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Text from Pages 1 - 134 of the 1942 volume:

.ZQWMIVWW4 MU , - I Dihrifr ' 1 Y llkk f- ffl Y . lx? 1191 QQ me O MQ WH f' x YD ' 1942. WM W '- Q 'xx xxw-NwNw ww f f 4 ' Roi-e'7' N,7,4g A11 , Y- W ix- ' ' V fr i' 1" .,l " -..fv-- - - Y- - ,7 gv ,??,. 'v- g , , , W-,. 2-1 - 'VV' .- VQ 'f -4--- . N -V ,wa ,- - 'WL 'f ' , V-.4 - 1-' .liV,.1i?3f':f f , ,E-rf' 'SV Vff WQQSQGJ'-3.-' ' fi? ' 'L,..1,:1,:g-LQQ wg' ,Je- "Nv., 9', '5Z11.:,f f 1 ' ' ff jj - 12 A "ia xx 424' 4 V, rg..-mf - 1 94 ' v3.45 1 ,Xf V -ifgifa f. ,YT 'iff .Vo - , - ' ' xv h i XX -3 4... ,gm 1 - '-ggi, ,- : . KV., s-- .wg-' ,,g5'1g:,. Mi- A .- , 94, . -:rf ' V X "' um ' " .,1g1g,z,23,LiPggq- gfgggif' ,Zz ""J" V 5,514-ffffyaf if-:fun H is - .ViVa:egV:2wf1-Vww.-:V' P2-H2 -V1.3--' 7 - .- ff.: ::....,. nf.. I 5 V, V.--Y ,.-,. V ,-'HQ-M . V Md" 'slim' 'H'-'f ESF' 1 . V,-"a41 " f f f . ,,, . N V ,-11' Q is A ll I 4' . ,:-All I , , , wlll ,fu 1 , V X ' nf 514 ' f-' ful! -L -2 ' ..'f.4Ql'?i1.' ' :SWK V V-3 - ' e 111 5-f ff 'milf g ,,. .f,t" fi A fi --i I' 'F' J '7 ' ' vm fuel' 1 .EA -V iff? " " "1 ' .Vg -- .19 , 3,4 - 15, - 1: fy 'i f '32, W 1 V 7 'Q' '7 O he ' V 3 G, ' X A " Vgx N3 , 1 J! 'rf ,V , . , I. L N V, K '-'. X :QQ v 1. V V, N gs , V lj 4- - . - ' ' ' x' V. V , f - -. MV J' "gif , '5 V' 'V 951.4 3.9 5 ci V " x '- . .P Vlq A-, V fn, . .V .JV f.: .efiffsi-'V.f-4 ' .. :grf ' 'iafiiiii-'.'Q'f?' ' V " 'N' '-'ff if-f 'V I- Vx. If l-fl I X. -.1-2: ' ,-- 'V H , V f-V1-V, ,g Q V f ,wr -1' AV Qf' : ' 'A '1 ' 1 ',U ' 'Tx -Y f I V .. .fee f -f 'V V- V " H 'V 1 as cf Eg ?' 'Q "' M ' '55 f V , f IV f :3 15',iaf'a1 ."'-:if Lag , ' 'rg :J"i14 A -: 4 V 'f rf Lin ,HIV . -1 a Vff sf' ' sul f K 2 4 V am ,LV ,u-1, V gf 'V X , f lg. 1312! K .. T Ez! 'A Y :wil 3 .u 5-mn .. 1- nf ll 4 Nj Dwi u, fig V --INI W' 1114, 7 : Q-Li Q' ' , Q5 ' .Al-4 :-- F - - ,. VV- -.s f V, V VV +9 ,V VA 3 A ' 1 . +71 'Vx 'V If , '7 u. ,I 4 -5 kllk If ? V .QV I ILISCIIUSJ ! Ig IE' G, .. I' ' ' I 3 5: J f ' , 3 by Vggf if Eil- ' a 1, , .V ,Q a V: ff, f 4 5" V A - - ' V, WL "5 ft 55 Qx The QEIIIUI' QIJS75 VV VV, gg fe g: . E of 5 VE Qt! V :L ' Va.. 1 1 VA ,wg ,,, gk' . .1 :srl ag, 124 . Q5 Adamson H1gh School . ,ff -5 i Qu . , V f we V7 ,V 15-X A f f ' ', 'zz-v ,. 7-lf V + Vg, 5 . ggi Z D.xll.1s, lvxh if 5 ' , V ,E mf V gl' . ' V.. V ' ' V A , VV: V V' ' -V-1 . gf " X. -J if ,Vi 1' 312- , 5 x R. Vw-. ', -'yi' " , H34 J -7 -5 "' M' . "-2 ffl' ,'7' , "V 1' sZP:?f.eE! ' 'Vi' "1-' V will f fl' ,Q-'Z' :"- 'Fl'-.fif 1 ' ' f ""H5 fff' '57 1fnf'f V517 V553 'X Xfifl Vf .:'. 1 , .5-as: :ff '- 11 " ..4'Zj'a,,,gsQ5f" f 'x Vfffk ,,.f""f"'fQ, 55fif5'!5: ' 'V 'W' '-2445 ,L ,:.'.,'S - V . ..,. . Vf.1..V "'f':VAVf - -"f" " " '11-gi'1-L ' 121143. V' 5 N 551215531 X ' "M" is T ?" vii 1 7 ' rf Th-4f',,7f"" A : N555 ..,,, "A V X X L, N ' - Y' '- v ,,f 'J' ' 12451750 :Ill f Q! 1 I l'!,,'! fy A 3 I X ,f LZ .I ,f ' W 1111? X ff, yi x , ,V I ! , P! , ri' af!-L 1 of ' rx D XL m y r, ,V I 2' MWA ffifif 1 J W , V, J jf I 171,11 XIV, I I play ,, if A A, Y' , ff ff' L bl' IL U gf ffl!! ,1 V4 L' .1 fp- , Q 410 3.1 '- uWQy'3Zf' Q li! , l .V I nfl! :AAU Lillll-fllllli fl, I f ' 1 Ifflfmx A n-in , S BARBARA HOIKTON LOUISL Sc HIN4I11I LNIG I I I mln 4 u 4 BIISIIIKXS Aftlllll Us CkiA1iLlhN1 JONI S DIKULILLA BAKLR YH 'I flflf 'll ff In fu f Hmm ,, rink... 'I ' lg A Ifllfll' J., glll F' ,mmap TRULY ' A' - 1,71 . ' W6 "fr I l 1' -Q15 :Ulm in, lu 7 I ,N M , I... M 1 . , W! X 1 W . i W .Xwil xx X N W 'I 'xl X ' xxt -X x Q X 1 I X Q ' - xx f TM x . KW X ' !'-- . . X. M.. 3 ' .,'- ' 6215:-Q: Q zfiii f 1 A ' ui QU' u . ,glam -limi 1 f5:2i"Ia' czgamgalii 355' , 134, "in, mn. N. xl' , if ing .iv x . U,.. ,,.,, ' Q -K -H - 5 an I II Awhn I fi 4 2 ' 1 . ' 1 .f , Y fv' H If I i Q XM ln., it ' ' '33 4 X-M!E..'!f!,, A 5 " Cffcff ' .hsrezseujl 593 f"' .-"'f"5"'fi F13 ,.. ' . . -: "'- " A- " x , -,g,-, f:- YA- "' ' l! K ,Q x , KX! N J 4 o ff fl usa 0 X I . X . 4' fi . l e 55 f ii i E 1" x X Yi y it 2, . va-yff51r1f':,7F-.s 4 , fff0ZgIffE'fid'5"iaF1'y' I C 1,,,::-f,,j6:ff75:,'ii:llillkfwfi' f i 'JH ' ffififlfgglg -I '- :I Yf I , X . Xe 4.55 . e i f 'N . A f?f"f T - .. ti 71.31, mf 'f rg, ,q,1fi,gf,4"'! if-,: ml v ffigvijq f rig It ff, -. . U- ' l Hjillu rl! ,, I 1 5 X 1 ' I '.. 5, . t 'WW' fr C Q e e Q ' rw: 1,14 kgs .ysfsffk 2 .SQ i if 'E:. -v --S -Y il xgjffk . gg, A 11 y W ,f iill 1 " WVU l, 'i l 'fl sf. e.. . 5,2f.',f MQW- ,Vg i ,i f Z ., f., . V1 , i WJ L We .xi gg.,-1 LI ill Q r, V . , . Q I., f:l',l"ii1Qig. i 4' J,-,yrs .S ,, , , L Arai- ' - -5532: F 'Sf-'Lf f.ifff'?f -gi? ' cm ' v X -- 4 0 ' , , ' ' 11' ,egg .,:-4 'A "'- . Q " Q - ' ' ' " 5 - - '-' f " , ms fir- , Q -,..-' .-:ii-j LI --Ifi ,5- fllq htlf I,f,gf5'.f5. - .1 ffxwil . wr: 3-ref: - .: xiii agree ,Jar wi 2 ?Sf2:::s.t,:svs-fl-fe i f is 1 -ef s 1 -n f s '.:fsYS5'iXxv 't?WY3 KJ f roi Q font e -P s e if 1 i- i fsfflv s , .ii VA T 3 5 , Y5,:.,- 4---J ,, 1j.,.' - . 4 -Sin, , V , :,- , e ' E lim 'gif i Hlnrvwnrh XVe hope this 0.114 will give you two things: first, ti record of happy d.1ysq second, Ll deeper interest in the romance, culture, and economic life of our neighbors on the South. Pan-Americanism, our theme, was prompted by friendship Lind patriotism and we are anxious that sug- gestions offered here will uid in the creation of new conceptions of ii friendship that will be lasting and bonds of interest which will not permit us to separate. If, in the years to come, these pages cause n laugh, a sigh, n tear, we hope they will also give gin immeasurable pride that this, your Yearbook, pl.1yed nn humble but sincere part in the early development of North, Central, and South American solidarity. Wfhen you discover our errors, we, the staff, beg your indulgence. They resulted not because of enthusiasm and effort but in spite of them. , I M' . 1 7 .::' ififiif' fi , Y -Jgymwmiuf .Gsm V fi A .Hi L"--AQ: , 5, gp.. ,1,- pi- - 'z 1 1 -nififififff ' 952 A ,f k'g:v..5:1 . 1 ?QQ.3,i5?-inxx vl -xx!3g51g X 93: -2--Q-XX ,H nfl 5 A . Evhirafinn This, the thirtieth volume of TZJC' Oak is dedicated to our teachers of Spanish-Miss Roberta King, Miss Eugenia Newberry, and Miss Virginia Rootes-three Usenoritas synipatieasn, whose unfailing interest in us com- bined With their love and understanding of the traditions and customs of Latin America have kept alive our enthusiasm for the Spanish language and the people who speak it. May they accept this tribute as a small token of our affection for them and of our gratitude for their ceaselcss effort in our behalf. i 4 1 gf all nf amp For wlnm fbf' O110 Grmf Storm' mmrs io wrifc againsi your naznf, III' uzfzrks-:mf flzaf yon ll'Ol1 or Ioxf-Im! how you jwlaym' Ihr' gulncf, Efbe Qbpen nur Ezlzzmfirnzz is an 0r11a111r'11t in jnroxpcrify and n rrflzgc in adversity Nl 5:55-9 5-was ESS! 5 X N I . , N , 1- . f" . . . , v. X Yx mac X X W 'x B 'War Y r ev f ifgnnk,-5 Ahmfniuftratinn .Sf1'lfUI'.5 Hnherclanyef QF exwfnnaliifti Q9 1'tQ8.1'1fi:'8l'f'f0I1,K A ciiuiifex Aflgltffc x" X V 4: s C" ' fffl A - ' , S--.-uf 12" X 1, .vit- ?-LQ' f SN in- an VM- ml rm Y -ff?-f-ff' iii 35.12 .... - M... X.,-f - ' T - QI' 'X Y - iffy 'X ,-,.,L,-. ,,. ----'izj Q,...T.i--- .,.,,. ..,,.,-.--N....N... ffl rx Rx ff' ' Ax' , N 1 2 A 'XX - -Slat-sf' V 1 XL" '-if ' ' "1EF5'-9 x 'N 5 'I' 'f e -L . V 'XTWW' A M 9429.-,-. ,-,Q f '1 " 1 . R 'i J 0 ,Y in f f f Nl f-E W is V Y 1 5 f T. 5. inii L il- A I X .,'f3.,, 0 Wi' VME - ,, M X ff ' ' X, 1 - V ' ' il., ,iiEsf 4uimMm ef- ' X Y ff ' if ii 'lt V ' 'wiv ' if Kb 1 A, , - -4' - AQ V' 5WExQWfWuWNfLiL'gQ V KK ge H il, -li: . '- -g, "K M ,SL ,,f,3fg- 4 N TV, ' MMO'-0 ALA1vfus'1vJ1a1D ilminiaimtinn Tlsv Azzzmivazz !'0lLf!I!7jJ-flit' rozzziim'-jlnrz' of fl Sonflv A7lIF1'jt'HII KQ6171l'fT1!I'il7fFlI::gI'!If, x'III'?'gI'fiL', rm:ragc'o11s-vrrzxclffxs in lvix :".ff0l'I' fo IYIVI' for flu' lwn1', 4'xj:r'viaUy ibn' caI1fr'.s. His mlorful COSf7lll7L' mul cxvvifilzg Iifc' llflllholll fo lmnrfs of till' agar. A 5 ru ,..' 3, 'E x ' 4151111115 eff 1 . , :ZEN f. 5 f - 2 n N . . 62 1 1 W L1 - - , -f ,, f 7' 2 .. 3' , 3 55 1 3. 3 - '- ws, ,num ef-,wk if Q Y vw f sr ..m......... ,ff 25.1 ' . 'A' ' - " ,1a, ."5,:-U.. ., .,.f , ,- I ,,.,,F5M, 57, E K f ' ' ww . 4481 17h 7 l x hm! 1T??7iIlIYfff-f" ir 1 ig.. JULIUS DORSEY L. V. STOCKARD WAIKREN TRAv1s WHITE Mr. Dorsey . . . . S11ll1e1'il1ff11cfe11z' of Schools Mr. Stockard . .,... Assixfzlld Suj1r'1'iz1temle11f of Srfaools Mr. White . . Asxisfunf S1lI1C'l'i77fKl1t!C11f in charge of High Svhools Bocfrd of Education Dr. David W. Carter, Jr. . . Presidc'11l Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt . .... Vice-P1'rsif1e11l Mr. Gabe P. Allen Mr. Dan Rogers Mr. L. O. Donald Mr. F. D. Danford Mrs. T. A. XVaggoner A grateful student body expresses sincere thanks to this group of public spirited citizens Who, elected by ballot and serving without compensation, give their time and talent to provide the best in educational facilities for the youth of this community. To the Seniors: The most hopeful situation today, as regards interna- tional relationship, in a chaotic world, is the Pan American movement. Led by President Roosevelt's "good neighhorn policy, the countries of the Americas are forging a bond of friendship with each other, which bids fair to dis- tinguish the western hemisphere as the only place on earth where no country is at war with any of its neighbors. Students of Adamson High School and che other schools throughout these lands have their part to play in this program of sympathetic understanding and friendship among Americans. NY'e trust that this "Oak" with its Pan American theme will aid in carrying out this "All American" policy of brotherhood, peace, and prosperity. lt is our sincere hope that the Seniors of 1942 may very soon be privileged to live and work in a world of Pan American ideals, Where clasped hands and not mailed fists control our dcstinies. Howaixo A. ALLEN. Howard A. Allen , - 4 . ,Q Principal farultp Q aw clean fun. Introducing a group of jolly folks, the Adamson teachers, You think of them as "The Facultyn 11 group set apart. They are really indivitluals-with hobbies and Varied out-of-school activities. They are omemalaers, theatre-goers. They enjoy lull ggunesg actively participate in other sportsg relish good jokes nntl , ,, Educating young America is their big job and every student is grateful to them for their loyalty to Adamson, its traditions and their service in main- taining its high ideals. MARY A Llcgig NTQRGAN. -S gL! .. Y- Miss Helen Aduddell 5 1 . :,, i 4' 1 ' , Miss liloy Agnew .K fls I A nf A my I Mr. W. M. Anderson Q " 'A"2 6 A E J i ,. Mr. C. V. Ballard '. f if . . ' C ' Mr. Harry Barton W? Mrs. Olivette Basom Miss Anna Bell Miss Ruth Bell Mrs. Minnie Bramlette X , Mr. T. W. Browne f ---- p ' Miss Idabel Cabaniss ii i n ' f Mr. L. E. Campbell 7 Mrs. Mary Chapel X Miss Sybil Clark " A fro .P Mrs. Nellie D. Clement . i i 'i i . C Col. W. B. Clement , V A Miss Mary Louise Clyette A Miss Mary P. Collins .ill - Miss Berta Cooper Miss Abigail Crane Mr. Verde Dickey Miss Onie B. Easley .. i .K CW, . i-' 1 ,im 'Q ' - ' V ,S Miss Henrietta Eisenlohr H H: Miss Fannie Graves 5 w 1' gp., I :IV Vxnlv I 9 H Mr. H. S. Griffin Q' V Q I . Mr. W. T. Hamilton i 3 . T ' H 1 Miss Christine Hammock K' ' X A , .,:V,. W- Miss Margaret Harris V "--' 'eff ' Mr. R. B. Harris A 1 V 5 Miss May Hasclrinc Y 3 i I " ' ' ' Miss Wilhelmina Hedde ' a THosE XVI-IOSE PICTURES ARE Nor INCLUDED Q ,,' 14 Miss Laura Alexander - I,,lF L W Miss Jeanette Alston 4 ' l Miss Lucille Barnett Page FUlH'fl'l'Il Miss Daphne Helms r Mr. W. W. Henslee Mr. H. B. Hester Miss Lorine Higginbotham Mrs. Geraldine Holloway Mrs. Helen Horn Mrs. Mary Kendrick Miss Roberta King Miss Winnie Langford Miss Nelly Bly Lanltford Mr. L. C. Leftwich Mr. Charles Leonard Mr. Rhea E. Marriott Mr. Willia1 iss Haze 7 ,v .. ei. Miss Gladys Neel Miss Eugenia Newberry Mr. XV. E. Noah Mr. Carl Nutley af . ki?-2 .V f :fr P Miss Anne Patrick vii L 1?-I ' Mr. Joe R. Peters f -- - I ' E I rg ' I A Miss Rae Peters K Q in ,f u i Miss Mabel Roclaett 7 , I viii U Aiil i tlv' W Miss Virginia Rootes - is f 2522-ffl - Miss Ruth Ruffin Mrs. Bernice Stokes Mr. Richard Stroud Mr. R. N. Smith Mr. Joseph J. Phillips Miss Jane Price Miss Doris Wulfcmeyer THOSE XVHOSE PICTURES ARE NOT INCLUDED! Miss Ripple Frazer Miss Lucy Hamilton Miss Eunice Tilley ,LV tl.. - r, w K. I ' ,-f'!".rff-f' Page Fifleen 'K ,,,,..,, HM. ,-wi n ' in Wm' mmf ,,,. .aailfiiigiiigiiszz ,. 7 , , K , gr. , is Wir '.:: fy A L wi nfl 1 'Zi if 3+ ,N Cgrnuln-lips Cfm'k1L'.'i.': After tlic ,Ig1nu.1ry lfgiwliinil Slmw. Seven Sldic l'l.1wlxi11s ur Ciiildy Girl Rcscrvua 7 ., cw W 3 ljlln. .ai ' -V " . .:.-H 2 7 W 4 1 V in Mary I ou .xml fXm'n1.x. N.. f1I7d3 L1 n d l lc.un. Kcitli Rucscfflliu ncwust 4A. Senior activities. More JLlHll.!l'y firails. Antics nf .1 c.11ncr.nn.:n. Pvssr- Dn you kiiuw iliac? Klnrjf, nlixu Silly. Juan and Tlw 0.1lx. Dorothy, Mary Ciunc, Om 1.00. Drucilh. Theresa Tlum1psun. More Scninr .'lCYiYlllCS, fi - Q. 5. www , 3 S .Swv . 1 :iz 'fi ' 'Q ' gf in 5 4 A i . wiv :gk gf ' 1 14:-,L . f5 ".:ff M, ' ' .-Q. sn-xg .. .i .. -. 4, -iff fm! 44, n Q, 3,5 : 1-A -:ffm 3 . . is - .V . ' Q. -. 5 W' ' L . ' ' .- ,ff ' 7 A f we ' 2? . . avi . . "5 52539341457 E K Aichi K i - J lm 42, ,S xxx 2 L fxfij, 1. F' . w f V A A , , Q A my I W2 f"'?'g. fu' Vi , max QM., . Q' , 1 .4 W- , g W .qv ,Q-nw, .. -. - H - 1-. ,iq H, ,.,.,54,A. I M,"-.V .LM , 4 ' 'Q 'H"2wf7Z.w?"' , ','wl .5 ' , v M w'?m A ,,, - ww,-1 .. , ,. 1. it Wm, , 1 C' . ' - - . l ' 1 W 2 K .1 in iv 1 A fig.. A x , Q ' 'L 3' ' 1 'N f if pbw- 2 ' 5 " X X -- iz , -- Q A, 1 .f ri .Q . .. V if .. :vi ' f 4 me fi. , ' J NM E Q N f X X V ' gf! 717 K xf! 'Jr 1, X li fg M , ff j , -dv 7.11412 A ,A Wk '41-:-. ' ' 57' ' I ' A fl . ...1-"f-Q' ', ' t : -A-T, if 'V fy- V , 119 -1- , -,.-f-,:-1"" -- f ju f-M , f -!:- ,. ,. -ff i g , of 4 , - ' , -f",'5 F ff' .J 2 f , , f G , ' fin 5Zl ffy25i?f 1 1 , Y ,j I Lf-ff iw 5 1 'f f fn' ff If 'Aff fl Ml jk, P3 F45 y'lj!QXj JI! X 1 fp! A ' 1' I , , T v' ' If f ' 'y '7,'v?' xkm f UE 411, 21 W1 'M WF?fZW3ifv W I . f M f 'M 'a4 'iflb'ffvffvfN J, j f . rv X fy -ff.. '77 WL V, 3 , if 2 " 4' 1 - I .37 ' I M -fr, Vi - F' - W., ' 'A 1 , Q -iwj ' 1 .g 12-45- fi fEL-' 35.1, Tm: Z5 fliillfi 1.141111ax-lviglz-.vj2i1'ifml fzzlimalx mzfirc' io fluf Azzzfvx-Imzxm of 1711111171 in lriglw ulti- flnfaw-x11r'1'm' In lIlIl'it'lIf 1114115--s11zr11'f bill HIIISI4 ln' frivkwf info lll'l't'!7filI1Q ll 1114111-r1.ff4'11 llllfllluj-'ll'fIl I1Of work. play or vat affcr' Jarkrzvss falls! grqlf Off Harold Jones Bill Pril 1111 1 . Bobby Shook Kathryn Poguc jf' ni. ., if C l A 2' .iii ... 'E 1 3' 4' 3 'VI '?' 4 w e vm r ar A gf 4 I af if-1 A' T353 f ia e f ik 3' 7 Q at mist ROY LEE ADAMS "A Workman that needeth not to be ashamed." Track. CLAVYON CARROLL "Even his faults are such that n- loves him tht: better for R.O.T.C., Band. VIRGINIA AKERS J. M. BRYAN AMELIA CRISTOL "Faithful to duty, true to "His smile is sweetened bv his "It's nice to be natural when l'riends.', gy-avitvj' l you're naturally nice." I National Honor So:-ity. Co-editor l National Honor Society. National of Acorn, Student Couneil. Thespians, Book Review Club. l l ROBERT BAKER OTIS ROBO ROBERT HURNSIDE JOHN UHANSLOR b "A man in mind as, well as in "A man of ff-xv words but of "A kind and gentle heart had he "A fair example of untainted body." good jndzzmc-nt." to comfort friend and foe." ylrllfh-i' Student Council. Football. R,0.'l'.C.. Of!'ieer's Club. Dramatics. R.O.T.C. l COLLEGE AVARD VERA FAE BRANAM FRANCES Crouch I l "But constant as the northern "Silence is more eloquent than "ConstaneX ix fhl' f"l1mlHUUn of Q star." words." virtues." 1'crl'4-ct Attendance Award. Stu- Acorn Reporter. Junior Medical Perfect Attendance Award. dent Assistant. Acorn Re- Profession. , porter. r1oN BERRY TOMMY lsovvuas nn.L BURRIS CONWAY CHILDEKS . t'Wif makes its own welromef' "The Ntyls- ia the man himself." "A man not ps-rf:-et but of heart." "A man of all hours, ready fill' R,O.T.C., Pan American, Student Football Man:-pier, R.O.T.C, Football, Track, Student Couneil. Hnrthlnfi- V . Council. Sclwla,-Ship' R.0.T.C., Scholarship, Oak Ruine- sentative. JOYE BAXTER S'I'EWAR'l' HUCKLEY CHRISTINE DAHLGREEN A "W not much talk -a great sweet "The hills ol' manhood wear a "A Dli'?l5lHPl Cfilliltffflnm' ls H0 virtue-f' noble fare." Slight QIQVPIHUIECC- Oak Representative. Girl Reserve. Student ASSlSf2Uf- .YAVKY RIRDSONG l4E'l"l'Y IYLACKHURN MARY COOK WICLDON CUATS H "A roung Auollo, golden haired." "A lady is not measured lvy "Favors to none. but to all her " th2l"S 21 I-?"ntl'mQ,?' my le R.0.T.C., Scholarship, inf-hw." smiles extend," on't a 1:enfl9YY12lH- Girl Iiogoy-ve. Acorn Reporter, Student Council, Student Assistant. MARY ALICE BINION IRENE DUNN "A flood snort. a good worker, a " A ' good friend." Fan without, faithful within." Acorn R4-porter. Music Club. PPD Squad. Pilgr Nifzrfm ll his 3? , A ., ff mf ,., gi' I lviz o 1 them." Pu F, ... 'W' c- V .. Mn g 3 4-3, A I . O RZQQI jf - '59 I A S - iff i by I :V i . . 532: 4, M -x . 3 II -- 'L if -' i 1'OM COLEMAN TAYLOR FORD "Having wisdom with each stu- rlious year." Scholarship, Studont Council, "A gentleman to match thu best of any pedigree." R.O.T,C., Football, Excelsior Clulm. R.O.T.C. MARION ELY RAWLINGS DIAMOND VlRGlNlA HARMON "A merry heart maketh :1 cheer- "With his CYVS ill flood with "Charm strikes the sight, but ful countenance." lllllllhfftrf' merit wins the soul," Perfect Attendance Award, Girl l"oo1hall, Hi-Y. R.O.T.C. Pcrfcct Attendance Award, Pep Reserve. Music Club. Squad, Girl Reserve. IC,-XHL COLLINS HAL IJAVICNPOIIT CARL FAVRE JAMES GIRIIONS "Oh thou most fleet." "He was ever precise." 'AA constant friend is a thing "Speech is great hut silcnce is Track, Hi-Y, Excelsior Cluh. Perfect At'endance Award, Stu- rare and hard to find." greater." dont Council. R.O.'l'.C. R.O.T,C. M.-XRJORIE FERGUSON NINA RUTH GARNHR DOROTHY HATFIICLD --Never was kngnvn so young a "This genial pleasing lass." "A sweet attractive kind of grace." Scholarship, Gym Assistant Li- brary Council. body with so old a head." National Honor Society, Acorn Reporter, Junior Medical Pro- rofcssion. WAYNE COX DAVID DEI-IS CARL FINLEY NVILLIAM GREGORY "Nothing is so meritorious as "VV:-arinsz his wisdom lightly." "A man after our own hearts." "Look into thy heart and wri'e." friendliness." Nationafllonor Society, K.0.'l'.C., R.O.'l'.C.. Acorn Staff, Hi-Y. National Honor Society. Pan R.O.T.C. Senior Play. American, Pcn Pal. PEGGY FOLSE ROI? FARRIS JUNE HAY 'tOn the light fantastic toe," "His thoughts have high aim." "She had a friendly smilc for all." Music Cluli. RICHARD DANNICR ISARISARA GALLAGHIGR MARJORIIC HAMILTON GORDON GUEST "He was a very parfit gcntil "We may live without friends "Fashioned so slenderly, "He knfw himscll' to sinsz, and knight." We may live without books. Young and so fair!" liui'rl thc lofty rhynn-." Chorus. liut civilized man cannot livc Swim! Rand. National Thcspians, without cooks." Orchfstra. VENUS GAINER MARION HOLLANIJICR "Her eye iI'n1 very fond of "The odor is the roseg handsome cyesi was large The smile, the woman," and dark." Chorus, Scholarship. Student Assistant, Student Council. gc T wen ly Y, . o Y Wi im Q Q,2 I E .. fi ' --+--' Q 1 :"f P ig z H . ,. A me -U L. ' I .f . 'Il' i p v X JACK HART "A true friend is forever a 5 t .tx t ff" it .,....x3-V 53,1-t 44 'if xllg K ul if 'A if 'inn' --is ':.. iff Q 43 EL I' iv if ... ,AL, .. P- .1 :-f f if as " WILLIAM LITTLE "Slow to argue but quick to act." friend." Acorn Reporter. Basketball. MAMIE BELLE HUNTER W. A. JOHNSON FRANCES McHENRY "The eyes have one languagc "A faithful friend is the medicine "Your wit makes other witty." everywhere." of life." Oak Representative. Girl Reserve, Scholarship. Library Council, Golf Team. Basketball. Stage Junior Medical Profession. Acorn Reporter. Manager. JOHNNY HAYES ROBERT HUGHES NICK LANZA ELGIN LLOYD "Every sincere man is right." "The marvels which his pencils "The labourer is worthy of his "Good behavior is thc finest of wrought!" reward." the fine arts." Cheer Leader. R.O.T.C., Excelsior Football. Basketball. Baseball. Stu- Acorn Reporter. Club. dent Council, Excelsior Club. NELSIE JENSEN LA VERNE LOWE MARGARET McMULLEN "Of modest wisdom and pacific "She movts a goddess, and she "The sweet converse of an inno- truthf' looks like a queen." cent mind." National Honor Society, Los National Honor Society, R.O.T.C. Acorn Reporter. Amigos, Pan American. Sponsor. Rook Review Club. IERADLEY HOGIIE ROBERT JOHNSON LAWRENCE LEVVIS JACK LOCKETT "A face with gladncss over- "A faithful friend is the true "I like a tower, "He is always l21UL!l1iUH. fUY hi' spread." image of the Deity." It spfaks of strength, of rnfght, has an infinite deal ol' wit." Football. Hi-Y. Excelsior Club. Library Council, Sludent Assist- of power." Football, Scholarship Club, Stu- ant. Football. Track, Student Council, dent Council. Excelsior Club, JOSEPHINE KIMERY HAROLD JONES MARMARITA MERCHANT 'KHer gracious graceful grace." "A good man is the best friend" "Her angel's face shone bright." Pan American. Los Amigos. Football, Track. Hi-Y. Scholarship Club. Student Assist- ant, Music Club. HAROLD HOLCOMB FRANCES ANN LEWIS MARY LOZANO GEORGE LONGLEY "Rare combination of audacity "She was a phantom of delight." t'Sh1-'s very handsome, and has HA good mind possesses a and calculation. that insures National Honor Society, Perfect wit at Will." kingdom." success." Attendance Award, Dallas Acorn Reporter. R.O.'l'.C. R.O,'l'.C.. Student Assistant. Hi-Y. Junior Historian. ICSSALITA KLl'lMI'IN "Those b'ue violets. her eyes." Acorn Reporter. PAULINE MIDKIFF "Of winning spccch, endearing, kind." National Honor Socir-ty, Acorn Staff, Oak Staff. Pugr' Twruly-ofzr 'Q -- gp f if 5 5 H W .I v i , M it 1 Q' ll A f " Us e 2 47 . V. at 5,1 Q 'Fx J . i gif! Q x ,tr i , Q S sit? . .fr i f .2 xt H . I . - .., . HAROLD IIIIPER FRANK O'ROIlRKE "He mixed reason with pleasure "An honest man is the noblest and wisdom with mirth." work ol' God." Basketball, Track, Hi-V. Student R.O,'l'.C.. Library Council. Council. SIIERRY MII.HOI,I.AND S. W. MARTIN CORA ALYCE PARSONS "Her bright smile haunts me "The word impossible is not in his "As twilight, too, her slnsky hair." Still," dictionary." Acorn Reporter. Le Cercle Francais. Rook Review. R.O.T.C., Student Council. Hi-Y. Girl Reserve. J. R. Mc-CIIINTOCK AUSTIN MAHAN ROY MII.I.l'lR JOHN OSIZORNE "A fresh, a free, :1 friendly man." "He was a gentleman on whom I t'I'Iappiniss is the perfeet virtue "VVitty. courteous. full of spirit." RA0,T,C. built an absolute trust." in a perfert life." l'1-rfer-t Attenilanee Award. Basketball. R.O.T.C. R.O.T.C. .IIGAN MILLER EARLINIC NEWTON ANNA JUANA I'l'lTTlJOHN "--eolnl her dark eyes how "To be an aitist is a LYl'f'Z1tll1lFlH.,, "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, l,l1,qupntj' Scholarship Club, Acorn Staff, and low." National Honor Society, Oak Student Assistant. Pep Squad, Student Assistant Staff. Acorn Reporter. Music' Club. DON MCCIIIIRE VIRGIII MARCO CHARLES MOORE IHGVERLY PATTERSON "Nothing can cover his high fame "He adorned whatever subject he "lint yet he made a thousand "He that is greatest among you but ht-given," either spoke or wrote noon." friends f" shall be your servant." National Honor Society. Forensic R.0.T.C., Scholarship Club. Hi-Y. R.O.'I',C., Studi-nt Council. Student Assistant. League, Hi-Y. Scholarship Club. FRANCICS MITCHELL BILLY MAYS KATHRYN POGUI-I "fto be lov'd needs only to be "He, a scholar, is a solitary, la- "She is pretty to walk with, sc-en.', borious. modest soul." And witty to talk with. National Honor Soeiety. R.O.T.C. And pleasant. too. to think on.', li.O.T.C. Sponsor, Book Review Club, Acorn Reporter. JACK MACKEY .IEANNIC MORICAU JOICNA PARKER BILL I'RIMM "For he's one of Natui'e's gentle- "O wise among womenlu "A rare and radiant mai-len." i'His fame was great in all the men. the best of eva-ry time." National Honor Society. Iios Forensic League. Student Assist- land." Baseball. Amigos. All State Chorus. ant. .lnnior Medical Profes- Football. Ilaskvtball. Trar'k. Stn- sion, dent Council, Excelsior Club, MARRON MOORE MARJORIIC RENIJER "A fair maiden." "The fairest Harden in her looks Student assistant. And in her mind the wisest books." Page Tzzwzly-lieu National Honor Society. lloolc Re- view Club. Aeorn Reporter. "JN 3 sv fi: my JAMES IIl'lAGJXN Hl1lRlil'lR'l' STICE "Endurance is the crowning "His very faults smack of the qualityf, raciness of his good qualities." Hi-Y, Student Council, Perfect R.O.T.C., Library Council, Excel- Attendance Award. sior Club. IAQUISE SCHIMELFENIG CARL SCHULTZ JEWELL SWOFFORD "She's my delight, all mankind's "It is the nature of a great mind "Mind cannot follow it, nor words wonder." to be calm and undisturbed." express her infinite sweet- National Honor Society, Co-editor R.O.T.C., Acorn Staff. ness," Acorn. Co-editor of Oak. Book Review, Club, Scholarship ' Club. .IIMMIE REED LESTER ROISINS RODNEY SORENSON THERESA THOMPSON A'His limbs were east in manly "He was close to six feet tall, "And say to all the world. 'This "A smile that glow'd celestial mold, of military bearing." was a man'." rosey red." For hardy sports or contest Football. R.O.T.C. Football, Track, Student Council. R.O.T.C. Sponsor. Acorn bold." Acorn Reporter. Reporter. Football. BARBARA SEE DOTTIE SMOTHERMON WILSON STULTZ "Her very frowns are fairer far "Studies serve for delight, for "True goodness springs from Than smiles of other maidens ornament. and for ability." man's own heart." aref' National Honor Society. Acorn R.O.T.C. Student Assistant. Reporter. DICK RICHARDSON LLOYD RUSSELL CHARLES SOUTH LEE ROY SYMVSON t'His wise, rare smile is sweet "Nothing: is impossible to a will- 'AVVith shining gifts that took all "For the frood are always merry." with certaintiesf' inf: heartfk' eyes." R.O.T.f'. R.O.T.C. R.O.T.C.. Student Council, Foot- Acorn Reporter, ball, HELEN SHELBY JOHN LESLIE SMITH ZANA THOMPSON "Smiling always with a never fad- "He was a scholar. and a ripe "A lorinyz heart is the beginning ing serenity of countenance." and Hood one." of all wisdom." National Honor Society, R.O.T.C., Girl Reserve, Scholarship Club. Debate. RIIUOLPH ROIIBERSON MARGARET SIMPSON MARY STEVISON ROBBIE TRULY "I was a man who had many "Softly speaks and sweetly "Zealous yet modest." K'The lv st things come in small friends." smilesf' Scholarship Club, Student Assist- pac-kagze:s." Scholarship Club, Hi-Y. Scholarship Club. ant, Acorn Reporter. HOIIRIE SHOOK CHARLES THOMPSON "Those about her from her shall "Thy wit can call forth smiles read the perfect ways of even from mourners." honour." Scholarship Club. Scholarship Club, R.O.T.C. Spon- sor, Student Council. Pug? Tlrrrzfg'-H1 rr: Pu 7- ,- - fs' ar sa GLEN THOMPSON "An honest man , and a warm heart within." Evcelsior Club, Student K. VVILSON " you'll be a man, my son R.0.T.C. Assistant. QUINEVEIIE VAUGHN VADEN WHITLEY DOLLIE VVORDEN "A tender smile. our sorrows only "Desire of fame and love of "I love my fellow-creaturf--2 I do balm," truth makes a man." all the good I can Senior Play. Pep Squad. Student Assistant. GEORGE TUCKER WILBUR WETZEL A. P. VVILEY GENE WOLF "The man-at-arms is the only "Kniwledge comes but wisdom "And gladly would he learn and "Hail, blooming: youth! man." lingers." Lrlzully teach," May all your virtues with Scholarship. R.O.T.C.. Perfect At- Excelsior Club, Basket Ball, R,0.'l'.C,. "C" Football Coach, years improve." tend:-mee Award. Scholarship Club. Acorn Staff. Excelsior Club. HERTHA VVILLIAMS MARJOIIIE WOOD EULA MAE WRIGHT "The rudl' S93 !Zl'0W civil at hor "Exuberance is beauty." "Beauty is the index of a larger song." Pan American Club, Los Amigos, fast than wisdom." Nafivmll HUHOI' Slmilxly. Music Music Club. Student Council, Music Club, Club. OLIVER WAITS VYILLIAM WHITE JAMES WILEY BILLY ZINN "And certainly he was a good "Truth from his lips pr:-vail'd "He profits most who serves "He knew what is what." fellow." with double swayf, best." Scholarship Club. Football. R.O.T.C.. Acorn Staff. GWENDOLYN WOLFF SADIE MAE YOUNG "Her face betokens all things "Gentle of speech, ba-nr-ficient ol' dear and goodf' mind." National Honor Society, R.O.T.C. National Honor Society. Student Sponsor, National Thespians. Assistant, Acorn Reporter. GRADUATES WHOSE PICTURES ARE NOT INCLUDED: CHARLES BEEDLE B. E. GROSS ANNE CROWE JOHN llRl'l"l'ON SAMUEL HILLIN KATHERINE KNOVVLES RAYMOND EASLEY llE'l"l'Y BLACKWELL EARLINE VERNON gr Tzrwzlyvfour 5111112111 Eau f Cff111'k11i111: X 1l1'1 1111Q1- 1'11r .'Ms1'111111y. 1 x1111 1'111'Z1'11 111-:1'i11g .1 11 igq c11111111 1111 1 111su111111c 11.111:11g 1111111 1925. 111111, .1j111' 1fr111'xr S1'1111c11 111 1111111 1111 R O. l'. C. r:111111 V11111c, x11 111111111111 111 111+,11r1' in 111c gym. 151111 A1111 Hunter 111111 1,11l'1lI11Y A11 11611 11111 suits 111' 10-11, Scu 1111' 111111 11. .1 1.111 4111111111 1111 1.1011111111 1g1sl N111 1111n Spray. 1-111W 11111.11 1111 C0111l1k'1 Cf day. 11111 111 .1c111'c C 11 L1k1x111g 111s 1111 C1111l111 l1111s. S11111u11 11111111 111 111s 511111111012 did 11s gc1 11CfC? 11111311111 D111111 QS 11L1I1C11UI', 41111115 I11IT11'. I C111111x13111r. L1r1 111111 111 ccr11111g 111c 0111. Hers s111' 1s' 1 L1.lL1g11I1 111 1111 11111111cr's gT.1C1lIlI1 111 1 1 1911 Swucr, uh? f1Q2..l1ZV.W33fi 1 ,,.. 1. hw-UMM Y 1 3 li . 1 W V f. ' L ' 1. 137 f if , ,' 11f 'rA, ,, 111,11 -1,1 111111, 19 'TSW' " 754141 5 , fl-lg' 5,1 1 I .- . , , 323 ff 'Q w 1 A ' pf.: -1 . ,hw 1, 1 ,ig af ,ig , 11, ,. 1 'Q 1 .K wi ,E f :wx A 1 4 'Q' , M ,A 1 .1 ' , 214 1 i , ,, f M. W +154 " 11, . 11, X mug. xxl x C'1ll'1 crw N1 XC rx lcv 5'll rs. 1..ssc,.gL .., L, '7 S-lfz X' Offir Tommy Sellers Jack Mcflroslxcy Clmrlcs Cinllusxcro Alice -cam Young l f I 'Hrs of fum' 1942 Class . . P1'a'xi:ls'l1l Vin'-P11'.vi1fe'11l . . . S1'f'1'vfr11'y . Sorizlf Cjlltlfflll 6111 T i I . 1 5131 what . " " . .3 HELON AITON "I seek for one as fair and trash" -W -N fa FRANK' ES BARN E 'Q TT " nm-vor a fact- so plc-asm-cl mx' Girl Rest-rvvs. Student Council, mind." Student Assistant. National Honor Society. Pan Amt-rican. MARVIN ALLEN IIRUCILLA BAKER ALVERT BASS "Above thc flight of common "Twas hm-r thinking of oth:-rs "Tho way of thc sunt-rior man is souls.'l mado you think of hor." lhrov fold virtuous, wise. and Radio. Oak Siaff, Banking: Assistant. hold." Foothall. Basuhall. Baskeilmll, Chorus. LA VONNE ALEXANDER MARTHA ALLEN VERNA BAKER EVELYN BEASLEY "A woman of charm." "Homo kt-1-ping: In-arts arc "Ht-r wit was morn than man." "Shi-'s as sweet as thu lit-atli'-iz" Scholarship Club. Girl Rcsorve, hamiivstf' Scliolarship Club, Bflslo. Forvnsir' Pop Squad, Scholarship Clluh, Studi-nt Assistant. Dallas Historical Soc-is-ty. Bilulo, Ili-:lynn-. Girl Rust-rvu. THOMAS ANDERSON "A sell'-made man." WILSON A'l"l'l'll5ERRY "Slow and s'rady wins the race ROBERT BILLERT "Ho cloth indt-ed show somt- sparks Basketball. Track. that are likt- wit." Football. Scholarship. DORIS ALLDREDGE OUIDA AVREA NORMA .IEAN BALLARD VIRGINIA BEHELER 'tShe is so constant and so kind." "Bt-antifnl as swt-vt." t'So wt-ll shz- an-11-rl 1-vt-ry p:1Vt." "With joy thc- stars nt-rform th.-ir Bible. Guard Captain, Music Club. National Honor Som-it-ty. Ifon-ns'c' shining." IA'2lIflIt', Bihlm-. Acorn Iiuporttfr, Ilun l'al. Y. A. ANDRES IRIS BAKER BILL BINGHAM "He has moved a little ncarer to "A surpassing llvilllfl' illifl in ull' "Honor and truth and manhood. tho master of all music," hloom ol' youth." thrsm' art' thc- thimrs that Rhythmaii-ug. Music Club, Los Amigos. .Iunior lVI4'Ili11:1l I'ro- stand." Icssion. Bihlu. Scholarship Clulv, Oak Staff, Stu- di-nt Council. JACQUELYN ALLEN G. C. ARNETT CHARLES AUSTIN MARY FRANCES BLAIR "All that in woman is adored. in UA cht-t-rful life is what thu- "Man is a nams- of honor for a "This lass so nm-at with smile so thy sweet sclf we find." Musvs love-." king." swot-t." National Honor Socivty, National Radio, Allit-d Youth Mort-mont, R.O.'l'.C., Offict-r's Cluh. Slurlf-nt Assistant., Chorus, Book Thespian, Girl R1-serve. R.O,T.C. Rt-view. HORACE ARDINGER A. ID. BOND "An ounce of wit is worth a "So oxen-vrlimxly tall and strong." pound of sorrowf' R.O.'l'.C.. Band. Officz-i"s Cluh. Student Assistant. Football, R.0.T.C. Pagr TlL't'11fj'-SL'l'l'71 -E?-. " yi, " TX ea 'as E 'ii-ei l tail ll AW 3 2 NELOUISE BLALOCK ARDRY CHRISMON "Youth is such a lovely thing." "A sweet voice." Bible. Student Assistant. JOHN BROWN DONNA JEAN CALVIN CHARLES DANIEL "The man that loves and laughs UBC-auty is its own excuse for "Nothing common can seem must sure do well." being." worthy of you." R.O.'I'.C.. Excelsior Club, HisY. Acorn Reporter. R.O.'I'.C.. Acorn Reporter. Junioi Historian. NORMA LOU BONNER CHARLENE BUCK ANNE CHAMBERS MARTHA CLEVELAND "A kind overflow of kindness." 'ANothinu is so popular as kind- 'tShe is gentle. she is shy. hut "A smile reveals a friendly Gym Assistant. Girl Reserve. ness," there's mischief in her eye I" nature." Girl Reserve. Oak Representative. Pep Squad. Scholarship Club, Girl Reserve. Ice Skating Club. Bible. I'OMMY BURRUS BENNY COOK MARVIN DEGENHART "Thethinf1 that goes the farthest "Large was his bounty, and his 'Alt is good to lengthen to the towards making life worth- soul sincere." last a sunny mood." while is just a pleasant Banking Assistant. Excelsior Club. R.O.'l'.C., Student Assistant. smile." Dallas Historical Society. Acorn Reporter, Scholarship Cluh. PEGGY BOWLEY MARY BUNDRICK BEATRICE CHILDRESS MARY DEAN COATES "YouthI youth! how bouyant are "The beauty of a lovely woman is "She, with all the charm of "I fill this cup to one made up thy hopes!" like music." woman." of lovliness alone." Girl Reserve. Pep Squad. Student Scholarship Club, Girl Reserve, Sc-holarsliip Club. Acorn Staff, Assistant. Bible. National Thespians. CURTIS CLARY MARY LOU CARRELL CICANSTON DODD Gentlemanliness being' another "To do easily what is difficult "WhaIe'er he did was done with word for humanity." for others is a mark of so much ease, in him alone Radio. talent." 'Owns natural to please." Pep Squad. Scholarship Club, It.O.'I'.C.. Scholarship Club, Oak National Thespians. Staff. JUNE BROWN ERNEST CONINE KENNETH COWAN MARGARETTE COLEMAN "Forever dear. forever kind." Gentle to others. to himself "A good heart is better than all "Skill to do comms of doing." National Honor Society, Pep severe." the heads in the world." Scholarship Club. Squad. lee Skating Club. Natiooal Honor Society. Radio, Aeorn Staff. R.O.'l'.C. WILLIAM COE .IOHN DRAKE "On their own merits modest men "Your hero always should he tall are dumb." you know." R.O.'I'.C. Basketball. Page Tlzwzfy-rigfwl AI Q F ,C O Q H I. WE i H 'H il sf f ,fpiiiz V EFFIE COLLUM "Her silver voice is thc rich music of a summer bird." Scholarship, Pan American, All Statv Chorus. JAMES DUNCAN "Eva-ry joy is gain." Radio, Biblia. JO MARIE COUCH "Thy mod'-sty's a candle io thy moritf' Dallas .Junior Historian. Scholar- ship Club, First Aid. li. G. EADES "Sw:-ct mcrcy is nobi badge." Oak Staff. NORMA COWAN 'AAU who ,ioy would win mrst sharv il." Los Amigos. Girl Reserve, Acorn Iicportor. BURTON ELLIS 'tManncrs maketh man." " DOLORES CROCKETT Graco was in hor steps, heaven in hor cyof' Pen Pal, Studs-nt Assistant. Girl Rr-sc-rvc. MAPK EVERTS "Tho' modest. on his YHSSIG brow naturi- ten -'GentlQman'." Radio, Scholarship Club -'m fi if A I 'iff M Q Pr 5 ..,, ',3D .k'i MARGARET DILLESHAW "Know, thvn, that I consider brown for ladius' cycs the only color." Chorus. PAT DARWIN GORDON GAINES "Quvcn Rosv ol' thc roscbud "I am very fond of thc company garmin-n of girls." of ladies." Scholarship Club. Oak Staff, R.O.T.C, Band, Rhythmaircs, Junior Mcdical Profcssion. Hi-Y. KUSALYN CRUSE JEAN DELANEY LOUISE DUNCAN "An outward and visible sign of "Somvtimcs shy yn-t full of sur- "I am small, I know, but whvrc- an inward and spiritual priscs in word and dun-d." ever I yzo, thc fin-Ids grow X-!l'z1c0." llrevnor still." National Honor Society, Pan Stud:-nt Council, Scholarship Club, American, Girl Rust-rvc. Acorn Rcportvr. FELIX FROESE CHUCK GALLASSERO lity's truc "Fate cannot rob you of deserved "Wi1h no time to worry or io applausc-." fret. he gets thc joys lifc National Honor Society. has to sct." Football, Basketball. MARGARET ANNE DARK MARTHA DICKSON JEANETTE DURAND "I havv known lauLthl0r." "And Icavo us Ivisuru to bv "She doeth littlo kindncssc'-1 Orchcstra, Acorn Reportcr. good." Which most luavu undone." National Honor Society. Bible, Acorn Rvportcr. IMOGENE DAVIS CARTER GAULT Endurancu is thc crowning "l!asht'uInf'ss is an ornament to quality." youth." National Honor Socir-ty. Student Radio, R.O.T.C. Assistant. Acorn R1-porter. MACK FOLSE PHILIP FULTNER CATHERINE EDGAR "For ho possvsscd thl- proper "An affablo and courts-ous "Ncvcr idk- a moment but thrifty ounlitivs of a leadc-rf' pin-ntl:-man." and thoughtful of others." R.O.'li.C., Band, Officc1"s Club, Distributivc Education. Hi-Y. Scholarship Club, Pan American. ROR!-IRT GENTRY unvmbar- "For hr- was studious. has writ- Scholarship. Page Twrlzty-r1i1z6 he 5 .f 5 --- gl ? A k rk v , E, i , Q JOHNNY ELLIS ELLEN GILLICTTIC "With uracv to win. with ht-art 'AAII tht- charm uf all thu- Mus to hold." Natiunal Hon-ur Sncit-ty. Fort Battalion Sponsor, St-niur Play, Lcaguc, Pan Amvrican. Chctwlvadm-l'. CARL GIBSON CELESTE FRAZIER HIGNIJRICKS HOLLAISAUGH "This sort ut' thing: takus a dual "Thu two noblest things which "Hu is cnmplt-tv in fcaturo :xml in uf traiuili1.:." Zllt' swvsctnvss anil light." mind." Officvr's Clulm. Riflu Tvam. Stu- liast-ball. dont Assistant. RUTH ELLIS MILIJRED FLYNN JO RUTH GARRl41'l"l' LILLIAN GLEASON "Honest, frank, and full uf fuuf' 'AH1-r infinitt- sxvm-t-tru-ss." "Sober, stcdfast. and dvmurvf' "Ili-up sightz-xl in iritt-lligt-nc-v Scholarship Club. Acorn Rt-porter. liiblo. National Honor Strait-ty, Furin it Lt-aizuo, Stunlt-nt Council. ERNEST HAMILTON HARRY HENRIKSON EARL HUMPHRICYS "Thu mind's thu stantlarfl uf the "With all good grracv to grace :1 "ln action faithful, and in lmnnur man," 5:1-ntls-man." clear." R.O.T.C.. Track, Bible. R.O.'l'.C., Baseball. R.O.T.C.. llilrls-. Student Assistant. DOROTHY IGVRANK CLARA FOSTICR lCLl.l41N GENTRY LUl'l'I GOMEZ "Tis 5:rm:l-will makvs "Tis not a lip. ur vyo. wi- lwauty t'And smilf-. sniilw. smili-." "Su:-cuss is in tlw silt-not-s intolligmwt-." call Lin Ct-rcln Fram-ais. .Tuniur Mvdi- Thnuggh famt- is in the sum. Pan Amtwiczul, Scholarship Club. But tho juint force ami full cal P1'uI'm-ssinn, Biblv. result uf all," National H4-nur Socivty. Pup Squad. Oak Rt-pri-ss-ntativo. ROBERT HARRICLSON DOROTHY FREDERTFK LLOYD JOHNSON " full uf' worth and gmwlrwss. " as simplicity. warm as "Gentleman is writtc-n lc-xxilmly on too. with manly kimlnvss 1-ccstzxrryf' his brow." blcntf' Scholarship Club. Stuflont Council, R.0.T.C., Offici-r's Clulx. Studi-nt Basketball. Track. Dallas Junior Historian. Assistant. DOROTHY IGVVING llli'K HATCHICR JAMES HODGICS FAIG GOODE "The milflvst mannvr and thi' "HD is :-1 yxnotl fvllow. :xml 'twill " Thi tall. thi- wfsv head." Uuuivt. wfsv. and good." gc-ntlvst hs-art." all luv wt-ll," R.O.T.C. liilulu. Girl Rf-svrv4f, Scholarship Club, R.O.T.C., Officc-r's Club, Rand. Bible-. SICALY HART KICNNFJTH JONES "My hcart is n-ver at your "His trihm- wt-rv Cod Almii:hty's servicr-." 511-ntlt-num-ii," R.O.T.C. R.O.T.C., liaml. Radio, Pugu Tbirly K if tix Q' , fa ... - sf, -1- .. -1 .1 Y . -ii P 1 , ' 2.5. if " 5 li? Q ' tif . . -i ' AA? J 1 L -Qs f - K I ff fa, I X j , ' ' ,. 1 Y A . .0 -is ef ' ' l O Y.. l 5 ' , - 1.1 f' , , f , f I S I if , .. , Q - 47 :ZS K , V f ' ,wilt I le . : I . ..l.1 MELBA GRADICK NORMA JEAN HOOD "With sweet human kindness "Thy voice is a celestial blessed." melody." Scholarship. National Honor Society. Chorus. PAUL JONES JACQUE HATFlEl.D RAYMOND LA PLANT "You have a nimble wit." "Just a little bit of irirl but a "A moral, sensible well-bred Baseball. Ex:-elsior Club. Student lot of' pcrsonalityf' man." Assistant. National Honor Society. National R.O.T.C. Thespians, Junior Medical Profession. ORA LEE HAIR DOROTHY HARDING PEGGY HAYS BARBARA HORTON "Thosu prraceful acts that l"ow "'l'her4-'s a woman like a flew- "Maiden with the meek brown "Apt-1-fr-at woman. noblyplannml, from all her words and drop." eyes." To warn. to comfort, and artionsf' Student Assistant, Bible. command." Forensic L4-af.:Lle. Gym Assistant. National Honor Society. li.O.'l'.C. Sponsor. Co-editor of Oak. ROY JONES li. M. KERSHAW I-'RANK I.ASSET'l'ER "Gayly the troubamlour touched his "The mirth anal l'un grow fast "And thus hs- bears the name ot' guitar." and furious," uentla-man." Football. liaslietball. Hi-Y, Student Council. Srliolar- ship Club. PEGGY HAMILTON AIIYCE RUTH HARRIS MARY JEAN HOFFMAN DONELLA HOSTLER "With affections W2l.l'l'h, intense, "Beauty is Ulm-asurv rvgrardesl ar "- sweet and gracious. even in "Truly, one thing: is sweet and kind." the quality of a thing." common spcfc-eh." Ol' things beneath the Sun." National Thespian. Book Review Pep Squad, Distributive Emluca- Girl Reserve. Pep Squad. Acorn Club. Scholarship Club. tion. Staff. BILL KARR DORIS JEAN HAYDON ROI! LAYDICN "Gentle in manner, firm in "How bc-autiful is vouth. how "Ripe in wisdom was ho but reality." bi-iuht it gleamsfl patis-ntf' R.O.T.C.. Olfics-r's Club, R.O.'l'.C. Snonsor. Iianfl Major Tracli. vtte, Library Council. KATHRYN I-IARDIN VERNON KICRR HIGLEN HYIIAND "Sweet modvsty has wondrous "Nothing common can seem PI-Ill. KOCH "swan-t rrirl-grarluatv golden charm." worthy of youfl i'He. lhe swwifvst of all singers." hair." Hi-Y. Acorn Staff, R.O,'l'.C. Acorn Reporter. Oak Rep:-es'-nfatix'c. HERSHEI. KEENER ERNEST IIEDFORD "I dare do all that may becomv "A gentleman born." gl man," llaslcvtlxall, Baseball. Student Bible, Student Assistant. ASSiSti1Ylt- Page Thirty-one ni' 1 lil 5 , ii .ax 95' xy Q 2 1 VVINIFREIJ IVY "A daugrhter of the Gods, divinely tall and divinely fair." National Thespians. Library Council. Scholarship Club. ap 3 I as 3 Q i X' 1 2 J fi? lni ii . Q 'v X W' 4 6335 6 -was FLORENCE LEVVIS "Here below, the beautiful is the useful." Girl Reserve, Pep Squad. Junior Medical Profession. BILL LEE BETTY KNEAREM VERLAN LEVVIS "Modesty becomes a man." "The smile that won't come off." "He is handsome that handsome R.O.T.C.. Band. Acorn Reporter. does." Student Council, Scholarship Club, Student Assistant. MARTHA JACKSON DOROTHY KAISER MARY VVEST LEATHERWOOD MARTHA ANN LEWIS "Ease with dignity," "Blue eyes shimmer wiih angel "YVise to resolve and patient to "An ounce of enterprise is worth I'ep Squad, Acorn Reporter. glances." perform." a pound of privilege." Skating' Club. Girl Reserve. National Honor Society, Bible, Pen Pal. Acorn Staff. Librarv Scholarship. Girl Reserve. Council. JIMMY LEE CECIL LESTER DEWIE LINDSAY "f was ever a wax: at history." "'Tis :ood to live and learn." "But men are men the best Radio. National Honor Society, Student sometimes forgot." Assistant, Radio. CHARLEENE JONES MARY ELLEN KIMIEERLIN MARY EVELYN LEE ARLENE MARTIN "Age cannot wither her nor "Is shc not more than painting' "There are some silent people "The sweetest garland to the custom stale her infinite can express Y" who are more interesting than sweetest grirlf' variety." Bible, Oak Representative, Stu- the best talkers." Pep Squad, Distributive Educa- Oak Staff, Banking Assistant, dent Assistant. Student Assistant. tion. Scholarship Club. ROBERT E, LEE JOAN KRAYER RAYMOND LOCKARIJ "Magnificent spectacle of human "She walks in beauty like the "A man he was to all the country happiness." nicht." dear," R.O.T,C.. Football, Excelsior Football, Basketball. Track. Stu- Club, dent. Assistant. PATSY' JONES BILL LEIRD CHARLES LEWIS HELEN MARTIN "Knowledge comes "The gift of gaiety may itself be "And what he greatly thought, "Hi-len. thv beautv is to me " Oi' learning! well retainedf' the greatest fortune." he nobly dared." Junior Medical Profession, Student National Honor Society, Student Excelsior Club. R.O.T.C. National Honor Society. Council. Scholarship Club. Assistant. llible. LENVIS LEFTWICH KENNETH LOWE "He was a man. take him all in "A patient. humble tranquil all." spirit." Hi-Y. Rhythmaircs, R.O.T.C. R.O.T.C., Student Council, Acorn Stuff. Page Tbzrly-f1L'o 4- "4 S QI 15' E S? 1.3, .A 'QA . ni! ' al. .if ' ' 1 ' 1:2-j55t11QtQgt"-, mg C - , . y S as - I , 5 5. 3, .'.k ii' , gggtspi x1 tw' .V 'F . 5 Q-iii , - L, Q. I rw :ina H il .af JULIA IVIAYES RAE PITCHFORD "The most manifest sign of wis- UFOW things HTC imtwssible to dom is a continual cheerful- diligence and skill." ness," Junior Medical Profession, Stu- Oak Representative. Acorn Rc- 1101172 ASSiSt2-DL porter, Scholarship Club. BILLY LUCAS REGENA NORRIS BOBBY BUCHMORE "Hail to the chief who in tri- "Kind hearts are more than Modesty personified." umph mlyHmfQS," co1'onets.', R.O.T.C.. Band. Officcr's Club, R.O.T.C., Ol'ficer's Club. Chorus. Scholarship Club. RUTH MAYS WANIIA MCSPADDEN LOU PETTIGREW MARY OLIVE PRATHER "The joy of youth and health her "Learning shines. the best of "Good to be merry and wise.', "Her smile is the sweetest ever eyes displayed." precious things." Scholarship Club, Pep Squad, Stu- seen." Oak Staff. Girl Reserve. Scholar- dent Assistant. ship Club. HARRY MCCARLEY LESLEY MEDLEY JIM BOB MURPHY "From the crown of his head to "It is work which :lives flavor "Profound sincerity is the only the sole of his foot, he is to life." basis ot' talent as of charac- all mirth." Scholarship Club, Banking ter." Assistant. Radio, Chorus. LYNNE RAE MEDFORIJ JEAN NELSON DOROTHY PETTY GWENDOLYN PRICHARD "Here is everything advantageous "Is she not passing fair?" "Even virtue is fairer in a fair "An Eastern wizard made you of to life." Chorus. Aeorn Reporter, Scholar- body." earth. and stars and fire." Student Assistant. ship Club. Girl Reserve, Scholarship Club. Distributivc Education. Senior Play. JACK MCCROSKEY BE'l"I'Y PETERSON PAT MURPHY "Skill is stronizer than strength." "Her air, her manners, all who "A learned man has always Acorn Staff, Hi-Y. saw admired." wealth in himself." Junior Medical Profession, Stu- National Honor Society, Forensic dent Assistant. League, Hi-Y. DORIS MCKEEN 'l'OlVl MANTON CLARENCE MELUGIN MARY LOUISE RAINVVATER "ln youth and beauty "Sueeess will he his for he is a "Full of bashfu'ness and truth." "Of all the girls that are so Wisdom is but rare." faithful worker in all things." R.O,T.C., Student Assistant. smart. thc-re's none like pretty National Honor Society, Student Oak Staff. Oak Representative. Sally." Council, Student Assistant. Seholarship Club. Oak Represantative. Pep Squad, Scholarship Club. HAROLD McKAY WILLIAM NEWISY "Thou hast the lzift of strength." "Like two single gentlemen R.O.T.C., Basketball, Track, Stu- rolled into om-.H dent Assistant. National Honor Society, R.O.'I'.C., Bible. Page Tbi1'ty-ifJrw 5 "5 fp very e 'FQ I M Sgr fig, W . . 1, 51 .-:asf A- .L , .tis -. J K R M t fi , X-VG Q ,T 2 2 NAOMI RENO IHCRTIE SHUFFIELD "0h. darklY. dl'i'Dly beautiful-H "lic-autiful tacos are thost th It Scholarship Clllb- we-ar whole'-souled hontsty printed tht-rc." Chorus. , JOE OTIS HILDER ROOKICR FOREST QUALLS "VVisdom and worth are his." "Tis only noblo to be goodf' "Nothing: vnflurcs but personal Excelsior Club. Football, Track, Pop Squad, liiblu. qualitiosf' Allivd Youth Movt-ment. Excl-lsior, R.O.T.C. IHCTTY RICHARDSON DOROTHY ROBINSON MINNIE PEARL RUSSICLL ELLEN SILVUS "A thing ol' beauty is a joy "Stan-ly. kindly. lordly friend." "Skill is strong:-r than strength." 'WVith gentle voir-0 and smilts lit fort-ver." Oak Representative, Student As- Distributivv Education. lr-ads tho crowd." Pop Squad, Girl Reserve, Scholar- sistant, Scholarship Club. Pop Souad. Oak Ramps ntitixn ship. Studs-nt Assistant. DAVID PAYNE BILL POTTHOFF DOYLE RAMIRO "Kindnvss is wisdom." "Distinction with out a "The grf-atc-r man thc izrvatvr Acorn Reporter, R.O.T.C. diffcrvncvf' courtesy." Hi-Y, EXc0lsior Club, R.O.'I'.C. Iiasvball, llaskotball, Oak Band. Rt-prvsvntative, LILLIAN RIDDLE MARGARET ROBINSON JUNE SEAL DAISY SMITH "Tho gontlo mind by gentle deeds "Thvy'rv only truly gn-at who arc' "Shu was good as sbz- was fair. t'Swm-t Daisy! Thou ai oithv is knownf, truly good." Pop Squad. Girl Rust-rvo, Junior ol' nature." Girl Reserve, Student Assistant. Studont Assistant, Scholarship Medical Profession Club, Bible, JACK PEDIFORD DORIS RORIE ROI! RAMSIGY "Roc-ause to laugh is proper to thc "Tho sxvuvte-st thing that orc" "I am not in the roll of common man." grew bosidv a human door." man." R.O.T.C., Studunt Council. National Honor Society, Oak R.O.'I'.C., OffiCQrs's Club. Na Staff. tional Thcspians. Scholarship IEEVICRLY RINDY DOUGLAS POND RICHARD VRATLEY LA VIQRELLIC SMITH "IVhm-re all was harmony, and "Character givcs splendor to "Hr-'s all fun." "Tlioughtloss of bt-autx li xxx calm, and quictf' youth." Scholarship. Studs nt Assistant, bf-autr's st-lf." Football, Basketball, Student Acorn R1-porter. Scholarship Club, Gil l' stixt Council. Los Amigos. BILL I'ITTS TOM RAY "No man was cvvr wise by HA scholar and a solllfi-r." chance." National Honor Socivty, Olifica-r's R.O.'l'.C., Scholarship Club, Na- Club R.O.'l'.C., SLudt-ut As ' ' sistaut. Pugt- Tbirfy-four tional Tl1t'SIll2lYlS. Q! A i Y ml i :fk at . Tn., BILLIE JEAN TERRY VIRGINIA LEE SMITH "As merry as the day is long." "In her tongue is the law of Student Assistant. kindness." Le Cerele Francais. EUGENE REESE GRACE SUTTON JAMES SHARP "He was so generally civil that "She had a friendly smile for all." "He came, he saw. he conquered." nobody thanked him for it," Gym Assistant, Acorn Reporter, R.O.T.C. Band, Hi-Y. R.O.T.C. Band, Rhythmaires. Bible. MARY ELAINE SPACE BILLIE CHARLES STONE BETTY TAYLOR JANlCE THOMPSON "Beauty is part of the finished "Youth on the prow, and pleasure 'tlleauty seen is never lost." "Beauty like hers is genius." lanafuayre by which goodness at the helm." Scholarship, Girl Reserve. Acorn Band Majorette, Scholarship, speaks." Girl Reserve. Staff. Library Council. Le Cert-le Francais, Student Assistant. ROY E. REYNOLDS ERNEST ALGAR SCHOEN ROBERT STEVENSON "Of still and serious thought." "- good he is, honest. just, and "Sir. your wit ambles well: it R.O.T.C. fit for highest trust." goes easily. National Honor Society, R.O.T.C. Hi-Y, Excelsior Club, Oak Rep- Offieer's Club, Student resentative. Council. .IUANITA STANLEY DOROTHY SUMMERS EVA IVIAE TEASLEY ,IOSEPHINE TIBBS "The beautiful rests on the foun- "And where she went, the flowers "A health unto the happy." "Beauty is not eaused, It is." clation of' the necessary." took thiekest root." Student Assistant. National Honor Society, Oak Scholarship Club, Library Staff, Pan American. Council. VVALTER RICHARDSON JEAN TAMPLIN DEWITT STRAWN "Gentle is that gentle does." 'tPatience is a neeessary ingre- "An honest man is the noblest R.O,T.C., Student Assistant. dient of genius." work of God." Scholarship. Scholarship Club, Student Assist- ant. .IOY STERRETT WALLACE SOHMIDT TOM SELLERS DURELLE TRIPP "Because of you we will pe g'ad "Wit makes its own welcome and "ln a native worth and honor "A friend may v-'ell he reekonec :mil Rav." levels all distinctions." clad." the masterpiece of nature." Tennis Team, Scholarship, Oak R.O.T.C., Allied Youth Move- National Honor Society, Basket- Student Assistant, Scholarship. ltepresentative, ment. Bible. ball. JAMES ROCKETT BOB THAXTON "He that is of a merry heart ha'h "A creat devotee of the Gospel a continual feastf, of Gettin!!-on." R.O.T.C., Officers Cluh, R.O.T.C. R.O.T.C. Band, Student Assist- ant. Page Tbirfj ,.. "4 xx ,, R E ' Q' . W Q, . A Y r '33 Q ""' s . :,, ' X I M if S. 'tif 3 Si 4- fi II x 3 A ' fi 1 le 1 l ik i. A. ii if , 9Fl?2??lss I .5 f f. Isl 5. is ' :S 45:1 ,iii ' F255-fI:3, - e Q Q K, Q LA .. . , l i ., f .::f Q . : Q Q ' rf' I of E MAMIE RUTH TURNER "Faircst and best adored is she." Sponsor of Band, Pep Squad, Student Council. HESTHER WILLIAMS "Beautiful in form and feature Lovely as the day." Scholarship Club, Orchestra. DA VID WATERS CHARLES THOMAS FRANCES WATSON . "V-and he roared with the funf' 'tEver eharmingz. ever new." "Private sincerity is a public Scholarship, Bible. Student Assistant, Scholarship welfare." Club, R.O.T.C. Band, Allied Youth Movement. VIRGIE MAE TURNER ETHELYN WALLACE PEGGY ANNE WILDER BETTY WILSON "The hand that follows intellect "The very pink of courtesy." "A sunroom in a winter day." "l'reserving' the sweetness of can achieve." Bible, Student Assistant, Junior Pep Squad. Rhytlimaires, Library proportionf, National Honor Society, Forensic Medical Profession. Council. Acorn Reporler. Student Assist- Leairue, Student Council. ant,, Scholarship Club. RICHARD TRULY JAMES WALLACE HARRY WHETSTINE "In framinp: an artist. art hath 'tHe nothing: common did or "Action is eloquence." decreed to make some good, mean." R.O.T,C. but others to succedf' Acorn reporter, R.O.T.C. Oak Staff, Oak Representative. Scholarship Club. JIINE WACKER ANNALEE WARREN ELIZABETH WILLIAMS MARY FRANCES WILSON t'Hi1rh erected thoughts seated in "And she was fair is the rose 'Eyts that displace the "The charms her downcast a heart of courtesy." in May." diamonds," modesty concealed." Bible, Chorus. Acorn Reporter. Distributive Education. BILLY TULEY MARGARET RUTH WELCH PAT VVHITA RER "He was straight: you could "The glory of a firm capacions "Enflamed with the study of trust him." mindf' learning." Scholarship Club. Radio. National Honor Society. Girl Rc- Forensic League. Acorn Staff. serve, Le Cercle Francais. Scholarship Club. LA VERNE WALL BOB WALKER BILL VVARNER MARY GENE WILSON "She is younrz and very sweet." 'tHe is a yrood friend that doth 'WVliose wit. in the combat, as "Best friend, my well-spring: in Pep Squad. Bible, Girl Reserve. thee good." gentle as bright. the wilderness," R.O.T.C. N4-'rr carried a heart-stain away National Honor Soeiety. Girl on its blade." Reserve, TED UTT CLEO VVIIITLOCIQ "Nature puts forth her gentlmen "And wit that loved to play, not and monarchs must Hive NVl'llIIfl.n R.O,T.C. Band. Oak Representa- tive, Hi-Y. plaeef' Hi-Y, R.O.'l'.C. Band, Bib Pugu Tliiriy-xix I nz : - 1 0 .. -if-4 1,11 .ill- .1111- il? MILDRED WVILSON "Eyes that dance and flash and flirt." Gym Assistant. CLARA NI-ILL VVOOIDRUFF "In whose little hotly lodgfrl mighty mind." Los Amigos. Pan American, Scholarship Clulx. OLIVER WILLIAMS "The power of thouifhtfthe magic of mind." OfI'ieer's Club, Student Council, Scholarship Club. WAILAND WILSON .IACK WINISLOOD :1 "Center-I in in-rsunafxe, conduct, :mrl er111ipaf.!e." Ii.0.'I'.C., Iiunrl. " no language can express the worth ul' a true Gentleman." IR ENE 'FHRAILKILL MARVIN IEURNS H. J. DAVIS GRADUATES VVHOSE PICTURES ARE NOT LYNN ELLIOTT M. N. FAIN WARIIEN GIIQSON JAMES GILLOCK Amigns America 21 song is singing, All her children,s voices merge, A lilting, poignant Spanish tune With English words. Caballeros, senorifas, Nifios in the street Join in riotous celebration, Dance on lightened feet. Argentineans', Costa Ricans', Voices rise and fall, Shouting battle cries of freedom, UflllIf'l'it'6ll70S alllu -Betty Claire King rg Ili: A ALICE JEAN YOUNG "Beauty is the index of a larger fact than wisdom." National Honor Society, National Thespians, Rhythmaires. ICLEANOR YEARGAN "Fine art is that in which hand, head and the heart go together." Oak Staff. Girl Reserve. Scholar- ship Club. JOE WORDEN "Modesty becomes a young man." R.O.T.C.. Student Assistant. DAVID WOLFE "A kinder gentleman treads not the earth." Oak Representative. Scholarship Club. INCLUDED: IJON LUTTRELL PAUL NEFF KEITH REESE P. gr Tlwirf y-xi 'I I M a.. uf A. .. , V- aj: I 433 1' :Q E X W In r QQ- E' 'Z ' 'fi S1 ' M' ,H ,' 9 , , 1 'f V' A 36 82" 24 wg Q kr , 5 ,iff 4 rg? 4 Q Z A Q N. K R. ? -' 'F '-' ,....-ff-' 155- 4 V3 -as Huang 7 nlka Fluukzriff: "Sung ul' llxu Shir!" by licuvglmifu Nm? :Xt III: l.1ir! Hul1.1x'1 Inc ,md P mvmmk ' lx .X 1-QJLHCI1 Nuw, now, lmyi! Nine nfclmk ,my scfmul "YK-s Imh-cd?" Xcrnm! lure! Jppc.1r.1l1cc-I-1511Y Swcui .md shy. Vxvnllhlll pl.!yL'I'S. Student 17.153 "I pludga XY'yHc11,1. lc. morning. cxl.ll'Ll and Bcity ww SCLU119, WW xqym Q fa u W' A129 vp X fzxi PY V-2.55 - X , f , ii- X V' 'N K ,ig ' " ' V! YE . 'Y I .W X 1 N - R V ' , .41 ig' A I J f 'X 7 ,V AV V 5 if -f X ' V ij V s ,V ' , '-fa P 5' 4 k V f ' ""' Ffltfi N x f' 7 11' f flfnff e, v' . f X' ,Lf I V 5' V Ex h . - -- ..-vi' if , ' '5'V '-wr-. 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Tbirif row: Lois Rachels, La Verne Kelly, Madeliiie Duncan, Minnie Lou Bromley, Mary Jane Aubrey, Patti Underwood, Barbara Jo Steele, liranees Wright, Donna liost'r, Louise Hargraves, Betty Gene Bennett, Mary Jane Hall, Anita Pannell, Floy Horn, Dclpha Dawson, Dorrace Wihite, Eern Calvert, Dorna Payne, Treva Jo Matney, Dorothy Ball, Betty Atteberry, Sue Huston. I'iflllVfl1 row: Kenneth Pogue, Billy Nolan, Jack Dalton, George Martin, Bob Minnick, Fred Elder, O. H, Mitchell, Bob Ballard Kenneth Bates, Duane Evans, Alton King, Moon Jim Yee, Charles Davis, Earl Cherry, Calvin Hargis, Phil Grabbe, Poster Proctor Ififflf mir: Conjetti Lanxa, XVii:ona Cayce, Jeannette Neff, Ruth Robnett, Norita Kerbow, Ruth Densmore, Ruth Rhodes Christine King, Ona Locklear, Hazel Broughton, Dorothy Keel, Marinell Mendes, Barbara Blalock, Evelyn Dodd, Jaekie XVilder Virginia Jacobs, Doris W'yatt, Betty Anderson, Bobby Anderson, Mary Alice Morgan, Kathleen XVilliams, Beverly Brown. June, 1943 LEFT TO RIGHT: Firxf row: Byron Harris, Albert Hill, Jack Fletcher, Ralph Barr, J. W. Tunnell, Eugene Allen, Irving Davis, Dan Goodwin John XValraven, Jimmy Scroggins, Almo Nelson, Richard Zuefeldt, Bob NVasson, Mit Perdue, Jimmy Simmons, Jack Palmer. Semilif Voir: Royce Tillery, Richard Earrel, Jim Paden, Elgin Robinson, Phillip Ridley, James Craps, Ivan Zhan, Marvin Penny, James Steele, Norman Spray. Tbiril Voir: Tommy Ruth vVOOdV'.1l'd, Betty Johnson, Doris Nell Pruitt, Junaliee XX'ard, Mary Cone, Joan Sawyer, Betty Lou Harris, Catherine Grady, Shirley Shelton, Nelda Bryan, Dorothy Piccola, Eva Lee Harralson, Ida De Capua, Jo Evelyn Durbin, Juanita Starnes, Billy Charles James, Barbara Boyd, Edna Rae Burdine, Eloise Collum, I-Irma Dell Doty, Anna Beaudet, Mary Frances Havill. Ifonrib rozv: James Neighbors, Claude Hardin, Leonard Pool, Billy Earl W'alker, Colby Luck, Charles Mahaney, Harold Cook, Hugh Reilley, Billy Smith, James Ray, Roy Cook, Joe Wolfe, James Dean, Allen Boedeker, John Collum, David Walls, Joe Piorenza, Billy Childers, Harry Kempe. I-'iffll row: Helen Wilson, Betty Jean Jones, Patsy Cook, Evelyn Connelly, Jewel Commons, Dorothy Blaine, Mary Helen Guy, Gloria Dyer, Kathleen Barnes, Jane Ferguson, Genevieve Schwedler, Mary Kendrick, Clara Doudney, Mary Jo Thompson, Gwendolyn Xlfillbanks, Eva Gallatin, Betty Edmondson, Dorothy XVeQser, Edith Collier, Zonnie Branch, Betty Skidmore, Doris Jean Cole. "'Ed"'4"N " ' "r""1 i LEFT TO RIGHT! Ifirsl row: Dorothy Kirby, Zelda Fletcher, Betty Anderson, Virginia Reese, Inez XValker, Lenore Dretvka, La Rue lX'hiles Porter Bledsoe, Thomas Little, Fdwin Allen, Ray Phillips, Melvin Brown, Howard Garretson, Virginia Simpson, Virgie Price, Norma Lenz, Frances Roy, Cordelia Malone, Betty Jean Chambers, Marion Tolbert, Anne Thurman. Swoml rout Betty Jones, Billie Jean Cornett, Juannell Bullard, Betty Ann Boyls, Bernie Carrell, Fvelyn Blevins, Vicki Sconce, Faye Leach, Patrieia Harrison, Doris Miller, Christine York, Doris Weatherford, Betty Jo McGee, llvelynne Bryant, Billie Jean Tomlinson, Katherine Mason, Prnia Lee Brooks, Bettye Bloodworth, Gayle Mullen, Margie Sessions, Frances Mason, Sylvia Liitlepage. June, 1943 LET-'T TO RIGHT: First row: jack Lindsay, XV. A. Harrison, Tommy Knox, Billy Shell, J. A. Thurman, Claude Goodman, Lloyd Posey, John Davis, Tom Sellers, Jack XY'hitehurst, Billy Fletcher, Bill Nli'hire, Kenneth Reynolds, Charles Posey, XVilburn Briggs, Jimmy Brown, David Salvo, Joe McKinney. Seroflzf role: Frank Leslie, Bobby Fagala, Fred Green, XValter Allen, Fdwin Honeyeutt, Roy Richburg, John Dargan, W'ayne Smith. Third row: Betty Jo Looney, Agnes Miller, Charlotte Straughn, Frances Ueekert, Helen Pitts, Jeanne McLaughlin, Mildred Taylor, Lorene Crossland, Cathleen Barnes, Priscilla Richardson, Dorothy Ball, Floy Lou Long, Patsy Faulkner, Jimmie Ann Cox. Jane Moore, Peggy Hopkins, Gwen Duff, Nellie Jo Ratekin, Carolyn Lemly, Carolyn Davis, Doris Voss, Betty Jean Knoll, Carolyn XVeatherby, Teddy Hagendoorn. I:i0llI'fl7 rout Bonar Morgan, Sam Madderra, George Hollobough, J. C. Jenkins, Glenn Morrison, John Thompson, Raymond Rateliff, Eugene McClintock, Barl Beesley, Tommy Morgan, Melvin Lucas, Rae Miller, Gerald Bryant, XVilliani Cooper, Frank XWhittlesy, Jack Jordan, Bugene VC'ilson, Hugh McCraney. Fifib row: Patsy Hogan, La Verne Stock, Mildred Ferguson, Betty Joyce Allen, Marianne Craig, Nancy Randall, Fdna Farl V3dCl1. Lois Billert, livelyn Troutt, J'mmie Lou Lowry, Maxine Carstens, Dorothy Golden, Doris Fleeznan, Mary Lucille VC"illiams, Fthel Mae Miller, Lottie Mae Brown, Vi'ancye Burton, Dorothy Layton, Sue Lewis, llarriet Murphy, Elaine Odom. a f-is -- f,-as r -- ri. 4 1 t-t. ,....--. 1-,mfs-.ez -,tes ss-as .,-rfuzf.-sw:,f.Qr f-ii amasseroszwe-,memes.eswaw-swaamfimtift-5-.taslaw: .--f mtffyrs sits- sf-swiss--:fewitmfewfe-,z-.ries-.swrmmmi. ---- .. -f --T A ., . ., LEFT TO RIGHT: I-inzil mu! Sarah Ann Shatlday, Betty Claire King, Marjorie Harrison, Charlotte Saunders, Imogene Johnson, Patsy Kelly, Betty Iou Hix, Daphne Ilarkey, Mary lulivaheth Brooks, I,illian Creech, Sally Cantu, Billie Louise Ifasley, Carrie I,ee Cleveland, XX"anda Cleveland, Patricia llielts, Iena Robinson, Bernieee Sutton, Roberta Newland, IIelen Milton, Inez Martin, Frances Majors. Sawmill Von: George ilihurtnontl, Cale Stevenson, Milton Billingsly, Donald Montgomery, Charles Glasgow, Flloert Bush, Jess Payne, Charles Palmer, Fred Davis, Fred lirler, Ben Sabatoni, Milton Szllis, David Ilngland, Bob Cooke, Oscar Shafner, Ray XVatson, Rohert I,ongaere, Ililton Davis. Iemuexry, 1944 LEFT TO RIGHT: Ifirif mir: Ifugene Brown, John Iimery, Troy MeVay. Frnest Bruner, Jimmie Ssvope, James Ifdwards, Dowe Stewart, Dewey Brunnnitt, Patil Morgan, Jack Redding, Howard Garretson, Bobby Carrell. Sevofnf row: IIolly Ifehols, Otis Parish, Joe Oliver, Charles Gaines, Jack Park, Billy Peak, John Salalar, Leroy Goward, Eddie Ifubanlss, NY'enclell Russell. Tbirtl' mm: Glenn Garland, Trilby Gantt, Alma Ziegler, Dudley Jo Keiningham, Mary Langley, Florian Kneeht, Waiitlii Greathouse, Sadie Phillips, Joyce Johnson, Gloria Castleberry, I.a Yvonne Peterson, Alleen Sullivan, Margaret Innes, Fvelina Downs, Joy Sanders, Barbara Bartlett, Majelaine Dawson, Dena Sue Fields, Orene XYhiteomb. 150111113 row: Charles Houston, Jack Slater, George Harris, Kenneth XVright, Joe Christopher, George Moore, Chester Conn, -lim Killgo, Rov Gainnioek, Richard Gard, XY'arren Carney, Robert Argedine, John Ed Clauneh, Charles IIill, lilroy Archer, John Young, Freddie Gibhs, Bill Boatman. Fiffln mir: Francine Barhart, Hazel Saunders, Opal Julian, I.ouise Faust, Florence IIarmon, Deva Beheler, Arlene Daniels, Edna Jo NVillianis, Mariorie Milne, Ivy Fain, Ina Darnell, Louise Steeley, Virginia Hodges, Janice Carson, Virginia Bailey, Johdallia Farr, Sara Ansley, Virginia Carlson, Frnestine I.ester. Norma Flood. LEFT TO RIGHT! firrl 1'01L': Mark Deering, Lewis Elam, Charles Maupin, Louis Brown, Charles Latimore, Harry Glover, Paul Young, Kenneth Commander, Jack Lindsay, Henry Boardman, John Harris, Ray Riddle, Bill Barrett, Asa Holleman, XV. Morris, Joe Lovano, Graham Cook, Johnny Reynolds, Tommy Miller. Semmf ron! James Hale, Raymond Eubanks, Jo: Gomez, Tom Harrier, Jack Hyles, Charles Hoeker, Warren Cunningham, J. T. Hammons, XValter McCallum, Donald Thompson, Jack Tom Taylor, Thomas Curtis, Kenneth XVood, Billy Hale, Lester Chambers, Bob Parks, Robert Cook, Jack Iden. Third row: Dorothy Joyce MeGrew, Edra Gresham, Dorfs Owens, Dorothy XVatkins, La Verne Plant, Marjorie Coker, Eliza- beth Newby, Pae Stovall, Jean Cullum, Gloria Cunningham, Juanita Presson, Frances Layton, Mildred Holtv, Wyllena Bryson. Marv Catherine Ross, Mary Edna Miller, Joyce Greer, Donna Jean Archer, Catherine Kerr, Elsie Holder, Joy VC'ilhite, Sarah Clark, Margiret Goodwin, Drucilla Bivings. Fflllffb row: Dwaine Crawford, Don Coke, Lfe Britt, Oscar Matthews, Earl Barnett, Robert Clevenger, Carl Younger, Teland Hobbs, Jeffrey Horney, Richard Gonvales, Harry Hines, Roland Marcrum, Johnny Dowdy, Arnold Hathaway, Mickey Dahlgreen, Jack Jewett, Sam XVard, Jaek Slater, Payton Euerer. Ififflr row: Marie Hudson, Laverne Smith, Doris Stanley, Patsy Gleason, Martha XVhite, Bobbie Kathryn Dinsmore, Loyed Marie Pollock, Jeraldine Skeeter, Virginia Carney, Bgbbyq Sue Miller, Charlene Biggs, Patricia Conley, Billy Fae McLaughlin, Ann Powell, Clara Nelson, Margie Harrison, Virginia Vaughn, Virginia JUHCST Juanita FASH, BTUY LOU Gllfmllls BUUY Yilffsi I-CHOFC Rllbln- Billie Jean Harris, Charlotte James, aniee King, Dorothy W'ilfon. Iune, 1944 LEFT TO RIGHT: Fira! row: Vernon King, Donald Herring, ack Earnest, Dennisnis Smart, Bobby Blevins, Eugene Dunn, Robert Stinson, Gerald Polnaek, Jimmy Wall, Calvin Ellis, Billy Bob Steele, Norman Depew, Kenneth Callaway, Tony Hamlin, Richard Graham, Kenneth Stubbs, Roy Prather, Albert Parker, Robert W'clch, Larry Fuess. Serofm' rout Johnny Wheeler, Billy Durrett, Marvin Stark. Third row: Edna Hines, Margaret McCrary, Grace Balch, Rae Norris, Marie Tamplin, June Mathews, Rdberta Carlton, Donna Melugin, Helen Self, Mildred Mays, Julia Ann Franks, Jean Dysirt, Ada Mae Penn, Betty Sue Irwin, Jean Vining, Marjorie Hunter, Bebe Keyser, Peggy Render, Mary Jon Holbrook, Jo Ann Stokes, Betty Lou Clifton, XVanda Spain. Ifourfb 1'0zL': Earl Pinegar, W'ilburn Hill, Marion Cooper, James Hitt, Dennie Cumbie, James Steele, Chandler Hinckley, Harold Stein, James Mayberry, Bryan Bristen, George Thise, Albert Classcn, Raymond James, Billy Gribble, Bill Bailey, Maurice W'illiams, Ulis Hair, Grady Spangler, Seott Keahey. Ififfb row: La Verne Golden, Marian Swim, Gertrude St. Clair, Thed Beth XVilhanks, Jacqueline Funderburk, Marianne Kieki rillo, Gloria Clouse, Elaine Eigula, Modena Rape, Mildred Fletcher, Sylvia Jenson, Della Lou Sutton, Billy Burke, Betty Malone, Dorothea Nell Moon, Jamie Caldwell, Alva Lee Chatelain, Estelle Knearem, Peggy Alexander, Billie Jean Rainwater, Minnie Frillell. LEFT TO RIGHT: l''.Kf ron: Gerald Lam, Bobby Qualls, Robert McClure, James Fowler, james Hale, Kenny Hulen, Billy -lo Tate, XY'ilmer liroese, Lawrence ilones, Coleman Hammons, Lloyd Fuller, Doyle Ramsey, G. XV. Thurman, james Stone, Barnett Rippletoo, Billy Anderson, Bill Richardson, Charles Hightower. SUZYIIILI rout ,lack Hughes, Ray Calmes, James Haydon, Paskil Walliams, Billy McCormick. '1'f1.'rif rozr: ,Ionelle Bradley, Lily Canales, La Nelle Parmer, Betty Lou Berry, XVilma jean Thompson, Betty Collins, Evelyn Sinclair, Doris XY'hite, Doris Tolleson, Ruby Day, Ruth Nell Looaey, Mary Mayers, Bobby Alexander, Connie Louise Young, Bsttv Sourage, ildith Proyince, Mina Lee Vernon, Billy jean Long, Yvonne Nottingham, Ina Sue Darnell, Murlene Fuller. Iionrlb rout James Hickman, Bill Henderson, Harry Pang, Edward Prince, Harry La Grone, XVilbur Brown, Robert Pratley, Roy Childers, Hal johnson, Bill Richardson, Travis Fuller, john Henry Crouch, Billy Monroe, David Gault, Gene Buck, Emmett Brusard. lfifffw ron: Gloria Gilleland, ,loyce Lockard, Olive XVhitehead, Al Dora Curtis, Joy Taber, Mildred Chanslor, Pauline Stokes, Betty ,lean Bates, ,lenny Beth Minniek, Mary clan Hendricks, Dorrace Schaerdel, Rcva Nell Cook, Marjorie Smart, Betty Grojgins, Billy Hughes, Elsie Higginbotham, Billa Stovall, Cora Lee Blanchard, Betty Grundy, June Mandeville, Monte Lee Hodges. lune, 1944 LEFT TO RIGHT: Firxf V0lL'f James Cowen, Grady Gilder, Robert Simmons, Edwin Harris, Emmett Watson, Tommy Childs, Don Michael, Cecil Baker, Leon Alexander, Bobby Keanee, Lawrence Bass, Jackie Cline, Richard Newton, Bobby Keyes, Elmer Russell, Harold George, J. XV. Boxvnan, Marion Schell, Jackie Daniels. Swcoml row: Naomi Armstrong, Theresa Eiorenza, Virginia Palmer, Gladys Coates, Marilyn Loomis, Bobbie Dinsmore, Delores Busliey, Wanda Hudson, Serena Copperage, Mary Nelle Sides, Margaret Northeutt, Jean Watson, Annie Moore, Muriel Phillips, Kath- ryn XVillingham, Kathryn Buchanan, Pauline XVray, Billie Jean Beary, Betty Harmon, Lucille Cov, Ruth Vermillion. Tbiwl rout xl. E. Houchin, Dick Shaw, Leslie McDonald, Eugene Miller, Cecil YVindsor, Bill Kaiser, Ronald Nelson, Avery Slaughter, Harry Slaughter, Donald McGraw, Archie Brixie, Janaes Patterson, Gene Barnett, Mack Holland, Cecil Baker, Philip -lones, Travis Paerson. Folzrlb Voir: Joyce Millsaps, Hanna Jo Parrish, Frances Fulton, Lewcille Holland, Doris Bushey, Margaret Bohannon, Eae Sto- vall, Elinor Strother, Betty Owen, Burlice Vfendeborn, Eleanor Hendrix, Betty Cooper, Patricia Heibert, Frances Weblu, Georgia Ingram, Daphna Reeves, Dorothy Grady, Mary Lial Glascock, La Verne Gault, Patsy Purvis, Billie Louise Easley, Betty ,lo Henry, ,lean Muller. ,F ,,ge,y.sfy: raavmsa-W. sutwamimaz-mf aww W XL ,rar . Wrsfsss we f s 9 ii 2 XJ LEFT T0 RIGHT: Firi! roll: Louis Renal, Diuid Slieps, liverett XVendeborn, Virgie Qlaeliion, klolin Ad.ims, Lowell Stublnlefield, illlionus Moroney. Don Nlinielx, Olixer Sysinore, ll, C. Kidd, Bob Loxell, Bobby Burns, lick Ladd, Gene l,.1ry, Don Smitli, Viiilborn Oyerstreet, Prexton X'.inn. Sriouif mu: Rutlolpli liglds, ll.n'old Wiliite. llnid l.inelruin, ,liekie Wfiit. llonier l.irson, Billy R.inliin, xloe Addins, Asn llolle- Alerry Nloore, Bob O'll,u'gi, -limniy Nl.lNSCl'lg.lll. liek Bnden, Billy -lordan. 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Alxnic Teipel, Louise Loveless, Anne Smitli, Gloria Don Rusxell, Dolores Clark, l'.iul.i Moore, B.1rbi1r.1 lolinson, Dorix Nlntliewf, -loy lee ,lones 1'ifllll'fXl NIHI liennetli Surley, Llosepb Rielmrdx. O. ll. ltlill, Bobby Ramsey, Harold Clmsen, Don XY'.ill, Llolin Dobbs, l"dw.ird lllrod, louis Moore, llldie Blount, I-Lit Piiwons, D.1yid Bundrielx, Preston Day, Frink Xlfliisenanr, George lu Trelle, lilnio Morgan, Sunley Haili. Ififfln mzr: Mildred XVilli.1n13, lirnnees Baleli, l'li7.ibetli Harwell, .lean Harbuek, Betty .lo Parlser, Ruby Culver, Rose Marie Beekcnlioldt, Gemldine Stewari, lilimbetli Sp.u', lfiuline Troutt, Peggy Milburn, -lolinnie Yan Kirk. Tlielnm King, Sliirley Gil- lespie, Xxlililklil Robertson, lJori5 lofiiee. Sondra Oster, Patsy Atkinson, Rebecca C.ieye, lnetn Bolding, Rosalie Lowe, lldngi Florence lloyd, I..1 Verne Rice. X i s . 5 5 l ' ' 5 June, 1945 LE14-T TO RIGHT: Iilrxl row: Billy Bailey, Bobby Farrar, Jerry Laydon, Alfred Perkins, Kenneth Darwin, Frank Tucker, Roy Lee England, Lindy Chandler, Frank W'hisenant, Morris Ragsdale, Sidney Vifliisenant, Joe Ramfield, Dick Hicks, Micky Caihey, Bob Robnett, Lawrence Childress, Billy Hanslen, Roy Mason. Semml row: Louise Cannon, Elizabeth Little, Marilyn Reed, Betty Waslaburn, Ruth Rimmer, George Merriman, Billy Jo Law- son, Tommy Murphy, Jimmie Patterson, Bobby Don Xxfestmoreland, Fred Shultz, Jack Rosser, Donald Hooten, J. B. Kerbow, Don Harris, Patty Chambers, Joyce Fannon, Patsy Fdmondson, Martha Cliff, Betty Boerder. Tlxirtl row: Joy Pearl Harris, Tessy Dean Carter, Nadine Lowler, Olivia Irwin, Gloria Drier, Dorothy Hunter, Dorothy Leek, Betty Jo McAdams, Jean Aldrich, Alys McLaughlin, Bobbie Lee Herring, Frances Allen, Peggy Archibald, listher Bartley, Carolyn Lowery, Carolyn Fvans, Corinne Martin, Frances Irene Allen, Terry Ann Baker, Louise Wfoodside, W'anda Jean Stanley, Bonnie Jo Hobson, Wavida Long, Vera Nell Anderson. Mary li. Talley. 150111717 rozr: Juanita Mulkey, Billie Fae Flecman, Patricia Smith, Kathryn Boyles, Dorothy Milligan, Mona Lou Manual, Flea- i-or Hutson, Betty Jo Vinson, Jacqueline Funderburlt, lidwina Cook. Maurine W'ise, Eli7IlbCtll W'eleh, Shirley Lipe, Barbara Allen, Patsy Carter, Joan Sprott, Paula Stevenson, Doris Jo Nelson, Nina Cvaincs, Julia Stamps, Jean Shuford, Bobbye Gaskins. Fiflfv l'Ull'f Jeanette Taylor, Eugenia Allen, Sarah Helms, Lois Blackwell, De Lois Loomis, Bobby Louise Teatlierwood, Katherine Parnell, Joyce Thrailliill, Rosalyn Davis, Charlsie Norris, Hazel Bivens, Jane Sanford, Peggy Thomas, Joyce Miller, Doris XY'ebb, Gay W'illiams, Mary Jo Jamrs, Jean Dean, Dorothy Robertson, Madelle Hale, Billie Marie Speneer, Rhoda Peacock, Peggy Morris, Vera Frances Allen. 4 f . 1 I. . .. .. l n temotiam VERA NELL ANDERSON May 17, 1928 January 13, 1942 "All l,lwl'.i iziwl zvni rmnle Iinf lo ln' foxf zrben S1L'I'C'fL'Sf.l,, l Q Page liar!-3 -nine l Nliu limi' cnlhlkl Ath- NI iw C mu Nl rx, Nliw XVUL1 Mrs. .N xv :ff 1, Q- "divx , 'X 7' 5' if 1 az--X fu X- ' f f ' YN frlsgi' XX ff 1 f X X A f f, f ,f ff X xx J .Y -. ,Y ,X f -.-- , . ,f H x wg i, if ..,,,ns5::g:frF?f . X - - , A , X ,, .5 5.,:j,.f:x,gQ:f.--5,3 ,X ' xx, f ff ,f' , X, 'n i Iliff W fl ff X 1, . "X, .- ' X, ' ., " X- f , iffy. f , f' 1 , , ,,, V! , , , , 1, ,, .- .Y . 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'R ,. . nj Q55 u--e'-Liz.-. ,I has . .. I X. vrsnnaliiivs OI't'Z7f1l-'-IIllf!ll'L?YS nz Vvsf, III asf vwfiv ffnzwz'-llfzfizl' io ffn' frnri' 1 , j ful if HIt'l'll'tIX grllxqrffillx wwf "-1' ' ' on .lltttllllgl-1' flwlllflflllll ffm' juzrjllr' orvfrifl is lfu' 114111011411 ff! . . . uv Cosfrl Rim. c' 1' of iw W Lk HLk,,,W, , A v,..v, , , .5 F K. WW ,,e..,:, N 5 S5571 - ,P Gi x I WWE , -iti l? 23,435,251 1 . -f . -MW f -V wfzmf - - 1 - --Jgisfxvf ' wviiesf - i , .W K Qs . 7 wx . ,7 . 'Q ii? 95 ,,11w.1m,- .X ww f. fs f r 5 Q . .5 v , , 113, -L 1-.. Ae -gg, A '. k 1 -, - " , Yi, sg 9' xg! wendolyn Wo! f Dork-eyed Gwen-favorite Senior girl-dainty, feminine -often shy, but c cenfrci fig- ure in Adcimson's affairs- N. H. S., too-where fhere's Gwen, there's fun! 'W I T 'I 'fi 1 1 Z 'Prix Sw 'Y - SEI gi m y mMMihA5M6wwon Rudy-favorite Senior boy- wifty, clever, energetic--ven sotile-tennis star, debc1fer-- Scholarship Club-gentleman ond friend. -5' ,, 5 9 if . : .1 in ' wfwrfei Y A :ia ' rag 'fy "'.'fzfr2:'fg1-,?,'-el -f Jigs: fn ? aww' :l la 'QM A W awmi 2 . X M 51 l,71 V 7' llfini red fall, Winnie-Adamson's most beautiful girl-tall, graceful, dignif1ed-can be coquettish -he-r's a rare gift of charm- sincere, gracious. Q , f izff W , 425: Wiirip . Harold Jena Hagie-Adamson's handsom- est boy-a real football hero -in fact, an all-round ath- lete-frank, fearless, friendly -a leader with a dis- arming smile! ' G 5 'ffl P ' if f f fiiggixii f f Va' fx , T f W W Mir i s ' V- rf' V .M ,.,,,L-5 .wfmv ' gfmfsw fgrqky ' ' 1 I 7 516723 mix? "7 5 .,,,.A, f Q af sh :Q K S ri' rf L H r .V Z its W Wrwwg '- MM , .,.,LL.. dufis-?4ztQL1.s Q. xii 2 5 Arm, ,, L4... me - fr-f-.fn-,rr -1 .Awww f .Wu ww 1,2r,1qg.g -+m:5-1.s- f iii W,15i?". ' E.2.fi1n QQ Q ,f mx aasfifgw f, vii gr - 6555551 .A . as . wr? X7 Xs..,, r :il 21 :5 is L fr s . Q, 5,4-zrzngvrr-bf: . aff Mwfzilk ' ,v -gulf' NNN ,.Af -X , 1 1 .' . vu . 3 w y nf' bare tlry Jane Win ter Blue-eyed, dark-haired Dotty -favorite undercloss girl- pefite, vivcrcious, merry- cute--donces weH- leoder of Pep Squad. :.- .l kzfiffil 5 Harry Caving Sonny-favorite undercloss boy-dork eyes, curly hair- teosing, mischievous-on infectious grin-c1fhlefe- famed for his attire. ' .wi Af , 5 ,Q ,MQ 1 1 ' 1 111 V 1,5 1, vw 'if 1 ? .1 EEE 1, gl' Q'L1'lPlJ1'1tw5 f 1111 11111 151111111111 Ix11111: 111111111 111 ,X111111-11111 11111111111- 1'.1:1111,11 N,'1'.1111'14 C11111wL. 111111111 S111 111W 11111111-11 1111111 .111111 1g 11111111 l1.111f Kifx Ki kkl'1VL'lll1I,N IH .1 Hlk'kkh,1Hlk .ll JPIIXUJK' 1111 1111111111111 111 111. U11111111111111. 1111111 XX1111111--1111u 111 15111 1111- lu-11 xpklluu 1-1 X1i.11111111. 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'l1x11 lIII'll, .X1i,1111-11111 1 .11111 X1 1'111.1 l11'1111gl11 l1111111' H11g11c1 'I'1'1111l11, U1111111111 XX 11111x1, 1111- 111 -11cll111g 1c.1111. l111 VI x1x1 C11111x11 .'X, I I11c1c1111 C1111 111111 111 11111111 1,1:111111.1111h-1'. qw. M-" 'fE1,,' , M 5' . 1115 4 'Y in - A ,... ,aw ak mv-M5 NZ' N 0 ' l f S? QW I x ' 3 ' x Egg X X! QS, clxf X, 'dx xx 'W W- NX m vm f X 'R 3-: ' 23 3 ' ' X Af fx' Z ' x X 1 'Q l A E' Zak SN, N V I ,. Mix X WN g Q This flu' l'lllfI14"l1I of lbr' Pan AllII'I'il'llI'I Silzrfrffll l"o1'11111-ilwiz' 1'rr'r'1f- in IPIIHQ almuf I a flosvr rvfzzfiollsfzilll, syllzjnlflzy, 411111 IllItll'lASftl!1fljIllQ lwiffr Hx' jwnfllrx of ffn Amrm 1 f'o11fif1r'l1I'x. To jwzzzzofv Ibis iffulf l'l'lIIfj0l1Xl7if7 lriffv 110 xvlfixlv jlIft'l'l'Xf.Y nf fmuf buf ll iff? ll z1,'iUi11U114'xx and Jffsin' In xz'rz':' 1r11sf'ffixl1fv1', i114fi1'iJ11z1Uy amf z'r1Hr'1fl1a3 c 1 G iwlfan' of flu' lmfiozzs t'UlIl'f'VllK'J.U I'i1gi' Six fy Los Amigos OFFICERS Full and Spring President . jcanne Moreau, Imogen: Smyers Vice-President Marjorie W'oocl, Sue Huston Secretary . . . . Bzbe Keyser, Drueilln Bivings Sponsors Miss Roberta King, Miss Eugenia Newberry LEFT TO RIGHT: Firxl l'UIl'! Sue Huston, Mlry Louie Rxinwnter, .lean Dysart, klohnelle Bradley, B.lJe Keyser, Jeanne Moreau, lilnine Odom, liffie Colluxn, Frances Barnett, Mary Jane Aubrey, Kstherine Kerr, Drucilll liivings, Mirgxret Goodwin. SUITIIIII roll: Donna Jean Archer, Betty Ann linyls, John lfmery, John Dglrgan, James Haydon, Bob Cj'lPlLlf'21, Harold George, George Moore, Iris Biker, Miss King. Tlriril Voir: Josephine Kimery, Janie: Carson, Marjorie XY'ood, .Iuanita Fdgir, Doro- thy Ewing, Lewcile Hollind, Ln Yerelle Smith, Marjorie Milne, Flny Horn, Nelsie Alensen, Imogene Smyers, Bobbye Sue Millir, Charlene Biggs, Virginia Vaughn. EMBLFM: Snnzfzrero zviflz words, "Loy AI7ifxQ!l.Y,, CIIIIJOXXPJ on if. Membership in Los Amigos is open to students of Spanish. At the meetings, the life and Customs of Latin America are topics for discus- sion. Songs, dances, games are learned and practiced. The programs are lively and entertaining with frequent visitors who enhance the charm of all things Spanish. As A 9 .fs 4 'W ii-'s ., 1,175 sez.-Q ' ' , is Q-: 35: X -, ,wif 1 i 'K -. 'QR li i My Pon American Student Forum OFFICERS Fall and Sjiring President . . .... . Catherine Edgar Vice-President . Dorothy Eubank Secretary . . Juanita Stanley Sponsor . .... Miss Virginia Rootcs LEFT TO RIGHT: First row: Josephine Kimery, Sue Huston, Dorothy Ewing, Effie Collum, Jeanne Moreau, Frances Barnett, Imogene Sniyers, Elaine Odom, Nelsie Jensen, Marjorie Vfootl, Dorothy Kirby, Jeanette Durand. Svcollcl row: William Gregory, Charles McRolJerts, Ralph Roberts, Don Berry, James Ray, Miss Rootes. Third row: Rosalyn Cruse, Ellen Gillette, Verna Baker, Juanita Stanley, Clara Nell Woodruff, Nellie Jo Ratekin, Nancy Randall, Edna Earl Vadcn, Jimmie Lou Iowry, Dorothy Eubank, Catherine Edgar, Maine Carstens, Doris Wyatt. MOTTO : "Of one blood balk be macle all nations." The Adamson unit of the Pan American Student Forum, founded in 1927, is one of several in the Dallas Chapter. Six times each year this chapter meets for special programs where-as the units meet the second and fourth Mondays of each month. The organization is International. Membership is limited to advanced students of Spanish who are en- thusiastic believcrs in our "Good-Neighbor" policy. A , mi? a-ij" td at-La, , R fl , Viv '-,.- , . ' , s' i i ia, f ,. P Uw: w.aLfw 'ff' ehgfwzf ia ,gs 1FM,2,i,vzs ,m fs , t. l4l,:""f:I' A :-E " Pagc' Sixtyrove i 1 Pagi' SKA ly -flL'0 ' Dollos Hisioriool Socioiy OFFICERS Fall ami Spring President . . Frances Ann Lewis, Betty Atteberry Vice-President . . Bill McCormick, jackie XVilder Secretary . . Charles Daniel, La Verne Stock Sponsor . . . Miss Winnie Langford LEFT TO RIGHT: Firx! raw: Mary Alice Morgan, Treva ,Io Matney, Dorothy Ball, Betty Edith Atte- berry, jo Ruth Garrett, Donella Hustler, Lois Billert. Swoizil rr1u': Mary ,lane Hall, La Verne Stock, Bill McCormick, james Hitt, John Leslie Smith, Tommy Burris, Duane Evans, Miss Langford, Jackie W'ilder. This organization is a new-comer, having been founded in April, 1941, by Miss Winnie Langford at the suggestion of the Dallas Historical Society It aims to stimulate in high school students increasing interest in history, particularly that of Dallas and Dallas County. AWK Texcrs Junior Historians OFFICERS Fall and Spring President . . Doris Wyatt, Jimmie Lou Lowry Vice-President . Jimmie Sellers, Mildred Taylor Secretary . . . Jimmy Lou Lowry, Virginia Napier Sponsors . . Miss Abigail Crane, Miss Lorine Higginbotham LEFT TO RIGHT: Firls row: Betty Jean Bennett, Jane Shelby, Charles Mayberry, C. W. Bohanan, Mildred Taylor, Sylvia Littlepage. SUCOUIJ row: Miss Crane, James Abbott, Virginia Napier, Mary Alice Morgan, Doro- thy Jordan, Jeanne McLaughlin, Doris W'yatt, John Xvalraven, Miss Higginbotham. The Texas Junior Historians meet on the second Wednesday of each month for discussions concerning local and state history. During the year the club members enjoy visits to points of historical significance. Each April a representative is sent to Austin to attend the State Historical Association. . "" ' ' e ' rear l A T .. ,N t," fx, ' ' :"W gig, N V , f- ' V -"' 1 Q,g,'lg' fx ' rw We 1 t Q, a 5 1 f ' J We ffl ' ,W stytiio ,a,,,,, J ,, Page Six fy- tb ree Page Shxly-folzr f is-'ei Pen Pals OFFICERS Full and Sjlring President . Mary Alice Morgan, Virginia Beheler Vice-President . . Joy Tabor, Marilyn Loomis Secretary . . . Sarah jo Ansley, Virginia Carney Program Chairman . William Gregory, Margaret Goodwin Sponsors . . . . Mrs. Helen Horn, Miss Nelly Bly Lankford LEFT TO RIGHT: Firxf mu: Martha Ann Lewis, XY'ilhurn Hill, Don Smith, VVilliam Gregory, Mark Deering, Bryan lirister, Marilyn Loomis. SL'l'0ll4l rout Mrs. Horn, Floy Horn, Joy Tabor, Mary Alice Morgan, Sarah Jo Ansley, Virginia lielieler, Gladys Coates, Margaret Goodwin, Betty Boerder, Serena Cop- pedge, Patricia Heibert, Miss Lankford. Every two weeks Pen Pal members meet to form a sympathetic audience for volunteers who read their own compositions expressed with a maximum degree of originality. The Club has acquired Considerable publicity by its unique and delightful programs. Le Cercle Frcmccfis OFFICERS Fall und Sjlring President . .... Jane Shelby, Jane Shelby President . .... Jane Shelby Vice-President . ..... Mary Alice Morgan, Vice-President . . Mary Alice Morgan, Mary Alice Morgan Secretary . . Sherry Milholland, Dorothy Watliins Sponsor . ..... Miss Helen Aduddell LEFT TO RIGHT! Firxl row: Sherry Milholland, Mary Elaine Space, Billie Jean Terry, Mary Alice Morgan, Dorothy Jordan, June Mandeville, Mariorie Ferguson. Sccozzzl row: Dorothy Watkiiis, Miss Aduddell, Charlotte Saunders, MoTTo: "Tout bien 011' rica." The French Club was created with the desire to inform students of Adamson about what Frenchmen do and say and think at home and abroad. Members play typical French games, sing French songs, and speak French exclusively for half the time, at leastj, 5 Page Sixty-five Page Sixly-six lunior Girl Reserves OFFICERS Fall and Spring President . . . . Bebe Keyser, Bobbie Dinsmore Vice-President . . Billa Stovall, Doris Bushey Secretary . ..... Charlene Biggs, Betty Sue Irwin Inter-Club Council Representative . . Billa Stovall, Bebe Keyser Sponsors ..... Miss Sybil Clark, Miss Onie B. Easley LEFT TO RIGHT: Firsf row: Joy Tabor, Bobbie Dinsmore, Doloris Bushey, Marianne Kiekirillo, Mar- jorie Smart, Jean Miller, Doris Tolleson, Gladys Coates, Billie Jean Long, Janie Teipel, Betty Sue Irwin, Barbara Johnson. Seroml row: Jeanet Carter, Jacquelyn Dillon, Betty Jo Ilainm, Bobbie Herring, Julia Stamps, Nina Gaines, Marjorie Milne, Juanita Presson, Bebe Keyser, Iidilh Province, Billa Stovall, Charlene Biggs, Virginia Jones, Bobbye Sue Miller, Marilyn Reed. Tbira' role: Joan Stokes, I.a Nelle Parmer, Patsy Carter, Betty I.ou Berry, Jean Nater, Jean Depart, Gloria Cunningham, Donna Jean Archer, Juanita Edgar, Doris Nichol, Paula Moore, Terry Ann Baker, Miss Ilasley. Follrlb rout Billie Margaret Curry, Joseale Hulse, Clara Nelson, Ann Jane Powell, Frances I-Iarvin, Iilizubeth I,ittle, Louise Cannon, Ivy Pain, Peggy Milburn, Patsy Atkin- son, Gloria Clouse, Doris Bushey. In October, l940, the Junior Girl Reserves was organized for the purpose of giving social as well as spiritual guidance to underelass girls of Adamson. The slogan is: "As a Girl Reserve I will try to face life squarely? The purpose: "To find and give the bestf' The code is the code of the Senior Girl Reserves. A meeting is held every Wfednesday. Senior Girl Reserves OFFICERS Fall amz' Sllfillg President . . .... Margaret Ruth Welclm Vice-President . . Jacquelyn Allen Secretary ...... Wfanda McSpadden Inter-Club Council Representative . . . . . . Helon Aiton Sponsors .... Mrs. Minnie Bramlette, Miss Eugenia Newberry LH-'T 'ro RIGHT: Firsi row: Ava ,lane Wgitldle, Helen Martin, Dorothy Kaiser, June Brown, Rosalyn Cruse, Beatrice Childress, Betty Anderson, Nell Ruth Porter, Pattie Underwood, Donclla Hostler, Dolores Crockett, Marion lily. Srfonn' row: Mrs. Bramlette, lris Baker, Sue Houston, Amelia Cristol, Alice ,lean Young, ,Iacquelyn Allen, Margaret Ruth XVelch, Zana Thompson, Sherry Milholland, Jenn Mill'r, Louise Schimelfenig, Frances Ann Lewis, Betty Richardson, Florence Lewis. Third row: Bobby Anderson, Lois Billert, Mary ,lane Hall, Dorothy Petty, La Vonne Alexander, Gwendolyn Wolff, Hclon Aiton, Gwen Duff, Betty Taylor, Johnny Ellis, Marjorie Ferguson, Xerma Rasor, Miss Newberry. lionrlb rnzv: Wgiiida McSpadden, Betty -lean Bennrtt, Barbara See, Marjorie W'ood, Catherine Hardin, Dorothy Ann Layton, ,Io Frances Dickerson, -lean Berry, Billie Charles Stone, Betty Joyce Allen, Marianne Craig, Nancy Randall, Doris Stokey. In 1918 Miss Hazel Mathis, an instructor in Oak Cliff High School, organized the Girl Reserves. Miss Mathis is now a missionary somewhere in China, Oak Cliff is Adamson. The Girl Reserve is still the same organization motivated by the same high purpose and slogan, though now it is shared with its little sister, the Junior Girl Reserves. Their code is: Griwiollx in IIHIIIVIVI' Seeing ffm lltfclllfffll! lwjmrliul in i1ll,XHIl'!lf linger for k110zz'li'il,qi' Rm'm!'y for ,Yl'l'lil't' Rrzwiwzzf lo Golf ,. . lll'f!?7'lfI1lA owl' .wif llIl'l' 4ll'f7A'Il41t!!IlL' 1.11-wil fo fi'ii'11J.r Iiwlfhillg lomzrrl flu' bex! Ijurllesl in IYIIVPOSL' Sir1r'm'r uf all liilnw Page Sixly-xercrr Page Six ly-fight Iunior I-Ii-Y OFFICERS Full and Spring President . Bill Anderson, Bill McCormick Vice-President Bill McCormick, Bill Anderson Secretary . . Bill Durrett, Edwin Harris Sponsor . Mr. Charles Leonhard LEFT TO RIGHT: Ifirxz' V'U1l'f Oscar Matthews, Chandler Hinckley, Billy Richardson, Mr. Hester, Grady Spangler, Chirles Maupin, Mack Holland, Svrollif mir: Scott Kenhey, Asn Hollemnn, Billy Ciriluble, Billy Durrelt, Bill Ander- son, Billy Aloe Monro', Bobby Blevins. Tbim' row: jimmy Misweiigill, Virgil Jackson, C'le Stevenion, lo: Adams, Bill McCormick, Roy Lee If'l.xnd, .Ierrie Moore, jolinny XY'heel:r. EMBLEM: T1'ia11glrf zuifb 1111 "H" nuff "Y" mrfzlziwd fo form Hi-Y. This organization provides for underclgiss boys who are interested in spiritual and social development. Erich weeli meetings are held at the Oak Cliff Y. M. C. A. The objective is: "To create, maintain and ex- tend throughout the school community high standards of Christian character." Affiliated with the Senior Hi-Y. Senior I-Ii-Y OFFICERS Fall lllltl Sjnrilzg President . . . . Rudolph Robberson, Frank Lassater Vice-President . . Don McClure, Bob Ramsey Secretary . . Harold Luper, Pat Murphy Sponsor . . Mr. Richard Stroud LEFT To RIGHT: Firxl row: Colby Luck, James Reagan, Norman Spray, Bobby Ramsey, 'Fed Utt, Robert Stephenson, Pat Murphy. Sevomf row: Harold Holcomb, Carl Gibson, Don McClure, Rudolph Robherson, Harold Luper, Earl Collins, Frank Lassatcr. Tbirrl raw: Richard Zuefcldt, Charlie Moore, Lewis l.eftwich, Bradley Hogue, Cranston Dodd, Pat Wliitgiker, Carl Finley, George Spicer. Iiourlb mir: Don Hawkins, Zach Langston, Rawlings Diamond, Tommy Bowles, S. W. Martin, Cleo Wliitlock. The Senior Hi-Y is a junior branch of the Y. M. C. A. with the same high standards upheld by the Junior Hi-Y. Every Monday night at the Oala Cliff Y, the members meet for in- spiring discussions. Once each session all attend church in a body. This year, the Father-Son and the Best-girl banquets have been outstanding social affairs. sw., 6 V 3 ,fx U 'gr' . T Pugr L. xly- Him M-M Page Sl'l'L'!If3' Book Review Ol:l1lCERS Fall and Spring President . . Amelia Cristol, Barbara Horton Vice-President . . Virginia Akers, Jacquelyn Allen Secretary . Barbara Horton, Billie Ann Hunter Sponsor . . Miss Lorine Higginbotham LFIVT TO RIGHT: Ifirxf row: Sara Sue Tipps, Avi -lane XVaddle, l.a Verne Lowe, Miss Higginbotham, Louise Sehiinelfenig, Amelia Cristol, -lean Miller. Siwnzil mir: Billie Ann Hunter, Alyee Ruth llarris, Alice .lean Young, Charlotte Saunders, Virginia Napier, Carolyn lenily, Virginia Akers, Mamie Belle Hunter, Gwenf dolyn XVolff, Frances Ann Lewis. Tfririf row: Mary Frances Blair, Barbara Horton, Jewel Swofford, Kathryn Pogue, Marjorie Render, Betty -loyee Allen, Marianne Craig, Marjorie Ferguson, Sherry Milhol- land. The Book Review Club meets on the first and third Thursdays of each month with the :ole object of reading and enjoying good literature. New books are reviewed by members of the Club, each followed by discussions which are stimulating, broadening and lots of fun. ln addition, the Club as a group attends public book reviews. lunior Modiool Profession OFFICERS Fall mul Sjrring President . . . Joena Parker, Agness Miller Vice-President . Agness Miller, Edith Collier Secretary Rae Pitchford, Rae Pitchford Sponsor . . . . Mr. XVilliam Meek LEFT TO RIGHT: Firsl l'0lL'Z Imo Jeane Spain, Agness Miller, Fllen Gentry, Iris Madeline Duncan, Mildred Ferguson, Sfwulif mir: Pat Darwin, Betty Peterson, Rae Pitcliford, Mr Henry, Edith Collier, Jacque Hatfield. Baker, Joena Parker, . Meek, Frances Mc- Visits of the Junior Medical Profession to hospitals and attendance at lectures given by doctors, nurses, and technicians help this organization to obtain information concerning all medical profession, as well as the specific field they hope The meetings are interesting and highly educational. the members of branches of the to enter. 'T Page Sewflly-0116 l 2 K Notionol Thospions OFFICERS 131111 ami Spring President . Amelia Cristol Secretary Gwentlolyn Yfolff Liar r TO RIGIITZ v lleatriee C,hiltlre'.s, Yirginia Napier, T-un Manton, Amelia Clristol, ,Iolinny lfllis, Riehartl ZLlL'l-Ulkll, Mary l.ou Carrell, Cleo XY'hitloek, Miss lledtle, Dorolliy Petty, Bill Ci nuw, .Xllee -lean Yeung, .Xlyee Ruth Harris. -laeque llatfieltl, .laeqnelyn Allen. On floor. Charles Daniels, Gwen XX'oll'l', klune liain. Center, Nlarianne Craig. "To ereate a spirit of active and intelligent interest in tlrainaties among boys and girls in seeomlary schools" is the aim of Troup number 338 of the National Thespians. To merit membership in this elub, stu- dents must meet the requirements of the National organization and of the local sponsor. This intlieates one has attained rank in tlramaties. National Forensic Loaauo OFFICERS Fall and Spring President . . . Pat Murphy, Norma Jean Ballard Vice-President Norma ,lean Ballard, Pat Murphy Secretary . . Berniece Sutton, Bobby Blevins Sponsors . . . Mr. Carl Nutley, Miss Ann Patrick LIcIfT TO RIGHT IN CIRCLE: Madeliene Duncan, Merit: Bill McCormick, Honorg Norma Jean Ballard, Distinc- tiong Virgie Turner, Honorq Ora Lee Hair, Distinction, Ruth Rininier, Honorg Ellen Gillette, Honor, lfdwin Harris, Distinction, Verna Baker, Honor, jack liarnest, Dis- tinetion, Pat Wliitaker, Distinction, Janie Teipcl, Excellence, Charles Maupin, Fx- cellenceg Bobby Blevins, Distinctiong Berniece Sutton, Distinction, Pat Murphy, Dis- tinction, june Mandeville, lixcellenceg Cranston Dodd, Merit, Margarette Coleman, Merit: Minnie Lou Bruinley, Merit. Al iufvlr: Mark Deering. Noi in 1IirlI1i'I': 13011 McClure. The Adamson chapter of the National Forensic League, established in 1940, this year, led the Texas-Louisiana District in membership and num- ber of degrees won. These degrees awarded for points earned in inter- scholastic debate and public speaking are: Merit, Honor, Excellence, and Distinction in ascending order. The object of the organization is to promote interest in debate and oratory by encouraging friendly competition and fellowship, up gggg .NX Page Si'f'I'f1fy-llIr'ee Page Sri rnlj -four ICQ-Swing Club OFFICERS President . Patsy Pledge Vice-President Dorothy Kaiser Secretary . Alice Jean Young Treasurer . . . June Brown Sponsor Mrs, Geraldine Holloway LEFT TO RIGHT: Aliei- Jean Young, Virginia Palmer, Alyce Rutli Harris, Patsy Kelly, June Brown, Anne llanwen, Berry Irwin, Louise Cannon, Mamie livelyn Conley, Betty lou llix, Margaret Mayer, Join the lee Skaters if you want to bave a barrel of fun! Organized this spring by Mrs. Holloway, the Club is open to all students interested in elementary figure slsating. To date, only minor calamities have oc- curred, principally brief "sit-clowns". Healtliful invigorating evcereise and eomraelesliip are the sole objectives of tlie regular NVeclnesLlay meetings. 233:26 3 at eil. Excelsior Club OFFICERS Fall and Spring President . .... Herbert Stice, Edward Kelly Vice-President . . Ottie Lee Sams, Joe Otis Secretary . Wilbur Wetzel, Norman Spray Sponsor . . Miss Laura Alexander LEFT TO RIGHT: First row: NWayne Freeland, Bill Barnes, Robert F. Lee, Harold Payne, Charles Posey, George Garriott, Herbert Stiee, W'ilbur XVetzel, Lloyd Russell, Robert Stevenson, Joe Still, Paul Jones, Lee Britt, David Walls. Seroml row: Gene Wolf, Moon jim Yee, Fred Flder, O. H. Mitchell, Earl Collins, Benny Cook, Edward Kelly, Robert Hughes, Bill Leird, Roy Richburg, Miss Aleander, joe Otis. Tbira' row: Jack Jordan, Forrest Qualls, Bradley Hogue, Bill Pothoff, Cecil Wiiitl- sor, Tom Coleman, james Reagan, Harold Luper, Norman Spray, Bob O'Hara, Jimmie Mclssengill. The Excelsior Club was established to train its members in the obli- gations of citizenship. It has gained distinction by its Ubarbershop harmony" and by its promotion of various campaigns. Each Sunday afternoon a Dallas civic leader speaks to the boys on matters of publie interest to Dallas citizens. fo Page Sui 'wziy-ffl 1' SVI Mlfj'-.ijx' Stuolonl Council OFFICERS Fall and Spring President . . .... Billy Primm, Cranston Dodd Vice-President . . Earl Collins, Barbara Horton Secretary . . . . Bobby Shook, Nell Ruth Porter LEFT TO RIGHT: Fira! row: Bradley Hogue, Eddie liubank, Joe Adams, Williain Gregory, Charles Gaines, lired Schultz, Taylor Ford, S. VV. Martin, Allan Boedeker, George Tucker, Oliver XVilliams, A. johnson. Sefoml mir: Miss Agnew, Patti Underwood, Nell Ruth Porter, Carolyn Davis, Betty ,lane Teipel, Kenneth Lowe, Robert Baker, Rudolph Robberson, Russell Mullan, Joena Parker, Helen Martin, Louise Schimelfenig, Amelia Cristol, Frances Barnett, Miss Alston. Tlririf I'0lL'I Rodney Sorenson, Bill Primm, Charles Thompson, Nick Lanza, Law- rence Lewis, Cranston Dodd, Charles Moore, Richard Zuefeldt, Verlan Lewis, Weldoxi Coats, Thomas Little, Turner lfpps, Claude Goodman, Bill Thomas. Folfrflz row: lLli7abeth Jones, Cortaza Boyd, Barbara Horton, Gayle Mullen, Lillian Gleason, june Fain, Mamie Turner, Louise Duncan, liula Mae XVright, Virginia Akers, Marjorie Render, Doris Mclieen, Bobbie Shook, Virgie Turner, Patsy Rae Crook, Eight class presidents and a representative from each Counseling group compose the membership of this organization, which has for its objectives the formation of a more perfect school Democracy, the de- velopment of school spirit, and the realization of the obligations of citizen- ship. The immediate goal of the Student Council is to provide a scholar- ship for worthy students. Toward this, the members sponsor various fund-raising activities. Nolionol Honor Society OFFICERS Fall tllltl Spring President . . Marjorie Render, Algar Schoen Vice-President Don McClure, Rosalyn Cruse Secretary . .... Virginia Akers, Doris Rorie Sponsors . Miss Lucy Hamilton, Mrs. Minnie Bramlette, Miss Ruth Bell, Miss Christine Hamniocla Lui-'T 'ro RIGHT: Firil row: Virggie Turner, Herthn NVilliams, Fllen Gillette, Rosalyn Cruse, Dottie Smotherman, ,Ieanne Moreau, La Verne Lowe, Louise Sehimelfenig, Amelia Cristol, Gwen- dolyn Xvolff, Margaret Ruth XVeleh. Frances Barnett, Frances Ann Lewis, Doris Rorie, Doris McKean, Juanita Stanley. SUFIJIIII mu: XY'5lliarn Gregory, Don McClure, Pat Murphy, David Dees, Tom Rav, Felix Froese, Bobby Short, john leslie Smith, Algar Schoen, Richard Zuefeldt, Charles Lewis, Bob Xvasson, Billy Mays, Cecil Lester. Tliirll rout Billie Ann Hunter, Barbara llorton. Imogene Sinyers, Nelsie ,lens'n, Sadie Mae Young, Julia Johnston, Alice -lean Young, Norma ,lean Ballard, lean Miller, Pauline Midkiff, Marjorie lierguson, Clara lim lfoster, .laequelyn Allen, Mariorie Render, ,Iaeque Hatfield. Members are chosen for this club for qualifications of scholarship, leadership, character, and service, the ideals of the Society. Twice each year new members are initiated in a very inspiring ceremony where mem- bers pledge with lighted candles to uphold the high purpose of the organ- ization. It is nationally affiliated. if -' "Y We Dara- 'iv fa in in 1 ' ,sq K, fl 19 sf ,Mai-A B .. W, 'I 1 lf 2 lk MWMMM, ,J R5 3, X wg 4 S Q 1 5: x gf? 3 as-' ' ,st Qi V Hahnv, ,- ,, ,A- Pilgr Srl efllyfxcz FII Han Amerirau illllajeslg Majesty, dignity, grandeur supreme, In truth your whole country seems more like a dream A dream of deep valleys and high lofty mountains, Of beautiful lakes and crystal clear fountains. Never before was a land so endowed With wonders before which Inca kings humbly bowed. Yours is a storehouse of minerals, jewels unclaimed, There are also dense jungles still to be tamed. There, the orchid is unrivaled queen of the flowers, And reigns o'er the tropics in fairy-like bowers. The unrivaled beauties of nature are there Symbolic of the heritage it's proud to bear. A hidden cave in a mountain high May hold a secret of days gone by, A time when your Indians, strong and brave, Their very lives for their homeland gave. This land of "manana" has a future in store, Secured by those who have gone before, But made more crtain by friendly relations Which now exist between the nations. Not only now but forever more To you our southern friends there's an open door. Your beauty, your grandeur, and treasures rare Will serve to remind us of friendships we bear. SUE HUSTON. t 4 4 tA Drzflrizlg-fuzmilw jmxfizzzu for wnlfr in all P rf aff ,f I 1111-Alzlvrinl-.xzcirlizlg Jrusxvs. ligfzl fvvl, fluxfwillg 4'y1'x-gfzffl tIf'ftljl'.Y zviffl i11f1'ig11i11Kq llzzfxir'-lu VUIIQQLI, ftlllgfl, janzfm fajullio L51-'r TO RIGIITZ Fira! run! Patsy Hogan, Durelle Tripp, Doris Melieen, Helen Martin, La Yonne .XleXaniler, Bobby Anderson, Bcity Anderson, klaeli lfarnest, Maurice Wiilliams, lliom Ray, Nellie ,loe Rateliin, .liinmie l.ou Lowery, lirances Barnett, Lillian Gleason, Virgie Tur- ner, Norma -lean Ballard, klonnclle liraclley, Alaequeline Dillon. Siiumf mn: li. Kerbow, Bill Meliorniieli, George loyell. liarl Hayens, Ciliarles Maupin. G. XV. Tliurnaan, xlolin limery, Ver- non King, Felix lfroese, liugene Ross, ,lack Lindsay, -laekie liirdsong, Marvin Stark, jack Hale. Tflliil mn: lliuy Gleason, liilitli Province. Mary liranees XYilson. ,leanne Moreau, lfyelyn lieasley, Marnie Belle llunter, Dorn- rliy Ball. Lauretta Cason, l,ois Parsons, Wanifretl lyy, Margaret Robinson, -lean Nei-on, failierine litlgar. l,a Yerne lllanr, Connie louise Young, Catlieryn Wiillingliani, Mary Mayers. Wlyllena Bryson, liebe Keyser, lietty klo Hamni. liouilfv rim: Cliarles Gaines. Marxin Penny. Bob Minnieli. -lanies llilt, Lloyd Posey. George l-lollabougli, Prank XYl1lXCI13I'lI. Algar l Selioen, ciT.ll'lNlUI1 Doilrl, 'lioni Manton, Avery Slaugliter, lireel Davis. Iesley Medley, Verlan l.ewis, jeffrey llorney, 'lilioinas Little, Misi Cfooper. lfiflfw mu' lileanor llutson, Nina Gaines, ,lean Sliufortl, Paula Stevenson, Peggy Morris, liilla Stovall, Sadie Mae Young. lil'-HIGHS Ann lewis, lean iliamplin, lmogene Sniyers, -luanita Stanley, Dorotliv lfubanli, Uorotliy -lolinson, Doris Rorie, l,a Verelle Slnllll, Betty Owen, Naomi Reno, Virginia Vauglin, -loy Tabor, Peggy louanee. Margaret liinilwerlin. Scholarship Club President, Jaequelyn Allen. LEFT TO RIGHT: Fin! rout Louis Moore, Eddie Blunt, Harry Pang, Kit Parsons. Ralph Beaudry, Glynn Brewer, Thad Goodwin. Don Hawkins. -linimy Reed, Bobby Sliort, David Dees, Charles Moore, Pat Murphy. Alanies Morris, Wilburn Hill, Oliver Xiilliams, lfrank Lassater, Mack lfyerts, iliurner lipps, liilly Cfliilders. X Sliflllil Vllllf l,ouise liaust, Nancy Randall. ,laeliie Waleler. lietry Ciruntly, Pauline Troutt. l,ouise Steely, Sylvia Jensen. l..i Yyonne Peterson, Joyce Cameron, ,laniee Carson, Virginia Napier. Tfuiif Vrlllf Matlelaine Dawson, Agness Miller. llernieee Sutton, :Kline Sullivan, Patricia Hicks, Donella Hostler, lletty Maison. X l.a Verne Lowe, Cornelia Malone, lietty -lean Canipbell, Aliue ,lean Young, Barbara hlolinson. Margaret Ciolenian, Madeline Duncan, lorene Cirosslantl, Catlierine Mason, Melba Granliek. Peggy XY'ils0n. Murlene liuller. Fnzirffl mil .' Claude Cioodnian, Paul Gootlwin, Tommy Sellers, Bill liingliain, William Newby, llanies Abbott. Bill Mays, Lieorgt Tucker, Conway Cliiltlers, Vaden XX'liiiley, Rieliard Zuefeldt, Virgil Marco, llobari Aloe, Pat Xyliitalxer, james Reagan. Charles Tlionias. Carl lfinley. liflfi mu: Marie Taniplin, ,lean Muller, l3olor.s Cilarlx, -lanie il-eipel, Sliirley NY'oll'f, Doris Fleenian, Priscilla Rieliarrlson, Rosalyn Ciruse, louise liunean, Opal klulian, Mzvriorie Nlilre, ,laeqnelyn Allen, Mildred Wlilliams, liae Lyneli, 'lilielma King, Gayle Mullen. Cilara lioster, Barbara l-lorton. Jacque lflalfielcl, Pat Darwin. Betty ,loyce Allen, Marianne Craig. - Wi 2 , - -J ., ,ue,,,,4 , . 4 -s Lui-'T TO RIGHT: lfiitif Vote: La Verne Stock, Ann Chambers, Charleene jones, Verna Baker, Iillen Gillette, jean Miller, Gwendolyn XVolff, Betty Taylor, Berry I-ldith Atteberry, Treya ,Io Matney, Zana Thompson, Dotty Smotherman, Jewel Swofford, Margaret Goodwin, ,lulia johnson, La Nelle Parmer, Patsy Carter, Betty Yates, Nell Ruth Porter, Dorothy NX'atkins, Serena Coppedgc, Wilma ,lean Thompson. Seer11lJrrm': Virginia Reese,VVallaee Clyee, James Felts, Moon Jim Yee, John W'alraven, Tommy CBudl Sellers, Pat Dailey, Douglas Pond, Jimmy Scroggins, Billy Zinn, Porter Bledsoe. James Gray, Sam Maddcrro, Bobby Robnett, lnez XValker. Tlwirll' Voir: juannell Bullard, Billie .lean Cornet, Pranees Allen, Margaret Bohannan, Betty Lou Garmon, Imogene Vinin-', ,Iacquelyn Funderburk, Billie Ann Hunter, Bobbie Louise Leatherwood, De Lois Loomis, Martha Clift, Ava ,lane NVaddle, Drueilla Bivings, Katherine Kerr, Janice Thompson, June Fain, Billie Fae McLaughlin, Terry Aim Baker, jean Dysart, Ruth Rimmer, Anne Smith, Nlarjorie Hunter. Scholarship Club Vice-President, Doris Rorie LEFT TO RIGHT! Firxl row: Jack Redding, Marian Cooper, Henry Boardman, Grady Spangler, Bobby Blevins, Donald Rogers, Homer Lawson, Don Thomas, George Lovell, Dewitt Strawn, Asa Holleman, Ralph Barr, George Iillis, XVilliam Gregory, Lewis lilam, Charles Posey. Serum! mir: Amelia Cristol, Margaret Ruth Welcli, Eva Lee Harrelson, Billie Charles James, ,lane Moore, Mildred Taylor, ,lean McLaughlin, liarline Vernon, Betty Lou Hix, Daphne Harkney, Dena Sue Fields, Dorrace XVhite, Bernie Carrell, Doris XVyatt, Sue Huston, Virginia Akers, Pauline Midltiff, Marjorie Render. Tblml mu: Betty Sue Irwin, Bobbie Densmore, Mary Rainwater, Hertha XX'illiams, Margaret Simpson, Dorothy Summers, liffie Cullum, .lune Brown, Pat Darwin, Flilabeth Newby, Betty .lean Cullum, Nancy Randall, Gladys Coates, Mary Sue Sullivan, -To Marie Couch, Dorothy Hardage, Earline Newton, Mary Jean XVilson, Marmarita Merchant, Louise Sehimelfenig, Beatrice Childress. lfonrlb mfr: Ceeil Lester, Lawrence jones, Kenneth Lowe, Billy Primm, Rudolph Robberson, Robert Gentry, Lewis leftwieh. Bobby Muchmore, ,limmie Swope, James Ray, Bob Ramsey, ,lacltie Mi:Crosltey, Billy Tuley, Ralph Roberts, Robert Billert, -lohn Leslie Smith, Taylor Pord. I-ifflr mu: Patsy Pledge, Nelsie xlensen, Patricia Heibtrt, Jeraldine Skeeter, Gloria Clouse, Sara Helms, ,lean Beaty, Mary XVest Leatherwood, Marjorie Ferguson, Betty Bennett, Mary Waltlier, Floy Horn, Norita Kerbow, Clara Wcxtwdruff, Mary Lueille W'il- liams, Alice Vining, Bobby Sue Miller, Charlene Biggs, Betty Jo Vinson, Sara Sue Tipps, Patsy Kelly. it WMM' Library Council LEifT TO RIGHT! Fira! row: Carolyn Davis, Marianne Craig, Mary Lou Carrell, Julia Ann Franks, Sarah Helms, Billie .lean Beaty, W'inifred Ivy, Doris Jean Haydon, Nell Rutli Porter, Ann Jane Powell, Hanna jo Parrish, Mary Jon Holbrook, Peggy XVileler, Patricia Hicks. Svuorlil Voir: Marvin Foster, Bob O'Hara, Tommy Joe Ivy, james Felrs, Miss Alexander, Clinrles Cvallassero, ,lack Haydon, Holly Feliols, Riley Epps. Student Assistctnts LEFT TO RIGHT! Firx! l'01l'I Joe 'sY'orden, Tommy Russell, Billy Duncan, Paul Rozenburg, Lloyd Fuller, Farl Humphreys, ,lack Park, Harold George, George Garriott, Billy Hale, Grady Spangler, Troy McVay, ,loe Still, Holly Fcliols, Everett NVendeborn, XV. A, johnson, Cliarles Glasgow. SLTOIIKI' Voir: Verlan Lewis, Qlolin Iimery, Frances Ann Lewis, Lillian Riddle, Barbara See, Dollie V'orden, Norma Jean Lenz, Fditii Collier, Paula Durliani, Marjorie Macauley, Mary Fvelyn lee, Carolyn Lemly, Bernie Carrell, Ulis Hair. Tliiril row: james Fuller, Lee Britt, Margaret Robinson, Betty XVilson, Mary Elaine Space, Marron Moore, Marmarita Mercliant, Jeanne Moreau, Rosalyn Cruse, Farline Newton, Joena Parker, Amelia Cristol, Louise Seliimelfenig, johnny Illlis, Frances XY'atson, Lou Pettigrew, Betty Taylor. Frmrlfv ron: Dick Hicks, XValter Richardson, Al. XV. Gilloek, Ben Sabatoni, Raymond Lockard, Benny Cook, Danny Ferguson, ,loc Lcwano, Hugli Rielly, Zacla Berry, Carl Gibson, Albert Klassen, Fugene Brown, Cliarles Gaines, ,lolin Dobbs, james Dean, Allen Boedecker. Fiflb rozzf: Bobby Sliook, Alice ,lean Young, Marjorie Vfood, Dorotliy Fubank, Virginia Harmon, Barbara Horton, Mary XVest Leatlierwood, Drucilla Baker, Rae Pitcliford, Mary Fllen Kimberlin, Norma Lou Bonner, Delplia Dawson, -loan Stokes, Grace Sutton, Io Nlarie Coucli, Sadie Blae Young, Nlary Frances Blair. f.- -- .- , ..1 ,, 1- , - ' f,:.,..- i.. ff. 2."i...i..' n. g...:,'- - W - aw , up , -f - .,-,,,,,,,,., . .. 7 . ,, Wanda M' 'Of Illllfw' fn' if wwf, zzfrvfz fVt'L'IIIl'fI xfnzff xfuflff Bt'fIf'K'!'lI ffflfff' fuzwf fmzmxv mmf ffu' ll'tII'Y.Y ffc'.wff1fim1,' Bfvxf Iliff: l'fl'fLUI'j' mmf jmzw, 111413' ffw fm!!'Hz-1'u.vf'11z'ff famf Prf1i.w ffu' jmzwr ffm! fmffu fmffff umf jm1wr'Lmf zzx 11 ,fmfffz Tfml mzzqfrwf' 111' mnxf, for our ulzm' if ix jzzxf, Amf ffnfx fu' our Illflfffl--M111 Goff is our frzrxff' Amf ffm' xf411'v.vjm11gfnf !7tIlI1IK'I' fu frizzmjrfy xlmff zwszz' OM' ffn' famf of flu' f7'f't', fluff ffm' fwmf' of ffm' f11'tIl U." ,, i, . ...T ...te . A - 'E f D ' - WWW qi . 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'rd 71" 5 3 1 2 Ff ff: Schoen, Captain lfarl Humphreys, and First lieutenant Earl Beesley, the four best drilled cadets at Adam-on, will com3.:te in the 1942 XY'UYC!ICl'Zl1'l Drill to he held May 8. The first prize, a one hundred dollar gold wateh is presented ot the eadet indeed best in more- ments of close order drill in open competition with contestants from all Dallas lligh Schools and llighland Park. ln 1936 and 3937, Mayor Charles bhaclslelford won twice in suceession for Adamson. This year there is high hope that one of the four men will again bring home a wateh. 'lihe second and third prives, also made possihle by the philanthropy of the late General P. xY'U7ClXCl'1lfI, are scholarships to Camp Dallas. ADANISUN XVINS AGAlN This year! rifle team has lieen the best in Adam- son's history. The City Nlateh found the lllue and White eighteen points hehintl llighland Parlt, who took first place. During the next few weelis Adamson heat Highland Park in two out of three non-official meet- ings. In the Corps Area Contest, Adamson fired the highest score ever fired in Dallas, 3442 out of 4000 points. llowever, they dropped to third in the Qhoulder to Shoulder Match, but eame haelt to take first in the competition for the XYilliams Randolph llearst Trophy, In these four official matches, Adam-on fired the high- est aggregate score of all the Dallas High Schools, which gives her for the fourth time, and permanently. the Colt-'wl -limes H. llielserson Cup, pictured .tt the right. Individual honors go to Second lieutenant George Tnclif cr, who was third high point man in the citv and to Captain Carl Gibson, who plaeed fourth in th- Corps Area and third in the Shoulder to Shoulder Nlateh. CAMIB DALLAS VETlfRAiXl5 Twenty-two of the 1942 graduates of .Xdamson have attended the R. O. 'lf C. camp at Mineral XX'ells some- time durittg their high school crreer, Summers that might hire otherwise proved very boring are remem- lwered with great glee. Here thty are, those tn 'ntx-two: three lieutenant Ciolonels, cil'.llISlU'1 Ilotld, Virgil Mirco, A. P. Wiley: four Majors, lfrnest Selieen, klames XY'il.w, Totntny Bowles, Billy l,ucasg five Cmtnins, Cliarles Moore, l'arl Humphreys, llill Pitts, Toni lsax. Dielx llateherg tour l'irst laeutenants, Clarence Xlelugin, Clio XY'hitloclt, David Dees, ,lames Roelvttg three Second l'k'llU'l'I.lI1fS, Roh-rt Muelimore, lioh Ramsey, liilly Hays: one Staff Sergeant, Xl. N. lining two Privates. liczhert Stfzxenson. Harry llenricltson. It as, rg tg ,,, V 3,51 x s - a . if ' 1 F . K 'iii ta' A : K I f- . . mm- rat' 1 ' -Z, L:A. , . few? K , kk ,ty tugs Mr in A A I ,.. .Sas fryfgs ,f I, S , , MM we . g '. -fr .,- , Q , 5 .f-f-H COLORS AND COLUR GUARDS STAFF Private Ridley, Sergeant Richardson, Sergeant Posey, Lieutenant COIOHC1 Dodd, Cnlfoio lfiftsvl SC1'SC41'W Mays, Major Sehoen, Sergeant XVh:te, Captain Marco, Captain Gibson, lst Lieutenant Ray, Captain Martin, 1st Lieutenant Hughes, Captain Bobo. Private Robertson. Company A L1-11fT TO RIGHT: I7i1'sf1'o1t': Corporals Allen, Hunle ,Serveant Honeveutt, Privates Archer, Crouch, Petti'ohn, Pollock, . - Y v ri U , I ' l Xvallaee, Steele, Vffatson, lst Lieutenant l'olse: Captain Lowe, lst Lieutenant Karr, Privates La Plant, Kempe, Corporals Dean, Wilson, Private Brumitt, Sergeant Little, Corporal Cooper. Semun' role: Corporals Gibson, Nelson, Privates Allen, Tubre, Sergeant Cox, Corporal Craps, Privates Deering, Cooke, Corporal Stewart, Privates Puller, Ferguson, Corporal Gaines, Privates Hall, Moronev Houehin, Holland, Stein, Corporal Fllis. w Tfzirif role: Corporal Gibson, Privates Barr, Thames, Corporal Gregory, Privates Gomez, Brown, Corp- oral Adams, Privates Rosser, Allen, Corporal Ray, Sergeant Seroggins, Privates Puller, Polnaelx, Ragsdale, Robinson, Rankin, Stark, O'Hara, Hawkins Davis. 'WT fu ,, 1 1, ' ,1 1' 1 11 111111 11111 1 1 LIL 11 11 11 111 1111 1111 5111 1 111111 H11 111 11, C 111111 1 1 IX 111 1 TC 11 1' 111 1111 11 L C 111 S1 311111 K1111c1 C, 11111 11 C Ll 11111 1 1 1 111111 1111 1 111 1111111111111 S 111 SCI 1 If ll 1 1 C 1111 1 1 1 1 11 1111 ll 1 1 11111 11111111 111 C 11111111 11 11111101 1 11111 1 1 II 1 ll 1 LN 1 1 B 111 1101 11 X111111 11.11' 1 1111111 1 I f1ff1 1 1111 1111 L11111 X1LC1S1xl1 T11111111111111 R1111111111 11111111 1111111111111 P1111111 C111110111 R111c1'1 X 11 1 -1 1' 1111 ll 1111 1 1 1 111111 11111 111 111 P111 1CkN 1 111111 311011 , T I111 1111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 , C 111111111 1 C 111 1 11111111111 P111 1111 H11 1111111, O-1 1111 11111111111111, I 111, 1 1 111 11 17111 11111111111 1 X 1 11111 1111 111.111 J 1 1 J IS H1 11111 1 1111 A1 1111 171111111 1111 XIXII S111 111 911g11111C111111111, 1111111 Ilff 111 1111 1111 P1111111 P1111111Q, 111111111111 A11111, 151111118 S1rg11111 1311111 11, 11111111 C11111 1 , X100l'1 1111111111, 1111111111 XX11111111, C111p11111 B1111111111, IX 111 IX11111111,13111111111111 15111111111 811211 111111 Nl111'1'i1 1 1 gs 1 "1 111 QS: Xm1Mwm1m1 -MM 11,1 WA 1 911: ,,. ,. - K saw," K vi 1 ' 1, ' ' 'f-4, ' - 1 g7w nw- I . , f 4.6-6'9n,. -w at 1.,,,- ga f . f. Compony D Lrirr TO RIQIIT: Firxf rozr: Private Cliristoplaerg Sergeants Hill, Pedifordg Ist Sergeant Berry, Sergcants Tucker, Burn- sitleg Private Browng 2nd Lieutenant Meluging Captains Brown, Thompson, lst Lieutenant XVileyg Sergeant Longleyg Private Perdue, Sergeant Cherry, Privates Penn, Cook, Brown, Cilloek, Hamm. SFFOIIII row: Corporal Stewartg Privates Klassen, Lloyd, Lively, Corporal Bengeg Privates Dobbs, Hair, La Grone, Sallis, Wfheeler. Tflirzf row: Sergeant Havens, lst Class Private Watt, Privates Ladd, Wootl, Epps, Bowman: Corporal Reynolds, Privates Wfilliams, Hillin, Eubanks, Michael, Hilger, Crawfordg Corporal Hamilton, Sergeant Berry. Comgoony E LE1-'T TO RIGHT: Firxf Vozr: Corporals W:1lke1', Cook, Privates Parker, Ross, Sergeants Miller, Minniclig Sergeant Me- Clintoekg Ist Sergeant Zuefeldtg Corporal Ezellg Zntl Lieutenants Roekett, Dees: lst Lieutenant Moore: Cap- tains XVolff, W'ileyg Sergeant Deganlaartg lst Class Private Rielaardsong Privates NVinblood, Grayg Sergeant Millerg Private Browng Sergeants Baker, Jordan. SITUIIII rozv: Sergeant MeClintoekg Private Horneyg Corporal Patlen. Third l'UlL'I Sergeant Eeliolsg Privates Cook, Hooten, W'olff, McCallum, Knearem, Coston, Cault, Cun- ningham Newton, Hyles, Fields, Hoeker, Allen, Fox, Sergeant Birdsongq Private Hale. 3 'aw :M s:z9,.fQw,.ew -x new ' ,mfww . A vw- W.- 'wggngaw-Q-.a.T..,w...:.Jyyw',s-', at ww 525:- get RIIfLI2 TIIA NI lfirxf mu: Private Allen, Sergeant Tucker. Iri- vate Lindsay, Iairst Sergeant Bgrry, Captains Pitts, ISI Marco. Si'i'r,11i,! roll: Private fXlulaott. Captain Cill7SfJI1, ML I3rivates I.a Plant, Iiullerq Sergeant Gialube, Captain Lucas, Major Selaoen. P. I COI 5 Inn' OFFICERS' CLUB 1 l'UlL'l lst Lieutenant Ray, Captain Homo, Lieutenants Moore. Iiolse, IIugIaesq Captai I1 Martin, Major Selaoen, Captain Bowles, Ist Lieu- tenant Clailtlers, Zntl Lieutenants XVillianas, Ramsey, ie lnno re. Srmzzif mu: Lieut.nant Colonel Ilotltl, Captain tts, Ist Lieutenants Karr, Austing Captain I'Iol nla, 2ntl Lieutenant liocltett, Ist Lieutenant Ilumplireys. Zntl Lieutenants Russell. Dees: Captain Marco, 2nd Lieutenant Wlaitloelt, Ciptain Ciilwson, Zn d Lieutenant Stiee, Captains I'Iatelaer, Lueasg lst Lieutenant Bond. R.ClT. C.BGnd Llilfl' TO RICLIIIZ Iiirxl wit: Private Mullan: Sergeant Ileeseg Privates XYlLlLlICI1, MeCranie, Ktyesg Ist Class Private Ciootl- znang I'rivates Ilielts, Cilasgow, Hillingslevg Corporal Davisg Ist Class Private Clineg Sergeant Newby: Stall Ser-'eant Llttq Privates Kraver, Conine, Lattimore. Iiarnettg Corporal Bigger: Private Conxvayg Ist Class Pri- 5 . rate Ilarrisonq Private Youngerq Colonel Barton. Si'4'1z11if rim: Privates Leslie, Ciainssg Corporal Tlaaxtong Private Russellg Zntl Lieutenant Muelnnoieg Ijri- vates Iiarrar, Tliurnaan, Mattlaewsg Corporal Slaiffletg I Iiainsevg Captain Ilatelierg Zntl lieutenant Clailtlersg 'lalainf rw1z': Staff Sergeant Faing Privates Balalu, Garret Urivate Iiordg Zntl Lieutenant XVl1itloeltg Zntl Lie Ist Lieutenant Bond: Private Klortlan. LII'L'll,Il1L son, Iltlwartls, Glover, Merriman, Lee. Stephenson. Xlauping Ist Class Private Ernestg Privates Britt, Colte, Conamantler. Longacre, Ranafieltlg Staff Sergeant Langston: Corporal Hawkins: Private Seliultz. dmv, A-,fry-an Q ,ta I it ,x IS? in qv v.., 35- -,ff 515' ,aw M A 1 L f. A J" 2 f nv A M W,H, A ,W I 7 Y ' 1 W 5, 4 L 9' f 3 R ' I ff ig in 5 , W Av , 5 K 4' H fm' fri 'LJ' ik! 'I F A Y . 5 .,. ,1- M ww-QHQAWM .,... ammmsy. fx , Mg, .MW Hn-nngiv :Md- V 'A" ' l Z w ,:2,E X . kA.,Av , . ,b Ilyx x V1 Q 4:5 X, s K 'x ' SA Ng Lg , if A Q A af if W! K, A -gm. vw. 'K 'X , ,fi 22' N 'B ,Z ff N' iff in ,Q A ..- f-"""" 4 xi Nt -swf? 5 S T 2 5 Chorus Li 11 io Ricgirr: lfizxti l'IfIl'I Nornm ' llootl, Doris XY'ebb. Terry Ann B.1liC1', Fmnia e,1n XYYAISUH. Revinn Norris Nlzule - - - if' I l.1ine LVDJXYSOIL Yvonne Nottingham, Mary Llon Holbrook, Margaret Dilleshnw, Bl.1L11AlI1C Wvise, Betty Je Vinson, l.ouix Xloore, Riehartl Snow, Kenneth Surley, Peggy Wiiltler, Mary l"r.inees Blair, Ruth Robnett Norim lierbow, Mary Ann Britt, l5.lI'lW.11'.l Allen, Doris Nelaon, Nelouixe Blgloek, Rhoda Peacoelx. Srfolzrf rolls Bonnie -lo llobson, Ruby Hill, M.1b:l Fnzensperger, Cilennis Coni, Billie Xltirie Tanner llelen Martin. -limmie Ann Cox, Whillgtee Sehmiclt. Ci. C. Arnett, Tom Sellers, Albert BMS, llim Bob Murphy .l.1elx May, Ciixint xlohnson, Miltlretl XYilson, NKll'l11.1 Jones, Ftlith Ayeoelx, -lean Nelson, fXmeli.i Haytloii Bertie Shuffieltl. Qrcheslroi 141.151 'ro Ric.iiT: lfliixf rrzlz: Alice .loin Young, Billy Hirris. Mr. B.1rton. Bobby Qualls, l"leSler XY'illig1ms. Srmizrr' mil: Della Lou Sutton, Betty Cirigsby. Nlnrggiret Ann Unrr. Billy Charles -lnmes, Loyed Nlgtrie Pol loelx, Mrirrlm 'NY'hite. Betty Sue Irwin, Robert Allen, Bobby XXiiCSfINOl'Cl.1HLl. 'l'l2ii'rl mir: Srillv Cnntu, Marv Mnvers, lewie Lefrwieh, James Maberry, llnrl Barnett, Mrirthi Ann lewis Y. A. Andres, CQ.1rl Younger, Milton Billingsley, Cale Stevenson, George Thurman, ,lack Dalton, XV. A. Hnrri son, Chester Conway. Burk mil: Billy Bob Shiflett, Gordon Guest, Jack -loiwlaii, B.irb41r.1Johnson. Nom Johneon, Peggy NY'ihler f r- - sh, me A B Pumfrarg 13, 11,11- ka .,. if Xe f 'A Qeop hog, room Xomkxcd V515 QCOQXC Pm ixs cxxkov c . mjw csfa QCOQXQ wixon. YQNQYX ' Y CCY L L hav L fx so must be C Q have OMAS Dkfwxg, ioomfg Q 'Oc 566. coQXc rims: Avflyylx -f A B Bmnffarg E 1 E15 CNOKO Pu ddwccxs . 'xoxo U . ex qmkcrs. Ckxcrifxsc ,ff-f' X515 . lv my-""W A Bmnurrarg Evarna WSW vi 0 X X I-3025 wwe' 605 llL'f-1 iliatiu Anterirtln Men You are the founders, the workersg you are the believers, You founded your country, made your homesg Plowed the soil, you planted the seedg You fought ignorance and worshipped your Godg By fighting the evils of men, you have stabilized your country. By educating your children, you have insured the life of your country. You, too, are sincere in your love for peace. By establishing the Christ of the Andes, you have proved your sincerity. Men of South America-Latin American men, Wie, of North America, salute you- Salute you for the battles you have fought for your country- We salute you for your earnestness in preserving your country and maintaining your ideals. You are the courageous inhabitants of South America, You are the Latin American men. VIRGINIA CARNEY. 5 5 Q f s 5 15 1 . l il t E 4 g S . ss f . ll E LIPPEK P1cTURE "'When lone Takes ci Hand" PRESENTED BY JANUARY CLASS Directed by Miss Wfilhelnaina Hedde Robert Hughes . Louise Schimelfenig Guin Vaughn . Herbert Stice . Amelia Cristol . David Dees . James Wfiley . La Verne Lowe . James Reagan . Theresa Thompson Marjorie Ferguson Virginia Akers . Charles Moore . . Archiebald . . Jane Dare Mammy Josephine . Mr. Pendleton . Mrs. Bates Jimmie Mortimer John Mortimer Mrs. Poffington . Mr. Smith . Amelia . Henrietta . Mrs. Jenkins . Henry Dare LOWER PICTURE "Then Crazy Smith Family" PRESENTED BY JUNE CLASS Directed by Miss Wfilhelmina Hedde XVilliam Newby Bob Ramsey . Dorothy Petty . Miss Hedde Charles Daniel . Bill Pitts . . Mary Frances Blair Wfinifrecl Ivy . Frances W'atson . Johnnie Ellis . Ora Lee Hair . . Pa Smith . Budtlie Smith . Sally Smith . . Dick Jones Stewart Brandon . Betty Smith . Julie XVeston Holder-of-the-Book . . Ma Smith . Aunt Bella Tommy Selleis . 5 . . . . Tony Smith 7fM!e55't Not in Picture Cranston Dodd . . Professor Slattery Joy Sterrett . . Barbara XVitherby MsX l'dEE?:zi -TfiiiVf s'5?'f , Smal NG STAI-'I 1fi1'ifm'-ill-Cfnirf Pat Murphy .flA'Xf.YfLIlIf Ijififol' ,lnequelyn Allen I?llXjlIl'S.Y Nlrlllrlgvr Kenneth Lowe fltI,l'f'7'fiXi7ltQ Altllltlgfl' Mary Lou Carrell Beatrice Childress Sfwrfx lfffifor Put W'hitaker I"fw.'f1m' Ifrlifm' jackie MeCroskey F,X4'Z7tIlIyQU Ififiim' Donelln Hostler R f'7.Tff. Ififffor Tom Ray Nlwvfm -xlx Arnrn Sflllllffll' Miss Henrietta Eisenlollr l:Al L STAI-'1-' lfififorx Virginia Akers Louise Sclmimclfcnig l311.vf11vss MdlIlIkQt'!' Carl Finley I"l'tlflll'C' Ifrfiffur' Pauline Nlidliiff F,YC'l7lIIIxQl' Ellljllfll' Gwendolyn XVolff Sjwrfx Editor A. P. Wfiley R.O.T.C. Ecliffil' Curl Schultz Ni' , X fbak S110 1150 rs Miss Idabel Cabaniss Miss Ripple Frazer Miss Christine Hammock STAFF Ezfiiors Barbara Horton Louise Schinielgenig Bzfxifzcxx Mlll1lIkQI'l'S Drusilla Baker Charleene Jones B0Okkt't'!IU7' Bill Bingham Tyjiixf Doris Rorie I' W., fri?" ff Arfixfx Harold Blankenship B. G. Eades Robert Hughes Eugene McClintock Wfanda MeSpadden Richard Truly Eleanor Yeargan Erfiforiul Sfzlff Pat Darwin Cranston Dodd Tom Manton Pauline Midliiff Jean Miller Jeanne Moreau Juanita Stan'ey Pko1'0gmj1li:'1' NVanz Nowlin Clvrk june Pain Pujga' B 'in 5 . 3 an Arnnnh Ahnnt , " Cf rfrk fuel.-1' N . 3 4 IXf.lUl'f'gyl11 ru-lx. Thu dr'cmix1g rumn. '-'H 'gy Wmx Ihzrmw Rurlc, the Unk typul. Emmy nm' slapped. M 'J 'NX' This should have been un pmg: IIUICIB'-SUYCII. Iwcuss 4, y V, .lf X us, Dnrix, plums. ' A ,J af sg kjlZ'P"'Y lRRf'K V Mr. Usbmwtu. jglfr .QGJ yr L'K'i3:u.Q'I, 1 llrgeking mom: Ifwris, lmuqcnu, I'.1rsv. Marx' 1' , 1 - x l'r,mcuS. lum' XX nc! llmc muse .md curls lwlmxg tw I-if 4, 1 . ff . . , A - . 54' ,- K k 'ij lf Uuuia. sf , . . X . 1 'Ray , ' K' IIAIIN' .md Iuddy, - K xv, , J- Nw .A L f "Q, ? rg.. ' wif? A J 4ii k,f!'.k-if ! ,W Klfrllm Allcn. ' ' -Ig' w - k 41, Aw' . 4 Q ,P 5 .N r sx '5?,,r.,-" ANI ilu' Ixur. va '- A 1 ' sw-,g.-, f .' . . Q22 lung . . -fi W' ' - . ' ' N I3 -5' ' XM M 1,--' 1: 1 17'lI ll X Tl W. A ,,-1 Q LY, I ,mu :ALM .lui , PM ' .mx un. um Y Ui' KYFCLI CVL'l'yll1ll1g Pl'IIHk'Li ln 11115 Oak. 'I lwcc sczximw .11 php. Xl.zdcI.xinc l3..xum1. l,uuiw lpuul. E K VI-118 uncfnu play cast: llnrullmy Fully, Bill Klux, lliflic .-Xrm Hnmcr. Tum F-I,mIuu. M--.xh II dum snow in Tuxasf A i Nlxry Alirc X14-x'gz111. winner uf ukmy CUIIIJNL in X IXJJIIISLIII. --...,.X ,- xx 4, X .A - 5- 1 K s. ..,,,.:, -A 1 K :Ky 1 my wb K it J ,swf W - 1 li' . - ' .355 24' 'L gma- 152 Y ,My ww Quill' in yr .ln i l 'wmmmmiwmd-X ' - "Kwai 51 Euan., W4 'qc-H. Aihlviira Sjwrfx-fu all ffm' Nun' Wbrlff llffffff ffu' Xl II 111f'1'iu1-.x'kif11g in ffm Amfvx or ffm Ruff:in-ffmrfflzkx Sfflfvx, ju!-11-fa! in So ff? A lllll'--fllflffftlff L1 ff1z'rJ1'ffv H1 ffm' Ullffnf ff 1111 IAM' ff . I1 for fffktlfl flllf-Of.-ffillll' 4'11jr1y111z'11f. fiffnzro nr ffm' Cfl't'llf l.uk4'x-fw111115, Goff tl j ? ,, V A r 24: t is 5? 1, vry, it N55 .Wy . U' ua kxkk . .,,, V f gi L i' X ,, its l "i 1 M A - A pf.. , ,fr x- i f A , , 'Nt l 4 K 5 I5 i. I. V K .ff . ,Q aio ' Qi , N , M1 Q 5 ,l X 'f i ' i 7 Q 4 it L A ,ff x Dorothy June Mamie Ruth lfllen Pep Squad Plvfsllsv Bcity Doziella Carolyn ROSTER Verna Baker, Betty Jean Bates, Doris Bell, Betty lou Berry, ,Ieimnc Berry, Betty Bidwell, Hazel Bivens, johnelle Bradley, Mary lf, liroolts, Dorothy Jean Brown, Lottie Mae Brown, llyelynne Bryant, Billie .lo Burke, Lillian Cnniilex, Sally Cantu. Virginia Carl- son, Anne Chambers, Mildred Chnnslor, Alva Lee Clmtelnine. Martha Belle Coleman, Betty june Collins, Lilliiin Creech, Nl.n'y Crutcher, Xvlllfltlfl Dalton, Carolyn Davis, ,lean Dean, ll len Marie Dickerson, Ruby l'ii1stli.1m, lyy Pain, Norma ,lean Flood, csl.!l'.1 lioster, Gloria Ciillelzind. Betty Grigslby, Bettye ,lane Hays, Patricia Hicks, Lnuril K. High, Peggy llcipkins, Donelln llostler. Lennie litclison, Sylvia klenson, Barbara llohnson, Charleene jones, Fstellii Kneiireni, Dorothy Leek, Carolyn Lemly, Norma Lenz, Ernestinc lester, Florence Lewis, Sue lewis, Fdna Lloyd, -Ioyee Loekfrd, Iiloy Lou Long, Betty ,lo McAdams, Betty ,lo Nleiiee. Doris Jean fxliller, Nlariorie Milne, jenny Ruth Miniek, Paula Moore, Harriet Murphy, Iflaine Odom. Li Nelle Parmfr, Patsy Pledge. Louise Rainwater, Nellie -lo Rnteliin, Peggy Render, Bettie Richardson, Rowena Rintly, l-lileler Roolter, Xerma Rasor, Cionxmnce Sanders, Iune Seal, -Ioffrctte Seal", Ninn Shipley, Charlotte Silyus, Evelyn Sinclair, Elizabeth Sparkninn, ,luanita Stanley. Aloy Sterrett, .lo Ann Stokes, Pauline Stokes, Della Lou Sutton, Wlilma ,lean Thompson, Mamie Turner, Mary XViilther, Doris W'entlierford, Orene XY'liitcomb, Olive NX', Christine York, Doris NVy:itt, Vera Frances Allen. lx H ix 5 i M T Ikon? 1 rw, x . AN x J: Q ' Dick Nell Ruth 1 X L ,M I Q Lx 773:-f il M bn iv ff if , l- " T . bf, , l , fy ig Blue Bond , ll . V V g M s. X X , , LP, 4 Janice Bgtty Joyce Doris Jean Marianne N, L U M ROSTER Betty Joyce Allen, Billy Babb, Farl Barnett, joe Bigger, Milton Billingsley, A. D. Bond, Lee Britt, Conway Childers, jackie Cline, Kenneth Commander, liarnest Conine, Marianne Craig, Fred Davis, jack liarnest, M. N. Fain, Ted Ford, Gordon Gaines, Carter Gault, Charles Glasgow, Harry Glover, Claude Goodman, XV. A. Harrison, Dick Hatcher, Don Hawkins, Doris ,lean Haydon, ,lack lden, Kenneth jones, ,lack jordan, obby Keyes, Joe Krayer, Zach Langston, Charles Lattimore, Charles Lee, Frank Leslie, Claude Marconi, Oscar Matthews, Charles Maupin, Don Montgomery, Jerry Moore, Robert Muehmore, Russell Mullan, Williaiwi Newby, Nell Ruth Porter, Bob Ramsey, Iiugene Reese, Tommy Russell, Billy Shiflet, Cale Stephenson, ,Ianiee Thompson, john Thompson, George Thurmand, Ted Utt, David Writers, Eugene Wntheii, Williaiii Wliittle, Cleo XVhitlock, Carl Younger, Don Coke, James lfd- wards, Bobby Farrar, Howard Garretson, Dick Hicks, Robert Longzcre, Hugh MeCr:mie, George Merriman, Charles Palmer, Dale Pitt- man, ,loe Rnmfield, Billy Robinson, Fred Schultz, Bob Thaxton. WM. j lin!! ' J 'Him .' Alf , W ff J! 1 1 ' 1 ' . if . .,f' 1 A- V ,1 V J E MONTE X if I X J y Q I IDIHIIA xyugux ,"o'.' ,f -Q59 - V 0 :sgiggix ' . I L ? l Aj1:"" Yea-A-A Blue 4 Y n ' YM-A-A Wilkie Q X .Ltx .7 fx arg, t k k K K f a n A Q b AP' R 'ng .. Q'-ang , 51 U ,ummm ,F , ,4- lIAlRl.lQSS CUNQH 'I'l'l 2 3,3 if N W -'di ,, ,A 77 me ai. tial i -.. .Jai . ' FIRST TEAM Lum' TO RIGHT: Firxf l'0ll'.' Harry Cowing, Jimmy Reed, Bob Wassoim, Bill Primm, Rodney Sorenson, Bradley Hogue Richard Avery, Paul Rozenburg, Richard Zuefeldt, Xvanz Noxvlin, Eugene McClintock. SI't'U'7lll row: Bill Burris, Bob Herring, Lawrence Lewis, Albert Bass, Harold Jones, Nick Lanza, Ed Teub- ner, Earl Beesley, Lester Robbins, Harry Kempe. Tfwirzf row: Earl Chirry, Alvin Sheeler, James Calvert, Robert Baker, -lack Lockett, Douglas Pond, Sam Madderra, Richard Hill, Wfallaee Clyce, James Felts, jo: Senter. Football SECOND TEAM First row: Jimmy Paden, Kit Parsons, J. E. Houchins, Jack Tom Taylor, Charlie Davis, Travis Pearson, Calvin Hargis, Mickey Dahlgreen, Ivan Zahn, Oscar Matthews, James Stone, Jerry Layden, Clifford Steel, Phil Grabbe, Tommy Fox, Scott Keahey. Sfmml row: Mr. Harris, Johnny Dowdy, Gerald Bryant, james Steele, Billy Anderson, John Thompson, Bill Conger, Ernest Childress, Billy Durrett, Bobby Behrns, Cecil Winclsor, Billy Joe Tate, Turner Epps, W3yl1C Smith, -lack Jordan, Jack Basden, A. P. Wfiley. 'Hzinl rouf: Richard Gonzales, Grady Spangler, Jerry Moore, Virgil Jackson, Wfilbur Overstreet, Bobby liagnla, Richard O'Brien, Harry La Crone, Chandler Hinckley, Calvin Ellis, Kenneth Pogue, Clyde Surratt, George Harris, Roy'Childers, Billy Gribble, Prank Leslie, Bill Boatman. 3 r dm ww 5 W Q1 . , i, . i f' l , W M , a it :ff he P L" A, A gm ,-,, , q M K M L!,gY,ggg'k1.-sew V , i z:giiB,s4q'N :'5hQ,21NIFWLaf Y' 'KZ an .2 x 3:19 x t ' Z '. Q.. "i an ' ' A .X 5'- - at Q X . yrk ix y .an i Q 1 44' S151 , V 2, H 4, , , 5513: 1 2 6 8 9 10 f wt.-e '59 i K:-.QQ-. I ,Y-Z 4 i? jg 4 R L. Q. get 1 . l 1. BILI. Buiuus, Tizrkle Bill was a first-year let- terman. He was a noisy, depcndablet hard worker and will be missed by the '42 Leopards. 2. ALBLRT BASS, Cwzler "Sam" was another first- year winner of a letter. He was a rugged center-his snap-back always smooth. Was tops as a line-backer and had plenty of endurance. 3. Bon Wfxssox. Bfzelz "Bushel" will be co-cap- tain in '42, He lettered in '40 and '41 and was valu- able at end. Is a smart quarterback. Incidently, he's a member of N. H. S.' 4. TOMMY BOXVLES, Mgr. "Talk-'em-up" lettered in '41 for the first time. He won the gratitude of the team by his johnny-on-the- snot handlinp of equipment. His fire aided greatly in de- veloping team spirit. 5. JIMMY Rl-.l'D, 151111 Jimmy lettered last fall for the first time. He was small but mighty: had plen- ty of fight and was an all- round good end. Could snare those passes. 6. L1-.srliix ROBBINS, Tarkle Les' lettered in '40 and '4l. He was a heads up tackle with plenty of talent: and, exceptionally fast for a lineman. Skillful on of- fense and defense. , VA . 1 1 ..,.....,,f 4 7. RODNRY Sonizxsox, Burk "Muley" lettered in '40 and '41. He was a fast, shitty runner, and trained many a needed yard for the Leopards, A good defensive man, too, especially on passes. 8. EUGENE NlCCLINTOCK, Biffle "Toadie" lettered in '40 and '41. He was a hard- drivinz Leopard with that old fighting spirit. One of the best defensive backs. Will be missed next fall. 9. BILI. PRINIM, Gzmril "Big Bill" lettered in '40 and '4l. Shifted from quar- terback to guard, he was outstanding' both offensive- ly and defensively. He was always a steady and depend- able blocker. IO. Hnkotn joxxas, Emi "HaQie" lettered in '39, '40, '41, He was a strong defensive end. a good blocker and could really pull down those passes. Wzis :1 cun- sistently freed man. The Gomes We Played September 18 Fort Worth Tech . 0 Adamson . September 26 Highland Park Adamson . October 3 . 39 7 . 13 Gainesville High 7 Adamson . October ll North Dallas Adamson . . 7 . 0 19 1 1. XWANZ Now1.1N,ITml Wanz is another first let- terman who will he back in '42. He is excellent as a place-kicker and fine on the defense. Undoubtedly pos- sesses plenty of potential talent. 2. Bon HLRRINU, Turklc "Bull" earned his first letter this yearg was a hard charger and his tackles stop- ped our opponents short. Had a never-say-die spirit. 3. Nltzx LANZA, Burk "King" lettered in '39, '40. '41. Was captain in '41 and made All-City in '39. '40, '41. A triple threat man. he was the cool, de- termined spark plug of the Leopards. 4. ED. TEUHNER, Tnrklv Ed won his first letter in '41 and will be back for his second in '42. He showed the greatest improvement of any lineman on the Leopard squad. S. RICHARD Zur-1-'15Ln'r, Glmrzi "Zue" received his first letter in '41 and will be back to co-captain the '42 Leop- ards, He is a determined blocker with a fighting. win- ning personality. N. H. S., too. 6. EARL B1 ISLIQY, Burk "Kid" lettered in '40 and '41. He was one of the best passers in the city and is a neat runner- excellent on the defense. Will be with the team again in '42. 4 1 rv ' 4 , 7. HARRY Cowixo, liurk "Sonny" lettered in '40 and '41. He is fleet-looted, an excellent safety man. Can twist, turn and pick up those extra yards. Will be back in '42, 8. 1,AW'RIZNCl2 LIEXYIS, Turlelr "Hebrew" lettered in '39, '40, '41. He was a place- kick specialist. Weighed over two hundred pounds and was an excellent all-round lineman. Was also good as a fullback. 9. lkICHARD Avi-'lug Guard "IJusak" was another first year letterman who will be in the '42 line-up. His is a winning' spirit, Yea. team! The Gomes We Played October 17 Corsicana High Adamson . . October 25 Woodrow' Wilson Adamson . . October 31 Tech High Adamson November 15 Sunset Adamson November 21 Forest . Adamson 7 0 14 0 6 O 14 O 0 7 2 3 'S' K. in q4,,s 9 W W l Lf K fl 1 " W 'T , 'af ,U , Ex, N35 F . iw , I IN? I,I1'I'T1-RXIILX ck.1INx'I'I, S1m111m1-. Sullvlw. lluncan. Cfl1.1mllu1', Haw, Puml, lJ.nILw. Bcixsketbclll l,l I'l 'lu R1a.ll1': lin! mu. Yum Clx.1mHcr. PM lhnluy. 171mg Pond. .'XHJCI'l Bmw. licxmx I3um3m. l'.1uI Rufcnlwrg, ufmf mu: klvlmnuy Hub C ruul, Bill Ullvun, -l.1mcx lk.zlx'c1'l, 'I'ur11111y Sullcrs, f'.'lDl.liI!Q Sunny Simnmm, 'llmwuwy plhuir Sclfulx, Ifvfnf mfr: R-vlwrl Nclww, xI,lI1,Yg1A'I'2 ,Iamcx Icltx. Hub XY':wm, XY'.1ll.1uc Clycc. lluylc liamlm, C'l1uqk CL.1ll.uw1'u. , K WM? y Q. Q . , 4 if X , Ang ' ' J' K.. :W ' 8 'Q Y N... LETTERMEN Lindsey, XYVJWSOII, Calvert, Bccslcy, Simmons, Hollnbnuglu, Crccl, Clwandlcr, Bass, Pond, I,1'lIr'rH14'11 7l0f in jmiflllrc: Herbie Moore, Whllncc Clyce. BQsebaH Lnlfr To RIGHT: Firxi rozv: jmck Lindfcy, Doyle Rambo, James Calvert, Paul Jones, Bob XYJHSSUII, chuck Gnllnsfcro, Duane Clousc Srrnmf ruzr: Conch Hcnslcu, Douglas Pond, johnny Bob Crccl, Albert Bass, Tom Clmndlcr, lirncwt l.cdf rd. Tflifzl mfr: Gcorg: llollabnugly Hulcn Simmons, Furl Bccslcy, Hendrix Hollnbzlugh. .ly dx-I1 r '-si... .i Wifi, as Q 'fi xr f,-- iii. S 5 sf x gp gf Q as Ezpii, , I X ' f 4 Jgdhih A an u af' hi i ,Q .fi ' V, W g i W A r i f u 5 ...W K i A 3 J """ i 5 ug , zu A ' w . , v ,-. if Q if Q gl f,. .1E "" , ,i ,, H S i,,. .. i "-' , - k X ll Q QQE? , j:1j ' 'M' "'-4.5 " K' ,iw mins K ia ,l , ...:, .M ,, .. . , my ...,,,,,,,J..:i:,g ,N In i I :bi Ar .. K . ii -S , Vi.. I ,, my ki Tj! i I Wig? alt Xi, k is Y ,-V ,L 455 Q x,i.4.- . . ., g ,,A' gif' 'Jw' ii Q W ,if Q Q14 LL'L i ' ' ' im-:si '+?2Irf"ff fir-1 . , ,,,,,i,,,4, A X wi, i a ki 'fn K W E ,giffnwef is ww ,Q ,ig "" . ii g s ., , K il , - ..., 1 . is i G H T 4 'M' W : i ' -' 4 O ' Sam if ' Y Q- 5 h A 4 , --,: ..., , 'H i ' 7, i N , hgifi 'W ' 'ff fx M 557k-.WN-'kxi iz' . -. , - U W 'M 'W' CTINIVZ7, Mr. Lcftwxcll If mb i . A I , 7 John Dargan, Cjllflffllll Jirnmie Simmons Miiiviii stark Dick Hicks ar cs 'Ll arson ' gifffr Ch 1 F lk 'R Cmzvlr Mr. Smith GIRLS Singfvs Patsy Pledge Dl1ll17I!'.S Ava Jane Wfaddlc Joy Stcrrctt BOYS Singlcx Cranston Dodd Dozzlulvs Charles McRobcrts A ' 5323- Frank Lassntcr ' 'ff W 2' V ' f i ,-we - '9'?i'S.-11' 11.7 fl , V W ' i ' 'Q A 'ei'-an ff 'Z -'xiii -s I XXL Tennis Te-cfm 2-Li ! .Vi- ,, frr '- 6 7 rf K 1' if "ein, , F ffl " "'1ff'5-New Q 4 iw if Mi ,.ii1. AMW' in Lv, . F ' , . 4 'i i , i A awww ""' we-M. .f'i'7f ww L15 'W 6 I--'V 5 ff' x ,1 .. - ,Y ,, , I My r j-, , A-,: Ng75i.,Q., . I ,-2 4719, 9 V. V . A w , Fifi' sf. WV ,C :A ,,. , . 1 . 5, L Q W, -- , . f ,, ,lf 'eww 'W was 262: Wk ,. ff. 'V K w"':-ff., f, , if i A .. , ,wp . , f A ff My '- x 5 w 5 1, K ar 4 1 I V 5 if 4 S f ' 5 A . ,sr if-if f f- rf , , Q? Z WW, im, ,7L,. I A , , I K ' 11 sf? 'K K 1 Maw . Qin all I ' 1 r M , .1 M' S :V y ' X ' '4 if '45, . ws: K , 'Y' feia 1 wffwrn y. S .QM . ?1w.w" QW 4 ' X iw , Wadi ,A was-gA..f.? , . MTE? 4 -1 iff, E , x w " , www , , 'Ja Q, L, w -N-at Q na Tim N WL W IM.: Ark, . . ,, ,,., A.,,,,Lc 'fy n?55.LkH'gq5.54 1QL,,,.v ,. P .sa K M :Q 1, uw' 'K 4: uismbl. S wi.sase.L+ . :annum V W nuns: K 'una ya :atm 4. A Laura K 193811 ', Q, 3 El' V ' :EJ-wx- A f 1131.4 , A eff +L 9 Y' . ' I' 5 sk K M f ig, 9 fs 1- 'J Q74 M fi A V4 W all aw, Wx' .X .QW S A , -1 Q - . 5 - ' Aw. s Q.: iliemember A SENIOR Sept. 9-R-r-r-r-ing! The fun Cwork?j began. Seniors every- where exclaiming, "Aren't lbey little?,' group of sophisticated January Grads. Sept. 16-Jones, Shook, Pogue, and Primm chosen to head that Sept. 26-Yea Blue! Yea Wfhite! Adamson walloped the Scotties on their own field! Oct. 1- "Femmes,' invaded armory. Seven lovely, sensational sronsorsg Johnny Ellis, Katie Pozue, Barbara Horton, Theresa Thompson, La Verne Lowe, Gwen Wolff chosen-Remember their picture in the "Acorn,'? Oct. 3--Gainesville held at a 7-7 tie by "team worku! Oct. 7fCoat hangers, piles of them. For coats? Oh, no! Days were still sweltering. All for P. T. A's. welfare fund. Oct. 11-The North Dallas Bulldogs were mutilated pups after a 19-0 defeat by the Blue W'ave. Oct. 14-Big Bill Primm stermed into the little shoes of Hazel Collier as Student Council President. Oct. 17-Corsicana conquered those fighting Leopards. Oct. 20-Jeanne Moreau suggested the theme for the Oak- Like it? Oct. Zl-Woe-Woe-Woe. First report cards of the season- Stayed home every night for two weeks. Oct. 25--Adamson "socked" again as Wildcats waged warfare on us. Oct. 29-Public speakers spoke! Assembly went with a- pfft-bang! Oct. 31-Tech trampled team with terrific touchdown! Nov. 3-Pedigreed privates received official degrees. Military assembly. Nov. 13-The Ebony Boswell Sisters and the Choral Club from Lincoln High-Real entertainment. Nov. 14-Annual Home Corning Day---the longest assembly of the year with the first three periods cut down to 10 minutes Cach! Old fans visited the "Alma". Inspiring speeches, especially that one by Mr. Sprague. Nov. 15-Adamson-Sunset battle. Sh-h-h-they beat us! 's all right-just home-folks, anyway. NOV- 20-TUfkCY Days-Or did you wait for the second Thanksgiving? Anyway, there was four whole days free for frolic. Nov. 21-Victory! Leopards finished the Lions. 7-O. Dec. S-Super-duper Senior plav. 1X'hat a hero! Have you forgotten Archie, the bell hop, and that cute, cute suit? Dec. 7- --Pearl Harbor-the saddest day of the year. Dec. 9-Football banouet. Beaus and belles. Richard and Bob named captains for '42, Nineteen big beautiful sweaters set adrift in the world to be hooked and fished out by school "cuties" fSome feed, too! Dec. 12-White dresses-soft candlelight-yellow and white bows. National Honor Society Initiation. Dec. 13-General Motors Assembly-ain't Science grand? Coal, air, and water and youive got a brand new outfit-Try it sometime. Dee. 20-Clash, clatter, bang! Boogie-Woogie! Rhythmeires bowed to the society of Hepcats and 'Gators. NVhicl1 did you like better Xerma? Daphne? Maurine? Dec. 25-Jingle bells, jingle bells. Last minute shopping rushes -Oh, what fun! Christmas baskets everywhere, "All who joy would win must share it-Happiness was born a twin." Dec. 23-Jan. 1-Two hilarious weeks. No detentions, no curfews, no alarm clocks. Excitement every hour. '42 came in with a bang!-Maybe it was because of that flat-l Jan. 2--B-a-C-k-again. To work? No, to school. Jan. 9-Basketball team kept ball in 'lTech's baskftn for a 49-19 win. Senior Hi-Y dance. Luper's corncob pipe. Letis see! who did I go with? Oh yes, I remember! Jan. 13-"Personality-plus kids" were elected. See pages fifty- one to fifty-seven. Pleased? Jan. 16-Semi-Annual fashion show-models wore white rib- bons with "Senior" printed thereon. ,Member Katie Pogue's green shoes? That programme? How we raised ole W. H. A's. roof! Jan. 19-21-Pity the poor undergrads-struggling with exams. Jan. 23-Commencement! Sweet girl graduates-shining eyes. Brave youth-eager faces. Alas! Childhood days gone. Jan. 26-New term began: new 4A's. 'Tm sorry, dear. This class is full." "Say, kid, when do you have lunch?"-Yard birds frantically searching for saber oil and rifle reports. Feb. 8-More beautiful Sponsors. First squad to the rear March! Forward! Nell Ruth, Mamie, NlVinnie, Doris Jean, and Mary Ellen -March! Feb. 16-Senorita Maria Christina Dittel, a little bit of happi- ness frcm Costa Rico, visited the Spanish Classes. !De veras es remonisima! Feb. 17AJune Seniors elected officers. See page Twenty. That cute one is my heart throb! March 3fThat fellow Dodd! Into everything. New president of Student Council. Barbara and Nell Ruth to help. Miss Frazer beamed! March 6-Tramp, tramp, tramp. Mr. Leonard, our first faculty soldier, left for the Army. Was almost overwhelmed by attention from his adoring classes. March 13-The Jinx Dance-Student Council, again. Wasn't the orchestra good? And the hamburgers on our way home? W'e double-dated that night. March 26fSalom Rizk, the Syrian, held us spell-bound and gave "My Country 'tis of Thee" new meaning. The sincerity of the speaker and the attention of the audience was impressive. March 29-The Rifle Team brought home the bacon! The Hearst Plaque came back to A. H. S. April 1-Miss Hedde announced cast for June play, "That Crazy Smith Family." April 3--Student DayfSolemnity, dignity fun. Schoen wore his dad's old uniform. Names of former classmates serving in the armed forces read. April 8-fOne-act play 'Wlfhich is the Way to Boston" given pre-vue in Assembly. Tom, Dorothy, Billie Ann, and Bill were swell. Still wondering how they could have been beaten! April 18-Juanita Stanley won the Spanish Essay Contest-the fifth consecutive winner for Adamson. Methinks this speaks ex- tremely well for some persons interested in this field of endeavor. However, it might be that Juanita is just an exceptional essayist as well as Betsy Manton, Jeannette Roundtrce, Johanna Jones, Helen Spangler. April 30-The lust of the Oak goes to press today. Seniors are thinking of their importance. All senior dates are made and plans for Commencement complete. The Senior Prom will be Friday, May 22, the night of the Senior Day. It's to be formal. Saturday, the 23, Johnny Ellis will have onen house for us all. Monday therelll be a Sunrise breakfast and later a Tea Dance, with Beatrice, Barbara, Mary Frances XWilson, Dolores Crockett, Betty Taylor as hostesses. On Tuesday, Seniors will go to Mrs. Baird's Ranch as guests of Marv Lou and Bill Pitts! So on, thru the week-a bowling party, a kid party, a swimming pertv, an ice- skating party and then Conaniencefrieet-at M'Farlin Audtoriurn- so Uncle Gus and Aunt Mary, Grandpa and Grandma and all the cousins and my own family can see me graduate. I've asked to have my whole name printed on my diploma. Think the folks, especially Dad, will like it better than the nick- name. Wonder how I'll feel when that Diploma is really in my possession. looking back now, it has all been fun and I've le:-rned many things. W'ill forget some of them but never this: "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all.', LEIIHYBIEIIIB nf GBM Eihvrig EX-STUDENTS IN SERVICE ARMY Leighton Atteberry, Bob Beardon, Gene Bivings, Harrell Bivings, Charles Bartlett, Robert Calder, Robert Casteel, Charles Childers, Fred Carmichael, Bert Carlton, Alfred Coffey, James Christie, Paul H. Chatelain, Morris O. Dobiapanski, W'illiam Donnell, Ralph Echols, Hoyt Frasier, Harrell Frost, Dale Frost, Jack Guard, Rex Gandy, Louis K. Gardener, Jr., Billy Jack Green, Charles A. Gare, Almon Hare, Jack Harris, Wilbur Hurt, Richard Humphrey, Joe Helms, Woodrow Hunt, Marcus Hancock, WE A. Hamilton, Jr., James Hodge, Wayne Johnson, Bill Jones, Earl Kerbow, Dec Kerr, Don Livingston, Pete Layden, Xvilliam R. Large, Jr., Ed Lowe, Odell McGrew, George McManus, Bill Medley, Roy McNutt, Edward D. Marshall, Wfilliam Lee Morrow, Hal McCal- lough, Paul Merjanian, Albert Nelson, Ray Niblo, Donald Ogden, Ralph Osburn, R. A. Pitts, Robert Parker, Wilson Peters, Earl Schell, L. C. Sport, James Sutter, Ernest Redwine, Bob Redwine, Jack Redman, James Richards, Lee Roy Rittenberry, Edwin Rippy, Charles Redding, Douglas Rawl- ings, Garrett Sutton, Billy Smith, Bud Sprague, Ray Teubner, XV. Thompson, George Tunnell, Bill Finley, Truman Wilder, Earl Wfebster, Howard White, Phillip Vfhittlesley, Pace Weath- erby, Jack Williams, Billy Young. Charles Yater, William Turley, Roy Green, William WVGDSICY, Oscar Johnson, Johnny Sprague, Jim Dillahunty, Jack West, Bill Atkinson, Jim Burks, C. M. Mil- ler, Floyd Terry, Jack Beckham, Alvin Sterling, Robert Capers, Robert Bryant, Earl Gossett, C. M. Satterwhite, John Harrison, A. E. Owens, Raymond Sabotini, Fields Childress, Wallace Haakc, Albert Bowles, Stewart Reeves, Marvin Bisecker, O. R. Baker, B. A. Carrell, Howard Dailey, Wilford Earnhart, Mike Elphingstone, XValter Hill, Joe Kerbow, Louis Michel, Thomas A. Price, Jr., Gerald Page, Tom Sawyer, Robert Smith, James Weston. NAVY Anderson Alexander, W. C. Adkisson, Claude Beedle, Bill Brown, Eugene Brownlow, Herbert Babb, Billy Jack Chapman, Don Childers, Bert Craig, Otis Carter, Franklin Crain, Robert Cotner, Richard Duncan, James Fox, Jimmy Gleason, Claud Otto Hocker, Sterling Hulen, Oliver Hen- drix, Cecil Hill, Billy Knapp, Charles Lucas, Eugene Lowery, Foster Lemley, Joe Maida, Ralph Ogden, Sam Orr, Dodd Osburn, Morgan Rogers, Howard Sloan, Earl Schultz, Peyton Smith, Ottie Lee Samms, Tim Wfelch, Herman Whitley, Marvin Fowlkes, Donald Hunley, Jimmie Hughs, Gene Norvell, Nolan Paris, William Weston. MARINES Elbert Bush, David Betts, Wilson Board, Leland Carrol, Henry Campbell, William B. Carrell, Elmer Durrett, John Drake, Gene Fultner, Ed- ward Few, Eugene Fritz Luck, Ted Lynn, Jr., Andy McBeath, Harry Neal, Gene Norvell, Bob Patrick, Stewart Reeves, Holt Stanford, Howard Wtillace, John Wyatt, Vaden Whitley, Gene Winters, Bobby Patric, Homer Bankhead, Willard Innes, Jack Morgan, Eddie Monk, Billy Bob Williams. COAST GUARD Joe Brown, Bob Farris, Bob Wfolff. Robert XVood, somewhere in a German prison camp. .Un Hlvmnriam KILLIED IN slanvlizic Robert Carlisle, Joe Foley, Rex Gossett, Jay E. Pietzsch, R. B. Vantress, W. Thompson, Tom Neal. Om' l'lu11zll'i'if Tbirfwu winners nf Elini 2-Xmarh fur Srhnlarship ONE YEAR 2B Peggy Morris, Asa Holleman, Homer Lawson, Betty Jo Hamm, Jacqueline Dillon, Mary Walth- er, Toy Tabor, Bob Lovell. 2A Margaret Goodwyn, Mary Mayers, Wyllcna Bry- son, Connie Louise Young, Betty Sauragi, Billie Fae McLaughlin, Bob Blevins, Jean Cullum, Edith Province, Dorothy Watkins, Charles Maupin, Geraldine Skeeter, Jean Vining, La Nelle Palmer, Gloria Clouse, Betty Jo Owen, Jack Lindsy, Jean Dysary, Johnelle Bradley, Margaret Bohanan, Avery Slaughter, Bill McCormick, John Emery, Marie Tamplin, Drucilla Bivings, Bobby Sue Miller, Elizabeth Newby, Katherine Kerr, Bebe Keyser, Serena Coppedge, Murlene Fuller, Richard Newton, Patricia Hubert, Vernon King, James Hitt, Jeffrey Horney, Jack Hybs, Harry Slaugh- ter, Joyce Green, Mary Hendrick, Sylvia Jenson. 3B Patsy Kelly, Bernice Sutton, Fred Davis, Madeline Dawson, Louise Faust, Daphne Harkey, Betty Lou Hix, Fred Erler, Louise Steely, Alleen Sullivan, Arene Whitcomb. Marjorie Milne, Charles Gaines, Virginia Hodges, Jack Redding. 3A Virginia Napier, Mildred Taylor, Bobby Ander- son, Betty Anderson, Betty Joyce Allen, Marianne Craig, Lorene Crossland, Jimmy Lou Lowery, Tommy Sellers, Jane Shelby, Floy Horn, Nancy Page Our HllIItll'l'tf F0llI'fE't'll Randall, George Hollabough, Earl Havens, Lu- cille Williams, Jane Moore, Lloyd Posey, Doris Wyatt, Eva Lee Harralson, John Walraven, Juan- ell Bullard, Billy Shiflett, Treva Jo Matney, Jackie Wilder, Billy Childers, Porter Lee Bledsoe, Sue Huston, Priscilla Richardson, Bernie Carrell, Jimmy Scroggins, Don Rodgers, Eugene Ross. 4B Xerma Rasor, Billie Anne Hunter, Julia Johnston, Imogene Smyers, Turner Epps, Sara Sue Tipps, Patsy Pledge, Janice Thompson, Lauretta Cason, Bobby Short. 4A Virgie Turner, Helen Martin, La Verelle Smith, Frances Barnett, Clara Nell Woodruff, Pat Murphy, Oliver Williams, Naomi Reno, Cranston Dodd, Robert Gentry, Jean Tamplin, Mary West Leatherwood, Billy Tuley, Margaret Coleman, Beatrice -Childress, Mack Everetts, La Vonne Alexander, Pat Whitaker, Durelle Tripp, Barbara Horton, Jacque Hatfield, Tom Ray, William Newby, Robert Muchmore, Ann Chambers, Lewis Leftwich. F OUR YEAR Jacquelyn Allen, Verna Baker, June Brown, Effie Collum, Rosalyn Cruse, Clara Foster, Ellen Gillette, Lillian Gleason, Doris MeKeen, Doris Rorie, Juanita Staney, Janice Thompson, Mar- garet Ruth Welch, Mary Gene Wilson, Alice Jean Young, Mary Lou Carrell, Jeanette Durand, Charles Lewis, Felix Froese, Algar Schoen. Texans are proud of Texas. There is something about our size and resources, our origin and struggles, our ambitions and our destiny that stirs the soul and is peculiarly like Pan Americanism and all that it embodies. Our very name 'QTexas" is Spanish. Our climate is as varied as that of Pan America. Our proximity to many of our I,atin American neighbors has resulted in the overlapping of religious, political and social customs and ideals. Many Texans speak the language of our neighbors as well as their own. The following poem is offered here as evidznce that there is an analogy between Texas and Pan Americanism. Elexas By Beiiy Claire King I VI Man of the flashing eyes, Man with the greasy Clothes, Man of the undaunted spirit, Man with the strong arms, Nature lover, Nature dweller, Oil seeker, oil driller, Worshipper of the Great Spirit, Master of black gold, Yours is the pride and mystery You have built a city of towers CIf L1 Descendants of Alabamas, C Your I'Iave great people, oushattas, courage and tenacity inspired the children Of your conquerors. Derricks that point to the sky, Pumps that sing a song of Tex Amarillo, Kilgore, Burkburnett, Oil seeker, oil driller, You are part of an Empire. LIS, You began an Empire. H M1 'tl the stio VII . . . in wi 1 ' nf' ne Man with the big sombrero, U I Man of weatherbeaten feat UFCS, Man of the little boat, Gulf sailor, gulf fisher, Cow uncher shee raiser. P I ' P Man of the coast, Texas rancaer, Your Your cattle graze on all the prairies, sheep cover every hillside, You are king of our Empire, You are Texas personified, Yours are the fish, The shrimp, the oysters, Yours are the ships That carry the wool, the beef, The cotton, the wheat, the oil, W1thMygcS15mtlgI tales of Pecos Bill, Captain You are Part of an Empire. ,Iudge Roy Bean, Big Foot Wallace, VIII You are a symbol of Texas. Man in the smart grey suit, III Man with the cosmopolitan air, Miin in dusty overalls, City dweller, money maker, Man with the plow, Sower, tiller, reaper, Son o Your Your Your f the Texas soil, cotton has clothed a nation, corn has fed the people, wheat has strengthened children, Texas business man, You have built cities, Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth, The factories belong to you, Trucks on highways, You have fought drouth and starvation, Buildings, ships, and bridges, Back of industry you are standing, You have financed an Empire. You, a dirt farmer, a provider of an Empire. IX I . . . . . V Man with the smiling face, Man with the pruning shears, - - - . . r Man with the twinkling eyes, Man with a wicker basket, - A . . . Fair planner, fair goer, Fruit grower, fruit picker, Fun mllkcr Vzll' K 7 . I fy man' . . You have educated, entertained, Your orchards stretch beside the Rio Grande, . The State Fair of Texas, Your oranges, grapefruit, lemons, Are treasures of the Valley. Your work is good. It has put roses in children's cheeks. You have helped to build an Empire. All the county Fairs, Rose Festival, Battle of Flowers, Fat Stock Show, Pioneer Days, You have glorified an Empire. X V Man with the long saw, Man of lofty spirit, Man with the swinging axe, Man of great heritages, Wood Cutter, home provider, Texas lumberman, Yours are the forest of East Texas, Tall, straight, strong pine trees, Lumber for the homes of Texans, Wood pulp for newspapers, Wood cutter, home provider, You are part of an Empire. Yvorker, helper, creator, Texan, Your Thermopylae, the Alamo, San Jacinto, Goliad, your hallowed shrines, The world knows you, Your strong hands build, not destroy, Your Lone Star is brightest of all, You are the Empire of Texas. O 1111 Bus. M-0480 TEXAS BARBER SHOP ".Moxl fI0lllf7Il'fl' 111 Dulfaxu I Texas Thcatrc Building PIQIXUTY SHOP Ton KI. H'XXX'RINS OAK CLIFF MUSIC CO. PIKIIIOS, Radios, Vivfrofrzs iuscioums AND Music Open Evenings 226 XY. -Icffxsnii XY'-1171 DUCK PIN BOXVLINCI SODA SL LUNCH CLIFF LANES i Fun and Recreation W 633 XV. Davis St. P.1t Paterson Phone C-0302 RENE H. COX FUNERAL HOME B11 Vial I 11511 razzcc' JIIIIITIIILIIIKK' S: rl iw Davis .ind Madison SLTCCLS NLS 11-Sf Pi1Ll'1CS'NIfg1 66 Compliments of BALL NUT 85 CANDY CO. 409 South Beckley lIu'lax' Bax! Bzzys FRANKLINES 1610 Elm Street Fur ci11iiL11'C11, -Innimw, Nliiicx, XVnnicn and I.1u'gQr Nvonii-n Di.'11.'x' Mo I .x1!I!1'1'II Slum' AUTOGRAPHS CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL SENIORS FOR YOUR FUTURE HOMES CC I nderson Furniture Co. 2101Elm Since 1897 1111x711 Slxlwfl AUTOGRAPHS FUR STORAGE QUALITY CLEANING CU. GARfxIliN'I'S INSURED 634 XVcst -Isffcrson 13. M. Bridges ljliowc NV-47 27 MANDELSTAMTS WOMEN'S APPAREL 125 VV. Jefferson St. Phono YV-85 11 Compliments of .I ack Hendly Service Station Buckley at Nintli Collzplinzclzfs fo fha' Sfvziors CLIFF SANITARY BARBER SHOP THE SHERWIN WILLIAMS CO. Me ' n BUSINESS COLLEGE A Distinguished Dallas Institution Since 1887 IVICI'1'0fJ0lifdI1 G1fr1a'1mf:'s Always Suvcecd Phone C-8773 for Catalog PKIIIIIIS - V!1'I'llj.YfJF,Y EIIEZIIICIS - IVLIH Pzzpm' Plionc NV-S417 300 S. Beckley GARRETSON AN Flfizkm' 'I'yj:i':i'ri!i'i'i Ri'fv.1i1'wil mmf Iivfzlrgl Nvoodstoik oi' 1702 Commerce Plionc Cf-1-H2 7 Q Tl , ,f X f f f 2.1322 furmen Sf'f"'!T W'here flak Cliff Studvnts Trade Arrow Shirts---Su-tson Ilals Jzlsman Shoes Kirsr-hhaum Clothes 333 West Jeffersmi Page Om' I'I11mfrc'1l Saw I AUTOGRAPHS tvaavinmc Musica 3 "Zy"iL"8Z""P5' New Slore 1108 Elm Street KRAYER'S PHARMACY P7'l'Sl'l'il7fi01I P!Jfll'lIIlIl'iSf fIUlOl'.lLlU at Ballard Pl10l1C XV-USS Dallas, Texas MISTLETOE SHOE SHOP Wfork App l"f'C'illlLC'd WS li. jefferson Don XVallace, Prop. CONGRATULATIONS ADAMSON OAK FARMS MILK Harrison Grocery and Market 305 N. Bishop Un' PZIOIII' M-5101 for SI'l'l'fl'l THANK You 1 5 TFNTH STREET BARBER SHOP 616 East Tenth Street 622 ITIONS Efficient Employment Superior ard more than 600 positions annually-SSH more than than we are able to fill-virtually assure inspiring employment opportunities to Drnughon graduates. Twenty Accredited Courses leading to early starts on business careers. Largest in Dallas. call, Phone R-3133, for complete information. 1 TBUSINESS mu OWLCQLLEGE OPPOSITE CITY I-IALI. lr llllmlwif Ifitqfwfrrfz A, L 1 ' ' " L T ' 4 N H-,RSD AUTOGRAPHS COMPLE Eliiicilxiimgllk IS F BOLIN 85 SELVIDGE FURNITURE CO. 209 East efferson I VVQ Buy, Sell and Exchange Phone M-2586 fb Trivks, jokes, Puzzles, Sozzvwzirs MAGICLAND 409 Ervay fOpposite Post Officcj Q.. BEN FRANKLIN STORE 230 W. Jefferson A BETTER PLACE TO SHOP M-0612 0 Compliments of PHILLIPS-TAYLOR Five fo zz' Dollar Sforcf 121 W. Jefferson -45 Lamar W Smith Fzmem! Home 800 W. Jefferson Phone M-2146 ty FOR CAREER AND COLLEGE FASHIONS SMART GRADS COME BACK TO , FROCKS, COATS, SUITS SPORTSWEAR, LINGERIE 1612 Elm Street I g O 'Ilumlml N I L. O. DONALD DRUG STORE AUTQGRAPHS Tyler 86 Jefferson N40 Years in Oak Cliff, M-2116 Compliments of JNo. E. MORRIS Co. Chevrolet OAK CLIFF BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 250 W. Jefferson Mathew,s Flower and Gift Shoppe MRS. xv, P. MATHEWS DISTINCTIVE FLOXVERS Special School Flowers and Coursagcs AT REASONABLE PRICES 106 S. Beckley W-4207 BERWALDS DRY GOODS CO. 215 W. Jefferson "More for Lessu BO-JAN HATS Across From Texas Tlmentrc Hafx Made fo Order fo Carry Oni Your Color Srlwvnzc KIANNF POTEET BOBBIF LOCHART 0 w RI BREWER Milizazry amd Sporty Www 1803 Elm Street R-6206 l - l P g O 1' Hll!l1,l't'l1 Tll't'l1fV1' , -- Y - -- , - AUTOGRAPHS As you go upward and outward into the world you,ll come to appreciate the worth of quality in everything you buy .... E. M. K alan 8: Co. Quality apparel for DIEN, ll0YS and YVIIDIEN Cf Compliments Qf exiif - Rofwiii - Midway Bison ami! Affoif Tbeiifief A 'Q Frzmcinos Dress Shop 238 W. Jefferson Excliifivenem Without Extmmcgmice Across from the Texas Tfoeczfre La Vonne Rindy-Owner Jean Gleason 1roH11Tz TEXAS SEED 81 PLANT CO. AUTOGRAPHS S28 East Tenth Street Ff0zL'1'rx amf Plalzls for All CDl'l'lISf0I1S Phone W'-1124 C. S. Rydell X Phone M-0397 Ono Day Service TIPTON'S Cleaucfrs mm' D yers l A Nm' am! Mmlf-rn Plum' No Bevler Cleaning in Any Price 116 S. Beckley Lusterize Procew COKE LUMBER 81 WRECKING CO. l XX'e are in Oak Cliff and Handle Everything 1 lhat Goes in your Building. 818 N. Becklev W'-5830 1 X E CHAMBERS LUMBER CO. . 2401 N. Beckley Ave. N Dallas, Texas xl N Night Phone W-4034 Day Phone C--4203 1 Compliments of N LUBY'S CAFETRIA No. 1 I 205 Browder St. fAround the Corner from Baker Hotell Home Cfookingg Popular Prices l NU-DEAL GROCERY AND MARKET 328 E. Ninth M-02410 ifliwl! I 9 5 ? Q 4 1 .I Yr . . . A ra 3 Li r if 1e 1 ,-.Q25.2. .. xi? 5,12 ,b.y 3.i,,g.1.,., .P 9 EQ, 5 ,ggiizfig-5' M X liliiqigi, 1,,.y, gz2i.1,3fi5iig3, ' ,"i ' "" fvwfeifla DIAMOND 990' 1 ' H f ,.y, Q. A QfQQQQQi'y1i'yfQi Elm at Harwood at bbbb. bqbb f M "'. Fine qualiiy diamonds, wafches, . X 5 "i' Z ""' ' i"' fi'i?f1 "fi """ 5'5" iewelry on mos? convenienf credif .1 "" I H lerms. Cash or credif, one price 7, 2 ."'i Z' 'lo all, no inieresf, no carrying 'Q .5-Qi.. 1 1' yy. y3:f -. N0 GREATER VALUES ANYWHERE! - ., Pag Om' Ilnmfrmf 7ill't'IIfj'-fll'lJ EILS V EA UTY QQLLEGE LEARN BEAUTY CULTURE Mrs. Margaret XVatl4ins writes: "I am EASIfggI.1II6NgNiJggEIgi3,ELY averaging S25 per Week." This is the REQUEST FREE BOOKLET, average pay for the Neilson graduate. 412 W. Iefferson cT0lIIlIlt'fl'I'j' Air Cfzrzzfifiofzvzl Madison 0458 ' 7 9 ln SllI!'l"IAt' 1rppr'm'r'ir1lirm of Ilia jlfllfflllllfll' mul fricnclslfip of ilu' onlin' Slurfwnl Ilmly mul fllfflllly of lfw llullus lfzglr bwfmols for ilu' pm! wzgfalrwrz years American Beauty Cover Co. 2002-8 North Field Street Thr COUFI' of Ibis Book was Pl'0dlll'l'Kll in This Pfam' 77' ff DIAMONDS : WATCHES : SILVER : JEWELRY : TROPHIES Compliments of One of the Soazfhlv Finext Iefwelm l'l T T I. If S Forffy-five Years in Dallas Second Floor Soutliland Life Bldg. Next to Baker Hotel Extra Heallhfulf ,,,,. ,..a S dtE lea aa i i te Dehclous, too ff e r 1 r de, 'd E r e ae J r S 1 Here's the Bread reete at S 'fa 4l"2fffW ll' eal E 1 "":-I: 3 3 " ' '- z 5 1 Adffavd " ' "-v: 5: :" 'iifififii thats best for ynu .A V , , 1A- " Szafffrf?'2'5i"' :.q i r.:V:: V, 1. A qqbb JB ! ',i..,1 A A ' ' -:Q if - ,,,.',,,,. 5: :,1 1 :1.1 A 'Q ,. W, ,: , . -.,:,,.. 1., , .,1.1,g- ,ir d . .. 1. - 1 '4'1 4 nr ' -' "" " A' A 'A r Oven Fresh init 4 at Youir Grocers Pagv Uma Ilumlrml Tzzffrl fy DENISUN on vour PHUTOCRAPH is the same as Sterling on your SILVER W 1 STUDICJS 1 102 M ELM STRl'Il'1T Official School Photographer P g O II rzalmf TlL'L'IIf'1'-ffllli' i 3 lizlqv Om' lllllzalrzwl Tlt'l'lIfV1'-fill' Y .. 'hm ' ....' A ' ' ' " ' ,.., W'L. '- - A '.-1 A Each year finds an even greater effort on the part of both the Oak Stall and our organ- ization to keep up the high standard of Oak Masterpieces. NVe appreciate the journey through the years with your publication personnel and Adamson High School officials. SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING CGMPANY of DALLAS JAMES H, XVEBB, PVK'SiK1l'7lIf P1f0dz1c'c'1fs of Bcficr College fllIllllflIS Hurry M. Crenshaw, Mumlgrr Cfaflwgr' Allllllzll 1Ji'fItII'f'lIIl'f1f DALLAS, TEXAS Pagu Om' llumfml Tufunfy-iix tknomlehgements The Oak Staff welcomes this opportunity to thank those who have aided in the publication of this yearbook. Especially do We appreciate the continuous, sympathetic understand- ing of Mr. Allen. To Miss Graves, for her unfailing and cheerful co-opera- tion we say, "Thank you". To all faculty members who have given sugges- tions and helpful criticism, we offer "mil graciasn. To Colonel Clement and the Corps for their efficient supervision of the picture making, We also give thanks. To Mrs. Mabel Smith, artist, for assuming the respon- sibility of the art work, we are particularly grateful. To the students not on the staff who have been enthusiastic helpers, We extend our heartiest Wishes that you, in turn, will receive the same encouragement and assistance when you publish the succeeding Oaks. We hope that Messrs, Crenshaw, Bennett, Wilkinson and Denison,s Studio will accept our gratitude for their friendly and valuable guidance. To you, We owe a tremendous debt. Because of you, our task has been a happy one. Sincerely, TIIE STAFF. Page Om' Ilumlrrd Tu li 1 HL ww MF' fl? ,,,,.,,,f f:3fc4,,f,,,Jfffg JJ E N X h 'fill 9 D , C L56-Y HE V 50 f A I T1 "I kf X . " Y 1 I xiii My 45 VK lx 1 1 wx f' f 1 ...ff Z ff f ,ff XJK rf-v' I 1

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