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 - Class of 1943

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Qfg M m M M m7,fff.LzfQ'Zf, Wifi PMQWMW wMVKf?VkfLMWMi W Q Mpe-',f,gJA,6,Agv , A7YM'fL' ' A-Q-CLQQLBX .Q 2413 QMW3?4? ?Mf EX 05 Dfvgfwm. MwQ?f' UQ Q4 jim' SXw9W Q,S.:3- Gagwx Qqgggafjgi? ,i Y GLM M5169 WW HMM 4 ,M , Sfffbfwf jlff M fl' gf J gf :X jg Sywykfiggy jwjiywyg Y? M ,, xy gy WP hx Q33 , ,1 .K rg? P! x if 5- I .R l N 4- U, r' Ag 'Leg LPI,4,f,Q4 t 2' f r , V' ,Lx , V Y g W if fl '-1 ff ' l ' Q4 fi 1 ,1 ' ' ixyfv-1' J - L- ' yr' , , g K ' f , u . ' 'a Q I Q Y l M 6' MW' 7 's W 1 J W jd J ,1 ' fj ' J Jil' .6 ll ,wif C , f , i ,W ii! OUR SERVICE FLAG xxli i I y What is a star upon the morning sky? J I Al' U l 4' K Proud courage gleaming bright there all alone, I , l Y . nf 05 A soldier's sad, revealing eyes that shine J J .fl As thoughts and dreams turn once again to home V J 415 What is this midnight sky now sinking down Upon the hettlefields ol loreign strands? The shadowed shapes of men who lie too still I Along the jungle floor and desert'sands. J What is the red lhbt runs this field around? 159' Q. ww - I , The first red light of dawn now coming through l Into a Red Cross post where lies a man ' ' 9 V. Whose clothes are torn and sodden red ol hue. What is this spot ol gold now shining bright? i A medal for some boy who's left the fight. A -Betty Claire King. 4- . 1,9 , ,.l x l ' J ily Jypy J lil j N! 8 i n ,Cub it ll l Il. I V ! J f il xi- 1 1 4 , fl! ' lx pl Lil xx jd P Ll l 1 J ,X , 3 1 Qlljl l ,f A1 ' . ' ,Q ' ,-I L W ' 1' 1 'fi l , I ' Wiz. 5-of ' . 5 ,,,'.7, if -ffghgglvurk V f 4 'Cc ' L' V'L1.f 19 dsl. K. ' tW.,v IA J - fwfr ' f fir- 4 ' x H Q Hr ,F L eff X 1 ex Q' X. i gff Ex fum ,- Copyright 1943 Billie Anne Hunter . . Editor-in-Chief Nancy Randall . . Associate Editor Claude Hardin . . Business Manager Rose Garden Lake Clif? Park , QQJJ5 ,fy , 'gJVL' , r I 5QgwV ,Xbpf Q LJ .J .v' 3,4 1 I, X :J , X A ky j' I t ' fvfjjjggffkx xy, X L . up ,Op J JA TPQXJ fo X A -' rw! No.1 J! JG!! 5 JE! .' h if ff!! J? LV if J ff! , .9-ff' . V, W ', V ' V f --fry Tia . ff ' f ' fJy7f,,f,,.,l 1' A, G sexy v 1 O N NK ' ,j 1 ' 3 ,1.A W N! 3 X n SN X ' 7fze aah X j - - Q The Senior Classes N ' ,I ,Q Adamson High School x tj J X X - .5 'xy 1 1 DALLAb TEXAS 'E ' 1943 N I A xt X' ' X, Q X1 , In -X V we 1, ' Af N K Q ' a X N Vr .f ' fl if x. f' f, V is Ag'-,, 4,7 Ji' K 5 ' q . wf'f :I 7 29' w tr Q, 'IA X. A if A h ff - I I TZ -. .i2fHZ97 Q28 I :Ig lil, f , , X- A N fgfd In Xu 4 I f, .f--1-v A 7 ,.-A 4.V4,,.V 5,7 T7,gIf-.,, F A l 1' I Th R JW ' E LSI: , If , .J .1 V ' I ,tx JM M u def V Aft. L L lj ' K , lf I il ,jj 1 I Presenting this thirty-first volume of the Oak, ' J Ng Q w . . to Y N we, the senior class, hope that it will serve as Cl ,A Nia N 'l It treasured album of two institutions that you love x X '-Xi fl X' -your city and your school. We are proud of .uu, their growth and of the work they are doing Q' -l -A Ay wow rd winning the war and insuring a lasting il X' Xl , ' x I X ,mr 7 e . 3 X -it Nt, Wi .r . Ni I Q? X A, ' ,63-.Al 'Y ' 1 .' Y Q .XX ? T X Ji A ff' 7' as W N r as il it ' p7hW,.r . fv- ' X 751 h. It X -x H W I l 1 ' x ' 'fv-,J W - ?4i4 :wma ,-, , .fzqif-, fvt-4 ff: K' I Q7' , . I , Aw,,.,,A Y 1,419 V, I W As the development of Dallas indicates the un- selfish efforts of courageous citizens, so Adam- son's progress reflects the faithful service of its own leaders. Cheerful in disposition and fair in her dealings with others, Miss Fannie Graves is outstanding in this group. To her the Oak of l943 is affectionately dedicated. Puge Six quiet on the fron fl .,ff X0 We won! Winged V icforyl S Nyvmx WN U jr W UN ml M 'x X w Dallas Sk promise c Ganienli ADMINISTRATION SENIORS UNDERCLASSES FAVORITES WHO'S WHO CLUBS ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS MILITARY ' - Q af Administration Building of Dallas Public Schools-consfrucfed in 1893 and known us ihe Royal Slreel School, Miss Leila P. Cowarf, ihe principal-remodeled in 7922-23 for Hs present vifal use. M.:-lgfaoi' J ' N !V '- '...-I-'ls,0r1',-L ' .1- 7 C,-414 '. 44: .wp f a 4 1 ' 1144-J-02 ,4,,!Jf.w 'K V' 1, if vi' -' - 1 Nl ' 546232 .nn--, Q 'I' 44.-Q, K z ., .' . I . 1,1 K, . 1 ,,,4 1f J,aQ6U:,6, X f, ylrz 41, I , 'Z' - V I ' ' 74 4 f' ' ' .F .L nov . si? 'V' fJ.,.,,4 4 1,1 if' ' L, P '7e 144AoaiaZ'ian Left to right: First row Mrs. Roloh Poden. Mrs. W. E, Fletcher, Mrs, Elqln A. Lloyd, Mrs. Colvin Ellis, Mrs. Durwcrd Cline, Mrs lrving Hltt, Mrs. Olin Dun. Second row' Mrs. T. C. Sellers, Mrs. L. E. Billert, Mrs. A. E. Rclnwoter, Mrs, O. S, Coke, Mrs. A. B. Holliday, Mrs. Louls Moore, Mrs. O. E Struugn. Third row. Mrs. leo McGuiness, Mrs. H. P. Beesley, Mrs. H. Thames, Mrs, W. R. Mizell, Mrs, Walter Thies, Mrs. G ' C nnon. Lepley, Mrs. T, C. Wlnter, Mrs, Jos, W. cz Left to right: Frrsr row Mr. Romie Rosor, Mr. E. C. Murphy, Mr. C. P. Wesson, Mr. H. A. Allen, Mr, R, J. Avery, Dr, E. L. Troutt, Mr. H. Rubin. M. Olin Duff, Mr, T. C. Little, Mr. E. E. Cuson, Mr. E. W. Kerr, Mr. G. M. Homerstod, Mr. .lohn Cullum, Second row r Mr. Alon Boedecker Pngu 'limi Boafwfc-ff ' Dr. David W. Carter, Jr. . . President Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt . . . Vice-president Mr. Gabe P. Allen Mr. Dan Rogers Mr. L. O. Donald Mr. F. D. Danford Mrs. T. A. Woggoner , ,,,,,,,,,.,.Y,. H , ,W S A, Mr. Dorsey . . . . Superintendent of Schools Mr. Stockord . . . Assistant Superintendent of Schools Mr. White, Assistant Superintendent in Charge of High Schools lhgv Elm s -self 1 Y . 'K ,f Quiet, dignified, and efti- cient is our principal, Mr. Allen. We know him as a scholar, as a gentleman, and as a friend who understands our many problems. HOWARD A. ALLEN Principal N? agile At home with Mrs. Allen We . . . MISS ANNA BELL 4A Sponsor MISS ROBERTA KING Senior Counselor MISS MARY LOUISE CLYETTE 48 Sponsor MISS MARGARET HARRIS 4A Sponsor MISS RUTH BELL Senior Counselor 7 '4'5cf,,Qg Q -- :I W ll nj' ii A C.-tv sg, 3 v qi IQ uf! l it , fl ' emu., Left to right First row: Miss Helen Aduddell, Miss Floy Agnew, Mr. NN. M. Anderson, Mr. C. V. Ballard, Mrs. Olivette C. Basom, Miss Anna Bell, Miss Ruth Bell. Second row: Mrs. Minnie Bramlette, Mr. T. W. Brown, Miss ldabel Cabaniss, Mr. L. E. Campbell, Mrs. Mary Ruth Chappell, Mr. Warren B. Clement, Miss Mary L. Clyette. Third row: Miss Mary Collins, Miss Berta Cooper, Miss Abigail Crane, Mr. Verde Dickey, Miss Onie B. Easley, Miss Henrietta Eisenlohr, Miss Fannie Graves. Fourth row: Mr. H. S. Griffin, Mrs. Geneva Hagerty, Mr. W. T. Hamil- ton, Miss Christine Hammock, Miss Margaret B. Harris, Miss May Haseltine, Miss Wilhemina Hedde. Those Whose Pictures Are Not Included Miss Laura Alexander Mr. S. N. Baker Miss Jeanette Alston Miss Myrtle Foster .si aww., Left to right First row: Miss Daphne Helms, Mr. VV. W. Henslee, Mr. H. B. Hester, Miss Lorine Higginbotham, Mr. H. A. Hill, Mrs. Geraldine Holloway, Mrs. Helen Horn. Second row: Mrs. Mary Kendrick, Miss Roberta King, Miss Nelly Bly Lcmkford, Miss Winnie Langford, Mr. L. C. Leftwich, Mr. T. D. Mayo, Miss Hazel Miller. Third row: Miss Gladys Neel,Miss Eugenia Newberry, Mr.W. E. Noah, Miss Anne Patrick, Miss Rae Peters, Mr. C. H. Redway, Miss Mabel Rocketf. Fourth row: Miss Virginia Rootes, Miss Ruth Ruffin, Miss Meredith Schroeder, Mr. W. E. Sherman, Mrs. Bernice Stokes, Mr. R. N. Smith, Miss Louise Swim, Miss Geraldine Wilson. Those Whose Pictures Are Not Included Miss Ripple Frazer Miss Margaret Spencer Mrs. Mildred Fulton Miss Eunice Tilley ZAJE amilton , gag 1 l Y if if le- . l,11gwl'lflUCrx In M MARGARET SPENCER December 28, 1942 NELLIE DAVIDSON CLEMENT February 8, 1943 Yet Qho' fhy smile be lost lo sight, To memory fhou arf dear. .,d,! k of early ac D lla: Counfy Courfhouse, landmar ' ' B90 on land donated by John Nee y ' llas County. a cornerstone lcnd an 1 who in 1846 had organized Da hievemenls . . . le Bryan, George Spicer Lois Parsons Nell Ruth Porter Ava Jan e Waddle James Abbott . June Fain . . 1943 OFFICERS . President . , Secretary . Social Ch ' arrman . . Program Chairman NOT IN PICTURE . . . . . . . . Vice-presiclenf . Chairman of Inviiai' ron Commiifee jlwmw CZMYGB. fif-df Q,Z6v-1 54,5-jg, ggi, :Jef Jf,,,gz,gu,x!5',,.,,,,4- 7 ig:- w M em ,Q 2 Q ui tg 5? gan X 1 xx! ri , 3, xx S S 'V gg ,?f5f??Qi. - X E'.2 I2Aw .. A Hg fig! :' ,nf .L : -VHA X55 Fx+g,yp Qbfykf, r54'lvLfvsfG-Iv! fall' 772042 Baz.-unfz Qfywfpwwww AQNWLQMUL6 bfwgdwgim mmm, e.,..,,,,, M7 J f?-4,-J' 2 f4f-Af-:.,y.,.! ,dill M Qu! Q1!,14z!Q1-!7vL-47 , f'N ? Uanda, .3',,a':w 546+ Qwimwagium f,?,M,,L,,,,9,g,m,' N M Gai, 6, Q an 4 1' ,- dyf- p,Wm46 ' , Q 4261, , gzamvwf' ff ,Q I., ,f 7 ffptaff 21,4 W ,f,L,'4af fiffl. JAVA, aid-'ZW .J ,4-KJ WWJMMW ,J,m,,,.,5m1:fp ,zvnffgm UML ,Mmm I, 7 Lfawfj-1, L ' X, V fwfffwfff M-WWWW 6w7'3W'9 W ,40W,fM, ,,, , . L V ,LLLIX E 2 . , .- . , S925 2 ' :gf 11:3-II 1 V zibiff--Llmgfgmyf ., Q 13.9 1 J if 47 WW fi f,::sl5'g if if 'Mix W m'm.::8Y V x I .u ,A:, H WM! 1:5 . gin V 7- 1 F fffrfufa ML QSQJXAQ-'nA.. f 1 N Cxf14A'7lAM- v..'JfULl.- 1.11 A M L l .rg , .i,gL,, 7. X ,JJ ,1 ,MM ,yin K ,, ,Vfj R' - f ,75 ,h1- QZMJM4-,U ,-5 V ft f yn . 'L r-- 'Nw Qv 0 K P x L , , ffl b,,,x.,, 771 .M ML, 1 ' f , c:-2 vb -1' , f i44f,c,Lc,c 772'c,C1'4f+ ,d,i,.,f,4,f7 I M V042-L,Lx, -Qfvffclzff , v'VF44 ' s PM vw,-A ll -.-.QQQL K - - ' , ? :'fEgfiEEf:3fHL ' . A',, .- f 1 f?b'Qi,,'f'L , - K't fi4'Lfif2 3 ML, jing Qgxggg, .. . ' yin - 5 ' . , ,, f J' A -, , If ,ejllt-n, M r4 ffcgfiycgg ,J-,A Wt- 3 V t ny U v 355 3 :fi . 'ff fu' 1 -.y,af,'..+' SLEEP' HP , Q,9W'f'f'a 4:43.:g f K Q ff 'iliiixi A ' - aw WM 7.'6.x,1.f 'sf 544,711 C 519.4 W '-' A 'fuss Q W ...nav , 1 r' I - , 4 Yxwx Y ,auf ga, df, Kf'-fb Dfw -2f f7 'f ff2ff 5M , , l 'E ,Z,m?L,b4M,,,,, f0'Zoca.,.!2'2ef7 ld 4 W,Z,gjj,,,,,,,,egQ,J, - ix 1 3' ,.:. If , 5 K kykrkk , 7 JJ 'I ' 1' I ' 7.4.6Lz,L,,., AQM-q! ' fi' ,,,,. .Vik ffvwa- ,Ziggy 01066457211 diff V Ziff! fj!a'1f llfffrff ' V ff 'R' ,:A., P -..' 72 7440! n '0:4.-1:47 7'---f -If--l-zu., Qmmwfdhnv yt Wf' fn M?f 7M Z2- .itallafi This is my city, Standing where the high plains meet the low farmlands, Standing as a no man's land between the three o'clock hurly-burly of Chicago And the three o'clock emptiness of San Antonio, But she holds her head up proudly, For she is a queen crowned with myriad lights And myriad stars. She is a debutante whose coming-out party ls still a topic of American conversation. True, she is a city of white towers, but Her feet are firmly planted in the warm, brown earth, And you can walk her streets to their limits and say, Now this was an independent town once, This was Cedar Springs, or Three Forks or Hord's Ridge. West of the Trinity the prairie begins, Just little patches of mesquite at first And then the plains alone, But here on the west bank there are oak trees, Here the soil is fertile and birds sing in this shade. Among these little hills which Fourier never saw A people came to live, from Paris and Orleans and Carcassonne, And still you find their names on rural mail boxes, And still their children build upon this land. Perhaps that wailing wind is not a wind, But the singing and the sighing of Louise Dussau, Who was woo'd with the aid of an English-French dictionary. What about the roily old river, the muddy Trinity? ln late summer there are dry cracks gaping at her banks, But in the spring she overflows those banks And goes travelling outward to the restraining levees, Oh, you can't say she's an ugly river, The bridges and viaducts save her from that. You should drive from the west into my city On a misty winter day when the viaduct lights Reach out and touch each other in the gloom, And the clouds reflect the colored beacons of town. When the Sally Haynes floated up our river There were only bonfires and small groups of people to welcome her, And the steamboat's crew could hear but voices Calling out from the bank. Our river is the same old unpredictable river today, The willows along her banks still turn pink then green In the spring And the sun still shines down on kinky, black heads As darky families fish in the muddy waters. There upon the courthouse steps the old men sit, Here upon the lawn John Neely Bryan's cabin Where Margaret Beeman and her husband made their home, And on these foundations was built this city. Blithe Pegasus a glittering landmark is, Ever pacing the skies above us, General Lee and Traveller charge on despite defeat and desolation, Brave men and true stand here a goodly company, Travis, Houston, Crockett, Austin, Bowie, standing in a row Looking down on newer times and newer wars and Newer generations, Hostess to a million guests each year my lady is, Always she has a bright smile and warm hand- clasp for those, But as necessity arises, she arises, too, And with the wisdom of Athena, the courage of St. .loan and The fire of Sif, plunges into battle. She is as beautiful carrying a flag as a gem- encrusted scepter, And she has flown a multitude of flags in her day, Even as other cities of Texas have. Today patriarchal fathers of Dallas sit along with their great-grandchildren, Why, I remember when I lived near here as a b0Y: Back in '57 it was, and buffalo hides were still being sold on Main Street. But now, what about now? This century flower has bloomed, Dallas is no longer a child or a gangling half- grown school girl, She is a woman of poise and grace that comes only with years, She carries her dignity well, but in Spring she laughs And twines redbuds in her golden hair. Betty Glaire f7Gng. Earl Cherry . James Felts . . Margaret Simpson Nancy Randali . Patti Underwood Betty Anderson . une 1943 OFFICERS . . . . . . President . Vice-president . . . Secretary . Program Chairman . . . . . . . Social Chairman NOT IN PICTURE . . . Chairman of Invitation Committee as -,:1 q 1:9 Qmdoufnf E447 .4m44w,.,.J Z,-17 H I 1413.01 4 fi W qw f 5 as ' e MEL. AA Q, my 6157155446 wwf, QW! gp? Q Q Y n xi 3 5 W MJ WG4144-df Awww f,,,,,g.,Q5f ,g,k45! wr, E' fl in--f 4-4-g36i.45QLf ffm 435411444 Q r 'W 98' .riff 4155: 4-f-f-f4'7Zv if'-44-fw-1:4 fififfnw fJ,Ue,AMD !:f',f.z.,,,x::'.7,4, 1-fg '47,-J 1,1 ,CJK-1-12, ,, b ns , V . A 4' P5 ami' lui' f' Wm ff-wma, ,411 ,LJQ44 ,643 i6,ZJ1,l1,Q,,,U XQQAA wb W -'l ' ' A 2-QWHQ, ,aywaf Law 474.4 d0,M,,,d2' ALJAVMV WMWQWM 4 ,,?ff,,.,! 2.1 Q A ..m+ i ...... Uw W + , zi ifr, 2 1 K, A 4. J ' gf' K ' Z fftfwrfwz L, C24 1 Hw- !4ff Lb WWQQM Mix ,y,..,,, f-12' iii ...Q M 6-A 5412111 IY5Z,, .,,, ,,,,e,4Qg,f,7f,f Cain f- f f 1' ., ,Q , ,Zi-fvn441,pa.f ,-., 4 f 1 fz V444- 4 fl, l i Q , sawn.. H7 Qfafgzfr' A afwf-4 yifxfafawwodlaww lflffarfvznkff Y rf ' Q: 'Q' B N ' Nfg N K' K5 Q.nfv-xx moafww 'Nw Qgkigflfwbd jak X567 W -M5531 fi'- 'Us 77fffwlLL,-Ly-1, ,U-'ferr-e4MJ 4141 W 93511 il -if fSa.,,7,,f3.CL.ay ,UM iaww, g6Z43Z2iWL VR jlwww Jwvwfv XSL A I K W A: 1'-- 52'-f'55'1 ' 1 'K..2 ?2f212 ?.al r . 4- afm6o g,w1,c9f',,,.f4.x-,HJ fW-afalfwolf -fa-?f4f-if 6 .N.. M A 'XV L ..,,,:: 5 , E g ag kia? A '--V . I- : : 5-Z -, k fgk: . K V 4 . A A ii, fs. J , I I - I 2404. k 1WMwq1Q4w,q9744,Z'2f 9 fm' E 5JZj,fzL,.1.Lf, ,W '53 ffdxibuxuil 7541.64 ,M 9 Jllafzgf'-'f'14-J u4!7f4fn f7QLzf4.1f-144 Pj Z,.,Ly,4a.,-.Qu A.v7D,1w.f..,7,c :fum f'5'v-44ff-142.1 QW? Nhffhsw gyjgw, g,17,.g,ff44,m .MI QJQJQVLAJQQL , , rr En-.X V 1 I 8 1 , 55, is NL Jaya C? jew-Aw4fJ 5 1'-A 44.1 90-l-wfQ..441 92-'nuff If Lf-K--.--,.fV I? ' z,.a,, . fa,.,.,f cfbvmofmef 7 f4WffUQf5y9 fivfwiwwodav Jfwr JM, ,dlp ziww 21? 4, . 2 1 . -b, l , 1 fi Hg gf ZLQQQQQ gh Viz? q,,f.L,Q,,,.0.,'w?,zaf yhnmw of-ML,iW -, QW Q ewgldwff 7ff90wM4 Q-uffv'11f x797'4fO74F0Cf'! '- rfgwn, 07'1,a,aLoL1-hm, -fezw-Wkf-M-fw V,7,,,.,,,Q5 Pfygzj? !?N,,, 70.44, ,px If Q E H' A??m1.4,.f 4'zg,7d,,., w M9444 14476-..-41 rgydfu T 7 l i NH 'VF' It 5 'Y fiidf-mf effigy ,flaw 1012241 fain fm, pm? Q59 cazwyff Kewl' M JMML4, 594530 !Zz2MJ NOW, PWM, -ep-4' '-Huw W fi? M MW 15 A? I -vs. ' X mg, 1 f -I--fx,wf,gH U,'.1,: ,. A Ric' '???WY4 2?2ffff4'4f 1 ' 'wr ,5 ' K my ' if gifs.: 1 Ml f -f--A W gym : 5, ,www ,xfafff ffiikfzz by Awww aiw ,fQ?7M,,W.,f7Gy Q M Q2 A Zfmf 5M'f ' fjhm 8.993 QQLWWDK MJQM ,ZZJQ 34 b i 24 f ff :Z ZMW C447-14-QL 6114-fwi-4JL.4,.M.c1u, 44 V4 37,5 , Mm? .,A: Aw 4 MM QD. 07,4 ,LMQM gwfm ,Mmm jcampfffwqf Ad? mf Q 4f34'f -M-f if -M-f Qfffwcd 7f?y'2MJ'l'WW J UWMLWMN 59 ' if 79.3. ' ph M- Bw f42+fW-J VLMWMWQ fdffwf 3, 3141542 M44-fl!-J 444,226 Wfagla-MQ, .gjjufffrrvdfrv mMA,,4,f , ,J .4.Z4f4Ti9L 6-.,w4f?f4 9.0175 ZWQMQZQ UMW Zdwfffpi 1,3 . 93 Q fum 1' ' 551-f 7 . , V f M ! Rfk ' LQ,,ff2m.A,,7,,if7' ZQ,,L4,,g 5 Czww W L 3' Dfw .KJXA-42504. QQLWAM 44,544 ,ff M341 ! ,Kwik-:,,,, , gf N ea cs: fzfif. 'LZL' 5 J L ,QV f 5' 'Z' ' AAA' l4JdfJL4,,,L,4,. 4i25,,Z34L-LU-u-dw ' , .fa , x f, iam 66'e:-LXJCLAAA-vg, '?f5,,.fl1 gi, Milk? '14, 0-L4,4.gLw4L.LL., 9f.n.L.... aL.,u,.,,,A Qmxfii M354 4? -,f,g J7f!f54ZL4 ,L .-Dr 6 isa' 47-.T' 'J' L f ' if Q' iii' fl-u.Si7,,-,1.:1-.12....j7 'ig., M, - ,X '7 4 L 'J 4c1h'.z,u .ww ,f 2 f 7 I 1! r f-.LM riff 7? Alfffcffq -qv' C44 .1.m..1,a.LL91u.ML cimmwv 216,516 Amor KLM,-CWA, QAM QW, Graduates Whose Pictures Are Not Included January Louise Andrews Juanita Carlton Glennis Coates William Oran Coe Hazel Davidson John Harris James Andrew Keel James Bower Lee George L. McMahan Herbert Moore Duane Stewart Joseph Still Margaret Isabel Welch s L+ x We r I XV ., 'Q W, as is 'O it 1 . F fl Q3 Sue, Mil dre June Colleen Adams George Craps La Verne Cumbie Evelyn Dodd Albert Hill William Johnson Alice Marie McAleer Marvin Penny Dale Pittman Erma Skillen Barbara Steele James Wright fffffnfirfffr 'W Zlncfywlauea John Neeley Bryan, pioneer, in 1841 built on the banks of the Trinity ihis cabin, the first home of Dallas Couniy , , .preserved Phrough fhe years by fhe Trusfees of Buckner Orphans Home, who in 1936, in cooperation with Couniy Commissioners Courl, resfored ii fo Hs original site. ,gifs a q 7944 OFFICERS Fall Spring Dewey Brumit . President . Mariorie Milne Orene Whitcomb . Vice-President Elroy Archer La Yvonne Peterson Secretary . John Emery Florence Harmon . . Treasurer Library Representative Beth Johnson LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Marjorie Milne, Opal Julian, Doris Pruitt, Joy Sounders, Barbara Bartlett, Dorothy Ficcola, Eornestina Lester, Moriorie Harrison, Jean Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Euloh White, Virginia Hodges, La Yvonne Peterson. Second Row: Bob Cook, Devo Beheler, Francine Ehrhordt, Louise Steeley, Billy Rogers, Beth Johnson, Gwen Drain, Edna Jo Williams, Arlene Daniel, Charlotte Sounder, lvy Fain, Florence Harmon, Bernice Sutton, Kenton Townsend, John W. Emery. Third Row. Kenneth Reynolds, Milton Billingsley, Chester Conway, Leroy Howard, Milton Sollis, Charles Houston, Bill Finley, Jock Parks, Dewey E. Brumit, Charles Hill, Jim Long, Bill Peak, Hilton Davis. Fourth Row Charles Gaines, Jimmy Swope, Chester Conn, Elroy Archer, Charles Glasgow, Jock Palmer, Dowe Stewart, George Thurman, Fred Hilger, Roy Watson, Johnny Solozor. l1f1f l'irrllj'UigiLl 2 ,Qt X. l K P 05, ... slr-, .nL,,,,, K ..- -ini' LEFT TO RIGHT Firsl Row: Roberla June Newlon, lna Lee Darnell, Helen Millcn, Emily Baird, Evelyn Davis, Orene Whilcamb, Dewey Brumil, Norma .lean Flood, Mary Elizabelh Brooks, Alma Laura Ziegler, Sarah Jo Ansley, Belly Carrell, Billie Jean Keesee. Second Row: Frances Magers, Pal Kelly, Belly Claire King, Sarah Ann Shadday, Hazel Sanders, Dena Sue Fields, Carrie Lee Cleveland, Wanda Cleveland, Belly Lou Hix, Belly Slephens, Mary Lee Langley, Wanda Grealhouse. Third Raw: Charles Davis, Joe McKinney, Jack Slaler, Wendell Russell, Gerald Bryanl, Jimmy Bell, Ray Slephenson, Cale Slephenson, Coleman Hammons, Joe Oliver, Jack Redding, John Young. Fourlh Row: Richard Gard, Richard Avery, Paul Morgan, Levy Dean Arlhur, Warren Carney, Raberl Argadine, Fred Davis, Jack Corzine, Bobby Carrell, Eddie Eubanks, You wouIdn'l believe il . . . lhey wanled in! Page Tiliriy-nine Pugv ,., 1 195 C r if 154 if x n! wW 'i'i l WWFV 1944 www? so Fall Spring Edwin Harris , President . . Edith Province Bill Richardson . Vice-President Jack Earnest Kenneth Commander . Secretary . Sylvia Jenson wee egg LEFT TO RIGHT First Row' Billa Stovall, Hann h Jo ris, Monte Hodgens, Laverne Golden, Betlye Sue Irwin, Cora Lee Blanchard, Mildred Fletcher, Mary Lial Glascock, Sylvia Jenson, Margie ay Booker, Della Lau Sutton, Mary Jon Holbrook, Estella Knearem, Second Row: Bobbye Sue Miller, Betty Harmon, Billie Jean Long, Janie Clark, Betty Lou Garmon, Loyed Marie Pollock, Clereta Abney, Georgia Ingram, Gertrude St, Clair, Evaclna Davidson, Helen Farrar. Third Row- Mary Catherine Rosse, Edith Province, Charlene Biggs, Peggy Render, June Mandeville, Lois Campbell, Wilma Jean Thompson, Betty Grundy, Dores Bushey, Gloria Cunningham, Fred Nan Minatrea, Frances Layton. Fourth Row: Lee Britt, Earl Barnett, Harold George, Elmer Russell, Bill McCormick, Warren Cunningham, Jack Haydon, Bobby Keyes, Mark Deering, Jimmy Wall, Kenneth Wood, Jack Hughes, Jackie Daniels. Fifth Row: Louis Brown, Bobby Blevins, Charles Lattimore, Fred Schulz, Bill Gribble, Charles Maupin, Lewis Elam, Calvin Ellis, Don Coke, Charles Brice, Gerald Polnack, Billy Jo Monroe. Sixth Row: John Crouch, Bryan Brister, Denny Cumbie, Jack Earnest, Bill Anderion, Donald MCG Jeffrey Horney, Edwin Harris, Joe Lolano. rew, James Maberry, Roy Childress, Jack Jordan, Forly O .W . LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Jean Bangert, Maxine Ehrhardt, Johnnie Fern Evans, Billie Jean Rainwater, Bonnie Neel, Dorothy Wilson, Wilma Havins, Ado Mae Penn, Patsy Jo Neel, Frances Fulton, Billye Jean Harris, Bettye Yates, Dorothy Roundtree. Second Row. Marjorie Clark, Ann Powell, Lenore Rubin, Joyce Greer, Daphna Reeves, Gloria Clause, Virginia Carney, Betty Neal, Roberta Carlton, Wyllena Bryson, Lucille Holland, Pat Conley, Catheryn Willingham. Third Raw- Muriel Phillips, Martha Lou Humphrey, Bebe Keyser, Eleanore Hendrix, Doris Jean Wyatt, Theresa Fiorenza, Christine Fulbright, Jamie Caldwell, Mary Nelle Sides, Margaret Goodwyn, Ruth Vermillion, June Matthews, Janice King. Fourth Row' Peyton Fuerer, George Lovell, Billy Richards, J, W. Bowman, Kenneth Stubbs, Richard O'Brien, Emmett Watson, Charlie Hacker, Dennis Smart, Joe Gomez, Kennan Hulen, Cecil Baker, Jack Tom Taylor. Fifth Row: Bill Enochs, Henry Boardman, James Hale, Lawrence Boss, Tommy Childs, Tommy Miller, George Thies, G. W. Thurman, Bill Bailey, Norman Depew, Harry La Grone. Sixth Row: Louis Brown, Gene Buck, Chandler Hinckley, Wayne Hunt, Douglas Garrison, James Fowler, Tommy Fox, Raymond Eubank, Barnett Rippetoe, Marion Cooper, Leland Hobbs. LEFT TO Curtis, Ernestine Holland, Mina Lee Vernon, Dorothy Moon, Patricia tlicbert, Virginia Jones, Bobbie Jo Alexander. Second Row: Frances Horger, Annie Moore, Bette Lou McKinley, Revo Nell Cook, Darroce Schacrdel, Jeane Watson, Bettie Malone, Betty Jo Henry, Mariieane Hendrix, La Verne Woodmansee, Drucilla Bivings, Katheri e Kerr. Third Row: Kathryn Buchanan, Juanita Redwine, Margaret McCreary, Doris Tolleson, Betty Perry, Evelyn Jo Speed, Dorothy Grady, lrmagene Wilson, Donna Jean Archer, Juanita Presson, Dorothy Watkins, Walter Myers, Elizabeth Newby. Fourth Row' Harry Slaughter, Vaughn Ray Smith, Jack Hyles, Charles Lee, Tony Hamlin, James Fears, Jack Earl Lindsay, Allen Hart, lsbam Walson, George Crouch, James Hickman, Marvin A. Stark, Jr. Fifth Row: J. E. Houchins, Maurice VVilliams, Jimmie King, James Hitt, Phil Janes. Sixth Raw Ulis R. Hair, Sam Ward, Robert Welch, Billy Joe Tate, Gerald Lain, Cletus Jordan, Ray Riddle, Billy Henderson, Bobby Quales, Robert Stinson, Robert Clevenger, Albert Klassen, Bobby Kuehne, Marion Schell, Cary Younger. RIGHT First Row: Julia Ann Frank, Ina Sue Darnell, Murlene Fuller, Mary Moyers, Joanne Muller, Juanita Edgar, Joyce Millsapps, Mariorie Smart, Al Dora n Page F01'fj fHII' igmitmw ' LEFT TO RlGHT First Row Virginia Vaughan, Margaret Bohanon, Jenny Beth Minick, Betty Lou Berry, Frances Webb, Gladys Coates, La Nelle Farmer, Joy Wilhite, Patsy Gleason, Billie McLaughlin, Edna Hines, Bobbie Dinsmore, Wanda Spain, Dollie Jane Woodall, Second Row Johnelle Bradley, Jacauelyn Etheredge, Geneva Senter, Betty Jeane Bates, Foe Stovall, Jeraldine Skeeter, LaVerne Plant, Connie Louise Young, Virginia Sue Varnell, Elaine Figuls, Betty Owen, Nannie Jewell Nutt, Burlice Wendeborn, Lawanah Compton, Alva lee Chatelaine, Doloris Bushey. Third Row: Shirley Winningham, Betty Saurage, Jess Epps, Johnnie Wheeler, Vernon King, Robert McClure, Don Thomas, Walter McCallum Richard Newton, Joe Cunningham, Evelyn Eeds, Modene Rape, Lillie Canales. Fourth Row Mariorie Howard, Elinor Strother, Billy L. Poston, Kenneth Commander, Jackie Cline, Tommy Russell, Harry Glover, Bill Durrett. Fifth Row Jean Cullum, Scott Keahey, John Cather, Wilmer Frazee, Billie Bob Steen, David Gault, Travis Pearson, J. W. Morris, Billy Hale, Mickey Dahlgreen, Dick Shaw. Sixth Raw Grady Spangler, Jr., Grady Gilder, Donald Montgomery, Tom Harper, Avery Slaughter, Wilburn Hill, Oscar Matthews, James Steele, Bill Richardson. . rev-it ' ' , dz -f ' K V , . 'Y ' , f ,af o W wi g S V 'fi f ' .zf ,sw MM f swirls ' X fi ' E. sq! if rf 'j mmm ' '- ' S .. jmsevw :leirawh we sw, . V , ,. Q5 wewi-:V E no .5 SLM? E wwe . gy, si! ew we ee 4.. A Q 5 Adamson as host to several members of the football team. Seis caballeros elegantes! Que vuelvan prontal Mexico City i1ljrl'iiily'lii.i fan 1945 OFFICERS Fall Bob O'Hara President . Lindell James Vice-President EIoineSeay . . Secretary . . Library Representative Spring Jack Basden Lindell James . Eloine Seay Barbara Long LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Bonnie Nottingham, Charlotte Crawford, Juanita Biggs, T I Mar Walther, Peggy Louance. Joseale Hulse, Billie Margaret Curry, Carmen Wannam qi cur ww un if .qw acker, Inez Smith, LaVerne Darnell, Betty yer, y D'll n Mary Frances Christopher, Jean Wintcrbauer ' M' II G raldine Robinson Barbara Purnell, Jacquelyn I o , L Second Row: Dorothy Mason, Mitzi :ze , e , ' ' D ' B tes, Audrey Denton, Bettye Jo Hamm, Barbara ang. Kathryn Dodd, Margaret Knmberhn, ons a ' ' R bert Lovell, Ernest Childress Third Row: Bobby Behrns, Billy Rankin, Homer Lawson, Dov b ll Jimmy Wells, Alex Pearce, Lawrence Spray, id Schepps, Harold White, Preston Vann, Llndell James, o James Camp e , J h Ma les, Joe O'Connell, Lloyd Harris, Kenneth Su'ley Fourth Row: Don Minnick, Joe Adams, Donald Mitchell, Gerald Capps, Paul Johnson, o n p Asa Holleman, Lloyd Fuller, H. C. Kidd, Lewis Tiner. Pi1gl'I ul'Ij'-Ifiirm i pal ...Nan LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Mary McWilliams, Ola McVwlilliams, Omah Lee Epps, Patsy Mcionts, Doris Nichol, Billie Dawn Garrett, Bobbie Tennisan, Joyce Hamil- ton, Sharlot Hicks, Martha Belle Coleman, Hilda Stovall. Second Row: Janet Carter, Wilma Johnson, Ruby Eastham, Elaine Seay, Betty Ruth Harris, Marie Galloway, Patti Burt, Rowena Rindy, Margaret Maples, Wanda Janes, Charlotte Silvus, Betty Short, Bonnie Jo Hobson. Third Row: Jack Davis, Jack Basden. Fourth Row: Elvin Appleby, J. W. Thames, Everett Wendeborn, Robert Hall, Dan Ray Smith, Archie Bridey, Leslie Smith, David Landrum, Leon Alexander, Earl Richardson, David Hammock, Paskel Williams. Fifth Raw: Johnny Jones, James Buchanan, Kenneth Ratliff, R. C. Browning, Henry Sutton, Billy Dodson, Lawrence Jones, Henry Adrian, Charles Morris, John Jennings, Glenn Allen, Richard Gonzales, Carl Scribner. ,.,,,..- ' c7?f if . W -1 s 5 ' li, f 1 ww , v-Q -J ' .. ,- new k . ns... an Armistice Day Parade, November ll, 1942 Pugv J:0l'1l-1'-f'0Il7' si l A l at fifl . 7 fog. . 1 Q . K I H '. -. .Z ., . bm K .line 'V Z ,Q W w t In at J i - irii .a s .i-- r . .,,. f J ,, une 1945 OFFICERS Fall Spring Billy Hale . President . Bill Rowe Kil Parsons . Vice-President . Mildred Williams Secretary Barbara Johnson Joan Wilson Library Representative Mariorie Dansby Bill Rowe ,....,....... tulllil 'i Allin: ni l LEFT TO RIGHT Firsl Row: Palsy Rulh Alkinson, Ruby Culver, Shirley Clevenger, Roslyn Davis, Doris Bell, Lucille Holcomb, Rose Marie Couch, Virginia Karger, Helen LaVerne Hamilton, Rebecca Cayce, Frances Dendy, Nadine Hix. Second Row: Frances Balch, Irene Douglas, Evelyn Parish, Louise Robinson, Mary Crutcher, Alma Schwedler, Wanda Shaw, Doroihy Nix, Shirley Saunders, Colleen Wilkerson, Willie Mae Carler. Third Row: Bobbie Jean Craig, Jean Naler, Julia Aycock, lmo Jeane Spain, Doris Mallhews, Bettie Jean Robson, Virginia Hudson, Eloise Tanner, Mary louise Taylor, Billie Sherman, Mildred Posfon, Louise Clark. Fourrh Row: Eleanor Hulson, Barbara Johnson, Dorolhy Olson, Thad Goodwyn, Eugene Davis, Bernice Akin, Erice Dobbs, Mickey Walson, Johnnie Walson, J. L. Bailey, Bill Browning, Joe Woody, Billie Jean Gruner, Jeanne Walson. Fifth Row: Leon Turner, Fred Schultz, Donald Homersfad, William Brisler, Samuel Edmonson, Jack Posser, Tom McMullen, Kennelh Lalimer, Thomas Murphy, Jerry Gibbs, Gerald Powell, Guy Todd. Sixth Row: Frank Tucker, J. W. Feathersion, Bob Tyrrell, Maurice Wallace, John Adams, Billy Glover, Bobby Minick, Donald Hoolen, Billy Dee Jolly, Jack Baize. Page Forty -five LEFT TO RIGHT . .. .M First Row: Jcraldine Stewart, Norma Gene Brooks, Mary Early, Willie Mae Gatlin, Elitabcth Little, Evelyn Maddux, Elizabeth Welch, Peggy Morris, Wanda Robertson, Charlene Johnson, Louise Cannon. Second Row: Clara Belle Enalish. Hnznl Bivens, Martha Gage, Kathryn Boyls, Jacqueline Funderburk, Wanda Follis, Thelma King. Third Row: Betty Sue Steer, Dorothy Cassel, Janie Teipel, Ola Marie Hendrix Robertson, Dorothy Hawkins, Peggy Archibald. Fourth Row: Wanda Davis, Maxine Caraway, Hazcl Al'up, Norma Jean Mason, Elizabeth Harwell, Aleta Faye Caskey, Esther Bartley, Bobbie Loalherwood. Fifth Raw: Jackie Hitt, Ray Reeves, L. C. Jones, Wayne O'Daniel, James Hag Sid Stratton, Aubrey Pate, Glynn Brewer. Sixth Row- David Bundrick, Louis Moore, Joe Pike, W. A. Couch, Joe Taylor, Harold Klassen, Lindy Chandler, Preston Day, Rhea Nichols. Patsy Carter, , Alice Allen, Travis Arinstr an, Gene Lewis A if Bins' Seger LEFT TO RIGHT o Clyde Case, Bill Barbara Allen, Gloria Russell, Peggy Joyce Strawn, Nita Frances Brady, Mary Katherine Davis, Dorothy ng, Charles Goh, Reveris Armstrong, Mary Ann Britt, , Claude B:-rry, Jim Patterson, Bill Hale, Joe Thurman, Simpson, H. L. Hill, Ralph Thurman, Robzrl Young, fi I 'Q In x ifilflflllgg ,,..-P11 bi First Row: Billie Faye Fleeman, Frances Allen, Marceline McNutt, Wanda Richardson, Billie Marie Spencer, Eva Loftis, Sora Helms, lneta Bolding, Carolyn Lowrcy, Nina Gaines, Rose Marie Beckenholdt. Second Row: Mary Carbone, Betty Jo Vinson, Berle Hughes, Velma Hanks, Monna Lou Manue Joyce Thrailkill, Wanda Jean Long. I, Peggy Thomas, Jinx Patton, Mary Katherine Eaton, Third Row. Botty Britton, Mary Samford, Mary Etta Sheppard, Dorothy Jean Berlin, Frances Allen, Paula Stevenson, Gay Williamson, Dorolhy Graham, Terry Ann Baker, Julia Nell Stamps, Shirley Lipe. Fourth Row: Frances Ms-rvln, Joy Lee Jones, Maida Coleman, Jeanette Taylor, Ralph Tacker, Jean Blackman, Bobbie Lee Herring, Dorothy Hunter, Betty Dorsey. Fifth Row: Glenn Morrow, Riley Epps, Billy Miller, Ray Reynolds, Billy Lawson, Jack Hart, Hostler, Altrod Ashley, Eddie Durham, Jr. George Merriman, Forest Davis, Raymond Grace, Betty Rolfe Beaudry, Kenneth Cason, Keith Davis, James Sixth Row: Bill Morris, Bob Farrar, Bill Rowe, Kit Parsons, Bob McGlasson, Charles Rogers, George La Trelle, Alfred Bynum, Thomas Ballew, Joe Stringer, Rudolph Fields, Raymond Gonzales. ugl' lioilyfslx gg, lll 'silt '4 M' Ill il is. cali s LEFT TO RIGHT First Raw: Ruth McCaffrey, Marilyn Reed, Carolyn Evans, Delois Loomis, Narmadine Ford, Pauline Troutt, Rhoda Peacock, Eugenia Allen, Mariorie Dansby, Kathryn Slade, Betty Ja McAdams, Leslie Jackson, Martha Carbone. Second Row: Mildrrcl Williams, Ruth Rimmer, Sondra Oster, Joyce Miller, Doris Loftis, Norma Guynes, Lillian Muirhead, Doris Jo Nelson, Betty Britton, Jean Slwford, Jean Harbuck. Third Row: Louise Burleson, Frances Hoskins, Alys Mclauglin, Helen Dunn, Dolores Clark, Shirley Sue Wollt, Beulah Tate, Gloria Ann Adams, Martha Ann Parkin, Joyce Brack, Juanita Arney, Barbara Anne Daniels. Fourth Row- Clara Louise loveless, Martha Jean Cook, Patsy Edmondson, Jackie Hedge, Billy Bob Layfield, Elmer Elkins, Bill McCaskill, Alvin Sawey, J, B. Kerbow, Billy Claunch, Robert Keesee, Wanda Jean Stanley, Olivia Irwin, Fifth Row: Jcrry Don Postan, James Hamilton, John lngram, Milton Evans, Allred Perkins, Eddie Blount, Bobby Ramsey, J. R. Tucker, Fred Stringer, Morris Ragsdale, Charles Locklear, Worley Jones, Clarence Chappel. Sixth Row: Roy Flowers, Hubert Penn, Billy Hanszen, Edward Elrod, Bernhard Schramm, Bob Robnett, Bill Bailey, Bobby Dan Taylor, John Robert Standley, J. W. Miller, Douglas Powell. a if' Y f l U by ti, -. v f' X I If , , J Lflxxx C M A ' if X . L ' i i ' X f I , , , A . ,J ,y J J i if FN., - J' 2, I A Y ' ' flfxi ,VJ ' ' V ' sf ,L 'W . B A X rj ff' ry I .K ffl V , u ' . l- W' ' . ll' yi 4 l l 'lil vi l i..,' ffl H f B lk. I , li 1 i 4, li! X . 1 , it A 'N b l ' 1 4 Lf i Page Jforly-xv1'u11 ,wa fa 7946 l OFFICERS Fall Spring Marialyce Kniseley President . . Henry Stafford Tommy Ivy . Vice-President . Nancy Sanders Jean La Near . . Secretary . . Joan Dorsey . Library Representative . Lois Phillips lf ,uv LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Nancy Ann Sanders, Marialyce Kniseley, Betty Jane Soloman, Jeanne La Near, Katherine McGee, La Verne McDonald, Betty Althausen, Christine Kelly, Joan Dorsey, Margaret Mayers, Margaret Thompson, Anita Butler, Second Row: Beverly Bond, Gertie Lee Long, Patsy Vowels, Pauline Green, Geraldine Whitley, Marybeth Hatcher, Jeanette Wilson, Mary Hellen Haws, Jean Aldrich. Third Row: Betty Cearley, Rose Benson, Lois Phillips, Doris Britt, Jane McKnight, Betty Harris, Joan Mathews, Elveta La Cast, Ann Hanszen. Fourth Row: Donald Smith, Ralph Ccston, Sam Beasley, Rudy Haas, Leo Wells, Kyle Lievsay, Billy Paul Page, Tommy Graham, Bob Poteet, Robert Rumsey, Jack Knearem, Roy Rumsey, James Bryant, Charles Fulkerson. Fifth Row: Winford Starnes, Eugene Gibson, Eddie Keiningham, Charles Anderson, Jesse Pierce, Thomas Staltard, Tommy Ivy, Paul Schupback, James Clouse, Glenn Baker, Tommy Wilson, Paul Nichols, Wayne Adams, Page Foriy-sigh! 1946 OFFICERS Fall Spring Charles Tarver . President . , Dorothy Street Don Haydon Vice-President Don Haydon . . Secretary . . Dorothy Hill . La Tayne McClure . Library Representative . Acorn Reporter . Joy Lee Cummings l i i i i i l ll :ff . rlf' W , ., LEFT TO RIGHT First Row' Madie Belle Reese, Mary Nell Hollabaugh, Mary Sue Carver, Norma Arthur, Rosemary Burnett, Mariorie Derr, Pauline Harrison, Helen Campbell, Joyce Cook, Helen Adams, Ruth Morgan, Eleanor Wall. Second Row Jimmif- lne Fletcher, Betty Jane Adams, Vzra Campbell, Hazel Childs, Billie True, Peggy Laman, Winona Walker, Kathleen Bryant, Zora Harlow, Mable Tate, Billie Rae Stults, Juanita Teal, Betty Jean Campbell, Frances Watts. Third Row: Darlene Johnson, Dorothy Haynes, Helen Sharp, Patricia Storey, Betty Bell, Cecilia Drees, Joanne Hinckley, Laura Green, Therese Scot- tino, Kathleen Blansett, Margie Fleming, Alma Jean Stanton, Fourth Row: Alvin Lutrrell, Charles Turner, Wayne Farrar, Roy Dean Richards, Donald Hillin, Kenneth Walker, Charles Dillingham, Charles Branch, Chuck Holliday, Lesley Blankenship, Amos North, Robert Carpenter, Sam Miller, Jimmy Sellers, Gladden Sedberry. Fifth Row: Ernest Velasquez, Thomas Roberts, William Cook, Charles England, Wayne Patty, Dan Harris, Woodrow Wilson, Bob Burleson, Robert Moore, Leon McMillan, Edwin McMackin, Bert Lepley. Page Forty-nine we if ln W' Ill mammal: -notes LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Earlene Hellner, Lee Mae Dodd, Joan Totem, Alta Troutt, Betty Jean Russell, Jesse Gragum, Gene Slade, Ronald Baggett, Martha Gauntt, Betty Jean Stovall, Jenine Raicoft, Oleta Vernon, Dorothy Moll. Second Row: Betty Ann Salmon, Peggy Jordan, Betty Chance, June Reynolds, Drusilla Newlon, Dorothy Street, Dorothy Kennamer, Third Row: Nita Ruth Moore, Billie Foster, Dorothy Ruth Hill, Edith Settle, Joyce James, Jo Ann Bowles, Joy Lee Cummings, Mary Jane Neal, Helen Dodgen, Patsy Sullivan, Bobbie England. Fourth Row: Mary Kathleen Graves, Ruth Garrison, Betty Griftis, Annabelle Drake, Connie Wilden, lmogene Nobles, Helen Trogdon, Elaine Holden, Beth Knight, Donald McCulley, La Tayne McClure. Fifth Row: James Blair, Marshall Derrick, Richard Howard, Jimmie Scott, G enn Ramey, a er ai , ay Floyd Payne, Carson Allen. Sixth Row: Ray L. Wiederhold, Charles Paty, Billy Holland, Lloyd Kerr, Donald E. Paschal, Phil Grove' Wal' Collleff -leffY T'-'fmglli 5lllY GYOOYYM Charles Tarver, Billy Huckaby, Bill Space. l W lt F 'n D ton Blaine, Milton Elms, Howard Pollock, LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Barbara Ann O'Brien, Norma Moody, Kathryn Bivens, La Vina Jones, Arlene Browne, Hope Hamilton, Melva Williams, Yvonne Polnah, Mary Catherine Streety, Nita Jean Salter, Reba Vaughn, Evelyn Bennett, Sara Jean Grant, Bobbye Jo Bullard, Second Row: Elizabeth Ann Dorsey, Frankie Clinton, Betty Jo Keen, Waynette Bowdoin, Janie Warren, Dorotha Killingsworth, Doris Robinson, Wouida Matney, Dolores Fagan, Vera Boyls, Marvanell Traylor, Paula Huston, Peggy Still. Third Row: Edith Murrell Beck, Joan Kennel, Betty Lou Martin, Omega Lemons, Christine Calvin, Mary Beth Gray, Nancy Paden, Joan Opal, Gloria Branar, Thelma Jean Rogers, Martha Jo Smith, Patricia Merrell, Marilyn Christensen. Fourth Row: Wilbur Thompson, Wayne Watson, Billy Conner, Bert Allen, Don Hayden, Robert Ridley, Wilbert Tisch, Buddy Nix, Raymond Harrison, Robert Mulyany, James Ernest Malone, Sam Hodges, Billy Derrick, Edward Rhodes, Frank Evans. Fifth Row: Jimmy Nipp, Joe Carvaial, Alfred Slater, Robert Lee, Jimmy Stewart, Walter Paris, Roberl Mayo, Russell Williams, Carl Henley, Floyd Walker, Thomas Windsor, Jimmy McCormick. aaafulia - f A f f A no ' f LJ-'T Jwz f' 5 Fi S ' ... Millermore, on the Bonny View Road, overlooking the city from the south . . . begun in 1855 . . . currenlly occupied by fhe de- scendants of the pioneer home and school builder, William B. Miller. DORIS WEATHERFORD Brown eyed ond dimpled . . . friendly, sweet, pretty . . . ver- sotile ond cooperative, she wins ond holds our friendship. as 5 i . + ,.-1-5-W sur, wofulie Samoa Gad l XA' ix qaaafzilie Seniaa EW in ! .W nfl iv 1 .f l EARL BE ESLEY The boy with the smile... athlete, soldier, gentleman . . . dependable, intelligent, charm- ing . . .possesses the qualities of a leader. DORIS WYATT Lovable, vivacious, unassum- ng . . . possesses rare abilities her. a lass of charm and laughter every one is proud To know Seniafz geauli J fx f 1 JV. Fifi ,np If lx ,v rib ti IWNR ZX, ,t NAJK-J! rfwf' xx 9 ' of -L., X' if ,Y I, 5 X ,X 'X :J K L Q ff .,-W fki F I jf, 3 mjxv, ly ,, 24 x 7. o w' ' lf ff 'N -'J ',' ', :AM , k J lv' jk! d4QmcZ4ame4Z Senicvz gay K N mf 3, f 5- 7' 'N M DOYLE RAMBO An individual ot merit.. courteous, worm-heorted, mod est. . .honest ond relioble . . on oll-round othlete and tol ented actor. ff! ' i ,.f 'a hf. I f ! c i. BGBBIE DINSMORE An attractive miss with red hair. . .good dancer. . .is loved for her graciousness, sin- cerity, and charm. Zzaaaaiie Zlnaleaclau Gm! arcade 'Zi dau EW iff! in . g 3 R' X x vm-ig -gf aw 1 liijg l EDWIN HARRIS A debafer too friendly To quarrel with his opponenf . . . capable, energetic, enfhuiasfic . . . is liked for his aFFability and for his agreeable manner. DON HAWKNS Hcmdsomesi boy of January A3 class LOIS PARSONS Mow! beautiful girl of January '43 dass BERT VOLENTHXIE Favorite boy of January '43 V V 5 , .,, fu f ,gg ,J H 6 N3 Q' A AF Q. if . 0 V UT J! A4 1 JM Je, EQ ff' A S in Vx :i:'i 1 , 1 . fl ' f , ' A LVL 5 A V ,Q I A 5, ' ,K A rv N, BARBARA DANIELS Fcvcrife girl of June '45 class WP' ff' HENRY e boy of LA TAYNE MCCLURE Fcvorife boy of June 46 class Jwiitfiw Fair Park Audi d and the forium, dedicated to the True, the Goo 1 cornerstone laid in l925 . . . silent witness to the great city and a wonderful slate. lopment of a Beautiful . , . cultural cleve t pictured on these pages The studen 5 scholastic or literary atlainments. Ten highest honor graduates in The classes Nclle Parmer is lhe 1943 winner ofthe essay contesl. Ruth Rimmer and Janie lnterscholastic League events, compose team of Dallas, Left to right have achieved excellent them are among the of of January and June, la cily lnterschelastic League Teipel, also competing in the champion girls' debate Yi reading downward Julia Johnston Billie Anne Hunter lniogene Smyers Doris Wyatl Floy Horn Jimmie Lou Lowry who 5 K s 3 af Lefi Oo rfghf, rcudvng downward Sue Huston Eugene Ross PrwsLiHc Richardson Janie Teipel Lo NeHe Porrner Jane Shelby Ruth Rimmer ,,f'l vv LM ' f f T.-'45 Mx f Ni-nga 547' V, -. Um Jlanaa Ra!! jr: emo 'dam MARVIN BEISEKER ROBERT CARLISLE G. W. CHANDLER JOE FOLEY REX GOSSETT LEE MUSGROVE EARL MCDERMONT THOMAS DICK NEAL JAY E. PIETZSCH R. V. VANTREES TRUMAN WILDER TOM WILEY WILLIAM H. YOUNG REPORTED MISSING ACEL HALE ROY McNUTT T. R. Drickson, C. D. Duggan, Gerald Duncan, Richard Duncan, P. H. James Abbott, F. G. Ables, Leroy Adams, T. H. Adams, Rayford Addington, Louis Adin, Ben Adkisson, W. C. Adkisson, Roy Akin, Cecil Albin, Anderson Alexander, Jack Allen, James Allen, Joe Henry Allen, Dick Anderson, Stilwell Armstrong, G. C. Arnett, Billy Atkinson, Leighton Atteberry, Wilson Atteberry, Charles Austin, Harold Austin, Billy Autry, Clayton Averson, Bill Avrea, Carl Avrea, Clayton Aymon. Herbert Babb, Robert Baker, Phil Bailey, Carlton Baines, O. R. Baker, Robert Baker, Homer Bankhead, Carlton Barnes, Lewis Barr, Charles Bartlette, Lyle Barton, Compere Basom, Albert Bass, Billy Bates, Claude Bates, Jr., Kenneth Bates, Billy Beachum, John Beachum, Bob Bearden, Jack Beckham, Albert Beaudry, Jack Bedwell, Claude Beedle, Vernon Beesley, David Bell, Gerald Bell, C. M. Belmear, David Bell, R. V. Bendrat, Alfred Benners, John Benson, C. W. Benton, Allen Berry, Don Berry, Louie Berry, Roland Berry, David Betts, Robert Billert, Woodrow Billings, Jack Birdsong, Lynwood Birdwell, Gene Bivings, W. D. Bixler, George Blankenship, Harold Blankenship, Wil- bert Blanton, Wilson Board, Bill Boatman, Robert Bogardus, Gus Borgeson, Albert Bowles, Wayne Bowling, Lawrence Bracken, Horace Bradshaw, Wendell Breedlove, Washington Brewer, Wilburn Briggs, Charles Brinkley, Taylor Branch, Charles Browder, Bill Brown, Douglas Brown, Joe Brown, John Brown, Kenneth Brown, William Brown, H. H. Browne, Eugene Brownlow, J. M. Bryan, Jack Bryant, Joe Bryant, John Bryant, Robert Bryant, Jim Burks, Martin E. Burks, Alt Burr, Robert Burnside, Bill Burris, Billy Butcher, Paul Calame, Henry Calder, Clayton Campbell, E. L. Campbell, Mickey Campbell, Nellie Campbell, Robert Capers, Solon Caple, Bert Page Sixty- four Tommy Butler, Charles Beedle. Robert Calder, Howard Cameron Gene Campbell, Henry Campbell William Campbell, Lealand Canal Carlton, John Carmen, Fred Car- mical, James Carnes, Scott Carpenter, Bill Carr, Leland Carral, B. A. Carrell, Sam Carrell, William B. Carrell, Bill Carter, James Carter, Morris Carter, Otis Carter, Jim Carver, Sam Carver, Robert Casteel, William B. Chalafin, Lester Chambers, John M. Chanslor, Billy Jack Chapman, Paul Chatelain, Robert Childs, Billy Childers, Charles Chil- ders, Dan Childers, Fields Childress, Joy Childress, James Christe, Hans Christian, Perry Clark, William Clark, Vivien Clark, Curtis Clary, Marcus Cline, Robert Cline, Roland Coats, L. D. Cochran, Earl D. Cockran, Alfred Coffey, Billy Coke, Carl Coke, Owen Coke, Gillon Cale, G. H. Coleman, Granville Coleman, Joe Coleman, Tommy Cole- man, A. E. Collier, Grant Collier, Earl Collins, Edgar Collins, Willie Cook, Worth Coon, Harvey Comfort, Jack Congleton, Robert Cotner, A. J. Couch, Louie Couch, Harry Cowing, Bill Cox, Wayne Cox, Bert Craig, Franklin Crain, Jack Craven, Winfield Craven, Johnny Bob Creel, Torbett Craft, Edward Crossland, Howard Crossland, H. A. Crouch, Paul Cuder, Paul Culwell. Howard Dailey, Sammy Daniel, Butler Daniels, Kenneth Daniels, Richard Danner, L. C. Dargcn, J. E. Davis, Bob Davis, Hal Daven- port, James Deaton, Bill Deaver, W. E. Deen, Bunk Dees, Burnice De Ford, Marvin Degenhart, James Dellahunty, Allen Denton, John Dobbs, Morris Dobiyanski, Cranston Dodd, George Dodd, Charles Dodge, Wil- liam Donald, Earl Dosier, George Downs, John Drake, Fred Drees, Dunnam, Clifford Dunlap, Dan Dupree, Flint Du Pre, Clyde Durbin, Burt Durham, Elmer Durrett. Bob Eagle, Wilford Earnhart, James Eastland, Ralph Echols, W. E. Eckles, Halford Elliott, Lynn Elliott, Mike Elphingstcne, Clyde Erick- son, Clark Etheridge, Lee Euchert, William Euchert, Francis Ewton, Raymond Ezell, Theo Ezell, James Evans. C. A. Fagan, Bob Farris, Arthur Fazakcrley, Randolph Fields, Lloyd Finney, Billy Fleeman, Billy Foster, James Foster, Marvin Fowlkes, James Fox, Ned Franklin, Dick Franklin. Hoyt Frazier, Wayne Freeland, Edward Feud, Hoyt Frazier, Harold Frensley, Edward Frew, Clifford Fritz, Eugene Fritz, Dale Frost, Harrell Frost, Morris Frost, Edgar Fulkerson, Gene Fultner, Philip Fultner. Gordon Gaines, Charles Gallassero, Rox Gandy, Wenzel Gandy, John Gardiner, Louis Gardner, O. C. Gardner, George Garriott, Dick Garvin, Carter Gault, George Gay, Harry Gaylor, Thomas Gentry, Robert George, Charles Gharis, Edgar Gharis, Edmond Gharis, Lucas Giarraputo, James Gibbons, Frank Gibbs, George Gbson, James Gil- land, Fred Gillette, Gus Girlinghouse, Jim Gleason, Louis Goldman, William Gomez, Dalton Goode, Walter Good:nough, Jack Gord, George Gordon, Jack Gordon, Charles Gore, Errl Gossett, John Grabbe, Jimmy Graham, J. W. Graves, Bob Gray, Charles Gray, Jack Gray, Joe Gray, Harold Greathouse, Billy Jack Green, Harry Green, James Green, Ray Green, Carl Gregory, Eugene Gregory, Robert Grcgory, Edwin Griffin, Mark Griffin, Charles Gruneisen, William Gruneisen, Jack Guard, Gordon Guest, LaVcrgne Guinn, Marvin Guy. Jack Haake, Wallace Haake, Leslie Hacklor, Thavin Hackler, Tas- wcll Hackler, Bill Hagendoorn, Lem Haines, Maurice Hair, Cecil Hall, Hugh Hall, R. G. Ham, Edwin Hamilton, Ernest Hamilton, Jack Hamil- ton, Robert Hamilton, W. A. Hamilton, William llamilton, Marcus Hancock, Noryert Hansem, Fred Hansen, George Hancra, Almon Hare, Robert Hare, Harry Hargett, Horace Harpold, Clayton Harpold, A. W. Harris, Dwight Harris, Fred Harris, George Harris, Jack Harris, John Harris, Oliver Harris, Jack Harrison, John Harrizon, Milbourne Harson, Clifford Harter, Clovis Harter, Merldean Hartsfield, Haynes Harvill, Jess Hassell, Charles Hatcher, Bob Hawkins, Joe Helms, Jack Hender- son, Roland Henderson, Robert Henderson, J. P. Hendricks, Oliver Hendrix, Richard Herring, James Hickey, Cecil Hicks, Glenn Hicks, Cecil Hill, Fitzhugh Hill, Homer Hill, Larry Hill, Raymond Hill, Russell Hill, Lorn Hill, Walter Hill, Marvin Hinchlitfe, Joe Hobert, Claude Hocker, Hugh Hodges, Jimmy Hodge, L. C. Hogan, John Holland, W. D. Holloway, Charles Hopkins, Douglas Horton, Stanley Houston, Charles Hubbard, Tilden Hudson, Truman Hudson, Dorothy Hughes, James Hughes, Robert Hughes, Sterling Hulen, Curtis Human, James Human, Frank Humphrey, Joe Humphrey, Richard Humphrey, Earnest Humphries, Reagan Humphrey, Collin Hunley, Donald Hunley, Ray- mond Hunley, Woodrow Hunt, Clifton Hunter, Jack Hunter, Robert Hunter, Garrison Hurkey, Wilbur Hurt. Willard Innis, Bill Irwin, J. B. lrwin, Jessie lvie, Clarence Ivy, Robert Ivy, David Ivy. Harold Jackson, James Jackson, Henry Jacobs, Leon James, Billy Jameson, Billy Jarrard, Lee Jennings, Richard Jennings, Earl Johnson, Grant Johnson, Monroe Johnson, Phillip Johnson, Wayne Johnson, Bill Jones, Bobby Jones, Carlos Jones, Harold Jones, Jcck Jones, W. B. Jones. Bill Karr, Mary Karr, James Keel, William Keith, Arthur Kelly, Edward Kelly, George Kelly, Joe Kelly, Joe Kennel, Norman Kepke, Joe Kerbow, Dee Kerr, Robert Kimberlin, Don Kincannon, Charlie King, Don King, Aldon Kings, Billy Knapp, Tyler Knighten, Douglass Knott, Joe Krayer, William Krayer. Dan Lambert, Ralph Lambert, William Large, Frank Lassetter, Billy Lawson, Ollen lawrence, Oliver Lawerence, Pete Layden, Tommy layden, Paul Leal, Ernest ledford, Jimmy Lee, Frank Lee, Latham leeds, Sam Leemon, Foster Lee Lemly, Charles Lemons, Coy Lewis, Lawrence Lewis, L. J. Lewis, Dewie Lindsay, Michael Linehan, Dan Livingstone, Raymond Lockard, Cecil Lochridge, Jack Lockett, James Logan, George Longley, John Looney, Edward Low, Eugene Lowry, Charles Lucas, Eugene Luck, Dale Luttrell, Ted Lynn, Jr., Ted Lynn, Sr. Harry Maas, Jack Mackey, H. C. Maiden, Joe Maidow, Clittord Mann, Mary Beth Mallory, Edward Mann, Jack Marable, Virgil Marco, Claude Marcom, James Marsh, Edward Marshall, George Martin, Jimmy Masco, Andrew McBeatie, Lewis McBride, Fred McBride, Harry McCaffrey, Wendell McCarty, J. R. McClintock, Kenneth McClure, William McCroy, Cecil McCulley, Hal F. McCullough, C. J, McDermont, David McDowell, George McDowell, Norman McDowell, Edward McFerren, Odell Mc- Grew, Lonnie Mclntire, Robert McKee, James McKnight, John Lloyd McKnight, Edward McLevin, George McMahon, Alvin McMains, D. C. McMains, Landie McMains, George McManis, William Price McNutt. Hilton McSpadden, Bill Medley, William Meredith, Paul Merianian, Daniel Merrifield, Lois Michael, Myson Miers, C. M. Miller, Bill Miller, Eugene Miller, Frank Miller, James Millcr, Carl Mixer, Edward Monk, James Moore, Thomas Moore, Ernest Morgan, Jack Morgan, Roger Morris, Jr., Millard Morrison, Horace Morrow, Earnest Morrow, Ed Morrow, William Morrow, Red Mosely, Fayne Mullen, Richard Murdock, Elmo Morgan, Charles Mayabb, Thad Burk Martin, A. O. Moore. Boyce Nall, James Noll, Harry Neal, James Neal, Albert Nelson, Ralph Nelson, Roy Nelson, Roy Niblo, C. B. Norris, Charles Northcutt, Eugene Norvell, Wanz Nowlin. Denis O'Brien, David O'Conner, Joe Odneal, Donald Ogden, Ralph Ogden, Lloyd Oldham, W. H. Oliver, Dick Ophan, Sam Orr, Dodd Osborne, John Osborne, Ralph Osburn, Bill Otis, A. E. Owen. Jerroll Page, Mansely Page, Betty Palmer, Howard Palmer, Harry Pang, Nolan Paris, Jack Parker, Robert Parker, Bob Patrick, Bob Pat- torson, Foncy Patterson, Pat Patterson, T. J. Patton, John Paty, Clark Payne, David Fayne, Harold Payne, William Perkins, C. F. Peters, Alton Peterson, Jack Pettiford, Joe Phillips, Vcrnon Phillips, Bill Pierce, Robert Pike, Jonny Pilkington, Edwin Pippey, R. A. Pitts, Leonard Poole, Ray Pollock, Charles Pond, David Pope, Fletcher Pope, Jerome Pope, Charles Robert Powell, Ernest Powell, William Powers, Richard Pratley, Claude Prestridge, Earl Price, Thomas Price, Billy Primm, Charles Pritchett, Charles Procter. Bob Quinn. Thomas Rankin, Penryn Rasor, J, H. Rawlings, Karl Reagan, James Reagan, William Reagan, Charles Redding, Jack Redman, Bob lRobertl Redwine, Ernest Rcdwine, Stewart Reeves, Chela Gebhard Reid, Roy Reynolds, C. J. Rhodes, James Richards, Forrest Richrrdson, James Richardson, Virgil Richardson, Glynn Richmond, Robert Riddle, Russell Rindy, Edwin Rippy, Lee Roy Rittenberry, Jack Robbersan, Rudolph Robberson, James Roberson, Bill Roberts, Edwin Roberts, Lionel Wal- lace Roberts, Jimmie Robinson, Clifford Rodgers, Morgan Rogers, Paul Rozenburg, Benny Russell, Lloyd Russell, Wilson Risinger, Paul Rider. Raymond Sabatoni, Jack Sallis, Ottie Lee Sams, Joseph Samuels, George Sergeant, David Sessions, Earl Schell, Algar Schoen, Bill Schulz, Carl Schulz, Edgar Schwedler, George Sebastian, Tommy Seller, Roy Shanks, Aubrey Sharp, Ed Shaw, Jim Shaw, Odis Shaw, William Shaw, Dan G. Shelby, Henry Shull, Jack Shull, Earnest Sibe ley, Jack Sibley, Bill Simmons, Dick Simpson, Jack Simpson, Lee Roy Simpson, Ben Skelton, Robert Skelton, Harris Skelton, Bert Smith, Billy Smith, Horace Smith, Jack Smith, J. B. Smith, Peyton Smith, Chad Sneed, Rodney Sorenson, Charles South, Weldon Sparrow, Frank Spire, L. C. Sport, J. F. Sprague, Johnny Sprague, Holt Stanford, Bob Steger, J. H. Steger, Tom Steger, Alvin Sterling, Philip Stevens, Charles Stevenson, Fred Stevenson, Herbert Stice, Bobby Stokes, Boude Storey, Marion Strickland, Mary Stroud, Allen Stubbletield, Dell Stubblefield, GriFHn Stubbletield, James Sudduth, Dan Summers, Melvin Sumnus, Clyde Surrott, James Suter, J. W. Suter, Bonnie Suttle, Holsz Suttle, Otto Switzer, Charles Shackeltord. Stanley Tabor, Tom Talbot, Eugene Taylor, Michael Tayor, Edgar Teasley, J. C. Teasley, Ross Tennison, Weldon Terrell, Floyd Terry, Ray Terry, Ed Teubner, Ray Teubner, Earl Thompson, Glen Thompson, J. W. Thompson, Fannin Thompson, Pat Thompson, Roy Thrash, Jack Tidwell, William Toogoad, Robert Truly, Wilfred Tubre, Roy Tucker, George Turrel, Bobby Turner, Richard Turner, Roy Turncr, John Tyler. Dick Upham. Roy Vann. S. V. Wadsworth, Homer Walker, Ray Walker, Howard Wallace, Albert Walraven, Danny Walther, Marshall Ware, Albert Warren, Pete Warren, Watt Watkins, Loy Wayt, Jim Weatherrcd, Ben Weather- all, James Weartherby, Pace Weatherby, Kirk Webb, Hugh Webb, Bill Webster, Earl Webster, Robert Webster, Jesse Welch, Jim Welch, Orris Welch, B. R. Wentworth, Jack West, Bill Weston, Jim Weston, Wilbur Wetzel, Harry Whetstine, John Whisenant, Caiter White, How- ard White, William White, Herman Whittey, Vaden Whitley, Cleo Whitlock, Robert Whitten, Philip Whittlesey, Terry Wilcox, Billy Wilds, Jack William, Billy Bob Williams, Harry Williams, Jack Williams, James Williams, Nev Williams, Paskil Williams, Preston Williams, Wyvel Williams, Raymond Willis, Darrell Willis, Bob Wilson, Jim Wilson, Robert Wilson, Woiland Wilson, Arvis Windsor, Bob Wish- koshil, Bob Wolf, Bernard Womack, Bobbie Woods, Robert Woods, Joe A. Worden, Brock Wright, George B. Wright, Jack Wright, Jim Wright, John Wyatt, Russell Wyatt, Hubert H. Wyche, Bob Wylie, Clayton Wyman, John VVarren, Robert Wooten. Charles Yates, Richard Yates, Billy Young, Sam Young, W. H. Young, Fred Youngblood, Jack Youngblood. FACULTY HARRY BARTON R. B. HARRIS CHARLES LEONARD RHEA A. MARRIOTT WILLIAM MEEK LEOY NEAL CARL NUTLEY RICHARD STROUD JOSEPH J. PHILLIPS Billy Zinn. Przgc Sixty-fire my Nha .s Perfect Attendance Awards January 1943 Class JOYCE CAMERON LAURETTA CASON XERMA RASOR MARTHA SURLEY These tour graduates were not absent or tardy during their four years in high school. Up to April 12, 1943, the following June grad- uates had not been absent during their high school careers: BETTY ANDERSON BETTY EDITH ATTEBERRY EARL BEESLEY MARIANNE CRAIG GEORGE ELLIS LOUISE FAUST GEORGE HOLLABAUGH FLOY HORN SUE HUSTON FRANK LESLIE KENNETH POGUE NANCY RANDALL DONALD ROGERS CAROLYN WEATHERBY JACKIE WILDER SCHOLARSHIP CLUB Membership in this club is based on scholastic attainment. When a student makes an average of B with no grade below C, he automatically belongs to the club. James Abbott, Gloria Adams, Joe Adams, Connie Jean Aldrich, Barbara Allen, Betty Joyce Allen, Betty Anderson, Bobby Anderson, Sarah Jo Ansley, Peggy Archibald, Dewey Askins, Patsy Atkinson, Mary Jane Aubrey. Terry Ann Baker, Dorothy Boll, Ralph Allen Barr, Esther Bartley, Jack Bosden, Betty Jean Bates, Doris Bates, Anna Louise Beaudet, Ralph Beaudry, Earl Beesley, Bobby Behrns, Betty Gene Bennet, Dorothy Jean Berlin, Charlene Biggs, Hazel Ruth Bivens, Drucilla Bivings, Porter Lee Bledsoe, Eddie Blonnt, Margaret Bohanon, Eugene Bolinger, Kathleen Barnes, G. W. Baskin, Jo Ann Bowles, Johnelle Bradley, Mary Ann Britt, Minnie Lau Brumly, Peggy Jo Bryan, Wyllena Bryson, Juannell Bullard, Herbert Burleson, Allen Boedecker. Jamie Caldwell, Joyce Cameron, Vera Campbell, Carolyn Carlisle, Janet Carney, Virginia Carney, Janice Carson, Maxine Carstens, Janet Carten, Patsy Carter, Kenneth Cason, Lauretta Cason, Rebecca Cayce, Winona Cayce, Betty Chambers Betty Chasce, Earl Cherry,Billy Childers, Marilyn Christensen, Dolores Clark, Mariorie Clark, Betty Lou Clifton, Gladys Coates, Maida Lou Coleman, Edith Collier, Lovanah Compton, Bill Canger, Marion Cooper, Serena Coppedge, Billie Jean Cornett, W. A. Couch, Marianne Craig, James Craps, Lorene Crossland, Jean Cullum, Joy Lee Cummings, Gloria Cunningham, Billie Margaret Curry, Al Dora Curtis. Pat Dailey, Homer Dalton, Barbara Daniels, Mariorie Dansby, Carolyn Davis, Eugene Davis, Fred Davis, Mary Katherine Davis, Madelalne Dawson, Jack Day, Jacqueline Dillon, Bobbie Dinsmore, Ruby Dowd, Lenore Dretzka, Gwen Duff, Mary Lou Dunlap, Helen Dunn, Gloria Dyer. Jack Earnest, Francine Ehrhardt, John Emery, Charles England, Turner Epps, Fred Erler, Carolyn Evans. Ivy Fain, June Fain, Louise Faust, James Felts, Mildred Ferguson, Dena Sue Fields, Doris Fleeman, Norma Jean Flood, James Fogleson, Wanda Follis, Normadene Ford, Donna Foster, Wilmer Froese, Murlene Fuller, Kathryn Ferguson. Charles Gaines, Nina Gaines, LaVerne Golden, Claude Goodman, Margaret Goodwyn, Thad Goodwyn, Gloria Goolsby, Betty Lou Gor- man, Dorothy Grady, LaVerne Graves, Mary Kathleen Graves, James Gray, Jesse Grayum, Joyce Greer, Mary Louise Grice, Betty Griffins, Betty Grundy. Rudy Haas, Mary Jane Hall, Robert Hall, LaVerne Hamilton, Bettye Jo Hamm, Velma Hanks, Dorothy Hardage, Leatrice Hardgrove, Claude Hardin, Louise Hargrove, Eva Lee Harralson, Billie Jean Harris, W. A. Harrison, Marybeth Hatcher, Earl Havens, Don Hawkins, Jackie Hedge, Mary Jean Hendrick, Carl Henley, Patricia Hiebert, Wilburn Hill, James Hitt, Betty Lou Hix, Nadine Hix, Sam Hodges, Virginia Hodges, Patsy Hogan, George Hollabaugh, Ernestine Holland, Asa Holleman, Paul Hope, Peggy Hopkins, Flay Horn, Jeffrey Harney, Mariorie Howard, Billy Huckaby, LaVerne Hughey, Joseale Hulse, Martha Humphrey, Billie Anne Hunter, Eleanor Hutson, Paula Huston, Sue Huston, Jock Hyles. Betty Sue Irwin. Lennie Jackson, Billy Charles James, Lindell James, Sylvia Jenson, Bettie Johnson, Jean Johnson, Julia John'ton, lawrence Jones, Norma Janes, Virginia Jones, Wanda Jones, Opal Julian. Betty Jo Keen, Robcrt Keesee, Patsy Kelly, Stella Kennedy, J. B. Kerbow, Norita Kerbow, Kathryn Kerr, Margaret Kimberlin, Thelma King, Vernon King, Beth Knight, Marialyce Knisely, Betty Jean Knoll, Bobby Kuehne, Bebe Kyser. Jeanne LaNear, Barbara Law, Homer Lawson, Bobbie Leatherwood, Robert Lee, Carolyn Lemly, Eva Katherine Leslie, Gene Lewis, Jack Lindsey, Anita Lipson, Thomas Little, Sylvia Littlepoge, Joyce Lockard, Barbara Long, Wanda Long, Margaret Loraine, Peggy louonce, Bob Lovell, Rosalie Lowe, Carolyn Lowery, Jimmie Lou Lowry. Sam Madderro, Cornelia Malone, Betty Martin, Wouida Matney, Treva Jo Matney, Charles Maupin, Mary Moyers, Mary Helen Melvin, Frances Merwin, Mitze Mizell, Bobbye Sue Miller, Mariorie Milne, Bill Moore, Jane Moore, Bonar Morgan, Glyn Morrison, Harriet Murphy, Jeanne Maclachlan, Juanita McCallum, Lolayne McClure, Bill Mc- Cormick, Hugh McCranie, Betty Jo McGee, Alys McLaughlin, Billie McLaughiin, Mary McWilliams, Ola Ruth McWilliams. Virginia Napier, Jean Nater, Betty Neal, Elizabeth Newby, Richard Newton, Rhea Nichols, Dorothy Nix, Amos North, Yvonne Nottingham, Nannie Nutt. Malcolm Ogden, Sondra Oster, Barbara Ann O'Brien. Charles Palumbo, Lo Nelle Parmer, Kit Parsons, Lurline Payne, La Yvonne Peterson, Muriel Phillips, Joe Pike, Helen Pitts, Patsy Pledge, Gerald Polnack, Yvonne Polnack, Nell Ruth Porter, Charles Posey, Lloyd Posey, Virgie Price, Edith Province. Glenn Ramey, Nancy Randall, Xerma Rasor, Nellie Jo Ratekin, James Ray, Jack Redding, Madie Belle Reese, Virginia Reese, Clarance Reid, Peggy Render, Edward Rhodes, Priscilla Richardson, Wanda Richardson, Ruth Rimmer, Edwin Roberts, Ralph Roberts, Elgin Robertson, Bob Robnett, Donald Rogers, Eugene Ross, Lenore Rubin, oria Russell John Salazar, Nita Jo Salter, Mary Samford, Mary Sanders, Charlotte Saunders, Betty Sourage, Dorrace Schaerdel, William Schell, Alma Schwedler, Jimmy Scroggin, Jean Seidmeyer, Tommy Sellers, Margie Sessions, Jane Shelby, Billie Sherman, Billy Bob Shiflett, Bobby Short, Jean Shuford, Mary Nell Sides, Virginia Simpson, Geraldine Skeeter, Avery Slaughter, Harry Slaughter, Don Smith, Martha Jo Smith, Imogene Smyers, Bill Space, Norman Spray, Thomas Hewn Stotiord, Taletha Standridge, Alma Jean Stanton, Louise Steely, Joanne Stelancky, Paula Stevenson, LaVerne Stock, Doris Slakey, Betty Stovall, Billa Stovall, Foe Stovall, Dorothy Street, Elinor Strother, Aileen Sullivan, Mary Sue Sullivan, Patsy Sullivan, Bernice Sutton, Della Lou Sutton, Jimmie Swope. Joy Taber, Eloise Tanner, Charles Tarver, Mildred Taylor, Janie Teipel, Dan Thomas, Peggy Thomas, Donnie Thurman, Marion Tolbert, Alta Lee Troutt, Evelyn Troutt, Pauline Troutt, Jerry Tunnell. Patti Underwood. Edna Earle Vaden, Virginia Sue Varnell, Mina Lee Vernon, Alice Vining, Jean Vining, Gerald Vittitow, Patsy Vowles. Ava Jane Waddle, Inez Walker, John Walraven, Mary Walther, Carmen Wannamacker, Jane Warren, Bob Wasson, Dorothy Watkins, Carolyn Weatherby, Dorothy Weiser, La Rue Whiles, Dorrace White, Eulah White, Richard White, Orene Whitcomb, Frank Whittlesey, Ray Wiedcrhold, Jackie Wilder, Lila Ann Williams, Mary Lucille Williams, Maurice Williams, Melva Williams, Mildred Williams, Catheryn Will- ingham, Joan Wilson, Shirley Wolff, La Verne Woodmansee, Doris Wyatt. Bettye Yates, Christine York, Connie Young, Carl Younger. Alma Laura Ziegler, Richard Zuefeldt. U, 'Uk 674164 r m i ,mi ge 1 may :V ' I Society . . . The Hall of Sfule . . . Museum of the Dallas Histonca built one hundred years afier The Battle of San Jacinto during Texas' year of celebration for ils independence. TREVA JO MATNEY President MARY JANE HALL Vice-President BEBE KEYSER Secretary JACKIE WILDER Program Chairman BETTY EDITH ATTEBERRY Archivist JACKIE WILDER President BEBE KEYSER Vice-President JERRY TUNNELL Secretary CAROLYN CARLISLE Program Chairman BETTY JEAN KNOLL Archivist Organizer and Sponsor MISS WINNIE LANGFORD OFFICERS Fall Spring Ballad Jfiilaaicaf Saciefy The Adamson Dallas Historical Society, begun in I9-tl, is a iunior chapter of the city-wide organization. Its purpose is to institute and encourage historical inquiry, to collect, ple- serve, and exhibit the materials of history, and to spread historical information, especially concerning Dallas and the Southwest. M, W ,gg QR 2 V, , A iiriis ssi ssil f::' X 5 .f , I A , li--Q, .gl i ' ' 1 , -i-ii The outstanding events of the year were the visit to Miller- more and the presentation of an original play, Washington's Defeat by Treva Jo Matney, at the Hall of State before the members of other school chapters. These and all other activ- ities are recorded in the club book maintained by the archivist. IN THE PICTURE LaVerne Woodmansee, Dorothy Ball, l.a Nelle Parmer, Treva Jo Matney, Miss Langford, LaVerne Stock, Bebe Keyser, Lois Billert, Evelyn Troutt, Jackie Wilder, Betty Jean Knoll, Betty Edith Atteberry, La Vina Jones, Lenore Rubin, Melva Williams, Betty Ann Boyles, Wouida Matney, Mary Jane Hall. OTHER MEMBERS Lois Campbell, Carolyn Carlisle, Duane Evans, Drusilla Newlon, Loyed Marie Pollock, June Reynolds, Richard Snow, Janie Teipcl, Jerry Tunnell, Jeanne Watson. SMALL PICTURES Mary Jane, Jackie, Carolyn, Bebe, Treva Jo, Betty Jean. OFFICERS Fall AVA JANE WADDLE Big Bookworm JANE SHELBY Big Bookworm, Jr. VIRGINIA NAPIER Bookmark NELI. RUTH PORTER Social Chairman EDNA EARLE VADEN Acorn Reporter Spring JANE SHELBY Big Bookworm MARY JANE AUBREY Big Bookworm, Jr. CAROLYN LEMLY Bookmark MARIANNE CRAIG Social Chairman GWEN DUFF Acorn Reporter MISS LORINE HIGGINBOTHAM Guardian Bookworm MRS. F. LEE LEMLY Mother Bookworm Each 6 146 Limiting its roll to thirty, the Book Review Club elects new for informal discussions of current literature and a review of members each semester from the three upper classes. The a new book or short story. On one occasion, Miss Higgin- Bookworms meet every other Thursday morning before school botham reviewed Nicholas's Burma Road. At the annual Christmas party at the home of Mrs. Lemly, Mrs. V. Y. Reiebian reviewed The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas. The club made a Christmas donation of five dollars to the Red Cross. IN THE PICTURE Betty Joyce Allen, Betty Anderson, Bobby Anderson, Mary Jane Aubrey, Marianne Craig, Margaret Curry, Gwen Duff, Mary Jane Hall, Joseale Hulse, Sue Huston, Billie Anne Hunter, Patsy Kelly, Carolyn Lemly, Virginia Napier, Nell Ruth Porter, Nancy Randall, Xerma Rasor, Jane Shelby, Ava Jane Waddle, Dorothy Watkins, Carolyn Weatherby, Jackie Wilder, Doris Wyatt, Edna Earle Vaden. r X OTHER BOOKWORMS Betty Gene Bennett, Betty Jo Hamm, Jacqueline Dillon, Bobbye Sue Miller, Peggy Render, Charlotte Saunders, Jo Ann Stokes, Alleen Sullivan, Patti Under- wood. SMALL PICTURES Mary Jane, Carolyn, Jane, Ava Jane, Virginia. if x,?i'2s5 ft, lfiqi srli I. . 1.-f.............,. 4 wma Side JIM mica! Jquaaiaizan This group, organized in I94I and sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association, is the twenty-fifth ot the titty chapters throughout the slate. Its purpose is to stimulate interest in local and Texas history, to uncover and publish items concerning them, ard to visit places of historical sig- nificance in the community, This year, visits to Millermore and to La Reunion, old French Town, were particularly instructive and great fun. The Junior Historian, official magazine of the organization, published two articles written by youthful his- torians of the Adamson club. MilIermore, by .lack Earnest, appeared in the January issue, and 'iTales ofthe Trail, by Patsy Pledge, in the April number. Fail OFFICERS Spring JANE SHEIBY PATTI UNDERWOOD JANE SHELBY BILLIE MARGARET CURRY President Secretary President Secretary SYLVIA LITTLEPAGE MARJORIE MACAULEY VIRGINIA NAPIER JACQUELINE DII.I.ON Vice-President Acorn Reporter Vice-President Acorn Reporter zf, 1 'M-1. s, NE TT ---..., Ei N Organizers and Sponsors 2, C' 'R--C M 'N-W Miss ABIGAII. CRANE i1 sst R MNTWW' Miss LORINE HiGGiNBoTHAM P-. 1' R Eg, 1 ,, In . M '-Me-e.,.,wM K is A 535439 -c .AN 'N Ne---. ,s-.N K' KSQE 'J . .F My N 3 fe-....m,,,MmMvi,-mgwmw ie s R --W ef - is Igis ii'i , H- , so C . I s it , W IN THE PICTURE C -Q, .:'- R Cf' -R -C I W . . K -:ij .:: I , 5 fi Miss Crane, Miss Higginbotham, Patsy I ,.il f ,sei isp. I Pledge, Ava Jane Waddle, Jane Shelby, fi .E . Q in ,I Sylvia Littlepage, Virginia Napier, Jim- . ,:i', f mie Hardin, Jacqueline Dillon, Betty Jo S 'gf f i, gawk x ,,... .c,. il Hamm, Billie Margaret Curry, Maida if fif .i Coleman, Vera Allen, Rebecca Cayce, K in Joseale Hulse, Juanita Arney, Mary ---'1 ,, i i f X K Wilgi W Katherine Davis. Eg ,,., A J, ,,.,V Q, ,. ., -.2: - C ,,. C ss. WX, ,im- OTHER MEMBERS --,. ,. Jimmie Lou Lowry, Mildred Taylor, 1 s-i Annie Dee Young, Narita Kerbow, ii WE James Maberry, Mark Deering, Frances 3 Merwin, Mariorie Macauley, Jack Earn- Qn if esI' 'reii X 5 5 SMALL PICTURES We if ,V T, ll 'K . is C , nfl 3 lvy ' f'A' A Q A :fr 3, f , E 5 Cs F , .R lliis Jane, Lois, Virginia, Mary Jane, Jac- queline, Billie Margaret, Patti, Sylvia. 14 al' Glad An easel, paint brushes, a lovely picture-and what have you? Why, an artist, a member of the Art Club! Organized to aid in developing art appreciation and cre- ative eFfort at Adamson, the club is growing in popularity. At its informal semi-monthly meetings, discussions of current art topics create much interest in the allied arts. Peggy Archibald presented one of the year's most outstand- ing programs when she gave a talk entitled Glass as a Hobby, and displayed a collection of beautiful old glass. At another time, Imogene Smyer's discussion ot the part played by posters in the war effort was most instructive and inspirational. In cooperation with the Junior Red Cross, the club has designed menu covers and executed them in stencils and block printing. OFFICERS BETTY EDITH ATTEBERRY PEGGY ARCHIBALD ANN POWELL MARGIE SESSIONS President Vice-President Secretary Treasure,- Sponsor MISS MEREDITH SCHROEDER IN THE PICTURE Ann Powell, Doris Bushey, Nita -yit 'W 31 , I gui! Jean Salter, Vera Campbell, Dar- , i fl I ' Kei' leen Johnson, Bobby June Lau- H A -I,:A ,pg rent, Marion Tolbert, Margie Ses- .. .-- 1 .. ,,. H ' M' 'M' sions, Billy Claunch, Cora Lee Blanchard, Imogene Smyers, Mil- dred Williams, Mary Lucille Wil- . liams, Jean Johnson, AI Dora .- r A Curtis, Peggy Archibald, Frances f m-z rhf - W. Allen, Barbara Boyd, Harriet 512, 'S VW, rg, Mur h , Wouida Matney, Jean . 1' , 1 'ivr Cullsmyi Miss Schroeder, Marga- ,, ,. ret Goodwyn, Patricia Hiebert, QT f' ,rj W Jerry Schofield, Elizabeth Ann ti- --+' 3 'i Dorsey, Dorothy Ann l.ayton, Oleta Vernon, Betty Jane Adams, Helen Wilson, Betty Edith Atte- berry, Phil Grove, Herbert Penn Harold Cook. I OTHER MEMBERS Barbara Boyd, Janice Carson Elaine Holden, Jean Johnson Dorothy Moll, Doris Nichol Helen Wilson, Carolyn Carlisle, Martha Mayson. 1 I r SMALL PICTURES Peggy, Ann, Betty Edith, . . . Q. ,,. .. .2 c , -' ' 'gi Q ' t'- ' 137 - E, 'S' I : v,.' : - f -gn ,, , , ,X A ' a Qial Ra The Junior Girl Reserves was organized to aFlord supervised recreation and spiritual guidance for freshmen and sopho- mores in Dallas iunior and senior high schools, This year members ioined their big sister organization, the Senior Girl Reserves, in war-time activities at the Service Workroom at nggyix -in- D5- qi! 'Y--I ww' i..-,. iL'Z i 33 HUA' .',- inn-1 .......... the Y. W. C. A. on Saturday mornings. A spirited contest between the Blues and Whites, led by Peggy Archibald and Shirley Wolff, respectively, was the highlight of the year. Honor points were gained by attendance at gatherings and by various activities. The race was won by the Blue team. OFFlCERS Fall Barbara Allen . . . President Patsy Carter Vice-President Thelma King . .... . . Secretary Spring Billie Sherman .... . President Barbara Allen . . Vice-President Thelma King . ,..,... . . Secretary Sponsors Miss Onie B. Easley Miss Mable Rockett lN THE PICTURE Billie Sherman, Carolyn Lowery, Kathryn Boyles, Vera Boyles, Louise Cannon, Rosalie Lowe, Jeanne LaNear, Frances Allen, Paula Huston, Hazel Bivens, Joy Lee Jones, Patsy Carter, Barbara Allen, Jeanet Carter, Mary Hellen Haws, Melva Williams, Shirley Wolff, Jean Nater, Edna Florence Lloyd, Bettye Jo Hamm, Miss Rockett, Miss Easley, Betty Blackman, LaVina Jones. OTHER MEMBERS Winona Vifalker, Peggy Archfbald, Bobbye Bullard, Jac- queline Dillon, Thelma King, G-Loria-Ruussell, Betty Jo Mc- Adams, Jacqueline Funderlaurk, Dorothy Hunter. . SMALL PICTURES Thelma, Patsy, Barbara, Billie. N Seniaa 1ilf2e4eAae4 The Senior Girl Reserves, the oldest organization in Adam- son-it was begun in l9l8-this year combines much serious work with its social program. On Saturday mornings in the Y. W. C. A. Service Workroom under the direction of Miss Mary Sturdevant, the Y super- visor, the members made many scrapbooks, utility bags, slip- OFFICERS Fall Marianne Craig . . President Betty Anderson Vice-President Nancy Randall . Secretary Marianne Craig . . President Jo Ann Stokes . . . . Vice-President Mary Jane Hall . Secretary Sponsors Miss Eugenia Newberry Mrs. Minnie Bramlette IN THE PICTURE Patsy Kelly, Ivy Fain, Evelyn Troutt, Wyllena Bryson, Mildred Holtz, Betty Yates, Joan Sawyer, Bettie Johnson, Marianne Craig, Nancy Randall, Lois Billert, Bobbie June Laurent, Margie Sessions, Joyce Johnson, Juanita Edgar, Jo Ann Stokes, Della Lou Sutton, Billa Stovall, Betty Lou Hix, Edith Province, Bebe Keyser, Betty Jean Knoll, Gwen Duff, Betty Ann Boyles, Nell Ruth Porter, Xerma Rasor, Billie Jo Burke, Bobbye Sue Miller, Johnelle Bradley, Helen Pitts, Drucilla Bivings, Katherine Kerr, Dorothy Watkins, Mary Jane Hall, Ava Jane Waddle, Betty Anderson, Mil- dred Taylor, Sue Huston, Bobby Anderson, Bettye Jane Hayes, Betty Claire King. OTHER MEMBERS Barbara Bartlett, Betty Gene Bennett, Charlene Biggs, Evelyn Blevins, Carolyn Carlisle, Betty Sue Irwin, Marjorie Harrison, Jean Johnson, Opal Julian, Eva Katherine Leslie, Jimmie Lou Lowry, Doris Miller, Mariorie Milne, Elizabeth Newby, Joy Sanders, Wanda Spain, Jean Watson, Eulah White. SMALL PICTURES Nancy, Mary Jane, Jo Ann, Marianne, Betty. pers, place cards, and favors for the boys in uniform. For social relaxation, they lunched together at the Y on the second Saturday of each month and enjoyed their usual Christmas party, a spring kid party, and occasional dances. Association with Girl Reserves from other high schools in- creased the fun. ...css issl' ow- 1 if 'S fl S Glad Boy, oh, boy! A Victor Herbert! Just what I need to com- plete my American Muisicians collection. Trade me, will you? Sure, if you'll let me have that seven-cent Acadia. Typical of the semi-monthly meetings of the Stamp Club is the preceding conversation. This group mixes fun and stamp collecting. The meetings start oft with a 'Asocialf' lSometimes there are refresl1ments.l They end with brisk trading and animated argument. The enthusiastic philatelists say that they find their hobby fascinating. After all, there is always the possibility of coming upon a rare find, perhaps a block of irregular stamps. But probably the greatest attraction of stamp collecting is the msn , c.sw opportunity' it oflers to study and enioy history. Nations record indelibly in stamps their growth, struggles, and cul- ture. Skilled collectors can unravel these stories with ease. OFFICERS Charles Gaines , , . President Bobby Dan Taylor . . Vice-President Dorrace Schaerdel . . . . Secretary Sarah Jo Ansley , . . . . Acorn Reporter Sponsor Miss Daphne Helms IN THE PICTURE Miss Helms, Bobby Dan Taylor, Sarah Jo Ansley, Charles Gaines, Dor- race Srhaerdel, Ralph Barr, Mary Jean Hendrick, Omah lee Epps, Mary McWilliams, Janice Carson, Charles Brice, Jean Johnson, Ola McWilliams, Lloyd Kerr. OTHER MEMBERS J. VJ. Thames, Gladys Coates, Rosalie Lowe, Lee Britt, James Hole, Robert Lee, Ulis Hair. SMALL PICTURES Bobby Dan, Dorrace, Charles. Y. fi if I The Pen Pals, organized in I929 under the name of Essay Club, claims to have the highest entrance fee of any organ- ization in Adamson-brains and the will to work. It is com- posed of members who possess or seek literary skill, not only for the honor of representing our school in state and national poetry and essay contests, but also for the actual fun of writ- ing. The purpose of the club, therefore, is to develop the OFFICERS Fall Charles Gaines . . . . . . President Virginia Carney . . Vice-President Patricia Hiebert . . . . . Secretary Margaret Goodwyn . ..... Program Chairman Spring La Verne Woodmcnnsee . . . . . . President Pat Dailey . . . . Vice-President Nina Gaines . . . . . . . Secretary Dan Smith . . . Sponsors Program Chairman Miss Helen Horn Miss Nelly Bly Lankford IN THE PICTURE Don Smith, Nina Gaines, Pat Dailey, Patricia Hiebert, Mark Deering, La Verne Woodmansee, Miss Lankford, Mrs. Horn, Miss ldabel Cabaniss lvisitorl. OTHER MEMBERS Charles Gaines, Margaret Goodwyn, Marilyn Loomis, Dorothy Willis, Wilburn Hill, Virginia Carney, Morris Ragsdale, Martha Coleman. SMALL PICTURES Margaret, LaVerne, Patricia, Don, Virginia. ahve I 'ie 00,14 literary talent of its members and to encourage all types of composition in the school. This year the club held its regular meetings on every other Monday afternoon. Those meetings were renowned for their cleverness and variety, because original poems and essays were presented by the writers for the enioyment of the mem- bers and their guests. x .2 -. I W Wy, ww , If 7... f M. M, 1 M2 V. ,,,, 2. f .ai Mit iv -'IIQ an 14meaican The Pan American Student Forum of Adamson, o unit of the international organization, is composed of students who maintain a lively interest in the Spanish language and the people who speak it, At the meetings members talk, sing, play, and dine, using the language of our Southern neighbors. This picture was made at the Christmas party on December 22, when the club, following an old Mexican custom, broke the pinata in order to scatter its store of goodies, which were concealed in a paper bag under the voluminous skirts. At that time the club also packed a basket of Christmas food, Simian! Qafmm toys, and clothing, to be sent to Padre Renoso, priest ot the Sacred Heart Church in Little Mexico, for distribution among the boys and girls ofthe parish. The club yearly entertains charming and illustrious guests. Last spring Senorita Maria Christina Dittel, from Costa Rica, delighted the members on several occasions. Mexican Consul Luis Perez-Abreu often visits Adamson to present prizes won in the City Spanish Essay Contest. llncidcntally, our school has won this coveted prize for five years in successionlt OFFICERS Sue Huston . ..... . . President Mildred Taylor . . . . . Vice-President Jackie Wilder . . . ..... . . . Secretary Sponsors Miss Virginia Rootes Miss Roberta King MEMBERS Elroy Archer, Bobby Behrns, Drucilla Bivings, Margaret Bohanan, Johnelle Bradley, Madelaine Dawson, Clara Daud- ney, Mildred Ferguson, Norma Jean Flood, Charles Gaines, Peggy Hopkins, Floy Horn, Billie Anne Hunter, Sue Huston, Eleanor Hutson, J. C. Jenkins, Julia Johnston, Katherine Kerr, Dorothy Kirby, Bebe Keyser, Barbara Law, Charles Lee, Carolyn Lowery, Jimmie Lou Lowry, Bobbye Sue Miller, Mariorie Milne, Jean Nater, Nancy Randall, Nellie Jo Ratekin, Priscilla Richardson, Ralph Roberts, Lenore Rubin, Mildred Taylor, Edna Earle Vaden, Virginia Sue Varnell, LaRue Whiles, Jackie Wilder, Jimmie Wright, Doris Wyatt. SMALL PICTURES Sue, Jatkie, Mildred. Have you ever been unable to sit down and then-when you did sit down-been unable to get up? That's the sort of predicament members of the Figure Skating Club found them- selves in the day after their first session at the Fair Park Arena last fall. The club was organized in January, 1942, by Mrs. Holloway and her husband, Mr. W. H, Holloway, who is now serving in OFFICERS Della Lou Sutton . ..... . , President Claude Goodman , ..... . Vice-President Louise Cannon ......... , . Secretary Sponsor Mrs. Geraldine Holloway MEMBERS Margie Sessions, Marian Tolbert, Norma Lenz, Mattie Evelyn Conley, Virginia Napier, Della Lou Sutton, Louise Cannon, Laura Green, Marialyce Kniseley, Betty Sue Irwin, Orene NVhitcomb, Patricia Hiebert, Billie Margaret Curry, Betty Jo Hamm, Louis Moore, Grady Spangler, John Adams, Betty Genm Bennett, Billy Clounch, Benny Cook, Rose Marie Couch, Jack Corzine, Jack Dalton, James Day, Helen Dodgen, Duane Evans, John Emery, Bobby Fagala, Norma Flood, Walter Fain, Charles Glasgow, Claude Goodman, David Gault, Earnestine Holland, Mary Beth Hatcher, Betty Lou Hix, Dorothy Hunter, Billye Jean Harris, Kyle Lievsay, Eva Leslie, Billy Bob Layfield, Frank Leslie, Harry La Grone, Harriet Murphy, Drucilla New- lon, Virginia Palmer, Barbara Purnell, June Reynolds, Richard Snow, Nita Jean Salter, Doris Stokey, Billy Stockard, John Thompson, Betty Tyler, Melva Williams, Herbert Webb, Patsy NVright, Grady Gilder, Betty Martin. SMALL PICTURES Mrs. Holloway, Claude, Louise, Della Lou. the Navy, for the purpose of creating poise, teaching coordi- nation, providing healthful exercise, and promoting sports- manship. Every Wednesday the skaters of Adamson may be seen at the arena, together with members of similar groups from other Dallas high schools, learning to do the figure-eight, the three's and the Mohawk. A barrel of fun and a few sore muscles are enioyed by all. L ' . Ali Ti i L: ii'ii I 5 J i l ' i .4 -. W 'i X allianal Qaaendic .fea The purposes of debating are to develop logical thinking, share of decisions in tournaments held in Dallas and sur- to encourage selteeducating research, and to learn the art of rounding cities, This year, we have competed at Sunset, North persuasive expression. Dallas, Waco, and Sherman, the subiect of debate being In l939, national affiliatfon was established for the Adam- Federal World Government. son Forensic League. Since then the organization has won its We li W. OFFICERS Fall Charles Maupin . . . Jack Earnest . Edwin Harris . . . Spring Edwin Harris . . . . . Jack Earnest . . . . Janie Teipel . . . . Sponsors Mr. VV. E. Sherman Miss Anne Patrick IN THE PICTURE . President Vice-President . Secretary . . President Vice-President . Secretary Joan Dorsey, Jack Earnest, Edwin Harris, Ruth Rimmer, Janie Teipel, Charles Maupin, Bobby Blevins, June Mande- ville, Dolly Jane Woodall, Mr. Sherman. SMALL PICTURES Edwin, Charles, Bobby. alianal Jfanafa Sade To create a spirit of active and intelligent interest in dramatics among boys and girls in secondary schools, is the purpose of Troupe Number 338 of the National Thespian Honor Society. lts twenty-tive members are chosen from candi- dates who prove their eligibility by presenting before the OFFICERS Fall June Fain . . . . . Marianne Craig . Billie Anne Hunter . . . . Spring Virginia Napier . . . . . Marianne Craig . Billie Anne Hunter . . . . . Sponsor . . President . , . Secretary . Acorn Reporter . . President . . . Secretary . Acorn Reporter Miss Wilhemina Hedde IN THE PICTURE Patsy Kelly, Marianne Craig, Betty Lou Hix, Gloria Dyer, John Emery, Carolyn Lemly, Gwen Duff, Billie Anne Hunter, Jim Paden, Virginia Napier, Jack Davis, Sondra Oster, Kath- ryn Ferguson, Virginia Palmer, Betty Sue Barbara Long. OTHER MEMBERS June Fain, Ava Jane Waddle, Nell Rasor, Don Hawkins, Richard Zuefeldt. SMALL PICTURES June, Bfllie Anne, Marianne, Virginia. Irwin, Pauline Troutt, Ruth Porter, Xerma club a two'-minute prose selection A membersh p card ind: cating achievement on the slage entitles one to special con siderations in college dramatlcs The years actlvltles con sisted mostly of presenting plays and prog ams for the school assemblies. 5,1 an-is fs, .L 5- 1. ,SKIN OFFICERS Fall ZACH LANGSTON President GEORGE SPICER VicevPresiclent DON HAWKINS Secretary Spring NORMAN SPRAY President BILLY EARL WALKER Vice-President EDWIN HARRIS Secretary Sponsor MR. ROY MOUSER z-W The Adamson Hi-Y meets exery Thursday evening in the Oak Cliff Y. M. C. A. Boys desiring to be admitted into the organization must appear before a membership committee and may be voted in by two-thirds ofthe members. During the initiation ceremony each new member pledges to uphold the purpose of the club, which is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. At the meetings, subiects related to the fulfillment of this purpose are discussed. Sometimes speakers are invited to instruct and entertain the members. MEMBERS Joe Adams, Bill Anderson, Bobby Blevins, Allen Boedecker, Rayford Caldwell, Earnest Chil- dress, Kenneth Commander, Joe Cunningham, Richard Farrell, Charles Goff, James Hale, Edwin Harris, Don Hawkins, Asa Holle- man, Donald Hooten, Jeffrey Horney, Billy Jolly, Colby Luck, George Lovell, Bill McCormick, Jimmy Massingale, Charles Richard O'Brien, Bob Maupin, O'Hara, Joe Pike, Bill R'chard- son, Grady Spangler, Norman Spray, Billy Earl Walker, Michael VVatson, Scott Keahey, James Hayden, Don Coke, Zach Langs- ton, George Spicer. SMALL PICTURES Edwin, Billy Earl, Don, Nor- man. OFFICERS JAMES CALVERT Presideni EARL BEESLEY Vice-President RICHARD AVERY Secrelary MR. W. E. SHERMAN Sponsor , IN THE PICTURE Bill Gibson, Doyle Rambo, Duane Clouse, Jack Lindsey, Bob Wasson, Tom Chandler, Thomas Little, James Calvert, Earl Bees- ley, Wallace Clyce, Pal Dailey, Alvin Sheeler, Travis Pearson, Benny Duncan, Colvin Hargis, Nolan Schmilz, James Fells, Ken- nelh Pogue, George Hollabaugh, Hulen Simmons, Scoll Keahey, Mr. Sherman. OTHER MEMBERS Richard Avery, Sam Madderra, Charles Davis, Norman Spray. SMALL PICTURES Tom, Earl, James, Richard. s,E'iafsm're-ff film we or 1 ff,.gw was ll ll MA Since I9I5, Ihe lellermen of Adamson have been members of Ihe D club, Ihe purpose of which is Io develop principles of sporls- manship and fair play. The members now attending this school meel every olher Monday aflfrrnoon. Farmer wearers of Ihne blue D have proved General MacArIhur's famous slalemenl, On Ihe fields of friendly slrife are sown Ihe seeds Ihal, in olher years, on ofher fields, reap Ihe fvuils of victory. nwkpnrvi' Q Zxcehiafz 61146 The Excelsior Club was established in T940 by Miss Alexander for the purpose of training young men in the duties and privileges of citizenship. It meets every other Sunday afternoon in the library and has as its speaker-guests men important in local affafrs who talk on subjects of vital interest. The solemn and inspiring initiation into the club pledges each member to uphold the ideals of the organization and assume the obligation of thinking for himself after listening to mon of wisdom and experience. egg? 1 . , . I We V A 1 M f ,re :AW if J 2 J' OFFICERS O. H. MITCHELL, JR., President NORMAN SPRAY Vice-President ASA HOLLAMAN Secretary MISS LAURA ALEXANDER Sponsor IN THE PICTURE Jc1ckJordan, Fred Elder, James Felts, Billy Earl Walker, Willis Baker, Dallam Stacy, Miss Alex- ander, O. H. Mitchell, Jr., Gerald Bryant, Asa Holleman, Earnest Childress, Joe Adams, Coleman Hammons, Dick Shaw, Jimmie King, Calvin Ellis, OTH R MEMBERS Roy Richburg, Bob O'Hara, Jumes Eeds. SMALL PICTURES O. H., Moon, Asa, Norman. mf 1. V-v,,..,..........,.....,. . f r I Admin Scrap . . . reclaimuble metal for American munitions plants . . . collected lw snerqetic Owk CW? citizens during the big drive of 79112, Adamson ably played part of zealous patriot. 4 S Slacfenll 144414 Chosen for their reliability, initiative, and willingness to cooperate, student assistants render valuable ' com ensation service in the administration of school aftairs. They volunteer for the duties and receive no p other than training and experience and the knowledge that they have given assistance. Usually they rank high in scholarship and leadership. During the year Grady Spangler assisted Miss Ruth Ruftin in the Book Room. Margaret Bohanan, Edith Collier, Charles Davis, Jack Davis, Charles Gaines, Earl Havens, Virginia Jones, rma Lenz, De Lois Loomis, Carolyn Lowery, Della Lou Sutton , Mildred Taylor, and Orene Barbara Law, No Whitcomb assisted Miss Graves by collecting absentee reports and delivering slips. were Betty Anderson, Bernie Carrell, Norma .lean Flood, Georgia Grifhn, Floy Horn, Billie Anne Hunter, Julia Johnston, Bobby Sue Miller, Gloria Russell, Jane Shelby, and lmogene Smyers. They checked credits, summoned students to conference, Miss Roberta King, the Senior Counselors, Assistants to Miss Ruth Bell and and enrolled new pupils. ln the office assisting Mrs. Geraldine Holloway, Mr. Allen's secretary, by answering telephones, making transcripts, and run- ning errands were Martha Belle Coleman, Norma Cowan, Mode- leine Duncan, Dena Sue Fields, Floy Horn, Norma Lenz, Louis Moore, Virginia Napier, Mary Sanders, Imogene Smyers, Louise Steeley, and Jo Ann Stokes. SMALL PICTURES Grady, Floy, Miss Bell, Julia. 4. ni fe. ..,. Ex flfafianaf Jando Soc' Selected tor scholarship, leadership, character, and the service they render, the Adamson chapter ot the National Society occupies a unique position in school lite, Membership is limited to tive per cent of the 3A class, ten per cent ofthe 4B class, and fifteen per cent ofthe 4A class. Yearly in two impressive initiations, new members light their candles from the torch held by hte president ofthe organization and pledge them' selves to uphold the high standards ofthe Society. They wear pins bearing SMALL PICTURES Doris, Billy Bob, Billie Anne, Richard, Don. Fall Don Hawkins, President Billie Anne Hunter, Secretary Priscilla Richardson, Program Chairman Imogene Smyers, Social Chairman Spring Richard Zuefeldt, President Billy Bob Shiflett, Vice-President Doris Wyatt, Secretary Jimmy Scroggin, Program Chairman Sue Huston, Social Chairman Sponsors Miss Lucy Hamilton Miss Ruth Bell Miss Christine Hammock Mrs, Minnie Bramlette Hodges, Louise Steeley, Alleen Sullivan, Orene Whitcomb, Johnelle Bradley, My iiiiiililw if Bettye Grundy, Bebe Keyser, Katherine Kerr, Bobbye Sue Miller, Elizabeth Edith Province, Betty Sausage, Dorothy Watkins, Jimmy Hitt. the national emblem and on graduation receive membership cards and gold seals on their diplomas. ln addition, their pictures are placed in frames in the front hall. The club assembles every other Tuesday afternoon for a short business meeting and social hour. Christmas and theatre parties completed the social calendar for the year. The crgc1nization's greatest service con- tributed in i943 was its sponsorship, in cooperation with the Victory Corps, of a campaign to sell War Bonds and Stamps to Adamson students. IN THE PICTURE James Abbott, Betty Joyce Allen, Betty Anderson, Bobby Anderson, Porter Bledsoe, Janice Carson, Lauretta Cason, Lorene Crossland, Doris Fleeman, Claude Goodman, Eva Lee Harrelson, Don Hawkins, Betty Lou Hix, George Hollabaugh, Floy Horn, Billie Anne Hunter, Sue Huston, Julia Johnston, Patsy Kelly, Barbara Law, Jeanne MacLachlan, Marjorie Milne, Glyn Morrison, Charles L 3 r a w Posey, Lloyd Posey, Priscilla Richardson, Ralph Roberts, Donald Rogers, Eugene Ross, Jimmy N Y JVLV A Scroggin, Jane Shelby, Billy Bob Shiflett, Bobby Short, Imogene Smyers, LaVerne Stock, Mildred 'fi' J'i if Taylor, John Walraven, Jackie Wilder, Mary Lucille Williams, Doris Wyatt, Richard Zuefeldt. r:m,s.f fe.,f.2,,,.2'f0f1W f f-., H... -.,. .,.,,.. . ., M one OTHER MEMBERS Jimmie Lou Lowry, Patsy Pledge, Bob Wasson, Juannell Bullard, Marianne U fi Craig, Mildred Ferguson, Jane Moore, Dorrace White, Fred Erler, Earl Havens ii N ,. W Jack Redding, Avery Slaughter, Dena Sue Fields, Norma Jean Flood, Virginid m rW - -- E ' ' f t s t t 3 A at WWA st Wg tk. il 'i t W 3 ty, 'E-lt: . , A M522 S 1 5 f L Y ,, Aw .,,, . , .. ,.: ,fi ?sie?fefmrf:fg,53tii. . p -- 4: is is rs,,.f1f.s, ,,.,.,,m is i Z 4 41' mmf If quelltf' lliaazfeaunorll This group meets in a body only upon call meetings. lt serves the school by doing the necessary routine duties of checking books and magazines in and out of the library, shelving books, keeping the library in order, binding magazines, clipping newspapers, helping students find material, and maintaining a friendly and courteous atmosphere in th I' ' e ibrary. Occasionally, dances and parties are spon- sored for the benefit of the student body. IN THE PICTURE Dorothy Hunter, Asa Holleman, Travis Armstron R ' g, everis Arm- strong, Lois Blaclwell Mi Al , , ss exander, Mary Jon Holbrook, James Felts, Sara Helms La Tayne McCIu B , re, ebe Keyser, Betty Lou Garmon, Tommy lvy, Bobbie Dinsmore, Ann Powell, Don Haydon, Frances Layton, Billy Bob Shitlett, Joyce Miller Osca M , r atthews, Wanda Robertson, Jack Haydon. SMALL PICTURES Wanda, James, Miss Alexander, Mar y Jon, Frances. OFFICERS MARY JON HOLBROOK President JACK HAYDON Vice-President FRANCES LAYTON Secretary MISS LAURA ALEXANDER Sponsor OU l s presidents and a The Student Council, composed of eight cas representative elected by popular vote from each counseling group, is the exemplar ot' the democratic way of government in our school. While attempting to foster school spirit and create a closer school democracy, the organization has this year worked in cooperation with the Junior Red Cross to collect keys, razor blades, and mag- azines. MEMBERS Barbara Allen, Betty Joyce Allen, Frances Allen, Mary Jane Aubrey, Allen Boedeker, Margaret Bohanan, Dewey Brumit, Janice Carson, Lauretta Cason, Earl Cherry, Marianne Craig, Pot Dailey, Carolyn Davis, Fred Davis, Madeloine Dawson, Preston Day, Lenore Dretzlca, Fred Erler, Charles Gaines, Claude Goodman, Margaret Goodwyn, Billy Hale, Mary Jane Hall, Edwin Harris, Paul Hope, Sue Huston, Jean Johnson, Norita Kerbow, Marialyce Knisely, Bobby Koehne, OFFICERS Fall NELL RUTH PORTER President NORMAN SPRAY Vice-President PAT DAILEY Secretary- Treasurer Spring PAT DAILEY President NORMAN SPRAY Vice-President ' MARY JANE HALL Secretary Treasurer MISS FLOY AGNEW ' J t ' , ,. J H , fyiwu. in 55. ' ff? I nuns... fl' eaamcif Charles Lattimore, Carolyn Lemly, Sylvia Littlepage, Jimmie Lou Lowry, George Martin, Treva Jo Matney, Mariorie Milne, Jane Moore, Bonar Morgan, Peggy Morris, Russell Mullan, Dorothy Moon, Almo Nelson, Doris Nelson, Bob O'Haro, Anita Pannell, Travis B. Pearson, La Yvonne Peterson, Helen Pitts, Kenneth Pogue, Nell Ruth Porter, Edith Province, Xerma Rasor, Jack Redding, Peggy Render, Philip Ridley, Ralph Roberts, Billy Penn Rowe, Dorrace Schaerdel, Jean Seidmeyer, Billie Anne Hunter, George Spicer, Norman, Spray, James Stalcup, Alleen Sullivan, Della Lou Sutton, Jimmie Swope, James Talbott, Charles Tarver, Janie Teipel, Bill Thomas, Ava Jane Woddle, Richard White, Frank Whittlesey, Jackie Wilder, Doris Wyatt, Betty Yates, Dick Yates. SMALL PICTURES ell Ruth. Norman, Pat, Mary Jane, N Jim- 3 ANN E COULTER MARTENS' india.-gafcfiefzi S ml' Presented by THE JANUARY SENIOR CLASS Directed by Miss Wilhelmina Hedde Eugene Walhen Ava .lane Waddle Xerma Rasor . . Joe Humphrey . Zach Langslon . Billie Anne Hunler Belfy Chambers Kendall Kilgore . Nora Johnson Don Hawkins Paul Pollock . Nell Ruth Porter Nyna Shipley . Jean Berry , . Ted Ford . . . James Reynolds . CAST . . . . . .Kiplarkin , . Andrea Vole . Grandmom Grandpop , . Ricky Larkin . . . Francy . . Paula . . . Phil . Coralie . . Dub . Gordon . Leofa . . Kay . Laureffa . . . Bill . George iw W,,.Wf egg? 4,5- WILLIAM ELLIS JONES'S Waulh Saaet Zfze lay Presenfed by THE JUNE SENIOR CLASS Direcfed by Miss C Chrislene York . . Jim Paden . . . Billy Bob Shifiell . Janice Carson . Owen DuFf . . . James Fells . . . Mary Lucille Williams Earl Havens . . . Mary Jane Hall . . Carolyn Davis . . Harold Cook . Wilh AST elmina Hedde . Dora Storm . Jerry Harmon . . Mr. Victor . Mrs. Viclor . Maud Viclor . Philip Slrong . Nellie Vicfor Leslie Wendell . . Maybelle . Mrs. Sform Archie Colslon illr . -sh- v X so Q, ,,f 1: P ...,...-,'1:'-59 iw .. F. ' A 2 . A ' igigliw, 'iv , --if ,san el' 'Q 'A 'i fb 'dh 'J Hue 8 accalian The two-year Distributive Education program offered in Adamson is under the direction of Miss Neel. lt is designed to prepare students for retail employment follow- ing their graduation. They spend Saturday and part of every school day working at regular iobs in business establishments. To point out the importance of their contribution to our economic system is irrele- vant. They are paid for their work but the most important part of his school-plus-work program is the opportunity for building up to places of leadership in the retail field. Xa V. it ,f P 3 '25 x G if if ,gc Al K' Applicants for this course must be sixteen years old and of iunior classification. They must have recommendations and main- tain a C scholastic average. Those who have participated in the project this year are: Naoma Armstrong, Virginia Carney, Maxine Carstens, Wynona Cayce, Serena Coppage, Delpha Dawson, Lenore Dretzka, Billye Charles James, Cornelia Malone, Virginia Reese, Virginia Thomas, lnez Walker, Dorothy Weiser, Martha Lee Whitley, Pauline Wray, Don Alexander, Graham Cook, James Cowan, Watson Crumbie, David England, and Lealand Hobbs. 14 dia There is no better example of the part Adamson is playing in the war effort than this course in aeronautics. During air-cadet training, boys who have had this course will be able to devote more time to flying, and fewer boys will be washed out. ln classes the pupils study the parts and con- trol ofthe plane, aerodynamics, navigation, and meteorology. They also study the Civil Aeronautics Regulations and keep scrap- books containing pictures and information about planes. Students may subscribe to an interesting weekly paper, Current Aviation. By means of these activities the class is kept well-informed on the most recent de- velopments in aviation. Prerequisites for the course are credits in one year of algebra and one-half year of geometry and a classification of 3A or above. Classes are open to both boys and girls, Aeronautics is a one-year course which has proved to be very successful dur- ing the first year it has been offered at Adamson. Mr. Ballard and Mrs. Fulton are in charge of these classes. if SKK 'fb -2- fm., ,..q . iciofuf 8 Sponsored by Mr, W. E. Sherman .f gag .su Ih- Right bottom: Production Service, sponsored by Mr. L. E. Campbell Tom Chandler, President Rhea Nichols, Vice-President Betty Sue Irwin, Acorn Reporter Land Service, sponsored by Mr. W. B. Clement Eorl Cherry, President Calvin Hargis, Secretary Doris Weathertord, Acorn Reporter Sea Service, sponsored Noah Norman Spray, President Gerald Bryant, Secretary Doyle Ramb by Mr. W. E. o, Acorn Reporter Q. 'S X fu., gy t, X K re .vw I Left top: Air OFFICERS service, sponsored by Mr. C. V. Ballard Right top: Community Service, sponsored by Miss Rae Peters Earl Beesloy, President Carolyn Davis, President Kenneth Pogue, Vice-President-Secretary Marianne Craig, Secretary James Felts, Acorn Reporter Gwen DUE, Acorn Reporter The High-School Victory Corps was instituted in i942 by a special committee for the wartime readiustment of tho organization and curricula of secondary schools. It has the endorsement of the War, Navy, and Commerce Departments and the United States Olllice of Education Wartime Commission. Its two oblectives are the training of youth for th ' ' ' of high-school youth in the community's war eftort. To carry on this work, students ar ' ' ship or membership in one ofthe five special high-school d' ' ' the largest in Dallas. e participation e given their choice of general member ivisrons. Adamson's Victory Corps has an enrollment ot' l,385-- ' 5 d , Barbara Johnson, Elaine Figuls, Mr. Hill, Betty Sue lr win, Juanita Teal, Dorothy Street, Maida Coleman. Della Lou Sutton, Jackie He ge Giwfma LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Nancy Paden, Jenine Roicofl, Billy Rainwater, Nita Ruth Moore, Rosemary Burnett, Janice Carson. Second Row: Barbara O'Brien, Oleto Vernon, Betty Baker, Mr. Hill, Betty Chance, Evelyn Maddux, Wouida Matney. Third Row: Velma Hanks, Alyce McLaughlin, Peggy Still, Charlotte Crawford, Yvonne Nottingham, Patsy Carter, Martha Jo Smith, Dorothy Moll Patricia Merrell, Alma Stanton, Imogene Spain, Alma Laura Zeigler, llolaby Strickland. ,m,+rqww-'- - - 1......-.-0-he ff-N, - .dv- were-w A-mm. ... Q f '+ve-2 25 L. G' 4-v -.: . L.. in- 1 if ' :Bl On opposite page SEWING Sawing for the Red Cross-not shirts for soldiers, but dresses tor little g rls who need help in a war-torn world. The matcrials were furnished by the Junior R d Cross-the huttana, thread, und cat- tcrns by the girls themselves. Fortyeeigltt dresses wcre completed. COOKING No nation can survive without an ade- quate diet. The students in this class studying the regular Red Crass nutriti.-sn course will be of untold value to their families, this nation, and the world. BUILDING Not behind the girls in their contribu- tion ta satisfactory home life in Amcrici are these boys who are learning to uv: their heads and hands to save money and to make those homes worth dreaming about and coming back to. The habits and skills learned here will have a direct ehect on our war effort and the peace to follow. On this page SAVING This group is one at the smallest in Adamson, but the part it plays is great. rf' me No one necds to be told the value of that part. The picture tells only a bit of the complete story. Since April I, 1943, savings have increased perceptibly and the War Bond and Stamp sales have grown extensively. 1 . .sn LEARNING A history class under Miss Cooper studies the ways of men. Ability to eval- uate governments and people comes through acquaintance with them. The whole world is a field lor this work. NEIGHBORING The flags in the background represent twentyeone libertyfloving American repubf Iics. The students in this class promote friendship and understanding among these nations by studying the Spanish language and by spreading Pan Americanism. In war and in peace their work is of vital importance. SERVING These girls do not need a story ta tell their worth, learning to serve effectively in emer9el1Cl95 is the obiect at their practice of first aid. These pictures illustrate the arts of artihcial respiration and bandaging. NURSING To help fill the vacancy created by the Army's absorption ot civil- ir'n nurses, Adamson girls learn efficient ways to care for the sick. PROTECTING Auxiliary firemen Bobby Rankin, Bob O'Hara, Ann 'S ,gc Powell, Jim Paden, Wanda Robertson, and Ernest Childress have been prepared by a Civilian Defense Council course to take an active part in fighting fires. Dorothy Ann Willis is an air-raid warden. PLANTING The two boys pictured at the bottom of the page are Gladden Sedberry and Bob McGIasson. During the spring planting emergency, they won prizes over stiff competi- tion while helping a farmer plant his onion crops. .,. ,ks , WW I .. rl' . if it FALL STAFF Billie Anne Hunter . June Fain . . . J. C, Jenkins . . . . . . . Editor . . Associate Editor . Business Manager Tommy Benge . Associate Business Manager Norma Jones . . . Felix Ezell . . Paul Rozenberg . SPRING Jackie Wilder . Palsy Pledge . . Edna Earle Vaden . Marianne Craig . J. C. Jenkins . . Nancy Randall . . . Bob Wasson . Tom Chandler . Jimmy Scroggin . . Sylvia Littlepage . Jimmie Hardin . . . Exchange Editor . R. O. T. C. Editor . Sports Editor STAFF . Co-editor . . Co-editor . Associate Editor . . Feature Editor . Business Manager Advertising Manager and Exchange Editor . Sports Editor . Sports Editor . R. O. T. C. Editor . . Typist . Typist f 'vs Xml ing? Xilinx If ' Wie Gab BUSINESS STAFF Bobby Anderson Joyce Cameron Claude Hardin Julio Johnston Clara Lovelace Mary Helen Melvin Frances Roy Imogene Smyers Janie Teipel John Wulraven Shirley Wolff Sponsor Miss Christine Hammock qv 7fze Gab EDITORIAL STAFF Billie Anne Hunter, Edilor-in-chief Nancy Randall, Associate Editor Margaret Loraine, Photographer Assislant Edifors Carolyn Carlisle Mary Jane Hall Florence Harmon Floy Horn Julia Johnston Carolyn Lemly Priscilla Richardson La Verne Slock Jackie Wilder Mary Lucille Williams Sponsors Miss Idabel Cabaniss Miss Ripple Frazer T 'i L W1 fnlefzficfzalaalic L' , w ww, E fy N, f ?'l 'iiiiff Dorothy Watkins, Jimmie Lau Lowry, spellers James Felts, Marion Tolbert, Margie Session, Jim Poden in i'The Singapore Spid John Salazar, Lo Nelle Pormer, Robert Left to right Sondra Oster, declaimers Hall, essayists .1 ,M ani! er, the one-oct play Janie Teipel, Ruth Rimmer, debaters Bobby Blevins, Charles Maupin, debatevs June Mandeville, Jack Earnest, extemporaneous speakers The University lnterscholostic League was first organized in December, 1910, at a State Teachers' Meeting in Abilene. Each year since then it has been sponsored by a bureau ofthe Extension Division ofthe Univer- sity of Texas. lt now includes numerous athletic and literary events. lts purpose is to organize and direct, through the medium of properly supervised and controlled contests, desirable school activities, and thereby assist in preparing pupils for citizenship. -... - fm Dal-Hi Stadium, completed in 1940 . . . o million-dollar athletic plcnl where well-trained Dallas youth compefes in friendly rivalry for the ulfimole glory of America. .w:: ' I ' . -wx Q ' Am, C0nleH' , K ' H 1 LM I X1 QSM i,,..N -M 3 Wx .4 LEFT ro RIGHT Monte Lee Hodgens Jock Dcnvis Conietfi Lcmzcz Eddie Eubcxnks Barbara John SON Couch Dickey Coach Ballard .l M- T-Q75 Q? ,au , , V, -. 1,212.4 JJ f lf, PQ Kwix .H sm.f.Z'h. ,,,,,,,-f ,.l .J 44 4 K ffl' an J l l l in '7!w.L' LEFT TO RIGHT Firsl Row: Clifford Steele, Calvin Hargis, Alvin Sheeler, Bill Durrelf, Earl Cherry, Gerald Bryant. Second Row: Bob Wasson, lames Calvert, Earl Beesley, Paul Rozenburg, Wallace Clyce, Kenneth Pogue, James Fells, Harry Cowing. Third Row: Richard Avery, Ed Teubner, Hulen Simmons, Benny Duncan, Clyde Sur- raH, Nolan Schmidt, Richard Zuefeldi. fourfh Row: Billy lively, Fred Davis, J, E. Houchin, George Hollabaugh, Sam Maddera, Scar! Keahey, James Neighbors, Travis Pearson. 1 Blue gancf Bernice Akin, Betty Joyce Allen, Julia Aycock, Earl Barnett, Evelyn Bonnet, Joe Bigger, Alfred Bynum, Jackie Cline, Don Coke, Kenneth Commander, Chester Conway, Marianne Craig, Jack Dalton, Fred Davis, Jack Earnest, Bill Enocks, Bob Farrar, Charles Gloscow, Hcrry Glov r, Charles C-off, VV. A, Hizrrican, Don Hawkins, Jackie Hitt, Lindell James, Billy Dee Jolly, Jack W. Jordon, Bobby Keyes, Zack Langilon, Charles Lattimore, Charles Lee, Frank Leslie, Oscar Mathews, Charles Maupin, Mary Moyers, Margaret Moyers, George Merriman, Don Minnick, Kenneth Morgan, Russell Mullen, Hugh McCranie, Joe O'Conne!l, Virginia Palmer, Joe Pike, Nell Ruth Porter, Tommy Russell, Billy Sherman, Lawrence Spray, Thomas Henry StaFlord, Cole Stephenson, Rgloh Tgckfr Billy Thompson, John Thompson, Ralph Thurman, George lhurmond, Leon Turner, Robert Young, Carl Youngerl, Dolly Woodali. Biila Edith Carolyn Evelynne K dn! 1 ,, Xerma, Dorothy June, Carolyn. Marianne Nell Ruth Don Betty Joyce Della Lou Doris x t 1 pep Samui o Allen, Betty Jean Bates Doris Bates, D th J , ora y ean Berlin, Betty Lou Berry, lrlene Biggs, Johnelle Bradley, Mary Elizabeth Brooks, Evelynne Bryant, Billie Burke, Arlene Brown, louise Cannon, Virginia Carlson, Jeanet Carter, Martha e Coleman, Patricia Conley, Rose Marie Couch, Carolyn Davis, Audrey Denton, Mae Dodd, Ruby Eastham, Zelda Mae Fitzgerald, Billie Fay Fleeman, Norma n Flood, Bettye Jo Hamm, Jean Harbuck, Mary Helen Hows Ola Marie Hendrix bie Lee Herring, Patricia Hiebert, Mildred Huntsbury, 'Joyce James, Sylvia son, Charlene Johnson, Wilma Johnson, la Vina Jones, Joan Kennel, Bebe Keyser, Gloria Kramer, Peggie laman Ern t' L , es ine ester, Carolyn Lemly, Shirley Lipe, Edna Florence Lloyd, Doris Mathews, Marceline McNutt, Patricia Merrill, Frances Mcrwln, Helen Milton, Peggy Morris, Mitzi Mae Mizell, Peggy Render, Xcrma Rasor, La Nelle Parmer, Helen Pitts, Edith Province, Geraldine Robinson, Lenare Rubin, Sarah Ann Shadday, Bettye Short, Wanda Jean Stanley, Betty Sue S' . . een, Bllla Stovall, Jeanette Taylor, Mary Walther Junalrce Ward Emma Jean Watson, Orene Whitcornb, Melva Williams, Goy Williamson, Dorothyllune Winter, Bettie C. Yates. COACH HENSLEE zllilefeap LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Riley Epps, Ralph Beoudry Glenn Brew H , er, enry Boardman, Don Thomas, James Blair, Waller McCallum, James Hamilton. Second Row: Bobby Behrns, David Schepps, Jack Redding, Jack Basden, Billy Paul Page, Tony Hamlin, Joe Adams, Ernest Childress, Harry LaGrone, Jo Thurman, Bobby Correll. Third Row: Fred Schulls, Rhea Nichols, Wilburn Hill, Preston Day, Lewis Tiner, Dick Shaw, Billy Gribble, Roberl Welch, Billy Dodson. Fourth Row: Maurice Williams, Bill Simpson, Lawrence Spray, Alex Pearce, Raymond Gonzales, Phil Grove, John Anderson, Sonny Blaine. ny Jones, Tommy McMullen, Bill Y I9-4.2 Qfzicfiaan 0 Finishing second in the City Series race, the Leopards surprised sports writers who had slated them for fourth position. Six members of the Blue Squad made the Dallas All-Star team and played in Mexico City against Polytechnic Institute. September 18 ln the opening game our boys led in statistics but trailed Lamar of Houston by a score of 26-7. September 25 Battling it out with the mighty Masons, the Leopards lost, 6-O. October 2 Two Blue elevens chalked up 33 points against the scoreless Sulphur Springs Wildcats. October 10 Beginning its City Series competition, Adam- son beat the Forest Lions, 34-O. October 24 The Leopards bowed to Sunset in the 25-12 defeat that was their final loss of the season. October 30 Team spirit came to the front to result in a 13-7 count against the North Dallas Bulldogs. November 6 The Sherman and Adamson teams clashed on a muddy field and locked the score, 7-7. November 14 Our team was at its best, according to Coach Ballard, when it stacked up 12 points against Woodrow WiIson's lone touchdown. November 20 Thirty Leopards trampled the Wolves, 30-6, to wind up a successful season. December 26 g Earl Beesley, Clyde Surratt, Ed Teubner, Hulen Simmons, James Calvert, and Harry Cowing helped carry the Dallas squad to a 21-O vic- tory over the Mexican players. l . ...,.,...,F ......... rs or Q ,,,, .. ,, ruff 1 2 3 4 5 6 1. George Hollabaugh, Guard 4. Paul Rozenburg, Back Starting off with a bang, lard loolced like letter material at A second year touchdown-getter, letterman Rosie won acclaim the beginning of his first football year. He didn't take long to prove as a speedy runner. Alert and determined, he also showed excep- his ability at defensive maneuvers. tionally hard drive on plays through the line. 2. Travis Pearson, Guard 5. Earl Beesley, Back Doing well on the scrub team last year, Travis was promoted to Kid , winning his third football letter, was an All-City squad- guard position on the tirst Blue squad last fall. He's slated to collect man and went to Mexico City. One of the district's outstanding passers, a second letter in 1943. he could kick with the best and played great defensive ball. 3. Calvin Hargis, Guard 6. Clyde Surratt, Center Captain of the '41 B squad, Stubby reached the gridiron this Clyde rose from last season's B squad to a place on the All-City year with first-string assignments. His hard charging and fine blocking team. He was a tower of strength behind the line, his blocking was brought him a big D . unexcelled and he won acclaim in Mexico City. 7. Wallace Clyce, Back 10. Alvin Sheeler, Guard A veteran from last year's team, Greek earned his first letter Sarge developed quickly from a beginning lineman of last year as an outstanding pass defendcr, as well as a neat runner and valu- to an able '42 letterman. He made a good record with his defensive able ball carrier, charging and offensive blocking. 8. Bob Wasson, Back 1 1. Richard Zuefeldt, Guard Bushel , a hard-working and consistently good man, earned his Zue , owner of two letters, was ca-captain of the Leopards and third letter this season. He held down the fullback spot and acted as played right guard. A talented blocker and capable leader, he always co-captain of the Leopards. gave his best. 9. James Calvert, Back 12. Nolan Schmitz, End Stationed at a new position, Killer earned his first letter and Smalzie , a new man this year, developed fast and was a mode the All-City squad as well as the M, C. team. He was e talented regular left end during the letter port of the season. He was. a blocker and line backer and directed the team with skill. deadly blocker and able defense man. x l J 1 I . s ' 7 8 9 10 ' 11 12 TJ.. ' ze - 55' viii in , .L,'f 343.5 , AQM, flat. '7' 7. A-M' . I K .W W :, 'Al-k: I -ME 4 .1 ., a deaf V s e. - . ts s s WwW,A .1 wmrcfsge , H AW,A. . .A,' W wr 'Ml Fi ii? 2 V 3, X IAV, ' A. - 'gz' '4 ' A A . s osli K or Q o is - , ... .nf - my I I .... I i ' g , ' - ,.. , tw.. 51- -W - , vl welz. . V 2 wi . is y. I tw swf- ' T W M 2 f , . f 1' nk is is an . , E .. l im 'diss N J' vi l . . ... , .-un..-l .s...1,.s.,,, . .V 13 14 15 16 17 13. Harry Cowlng, Back Sonny , a three-year letterman, made the All-City team and won the distinction of being the highest scoring Leopard. He was one of the district's fastest runners and showed up well in Mexico City. 14. Richard Avery, Tackle Dusek will be back next fall to bid for his third letter. Switched from guard to right tackle, he handled himself ably on defensive play. 17. Kenneth Pogue, Back 15. tirst City. Hulen Simmons, End Returning for his second year on the squad, Pete earned his letter this season and collected his share of the glory in Mexico 16. Sam Maddera , Tackle Playing hard every minute of the game, powerful Sam earned his letter last fall. He handled responsible chores at both tackle positions and excelled at blocking. 1 first A stand-out in punting and passing is promised the '43 team in the form of this excellent halfback. This is Fagsy's tirst year to letter. LEQP 18. James Neighbors, End An all-round good end, Jake earned a year. He could hold his own on defense and otiensive assignments. letter his first playing capably executed his 19. Scott Keahey, Guard Advancing from last year's second string, Scottie became a regular during the latter part of the season. second letter next fall. He'll be back for a 22. James Felts, Back RDS 20. Ed Teubner, Tackle Big Ed , earning his second letter, made many all-opponent teams as well as the All-City squad. Opposing players found him tough to handle on defense. He proved his value on the Mexico City team. 21. Benny Duncan, Center Excelling in defensive assignments, spirited Dunk returned to the pivot position this year to receive his initial letter. He developed into one of the Leopards' star performers. Jimmy's quick, cool action proved that he was a smart field general. His first letter, earned this season, represents a good many I well-executed blocking plays. --Ira .iv 18 19 20 21 22 ,ee of m .... Q f , , , ...... ,....,..,. N ,,,, , L, .. Q. Q 1 11 x 1 Bmketdall Leffermen Calvert Gibson Rambo Simmons Clyce 'K.Chandler Duncan Dailey no Firs1 Row: Bill Gibson, James Cclverl, Bob Wasson, Doyle Rambo, Tommy Sellers. Second Row: Tom Chandler, Benny Duncan, Pat Dailey, Wclloce Clyce, Mr. Sherman. Third Row: James Fells, Hulen Simmons, Billy Earl Walker, Bill McCormick, Charles Holliday. Fourfh Row: George Lovell, Bill Monroe, Richard O'Brien, Sam Ward, Emmet Watson, Leroy Howard. ,.MN.m M Unifaeeawzj Finishing third in the Plano Bas- ketball Tournament, as well as in the City Series race, the Blue team took first honors at the general tournament held at the Dallas Y. M. C. A. Captain Tom Chandler accepted the Y trophy during an Adamson assembly. At the Plano tourney the Leop- ard cagers defeated Woodrow Wilson, Bonham, the Hensley Naval Air Base players, and the Post OH'ice team. They lost to Sunset and High- land Park. Here is a schedule of the City Series contest, in which the Leopards won half the games they played. FIRST HALF Woodrow Wilson. . . . Adamson . . . . Crozier Tech . . Adamson . . . North Dallas . . Adamson . . . Woodrow Wilson .... . Adamson . Crozier Tech Adamson . North Dallas Adamson . Sunset . . . Sunset . Adamson . . Adamson . Forest . . Forcst . Adamson . . . . . Adamson . High point man forthe blue was Hulen Simmons, who made the All-city tcam. Doyle Rambo received honorable mention. lil! Vf ggi 9 Q 5'-'Z i . A LETTERMEN oedidlef E' A Q Wasson Am 1951 m A Redding Lindsey Clouse Calvert Clyce Argadine Simmons Beesley Hollabaugh SQUAD Robert Argadine, Bob Wasson, Duane Clause, Jack Redding, Jack Lindsey, George Hollabaugh, Wallace Clyce, Hulen Sim- mons, Earl Beesley, James Calvert, Tom Chandler, Wilbur Tish, Richard O'Brien, John Young, Lindy Chandler, James Steele, Bill Gribble, Charles Holliday, Tom McMullen, James Blair, Milton Efms, Waller McCullough, Maurice Williams, George Haney, Ken- neth Cason, Roy Mason, Billy Hale, Don Thomas, Bobby Minnick, Dayton Blaine, Jimmy McCormick, Jack Jolly, Vaughn Ray Smith, Buddy Nix, Bill Simpson, Thomas Melugin. im J Mal 'Q Q Un Une fbiamancf With a shining record for the '42 season, the State champions are warming up for an equally successful year in '43, Last spring the Adam- son players, captained by Hendrix Hollabaugh and Al- bert Bass, lost only one game -that to Woodrow Wilson. Seven squadmen were placed on the All-state team. Six of the boys hit over .300. Judged favorites in the City Series contest, despite the illness of ace pitcher Earl Beesley, this year's Leopards include eight Iettermen- James Calvert, Wallace Clyce, Tom Chandler, Bob Wasson, Jack Lindsey, Doyle Rambo, Duane Clouse, and Hulen Simmons. As the Oak Aprill6 . April 23 . May l May 7 May I5 goes to press, their season's schedule lincluding five in- stead of the usual ten gamesl looks like this: i . I '15, 'l .-r ---- --fr ff ',,,, R V. file , g X 4, N A ,M,,.. . ,. .1 1 ' nfs., V ,,... I 6 ,. X V fl 56- 3 Q ,f I J X Adamson vs. Woodrow Wilson . . Adamson vs. Forest . Adamson vs. North Dallas . Adamson vs. Tech . Adamson vs. Sunset J J Madderra, Hill, Thurman, Brixey, Spray, Rallifi, Bush ,U x'J yi , .,, , ,! xx Rolfe Beaudry, Bob O'Hara, T. C. Marlin, Millon Billingsley, Richard Gard Norman Spray Vernon Rallifl' Pr 1 D , , , es on ay, Fred Schultz, Sam Madderra, Elbert Bush, Archie Brixe , Do le R B'll R' ' y y amo, 1 lchardson, Rhea Nichols, J. W. Thurman Wilburn Hill ,-If Un '7he eincfefz Doyle Rambo's surprise high iump nosed out the Bisons and clinched for Adamson the City track title. Other outstanding performances highlighted the 37V2-32 championship meet, held on April 9. Letters were won by Charles Davis, Vernon Ratlift, Elbert Bush, Nor- man Spray, Archie Brixey, Doyle Ram- bo, and Sam Madderra. ln the sprint medley competition at the Texas Relays, Spray, Bush, Brixey, and Davis took second place. mmwua.-.muuumawu Mau i rf ,Q H 'V I uw-1, .Mitts K HA ek gg 4 2 rw I Girls' Physiccil Training i N M vm Z C :.. , - 'Nga-4 4' in Enthusiastic Adamson golfers enioyed a particularly interesting season. Coached by Mr. L. C. Leftwich, they will be back again next year with the training and experience necessary for showing up well in city-competition matches. From left to right they are: Harry Glover, Bill Broughton, Charles Rogers, Charles Lattimore, Jimmy Buchanan. 7enm91 7 X, ali' 4 9 . ' I 1. L Meet the Adamson tenis team! Ranking second in the city in the i943 competition, this group has some of the best all-around players the school has ever had. Chuck and Bill won the city-championship in boys' doubles and the girls gave their adversaries really stiFl battles. From left to right they are: Doloris Bushey, Mary Jon Holbrook, Chuck McRoberts, Alvin Sheeler, Patsy Pledge, Bill Conger. Mr. Smith is the Coach. General Robert Edward lee, pafriof, scholar, gentleman-this sfcfue presented fo our cify on June 72, l 936, by lhe Dallas Southern Memorial Association. Old GI . . . ong may if wave! ory-your flag and mlne L Lieuiencnf Colonel Earl Beesley Afamm ' Captain Frank Whittlesey eacfell eaafzft LCI R Rhdlfld Q 3.z i Mn, wwf. M-1 M ,- il' , Q- 2-df iii ....,,,., Gaiam LEFT TO RIGHT Private First Class Billy Rich Sergeant Thorn ards, First as Little, Stal? Sergeant EI- gin Robertson, Private First Class Homer lawson. 'f-wwf Ill REGIMENTAL STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT First Row: Maior Richard Zueteldt, First Lieulena Colonel Earl Beesley, Capt ' Svcond Row: M nt Frank Whittlesey, First Lieutenant Cha l ann Walter Richardson, First Lieutenant Ri h ' aster Sergeant Elroy Archer, Stafl Sergea r ' Kendall Kilgore. r es Posey, Lieutenant Colo c ard While, Second Lieutel n Richard Farrell, Stafll Ser nel Conietti Lanzu, Lieuten lan? James Ray, Captain Ge geant Charles McRoberts, C ant orge Garrett. orporal Jack W att, Second lieutenant Company Commander Captain Jimmy Scroggin Company Executive Officer First Lieutenant Felix Ezell Platoon Commanders Second Lieutenant Scott Keahey Second Lieutenant Philip Ridley First Sergeant John Cullum Sergeants Edwin Allen Joe Henry Allen Bob Blevins Edwin Honeycutt Bob Minnick Alex Pearce Kenneth Reynolds Grady Spangler Dowe Stewart Corporals J0l'II'l Ccllhen Asa Holleman Gerald Polnack Earl Richardson First Class Privates Jack Bosden Bobby Behrns John Jennings Ga .4 Wilbert Tisch Frank Tucker Maurice Wallace Privates Billy Babb Ronald Badgett J. W. Bowman Kenneth Cason W. A. Couch George Crouch Jack Davis Milton Elms Charles England Frank Evans Thomas Flowers James Fowler Tommy Fox Joe Gomez Jesse Grayum Robert Hall James Higgens Chandler Hinckley James Hitt l.. C. Jones H. C. Kidd J. E. Houchin Jimmie King Don McCulley Tom McMullen Tommie Meyers Billy Poslon Billy Rankin Eward Rhodes Alfred Slater Dennis Smart Billy Bob Steen Wilbur Thompson Ray Watson James Wiseman Sponsor Doris Vllyatt Small pictures Captain Scroggin Lieutenant Ezell Lieutenant Keahey Lieutenant Ridley 553 ls.. P wig sf -- 2. M if 2 I G wi 'Zi -Q , ..,.. 1 5 Ei. Company Commander Sergeants Marshall Derrick F' s.-..--gn uw' fl ' 4 4? Small pictures Captain Calvin Hargis Company Executive Officer First Lieutenant George Martin Platoon Commanders Second Lieutenant Melvin Lucas Second Lieutenant Eugene Miller First Sergeant Albert Klassen Captain Hargis, Lieutenant Martin Lieutenant Lucas, Lieutenant Miller 0-hftpfdlt 8 Gerald Powell James Craps Clifford Steele Jimmy Wall Corporals John Britt John Maples First Class Privates Peyton Fuerher Oscar Carter Jack Daniels Robert Ridley .lim Wells Maurice Williams Harold Klassen David Robinson Privates Wayne Adams Bill Allen Alfred Ashley Murphy Armstrong Levy Dean Arthur James Barker Robert Black Tommy Bradley James Bryant David Bundrick Howard Butcher Lawrence Childress Billy Cook Roy Crawford Brice Dobbs Eugene Dunn James Edwards Milton Evans Jack Fletcher Charles Hocker Lloyd Harris Rudy Haas James Hostler Robert Keesee Eddie Kenningham J. B. Kerbow Jimmie McCorick Leslie McDonald Bob McGlasson Donald Mitchell Paul Morgan Kenneth Morgan Robert Moore Louis Moore Thomas Murphy Robert Mulvany Robert Nichols Jimmie Nipp J. W. Parker Alred Perkins Howard Pollock Joseph Richards Leslie Ross Marvin Schell Warren Cunningham Sponsor Forest Davis Lois Parsons Gam Company Commander Private-9 Captain Willis Baker Company Executive Officer First Lieutenant Earl Havens Platoon Commander Second Lieutenant Harold Cook First Sergeant J. W. Morris Sergeants Elmer Elkins Robert Cook Johnny Creel Lewis Elem George Ellis Billy Hale Jim Long Hubert Penn Bob Pettiiohn Johnny Salazar Corporals John Walraven James Reynolds John Thomas Harris First Class Privates Joe Christopher Tom Harper Jimmy Lester James Fears Bill Bailey Ralph Barr Kenneth Bates Dayton Blain Eddie Blount Charles Brice Henry Boardmen Billy Claunch Billy Conner Hilton Davis Irving Davis Edward Elrod Milton Evans Warren Farrar David Gualt James Hamilton George Haney James Hickman Jack Hughes lohn Ingram Norley Jones Lloyd Kerr David Landrum Billy Bob Layfield Kyle Lievsay Charles Locklear James Malone Ray Miller Lawrence Nelson John O'Lexy Jack Palmer Albert Parker Jerry Don Poston Douglas Powell Raymond James Raymond Harrison Sponsor Jackie Hedge Nancy Randall Small pictures Captain Baker, Lieutenant Havens, Lieutenant Cook Jimi' rv We - if C 37' 5155 , X U , I V ' -ii- Company Commander First Lieutenant Jack Parks Company Executive Officer First Lieutenant Dewey Brurnmit Platoon Commanders Second Lieutenant JeFlrey Horney Second Lieutenant George Oglesby First Sergeant Paul Pollock Sergeants James Campbell Eddie Eubanks Charles Hill Joe McKinney Charles Mahaney Tommy Miller Jim Paden Small pictures lieutenant Hornev Lieutenant Oglesby vm 'W me l f I .' , W . 1, ' , 6' 225 Corporals Chester Conn Bill Finley Wendell Russell First Class Privates Thad Goodwyn Billy Glover Lawrence Jones Aubrey Pate Charles Rogers Jimmy Wright Privates R. C, Browning Gene Buck Gerald Capps Mark Deering John Emery Duane Evans Walter Fain James Fuller Coleman Hammans Jock Hart Billy Holland Donald Hooten Richard Howard Jack Hyles Albert Millan Robert Minnick Glen Morrow Richard Newton Wilburn Overslreet William Peak Irving Poulsen Leslie Smith James Vavra Mickey Watson Sponsor Dorrace Wh ite ,? ' G Z Company Commander Captain Earl Cherry Company Executive Officer First Lieutenant Almo Nelson Platoon Commanders Pr Second Lieutenant Bill Lively Second Lieutenant Charles Gaines First Sergeant Alvin Sheeler Sergeants Allen Boedeker C. W. Bohanan Richard Farrell Phil Grabbe .loe Humphrey Charles Morris Milton Sallis Corporals Bob Cooke Bernhond Schramm John Wheeler First Class Privates Reveris Armstrong Bill Bailey Norman Deprew Jesse Epps Billy Hanzer Johnny Jones ivates Bill Allen Travis Armstrong Louis Brown Joe Rae Carvaioe Ernest Childress Tommy Childs Raymond Eubank Rudolph Fields Lloyd Fuller Charles Gilmer Rayman Grace Ulis Hair David Hammock Byron Harris Fred Hilger Charles Houston Don Michael Bill Miller Bob O'Hara Bob Poteet Dick Shaw Bobby Don Taylor J. W. Thomes J , fx: Guy Tad Johnnie Watson Joe Woody Sponsor Nell Ruth Porter Small pictures Captain Cherry, Lieutenant Nelson Lieutenant Gaines, Lieutenant Lively lm f gk Quai? rm M W? ,Pl fa, -P sr. . M, AP -00 Small pictures Captain Hawkins Lieutenant Langston 1 l 1 l l l . .aegis . x 2. , F . fr ew-' V- -Q- Q 1 :i-- . 3 2' 1. . - ' cs 1' ff' 'Fi-1.91 5,7 15,41 Fil. Company Commander Captain Don Hawkins Company Executive Officer First Lieutenant Zack Langston Second Lieutenants Joe Bigger Fred Davis Sergeant Jackie Cline Corporals Milton Billingsley Jack Earnest Charles Glasgow W. A. Harrison Oscar Matthews First Class Privates Kenneth Commander Harry Glover Jack Jordan Charles Lattimore Tommy Russell Carl Younger Privates Earl Barnett Alfred Bynum Don Coke Chester Conway Jack Dalton Bill Enochs Bam! Bob Farrar Charles Gott Jackie Hilt Lindell James ' Billy Dee Jolly Bobby Keyes Charles Lee Frank Leslie Charles Maupin Hugh McCraine George Merriman Don Minnick Kenneth Morgan Russell Mullen Joe O'Connell Joe Pike Thomas Henry Stafford Cole Stephenson Lawrence Spray Ralph Tucker Ralph Thurman George Thurmand Billy Thompson John Thompson Leon Turner Robert Young 6. Sponsor Betty Joyce Allen Rrfle -1 T :gi- --1 vr,......,. - LEFT TO RIGHT Frrsl Raw Harold Cook, Dewey Biummil, Dorrace While, Earl Beesley, Felix Ezell, Frank Whittlesey, Jimmy Scroggins, George Martin, Philip Melvin Lucas. Second Row- James Fuller, Phil Grabbe, Scolt Keahey, Bill Allen, Billy Rankin, Richard White, Tommy Miller, Chester Conn, Kenneth Bates, Miller, Kenneth Reynolds. ' Glad 'N Ridley, Eugene was lliil flllli lllll LEFT TO RIGHT Firsl Row Earl Cherry, Walter Richardson, Richard Zuefeldr, Earl Beesley, George Gorrioh, Jimmy Scroggins, Willis Boker, Don Hawkins, Jock Parks. Second Row Frank Vlhifllesey, Fred Davis, Zack Langsvon, Dewey Brumil, Hcrold Cook, Felix Ezcll, Charles Posey, Elmo Nelson, Earl Havens, Ken doll Kilgore, Mglvin Lucas. Third Row, George Marfin, Scot! Keahey, Charles Gaines, George Oglesby, James Roy, Richard While, Joe Bigger, Bill Lively, Jehrey Harney, HAPPY DAYS COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Margaret at the same old trade. Nancy and Earl and the Two o'Clock Jump. A never-to-be-forgotten moment . . . Taps. Misses Crane and Higginbotham at Miller- More, October, l942. Zuefeldt, the War Stamp seller. El senor Luis Perez-Abreu, the genial Mexi- can consul, awards another trophy. lSpring, l942, too late for the '42 Oak.l The ioy of giving . . . Christmas. ll? By A SENIOR Sept. 15. Vacation days over-doors of the alma mater flung open-saw new and familiar faces in the halls- Hi, 'Stubby'! Hi ya, Marianne! Hey, there's a girl with socks on! -Eight new teachers: Miss Schroeder, Mrs. Hagerty, Mr. Cumly, Sergeant Webb, Mr. Sherman, Mrs. Fulton, Mr. Mayo, Miss Spencer-Here to take the places of those fighting for the U. S. A.--Classes in aeronautics overflowing. Sept. 17. Resolved to remember these words of Chester Swor: lt is better to aim at o million and miss it than to aim at a hundred and make it. Sept. 23. 4A's off to a rollicking start with George Spicer, James Abbott, Nell Ruth, and Ava Jane as new officers. Sept. 24. Big newsl Beesley mode regimental commander of R. O. T. C. for complete yearl Sept. 25. Moiorettes in full regalia added that certain something to first pep assembly. Bet you remember Doris Weatherfordl Betty Joyce! Marianne! Nell Ruth, And Della Loul Oct. 5. What? Still more lovelies? Conietti, Carolyn Davis, Doris Wyatt, Lois, Nancy, Dorrace, Nell Ruth, and Betty Joyce sported Sam Browns on the parade ground. Oct. 6. Nell Ruth Porter made headlines again! Second girl in Adamson's history to head the Student Council. Nor- man Spray ond Pat Dailey next in command. Oct. 10. Out to Dal-Hi to see the Blue Wave roll over Forest, 34-O. Oct. 17. Que guaposl Que fuertes! Sighs of admiration filled the air. Celebration of Mexico Day, with six football players from Mexico City's Polytechnic lnstitute as our guests. Oct. 18. The rain didn't spoil our fun at the Polytechnic- Crozier Tech game. Oct. 23. Home Coming Day for old favorites Pat lngram, Homer Bankhead, Bill Burris, Tommy Bowles, Don McClure, and Bob Bearden. Remember Mr. HamiIton's rousing pep talk? Miniature gold baseballs were awarded last year's state champs, too. Oct. 24. Our long-anticipated battle with the Bisons ended in a 25-12 disappointment. Oct. 29. Said goodbye to Mr. Cumley and Colonel Barton, who were off to serve Uncle Sam. Oct. 30. Yea, teaml Bulldogs set back by 13-7 count. Nov. 2. Howling fun at the annual R. O. T. C. Assembly, when beautiful sponsors modeled uniforms dating back to 1920. Serious side, too-commissions and the Camp Dallas Self-Discipline Cup were presented. Nov. 6. Whoopee! Sadie Hawkins celebration in the gyml A perfect evening for iitterbugs. Nov. 14. The most thrilling football game of the year. Woodrow, sixl Adamson, twelve! Nov. 17. Mr. Redway arrived from Denton to teach frac- tions and molecules. Nov. 20. We turned back the Wolves and kept second place in City Series competition. Nov. 24. . . doctor, lawyer, merchant, chief -which will you take? First group of vocational guidance speakers. Nov. 25. Out for a four-day frolic! Too bad Thanksgiving comes but once a year. Dec. 3. The band struck up under the new director, Mr. Hill. Dec. 4. Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? -How'd you like that streamlined version of Little Red Riding Hood in the January senior ploy? Dec. 7. Pearl Harbor Assemply. Saw clearly the changes brought by war during '42. Dec. 8. Picture in the Acorn of the six gridsters who made All-City and won the Mexico trip. You know who they are- Teubner, Simmons, Beesley, Cowing, Calvert, Surratt. Dec. 16. Fop Noah's Junior Commandos made their first appearance at assembly. Dec. 17. Prettiest assembly of the year. Twenty-eight boys and girls pledged to uphold standards of N. H. S. Dec. 18. Silk stockings everywhere! No, we weren't hoard- ing-just doing our patriotic duty. Collection of 5,478 stock- ings in all. Dec. 19. Adamson's Rifle Team unbeatable! The city champ- ionship ours again! Dec. 22. Brought extra pennies to school for the big Penny Parade-helped fill up a Christmas basket for the needy- cast my votes in the popularity contest-then forgot school and lessons for two whale weeks. Jan. 4. learned of Miss Margaret Spencer's death. Miss Easley transferred to North Dallas. Another new teacher, Miss Foster, arrived. Jan. 8. Good food and a merry time at the football bon- quet. Jan. 22. Radio Station WHAS made a big hit at Senior Day Assembly. Jan. 25. Danger! Exam week aheadl Jan. 29, Night of nights for mid-term grads. Feb. B. Flag at half mast in the memory of Mrs. Nellie Clement, former art teacher. Feb. 15. Betty Joyce, Carolyn, Doris, Nancy, and Dorrace stuck to their posts as military sponsors-welcomed Gwen Duff and Margaret Simpson to the ranks. Feb. 16. Dailey stepped up to top position in the Student Council. Other officers are Norman and Mary Jane Hall. Feb. 17. Carolyn Davis, Chandler, Cherry, Spray, and Beesley were elected to head the five divisions of the Vic- tory Corps. Feb. 23. New crop of senior officers-Cherry, Simpson, Felts, Randall, and Underwood. Feb. 26. Alta boy! Sock him hard! Plenty of noise and fun galore at Adamson's first boxing matches. Feb. 27. Surprisel School on Saturdayl Hats off to the cagers, winners of the Y tournament. March 9. Did my bit to safeguard America-bought War Stamps on the opening day of the National Honor Society's drive. March 22. Hickerson Trophy stayed in our case. Adamson's sharpshooters hold best record for year's matches. March 23. Congratulated Christine York and Jim Paden, who've been chosen for leads in the senior comedy, Youth Saves the Day. March 26. Through the air and over the high hurdles went the girls of the Physical Fitness Club. April 9. Got plenty excited when Rambo jumped 5' 8 and cinched the city track title for Adamson. April 15. Doyle Rambo again demonstrated his ability. He was iudged the best boy actor in Dallas in the Inter- scholastic League one-act play contest. He played the part of The Killer in The Singapore Spider. April 16. Forward! Column leftl March! Something new in parade lines-an all-girl outfit! April 20. Annual fun-packed election of yell leaders. This time J. W. Morris, Milton Elms, and Eleanor Wall won out. April 23. Student Day lexclamation point! with a super- duper assembly to start things off right. Gloria Dyer's two solos highlighted the show. We all sang Over There, My Darling Clementine, Oh, Susanna, and lots of other favorites. P. S.: That night the baseball team walloped Forest, probably our toughest opponent. April 27, Report cords came out today. Did O.K. in all four subjects. Guess l'Il be exempt from exams. Hope so- been looking forward to this for years. Let's see-iust twenty- three more days 'til Senior Day and thirty more days 'til graduation. Of course they're really the two most important dates of the year. May 21 and May 27. But without all the others on this page, think of the swell time the seniors would have missed. Oh, well-anyway, it's been lots of fun remembering! wi 4--wwi his ia 1 , 91 - , 2 Qi I 0 if, 5 :K ff v 'M' , THE EDITOR CLEARS HER DESK Lefl fo righl, reading downward. Fall oHicers of June '43 class-Norman Bobby, and Earl. Now, Miss Ruffin! Ruth goes all-oul for lhe N avy. Gloria sings This is Worth Fighling For. Four lillle fishes-omcers of spring lB's -Homer, Belly, Anila, Gloria. Mildred, Belly Jean, Sue-and the gig- gling one is Mary Jane. What d'ya say, Ric '9 Three b' ig smiles! Which is lhe enler- lc1iner'9 The Colonel in civies. la Verne Slack taking il easy. Doing lheir bil for lhe Red Cross: Laura, Joan, and Jo Ann. R 2 -, Q .ml 51 FINALE Lei! lo rnght, reading downward lhe golf leum and Couch Leflwich Poisy, the rocqueler, Thv cily champs, Chuck wi Alvin. Your guess is os good os mine' Bill, lhe Nchompeen golfer Hidin' somelhing, Bill? Yoe dancing Vernon. A8-49g50, hike! Slinging lhe disc ol Dol-Hi. High-point mon, Modderro Gallo pain? Just plain fogged.' Eeeeekllll it' :F , L' L+ W, , A '- If, iv v, BUS- M0480 SIMPLEX SYSTEMS TEXAS BARBER SHOP 359 West Jefferson I HMM, Complete ln Dandy Parker and Sheafer Pens , Texas Theatre Building l ig BEAUTY sHOP TOM J. HAWKINS Phone M-1057 Office Supphes 1 l 9 l OAK CLIFF MUSIC CO. I1 Pianos, Radios, Victrolas Compliments of RECORDS AND MUSIC Open Evenings 1 226 W. Jefferson W-1171 ' l 9 I l SAM DYSTERBACH CO. ALBERT H, TEIPEL 2110 E1ID Licensed and Registered Architect R'6586 Call C-7688 Sante Fe Building , , Q9 lx I RENE H. COX FUNERAL HOME RINDY,S Burial Insurance l 1 Ambulame Service Feminine Footwear Here 3 Davis and Madison Streets Phone wi-3308 234 W Jefferson H M-8165-Phones-M-8166 ' i V WF' l J Compliments of TIP'I'ON'S 1 Cleaners and Dyers 85 A New and Modern Plant T No Better Cleaning at Any Price 409 South Beckley 116 S. Beckley Lusterize Process l F Dallas' Best Buys Phone M-0397 One-Day Service W FRANKLIN S OAK CLIFF COAL, WOOD AND I 1610 Elm Street FEED COMPANY F Children, juniors, Missescjtvifomen and Larger 2127 Corinth CUYOH W Dallas' Mosfrxieondern Store Phone W-5666 as 1 xv Qu LO I0 for Fayed 0 Z 55 S s U W x Fine quan+y daamonds watches ,N Ying lewelry on mosf convemenf credit ,Z ag' Us jx 5 ferms Cash or credui' one price 'mg Q! io all no mieresf no carrying R v .Q .. ..... . ............,... . .........,.... ....... A .,.,.,,, . . ,.,., . ,.,. . Charges xl li1i1i i1 ' titit i iiiii ...., 2 222525225252232522225225252222252522252i2E2i25si2i2i2i2i2E25si2e ...... ' ,.,, 'if en' 1 3 ..... I Q 'M0 D SHO' f Ea I The Dian-and ron-ef..I926 Elm Sffeef , ' ' ' - ' S53 i ef ag . ' ' ' I 51 ' ' .Fee M 1' ... ' ' .,., il - ---- . if '-:.l:2g.:3:3:g2:Q f:f:ifEffQQfQQ2QfffQ2QfQ:f:f3Zgg.3.g .-,.. Y,A,., I : ,...,i .fi EI''''lil '::ii:'i' ii 'i 'l ' in ,...,......i.gf1 Q :a2a252i55:N0 GREATER VALUES ANYWHERE! 1.1......... i ' .,... . . Lamar df Smith Funeral Home 800 W. jefferson Phone M-2146 PEN NEY'S J. C. PENNEY CO., Inc. 9 Mandelstam's WOMEN'S APPAREL 125 W. jefferson St. Phone W-8511 e A Phone M-0193 TIRES AND ACCESSORIES Wootlin-Beckley Service Station JOE P. SMITH, Proprietor Washing Greasing LET US CLEAN, GLAZE AND STORE YOUR FURS A OAK CLIFF CLEANERS AND FUR STORAGE COMPANY J 828-850 W. Jefferson Phone 6-1975 Twenty Years, Experience 6 - MTM-Y Yew, It!-8. Smart L. O. DONALD DRUG STORE if Tyler and jefferson It'5 Ugefulv H40 Years in Oak Clif Phone M-2116 Q T A SMILEYIS Complete Home Furnishers A , , , N Ladzes', Chzldrerfs and Infants' Wearzrzg . . Apparel, Shoes and Accessories SI-nlth Furnlture CO: A 211 West jefferson Easy Terms o 912 WEST JEFFERSON Cgmplimentg Buy . . . Sell . . . Exchange of Phone M-1150 Dallas, Texas CLIFF FOOD STORES LLL.. E.. Q - BUSINESS COLLEGE A Distinguished Dallas Institution Since 1887 Metropolitan Graduates Always Succeed Phone C-8775 for Catalog I' ffl o r mr ff 2 If u ,. smart f f' fill-'llaifl f' Wbe1'e Oak Cliff Students Trade Arrow Shirts-Stetson Hats4Hickok Belts Kirschbaum Clothes 335 West jefferson-Oak Cliff Every Winner Deserves a T R O P H Y It's a Permanent Wave Ask Your Favorite Beauty Shop American Beaut Products Co. 404 West Eighth Street Dallas, Texas Phone W-3174 -- O l EAGLES GROCERY i KRAYER'S PHARMACY Wye Try to Please Prescription Pbarmucisl , Colorado at Ballard Phone W-1183 1201 NOI'fh BlSh0P Dallas, Texas ,- CONGRATULATIQNS BEN FRANKLIN STORE 230 W. Jefferson A BETTER PLACE TO SHOP oAK FARMS MILK M0612 H - - H - LUCK'S SHOE HOSPITAL CHARLIE PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Shoe Repairing-Shoe Cowedion We Carry Our Own Notes Without Red Tape Huy tu1flSell All Kimlx of Used Curr l27 W. JCff61'SOl'1 Phone M-0577 PIIONE y5g1,9610 .--wr - TM 1 if BO-JAN HATS , . Across From Texas Theatre Hats Made to Order to Carry BANK AND TRUST CQMPANY Out Your Color Scheme ANNIE POTEET ROBBIE LOCHART 250 W' JcHerS - ,V O A 1051 I3 S IONS Efficient Employment Superior and more than 1,000 positions annually--4501, more than we are able to fill-virtually assure inspiring employment opportunities to Draughon graduates. Twenty Accredited Courses leading to early starts on business careers. Largest in Dallas. Call, Phone R-3153, for complete information. 1 BUSINESS 'ZCLLL OIZ 1 COLLEGE Opposite City Hall BECKLEY CLUB CAFE OPEN NIGHT AND DAY Phone M-0589 113 XV. Jefferson Phone Y-2-0277 , C , 'PHme 'S'1' TEXAS SEED .st PLANT co. LUBY S CAFETERIA NO. 1 205 Browder SL 528 East Tenth Street CAround the Corner from Baker Hotelj Fl0U'e7'5 0710? Plflflf-V fm' All Offff-Vi0775 Home Cooking Popular Prices phone W,1124 C. 5, Rydeyl Compliments of PHILLIPSTAYLOR TENTH STREET BARBER SHOP Five Cents to a Dollar Stores Phone C-4955 121 W. jefferson 616 East Tenth Street We Appreciate Your Patronage QP 7 -- Compliments of RI BREWER Zlimfgf and Qspowif my 1803 Elm Street RA 6206 FOR CAREER AND COLLEGE FASHIONS SMART GRADS COME BACK TO Entry Q FROCKS, COATS, SUITS SPORTSIVEAR, LINGERIE 1612 Elm Street COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERSU EASY TERMS BOLIN 84 SELVIDGE FURNITURE 209 East jefferson We Buy, Sell and Exchange Phone M-2586 P Compliments of WOOLWORTH'S 5-AND-10-CENT STORE hone W-8075 129 W. jefferson BERWALDS DRY GOODS CO. 215 W. Jefferson More for Less Harrison Grocery and Market 305 N. Bishop Use Phone M-5101 for Service THANK YOU As you go upward and outward into the world you'll come to appreciate the worth of quality in everything you buy .... E. M. K ahn 8: Co. MAIN AND ELM AT LAMAR Quality apparel for MEN, BOYS and WOMEN CLINGINGSMITI-I eweler L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY AGENCY DIAMONDS - WATCHES - GIFTS COMPLETE JEWELRY SERVICE jewelry Manufacturing, Repairing, Watch and Clock Repairing 1707 Main Street . . . Dallas CLIFF MAID BREAD . Enriched with important vitamins and minerals for 1 n extra pep and energy. Delicious, too, and baked right in Oak Cliff by bakers who have had more than thirty-two years' experience. Oak Cliff Baking Company Ninth and Marsalis EI LSO QBEA UTY Gousaot: LEARN BEAUTY CULTURE Mrs. Margaret Watkins writes: I am averaging S40 per week. This is the REQUEST EREE BQOKLET average pay for the Neilson graduate. 412 W. Jefferson Completely Air Conditioned Madison 0458 In sincere appreciation of the patronage and friendship of the entire Student Body and Faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past 19 years. Qflrneriean Beauty Cover Co. 2oo2-8 North Field Street C5be Gorer on CGM: wack q,Q7as Qjroducea' in This Qlant A Q1 compzimmff of exaf-Rofwin-Midway Bifon and After Tbeatref fx X9 - The Francine Drew Shop 238 W. jefferson Exclnfirenefs Without Extraoaggnee Across from the Texas Theatre La Vonne Rindy-Owner jean Gleason DENISON on your PHOTOGRAPH is the same as Sterling on your SILVER DMSO STUDIOS uozz Elm Street Dallasffexas OFFICIAL SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER . . . . . . .................. . 0-o.0'u'a'r's'o.r'u.lis.u'u.n'o'c.s'u'n'o.l's.s .g.g.g.f.- - ' -.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g. . . . . . . . 0 O ' 'a.Q 0 I-2- 0 O -3-3 'O'l . . . . . . 1-PI 'n.o.l . .'I'I'I-I . .... . I-In .-C'Z'Z'I'Z'I o'o'n.u I o'i'l'u'l'I'n' u'o'u's.u'i u 1 c.o.o'c'l.l'n'u'a' n'o'u'n.u'n'o'o'l'u'a.a.o.n.l'a'n's.u's-u'a'u. Each year finds an even greafer efforf on fho parf of bofh fhe Oalc Sfaff ancl our organizafion fo keep up fhe high sfandard of fhe OAK Masferpieces. We appreciafe fhe journey fhrough fhe years wifh your publicafion personnel and School officials. SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING Co OF DALLAS Phone Riversicl 8 2l0O Jackson Sfreef DALLAS, TEXAS ,LJ ff XJQQW wwf Wifi +l JW W Wifi! , X J 1 wfffm Qlfifff ff f EW? -J Jyjij 7 f Ajfj Mm , J gp 6 Af QQ? if 'Wil fgfwf M5 'ffm Bn 0 g fj iff ' A ' 2 f i 1 ' ijlli s . X . ' ' l Y ,fl o 2 I ff . il M ' ' V is 0 I y ,W ,l 'Q i ' F 3 i K ' I 1 ' X i 1 ' 'I The Oak staff gives its thanks to the many Yi . friends who have helped in the publication of this 5 V book. T i We shall not soon forget your generosity, 3 i unselfishness, and cooperation. We deeply appre- . ciate your suggestions and your other contribu- tions in time and effort. . X, ,, X l Rf!! F lf!! f if V My A,r, ,.,y W fdftg- ,ffl T M JM iii fn f 7' y Jfkf ae 6 My , fr QW U yy! J, wwf' ,J ww! if al dJfL,51ff X J fj!,Jfjfyf y, ik ' if T Vjf F H bum NL Q'Jf'W- W-f i, W .M yu. 7f1,u,,1,,u,- ' WJ W f f' 'W ,M 'WU X eff qu d5'1'2 93 f -ff I I 41 .U ' pr, a fiffj gif' ,mf ' V 4 QA 1 '22 Wffjf bfi M my ak Mgff Sv? i fm . , , ,.V. Wumnlg'-.W qw J! X M'w,bQf iZZfW, My !g5V,f,L,2h2W0 f 4mW IKMMMJLVJW. ffl? www ,M QQ fwggk? V?5'j+ A W W QW if5?75w7W La

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