Adamson High School - Oak Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1942

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Adamson High School - Oak Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 117 of 134
Page 117 of 134

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Page 117 text:

LEIIHYBIEIIIB nf GBM Eihvrig EX-STUDENTS IN SERVICE ARMY Leighton Atteberry, Bob Beardon, Gene Bivings, Harrell Bivings, Charles Bartlett, Robert Calder, Robert Casteel, Charles Childers, Fred Carmichael, Bert Carlton, Alfred Coffey, James Christie, Paul H. Chatelain, Morris O. Dobiapanski, W'illiam Donnell, Ralph Echols, Hoyt Frasier, Harrell Frost, Dale Frost, Jack Guard, Rex Gandy, Louis K. Gardener, Jr., Billy Jack Green, Charles A. Gare, Almon Hare, Jack Harris, Wilbur Hurt, Richard Humphrey, Joe Helms, Woodrow Hunt, Marcus Hancock, WE A. Hamilton, Jr., James Hodge, Wayne Johnson, Bill Jones, Earl Kerbow, Dec Kerr, Don Livingston, Pete Layden, Xvilliam R. Large, Jr., Ed Lowe, Odell McGrew, George McManus, Bill Medley, Roy McNutt, Edward D. Marshall, Wfilliam Lee Morrow, Hal McCal- lough, Paul Merjanian, Albert Nelson, Ray Niblo, Donald Ogden, Ralph Osburn, R. A. Pitts, Robert Parker, Wilson Peters, Earl Schell, L. C. Sport, James Sutter, Ernest Redwine, Bob Redwine, Jack Redman, James Richards, Lee Roy Rittenberry, Edwin Rippy, Charles Redding, Douglas Rawl- ings, Garrett Sutton, Billy Smith, Bud Sprague, Ray Teubner, XV. Thompson, George Tunnell, Bill Finley, Truman Wilder, Earl Wfebster, Howard White, Phillip Vfhittlesley, Pace Weath- erby, Jack Williams, Billy Young. Charles Yater, William Turley, Roy Green, William WVGDSICY, Oscar Johnson, Johnny Sprague, Jim Dillahunty, Jack West, Bill Atkinson, Jim Burks, C. M. Mil- ler, Floyd Terry, Jack Beckham, Alvin Sterling, Robert Capers, Robert Bryant, Earl Gossett, C. M. Satterwhite, John Harrison, A. E. Owens, Raymond Sabotini, Fields Childress, Wallace Haakc, Albert Bowles, Stewart Reeves, Marvin Bisecker, O. R. Baker, B. A. Carrell, Howard Dailey, Wilford Earnhart, Mike Elphingstone, XValter Hill, Joe Kerbow, Louis Michel, Thomas A. Price, Jr., Gerald Page, Tom Sawyer, Robert Smith, James Weston. NAVY Anderson Alexander, W. C. Adkisson, Claude Beedle, Bill Brown, Eugene Brownlow, Herbert Babb, Billy Jack Chapman, Don Childers, Bert Craig, Otis Carter, Franklin Crain, Robert Cotner, Richard Duncan, James Fox, Jimmy Gleason, Claud Otto Hocker, Sterling Hulen, Oliver Hen- drix, Cecil Hill, Billy Knapp, Charles Lucas, Eugene Lowery, Foster Lemley, Joe Maida, Ralph Ogden, Sam Orr, Dodd Osburn, Morgan Rogers, Howard Sloan, Earl Schultz, Peyton Smith, Ottie Lee Samms, Tim Wfelch, Herman Whitley, Marvin Fowlkes, Donald Hunley, Jimmie Hughs, Gene Norvell, Nolan Paris, William Weston. MARINES Elbert Bush, David Betts, Wilson Board, Leland Carrol, Henry Campbell, William B. Carrell, Elmer Durrett, John Drake, Gene Fultner, Ed- ward Few, Eugene Fritz Luck, Ted Lynn, Jr., Andy McBeath, Harry Neal, Gene Norvell, Bob Patrick, Stewart Reeves, Holt Stanford, Howard Wtillace, John Wyatt, Vaden Whitley, Gene Winters, Bobby Patric, Homer Bankhead, Willard Innes, Jack Morgan, Eddie Monk, Billy Bob Williams. COAST GUARD Joe Brown, Bob Farris, Bob Wfolff. Robert XVood, somewhere in a German prison camp. .Un Hlvmnriam KILLIED IN slanvlizic Robert Carlisle, Joe Foley, Rex Gossett, Jay E. Pietzsch, R. B. Vantress, W. Thompson, Tom Neal. Om' l'lu11zll'i'if Tbirfwu

Page 116 text:

iliemember A SENIOR Sept. 9-R-r-r-r-ing! The fun Cwork?j began. Seniors every- where exclaiming, "Aren't lbey little?,' group of sophisticated January Grads. Sept. 16-Jones, Shook, Pogue, and Primm chosen to head that Sept. 26-Yea Blue! Yea Wfhite! Adamson walloped the Scotties on their own field! Oct. 1- "Femmes,' invaded armory. Seven lovely, sensational sronsorsg Johnny Ellis, Katie Pozue, Barbara Horton, Theresa Thompson, La Verne Lowe, Gwen Wolff chosen-Remember their picture in the "Acorn,'? Oct. 3--Gainesville held at a 7-7 tie by "team worku! Oct. 7fCoat hangers, piles of them. For coats? Oh, no! Days were still sweltering. All for P. T. A's. welfare fund. Oct. 11-The North Dallas Bulldogs were mutilated pups after a 19-0 defeat by the Blue W'ave. Oct. 14-Big Bill Primm stermed into the little shoes of Hazel Collier as Student Council President. Oct. 17-Corsicana conquered those fighting Leopards. Oct. 20-Jeanne Moreau suggested the theme for the Oak- Like it? Oct. Zl-Woe-Woe-Woe. First report cards of the season- Stayed home every night for two weeks. Oct. 25--Adamson "socked" again as Wildcats waged warfare on us. Oct. 29-Public speakers spoke! Assembly went with a- pfft-bang! Oct. 31-Tech trampled team with terrific touchdown! Nov. 3-Pedigreed privates received official degrees. Military assembly. Nov. 13-The Ebony Boswell Sisters and the Choral Club from Lincoln High-Real entertainment. Nov. 14-Annual Home Corning Day---the longest assembly of the year with the first three periods cut down to 10 minutes Cach! Old fans visited the "Alma". Inspiring speeches, especially that one by Mr. Sprague. Nov. 15-Adamson-Sunset battle. Sh-h-h-they beat us! 's all right-just home-folks, anyway. NOV- 20-TUfkCY Days-Or did you wait for the second Thanksgiving? Anyway, there was four whole days free for frolic. Nov. 21-Victory! Leopards finished the Lions. 7-O. Dec. S-Super-duper Senior plav. 1X'hat a hero! Have you forgotten Archie, the bell hop, and that cute, cute suit? Dec. 7- --Pearl Harbor-the saddest day of the year. Dec. 9-Football banouet. Beaus and belles. Richard and Bob named captains for '42, Nineteen big beautiful sweaters set adrift in the world to be hooked and fished out by school "cuties" fSome feed, too! Dec. 12-White dresses-soft candlelight-yellow and white bows. National Honor Society Initiation. Dec. 13-General Motors Assembly-ain't Science grand? Coal, air, and water and youive got a brand new outfit-Try it sometime. Dee. 20-Clash, clatter, bang! Boogie-Woogie! Rhythmeires bowed to the society of Hepcats and 'Gators. NVhicl1 did you like better Xerma? Daphne? Maurine? Dec. 25-Jingle bells, jingle bells. Last minute shopping rushes -Oh, what fun! Christmas baskets everywhere, "All who joy would win must share it-Happiness was born a twin." Dec. 23-Jan. 1-Two hilarious weeks. No detentions, no curfews, no alarm clocks. Excitement every hour. '42 came in with a bang!-Maybe it was because of that flat-l Jan. 2--B-a-C-k-again. To work? No, to school. Jan. 9-Basketball team kept ball in 'lTech's baskftn for a 49-19 win. Senior Hi-Y dance. Luper's corncob pipe. Letis see! who did I go with? Oh yes, I remember! Jan. 13-"Personality-plus kids" were elected. See pages fifty- one to fifty-seven. Pleased? Jan. 16-Semi-Annual fashion show-models wore white rib- bons with "Senior" printed thereon. ,Member Katie Pogue's green shoes? That programme? How we raised ole W. H. A's. roof! Jan. 19-21-Pity the poor undergrads-struggling with exams. Jan. 23-Commencement! Sweet girl graduates-shining eyes. Brave youth-eager faces. Alas! Childhood days gone. Jan. 26-New term began: new 4A's. 'Tm sorry, dear. This class is full." "Say, kid, when do you have lunch?"-Yard birds frantically searching for saber oil and rifle reports. Feb. 8-More beautiful Sponsors. First squad to the rear March! Forward! Nell Ruth, Mamie, NlVinnie, Doris Jean, and Mary Ellen -March! Feb. 16-Senorita Maria Christina Dittel, a little bit of happi- ness frcm Costa Rico, visited the Spanish Classes. !De veras es remonisima! Feb. 17AJune Seniors elected officers. See page Twenty. That cute one is my heart throb! March 3fThat fellow Dodd! Into everything. New president of Student Council. Barbara and Nell Ruth to help. Miss Frazer beamed! March 6-Tramp, tramp, tramp. Mr. Leonard, our first faculty soldier, left for the Army. Was almost overwhelmed by attention from his adoring classes. March 13-The Jinx Dance-Student Council, again. Wasn't the orchestra good? And the hamburgers on our way home? W'e double-dated that night. March 26fSalom Rizk, the Syrian, held us spell-bound and gave "My Country 'tis of Thee" new meaning. The sincerity of the speaker and the attention of the audience was impressive. March 29-The Rifle Team brought home the bacon! The Hearst Plaque came back to A. H. S. April 1-Miss Hedde announced cast for June play, "That Crazy Smith Family." April 3--Student DayfSolemnity, dignity fun. Schoen wore his dad's old uniform. Names of former classmates serving in the armed forces read. April 8-fOne-act play 'Wlfhich is the Way to Boston" given pre-vue in Assembly. Tom, Dorothy, Billie Ann, and Bill were swell. Still wondering how they could have been beaten! April 18-Juanita Stanley won the Spanish Essay Contest-the fifth consecutive winner for Adamson. Methinks this speaks ex- tremely well for some persons interested in this field of endeavor. However, it might be that Juanita is just an exceptional essayist as well as Betsy Manton, Jeannette Roundtrce, Johanna Jones, Helen Spangler. April 30-The lust of the Oak goes to press today. Seniors are thinking of their importance. All senior dates are made and plans for Commencement complete. The Senior Prom will be Friday, May 22, the night of the Senior Day. It's to be formal. Saturday, the 23, Johnny Ellis will have onen house for us all. Monday therelll be a Sunrise breakfast and later a Tea Dance, with Beatrice, Barbara, Mary Frances XWilson, Dolores Crockett, Betty Taylor as hostesses. On Tuesday, Seniors will go to Mrs. Baird's Ranch as guests of Marv Lou and Bill Pitts! So on, thru the week-a bowling party, a kid party, a swimming pertv, an ice- skating party and then Conaniencefrieet-at M'Farlin Audtoriurn- so Uncle Gus and Aunt Mary, Grandpa and Grandma and all the cousins and my own family can see me graduate. I've asked to have my whole name printed on my diploma. Think the folks, especially Dad, will like it better than the nick- name. Wonder how I'll feel when that Diploma is really in my possession. looking back now, it has all been fun and I've le:-rned many things. W'ill forget some of them but never this: "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all.',

Page 118 text:

winners nf Elini 2-Xmarh fur Srhnlarship ONE YEAR 2B Peggy Morris, Asa Holleman, Homer Lawson, Betty Jo Hamm, Jacqueline Dillon, Mary Walth- er, Toy Tabor, Bob Lovell. 2A Margaret Goodwyn, Mary Mayers, Wyllcna Bry- son, Connie Louise Young, Betty Sauragi, Billie Fae McLaughlin, Bob Blevins, Jean Cullum, Edith Province, Dorothy Watkins, Charles Maupin, Geraldine Skeeter, Jean Vining, La Nelle Palmer, Gloria Clouse, Betty Jo Owen, Jack Lindsy, Jean Dysary, Johnelle Bradley, Margaret Bohanan, Avery Slaughter, Bill McCormick, John Emery, Marie Tamplin, Drucilla Bivings, Bobby Sue Miller, Elizabeth Newby, Katherine Kerr, Bebe Keyser, Serena Coppedge, Murlene Fuller, Richard Newton, Patricia Hubert, Vernon King, James Hitt, Jeffrey Horney, Jack Hybs, Harry Slaugh- ter, Joyce Green, Mary Hendrick, Sylvia Jenson. 3B Patsy Kelly, Bernice Sutton, Fred Davis, Madeline Dawson, Louise Faust, Daphne Harkey, Betty Lou Hix, Fred Erler, Louise Steely, Alleen Sullivan, Arene Whitcomb. Marjorie Milne, Charles Gaines, Virginia Hodges, Jack Redding. 3A Virginia Napier, Mildred Taylor, Bobby Ander- son, Betty Anderson, Betty Joyce Allen, Marianne Craig, Lorene Crossland, Jimmy Lou Lowery, Tommy Sellers, Jane Shelby, Floy Horn, Nancy Page Our HllIItll'l'tf F0llI'fE't'll Randall, George Hollabough, Earl Havens, Lu- cille Williams, Jane Moore, Lloyd Posey, Doris Wyatt, Eva Lee Harralson, John Walraven, Juan- ell Bullard, Billy Shiflett, Treva Jo Matney, Jackie Wilder, Billy Childers, Porter Lee Bledsoe, Sue Huston, Priscilla Richardson, Bernie Carrell, Jimmy Scroggins, Don Rodgers, Eugene Ross. 4B Xerma Rasor, Billie Anne Hunter, Julia Johnston, Imogene Smyers, Turner Epps, Sara Sue Tipps, Patsy Pledge, Janice Thompson, Lauretta Cason, Bobby Short. 4A Virgie Turner, Helen Martin, La Verelle Smith, Frances Barnett, Clara Nell Woodruff, Pat Murphy, Oliver Williams, Naomi Reno, Cranston Dodd, Robert Gentry, Jean Tamplin, Mary West Leatherwood, Billy Tuley, Margaret Coleman, Beatrice -Childress, Mack Everetts, La Vonne Alexander, Pat Whitaker, Durelle Tripp, Barbara Horton, Jacque Hatfield, Tom Ray, William Newby, Robert Muchmore, Ann Chambers, Lewis Leftwich. F OUR YEAR Jacquelyn Allen, Verna Baker, June Brown, Effie Collum, Rosalyn Cruse, Clara Foster, Ellen Gillette, Lillian Gleason, Doris MeKeen, Doris Rorie, Juanita Staney, Janice Thompson, Mar- garet Ruth Welch, Mary Gene Wilson, Alice Jean Young, Mary Lou Carrell, Jeanette Durand, Charles Lewis, Felix Froese, Algar Schoen.

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