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Text from Pages 1 - 150 of the 1940 volume:

4 Q , 44. .1 Wx 55'1j?fL'LW'J2" ai H 'M' ' in , 6,9 52 f W0 0 i:'32,.CO I F,fA""'5' ' L73 ,.A' ' . 1 . A. U Ai -, . fl ff ML . -' X 1Q5!,.,,5, ip' , ' J ,swfw wg J 4 3531! iiigi M gm kg Q,f-M, XX Sw A , ,A. My wwf Wfiffyw' LJ 1 19 jiaxf M X. Q ,, Xt. -.f ..- Y I .f , 1 . 54 :api l'x . -'tax . ' ' ifltxpdss f ,ff j '-.-. IIA, ,fx ,XY .,'.k- ', 5. . I F. - Av E , f Ns... - . N ff tl., MVA' ,vp-L N-.1 4' 7 V' OL: -,X Quia! .I , AI,-fm-31,1 I M, , f , of if f fx - 'fvl 'Y' lu., 1 pf' Q 'X 4' jf"' l 3 1 Y, . ,,.. ' I 4 Sq if I KV " f If 'X W fy ' . x - KA " 1 ' I' x -' ff . ' 5215 4 50 , . , 5 1' ax an f "ll2 , Q. , I f sl N-', V Al M? 6 QY r 3 Aww!! if . 4.1" ' V ' I - ' 1 'X 1' X ff , My 1 9,.n-W" 1 X I ' 54 LL: "" " V I i V , X y LJM9 If jflfrvj J ' 1' I jjivf- ,V,Jv.1l . Xkf 4 AJ x fi F , ' - 'ygfy Y - A Q J v. ', D ' q Y ' X ' v 4 k nz? I R X ' ' t l h 4 ' ' r , X. f , p X, -,l x :N xx! V' ' x X ' ' i, jj 3 ' ' Y X? , , j If K! V ' Q, ' N fx 1 .IJ x A V . wt 1 ' K5 pl fg x y var x V , ' ,.,!'l A I .I 1 I I 3 l ,, Z 1 m HEY IEE Cgditor DOROTHY SCI-IMIDT Go-c'5c1'1'tor5 MARY BELLE WATSON OLETA LOFTICE Q, w!1, sz: as 5iE"'..'3 jf- ,,s-fkffi, N gf . Q X Jr f 'J , f , f 5 1 l wp f I fl f 2 25 LQCL Q 7040 f f Y ' ', Q' Qpzablzkfyed by the ,S Senior Glam of fr , Cqcfamson gfigfv 565001 - Qallas ifjfff Oak Staff Dorothy Schmidt ....... Editor-in-Chief Mary Belle Watson T . Oleta Loitice f ' ' ' Coidltors Qfgifeggggbin . . Business Managers Earnest Morrow Icme Murdcbch . Bookkeepers SPONSORS Miss Mabel Rockett Miss Idahei Cahaniss Miss Ripple Frazer Miss Christine Hammock .NX Oak Staff EDITORIAL Dorothy Schmidt Charlotte I-Iarber Mary Belle Watson Virginia I-line Cleta Loftice Dorothy Mitchell Sarah Ward Connally BUSINESS AND ADVERTISING Denis O'Brien Warren Law Truman Wilder Dorothy Hawkins Dorothy Merritt Earnest Morrow SNAPSHOTS Bill Cutter ART lane Murdoch Charles Bowles Frances Albin Erma Tiner Aubrey Sharp I Page F For years he has labored and fought to preserve the ideals ot this institution, cheerfully meeting discour- agement and diiiiculty with his ready smile. Urged by his motto, "Give to the world the best that you can" he has given to us his best eitorts, upholding his concep- tion ot school lite, ever pleading tor a lotty standard ot manhood and womanhood. l-lis loyalty to the school, his willingness to share our joys and sorrows likewise deteats and triumphs, and his service tor our continued advancement, all combine to awaken in us, the Senior Classes oi l91lU, this tribute to our principal, l-loward A. Allen Miss Anna Bell Miss Ruth Bell Miss Mary Louise Clyeiie Miss Maraarei Harris Dedication As a recognition of their Willinqness and of their ability to serve the students individually and collec- tively, and of their wise counsel which has proved indispensable in our decisions, gratefully and affec- tionately We dedicate this volume of the Oak to our Senior sponsors. Page Seven r.,, , 'N'-JP NW ,Pkg rw, K rbi .wwsm1'a.y -.,,, . , Foreword That, when you read these pages, there may be in your hearts the happy recollections ot school days, that the imaaes of faces and ot scenes contained herein may bring pleasure and lovina remembrance ot them, We, the Senior classes ot l94O, have made this record and pre- sent it to you, our school fellows, hopina you will find it an ac- ceptable tribute to you and to Adamson. 0 IB E, Y..:p,NH5T ACTQVLTWS' 55 1' J I 1 QATXCM U XEUNSGQS Scwwmmzmm E'R.E5s-Arr-fs-QM PAVOQLTE5 l'12Lz?A2y if .A.Ti-2L,E?:'fM1f.5 w.,Jr-MEG.. i W Evifif Page Ten Un smofziam MISS MARY MORRISON lnstructor of Physical Education Died October 19, 1939 "Chief of all her wonderous works, Supreme of all her plan, She has put an upward reach, 'Within the heart of man." Miss Mary Morrison, former gymnastic instructor of this school will long be remembered by those who have known and worked with her. She was noble, and sympathetic, with winning ways which spread sunshine wherever she went. Her abilities as a leader and untiring worker were exhibited by her patience with the Pep Squad and Gymkhana, whose tasks she met in a sweet and gentle way. She was truly an ever-ready teachereready to laugh, to love, or to live, and there could never be another, although there should be millions. She sacrificed joys and pleasures which she cherished in an effort to serve those who needed her, and she was richly corn- pensated with rewards of gratitude. ' As a last tribute to the one Whom we all so dearly loved let us, as she did, remember this: "There is a destiny that makes us brothers: None goes his way alone, All that we send into the lives of other Comes back into our own." EDNA LYNN PLUMLEE, Taken from the school paper, The Acorn , . WARREN TANNER Class of Iune 1940 Died August 31, l940 I. Y. KING Class of Iune 1940 Died lanuary 8, 1940 IERRY KINNEY Class of Iune 1940 Died March 25, 1940 ff 'K may A iff: 1 1 4 Page Twelw Board of Education DAVID W. CARTER, IR., M. D. . . . . President MRS. VV'. P. ZUMWALT . . . . Vice-President C O M M I T T E E S Finance Gabe P. Allen L. 0. Donald Dan D. Rogers Supply Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt F. D. Danford L. O. Donald Rules Dan KD. Rogers Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Mrs. T. A. Waggoner N. R. CROZIER Superintendent of Schools L. V. STOCKARD Assistant Superintendent of Schools Buildings and Sites L. O. Donald Gabe P. Allen F. D. Danford Lunchrooms Mrs. T. A. Waggoner Dan D. Rogers Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Welfare F. D. Danford Mrs. T. A. Waggoner Gabe P. Allen lULIUS DORSEY District Superintendent of High Schools Allen, H. A. Aduddell, Helen Alexander, Laura Alston, leanette Ballard, C. V. 1Basom, Olivette Beattie, Martha Alice Bell, Anna Bell, Ruth Bramlette, Minnie Browne, T. W. Cabaniss, ldabel Campbell, L. E. Clement, Nellie D. Clement, W. B. Clyette, Mary Louise Cooper, Berta Crane, Abigail Dickey, Verde Durrett, W. P. Easley, Onie B. Faculty Eisenlohr, Henrietta Frazer, Ripple Griffin, H. S. Graves, Fannie t Hamilton, Lucy Hamilton, W. T. Hammock, Christine Harris, Margaret Harris, R. B, Haseltine, May Hedde, Wilhelmina Herzog, William Hester, H. B. Higginbotham, Lorine Hoehn, Gladys Holloway, Geraldine Horn, Helen 4Kendrick, Mary King, Roberta 1 Langford, 'Winnie Lankford, Nellie Bly Q 'J' -.1f..Q , 1, , I Leftwich, L. C. Mann, l. A. Marriott, Rhea Meek, William Miller, Hazel Mondy, Mary Newberry, Eugenia Noah, W. B. Nutley, Carl 'Patrick, Anne 'Peters, loe Peters, Rae Rockett, Mabel Rootes, Virginia Ruffin, Ruth Smith, R. N. Stokes, Bernice tStroud, Richard Tilley, Eunice Trice, Margaret 17 l ,Ma ,--Q Parent-Tcztcllcr Association OFFICERS . . . . . Mrs. E. L. l-lore . Mrs. lack Simms . . Mrs. W. E. Stctllings . Mrs. Colvin Ellis . Mrs. Alger lone-s . Mrs. Lee Ldssetter . . Mrs. O. S. Coke . . . Mrs. R. Rgsor . . Mrs. Geo. lones . Mrs. Otis Meserole . . Mrs. F. Lee Lemly . . Mrs. I. C. Tyler President . . . First Vice-President . Second Vice-President Third Vice-President . Fourth Vice-President , Fifth Vice-President . Sixth Vice-President . Seventh Vice'President Recording Secretory . Corresponding Secretary . Tregsurer .... l-listorion .... Pctrliotmentorictn ......... Mrs. E. F. lgmes "The love of children is the common tie which should unite us in holiest purpose." The desire ot the PorenteTedcher Association is to bring the home ond the school closer together, so thot porents ond tegchers moy cooperote intelligently in the trctining of our youth. Page lfonrlveu -snr an ,gu- .1 Dads Club OFFICERS President . . . . . . . Clive Templeton First Vice-President . . E. C. Muchmore Second Vice-President . . . E. C. Murphy Third Vice-President . . Fitzhugh Mdrsholl Fourth Vice-President . . M. V. Moore Fifth Vice-President . . I. D. Peterson Secretory Treosurer . . . . . H. D, Yeorgon The Dods Club endeovors to uphold otll of the fine troditions of W, H. Adomson High Schoolp it fosters ornong the students ony movement looking towdrd o better understanding of the problems thot confront them and en- courages them in their efforts to obtoin on educotion. The Club stdnds os sponsor to specioll groups which, in any monner, de- serve commendottion by reoson of outstotnding perforrnotnce, either in scholor- ships or in athletics, ond the Club believes thot these students should be properly reworded for their efforts. Page Fifleeu av.. an mfihxs if s S-,S .,4'-HN eff K. : if lf' ,V QW. I ef figs lx ,WU fr f l, ,Q rf 1 Mmm Q, A V fA.Wv..,..f A ff 575240 1" 'lf H fflii Page Eighteen January Class Officers President . . . . William Gruneisen Vice'President . . Wilbert Blanton Secretary . . . . . Carlisle Del'lay Acorn Reporter ....... Sponsors . . Edna Lynn Plurnlee . . Miss Margaret Harris and Miss Anna Bell COMMITTEES Program U Bader McCulley Edna Lynn Plumlee Orville Brown Rose Marie West Mary Iohnston Social Mary Bearden Eleanor Hawkins Imogene Warren Walter Patton Carl Napier Invitation Dorothy Miller lane Murdoch Mary Ruth North Forrest Lee Kirk Webb if S L. Zz' BAKER, ROBERT Entered from Boude Storey, ' 36. Captain of Football, '39, Scholarship Club, Baseball, Basketball, Student Council, Latin Club, Vice-Pres. 3B Class, Operetta. ANDERSON, MARILYN Entered from lames Bowie, '36. Gymkhana, Latin Club. BEARDEN, MARY Entered from Reagan, '36. Che rleader, Senior Play Cast, Social Chairman 4A Class, Student Assistant, Acorn Reporter and Salesman, Gymkhana, Library Council, Program Chairman Book Review Club, Denton Play Day, Pep Squad. BEARDEN, C. C. Entered from Peeler, '36. Scholarship Club, Senior Representative in Student Council, Kam- era Klub, Commercial Club, Basketball, Senior Play Cast, Cvymkhana Student Assistant. BECKHAM, lACK Entered from Bowie, '35. BENNETT, ELINOR Entered from Bowie, '36. Acorn Staff, Underclass Officer, Library Council, Girl Reserve Officer, Student Council Officer, Book Review Club, Senior Play Cast, L L. P. C. Convention, Scholarship Club, Four-Year Linz, Four Year Everts, Gymkhana, Latin Club, Iohn E. Morris Award, National Honor Society. BOARD, FRANCES Entered from Reagan, '36. BLANTON, WILBERT Entered from Hogg, '36. Student Council, National Honor Society, Sports Editor of Acorn, Scholarship Club, Latin Club, Linz Pin, Everts Award, Football, Baseball, Vice-Pres. 4A Class. BOWDEN, EDGAR Entered from Bowie, '36. Latin Club, Pan-American Peace Forum, Student Council, R. O. T. C. CARTER, ELlZABETH Entered irom Hogg, '36, Spanish Club, Dramatic Club, Commercial Club, Scholarship Club, Texas Poetry Club, Shorthand Merit Certificate, Student Assistant Gyrnkhana, Acorn Reporter. CORNETT, MlLDRED Entered from Boude Storey, '36. Senior Play Cast, Latin Club, Gyrnkhana. BROWN, ORVILLE Entered from Bowie, '36. Business Manager of Acorn, Pres. Progressive Club, Corporal in R. O. T. C., Crack Company, '38, Debate Team, Track, Acorn Reporter, Dramatic Club, Student Forum, Library Council, Senior Hi-Y, information Desk, Senior Play Cast. Iohn E. Morris Award. Page Ninelecn BRYANT, lOHN Entered from Bowie, '35. DURAND, ELIZABETH Entered from Peeler, '36, National Honor Society, Kamera Klub, Associate Editor oi Acorn Cantata, Scholarship Club, Four-Year Linz Award, Four-Year Everts Award, Gymkhana. ECKSTEIN, OTELIA Entered irom Reaqan, '35, Gymkhana. CALDER, ROBERT Entered from Peeler, '36, ' Acorn Reporter, Baseball, Football, Gymlchana, Commercial Club, Scholarship Club, CARMICAL, FRED Entered from Arlington, '36. Track, Football, ESTES, MARY FRANCES Entered from Peeler, '36. Sec. ZB Class, Social Chairman 3B Class, National Honor So '.t cie y, Scholarship Club, Latin Club, Book Review Club, Acorn Stati- Senior Play Cast, Gymlchana, Student Council, ' Operetta, Girls' Glee Club. FORD, lERRYLiNE Entered irom Boude Storey, '37, Student Council, Denton Play Day, Gymkhana, Commercial Club, Girl Reserves, Pep Squad. COLLINS, EDGAR Entered irorn Hoag, '36. Track, Gymkhana, Iohn E. Morris Award. DAILEY, HOWARD Entered from Hoqa, '35. FORD, lOSEPHlNE Entered from Boude Storey, '37, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana, Commercial Club , Girl Reserves, Play Day, Pep Squad. FOWLER, MARGARET Entered from Woodrow Wilson, '37. Gymkhana. DEHAY, CARLTSLE Entered from Peeler, '36, Lettered in Basketball, '39, Captain Basketball, '40, Senior Hi-Y, Student Council, Secretary 4A Class. Page Twerzly FORD, BEN Entered from Forest, '39. FROGGE, WANDA Entered from Hogg, '36, Texas Poetry Club, Pan-American Club, Gymkhana, HAWKINS, ELEANOR Entered irorn Peeler, '36. Sponsor of Company D, Vice-Pres. 3B Class, Secretary Student Council, Senior Play Cast, Book Review Club, Student Assistant, One-Year Linz, Linz Bible Award, Social Committee of 4A Class, Information Desk, Gymkhana. GEISERT, LEONARD Entered trorn Boude Storey, '37. Scholarship Club, R. O, T. C. GEORGE, R. C. Entered from Lafayette, Ind., '38. Student Council, Band, R. O. T. C. Student Assistant, Baseball, '39. HITT, DORIS Entered from Peeler, '36. Mixed Chorus, Cantata, Gymkhana. X HUFE, RUBY Entered irom Reagan, '36. Commercial Club, Kamera Klub, Gymkhana, Scholarship Club, Aviation Club, Dramatic Club. GRAY, IOE Entered from Sunset, '39. Library Council, Banner Boy, Library Assistant, Acorn Reporter. GRUNEISEN, WILLIAM , Entered trorn Bowie, '36. Pres. 4A Class, Officer 3B Class, Vice-Pres. oi Senior Hi-Y, Pres. ot International Peace Forum, Vice-Pres. of Student Council, Vice- Pres. oi Library Council, Track Letterman, '39, Basketball, '36, '37, '38, '39, Acorn Reporter, Four-Year Linz, Four-Year Everts, Student Assistant, Information Desk, Senior Play Cast, Armistice Play, '38, Dramatic Club, National Honor Society, Debate Club, Scholarship Club, Iunior Hi-Y, Latin Club, Student Forum, Gymkhana, "D" Club. IOHNSTON, MARY Entered Irom Bowie, '36, Library Council, Student Council, Vice-Pres. Book Review Club, Sec. of QB Class, Acorn Reporter, Gymkhana, Senior Play, Pep Squad. MANTON, RUTH Entered from Hogg, '35. Sec. National Honor Society, Sec. Spanish Club, Student Assistant, ' ' C International Peace Forum, Interscholastic League Spelling on- test, Scholarship Club, Four-Year Linz, Four-Year Everts, Student Council. HUGHES, IACK Entered from Reagan, '36, Band, R. O. T. C., Kamera Klub, Scholarship Club. Page Twenty-one HUNLEY, DONALD . , I , -' at I Entered from Bowie, '36, Football, Gymkhana. E ' S MARTIN, NELLIE LEE I s Entered from Bowie, '36. -Sy l if Sec. of Library Council, Commercial Club, Locker Guard, Assist, 3? ant in Library, Acorn Reporter, Student Council, Aviation Club, 'M ' Community Chest Agent, Gymkhana, Music Club. MILLER, DOROTHY Entered from Hogg, '36, Pep Squad, Sophomore Beauty, Sec. of International Peace Forum, Latin Club, Scholarship Club, Gyrnkhana, Sec. of Student Council, Sec. of ZA and 4B Classes, Sponsor of R. O, T. C., '38, '39, Battalion Sponsor, Best All-Around Underclass Girl, Invita- tion Chairman of 4A Class, Book Review Club, Pres. of Library Council. I-IUTCHENS, IACK Entered from Reagan, '36. Scholarship Club, Linz Award, IVY, ROBERT Entered from Peeler, '36. Efficiency Awards, Rifle Team Letterman, Scholarship Club, Camp Dallas, Crack Company, Commissioned Officer, Acorn Staff, Progressive Club. MURDOCH, IANE Entered from Bowie, '36. Pep Squad, International Peace Forum, Dramatic Club, Literary Club, Gymkhana, Book Review Club, Girl Reserves, Scholarship Club, Latin Club, Bookkeeper of The Oak, Sec. of National Honor Society, Pen Pal Club, Linz Award, Invitation Committee 4A, Everts Award, Library Assistant, Linz Award. NICHOLSON, MARIORIE Entered from Reagan, '35. Pan-American Student Forum, Texas Poetry Club, Scholarship Club, Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves. IORDAN, I. E. Entered from Bowie, '35, Art Dept. KENNAMER, OLIVER Entered from Bowie, '34. Commercial Club, Gymkhana. NORTH, MARY RUTH Entered from I-Iogg, '36. Library Council, Scholarship Club, Pres. ot Book Review Club, Vice-Pres. of 4B Class, Student Council, Latin Club, Invitation Committee 4A Class, Horseback Riding Club, Gymkhana. PEITZ, RITA Entered from Bowie, '35, Iunior Medical Professional Club, International Peace Forum, Gymkhana. LAW, WARREN Entered from Boude Storey, '37, National I-Ionor Society, Four-Year Linz, Four-Year Everts, Senior Play Cast, Business Manager of Oak, Vice-Pres, of International Peace Forum, Senior Hi-Y, Debate Club, Latin Club, Progressive Club, Sergeant in R. O. T. C., Band, Interscholastic Spelling Contest, Efficiency Award, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana. Page Twenty-!z4'o I ' 2 ii LEE, FORREST Entered trom Bowie, '36. Student Council, Pres. International Peace Forum, Pres. oi IB Class, Senior HieY, Sec. Hi-Y, Older Boys' Conference, Band, Otiicer R. O. T. C., Etiiciency Award, Latin Club, Linz Award, Linz Bible Award, Invitation Committee 4A Class. PLUMLEE, EDNA LYNN Entered from Hoqq, '36. 3B Class Otlicer, Editor-in-Chief of Acorn, Senior Play Cast, I. L. P. C. Convention, Student Assistant, Scholarship Club, Linz Award, Dispatch-Iournal Correspondent, Pep Squad, Gymkhana, French Club, Pen Pal Club, Book Review Club, Dramatic Club, Enrollinq Assistant, International Peace Forum. RAINWATER, LOUISE Entered from Bowie, '36, Dramatic Club, Mixed Chorus, Pep Squad, Acorn Reporter, Carr tata, Centennial Parade, Armistice Parade, Talent Club, Gymkhana. MCCULLEY, RADER Entered from Bowie, '36, Pres. of Student Body, Iunior Hi-Y, Pres. of Senior Hi'Y, Sec. of 3A Class, Progressive Club, Extemporaneous Speaker, Second City-Wide Extempo. Contest, Operetta, Ottice Assistant, Linz Award, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Dramatic Club, 4A Program Chairman, Library Council, International Peace Forum, Latin Club, Senior Play, Senior Councilinq Assistant. MABRY, RICHARD IR. Entered from Bowie, '36. Kamera Klub, Dramatic Club, Gymkhana, Progressive Club, Pen -Pal Club, Horseback Riding Club. RECKLEY, DOROTHY ELOISE Entered from Forest, '36. Kamera Klub, Commercial Club, Mixed Chorus, Scholarship Club, Vice-Pres. of IB Class, Girls' Glee Club, Cantata, Aviation Club, Music Club, Orchestra, Gymkhana, Girl Reserves, Acorn Reporter. REEVES, NANCY Entered from Kansas City, Missouri, '38, Scholarship Club, French Club, Girl Reserves, Library Council, Linz Award, National Honor Society. MESEROLE, OTIS IR. Entered from Hogg, '36. Vice-Pres. 4B Class, Pres. Commercial Club, Horseback Riding Club, Student Assistant, Student Council, Acorn Reporter, Spanish Club, Band, Non-commissioned Otiicer, International Peace Forum. MOORE, IAMES Entered from Peeler, '36. Commission in R. O. T. C., Football, lunior Hi-Y, Gymkhana, Crack Company, Camp Dallas. RICE, GRACE Entered from Bowie, '36. Linz Bible Award, Dramatic Club, Commercial Club, Latin Club, Gymkhana, Vice-Pres. of Pen Pal Club, Cantata, Operetta, Mixed Chorus. SCRIBNER, MAURINE Entered from Boude Storey, '37, Pep Squad, Gymkhana, Acorn Reporter. NAPIER, CARL Entered from Peeler, '36, IA Class Pres., 4B Class Pres., Vice-Pres. of Debate Club, Vice' Pres. of International Peace Forum, Track Team, '37, '38, '39, Pres. ot National Honor Society, Vice-Pres. ot Student Body, Scholarship Club, Four-Year Linz, Four-Year Everts, Library Coun- cil, Senior Play, Oak Staff, Latin Club, Gymkhana, Delegate to S. A. S. G. Convention '39, Social Committee oi Senior Class. Page Tuienly-three PARR, LEWIS Entered from Bowie, '36. Lettered in Baseball,QScholarship Club, Debate Club, Gymkhana. SMITH, ELEANOR CLAIRE Entered from Boude Storey, '37. Commercial Club, One-Year Linz, Bible Linz Award, Pep Squad, Gyrnkhana, Scholarship Club. STECIER, IOSEPHINE Entered from Reagan, '36, Girl Reserves, Crymkhana, Pep Squad, Horseback Riding Club, Texas Poetry Club, Spanish Club, Acorn Reporter. PATTON, WALTER Entered from Reagan, '36. Vice-Pres. of ZB Class, Student Council, Student Assistant, Scholarship Club, lunior Hi-Y, Latin Club, Horseback Riding Club, Gymkhana, Football, Basketball, Track, Library Council. PETERSON, ROY Entered from Bowie, '36 Scholarship Club, National Honor Society. TAYLOR, REBECCA Entered irom Bowie, '3G. Dramatic Club, National Thespian Club, lnterscholastic League Debate Contest, Scholarship Club, Acorn Reporter, Gymkhana, French Club, Senior Play. TEAL, NORMA Entered from Boude Storey, '37. Armistice Program '38, Girl Reserves, Operetta, Cantata, Pep Squad, Orchestra, Art Club, Mixed Chorus, Spanish Club. PHILLIPS, IOE Entered from Reagan, '36. Crack Company, Etiiciency Award, Camp Dallas, Rifle Team, Gymkhana, Commissioned Officer, Progressive Club, Commercial Club, Camp Dallas Winning Crack Platoon Drill, Cadet Captain, Office Assistant, Scholarship Club. PRICE, IOHN Entered from Reagan, '35. TODD, BETTY Entered from Hogg, '3E5. Student Council, Pres. of 3A Class, Sponsor Company A, Queens' Pageant, Library Council, Student Assistant, Acorn Reporter, In- formation Desk, S. A. S. G. Convention, Pep Squad, French Club, Gymkhana, Scholarship Club, Commercial Club, Horseback Riding Club. UPHAM, HELEN Entered from Hogg, '36. Pep Squad Gymkhana, Commercial Club, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society. SHAW, IIM Entered from Lubbock, '36. Pres. of 3B Class, Pres. of Library Council, Football '37, '38, Iunior Hi-Y, Gymkhana. Page Tweniy-four SIBLEY, IACK Entered Irom Reagan, '36, Baseball, Football, Football Manager '39, R. O. T. C., R. O. T. C, Band, Crack Company Band, Band Contest, Gymkhana, Office Assistant, Scholarship Club, Linz Award. WALSTON, ORELYA Entered irom Bowie, '36. Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club, Gymkhana, Play Day at Denton, Student Assistant, Latin Club, Oak Stati, Acorn Reporter. WARREN, IMOGENE Entered irom Bowie, '36. French Club, Vice-Pres. lA Class, Student Council, Sec. of Student Council, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana, S. A. S. G. Convention, Texas Poetry Club, I-Iorseback Riding Club, Sec, of Library Coun- cil, R. O. T. C. Sponsor of Band '38, '39, Acorn Reporter 4B Class, Feature Editor of Acorn, Social Committee 4A Class, Student Day at Sangers' '39, Commercial Club, Underclass Beauty '39, SMITH, GEORGE Entered irom Hogg, '3G. Latin Club, Officer in R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas. SWITZER, OTTO Entered from Peeler, '36. Art Dept., Spanish Club, Aviation Club, Kamera Klub, Com- mercial Club, Gymkhana, Acorn Reporter. WEST, ROSE MARIE Entered from Bowie, '36. French Club, Horseback Riding Club, Texas Poetry Club, Scholar- ship Club, Student Assistant, Play Day at Denton, Commercial Club, Acorn Reporter, Program Committee 4A Class. 'WHITTLESEY, MARGARET ANNE ' f ' Entered Irom Bowie, '36. Pep Squad, Pan-American Studexat' Forum, National Honor-"Society, Scholarship Club, Book Review Club, Girl Reserves, Gymkhanaj' Operatta, Senior Play. ' TI-IURMAN, RAYMOND Entered from Poeler, '36. Basketball. WALTHER, DANNY Entered Irom Peeler, '36. Debate Club, Pan-American Club, Spanish Club, Military, Scholarship Club. WILLIAMS, VONETA Entered from Hogg, '35. Pan-American Club, Library Council, Girl Reserves, Gymkharia, Acorn Reporter. WITI-IERSPOON, VIRGINIA Entered from Crockett, '36. Gymkhana. WEBB, KIRK Entered from Peeler, '36. ' Cadet Lieutenant Colonel of R. O. T. C., School Efficiency '36, '37, '38, '39, Camp Dallas '36, '37, '38, '39, Company Commander at Camp Dallas, Crack Company, First Lieutenant Crack Company '39, Student Council, Acorn Staff, Latin Club, Progressive Club, Scholarship Club, Iunior I-Ii-Y, Gymkhana, Kamera Klub, Speech Society, Civitan Gold Medal. Page Tu'enty-fire WRIGI-IT, I-IAILEY Entered from Bowie, '36, Pan-American Student Forum, Office Assistant: First Sergeant in R. O. T. C., Efficiency Awards: Band, Gymkhanag Spanish Club, Officer in R. O. T. C. Puge 'l'u'enty-xix WINDSOR, ARVIS Entered from Bowie, '36. Gymkhana. NOT SHOWN IN PICTURES VERNON, EVOLENE Entered from Bowie, '36, AVREA, BILL Entered from Stamford, Texas, '37. BLAIR, ARTHUR Entered from Bowie, '35. HACKLER, TI-IAVIU Entered from Reagan, '36. I-IARDISON, ROY Entered from Waco, '39. I-IARMON, GEORGE Entered from Peeler, '36, MILLER, FRANK Entered from Kansas, '36, MOORE, DAN Entered from Brownwood, '38 TAYLOR, RAY Entered from Bowie, '35, TUNNELL, PRESTON Entered from Winnetka, '36. FINISHED WORK IN SUMMER SCHOOL Addington, Rayford Allen, Iames Bowles, Albert Burnett, Martha Elphinqstone, Michael Hardinq, Warren FINISHED WOR Marcum, Lester K Iohnson, Leon Miller, Iack Pettit, Ioe Powell, Iustin Schulz, Elsie Ieffries, Iuaria IN NIGHT SCHOOL Turner, Richard Truman Wilder lack Redman Sarah Ward Connally President ViceAPresident Secretary lack Redman lames Roberson Patty Sue Clark President Vice-President Secretary J une Class OHic:ers . lack Redman lames Roberson Patty Sue Clark . . Miss Anna Bell President . . . . . Vice-President . . Secretary . . . . Sponsor . Sponsor . ....... Miss Margaret Harris C O M M I T T E E S Social Committee Virainia Hare Horace Stephenson lames Roberson Sarah Ward Connally Nancy Pyeatt Owen Coke Program Committee Denis C'Brien Ruth McCullough Dorothy Hawkins Clara Helen Baker Truman Vlfilder I. B. Harrison Page Tu'en1y-seven 1 e I ALLEN, BILLY BOB Entered from Bowie, '36. Gymkhana, Band, R. O. T. C. Oiiicer, Art Club. ADAMS, MARY IUNE Entered Ironi Alba Wcird School, '35 Iunior Medical Professions Club, Girl Reserves, Music Club, Mixed Chorus, Christmas Cantata, Operetta, Gynikhana. ALBIN, FRANCES Entered from Reagan, '36. Scholarship Club, Pep Squad, Dramatic Club, Gyinlchana, Bible ' Award, National Thespian Club, Girl Reserves, Nationfd 'r Society, Art Club, Student Assistant, Student Counci. f 4 ANDERSON, DONALD Entered from I. F. Peeler, '36. Baseball. ARD, BEN Entered irom Lubbock, Texas, BS. ' 0 ALLEN, IOAN Entered from Peeler, BG. Pan-American Student Forum, Scholarship Club, Spanish Club, Gyrnkhana, Dramatic Cbib, Treasurer of Girl Reserves, ' Student Assistant, Linz Pin Award. ARMSTRONG, DOROTHY Entered from North Dallas, '37. Spanish Club, Commercial Club, Student Council, All-City Ar BAUMANIN, DELBERT Entered from Sunset, '39. A f ' VX , . National Honor Society, Linz Pins, Art Club, Scholarship CIub,j1 LA r ,,'- " . ,A , in Commissioned Oiiicer, Crack Ccrnpany '36, '37, '38, Efficiency 1 t 74---1 f -- , Club, Girl Reserves, Student Assistant. , J fr A Y 3, 55, i 'lu i Ribbons, Radio Club, Scholarship Club. BARR, CHRIS Entered from Bowie, 136. Karnera Club, Senior I-Ii-Y, Student Assistant. AUSTIN, MARY ELLEN Entered irom Reagan, '35 Girl Reserves, Pan-American Student Forum, Gymkhana. - BAKER, CLARA Entered from Hoqq, '36 Girl Reserves, Spanish Club, Secretary of ZA Class, Scholarship Club, National I-Ionor Society, Banking Assistant, Gyrnlchana, Best All-Around Senior Girl. BEISEKER, MARVIN Entered Iiorn Bowie, '35 Page Twenty-eight .. ff. , J' W u"?' I w ft' BOLDING, LONNIE Entered from I. F. Peeler, '35. B t All-Around Underclass Boy, ZA President, Track, Football, es Letterecl '38, '39, lunior Hi-Y, Gymkhana, Student Council, Senior Hi-Y, Acorn Reporter, Captain Scrub Team '37. BALL, SALLY Entered from lustin, Texas, '37. Commercial Club, Gym Assistant, Scholarship Club, Gymlchana. BECKHAM, MARY DEAN Entered from Bowie, '36. Pep Squad, Girl Reserve, Commercial Club, Gymkhana, I ,I V . ! , A f . " BREEDLovE, WENDELL Entered from Classen High School, '38. Scholarship Club, Orchestra. o ' BROWN, 1osEPH X 3-,E Entered from Peeler, '36, V'yceP ent lunior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, Crack Company '38, '39, ' ifle Team, Captainft. O. T. C., Five Efficiency Awards, Gymkhana. BERGMAN, PAULINE Entered from Bofie, '36. Archery Club, Student Assistant, Commercial Club, Gymkhana, Attendance Award. BILLINGSLEY, DORIS Entered from Boude Storey, '37, Commercial Club, Kamera.Klub, Gymkhana, Pep Squad, Linz Pin, Girl Reserves, Archery, Scholarship Club. BROWN, WILLIAM I. Entered from Hogg, '36. R. O. T. C., Mixed Chorus, Rifle Team. BRYANT, ROBERT Entered from Bowie, '36. O. T. C., Crack Company '39, Efficiency Awards, First Lt. R. Gynikhana, Scholarship Club, Operetta '33 BIRBILIS, FRANCES 'KATHERINE Entered from Tulsa Central High, '39. Scholarship Club. BLACKWELL, AUDREA MAXINE Entered from Peeler, '36. Gymkhana, Pep Squad '37, Spanish Club '37, Future Teachers' Club '39, '40, lunior Medical Professions Club '39, '4O. CALDVVELL, RALPH C Entered from Reagan lunior High, '35. R. O. T. C., Gymkhana, Crack Company '36, Page Twenty-nine l I CAMPBELL, HMMIE Entered from Peeler, '36, President Iunior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, Vice-President 2B Class, Scholarship Club, Gyrnkhana, Basketball Letterman, D Club, Kamera Club. BLUDWORTH, MTLDRED Entered from Reagan, '35 Pep Squad, Girl Reserves, Art Club, Iunior Medical Professions Club. BRYANT, FLORENCE Entered frcm Bowie, '36. Iunior Medical Professions Club-Secretary, Girl Reserves, Student Assistant, Gyrnkhana. CARRELL, SAM L. Entered from Reagan, '36. Scholarship Club, Non Commissioned Officer, R. O. T. C,, Acorn Repogter, Gymkhana, Iunior Hi-Y, Student Council .J ,' Aigbvd CHAPMAN, GEREN Ay 'fi' Entered from Iames Bowie, '36. Football, ettterman in Basketball, Letterman in Baseball two. years, Captain one year, Gymkhana, Spanish Club. .4 1 3 s I 1, - f , ' A BUET, IEAN ' ' Entered from Hogg, '36, Pep Squad, Operet'ta.'g6, Scl'ibl?rship Club, Gift Reserves, Acorn -Rqaorter, ,'Gymkhana,f Vol ey Ball Team, Music Club, ' 'Spanish Club. Q ,w ' r , BUSH, MARY KATHERINE ,f , 4 Entered from Bowie, '36, Commercial Club, Karriera Klub, Gyrnkhana. rv CHILDEES, DAN ' Entered from Boude Storey, '37. fr'X G-VNS CLARK, ROBERT W. Entered from L H. Reagan, '36. Bible Credit Course, Bank, four years, Gyrnkhana, Greater Dallas Music Festival, Basketball Manager '38, '39, Advertising Salesman for Oak '40, Operator for Movie Projector, R. O. T. C. CARPENTER, MARTAN Entered from Boude Storey, '37. Gyrnkhana, Pep Squad, Archery Club CARRELL, ERNA MAE Entered from Boude Storey, '37. National Honor Society, Girl Reserves, Pan-American Student Forum, Spanish Club, Gyrnkhana, Pep Squad, Scholarship Club, Bible, Linz Award, Student Council, Archery Club, Co-Editor of Acorn. COKE, OWEN Entered from I. F. Peeler, '36. President National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Student Coun' cil, Latin Club, Library Council, 4-year Linz, 4-year Everts Award, Iunior HifY: Senior Hi-Y, Secretary Iunior Hi-Y, Major, Cadet Corps, Camp Dallas Efficiency, School Efficiency, Crack Company '38, '39, '40, Rifle Team. Page Thirty W ti. be -,., W :M 1, 4 i wig? ,ae . S. H .af COKER, MARSHALL R. Entered from Peeler, '36. First Sergeant in R. O. T. C. CATES, NORMA 1 Entered from Hogg, '36. CAYTON, HELEN Entered from Peeler, '36. Commercial Club: lournalism Staff: Spanish Club: Music Club: Gymkhana. COLLETT, LUKE Entered from Tech, '36. Football, Baseball, Basketball Mgr.: D Club: Horseback Riding Club: Senior Hi-Y: Acorn Reporter: Mixed Chorus: Gymkhana: Track: Student Council. COLLIER, IAMES R. Entered from lohn F. Peeler, '36. Commissioned Officer, R. O. T. C,: Efficiency Awards: Camp Dal- las '38, '39: Scholarship Club: French Club: Gymkhana: Linz Awards: Older Boys' Conference '39. CECIL, BERNICE Entered from Fort AIVOTTT1, '37, Kamera Klub: Scholarship Club: Gymkhana: Acorn Reporter: Sec- retary of Commercial Club: Linz Award. CHANDLER, GRACE Entered from Bowie, '36. Archery Club: Commercial Club: Horseback Riding Club: Gyms khana: Speech Department. COMFORT, HARVEY Entered from lames Bowie, '36. Gymkhana: Scholarship Club. COX, ROBERT GRAHAM Entered from lchn F. Peeler, '36. Scholarship Club: lunior Hi-Y: Senior Hi-Y: Captain, R. O. T. C.: Rifle Team '33, '39: Crack Company '37, '38, '39: Camp Dallas, '37, 738, '39: Aviation Club: Progressive Club: French Club: Iuriior Safety Club: Gymkhana: Efficiency Awards: Bible Linz Award: Camp Dallas: Adamson Rifle Team: Shoulder-to-Shoulder Rifle fTearna'39, '4O: William Randolph Hearst Rifle Team '39, '4O: Rifle ' Team Letter: R O. T. C. Track Meet, '37, '38, '3, '4U. CHATELAIN, CATHERINE LOUISE Entered from L. G. C. Academy, '36. Commercial Club: French Department. CLARK, PATTY SUE Entered from Hogg, '36. 4A Class Secretary: 3B Class President: ZA Class Secretary: Na' tional Honor Society: Scholarship Club: Gyrnkhana: Library Coun- cil: Secretary International Peace Forum: interscholastic League Spelling Contest '39, '4U: Student Council: Gym Assistant: Book Review Club: Denton Play Day: Linz Award: Everts Award: One Act Play Contest: Dramatic Club. CROW, CLARENCE Entered from Sunset, '38. Page Thirty-one DEPEW, PAUL Entered from Shreveport, La., '36. COATES, ANNA MARIE Entered from Peeler, '36. Pen Pal Club, Gymkhana, Kamera Klub, French Department, Linz Bible Award, Four-year Linz Pin, Four-year Everts Pin, National Honor Society, Scholarship Club. COLEMAN, FRANCES Entered from Bowie, '36. Gyrnkhana, Music Club, Music Department, Operetta, Reserves. DURHAM, BURT Entered from Iames Bowie, '36. Commissioned Officer, R. O. T. C., Band, Student Assistant, R. O T. C. Efficiency, Acorn Reporter, Gymkhana, Band Contest, '37, '38, '39, EASON, PRENTISS EDMOND, IR. Entered from Peeler, '36. Captain Rifle Team, Cadet Lt. Col. on Reserves, Camp Dallas '37 '38, '39, Crack Company '38, '39, School Efficiency Awards, Acorn Reporter. CONNOLLY, SARAH WARD Entered from Reagan, '36. President Spanish Club, President Pon American Student Forum, National Thespian Club, Secretory, Historian, Program Chairman Pen Pal Club, President Dramatic Club, Debate Club '37, One Act Play Contest, Student Assistant, Declamation Contest, Linz Awards, Everts Award, Student Council, National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana, 4B Class Secretary, Girl Reserves, Oak Staff. 1 F COOPER, ELSIE ' ,v Entered from Denison, Texas, '39. ' Red Cross Club, Iunior Medical Professions Club. EZELL, IACK Entered lrom Hogg, '36. Scholarship Club, Pan American Student Forum. FARRAR, BILLY Entered from Boude Storey, '37. Serqeant in R. O. T. C. COUCH, STELLA Entered from Bowie, '36. Art Club, S X X t lf" j cholarship Club, International Peace Forum, Acorn Reporter. tif CROUCH, THELMA ,J ,f JU Entered from Sunset, '38, Commercial Club. FRANKLIN, ALONZO Entered from Rosemont, '36. Page Thirty-two U , V' I 91,1 fief 1,1 GAULT, DUNCAN Entered from Iohn F. Peeler, '36. Lt, Colonel, R. O. T. C.: Efficiency Awards: Debate Club: Iunior Hi-Y: Senior Hi-Y: Scholarship Club: Rifle Team: Crack Company: Camp Dallas: Fired in William Randolph Hearst National Match: Linz Awards: Progressive Club: National Honor Society. DAY, BILLIE KATHERINE Entered from Bowie, '36. National Honor Society: Scholarship Club: Pen Pals: Spanish Club: Gyrnkhana: Student Assistant: Bible Linz Award: Attendance Award: Linz Award: Everts Award. DILLARD, PAT Entered from L. G. C. Academy, '38. GEREN, LLOYD Entered from Reagan, '36. GOSSETT, REX Entered from Bowie, '36. Football: Track: Basketball: Music Club: lunior Medical Professions ' Club: Gymkhana. DILLINGHAM, LILLIE MAE Entered frorn Miles, '39. Red Cross Club: Iunior Medical Professions Club: Class Volley Ball: Student Assistant. DORSETT, ROSELYN Entered from Peeler, '36. French Club: Scholarship Club: Art Club: Gymkhana: City Wide Art Club: Girl Reserves: Pep Squad '37. GRAY, TACK SCOTT Entered from Bowie, '36. Library Assistant: Gymkhana: Oifice Assistant: Efficiency Award: Library Council: Non-Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C., Presi- dent Library Council: Acorn Reporter: Student Council. ' 1 . ,, M -I d . ' 4 ' 1' ,V.,l. I W GREEN, H. T., IR. Entered irorn Peeler, '36. Music Club: Orchestra: Latin Club: Student Assistant: Mixed Chorus: lunior Hi-Y: Dramatic Club: Bible Award: Operetta. DUFREE, KAY Entered from Highland Park, '39. Adamson Gymkhanfr '36: Scholarship Club. DURRETT, IMOGENE Entered from Bowie, '36. GUILLORY, l. W. Entered from Peeler, '36. Student Assistant: R. O. T. C.: Crack Company: Aviation Club: Gymkhana: Progressive Club: Football: Baseball: Efficiency Awards. Page Thirty-lbree HAIR, ROBERT Entered from Sayre, Okla., '38, EMMONS, MARTHA IANE Entered from Hoag, '36. Secretary of Girl Reserves, Kamera Klub, Linz Pin, Scholarship Club, Commercial Club. EVERETT, ELISE Entered from Boude Storey, '37. Student Council, Girl Reserves, Kamera Klub, Commercial Club, Pep Squad, Gymkhana. HARBER, DURWOOD Entered from Peeler, '36. D Club, Basketball '36. '37, '38, '39, '40, Baseball '36, '37, '38, '39, '40, Iunior Hi-Y, Gymkhana, Mixed Chorus, Gym Assistant, Kamera Klub '38, Library Assistant. HARRIS, MATTHEW Entered from Bowie, '36. Latin Club, Track, Dramatic Club, Pan American Student Forum, International Peace Forum, Kamera Klub. FLOWERS, DOROTHY MAE Entered from Boude Storey, '37, International Peace Forum, Student Council, Spanish Club '37, Scholarship Club, Gymlchana, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, lournalism Department. GASH, MINNIE PAYE Entered from Sherman High, '38. Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, Iournalism Department, Student Assistant, Linz Award. HARRISON, HARRY Entered from Hoag, '36. Senior Hi-Y, R. O. T. C. Commissioned Officer, School Efficiency Award '37, '38, '39, IB Class Officer, Oak Staff, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana, Crack Company '37, '33, '39, Student Council, Student Assistant. HARRISON, I. B. Entered from Iohn P. Peeler, '36. Officer, Iunior Hi-Y, Officer, Senior Hi-Y, Basketball Letterman, National Honor Society, Gymlchana, Scholarship Club, President IB Class, Golf Team, Student Council, Library Council, Linz Award, Everets Award, Student Assistant, Baseball. GILLEN, KATHELENE Entered from Bowie, '36, Aviation Club, Archery Club, Diploma Committee, Gymkhana, Pen Pal Club, Teacher's Club, Scholarship Club, Speech Scciety, Girl Reserves, Scholarship Club, Spanish Club, Gymkhana. Medical Professions Club, International Peace Forum. GREEN, eLoRiA ANN buf ' NP Entered from Bowie, '36. XD' Gymkhana, Pep Squad, Dramatic Club, Kameralil . HILL, RAYMOND 4 Entered from Peeler, '36. 7. Letterman in Basketball and Baseball, Gymkhana, Aviation Club, Student Assistant. 1 Page Thirty-four J HOLBERT, IAMES Entered from Bowie. '36. GREEN, PEGGY Entered from Memphis, Tenn., '38 GUYNES, KATI-IRYN Entered from Bowie, '36. HORN, WAYNE Entered from Iarnes Bowie, '36. Scholarship Club, Linz Awards, Senior I-li-Y, Iunior I-Ii-Y, Dramatic Club, International Peace Forum, Progressive Club, Interscholastic League Spelling Contest, Student Assistant, Gymkhana, Older Boy's Conference, Spanish Department. HULEN, STERLING Entered from Bowie, '36. Football Letterman '38, '39, Gyrnkhana, , ' 1 l, 5 . dyb- If A-I. ,L.f,,,A'-fn' I' 'V ,Ypff 'A HALE, HOPE 0 - K Entered from I-Ioqq, '36. Girl eserves, Scholarship Club, Spanish HARE, VIRGINIA Entered from Peeler, '36. IAMES, LEON Track, D Club. Club, Gyrnkhana. Entered from Lubbock, Texas, '37. Golf Team, R. O. T. C. IOHNSON, Tl-IURMAN Entered from Winnetka, '36, Tennis Club, Music Club, Hi-Y Library Council, Tennis '40, I-IARBER, CHARLOTTE Entered from Peeler, '36, Scholarship Club, hana, Oak Staff, Attendance Award. I V HARRIS, BOBBIE 'O Entered from Yorktown, '36, 'Q QeJMusic Club, Gymkhana, Iournalism 3- x. GQ IONES, MAURICE R. O. T. C., Karnera Klub. Entered from Boude Storey, '37. Bible Linz Award '37, Spanish Club, Gymk- Girl Reserves, Archery Club, Iohn E. Morris Staff. Page Thirty-five KlNNEY, IERRY Entered from Hogg, '37. Scholarship Club: Radio-Television Club: R. O. T. C.: Track: Student Council: Latin Club: Debate Club. HARTNESS, RUDA Entered from I. F. Peeler, '36. Pan-American Student Forum: Spanish Club: Commercial Club: Scholarship Club: Gymkhana. HARVEY, ANNA Entered from Reagan, '36. Scholarship Club: Commercial Club. LEE, FRANK Entered from Boude Storey, '37. Band: Orchestra: Pan American Student Forum: Student Council. LEE, LANVRENCE Entered from Peeler, '35 Supply Sergeant in R. O. T. C. HARVEY, ANNETTA Entered from Reagan, '36. Pan-American Club: Spanish Club: Scholarship Club: Commer- cial Club: Four Year Linz: Four Year Everts: Bible Linz Award: National Honor Society. HAVENS, MARIORIE Entered from Reagan, '36. C1irl's Glee Club: Music Club: Operetta: Cantata: Commercial Club: Dramatic Club: Scholarship Club, LORD, IACK Entered from lohn F. Peeler, '36. R. O. T. C.: Technical Sergeant: Camp Dallas '38: Crack Com- pany '38, '39: Efficiency Award: Gymlchana. MCBRIDE, FRED Entered from Hogg, '36, Student Council: lunior Hi-Y Otticer: Senior Hi-Y: Secretary of ZA Class: President oi 3A Class: Progressive Club: School R. O. T. C. Eiiiciency: Crack Company: Camp Dallas: Business Manager of the Acorn: Kamera Klub. HAVJKINS, DOROTHY Entered from Reagan, '36. Social Chairman oi 2B and 4B Class: Best All-Around Sophomore Girl: Acorn Sweetheart: R. O. T. C. Sponsor: Battalion Sponsor: Senior Beauty: Associate Editor of Acorn: Art Stati ot Oak: Art Department: National Thespian: Dramatic Club: French Club: Scholarship Club: Student Council Officer: Library Council. HEARN, MAURINE Entered from l. H. Reagan, '36, Scholarship: Bible Award: international Peace Forum: Operetta '36. MCGEE, GENE Entered from lames Bowie, '36, 4 Years of R. O, T. C.: Sergeant in Band: Gymlchana: Baseball: Basketball: Camp Dallas '37: Band Contest: Efficiency Award. Page Tbiriy-six Ziff 1 McGEE DAVID Entered from Reagan, '36, Gyrnkhana, Music Club, Cantata, Operetta '39, '40, Proaressive Club, Mixed Chorus, Kamera Klub, Baseball. HENDERSON, PEGGY Entered irom Texarkana, '36. National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Future Teachers' Club, Captain ot All-Star Volley Ball Team. HILL, PATTY Entered from Bowie, '36, French Club, Art Club, Scholarship Club, French Play '37, Gymk- hana, National Honor Society, President ot Future Teachers' Club, MAPLES, BILLY Entered from Hoag, '36, Iunior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, Football '36, '37, '38, Baseball, R. O. T. C., Kamera Klub, Scholarship Club, Crack Company. MELEY, LEROY Entered from Vlfhite Hall, '36, Student Council, Letterman in Track, Football All City, D Club, Horseback Ridinq Club, Gymlchana, HILTON, WANDA Entered from Iarnes Bowie, '36, National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Iunior Medical Profes- sions Club, International Peace Forum, Gyrnkhana, Pep Squad, Bible Linz Award, Linz Awards, Music Club. HINE, VIRGINIA Entered trcm Peeler, '36. Linz Bible Award, Two One Year Linz Pins, Scholarship Club, Oak Statt, Acorn Stafl, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, Spanish Club, Gymkhana, V METZGER, CHARLES Entered trom Iohn H. Reagan, '36, Acorn Reporter, Tennis Club, Gynilchana, MILLER, LESLIE Entered Iront Iohn H. Reagan, '36, Football Letterman, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Gymkhana. HOLLOVVAY, GVVEN Entered from Sherman, Texas, '36, Student Council, Kamera Klub Secretary, Gymkhana, Pep Squad, Girl Reserves, Horseback Riding Club. HOLT, MARGIE RUTH Entered from Peeler, '36, MORROW, EARNEST Entered from Iames Bowie, '36, NonACommissioned Otticer, R. O. T. C., Senior Hi-Y '39, '40, Schol- arship Club, Gyrnkhana '36, Track '40, Cadet Serqeant, R. O, T. C., Bookroorn Assistant '36, '40, Puge Thirty-se1'w1 7 ,A MULLEN, FAYNE Entered from Stephen F, Austin, '36. Basketball, Gymkhana, Baseball, Acorn Reporter, Student Council, HUFSTEDLER, EDITH Entered from Peeler, '36, Vice-President National Honor Society, Secretary Pan American Student Forum, Spanish Club, Scholarship Club, Secretary Dram- atic Club, Gymkhana, Student Assistant, Four Year Linz, Four Year Everts. I-IULSE, DORA Entered from Boude Storey, '37, Scholarship Club, Commercial Club, Gyrnkhana. NALL, IAMES Entered from Bowie, '36 Lettered in Football '38, Captain Football, All City, Football Letter '39, Gymkhana, Senior I-Ii-Y, Basketball, Track. NICI-IOLS, CLOVIS Entered from Iames Bowie, '36. Gymkhana. INGRAM, BENNYE I. Entered from Reagan, '36. IAMESON, MARY LOU Entered from I. H. Reagan, '36. Student Council, Library Council, Gym Assistant, Office Assistant, Acorn Staff, Pep Squad, Texas Poetry Club, Scholarship Club, Art Club. NOWLIN, BOB Entered from Peeler, '36. Student Council, Library Council, Iunior I-Ii-Y, Gymkhana, Two Year Letters in Football, Basketball, Track Two Year Letters, Fred Harris Award, Secretary IA Class, Scholarship Club, Presi- dent Iunior I-li-Y, Senior Hi-Y. O'BRIEN DENIS Entered from L. G. C. Academy, '36. Citizen's Traffic Commission Safety Contest '39, Baseball Manager, Basketball Manager, R. O. T. C., Ist Lieutenant, Executive Officer, Bank, Crack Company Bank, Dallas Music Festival, All-Festival Band, Efficiency Award, Band Contests, Operetta '37, '38, Orches- tra, Declamation Eliminations, Interscholastic League Spelling Con- test Elirninations, American Legion Oratorical Content Eliminations, Gymkhana, Amateur Night, Debate Club, Latin Department, Busi- ness Manager Oak, Advertising Manager Oak, Scholarship Club, Senior I-Ii-Y, Junior I-Ii-Y. IENKINS, VELMA MAE Entered from Boude Storey, '37. Commercial Club. KERR, LOUISE Entered from Peeler, '36. Secretary of SA Class, Spanish Club, Pep Squad, Council Repre- sentative for Girl Reserves, Scholarship Club, Art Department, Student Assistant, Student Council, Student Peace Forum. Gymkhana. PARK, JAMES BARTON Entered from Abilene, Texas, '36. Vice-President Music Club, Student Council, Gymkhana, Operetta '38, Declamation Contest, Christmas Cantata Page Thirty-eigbt M., "-YQ. 5, ' X . ATN . ,A Nltfl l"'f.-4' ' r- Ling.-,-H . PlNKSTON, HHEA WALLACE, lR. Entered trom lames Bowie, '36. Basketball, two years. KIRNVAN, lOHANNA Entered from Reagan, '36. Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club, Art Club, Latin Club, Scholarship Club, Gymlchana, Pep Squad, Student Assistant, Vice-President Program Chairman, Historian ot Pen Pals, Linz Award. KNOVVLES, GENE Entered from Boude Storey, '37, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, Kamera Klub, Gymlchana. PITTS, ROBERT A. Entered from Tech, '39, Rifle Team '38, Tech Talk Staff, Efficiency Award, Tech Scholar- ship Club, Camp Dallas '38, Company Commander, Band Contest '37, '38, Library Council, Etiiciency Board, R. O. T. C. Staff. POINDEXTER, RAYMOND Entered from Big Spring, Texas, '39, Baseball. KOCH, BETTY SUE Entered from Hogg, '36. Secretary of 3B Class, Library Assistant, Gyrn Assistant, Library Council, Scholarship Club, Horseback Riding Club, Gymkhana, Ottice Assistant, Acorn Reporter, Archery Club. LOFTTCE, OLETA Entered from North Dallas, '36. Scholarship Club, Spanish Club, Co-Editor ot Oak, Linz Award. REDMAN, IACK Entered from Boude Story, '37. President 4A Class, Best All-Round Senior Boy, Vice-President 4B Class, Otticer in R, O. T. C., Scholarship Club, Debate Club, Inter- national Peace Porum, Band, invitation Committee, Band Contest, Crack Company Band, Progressive Club. REDWINE, BOB Entered from I. H. Reagan, '36. Art Club '37, '38, Gymlchana, Student Follies, Sanger Brothers Student Day '39, R. O. T. C., Crack Squad ot Adamson '39. MCCULLOUGH, RUTH Entered from Hogg, '36. lA Class President, 3B Class Vice-President, Secretary Student Council, Secretary Library Council '39, '40, Library Assistant, Acorn Statt, Horseback Riding Club, All-Star Volley Ball Team. MCKINNEY, MAUREEN Entered irom Bowie, '36. Scholarship Club, Pen Pals, Spanish Club, Commercial Club, Gymkhana. RICHARDSON, IAMES Entered from lames Bowie, '36. Page Thirty-nine ROBERSON, IAMES E. Entered from Peeler, '36. Acorn Reporter, Football '38, '39, Baseball '39, '40, Gymkhana, Basketball '40, Vice-President 4A Class, Under Class Favorite, Iunior Hi-Y. McLEOD, MARY IANE Entered from California, '38. Pen Pals, Commercial Club, Scholarship Club. MADDERA, VELMA Entered from Boude Storey, '37. Pep Squad, Gymkhana. ROBERTS, LIONEL Entered from Boude Storey, '37, Commissioned Officer, Senior Hi-Y, Rifle Team '39, '40, Crack Company '38, '39, '40, Camp Dallas '39, Camp Dallas 'Winning Platoon '39, Marksman, Sharpshooter, Expert Rifleman Medals, Latin Club, Gymkhana, Efficiency Ribbon, Rifle Letterman. ROBERTSON, VVAYNE Entered from Bowie, '36. Senior Hi-Y, Iunior Hi-Y, Kamera Klub, Vice-President of Commer- cial Club, International Peace Forum, Progressive Club, All City Band, Scholarship Club, Band Crack Company, Acorn Reporter, Camp Dallas, Six Band Contests, Sergeant in R. O. T. C, MAIER, PEGGY Entered from VVyoming, '36. MARABLE, DOROTHY Entered from I. F. Peeler, '36. Kamera Klub, Girl Reserves, Pep Squad, Scholarship Club, Orchestra, Mixed Chorus. SHARP, AUBREY THOMAS, IR. Entered from Reagan, '36. Art Club, Kamera Klub, Progressive Club, Football, Baseball, R. O. T. C., School Efficiency Awards, Crack Company, Rifle Team, Gymkhana, Oak Staff, Student Assistant. SIMMS, IACK Entered from Iames Bowie, '38. Football '37, '38, '39, Letterman '38, '39, President of the Student Body, Sports Editor of the Acorn, National Honor Society, Scholar- ship Club, Four Year Linz Award, Four Year Everts Award, Sec- retary of,Senior Hi-Y, Cleverest Senior Boy, Library Council, Com- ' .q1?'sioned Officer, R, O. T. C., Gymkhana, Baseball, if Library Assistant. jg!! MERRITT, DOROTHY Entered from I. F. Peeler, '36, Scholarship Club, Dramatic Club, Student Council, Library Coun- cil, Girl Reserves, Acorn Reporter, Czymkhana, Art Club, Pen Pal Club, Student Assistant, Archery Club. MILKE, MARGUERITE Entered from Boude Storey, '37, President of Debate Club, President of Commercial Club, Spanish Club, Pan American Club, Debate Team '37, Scholarship Club. SMITH, IERRY Entered from Kilgore, Texas, '36, Yell Leader '37, '38, Head Yell Leader '39, School Band, All City Band '39, Gymlchana '38, R. O. T. C. Staff Sergeant. Page Foriy 1 l Golf Team, Gyrnkhana, Spanish Club Bibl I SMITH, PEYTON Entered from Brown, '36, , Student Assistant. MITCHELL, DOROTHY Entered from Peeler, '36, e .inz Award '37, Spanish Club, Gymkhana '38' Oak Staii Scholarship Club, !,,x xr-A 2 4 . 2 All-Star Volley Ball Team, Archery Club, Girl Reserves. MOORE, MARY FRANCES Entered from Sunset, '35, STEPHENSON, HORACE Entered from Hoaa, '36, STUBBS, NOLAN Entered from I. H. Reagan, '36, Mixed Chorus, Operetta, Gymkhana. 4 ,M 1 4 ' MORGAN, MARTHA Entered from Reagan, '36, Pep Squad, Girl Reserves, Commercial Cl b' G u , ymkhana. MURRELL, VIRGINIA Entered irom Hoqa, '36, Student Assistant, Girl Reserves, Horseback Riding Club, Acorn Reporter, French Club, Pep Squad, Dramatic Club, Orchestre, Book Review Club, Student Council, Gym Assistant. SUMMER, IAMES Entered irom Reagan, '36, National Honor Society. 1 N SXNITZER, DAsHiELL ,Q ' Entered from Peeler, '36, NEINTON, JUNE Entered from Reagan, '36, NICHOLS, EDYTI-IE KAY Entered trom Brown, '36, Pep Squad '37, C Q ' C Football Lett ommerclai Club, Spanish Club, Gyrnkhana, Speech Society. TAILENT, GERALD Entered from Cameron, Texas, '37, errnan, Track Letterman, Horseback Riding Club, D Club, Library Assistant, Gymkhana. Page Forty-one TEUBNER, RAY Entered frorn Reagan, '36. Debate Club: Scholarship Club: International Peace Forum: Commercial Club. O'BRYAN, LATRELL Entered from Crandall High, '37. Student Council: Acorn Reporter: Gymkhana: Pep Squad: Orches- tra: Spanish Club: International Peace Forum: Scholarship Club: Linz Award: lunior Red Cross. OSBORN, RUTH Entered from lames Bowie, '36. Office Assistant: lournalism Staff: Bible Linz Award: Music Club: Spanish Club: Commercial Club: Operetta '37, '38, '39: Girl Reserves: Gyinkhana. WARNER, HTRAM Entered from Hoqq, '36, Band: Gymkhana: Debate Team '39, '4O: Acorn Staff '4O: S. M, U. Concert '38. WARREN, RUSSELL Entered from lames Bowie, '36. Art Department: Spanish Club: R. O. T. C.: Student Assistant: Golf Team. PARKER, ANN Entered from Hogg, '36. Dramatic Club: Scholarship Club: National Honor Society: French Club: International Peace Forum: Girl Reserves: Pen Pals: Book Review Club: Gymkhana: Student Assistant. 5 1 - A 4 PATTERSON, DORIS Entered from Hogg, '36. N A Girl Reserves: Acorn Reporter: Gymkhana: Archery Club. WHITTLESEY, PHILIP Entered from Peeler, '36. Gymkhana: Camp Dallas '38: R. O. T. C.: Rifle Team '39, '40: Radio Television Club: Crack Company '37, '38. WTLDER, TRUMAN Entered from I. H. Reagan, '36. 4B Class Vice President Senior l-li-Y- Crack Company' President : - r , , School Efficiency Award: Non-Commissioned Officer R. O. T. C., Acorn Photographer: Oak Photographer: Student Council. POOLEY, MARY Entered from Peeler, '36, Commercial Club: Gymkhana. POVVERS, LOTS Latin Club: Gymkhana: Scholarship Club. Entered from San Angelo lunior High Scho POVVERS, MARGARET Entered from I. F. Peeler, '36. Commercial Club: lournalism Staff: Bible Award: Spanish Club: Girl Reserves: Music Club: Gymkhana: Social Chairman '38, Page Forty-fufo ef x.,f' 3 PYEATT NANCY Entered from Hogg, '35. Pep Squad, Book Review Club, Library Council, Gym Assistant, Student Council, Dramatic Club, Horseback Riding Club, Linz Awards, Scholarship Club, R. O. T. C. Sponsor, Gymkhana. RAMBO, MARY Entered from Sunset, '38, Archery Club, lournalism Department. RAMSEY, DOROTHY Entered from Reagan, '36. Scholarship Club, Secretary oi National Honor Society, Girl Re- serves' Vice-President, Student Council, Vice-President of Pan- Arnerican Club, Pep Squad, Student Assistant, Co-Editor of Acorn, Linz Awards. REAMS, DOROTHY - Entered from l. H. Reagan, '36. Art Club, Girl Reserves, lunior Medical Professions Club, Student Assistant. REED, ELSIE MAE Entered from Boude Storey, '37, National Honor Society, Girl Reserves, Spanish Club, Pep Squad, International Peace Forum, Gyrnkhana, 4-Year Linz, 4-Year Everts REESE, SYBIL Entered from Peeler, '36, ' Cantata, Operetta, Gyrrikhana, Pep Squad, Kamera Klub, Art Club, Commercial Club, Scholarship Club. RICHARDSON, GERALDINE Entered from Bowie, '36. Scholarship Club, Commercial Club, Pep Squad, Gymkhana, lohn E. Morris Attendance Award. SALAS, GLORY Entered from Peeler, '36. Girl Reserves, Latin Club, Scholarship Club, National Honor So- ciety, Future Teachers' Club, Commercial Club. SCHMIDT, DOROTHY Entered from Hogg, '36. National ' or Society, Book Review Club, Scholarship Club, Student uncjl, Gym Assistant, Archery Club, Four-year Linz Awaufflio r-year Everts Award, President of 2A Class, interschol- ,jg ' " astic League Essay Contest '39. L . S --. 5 9, x SMITHER, BETTY ffl! 'J Entered from Hogg, '36. 'Pep Squad, Gymkhana, Scholarship Club, Gym Assistant '37, '39, '40, Student Council, Library Council, lournalisrn Department, 3A Class Officer. Page Forty-three SCUDDER, CHRISTINE Entered from Boude Storey, '37 Girl Reserves '39, '40, lourncrlism Department, Gymkhunor '38. ii . asia. my 5 SHELTON, ELIZABETH E Entered from I-loqq, '36, ' 'R President Girl Reserves, Girl Reserve Conference '38, '39, Secre- 6 A tory Girl Reserve Inter-Club Council, Kfrrnero Klub, Pon Arnericon ' L J C f , Student Eoruni, Spanish Club, Scholarship Club, Pep Squad, fi - 5, ' i ' Gymkhonog Commercicrl Club. 'I JJ 5' 3' ,X it s yj ef- - -1 1 f STARLING, FRANCES Entered from l. F. Peeler, '36. Gymkhono, Vice-President of Kcrmercx Klub, Orchestra, Scholar- ship Club, One Yeor Linz, Acorn Reporter, French Club. STEVENS, VIRGINIA Entered from Bowie, '36 Gymlchonfr, Commercial Club. STROUD, MARY BETH Entered trom Bowie, '36. Pep Squfrd, Closs Volley Bull. SULLIVAN, MILIJRED Entered from Peeler, '35 Gym Student Assistfrnt, Coinrnerricrl Club, Gymkhonfr. SUMMERS, TOMMYE Entered irom Bowie, '36. Gymlchontr, Arc-liery Club, Cornmerciol Club. TALLENT, MARGARET Entered from Yoe High School, '37, Commercial Club, Art Club, lunior Medical Professions Club, Girl Reserves, Gymlchono, TEMPLETON, MARGARET Entered from Wedtlierforcl, '39. , ' ,L Girl Reserves, Music Club, Kornercr Klub, Pen Pfrl Clii ,EY?t1t'e -- Teochers' Club. P J r A , . ,lj . it . 'J' 'I rEMPLEToN, MARY IEAN It I Entered from Reoqrrn, '36, Page Forly-fam' ,jjj THURMAN, DOROTHY LEE Entered from I. F. Peeler, '36. Pep Squad, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, Acorn Reporter, Iourrialism Department. TINER, ERMA Entered trom Reaaan, '36. Oak Stall, Acorn Reporter, Art Club, Gyinkhana, Dramatic Club, Scholarship Club, lnternational Peace Forum. TODD, LA VERNE Entered from Houston, '39. Girl Reserves, Art Department, Horseback Riding Club, Valley Ball Team. TORNO, MADELTNE Entered from Boude Storey, '37, Pep Squad, Debate Club, Dramatic Club, National Honor, Social Chairman of National Honor, 4year Linz, 4-year Everts, Orches' tra, Scholarship Club, Banking Assistant, Gymkhana. TUCKER, DOROTHY Entered from Bowie, '36, Girls' Gloc Club, Music Club, Commercial Club, Pep Squad, Iohn E. Morris Award, Student Assistant. TURNER, KATHLEEN I Entered from North Dallas, '38 TYLER, FRANCES Entered from laines Hogg, '37, Pop Squad, Scholarship Club, Latin Club, Girl Reserve, Bible, Orchestra, Class Valley Ball tViva's Vipersl, Gymlchana. WARTDRIP, RUTH Entered irom lames Bowie, '36. Program Chairman oi lunior Medical Protessions '39, Gynikhana '38. WATKTNS, LOTS lEAN Entered from Bowie, '36 Girl Reserves, Music Club, Scholarship Club, Nationil Honor Society, Orchestra, Gymkhana. WATSON, MARY BELLE Entered from Bowie, '36. Debate Club, lnterscholastic Leadue Debate Team '39, President Pen Pals, Program Chairman Pon Pals, Secretary Progressive Club, Dramatic Club, Music Clit., Girl Reserves, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana, Latin Club, Student Assistant, Pep Squad, CofEclitor of Oak. Page lforly-hue WHITE, LUCILLE Entered from Marceline, Missouri, '38, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club. WIEDERHOLD, MAXINE Entered from Reagan, '36, Commercial Club, 4-year Linz, 4year Everts, National Honor Society, Oak Staff, Gymkhana, Scholarship Club. WILKINSON, KATHERINE Entered from Sunset, '38, WILKS, MEREDITI-I Entered from lames Bowie, '36, Tennis Team '37, '38, City Champion and District Finalist in '39, Captain '40, Horseback Riding Club '37, '38, '40, President '39, Art Club, Gymkhana, Scholarship Club. WILLIAMS, FRANCES Entered from Iames I-Ioqq, '36, Commercial Club, Acorn Reporter, Gymkhana, Girl Reserves, Oak Staff, Spanish Club, Iournalism Department, Kamera Klub, International Peace Forum. WRIGHT, NAOMI SUE Entered from Boude Storey, '37, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, Gymkhana, Scholarship Club, Linz Award, Spanish Club. GAMBRELL, DELPHIA INEZ Entered from Cedar Hill, Texas, '38, GAMBRELL, FREDDA MAE Entered from Cedar I-Iill, Texas, '38, BARTON, LYSLE Entered from Bowie, '35. BLACK, DONALD Entered from Boude Storey, '34, EVANS, IAMES Entered from Boude Storey, '36, lunior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, International Peace Forum, Progressive Club, R. O, T. C. Page Forly-six NOT SHOWN IN PICTURES GARLAND, GAII.. Entered from Boude Storey, '37, R. O. T. C. , SANGER, EDWIN Entered from Reagan, '36, SCI-IELL, MARSHALL Entered from L. G, C. Academy, '35 TENNISON, ROSS Entered from Roude Storey, '37, THOMPSON, EARL Entered from Sunset, 36. Entered trom Austin Texas ' BAXTER, EDNA LoUisE 9 BENDER, ADELINE Entered from South Dakota, ' WEATHERFORD, GWEN Entered Irosn Bowie, '35, NE i NW' Qyfe CLASS OFFICERS Full President lohn Davis Vice-President George Vifade Secretary Marjorie Blessing Page l"orly-eight Ablos, Frank Adin, Billy A1bin,layson Allen, Billy Apel, August Atkins, Billy Atkinson, Billy Bankhead, Homer G. Barnett, lesse Bates, Billy Bearden, Bob Bell, lack Betlrancourt, Harold Bixler, YN. D. Blackwell, Clyde Boluch, lohn Bowles, Charles Carter, Morris Childress, Ioy Collier, Carroll Cox, lohn Kenneth Craven, Winfield Croft, Torbett Crossland, Edward lien" 3 January Qtr Daniel, lack Davis, lohn Evans, Forrest Few, Edward Fowler, Clarence Frost, Harrell Gallegly, Herbert Gardner, lolrn Geisert, Frederick Gibbons, Robert Gillette, Fred Gordon, George Leslie Gossett, Earl Grabbe, Iohn Green, Billy lack Green, Bob L. Green, Harry Guy, Hillary Hamilton, Robert Harris, lack Hartsfield, Merldean Heiskell, lames Hill, Fitzhugh Hodges, Hobart I Hodges, Murrell Hunter, lack lenson, Martin lolrnson, Troy Korbow, loe Kerby, Dale Knight, lohn Lawrence, C,ollen Low, Harry Grandville McCarty, lfllendell Mclntire, Lonnie A Mclkflains, Landie f Milke, Henry Moore, Marvin X X Morgan, Davidx ' Neal, Harry Nelson, Albert Bussy Qgden, Ralph Parr, Charles Patrick, Bob Pirtle, lap Prichard, Hoyal U Quinn, loe 1' 9' Reagan, Karl ,I Rrged, Gordon Reston, Melvin li. Rogers, Bruce Roller, Edward Shelby, Clarence Simmons, Billy Skelton, Ben Sorenson, Rodney Stultz, Snyder Thompson, Billy Glorr Vaughan, lames Wade, George Walker, Raymond Vllangleer, George Vfanner, Charles Vfarner, Frank Henry West, lack Vllhite, Howard 'Williams, Edward Williams, Horace Williams, Wyvel Vllyatt, limrny Yeager, Carl 7 4 f F 0 . ' va N..4"".44424'4-'Il Q4 v.,-mlb-"' 1. meters: is -W ir, ,w I h?z5um3K Yfwilill l ! . s K Adams, Virginia Alford, Mary lo Arrington, Billy Merle Attelaerry, lo Ellen Baker, Martha Ann Bell, Dorothy Dee Benda, D'Maris Bennett, Dorothy Binion, Wanda Blessing, Marjorie Carl on, Em y tewart s . ary Louise ' L Dorothy Coleman, Christine Conrad, Frances Januar '4 1 Crouch, Dorothy Dickson, Dorothy Edmondson, Frances Elarn, luanita Emery, Louise Gaither, Grace Glover, Betty lane Gray, Mary Harris, lrene Henry, Dorc.t'iy Mae Hickman, Grcce Hill, Betty lo Hill, Peggy lean Ilolbort, Doris Houser, Bennie Iarnieson, LaVerne lohnson, Margaret Keller, Sybil Kern, Marian Lawson, Bose Loomis, Nellie Iayne McClung, Helen Marshall, Cordelia Newton, Mildred Owen, Virginia Perry, Mabel Grace Pickens, Helen Plunilee, Dorothy Polk, Dorothy Pope, lewel Poulsen, Patricia G Reynolds, Suzanne Gladys Rippetoe, loyce Earline Roundtree, Mary Ruth Schiefter, Gussie lo Sinclair, Amy Ray Suttle, Bonnie Taylor, Bohette Walker, Mildred Vtfhite, Guennell Vfilliams, Betty if i , rx ss I A ..5 V rx Yflvglya xlvl vw 'er if ' ' ,C , . ' , VL" ., W ,xx f P MJ I ,vm ,Y J Q Ze .lv , pf- A f-.K rf CLASS OFFICERS Spring President Raymond Walker Vice-President Bill Adin Secretary Bobetie Taylor Page Forly-nine W5 X' 3 - ., ir . I jf I I 1 .1 4 , , , Y 1 .. , . ' I 4 , ' a , ' y . . s , r . lx LJ 1 A r 5 A mm., . if-ff CLASS OFFICERS Full Pi esident Bill Deaver Vice President lames Denton Secretary Io Ann Blaine Page Fifly-iwo 1 Allen, lack I, f"' ,fj Allen, Ted Anderson, Charles Anderson, lames Archer, Virgil Austin, Harold Avrea, Carl ff I -1. If 1 June 41 it V+." Everett, Billy Fagan, C, A. Farris, Bob Frazier, Boyd Frazier, Hoyt Fultner, Gene Gentry, Paul I 1 ' Baker, Robert GoOdwiIJ.,,FClU1 Barnett, Vernon Beesley, Vernon Bobo, Otis Brackeen, Vernon Brown, Kenneth Buckley, Stewart Byers, Raymond Campbell, William Carlisle, Robert Carroll, Charles Chalkley, Francis Clawson, Bob Cochran, L. D. Commons, Milton Craig, Bert Crockett, Iames Davis, I. E. Deaver, Bill Denton, lames Dodge, Charles Duncan, Richard Dunn, lack Eades, B. G. Easley, Raymond Edmondson, 'William Graham, Max .M Green, Daniel ,A Gross, B. E. A Haake, Wallace Hackler, Taswell Hanson, Walter Haynes, Lem . Henderson, Ia 7 fa 1 t,,1 if 'I J 5 J Lippincott, Don Luttrell, Dale McChesney, Iames McClain, lule Dean McClintock, Iames McManus, William McNabb, Alvin Maidow, loe- Mayabb, Charles Meredith, Norman Merjanian, Paul Sallis, Fred Sawyer, Vfyatt ford Shaw, Odis Skelton, Marvin Le Smith, Bertram Smith, Robert Snead, Ramon Steward, Lowery Stubbs, Virgil Michael, Lois RaymondTabor, Stanley Moore, A, l. Morgan, Ernest Morgan, H. l. Norvel, Eugene N Henderson, Odom, Ralph Herman, Har X3 Herring, Fred Q' Hill, Homer ' J Hillin, Samuel Hocker, Claude Houston, Stanley I Howard, Guy Ivy, David lohnson, W. A. Tones, Glen Tones, Harold Keener, David If Kinkel, F. Dan Lanza, Nick Lewis, Lawrence . i Vi. 't I'. uf ty' O'Rourke, Frank G"Rourke, Iohri Palmer, Howard Patterson, Wayne Payne, Clark Penn, larnes 1 Procter, Charles 1 R Reed, limmie Reeves, Stewart Richards, Albert Roberts, Raymond Robins, Lester Robinson, Iohn Russell, Lloyd Sabatoni, Raymond Terrell, Weldon Thompson, Charles Thompson, George Patrick Thorton, B. H. Truly, Robert Turner, Richard Ueckert, Lee Vaughan, A. C. Wall, Dan Delbert Webb, Keith Q Wessels, Dean Howe al Wetzel, Wilbur White, William Williams Nev Wilson, Charles Windsor, Norman Winters, Edwin Vtforderi, Eddy Ray Young, lim p-rx-f g ,..... we it' C ' 'cg- 'Q Sellers, Tommy Ivlignff Surhmy, Us!-fry , Z Adams, Bessie Bea Adkisson, Lila Albin, Sadie Amis, lane Lee Amundsen, lean , Anderson, Mary Archer, Viroinia Arrant, Fae Bailey, Amonette Balch, Anne Baltzeaar, Marian Baxter, loye Beasley, Frances Bell, Ea1'i'xe Bell, Lois Black, loanne Blaine, loo Anne Blanton, Nadine Boatman, Edna Boatman, Ruth I Boland, Doris Brown, Betty Byrd Bryant, lnanita Burqe, Betty' Ccmpbell, Dora, Carlton, fuanita' Cason, Gwendolyn Caudle, Tommie Clark, Barbara Ann Clark, Dorothy Clitt, Mary Beth Coleman, Virginia Collier, Hazel Collis, Norma Combs, Ann Congleton, Elise Cook, Doris XVI J. j U I L, - 4 Cook, Mary Cooke, Dorothy Cooper, Maxine Crutoher, Oneita Daniel, Sarah Dix Maxine 'X l June '41 B I Holcomb, Bonnie Howell, lune l-lodains, Mary Bess Hutt, Virginia li ttines Alnita 1-Pillse X-HECIG f wtf P ' , I , Dobbins, Pi'ances"""J:ln I rn, att! Drees, Pauline M Duncan, Beona U lX7?er, Vir ' 1 larra orcthy Meredith, lean Miller, Mozelle Moneyhurn, Veoma Lois ' Moore, Bogie Ann Napier, Thelma Nelson, Loretta Catherine Nichols, Phyllis Elaine Onstott, Mary Easley, Ecrline ,J inqs, Daryl Eason, Sara lim lzhnson, Velma Anita Eastham,Mary lones, loanna Ellison, Viva Elmore, Doris Emmons, Betty lane Ethridae, Harvejo Fleemon, Fletcher, lonnnie fMao Fooshe, Iano Fowleg, Frances Fullcerson, Margaret Garner, Nina Ruth Green, Carol Ann Gresham, Dorothy Griiiith, lune Grissoiii, Evelyn Gual, Marjorie Hamblen, Verene Hamilton, lean Hare, Helen Harralson, Marie Hearn, Marie Hibbits, Sara Hill, Tannyo Margaret lones, Margie Keller, Elizabeth ' Kemp, Doris Kerbou, Sibbie Nell King, Doris , Kirby, Elizabeth Kirkland, Mary Lemons, Vee Lynnl Leslie, Berta Lewis, Viola Loitice, Nellie N Long, Mary layne Lowe, Dorothy Lowe, Marjorie Lumpkin, Dorothy Luckiec Wilma lean Lumpkin, Norma McCorkle, Vt7yanetta McFarland, Martha McHenry, Frances McLauren, lcn McPeek, Norma Martens, Betty lo Hodaensy' Mary .LouiseMartin, Dorothy Hzaan, Ola Mae Martin, Ruth I ' rf J ,af , ,, f-ca' ,L Osborn, Doris Paden, Helen Grace Parker, Catherine Pearson, Marinell Peterson, loan Pettiarew, Lorene Pierce, Helen Poole, Dorothy Potak, Annie lo Powell, Maurine Banit, Marquta Pxeichstetter, Lucy Ann Rhodes, Rosemary Richardson, Sally Pat Robnett, Mary Flo Rollandin, Virginia Io Boss, Ruby Lorraine Sanford, Ethel Marie Sanford, i Mary Kathryn' Saunders, Louise Schultz, Marv' Q Scottinoy lfu Shdwf Kath een Shiellds, Mary I i f' Smith, Dorothy Smith, Frances Smith, Marcile Smith, Roberta Solomon, Ruth Southern, Mary Ezine!! Spangler, Helen '. V Spoonomore, Eula Siallina s, luanita Stepp, lohn Henry Sullivan, Mary -Louise Nell 'vu Suttle, Martha Tardio, Sarah 4 Tardio, Lena Tate, Vada ' - Tennison, Marjorie Thomas, lune Tolbert, lune Travis, Dorothy Nell Turner, Mary Alice Vauahn, Mary Alice Vermillion, Elizabeth W'aqaoner, Frances Waaner, Lydia Walker, Marie Walther, Katie. Warriclc,, Louise Wester, Frances Wheeler, Bethstine White, Aylene White, lulia White, Lu Von Woodell, Bettijo Woods, Dixie Young, ludy 1 , grid iff ' A., lily!" ffl fr J A gf I F .v I Efilxi t'L K 'x , Q, -. x. ,A- Y . P X H I v V 'F d CLASS orrxcsns Spring President Raymond Roberts Vice President Hazel Collier Secretary Thelma Napier 2 ,X , r .' f , 1 , 4 V 1 , Page Fifty-three 7 4. :, , , d- CL ASS OFFICERS Full President Harold Luper Vice-President Rawlings Diamond Secretary Amelia Cristol Page liifly-four Adams, Roy Lee Adams, W. H. Akin, Ray Amos, Richard Ashford, K. T. Attebury, Wilson Babb, Herbert Berry, Donald Booth, Robert Bowles, Tommy Bracke, Paul Britton, lohn Bryan, l. M. Burris, Bill Butcher, Bill Carroll, Clay Von Carter, Bill Chanslor, lohn Childers, Conway Coats, Weldon Coleman, Tommy Collins, Earl Cook, Bennie Cook, Willie Cowing, Harry Cox, NVayne Crouch, A. l. Daniel, Sammie Earl Davenport, Hal January '41 Davis, lames Everett Dees, David Diamond, Rawlings Dunlap, Clitiord Dunham, Lloyd Finley, Carl Ford, Frank Taylor Gibbons, lames Gibbs, Frank Gregory, William Harrelson, Robert Hayes, lohnny Hearne, Herbert Heaton, Leon Hogue, Bradley Holcomb, Harold Hughes, Robert Humphreys, Ewell lenkins, George Jennings, William lohnson, Robert Kock, Phil Latimer, larrel Little, William Lloyd, Elgin Lockard, Raymond Loclcett, lack Longley, George Lowry, Eugene Lozano, lesse Lucas, William Luper, Harold McCarley, Harry McClure, Don Mackey, lack Marco, Virgil Martin, S. W. Mathis, Melwyn Mays, Billy Merrifield, lack Miller, Roy Moore, Charles Oliver, Herman Osborne, jchn Packer, Gilbert Pasino, Frank Patterson, Beverly Patterson, Bob Pond, Douglas Primm, Billy Qualls, Forrest Rawlings, lohn Harvey Reagan, lames Reese, Eugene Reynolds, Roy Y 'i Lee is Richardson, Dick Risingei, billy Robberson, Rudolph Roberts, Billy Robertson, lim Schulz, Carl Shelton, Billy Smith, lohis Leslie South, Charles Stephens, L. I. Stevenson, Robert Stice, Herbert Stultz, VV'ilson Sturdivant, Gordon Surratt, William Clyde Sympson, Lee Roy Thomas, Marlin Timpa, Felix Tucker, George Waits, Oliver Lee Wallace, lames Walters, Ralph Alvin Vxlhite, William Thomas Whitley, Vaden Wiley, Arthur Preston Wiley, Iames Edward Wolf, Gene Akers, Viriginia Andrews, Louise Avard, Collece Binion, Mary Alice Blackburn, Betty lean Blackwell, Betty Bonnett, Helen Brannon, Vera Faye Bryan, Eddlean Bullard, Martha lean Cristol, Amelia Crouch, Frances Cummings, Anna lo Dahlgren, Christine Dalton, Vtfanda Davis, Muriel Dial, Catherine Drain, Dorothy Drake, leanne Dune, lrene Ely, Marion Etheridge, Peggy Ferguson, Marjorie Folse, Peggy Foster, Betty lgne January '41 Gainer, Venus Graves, Dorothy Gallegher, Barbara Hamilton, Marjorie Harmon, Virginia Hatfield, Dorothy Hay, Grace lune Hill, Peggy Hilton, Earline Hollander, Marion Hunter, Mamie Belle lensen, Nelsie lolly, Gwen lordan, Dorothy Kimery, Iosephine Klernpin, Essalita Kneareni, Betty Leach, Ieane Lemon, Dorothy lean Lewis, Frances Lowe, lanie Lowe, LaVerne Lczano, Mary McMullen, Margaret Merchant, Marmarita Midkiff, Pauline Millholland, Sherry Miller, leanne Mitchell, Frances Mitchell, Katherine Moreau, leanne Nelson, Iulia Newton, Earline Shook, Bobbie Thelma Smothermon, Dottie Sparks, Iacquelyn Sunners, Geraldine Sutton, Nancy C. Swofford, lewel Teasley, Eva Mae Thompson, Zana Thompson, Theresa Nickson, Selma LouiseTibbetts, Mary Dale Parker, loena Parsons, Cora Peterson, Audry Pettijohn, Anna luana Pogue, Kathryn Ragland, Gloria Render, Marjorie Biddle, Lillian Bing, Marie Schimelfenig, Louise Scudder, Bonnie See, Barbara Shelby, Helen QI, 'I Tibbs, Iosephine Truly, Robbie lean Van Dyke, Winno Gene Vernon, Earline Walden, Ada White, Dorothy Whitlock, Nettie Earl Williams, Hertha Wolff, Gwendolyn Wood, Marjorie Worden, Dollie Wright, Eula Mae Young, Sadie Mae 1 I 4 , .. fo. , . f 6- Q. . If N B t CLASS OFFICERS Spring President Raymond Lockard Vice-President Kathryn Pogue Secretary Gwendolyn Wolff Page Fifly-five ml.. sag, 1 sg i ,Yr '15 Ci ls 2 1 3 K 1 Ig? F' fy 9 ,vga A 2 1, -f v vj 1 .........., ,.if:g,i1am5i'f,,sg,4Q V I . W. I U ft!! f O' 'if 'H CLASS OFFICERS Fall President Bob Ramsey Vice-President Annalee Warren Secretary Dorothy Iune Winters Page Iiiflyeeiglrt Adkisson, VV. C. Allen, Marvin Alverson, Clayton Ardinger, Horace Arnett, G, C. Austin, Charles Baker, Roy Barnes, Ralph Bass, Albert Bendrat, R. V. Billert, Robert Bingham, Bill Birdsong, Iackie Babbitt, Dick Bond, A. D. Bowling, Ray Calvert, Iames Chandler, Troy Clary, Curtis Clyce, Wallace Coe, William Canine, Ernest Cowan, Kenneth Cunningham, W. L. Daniel, Charles Davis, Bob Davis, Hugh Frank Degenhart, Marvin Dodd, Cranston Drake, Iohn Dulworth, I. D, Duncan, Benny Duncan, Iames Russell Elphingstone, Iack Everts, Mack Fagala, Everett Fain, M. N. Falso, Mack Felts, Iames ljlippln, Kay Freeland, INayno Froese, Felix Frost, Morris Fultner, Philip Gallasero, Charles Garriott, George Gault, Carter Gentry, Robert Gibson, Bill Gibson, Carl Gibson, George Gillock, Gilmer, Gomez, William Gordon, Iack Gray, Bob Green, Melvin Gregory, Carl Guest, Gordcn Hamilton, Ernest Hart, Iack 9 June 41 House, Samuel Edgar Humphrey, Frank Humphrey, lsaac Humphrey, Earl Hunley, Collin Iohnson, Lloyd Iohnson, Wayne Iones, Kenneth Lloyd Iones, Paul Iones, Roy Edwin Keel, Iames Keener, Herschel Malone, Edwin Manton, Thomas Massey, Alvin Medley, Lesley Melugin, Clarence Routh Morgan, Charles Morrison, Wilburn Muchmore, Robert Charles Murphy, Iim Murphy, 'Pat Kelly, George Edward Neff, Paul Kerr, Vernon Kershaw, B. M. LaPlant, Raymond Lassetter, Frank Iames Wiley Layden, Boby Charles Yater Layne, Leon Ledtord, Ernest Lee, Iimmie Lee, Robert Lettwich, Lewis Leird, Bill Lester, Iames Cecil Lewis, Charles Anton Lewis, Verlan Hart, Sealy Hutchings Lindsay, Dewie Hatcher, Dick Henriksen, Harry Henson, Ralph Hilton, Lee Hines, W'ayne Lipe, Eugene Lowe, Kenneth lVfcCroskey, Iack McKay, Harold McKee, Francis Hollabough, Hendrix McMahan, Holland, Iohn George Luther Neighbors, Iames Harold Nelson, Robert Newby, William Northcutt, Charles Nowlin, Wanz Payne, David Pediiord, Iack Potthott, Bill Powel, Earnest lra Pratley, Leo Richard Rambo, Doyle Ramsey, Bob Ray, Tom Brooks Rhodes, Cecil Iohn Richardson, Walter Robinson, bill Rockett, Iames Henry Rogers, Iohnnie Rozenburg, Paul I. Sams, Gttie Lee Satterwhite, Bill Saunders, Morsey Schmidt, Wallace Schoen, Ernest Seguin, I. E. Sheiiield, Iames Simmons, Kenneth Sissel, Thomas Spray, Norman E. Stewart, Larry Strawn, Dewitt Stubbleiield, Allen Teubner, Edwin Thaxton, Bob Thomas, Charles Townsend, Kenton Trapp, Albert Truly, Richard Utt, Ted Walls, David Walters, Ir., I. C. Warren, Albert Wasson, Robert Watson, Reese Vtfeatherall, Ben M. Westertield, Iohn Whitaker, Pat Whitlock, Cleo Williams, Oliver Wilmoth, R. C. Wilson, K. Vxfilson, Wailand Winblood, Iaclc Worden, Ioe Yarborough, Alfred Zueteldt, Richard png. . M. W. as f - .Elf . QB! mia 33 QQFKEQSW F"-fa:'?'f Adams, Frances Aiton, Helen Alexander, LaVonne Alldredge, Doris Allen, lacquelyn Avrea, Ouida Ruth Baggett, Katherine Baker, Drucilla Baker, Verna Ballard, Norma lean s'-' N Darwin, Patricia Davis, Ora lean Davis, Vivian Delaney, lean Dickerson, Io Frances Dickson, Martha Dilleshaw, Margaret Duncan, Louise Dunn, Dorothy Durand, leanette Barnett, Frances Alma Eddlernon, Billie lvl. Beasley, Evelyn Bickley, Mary Virginia Binkley, Violet Blair, Mary Frances Blalock, Nelouise Bonner, Norma Bowers, Iohnnie Ruth Bowley, Peggy Brown, lune Buck, Charlene Calvin, Donna lean Carrell, Mary Lou Chambers, Ann Childress, Beatrice Louise Chrisman, Ardry Coates, Mary Dean Collum, Ettie Cone, Edith Coop, Anna Louise Couch, Io Marie Crokett, Mary Dolores Cruse, Rosalyn Darr, Margaret Ann Edgar, Catherine Ellis, Iohnnie Ellis, Ruth Eubank, Dorothy Evans, Elizabeth Ewing, Dorothy Foster, Clara Eva Ford, Margaret Forsythe, Thelrna Frazier, Celeste Frederick, Dorothy L. Fuller, Velma lo Garrett, lo Ruth Gentry, Ellen Ruth George, Doris LaVerne Gillette, Ellen Gleason, Lillian Godwin, Alice Gomez, Lupe Goode, Fae Graham, Betty Hair, Ora Lee Hamilton, Peggy Hardin, Katherine J unc '41 Harding, Dorothy Harris, Alyce Ruth Hatfield, lacqueline Hathaway, Nadine Haydon, Doris lean Hays, Peggy V. Hoffman, Mary Hood, Norma lean Horton, Barbara Hostler, Donella Hutchins, Dorothy israel, lettie lvy, Winitred jolly, Thelma lo tones Betty Ann Jones, Billie lean Jones, Charlene To es Patsy Ruth Keillam, Dorothy G. Kiniberlin, Mary Ellen King, Elizabeth Drayer, loan Leatherwood, Mary West Lee, Mary Evelyn Lewis, Florence Lewis, Martha Ann Littlepage, Geneva Lcchridge, Theresa Longley, Alice Looney, Charlene McClenahan, lean McCraw, Dorothy McCree, Frances Mclntire, Aline Mclieen, Doris McSpadden, VVanda Martin, Helen Martin, Arlene Mays, Ruth Mayes, Iulia Miller, Ethel Mae Moore, Ruby Nell Neal, Betty Norris, Regena North, Iuanita Parton, Ieraline Patterson, Patty Peterson, Betty Petty, Dorothy Pichtord, Rae Prather, Mary Price, Eleanor Prichard, Gwendolyn Reno, Naomi Ruth Reston, Malvanee Rice, Mary Lloys Richardson, Betty Richardson, Omega Robinson, Margaret Rooker, Hilder Rorie, Doris Seal, lune Shutiield, Bertie Silvus, Ellen Srnith, Daisy Dean Smith, LaVerelle Space, Mary Elaine Sparham, Mildred Stanley, luanita Sterritt, Betty Clive Stewart, Mickie Stone, Billie Charles Stcry, Betty Stubbletield, luanita Sullivan, Mary Sue Summers, Dorothy Sutton, Grace Tate, luanita Taylor, Betty Terry, Billie lean Tucker, Betty lane Tucker, Evelyn Turner, Virgie Mae Marnie Ruth Turner, Wacker, lune Walker, LaVerne Wall, LaVerne Wallace, Ethelyn Wallace, Frances Vtfarren, Annalee Watson, Frances Welch, Margaret White, Elma Whitley, Mai tha Wilder, Marzell W'ilder, Peggy Williams, Patsy Wilson, Betty Wilson, Mary Gene Wilson, Mary Frances Vfinn, Lillian Woodruff, Clara Nell Yates, Mildred Ye-argan, Eleanor Young, Alice lean JKQLQEEE ' QWEWBHBI Q A f A , s , ,,f , ,. if f , df JW CLASS OFFICERS Spring President Cranston Dodd Vice-President Bob Ramsey Secretary Alyce Ruth Harris Page Fifly-nine Mgiff -' ll CLASS OFFICERS Fall President DC n Howkins Vice-President Arthur Seorncrns Seci etfrry Dorothy Dobbs Page Sixty H Ill Abbott, lorries Allen, Bill Allen, C, l. Allen, Ice Henry Anderson, Thomfrs Askins, Dewey Beord, T. K. Benqe, Tornrny Berry, Zcck Betts, David Bioqs, Vfillium Rohondn, Clorence Boyls, A. l. Brozolton, Everett Cldy Britt, lohn Brown, Iohn Buehrle, Clfvyton Dole Collowoy, Chcrrles Chcrrribers, Robert Chandler, Henry Clark, Robert Clounch, lolin Cooke, Iohn Copher, Allen Creel, Iohnny Bob Crow, Eorl Crow, lorries Crow, Izrmes Ruscell Crurnbie, Watson January ,43 Dofily, Putrick Denton, Allen Denton, Woyrie Doudney, Chorles England, Wesley Epps, Turner Esry, Vtfczlter Everts, Mock Ezell, Felix Fdwks, Milburn Fuzdkerly, Arthur Ford, Ted l Puller, Iorries Gcrrretson, Howard Homrn, C. O. Horris, I, T. Howkins, Don Hdys, Donuld Hill, Richard Hollyiield, Neal Humphrey, loseph Ivie, lesse Stephen lohnson, Donmlfl Kee, Chorles Kirsch, Prank Kroyer, lee Lcnqston, Zoch Leach, Chorles Lively, Billy Locke, Iomes Luck, lohn Colby McDeurmont, Chorles McGee, L. D. McKee, Howard D. Morcorn, Cloud Medley, Bill Moore, Herbert Mullon, Russel Nonce, Douqlos Oqlesbey, George Poyne, Horold Lloyd Pettijohn, Bob Phillips, Buford Phillips, Roy Pittmcrn, Dole Pollock, Charles Poul Price, Eorl Pulliorn, lfrrnie Quinn, Bob Rochels, lohnny Rondlett, Roymond Reddy, Albert Reynolds, lorries Robinson, Hormcn Robinscn, Iohnnie Rockett, Billy Rodgers, Cliltord Sonders, Lloyd Seornons, Arthur Senter, Ice Short, Bobby Smith, I. P. Spicer, George Stocy, Dollom Stolcup, Herbert Stolcup, lrrmes Edward Stork, Colvin Stcrrnes, Floyd St. Cldir, Mortin Stewort, Duone Still, loe Talbott, limrny Teosley, Idmes Edocrr Thornpson, lohn Treodwell, lock Tubre, Vtfilired Vdvro, lorries Volentine, Bert Worde, Louis Word, Morris Vxfothen, Euqene 'Whole, lock Vfhite, lim Wltitley, Herrnun Vtlilson, Eugene Wilson, Williorn Eorl Woolevers, Raymond Yottes, Dick "'-it l t 1 t m a H n"Nrr' 'i""""Y no Bit E' - . M8 - 'N 3352? X ..iV fel, 'Yjgl LQ, :- QVAQHEHH Aycock, Edith Baldwin, Peqqy Beaty, Bdith Berry, Mimi Bishop, Maaadaline Blalock, Elna Bonnett, Bettye Boyd, Cortaza Brooks, Kathleen Brown, Bonnie Lou Brown, DorothY lean Brown, loyce Bundrick, Mary Calvin, Hazel Pauline Cameron, loyce Carter, Harriet Cason, Lauretta Chatelfrin, Zoe Ann Christie, Lola Clark, Frankie Cleveland, Martha lane Coker, Betty lane Cook, Lula Mae Cowan, Norma Cravens, Sue Crook, Patsy Bae Crouch, Betty tune Cunningham, Bernice iii Ili Ill January ,43 Dablas, Dorothy Dowd, Ruby Duncan, Madeline Dunn, Peaay Sue Durham, Paula Fae Elkins, Emma lean Enzensperaer, Mabel Pain, lune Flint, Minnie Fortune, Jarvis Ann Gallaspie, Clara Gallatin, Eva Gardner, Wanda Garrett, Dorothy Gillette, Mary Ann Hardaae, Dorothy Harris, Marjorie Hays, Bettye Howser, Doris Hunley, Helen Louise Hunter, Billie Anne Iackson, Lennie lohnson, Ieannette Iohnston, Julia lones, Norma Keane, lean Kimberly, Louise Kina, Carlyene King, Nancy Alice ...,-Q f,..,,,,,g:,f ,,., .. stag.. f ,r.. W .,r, ,. ,, S ' f hal 5:1115 df 3635553 Layton, Dorothy Lee, lane Leslie, Mildred Linscott, leanne McCullum, Iuanita McCauley, Marjorie McChesney, Mitzi lXlcClenahan, Mary McCullough, Willie Lee Matheson, Elizabeth Melvin, Mary Helen Moore, Betty Moore, Mozelle Paris, Bernice Parsons, Lois Payne, Dorna Pledqe, Patsy Pool, Vera Dean Porter, Nell Ruth Pritchett, Doris Rainwater, Mary Louise Rasor, Xerrna Bindy, Beverly Bisinqer, Margaret Roberts, Beverly Bobinson, Lona Mae Sanders, Constance Scott, Martha Shacldox, Ruby Shipley, Nina Smith, Bettie Smyers, lmoqene Snyder, Edna Ruth Standridqe, Taletha Starnes, luanita Stokey, Doris Surley, Martha Irma Sypert, Bobbie lean Tanner, Billie Marie Tennison, Betty lo Thompson, Janice Tipps, Sarah Todd, Marilyn Waddle, Ava lane Nifhiteside, Frances Iuanita Vlfhittinqton, Betty lo Wilbasxks, Gwendolyn Wilkins, Mary Buth Vtfilliams, Hester Willis, Dorothy Anna Wilson, Annette Mildred Winter, Dorothy tune Wolford, Betty lo Yeager, Maxine CLASS OFFICERS Spring President Arthur Seamans Vice-President Nell Ruth Parten Secretary Don Hawkins Page Sixty-one ' 1 1 r F 4 , , , , W, 1: wwf y It cl - .,. :.. 91 VA E? Q.: .f I- . Q - If I 1,11 .i . , M ' ' J", .'f'f:'fi'f..E k , -.. ' - H ' ' ! Mitchell, lulian CLASS OFFICERS F all President Pattie Underwood Vice-President Dorrace White Secretary Thomas Little Page Sixty-four X .. 'fl X t X Allen, Bill Allen, Edwin Allen, Eugene Allen, Walter Avery, Richard Baker, Ira Willis Barnard, Ernest Barr, Ralph A. Beesley, Earl Blair, Raymond Bledsoe, Porter Lee Bcedecker, Allen Bowman, Edward Britton, Lesley Brown, Eugene Bryant, Gerald Caldwell, Raytord Campbell, Lester Cash, Leon Christopher, loe Clark, Earl Coats, Gene Coats Norman Cook, Harold Roy Cooper, 'William Crawford, Dwaine Cullum, lohn Currey, Donald Cutter, Bill Dalton, Billy lack Dargan, lohn Davis, Walter Dibrell, George J unc '43 Elder, Fred Ellis, George Elsner, lean Fletcher, Billy Grabbe, Phil Gray, George Gregory, Robert Henson, Sidney Harris Byron Davis Harris, George Havens, Earl Hillin, Charles Hollabaugh, George Holt, Clitiord Honoycutt, Edwin Horn, Oin Hughes, Buster lnnis, Willard lameson, Davifl lordan, Cletus Karr, Tommy Huey Kelly, Robert Knox, Thomas letlerson Lawson, Thomas Lee, Ted Lemons, Charles Leslie, Frank Little, Thomas Lockridge, Lee Lockridge, Cecil Lott, lixnmy McCarter, Casey McClintock, Eugene McGrew, lames Mahaney, Charles Martin, George Minnick, Bob Charles Mitchell, Ollie Moore, lack Moore, lames Moore, Morrill Morgan, Bonar Morgan, Thomas Nelson, Ralph Nelson, Roy Newman, Fred Nolen, Billie Oden, Wintord Paden, lirn Palmer, lack Patterson, Gene Pirtle, Willard Pogue, Kenneth Posey, Charles Posey, Loyd Poulsen, lrving Procter, Foster Ratcliti, Vernon Reynolds, Kenneth Richardson, Hall Richburg, Roy Ridley, Philip Robertson, Elgin Rogers, Donald Ross, Eugene Sabatoni, Ben Sabo, David Sallis, Milton Salmon, loe Scarborough, Billy Schell, William Schmidt, Nolan Sellers, Tommy Short, Warren Simmons, limmie Slater, lack Smith, Billy Snow, Richard Sparks, Thomas Stanford, Holt Stephenson, Billy Lyons Thomas, Billy Toogood, Durbin Tunnell, l. W. Walker, lerry 'W'alraven, lohn Edward Webb, Herbert Whiddon, lohn White, Richard Whitehurst, lack Whittlesey, Frank Williams, Lester Wright, Kenneth Wyche, Hubert Yarborough, Barkley Yee, Moon lim 'Win as vii: ps:-asus: 'GSK an ia Risers!! 'fr ' Filll Adams, Ann Allen, Betty Ioyce Anderson, Betty Anderson, Betty Anderson, Bobby Anderson, Edwina Asburn, lean Atterberry, Betty Aubrey, Mary lane Ball, Dorothy Baugus, Iuanita Bentley, Buthel Billert, Lois Bills, Ethel Mae Blaine, Dorothy Bloodworth, Bettye S Boyd, Marjorie Boyles, Betty A. Brooks, Erma Lee Broughton, Hazel Bryan, Peggy lo Bryant, Evelynne Burdine, Edna Bhea Canfield, Marguerite Carrell, Bernie Cecil, Mary Lynn Chambers, Betty Coats, Glennes Cochran, lane Collier, Edith Commons, Iewel Cox, Helen Louise L19 Craig, Mario Craig, Marianne Crossland, Loreno Davis, Carolyn Delaney, Peggy Densmore, Buth Doudney, Clara Lee Doyle, Patricia Duff, Gwendolyn Dyer, Gloria M. Eddy, Aliene Edmondson, Betty Emery, leanne Falkner, Patsy Ferguson, Kathryn Ferguson, Mildred Louise Fleeman, Doris Fleeman, Rebecca Fletcher, Zelda Gass, Geneva Golden, Dorothy Guy, Mary Helen Hagendoorn, Teddy Hall, Mary lane Harralson, Eva Lee Harris, Bettie Lou Hill, Elva Mae Hogan, Patsy Buth Horn, Floy Huddleston, Freda Huston, Sue J une '43 Iames, Dorothy Lee lohnson, Betty Iones, Betty Keel, Dorothy Kelleher, Delphine Kelly, LaVerne Kenneday, Stella Kerbow, Norita King, Christine Kirby, Dorothy Laman, Billie Sue Land, Irene Land, Nalta Lanza, Conjetti Laurent, Bobbie Law, Barbara Lemly, Carolyn Lenz, Norma lean Lewis, Sue Long, Floy Lou Looney, Betty lo Lowry, limmy Lou Lynch, Clara MacLachlan, Ieane McCorley, Naomi McGee, Betty lo Malone, Cornelia Mason, Frances Mason, Mary Matney, Treva lo Miller, Agness Miller, Betty lean Miller, Doris lean Miller, Evelyn Mitchell, Billie Moore, lane Morgan, Mary Alice Mullen, Gayle Murphy, Charlotte Murphy, Harriet Louise Napier, Virginia Odom, Elaine Price, Virgie Pruitt, Doris Bachels, Lois Ragland, Mary Bandall, Nancy Reese, Virginia Reynolds, Doris Bobnett, Ruth Boy, Mary Frances Sanders, Mary Sands, Catherine Savage, lmogene Schwedler, Genevieve Sears, Billie lean Seidmeyer, lean Sessions, Margie Shaddy, Sarah Ann Shamburger, Virginia Shelby, lane Sikes, Catherine Bay Silvery, Helen Simmons, Marcene Simpson, Margaret Sissel, Martha Smith, Rosalie Stock, LaVerne Straughn, Charlotte Thompson, Mary lo Thurman, Ann Tolbert, Marian Tomlinson, Billie lean Troutt, Evelyn Truly, Elizabeth Underwood, Patti Vaden, Edna Earle Voss, Doris Vxlalker, Inez Weatherby, Sara Carolyn Weatherby, Sara C. Vtfeatheriord, Doris Whiles, La Bue White, Anita lean White, Dorrace Wilder, lackie Williams, Kathleen Williams, lris lean Vtfoodard, Tommy Rutl Woods, Louise VVyatt, Doris York, Christine York, Marjorie Youno, Annie D. 1 HSN. vf vsi T ' .K G ,W .flik 1 -lil Q?FiEQEi Yfviilli sslrtis in ' 5555555 K ' :T W CLASS OFFICERS Spring President Mary lane Aubry Vice-President Bernie Carrell Secretary Holt Staniord Page Sixly-fire Adams, LeRoy Archer, Elroy Argadine, Robert Barnes, Billy Barnett, Gene Boatman, Billy Bradshaw, Herbert Brannon, William Brumit, Dewey Eugene Caldwell, Ben Lee Carney, Warren Chapman, Billy Cook, Graham Dickens, Dalton Echols, Holly Emery, lohn England, David Eubanks, Eddie Franklin, Richard Gaines, Charles Robert Gibbs, Freddie Griffin, Mark Haake, lack Hancock, George January ,44 Harris, Dalton Dwight Hill, Charles Holman, C. F. Hulen, Kennan Hunter, Tony lohnson, Charles Lary, Charles Leslie, Fred McKnight, Iohn McVay, Troy Marler, Frank.Alvin Matthews, Martin Mixon, Carl Morgan, Paul Myers, lohnny Noyd, Martin Oliver, Ioe Pope, lohn Hardie Redding, Iack Roberson, Iames Rumsey, Iames Russell, Wendell Self, Horace Smith, Lawrence Thurman, John A. Vick, M, N. Williams, Billy Wilson, Eldred Windsor, Cecil Wyche, Charley Young, lohn Anderson, Norma Bartlett, Barbara Baskett, Mary Lou Blanton, Norma Cleveland, Carrie Lee Cleveland, Wanda Daniel, Arlene Dawson, Madelaine Drain, Gwendolyn Fain, lvy Farr, lohdallia Faust, Mamie Ford, Billie lean Gann, Trilby Garland, Glenn Greathouse, Wanda Harmon, Florence Harrison, Marjorie Jensen, Gayle CLASS OFFICERS Spring President Iohn Young Secretary Maymie Faust v-'QSM Page Sixly-six as lohnson, Beth lohnson, Imogene lohnson, loyce lones, Annette Iulian, Opal King, Betty Claire Langley, Mary Lee Lansdon, Billie Ruth Lewis, Mary Frances Lollar, Carmen Martin, lnez Milne, Marjorie Mobley, Martha Nelson, Margaret Newlon, Roberta Nichols, Bettye Perry, Alice Sanders, Ioy Saunders, Charlotte Strong, Virginia Sutton, Berniece Vermillion, Ruth White, Eulali Ziegler, Alma fl K S IUIXI1, jf111r'X'111v C l'IllllLIlI zfmfnl W 1 Q Sw ww' maprx' Je- W C !CClllOl' M1111 QIIIS fjflcf IlIIl1l.5 C1ex!e1fe51' Sevxiof GW1 C1eveYe51' Semin! Boy 1 fizlfdj fjytdllllclll CIJAIVLI KJILJUII fjgunu 5+ Afourxd Sevxmmf 'Bay 'Bef ZXIIIBNJYXA Sevxim' Gif ,Q fur' . N J .2 Mr' is f f f Qfwrzx Clllfj Cjnfzmznf lffllllllx Uvxdefafcgg Eeckiy Uvwd.-av'a1a55 Fcvcwfzfe ffgwfzcffv ?7t1lj!fJI' Cfuvfc! P72211 QIex!er'ej4 !.3mdev'clc155 Gafl Clevefeg? UAAQVQIQSS 5 1 t , KJKUVLICK' IXXICIIIIS 71Z4lljjUl'It' ff3!0SHIlIg Afoxlyxd UWAEVCIGSS Boy B954 Afoxlnd Uvxdev'cla55 GMI Bert Manuscript Powmyf Thoughts of Man and Beast on Ff7Zg67"7'ZdiZ.Y Wayne Horn's winning essay, "Finger- nails," in the lnterscholastic League contest, proves that some like them short, some like them long, and even the jungle beast takes an interest in his nails. This was the winning essay in the school. The complete essay follows: FINGERNAILS lt seems to be the custom of the present species of human beings to adorn the tips of their several digits with a horn-like sub- stance, known collectively as fingernails. The purpose in this is quite puzzling, and al- though scientists seem to impress us with the idea of protecting the nerves upon the tips of our fingers, it is quite obvious that many timid ones are known as not to have any nerve. Regardless of this fact, these peo- ple also have fingernails. What, then, is the true mission of finger- nails? Perhaps that is one of the many in- terrogatory statements we mortals ask, yet we are not answered. lt is thus that, to satisfy our own gross queries, we produce our various conclusions. The human male is, as he believes, pun- ished by fingernails because of the ignoble actions of past fellows. One asks, "How is he punished?" Man has no peace in life, continually tormented by the duty of ampu- tating the ends of these annoying growths and extracting the amount of excess filth from beneath them. His is the sorry lot! The female animal of the human race is Page Seventy-four blessed with those pretty little coral shells. What a wonderful time she has preparing those dainty blossoms, in gay-expectation of some clumsy comment from her foolish mate. Toiling over her miniature Workbench, that is, the dresser, she carefully daubs a tiny brush and smears the nail with paint, making a grotesque upheaval of the dressery nevertheless, hers is the happy loti- Then we arrive at the manicurist. Day by day, she cleans and polishes. Cutting nails and cuticles, she lives from one day to the next in dread anticipation of having some uncouth male with greasy fingers apply to her for treatment. Yet there is the joyful ex- pectation of conversing, across the table, with some noted society matron. Ah, the manicurist's lot is a happier one, for finger- nails pay her. At last, we consider, not the human, but the beast. His fingernails are sometimes rudely regarded, by those with a species that he suffers greatly from such ridicule, but it was an act of providence that intended not for his ears such insults. The jungle inmates live blissfully unaware of the moronic beliefs of man. His life is filled with using his "claws" With them he lives. Tearing and scratching with his fingernails, he survives. Skillfully rending his portion of the kill from the vanquished, he nourishes himself. Poor man that knows not the way of the lower animals! Intelligent Carnivore, his is the happier lot! 1 X -t Journalism Department ,x ' A L.. r t x. lx IX .J Page Seventy-six " , ,, ...4. cv Business Managers Fall Orville Brown Spring Fred McBride Sponsor Miss Henrietta Eisenlohr The primary purpose of the high school paper is to reflect the activities oi the students, lt strives to cover all important happenings and in that way acquaint everyone with the resources of the school. lt hopes to arouse interest in school projects, such as assemblies, senior plays, and contests oi all kinds. Through its humor columns and its features the school paper serves as an entertainer of the U student readers. Banker, Martha Ann Bankhead, Homer Bearden, Bob Bender, Adeline Bennett, Dorothy Benion, Wcrnda Bowles, Charles Brown, losepl Burt, lea Bush, y Katherine r am , Erna Mae el, Mary , Helen Cecil, Bernice Chapman, Geren Coates, Anna Marie Collett, Luke Coleman, Frances Collier, Carroll Couch, Stella Croit, Torbett Craven, Winiield Crouch, Dorothy Dillard, Pat Dorsett, Roselyn Durham, Burt Eason, Prentiss Emmons, Martha lane Evans, Forrest Everett, Elise Few, Edward Flowers, Dorothy Mae Gash, Minnie Faye MEMBERS Gault, Duncan Gillen, Kathelene Gray, lack Green, Peggy Green, Harry Guy, Hillary Hare, Virginia Harris, Bobbie Harris, lack Harris, Irene Havens, Marjorie Hawkins, Dorothy Henry, Dorothy Hill, Raymond Hine, Virginia Halbert, Doris Holt, Margie lameson, Mary Lou Kern, Marian Keller, Sibyl Koch, Betty Sue Lawrence, Olin Leach, Lillie Loomis, Nellie lane Marshall, Cordelia McBride, Fred McCullough, Ruth Merritt, Dorothy Metzger, Charles Mullen, Fayne Murrell, Virginia Neal, Harry Newton, Mildred O'Bryan, Latrell Ogden, Ralph Osborn, Ruth Patterson, Doris Parr, Charles Pickens, Helen Pooley, Mary Powers, Margaret Rambo, Mary Ramsey, Dorothy Reams, Dorothy Reston, Ray X . Reynolds, Suzanne Roberson, James Robertson, Wayne Rippetoe, Earline Scudder, Christine Simms, lack Sinclair, Amy Smith, Dorothy Smither, Betty Sorenson, Rodney Starling, Frances Stevens, Virginia Summers, Tommye Switzer, George Talent, Margaret Taylor, Bobette Templeton, Mary lean Tennison, Ross Teubner, Ray Thurman, Dorothy Lee Tiner, Erma Wade, George Warner, Hiram Wilder, Truman Williams, Frances Pen Pal Club A OFFICERS Fall and Spring President Lena Tardio Carol Ann Green Vice-President Grace Rice Mary lane McLeod Secretary Nellie Louise Lottice Louise Schimelfeniq Sponsors Mrs. Helen Horn Miss Nellie Bly Lanktord PEN PAL CLUB The chief aim oi the Pen Pal Club is to develop the talent tor writing which is found in most of its members. The Pen Pal Club, a creative writina club, is ' open to all students from lBs to 4As. The only requirement is that each member hand in every term at least one written composition consistina ot an essay, a short story, ,Q a short play or other types ot literature. t, W Q. 'f MEMBERS Rmb' Baker, Verna Connolly, Sarah Ward Day, Billie Katherine Fortune, larvis Ann Green, Carol Ann Grifteth, lune Hunter, Mamie Bell lenson, Nelsie Kirwan, lohanna Lottice, Nellie Louise Lowe, lanie Lowe, LaVerne Lozano, Mary McLeod, Mary lane McPeek, Norma Moreau, leanne Moraan, Mary Alice Poque, Kathryn Parker, Ann Rhodes, Rosemary Bice, Grace Schimeltenia, Louise Spangler, Helen Tardio, Lena Tardio, Sarah Templeton, Margaret Thompson, Theresa Vermillion, Elizabeth Watson, Mary Bell v l l Page Se1'w1ly-sereu National Honor Society X y . F ka Ji, . a ff Page Se1'er1ty-eiglai ' OFFICERS F4111 and Spring President Carl Napier Owen Coke Vice-President Dorothy Schmidt Edith Hutstedler Secretary lane Murdoch Dorothy Ramsey Sponsors Miss Lucy Hamilton Miss Christine Hammock me National Honor Society consists of honor students who have strived to live up to the tour qualifications upon which the society is built. To be a mem- ber, a student must average 90 with no grade below SO, he must be a leader in his classes and extracurricular activities, his character must be above re- proach, and he must serve his school in any way that may be beneficial and honest. Albin, Frances Armstrong, Dorothy Baker, Clara Helen Bennett, Elinor Blanton, Wilbur Carrell, Erna Mae Clark, Patty Sue Coates, Anna Marie Coke, Owen Connally, Sarah Ward Day, Billie Katherine Durand, Elizabeth Estes, Mary Frances Cfault, Duncan Cruneisen, William Harvey, Annetta 3 , fha , MEMBERS Harrison, I. B. Hawkins, Eleanor Henderson, Peggy Hill, Patty Hilton, Wanda Hutstedler, Edith Law, Warren Lee, Forrest Manton, Ruth Maier, Peggy McCulley, Rader Murdoch, lane Napier, Carl Parker, Anne Parr, Lewis Peterson, Roy Polk, Dorothy Ramsey, Dorothy Heed, Elsie Mae Reeves, Nancy Salas, Glory Schmidt, Dorothy Simms, lack Summer, lames Torno, Madeline Upham, Helen Watkins, Lois lean Whittlesey, Margaret Anne Wiederhold,Maxine Wyatt, limmy TTA Debate Club K I , . OFFICERS Fall and Spring President Marguerite Milke Vice-President lack Redman Secretary Lillian Gleason Sponsors C. C. Nutley Miss Anna Patrick The purpose of the Debate Club is to create interest in the art ot debating to stimulate enthusiasm in the problems ot government, and to foster better citi- zenship tor school and community. lt is training leaders tor tomorrow. Ballard, Norma lean Childress, Beatrice Cone, Edith Ely, Marion Eubank, Dorothy Gleason, Lillian Hair, Ora Lee Hayden, Doris Lochridge, Theresa Milke, Marguerite MEMBERS Parker, loena Smith, LaVerelle Turner, Virgie Thompson, lanice Ann Waddle, Ava lane Watson, Mary Belle Wilder, TQCIQY Bingham, Bill Fletcher, Billy Hill, Charles McClure, Don Murphy, Pat C'Brien, Denis O'Rourke, lohn Redman, lack Smith, lohn Leslie Trapp, Albert Valentine, Bert Warner, Hiram fr Whitaker, Pat .f .i4 AAA X-1 Page Seventy-:line Page Eigbly Dramatic Club ' OFFICERS t Fall and Spring President Sarah Ward Connally Vice-President Hazel Collier Secretary Edith Huistedler l l Sponsor l f Miss Wilhelmina Hedde YEL l The Dramatic Club is an organization open to anyone who has the ambition to act. This club helps to develop tuture actors and actresses. Everyone in school is eligible to join this club it he meets the requirements which are neces- sary. The requirements are that the person should give a recitation before the club as a whole and it is passed on by the program committee. MEMBERS Albin, Frances Anderson, Betty Blaine, Io Anne Bowles, Tommy Brown, Orville Childress, Beatrice Clawson, Bob Cooke, Dorothy Collier, Hazel Connally, Sarah Ward Craig, Marianne Eastham, Mary Green, Carol Ann Green, Peggy Gresham, Dorothy Gruneisen, William Hare, Virginia Hutt, Buby Huistedler, Edith Huston, Sue Harris, Alice Ruth Havens, Marjorie Hawkins, Dorothy Horn, Wayne lngram, Pat lngram, Bennye lune Keebough, Carroll Kirwan, lohanna Lawery, Iimmie Lee Leatherwood, Mary Lucky, Wilma lean McCulley, Bader Moore, Boxie Ann Morgan, Mary Alice Napier, Virginia Paden, lim Parker, Anne Poole, Dorothy Pyeatt, Nancy Rainwater, Louise Beams, Dorothy Saunders, Louise Sears, Billy lean Shelby, lane Taylor, Bobette Taylor, Rebecca Tennison, Marjorie Torno, Madeline Underwood, Patti Welch, Margaret Ruth Wilson, Mary Gene OFFICERS pdf- N ' 1 Girl Rcsciifbs , Fall and Spring President Elizabeth Shelton Vice-President Dorothy Ramsey Secretary Elinor Bennett Martha lane Emmons Sponsors Miss Eugenia Newberry Mrs. Minnie Bramlette Aiton, Helen Albin, Frances Allen lacguelyn Allen Ioan Amis, lane Lee Anderson, Betty Anderson, Betty Anderson, Bobby Armstrong, Dorothy ' Arrant, Faye Arrington, A Billye Merle AtteberY, lo Ellen Bailey, Amonette V' Baker, Verna Beckham, Mary Dean Bell, Dorothy Dee Benda, D'Maris Bennett, Dorothy Bennett, Elinor Bickley, Virginia Billingsley, Doris Blackburn, Betty Blessing, Marjorie Bludworth, Mildred Boatman, Edna Bonner, Norma Lou Boyd, Cortaza Breaux, Gloria Brown, lune Bryant, Florence Bucklin, Marion Bullard, Martha Bundrick, Mary Ruth Burt, lean Burdine, Edna Rhea Carrell, Erna Mae Carrell, Mary Lou Chambers, Betty Childress, Beatrice Clark, Barbara Ann Clark, Dorothy Faye Climer, Dorothy Lee Cochran, lane lean Faith Coleman, Frances Commons, Elizabeth lewell Congleton, Elise Connolly, '- Sarah Ward Craig, Marianne Crockett, " Mary Delores-P Crook, Patsy Rae Cruse, Rosalyn ' Darvfgin, Patricia Davis, Carolyn Davis, ,Imogene Dobbins, Frances Dorsett, Roselyn Doyle, Patricia Drain, Gwendolyn Eason, Sara Iim Elam, luanita Ellis, lohrinie Ellison, Viva Ely, Marion Emery, Louise Emmons, Betty Emmons, Martha lane Everett, Elise Falkner, Patsy ,,.:,c. Fletcnci, lohnnye Maye Fletcher, Zelda Flowers, Dorothy Mae Eeesbgl ,tune Ford, lerryline Ford, losephine Ford, Margaret Foster, Clara Eva Gash, Minnie Faye Gillen, Kathelene Gray, Mary Green, Carol Ann f Hall, Mary lane Hare, Helen Hare, Virginia -Harber, Charlotte Harris, Alice Ruth Hill, Betty lo Hill, Elva Hill, Peggy lean BHine, Virginia Holbert, Doris Holloway, Gwen Horn, Floy Hostler, Donella Huston, Sue lngram, Elsie lvy, W'initred lames, Esther lennings, Daryl lohnson, Beth lones, Betty Tones, Billie lean lones, Charlene lones, loanna jones, Patsy Ruth Kerr, Louise Kimberlin, Mary Ellen King, Alice Kirby, Dorothy Kirby, Elizabeth Kirwan, lohanna Knowles, Gene Leatherwcod, Mary West Lernley, Carolyn Lent, Betty Lou Leslie, Berta Lewis, Florence Lewis, Viola Louise Longley, Alice Macauley, Marjorie Marable, Dorothy ,M Martin, Helen McClenahan, lean McClenahan, Mary McCree, Frances McGee, Betty lo McLean, Dagmarf x McSpadden, --- VVanda ere " ," ean Mil er, Doris lean Mullen, Gayle Murdoch, lane Murrell, Virginia Newton, lune E. Nicholson, Margie Odom, Elaine Paden, Helen Parker, Anne 't Patterson, Dori Pearson, Marinell Plumlee, Dorothy Polk, Dorothy Porter, Nell Ruth Ramsey, Dorothy Randall, Nancy Rasor, Xerma Beams, Dorothy Beckley, Dorothy Reed, Elsie Mae Reeves, Nancy Richardson, Bettie Rindy, Beverly Rogers, Shirley Rorie, Doris Salas, Glory Schietier, Gussie lo Scudder, Christine Sears, Billie lean Shelby, lane Shelton, Elizabeth Shook, Bobby Silvus, Mary Ellen Simpon, Margaret ! ,ual 5 Sinclair, Amy Ray Smith, Dorothy Smith, Francis Smith, LaVerell Spangler St , osephine x lnson, lean tokeyf Doris Btone, Billie Charles Story, Betty Tallent, Margaret Taylor, Betty Teal, Norma Templeton, Mary lean Tennison, Marjorie Thompson, lanice Thurman, Dorothy Lee Todd, La Verne Tomlinson, Billie lean Troutt, Evelyn Underwood, Patti Watkins, Mary lean Vtfeatherby, Carolyn Vllelch, Margaret White, Anita White, Lucille Vllhiteside, luanita VVilliams, Frances Vtfilliams, Patsy Williams, Voneta Wilson, Mary Frances Watkins, Lois lean Vlfatson, Mary Belle Winter, Dorothy lun Wright Naomi Sue Wyatt, Doris York, Christine Young, Alice lean Young, Annie D. 9 Page Eighty one N. x N.. x.. Pug L' Eiglrly-1 wo Y l mera Club f , . OFFICERS Fall and Spring President Truman Wilder Vice-President Guy Howard Secretary Gwen Holloway Sponsor Mr. W. E. Noah ,-Q The objectives ot this club are to foster interest in photography among the students and faculty ot Adamson and to provide them with a useful as well as an interesting extra curricular activity. lt helps to promote the exchange ot ideas in photography and gives a means tor improving general photographic ability. lt also serves by providing a means for keeping a permanent record oi the student and faculty activities. MEMBERS Adams, Virginia Everett, Elise McBride, Fred Arrington, Billy Merle foosheerlane Maples, Billy Berry, Zach Fain, Iune Martin, Helen Brown, Kenneth Barr, Chris Barrett, Bette Bush, Mary Katherine Billingsley, Doris Bowles, Charles Blanton, Nadine Cutler, Bill Cecil, Bernice Coates, Anna Marie Coates, Mary Dean Combs, Ann Cook, Mary Cravens, Sue Dillard, Pat Elam, luanita Emmons, Martha lane Fowler, Frances Green, Billy laclc Hoake, Wallace Honeycutt, lewel Harber, Charlotte Hearn, Marie Hutt, Ruby Hardage, Dorothy Hare, Virginia Holloway, Gwen Howard, Guy Ingram, Bennye lune lngram, Pat Knowles, Gene Kinney, lerry Long, Mary layne Loomis, Nellie layne Mitchell, Dorothy Morgan, Thomas Marable, Dorothy Rass, Lorraine Reed, Gordon Robertson, Wayne Sinclair, Amy Shelton, Elizabeth Starling, Frances Smith, LaVerell Switzer, Otto Tiner, Erma Templeton, Margaret Tippett, Frank Wilder, Truman Wyatt, limmy Young, Alice lean I lf 'J ,t. I x " Commercial Cub... , OFFICERS Fall and Spring President Marguerite Milke Vice-President Wayne Robertson Secretary Bernice Cecil Sponsors Miss Hazel Miller T. W. Browne Ioe R. Peters R. E. Marriott H. S. Griffin . !jfjiTl'1e Commercial Club is an organization open to anyone who is interested 9 f fl!! in the business world. Anyone is eligible to join this club who has taken some business subject while in school and has proved himself a real worker. lt is the aim of this club to enable students to become familiar with modern pro- gressi 'etvfisiness methods and systems. , ,Q - . ep ,.- , I N wx x .Y Jw vfX9'IviEMBERs76 U, .. l1I Adkisson, Lila Armstrong, Dorothy Ball, Sally Bergman, Pauline Billingsley, Doris Carter, Elizabeth Cayton, Helen Cecil, Bernice Chandler, Grace Coates, Anna Marie Crouch, Thelma Du Pree, Katherine Ellison, Viva Emmons, Betty Emmons, Martha lane Ethridge, Harvejo Everett, Elise Fleeman, Margaret Fletcher, lohnny Mae Flowers, Dorothy Mae Ford, lerryiine Ford, losephine Fulkerson, Margaret Gash, Minnie Faye Gaither, Grace Guynes, Katherine Hamilton, Gene Hartness, Ruda Harvey, Anna Harvey, Annetta Hare, Helen Hare, Virginia Havens, ,Marjorie Hickman, Grace Huff, Ruby Hulse, Dora Ingram, Bennye Iune lames, Esther Mae lennings, Daryl Knowles, Gene McDaniel, Mildled McKinney, lviaurine McLeod, Mary jane Martin, Nellie Lee Meredith, lean Meserole, Otis Miller, Ieanne Milke, Marguerite Morgan, Martha Newton, lune Nichols, Edythe Osborne, Ruth Owens, Virginia Flumlee, Dorothy Powers, Margaret Ramsey, Dorothy Reckley, Dorothy Reese, Sybil Reynolds, Suzanne Rice, Grace Robertson, Wayne Salas, Glory Sawyer, Wyatt Schimelfenig, Louise Scudder, Bonnie Scudder, Christine Shelton, Elizabeth Smith, Eleanor Claire Smith, Roberta Sullivan, Mildred Switzer, Otto Tallent, Margaret VVeiderhold, Maxine 'Williams Frances White, Lucille Wright, Naomi 'Q 'LLB S y7vf'w I i -1: 411, V Z Page Eighty-ibree I t 9 U h l h ' Cl b ' y - Sc o airs ip u . 1 ' - ' v , 1, .-. ' .. , 1 X lx A l Y 1, l Q s X s . I x f The Scholarship Club is the largest club in Adamson High School. Membership is open to pupils of all classi- fications who have the required scholastic standing. lt is interesting to note that the two outstanding jewelry com- panies ot Dallas, Linz Brothers and Arthur A, Everts, think so highly ot scholarship that each year they provide" thousands ot pins to the members ot the scholarship clubs ot the city. The sponsors are Miss Helen Aduddell and' . Miss Berta Cooper, K ' 4' - I , S At I T' ' Basketi, Mary Lou Kennedy, Stella Durham, Paula Neal, Betty t' Miller, Jean Hare, Helen , J Dawson, Madelaine Kirby, Dorothy McClenaham, Mary Rorie, Doris Moreau, Jeanne Harralson, Marie , i McCarley, Norma Shamburger, Virginia Pledge, Patsy Silvus, Ellen Newton, Earline Jones, Joanna Milno, Mariorie Boyls, Betty Ann Thompson, Janice TSYlOV. BEDS' Parker, Joena Leslie, Betts? , - Opal, Julian Cecil, Mary Lynn Tipps, Sara Sue U Turner, Virgie Mae Render, Mariorie Lotticc, Nellie Louise, Q Pcrrw, Alice lanza, Conictti Waddlc, Ava Jane Welch, Margaret Rulil' Schirnoltcnig, Louisc Moore, Roxic Ann Z Sgndrrg, Joi, Roy, Maw Hamm iimrs, BCi1i,r Jana Vililson, Mary Cfcnc Sniothcrnian, Dottie Napier, Tlicli-ia t WI-iitc, Eulan Sisscll, Martha Hunter, Billie Ann Woodrutt, Clara Swattord, Jewel Pearson, Marinell g Errjcry, John Truly, Elizabeth Johnson, Jnlia Young, Alice Jean Thompson, Theresa Robnett, Flo X4 l'GiVl,,lVY Walker, Jerry Linscott, Jeanne Davis, Ora Dean A Williams, Hertha Rogers, Shirlcy Reddlfill, Jack Whitc, Nita Scott, Martha Hattield, Jacqueline Woltt, Gwendolyn Saunders, Louise Av' Sli0Vi. 50i3l3V Stock, LaVcrne Smyers, lmogenc Hayden, Doris Jean Wood, Mariorie Shields, Mary ' V Atteberry, Edith Adams, Ann Cathryn Allen, Betty Joyce Anderson, Betty Anderson, Bobby Carrell, Bernie Craig, Marianne Craig, Mario Davis, Carolyn Ferguson, Mildred Harralson, Eva Hill, Elva Horn, Floy Law, Barbara Lowry, Jimmie Lou Mason, Mary Katherine Matney, Treva Jo Miller, Evelyn Napier, Virginia Odom, Elaine Randall, Nancy Savage, Imogene Shelby, Jane Troutt, Evelyn Underwood, Pattie Walker, lnez White, Dorrace Wyatt, Doris Bentley, Ruthel Contiela, Marguerite DeLaney, Peggy Doyle, Patricia Huston, Sue Mae, Jeanne Moore, Jane Mullen, Gayle Billert, Lois Page Eigbly-four Baker, Willis Barr, Ralph Little, Thomas Morgan, Bonar Pirtle, Willard Posey, Charles Rogers, Donald Ross, Eugene . Sellers, Tommy Fletcher, Billy Bryant, Gerald Posey, Lloyd White, Richard Whittlesey, Frank Williams, Lester Havens, Earl ' Bledsoe, Porter Ellis, George Gaines, Charles Honeycut, Edwin Jarnieson, David Minnick, Bob Scarborough, Billy Cason, Lauretta Craig, Peggy Gene Fain, June Fortune, Jarvis Johnson, Jeanette Kimberly, Louise Martin, Helen Sullivan, Mary Sue Hastler, Donella lsreal, Jettie Mclseen, Doris Mayes, Julia Warren, Annalee Hair, Ora Lee l Rasor, Xerma Epps, Turner Latigstson, Jack Spicer, George Hawkins, Don N Valentine, Bert Abbott1Jatnes while, Jim Yates, Dick Buerhle, Clayton Freeland, Wayne Stewart, Larry Alexander, LaVonne "Allen, Jacguelyn Baker, Verna Ballard, Norma Jean Barnett, Frances Binkley, Violet Brown, June Carrell, Mary Lou Childers, Beatrice Collum, Ettie Couch, Jo Mario Cruse, Rosalyn Dickey, Betty Jean Durand, Jeanette Ellis, Johnnie Ellis, Ruth Eubank, Dorothy Ewing, Dorothy' Foster, Clara Eva Gillette, Ellen Gleason, Lillian Jones, Patsy Ruth Leatherwood, Mary Lewis, Florence Martin, Arlene Hood, Norma Jones, Charlene McClenahan, Jean Petty, Dorothy Rice, Mary Davis, Imogene Edgar, Katherine Billert, Robert Bingham, Bill Lester, Cecil Lewis, Charles Medley, Lesley Murphy, Pat Ray, Torn Schoen, Algar Trapp, Albert Truly, Richard Whitaker, Pat Zueteldt, Richard Eyerells, Mack Froese, Felix Jones, Ray Payne, David Thomas, Charles !Coninc, Ernest Gentry, Robert I Rarrrsey, Bobbie Sissel, Tommy Aiers, Virginia i Cristol, Ametin Ferguson, Mariorie Foster, Betty June Gainer, Venus Kimery, Josephine Lowe, Janie Lowe, LaVernc Midkitt, Pauline Young, Sadie Mae Jensen, Nelsie Harmon, Virginia Lewis, Frances Hunter, Mamie Belle Childers, Conway Dees, David Gregory, William McClure, Don Mays, Billy Merritield, Jack Reagan, Jafnes Tucker, George Groce, Huel Little, William Marco, Virgil South, Charles Oliver, Willi rn Arnundsen, .fiean Anderson, Mary Baltzegar, Marian Black, Jeannc Blaine, Jo Anne Brown, Betty Byrd Caudle, Tommie Fay Collier, Hazel Congleton, Elsie Cook Doris caste, oorainy Drees, Pauline Duncan, Reona Eastham, Mary Emmons Betty Etheridge, Harveio .- Green, Carol Ann Grissatti, Evelyn , I, 9 4 gugbhi' t O' cf' Smith, Frances Smith, Roberta 1 '- Southern, Mary Spangler, Helen Stallings, Juanita Suttle, Martha Tardio, Lena Tardio, Sarah Turner, Mary Alice Waggener, Frances Wagned Lydia Wheeler, Bethstine VVhite, Julia Williams, Mary Jo Vaughan, Mary Alice Bailey, Amonette Balch, Anne Boatman, Edna Ellison, Wya Fowler, Frances Hill, Tannye Richardson, Sally Poole, Dorothy Spoonernore, Eula Grittith, June McFarland, Martha Dodge, Charles Robinson, Jgh msiafmb. .- She ton, Billy . Allen, Jack Austin, Harold Duncan, Richard Everett, Billy Fagan, C. A. Fowler, Francis Continued on Pnge 134 UL, 'N Q ri it sf A tri, ,1 if' 4 .4 fifffvw, f 7 MW! if Spanish Club WW OFFICERS Fall and Spring President Helen Spangler Vice-President Edith Hutstedler Secretary Torn Manton Sponsors Miss Roberta King Miss Eugenia Newberry lt is the aim oi our Spanish Club to become better acquainted with the Spanish People, their language, customs, and costumes. Vie believe that through better understanding between the people ot North and Latin Ameri- ca, a lasting friendship can be tormed which will insure the peace and hap- piness oi our hemisphere. Allen, lacquelyn Baker, Verna Bell, Dorothy Dee Brown, Betty Carrell, Erna Mae Collier, Hazel Connolly, Sarah Ward Criston, Amelia Cumming, LaVerne Dicky, Betty l. Davis, lmogene Drees, Pauline Duncan, Reona Eason, Sara lim Edmondson, Frances ,ij MEMBERS Ewing, Dorothy Gardener, lohn E. Hudgins, Mary Hutstedler, Edith lones, loanna lones, Patsy Ruth Kerr, Vernon Kirby, Dorothy Kirby, Elizabeth Lassetter, Frank Lowe, Kenneth Manton, Tom Manton, Ruth Meredith, Norman Miller, leanne Neal, Betty Odom, Elaine Paden, Helen Grace Ramsey, Dorothy Reed, Elsie Mae Rogers, Shirley lean Smith, Rosalie Schimeliinig, Louise Suttle, Martha Spangler, Helen Teal, Norma Tennison, Marjorie Turner, Virgie Walther, Danny White, lulia ,j ffjs- l 3,l1, X vi 'I Page Eighty-fire Pan American Student Forum Page liigllly-fix A -4 OFFICERS F all and Spring President Sarah Ward Connally Vice-President Dorothy Ramsey Secretary Edith Huistedler Sponsor Miss Virginia Rootes The Pan American Student Forum is composed ot thirty members trom each ot the Dallas High Schools. There are tive meetings each year ot the entire Forum called chapter meetings, which are in the torm ot banquets. Each unit has meetings in its own high school. lts creed is to bring about a closer relationship, sympathy, and understanding with the peoples ot the American Continent. Allen, loan Baker, Verna Brown, Betty Carrell, Erna Mae Collier, Hazel Connally, Sarah Ward Cruse, Rosalyn Duncan, Reona Edmondson, Frances Ezell, lack Fowler, Clarence I, Goodwin, Polul 4 fd' .X H . .- W MEMBERS Gregory, William Hamnett, lack Hartness, Ruda Hutstedler, Edith Hudgins, Mary Bess Kirby, Elizabeth Lee, Frank Loomis, Nellie lane Maier, Peggy , . Mike, Marguerite Moreau, leanne Odom, Ralph X C! A ,. , Ramsey, Dorothy Roberts, Raymond Rogers, Shirley Spangler, Helen Suttle, Martha Tabor, Stanley Walthers, Dan Whittlesey, Margaret Anne Wyatt, Iimmy Yeager, Earl Young, Alice lean OFFICERS , Fall and Spring iq President Wyatt Sawy Dorothy lordan ' Vice-President Evelyn Troutt Wyatt Sawyer Secretary Florence Bryant Ieanne Sawyer Mr. William Meek 1 er 'l Sponsor Junior Medical Professions Club X , ,Nt - 1' 4 , Ext! , I ' The aims of this club are to aid students in deciding whether or not they desire a medical career and to loring into closer contact those students who have something in common X Adams, Virginia Adams, lune Avard, Collece Blackwell, Audrea Bludworth, Mildred Boldwin, PQCJCJY Alice Bonnett, Helen Bowles, Tommy Brannon, Vera Faye Bryant, Florence Cooper, Elsie If with each other. MEMBERS Dillard, Pat Dillingham, Lillie Mae Elam, Iuanita Emery, lma leanne Evans, Elizabeth Pawlcs, Milburn Ferguson, Kathryn lordan, Dorothy Loclcard, Raymond McClung, Helen Mclntire, Aline Miller, Agnes Miller, Mozelle Pitchtord, Bae Pledge, Patsy Pritchett, Doris Beams, Dorothy Sawyer, leanne Sawyer, Wyatt Tallent, Margaret Troutt, Evelyn Wardrop, Ruth Page liigfyly-ycz'wl Future Teachers' Club PNN Pixge lfigbfy-cigfil K t A233 . will OFFICERS Full and Spring President Patty Hill Secretary Peqqy Henderson Sponsor Miss Ruth Huttin The Future Teachers oi America is a nation wide organization, sponsored by the National Education Association troni which each club receives its charter and proqram material. Tn recognition ot the many years ot service rendered by our former principal, our club has Adamson Future Teachers' Club. MEMBERS Blackwell, Audrea lohnson, Marqaret Gillen, Kathleen Lowe, Kenneth Henderson, Peqay Salas, Glory Hill, Patty Smotherman, Dotty adopted its name, The W. H. Swattord, lewel Templeton, Margaret Turner, Mary Alice Library Council OFFICERS Fcxll and Spring President lim Shaw lack Gray Vice-President Eleanor Hawkins Hazel Collier Secretary Ruth McCullough Buth McCullough Sponsor Miss Laura Alexander O The purposes ot the Library Council are to make the library the center ot intellectual lite and study in the school, to further the modern teaching idea, that teachers be informed ot the library materials that may be used in their teachingsg that pupils be taught how to use these materials etiectively in their study and learning, to the end that the students ot this school be enlightened citizens, able to carry on the traditions and ideals ot our democratic nation. Benda, D'Maris Bennett, Elinor Blessing, Marjorie Brown, Orvil Clark, Patty Sue Cockran, L. D. Coke, Gwen Collier, Hazel Cook, Doris Crott, Torbett Dailey, Howard Ellis, lohnnie Ellison, Viva Gray, lack Gray, loe Geren, Lloyd MEMBERS Gruneisen, William Hawkins, Dorothy Hawkins, Eleanor lameson, Mary Lou Iones, Margie King, Doris Koch, Betty Sue Leslie, Berta Frances Maier, Peggy McCullough, Buth Merritt, Dorothy Miller, Dorothy Murdock, lane Napier, Carl Nowlin, Bob North, Mary Buth Pirtle, lap Pitts, B. A. Price, lohn Pyeatt, Nancy Shaw, lim Simms, lack Smith, Bertram Smither, Betty Stanford, Ethel Marie Todd, Betty Wade, George Waggoner, Frances Wanner, Charles Warren, lmogene White, Howard Williams, Edward Williams, Voneta Student Council Page Ninety OFFICERS F all and Spring President Rader McCulley lack Simms Vice-President Carl Napier Torbett Croft Secretary Eleanor Hawkins Ruth McCullough Sponsor T. W. Browne The purpose oi the Student Council is to formulate, through suggested measures, a more nearly perfect school Democracy, to foster development ot the fundamental principles ot enthusiastic school citizenship and active school spirit for this, "the greatest school in this, the greatest state oi this, the greatest of all Democracies." Adin, Bill Albin, Frances Allen, Bill Armstrong, Dorothy Bankhead, Homer Blaine, loe Anne Campbell, limmie Carrell, Erna Mae Carrell, Sam Climer, Dorothy Coleman, Virginia Collett, Luke Collier, Carroll Congleton, Elsie I Craig, Bert X Croft, Torbett Everett, Elise Flowers, Dorothy Mae MEMBERS Gaines, Venus Gault, Duncan Gray, lack Green, Robert Hare, Virginia Hawkins, Dorothy Hawkins, Eleanor Hill, Tannye A . Holloway, Gwen lamieson, LaVerne Kerr, Louise Lowe, LaVerne Luper, Dan Maier, Peggy Marshall, Cordelia Meley, Leroy McBride, Fred McCullough, Ruth Mullen, Fayne Napier, Thelma C'Bryan, Latrell Park, lames Primm, Billy Pyeatt, Nancy Rawlings, l. H. Redman, lack C'Rourke, lohn Schmidt, Dorothy Simms, lack Suttle, Martha Taylor, Boloette Turner, Mary Alice Wilder, Truman Williams, Edward Wyatt, limmy Radio and Television '22-"7 The Radio Television Club is held at the sixth period ior those boys who are interested in furthering their knowledge oi the radio and television. Any- one may belong to this club who has the sixth period oii, Mr. W. T. Hamilton sponsors this group. Abbott, Iames Berry, lack Carroll, Charley Cunningham, W. L. Dodge, Charles Hair, Robert Harrison, I. B. MEMBERS Hearn, Herbert Hoake, Wallace lohnson, W. A. Kinney, Terry Lee, Forrest Leird, Bill Norvel, Eugene Reed, limmie Schmidt, Wallace' Stephenson, Billy Thomas, Bill Tippett, Frank Whittlessey, Philip Page Ninely-one Junior Hi-Y Page Ninety-1100 in mit? OFFICERS Fall and Spring President Earl Collins Frank Lassetter Vice-President Richmond Zueieldt x Kenneth Lowe Secretary Lewis Lettwich Horace Arclinqer Sponsors Mr. H. B. Hester Huqh Hall The aim ot the Iunior Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, better standards ot Christian character. Davis, Bob Esry, Walter Fletcher, Billy Hatcher, Dick Kerr, Vernon Locket, lack MEMBERS Luck, Cobby Mullins, Bussell Nowlin, Wanz Padin, lim Bamsey, Bobby Seaman, Art Spicey, Norman Valentine, Bert Vlfhitaker, Pat Whitlock, Cleo 'P Senior Hi-Y OFFICERS Fall and Spring resident Rader McCulley Edward Williams Vice-President S Truman Wilder Charles Wanner ecretary Edward Williams lack Simms Sponsor Richard E. Stroud The purpose ot the Senior l-li-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards oi Christian character. ln order to live up to the high ideals stated in the purpose ot this club, the members are actively engaged in seeking out those individuals best aualiiied to lead, to guide, and to stimulate clean sports, clean speech, and scholarship. Allen, lack Atkisson, Bill Barr, Chris Bates, Billy Bethancourt, Harold Bolding, Lonnie Bowden, Edgar Bowles, Charles Brown, Orville Brown, loe Campbell, lames Coke, Gwen Collier, Carroll Collins, Earl Cox, Robert Crott, Torbett Davis, lohn MEMBERS Denton, lames DeHay, Carlisle Duncan, Richard Evans, lames Gault, Duncan Crruneisen, William Harrison, l. B. Harrison, Harry Hodges, Murrell Horn, Wayne Howard, Guy Law, Warren Lee, Forest Maples, Billy McBride, Fred Morrow, Ernest Nowlin, Bob O'Brien, Denis Cgden, Ralph Roberts, Lionell Robertson, Wayne Sellers, Tommy Simms, lack Switzer, George Stephenson, Horace Wanner, Charles West, lack White, Howard Williams, Edward Williams, Wayne Williams, Wyvel AQ 'p Wilder, Truman Walker, Ray Wyatt, limmy situ!-SH ' 1 K fa-'gy ,la 1 Page Ninety-lbree tty' ,y J if-.Q ' x ii iii in ww mf li, r 2 a IEEE? Hg ery 'sis mm mst s llli HIE 'Egg lllt ll! Student Assistants The assistants of this school are students of high standing chosen by faculty Amembers as library assistants, ottice assistants, locker guards, gym assistants Band tor any other purpose in helping the school or teachers. These students X must be above reproach in every instance and have a good scholastic stand- g ing. It is an honor to be a student assistant at Adamson High School. J J 9 Page Ninely-fam' Albin, Frances Allen, loan Armstrong, Dorothy Ball, Sally Baxter, Edna B Blessing, Marjorie Bryant, Evelyn Clark, Barbara Day, Billie Katherine Dillingham, Lillie Mae Durham, Burt Estes, Mary Frances Eooshee, lane Eitxiivirime Faye Horn, Wayne lameson, Mary Lou Kerr, Louise Koch, Betty Sue Long, Mary lane Merritt, Dorothy Odom, Ralph Perry, Mable Grace Ramsey, Dorothy Beams, Dorothy Sharp, Aubrey Sullivan, Mildred Tucker, Dorothy White, Aylene Whittlesey, Margaret Ann Interscholastic League Spelling Patty Sue Clark Kenneth Cox Essay Contest Wayne Horn Cordelia Marshall One Act Play Extemporcmeous Speaking Sarah Ward Connally Tuck West Patty Sue Clark lOCmUC1 lones Horace Stephenson Debaters Declamcxtion Robert Bryant Marjorie Havens Marguerite Milke Mary Belle Watson lack Reolrnan Don McClure l Page Ninely-fre Mixed Chorus and Girls' Gleo Club I . 4. Page Nimfly-six Adams, June ' I Atkinson, Bill Atteherry, lo Ellen Avroa, Ouida Baggott, Catliorino Baker, Verna Barnett, Frances Beasley, Evelyn Blalock, Nelouise Bonnet, Helen Brown, Betty B. Bundrick, Mary Ruth Cason, Gwendolyn Carrell, Bernie Coyton, Helen Chambers, Betty lean Cnatelain, Zoe Ann Chambers, Ann Climer, Dorthy Coker, Betty lane Coleman, Christine Coleman, Frances Collette, Luke Gollum, Eftie Helene Cristol, Amelia Sponsor -- Miss Mae l-lazeltine - ' MEMBERS X Duff, Gwendolyn lxiuricari, Reona Easley, Eilino Ely, Marion Folse, Peggy Leo Forsythe, Thelma Foster, Betty lean Fulkerson, Margaret Godwin, Alice Cc-:3sett, Rex Graham, Betty Griffith, lune Guest, Gordon Hamilton, Morimie Hammett, lack Harding, Dorthy Harris, Bobkie Horn, Floy Hudgins, Mary Huddelston, Freda Huttines, Anita . lohnson, leanne lolley, Thelma lass, hmm Q' Kimmery, losephine Koch, Phil La Peace, Marjorie I Lee, Mary Evelyn,,f Lemon, Dorothy ' Lenz, Norma lo mpc Leslie, Betta sf" Long, lames X Lowe, lanie Flo .1 Lowe, LaVerne X Luckie, Wilma lean McClenahan, lean McGee, David McMullen, Margaret Miller, Mozelle Murphy, Harriet Nichols, Clovis Norris, Begeiia North, Iuaniia Osborne, Ruth Paden, Helen Grace Patterson, Paity Park, lames Perry, Mable Grace Powers, Margaret Prather, Mary Olive Rainwater, Louise Rasor, Xerma 1 9 Richardson., Omega Richardson, Sally Booker, Helder Scudder, Bonnie Shetlield, lamos Starrett, Betty Stubbs, Nolan Stubbs, Virgil Taylor, Bobette Tanner, Billie Marie Thompson, Thresa Turner, Kathleen Turner, Richard Vaden, Edna Earl Vaughn, Mary Alice Voss, Doris lNatson, Mary Belle Vtlatson, Frances Vfeathertord, Doris Whitley, Martha Wilder, Peggy Wilder, lacky Vtlilliam, Hertha 'vVillis, Dorothy Ann Wilson, Mary Frances 1 Miss Vifilhelmina Hedde January Senior Play MAIN CHARACTERS Paul Hollis by William Gruneisen Frannie Hollis by Edna Lynn Plurnlee Marjorie Hollis by Mary johnston Crandal Srnythe by Rader McCulley Sponsor LIFE BEGINS AT SIXTEEN Paul and Frannie Hollis aided by their club, "The Secret Seven," attempt to modernize the Hollis Shoe Store while their parents are in Havana. They also attempt to prove that Crandal Sniythe, a suitor oi their sister Marjorie, is a raclceteer, but both oi their plans are wrecked when Mr. and Mrs. Hollis return unexpectedly. Durina the ball which the Secret Seven qives, Crandal Sniythe is proved to be an irnposter. Marjorie returns to her lover Georqe Gordon, and Paul is made a hero. George Gordon Mrs. Hollis . Mr. Hollis . Theo Arhuclcle Boots Bennett Pidqie Miller Dasie jenkins Dan Zimmer Hilda . . Elsie Taggart . Carl Napier . Mary Frances Estes Grville Brown C. G. Bearden . . Maraaret Ann Whittlesey Elinor Bennett Rebecca Taylor Warren Law Mary Bearden Mildred Cornett Page June Senior Play JUNE SENIOR PLAY Main Characters Geraldine by Nancy Pyeatt Bus by lack Redman Sponsor Miss Wilhelmina Hedde LITTLE GERALDINE The story ot "Little Geraldine" shows the ups and downs and awkward situations which little Geraldine, daughter of a prominent alumnae of a co-ed college, has to iace when she enters her mothers alma mater. Mamma has arranged beiorehand to have her "precious" belong to her own sorority, but Geraldine is put through all the horse-play to which Freshmen are subjected. Reared and educated abroad, according to the outfoi-date standards of her mother's girlhood, Geraldine has an education in store for her- ea liberal edu- cation. The fast moving plot shows how Geraldine, with the help of an at- tractive young man, ioils the plot oi the rival school to kidnap the star football player. MINOR CHARACTERS Mother Lanning . ....... . Marjorie Havens liggs . . . . . lohanna Kirwan Tilly . . . . Sarah Ward Connally Marv .... . . . Robert Bryant Miss Montgomery . . Lois Iean Watkins Lissa .... . Dorothy Hawkins Nip . . Denis O'Brien Tuck . . Hiram Warner Totsy . . . Louise Kerr Mel . . Owen Coke vigbl s ,sf f , , MM f ,Jf International Peace Forum OFFICERS Fall and Spring President Forrest Lee lohn O'Bourke Vice-President Warren Law Pauline Drees Secretary Patty Sue Clark Latrell C'Bryan Sponsor Miss Winnie Langford The international Peace Forum grew out of the study ot a special unit on International Relationship and Vlforld Peace taken up by the classes in History 8 and History 4 in the tall ot '37. The purpose of the group is to study problems ot national importance since most ot these are related either directly or indi- rectly to that of World Peace. The programs consist ot debates, panel discus sions, and special reports, always followed by a spirited discussion by the members. The motto could well be stated as, "Learn the tacts and do your part as a citizen," or "lt is not tor us to judqe, but to understand." MEMBERS Baker, Martha Ann Berry, Donald 3 Brackeen, Vernon Q Burqe, Betty Carlton, Tuanita , Caude, Tommy Faye Collier, Hazel Cojnbs, Ann I Conqhton, Elise ' Cook, Doris ' Donald, lack Drees, Pauline Duncan, Richard Eason, Sara lane Eastham, Mary Emmons, Betty Fooshee, lane Gaither, Grace Gardner, l. E, Grey, Mary Guynes, Katherine Hearne, Maurine Hill, Charles Hill, Patty Hilton, Wanda Houston, Stanley lnqram, Pat lones, Billie lean Kemp, Doris Kine, Doris Lewis, Lawrence Lonq, Mary layne Lumpkin, Dorothy McClure, Don Napier, Thelma C'Bryan, Latrell C'Rourke, Iohn Osborne, Iohn Pearson, Marinell Primm, Billy Bedman, lack Sanders, Connie Santord, Minnie Skelton, Marvin Smith, Dorothy Smith, Frances Tolbert, lune Taylor, Betty Tennison, Maiiorie lflfaden, Ada Vilhite, Elma Williams, Frances Young, lim Book Review Club OFFICERS Fall cmd Spring President Mary Ruth North Doris King Vice-President Margaret Ann Whittlesey Hazel Collier Secretary Doris King Doris Cook Sponsor Miss Lorine Higginbotham The purpose ot the club is to encourage the reading ot outstanding books, to give opportunity for review and discussion in the programs by both mem- bers and outside speakers, and to promote friendly social contacts between its members. Bearden, Mary Bennet, Elinor Black, leanne Blaine, lo Anne Blessing, Marjorie Boldziggar, Marion Clark, Patty Sue Collier, l-lazel Cook, Doris Estes, Mary Frances vcd MEMBERS Grissatti, Evelyn Hawkins, Dorothy Hawkins, Eleanor Hill, Tannye lohnston, Mary King, Doris Koch, Betty Sue McCullough, Ruth Miller, Dorothy Murdock, lane Murrell, Virginia North, Mary Buth Parker, Ann Poole, Dorothy Pyeatt, Nancy Saunders, Louise Schmidt, Dorothy Smither, Betty Waggoner, Frances W'hittlesey, Margaret Ann OFFICERS Fall and President Spring Iodnnd Iones Vice-President ww Kenneth Lowe Secretary Frank Ldssetter Sponsor Miss Molry Mondy Junior Red Cross The Iunior Red Cross is an organization not only in our school but in our city, state ond nation. This organization renders service to persons in distress or in need. MEMBERS Bull, Dorothy Ldssetter, Fronk Iones, Ioofnncx Thoxton, Bob Little, Thomas Vfhitlock, Cleo Lowe, Kenneth Page Om' lllnulrezl Omf French Department Sponsor-Miss Helen Aduddell The members of the French Department believe that French is a valuable study, not only in that it contributes to work in art, literature, speech, histrion ics, science, including medicine, engineering, writing, they believe it is of great value to the average student in improving his enunciation, enlarging his vocabulary, expanding his field of interest, developing his appreciation of literary form, and increasing his capacity for enjoyment. Ballard, Norma lean Bethancourt, Hal Birbilis, Frances Boyd, Marjorie Coates, Mary Dean Childress, Beatrice Collier, limmie Conrad, Frances Corley, Eileen Cox, Robert Cunningham, Bernice Cutler, Bill Davis, Ora Dean Dodd, Cranston Ellis, lohnny Ferguson, Marjorie Gault, Duncan Gentry, Robert Gentry, Ellen Ruth George, Doris Gillette, Mary Ann Gomez, Lupe Gordon, lack Graves, Dorothy Green, Carol Ann Pig: One Ilnndred Two Griffith, lune Hawkins, Don Harris, Dwight Hodges, Hobart Hostler, Donella Humphrey, Frank lvy, Winifred lohnson, Margaret lohnson, Velma lohnson, Beth King, Katherine Loftice, Nellie Lowe, lanie Lowe, La Verne McCroskey, lack Milholland, Sherry Moore, Bette Ann Morgan, Mary Alice Morgan, Ernest Pogue, Kathryn Polk, Dorothy Reeves, Nancy Reston, Malvanee Richardson, Sally Pat Robnett, Flo Robnett, Ruth Saunders, Charlotte Savage, Imogene Seamans, Arthur Shelby, lane Schleffer, Gussie lo Shields, Mary S' vus, Ellen ace, Mary Elaine H teger, losephine ' Stone, Billie Charles f utton, Nancy Carol Tabor, Stanley Taylor, Betty Taylor, Rebecca Teal, Norma Terry, Billie lean Tomlinson, Billie lean Vaughn, Mary Alice Warren, Annalee Vlfeatherby, Carolyn Welch, Margaret Ruth Wilson, Betty Wilson, Mary Frences Yeargan, Eleanor Th1s large and wide-awake department is Composed oi students who wish ,Kang Vfwfjif Art Department Sponsor-Mrs. Nellie Clement to promote the interest ot art and art culture. Allen, Eugene Bell, lack Bendrat, R. V. Brannon, Bill Brown, Eugene Coats, Gene Cook, Harold Daniel, Sammie Denton, Allen Denton, Wayne Eads, B. G. Elphingstone, lack Esry, Walter Evans, Iames Grobbe, Phil Gordon, George Hoake, Wallace Holland, Iohn Hughes, Robert lnnis, Willard Lloyd, Elgin Locke, Iames Malone, Edwine Marler, Albin McClintock, Eugene MeKee, Harold Meley, Leroy Nelson, Robert Noyd, Martin Redwine, Bob Richardson, Hal Richardson, Dick Robinson, Harmon Robinson, Iohnnie Rodgers, Clifford Sanger, Edwine Stalcup, larnes Sharp, Aubry Stubbleiield, Allen Truley, Richard Wade, Louis Williams, Lester Wilson, Wailand Albin, Frances Amundsen, lean Anderson, Louise Armstrong, Dorothy Arrant, Fae Atteberry, Betty Edithe Bell, Earline Benda, D'Maris Berry, Mimi Bibbs, Marie Blaine, Dorothy Bludworth, Mildred Brown, Dorothy Bullard, Martha Calvin, Donna Cameron, loyce Coleman, Virginia Couch, Stella Dorsctt, Roselyn Delany, ,lean Dobbins, Frances Dunn, Dorothy Ellison, Viva Enzensperger, Mabel Falkner, Patsy Ford, Margaret Gainer, Venus Gallaspie, Clara Mae Garland, Glenn Graham, Betty Green, Gloria Ann Hawkins, Dorothy Hill, Betty lo Hill, Peggy lean Howell, Iune Howser, Doris lngram, Bennye lune Iameson, Mary Lou Iarrard, Dorothy lensen, Gayle Johnson, Ieannette Iohnson, lmogene Iones, Margie Kemp, Doris Kirwan, Iohanna Lesley, Mildred Layton, Dorothy Lowe, Marjorie McSpadden, Wanda McLaren, Ion Merritt, Dorothy Miller, Ethel Miller, Mozelle Milholland, Sherry Morgan, Mary Alice Murphy, Harriett Nelson, Loretta Nelson, Margaret Newton, Earline North, Iuanita Norris, Regina Patterson, Patty Perry, Alice Peterson, Betty Peterson, Patty Polk, Dorothy Pooley, Mary Poulsen, Patricia Pritchett, Doris Ragland, Mary Reese, Sybil Rhodes, Rosemary Richardson, Omega Sanford, Mary Kathryn Savage, Imogene Shelby, Helen Silvy, Helen Smith, Rosalie Srnyers, lmogene Stanley, luanita Stokey, Doris Surley, Martha lean Tolbert, lune Tolbert, Marion Thompson, lanice Tiner, Erma Vaughn, Mary Alice Whittington, Betty lo Wilder, Iackie Sue Willbanks, Gwendolyn Williams, Kathleen Wilks, Meridith Page One Hundred 'Ibree L - x s. Allen, Billy Babb, Herbert Betts, David Bond, A. D. Butcher, Bill Carrol, Clay Von Childers, Conway Clark, Robert Coleman, Tommy Conine, Ernest Croft, Torbett Davis, Bob Durham, Burt Easley, Raymond Fagan, C. A. F ain, M. N. F olse, Mack Ford, Taylor Ford, Ted Garretson, Howard Gault, Carter George, R. C. Gillette, Fred Goodwikinpjullfx. Graham: Max Green, Harry Hamilton, Robert Hanson, Walter Page fjlll Hnmlrwl Four High School Band Sponsor-Colonel Herzog Hatcher, Dick Hawkins, Don Hodges, Murrell lenkins, George lones, Glen Kinkel, Dan ' l Langston, Zack ' Law, Warren Lee, Forrest Lee, Frank Lettwich, Lewis Leslie, Frank Martin, S. W. McChesney, lames McCroskey, lack McGee, Gene Morgan, Weldon Muchmore, Robert Mullan, Russell Murphy, Pat Newby, William O'Brien, Dennis Patterson, Wayne V , Payne, Clarkl- f , Potthoit, Bill R Ramsey, Bobby Redman, lack Reese, Eugene Reynolds, lames Robertson, Wayne Robinson, Bill Robinson, lohn Saunders, Marsey Smith, lohn Leslie Smith, lerry Spray, Norman Stephenson, Horaae Thaxton, Billy Walters, Ralph Vlfarner, Frank Wathen, Eugene White, William W'hitlock, Cleo Wilson, Wailand Wright, Hailey Williams, Horace Zueteldt, Richard Mcriorettes lones, Marjorie Sanford, Ethel Marie Sponsor 'W'arren, lmogene Orchestra and Music Club Sponsor---Miss Mae Hazeltine The object of the orchestra is to learn some oi the best selections in music and to experience ensemble work which is team work. Adams, Virginia Anderson, Betty Baker, Drucilla Baker, Verna Bankhead, Homer Barnett, I. C. Barnett, Frances Barnett, Vernon Beasley, Evelyn Bender, Adeline Birdsong, lacky Blair, Mary Frances Blalock, Nelouise Blanton, Nadine Boedelcer, Allen Briedlove, Wendell Bundrick, Mary Ruth Carrell, Bernie Cardana, Moses Chambers, Betty Chatelain, Zoe Ann Coleman, Frances Clawson, Bob Coates, Glennes Coleman, Tommy Creel, lohnny Cullum, Effie Darr, Margaret Ann Dalton, lack MEMBERS Easley, Raymond Eastham, Mary Echols, Wally Eddy', Aliene Ely, Marion Folse, Peggy Forsyth, Thelma Graham, Max Godwin, Alice Gosset, Rex Green, H .T. Green, Peggy Griffith, lune Guest, Gordon Harris, Bobbie Hollander, Marion Howell, lune lvade, Louis lohnson, Therman lohnson, Margaret Koch, Phil Lee, Frank Lewis, Sue Long, lames Luckie, Wilma lean Martin, Helen McCrosky, Iacky McGee, David McManus, William Murphy, Charlotte Murphy, Harriet Nolen, Billy Park, lames Ranft, Marquita Robinson, Margaret Rooker, Helda Schieffer, Gussie lo Sheffield, lames Shook, Bobbie Smith, Rosalie Stone, Billie Charles Taylor, Bobbette Teal, Norma Templeton, Margaret Templeton, Mary lean Tyler, Frances Vaughn, Mary Alice Wade, Louis Walker, LaVerne Watson, Frances Waite, Eugene White, Dorace Wilder, Peggy Willis, Dorothy Ann Wilson, Mary Frances Young, Alice lean Page One Hundred 1111 x, Pu Q , - - fl' B-- 3 Ill lll l5!ll,Ell lfdllrlil , A I Adams, Virginia Albin, Frances Aycock, Edith Bagqett, Kathleene Baltzegar, Marian Benda, D'Maris Billert, Lois Billingsley, Doris Black, jeanne Blaine, Dorothy Blaine, joe Anne Blair, Mary Frances Blessing, Marjorie Brown, Betty Byrd Brown, june Carlton, juanita Carpenter, Marian Carrell, Erna Mae Carrell, Mary Lou Chambers, Betty jean Chatelain, Zoe Anne Clark, Barbara Ann Coleman, Christine Collier, Hazel Common, Elizabeth Cook, Doris Cooper, Maxine Couch, jo Marie Cowan, Norma ge One Hmzdrezi Six A . ,LAQA " 'Pep Squad Sponsor-Miss Bae Peters MEMBERS G. V Cruse, Rosalyn Davis, Carolyn Davis, Muriel Eddy, Aliene Edgar, Catherine Edmondson, Betty jean Edmondson, Frances Elam, juanita Elmore, Doris Emery, lma jeanne Everett, Elise Ferguson, Marjorie Fooshee, jane Garrett, Dorothy George, Doris Gillette, Ellen Glover, Betty jane Graham, Betty Grissaffi, Evelyn Gual, Marjorie Guy, Mary Helen Hall, Mary jane Harmon, Virginia Hatfield, Dorothy Hearn, Maurine Hill, Betty jo Hill, Peggy jean Hill, Tannye Hilton, Wanda Hoffman, Mary jean Holloway, Gwen Hostler, Donnella Huff, Virginia Huffines, Anita Hufstedler, Edith james, Esther jolly, Gwen jones, Betty jones, Billy jean jones, Charleene jones, joanna jones, Margie Keebaugh, Carroll '- King, Doris Law, Barbara Leach, jean Lee, Mary Evelyn Lemly, Carolyn Lewis, Florence Loftice, Nellie McClung, Helen McLaren, jon C'Bryan, Latrell Paden, Helen Grace Pearson, Marinell Pettijohn, Anna juan Pitchford, Bae it A ,AA ,J Poole, Dorothy Porter, Nell Buth Poulsen, Patricia Bagland, Gloria Bainwater, Mary Louise Richardson, Bettie Biddle, Lillian Boundtree, Mary Buth Sariders, Constance sdnfopd, Ethel Marte ' Satcheel, Melba Shiga-lds, Mary Smith, Dorothy " Smith, Marcill CI Solomon, Ruth j Stallings, juanita Taylor, Bobette Thompson, Mary jo Thompson, Zana Tucker, Dorothy Waggoner, Frances Walker, LaVerne VV all, LaVerne Walther, Katie WVilder, jackie Wilder, Peggy Williams, Mary jo Pep Squad CAPTAINS Doris Cook . . . . Assistant Marjorie Blessing . . Captain Doris King . . . . Assistant MH ,,.,..,-A--mv-Q, 'i,.....--..---up 5 'Qi' MASCOTS Kearney Marie Williams Tony Murphy Sylvia Ann Glover Page One, Hundred Seven ,....., ,.....,......, 2 E 1 I Gym Class Champion Volley Ball Team 31 x,,,,A.., Figlal A Group of Ping-Pong Players Gym Class Members of Archery Club Freshmen-Sophomore Class "age One Hzmdrcd Niu Boys Gym Classes fb a XJ' af ' I Group Enjoying Relay Races junior-Senior Class One I1lHIdfl?l1 len Horseback Riding Club OFFICERS Fall and Spring President Cleo Whitlock V' Max Graham Q'- ,V L l s 5 Q3 Vice-President , B P Ioan Blaine i 'ff' Mary Shields ' ' . mi A 1 ' l Secretary t Mary Shields lune Brown Sponsor Miss Eunice Tilley The purpose ot the Horseback Riding Club is to create, maintain, and ex- tend throughout the school and community better treatment ot one ot man's best friends "the hoss." Our aim is to master and control the horse in the proper Way. Adams, Virginia Amis, lane Brown, lune Cook, Dorothy Cochran, L. D. Cutler, Bill Daniel, lack Elam, luanita MEMBERS Gardner, lohn Graham, Betty Graham, Max Lassetter, Frank Lent, Betty Lou Long, Mary lane Maier, Peggy McCullough, Ruth McLaren, lon Pirtle, lap Pledge, Patsy Richardson, Sally Satterwhite, Bill Vtfilkinson, Katherine Wilks, Meredith Page One Hundred Lleven :S ll ill Cpcrettzi f,42Mi:k.a:lk:3 1 9 gqvnfa' 5 Zn MAIN CHARACTERS Marie, Princess Rozenia called Magazine Princess ...... lune Griffith Michael St. Denise 'graduate of Hargis, now in Secret Service . Vernon Barnett Herbert Hargis -estudent ...,..,........ Charles Parr Betty f-freshman at Hargis ............, W'anda Binion A group of college students have gathered at the seashore home of Miss Stewart, pro fessor of English in the Hargis co-educational University, io be entertained and to practice up on their athletics. Eagerly they greet Michael, who is a graduate of Hargis and a former tennis champion. Michael recognizes Marie, a runaway princess from the fictitious country of Rosenia, and after hearing her story agrees to help her. With the help of lulia, a co-ed at Hargis, and also the daughter of the governor, Michael succeeds in capturing Red Rosie a pirate, sent by the King of Rosenia to capture Marie. All are happy over Marie's freedom and again the college celebration is resumed amid enthusiastic cheers and singing for Hargis. Alldredge, Doris Arnett, G. C. Avera, Guida Ruth Baldwin, Peggy Barnett, Frances Barnett, Vernon Berry, Mimi Binion, Wanda Blalock, Nelouise Brown, Bill Bundrick, Mary Ruth Carrell, Bernie Castleberry, Gloria Chambers, Betty Clawson, Bob Coker, Betty lane Coleman, Christine Collum, Effie Coop, Anna Louise Dilleshaw, Margaret Drain, Gwendolyn l :ge One I'IlHll1?'l'd Twelve CHARACTERS Dyer, Gloria Mae Edmendson, Betty Ely, Marion Evans, Elizabetth Fain, tune False, Peggy Lee Feagerson, Catherine Foesytthe, Thelma Garland, Glenn Godwin, Alice Gossett, Rex Griffith, lune Guest, Gordon Hackler, Thaviu Harrison, Marjorie Hollander, Marion Huddleston, Fredda Hurgins, Mary Bess Huff, Virginia Hiffins, Anita Hunter, Billie Ann lackson, Lennie lackson, Minnie Earl lohnson, Imogene lohnson, Ioyce lohnson, leannette lohnson, W. A. Iolly, Thelma lo tones, Norma Louise Martin, Helen McGee, David Miller, Mozelle Murphy, Harriet North, luanita C'Brien, Denis Parks, lames Parr, Charles Rooker, Hilder Sadmeyer, lean Scudder, Bonnie Sheiffer, Gussie lo Sheffield, lames Smith, Rosalee Smith, Marcile Stark, Calvin Stubbs, Nolan Stubbs, Virgil Summers, Dorothy Sypert, Billie lean Tanner, Billie Marie Turner, Richard Turner, Marie Vaughan, Mary Alice Voss, Doris Watson, Frances Weatherford, Doris Wilson, Mary Frances Wilson, Mildred Winter, Dorothy tune I ,, . 1 g 4 ' 1 z si ,N I 1 Q' 1. ,Z . , , 7 Y N I? 3. "M-M-M-fm. .I-ff" .1 " ,,,. X ' ..,,.. : 5,5515 221: " xx , -my ,. , ,.,' '. 'r ff K1 'NM .,,,. N,..,,.. ..,...,., Yr.. --..,L .f 9 Numa 5 'We xkm Nw W X ff? 3q"'W Field and Stafl Roster Guard . . Melvin Mathis Color Sergeant . . . lack West Color Serqeant . . .Wyvel Williams Guard . . Billy Lucas L e te roi Lo onel lxirlx W bn First Lieuten int Pooerty lvy, Second Lieutenant B. P.. Went vortti Captain P A Pitts Fir t Lieutenant l-low rrd Vfhite, Major Prentiss Eason, First Lieuten ont G orae Ylfade oeeond Lieutenant lack Bryant Sergeant lack Lord, Sergeant Lionel Rob ,iq I li lxfllll f ...Q '-fs.-:::.-:.m 253.5 N fit E' 1 Q-:.-:nf '-343-E,-2-,,"' Rifle Team First Row: George Harmon, Robert Cox, Robert lvy, Duncan Gault, Prentiss Eason, George Dasheill Switzer, Owen Coke. Second Row: Ioe Brown, Philip Whittlesey, Vernon Beasley, Lionel Roberts, Stanley Tabor, loe Phillips, Aubry Sharp, lack Lord, Wyvel Williams. Third Row: Iohn Boluch, Kenneth Cox, Bill Brown, Charles Wanner. Page One Hundred Fifieen I- K Compan A Privates Abbott, lames Ault, Robert Beard, T. K. Beasley, Earl Bandrat, R. V. Blackwell, Clyde Bledsoe, Porter Boedeker, Allen Bowles, Charles Bowling, Ray Britt, lohn Brown, lohn Carlisle, Robert Cooper, William Creal, lohnny Cunningham, W. L. Daniels, Charles Page One Hundred Sixleen Doudney, Charles Elphinstone, lack Evans, lames Farris, Bob Fowler, Clarence Frazier, Boyd Fuller, lame-s Gillock, l. W. Gilmer, Charles Gray, George Gregory, Carl Hartsfield, Merldean Hendrickson, Harry Herring, Fred Harn, Olin Humphrey, Frank lennings, William lohnson, Wayne Keel, lames Kilgore, Kendall Keener, David La Plant, Raymond Lewis, Lawrence Little, Tom Mays, Billy Mahaney, Charles McClintock, I. K. Maidow, loe Morrow, Ernest Nelson, Roy Newman, Fred Ogdesley, George Gliver, Herman Ridley, Philip Pollock, Paul Robertson, Elgin Captain Coke, Owen First Lieutenant Brown, loe Second Lieutenant Bryant, Robert Simms, lack Sponsor Betty Marie Todd First Sergeant Guillory, I. W. Serqeants Bowden, Edgar Cox, Kenneth Hackler, Taswell Heiskell, limmie Lee, Lawrence Roberts, Raymond Wilder, Truman Corporals Carrell, Sam Craig, Bert lvy, David Morgan, David Odom, Ralph Walthers, Danny Gibson, George First Class Privates Esry, Walter Pasino, Frank Sabo, David Sanders, Lloyd Schmidt, Wallace Salter, lack Sharp, Aubrey Smith, Robert Sanford, Holt Stewart, Duane Stultz, Sydnor Thompson, Pat Whittlesey, Frank Walraven, lohn AWanger, George Whitley, Herman Williams, Oliver Worden, loe Wyche, Hubert Yarborough, Barkley Yearger, Earl Captain Cox, Robert First Lieutenant Phillips, Ioe Second Lieutenants Harrison, Harry Beiseker, Marvin Sponsor Dorothy Hawkins First Sergeant Coker, Marshall Staff Sergeant McBride, Fred Serqeants Atkinson, Bill Bethancourt, Harold Farrar, Billy Marco, Virgil Mclntire, Lonnie Patrick, Bob ' Kirby, Dale Corporals Baker, Robert Carter, Morris Harris, lack Roller, Ted Tabor, Stanley Wall, Dan Wiley, A. P. Wiley, Iames Privates Adkisson, W. C. Anderson, Charles Bell, lack Black, Donald Bobo, Otis Chalkey, Francis Claunch, lohn Clauson, Bob Crumbie, Watson Davis, Everett Davis, I. E. Dees, David Dodd, Cranston Evans, I. C. Finley, Carl Garland, Gale Geisert, Leanord Company B 1 YW' """ ' Gibbons, lames Gordon, George Green, Billy lack Gross, B. E. Haake, Wallace Hare, Robert Hayne, Lem Hillin, Charles Hillin, Sam Hope, Bob Hughes, Robert Humphreys, Ewell Hunley, Collin lames, Leon Kerr, Vernon Kinney, Ierry Lemons, Charles Locket, lack Longley, George Low, Kenneth Mayabb, Charles Merjanian, Paul Mitchell, C. H. Moore, Charles Morgan, Charles McMahan, George Norvel, Eugene Osborne, lohn Paden, lim Phillips, Ray Proctor, Charles Proctor, Foster Qualls, Forest Ray, Tom Redwine, Bob Reynolds, Roy Richburg, Roy Risinger, Billy Rockett, lames Russell, Lloyd Shoen, Ernest Schultz, Carl Seguine, l. E. South, Charles Smith, Lawrence Stevenson, Robert Stewart, Lowery Summers, Iames Talbot, limmy Whitley, Vaden Williams, Billy Page One Hlnnlrezl Sezwlfeerl Company C Privates Ables, F. G. Adams, W. H. Adin, Bill Allen, Bill Austin, Charles Baker, Roy Barnes, Ralph Berry, Zack Bobbiti, Dick Byers, Raymond Carter, Bill Commons, Milton Good, Willie Crockett, lames Page Om' Hmlzlrrwl Eiglrlewl Crow, lames Cutler, Bill Daraan, lohn Evans, Forrest Freeland, Wayne Gibbons, Robert Gibson, Carl Greqory, William Hamm, C. O. Hamilton, Ernest Heaton, Leon Henderson, Boland Holt, Clifford Horn, Wayne Humphreys, Earl lameson, David Lester, Cecil Lonq, lames Lucas, Billy Mathis, Melwyn McCarty, Wendell McKay, Harold Michael, Louis Milke, Henry Minnick, Bob Q'Rourke, Frank Packer, Gilbert Palmer, Howard Captain Gault, Duncan First Lieutenants Switzer, Dashiell Collier, limmie Second Lieutenant Boluch, Iohn Sponsor , Nancy Pyeatt fy 'L I'-' N . 'V ' First Sergeant Baumann, Delbert Sergeants Maples, Billy Whittelsey, Phillip Gossett, Earl Childress, loy Duncan, Richard Corporals Everett, Billy Geren, Lloyd Reston, Ray Smith, Bertram Holcomb, Harold Collier, Carroll Trapp, Albert Payne, David Payne, Howard Pond, Douglas Posey, Charles Powell, Ernest Sallis, Fred Shaw, Otis Sturdivant, Gorden Tennison, Ross Tubre, Wilfred Uckert, Lee Utt, Lee Walker, Raymond Watson, Reese Westerfelt, lohn v.. Captain Harmon, George Second Lieutenants Wanner, Charles Allen, lack Moore, lames Sponsor Eleanor Hawkins First Sergeant Brown, Bill Technical Sergeant Williams, Wyvel Sergeants Hackler, Thaviu Denton, Iames Ogden, Ralph Caldwell, Ralph Corporals Austin, Harold Bowles, Tommy Dodge, Charles Cowing, Harry Shelton, Marvin Wheeler, Hermon Williams, Nev Privates Adams, Roy Lee Allen, Ted Ardinger, Horace Avrea, Carl Bates, Billy Berry, Don Bixler, W. D. Brown, Kenneth Burris, Billy Campbell, William Coe, William Crossland, Edward Deaver, Bill Company D J Deen, lames Diamond, Rawlings Ellis, George Gardner, lohn Garriott, George Gomez, William Gordon, lack Gray, Bob Hart, Sealy Havens, Earl lack Herman, Harry Hocker, Claude Houston, Stanley Karr, Bill Laird, Bill Crouch, A. I. Lipe, Eugene Lee, Robert E. Looney, lohn McClain, lule Dean McMaines, Landie Melugin, Clarance Miller, Roy Morgan, Ernest Nowlin, Wanz C'Rourke, lohn Prichard, Hoyle Pulliam, lames ,Jr-VM Reeves, Stewart Richards, Albert Richardson, Dick Richardson, Walter Robins, Lester Skelton, Ben Stice, Herbert Stultz, Wilson Tucker, George Wallace, lames White, William Wilmoth, R. C. Wilson, K. Windsor, Norman Page One Hnmlrer! Nimzleuz . A AX ,, Band Captain Corporals Stephenson, Horace First Lieutenant Lee, Forrest Second Lieutenants O'Brien, Denis Gillette, Fred Redman, lack Allen, Billy Croft, Torbett Williams, Horace Sponsor lmogene Warren First Sergeant Wright, Hailey Staif Sergeants Durham, Burt Iones, Glen Sergeants Easley, Raymond Graham, Max X: Hanson, Walter Law, Warren Lee, Frank McGee, Gene Martin, S. W. Robertson, Wayne Smith, Terry Page One llllmlrezl ,llll'l'l1fJ' Childers, Conway Davis, Bob Fagan, C. A. Gault, Carter Goodwin, Paul Hatcher, Dick Lettwich, Lewis McChesney, lames Reese, Eugene Privates. First Class Fain, M. N. Hawkins, Don Potthatf, Bill Robinson, Bill Wathen, Eugene Whitlock, Cleo Privates Babb, Herbert Betts, David Bond, A. D. Butcher, Bill Carrol, Clay Von Clark, Robert Coleman, Tommy Conine, Earnest Folse, Mack Ford, Taylor 4. ,, 'slim 'Q , o N Ford, Ted Garretson, Howard George, R. C. Green, Harry Hamilton, Robert Hodges, Murrell lenkins, George I Kinkel, Dan Langston, Zack Leslie, Frank McCroskey, lack Morgan, Weldon Muchmore, Robert Mullan, Russell Murphy, Fat Newby, William Patterson, Vfaynet Payne, Clarkl' 5" Ramsey, Bobby V' Reynolds, lames Robinson, Iohn Saunders, Marsey Smith, lohn Leslie Spray, Norman Thaxton, Bob Thomas, Billy Walters, Ralph Warner, Frank White, William T. Wilson, Wailand Zueteldt, Richard 1 L. J fix? K l 1, One flllllllferf T11'L','JIJ I 1,5152-K. 51. - COACHES VV. E. Noah, Track C. V. Ballard, Football Verde Dickey, Football W. P. Durrelt, Baseball R. B. Harris, Foolball H. N. Smith, Tennis ll. C. lleltwlcb, Golf FIRST TEAM First Row: Lloyd Dunham, Bob Vtfassoni, Pitzhuqh Hill, Robert Calder, Howard Vtfhite, Gerald Tallent, Horace Williams, Lonnie Bolclina, Ottie Samms. ' U, Second Row: lack Sibley, Don Hunley, Walter Patton, Robert Baker, lames Nall, RodneyYSorenson, Harold Iones, Ster- lina Hulen, Torbett Croit, Iames Roberson, Charles Thompson. Third Row: Leslie Miller, lack Simms, Wilbert Blanton, Vernon Braclceen, Nick Lanza, lohn Kniqht, Lawrence Lewis, Leroy Meley, Bob Nowlin, L H. Rawlinas. SECOND TEAM First Row: Hershel Keener, Albert Bass, Lem Haynes, larnes Calvert, Iohn Osborne, Sammie Daniels, Bradley Hoque Harry Cowina, Bill Primm, Lloyd Russell, Billy Shelton, Ioe Senter, I. E. Sequin, Sydney Hanson, Raymond'Lock ard. Second Row: Horace Ardinqer, Iimmie Reed, Ed Kelly, Troy Chandler, Ben Skelton, Bennie Duncan, lack Lockett, Tom my Bowley, Clyde Surrati, Harold Blankenship, Rawlins Diamond, Pat Whitaker, Raymond Walker, Ed Teubner Richard Zueieldt, Bill Karr, Earl Beasley. Third Row: Richard Avery, Elard Wilson, Eugene McClintock, Earl Price, Robert Gentry, Lester Robbins, Elgin Lloyd Don Lippincott, Captaing Melvin Green, Billy Burrus, I. M. Bryan, Sonny Simmons, larnes Neighbors, Billy Gibson Harris, Coach. . ' it f 4 V ' , . 1 lllfml 1 ,D ff 5.1 if v as I ... :P , -: .-Q --ge., No No No No No No N ol. No No Football Calendar September 22. Adamson 0-Longview 2 The Leopards journeyed to Longview for their first game of the season and went down in defeat by the "baseball" score of 2 to U. The Leopards outplayed their opponents throughout the game and deserved a victory. September 30. Adamson 33-Graham 0 ln their second game the Leopards really hit their stride. Adamson scored twice in the first quarter, once in the second, and once in the third and fourth quarters, also. Graham was never able to make a sustained drive during the course of the game. October 6. Adamson 20--Iohn Reagan tl-Ioustonl 6 Playing their first game in the new Dalfl-li Stadium, Adamson beat a pow- erful team in lohn Reagan of Houston. Reagan was the favorite, but the Leop- ard's speed proved too much for the Reaganites to handle. 9-4 88 92 85 98 QU 84 89 '73 No. 72 L... 1 2 Robert Baker Co-Captain lack Simms .Walter Patton .Torbett Croft Lawrence Lewis lohn Knight Vernon Brackeen Nick Lanza .Lonnie Bolding . larnes Roberson October 12. Adamson 21-Tech 0 Opening the district race against Tech Hi, the Leopards proved from the start that they were going to be serious contenders for the city championship. Adamson did all its scor- ing during the first half. Tech threatened the Leopard goal several times, but could never push over a score. it A Q. F rt M V- . .- fa? ' i fr . " 5 , '.: V lack Sibley Manager Football Calendar October 20. Adamson 33-Forest 6 The Leopards turned in a great game against the heavier Forest team. Speed again was an important factor in the victory. The Leopards scored once in the first quarter, once in the third and three times in the last. November 10. Adamson 6-Woodrow Wilson 20 Adamson lost its only district game to Vlfoodrow Wilson, the team that eventually won the city title. The Leopards entered the game with a had case of jitters and never settled down until late in the game. The 'Wildcats scored in the first, second and third quarters while the Leopard's only tally came in the last quarter. November 23. Adamson 14-North Dallas 12 The North Dallas game was one of the most exciting of the season. Trailing by two touchdowns at the half, the Leopards played the most courageous game of the season as they came from behind to win. The last score came in the last minute of the game. November 30. Adamson 18-Sunset 13 Adamson won its last game of the season over their neighborhood rivals, the Sunset Bis- ons. The game was played in a dense fog and at times the spectators could not see the play on the field. The Leopards scored in the first, third and last quarters while the Bisons pushed across their touchdowns in the second and fourth quarters. .1151 53 -..... ft W r 3 Q . . i 3 .l g ..,, my V ' V ' ..,. ,V iz . ...t ' so y . .r,. QS No No No No No No No No No .QU 87 77 99 9l 76 74 93 97 . larnes Nall Co-Captain . Gerald Tallent Horace Willianis . Leroy Meley . Sterling Hulen Harold lcnes Fitzhuah Hill l. H. Rawlings Bob Nowlin Leslie Miller Manager Pain Mullen Fiizhuah Hill Iames Roberson limmie Campbell 1 Basketball Lettermen Carlisle DeHay Durwood Harloer Tommye Sellers I. B. Harrison Harry Lowe Geren Chapman Raymond Hill Nick Lanza Leslie Miller : - MM V'-"W xmfwwmwfwwmaw Fain Mullen Moon lim Yee Bill Adm Bob Vlfasson Troy Chandler Howard Palmer Carlisle Del-lay lames Boberson Durwood l-larber X M M l Basketball lames Campbell Cferen Chapman Tommy Sellers Fiizhnah l-lill Douglas Pond Baymond Loolcard Leslie Miller Marvin Moore Wanz N owlin Baymond l-lill l-larry Lowe l. B. l-larrison lohn Kniahi Wesley Enaland Melvin Mathis Nick llanza Albert Bass Boberi Booth Luke Colleit -,,., i,N me M U -A K 0+ -71 ' I on if 1 Av A , Blk M X ln hi'mw'f-H ?w"'W""'W5bim+5i:f'. 2' mf9g,,gggggggy9g,z. f -1-mgmmi Front Row Iames Penn W. P. Cylce Ernest Ledford lames Felt lohn Holland Paul Rosenberg Second Row lames Calvert Robert Smith Herbie Moore Baseball lohnny Bob Creel Bob Wasson Payne Mullen Hendrix Hallobaugh Durwood Harber lames Roberson Earl Beezley Tom Chandler Third Row David McGee Nick Lanza ,F U X , Melvyn Mathis Alford Tarborough Raymond Hill I. W. Guillory' Felix Timpa lack Simms Geren Chapman Troy lohnson Albert Bass I. H. Rawlings Marvin Moore, Manager i , r l km A n.fNfx 'KEM357JH5rNRBP'?Hi?AE.'.Ta'WT iiGiiFf'.?i'fifW-'4'!W5iTi'17fX32X?Sw2iLzbXs3CX5'S.'EW'S'.55t1i-L3f?5 "Sfi5ifl:Ef'Js12-'-ii, ' ' fl-TQ: Track Winners in thc city and district track mccts Front Row Middle Row I. E. Davis Bob Bearden Charles Thompson Horace Williams Billy Bates Bay Walker Morris Frost H LeRoy Meley Earl Collins Euaene McClintock W. H. Adams Verlan Lewis Gerald frqiiem i David ivy Harrel Frost ROY Adams Ted Allen loe Still Cfkssistant Manaaerb ii "r Z Top Row Winton E. Noah CCoachJ larnes Vauqhan Clvlanaaerl David Wall Buford Phillips Wilson Atteberry Bob Nowlin Bohert l-lamliton Sydnor Stultz Bradley Hoque lerry Kinney I. B. McClintock X' ..,. . A IX X-of f . W is if X LX V Aw .J , ' X fm rv ,,,l X 1 jack Allen, Bob Bearclen, Torbett Croft, Earl Collins, W. I-I. Adams Track Letterman Bob Nowlin, Leroy Meley, Gerald Tallent, Morris Frost Tennis Teams Thurman Johnson, joan Peterson, Larry Stewart, Margie Jones, R. N. Smith, Cranston Dodd Meredith Wilks, Ben Ard, Rudolph Roberson Golf Team t Russell Warren, L. C. Leftwich, john Knight, Captain. B. Harrison, Max Graham, james Roberson 9? Cheerleaders Mary Bearclen Jerry Smith Hazel Collier Wilburn Morrison Johnnie Ellis Charles Wanner Y f 'X ' I ,fvx-f' ful' AV McChesney, James Odom, Ralph O'Rourke, John Roberts, Raymond Sellers, Tommy Vau han, A. C. Warner, PEER Wessels, Dean Williams, Nev Young, Jim Arrance, Carol Benda, D'Maris Hodges, Murrell Jamieson, LaVerne Johnson, Margaret Loomis, Nellie Jane Marshall, Cordelia Plumlee, Dorothy Polk, Dorothy - Schiefler, G-ussie Jo Edmondson, Frances Lewis, Viola Paulsen, Patricia Taylor, Bobbett Tennison, Mariorie Keller, Sibyle Boluch, John Cox, Kenneth Craven, Winfield Davis, John Fowler, Clarence Gallegly, Herbert Green, Harry Vau hn, James Wes? :lack Wyatt, Jimmy Yeager, Earl Gillette, Fred Carter, Morris Croft, Torbett Sorenson, Rodney Albin, Frances Allen, Joan Armstrong, Dorothy Baker, Clara Helen Ball, Sally Burt, Jean Carrell, Erna Mae Cecil, Bernice Clark, Patty Sue Coates, Anna Marie Connolly, Sara W. Scholarship Club lContinued from page S4l Hartness, Ruda Harvey, Annetta Havens, Mariorie Hawkins, Dorothy Henderson, Peggy Hill, Patty Hilton, Wanda Hufstedler, Edith Kirwan, Johanna McKinney, Maureen Maier, Peggy O'Bryan, Latrell Parker, Anne Pooley, Mary Pyeatt, Nancy Ramsey, Dorothy Salas, Glory Schmidt, Dorothy Starling, Frances Tiner, Erma Torno, Madeline Watkins, Lois Watson, Mary B, Wiederhold, Maxine Wilkes, Meredith Wright, Naomi Dorsett, Roselyn Gash, Minnie Fay Gillen, Kathleen Hearne, Maurine Jameson, Mary Lou Koch, Betty Sue McLeod, Mary Jane Merritt, Dorothy Milke, Marguerite Reese, Sybil Emmons, Martha Jane Harvey, Anna McCullough, Ruth Austin, Mary Ellen Blackwell, Audrea Bludworth, Mildred Couch, Stella Dilingham, Lillie Hine, Virginia Ingram, Bennie June Lottice, Oleta Breedlove, Wendell Carrell, Sam Childers, Dan Coke, Owen Collier, Jimmie Nowlin, Bob O'Brien, Denis Robertson, Wayne Simms, Jack Stephenson, Horace Summers, James Teubner, Ray Whittlesey, Philip Horn, Wayne King, J. Y. Harrison, Harry Harrison, J. B. Harvey, Comfort Morrow, Ernest Bryant, Robert Park, James Hare, Robert Pinkston, Wallace Poindexter, Raymond Redman, Jack Sharp, Aubrey Bennett, Elinor Durand, Elizabeth Ford, Jerryline Ford, Josephine Hawkins, Eleanor Nicholson, Mariorie Plumlee, Edna Reeves, Nancy Smith, Eleanor Taylor, Rebecca Upham, Helen Walston, Orelya Whittlesey, Margaret Estes, Mary Frances Frogge, Wanda Williams, Voneta Baker, Robert Blanton, Wilbert Calder, Robert Geisert, Leonard Gruneisen, William Hutchens, Jack Law, Warren Lee, Forrest McCulley, Rader Meserole, Otis Napier, Carl Parr, Lewis Patton, Walter Peterson, Roy Silbey, Jack Kern, Marian Day, Billie K. Reed, Elsie Mae Ezell, Jack Manton, Ruth Walther, Dan Bates, Billy Flowers, Dorothy Birbilis, Frances Gault, Duncan Murdoch, Jane Phillips, Joe ' I . , ft' ,l , -A . ,A " , , ,, W- , fr ' ' ' ' 'I ' ' ' ""J " 7.1 ' ',' 'Jf .vs 4., sf" ,?! ' ., sf 2 ' , ' 1 ll -A, vt... ,Zf I "7 'f1? if 5 'FN , Y yy 4'Q""'v', ' 21' f au", -",5f-seq , ,- .9 f, , A I I I , r 3 ' ff' ez. - g 4 , . V ,, -3 ,. ' 1 A A ' 7 Y ww ' 71 if x 'Wi -"Vg,"'," y-'L ' ay FYI Al' .xfl f' New ,- ,, -fi' ,W-'.-'rj Lv , ' at , I x f 'F 1 N 2? - sf' my fee -Q4 ,A 'uf-'sf L, s 1 fever f W4 fa -fs -- is f pi- - .1 4. -- A P, -.,f" 7 -4 1' A , r , ,f uv , I lo , -- ' f M , P , . Qi" , '1--. --0 of ,ar - - I - , ' - . f " , 'I -,A 7, 'V7 -,fy ' 1 if 4 r",5"' 1 ,"r,,-4,"1? , ' ',fy-vQ-f- - 1- ,jf-,fs Sgr'-.4 4,-.' ,14,,,,,i a " ii- I - - - I . . ,, ' A . 1 ' 'il 7 -wx-vz,'. Y ,-v ii, sf fe., .,..,,y,.,,?a 57, ,. , . ,ft r V . .,s,7f-,'.,L. 'N . . . , ' N M , .-,- R H 1- Azvl -v. -- ,- A-f',s"" ' fm 7 , ff ff-ff fa , " ',-'w f ' ' 'f A A en- . . f- f., Q, 7 fv"6-' - ' ' I v .-- ., , , . .. 4q,.,' ' ' ,J .'. .7: 'WX' ',' 2 Pyrex: f-.AA 1-,v 'N W,-'Tj V? I 'W' '7 In fini . fr I ' .-. , . . . 4 , A -sf, , r , , , ,-,, - ,V A., M f' I -. 1 'i iq? 'Nj-iw' if-1' I'-wil..-Afsp '-4 y -1, E- f' 4' ' A no 4 ' A , A n A 0 ,, A sf ,Y- I V ., ,. I s If ,-ff: ,7 ,. 5 V' -xl H' 1,1 , ,,,.,W7 p-,fjgzz ..,,., . an ,AA 'S-s",fs'j,.-3'-V-s "5 r-Ig,-we -, - , . O -..v., I f .A 'A ij' ' , ,, , . - ,. . , . -- - 1 'Yf ' gr , ,. 'ss A fiy'j,-y f-.,:, if 'I -. v""r'? 1 -1 'A 1 - ' ' F- sx. '! ' ?' ' '61 'I' af,-if ew- 'af-.3.,',4'Q-'1"f - . - . - "f - A ' 1 ,' ' ' Y" 5" P' "7""5-19 f'5.? 'fi "" L., rw 'if "'-":'?sw'f I-1 fri" f 044B 7 9 1 , 9' . l- O- ' . , ,5L0f-fyy.. .f-,qn " ,-so . .. M . ,. . ff , - KW A 5,5550 . N-Y-. I3 76 ' ',,,., .l-17, . S 11, Nic, HA I 'Wx 'H I. fig f 4 " 1 " H ' ':. , A , V ,V N . Yifn, -rw -N44 Nr-fy I f . r ' 5,,v' wig--i If-P5 "'1"'f:f"7 , "v1fL'L xi fs'-' 'vyfv' qj 'PT' 'fri' 'B 4 ww A' A ' ' I - y -wi I V . lf, V. , , ,, 1 47' -1 -'xf ff-. 'K 7"1f'1- " -AVR "' fr' ,P V V "Ji':4',Y fw' Arivflifl 'I-0" ' ' ' ' l-- ' . . .' ' 1 ' , , , cw ' P' ' 'Y 1' s"'?'SQ- wa' A, Q .. o,- Q , A,-, - In '.' ,s ""-1.,.."4' 4' I ' " -- , , . i , H kfY,.,A,-N. J-A ' '-' "D't'."f' N uv.. 1. 4 . . P , , , ' 1 ,, ,, 'N tm Q JI, -,-,Qt as 'urn M .3 A ,, -ff '71 'vc rrvvv' O'1"""f' V6"V" 00 l u Jokes At school for the first time, the small boy started to sob bitterly. "What's the matter, Willie?" Asked the teacher. "Please, Miss. I don't like school, and I've got to stay here till I'm 14." "Don't worry about that," said the teacher. "Look at me. I've got to stay here till l'm 65!" Teacher: "johnny, tell me what you know about the Caucasian race." johnny: "I don't know anything about it. I didn't see itf' First Student: "What? You flunked that course again?" Second Sluclent: "What do you expect? They gave me the same exam." Freshman: "Some upper classman was just telling me that we are to have a new concrete stadium next fall." Sophomore: "Yes the alumni have at last decided to use their heads." "How long does an engine last?" asked the inquisitive old lady of the locomotive engineer. "About thirty yearsf' he answered pa- tiently. "Oh, I should think a tough-looking thing like that would last much longer than thirty years." "Maybe it would if it didn't smoke so much." Teacher: "You missed my class yester- day, didn't you?" Frank: "Not in the least, teacher, not in the least." "I thought you said you were going to knock that exam cold." "Well, didn't I? I came out with a zero." "And what," she asked, "should a little boy say to the lady who has given him a penny for carrying her bundles?" "l'd hate to tell you,', he replied. ferry: "Dora is the dullest girl I've ever seen." Perry: "Why?" ferry: "She wanted to know how many quarters in a baseball game." Perry: "That's nothing. My girl wanted to know if a football coach has wheels." PHONETICALLY RIGHT, ANYWAY Doctor fafter bringing victim toj: "How did you happen to take that poi- son? Didn't you read the sign on the bottle? It said 'poisonf " Ebenezer: "Yassah, but Ah didn't pay no attention!" Doctor: "Why not," Ebenezer: "'Cause right underneaf dat it said, 'Lye'." EN CIRCLIN G Teacher: "What is it that binds us to- gether, sustains, us, and makes us even better than nature intended?" - Tommy: "Girdles." CAUGHT! Moe was trying to describe to his friend the kind of fish he had caught. "I tell you," he explained, "it was that long! I never saw such a fish in my life!" "I believe you," answered his friend. THE BRUSH SAGA Clarence Brush was a traveling man who sailed the foamy main, He was Mister Brush in England, Senor Brush in Spain. In France he was Monsieur Brush, but the Germans were his bane, They always called him Herr Brush, which filled his heart with pain. BON MOW! A man went wearily into a barber shop and slumped down into a chair. "Give me a haircut," he said. The barber told him that he was too far down in the chair for a haircut. "All right," said the customer, wearily, "give me a shave." 40 DDS IDNS Efficient Employment Supervisor and over SOO positions annually--35'2 more than we are able to fill-virtunll ' assure ins virin' em lovment ow ortunities to Dr.1u hon 5 I lv P , IP t graduates. Twenty Accredited Courses lending to early starts on business careers. Lzlr 'est in Dallas. Call, hone 7-3135, for com nlete information. is P 1 P 1 BUSINESS 'ZCZLL Ofli COLLEGE OPPOSITE CITY IIALI. Yi - YYYY .QY Y Y , Y. Greenlee Sign Co. PHILLIPS-TAYLOR Compliments of Five to a Dollar Store 1309 Young St. Phone 2-1754 121 W. jefferson , . QUOTH "Ii" XVA'TSON SERVICE STATION l Prof. ftzlking up quiz pnperj: "XVhy phone 9-R575 qixth 81 Pieminq the quotation marks on this paper?" I L K A Student: "The little acorn grew and DGNU3, TGXQS grew, and one day woke up and said, 'Ge-on-etry'." C301TIpllI1'19I'llS of I EVERYTHING MUSICAL 84 21:4 iam: si tu-pier miiixsi l1f.X.XS i 409 SOUII1 B9Ckl9Y Y YY Y Y YYYYY Y ,YYYY Y YYY? YYYY YY YYY YY ,YYYY Y. YY Y Y 'Dev " A ilwuafhfz OUR WE DEEPLY APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAOE l PIG. ll W STANDS, INC. 'Nineteen Year in Texas" POST OFFICE BEAUTY Sl-IOP Pemzarzerzts that are Natural Hair Tints A Specially 519 W. lefferson Ave. Phone 6fO6lO X19 , A RUBDOVUN Tough: "Got a piece of sandpaper?" Guy: "Yeah, but you can't take a bath now, there's someone in the shower." "Laughter-the sensation of feeling good all over and showing it in one spot." wx- rg 71 5l7'lC6'7'e appreciation of the patronage and friendship of the entire body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past 16 years. American Beaut Cover 0. 2002-8 Field Street cglze Gower on this Qook ClQ7as Qroclucecl in This Qplant Smith: "So your son is in college? How is he making it?" Smitlaersz "He isn't. l'm making it and he's spending it." HARPER CLEANERS 313 N. Bishop Phone 92-0243 Wfe Specialize in All Kinds of Clemzirzg at the Lowest Prizes M Eudxlnedfi ealfeqe ,P Foremosf in Dallas for 52 Years Sfl'IIOgl'dfll7lf', Sr'c'1'eiarinl, and Az'- rouufing courses taught by men and women of experience and ability. Good positions secured for Graduates. Come fo .we IIN, or Plwne 7-S514 y -1- Compliments of RIGA D BREWER Mz'lz'lary and Sporty lflfear 1803 Elm Street 2-2717 MANUFACTURERS OF I-IIGI-I QUALITY WEDDING AND COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS CAUIDLE ENGIQAVING CUMDANY STEEL DIE AA'D COPPER PLA TE E.Yl1 R AYER S DALLAS, TEXAS I I TOAK OLIEE PAINT 84 IWALL X g PAPER OO. X y f , 831 W.1e-ffefson P11888 8-5885 Q1 A. KUCHENBACKER, owner I Q ?I'i'f'1.'i33 J -PJJVI MODERN VICTOR HERBERT Not because you're fair, dear, Not because you're true, Not your golden hair, dear, Not your eyes of blue. Where Oak Clif Students Trade STETSON HATS ARROW SHIRTS 333 W. Iefterson to Sh ld k h h I l , Qju ,jon as t e reason W Y Ove 1 HAMILTON 8 PHARMACY P . ' ff Pla 'z It's because you have a new green Packard revamp mn armdczs I convertible roadster with a heater and Phones 66911 6-5913 a radio, Ietterson at Lancaster Dallas, Texas PROMPT DELIVERY Q, - . I GIFTS GIFTS A' L' Mrs. Smith: "Henry, I'm afraid this Watch Repdlfwg lobster is going to disagree with me." jewelry Repazrzng bl353NW. 12-ffeiS?r1ISt. Mr. Smith: "Bly dear that's impossible. Re ' ational '. S. Bld . ' H Fosrhlerlg Medical-DeI1Ta1nBui1dinII3 It Wouldn t dare' 6-5977 6-5977 so - "Hat's ott to Adamson High School!" Small bvyf "What is College bred, You are TOPS with us, Shown by your Dad?" good tiqhtinq spirit and True Dad Qwith son in collegej: "They SDOTTSU1CU'15I'1l13 make college bread, my boy, from the Your NeiQI1bOf Hour of youth and the dough of old age." Fie1d's Tenth Street Beauty Shop 107 S. Cumberland 6-0143 9 WEBB WAFFLE SHQP Barber: "What's the matter? Ain't the razor takin' holt?" "The Wfzzffle of W'affles" 1 , , , , Vzctzmz "Yeah, lf,S taklng holt all right, 110 S, Murphy 1402 Main but it ain't lettin' go again." O 1 Qlitp Iumhing ,ierhite 2334 Live Oak Street M. M. PUETT, Manager Slfew and 'fused CZQ3ater gfeater Qargains Quick Repair Service Phones 7-0219-87-4211 ,lixlxf , r . l I 4-i-t hai' at l' nhl" -- V t l l The Green Hut Cafe Open All Nite Air Conelifioneel 244 W. letferson Phone 6-0110 lohn I-I. Shaw, Mar. -6 DIAMCNDS . WATCHES . SILVER .JEWELRY . TRCPHIES flak gnvite Qfnu tobuyat S I-I U E Sandsafoe gorty-tbree 9Qars in Qlallas Second Floor Southland Life Bldg. Next to Baker Hotel e , l Tricks, jokes, Puzzles, Souvenirs Watson Service Station Y MAGICL-AND Battery Comloination, Tires, l 409 N' PTVUY Phonoqraph Combination, 4ODDOSite POSt Office? Arvin Baclios, Batteries, Q - - Bicycles, Accessories. Use Our Badge! Plan l Phone 95575 5th 84 Fleming Dallas, Texas l College Student fwriting homej: "Say, how do you spell financially?" Roommate: UF-i-n-a-n-c-i-a-1-l-y, and there are two r's in embarrassed." -H 6b+,,, ,i,rc,. ,,vm,, , ,-,,,-,, A ,,, YH, ATTENTIQN GIRLS! Individual Hair Styling, Expert Permanent Waving at CHABMODE BEAUTY SALQN 326-A W. letferson Phone 6-424l E-- Tom: "Hear about Spud? He just swal- lowed a camera film." fuck: "Gosh, I hope nothing serious develops." GCCDMAN CLEANERS 400 N. Bishop Dinner Guest: "Will you pass the nuts, Professor?" Absent-nzinded Professor: "Yes, I sup- pose so, but I really should Hunk most of them." , -Yi' OAK CLIFF BANK 84 TRUST CO. 250 W1 lefierson Leclurer: "Allow me before I close to repeat the words of the immortal Web- stef." Lisleuer: "I'm going to get out of here if he's going to start in on the dictionary." A KRAYEHS PHARMACY P1'escril'11fi0n Druggisis Phone 9-3745 Colorado at Ballard Dallas, Texas va, , i , Wi. , -1 , ,.., . , v, i,.- . As you go upward and outward into the world you'lI come to appreciate the worth of quality in everthing you buy . . luquiring Sclmolboy: "Daddy, what ef- I E' M' Q CO' fcct does tl'lC H1000 h21VC 011 the Kid6?U leuulify Alglpflrpl fur jfgn anll Buys Dad: "Not any, son. Only on the un- Xlilill BIN' Ellll al Lalliill' tide." Z4OVHiQ31?lv lelazfe your jiersonulity accentuated with a B0-IAN original. Across from the Texas Theatre Tanne Poteet Ruth Bobitt any -A7A--- - V W- ---- - 4-1-1 - -- EILSO E UTYGOLLEGE FINEST IN DALLAS AND THE SOUTHIVEST Investigate NEILSON,S Before Enrolling in Any Beauty School Leading Beauty Shops Demand NEILSON Graduates Free Catalogue Upon Request Air Conditioned DENISON on your PHOTOGRAPH is the same as STERLING on your SILVER N C, , . , ' fs- o" P' K. :V .7 N 1 . . af i ,- ,, Y N N I 1 5 I ,fr 4 - i 4 . - I ' O 8 w I W X kd ylt D I J . R, '., STUDIGS, 11025 ELM STREET DALLAS, TEXAS Ofjimzl School Photographer M pw 1 p + ggigifmm l " cf ' ' ' ILKIN SO N XRINTING Co. Gatalog: . Qooklcty . School cgnnualx 1717 wooo STREET DALLAS, TEXAS ELEFHONE 7-1622 M . -912 Cf Wfwvffffjf M f Jfwwffiify W WOW' 6'f'fW""cT7'f'lMf5 Vail MM? W M Jwfffff' U angie? Mfwzsf K XX

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Adamson High School - Oak Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Adamson High School - Oak Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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