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Text from Pages 1 - 148 of the 1944 volume:

g AMWMgf iwh f,f Agia EJUM A Jw h .gf M QM. f -W0 W Qi mdmhd j'3f'Qf?g?M,259f Jwfwmf Q f M WWW N553 Wipjyffi, Wmfi M My WM! Jfwwgyw 3 4 iff WW WO 1 f,w4QfMMj Ei sig qeff W 25322 N15 MMM 1 2 Mffgfjijy f"?M45f262 V L M 5352 fffxffi, K f W 5512? Qgmwg MwWWW?MWq 5 V ,, ,H-f 5, Q x - Y-7,-N - - - , - . ,X . .. . . M- WV- .V 7-WMMM V- - - -r w - ww- - v V -r---i--+.-,W- f ' ff , A if H 4,fV JQIWA V , Nh 's r 5 I L 1 P3 , i r f . x 5 E . . 1 pf My f' W 44 f F? UU X 1 Gy 5 J J fy? W w 25 yW 'f ? Q Qi S WW GJ Sf ig sg E Y Ei ik Q fygifffxff 5 is A1 mi iffifigigi 'Zigi Q giyfifj 5 Y' T ,,WQ f,1, W fo .MM X 'T , l ,W . If , V 1 '15 1' Y 'M f ilk .f P K, , 3" . ' ' N ' MM J 1 an U , MW 'WW W Milf of JQ2"W'X datff-fa f pf, WXWZH 1.5 I ' Mffy , MW' ? 141440 M, I f QWW gm' M ii QQ W is Q lrllllw l ' 5 Q Cir 9 ' Q '55 E-,1 if N231 j rx LIBRIS vi fx S v 53 5365 S Eiiifbwjiw 1 . , W , ,1 , 1 , ff If 7 nt -E if! P -1 ,ff f!f5xjt if , L ,f 1 lk za ' f , fo bi I M ' ,Jjf 1 fn Q Q' f A ft. XV -'T tt IW l' ,fb ,X A . , Aff jf, 5, I' f . aj ., - f Il ,L If J lj x I' Q 51? Vx K 55 I2 53' NJ Vi: l ta 2.1- L Q 5 I L ' - ' Copyright I944 Sgii 1253 9 L' , Editors Ffh!!--gk .- GERALD LAM E gg L "--'gi f 52? - IRMAGENE WILSON q - -.W Q13 if Associate Editors j' 3 Af --fl Q I 4 gli - 'EZ' 7 L5 '44, iii PAT HIEBERT ?i- ,W LA VERNE WOODMANSEE - A - f : 351- N., 'TZ E to P JEAN 1 L I 5.-E -. zur ' -J--3-fl .JOHNSON WHADAMSO HIGH SCHOO LJLJJALL WX MEM' Q,L1M.LLWy 5331. sL:f,,-3 1 1 1 fi I . ' f ov! ' 1' www My Qfj My wx 'M . J qw W V Q ' V510 wr THE 46 V M gj gf ' Q92 C V1 Pr 'rd QR ' A 6 cy !f I! J By lit- as ' -f , 4 " fwyfwjj ff U1cSr1i0r ,, ye 5 I wi X M A O J!!! Q ,A Q? 5 ffwa I7 Jgzglz Salma! ,X ffgffq. fl ,f , i j S, K f 55 J, f W Ji X ly My Dallas, Texas E ' V J f , X! fl XJ 3 rx ' KP 0 i"'i',? Z" if IX V- 1 -.1 7.1! 4 Y I 194-4 1 fpyps ax ,v ' WN 'W cwwg HDAMSUN HIGH SCHIIUI. lt is difficult to set a date for the beginning of Adamson High School. Perhaps her most exciting history began in 1901 when the city of Oak Cliff merged its fortunes and educational system with the City of Dallas. Mr. W. H. Adamson, then super- intendent of the Oak Cliff Public Schools, became principal of Oak Cliff High School, a tree-shaded, dignified old red brick edifice on Tenth Street at Crawford. Rapid growth followed, and in 1915 -with considerable pride-the students and faculty began the fall term in a new building at the present location. By 1920, enlargement was necessary. Our lunch room, auditorium, and extensions on the north wings were constructed. gg Q ln 1935, after thirty-six years of service, the greatly loved William Hardin Adamson died, and was succeeded by his friend and former coach, Mr. H. A. Allen. A short time later, in honor of Mr. Adamson, Oak Cliff High School became W. H. Adamson High School. The growing pains suffered for many years recurred in 1939. New wings were added on the east and west, and the facade was rebuilt. In 1944, Adamson's reputation is wide. Her ex-students and ex-faculty members are rendering service all over the world. Her beloved halls are paced by restless, eager feet. Surely she will continue for long years as a gleaming symbol of those characteristics bequeathed to her by the man whose name she bears-friendship, loyalty, honest, endeavour. These pictures were made by Sergeant Marvin G. Deg 0 e nl e C1 es Clrlnes. f th U td St t M A 1942 graduate of Ada Sergeant Degenhart is naw serv 5 as an aerial photog somewhere in the Pacific theatre of wa r. SQLJN 91, JL vwQ2O P V C, PIJHEWIJHII Not only the lessons learned from textbooks, but the friendships and activities of our high school days will live in our memory forever. To make these memories more vivid and to help us maintain our youthful demo- cratic ideals, we, the Senior Class, present this, the 1944 edition of U15 Oak vvwo fjjby. "Histories are as perfect as the Historian is wise and is gifted with an eye and a soul." -Thomas Carlyle. ln appreciation of her wise counsel, her rare gift of im- parting knowledge, her comprehension of our country and its relation to the world, the Senior Class lovingly oledicates this, the thirty-seconol volume of the Oak, to "the noblest Roman of them all," MISS ALBERTA COOPER "They gave their merry youth away For country and for God" Jack Beckham Marvin Beiseker Gene Campbell Robert Carlisle G. W. Chandler Thomas J. Cole Howard Dailey Joe Foley Clifford L. Fritz Rex Gossett Jack L. Griffin Almon Hare Bill Hagendoorn Foster Lee Lemly Earl McDermont Roy McNutt Ernest Matthews Lee Musgrove Thomas Dick Neal Jerrell Hardy Page Andrew J. Parks Jay E. Pietzsch 4 R. A. Pitts Ernest A. Redwine Jr John F. Sprague R. W. Vantrees Truman Wilder Bob Wiskochil Tom M. Wylie William H. Young The students of Adamson stand reverently before this noble example of faithfulness to duty. Our grief at their sacrifice is exceeded only by our pride in their achievement. To their families and friends, we offer this consolmg thought: "To live in hearts we leave behind, ls not to die." To the hundreds of our ex-students still in the service of our country we pledge everlasting gratitude. We shall strive in every deed to attain the high standards of devotion and courage which they have set before us, hoping that their example will truly lead us into a world of peace and security. To them and their loved ones we offer these words of en- couragement: "The Old Commandments stand: 'ln patience keep your heart, In strength lift up your hand.' No easy hope or lies Shall bring us to our goal, But iron sacrifice Of body, will, and soul." IJHHEH UF BUUHS iA 'Qfjiiii AIIMINISTIIATIUN SENIIJHS UNIIEIITLASSIIS WL FAVIIIBITEE wmrs WIIII UHEANIZATIIJNS ACTIVITIES ATHLETIIIS MILITARY M I QL ' C-1 V ,, fi 'f f'-,ff'- Y' wwf,-, 1 wif., f-5-., f n "5"-,..-, f, I ff f W L ,Km 2 fs M - J' Z , , , , .. W ,f - f -f 11.- ..fq'.,f--if ff, vv'f"l AnM1N15'r11AT1 ljN HIJWAHII ll. ALLEN A man of high ideals-a principal who be- lieves in friendly cooperation-a leader who is assisting us to step into tomorrow, not only as citizens of our country but as citizens ot our world. To him-our gratitude. IJ H HISTUHY TEACHERS Through them we see governments and peoples of the United Nations, vvorking together to achieve a civilization to be dominated by cooperation. As they teach us, we understand and evaluate the past and present, thus preparing for a future world of freedom, equality, and peace. RIGHT TO LEFT Miss Langford, Miss Newberry, Miss Helms, Miss Cooper, Mr. Henslee, Miss Crane, Miss Higginbotham, Miss Bell, and Miss Harris. Tbirleen BUAHD LIP EDUIIATILIN DALLAS PUBLIC SCHDCLS DR. DAVID W. CARTER, President MRS. W. P. ZUMWALT, Vice-President GABE P. ALLEN F. D. DANFORD R. L. THOMAS DAN D. ROGERS MRS. T. A. WAGGONER JULIUS DORSEY L. v. sTocKARD ' W- Tu- WHITE. Superinfendent Assisfanf Superintendent Aff'SfOn'5UPef"1fe"de"' "" charge of High Schools Page Fifteen FACULTY MISS HELEN ADUDDELL MISS FLOY AGNEW MISS JEANETTE ALSTON MR. W. M. ANDERSON English, French English Commercial Study Hall MR. S. N. BAKER MR. C. V. BALLARD MRS. OLIVETTE BASOM MISS ANNA BELL Shorthand Malhemaiics Study Hall History MR. GEO. F. BROWN MR. T. W. BROWN MISS IDABEL CABANISS MR. L. E. CAMPBELL Science Commercial Home Economics Mechanical Drawing MRS. MARY CARTER MR. W. B. CLEMENT MISS MARY LOUISE CLYETTE MISS MARY COLLINS Dean Assistant Commandanf English Mathematics Members whose piclures are not Included: MISS LAURA ALEXANDER MISS RUTH BELL MRS. MINNIE BRAMLETTE MISS MILDRED CARTER Librarian English Malhemafics Mafhematics Sixleen 4 s FACULTY I MISS BERTA COOPER MRS. RAE PETERS CULLUM MR. VERDE DICKEY MISS HENRIETTA EISENLOHR Hisfory Physical Educaiion Maihemaiics MISS HARRIETT GIBSON MISS FANNIE GRAVES ME. H. S. GRIFFIN Dean Assisfanf Dean Commercial Journalism MRS. GENEVA HAGERTY Commercial MR. W. T. HAMILTON MISS CHRISTINE HAMMOCK MISS MARGARET HARRIS MR. H. B. HESTER Physics Maihemafics, Laiin Hisiory Manual Arts MISS LORINE HIGGINBOTHAM MRS. GERALDINE HOLLOWAY MRS. HELEN HORN MRS. MARY KENDRICK History Secretary English Siudy Hall Me-mbers whose pictures are not included: MISS ABIGAIL CRANE MISS MYRTLE FOSTER MISS RIPPLE FRAZER MISS MAE HAZELTINE History English Home Economics Social Siudies Page Seventeen Fl-LII LTY A , , MISS ROBERTA KING MISS WINNIE LANGFORD MISS NELLY BLY LANKFORD MR. L. C. LEFTWICH Spanish History English Malhematics , 'I IX -A 1 I -5 S A M . ' S 2 1- MISS HAZEL M. MILLER MISS GLADYS NEEL MISS EUGENIA NEWBERRY MR. W. E. NOAH Commercial Disfributive Education I Spanish Mathematics MISS ANNE PATRICK MR. C. H. REDWAY MISS MABEL ROCKETT MISS VIRGINIA ROOTES 1 ' ' English Q- in Biology English Spanish MR. W. E. SHERMAN MISS RUTH RUFFIN MISS MEREDITH SCHROEDER MR. R. N. SMITH MISS NINA TYNES Debate English Art Mathematics Dietician Members whose pictures are not included: MISS WILHELMINA HEDDE MISS DAPHNE 'HELMS MR. W. W. HENSLEE MISS EUNICE TILLEY MR. VIRGIL WATKINS Public Speaking History History Chemisfry Music Page Eighteen I -795 W 1 fgyfff, ff Wfjfffwmzjiff SENIUH5 ANU!-lIlY III. S5 This class, though small in number, has contributed largely to school altairs. lntensely influenced by the war, this group worked a little more seriously and played a little bit harder. Members of the armed forces received their diplomas with their fellow classmates. They ranked high in scholarship, military, and social activities. OFFICERS John Young . . . . President lvy Fain . Program Chairman Alleen Sullivan . . Secretary Orene Whitcomb . . Social Chairman Scott Keahey Vice President Page' Twenty ,JWq,0Joc2.g..,e.,a I gui 6 Q f4"""4"6df4 'gdwqgogywmd awww af.MwfM2. lfffff-Q17 WMM? fmwldfff BOB gmzneu Qwwgifw Pugr wenty- fAdrX6.S'D6Vf'.9 A wenty-two 16' 3 Wir 5, .N 2 - 'mm'k , 7 f , lg 11.61 ,.,, ,i l,' L-L,' A . '-1 . Z.J,'J,w. -' :V . , .1-fm." ss f jv' ' 5331-ii k2f'S2,zL ' -,-' Ms' ff fi. ' as 1 W '. fi. .gwmfws ffm'-3212? W""?w4 W yfyw Q-A,..,M.f wvlv wfL..,.,, Pago Twrnly-thr C0 p,f.?...z4,-4.,....L.,q H 2fq4f51'fyV4-129112,-M E769 Q-'ff 7,4 GLZAW. 452.6 524 W fff74Wn40w2mw MJ WWW ,7fzffVfW.:WfZ.W.7f b www 6Qw,LL IMZJAWWMJ Page Twenty-four I -we. M217 lmwaffxw, HMM ' N Elwdbb 2 5e'4"7"'W4'3f"r7A""'V .Z.-JM.. Milam- f-V 95141-jf i ll I L.. , .W , ...M . ,, . Graduates whose pictures are not included: Harold Blankenship, Fern Calvert, Sybil Chapman, Carrie Lee Cleveland, Wanda Jean Cleveland, James Eecld, William Finley, Eva Gallatin, Charles Glasgow, Coleman Hammons, Mary Elizabeth Johnson, Jeraldine Skeeter, Avery Slaughter, Dowe Stewart, Ray Watson. l l 4 J UNE CLASS Hurrah! We have reached another milestone! Senior Day, Senior Week, Graduation. We have had fun and now we have the honor we've worked four years to obtain. Our class has always been large, but we've been welded together by a spirit that has made us leaders in Adamson school life. We will meet you again, some time, somewhere. l OFFlCERS Q James Maberry . , Program Chairman. Hannah Jo Parris . . Secretart' Bobby Blevins - Pf95ld9"'f Tommy Fox , Vice President James Campbell . . Social Chairman Page Twenty-six wfi ' ff! 7 f f' X ,vffff , f Qggyf A ., f f X f f b!fj7 .C 61-fffvf 'DL Gm-.if 547464, Moz - ww -, af' .i X .1 sg'p,'.-uf" ..,. , . -1 1 f Page Twenty-seven Twcfziy-eight 1 W . .,,! Page Tweniy-nine gmw MMM Awww' fkff www fmigfw- gg -ln. E3 fm r4 ."'25E5f"Q5 J i 'Qf.4LM-fsfwf:-1' lu-1 HMM J,W,.1.,f.afM-mf WM Www Q Ig,-...., Agar Q 5,345 ' ifgqx-DJEY'-M ,ffiawplwuj ks . Q Jo Enya p.,,5,,, jj Z..,,....4, MW? g..w,...-1 b Page Tbirly 077 , f Zgzzuzvfw .0iZf4A 1 Jmmzzbciapw ju'LZ'ffM'J QW.g4,Jw gwzw MMM .. ..w..4.,,, QQ JWMJ cawawzlfdyw Page Thirty-one S' Mb? ya! ,QW,.,0zu.M O?"m""c"7 Qhwfj Qfmfwnm awww WN!! WMV OB"""b GYM' "b"f"Wf'L"""' P r 5 scif- 2 1 x MMz""f""""7" www ,QWJW WH bmw Page Tbirzfy-fufo ef R ' be f S iv 'i I yy . TX . lW,..v-fvww Q sf ' ' Hi' , 4151- , 'mv 206.5 Q,C,w1" 61? MA MW WJU iwfw: kwin? - neil!! A .A swag-,Q ., w.q,::f,-1. N '.-- ff 1. :- pw Q K Mfaizf, .. ...Nu 1 1 'IS gfifggy- mv iii f Af: is X F Q N 4' 1 3 Ng - QE' 513 .4-143,-1 amz yu xi K sf " "2 1: . ,ff 1 ,M xzwwwf WQ47 f ........, ,,, Page Thiriy-ibrcc Q y,m.,qf,,M4f,Q :40z.,m44Q WMMXMI-ef QW! K2 gltwbfi W y.- 9 , P gc Tbiriy-four WW . V K I 1 2 WWW ,11QfWwQ'4w ffifvw MMM W Cad, wg WM Z JZWW qx-AAMCLAMNX CZMJ-,Q 'C'a,z4t4...-W 'b ' mg, Nickel- A J Qw?,Z. ffwkfwfwmf wW,Wc,.k g,,,w.g, Page Thirty-fi Pa 1 ziggy an ggpd-1-7lAQn, hqwaagegmw , IQQ far M www, Y-ffm 7fl-427' Q W Je . if .Q 2 h Y .:.f -?" gc Thirly-:ix ELM? mngggwgfy prwd,-f2!'!f7 J,-,lb mmm w7,.,,,.,4, s1 MW wfmwb-M WWDV K-o,,..,k, . M-eH A 2. qzz.,f6?,,,,e,,a , gzwafww, b Page Tla' ly ,6:f.zfvw.,,.g.,,J iffidi, QQAMQ MMM QW-4541 Page Thirty-eigllf ' Qfwww 623744 QM-wfww 'br-vvo,q,Of.A41A,aCz,.0 K. 1 LG . .,', . .. 744,111 Swsi-' , wywwawxnpy .241 SMfW9wQmfw ' 'v,f , H Q www A 6, 6 My ,. A 4 9 QW im fffzwegffifwm GM b 15age'nirT?y' ?L..,..J.-J,,J:C:2'r65 Alueggfwqfyasw 4,7 Z4 5,Q,Q6,,,,,,,6K4 ,m Z f6Z-410.-J'J7j,4A MMf ,f -- L, 5 Wff P Forly r ff!" ,f ,J jf u f fm? "'f"'44-J fcyvwzfwfwfeii ,Zo-m,.,,,2m.,.J MW UMWFD h ., K, 1 A. A, . 19 940247 WJAWJ My 7,L,5M,,,, ld-w-Alwg, Qkm w,,0.4,m,,,.A,4,d . 'Q 47 ' .lune gruduales whose picfu noi included: Helen Joyce Davis, Mary AI e M 9 Vernon Neal, Billy Posfon Page FO,-fJ,,0n 3 E w Q -S E f r L,"' f ,Y ,di ,f x lgfa ' um ,Yi x' 7 f- ' ,gl X .N ? -:ana-., ff: xx m y Ei ill K K m1 . , 'W . 1 ' H tml! ! ' n , Y, ,L I - I , ' 1 I N' N jim' I ' W 54' ' ul ,' 42' ' 1 1 ' My " , , AA we - 'kligh A ,,,f' 31:4 M1 X W4 , if . f fA,A "D ff? U 'e42f2E'X f , Omg' I I ' K ',f 7f777f f gm Kia' -W xx V WE" . N ..,,...f ' I 'fb - ff V I A - l ' ,M 'ff , M "N I YZ!! f U Y 'lf ,yi 1-'QI M' "W 54 " N lub' W' 9 'C'Jf'W23V"J' W X l Y Q w ,Mfff A A 3 f ff 9' wld! g ig, Q I .X 1 H: f"" X w w mx, mx ff1'?,2,+h y H I- U M pp I f M x - V Wi 'PM X 5 WM ' f' w ah. "H,u'r'5'5l'.,V V , '2 E9 , M flu l lf ' 1 IUQQQT MW Lf' 531' ' am A x UNIJEHIII. S5125 ,La .uk ,S- UNIUH5 All the iunior high and elementary schools of Oak Cliff have contributed to our member- ship. We boast of having many important school leaders. We have played a great deal but ,X X we have worked steadily to reach our goal., As next'year's graduates, we hope to contribute f F' 5 much to the vitality of Adamson. - i ,ff 'f ' ,fnfg j sr l iz ,f ' I . OFFICERS A Joe Adams . . . . Spring Vice President Bob Lovell . . Fall President Betty Short W . Spring President Peggy Lowance . Fall Secretary Lawrence Jones . Fall Vice President Margaret Kimberlin Spring Secretary Page Forly-four LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Forrest Kavanaugh, Kenneth Surley, J. W. Thames, Edward Armstrong, Walter McCallum, Travis Pearson, George Haney, Kenneth Ratliti, Jack Davis, Bobby Berhns. Second Row: Billie Margaret Curry, Helen Bellew, Joseale Hulse, Joy Tabor, Billie Spencer, Doris Skillern, Carmen Wannamacker, Mary Ruth Drake, Frances Layton, Joyce Milsap, Estello Knearem, Mary Louise Grice, Juanita Biggs, Jack Basden, Lindell James. Third Row: Margaret Maples, Kathryn Dodd, Mary Frances Dennie, La Verne Darnell, Jacqueline Dillon, Patsy McCants, Billy Rankin, Billy Joe Tate, Asa Holleman, Jack ' Taylor, Bob O'Hara, Fred Schulz, Billy Durrett. Fourth Row: Joe O'Connell, James Stone, Caivin Ellis, James Buchanan, Gerald Bryant, Doug Garrison, Bill Simpson, John Jennings, Earl Richardson, Don Minnick, James L Hale, Allen Hart. f f 1' LEFT TO RIGHT . First Row: Jock Watt, Preston Vann, David Schepps, Jackie Hitt, Jimmie Lester, James Massengill, Don Smith, Richard Norwood, Rudolph Fields, Charles Morris, Dean Quinn, Johnny Jones. Second Raw: Leslie Smith, Josie Folkes, Georgia Ingram, Oma Lee Epps, Peggy Lowance, Mary Walther, Ruby Eastham, Doris Nichol, Frances Webb, Betty Tyler, Martha Coleman, Sharlot Hicks, Billie Garrett, John Maples, Joe Adams. Third Row: Robert Hall, Marjorie Belvin, Bettye Hamm, Jeanet Carter, Marie Galloway, Wilma Johnson, Betty Short, Elaine Seay, Marvel Lois Newland, Barbara Purnell, Margaret Kimberlin, Harold White, Carl Scribner, Bob Lovell, Alex Pearce. , Fourth Row: Eugene Monroe, Leon Alexander, Charles Brice, Thomas Moroney, Lawrence Jones, Bill Gribble, Lawrence Spray, John Crouch, Gerald Capps, Billy Dodson, Ernest Childress, Homer Lawson. Page Forty-five .IUNIUHS Members of this class have been found in every home-front endeavor. We have taken an active interest in school life. Many of us have distinguished ourselves by making high scholastic records. We have combined fun and serious purpose. With enthusiasm, we approach our Senior year. Preston Day . Mariorie Dansby Bob Robnette Bernard Schramm Ruth Rimmer . Page Forty-six OFFICERS NOT SHOWN Spring Vice President Spring Secretary . Fall President Spring President . Fall Secretary LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: J. R. Tucker, Maurice Wallace, Bobby Ramsey, Hubert Burleson, L. C. Janes, Pat Malone, Hershel Hightower, Ralph Costan, Alfred Perkins, Thomas Murphy, Bernise Akin. Second Row: Roy Flowers, Kathryn Slade, Pauline Trautt, Jean Harbuck, Louise Cannon, Betty McAdams, lneta Bolding, Carolyn Lowrey, Rose Marie Beckenholdt, Thelma King, Jeanette Taylor, Dorothy Jean Berlin, Normagene Brooks, Dorothy Hawkins, Louise Clark, Wanda Jean Stanley, Shirley Sanders. Third Row: Raymond Gonzales, Mary Virginia Cox, Mary Early, Sondra Oster, Frances Allen, Gloria Russell, Helen Dunn, Mariorie Dansby, Jean Shuford, Frances Merwin, Betty Joyce Burks, Patsy Carter, Joy Lee Jones, Barbara Daniels, Frances Dendy, Mary Samford, Johnnie Van Kirk, W. A. Couch. Fourth Raw: David Landrum, Charles Rogers, Edward Fong, Bobby Westmoreland, Bob Farrar, Bill Rowe, Kit Parsons, J. W. Miller, Richard Long, Roy Mason, Rhea Nichols, Bob Minick, Charles Knight, Lee Belser, Hubert Penn. LEFT TO RIGHT First RoJw:kRaInhdTacker, Forest Davis, Jimmie Patterson, Leon Turner, Carol Hunter, Billy Claunch, Kenneth Cason, Ray Reynolds, Morris Ragsdale, Aubrey Pate, Fred Schultz, ac ne e ge. Second Row: Edna Lloyd, Rosalie Lowe, Dorothy Roberson, Doris Webb, Eva Loftis, Shirley Clevenger, Wanda Richardson, Peggy Strawn, Nadine Hix, Evelyn Macldux, Mary Carbone, Martha Carbone, Norma Guynes, Normadene Ford, Mary Beth Carrico, Martha Clift, De Lois Loomis. Third Row: Travis Armstrong, Billy Thompson, Shirley Lippe, Bettie Clara Yates, Janie Teipel, Norma Mason, Gloria Ann Adams, Mary Ann Britt, Ruth Rimmer, Eloise Tanner, Betty Lou Berry, Olivia Irvin, Betty Sue Steen, Julia Aycock, Wanda Shaw, Frances Emmins, Mary Etta Sheppard, Jo Nell Wilson, Reveris Armstrong. Fourth Row: Clinton Montgomery, Frank Taylor, Donald Hooten, Donald Homerstad, Claude Berry, Clyde Case, Bob Robnett, Lindy Chandler, Frank Tucker, Bobby Dan Taylor, Fred Stringer, George La Trelle, Billy Dee Jolly, Bob Young. Page Forty-seven ii LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Rolfe Beaudry, Billy Mack Windle, James Cadenhead, Bobby Hill, Bill Morris, Charles Gott, H. C. Kidd, Riley Epps, Bob McGlasson, Kenneth Latimer, James Hamilton, Bill Miller. Second Row: Thad Goodwyn, Elizabeth Harwell, Ola Marie Hendrix, Hazel Bivens, Peggy Morris, Delores Anderson, Joann Holzman, Jane Sanford, Velma Hanks, Clara Belle English, Rosa Lee Taylor, Ruby Culver, Carolyn Evans, Marilyn Reed, Betty Joyce McGuiness, Mary Katherine Eaton, Mary Hellen Haws. Third Row: Wilburn Overstreet, Ardinell Monckton, Alys McLoughlin, Barbara Johnson, Doris Nelson, Bobbie Jean Craig, Juanita Arney, Paula Steevnson, Maxine Caraway, Joanne Stefancky, Clara Loveless, Shirley Wolff, Dolores Clark, Mildred Poston, Wanda Davis, Evelyn Bennett, Doris Mathews, Eddie Blount. Fourth Row: J. B. Kerbow, Raymond Jones, Worley Jones, J. G. Beasley, Milton Bates, Gerald Powell, Louis Moore, David Bundrick, Ralph Thurman, Tom McMullen, Keith Davis, Preston Day, Joe Pike, Bernhard Schramm. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Joyce Miller, Patsy Atkinson, Elizabeth Little, Jackie Funderburk, Virginia Karger, Marceline McNult, Mildred Williams, Rebecca Cayce, Joyce Thrailkill, Irene Douglas, Wanda Robertson, Ruth McCaffrey, Jean Long, Peggy Thomas, Ada Jo Adams. Second Row: Julia Stamps, Bobbie Herring, Corinne Marten, Betty Harris, Aleta Faye Caskey, Eloise Corbett, lmo Jeane Spain, Patsy Edmondson, Billye Sherman, Virginia Hudson, Frances Balch, Jean Nater, Terry Ann Baker, Barbara Allen, Kathryn Boyls, Bobbie Leatherwood, Eleanor Hutson. Third Row: Jerry Moore, Harold Whitfield, Billy Vanlandingham, Leslie McDonald, James Hostler, Joe M. Taylor, Edward Elrod, Harold Klassen, Elmer Elkins, Charles Locklear, Gerald Sutton, Billy Brister, Raymond L. Grace. Page Foriy-eight LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Margaret Mayers, Joan Wilson, Elizabeth Welch, Mary Crutcher, Dorothy Sharp, Eloise Jennings, Jean Watson, Dorothy Olson, Colleen Wilkerson, Eugenia Allen. Pauline Haney, Jean Daugherty, Zelda Fitzgerald. ' Second Row: Bill Browning, Jack Rosser, Bill McCaskill, John Ingram, John Stondley, Jack Hart, James Sawey, Robert Keesee, Mickey Watson, Billy Layfield. SPRING RAIN l hear the rain, the lovely falling rain, As gently from the sky it hastens down, lt fills the air with splashy liquid bound And softly taps upon the window pane, There is no highway, road, or sleeping path, No flower or bush, or waving willow tall, No bird that loves to take a soothing bath, But is refreshed-to all new life doth call. O, is there benediction in this guise? Why vanish now our wintry frown and tear? The silvery rain descending from the skies Could not alone dispel our every fear And give us hope beyond our hours of pain- 'Tis clear enough: God speaks to us in rain. -Jackie Cline. Page Forty-nine 35 N5 -5 Page Fifty SIJPHIJ UHES J' JANUARY 1946 Our class passed through that "in-between" stage this year. We were neither on the top or the bottom. An awkward age? Perhaps, but we managed nicely, thank you, and next year when we take up our duties as 3-A's iust watch us go places! l i i OFFICERS Marialyce Knisley . . . Spring Vice President Margaret Thompson . . . Fall Secretary Jane McKnight . . . Fall Vice Presiclenl Joan Dorsey . . Spring Secretary, Fall President James Fogleman . . . Spring President l I LEFT TO RIGHT ' First Row: Harold Henley, Cecil Neet, Boyd Coleman, Malcolm Ogden, Donald Smith, Billy Paul Page, Wayne Adams, Bobby Harrison, Kyle Lievsay, Roy Rumsey, Rob Rumsey, Harold Bethel, Paul Nichols, Bill Broughton, Claude Reed. Second Row: Marybeth Hatcher, Eddie Slaten, Charles Rippy, Bobby Kelron, Rudy Haas, James Foglemon, Leonard Ingram, Warren Townsend, Henry Stafford, Bob Tyrreli, Tommy Wilson, Martha McMahon, Belly Cearley. Third Row: Geraldine Whitley, Joan Dorsey, Joan Matthews, Jeanne La Near, Betty Althausen, Belly Jo Gammon, Lou Ann Dixon, Mary Francis Neal, Christine Kelly, Mary Nell Ueckert, Frances Reynolds, Wanda Hardie, Lo Verne Hughey, Lois Blackwell, Belly Atwood, Mildred Waldrep. Fourth Row: Nancy Ann Sanders, Marialyce Kniseley, Rubye Patton, Lois Phillips, Belly Solomon, Patsy Vowels, Cleo Nelson, La Verne McDonald, Katherine McGee, Gerlie Lee Long, Alma Jean Stanton, Billie Robertson, Belle Rae Pedigo, Margie Fleming, Doris Brill, Naomi Pennington, Margaret Thompson, Elveta La Cosl, Jane McKnight, Belly Jean Madderra, Charles Fulkerson. A . Fifth Row: Jack Day, Clessie Long, Jack Kent, Edwin Durham, Jerry Poslon, Tommy Ivy, Bob Brooks, Richard Milke, Delmer Lee Bates, Billy Lawson, Charles Anderson, Sid Stratton, Clarence Reid,.Howard Whitcomb, C. B. Green, James Olis Wiseman. SONNET WRITTEN TO A TERM THEME This sonnet was written after the manner of Sir Thomas Wyatt in "Unstable Dream" I strolled into my class one spring-like day. Soon aptly at my desk I was reclined, And on the board I saw an underlined Phrase, stating that term themes were due in May. At once my manner was no longer gay, For nothing on my subiecl could I find. Reluctantly, I changed my once made mind And chose another author right away. Now, some of the allotted weeks have passed. This reading time in reading has been spent. To novels, plays, my ettorts have I lent. I'm ready now to start this theme at last. I wonder, Theme, wilt thou by May be done Or shall I wilt before thou are begun? -Jean Vining. Page Fifty-one Puge Fiffj-11:0 SIJPHIJ UHE5 JUNE 1946 By the beginning of our second year at Adamson, the newness of high school has begun to wear oft. We settled down to hard l?l work and took a more active interest in school altairs. Where things are happening, you'll find our class. We are going to make next year better than ever! OFFICERS Bill Cook . . . Spring Vice President Betty Griffis . Spring, Fall Secretary Milton Elms . . Fall Vice President La Tayne McClure . Spring, Fall President LEFT TO RIGHT First Raw: Carson Allen, Lester Hiebert, Tommy Blissitte, Glenn Henderson, Roy Dean Richards, Bobby Cadenhead, Jimmie Scott, Sam Hodges, Donald Hillin, Bill Space, Jerry Schofield, Billy Wade, Buddy Nix. Second Row: Marie Bennett, Nita Jean Salter, Juanita Teal, Jacqueline Skeeter, Jean Stewart, Mary Stovall, Yvonne Polnack, Mary Streety, Madelle Hale, Jo Anna Robertson, Connie Wilder, Christine Calvin, Dorothy Bullard, Dorothy Hill, Dorotha Killingsworth, Joan Tatem, Betty Craig. Third Row: Genie Smoot, Vera Campbell, Elaine Holden, Anita Thompson, Mariorie Mitchell, lmogene Nobles, Betty Surratt, Peggy Still, Dorothy Bullard, Martha Jo Smith, Edna Brackeen, Thelma Rogers, DeLoryes Anderson, Cecilia Drees, Betty Jean Crabtree, Louise Brazelton, Joanne Hinckley, Robbie Bowles. Fourth Row: Jack Harris, Tommy McMath, Phil Grove, Weldon Willingham, Ray Wiederhold, Ross Ellis, Jimmy Stewart, Billy Holland, Joe Ral Parvaial, James Estes, Harry Helsley, J. E. Banks, James Barker, Jimmy Nipp. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Milton Elms, Charles Dillingham, Thomas Coats, Kenneth Walker, Harold Judd, Amos North, London Parker, Myles Mimier, Jimmy McCormack, Richard Howard, Jesse Grayum, Homer Jennings, Edwin McMackin. Second Row: Bobbie Jeane Reeves, Joan Epps, Maxine Bulls, Katherine Wallace, Ruth Mohn, Tina Whitfield, Melva Williams, Ola Mae Parish, Betty Grace Leatherwood, Glenna Greer, Evelyn Cotten, Joy Lee Cummings, Dorothy Street, Betty Campbell, Barbara Conner, La Vina Janes, Jimmie Frank, Jenine Raicott. Third Row: Mary Helen Cowell, Mary Ann Mullaney, Peggy Laman, Doris Robinson, Chrystal Stringer, Kathleen Blansett, Joan Opal, Sue Noel, Jean Davis, June Sanford, Betty Quinn, Mellie Hammon, Dottie Jean Cherry, Doris Thurmond, Mary Ellen Wathen, Mariorie Derr, Cecelia Gonzales, Bettie Smith. Fourth Row: Raymond Harrison, Frederick Goerdel, Ray Weber, Alvin Luttrell, Frank Alexander, Bill Sullivan, Bill Cook, C. D. Peterson, Edwin Roberts, James Harralson, Alfred Slater, Alfred Pomeroy, Neal Mays, Gladden Sedberry, Jimmy Sellers. Page Fiftgf-three LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Sammy Young, Ronald Baggett, Raymond Thompson, George Weatherford, Edward R. Rhodes, Gene Slade, D. C. Mofht, Billy Collins, Forrest Farrar, Charles Gin- ning, Howard Pollock, Bert Newman, Woodrow Wilson. Second Row: Walt Collier, Marie Kimbell, Shirley Mathews, Jessie Mason, Martha Gauntt, Patsy Sullivan, Mable Tate, Helen Dodgen, Oleta Vernon, Barbara Burns, Eleanor Wall, Ruth Morgan, Joyce Cook, Evelyn Kennedy, Billie Rae Stults, Mary Wood Vaughn, Mary Sue Smith, Dorothy Watson. Third Row: lmogene King, Doris Hammer, Peggy Ewing, Paula Huston, Darlene Johnsoon, Mary Degenhart, Theresa Scottina, Betty Griftis, Mary Will Rodgers, Evelyn Dunn, Norma Cunningham, Ruth Johnson, Claudine Murphy, Patricia Storey, Kala Phillips, Mary Kathryn Billingsley, Betty Jean Stovall, Wouida Matney, Nancy Thomas. Fourth Row: Wayne Patty, La Tayne McClure, H. A. Douglas, Trentham Tompkins, Jake Commander, Barner Bursen, Floyd Walker, Eddie Keiningham, Tommy Graham, Tommy Williams, Thomas Burgess, Harold Binion, Jerry Tunnell, Charles Tarver. , ' " 7- , Y we.-f-U-1 l LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Travis Taylor, Charles Johnston, Don King, Taylor Boyd, Billy Conner, Terry Dollins, Wayne Farrar, Homer Finch, Clifford Booker, Roland Conway, Don MC- Culley, James Higgins, Bobby Baker, Glenn Ramey, Raymond Geisert, William Cole. Second Row: Donald Hall, Betty Gene Walker, Jeannine Cavett, Jean Farrell, Dorothy Alsup, Dolores Fagan, Helen Trogdon, Mary Jane Neal, Betty McCorkhill, Joyce Haoten, Betty Chance, Arlene Browne, Irene Hinton, Billie Jensen, Danna Seely, Joyce Thomas, Glenda Lee English, Jane Allen, Jeannine Boyd, Gayle Blankenship. Third Raw: Eloise Brown, Mary Catherine Embrey, Grace Rutherford, Mary Gibbons, Florence Hodges, Jacqueline Marple, Bobbye Lee Yeatts, Mary Nell Hollabough, Doris Gregory, Beth Knight, Annette Baker, Elayne Hardison, Melba Martin, Dorothy Moll, Dorothy Biggs, Dorothy Ligon, Helen Sharp, Madie Belle Reese, Sara Jean Grant, Dorothy Jean Leach, Edith Beck. Fourth Row: Gene Turner, Eddie Tolson, William Hodges, Johnny Sleeth, Robert lee, Gene Walther, Charles Turner, Robert Moore, Wilbert Tisch, Glenn Cootes, Thomas Windsor, Edward Loper, Don Creager, Harold Weiser, Walter Paris. Page Fifty-four 1 .4 - ' . LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Bert Lepley, Glen Flowers, Don Haydon, Charles Branch, Billy Smith, William Allen, Frank Evans, Floyd Ewton, Jack Roberts, Ernest Malone, A. W. Crisp. Second Row: Kathleen Bryant, Bobby Jo Bullard, Barbara Ann O'Brien, Mildred Goins, Jeannine Adcock, Nancy Paden, Alta Troutl, Jo Ann Bowles, Norma Arthur, Martha Duncan, Nancy Pugh, La Nell Sprye, Reba Vaughn, Belly Ann Salmon, Helen Adams, Belly Gandy, Hope Hamilton, Kathryn Bivens, Belly .lo Keen. Third Row: Hazel Childs, Janie Warren, Dorothy Kennamer, Vera Boyls, June Reynolds, Norma Dunn, Marvanel Traylor, Mildred Woodard, Waynelle Bowdoin, Betty Mar- tin, Peggy Kirksey, Mary Kathleen Graves, Jessie Kellum, Dorothy Jones, Marilee Floyd, Mariorie Decker, Laura Green, Jessie Coppedge, Winona Walker, Alice Nell Oughton. Fourth Raw: Charles England, Charles Poly, Arthur Jordan, Jimmy Kerr, Bert Allen, Howard Speer, Wilbur Thompson, Robert Carpenter, Charles Bice, Bobby Bracke, Charles Parks, Lloyd Kerr, Robert Mulvaney, Bobby McCree. TO ALPHEUS When God from his celestial throne did throw The golden sun from off his forge divine, A drop of molten metal did incline Through tenuous space to our own earth below, Where, through rivers of Cathay, did flow To me this gift from Heaven. Thou are mine, Oh onyx eyed, enrobed with gilt lace fine. My heart doth quake for thy life's fragile glow. ln thee I see pure faith in Him above, A perfect sense of heav'nly harmony, Obedient, ioyful for thy Maker's sake. . lf only Man would find this humble love l-le could forever dwell in peace, like thee, My tiny gold-fish, in thy silv'ry lake. -James Alfred Hitt. Page Fifty-five Page Fifty-.tix FHESHMEN JANUARY 1947 This 'fall we were on the second rung of our ladder to success in Adamson. lt took a bit of effort and determination to get off that bottom step and safely to our present position, but now that we've made that, we're facing the rest of the climb with confidence. l l OFFICERS Shirley Merritt . . Spring Vice President Patsy Drake . . . . . Spring President Jeanett Clement .... . Spring Secretary NOT SHOWN Anita Lipson . .... . Fall Secretary James Blaire . . Fall President LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: John O'Glee, Jean Ray, Billy Carpenter, Lesley Blankenship, Charles Holliday, James Blair, Evelyn Bennett, Monteen Mann, Joan Kennel, Teddy Smith, R. D. Lance, W. C. Fain, Winfield Rosenberger. img: 1-' Second Row: Jo Ann Hill, Margerie Ward, Frankie Clinton, Gloria Goolsby, Marie Wilson, Patsy Marie Drake, Betty Baker, Vonceil Clay, Mary Glenn Madden, Martha Bourland, Faustine Herron, Martha Mayson, Avon Portwood, Rosalie Michel, Anita Lipsan, Frankie Jean Jones. ' Third Row: Glenn McGee, John O'Neal, Billy Gentry, Billy Kemp, Carl James, Vincent Beauduy, Clinton Herron, John Prichard, Billy Kimberlin, Billy Maclachlan, Clyde Bell, Roger Lawler, William Cumbie, Billy Wilson. ON THE MUSIC 'OF A VIOLIN The haunting tone of music filled my soul. Harmonious, pure, and tender as the night, A magic nocturne from a violin stole Across the evening like an elfin sprite And watted oFf on wings of lilting song All care, distress, and conflict of my mind. Such raptured melody seemed to belong To angel voices, not to man, confined To Earth, who us so many ioys denies. l wondered, as the music's glory swelled, From where such inspiration could arise, Why mystic fays the wondrous secret held. Oh God! How could we mortals fail to see That such ecstatic strains are born in Thee. -Dorothy Watkins. F.. .YQ ' x " Page Fifty-sewn HESHMEN JUNE l947 During the first part of our iourney through Adamson, we have found that all is not smooth sailing, but with an able captain and a sturdy pilot, we have weathered the storms. We are enioying the pleasure of being high school students and will continue to meet the challenge of "full steam ahead." Page Fifty-eight OFFICERS Joan Gowdy . . . . Fall Secretary, Spring President Bill Self . . Spring Vice President Paula Sheffer . . . Fall Vice President Barbara Brown ' . . Fall President I rt ff. ., LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Jimmy Wilson, Wesley Barrett, Gene Harper, John Phipps, Wendell Boggett, Bobby Patton, Jimmy Leftwich, Eugene Durham, Cleve Haubold, Billy Brice, Ewell Cason, Ralph Coleman, Richard Candy, Jack Talbot, L. W. Bryant, Walter Karr, Troy Lollor. Second Row: Betty Hughey, Dorothy Stephens, Sue Shaw, Patsy Boedeker, Alice Ann Stuart, Jo Anne Lowance, Maclyn Salter, Jerry June Williams, Jeanice Patty, Mary Lou Struble, Beth Johnson, Evelyn Wyatt, Dorothy Schramm, Shirley Colvin, Billie James, Tommie Jo Bell, Edna Earle Wilson. 'lfhird Row: Pat Patterson, Kathryn Hall, Margie Manuel, Wanda Bolding, Kathryn Carlton, Jacle Milson, Betty Fisher, LaVerne Allen, Patricia Reynolds, Nellie Smith, Billy Prestridge, Norma Walker, Jimmie Lou Daugherty, Dorothy Kerss, Ellen Pruett, Mildred Hogg, Amy Lewis, Ann Haynie, Joanne Gowdy, Katholeen Walker, Jane Q Julian, Pat Mosely. Fourth Row: Daniel Carter, Richard Walker, Bill Self, Gene Talbot, Charles Alexander, Tommy Barton, Frank Tennant, Douglas Gates, J. G. Pickett, George Shanks, John ' Mullendore, Philip Beck, Bob Dutt, Harry Bates, Robert Hefner. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Joe Grace, Billy Fagan, Norris Northcot, Billy Shaw, Harvey Hudson, Milton Davenport, Bill Jones, Billy Stallings, Billy Stokes, Joe Park, Alfred Moore, Brit Carpenter, Joe Ezell, Kenneth Lawson. Second Row: Betty Osborn, Elane McCaskey,.Melba Dean HoFFmon, Mary Elizabeth Haynie, Sue Ellen Harrison, Edith Ingram, Dorothy Pace, Marilyn Rotliff, Willie Jo . Featherston, Pat Allen, Ruby Ann Wright, Jean Haynie, Jean Stokes, Joyce Coats, Sylale Ziegler, Jayne Jones, Pauline Hendrix, Pat Pilson. Third Row: James Mitchell, Edna Earl McKeethan, Eleanor Durham, Margaret Gartrell, Dorlis Stiles, Patsy Ramsey, Lucille Hudson, Mary Edith Ewing, Grace Carmichael, Lila Lee, Annie -Malone, Norma Roberts., Beverly Elmore, Jean Martin, Corrie Fae Russell, Louise Hawkins, James Rouse, Robert Greenlee, Jayme Le Bow. Fourth Row: BCHHY l'l0I'l'fS, Choung J09, ROY Smllll, Roy Hollingsworth, Ray Johnson, Bill Sparks, Johnny Otis, Charles Holt, Clyde Johnson, Billy Earl Smith, Arthur Leyhe, Sammy Pogue, Richard Moore, Roy Buchanan, Charles Morton, Page Fifly-nine ,. vo., LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: La Verne Rose, Barbara Ann Brown, Thomas Perkins, Clifford McCaghren, Billy Edward Bridgman, Wilbur Sanford, Layne Clark, David Ghalson, J. W. Nail, De Witt Sturdivant, George Cunyus, Donald Rosson, Gilbert Giger, Elzie Braswell, Nancy Bray. Second Row: Earl King, Joan Lawson, Bennie Chambers, Paula Sheffer, Billie Joyce Canaster, Jo Ann Richardson, Thelma Wells, Evelyn Kennedy, Joan Gregory, Phyllis Clark, Annie Joe Guynes, Ja Monkress, Wretha Husk, Betty Miller, Ellen Haley, Norma Wilcox, La Verne Boyd, Robert Mason. Third Raw: Katie Allen, Bobbie Jean Waller, Zella Maxwell, Wanda Taliaferro, Gene Branam, Patsy Russell, Virgie Dawson, Freida South, Rosemary Archer, Barbara Fer- guson, Charlene Carnehls, Annette Collier, Nelda Folkes, Annetta Maberry, Vaudeen Reed, .lay Hearne, Joyce Lee, Chloe Ann Stone, Margaret Verhyden, Anna Marie White, Mary Lou Adams, Darles Holmes, Mary Kerbow. Fourth Row: Annabel Locke, Bennie Sequin, Sydney Smart, Donald Clark, Bert Simms, Edward Hall, Maurice Tunnell, Archie Simmons, Clifton Clark, Jack Fulbright, Wandal Elrod, George Norcross, Bobby Joe Hardin, Merle King, Arnold Gregory, Billy Fiorenza. ENCHANTED NIGHT Oh Night, thou art a fair enchanted queen Who wears the crescent moon for royal crown, Who covers sky and earth with silver sheen And sends the painful moonbeams drifting down. The royal robe is soft, black velvet shade lt's strewn with stars, which are thy precious gems. Thy minstrel nightly sings within the glade To praise thy beauty fair with ioyful hymns. Thy pathway's lighted with the pale starlight, 'Tis scattered over earth and sky and sea. Thy fairy courtiers are the fireflies bright, They dart and dance all night with motion free. No earthly queen has beauty quite so rare As thee, sweet Night, so stately and so fair. -Jamie Caldwell. Pngv Sixly fy F Xlftpw ... 1 uuiakixixwiml www fig gg V 4-is ,Ilvrwff rm 5 gy if X G di 3 Attl E yyrgyxm MM A sl E , f W mm f j 4023 ' --xw , -xx? 1iXXlm:'E.g , w WXLLIAMS M E PAVUHITES Page Sixty-tuo K Qloyce do 'XYXSOYX avofife Seniomf Gil' Macofmick f-fc1vxd5ome5+ Senior' Boy Page Sixly-five' MX JR 225' Favofxfe. U rxcle L,OVx'CI YXCE. KQIQ55 Lclwfevxce. Qlovxej avofife Undefcl Q55 Boy Page Sixty-seven Favorite Underclass Girls Top fo boffom BARBARA DANIELS PAT ALLEN CLEO NELSON BETTY MARTIN BETTY BAKER Favnritn Underulass Buys Top fo boffom BILL COOK PRESTON DAY JACK DAY VINCENT BEAUDUY JACK TALBOT Senior nminees TOM HARPER Handsomesf Boy in fhe January Class PEGGY RENDER Favorite Girl ofthe June Class N N x 1 x 3 ALLEEN SULLIVAN JOHN YOUNG Favorife Boy of fhe January Class Mosf Beaufiful Girl in the January Class - 1-L lvl lun-umlll' W-L"?"imf' ' mu' . Qiiflmmwf ' mumull' 'w,y Mmnll.1 'wewmxulkwk' ,, , , 1 E4 wzrrrmwvxw '0llll R27 x uk K X lulmxgv "' f WWW , . . lx I mm! M: Sf - 1. 1- .J ii - "W "1-1" ' Z" w'1 E -3 - "X K lam' f f- cflgflv Q - S x It my Q - 6 2 1 , ' - ff" so ' 5 7.2 1 x-N 'tg E: ' V -wmv w f' N X j J M111-lxax N' 1 ff, W X9 ,f 6' xX m X BETTY LOU HIX BETTY NEAL 'N PAT KELLY JAMES ALFRED HlTT Who's who in scholarship? Adamson answers This question for 1943 and 1944 in the roster of pupils pictured on These Two pages. i Page Seven ty-two ft BEBE KEYSER ELIZABETH NEWBY JEFFREY HORNEY These pupils have attained eminence in their classes through a happy combination of intelligence, ambition, and industry. Page Seventy-three I if 3 - ll' 'W 0 The above students are honored for their unusual achievement ' h League Speech events. in t e lnterscholastic Left to right, top row RUTH RIMMER JANIE TEIPEL Debaters A Middle row BOBBY BLEVINS Debater. JACK EARNEST Extemporaneous Speaker Lower left CHARLES MAUPIN Ruth Rimmer also has the distinction of being an exceptionally fine essayist. Hunnr Hull JOHN E. MORRIS AWARD Given 'For perfect .attendance and punctuality for four years January Senior Class TOM HARPER JUNE SENIOR CLASS CANDIDATES With no absence or tardiness up to May I, I944 Bobby Blevins Jean Cullum Bobbie Kuehne Alva Lee Chatelaine Bebe Keyser Bobbie Sue Miller Scholarship Elull This is an inactive, unorganized club of the school made up of those pupils making the honor roll at least once during the school year. An average of B is required. JANUARY SENIORS THOSE MAKING THE AVERAGE THREE TIMES Francine Earhardt, Ivy Fain, Norma Jean Flood, Charles Gaines, Betty Lou Hix, Virginia Hodges, Jean Johnson, Pat Kelly, Mariorie Milne, Betty Neal, La Yvonne Peterson, Alleen Sullivan, Orene Whit- comb, lsham Wilson. - JUNE THOSE MAKING THE AVERAGE FIVE TIMES Margaret Bohanan, Johnelle Bradley, Wyllena Bryson, Jamie Cald- well, Betty Lou Clifton, Gloria Clouse, Don Coke, Marion Cooper, Serena Coppedge, Mettawee Crisp, Jean Cullum, Gloria Cunningham, Bobbie Dinsmore, Wilmer Froese, Murlene Fuller, Margaret Goodwyn, Carolyn Harris, Pat Hiebert, Wilburn Hill, J. Alfred Hitt, Ernestine Holland, Sylvia Jenson, Virginia Jones, Wanda Jones, Katherine Kerr, Bebe Keyser, Janice King, Vernon King, Jack Lindsey, Mary Moyers, Bobbie Sue Miller, Billie Fae McLaughlin, Elizabeth Newby, Betty Owen, La Nelle Parmer, Gerald Polnack, Edith Province, Vernon Rat- lift, Betty Saurage, Mary Nelle Sides, Jean Vining, Dorothy Watkins, Pauline Wray. THOSE MAKING THE AVERAGE FOUR TIMES Drucilla Bivings, Bob Blevins, Ina Sue Darnell, Betty Jean Dodd, Jack Earnest, Moriieane Hendrick, Bobby Kuehne, Bill McCormick, Mary McWilliams, Ola McWilliams, June Mandeville, Charles Maupin, Richard Newton, Daphna Reeves, Lenore Rubin, Dorrace Schaerdel, THOSE MAKING THE AVERAGE TWICE Louise Steeley, Harry Slaughter, Eulah White. THOSE MAKING THE AVERAGE ONCE Fred Davis, Joyce Johnson, Lloyd Marie Pollack, Alma L. Ziegler. SENIORS Billa Stovall, Elinor Strother, Virginia Sue Varnell, Mina Lee Vernon, i.iIa Ann Williams, La Verne Woodmansee, Betty Yates, Carl Younger. THOSE MAKING THE AVERAGE THREE TIMES Don Alexander, Mariorie Clark, Betty Lou Garmon, Betty Grundy, Billye Harris, Martha Lou Humphrey, Jack Hyles, Harry La Grone, Gerald Lam, Marilyn Loomis, Peggy Render, Melba Rose Smith, Vir- ginia Vaughn, Sam Ward, Maurice Williams. THOSE MAKING THE AVERAGE TWICE Charlene Biggs, John Cooper, Bill Enochs, Dorothy Grady, Mildred Holtz, Jenny Beth Minick, Travis Pearson, Betty Perry, Martha Jo Sise- more, Virginia Thomas, Betty Jo Vinson, Emmett Watson. THOSE MAKING THE AVERAGE ONCE Jean Bangert, Lee Britt, Jackie Cline, Tommy Childs, Jess Epps, Her- bert Garmon, Betty Harris, Leland Hobbs, J. W. Morris, Ann Powell, Jack Redding, Barnett Rippetoe, Fae Stovall, Don Thomas. " UNDERCLASSMEN THOSE MAKING THE AVERAGE FIVE TIMES Ada Jo Adams, Charles Alexander, Peggy Archibald, Terry Ann Baker, J. E. Banks, Jack Basden, Rolfe Beaudry, Eddie Blount, Jean- nine Boyd, Robbie Bowles, Vera Campbell, Patsy Carter, Kenneth Cason, Delores Clark, Billy Collins, Barbara Conner, Evelyn Cotton, Joy Lee Cummings, George Cunyus, Billie M. Curry, Jack Day, Helen Dunn, Beverly Elmore, Barbara Ferguson, James Fogleman, Joanne Gowdy, Raymond Grace, Mary Louise Grice, Rudy Haas, Betty Jo Hamm, Elaine Hardison, Louise Hawkins, Jackie Hedge, Asa Holleman, Jo Ann Holz- man, Paula Houston, Joseale Hulse, Eleanor Hutson, Lindell James, Beth Johnson, Charles Johnston, Arthur Jordan, Jane Julian, J. B. Ker- bow, Mary Kerbow, Thelma King, Bobbie Leatherwood, Jimmy Lett- wich, Anita Lipson, Edward Loper, Bob Lovell, Rosalie Lowe, Carolyn Lowrey, Jacqueline Marple, Mariorie Mitchell, Bill McCaskill, Sue Neal, Cleo Nelson, Barbara O'Brien, Joe Pike, Yvonne Polnack, Alfred Pomeroy, John Prichard, Patsy Ramsey, Marilyn Ratlift, Clarence Reid, Edward Rhodes, Ruth Rimmer, Edwin Roberts, Norma Roberts, Glenn Ramsey, Nita Salter, Dorothy Schramm, Billye Sherman, Jean Shuford, Jacqueline Skeeter, Alfred Slater, Don Smith, Martha Jo Smith, Henry Stafford, Dorlis Stiles, Dorothy Street, Mary Lou Struble, Charles Tan- ner, Eloise Tanner, Janie Teipel, Peggy Thomas, Alta Troutt, Jerry Tunnell, Gene Turner, Mary Walther, Mildred Williams, Shirley Wolff. THOSE MAKING THE AVERAGE FOUR TIMES Betty Atwood, Katie Allen, Pat Allen, Harry Bates, Bobby Behrns, Dorothy Berlin, Dorothy Biggs, Taylor Boyd, Billy Brice, Barbara Brown, Joyce Brown, James Bryant, Mary Carrico, Emma Jean Chandler, Don- ald Clark, Martha Clift, Glenn Cootes, W. A. Couch, Jacqueline Dil- lon, Nina Gaines, Mary Katherine Graves, Mollie Hammer, Bobby Har- din, Wanda Hardie, Mary Haynie, Joy Hearne, Florence Hodges, Sam Hodges, Elaine Holden, Mary Nell Hollabough, Raymond Jones, Mar- garet Kimberlin, Beth Knight, Marialyce Knisley, Homer Lawson, Amy Lewis, Robert Mason, Wouida Matney, Patsy Mosely, La Tayne Mc- Clure, Betty McGuiness, Lurline Payne, Howard Pollock, Madie Bell Reese, Gloria Russell, Joanne Stefancky, Betty Stovall, Betty Jean Stovall, Joy Tabor. THOSE MAKING THE AVERAGE THREE TIMES Gloria Ann Adams, Delmer Bates, Juanita Biggs, Hazel Bivens, Wanda Bolding, Betty Gene Branam, Mary Ann Britt, Dorothy Bullard, Louise Cannon, Jeanet Carter, Clyde Case, Rebecca Cayce, Roland Con- way, Mariorie Dansby, Bob Duff, Ross Ellis, Jean Farrell, Norma Dean Ford, Mildred Freeman, Betty Griftis, Virginia Hudson, Dan Jenson, Lila Mae Lee, Margaret Mayers, Frances Merwin, Glen McGee, Marceline McNutt, Richard Moore, Peggy Morris, Jean Nater, Sondra Oster, Pat Pilson, Winifred Rosenberger, Jerry Schofield, Betty Short, Betty Steen, Anita Thompson, Eddie Tolson, Pauline Troutt, Oleta Vernon, Carmen Wannamacker, George Weatherford, Harold Whitfield, Jerry Williams, Bobbye Yeatts. THOSE MAKING THE AVERAGE TWICE Jeannine Adcock, Frank Alexander, Barbara Allen, Wendell Baggett, James Barker, Rose Marie Beckenholdt, lneta Bolding, Bill Brister, Doris Buchanan, Betty Caldwell, Phyllis Clark, Homer Dalton, Virgie Dawson, Mariorie Decker, Eleanor Durham, Elmer Elkins, John Faxon, Marie Galloway, Betty Gandy, Joan Gregory, Gloria Goolsby, Velma Hanks, Mary Hellen Haws, Maybeth Hatcher, Bobbie Lee Herring, Les- ter Hiebert, Lucille Hudson, Barbara Johnson, Lawrence Jones, Charles Knight, Robert, Clessie Long, Wanda Long, Elaine McCaskey, Thomas Murphy, Rhea Nichols, Joan Opal, Alice Nell Oughton, Patsy Patterson, John Phipps, Yvonne Portwood, Jenine Raicolil, Patricia Rather, Jimmy Sellers, Sue Alice Shaw, Paula Sheffer, Doris Skillen, Betty Stanks, Alma Jean Stanton, Charles Street. THOSE MAKING THE AVERAGE ONCE La Verne Allen, Pat Atkinson, Helen Bellew, Wanda Blakely, Patsy Boedeker, Doris Bryant, Bennie Chambers, Tommy Childs, Joyce Coates, Martha Coleman, Jack Commons, A. W. Crisp, Bobby Crockett, Norma Cunningham, Jean Davis, Frances Emmins, Betty Ewton, James Farmer, Lawrence Finch, Eddie Folsom, Billy Garrett, Jesse Grayum, Doris Gregory, Bob Harrison, Cleve Haubold, Jackie Hitt, Melba Dean Holil- man, Billy Holland, Lucille Holleman, Virgie Holleman, Betty Jo Keen, .Ioan Layman, Dorothy Ligon, Margaret Maples, Robert Mason, Mariorie Meyer, Louis Moore, Alys Mclaughline, Malcolm Ogden, Kit Parsons, Alfred Perkins, Bill Richardson, Joe John Russell, George Shanks, Bill Simpson, Julia Stamps, Betty Steed, Jean Stokes, Patricia Storey, Don Thomas, Betty Gene Walker. Page Seventy-five 2 5 3 ii iz X 3 5? Q S - iff? '- Y T ., . X xxx K X . CX X X X N- :ix x d X XX xx RN - fa i 4 Pfwg, 1' 1' Tff ,, , --ff-fffb 'fi - 1A f ,:-, - . 1, fi ' "' ,,f,f-i--'-6'. ' ,W L' L uf grin ,g' ' , ,fT-f,-vi ' " " 2 'i Y 5: -if E-fi ?k - L ' ,- 6 5 . 222, , A. , gfi' if" +L'fQ,- , 1 1 -S: 1? ,MW N : :Sf ,gi 51,-"6 ff,, 1-ff' ' wk if ,V wx ?f W-.wk ,W f,Xw f1ggH'5 "wb Y"f'if?"r4E':-I ,71i5,f5'4ij id- 1 755' Ys2:?w"aT?51s X 'f f, -, ,0XxW1kWff!'N.',4giE,',E W 1 f i a?ff- .V N X, ' X 477,27 Z W. UND " ' 41 -' -ff,L- 1 ., .. X ' " ,Y ,i 1 - o fi? 1 . ff' . " W 'V ,i rd 'A A fi 'ky' VAX- . X 1 1 V ,, .. . Q . 1' X5 -Iv 'Ag' ...,- , , ' ', L-V V' - f -"' 1 :T- ' ' "" '45 ,if ,J.'?S' "'QQ,., - 3, ,Yu ju' W 'fd' I '1 f -----V es ' I 5 7 fl-5111 '- -' 5 Q ' ML " ij? VIAQGARET 3' iii GOOW 5 If ' f'T!" - UHEHNIZ!-ITIII 5 i - -- -' --1 LEFT TO RIGHT . First Row: Miss Schroeder, Cora Lee Blanchard, Ruth Vermillion, Joyce Thrailkill, Margaret Gartrell, Mary Early, Mabel Tate, Wilma Havins, Mariorie Mitchell, Dorothy Jane Schramm, Joyce Yvonne Lee, Rosalie Michel, Darlene Johnson, Vera Campbell, Elizabeth Dorsey, Jean Johnson, Dorothy Layton, Elane McCIaskey, Margaret Goodwyn, Jerry Schofield. Second Row: Phil Grove, Gerald Lam, Elaine Holden, Betty Jane Adams, Beverly Elmore, Betty Lou Berry, Mary Madden, Martha Mayson, Doris Bushey, Delores Bushey, Peggy Archibald. NOT IN PICTURE Billy Claunch, Pat Hiebert, Tommy McMath, Mildred Williams, C. D. Peterson, Maxine Eberhart, La Verne Rose, Betty Ann Salmon, Billie Spencer, lmoiean Stewart, Helen Adams, Charles Bice, Jan Black, Chalma Ann Cleveland, Mariorie Decker, Mary Gibbons, Jacqueline Marple, Madie Belle Reese. Art Eluh Sponsor MISS MEREDITH SCHROEDER OFFICERS President . Margaret Goodwyn Vice-President Mildred Williams Secretary . Peggy Archibald Acorn Reporter Pat Hiebert This year the Art Club has conducted a series of studies on "The Art of the United Nations." Part of this was incorporated in the drawings for the Oak. ln addition to this, emphasis has been placed on ceramics, frescoes, and various handcrafts by student lectures illustrated with obiects of art collected by Miss Schroeder and individual club members. For varied and special interest, several prominent Dallas Artists have been our guests, speaking on subiects interesting and vital to students of art. The informal meetings are held in the art room on the first and third Wednesday of each month. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Jeanet Carter, Shirley Wolff, Jacqueline Dillon, Rebecca Cayce, Joy Tabor, Betty Jo Hamm, Mariorie Clark, Billy Margaret Curry. Standing: Margaret Maples, John Maples, James Maberry, Joseale Hulse. NOT IN PICTURE Lawrence Jones, Joy Lee Jones, Clara Louise Loveless, Louis Moore, Gene Turner, Terry Ann Baker, Bernhard Schramm. Toxas State Historical I-Issooiatioo Sponsors MISS ABIGAIL CRANE MISS LORINE HIGGINBOTHAM Fall OFFICERS Spring Lawrence Jones . . . President . . . Lawrence Jones 'Jacqueline Dillon . . Vice-President . . Shirley WOI'FT Joy Tabor . . . . Secretary . . . Joseale Hulse Joseale Hulse . Program Chairman . John MCIPISS Billie Curry .......... Acorn Reporter .......... Billie Curry "Enterprising" is the word for the Junior Historians-they are not satisfied with a passive knowl- edge of local and state history but endeavor to stimulate interest of others in it. Their suggestion to the government that names of the original French settlers be given to the streets in the La Reunion housing proiect was accepted and the proiect was completed as planned. Excursions to various points of interest in the city betook them to the Beeman Cemetery where the 'Family of Margaret Beeman is buried. The olticial magazine, the Texas Junior Historian, frequently contains contributions from the Adamson club, the latest being a letter written by Mariorie Clark's great-grandfather, a general dur- ing the Mexican War. On April 5, the third anniversary of the club was celebrated with a birthday party-cake and all -at one of the oldest houses in Oak CliFF, the Hord home in Marsalis Park. Originally the log cabin residence of early settlers, it now serves are the American Legion Hall for Oak CliFl. :ff ' ' 'i:':"' f ig 4' sv ' ---r- J I .ZZ I ,A ,, ' ,.--- " fre:-1-a:a:a:fe?51w ,H Ma, ' V I 'gi 1 ,, fi if 37 'f x - 'fzgigy ' , , .1 1 " ff 2 ' , y t 2fa,..::-as--,. -41, I , , :weed ,- assess- , ff' f W l , , fa. , . WW 'll ' , If. ,,a,, W , : r Q of "" I :gr -' rf ,W -------- - ::-' , 1 I J , . ,,,, " l 15:51. ,l i , , l Y , 1 7 . 51" .li I ....... - I . ,.,.,.,.,.,.,., .,.,.,,, ' ' "H P J .' x 'S W QW 'Q ?"'1EI5I5l:2:1f1' -. ' , 212 -. '-:IEIEIEIEIBEJ5235413 I , W Q, Y A, X 1 X F' if 3' mari ? W Y H I IQ f fwfr 5 0956? I ,f ... l' frf zfiif ' A S 5 f i I 1 lx if 2 ..r,,. , .. ....., s if, 1 fr' 1-2:sfsEa2aEaEaEaE:' r ..., , , J . ........,,.,,, ., ii ,. , ,Z if ff' ri is QQ J 3 , 2 ,.,. .,.2 J I ,rrziz I t.,.,.: , - -s'--s-sV'V1 V . .. N s v. H .:.:.:.1 V ,,,, ,.,,.:.:. : .:.:.:, v LEFT TO RIGHT First Raw Seated: Billie Margaret Curry, Joseale Hulse, Betty Lou Hix, Alleen Sullivan, Bobbye Sue Miller, Jn Ann Stokes, Drucilla Bivings. Second Raw Standing: Betty Jo Hamm, Jacqueline Dillon, Clea Nelson, Ada .lo Adams, Wanda Hardie, Pat Kelly, Shirley Wolff, Katherine Kerr, Eulah White, Lo Yvonne Peterson, Barbara Bartlett, Elizabeth Newby, Joy Tabor, Orene Whitcomb, Charlotte Saunders, Mary Wood Vaughan, Dorothy Watkins, Miss Higginbotham. NOT IN PICTURE Terry Ann Baker, Helen Bellew, Delores Clark, Jean Cullum, Mary Dagonhart, Bobbie Dinsmore, Jo Evelyn Durbin, Margaret Goodwyn, Marilyn Loomis, De Lois Loomis, Clara Louise Loveless, Mariorie Mitchell, Doris Nelson, Peggy Render, Jean Shuferd, Janie Tiepel, Elizabeth Welch. Bunk Hevinw llluh Sponsor MISS LORINE HIGGINBOTHAM Fall Alleen Sullivan . Bobbye Sue Miller Peggy Render . Betty Lou Hix . Jacqueline Dillon Club Mother MRS. J. H. DILLON OFFICERS . President . . Vice-President . . .Secretary. . . Program Chairman Social Chairman Spring . Betty Jo Hamm . Drucilla Bivings Jacqueline Dillon Bobby Sue Miller . Katherine Kerr Pat Kelly .......... Acorn Reporter ...... . Bobbie Dinsmore "Out of the way! Here comes another member of the Book Review Club." Every other Thursday morning at eight-thirty you hear this cry along the halls. Yes, another interesting meeting is getting under way! During these busy days the chance to hear an entertaining review of a best-seller is a real opportunity. The reviews presented by the members themselves are sometimes humorous, often serious, but always worthwhile. The program for the year has been an exciting one: The Human Comedy, Jo Evelyn Durbin, We Thought We Heard the,Angels Sing, Katherine Kerr, Van Loon's Lives, Elizabeth Newby, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, Dorothy Watkins, Big Rock Candy Mountain, Alleen Sullivan, Get Thee Behind Me, Joseale Hulse, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Betty Jo Hamm. sit? .. ,, ,..,.,...,.,.,,,,, ..,.,......., ...-..s 0... .........,.. .. .............. ............. tl' . W I , Ti? LEFT TO RIGHT Miss Longford, La Verne Woodmansee, Lenore Rubin, June Reynolds, La Nelle Farmer, Bebe Keyser, Joy Cummings, Ruth Rimmer, Carolyn Harris, James Jerry Tunnell. NOT IN PICTURE Elizabeth Newby Dallas Historical Smziaty Sponsor MISS WINNIE LANGFORD OFFICERS Fall Spring Bebe Keyser . . President . . . La Nelle Parmer Lenore Rubin . . Vice-President . . LaVerne Woodmansee Joy Cummings . . . . Secretary . . . . . . Bebe Keyser La Nelle Parmer . . . Program Chairman . . . Elizabeth Newby LaVerne Woodmansee . Acorn Reporter . . . Bebe Keyser Elizabeth Newby . . ...... Archivist . . . . . . . Lenore Rubin This has been a year of true historical gleaning in the Dallas Historical Society. In spite of gas- oline rationing, the club has been able to venture into the far corners of the community to find grains of Dallas history. Beeman's Cemetery, Southern Methodist University, and the new Mercantile Bank Building are a 'few of the spots visited in this search 'For wisdom. At the regular meetings held every other Thursday afternoon, the members brush up on their city's history and discuss current problems facing the metropolis. The year's pleasure has been climaxed by the member's presentation of a play, "Backward GIances," given at the Hall of State on February I9. f : .zassw sr......i"' ammszssmawssww .mn . M- ,., W.. , -1 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Jerry June Williams, Mary Lou Struble, Jo Ann Lowance, Pat Allen, Jeanice Patty, Nancy Bray, Jean Stokes, Jane Julian, Melva Wil- liams, Jo Ann Richards, Pat Ramsey. Second Row: Beth Knight, Joyce Coats, Elane McCaskey, Mildred Hogg, Maclyn Salter, Evelyn Watt, Patsy Mosely, Patricia Reynolds, Ruby Wright, Jane Warren, La Vina Jones. - .I I- 'I Standing: Betty Lou Fisher, Miss Rockett, Reta Kirkland, Jo Ann Hinckley, Dorlis Styles, Mary Hellen Hows, Louise Hawkins, Jo Ann Gowdy, Rose Mary Archer, Betty l.ou Martin, Peggy Ewing, Paula Houston, Peggy Still, Nancy Thomas, Kathleen Bryant, Cecilia Dres. Junier Girl Reserves Sponsors MISS MABEL ROCKETT MISS MYRTLE FOSTER OFFICERS Fall Spring Mary Hellen Haws . . . President . . Maclyn Salter Paula Houston . . Vice-President . Jo Ann Lowance Melba Williams . . . Secretary . . . . Pat Allen Jo Ann Lowance .... Treasurer .... . Jeanice Patty Lavina Jones ...... lnterclub Council Representative ....... Jean Stokes The Junior Girl Reserves do not merely follow in the footsteps ot their big sisters: they walk beside them. It takes a heap o' energy but they have never had a dull moment this year. They have snared their share ot the partners for the monthly dances at the "Y". On Saturday mornings, they have rolled bandages for the Red Cross, made tray tavors for the men at the Veterans Hospital, and assembled ioke books for the local U. S. O. They have had a part in the pleasure at the U. S. S. Canteen. All Junior Girl Reserves will tell you that they have had loads ot fun this year. 4 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Billie Jean Rainwater, Barbara Purnell, Sylvia Jenson, Doris Bushey, Della Lou Sutton, Virginia Jones. Second Row: Jean Watson, Carolyn Lowery, Jean Johnson, Charlene Biggs, Bobbie Sue Miller, Hannah Jo Parris, Bobbie Dinsmore. Third Row: Betty Yates, La Verne Woodmansee, Elaine Figuls, Wyllena Bryson, Mariorie Clark, Dorothy Watkins, Billa Stovall, Edith Province, Bebe Keyser, Katherine Kerr, Drucilla Bivings, Wilma Johnson. Fourth Row: La Nelle Parmer, Paula Sue Stevenson, Jane Sanford, Barbara Allen, Katherine Boyles, Patsy Carter. Standing: Margaret Maples, Irmagene Wilson, Margaret McCreary, Billye Sherman, Janie Tieple, Evelyon Jo Speed, Mae Stovall, Elinor Strother, Foe Stovall, Betty Sourage, Dortohy Grady, Dollie Jane Woodall, Dorothy Wilson, Billie Spencer, Jo Ann Stokes. NOT IN PICTURE Barbara Bartlett, Frances Fulton, Billye Harris, Mildred Holtz, Thelma King, Moriorie Milne, Lenore Rubin, Eulah White, Dorothy Watkins, Billie Jo Burke, Peggy Render, Jenny Beth Minnick, Hazel Bivins, Ruth McCaffrey, Gloria Russell. Seninr Girl Reserves Sponsors MISS EUGENIA NEWBERRY MRS. MINNIE BRAMLETTE Fall OFFICERS Spring Joan Stokes . . President . . . Joan Stokes Bebe Keyser . . Vice-President . . Bobbye Sue Miller Mariorie Milne . . . Secretary . . . Billye Sherman Bobbye Sue Miller . . . Program Chairman . . . Charlene Biggs Lenore Rubin . . lnterclub Council Representative . . Bebe Keyser Mildred Holtz . . . Social Chairman . . . .... Mildred Holtz . . . . Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . Lenore Rubin This has been an exciting year for the Senior Girl Reserves. The social life has been grand! Parties, luncheons, style shows and a week-end Inter-club Council Conference with delegates from Wichita Falls and Fort Worth. On the serious side-there has been a round of activity, too. Many scrapbooks, slippers and utility bags have gone to service men from Girl Reserves, working on spare Saturdays. The most unusual proiect of the year was the formation of the Youth Center at the Y. W. C. A, Here the Girl Re- serves themselves made a bare room into the U. S. S. Canteen, a ship bound for romance and adventure. -s as ,mai LL :.,Z,5, q: X it l l LEFT TO RlGHT First Row: Pat Filson, Pat Hiebert, Pat Ramsey, Second Row: La Verne Waodmansee, La Nelle Parmer, Dorlis Stiles, Mrs. Helen Horn. Third Row: Margaret Gaodwyn, .lay Tabor, Nina Gaines, Johnelle Bradley, Katie Allen. Fourth Row: Robert Hall, Bobby Hardin, Lila Lee, Miss Nellie Bly Lankford. Pen Pal llluh Sponsors MRS. HELEN HORN MISS NELLIE BLY LANKFORD OFFICERS Fall Spring Pat Hiebert . . . President . LaVerne Woodmansee La Nelle Parmer . . Secretary . . . La Nelle Parmer Nina Gaines . . Vice-President . Margaret Goodwyn Robert Hall ......... Program Chairman ......... Dorlis Stiles Recipefor making a Pen Pal 2M cups of ambition M cup of talent l teaspoon of inspiration l cup of knowledge 3 tablespoons of energy Combine all ingredients, stir until smooth, season with a dash of originality, a bit of cleverness, and a large portion of sincerity. Serve a sample to club members and heed their criticisms and com- ments. lf the flavor and aroma are bad, discard, but, if on the contrary, they are pleasing, serve a large slice. This recipe is for a family of sixteen but on Friday, March l7, fed fifteen hundred at a general assembly. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Brit Carpenter, Jean Johnson, Betty Dodd, Edwin Roberts, Reva Nell Cook, Billy Claunch. Second Row: Bobby Kuehne, Mariiene Hendrick, Gerald Lam, Dorrace Schaerdel, Miss Helms. NOT IN PICTURE Charles Fulkerson, Rosie Lee Lowe. Stamp llluh Sponsor MISS DAPHNE HELMS OFFICERS Fall Spring Mariiene Hendrick . . . President . . . Bobby Kuehne Gerald Lam . . . . Vice-President . . Edwin Roberts Dorrace Schaerdel . . Secretary . . . Britt Carpenter Bobby Kuehne . . . . . . Acorn Reporter . . . The Stamp Club, one of the most individual clubs of Adamson, boasts that its members are among the best informed students in school-in regard to stamps. Self-made authorities that they are, they claim to be competent iudges of rare stamps and can give the historical significance of many of the unusual ones. The bi-monthly meetings end with a period of trading where it is claimed that old fashioned horse trading methods, trickery, and skull-drudgery, are revived by modern philatelists bent on bargains. 'Q LEFT TO RlGHT Left Side: Jean Watson, Revo Nell Cook, Estelle Knearem, Betty Harmon, Charlene Cornehls, Phyllis Clark. Right Side: Geraldine Robinson, Bobbie Jo Herring, Mr. Redway, Pat Hiebert, Mina Lee Vernon, Janice King, Margaret Moyers, Pe99Y Strawn, Charlotte Saunders, Cleo Nelson, Wanda Hardie, Peggy Render, Mary Catherine Rosse. NOT IN PlCTURE Doris Nichol, La Yvonne Peterson, Betty Owen, Billie Rainwater, Evelyn Speed, Dorothy Layton, Marceline McNutt, Billye Sherman, Dorothy Wilson, Marilyn Loomis, Thomas Murphy, Juanita Biggs, Anno Marie Whte. Medical Prnfessinns Eluh Sponsor MR. C. H. REDWAY OFFICERS Fall Spring Charlotte Saunders . . President . . . . . Peggy Render Mary Catherine Rosse . . Vice-President . . Mary Catherine Rosse Peggy Render . . . Secretary-Treasurer . . Revo Nell Cook Dorothy Wilson ' . . Acorn Reporter . Dorothy Wilson Estelle Knearem . Library Representative . Estelle Knearem Jean Watson ........ Program Chairman . , ...... Barbara Purnell Interest in biology, medical science or nursing is the only prerequisite for membership in the Junior Medical Professions group. Skeletons, skulls, dissections make fascinating subiects for discus- sion, when the club meets every other Tuesday. Few things can keep strict privacy around this group. Pity even the lowly amoeba as he is spied upon through the microscope! For variety and extra excitement, visits are made to hospitals where excellent opportunity is provided for serious contemplation of the medical profession and its allied vocations. 1 I LEFT TO RIGHT Seated: James Alfred Hitt, Henry Stalford, Laura Green, Nita Jean Salter, Terry Ann Baker, Martha Jo Smith, Paula Houston, Peggy Still, Yvonne Polnack, Alma Jean Stanton, Alice Nell Aughton, Barbara Conner, Mollie Hammer, Dorothy Biggs, Peggy Strawn, Julia Nelle Stamps, Billie Sherman, Annette Baker, Jerry Tunnell. Standing: Clarence Reid, Jeanne La Near, Lenore Rubin, Drucilla Bivings, Dorothy Watkins, Wyllena Bryson, Johnelle Bradley, Nancy Sanders, Marialyce Knisely, Bobbye Sue Miller, Katherine Kerr, Bebe Keyser, Peggy Thomas, Ada Jo Adams, Hazel Bivings, Carolyn Lowery, Wanda Jones, Bettye Yates, Margaret Bohanan, Vernon King, J. B. Kerbow. NOT IN PICTURE Jack Day, Robert Hall, Arthur Jordan, Betty Cearley, Elayne Hardison, Billie Jean Harris, Mary Hellen Hawes, Joan Holyman, Rosalie Lowe, Frances Merwin, Mariorie Milne, Mary Jane Neal, Dorothy Berlin, Emma Jane Chandler, Jacquelyn Dillon, Jean Farrell, Olivia Irwin, Bettie Jo Hamm, Shirley Merritt, Dorothy Moll, Gloria Goolsby, Lurline Payne, Joy Tabor, Maurice Williams, Jeanine Raicoff. Pan American Fnrum Sponsors MISS ROBERTA KING MISS EUGENIA NEWBERRY MISS VIRGINIA ROOTES OFFICERS President . . . Katherine Kerr Vice-President Q . Bebe Keyser Secretary ............ Bobbye Sue Miller Buenos dias, amigo mio! que tal? Coma esta su novio? Que muchacho guapo! If you can't understand that, you are not a member of the Adamson Pan American Student Forum. This organization, meeting every other Monday, is allied with the International Pan American. Its purpose is to foster 'Friendship between all Pan American countries through the dissemination of knowledge with its consequential understanding and tolerance It is real fun to attend the programs of songs, dances, discussions. Five times each year the clubs of the city assemble in chapter meetings. The most exciting event of the local club is the Christmas party complete with the pinata, nacimientos, and other Mexican specialties. Para vds. siempre hay una bienvenida. Por que no viene a visitarnos? i l LEFT TO RIGHT Seated: Carl Younger, Charles Maupin, Bobby Blevins, Ruth Rimmer, Mr. Sherman. Standing: La Tayne McClure, Edwin Harris, Sondra Oster, Janie Tiepel, Dollie Jane Woodall, June Mandeville, Jack Earnest. Natinnal Furansii: Laaqua Sponsor MR. W. E. SHERMAN OFFICERS Fall and Spring President . .... Bobby Blevins Secretary . . . Janie Teipel Vice-President ............ Charles Maupin The activities ot the Adamson Forensic, which attained national affiliation in 1939, include debate, extemporaneous speech, original oratory, and dramatic, humorous, and oratorical declamation. The purposes of these forensic activities are to develop logical thinking, to encourage selt-educat- ing research, and to learn the art of persuasive expression. The district meet held this year at Sunset High School on March 31 and April l includes repre- sentatives from the Texas-Louisiana area. Our four-member debate team, composed of Jack Earnest, Janie Teipel, Bob Blevins, and Charles Maupin, won first place, while Jack Earnest and June Mande- ville, our extemporaneous speakers, tied for first and second places respectively. Other representatives were: Sondra Oster, in humorous declamation and original oratory, Ruth Rimmer, in oratorical decla- mation, La Tayne McClure, original oratory, Janie Teipel, in dramatic declamation, Carl Younger, in oratorical declamation. Practice meets have also been held this year at Sunset, North Dallas, Adamson, Houston, and Shreveport. i i LEFT TO RIGHT Dick Norwood, Robert Hall, Dorothy Watkins, James Maberry, Billy Penn Rowe, Norma Flood, Sondra Oster, Charlene Biggs, Dollie Jane Woodoll, Betty lou Nix, Janie Teipel, Eulah White, Don Coke, Jeanine Adcock, Billye Sherman, Jean Johnson, Betty Osborn, Elizabeth Newby, Pat Kelly, Lindell James, Virginia Palmer, Jean Watson, Barbara Johnson, Jack Earnest. atinnal Thespian Hnnnr Smziety Sp onso r MISS WlLHEl.MlNA HEDDE OFFICERS Fall Spring Betty Lou Hix . President . . Sondra Oster Pat Kelly . . Vice-President . . Lindell James Jo Evelyn Durbin . Secretary . James Maberry "But, my dear, it's too, too divine!" How would you say that? To learn the best way, ioin troupe number 338 of the National Thespian Society. The requirements for membership are tew. If you have the ambition to act, memorize a two-minute prose selection, present it at a regular club meeting, casually pay your initiation fee, then, presto, you're a member of the Adamson troupe and can enter into the ioys of appearing in comedy, tragedy, or melodrama on our own stage! The aim of the organization which is nationally affiliated is: "To create a spirit of active and intelligent interest in dramatics among boys and girls in secondary schools." fs, A'-1' LEFT TO moi-if f I Second Row: Rhea Nichols, John Young, Scott Keahey, Vernon Ratlitif, Gerald Bryant, Edwin Harris. Third Row: Bill Simpson, Billy Joe Tate, lawrence Spray, Bill Durrett, Bill Gribble. X Fourth Row: Harry La Grone, Walter McCallum, James Steele, Oscar Mathews, James Stone. XX NOT IN PICTURE g XX N Jack Taylor, Sam Ward, Bill McCormick, Bill Anderson, Emmett Watson, Richard O'Brien. st Row: Sam Madderra, Jack Redding, Tony Hamlin, Travis Pearson, Jack Lindsey, Robert Argadine. 'X ll Eluh X Sponsor ' MR. W. E. SHERMAN OFFICERS Fall Spring Richard Avery . . . President . . Gerald Bryant Gerald Bryant . . Vice-President . . . Bill Durrett Bill Durrett . . Secretary . . Travis Pearson Are you an outstanding athlete? Do you.own a letter-sweater? lf you do, you are eligible 'For membership in the "D" Club. The fellowship of this organization promotes sportsmanship, clean liv- ing, and fair play. Since l9l5, these wearers of the "D" have gone out into many walks of life to take places in various fields of endeavor. Today many are in foreign fields bringing glory to them- selves and their school as they follow the traditions of the old "D" Club. 'X ' M' "" ' sm ig' QS .'44 f , ' er I ,E 'fe I ,Q 2 584 ff' 522 1 -:i' ,gm I i'i', 1 as 1 akzbl iafsgsifz :1:' 1-1 ' jew? 2 , ,, Q me- , . . Y l . .. , . ...-.-.., . 1 .. , -.-.-.-.-..... , - 7 T. ,, , . .. ft . W .. :,:,:,:,:,,-,ri 4 4, ,, . ,,-, 4. , .,. .,.,.,. . x 1 f 2 ' - ..:a-5. 1' ,1 N " szsfafas Wg, 4 T tt.. S2 f n -:S.:.:,:.:::.: 5 " f in 2':-'f ,., J. r,.r 'rsw ' lllt is Q P5 ,,f' "'. 5 . V ......, W W -1- ,,i. V Seated: Calvin Ellis, Ernest Childress, Jack Redding, Travis Pearson, Jimmy King, Dick Shaw, James Steele, Edwin Harris, Sam Madderra, Charles Knight, Bill Anderson, Bob Carrell, Bill Gribble, Johnny Otis, Don Thomas, Lawrence Spray. Standing: Bob O'Hara, Bill Durrett, Miss Alexander, Joe Adams, Gerald Bryant. . LEFT TO RIGHT Excelsior liluh Sponsor MISS LAURA ALEXANDER OFFICERS Fall Spring Gerald Bryant . . . President . . . Gerald Bryant Bob Carrell . . . Vice-President . Bill Anderson Joe Adams . . Secretary-Treasurer . . Bill Durrett Dick Shaw . . Sergeant-at-Arms . . Dick Shaw Jack Redding ...... ' . . . Parliamentarian ......... Jack Redding The boys in the Excelsior Club are banded together in friendship for open discussion of the affairs of the times. Often they are led in discussions by public spirited men meeting with them. Again they are the vigorous expression of youth learning to take a man's part in the responsibilities of citizenship in a free world. Five of the club members who have already graduated are now commissioned officers and two are "non coms" in the service of our country. This year the members of the club have presented to the library two books of current interest, Tregaskis's Guadalcanal Diary and Carlson's Under Cover. .gf ", 11,4 Mizz.. L .ft 5.5974 1 LEFT TO RIGHT Seated: Juanita Arney, Mary Early, Alta Troutt, Barbara Daniels, Pauline Troutt, Bobbye SUS Miller, Mflbel Tflief Mildred Williams, YVOHHS Nottingham. Standing: Evelyn Jo Speed, Margaret McCreary, Lawrence Spray, Jean Vining, Bobby Leatherwood, Carl Younger, Jacqueline Skeeter, Jacqueline Dillon, Betty Jo Hamm, Alice Ann Stuart, Richard Norwood, Gerald Lam. NOT IN PICTURE Marilyn Ratliff, Zelda Fitzgerald, Ulis Hair, Jimmie King, Mildred Fletcher, David Gault, Dorothy Roundtree, Carl James, Richard Walker, Norma Dunn, Jean Stokes, Don Creagar, Dollie Woodall, Bobbie Lee Yeatts, Mary Lou Adams, Don Smith, Wanda Spain, Georgia Ingram, Melbu Rose Smith, Charles Tarben, Robbie Bowles, Jean Shuford, Bobbie Jo Alexander, Milton Williams, Bill Sullivan, Edwin Harris, Joyce Thrailkill, Rebecca Cayce, Doris Robinson, Ola Ruth McWilliams, Mary McWilliams, Dorothy Ann Bullard, Patsy Allen, Jayme Le Bow, Norma Roberts, Dorothy Grady, Delmer Bates, Lee Britt, Jack Redding, Lee Belser, Chester Conway, Norman Depew, Mary Ann Britt, Wanda Jones, James Hitt, Raymond Eubanks, Earl Richardson, Meldon Cruse, James Edwards, Troy Berry, Alleen Sullivan, John Young, Lila Williams, Don Thomas, Jackie Cline, J. W. Morris, Virginia Sue Varnell, Lloyd Fuller, Betty Joyce McGuiness. Allied Ynuth Movement . Sponsor MR. W. T. HAMILTON OFFICERS President . . . Yvonne Nottingham Vice-President . Edwin Harris Secretary . Pauline Troutt Treasurer . Milded Williams Acorn Reporter ............ Gerald Lam The Allied Youth, Post number 230, is our own youth otficered unit of the national movement in alcoholic education. Its purpose is to train young people to conquer individual and social handicaps that grow 'from drinking. The movement is one to discourage drinking among teen-age groups and open to them a new world of 'fun and worth-while fellowship without the use of intoxicating beverages. , J Xi' 4 ' X24 'S was testes? Etiileafz H932 YZ 04:35 i l TH I A ,Xia ..... : .... 1 , 1 3' ' :-:: f ...Q E. ref f . 'A'-' I v "" 5 ,T ii -I ""':'l:' "--" - ,..: a Z 1 , ,, r ,....,.,.. .. ...V F09 5515 ,Q IHHIH x-1. . D HHH Wllllll' III IQ Hifm v ACTIVITIES C? : 6 c, ylys 1, . l A, LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Marialyce Knisely, Waynette Bowdin, Betty Chance, Mariarie Milne, Betty Jo Hamm, Hannah Jo Parris, Bolsbie Sue Millpr, Bebe Keyser, Anita Lipson, Dena Sue Fields, Orene Whitcomb, Wyllena Bryson.Back Row: .lo Ann Stokes, Clara Loveless, Bill Enochs, Wrlburn Hull, Don Minnick, lrmagene Wilson, Martha Bell Coleman, Jean Daugherty, Lenore Rubin. NOT lN PICTURE Charles Alexander, Louis Moore, Jean Stokes, Laura Green, Doris Robinson, Virginia Jones, Jacle Milson, Jacqueline Dillon, Geraldine Robinson, Dorothy Cassell, Martha Gaunt, Elizabeth Harwell. Student I-Lssistants These "good Gremlins" of Adamson volunteer their time and energy to aid in administering the business aFfairs of the school. They may be seen at work every period during the day running errands or otherwise rendering service in the office of the dean, principal, or senior counsellors. They are recognized by their dependability, courtesy, and cheerful cooperation. Usually they rank high in schol- arship and leadership, and are prominent in many activities. 5' ' 'B E 11 2 4, - J, I Y . ' ,Q r ., V K, W ' F 1... Q, .2,w1,lpr' 4 N , LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: Pat Kelly, Johnelle Bradley, Katherine Kerr, Edith Province, Virginia Hodges, Betty Lou Hix, Norma Jean Flood, Mariorie Milne, Alleen Sullivan, La Verne Woodmansee, La Nelle Parmer, Bebe Kyser, Wyllena Bryson, Betty Saurage, and Louise Steeley. Second Row: Jean Vining, Margaret Bohanon, Betty Neal, Jean Cullum, Serena Copedge, Elizabeth Newby, Dena Sue Fields, Orene Whitcomb, Dorothy Watkins, Margaret Gaodwyn, Ernestine Holland, Bobbie Sue Miller, Pat Hiebert, Betty Grundy. Third Row: Jack lindsey, Lindell James, Alfred Hitt, Wilburn Hill, Vernon King. NOT IN PICTURE Bobby Berhns, Bobby Blevins, Jamie Caldwell, Dolores Clark, Billie Margaret Curry, Jacqueline Dillon, Murlene Fuller, Mary Louise Grice, Carolyn Harris, Jeffrey Horney, Mariorie Howard, .Ioseale Hulse, Sylvia Jenson, Frances Merwin, Richard Newton, Gerald Polnack, Ruth Rimmer, Billye Sherman, Jean Shuford, Joy Tabor, Eloise Tanner, Peggy Thomas, Mary Walther, Maurice Williams, Shirley Wolff. atiunal Hnnnr Society Sponsors MISS LUCY HAMILTON MISS CHRISTINE HAMMOCK OFFICERS Fall Spring Mariorie Milne . . President . . Elizabeth Newby Alleen Sullivan . . . . . . . Vice-President . . . . Lindell James Norma Flood .......... Secretary .......... Betty Saurage "I pledge myself to uphold the high principles of this society to which I have been elected, striv- ing in every word and deed to make its ideals the ideals of my school." Twice a year these words are solemnly spoken by the new members ofthe National Honor Society. The impressive ceremony, replete with white dresses, soft music, mellow candlelight, and gold and white lapel ribbons, lingers long in the memory of those who witness it. The Society dedicated its entire program of i943-44 to Adamson's servicemen whose great contribution to school, country, and God are constant reminders of our patriotic obligation. During the Fourth War Loan Drive, in a vigorous bond campaign, they sold 525,000 in War Bonds and Stamps to the student body and faculty of this school. In this and many other ways the group has lived up to its four cornerstones: Character, Service, Leadership, and Scholarship. JZ f ,.,, iiii 1'-'- 2 :121 5 ' , rii' M: gluu ' g ,,., :,,. I ,.Q: Ki f m sv , MQ 1 1zsz:a:a:s:., " A Q 7 l -,,::' Xa5E2. A x"""m'W ..... 4 . 9 ...i ,Ev . Q I ,,,,, I .,,, y I Y, , W L M ,il in ,,.,. 1 .... , . . v-,v, .. .. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Belly Baker, Pauline Troull, Jack Redding, Alla Troull, Doris Nichol, Paula Sue Stevenson, .lo Ann Hinckley, Belly GriFtis. Second Raw: Elvin Appleby, Cecelia Dress, Elvila La Cosl, Helen Dodgen, Mabel Tale, Nita Jean Salter, Mildred Williams, Don Thomas. Standing: Lois Blackwell, Chandler Hinckley, Miss Alexander, Dorothy Hunter, Bill Gribble. Library Enunnil Sponsor MISS LAURA ALEXANDER OFFICERS Fall Spring Frances Layton . . President . . Frances Layton Jimmy Bell . . Vice-President . . Bill Gribble Don Thomas . . . Secretary . . Don Thomas The Library Council is a service club for helping students who come into the library find, without delay, clippings, pictures, magazines, or books. The members in doing the business routines of the library learn oFtice practice and, most important of all, learn how to get along with people of diFfer- ent personalities. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Bobby Kuehne, Jimmy Swope, Henry Stafford, Jackie Cline, Janie Teipel, La Yvonne Peterson, Eulah White, Alleen Sullivan, Ernestine Holland. . Second Row: Margaret Bohanan, Belly Jo Henry, Bellye Yates, Dorolhy Layton, Bebe Keyser, Bob Lovell, Travis Pearson, J. W. Morris, Belly Lou Garmon, Charlene Biggs, Charlotte Saunders. Third Row: Jack Hyles, Drucilla Bivings, Belly Marlin, Jack Redding, John Young, Bob O'Hara, Charles Lalimore, Gerald Polnack, Richard Newton. Student linunnil NOT IN PICTURE Bobby Blevins, W. A. Couch, Preston Day, Gerald Hill, Harold Klassen, Harry LaGrone, Dick Shaw, James Stone, Vernon Rallilt, Serena Cop- pedge, Palsy Carter, .loy Lee Cummings, Jacqueline Dillon, Bobbie Dinsmore, Helen Dunn, Juanita Edgar, Mariarie Howard, Virginia Jones, June Mandeville, Dorothy Moon, Margaret McCreary, Marceline McNutt, Elizabeth Newby, Belly Jo Owen, La Nelle Parmer, Edith Province, Gloria Russell, Dorrane Schaerdel, Belly Shorl, Della Lou Sutton, Billa Slovall, Carmen Wannamaker, Dorolhy Wilson, Mary Ann Britt, Palsy Gleason, Barbara Conner. Sponsor MISS FLOY AGNEW OFFICERS Fall Spring Jack Redding . President . . Margaret Bohanan John Young . ..... Vice-President ...... . Travis Pearson Janie Teipel ........... Secretary ........ . Gerald Polnack "The Student Council will meet in the auditorium today during counseling." When this announcement is made over the loud speaker, eight class presidents and forty-eight counseling representatives iauntily proceed to the auditorium to transact the business of the day. This business is varied and important because the council works for the improvement of the school through student democracy and good citizenship. This year they have sponsored several energetic campaigns. The collection of costume iewelry for contribution to servicemen in the Pacific for use in their relation with the natives was rather suc- cessful. Repairableifountain pens were solicited and sent to soldiers, sailors, and marines via the repair shop. The annual Student Day was marked by an interesting assembly an eneral participation of the students in administering the routines of school life. X ji Indeed, the Student Council is becoming a good training center ffdture substantial American citizens! I I I Y HEARTS I HIGH by ANNE COULTER MARTENS Presented by THE JANUARY SENIOR CLASS December 3, l943 Directed by Miss Wilhelmina Hedde CAST Dorie . . . . . Pat Kelty Bdrt . . . . Jimmie Swope Elvv - - Betty Lou Hix Leonidas . john Emery AmllY - - Eulah White Perky - Joyce Johnson Freddie . Tom Harper Dash . . . Joe Oliver Kitsie . . Alleen Sullivan Dot . . Louise Steeley Charles Gaines Mr. Sherman ........ 6 During the festivities of commencement, popular Dorie learned that she had won cl house designing contest and was to be interviewed by a prospective employer. Believing that a boy would be more readily accepted, Dorie decided to mas- querade as one and enlisted her.ardent admirer, Bart, as an aid in the deception. Freddie and Dash, iealous of Bart, discovered the scheme and threatened to reveal the disguise. Kitsie and Dot complicated affairs, and Dorie's father proved an added menace. Also contributing to the confusion were Perky, the small sister, Elva, the moody mother, and Aunt Amity, who was trying to settle theawkward predicament. ln a side-splitting scene Freddie and Dash tricked Dorie into revealing her identity. However, after such a hectic experience, Dorie decided that Bart was a far better career than house designing, and Dash and Freddie learned that their interests were really with Dorie's friends, Kitsie and Dot. Page N inely-cigbt 1 5 . 1 . Jeff Ramble Toodles Betty . Owen Selina Jenny Chester Sally Lou Minerva David Vance Amos Atkins O'Toole llll 'T KEEP HIM ITI I3 by ANNE couimz Mtmens Presented by -The June Senior Class April 28, 1944 Directed by Miss wsu-IELMINA HEDDE CAST . s Richard Newton Betty Harmon Carolyn Harris . Don Coke Elizabeth Newby Dorothy Moon James Maberry Della Lou Sutton Virginia Palmer Bobby Blevins . Jackie Cline Carl Younger Beautiful Betty Ramble, harrassed and exasperated over the irresponsibility of her family, refuses to consider marriage to David Vance and subsequent departure for Argentina where a fine new iob awaits the intrepid young man. David seeks consolation in a Southern charmer, Sally Lou Blaine, much to the discomfiture of Betty who retaliates by going on a shopping expedition, charging all purchases Y to members of her family. Giving Dave a taste of his own medicine, she flirts outrageously with Mr. Atkins. The family, stunned by the strange trend of events, awakes to its shortcomings. ln a whirl wind finish, Betty and Dave barely make the boat for a honeymoon cruise, Jeff wakes up to Jenny's charm and Toodles captures her long sought Chester. Page Ninety-11im: Urchuslra 1 1 A l l t l l l l Mary Early, Della Lou Sut LEFT TO RIGHT ton, Connie Wilder, Bill Enochs, Tommy Russell, Frank Evans, John Ma I man, James Estes, Henry Staliford, Mr. Watkins, Billy Wilson, El ' ' Alice Ann Stuart. pes, Billie Harris, Jackie Hedge, James Fogle anne Figules, Dorothy Street, Billie Spencer, Charles Lee, Barbara Brown Ehnrus First Raw- Jean Wat LEFT TO RIGHT . son, Betty Ja Henry, Doris Bushey, Dorothy Piccolla, Margaret McCreary, Wanda Spain, Joseale Hulse, Jane Julian, Hilda Sfqvqll, Second Row: Mr. Watkins, Martha Jo Smith, Mary Moyers, Elaine Holden, Emma Jane Chandler, Bonnie Nottingham, Margie Mitchell B' ' Rainwater, Reba Vaughn. Third Row: James Maberry, Billy Sullivan, Aubrey Pate, Charles Lee, Charles K ' , lllle Jean night, Tommy McMath, James Stone. Intersehelestie Leeque Literary Events The University lnterscholastic League was organized in December, I9IO, at a State Teachers' meeting in Abilene. It is sponsored by a bureau of the Extension Division of the University of Texas and includes many athletic and literary events. Its avowed purpose is to organize and direct through the medium of properly supervised and controlled contests, desirable school activities, thereby assist- ing pupils in preparation for citizenship. These students were chosen in open competition to represent Adamson in the lnterschalastic League Literary Contests: Margaret Goodwyn, Margie Ray Booker, Lindell James, Richard Newton, James Maberry and Don Coke composed the cast for the one-act play, "And Sendeth Rain." J. B. Kerbow and Eleanor Hutson are declaimers. J. B. wan third in the city. The subiect of her prize winning essay was "Dunkirk" by Winston Churchill. Joy Tabor, essayist, won first place in the city. The subiect of her prize winning essay was "Graduation from High School: Then What?" June Mandeville and Jack Earnest are extemporaneous speakers. June won first place in the city, her subiect being "Juvenile Delinquency." Jack won first in the regionaland will compete in the State contest at Austin on May 4-5. His subiect for discussion was "0Ffice of War Information." Ruth Rimmer, Janie Teipel, Bobby Blevins, and Charles Maupin, debaters, won both the city and regional contests. They, too, will compete in Austin at the final state contest. The subiect for debate is: "Resolved, That the United States Should Join in Reconstituting the League of Nations." James Hitt and Yvonne Polnack are spellers. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: June Mandeville, Janie Teipel, Eleanor Hutson, Margaret Gooclwyn, Ruth Rimmer, Margie Ray Booker. Second Row: Joy Tabor, Lindell James, Yvonne Polnack, Jack Earnest, J. W. Kerbow. Third Row: Richard Newton, Charles Maupin, James Hitt, James Maberry, Don Coke. NOT IN PICTURE Bob Blevins K 8 E f. 2 ff W., Q f A 1 1 E iv .V -k ix mwmdl f'b?'lIf-. VT f li-3255: 9' A ' 2Q.54:fgQi Q A' , k 4 sfiifsl,--1 , WL -W mmm Adamsnrfs Battle Line Our illustrious visitor, Colonel Hans Adam- son, on his visit here last fall reminded' us: "The battle line of American youth is in the school room." On left page, top to bottom, you see: "The Sonneteersf' Miss Aduddell's senior English class. They contributed the sonnets published in this Oak. A quiet moment in the Library! Mathematicians with Mrs. Bramlette. On this page, top to bottom, you see: National Honor Society initiation-a min- ute ot hushed silence. The real pleasure of the Foods laboratory. Sewing for the Junior Red Cross-slippers 'For heroes. Future bankers with their sponsor. To them we intrust our money! The lunch room during a busy hour. Uak Representatives Hustling, bustling super-salesmen, here they are! These are the 'folks who charmingly, threaten- ingly high-pressure you into buying an Oak. Elected by the members of their counseling groups, they handle all orders and payments for the annual. Thus they combine the intricacies of bookkeeping and the finesse of selling with tenacity and endurance, for the job lasts all year! As a result of their etifort, many of them have earned their own books by selling twenty or more. To these salesmen, for a iob well done, orchids. LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Virginia Jones, Peggy Luwance, Hannah .lo Parris, Bobbie Dinsmore, Sylvia Jenson, la Verne Golden, Reva Nell Cook. Second Row: Nancy Sanders, Morialyce Kniseley, lrmagene Wilson, Jenny Beth Minick, Barbara Allen, Jacqueline Dillon, Dorothy Watkins, Margaret McCreary. Third Row: Gerald Lam, Richard Norwood, Betty Grundy, Jean Vining, Patricia Hiebert, Jo Adams, Carolyn Harris, La Verne Woodmansee, Dru- cilla Bivings, Mettawee Crisp, Wanda Long. NOT IN PlCTURE Lindy Chandler, Don Thomas, Mae Stovall, John Emerly, James Wall, Gloria Clouse, Charles Morris, Wyllena Bryson, Frank Taylor, Charles Davis, Mary Catherine Rosse, Jack Hyles, Johnelle Bradley, Bobbie Blevins, Wanda Greathouse, Alys McLaughlin, Fred Davis, Shirley Woltt, Elinor Strother, Asa Holleman, Billie Garrett, Tommy Fox, Betty Harris, Joe Oliver, Don Alexander, Betty Althousan, Joyce Mitzi Mizell, Jackie Cline. N 1 Uali Business Staff SPONSORS Miss Christine Hammock Mr. Winton E. Noah Betty Grundy Evelyn Kennedy Clara Louise Loveless Mariorie Milne Sondra Oster Elinor Strother Alleen Sullivan Jean Vining Orene Whitcomb llali Editorial Staff SPONSORS Miss ldabel Cabaniss Miss Ripple Frazer Margaret Goodwyn Elizabeth Newby Florence Harmon Edith Province Pat Hiebert Dorothy Street James Hitt Edna .lo Williams Betty Lou Hix Irmagene Wilson Gerald Lam La Verne Woodmansee Nw The flcnrn Bill McCormick Advertising Manager Dollie Jane Woodall Feature Editor Jeffrey Horney R O T C Editor Jack Lindsey Sports Editor Richard O'Brlen Sports Editor Sponsor MISS HENRIETTA EISENLOHR OFFICERS Fall Staff Jean Cullum Pat Kelly . . . Editor-in-Chief Pqf Hieberf Jack Haydon . Business Manager Gerald Lam Margaret Loraine . Stalt Photographer lvy Fain, Joyce Johnson, Jean Johnson Feature Editors Robert Argadine . . . . Sports Editor Hazel Sanders . . . . Exchange Editor Lila Williams Exchange Editor I QM www J MM? fm, flfrw! yu-6 JXAJFQ V Ajff Q71 Ml I Vflfl, MMA WM 7650 JM gf Am M, JMJQJ1 f 'R f V' a fCff4j7!,Q7?f Mfwi lflfx f4l'Vxf'- k'57M'v ffffgffx' jufqjxl' ,mfai QQ .AWWA A f ,f 'Q AK , ,,fMff2 Vai 1 ATHLETICS X MAJORETTES 3 COLOR GUARD left fc right-Arlene, Marceline, Dorothy, Charlene. Leff io righf-Sylvia, Bobbie, Norma, Della, Hannah lo, Billie, Fred, captain PEP SU All +. j. BL BBA D 0 fs BILLA PEGGY ' EDITH YELI. LEADERS Left fo Right JACK DAVIS J. W. MORRIS BARBARA JOHNSON DOLLIE JANE WOODALI. I MILTON ELMS Noi in Picfure ELEANOR WALL September September October October October October October November LEUP!-111115 17-North Dallas . . 0-19 25-Forest ...... 1 2- 0 1 7L -Woodrow Wilson 2-13 Sunset . . 7-30 14-Tech ...... 19-28 23 30 -Woodrow Wilson 6- 7 -North Dallas . . . 0- 6 13-Sunset . . 0-35 November 20-Forest . . 13- 0 November 26-Tech . . 0-12 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: James Hamilton, Tony Hamlin, James Stone, Oscar Mathews, Travis Pearson, Johnny Jones, John Cather,'Warren Townsend, Don Thomas. Second Row: Bobby Behrns, Ernest Childress, Alex Pearce, Wilburn Hill, Dick Shaw, Bill Durrett, Gerald Bryant, Richard Avery, James Steele, Bill Dodson, Bob Carrell. I i , Third Row: Rhea Nichols, Bill Gribble, Bill Simpson, Lindy Chandler, Sam Madderra, Harry La Grone, Edwin Harris, lawrence Spray, Scott Keahey. 1 Page One Hundrerl Fo1u't1'eu LETTEHME Top to bottom Left SCOTT KEAHEY Guard With his vicious charging and blocking "Scottie" acquired his second letter for the blue and white. He was chosen by the I2 High School coaches on the All-City team. JAMES STONE Back Promoted from last year's scrub team, James proved an eFticient substitute. He'll be a candi- date for the starting line-up next year and one of the Leopard's three co-captains. LAWRENCE SPRAY End After getting a slow start, "Spraygun" im- proved sufficiently to earn his letter in the last half of the season. He'U be back next year and should win a starting berth. RICHARD AVERY End Three-year letterman, "Dusek" was chosen as the team's most valuable player and was unanimously chosen on the All-City team. He was co-captain last fall. Right BILL DURRETT Center Excelling in defensive assignments and down-field blocking, "Wild Bill" was a candi- date for All-City honors until he broke his arm in the Woodrow game. He'll be co-captain next fall. HARRY LA GRONE End "Sleepy" earned his first letter this year. His charging mode him a valuable substitute and may win him a starting position next fall. WALTER McCALLUM Back Excelling in broken field running and pass- ing, "Walt" earned his initial letter this sea- son and will be back again next year. GERALD BRYANT Back Filling in at Beesley's position, "Moley" did a creditable iob and should be one of the outstanding backs in the city next fall. NOT PICTURED CHARLES DAVIS Back A fleet runner, a good pass-receiver, track star, Charlie was a constant threat for the Leopard's opponents. ROBERT ARGADINE Back A fast, hard-running back, Bob started every game to earn his initial letter. He was a con- stant ground-goiner and a good pass-receiver. l ..,f-f 7' , ,f LETTEHIVIE Left RH EA NICHOLS Back One of the fastest backs in the city, "Nick" collected his first letter last year and has two years left to thrill the football fans of Adam- son. BILL GRIBBLE Tackle Rising from last year's scrub team, Bill proved a good all-round performer and earned a starting position in the latter half of the season. TONY HAMLIN Guard With plenty of fight and pep, Tony earned his letter last fall after gaining a year's ex- perience on the scrub team. He'll be back again next fall. TRAVIS PEARSON Back Two-year letterman and co-captain, Travis was switched from guard to quarterback and proved an able blocker and signal caller. He'll be back as co-captain again next fall. Right BILL SIMPSON Tackle After starting in the first five games, big "Saba" broke his finger in the Tech game and saw little service the latter half of the race. He'll be back again next fall. EDWIN HARRIS Back Playing at his best when the going was difficult, hard-plunging "Bird" earned his posi- tion on the team, lettering his first year out. JAMES STEELE End An all-round good end, "Rusty" earned his first letter last fall. He held his own on de- fense and capably executed his offensive as- signments. SAM MADDERRA Guard Playing hard every minute of the game, powerful Sam earned his second letter last fall. He handled responsible chores at any position on the lThe. NOT PICTURED BILLY JOE TATE Tackle A steady performer throughout the entire race, "Big Red" should be a candidate for All- City honors in the "44" campaign. OSCAR MATHEWS Center Playing his first season for the blue and white, "Red" earned his letter as substitute center. He'll be back next fall and probably will be changed to an end position. ON OAK CI.IFF FIIGI-I QQIJ Illfll llIrlIIlrl l 6' JllflllllHl JI Eli Tmzow TI-IE BALL A-ROUND-l-HE END, A Toucnnown SURE-l-HI3 'limi 17 I F -alma I AI ,IlII1lAI'IJll ON OAK CLIFF HI ON OAK CLIFF HI FIGI-IT ON FoI1YoIIIz FAME. AIIFIIIIIIIIII IIIIIII FIGHT l:EL'L0w5 FIGHT ANDWEWILL WIN TI-IIs When the band breaks into the familiar strains of "On Cak Cliff High" opponents of Adamson know that the blue and white is on the march again. Many football heroes have received inspiration from it and all students, past and pres- ent, associate it with some of the most thrilling experiences of their school life. May it never be forgotten. 2.2 GAME l 1 l LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Jack Knearem, Bobby Patton, Roy Rumsey, Jack Talbot, Bill Self, Amos North, Joe Parks, Tommy McMath. Second Row: Edwin Durhcm, Charles Morris, Rolfe Beaudry, Jimmy Lester, Kit Parsons, Johnny Otis, Donald Hooten, Jerry Moore Charles Knight Third Row: Charles Bice, Thomas Burgess, Vincent Beauduy, Woodrow Wilson, Roy Mason, Bill Sullivan, Delmer Bates, L W Jones Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson Adamson ..... H... . U... - LITTLE LEUP!-LHBS SCHEDULE 6 Sunset 13 Sunset 6 Sunset 6 Tech 6 Forest l2 Fo-rest .. 6 Forest ........... l2 Woodrow Wilson W. E. SHERMAN, Coach B SHETB LI. Beginning with no returning lettermen or squadmen, the highly inexperienced Leopards went through the season win- ning twenty victories out of thirty games played and finished fourth in the city series. They scored a total of l,lO8 points to 870 for their opponents, and wound up the season by winning the trophy for first place in the Oak Cliff Y. M. C. A. Invitational Tournament. ln the finals of the same contest they . Ml defeated Crozier Tech to win another trophy and individual xx awards for each of the players. L Ml .i N LEFT TO RLGHT X First Row: Elzie Whitney, Jake Commander, Bobby Baker, Malchom Ogden, Jack Redding, Tommy Ivy, Harvy Hudson, Charles Holliday. Second Row: Mr. Sherman, Bill Anderson, Bob McGlasson, George Lovell, Arthur Jordon, Donald Hooten, Oscar Matthews. Third Row: Walter McCallum, Walter Paris, Elmer Elkins, Robert Clark, Leroy Howard, Bob Lovell, Evlyn Appleby, Robert lied, lindy Chandler. Fourth Row: Jmmy Kerr, .lack Taylor, Bill Gribble, BillKMcCormick, Sam Ward, Richard O'Brien, John Young, Emmett Watson, Harold Classon. l , 5 Page One Humlrcrl Eigfatcvrz l f I I, fl -U Nfl! 5 Lf fl Mfg 7 N l T ,4 , f ,ff7l I 1.3 SCHEDULE SECOND HALF Woodrow Wilson ..,...,,..,.,, ....... 2 9 Adamson ...,...,....,,.........., ....... 3 1 Crozier Tech ,...,..,, ,...,.. 3 'l Adamson ...4.... ..,,.,. 2 3 North Dallas ,..,.. .....,. 4 3 26 31 Adamson ...4.... . .... ,. Sunset ..,...,.. Adamson ..... ..,. 20 Forest ...... ....... 2 6 Adamson ,....,.,.. . ..,.,.......,, , ,.,.. . 46 FIRST HALF Woodrow Wilson ,. ,.,..,..,... .,..... 3 I Adamson ......,..,...., ....,.. 2 9 Crozier Tech ,..,.. ....... 3 7 Adamson ,.....,. .....,. 3 3 North Dallas ,.,... ..,..., 4 0 Adamson ...,.. , 34 Sunset ....,. ....... 4 I Adamson ..... .,..,.. I 5 Forest ,..... ..,.. .. 20 Adamson .,... .. ,..... ,.,..,. 3 5 X 1 6 X. Page One Hundred Nineteen TRACK l Through sheer determination cmd fighting spirit, the Leopard tracksters upset the dope by winning, for the second consecutive year, the city championship. Vernon Ratliff was the high scorer in the city meet in which he collected 15 of the teams 37112 points by winning first place in the discus and shot. Rhea Nichols won first in the 880 and George Theis tied for first in the high iump. ln pre-season practice meets, the Blue and White won three of nine meets. ln the regional meet, Adamson won second place by scoring 25V1 points. Ratliff was first in the shot and Surley second in the 880. Rolfe Beaudry lost first place in the mile by a mere one-tenth of a second! At the state race in Austin, Rhea Nichols won first place in the 880-yard run and Vernon Ratliff placed in the shot and broad iump. Eight men lettered. Plenty of credit is due Pop Noah for coaching these boys through their very fine season. E. NOAH, Coach LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: George Theis, Vernon Ratlifl, Wayne Patty, Rhea Nichols, Rolfe Beaudry, Bob Simms, Forest Kavanaugh. . ' Second Row: Earl Richardson, Alex Pearce, Clyde Case, Biily Joe Tate, Kenneth Ratlitf, Kenneth Latimer, Preston Day, Joe Parks, Keith Davis, Manager, Third Row: Thomas Murphy, Maurice Wallace, J. R. Tucker, Raymond Eubanks, J. G. Pickett, Forest Farrar. X!!! I MQ! diff! l' ,nj KA r , ,Hs , no B jg' 'f Tru-U N Qi f Moglffgf QM ww? ff.: ' 1'-3 ,.4 jf 1 . 1 VVX4 7 J, ff gd - W 'X QW , L ' .151 LETTEHNIE Clockwise Rolfe Beauclry Billy Joe Tote Bob Simms Wayne Potty George Theis Vernon Rotliff Rhea Nichols Noi picfured Kenneth Surley ! 1 , BASEB LL 'is Winning their first three games of the season by defeating Woodrow Wilson, Forest and North Dallas indecisive manner the Leopards started off the l'-744 season with a fine chance of repeating as city champions for the third consecutive season. However, title chances were shaken up when they were defeated by Sunset, 4-3. They went into a tie for first place by defeating Crozier Tech, but dropped back to second place when they were defeated by Woodrow Wilson. Winning over Sunset's Bisons l-O in their last game played before this printing, the Leopards have three remaining games to play to decide their standing in the 1944 city title race. Three lettermen make up the strength of the l944 squad. They are Jack Redding, Jack Lindsey and Robert Argadine, Lindsey is a two-year letterman. Both Lindsey and Argadine were selected on the mythical All-City team last season. Probable lettermen as announced by Coach Henslee are as follows: Sam Ward, Walter McCallum, Kenneth Cason, Jack Lindsey, Robert Argadine, Jack Redding, Maurice Williams, Wilburn Hill, Wilmer Froese, James Steele, James Blair, Floyd Walker, Bobby Ramsey, Richard O'Brien and Buddy Nix, Manager. a' - . , if g I , ,XA 4 ,, , - U, N - I ' T f 9'7'l"1-'- -A w. w. HENSLEE. coach ff f-Je' " ' f' ' "f ' 'X I cf" LEFT T0 RIGHT First Row: Wilmer Froese, Bob Ramsey, Maurice Williams, Kenneth Cason, Walter McCallum, James Blair, James Steele, Wilburn Hill, Sam Ward. Second Row: Frank Garrison, Jack Redding, Richard O'Brien, Jackflflndsey, Floyd Walker, Robert Argadine, Bill Sullivqn, Coach Henslee. Third Row: James Blankenship, Archie Simms, Charles Holiday, Bobby Westmoreland, LofTayne McClure, Jack Hart, .Robert Lee, Arthur Jordan, Jakefammander. t .Jf V' . .Jr .1 ' v Q X " -A T 2 f -f f ' ' f' F i X f " T Q '- . X ,, ' M H 4 i X lf! 4 . f if V r. J N' J! ll ' Q "F,'f'X5QVJv"J rv ff wi if .js JJ ,ff 412' l ,ll , 1, ll fl' AJ X, KGOLF TEAM far! h I LEFT TO RIGHT Firsf Row: Sidney Smari, Claude Reed, Charles Laitimnre. Second Row: Bill Broughfon, Harry Glover, L. C. Leffwich, Charles Rodgers. 1 TENN S TEAM , X . LEFT TO RIGHT Pam Burke, Sondra Osler, Doris Bushey, Milton Elms, Doloris Bushey, Jack Earnest, Mr. Smith, Emmett Watson, Mary Jon Holbrook, Bobby Sue Miller. Page One H1t71!11VEll Twenly-three 1, ' MMM-f' , ig','fWf'-'W f' r f Q 4 X. . , - . V. W.. K in H" -. M "W ' ' .M K . V1 Q. e1-..,,: 'Q K .1 41 yy -A VA: MLW ,Q M -V im ,L jylw If .. ki xggmifu' .shin r -1' f' f Him. V fffiicillf . ' 'K , " W I 'ww W 'f fwfvgew 'gif 'vfgffklf W, - f 1 wie? ' . S2 Q-E223 lg!! 15, 15765 ?SH'g'Q'iTi?m , W' .rx wfwfww ff ww 'JW " ' .-,fm M 515 we . " .. Q hlgv -1 -N .Vawff . - L' . ,ks .. - 5 ' Q'-. , , 7- 3 , -f . 1 ,Mm 5 ,1 I F " ' ' Q3 V M , . pe 'xi Q-sffzyf :wr ', V, '- -- -W Qsfp' , . wxisew ,I 2 2? ' K. , W 155. 5 7 . 5.1.5 .1 ' ,V 1 A 'fa-is A .Y wif .WV 1.1323 5 - - f .il mm V, , 15 1: A' f K Q. E. wx W .WW -- V.-W VL, ij.. , My , Li d mm2Ew? ' L,x7m2wggf w425,2:p:.,.i,g,,.f' ff 4' - , V X . .. :. .. .Q-1.4 -- f fkkfwgmvsmwmlmswgwmem-'fu 1--gf" ' ' ,. ., ff -2 . ., , V., . 2 LW,-f,f S, , ,e1.mqL,esfm:52,5s-fyfw,91..1m,-fMz,m.wwf 3. 5 , ' fifwrwf-S .ala " " S L 1 K' "K-k- M 'G ' mf L f -I-AM-W' ' --- .. -. iiifwv 1f'221sf"1s22ff Q-Sew ' :bl-'i" ' , ,V M,:.fw:wW-- K .. U MPP 5 L s .. K, V- - H -- .- A x W M M,l5.,,i.w,,W Q, V.-H. - . V - VL -.K b . 1 W., .fs-M , q fhg' vkswalfesw wSsg9Qii:.if1?fQfQ2ff1Qf' ,W ' - - - 'Biff -- , - .. " - -"- 2' , V. ,,.., nw' ,- xl ' -' 1 - .- ' ' ' fi V 'NU f ., 1. 2 , -, ,K u 1 1 Q. - L M ,lv . L , 5 i WY'-11 W ' 2 ' S5 ,, ,, I ..., , Ap, ,f - ,- 1 591533521 1 . ' 2 ' ' 4 2 T? ' .75e....f.i A , 5. -- -- -X . - A f 3 ' . ,Q , .QQ 5 Q 2 ' 2 Hg fi N V' Y Q ffl -'Apzv-M, H W -. . , , . 5 W 7- wg f, 5,5 - WL VY' 1? A. L . Q I . , mi H A we 324 wr. 5. 55? Q. W gh if 5 9 ',,..0- .,f-f' i -1' "",,,......- ,,,...... 'fs fo: --L., X I M 'W ILIT HY EIJLIIHS LT Col-ONE'-J W MORRIS MAJOR JEFFREY HORNEY Regime,-,pal Commander Regirnenfal Executive Officer LEFT TO RIGHT J. R. Tucker, Chandler Hinckley, Tom McMullen, Richard Milke Page One H umired Twenty-six V ST FF ALBERT Captain Reserve ww TEQH g 'fig DEWEY BRUMIT Lf. Colonel Reserve LEFT TO RIGHT George Thies, Lewis Elam, J. W. Morris, Bob Blevins, Jeffrey Horney, Dewey Brumit, John Cather, Jack Wah, Alber? Klcssen, Don Miichell, Bobby Dan Taylor, Jimmie Lesfer. Page One Hundred T1UE1lfj1-5011011 RIFLE TEA 1 , W, i i l me yv Vf XLEBU o RIGHT First Row: Phil Jones, Billy Rankin, Tom Harper, Dewey Brumit, Elroy Archer, Edna Jo Williams, Hubert Penn, Scott Keahey, Charles Gaines, Loyd Fuller. Second Raw: John Maples, Warren Cunningham, Henry Boardmcyyfboflrnmy Box, James Campbell, Jeffrey Horney, George Theis, J. W. Morris. 1 JH. ff If V. Y R IJFFIIIEHS' III. B f Q. 1 LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: 2nd Lt. Joe Adams, lst Lt. Wendell Russell, Lt. Col. Res. Dewey Brumit, Capt. Tommy Fox, Capt. Bobby Blevins, Capt. Elroy Archer, Sponsor Florence Harmon 2nd Lt. James Wall, 2nd Lt. Richard Newton, 2nd Lt. Jack Hyles, 'Ist Lt. Bernhard Schramm, Capt. John Cather, Capt. Res. Albert Klassen, 2nd Lt. Howard Butcher 'lst Lt. Gerald Palnock. Second Row: lst Lt. Jack Watt, 'lst Lt. Gerald Powell, Capt. Scott Keahey, Capt. James Campbell, Capt. Charles Gaines, 'lst Lt. Lawrence Jones, Maiar Jeffrey Horney Capt. Alex Pearce, lst Lt. Bob Robneit, 'lst Lt. Hubert Penn, 2nd Lt. Bob O'H1ra, Lt. Col. J. W. Morris. IIIJ Pl-l Commanding Officer CAPTAIN ELROY ARCHER QM T 'f ff f f ff" , WV, I esffjj f Z4 ' W! K ' f f riri f 74 if X f f f 4 ,' .V M ' 4 J R Q6 f 7 X LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: James Bryant, Wilbur Thompson, Sammy Young, Bill Janes, Wilbert Tisch, Floyd Ewton. Second Row: Kenneth Coson, Don McCulIey, Bert Allen, Elza Whitley, Glenn Ramey, Glen Flowers, James Higgins, James Wall, Elroy Archer, Florence Harman, Hubert Penn, Tommy Fox, Richard Howard, Raymond Geisert, C. B. McCa9hren, Robert Carpenter, Forest Davis. Third Row: James Massengill, Bobby Behrns, Kyle Lievsay, Billy Rankin, Phil Jones, J. W. Miller, James Wiseman, Lloyd Kerr, Charles Parks, Gene Walther, Glenn Cootes, Don Smith, Jimmy Kerr, Homer Lawson, Harold George, Raymond Harrison, Billy Bob Steen, Hubert Burleson, Jesse Grayum. Fourth Row: Virgil Wright, Milton Davenport, Arthur leyhe, John Phipps, Don King, Harold Henley, Billy Berlin, Howard Speer, Eddie Tolson, Bobby Ramsey, Dick Show, Jimmie King, Norman Dapew, Gene Turner, Kenneth Ratlilf, Charles Morris, Marvin Stark, Lawrence Spray. Page One Hundred Twenty-nine J Mft LEFT First Row: George Cunyus, Edward Rhodes, James Mitchell, Billy Shaw. Second Row: Charles Dillingham, Robert Mulvany, Gerald Sutton, Wayne Farrar, A Homer Finch, Milton Elms, Jack Davis, Sammy Pogue, J, E. Banks, Harry Third Row: Charles England, Ross Ellis, Benny Harris, Bill Cook, James Hitt, Joe Ell PA Commanding Officers LEFT TO RIGHT CAPTAIN ALEX PEARCE,fall CAPTAIN TOMMY Foxdpring TO RIGHT J John O'Neal, Billy Brister, Alex Pearce, Betty Jo Henry, Joe Adams, Gerald Polnack, Bates. Taylor, Billy Sullivan, James Sawey, Troy Berry, Delmer Bates, Clarence Reid, Howard Pollack, James Fears, Bill McCaskilI, Billy Collins, Neal Mays, Billy Layfield, Jack Day. Fourth Raw: David Gault, Wendell Baggett, Charles Rippy, George C. Haney, Jack Rosser, Elmer Elkins, Asa Holleman, J. W. Thames, Alfred Slater, Raymond Eubank, Billy Hale, John Standley, Henry Boardman, Bob Duff, Don Coke, Leslie Smith, WUFYGI1 CUl1flif'9hClf'1, MJCJCBY WUVSOU- Page One Hundred Thirty Q Q 3 .T IIIIMPI-I Commanding Officers LEFT TO RIGHT CAPTAIN JAMES CAMPBELL, spring CAPTAIN CHARLES GAINES, fall -ewii W 1' LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: R. D. Lance, W. C. Fain, Clifford McCaghren, Sydney Smart, DeWitt Sturdivant, George Weatherford. Second Row: Mark Deering, Donald Clark, Ralph Coleman, Jack Roberts, Rob Rumsey, Jimmy McCormack, Bernhard Schromm, Charles Gaines, Louise Steeley, Richard Newton, Jock Hyles, Jack Hughes, Lloyd Fuller, Dennis Smart, Charles Morton, John Wheeler, Robert Keesee. Third Row: -Levy Dean Arthur, Maurice Tunnell, John Prichard, Edward Armstrong, Edward Elrod, Harold Klosses, William Fiorenza, Billy Kemp, Robert McCree, Joe Carvalel, Gladden Sedberry, John Ingram, Charles Lockleor, Leslie McDonald, James Hale, Carl Younger. Fouffh ROWS Jess Epps, Raymond Grace, James Hamilton, Wayne Adams, Jerry Moore, Harold Whitfield, Myles Mimier, James Barker, Billy Vanlandingham, Bill Miller. Jack Fulbright, louis Brown, Arnold Gregory, Robert Hefner, George Crouch, Cecil Neef, Jack Hart, Harry Helsley. Page One Hundred Thirty-one IIIJMPA Commanding Officers CAPTAIN SCOTT KEAHEY, fall Nor SHOWN CAPTAIN ALEX PEARCE, spring fl? seas ' .fied s 5 . s LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Jean Ray, Johnny Edgar, Winfield Rosenberger, Kenneth Lawson, Tommy Blissitte, J. W. Nail. Second Row: Forrest Farrar, Jackie Hedge, Billy Windle, John O'Glee, Gilbert Geiger, Donald Hooten, Travis Armstrong, Bob Robnelt, Scott Keahey, Pat Kelly, Howard Butcher, Wendell Russell, Roy Dean Richards, William Cole, Jack Basden, Hamer lenninss, D- C- Momlf, Charles Girminss. Joe Cunningham- Third Row: H. C. Kidd, Fred Stringer, lsham Wilson, Hilton Davis, Howard Whitcomb, Billy Holland, Jerry Tunnell, J. R. Tucker, Louis Moore, James Maberry, Earl Richardson, Harold Binion, Thomas Burgess, James Harralson, Frank Tucker, John Jennings, Tom Harper. Fourth Row: J. B. Kerbow, Gene Heartsfield, Alfred Pellettier, Bobby Hardin, George Shanks, Milton Bates, Charles Alexander, Weldon Willingham, Bobby Ketron, Dean Shaun, James Edwards, Ernest Malone, Roy Smith, George Norcross, Bob Miuick, Richard Miike, Warren Townsend, Ernest Childress, Morris Ragsdale, Tommy l s. Page One Hundred Thirty-two llll Pi-I Commanding Officers If . FIRST LT. GERALD POWELL, spring ' Nor SHOWN CAPTAIN JAMES CAMPBELL, fall we ww LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Ronald Baggefl, Billy Wade, Eddie Slafen, Roland Conway, Lesier Heibert, CIiHord Booker. Second Row: Roy Reynolds, Bill Self, Tommy Barlon, Harold Judd, Reveris Armstrong, Hershei Highlower, Gerald Powell, James Campbell, Jean Walson, Lawrence Jones, Bob O'Hara, Donald Hall, Thad Goodwyn, Frederick Goerdel, Grady Gider, Vlandal Elrod, Jimmie Stoll. Third Row: Bob McGlasson, Charles Bice, Charles Brice, Charles Houslon, Richard Long, Wayne Bracken, Joe Oliver, Tommy Wilson, Gene Harper, David Landrum, Charles Rogers, Bill Broughlon, Billy Glover, Bill Bailey, Gene Buck, C. D. Pelerson, Peylon Fuerer. Fourth Row: Rudolph Fields, L. C. Jones, Bill Peak, Eddie Keiningham, Ulis Hair, Johnny Sleelh, David Scheeps, Billy Claunch, Worley Jones, Charles Johnslon, .loe Gomez, Taylor Boyd, Tommy Williams, Paul Nichols, John Mullendore, Rudy Haas, Johnny Jones. Page One Hundred Thirly-three H. l1.T. II.Bi-l ll Commanding Oliicers MAJOR FRED DAVIS, fall Nor sHowN CAPTAIN JACK CLINE, Spring LEFT TO RIGHT First Raw: William Hodges, Bob Farrar, Charles Lee, Charles Laftimare, Kenneth Commander, Jackie Cline, Fred Davis, Edna Jo Williams, Jack Earnest, Charles Maupin, Lindell James, Bobby Keyes, Henry Sfaliord, Harry Glover, Warren loper, Claude Reed, Colonel Watkins. Second Row: Millan Billingsley, Jackie Hill, Ross Powell, Billy Wilson, Oscar Malhews, Bell Enochs, Bobby Hill, Charles Goff, Earl Barnell, Ralph Thurman, Bernice Akin, Ralph Tacker, Joe O'ConnelI, George Thurmond, John Maples. Third Row: James Estes, Joe Pike, Billy Dee Jolly, Billy Bridgman, Chesler Conway, Billy Thompson, Jimmy Slewarl, James Fogleman, Bob Young, Tommy Russell, Don Minnick, Frank Evans, Leon Turner. Page One Hundred Thirty-four ,, I REMEMBER A SENIOR September 13-"School days, school days, dear old golden rule days," that's what the song says. I'm not so sure, anyway, here they are and we'lI make the best of them. Noticed some new faces among the faculty. Col. Watkins has taken over the music department. Mr. George Brown from Baude Storey is now guiding students in the field of physics. Mrs. Mary Carter and Miss Harriet Gibson are assisting Miss Graves. Then there's our new nurse, Miss Ivy, and the dietitian, Miss Tynes. September 'l5-Classes are gradually getting straightened out. A few frantic 4A's and puzzled freshmen still rushing around and getting nowhere. Noses have been counted and statistics reveal there are about 200 less Adamsonites this year than last. September 'I6-Ho, Humm-school isn't so bad-if you're a senior. September 20-The Pep Squad is under the command of Peggy Render, Edith Province and Billa Stovall, Della Lou Sutton, Billie Jo Burke, Hannah Jo Parris, Sylvia Jenson, Bobbie Dinsmore and Norma Flood add that "feminine touch" to the Blue Band. September 23-The 4A's show their good iudgment by electing capable leaders: John Young, Scott Keahey, Alleen Sullivan, Ivy Fain and Betty Lou Hix. September 24-Student Council begins its term of work with Jack Redding, president. September 25-Thrilling game with Forest ended in l2-0 victory for the Leopards. September 27-Eight pretty girls appeared today wearing the offi- cial uniform of R. O. T. C. sponsors. Betty Lou Garmon, Mary Lial Glascock, Louise Steeley, Pat Kelly, Jean Watson and Edna Jo Williams. October l-Short, peppy, Dollie Jane Woodall elected to fill vacancy of Senior Cheer Leader. Dallie will add high flavor to the cheering which is led by J. W. Morris, Barbara Johnson, Jack Davis, Milton Elms and Eleanor Wall complete the group. October I8-Was inspired by Col. Cohee, Chaplain of the Eighth Service Command, who challenged the high school students to be worthy of the sacrifices of the men at Bataan. October 'I9-That vivacious Thespian, Pat Kelley, and that "Wanna Buy a Ticket?" man, Jimmy Swope, were chosen to lead the cast of the January class play. October 20-Who minds rationing? We're getting a holiday be- cause the patriotic minded faculty will be handing Book 4 to the Zoliopolsels and the Stefancky'sp the Smiths and the Jones'g to the whites and to the colored. That's America for you. Many nationalities, one people. October 23-Leopards barely nosed out Woodrow Wilson 6-7. Our Band and Pep Squad put on a spectacular "between halves" per- formance. November B-Seen in hall: enthusiastic young ladies exclaiming about the wonderful time they had over the week-end at the Girl Reserves Tri-city Conference. November 10-Students and faculty had the honor of hearing Colonel Hans Adamson, survivor of the Rickenbacker expedition. Sal on edge of the seat with tense excitement while he told about his experience of being adrift in the Pacific Ocean. November 'I6-Enioyed book week Assembly given by Mrs. Horn's Public Speaking class. Miss Rachael Clanton of the Oak Clilf Branch library was our guest speaker. Nice speech. November 20-Leopards escape finishing football race in the cellar by turning back the Lions 13-0. Yeal Leopards. November 24-Enioyed assembly "As America Sang," a story of our country, told by her music. Thanks to the music and public speak- ing departments. November 28-Margaret Bohannan elected first Non-commissioned Officers sponsor. December 3-Spent a merry evening seeing the very successful 4A Comer-IY. "My Hearts in High." I shall be an actressl Maybe. December 9-Went down town last night to do some Christmas shopping. Saw ten clowns helping the Salvation Army collect its "mile of dimes" by providing music and entertainment forthe crowd. learned this morning that they were Adamsonites-the Band boys. December 13-Our penny parade is under way with a grand start. December 14-Election dayl Cast my vote for my favorites. Wonder whose candidates will win. Mine, I hope. December I5-Fifteen Proud upperclossmen took the pledge of the National Honor Society. Nice work. December I7-The Christmas Cantata and pageant presented by the music and speech departments was the most impressive assembly lzggrogiis year. We were happy to learn that our penny parade netted O December 18-Goodyl Today we begin two weeks Christmas vaca- tro'n. Nearly everyone has a iob to help out on the labor shortage. Think I must have one, too. January 4-The National Honor Society began a war stamp selling campaign-members of the society will sell stamps and bonds in first period classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays. January I8-Senior "Acorn" issued. Everyone reading that last will and the prophecyl January 21-The 4A's came to school "all dressed up." Assembly included one-act play, "Who Murdered Who?" January 28-4A's finished a gay week of social activity with the most thrilling of all events-graduation. February 1-New classes, new schedules, new teachers, new olticers -and new 4A's. We're really in the lead now. February 8-Bob Blevins, Tommy Fox, Hannah Jo Parris, were elected leaders of June '44 class. February 15-Margaret Bohannan became the third girl in Adam- son's history to be elected president of student council: Travis Pearson, vice-president and Gerald Polnack, secretary. New Acorn Stat? announced today, Pat Hiebert and Jean Cullum are Co-editors. February 20-National Honor Society war bond drive ended rather successfully-the grand total Sl0,976. Am so glad to have a part in winning the war. February 26-Attended opening of the U. S. S. Canteen at the Y. W. C. A. big time, big crowd, big fun. March l-Congratulations to the i944 Cager team for coming out "on top" in the Y tournament. March 3-Brotherhood week brought closer to home with talks by three Army chaplains, Catholic, Jew and Protestant. Chaplain Raymond P. Doll, Chaplain Gail Cleland, Chaplain A. A. Steinbeck. America is so wonderful. I hope my childish preiudices are all buried and gone. March ll-Sadie Hawkins Dance last night-many students happy but tired after evening of Jiving. March 15-Result of June Senior play tryouts announced. Carolyn Harris and Bob Blevins will take top honors with Dorothy Moon and Richard Newton in the supporting roles, March I7-Saw new military sponsors today-all resplendent in white flannel and gold braid. Margaret Bohannan, Billa Stovall, Wanda Spain and Edith Province. March 22-Three-day run of the Kiwanis CIub's "Youth Center FolIies." Who'll forge the all male ballet chorus consisting of seven handsomel?l Kiwanians. March 31-Twenty-tive members elected into Honor Society. As usual, enioyed the assembly. April 5--We get Thursday and Friday for Easter Holidays this yearl Goody, goodyl Q April 12-Orchids should really go to Ruth Rimmer. She received another essay prize, 510, for "Medical Science Fights at Home and Abroad." That's the third timel She won the Fred Florence scholar- ship for S200 to S. M. U. for her "Thrift" essay and S5 in war stamps for "Why the Youth Institute Was Important to Me." Why can't I do that? April i3-Track team brought home first honors in city meet for second straight year. Pop's a great guy! April 14-Pan American Day-Adamson Student Forum presented the assembly. I wish I knew all those flags. April 18-Great newsl Adamson won the Kiwanis Literary Trophy for the first time in history of school. We placed first in boys and girls debate, boys and girls extemporaneous speech and essay. April 20-All seniors greeting each other with "Got your class cards?" April 25-Saw some exes in the halls again today-a soldier, a sailor, a marine, shaking hands with faculty and friends. Ribbons, stars, bars and medals. That old Adamson spirit carries on! They seemed happy to be back. Hope they think we're doing our part, too. April 28-The best senior play ever seen, at least so the June '44 class thought. The actors really threw themselves into the parts ot "Don't Keep Him Waiting." May 4--"Have you got your senior day date?" "Gee, I wish I had one with himl" . . . "'Gee, I wish I had one" tperiodl. Sounds familiar doesn't it? Moy 5--Hurrah for Jack Earnest. Received word that he won state in extemporaneous speaking. The debators entered finals today. Here's hopingl May 6-News that Girls Debate team, Ruth Rimmer and Janie Tiepel, won first place in the state. Also heard that Rhea Nichols won first place in the 880-yard run in the state track meet. He was the only Dallas boy to win top honors. May 7-Plans are being mode for commencement, Baccalaureate Service, and Senior Day. It really is a wonderful feeling to know that you're a senior. Yet, its hard to leave the good times behind. May 8-This is good bye. The staff thanks all those who have helped us in our trials. An annual, any time, is real work but in the chaos of war, it sometimes is a terrible burden. We have had fun, though and if our fellow students like it, we are happy-So long, pals- Puge One Hundred Thirty-five EILSO EA UTY OLLEGE BEAUTY CULTURE TRAINING offers marvelous future in demonstration work . . . selling . . . traveling . . . personnel . . . management, and teaching. 49 IQHITTLE , ' ' tvsnvrnmc Musm I I I S 1108 Elm Street C-5191 Q Fash1on W ear Dallas' Best Buys FRANKI.IN,S 1610 Elm Street 211 West jefferson Avenue F Children, Juniors, Misgez, Women and Larger Women Dallas' Most Modern Store Q, Camfijfma CLINGING Ml'I'H SEARS J 0 W 0 I BI' OAK CLIFF STORE DIAMOND S--WATCHES-GIF TS 301 West jefferson Avenue Specializing Q College and High School Class Rings, Pins, Invitations MIDWAY PHARMACY 211 South Beckley M-2127 WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING 49 1707 Main Street Savane Famous Hamburgers Phone M-0045 . . . 1115 N. 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DONALD DRUG STORE Across From Texas Theatre Hats Made to Order to Carry Out Your Color Scheme JANNE POTEET BOBBIE LOCHART Tyler and Jefferson "Forty Years in Oak Clif' Phone M-2116 OAK CLIFF MUSIC CO. Compliments of Pianos, Radios, Victrolas WOOLWORTH'S RECOSDS MUSIC 5-AND-10-CENT STORE en Vefllfl S 226 W- Jefferson P g W-1171 Phone W-8075 129 W. jefferson "Complete H0me Furnislaersu 28 Years in Dallas Bus. M-00345 Res. M-6627 EASY TERMS BOLIN sr SELVIDGE D- DAZZQQDLE Eggliilrigpf-LECFD Member Texas Registered Architects We Buy, Sell and Exchange Phone M.2536 212 East Davis Street Dallas, Texas ,T ,f , fs'-, Y T 1 If FINE MEATS D. NEWBY, Proprzeyyg 'I' lf. fr, f,, ' VERNON STREET I ak Clif fia ,, wner 514 North Vernon 'Ar Pholme 0625 1 cr n A W'87?,f! Y, 1' 9 X If X f L- SHERWIN WILLI ' s Co. 9l!FF 5ggN5,fA" r"' EARBER O oak Cliff store: soo south Beckley Q 1,97 Q S' SHOP N ff ' , S f' fl A S 5 fr if W 5164 A sfff 5 409 North B sh , KW!! A i H. B. POGNE, Manager , 2 iv If 1 3? tx A ni' I e.,f 2 I ' U Madison-0148 Night ppointments Cgf -15146 " 2 Res.: M-3506 TENTH STREET BEAUTY SHOP ff AEDGAR ELLS COMPANY 107 South Cumberland Street A SKILLED OPERATORS MAY DELL ESKEW, Manager 225 Real Estate and Loans East Jefferson Boulevard DHUHS, Texas Page One Hundred Forty-two BEN FRANKLIN STORE 250 West jefferson A Better Place to Shop ll T H E R F0 R D Business counts M-0612 Complete and Review Courses I. C. DEERE Transfer and Storage DAY AND NIGHT 124 E. jefferson W-1972-W-6995 Wilson Building R-2327 BURDEN'S GROCERY W'here Fine People and Fine Food Meet M-0115 TIPTON'S Cleaners and Dyers A New and Modern Plant No Better Cleaning at Any Price 116 S. Beckley Lusterize Process BRITTON'S GARAGE 305 North Beckley If We Can't Fix It, Give It Away PHONE M-0032 OAK CLIFF COAL, WOOD AND FEED COMPANY 2127 Corinth Cutoff Phone W-5666 FORD'S VARIETY STORE 412 North Bishop TEXAS SEED 8: PLANT CO. 528 East Tenth Street Flowers and Plants for All Occasions M-0006 Phone XV-1124 C. S. Rydell SIMPLEX SYSTEMS PHILLIPS - TAYLOR 35 W ff 9 est Je erson 121 West jefferson Parker and Slaeajfer Pens Phone M-1057 Office Supplies M-0251 LUBRICATION WASHING Phone M-0125 B 61 C Service Station sos North Beckley FAST ROAD SERVICE Page One Hundred Forty-th 7' , GROVES LUMBER COMPANY Incorporated Yard: Corner Beckley and Jefferson - 0 DALLAS s, TEXAS 046024 M-2171 ' M-2174 A Distinguished Dallas Institution 6 Since 1887 CARPENTER BROS. Metiholpolitan Graduates General Contmmm A ways Sub-peed 1317 Plowman Street Phone C-8773 for Catalog M4458 Dallas, Texas Compliments of Congrutulatzons, Senzors Ball ut . H1llC1TCSt 84 Candy Baptist Church 2603-15 Idaho Avenue CO I I I "The Church Where You Are a Stranger But Once" 409 South Beckley M-0078 1- C- SISEMORE, PAW' 0 GORDON'S DEPT. STORE Meet Your Friends at Corner jefferson, Lancaster and Tenth CLYDES BARBER SHOP Phone M-8551 Oak Cliff 550 East Ninth Qi For Watkins Products Compliments of See of Call MARSALIS CLEANERS LEE DAVIS . M-5650 412 west Twelfth 305 North Marsalis L' Where Jfnurt thingy find it eufyto' huy their cureer und college fufhionx 16 Elm st, EROCKS, COATS, SUITS, SPORTSWEAR, LINGERIE One Hundred Forty-four 4 ffm 5 ' 0 I fw y f f ,wr iv I a-,mg ij I M11 AJ J N f A mf MMV , f Qgwfnw QWMMM uB'.,9flff'?f,f',7"'J fi? 5 ' N ,fmfag-'

Suggestions in the Adamson High School - Oak Yearbook (Dallas, TX) collection:

Adamson High School - Oak Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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Adamson High School - Oak Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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