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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1939 volume:

Wgw Mfg 2fj'Z?!55w 'jvf1,+1f'.a2I1,ofW yyvfjvj WW? 147' 6,f,9f'iA I A ' - n A W WM if ff 1 , gif W V 75' , MW A M, wwfb lffwlf QW LJM WW I. Q f Q I jrdp, ff? A 553' W Ry, cxwif' b ww 9 Sy' E Wj X , X WM 7 I. My fx VVVLIV A KL x4x L X M M W 4 df 0+ ffm f g 51 Rh OXf.t-,,3'.i:,,iM jgkw 146' Ag M Q 4 -8 'N A ,G . 5'b .wM gym 595 M. Q 5 if , .XS i kg Q xxq. W 'NA N X, , Ov 51 w x i rdx ,T X gym!! dj r ef My WMVWW? ww' IWW Mwmf fl AJQP, . 19-yvwf1f,,,.fff'fk - X' VfM2fMJ MWA WM? iiyf W M 36 QM 2773 WW Llffgff W7 MW ww y MQ W h5Mi,Ni'i'ff K X X My X C51 JV it ' ,W ,b, ,ff fy gk . , L yfxgiiliiik 3 me MKMZQ N A 5 Q , WT f . t F S ff ,,W'j Q X N MW w , X ffpiyfffay' Ei? SK X Wy wa' NR 4.- wfVf mf JM 'yjwwil Ji? W N JX'gffMQf0?ffMf JP fy , ,pf 0 Www! M af KM x 5 , ' ,M ,W , wr 'W I M' vi fwyhy WS 1 N 'J f Wwwz ilfiflf' We QM Uv WWW' 5 ,A , M Qffw 3 R351 3 v A Qi, 1 Qlwbgi 9 !4,,gu7f' , A Xi! If of 1 Ra M4 ff n wwf M iiififffff, Mf,W9W7ffff' M R X 2452-K My MZ? - WW ' .W - jf k E 1 Fi C1 A my www " 5 A A x 4'f"WWfQWp if W-'ff' fi 2 S Y,f,K.X J au . s: QiyW 9 X' JMAQQWIW X 5 MM, CY 'fx 2? JVM X 5. 2 - X4 4WvA, ag 19393 , ,07'Mw77fQwwM1,,7f M1-.N.. "W-.Q.2Q,.h,1?'..W ,Q V Q33 'ik M 5 Vi' x x r : N.. N z 2' LZTAIUC --. V t" Yavl' .V ' 12:51 . m ' , iw A -U, x x. Wynn 1, ., ., I I-521 . I K 1 Ark. .A i 15.2 Q ju i 'M , f WU- fe, ',f Q, .iff 5 Q, A X an . NN 1 I am4.,,,,: M1 4 I s K I N-,,,,,.4: , -n,' 'W'-2, , .NV 5 :QM .ALL-V, 1 f: f"?Vf JW nv' Y ,1.,, V '12 . . Q4 f - ww.. if 'W L ,. , . 44' ff' KQ" 1' f V ,,', mf X I! !Sf3gF5Y 551 'igmffayyf' A'-1g i " L My .Ms Inf T .., val f MQ. va 3 112' F' 2 ,gill-A -mf ,Q +f 4 r ,-.ith 1 'NM 4 Ili ,h' My .Qui ,Q 153 .L-L Qmgvgff .ggi .- QF--,-' 4a fgffeafii' 1 W' -Z' iq,',g ,rvi Q 2,1-lw..,N-MZ. ' -1 V , ' . My 4.3 --:H-3' ',, - .-3 W. - - M .K-1-w'Jii.f W ggl'71. m Q y'lE'r14v ' ' APUMV V' 'i . jf'F1fLi.5T K ,T+ 1 I N 4 K fm 1- ' ' A -, A if 1 2. fs' ? Q-ff" EEQQEQM l gk, Q ah-v.sla..Pk is e 2, .lm-W E ix? ' V' " XWQQ , fm 1' ffifip 1 'fwy YW ti., 4 ag, , A A , "gn 'A , ' 1 'Q' is , 5' 5 an .U ?, fu' 'Sie 4 sw 5 Qi QL, ,, f .AA fd'-'w'!if wie-,i , S ' An- ' Q k -Wi. - .-,f .5 4 sy 'gtg' ha vrvgy W gm -af Q Q , fig 'fkzffl if 'ie' 599' .f-V-M f Q if 4 wjfmvf- Y ,J , N an Q Q 2 mf 2 'A fl? mx fs' 4 T45- 5 'SR Q .Q 1 e 45 r f 35,5 V0 flwhk 1 fi, 4? 15 ig?- fx , ',,w1 Q 4ww2aff.fM I L 4' "1 ,jfs ,,.' 4 752 V Q "Eli ,px n.,' gp' L eh M , Q f , W p ' -if cg 1- f'1? 'f'f ai ' "' Q Xl 2 L , x,g,:y.tif K . , Q? ' nA .- - iw, s ' R-, , -, . 'f V , - fl 's -NN, , ,ag ,555 sg 7 , 3 1 My K Mg, i' R - Ky ff" 4. A ' 'F . ' 4 " 5.5 fin - 11, A. A WA, - A an :sigh T5 -1,351 A. Q igj-in V , ..,- ff' ' Q Zggga gl il . , My, g -i fi, ,595-vm 3 XA J, .y W ti f 5? 'fx' A 'ai-'sf 3 - . ' xx -1.9: r ,. A -N mf Q' Nw ' Q f-ffm? if Q, e- x uf f.f,. ,f,A,,4 . t 330955 i I 75 XX 5 A 1m.J,,,S,L " , 4 f , - . RN il 5' We Zu 5 g E' 5 , 1, g , L V : 3 ,L 'sq 2 :, J L ,I :,,! , A , L .W ' " A fm fwmwigif-M Xh" WW 41. ., , yM...,.F, I -g". 3:f,,Sm g ? . I , fm X N S 1 . I V . ., .W ,, -"' 4 XV. .X ---A - LV K K .mfwxif,,Qf, .- -1,.vLjj,i3k 3 , ' PgF Oak Staff Reba l-leiskell . . . Editor-in-Chiei Dolly D. Wildmanj Claire Fincher ' ' lames Kilgore . Co-Editors I 4 B ' M X Lloyd Westerlage X usmess Cmaqus Paul Davidson Advertising Managers Hugh Hall S Phil Crown ..... Bookkeeper SPONSORS Miss Mabel Rockett Miss ldaloel Cabaness Miss Ripple Frazer Miss Christine Hammock Mrs. Nell Clement Calc Staff EDITORIAL Reba I-Ieiskell Dolly Wildman DeLoyce McDonald Evelyn Couch Kathryn Campbell .BUSINESS AND ADVERTISING Iames Kilgore Paul Davidson Phil Crown Ioe Lee Robert Shelton Freda Maricle SNAPSI-IOTS Robert Hutchinson Phil Crown ART Penryn Rasor Phil Crown Lois Pothoft Page Fl Mr. Allen To Mr. Allen, our principal and constant friend, whose high educational ideals in- spire isis to nobler things, whose honest and charitable character encourages us on to our goal, we, the Seniors ot '39, as a token ot the high esti- mation in which We hold him, take this method ot expressing our appreciation. Dedication To Mr. William Theo Hamil- ton, who has been head of the physics department for twenty years, we dedicate this vol- ume ot the Oak. l-le is a man who always proves himself worthy of any high trust placed upon himg who min- gles with us every day carry- ing out his desire to be our personal friend, ever knowing our hopes and aims and al- ways helping each and every- one to realize them, who has the interest of the school at heart, never failing to be loyal, iaithiul, and sincere. Foreword The purpose of this book is not only to record the happen- ings and events oi the school tor the years l938-39 but to create a store house of many pleasant memories ior the stu- dents oi Adamson. So if in the years to come this annual re- calls one happy incident to one person, the editors teei that their labor has been fully justified in presenting to you this volume oi the Oak through the president and the secre- tary, Robert Wylie and Doro- thy Miller, of your student body. gr Eight ' f 74,s-l.l- ' M I 1 . , ,f f02.e,v-fdxr K , ,4,ffe"'y" A' "M 4' X744 ' 1f,,,',K Y. " t , Z . I v-1-L" f . fn - f' ?0' " C ,ef ff ' I Y'f4?7- 'ost , I I . j , 1 - 7 A, ,fp-ffffh X 3 Order of Books Aclministration I I The Classes I I Features I I Activities Military I I Athletics I I Humor 8 Page Ten A Tribute We, the Senior classes of Adamson, pay tribute to Mr. C. E. Osborn who for the past two decades has been custodian of our school. ln addition to his regu- lar duties, he is called upon to tack on shoe heels, act as head of the lost and found department, and is often obliged to Witness the corporal punishment of unruly students which takes place in his Well-known boiler room. He is held in the highest respect by students and teachers alike, and those that have been asso- ciated with him the longest maintain that they have never seen him lose his temper or utter a short word even under the greatest provocation. He has at heart the interest of youth, for he is the father of five daugh- ters, three of whom have already graduated from Adamson, and two, Doris and Ruth, will graduate in the near future. Cn our return visits We Will be look- ing for your familiar form, Mr. Qsborn, in the halls of our beloved school. . ...fx -YQQN' , , ..... 'P 1 - '- 1'-.1 Us-,x-..-.. .--'T,. 'illus- n--is ,- - -lff-'AJ' X . - I ' aff' - . ' ' ' Y ffm.. . 'f.,:r. w I . ,-.J -,,1,'Z f" '-'fC"'," '3T- I ',' Z""'v T-any-5 A -' if-Q If T.,-2-' 4 - "' - -1-' '52-Ziff'-' -- 1 'ff'-v,1:,, ' "-"" "1L:f'Z' ,yr . , 0 7..?'f','k.:' ' - .,:,.Q, . g,. -2:,.:,. :., na.-J,,u .j 5'-V.:-.-'f' , 1. . 5. -sf LJ!TL'.1f.-. , v-v-as-43? i 0 1. .-.A-., HM wwnnv mu, .. A I A -V 'rs'-Al Z..." r 2515" 1 .,'-Fm.. .--1 ...J .. .. .., , 1 -- 9-. . wgenz2:.'-2f'J7'i""' .f.-zsaevwla 1' . 351. v vi. ' ' :avi-lma- Page Twelve Board of Education DAVID W. CARTER, IR., M.D. . . . . President MRS. W. P. ZUMWALDT . . . . Vice-President C C M M I T T E E S Finance Buildings cmd Sites Gabe P. Allen L. O. Donald L. O. Donald Gabe P. Allen Dan D. Rogers Fred D. Danford Supply Lunch Rooms Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Mrs. W. A. Leeper L. O. Donald Dan D. Rogers Fred D. Danford Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Rules Welfare Dan D. Rogers Fred D. Danford Mrs. W. A. Leeper Gabe P. Allen Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Mrs. W. A. Leeper N. R. CROZIER L. V. STOCKARD lULIUS DORSEY Superintendent Assistant Superintendent District Superintendent ot Schools of Schools oi High Schools I Faculty Allen Howard A. Easley, Onie B. Aduddell, Heier. Eisenlohr, Henrietta Alexander, Laura Frazer, Ripple Alston, leanette Anderson, W. M. Graves, Fannie2'a4'U"u" if" Ballard, C. V. Harnilton, Lucy Bell, Anna Bell, H. Ruth Brarnlette, Minnie Harni,Qon, W. T. ,I l- HamnioBlf,' Christine Harris, Margaret , , 'ffl if -..f',4.wu44.. Browne, T. W. Harris, Cabaniss, ldabel Haseltine, May Cain, E. M. Hedde, Vlfilhelniina Campbell, L. E. Herzoa, William Clement, Nellie D. 1 Hester, H. B. Clement, W. B. ' Hiqqinalaotliani, Lorine Clyette, Mary Louise X oehn, GladysM0Jy0-XM' Cooper, Alberta Holloway, Geraldine Crane, Abigail Q-41441 Horn, Helen Dickey, Verde Kendrick, Mary 771 ffl flawbyv Durrett, W. P. Kina, Bolaerta Lanqiord, i ! Lagkford, Qellie Leitwich, L. C. Gillespie, I. ll. Mann, Iohn A. vi ' ' " Marriott, Rhea 4 Meek, William t Miner, M. Hazel fi, rf! Mandy, Maryjf ' ' lvl I Morrison, Mary Newberry, Eugenia NOQLH, v7fE.k' A lv, Patrick, Anne Peters, Ioe B. Beckett, Mabel Bootes, Virainia Buitin, Buth Stroud, Richard Smith, R. N. Stokes, Bernice Tilley, Eunice X waummwfmf W U fi fl' K ewasmwwrkmfs qw-iffairxw: ..,, - www. Parent-Teachers Associauon President . . . First Vice-President . Second Vice-President Third Vice-President Fourth Vice-President Filth Vice-President . Sixth Vice-President . Seventh Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer . . . Historian . . Parliarnentarian . Mrs. Rodgers Brown Mrs. L. B. Iohnston . Mrs. N. E. Parker Mrs. D. W. Barton . Mrs. I. H. Denton . Mrs. F. W. Ellison Mrs. V. O. Thompson . Mrs. Romie Rasor Mrs. Charles Wanner . Mrs. Lee Lassetter . Mrs. G. H. Harmon . Mrs. Alger Iones . Mrs. E. F. Iames The sincere desire ot the Parent Teacher Association each year is to strive for a more complete realization oi securing and insuring for every child the highest advantages in physical mental, rnoral, and spiritual education. Dads Club President . . . First Vice-President Second Vice-President Third Vice-President Fourth Vice-President Fifth Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS Dr. F2 Lee Lemly Clive Templeton Victor M. Gillette H. R. Stephenson W. E. Chaney Sam R. Randlert M. P. Huckabee The Dads Club Works tor the school, with the faculty, and in the interest ot pupil Welfare and education. The Dads Club has consistently urged the enlargement and improvement ot the school building which has been completed this year. lt has arranged tor the assisting in financing banquets, parties, and other entertainments tor special student groups which have done outstanding service tor the school. The Dads ot Adamson High School stand ready at all times and are ready to give a full measure of devotion to the cguse ot learning and social adjustment among the children ot our com- munity. Page Fifiec www M aww M, ,bwwwwwfm GTI' H 55 HSHHH f1NIlDl H009 'CDAAl l HPI 'ID SHSSV Page Eigblren 'N J Vivid I ANUARY CLASS OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Acorn Reporter Sponsors , , . .Miss Margaret Harris and . Hugh Hall Lynclel Dieroll Iean Gleason George Phillips Miss Anna Bell COMMITTEES Program Iohn Barnes Muriel Erickson Marion Baxley Social Phyllis Rincly Lee Musqrove Shirley Llorente Vivian Thompson Invitation Bette Denton Lloyd Westerlaqe Harry Rernrninaton Margaret Wheeler ALBIN, CECIL Entered from Reagan, '34. Art Department, Gymkhana, Student Assistant. ASHLEY, HELEN Entered from Peeler, '35. Scholarship Club, Mixed Chorus, Cantata, Spanish Club. ALLBRIGHT, RICHARD Entered from Reagan, '34. Football, Basketball, Track. ANDERSON, WILLIE Entered from Boude Storey, '36. Scholarship Club, Linz Award, Acorn Reporter, International Peace Forum, Pen Pal Club. ARRINGTON, HOWARD Entered from Bowie, '34. BAUGH, OLGA MAE Entered from I-Ioqq, '35. Glee Club, Cantata, Girls Cctette, Scholarship Club, Texas Poetry Club, Music Club, Student Council, Acorn Reporter. BAXLEY, MARIAN Entered from Hogg, '35. Texas Poetry Cub, Scholarship Club, National Society. BARNES, IOI-IN I-I. Entered from Reaqan, '35. President IIB, Office Assistant, Letterman in Baseball, All'City Baseball, Letterman in Basketball, Capt. of Second Team Basket- ball, Gyrnkhana. BIBB, MARIE Entered from Bowie, '34. Art Club. CRAIN, FRANKLIN Entered from Peeler, '35, Football, 2B Officer, Camp Dallas, Ir. Hi-Y, Sr. Hi-Y, Crack Company, Scholarship Club, Rifle Team, First Sarqeant's Efficiency, Second Lieutenant R.O.T.C. BOLUCI-I, MARY IANE Entered from Peeler, '35. Ir. Medical Profession Club, National Honor Society, Debate Club, Scholarship Club, Pan-American Student Forum, Student Assistant, Spanish Club, Latin Club. DILLAHUNTY, RICHARD Entered from Hogg, '35. Cadet Major, Dramatic Club, Senior Play Cast, Camp Dallas, Peace Forum, Efficiencies Awards, Crack Company, School Dzclcrnation, National Thespians. Page Ninclcen BRADBERRY, MARIE Entered from Peeler, '35. Girl Reserves: Spanish Club: Riding Club: Acorn Staff: lr. Red Cross: Gyrnkhana: Scholarship Club: Pep Squad: Student Council. DEAVER, HAYS Entered from Peeler, '35. Scholarship Club: Track. BRYAN, EVELYN Entered from Boude Storey, '36. Horseback Riding Club: Gymkhana. EAGLE, BOB Entered from Hogg, '35. Lt. Col. R.O.'l'.C.: Capt. Crack Company: Camp Dallas: School Efficiency: Latin Club: Sr. l-li-Y: Scholarship Club: 'Peace Forum: Student Council: Linz Award. CARMICAL, ELIZABETH Entered from Arlington, '35. Music Club: Mixed Chorus: Archery Club: Operetta. FOWLKES, MARVIN Entered from Peeler, '35. Sargeant of R.O.T.C. CARMICHAEL, RUTHE Entered from Reagan, '35. All-City Chorus: Cantata Acorn Staff: Dramatic Club: Linz Award: Scholarship Club: Gyrnlchana: Correspondent to Dallas News. FOX, IAMES Entered from Hogg, '35. Football Letterman: Acorn Reporter: Scholarship Club: Football Captain: Horseback Riding Club: Student Council. CARTER, IUANITA Entered from Highland Park, '37. Mixed Chorus: Music Club: Cantata: Scholarship Club: Spanish Club. GILBERT, FRANKLIN Entered from Sunset, '35, Fooball: Baseball Letterman. CLARK, MAXINE Entered from Reagan, '34. French Club: Acorn Reporter: Dramatic Club: Kamera Club: Cantata: Gymkhana Office Assistant. GLEASON, HM Entered from Peeler, '34. Vice-Pres. Library Council: Football. Page Twenty HALL, HUGH Entered from Peeler, '35. Latin Club, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Pres. Senior Hi-Y, Commissioned Officer, Crack Company, Efficiency, Vice-Pres. Student Council, Pres. 4A, 4-year Linz, 4-year Everts Award. DENTON, BETTE Entered from Reagan, '35. Scholarship Club, Student Council, Texas Poetry Club, Spanish Club, Mixed Chorus, IB, IA Officer, Freshman Beauty, Girl Reserve, Vice-Pres, National Honor Society. ' HARE, ROBERT Entered from Peeler, '35. L n Club, Capt. R.O.T.C., Crack Company, Camp Dallas, rogressive Club, Treas. Student Council, Sec. Senior I-Ii-Y, Gymkhana, Scholarship Club, DIEROLF, LYNDEL Entered from Bowie, '35. Scholarship Club, Latin Club, Texas Poetry Club, Class Officer Student Council, Dramatic Club, Vice Pres, 4A Class. HENDRIX, OLIVER Entered from Reagan, '34. ERICKSON, MURIEL Entered from Reagan, '35. Acorn Reporter, Sec. Poetry Club, Dramatic Club, French Club, Scholarship Club, Senior Play Cast, Senior Program Committee. HOHMAN, WALLY Entered from Reagan, '35, R.O.T.C. Band, Staff Serg., Honor Band, Music Club, Art Club, All--City Orchestra, Concert Master, Ir. I-li-Y, Radio Club. FINCI-IER, CLAIRE Entered from Peeler, '35. Pres. National Honor Society, Co-Editor Oak, Scholarship Club, Student Council, Peace Forum, Latin Club, Denton Play Day, Concert Master, All-City Orchestra, Poetry Club, Pep Squad, Gymkhana, 4-year Linz, 4-year Everts, Senior Play Cast, Dramatic Club, National Thespians. IOI-INSON, CLARENCE Entered from Bowie, '34. FUSTON, FAY Entered from Boude Storey, '36. KEANE, ARMOND Entered from Bowie, '35. Scholarship Club, Student Council, Reserve Officer, Rifle Team, Crack Company, Gymlchana, Sophomore Favorite, Acorn Staff, Riding Club, Dramatic Club, Cheer Leader, Sr. Play Cast. GLEASON, IEAN Entered from Peeler, '35. 3B Officer, French Club, Poetry Club, Sec. ot 4A Class. Page Twenly-one HAMILTON, ELIZABETH Entered from Hoag, '35, Iournalisrn Staff, Scholarship Club, Linz Award, Pep Squad, Latin Club, Music Club, Kamera Klub, All-City Chorus, Mixed Chorus. LLORENTE, SHIRLEY Entered Ircm Peeler, '35. Commissioned Officer, Camp Dallas, Crack Company, Rifle Team, School Efficiency, Sec. 4B Class, Business Mgr. Acorn, Senior Committee, Lettered Basketball, Spanish Club, Student Assistant. HOLLAND, ADELAIDE Entered from Bowie, '35. Music Club, Octette, Art Club, LUPER, DAN Entered from Bowie, '35, Operetta, Pen Pals, Music Club, Talent Club, One Act Play. HUFFER, MARIORIE Entered from Reagan, '35 Pep Squad, Art Club, Acorn Reporter. MARCO, IIMMY Entered from Reaqan, '34, R.O.T.C., Progressive Club, Art Club. HUMPHREY, WANDA Entered from Boude Storey, '36. Girls Glee Club, Operetta, Student Council. MARSH, IAMES Entered from Reagan, '35. Scholarship Club, Horseback Riding Club. IACKSCN, AUBRA MAE Entered from Reagan, '35. Vice-Pres. lA Class, Scholarship Club, Student Council, Operetta. MCCULLOUGH, HAL Entered from Hoag, '35. Letterman in Football, Letterman in Track, Basketball, Sport Editor of Acorn, Progressive Club, Horseback Riding Club, Pres. 3B, Vice-Pres. 3A Class: Scholarship Club. IAMIESON, VIRGINIA Entered from 'Woodrow W'ilson, '36, Acorn Reporter, Acorn Salesman, Girl Reserves, Ir. Red Cross, Gymlchana, Attendance Award, MORGAN, BILLY Entered from Peeler, '35. Scholarship Club: R.O.T.C., Track. Page Twenty-two MUSGROVE, LEE Entered from University High, '35, Commissioned Officer, Camp Dallas Crack Company, Student Council, Progressive Club, Kamera Klub. JOHNSON, VIRGINIA ANNE Entered from Bowie, '35. Student Council, Pep Squad, International Peace Forum, Spanish Club, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society. KEMBLE, MARCELLA Entered from Denison I-Iigh, '36, Acorn Reporter. OSBORN, RALPH Entered from Missouri, '38. 2nd Lieutenant R.O.T.C., Crack Company, School Eiffclency. KEMPE, MARGIE MAXINE Entered from Bowie, '35, Scholarship Club, Acorn Reporter, Pep Squad, Girl Reserves, International Peace Forum, lr. Red Cross, Gymkhana. PARKER, ROBERT Entered from Lubbock, '37. Scholarship Club, Mixed Chorus, Dramatic Club, Sr, Hi-Y, Senior Play, Gymkhana, Progressive Club, Latin Club. LEE, IUANITA Entered from Sunset, '35. Gym Assistant, PHILLIPS, GEORGE Entered from Bowie, '35. Lettered in Baseball, Co-Captain of Baseball Team, Basketball Squad, Class Officer ZA, 3A, 4A Classes, Acorn Reporter, Editor- in-Chiet of Acorn, Interscholastfc League Press Conference, Library Council, Student Council, Scholarship Club, Latin Clult. MAAS, EVELYN Entered irom I-Iogg, '35. National Honor Society, Student Council, Student Assistant, Latin Club, National Youth Forum, Girl Reserves, Sec. Dramatic Club, Pres. of Girl Reserves. REMINGTON, HARRY Entered from North Dallas, '35. Latin Club, Scholarship Club, Track Team, Baseball. MAHURIN, LOUISE Entered from Reagan, '35. Pep Squad, Gymkhana. SHEFFIELD, DEE ROY Entered from Reagan, '35. R.O.T.C., Crack Company, Crack Platoon. Page Twenty-lbree Scholarship MOORE, MARIE Entered from Woodrow Wilson, '37. SMITH, HAROLD Entered from Reagan, '35, Club, Spanish Club, Pan American Student Forum En McGEE, IANET Entered from Austin, '37. TALLENT, RAYMOND tered from St. Ioseplfs Academy, '36. MCWILLIAMS, MARY KATHERINE Entered from Hoqq, '35. Texas Poetry Club, Girl Reserves, Pep Squad, Gymkhana, Ir. Red Cross, Spanish Club. THAMES, DALTON Entered from Peeler, '35. Fooball, Track, Basketball. MURRAY, RUBY Entered from Boude Storey, '36, Sec.-Tres. Kamera Klub, Texas Poetry Club, Acorn Reporter, Spanish Club, Gymlchana, Girl Reserves, Medical Profession Club, Linz Award. THOMPSON, CARL Entered from Sunset, '36. Progressive Club, R.O.T.C. NICHOLAS, EDAH Entered from Peeler, '35. Scholarship Club, Texas Poetry Club, Latin Club, All-City Orchestra, Music Club, Operetta, Mixed Chorus. Page Twenly-four THOMPSON, MORRIS Entered from Iacksonville, '35, Basketball, Baseball, Band. PATTERSON, KATHLEEN Entered from Sunset, '36, French Department. PETTY, MARGARET Entered from North Dallas, '37. Scholarship Club, Iournalism Staff, UNDERWOOD, FRANK Entered from Hogg, '35. Senior Hi-Y, Pen Pal Club, Progressive Club. RINDY, PHYLLIS Entered from Hogg, '35, Texas Poetry Club, Acorn Staff, Social Chairman, 4A Class, Office Assistant, Spanish Club, Gymkhana. WESTERLAGE, LLOYD Entered from Reagan, '35. Business Manager of Oak, Pan-American Student Forum, Football, Scholarship Club. ROSS, FRANCES Entered from Fort Worth, '35. Cantata, Operetta, Mixed Chorus, Music Club, City Chorus, Spanish Club. WINTERS, GENE Entered from Hogg, '35. Scholarship Club, Kamera Klub, Senior Hi-Y, Dramatic Club, Second Place in Declamation Contest, Chemistry Assistant, Progressive Club. SAWYER, MARY ELLA Entered from Boude Storey, 36. Iunior Red Cross, Texas Poetry Club, Girl Reserves, Acorn Reporter. YOUNGBLOOD, FRED Entered from Bowie, '34. Gymkhana, R.O.T.C. SEAGO, MARGARET Entered from Reagan, '35. Scholarship Club, Art Club, Gymkhana. SHELTON, LOIS Entered from Bowie, '35, SKELTON, MARGARET Entered from Hogg, '35. Scholarship Club, Spanish Club, Pan-American Club, Gymkhana. SPICER, MARGARET Entered from Reagan, '35. Texas Poetry Club, Pep Squad, Gymkhana, Girl Reserves, Spanish Club. THOMPSON, VIVIAN JEAN Entered from Hogg, '35. Gymkhana, lr. Red Cross, Spanish Club, Social Committee of 41-X Class. Page Twenty-five TURNER, VIRGINIA Entered from Reagan, '35. Orchestra, All-City Chorus, Pep Squad, Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves, Best Allround Freshman Girl, Class Officer, Texas Poetry Club, Gymkhana, Cantata. WARREN, PAT Entered from Kaufman High, '37. WHEELER, MARGARET Entered from Reagan, '35. Class Officer 4B, Texas Poetry Club, Girl Reserves, Club, Student Council. WOOD, HELENE Entered from 'Noodrow Wilson, '37. WORDEN, DOROTHY Entered from Bowie, '35. Not Shown in Pictures: BLAKE, ANITA Entered from Bowie, '34, ECKERT, IOHN Entered from Lida Hoe, '34. FOY, GLENN Entered from Peeler, '34. Page Twenty-.rix Spanish Club. FELTNER, RALPH Entered from Bowie, '34. HARTMAN, NORMAN Entered from Bowie, '3-4. CANDY, REX Entered from Boude Storey, LITTLER, WALTER Entered from Hogg, '34 Scholarship 1 I LL KELTY, IACK Entered from San Iacinto, '34. MYLANDER, GERALD Entered from California, '38, MANGOLD, CHARLES '35. Entered from Terrill Prep. School, '34 NIBLO, RAY Entered from Reagan, '34, my V- , V. . ,iff , 'I' I , , J Af "7 , P'President vice-President Q IUNE CLASS OFFICERS President ........... lim Wright Vice-President . . Lidomdy Denny Secretary . . . Rodgers Brown Acorn Reporter . . Dorothy Whitman Sponsor . . . . Miss Anno Bell Sponsor . . Miss Mgrgoret Horris SOCIAL COMMITTEE Bob Hawkins Deiio Michgei Iorrnes Simmons Doris Willhite PROGRAM COMMITTEE Biiiie Io Boyd Oliver Coveit Penryn Rcrsor Ioeiien Scruggs Page Tweniy-sewn ADDINGTON, RAYFORD Entered from Bowie, '35, Band, Orchestra, French Club, B.O.'l'.C. ABERNATI-IY, EDITI-IE RAE Entered from Reagan, '35 Music Club, Girl's Glee Club, Pep Squad, Gymkhana, Girl Re- serves, Texas Poetry Club, Scholarship Club. ALLISON, RUBY Entered from Arkansas, '38 Mixed Chorus, Contata. ALLEN, IAMES Entered from Bowie, '35. B.O.'I'.C. Corporal ,J ALLEN, SAM Ent d from Arkansas. '36 Gymkhana, Band, P n American Student Forum, Tennis Team, Q, 4 Track, Junior Hi-Y. ' ARMISTEAD, MARY ALICE Entered from Bowie, '35. Pen Pal Club, Dramatic Club, Art Club, Spanish Club, Acorn Reporter, Girl Reserves, Office Assistant, Gyrnkhana. BANDY, BETTY Entered from Beaqan, '35 Student Council, Dramatic Club, Scholarship Club, Secretary 2A Class, Spanish Club, Gyrnlchana, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Texas Poetry Club, journalism Department. ALLISON, GLADSTONE Entered from Greenville, '38 ASHLEY, lOl-IN Entered from Hoqq, '35 Band, R,O.T,C, 7nd Lt., Camp Dallas, lst Sat. Efficiency, Latin Club, Aviation Club. BANKER, DORRIS Entered from Bowie, '35. Pep Squad, Sec. Dramatic Club, Music Club, Mixed Chorus, Acorn Reporter, French Club, Cantata. BARNES, EVELYN Entered from Boude Storey, '37 lunior Medical Profession Club, Gymkhana. AUTRY, BILLY Entered from Bowie, '35, R.O.'l'.C, Efficiency Page Twenly-eight BADGETT, IIMMIE Entered from Peeler, '35 French Club, Kamera Klub. BILLERT, IUANITA Entered from Sunset, '37 President Iunior Medical Profession Club, Acorn Reporter, Pep Squad Gymkhana BIVINGS, DORCAS Entered from Bowie, '35, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Pep Squad, Spanish Club, Pan-American Student Forum, Student Assistant, Girl Reserves, Student Council, Linz Awards. BAKER, I. W. Entered from Peeler, '35 Progressive Club, Aviation Club, Baseball Team. BAKER, IAMES Entered from Peeler, '35 Senior I-Ii-Y, National Honor Society, Kamera Klub, French Club, Student Council, Linz Bible Award, Scholarship Club. BODINE, ROBYN Entered from Reagan. '35 Pep Squad, Office Assistant, Dramatic Club, Gymkhana. BOYD, BILLIE IO Entered from Peeler, '35 Texas Poetry Club, Girl Reserves, Pep Squad, Military Sweet heart, Cantata, Glee Club, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana. BALCH, I. C. Entered from Peeler, '35 Tennis, Secretary Horseback Riding Club, Progressive Club Acorn Reporter, Student Assistant, Gymkhana. . ' BABTEN, LYSLE Jill!!! -'Ent from Bowie, '35. filth . ., Latin Club, Gymkhana . '. BRADFORD, ELIZABETH Entered from Bowie, '35. Scholarship Club, Spanish Club, Pep Squad, Kamera Klub, Linz Awards, Iournalism Staff. BROWN, VIRGINIA Entered from Ardmore Iunior Hiqh, '35 Gymkhana, Commercial Club. BATES, CLAUDE Entered from Bowie, '35, Track, Aviation Club, Basket Ball. Page Twenty num 1 BEALMEAR, C. M. Entered from Bowie, '35. BUCHANAN, DORIS ANN Entered from Carrollton, '38. BYBEE, RUTH Entered from Paris, Texas, '36, Latin Club, Scholarship Club, Pep Squad, Student Council, Texas Poetry Club, Gymkhana, National Honor Society, Secretary Aviation Club, Co-Editor of Acorn. BENNERS, ALFRED Entcrod from Bowie, '35. R.O.T.C. BERRY, ALLEN Entered from Hoag, '35 Progressive Club, Rifle Team, Crack Company, Commissioned Officer, Iunior I-li-Y, Senior I-Ii-Y, Camp Dallas, Rifleman Award. CAMPBELL, MARY KATHRYN Entered from Woodrow Wilson, '37, Commercial Club, Iournalism Department BLANKENSHIP, GEORGE Entered from Sunset, '35. CAMPBELL, VIRGINIA Entered from Bowie, '35. Spanish Club, Girl Reserve, Acorn Reporter, Gymkhana. CARDWELL, EVELYN Entered from Bowie, '35, Spanish Club, Art Club, Scholarship Club, Dramatic Club, Gymlchana. BOATMAN, ALTON Entered from Bowie, '35. Football Letterman, Track Letterman, Vice-President 4B Clas Operetta, Progressive Club, I-Ii-Y Club, Music Club, Mixed S. Chorus, Latin Club, Gymkhana. k I t ' ' BLAIR, ARTHUR ' ' ,J ' a Entered from Bowie, '35. Baseball, Basketball, Proqressive Club, Commissioned Officer, Efficiency Award, Iournalism, Spanish Club. CARLISLE, MARY Entered from Peeler, '35, Mixed Chorus, Cantata. I Pagf Tbirly BOWLES, ALBERT HM Entered from Peeler, '35. Crack Company: Band Contest: Camp Dallas: Secretary IA Class: Golf Team: Football: Dramatic Club: Hi-Y. CHITTIM, TULETA Entered from Bowie, '35. Pep Squad: Secretary 4B Class: Secretary Dramatic Club: Texas Poetry Club: Music Club: Mlxed Chorus: Operetta: Cantata: Student Council. -I CLARK, ELIZABETH ' ' ' ' ' . Entered from Peeler, '35, Pep fScfuaol: Girl Reserves Club: Commercial Club: Gymkhana 1 ' 'ffl' . - v ' , RACKEEN, BILLY , ' ' EHt red from Bowie, '35. Commissioned Officer: Student Council: Senior Hi-Y: Iunior Hi-Y: French Club: Band: Orchestra: President ZA Class: Scholarship Club: Linz Award. BROINN, RODGERS P. Entered from Bowie, '35. Cadet Lt. Colonel: Rifle Team: Crack Company: Efficiency Awards: Camp Dallas: Efficiency Ribbon: Scholarship Club: Linz Award: Student Council: Iunior and Senior Hi-Y: Progressive Club: President Aviation Club: Officer Senior Hi-Y. COATES, NONA LEE Entered from Peeler, '35. Scholarship Club: Dramatic Club: Girl Reserves: Gymlchana: ne Year Linz: Linz Bible Award. ' cooK, ELIZABETH Entered from Arkansas, '36. Pep Squad: French Club: Gymkhana. BRYANT, IOE Entered from Bowie, '35. Letterman in Baseball: Acorn Staff: Scholarship Club: Spanish Club: Gymlchana: One Year Linz:: Iournalism Department. BUTLER, TOMMY Entered from Peeler, '35. Spanish Club: Progressive Club: Talent Club: Crack Company: Efficiency Award: R.O.T.C. Officer. COOK, EMBELYNE Entered from Hogg, '35. Best All-Around Underclass Girl: Gymkhana: Pep Squad Leader: Glee Club: Library Council: Texas Poetry Club. COUCH, EVELYN Entered from Reagan, '35, Pep Squad: Girl Reserves: Dramatic Club: Gymkhana: Scholar- ship Club: Aviation Club: Commercial Club. C ON, HERALD nte from Reagan, '35, Page Thirty one ,Q-fb CARRELL, B. A. Entered from Boude Storey, '35. Linz Award, Scholarship Club, R.O.T.C. Officer, Crack Com- pany, Efficiences, Football, Hi-Y, Operetta. COX, FLORENCE Entered from Bowie, '35. Gyrnkhana, Horseback Riding Club, Dramatic Club, Operetta, Pep Squad, Scholar:hip Club, French Club. COX, KATHLEEN Entered from Nebraska, '3'7. Pep Squad. CAVETT, OLIVER Entered from Peeler, '35. Football, Basketball, lunior Hi-Y and Senior Hi-Y, Operetta, Talent Club, Student Council. CLICK, OTIS Entered from Peeler, '35. Football, Basketball, Tennis, Riding Club, Iournalism Staff, Baseball, Library Assistant, Student Assistant. CROOK, HESPER Entered from Waco, '36 National Honor Society, Sturent Council, Scholarship Club, Girl Reserve Officer, Kamera Klub, Texas Poetry Club, Gymkhana. CUMMINGS, LA VERNE Entered from Peeler, '35, Pep Squad, Scholarship Club, Spanish Club, National Honor Society. CLINE, MARCUS Entered from Bowie, '35. ' Commissioned Officer, Acorn Reporter, Track. COLLIER, GRANT Entered from Boude Storey, '37, Stulent Council, Football, R.O.T.C., Spanish Club, Mixed Chorus, Music Club, Cantata, Dramatic Club, Crack Company, Gyrnkhana, Track, Declamation Contest. - C, I xl ,X Juno!! , J, DANIEL, KATHERINE " Entered from Forest, '36. ' National Honor Society, Pan-American Student Forum, Spanish Club, Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves, Student Council, Pep Squad, Banking Assistant, Peace Forum, Four Year Linz, Four Year Everts Award. DEAN, RUTH Entered from Hoag, '35. Office Assistant, Kamera Klub, Dramatic Club, Horseback Riding Club, Gymkhana, Commercial Club, Acorn Staff, Glee Club, Pep Squad, Music Club, Pen Pal Club, Denton Play Day. COOK, LANE B. Entered from Reagan, '35. Senior Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Commissioned Officer R.O.T.C., Band, Gymkhana Pagv Thirty-Iwo CROWN, PHILIP Entered from Peeler, '35. Gymlchana, President of Kamera Klub, Oak Bookkeeper, French Club, Art Club, National Honor Society. DENNY, LIDAMAY Entered from Reagan, '35. Latin Club, Student Council, Pep Squad, Texas Poetry Club, Acorn Staff, Dallas News Correspondent, Gymkhana, Girl Reserves, Scholarship Club, 4A Class Vice-President, Dramatic Club. ,DENSMORE IUANITA Entered from Peeler, '35, Pen Pal Club, Progressive Club, National Honor Society, Linz Award, Latin Club, lournalism Class, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana, Commercial Club. DAVIDSON, PAUL Entered from Reagan, '35. inc', Commissioned Captain oi R.O.T.C., Scholarship onal nor Society, Rifle Team, Crack Company. DAVIS, DAN . Entered from Bowie, '35. ournalism Department, Lettered in Basketball, Lettered in Base- ball, Acorn Reporter, Sports Editor of Acorn, Gymkharia, Scholarship Club. DICKINSON, DOROTHY LEE Entered from Hogg, '35. Cheer Leader, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Batallion Sponsor, Texas Poetry Club, Student Council, Pep Squad, Acorn Reporter Music Club, Dramatic Club, Gymkhana. . buf .L 5 f' ELLIS, MARY li" Entered from Reagan, '35, DICKEY, 1. A. f ' - I All Jlw Staff sqi. R.O.T.C., Bend, Tradll A4 ' 'W 'X' lt z HK Hy, Entered from Sherman, '36. ' 1 ' , DISPENZA, PHILLIP ltr Entered from Bowie, '35. l Baseball, Commercial Club. EPPS, VIRGINIA Entered from Boude Storey, '37. Gymkhana, Spanish Club, Music Club. EWTON, MARY Entered from Boude Storey, '36. Mixed Chorus, Operetta, lunior Medical Profession Club, Art Club, Cantata, Gymkhana. DYKES, TOMMY Entered from Bowie, '35. National Honor Society, Student Council, Scholarship Club, lunior Medical Profession Club, Latin Club, French Club, Gymkhana, Linz Pins, Aviation Club: Peace Forum. Page Thirty-lbrcc ECHOLS, RALPH Entered from Bowie, '35, Basketball: Baseball: Golf: Football: Horseback Riding Club: Scholarship Club: Latin Club. FITZGERALD, FRANCES Entered from Boude Storey, '37, Mixed Chorus: Acorn Staff: Contatas: Gymkhana. FRANCE, MARIE Entered from Peeler, '35, Scholarship Club: Social Chairman National Honor Society: French Club: Girl Reserves: Four-Year Linz: Four-Year Everts: Gymkhana: Progressive Club: Commercial Club. ELPHINGSTONE, MIKE Entered from Bowie, '35, Band: Officer R.O.T.C.: Kamera Klub: Spanish Club: Gymkhana: Aviation Club: Crack Company: Band Contest. FRANKLIN, NED Entered from Reagan, '35, Track: R.O.T.C. Crack Company: Iunior I-Ii-Y: Senior Hi-Y: Aviation Club: Kamera Klub: Physics Assistant: Student Council. FRANKLIN, MARY YVONNE Entered from Reagan, '35, Texas Poetry Club: Girl Reserves: Orchestra: Music Club: Pep Squad: Gymkhana: Dramatic Club. GAITHER, IIMMIE Entered from Peeler, '35, Music Club: Operetta: Latin Club: Secretary Debate Club: Pro- gressive Club: President Pen Pal Club: Cantatas: Glee Club. FRITZ, EUGENE Entered from New Britain, Conn., '37, R.O.T.C.: Capt. Golf Team: Gymkhana: Track: Horseback Riding Club: Acorn Reporter. I GANDY, VVENZEL l Entered from Boucle Storey, '36, Football: Track: Baseball: Horseback Riding Club. RNIFX tl. I l GARRISON, LAvoYcE Entered from Bowie, '35, Pen Pal Club: Scholarship Club: Commercial Club: Linz Award: Gymkhana: Music Club: Student Assistant: Girl Reserves: Acorfi Reporter: Spanish Club. GATES, MILDRED Entered from Reagan, '35, Music Club: Spanish Club: Dramatic Club: Scholarship Club: Operetta: Gymkhana: Acorn Reporter: Glee Club: Cantatas: R.O.T.C. Sponsor. GODWIN, DUDLEY Entered from Hogg, '35, Gymkhana: Basketball: Art Club. Page Thirty- four GREEN, RAY Entered from Bowie, '35. R.O.T.C., Gymkhana, Linz Bible Award. GREEN, MAURINE Entered from Crockett, '35. Spanish Club, Cantata, Gymkhana, Commercial Club. HARBER, MARY ELIZABETH Entered from Peeler, '35. Pep Squad, Mixed Chorus, Spanish Club, Operetta, Gymkhana. HAGENDOORN, BILLY Entered from Louisiana, '3'7. Debate Team, Football, Acorn Reporter, Aviation Club, Gyrnkhana. HARALSON, DAVID Entered from Peeler, '35. R.O.T.C., Crack Company, Spanish Club, Student Assistant, Progressive Club. HARRIS, MARY VIRGINIA Entered from Bowie, '35. i Art Club, French Club, Music Club, Cantata, Scholarship Club. fr., L11 ' HART, GLADYS Entered from Marshall, '35. HARDING, WARREN Entered from Bowie, '35. Lettered in Football, Track Team, Lt. R.O.T.C., Crack Company, Efficiency Award, Senior Hi-Y, Debate Club, Student Council, Progressive Club, Horseback Riding Club, Gymkhana. HARRIS, A. W. Entered from' Peeler, '35, Lettered in Basketball. HAYDEN, MARY Entered from Wichita Falls, '38. Gymkhana, Scholarship Club, Iournalisrn Staff, Art Club, Horseback Riding Club. HEATH, NATALIE Entered from Woodrow Wilson, '37, Orchestra, Cantata, Music Department, Gymkhana. HAWKINS, ROBERT Entered from Mansfield, '36. R.O.T.C., Crack Company, Camp Dallas, Iunior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, Progressive Club, Vice-President Student Council, Student Assistant, President 4B Class, Popularity Contest, Baseball, Band, S.A.S.G. Convention. Page Thirty-five HENDRICKS, HAROLD Entered from Boude Storey, '3'7. Acorn Reporter, Flying Club, Gymkhana, R.O.T.C. HEISKELL, REBA Entered from Hogg, '35, Scholarship Club, Pep Squad, Student Assistant, French Club, Student Council, Gymkhana, Editor-in-Chief of Oak, Four-Year Everts Award, Four-Year Linz Award. HILL, HILDRED Entered from Peeler, '35. Gymkhana, Pep Squad, Gym Assistant, Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves. HUTCHINSON, ROBERT Entered from St. Louis, '35. R.O.T.C., Crack Company, Gymkh g, Kamera Klub. IR IN , EE Ent ed l l nta, Ga., '36. Senior Hi-Y, Progres 've Flying Club, Corporal, Sergeant School Efficiency, Cr om any, Gymkhana, Student Assistant, ' or Be rer for Band. HILL, MADELYN Entered from Reagan, '35. Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves, Kamera Klub, Dramatic Club, Pep Squad, Gymkhana, Texas Poetry Club. HOLLANDER, EVELYN Entered from Reagan, '35. Spanish Club, Pep Squad, Music Club, Mixed Chorus, Operetta, Pen Pal Club, Gymkhana, Cantatas. ' IENNINGS, RICHARD Entered from Tech, '38. Linz Award. IONES, ROBERT Entered from Hogg, '35, Spanish Club, Art Club, Gymkhana, Horseback Riding Club, Commercial Club. gf, HORTON, LOUISE Entered from Peeler, '35. HOYLE, MARY SUE Entered from Reagan, '35. Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, Pep Squad. KEAHEY, GEORGE Entered from Bowie, '35, Page Thirty-six M' M wvnw KELLEY, IOE Entered from L.G.C. Academy, '35. Iunior Medical Club, Horseback Riding Club, Crack Company, French Club. HUGHES, BILLIE NELL Entered from Hogg, '35, Dramatic Club, Texas Poetry Club, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Girl Reserves, Pep Squad, Linz Awards, Latin Club, Gymkhana, Student Assistant. I-IUNLEY, ADA MAE Entered from Bowie, '35. Pen Pal Club, Scholarship Club, Mixed Chorus, Gymkhana, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, Spanish Club, Acorn Reporter " ' KILGORE, ,AMES Entered from Reagan, '35, Business Mgr. of Oak, Acorn Staff, One-Act-Play Contest, Student Council, Spanish Club, Gymkhana, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Crack Company, Rifle Team, R.O.T.C. Major, Hi-Y. KIMBERLIN, DOUGLAS V V Entered from Peeler, '35. Pan-American Forum, Student Council, Kamera Klub, Art Club, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana, Spanish Department, Linz Bible Award. lAMES, SYLVIA DEAN Entered from Boude Storey, '37. Commercial Club, Scholarship Club, Four-Year Everts, Linz Award, Gymkhana. IEFFERIESJUANA Entered from Boude Storey, '36. fp'v'V"'?,z! - 041' !,yg,'V KINCANNON, DoN Entered from l-logq,l35. 'I Pan5American Fori,uW',Iun'i.or Hi-Y. -1 ' I ,1i,'l'J Nh I I 'KINGLIYRTHIER ' 'lifnteredlf m"Saltillo, Texas, '-37. 1' chqimhfp ciybi' . , if ,,,, f ,if 'I Y V ll li!! V brltlv ' if ,rfb IOH1gfS N, VIRGINIA D. I - 'rl' ,EnFe1:5t from Reagan, '35. Scholarship Club, Ar4t,.'Club, National Honor Society, Class Officer. ' KERR, ANITA DAYLE Entered from Winnetka, '35. Scholarship Club, Gymkhana, French Club. , KINNAN, CARL Entered from Peeler, '35. Senior Hi-Y, lunior Hi-Y, Officer, Crack Company, Spanish Club, Commissioned Officer, School Efficiency Ribbon, Horseback Riding Club, Aviation Club Officer, Gymkhana, Dramatic Club. Puge Thirty-se L en LANDERS, KENNETH Entered from Peeler, '35. Gymkhana, Football, Basketball, Progressive Club, Track, Student Assistant. KIRK, WACIL Entered from Peeler, '35, Scholarship Club, Spanish Club, Gymkhana, Acorn Staff. LOFTICE, ELIZABETH Entered from North Dallas, '37, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society. LEE, IOE Entered from Bowie, '35. Student Council, Debate Team, Orchestra, Progressive Club, Non- Commissioned Officer R.O,T.C,, Senior l-li-Y, Crack Company, Band, Golf Team. LOWE, EDWARD Entered from Arkansas, '37. Progressive Club, Scholarship Club, Aviation Club. LUCK, LAURA LOIS Entered from Boude Storey, '3'7. Commercial Club, Kamera Klub, Student Council, Gymkhana. 1 MCDONALD, DeLOYCE ' Entered from Reagan, '35, Scholarship Club, Linz Award, Spanish Department, Student Council, Gymkhana, Office Assistant, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, Oak Staff McBRlDE, LEWIS Entered from Hogg, '35. Latin Club, Vice-President Iunior Hi-Y, President Senior Hi-Y, Oiiicer Progressive Club, Commissioned Officer R.O.T.C., Supply Officer Camp Dallas, Track, Crack Company, Gymkhana. MARABLE, WILLIAM Entered from Peeler, '35. Track, Tennis, Scholarship Club, Latin Club, Band. McGREW, IEAN Entered from Terrell, '36, Pan-American Student Forum, Spanish Club, Gymlchana. MCCLAIN, ELAVERNE LUCILLE Entered from Forest, '36. Pep Squad, Glrl Reserves, Aviation Club, Spanish Club, Gymkhana. MASCHO, HMMIE Entered from Hogg, '34. Football, Track. Pago Thirty-eigh! MAXWELL, BILLY Entered from Boude Storey, '35. Gymkhana, Iournalism, Scholarship Club. MCLAUGHLIN, CATHERINE ' Entered from Sulphur Springs, '37, McLEOD, CATHERINE Entered from L.G.C., '36, Iournalism Club, French Club, Dramatic Club, Spanish Club MINOR, RALPH Entered from Bowie, '35. Rifle Team, Non-Commissioned Officer, Crack Company, Horse- back Riding Club, Kamera Klub, Acorn Reporter, Gymkhana. MORGAN, EVERETT Entered from Carrollton, '35. Spanish Club. MADDERRA, HELEN Entered from Boude Storey, '37. 1 Gymkhana. MALONEY, MARY SUE ff' A Enter o R ' . Texas Poetry Club, ' h , irl Reserve ' eader of Pep Sq d, Vice-Presi O etta, y a, tudent Council, c a Cl v Senior Girl. xx ORRIS, C. B. Entered from Boude Storey, '35. OLDHAM, MURRAY Entered from Bowie, '35. Gymkhana, Iournalism, Aviation Club. MANTON, RUTH Entered from Hoqq, '35. Spelling Contest, Secretary Spanish Club, Secretary National Honor Society, International Peace Forum, Scholarship Club, Student Council, Four-Year Linz, Four-Year Everts. MARICLE, FREDA Entered from Sunset, '36. Iournalism Staff, Latin Club, Girl Reserves, Scholarship Club, Gymkhana, Kamera Klub. OWEN, ZERREL Entered from West Texas, '37, Page Thirty-nine PETTIT, IOE Entered from Peeler, '35. Gymlchana: Acorn Reporter: Pen Pal Club: Tennis: Student Council: Basketball. MARSHALL, VIRGINIA Entered from Hoqq, '35. Pep Squad: Gymlchana: Girl Reserves: Kamera Klub: lournalism Staff: Spanish Club. MARTIN, GENE Entered from Weatherford, '36. Commercial Club: Art Club: Dramatic Club. PETTIT, RAY Entered from Peeler, '35. Pan-American Club: Gymkhana: Spanish Club: Scholarship Club: R.O.'I'.C, Efficiency Crack Company: Dramatic Club: Hi-Y. XXDJ 91 OWELL, CHARLES R. 0 P ntered from Tyler, '37. Orb Student Council. LMM - MATHEWS, ANITA Entered from Hoqq, '35. Dramatic Club. MATHIS, MYRTLE Entered from Boude Storey, '35. Gymlchana: Spanish Club. PRENTICE, BILL Entered from Bowie, '35. Student Council: Gymkhana: Junior Hi-Y: Football Mgr.: Baseball Mar.: Basketball Mgr.: Acorn Reporter: Basketball. PRICE, PHILIP Entered from Bowie, '35. Lettered in Basketball: Lettered in Baseball: Student Council: Student Assistant: Iournalisrn. MEREDITH, MARGUERITE Entered from Bowie, '35. Pep Squad: Girls Glee Club: Girl Reserves: French Club: Cantata. MICHAEL, DELIA Entered from Reagan, '35. Music Club: Texas Poetry Club: 2B Officer: Best All-Round Senior Girl: Cheer Leader: Dramatic Club: Student Assistant: Student Council: Pep Squad: Gymkhana: Operetta. X: t, PRITCI-QRQD, H soN . Entered frorq West irqinia, '36. - Pan-American Student Fo rn: Trac Aviation Club: Scholarship Club: Linz Awards: Kamglsi Kluya atin Club: Progressive Club: Franch Club: Gymkhaga: Spanish Club, i xx' A . x NS Page Forty ' " X ' 1, 1 RASOR, PENRYN Entered from Peeler, '35. Oak Staff. MILLER, MILDRED Entered from Boude Storey, '37. National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Iunior Red Cross, Four- Year Everts, Four-Year Linz Award. MOORE, SIDNEY D. Entered from Bowie, '24. Gymlchana. REDUS, BILL Entered from Fort Worth, '38. Band. REDWINE, ERNEST Entered irom lrvinq, '36, Dramatic Club, Non-Commissioned Officer R.O.T.C., Crack Company, Horseback Ridinq Club. X J 1' 'ffyw ' MORGAN, MABEL Entered from Peeler, '35. National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Student Council, Art Club, Kamera Klub, Latin Club, Linz Awards, Gymkhana. MOUNT, MARCELLE Entered from Bowie, '35 Girl Reserves, Spanish Club, Gymkhana, Acorn Reporter, Scholarship Club, One-Year Linz. RIDLEY, I. V. Entered from Peeler, '35. Football, Tennis, Progressive Club, Horseback Riding Club, Acorn Reporter, Gymkhana. ROBBERSON, IACK Entered from Peeler, '35, Track, Scholarship Club, Latin Club, National Honor Society. NELSON, TOMMYE Entered from Reagan, '35. National Thespian Club, Dramatic Club, Iunior Medical Profession - Club, Pep Squad, Acorn Reporter, Scholarship Club, Music ' ' 5. Club, Texas Poetry Club. if I ,. r V' ' 'I I Nt J! NICHOLS, DORIS JI' Entered from Peeler, '35. I Girl Reserves, Music Club, Mixed Chorus, Dramatics, Operettas, City Chorus, Gymkhana. ROBINSON, IIMMIE Entered from Long High, '37. Scholarship Club, Banking Assistant, Vice-President Pan-American Forum, Spanish Club, Serqeant R.O.T.C., Student Council. Page Forty-one ROGERS, MORGAN Entered from Hogg, '35. Scholarship Club, Student Council, Iunior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y: Officer, Physics Assistant, Riding Club, Basketball, Aviation Club, Progressive Club, Gymkhana, Linz Award. ' OSBORNE, IANE ' Entered from Bowie, '35, National Honor Society, Pan-American Forum, Girl Reserves, Spanish Club, Student Assistant, Student Council, Pep Squad, Gymkhana, Linz Awards, Everts Awards, PALMER, MARY Entered from Boude Storey, '37. .jx ,- Gymkhana. 1" XX if ' , r f A -f RUSSELL, BENNY 4 , U Entered from Bowie, '35, 'X Scholarship Club. N' RUSSELL, MELVIN Entered from Peeler, '35, Pan-American Student Forum, Spanish Club, lunior H Gyrnkhana, Basketball. PARK, HELEN IEAN Entered from Abilene, '36, Pan-American Student Forum, Spanish Club, Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves, Student Council, Banking Assistant, Linz Award. PARKER, RUTH Entered from Hogg, '35, Latin Club, Linz Award, Pep Squad, Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club, National Honor Society, Everts Award, Student Assistant. ,l 3 Q ' v . D A . SAWYER, Tolvi -f ' Entered from Rockwall, '37, , Progressive Club, Sergeant R.O.T.C. - SHELTON, ROBERT Entered from Hogg, '35, Vice-President Snior Hi-Y, VideAPresident SB, Iunior Hi-Y, Com- missioned Officer R.O.T.C., Band, Camp Dallaq School Sergeants Efficiency, Student.Council,- Latin Club, lkholarswlub, , Orchestra, Grymkhana, Officer Prog essive Ci X Dramatic Club. PETTIGREW, PAY Entered from Lang High, '35, Commercial Club, Gyrnkhana, Aviation Club. PITTMAN, MARY KATHERINE Entered from Hogg, '35, Gymkhana, Texas Poetry Club. .NK SIBLEY, PAT Entered from Reagan, '35, R.O.T.C., Band, Mixed Chorus, Iunior Medical Professions Club. Page Forty-Iwo SIMMONS, BILL Entered from Sam Houston, '37. POLLOCK, RUTH Entered from Reagan, '35, Dramatic Club, Kamera Klub, Gymkhana, Denton Play Day, Latin Club, Acorn Reporter, Scholarship Club, Commercial Club. POTTHOFF, LOIS Entered from Hogg, '35. Scholarship Club, Art Club, Pep Squad, Student Council, Oak Staff, Pan'American Forum, Girl Reserves, Pen Pal Club, Kamera Klub, National Honor Society. SIMMONS, IAMES Entered from Hogg, '36. Library Council, President ZA, Student Council, International Forum, Acorn Reporter, Under-Class Favorite, Senior Hi-Y, Latin Club. SMITH, D. L. Entered from Hogg, '35. Assistant Manager Football, Baseball, Manager Basketball Team. RATLIFF, RUTH Entered from Hogg, '35. Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, Kamera Klub, Acorn Reporter, Mixed Chorus, Gymkhana. REMSTEDT, PAYE Entered from Missouri, '36, Commercial Club, Girl Reserves, Linz Award, Scholarship Club, French Club, Gymkhana, Secretary Pen Pal Club. SNEED, CHAD Entered from Hogg, '35, Football. SPORT, L. C. Entered from Peeler, '35. President lB, Student Council, Spanish Club. ROBNETT, LUBY Entered from Peeler, '35. Latin Club, French Club, Acorn Reporter, Dramatic Club, Gymkhana. ROWLAND, FLORENCE Entered from Hogg, '35, Pep Squad, Horseback Riding Club, Kamera Klub, Girl Reserves, Gymkhana. STILES, CLAYBORN Entered from Peeler, '35. Page Forly-Har? n STRUGES, GEORGE Entered from Bowie, '35. Track, Football, Spanish Club, Art Club, Progressive Club, Gymkhana. SAUNDERS, WANDA Entered from Missouri, '36, Scholarship Club, Iunior Medical Club, French Club, Gymkhana, Student Assistant, Tennis Team, City Tennis Champion, ' t ,f rj QSCRUGGS, IOELLEN 7 - W, ' Entered from Reagan, '35. U fjChemistryg' ssistant, Pen Pal Club, Student Council, Dramatic A Club ' a1ionalThespian Club, Music Club, Ioumalism Staff. wwf " TERRY, TOM ' Entered from Bowie, '35. French Club, Horseback Riding Club TRAVIS, CALVIN Entered from Hogg, '35. Latin Club, Officer R.O.T.C., Scholarship Club, Acorn Reporter, Iunior I-HAY, Camp Dallas, Band, Acorn Salesman, Student Council. ,J SMITH, BERNICE Entered from Bowie, '35. Scholarship Club, Spanish Club, lournalism Staff. SPRADLING, MARY LOU Entered from Peeler, '35. Pep Squad, Art Department, Acorn Reporter, Gymkhana. UECKERT, WILLIAM Entered from Boude Storey, '37. UPI-IAM, DICK Entered from Hogg, '35. Riding Club, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Art Club, Progressive Club, Gymkhana. SUTER, MARIORIE Entered from Bowie, '35, Scholarship, Operetta, Cantata, Music Club, Mixed Choru:, Girl Reserves. TACKER, IVELLE Entered from Boude Storey, '37. Dramatic Club, Thespian Club, Basketball Queen, Progressive Club, Scholarship Club. WALLACE, HOWARD Entered from Bowie, '35, Band, Scholarship Club. Puge Forty-four WALRAVEN, ALBERT Entered from Hogg, '35. Senior H--Y, President 3A Class, Dramatic Club, Library Council, Gymkhana. TATE, BENETA Entered from Reagan, '35. Acorn Reporter, Dramatic Club, National Thespian Club, Gymlchana. TAYLOR, VIRGINIA Entered from Long High, '35. Dramatic Club, Acorn Reporter, Pep Squad, Gym Assistant, President Dramatic Club. WALTI-IER, RICHARD Entered from Colrado, '35 Debate Team, Progressive Club, National Thespian, Band, Kamera Klub, Orchestra. WEATHERRED, HM Entered from Reagan, '35. Basketball. THOMAS, LOIS Entered from Bowie, '35, Pep Squad, Pen Pals, Girl Reserves, Spanish Club, Gymkhana. THOMPSON, BETH Entered from Peeler, '35. National Honor Society, IA Class Officer, Scholarship Club, Pep Squad, Cinder Sweetheart, Gymlchana, Spanish Club, Co-Editor of Acorn WI-IITLOCK, ROY L. Entered from Boude Storey, '37. R.O.T.C., Baseball, Football, Horseback Riding Club. , 4. WRIGHT, JIM Ni' X Q Entered from Oklahoma City, '36. Student CQAA-cilTJPresident Progressive Club, President Debate President or Hi-Y, Football, Debate Team, Crack Company, Ifxtemporan ous Speaking, Scholarship Club, School Efficiency Award, Candidate for President of Southern Association of Student Government, President 4A Class, Dramatic Club. Club, Prfidlint Nat'onal Thespian Club, Peace Forum, Vice- TIPPENS, EVELYN Entered from Reagan, '35. Spanish Club, Cantata, Pep Squad, Mixed Chorus. TIPPS, MARGERY - Entered from Bowie, '35. Presid t panish Club, National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, ecretary Pan-American Forum, Girl Reserves, Student X918 Assistant, Pep Squad, Linz Award. WYLIE, ROBERT Entered from Reagan, '35. Secretary Senior Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Student Council, Vice-President 3A, Best All-Round Senior Boy, Chemistry Assistant, Gymkhana, Scholarship Club, Four-Year Everts, Bible Award. Page Forty zz c x X 1 is WLM TOLBERT, ELINOR A Entered from Brownwood, '35 Latin Club, Aviation Club, Gymkhana, Kamera Klub. TOVVNSEND, MARY Entered from Winnetka, '35. Scholarship Club, Spanish Club, Kamera Klub. TRULY, FREDA Entered from Reagan, '35. Gymkhana, Mixed Chorus, Operetta, Contata. VANN, RUTH Entered from Boude Storey, '36. Music Club, Gymkhana. VESTAL, THELMA Entered from Hogg, '35. Pep Squad, French Club, Music Club, Cantata, Acorn Reporter, Gymkhana. WAGGONER, IAYNE Entered trom Peeler, '35. Pep Squad, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Four- Year Linz Award, Four-Year Everts Award, Dramatic Club, R.O.T.C, Sponsor, French Club, Student Council, Gymkhana, Aviation Club, Pan-American Peace Forum, Archery Club. WALKER, LEONA Entered from Woodrow Wilson, '36, Music Club, Operetta, Cantata, Spanish Department. WALKER, RUTH GENEVIEVE Entered from Woodrow Wilson, '36. Operetta, Contatas, Music Club, French Play, Kamera Klub, Gymkhana. WALTHERS, LILLIAN Entered from Peeler, '36. Art Club, Music Club, Cantata, Gymkhana. WATSON, MARY IO Entered from O. M. Roberts, '35. Horseback Ridinq Club. WHITMAN, DOROTHY Entered from Sherman, '37. Texas Poetry Club, Scholarship Club, Linz Award, Student Council, Thespian Officer, Acorn Staff. WILDMAN, DOLLY D. Entered from New York, '36. Oak Staff, Pep Squad, Gymkhana, Scholarship Club, Secretary- Treasurer of Commercial Club, Spanish Club, Red Cross, Student Council, Aviation Club, Student Assistant, Progressive Club, Gym Assistant, Denton Play Day Co-Editor of Oak. Page Forty-six FLACK, DENNIE IO I WILLHITE, DORIS Entered from Reagan, '35. Student Council: Kamera Klub: Scholarship Club: Linz Award, Pan-American Forum: Horseback Riding Club: Student Assistant: Library Council: Acorn Reporter: Girl Reserves: Pep Squad: Maiorette. WILLIAMS, ALICE Entered from I-Ioqq, '35. Dramatic Club: Commercial Club: Kamera Klub: Gymkhana. WILSON, DOROTHY Entered from Bowie, '35. Scholarship Club: Gymkhana: Ir. Medical Club: Latin Club. WISKOCHIL, MARGARET Entered from L. G. C., '35. Spanish Club: Dramatic Club: Pep Squad: Maiorette: Library Council: Student Assistant: Scholarship Club: Gymkhana: Pan-American Forum. WOOD, ANITA Entered from Peeler, '35. Girl Reserves: Spanish Club: Peace Forum: Gymkhana. WRIGHT, IANE Entered from Houston, '35. Pep Squad: Gymlchana: Girl Reserves: Commercial Club. YEAGER, NORMA Entered from Bowie, '35. Gymkhana: Mixed Chorus: Spanish Club: Operetta. YOUNG, FRANCES Entered from Boude Storey, '37. Acorn Reporter: Scholarship Club. NOT SHOWN IN PICTURES Entered from Kautman, Texas, '38. Entered from Boude Storey, Spanish C IAMES, EUGENE Library Council: Track. GRAY, IOE Entered from Sunset, '39. SAVAGE, EDGAR Entered from Tech, '38. SMITH, ROBERT Entered from Hogg, '36, lub: Crack Company: R 37. iile Team. TIPPIT, FRANK Entered from Reagan, '35, WALKER, HIRAM Entered from Anton, '38. ROY, HERBERT Entered from Fort Worth, '35. Track Team: Basketball. MARTIN, BETTY Entered from Woodrow Wilson, '39. Page Forty-seven Full President l,,,f. ' t 5 Murdock, lane Murrell, Virginia Newton, lune Nicholson, Marjorie North, Mary Ruth . I V' 1, QI!! T . 1 f K V-941.1 A jjj f' 7 KLA - , f J -L anuar 4a i , . f 'I ' 4.1! 1 , . , W 7' J-an Addington, Rayford I ' Law, War X ebbfirk Avrea, Bill ,Fo ' J I Wentworth, B. R, Baker, Robert C, i ey, ader Windsor, Arvis Bearden, C. C. - ry, Dick Wright, Hailey Becharn, lack artin, Earnest Wright, lohnny Blanton, NVilber eserole, Otis Allard, Tommie Bolding, Lonnie Yowles, Albert Bowden, Edgairf t rown, Orville -f Bryant, Iohn Calder, Robert ldwell, Ralph Collins, Edgar ailey, Howard ' qgoyls, Owen Cl' on Xl JDGHGY, Carlisle iSDuBois, Worth asO1'1, Prentiss eisert, Leonard George, R. C. lbruneisen, William K Hackler, Thaviu Xldardisori, Roy ughes, lack Hunley, Donal CLASS orrrcrsns mm GQOIQZJ Bettye Marie Todd Vice-President Mary Ruth Secretary Rader McCulley Ivy, Bob t Irda . na e Oli er Iohns , eo X 0 f jtx Miller, Frank Moore, Dan Moore, lames D. Mylander, Kenneth Napier, Carl Fred Nelson, Bill Parr, Lewis C. Patton, Vifalter H. Peterson, Vernon R. Phillips, loe Price, Iohn Robbins, lack Satterwhite, Mdrion scmmke, onsiif is Shaw, lim ' it Sibley, lack Smith, George Stacy, Bob Switzer, Otto Taylor, Ray Tho pson, Earl T man, Raymond nnell, Preston Waltker, Danny Watkins, L. M. lit Bearden, Mary Bennett, Elinor Board, Frances Burnett, Martha Carpenter, Marian Carter, Elizabeth Cornett, Mildred Durand, Elizabeth Eckstein, Othelia Estes, Mary F. Ford, Ierryline Ford, losephine Fowler, Margaret Frogge, Wanda Haughy, Sara Hawkins, Eleanor Hitt, Doris Honeycutt, Iewel Huff, Ruby Ieftries, luana lohnson, Celia Dell lohnston, Mary Martin, Nellie Lee if Miller, Dorothy Montfort, M,ary ll e tl Vt" .L I Osborn, Ruth Peitz, Rita Plumlee, Edna Lynn Rainwater, Louise Reckley, Dorothy Reeves, Nancy Schulz, Elsie Scribner, Maurine Smith, Eleanor Claire Stegar, Iooephine Stroud, Elizabeth Taylor, Rebecca Teal, Norma Todd, Betty Marie Upham, Helen Vernon, Evolene Walston, Orelya Walton, Margie Warren, Imogene Weatherford, Gwen West, Rose Marie Whittlesey, Margaret Williams, Voneta Witherspoon, Virginia Younger, Iuanita Spring President Carl Napier Vice-President Otis Meserole Secretary Dorothy Miller Przge' Forly-cigbt 32.1 M ti . 1 NDER CLASS I Pj ' f l , .1 - ' , - .f ,Wee 1 R , I J , J, 2 ' f I' 6 bi L ' A llilfyi K 7 , ,,, W, Ml! , Y June 40 :-A f!"!, ,f mga, t 7 -, ' V GIRLS " Coleman Christine Hayes, Martha lane , y Schmidz, Dorothy t t W l Albin Frances ' Adams, Mary lune . JAllen, Ioan Allison, Odette X' Q, Anderson, Marilyn X " Armstrong, Dorothy Austin, Annette A Austin, Mary 1 Baker, Clara Helen Ball, Sally Baugh, Corinne lt t fx ,ll-fl Siillebery, lo Ellen t Et Beckham, Mary QColemanZ Frances Collier, Rachel Connolly, Sarah Couch, Stella Crouch, Thelma Daniel, Dorothy Day, Billie Dillard, Pat Dorsett, Boselyn Durrett, lmogene Ward X Emmons, Martha lane Everett, Elsie Fitzgerald, Carolyn Hearn, Maurine Henderson, Peggy Hill, Patty Hilton, Wanda Hine, Virginia Holloway, Gwendolyn Holston, Nora Mae Holt, Margie Hufstedler, Edith Hulse, Dora Ingram, Bennye lune lames, Esther larneson, Marylou arable, Dorothy Merritt, Dorothy . Milke, Marguerite Miranda, Lillian . Mitchell, Dorothy ' Morgan, Martha Nelson, Anona Nichols, Edythe Kay O'Bryan, Latrell Pantaze, Angelina Parker, Ann Patterson, Doris Pickins, Helen N Scudder, Christine Shaw, Velma Sheffield, Dorothy Shelton, Elizabeth Smither, Betty Starling, Frances Stevens, Virginia Stroud, Mary Sullivan, Mildred Summers, Tommye Tallent, Margaret Templeton, Mary Iean Thurrficl , Dorothy Lee CLASS OFFICERS F all President Pattle Sue Clark VicefPreside-nt Ruth McCullough Secretary Bettie Sue Koch Xi" t X x 1. Y , 5 w , T, J ,wr- 'N v Y v X " Page Fifty ' i tl KJ Bergman, Pauline X Billingsley, Doris ,J Blackwell, Audrea X Bludworth, Mildred ' Flowers, Dorothy Mae Garnhrell, Delphia Gambrell, Fredda Gash, Mimmie Fay Ienkins, Velma Kerr, Louise Kirwan, Iohan a Knowles, e Plunkett, Nannie Pooley, Mary Powers, Lois Elaine Powers, Margaret fs. Tine I r a To n adeline er, Dorothy urner, Kathleen Brodnax, Martha X Gillen, Kathelene Koch, e Sue Price, Elsie Wardrip, Ruth Bryant, Florence v Green, Gloria Law, y Beth Prince, Geral ' Witkins, Lois Burt, Anna lean N ' Green, Peggy La n, Rose Pritchett, g rita Watson, Mary Belle Bush, Mary Katherine Guynes, Katherine son, Sue Pyeatt, Na Wendelloorn, Vivian Carlson, Emily Ham ond, Dorothea ' ach, Lillie Ann Rambo, ary White, Lucille Carrell, Erna H er, Chaorlotte Lent, Bettilou a s orothy Whiteside, Virginia Cates, Norma Lou re, Virginia Loftice, Oleta e , Dorothy Wiederhold, Maxine Cayton, Helen ayce arris, Bobbie McCullough, Buth d, Elsie Mae Wilkin ' Cecil, Bernic Hartness, Rud McKinney, Lois eese, Sybil Wilks, Meredith Chander,G C Harvey, Ann McKinney, Maureen Richardson, Geraldine Williams, Frances Chaletain ' e Harvey,,,An ta McLeod, Ma'y lane Salas, Glory Wright, Noami Clark, ty S Havens, iorie Maddera, Velma Sa , Ieanrigf , Yater, axine Co , T1 arie H virkin orothy I J! 'X 3 4 VL. f, ' qjfyyww l 1 I 17 BOYS Albin, layson Anderson, Donald Ard, Ben Austin, Garfield Bankhead, Homer G. ' Barnett, lesse Clllto. as Barr, Chris ex, Beiseker, Marvin Blackwell, Clyde Blessinq, Wiley Breedlove, Vtfendell Brown, Ioseph Brown, William Bryant, Robert Campbell, I'rnrnio Carmical, Fred Carrell, Sam Chapman, B. reren Childers, Dan Clark, Robert W. Cochrane, L. D. Coke, Owen S. Coker, Marshall Ray Collett, Luke Collier, lames R. .1 "Comtort, Harvey E. Cox, Robert G. Croft, Torbett Crow, Clarence X. Dephew, Paul 3 f .lunclto G Evans, lames Ezell, lack Farrar, Billy Ferguson, V. P. Few, Edward Franklin, Alonzo Ga 'land, Gail Gault, Duncan Geren, Lloyd Gossett, Earl Gossett, Rex I Gray, lack Gre-en, H. T, au1i10fy,r.w. t ' Gu y, Hillary hr, Haalce, Vfallaco ' xxx- X t H r bert L ne , ack Ha'ber, Durwood Ha'ris, Matthew Ha rv . . QR' frison, Harry , Harrison, l. B. t E-lil , Fitzhuqh Frances 5 4 fl I l-lil , Raymond Ho bert, lames Honeycutt, Maurice I f' Ho'n, Xftfayne Hulen, Sterling Hurnbard, Clirnent laries, Leon lohnson, Troy X , I Z!! K- lf t, Io N vf-'Lawre e,Allen Lee, Frank Lee, Lawrence Lord, lack Lutrell, Don McBride, Fred McCarty, Vtlendell McGee, David McGee, Gene Mclntire, Lonnie Maples, Billy Mehrten, Frank Meley, Leroy Metzacrr, Charlis Milke, Henry Miller, Leslie Morrow, Frnest Mullens, Fayne Nall, lames Dayton Nichols, Clovis Nowlinq, Bolo O'Brien, Denis Park, Iames Pinkston, Wallace Pirtle, lap Prichard, Hoyal Ouinn, loe Reagan, Karl Redman, la ck Redwine, Bob Richardson, Iames Roberson, larnes Roberts, Lionel Robertson, Wayne Roy, Bill Sanford, lames Sanger, Edwin scheii, Mmshqtf Sharp, Aubrey Simmons, Billy H. Simms, lack Smith, lerry Smith, Peyton Sorenson, Rodny Stephenson, Horace Stubbs, Nolan Sutmrner, larnes A. Switzer, Georae D. Tallent, Gerald Tanner, Warren Tennison, Ross Tubner, Ray Thompson, Glen Waaner, Frederic Warner, Hiram Warren, Russell Wheeler, Herman Wliittlesey, Philip Wilder, Truman Wriaht, Brock Zellner, Leon "'r4 Durham, Burt l lones, Maurice Reed, Gordon ' I C .Hitt I I 1 , XJ, rf fl ' I 4 I . , .Q ,Nm f t -X, ,g .. -f f,41"4"b ' CLASS OFFICERS Spring President Fred McBride Vice-President Betty Smither Secretary Louise Kerr 1 K! X . : . ' ff' 'J' I 1 I Page lfifly-om' N. ,gg x, X 3 A x CLASS OFFICERS Fall President Carroll Collier Vice-President limmy Wyatt Secretary Doris 'X- X u lfi A , Billy en, Billy pel, August Atkhfs, Billy Dale fLAfkinson, Billy Baker, Roy Bates, Billy Bearden, Bob Bell, lack Bethancount, Harold Boluch, lohn Bowles, Charles Burkart, Charles Carter, Morris Childress, Ioy Collier, Carroll Cox, I. Kenneth Craven, Winfield Crockett, lames Crossland, Edward Daniel, lack Davis,Iohn Dunn, lack Easley, Raymond Evans, Forrest Frazier, lohn Boyd Frost, Harrell Harold Robert I Do " un! it h "l 'Lil 1 I F! , If - January .41 I ,jwrff 'ii iigxflft D Gillette, Fred Gordon, George L. Gray, Doyle Green, Billy lack Green, Harry Green, Robert Hamilton, Robert Harris, lack Hartsfield, Merldean Heiskell, limrnie Herman, Harry Hodges, Murrell 1 Hunter, lack 4 I lennings, W'illian1 lenson, Haldean Kerby, Dale Kinney, lerry Looney, Iohn Low, Harry McDermont, Earl McMains, Landie Mayabb, Charles Morgan, David Neal, Harry Nelson, Albert Bussy Ogden, Ralph Parr, Charles Phillips, Herschel Bambo,Edward Q - b l Reston, Ray Bollar, Ted Shelby, Clarence Skelton, Ben Sorrels, Charles Stultz, Sydor Tucker, Roy Vaughan, James Wade, George Walker, Raymond Vtfanner, Charles West, lack White, Howard WiIliams,,Edward Williams, Wfyvel Wyatt, lirlrrny Yeager,'Earl Adam,s, Virginia Arrington, Billy Merle Bell, Dorothydee Benda, Dorothy Maris Bennett, Dorothy Binion, Wanda Birdsong, Merle G. Blessing, Marjorie Costeel, Mary L. Climer, Dorothy Combs, Mary Evelyn Conrad Frances ' 7 .I T Q9 pot I 9 dn 4 L U 777 U! fy, ,,.' J n l . mf' Crouch, Dorothy Dickson, Dorothy Edmondson, Frances Elam, luanita Emery, Louise ' England, Evelyn Gaither, Grace Glover, Betty lane Gray, Mary , Harris, lrene Henry, Dorothy Mae Hibbits, Sarah lane Hickman, Grace Hill, Betty lo Hill, Peggy lean Holbert, Doris Ng. Huckaby, Gloria lamieson, LaVerno Keller, lean P. Kemp, Doris Lambert, lewel Loomis, Nellie lane Lumpkin, Norma McClung, Helen McGarrah, Lila Mae Marshall, Cordelia Miranda, Frances Newton, Mildred P.Roundtree, Mary Y F' f Owen, Virginia Peery, Mabel Grace Plumlee, Dorothy Polk, Dorothy Pope, lewol Porter, Ana Poulsen, Patricia Preutt, Genevieve Bemstedt, Marjorie Reynolds, Suzanna Rippotoe, Earline Rogers, Katherine Satchell, Melba Savis, loy .,Schiefter, Gussie lo Schivedler, Evelyn Sefik, Martha K. Sinclair, Amy Ray Smith, Dorothy Smith, Nelma Mourine Taylor, Bobette Tyler, Francis Waits, Mary Ann Walker, Mildred Walthers, Sadie Mae Williams, Betty lane Youngblood, Doris px! Spring President Howard Vtfhite Vice-President Ierry Kinney Secretary Frances Edmondson Page Fifty-two BOYS Allen, Iack Allen, Ted Amos, Richard Anderson, Charles Anderson, Iames Archer, Virgil Ashford, K. I. Austin, Harold Cowing, Harry Craig, Bert Cunningham, 'William Davis, I. E. Deaver, Bill Denton, Iames Dodga, Charles Duncan, Rich 1rd Dunlap, Harr-1 June '41 Hill, Horner Hill, Walter Hocker, Claude Hodges, Hobart Houston, Stanly Howard, Guy lvy, David Iones, Glen Iones, Harold Norvell, Eugene O'Rourke, Frank O'Rourke, Iohn Odom, Ralph Palmer, Howard Patterson, Wayne Payne, Clark Penn, Iames Phillips, Warren Pond, Douglas Smith, Aubrey Smith, Bertram Leon Smith, Robert Snead, Ramon Stubbs, Virgil Sturdivant, Gordon Sympson, Lee Roy Tabor, Stanley E. Tacker, Harold Thompson, Charles Avrea, Carl Baker, Robert Barnett, Vernon Beesley, Vernon Bobo, Otis Booth, Robert Bracke, Paul Brackeen, Vernon Brown, Kenneth Buckley, Stewart Butcher, Billy Byers, Raymond Campbell, William Carlisle, Robert Carroll, Charles Carter, Bill Chalkley, Francis Glawson, Bob Commons, Milton Cook, Vtfillie Dunnam, Lloyd Eades, B. G. Edmondson, Billy Everett, Billy Fagan, C. A. Farris, Bob Flippin, Kay Fowler, Clarence Frazier, Hoyt Gambrell, Iarnes Goodwin, Pa ,rl Graham, Ma:-I Gray, Bob Hackler, Taswoll Hall, Iarnes Hall, Raymor d Hanson, Walter Hearne, Herbert Henderson, Iack Herring, Frec Kinkel, Dan Lanza, Nick Law, Iames Lewis, Lawrence Primm, Bill Proctor, Charles Rawlings, I. H. Lippincott, Don Howard Reed, Iimmie Luttrell, Dale McChesney, Iames McClain, Iule McClintock, I, R. McManus, William McNabb, Alvin Mackey, Iack Maidow, Ioe Mathis, Melwyn L. Mays, Billy Merianian, Paul Michael, Raymond Moore, A. I. Morgan, H. I, Mullens, Mickey Reeves, Stewart Richards, Albert Ridgell, Horace Roberts, Raymond Robinson, Iohn Russell, Lloyd Sallis, Fred Sanford, Ioe Satterwhite, Bill Sawyer, Iohnnie Edward Sellers, Tommy Milford Sevier, Bryce Shaw, Otis Skelton, Marvin Lee Thompson, Pat Truly, Robert Turner, Richard Ueckert, Lee Utley, Edgar Vaughan, A. C, Vinson, George Wall, Dan Delbert Warner, Frank Webb, Keith Wessels, Dan Wetzel, Wilburt White, Bill W'illiams, Horace Williams, Nev Wilson, Charles Windsor, Norman Winters, Edwin Worden, Eddy Ray Young, Iim CLASS OFFICERS Fall President Bertram Smith Vice-President C. A. Fagan Secretary Doris Cook Puge Fifty-lbrer CLASS OFFICERS Spring President Harry Cowing Vice-President Louise Saunders Secretary Mary Alice Vaughn Page Fifly-four L 4 GIRLS Adkisson, Lila Albin, Sadie Amis, lane Amundsen, Loretta Anderson, Mary Archer, Virginia Ashford, Marion Austin, Betty Bailey, Amonette Balch, Anne Baltzegar, Marian Bates, Mary Baxter, loye Beasley, Frances Bell, Earline Bell, Lois Berry, Mimi Black, leanne Blaine, Ioe Anne Blanton, Nadine Boatman, Edna Boatman, Ruth Boland, Doris Brower, Jeannette Brown, Betty Bruce, luanita Bryan, Eddlean Bryant, Iuanita Campbell, Dora Candle, Tommie Carlton, Iuanita LJ J unc '4 1 Cason, Gwendolyn Clark, Barbara Ann Clark, Dorothy Coleman, Virginia Collier, Hazel Combs, Ann Congleton, Elise Cook, Doris Cooke, Dorothy Cooper, Maxine Crutcher, Oneita Daniel, Sara Davis, Donna Dix, Maxine Dobbins, Francis Drees, Pauline Duncan, Reona Easley, Earleen Eason, Sara lim Ellison, Viva Elmore, Doris Emmons, Betty Ethridge, Harvejo Eure, Bertie Fairey, Frances Farmer, lane Fleeman, Margaret Fletcher, lohnnye Fooshee, lane Ford, Margaret Fowler, Francis Fulkerson, Margaret Garner, Nina Ruth Green, Carol Ann Griffith, lune Grissaffi, Evelyn Gual, Marjorie Hambright, Dorothy Hamilton, lean Hare, Helen Hargrove, Hazel Harralson, Marie Hatfield, Dorothy Hayden, Rebecca Hearn, Marie Heller, Mary Hill, Tannye Hodgens, Mary Louise Holcomb, Bonnie Hudgins, Mary Bess Huff, Virginia Hulse, Necia Ingram, Pat lvy, Virginia larrord, Dorothy lefcoat, Mary Nadine lennings, Daryl lones, loanna lones, Margie Keller, Elizabeth Kemp, Marveleen Kerbow, Sibbie King, Doris Kirby, Elizabeth Lemons, Vee Lynn Leslie, Berta Lewis, Frances Lewis, Viola Loftice, Nellie Louise Long, Mary lane Lowe, Dorothy Lowe, Marjorie Lutrell, Dorothy McDaniel, Doris McDaniel, Mildred McFarland, Martha McHenry, Frances McKinney, Betty McLaren, Ion McMillan, lessie McPeek, Norma Martin, Dorothy Meredith, lean Miller, Mozelle Mitchell, Frances Mitchell, Katherine Moneyhun, Veoma Moore, Roxie Ann Mowatt, Bobby Napier, Thelma Nelson, Loretta Nichols, Phyllis O'Donohoe, Billie Osborn, Doris Paden, Helen Parker, Catherine Parks, luana Pearson, Marinell Peterson, loan Pettigrew, Lorene Pierce, Helen Poole, Dorothy Potak, Annie lo Powell, Maurine Ranft, Marguita Reedy, Doris Reneau, Frances Rhodes, Rosemary Richardson, Sally Ring, Marie Robnett, Mary Flo Rogers, Shirley Bollandin, Virginia Ross, Ruby Sanford, Mary Saunders, Louise Scottino, Ruby Schudder, Bonnie Shaw, Kathleen Shields, Mary Smith, Francis Smith, Marcele Smith, Roberta Solomon, Ruth Southern, Mary Ezm Spangler, Helen Sparks, lacqueline Continued on Page IJ! CI Adkisson, W. C. Akin, Ray Atteberry, Wilson Babb, Herbert Baughman, Desmer Berry, Donald Birdsong, lacky Blankenship, Harold Bowles, Tommy Burkart, Bill Burris, Billy Harrell Camp, Lowell Carroll, Clay Von Childers, Conway Claunch, lohn Coats, Weldon Coleman, Tommy Collins, Earl Cook, Bennie Cowan, Kenneth Daniel, Sammy Earl Davenport, Hal Davis, Everett Dees, David Denton, Allen Boyd Diamond, Rowlings Dunlap, Clifford England, Wesley Favre, Carl Finley, Carl Ford, Taylor Gibbons, lames Gibbs, Frank Green, Daniel Gregory, Carl Gregory, William Groce, Huel Gross, B. E. H zrrelson, Robert Haynes, Lem Heaton, Leon t Hillin, Sarn Hogue, Bradley Holcomb, Harold Holland, lohn House, Samuel Edge Humphrey, Frank H. Humphreys, Evvellx Hunley, Collin lackson, Bayard lenkins, George lchnson, Robert January '41 Q Lucas, Billy Luper, Harold Lyday, lames Lykes, Naylor McCarley, Harry Lee McClain, loe McClure, Don McElroy, Gaylon xx Marable, lack Marco, Virgil lx Martin, S. W. f X Medley, Bill ,Merrifield lack VMiller, Eugene Miller, Roy Nelson, Robert Newman, Lewis Northcutt, Charles Kgrf, Bill Oliver, Herman Keener, David QSb0f1'19,lOl'11'1 Kirshaw, B. M. jPaSinO. Frank Koch, Phil NF Patterson, Beverly LaPlant, Raymond XlPatterson, Bobby Latimer, larrell W. A gatterscgn,1Rc131bert Lee, Robert E. ., iGTCG. CI P Lindley, Garlar Li XXPowell, Ernest Little, Ntfilliarn Lloyd, Elgin Lockard, Raymond Lockett, lack Long, lames Ed. Longley, George Lowry, Eugene Lozano, lesse A Qualls, Forrest , Reagan, Iames Reese, Eugene Reynolds, Roy Richardson, Dick Risinger, Billy Robertson, lim Robins, Lester Rudd, Billy Schulz, Carl Sheflield, lames Shelton, Billy South, Charles Stephens, W'indell Stevenson, Robert Stubbleiield, Allen Stultzz, Vt'ilson Surrett, William Tirripa, Felix Tucker, George Vogel, Donald Vtfaits, Gliver L. W'allace, lames Vfalters, Ralph A. VJhite, W. T. VJhittington, Wallace Wiley, A. P. Wiley, larnes Wilson, K, Wilson, Wailand Vtlolt, Gene Worden, loe Yarbrough, Alfred Adams, Frances Akers, Virginia Anderson, Shirley Avord, Collece Bagqett, Katherine Bailey, lessie Ray Barrett, Betty Berry, Lorraine Binion, Mary Alice Blackburn, Betty Blackwell, Betty Branorn, Vera Faye Bruce, loyce Buchanan, Mildred Buck, Charlene Camp, Ruth Carter, Lucille COX,TOIUH1lG Lee Cristol, Amelia Crouch, Frances Cummings, Anna Io Davis, Evelyn Drain, Dorothy lean Drake, leanne Adista Dunn, lrene Eckstein, Laurotta Ely, Marion Ferguson, Marjorie Folse, Peggy Lee Foster, Betty lune Gallaher, Barbara Gallaspie, Clara Garrett, Dorothy Hamilton, Mariorie Hill, Peggy Harmon, Mary V. Hemphill, lean Hollander, Marian Hunter, Mamie Belle lensen, Nelsie lohnson, Geraldine lolly, Gwendolyn Continued on Page 132 CLASS OFFICERS Fall President Mary L. Long Vice-President Mamie Belle Hunter Secretary Teresa Thompson Spring President Harold Holcome Vice-President Huel Grace Secretary Marjorie Wood Page Fifty-fire CLASS OFFICERS Full President Frank Lassetter Vice-President Iohnnie Ellis Secretary Lewis Leftwich I t t Y I Spring , President ., Franklin Lasatef .f Vice-President lolinnie Ellis Secretary Margaret Ruth Welch Page Fifty-.tix ,I 1 will V vi! .lt I r I .J . , ' ' ,- 1 ' f K W' . nl l l V J V IJ I' ,t f .f , J AM' Xwjvf 11-v Tl! a J tl' tri Anderson, Thomas Ardinaer, Horace Arnett, G. C. Austin, Charles Austin, Guy Bryan Bass, Albert Bendrat, R. V. Blair, Raymond Bobbett, Dick Boyls, A. I. Brown, Iohn Calvert, Iames Chandler, Troy Clyce, Vtfallace Cooke, Iohn Crow, Iames Crurnbie, Watson Dailey, Pat Daniel, Charles Davis, Bob Deqenhart, Marvin Dickinson, I, E. Dodd, Cranston Drake, lohn Duncan, Bennie Elphingstone, lack Fain, M. N. Fawks, Milburn Felts, Iarnes Flack, Charles Frost, Morris Gallassero, Charles Garriotl, George Gordon, lack Green, Melvin Guest, Gordon Hamilton, Ernest Hamilton, lack Hart, lack Hatcher, Dick Henricksen, Harry Henson, Ralph Hollabaugh, Hendrix Humphreys, Earl lefcoat, Harold lohnson, Lloyd lohnson, Wcryne tones, Paul Keel, Iames Keener, Hershel Kelly, Edward Kerr, Vernon Lassatter, Frank Layden, Bobby Layne, Leon Lediord, Earnest Lee, timmy Leftwich, Lewis Leid, Bill Lewis, Verlan Lowe, Kenneth McCroskey, tacky McKay, Harold Manton, Thomas Martin, Thad Massey, Alvin June 41 Medky, Lesley Miranda, Victor Morgan, Charles Muckrnore, Robert Murphey, Pat Newman, Charles Nowlin, Wanz Pantaze, George Payne, David Pediford, lack Phillips, Buford Potthoff, Bill Ramsey, Bobby Rhodes, Cecil Richardson, Walter Robinson, Bill Sams, Ottie Lee Schmidt, Wallace Schoen, Ernest Sequin, Iohn Shields, larnes Shirk, Harry Simmons, Kenneth Slater, lack Stephenson, Billy Stice, Herbert Still, Ioe Teubner, Edwin Thaxton, Robert Thomas, Charles Thompson, lohn Townsend, Kenton Trapp, Albert Truly, Richard Tubre, Wilfred Utt, Ted Walla, David Vfarwick, Harry Wasson, Bob Westerfeldt, lohn Whitaker, Pat Whitlock, Cleo Windblood, lack Zuefeldt, Richard Aiton, Helen Alexander, LaVonne Allen, lacguelyn Angus, Elizabeth Baker, Prucilla Baker, Verna Rae Ballard, Norma lean Beasley, Evelyn Beaty, Edith Carl Berry, lean Bickley, Mary Blair, Mary Blalock, Nelouise Blevins, Helen Bonner, Norma Bowley, Peggy Boyd, Ernesat Cortaz Brown, lune Carey, Mary Francis Carrell, Mary Lou G Chamberlain, Marjorie Chatelain, Zoe Ann Childress, Beatrice Clark, Frankie Coates, Mary Dean Collum, Effie Coop, Anna Louise Crockett, Mary Dolores Cruse, Rosalyn Davis, Imogene Davis, Vivian Delaney, lean Dickey, Betty lean Dilleshaw, Margaret Duncan, Louise Durand, Ieanette Edaar, Catherine Ellis, lohnnie Eubanks, Dorothy Evans, Elizabeth Ewing, Dorothy Floyd, Katheryne Forsyth, Thelma Foster, Clara Eva Frazier, Frances C. Gilbson, Myrtle Gillette, Ellen G. Gleason, Lillian Glidewell, Ruth Godwin, Alice Graham, Betty Hair, Ora Lee Harding, Dorothy l-larris, Betty Continued on Page 132 Abbott, Iames H. Allen, Bill Allen, C. I. Allen, Edwin Askins, Dewey Beard, T. K. Britt, lohn Britton, William Cate, lohn Chambers, Robert Chapel, Iohn Clark, Robert Coats, Gene Cooper, Iimmie Copher, William Creel, lohnny B. Crow, Earl Edward Doudney, Charles Epps, Turner Esry, Walter Eubank, Iackie Fazakerley, Arthur Ford, Ted Freed, Kenneth Fuller, lames Gausnell, Iames Gilmer, Charles Gray, George Gregory, Robert Gresham, Duke Ham, C. O. Harris, I. T. January ,43 Hawkins, Don Hays, Donalcl Humphrey, loseph Iohnson, Donald lohnson, Harry Iones, Tornmy Kee, Charles Kilgore, Kendall King, Otis Krayer, Ioe Langston, Zack Lawson, Thotnas Lindsay, George Lockridge, Cecil McAdams, Iames McFerren, Ecward Moore, Iamee G. Morgan, Weldon Mullen, Russell Murdock, lustine Newman, Fred O'Donohoe, Terry Oglesby, George Payne, Harold Pettijohn, Bob Phillips, Ray Pollock, Charles Price, Earl Pulliam, Iamie Rachels, Iohnny Reynolds, Iames Saba, David Sanders, Lloyd Schmitz, Nolan Searnans, Arthur Senter, Ioe Shepherd, O. W. Sparks, Thomas Spicer, George St. Clair, Martin Stacy, Dollam Starns, Floyd H. Summers, Melvin Talbott, Iimmy Teasley, Edgar Volentine, Bert Wade, Lewis Ward, Morris Warren, Albert Wathen, Eugene Whale, lack Whiddon, Iohn White, larnes Wilson, William Yarborough, Barkley Yates, Dick Youngblood, lack Adams, luanita Boston, Mary Carolyn Brooks, Kathleen Brown, Bonnie Lou Cameron, loyce Carpenter, lean Carter, Harriet Cason, Lauretta Cleveland, Martha Click, Myrtie Coats, Glennis Coker, Betty lane Cowan, Norma Cravens, Sue Crook, Patsy Rae Crouch, Betty Iune Cunningham, Bernice Dabbs, Dorothy Durham, Paula Elkins, Emma Fain, Iune Fleeman, Rebecca Fortune, Iarvis Ann Gass, Geneva Hardage, Dorothy Hays, Betty lane Hinchey, Mary Io Hodges, Billie Ruth Hunly, Helen Irwin, Iacqueline M. Iensen, Lela Iohnson, Ieannette Iones, Doris Keane, lean Kimberly, Louise King, Alice Leslie, Mildred McClellan, Anna McClenahan, Mary Macauley, Marjorie Matheson, Elizabeth Moore, Betty Paris, Bernice Parsons, Lois Payne, Dorna Pledge, Patsy Porter, Nell Ruth Pricthett, Doris Rasor, Xerma Reed, Mary Rindy, Beverly Roberts, Beverly Sands, Catherine Shaddox, Ruby Shipley, Nina Silvery, Helen Snider, Edna Ruth Starnes, luanita Surley, Martha Thompson, lanice Tipps, Sarah Waddle, lane Whiteside, Frances 'Whitley, Martha Lee Wilkins, Mary Ruth Willis, Dorothy Anne Yeager, Maxine CLASS OFFICERS Spring President Janice Ann Thompson Vice-President Dorothy Dabbs Page Fifty-sewfz Pugv Fifly-vigbl k f 15 . -L ,,,, iiyfsr 71" gp jf 'ff S W 'SSW ff www S A X sz' M1 ,fi W f Qu qwkswl w Nl f MA W fy aw, X ,fr .. ,.V, . , ....V 1 17 52? 74 Q-1 sd ,. x H . -, T. . -1 i , W A , . .1 E9 1 .W f f fm ..f' G- -H-. 4 P, -.- U 5 ,1.,,-,4-.'1: .. ., Hx N- 14 f- M., I S' NL.'v5-S....-sw -' .'-. ..,' f ,Am . .,,,. " - - - - xx f ...v . r 1, 1. 1 5-1-,xf e.1,. .- , .5 W. .4-v-NN-k .. Q-LN..-.'i.1. ' ' s ,W .,,,l,t-,,,'-,U 3 .l A ,. .5-A, ,Q M A A ',:--f'-.-'.'Nf':Q---We ,N-ff-,..".?j, "X " ,,- 15. I .. . ,,, , ,- :Q ig' -f H , A'n.'f1f1:w 331- "ff"-, 3'f"" --qf'l1f?.2.'Qf' A C., fQ'2'?.i2ii4. zf',:L.4:?T'Tr J-'F QILr?'4:L5:2YSi'r:2S?a'-c'4?'.'af3tg-'."7f'5",. -.1fP'52r-'--,:"1v14T1q',3f',""" QT LS:- .. , - V- -1 -4-'F'-': w'1":'. ,:':Q1J-..,,- Jil- - if f . ,. . ' 5- N115 , ..x- . Cy-4,5 '14ag1..-',..f-g..uf4"-bf -.,-V f- 1 - -4 ' - .,,, -. ':bv. ' - N ,v,..',, "f-,-.- ,v -H.. ,rX',- ' ' f X ... 2-.. x A-Q fmevxfmwx I-'GH amor' Pbeaxjy Senior' Fcxvorfife , tl Af 285 Ky SQL Maloney 'Bela HC: LQNYNS Ma 1' fgevxlsr' Boy Qlevefej Semis! GMI MM :igg 1: ,. ,gi wg wsfgfx 'fig -3?'+ 9 as ff ,Q X I ' uw ,.,,, V R 2 w V 2 Q5 A-, K Qing is ,, 4 511 :g g 1 -fea- ,: 4: Puga' Six ly-si x A ii Pugv Sixiy-fig ln' dl HH SNLLNHS CEI HO Od HH DV Il SHLLIA Journalism Department , STAFF Co-Editors Ruth Bybee Beth Thompson Business Managers Ioe Bryant Iames Simmons R.O.T.C. Editor Iames Kilgore Sports Dan Davis Feature Editor Maiorie Suter 1 tgirl W Page Sevenly Exchange Editor Dorothy Whitman The primary purpose ot the high school paper is to reflect the activities ot the students. lt strives to cover all important happenings and in that Way ac- quaint everyone With the resources of the school. It hopes to arouse interest in school projects, such as assemblies, senior plays, and contests of all kinds. Through its humor columns and its features the school paper serves as an entertainer of the student readers. REPORTERS Allison Ruby Cline, Marcus Kilgore, lames Scruggs, Ioellen Armistead, Mary Dean, Ruth McLeod, Catherine Smith, Bernice Alice Densmore, Iuanita Maricle, Freda Spradling, Mary Lou Bandy, Betty Denny, Lidamay Marshall, Virginia Suter, Majorie Banker, Dorris Dickinson, Dorothy Martin, Betty Simmons, lames Barnes, Evelyn Davidson, Paul Matthews, Anita Sneed, Chad Billert, Iuanita Davis, Dan Mount, Marcelle Tacker, lvelle Bradford, Elizabeth Elphingstone, Mike Maxwell, Billy Tate Beneta Bybee, Ruth Fitzgerald, Francis Minor, Ralph Taylor, Virginia Balch, I. C. Fritz, Eugene Nelson, Tommy Thompson, Beth Bryant, Ioe Garrison, LaVoyce Oldham, Murray Travis, Calvin Gates, Mildred Hayden, Mary Hunley, Ada Mae Hollander, Evelyn Cummings, La Verne Hagendoorn, Billy Cavett, Oliver Hendricks, Harold Click, Otis Kirk, Wacil Blair, Arthur Campbell, Kathryn Campbell, Virginia Clark, Elizabeth Pollock, Ruth Pettit, Ioe Price, Philip Robnett, Luby Ratlitf, Ruth Ridley, I. V. Schulz, Elsie Vestal, Thelma Whitman, Dorothy Willhite, Doris Weatherred, lim Wright, lim Wylie, Robert Young, Frances Sponsor i Miss Henrietta Eis enlohr Pen Pal Club OFFICERS President Mary Belle Watson wie.-yfiur wt- V Vice-President Lena Tardio Secretary Sarah Tardio Pro 1'-une chef,-,,, .A 1 ' .1 4 1, '14-,QA Sponsors Miss Nellie Bly Lankford 1 Mrs. Helen Horn, Lf I L., 1 ,f , . . ' . ,.., , ., . The chief aim of the Pen Pal Club is to develop the talent for writing which is found in most of its members. The Pen Pal Club, a creative writing club, is open to all students from lBs to 4As. The only requirement is that each mem- ber hand in every term at least one written composition consisting of an essay, a short story, ct poem, a short play or other types of literature. Anderson, Willie Connolly, Sarafri Ward Day, Billie Katherine Densmore, luanita Ellis, Mary Gaither, Iimmie Green, Carol Ann Hammond, Iacquelyn MEMBERS OF THE PEN PAL Kirwan, lohanna McCleod, Mary lane McLaren, Ion Rasor, Xerma Bice, Grace Schimellerig, Louise Schwedler, Evelyn Smith, Roberta Loftice, Nellie L. Spangler, Helen Tanner, Billie M. Tardio, Lena Tardio, Sarah Vermillion, Elizabeth Watson, Mary Belle Wilder, Peggy Young, Mildred Page Seventy-and Q ll l , 4 National Honor Society X, X Page Se venly-two -L OFFICERS President Katherine Daniel Vice-President im! Lane B. Cooke, Ir Secretary Marie France Sponsors Miss Lucy l-larmlton Miss Christine Hammock Ly, The Nat' kg Honor Society consists of honor students who have strived to live t the four qualifications upon which the society is built. To be a member, tudent must average 90 with no grade below 80, he must be a leader in classes and extra-curricular activities: his character must be above reproach, nd he must serve his school in any way that may b b al and hon t. A MEMBERS OF THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Baker, lames Bivings, Dorcas Bybee, Buth Cooke, Lane B., Ir. Crook, Hesper Crown, Philip T., Ir. Cumming, LaVerne Daniel, Katherine Davidson, Paul Dykes, Tommy Densmore, Iuanita France, Marie Gruneisen, William Heiskell, Reba Hughes, Billie Nell Iohnson, Virginia Dare Kilgore, Iames Law, Warren Lattice, Elizabeth Manton, Ruth Miller, Mildred Morgan, Mabel Murdoch, lane Osborne, Jane Parker, Ruth Bobberson, lack Thompson, Beth Tipps, Margery Waggoner, Iayne Whittlesey, Margaret Anne Wylie, Robert Debate Club OFFICERS President Iirn Wright Vice-President Carl Napier Secretary Iirnmie Gaither Sponsor Miss Anne Patrick V tt' 'Wi ,.f The purpose of the Debate Club it to create interest in the art ot debating, to stimulate enthusiasm in the problems of government, and to foster better citizenship tor school and community. For the current season, the debate squad completed a competive record ot winning twenty-six debates out ot thirty-seven. Blankenship, George Brown, Orville Coke, Owen Gaither, Iirnmie Gault, Duncan Goodwin, Paul Whitney Gruneiser, William Guest, Gordon Hall, Hugh MEMBERS OF DEBATE CLUB Harding, Warren Law, Warren Lee, Ioe Morgan, Everett Milke, Marguerite Napier, Carl O'Brien, Dennis Sibley, Pat Srnith, Ierry Redman, lack Tanner, Warren Taylor, Rebecca Walther, Richard Walthers, Danny Watson, Mary Bell W'inters, Gene Wright, lim Page Sew tg ibree Dramatic Club Page Sezfenly -four President The Dramatic Club is an organization open to anyone who has the ambition to act. This club helps to develop the future actors and actresses. Everyone in school is eligible to join this club it he meets the requirements which are necessary. The requirements are that the person should give a recitation beiore the club as a whole and they are passed on by the program committee. Betry, Elise Bowles, Albert Bowles, Tommy Childers, Beatrice Chittim, Tuleta Clawson, Bob Collier, Hazel Connally, Sarah Fairey, Frances Gates, Mildred Green, Carol Ann Baker, Verne L MEMBERS OF DRAMATIC CLUB Hare, Virginia Hawkins, Dorothy Hutstedler, Edith Ingram, Pat lones, Mary Belle Lent, Betty Lou Mehrten, Don Frank Merritt, Dorothy Michael, Delia Nelson, Tommye Pollock, Ruth Ratlifi, Ruth Saunders, Louise Scruggs, Ioellen Tacker, lvelle Taylor, Bobette Taylor, Rebecca Taylor, Virginia Walther, Richard Welch, Margaret Williams, Alice Whitman, Dorothy Wright, lim OFFICERS Virginia Taylor Vice-President lvelle Tacker Secretary Hazel Collier Sponsor Miss Wilhelmina Hedde l OFFICERS President Majorie Tipps . DL, rt" Elizabeth elton Vice-Presidekm Secretary Hesper Treasurer Crook Edythe Abernathy Sponsors Mrs. Minnie Bramlette Miss Eugenia Newberry .fl Girl Reserves The purpose of this club is to face life squarely, to find and give the best, and to try to ,v if 1 f .fra fy, Abernathy, Edythe Allen, Iacguelyn Allen, Ioan Amis, lane Austin, Mary Ellen Bailey, Amonette Bell, Dorothy Dee Benda, D'Maris Bennett, Dorothy Bennett, Elinor Bivings, Dorcus Blessings, Marjorie Blevins, Helen Bloodworth, Mildred Bonner, Norma Boyd, Cartaze Carrell, Mary Lou Carter, Harriet W Gracious in manner N i ,,.v4"' Impartial in judgment X13 'J Ready for service T. li Loyal to friends K ' Reaching toward the best - Earnest in purpose , Seeing the beautiful 'ff tr Eager of knowledge Reverent to God Victorious over self Ever dependable Sincere at all times Childress, Beatrice Clcrk, Barbara Ann Coates, Nona Lee Congleton, Elise Cowan, Norma Crcok, Hesper Crcok, Patsy Bae Cru se, Rosalyn Daniel, Katherine Davis, Imogene Denny, Lidamay Ellis, Iohnnie Ellison, Viva Emery, Louise Eth ridge, Harvijo Franklin, Mary Yvonne Forshee, lane Foster, Clara Eva Gro y, Mary MEMBERS Green, Carol Ann Hare, Helen Hare, Virginia Hearn, Maurine Hill, Madelyn Hinchey, Mary lo Hodges, Billie Ruth Holbert, Doris Hughes, Billie Nell lngrum, Pat Ivy, Winifred lennings, Daryl Tones, Ioanna Iones, Patsy Ruth lordan, Dorothy Kemp, Doris Kimberlain, Mary King, Alice Lewis, Francis X .y, McClellan, Anna McClenahan, Iean McClenahan, Mary McDonald, DeLoyco Marshall, Virginia Martin, Helen Osborne, lane Park, Helen lean Parker, Ruth Polk, Dorothy Porter, Nell Ruth Potthoff, Lois Banft, Marguita Reed, Elsie Mae Bindy, Beverly Rogers, Shirley Bollandin, Virginia Rowland, Florence Y x Schieffer, Gussie Io Shelton, Elizabeth Sinclair, Amy Spangler, Helen Steger, Josephine Stone, Billie Charles Tallent, Margaret Taylor, Betty Thompson, lanice Tipps, Margery Tipps, Sarah Tyler, Frances Smith, Dorothy Wacldle, Ava lane Vfalther, Connie Wildman, Dolly Willis, Dorothy Yeary, Melba Page-Seventy fr: r A, M, 7-Wd! fwfr W , ' Art Club Page Sevenly Mrs. Nellie Clement This large and wideawake department fosters one club-the Art Club. This Club, which is composed oi students who wish to promote the interest of art and art culture, convenes on every other Monday. The Club, which was re- organized in February, l939, has as its principle to promote and teach art and art appreciation to the students who are members. MEMBERS OF THE ART CLUB Albin, Frances Armstrong, Dorothy Bates, Mary Bibb, Marie Bludworth, Mildred Coleman, Virginia Cooke, Dorothy Fleeman, Margaret Hayden, Mary lones, Margie Keeler, Elizabeth Kemp, Doris Kimberlin, Douglas Kimberlin, Mary Ellen Kirwan, lohanna Poulsen, Patricia Rasor, Xerma Y Reagan, Karl I l1 A ' 9.1, Richardson, Dick ' ' -..Mt Surley, Martha " ' Q Tallen, Margaret ' - Vaughan, Mary Alice Walthers, Lillian Wolf, Gene OFFICERS President Douglas Kimberlin Vice-President Mary Alice Vaughan Secretary Dorothy Armstrong Sponsor MEMBERS OF COMMERCIAL CLUB Z l -4-- 4-d4.i-.,1 f'1,,l, X 1 ' 1 OFFICERS t 'resident Otis Mese e lice-President Nora Mae Holston Secretary-Treasurer Dolly Wildman Sponsors Miss Hazel Miller Mr. Rhea Marriott Mr. E. M. Cain Mr. T. W. Browne Mr. loe R. Peters had i L ' .ig-,,,,,,,,, c i t The Commercial Club is an organization open to anyone who is interested in the business world. Anyone is eligible to join this club who has taken some business subjects while in school and have proved themselves real workers. lt X is the aim ot this club to enable students to become familiar with modernpro- gressive business methods and systems. Ball, Sally Bell, Lois Bergman, Pauline Brown, Virginia Bush, Mary Katherine Campbell, Kathryn Cecil, Bernice Chatelain, Catherine Clark, Elizabeth Couch, Evelyn Day, Billie Katherine Dean, Ruth Densmore, Juanita Dispenza, Phillip Eure, Bertie Fletcher, lohnnye N aye Flowers, Dorothy May Ford, lerryline Ford, Iosephine Fowler, Francis Fowler, Margaret France, Marie Garrison, LaVoyce Gash, Minnie Hammond, lacgueline Harding, Vlfarren l-lolston, Nora Mae Hutt, Ruby Hunley, Ada May Iames, Sylvia Dean Lowe, Ed Luck, Laura Lois McDonald, DeLoyce McFarland, Martha McKinney, Maureen Martin, Gene Martin, Nellis Lee Millie, Marguerite Pantaze, Anglina Person, Marinell Pollock, Ruth Price, Elisie Ratlitt, Ruth Reclcley, Dorothy Reed, Elsie Mae Remstedt, Faye Richardson, Geraldine Robertson, Wayne Saunders, Wanda Sawyer, leanne Shelton, Lois Smith, Eleanor Claire Smith, Roberta Southern, Mary Taylor, Rebecca Tucker, Dorothy Tubner, Ray Vann, Ruth Vermillion, Elizabeth Warren, lmooene Vlhite, Lucille Whiteside, Virginia Vtlilliams, Alice Wordeit, Dorothy Wright, Iane Yeager, Norma Pugt Ser enty sez en 1 ,Ml . tvtwgt-isuiw, ju ,, 1W,,i-' X '..f Sjctholarship 5 I-4,AQl'l LAL A or-'ricnns President Iames Baker Vice-President Doroth Schmidt Secretary Mary Wigs- U fr I I Sponsors Miss Helen Aduddell A F S S T Miss Berta Cooper NN. X N tt wi if 511 X 7 ' t Page S The Scholarship Club is the largest club in Adamson High School. Membership is open to pupils of all classifi- cations who have the required scholastic standing. lt is interesting to note that two outstanding jewelry companies of Dallas, Linz Brothers and Arthur A. Everts think so highly of scholarship that each year they provide thousands ot pins to the members ot the scholarship clubs of the city. lB Cruse, Roselyn Tucker, George Mays, Billy King, Doris Davis, Iohn Epps, Turner Davis, Imogene Vlfasson, Bob Odom, Ralph Kirby, Elizabeth Fowler, Clarence Valentine, Bert Dickey, Betty lean Akers, Virginia O'Rourke, lohn Leslie, Berta Gillette, Fred Cason, Laurette Durand, leanette Anderson, Shirley Roberts, Raymond Loitice, Nellie Louise Goodson, Paul Pain, lUI16' Ellis, lohnnie Cristol, Amelia Sellers, Tommy Lowe, Dorothy Green, Harry Fortune, larvis Ewing, Dorothy Elson, Helen Tober, Stanley Moore, Roxie Ann Hodges, Murrell Iohnson, Ieanette Fostea, Clara Ferguson, Marjorie Tacker, Harold Napier, Thelma Kinney, Ierry Kimberly, Louise Gillette, Ellen Foster, Betty lune Vaugn, A. C. Pearson, Marinell McChesney, Iames McClenaham, Mary Gleason, Lillian Huel, Groce Webb, Keith Potak, Annie Io Morrow, Carroll ple'-'flqet Patsy Harris, Betty Hunter, Mamie Bell Wessels, Dean Powell, Maurine Vaughn, lames Tl1Om1'JS0I'l, lGI1iC9 Holmes, LouiSe Iensen, Nesie Young, lim Rhodes, Rosemary Wanner, Charles WClClCll9. Ava lCIUS Hood, Norma lean Iensen, Nelsie Arnis, lane Sue Richardson, Sally West, lack IA lOD9S. PGYSY Klempin, Essalita Amundsen, lean Robnett, Flo Wyatt, limmy FlGSl1. CTIGYIGS l..eatl'1GIWOOCl, MCITY Lewis, Frances Anderson, Mary Rogers, Shirley Yeager, Earl letcoat, Harold Lewis, Florence Lowe, lane Austin, Betty Sanford, Mary K. Benda, D'Maris Lettwich, Lewis McSpadden, Wanda Lowe, Laverne Bailey, Amonette Saunders, Louise Binion, Wanda Manton, Thomas Neal, Betty Midkifi, Pauline Batlzoger, Marian Shields, Mary Blessing, Marjorie Medletft l-95l9Y PGTTY, Dorothy Miller, lean Betry, Elise Smith, Roberta Boatman, Edna MHHQHS, MiCk9Y Reston, Malva Nee Morean, lean Blaine, lo Ann Solomon, Ruth Eckstein, Laurette Mt1fPhYf Pm REG, Mary' Newton, Earline Boatman, Edna Southern, Mary Edmondson, France Schaen, Algar Rorie, Doris Parker, loanna Brower, leanette Spangler, Helen Emery, Louise Trapp, Albert Terry, Billie lean Render, Marjorie Brown, Betty Byrd Suttle, Martha Emmons, Betty lane Warrick, Harry Whittaker, Pat Zueteldt, Richard Aiton, Helen Warren, Annalee Shook, Bobbie W'atson, Yvonne Smotherman, Dottie WGlCl'l. Mofqaret Swafiord, Iewel Allen, lacquelyn Ruth Thompson, Tresa Baker, Verma Rae White, Elma Vernon, Earline Ballard, Norma lean Wilson, Mary lean Williams, Hertlia Barnett, Francis Young, Alice lean Wilson, Mary lean Beasley, Evelyn 2B ZA Brown, Iune Dees, David Allen, lack Carrell, Mary Lou Gregory, William Austin, Harold Chamberlain, Little, William Childers, Conway Mariorie Lockett, lack Everett, Billy Childress, Beatrice Luper, Harold Fagan, C. A. Collum, Ettie McClure, Don Fletcher, Iohnnie evenly-eight Turner, Virgie Mae Schimeltenig, Louise Candle, Tommy lay Collier, Hazel Congleton, Elise Cook, Doris Cooke, Dorothy Daniel, Sara Dobbins, Frances Drees, Pauline Duncan, Reona Ethridge, Harvejo Fooshee, lune Fowler, Frances Hatfield, Dorothy lones, loanna Kimery, Iosephine Swindle, lane Tardio, Lena Tardio, Sara Tennison, Marjorie Towles, Margaret Turner, Mary Alice Vaughan, Mary Alice Waggoner, Frances Wagner, Lydia Wheeler, Bethstine Vtfhite, Iulia 3B Boluch, Iohn Cox, Kenneth Fairey, Frances Fleeman, Margaret Fletcher, lohnnie Mae Graz, Mary Green, Carol Ann' Grissati, Evelyn Hare, Helen Harralson, Marie Hodges, Merle Iarnieson, La Verne Loomis, Nellie Marshall, Cardelia Owen, Virginia Cnntinucd nn Pagc I-52 S Spanish Club OFFICERS President Sarah Ward Connolly Vice-President lane Osborne Secretary Ruth Manton Sponsors Miss Roberta King 1 Miss Eugenia Newberry I Miss Virginia Rootes I 1"' . V1 ,V , I lt is the airr, of our Spanish Club to become better acquainted with the Spanish people, their language, customs, and costumes. We believe that through better understanding between the people of the North and Latin America, a lasting friendship can be formed which will insure the peace and happiness of our hemisphere. Bivings, Dorcas Blessing, Marjorie Clawson, Bob Connolly, Sarah Ward Cummings, LaVerne Daniel, Katherine Hamilton, Ernest Harvey, Annetta Hufstedler, Edith Iones, loanna Lassatter, Frank Lowe, Kenneth Manton, Ruth Manton, Thomas MEMBERS OF SPANISH CLUB Milke, Marguerite Mount, Marcelle Osborne, lane Park, Helen lean Ramsey, Dorothy Miller, lean Robinson, limmie Robinson, Margaret Rogers, Shirley Russell, Lloyd Russell, Melvin Spangler, Helen Suter, Marjorie Tipps, Margery Holbert, Doris Clark, Barbara Odom, Ralph Hackler, Thaviu Reneau, Frances Morgan, Everett Kirby, Elizabeth Rae Campbell, William Tacker, Harold Brown, Betty Byrd Duncan, Reona Horton, Louise Luttrell, Don Cristol, Amelia Page-Sc L'e11iy-win . flffe-f fVe"l'l ' Pan-American Stutlcnt Forum ' T R OFFICERS x . X -i X- X . i , I J V F A J Page Eigbly President Katherine Daniel Vice-President Margery Tipps Secretary Helen lean Park i Sponsor 1 Miss Virginia Rootes The Pan American Student Forum is composed ot thirty members from each ot the Dallas High Schools. There are tive meetings each year ot the entire Forum called chapter meetings, which are in the form ot banquets. Each unit ' has meetings in its own high school. Our creed is to bring about ra ,closer relationship, sympathy, and understanding with the peoples of the Ajhvricctn L "' I Continent. j , V, 1 'ill .nw MEMBERS OF THE PAN AMERICAN STUDENT FORUM Allen, lean Bivings, Dorcas Blessing, Majorie Boluclc, Mary lane Clawson, Bob Connolly, Sarah Ward Daniel, Katherine Ezelle, lack Flowler, Clarence Frogge, Wanda Gilette, Fred Green, Harry Hartness, Reeda Harvey, Annetta gg Hutstedler, Edith Tones, Ioanna Spangler, Helen Smith, Harold Lottice, Oleta MTabor, Stanley Loomis, Nellie lane i x Kff Tacker, Harold Nicholson, Majorie Tipps, Margery Osborne, lane H JJ Walther, Danny Park, l-lelen lean it West, Iack Pritchard, Hudsont Westerlage, Lloyd Ramsey, Dorothy Roberts, Raymond Robinson, Iimmie Rogers, Shirley Russell, Melvin Sinclair, Amy Ray Whittlesey, Margaret Ann Williams, Voneta Wright, Hailey Wyatt, Timmy Yeager, Earl MEMBERS OF LE CERCLE FRANCOIS Le Cerclc Francois OFFICERS f V A President y Tommy Dykes Secretary Nancy Reeves Treasurer Ioe Kelly Sponsor Miss Helen Aduddell The members of the French Department believe that French is a valuable study, not only in that it contributes to work in art, literature, speech, histrionics, science, including medicine, engineering, writing: they believe it is ot great value to the average student in improving his enunciation, enlarging his vocabulary, expanding his field of interests, developing his appreciation of literary iorm, increasing his capacity tor enjoyment. Le Cercle Francois has enjoyed several social activities this year, among which were the theater party as guests ot Frances Starling, the picnic at Stevens Park, and the garden party given by Florence Cox. Allison, Odette Ballard, Norma lean Bethancourt, Hal Binion, Wanda Blanton, Nadine Chapel, Iohn Coates, Anna Marie Coates, Mary Dean Collier, Jimmy Conrad, Frances Cox, Florence Cox, Kenneth Cox, Robert Cunningham, Bernice Dodd, Cranston Dorsett, Roselyn Dykes, Tommy Ellis, lohnnie Evans, Iames Gault, Duncan Gentry, Robert Gibson, Myrtle Green, Carol Ann Gordon, lack Hammond, lacquelyn Hawkins, Don Hawkins, Dorothy Hearn, Marie Hill, Patty Hill, Peggy Holland, Iohn Humphrey, Frank Hunter, Mamie Belle Iefcoat, Harold Kelly, Ed Kelly, Ioe Lazano, Mary Lowe, Ianie Lowe, Laverne McLeod, Catherine Moore, Betty Ann Morgan, Ernest Nichols, Phyllis Pantaze, Angelina Parker, Ann Polk, Dorothy Poole, Dorothy K Pritchard, Hudson Y Reeves, Nancy V Reston, Malva Nee Richardson, Sally Robnett, Flo Rollandin, Virginia Saunders, Wanda Schieffer, Gussie Io Shields, Mary Smith, Ierry Starling, Frances Stephenson, Horace Sutton, Nancy Carol Taylo , Betty T , Tom ughan, Mary Alice Waggoner, Frances Walther, Katie Warren, Annalee Webb, Keith Welch, Margaret Williams, Voneta Yeargan, Eleanor Page Eighty-one ,BMW 9 Latin Department f 3 Adams, Virginia Adin, Bill Akers, Virginia Anderson, Shirley Arrington, Billie Atterberry, Wilson Avard, Collece Baltzegar, Marian Beckley, Virginia Blaine, Joe Anne Boston, Mary Caroly Bowles, Albert Bowles, Tommy Boyd, Cortaza Branan, Vera Faye Bruce, Juanita Bryan, I. W. Burkhart, Bill Carlton, luanita Clark, Pattie Sue Coke, Owen Cooke, Dorothy Cooke, Lane B. Cornet, Mildred Crockett, Iames Crook, Hesper Crow, Earl Edward Dees, David Dilleshaw, Margaret Dunlap, Clifford Eagle, Bob Ellison, Viva Estes, Mary Frances Ethridge, Harveio Fain, lune Fairey, Frances MEMBERS C Felts, lames Finley, Carl Fleeman, Rebecca Foster, Clara Eva Gallassero, Charles Geisert, Leonard Gleason, Lillian Godwin, Alice Green, H. T. Griffith, lune Groce, Huel Hall, Hugh Harris, Matthew Harrison, Harry Hart, lack Hawkins, Eleanor Hodges, Billie Ruth Hughes, Billie Nell lefcoat, Nadine Kinney, Terry Kimberly, Louise King, Doris Kirwan, Iohann Koch, Phil Law, Warren Layden, Bobby Leatherwood, Mary Lent, Betty Lu Leslie, Berta Lewis, Viola Lockett, lack Long, Mary lane Long, Mary Louise Lord, lack Luper, Harold F LATIN DEPARTMENT McClenahan, Mary McLeod, Mary lane McMullen, Margaret Maas, Evelyn Maidow, loe Marable, William Marshall, Cordelia Martin, Helen Miclriff, Pauline Miller, Dorothy Miranda, Lillian Moore, Roxie Anne Morgan, Mable Murdoch, lane Napier, Carl Napier, Thelma Neuman, Fred North, Mary Ruth O'Brien, Dennis O'Rourke, Iohn Parker, Catherine Parker, Ruth Petty, Dorothy Pledge, Patsy Plunkett, Nannie Lou Powers, Lois o, Edward r, arjorie Rice, ce Rice, ry Loys Roberts, Beverly Robberson, Iack Schieffer, Gussie Io Schmidt, Dorothy Sellers, Tommy Smith, Bertram Smith, Frances Smothermon, Dottie Sorenson, Rodney Southern, Mary Tanner, Warren Tardio, Lena Tardio, Sarah Thaxton, Bob Thompson, lanice Thompson, Zana Tipps, Sarah Sue Trapp, Albert Tubre, Gloria Tucker, Betty Ioe Tucker, Norma Tyler, Frances Vaughn, Iames Wacker, Iune Wade, Louis Wall, Kan 'W'arrick, Harry Wasson, Bob Watson, Mary Bell Whale, lack Wheeler, Bethstine Vtfhittlesey, Philip Wilkinson, Otis Williams, Nev W'ilson, Mary Gene Wilson, William Ea Winblood, lack Wolff, Gwendolyn Young, lim Zuefeldt, Richard HONOR STUDENTS OF DEPARTMENT First . Hugh Hall Second Bob Eaqle Third . Evelyn Maas. rl OFFICERS President Albert Walraven Vice-President lames Simmons Secretary lmoqene Warren Sponsor Miss Laura Alexander Library Council Q fi l'x ..f' . I The purpose of the W. H. Adamson Library Council is to aid in the creation of a closer relationship between the pupils and the Library and to help with the work carried on by the Library. ln the course of one year the Council donated a typewriter and thirty Volumes of books to the school library. Bandy, Betty Benda, D'Maris Coke, Owen Cook, Embelyne Grunesin, William Hawkins, Dorothy Hawkins, Elinor Holston, Nora Mae lameson, Mary Lou MEMBERS lohnston, Mary Iones, Robert Malony, Mary Sue Marshall, Cordelia Martin, Nellie Lee Miller, Dorothy Murdock, lane Shaw, lim I' Simmons, Iames Smith, Dorothy Thompson, Tresa Vernon, Evoline Walraven, Albert Wanner, Charles Warren, Imogene White, Howard Willhite, Doris Williams, Edward Wylie, Robert Page Eighty-three Student Council X l Page Eighiy-four Bob OFFICERS T President Robert Wylie Vice-President Hawkins Secretary Dorothy Miller Treasurer Dorothy Hawkins Sponsor T. W. Browne The purpose of the Student Council is to formulate, through suggested measures, a more nearly perfect school Democracy, to foster development of the fundamental principles of enthusiastic school citizenship and active school spirit for this "the greatest school in this, the greatest state of this, the greatest of all Democracies." Albin, Frances Baker, Iames Bandy, Betty Benda, D'Maris Bennett, Elinor Bivings, Dorcas Blaine, loe Anne Brown, Rodgers Bybee, Ruth Cavett, Oliver Clark, Patty Sue Cook, Doris Cowing, Harry Crook, Hesper Davidson, Paul Denny, Lidamay Fox, James MEMBERS Franklin, Ned Hall, Hugh Harding, Warren Hare, Robert Hawkins, Bob Hawkins, Dorothy Hawkins, Eleanor Heiskell, Reba Hodgens, Mary Louise lohnson, Virginia Iones, Robert Lassetter, Frank Lee, Forrest Lowe, Edward Lowe, LaVerne Luck, Laura Lois McBride, Fred McBride, Lewis McCulley, Rader McCullough, Ruth McClenahan, Mary Meley, LeRoy Michael, Delia Miller, Dorothy Moore, Roxie Ann Napier, Carl Osborne, lane Plumlee, Dorothy Polk, Dorothy Potthoff, Lois Powell, Bill Robinson, Iimmie Saunders, Louise Scruggs, Ioellen Shelton, Robert Simms, lack Smith, Bertram Smither, Betty Sport, L. C. Tacker, lvelle Tippitt, Frank Todd, Betty Travis, Calvin Waggoner, Iayne Warren, Imogene Whitman, Dorothy Willhite, Doris Williams, Edward Wright, lim Wylie, Robert OFFICERS President lim Wright Secretary Dorothy Whitman Sponsor Miss Wilhelmina Hedde W National Thespian Club Q7 lt is the aim of this club to further the work of particularly talented students ot the drama and to become more familiar with the theater and stage. MEMBERS OF THESPIAN CLUB , 1 Albin, Frances Connolly, Sarah Ward Erickson, Muriel Green, Carol Ann Gleason, lim Fincher, Claire Hamilton, Elizabeth Dillahunty, Richard Tate, Benita Tacker, lvelle Whitman, Dorothy Hawkins, Dorothy Scruggs, Ioellen Wright, lim Walther, Richard Taylor, Rebecca Luper, Dan Nelson, Tommie Page Eighty-fire 1 lj Senior Hi-Y 1 P.ige Eighty-six President Secretary OFFICERS Robert Shelton Robert Wylie Sponsor E A Richard E. Stroud The purpose of the Senior Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards oi Christian character. ln order to live up to the high ideals stated in the purpose oi this club, the members are actively engaged in seeking out those individuals best, qualified to lead, to guide, and to stimulate clean sports, clean speech, and clean scholarship. Ashley, Iohn Atkisson, Bill Baker, lames Bates, Billy Bearden, Bob Berry, Allen Bethencourt, Harold Boatman, Al Bowden, Edgar Brackeen, Billy Brown, Rodgers Brown, Orville Bryant, loe Carroll, B. A. Campbell, Iimmie Coke, Owen MEMBERS OF THE HI-Y Collier, Carroll Cook, Lane B. Cox, Robert Davidson, Paul Gruenizen, William Harding, Warren Harrison, I. B. Iennings, Lee Kilgore, Iames Kinnan, Carl Lee, Ioe McBride, Fred McBride, Lewis McCulley, Rader Maples, Billy Nall, Iames Nowlin, Bob Redwine, Earnest Reed, Gordon Rogers, Morgan Roberson, lack Satterwhite, Marion Simmons, Iames Shelton, Robert Stevenson, Horace Walraven, Albert Warmer, Charles White, Howard Wilder, Truman Williams, Edward Wright, lim Wylie, Robert OFFICERS President Daniel Green Vice-President Keith Webb Secretary Bert Craig Junior Hi-Y The aim ot the Iunior Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throuqhout the school and community, better standards of Christian character. MEMBERS OF THE IUNIOR l-ll-Y Allen, lack Bass, Albert Carlisle, Robert Clark, Robert Clawson, Bob Coleman, Tommy Collins, Carl Craiq, Bert Green, Daniel lohnson, Donald Lettwich, Lewis Nowlin, Wanz Odom, Ralph Primm, Bill Budd, Billy Russel, Lloyd Stild, Ioe Valentine, Bert Warwick, Harry Webb, Keith Zeuteldt, Richard Page Eighty-sm Student Assistants The assistants ot this school are students ot high standing chosen by faculty members as library assistants, ottice assistants, locker guards, gym assistants and tor any other purpose in helping the school or teachers. These students must be above reproach in every instance and have a good scholastic standing. lt is an honor to be a student assistant at Adamson High School. Anderson, Charles Armistead, Mary Alice Barnes, lohn Bates, Billy Bearden, Mary Beirseker, Marvin Bivings, Dorcas Bodine, Bobyn Brown, Ioe Brown, Iohn Collier, Carroll Crown, Phil Daniel, Dorothy Daniel, Kathrine Dean, Buth Dillahunty, Richard Erickson, Muriel F ain, M. N. Fincher, Claire Page Eighty eight Franklin, Ned Garrison, LaVoice Green, H. T, Gruneisen, William Haralson, David Harris, A. W. Hawkins, Bob Heiskell, Beba Hill, Hildred Iackson, Bayard Iackson, I. W. Kilgore, Iames Lee, Forrest Lee, luanita Lottice, Elizabeth Lord, lack Maas, Evelyn Meserole, Otis Morrow, Ernest Murphey, Pat Osborne, lane Park, Helen lane Parr, Charles Phillips, Bay Bindy, Phyllis Schmidt, Dorothy Saunders, Wanda Simms, lack Switzer, Dashiell Tippett, Frank Tipps, Marjorie Trapp, Albert Watson, Mary Belle E54 West, lack Wheeler, Herman Willhite, Doris Wiskochil, Margaret Wylie. Robert Interscholastic League One-Act Play Ioellen Scruggs Dorris Banker lames Kilgore Iames Baker Oliver Cavelt lvelle Tacker Essay Contest Lois Potthoif Dorothy Schrrriolt Declamation Luby Rohn ett Grant Collier Extemporaneous Speakers Rader McCulley Myrtle Mathis Debate lim Wright Richard Walthers Marguerite Milke Mary Bell Watson 722: uf! 5.10. Spelling Pattie Sue Clark Mary Ellis 'P-A rt. . if Xi ". rc Page Eighty-nine T Horseback Riding Club , President Q Warren Harding Page Ninety , Vice-President Billy Satterwhite The purpose of the Horseback Riding Club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community better treatment ot one ot man's best friends, "the hoss." Our aim is to master and control the horse in the proper way. Banker, Dorris Balch, I. C. Bennett, Eleanor Blaine, Ioan Boatman, Al Bodine, Robyn Brown, Ioe Chittim, Tuleta Collett, Luke Cook, Embelyne Crott, T. Wayne Davis, Evelyn Ellison, Viva Elphingstone, Mike Fritz, Eugene Gandy, Wenzel Godwin, Dudley Harding, Dorothy MEMBERS Iordan, Dorothy Kelly, Ioe King, Doris Lanza, Nick Meley, Leroy Michael, Delia Matthews, Anita Mowatt, Bobbie Maier, Peggy Murrel, Virginia Nall, Iim Patton, Walter Prentice, Bill Pyeatt, Nancy Rawlins, I. H. Ridley, I. V. Schlinke, Otis Simms, Iack Smithers, Betty Suter, Marjorie Tallent, Henry Tate, Beneta Taylor, Ray Taylor, Virginia Thompson, Charles Todd, Betty Marie Tiner, Erma Wade, George Walker, Hiram Warren, Imogene West, Rose Marie Wilkerson, Kathern Wilkes, Meredith Willhite, Doris Wright, Iim Secretary Mary Shields Sponsor Miss Eunice Tilley OFFICERS President Wendell Breedlove Vice-President Jewel Honeycutt Secretary Max Graham Sponsor Miss May Haseltine 1 J fl' 'ff' .qv A f get Orchestra The object ot this group is to learn some of the best selections in music and to experience ensemble work which is team work. Barnett, I. C. Birdsonq, Iacky Boatman, Ruth Brackeen, Billy Breedlove, Wendell Burnett, Martha Coleman, Tommy Cooper, Igmmie Easley, Raymond Graham, Max MEMBERS OF THE ORCHESTRA Green, H. T., lr. Green, Peqqy Hamilton, lack Honecutt, Iewel Humphreys, Earl Lee, Ioe McCroskey, lack McManus, William Moore, Betty Ann O'Bryan, Latrell Reckley, Dorothy Roberts, Beverly Schietier, Gussie lo Stone, Billie Charles Teal, Norma Templeton, Mary Tyler, Frances Watkins, Lois Young, Alice lean Page Nmclg one , Mixed Chorus Page N inely-two The object of this chorus is to sing intelligently all types of music and to blend voices. Adams, Mary Iune Allison, Ruby Anderson, Shirley Arnett, G. C. Austin, Annetta Avrea, Ouida Baggett, Kathrine Baker, james Baker, Robert Baker, Verna Banker, Dorris Barnes, Evelyn Barrett, Betty june Beasley, Evelyn Beasley, Frances Bemelmans, Norman Berry, jean Berry, Mimi Blair, Mary Francis Blalock, Nelonise Bowles, Tommy Cameron, Ioyce Carpenter, lean Carlisle, Mary Cason, Gwendolyne Cason, Laurette Cavett, Oliver Chamberlain, Marjorie Childress, Beatrice Chittum, Tulita Clawson, Bob Climer, Dorothy Coleman, Christine Coleman, Frances Collum, Effie MEMBERS OF THE CHORUS Cook, Embelyn Cook, Florence Cowan, Norma Cox, Kathleen Cristol, Amelia Dailey, Howard Dickinson, Dorothy Dilleshaw, Margaret Duncan, Reona Dunn, Irene Ely, Marion Eubank, Dorthy Evans, Elizabeth Ewton, Mary Fain, M. N. Ferguson, Marjorie Fleeman, Margaret Folse, Peggy Lee Foster, Betty june Gaither, Iimmie Gassett, Rex Gleason, Lillian Godwin, Alice Gray, Doyle Griffith, june Groce, Huel Guest, Gordon Hair, Ora Lee Hamilton, Marjorie Harding, Dorothy Harris, Betty Harris, Bobby Hays, Martha Iane Harbor, Mary E. Hemphill, Ieanne Hitt, Doris Hodgens, Mary Louise Hollander, Evelyn Hollander, Marion Huff, Virginia Iefcoat, Nadine Iolley, Thelma Kock, Phil Kimery, josephine Klempliu, Essalita Law, james Long, Iarnes Edward Lee, Mary Evelyn Leslie, Berta Lewis, Viola Lowe, LaVerne Lowe, lanie McGee, David McHerten, Frank McCleanham, Mary Martin, Helen Merchant, Marmarita Michael, Delia Miller, Mozelle Moreau, Ieanne McPeek, Norma Nichols, Doris North, Iuanita Osborn, Ruth Park, james Patterson, Robert Phillips, Buford Price, john Parr, Charles Parker, Ioena Paden, Helen Perry, Mable Grace Pittman, Mary K. Powers, Margaret Prather, Mary A. Rainwater, Louise Richardson, Omega Robinson, Margaret Rice, Grace Rice, Mary Loys Rooker, Milder Sibley, Pat Simmons, Billy H. Stubbs, Virgil Smotherman, Dottie Savis, Ioy Scuffield, Berta Silous, Ellen Turner, Richard Tanner, Billie Marie Taylor, Betty Walker, Leona Watson, Mary Bell Wood, Marjorie Wright, Eula Mary Walker, Ruth Alice Walker, Ruth G. Wall, LaVerne Vtfardrip, Ruth Whitley, Martha Lee Widler, Peggy 'Williarns, Herta Wilson, Mary F. York, Betty Lynn W Mary Frances Wilson j OFFICERS President Vice-President Doris Nichols Secretary Ioena Parker Sponsor Miss May Haseltme January Senior Play MAIN CHARACTERS Anne Watkins by Evelyn Maas Ted Lewis by Armend Keane Mamie Rose by Elizabeth Hamilton Aleck Smart by lim Geason THE GHOST PARADE STORY Anne Watkins inherits a hotel, full of ghosts instead oi guests. Anne and her friend, Mamie Rose, stay in spite ot the rumors ot ghosts, and soon two actors join them. The ghosts continue to walk, and it soon develops that lonas and Matilda, who pose as an elderly deaf couple, are on the trail oi the villain Eliggenbottom. Higgenbottom is posing as a convalescent but is trying to find the hidden treasure. However, he is caught by Matilda and Ionas, detectives, and taken away. The treasure is restored to Anne, and she and Ted plan to get married and then stay on to run the hotel. OTHER CHARACTERS Absalom Hawkes . ...... . . . Dan Luper The Sheriff . . . Richard Dillahunty Hiram .... . Frank Underwood Rastus .... . Harold Smith Aba Higgenbottom . . Robert Parker lonas .... . . Hugh Hall Matilda . . . . Muriel Erickson Abigil lones . . Rugh Carmical Billy Lamont . . Clair Fincher Claudia . . . Ruby Murray Flo . . . Marie Bradberry The Pest . . lean Gleason Page Ninety-tbrcc J unc: Senior Play g Nim'!y-four MAIN CHARACTERS Clark Richards by Oliver Cavett Dorothy Faber by Ioellen Scruggs THE HOUSE OF THE FLASHING LIGHT STORY The House of the Flashing Light told the story of a ruby known as the "Devil's Eye", which was stolen from the image oi Naga, in western China. Several persons try to gain posession of the Iewel at the House of the Flashing Light in California. lt develops that Lavina solves the mystery. lesse Corcoran is mysteriously killed, and after all threads are straightened out Clark and Dot become engaged. Levinia . . Louise Bashiord Iessie Corcoran Sally Faber . Mr. Li . . Pedro . . Doyle Kevlin Eva Harper . Phyllis . OTHER CHARACTERS . Marcella Rogers . Virginia Taylor Douglas Kimberlain . . Dorris Banker . Robert Shelton . Robert Iones . Paul Davidson . Doris Willhite . Florence Cox X r International Peace Forum T 41,221 Q 9. ,fmfirfv OFFICERS President Warren Tanner Secretary Arny Ray Sinclair Sponsor i Miss' Lorine I-ligginbotham The lnternational Peace Forurn grew out oi the study ot a special unit lnternational Relationship and World Peace taken up by the classes History 8 and History 4 in the tall of i937 The purpose of the group is to study problems ot national and international importance since rnost oi th are related either directly or indirectly to that ot World Peace. The programs consist of debates, panel discussions, and special reports, always followed by a spirited discussion by the rnembers. The rnotto could well be stated as 1 "Learn the facts, and do your part as a citizen", or, "lt is not tor us to judge but to understand." Brown, Orville Evans. larnes Gruneisen Willi Horn. Wayne Law Warren IT! MEMBERS Lee, Forrest McCulley, Rader Napier Carl Redman, lack Ftobertson, Wayne w, ,,, ,rrp f 1 Sinclair, Amy Ray Surnrners, Iarnes Tanner. Warren Wright, lim on in SSS Page Nillffjt-fiL'!' MEMBERS Texas Poetry Society-Book Review Club Page Ninety xix OFFICERS President Lidamay Denny Vice-President Delia Michael Secretary Mary Ruth North Sponsor Miss Lorine Higginbotharr The Texas Poetry Society, formed in September, l936, under the direction ot Mrs. Nell Taylor, was reorganized in February, l939 as the Book Review Club. The purpose of the club is to encourage the reading of outstanding books, to give opportunity for review and discussion in the programs by both members and outside speakers, and to promote friendly, social contacts between its members. Abernathy, Edithe B. Baugh, Olga Mae Baxley, Marian Bearden, Mary Boyd, Billie Io Burnett, Martha Bybee, Ruth Clark, Maxine Chittum, Tuleta Collier, Hazel Cook, Embylene Crook, Hesper Denny, Lidamay Denton, Bette Ruth Dierolt, Lyndel Dickinson, Dorothy Erickson, Muriel Estes, Mary Frances Franklin, Mary Y. Gleason, lean Heath, Natalie Hill, Madeline Hughes, Billie Nell lamieson, Mary Lou Iohnston, Mary King, Doris McWilliam, Mary C Maloney,Mary Sue X Martin, Betty Michael, Delia Miller, Dorothy North, Mary Ruth Parker, Ruth Rindy, Phyllis Spicer, Margaret Turner, Virginia Warren, Imogene West, Bose Marie Wheeler, Margaret Whitman, Dorothy Whittlesey, Margaret Junior Rod Cross OFFICERS X President Frank Lassetter Vice-President Ioanne Iones Secretary Bob Clawson Sponsor Miss Mary Mondy The lunior Red Cross is an organization not only in our school but in our city, state and nation. This organization renders service to persons in distress or in need. Allen, lack Anderson, Charle s Baltzeqar, Marian Bates, Mary Bendrat, R. V. Black, Ieanne Chandler, Troy Clawson, Bob Cook, Dorothy MEMBERS Fairey, Francis Grissatii, Evelyn Hill, Tannye Holland, Iohn Hutchens, Mary Iolly, Thelma Io Iones, loanne Kelly, Edward Lassetter, Frank Lowe, Kenneth O'Rourke, Iohn Pool, Dorothy Richardson, Sally Ridqell, Horace Saunders, Louise Shields, Mary Smith, Bertram Vauqhn,Mary Alice Young, Mildred rf Ninety Junior Medical Professional Club OFFICERS President Dorothy Iordon Vice-President Iuanita Blllert Secretary Tommy Dykes Sponsor Mr. William Meek Page N inrty-cigbt ,dam W7 I The aims of this club are to aid students in deciding whether or not they desire a medical career and to bring into closer contact those students who have something in common with each other. MEMBERS OF IUNIOB MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL CLUB Adams, Virginia Amis, lane Avard, Collece Barnes, Evelyn Bennett, Dorothy Billert, luanita Blackwell, Andrea Blalock, Nelouise Bowles, Tommy Brannon, Vera Faye Dykes, Tommy Elem, Iuanita Ewton, Mary Hearn, Maurine l-lilton, Wanda lordon, Dorothy Miller, Mozelle Peitz, Rita Pitchiord, Rae Pledge, Patsy Sawyer, Ieanne Terry, Billie leon Tucker, Dorothy Willis, Dorothy Anne OFFICERS President Philip Crown Vice-President Gordon Reed Secretary 1 v Elizabeth Shelton Spons Mr. W. E. Kamcra Club f li' ffl 4 or Noah 5 The objectives of this club shall be to foster interest in photography among the students and faculty of W. H. Adamson High School, to provide them with a useful as well as interesting extra curricular activity, to promote the exchange of ideas, forgogng reasons will carry the individual toward a means of im- proving his general photographic ability, and finally to provide a means of keeping a permanent record of the student and faculty activities, sports, etc Adkinson,Lila Badgett, Iimmie Bawles, Charles Blanton, Nadine Cates, Norma Clark, Barbara Ann Coleman, Virginia Combs, Ann Cristal, Amelia Crook, Hesper Crown, Philip Dillard, Pat Durand, Elizabeth Durand, lanette Emmons, Martha Ephingstone, Mike Pain, lune Fowler, Frances MEMBERS Hare, Virginia Hearn, Marie Heiskell, Reba Hodges, Billie Ruth Holloway, Gwendolyn Howard, Guy Hutchinson, Robert lennings, Daryl McClellan, Anna Marable, Dorothy Maricle, Freda Marshall, Virginia Meherten, Mary Ann Morgon, Mabel Pikens, Helen Pollock, Ruth Potthoff, Lois Pritchard, Hudson Ratliff, Ruth Reed, Gordon Rindy, Beverly Ross, Lorraine Shelton, Elizabeth Thompson, Ianice Tippitt, F rank Townsend, Mary Walker, Ruth Walther, Connie Wilder, Truman Wildman, Dolly Wilson, Wailand Williams, Alice Wright, lane Wyatt, limmy Young, Alice lean Pagr Ni11c'iy-nine J Progressive Club it P ' W1 OFFICERS President lim Wright Vice-President Lewis McBride Publicity Minister Gene Winters Secretary Robert Shelton The purpose of the Progressive Club is to instill in the members a thorough understanding of the cardinal principles of good citizenship and peace-time patriotism. This organization fosters the development of school spirit and school citizenship by lending its support to worthy candidates for the elective offices of the school. MEMBERS OF THE PROGRE lien, Sam eardon, Bob Berry, Allen Balch, I. C. Baker, Robert Boatman, Al Brown, Rodgers Butler, Tommy Brown, Orville Collier, Hazel Davidson, Paul Densmore, Iuanita France, Marie Gandy, Wenzel Gault, Duncan Guest, Gordon Gaither, Iimmie Horn, Wayne Hall, Hugh Hill, Fitzhugh P ge One Hundred Harding, Warren Hare Robert Hunt, Woodrow Hawkins, Bob Howard, Guy Lee, loe Landers, Kenneth McBride, Fred McBride, Lewis McCulley, Rader McCullough, Hal Marco, Iirnmie Moore, Marvin Musgrove, Lee O'Brien, Dennis Parker, Robert Pritchard, Hudson Rogers, Morgan Redman, lack Rasor, Penryn Rawlins, I. W. SSIVE CLUB Satterwhite, Bill Satterwhite, Marion Sawyer, Torn Shelton, Robert Simmons, Iames Sturqess, George Tacker, Ivelle Tanner, Warren Terry, Tom Thompson, Carl Tippet, Frank Travis, Calvin Walther, Richard Webb, Kirk Winters, Gene Wanner, Charles West, lack Wright, Iim Wildman, Dolly Wylie, Robert OFFICERS President Carl Kinnan Vice-President Lewis McBride Secretary Helen Blevins Aviation Club WIII III bww The purpose of the Aviation Club is to bring together those students who are really interested in this field. lt is the plan ot the club to visit the airports and to become closely acquainted with all parts ot the airplane. Allen, lack Berry, Iean Berry, Mimi Bixler, W. D. Blevens, Helen Brown, Rodgers Bryant, Robert Carter, Morris Childress, Ioy Cowen, Harry Dailey, Howard Denny, Lidamay Evans, Forrest Franklin, Ned Giullary, I. W. MEMBERS Hall, Baymon Hamilton, Ernest Hamilton, lack Howard, Guy lennings, Lee Iones, Charles Kinnan, Carl Knight, Iohn Lowe, Edward McBride, Lewis Mclntosh, Earl Morgan, Billy Musgrove, Lee Nichols, Phyllis Pasino, F rank Pettigrew, F ay Price, Iohn Pritchard, Hudson Reed, Gordon Bogers, Morgan Sanger, Edwin Sharp, Arbry Switzer, Otto Walker, Hiram Wanner, Charles Wentworth, B. R. Wilder, Truman Wildman, Dolly Yeager, Earl Page One Hundred Om Gym Class Spring and baseball, that happy twosome which attracts the attention of all gym girls Badminton is another popular game. Pugc Om' Hundred Two Gym Class A class of qenercd corrective exercises. Stall bar exercise for general body toning. Page One Hundred Thru' if CQ Pep Squad 4 1 Adams, Virginia Albin, Frances Albin, Sadie Amis, lane Angus, Elizabeth Baltzegar, Marian Barnett, Frances Baugh, Corinne Beasely, Frances Benda, D'Maris Bennett, Dorothy Billert, Iuanita Blessing, Marjorie Black, Ieanne Blaine, Ioe Anne Bowley, Peggy Brown, Betty Brown, lune Bryant, Iuanita Burt, Anna lean Bybee, Ruth Carlton, luanita Carrell, Erna Mae Carrell, Mary Lou Clark, Barbara Clark, Dorothy Coleman, Christine Combs, Ann Cook, Doris Cooke, Dorothy Cooper, Maxine Page One Hundred Four Cristol, Amelia Cruse, Rosalyn Denny, Lidamay Durrett, Imogene Edgar, Catherine Edmondson, Frances Elam, Iuanita Elmore, Doris Emery, Louise Everett, Elise Fairey, Frances Fincher, Claire Ford, Ierryline Ford, Iosephine Garrett, Dorothy Gillette, Ellen Glover, Betty Green, Carol Ann Grissatii, Evelyn Gual, Marjorie Harris, Betty Harmon, Virginia Hearn, Marie Hearn, Maurine Hemphill, Ieanne Hill, Betty Io Hill, PeQQY Ann Hill, Peggy Hill, Tannye Hilton, Wanda Hodgens, Mary Hoffman, Mary Holbert, Doris Holloway, Gwendolyn Howell, lune Hoot, Mary Frances Hutt, Virginia Hutfines, Anita Hughes, Billie Nell Hunter, Mamie Bell Iohnson, Ierrie Iones, Ioanna lones, Margie Kerr, Margie Kerr, Louise King, Doris Leach, Ieane Long, Mary Iayne Lowe, Ianie Lowe, La Verne Marable, Dorothy McClung, Helen McDaniel, Doris McFarland, Martha McLaren, Ion Mowat, Bobby Newton, Mildred Nichols, Phyllis O'Bryan, Latrell O'Donohoe, Billie Osborn, Doris Paden, Helen Grace Parker, Ruth Pearson, Marinell Pettijohn, Anna Iuana Pitchford, Rae Polk, Dorothy Polle, Dorothy Pogue, Kathryn Potthoif, Lois Richardson, Betty Richardson, Geraldine Reston, Malva Nee Riddle, Lillian Rogers, Kathrine Rowland, Florence Sanford, Mary Kathryn Schwedler, Evelyn See, Barbara Sinclair, Amy Ray Solornan, Ruth Spradling, Mary Lou , Stallings, Iuanita 1,7 " Starling, Franc Taylor, Bobetteel 4 Taylor, Virginia Teal, Norma Thomas, Lois Thompson, Tresa Tucker, Dorothy Tyler, Frances Upham, Helen Waggener, Iayne Walther, Katie Wildman, Dolly e Pep Squad Mascots Richard Barham Robert Barham Captains Mary Sue Maloney Embelyne Cook Page One Hundred Fizfq' MEMBERS IN PICTURE Biology Department W i f v Biology is a new addition to Adamson High School. One hundred and thirty-six students enrolled for the course in the fall semester. ln the spring semester there are one hundred and eighty-eight students enrolled in Biology. The department is completely equipped in every detail. Adamson High is prepared to offer this course to lunior and Senior students only. The instructors are Richard E. Stroud and William Meek. ji. lJAbernathy, Edythe Allen, Sam Badgett, limniie Couch, Evelyn Croft, Torbett Dailey, Howard Durand, Elizabeth Ellis, Mary Everett, Elise Page Om' Hun fred Six Franklin, Mary Hearn, Maurine Hilton, Wanda Luck, Laura Lois McCullough, Ruth McKinney, Maure Morgan, Everett Nichols, Edythe Powers, Margaret Rogers, Morgan Russell, Melvin Simms, lack Tunnell, Preston Upham, Dick Vernon, Evolene Whiteside, Virginia Wright, Naomi Clothing Department The clothing courses are designed to meet the needs of high school girls. Through discussion and practical problems they acquire habits and skills which enable them to construct simple garments, shop wisely, care for clothing, dress appropriately and develop personality. The chief objective of the department is to train and correlate so that the girls may become happy, industrious individuals, capable of earning their own living and of being worthy home members. Archer, Virginia Boatman, Edna Burk, Charline Chatelain, Zoe Ann Clark, Frankie Ellis, Mary Ferguson, Marjorie Fowler, Frances Forsyth, Thelma MEMBERS Hamilton, Marjorie Holmes, Louise Hayden, Rebecca lones, Patsy Meredith, lean Milholland, Sherry McLaughlin, Catherine Moore, Nell Norris, Reg ena Peterson, Audrey' Pagne, Kathryn Reston, Malva Nee Riddle, Lillian Scudder, Christine Starks, Wanda Terry, Billie lean Waits, Mary Ann Williams, Alice Page One Hundred Seven Foods Class Foods courses in high school are organized on the basis ot home making The preparation ot the pupil for all phases ot home lite is stressed. These include the planning and serving ot Wholesome meals on a limited budget home management, child care and training, maintaining health, and develop ing personality. The chief aim is to acquire an appreciation ot all the aspects ot a livable home, and thus to develop a greater capacity for service to others and tor individual enjoyment. Adamsjuanita Baker, Helen Clara Blackwell, Betty Brooks, Kathleen Brown, Bonnie Lou Carter, Beatrice Coker, Betty lane Crouch, Betty Iune Page One Hundred Eight FGODS CLASS Dabbs, Dorothy Elkin, Emma lean Trashee, lane Gallaspie, Clara Garner, Nina Ruth l-Iasgrove, Hazel Iensen, Lela Gayle Sanders, Constance Shaddox, Ruby Shipley, Nina Smith, Marcile Starnes, Iuanita Tensley, Ena Mae Thomas, lune Williams, Opal Yeazer, Maxine Young, Sadie Mae , ga fr ,Qvfl1r'-!A:'yu'y,fi.1E1y. ' V1 v,p,,L. sw, N X 'ww 3545! E FW: fffeff- H. ff., , fury' as v"fV"' N H3 5. 1: A v x iii! 1 laid. ,W H Qgiffwg Li l .P fgg ff ik I 1 A In y Y 1 1521 it 2 , I 2 N- .uhh fl 4 ' lf, ff 5 - , 1, F nfl. , , -nj, ' ,ff , "Q if X ,w wf f ,I V- .dt 34:9 3 J., .f g,y1,:w' ,nv ' ,H Q- .,'. 1, fr. 3,,L ,i. k - N Q. 2 A' 15. I. w. , ' 'f . ,- 11, A ' N , 30 1,51 ,nf If ' "Va 1 ., x J i, I I' V, .15 4. .,x.:A' T? ,f1,,...l1 : 1 i wfzihqqi ff-. 11 .5 ' 'X 'Q'-x . ' -- ,ef 4, Sava., H 1' NIP' , 4' be ' 1 xiw ly 5' nfl , Q 'M ' . , 'W gt " 51' 5' J? ,, aw., 1 ' Q. ? . Q, I' wc. ' ,. A. Q' "HM 'Q 5-,' TLA ' - V fi , 'LQF4' U 5 'P ' ms ,f 'Q 1 I .V fly-UQ l' .541 15 , I '3',..-, 'f ffk' ig' ,-.fzsff "I 53 , f lk' 52 '. "lf -' 'E'Y',r "I ' F' 21-'if' LM- 449' 33121 f s. f9'i" f" V 7-W-'iff9, -wt rw n' 5- -'I . ,-,,:y , ' v ' L, -ff - A X -'Va '-1 ' ' . Q X. .: Vg, - -W - .1 t,,y,, ii , - , iff -' '1-Tx! . r li -'.w 5' ' 5 M J v ., px- ' -mf '-fe H , I 4 -T .. .. glyjf. ' ji ' "-:qi ,nf 'NH' " +11 .,:"v:1'-"f w ffl ' K s .L ,ff , , F 'ly' V X, 2 'ff ii 1 27,1 7 P' 3 if S I J"J ' N KM . " up 1 1 '1 'I 9' "c',f1'U-11:31, ' V f 1,-5 X fs: I4 ' , Staff Regimental Regimental Regimental Regimental Regimental Regimental Regimental Regimental ROSTER OF THE STAFF Commander . . Executive Officer Adjutant . . lntelligence Officer Plans and Training Supply Officer . Sergeant Major . Supply Sergeant Assistant Supply Sergeant . Officer . . Lt. Col. Robert Eagle Maj. Richard Dillahunty . Capt. lC:frfiLe'sVl4illgdo,Eev . lst Lt. Shirley Llorente . 2nd Lt. Prentiss Eason . lst Lt. Lewis McBride . Mr. Sgt. Ioe Phillips Mr. Sgt. Robert lvy Staff Sgt. Robert Hutchinson Regimental Color Sergeants . Staff Sergeants: limmie Collier, Duncan Gault Sponsor ...... ....... D orothy Dickinson Page O 1' P11111 rl Tvn W Company nv , Q2 Captain Brown, Rodgers P. First Lieutenant Cline, Marcus Second Lieutenants Butler, Tommy Bealmear, C. M. First Sergeant Carrell, B. A. Sergeants ' ' ' H Beiseker, Marvin Haralson, David Minor, Ralph Robinson, Iimmie Switzer, Dashiell Wade, George Corporals Guillory, I. W. Green, Ray Marco, Iimmy Horn, Wayne McBride, Fred ROSTERMCOMPANY A Privates, First Class Carter, Morris Coker, Marshall Fuston, I. W. Odom, Ralph Privates Anderson, Charles Allen, Ted Austin, Charles Baker, Robert Benners, Alfred Blackwell, Clyde Buckley, Stewart Carter, Bill Cochran, L. D. Cunningham, W. L. Daniel, Charles Davis, I. E. Dickinson, I. E. Duncan, Richard Ferguson, V. P. Fowler, Clarence Fritz, Eugene Geren, Lloyd Gisbon, George Green, Billy Iack Sponsor--Mildred Gates Gregory, Carl Haake, Wallace Hawkins, Bob Heiskell, Iimmie Honeycutt, Maurice Humphreys, Earl Iames, Leon Kerr, Vernon Lindley, Garland Mayabb, Charles Mays, Billy McClintoch, I. R. McDearmont, I. Earl Norvell, Eugene Phillips, Ray Keith Redwine, Bob Rollor, Ted Schoen, Algar Skelton, Ben Smith, Marvin Smith, Robert A Thaxton, Robert Thompson, Pat Trapp, Albert Wall, Dan Walker, Homer, Ir. Westerfeldt, Iohn I. Wilkinson, Harry Otis Winblood, Iack Page Om' Hiznrlrnl Elevm Company HB" 1 f Captain Davidson, Paul First Lieutenant Webb, Kirk Second Lieutenants Kinnan, Carl Coke, Owen First Sergeant Wentworth, R. B. Staff Sergeants Collier, Iimmie Gault, Duncan Sergeants Harrison, Harry Smith, George Tippet, Frank Hackler, Thaviu Caldwell, Ralph Fowlkes, Marvin porals fBryant, lack Simms, Iack Wilder, Truman Williams, Wyvel Gray, lack , endricks, Harold Page Om' H7lHl1Yl'd T1uc'I1'c ROSTER!-COMPANY B Cox, Kenneth Redwine, Earnest Privates. First Class Beckham,lack Carrell, Sam Hackler, Taswell Mabry, Dick Milke, Henry Pasino, Frank Privates Adin, Bill Atkinson, Bill Baker, Boy Bixler, W. D. Bobo, Otis Bowles, Charles Bowles, Tommy Coates, Weldon Collier, Grant Crumbie, Watson Crockett, Iames Crossland, Edward Denton, Iames Evans, Iames Farris, Bob Frazier, Boyd Gray, Bob Sponsor-Iayne Waggoner Hillin, Sam Hamilton, Ernest Holcomb, Harold Hartsfield, Merldean Hughes, Iack Marco, Virgil Iackson, Bayard Iones, Maurice Lee, Lawrence Lowe, Kenneth Lucas, Billy McKay, Harold Morrow, Earnest Nolan, Bay O'Bourke, Frank Osborne, Iohn Pierce, Ralph Budd, Billy Sallis, Fred Shelton, Billy Stultz, Sydnor Sturdivant, Gordan Thompson, Carl Tucker, George Ueckert, Lee Utt, Lee Wiley, Iames Wiley, A. P. Windsor, Norman White, William Company "Cn ks.-X in Captain Hare, Robert First Lieutenant Musgrove, Lee, lr. Second Lieutenant Blair, Arthur Osborn, Ralph First Sergeant Harmon, George Sergeants Lord, lack Wanner, Charles Tanner, Warren Morgan, Billy Moore, James Mclntire, Lonnie Harding, Vlfarren Corporals Maples, Billy Smith, I. E. Wright, lim Farrar, Billy Allen, Iames Allen, Iack ROSTER--COMPANY C Privates, First Class Austin, Harold Autry, Billy Everett, Billy Reston, Ray Walther, Danny Warren, Russell Privates Ardinger, Horace Bendart, R. V. Brown, Kenneth Cowing, Harry Commons, Milton Deaver, Bill Degenhart, Marvin Dunlap, Harry Evans, Forrest Cambrell, Iames Carriott, George Geisert, Leonard Gibbons, Robert Gibson, Carl Gossett, Earl Gregory, William Heston, Leon Herring, Fred Sponsor+Betty Bandy Hocker, Claude Ivy, David lennings, William Kenney, Ierry Knight, Iohn Lewis, Lawrence Looney, Iohn McCarty, Wendell Merjanian, Paul O'Rourke, lohn Payne, Harold Lloyd Procter, Charles Roberts, Raymond Russell, Lloyd Shaw, Odis Shuttlesworth, George Smith, Bertram Summer, lames Sumners, Melvin Tenneson, Ross Tubre, Wilfred Ueckert, William Westerfeldt, Donald Lee Wheller, Herman Wilcox, Terry Williams, Ned Yeager, Earl Page Our H1u1drmI Tlmirfvrn Company "D" -'rx 1 Captain Clark, Perry First Lieutenant Berry, Allen Second Lieutenants r t Crain, Franklin Q ' Hall, Hugh First Sergeant Cox, Robert Serqeants Franklin, Ned Boluch, lohn White, Howard lennings, Lee Whittlesley, Philip Brown, loe Kelley, loe Sawyer, Tom Corporals West, lack Brown, Bill Morgan, David Bowden, Edgar Smith, Robert Bryant, Robert Roberts, Lionel Pago Om' Humlrcd F0lH'1l'F7I ROSTERf ACOMPANY D Private, First Class Dodge, Charles Privates Albin, Iason f Allison, Gladston Austin, Guy Avrea, Carl Barr, Chris Barten, Lysle Bates, Billy Beesley, Vernon Bell, lack Bethancourt, Harold Brown, Iohn Childress, Ioy Collier, Carrol Cook, Willie Craig, Bert Dodd, Cranston Gail, Garland Gault, Carter Gordon, George Green, Harry Hair, Robert Harris, lack Henrickson, Harry Herman, Harry Houston, Stanley Iackson, I. W. Sponsor-Dorothy Miller Iohnson, Leon Keahey, George Kerby, Dale Lee, Robert Ligon, lohn Lowe, Ed McMains, Lonie Mathis, Melvin Michael, Lois Morgan, Charles Morgan, Ernest Newman, Charles Nowlin, Wanz Ogden, Ralph Pettit, Ray Phillips, Herschel Prichard, Hoyal Rambo, Ed Reeves, Sturat Richardson, Walte Schlinke, Otis Sharp, Aubrey Skelton, Marvin Thompson, Glen Walker, Raymond Wallace, Iames Whitlock, Roy Wright, Iohnny Youngblood, Fred Youngblood, lack - f' s The Rifle Team The Rifle Team is composed of fifteen members, all of whom participate in the City Rifle Match and the Corps Area Rifle Match There are only five of these members on the Hearst National Rifle Match team, and only ix members fire the Shoulder to Shoulder Rifle Match. Letter-men are th ten highest members of the City Championship tearriq"Mate:l'fe's'aT5?fired withlregulation 22 caliber rifles, and sights containing qlass are prohibited. The strictest of safety rules are enforced while firing, all of which is done under the direction of the team captain and the supervision of the Commandant. Rodgers Brown 'Paul Davidson 'Charles Wanner -if Allen Berry B. R. Wentworth Ralph Minor George Harmon Lee Musgrove Robert Smith Dashiell Switzer 'Robert Cox Prentiss Eason Rober lvy M 'Duncan Gault lames Kilgore Perry Clark 'Selected to fire in the Hearst National Match and City Shoulder-to-Shoulder Match. Pagz' Om' H1n1zI'rz'zl Fifi f' Q qnfi 1'5"-i 707. . Band annon, Herald First Lieutenants Travis, Calvin Second Lieutenants Brackeen, Billy Elfinqstone, Mike Ashley, Iohn Shelton, Robert Cook, Lane B., Ir. First Sergeant Stephenson, Horace Staff Sergeants Dicky, I. A. Croft, Torbett Gillette, Fred Sergeants Lee, Forrest Redman, lack O'Brien, Denis Williams, Horace Corporals Robertson, Wayne Smith, Ierry Allen, Billy ROSTER-BAND Wright, Hailey Graham, Max Hanson, Walter Privates. First Class Martin, S. W. Priv tes ddinqton, Rayford Allen, Sam Bankhead, Homer G. Bauqhman, Desmer Bowles, Albert, Butcher, Billy Clark, Robert Childers, Conway Davis, Bob Depew, Paul Durham, Burt Easley, Raymond Fagan, C. A. Pain, M. N. Garretson, Howard Goodwin,Paul Whitney Hamilton, Robert Hatcher, Dick Hodges, Murrell Iones, Glen Kinkel, Dan Law, Warren , Lee, Frank Lee, Ioe Leftwich, Lewis McCl'1esney, Iames McCroskey, Iacky McGee, Gene Meserole, Otis Muchrnore, Bobby Murphy, Pat Norris, C. B., Ir. Northcutt, Charles Payne, Clark Potthoti, Bill Ramsey, Bobby Redus, Bill Robinson,Bill Roberson, lohn Shepherd, O. W. Sibley, Iack Wallace, Howard Warner, Frank Warner, Hiram Whitlock, Cleo Majorettes-Margaret Wiskochil and Doris Willhite Page One Humlrml Sixlfrvz Sponsor-lmoqene Warren Q V vi: Ww - -.. 'QT' - , . f -v , Q xi-1. ,1: . , . . .1 rg, - U . .. , , ' TL , WJ, A V., s-1 -,V Jr 1 ' ww. ,f M ' . .-f- , ,, -.i,zw, f-. . I ,.. .,, ., , ', v. ,r f --, 1 ' ,v ,' 9751! ' . - .my a'r,1 1, I KI, .-,, 1 , gc '..wfAff ?':El-. .57 V-5, W Q I . ' . , ,gk .V 3:5 I l , A-yr' 4, . ,. -L . , .1 .A f-frm. 4 . ' ,- ' .f" Q X v ,if -- ,-wr -Y-4 3 A ' .A 4- ,. f ,.l,,...g'. ., , 4 , , , I 'f..,i5fy,',,g,!?qQ. . "5-' ' F 'V Nfl-' 41- :, 1 , I ' 1, 4 ,Q 142 - . ff-2 L , fy. p:'-I L, , ',, " V . ' 5? , . . ' ' Mi., ,' . 'X' ' ' --' ,-,, " -. h ' ', A ' 1fA'Q Q?4. , I 1' ' A Aj -,f4" ' , , "W-N , , . 71 W, 1' , 1- A e . 3 '- f Vs, , 1-Q' - 3 I: '-. fl Y, Aff - V A V , LN -, -4, 1 . 4 .sf ' ,- 9 . gf Y -. -4 I, .J 'Q' 6 T, T- -I 'x I ' fl" JN", .-, .', 1- f. .V V- 4- ., . up - f wqq.. ' 'Q ' .H - ,' A - . ., f . ,, "F ,115 " 3,51 If 1- - ,t' f i V , , ,5g.. , 4.4,-fa mga '- iw' f' -3 4 ' -" . ,f-' . ': ci' 2 .- Q 4 ' 'H S 'Q .1 -'1':.ff -f - V ' '- v :-. .- if 14,919 3 ' Si + 4 ' zft' f . ' ' -lsvurwijf ' , 'A .317 -- -... X1 r -fx: -' ' . , 1 .- yr' , ' f,Ll?"" 5, 1 52" ' ni... K ,,-3 - 5, - .V vw av f fl L warn' '2 Q - 'f A, 2-fy. ,' ' f '- ' iw ' ri- :, 1135. ty -- v I. f , fir ' . ,jx- 'jf hi' I .- 4--,.f.. .:, ug. wif, 45 2 .. -2 wa. - , ", -' 1 is :ff -,'-' . 1- - ,Q .4 rfflf:- ' ,I ,fff z +2 'Jim N . J -'ff' ' , " " + Q 4 u f mm . '- fc, 4' ', H .42 V." "X "1 A H . , U ' V I :I-pf ., - M 1 ,Am . ""- gs , 5 gf ' 2 fx A+' . 4'-ii-474.2 il 4 . ' "- ' 'wg H ' :X ' ,.j - -.1 v .vw .- , -Y t ,. K ,fn- ., " ?1f,"2. , .M , " 4 ' , f . .155 ,gy .wg . ..i" " 'JW 'F F 3' ' 45" '1'g. 'w'W -, H mi.. .vi '71 k..A?. 1-1-. . gym' "" ?'f-fain. 1 ' ,ll ,-a -1104 F A .,,'?' ', , ,- - ,tg ., ,A QL .Q A ' grpl. ik- A5351 A: .vf35'-r5'5Af'n' ' K 1 Q f ',. ,--1 31:--V3 - up ww .. ' fr- ' if LiQ:'4LL' ' Q iv " ' ,Vip 1 X., ' - j?.AH,'! : , + 1 V- . , Swlwl .IJ . Q 'JI' - FCOTBALL Row 1 Knight, Iohn Harding, Warren McCullough, Hal Candy, Wenzel M Row 2 Hulen, Sterling Nall, lames Patton, Walter Thompson, Charles Row 3 Prentice, Bill Manager Maples, Billy Roberson, lames Coach Fox, lames Wyatt, Russell 5 Tallent, Gerald C V B H d , . . a ar Captain Mascho, limmiel' W Sneed, Chad Landers, Kenneth Simms, lackiy Ridley, I. V. Nowlin, Bob Carroll, B. A. Thames, Dalton Meley, Leroy Rawlings, l. H. Dunnam, Lloyd Baker, Bobert Cavett, Oliver Lanza, Nick Croft, Torhett Bolding, Lonnie Buloch, lohn Asst. Manager U ,'l 1! I - 1 Jix rj el K J L :L fl flftyi VJ 1 I lv ,N 31 z if r ll B f J J X, ' I rs+ 9' Coach Verde Dickey 'x, lt FOOTBALL Row 1 Row 2 Lewis, Lawerence Boatman, Al Collins, Earl lones, Harold E ew, Edward Sequin, l. E. 1 Kershaw, B. M. Ardinaer, Horace Gossett, Earl Brackeen, Vernon McClintock, I. B. England, Wesley Wasson, Bob Hunley, Donald Hackler, Tlfiaviu Russell, Lloyd Primm, Billy Bay Simmons, Billy White, Howard Pond, Douglas Eidqell, Horace Satterwliite, Marion Row 3 Sams, Ottie Haynes, Lem Green, Dan Reed, limmie Clyett, W. P. Turner, Dick Cowinq, Harry Budd, Billy Daniel, Sammy Moore, loe Bolo Lippincott, Dan Hackler, Taswell X I QR Q-4 , 1 Ll!",f. '11, Football Calendar Sept. l5. Adamson 6-Highland Park 32 A powerful team of veterans, Scotties, scored 32 points in the first half against the green and inexperienced Leopards. The Leopards, after a slight taste of battle, came hack in the second half to score 6 points while lolanking the Scotties. Sept. 24. Adamson 204Milby Cf-loustont 0 The more experienced Leopards traveled to Houston to play their serond game with the Milby Buffs, The Leopards scored once in the second, third, and fourth quarters while the Blue and Wlhite forward wall kept the Buffs deep in their territory throughout the game. Sept 30. Adamson l9eBall fGalveston7 6 With more perfection and smoothness in the Notre Dame shift, the Leopards completely out played the powerful Ball Hi Tornadoes, The Leopards scored twice in the second quarter and once in the fourth While the Buffs only threat- ed once as they scored in the fourth period. , Oct. 8. Adamson 20fTech 0 dmson opened its district race against the Technical W , s. The Leopards scored three times in the second half the forward wall kept the Wolves from penetrating the eopard 30 the entire game. This was a great surprise to the sports writers who predicted Tech to win by three touchdowns. Oct. 21. Adamson 6eGainesville 28 Adamson dropped a non district game to the Gainesville Leopards. The Gainesville team completely outplayed the Blue and Vtfliite crew, making 4 touchdowns in the first three quarters. The Leopards came back in the fourth No. 81. Kenneth Landers No. 83. Leroy Meley No. 65. Oliver Cavett No. 67.1. H.Row1ings No. 63. lames Roberson No. 70. lames Nall No. 66. Warren Harding No. 61. Tolbert Croft No. 64. Dalton Thames No. 76. Wenzel Gandy No. 77. lames Fox Football Calendar Oct. 26. Adamson 25-North Dallas 7 After getting off to a had start, the Leopards scored one touchdown in the second quarter and three in the second half to down the determined Bulldogs. The Bulldogs scored early in the game after recovering a Leopard fumble deep in Adamson territory. The Orange ond Vfhite crew threat- ened several times later, but the Leopards line held each time. Oct. 29. Adamson 7eWoodrow Wilson 30 The Leopards lost their first district game of the season to the Wildcats. After several Leopards had been injured early in the game, the Wildcats led at the end of the third quarter l2-7. However, the Red shirts rallied in the final period to score 3 times more. November 5. Adamson 6---Sunset i8 Adamson lost its hardest fought :game of the season to the Bisons, who Went on to win the district Championship. The Bisons scored in the first, seecond and third periods, and the Leopards scored their lone marker in the fourth quarter. November 19. Adamson 7eForest 12 Adamson dropped i' final kage of the season to the Lions. The game was played mostly in mgdfield, but the Lions managed to score in the first quarters While holding the Leopards to their fourth quarter. No. 75. Hal McCullough No. BU. Bob Nowlin No. 60. Lonnie Bolding Manager, Bill Prentice No. 74. lfmmy Mascho No. 69. I. V. Ridley No, 7l. lack Simms No. 62. Chad Sneed No. 73. Sterling Hulen No. 72. 'Walter Patton No. 78. Robert Baker Basketball The basketball season proved to be one ot the most successful that has been experienced by Mr. Durret as coach ot the Leopards. The team Won a total of seven games While losing only tour, including the play oil game which determined the second half championship. Pitzhugh Hill and Car- lisle De Hay were elected co-captains for the 1939-40 squad. Row 1 Barnes, lohn Harris, A. W. Davis, Dan Price, Philip Walker, Hiram Llorente, Shirley 'Hill, Pitzhugh 'Prentice, Bill Row 2 Petit, Toe Low, Harry ' Harrison, I. B. Hill, Baymond Miller, Leslie gf Coach-W. P. Durrett Row 3 Bearden, C. C. il Nowlin, Bob Gruneisen, William Weatherred, Tim "Thompson, Morris Lanza, Nick Chapman, Geren 'De Hay, Carlisle Blair, Arthur Campbell, lames Harber, Durwood 'These were awarded letters. Q? Baseball The Adamson Leopards for the third time in tour years Won the city pennant giving them a perfect score for the season. Nine games were played and Won. Row 1 Lloyd, Elgin Nowlin, Wanz Teubner, Ray Witaker, Pat Duncan, Ben Satterwhite, Bill Wylie, Robert Bass, Albert Pond, Douglas McGee, David Row 2 Calvert, lames Pettit, loe Timpa, Pelex Baker, I. W. Collett, Luke Hill, Pitzhugh Ridgell, Horace Roberson, lames Northcutt, Charlie Harber, Durwood Clvlascotl Chandler, Tom Mathis, Melwyn Row 3 Blanton, Wilbur 'Davis, Dan Chapman, Geren Hawkins, Bob Price, Philip Blair, Arthur Bryant, loe Sneed, Chad Parr, Lewis Walker, Hiram Dispenza, Philip Calder, Robert George, R. C. 'These boys received letters. ti, .U 'X it J Q -,, " sz ia 3 ss if "tl Xl ,' as . ,XA . vt, Track The members ot the track team who have worked so hard to bring victory to their school were rewarded when they captured the district meet cham- pionship, scoring twenty-five points. Al Boatman set a new shot-put record in this meet with a throw of 49 it. 2 in. At the regional the team again were vic- torious scoring this time sixteen points. Al Boatman set a new regional record in the discus with a throw of l32 tt. 2 in. l-lere's success to them at the state meet. Talent, Gerald "Dickey, I. A. 'Meley, Leroy 'Mascho, limmy 'Boatman, Al 'Gruneisen, William 'Nowlin, Bob Atteberry, Wilson Moore, Marvin Marable, William Bates, Claude Crown, Phil Blessing, Wiley Bobberson, lack 'Gossett, Rex 'Erost, l-larrell 'lames, Eugene Bearden, Bob Cfossett, Earl 3 ' rig W. E. Noah, Coach Davis, I. E. Bates, Billy Brown, Orville Napier, Carl Layden, Bobby Frost, Morris l-lamilton, Earnest Vaughn, lames Collins, Earl 'These boys received letters. Tennis The tennis team this year Won the all-city Times l-lerald trophy. Captain Wanda Saunders won the city and district singles for both '38 and '39 Tom- mie Allard and Meredith Willis Won the city championship title tor girls' dou- bles While Bill Avera and I. V. Ridley were victors in the boys' doubles. Ridley, l. V. Allard, Tommie Saunders, Wanda Wagner, Frederick Wilks, Meredith Avera, Bill Moore, Dan R. N. Smith, Coach 1 mf M esif ght lohn Lee loe CCaptD Rogers Calvin Dickinson I. E 7 ,f I I L. C. lseitwich, Coach I D Psi Jn Cheer Leaders The cheer leaders ot our school are representatives oi three classes, two from Sophornores, two from luniors, and two from Seniors. So as not to have a aroup of new, inexperienced leaders each year, only the Sophomore leaders are elected, the Sopho- mores ot the previous year havinq been moved on to luniors, the luniors to Seniors, and the Seniors having graduated. Cheer leaders are elected, not appointed, and it is indeed a high honor to loe elected into this position by the entire student body. Dorothy Dickinson Arrnond Keane Delia Michael lerry Smith Hazel Collier Charles Wanner 1' H1Lmlr.rlTu't'llfY--Y rf I - Bl' ' 'Ai .- If U1 A.-jj-, N , 2?-'Lv Q, .. 1 2 r I ' v l 3 x ,gy ., I . I '. 6 ' 1 . .P ji 'Q .Q ur 451 ' Ku 1 '5 ' , i rl if I ' .' .: F, a , fl ' In I 1 ,sr .r .. li11'. . 3, H. X3 if Pg ilk? Byte? 'f' -v J H fn, .ff I , F , 1 ' ' I ill si- N K K .. We ,, str ',I9 I . 1 , I .r 17' Q' qv , . Wu as L,iX We LJ. 1 g 1 Q . 0' 1, lugs H-. It V " ' Y' 525' .f ' wr? fr z- 'V 1 f ',, 1 M. l':!'f"vg'J if air 2' omg , m I y,,, s .5 , 11.144-. H ' . . 5 , , '. 5 sk' 4 1. I 4 I ,v I R J I ' ffimn 'W , 1 4' 4 'L , 7' 'X af x .. ' J . 'W -2115 . , 1' . Ji . '1 'SI . Q. 315, gxauvna , . ,.. , . of " ,ar f - 5,1615 yd a mn 1 9 , FQ 1 N It . 'V r 4 , 1.1 4 I rf' M ,Ha A Mg., , ' A -44 U' v V ' , ,' f..,. V. 15 , ,Q ,Q,,,5,,,L! 1 - A 1-Ugg' 2 IA 'Wi I .is I. r N kg If F. 4 1 f xiii' f ' 1 fl, R, P I 1 1 nl r 4' 41 ff r I 6136: r. x ' 1 w J I E ' 45 -fra" . ivi,,,t,.- - W Z i. 1 :HX A V , 1 ., V - 1 , . x L ' qw' -I, . v X I h Y L Rf", ' in W National Ten Cents and Everywhere General Pay N0 News Less ballas, Texas- I955 I Tdgliizorr Once in my secluded chamber Late at night I read A great prophet's wondrous story, Now forgot and dead. Gazing at his magic ring He could learn Fate's plan: Foretell any future happening, Forwarn unsuspecting man. '39 Senior, oh my claszmates, Happy, young and free, W'hat'll be the future, guarded by the Fates, Have in store for thee? rf If that prophet-hopeless "its Could be summoned back! With that sigh upon my lips On my couch I sank. Stealthily an old man entered My secluded roomy On his hand a great ring glistened, In his eyes deep gloom. "You have called me, and I answer, I shall tell you name by name, Of the future of your classmates, Of their glory and their fame." Ten years ago he told me Misses Mary Alice Armistead and Ruth Pollock 'have returned to the Para- hill Short Island Studios where they will begin work on their new picture, "South of the Gas Tank," which is adapted from the sensational novel by Iohn Marvin Ashley. 0 WIN HONORS Congressman lim Wright delivered, yesterday, what is said to be the most erudite speech heard in the Congres- sional Hall. The fact that a certain Virginia has decided to be a Marshall no longer may have been the inspira- tion for this memorable speech. UNITED IN MARRIAGE On Thursday, April 27, Mr. Iohn Price and Miss Billie Io Boyd were united in marriage. Both are well known resi- dents of Dallas. Mrs. Price is president of the Stuck-U-Bank, and Miss Boyd was the telling payer. They have a lot of friends who wish for them life's great- est pleasures and happiness. "Go thcu and do likewise." ' Rev. OLIVER SNOOKS CAVETT, ADAMSON HIGH HAS NEW FACULTY MEMBERS At a meeting of the School Board, yesterday, applications were considered and the following new members were elected to Adamson Hi's faculty for the term 1955-56. Principal, Mr. Penryn Rasor. Mr. Rasor received his Ph. D. at the African Academy for young men last year. English, Miss Virginia Campbell. Miss Campbell is a graduate of Texas Uni- versity. Domestic Science, Hesper Crook. Miss Crook is a B. S. graduate of Baylor. She will also receive a "M. R. S." degree next spring, at which time she will become the bride of our new and highly esteemed principal. Latin, Hugh Hall. Mr. Hall graduated from the University of Rome and has also taught at Miss Betty Bandy's School for Seekers of Knowledge. Economics, Miss Ruth Bybee. Miss Bybee is a graduate of Iames Kilgore's Institution. 0 Try this on your piano4"The Shades And what he said is true, Offlcicffll- gr? hgp irl Ti I?urk Rclflllnw Robert In these columns I am telling . u C mson S Q es song 1 ' All of it to you. 0 You are cordially invited to the , vselecfed' WHITEHOUSE BARBER sHoP , , NOTICE , I Ladies, Work G Speciqhy I will begin my summer music classes Miss Iayne Waggener, our foremost U l I HGXi Week- portrait painter, who has been living in Bebbmqt Curlmg end Shsmsoomq MIS BGIIY Mflfie Todd Winona for the past three years, is here William HGCJGHCIOOTYI, MGHCIQGI' Q to do the portrait of Miss Mary Bearden, . director of the Highland Fling Dance. COURT IN SESSION Notice has been received in the office of the Oak that our well known towns- man, Mr. Robert fOuackl Shelton, has been awarded the Dumbell prize for the great scientific discovery which he has named "VV'asblackbutlsred." Dr. Shelton has been making extensive experiments for the past two years. The undoubted success of his invention was proved when, before a board, consisting of the following doctors: Thomas L. Dykes, lack Z. Daniel, and Iuanita Bil- lert, he turned I... C. Sport's black hair red. O Miss Daylo Kerr has rcturned from Monte Carlo where she attended the Mah long convention. Page Om' Hufldr d Twenty-six Miss Lubv Robnett, a noted woman gospel preacher, will speak before Miss Lois Potthoff's Art Class tomorrow. Mr. Brock Wright, the millionaire hide king, is in Dallas looking over his ware- houses and shaking hands with old friends. NOTICE I am no longer associated with Miss Marcella Rodgers' Beauty Parlor. I have opened my own parlors at the Baker Hotel, where I will be glad to receive my patrons and friends. Mme. Ioellen Scruggs. State versus Billy Brackeen, on a charge of bigamy. It was found that Brackeen has three wives: Mrs. Dorcas Bivings Brackeen, Mrs. Margery Tipps Brackeen, and Mrs. lane Osborne Brackeen. 0 Mrs. Paul Davidson versus Paul David:on, divorce granted. MARRIAGE LICENSES. Robert Hawkins-Dorothy Miller. Alton BoatmaneTuleta Chittirn. Charles Wanner-Nora Mae Holston 0 CHAD SNEED Attorney-At-Law Divorce A Specialty Dallas, Texas i.1 -1 ,ii-ii National TCU Cents an Everywhere Y News I-BSS by ufflgr , . Dallas, Texas DOLLY WILDMANE , REBA HEISKELL Gdmm LIST OF NEW BOOKS The following books received during the last week from publishers are here- by acknowledged with thanks. "The Art of Spaghetti" by Philip Dis- penza tells the story of making this deli- cious food. "The Sheik of my Heart," by lvelle Tacker is a love storyea thriller. "Football-Past ad Present" by limmie Mascho is guaranteed to teach you how to play and understand this game. "How to Vamp" by Doris Willhite should be worth reading by those in- terested, as Miss Willhite is an expert in this line. 0 PERSONALS Misses Norma Yeager, Martha lane Hayes, and Mary Lou Spradling of the Ziegfield Follies are spending a few weeks with home folks. Mr. Iohn Barnes, Who has been in China for the past two years, teaching the natives how to play basketball, has arrived to be the groom in the Barnes- Todd Wedding. Miss Laura Lois Luck of Kangaroo, Neb., will give an interesting lecture before the "Eat-a-Prune-a-'Week" Club at their weekly luncheon. 0 DR. SCHLINKE'S XXX PILLS Big Sandy, Texas. Iune 19, 1955. Dear Dr. Schlinke: I was told by my family physician that I could never wa'k without crutches, my rhecrnatism was so bad. Then l saw the advertisement for your Pills. Since taking two bottles, I am feeling like a 16-year old. I am never bothered with rheumatism now. Miss Dorothy Whitman. 0 These XXX Pills are guaranteed to cure headaches, colds, cuts, rheumatism, indigestion, burns, bruises, coughs, sprains, sore th,oat, ear ache, tooth-ache' and weak eyes. ADV. O AT THE MOVIES Now showing at the Astor "Pink Ele- phants" featuring Dorothy Dickinson as the heroine, Grant Collier as the hero, and Embelyne Cook as the little sweet- heart. Miss Lidamay Denny takes the part of the little dancing girl. This pic- ture is directed by Tom Terry. Miss Billie Nell Hughes and Ruth Parker announce the arrival of Doris King of St. Louis who will have charge of the millinery department of the Hughes-Parker Ladies' Shop. Miss King comes highly recommended. LEARN TO TALK at Frances Beasley's Open Srr Mouth School Three Month's Course O Mr. Arthur Blair has accepted the po- sition as pitcher for the St. Louis Cardi- nals. Much success to you in your new position! 0 SOCIETY This week's society centers about the Sturgess-Horton nuptials and many social social affairs preceded the wed- ding itself. On Monday of this week Miss Evelyn Couch entertained with a seated tea in honor of Miss Horton. Misses Edythe Abernathy and Delia Michiel honored Miss Horton on Tues- day with a bridge luncheon. Misses DeLoyce McDonald, Hildred Hill, Beth Thompson, and La Voyce Garrison were the luncheon guests. Mrs. Ralph Echols entertained Wed- nesday afternoori in hofior of Miss Horton with a Majestic party. The program featured talented artists, Miss Viva Ellison, reader: Miss Maforie Tipps, soloistg and Miss Gene Martin, dancer. 0 STURGESS-H ORTON A wedding of state-wide interest was that of Thursday evening which united in marriage Miss Louise Horton and Mr. George Sturgess. The ballroom of the Adolphus was tumed into a garden of palms and ferns for this occasion. Before the ceremony, Miss Benettr Tate, accompanied on the piano by Miss Marcelle Mount, sang in her own charm- ing manner, "l Love You." Miss Mount also played the wedding music. Miss Florence Rowland, maid of honor, entered with H. T. Green, who served as best man. Miss Horton was met at the altar where the impressive and beautiful ceremony was performed by Rev. Prank Mehrten. After the wedding an informal re- ception was held. Misses lane Wright and Tommie Allard presided over the punch bowl. Miss Marie France had charge of the bride's book. Mr. and Mrs. Sturgess left immediately after the reception for an extended tour of the world. 0 DALLAS' INSTITUTE OF MUSICAL TRAINING Piano-Carl Kinnan. Violin-Albert Walraven. Organ-Frank Mehrten. Voice-Kenneth Landers. Clarinet-Rader McCulley. Saxophone-I. V. Ridley. Guitar-Doris Ann Buchanan. Banjo-Thelma Vestal. All teachers are graduates of well known musical schools. For further information, call Bryan 709 There will be a meeting of the "Roger Porter Brown-for-Governor" Club this evening at 8:00 o'clock in the club rooms. All members are urged to be present. Press Reporter. Mr. Ioe Bryant, known to the baseball world as Babe Ruth, II, is in the city to witness the Addington-McBride boxing match. 1 have sung for you a song And it may be right or wrong But only you can tell me if it's true: l have tried to explain Both your pleasure and your pain, And friends, here's my best respects to you. 'Selected STARTLING INVENTIONS Misses Amonette Bailey and Daryl Iennings will soon place on the market their great contribution to the World! a hair cream which is guaranteed to make kinky hair straight and straight hair curly. 0 A soundless bell has been invented by Philip Crown, Frank Tippit, and Ioe Lee. Pugr One Hundred Twenty 111110 Guess Who? I-low well do you know the faculty? See if you can give the name of the faculty member suggested by the following: l. One whose name is a day of the week. 2. One whose name suggests timidness and shyness. 3. One whose name suggests a big boat, or an ark. 4. A magnificent specimen of fireworks. 5. The name of the lower veins of a tree or plant. 6. That which announces the close of each class. 7. An object used to balance one while walking. 8. A masculine ruler. 9. A musical instrument, very essential for a fox hunt. lO. One whose name indicates the masculine sex. ll. A long-legged bird. l2. A bunk swung between two trees. l3. Leave out the "l" and the word is easy. l4. When spoken rapidly the word sounds like "dirt." l5. The first two letters are the beginning of a laughy the last the name ofa famous English poet. l5. The first syllable is the description of a skinny boy while the last is the name of an automobile. l7. The first half of the word means to scratch or ruin somethingg the last part means a person's male child. l8. The author of Last of the Mohicans. l9. The first half of the word is a plot or area occupied by tentsr the last is an article that struck makes a ringing sound. 20. A weed and the last is an illiterate form of the very eat. 2l. An Irishman whose day is celebrated in March. 22. The opposite to right and a fierce, superhuman woman. 23. Something not old and a fruit that grows on a bush. 24. One who grinds grain. 25. A common color. By MARY ALICE ARMISTEAD. Answers to "Guess Who." l. Mondyg 2. Meekp 3. Noahg 4. Rockettg 5. Rootesg 6. Belly 7. Caing 8. Kingy 9. Horny lO. Manny ll. Craney l2. Hammock: l3. Easleyp l4. Durrettg l5. l-lamiltong l6. Lankfordp l7. Morrison: l8. Cooper: l9. Campbellp 20. Brarnlettp 2l. Patrickg 22. Leftwichg 23 Newberry: 24. Millerg 25. Browne. One Hundred Thirty HUGH HALL HEWS AND HEWS As Hugh Hall was hewing a yule log from a yew tree a man dressed in clothes of a dark hue came up to Hugh and said: "Have you seen my ewes?" "If you wait until I hew this yew tree I will go with you anywhere in Europe to look for your ewes," said Hugh. . Mr. Finkelstein Qalias Hugh: Hallj, walk- ing into Mr. Goldberg's office-Say Chake vots dot I smell? Mr. Goldberg-Oh dot's business. It's FOIICII. O MISSED THE TRACK MEET Miss Clyette Cto wayward Jackj: Tell me what you know about the Caucasion race, Jackie. lack Daniel: I wasn't thereg I went to the football game instead. 0 Photographer: Do you want a large or small picture? lark Daniel: A small one. Photographer: Then close your mouth. 0 DER F UHRER To stimulate business, a German theatre owner advertised a special feature and offered S00 marks to any patron who did not like it. The house was packed, but no one claimed the money. The ufeature' was a picture called "Hitler". o TAKING UNFAIR ADVANTAGE Mr. Hamilton: Edna Lynn, give me that note Howard wrote to you. Edna Lynn: I guess not! You took the the one he wrote me yesterday and then made him stay after school, Tuition-A species of graft exacted by colleges' in return for surrounding con- ducive to a good time. o She was only a hat manufacturer's daught- er, but she was no slouch. o The laziest man we've heard of this year is a guy from Sunset who travels in a Model T Ford so he won't have to knock the ashes off his cigarette. 'Twas in a restaurant they met, Romeo and Juliet, He had no cash to pay the debt, So Romeo'd what Juliet. "I read in a book that Apollo was chasing a mymph and she turned into a tree.', "He was lucky. Those I chase always turn into a night club or a restaurant." Hr: What is the fastest thing on two wheels? She: What? He: A Jew on a bicycle riding by Hitler's Palace. o SAD ENDING "I hope that's a nice book for you to read, darling," said. Mrs. QBryantj Wildman con- scientiously to her young daughter. "Oh, yes, mummy, it's a lovely book, but I don't think you'd like it. It's so sad at the end." "How is it sad, dear?" "Well, she dies, and he has to go back to his wife." o Bath Bybec: My dear, don't talk to me about lawyers, I,ve had so much trouble over the property that I sometimes almost wish my husband hadn't died, Page One Hundred Thirty one Spoonemore, Eula Stallings, Juanita Starkes, Wanda Steppe, John Henry Sullivan, Mary Louise Summy, Nell Jordan, Dorothy Kimery, Josephine Klempin, Essalita Knearem, Betty Jane Leach, Jenne Lewis, Frances Long, Mary Louise Lowe, Janie Lowe, Laverne Lozano, Mary Hathaway, Nadine Hoffman, Mary Jean Holmes, Louise Hood, Norma Jeanne Hucthins, Dorothy Ivy, Winifred Jolly, Thelma Jo Jones, Charleene Jones, Patsy Ruth Kimberlin, Mary E. King, Carlyene Kroyer, Joan Plumlee, Dorothy Polk, Dorothy Poulsen, Patricia Rogers, Katherine Schieifer, Gussie Jo Sinclair, Amy 3A Childers, Dan Coke, Owen Collier, Jimmie Ezell, Jack Gault, Duncan Hare, Robert Harrison, Harry Harrison, J. B. Heiskell, Jimmie Marrow, Earnest O'Brien, Dennis Redman, Jack Robertson, Wayne Simnas, Jack Stephenson, Horace Summer, James Teubner, Ray Albin, Frances Allen, Joan Armstrong, Dorothy Austin, Mary Fllen Baker, Clara Helen Blackwell, Andrea Carrell, Erna Mae Cecil, Bernice Clark, Patty Sue Coates, Anna Marie Connally, Sara Suttle, Martha Sutton, Nancy Swindle, Jane Tardio, Lena Tardio, Sarah Tate, Vada McCullough, Willie McMillan, Irene McMullen, Margaret Merchant, Marmarita Midkiff, Pauline Milholland, Sherry Miller, Jean Moore, Ruby Nell Moreau, Jeanne Nance, Kathleen Lake, Beverly Land, Irene Juanita Leatherwood, Mary Lee, Mary Evelyn Lewis, Florence E. McClenshan, Jean McCree, Frances Mclntire, Aline McSpadden, Wanda Martin, Helen Mayes, Julia Mays, Ruth Doz, Billie Katherine Emmons, Martha Jane Ford, Josephine Gash, Minnie Fay Green, Peggy Hammond, Jacqueline Harber, Charlotte Harvey, Anna Harvey, Annetta Hawkins, Dorothy Hearne, Maurine Henderson, Paggy Hill, Patty Hilton, Wanda l-line, Virginia Hufstedler, Edith Johnson, Martha Kirwan, Johanna Koch, Betty Sue Loitice, Oleta Maxine McKenney, Maureen JUNE '41 CLASS Continued from Page '54 Tennison, Marjorie Thomas, June Tibbetts, Mary Dale Tolbert, June Towels, Margaret Tumer, Mary Alice Vaughan, Mary Vermillion, Elizabethe Waggoner, Frances Wagner, Lydia Travis, Dorothy JANUARY '42 CLASS Continued from Page 55 Nelson, Julia Newton, Earline Nickson, Selma L. Painter, Louise Parker, Joena Peterson, Audrey Pogue, Kathryn Presslar, Margaret Ragland, Gloria Render, Marjorie Riddle, Lillian Schimelfenig, Louise See, Barbara Shelby, Helen Shook, Bobbie Smothermon, Dot Staton, Christine Stroud, Elaine Stubbletield, Juanita Swafford, Jewel JUNE '42 CLASS Continued from Page Mehrten, Mary Ann Neal, Betty Norris, Regena North, Juanita Petty, Dorothy Pitchford, Rae Prather, Mary Reston, Melva Rice, Mary Lloys Richardson, Bettie Richardson, Omega Robinson, Margaret Rooker, Hilder Rorie, Doris Shuifield, Bertie Silvus, Ellen Smith, Betty Jo Smith, LaVerle Sparham, Mildred Stone, Billie C. Story, Betty Swindle, Helen S6 SCHOLARSHIP CLUB Continued from Page 78 Pooley, Mary Prince, Geraldine Pyeatt, Nancy Ramsey, Dorothy Reed, Elsie Mae Reese, Sybil Sallis, Gloria Schmidt, Dorothy Starling, Frances Tomo, Madeline Watkins, Lois Jean Watson, Mary Belle Wiederhold, Maxine 4B Blanton, Wilbert Bowden, Edgar Breedlove, Wendell Gruneisen, William Harmon, George Hutchens, Jack Law, Warren Lee, Forest McCulley, Rader Mobry, Dick Mylander, McLeod, Mary Jane Kenneth Maier, Peggy Marable, Dorothy Merrill, Dorothy Miranda, Lillian Mitchell, Dorothy O'Bryan, Lottrell Napier, Carl Parr, Lewis Peterson, Roy Silbey, Jack Stacy, Robert Walther, Danny Pantage, Angelina Ball, Sally Parker, Anna Bennett, Elinor Ward Mildred Carter, Elizabeth Paga' Om' Hundred Tbirly-two Durand, Elizabeth Estes, Mary Frances Ford, Jerryline Frogge, Wanda Huff, Ruby Johnson, Celia Dell Miller, Dorothy Montfort, Mary Murdock, Jane Nicholson, Marjorie North, Mary Ruth Peitz, Rita Plumlee, Edna Lynn Reeves, Nancy Smith, Eleanor Claire Warren, Imogene Whittlesy, Margaret 4A Ashley, John Baker, James Bealmer, C. M. Brackeen, Billy Brown, Rodgers Bryant, Joe C. Carroll, B. A. Cavett, Oliver Cooke, Lane B. Crown, Philip Davidson, Paul Dickey, J. A. Dykes, Tommy Jennings, Richard Kilgore, James Kimberlin, Douglas King, Arthur Lowe, Edward Marable, William Maxwell, Billy Pettit, Ray Powell, Charles Pritchard, Hudson Robberson, Jack Robinson, Jimmie Rodgers, Morgan Shelton, Robert Simmons, Bill Sport, L. C. Travis, Calvin Wylie, Robert Abernathy, Edith Armistead, Mary Bivings, Dorcas Bradford, Elizabeth Bybee, Ruth Chittim, Tuleta Cook, Embylene Couch, Evelyn Cox, Florence Crook, Hesper Cummings, La Verna Daniel, Katherine Denny, Lidamay Densmore, Juanita Ellis, Mary Flock, Dennie Jo France, Marie Walker, Marie Walther, Constance Walther, Katie Wheeler, Bethstine White, Evelyn Teasley, Eva Mae Thompson, Theresa Thompson, Zana Todd, Marilyn Truly, Robbie Jeanne Tubre, Gloria Van Dyke, Winno Gene Vernon, Earline Walden, Ada Warrick, Louise Taylor, Betty Terry, Billie Jean Teubner, Hazel Tucker, Betty Jane Tucker, Norma Turner, Virgie Mae Wacker, June Lucille Walker, Elsie Walker, Ruth Alyce Wall, LaVeme Wallace, Frances Garrison, La Voice Harris, Mary Virginia Hawkins, Eleanor Hayden, Mary Heath, Natalie Heiskell, Reba Hill, Mildred Hill, Madelyn Hughes, Billie Nell James, Silvia Dean Johnson, Virginia Dare Lottice, Elizabeth McLeod, Catherine Manton, Ruth Maricle, Frieda Martin, Gene Miller, Mildred Morgan, Mabel Mount, Marcelle Nelson, Tommy Osborne, Jane Park, Helen Jean Parker, Ruth Pollock, Ruth Potthoif, Lois Remstedt, Faye Rowland, Florence Saunders, Wanda Smith, Bernice Suter, Marjorie Thompson, Beth Tipps, Margery Townsend, Mary White, Julia White, LuVon Williams, Mary Jo Woods, Dixie Yeary, Nellie White, Dorothy Williams, Herta Williams, Louise Wolff, Gwendolyn Wood, Marjorie Ruth Worden, Dollie Wright, Eula Mae York, Betty Lynn Young, Sadie Mae Warren, Annalee Vlfatson, Frances Welch, Margaret Ruth White, Elma Wilder, Peggy Anne Williams, Alice G. Williams, Opal Wilson, Mary Frances Wilson, Mary Gene Yeargan, Eleanor Young, Alice Jean Vestal, Thelma Waggoner, Jayne Wildman, Dolly Wilson, Dorothy Young, Frances January 4A Deaver, Hayes Eagle, Bob Fox, James Hall, Hugh Luper, Dan Marco, Jimmie Mylander, Gerald Parker, Robert Remington, Harry Westerlage, Lloyd Winters, Gene Ashley, Helen Anderson, Willie Baugh, Olga Mae Baxley, Marion Boluch, Mary Jane Denton, Bette Dierolf, Lyndell Fincher, Claire Hamilton, Elizabeth Johnson, Virginia Ann Kempe, Margie Maas, Evelyn Moore, Marie Petty, Margaret Seago, Margaret Skelton, Margaret Turner, Virginia POWERFUL STUFF Two drunks were babbling about cradle days as they leaned heavily on the bar. "You know," said one, "when I was born I only weighed a pound and a half and that's a fac'.,' "You don't shay," said the other. "Did you live?', "Did I live?" exclaimed the first. "Shay you ought to see me now." o Ioe Lee: "Boy, I'm scared. I just got a letter from a man telling me he'd shoot me if I didn't stay away from his daughter." Boh Hawkins: "Well, all you have to do is stay away from his daughterf' joe Lee: "Yeah, but he didn't sign his name." o Warren Harding: "Did you give your wife that little lecture on economy you talked about Chad?" Chad Sneed: "Oh, yes." Warren Harding: "Any Results?', Chad Sneed: "Sure-I've got to give up smoking cigars." Relief work costs twice as much as ordi- nary labor That's because it takes two men for every task-one to dilly and one to dally. 0 Sailor fto Doctorj: "I'm going to marry a girl named Anne and there's something I want to get off my chestf' Doefor: "VVhat is it?" Sailor: "A tattooed heart with 'Mabel' on it." Two old maids went for a tramp in the woods. The tramp died. IT PAYS TQ ADVERTISE There was a man in our town, The chump thought he was Wise He swore fit was his policyj He'd never advertise, But, one day, he advertised And hereby hangs a tale- His ad was set in six-point type And headed "Sheriff's Sale." 0 LOW DOWN Pa: "Well, son, how are your marks?" Son: "They're under water." Pa: "What do you mean, under water?" Son: "Below 'C' level." 0 WORST JOKE I EVER HEARD Teacher: "Can anyone tell what causes trees to become petrified?" Bright Student: "The wind makes them rock." o "Which platform for the Boston train?" Porter: "Turn to the left and you'll be right!" "Don,t be impertinent, young man." "All right, then, turn to your right and you'll be left!" FINAL PROOF She: "Would you leave your home for me?" He: "For you I'd leave a baseball game in the ninth inning with the score a tie." o CASSIFICATI ON Student: "What are your terms for stu- dents?,' Landlady: "I generally call them dead beats and bums." Page One Hundred Thirty three MYSTERY The Prof. coming downstairs in 'his home slipped and fell to the bottom. Picking him- self up, he said: "Now, I wonder what that noise was about?" o IF ANY Tourist: "How's business hereabout?" Native: "It's so quiet you can hear the notes at the bank a block away drawing interestf' 0 WOULDN'T INTERFERE A young boy, undergoing an examination for position, came across the question, "What is the distance of the earth from the sun?" He wrote his answer as follows: "I am un- able to state accurately, but I don't believe the sun is near enough to interfere with a proper performance of my duties if I get this clerkship" 0 YOU'RE THROUGH "And," said the instructor to the class as he finished his lecture, "if the parachute doesn't open, that is known as jumping to conclusions." 0 FRUSTRATED FROSH Froslo: "I guess you've gone out with worse looking fellows than I am, haven't you?', QNo answeinj F rosb: "I say, I guess you've gone out with worse looking fellows than I am, haven't you?" C0-ed: "I heard you the first time. I was trying to think." IN TI-IE DARK Frosla: "If I had known that the tunnel was so long I would 'have kissed you." Diiio: "Good heavens! Wasn't that you?" Page Om Ilumlrcrl Thirty-four A telephone pole never hits a truck except in self-defense. 0 Dr. Carvem: I find that you have acute appendictis. Doris Willbitrf: Don't get fresh, young fella-just tell me why I have this pain. o An Irishman was relating an experience of hardship in the jungle. "Ammunition, food, and whiskey had run outf' he said, "we were parched with thirst." "Was there no water?,' asked one listener. "Sure, but it was no time to be thinking of cleanlinessf, replied the Irishman. The correct estimate of a man is about half way between what his wife thinks of him and what his stenographer knows about him. 0 GUESS WHAT Dear Folks: Please send four hundred dol- lars at onceg the school is bankrupt and each student has to pay double tuition. Kindly make the check out to me. Your son, Robert Shelton. JUST IN CASE Lecturer Qin small townj: Of course, you all know what the inside of a corpuscle is like. Chairman of Meeiing Qinterruptingj : Most of us do, but ye better explain for the benefit of them as hasn't been inside one. o NO, NO, JANETTE! He: "Darling, I have been thinking of something for a long time. Something is trembling on my lips .... " She: "Why don't you shave it off?" Contest Winners Hugh Hall, president of the Ianuary graduating class, Won first place in the Sub- scription Contest. Ioe Lee of the Iune class Won first place in the securing of advertising for the Oak. Page One Hundred Thirty-fi Oak Cliff Batik 250 W. Jefferson M n Remelle Compliments Qf 85' Co. Reel Cross Gun-5' ,md Phflfffwfjf Cezmereu 301 S. Beckley 208 North Akard WISDOM F l H ho whispers down a well O. B. Cavett Servic St t Ab t th g d he has to sell XV 11 k y d ll 1010 E. Jefferson A h h l b d h ll Compliments of Bishop Motor Company Dodge---Qlymoufh Sales and Service 1005 W. Jefferson L T L T 'I Ring and Brewer Qak Clif' Riding, Military and Sport Equipment 1803 Elm Street Baking Company 506 E. 9th Oak Cliffs only bakery GOODMAN CLEANERS Compliments of 400 N. Bishop , Carroll s B. A. HAAK Service Stczfion 1603 ELM ST. 9th and Lancaster Compliments Compliments of of BALL NUT 81 CANDY CO. ASTER THEATER 409 S- Beckley CAUDLE ENGRAVING AND PRINTING CO. 411 N. Ervay JACK BUNN TIRE CO. Diszfrilmfors U. S. Tires 2-1313 Akard and Young In sincere appreciation of the patronage and friendship of the entire student body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past 15 years. American Beauty Cover Co. 2002-8 Field Street The Cover on This Book Was Produced in This Plant PugeOm'H11mlrc'cl Tl ly X LAMAR AND SMITI-I Tricks, lakes, Pnzzles, Souvenirs , Funeral Home and MAGICLAND Anlbulflnve Service T10 sim of 1,000 6-2146 800 Jeff-CFSOI1 409 N. Ervay QOpposite Post Officej ll A. L. JARVIS Miss Bell: Did you do your outside read- ing? Watch Repairing Warren Harding: No, it was too- cold. Iewelry ' ' ' Gifts 353 W. Jefferson 6-0607 ly Y- - 'QP - MCDQNOUGH GARAGE RUINED Eleven Years in Oak Cliff Body and Fender Repairing 212 S. Zangs Blvd. 9-3757 Many students are like coffee-98 per cent of the active ingredient has been re- ! ' moved from the bean. The famous detective arrived on the scene "Heavens,,' he said, "this is more serious than I thought-the window is broken on both sides." 634 W. Jefferson 9-1200 FASHION CLEANERS Cleaning, Pressing, Alterations, Dry Cleaning, Dyeing W R. C. Strickland Dallas, Texas WHY JOHN! Compliments Advertisement in a Titusville, Pa., paper: T "Auctioncering is my special line of busi- SERVICE ness. Prices very reasonable. If I am out Madison and Jefferson arrange dates with my wife. POOLE FUNERAL HOME Elinor Bennefl: "You are like a doll I , once had." M 437 W' Jefferson Paul Davidson: "I-Iandsome?', l 6-0848 Elinor: "No, brokeln 1 PEDERSON SERVICE STATION Comphments of wi MCCRARY CHICKEN SHOP 440 West Davis LUCKIS SHOE HOSPITAL 11 1 Slooe Repairing-Shoe Correction 127 W. Jefferson 6-0377 1414 Zangs Dallas, Texas WHEN DAD'S AWAY Beal: "I-Iow did my son carry on the business while I was gone?', Clerk: "Oh, he carried on all right, but forgot the business." , . Page Om' I'InmlreJ Thirty-eiglsi BUSINESS COI.LEGE Foremost in Dallas Since 1887 181 1 Commerce CHQAPULTEPEC 1126 N. Zangs Compliments of oak Cliff Hi Pharmacy 132 W. Beckley TEXAS BARBER SHOP 221 W. Jefferson MANDLESTAM'S 125 W. Jefferson JIUJUTSU "Did you ever hear how I tried my jiu- jutsu on a burglar?" Q ?,l "Well, I got hold of his leg and twisted it over his shoulder. Then 1 got hold of his arm and twisted it round his neck, and before he knew where he was I was flat on my back." It's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. ZERO POINT "Oh, I know a few things!" exclaimed the haughty senior. "Well, you haven't anything on me," re- torted the freshman confidentlyg "I guess I know as few things as anybodyf, Compliments of SUDDEN SERVICE STATION Schell Grill F. M. SCHELL, JR. 120 N. Zangs Compliments of Lakeside Laundry 600 E. Jefferson ,.L1 Page One Hundred T 40 ITIONS Eflicient Employment Supervisor and over 400 positions annually-3571 more than we are able to fill-virtually assure inspiring employment opportunities to Draughon gradu- ates. Twenty Accredited Courses leading to early starts on business careers. Largest in Dallas. Call, phone 7-3133, for complete information. l ' B U s I N E s s 'ZCLLL Oni COLLEGE Opposite City Hall Q- Compliments Compliments of BO-JAN HAT CO. GRIGSBY MILLINERY 225 W. Jefferson 233 W' Jefferson y 67 HOLSTON TRANSFER CO. OAK CLIFF RADIO CQ. p 716 XV. Jefferson 223 W. jefferson P 0 . Bk:Y d't ttllmethat l youfolimofiuis ZE,.,1fIZi'QPS1fl,? KRAYER PHARMACY , W gh : W ll, I h rl y that I caniorlellzemberea singlnthiialgeiyxile lirrgotten. 214 W' Colorado - QD Boy Friend fafter midnightj: "Did you BECKHAM FLORAL CO know that I can imitate any kind of bird . you name?" 505 W. Jefferson Girl Friend: "Indeed! Suppose you start with the Homing Pigeon!" Young Coed: "Oh, Dad, I've just dis- O - covered that the girl who sits next to me in , N Bio. has a hat exactly like mine." RED S PIE SHOP Fathers "So I suppose you want me to buy 11 new OHBPU Beckley 86 Davis Cord: "Well, darling, that would be cheaper than changing schools." 9 Z EAGLE AND Compliments of l w 1203 N. Bishop RAINBOW CLEANERS mL ' 'f C D V 7 T VY Y Page Om' H1ll1tlft'l1 Forly Complimemis' 0 f COOK TEXAN SHOP A MILLINER Y NE1LsoN 'Y EA U T Y ULLE GE FINEST IN DALLAS AND THE SOUTHWEST Investigate NEILSON'S Before Enrolling in Any Beauty School Leading Beauty Shops Demand NEILSON Graduates EE CATALOGUE UPON REQUEST AIR CONDITI 1,49 sw-1 Compliments of -- T lee T exezs T h6df6l' Mzdwey Rose were 231 West Jefferson Boyez' Breileery Gezrezge 501 Orange Qlldfl-ZW, Service, eme! Courtesy Page Om' Hundred nl ,I ,., W- n J Q' A 1 I C mpliments f L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Jewelers eneez' Sfefeefeefs 1705 A El S Y Y Y Y f A H Wi . ,E fri - , WUI JIET' Nl' til, If L '. IFN VP, ' ilk V: rrp lim" , K V ,I by ,wp ty' Jy f ,VI 6 up , F If I' I I ' I ,I ' LILLY ix yf1Jfv"'Ul'xlxpx1'.Lj D Wg ' if I 9 ' ' lg 1' -I WWIAZLVLI JJ fy I l 1 W wf'vgA'. A ff 5L!xLVf.1p' QQALQW' . L+,,.f,,b zlkzfwa iz vVaw'iPl3fI1NT1NG COMPANY 'jf 3' I,717.,Wood street . . DALLAS, TEXAS RL , V' ,AFA APPRECIATE THE FINE Vx ,AA J' CO - OPERATION GIVEN S I ' - w , I' US IN THE PRODUCTION OF THESE HIGH SCHOOL mzzuzfs ffff ',Wf""V I ' Jpffpp ff' af F! -ng W - 5 - , , Y -5. ' ' ' Pa I 5 ZW Wgwfw M7353 mwiwfww jfmjffwggg OV , x W ESS Q2 3 Q 3KE'f?? Z N , Qfiispvigsg E 9 3383 di, Mfr-Z., J ' P MWMWJQ ' . W ' 'CW-Qwt 'W awe Qivpiiw 44- Jw E53 ' WW W - 6222 WNW - eff 0, of Mn WM fiwfffwwffw dw! L5 W y M R WWW! ggi: Milf! SQQEN fifffwyiffjw M35 wi if SX M M2433 'Qsfwfmfm M- Gjfw zLffQifi5,.,,1 f ,' x ., In A ' 2' fx , X vC1,a44"l4.,l x EX: C ,., rf""f-QQ Q . 1 L ! CA ,Q QQ, 9 . , Y Mm qdfggigiig . , J " fb' 3 3 Q X ix Akjkfggfg' ww . ,. " H, XS f W za 5155? QBMWW miw M w

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