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Text from Pages 1 - 150 of the 1941 volume:

r 5 V1-4..z4,Q 4' ,Q AVL., 4 Q U 1 I k X- , W V n1M'C"-Q.. +7 A f , W - ! .ff , . XD 7 j ,I I ' i VJ, ' x f 19 t ,v MN Mil , ff ' ' If V, 1 If X ,0,0!fLl!f , ' W, lp, 1 Q! , 1, 'of yfQQfgN4 .E I, , 1 L- f ""-1 'S' : Y "Q- - . U , fps: , Q, , ' ae wh X r 15, i X, MSDN HIE If 1 . f ' N i NQJL4' -ivy x - Nf NA-W' jj - ff , Q 'X f- L' . L., .. , 1 j A Y, A b 9 A Z , xf I 'Kr :iff ' , A ' ' 'A "A X wa! 1 , ' ' ,. .yr ' 'gf-g f . .f"' - f r 'X " ,wwf fa' 45 XP ' H ,Off " ,. F A ,ka ,NAV V,,. ,,1,V,?Etj, N A: Lv f , Y 1,1 A f kynvvf 'W sf 5' ,Q 4 ' 2 , A ! ' ' X ,Ex k I X 4 ' . Q Q . ' V J JW , i Z6 0' 5 I W f .I 4. Q A . I . , A -I c I AK M' , ,J 6 'z A I f ' fn Q -f ' 1 ,fn ifiy- K' ,im ,Y , J Q , ' 'M ' R - T, M, ' i 5' f 1' A - Mkbjv L K lx 'K - A , . ' ' JAJMJ i. 9 fig 1 ,tl ix M , -K R , Q -g ,Q f' V ' ' Q"-41 , A 5 4. , f UM! I W , N , - ,., A ,J ,vi J f f gf . 1 ' -8144" pf - f f gf-Aictx , , ,, ., 0 df LL 'V I I t ' pkfgkbtf . , ,ff f . Z ftCf7ff,l'Lf,KVLffw,' ,fig 4 ,alfxf I 4 I +1 f I, .Y lfgwcfy , .- wh, 1f,ffJlu2,,1,4 , V,-JJ " If , ' . ' ' 'J-:E fain .Ji , A If , ,.,,,, . ,. --7-,, ,,., hw ,H ,,,YW,,,,,,,,,n.,.. ,-, ,V ,Y . ...wid V.,V E vw? My W ff ' M AWMQQJ X N . , , , WQMLWM , 7ZMfw-4fw441M-2-JfvC6k XS mgiyo, Q if "Q W ' N M A WW ,ii Xq' , L 9 A , EN QSQBW QQIW .,,l X X . Y E E, Wg .ig S' -, ? X ,., ,., ...-, 1 . ,.....,.1-..- , ,,-L.4.....m2ig,L.., ...-JaKg4.g. - - ff H R K ... ,,,. ALJ- ,,.....n........A..s.x-XM - MM... -...-,. ,A , ,.,..,,. .. I' 1 J' X 5 , '- . J Y ff ' fl N f fn ' ' 4 Y' f' ' FAQ J' f ' K , M j4 X jj X " Nf I - w xy. Q JA X N 1 X3 A -.Till-.1.J ' - X X C 5 19.59 N73,,'k.1, .- U, sl JJQPJ . 5 XJ C15,.,.1i'7 . . .Hiq .154 P XR-N lx fii-IKXATALL-,j.Xf N fxfzsr iwwLMVHqQf+ uv 4 t A 2 G ffl f A lisa: Q J Q , , E l rm Q I ' , if M' , rj- L A ,4,, . N Qjf .f V!! ky' H, 1 'jf if 7Q47 w J J 1 A ,K ' I .rj ji M v' wr" X Af 3 .' . ' l A A J ,X . JJ, 1 ,IJ 8 l I X , I ' . I K! A ll 11' A g RQ y up I.: " ff Xi' A ' ' ,I A V Ji , X: j , y . , s A 4 Eu N ' f ,f f eff XX W N-2 fi! I 4 YEXXR ' ' X 'x 1 fl 55 wif , A . . fi ' Ex- A - ,f .QM X43if3fEw' fy Mf,ff f'7 ywf go V7 iff . M n ,. . .kj km: swf F- X2 wvlf 3 ,, ,I 5 if Vxys' . ,J if : M :az ' ,. wi was SEQ Cin- "ST 2' x w ' f gditor X Nj LEN A TARDIO X ". X 7 ty' Q vf M ,fx 1 M X Ill Ill Ill Ill lllulll T Go-Cgditors jig?-I U 4 7 4 P ANNA JO POTAK R- FRANCES FOWLER A J fv, -H1 J ff X - . - r-, . w f I., ' 1 ,. A, lr I 1 , ff, Q. A, fm UZ Gag YQ47 Qpublzsbed by the Senior Glass of Cgdarnson gUgf2 School - Qallas if JV" Oak Staff Lena arclio . . . . Eoliior-in-Chief Anna lo Poiak D , Frances Fowler l ' ' ' CO-Edllors H322 5123552 . . . Business Managers Helen Spangler . . . . Bookkeeper SPONSORS Miss Mabel Rockett Mrs. Nellie Clement Miss lclabel Cabaniss Miss Ripple Frazer Miss Christine Hammock Rs Oak Staff EDITORIAL Lena Tardio Anna lo Potak Frances Fowler BUSINESS AND ADVERTISING Wyatt Sawyer larnes Vaughn Helen Spangler SNAPSHOTS The Kamera Club ART Robert I-Iuahes Dorothy Polk Pat Poulsen Robert Truly D'Maris Benola Page F1 Page Six TO MR. ALLEN: We, the Seniors ot 1941, shall ever cherish our association with Mr. Allen, tor his true Amerioanism manifested in words and deeds has inspired us to utilize our educational opportunities that We miqht readily assume the loyal Citizenship vital to our country. DEDICATION TO AMERICA A pillar rising out of the sea A beacon to the entire world A sanctuary where all can be Protected by a flag unfurled By a hand from on high Ruled by God who is always nigh. A ship built of wrought iron and oak And braced by bands of steel With a thousand hands on every spoke While a thousand minds help guide the wheel That decides the goal Of the ship that sails from pole to pole. A pot brimmed full of races and creeds And heated over brotherhood's fire, Holding an answer to every man's need And fulfillment of all that his heart desires. All these are your symbols, Our l-lome Land. America, you need not fail, For Freedom stands by man's right hand And before his eye shines the l-loly Grail, Liberty's ever shining star, The enemy of greed's dark war. We're told for the wicked there is no rest, That they must go on in sin, But You say the Bad can be made as good as the best, So You open Your door and let them in, For though they have failed guite often before You inspire them anew when they reach your shore. -Nellie Loflice. Page S if ?'N X5 1 X !""""-..,, "I 45 x W-S mfs, 'tt' Q . t M ff, t of t v V.. 'I A if ' -jf 1 . .- it--fy, , A i kt , 'A' u 1 E - I " -. A if I Q. V V 21' 'A A-': i - ' .I ' f 641' if, : I U -if 3,1 I V, V n'- lf' - ,fgfq' i:ff . f Q ' J -2 . 1" 4' va , ",J ' ' 1 "5 V' Q, ,..4i.,,.,., , , 11 ' f . .W 'fl' fi I ff wen I G LQ. ' , P , A 1 . il E! we Ruben' H7505 FOREWORD it is the hope ot the Sen- ior Ciosses oi 1941 thot the fond remembromces osso- oioted with this Qok will inspire you to meet eoch doy's challenge with Adomsorfs unconquero- loie spirit. IJHIJER UF BDIIK5 zsuwaruy 'Pm af. H, 4237 i,,Lf, .,V,V., E , , 4 if , mfgv ,, W QHEHE E 2: HIIV f lmmrekvx ,H- gs S V ADMIN ETHATIIIN l Page Twelve Board of Education lUl.lUS DORSEY L. V. STOCKARD Acling Superinlendenl Axsislanl Superintendent of Srlooolx of Schools David W. Carter, lr., M.D. . . President Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt . . . V'icefPresideni Finance Mr. Gabe P. Allen, Chairman Mr. L. Q. Donald Mr. Dan D. Rogers Rules Mr. Dan D. Rogers, Chairman Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Mrs. T. A. Waggoner Lunchrooms Mrs. T. A. Waggoner Chairman Mr. Dan D. Rogers Mrs. W. P. Zumwali COMMITTEES Supplies Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt, Chairman Mr. L. O. Donald Mr. F. D. Daniord Welfare Mr. F. D. Danlord, Chairman Mrs. T. A. Waggoner Mr. Gabe P. Allen Building and Sites Mr. L. O. Donald, Chairman Mr. Gabe P. Allen Mr. F. D. Danford Allen, H. A. Aduddell, Helen Agnew, Floy Alexander, Laura Alston, leanette Anderson, W. M. Ballard, C. V. Basom, Olivette Bell, Anna Bell, Ruth Bramlette, Minnie Browne, T. W. Cabaniss, ldabel Campbell, L. E. Clement, Nellie D. Clement, W. B. Clyette, Mary Louise Collins, Mary P. Cooper, Berta Crane, Abigail Dickey, Verde Durrett, W. P. Faculty Easley, Cnie B. Eisenlohr, Henrietta Ellison, Grace Frazer, Ripple Graves, Fannie Grittin, H. S. 1 Hamilton, Lucy 'S' 4 Hamilton, W. T. Hammock, Christine Harris, Marqaret Harris, B. B. Haseltine, May Hedde, Wilhelmina Helms, Daphne Herzog, William Hester, H. B. Hiqainbotham, Lorine Hoehn, Gladys Holloway, Geraldine Horn, Helen ff, ,'--- Kendrick, Mary '7y,,1v, Kinq, Boberta Langford, Winnie Lanktord, Nelly Bly . ieftwich, L. c. Marriott, Rhea Meek, William Miller, Hazel Neal, Leroy Newberry, Eugenia Noah, W. E. Nutley, Carl Patrick, Anne Peters, loe R. Peters, Bae Phillips, loe Pitts, Mary Ruth Bockett, Mabel Bootes, Virainia Ruttin, Ruth Smith, R. N. Stokes, Bernice Stroud, Richard Tilley, Eunice Page Tblrtccn A--..- -w Page Fourteen SSE Parent-Teacher Association President . . . First Vice-President . Second VicesPresident Third Vice-President . Fourth Vice-President . Fifth VicefPresident . Sixth Vice-President . Seventh Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . OFFICERS Mrs. Ftornie Rasor Mrs. F. Lee Lemly . Mrs. Olin.Dutf Mrs. Calvin Ellis . Mrs. Alger Iones Mrs. Wm. S. Hill Mrs. H. T. Ardinger Mrs. W. E. Fletcher Mrs. I. R. Qualls Mrs. I. W. Fleeman Treasurer . . . Historian . . . Parliamentarian . Mrs. C. W. Anderson . . Mrs. I. L. Amis . . . Mrs. E. L. Hare Qt. Mrs. H. P. Beesley ' lMrs. Fred Underwood . . . . . . Mrs. Clittord Holt Council Delegates . Alternate Delegate . The Parent-Teacher Association each year strives to go tor- Ward and to stand ready at all times to assist in the Welfare ot Youth, Horne, Community, Church and School. To the faculty and students: it has been a pleasure for this Association to Work with you and serve you. Dads Club OFFICERS President . . . . Romie Rasor First Vice-President . . Geo. L. Martin Second Vice-President . . I. D. Peterson Third Vice-President . . C. P. Wasson Fourth Vice-President . . Allen Boedeker Fifth Vice-President . . l-l. P. Beesley Sixth Vice-President . . C. l, Gallassero . . . . . . . . R. A. Martin Secretary-Treasurer The W. H. Adamson Dads Club has as its prime objective the furtherance of all efforts destined to better conditions in our school that our boys and girls may have the proper expectancy of a productive and useful adult life. ln cooperation with the fac- ulty and students alike much has been accomplished to create interest in athletics, scholarship and social adjustment. The Dads are especially glad to encourage all individuals or groups who do outstanding work in the school and stand ready at all times to help in improving the environment in which our students work during the impressive high school years. Y Page Fifteen A Jv 'Quin' I if w-kg' X' vw :ww fi Xl: IILAEEE gl? 'dill 5Pup,,. 04, 0 Hxkft-'!sf4'r,f GLM Page Eighteen Ianuary Class Officers President ........... Billy Bates Vice-President Louise Emery Secretary . ......... Mary Gray Sponsors . . Miss Marqare f E ind Miss Anna Bell COMMIT Progrv 4 Cordelia li' X Dorothy Polk lier Bobette Taylor 'fGl Williams Social Bill Adin Marjorie Blessing Fred Gillette D'Maris Benda Kenneth Cox Invitation Cordelia Marshall Dorothy Plurnlee Murrell Hodges Virginia Owens lack West ADAMS, VIRGINIA CLAIRE Entered from Bowie, '37. Pep Squad, Iunior Medical Profession Club, Kamera Club, Orchestra, Girl's Glee Club, Gymkhana, Latin Department, Cantata. ARRINGTON, BILLY MERLE Entered from Peeler, '37. Senior Play Cast, Pep Squad, Iunior and Senior Girl Reserves, Kamera Club, Latin Club, Linz Bible Award, Two Years, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana. ADIN, WILLIAM MARTIN Entered from Hoag, '37. Vice-President 4B Class, Social Chairman of 4A Class, Acorn Reporter, Latin Club, Iunior Hi-Y, Commercial Club, Basketball, '39-'40, Student Council, Library Council. ATKINSON, BILL Entered from Bowie, '36, Captain R. O. T. C., Gymkhana, '38, Crack Company, '39-'40, Iunior Hi'Y, '38, Senior Hi-Y, '39-'40, Camp Dallas, '40, Efficiency, '40, Operetta, '40. ATTEBERY, IO ELLEN Entered from Boude Storey, '37. Girl Reserves, Cantata, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana. BAKER, MARTHA ANN Entered from Breckenridge, '40. Girl Reserves, Acorn Reporter, International Peace Forum, Com- mercial Club, All-Star Volley Ball Team. BATES, BILLY Entered from Bowie, '37. President of 4A Class, Secretary of Senior Hi-Y, Rifle Team, '40, Student Council, Library Council, Student Assistant, Senior Play, Crack Company, '39, Iunior Hi-Y, Znd Lieutenant, R. O. T. C., ,Track, Military Circus, '39, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana, '38, Christmas Play, '40, City Rifle Match, '40, Corps Area Rifle Match, '40. BELL, IACK WARREN Entered from Sunset, '33 ls President, '37, Student Council, Art Club, Band tSunsetl, Music Festival, Orchestra. BELL, DOROTHY DEE Entered from Peeler, '37. ep Squad, Iunior and Senior Girl Reserves, Gymkhana, Linz Sible Award, Spanish Club, Scholarship Club, Student Assistant. BENDA, D'MARIS Entered from Bowie, '37. R. O. T. C. Sponsor, Company B, 3A Class Beauty, Oak Repre- sentative, President of Art Club, Secretary of Library Council, Scholarship Club, Linz Awards, Social Committee for 4A Class, Book Review Club, Student Council, Pep Squad, Girl Reserves, Gymkhana, Mixed Chorus, Property Committee of Senior Play, Social Chairman 2B Class. BETHANCOURT, HAROLD Entered from Peeler, '37. French Club, Scholarship Club, President 1B Class, Iunior and Senior Hi-Y, Commissioned First Lieutenant R. O. T. C., School Efficiency Award, Crack Company, '39-'40, Gyrnkhana. BLACKWELL, CLYDE Entered from Bowie, '6. R. O. T. C., Gymkhana, '37. BENNETT, DOROTHY Entered from Hoqq, '37. Iournalism Department, Pep Squad, '38, Iunior Medical Profession Club, Girl Reserves, Spanish Club, Exchange Editor of Acorn, Gymkhana. BLESSING, MARIORIE Entered from Brown, '37. National Honor Society, Battalion Sponsor, Secretary of ZA and 3A Class, Captain of Pep Squad, Vice-President of Library Coun- cil, Secretary of Book Review Club, One-Year Linz Award, Pane American Student Forum, Spanish Club, Girl Reserves, Best All-Around Underclass Girl. Page Nineteen CARLSON, EMILY STEWART Entered from Bowie, '36. Scholarship Club. CASTEEL, MARY LOUISE Entered from Reagan, '37. Acorn Reporter, Easter Cantata, Girls' Glee Club, Christmas Can- tata, Gymkhana, Christmas Assembly, '38, Mixed Chorus, Music Club. BOLUCH, IOHN Entered from Peeler, '37. National Honor Society, Program Chairman, N. H. S., Scholarship Club, Pan-American Student Forum, Gymkhana, Camp Dallas, '38, '37, '38, '39, '40, Winner of Citizensihp Award, Camp Dallas, '37, Four-Year Linz, Four-Year Everts, Iohn E. Morriss Award, Captain, R, O. T. C., Crack Company Drill, Crack Platoon Drill, Rifle Team, '39, '40, '41, Captain of Rifle Tam, Fired in Shoulder to Shoulder and William Randolph I-Iearst's National Match, Senior I-Ii-Y, Senior Play, Football Manager, '38, Letterman, Student Assistant. BOWLES, CHARLES Entered from Bowie, '37. Managing Editor of The Acorn, Vice-President Senior I-Ii-Y, Linz Bible Award, Kamera Club, Crack Company, '38, Military Circus, '39, Rifle Team, '39, '40, Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C., Oak and Acorn Photographer, Acorn Reporter, Student Assistant, Sound System Operator, Motion Picture Operator. COLEMAN, DOVIE CHRISTINE Entered from Reagan, '36. Girls' Glee Club, Pep Squad, Music Club, Operettas, '37, '38, '39, '40, Gymkhana, Student Assistant, Mixed Chorus. CONRAD, FRANCES ANNA LEE Entered from Our Lady of Good Council, '38. CARTER, MORRIS GRAY Entered from Hogg, '37. Gymkhana, '38, Military Circus, '39, Sergeant, R. O. T. C., Spanish Club, Student Assistant, Crack Company, '38, '39, Scholarship Club, Kamera Club, R. O. T. C. Efficiency Award, '38, '39, Student Council, '38. CHILDRESS, IOY Entered from Reagan, '37. Iunior Hi-Y, Aviation Club, Kamera Club, Officer, R. O. T. C., Library Council, Crack Company, '38, '39, Efficiency Award. EDMONDSON, FRANCES Entered from Forest, '37. Gymkhana, Pep Squad, Scholarship Club, Linz Award, Four-Year Everts Award, Class Secretary 3B, Spanish Club, Pan-American Student Forum, Student Peace Forum, Bankinq Assistant, Student Council. ELAM, ROSALIE IUANITA Entered from Bowie, '37. Girl Reserve, Kamera Club, Iunior Medical Profession Club, Horse- back Riding Club, Student Assistant, Gymkhana, Pep Squad, Iunior Red Cross, Commercial Club, Spanish Club. CLIFT, BILLY Entered from Sunset, '40. COLLIER, CARROLL Entered from Boude Storey, '37. President ZA Class, Vice-President Senior Hi-Y, Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C., Crack Company, '39, '40, Efficiency Awards, Information Desk, Student Council, Cantata, '38, Acorn Cartoonist, Gymkhana. EMERY, LOUISE Entered from I-Iogg, '37. Vice-President of 4A Class, Scholarship Club, Pep Squad, Girl Reserves, Gymkhana, Student Assistant, French Club, Linz Award, Oak Salesman, Program Chairman of Senior Play, Inter- scholastic League Spelling Contest and Declarnation Eliminations, Cantata, Mixed Chorus, Music Club. GAITHER, GRACE Entered from Reagan, '37. Music Club, Operetta, '38, Contata, Gymkhana, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, Mixed Chorus, Attendance Award, Acorn Reporter, International Peace Forum, AllfStar Volley Ball Champs, '39, All-Star Volley Ball Team, '40. Pagefwenty 4 fit? 5' . fi ' x, O. f ll? Q3 3' .. .,,.,, Q' it five 9 . I ' ' ' 3 y 1.V If- 3 COX, KENNETH Entered from Peeler, '38 French Club, National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, R. O. T. C. Captain, Camp Dallas, '38-'40, Ritle Team, '39-'41, lnterscholastic League Spelling Contest Vtfinner, CRAVEN, lOHN WINFIELD Entered from Hogg, '37. Scholarship Club, Acorn Staff, Linz Award, '38, '39, '40, '4l, Stamp Club, Spanish Club, Student Assistant, Gymkhana. GOULDEN, ROBERTA Entered from Sunset, '40. Bicycle Club, Periect Attendance Letter in Gym, Fall '37, Perfect Banking Record, Spring '38. GLOVER, BETTY IANE Entered from Silverstein, '37. Pep Squad, '37, '38, '39, Gymkhana, Senior Day Program, Commencement Night Program. CROFT, TORBETT Entered from Boude Storey, '37. Football, '37, '38, '39, '40, Track, '37, '38, '39, '40, Football Letter- man, '38, '39, '40, Captain, R. O. T. C., Commander of Band, Camp Dallas, School Efficiency Ribbon, Crack Company Ribbon, State Band Contest Ribbon, Member All-City Band, Scholarship Club, Linz Award, Vice-President of Student Council, Two Terms, Treasurer of "D" Club, lunior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, Student Assistant, Horseback Riding Club, Gymkhana, R. O. T. C. Exposition and Circus, Sports Editor ot Acorn. CROSSLAND, EDWARD Entered from Bowie, '38, Kamera Club, R. O. T. C., Ritle Team, Golf Team. GRAY, MARY Entered trom Boude Storey, '38. Secretary of 4A Class, President oi Senior Girl Reserves, Senior Day Play, Archery Club, Student Council, Student Assistant, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana, Girl Reserve lnter-Club Council, '38, '39, '40, Social Chairman of 3B Class, International Peace Forum. HARRIS, IRENE Entered from Peeler, '37. Acorn Reporter, Gymkhana, Diploma Committee, Scholarship Club. DANIEL, TACK HERVEY Entered from Kerens, Texas, '37. Excelsior Club, Horseback Riding Club, international Peace Forum, Commercial Club, Oak Representative. V DAVIS, IOHN Entered irom Peeler, '37. Scholarship Club, Linz Award, 3A President, Senior Hi-Y, Student Council, Senior Play. HENRY, DOROTHY MAE Entered trom Peeler, '37. Scholarship Club, Gymkhana, Diploma Committee, Acorn Reporter. HICKMAN, GRACE Entered from Boude Storey, '38, Student Assistant, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana. EVANS, FOREST Entered from Hogg, '37. Iunior Hi-Y, R. O. T. C., Non-Commissioned Oiiicer, Spanish Club, Gymkhana, Crack Company, '38, '39. FOWLER, CLARENCE Entered from Boude Storey, '37. PanAAmerican Student Forum, Scholarship Club, R. O. T. C., Inter- national Peace Forum- Linz Awards. Page Twenty-one I HILL, BETTY IO Entered from Reagan, '37, Gymlchana, Art Department, Pen Pal Club, Girl Reserves, Pep Squad, Student Assistant. HILL, PEGGY IEAN Entered from Reagan, '37, Art Department, Pen Pal Club, Squad, Student Assistant. Gymkhana, Girl Reserves, Pep GAYLOR, HARRY Entered from Bowie, '37, Scholarship Club, Student Assistant, Makeup Commit- Gymkhana, tee of Senior Play. GEISERT, FREDERICK Entered from Tech, '39, HOLBERT, DORIS Entered trom Hogg, '37, Spanish Club, '38, Girl Reserves, '38, '39, '40, Secretary ol 2B Class, Gyrnkhana, Acorn Reporter, Commercial Club: Pep Squad, '33-'39, Property Committee ot Senior Play. HOUSER, BENNIE F. Entered irom Iacksonville, Florida, '39, Senior Play, Captain of All-Star Volley Ball Team, '40, GILLETTE, FRED Entered from Hogg, '37. President of Sophomore Class, Drum Major, Cadet First Lieutenant, Linz Award, Pan-American Student Forum, Scholarship Club, ' ' 'l' C m Dallas. Spanish Club, Library Counci, a p GORDON, GEORGE Entered irom Boude Storey, '38, I Art Club. 1 5 . ',',' j 4- . t . IAMIESON, LA VERNE Entered from Peeler, '37, Student Council, Commercial Club, National Honor Society, Schol- arship Club, Linz Award, Championship All-Star Volley Ball Team, Information Desk, Senior Day Play. IOHNSON, MARGARET Entered from Brownsville High School, '39, Student Council, Senior Girl Reserves, National Honor Society, ' ' - ' d, St dent Assistant, Music Club, Senior Play, Linz Awar , u Scholarship Club, French Department. GRABBE, IOI-IN Entered from Decatur Boy High, Decatur, Georgia. GREEN, BILLY IACK Entered from Reagan, '37, Vice-President ot Kamera Club, '40, Rifle Team, '40, '41, Crqfgk Company Drill. '39, G-ymkhana: R. O, T. C, KERN, MARIAN Entered from Bowie, '37, Senior Play, Student Assistant, Linz Award, Gymlchana, Acorn Reporter, Oak Representative, Dramatic Club, French Club, Scholarship Club, LOOMIS, NELLIE IANE Entered from Peeler, '37, National Honor Society, Pan-American Student Forum, Linz Award, Gymkhana, Pep Squad, '38, Feature Editor of Acorn, Kamera Club, Scholarship Club. Page Twenty-two .-1 K 2, ". mv f i ,, f ., M ,M A i It A , w Qt ' 11: 33, I W fi ag f 4 n N..-gs., 9. 7 GREEN, HARRY Entered from Peeler, '37, Pan-American Student Forum: International Peace Forum: Pen Pal Club: Scholarship Club: Gymkhana: Non-Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C.: Spanish Club: Dramatic Club: Linz Awards: Crack Company, '38: Stage Manager of Senior Play: Band: Rifle Team: City Rifle Match: Student Assistant: Student Council: Letterman: Aviation Club. GREEN, LAWRENCE ROBERT Entered from Sunset, '39, MARSHALL, CORDELIA MARY Entered from Peeler, '37, Secretary, National Honor Society: Co-Editor Acorn: Senior Play: Four-Year Linz: Four-Year Everts: Student Council: Library Coun- cil: Book Review Club: Student Assistant: Latin Club: Second Place Interscholastic Leaque Essay Contest: Interscholastic Leaque Spellinq Contest: Chairman, Senior Invitation Committee: Pen Pal Club: Gymkhana. OWEN, VIRGINIA Entered from Bowie, '37, Cantata: Gymkhana: Iohn E. Morris Award: Scholarship Club: Girl Reserves: Commercial Club: Operetta. HILLARY, GUY Entered from Boude Storey, '38, HAMILTON, ROBERT Entered from Rosemont, '37, Track Team: Band: Orchestra. PEERY, MABEL GRACE Entered from Hogg, '37, Mixed Chorus: Cantata, '37, '38, '39, '4O: Operetta, '33, '39, '4O: Senior Play, Call Girl, '4O: Gymkhana: Girls' Glee Club: Sym- phony Chorus, '4O: lohn E. Morris Award: Archery, '4O: Gym. Representative in Denton, '39: All-Star Volley Ball Team, '39, '4O: All-Star Volley Ball Champs, '40: Music Club, '38, '39, PICKENS, HELEN IEAN Entered from Reagan, '37, French Club: Gymkhana: Volley Ball Champion Team, '4U: Student Assistant. HARRIS, IACK Entered from Reagan, '37, Student Council: Iunior and Senior Hi-Y: Acorn Staff Reporter: Crack Company, '39: Non-Commissioned Officer, R, O. T, C.: Gymkhana: International Peace Forum. I-IARTSFIELD, MERLDEAN Entered from Bowie, '37, First Lieutenant in R. O, T. C.: Crack Company, '37, '38, '39: Efficiency Awards: Senior Hi-Y, '39, '4O: Kamera Club: Commer- cial Club: Track: Football: Gymkhana: Student Assistant: Baseball, PLUMLEE, DOROTHY Entered from Hoag, '37. Commercial Club: Student Council: Girl Reserves: Band Sponsor: Gymkhana: Scholarship Club: Senior Play. POLK, DOROTHY Entered from Forest, '37, President of National Honor Society, '40: Linz Awards: Bible Award: Art Club: Scholarship Club: French Club: Pan-American Peace Forum: Girl Reserves: Student Council: Oak Staff: Vice- President of IB Class: Vice-President of ZA Class: Gymkhana: Pep Squad: Senior Play: Contestant in Spelling Contest: Four- Year Linz: Four-Year Everts: Banking Assistant, '38: Student Assistant, '38: R. O, T. C, Sponsor, Company C. HEISKELL, IAMES Entered from Reagan, '37, Excelsior Club: Student Council: Commissioned Officer in R. O. T, C.: Gymkhana: Military Circus, '40, Gymkhana: Military Circus, '40, HODGES, MURELL Entered from Woodrow Wilson, '38, Iunior Hi-Y, '37, '38: Senior Hi-Y, '39, '4O: Non-Commissioned Officer in R, O. T, C.: Military Circus, '4U: Senior Play: Invitation Committee of Senior Class: Scholarship Club: Four-Year Linz: Four-Year Everts: International Peace Forum: Commercial Club: Kamera Club: Student Assistant, Page Twenty-Three POPE, IEWEL FRANCES Entered from Bowie, '37. Pen Pal Club, Scholarship Club. POULSEN, PATRICIA SUE Entered from Peeler, '37, Gymkhana, Art Club, Scholarship Club, Student Council, Oak Staff, Pep Squad, Bible Credit Course. IENSON, HOLDEAN Entered from Boude Storey, '37, Gymkhana, Commercial Club, Scholarship Club. KERBOW, IOE Entered from Tech, '39, Scholarship Club. RIPPETOE, IOYCE EARLINE Entered from Reagan, '37, Gymkhana, Valley Ball Champion Team, Pep Squad, '33 ROUNDTREE, MARY RUTH Entered from Bowie, '37. Gymkhana, Music Club, Spanish Club, Girl Reserves. KNIGHT, IOHN Entered from Bowie, '36. ' Lettered in Football, '39, '40, All-City in Football, '39, '40, Archery Club, Lettered in Golf, '39, Secretary ot "D" Club, Basketball, '39, Senior Day Play, Track, '39. LAWERENCE, OLLEN Entered from Boude Storey, '38, SCHIEFFER, GUSSTE IO Entered from Boude Storey, '33 Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, Le Cercle Francais, Scholarship Club, Four-Year Linz, Linz Bible Award, Four-Year Everts, Gym- khana, Cantata, Mixed Chorus, Orchestra, All-City Chorus, Operetta Cast. SINCLAIR, AMY Entered from Reagan, '37. Chairman Program Committee 4A Class, Property Chairman Senior Play, Reporter for Girl Reserves, Secretary international Peace Forum, Acorn Reporter, Book Review Club, Kamera Club, Pan- American Student Forum, Spanish Club, Student Council, Scholar- ship Club, Commercial Club, Gymlchana, Oak Representative. MCCARTY, WENDELL MELTON Entered from Bowie, '36. Gymkhana, Student Assistant. MCMAINS, LANDlE Entered tram Hoqa, '37. Crack Company, '37, Gymkhana, '38, R. O. T. C. Circus, Non- Commissioned Otiicer R. O. T. C., Rifle Team, '40, Attendance Award. STTNSON, JEAN Entered from Texarkana, '40. Girl Reserves, Kamera Club. SUTTLE, BONNIE Entered from California, '39. Page Twenty-fozlr gi Tn, W , --: i my ,nv "' tttrsns - .ft A 10 , if ,Q fe. . l fi? 3, .,,. 'R I. SE 4' I 'E' 5 4' at iw! -8 it l 4 it F 4. Schalorship Club, Non-Commissioned Officer in R. O MILKE, HENRY Entered from Boude Storey, '37. R. O. T. C., Gymkhana. NEAL, HARRY Entered from Sunset, '37. Excelsior Club. TAYLOR, BOBBETTE Entered from Peeler, '37. Co-Editor of Acorn, Senior Play Cast, Sponsor, R. O. T. C., Secre- tary 4B Class, Cleverest Underclass Girl, '40, Dallas Iournal Cor respondent, '39, '40, '41, Adamson Representative at Sanqer's, Student's Day, '40, Student Council, Library Council, Linz Awards, Student Assistant, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana, Book Review Club, Pep Squad, '37, '38, '39, Oak Salesman, French Club, Kamera Club, Girl's Glee Club, Operetta, '39, Cantata, Speech Society. WARRICK, LOUISE Entered from Troy, Alabama, '37. OGDEN, RALPH DAVID Entered from Bowie, '37. Senior Hi-Y, First Lieutenant in R. O. T. C., Military Circus, Crack Company, Gymkhana, Mixed Chorus, Senior Day Play. PARR, CHARLES E. Entered from Bowie, '37. Operetta, '38, '39, '40, Cantata, '38, '39, '40, Gymkhana, '33, City- Wide and State-Wide Chorus, Symphony Chorus, Music Club, President of Music Classes, Art Club. WILLIAMS, BETTY IANE Entered from Peeler, '37. Gyrnkhana, Girl Reserves, '39, Commercial Club, Karnera Club, Student Assistant, Usher in Senior Play, Pep Squad, '40. WHITE, GEUNNELL Entered from Sunset, '39. Fort Worth, Texas, Honor Roll, '37, Fort Worth, Texas, Girl Reserve, Biology Club. PIRTLE, IAP Entered from Sunset, '38. Library Council, Football, Horseback Riding Club, Gymklfiana, Baseball. QUINN. IOE Entered from Powell, Texas, '39, Student Council, Oak Representative. SHELBY, HARMON CLARENCE Entered from Hoqq, '37. SKELTON, BEN Entered from Hogg, '37. R. O. T. C., Excelsior Club, N. Y. A. Student Assistant, Spanish Club. STULTZ, SYDNOR Entered from Hogg, '37. . T. C., Track, '40, Gymkhana, '38, Miltary Circus, '38. VAUGHN, JAMES EDWIN A Entered from Bowie, '37. Business Mana er i th O q o e ak, Student Assistant' Gymkhana' Dramatic Club, Scholarship Club, Track Manager, '39, '40, Latin Club, Four-Year Linz, Four-Year Everts Award, Ino. E. Morriss Award, Ticket Salesman for S ' Pl - - enior ay, Kamera Club, Student Council, Representative Interscholastic League. Page Twenty-five WADE, GEORGE Entered from Peeler, '37. Football, '37, '38, '40, Lettered, '40, Track, '38, '39, "D" Club, Cadet Captain R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas, '39, '40, Winning Crack Platoon, Camp Dallas, '39, School Efficiency, '37, '38, '39, Crack Company, '37, '38, '39, Military Circus, '40, Gymkhana, Student Assistant, Excelsior Club, Acorn Staff, Library Council, Vice-President 3A Class. WALKER, RAYMOND Entered from Bowie, '37. President 4B Class, Football, '39, '40, Letterman, '40, Track, '40, lunior I-li-Y, Library Council, Student Council, Miltary Circus, "D" Club, Excelsior Club. WANNER, CHARLES Entered from Bowie, '37. Lieutenant-Colonel of R. O. T. C., Yell Leader, '38, '39, '40, Vice- President IA Class, Gymkhana, Military Circus, '40, Mr. Main's Company Commander Award, Efficiency Awards, '38, '39, '40, Most Efficient Company Commander at Camp Dallas, Camp Dal- las, '38, '39, '40, Vice-President Iunior Hi-Y, Vice-President Senior Hi-Y, '39, '40, Progressive Club, Kamera Club, Aviation Club, Library Council, '38, '39, '40, Rifle Team, '38, '39, '40, Crack Com- pany, '38, '39, '40, Efficiency Award for Officer's Tent, '39, One- Year Linz Award, Crack Platoon, '38, '39. WEST, IACK MICKELL Entered from Hogg, '37. National Honor Society, Captain R. O. T. C., Linz Awards, Pan- American Student Forum, Scholarship Club, Student Assistant, Military Circus, Extemporaneous Speaking Contest, Crack Com- pany, Gymkhana, Debate Club, Senior Hi-Y, Camp Dallas, '38, '39, '40, Efficiency Awards, Progressive Club. WILLIAMS, EDWARD Entered from Bowie, '37. President of lunior and Senior Hi-Y, Library Council, President of Student Body, Underclass Favorite, Senior Play, Vice-President Freshman Class, President Sophomore Class, Student Council, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana, Progressive Club. WILLIAMS, HORACE Entered from Hogg, '37. Football, Lettered '39, '40, President of "D" Club, '40, Best All- Around Underclass Boy, '39, Band, '37, '38, '39, Second Lieutenant, Camp Dallas, '38, Staff, '40, Track, '38, '39, Gyrnkhana, Excelsior Club, Latin Club. WILLIAMS, WYVEL Entered from Hogg, '37. Senior Hi-Y, Student Council, Captain R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas, Efficiency Award, Camp Dallas, '38, Rifle Team, '40, '4l, Nakutart Circus, Crack Company, Camp Dallas Winning Platoon, '39, School Efficiency, Marksrnan, Sharpshooter, Expert Rifleman Medals, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana. WYATT, IIMMY Entered from Hogg, '37. City President Pan-American Student Forum, President Senior HifY, President Karnera Club, Vice-President National Honor So- ciety, Student Council, Senior Play, Scholarship Club, Student Assistant, Spanish Club, Linz Awards, Gymkhana. YEAGER, EARL Entered from Bowie, '37. National Honor Society, Linz Award, Scholarship Club, Pan- American Student Forum, Military Circus. 413 A -fiicfc' V m , .mm .. ,, , .. .lk NOT SHOWN IN PICTURES HOLLAND, VIVIAN Entered from Sam Houston High, Houston, '40. FINISHED WORK IN SUMMER SCHOOL Alford, Mary Io Bender, Adeline Clarice Barnett, Iesse Clifton Ir. Black, E. Donald Brown, Ioseph lr. Page Twenty-six ' Coker, Marshall Ray Gibbons, Robert McGee, lesse Eugene Mclntire, Lonnie loe Redwine, Robert Edward Wyatt Sawyer Harold Austin Tannye Hill President Vice-President Secretary Wyatt Sawyer l. H. Rawlings Thelma Napier President Vice-President Secretary I une Class Cfficers President . . . . Wyatt Sawyer Vice-President I. H. Rawlings Secretary . Thelma Napier Sponsor . Miss Anna Bell Sponsor . ..... Miss Margaret Harris C O M M I T T E E S Program Louise Saunders Paul Goodwin Amonette Bailey Tannye Hill Vernon Beasley Raymond Roberts Social Bert Craig lames Denton lo Ann Blaine C. A. Fagan Doris Cook Daryl Iennings Page Tu enly ser en ADAMS, BESSIE REA 'T - x . 5 Entered from Sunset, '40, Commercial Club: Gym Assistant, ADAMS, IRENE . '- Entered from Longview, Texas, '40, ' ADAMS, W. H. fi fi L tiki Entered from Commerce, Texas, '39, President of Excelsior Club: Track Letterman. ALBIN, IAYSON Entered from Peeler, '36. R. O. T. C.: Officers Club: Gyrnlchana. ADKrssoN,' LILA Entered from Hoqa, '37. I Commercial Club: Girl Reserves: Gyrnkhana. ' - AMB,IANE 1' ss. Entered irom Hoqq, '37. Music Club: Spanish Club: Girl.Reserves: Scholarship Club. mu ALLEN, IACK Entered from Peeler, '38, Lieutenant-Colonel R. O. T. C.: Track Letterman: Camp Dallas: Crack Platoon: Crack Company: School Efficiencies in R. O. T. C.: President IA Class: Student Council: Officers Club, '4l. ALLEN, TED Entered irom Bowie, '37, Football: Track: R. O. T. C.: Cvymkliana: Military Circus. AMUNDSEN, IEAN Entered irom Fort Wortli, '37, Gyrnkhana: Art Club: Iournalisrn Department: Commercial Club ANDERSON, MARY Entered from Boude Storey, '38, Scholarship Club: Student Assistant: Commercial Club. ANDERSON, IAMES Entered from Peeler, '37. Basketball: Gymkhana. ARCHER, VIRGIL Entered from Cement City, '37, ARCHER, VIRGINIA Entered from Cement City, '37, Commercial Club: Gymkhana: Pep Squad. ARRANr,rAE ' f 1'i Entered from Forest, '39, Art Club: All City Art Club: Girl Reserves: International Peace Forum: Scholarship Club. 5'n'35'i, Page Twenty-eight I l 7,..ii.-.., W.-. 7...,,, A ff 'iii ,ia E 2: :lr f . .4 ATKINS, BILLY Entered from Sunset, '38. AUSTIN, HAROLD Entered from Reaaan, '37. R. O. T. C., Officers' Club, Pan-American Club, Camp Dallas, Gymkhana, Military Circus, School Efficiencies, Vice- President 4B Class, Crack Company. BAILEY, AMONETTE , Q , Entered from I-Ioqq, '37. I ,,QiPlQReserve Club, Spanish Club, Gymkhana, Linz Awards, Scholarship Club, Kamera Club, Oueen's Pageant, - lsfkfknx-Acorn Reporter, Book Review Club. BALTZEGAR, MARIAN i L Entered from Bowie, '37, Girl Reserves, Book Review Club, Commercial Club, Latin Club, 4 g ,rl N M7 f y Acorn Reporter, Gym Assistant, Gymkhana, Scholarship Club, . Natiqrxffififcyior Society, Iunior Red Cross, Pep Squad, '38, '39, 'I "' -'., Linz Awards. 1 -I L A fi - ' .. . - . ' AVREA, CARL . :,.. 'dl 'Q Entered from Stamford, Texas, '37. 'll' "', jay Gymkhana, Military Circus. I ' ' . ' A?" A I ,J ' BANKHEAD, HoMER GAY ' ., .SAV .' Entered from Oklahoma City, '3B. All-City Band, Band, Orchestra, S. M. U. Band Concert, Student Q t Council, Oak Representative. BEASLEY, FRANCES Entered from Bowie, '37. Gymkhana, lunior Medical Professions Club, Student Council, Cantata, '37, '38, '39, Dramatic Club, Gym Assistant, Acorn Reporter, Girls' Glee Club, Music Club. BELL, EARLINE Entered from Peeler, '37. Girl Reserves, Art Department, Gymkhana. BEESLEY, VERNON Entered from Reagan, '37. R. O. T. C., Rifle Team, Two-Year Letterman and Captain, Sec- retary of Officers' Club, Commissioned Officer, Gymkhana, Mili- tary Circus, Crack Company, Student Council, School Efficiency Award, P. M. S. G T. Efficiency Award. BIXLER, W. D. Entered from Bowie, '36. Football, Ncn-Commissioned Officers' Club, R. O. T. C., I Aviation Club. sf I Q V h. ' BELL, Lois LYNDA , , - Entered from Bowie, '37. If Girl Reserves, Iunior Medical Professions Club, Iunior Red Cross, Commercial Club, Acorn Reporter, Gymkhana. BLACK, lEANNE Entered from Reagan, '37. Girl Reserves, Gymkhana, Pep Squad, '38, '39, Scholarship Club, Acorn Reporter, Iunior Red Cross, Batallion Sponsor, '41, Vice- President Book Review Club, '41, Treasurer Library Council. BOOTH, ROBERT Entered from Bowie, '37. Basketball, Gymkhana, Los Amigos. BRACKEEN, VERNON Entered from Bowie, '37. Member of "D" Club, Acorn Reporter, Letterman in Football. Page Twenty-nine BLAINE, IOE ANNE Entered from Hogg, '37. National Honor Society, President of Book Review Club, Secretary oi Dramatic Club, Secretary ot Student Council, Secretary oi SB Class: Scholarship Club, Student Assistant, R. O. T, C. Sponsor oi Company E, '40, Regimental Sponsor, '41, Acorn Reporter, Vice- President of Horseback Riding Club, Library Council, Gymkhana, S. A. S. G. Convention, Pep Squad, Pour-Year Linz, Four-Year Everts Pin. BLANTON, NADINE. Entered irom Peeler, '37. Girl Reserves, Karnora Club, Gyinkhana, Le Cercle Francois. BROWN, KENNETH Entered from Reagan, '37. Art Club, Horseback Riding Club, Kamera Club, Excelsior Club, R. O. T. C. Officer, Oiticers' Club. BYERS, RAYMOND Entered from Reagan, '37. Gymkhana, Military Circus, International Peace Forum. ROATMAN, EDNA Entered from Sulphur Springs, '37. Scholarship Club, Student Assistant, Girl Reserves, Girls' Glee Club. BOATMAN, RUTH Entered trom Mount Vernon High, '38, Orchestra, Commercial Club, Scholarship Club. BUTCHER, BILL G. Entered from Boude Storey, '38 Band, '38, '39, '40. CAMPBELL, INILLIAM Entered from Bowie, '37, Spanish Club, Commercial Club, Gymkhana, Military Circus. BOLAND, DORIS Entered from Mills, '35. BRITT, MARY LOUISE Entered irorn Sunset, '40, Acorn Reporter. CARROLL, CHARLES Entered from Bowie, '37, Radio and Television Club, International Peace Forum, Debate Club, Gymlchana, Excelsior Club. CLAWSON, BOB, Entered tram St. Ioseph, '38. Iunior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, Gymkhana, Operetta, Military Circus, Excelsior Club, Dramatic Club, Los Amigos Club, President of Iunior Red Cross, Music Club, R. O. T. C., Commercial Club. BROOKS, GENEVA Entered from Fort Worth, '40, Vice-President oi Latin Club, Iunior Medical Professions Club, Commercial Club. BROWER, IANET Entered from Bowie, '37. Page Thirty , 1.2! ,f W ' f Sl! UVM! wk 4 t ,Q ff CWI coMMoNs, M1LToN ,' tl' ' Entered from Peeler, '37. ' fR. O. T. C,, Gymkhana, Baseball, Crack Company, Military Circus, Acorn Reporter, Student Assistant. CRAIG, BERT Entered from San Antonio, '37. Student Council, President of Dramatic Club, Secretary of Iunior Hi-Y, R. O. T. C. Crack Company, Military Circus, Camp Dallas, Crack Platoon, Commercial Club, Otiicers' Club, Los Amigos, Badminton and Archery Club, Gymkhana, Iunior Red Cross. BROWN, ANNIE VIRGINIA Entered from Idalow, Texas, '4O. BROWN, BETTY BYRD Entered from Reagan, '37. Spanish Club, Pan American Forum, Scholastic Club, Linz Pins, National Honor Society, lunior Red Cross, Pep Squad, Gymkhana, Music Club, Operetta, '33, '39, Cantata, '37, '38, '39, '40, Girls' Octette, Student Assistant. CROUCH, A. IAY Entered from Tech, '39. DAVIS, I. E. Entered from Boude Storey, '38. Track, R. O. T. C. BRYANT, MARY IUANITA Entered from Bowie, '37. Girl Reserves, Acorn Reporter, Gymkhana, Commercial Club, Pep Squad. BULLARD, MARTHA IEAN Entered from Woodrow Wilson, '39 Art Club, Vice-President of the Girls' Glee Club, '40, '41, Girl Reserves, Mixed Chorus, Oak Representative, Cantata, Dallas Symphony Chorus, Acorn Reporter, Pen Pal Club, Badminton and Archery Club. DEAVER, BILL Entered from Peeler, '37. DENTON, IAMES Entered from Reagan, '37. Senior Hi-Y, Vice-President of Officers' Club, Camp Dallas, School Efficiencies, Crack Company, Crack Platoon, Major in R. O. T. C., Class Officer, Track. BURGE, BETTY. Entered from Paris, '39. International Peace Forum, Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, Student Council. CAMPBELL, DORA MAYE Entered from Bowie, '3'7. Gymkhana, Commercial Club. DODGE, CHARLES Entered from Denison, Texas, '37, President, Stamp Club, Los Amigos, Kamera Club, Badminton and Archery Club, Horseback Riding Club, Radio and Television Club, R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas, Gymkhana, Military Circus, N'C'O' Club. DUNCAN, RICHARD EARL Entered from Bowie, '37. Senior Hi-Y, Officers' Club, Cadet Captain in R. O. T. C., Pan- American Peace Forum, Crack Company, Winning Platoon at Camp, '39, Five School Efficiencies, Gymkhana, Company Commander of Company C, '41, Page Thirty-one CARSON, MADRA Entered from Corsicana High, '40, Student Assistant, Oak Representative. CASON, GWENDOLYN Entered from Reagan, '37, Gymkhana, Commerial Club, Mixed Chorus, Cantata, '38, Music Club, Operetta, '38, DUNN, IACK LYNN Entered from Williamson Preparatory, '37. Senior Hi-Y, Latin Club, Commercial Club, Gymkhana. DUNNAM, LLOYD. Entered from Bowie, '3'7. Football Letterman, D. Club. CAUDLE, TOMMIE PAY Entered from Atlanta, Texas, '38 Commercial Club, International Peace Forum, Student Assistant, Linz Award. CLARK, BARBARA ANN Entered from Hogg, '37. Girl Reserves, Spanish Club, Music Club, International Peace Eorum, Iunior Medical Professions Club, Student Assistant, Com- mercial Club, Oak Advertising Salesman, Gymkhana, Pep Squad. EDIvIoNDsoN. WILLIAM y Entered from Fort Worth, '38. 5" 1 f EVERETT, BILLY A, ' 1 Entered from Peeler, '37. Scholarship Club, Latin Club, Captain R. O. T. C., Company Commander R. O. T. C. Rifle Team, Efficiency Award R. O. T. C. Crack Company, Military Circus, Gymkhana, President Officers' Club. CLIFT, IENNYRE Entered from Houston, '4l. COLEMAN, VIRGINIA Entered from Reagan, '37. Secretary IA Class, Horseback Riding Club, Kamera Club, Girl Reserves, Student Council, Commercial Club, Gymkhana, Scholarship Club, Art Club. EAGAN, C. A. Entered from Peeler, '37. Social Committee 4A Class, Vice-President 2B Class, Sports Editor of Acorn, Linz Awards, Oak Representative, Gymkhana, Com- missioned Officer R. O. T. C., School Efficiency Award, Greater Dallas Music Festival, R. O. T. C. Circus, Track, '38, '39, Information Desk. ERAZIER, BOYD Entered from Sunset, '37, Excelsior Club. COLLIER, HAZEL Entered from Peeler, '37. Cheer Leader, President of Student Council, President of Library Council, National Honor Society, IA Vice-President, 3A Vice- President, R. O. T. C. Sponsor, Student Assistant, Book Review Club, Dramatic Club, Pan-American Student Forum, Spanish Club, Gymkhana, Scholarship Club, Four-Year Linz and Everts Awards. COLLIS, NORMA Entered from Waco High, '39. Page Thirty-two I I I II I I FHI I I I I I I I Ng, I I I I v W SK- 2 5 t . a .f . 5 I W1 5151... ,we W.-.1 -L Mega AL,.,.,rM, 7 rw..-fr. - ,mm 3 M.. . 52-.'?t,,gz 51,51 'Ou -Y I .e .Q ga.. .. ,,.. ,..,,. , ,L 46 it I ' Vik ' ' dn, i ,Q is GARDNER, IOHN Entered irom L. G. C. Academy, '36. Spanish Club, R. O. T. C. International Peace Forum, Horseback Riding Club. GENTRY, CALVIN -Entered from Big Spring, '4O. Scholarship Club, Stamp Club, Archery and Badminton Club, Single Player on Tennis Team, COMBS, ANN Entered from Reagan, '37. Gyrnkhana, '38, Acorn Reporter, Secretary Kamera Club, Christ- mas Cantata, Usher tor Spring Cantata, '40, Vice-President Mixed Chorus, '39, International Peace Forum, Girl Reserves, Pen Pal Club. CONGLETON, ELISE Entered from Technical High, '38. National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Exchange Editor Acorn, Girl Reserves, Secretary International Peace Forum, Art Club. ' GENTRY, PAUL Entered from Forest, '39, GOODININ, PAUL WHITNEY Entered from Reagan, '37. R. O. T. C. NonvCommissioned Officer, Gymkhana, Band, Scholar- ship Club, Student Assistant, Pan-American Student Forum, Span- ish Club, Crack Company Ribbons, Orchestra, Dallas Music Festival, Debate Club, President Stamp Club, Band Contests, Music Club, R. O. T. C. Circus, All-Festival Orchestra, Non- Commissioned Officers' Club COOK, DORIS Entered from Hogg, '37. Best All-Around Senior Girl, Football Oueen, '40, Pep Squad Leader, National Honor Society, Secretary 2B Class, Associate Editor ot Acorn, Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves, Student Council, President of Orchestra, '38, Gymkhana, Library Council, Book Review Club, Student Assistant, Four-Year Linz and Four-Year Everts Pin, Spanish Club. COOKE, DOROTHY Entered from Reagan, '37, Four-Year Linz Award, Four-Year Everts Award, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana, Kamera Club, Horseback Riding Club, Student Assistant, Girl Reserves, Iunior Red Cross, Commercial Club, Pep Squad, Dramatic Club, Latin Club. GRAHAM, MAX Entered from Bowie, '37, Oiiicers' Club, Orchestra Band, Kamera Club, Golf Team, Aviation Club, Office Assistant. GREEN, DANNY Entered Irom Bowie, '37. Secretary and President ot Iunior Hi-Y, Student Council, Gym- khana, Basketball, Football, Badminton and Archery Club. COOPER, MAXINE Entered irom Reagan, '37. Pep Squad, Gym Assistant, Student Council Representative, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana, Operetta, Acorn Reporter and Salesman, Commercial Club, Girl Reserves, Band Majorette, Girls' Glee Club, Music Club. CROUCH, DOROTHY MARIE Entered from Boude Storey, '38. Gymkhana, Iournalism Department, Commercial Club, Student Assistant. GROSS, B. E, Entered from Bowie, '37, Gymkhana, Crack Company, Military Circus. HACKLER, TASWELL Entered from Reagan, '37, Military Captain, Officers' Club, Etiiciencies, Camp Dallas, '39, '40, Crack Company, Military Circus, Gymlchana, Student Coun- cil, Spanish Club, Commercial Club, Football, '37, '38, ' Page Thirty-three CRUTCHER, NITA Entered from Boude Storey, '33 Commercial Club, Tennis Club, Gymkhana, Volley Ball Champion, '4U. DANIEL, SARA Entered from Ravenna, Texas, '38, Commercial Club, Senior Girl Reserves. HENDERSON, IACK Entered from Kerrville, '38, HERRING, FRED Entered from Bowie, '37. Sergeant in R. O. T. C., Track, Baseball, Student Assistant. DLCKSOQNLQOROTHY AQUIA Entered from Boude Storey, '38, Gymkhana, Student Assistant, Volley Ball Tournament. DIX, MAXINE Entered from Boude Storey, '38. Scholarship Club, Linz Bible Award, Student Council, Pen Pal Club, Champion Volley Ball, One-Year Linz, Gym Assistant. HERRING, HOOVER Entered from Tech, '4l. HILL, HOMER Entered from Peeler, '37. Gymkhana, Councilinq Representative for Safety Contest. DOBBINS, FRANCES LEE Entered Irom Reagan, '37. Commercial Club, Senior Girl Reserves. DREES, PAULINE GUSSIE Entered from Peeler, '37, Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves, Social Chairman and Vice- President of International Peace Forum, Iournalism Department, Spanish Club, Diploma Committee, Gymlchana, Acorn Reporter of 4A Class, Linz Awards. HOCKER, CLAUDE Entered from Boude Storey, '38. Corporal in R. O. T. C. HODGES, HOBART W. Entered from Sunset, '38. DUNCAN, REONA Entered from Bowie, '37, Cantata, '38, '39, '40, Operetta, '37, '38, '39, Gymkhana, '37, Vice- President Commercial Club, Music Club, Girls' Glee Club, Girl Reserves, Spanish Club, Pan American Club, National Honor Society, Horseback Riding Club, Four-Year Linz Award, Four- Year Everts Award. EASON, SARA IIM Entered from Peeler '37 International Peace Forum, Acorn Reporter of 4B Class- Art Department, Student Assist t- C Girl Reserves, Student Council, Spanish'Club, Commercial Club, I 5 S an, ommencement Usher, Gymkhana. it Aflx 'L Page Tlairt y-F our 1341 -t f X A V. , SW 21'.... L , 1 I t . H -' ' .2-lag. mil 'fr Q . .2 i S .4 I J. . HOUSTON, STANLEY Entered from Boude Storey, '33 HOWARD, GUY I. Entered from Mount Ida, Arkansas, 37, President Senior Hi-Y, Business Manager of Acorn, Football, Basketball, Vice-President Kamera Club, '39, Gymkliana, Progressive Club, Horseback Riding Club. 1 EASTHAM, MARY Entered from Bowie, '37. Iunior Medical Professions Club, Music Club, Dramatic Club, Tennis Club, Scholarship Club, Latin Club, Gymkhana. ELLISON, VIVA Entered from Hogg, '37. Girl Reserves, Library Council, Art Department, Gymkhana, Head Majorette, Scholarship Club, Oueens' Pageant, Latin Club, Bank- ing Assistant, Best All-Around Freshman Girl, Student Council, '38, Denton Play Day. IVY, DAVID Entered from Peeler, '37. Cleverest Underclassman, Hi-Y, R. O, T. C., Football, Track, Library Council, Excelsior Club, Iournalism Club, Gymkhana, Military Circus, Information Desk, Acorn Reporter. IOHNSON, TROY Entered from Hogg, '36, Sergeant-at-Arms, Excelsior Club, Baseball. ELMORE, DORIS Entered from Bowie, '37. Pep Squad, Girl Reserves, Gymkhana. EMMONS, BETTY IANE Entered from Peeler, '37. Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, International Peace Forum, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana, National I-Ionor Society, Linz Award, Linz Bible Award, Denton Play Day. IOHNSON, W. A. Entered from Peeler, '37. Gymkhana, Operetta, Archery and Badminton Club, Golf Team, Basketball, Cantata, Kamera Club, Radio and Television, Music Club. IONES, GLEN Entered from Hogg, '37. Senior Hi-Y, R. O. T. C. Commissioned Officer, Camp Dallas, Gymkhana, Efficiency Award, Crack Company, Band, All-City Band, Greater Dallas Music Festival, R. O. T. C. Circus, Rifle Team, Non-Commissioned Officer, Captain of Gilt Team. ETHERIDGE, HARVEIO Entered from Sunset, '37. Gymkhana, Latin Club, Girl Reserves, Scholarship Club, Oak Representative. FLEEMAN, MARGARET Entered from Hogg, '37. Art Club, Spanish Club, Music Club, Commercial Club, Operetta, Gymkhana, Linz Bible Award. KEENER, DAVID Entered from Bowie, '37. Football, '37, '38, '40, Football Letterman, Gymkhana, R. O. T. C., Non-Commissioned Officer, Crack Company. KINKEL, DAN Entered from San Antonio, '38. R. O. T. C. Band, Band Contests, Dallas Music Festival, Crack Company Band, Non-Commissioned Officer. Page Thirty-Eve FLETCHER, IOHNNIE MAYE f Entered from Boude Storey, '38, Linz Awards, Scholarship Club, Commercial Club, Girl Reserves FOOSHEE, IANE Entered from Fort Worth, '39, International Peace Forum, Pep Squad, Student Assistant, Acorn Reporter. LATMIER, IARRELL Entered from I-Ioqq, '37, LIPPINCOTT, DON HOWARD Entered from Reagan, '37, Senior Hi-Y, Student Council, Gyrnkhana, Captain Scrub Team '39, Baseball, Oak Representative. FOSTER, BETTY IUNE Entered from Boude Storey, '39, Scholarship Club, Music Club Secretary, Linz Pins, Linz Bible Award, Operetta, Cantata, Girls' Octette, FOWLER, MABLE FRANCIS Entered from Frederick, Okla., '37. Kamera Club, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Co-Editor of Oak, Gymkhana, Linz Awards. LOW, HARRY Entered from Zundy lunior High, '37, Basketball, Football, '38, '39, Member of "D" Club, Gymkhana, Captain Basketball Team, '41, All-Cityi '41, MCCLAIN, IULE DEAN Entered from Reagan, '37, Senior Hi-Y, Officers' Club, Lieutenant in R, O. T. C. FULKERSON, MARGARET LOUISE Entered from Bowie, '37, Commercial Club, Girl Reserves, Music Club, Gymkhana, Can- tata, Operetta, Girls' Glee Club. GREEN, CAROL ANN Entered from Peeler, '37, National Honor Society, Co-editor of Acorn, President Le Cercle Francais, President and Vice-President Pen Pals, National Thes- pians, Girl Reserves, Treasurer, Dramatic Club, Scholarship Club, Essay Team, Pep Squad, All-Star Volley Ball, Four-Year Linz and Four-Year Everts Award, Gymkhana. McKEE, ROBERT FRANCIS Entered from Conroe, Texas, '40, MCNABB, ALVIN Entered from Hoqa, '37, Senior Hi-Y, Gymkhana, GRIFFITH, IUNE Entered from Bowie, '37, Vice-President ot Music Club, Operetta, Acorn Reporter, Scholar- ship Club, Cantata, All-City Chorus, Mixed Chorus, All-Star Volley Ball Team, Gymkhana, Pen Pal Club. GRISSAFFI, EVELYN Entered from Reagan, '37, Scholarship Club, Secretary Commercial Club, Book Review Club, Pep Squad, Acorn Reporter, Girl Reserves, Student Assists ant, Gymkhana, Winner, Typing Contest, '41, Spanish Club, lunior Red Cross. Page Thirty-six Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves, Kamera Club, Student Council, MAIDOW, IOE Entered North Dallas, '39. R. O. T. C. Non-Commissioned Officer: Efficiency Award: Com- mercial Club: Non-Commissioned Officers' Club: Student Council. MATI-IIS, MELVYN Entered from Boude Storey, '38, Basketball: Letterman in '4l: Baseball: R. O. T. C.: "D" Club. GUAL, MARIORIE Entered from Boude Storey, '37, Acorn Reporter: Girl Reserve: Pep Squad: Band Majorette, '4O: R. O. T. C. Sponsor of Company F: Gymkhana: Commercial Club. HAMBLEN, VERENE Entered from Forest, '39. Commercial Club: Badminton and Archery Club. MAYABB, CHARLES Entered from City Park, '37. Senior I-Ii-Y: Gymkhana: Acorn Reporter: Crack Company: Mili- tary Circus: Commercial Club: R. O. T. C. , C, f"-f-4':f'm' MEREDIZI' , NORMAN K , . unset, '38. K,0"'!fPrK-4"V corn Reporter: R. O. T. C. I-IARE, HELEN Entered from Peeler, '37. Girl Reserve Program Chairman and Acorn Reporter: Publicity Chairman of Commercial Club: Linz Award: International Peace Forum: Iournalism Department: Gymkhana: Championship Valley Ball Team: Scholarship Club. I-IARRALSON, MARIE Q Entered from Peeler, '37. Girl Reserves: National Honor Society: Commercial Club: Schol- arship Club: Student Assistant: Gymkhana: International Peace Forum: Linz Award. MICHAEL, LOIS RAYMOND Entered from Boude Storey, '38, MOORE, A. I. Entered from San Bernardino, Cal., '37. I-IEARN, MARIE Entered from Reagan, '37. Kamera Club: French Club: Music Club: Pep Squad: Girl Reserves: Girls' Glee Club: Scholarship Club. HIBBITS, SARA IANE Entered from Woodrow Wilson, '39. Iunior Medical Professions Club. RGAN, ERNEST CECIL red from Mississippi, '38, ,Y Ser an T. '. Efficiency Award: Crack Company: Vice- i r ch GUY: Dramatic Club: Non-Commissioned Offi- . up '93, Badminton and Archery Club. I fi I B MORGAN, H. I. Entered from Boude Storey, '35. Spanish Club: Pan-American Student Forum. Page Thirty-seven HILL, TANNYE Entered from Hogg, '37. Book Review Club: Dramatic Club: Secretary 4B Class: Scholar- ship Club: Acorn Reporter: Student Council: Pep Squad: Gym Assistant. HODGENS, MARY LOUISE Entered from Bowie, '37. Scholarship Club: Student Council Representative: Acorn Report- er: Commercial Club: Music Club: Pep Squad: Spanish Club: Badminton and Archery Club: Cantata, '38. NELSON, RICHARD Entered from Woodrow Wilson, '40, R. O. T. C.: Scholarship Club. ODOM, RALPH Entered from Peeler, '37. Spanish Club: Pan-American Club: Scholarship Club: Gymkhana: Crack Company, '39: Stamp Club. HOGAN, OLA MAE Entered from Waco, '39. International Peace Forum. HOLCOMB, BONNIE Entered from Bowie, '37. Commercial Club: Pep Squad: Gymkhana. O'ROURKE, IOHN ' Entered from L. G. C. Academy, '37, Scholarship Club: President National Honor Society: National Fo- rensic League: Debate Club: Parliamentarian Student Council: Latin Club: President International Peace Forum: Spanish Club: French Club: R. O. T. C.: Military Circus: Four-Year Linz: Four-Year Everts Pin: Winner of Second Prize in School Safety Contest: Ex- temporaneous Speaker: N. Y. A. Assistant. PALMER, HOWARD Entered from Peeler, '37. R. O. T. C.: Basketball. HOWELL, IUNE Entered from Boude Storey, '38, Gymkhana: Pep Squad: Iunior Medical Professions Club. HUDGINS, MARY BESS Entered from Reagan, '37. Pan-American Student Forum: Los Amigos: Music Club: Operettas: Cantata: Gymkhana: Girls' Octette: Mixed Chorus: Girl Reserves' Commercial Club: All-City Chorus. 1 ' PATRICK, BOB . Entered from Forest, '39. Cadet Corps: Cadet Officers' Club: Regimental Publicity Officer: Honor Cadet Medal. PATTERSON, WAYNE Entered from Sunset, '39, Senior Hi-Y: R. O. T. C. Band: Band Contest: Gymkhana: All- Festival Band: Military Circus: Non-Commissioned Officers' Club: Crack Company Band: Non-Commissioned Officer, R. O. T. C.: School Efficiency Award: All-City Band. HUFF, VIRGINIA Entered from Peeler, '37. Gymkhana: Pep Squad: Girls' Octette: Cantata: Operetta: All- City Chorus: Music Club. HUFFINES, ANITA Entered from Colonial, '37, Gymkhana: Pep Squad: Girls' Octette: Cantata: Operetta: All- State Chorus: All'City Chorus: Music Club. Page Thirty-eight H' 1 l vi- X, f M- , if '- 5 'I I' ' "2 PAYNE, CLARK Entered from Bowie, '37. R. O. T. C. Band, Gymkhana, Senior Hi-Y, Acorn Reporter. PENN, lAMES Entered from Fort Worth, '37, Basketball, Baseball, Student Assistant. HULSE, NECIA Entered from Boude Storey, '37. Gymkhana, Commercial Club. INGRAM, PAT Entered from Houston, '38. Horseback Riding Club, Kamera Club, Archery and Badminqton Club, Dramatic Club, Oak Representative. PROCTER, CHARLES Entered from Winnetka, '37. Non-Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C., Baseball, Gymkhana, R. O. T, C. Circus, Crack Company, R. O. T. C., Non-Commissioned Club, '41, Horseback Riding Club. RAWLINGS, l. H. Entered from Hogg, '37, Football Letterman, '38, '39, '40, Football Captain, '40, Baseball Letterman, '40, '41, Vice-President of 4A Class, Vice-President of Excelsior Club, Horseback Riding Club, "D" Club, Student Council. lAMES, ESTHER Entered from Reagan, '37, Commercial Club, Kamera Club, Gymkhana, Pep Squad, Iournalism Staff, Girl Reserves. IARRARD, DOROTHY Entered from Long Iunior High, '37. Girl Reserves, Gymkhana, Talent Club, Art Club, Oak Representative. RICHARDS, ALBERT Entered from Sunset, '38, ' R. O. T, C. Circus, Crack Platoon, Oak Representative, Acorn Reporter. RIDGELL, HORACE Cl-IILTON Entered from Hogg, '37 Latin Club, Red Cross, Basketball, Baseball, lournalism Depart- ment, Library Assistant, Gymkhana, Hi-Y. IENNINGS, DARYL Entered from Atlanta, Georgia, '38. Girl Reserves, lnter-Club Council Representative of Girl Reserves, '40, '41, Kamera Club, Acorn Reporter, All-Star Volley Ball Team, Library Council, Book Review Club, Social Committee 4A Class. IONES, IOANNA Entered from Reagan, '37. Gyrnkhana, Iunior Red Cross President, Girl Reserves, Music Club, Spanish Club Secretary, Pan American Student Forum, Program Chairman, Iunior Medical Professions Club, Extempora- ' neous Speech, '40, Pep Squad, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Dramatic Club. ROBERTS, RAYMOND Entered from Watson, Texas, '37. R. O. T. C., School Efficiency Award, Crack Platoon, Camp Dal- las, President 3A Class, Spanish Essay Contest, Gymkhana, Vice-President Pan-American Student Forum, Student Council, Program Chairman National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Four-Year Linz and Four-Year Everts Pin. ROBINSON, lOHN Entered from Boude Storey, '38, lunior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, Excelsior Club, Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C., Scholarship Club, Band, Linz Pin. Page Thirty-nine IONES, MARIORIE Entered from Hoaq, '37. Majorette, R. O. T. C. Sponsor, Art Club, Gymlchana, Commercial Department, Dramatic Club, Student Council, Library Council, Tennis Team. JUDGE, GOLDRED ERNESTINE Entered from S. D, A. Private School, '4U. Student Council, lunior Medical Profession, Commercial Club. ROLLOR, TED Entered from Reagan, '36, R. O. T. C. SALLIS, FRED Entered from Reeler, '37, R. O. T, C. Non-Commissioned Officer: Non-Commissioned Oiticers' Club, Crack Company, Gymlchana, Aviation Club, Baseball. KELLER, ELIZABETI-I. Entered from Hogg, '37, Art Club, Kamera Club, Commercial Club, Red Cross, 'Tennis Club, Badminton and Archery Clubs. KERBOW, SIBBIE NELL Entered lrom Boude Storey, '38 X Pep Squad, Commercial Club, Spanish Club, Student Assistant. SAXVYER, WYATT Entered irom Reaaan, '37, 4A and 4B Class President, President Commercial Club, President Iunior Medical Professions Club, Vice-President, '39, Business Man- ager of Oak, Advertising Manaaer oi Calc, Second Vice-President Senior Hi-Y, Letterecl in Football Ticket Sales, '40, Acorn Reporter, Student Council Social Committee, Cfymkhana. SEVIER, BRYCE Entered from Allen Academy, '4U. Non-Commissioned Officers' Club, Vice-President Junior Medical Professions Club. KING, DORIS Entered from Bowie, 67. Senior Beauty, lil, Underclass Beauty, '38, '40, Pep Squad Leader, Scholarship Club, Student Council, Gymlchana, Library Council, President, Secretary ot Book Review Club, Student Assistant, Latin Club, Acorn Reporter. - KIRBY, ELIZABETH ' Entered from Feeler, '37. Gyrnlchana, Girl Reserves, Art Club, Pen Pal Club, Pan Ameri- can Student Forum, Los Amiaos Program Chairman, . Scholarship Club. SHAW, ODIS ' Entered from Boude Storey, '38, Q SKELTON, MARVIN Entered from Bowie, '37, International Peace Forum, Crack Company, Commissioned Oifi- cer in R. C. T. C,: Commercial Club, Military Circus, Oilicers' Club, Camp Dallas, Senior I-Ii-Y, Crymlchana, Acorn Staff. KIRKLAND, MARY Entered from Bowie, '37. Commercial Club, Girl Reserves, Scholarship Club, Pep Squad, Gymkhana, Student Assistant. LEMONS, VEE LYNN Entered from Iaclcsonville, '37, Gyrnkhana, Mixed Chorus, Art Department, Champion Volley Ball Team, Operetta, Cantata, Music Club. Page Forly 9:1 .M 'M 5 :ii 7 ' ir . kk , Ti' .' 1 intl" N eg, :ss .H :H af , f ig, E , i Q S' ,l fsr '57-Tf ' ..V' .43 1 my v ,uk , V 5, 'A 4 ' 53 5 a' 23 'Nl' F SIMMONS, BILL Entered from Greenville, Texas, '38. Stage Manager, '39, '40, Football, Guard Supervisor, '4O. SMITH, BERT Entered from Reagan, '37. President 2B Class, Excelsior Club, Library Council Vice-President Student Council, R. O. T. C. Efficiency, Gymkhana, Crack Com'- pany, Camp Dallas, Banking Assistant, First-Lieutenant Commission in R. O, T. C. LESLIE, BERTA Entered from Peeler, '37, Linz Bible Award, Linz Advanced Bible Award, Linz Pin, Library Council, Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club, Cantata, Girls' Glee Club, Pep Squad, Mixed Chorus, Orchestra, Scholarship Club, Music Club, Gymkhana, Latin Club. LEVJIS, VIOLA Entered from Boude Storey, '38 Gymkhana, Operetta, Kamera Club, Girl Reserves, Student As- sistant, Oak Representative, Scholarship Club, Music Club. SMITH, ROBERT Entered from Boude Storey, '38 R. O. T. C., Military Circus, Baseball, Letterman in '41, Commercial Club. SNEAD, RAMON MACK Entered from Fort Worth, '38. LOFTICE, NELLIE Entered from Fannin, '37. Commercial Club, Program Chairman, Secretary of Pen Pals, French Club, Gymkhana, Art Club, Linz Award. LONG, MARY IAYNE Entered from Hogg, '37, Kamera Club, Student Assistant, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, International Peace Forum, Oak Assistant, Pep Squad, Gymkhana, Latin Club, Horseback Riding Club. STEWART, LOWREY ' Entered from Melvin High, '39. STUBBS, VIRGIL Entered from Reagan, '37. ' LOWE, DOROTHY X ' Entered from Arkansas, 'f37. Commercial Club, Scholarship Club, Spanish Club, Acorn Reporter, Gymkharia. . LOWE, IANIE Entered from Peeler, '38. Vice-President IB Class, Music Club, Pen Pal Club, Mixed Chorus, Girl Reserves, French Club, Scholarship Club, Operettas, Can- tatcs, Art Club, All-City Chorus, Girls' Octette, Linz Bible Award Banking Assistant, Gymkhana, Pep Squad. TABOR, STANLEY Entered from Reagan, '37, First-Lieutenant in R. O. T. C.: Crack Company, Military Circus, School Efficiencies, Crack Platoon, Camp Dallas, Rifle Team, Pan-American Forum. THOMPSON, PAT Entered from Reagan, 36. Spanish Club, Debate Club, Non-Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C., Student Assistant. Page Forly-one l, LOWE, MARIORIE r' l Entered from Peeler, '37. VD Art Club. " ' x l me I sf ef McCLUNG, HELEN I 3, le - Entered from Bowie, '37, Pep Squad, Junior Medical Professions Club, Commercial Club, Student Assistant, Gymkhana. W -. , TRAVATTE, LOUIS Entered from Houston, '4U. TRULY, ROBERT Entered from Peeler, '37. Interscholastic League Spelling, Basketball, Baseball, Gymkhana. MCCORKLE, WYANETTA Entered from Denton, '39 MCFARLAND, MARTHA Entered from Reagan, '37 Commercial Club Senior Girl Reserves, Pep Scholarship Club, , Squad, Student Assistant, Gymkhana. UECKERT, LEE Entered from Boude Storey, '38. R. O. T. C., Military Circus, Commercial Club. VAUGHAN, A. C. Entered from Silberstein, '37, cholarship Club, National Honor Society, Badminton ry Club, Kamera Club, Commercial Club, Student Assistant, Linz Award, N. Y. A. Gymkhana, S and Arche MCHENRY, FRANCES LOUISE Entered from Bowie, '37, d Archery Club, Music Club, lunior Medical Profes Badminton a Horseback Riding Club, Girl Reserves, Tennis. n sions Club, McPEEK, NORMA RUTH Entered from Palestine High, '33 Pen Pal Club, Operetta, Cantata, Dance Chairman of Girl Re- ar Volley Ball Team, All-City Chorus, Girls' Octette, I Mixed Chorus, Commercial Club. serves, All-St WALL, DAN D. Entered from Peeler, '37, O. T. C., Non-Commissioned Ofticers' Club, Latin Sergeant in R. Club, Gyrnkhana, Military Circus. WARNER, FRANKLIN HENRY Entered from Hoag, '37, Debate Club, Scholarship Club, Excelsior Club, Kamera Club, S. M. U. Concert, '38, '39, Gymkhana, Band, National Forensic League, Social Committee for Senior Hi-Y, Football, Orchestra, Tennis, All-City Band. Senior Hi-Y, R. O. T. C.: MARTENS, BETTY IO Entered from Forest, '39, Commercial Club. MARTIN, RUTH. Entered from North Dallas, '39. Music Club, Girl Reserves. Page Forty-two . 2- . 3, f I f s WEBB, KEITH Entered from Peeler, '37, Excelsior Club, Scholarship Club, OnefYear Linz Award, R. O. T. C., School Efficiency, French Club, Vice-President Iunior Hi-Y. WESSELS, DEAN Entered from Peeler, '37 Vice-President National Honor Society, Vice-President Senior Hi-Y, Scholarship Club, First-Lieutenant R, O. T. C., Officers' Club, Student Assistant, Student Council. MEREDITH, IEAN Entered from Bowie, '36, Pep Squad, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club. MILLER, MOZELLE Entered from Bowie, '37 Mixed Chorus, Art Department, Music Club, Iunior Medical Professions Club, Operetta, Talent Club, Gymkhana. WILLIAMS, NEV Entered from Bowie, '37 Football, President IB Class, Non-Commissioned Officer in R, O. T. C., Gymkhana, Crack Company, Excelsior Club. WILSON, CHARLES Entered from Bowie, '37 Gymkhana, Aviation Club. MOONEYHUN, VEOMA LOIS Entered from Peeler, '37, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana, Archery Club, Commercial Club, Student Assistant. MOORE, ROXIE ANN Entered from Bethany, Okla., '37, Student Council, Cleverest Senior Girl, Secretary of National Honor Society, Representative to Hiqh School Safety Council, President of Badminton and Archery Clubs, Four-Year Linz and Four-Year Everts Award, Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club, Commercial Club, International Peace Forum, Latin Club, Scholarship Club, Gym Assistant, Gymkhana, Book Review Club, Denton Play Day, '40, All-Star Volley Ball Team. WINDSOR, NORMAN Entered from Bowie, '37, Football, Gymkhana, R. O. T. C. Circus, Excelsior Club, R. O. T. C., Crack Company. WINTERS, EDWIN. Entered from I-Ioqq, '37, Student Council, Football. NAPIER, THELMA Entered from Peeler, '37, Book Review Club, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana, Badminton and Archery Club, Linz Award, Latin Representative to I-Iockaday, Student Council, Student Assistant, Traffic Safety Contest, Secre- tary 3A and 4A Classes, Information Desk, Dramatic Club, Vice- President and Program Committee International Peace Forum. NELSON, LORETTA CATHERINE Entered from Peeler, '37 Art Club, Gymkhana, Commercial Club, Student Assistant, YOUNG, IAMES HINTON Entered from Hoag, '37, Secretary Senior Hi-Y, Kamera Club, Banking Assistant. NICHOLS, NORMA Entered from Sunset, '40, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, Page Forty-three OSBORN, DORIS Entered from Bowie '37 Gymkhana, Pep Squad, '39, Office Assistant, Linz Bible Award, Acorn Staff, Student Council, All-Star Volley-Ball Team, Spanish Department. PADEN, HELEN GRACE Entered from Peeler, '37 Pep Squad, Gymkhana, Acorn Stait, Girl Reserves, Mixed Cho rus, Operetta, '38, '39, All-City Chorus, '40, '41, Music Club, Library Council. PARKER, CATHERINE Entered from Bowie, '35. . .. Y Girl Reserves, Gyrnkhana, Latin Club. , 'l , x' PEARSON, MARINELL 'L Entered from Tyler, '37. Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, Dramatic Club, Scholarship Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, R. O. T. C. S o rv H- sor, Maior of Second Batallion, International Peace Forum. PETERSON, IOAN Entered from Bowie, '37. M Gymkhana, Commercial Club, Pep S uad' G'l R q , ir eserves, Tennis Club, Acorn Staff, Captain Tennis Team, '4l, Girls' All-Star Valley Ball Team, Spanish Club. X -, : ' PIERCE, HELEN LOUISE 1 V ' J Entered from I-Ioqq, '37. X ' Scholarship Club, Commercial Club, Gymkhana, All-Star Volley Ball Team. PILGRIM, ESTELLE Entered from Greenville High, '40, Girl Reserves. POOLE, DOROTHY Entered from Reagan, '37. Girl Reserves, Scholarship Club, Book Review Club, Pep Squad, Gymkhana, Dramatic Club, Iunior Red Cross, Acorn Reporter, Linz Bible Award, Le Cercle Francois, POTAK, ANNA IO Entered from Bowie, '37. Pep Squad, Gymkhana, Scholarship Club, Spanish Department, Public Speaking Department, Co-Editor of Oak. RHODES, ROSEMARY AVA Entered from Reagan, '37, Pen Pal Club, Girl Reserves. RICHARDSON, SALLY PAT Entered from Reaqan, '37, lunior Medical Professions Club, Iunior Red Cross, Scholarship Club, Cantata, Operetta. RING, MARIE Entered from Bowie, '37, Gymkhana. ROBNETT, MARY ELO Entered from Peeler, '37, Art Club, Girl Reserves, International Peace Forum, Linz Bible , Award, Advance Bible Award, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society. 1 ' ROGERS, SHIRLEY - L Entered from Peeler '37 ig ,," V . ft ,.. . . Si I if ii 3 Q' y. wr, in Rx I6 kt J '. A . M ,H if 1 wi -wr E -if 1 iSpanish Club, Pan-American Student'Forum, Girl Res erves, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Co-Editor of Acorn. T Page Forty-four My JM SANFORD, MARY KATHRYN Entered from Bowie, '37, Scholarship Club: Gymkhana: Pep Squad: Commercial Club: Student Council: Acorn Reporter. SAUNDERS, LOUISE Entered from Hoqa, '37, Book Review Club: Dramatic Club: Scholarship Club: Secretary 2B Class: Linz and Everts Award: Student Council: Acorn Reporter. SCOTTINO, RUBY ROSALIE Entered irorn Bowie, '37, Gymkhana: Acorn Reporter. SCUDDER, BONNIE Entered from Boude Storey, '38. Commercial Club: Girl Reserves: Cantata: Operetta: Music Club. SHIELDS, MARY Entered from Reagan, '37, Four-Year Linz Award: Four-Year Everts Award: French Club: Scholarship Club: Student Assistant: Pep Squad: Gymkhana: Secretary of Horseback Ridinq Club: Girl Reserves: Kamera Club: Banking Assistant: Iunior Red Cross: Student Council. SMITH, DURRELL FRANCIS Entered from Peeler, '37, Girl Reserves: International Peace Forum: Gymkhana. SMITH, MARCILE Entered from Boude Storey, '38. Pep Squad, '39, '4U: Linz Bible Award: R. O. T. C. Sponsor Com- pany B, '4I: Acorn Staff: Mixed Chorus: Operetta. SMITH, ROBERTA Entered from Boude Storey, '38, Linz Bible Award: Commercial Club: Linz Award: Winner of Commercial Club Typing Contest: Girl Reserves. SOLOMON, RUTH Entered from Bowie, '37. Linz Award: Scholarship Club: Gymkhana: Iournalism Depart- ment: Iunior Red Cross: Pep Squad. SOUTHERN, MARY Entered from Boude Storey, '38, Girl Reserves: Badminton and Archery Club: National Honor Society: Student Assistant: Denison Tournament Team: Latin Club: All-Star Volley Ball Team: All-Star Baseball Team: Scholar- ship Club: Four-Year Everts Award: Four-Year Linz Award. SPANGLER, HELEN Entered from Bowie, '37. President Pan-American Student Forum: President City Advisory Council oi P. A. S, F.: P. A. S. F. Convention, '4O: President Los Amigos: Program Chairman ot Pen Pals: Proaram Chairman oi National Honor Society: Bookkeeper for Oak: City Spanish Essay Contest Winner: Oak Representative: Girl Reserves: Linz and Everts Award: Scholarship Club. n SPOONEMORE, EULA ' ' Entered from Peeler, '37, Gxrn-kimna: Girl Reserves: Pep Squad: Commercial Club: Spanish 1 Club: Scholarship Club. STALLINGS, IUANITA Entered from Bowie, '37, Gymkhana: Girl Reserves: Commercial Club: lunior Medical Pro- iessions Club: Pep Squad: Spanish Club: Scholarship Club. STEPP, IOHN HENRY Entered Irom Sulphur Springs Ir. High, '37, Iournalism Department: Spanish Club: Debate Club. Page Forty-five 1 SULLIVAN, MARY LOUISE Entered Irom Reagan, '37, Gymkhana, Commercial Club, Spanish Club. SUMMY, NELL Entered trom Sunset, '33 Commercial Club, Spanish Club, Operetta. SUTTLE, MARTHA Entered from Fort Wortli, '37. Student Council, Spanish Club, Pan-American Student Forum, Art Department, Scholarship Club, Office Assistant, Gym Assist- ant, Information Desk, Iournalism Department, Glee Club, Cantata, '38, '39, Operetta. TARDIO, LENA Entered from Bowie, '3'7. National Honor Society, President and Vice-President of Pen Pal Club, Oak Editor, Student Assistant, Everts and Linz Award. TARDIO, SARAH Entered Irorn Bowie, '37. Secretary and President of Pen Pal Club, National Honor Society, Linz and Everts Award, Student Assistant. TATE, VADA Entered from Boude Storey, '38. Commercial Club. TENNISON, MARGIE Entered from Peeler, '37. Dramatic Club, International Peace Forum, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Girl Reserves, Gymkhana, Los Amiaos. THOMAS, IUNE Entered from Re-organ, '37, Gymkhana. TOLBERT, IUNE Entered from Peeler, '3B. Aviation Club, Gymkhana, International Peace Forum, Commercial Club, Art Club. TRAVIS, DOROTHY NELL Entered from Boude Storey, '38. Spanish Club, Student Assistant. TURNER, MARY ALICE Entered from Bowie, '37. Gymkhana, Scholarship Club, Linz Pins, Future Toacher's Club, Captain All-Star Volley Ball Team, '40, Member National Ferensic League, Debate Club, Banking Assistant, Student Council, Volley Ball Tournament. VANDYKE, WINNO GENE Entered from Cooper, Texas, '38. Student Assistant. VAUGHAN, MARY ALICE Entered from Sunset, '33 Music Club, -Iunior Medical Professions Club, Dramatic Club, Art Club, Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves, Secretary ZA Class, Acorn Reporter 2B Class, Company C Sponsor, Secretary Student Council, Book Review Club, International Peace Forum. VERMILLION, ELIZABETH Entered from Bowie, '36. Vice-President ot Pen Pal Club, Gymkhana, Student Assistant. Page Fo rly-six if r:.....-,.. .KM f' Q ' , I . aff' ' , , ' I .L 4 - 57 5 K all 1 'Q ""' i 5 A jk, I-,,,,z , Q., .1 . WAGGONER, FRANCES Entered from Peeler, '37. Four-Year Linz and Everts Awards, Band Majorette, Military Sponsor, President oi Book Review Club, Secretary ot Library Council, Gymkhana, Dramatic Club, Scholarship Club, Gym Assistant, Pep Squad, Denton Play Day, Library Assistant, French Club, Art Club. WAGNER LYDIA Entered from Bowie, '37. National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Spanish Club, Com- mercial Club, '39, '40, Gym Assistant, '41, Cantata, '37, Mixed Chorus, '37, Four-Year Linz and Everts Award, Gymkhana. WALKER. MARIE Entered from Hoag, '37. Gyrnkhana, Commercial Club. WALTHER, KATIE Entered from Peeler, '37. Scholarship Club, Pep Squad, Girl Reserves, Gymkhana, Commercial Club. WHEELER, BETHSTINE ' Entered from Bowie, '37. I : vGymkhana, Commercial Club, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society? IB Class Officer, Four-Year Linz Award, Four-Year ' Everts Award, Student Assistant, Acorn Reporter, Oak Representative. WHITE, IULIA Entered from Bowie, '37, National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Dramatic Club, Presi- dent ot Los Amigos, Social Chairman of Music Club, Social Committee of National Honor Society, Gymkhana. WOODS, DIXIE Entered from Red Oak, Texas, '39. Student Assistant, Acorn Reporter, All-Star Volley Ball Team. YOUNG, IUDY Entered from Vlleathertord, Texas, '39. Student Council Representative, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, Oak Representative. I NOT SHOWN IN PICTURES 1 J CHALKLEY, FRANCIS Entered from Lubbock, Texas, '39. Excelsior Club, Non-Commissioned Otticer R. O. T. C. Crack Company, '39, '43 GARD, BOB Entered from Omaha, Nebraska, '4U. Acorn Reporter. HAAKE, VVALLACE Entered from Grand Saline, Texas, '39. McMANUS, WILLIAM Entered from Hogg, '37. Orchestra, Gymkhana. WATKINS, L. M. Entered from Lida Hoe, '35. ' WHITE, BILL Entered irom Stephenville Ir. High, '37. Ri O. T. C., Gymkhana, International Peace Forun Radio Club, Kamera Club, Aviation Club, Military Cir- cus: Commercial Club, Non-Commissioned Otiicer in R. O. T. C. WRIGHT, IOHN Entered from L. G. C. Academy, '35, Page Forty-seven i f if 3? CLASS OFFICERS Fall President lame-s Reagan Vice-President S. W. Martin Secretary Louise Schimelienig I, Adams, Roy Lee Baker, Robert Beedle, Claude Berry, Donald Birdsong, Iacky Bobo, Otis Bowles, Tommy Britton, lohn Bryan, l. M. Buckley, Stewart Burnside, Robert L. Burris, Bill Butcher, Bill Carroll, Clay Von Chanslor, lohn Wiley Childers, Conway Coats, Weldon Collins, Earl Cowing, Harry Cox, Wayne Danner, Richard Davenport, Hal Deaver, Bill Dees, David Icmuary '42 Diamond, Rawlings Farris, Bob Favre, Carl Finley, Carl Ford, Taylor Gibbons, lames Green, Daniel Gregory, William Guest, Gordon Harrelson, Robert Hart, lack Hogue, Bradley Holcomb, l-larold Hughes, Robert Humphreys, Ewell lenkins, George lohnson, Robert lohnson, W. A. lones, Harold Lanza, Nick L62 Plant, Raymond Lewis, Lawrence Little, William Lloyd, Elgin Lockett, lack Longley, George Lucas, Billy Luper, Harold McClintock, Iames Robert McClure, Don Mackey, lack Marco, Virgil Martin, S. W. Mays, Billy Miller, Roy Moore, A. l. Moore, Charles O'Rourke, Frank Osborne, lohn Otis, loe Patterson, Beverly I Pond, Douglas . X Primm, Billy Ray Reagan, larnes Reeves, Stewart Richardson, Dick Ridge-ll, Horace QQ Robberson, Rudolph Russell, Lloyd G. Schulz, Carl Frederic Smith, Iohn Leslie Sorenson, Rodney South, Charles Stice, Herbert Stultz, Wilson Sturdivant, Gordon Surratt, Clyde Sympson, Lee Roy Thomas, Marlin Thompson, Billy Glen Thompson, Charles Timpa, Felix Tucker, George Waits, Oliver Wallace, lames White, William Whitley, lames Vaden Wiley, Arthur Wiley, lames Edward Wolf, Gene Zinn, Earl Billy Page Forty-eigbl ,, nw l v Ji . Akers, Virginia Avard, Collece Bailey, lessie Bay Baxter, loye Beheler, Virginia Binion, Mary Alice Blackburn, Betty Blackwell, Betty Brannon, Vera Faye Cook, Mary Cristol, Amelia Martin Crouch, Frances Crowe, Anna Claire Dahlgren, Christine Dunn, lrene Ely, Marion Ferguson, Marjorie Folse, Peggy Frost, Coy Marie Gainer, Venus Gallagher, Ba. bara I cmuary '42 'X' Garner, Nina Buth Hamilton, Marjopie Harmon, Vfffygynia Hatfield, Dorothy Elizabeth Hay, Grace Iune Henry, Vounceil Hollander, Marion Howell, lune Hunter, Mamie Belle lensen, Nelsie Kirnery, Josephine Atwell Klempin, Essalita Knecht, Jeanette Lewis, Frances Ann Lowe, La Verne Lozano, Mary Lumpkin, Dorothy Ellen McHenry, Frances McMullen, Margaret Merchant, Marmarita Midkitt, Pauline Milholland, Martha Sherry Miller, lean Mitchell, Frances Moore, Marron Moreau, leanne Newton, Earline Parker, Ioena Parsons, Cora Alyce Pettigrew, Lou Pettijohn, Anna luana Pilgrim, Estelle Pogue, Mary Kathryn Procter, Patsy Bender, Marjorie Boss, Ruby Lorraine Schimeltenig, Louise See, Barbara ,Q ' ,f-f f ff JL ,fdgluff-G1F,ff"t J , Shelby, Helen Shook, Bobbie Thelrna Simpson, Margaret Smotherman, Dot Sparks, lacquelyn Spoonemore, Eula Stevison, Mary Swoftord, Iewel Thompson, Theresa Thompson, Zana Tibbs, losephine Truly, Robbie lean Vernon, Earline Walden, Ada Lewis Williams, Hertlia Wolff, Gwendolyn Wood, Marjorie Worden, Dollie Louise Wright, Eula Mae Young, Sadie 1 if i, CLASS OFFICERS Spring President Don McClure Vice-President Rudolph Bobberson Secretary lean Miller Page lfoiiy nine r S3 5 1 S Ji ff 4 l' . CLASS OFFICERS Full President Charles Gailassoro Vice-President Pat Vw :iitaker Secretary Lewis Leitwicir Allen, Marvin Grant Amos, Richard Anderson, Thomas Andres, Y. A. Ardinqer, Horace Arnett, G. C. Ashford, K, l. Atteberry, Wilson Austin, Charles Barnes, Ralph Bass, Albert Billert, loseph Robert Binqharn, Bill Blankenship, Harold Bond, A. D, Bracke, Paul Felix Burrus, Tornrny Calvert, larnes Chandler, Troy Clary, Curtis Clyce, Vlfallace Coe, William Coleman, Tornrrry Conine, Earnest Cook, Bennie Cowan, Kenneth Crow, lavnes Curniinfrlx rin, VJ. L, Daniel, Charles Daniel, Sarnrnie Davis, Bob Davis, H. F. Dees, Bunk Dodd, Cranston Drake, lolrn Dori ' rn, lizrxies Everts,Nr1:k Iune '42 Felts, larnes Folse, Mack Foster, larnes Freeland, W'ayne Froose, Felix Fultner, Philip Gallassero, Chuck Garriott, George Gault, Carter Gentry, Robert Gibson, Carl Gibson, Georqe Gillock, I. W. Gomez, William Gordon, lack Hart, Sealy Hatcher, Dick Hays, lohnny Henriksorr, Harry Hodaesjanrffs Hollabarrah, Hendrix Holland, lohn Humphreys, Earl Hunley, Collin lohnson, Lloyd lanes, Kenneth Lloyd lones, Paul lanes, Roy Karr, Bill Keener, Hershel Kelly, Edward Kerr, Vernon Kershaw, B. M. Koch, Phil Lasse-tter, Fr ,ink Layden, Bern Ledford, Ecrrrrest Lee, Bill Lee, lirnmy Lee, Robert Leltwiclr, Lewis Lester, Cecil Lewis, Charles Lewis, Vorlan Lindsay, Dewie Lockard, Raymond Charles Lowe, Kenneth McCarley, Harry L. McCroskey, lack Leslie McKay, Harold McMahan, George Malone, Edwin Manton, Girorrxsrz Medley, Lenlie Meluqin, Clarence Morgan, Charles Morrison, Wilburn Murphy, lim Bob Murphy, Pat Ebb Neil, Paul Neighbors, lfrrnes Newby, Vlfilliarn Nowlin, Wanz Pasino, Frank Payne, David Pitts, Bill Pratley, Leo Richard Qualls, Forrest Rambo, Doyle Morris Ramsey, Bobby Ray, Terri Brooks Reese, Exrzcrie Reynolds, Roy Rhodes, Cecil Richardson, Douglas Richardson, Walter Robertson, lim Guy Robins, Lester Rockett, lames Schmidt, Wallace Frederick Schoen, Ernest Alaar Simmons, Kenneth Hulirra Sissel, Tom Owen Spray, Norman Edward Strawn, Dewitt Terry, lohn Thaxtcn, Bob Thomas, Charles Truly, Richard Utt, Ted Vlfalker, Bob Vrfalters, Ralph Vlfarren, Albert Wlilliarn Vlfasson, Bob Vfestertreld, lohn lulias Vlfetzel, Vlfilbur Whitaker, Pat S. Vlfhitelread, Billy Vlfhiticck, Cleo Wilkins, Tully Vfilliarrrs, Oliver VV'ilsan, K, Vlfilson, Wailarrd Vvlinblood, lack W. W'orden, lee Vvrialrt, Tonirny Yarlvorouah, Alfred Zueieldt, Richard Page Fifly Agan, leanne Aiton, Helen Alexander, La Vonne Alldredge, Doris Allen, Iacguelyn Andrews, Louise Avrea, Ouida Baccus, Mary lane Baker, Drucilla Baker, lris Baker, Verna Ballard, Norma lean Barnett, Frances Beasley, Evelyn Bickley, Mary Virginia Blair, Mary Frances Bonner, Norma Lou Bowley, Peggy Brown, Catherine Brown, lune Bruce, loyce Buck, Charlene Bundrick, Mary Calvin, Donna Carrell, Mary Lou Chambers, Ann Childress, Beatrice Chrisman, Ardry Collum, Ellie Coop, Anna Louise Couch, lo Marie Crockett, Dolores Cruse, Rosalyn Darr, Margaret Ann Darwin, Pat Davis, lmogene Davis, Ora Dean Delaney, lean Dickerson, lo Frances Dickey, Bettye lean Dickson, Martha Drain, Dorothy lean Drake, leanne Duncan, Louise Durand, leanette Eddleman, Billie Marie Edgar, Catherine Ellis, lohnny Ellis, Ruth Evans, Elizabeth Ewing, Dorothy Ewing, Katherine Foster, Clara Frazier, Celeste Frederick, Dorothy Louise Fritzrneier, Dorothy Garrett, lo Ruin Gentry, Ellen Ruth George, Doris La Verne Gillette, Ellen Glecso:1,LiliianEl:rine Gomez, Lupe Goode, Fae Gooilner, Peggy Graham, Betty Grigsby, Betty I une '42 Hair, Ora Lee Hamilton, Peggy Harding, Kathryn Harding, Dorothy Harris, Alyce Buth Hat'itild, Iacgnoline Faye Haydon, Doris lean Hays, Peggy Vastyrne Hoffman, Mary Hood, Norma lean Horton, Barbara Hostler, Donella Hyland, Helen ivy, Winifred lackson, Martha Iohnson, Moya folly, Gwen lolly, Thelma lo lanes, Billie leon lones, Charlene lones, Patsy Ruth Kaiser, Dorothy Kellam, Dorothy Gle HU Kimberlin, Mary Ellen King, Carlyene King, Elizabeth Ann Knearem, Betty Leatherwood, Many Lewis, Florence Lewis, Martha Ann Looney, Charlene McCraw, Dorothy McCree, Frances Mclntire, Aline McKeen, Doris McSpadden, 'Wanda Martin, Arlene Martin, Helen Mayes, lulia Miller, Ethel Mae Nelson, lean Nickson, Selma Louise Norris, Begena Patterson, Patty Peterson, Betty Louise Petty, Dorothy Louise Pitchtord, Bae Prather, Mary Olive Prichard, Gwen Rainwater, Mary Louis Reno, Naomi Ruth Bichardson, Bettie Bell Richardson, Omega Riddle, Lillian Robinson, Dorothy Booker, Hilder Rorie, Doris Bussell, Minnie Pearl Seal, lune Suffield, Bertie Miriam Silvus, Ellen Smith, Daisy Dean Smith, La Verelle Space, Mary Elaine Sparks, Barbara Stanley, luanita Staples, Lorraine Sterrett, Betty loy Stone, Billie Charles Sullivan, Mary Sue Summers, Dorothy Sutton, Grace Tamplin, lean Taylor, Betty Teasley, Eva Mae Terry, Billie lean Thrailkill, lrene Tripp, Durelle Turner, Mamie Ruth Turner, Virgie Vaughan, Guin Wacker, lune Wall, A. LaVerne QWallace, Ethelyn Wallace, Frances Warren, Annalee vVlJC.IlS'Ufl,FI'Lll1CCS Vlelch, Margaret Welch, Margaret Buth 'White-, Elma Vfilder, Peggy 'Wilson, Betty Vtlilson, Mary Frances 'Wilson, Mary Gene Wilson, Mildred Winn, Lillian Woodruff, Clara Nell Yates, Mildred Yeorgan, Eleanor Young, Alice lean . X tae l q f 3.1. "-,i:' V CLASS OFFICERS Spring President Pat Whitaker Vice-President Cliver Williams Secretary Alice lean Young Page Fifty one Ziflj , ,Y . 1 A , E CLASS OFFICERS Full President Walter Esry Vice-President George Spicer Secretary Billie Ann Hunter Akin, Ray Allen, Bill Allen, loe Henry Askins, Dewey Austin, Guy Be-nge, Tontmy Bohanan, C. W. Bowling, Ray Boyls, A. I. Britt, lohn Brown, lolin Calloway, Charles Clark, Robert Coats, Gene Copiier, Allen Cowan, Lee Creel, Iohnny Bob Dailey, Pat Degenhart, Marvin Denton, Allen Denton, Wayne Duncan, Benny Elphingstone, lack England, Wesley Epps, Turner Esry, Walter Ezell, Felix Fain, M. N. Fawks, Milburn Ir. Ford, Ted Frost, Morris Fuller, lames Gibson, Bill Gilmer, Charles Ian uary '43 Gregory, Carl Hamilton, Ernest Edward Hamm, C. O. Harris, I. T. Hawkins, Don Hays, Donald Henson, Ralph Hill, Richard House, Edgar Humphrey, loseph lohnson, Donald Iohnson, Wayne Keel, lames Kennedy, Iames Kilgore, Kendall Kirsch, Frank Langston, Zack Leiid, Bill Lochridge, Cecil Lyon, lchn Marcom, Ciaud Massey, Alvin Edsel Miller, Eugene Moore, Herbie Moore, lames Mullan, Russel Nelson, Robert Nolden, Henry Oglesby, George Payne, Harold Pediford, lack Pittman, Dale Pollock, Paul Potthott, Bill Emil Pulliam, lames Quinn, Bob Reddy, Albert Robinson, Bill Rodgers, Clifiord Rozenburg, Paul loseph Sams, Ottie Lee Sanders, Lloyd Schmitz, Nolan Sliort, Bobby Slater, lack Spicer, George Stacy, Dallam Stalcup, Herbert Stalcup, lanies Edward St. Clair, Martin Stewart, Duane Still, Ioe Stubbleiield, Allen Talbott, limmy Teasley, Edgar Teubner, Edwin Volentine, Bert Walker, Billy 'W alls, David Walters, I. C. Watheri, Eugene Watson, Clayvellv Reese Weatherall, Ben Whale, lack Wright, lame-s Adams Yarborough, Barkley Yates, Dick I, Page Fifly-two Atkins, Faye Aycock, Edith Berry, leanne Blair, Betty Lou Blalock, Elna Blaylock, Nelouise Boyd, Coitaza Brooks, Kathleen Brown, Bonnie Lou Brown, Dorothy lean Cameron, Ioyce Cason, Lauretta Chatelcrine, Iulia Zoe Ann Cleveland, Martha la Coats, Glennis Coker, Betty Cook, Lula Mae Cowan, Norma Cox, Tommie Lee Cravens, Sue Crook, Patsy Bae Crouch, Betty Cunningham, Bernice Dobbs, Dorothy Dalton, Billie lean Dalton, Wanda Dilleshaw, Margaret Dowd, Ruby Dunn, Peqqy Sue Durham, Paula HG '43 V Ianuary My Elkins, Emma lecrf Pain, Iune IJ Fleernan, Rebecca Fortune, larvis Ann Puller, Velma lo Gillette, Mary Ann Hardaqo, Dorothy Hays, Betty lane Hunley, Louise Hunter, Billie Anne Hunter, VJinnie lackson, Lennie Iohnson, leannette lohnston, lulia lones, Norma Keane, lean Knowles, Nita Lee, lane Frances X Lee, Mary Evelyn Linscott, leanne Love, lo Ann McCallum, luanita McCauley, Marjorie - :fir McCullouali, Willie Lee Matheson, Elizabeth Mays, Ruth Melvin, Mary Helen Moore, Bette Anne Moore, Mozelle North, luanita Paris, Bernice ' 2 .0 Parsons, Louis Penclley, Lotline Pledqe,Patsy Po11er,Nell Ruth Pricdiett, Ruth Bczsor, Xerma Rinkiy, Beverly Sanders, Constance Shaddox, Ruby Shipley, Nina Smyers, lmoqene Snider, Edna Ruth Standridqe, Taletha Starnes, luanita Stokey, Doris Surley, Martha Tanner, Billie Marie Thompson, lanice Tipps, Sara Sue Tucker, Evelyn Vfaddle, Ava lane 'Wliiteside, luanita Whitley, Martha Lee Whittington, Betty 7.'Vilkins, Mary Ruth Williams, Hesther Willis, Dorothy Anne Winter, Dorothy lune Wolford, Betty Yeager, Maxine 1- , Q1 'W l W " 1, 1? WJ S 1 1 CLASS OFFICERS Spring President Ted Ford Vice-President lirnmie Talbott Secretary lune Pain Page Fifty-three I ullu i CLASS orrlcizns Full President O, H. Mitchell Secretary lane Shelby Vice-President Moon lim Yeo Allen, Bill Allen, C. l. Allen, Eugene Allen, Floyd Edwin Allen, Lee Allen, Walter Lee Allison, Glenn Edward Avery, Richard Babb, Billy Baker, Willis Ballard, lohn Robert Barr, Ralph Allen Bates, Kermc-th Beard, T. K. Beesley, Earl Gilbert Bigger, loe Bledsoe, Porter Lee Boedeker, ,Allen Brazelton, Everett Clay Briggs, Vlfilburn Murrel Brown, limmie Lee Bryant, Gerald Caldwell, Rayford Camp, Carl Campbell, Lester Cash, Leon Childers, Billy Coats, Norman Cook, Harold Ray Cook, Roy Cooke, lohn Cooper, William Craps, lames Crumbie, Watson Cullum, lohn Currey, Don Dalton, Billy Dargan, lohn Davis, Irving Davis, Walter Day, Robert Deen, lames Dibrell, George X: Iune '43 Dunagan, Ted Echols, Holly Elder, Fred Ellis, George Evans, Duane Fagala, Bobby Farrell, Richard Herrick Fazakerley, Arthur Ferguson, Dan Fletcher, Billy Fletcher, lack Goodman, Claude Grabbe, Phil Gray, lames Gregory, Robert Hardin, Claude Hargis, Calvin Harris, Byron Harris, George Harrison, W. A. Havens, Earl Herring, Bob Hill, Albert Hillin, Charles Hollabaugh, George Holt, Clifford Honeycutt, Edwin Ienkins, lessie lenne, Frank Iordan, lack Karr, Tommy Kee, Charles Kelly, Richard Kelly, Robert Kempe, Harry Killian, Norman Knox, Tommy Krayer, loe Lawson, Thomas Lemons, Charles Leslie, Frank Reed Little, Thomas Lively, Billy Long, lim Arthur Lucas, Kenneth Lucas, Melvin McClintock, Eugene McKinney, Floyd Madderra, Sam Mahaney, Charles Martin, George Miller, Ray Minnick, Bob Mitchell, Ollie Morgan, Bonar Morgan, Thomas Morrison, Glyn Nance, Douglas Nelson, Almo Nelson, Lawrence Nelson, Ralph Nelson, Roy Nolen, Bill Overby, lames Melvin Paden, lim Paine, lessie A. Penny, Marvin Edward Pettiiohn, Bob Phillips, Ray Keith Pirtle,Willa1d Pogue, Kenneth Poole, Leonard Posey, Charles Posey, Keith ' Posey, Lloyd 8 ' Poulsen, Irving - Price, Noble Ray Procter, Foster Randlett, Raymond Ratliff, Vernon Ray, lames Reilly, Hugh Reynolds, lames Reynolds, Kenneth Ridley, Philip Roberts, Ralph Robertson, Elgin Rogers, Donald Ross, Eugene Sabotoni, Ben Sabo, David Salmon, loe Scarborough, Billy Schell, William Scroggin, limmy Sellers, Tom Senter, loe Shecler, Alvin Shiflett, Billy Simmons, limmie Smith, Billy Charles Smith, Wayne Snow, Richard Stamps, Gerald Iames Stanford, Holt Steele, Clifford Thomas, Bill Thompson, lohn Toogood, Durbin Treadwell, lack Tubre, Wilfred Tunnell, l. W. Turner, Rex Vavra, lames Vtfalker, Billy Earl Walraven, lohn Ward, Morris Warren, Pete Webb, Herbert Whiddon, lohn White, lim L. White, Richard Whitehurst, lack Whittlesey, Frank Williams, Billy Williams, Lester Wolfe, loe Yee, Moon lim Zahn, Ivan Zehner, Dickie Page Fifly-four -Q VS. ' i it N L! , ,Lx ,lf - , J ff ' Iune 43 I fir xl' I Adams, Ann Agan, Helen Allen, Betty Ioyce Anderson, Betty Anderson, Betty lean Anderson, Bobby Atteberry, Betty Aubrey, Mary lane Auldridge, Thelma lane Baird, Emily Ball, Dorothy Barnes, Kathleen Bennett, Betty Gene Bentley, Buthel Billert, Lois Ellen Blackburn, Margaret Bloodworth, Bettye Sue Boyles, Betty Brentlinger, leannette Brooks, Ernra Lee Broughton, Hazel Brown, Beverly leane Brown, Willow Iacqueline Bryan, Nelda Budyno Bryant, Evelynne Bullard, tuannell Burdine, Edna Bhea Calvert, Fern Calvin, Pauline Campbell, tois Carrell, Bernie Carstens, Maxine Cecil, Mary Lynn CPlt1YU,NOTl1lrIL69 Clrrmbers, Betty Clements, Twila Collier, Edith Lorena Collier, Margaret Cone, Mary Conley, Mattie Evelyn Cook, Patsye Ann Cornett, Billie lean Craig, Marianne Crossland, Lorene Davis, Carolyn Dawson, Delpha De Capua, Ida Daleny, Peggy Densmore, Ruth Dodd, Evelyn Doudney, Clara Lee Dertzka, Lenore Duii, Gwen Duncan, Madeleine Durbin, lo Evelyn Dyer, Gloria Mae Eddy, Aliene Edmondson, Betty Falkner, Patsy Ferguson, Mildred Fleernan, Doris Fletcher, Zelda Poster, Donna joan Gallatin, Eva Golden, Dorothy lane Grady, Katherine Hagendoorn, Teddy Hall, Mary lane Hargett, Sallie Sue Hargrove, Louise Harralson, Eva Lee Harris, Bettie Lou Harris, Norma llari rson, Patricia Hart, lean Haynes, Bobbie Nell Hogan, Patsy Hopkins, Peggy Horn, Floy Houston, Sue Huse, Euraline Iackson, Hattie lacobs, Virginia lames, Dorothy Lee lohnson, Betty lones, Betty lean tones, Elizabeth Alice Keel, Dorothy Kelly, Lo Verne Kendrick, Mary Kennedy, Stella Kerbow, Narita Kirby, Dorothy Larnon, Billie Sue Lanz 1, Contetti Laurent, Bobbie lune Law, Barlrara Layton, Dorothy Ann Leach, Faye Lenily, Carolyn Lenz, Norrria Lewis,S1re Littlepage, Geneva Littlepage, Sylvia lncz Long, Floy Lou Looney, Betty lo Lowry, lirnmy Lou Luesley, May Boy McGee, Betty to McLaChlon, Ieanno Malone, Cornelia Mason, Frances Mason, Ms rry Kathryn Matney, Treva Io Miller, Agness Miller, Doris le-anne Moore, lane Morgan, Mary Alice Mullen, Gayle Murphy, Harriet Napier, Virginia Neff, Ieannette Nelson, Margaret Odom, Kathleen Elaine Gwens, Florence Pannell, Anita Payne, Dorna Piccola, Dorothy Pitts, Helen Louise Price, Virgie Lee Bachels, Lois Ann Bandall, Nancy Ellen Batekin, Nellie Io Beese, Virginia Beynolds, Doris Mae Rhodes, Naorna Ruth, Bichardson, Priscilla Dean ' Bobnett, Ruth Boy, Mary Frances Sanders, Mary Sands, Kathyrn Sawyer, loan Schwedler, Genevieve Sessions, Margie Shaddy, Sarah Ann Shaniburger, Virginia Shelby, lane Shelton, Shirley Sikes, Catherine nCLASqJQf'F,!NCE!fS ' ' Spring President Mary lane Hall Secretary Mary Lynn Cecil Vice-President Gerald Bryant Page Fifty-fre' CLASS OFFICERS President Charles Hill Vice-President Eulah White Secretary Ioy Sanders Allen, Robert Archer, Elroy Argadine, Robert Barnes, Billy Barnett, Gene Billingsley, Milton Britain, Herbert Brooks, Marshall Brown, Eugene Brumit, Dewey Bruner, Ernest Bush, Elbert Carney, Warren Carrell, Bobby Cherry, Roy Earl Clark, Earl Clouse, Duane Conn, Chester Conway, Chester Cooke, Bobby Corzine, Iackie Courtney, Wayland Davis, Charles Davis, Fred Davis, Hilton Deason, Billy Edwards, Iames Eeds, lames Emery, Iohn England, David Erler, Fred Eubanlcs, Eddie Gaines, Charles Gard, Dick Ronald Gibbs, Freddie Glasgow, Charles I anucrry '44 Glasgow, I. C. Hancock, George Higginbotham, Aubrey Hilger, Fred Hill, Charles Hope, Paul Houston, Charles Howard, Leroy lohnson, Charles lohnson, Hal Iordan, Cletus Kilgo, lim Lee, Theodore Iftfaldo Longacre, Robert l.uck, Colby McVay, Troy Mixon, Carl Moore, George Morgan, Paul Myers, Iohnny Oliver, Ioe Palmer, lack Parish, Otis Park, lack Patterson, Gene Pope, Hardie Pritchett, Charles Redding, lack Richardson, Hal Richburg, Roy Rodgers, Glyn Russell, Wendell Salazar, Iohnnio Sallis, Milton Sims, Bob Srnith, Arthur Smith, Dewaine Smith, La1.vrenc'e Stephenson, Cale Stewart, Dowe Swope, Iimnry Thurrnond, George Turner, Bobby Vaughn, lack Watson, Eylus Roy Vtfilson, Wilsori, VVriotit, Wyche, Wyche, Young, Eugene I. T. I-fenncth VV. Charles Hubert Iohn Allen, Dorothy Anderson, Norma Ansley, Bailey, Sarah Io Virginia Baker, Elois Bartlett, Barbara Baugus, Iuanita Beheler, Deva Bishop, Magdaline Blaine, Dorothy Brannon, Darlene Britton, Vesta Brooks, Mary Elizabeth Bryan, Peggy Io Burton, Wancye Altha Cantu, Sally Carlson, Virginia Carrell, Betty Carson, Ianice Castleberry, Gloria Cleveland, Carrie Lee Cochran, Dorothy Commons, Elizabeth lewel Creech, Lillian Marie Daniel, Arlene Daniels, Reba Darnell, lna Lee Dawson, Madeline Decker, Margie Drain, Gwendolyn Easley, Billie Louise Ehrhardt, Francine Evans, Doris Fain, Ivy Faust, Mayrnio Fields, Dena Sue Flood, Norma lean Ford, Billie lean Gann, Trilby Garland, Glenn Greathouse, Wanda Irene Guy, Mary Helen Harkey, Daphne lean Harmon, Florence Harrison, Marjorie Hicks, Patricia Hodges, Virginia Innes, Margaret Iohnson, Beth Iohnson, Imogene lohnson, Ioyce Iones, Annette Iulian, Opel King, Betty King, Christine Knecht, Florian France Knowles, Neta Katherine Langley, Mary Lansdon, Billie Ruth Lester, Ernestine Lollar, Carmen McAleer, Doris McCluskey, Virginia Magers, Frances Ethel Martin, Inez Mable Means, Dorinda Milne, Marjorie Elizabeth Milton, Helen Ioyce Mobley, Martha Murphy, Charlotte Newlon, Roberta Peterson, La Yvonne Pruitt, Doris Nell Ramirez, Irene Robinson, Lena Sanders, Hazel Sanders, Ioy Saunders, Charlotte Scallons, Byllye Rose Steeley, Louise Stroud, Billie Mae Sullivan, Alleen Sutton, Bernice Todd, Marilyn Walker, Anna Whitcomb, Orene White, Eulah Ziegler, Alma Laura Page Fifly-.fix t t 71-uv-wif Adams, Le Roy Alexander, Don Anderson, Billy Bailey, Bill Baker, Carl Barrett, Bill Bass, Lawrence Birchett, Clifford Blevins, Bobby Boardman, Henry Britt, Lee Brixey, Archie Calloway, Kenneth Cather, John Cavitt, George Chambers, Lester Chapman, Billie Jack Childs, Tommy Claunch, John Cline, Jack Coke, Don Cook, Graham Cook, Robert Cooper, Marion Cowan, James Crawford, Dwain Cunningham, Joe Curtis, Thomas Deering, Mark Dowdy, Johnny Dunn, Edgar Durham, Billy Durrett, Billy Earnest, Jack Elam, Lewis I une '44 Ellis, Van Calvin Eubank, Raymond Fuess, Larry Fowler, Glenn Fowler, James Fox, Tommy Froese, Wilmer Fuerer, Peyton Fullen, Travis Garrison, Douglas George, Harold Gilder, Grady Gribble, William Haake, Jack Hair, Ulis Hale, Billy Hale, Gordon Hamilton, James Harper, Tom Harris, Dwight Harris, Edwin Harvin, Bill Hathaway, Arnold Haydon, James Henderson, Bill Herring, Donald Hightower, Charles Hill, Wilburn Hinckley, Chandler Carlton Hitt, James Alfred Holland, Mack Houchin, J. E. Hudson, Clarence Hughes, Jack Hulen, Kennon I lden, Jack James, Raymond Jones, Lawrence Jones, Philip Kaufman, Don Keahey, Scott King, Jimmie Kina, Vernon Klassen, Albert Kuehne, Bobby Lawler, Bob Leslie, Fred Lindsay, William Lindsey, Jack Earl Lipsey, Freddie Lovell, George McCormick, Bill McGrew, Donald McKinney, Jim Eel Maberry, James Mathews, Oscar Maupin, Charles Monroe, Billy Joe Morris, J. W. Nelson, Ronald Northrop, William O'Brien, Richard Pang, Harry Parker, Albert Edwa' fi Parks, Earle Robert Pearson, Travis Bowie Polnack, Gerald Powell, Louis Prather, Roy Prewitt, Bob Prince, Joe Qualls, Bobby Reeves, Noble Rice, Eldon Albert Richards, Billy Richardson, Billy Richardson, Virgil Rippetoe, Vlfalter Schell, Marion Schulz, Fred Shaw, Dick Simmons, Robert Slaughter, Avery Slaughter, Harry Smith, Don Somerville, Donald Spangler, Grady Spring, Joe Spurgers, John Luke Stark, Marvin Stearman, Don Webb Steeler, Lemoine Stinson, Robert Allen Stubbs, Kenneth Stultz, Louis Swain, John Teasley, J. C. Thies, George Thurman, G. W. Wall, Jimmy Wanderling, Billy Ward, Samuel James Wheeler, John Williams, Maurice Williams, Ras Windsor, Cecil ' Pl , r I '14 ' - ' I 5,4 CLASS OFFICERS F all President Edwin Harris Vice-President Katherine Kerr Secretary Bill McCormick Page Fifty-:eve I1 l CLASS OFFICERS Spring President Grady Spanqler, lr. Vice-President Bobby Blevins Secretory Don Kaufman Alexander, Bobbie lo Allen, Mary Kathryn Archer, Donna lean Ar'ns!roriq,Nc1olrri Balch, Grace Berry, Belly Lou Bidwell, Betty Lou Biaqs, Charlene Bivings,Drur:ill.1 Blackstone, 'Wanda l, Blcnchard, Cora Left Bryson, Vl7yllerra Buchanon, Knllrryn Burke, Billie lo Caldwell, lf'lIlllL5 Crrmeron,Ma1 1lIIf?t Crzriales, Lillie Carney, Virqinitr Chapel, Beverly Choleloine, Alvzr Lee Clark, Morjorie fflork, Sara Cleveland, Wlrndrr Cocrls, Glodys Clouse, Glorir Cook, Revo Nell Cox, Lucille Cross, Dorothy Cullum, Betty leon Curtis, Al Dora Davidson, Evadrrrr Day, Ruby Dysart, leon Eeds, Evelyn Farr, Iohdallia Fletcher, Mildred Frank, Iulia Ann Gilleland, Glorilr I une '44 Gedson, Palsy Ann Goqqins, Belly Golden, La Verne Goodwyn, Maraarel Greer, Ioyco Gresham, Edrrr Hendrick, Mary lean Hendrix, Elewnrvr Henry, Belly lo Higqinbollrrrnr, Elsie Hodqens, Morrltr Lee Holder, Elsie Mao Hollond, Lewcrle Holtz, Mildred l-ludson,Ednr1 M urie lohnson, Dorothy Icnes,Viroinil1 Kemp, Winrrie Taye Kerr, Katherine Keyser, Belle Kinq, Ianice Kneorenr, Estc-ll.r Lockard, loyc-,D Leng, Alyce Long, Billie let en Ly dcry, Verda McCreary, lfiaraarel McGrew, Ioyce McKinley, Belly Malone, Betty llflarr1lerville,lur:G Me-luqin, Donnfr Doe Miller, Bohhye Sue Millsolpps, Ioyve Moon, Dorothea Nell Moore, Annie Newby, Elizabeth Norris, Roe Nollinqlrrrrn, Yvonne Owen, Betty ,lo Parris, llilllllflll lo Penn, Ada May Phillips,Ml1riel Powell, Ann lane Provine, Edith Boyne, Nicderre heevos,Df:pE1ne Bo:1che,P1rlsy Buth Bcundtree, Dorothy Buberneyer, Fronces Rubin, Lencvre St. Clrrir, Gertrude Schaerdel, Dorrace Sell, Helen Smart, Marjorie Sorrels, Lenore Spain, Wl.1rrql.r Stovall, Billlr Slrlrnfg,V1rolnia Stroud, Billie Swirnm, Murion Tamplin, Marie Thompson, lean Tolleson, Doris Vaughan, Virginia Verrrrillion, Ruth Vernon, Minnie Lee Watkins, Dorothy Lee Watson, lean Weblv, Frances Wendeliorn, Burlice Westerfield, Iacqueline Vlhite, Martha Whitelretrd, Olive Wilsori, Katherine Williers, Barharcr Ydles, Belly Page Filly-eigbt I r t Adams, loe Adams, lohn Adrian, Henry Allen, Glenn Bailey, I, L. Basden, lack Behrns, Bobby Blanton, B. A. Butcher, Howard Caldwell, Ben Campbell, Tom Capps, Gerald Childress, Ernest Dahlgren, Mickey Depew, Norman Dilleshow, Billy Felton, Chock Fields, Rudolph Golter, Bobbie Goodwin, Ernest Gritiin, Mark Hale, Ianies llall, Robert liarnmans, Coleman Hammond, Charles Haney, George Harris, lolin Harris, Lloyd Hogan, Billy Hogan, lames Hoileman, Asa Hyson, Kennetli lacksou, Virgil I anuary '45 Toe, Hohert Kaiser, Bill Kidd, Henry Chandler Ladd, lack Landrum, David Lawson, lrving Love, Danny Gene Lovell, Bob Daniel McDonald, Leslie Ray McKee, Roland Martin, T. C. Massengill, Iimrnie Miller, Eugene Minnivk Don Moore, Ierry Moroney, Thomas Morris, Charles Oglesby, F. A. O'Hara, Bob Overstreet, VVilburn Palmer, lack Patterson, lames Wilb Rankin, Billy Lloyd Ratliii, Kenneth Reed, Francis Reynal, Louis Richards, larnes Richardson, Earl Ross, Leslie M. Russell, Elmer Schepps, David Smith, Don Ray Stubbletield, Lowell GT Surley, Oliver Kenneth Sutton, Henry Everet Thames, Iohn Win. Vann, Preston Vittitow, Weldon Wayne Watt, Uackl lohn Lincoln Wendeborn, Everett White, Harold Williams, Estol Wilson, Bill Wong, Chee Bates, Doris Baugus, Louise Bohannon, Annie Burns, Beverley lean Callaway, Hollis lean Carter, leanet Cate, Geraldine Christopher, Mary Coker, Marjorie Coleman, Martha Crawford, Charlotte Cupp, Mozelle Curry, Billie De Long, Mildred Densmore, Isabelle Dillon, Iacqueline Domas, Fidelia Eastham, Ruby Edgar, luanita Fannon, Lorene Forsythe, Bertha Graves, Mary Ruth Grice, Mary L. Hamilton, loye Hamm, Betty lo Harris, Betty Ruth Harris, loy Pearl Harvin, Frances High, Laura Katherine Hill, Betty Hill, Ruby Hulse, loseale Iohnson, Yvonne Kimberlin, Margaret Lasky, La Vergne Long, Barbara Lowance, Peggy Matthews, Rose Marie Medley, Doris lean Nichol, Doris Purnell, Barbara D. Richardson, Betty lo Rindy, Rowena Robinson, Geraldine Seay, Eloine Stark, Winell Tabor, Virginia l. Thayer, Norma l. Thomas, Dorothy M. Tyler, Betty Lee Walther, Mary Leotgr Wilson, Peggy Ioy Yarbrough, Dorothy 'fmt A' A ' fy y ' r.,s . Q CLASS OFFICERS Spring President Bobbie Golter Vice'President Ioyce Taylor Secretary Peggy Wilson Page Fifty-nin 6 5 Av fx A iff , ' ' 15 ' ' 'NX wif, 4:1 X 41 as 1 6 A 3 V' VM w.Mw"2'EK"' 5 Q 1 , ,A - Q i F ' QW? . , A ff-Ysgw--,.J - L1 ' W ii f 'W Q ' 51- 3625 , W I i I . " 5 e , is I ll HM f Vi J ,F l - . , Q W ' 7 "F"? W iff 1. ., E2"'f . .,,, '. - , V- If It wav- M ,aww ,, - 'ja . ii I, 4 , V 1 2. f. Y- , xiii fl 5 'ju , ,fx 'V N.--R f fi R' .. 1 My E my 3' 41 Q iff Mg f Y 1 FAVUH TE5 ,lw ng., . -.4 ' .A L5 . ,, . if 52 E , ni ' 1-. I , 'V +,,L w X fi, " 34 5, V fr 'Q .7 3 , - all , f., ' . 5 ' I . , . A If 5 !,,- , ,- fi 3 1' ,,' ' .Q ' 4' - -.. , A 'X 1'- ,, ' I .' - ff . N . 1.,, ffl! f,,., X r , e . . 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OFFICERS Fall and Spring SPONSCR Miss Roberta King MEMBERS Edmondson, Frances Ellis, George Ewing, Dorothy Goodner, Peggy Goodwin, Paul Whitney Hogan, Patsy Hudgins, Mary Bess lones, loanna Kerr, Katherine Kirby, Elizabeth Lozano, Mary Maupin, 'Charles McCormick, Bill Milne, Marjorie Moreau, Ieanne . fulia White . Ralph Odom . loanna lones Odom, Elaine Qdom, Ralph Randall, Nancy Ray, Iames Rogers, Shirley Spangler, Helen Stubbs, Kenneth Underwood, Patti Wagner, Lydia White, Dorrace White, Iulia Wilder, lackie Woodruff, Clara Nell Wright, Iimmie .Wl12f"I' ff.s'1'11fl11l1'." Allen, lacqueline Baker, Verna Brown, Betty Byrd Cullum, Ettie Cruse, Rosalyn Duncan, Reona Edgar, Catherine Eubank, Dorothy Ewing, Dorothy Gillette, Ellen Hogan, Patsy Ruth President . Vice-President . Secretary . USlFII1f27'F rulelzznte MEMBERS Huston, Sue Iensen, Nelsie lones, Ioanna Kimery, Iosephine Loomis, Nellie lane Moreau, Ieanne Rogers, Shirley Smyers, Imogene Spangler, Helen Stanley, luanita Underwood, Pattie Fred SPONSOR Miss Virginia Rootes OFFICERS Fall and Spring 1 . eff! Wyatt, Doris Young, Alice lean Berry, Donald Craps, Iames bffiiii C Goodwin, Paul Whitney Gregory, William Cdom, Ralph Roberts, Ralph Roberts, Raymond South, Charles Wyatt, Iimmy . Helen Spangler . Raymond Roberts . Alice lean Young ZbQHwmZb Zbv 'HZVUUCIP-EIU? ZCWQW l Page Seventy-one I t t t t PUT' tT'i1t-'C'DfEtTT1C'D UD'-'lZD'OZIZD"JU""J 'U A no N va fb Q fb 3 N W4 -L S Q President . . . VicefPresident . Secretary 1 . I , Bethancourt, Harold Childress, Beatrice Cox, Kenneth Cristol, Amelia Cunningham, Bernice Dyer, Gloria Mae Ferguson, Marjorie Gentry, Ellen Ruth Gentry, Robert Gomez, Lupe Gordon, lack Green, Carol Ann Hawkins, Don Hostler, Donella OFFICERS F all and Spring SPONSOR Miss Helen Aduddell MEMBERS Iohnson, Betty lohnson, Dorothy Lottice, Nellie Louise Lowe, lanie Lowe, LaVerne Mandeville, lune Milholland, Sherry Moore, Bette Anne Morgan, Ernest Morgan, Mary Alice O'Rourke, lohn Polk, Dorothy Province, Edith Robnett, Flo "Toni hiffn ml Tien. c. ., . Carol Ann Green . . Ernest Morgan . Mary Alice Morgan Saunders, Charlotte Schietfer, Gussie lo Shelby, lane Silvus, Ellen Space, Mary Elaine Staples, Lorraine Stroud, Billie Tabor, Stanley Terry, Billie lean Tornlinson, Billie lean Watkins, Dorothy Weatherhy, Carolyn Welch, Margaret Ruth Wilson, Mary Frances 'S . ' MQ ,, rv Adams. Ann, Allen, Betty loyce Allen, Lee Anderson, Betty Anderson, Bobby Argadine, Robert Atteberry, Betty Edith Aycock, Edith Baker, Drucilla Bates, Doris Billert, Robert Bingham, Bill Bledsoe, Porter Bryan, l. M. Bryan, Nelda Burke, Billie lo Carney, Virginia Carney, Warren Carroll, Bernie Childers, Billy Clyce, Wallace Coleman, Tommy Conway, Chester Crow, Earl Cullum, lean Currey, Billie Margaret Dalton, Wanda Dibrell, George Sh g3F,ikf 2E,s,Qi3ll we EQ A L ' ,,.,, , - H ui alirun lingtuum mfsciat .smmzi nescialf' MEMBERS Duff, Gwen Duncan, Madelaine Dunlap, Clifford Dunn, Peggy Sue Everett, Billy Fain, lune Fain, M. N. Farr, lohdallia Farrell, Richard Finley, Carl Fletcher, Billy Froese, Felix Froese, Wilmer Golter, Bobbie Garner, Nina Ruth Garrett, lo Ruth Gentry, Calvin Graves, Mary Ruth Greer, loyce Holleman, Asa Harper, Tom Harrison, Eva Harrison, Patricia Hatcher, Dick Hay, lune Hulse, loseale Hunter, Billie Ann Iohnston, lulia Iones, Virginia Iosch, Dorothy Kaufman, Don Kennedy, lames Knecht, Florian Koch, Phil Langley, Mary Lee Laskey, La Verne Leslie, Berta Lewis, Viola Little, Thomas Lockett, lack Lucas, Melvin Luper, Harold McMullen, Margaret Matney, Treva lo Means, Dorinda Miller, Agness Miller, Ray Morgan, Thomas Napier, Virginia Nelson, lean Nelson, Richard Newby, Williarn Nottingham, Yvonne Oliver, loe O'Rourke, lohn SPONSOR Miss Christine Hammock X We ,,3 Pitts, Helen Pledge, Patsy Redding, lack Reynolds, Kenneth Robinson, Geraldine Roache, Patsy Ruth Sands, Kathryn See, Barbara Sellers, Tommy Shiflett, Billy Shipley, Nina Sims, Bob Sissel, Martha Smotherman, Dottie Stearrnan, Don Stovall, Billa Thompson, Ianice Thompson, Zana Tipps, Sarah Troutt, Evelyn Vernon, Mina Lee Walker, Anna Lee Walraven, lohn Whale, lack Whitcomb, Orene Williams, Horace York, Christine WCFCD t Ste QE? ,sl ee! SHE Eli EWS BH! X 'I Page S evenly-three Nw., N I , 4. . . f J M U S l C C L U B Page Seventy-four President . . Vice-President Secretary , . Baker, Drucilla Barnett, Vernon Beasley, Frances Blalock, Nelouise Brown, Betty Byrd Brown, lune Bryan, Nelda Callaway, Hollis lean Carrell, Bernie Castleberry, Gloria Cullum, Effie Conley, Mattie Evelyn Craig, Marianne Crow, Earl Edward Crowe, Anna Claire Davidson, Evadna Domas, Fidelia Duncan, Reona OFFICERS Fall Effie Cullurn lune Griffith Betty Byrd Brown SPONSOR Miss Mae Haseltine MEMBERS Dyer, Gloria Elrnore, Doris Ely, Marion Foster, Betty Griffith, lune Guest, Gordon Hogan, Patsy Ruth Hollander, Marion Holland, Lewcile Hohman, Mary Elizabeth Hudgins, Mary Bess lohnson, Margaret Littlepage, Sylvia McHenry, Frances Martin, Ruth Miller, Mozelle Nottingharn, Bonnie Odorn, Elaine KKM7l.SfC lllllll, Ifl11H'7Il.H Spring Peggy Wilder Effie Cullurn Dorrace White Parr, Charles Patterson, Patty Pettigrew, Lou Robinson, Margaret Rooker, Hilder Taylor, Betty Walker, La Verne Watson, Frances White, Dorrace White, lulia Vlfhitley, Martha Lee Wilder, Peggy Willis, Dorothy Ann Wilson, Mildred Woods, Marjorie Ziegler, Alma Ansley, Sarah lo Archer, Donna lean Beheler, Virginia Coke, Don Deering, Mark Dickie, Betty leanne Galter, Bobbie Green, Carol Ann Gregory, William Mrs. President . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Program Chairman "l'Tr'1'if1Ar1g malcellz an FXIIIT num." MEMBERS Grice, Mary Louise Horn, Eloy Hughes, lack lenkins, l. C. King, Betty Claire Kirby, Elizabeth Loftice, Nellie Louise Lozano, Mary Morgan, Mary Alice SPGNSQRS Polnack, Gerald Rhodes, Rosemary Roach, Patsy Ruth Spangler, Helen Tabor, loy Tardio, Lena Tardio, Sarah Vermillion, Elizabeth Helen Horn and Miss Nelly Bly Lanlctord OFFICERS I 4 ' . Full V Spnng . Sarah Tardio Nellie L. Loitice . Elizabeth Vermillion lack Hughes . Lena Tardio Virginia Beheler . Helen Spangler Floy Horn P E N P A L C L U B 0 4 Page Sevenly-fz'e President . . Vice-President Secretary . . Adams, Ioe Anderson, Billy Durrett, Billy Fletcher, Billy OFFICERS Fall Spring . Walter Esry Colby Luck . Russell Mullen Billy Fletcher . Bert Volentine Frank Leslie SPONSOR H. B. Hester Hawkins, Don Luck, Colby McCormick, Billy O'Brien, Richard Paden, lim Spangler, Grady Spicer, George Yarborouqh, Barkley "'l'1'x'ir1g tof'rf'afe, Hl1llIIfIliH,IllIIl ffxfeml fl1TOIlgll0Ilf ilzf school and Conznzzmify, ,lFffHTSlClIIIlIl7'I1S of Clztristiurz film? actmf' "Be 1101 sinzjzly goorlg he good for Slllllfflllllg. Allen, lack Atkinson, Bill Bates, Billy Bethancourt, Harold Boluch, lohn Bowles, Charles Bowles, Tommy Collier, Carroll Collins, Earl Croft, Torbett Davis, Iohn Denton, lames Diamond, Rawlings Duncan, Richard MEMBERS Dunn, lack Martin, S. W. Spray, Norman Gibson, Carl McClain, lule Dean Utt, Ted Harris, lack McClure, Don Walker, Ray Hartsfield, Merldean McNabb, Alvin Hawkins, Don Mayabb, Charles Hodges, Murrell Moore, Charles Haque, Bradley Holland, Iohn Howard, Guy Iones, Glen Kelly, Ed Lasseter, Frank Leitwich, Lewis Lippincott, Don Luper, Harold Oqden, Ralph Patterson, Wayne Payne, Clark Ramsey, Bob Reaqan, lames Robberson, Rudolph Robinson, lohn Sawyer, Wyatt Skelton, Marvin SPONSOR Richard E. Stroud OFFICERS Fall President ,... . Iimmy Wyatt First Vice-President . . . Charles Bowles Second Vice-President . . Carroll Collier Secretary .... . Billy Bates Wanner, Charles Warner, Frank Wessels, Dean West, lack Whitaker, Pat Whitlock, Cleo Williams, Edward Williams, Wyvel Yv'v'yatt, limmy Young, lim Zueieldt, Richard Spring Guy Howard Dean Wessels Wyatt Sawyer Iim Young S E N l O R H l Y C....,. 325 Page Seventy-Seve 1 UUG rwegu 423 UITI 'U S. 575 fe U2 fu '-1 fm E N 'vi . fe 3-. . J: U Nr President . VicefPresident Secretary . Miss Aqan, Helen Allen, Betty Ioyce Anderson, Betty Anderson, Betty lean Anderson, Bobby Aubrey, Mary lane Bennett, Betty Gene Billert, Lois Bryan, Nelda Burdine, Edna Rhea Carrell, Bernie Cate, Geraldine Celaya, Norma Lee Chambers, Betty Coker, Marjorie Cook, Patsye OFFICERS F1111 and Spring SPONSORS . Betty Anderson . Nell Buth Porter . Bobby Anderson Onie B. Fasley and Miss leanette Alston MEMBERS '- Ciaiq, Marianne Dabbs, Dorothy Dalton, Wanda Davis, Carolyn Dillon, lacaueline Drain, Gwendolyn Durbin, lo Evelyn Duff, Gwen Fleernan, Doris Poster, Donna lean Haqendoorn, Teddy Hall, Mary lane Hamm, Betty lo Harrison, Marjorie Harralson, Eva Hendrick, Mary lean Hicks, Patricia Hill, Betty Hodqens, Monte Lee Holtz, Mildred Hopkins, Peqay Horn, Ploy Huston, Sue lohnson, loyce lohnson, Betty lones, Virqinia Kennedy, Stella lierbow, Norita Kern, Marian Keyser, Bebe Kirnberlin, Margaret ffzmlirmrfl tm I'rx,ur' 120 "Raith j'c11'.wrrfiCe, low! fo friffrzzlsf' . l ,411 f A ,,,,1' .Wx ,, 1 I My! Hfll'IlCl0ll.S' 111 111111111121, 1111j1111'1'1111 111 j111fg1111'111. Aclkisson, Lila Amis, lane Alexander, La Vonne Allen, lacquelyn Aiton, Helen Arrant, Eae Atteberry, lo Ellen Baker, Martha Ann Bell, Earline Bell, Dorothy Dee Bennett, Dorothy MEMBERS Carrell, Mary Lou Clark, Barbara Ann Crockett, Dolores Cruse, Boselyn Climer, Dorothy Cristol, Amelia Davis, lmogene Dobbins, Frances Duncan, Beona Drees, Pauline Ellison, Viva Emmons, Betty Eulkerson, Margaret Green, Carol Ann Gaither, Gracie Gray, Mary Hare, Helen Hair, Ora Lee' . Harmon, Virginia Harralson, Marie Hill, Betty lo Hill, Peggy lean Boatman, Edna Eason, Sara lim Holbert, Doris Bullard, Martha ore, Doris Hunter, Mamie Belle ChiidreSS,BeC1triCe, E1Y,MgriOn l.'o11ti11111'1l 11111119 UV SPONSORS rs. Minnie Bramlette and Miss Eugenia Newberry OFFICERS Fall Spring President . . Mary Gray Louise Schime Vice-President Frances Lewis Frances Lewis Secretary . . Dorothy Smith Sara lim Eason yi 010 Q ltenig K 'IDCDP-'ZFUU2 HQ iD T1-' FUUDFTI L33 CDFU4 1 Puge Sereuty uzue 4' M. S N s 1 U Page Eiglfly l u Q - l rr J 1" I' j X '-' 1 SPONSORS Miss en Aduddell ond Miss Berta Cooper i f ' Blackslone Wanda Blevins, Bobby Bryson, Wylena Caldwell, Janie Chalelain, Alva Loc Clark, Sarah Coales, Gladys Cullum, Belly Jean Golden, LaVerne Greer, Joyce Griee, Mary Louise Johnson, Dorolhy Kerr, Katherine Keyser, Bebe McCreary, Marqari: Manderyille, June Miller, Bobby Sire Newby, Elizabelh Roach, Palsy Rulh Schaerdel, Dorracc Slovall, Billa Tarrrplin, Marie Vauohan, Virginia Walkins, Dorolhy Willinqharri Calhe' Withers, Barbara Baskrrll, Mary L. Faust, Mayrnie Gr-ealhouse, Wanda l-larkey,D1DllnS Harmon, Flnrence Hicks, Palricia Johnson lrnnnerie Milne, Mariorie l ine Robinson Lena Sullon, Bernice While, Eulah Agan, Helen Moore, Roxirr Ann llapicr, Thelma Nelson, Lorella Pearson, Marincll , Pierce, Helen r , Ponle Dorolhy l Robnell, Flo ' Rogers, Shirley Sanford, Mary K, Saunders Louise Shields, Mary Smilh, Frances Srnilh, Roberla Soulhern, Mary Spangler, Helen Tardio, Lena Tardio, Sarah Tennison, Mariorie Turner, Mary Alice Vauqhan, Ma"y Alic Waoooner, Frances Wagner, Lydia Wallher, Kalie Wlieclcr, Belhsline While, Julia Benda, D'Maris Jamieson LaVernfe Johnson, Marqarel Ke'n, Marian Loomis, Nellie J. I , e MEMBERS Marshall Cordelia Polk, Dorolhy Schielfeir, Girsie Jo Taylor, Bobelle Behrns, Bobby Boardman, Henry Coke, Don Earnesl, Jack Elam, Lewis Goller. Bobbie Hill, Wilburn Hill, James Holberl, Joe Jones, Lawrence Kinq, Jinirrie Kino, Vernon Kuehne, Bobby Lindsey, Jack Lovell, George McCormick, Bill Maupin, Charles Polnack Gerald Oualls Bobby Qhaw, Dick Slfruohler, Avery Slauqhler, Harry Sonnf1ler,Graf'lV Wendelborn, Everell Viflrire, Harold Williams, Eslol Williams Maurice Wono, Chee Enoery, Jnhn Gaines, Charles Rcdoinq Jack Allison, Glenn Boker, Willis Barr, Ralph Bledsoe, Porlcr Childers, Billy Davis, Irving Davis, Waller Goodman, Claude Hardin, Claude Harrison, W. A. Havens, Earl Hollabauqh, George Janne, Frank Maddera, Sam Morrison, Glyn Posey, Crarles Posey Lloyd Rav, Jarnes Rolocrls, Ralnh Rogers, Donald Ross, Euoene Shiilelr, Billy Scroggin, Jimmy Sellers, 'ionmny Walrayen, John While, Richard Whifllesey, Frank Williams Lesler Abbolr, James Askins, De--fe-f Bohanan, C. W. Eno: Turner Hawkins, Don Hays, Donald Riley, Huqh Shorl, Bobby Slaleup, James Wriqhl, Jimmy Binqharn, Bill Conine Earnest Dodd, Cranslon Froese, Felix Gentry, Roberr Lasseler, Frank Lesler, Cecil Lewis, Charles McCroskny, Jack Medley, Lesley Murphy Pal Newby, Williarii Ray. Tom Schoen Ernesf Sissel, Torn Truly, Richard Wasson, Bob Zueieldl, Richard Childers, Conway Dees, David Greflory, William McClure, Don Mays, Billy Smilh, John l.. Williarns, Oliver Auslin, Harold Denlon, Jarnes Cllllflllllfll rm I' MA qlliflcfr never zuizzsg a zuimzelr l'l6'U6'7' quitsfl l 'x -1 ,I Pk A , u 'Q X Y 4, 5. l nge I2 "The Baltzegar, Marian Blaine, Io Ann Blessing, Marjorie Boluch, Iohn Brown, Betty Byrd Collier, Hazel Congleton, Elise Cook, Doris Cox, Kenneth Duncan, Beona Emmons, Betty Fowler, Francis Green, Carol Ann Harralson, Marie Iamieson, La Verne secret of success is constancy MEMBERS A . 1 .A ' r . fQ jQ1' osef f, we lones, Ioanna lohnson, Margaret Loomis, Nellie Iayne Marshall, Cordelia Moore, Roxie Ann McClure, Don O'Rourke, lohn Pearson, Marinell Polk, Dorothy Robnett, Flo Rogers, Shirley Roberts, Raymond Schimelfenig, Louise Sellers, Tommy Spangler, Helen Southern, Mary Tardio, Lena , Tardio, Sarah Tennison, Marjorie Vaughan, A. C. Vaughan, Iames Wagner, Lydia Wessels, Dean West, lack Wheeler, Bethstine White, lulia Wolff, Gwendolyn Wyatt, Iimmy Yeager, Earl 1-.1-" f' f ' ' ' SPONSORS 'f4f Miss Lucy Hamilton and Miss Christine Hammock OFFICERS Fall Spring President . . . . Dorothy Polk lohn O'Rourke Vice-President . . limmy Wyatt Dean Wessels Secretary ....... Cordelia Marshall Roxie Ann Moore Y WPZOHHPZ WOZQI emHOOm ' P4 Page Eighty-one J D R A M A T I C C L U B Page Eigbly-two President . Vice'President . Secretary . . ff X '- Baker, Verna Berry, Betty Lou Bickley, Mary Virginia Blaine, Io Anne Bowles, Tommy Britt, Lee Burge, Betty Childress, Beatrice Clawson, Bob Collier, Hazel Craig, Bert Craig, Marianne Eastham, Mary Emery, Iohn Pain, Ivy OFFICERS Fall Spring . Margaret Ruth Welch Bert Craig . Dorothy Poole x Tommy Bowles ' . lo Anne Blaine Tannye Hill SPONSOR Miss Wilhelmina Hedde MEMBERS Green, Carol Ann Green, Harry Harris, Alice Ruth Hill, Tannye Hunter, Billie Ann Huston, Sue Ingram, Pat Kerr, Katherine Kern, Marian Keyser, Bebe Leatherwood, Mary Moore, Roxie Ann Morgan, Ernest Morgan, Mary Alice Napier, Thelma Napier, Virginia Paden, lim Pearson, Marinell Poole, Dorothy Roach, Patsy Ruth Russell, Lloyd Saunders, Louise Schietter, Gussie lo Sears, Billie lean Shelby, lane Taylor, Betty Taylor, Bobette Underwood, Patti "Tl1ej1lay is the thing." Marian Kern Bobelie Taylor Bennie Houser Kenneth Cox lirnniy Wyait Cordelia Marshall Dmff 'lwafcz' lilly I,C'IlII,X'.l, CAST Dorothy Polk Billy Baies Edward Williams Murrell l-lodges Margaret lohnson Dorothy Plunilee SPONSCR Miss Wilhelmina I-ledde Billie Merle Arrington Charles Wanner Frances Conrad lohn Boluch lohn Davis QWPCZPM wOHZmm QPF? l Page Iiigfny-lbrce 9' l HIS! f"""' I. All DMI M35 Ill J A6- -sf is v Lfacfff M l sri '35 w .nv 0' 'lf' Nfl ..,.., - R51- ggwf-gr igffgf, '33--,,:,,w: at -' 1 tfyk WWW 1 n P12611-4 3 w0HZmm Io Anne Blaine Wyatt Sawyer Margie lones Bert Craig Ralph Odom 'TWU 4? 'U rx CT: fu Pi ... 52 U N wg -lk o 2 .. . '1 AAC XM' "' if SPONSOR Miss Wilhelmina l-ledcle Frances Waggoner Bert Smith C. A. Fagan Keith Webb Louise Saunders 'flume in january." Dorothy Poole Mary Alice Vaughan Pat Ingram Hfaryejo Etheridge Y K J QW 9 J' 9 1 'as fy -M-wsfe "" U W "Come and take choice of all my libraryfl Allen, lack Bearden, Bob Blaine, lo Anne Cecil, Mary Lynn Cook, Doris Cristol, Amelia Croft, Torbett Dabbs, Dorothy Davis, Carolyn MEMBERS Eubanks, Eddy Hunter, Mamie Belle Ivy, David lvy, Winifred King, Doris Lanza, Coqjetti Leslie, Berta McClintoclc, Eugene Marshall, Cordelia Poque, Kathryn Primm, Billy Pritchett, Doris lean Reeves, Daphne Taylor, Bobette Thompson, Theresa Volentine, Bert Waddle, Ava lane Wanner, Charles KA7Ltt+A umwvffa vv l1iLc,iiUvvCuCL Ellis, lohnny Nowlin, Vfanz Ellison, Viva, Peterson, La Yvonne Williams, Edward r' V ,Ft sPoNsoR if Miss Laura Alexander J OFFICERS Fall Spring President . . Collier, Hazel Collier, Hazel Vice-President . . Blessing, Marorie Smith, Bertram Secretary . . Benda, D'Maris Waqqoner, Frances IT"-IOZCIQO '-4lfIDP'ZUUUf-'T' was , LE H 2 '35 f Q E Q Page Eighty-five OFFICERS Fall Spring President . . Williams, Edward Collier, Hazel Vice-President . . ' . Croft, Torbett Primm, Billy Secretary . . Blaine, Io Anne Vaughan, Mary Alice Y A SPONSORS qv! Thomas West Browne Miss Berta Cooper Miss Laura Alexander MEMBERS Allen, lack Coats, Glennis Edmondson, Frances Anderson, Betty lean Aubrey, Mary lane Bates, Billy Beasley, Frances Beesley, Vernon Berry, Donald Black, Ieanne Brown, lune Burge, Betty Cameron, loyce Carrell, Bernie Congleton, Elise Cooper, Maxine Cox, Kenneth Craig, Bert Cristol, Amelia Cunningham, Bernice Davenport, Hal Davis, lohn Dix, Maxine Dodd, Cranston Eason, Sara lim Esry, Walter Fooshee, lane Ford, Ted Frederick, Dorothy Freeland, Wayne Cfallassero, Charles Golter, Bobby Gray, Mary l-lackler, Taswell Hall, Mary lane C07lfillllClI on Page hlffllllll rights fm' 11115 sfmfinl j1rit'iIffgf's jim' HOHl'.H 1 "Seeking ll lzzisinrss with an income at its 1Ir"FIS.ll Adams, Bessie Rea Adkisson, Lila Adin, Bill Alexander, La Vonne Amundsen, Jean Anderson, Mary Balch, Anne Ballzeqar, Marian Beheler, Virginia Bell, Lois Bickley, Virginia Black, Jeanne Blackburn, Belly Blair, Belly Lou Boalman, Rulh Boland, Doris Bowley, Peggy Bonner, Norma Lou Brillon, John Brooks, Geneva Bruce, Joyce Bryan, Eddlean Burqe, Belly Campbell, Dora Campbell, William Carroll, Clay Von Carroll, Mary Lou Carson, Gwendolyn Caudle, Tommy Fay Clark, Barbara Ann Clark, Dorolhy Coales, Mary Dean Coleman, Virginia Cone, Edilh Cook, Dorolhy Cooper, Maxine Miss Hazel Miller Cowan, Lee Cowan, Norma Craig, Berl Crouch, Dorolhy Crouch, Frances Crouch, Jo Marie Crulcher, Nila Dallon, Billie Jean Daniel, Sara Davis, Bob Davis, lmoqene Denlon, James Dickerson, Jo Frances Dickson, Marlha Dobbins, Frances Drain, Dorolhy Drake, Jeanne Duncan, Reona Dunn, Jack Dunne, Irene Eason, Sara Jim Easlham, Mary Elam, Juanila Ely, Marion Emmons, Belly Elherldqe, Harveio Fawks, Milburn Flelcher, Johnnye May Fleen'1an,Marqarel Flelcher, Zelda Folse, Peqqy Frederick, Dorolhy Fulkerson, Marqarel Gardner, John Gibson, Carl Gillelle, Ellen T. W. Browne MEMBERS Gomez, William Graham, Belly Grissalli, Evelyn Hackler, Taswell Hamblen, Verene Harnillon, Mariorie Hamillon, Peqqy HardinCl, Dorolny Hare, Helen Harrelson, Marie Harlslield, Merldean Halslield, Dorolhy Haydon, Doris Hays, Peggy Hines, Wayne Hodoens, Mary Louise Holcomb, Bonnie Holberl, Doris Hosller,Donell1 Hudqens, Mary Bess Hulse, Necia Humphreys, Ewell Jamieson, La Verne Jenninqs, Daryl Jenson, Holdean Jolly, Thelma Jones, Billie Jean Jones, Palsy Rulh Judqe, Ernesline Kerbow, Sibble Nell Kirnberlin, Mary Ellen Kirnery, Josephine Kino, Elizabelh Kirkland, Mary Krayer, Joan Knechl, Jeannelle Layne, Leon SPONSORS Joe R. Pelers OFFICERS Fall and Spring Lewis, Florence Lewis, Lawrence Lollice, Nellie Lonq, Mary Jayne Lowe, Ddrolhy Lumpkin, Dorolhy Luper, Harold McCauley, Mariorie Marlin, Thomas Marlens, Belly Marlin, Arline Marlin, S, W. Mayabb, Charles McLaren, Jon McCree, Frances McFarland, Marlha Merchanl,Marmarira Midkill, Pauline Milholland, Sherry Moore, Marron Moore, Roxie Ann Moreau, Jean Nichols, Norma Owen, Virqinia Parlon, Jeraldine Parker, Joena Pearson, Marinell Pelerson, Belly Pelerson, Joan f' Pelliiohn, Anna Juaffii Pelly, Dorolhy W 5' Pierce, Helen A Prichard, Gwendolyn Riddle, Lillian Kindy, Beverly Rooker, llilder R. E, Marrioll Sanlord, Mary Kalhryn Sawyer, Wyall Scudder, Bonnie Sinclair, Amy Ray Simpson, Marqarel Skellon, Marvin Smilh, Roberla Soulhern, Mary Spoonemore, Eula Slallinqs, Juanila Slerrill, Joy Sullivan, Mary Louise Summv, Nell Sullle, Marlha Sullon, Grace Tale, Vada Taylor, Bobelle Terry, Billie Jean Tolberl, June Turner, Mamie Rulh Wade, Peqeen Waqner, Lydia Walden, Ada Walker, Marie Wallace, Elhelyn Wallher, Kalie Warren, Annalee Walson, Frances 1Wheeler, Belhsline Whilley, Marlha Lee Williams, Belly Jane Wilson, Belly Wilson, Mary Frances Wood, Mariorie Wriqhl, Eula Mae Younq, Judy H. S, Griffin Presidenl . .... Wyoll Sawyer Vice-President Reono Dunccrn Secretory ..... . . Evelyn Grissolli T l Page Eigbly-seven OFFICERS President . . . . . Don McClure Vice-President . . . Lillian Gleason Secretary . . Norma lean Ballard SPONSORS Miss Anne Patrick and Carl C. Nutley MEMBERS Ballard, Norma lean Turner, Mary Alice Cecil, Mary Lynn Gleason, Lillian Gleason, Patsy Hair, Ora Lee Kina, Carlyene Lonq, Billie lean Love, IoAnne Nichols, Norma Parker, loena Turner, Virqie Watkins, Dorothy Wolfe, Gwendolyn Barr, Ralph Blevins, Bob Burke, Billie Io Hill, Charles Kaufman, Dan Leird, Bill McClure, Don Murphy, Pat C'Rourke, Iohn Robberson, Rudolph Earnest, Edward lack Smith, Iohn Leslie Gregory, William Harris, Edwin Warner, Prank U1Ji.W'7'f'I'i0II of xjmfrlz is mow Klum f'10q1lw11fe." "Which Allen, Marvin Bankhead, Homer Barr, Ralph Coates, Gladys Coe, William Cone, Edith Cook, Bennie Davis, l. E. Dodge, Charles President . . Vice-President . Secretary . of them shall I Collect? MEMBERS McCroskey, lack Ellis, George Fletcher, Billy Gentry, Calvin Goodwin, Paul Hamilton, lames Hughes, lack Kuehne, Bobby Keel, Iames Loomis, Marilyn Odom, Ralph Posey, Charles Ray, Tom Reynolds, Kenneth Wanderling, Billy Worden, loe Whale, lack Whittlesey, Frank Yee, Moon lim SPONSOR Miss Daphne Helms OFFICERS Full Spring . . Charles Dodge Paul Goodwin . . Ralph Odom Ralph Odom . . lack MCCroskey Marilyn Loomis S T A M P C L U B y--any 3. tt Page Eighty-nine VWOIPUUITUUJDUQCE SEZ'-'U'-'DU UJCFO 'U E UD fm 2 -.. 3. rm N "Qi President . . Vice-President . Secretary . . Adams, W. H. Benda, D'Maris Bickley, Virginia Blaine, Io Anne Blessing, Marjorie Brown, lune Conrad, Frances Cooke, Dorothy Dunham, Lloyd Frost, Morris OFFICERS Fall Spring . lo Anne Blaine Mary Shields . Mary Shields Dorothy Cooke . lune Brown Bert Smith SPONSCR Miss Eunice Tilley MEMBERS Graham, Max Harmon, Virqinia lngram, Pat lohnson, Troy lones, Harold lones, Margie Lanza, Conjetti Lanza, Nick Lewis, Lawrence Long, Mary lane "NU lfingdonz fm' Il lzmiie. Low, Harry Lowe, Laverne McHenry, Frances Rawlings, I. H. Sams, Ottie Lee Shields, Mary Smith, Bert Sorenson, Rodney Stokey, Doris 1 v Archer, Donna Iean Baccus, Mary Iane Blanton, Nadine Beheler, Virginia Clark, Dorothy Combs, Ann Cook, Dorothy Childress, Beatrice Cowan, Norma Carroll, Bernie Fowler, Francis Hunter, Mamie Bell Harding, Dorothy Hays, Betty Iune Hodges, Monte Lee Ingram, Pat President . . Vice-President . Secretary . USM and lo be seen. MEMBERS Iohnson, Betty Iones, Charlene Iames, Esther Kaiser, Dorothy Mayes, Iulia Martin, Helen Miller, Iean Pogue, Kathryn Ftindy, Beverly Shields, Mary Schimeltenig, Louise Stone, Billie Charles Schaerdel, Dorrace Wilson, Mildred Williams, Betty Butcher, Bill rw Britt, Lee Bowles, Charles Crossland, Ed Dodge, Charles Ford, Ted Green, Billy I. Hartsfield, Merldean Harris, Byron Howard, Guy lvy, David Leird, Bill McCroskey, Iaclc Paden, Iim Smith, Iohn Leslie Wyatt, Iimmy Young, Iim SPONSOR W. E. Noah OFFICERS Fall Spring . Iimmy Wyatt Guy Howard Billy I. Green Billy I. Green . Ann Combs Ann Combs K A M E B A K L U B Page Ninety-one t wbZOHebZwmsZH 'D 2. J: fm Z N. I 'u .N -g L -. 'E Q ZGmQw mmbmp President . Vice-President . Secretary . A Akers, Virginia Burge, Betty Carroll, Charles Congleton, Elise Drees, Pauline Emmons, Betty Eooshee, lane 'ilfVill1 Hzalicff OFFICERS Fall Spring . ,Don Berry Bob Ramsey . fThelrna Napier Thelma Napier . ' e Congleton lack McCroskey f SPONSOR Miss Winnie Langiorol MEMBERS Hare, Helen Harralson, Marie Manton, Thomas McClure, Don McCroskey, lack Napier, Thelma O'Bourke, lohn Polnaclc, Gerald lfmvzwl 7l0H6',' zu Ramsey, Bob Bender, Marjorie Smith, Francis Still, loe Tennison, Marjorie Vaughan, Mary Alice Vaughan, Virginia ith clzmifuv for all." Nlffqlfllllg is to flu? minfl zulzat FXF7'l'lSf' is to lim burly. Akers, Virginia Bailey, Anionette Baltzegar, Marian Benda, D'Maris Black, leanne Blessing, Marjorie Blaine, lo Anne Collier, Hazel MEMBERS Cook, Doris Davis, Carolyn Grissatti, Evelyn l-lill,Tannye Horton, Barbara Hunter, Marnie Bell King, Doris Loomis, Nellie lane Marshall, Cordelia Pogue, Kathryn Poole, Dorothy Porter, Nell Buth Bender, Marjorie Saunders, Louise Sinclair, Amy Taylor, Bobette Waggoner, Frances SPONSOR Miss Lorine Higginbotharn OFFICERS Fall Spring President . . Io Anne Blaine Frances Ann Waggener Vice-President . Tannye Hill leanne Black Secretary . . Marjorie Blessing Kathryn Pogue E CJ O K Lbs , .L,r. " B E V l W C L U v- p li I , ,J J.. l l 6 Page Ninety-three PWHI2 11188 mmpmmx-- 35 EEE Q if Q IH YM ie ss: me ,.,,,,..,. -ut W F 3, OFFICERS A Spring Business Manager . . . Charles Bowles y SPONSOR Miss Henrietta Eisenlohr A Y R MEMBERS Amis, lane Commons, Milton Hodgens, Mary Louise Amundsen, lean Congleton, Elise Holbert, Doris E Anderson, Mary Cook, Doris Howard, Guy Bailey, Amonette Cooke, Dorothy Ivy, David Baker, Martha Ann Cooper, Maxine larnes, Esther S Baltzegar, Marian Craven, Win'ield larrard, Dorothy Beasley, Frances Crouch, Dorothy Marie Iennings, Daryl Bell, Lois Dobbins, Frances Iudge, Ernestine S Bearden, Bob Drees, Pauline Kern, Marion Bennett, Dorothy Duncan, Reona King, Doris Black, Ieanne Elmore, Doris Loitice, Nellie Blanton, Nadine Etheridge, Harvejo Long, Mary layne Bloine, Io Ann Evans, Forrest Loomis, Nellie layne C Boland, Doris Fagan, C, A. Lowe, Dorothy Bowles, Charles Fooshee, lane McCorkle, Wyanetta Brackeen, Vernon Gaither, Grace McPeek, Norma L Britt, Mary Louise Gard, Bob Marshall, Cordelia Brown, Kenneth Green, Carol Ann Martin, Ruth Bryant, Juanita Grissalii, Evelyn Meredith, Norman U Buiiufd, Mmm Griffith, Iune Neal, Harry Casteel, Mary Gual, Marjorie Nichols, Norma Clark, Barbara Ann Guy, Hillary Ogden, Ralph B Clawson, Bob Hare, Helen Osborn, Doris Paden,'Helen Parr, Charles Payne, Clark Peterson, Ioan Harris, Irene Harris, lack Henry, Dorothy Marie Hill, Tannye Coleman, Virainia Collier, Carroll Combs, Ann "All the news fit to printf' Page Ninety-four Earl sn sw: 1 1 Fcxll Guy Howard 1' Pickens, Helen Poole, Dorothy Primm, Bill Richards, Albert Rippetoe, Albert Rhodes, Rosemary Rogers, Shirley Scottino, Ruby Saunders, Louise Sanford, Mary Kathryn Sawyer, Wyatt Sinclair, Amy Skelton, Marvin Smith, Marcile Smith, Dorothy Solomon, Ruth Stallings, Juanita Stepp, lohn Henry Suttle, Martha Taylor, Bhbette Tennison, Mnargie Wade, George White, lulia Williams, Nev Wheeler, Bethstine Woods, Dixie Arnundson, lean Andrews, Louise Arrant, Fae Atteberry, Betty Edith Bell, Earline Berry, Betty Lou Blackstone, Wanda Blaine, Dorothy Bryant, Iuanita Buchanan, Kathryn Bullard, Martha Calvin, Pauline Cameron, Ioyce Cameron, Margaret Canales, Lillie Chfrtelaine, Congleton, Elise Conley, Mattie Evelyn Coop, Anna Louise Cullum, Betty lean Cupp, Mozelle Curtis, Al Dora Delaney, lean Dobbins, Frances Drees, Pauline Durbin, lo Evelyn Dysart, lean Easley, Billie Louise Eason, Sara lim Ellison, Viva Emmons, Betty Falkner, Patsy 'IA thing of hmuly is a joy forever." MEMBERS Fleeman, Doris Pleeman, Margaret Frost, Coy Marie Fritzmeier, Dorothy Goodwyn, Margaret Hargett, Sallie Hibbits, Sara Hodgens, Monta Lee Holtz, Mildred Howell, ,Tune Iarrard, Dorothy Iohnson, Imogene Iones, Margie Kemp, Winnie Faye Kendrick, Mary King, lanice Kirby, Elizabeth Knowles, Nita Layton, Dorothy Ann Lowe, Marjorie McClung, Helen Matthews, Rose Marie Medley, Doris lean Miller, Mozelle Nelson, Loretta Nelson, Margaret Newton, Earline Nichols, Doris Norris, Regena North, Iuanita Peterson, Betty Powell, Ann lane Pritchett, Doris Reese, Virginia Reid, Gerry Rhodes, Rosemary Richardson, Ome ga Rubin, Lenore Sanford, Mary Kathryn Shelby, Helen Smyers, lmogene Stokey, Doris Tabor, Ioy Thomas, Dorothy Thompson, Mary Tolbert, Iune Vernon, Mina Lee Wellwig. Doris Williams, Kathleen Withers, Barbara Yeargan, Eleanor Allen, Eugene Ballard, Bob Bigger, loe Birdsong, Iackie Blankenship, Harold Caldwell, Ben Childs, Tommy b Claunch, lohn Coats, Gene Cook, Harold Cook, Roy Cowan, Kenneth Denton, Allen SPONSOR Mrs. Nellie D. Clement Echols, Holly Elphingstone, lack Evans, Duane Gilder, Grady Gribble, Billy Hill, Albert Hughes, Robert lden, Iack Iames, Raymond lcnes, Philip Klassen, Albert Lloyd, Elgin McClintock, Eugene Malone, Edwin Nelson, Robert Oglesby, Fr Ar Otis, Ive Patrick, Bob Penny, Marvin Piitle, Willard Poole, Leonard Richardson, Dick Richardson, Hal Rodgers, Clifford Ross, Leslie Schmitz, Nolan Skelton, Marvin Slaughter, Avery Strawn, DeWitt Truly, Richard Wanderling, Billy Williams, Lester eunbf eZmZ4wpwmU A fy? Ei a Afq IFB is A P ,L X 1, K 'E - 5 fi rf I rits! Eli trier ISI 'W' Q 'vm 'S 'I Page Ninety-five 41" ' I .i Z 'F'lD'Om'Ut"1 Page Ninety-six U2ZQHU2cnmn1QDUPU President . . V ice-President . Secretary . Avard, Collece Barnett, Vernon Burdine, Edna Rhea Beasley, Frances Bell, Lois Brannon, Vera Faye Brooks, Geneva Brown, Virginia Blackwell, Betty Cristol, Amelia Fawks, Milburn Fletcher, Billy Hood, Norma lean Hair, Ulis OFFICERS Fall Wyatt Sawyer Sara lane Hibbits Collece Avard SPONSOR William Meek MEMBERS Hibbitts, Sara lane Hodges, Virginia Harralson, Eva Lee ludge, Ernestine lones, Ioanna Laurent, Bobbie lune Lewis, Frances McHenry, Frances McClung, Henry Malone, Cornelia Miller, Mozelle Miller, Ray Newman, Fred Park, lack ,fp- w-N. Q.. Spring Vernon Barnett Bryce Sevier loena Parker Parker, Ioena Peterson, LaYvonne Pitchiord, Rae Pledge, Patsy Robinson, Geraldine Sawyer, Wyatt Sevier, Bryce Staples, Lorraine Stubb, Barbara lo Sissel, Martha Whitcomb, Orene Wolff, Gwendolyn HAgIlI.H5f rlisffzsfs have the slrwzgfst ffncef' "Soar 1101 loo high lo fall but stoop fo 'rise.' Baker, Robert Bearden, Bob Brown, lohn Brown, Kenneth Carroll, Charles Chalkley, Francis Clawson, Bob Collins, Earl Cowing, Harry 17,-f-ffwlfnrlnv A f+lm 1'- . o..,o.KCi io 1,4 it trial Frazier, Boyd Gibson, George Hughes, Robert Iohnson, Buck lones, lohn Paul Payne, Harold Price, Earl Reeves, Stewart Robinson, lohn Russell, Lloyd Sams, Ottie Lee Seguin, l. E. Smith, Bert Stice, Herbert Still, loe Thompson, Glenn Walls, David Webb, Keith Wetzel, Wilbur Williams, Nev TATl...,.J..-.. f",..:I VV lllblbkjl, K.xt7'L,ll I , SPONSOR Miss Laura Alexander Fall Spring President . . . Frost, Harold Adams, W. H. Vice-President . . Rawlings, l. H. Frost, Morris Secretary . . Webb, Keith Webb, Keith E X C E L S l C R C L U B Page lNliI1c'ly-Sewell hmm Nui are IIE EBC El! :rg Iss ree Ill EEQIII! :li sul " 3' ' f if- f P E P S 'U A. ID Adams, Virginia Archer, Virginia Aycock, Edith Baker, Verna Beasley, Evelyn Berry, Betty Lou Bickley, Virginia Billert, Lois Blair, Mary Frances Blessing, Marjorie Boland, Doris Boyd, Cortaza Brown, Betty Byrd Bryant, Evelyn Canales, Lillie Carrell, Mary Lou Carson, Madra Chambers, Anne Chatelain, Alva Lee Chatelain, Zoe Ann Cooper, Maxine Coleman, Christine Collier, Hazel Cook, Doris Coop, Anna Louise Cowan, Norma Cruse, Rosalyn Cunningham, Bernice Dalton, Billie lean Dalton, Wanda Darwin, Patricia Davis, Carolyn fvwe Page Ninety-eight ,,,,,t BEBQBBHE if, SPONSOR ,. Miss Rae' eters MEMBERS ' Doudney, Clara Lee Duncan, Reona Dunn, Irene Eastham, Mary Eddy, Aline Edgar, Catherine Edgar, Iuanita Elarn, Iuanita Ellison, Viva Pain, Iune Ferguson, Katherine Ferguson, Marjorie Ford, Billie lean' Foster, Clara Gaul, Marjorie ' George, Doris Gillette, Ellen Harmon, Virginia Harris, Alice Ruth Hatfield, lacque Hays, Betty Hicks, Patricia Holcomb, Bonnie Hopkins, Peggy Hostler, Donella Huttines, Anita Iackson, Lennie Iackson, Martha Iensen, Gayle Iolly, Gwen Iones, Betty tones, Charlene tones, Norma Kendrick, Mary Kerbow, Sibbie Nell King, Doris Kriearem, Estella' Law, Barbara 'y Leach, Ieanne ' 'iLee, Mary Eve Lbmly, Carol Leslie, B r Lewis, F o ce Linsco J Ie nne Lockard,I yce Long, M y Iayne McClu , Helen McLar , Ion Mc , Betty Io M c ule. ,tMarjorie er, Doris Ieanne ilne, Marjorie Moore, Betty Anne Odom, Elaine Paden, Helen Grace Pitts, Helen Louise Pledge, Patsy M3 in, Ailene Rainwater, Mary Louise Rasor, Verma Ratekin, Nellie Io Richardson, Bettie Bindy, Beverly Rogers, Shirley 5 please, are jlleasezl, they give to get esteem." 93' ' Q tif r5 Ill Ill lt 5 l Ill I' Ill Ill 53 EBI lil U ,f Rooker, Hilder See, Barbara Shipley, Nina Silvus, Ellen Smith, Marcile Smith, Mary Katherine Sorrels, Lenore Spoonemore, Eula Stark, Winnell Stanley, Iuanita Sterrett, Betty loy Storey, Betty Thompson, Zana Turner, Mamie Waddle, Ava lane Waggoner, Frances Wall, La Verne Walther, Katie Weatherford, Doris Westerfield, Iacqueline Whitley, Martha Lee Whiteside, Iuanita Mal Williams, Betty Williamson, Betty Williamson, Hazel Winter, Dorothy Worden, Dollie Young, Alice lean Young, Sadie Mae York, Christine ww N-A-. J ,..u-.,, ,Aw- A4 CAPTAINS AND MASCOT Doris Cook Morjorie Blessing Doris King lune Ernest YELL LEADERS Moon lim Yee Iohnnie Ellis Hozel Collier Robert Hughes Charles Wonner Conjetti Lctnzo P E P S Q U A D , 5 15 . ii ' 1 3, - ' Q -- A ' in f... 1 l fix! .f-A ' 3 W E-sf' u- z:f lf mfE 7?i1ii ggx : E ,if 5 J U13 17k ,Z QV -M 3 wa 'S , W. V K? VF! gm! EB fel WH HMI NNW ARCHERY AND BADMINTQN CLUB INTERCLASS VGLLEY CHAMPICDNS e Oue llumlred Q- F .,,,- . 45 I g Q " . , A fn, . , X ft W ,-,1""' SOCIAL DANCING TENNIQUOITS O sw-'ed' Q :.".2:'.:.:-.s.. V . ., L .2 12-I :tru-M M., ,. . R- , 'Xl E if i::'1'Qwf -. -.e..:'.:-'K..5 "" "' if i ' I 'fi' mf-+1 ,,,.....,...,.......,..Q 7 'vbz vt A W. ww 7 WI J if-it Chapter No. 928 Z T A OFFICERS Spring T President . . . . . . . Don McClure I First Vice-President . . . . . . Lillian Gleason G Second Vice-President . .... .... P at Murphy Secretary .... ..... . Norma lean Ballard N SPQNSOR A C. C. Nutley MEMBERS L Norma lean Ballard . .... . Degree ot Distinction Lillian Gleason . . . . . Degree ot Distinction Ora Lee Hair Don McClure lohn O'Rourlce Pat Murphy Virgie Turner Pat Whitaker Degree Degree Degree Degree . . Degree . . Degree ZWDUQHU f-4 ' ..QDP'Ii'1:" OWU? ggsQgwsgg'2fgQ 5555525-sT5.vv,2fg:fQ, WQFEQWQTDFQEFE ihjogh-4 SCEHQEEUQ oem offkvoiam iq P-171' Etjiggf-1fDl54jEL ECDL-'Q 22432-225-raw Qhfgsfyg U1 mr NMS, ....... . UUUUUUUUUUUUU fDCDfDfDCDCDfDfDCDCDCDfDCD ootnoooooooooo "1"'i"1"'i"1"1"1"1P1"1"1"1"'9 CDCDFDCDCDCDCDCDCDCDCDIDTD fDCDCDfDl'DfDfDCDfDCDfDCDfD OOOOOOOOOOOOO P-hr-Owl-HPQHP-hi-HP-HPOSV-OSP-HP-HP-Hkh '1I'Sl1IiE'1I'LE'SEIZE'CE'Sl1IiI3 OOOOOOOOOOOOO ::s:::s:s::s:v::s OOOOOOOOOOOOO "'I"1"1"1"1"'i"1"1"l"1"1"1"1 'ca X. 7: Ft O I 'b I N : ., m fi m Nl 'S Q of Distinction ot Distinction ot Distinction oi Distinction of Excellence ot Excellence Ullnzv .slrmzg 1171 ilzflllflzu' 'Zl'0Tff.N' in zuffllefwlrzffffl zz'11rrls." 'Nffrrfizzg L'l1f'6?TfIlHj' and zvz'11ingly." The assistants ot this school are students oi high standing chosen by faculty members as library assist- ants, office assistant , locker guards, gym assistants, and for any othe urpose in helping the school or teachers. Thejs students must be above reproach in every i s hoe and have a good scholastic standing. l is a A onor to be a student assistant at Adamson H' chool. Gwing to the large number, no attempt to ist the names has been made. ,iff , 5 p .IJ :JS I HZWUCIHUQ Cf2'iZDP"-HUD'-'UDUDDP' t l Page One Hundred Three OHHUJDP'lfQ':EOU2DUmf-QZH 'CUT' DDP' t-EIC' 'U E 9G fu Q R fm he P--1 -. N h I '-5-.. ri R --. 'Ti Q Q Declamalion Io Ann Blaine C. A. Faqan Extemporaneous Speaking lohn O'Rourke loena Parker Essay Ruth Solomon Billie Ann Hunter X534 ii waxy L ,119- fl' ti t M3 AQ- . A, .sera bang, . t, 1- " I in f g A at ,, .v ' "-'23 ' yt?-. - i .I-. 1 ll 'el 4 7 :TIT --rpiiz. Y' 5 l 9 frm' 'gl Q 1525? , V, N L , J., , ,EK . I , " Y 'A 1 K x . , k Q it . L' 'ff ... - t F H if if L. 1 'V A A ,... - Er' f 'QE V , i it L . Q .af at. . ji A M at in I. 'ya . 3 3 ,1 W-gj'v :aa V f MEMBERS Debate One-Act Play Lowrey Stewart Roxie Ann Moore Louise Sanders Tannye Hill HCOIIl1Fflfi07'l is llze sm Lillian Gleason Norma lean Ballard Pat Murphy Don McClure Spelling Helen Spanqler Iackie Wilder 1 1 of life." , LITARY . , gl. 5, M ' x TRVK V: - J: , It Hu 1 " ' . f' U Tr X, X 11 r' ' 5 ' .Lg I ' 4 i N 3 Q4 1 x Z Aj z Q ' m ,, . . . 1 ' 5' 4 me 4 , -, A , " ' 1 X 4 'L 11" . - ,i x 1 3 f ' ' . .- 9' . ' Q ., f, ' - - If-A .5 :- f 4 . , . X It -. '. ' if f' 5: - . 4' F ' 7 'lf if .9 " K A as! L . . , q , ,xii I 'f K 1 ,f .TQ i 4. I . . y 5 I , sf v .Ax I 11 1 , 1321 6 r , 1 3 'A ,H 5 4 12. - f 1 A , , . . -A 4, - 1 - X , -.5 -A n 1 3 tg - L bl, , 4. -, -,, .3 , , . P , ., , ,, ,Q 'ge 1 Q. -1, , s l , I-X' , wh , xl. .D Q iris ,Q E- 5.5. '.. ,- ff- T ' 1 is ' - u . . E, ni .,. . .i L1 .V N V ' 1 v - '5 :A f 5 . TWWWT ERI Ill I lll Ill E REI Ill t r. Regimental Commander Lieutenant Colonel Charles Vxfanner Regimental Executive Officer Major lack Allen Regimental Adiutant Captain Billy Atkinson Regimental Intelligence Officer Captain Raymond Roberts Regimental Plans and Training Officer Second Liteutenant loy Childress Regimental Supply Officer First Lieutenant Taswell Hackler Assistant Regimental Adjutant First Lieutenant Horace Williams Regimental Sergeant Major Mr. Sergeant lames Wiley Regimental Supply Sergeant Mr. Sergeant Cranston Dodd Second Lieutenant Bob Patrick Sponsor' Marjorie Blessing Page One H zmzlrerl Six Roster oi Field and Staff COLOR GUARD Regimental Color Sergeants Staff Sergeant Stanley Tabor Staff Sergeant Marvin Skelton Regimental Color Guards Private First Class Charles Moore Private First Class Holt Stanford Captain Boluch, lohn First Lieutenant Atkinson, Bill Second Lieutenant Ogden, Ralph Everett, Bill Sergeants Pitts, Bill Trapp, Albert Corporals Carter, Morris Bates, Billy Odom, Ralph Gigson, George Esry, Walter Maidow, Ioe Gibson, Carl Schoen, Alqar Mays, Billy Michael, Lois Crumbie, Watson Privates. First Class Williams, Oliver Pasino, Frank Carter, Bill Marinell Pearson Sponsor Abbott, lames Adams, Roy Allen, Bill Allen, Henry Arnett, G. C. Baker, Willis Barnes, Ralph Birdsong, laclcy Bledsoe, Porter Boedeker, Allen Breazele, Harold Brown, Robert Buehrle, Clayton Campbell, William Cook, Harold Creel, lohnny Cunningham, loe Cunningham, W. L. Currey, Donald Dunlap, Clifford Elder, Fred Eazakerley, Arthur Gardner, lohn Gaines, lohn Gilmer, Charles Company A PRIVATES Gillock, I. W. Gordon, lack Gray, George Gregory, Eugene Harris, Byron Hart, Sealy Honeycutt, Edwin Hughes, Robert lnnes, Willard Keahey, Scott Keel, lames Kelly, Robert Kempe, Harry Kilgore, Kendall Killiam, Norman King, limmie Lester, Cecil Little, Thomas Lively, Billy McDearmont, Charles McKay, Harold McMahan, George Moore, Iames Morgan, Ernest Nelson, Almo Nelson, Lawrence Nelson, Richard Newman, Fred Oglesby, F. A. Peditord, lack Pollock, Paul Proctor, Foster Pulliam, lames Sanders, Lloyd Schmidt, Wallace Scroggin, limmy Smith, Dewaine Smith, Lawrence Snow, Richard Spangler, Grady Steele, Clifford Sturdivant, Gordon Sympson, Lee Roy Wall, limmy Whale, lack Wilson, Eugene 'vVoolever, Raymond Wright, limmie Wyche, Charley Wyche, Hubert Zehner, Dick Page One Hundred Seven QB! Ill Ill ill l l Ill l l Adams, W. H. Allen, Bill Allen, Edwin Allen, Eugene Austin, Charles Baker, Claude Berry, Don Bixler, VV. D. Bobo, Otis Brazelton, Everett Britt, lohn Cather, lohn Cherry, Earl Christopher, loe Clawson, Bob Cook, Graham Cook, Ray Cooper, William Cox, Wayne Craps, lames Crockett, lames Crouch, A. I. Pig: One I'IIl7ll!7'9lIEig1.71 Company B Cullum, lohn Ellis, George Elphingstone, lack Finley, Carl Freeland, Wayne Euerer, Peyton Gibbons, lames Gilder, Grady Grabbe, Phillip Grittin, Mark Haake, Wallace Hamm, C. G. Hargis, Calvin Harper, Tom Hendrickson, Harry Herman, Harry Hillin, Charles Holt, Clitiord Humphrey, loe Humphrey, Frank Hunter, lack lenkins, I. C. PRIVATES Iones, Phillip Kaufman, Don Kelly, Richard LaPlant, Raymond Leird, Bill Lemmons, Charles Lucas, Billy Mahaney, Charles Martin, George McClain, lule Dean Miller, Roy Mitchell, O. H. Morgan, Charles Morris, l. W. Norvell, Eugene Noyd, Martin Patterson, Iames Payne, David Posey, Charles Prince, loe Q'Rourke, Erank Reynolds, Roy iii iii lll llt Mu Ili , .ani Captain West, lack Second Lieutenants Duncan, Richard Gossett, Earl Marco, Virgil Sponsor D'Maris Benda Sergecmts Smith, Bert WileY, lames Corporczls Dodge, Charles Hartsfield, Merldean Holcomb, Harold Keener, David 1 Ray, Tom Ridley, Phillip Rockett, Iarnes Sabatoni, Ben Slater, lack Smith, Billy Smith, Robert South, Charles Stark, Marvin Stearman, Don Stewart, Duane Summers, Melvin Talbot, Iimmie Turner, Rex Ueckert, Lee Wade, Lewis Wallace, James Webb, Herbert Wessels, Dean Whisenant, lohn Williams, Billy Bob Wilson, K. Worden, loe Iames Denton Iimmie Heiskell l Kenneth Cox Carroll Collier Kenneth Brown A P Wiley Bryce Sevier Ted Rollor Iohn Westeriield Sponsor Dorothy Polk ,"""""' W Adams, Le Roy Ardinger, Horace Bates, Kenneth Blanton, B. A. Bohanan, C. W. Bowling, Ray Briggs, Wilburn Britton, Leslie Brown, limmie Bryant, Gerald Burnside, Robert Burris, Bill Cavitt, George Commons, Milton Cowan, Lee Crow, Iames Daniel, Charles Dargan, Iohn Davis, Irving Dees, Bunk Diamond, Rawlings Emery, Iohn Evans, Forrest Favre, Carl Felton, Clarence Fuess, Larry Goodwin, Ernest Company C PRIVATES Green, Billy lack Gregory, Carl Gross, B. E. Hale, Billy Hale, lames Byron Hamilton, Ernest Hammans, Coleman Havens, Earl Hillen, Sam Houston, Stanley Humphreys, Carl lohnson, Wayne Lee, Robert E. Lockett, lack Long, lim Longley, George Maberry, lames Riley McCarty, Wendell lVlcMains, Landie Miller, Ray Nelson, Roy Palmer, Howard Parker, Albert Payne, Harold Pettijohn, Bob Polnack, Gerald Pond, Douglas Procter, Charles Reynolds, Kenneth Richburg, Roy Richardson, Dick Ray, lim Sallis, Fred Schulz, Carl Smith, Don Smith, Philip Stultz, Snvdor Stultz, Wilson Tubre, Wilfred Tucker, George Vavra, lames Walraven, lohn Whitley, Vaden Whittlesey, Frank Yarbrough, Barkley Yee, Moon lim Wilson, Howard Nelson, Richard Gibson, George Garriott, George Pediford, lack Hunley, Collin Foster, Iames Page One Hundv ed N1 Avrea, Carl Beesley, Earl Benge, Tommy Blevins, Bobby Bowles, Charles Britton, Herbert Brown, Iohn Byers, Raymond Chalkley, Francis Chandler, Henry Claunch, Bob Coe, William Cook, Robert Davis, I. E. Deason, Billy Dees, David Degenhart, Marvin Echols, Holly Elam, Lewis Ellis, Calvin Ezell, Felix Farrell, Richard Farris, Bob Ferguson, Dan Gomez, William Page One Hundred Ten ,ff 1 - A mwummmlza IRI Ill EWR EMI Ill IKE EEE lll Qll QE! lil ll! Company D PRlVATES Gray, Iames Hathaway, Arnold Herring, Fred Hill, Richard Hocker, Claude Humphreys, Ewell Hunley, Collin Hyson, Kenneth Karr, Bill Kerr, Vernon Leach, Charles Lipe, Eugene Lloyd, Elgin Lowe, Kenneth Lucas, Melvin Matthews, Martin McClintock, Eugene McClintock, I. R. Mayabb, Charles Moore, Morrill Morgan, Paul Morgan, Earnest Nance, Douglas Nowlin, Wanz Oglesby, George M Captain First Lieutenant Wade, George Second Lieutenant Cox, Kenneth Sergeants Collier, Carroll Heiskell, Iames Brown, Kenneth Tabor, Stanley Wheeler, Herman Corporals Beesley, Vernon Bowles, Tommy Albin, Iayson Allen, Ted Garriott, George Iordan, Iack Melugin, Clarence Skelton, Marvin Thompson, Pat Sponsor Bobette Taylor Osborne, Iohn Paden, Iim Penny, Marvin Phillips, Roy Qualls, Forrest Reeves, Stewart Richards, Albert Richardson, 'W alter Robins, Lester Robertson, Elgin Rodgers, Clifford Ross, Eugene Sabo, David Seguin, I. E. Shaw, Odis Stanford, Holt Stewart, Lowrey Stice, Herbert Travatte, Louis Volentine, Bert Watson, Reese Wheeler, Iohn White, Richard Woltt, Ioe Yeager, Earl Captain Williams, Wyvel First Lieutenant Bethancourt, Harold Sponsor lo Anne Blaine Second Lieutenants Austin, Harold Craig, Bert First Sergeant Bowles, Tommy Sergeants Albin, Iayson Beesley, Earl Brown, Iohn Karr, Bill Thompson, Pat Qualls, Forrest Britain, Herbert Coe, William Ezell, Felix Deason, Billy Farrell, Richard Ferguson, Dan Gomez, William McClintock, Eugene Gray, Iames Hill, Richard Kerr, Vernon Leach, Charles Lipe, Eugene Nance, Douglas Oglesby, George Rodgers, Clifford Ross, Eugene Sabo, David Wolfe, Ioe Travatte, Louis Company E PRIVATES Volentine, Bert Robertson, Elgin Wheeler, lohn Blevins, Bobby Echols, Holly Elan, Lewis Ellis, Calvin Hamilton, Iames Hathaway, Arnold Hyson, Kenneth Lucas, Melvin Kemp, Harry Morgan, Paul Beedle, Claude Benge, Tommy Paden, lim Richards, Albert Robbins, Lester Shaw, Odis Hooker, Claude White, Richard W'atson, Reese Stewart, Lowrey Avrea, Carl Bowles, Charles Challcley, Francis Dees David Herring, Fred Humphreys, Ewell Hunley, Collin Iordan, lack Lowe, Kenneth Mayabb, Charles Melugin, Clarence Moore, Charles Nowlin, Wanz Reeves, Stewart Stanford, Holt Stice, Herbert Yeager, Earl Deganhart, Marvin McClintock, I. R. Page One Hundred l:lez LII Rifle Team john Boluch Harry Green Carl Gibson Charles Wanner Donald Berry Dick Hatcher Wyvel Williams Billy Bates Ernest Schoen Kenneth Cox George Tucker Cranston Dodd Stanley Tabor Glen jones Landie McMains Vernon Beesley Billy Everett Clarence Melugin Carter Gault Billy jack Green Taswell Hackler Having displayed outstanding etticiency by placing second in the City Bitle Match, second in the Corps Area Bitle Match, third in the Shoulder to Shoulder Match, and having .ired the second highest aggregate score on all three prescribed matches, eleven out ot twenty Adamson boys were awarded rifle team letter sweaters. The rifle team lettermen are Major Iohn Boluch, Major Vernon Beesley, Major Wyvel Williams, Captain Kenneth Cox, First Lieutenant Billy Bates, First Lieutenant Billy Everett, Second Lieutenant Stanley Tabor, Eirst Sergeant Clarence Melugin, Sergeant Donald Berry, and Private George Tucker. Page One Hundred Twelve Maiorettes Captain Croft, Torbett First Lieutenant Gillette, Fred Second Lieutenants Graham, Max lones, Glen Lettwich, Lewis Martin, S. W. Sponsor Dorothy Plumlee Sergeants - Gault, Carter Hatcher, Dick Lee, Frank Corporals Childers, Conway Davis, Bob Fagan, C. A. Goodwin, Paul Hawkins, Don McChesney, Iames Muchmore, Robert Ramsey, Bob Reese, Eugene Robinson, Iohn Thomas, Bill Whitlock, Cleo Privates. First Class Coleman, Tom Fain, M. N. Hodges ' cirrell Potthoft, mill Robinson, Bill Andres, Y. A. Babb, Billy Babb, Herbert Bell, lack Bigger, Ioe Bond, A. D. Britt, Lee Calloway, Charles Carroll, Clay Von Cline, Iackie Coke, Donald Conine, Earnest Dunagan, Ted Easley, Raymond Earnest, lack Ford, Taylor Ford, Ted Garretson, Howard Goodman, Claude Green, Harry Harrison, W. A. Harvin, Bill Hines, Wayne Band PRIVATES lden, lack lenkins, George lones, Kenneth Kell, Bob Kinkel, Dan Langston, Zach Leslie, Frank McCroskey, lack Marcum, Clyde Matthews. Oscar Maupin, Charles Montgom ery, Donald Mullan, Russell Murphy, Pat Newby, William Palmer, Charles Patterson, Wayne Payne, Clark Pittman, Dale Quinn, Robert Randlett, Raymond Reeves Noble Reynolds, lames Shiflett, Billy Bob Spence, Eustice Spray, Norman Smith, lohn Leslie Thaxton, Bob Thompson, Iohn Treadwell, lack Turner, Bobby Utt, Ted Walters, Ralph 'X"athen, Eugene White, William Wilson, Wailand Winblood, lack Zuefeldt, Richard Maxine Cooper Billy lean Iones Billie lean Dalton Marjorie Gual Frances Waggoner Viva Ellison Page One Hundred Tbzrleelz X V WW' H., x. ' w QS, My 4,9 ,Wi 4, , -.-dung w ATHLETIE5 W' V1 w 'V ass i.s, i fi One Hundred Coaches H. S. Griffin, Football B. B. Harris, Football W. E. Noah, Track C. V. Ballarol,.Football W. P. Durrett, Baseball and Basket Ball Verde Dickey, Football William Meek, Football B. N. Smith, Tennis L. C. Lettwiclfi, Golf First Team First Row: David Keener, Harry Cowing, Torbett Croft, Billy Primm, Robert Baker, Bob Wasson, Rawlings Diamond, Iimmy Reed. Second Row: Lloyd Dunnam, Rodney Sorenson, lack Loclcett, Lester Robins, Alfred Yarbrough, George Wade, Horace Vtfilliarns, Eugene McClintock, Horace Ardinger. Third Row: Raymond Walker, Harold Iones, Nick Lanza, lohn Knight, Lawrence Lewis, Charles Thompnon, Hoyt Frazier, I, H. Rawlings CCaptainl. Second Team First Row: Earl Cherry, Herschel Keener, Paul lones, Kenneth Lucas, Iarnes Eelts tCaptainl, Billy Durrett, Billy Ander- scn, Billy Grihble, Fred Leslie. Second Row: Richard Hill, Freddy Gibbs, Albert Reddy, Hulen Simmons, loe Se-nter, Travis Pearson, Carl Schulz, lohn Thompson. Third Row: Billy Lively, Wallace Clyce, Benny Duncan, lames Calvert, Robert E. Lee, Charles Gallassero, Bonar Morgan, Calvin Hargis, Billy Earl Walker, Iamos Wiley, Bradley Hogue, lames Neighbors, A. P. Wiley, lvan Zann, Charles Davis. Fourth Row: Thomas Morgan, Fred Elder, R. B. Harris tCoachJ, Kenneth Pogue, Robert Gentry, Charles Calloway, Harry Kernpe, Sum Maiderra, Pat Whitaker, Robert Herring, Tommy Bowles, Arthur Smith, Richard Avery, Iohnny Bob Creel. ,. x n we if WWE e?u fi ,G ga :ua w , --Y -- rf--Hr' --r r' '-"l"wT'fj , Ji.. . A V, 1410! V , ' ri- L., .Q 15.23 , V -f gnu .zj . 1 ,I .-l 5 . 1 . :A kkrr L N . ,nm gas: a'22-'43 ,, i sfff' F ny V. ., N, xgggiauunwr Dil, g2.u.5y4gg,pv , ., -. 0- ,, 5 W KN fy ,K-1,7 ,lissmgagiiunla W. :iw .,-- ww-N X , , ,Y -,suuunsiym-if ef-W1 jf - - J i 1 :eg 1 xx We A , c 1 't A . x,. K , In it ..- ,-.ig-,A, ya: 'A-V : i f 2221 jail gl is . U l r J ,,:I A l Y ' I N KY' . ff? ZA- LEE. A ,ef .Qi 913 'Safe-22:.' K , cf, A iliitiii ' 'i TS' :ii-ilifi 55" .f.'. ' 'i , 'YZ 'i'img4" . i ,, K ,f NM.: Top. leit to right: I. H. Rawlings CCaptainl, Harry Cowing, Earl Beesley, Bob Wasson. Middle, lett to right: Lester Robins, Rodney Sorenson. Bottom. left to right: Oddie Lee Sams lAssis Alfred Yarbrough, Torbett Croft, Nick Lanza. Football Calendar September 18. Adamson U-Paris 6 A bullet pass hurled through a clustered Adamson defense found its rim k cl' ' lr , imaxing a 43-yard drive and giving the Paris Wildcats a 6 to O victory over the Leopards. Although the boys in blue and white put up a game battle, the Wildcat's score held good. The Leopards, led by Torbett Croft and Nick Lanza, put up a stubborn defense. tant Managerl, September 27. Adamson 15-Marshall 19 Tne Leopards iourneyed to Marshall for their second game of the season and suffered .3 l9-I5 defeat at the hands of the Mav- ericks. The Blue Brigade got off to a l3 point lead but C ld t ou no hold it. The Mavs rallied in the final half to overcome the Adam- son eleven, October 4. Adamson 0-Lutkin 7 Striking through the air late in the first guarter, the Lufkin Pan- thers nipped the Leopards 7 to 0. The brightest spot in the Leopards play was their stellar defensive work. The blue forwards piled up Lulkin's running attack time and again with some vicious tackling. October ll. Adamson 6-Tech 2 The Leopards hit their stridelll Displaying clever ball handling Adt ' umson s speedy eleven stopped the Tech Wolves' winning streak by the score of 6 to 2. Bandy-legged little Torbett Croft scored the winning touchdown for the Leopards in the last quarter of the grid thriller, Tech relied mostly on its aerial attack. Nick Lanza and Croft were the most consistent ground gainers for Adamson. October 25. Adamson 0-Woodrow B Entering the Woodrow Wilson game as underdogs the Leopards A kept the Wildcats "going" by staying deep in their opponent's ter- - -" . U ritory during the entire first half. During the last quarter, Woodrow . - ' f I took advantage of a fumble deep in the Leopards territory, and YI- r A S A when the whistle blew the score was 6 to 0 in favor of the Wildcats. ii 1 if niggas Q Q l -- . lf' an K W . if as U' wifi: gt' ul' fi ,piw of 55,91 ,pv""'-nv' pl .M gl i.. g,-see' "5-5--5. 'sz ,mimi 'cr 'te- e-f'3Z:-:' was xl sv-i Qzwnmmma X in Mi .S at xg CNGQH -K iihnv , - I I VIP" i i W , M, N 1 at it if L , Q Q1 Us A -rf 3 on Fi ,-Q, co Top, left to right: George Wade, Bill Primm, Robert Baker, Horace Williams. Middle, left to right: oin Bottom, left to right: Lloyd Dunnarn, Vernon Brackeen fltflan- agerl, Eugene McClintock, David Keener, Raymond Walker. Football Calendar November 2. Adamson 6-Forest 12 The Leopards turned in a great game against the Junior College sized Forest Lions. The boys fought all the way and practically had the game on "ice" until the last second ot play when Forest drove over their winning tally, making the score I2-6. November 8. Adamson 14-Sherman 19 The hard-fighting Leopards who never let up in rain or fog threatened the Sherman Bearcatls undefeated record tor the season losing by a I9 to I4 score. The Dallas boys played a stubborn de- fensive game and made seven first downs to the Bearcat's eight. All scoring was done during the first half. This was due, possibly, to the heavy showers, which continued throughout the third and tourth quarters. November 16. Adamson 7-Sunset 27 The "rivals from across the river," namely, Sunset and Adamson, t on the field of battle. Ned Welch, Bison backtielder, started h h the entire Adamson me the point-rnaking with a 54-yard run trouq ' th be inning! One thrill followed another, and team. This was only e q the final score was 27 to 7. November 22. Adamson 31--North Dallas 6 Playing the crippled North Dallas Bulldogs was a walk away for the Leopards. The true blue boys ended their gridiron season in a blaze of glory. Adamson took the ball on the opening kick-oft and with a series ot end runs and line smashes marched tor a touchdown without losing the ball. Five touchdowns were made by the Leopards, i hd wn was made. The Bulldogs! were I lo Knight, Lawrence Lewis. 1 but only one point atter touc o not able to gain except by long passes which were completed lin the econd quarter: one of which resulted ln the North Dallas only 5 touchdown, fm,...,,,, W... , 3? t File f Basket Ball LETTERMEN Front Row Back Row lames Anderson Tommy Sellers Captain-Elect l-larry Low Captain Bob Wasson Troy Chandler l-loward Palmer Robert Booth Melwyn Mathis Nick Lanza lames Penn 55,6 Basket Ball Front Row Nick Lanza Tommy Sellers Captain-Elect Harry Low Captain Melyn Mathis Troy Chandler Second Row Albert Bass Iarnes Felts Iames Anderson Moon Iirn Yee Douglas Pond Third Row Robert Booth Bob Wasson " f- M Qu '-s. :f.pwmm,, , ,wyffwffi-twzamwmwsawf M- s ..+:,wwtw4mt Baseball Team Back Row: Front Row: Left to Right Left to Right lames Calvert Herbie Moore lohnny Bob Creel I. H. Rawlings Nick Lanza Melwyn Mathis Albert Bass Hendrix Holla- baugh Earl Reesley Troy Chandler Robert Smith Bob Wasson Freddie Gibbs lack Lindsey Duane Clouse Don Lippincott Richard Avery Elgin Lloyd George Holla- baugh Ernest Ledford George Harris Wallace Clyce Tommy Sellers Doyle Rambo Paul lones Sam Ward lohn Young E' t A Ll r s Track Lettermen RALP1-1 NELSON Paiestine Re1aysfThrew the shot a distance ot 50' 1114" tor a new record. Discus throw a distance oi 144' 4" tor a new record. City Track Meet -f Made a new record of 49' 9Va" in the Shot. Reqionai MeetfA new discus record oi 133' 10" a1so, winner in Shot Put. DAV1D 1VY High Iurnp, Hurdier, Broad Iump and Mile Relay. MORRIS FROST 440-440 Re1ay, Mile Re1ay. EARL COLLINS A new record in the 220 yard dash ot a time ot 22.2 seconds at the Ft. Worth Eat Stock Show Meet. Pa1estine Re1ayseffA new record in the 220. City MeetfWinner in 220 yard dash. BOB BALLARD 880 yard run. RODNEY SORENSON 100 yard dash and 440 Re1ay, Broad lump. IACK ALLEN 440-440 Relay, and Mi1e Re1ay. wi Track Team Front Row Third Row lack Allen Ernest Hamilton Morris Frost Rob Ballard David lvy Harold Luper Ralph Nelson Euaene McClintock Earl Collins Rodney Sorenson Charles Thompson Second Row Charles Hillin Bill Burris limrnie Reed Lawrence Lewis loe Otis David Walls l. E. Davis Elbert Bush Wilson Atteberry Roy Adams Winton Noah CCoachD Back Row Edward Kelly Ered Herrina l-luah Reilly Vernon Ratliti Archie Brixey loe Still lMar.D Thomas Little CAsst. Mar. 1 it i , re,s,', . r f it -V52 F ,lf- , S w of ' I , , A D3 rf 2 'D' ""h 'T ".,.- + ' i t Q . A 'U R 193 V if-V N- M IZJAI .A., , X , wi, ,X . , 332 , A my "H 'ii Q i -A. A -,g,Jf".2 "V X 1 . 'L Q x it 3 . s fl' 43' 1 Q -1 S!- 3 Dt -9 F f'-fp '-1' Team A iw ,, t, if 'PE- 'G Cranston Dodd, Dori McClure, Rudolph Robioerson, Iodn Peterson, Marjorie Iones, Dorothy Dobbs. R. N. Smith, Codch. Golf Team Donny Love, Glen IODGS, Cdptoirig Tuileyg Wilkins, W. A. Iohrison. L. C. Leitwich, Codch. t Q Q42 S ta: his I 'mln 3 ii. ,Qc---4 .-4 .-n ilk 3 , , ,sd 0 . t Q - 1 ..,, 5 A3 .,,,,1 .H Y fi rx if ,Q t 4'V,,i',4 ,555 fix, Q ,ex if , ' ,:-, ly. S- I0 H , Q 7,1 W f was " NHL, 5 LQQEEEWH I nn Q HERE MQHNIIUI MWMMZE giiiilg ll 'TF 'ku A L'fv,f.m.W una-QHW' Bum QW M 'Pa L 94. V i Duncan, Richard Fagan, C. A. Law, Barbara l.emly, Carolyn Litllepage, Sylvia Lowry, Jimmie L. MacLachlean, Jeanne Malone, Cornelia Mason, Frances Mason, Mary K. Malney, Treva Jo Moore, Jane Mullen, Gayle Murphy, Harriett Napier, Virginia Randall, Nancy Ralekin, Nellie Jo Reese, Virginia Richardson, Priscilla Roy, Mary Frances Sawyer, Joan Session, Margie Shamburger, Virginia Shelby, Jane Stock, Laverne Taylor, Mildred Tomlinson, Billie J. Troull, Evelyn Underwood, Patti Vaden, Edna Earle Walker, Inez Wellwig, Doris Whiles, La Rue While, Dorrace Wilder, Jackie Wyatt, Doris Boalman, Ruth Cason, Lauretla Durham, Paula Fain, June Fortune, Jarvis Hunter, Billie Ann Johnson, Jeanette Johnston, Julia SCHOLARSHIP cLUb Continued from Page 80 Melvin, Mary Helen Pledge, Palsy Smyers, Imogene Thompson, Janice Waddle, Ava Jane Williams, Hesther Agan, Jeanne Alexander, La Vonne Allen, Jacquelyn Baker, Verna Ballard, Norma J. Barnett, Frances Brown, June Carrell, Mary L. Chambers, Ann Childers, Beatice Coats, May D. Collum, Effie Cruse, Rosalyn Durand, Jeanelte Ellis, Johnnie V Eubanks, Dorothy Ewing, Dorothy Foster, Clara Eva Gillelle, Ellen Gleason, Lillian Hood, Norma Jean Horton, Barbara Jones, Palsy Ruth Lealherwood, Mary McKeen, Doris Smith, LaVereIle Stanley, Juanita Turner, Virgie Welch, Margaret Wilson, Mary Gene Young, Alice Jean Akers, Virginia Beheler, Virginia Crislol,Amelia D Ferguson, Mariorie Lewis, Frances Lowe, Janie Lowe, Laverne Moneyhun, Velma Midkiff, Pauline Miller, Jean Mitchell, Frances Moreau, Jeanne Render, Mariorie Schimelfenig, Louise See, Barbara Smolherman, Dollie Thompson, Theresa Williarns, Herlha Wolff, Gwendolyn Wrighl, Eula Mae Young, Sadie Mae Anderson, Mary Arranl, Fae Baltzegar, Marian Blaine, Jo Anne Boalman, Edna Brown, Belly Collier, Hazel Congleton, Elise Cook, Doris Cooker, Dorothy Cooper, Maxine Dix, Maxine Duncan, Reona Eastham, Mary Ellison, Viva Emmons, Betty Etheridge, Harveio Fowler, Frances Green, Carol Ann Grissalfi, Evelyn Hare, Helen Harralson, Marie Hill, Tannye Hodgens, Mary L. Jennings, Daryl Jones, Joanna King, Doris Kirby, Elizabeth Lewis, Viola Lowe, Dorothy McFarland, Martha Gentry, Calvin STUDENT COUNCIL Continued from Page 86 Harris, Edwin Harris, lack Heiskell, Iimmie Hill, Charles Hodgens, Mary Louise Hunter, Billy Ann larnieson, La Verne lohnson, Margaret lones, Margie ludge, Ernestine Karr, Bill King, Doris Lassetter, Prank Lewis, Lawrence Lippincott, Don Lowe, La Verne Luper, Harold McClure, Don Maidow, Ioe Marshall, Cordelia Mitchell, O. H. Moore, Roxie Ann Napier, Thelma Newton, Earline Odom, Ralph O'Rourke, Iohn Osborn, Doris 4 Park, lack Pearson, Marinell Pogue, Kathryn Pond, Douglas Porter, Nell Ruth Poulsen, Patricia Quinn, Ioe Reagan, lames Roberts, Raymond McKeen, Doris Sanford, Mary Kathryn Saunders, Louise Odom, Ralph O'Rourke, John Roberts, Raymond Robinson, John Sellers, Tommy Warner, Frank Wessels, Dean Boluch, John Cox, Kenneth Craven, Winfield Croft, Torbell Gillette, Fred Hodges, Murrell Jenson, Holdean Vaughan, James W ati, Jimmie Allen, Betty J. Anderson, Belly Anderson, Belly Hopkins, Peggy Horn, Floy Huston, Sue Johnson, Belly Kerbow, Norila Kirby, Dorothy Anderson, Bobby Aubrey, Mary Jane Ball, Dorothy Bennett, Betty Bullard, Juanell Cameron, Joyce Campbell, Jois Carrell, Bernie Cecil, Mary Lynn Celaya, Norma L. Chambers, Betty Collier, Edith Craig, Marianne Crossland, Lorene Davis, Carolyn Delaney, Peggy Ferguson, Mildred Harralson, Eva Hogan, Patsy Sawyer, Wyatt Schimeltenig, Louise Shelby, lane Shields, Mary Smith, Bertram Smith, Iohn Spangler, Grady Suttle, Martha Taylor, Bobette Tennison, Margie Thompson, Theresa Turner, Mary Alice Vaughan, lames Wessels, Dean Whitaker, Pat Winters, Edwin Wood, Marjorie Yarborough, Alfred Zueieldt, Richard Kirby, Dorothy Knearem, Estella Lanza, Conjetti Layton, Dorothy Ann Lemly, Carolyn Lockard, Ioyce Love, I o Ann Malone, Cornelia McCluskey, Virginia McGee, Betty Io Means, Dorinda Miller, Doris leanne Mullen, Gayle Ivy, Winitred Iarrard, Dorothy Iennings, Daryle Iohnson, Margaret Iones, Ioanna Iones, Patsy Ruth Kimberlin, Mary Ellen Kirby, Elizabeth Lewis, Florence Lewis, Frances Ann Lewis, Viola Lowe, Ianie Lowe, LaVerne Lumpkin, Dorothy Martin, Helen Martin, Ruth Meredith, lean Miller, lean JUNIOR GIRL RESERVES Continued from Page 78 Pannell, Anita ' Pitts, Helen Louise Porter, Nell Ruth Randall, Nancy Rhodes, Ruth Schaerdel, Dorrace Sears, Billie lean Sessions, Margie Shelby, lane Shipley, Nina Maria Simpson, Margaret Stovall, Billa Stroud, Billie SENIOR GIRL RESERVES Continued from Page 78 Moore, Roxie Ann McPeek, Norma McSpadden, Wanda Nichols, Norma Owen, Virginia Pearson, Marinell Peterson, Ioan Plumlee, Dorothy Polk, Dorothy Pogue, Kathryn Rhodes, Rosemary Richardson, Bettie Richardson, Omega Rogers, Shirley lean Rountree, Mary Ruth Schietter, Gussie Io Schimelfenig, Louise Scudder, Bonnie Shook, Bobbie Thompson, Ianice Tomlinson, Billie lean Troutt, Evelyn Underwood, Patti Walther, Mary Weatherford, Doris Weatherby, Carolyn Williams, Mary Lucille Wyatt, Doris Yates, Betty York, Christine Young, Annie D. Silvus, Ellen Sinclair, Amy Smith, Dorothy Smith, Francis Smith, LaVerelle Southern, Mary Spangler, Helen Stinson, Iean Stone, Billie Charles Taylor, Betty Tennison, Marjorie Thompson, Theresa Vaughn, Mary Alice Wade, Pegeen Welch, Margaret Ruth Wilson, Mary Frances Young, Alice Iean Young, Iudy Jokes "Now, sir," inquired the bullying law- yer," "what is your business ?" "I'm in vaudeville, sir," was the prompt reply. "Isn't that rather a low calling?" sneered the lawyer. "Perhaps it is, sir," was the cool an- swer, "but you see it is so much more honest and decent and respectable than my father's that I am rather proud of it." "What did your father do?" "He was a lawyer, sir." She was a dear old lady who never let an opportunity pass to get some free med- ical advice, or to ask the doctor some questions which had nothing to do with the case in hand. On this occasion the doctor had called to treat her husband for some minor ailment. "Doctor," she said, "can you tell me why some people are born dumb?" "Why-ahem-certainly," replied the medical man. "It is due either to con- genital inhibition of the faculty of articu- lation, or to some anatomical deficiency in the organs of vocalizationf' "There, now," she remarked trium- phantly, glancing at her husband, "see what it is to have an education? I've asked Henry more than 100 times why it was and all he could say was, "Cause they are.' " The height of illegibility-a doctor's prescription written with a post office pen in the rumble seat of a second-hand car. Teacher: "Jane, who was Anne Bo- leyn?" jane: "A llatiron, sir." Teacher: "What do you mean?" jane: "Well, our history book says that 'Henry having disposed of Catherine, pressed his suit with Anne Boleynf " N "Heah, Rastus, is that quarter I bor- rowed from you two years ago." "Y'all might just as well keep yo' money. It ain't wuth two bits for me to change mah opinion 0' you." C "Next to a beautiful girl, what do you think is the most interesting thing in the world ?" "When I'm next to a beautiful girl, I'm not worrying about statistics." "B-e-d spells bed," said the teacher to her backward pupil. "Now do you under- stand, Tommy?" "Yes," said Tommy glibly. "Well, c-a-t spells cat, d-o-g spells dog, and b-e-d spells-what did I tell you b-e-d spells?" "I've forgotten, teacher," whispered Tommy, contritely. "Well, once more b-e-d spells what you sleep in. Now what is it?"' "My shirt!" Q Given: I love you. To prove: That you love me. Proof: 1. I love you. 2. Therefore, I am a lover. 3. All the world loves a lover. 4. You are all the world to me. 5. Therefore, you love me. Teacher: "What is the half of eight, Frank?" Frank: "Which way, teacher?" Teacher: "What do you mean?" Frank: "On top or sidewise?" Teacher: "What difference does it make?" Frank: "Well, the top half of eight is zero, but the half of eight sideways is three." "Why does a clock run?" "You would too if you had ticks!" The subject before the class was, "The Cow." The teacher asked the class about the uses to which the parts of the dead animal were put, when it was brought out that the flesh was eaten, and from the hide leather for boots and shoes was made. "And what do we make of the horns?" the teacher queried. Up shot the hand of a small boy. "Well, what is it, my boy?" "Hornaments, sir." The train was pulling out and the old gentleman was just settling down comfort- ably. Suddenly the door burst open, and a young man tumbled into the coach and seated himself, panting and puffing, op- posite. The latter looked on with obvious disapproval. "You must be very unfit, young man," he said, after a while. "Why, when I was young I never panted like that after a run." "Perhaps not," said the other, "but I missed this train at the last station." A traveling salesman, having missed a bus, found himself with two hours to spend in Brushville. He approached a native. Got a picture show here?" No " tx u A poolroom, or library?" "No." "Well, how on earth do you amuse yourselves?" "We go down to the grocery store in the evenings and watch the bacon slicer work." A minister, traveling on one of those way-trains that stops at every station on a side line, was reading his Bible. "Find anything about this railroad in that book?" asked the conductor, as he reached for the minister's ticket. "Yes," replied the preacher, "In the very first chapter it says that the Lord made every creeping thing." The curate was passing down the village street when he encountered two boys fighting. He promptly seized the tallest one by the collar and said to him, "What are you two fighting about?" "We were fighting about you," the boy replied. "Sammy Jones said you hadn't the brains of a hen, and I said you had." The following notice was inserted in a rural weekly: "Anyone found near my chicken house at night will be found there next morn- ing." Diogenes met a World War veteran. "What were you in the war?" he asked. "A private," the old soldier answered. And Diogenes blew out his lamp and went home. C Visiting lecturer, indignantly, telephon- ing: "Are you the man who interviewed me this morning?" A Reporter, answering from the newspa- per office: "Yes. What's the matter?" "You've got me down in the evening paper as making a perfectly insane state- ment." "I printed just what you told me." "You report me as speaking of the days when great men were riding Greek goats." "Yes. Isn't that what you said?" "Certainly not, you blunderer, I said 'writing Greek odesl' " A young man went to his doctor com- plaining of insomnia. The doctor exam- ined him, found nothing radically wrong, and advised the man to start counting when he went to bed and go on until he fell asleep. The following day he was back again at the doctor's house. "Well," asked the medico, "and did you follow my advice?" "I did," replied the patient. "I contin- ually counted up to 45,875." "And then you fell asleep?" "Oh, no, doctor! Then it was time to get up." College education for women is futile. If they're pretty, itis unnecessary, if they are not, it's inadequate. Historians tell us that women used cos- metics in the Middle Ages. For that mat- ter, women in the middle ages still use them. The teacher was explaining the mean- ing of the word "Unit." Picking up vari- ous objects, she asked what they were, and each time received the answer, "a unit." Finally she took an orange from her box. "And what is this ?" she asked. "A unit," was the answer. Taking her knife, the teacher peeled the orange, and holding the peeling in her hand, inquired: "What is this?" The class looked confused, but after a time a hand went up. "What is it, James?" asked the teacher. "The skin of a unit," asserted James. Customer: "Have you a book called 'Man the Master of Women'?,' Snlesgirl: "The fiction department is on the other side, sir." C "How many students are there in the university ?" "About one in every live." O A college education: Something that enables a man to get a job from a man who never went to school. Said the math professor: "Now watch the blackboard while I run through it once more." Someone has ob? .ned that it takes a student twenty minutes longer to say what he thinks than to tell what he knows. In her school essay on l'Parents," a lit- tle girl wrote: "We get our parents when they are so old that it is impossible to change their habits." For about an hour a man from Denver had been boasting to an Englishman about the magnificence of the Rocky Mountains. "You seem very proud of them," ob- served the Englishman. "You bet I am," replied the man from Denver. "And I ought to be, since my ancestors built them." The other thought this over for a few moments, and then asked, "Did you ever hear of the Dead Sea?" "Yes, indeed," replied the man from Denver. "I know all about the Dead Sea." "Well, did you know that my great grandfather killed the thing?" One Sunday morning the pastor of a Negro congregation noticed that an old face had reappeared among his Hock, and after the sermon made it a point to wel- come the supposedly repentant backslider. "This is the first time I have seen you at church for a long time," he said. "I'm sho'ly glad to see you here." . "Ah done had to come," explained Rastus. "Ah needs strengthenin'. I'se got a job white-washin' a chicken coop an' buildin' a fence roun' a watermelon patch." - 0 The distinguished but absent-minded lecturer was traveling by train but when asked for his ticket was unable to find it. "Never mind, sir," said the conductor, who knew him well, "I know you bought one, so it will be all right." "Thanks very much," said the lecturer, "but hang it all, man, I've got to find it to know where I'm going." . S Before I heard the doctors tell 1 The dangers of a kiss, f I had considered kissing you- w The nearest thing to bliss. X But now I know Biology And sit and sigh and moan, Six million mad bacteria- And I thought we were alone. - D, . . Taxi Driver: "Any part of the city for 50 cents." Silas: "No, you don't. I bought the city hall last year and they wouldn't give it to mef' l - - Y 1 l L ,AMM 'Sweets at the Sweet Shop" Sodas Sandwiches Candies Supplies Drug Sundries 9th at Beckley - Phone 9-20102 Your Patromzge W'ill Be AlIlIl'8L'ilIf6l1 SAY KIDS! . .. Did you know that Miniature Bowling is lots a fun? Meet the gang at . . . Dempsey's Health Center 228 W. Jefferson JACK DIQMPSEY, P1-Up. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. :mo 5. lm-klfy. 9-3164 Paints, W!dlZfJdlI6l' and Lifzoleum 0 Olll' llllli' IJHYIIICIIK lll1lll. Nu d0Wl1 llilyllllllt. "Tl1er1"s Dirk with znlulllm' nru' suit. "He .vzzrr nmxl ln' making ilu' grade." P.S.-ll was the suil's scfoml season, but wt-'cl just Dry Clcullccl it. TIPTON'S CLEANERS Plmnc 6-0397 llli South Berkley A 8: P SUPER MARKET 107 E. jefferson "W'here Emzmnzy Rules" Compliments of jack Hendley Service Station Beckley at Ninth ' enrnrfn vuuzs GRAY'S DIAMOND SHOP Tic Diamond earn ELM AT HARWOOD uslrn reams ovEN FRESH GOLMAN- DAILY OAK CLIFF AT YOUR BAKIN6 eRoc:ER's COMPANY GOODMAN LAUNDRY and CLEANING CO. 400 N. Bishop at Eighth Phone 9-3211 Comjlliments of J. C. PENNEY CO. 221 West jefferson Boswell, dining one day with Dt. John- son, asked him if he did not think that a good cook was more essential to the community than a good poet. "I don't suppose," said the doctor, "that there's a dog in the town but what thinks so." LAMAR '25 SMITH Funeral Home 800 W. Jefferson Phone 6-2146 Q 1 bd EVERYTHING MUSICAL E 1213 LLM STREET . . DALLAS, TEXAS OAK CLIFF BANK and TRUST COMPANY 250 W. jefferson F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 129 W. Iefferson Octk Cliffs Friendly 5 and IO ' P Diner: "Waiter, it's been half an hour V since I ordered that turtle soupf, X - I Wtlil67'.' "Yes, but you know how tur- . 525- T.: iiiiii ii90"" 0' 645' N t es are' 202 S. Beckley ii JNO. P. HORTON 5 H b MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION C 1 am urgcr 'T SC Davis and Bishop lVa.x'l1ing . . . Polishing . . . Tire Repairing Sandwiches Soft Drinks Alo1sILUBR1cATIoN 9-lil I7 --Ph0I1C- li-0650 L f fa f , f L L L Compliments of ' BALL NUT ci CANDY CO. 409 Seuih Beckley BUSINESS c0PLEGE Foremost zn Dallas for 12 Years ee- o Stenographic, Secretarial and Ac- ' counting courses taught by men M A N D E L S T A M S and women of experience and ability. 125 W Iefferson Good positions secured for i Graduates A Come to see us or phone 7-8514 1 1 Q2 Compliments of Rl G 84 BREWER Zlifmfy and Sporty WMV 1803 Elm Street 7-6206 o A pretty young lady named Jane, 1 H While Walking was caught in the raing Poole Punera Orme She ran-almost Hew, Her complexion did, too, 437 W. Jefferson 6-0848 And she reached home exceedingly p am. Q It's easy enough to be grouchy, Mathewifliglgy? 5h0PPe When things aren't coming your way, I , ' , 't ,' ' But the prize old growl, Dlsfmftwe Fl0u"ef'5 IS the man who will howl, And Gifts for All Occasions when everythings going O K at Reasonable Prices ' ' 234 WV. Jefferson 9-4207 - 0 E I L S 0 EA UTYQOLLEGE LEARN BEAUTY CULTURE Mrs. Margaret Watkins writes: "I am EASILY . . 1NIzxPENs1v1zLY averaging S25 per week." This is the MANY POSITIONS OPEN. GOOD PAY. average pay for the Neilson graduate. 412 W. Iefferson Blvd. Completely ef7Zz'r Conditioned Madison 0458 y L ref......e S....fG in SS 5 . 51 e 5 e- Si i p . ,BENISO n yo H GRAPI-I ' L e same? as STERLI A fTw My T 3?55ffM v I STUDIOS 110256 ELM STREET DALLAS, TEXAS Official School Photographer eo-sfWQWmT also Have your personality accentnatecl with a BO-'IAN original Across from the Texas Theatre JANNE POTEET RUTH BOBITT FRANCINES DRESS sHoP 258 West jefferson EXCLUSIVENESS WITHOUT EXTRAVAGANCE Across from the Texas Theatre LA VONNE RIDNEY JEAN GLEASON HAMILTON'S PHARMACY Prescription Ploarrnacists Phone: 6-5911, 6-5913 Q'She isn't good lookingg she's a terrible dancerg she plays bridge best when she's the dummyg her figure would please only Barnumg in fact she's a terrible mess, but Iellcrson at Lancaster Dallas, Texas Sheis my girl and I love heryv PRUMPT DELIVERY "My girl isn't exactly 21 pauper, either." -14 TEXAS SEED 8K PLANT CO' There were three men in a boat with 528 East Tenth Street four cigarettes but no matches. They Flowers and Plants For All Occasions threw Ouf Otle Clgarcttc and made fhe boat a cigarette lighter. Pllullc 9-1124 C. S. RYDELL 'l' DIAMONDS . WATCHES . SILVER . JEWELRY . TROPI-IIES Compliments of One of the Seatlfs Finest jewelers S H U T T I. If S Forty-jqife Years in Dallas Second Floor Southland Life Bldg. Next to Baker Hotel l . f l 1' fe Cf ' Wfmeme f aww' ffiefw effrbeffffff' 1251! -aZ,r,ff2Wim?nfili'fc! '- Q'-" i '95'L"fV 5'-A643 P ep. W QQ, , TEXAS - ROSEWTSI - M 'WAYr A 55,6-fame," xfzfbcffi 'V6' i BISON and ASTOR it A-6,1 fl ff 4 ' ' ' 441' j4flV AV! k P 3. we ,mil Af' 'nfy road ?" , f 9 gy oliti ian 4iLroa,d su eriricf ntl: , ' ,rv my ffiefrdfii jolfigfonfff' 195 fl-'Qfrf 0 v H7 t . t. . t Y upaak' nz: ,fgfa 11,4559 np 9Q2 KSI6 N Eng P i call 1 'V l lishf' 5,7 Colorado at Vllard Ph. Win f olitician: "Well, then, give him a job ' T 1' of , ing out trains." ,,, 7 i Compliments of LLOYD'S CREDIT JEWELERS i l 133 West Jefferson Ave F1119 10 ll Dollar SI70f6 Dzamonds Watches ewelry 6 Silver y W IN FRIENDLY OAK CLlFF l . , J , I 122 j l y EMLY eierson On Terms as Low as 506 Weekly 7 1 ,FE V n i, 7 . . ' LYQXo"l"9?4"9' 8 f Big Av full P 1 E,..,gI9B5gp 1 MT l 4 . A f N i kwa- f5.z.J",cf4,QfC' ,fm-pf MM ,7Zyyn,2.,e0,l Q i 51-4106, il mixes r y reason why his 'f BER6R H5'P64-2 m ffheonl ' i T dwell not blownfaway in a late i au 616 East Tenth Street storm C . thaw a heavy l mortgage . ,LL f b Q W, rg 71 5i7'lC8T6 appreciation of the patronage' and friendship of the entire body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past I7 years. American Beauty Cover Co. i 2002-8 North Field Street The Gower on this 93oole ClQ9a5 ftproduced in This Qjlant Y Y 1 'A 'Y Yi Y ' 'Y ' ' - ' Y Y 'Y "Y Y ' i ,,, Book Store -1llALI.AS- 1 1 w w T ilrpuvuii Y , lg 7 5lTl8I'l IUIIIBS Ill' mbll ij I if f T , p H , " Where Oak Cliff Students Trade ARROW SHIRTS 0 STETSON HATS 0 HICKOK BELTS KIRSHBAUM CLOTHES 333 West Jefferson "Well, Willie, your sister has given herself to me for a Christmas present. What do you think of that?" "Thats what she done for Mr. Bunker last year, an' he give her back 'fore Easter. I bet you'll do the same." MISTLETOE SHOE SHOP Work Appreciated 938 E. Jefferson Don Wallace, Prop. As you go upward and outward into the world you'll come to appreciate the worth ot quality in everything you buy . . i EM. KAHN ev co. Quality Apparel for Men and Boys Main and Elm at Lamar RENE H. COX FUNERAL HOME BURIAI.. INSURANCE AMBULANCE SERVICE Davis cmd Madison Slreels G-BIBS -Phones- 6-8166 Compliments of INO. E. MORRIS CO. He was going through Main Street and stopped at the traffic ofIicer's signal. An- other car tried to pass and bumped him. The traffic officer called him down. "My goodness," said the tourist, "do you mean to tell me that I was to blame ?" "You certainly were," said the cop. l1Why?PY "Because the- other man is a City Trus- tee, his father is Mayor, his brother is Chief of Police and I go with his sister!" 622 IDOSITIONS Efficient Employment Supervisor and more than 600 positions annually- 3 S more than we are able to fill-virtually assure inspiring employment opportunities to Draughon graduates. Twenty Accredited Courses lead- ing to early starts on business careers. Largest.. in Dallas. Call, phone 7-3 1 3 3, for complete information. f BUSINESS 'ZCLLL 2012 5. COLLEGE g Opposite City Hall i 'W i l 1' l The Green I-Iut Cafe OPEN ALL NIGHT Air Conditioned 244 West Iefferson Phone 6-O1 IO ICI-IN W. SI-IAW, Manager CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL SENIORS Pon Youn FUTURE Ho-MES Anderson Furniture Company 2101 Elm Since 1897 CAUDLE ENGRAVING CO. Manufacturers of High Quality Commencement and Wedding Invitations Commencement and Wedding Invitations DALLAS, TEXAS Traveler: "Porter, why is the engineer blowing those long drawn out blasts of the whistle?" Porter George: "Guess dat's the startin' whlstle fo' de race to de crossin', suh." Tricks, fakes, Puzzles, Souvenirs M A G I C 1.. A N D 409 N. Ervay fOpp0sitc Post Ofhccj "I Want some grapes for my sick hus- band. Do you know if any poison has been sprayed on these you have?" "No, ma'amg you'll have to get that at the druggist's." ff uf . 1,15 ' fti' ii, I rin... ' 4 i ,r 1 . It aft- i Y 2,4 jpf-A. v . , - .5 Q - Y-Y. -- V 7.5 y,-'14 f.,, f-- -- A 'I' fl f vi . S1 dm k Sh 1 123 EJ ff 11 d- . ,. 3 uudrielrs forayeo1Ti1rextrCd5c1Trricular aitiixiTgs! Tliis . V, -. 'I 1 your shop . . . use it. 0215 Gopal-C'pb,e"l47'.:9V . BEN E. 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Instruments loaned I ree. Tuition 351.00 per week Phone 7-5414 2909 Maple Avenue . Oak Cliff Branch, lI5 W. Ielferson Q Compliments of ' Wright Titus Company + ' RALPH POWERS C , N + ' 5'v f . , ff GA,RREI'TS0N 1' -57111 Makes Repaired M l WOODSTOCK TYPEWRITER Portable Typewriters WOODSTOCK of DALLAS 1702 Commerce Phone 2-4402 l :P H. N. GARRETSON Allen Bldg. PIG STANDS, Inc. i ARE DRI -I W andmm VE N RESTAURANT SERVICE , K THREE STANDS IN OAK CLIFF G A y 'T z q THE ORIGINATORS or I5 Wh I' en ts Barbecue Time Think of BRYAN'S "Since 1910" ex- I Congratulations to Adamson OAK FARMS MILK y fudge Dug: Have you a lawyer, Sam- 1 bo? Sambo: Naw, suh, jedge. We done de- cided to tell de troof. Insurance Auto Loans -, , , O Teacher: Who were the ancient Huns? Student: Well, Cleopatra was one of -E 1 1 Y Y' A, lil , , e ff ' ' " ' ' 1 X , f ., ,' . N , 1 ,Li lj, ,3',,5v.fy1r-'ufsff ' -.swsf fm. ,A,, f .J .1 Q 1-f'-' ' 15-111' K f J ,.1,,,e4.n.wN y ..,L4..AfA1m.Qf? 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