Adamson High School - Oak Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1939

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Adamson High School - Oak Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 133 of 152
Page 133 of 152

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Page 133 text:

i.1 -1 ,ii-ii National TCU Cents an Everywhere Y News I-BSS by ufflgr , . Dallas, Texas DOLLY WILDMANE , REBA HEISKELL Gdmm LIST OF NEW BOOKS The following books received during the last week from publishers are here- by acknowledged with thanks. "The Art of Spaghetti" by Philip Dis- penza tells the story of making this deli- cious food. "The Sheik of my Heart," by lvelle Tacker is a love storyea thriller. "Football-Past ad Present" by limmie Mascho is guaranteed to teach you how to play and understand this game. "How to Vamp" by Doris Willhite should be worth reading by those in- terested, as Miss Willhite is an expert in this line. 0 PERSONALS Misses Norma Yeager, Martha lane Hayes, and Mary Lou Spradling of the Ziegfield Follies are spending a few weeks with home folks. Mr. Iohn Barnes, Who has been in China for the past two years, teaching the natives how to play basketball, has arrived to be the groom in the Barnes- Todd Wedding. Miss Laura Lois Luck of Kangaroo, Neb., will give an interesting lecture before the "Eat-a-Prune-a-'Week" Club at their weekly luncheon. 0 DR. SCHLINKE'S XXX PILLS Big Sandy, Texas. Iune 19, 1955. Dear Dr. Schlinke: I was told by my family physician that I could never wa'k without crutches, my rhecrnatism was so bad. Then l saw the advertisement for your Pills. Since taking two bottles, I am feeling like a 16-year old. I am never bothered with rheumatism now. Miss Dorothy Whitman. 0 These XXX Pills are guaranteed to cure headaches, colds, cuts, rheumatism, indigestion, burns, bruises, coughs, sprains, sore th,oat, ear ache, tooth-ache' and weak eyes. ADV. O AT THE MOVIES Now showing at the Astor "Pink Ele- phants" featuring Dorothy Dickinson as the heroine, Grant Collier as the hero, and Embelyne Cook as the little sweet- heart. Miss Lidamay Denny takes the part of the little dancing girl. This pic- ture is directed by Tom Terry. Miss Billie Nell Hughes and Ruth Parker announce the arrival of Doris King of St. Louis who will have charge of the millinery department of the Hughes-Parker Ladies' Shop. Miss King comes highly recommended. LEARN TO TALK at Frances Beasley's Open Srr Mouth School Three Month's Course O Mr. Arthur Blair has accepted the po- sition as pitcher for the St. Louis Cardi- nals. Much success to you in your new position! 0 SOCIETY This week's society centers about the Sturgess-Horton nuptials and many social social affairs preceded the wed- ding itself. On Monday of this week Miss Evelyn Couch entertained with a seated tea in honor of Miss Horton. Misses Edythe Abernathy and Delia Michiel honored Miss Horton on Tues- day with a bridge luncheon. Misses DeLoyce McDonald, Hildred Hill, Beth Thompson, and La Voyce Garrison were the luncheon guests. Mrs. Ralph Echols entertained Wed- nesday afternoori in hofior of Miss Horton with a Majestic party. The program featured talented artists, Miss Viva Ellison, reader: Miss Maforie Tipps, soloistg and Miss Gene Martin, dancer. 0 STURGESS-H ORTON A wedding of state-wide interest was that of Thursday evening which united in marriage Miss Louise Horton and Mr. George Sturgess. The ballroom of the Adolphus was tumed into a garden of palms and ferns for this occasion. Before the ceremony, Miss Benettr Tate, accompanied on the piano by Miss Marcelle Mount, sang in her own charm- ing manner, "l Love You." Miss Mount also played the wedding music. Miss Florence Rowland, maid of honor, entered with H. T. Green, who served as best man. Miss Horton was met at the altar where the impressive and beautiful ceremony was performed by Rev. Prank Mehrten. After the wedding an informal re- ception was held. Misses lane Wright and Tommie Allard presided over the punch bowl. Miss Marie France had charge of the bride's book. Mr. and Mrs. Sturgess left immediately after the reception for an extended tour of the world. 0 DALLAS' INSTITUTE OF MUSICAL TRAINING Piano-Carl Kinnan. Violin-Albert Walraven. Organ-Frank Mehrten. Voice-Kenneth Landers. Clarinet-Rader McCulley. Saxophone-I. V. Ridley. Guitar-Doris Ann Buchanan. Banjo-Thelma Vestal. All teachers are graduates of well known musical schools. For further information, call Bryan 709 There will be a meeting of the "Roger Porter Brown-for-Governor" Club this evening at 8:00 o'clock in the club rooms. All members are urged to be present. Press Reporter. Mr. Ioe Bryant, known to the baseball world as Babe Ruth, II, is in the city to witness the Addington-McBride boxing match. 1 have sung for you a song And it may be right or wrong But only you can tell me if it's true: l have tried to explain Both your pleasure and your pain, And friends, here's my best respects to you. 'Selected STARTLING INVENTIONS Misses Amonette Bailey and Daryl Iennings will soon place on the market their great contribution to the World! a hair cream which is guaranteed to make kinky hair straight and straight hair curly. 0 A soundless bell has been invented by Philip Crown, Frank Tippit, and Ioe Lee. Pugr One Hundred Twenty 111110

Page 132 text:

National Ten Cents and Everywhere General Pay N0 News Less ballas, Texas- I955 I Tdgliizorr Once in my secluded chamber Late at night I read A great prophet's wondrous story, Now forgot and dead. Gazing at his magic ring He could learn Fate's plan: Foretell any future happening, Forwarn unsuspecting man. '39 Senior, oh my claszmates, Happy, young and free, W'hat'll be the future, guarded by the Fates, Have in store for thee? rf If that prophet-hopeless "its Could be summoned back! With that sigh upon my lips On my couch I sank. Stealthily an old man entered My secluded roomy On his hand a great ring glistened, In his eyes deep gloom. "You have called me, and I answer, I shall tell you name by name, Of the future of your classmates, Of their glory and their fame." Ten years ago he told me Misses Mary Alice Armistead and Ruth Pollock 'have returned to the Para- hill Short Island Studios where they will begin work on their new picture, "South of the Gas Tank," which is adapted from the sensational novel by Iohn Marvin Ashley. 0 WIN HONORS Congressman lim Wright delivered, yesterday, what is said to be the most erudite speech heard in the Congres- sional Hall. The fact that a certain Virginia has decided to be a Marshall no longer may have been the inspira- tion for this memorable speech. UNITED IN MARRIAGE On Thursday, April 27, Mr. Iohn Price and Miss Billie Io Boyd were united in marriage. Both are well known resi- dents of Dallas. Mrs. Price is president of the Stuck-U-Bank, and Miss Boyd was the telling payer. They have a lot of friends who wish for them life's great- est pleasures and happiness. "Go thcu and do likewise." ' Rev. OLIVER SNOOKS CAVETT, ADAMSON HIGH HAS NEW FACULTY MEMBERS At a meeting of the School Board, yesterday, applications were considered and the following new members were elected to Adamson Hi's faculty for the term 1955-56. Principal, Mr. Penryn Rasor. Mr. Rasor received his Ph. D. at the African Academy for young men last year. English, Miss Virginia Campbell. Miss Campbell is a graduate of Texas Uni- versity. Domestic Science, Hesper Crook. Miss Crook is a B. S. graduate of Baylor. She will also receive a "M. R. S." degree next spring, at which time she will become the bride of our new and highly esteemed principal. Latin, Hugh Hall. Mr. Hall graduated from the University of Rome and has also taught at Miss Betty Bandy's School for Seekers of Knowledge. Economics, Miss Ruth Bybee. Miss Bybee is a graduate of Iames Kilgore's Institution. 0 Try this on your piano4"The Shades And what he said is true, Offlcicffll- gr? hgp irl Ti I?urk Rclflllnw Robert In these columns I am telling . u C mson S Q es song 1 ' All of it to you. 0 You are cordially invited to the , vselecfed' WHITEHOUSE BARBER sHoP , , NOTICE , I Ladies, Work G Speciqhy I will begin my summer music classes Miss Iayne Waggener, our foremost U l I HGXi Week- portrait painter, who has been living in Bebbmqt Curlmg end Shsmsoomq MIS BGIIY Mflfie Todd Winona for the past three years, is here William HGCJGHCIOOTYI, MGHCIQGI' Q to do the portrait of Miss Mary Bearden, . director of the Highland Fling Dance. COURT IN SESSION Notice has been received in the office of the Oak that our well known towns- man, Mr. Robert fOuackl Shelton, has been awarded the Dumbell prize for the great scientific discovery which he has named "VV'asblackbutlsred." Dr. Shelton has been making extensive experiments for the past two years. The undoubted success of his invention was proved when, before a board, consisting of the following doctors: Thomas L. Dykes, lack Z. Daniel, and Iuanita Bil- lert, he turned I... C. Sport's black hair red. O Miss Daylo Kerr has rcturned from Monte Carlo where she attended the Mah long convention. Page Om' Hufldr d Twenty-six Miss Lubv Robnett, a noted woman gospel preacher, will speak before Miss Lois Potthoff's Art Class tomorrow. Mr. Brock Wright, the millionaire hide king, is in Dallas looking over his ware- houses and shaking hands with old friends. NOTICE I am no longer associated with Miss Marcella Rodgers' Beauty Parlor. I have opened my own parlors at the Baker Hotel, where I will be glad to receive my patrons and friends. Mme. Ioellen Scruggs. State versus Billy Brackeen, on a charge of bigamy. It was found that Brackeen has three wives: Mrs. Dorcas Bivings Brackeen, Mrs. Margery Tipps Brackeen, and Mrs. lane Osborne Brackeen. 0 Mrs. Paul Davidson versus Paul David:on, divorce granted. MARRIAGE LICENSES. Robert Hawkins-Dorothy Miller. Alton BoatmaneTuleta Chittirn. Charles Wanner-Nora Mae Holston 0 CHAD SNEED Attorney-At-Law Divorce A Specialty Dallas, Texas

Page 134 text:

Guess Who? I-low well do you know the faculty? See if you can give the name of the faculty member suggested by the following: l. One whose name is a day of the week. 2. One whose name suggests timidness and shyness. 3. One whose name suggests a big boat, or an ark. 4. A magnificent specimen of fireworks. 5. The name of the lower veins of a tree or plant. 6. That which announces the close of each class. 7. An object used to balance one while walking. 8. A masculine ruler. 9. A musical instrument, very essential for a fox hunt. lO. One whose name indicates the masculine sex. ll. A long-legged bird. l2. A bunk swung between two trees. l3. Leave out the "l" and the word is easy. l4. When spoken rapidly the word sounds like "dirt." l5. The first two letters are the beginning of a laughy the last the name ofa famous English poet. l5. The first syllable is the description of a skinny boy while the last is the name of an automobile. l7. The first half of the word means to scratch or ruin somethingg the last part means a person's male child. l8. The author of Last of the Mohicans. l9. The first half of the word is a plot or area occupied by tentsr the last is an article that struck makes a ringing sound. 20. A weed and the last is an illiterate form of the very eat. 2l. An Irishman whose day is celebrated in March. 22. The opposite to right and a fierce, superhuman woman. 23. Something not old and a fruit that grows on a bush. 24. One who grinds grain. 25. A common color. By MARY ALICE ARMISTEAD. Answers to "Guess Who." l. Mondyg 2. Meekp 3. Noahg 4. Rockettg 5. Rootesg 6. Belly 7. Caing 8. Kingy 9. Horny lO. Manny ll. Craney l2. Hammock: l3. Easleyp l4. Durrettg l5. l-lamiltong l6. Lankfordp l7. Morrison: l8. Cooper: l9. Campbellp 20. Brarnlettp 2l. Patrickg 22. Leftwichg 23 Newberry: 24. Millerg 25. Browne. One Hundred Thirty

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