: Dimple Barnett, 213: Harold Binion, SB, Tommy Barton, ZB, Eugene Bolinger, ZA, I. I Doris Bowman, ZB, Grace Bolin, 2B, Billie Brewer, ZB. Banks, 3B, Page F i fty-eight 't Q E ti 5 5 i ! 3 1 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row- lorry Carpenter, IB, Robert Bohanan, QB, Brit Carpenter, QB, Third Row lean Carpenter, IB, Betty Carver, IB, Opal Lee Cary, IA, Layne Clark, QB, Davy Coursey, QB, Billy Carpenter, QA, liuaene Marquita Cox, IB, loy Lee Curnrninas, SB, Barbara Conner, 3B, Bettye Cavariauqli, IB, lim Cather, IB, I-larlancl Cannon, IB, Bob Crockett, Cearley, IBA, Lotah Cox, QA, Nanoy Cross, IB, Christine Calvin, SB, IA, Lamar Carmichael, IB, Truett Cox, QB. Betty Campbell, SB, loyrfe Coats, QB, leannrne Cavett, QA. Second Row lwiaiaueruo Bowling, QB, Kathleen Blansett, SB- Lois Bow- nlan, QA, llva Braun, QA, Marie Bennett, SB, Evelyn Bennett, 3B, Arlene Fouth Row -Thomas Burqess, 3B, Kenneth Bittner, QB, I. K. Boone, QB, Broxrne, SB, lean Baxter, IB, Doris Bryant, QB, Mattie Bielenberq, IA, Garner Burden, 3B, Harold Burden, QA, Thomas Cherry, QB, Clitton Bettie Blake, QB- Yonne Burton, QB, Dolores Bushon, IB, Betty lean Bul- Clark, QB, foe Bae Caravalal, 3B, Bioliard Candy, QB, lorry Cline, IB, lard, QB, Billie Conatser, QB, Betty Chanoe, SB. Billy Collins, 3B, lamas R. Conner, QB, Bill Berlin, Q A LEFT TO RIGHT First Row loe Creel, IB, Roland Conway, 3B, Iiinrny Crouch, IB, Glenn Third Row fltflarilyn Clause, IB, Kathryn Carlton, QB, Betty Buthe Cald- Caizer, IB, Ralph Coleman, QB, loe Cupp, IB, Benny loe Couch, QB, Well, IA, Betty Colley, QB, Graco Carmrchael, QB, Vera Campbell, JB, A. VJ. CIQISIW, SB, Ernest Durham, QB, Burnley Donaldson, QB, I. D. Ettle Lois Clepper, QB, Marjorie Decker, 3B, Vonciel Clay, QA, Betty Dennis, IB, Goorqe Cunytts, QB. Crabtree, 3B, Mary Sue Carver, 3B, loyco Chandler, QB, Barbara Second Row fCharlone Cornehls, QB, lillen Marie Compton, QB, Alice Durrett, IB, Bessie Dlnos, IB. Marte Compton, QB, Betty Sue Carvajal, IA, Evelyn Campbell, QB, Fourth Rowe Thomas Crossland, QB, Rex Clauson, QB, Walter Bay Couch, Barbara Canne-tax, IB, Bennie Chambers, QB, Dottie Cherry, 3B, Norma 3B, Bill Cook, 3B, Daniel Carter, QB, Don Clark, QA, Prank Darnell, Cunnrnfylxarn, 3B, Emma Chandler, 3B, Betty Craiq, 3B, Evelyn Cotten, QB, Glenn Coates, 3B, Danny Crawford, 3B, lock Commons, QB, lake 3B, Jeanette Clement, QA, Annette Collier, QB, Carol Collins, IB, Commander, SB, Bobby Densmore, QB. Page' Fifty-nine LEFT TO RIGHT First How- Billy Fagan, QB, Bobby Ewing, QB, Ioe Ezell, QB, Homer Third Row Lois Denton, QB, Connie Gay Epps, lB, Martha Duncan, SB, Dalton, QA, Frank Evans, 3B, Ed Durham, QA, lames Dyson, QB, Charles England, 3B, Wandal Elrod, QB, ohnny Edgar, lB, Floyd Ewton, SB, limmie Davis, QB. Second Row Ruth Davis, 3A, Margaret Dunlap, lB, Helen Dodgen, 3B, Evelyn Dunn, 3B, Betty Davis, lA, Helen Darden, QA, Mary Katherine Davis, QB, jean Davis, 3B, Yvonne Dearborn, QB, Mary Edith Ewing, QB, Nancy Eubanks, lB, Norma lean Fugate, QB, Geraldine Fuller, lB, Betty lo Fulbright, lA, Eva Ellison, 1B. Eleanor Durham, QB, Anna Ruth Dikes, 3B, Gwen Deagenhart, lB, Fourth How Milton Davenport, lA, Terry Dollins, QA, H. A. Douglas, 3B, Patsy Drake, QA, lmogene Dial, lB, loan Dorsey, SA, Norma Dunn, SB, Carnella Davis, QB, Patsy Dyess, QB, Loleta Dendy, BB, Cecilia Drees, 3B, Virgie Dawson, QB. Milton Elms, 3B, Bob Dutt, QB, ack Day, SA, Boss Ellis, SB, lack Everett, QA, George Forston, lB, Bill Fawks, QB, Willie England, QB, Baymond Fitzpatrick, 1B. LEFT TO RIGHT First How f-Iames Bay Farmer, lA, Iolin Faxon, lA, Baymond Geisert, 3B, Glen Flowers, 3B, Bobby Greer, lB, Edward Horn, QB, Homer Finch, 3B, Lawrence Finch, lA, 'tommy Ganze, lB, Gilbert Geiger, QB, Herbert Gorman, QA, Harvey Hudson, lA. Second Bow -Patsy Ruth Davis, QB, leanine Dav, QB, Ann Fletcher, lA, Peggy Furr, lB, Mary Lois Ellis, lB, Mabel Eaton, lB, Ann Epps, 3B, Iackie Etter, QB, osephine Evans, lB, Ioan Epps, 3B, lieta Su Eubank, QB, Marilyn Elliott, 3B, Glenda Lee English, SB, Mary Catherine Euibrey, 3B, Beverly Elmore, QB, Barbara Ferguson, QB. Puge' Sixlv Third Row -Dolores Fagan, BB, Mildred Foreman, SB, Betty lean Fisher, QB, Mildred Sue Freeman, QB, Margie Fleming, SA, Ieanelle Faulkner, QB, Naomi Sue Faust, QB, limmie Lee Fletcher, 3B, ean Farrell, 3B, Edna Feuerhelm, QA, Paula Friend, QB, Mary Ruth Finley, lB, Jimmie Frank, 3B, Betty Gainer, lB, Fourih Howe Frederick Goerdel, 3B, Iack Fulbright, lA, Glenn Faulkner, QA, Wayne Farrar, 3B, Boy Furnish, lB, Albert Fiorenza, lA, Clyde Fowler, lA, Iames Fogleman, 3A, William Ford, QB, lesse Grayum, SA: Gene Gorman, lA, Gene Heartsfteld, 313, I s rm: 'f LEFT 'ro mc.:-rr ' 1 we B Th Aust Row-.ysle Cust, IB, Uuvrc. Glxolscn, flj: I:lcIgt.rt Grsen.f, 2 : Charles Green, IB: Brlly Grimes, ZA: Ierry Graves, QB- Charles Hooker. IB: Tlxomos Hondrrx, ZB: Houston Humphries, QB: lohnny Hamilton, IB: Bobby Harrison, 3A: Rudy Haas, 3A. econd Row VJIIIIVZ Feathurston, TB: Sharlrnf: Gatl, HB: Brllre Grbson, IB: lo Guynes, ZB: Laura Green, 3B- Mary Grbbons, 3B: Martha Gaunii, SB: Mary Kathleen Graves, 3B: Doris Grefgory, 3B: Ceftlia Gonzalefs 3B: Sara can Grant, 3B: Mrlared Gotns, 3B: Iuanitu Glasvork, 35: MOZCII Gausmfll, IB: La Ve-rr: Goodrrflt, ZA: Maraaret Gartrffll, 7B. ird Row Betty Gondy, 3B: Martholfn Hurtstrgkt-r, IB: Glenna Greer, YB: Mary Franors Gassett, IB: Owenaa Lee Hardy, IB: Kathryn Hall, Mollie Hammer, BB: Harrlet Grant, IB: Betty Ggodnrqht, ZB: Bottle Grttils, QB: Mary Gray, 3B' Gforrs Gnolsby, TA' Ioan Greaory, ZB: Ioarlne Gowdey, QB: lrrnrnle Lee Garrett, QB. Fourth Row Charltzs Gmnuxqs, QZA: Iamos I-Iarralson, SB: C. B. Grnon, IQA: Phn Grove, TZB: Brlly I-Ioltand, 3B: Dudley Harrts, ZB: Iohnnte Haylr-5, BA- Harold Hfnlffy, 3A: lack Harms, EB: Charles Holt, ZBI Donald I'IIIIIII, SB- Alvin IIOt'u'T, IB: i,7Ixlt'n I-Ir,-1, IA' lirnrnie HIX, IB, LEFT TO RIGHT First How Iarnes llraqrns, HB: Cllevt- Hanbold, LB: Idwarrl Harrison, HB: Norman Harrts, QB: Srci Holllday, 3B: Robert Ht--intfr, QB: Boy Hollrnqs- worth, PB: Kenneth Hurley, QB: Bxlly Grooms, IA: Dtrrxvan Hrll, ?B, Lester Hlebert, 3B: Harold Hrqhtowor, QB. Second Row - Georqralene Hearn, IB: Vtfanda Harare, 3A- Hopu Hamllton, 3B: Florenve I-Iarr, IB: Betty Hrnes, IA: Mary Nell Hollahauah, 3B: Hope Haynes, IA: Dorothy lean Hrll, 3A: Gxnqer I-Irnnlxne, IB: Vtlrnell Hzll, IA: Paula Huston, CSB' Altno Hawkrns, IB: Marlorte Hrqhtowcr, 3B: Ioyce Hooten, BB: Darlene Hamtlton, IB: Ioanne Horn, IB. Third Row Vlfreflux Hrlslc, HB: Mary lielf-n Hirdefe, ZB' Dorothy Harris, fb: worrna Hudson, QB: In Ann Hrll, QA: Ann Haynie, QB- Norma H.lrnoue:s:, PB: Ioanne Htnvkley, 3B: Barbara Ann Hodson, IB: Mary- Izffln Hatflrr, ZPA, l.oxnw3 Hawkrns, QB: Mrldred Hoaq, ZB: Grnqer lloelzel, FB' Irene Hrnton, SB. Fourth Row -Brvharcl Hawk, ZB: Lotus Hawos, 7B Gerald Halle, 3A: Bobby Ice Hardrn, FB: Iavk Harms, SB: Clonton Herron, QA: Benny Htrrrs, QB: Sterltnq Hxll, ZA: lul-es Grlltln, IA: Gerald Hlll, IA: Frank Garrxscn, IA: Rtchard Howard, BE. Page Sixty-one LEFT TO RIGHT First Row-Sam Hodges, SB, Merle King, ZB, Richard Kee, ZB, Herschel Third Row---lean Hightower, ZB, Beth Iohnson, ZB, Mary Ellon Iordan, Hightower, 3A, Dan Ienson, 3B, Boy Iay, ZA, George Iones, ZB, Harold lB, lo Nell lohnson, lA, Virginia Iohnson, lA, Maxine lones, ZB, Ianice Iudd, ZA, Gerald Ienlzins, ZB, La Vina Iones, 3B, Billie Louise Iames, lett, 2A, Syvalene Hill, ZB, Betty Glenn Henry, ZB, Darlene lohnson, ZB, Dorothy Hardin, ZB, Paula Herion, ZB. 3B, Mildred Iones, lA, Lucille Hudson, ZB, Elayne Hardison, 3B, Iessie Second Rowe-Billie Doris Harrison, ZB, Sarah Hightower, ZA, Gladys Kellurn, 3B, Lila Faye Iones, lA, Ioan Huckeloa, ZB, Hambright, 3B, Doris Hammer, 3B, Margaret Hyland, lA, Betty Huqhey, Fourth RowfGeorge Kirby, ZB, Billy Kemp, ZA, Bill Halo, 3A, Billy ZB, Mary Haynie, ZB, Ioy Hearne, ZB, Florence Hodges, SB, Ieannienne Kirnberlin, ZA, Iimrny Kerr, ZA, Tommy lo lvy, SB, liinrny lrby, ZB, Hyde, ZB, Darles Holmes, ZB, lean Haynie, ZB, Faustine Herron, ZB, Martha Holcomhrink, ZB, Ellen Haley, ZB. Carlos Kirkland, 3A, Arthur lordan, BB, Lloyd Kerr, 3A, Homer Ion- nings, 3B, Charles Johnston, BB: lack Knearem, ZA. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row---Bobby Laswell, ZB, Troy Lollar, ZB, Claude Laurance, IB, lames Lovejoy, 3A., Vtfayno Long, lB, Bert Lepley, SB, C. T. Layfield, lB, Guy Lyons, lB, Alan Level, ZB, Iimmy Leitwich, ZB, Rogers Love- lady, ZB, Iohnny Leach, 3B. Second Rowflidith Ingram, ZB, Sue lohnson, lB, Iacgueline King, lB, Doris ames, 3B, Frankie lanes, 3B, Dorothie lones, SB, Dorothy' lordan, ZB, Betty Io lones, ZB, lane Iulian, ZB, lean Ienkins, lB, Natalie Kil- lough, ZB, Billie Iensen, SB, Mary Beth Kerr, IB, Katherine lngram, ZB, Evelyn Kennedy, ZA, Billie Louise Kerr, ZB. Page Sixty-two Third Rowe'Betty Keen, 3B, Dorothy Kennamer, 3B, Evelyn R. Kennedy, ZB, Lela Belle Kettler, lB, Mary Ann King, lB, Betty Keiningham, lB, Mary Alice Knox, lB, Betty Iames, ZA, Billie Ann King, lB, Mary Kerbow, 3B, Ianette Kirby, QB, Marialyce Kniseley, 3A, lulia Keahey, ZB, Dorotha Killingsworth, 3B. Fourth Row--Ioan Kennel, ZA, Kenneth Lawson, ZB, Eugene Lyall, ZB, David Landrum, 3A, Gene Lindsey, lA, Robert Landers, lB, Clessie Long, 3A, Robert Lee, SB, Arthur Leyhe, ZB, Edward Loper, SA, Dorothy Kerss, ZB. LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row- Preston Nicholas, lA, Bob Mayers, IB, Charles Milam, lB, Third RowffGeorqe Norcross, ZB, D. C. Moftitt, 3B, lo Anne Lowance, 2B, I. W. Nail, ZB, Donald Meserole, lB, Claude McMullen, ZB, Clifford Gertie Lee Long, 3A, Ella Marie Linders, SB, Dorothy Liqon, 3B, Iayme McCaqhren, ZB, lohn Mullendore, lA, Gordon Michell, lA, lack Mc- Le Bow, ZB, Nina Fay Love, lB, Lila Lee, QB, Elveta La Cost, BA, Oris Kethan, 2B, limmy McCormack, 3B, Don McCtilley, 3B, Iimmy Nelson, Rae Langley, ZB, Amy Lewis, 2B, Nadine Lightfoot, 3A, Oscar McGreW, 1A, lA, lay McBorey, 2B. Second Rowe Patricia Kelley, lB, Zorena Kelly, QB, Peqqy Kirksey, 3B, Fourth Row -Leland Mclunkins, ZB, Roy McLaughlin, QB, Sam Malloy, 2B, Betty lane Lawrence, lB, lla Dee Leeth, lB, Barbara Lake, lB, Allie Weridell McKinley, ZB, Edqar lames Massenqill, 3A, La Tayne Mc- Dee Leeth, lB, Anne Lollar, lA, loan Layman, lA, Nadine Layne, ZA, Clure, 3B, Glonn McGee, 2A, Billy MacLachlan, 2A, I, W. Miller, SA, Annabel Locke, 2B, Erma Lunipkins, lB, Patsy Lotlin, lB, Dorothy Robert Mulvany, 3B, C. B. McCaqhren, 2A, Edwin McMackin, SB, Tom Leach, ZA, Betty Leatlierwood, 3B. McMath, SB, Tommy McCormack, lA. , LEFT TO RIGHT 'First Row Melvin Neese, lB, Glenn Manderville, 1B, Norris Northcut, ZB, Third Row- Shirley Matthews, SB, Betty Iane McCraney, lB, Betty Martin, Bill Morgan, lA, Charles Myers, lB, Billy Ice Maxey, lB, Ernest ZEB, Patricia Moore, lB, limmie Marshall, lB, Ioy McLaughlin, 2B, Malone, SB, K, T. Martin, lA, Iames North, lB, Alfred Moore, ZB, Gene Billie Sue Martin, lB, Iackie Marple, SB, Melha Martin, SB, Monteen Miller, 2B, Bill Madden, lB. Mann, 2A, Patricia McLaughlin, lB, Dorothy Moroney, lB, Dorothy Second Row--Pat Mosely, 2B, Iuanita Moore, ZA, Anne Miller, 2B, Sarah Moll, SEB, lane McKnight, SB, La Verne McDonald, SB. Meeks, SB, Betty Lou Mitchell, 3B, Ruth Mahn, SB, Margie Manuel, 2B, Fourth Row-eForest Moss, PA, Neal Mays, 3B, Bohert McCree, 2B, David lacle Milson, QB, Annetta Maberry, ZB, Iacqueline Marchbanks, lB, Mitchell, lB, Thomas C. Martin, Robert Moore, 3B, Richard Moore, Patricia Masterson, ZB, Wouida Matney, 3B, Betty McNellis, 2A, Norma QB, Dale Maqers, 3B, Bill Morris, SA, Cecil Neei, 3A, Myles Mimier, Matney, IB, Mae McDaniel, 2B, Mary Alice McMillen, lB. SB, Lacy Morris, 2B. Page Sixty-tlarcc LEFT TO RIGHT First Row eloe Park, ZR, Buddy Nix, QA, Thomas Perkins, ZB, L. T. Parker, 3B, lohn Phipps, ZB, Mrram Peters, IB, Sammy Poque, ZB, Iohn Oqlee, ZA, Wayne O'Daniel, 3A, Altred Pomeroy, Palmer, IA, Bobby Patton, ZB. Second Row -Betty McCorkh1II, 3B, Mary lane McCarley, ZB, tin, ZB, Elane McCaskey, ZB, Zella Maxwell, ZB, Iessie Mason, 3B, Marjorie Mitchell, 3B, Mary Glenn Madden, ZA, Hazel Moss, IA7 Annie Malone, ZB, Dorothie Newman, IB, Alice Nell Ouqhton, 3B, Margaret Nelson, IB, La Verne Oakley, IB, Carolyn O'GIee, IB, Barbara Oster, IB. 3B, Louis lean Mar- Third Row lamie Pay Mcltflillen, IB: Cleo Nelson, 3A: Gertrude Noles, IB, Dorothy Miller, ZB, Barbara Ann O'Brien, 3B, Imogene May, ZB, Sue Noel, 3B, loan Opal, 3B, Burnette Mayers, IB, Betty Osborn, ZB, Margaret Nash, IB, Hazel Morgan, ZB, Laura Nash, ZB, Landa Oliphant, IB, Francis Neal, 3A. Fourth Row Edna Earl Mclieethan, ZB: Marqaret Malcolm, ZB, Rose Marie Morgan, ZB, Paul Nichols, 3A, Malcolm Ogden, 3A, Amos North, 3B, lohn Prichard, ZA, C, D. Peterson, 3B, Walter Paris, 3B, lack Payne, ZB, Charles Parks, 3B, Ross Powell, SA, Imogene Nobles, BB, Mary Mctfitt, ZB, Kitty Moll, 313. LEFT TO RIGHT First Rowe Roy Rumsey, 3A, Don Patterson, IB, Iarnes Roberts, IB, timmy Rogers, IB, latnes Richards, IA, Wayne Rackley, ZB, Gilbert Robert' son, IB, George Robins, ZB, Kenneth Rogers, IB, Edward Rhodes, SB, Roy Richards, 3B, Vfintield Rosenberqer, ZA, Dickie Rodgers, IB, Second Row- Annie Lon Parnell, IA, Nancy Patton, IB, Yvonne Polnack, 3B, Ola Mae Parish, 315, leannine Pettit, 3B, Charlotte Parish, ZB, Glenzelle Patton, ZB, Marilyn Pate, ZB, Ieanice Patty, ZB, Patsy Rouse, ZB, La Verne Rose, IA, Ienine Raicotf, 3B, Lurline Rains, IB, Wanda Ray, 1B Reba Faye Roderick, IB, Joanne Rcwntree, IB. Page Sixty-four Third Row -lean Payne, ZB, Nancy Paden, CSB, Gwenda Page, ZB, Paulk, ZA, Dorothy Pace, ZB, Kala Phillips, 3B, Lillian Peel, ZA, Prestridae, ZB, Bette Rae Pediqo, 3A, Lois Phillips, BA, Mary E. burq, IB, Pat Robinson IB, Kathleen Parker, ZB, Lurline Payne, Maxine Robertson, ZB, Betty Poston, IB. Fourth Rowe Patsy Robinson, IB, Pat Pilson, ZB, Nelda Parham, IB, Pruett, ZB, Don Poston, 3A, lohn Rumsey, IB, Howard Charles Paty, SB, Albert Rains, ZB, James Rouse, 3A, Avon Portwood, ZA, Virginia Pasley, SB, Leta rtonbms, ZA, Lou Rouqeou, IA. LEFT TO RIGHT 'irst Row lean Ray, QA, Rob Ruznsey, SA, Donald Roebuck, QB, Billy Third Rowflean Stokes, QB, Betty Steed, lA, lean Stark, QB, Betty Reese, lA, Glenn Ramey, SB, Billy Shaw, QB, Claude Reed, SA, Bill Stankis, lA, Minnie Claire Stewart, lB, lo Ann Rea, SB, Nellie Smith Rogers, lB, Iames Reed, lB, Charles Richardson, QB, Darrell Scott, lB, QB, Claire Stovall, lA, lessie Mae Smith, QB, Freida Sonth, QB, Ida Edgar Stone, lB. Ruth Smith, QB, 'Wanda Stont, lB, Celia lane Stokes, lB, Barbara econd Row -'Mary Louise Rubbell, QB, Betty Rogers, lA, Mary Louise Sword, lB, Reagan, QB, Evelyn Rowland, SB, Doris Robinson, SB, Iune Reynolds, Fourth Rowe Gloria Roqers, QB, Waiida Robertson, SA, Chloe Ann Stone SB, Madie Bell Reese, SB, luanita Redmond, QB, lo Ann Richardson, QB, Charles Rhodes, QB, Bobby Ramsey, SB, Billy Roeben, SB, Edwin QB, Patricia Reynolds, QB, Patricia Rather, lA, Bobbie Stricklin, QB, Roberts, SA, Kenneth Ratliff, SA, Gerald Rose, QB, Norman Strawn Mary Ann Richardson, lB, ima lean Stewart, SB, Patsy Sullivan, SB, QB, Bill Roaers, SB, Loyce Robnett, QB, Pat Ramsey, QB, Norma Roberts Mary Lou Struble, QB. QB. LEFT TO RIGHT trst Row' Iames Spray, QB, Archie Simmons, QB, Kal Seqrist, Ir., lB, Third Row--Delays Smith, QA, Lorena Spillrnan, SB, Laroys Smith, QA Donald Steadrnan, QB, Vtfilbut Sanford, QB, Dewitt Sturdivant, QB, Iohn Genie Smoot, SB, Evelyn Spruce, QA, Therese Scottino, SB, Martha l loe Russell, SB, Ierry Schofield, SB, Bill Sparks, QB, Bert Simms, QB, Smith, SB, Betty Solomon, SA, Doris Sawey, SA, Donna Seely, SB Roy Smith, QB, lack Sharp, QB. Mary Catherine Streety, SB, Loretta Stubblefield, lB, Paula Sheffer acond Row -Maclyn Salter, QB, Dorothy Stephens, QB, Bennie Sequin, lA, QB, Sue Shaw, QB, Alice Ann Stuart, QB. Margie Sheffield, lA, Mary lo Stewart, lA, Billie lo Shaw, lB, Peqay Fourth Row- Helen Sharp, SB, Dorlis Stiles, QB, Claudell Smith, QB, Bill Sue Speed, lB, Betty Slnith, QA, Dorothy lane Schramm, QB, Louise Self, QB, Billy Bail Smith, QB, Bill Sullivan, SB, Sydney Smart, QB Marie Salvato, SB, Nita Salter, SB, Betty Shaw, QA, Betty Ann Salmon, linimy Stewart, SB, .Alfred Slater, SB, lack Sneed, QB, Howard Speer SB, Dorothy Street, SB, Virginia Sorenson, QB, Mildred Steen, QB. SB, Patricia Storey, SB, Nancy Sanders, SA, Bety lean Stovall, SB Pagc Sixij -' -2 A- 1 i E it S LEFT TO RIGHT First Row-Kenneth Sutton, lB, Wayland Smith, lB, Milton Smith, lB, Third Row--Margaret Thompson, SA, Alta Troutt, SB, Louise Vest, l' joe Sedberry, lB, Stanley Ioe Schepps, lA, Gary Spain, lB, David Marvanell Traylor, SB, lane Van Zandt, QA, Mable Tate, SB, Margar Snow, lB, Gene Slade, SB, Bill Stallings, QB, Bobby Stotts, QB, Don Verhyden, QB, Wanda lean Taliaterro, QB, Mary Nell Ueckert, Si Smith, QB, Travis Haylor, SB. Doris Verhyden, lB, Chrystine Veckert, QA, Nancy Thomas, SB, Fredir Second Row--luanita Teal, SB, Sue Smith, SB, Billie Rae Stults, SB, Bette Toole, QA, Patsy Vowels, SA, Oleta Vernon, SB, lanie Warren, SB. Thompson, QB, Mary Thomas, SB, Doris Thurmond, QA, Peggy Still, Fourth RoWfGertrude Wallace, QA, Lela Thomason, QE, Dorothy Towle SB, loan Tatem, SB, lay Thompson, lB, Sue Thompson, lB, Mary loyce QB, Gerald Sutton, SA, Iohnny Sleeth, SB, Jimmy Sellers, SB, Hent Turner, lB, Frances Thomas, lA, Virginia Tutor, QB, Rosella Trailor, Stafford, SA, Bill Swaney, SB, George Shanks, QB, limmy Taylor, Q1 SB, Reba Vaughn, SB, Mary 'Wood Vaughn, SB. Frank Tennant, QB, Anita Thompson, SB, Sara Louise Tidwell, QI Etna Frances Wilson, QB. LEFT TO RIGHT l First Row--Arbra Tolleson, lB, Bill Thornton, lB, Ben Tolbert, lA, lack Third Row--Melva Vv'illiams, SB, Eldorene White, lB, Hortense Willian Talbot, QB, Harold Thurman, QB, Wayne Tillery, lB, Wilbur Thomp- QB, Ann W'ade, QB, Christine Williams, lB, Pauline Welch, QB, Anef son, SB, Tommy Vines, QB, Charles Thomas, lB, lack Tanner, QB, Walker, SB, Winona Walker, SB, Geraldine Whitley, SA, Mary Ell Duane Townsend, QA, Raymond Thompson, SB. Wathen, SB, Peggy Weaver, QB, Evelyn Wyatt, QB, Mildred Woodai SB, Joyce Westmoreland, IB. - Second Row-Tina Whitfield, SB, Billie lean Windsor, lB, Marie Wilson, Fourth Row-Pat Tarver ,lB, Charles Tarver, SB, Trentham Thompkir QA, Carolyn W'illiams, QB, Ioyce Wood, QB, Edna Earle Wilson, SB, Warren Townsend, SA, Eddie Tolson, SB, R. L. Wooley, lr., S Norma Iean Walker, lane Ann White, lB, Iimmie Lester, SB, Imogene Richard Vlfalker, QB, Ierry Tunnell, SB, Gene Turner, SB, Thorn White, lB, ludy Williams, lB, loanne Walker, lB, Thelma Wells, QB, Windsor, SB, lames Wiseman, SA, Billy Tucker, QB, Randall Ward, Q Katherine Wallace, SB, Ruby Ann Wright, QB, Doris Wood, SB. Harold White, lB, LEFT TO RIGHT First Row-Billy Wilson, lB, William Woods, ZB, Rollie Wade, lA7 George Third Rowfliennetli Vtfalker, SB, Gene Walther, 3B7 Iimmy Wilson, 2Bp Weatherford, 3137 George Walley, 113, Sammy Younq, SB, Bernard Floyd Walker, 2A, Billy Wilson, ZA, Ruby Wakefield, IB7 Tommy Wilson, lBg Alton Worth, QA, William Yeager, lB. Wilson, 3A, Bobby Wilson, QB, Robert Yales, ZB7 S. M. Zahn, 2A7 C. W. NVilson, QA, Elsa Whitley, SB. Second Row-Sybil Weeks, IB, Virginia Wilkins, lB, Louise Wilson, lB, Fourth Row- Billy Wade, SB, Roy Waqqoner, QB, Ray Weber, 3B, lack Helen Woody, ZB7 Marjorie Vlard, 2Ay Connie Wilde-ri, 3B7 Nell Waller, Vlfhite, SB, Virgil Vxlriqht, 3A7 Ray Vtliederhold, 3137 Weldon Willing- IB, Eleanor Vlfall, 3B, Ierry June Williams, QB: Nita Yates, lB, Bobbye ham, EB: Woodrow Wilson, SB, Tommy Vlfilliams, 3Bp Howard Whit- Lee Yeatts, 3B7 Darlene Young, ZB, Syble Ziegler, ZB. Comb, SA, Iohn Yeaks, ZB, johnson Yium, lA. K l"F'Tf"h wiafi 4 4 HERE AND THERE , Barbara Hodson Bob Moyers Betty Osborn Beiiy Poston and X La Verne Allen Carolyn Williams Q. Morialyce Knisely we IVB Wanda Hardie .... . . Secretory . Presideni Donald Lynch Melvyn Smith Bobbie Waller Amy Lewis . Julio Kecihey Bob Duff . . . Secreicx ry . President Vice-President Vice-President . Secreiory . President Nancy Sanders . . . . . Vice-Presideni Peggy Speed . Ierry Cline . . Page Sixty-eight IA Vice-President . Presideni 1 a Qfticers LEFT TO RlGHT IIB Ioan Layman ..... . Secretary Betty Ruth Brumit . . . . . President Gerald Hill. . . . . . Vice-President lllA Betty Martin ,.... . President Kathleen Bryant .... . Secretary IHB C. B. McCaqliren ..... . President Patsy Drake . . . . . Secretary Ieanette Clement . . . Vice-President i' its AW 'xi er-ff' -rf" f ' ietr yry P .4 Wfevyi '.,- ,mat ',t. f ' ,Qs 9 J. 1- - -ui?-,f If ,Y 2 :Y .',:,Mf5rf,.,,i,j?v7fi.I M Y t.,. Page Six fy-Iliflt' VMD aujaw M This is the American Way. , A 4'-we-A effw, . H, 5 I If , 1 any i i i i e J 12 if of Lf ACL X QD C0C,!Z:,4',f-,fl2ff411fyv Z2 Q5 44,42 eg-A 1 A Jail? 4 A Lode- ir,g,,,g4aMQ faWa,f,. , QC had dMeJ,4Q 1 r he i THE AMERICAN WA l qw-,YJJ in every gTOU?i 9 by ' meric , Lai popular opinion, general favorites. These favorites stand-out because of magnetic power of p nality i - -and individual charm. AdO5doaQWA es , LQ4AlfiLqAAiZ:3JffWwef4-ffwef i gj :J ,rl , Zfeiemownaimajfwgggffjd Jo vm a i i , , . . fp' e f' '1 1 ,,, Q LY, if 54p E54 Y .J I .,, ,V . A Q I W 4 Vi 'f' . ' g J' ,,a. - wg if " 5 A604 U M "...,.,.AJ'. Q Z X , Page Seventy L ,i ..i.-.-..,.nn or Q ' ' Favorites to introduce "Favorites"--our own Rythmcrries. Page Seventy-one Marjorie Darisby Senior Beauty Travis Pearson Best AH-Round Senior Boy ge Smfenty-I1 ' Edwin Horrison Fovoriie Senior Boy L. Ji-freeze-J' .Lf--1 cbs-9" 91 MMM I U 3 i , Biliye ineifkmbo wk, Best All-Round Senior G' 3 , Pfige Seventy-three Wayne Patty Best All-Round Underclass Boy Page Seventy- four Patsy Sullivan Best All-Round Underclass Girl Bill Cook Favorite Underclass Boy Maclyn Salter Underclass Beauty W Page Seventy-five Page Sevwziy- six Tl-IE AMERICAN WAY ln America every manfbe his birthplace, color, creed, parentaqe what is may-fhas an equal chance to do his best and succeed in the World. But Provi- dence ordains that some shall take precedence over others and shall Abecome leaders in their chosen fields. From them we learn and to them We accord respect and honor. This is the American Way. 'P i i t ' ' 'v W Nw, 8? 'B A N Y i .v Q WEE? ' 'x 'A WHUHS W El i 2 1 s Q bg- v,-J 'Lv f r 2 4 :ma if 3 - an-W 5 xx . , Q 1 "Peace on earthy qood will to men" the dream of CI World presented by our Christmas assembly. Przgu SA'l4'lllj'-.YL'lL'lI Page Seventy-eight Ioseale Hulse Second honor graduate ot the lanuary class -editor-in-chiet ot the Acorn- student assistant par excellent--a lead- ing Bookworm. Her achievements pre- sage success. Ioy Tabor Won first place in City' l944 essay contest-skillfully carried the girl's lead in the Ianuary Class Play-rendered unusual service on the Oak Staff- made an enviable scholastic record. Lindell Iames Valedictorian of the Ianuary Class- Captain ot the l:t.O.T.C. Band-leading man in Ianuary Class Play-president of important organizations, including the National Honor Society-musician, gentleman, leader. L RUTH RIMMER Member of girl's team which Won the 1944 State Debate Contest-Winner of the l944 city Thrift Essay Contest-tied for second place in City Essay Contest for l945vplaced first in City and District and second in the State in l945 American Legion Oratorical Contest-tied tor English award for highest average for four years-ranked so high scholastically, she was elected to National Honor Society as a 31-X. IOE PIKE Student, musician leader-a Iunior Rotarian- as 4A president he proved his claim to a place in Who's Who by Wise, diplomatic management of senior problems and friendly cooperation with faculty. BILLYE SHERMAN Won first place in Girl's Declamation in city, district, and region-second in the state-held im- portant roles in One-Act and Iune Class Plays- dominant factor in Girl Reserves. An outstanding scholar, Billye was elected to the National Honor Society as a 3A. Page Seventy-nine Page Eight IERRY SCHOFIELD Talented artist-originator of "Li'l Leopard"- winner of several awards in city and national art contests, With an excellent scholastic record, Ierry presents a bid for fame. He will graduate in Iune, 1946. PEGGY ARCHIBALD Artist, writer, linguist--as co-editor of the Oak, Peggy drew all layouts, wrote much of the copy, planned the theme developrnenteassisted in Dean's office and kept Scholarship records for four years-won Honorable Mention in the City Spanish 7ssay Contest. IERRY TUNNELL Awarded Merit Medal by Veterants of Foreign lNars as best all-round cadet in Adarnson's R. O. T. C.-won first place in the City in the Thrift Essay Contest and third place in the state on an essay entitled "What Physical and Mental Defects Disgualitied so Many of Our Men for Army Serv- ice"-one of two students in Dallas who had per- fect papers in the Spelling Contestghad lead in Adamson's One-Act Play. An outstanding scholar, Ierry will graduate in Ianuary, 1946. l l t t IANIE TEIPEL Girl's De- Hiqh ranking scholar-member of the hate team which Won State in l944-winner of first place in Girl's Extempore in Texas in l945- in February, l945, was one of four students in the United States, the only one west of Mississippi, chisen by Forum o fthe Air to participate in a panel discussion over a nationswide hook-up from Vllashington, D. C.+business manager of the Oak and editor-in-chief of the Acorn-was awarded the Thompson prize for outstanding journalism in Adamson this year. PEGGY THOMAS Found time to be an excellent assistant secre- tary while maintaining a very high scholastic record--member of the Oak Staff-won second place in the City Spanish Essay Contest and first in Adamson in the Spanish Conversation Contest -elected to National Honor Society as 3A. YVONNE POLNACK For two years, Yvonne has been a member of Adamson's team in the City Spelling Contest- Page Eighty-one Forty-four Adamson students had an A average during the Fall Semester! Adamson's "A" Students Page Eighiy-two ROBERT MA SON LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Carolyn O'Glee, Bobbie Bridges, Peggy Thomas, Ioy Lee Cummings, Peggy Archibald, Carolyn Lowrey, Cleo Nelson, Frances Merwin, Betty Ruth Brumit, Carol Collins. Second Row: Vtfanda Stout, Dorothy Street, Gloria Russell, Ianie Tetpel, Barbara Ferguson, Louise Hawkins, loanne Gowdey, Barbara Ann Hodson, Billie Brooks. 'Ihird Bow: Paymond lanes, lackie Marples, Nina Faye Love, Gloria Arm Adams, Dolores Clark, ButhBimmer, Billye Sherman, Elizabeth Brad- shaw. Fourth Pow: Fred Stringer, Gordon Mitchell, Yvonne Polnack, Barbara Conner, La Tayne McClure, Ioe Pike. Fifth Row: Billy Collins, Cleve I-laubold, Bobby Hardin, Robert Yates, Ierry Tunnell, Iohn Lewis Beckham, Iames Fogleman, Clarence Reid, I. B. Kerbow, Eddie Blount. NOT IN THE PICTURE lirnrny Leftwich, Bolle Beaudry, Charles Tarver. Special Awards PERFECT ATTENDANCE AWARDS In the Ianuary Senior Class, the following students were awarded medals for punctuality and perfect attend- ance throughout their four years in high school: BETTYE IO HAMM MARGARET KIMBERLIN IACK BASDEN On April 6, 1945, the following Iune graduates had maintained a perfect punctuality and attendance record for four years: EUGENIA ALIZEN PATSY CARTER MARY HELLEN HAWES IIMMIE PATTERSON IOE PIKE WANDA RICHARDSON ADA IO ADAMS EVERTS-LINZ AWARDS Four year Linz and Everts awards were won by these Ianuary graduates: BOBBY BEHRNS LINDELL IAMES HOMER LAWSON BOB LOVELL IACQUELINE DILLION IOSEALE I-IULSE MARGARET KIMBERLIN ROSALIE LOWE IOY TABOR MARY WALTHER MARY LOUISE GRICE On April 20, 1945, the following graduates were can- didates for the four-year Linz and Everts awards. ROLFE BEAUDRY EDDIE BLOUNT KENNETH CASON TERRY ANN BAKER PATSY CARTER ELEANOR HUTSON FRANCES MERWIN BILLYE SHERMAN IACQUELINE SKEETER PEGGY THOMAS SKIRLEY WOLFF IACKIE HEDGE I. B. KERBOW IOE PIKE HAZEL BIVENS DOLORES CLARK THELMA KING RUTH RIMMER IEAN SHUFORD IANIE TEIPEL MILDRED WILLIAMS EDWARD LOPER TYLER STREET METHODIST CHURCH ESSAY First . . . . . . Martha Io Smith Second . . . Mancy Thomas Third . . .... . . Edward Loper Fourth . ....... Charles Iohnson POETS The following girls wrote poems that were published in "Young America Sings" an anthology collected by the National High School Poetry Association: PAT PILSON PAT RAMSEY BARBARA LAKE DAD'S CLUB EMBLEM AWARD First ............. Carolyn Boyls Second . . . Nancy Cross Third .............. Iulia Keahey ENGLISH DEPARTMENT AWARDS Dolores Clark and Ruth Rimmer were awarded books for the highest avareage for four years. WINNING ARTISTS Olcta Vernon won second place in the city for a pencil sketch. Ierry Schofield won third place in the division oi color and pictorial design. He also received honorable men- tion in the Ingersoll Award Art Competition in New York City. FRENCH AWARD The French Department award, a French Dictionary, presented annually to the most outstanding senior French student was won this year by I. B. Kerbow. SPANISH SPEAKING CONTEST Peggy Thomas and Nina Gaines were awarded medals for excellence in speaking Spanish in a contest conducted by Mrs. E. S. Dodriguez, of the Spanish Mis- sion. fs Page Eighty-fam' THE AMERICAN WAY The American Constitution states that every man has the right to free assembly. Therefore, people hav- ing common interests form a union for a common purpose. ln so doing they gain greater knowledge in their chosen field and establish stronger ties in the bonds of friendship. This is the American Way. ' ff' J-' ' 'Stl IQ- .xhv V V.!, 4 11 x'!f' if-4 V f - f-1-5155- -M 4 : .f f x bqrv H EM S fl ,jr-2 4 I -, I , V "4 1 I I 1 LZ The colors of "los buenos veeinos"4United We we stand." Pugu Eighty -five .,-rv ,. , ,Y f i I .,, ,X ' , ,1.:.-:.,',,-it af' . "LQ gap b 5.5 I, A -1 ' S , , 1 1 fl wk 1 I V 4 :ha X f' , , ff f g 1 .K K I , si -I 4' ip ,yi sq-452' ' ind' E: I ' iff' 2-I -1 ' ' . ' f- U Mi. w 5 sf. , , I wi, I new I ,Hia 5 1' if an ,,j3, "4"-R In ' 1' s ,G Q , A ' ' - r ig Nag.. I 4 ' di v ' o 4 V, 5,06 r 24 Mi,-q,,, Pan American Club SPONSORS MISS ROBERTA KING MISS VIRGINIA ROOTES MISS EUGENIA NEWBERBY OFFICERS Fall Spring Carolyn Lowrey . . . . President . . . . Carolyn Lowrey Billye Sherman . . . Vice-President . . . Billye Sherman Peggy Thomas ....... Secretary ....... Peggy Thomas IN THE PICTURE Eleanor Hutson, Le Dois Loomis, Kathryn Boyls, Ada Io Adams, Billy Col- lins, Terry Ann Baker, Rose Marie Beclcenholdt, Peggy Archibald, Cecilia Gon- zales, Olivia Irvin, Iulia Stamps, Louise Hawkins, Bobbie Leatherwood, Nina Gaines, Ruth Rimmer, Peggy Still, Melva Williams, Paula Huston, Frances Merwin, Billye Sherman, Thomas Murphy, Robert Hall, Ioann Holzman, Eliza- beth Bradshaw, Barbara Conner, Dorothy Biggs, Ioy Tabor, Iean Stark, Mary Reagan, Bobby Hardin, Carolyn Lowrey, Peggy Thomas, Alfred Perkins, Jeannine Boyd. NOT IN THE PICTURE Iames Bryant, Iack Day, Norman Harris, Bill Iones, Billy Rogers, Annette Baker, loyce Brown, Marie Compton, Bettye Cearley, Gloria Goolsby, Ginger I-Ioelzel, Paula Herion, Mary Hellen Hats, Eayne Hardison, Mollie Hammer, Marialyce Kniseley, Iackie Marple, Dorothy Moll, Pat Moseley, Gwenda Page, Lurlene Payne, Yvonne Polnack, Barbara Purnell, Ioanne Bae, Ienine Raicoff, Evelyn Rowland, Gloria Russell, Nancy Sanders, Martha Smith, Virginia Tutor, Mary Vaughn, Evelyn Wyatt, Betty Walker, Ianie Warren. Wi if' liiqla if ,fiiiiit French Club SPONSOR MISS HELEN ADUDDELL OFFICERS Fall Spring I. B. Kerhow . . . . President . . . Betty Caldwell Dorothy Street . . . . Vice-President . . Alice McDonald Marvanelle Traylor . . . Secretary . . . Barbara Hodqens IN THE PICTURE Ienine Raicoff, I. B. Kerbow, Marvanelle Traylor, Dorothy Street, Betty Cald- well, Mary Kerbow, Connie Vtfilden, Georqiorline Hearn, Barbara Ann Hobson, Rosalie Michel, Louise Marie Salvato, Carl Iarnes, Doris Iames, Marjorie Decker, Rosalie Lowe, Marilyn Elliott, Patricia Storey, Gordon Michell, Ierry Graves, Bobby Atkins, Syvalene Hill, Miss Aduddell. NOT IN THE PICTURE ,Teannine Adcock, Billy Brice, Billy Bolben. -f"""'r1, It,, , J , J , " "ii , A -v f , Y' Q ' I 5 -I ' 3 K, S A ,t,,,gyiQgg,i v ,rf-it 1 1 it , - 1 5 1 f., wif- fviifniiv '1'l3Y1l?9ixi 3 ,. . "irq," NIV?" ' 'f' ,.-Q ' --"V T- ,ff N A dz -2 . 'iw , . it - .ws:mS1E:1:tww -Y 'N' , lm , A ', I 3 A I .I ix7'Ml?'?l3ll3E!'gv5i3 ,"gg?lff,M . Ll Pen Pals SPONSORS MRS. HORN MISS LANKFORD OFFICERS Fall Spring lay Tabor . . . President . . . . Eleanor Hutson Bobby Hardin . . Vice-President . . Frank Tennant Pat Filson . . . . Secretary . . . . Marie Compton IN THE PICTURE larnes Adcock, Ian Black, Marie Compton, Marquita Cox, Georqialene Hearn, Eleanor Hutson, Barbara Lake, Lila Lee, Pat Ramsey, Wanda Ray, Dorlis Stiles, loy Tabor, Frank Tennant, Ioe Parks, Patricia McLaughlin, Carolyn Lowrey, Marie Compton, Billy Fagan, Martha Coleman, Gloria Adams. NOT IN THE PICTURE Bobby Hardin, Pat Pilson, Rex Clawson, Iackie Funderburk, Robert Hall, Nina Fae Love, Patricia Rather, Billy Raeben, Mary Wood Vaughn, Ralph Coleman. ' V ,iw Book Review Club SPONSOR MISS LORINE I-IIGGINBOTI IAM OFFICERS Fall Spring Billie Curry . . . President . . . . Doris Nelson Bettye Hamm . . . Vice-President . . Shirley Wolff Ioseale Hulse . . . . Secretary . . . . Patsy Carter IN THE PICTURE Billie Curry, Ioseale I-Iulse, Betty I-Iamm, lacgueline Dillon, Doris Io Nelson, Shirley Wolff, Ada Io Adams, Ieanet Carter, Patsy Carter, Barbara Conner, Dorothy Biggs, Wanda Hardie, Elayne Hardison, Margaret Kimberlin, De Lois Loomis, Clara Loveless, Barbara Purnell, Betty Short, Ioy Tabor, Iean Shuford, Elizabeth Welch, Betty lean Stovall, Terry Ann Baker, Mrs. Dillon. NOT IN THE PICTURE Dolores Clark, Mary Degenhart, Betty I-Iarris, Ioy Lee Iones, Cleo Nelson, Patricia Storey, Ianie Teipel, Mary Wood Vaughn. Wm-New-it . ,Ai +2 5 if 3 E.,,,,51::v, , A ." 'FRG MT i s ,Wi . . i f f- il , ,,. Q ,. i ...I , . . .3-. 50, ,f . 2 ,, ,, , 5 t 'iw 2: 2 1152: E' , Q ,f' 1 ,:,f' -...Ji -'fe '7' w. 'mv V N, N. 'E ' ljfnfs ICIWTQQQFQ 4 E M.. 1 H Q i 3 as , 9 2 X I iii- New QXUL, Vi 2 I V ,, 3? f .MMT I we , HE W ,,,,,,5i wifi, .1 X-.WP Mika: tr- I ' .1 . ,., ,, .. M, ,., A 1 ' 5,,fv,ff eif' as , Q a if 1 25: .lg .Wow 'IE' ff? it-Z?-fi J ,sw je, if I ,,, ei 6, If A Q 5 -Lg' , 1 'r . .'j6Ll, W 1'f I I' tiny, ,I Art Club SPONSOR MISS MEREDITH SCHROEDER OFFICERS Fall Spring Mildred Williams . . . President . . . . Mildred Williams Peggy Archibald . . Vice'President . . . Peggy Archibald Ierry Schofield . . . Secretary . . . Ierry Schofield IN THE PICTURE Dale Beach, Rex Clawson, Phil Grove, Leonard Ingram, Ierry Schofield, Betty lane Adams, Helen Adams, Carolyn Boyls, Elizabeth Bradshaw, Vera Campbell, Carol Collins, Nancy Cross, Mary Early, Florence Hair, Ioy I-Iearne, Darlene Iohnson, Barbara Lake, Annetta Maberry, Mary Glenn Madden, lean Martin, Martha Mayson, Patricia Moore, Doris Nichol, Lurline Bains, Wanda Ray, La Verne Rose, Nita Salter, Doris Schramm, Anita Thompson, Edna Wilson, Lavoys Srnith. NOT IN THE PICTURE Charles Bice, lack Fulbright, Tom McMath, Alex Pearce, Patti Burt, Helen Darden, Ginger Hainline, Elaine Holden, La Vina Iones, Patsy Loflin, Ioyce Milsap, Iuanita Moore, Delays Smith, Christine Williams. National Thespian Honor Society SPONSOR MISS WILHELMINA HEDDE OFFICERS Fall Spring Lindell lames . . . President . . . . . Bill Rowe Bill Rowe . . . . Vice-President . . . Billye Sherman Billye Sherman . . . Secretary . . . Barbara Iohnson IN THE PICTURE Barbara Allen, Billie Curry, Sondra Oster, Barbara Oster, Ianie Teipel., lanice Patty, Louise Hawkins, Louis Moore, Pauline Troutt, Betty Osborn, Ioe Pike, Ieannine Adcoclc, Marilyn Elliot, Barbara Johnson, Eleanor l-iutson, Laura Green, limmie Davis, Billye Sherman, Zella Maxwell, loy Tabor, Milton Elms, Rolfe Beauclry, Bill Rowe. NOT IN THE PICTURE lack Davis, Lindell lames, Robert Hall, Ralph Tacker, Rosalie Lowe, Ruth Rimmer, Io Ann Richardson. , ' v : Ji . .y,4Q. ' sift A .At W .,.,f.x "E 592, 5 Wife. owl ke M . - 'STV' R , ff PEQQFLY ,yn ik 1 -: 1,1 . ,"tt ii' M Him, su. it . ' a .,, u 1 35 Hn-' .X Lis,- Gam me :milk 3 fm 1 WD!! -'Ne' ZR mfwgswigq em 'www Netlonol Forenslc Lecrcgue SPONSOR MR W E SHERMAN OFFICERS Full Iome Te1pe1 Presxdeni Edwm Hcrrrrs VICE Presrdent Ruih Rrmmer Secretory Lefi io Rlqht Mr Sherman B111 Rowe Sondra Oster Edwm Hurrrs Bob Lovell Trurit Cox Irmmre Dovzs Sprmg lame Terpel Ruih Rlmrner Sondra Osier lame Terpel 1. m4 Dallas Historical Society SPONSOR MISS WINNIE LANGFOBD if" OFFICERS Fall Spring Buth Rirnrner . . . . President . . . loe Cummings lay Cummings . . Vice-President . . . Sondra Oster lune Reynolds . . . Secretary . . . Terry Baker IN THE PICTURE Ruth Rimmer, Bobby Atkins, Katherine Wallace, Martha lo Smith, lean Shuford, Dolores Clark, Terry Baker, Ioy Cummings, Peggy Thomas, loan Bowles, Glenna Greer, Sue Noel, Mary Beth Hatcher, Sondra Oster, Frank Tennant. NOT IN THE PICTURE Eddie Blount, Dorothy Cassell, loy I-learne, Rosalie Lowo, Barbara O'Brien, lerry Schofield, Mary 'NValtl'rQr, Vlfiloy Vvlilson, Medical Professions Club SPONSOR MB. C. H. REDWAY OFFICERS Fall Spring Bernhard Schramm . . President . . . . Elveta La Cost Io Nell Wilson . . . Vice-President . . . Io Ann Bowles Bobbie Herring . . Secretary . . . . Dorothy Cherry IN THE PICTURE Bernhard Schrarnm, Bobbie Herrinq, lo Nell Wilson, Bobbie lean Craig, Wouida Matney, Barbara Ann O'Brien, Francis Neal, Patsy Robinson, Lois Phillips, Bettye Cearley, Paula Sheifer, lo Ann Bowles, Elveta La Cost, Sue Freeman, Rose Marie Beckenholdt, Carmen Wannarnaker, Rebecca Moon, Anna Beth Gill, Bob Robnett, Imogene May, Richard Howard. NOT IN THE PICTURE Doris Webb, Frances VVebb, Mary loyce Turner, Cleo Nelson, Howard Butcher, Waynette Bowdoin. 'V' 'C"" 'HTH ll l" Ill . gf J. V G 4 siisi C, p Texas State Historical Association SPONSORS MISS ABIGAII. CRANE MISS LORINE HIGGINBOTHAM OFFICERS Full Spring Shirley Vtfolit . . President . . . Ralph Thurman Betty Short . . . Vice-President . . . Carol Hunter Lawrence lones . . . Secretary . . Patsy Carter IN THE PICTURE Patsy Carter, Billie Margaret Curry, lacqueline Dillon, Bottye lo Hamm, Clara Loveless, Terry Ann Baker, Elmer Elkins, loe Pike, loy Tahor, loseale liulse, l.ot1is Moore, Betty Short, Shirley Wolff. NOT IN THE PICTURE Rvlsovrwt Criym, loy Lite lones, Katherine Boyls, Ralph Thurman, Hay Reynolds, Lindell lames, Lawrence lones, lorrkio Hedge, I. B. Kerloow. 'il 62? 2 'sr'- ,V I I 4 if i f I fl! ' ex""" I ' Q G ,M v ' If kjxzi kilt I3 Ami . , 5 A Km N. -'QOH JWJQQZZW .gf 'rp' P! .w...Q 1-if ,-5 . f - N Q ...-355, P' V 'W ,, 0 t- .... , 0 . 'B ,N i QT? ttf". ,MLM-JTTAQFUUNW-m.v'," "L 1' L ' gi L ,. 1.7 W ., , M 5 , 3 Jimi,-, : L . is Y lunior Girl Beserves SPONSOR MISS MABEL BOCKETT OFFICERS Fall Spring Pat Allen . . . President . , Beth Iohnson lean Stokes . . . Vice-President . . . lane Iulian Joanne Gowdey .... . . Secretary . . . . . loanne Gowdey IN THE PICTURE La Verne Allen, Pat Allen, lan Black, Patsye Boedeker, Nancy Bray, Bennie Chambers, Marilyn Clouse, loyce Coats, Leia Su Eubank, Barbara Ferguson, Betty lean Fisher, Betty Gainer, Ioanne Gowdey, Aline Hawkins, Louise Hawkins, Mildred Hoqq, Margaret Hyland, lane Iulian, Mary Ann King, Rhedah Kirkland, Elayne McCaskey, lean Martin, Norma Matney, Martha Mayson, lacle Milson, Pat Moseley, Betty Osborn, Ieanice Patty, Pat Bamsey, Patricia Reynolds, Io Ann Richardson, Sue Alice Shaw, lean Stokes, Chloe Ann Stone, Mary Lou Struble, Doris Verhyden, Margaret Verhyden, Eldorene White, Evelyn Wyatt, Mary Beth Hughes. NOT IN THE PICTURE Marquita Cox, Beth lohnson, lo Ann Lovance, Betty lane MoCraney, Maclyn Slater, lerry Iune Williams. ff!! in Senior Girl Beserves SPONSORS MISS EUGENIA NEVVBERRY MBS. MINNIE BRAMLETTE OFFICERS Fall Spring Billye Sherman . . , President . . . . Billye Sherman Paula Stevenson . . Vice-President . . Paula Stevenson Hazel Biyens . . . . . Secretary . . . . Hazel Bivens IN THE PICTURE Barbara Allen, luanita Arney, Bose Marie Beckenholdt, Dorothy Berlin, Kathryn Boylf, Vera Boyls, lo Ann Bowles, Betty lean Blackrnon, Kathryn Bivens, Hazel Bivens, Bettye Cearley, Bobbie lean Craiq, Betty Chance, Patsy Carter, Dorothy Cherry, Marjorie Dansby, Helen Dodqen, Mary Early, Glenna Greer, Betty Hamm, Bettye Haris, Mary Beth Hatche, Marialyce Kniseley, Margaret Kimberlin, Elveta La Cost, Marceline McNutt, Betty Ioyce Mdfiuiness, Doris Mathews, Peaqy Morris, Vllouida Matney, Frances Merwin, Dorothy Moll, Doris Nelson, Edna Neese, Barbara C'Brien, Sondra Oster, Lois Phillips, Marilyn Reed, Ruth Bimrner, Iune Beynolds, Peqqy Strawn, Nancy Sanders, Nita Salter, Patsy Sullivan, Billye Sherman, Paula Stevenson, Gene Srnoot, Betty Short, lanie Teipel, Alta Troutt, Mable Tate, Elizabeth Vxfelch, Shirley Wolff, Melva Vlfillianis, Kitty Moll, lrnoaene Nobles, Barbara Purnell, Ieanet Carter, Ola Marie Hendrix, Mary Hellen Hawes. NOT IN THE PICTURE Ieannine Adcock, Frances Balch, Kathleen Bryant, Waynette Bowdoin, Dolores Clark, Barbara Daniels, loan Dorsey, Carolyn Evans, Bettie Griffis, La Verne Golden, Betty Candy, Martha Gauntt, Elizabeth Harwell, Paula Huston, Elayne Hardison, Betty lo McAdams, Margaret Mayers, Iaclcie Marple, Wanda Richardson, Anita Thompson, lo Nell Wilson, Mary Wood Vaughn, loanne Wilson, :IC I 1' - 'J 7 sf 'Tw ' ' . .. ., . " 5, H'-rf ' E,:g?4?i5,t.r . NQWQ fr "4" Waiiwii '-'pf W y We Bfffi ,V .mpvv-'S' ' I 4963 f ' , f M 9'-fi ' 4 . 2, . " , .- fv.:5,1--35:4 -V, P , .J N- ,- - .ar 1144. F , -f IJ 2-IJT1, V g-Q, .-'Wt ' is--H' ' t'1,,g,:ia'r,:f92"f 24 " f,v " ., Q I . f ,,W.w ,Q . - :fs-. "ir ,.gr?"ss. . J: G, f' ' I if Q,- il, I of ag .gf I- r Tl-IE AMERICAN WAY Everlasting in the heart of an American is the belief in his right to "The pursuit of happiness." This is a lifetime pursuit and its fruition oriqinates in the seeds sown in friendliness, cooperation, and loyalty. This is the American Way. swf ,QMQ -an W 1? sbt li may T' A ., 'K' , if Viy, ',rr, 3 NEW WEE l I 4 2' 1 3 f 5 f f Y f 5 Chrisimas gifts, a iradiiion at Adamsonfstock- inqs for our wounded at Ashburn and checks for ihe Mexican Mission and Salvation Army. i ns- 'Nun-4' Ucflli we I fn E . National Honor Society SPONSORS MISS RUTH BELL BOND l MISS CHRISTINE HAMMOCK BDGTH MISS LUCY HAMILTON OFFICERS Fai Spring Lindell lames. . . . President . . . Ruth Rimmer Ioy Tabor . . ..,. Vice-President .... . lean Shuford Ruth Rimrner ........ Secretary ........ Shirley Wolff IN THE PICTURE-LEFT TO RIGHT F1rst Row: Dorothy Berlin, loanne Holzman, Patsy Carter, Shirley Wolff, Dolores Clark, Mary Walther, Janie Teipel, Peggy Thomas, lean Shuford, Carolyn Lowrey, Eleanor Hutson, Ada lo Adams, Billye Sherman, Frances Merwin, Margaret Kirnberlin, Helen Dunn, Ioseale Hulse, Billie M. Curry, Iacqueline Dillon, Mildred Williams, Ioy Tabor, Ruth Rirnmer, Terry Baker. Second Row: Lindell Iames, Bobby Behrns, Eddie Blount, Horner Lawson, Ioe Pike Lawrence Iones, Thelma King, Gloria Russell, Bettye Io Hamm, Peggy Archibald, lames Fogleman, Raymond Iones, I. B. Kerbow, Clarence Reid, Kenneth Cason. Members Elected in Spring, 1945: lacgueline Skeeter, Iaclcie Hedge, Mary Beth Hatcher, LaTayne McClure, Iackie Marple, Charles Tarver, Ierry Tunnell, Henry Stafford, Gloria Ann Adams, Edward Loper, Nina Gaines, Charles Knight, Barbara Conner, Billy Collins, Yvonne Polnack, Rudy Haas, Cleo Nelson. Student Assistants These students qive their services one hour each day to the administrative affairs of the school. All of them must be on the Honor Roll. IN THE PICTURE Louis Moore, loy Lee Cummings, Bettye to Hamm, Martha Belle Coleman, Shirley Wolff, Elizabeth Harwell, Clara Loveless, Iacqueline Skeeter, Pat Moseley, Alfred Pomeroy, Peqqy Archibald, Charles Alexander, lames Abicht, Wendell Baqqett, Betty Chance, Billie Currey, Barbara Ferguson, Ioseale Hulse, Barbara Purnell, Betty Stovall. NOT IN THE PICTURE Dorothy Cassell, Beth lohnson, Pat Tarver, Betty Steed, Bill Hughes Pat Pilson, Peggy Thomas. If WQK -I iw I p 1!'i'LE'W " H, ' - . ,- zfi- .4 ' ,,L,v,V. t' '- : . i gm- 2' Lf fr , ,iqtzlf ,- 1:4 :l , :-.: 2 1 - :nga if 'c' 1 ? '-C33 1 'ig F Y .r ' 4? af, .QA f .-.. -. , , s 157535945 l 'Y N l c 1 ' y W , , N- "P"'.,b i gg fx A P W +v tif--QI' it Vtttflf , my arf kr! t F if E i 1 s 'S f r 1 r' " waz, V LEFT TO RIGHT Master Sergeant Kenneth Cason . . . Staff Captain Linclell lames . . . Band Commander Second Lieutenant Billy Rankin ..... Staff Captain loe Adams . . . Company A Commander Master Sergeant loe Taylor ..... Staff Captain Bob Robnett ....... Staff Major Iacl-1 Watt . . . Company D Commander Captain Lawrence lanes . Captain Elmer Elkins . Sergeant Iohn Standley . Captain Gerald Powell . First Lieutenant Asa l-lolleman First Lieutenant Thad Goodwyn Captain Bolo Ollara . . . . . . Staff Company E Commander . . . . Staff Company B Commander . . . . Staff . . . . Staff Company C Commander 'WW 'M The Adamson Cadet Corps Left lo Right: Lt. Colonel Alex Pearce, Mayor Bernhard Sdiramm -Q , 4 n r r , f VJ! .. is 2 w wr - i , W, H lf .v X V X' H H QM' A ' Q. X QW .""' F nh if 'T ' if' is " f ' N ""1f-,C '-rf.,j ,, mfg,-v it r rw. - f 4' ii iff fs- 'ln 9 Qjfaw "7'?lki f?k5'H'1, 'li We Q wt as , i he S -spxf .mix W , ,, ,LE .. Vi -r -' . , my 'S rw A 1 .5 i " ' 2 A " Beliefs,L-.i4.r?1,L?'vsr-fer gin. Q :lil 3" 'Q . j i 5 M R, O. T. C. SPONSORS Leit to Right: lmo Ieane Spain, Barbara Daniels, Ioy Lee Iones, Paula Stevenson, Peqqy Archibald, Thelma King, Pauline Trouit, Peqqy Morris, pi' -mf A Y K i .1 , , W lun. , A:.N mm.-fi" W my gf new .ww N L ,. A 555 f -H Huff, U, ,. L. I-4 1- .. ,Haw 1-. . .,A., , 5 , W , -hisiwlf 2 f A f?i,7"' 2? ,. nf , Q ,QU asa:-wif W" Li-W Q , iw H 4 -,.,?553:2 4: 2 'mg ff:-E ,2".'T"iH...'5fE.. ww K Ms- ' " ,P A -W fu, ,slkiwf -'-U2v'11KwJ-.9.-e " :- - ,ish ,e .-1: -:-55?-7 f Lx 5 'w? '35 k ww f: w 1-91' imwwf 2 "sa:1"sa1s ss: mf' '1feTsi3lL.,z Efilgjgfif A - , M .,.ff P. fg,'4 fi L X f ' ww .:,.fw wefL:1"i1M-illifffg-'15 SZ' Q xv 946 3,- "fE"5i5' , iffiwif,-. gf' , - Q Q kv' 1' ' . -1- .. K 1-if Mig, w. 9-mgwwf wba, Q- ' 'E 'lf -' . f in , a i, ' f- f -:QQ f' 5' f :pr A f wgv yes, -H JQH ' ,i' W' 'W ,wg Q 'sf Lwrg 1233223-'f z 1' ' 1 ' i i",,W ' 9f J" . -1 , , ,J 5' K iw' ef A , - ggi, ,437 kc- ff,1?,3x U Him. fi V A .turw ,. .,?iMk11:fl.,if fw,,.,Y f,.,ikxwAw .. WF' A 'rJ"Ylf'W'f,vf1Qm5,4d9i' V fifg 'ff I , ,, " hm gy. , gn. ' ' ,K 4 4-'TJ ,jak ' 'fp ,fig 'fp if 3,532 , , 4 , ff ff-uiiff., if my mf N: :Mig A W' k 44 A Hb W"-,Di ff' f 'k'fif?m4a3i?f3 fig "m, Lf J. M, 5 f ,-. c ifllif 7 "ABL ' . A " V . AY ,Cty M35 -v A 5, -'sw is ,- N I if f , .215 Y .Ji fix' in V ff 3 1 f- -ed, -my 112 x A. -Q ff: 4: .K r tk 'F' 3 ga:-rss. KY A ' 3' - -Ii, A 2 A 1 ff W 11, v- R 2 nw., ff 4- V ,L N, ma R w -rf X Af ww bmw 2399- f""? is 4 -ui " 5 a 'man-w.q......,,,, '---w-......,.,,,, ,.3a- """5uw..N, .,. """'Q-...,w-m -131, Mwwmw N ,,,M4 MRM Rm WAfx,,, My at KW Q fir IO- Q OUR WORLD Counier-clockwise Ninita Nancy and Marialyce- twins? Do you recognize ii? The Chandler boys- Lindy, G. W., Tom Shirley Frances Thad and 'P Miss Al X Liqhtnin Bill and lunior lVlrs Poster Miss Looney and Mrs Beauduy Bunny and Grace Sez Peqqy Look pretiy Carolyn -f-'Z M - u ,.,x, , 7, ,,L4 N 1, 3- '-', X I, se ..,.x, if XM 5 Q iw gk if ,f Q ggwwm 49 F rf , LJ 1 4404, AE? 4 25 if ff' ff 'af' - ' 1 "H 4 ,Y ,'i,sS.lA' in 343459 'V .,-'31, Z f mf? Qwwif 4, L? x A x J M 'Qs ,Af Clothing Ionuory Senior Dcxy Luncheon Work cmd. Play ChGIH1Si1'Y Laboratory Library Laborritory Americds Way Bunkinq Stuff U We gif vu-qw V N5 if pg se y Q' ' Q. 'I bij' 41 Qi ug, is 3 S 5 Maw :Wx X A ,fi ,Q X 'hwy KN. Qi S335 JY ' . ? Vl.. S 1 ,- 4153 ? 'M' 4 W A ' A. 2 ,.,. fs? - vga M it f 'xg aft' f Q5 , Aim? fn, ' :Mm , iii , 'E ,DQ S . -' sf 1 - -,,, 1 E' tl 1 O ,wap , - ,-ygtw ' fl' i ma! High. 0 . + , .-1 ,, ..4 t. S ' 14 "H ,' .. ,, in I+. E ,. L :I-vfifig , 4: , ,r ,W V -' , ., Orchestra Conductor Mr. Virqil Watkins Violinists Iackie Hedge, Dorothy Street, Patsy Ruth Davis, Marilyn Elliot, Carolyn Boyls, Alice Stewart, Edgar Stone, Loretta Brown. Bass Violin Ierry Moore Cello Mary Early Woodwinds H. C. Kidd, Henry Stafford, Iirnrny Foqle- man, Iames Farmer, Billy Wilson, Bobby Hill, Claude Reed, Brusses Nancy Thomas, Bob Humphries, Julia Aycock. Percussion Iirnmy Stewart, Ioe Pike. Bass Horn Iirnniy Irby ,YI Select Chorus Sponsor . . . Mr. Virgil Watkins Top left . . . . Morris Raqsdale Lower right . ...... Billie Marie Spencer MEMBERS Mary Lou Adams, Jeannine Adcock, Terry Baker, Betty Lou Berry, Hazel Bivens, Emma Chandler, Barbara Daniels, Marjorie Decker, lforma Dunn, Grace Bolin, Marilyn Elliott, Louise Hawkins, Mildred Hoqq, lane Iulian, Elveta La Cost, Ruth Mohn, Dorothy Moll, luanita Moore, Doris Nelson, Alice Nell Ouqhton, Ienine Raicoft, Patricia Anne Rather, Dorothy Sharp, Martha Io Smith, Billie Spencer, lulia Stamps, Alma lean Stanton, Dorlis Stiles, Hilda Stovall, Mary lane Stovall, Oleta Vernon, Connie Wilder, Annette Waqqoner, Dick Alexander, Milton Bates, lames Buchanan, Dan Davis, lames Estes, Gerald Hill, Charles Morris, lohn Phipps, Morris Ragsdale, Edwin Roberts, Ierry Scho- field, Carl Scribner, lack Sharp, Frank Taylor. "N-4 'hiv it fhunnvf' . .,.,, ,W y W' ' Q Q ' ,V ff? ' H rxf' rj Ju fm. tk A s A :.2,2ii,,i,,' ,Q ,.,, 32 It - un- -iw , Q as , 1,1-4. 2-ff-12. 't 73. fi -. 1 X,- 1, ' -Q-..t1x,f '1--v.-.'- wi.-1 - - V w'.amu:g .Airy .1-.11-V. . LU ufvvwmnmauwcmwamwmmmamw Student Council SPONSOR V MISS FLOY AGNEW OFFICERS Full Spring Preston Day . . . . . President . . . . . Eddie Blount Walter McCallum . . . Vice-President . . . La Tayne McClure Frances Layton . . . .' Secretary , . . . . Patsy Carter IN THE PICTURE Delrner Bates, lack Day, Preston Day, Bob Duff, Thad Goodwin, lackie Hedge, Sarn Hodges, Donald Hooten, Harold Klassen, Bichard Long, lohn Phipps, Clarence Beid, Alfred Slater, larnes Stone, lerry Tunnell, Richard Walker, Eddie Blount, Dorothy Berlin, Patsy Carter, Rebecca Cayce, loy Lee Cummings, Orna Lee Epps, Mollie Hammer, loy Hearne, Betty lo Keen, Wanda Long, Marceline McNutt, Cleo Nelson, loan Opal, Barbara Purnell, Betty Short, Bullie Spencer, lulia Starnp, Paula Stevenson, lean Stokes, lay Tabor, Shirley Vllolfi, Billye Sherman, lean Harbuck, lanie Teipel, loan Steiancky. NOT IN THE PICTURE Eugene Baskin, Robert Hall, 'Walter McCallum, La Tayne McClure, Travis Pearson, Mary Beth Ccrrico, Norma Cunningham, Frances Layton, Nancy Sanders, Peggy Thomas. fax- ',i. i Librory Council SPONSOR MISS LAURA ALEXANDER OFFICERS Bill Durrott . . . .... . . . Ptosident Vlfolter M4'CfIllUIII . . Virgo-President IN THE PICTURE 'Wondo Stout, Borlvcxm Alien, Puulinrv Trouti, Doris Nichol, Walter McCollum Iilvoto Lo Cost, Betty Boker, Bill Grilublo, Noncy Pqdon, Don Thomas, Bill Durrott. NOT IN THE PICTURE Butlzuto DLIIIFII, Gcxorqo Cunyus, Lois Plulli' . , ,wt ' 'A 'A Z -2,5 . V534 , --, '--,.,. 4 V I 3 ,,,,- e kfwtaw Q 2' lfQ3i 1? . 9 ' lffggallii 5' " if EQ , I we I cl 335 Q ' I I 9 E, A , 0-ww f ,Egg r ,, 41 ,. Nancy Puden . . . . Socrotory h ii i 2 K fl 'P il . f w i g 1? ft'-7 , , I, 535 52 3 I ti 3 fl a 5 ff ' Q az I 2 I W 5 ,f If A 5 ig if it I - JF, . I 54 115 in to Frances, he The Tin Hero Three-Act Farce by CHARLES GEORGE Presented by THE IANUARY SENIOR CLASS W. H. Adamson Auditorium December l, l944 Directed by Miss Wilhelmina Hedde CAST OF CHARACTERS PROGRAM Douglas Goodyear . . Mrs. Blanche Goodyear Grace Goodyear . . . Virginia Ferguson . . Baxter Warner . . . Mrs. Baxter Warner . . "Bunny" Wheeler . . Annette Coverdale . Adelaide Young . . . Victoria Esmond . . . Mille. Claudette Bordoni "Spike" Ryder . . . . fs . . . Lindell Iames . . . Rosalie Lowe . Margaret Kimberlin . . . . loy Tabor . . .Robert Hall . . . . Betty Short . . . Don Minnick Billie Margaret Curry . . . Ruby Eastham . , . leanet Carter . Frances Layton . Charles Morris Martha Belle Coleman PROPERTY Doris Nichol PROMPTER Barbara Purnell MAKE-UP Katherine Dodd, Bettye Hamm, loseale Harris, Bettie Malone GIRL USHERS Martha Belle Coleman, Frances Webb, goner, Iacgueline Dillon, Wilma lohnson, strong, Marie Galloway, loann Holzman, When timid Douglas Goodyear returns home from a trip loe Adams Hulse, Betty Annette Wag- Dorothy Arm- Hilda Stovall. 55 , . 71? .QP 'Q in www X. ,,,, , PT IT . it 1351 'Q 1 " , ff. V i -ai r T i ,. E142 1 'wgigil' QQ, if it , .Y J , ,V A "ltr, 5 Y' I '17..,,,vV,t . -QA L 1 ,r 9 . ' f l t U "1 tg git, is ing M N Mvylgf .hi-if 8 TMETT mm 'f'-wrinx-rvkfni finds that his overly imaginative mother, not knowing of his inability to swim, has exaggerated on his casual mention of rescuing Madamoiselle Claudette from drowning and has demanded membership for him in the "Hero's Club." With his fiancee, jealous because of Claudette, Doug is faced with the ordeal of proving his ability by swimming in competition with the champion, Spike Ryder, al lof which is arranged by the suspicious Mrs. Warner, whose henpecked husband is the figurative president of the "Heroe's Club." He tells the tru. story of the rescue in a rowboat to his sister, Grace, and she starts teaching him to swim. Annette and Adelaide discover the secret. Mrs. W'arner advances the date of the scheduled tourney and a cable announces an impeding visit of the Frnch girl, Claudette. Doug flees and his unreasonable mother blames all on the long-suffering reporter. The climax is reached on the day of the race when when Doug defeats the champ, claims his fiancee, and gives his mother more real news to spread to the neighbors. P. S.-Madamoiselle, the French girl, returned to "Paree." Murdered Alive Mystery-Comedy by WILBUR BRAUN Presented by W. H. Adamson Auditorium THE IUNE SENIOR CLASS May 4, 1945 Directed by Miss Wilhelmina Hedde CAST OF CHARACTERS Mrs. Libby Ryder ......... Sondra Oster Tillie Meek . . . . . Pauline Troutt Arden Ryder . . . . Eleanor Hutson Mrs. Frank Backus . . . Peggy Morris Frank Baccus . . . . . I. B. Kerbow Iris Alda .... . lmo leane Spain Warner Melton . . . . Ralph Tacker Otis Marvin . . . . . . Louis Moore Luverne Speed . . . . Billye Sherman Acton Chance . . . . . Bill Rowe Arline lvans ..... . Hazel Bivens Man With the Arms ........ Gerald Powell The Mysterious Stranger ........ Ioe Pike Relatives of the lamented Marvin Ryder assemble at the Ryder country estate to hear the lawyer read the will of the deceased. Frightened to a point of hysteria by a pair of apparently disembodid arms the faithful maid, Tillie, alarms everyone with unearthly screams and fear-provoking proverbs. Mrs. Ryder, sister-in-law of the dead man, and her daughter, Arden, squabble with Cousin Frank Backus and his wife, Stella, over the inheri' tance. he will, the last paragraph of which states Ryder's fear of being murdered, is read and a reward offered for the apprehension of the mur- derer. Complications increase when Acton Chance, fitth-rate correspondence school detective, is consulted. Madame Alda, spiritual medium, enters on the scene. Confused by the late Mr. Ryder's hobby, clocks, a whirlwind action of vanishing prayer rugs and weird messages from the dead follow in quick succession. Arden's sweetheart, Warner Melton, arrives and is accused of stealing the reward money. As a climax, Mr. Ryder himself appears explaining that the dead body was a case of wistaken identity, that Melton is really his partner, and that the black safety box contains not the vanished reward money but CI patent on a clock. Furthr explana- tions follow and all ends well. I PROPERTY Kit Parsons, Ruth McCatfery, Marcelene McNutt, Patsy Carter, Shirley Wolff PROGRAM Mary Hellen Haws PROMPTER Kathryn Boyls MAKE-UP Barbara Allen, Terry Baker, Clara Loveless, Dottie Berlin, Louise Cannon, luanita Arney, Edna Lloyd GIRL USHERS Paula Stevenson, Barbara lohnson, Patsy Atkinson Dorothy Cassell, Doris Nelson, Mildred Williams Barbara Daniels, Virginia Hudson, Dorothy Sharp, Frqmcles Balch Doris Mathews, Carolyn Evans l -,,, it .L ,AN fr o . h rw M tiit . fffv KW ' t T' , T1 ,Er . leannine Raicoff, Ierry Tunnell, Ioe Pike, Billye Sherman-Cast of the One-Act Play, The Gypsy, entered in the city contest. lnterscholastic League Literary Events The Interscholastic League Contests are open to all high school students who desire to enter. A school elimination contest is held, followed by city contests, regional rneets, and finally, state meets. Adamson is indeed proud of the talent and interest displayed by her literary contestants. Eddie Blount-Boys Declamation, 2nd place, city. Yvonne Polnack- Spelling Contest, 2nd place, city. Ruth Rimmer-Essay Contest, 2nd place, city. Phil Groves-Essay Contest, 2nd place, school. Iimmie Davis-Boys Extemporaneous Speaking, 2nd place, city. Ierry Tunnelle'fSpellinq Contest, 2nd place, city. Billye Sherman-Girls Declamation, 2nd place, state. Sondra Oster, Bill Penn Rowe-Debaters, 3rd place, city, Ianie 'Teipel-Girls Externporaneous Speaking, lst place, state. In the Picture: Eddie Blount, Ruth Rirnrner, Iimmie Davis, Billye Sherman, Ianie Teipel, Yvonne Polnack, Phil Groves, Jerry Tunnell, Not In the Picture: Sondra Oster, Bill Penn Rowe. W sfnwggf mm W' ,E ,,,i?Wf14H?S2 "i"wi'r fi js-'WJ Mwwsiigi Q ' Wifi A K ? Tk 53, , fu V ' ,YH x' ,. U Oak Representatives SPONSOR MISS CHRISTINE I-IAMMOCK These are the students who have charge of the Oak sales in the Counseling Groups. IN THE PICTURE Marjorie Dansby, Carmen Wannamaker, Ioy Tabor, Mildred Wiiliams, Laura Green, Juanita Arney, Marialyce Kniseley, Marce- lene McNutt, Billye Sherman, Billie Spencer, Alys McLaughlin, Dorothy Berlin, Thelma King, Peggy Morris, Anna Beth Gill, Dorothy Olson, Ianie Teipel, Marjorie Mitchell, Nita Salter, Iacqueline Dillon, Billie Curry, Dorothy Sharp, Dolores Clark, Shirley Wolft, Mar- garet Kimherlin, Barbara Allen, Ioan Holzman, Elmer Elkins, Ioe Pike, Bernhard Schramm, Logan Phipps, Harold Whitfield, Ola Marie NOT IN THE PICTURE Lindy Chandler, Louise Cannon, Oscar Mathews, Bill McCaskil1, Harold Klassen, Ioe O'Connell, Nancy Paden, I. W. Bowman, Barbara Iohnson, David Bundrick, Edwin Roberts, Billy Claunch, Lindell Iames, Bob Robneit. Hendrix, Mary Helen Hows. ADVERTISING - ff SOLICITORS L Truett Cox 'K I f Janie Teipel Y Condra Oster - Robert Lee Iackie Funderburt V Betty Rouse Clara Louise Loveless Ada Io Adams Marilyn Elliott Dick Alexander Zello Maxwell Ieanett Robertson SONDRA OSTER Mary Beth Kerr Prank Tennant N f - - - -ee -- Clarence Reid IANIE TEIPEI.. V Calc Siaif SPGNSORS EDITORS Miss Idalnell Cabaniss Peggy Archibal Miss Ripple Frazer Ruth Rimmer 'Iiss Meredith Schroeder Gloria Russell ig T" Sai 'ez' E1 ig 'qw Seq Q, , 15 if if was f f M, Q Q 42 as aw-gus h 4 W I 3 0 1 ARTIST ASSOCIATE EDITORS Ierry Schofield Frances Allen Thelma King TYPIST Kermeih Latimer Peggy Thomas Ioy Tabor Guan-QQ-A - ,gs wi H 'fv Q65 'ami f I f ww. TW MY fix Q , ,E , is , 5 3? , i Hioli Siyle di Z-Xddmson Lindy, il'1e Strong Mon The Pedsoni Floir Belly Fulbriqhl Paula Mcilqorei Moore Carolyn The Bow-Tie Kids Milton cmd Wayne Some More Dudes All the Kids lack of Hecrrls? The Wihler Carnival of l945 HUTDGAHUTDG The Merry Mlnslrels The "D" Club Dollies Q I wvff S , 2 5-will ,gh , . A , , .. . if SN S' 3 H K hir 3 'wr A K K i f ' gk 7W7.:,.i ' cl ,ff T 'S ,i ,L . ,. ,. ?ik,?7,xVf,f iiifq 3 5 ,.., . . .gi , L in 3 . , 5 W 3 K v 2: f- - i ' X ' 5 , Q ., 5 as L - ll gig. 3 Z 1 3 ' s 4 if .T ,LM 4? t aft? ig way, I . rr N . '. C, fr- J, aff 1 ' ' ff 3 I' . - , . v , X", if! A' fr I Q? J t , l x ' 8 ff , 1 A 3 f SL if A A X I ' .rf ,, ' if A My PM - ff . P 'E t X FN, ," AJL if ' wtf' ff X fm 'yd ,V V' I .g."'l' 5 , A 1 X1 rf! AMERICAN WAY if f 41 xg! v AR' 5 4 af :wiv vtfhfl rica physical efficiency is one of the seven c rdi al aims of education. To promote this efficiency MT. e provide games that will tax not only the physical o satisfy the instinctive desire for competition, but also the mental faculties. Each is thereby given the opportunity to progress and to finish victoriously. v-auf' MV' rl 'r' This is the American Way. c V glgym 'g -V , N-1.L1.,,N H ,P -41.1-I 21 Thr 4 ' -4. ' " ..:" " ' .Q .-.wi ., f n .N-xl: 5. ff, 1355 slit'-:S , QQ! - ,431 fgwgygf , Qll.-An .5 ,V--Aziuz. IfVmfM H ,eygusii .fgzgps 3 1'?5'3'f'5"- 11 TW. 1' ' E' 7' . ,,fs"e12'2- ' ,,f?f ," 'I H I .' 522 ' Qiiyre. Dt s f f 'ip fi! ' ,' fe ' 'ft f5':3'lgs'g ' ifqgffj ,,-Z' f ,us . '1,A-fy.. .-n ,. ,-, "- -u I -qw : , 1., ' 4 A ftlfx. ' Milt ' 3 , If A 239 1 rf" ,,,--WW.,,,. . if ,AMW W u15'1'Q?'Wf phbiitja- 5 iq , wcigvgf W A --'Wy' 15. -410 wf 5 w,'fM,.1- A .Vt1tw'fQ5ttt11i?ftdt1fwif9H" ,Y uu425'v1,gRW,- J. ,l 4,-,157 ttfkwsf T ,aaif .ww Q' "Sweet are the uses of cxdversityw- -our outdoor Pep Assembly while our auditorium was being gemodeied. l 41' BLUE BAND PEP SQUAD V 'ill v1RGiV1E1Ci13CO1?YAN ' ii i' BAND LEADER AND MAIORETTES Lindell Icrmes, Mcxry Hellen Hawes, Hazel Bivens, Mary Kathryn Billingsley, Ola Marie Hendrix, Louise Cannon, Charlene lohnson. Af . '. 5, , I - I V I . Q 'N' -.1 A 4 ,-..f.,h. . 1 as 3-U2 z , M K l ' X M, ,:.' ' A I . -. H" r ' '75 , , 2 S K ,L , 1 B , Shu-4-0. ' B21 w-wwf., 2 'f u k W I I Tw ix .Nag K .. --N if ggi ' f '. R ,,.- -I , 'lb-C ' - X5 ' ' Ki N Q . ,x. r ,Q L? 5 COACGf3fIIiU Mcrrceline MCNQH Captain Martha Belle- Cole-rnrlrx COACGfJffliH Dorothy Berlin , -1 Apr, -,X r f ' N., X 'iff . ' .iizjklfil ml Z " V of Q . if Q H ' . ' Vi Fl f tg I fr- :gb V ' ' ye fff if W 2' -' cfs l if ' 'Q--3,11 if 1 . ,,, - l , md 'K u ., f ka in J , uh"'2m. -' ' wwQQmQ.msvwfSiF5w' FOCTBALL VIBGIL BALLARD VERDE DICKEY Coach A' Coach LEFT TO RIGHT Firsi Row: Iackie Sneed, Bobby Berhns, Iirnrny McCormick, Third Row: Rhea Nichols, LaTayne McClure, Bob lVlcGlasson Robert Moore, Frank Garrison, Thomas Cherry, George Bill Tate, Bill Dodson, Lindy Chandler, Boy Hammock Weaiheford, lack Day. Thomas Burgess, Kit Parsons, Biley Epps, Charles Knight Fourth Row: Ernest Childress, Iohnny lones, Leon Alexander Second Row! Don Thomas, Walier McCallum, Edwin Harris, Iarnes Stone, lames Bryant, Woodrow Wilson, Bill Gribble Tony Tarnlin, larnes Steel, lames Spray, Asa I-lollernan, Bill Durreit, Bill Cook, Bill Sullivan, Harold Whitfield Bobby Bracke, Travis Pearson, Gerald Rose. Donald Hooten. MQW an , F CHEERLEADERS 4' V , - .V-R612 A 4, if 1-R xxx "U ' 1 ' -. . N k...a,zvf ' 1 gf-.J BARBARA IOHNSON Left io Riqhi: Tommy Wilson, Milton Elms, lock Davis, Eleanor Woll, Bill Sparks. lEANlCE PATTY GERALD BRYANT Back Starting off the season with a bang, "Hoss" received an injury in mid-season which kept him from being one of the outstanding backs in the city. At that, he was one of our best. BOBBY BRACKE Back Excellent in broken field running, h a r d plunging "Brack" earned his initial let- ter last fall and has two more years to thrill the Leopard's supporters. WALTER McCALLUM Half Walter was one of the best passers and kickers in the city. A shifty ball-carrier, he played left half and was al- ways a dependable player. LAWRENCE SPRAY End Earning his second letter for the Blue and White "Spraygun" played ably at either of the end positions. He was a hard man to block on the defense and capably executed his offense assign- ments. WOODROW WILSON Tackle Playing his first year for the Leopards, big Woodrow filled in well at his line posi- tion, He is just l6 years ola and has another year to play for Adamson. ADAMSONS COUNTER-CLOCKWISE JOHNNY IONES Guard Getting a late start, Iohnny played enough the latter part of the season to earn his initial letter. He was a good blocker and interference man. ROY HAMMOCK Guard This was Roy's first year to play for the Leopards. His speed, unusual for a big man, made him a fine guard and a hard man to get around. DON THOMAS Guard Plenty of fire and ready to go when the going got tough rnade "Blackie" a good man to have on the team. This was Don's first year to earn a let- ter for the Leopards. TONY HAMLIN Guard A letterman from last year, Tony played fullback as well as his line position. Playing his last for Adamson, he was a hazard for the opponent's backfield. LINDY CHANDLER End Advancing late last year to the "A" squad, Lindy earned a starting berth on the '44 eleven. His ability to carry out both offensive and defen- sive assignments earned him his initial letter for the Leopards. GEORGE WEATHERFORD Manager An industrious, inclispensi- ble part of the squad. George made his initial letter as man- ager this year. LETTER MEN COUNTER-CLOCKWISE IACK DAY Manager Hard Work and efficiency in handling the uniforms earned "Daba" his first letter as manager of the squad. TRAVIS PEARSON Guard Known for his rugged de- fensive and offensive play, Pearson earned his third let- ter for the Blue and White last fall. "Trav," tri-captain, played quarterback last year but was shifted to guard. BILL GRIBBLE Tackle A towering six-footer, "Mule" rose up from a sec- ond-string position last year to earn himself a starting berth on this fall's eleven. His vicious charge carried him many times into the op- ponent's backfield. RILEY EPPS Center Promoted from last year's "B" team, "Onion" proved to be a good line-backer as well as center to earn his initial letter. He will be back next fall. BILL DURRETT Center Tri-captain of the squad, Bill excelled in defensive play and blocking on the offense to earn his second letter for the Leopards. He won hon- orable mention on the All-City yearn. IAMES STEELE End Pass-smashing and strong defensive play earned "Rusty" his second letter as a Leopard starter. He was also known for his ability to block on the offense. BILLY IOE TATE Tackle Playing hard every minute of the game "Bill" earned his second stripe for A. H. S. He was a hard man to block, thereby causing his opponent a lot of trouble. LA TAYNE MCCLURE Back Playing his first year for the Blue and White, La Tayne Was a good blocker and a cool quarterback thereby earning his initial. IAMES STONE Back Fine blocking and quarter- backing earned Iidmy his sec- ond letter at Adamson. Pro- moted to the first string guar- terback post last fall, he was a tri-captain of the squad. RHEA NICHOLS Being a fleet runner, "Nick" was a hard man to catch after he once got in the open. One of our most valuable men. EDWIN HARRIS Back A rough and ready type of player, line-plunging "Ed" earned his second letter for the Leopards and won honor- able mention on the All-City team. Not Pictured EARNEST CHILDRESS yt , , X ,Nu 1 i t I I 5,3 , -- .-,.3,5,m 3 , 1- '--f-vs.---P' .-ef-,5i:5,?gA,Y'r W 5 t s ' 4: C A W FCCTBALL B Sauad Mr. Woodrow Henslee, Coach LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: David Mitchell, Glenn Carter, Billy Bogers, Sammy Young, Bob Bumsey, B. B. Box, Merle King, Walter Couch, Iames Spray, lohnny Hamilton. Second Row: lack Knearem, Bill Seli, Richard Walker, lack Harris, Tommy Wilson, Charles Parks, Buddy Nix, Alan Level, George Shanks, Frederick Goerdel, Charles Tanner. Third Row: loe Sedbrery, lames Beed, Sammy Pogue, Lacy Mor- ris, limmy Taylor, Maurice Tunnell, Billy Kemp, Amos North, Ierry Cline, lack Talbot, Boy McLaughlin. Athletic Sweethearts Frances Layton, Queen THE PRINCESSES Dorothy Moroney Louise Cannon Betty Fulbriqht Mary Hetten Hawes Paula Stevenson J A , . WL ' 4' f - 1 J l,V. V4 N 5, V X ""' ' Jil-ll f 1 'Ji Fla- "1 " -' if ' ', .1 " 4,1 1 .- IF:,w4v,,.f"rf'V 'f ..4 wwf. "1 nt' Q V U. l ix . . .lr-I --" A ' ' ""-, , .. . HRW A 'V 1? ff' .. A, . 4 , , N t BASKETBALL Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson Forest 38 Tech 44 Sunset 35 North Dallas 33 Woodrow 47 Sunset 42 North Dallas 25 Forest 33 Tech 24 Woodrow 41 X LEFT TO RIGHT Mr. Sherman, Evin Appleby, L. W. Bryant, Charles Holliday, Tom McMath, Clenton Herron Arthur lordan Harold Klassen, Dayton Blaine, Vincent Beauduy, Riley Epps, lack Everett, Donald Hooten Elmer Elkms lake Commander limmy Sellers, Kal Segrist. Pngr' O116 Hundrml Tlvirljy F W' PX wif '75 BASKETBALL Lettermen Counter-clockwise: Iimrny Sellers, Harold Klassen, Vincent Beauduy, Arthur Iordon, Iimmy Kerr, Elmer Elkins, Tom McMath. Not pictured: ell. lack Tom Taylor was also awarded a letter "in absentiaf' He lett for the Army before the end ot the season. zjfilg 0 25,7 L0 5145! L f 47" jeg Lfdp, Il Ls AGGIQIPQCQI Page One Hundred Tbirly-0 ' 1, ,E WE 4 ' is g b l l at ,L 0 vt BASEBALL "q,w'wK"ei "Doc" Henslee, Coach , Q, 'ft -if545Q5,..,-.1-4.z.1.f- :jj V flip fa' 51,5 'c y' V ,, ,, ,. . K l U. Sf 'l -..f...'i2:m. il Q.. 1 . ' '- LEFT 'ro RIGHT ' . I First Row: Kal Seqrist, Ir., Charles Holliday, Archie Simmons, L. W. Bryant, lake Commander, Bobby' -Gtotls. Second Row: Bobby Westmoreland, Tommy McMath, lames Blair, Buddy Nix, Richard Kee, LaTayne Mcfflure, Floyd Walker, Bob Ramsey, Kenneth Cason, Arthur Iordan, Prank Garrison, Charles Parks, Bobby Bracke. Third Row: Ioe Ezzell, Iames Adcock, Ierry Cline, Billy Grooms, Iimmy McCormick, Vincent Beauduy, Dayton Blaine, Jack Edwards, Willie England, Raymond Fitzpatrick, Amos North, Bobby Roper, George Shanks, Robert Lee, Clifton, Clark, Glenn Ramey, Houston Humphries, Mr. Henslee. Fourth Row: Louis Palmer, Raymond Thompson, Bobby Applinq, Billy Smith, Bernard Wilson, Wilbur Sandford, Leland Mclunkins, lack Tanner. Page Oue Hundred Thirly-two BASEBALL - Counter-Clockwise Kenneth Cason Torn McMath Bobby Westmoreland Floyd Walker LaTayne McClure Bobby Bracke Richard Kee Arthur Iordan Buddy Nix Frank Garrison Bob Ramsey Iames Blair Kal Segrist LETTERMEN Iarnes Blair Bobby Bracke Kenneth Cason Frank Garrison Arthur Iordan Richard Kee LaTayne McClure Tom McMath Buddy Nix Floyd Walker ' Bob Ramsey , Puge One Hundred Thirty-lhree f n J' I t.. 'F T ,ff in TBACK H.-pi!! Yf,-4 nd..-, fl leg -iagg CoacheMr. W. E. Noah MT Es- ,G+ 'X TTQ' ., F, 1:- -, f-if-ygzxj? yn. I .51 '- """ f --s 5 ,, vm- . , U-1 ,W QQ, , V r - , ' ' I -V 7' V 32' ., N ' ,Q Qsgfli 4,Qs,:f1f sw 'A' , it .1:,f -:ici ' lf ' ,-:A "ZF LEFT TO RIGHT Fxont Row: Wayne Patty, Gerald Rose, Dudley Harris, lack Sneed, Rhea Nichols, Rolfe Beaudry, Kenneth Batllft, Charles Fulkerson, I. B. Tucker. Second Row: lack Talbot, Thomas Ganze, Alvin I-locutt, George Hunt, Charles Knight, Iimmie Patterson, Kenneth Lati- mer, Rudy Haas, Bill Sparks, Keith Davis, lack Bosser. Standing: Mr. W. E. Noah, Coach, Charles Tarver, Billy Reece, lay McCrory, Bernice Akin, Woodrow Wilson, Bill Hanszen, George Kirby, lack Harris, Thomas Murphy, Walter Couch, Bill Thompson, Manager, Roy McLaughlin, Preston Nicholas, Bill Yeager. Page' Om' H7lJIt1?'f'tl Tfafrlby-fozzr Wllililaa., l 5 , T v . . . s V V S1 TRACK Counter-Clockwise Gerald Rose Charles Knight Folie Beaudry Wayne Patty Milion Elms Charles Fullcerson Dudley Harris Rhea Nichols I. R. Tucker LETTERMEN Tucker, Fulkerson, Beauclry, Knight, Nichols, Miller. n . J. mf ,. , U .- xl -- x xx! X , r X ' Q M x f J 'C .,x V V , J -' is xl el fr 1 s PHS 2 Om' Huml ffl 1 Thirty-ff pal V+? 5255 Q Q MQ Q' ea ,Q .M Y TENNIS CLUB M qw V Y. Sponsor , Mr. R. N. smith Qi? 'X' W f NN i"f S Age ,. 1, X1 -,,.1 --y..'- ,., T' .... it Ki"' -'-'- , I Y " 1 Y is 5' 1:5- fflilrl V- ,- J lfllzl 411 i , IAN '-' 'w-. f 3 Q Q f 1 I 4 W , ' f' V, 16359 'lg X ' J 5 Qs Q 9' r L1 iff X qs 3 'Q Q, 5 QF xr . if Left lo Right: Frances Balch, Mr. Smith, Sondra Oster, Elveta La Cost, Preston Day, Alfred Slater, Alfred Perkins, lulia Aycoclc. Page Om' Humlrml '1'birfyffix ,fmwwwwx ,'ZbKn f ,xx p CLA zu. fm va dw it Aa 1 w e 1.4, 8 f I V Qwb 'ff' ' Y is jf wi 'X si sig 1, 6 5 , 1 1 ff, 4 ,gg s,XDx'ft1'e 1,2 Y ,X G L37 in fs l 5 V. HHH if 7 ' "'h' 5 ,. , ,, , AXL CTA-V Sponsor Mr. L. C. Leftwich LETTERMEN Reed, Gual, Smart, Rogers. CLUB Left to Right: Reed, Gual, Smart, Rogers. Left io Right: Iimmy Gual, Mr. Leftwich, Bill Broughton, Sidney Smarf, Charles Rogers, Claude Reed. Puge One Hundred Thirty-seven Ji' , 99' 4 f,?g Football Memories "Bla Boy" Pearson Hold the Line, Lindy! Adamson vs. Sunset McCallum and Stone Barbara and Fellow Cheerleader Yea Blue! Yea White! About Face! Durrett Ab, Come on Doni- Srnile Pretty! Gerald Bryant Take Me Out to the Football Game f L -F A-nv, 1 :F .. 1433 wk . - 3 Ae:,5'?' .-Q f. "N xH w, 4 ., .g . -,xv . V ig' 'mp -tam. ,,Af:,1.aET .wr W Y ifbu-:?. 2 :': ri: -Y' ' ,. . if :xi,W1,,t, f i ,,,-M.,.,1 . 5 'X ,fkkku fi n 'K X N . wg" ,.,,,-.- 'Q ,1 'JL' -, 'f 2 1 ' Q S W A' M ,v 1.35514 -L Wgmqkrffvf, , V , E, , .Gly ff si V. , 1 of ft' -V mt, 5 3 .IQ 3 Af - Q , .-vc 1 , 3, , . fy- I . ,355- .. it 53571- 1, ,. 0 ,. . f - -ef ' 4- P' 4 ,ff ' 1-27 ' . Q 1 tt T' st V f ' Q A if 'tts ' ' rw 355' f 'Ri'-fi .,, Ng. , k .fr , -. gi 1.1, ,.. , v, L 1 ., . J, , , . I fat? it ' 'W ' .-will 3 , ,Q ., - ' ' .W pf 5. f .vu A . 4 f' - 455' ' , ff , , -, , s " 'F"?,W 4, wig, Q f t t ,Q ffigffg vn uf ,,,1fr1.,f1!: ,1,jz'- nf ' A t 'if 9, ,Q ' .l ,N ff ,g +A 1 . ff M , ' t r f - Q,-f" ff 'og M f .,-, L, ig fig, ' . 1 ,, f t ' fm ' Sf 5 "'-- '--- 1 LJ , -rr. wt, ' m 1. t5"s,,,u 'ff' J.: V A A N J A., . Boys' P. E. Hold Tight! Commondoes Uqqqqhhh-W Ah, Love. Confoosinq, isr1't it? lust Monkeys At Heort Pop One, twof- "SWir1q low N VVQH, Hove One! The Groot Pyramid 253 rg- QX IW! ,J al A.-f, , ' '.--fri' M as Tm, J-' ,ws WILMW ""'n W 5 of ww f ,, Q , -172'-, U? A ' 'fffix -39 J xaglf . if S .,,.,: Q A i 1 gf? :gal v 1 .,,5,:-avg Kuggt, , -5 ep ' i fl 4 'fu'-x v V, f mfgi, W A 7 . jfsr 31 iv 'U' K lr -By: .L ,, 1 . , 3,7 ' , " Q Physical Fitness Club SPONSORS MRS. BAE CULLUM MISS EUBICE MILLER OFFICERS Fall Spring Mary Early . President . Mary Early Doris Robinson Vice-Pres. Doris Robinson Peggy Kirksey Secretary . Bose Benson IN THE PICTURE Betty Solomon, Rosalie Taylor, Annie Io Guynes, Mary Early, Peggy Kirksey, Dorothy Miller, Iacqueline Skeeter, lim- mie Lou Garrett, Sharlene Goff, Iean Carpenter, lla Dee Leeth, Carolyn Boyls, Allie Dee Leeth, Ioan Opal, Barbara Canaiax, Barbara Bergoan, Doris Rob- inson, Billie Iean Windsor, Peggy Furr, Luville Holcomb, Charlcie Noriss, lma- gene White. NOT IN THE PICTURE Rose Benson, Sue Thompson, Bhona Ioy Thompson, Gwynn Stockton, Kala Phillips, Margaret Barnet, Maxine Cara- way, Betty Sue Carver, Emma Chandler, Robbie Bowles, Ieanet Carter, Paula Blank, Billye Brant, Louise Vest, Nita Yates, Mary Ann King, Erma Lumpkins, Harriet Grant, Iuanita Arney, Ieanelle Faulkner, lacle Milson, Lillian Iennings, Theresa Scottina, Minnie Claire Stewart, Loretta Brown, Iamie McMillin, Connie Epps, Mary Alice Knox, Doris Mathews, Carolyn Evans. D ftifq if TP '1 fr' Page Om' Humlrvrl Forly A ffm :J I,- .1 .11 ...f f+m......, fm " Q "lvl 1 4 , i, Q 'Q , ff., QS. S 1 A LLL I Wfgiix g i Y K 1. W 1 , .:, I W 'Li ,' , ffgzffc 4. -s-., 1 . N, ? 1 -1-J..aW1,T . , Girls' P. E Q.111111121-QL,:kw1s li'-111 111111117 x:11I1 Qo111111.1111111Cs IXf':111f1 F1113 P11111 M155 Nillrl f 11.3 C0115 H1111 511111 1 Mr, FOVJVIYS, V911 C111 S'Tfk X Phzy B111 U11 1I111kWV1I 1YiI1'1IT.fYIC'H Vf1'F'jf H111 'lf H1 111 31:1TF.,1 f':111'11, 'His 11111111 1111 1111 '1111-11' 31111 Dwzis E15 S11 If Iii- 'W1' 1111511 ,,..,.....x MR. AND MRS. C. E. OSBORN Adamson High School would not be the same place Without Mr. and Mrs. Osborn. For years Mr. Osborn, in his quiet, unobstrusive way, has made our school a safe, clean, comfortable place for us to Work. He is truly a fine, clean, Christian gentleman. Mrs. Osborn with her friendly advice and her encouraging manner helps us every day. Thank you both for making our "best year" even better. Yours is the American Way. Page One Hundred Forty-two I Remember BY A SENIOR Sept. ll-Back to the old grind----Flash- -I'm finally a Senior! Should I write Ripley? Sept. l3--Enrollment's over and oh these school desks are hard- mama, hand me a cushion. Sept. 15-Yeah Blue! Yeah White! Please Leopards fight!!! Gave all the neighbors some cotton for their ears and then really made it loud on the first outside Pep Assembly. lsn't little Tommy cute? Sept. I9-Anybody got a Hoover button? History isn't being set back, it's just the 4A's electing their class officers4Pearson, Presidentg Steele, Vice-President, and Bryant, Secretary. Sept. 23--The Bisons stampeded and we lost 7-O. But who looked at the game when Charlene, Louise, Ola Marie, Mary Hellen, Hazel and Mary Kathryn were prancing around in those darl- ing outfits? B-o-i-n-g. Oct. 3-The Adamson Ship of State set sail today- with a full and capable crew-Preston, Walter, and Frances, new Student Council officers. Oct. 12-Please boys, don't do anything drastic, don't think you need glasses-ethings aren't as bad as they seemg it's only the Girl Reserves' initiation. Oct. l7-Those cuties Peggy A., loy Lee, Paula, lmo Ieane, Bar- bara, Thelma, Peggy M., and Pauline really commanded the "AttentiFrT'-vfth those new Sponsor uniforms. Oct. 241-Anchors Away for Navy Day. Had a grand celebration with Chief Dicker's band from the Naval Base.-What a clari- net player!!! Oct. 31-Buenas dias Senores y Senoritas! The school turned Latin American with the Pan-American initiation. Everyo'1e had to speak Spanish and goodness the number of dict'ona ies that were in circulation! Nov. 3--Extra! Extra! Dallas Historical Society in jail! Had me pretty excited until I learned that the club only made a visit to the county jail. Whew!!! Nov. ll-The flags did fly and the band did play. And all was great in celebration of Armistice Day. Nov. l4-"l like Number 3." "I think Number l is the prettiest." lust the remarks of the Seniors as they chose their commence- ment announcements. Nov. l9-The contest for the All Athletic Oueen opened today. Didn't know there were so many "purty" girls at our school. Nov. -21-The Thanksgiving assembly stuffed us with grand enter- tainment before we ever had a chance to be stuffed with turkey. Prophecy: After Morris sang "One Alone" I'm convinced he's going to be another Bing Sinatra. Nov. 23--Ate that good ole' Thanksgivingrdinner, put another notch in my belt, and went to see the Leopards make sauce tand I don't mean cranberryl of those Wildcats on the gridiron. Dec. l-The house lights dimmed ,a hush came over the audi- ence, the curtain rose and there was Lindell swimming on top of a table! You guessed it-the presentation of the Ianuary Senior Play. Dec. 12--The contest for class favorites began today-May the best man and the pretties girl be the "winnas." Dec. l5wIingle those bells 'cause Christmas holidays, here I come! Two weeks of fun and sleep, no running for streetcars and no homework-"The Life of Riley." Memo: The tableaus and carols really put us in the holiday spirit. They were beautiful! Ion. 5-Peanuts-pop corn-and sodie pop! Come on folks and buy your tickets. Right this wav to see the biggest fat collec- tion the government for anybody elsel ever assembled. Any note of similarity between the description above and the glamorous Bill Dodson is purely good deduction. Ian. 8-The 4 corner stones, scholarship, leadership ,service, and character, were presented again today as 24 new members were initiated into the National Honor Society. P. Sal did my good deed as far as service is concerned. Yes, sir, I showed everybody that you can't burn the candle at both ends. lan. lOiYo-Ho-Ho and an efficiency cup. The P.-T.A. efficiency cup was awarded Company A. and the McMains trophy was presented to Capt. Elmer Elkins for being nb-est company com- manders -"' ---' ' lan. ll-The basketball season opened with a smashing victory over the Forest Lions. Ian. 13--Frances was crowned Queen of Athletics at the annual Athletic Banquet. l-2-3 now boys! histle in unison. Ian. 19-Oh me! lsn't she adorable? And isn't he handsome? Exclamations that passed through the audience as the Seniors marched across the stage on Senior Day. lan. 25-Commencement night-the presentation of diplomas and the fulfillment of 96 dreams. I hope our Iune commencement is as lovely! Feb. 6-Ioe, Elmer, and Hazel were elected to lead the new 4A class. -""' Feb. 7-Adamson said farewell to a friend as Mr. Anderson said goodbye for good. Feb. 13-Today the flag was flown at half mast. Mr. Stockard passed away yesterday. He will be missed. Feb. 16-"The Early Worm" and "At the Stroke of Twelve" made good material for our pay assembly-I bet that Billye Sher- man has some true English blood in her veins. Feb. 18-Those banking representatives are really working. They've got quite a few rooms up to a lOO'X: in bankers. Feb. 20-Orchids to Ianie! Her showing on the National Forum of the Air was superb. Oh to be a genius or a Quiz Kid and win a trip like Ianie's to Washington. Feb. 21-Had our annual Brotherhood Assembly as a climax to Brotherhood Week. Why are some people so prejudiced? Feb. 22--Adamson's "thinly clads" won over the Sunset Bisons by 49 points today in the opening of the track session. Feb. 27--The Military Corps. announced its new list ,of morale builders tsponsors to youl. Betty loyce and Ola Marie are new additions. Feb. 28-Congratulations to Tommy and Billye-Hope their cheer ,leading career is a success. Mar. l-Went to the "Kiwanis Follies"-"Oh, them corny jokes." Mar. 15-Our school walked off with the honors today-our cadets won more efficiency ribbons in the P. M. S. and T. inspection than all the rest of the schools put together. Congratulations to Tolson, Peters and Harralson. Mar. l6-Some girl that Ruthie-she's'done it again-Yep! Won Regional in the American Legion Oratorical Contest. Mar. 26--Eleanor and Ralph are to have the leads in the lune Senior Play, "Murdered Alive." "What I want to know is, who fired them shots?" Mar. 28-He's up! He's down! The Winna! Fite night in the school gym. Those free-for-all's are really fun-to the spectator. April 1-Greatest news yet-cr scoop-studendous information- April Fool. April 3-Pegqy'S iust about finished all the layous for the Oak- lt's here a line, there a line, everywhere a-twhoopsl-eraser please. Aprilh 6-Sadie Hawkins Dance-More jagged skirts and toeless s oes. April 8-Ianie again took top honors-this time it was first place in the All-City Extemporaneous Speech. Apgil 9liAdamson opened the Baseball season at Reverchon ar . April 10-Adamson music students won 44 first places in the spring musical festival. April 12-Adamson moumed with the world at the death of our beloved President, Franglin Delano Roosevelt. April l3-Our one-act play, "The Gypsy" was presented at Woodrow last night. ' April 14-Annual Pan-American Day was observed in Collabora- tion with our "buenos vecinos del Sur." April 15-News has pretty well circulated that our Track Team won the City Meet yesterday. April 20-Billye Sherman won first place in the Girls' Declama- tion. April 27-Big night of the Iune Senior Play. Wonder where I. B. dup up those pajamas. tl-le had to dig them up-no store would sell them.l May 2-Eighth Service Command Orchestra was here today- Bov, did they send us!!! May 3-This here ole' annual goes to press today. The vervr's almost done but every minute from now on is goina to be filled up-there's the Spanish essay contest this coming Satur- day, the English sonnets, the new N. H. S. initiation, the staff luncheon May l7th, and then Senior Week activities begin May 28th-Gonna be more fun!!! That's thirty for now! Page One Hundred Forty-three THE AMERICAN WAY in America no activity of mature man excites a youth more than the phenomena ot business. The chaiienqe to his barqaininq and reasoning instincts early stirs his interest, creating aspirations that make him more alert to the opportunities ot tree competi- tive business. This is the American Way. I e' V ,ViV, vxritiiii. 6 an Wrap .ummm -fi ,-,- ' H A - A 5 qv w mmm i54l,Q2'n-Q-5. " 3 'tu 'N ' ' f . ' 2 'H N., ,f f e" , ' 4. .jk ' -tw .9119 " V '- 1 .. . f - it a my 'A V -. A gs ., g ' ' . 5 ,S 'h"b11Li"i- ' -Z' : W Z. Rh , , 1, x A lltlllmgltll llli i V? E Advertising Solicitors: Wanda Taliaierro, Robert Lee, Barbara Berqoon Clara Loveless, Betty Rouse, Marilyn Elliott, leanette Robertson, Iackie Funder- burk, leannine .1-Xdcock, Zella Maxwell. L. O. DONALD DRUG STORE PHILLIPS - TAYLOR Tyler and Jefferson "Forty Years in Oak Cliff" 121 West leffefson M-2116 Yes, We Deliver M-0251 Gb BURDEN3 GRGCERY SIMPLEX SYSTEMS Where Fine People and Fine Food 359 West Jefferson Meet Parker and Sbeajfer Pens M-0115 Phone M-1057 Office Supplies EIL BEAUTY COLLEGE Finest in Dallas and the Southwest Beauty Culture 0ffers Splendid Careers In 0peratlng, Man- aging, Demonstrating, Selling, Teaching 8: Slate Supervising 412 WEST JEFFERSUN M-0458 Guaranteed Beauty Service to the Public o ADDIE'S BEAUTY SHOP "Addie Adds Attractionl' PROUDLY BACKING 506 North Bishop Phone M-0024 American Beauty "Addie Adds Attraction" Violet il 506 N. Bishop Phone M-0024 Halliwell l I, Permanents SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. AMERICAN BEAUTY Oak Cllff Store: 300 South Beckley PRODUCTS CO. W-3164 H. B, POGNE, Mums, 404 West Eighth W-3174 19 "Complete Home Furnislversv Mcmde1stc1m's Smlth Furmture Co. Easy Terms WOMEN,S APPAREL 912 West Jefferson 0 Bny...Sell...Excbange Phone M-1150 Dallas, Texas Phone W-8511 125 W. Jefferson One Hundred Forty-six "COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS' EASY TERMS mucus ron LEASE BOUNSCSELVIDGE FURNITURE 209 East Jefferson By Hour - Week - Month We Buy, sen and Exchange Phone Massa ZANES FREIGHT AGENCY o 1500 South Preston Street H-5124 TEXAS SEED 85 PLANT CO. 528 East Tenth Street Flowers and Planlx for All Occasions Phone XV-1124 C. S. Rydell Mah ' A Distinguished Dallas Insiilufion for 58 Years METROPOLITAN GRADUATES ALWAYS SUCCEED Phone C-8773 for Catalog Oflice: W-1146 EDGAR WELLS CGMPANY REAL ESTATE AND LOANS 225 East Jefferson Boulevard Dallas, Texas Bus. M-0480 TEXAS BARBER SHOP "Mori Complelc in Dulles" Texas Theatre Building BEAUTY SHOP TOM J. HAwx1Ns ak Cliff Bank sf Trust CQ. R. D. SUDDARTH President Phone M-5527 Greeting Cards T I D W E L L ' S INEZ GIFT SHOP Packages Wrapped for Mailing - Baby Gifts Sth and Coflnth 517 W. Jefferson Ave., Dallas 8, Texas Fresh F,-uifs and Vegetables Inez Helms Everett L. Bradley Page Om' Hundred Forty sez en FINE FOODS - FOUNTAIN Bob's Famous Hamburgers 215 East Jefferson R. L. Robertson, Proprietor Choose Your Costume Accessories from Dallas, Largest Selection of Smart Costume Jewelry Burnett Iowolry Co. 1617 Elm Street Four Doors West of the Palace Theatre cflzutograpbs I. C. DEERE PENNEYS TRANSFER AND STORAGE I Phfmffsf J. c. PENNEY co., Inc. W-6995 t W-1972 102 North Ewing This Ymliflts Smart M-7204 124 East Jefferson H25 Usefulv s YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME AT DUNTONS CAl:1ETEl:llA 1609 Elm Through to 1620 Pacific One Hundred For SANER AVE. PHARMACY Ralph W. Smith In sincere appreciation of the patron- Regifffffd PhW"'lf'Ci5'f5 age and friendship of the entire Stu- M-0284 623 Saner Ave. M-0217 dent Body and Faculty of the Dallas o High Schools for the past 21 years. 0 Americcm Becruty Cover Co. 2002-8 North Field Street if 5 9 0 CLIFF SANITARY BARBER SHOP Produced in This Plant 409 North Bishop The Cover on This Book Was Q2 Compliments of MAXWELL STEEL CO. Fort Worth, Texas Page One Hundred For BISHOP AVENUE DRUGS ,Of h13f11fff,1f.f KW. HGTTISOR , O- E- MORRIS , Grocery ci Market "Quick and Courteous Serwcen 9 505 North Bishop HAL FRAZIER SERVICE STATIQN Use Phone M-5101 for Service IOII1 and Beckley M-5895 Thank You! Oak Cliff O JACK HARPER SUITS - PANTS - ovERooATS CLEANERS Q Superior Cleaning and Pressing Ready-Made ' ' ' Tailor-Made h ish Ph M- 313 NOI't B op 0116 0543 Q CG. BISH-CNP AVENUE CAFE "The Young Men's Store of Dallrzsv M-0490 1617 Main Street Dallas, Texas 303 NO,rth Bishop HUDSON o. LOCKETT ie MAKE Us TENNESSEE DAIRY MILK YOUR DOWNTOWN The W0rId'S Safes! Milk HEADQUARTERS 49 t , L. H. GREEN CASH STORE G 2111 South Edgefield Military CS Sportswear R ROSEWIN GIFT SI-IOP 929 W. Jefferson . "Come In mul Look Aroumln Phone W-6665 MABEL A. TIPPIT, Owner THE FINEST R IN I-IILLCREST BEAUTY SI-IOP MILITARY AND SPORTSWEAR M-0497 612 East Colorado Om- Hundred Fifly BEN FRANKLIN STORE 2 230 West Jefferson 5535. A Better Place to Sbop M-0612 The Smartest Styles First 6 ARROW KIRSCHBAUM CLOTHES CARPENTER BROS. SHIRTS . . . STETSON HATS General Contractors JASMAN SHOES 13,17 Plowman 333 West JCff6I'SOn M-445 8 Dallas, Texas 9' CONGRATULATIONS, ADAMSON OAK FARMS MILK O 1114 North Lancaster W-1121 OAK CLIFF MUSIC CO. Pianos, Radios, Vietrolas S nl 1 RECORDS AND MUSIC S O en Evenin s ' 226 W. Jefferson P g W-1171 9 I TIPTON,S ' Cleaners and Dyers A New and Modern Plant West Jeffersgn No Better Cleaning at Any Price 116 S. Beckley Lusrerize Process 9 CONGRATULATIONS TO 1945 GRADUATES IWANIS AN TEEN 330 West Jefferson Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Oak Cliff Page One Humlrea' Fifty As you go upward and outward into the world you'll come to appreciate the worth of quality in everything you buy ..... " E. M. Iiahn 8: Co. MAIN AND ELM AT LAMAR Quality apparel for DI EZV, B 0 YS an d WOMEN BRITTON'S GARAGE 305 North Beckley 1fWe C0177 Fix If, Give It Away PHONE M-0032 FORD'S VARIETY STORE 412 North Bishop NI-0006 Oak Cliff I'IC'6IflC11ltll'fC?1'Sf07' Wesfi1zgb011se Applimzces Fred A. Kelly Furniture Co. ' 200 West Jefferson Tluerzfy-flz'e Years in Oak Cliff Telephone Winheld-1800 Dallas C0lll!JIil1ZClZllS of WOOLW0RTH,S MIDWAY PHARMACY Q 5-AND-10-CENT STORE Phone W-8075 129 W. Jefferson 211 South Bscklcy M-2127 ISILLIIOLDS-IIOUNTAIN PENS--DESK SETS C f AND INIANY GTI-IER ARTICLES 077117 IUZCIZ S SUITABLE GIFTS . of Service Printin Co. Q SEARS PRINTING . . . OFFICE SUPPLIES . LEGAL BLANKS I' -5011 West Jefferson Avenue 924 W. Jefferson M-2343 28 Years In Dallas B . H- R . 6627 . Us 0034 es Complzzlzelzzfs of D. D. SWINDLE Arfhfffff y CLIFF SANITARY GRoCERY Mvzubvr Tuvas RC'giSILL'l'f't1 Ilrrbilvcis I 212 Iinst Davis Street Dallas, Texas Page Om' Ilzmdrezl Fiffy-iwo EXCLUSIVENESS u T H E R F 0 R u WITHOUT BUSINESS SULLEGE EXTRAVAGANCE Complete and Review Courses 0 DAY AND NIGHT Wilson Building R-2327 Dress 940 E. Jefferson M-0170 LaVonne Rindy, Owner JEFFERESEAEEEQENTH TO PLEASE YOU--OUR AIM QUICK SERVICE . Laundry Service-Hats Cleaned and Pressed 238 West Jefferson LEONARD GROCERY AND MARKET Across from the Texas Theatre 603 Mclvey A Good Place to Trade COMPLIMENTS OF BARRETT CLEANERS M-8111 702 East Jefferson IN OAK CLIFF FOR OVER 30 YEARS Clegning - Dyeing - Eur Storage E. W. KERR, Owner Page One Hundred Fifty tb DIAMONDS - WATCHES - SILVER - JEWELRY - TROPHIES GRADUATION RINGS Compliments of Southland Bldg. Next I0 Bgkeg Hotel JE W ELERS Forty-eight Years in Dallas M CS S Store 600 West Davis o ICE CREAM - SUNDAES GIANT MALTED MILKS BANANA SPLITS Compliments of Compliments of Fedefql American National Undersgfrlters Bank all . Assoclated Mmm l Federal Reserve System Southland Life Building Dallas, Texas CLIFF TOWERS HOTEL Dallas, Texas o HAWN HOTEL Temple, Texas 0 Federal Deposit Insuranee Corporation M-218 5 Jefferson at Bishop Wyatt Food Stores Store No. 24 WM. PENN HOTEL ' Houstof' Texas 110 West Davis WESTWARD HOTEL W-3145 Phoenix Arizona g One Hundred Fifty-four A FOR OVER 18 EARS A DIIIITIUIID SHOP DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY SILVERWARE LUGGAGE W gmlf 0 , , . .1ffeff2fff2iffff' 552552125252555255252529552525252555?f?f55:f191f:51fff:51 if 'A' 'lr 1936 ELM STREET AT HARWOOD Phone M-0513 Tl-IE OAK CLIFF DRY GOODS CO. The Most Complete Department Store in Oak Cliff 135 West Jefferson Avenue Oak Cliii Uniform Company . . . Dallas, Texas Uniforms Industrial - Military - Police - Fireman -Chauffeur - Band Pep Squads - Athletic - Professional o H. E. FURMAN'lS MACHINE SHOP 86 MANUFACTURING COMPANY "WlJvre one lhousandtb of an inch means a difference" C011Z'f7li17'I611IfS of 414 W. Davis Dallas, Texas M-5357 Compliments of Texas - Rosewin BALL NUT Midway - Bison 5 CANDY COMPANY Gnd ASl0r 209 South Beckley M-0078 Theatres FAIN'S GARAGE 416 West Davis M-0342 P ge One Hundred Fifly fi A Y BISHOP BE UT 317 North Bishop M-0209 DIAMONDS - WATCHES 6 GIFTS THE ACCENT IS ON , Y O U IN A BO-JAN HAT Specmllzmg Bobbie Lockhart W-3000 College and High School Class Rings Q Pins, Invitations Compliments of ' BILL'S CAFE WATCH AND JEWELRY 215 North Beckley M-0660 REPAIRING Q ' TIMES SQUARE BAKERY 1707 Main Street 205 South Beckley QAcross from Mercantile Buildingj Pies, Cookies and Pastries LAIQGEST IN DALLAS Streamlined courses, individual advancement, urgent demand for graduates, select student body, prestige with employers, and national reputation attract more students to DRAUGHON'S than to all similar schools in Dallas combined. Prompt placement in preferred positions. IDlQAUl3HUN'S '3U5'N'555 C O L L EG If Commerce and Harwood Telephone R-3133 C077lpli'IlZ61ZlfS of MORRELL STREET BARBER 86 BEAUTY SHOP FRIGIDAIRES AND APPLIANCES 1347 Morrell M-0441 205 West Jefferson W-3119 o RAINIZZCZXTIPCLIEQNING Complivnenzfs of E. E Prichard, Owner JOHNNY? GROCERY 122 West Jemerson W-8760 Across the Street from Adamson One Hundred Fifty-six For Nice Things HOLLYWOOD SHOP 236 West Jefferson Dresses, Suits, Blouses, Etc. GROVES LUMBER COMPANY, INC. Yard: Corner Beckley and Jefferson Dallas 8, Texas M-2171 M-2174 M-4152 Potts Brothers of Frazier Our Business is Furniture Magazines - Bound Books Comic Books "We Appreciate You" CLIFF MAGAZINE EXCHANGE 122-A West Jefferson First C1358 Repairing, Refinishing d U h It ' A an O S ermg Tires - Tubes - Batteries L' C' FRAZIER, Manage' Accessories - Road Service 316 NX'est Davis Dallas 8, Texas Avenue at Davis MERCHANTS DELIVERY SERVICE 20 Years in Dallas Your Delivery Boy 0 700 DeSoto Street R-9983 Coznjnlizlzents of Lemlwtrq Bros. 610 East Colorado M-3587 0 Assorted Groceries and Meats GORDON'S DEPT. STORE Corner Jefferson, Lancaster and Tenth Phone M-8551 Oak Cliff RENE H. COX FUNERAL HOME Burial Insurance Ambulance Service Davis and Madison Streets M-8 1 6 S-13110065-M-S 166 Page One Hundred Fifty Ax. .r fs P- x LQSVQWLVJQI, My by ,M Qyifm ij 7 f , f1iMiJ6 f"f WW 410 J AJ M"R I nl il 'X' yjff Cmpliments f WillQinson printing Qompcmy 5 W li It A 3 3 ,Q Q' -I if ix YI? 3 -7 N.. f J . A Q 3, 'if-QS: yi 5 QDTVQ 1 In ' , xx 3 1ff.a X gui ,Q 73 fi 5315 5, JW-SN ' H al oi Fifty-e' IJ 4150 9 Q Each year finds an even greater effort on the part of both the Oak Staff and our organization to keep up the high standard of the OAK Masterpieces. We appreciate the journey through the years with your publication personnel and School officials. SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING Co OF DALLAS 2100 Iaclrson Street Phone Riv r d 8 DALLAS, TEXAS .M Q' Q . .J I 'J if 7 1 N , ds- ' X 1 . ,f ' 4 1 5 -1 t,,,,' ' .J EPILOGUE We, of the Oak Staff, wish to express our utmost gratitude to those who have assisted in publishing this annual, Particularly do We Wish to thank our principal, Mr. Allen, for his understanding and his helpful guidance. We ,W reciate our sponsors' diligent ser- vice-their ef s made the Oak possible. We are grateful to t 'faculty and student body for their patience an nthusiasm. Last, but not least we acknowled th -excellent Work of the business men , who hav ssisted us in the publication. ' kWe,C se as our theme the American Way. The Worki togethertof these different groups carries Gratefully AN The flak Staff. 9,5 outt i theme. , 1 1 I Q . j y H . I 1 .1 . ,J Vet . .-'rf-2+ fail K A :J .55 -V ' ' Q t. 'Q W, :Qx5b,4.-t i, ,.,m?' , X- - 1 " -fr' -. .- v Y, ' 3?"l1:ns'W1 " XX f - V- W ss., ' X .Xi X 45 H 1 slim" x A 1 'fu "G, AQ '.: ".-. :-,.5'5li!'-gf' ' - ' ' ' f. . Mzgwfftgafqifi. -.--:wr . '. 111' rf 'ff ' ' -' 'f'i..,,5 , I A -ff'.,i V V 5 wi th A I ---4 . M. . ,. -, bf fi ,, ,. . , , . "ff 5: 7 - t ' iimiglfngg' 'TAM . - -ias"':f'l ,' A -. " " ' .-:Y ..e,gH w Pfgffl' ya.. ' 24, . L- -ru f -'L 'f' 5 -,Ji ' 'r" ,' z ' 7.11 ?j'1.ff2f:,gj?-Q: - 1 " s Q ' AAL: 1.1.5 -y.:,?g9r- 9 l.,:.-37,3 'w,y,3A1. .- L -g:'...V.'r:T, ,-,Q -M' 7'2i'1l ..f:. 1 ' ' Ywfeffv' 'W -. -ff y -415 . M y q -ff' -ws. ' ,,4 , 1 .- Ffa-ff' N I Lu 1,:-gay 1 . - - "1 -1.7 . , " .. EEQVV, . 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