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Text from Pages 1 - 150 of the 1938 volume:

IM? A VQXQ ? 1 ""' QM 7 W X 6 ' 1ff,?'Kf2, gf ., LA? ffboffff 46 ,M,,4,,,7M Q M MW'M?f0Q fdefficfgffflrjfg is 5f1,wf gfllwjim Q3 W-ffw 5, gwif 2 W,,W4 gl Wfskliw W M Q we ' w by X 3' MW2 ffVf W5 f WW! AA in K SE Mags? 12 Asn effiuf L .U , V+., V 4 .W HM, 5 '43,- '3?F?gt?f ,LV J 1 . ,a ,. , .L 4, 76' fm. ,u if ,rv f ,1- .v . 1.- .y ,qw tix ,L 4 Q ,VY-Q ' "1 'gm it. 1 8 rx ,. .3 ,R 1 i 4 ,JI F N LW' . I 5: , , .1 E 31 f J' f f . 1 ku' '- ,i f ' 'Q A 5 53: ' ls' '6 1 X W 1531! -fre, J 1. x M ,. f 4:- vt J P5 , " 3255 f we B?-4 W Til , A gm -is YE, H . I ,-Q . 7 it A ff QQ f a - ,ni . .gl fe ' ,giili Mi 072 14115 494012- femg ?"'H'9 wp f2DMf,,43mk,f U55 DM X gather ye rosebuds While ye may, Qld CC75ime is still aflyingg Q-ina' tbii same flower that smiles today Cgomorrofw may be dying. A ,,.. U55 UQE 7935 PUBLISHED BY W. I-I. ADAMSON HIGI-I SCI-IQGI. DALLAS, TEXAS Hgiicb the treasure Sfweet the pleasure Sweet is pleasure ajqer painf, Gopyright 1938 JACK WILLIAMS LUNA BELLE BEACHUM Sditors BILL BARNES CHARLES CI-IILDERS Qusiness glflanagers MN-4 mfisq. MAURICE ZOLLICOEEER KATHLEEN BISHOP cgdvertiszng glflanagers OTEUIOT ClQJhen the flowers of youth have faded End life has our destiny cast Cf.Q7hen time has slipped by, unaided ffzlnd joys of school days are past, q.Q7e,ll return to the grofves of our childhood Through the leaves of the Gale thread our way, cis children who sport in the wildwood Qelive that season of glffay. Qbedzeated to 5141. qfwnfon Jvoczfi in grateful recognition of his sincere cfefvotion, untiring ser- vice, and unfailing example of high moral ideals to the students of eidamson fYGgf2 School. LOTLJEJZ of Zbjoofgi: ADMINISTRATION CLASSES EEATURES ACTIVITIES MILITARY ATHLETICS I-I U M O R .,- his ,. ,gk rmwfi Of nolhing ranzvx Hllfllillgf springs rixe rm! ulvozv Tbvir XOIIYLY' in lbe fur- bidalvrz hear! of Ihr munuluins: Wbwzn' ibm: bun' t1f'Slkt'!Il14'AI Ibm' Wi,v1l0111 and Lou' Thu! in :mm Imp Io Hgh! in irzlvlligwzt four1Iulr1.xF 04 fs Dy :Eff f W ,I .,,, ig. cfminiiffmfiofz ' gig gm BGARD CDF EDUCATIGN l . N. R. CROZIER E. B. CAUTHORN L. V. STOCKARD Sufzcririfcnrleizt of Schools Assislfmi SIll7E7'f11f!'Ildf'l1l of Dixlricl S1c11fr'iz1lc11flz'11l of Schools Srfaools COMMITTEES Finance Supply Mr. Gabe P. Allen, Chairman Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt, Chairman Mr. L. O. Donald Mr. L. O. Donald Mr. Dan D. Rogers Mr. Fred D. Danford Rules Building and Sites Mr. D. D. Rogers, Chairman Mr. L. O. Donald, Chairman Mrs. W. P. Zumwalc Mr. Gabe P. Allen Mrs. W. A. Leeper Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Lunfbromns Welfare Mrs. W. A. Leeper, Chairman Mr. Fred D. Danford, Chairman Mr. D. D. Rogers Mrs. WY A. Leeper Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Mr. Gabe P. Allen Page Eight giigdfi C50 one who has guided us through the formative years of our lives, Who has advocated sportsmanship, loyalty, and de- votion to our school, who has taught us sefrespect and honor, and 'who has 'lolayed fairv in his dealings with all, We pay tribute, to our principal, ec7Vlr. gfoward CQ. Cgllen Page Nin ME E52 IXDUDDELL, HELEN ALEXANDER, LAURA ANDERSON, W. M. BALLARD, C. V. BANRER, WANDA BELL, RUTH BELL, ANNA BRAMLETTE, MINNIE BROWNE, THOMAS WEST CABANESS, ISABEL CAIN, E. M. CAMPBELL, L. E. CLEMENT, NELLIE D. CLEMENT, W. B. CLYETTE, MARY LOUISE COOPER, BERTA ANE, ABIGAIL NYUS, G. G. V DICKEY, ERDE DURRETT, W. P. EASLEY, ONIE B. EISENLOHR, HENRIETTA FRAZER, RIPPLE GILLESPIE, J. H. GRAVES, FANNIE HAMILTON, LUCY HAMILTON, W. T. HAMMOCK, CHIKISTENE HARRIS, MARGARET acuffy HASELTINE, MAY ww- ff HESTER, W. B. HIGGINBOTHAM, LORINE HOEHN, GLADYS HERZOG, WILLIAM HOLLOWAY, GERALDINE HORN, HELEN KENDRICK, MARY KING, ROBERTA LANGFORD, WINNIE LANRFORD, NELLIE BLY LIQFTWICH, L. C. MANN, J. A. Q MARRIOTT, RIILA MILLER, HAZEL TI7. MONDY, MARY MORRISON, MARY NEWBERRY, EUGENIA NOAH, W. E. PATRICK, ANNE PETERS, J. R. ROCKETT, MABEL ROOTES, VIRGINIA RUEEIN, RUTH SMITH, R. N. STOKES, BERNICE TILI..EY, EUNICE yzywpi vnloel-fa Q f Page Eleven Page Twelve ii f Qazenf 350.0651 "Lives of greai nzen all reznincl ns We can make our lives snblinze, And, departing leave beloinel ns Footprints on the sanel of iinze: Foozfprinfs, that perhaps anofloer, Sailing 0'er lifefs solemn nzain, A forlorn and sloipwreekecl brofloer, Seeing, shall fake laearf again." Truly the lives of one generation reflect the character of its predecessors and reflect in the life of all posterity. Certainly We want our lives to count for most in the building of the best in the lives We touch, and We are indebted to those who have enriched our lives for we are a part of all we meet. Mr. Allen, Members of the Faculty, and Students, it has been the pleasure of your Parent-Teacher Association to Work with you and for you. We appreciate your loyal cooperation at all times. Seniors, to Wish you as much happiness as you give to others is to Wish you happiness indeed. M i ' EMA UIQ? The Dads Club has sought this year to carry on its general obiectives and to cooperate with school officials and faculty whenever possible for special purposes. The club has done Welfare Work among the pupils and has offered rewards to encourage improvement in scholarship. It has fostered athletics and has contributed to the promotion of academic farensic contests. The Dads Club has also attempted to arouse greater com- munity interest in the school through its annual round-up banquet and entertainment program. It has sought and secured improve- ments about the school and grounds which benefit all. Mem- bership and attendance at regular meetings have, as a result, been the largest since organization. XVith all sincerity the Dads wish both pupils and faculty the best in both educational and social environment, and stand ready to render a full measure of service toward those ends. Page Thirteen 1- jn olflamo 'dam Hn memory of ber beloved glfrs. 3Vell Cgaylor, 'wbo for so many years lea' tbe faltering footsteps of Cgfldamson stud- ents along tbe patbs of best endeavor, ana' Wbo on Qbecem- ber 31, 1937, left tbis turbu- lent world for a bome Witb gfinz who justly rewards an earnest Worker. 4-an For me the diamond' daufm arf .wrt In rings of beauly, And all my ways arf df'lL'YY ufvl With pfcfasanf duty. UE ffaiiai -,714 Pnge Sixteen JANUARY CLASS OFFICERS JACK WILLIAMS . . President BILL BARNES . . Vice-President GEORGE PATTERSON . . . Secretary ROBERT CAPERS . . Acorn Reporter MISS ANNA BELL n g Sponsor, MISS MARGARET HARRIS Social 'Chairman EVELYN HONEYCUTT Program Committee LUCAS GIARRAPUTQ, Chairman EDDIE PETERS GENEVIEVE HARRISON Invitation Committee BETTY PARKER, Chairman ERMAGENE ANDERSON Entered from Peelcr, 1934. Junior Red Cross Club. "Her life is noble, PZHT, anal swevlf' JOHN EDWARD APEL Entered from White Hall High School, Pine Bluff, Ark., 1936. "Sober, sfvadfusf, aml Sf'C'1lft'.U BILL BARNES Entered from Hogg, 1934. Latin Club, Football Letterman, Track, Scholarship Club, Business Manager of Oale, Vice-President of 4A Class, Stu- dent Council, National Honor Society, Chemistry Assistant, "DH Club, Best All-Around Senior Boy. "A quiet boy of high culture, and as irzleresting as he is Cultured." Louis LYNWOOD BIRDWELL Entered from Bowie, 1934. Invitation Committee, Acorn Staff. "If u man be grail, 6'1.'!'!l his dog will wear' zz proud look." LUCIEN BARTLETT Entered from Fort Worth, 1935. "Ami shf is fair, aml fairer' than u'onl.', WILFORD BAUGH Entered from Hogg, 1934. Rifle Team, Crack Platoon, Crack Company, Third-place in City Rifle Match, ,37, State Bicycle Champion, '33, City Bicycle Champion, '35, Commissioned Oiiicer, '37, Art Club, Music Club, Aviation Club, Junior Hi-Y. "He seems to fhinlz ,twill make him wise fo keep a 'Dol' before his ryesf, IVA NELI. BENNETT Entered from Reagan. National Thespian OH'icer, Dramatic Club, Pen Pal Club Ofiicer, Spanish Club, Armistice Day Play, 1937, Senior Play, Music Club, Pan-American Club, Scholarship Club, Spanish Chorus. "The hearls of her friends irusl safely in her." GRACE B1cRENBAUcH Entered from Hogg, 1934. Secretary of Library Council, Secretary of ZA, 3B and 3A Classes, Scholarship Club, Student Council, Sponsor of R. O. T. C., Cleverest Senior Girl. "Thou who has! Ihr falal gif! of beaulyf' HOWARD BARRETT Entered from Bowie, 1934. "A grnileman wilh high r1ml7ifi0ns." WYNETTE BLAINE Entered from Bowie, 1934. Scholarship Club, Pep Squad, French Club, French Play, '3K. "All ber ways are winning ways full of tenderness and grace." LILA BLANTON Entered from Hogg. Latin Club, Archery Club, Scholarship Club. "A jolly, friendly girl who spreads sunshim' wbsrevef the goes." MELBA BLANTON Entered from Peeler. Girl Reserves, Pan American Student Forum, Kamera Klub. "Grateful and useful in all she dues." Page Swenirm ELIZABETH CAMERON Entered from Bowie. 1B Class Officer, Latin Club, Scholarship Club, Acorn Re- porter, Senior Play, Pen Pal Club. "A smile, 11 wink, u litlle roy, ceriainly liked by every boy. CLAYTON CAMPBELL Entered from Roger Mills, 1934. Scholarship Club, Senior Hi-Y, Salesmanship Club, Senior Play, Banking Assistant, Acorn Reporter, National Honor Society. "He mixed reason with pleaxure anal wisdom, wilb mirth." ROBERT CAPERS Entered from Bowie, 1934. President Senior Hi-Y, Student Council Officer, 3A, 415 Class Officer, Captain of R. O. T. C., Rifle Team, Crack Company, Crack Platoon, Latin Club, Art Department, Senior Play, Cleverest Senior Boy, Scholarship Club, Office Assistant, Hearst Trophy Match, '37, Efficiency Ribbon, Basketball, Acorn Reporter, Intercollegiate Rifle Match, '37, President of Counseling Group, Vice-President Aeronautical Club, Horseback Riding Club. "A merry lzsvzrt rfoflal goozl like mcz1'irim'.' G. W. CHANDLER Entered from Bowie, 1934. Latin Club, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hi-Y, Military, Captain of Baseball, "D" Club, Library Assistant, Acorn Reporter, All-City Baseball, '36-'37. "Our hero of the griflironf' CLIFTON CHILDS Entered from Edgewood High School, Edgewood, Texas, 1934. "Silence is the suncluary of prurlencef' PAULETTE CONNER Entered from Boude Storey. French Club, Salesmanship Club, Library Assistant, Acorn Reporter, Pep Squad, Scholarship Club. nF1'i6'11llll7lFSS is ber middle name." Page Eighteen MARY jo COPELAND Entered from Boude Storey. French Club, Salesmanship Club, Linz Award, Acorn Re- porter, Pep Squad, Office Assistant. "A truer friend roulil not be found." HOWARD CROSSI,AND Entered from Bowie, 1934. Golf Team, Riding Club, R. O. T. C. Otfhcer, Rifle Team, Winner of Shoulder-to-Shoulder, Twice Winner of Gold Medal between Fort Worth and Dallas, Placed in Hearst Rifle Match, New Record in '37 Rifle Match. "Hr mn rlmrm our senses anal expel our fares." JUANITA CUNNINGHAM Entered from Hogg. Horseback Riding Club, Art Club, Spanish Club. "Earll1, what place ix flint? A place fur fun." MAVIS DINKINS Entered from Bowie. Art Club, French Club, Music Club, Operctta. "WlJUse happy lavurl but power I0 make a xlom' a flower." GENEVIEVE DOBBINS Entered from Reagan, 1934. Archery Club, Art Club, Junior M. P. Club, Riding Club, Salesmanship Club. "Gentle of xpvccb, benefircnl of mimi." LUCAS GIARRAPUTO Entered from Bowie, 1934. Band Leader, Cheer Leader Four Years, City Declamation Four Years, President of Debate Club, President Dramatic Club, President National Thespians, '36, President 4B Class, Vice-President Student Council, Vice-President Senior Hi-Y, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Senior Play, Operetta Three Years, Scholarship Club, Four-Year Linz Award, Everts Award, Senior Favorite. "Bid me 1lis1f014rse, I will enclaant lhine ear." l N 19' CICELY ANN GIRLINGHOUSE Entered from Bowie, 1934. Dramatic Club, Pep Squad, Acorn Staff, Girls' Glee Clubg Operetta, '36. "A smiling fun' girrs many grate." MARIE GRAHAM Entered from Reagan. Spanish Chorus. "Simf1licily is a jewel rarely fnnmff, J. W. GRAvEs Entered from Reagan. R. O. T. C., Acorn Reporter. "A goozl-vzafurril and likable' boy." DORIS HALL Entered from Bowie. Pep Squadg French Club, French Play, '36, Operetta, 36, Girl's Glee Clubg Avurn Reporter, Cantata, '34-'5S. "Tbis life is foo slwrf to worry in, S0 take my advice and be happy." MARCUS HANCOCK, JR. Entered from Bowie, 1934. Editor of Acorn, Business Manager of Senior Playg Dramatic Club Ofhcerg Scholarship Clubg Riding Clubg Latin Club: Debate Club. "A genius in more lines Haan our." MOZELLE HARRIS Entered from Hogg. French Clubg Pen Pal Club, Chorus. "A good spur!-few can surpass her." GENEVIEVE HARRISON Entered from Hogg. Student Councilg '36-,57g Archery Clubg Latin. Clubg Schol- arship Clubg Linz Awardsg Everts Awardg President National Honor Societyg Oak Staffg Roman Banquet at Hockaday. "A good sludent, a consistent worker, the possessor of an arfizfe brain." RUTH HATCHER Entered from Hogg. Student Councilg Pep Squad, Girl Rcservesg Art Clubg Schol- arship Clubg Horesback Riding Club, President. "With grace to win, Willa bear! lo bold." ANNIE LEE HILL Entered from Bowie, 1934. Best All-Around Freshman Girl, Oifhcer of 3B Classy Latin Club, Acorn Reporterg Scholarship Clubg Pcn Pals. "Her flashing eye, iarr charming smile D0 all the iaanflsomf' lads beguilrf' CHRISTINE HILL Entered from Boude Storey. Pep Squadg Girl Reservesg Salesmanship Clubg Archery Clubg Riding Clubg Scholarship Club. "Slack so full of life, I believe' sbt' put the pep in 'jw1717er'." RUSSELL HILL Entered from Bowie, 1934. Non-Commissioned Officer, Crack Company, Riding Club. "Hr's quicf, you lanoug buf nb what a man! A ripping good bran lo 1'alz'iJ if you Cdll.,, OTTO HENKE Entered from Boude Storey, 1935. Oak Staffg Spanish Club, R. O. T. C. Band, Debate Clubg Student Councilg Senior Play Staffg Trackg Senior Hi-Y. "No richer gift was fer bestaufmi Haan just fine ar! of making friends." Page N inefern TILDEN HUDSON Entered from Bowie, 1934. Football, Baseball, Salesmanship Club. "I must be seeing ll0IlbIt'.U TRUMAN HUDSON Entered from Bowie, 1934. Thespian Club, Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, Hi-Y. "None but lainmflf ran he 17aI'alIeled." ELIZABETH HUDSPETH Entered from Bowie, 1934. Scholarship Clubg National Honor, Linz Award, Student Council, Latin Club. "We love thee for a hear! tlmfs kind, Not for all the knowledge in thy vnimff' RAYMOND HUNLEY Entered from Bowie, 1934. Spanish Clubg R. O. T. C., Crack Company, Crack Platoong Kamera Klub, Riding Club. "He is the best rernrrfy for Ihr' blzzesf' ROBERT FRANKLIN HUNTER Entered from Peeler, 1934. "D" Club, Art Clubg Baseball, Basketball, Student Council, Scholarship Club: Spanish Club, Crack Company. "One who never turner! hir back, but marcloed breast forward." DOUGLAS HURT Entered from Boude Storey, 1935. R. O. T. C. Non-Commissioned Officer, Crack Company, Crack Platoon, Latin Club. "He knows no carer Page Twenty .I. is ii- ' l Entered from Bowie, 1934. eh. MARY FRANCES IRWIN Vice-President 1A Class, Latin Club, Scholarship Club, Riding Club, Acorn Staff, Freshman Beautyg Dramatic Club. "To beguile many and 111' beguilerf by One." HENRY JONES Entered from Hogg, 1934. Captain R. O. T. C., Student Council, Library Councilg Pan-American Club, Spanish Clubg Ofhce Assistnntg 4A Program Committee, Vice-President 3B Class, President 3A Class, Scholarship Club, Best Corporal, Best Sergeant, Crack Companyg Crack Platoon, Eiliciency, '35, '36, '37. "A little ?1071Xf'l1Xl' now um! then is 1'efisfJe1f by the bm! of 'nzz'n.', Lois KEITH Entered from Bowie, 1934. Student Council, Archery Club, Spanish Chorus, Riding Club, Scholarship Club. "Her quick wit, and jzlmsant ways are an ewr- jircseni joy." GEORGE KELLY Entered from Reagan. Cadet Major, Camp Dallas, '35, ,36, ,373 Rifle Teamg Crack Companyg Crack Platoon, Hi-Yg Student Council. MARGUERITE KING Entered from Woodrow, 1935. Latin Club. "Calm and .serene the lives? MARY MAE KIRKPATRICK Entered from Bowie, 1934. ScholarshipYClubg Latin Club, Salesmanship Club, Junior M. P. Club. "An ideal girl, with xvriousrzess ami' humor alikefl X . W if M MARIAM LASSETTER Entered from Bowie, 1934. Scholarship Club, Pep Squad, Girl Reserves. "Su'z'I'f nIi'l'I'y If r10lvilily's frm' lvmlgi. ,- ALBERT LITTLE Entered from Peeler, 1934. R. O. T. C. Gflicer, Spanish Club, Talent Club, Track, Football, Dramatic Club, Crack Company, Scholarship Club, Student Council, R. O. T. C. Eflicient Award, Spanish Chorus. "UnblwrIis1Jml Iut me Iiw or Jie." EDWARD CLIFFORD MANN Entered from Peeler, 1934. Spanish Club, Scholarship Club, Pan-American Club, Sales- manship Club, Acorn Staff. "Who scaflvri' ronmf lui! arnl lmmor' alikrf' DOROTHY MASSENGIl.L Entered from Bowie, 1954. Art Department, Oalz Staff, Acorn Staff. nfflll' 1'l'V'j' quivf, will 'wi' xo c'fn1rv1if1g." Ross MEREDITI-I Entered from Hogg, 1934. First Lieutenant R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas, Eificiency Awards, Rifle Team, Crack Company, Debate Club, Pan- American Club, Spanish Club, Student Council, Scholarship Club, Crack Platoon. "He speaks ulmi be fcelx, lzml :mf ufwal ln' oizglml io tary." EUGENE MINTER ' Entered from Bowie, 1934. "Conti-nfed ufifla ilu' many joys uf bis lifvf' JIMMIE LEE NELsoN Entered from Bowie, 1934. Pep Squad, Poppy Sale, Art Club. "True, lorulzlr, loyal, aml xzwrl, WU' lmpa Irifb law u'v'll nflen !7H'L'f.,, JAMES OAKES Entered from Forest, 1935. Football Tri-Captain, '57, UD" Club, Track, Aitarn Staff, Sports Editor of the Acorn. "Wbc're z"I'r be mel a xlnzngvr, lu' left I1 ffll'Hl1.U DAVID PALMER Entered from Sunset, 1936. R. O. T. C. Band, Staff Sergeant, A1'lll'l1 Staff. "A man'I hear! and Ilre aizlumn sky arf' alike firlzlvf' LUCILLE PALMER Entered from Wilmer Hutchins, 1954. Spanish Chorus, Archery. "A woman good wiffaoirf Abrrlerzse, Blest ufifb plain rruxwz aml solver write." NELWYN PALMER Entered from Wilmer Hutchins, 1934. Secretary National Honor Society, Pen Pal Club "Thr lmml limi fmtlr zmnli' you fair lmllr mmli' you good." BETTY PARKER Entered from Bowie, 1934. President IB Class, Latin Club, Pen Pal Club, Scholarship Club, Arorn Reporter, junior Red Cross, Dramatic Club, Pep Squad, Tennis, Salesmanship Club, Riding Club, Chair- man of Invitation Committee. r'WlJ1'lI Iipi an' cherry Veil, ann' vyrx are blue- A vixion of 10'1.'tf'IilIt'AA',U Page Tufeniy-one 5 --- Entered 1935. First Sergeant R. O. Spanish Club, Crack Omcer, Chemistry Assistant. "Not to know me Dramatic Club, Hi-Y, Commissioned yourself 1H1klI01L'l1.D CHARLES PARMELEE Entered from North Dallas, 1934. Senior Hi-Y, R. O. T. C. Othcer, Band, Orchestra, Camp Dallas, Honor Band, All-City Orchestra, State Band Con- test, Salesmanship Club. "In the spring a young mun's fum'-y lightly turns lo thoughts of love." GEORGE PATTERSON Entered from Reagan, 1934. Baseball Letterman, All-City Baseball Team, '36, '37, Basket- ball Letterman, Football Letterman, Tri-Captain of Football, '37, Secretary of ND" Club, President Junior Hi-Y, Vice- President 4B Class, Secretary 4A Class, Latin Club, Mem- ber Student Council, Golf. "With his calm, serious face, he will win his Indies' grace." EDDIE PETERS Entered from Reagan, 1934. Oak Staff, Scholarship Club, Senior Play, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Library Council, Debate Club, Hi-Y, Student Coun- cil, Camp Dallas, R. O. T. C. "His 'very foot has music in itf' POLLY RANDLETT Entered from Reagan. Dramatic Club, Charter Member Debate Club, Glee Club, Pen Pal Club, Salesmanship Club, Girl Reserves. "With grace to win-with hvurt to holzlf' FOREST RICHARDSON Entered from Sunset, 1937. Commissioned Oflicer in R. O. T. C. Reserve, '37, Camp Dallas, Crack Company. "Mischief thou arf afoot-Inks thou what course than will? Page Twenty-two MARY Lois RUSSELL Entered from L. Long, 1934. Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, Scholarship Club, Senior Play. "Love, sweetness, and goodness in her shine." DAPHNE MAE SAWYER Entered from Reagan, 1934. Pan-American Club, Student Council, Spanish Club, Spanish Chorus, Archery Club, Scholarship Club, Acorn Reporter. "The tasks of awry :lay she mvrts in a sweet and gentle way." PAUL W. Sci-IWEDLER, JR. Entered from Sunset, 1935. Latin Club, Radio Club, Orchestra, Dramatic Club, Kamera Klub, Student Council, Business Manager of Acorn, Acorn Correspondent. "Wit runs riot? SHEFEIELD SCOTT Entered from Wcxcudrow Wilson, 1934. R. O. T. C., Crack Company, Camp Dallas, Salesmanship Club, Spanish Club, Basketball. "A sunny xlisposilion aml a suzizzim' smile." BILL SEE Entered from Hogg. 1934. Captain R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas, Crack Company, Crack Platoon, Latin Club, Oak Staff. "A lift' of honor um! worth." EDWARD SHAW Entered from Lubbock, 1936. Nature Club, Junior Hi-Y, "The -more a man knows about himself the less he says about it." JACK SPILLERS Entered from Peelcr, 1933. Crack Company, Riding Club, Art Club, Dramatic Club, Library Assistant. "Ruffin noisy, bn! allogvfber lvarn1Im.v." MAURICE SMITH Entered from Reagan. "Sl1f"x u girl flmfs lwrrf lo lwulf' HELEN SNELI. Entered from Bowie, 1934. Latin Club, Scholarship Club, Pen Pal. "Her eyes u1'ar siurs of lore Iigbix fair, like I fo fwfr rfuxky hair." GEORGE STIDHAM Entered from Hogg, 1934. Scholarship Club, Spanish Club. r'Rl'f7Ilft'1i u'isi' for .vu-yi11g zzollmingf' CARL STOGNER Entered from Bowie. Boys Glee Club, R. O. T. C. "A merry bear! 77lclkt'1lJ .1 f'lJt't'l'flll Couulemn TNEZ TEUBNER Entered from Reagan, 1934. W'orld Affairs Club: Salesmariship Club. uiliglat we " 'fshf will riflmfw' jim! a uvzy, or nzufu' one." ...fs 'Mtv 5 LLOYD TINNEY Entered from Pecler, 1934. Operetta, Band, Music Club, Orchestrng Salesmansliip Club, Football. "The 14.01141 knows noilrlng of its greufsxl mm." DOROTHY TORNO Entered from Roger Q. Mills. Senior Playg Scholarship Club. "Come follou' me, am! It'lll't' the world lo itx lvabblingrf' BILL TUXBURX' Entered from Sunset. Pan-American, Dramatic Club, Music Clubg Senior Play, R. O. T. C.g All-City Chorus. "Sorm' un' born great, some tII'l1it'l't' gwutrxrxr, And some bare Kfl'llff1l'SS ilarusf upon them." SIDNEY RUTH WAIDDLE Entered from Hogg, 1934. Captain Pep Squad: Gym Assistant: Student Council, Foot- bull Ticket Sales, Aforn Reporter. "I zmzzlil l7lIlkt'l'l'l1XOII my g11ia'z'." VIQ1TORlNli WA1.LER Entered from Trinity Heights, 1932. Riding Club, Spanish Clubg Volleyball Team, Stamp Club. "lf mzturf' flu! not forth ber jzouvr abou! the operzing of a flower, Wfbo is if tha! would lin' an hour?" ROBERT WHITTEN Entered from Bowie, 1933. Baseball, R. O. T. C., Non-Commissioned Officer. "Wlm! e'i'r fu' Jin' uax Joni' with so nzzlrlv mrxv, In him .flow 'tum uufnrul to fwleasef' Page TM'l'Hfj'-fllfft JACK WILLIAMS Entered from Bowie, 1934. President 4A Classg Presidenvt Student Council, President Debate Club, Co-Editor of Oak, Major R. O. T. C., National Honor Society, Pan-American Student Forumg Four-year Linz Ping Four-year Everts Award, Debate Teamg Hi-Yg Crack Company ,SS-Q36-'37g Rifle Team. "E.vprfriw1cc joined by common sense, To morials ix Il pr0uiilenc'e.,' DONALD WILLIAMS Entered from Bowie, 1934. Senior Play Staff, Hi-Yg Scholarship Clubg Student Councilg Spanish Clubg Debate Clubg Basketballg Aronautical Club, Band. "We are of two kinilx-and be is the leiml Fil like io know." DOROTHY WILKINSON Entered from Houston, 1937. Scholarship Club, Student Council, Pep Squad. "M0ifz'xfy, x1L'i'vfi1r'xs, bujzjiimwx, aim' fun jllXf Izviiikli' in bw' ryef' MARGUERITE YOUNGER Entered from Roger Q. Mills. Spanish Clubg Archery. "True as ibn' rzzwlle fo the 17016, or as lbs' zfial fo Ibn' inn." Page Twenty-four MAURICE ZOLLICOFFER Entered from Peeler, 1934. Oak Staff, Advertising Manager Senior Play, Basketballg Scholarship Club, Art Department. "Ali bun' ilu' gif! of spmfvb, but few are jzossvsxnl wifb 'Il'fSII0ll1f.U XVOODROW BILLINGS Entered from Smiley High School, 1935. Football Letterman. "The will lo Jo, flu' snnzc fo claref' EVELYN HONEYCU'fT Entered from Hogg. President 3B Classg Secretary 4B Classg Underelass Beauty '3Sg Underelass Best All-around Girl '36, Basketball Queen 'Hg Cheer Leader ,36-37, Sponsor '55, '36g Battalion Sponsor ,375 Scholarship Clubg Chairman Social Committeeg Feature Editor Amrng Senior Play, Operetta '36-375 Spanish Clubg Senior Beauty. "Tu flrar bm' xing ix fo farm' Ike birrlx Of spring." IDA RUTH SMITH Entered from Hogg, 1953. "SM nccils no jmrxc, ber galil is in ber bizirf, To Adamson High School Rocks of wisdom rooted lie Along your walls, they signify Honor, strength, attainment true, Reward and fame to merit due. Your steps mean courage, one by one, Mounting higher toward the sun g We, looking back through years gone past, Find each step higher than the last. Your portals, windows open wide, Proudly show a glimpse inside Where truth and kindly deeds abound And knowledge holds his sacred ground. Your halls of trust our futures built Free from cheap and tarnished gilt, There friendships played their cherished parts Now deeply planted in our hearts. Our paths must part, no more we'll meet In halls our laughter used to greet, In leaving we shall each one pray To bring you honors back some day. Page Twenty-live I! T ,fix JYYX JACK LINEHAN BYRON PYEATT KATHERINE BURKE Prvsiflent Vice-Prrsident Secrefary JUNE CLASS OFFICERS HOMER BLY . . . Prvsiderrzt FURNON DARBY . . Vicf'-Przfsident MARY JO MOORE . . . Srrrefary I. E. AVEREA . . . Acorn Reporfrr MIss ANNA BELL . . . . Sponsor MISS MARGARET HAIKRIS ...... . Sponsor Social Committee MARY KATE CARTER, Chairman KATHLEEN BISHOP HARRY MCCAFFREY PHILIP ELIXON Program Commiftcfrf VIRGINIA HOLLIDAY, Cbdi1"H7!l11 ELIZABETH HEISKAT,.L J. B. IRNVIN BENNIE RUTH GARRETT Page Twenty-six HOMER BLY FURNON DARBY MARY JO MOORE Presia'c'11t Vic'c'-Prvsiafwd Sz'c'rc'1'ary Wiriilr 44 M Wgsb . UW ,V lv lt. as , . ,L Anime SUE ADKISSON Entered from Grapevine, 1934. "She pu! Ilia best in all slsz' dill." BILLIE ADKISSON Entered from Grapevine, 1934. Junior M. P. Club, Art Club, Latin Club. "As you may suppose-she bad plenty of brain." JEAN ANDREWS Entered from Sunset. Kamera Klub, Horseback Riding Club, Latin Club. "Thy grace, !lJy more ilaan beauty Shall be an endless praise." J. E. AVREA Entered from Boude Storey, 1935. Football Letterman, Baseball Letterman, Acorn Staif. "Heu1'en bell: flu' ladies." PEGGY JEAN BATCHELOR Entered from Bowie, 1934. Art Club Officer, Vice-President 1A Class, Sponsor, AVOVII Staff. "She is prefly with many u furl- I'll bet slat' sei many a masrfulim' laearf a-ufbirlf' MARGUERITE BARRETT Entered from Bowie, 1934. President Dramatic Club, '36, Girl Reserve Oiiicerg Scholar- ship Club, Pen Pal Club, Pan-American Club, National Thcspian Officer, Student Council, Texas Poetry Club. "InsIrm'te4l ibut true lwouhtlge leads to louef' . ' K. , ' xv Lf. J 'CL' Lf' .4 S rf AMW 'Cav W - W V! U., 4 ' ' ,Er'-.J.,A4'faa..4 LUNA BELLE BEACHUM Entered from Bowie, 1934. Officer Girl Reserves: Oilicer Talent Club, Dramatic Club: Scholarship Club, Student Council, Pep Squad, Keeper of Honor Study Hall, Co-Editor of Oak, Acorn Statf, French Club, National Honor Society, French Play, '35, '37. "A bf'u'iIL'lJi11g girl with an ezzcbaniing pvrsormlily-a clmm to everyone." THURMAN BELL Entered from Peeler, 1934. Art Department, Scholarship Club. "Much can be said in his favor-one thing is his good behavior." LAMBERT BEMELMANS Entered from Spartanburg, South Carolina, 1937. "He is a well-made man who has u gooif determination." NORMAN BEMELMANS Entered from Spartenburg, South Carolina, 1937. "N0flJing in fbi' worlil is us gooil as usefulness." JOHN BENSON Entered from Bowie, 1934. Art Department. "We go to Iolan 'ularn flse world looks ,gloom He brightens tbl- f01'm'rs of any room." KATHLEEN BISHOP Entered from Reagan, 1934. National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Pep Squad, Everts Award, Linz Award, Riding Club, Spanish Club, Spanish Chorus, Bowling Club, Gym Assistant, Enrulling Assistant, Program Chairman 1A-TSB, Opcretta, '34-'35, Oak Staff, Student Council, Invitation Committee 4B, Social Chairman 3A, Texas Poetry Club, Girl Reserves. "Knowledge comes, bu! wisdom lingers." Page Twenty-seven EDNA EARL BLAND Entered from Cross Roads, 1935 Riding Club, Junior M. P. Club, Kamera Klub, Girl Reserves. "SVC mee! lbw' like a jvleasafif llwlrglvff' BILL BLOODWORTH Entered from Reagan, 1934. Art Staff, Stamp Club, Radio Club, R. O. T. C. "Liked by all who know him." HOMER BLY Entered from Waco, 1936. Football, Tennis, Student Council, 4B Favorite, Hi-Y, 4A President. "A :lashing young man-laamliome and popular," L. A. BOLI Entered from Sunset, 1935. Rifle Team, Commissioned Oiftcer R. O. T. C., Crack Com- pany, '37-'38, Camp Dallas, junior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y Officer, Latin Club. "I1njmlsiw, earnest, prompt to act To make bis generous tbougbis a fuel." FRED BROWDER Entered from Hogg, 1934. Latin Club, Dramatic Club, Track. "A little mischief by the way, A little fun to spice mcla Jay." DOUGLAS BROWN Entered from Reagan, 1934. Latin Club, Scholarship Club, Basketball Captain, 2-Year Letterman Basketball. "A basketball player with blond hair, Anal you can? find his like u11ywlJerc."l Page Twenty-eight 5 KATHERINE BURKE Entered from Boude Storey, 1935. Pan American Student Forum, ZA Class President, Kamera Klub, Program Committee, Student Council, 4B Class Secre- tary, Acorn Staff, Riding Club. "Imlc1'rl slat' is ii 1II05f definite lVI1IlIlf'U.,, ALF BURR Entered from Rosemont, 1934. One Act Play, '35, Band, Camp Dallas, Scholarship Club, Student Council. "A 1IliXL'lJiC'f-l0L'lllg yoznzgxlw' since the rlays of y0rr'." FRANK BYRNES Entered from Hogg, 1934. Spanish Club, R. O. Ti. C., Salesmanship Club, "l'll be m4'rry and free, Illl be sail for nobozlyf' ERMA LEE CALDWELL Entered from Bowie, 1934. Art Department, Spanish Club, Scholarship Club. "A 7H0fL' gwzerozls girl you L'0llld!l,f fiml, Aml .tlJe's as swzfzfl as sbs' is kind." MARY FRANCES CAREY Entered from Boulder City, Nevada. Pep Squad Leader, Dramatic Club, National Thespian Club, Student Council, Christmas Play, Armistice Play. "Ax .vufeef :mil fair as a 'fiower in sjlring'." MARY KATE CARTER Entered from Russelville, Alabama. President Spanish Club, Delegate to Student Council Meet at Knoxville, Tennessee, '37, Student Council Secretary, '37, Pan-American Student Forum, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, 3A Class Olhcer, Dramatic Club, Pep Squad, First-place in City-wide Essay Contest, '37, Gym Assistant. "Beautiful and irztvllvcfual- This is an e.vcc1'1fiorz." WW 'ie ll MARTHA CAT12 'nj Entered from McKinney, 1956. "Her happy smile aml wiuxonzz' ways will cheer our hearlx througlwn! fhr rlaysf' JEANNE CATES Entered from Hogg, 1934. Scholarship Clubg Linz Awardg Music Clubg Girls' Glee Club: Cantata, '35g Pep Squadg Dramatic Clubg Poetry Club, Social Committee of SA Class: Art Clubg Salesmanship Clubg Latin Club. "A pure heart anal a fair face." ETHEL CHANEY Entered from Peeler, 1934. National Honor Societyg Dramatic Clubg Thespian Club, Spanish Club, Pan-American Club, Scholarship Club, Linz Awardg Chemistry Assistantg Program Committee 1B Class. "All her ways are winning ways, Full of l1'na'crness anal grace." CHARLES CHILDERS Entered from Boude Storey, 1935. Footballg Tracltg Scholarship Clubg National Honor Society. "A xteazly soul lhat yields io rule, Anil quite iugmuozzs, foo-ai school." ELOISE CLARK - Entered from Reagan, 1934. Scholarship Club: National Honor Societyg Girl Reservesg Junior M. P. Clubg Student Councilg French Clubg Latin Club. "Very clz'1'r'1' and 1'i1'at'ionx, xrrions and frivolous by Iurnx, but erm' loyal, and lrue. CAROLYN CLYETTE Entered from Terrell High, Terrell, Texas. Pep Squadg Scholarship Club. "There are none olhers like her, allhough there ought fo be a millionf' RITHA COLEMAN Entered from Peeler, 1934. Pen Pal Clubg Junior Red Cross Clubg Spanish Club, Girl Reservesg Second Prize W'inner of Community Chest Contest, ,35. "Swear anal gentle, kind and good- Shr' is a friend lo ew'ryone.,' MARTHA COOPER Entered from Peeler, 1934. Volley Ball Teamg Spanish Club. "Shir lovablr' aml happy, will: a smile lhai never dies." MARY JANE COOPER Entered from Bowie, 1954. National Honor Societyg Co-Editor of Acorn, Linz Awards: Scholarship Clubg Pep Squad. "An aalorable fombination of all that is pleasant." ALICE Cox Entered from Bowie, 1934. Art Clubg Pep Squadg Library Assistantg Library Councilg Scholarship Clubg Dramatic Clubg Gym Assistantg Oak Staff. "As genllr ax a lamb, and well-likrd by all." JEANETTE DANIEL Entered from Forest, 1935. Dramatic Clubg Girl Reserves, Pep Squadg Forget-me-not Saleg Poppy Saleg Oak Staff. "Hair prolly, ryex :leap brown, You'll never sm' her u'r'aring a frown." FURNON DARBY Entered from Peeler, 1934. Salesmanship Clubg Basketballg "D" Clubg junior Hi-Y. "He is a man, take him for all in all." Page Twenty-nine 7 fffjeiw JW L. C. DARGAN Entered from Reagan, 1934. President of National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Latin Club, Student Council, R. O. Ti. C. "Honor is the reward of effort," LLOYD DAVIS Entered from Boude Storey. Football Letterman, Basketball Letterman, Baseball, Kamera Klub, Acorn Reporter, NDN Club, Scholarship Club. "N0ncbalant and il1fC'1'6'SflYIg--E jzerfed remedy for the Acorn Staff, blues." ORIS DOBIYANSKI Entered from Irving, 1934. Scholarship Club, Student Council. "He has happy and iiourleous waysf' BoYcE DUNCAN Entered from Bowie, 1934. "Who knows 'where' he will land?" PHILIP ELIXSON Entered from Reagan, 1934. Salesmanship Club, Crack Company, Student Council, Com- missioned R. O. T. C. Ofhcer. "He is popular among bis friends, We bope this liking never endsf' SARAH BELL ELMORE Entered from Grandview High School, Grandview, Texas. Invitation Committee, 37, Scholarship Club, Art Club. Page Thirty "She has nafziral wise sincerity." Q Ii f VIRGINIA FRENCH Entered from Hogg, 1934. Scholarship Club. "Friendship is consfanf in all things." EDGAR FULKERSON Entered from Bowie, 1934. Riding Club, Basketball, Track. "A man of sterling worlh, of :leeds 1'K1l13l'7' lban wards." REX GANDY Entered from Boude Storey, 1935. Tri-Captain in Football, '37, Track Letterman. "He bas manlinfss and L'0Ill't1gf', wha! more does he need?" PAULINE GARNER Entered from Peeler, 1934. "Calmm'ss is iz greal !ltlL'l1l1ft1g6.U BENNIE RUTH GARRETT Entered from Idabel, Oklahoma, 1936. President of National Thespians, '37-'38, Debate Club Oiiicer, Acorn. Staff, Pen Pal Club, Dramatic Club Officer, French Club, lnterscholastic League Spelling Contest, Oak Staff. "SlyIr, talenl, and will are bers, These are the lloings every girl prefers." EDWIN GASRIN Entered from Jean High School, Jean, Texas. Spanish Club, R. O. T. C., Student Council, Basketball, Scholarship Club. "Keep your name living Io time, king of smiles." I MM HENRIETTA GOTTFRIED l Entered from Sharon, Pennsylvania, 1937. Junior Medical Profession Club. "An offslwol of rln'erfulnI'ss." JIMMIE GILLILAND Entered from Graham, Texas, 1934. M N R. O. T. C. Officer. "So briglvl was lie, and full of fun, His joyful laugh fl1l'l'1'l'tl ezxeryo11I'." Roy GORDON I Entered from Tioga High School, Tioga, Tie K . Senior Hi-Y. "Roy is u lmplvy-gin-l11z'lzy ludf, FATIE MAE HAILEY Entered from Reagan, 1934. Scholarship Club, Linz Award, Pep Squad, Officer of Poetry Club, Spanish Chorus, Dramatic Club, Salesmanship Club, Journalism Staff, Lunchroom Assistant. "And flat' u'orld's so riff? in wsplevzflerzl eyes, 'Tuxevt' a pily lo limi! om"s love io I1 flair." MARGARET HALLIBU RTON Entered from Peeler, 1954. Salesmanship Club. "PreHy, eurnesl, Imziablv, uml swed- "Very feu' persons like ber youlll zneelfy HAZEL HANSEN Entered from Boude Storey, 1935. Salesmanship Club. "A rose willy a dijereril name would be just as sweet." KATHERINE LILLIAN HARBOLD Entered from Forest, 1936. Music Club, Art Club, Kamera Klub, Girl Reserves, Scholar- ship Club, Latin Club, Linz Awards, Dramatic Club. "A girl of few words, but many deeds." BII.I,IE HARRIS Entered from Bowie, 1934. Spanish Club. "She is ufell-likerl by eL'e1'yom', Slnds full of pep and plenly of fun." ERNESTINE HARRIS Entered from Reagan, 1934. Operetta, ,SS-'56, Cantata, '36-'37, Music Club Officer, French Club, French Play, '35-'37, Arora Staff, Oak Staff, tudent Council, '36, Scholarship Club, Linz Award, Na- l Honor Society, A11-city Chorus, '37, Girls' Glee Club, , Girls' Octette, '35-'36, Mixed Chorus, '34-'37, Enroll- ing Assistant, Dramatic Club. "Sweet and l'1J!11'7IIf71g'-"5lJt' is out for a good lime, whirl: she usxmlly has." JIMMY HAWKINS Entered from Pecler, 1934. Camp Dallas, R. O. T. C., Latin Club, Student Council, Public Speaking Department. "Humor has been rfvfirml as the salt of life." LEONA HAYGOOD Entered from Bowie, 1934. "In ber tongue is line law of kindness." ELIZABETH HEISKELL Entered from Winnetka, 1934. Pen Pal Club President, Dramatic Club, Debate Club, Pan- Amcrican Forum, Linz Award, Pep Squad, Acorn Staff, Student Council, Scholarship Club, Spanish Club. "A beauliful, satisfying friend, she never misses her opportunities." Page Thirty-one W :,l"ll,.2lTl- all W CHARLES HENDERSON Entered from Hogg, 1934. Banclg R. O. T. C.g Orchcstrag Dramatic Club. "To him we exleml iz haml, Because this boy is simply grand." HELEN HERMAN Entered from Waco, 1937. "A girl you can't forget? KATHRINE HILL Entered from Peeler, 1934. Acorn Staff: Girl Reserves, Mixed Chorus, Cantata, Pep Squad, Baseball Ticket Selling Contest, '37. "As merry as the day is long." JEWEL HILLPOT Entered from Bowie, 1934. Pep Squadg Girl Reservesg Spanish Chorus, Art C Clubg Junior Red Cross. "Her circle of friends is unlimited." DORIS HISER Entered from Peeler, 1934. Junior Red Cross. "Of all the paris, the eyes express The sweetest kind of bashfulnessf' GLORIA HOAGUE Entered from North Dallas, 1937, Latin Club, Dramatic Clubg Girl Reserves. "Very sweet and fair is she, A friend of yours shell! always be." Page Thirty-two lubg Riding VIRGINIA HOLLIDAY Entered from Peeler, 1934. Scholarship Club, Dramatic Clubg Library Assistantg Secre- tary 3A Classg R. O. T. C. Sponsorg Declamation Contest, ,5S "ls she not more than painting can express?" CHARLES HUBBARD Entered from Bowie, 1934. Riding Clubg Acorn Reporterg Library Assistantg Latin Club. "Be kinrl and courteous fo this gentleman." MARY HUNTER Entered from Peeler, 1934. Girl Rescrvcsg Scholarship Clubg Linz Awardsg Gym Assist- ant, Girls' Glee Clubg Music Clubg Salesmanship Club, Poetry Club, Spanish Club, National Honor Society. "For the heart that truytelh purely Never long can pine alonrfl J. B. IRWIN Entered from Vfoodrow Wilson, 1936. Senior Playg Dramatic Clubg Track: National Thespian Clubg Advertising Manager of Acorn, Cantata, '37-'38. "A hard worker when ihere's work to be done, But, oh, how he can play." EDNA MAE JACKSON Entered from Bowie, 1934. Scholarship Clubg Pen Pal Clubg Junior Red Crossg Riding Clubg Junior M. P. Club, Girl Reserves. "A constant source of pleasure fo all who know her." KATHERINE JONES Entered from Arcadia Park. Dramatic Club: Pep Squad, Latin Clubg Girl Reservesg Acorn Reporterg Centennial Paradeg Scholarship Club. 'likable uml true- Traits we fiml in few." LORENA KELLY Entered from Hogg, 1934. Operetta, '35, Pep Squad, Latin Club, Art Club, Music Club. "Full of fun zum' wil." LOY KIDSON Entered from Louisiana, 1935. Latin Club, Senior Hi-Y, Student Council, Track. "Words n'or1'l t1l'Xl'Vl!7L' Dim, He is simply bim.II'lf.', LAVERN KING Entered from Reagan, 1934. Underclass Beauty, ,37, Band Sponsor, President 3A Class, Secretary 2B Class, Acorn Reporter, Riding Club, Student Council, Bowling Club, Pep Squad. "A larly riclnly clail is she, Beaulifzil z'.x'c'emlir1gly.', AGNES KINSWORTPIY Entered from Jennings junior High, Fort Wlorth, Texas. Student Council, Scholarship Club, Linz Award, Spanish Chorus, National Honor Society. "Br'iIulifIIl girl, u'ii111iIzg smile, Pvrsoizizlily aim' lofi of slylc'." PAULINE KIRK Entered from Peeler, 1934. Girl Reserves, Kamera Klub. "HN ways an' ways of fIll'!1Sdl1f71C.YA', Iiml all bfi' palbx an' U 1lt'afc'. WILLIAM KRAYER Entered from Hogg, 1934. Spanish Club, Latin Club, Scholarship Club. "He is liked 0l'l'I'J'WlJ!'H', muyln' Ilaz' falls? is M5 blond hair." EDITH LATIMER wif. Entered from Peeler, 1934. Latin Club, Pep Squad, Girl Reserves, Junior Red Kamera Klub, Dramatic Club. "A .Iu'L'eti'r gifl will never be found." MELBA LAWS Entered from Bowie, 1934. Pep Squad. "SIM mlrls ll precious seeing fo Ihr eye." TOMMY LAYDEN Entered from Our Lady of Good Counsel, 1934. Track, Football. "Kindm'sx bm! ilvrfribcs this boy who is Iilzcrl by FOSTER LEE LFMLY Entered from Hogg, 1934. Scholarship Club, Latin Club, Camp Dallas, Efficiency, Efhciency, Crack Company, Captain of Band, '38, Hi-Y Officer, R. O. T. C. Honor Band. "Herr was rr man, u'lJer1 CUIIIUX xurlz uI1otl9cr."' EVA SUE LEMMONS Entered from Reagan, 1934. 3B Class Ofhcer, Gym Assistant, Lunchroom Assistant, Poetry Club, Pep Squad, Riding Club, Scholarship Linz Award, Acorn Staff, Salesrnanship Club. Cross, nlif' School Senior Texas Club, "EI'vry ilifb of bm' fariglai is an incb of Ilcliglalf' KITTY LILLARD Entered from Peeler, 1934. . Pen Pal Club, Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, National pian Club. "Our I'I'ei'-Iwifly girl-really lo Illllglfl, fo low, or I0 Thes- live." Page Thirty-three ZELLON LINDSEY Entered from Boude Storey, 1935. "Stately with that flistinctive grace that height only can give? JACK LINEHAN Entered from Our Lady of Good Council, 1934. Officer 2A Classg President 4B Class, 2-Year Track Letter- man, Camp Dallasg R. O. T. C. Commissioned Oflicerg Crack Companyg Crack Platoon, Senior Hi-Yg "D" Club, Scholar- ship Clubg Spanish Clubg Acorn Staff, Track Captain, '38. "A handsome, congenial lazl, Courageous enough to voice his own thoughts." WALTER LITTLER Entered from Hogg, 1934. Spanish Club, Secretary 1A Class, Public Speaking Depart- Ifleflt. "He is truly a gay lad." DOROTHY LLOYD Entered from Bowie, 1934. Pan-American Forum, Spanish Club, Pep Squad, "For she was just the quiet kind Whose nature never varies." FRANCES LONG Entered from North Side High, Fort Worth T,exas, 1937. Band, Orchestra, Girl Reserves, Glee Club, Pep Squad, Mixed Chorusg Spanish Club. "lt's nice to he natural When you are naturally -nicef' GEORGE LOUGHMILLER Entered from Reagan High School, Houston, Texas, 1937. "In attempting not to look for fame, He marle for himself a worthy namef' Page Thirty-four rw .rl ' i HARRY MCCAFFREY Entered from Sunset, 1936. President of 3B Class, Senior Hi-Y President, Acorn Staff, Student Council, Dramatic Club, Best All-Around Under- class Boy, '37g Rifle Team, Crack Company, Spanish Clubg R. O. T. C. Commissioned Oihcer. "Manhood breathes in every linef' LINDEEN MCCLELLEN Entered from Hogg, 1934. "Inst one flash of her winning smile W7ou.lrl make anyone wallz rr mile." JACK MCCONATHY Entered from, Polytechnic High, Fort Worth, Texas, 1937. "True worth is being, not seeming." COLBY lMCDONOUGH Entered from Reagan, 1934. Crack Companyg Captain R. O. T. C., Library Councilg Camp Dallas. "Long live the merry heart That laughs by night and day." LURLINE MCGUIRE Entered from Hogg, 1934. French Club. "It's too had she can't give us the secret of her sweet, kindly ways." CHARLES MADDOX Entered from Bowie, 1934. Track, R. O. T. C. "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenancef' L ea Alai. -- .... J l . :.' .i r -I . 1 . ' I f Q 41 V JI fl! sv Ill' l 3 ,sf lj " fl X ,l CHARLES MANGOLD Entered from Terrill Prep School. Spanish Club. "As frm' as Maul, vw! gL'71lll' wiibal is lJr'.,' RUSSELL MASON Entered from Hogg, 1934. R. O. T. C. Commissioned Officer, Debate Team, Student Council. "Success will be bis, for be is a faifbful uforlerr in all lblngxf' CAROL MAssEY Entered from Paschal High, Fort Worth, Texas, 1937. "He wbixilrs as be walks for wan! of worry." EVANGELINE MOORE Entered from Highland Park, 1935. Pan-American Forum, Spanish Club, Pep Squad. "WlJ11l swvrl zlcliglvl ll quid life ajfordxf' MARY JO MOORE Entered from Peeler, 1934. Schelarship Club, National Honor Society, Student Council, Srcrctary 4A Class. "HN friendlim'xs is worfb more than zz -rnillionf' T. E. MOORE Entered from Bowief Latin Club. "Good-v1a111r1'al aim' 7lIllH'I'fA'l1fi01lX, qualifies of ll gL'ntlf'man., QTIS LEE MORROW Entered from Pceler, 1934. "Thr form' of liix own mvril nzalevx bis own way." MAXINE MOYERS Entered from Waxahachie, Texas, 1935. Riding Club, Olynspics, French Club. 'A girl uforfbu'lJilf'." . RICHARD MURDOCK Entered from Bowie, 1934. Scholarship Club, Latin Club, Tennis, Basketball, Acorn Staff. "Knowledge is exsential to canquextf' MARY O,D'ELL Entered from North Dallas High, 1936. Pep Squad. "A frimm' you low' io have." JEWELL LYNN O,NEAL Entered from Boude Storey, 1936. Spanish Club, Dramatic Club, Kamera Klub, Acorn Staff. "She fairly radiates with sunshine." JANE ORR Entered from Hogg, 19344 Dramatic Club, Texas Poetry Club, Girl Reserves, Pep Squad, Latin Club, Scholarship Club. "Sim has perxonalily, liloml hair, and is thoroughly likablcz' Page Thirty-five CHARLES ORRICK Entered from Sulphur Springs High, Sulphur Springs, Texas, 1936. Basketball, Art Club. "His bearfs as far from fraud as Heaven from earth." A. E. OWEN Entered from Bowie, 1934. R. O. Tl. C., Riding Club. "Good nafurc sjmrlzlrs in his eyesf' BETTY PALMER Entered from Bowie, 1934. Girls' Glee Club, Talent Club, Music Club, Girl Reserves, Pep Squad, Cantata, Girls' Octette, Latin Club, Spanish Chorus, Operetta, Acorn Staff. "A maid so lender, fair, and happy." ELDON PALMER Entered from Peeler, 1934. "Thou makes! ibn' sad hear! gladf' HORACE PARK Entered from Abilene, Texas, 1936. "His looks were kind of bard' Io f0r'gf'l." XWYMAN PARR Entered from Bowie, 1934. Baseball Letterman, Salesmanship Club. "There is honesty, manhood, and good fellowship in him." Page Thirty-six MARGARET PATERNOSTRO Entered from Bowie, 1934. "She is the wisvsl type, Whose Vifrzzes 11c'z'er vary," T. J. PATTON Entered from Reagan, 1934. Basketball, Baseball, Latin Club, Hi-Y. "A sjlortiue chap possessing an izzrxbausiible fund of jocund b1m1o1'." NAXNCY PEEBLES Entered from Hogg, 1934. Latin Club, Scholarship Club, Dramatic Club, Pep Squad, Riding Club, flL'0l'17 Staff, ZA Class Officer, Student Coun- cil, Bible Award, Linz Award, Glee Club, 4B Social Chair- man. "A sjlriglvfly young miss, tiny in sfalurv, but rnighly in pcrsonalifyf' ALICE PERKINS Entered from Reagan, 1934. "That 'faifl fyju' of girl-in more ways than one." DOROTHY PRICE Entered from Bowie, 1934. Pep Squad, Operetta, Music Club, Acorn Staff, Cantata, Junior Red Cross. "Si1nple1' fhan U10 infancy of hulls- So rxrellrnl a tourla of moa'vsty." BYRON PYEATT Entered from Rosemont, 1934. Crack Platoon, Oiiicer Crack Company, Corporal, Sergeant, Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, School Efficiency, Camp Dallas Efficiency, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel, 4B Class Oliieer, Tennis Team, Linz Award, Captain Rifle Team, Student Council President, Latin Club, Camp Dallas Company Com- mander, Scholarship Club, P. M. S. and T. Efficiency Rib- bon, National Honor Society, Aeorn Reporter. "There is bu! one slraigb! road fo sucress, and fha! is merit." f'ivA,L,,'r'V I f"'4f'-'Y T1 DORIS RAMSEY Entered from Reagan, 1954. Spanish Club, Pan-American Club, Student Council, Scholar- ship Club. "She turns lo favour and lo p1'elline.v.v." DOUGLAS RAWLINS Entered from Bowie, 1934. Baseball Letterman, All-City Baseball, 557, Football Letter- man, Hi-Y, "DU Club, Acorn Staff, Riding Club, Library Assistant, Office Assistant. "A keen sense of humor fliillklfi through his Jignityf' MARJORIE RAY Entered from Hogg, 1954. Music Club, Junior M. P. Club, Junior Red Cross, Pep Squad. "Quiet und fair with iz u'i1xJome air." JACK REED Entered from Hogg, 1954. National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Spanish Club, Linz Award, Kamera Klub, Riding Club, Acorn Staff. "A grml man some Jay in lL'!Jdll'I't'1' Jireftions lm energies are 4',x'le11Jrz1," DOROTHY REEDY Entered from Jefferson Davis High, Houston, Texas. Girls' Glee Club. "Her uir, her smile, her emofionx fell of 'womunly r'o1npletenexx." BETTY REVELS Entered from Reagan, 1954. Pep Squad, Dramatic Club, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Spanish Chorus, Armistice Parade, Centennial Parade. "Su'eetm':s and friendship shim' forlh from her fare." LORETTA RICHBURG Entered from Peeler, 1954. Girl Reserves, Pen Pal Club, Office Assistant, Typing Assist- ant, Scholarship Club, l.atin Club, Acorn Staff, junior Red Cross. "A goof! all-nrolmzl girl, with unit, sense, and humorf' W. E. ROBERSON Entered from Peeler, 1954. "How happy is he who born amf taught, Loyally uhinles by Jefern1inL'4l will." MARY JO ROBERTS Entered from Austin High, Austin, Texas, 1954. Spanish Club, Dramatic Club, Music Club. HlI1LIll5lfi0llS, mmlrsf, quiel :xml neat." MARY KATHERINE ROBERTSON Entered from Sunset, 1956. Pep Squad. "A ilaughlvr of the goals, ilirilzely full, um! most divinely fair." JANE ROOK Entered from Our Lady of Good Council, 1957. Girl Reserves, Scholarship Club, Junior M. P. Club. "A girl u'ifh the lillllfk 10 110 t'l'L'l'j'f!Jfl1g well." JEANETT12 ROWNTREE Entered from Reagan, 1954. Program Chairman and President of Dramatic Club, Pro- gram Chairman and President of Girl Reserves, Sponsor of Company Ag Secretary of National Thespian Club, Secretary of Dallas Pan-American Student Forumg Social Chairman of National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Vice-President of AB Class, Second Prize in State Extemporaneous Speaking, Texas Poetry Club, Student Council, Spanish Club. "In all her sulajvvfs the is a shark, 'Tix a piiy I00's the hlghvit mark." Page Thirty-sen en ZONIA LEE SANDIFER Entered from Sunset, 1935. Oak Sales. "A maiden never bold of spirit, still, and quiet? WALTER SHEPPARD Entered from Lancaster, 1936. "Quietly zleterinineal to szieceeil, and so far he hasf' HARRY STEPHENSON Entered from Sunset, 1934. Dramatic Club. "A smiling face and mischief in his eyesf' MARY JANE SMITH ered from Victoria, Texas, 1937. "Talk e aizil full of pep seems to he her rep." TA IVON SMITH ntered from Ranger, Texas, 1936. lub' Talent Club' Spanish Club, Pep Squad, QCP QQ... . , , usic ub. Q00 nFl'l61tfllll7t'X5 is har mirlfllc 11ami'.', JACK SMITHERS Entered from Roosevelt Junior High School, Aberdeen, South Dakota. Captain R. O. T. C., Crack Company, ,36, '37, '38, Rifle Team, ,36, '37, Senior Hi-Y Otiicer, Office Assistant, Camp Dallas, Scholarship Club, Sergeant's Efhciency, First Ser- geant's Efficiency, P. M. S. and T. Efficiency. "A smiling face aml misehief in his eyes." Page Thirty-right 0.1-c,5:d-' if ' i . AISINABELL STANIPOR Entered from Peeler, 1934. Pep Squad, Kamera Klub, Poppy Sale, Acorn Staff. "We find her earnest, kind, and true." VIRGINIA STOCKARD Entercd from Hogg, 1934. Girl Reserves, Scholarship Club, Linz Award, Spanish Chorus, Pep Squad. "We vote shels okay, ana' a very clever dresser." JAMES SUTER Entered from Reagan, 1934. Football Letterman, Library Council, Library Assistant, "DU Club, Salesmanship Club. "An athlete among athletes, iz man with dash and daring." CHARLINE SWANN Entered from North Dallas, 1936. Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, Kamera Klub, Junior Red Cross. "Sweet and gentle, kiml ami good, she is a friena' to e1.fcryo11e." CLARENCE SURLEY Entered from Technical, 1937. "They shall desire more of your acquaintance." BILLY TALBERT Entered from Bowie, 1934. Football, Track, Student Council, Hi-Y, Operetta, Music Club. "A good disposition is rather to he chosen than great riches." -I v I V, ' Md! l - " V. Jw If rv Y! N fl Lf JJ if A 0 1 K - PAUL RIDER Entered from Forest, 1935. Student Council, Riding Club. "Snalcb gaily tbl' joys wbicb tba momenl .vball bring, And away every can' and pf'r'plr,x'ity flingf, SHIRDEN TALLENT Entered from St. Joseph, 1936. "Cheers uilb his xmilexf' ROBERT TALKINGTON Entered from Marshall, Texas, 1936. Student Council, Spanish Club. "As projwr a man as our shall rrvfl MAXINE TINER Entered from Tyler, Texas, 1935. Pen Pal Club, Pan-American Forum, Pep Squad, Arorn Staff, Spanish Club, Art Club. "You Should lreaa' a rnurxc' prefly aml full of z'if'u'." JOHN THONIAS Entered from Reagan, 1934. "The noblest mimi, fbi' bex! C0l1ft'!1fml'I1f bar." MARJORIE THOMAS Entered from Alamo Heights, San Antonio, Texas, 1935. Pep Squad, 2B Class Officer, Dramatic Club, Latin Club: Debate Club, Scholarship Club, Invitation Committee, Rid- ing Club, R. O. T. C. Sponsor, Girl Reserves. "True indiridualily cannot be copied." K? S X WILLIAM U Entered from Our Lady of Good n 4 33. f Track, Hi-Y, "D" Club. T X "Quis'i am! rrwrrfed, yd a rnixrlaieroux twinkle i b' ey MARY ANN UTLEY Entered from Kilgore, Texas, 1934. Dramatic Club, Operetta, Music Club, Art Club, Scho - ship Club, Cantata, Junior Red Cross, Girls, Glee Club "Tbf're is no mrlai more allraCtiz'e.', NANCELIE UTT Entered from Reagan, 1934. Student Council, Girl Reserves, Scholarship Club, Linz Award, Vice-President of National Honor Society. "A girl you bear so murb about, A rval frivmf willmnl a doublf' J. D. VENABLE Entered from Bowie, 1934. Junior M. P. Club, Track. "Hr was a merry man." BETTIE JANE WARD Entered from Reagan, 1934. Scholarship Club, Oak Staff, Pep Squad, French Club, Sec- retary National Honor Society, '38, Secretary Student Coun- eil, '37, Secretary Kamera Klub, '37-'38, French Play, '35- '37, Girl Reserves. "I.oL'ablz', and cbrrrful, worlby and capable." CECIL WATSON Entered from Breckenridge, Texas, 1935. "Her friendlimfsx and genilerzrfss make ber lovable." Page Thirty-nine We-2 nf X y QR Page Forty GLENN FoY HENRY BURT GLENN FOY Entered from Peeler, 1934. "He deult in dreams and railed it work HENRY BURT The challenge of the World to the schools and graduates of today is to produce a straight- thinking, fair-minded, tolerant and courageous citizenry for the America of tomorrow. Hard Work and high intelligence are the bases of a prosperous country. Seniors, seek the abundant life through sin- cere, honest labor and unselfish service to your fellow men. Friendliness, gracious manners, kind- ness and high ideals will be an abiding asset to you and to your community. H. A. ALLEN. Page F orty- one I CLASS OF JAN ii! 'W 1 Q ':" Anderson, Willie Ashley, H u a May W I A ey, arian , 41,9 1gibb,eMa,,ie ' ' i Blake, Anita My i nf' U Boluck, Mary Jane xffn-' Bradberry, Marie A at Bryan, Evelyn Carmical, Elizabeth "1 'ii' - -. , ,1,.. I Carmical, Ruthe , , Carter, Juanita -irq Clark, Maxine Q I Craven, Carolinda S " A " r Denton, Bette James Fox Dierolf, Lyndel Prcsidcfzt EI'lCkSOI'1, Muriel lal McCollough Via'-P1'L'sizfcf1i Ray Niblo Scfrelary Fuston, Fay Harris, Marilyn W GIRLS Gleason, Jean Hamilton, Elizabeth Huffer, Marjorie Humphrey, Wanda Jamison, Virginia Jackson, Aubra Mae Johnson, Virginia Ann Kemble, Marcella Kempe, Margie Lee, Juanita Maas, Evelyn Mahurin, Louise Moore, Adana Moore, Sidney McGee, Janet I McWilliams, Mary A Katherine Murray, Ruby UARV '39 L Nichols, Edah Patterson, Kathleen Rindy, Phyllis Sawyer, Mary Elle Seago, Margaret Shelton, Lois Singleton, Mildred Skelton, Margaret Spicer, Margaret Smith, Patricia ompson, Vivian jean rner, Virginia Warren, Pat Weatherley, B Worden, Dorothy 2 Wheeler, Margaret nf x ll ,WMM Page lfor'l3'-frm CLASS QF JANUARY' Allbright, Richard Albin, Cecil Arrington, Howard Barnes, John Howard Bidwell, Bernard Burks, Jim Crain, Franklin Deaver,Hayes Dillehunty, Richard Eagle, Bob Eckert, John Feltner, Ralph Folkes, Marvin Fox, James Foy, Glenn Gandy, Rex Gilbert, Franklin Gleason, Jim Hall, Hugh Hare, Robert Harpold, Horace BOYS Hartman, Norman Hohman, Wally Howell, Robert Johnson, Clarence Keane, Armond Kelty, Jack Knott, Douglas Littler, Walter Llorente, Shirley Luper, Dan Mangold, Charles McCullough, Hal McIntosh, Doyal Marco, Jimmy Marsh, James Miller, C. M. Miller, Jack Morgan, Billy Musgrove, Lee Niblo, Ray Osborn, Ralph Parker, Robert Phillips, George Powell, C. Remington, Harry Sheffield, Dee Roy Sheffield, Garland Shirley, Charles Smith, Harold Sibley, Pat Stacy, Robert Tallent, Raymond Thames, Dalton Thompson, Carl Thompson, Morris Underwood, Frank Voyer, Bill Westerlage, Lloyd Winters, Gene Youngblood, Fred Page Forly-lflrm' Qfawmw John Barnes Prcsidrllt Margaret Wheeler Vice-Prcxizlent Shirley Llorenrc Secretary W krvfv mrm' fumfforz nf 1115 mrly glm H1 g rokrlzly lzrigfzf, film' 11101111- lwazzzx on K1 rirvr, ' Iigblx my lift. 11 far iflu- xizu Jf'r'uu1, Iarftx ax I zrmzr, ami lmnfs mr on frzwzw, Q .J 'fr ,V Vu CZEJZC QQHZEVZ 1 i ,Q ,, J' .f ' f f , Zffyyfi, cf . X K Y. lv I I , ,l , li i f if .. ' ta " C L A S S F J f . f , ' X y ' H - f I ' fy V Ai, L ,. .Q GP' V If Q ar 116 Cox, Florence cif Hilton, LAS Mount, Marcella Tacker, Ivelle ':E" Alla . IV mmie J' Cox, Kathleen Holland, Adelaide Nelson, Tommye Tate, Beneta rm . i i d, Mary Crook, Hesper Hollander, Evelyn Nichols, Doris Taylor, Virginia I " Al ce Cummings, LaVerne Horton, Louise Ogles, May Frances Thomas, Lois iyii t iiii In Baldwin, Sarah Jane Daniel, Katherine Hoyle, Mary Sue Osborne, Jane Thompson, Beth Nl A W ndy, Berry Dean, Ruth Hughes, Billie Nell Palmer, Mary Thompson, Gloria ii Banker, Doris Denny, Lidamay Hunley, Ada Mae Park, Helen Jean Tippens, Evelyn ,K ,V , L , Bariies, Evelyn Densmore, Juanit Hunter, Frances Parker, Ruth Tipps, Marjery -iv Bates, Juanita Dickinson, Dor James, Sylvia Dean Patterson, Mary Tolbert, Elinor !": V - Billert, Juanita Eckstein, Oteli Jeffries, Juana Frances Townsend, Mary fi In 'ii ' :" J Bivirigs, Dorcas Ellis, Mary Johnson, Virginia Pettigrew, Fay Truly, Freda Vikii i'i' I Bixler, Bertha Jean Epps, Virginia Anne X Pollock, Ruth Vann, Ruth I A I Bloss, Betty Jane Ewton, Mary Johnson, Virgiiiilfgjl Potthoff, Lois Vestal, Thelma , 'i 1' Bodine, Robyn Fincher, Claire Dare , Price, Elsie Wagonner, Jayne X ' t J Boluch, Mary Jane Fitzgerald, France Kerr, Anita 5 Petty, Margaret Walker, Leona Q '- Boyd, Billie Jo France, Marie Kirk Wa 'l Peterson, Chloe Walker, Ruth ir' K B Bradford, Elizabeth Franklin, Mary Loftice, Elizabeth Plunkett, Nannie Waltoii, Margie A 1 I, Brown, Virginia Yvonne Long, Frances Ratliif, Ruth Pauline I , Bybee, Ruth Gaither, Jimmie Luck, Laura Lois Reichstitter, Lucy Weatherford, Evelyn as in Campbell, Kathryn Garrison, La Voyc McClain, Elaverne Anne Weaver, Ellen ,K 1 - ' , Campbell, Virginia Gates, Mildred Lucille Remstedt, Faye Marie , Webster, Kathryn T - Cardwell, Evelyn Gillen, Marguerit McDonald, DeLoyce Robnett, Luby Whitman, Dorothy , Carroll, Margie Green, Maurine McDonald, DeNoycc Rodgers, Mary Eunice YVildman, Dolly O 'Wi A Carter, Norma Harber, Mary McLaughlin, Rowland, Florence Wilklow, Helen Y Jeanne Elizabeth Catherine Roark, Billie 4 Willhite, Doris Albert Wulravcn Chamberlin, Harris, Mary Madderra, Helen Saunders, Wanda Williams, Alice P,-y5j,7',f,,f Virginia Harrison, Josephi Manton, Ruth Schulz, Elsie Wilson, Dorothy Robert Wylie Vin'-l'1't'5i4fw1f Ivelle Tacker S1'c'l'etuvy M ie., K , ,, , is 5 . u-l 1 if i ,af . ,S , . f til I, ,i Pagg Forty-six l Chittim, Tuleta Clark, Elizabeth Coates, Nona Lee Cook, Embelyne Cook, Elizabeth Cothran, Cordelia Hart, Gladys Haughey, Sara Heath, Natalie Heiskell, Reba Heller, Mary Hill, Hildred Maricle, Freda Marks, Martha Marshall, Virginia Mathis, Myrtle Meredith, Marguerite Michael, Delia Miller, Mildred Morgan, Mabel Scruggs, Joellen Sefcik, Martha Kathryn Smith, Bernice Spoonemore, Vera Spradling, Mary Lou Stroud, Elizabeth Suter, Marjoricrxlij-J Wiskochil, Margaret Woniach, Lesta Gertrude Wood, Anita Wright, Jane Ellen Yeager, Norma Young, Frances Clay x I ,.- ,wa Couch, Evelyn Hill, Madely , Hilt, Nancy i ti' s , n X 'fivmvza rhfziwlsvjij fgijylifaff- c. i 0,0 X A L , lv I ,W 1 f' . . 5 f J' ss ., lsegfff' of , , -443 gm, ,W I 5 ., CLASS OF JUNE, iosoegsosfs. Addington, Rayforcl Allen, James Allen, Sam Ashley, John Autrey, Billy Avrea, Bill Badgett, Jimmie Baker, G. L. Baker, James Baker, J. W. Balch, J. C, Balendonck, Rodney Barnett, J. C. Barton, Lysle Bates, Claude Bealmear, C. M. Beckham, Jack Benners, Alfred Berry, Allen Blair, Arthur Blankenship, George Boatman, Al K Brackeen, Billy Brown, Rodgers Browning, Jim ryant, Joe Butler, Fred Butler, Tommy Caldwell, Ralph 05: Canon, Harold Q . Carrell, B. A. Carter, Charles William Cavett, Oliver ,f fgnlui Click, Otis Cline, Marcus Collier, Grant Cooke, Lane B., Jr. Crown, Philip Dailey, Howard Davidson, Paul Davis, Dan Dickey, J. A. Dispenza, Phillip Dykes, Tommy Elphingstone, Mike Franklin, Ned Fritz, Eugene Gandy, Wenzel Green, Ray Hagendoorn, Billy Hall, Dalton Haralson, David Harris, A. W. Hart, Jack Harwe, Jess Hawkins, Bob Heavrin, Wilson Hendricks, Harold utchinson, Robert James, Eugene Jennings, Tyre Lee Jones, Robert Kelly, Joe Kilgore, James Kimberlin, Douglas umphfeys, J, C. King, Arthur Kingsbury, Bob Landers, Kenneth Lowe, Edward Lissner, David McBride, Lewis Marable, William Masco, immie Maxwell, Billy Miller, Frank Minor, Ralph Morgan, Everett Murray, E. Oldham, Murray Parker, Jack Pettit, Joe Pettit, Ray Powell, Charles Robert Prentice, Bill Price, Philip Pritchard, Hoyal Pritchard, Hudson Rasor, Penryn Ratcliff, Thomas Ridley, J. V. Robberson, Jack Robinson, Jimmie Rogers, Morgan Roy, Billy Roy, Herbert Russel, Benny , if .WSC-i 'j Marshall, Wesley s, J. ff ' Sawyer, Tom Shelton, Robert Simmons, Bill Simmons, James Sims, Ralph Smith, D. L. Smith, Robert Sneed, Chad? Sport, L. C. Stiles, Claborn Sturges, George Terry, Tom Tippitt, Frank Travis, Calvin Ucckert, Willfzliii Upham, Dick Wfallace, Howard Walraven, Albert Whither, Richard Weatherred, Jim Ben Wentworth, B. R. West, Jack Whitlack, Roy W'illiams, Billy Williams, James Windsor, Arvis W'ood, Bob Wright, Brock Wright, Jim Wright, John Wyatt, Russell Wylie, Robert Watson, F. s9'!i'L'x Ur I fa ' 1 Q Paul Davidson Pl'!'5iLlCIIf Robert Shelton Vim-Pr'r'riu'1'11l Embelyn Cook Kincannon, Don Russell, Melvin U , S,,C,.f.m,,y D-it 92 f if. ..,f- 1. T5-Aff! .u ' Q , 4 My i Jrkfkl f Page Forty-se1'e1s r xx ,--- Lonnie Bolding President Robert Baker Vice-Pr'z'xiJc'11l Dorothy Miller Sew'eh1r'y Page Fortyfeigbt CLASS QF JANUARY, T940-GIRLS Anderson, Marilyn Bearden, Mary Louise Bennett, Elinor Bethea, Gerald Dean Board, Frances Burnett, Martha Carpenter, Marian Carter, Elizabeth Clopp, Ruby Lee Coleman, Frances Cornett, Mildred Davis, Elsa Durand, Elizabeth Durrett, lmagene Estes, Mary Francis Ford, .lerryline Ford, Josephine liowler, Margaret 'iwgg 19619 Erogge, Waxida Griffin, Maurine Hammond, D:rothy Hawkins, Eleanor Hayes, Martha ,lane Hicks, Nora Mae Hitt, Dsris Adele Honeycutr, Jewel LaRay Huff, Ruby jameson, Mary Lou Johnson, Celia Dell Johnston, Mary Lawson, Sue Mangrich, D3lores Martin, Nellie Lee Mayo. Louise Mi ler, Dorothy Murdoch, Jane Nelson, Anana Nicholson, Marjorie North, Mary Ruth Payne, Dorothy Elesa Peitz, Rita Phillips, La Verne Plumlee, Edna Lynn Powell, Delores Pritchett, Marguerite Rainwater, Louis: Recltley, Dorothy Reynolds, Evelyn Rice, Grace Roberts, Willie Ruth Scribner, Maurine Smith, Eleanor Claire Steger, Josephine Swann, Betty Taylor, Rebecca Teal, Norma Todd, Betty Marie Upham, Helen Van Allen, Ritha Vernon, Evtlene Wallace, Glynn Wallace, Vera Mae Walston, Orclya Walthers, Lillian Warren, Imogene West, Rose Marie Whittlesey, Margaret Ann Williams, Voneta Witherspoon, Virginia Younger, Juanita ,V ii, 5 at :M CLASS Allen, Dwight Baker, Robert Charles Bearden, C. C. Blanton, Wilbur Bloys, Bill Bolding, Lonnie Bowden, Edgar Bowles, Albert Brown, Harry Brown, Orville Calder, Robert Louis Carmical, Fred Cole, Tom Collins, Edgar Cummings, Gayle Deaver, Hayes De Hay, Carlisle r, .,. W or JANUARY, 1940 HBGYS Depew, Paul Eason, Prentiss Fuston, J. W. Geisert, Leonard Geren, Lloyd Gossett, Rex Gruneisen, William Guy, Hillary Hackler, Thavis Hamnett, jack Harnom, George Hawkins, Roy Hunley, Donald Hunt, Woodrow Hutchins, Jack Ivy, Robert jordan, J. Kinnnn, Carl Law, Warren Lee, Forrest Lewis, L. McCulley, Rader Mabry, Dick Martin, Earnest Maxwell, jott Meserole, Otis Moore, J. D. Nall, james Napier, Carl Norris, Jack Norris, Joe Frank Parr, Lewis Patton, Walter Peterson, Roy Phillips, joe Pirtle, Jap Price, john Reagan, Karl Shaw, Jim Q-Q Sibley, -lack Smith, George out 'Wi k gs an If E ii 1 Q sg I Stubbs, Nolan Switzer, Otto Thompson, Earl :I .. c 2 :S c : Q. 71 F-9 E Z5 O : rn. Vnnn Roy, Travis Walther, Danny Webb, Kirk Weston, Jimmie Wright, Hailey Zellner, Leon , va , sf ,v,. M ,, ,, ,lim Shaw Pwxiifmzt Edna Lynn Plumlce Vin'-Prrsidenf Eleanor Hawkins Scrrrirzry Page lforly-uim x Sh' 4 Q 1 'UW 6295, as 1 i V' I' A:" , , Ns James Roberson President immie Campbell Vice-Prexidevft Fred McBride Secretary Page Fifty CLASS or JUNE,194O-GIRLS Adams, Mary Jane Albin, Francis Allen, joan Armstrong, Dorothy Arroyo, Bettie Attebery, Jo Ellen Austin, Annette Austin, Mary Ellen Baker, Clara Helen Balfour, Wilda Frances Ball, Sally Baugh, Corine Beckham, Mary Bergman, Pauline Billingsley, Doris Birdsong, Merle Blackwell, Audrea Bludworth, Mildred Boland, Doris Elaine Boyd, Christine Bryant, Florence Burleson, Audry Burt, Anna Jean Bush, Mary Katherine Carlson, Emily Carrell, Edna Mae Cates, Norma Cayton, Helen Cecil, Bernice Chandler, Grace Chatelain, Catherine Clark, Patty Sue Coates, Anna Marie Coleman, Christine Collier, Rachel Connolly, Sarah Ward Cravens, Florine Daniel, Dorothy Davis, Donna Day, Billie Katherine Dial, Catherine Dorsett, Roselyn DuPree, Catherine Emmons, Martha Jane Everett, Elsie Flowers, Dorothy Gillen, Kathelene Green, Gloria Ann Gresham, Dorothy Guynes, Kathryn Hale, Hope Hall, Louve Hammond, Jacqueline Harber, Charlotte Hare, Virginia Harris, Bobbie Harvey, Anna Harvey, Annetta Havens, Marjorie Hawkins, Dorothy Hill, Patty I Hilton, Wanda Hine, Virginia Holloway, Gwendolyn Holston, Nona Mae Holt, Margie Howell, Edna Ruth Hufstedler, Edith Hulse, Doris Ingram, Bennye June James, Esther May Jenkins, Velma Mae Johnson, Martha Johnson, Novella Jones, Dorothea Kerr, Louise Kidson, Mardell Kirwan, Johanna Knight, Bobbie Louise Knowles, Gene Koch, Betty Sue Law, Amy Beth Lawson, Rose Leach, Lillie Lent, Betty Lou Loftice, Oleta Looney, Donna Mae McCullough, Ruth McDonald, Irene McKinney, Doris Maureen Madderra, Velma Maier, Peggy Merritt, Dorothy Milke, Marguerite Mitchell, Dorothy Morrow, Evelyn Murrell, Virginia Newton, June Nichols, Edythe Kay O'Bryan, Latrell Osborn, Ruth Pantaze, Angelina Parker, Anna Mildred Pccse, Ira Patterson, Doris Peery, Mabel Grace Perdue, Lelia Pickens, Helen Pooley, Mary Powers, Lois Powers, Margaret Price, jane Pyeatt, Nancy Ramsey, Dorothy Randall, Martha Sunbeam Reams, Dorothy Reed, Elsie Mae Reese, Sybil Reynolds, Suzanne Richardson, Ernestine Richardson, Geraldine Rippetoe, Earline Marable, Dorothy ,fmg Salas, Glory Sawyer, Jeanne Schmidt, Dorothy Scudder, Christine Shaw, Velma Ruth Sheffield, Dorothy Shelton, Elizabeth Smither, Betty Starling, Frances Stevens, Virginia Stroud, Mary Beth Sulliven, Mildred Sumners, Tommye Tallent, Margaret Templeton, Mary jean Thurman, Dorothy Tiner, Dorothy Tiner, Erma Torno, Madeline Tucker, Dorothy Towers, La Vaun Wardrip, Ruth Watson, Mary Bell Whitlock, Nettie Earl Wiederhold, Maxine Wilkinson, Katherine Wilks, Meredith Williams, Frances Womack, Madge Wright, Naomi Yater, Maxine Youngblood, Doris I 4 E E 4,44 M Xi N , xl ,1l l Albin ayson Allen, Billy Bob Anderson, Donald Fisher ack Franklin, Alonzo Frazier, Boyd Lawrence Allen Lee, Frank Lee, Lawrence Reed Gord: n Weldon Richardson, ames Robberson, James CLASS or JUNE, 1940i-BOYS 'J ' ,J , ,- , . l l Archer, Harry Austin, Garfield Baker, Edwin Barnett, Walter Barr, Chris Beiseker, Marvin Blackwell, Clyde Brown, Joseph Bryant, Robert Camin, Bud Campbell, Jimmie Carrell, Sam Chapman, Geren Childers, Dan Clark, Robert Coke, Owen Coker, Marshall Collett, Luke Collier, Jimmie Comfort, Harvey Cox, Robert Croft, Torbett Crossland, Edward Lee Durham, Bert Evans, James Ezell, Jack Farrar, Billy Few, Edward Gardner, John Garland, Gail Gault, Duncan Gibbons, Robert Gossett, Earl Gray, Jack Green, H. T. Guillory, W. Hall, James Harber, Durwcod Harris, Matthew Harrison, Harry Harrison, J. B. Helms, Joe Hill, Fitzhugh Hill, Raymond Holbert, James Home, William Horn, Wayne Hughes, Jack Hulen, Sterling Hawkins, Ray James, Leon Jenson, Holdron Johnson, Earl Johnson, Thruman Johnson, Troy Jones, Maurice Kennedy, Harold f I .fv!., Lord, Jack McBride, Fred McGee, David McGee, Gene Mclntire, Lonnie Maness, William Maples, Billy Martin, Eugene Mehrten, Frank Wm. Meley, Leroy Metzger, Charles Milke, Henry Miller, Leslie Moeck, Johnnie Moore, Marvin Moore, Thomas Morrow, Earnest Mullen, Fayne Murphy, Hunter Nichols, Clovis Northcutt, Homer Nowlin, Bob O'Brien, Denis Park, James Barton Parks, J. P. Phillips, Warren Pinkston, Wallace Redman, Jack Redwine, Bob f VL Roberts, Lionel Robertson, Wayne Roller, Ted Sanders, Thomas Sanger, Edwin Schell, Marshall Shanahan, Jack Sharpe, Aubrey Simms, Jack Smith, Jerry Smith, Peyton Sorenson, Rodney Stephenson, Horace Sturges, Samuel Summer, James Switzer, Daskiell Tallent, Gerald Tanner, Warren Teubner, Ray Thompson, Glen Wagner, Frederick Warner Hiram , Webster, Earl Wheeler, Herman Whittlesey, Phillip Wilder, Truman Wyatt, Jimmy Wilcox, Kim J iiifeifi Eiiiiiii i Dorothy Schmidt PH'5itIE1IIf Patty Sue Clark Vice-Pri'sir1'e11t Clara Helen Baker Secretary Page Fifty-one is Fred Gillette Pr'1'xii1'i'11 I Charles Wanner Vice-Prctirlwzt Bob Bearden Serrelary Page Fifty-Iwo crass or January, WQLHYGIIQLS Adams, Virginia Arrington, Bailye Merle Ashford, Marian Bell, Dorothy Dee Benda, D'Moris Benett, Dorothy Blaine, Lahoma Blessing, Marjorie Bryan, Eddlean Casteel, Mary Louise Chieves, Jewell Climer, Dorothy Lee Combs, Mary Evelyn Cooper, Jean Dial, Dorothy Dial, Marie Dye, Freida Jo Edmondson, Frances Elam, Juanita Emery, Louise England, Evelyn Ford, Ida Belle Gaither, Grace Gann, Catherine Louise Glover, Betty Jane Guy, Lucille Harris, Irene Herry, Dorothy Mae Hill, Betty Jo Hill, Peggy Jean Hulbert, Doris Huckaby, Gloria Hume, Valline James, Jean Lo2s Jamieson, La Verne Keith, Clara Kemp, Doris Kern, Marian Lambert, Jewel Loomin, Nellie Jayne Lowery, Nadine Lumpkin, Norma Lunt, Lorraine McClung, Helen McDowell, Irene McGarrah, Lila Mae Marshall, Cgrdelia Meredith, Jenn Miller, Mary Mozelle Mirando, Frances Moeck, Katherine Moffitt, Virginia Moore, Mnrron Frances Morgan, Martha Newton, Mildred Owen, Virginia Plumlee, Dorothy Polk, Dorothy Pope, Jewel Poulsen, Patricia Sue Pribble, Ruth Pruitt, Genevieve Remsteclt, Marjorie Rogers, Katherine Roundtree, Mary Ruth Savis, Joy Sehwedlcr, Flora Evelyn Sinclair, Amy Ray Sutton, Nancy Carol Swilling, Valice Taylor, Bobette Tyler, Frances Waits, Mary Ann Walker, Mildred Walthers, Sadie Mae Williams, Betty Jane Young, Helen l i l CLASS QF JANUARY, 1941A-A-ABCDVS Adin, William Amos, Richard Apel, August Atkinson, Billy Bates, Billy Baughmau, Desmer Bean, Harold Bearden, Bob Bethaneourt, Harold Boluck, John Bowles, Charles Carter, Morris Childress, Joy Collier, Carrol Cox, Kenneth Craven, john Winfield Crockett, James Davis, John Dunn, Jack Easley, Raymond Fvans, Forrest Faison, Bill Fowler, Claremc. Frost, Harrell Gallagher, Harold Gnylor, Harry Gillette, Fred Gray, Doyle Green, Billy .lack Green, Harry Hamilton, Robert Harris, Jack Hartfield, Mcrldean Hearne, Herbert Heiskell, ,Iimmie Hermon, Harry Humphre, Billie llarrard, Billie Kirby, Dale King, Wilbur Kinney, jerry Knigl1t,J0hn Low, Harry McCarty, Wendell McMains, Landie Mayabb, Charles Morgan, David Morrow, Carroll Neal, Harry Nelson, Albert Ogden, Ralph Parr, Charles Phillips, Herschell Pike, Robert Powell, Dean Rambo, Fdward Restan, Ray Roebuck, Voyd Ross, Willard Sams, Edgar Shelby, Clarence Silvey, james Skelton, Ben Stultz, Sydnor Tucker, Roy Allen vfiiiglm, james Wade, George Walker, Raym Q111 d Wanner, Charles West, Jack Wetzel, Wilbur XVhite, Howard Williams, Edward Williams, Horace Williams, Wyvel Worden, Eddie Ray Yeager, Farl 5 , .... .,-2-rv. lfdward Williams P 1'e'::iilw1f Dorothy Polk Vic'v-Prexidrzll Marjorie Blessing Sf'en'!ary Page Ififly-three Jack Allen Pl'CXilll'7lf Hazel Collier Vin'-Prr'.viJvl1f Virginia Coleman Sl'l'f'l'flIl'j' CLASS CDF JUNE, 1941mGIl2I.S Aclkisson, Lila Akbin, Sadie Amis, Jane Lee Amundsen, Jean Archer, Louise Virginia Austin, Betty Bailey, Amonetta Balch, Anne Baltzegar, Marian Bates, Mary Beasley, Frances Bell, Earline Bell, Lois Betry, Elise Black, Jeanne Blaine, Joe Ann Blanton, Nadine Boatman, Edna Earle Brower, Jeannette Brown, Betty Byrd Bryant, Juanita Burns, Norma Campbell, Dora Carlton, Juanita Cason, Gwendolyn Clark, Barbara Ann Clark, Dorothy Faye Coleman, Virginia Collier, Hazel Combs, Ann Conder, Doris Ann Cook, Doris Cooke, Gladys Dorothy Cooper, Maxine Crutcher, Oneita Cummings, Anna Jo Daniel, Sarah Davis, Muriel Dobbins, Francis Drees, Pauline Duncan, Reona Dunn, Lila Fae Eason, Sarah Jim Eastham, Mary Elizabeth Echols, La Jeanne Ellis Dorothy Ellis, La Juan Ellison, Viva Elmore, Doris Emmons, Betty Jane Eure, Bertie Fairey, Frances Farmer, Jane Farrington, Mary Fields, Frances Fite, Mabel Fleeman, Margaret Ruth Fowler, Francis Fox, Bettie Lee Fulkerson, Margaret Louise Gallagher, Barbara Galland, Helen Gillaspie, Clara Mae Garner, Nina Ruth Goodman, Jacqueline Gorman, Bettie Green, Carol Ann Griffith, June Grissaffi, Evelyn Hamilton, Jean Hare, Helen Hargrove, Hazel Harralson, Marie Hearn, Marie Helms, Geneva Hemphill, Jeanne Hill, Tanny Hilton, Earline Hobbs, Beulah Hodgen, Mary Louise Holcombe, Bonnie Hudgins, Mary Bess Huff, Virginia Huffines, Anita Hulse, Necia Marie Hunter, Edna May Jarrard, Dorothy Shirley Jones, Betty Lou Jones, Joanna Jones, Margie Jordan, Dorothy Keller, Elizbeth Kidson, Fern Ruth King, Doris Kirby Elizabeth Rae Kirkland, Mary Knearem, Betty Jane Knox, Helen Frances Lappin, Lucille Arline Lemons, Vee Lynn Leslie, Berta Loftice, Nellie Louise Long, Mary Jane Lowe, Dorothy Lowe, Marjorie Luckie, Wilma Jean McDaniel, Doris McDaniel, Mildred McFarland, Martha McHenry, Frances McLarem, Jon Martin, Dorothy Jean Merrell, Lanette Minor, Margaret Mooneyhun, Veoma Lois Moore, Roxie Ann Napier, Thelma Nelson, Loretta Nichols, Phyllis O'Donohoe, Billie June Osborn, Doris Paden, Helen Grace Parker, Catherine Pearson, Marinell Percival, Kathleen Peterson, Joan Pettigrew, Lorene Pierce, Helen Poole, Dorothy Potak, Annie Joe Perkins, Elizabeth Peacock, Dorothy Pace, Alice Poindexter, Virginia Ranft, Marquita Ray, Paulette Reedy, Doris Fern Reneau, Frances Rhodes, Rosemary Richardson, Sally Patricia Ring, Marie Robnett, Flo Rogers, Shirley Jean Rollandin, Virginia Ross, Ruby Roulain, Ruth Sanderson, Thelma Sanford, Mary Kathryn Saunders, Louise Scottino, Ruby Shaw, Kathleen Shields, Mary Simms, Elaine Smith, Frances Solomon, Ruth Spangler, Helen Spoonmore, Eula Stallings, Juanita Stepp, John Henry Sullivan, Mary Louise Suttle, Martha Tarclio, Sarah Tardio, Lena Tennison, Marjorie Thomas, June Tibbetts, Mary Dale Tolbcrt, June Towles, Margaret Treadway, Faye Evelyn Truly, Robbie Jeanne Turner, Mary Alice Vaughan, Jean Lee Vaughan, June Vermillian, Elizabeth Voyer, Evelyn Vaughn, Charlie Waggener, Frances Wagner, Lydia Walker, Marie Walther, Katie Wheeler, Bethstine White, Julia White, Lu Von Williams, Hazel Louise Willams, Mary Jo Page Fifty-four Ctf-iss or JUNE, 1941 Allen, jack Wade Allen, Ted Anderson, Charles Archer, Virgil Louis Ashford, K. Austin, Harold Avrea, Carl Baker, Robert Henry Beesley, Vernon Bell, Arthur Blair, Raymond Bly, Paul Booth, Robert Brackeen, Vernon Brannon, T. Brinkley, Charles Browder, Fred Brown, Kenneth Brown, Lloyd Buckley, Stewart Byers, Raymond Calloway, Rob Campbell, William Carlisle, Robert Carroll, Charles Carter, Bill Childers, Conway Clawson, Bob Commons, Milton Cowing, Harry Craig, Bert Daniel, jack Hervey Uv t. if Davis, Bill Deaton, james Deaver, Bill Denton, james Dodge, Charles Duncan, Richard Dunlap, Harry Dunnarm, Lloyd Eades, B. G, Everett, Billy Fagan, C. A. Farris, Billy Bob Fazakerly, Arthur Fite, james Flippin, Kay Godwin, Roger Goodwin, Paul Whitney Graham, Max Green, Daniel Greenwell, jack Gregory, Carl Gross, B. E. Hackler, Taswell Hall, Raymond Hancock, jack Hanson, Walter Haynes, Lem Herring, Fred Hill, Homer Ray Hill, Walter Hillen, Samuel rwaallvi Hilton, Lee Holland, john Hopkins, Charley Howard, Guy Hutchins, Walter Ivy, David james, Bob jones, Glen jones, Harold johnson, XV. A. johnson, Bennie Keener, David Larza, Nick l,.1timer,jarrell XX'ayne Law, james Lewis, Lawrence Lindley, Garland Lippincott, Dan Howard Lopez, Thomas McClain, jull Dean McClintook, j. R. McGrew, Gene McMames, William McMillian, Robert McNabb, Alvin Mackey, jack McMahon, Walter Mahan, Austin Merjanian, Paul Edward Miller, Eugene Moore, A. Nelson, Ralph Newman, Lewis Norvell, Eugene Odom, Ralph O'Rourke, Frank O'Rourke, john Palmer, Howard Pasina, Frank Patterson, Bobby Payne, Clark Penn, james Pond, Douglas Primm, Billy Ray Proctor, Charles Rawlings, H. Reed, jimmie Reeves, Stewart Roberts, Raymond Willard Russell, Lloyd Ridgell, Horace Ralston, Richard Sallis, Fred Satterwhite, Billy Sawyer, Wyatt Sellars, Tommy Shelton, Billy Simpson, Lee Roy Shelton, Marvin Smith, Bertram Sparrow, David BUYS Stearman. jack Stubblefield, Allen Reed Stubbs, Virgil Sturdivant, Gordan Shuptrine, jimmy Tabor, Stanley Tacker, Harold Thomas, Marlin Thompson, Charles Thompson, Pat Timpa, Felix Truly, Robert Utley, Edgar Vaughan, A. C. Vogel, Donald will, Dan Warner, Frank Webb, Keith Wessels, Dean White, William Wier, jack Williams, Nev Wilson, Charles Windsor, Norman Winters, Edwin Wood, David Wilson Wood, Frank Worsham, Billy Ward, jack Young, jim Youngblood, jack I rs M . uf' i Nev Williams P1'i'.viJeui Bethstein Wheeler Vin'-I'rc.riili'11l Horace Ridgell Swrehiry Page Fifty-five 4 l l i I Bobbie Shook I'n'xiilw1l Benita Russey Vim'-Pr'l'xiili'l1f Janie Lowe Sri're1'ury Page Fifty-six 7.1 1,142 pf ctfxss otifxrvuf-tRv,1Q4Q Adlaisson, W. E. Arnett, Jr., George Cecil Atteberry, Rodney XVilson Berry, Donald Columbus Bigler, john Lewis Birdson, ,Iacky Francis Blalienship, Harold Lloyd Bowles, Tommy Yeager Calloway, Ted Coola, Bennie Larry Coats, QOthmerj Wfeldon Coleman, Tommy Orvin Cooke, W'illiam john Cowan, Kennith Daniel, Sammy Earl Davenport, Hal Degenhart, Marvin Giles,Jaek Mayon England, Wfesley Rudolph Favne, Carl Hienz Garriott, Sim George Gilmer, Charles Yater Gregory, XVilliam Benson Guest, Gordon Everett Harrelson, Robert Wallace Hillin, Roy Preston Hogne, Bradley Brown Holcomb, Harold House, Samuel Edgar Jr. Hunley, Collin Adams jackson, Eddy Bayard johnson, Robert Karr, Billy Kershaw, B. M. La Plant, Raymond Towell Lee, Robert Edward Lloyd, Elgin Armond Lockard, Raymond Loughmiller, Jack Wallace Lucas, William -lack Luper, Harold Lee Lykes, Naylor McClure, Don Neil McKay, Harold Kreed Marco, Virgil Raymond Martin, Thad Martin, S. W. Medley, Bill Miller, Roy Edward Northcutt, Charles NVright Osborne, john Patterson, Beverly Donald Patterson, Robert Arnold Pierce, Ralph Edwin Powell, Ernest Shelton Qualls, Forrest Richard Reagan, james Edward Robertson, james Gurp Sallie, John D. Schulz, Carl Frederic Sheffield, ,lames Stephens, NVindell Odell Stevenson, Robert Beverly Stice, Herbert Fulton Stultz, Wilson Erwin Thompson, Sana Tucker, George Dewey Wfaits, Lee Oliver Waldrop, Tom Coleman White, William Thomas Whittington, Wallace Wiley, Arthur Prestan Wiley, James Edward Wilscmii, Jr. K. Wilscili, Wziilaiid Dwan W'olf, Gene Bannor Warden, joe Archie Young, Archie Lynn Yuening, joe Adams, Frances Madeline Anderson, Shirley jean Avard, Collece Elizabeth Bailey, ,lessie Ray Barrett, Betty ,Iune Berry, Lorraine Lilian Blackwell, Betty jane Branamk, Vara Faye Buchanan, Mildred Arnett Coe, Martha Louise Cox, Tommie Lee Cristol, Amelia Martin lickstein, Lucy Lourette Ely, Marian Authula Garrett, Dorothy Dale Hamilton, Nlable Marjorie Harmon, Mary Virginia Henry, Margaret Anne Gill, Peggy Eekman Holcomb, Gladys Marie Hollander, Marion Elizabeth Hunter, Mamie Belle johnson, Geraldine Halle Kinnery, Josephine Atwell Leach, Glenna ,Ieane Eugenia Long, Mary Louise Lowe, Janie lilo Martin, Dorothy Ruth Matlock, Beverly jean Nelson, Julia Elizabeth Newton, Eleta Earline Pogue, Mary Kathryn Riddle, Lillian Pearl Russey, Benita Schimelfenig, Minnie Lowise See, Barbara june Shook, Bobbie Smith, Alice Voncile Stroud, Elaine June Summers, Geraldaine Teasley, Eva Mae Thompson, Tresa May Tibbs, ,Iosephine Agnes Todd, Marilyn Louise Venall, Evelyn Lee Vernon, Earlinc Worden, Dollie Louise XVren, Agnes Gwendolyn -iZ""M ,nina Q' , fm ,pw H., jk - Aww? N00 WbHfl'l'l'J' is in any way llfllllfiflll bufb ils XOIIITK of limzziy in ifwff, nml ix C0171- lrlvfv in ilxvffg-lzruixf' f0V'llIX 1111 jmrl nf if. S0 if ix num' fbi' u'm'sL' nor ibv furl- fvr for bvilzg jzraixml. 3 E S. E' safcwzai gvelyn gfoneycutt SENIOR BEAUTY rwmf fucas Qiarraputo SENIOR FAVORITE Robert Capers CLEVEREST SENIOR BOY grace Qickenbacfn CLEVEREST SENIOR GIRL dwary grances grwin BEST ALL AROUND SENIOR GIRL 93ill Sgarnes BEST ALL AROUND SENIOR BOY fp 49 games Simmons UNDERCLASS FAVORITE Qloris fjfing UNDERCLASS BEAUTY Q gf- Gmbelyne cook BEST ALL AROUND UNDERCLASS GIRL 'Lfdf f5A,cX. VJ,- giay 3Vz'blo BEST ALL AROUND UNDERCLASS BOY Q: v M.-H' K gc- A f:,.,Q .- '3"'f t. , Qyifff' V Q 1 6, - ...qnf . . .. 'H ' ., , ' v H: gg, i ' " M is? V, L, ' ' '- - L 2 5 5 , ff." 1-QT 2 X 2 .V if , - -?'f. 4- 1, EAW -- 5-,5 '1- ,f 'mf' -M501 -1 is We L ,, 4 9? Q. F I .. ' -5 I ..i,,,,ms+f 'N .Lf -. z, ' i ' f Qi. 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M 545 X 'km J sssgisif ,g L 'fm 'ei f cl ' R 'Y 1 L ,Q 3, yt W e P 'v .fx 1 ma GS' Q QQ' is-if as N ,tg Q 3 4 Tw 'yt 61' , xy Lucixs Gmiumvuro Won Second place in State Extemporaneous Speaking Contest First place Boys' City Declamation Contest Co-editor of Acorn BILL BARIJES LUNA BELLE BIZACHUM Won Fred Harris Award Co-editor of Oak Business Manager of Oak FRANCES FAIREY Won First place in City Safety Contest JACK WILLIAMS Salutatorian of January Class Co-editor of Oak BYRON PYEATT President of Student Council Cadet Lieutenant Colonel PENRYON RASOR Art Editor of Oak Originator of these sketches f , -, -.t-C,- J it C If 51111 zz ill r1l1,xr1'z u, il Jovm ldkm' A 1111111 of xqmnl 11m111J fn lllalkl' A gm111' xlmflnu U71 ffm' null Ami fn' 11170 III our Juify xigln' SFUIIIX 171114 11 -fiKQIIH' 1114x111 mmf .x11n1fI, fflfflfllftl ffl I"a1111"x iflzzxizf ligfrf, Mug' Amlk, tl siff101n'ffw .1 fimr, 'h'rr,x,x Mn' mz1111:.v of lm H1111: 04651 Uifaw 111, Birdwell, Lynwood Campbell, Clayton Graves, W. Handcock, Marcus Mann, Clifford Nliller, C. M. Newton, Vestal Oakes, James Palmer, David Schwedler, Paul Burke, Jim Fox, James Johnson, Leon Keane, Armond Llorente, Shirley McCullough, Hal Phillips, George Dobiyanski, Oris Bemelmans, Lambert Benson, John Darby, Furnon Davis, Lloyd Knott, Douglas I2 McCaffrey, Harry Pyeatt, Byron Avrea, E. Balendonck, Rodney Boli, L. A. Irwin, J. B. Linehan, Jack Murdock, Richard Rawlings, Douglas Reed, Jack Rogers, H. A. Venable, J. D. Cameron, Elizabeth Cooper, Martha Hall, Doris Hill, Annie Lee Honeyeutt, Evelyn Irwin, Mary Frances Massengill, Dorothy Parker, Betty Paternostro,Margaret Shelby, Virginia Wfaddle, Sidney Ruth Anderson, Willie I. Bradberry, Marie Carmichael, Ruth Clark, Maxine Erickson, Muriel Hamilton, Elizabeth Huffer, Marjorie Jamieson, Virginia Kempe, Margie Kemple, Marcella Murray, Ruby Rindy, Phyllis Sawyer, Mary Ella Barrett, Marguerite Batchelor, Peggy Beachum, Luna Belle Garner, Pauline Harris, Billie Heiskell, Elizabeth Holliday, Virginia Jones, Kathryn King, La Verne Orr, Jane Palmer, Petty Peebles, Nancy I S Pirtle, Marjorie Price, Dorothy Ray, Marjorie Reedy, Dorothy Stanford, Annabell Thomas, Margie Tiner, Maxine Andrews, Jean Burke, Kathyrn Carey, Mary Frances Cooper, Mary Jane Garrett, Bennie Ruth Hailey, Fatie Mae Harris, Ernestine Hill, Kathryn Laws, Melba Lemmons, Eva Sue Moyers, Maxine Moore, Mary Jo O'Neal, Jewell Lynn Richburg, Loretta Rowntree, Jeanette Shanklin, Suzanna Page Sixty-six r .sa P E Kitty Lillard Mary Belle Wfatson Bennie Ruth Garrett Johanna Kirwin Cordelia Mary Marshall Bobette Taylor Loretta Richburg Joellen Scruggs Fay Remstedt Edna May Jackson Helen Spangler Lena Tarclio A L Sara Tardio Nellie Louise Loftiee Mary Jane McCloud Anna Marie Coates Margaret Ann Paternostro Ritha Coleman Iva Nell Bennett Jimmie Gaither Nelwyn Palmer Evelyn Hollander Maxine Tiner LUB Elizabeth Heiskell Sarah Wfard Connolly Juanita Densmore Betty Jo Hill Peggy Jean Hill Betty Parker Joe Pettit Bill Home Dan Luper Otto Henke Louise Schemilfenig Pnge Sixty -xeven V LiL If OA Page Sixiy-eight K STAFF EXECLJTIV FALL Editor ..... JACK WILLIAMS Business Ma'11agc'r .... BILL BARNES Aclvertisizzg Malmgcrf . MAURICE ZOLLICOFFR SPRING Editm f.... LUNA BELLE BEACHUM Business Manager . . CHARLES CHILDERS ACIUC1'fiSil1g Manager . KATHLEEN BISHOP Q A K Luna Belle Beachum STAFF Kathleen Bishop Charles Childers Bennie Ruth Garrett Alice Cox Philip Crown Jeanette Daniels Ernestine Harriss Kathryn Jones Penryn Rasor Bettie Jane Ward Page Sixly NATIQNAL HQNIQR SQCIEW T331 OFFICERS Full Term, 1937 Presidwzt . . ..... . GENEVIEVE HAIRRISON Vil'f'-Pl'?SilfL'IIf ..... . . L. C. DARGAN Secretary and Trc'as1zrL'r . . . . NELWYN PALMER ClJ6li1'777d7Z of fha Social COI17ll1iffUL' . JEANNETTI2 ROWNTIKEE Chairman of tba Program Co1rzmi2'tc'c . . KATHLEEN BISHOP Acorn Reporter ..... . . . JACK WII.I.IAMS lg. I Spring Term, 1938 Presirlcnzf .... ..... . L. C. DARGAN Vice-President .... . . NANCEI,IE UTT Scrrefary and Treasurer . . . . BETTIE JANE WARD Chairman of thc Social Cf1l71lIlfffKt' . . JEANNETTE ROWNTREE Chairman of fha' Program Conzmiffee . . . KATHLEEN BISHOP Acorn Reporter ............. MARY HUNTER Sponsors ...... MISS LUCY HAMILTON, M1KS. MIMI BRAMLETTE, AND MISS CHRISTINE HAMMOCK , Page Seventy ww Genevieve Harrison Jack Williams Nelwyn Palmer L. C. Dargan Kathleen Bishop Jeannette Rowntree Mary jo Moore Jack Reed Bill Barnes Elizabeth Hudspeth Clayton Campbell Byron Pyeatt Charles Childers MEMBERS Ethel Chaney Bettie Jane Wglrd Eloise Clark Ernestine Harris Mary Hunter Nancelie Utt Agnes Kinsworchy Mary Jane Cooper Hugh Hall Evelyn Maas Luna Belle Beachum Mary Kate Carter Claire Fincher Jane Osburn Jane Rook James Kilgore Philip Crown Marie France Katherine Daniel Bette Denton Billie Nell Hughes Ruth Parker Ruth Manton Virginia Ann Johnson Elizabeth Heiskell Page Sri 'wily-one if . ri iff? wx 1 Z? 44.414 gt DEBATE Jimmy Gaither Jim Wright Eddie Peters i Danny Walthen Richard Walthen Rodney Bolendanck Lewis Parr Carl Napier Jack Williams Russell Mason Warren Harding 1 Mary Jane Bullock Polly Ranlett Bennie Ruth Garrett Sarah Ward Connally William Gruneisen Otto Henke TIC CLUB PURPOSE: All students of Adamson High are eligible for membership to this club, whos: purpose is to develop a greater and more worthy interest in all phases cf the drama, I3 aid and encourage those who possess creative ability, to improve diction, to e5t1b'i:h p3s:. and to serve as a stepping stone to the National Thespian Club and higher dramatics. DRAMA OFFICERS 1937 1938 PI'l'Xjllt'lIf . . JIQANETTE ROWNTRIZE P1'z'.vif1w1f . . JliANlZ'l'TE ROXVNTREE Vive-Pn'xiflz'f1f . RliBliCCA TAYLOR Vin'-Pz'exiflc'r1f . REBIQLQCA TAY1oR Sl'!'l'l'fll!'j' . . GLYN WAl,I.ACE Si'l'I'f'fll!'j' . . . GLYN WALl.ACE Tl't'd.YIlI'f'l' . . MARCAS HANDCOCK ,fl7'f'tlfJIlI'l'l' . . CAROL ANN GREEN Clawson, Bob Dillohunty, Richard Shelton, Robert Mehrten, Frank Byrnes, Frank Bo-li, L. A. Wfalther, Richard Irwin, B. Wiright, Jim Tuxbury, Bill Handcock, Marcas Giarroputo, Lucas Cavett, Oliver Browder, Fred Avorn Rfi!70l'fl'I' BENNIE RUTH GAIKIRIQTT Arorn Rvjvorfer BENNIE RUTH BARRETT MEMBERS Albin, Frances Carey, Mary Frances Chaney, Ethel Collier, Hazel Connally, Sarah Ward Cook, Dorothy Fire, Mable Garrett, Bennie Ruth Green, Carol Ann Hare Virginia Hufstedler, Edith Jones, Katherine Leslie, Berta Luckie, Wilina Jane Paden, Helen Grace Revels, Betty Rowntree, Jeannette Taylor, Rebecca Wallrice, Glyn Wfhitman, Dorothy Rainwater, Louise Moore, Roxie Ann Barrett, Marguerite Orr, Jane Bearden, Mary Clark, Maxine O'Neal, Jewel Lynn Gresham, Dorothy Fairey, Frances Jones, Dorothea Pollack, Ruth Jones, Joanna Willianas, Alice McLeard, Katherine Dean, Ruth Robertson, Mary Ratliff, Ruth Harris, Ernestine Duncan, Rcana Randall, Martha Moore, Adana Bennett, Iva Nell 1 Page St 1 4 1113 fbrte GIRL RESERVES Allen, Joan Amis, Jane Lee Baltzegar, Marian Barrett, Marguerite Bates, Mary Beachum, Luna Belle Bivings, Dorcas Black, Jeanne Blaine, Joe Anne Blanton, Melba Blanton, Nadine Boyd, Billie Jo Bryant, Jaunita Carlton, Juanita Clark, Barbara Ann Clark, Dorothy Faye Clark, Elizabeth Coleman, Ritha Coleman, Virginia Conder, Doris Ann Cooke, Dorothy Cristol, Amelia Cooper, Maxine Crook, Hesper Daniel, Katherine Daniel, Jeanette Denton, Bette Dorsett, Roselyn Drees, Pauline , 1 W Iv -i.'X41- ..' . Fairey, Frances Virginia France, Marie Green, Carol Ann Grissaffie, Evelyn Hare, Helen Hare, Virginia Harralson, Marie Hawkins, Eleanor Hearn, Marie Hill, Tannye Hillpot, Jewel Hine, Virginia Hoague, Gloria Holston, Nora Mae Hudgins, Mary Bess Jackson, Edna Mae Jones, Joanna Kerr, Louise Kirby, Elizabeth Kirk, Pauline Latimer Edith Maas, Evelyn Maier, Peggy Marshall, Virginia Merritt, Dorothy Moore, Roxie Ann Newton, Earline Nichols, Doris Orr, Jane Osborne, Jane Paden, Helen Grace Parker, Catherine Parker, Ruth Paternostro, Margaret Ann Pearson, Marinell Poole, Dorothy Potthoff, Lois Powers, Margaret Remstedt, Faye Richburg, Loretta Riddle, Lillian Robnett, Flo Rook, Jane Rcwntree, Jeannette Saunders, Louise Shields, Mary Shelton, Elizabeth Spoonemore, Eula Swann, Charline Tennison, Marjorie Tipps, Margery Turner, Virginia Wzilther, Katie Wheeler, Margaret Wfhittlesey, Margaret Anne Williains, Betty Jane Wood, Anita Page Seventy-four u . 1 if 1 ART DEPARTMENT Adams, Virginia Albin, Frances Armstrong, Dorothy Armstead, Mary Alice Arrow, Bettie Amundsen, Jean Baugh, Olga Mae Bell, Earline Betry, Elise Bibb, Marie Binion, Wanda Bixler, Bertha Jean Blake, Anita B. Blaine, Lahoma Bludworth, Mildred Bryan, Edlean Bryant, Juanita Buchanan, Mildred Bush, Mary Katherine Cates, Jeanne Coleman, Virginia Albin, Cecil Bealmer, C. M. Bell, Thurman Benson, John Bidwell, Bernard Birdsong, Jackie Blankenship, Harold Bludworth, Bill Brown, Kenneth Crown, Philip Collier, Rachel Conder, Doris Congleton, Elise Cook, Embelyne Couch, Stella Craven, Carolinda Davis, Elsie Dobbins, Frances Drees, Pauline Eason, Sara Jim Eehols, La Jeanne Eckstein, Lauretta Emmons, Betty Fairey, Frances Fire, Mabel Green, Gloria Ann Harris, Mary Virginia Himphill, Jeanne Holcomb, Marie Holland, Velma Hawkins, Dorothy Daniel, Sam Earl Dearn, Hayes Eades, B. G. Geren, Lloyd Gordan, George Hagendorrn, Billie Hall, Jimmie Hopkins, Charley Hulen, Sterling GIRLS Hill, Betty Joe Hill, Peggy Jean Hillpott, Jewell Holt, Margie Huffer, Margorie Jackson, Edna Mae Jameson, Mary Lou Johnson, Virginia Dare Jones, Margie Johnson, Celia Dell Keller, Elizabeth Rae Kemp, Doris Knowles, Gean Loftice, Nelles Louise Lowe, Marjorie Lowe, Laverne Lowe, Janie Flo Lambert, Jewel Leach, Lillye BOYS Humphrey, Billie Hunley, Donald James, Eugene Kimberlin, Douglas Marco, Jimmie Meley, Leroy Miller Eugene McClain, Jule Dean Niblo, Ray MeCray, Gracie Miller, Mozelle McClung, Helen Martin, Gene Merritt, Dorothy Morgan, Mabel Nelson, Loretta Nelson, Julia Nelson, Anona Newton, Mildred Ruth Newton, Earline Paden, Helen Grace Pague, Mary Kathryn Polk, Dorothy Ponleson, Patricia Powell, Dolores Potthoff, Lois Ray, Paulette liobnett, Flo Orrick, Edward Parks,J. P. Rasor, Penryn Peterson, Roy Reagan, Karl Redwine, Bob Robbins, Jack Sanger, lfdwin Sharp, Aubrey Rhodes, Rosemary Ross, Ruby Lorraine Reese, Sybil Sanford, Katherine Savis, Gloria Joe See, Barbara Stroud, Elaine Seago, Margaret Shaw, Kathleen Suttle, Martha Tiner, Erma Tennison, Marjorie Tolbert, June Utley, Mary Ann W'aits, Mary Ann Waggoner, Frances 'Walken Marie Waltliers, Lillian Xvilkes, Meredith XVhite, Lou Von Skelton, Marvin Sturges, George Thomas, Martin Tucker, Roy Uphan, Dick XVayland, Barron XVilson, XVaeland XVolf, Gene Wfordin, Joe Page Srzenty fl P Y I X . CS ,N xo -AJ, SCI-l LAI? Anderson, Shirley Cristol, Amelia Lowe, Janie Lowe, Laverne Matlock, Beverly Schimefenig, Louise Vernon, Earline McFarland, Martha Waggoiier, Frances Jameison, LaVerne Plumlee, Dorothy Taylor, Bobette Carter, Elizabeth Huff, Ruby Jameson, Mary Johnson, Celia Dcel Wallace, Vera Mae West, Rose Marie Cook, Embelyne Cox, Florence Tacker, lvelle Townsend, Mary Anderson, Mary Baxley, Marian Hamilton, Elizabeth Barrett, Marguerite Clyctte, Caroline Hailey, Fatie Mae Jones, Katherine Stockard, Virginia Harrison, Genevieve Huclspeth, Elizabeth Irwin, Mary Frances Keith, Lois Palmer, Nelwyn Shelby, Virginia Torno, Dorothy Wilkinson, Dorothy Benda, D'Maris Binion, Wanda Henry, Dorothy Ogles, Mary Frances Townsend, Mary Carmical, Ruth Dierolf, Lyndel Scago, Margaret Shelton, Margaret Wfheelcr, Margaret Lindsey, Zellon McKamy, Loma Ann Harris, Ernestine Baltzegar, Marian Blaine, Joe Ann Brown, Betty Byrd Coleman, Virginia Collier, Hazel Congleton, Elsie Cook, Doris Cooke, Dorothy Daniels, Sarah Drces, Pauline Duncan, Reona Eastham, Mary Echols, La Jeanne Emmons, Betty June Fairey, Frances Farrington, Margaret Fowler, Frances Green, Carol, Anne Harralson, Marie Jones, Joanna Kidson, Fern Ruth Leslie, Berta Lcftice, Nellie Louise Moore, Roxie Ann Pearson, Marinelle Richardson, Sally Holston, Nora Mae C SI-IIP CLUB Hufstedler, Edith Hulse, Dora Johnson, Martha Kidson, Mardell Kirman, Johanna Leftice, Oleta McCullough, Ruth McKinney, Maurine Maier, Peggy Marable, Dorothy O!Bryan, Latrell Parker, Anna Mildred Pooley, Mary Pyeatt, Nancy Ramsey, Dorothy Reed, Elsie Richardson, Geraldine Salas, Glory Schmidt, Dorothy Shelton, Elizabeth Starling, Frances Torno, Madeline Wlatson, Mary Belle W'iedcrhold, Maxine Wright, Naomi Bennett, Elinor Durand, Elizabeth Estes, Mary Frances Murdoch, Jane Nicholson, Marjorie Plumlee, Edna Lynn Upham, Helen Warren, Imogene Whittlesey, Margaret Anne Abernathy, Edith Bivings, Dorcas Boluch, Mary Jane Armistead, Mary Alice Bradford, Elizabeth Byhee, Ruth Cates, Jeanne Couch, Evelyn Crook, Hcsper Cummings, La Verne Daniel, Katherine Densmore, Juanita Robnett, Flo Rogers, Shirley Saunders, Louise Shields, Mary Smith, Frances Soloman, Ruth Spangler, Helen Rardea, Lena Tarder, Sarah Tennison, Marjorie Wagner, Lydia Walthers, Katie Wheeler, Bethstine Armstrong, Dorothy Austin, Mary Ellen Baker, Clara Helen Boyd, Christine Burt, Anna Jean Carroll, Erna Mae Clark, Pattie Sue Coates, Anna Marie Connally, Sara Ward Day, Billie Katherine DuPree, Katherine Flowers, Dorothy Mae Gresham, Dorothy Hale, Hope Hammond, Jacqueline Harvey, Annetta Hawkins, Dorothy Hill, Patricia Hilton, Wanda Hine, Virginia Fincher, Claire France, Marie Heiskell, Reba XY'hite, Julia iltlills M11dClY11 Blessing, Marjorie Dye, Freda Joe Edmondson, Frances Gray, Mary Hickman, Grace Marshall, Cordelia Polk, Dorothy Richardson, Beatrice Rogers, Katherine Schieffer, Gussie Joe Tyler, Frances Tyler, Frances Albine, Frances Allen, Joan Hughes, Billie Nell James, Sylvia Dean Johnson, Virginia Dare Loftice Elizabeth Manton, Ruth Maricle, Freda Martin, Gene Miller, Mildred Morgan, Mable Osborne, Jane Park, Helen Jean Parker, Ruth Pothoff, Lois Rcmstedt, Faye Saunders, Wanda Smith, Bernice Thompson, Beth Waggoner, Jayne Willhite, Doris Wilson, Dorothy Young, Frances Clay Ashley, Helen Denton, Bette Johnson, Virginia Anne Maas, Evelyn Murray, Ruby Beachum Luna Belle Bishop, Kathleen Carter, Mary Kate Cates, Jean Chaney, Ethel Clark, Eloise Cooper, Mary Jane Daniel, Jeanette Garrett, Bennie Ruth Harbold, Lillian Catherine Huiskell, Elizabeth Hunter, Mary Kinsworthy, Agnes McKamy, Loma Anne Moore, Mary Jo Ramsey, Doris Rook, Jane Rowntree, Jeannette Thomas Margie Utley, Mary Ann Utt, Nancelie Vfard, Bettie Jane Wfatson, Cecile Page Seventy-six SCHGLARSI-IIP C Bell, Thurman Bemelmans, Lambert Bly, Homer Childers, Charles Dargan, L. C. Henderson, Charles Kisson, Loy Murdoch, Richard Pyeatt, Byron Reed, Jack Rogers, H. A. Thomas, John McClure, Dan Greenwell, Jack Allen, Jack Williams, Nev WOI'fl1Z1l11, Billy Craven, Wilifielti Childers, Dan Ridi iigl n, jack Philips, Aloe Patton, NVaher MeCulley, Rader Sibley, jack Brown, Rodgers Cavetr, Oliver Gleason, jim Barnes, Bill Giarraputo, Lucas Meredith, Ross Minter, llugene Stedha iii, George Wfilliams, jack Deaver, I Iayes TE' lfagle, Bob Hall, Hugh Lemly, Foster Lee Parker, Robert Bolueh, John Cox, Kenneth Fowler, Clarence Gaylor, Harry Gillette, Fred Green, Harry Kinney, Jerry Vaugl iii, james XVanner, Charles West, Jack Xvilliams, Edward XVyatt, james Yeager, Earl BOYS Austin, Harold Odom, Ralph O'Rourke, john Roberts, Raymand Vaughan, A. C. W'cbb, Keith W'essels, Dean Home, Morton Talliinglon, Robert Remington, Harry Xwesterlage, Lloyd Winters, Gene Ashley, john Baker, james Carrall, B. A. Cooke, Lane B. Crown, Philip Davidson, Paul Dykes, Tommy Kilgore, james Iiimherlin, Douglas King, Arthur Marable, Williain Pritchard, Hudson Robberson, .lack Robinson, -limmie Rogers, Morgan Blanton, Nvilbur Gei-'ert, Leonard Gruneizen, XVilliam Harmon, George Law, XVarren Lee, liorest I. LJ Napier, Carl Peterson, Roy Waltliers, Dan Coke, Owen Collier, .Iimmie Cox, Robert Evcll, .lack Gault, Duncan Harris imii, -I. B. Hema, Bill Horn, W'ayne Mehrten, Frank Morrow, Earnest C'Brien, Dennis Simms, Jack Teubner, Ray Page Si L 1 1115 emi 71 L...-,. Page Seventy-eight Katherine Daniel Helen Jean Park Maxine Wiederhold Annctta Harvey Latrell O'Bryan Dorothy Lowe Elaine Sims Helen Spangler Ruth Manton Jane Osborne Barbara Ann Clark Jane Lee Amis Virginia Epps Marguerite Millie Oleta Loftice slr' SPANISH CLUB Novella Johnson Dorothy Mitchell Charlotte Harber Bob Clawson Charles Dodge Williain Campbell Joan Allen Edith Hufstedler Sarah Ward Connolly A udrca Blackwell Lois Jean Watkiias Dorcas Bivings Margery Tipps Elizabeth Shelton Sara Connally XVillian1 Gregory Annetta Harvey Oleta Loftice Joanna Jones Helen Spangler James Kilgore Frances Reneau Dorothy Lowe Elaine Sims Charlotte Harber Dorothy Mitchell Novella Johnson Margery Tipps Dorcas Bivings PAN-AMERICAN STUDENT FCDRUM The Pan-American Student Forum is composed of thirty members from each of the Dallas High Schools. There are five meetings each year of the entire club in the form of banquets. Each Unit has meetings in its own high school. Our creed is to bring about a closer relationship, sympathy, and understanding with the peoples of the American Continent. The national convention was held in Dallas in June, 1937, the state convention in Laredo and Monterey in March, 1938. OFFICERS liall Tvrnl Sjwring Ti'l'l1I DAPHINE MALQ SAWYIQR ..., ,,..,..,.i.. P l'C'Xit1C'llf LJORCAS BIVINGS ...,..., ., ,. ,..,, Pwsirfcazf RAY PETTI1 ',,,..,,. ....,...i .,i., V i rc-Prvsidvrtzf ,IIMMIE ROBINSON .... , ..,, Vice-Prexidvfzf MARGIQRY Turns ..,. .,..,,. ,.,.. S r 'cirfarjy MARGERY Timfs .,..,. .... S rrrrffary SjIllll.YI2l'1MISS VIRGINIA RooTEs Atll'i.Y!Jl'YH" CfIZlI7l'fI Rejireswzfalizfes Bivings, Dorcas Chaney, Ethel Westerlgige, Lloyd MEMBERS Allen, Sam Bivings, Dorcas Blanton, Melba Boluch, Mary -lane Chaney, Ifthel Connolly, Sara Daniel, Katherine Durand, Elizabeth Ezell, jack Iirogge, W'aIId:I Griffin, Nlaurine Hartness, Ruda Harvey, Annetta Hufstedler, lidith lones, Henry Kimberlin, Douglas Lloyd, Dorothy Loughmiller, George Mciirew, Jean Moore, Iivangeline Osborne, Jane Park, Helen jean Pettit, Ray Potthoff, Lois Ramsey, Doris Ramsey, Dorothy Redman, Jack Robinson, Jilnlnie Rowntree, Jeannette Russell, Melvin Sawyer, Daphne Shelton, Elizabeth Spoonmore, Vera Lee Swcatt, Oleta Tipps, Margery Wfesterlage, Lloyd Whittlesey, Margaret Anne Nvilliams, Jack Wfilliams, Voneta Wissktwcliil, Margaret wrfigllf, Hailey Page Sevcvzfy-rzine FRENCH Addington, Rayford Brackeen, Billy Childers, Conway Dykes, Tommy Evans, James Hall, Jimmie Pritchard, Hudson Stephenson, Horace Webb, Keith Blanton, Nadine Chittim, Tuleta Cook, Elizabeth Dorsett, Roselyn Duff, Mary Du Pree, Catherine France, Marie DEPA Greei nn Haw ins, Dorothy Hearn, Marie Lappin, Lucille Pantage, Angelina Parker, Anna Mildred Plunkett, Nannie Lou Poole, Dorothy Richardson, Sally Rollandin, Virginia Thurman, Dorothy Lee Voyer, Evelyn Wfaggoner, Frances Wfalther, Katie Wfeston, Jimmie Clark, Maxine RT MENT Erickson, Muriel Hatcher, Ruth Taylor, Rebecca Wfarren, Imogene Baldwin, Sarah Jane Chatelain, Catherine Cox, Florence Daniel, Dorothy Ford, lda Belle Fowler, Margaret Huckaby, Gloria Kern, Marian Pickens, Helen Robnett, Luby Todd, Betty Marie Mayo, Louise Page Iiiglafy LATIN Barnes, Bill Bennett, Flinor Blanton, Wilbur Carter, Billie Cook, Lane B. Crook, Hasper Dargan, I.. C. liagle, Bob Fstes, Mary Francis Fincher, Claire Fruneisen, William Hall, Hugh Hare, Robert Hawkins, Iileanor Harrison, Genevieve Hughes, Billie Nell Karr, Mary Johnston, Mary Loftiee, Elizabeth Maas, Iivelyn Lee, Forest Mason, Russell Miller, Dorothy Murdock, Jane Napier, Carl North, Mary Ruth Parker, Ruth W'ilson, Dorothy Patton, Walter DEPARTMENT Pornell, Jack Sibley, Jack W'ebb, Kirk Adkisson, Billie Anderson, Marilyn Barr, Chris Boatman, Al Carrell, Sam Cecil, Bernice Childers, Charles Clark, llloise Clark, Pattie Sue Coke, Owen Dcnsmore, Juanita Gaither, Jimmie Gault, Duncan Harrison, Harry Hearne, Maurinc Hilton, Wanda Home, Bill Kitlson, Mardelle Koch, Bettie Sue Marable, Xvilliam McCulley, Rader O'Bri.1n, Dennis Pyeatt, Nancy Robberson, Jack Salas, Glory g V "'i ii' 'C Schmidt, Dorothy Simmons, James See, Bill Tanner, XVarren Whittlesey, Philip Arnet, G. C. Atterberry, XVilson Avard, Collece Bean, Harold Bizler, John Branam, Vern Fay Cooke, John Crockett, James Home, Morton Martin, Dorothy Rnssey, Benita Stevenson, Robert Vernon, liarline Wilkii'lsrrn, Otis Adm, Bill Arrington, Billie Merle Cornett, Mildred Geisert, Leonard Grcen, G. T. Harris, Mathew Hughes, Jack Kinney, Jerry Kirwin, Johanna Law, W'arren Lent, Bettie Lu Lord, Jack Marshall, Cordelia Morgan, Mable Miranda, Lillian Peese, Jim Powers, Lois Sanders, Thomas Schieffer, Gussiero Sorenson, Rodney Templeton, Mary Jean Tyler, Frances Vaughan, James Wfatson, Mary Belle Baltzezar, Marion Blaine, Joe Anne Bowden, Edgar Cannin, Bud Carlton, Juanita Cooke, Dorothy Dunn, Jack Fastman, Mary Ellison, Vira Farrey, Frances Fthridge, Harvey Jo Fisher, Jack Fox, Bertie Gillen, Margueritte Gray, Bob Griffitt, June Hannah, Florence Kidson, Fern Ruth King, Doris Long, Mary Jane Luekie, Wilma Jean McMannis, William McLord, Mary Jane Moore, Ruxie Ann Moore, Thomas Napier, Wilmtl O'Rourke, John O'Rourke, Frank Parker, Catherine Rice, Grace Roberts, Lionel Smith, Bertram Smith, Frances Sillers, Tommy Stroud, Flimbeth Tardio, Lena Wagner, Frederick Wheeler, Bethstine Williams, Nev. Young, Jim Page Eighty-one lv if Pilgf' Eighty-fu"0 President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer S ponsor Cooke, Owen Cook, Embelyne Gleason, Jimmie Gruneison, Williglni Henderson, Charles Johnston, Mary LIBRARY CGUNCIL MEMBERS . COLBY MCDONOUGH . JIMMIE GLEASON . NELLIE LEE MARTIN . . . ALICE Cox . Miss LAURA ALEXANDER Marshall, Cordelia May Murdock, Jane Phillips, George Vernon, Evoline Wfillinm, Edward STUDENT CQUNCIL I'rc'xiilw1f . Vil'F-PV6,Sit1l,1If . Sl'C'fl'fL1l'J' . Bandy, Betty Benda, D'Maris Blaine Joe Anne Bly, Homer Bolding, Lonnie Chittein, Tulera Coleman, Virginia Connally, W'arCl Sarah Daniel, Katherine Davidson, Paul Denny, Lidamay Estes, Mary Frances Fox, James Gillette, Fred Cwruneisen, Wfilliam MEMBERS Hall, Hugh Hawkins, Eleanor Hare, Robert l-lodgens Mary Lo , u Holston, Nora Mae Jameson, Mary Lou Johnston, Mary McCary, Gracie McCulley, Rader McCullough, Hal Michael, Delia Miller, Dorothy Miller, Jack Musgrove, Lee Napier, Carl Pettit, Jos 1SC PYRO N PYLEATT WILLIAM GRUNEISE N DoRoTHY Nlll,l.I2R Pyeatt, Byron Park, Helen Jean Pollack, Ruth Robinson, Jimmie Simmons, James Wfatson, Cecile XVebb, Kirk Wfildman, Dolly Wfylie, Robert Yuening, Joe Browder, Fred Humphreys, XVanda XVarren, lmogene Wfaggoner, Jayne Fincher, Claire Page Eighty-tlwrev W IXIATICDNAI. Tl-IESPIAN CLUB Purpose-to further the work of the Dramatic Club by selecting from that club students with outstanding acting ability and giving them a more detailed education in dramatics. OFFICERS Full Term BENNIE RUTH GARRETT . PI'I'Si!I,U771' MAIKGUERITE BARRETT . Vivo-P1'ffsir!:'r1z' IVA NELL BENNETT, Recording Sc'c1'vta1'y JEANNETTE ROVUNTREE . . . Corresjzomiing S:frrefu1'y Sponsor . ..... . b,Lvri11g Y erm BENNIE RUTH GARRETT . President MARGUFIIITE BARRETT . Vive-P1'cxi11r1'zf REBECCA TAYLOR, RPL'!1l'lZiIZ,Q S:'c:'efm'y JEANNETTE ROWNTREE . . . Co1'1'f'sj2o11n'i11g Srfmfefarjv . . MRS. WANDA BANKER MEMBERS Barrett, Marguerite Bennett, Iva Nell Bennett, Elinor Frances Carey, Mary Frances Chaney, Ethel Carter, Mary Kate Garrett, Bennie Ruth , WW Giarraputo, Lucas Green, Carol Ann Hawkins, Dorothy Lillard, Kitty O'Neal, Jewel Lynn Peebles, Nancy Rowntree, Jeannette Taylor, Rebecca Thomas, Margie Urley, Mary Ann Wallace, Glynn Walther, Richard Wright, Jim Page Eighty-four - , ,.-,,,,? .x,,.,,, S-wi! SENIOR Jack Linehrui Donald W'illiams Lucas Giarraputo Robert Capers Harry McCaffrey Otto Henke Eddie Peters G. W. Chandler Tildcn Hudson Colby McDonou gh HI-V Franklin Crain Charles Parmelee Floyd Terry Jack Williains Foster Lee Lcmlcy Robert Wylie Robert Shelton Jack Miller Jack Smithers Billy Tolbert Clayton Campbell Oliver Cavett Roy Gordon T. Patton Hugh Hall Douglas Knott Morgan Rogers Albert Walraven Louis McBride Page Eiglatg -fi1 r Page Efgbly-f-six P resin' on lf . . Vice-P1'c'si1Ic'f1f Sr'Cr0fnry . . Swgezllzi-:lf-A rms P l'l'.VilIl'l7 f . . Viva'-PresiJr'11l Setrefury . . . Sergeafzf-az'-Arnzs Robert Nowlin Robert Ivy Owen Coke James Maples Jimmie Campbell William Gruneisen 9, FALL TERM SPRING TERM MEMBERS Jerry Smith Carl Kinnan Rader McCulley Joe Brown Fred McBride Horace Stephenson !""" JUIXIIQI2 I-II-V . ROBERT NOWLEN . . . ROBERT IVY . . . OWEN CORE . JAMES WILI.IAM MAPLES . KJIMMIE CAMPBELL . . JOE BROWN . . FRED MCBRIDE . HORACE STEVENSON James Roberson Lonnie Bolding Tarbet Croft Jim Shaw Walter Patton Warren Harding STUDENT ASSISTANTS Coleman, Rirha Polk, Dorothy Chaney, Ethel Carey, Mary Frances Beachum, Luna Belle Maas, Evelyn Garrett, Benny Ruth Bodine, Robyn Waggonner, Jane Burke, Kathryn Harris, Mary Virginia Watsoii, Cecile Rowntree, Jeannette Duff, Mary Carter, Mary Kate Jones, Henry Hawkins, Bobby Cooke, Embelyne Richburg, Loretta Scruggs, Joellen Erickson, Mriel Mann, Clifford Cox, Alice Hawkins, Eleanor Henke, Otto XVinters, Gene Marshall, Cordelia Henderson, Charles Page highly I-IGRSEBACK RIDING CLUB Hatcher, Ruth Duncan, Boyce Capers, Robert Chandler, G. W. Parker, Betty Hollander, Evelyn Peebles, Nancy Wilkes, Meredith Bishop, Kathleen Cunningham, Juanita Moyers, lylaxine King, La Vern Rawlins, Douglas Mangold, Charles Linehan, Jack Terry, Floyd Irwin, J. B. Little, Audie Reed, Jack Hillpot, Jewell Jackson, Edna Mae Crossland, Howard Wonuack, Lesta Gertrude Hancock, Marcus Rider, Paul Harrison, Jim Spillers, Jack Lloyd, Dorothy Page Eighty-eight x lNTERSCl-ICDLASTIC LEAGUE Jim Wright Jeannette Rountree Virginia Holliday Richard Dillaliunty Russell Mason Rebecca Taylor Bennie Ruth Garrett Ruth Manton Richard Walther Ivelle Tacker Jack Smither Oris Dobiyanski James Kilgore g Belly i Page Nirzzly "D" CLUB Patterson, George Parr, Wyman Durrett, Elmer Avm, J. E. Boatman, Al Gandy, Rex Phillips, George Linehan, Jack Landers, Kenneth Niblo, Ray Harding, Warren Barnes, Bill Hunt, Woodrow Terry, Floyd Brown, Douglas Fox, james McCullough, Hal Suter, James Darby, Furnon Davis, Lloyd Bearden, Bob Chandler, G. W. Prentice, Bill Billings, Woodrow Hunter, Robert Ulm, William iii GRCI-IESTIQA PY'L'.Yidl'llf . Vim'-Prr'siJc'11f . Sc'r'rc'fary-Trc'as11wr Sofia! Chairman . Avorn Rvjmrirr Addingt0n,Ri1yford Adkisson, XV. C. Birdsong, jack Bly, Paul Coleman, Tommy Cannon, Herald Childress, Conway Goodwin, Paul Graham, Max Gray, Bob UFFICERS NlFMl5l"liS Green, H. T. Green, ll. T. Lee, Frank McManus, Williixiii O'Brien, Dennis NVarner, Frank XY'hite, W'illiam Wfilson, XVailance Burnett, Martha . . Doius Cook Rfwifnkn Amm1NG1'oN . . . PAUL Bm' . CLAIIUQ FINCQHI-.R Hiikmn CDXNNON Cook, Doris Jincher, Claire Honeycutt, Jewell Heath, Natalie Newton, june O'Bryan, Lntrella Starling, Francis Templeton, Mary Jean Torno, Madeline Tyler, Frances Page Ninfdy-one ,J U if f '- Page Ninth'-!w0 Allbright, Richard Blaine, Lahoma Boatman, Al Bates, Billy Calloway, Rob Fitc, James Landers, Kenneth Luper, Dan Price, john Sibley, Pat Stubbs, Nolan Stubbs, Virgil Cavette, Oliver Abernathy, Edith Clark, Maxine Carteel, Mary Louise Dickinson, Dorothy llinery, Louise Elaw, Juanita Gaither, jimmy Harber, Mary Elimbeth Harbold, Catherine Harris, llrnestine Harris, Mary Virginia Holland, Adelaide Adams, Mary -Iune Hollander, Ifvelyn Bush, Kelly,1,orena Marv Katherine Knight, Bobby Louise MIXED CHGPLJS Michel, Delia Moore, Adana North, Mary Ruth Perkins, Alice M. Pittman, Catherine Owens, Virginia Peery, Nfable G. Roberts, Mary Io Roundtree, Mary Ruth Savis, joy Sinclair, Amy Roy Utley, Mary Wfalker, Leona Xvaits, Mary Ann Nvalters, Sadie Mac Shooninore, Vera liaugh, W'ellford Collier, Grant Lopez, Thomas Parr, Charles Snead, Chad Tuxberry, Bill Irwin, J. B. Hohman, W'ally Bell, Erline Coleman, Christine Dial, Catherine Dial, Dorothy Fulkerson, Margaret Gaither, Grace Griffith, June Hemphill, Jeanne Huff, Virginia Hudspeth, Elizabeth Leslie, Berta Moore, Roxie Ann Nichols, Doris Payne, Dorothy Singleton, Mildred Vaughn, jean Vann, Ruth Vestol, Thelma Whittlesey, Margaret Ann Carter, Juanita F GIRLS' GLEE CL Adams, Virginin Cfnndnr, Dnrix Ann Huun, Mnnricnc Hnnln1,1n, l'ClI1.l lfarle I-llis, Xhry Hcnrn, Marie Bdllgll. A1541 N'I.1v: Gales. Milnlrcal Hamilton, lflimluctlw Bcnnctll. Iva Nell II.1ll, Doris Hudgins, Mary Bess Brown. BCILQ' Bird Hnvcnw, Mnjuric Fmircy, Frances S2lfCS,llU11I1IlC -luclxsmm, Anbm Mac Llulmsnn, Nldflllil Innes, Innnna NIv:Clung, llclcn O'lJonolmc, Billy ,Im l3ollwf1V,l.nis UB Ruukluy, Dorm lmy Tuckur,lDorutl1y XYYJISOII, Mary lic Young, Hclcn I lu lhgu Axvfliff-H -I 1?' 1 age Ninety-four JANUARY SENIQR PLAY CAST Evelyn Honeycutt Dorothy Toano Mary Lois Russell Elizabeth Cameron Iva Nell Bennett Clayton Campbell Robert Capers Eddie Petters Lucas Cfiarraputa Billy Tuxburry JUNE SENIQI2 PLAY CAST Virginia Holliday Edwin Gaskin Marjorie Ray H. A. Rodgers Mary Kate Carter J. B. Irwin Luna Belle Beachum Oris Dabiyanski Mary Frances Carey Lambert Bemelsmah Mr N TALENT CLUB Louise Rainwater Betty Lou Lent Oleta Sweatt Jott Maxwell Dan Luper Luna Belle Beachum Oliver Cavett Albert Little Richard Allbright June Griffcth Mozclle Harris Dorothy Gerard Wilma Jean Lucky TEXAS PQETRY CLUB MAMHA BURNIT1' WVANIIA Fuoum: MARGARIJI' XVHI 1-.1. BETT1: DENTLJN IZLIZAHIZTH Crxrvrru 171111 Tm' 111 . Barrett, Marguerite Baxley, Marian Bearden, Mary Bishop, Kathleen Board, Frances Boyd, Billie ,Io Burnett, Martha l' R OFFICERS . 1'r'c.i'iJw1l . Vin'-1'rf'.viJz'11f . S4'N'u!ur'y Progmzlu Clnzirnmrz Snviul Cflairmflrz Spring Ter nz BILLIIZ jo Boro . . ,IRAN GL1tAsoN . . Minn' KA'l'IIl2RlNl. Mt:Wl MARY Ilumtimlix . BIARGARET Will-'i,i,1lt , MURIIQL EitrtiKsoN . SPONSORS . MRS. TAYLoR Spring Term MEMBERS Bybee, Rugh Carter, Elizabeth Clark, Maxine Denny, Lydia Mae Denton, Bette Dickinson, Dorothy Erickson, Muriel Frogge, Wantla Gleason, Jean Jameson, Mary Lou McXY'illiams, Mary Katherine Nicholson, Marjorie Orr, Jane Peebles, Nancy Pittman, Mary Katherine Rowntrec, Jeannette Spicer, Margaret . . Pl'L'5i1l1'!1l Vin'-Pr'mizl4'11l LLIA Ms . Sl'l'V'C'f1lV',Y Progmuz Clmirumu . Sofirzl Chairman Acorn Rejmrfvr' M ISS HIGGI NBOTI-IAM Steger, Josephine Turner, Virginia Wfarren, Imogene W'est, Rose Marie XX'l1eeler, Margaret XY'l1itman, Dorothy Page Alil1I'fj'-S!'l'f'l1 JUNIOR RED CRC Edna Earl Bland Genevieve Dobbins Ruby Murrey Marjorie Ray Eloise Clark Billie Adkisson Edna Mae Jackson Maxine Moyers Tommy Nelson Juanita Billard Rodney Balendonck Bud Camin Donald Gallager JUNIOR MEDICAL PROFESSIGNAI. CLUB Charline Swann Jewel Hillpot Hazel Collier Marjorie Ray Doris Hiser Betty Parker Edith Latimer Ritha Coleman Edna Mae Jackson Dorothy Poole Pzlgi' iv I if Page Our H14 IIl11V'f't17 , K A JOTT MAXXY"E1.L . RICHARDS WALTHIZRS BFTTIE JANE WARIJ JOTT MAXWk1l.L . RICHARDS WALTHERS BETTIE JANE WARD GORDON REED . Sponsor . . Badgett, Jimmy Bowles, Albert Burke, Kathryn Collier, Carol Crown, Phil Dean, Ruth Franklin, Alonzo Graham, Max Hamilton, Elizabeth Hawkins, Dorothy Harris, Mary Virginia MERA CLUB SPRING TERM Henderson, Charles Hiscr, Doris Howard, Guy Hughes, Jack Latimer, Edith Lent, Betty Lou Morgan, Mabel Marshall, Virginia Maxwell, Jott Musgrove, Lee McGee, David O'Brien, Dennis . . . Prrfsizlcwzf Vive-P1'r'sir1e'11t . Sr'r'rcfary and Trz'as1u'er . Prr'side111f Vive-Prvsidcnf . Sl'L'I'Cf!ll'3,' dlld T1'Cd.Y1L7'f'7 Asxisfunf Ser'1'c'fa1'y . W. E. NOAH O'Nea1, Jewell Lynn Reed, Gordon Swann, Charline Tippitt, Frank W21lthC1'S, Richard Wanner, Charles Waggener, Frederick Winters, Gene Wilder, Truman Walke1', Ruth Ward, Bettie Jane PRGGRESSIVE CLUB James Fox Kenneth Landers Robert Shelton Norman Hartmann Joe Lee Warreii Harding Charles Parmelee Woodrow Hunt Al Boatman Tom Sawyer Louis McBride Robert Hawkins Rogers Brown Charles Henderson Robert Talkington Richard Walther Allan Barry Jimmy Marco Jim Wright FFF Pg o Il IIO ,f Xl 1 ' 1 Mill wp.. Page' Om' Huudrcfl Two CI-IEER LEADERS LUCAS GIARRAPUTA EVELYN HONEYOUTT ARMAND KEANE BELIA MICHAEL DOROTHY DICKENSON JERRY SMITH Sponsor CAPTAIN JOHN A. MANN PEP SQUAD MEMBERS Adams, Virginia Arrington, Billye Merle Ball, Sally Banker, Doris Beachum, Luna Belle Beckhman, Mary Bell, Dorothy Bishop, Kathleen Blessing, Marjorie Blackwell, Andrea Bloss, Betty June Bludworrh, Mildred Bradford, Elizabeth Pep Squad Mascot Patricia Noah Pep Squad Leaders Linden Mccullen Sidney Ruth Waddel Mary Frances Casey DEP SQUAD A I PEP SQUAD MEMBERS-Continued Brower, Jeanette Carey, Mary Frances Carpenter, Marian Carrell, Erna Mae Clyette, Caroline Cockran, Cordelia Collier, Hazel Cook, Elizabeth Cook, Gladys Dorothy Cox, Alice Cox, Kathleen Cox, Florence Cummings, Anna Jo Cummings, La Verne Dorsett, Roselyn Elam, Juanita Emmons, Marth Jane Glover, Betty Jane Goodman, Jacqueline Marie Hamilton, Elizabeth Harber, Mary Elizabeth Hayes, Martha Jane Hill, Peggy Jean Hill, Betty Joe Holloway, Gwendolyn Huckaby, Gloria Huffhines, Anita Hunter, Frances James, Esther May Page Om' I'I1ll1l17'L'!1 Four Johnson, Virginia Anne Johnston, Mary Jones, Kathryne Kemp, Doris Loftice, Elizabeth Loftice, Oleta Long, Frances Lloyd, Dorothy Lormis, Nellie Jayne McClain, Elaverne McClellan, Lindeen Maas, Evelyn McLaren, Jon Mallony, Mary Sue Madderra, Velma Meredith, Marguerite Miller, Dorothy Merritt, Dorothy Moore, Evangeline Nichols, Edythe Kay Nelson, Tommye O,Bryan, Latrell O'Donohoe, Billy June Paden, Helen Grace Palmer, Betty Polk, Dorothy Potthoff, Lois Pyeatt, Nancy Ramsey, Dorothy Rainwater, Louise Ranft, Marquita Reed, Elsie Mae Richardson, Geraldine Rippetoe, Earline Smith, Eleanor Claire Stroud, Mary Beth Sutton, Nancy Carol Taylor, Bobette Thomas, Lois Thurman, Dorothy Lee Torno, Madeline Tippens, Evelyn Scribner, Maurine Shelton, Elizabeth Smithers, Betty Spradling, Mary Lou Swinney, Marceline Talbot, Elayne Tucker, Dorothy Tyler, Frances Vfaggoner, Jane Wardrip, Ruth Watson, Mary Belle Whittlesey, Margaret Anne Wilhite, Doris Wiskochil, Margaret Waddle, Sidney Ruth Won1ack,Lesta Gertrude V Z 2 -C7751 ge, MM fawfn j,1ZJ,ZWZZZw7 W img myyif x lnflanlml wilh Ibm' xlmly of lmzrnirzg unrl Ibm' mlmiru- iiou of rirfnvq sfirrwl up wilh high bopvx of living io br bran' mvrz uml Il'0Yfl7J' pufrivfx, Jmzr lo God, und famous In ull ugm. W.,-.. I I Lfcmy Page Om' Ilmnlrml Eigbl RQSTER QF TI-IE STAFF Battalion C01nmana'z'r Exc'c'ufi1fv O'gll'E'l' . Aa'j11fant . . Intelligence Officer Plans and Training Ojffi Sllfllllly Ojiccfr . Sergeant Major . Sllflflljl Sl'I'gL"dl1f . Calor ScfI'gI'anf . . . LT. COL. BRYON B. PYEATT . MAJOR GEORGE P. KELLY . CAPT. ALBERT P. LITTLE FIRST LT. RICHARD DILLAHUNTY ver . . CAI-T. WILLIAM SEE . . FIRST LT. Ross MEREDITH . MASTER JACK LINEHAM . SERGEANT LEWIS MCBRIDE STAFF SERGEANTS KIRK WEBB, JIMMIE GILLII.ANlJO ROSTER OF COMPANY A Captain Privates Williams, Jack First Lieutenant Miller, Jack Second Lieutenants Clark, Perry Davidson, Paul First Sergeant Elixson, Philip Sergcants J Beiseker, Marvin Boli, L. A. 2 . Carrell, B. A. Cline, Marcus McIntosh, Doyal Smith, George Corjzorals Brown, Joseph, Jr Guillory, J. W. Moore, T. E. Robinson, Jimmie Tippitt, Frank W. Adin, William M. Albin, Jayson Atkinson, Billy Balendonck, Rodney Barr, Chris Blackwell, Clyde Bludworth, Bill Camin, Bud Commons, Milton Craven, Winfield Dailey, Howard Duncan, Richard Everett, Billy Faison, Bill Fowler, Clarence Frazier, Boyd Gardner, John Hartsfield, Merldean Hawkins, Bob Hawkins, Ray Heiskell, Jimmie Helms, Joe Hunley, Raymond James, Leon Jones, Maurice Kerby, Dale Kinney, Jerry Lord, Jack Lowe, Edward Marco, Jimmie Mayabb, Charles McMains, Landie Morrow, Otis Lee Norris, Jack Norvell, Eugene Odom, Ralph G. Owen, E. E. Sallis, Fred Sawyer, Tom Sharpe, Aubry Stearman, Jack Tabor, Stanley Thompson, Glenn Wall, Dan Williams, Billy l aa K RQSTEI2 OF COMPANY B Ctlllfdill Jones, Henry First Licmferlafff Smither, Jack Sc'c'o11z1' LiC'1IIll'I'ltl77f5 Eagle, Bobby Mason, Russel First Sf'1'gI'dl1f Hurt, Douglass St'l'gF6ll7f.Y BurkS,Jim Dargan, L. C. Eason, Prentiss Ivy, Robert Kilgore, James Corporals Bealmer, C. M. Haralson, David Kelly, Joe Musgrove, Lee Wentworth, B. R. riwzfes Anderson, Charles Austin, Harold Baker, Robert Blair, Raymond Beckham, Jack Benners, Alfred Biesley, Vernon Bowden, Edgar Crossland, Edward Dodge, Charles Fritz, Eugene Garland, Gail Geisert, Leonard Gerens, Lloyd Gibbons, Robert Gray, Jack Green, Ray Lee Howell, Robert Hughes, Jack Jennings, Buddy Keahey, George Mabry, Dick Merjanian, Paul Milke, Henry Olan, Lawrence Pettit, Ray Alton Phillips, Hershall Sheilield, Dee Roy Silvey, James Smith, Robert Thompson, Carl Thompson, Pat Ueckert, William Wade, George Wanner, Charles Webb, Keith Wright, Johnnie , iw. . ta, ,Q . 1 M ia RCDSTER Captain Capers, Robert First Lieutenant Crossland, Howard Srcomt Lieuteuants Brown, Rodgers McDonough, Colby First Sergeant Parker, Robert Svrgcants Berry, Allen Blair, Arthur Parker, Jack Phillips, Joe Wfarren, Malcolm Whitten, Robert Corporals Cox, Robert Duncan, Boyce Hackler, Thaviu Hall, Hugh Minor, Ralph CDF CCDMPAIXIY C Privates Allen, Jack Audry, Billy Bloys, Bill Brannon, T. Brown, Orville Brinkley, Charles Browder, Fred Buckley, Stewart Carter, Morris Cowing, Harry Cummings, Gayle Davis, Bill Farrar, Billy Green, Jack Hackler, Taswell Hall, Dalton Harris, Jack Hawkins, Jimmy Hendricks, Harold Herman, Harry Hopkins, Charley Ivy, David Kinght, John Lee, Lawrence Lewis, Lawrence McCarty, Wendell Morgan, David Morgan, Billy Pasino, Frank Proctor, Charles Redwine, Bob Reston, Ray Russell, Lloyd Skelton, Marvin Smith, Bertram Stultz, Sydnor Sturdivant, Gordon Terry, Tom Walther, Danny Warren, Russell Webster, Earl West, Jack Whitlock, Roy Wfilder, Truman Williams, Nev Williams, Wyvel Worsham, Billy Youngblood, Fred 1 RCDSTER CDF CCDMPANV D Capiain P1'iva1fes Bernard Womack First Lieutemznt Wilford Baugh Second Lieutcnants Hare, Robert Lorente, Shirley First Sc'1'geu11f MCCaffcry, Harry Sergeamfx Butler, Tommy Cokes, Owen Crain, Franklin Herman, George Keene, Armond Kinnan, Carl Corpomls Collier, Jimmie Fowlkes, Marvin Dow Franklin, Ned Gualt, Duncan Tanner, W'arren Harrison, Harry Allen, James Baker, Edwin Baker, Gil Barton, Lysle Bixler, W. D. Boluch, John Bryant, Jack Bryant, Robert Caldwell, Ralph Carrell, Sam Less Coker, Marshall Cox, Kenneth Denton, James Eckert, John Evans, Forrest Fuston, J. W. Harding, Warren Harpold, Horace Hillin, Samuel Home, Bill Horn, Wyne Hutchinson, Robert Lindley, Garland Lopez, Thomas Martin, Ernest Maples, Billy Mclntire, Lonnie McBride, Fred Moeck, Johnnie Moore, Thomas Prichard, Royal Rambo, Edward Roberts, Lionel Roberts, Raymond Roller, Ted Schlinke, Otis Scott, Shieifield Simms, Jack Sims, Ralph Switzer, Dashiell Thompson, Earl Wheeler, Herman Whittlesey, Phillip Wier, Jack Wright, Jim gear. Y.m,,.,.,, RIFLE TEAM Byron Pyeatt Howard Crosfland Robert Capers , i , Wilfred Baugh V -1. J ' ' L. A. Boll X' I Bernard Womack Paul Davidson Rodgers Brown Jim Burks I p Ross Meredlth Q? George Kelly B. R. Wentworth Perry Clark Allan Beery Jack Smithers , Ralph Menor Page Our' Hu1m'r' r'zlT ,Nik Es lx Q Www Q. PWJ. ya Y .. I-.I RCDSTER OF BAND Cajufain Giarraputo, Lucas Svcoml Lieuff'11ants Canon, Herald Frensley, Billy Lemly, Foster Lee Parmelee, Charles 1 First Sergeant Travis, Calvin Staff Se1'gea11fs Ashley, John Bowles, Albert Henderson, Charles Sergeunis Brackeen, Billy Cooke, Lane B. Elphingstone, Mike Shelton, Robert Stephenson, Horace Page One Hnurlrcfl Fonrfeen Corjmrczls Croft, Torbett W. Depew, Paul Dickey, J. A. Lee, Joe McGee, Gene Meserole, Otis O'Brien, Dennis Privates Addington, Rayford Allen, Billy Bob Allen, Sam Baughman, Desmer Childers, Conway Clark, Robert Durham, Burt Easley, Raymond Gillette, Fred Goodwin, Paul W. Graham, Max Hamilton, Robert Hanson, Walter Hart, -Tack Jones, Glen Law, Warren Lee, Forrest Lee, Frank Norris, C-. B. Redman, Jack Robertson, Wayne Shelton, Billy Sibley, Jack Smith, Jerry Thompson, Morris Walther, Richard Warner, Frank Warner, Hiram Williams, Horace O' ll in mrvllwzl X To ban' rl giulllfv .vlrvugllwg but if ix fAYV'dIlIl0llJ To rm' il likv u giuuf. A .W jfgfafiai FCOTBALI. SQUAD R. B. HARRIS W. E. NOAH VIRGIL BALLARD VERDIE DICKEY PgeOeHmn' IS len SCRLJB TEAM FIRST ROW Billy Maples James Nall Harry Cowin Tom Cole Sterling Huling Leslie Miller Luke Collett Robert Calder James Roberson James Fight Torbet Croft Bertram Smith Bob Bearden, Mgr. Russell Wyatt SECOND ROW Lonnie Bolding Joe Brown Lloyd Dunnam George Wade David Kenner Dan Dennis Fred Carmichael Bill Primm Penryn Rasor Bill Prentice, Mgr. Walter Patton Taswell Hackler Otis Schlinke THIRD ROW Coach R. B. Harris Charles Thompson Rex Gossett James Fox Jimmie Mascho James Suter Marvin Moore, Mgr. Nickolas Lonza Jack Simms Lloyd Russell Yvilbur Blanton Billy Satterwhite Guy Howard Marion Sattcrwhite Gerald Tallent ll .George Patterson nl. V. Ridley Wensel Gandy Kenneth Landers I. E. Avera Lloyd Davis Page Ont' Hlmclrerl Eighteen GEORGli "PATH PATTERSON George, tri-captain and quarter back, had a tough assignment, but he handled it with ease and had some to spare. Pat smashed his way through broken fields and left would-be tacklers clutching at the air. As a safety man, George was unbeatable. WENZEL 'lBRo'rHER" GANDY About school, W'enzel is called "Brother" because he is that kin to Rex Gandy, star tackle. This is the first time in a number of years that two brothers played side by side in a game. Brother, during the season, excelled in pass xnaring and ran the leaders a tight race at blocking and tackling. KENNETH 'QSTE1'--N-FETC1-IIT" LANDERS Kenneth was probably the hardest struck boy on the Adamson squad as far as injuries were concerned. He was the hardest worker and a very dependable guard until "Lady Luck" went against him in the I. O. O. F. game. Step-n-Fetchit stayed in there and fought hard and won his letter. Next year much is expected of him. J. E. AVLRA J. E. rose from the rank of a scrub, to bench warmer to the varsity squad in a week's time. He surprised fans, but those who knew football players felt that E. was a natural as a guard. He, in the Sunset game, started the tide turning as he smashed his way through his opponents and contacted the ball carrier with fierce and deadly tackles. Avera finished his high school career as a football player in great style, and his spirit and hustle will be the example for football players to come. LLOYD KCOUNTRYQ Davis Lloyd was the utility man on the Leopard squad. He played seven different positions during the fall of '37 and played one as well as the other and as well as any player who usually held down the position. Country had hard luck during the first of the season with an injury in his knee, but he got over it and finished in a glorious manner at right guard. EI.MER USCORPIONU DURRETT Elmer on numerous occasions not only was a good offensive and defensive player in the line, but he also demonstrated some fine ability intercepting passes, while breaking up line plays. This is Durrett's second year to lettr, and with his indis- pensible line backing on the defensive, he should be given honorable mention for All- City. JAMES SUTER Taken from his regular guard position, James was placed at the right tackle posi- tion in place of injured Rex Gandy. He played as brilliant a game at tackle as he did at guard, and will be remembered by his teammates and opponents for his fair and excellent playing. Elmer Durretlt James Suter JANIIS "Davis" Oakl-.s Tri-Captain Oakes was one of the outstanding players in the district. In fact he was picked by many as All-City. He was one of our hardest tacklers and best blockers. He was a fighter to the end, and no doubt will always be remembered by both friend and foe. Whxltlti N "jok1,R" HAIKIJING W'arren's do or die spirit, and consistent hustling, in turn, gave him a letter this year. Not only spirit and hustle, but his ability to block and tackle were remarkable in spite of his lack of experience. Harding has what it takes, and will be back next year to display his skill. QJLIVI it C:AVl.'l 1' Oliver lettered this year for the first time and will be back next year to take the Leopards through another year of history football. He was a serious worker and was very dependable when called upon. Oliver was a good player on offense, and defense, though lack of experience held him back considerably. HAL QHOIFD McCu1,t.oUcn Hal surprised many Leopard fans by taking over the right end position at the first of the season and holding it through out the games. His great improvement was in blocking and tackling, and that gave him the promotion. "Hole" opened the season with a bang, showing his ability at catching passes from all angles and posi- tions. Hal has one more year to play and has great hopes of carrying away all-city honors. Douotas RAWLINGS Though not mentioned much during a game as outstanding, Douglas was the real and true cause of Niblo's consistant ground gaining. His superb blocking on off-tackle plays and end runs will always be remembered. Though this was Doug's first and last year to play on the Varsity squad, he made himself known to all Leopard rooters who saw him play. G. W. CkiANDI.l2R Chandler is rated, by all. as one of the fastest and shiftiest backs in the city. He was as brilliant a pass receiver and he was a ball carrier and in him was the spirit and hustle that all great football players have. G. XV. finished his football career at Adamson this year, but will be heard of in years to come, not only in football, but in basketball and baseball as well. Ai. BoA'rMAN Al was another one of the boys on the injured list at the first of the season, but he pulled out of it in time to get recognition as an excellent football player. Boat- man showed vast improvement as the sea-on went along and always had that fight- ing determination to win. He will have a hard job next year as guard, but his spirit will carry him through. , 1: .A,1'z2'af f' X i X V gg. my fs.. e 4-if be C We W .M i K , - ' 3212. -. W . , 'f e .. ?tf-7 ' t x g 2 as f' v ff Al Boatman Chad Sneed James Oakes W'arren Harding Oliver Cavett Hal McCullough Douglas Rawlings G. W. Chandler Page O-ne Humlred NfllEft't'I1 .., .Z Rex Gandy Douglas Rawlings Robert Baker Bill Barnes James Fox Woodrow Hunt Page One Hundred Tweniy REX "MAI-IATMAU GANDY Rex, tri-captain and ace tackle for the Leopards, would have been unquestionable All City, but a broken hand, received in the Waco game, prevented it, because it was the cause of his missing three city series tilts. Mahatma turned in a dependable' offensive and defensiv performance in every game he appeared in, which was dear to every coach but the enemy instructor. ROBERT BAKER Robert is known as tl1e sophomore sensation on the gridiron. He excelled as a blocking back when only one year of experience was behind him. Wfith two more years to go, Robert should make a strong bid for All-City. Baker has the real traditional "Oak Cliff Spirit" and much is expected of him in the future. BILL QBODACIOUSD BARNES Bill used his 210 pounds of muscle to a great advantage, smashing through opponent blockers with ease. He, at times, bolstered up the whole left side of the Adamson forward wall when his mates on each side were unfortunately taken out. Bodncious's everlasting spirit during his last.year of play will be remembered by all who know him and have heard of him. JAMES ilHYMAN,, Fox The left guard position was filled in by steady and dependable James Fox. Several boys who opposed Fox said James was the hardest charging guard they had played against. He played almost enough time in various opponents' backfield to earn a letter from their school. BILL "REn,' PRENTICE Bill was one of the most useful boys on the squad. Wllcnever the players needed equipment, or first aid, Bill was always Johnny on the spot. He believed in the Leopards and helped them along with encouraging words and brightened things up when the going was tough. Prentice has been assistant manager two years and this year he was promoted to head manager. He has one more year to be manager of the football squad. RAY NIBLO As the star player, Ray was the mainstay of 'the Leopard squad. He was a triple-threat man being able to pass accurately, punt far and high, carry the ball and gain ground consistently, and last but not least, he was easily the hardest taekler of the city. In all of this Ray was elected All City and was mentioned as an outstanding player in the state. DIDN'T LETTER CHAD SNEED J. V. RIDLEY MARVIN MOORE Woonnow HUNT Marvin Moore Bill Prentice Ray Niblo B TB Ll. L1,ovn Davis "Country", as Davis is known, was substitute guard. Although he played only a few games, he was a good defensive man. Davis graduates in june thereby losing for Adamson another fine prospect. "Country" has been out for basketball three years and this is his first year to letter. A. VV. PIARRIS A. XV. is the tallest man on the team, and lettered for his first time this year. Harris, who played center, is back next year, and should be high in the individual scoring as well as being a memebr of the All-City team. Fuitxox DARBY Darby played guard and made the all city team at the center position. He finished fifth in the city scoring with 78 points. Darby has been out for basket- ball for the last three years and this makes his second year to letter. PHILIP PRICIT Sandy, Pricels nickname, was forward and a good one. He's baek next year, and is all city material. This is Price's first year to letter. Sinit1.1.r LLoaENTE Llorentc, forward, was the boy who stepped into Robert Hunter's shoes at mid- term, and scored forty points. Llorente is only back until midterm next year, but keep your eyes on him the first half. Llorente lettered this year for the first time in his two years of going out for basketball. Fnwix Gixsktx Edwin played guard on the second team, but lettered as a senior. Eddie has been out for only one year, and he lettered his first year out. Dour.LAs Bitowx Dou 'las Brown, ea stain of this vear's team la ed forward and center. "DeaconU 5 l . i P Y y BroWn's nickname, didn't get going until the North Dallas game, but when he did, the opponents knew they had to stop him to win. This was Brown's third year on the squad, and he will be missed when basketball season rolls around again. This makes Deacon's second year to letter. NOT IN PICTURE Gizoltota PAT'rLasoN George, also a letterrnan, graduated at midterm, leaving guard position open which Price filled very well. Patterson had been out for basketball for three years, and this made his second year to letter. K 1 ' ., 9 51450 ir N 44 be XV. P. Durrett Douglas Brown Cfmrrli Cufrlain Page A vmw. 2 9-me ,W r-N90 . nhl:- l.loyd Davis A. W. Harris Furnon Darby Philip Price Shirley Llorente Edwin Gaskin One H11r1tl'rt'i1 Tu 'wily-om R K JACK LINEHAN Jack, who has lettered three years, was the Leopardis 1938 track captain. Hc was the most. versatile man on the team, being able to turn in a good time for any distance. Linehan, running in the 440, won first place in the city meet, first place in the district meet, and second place in the Region 3 event. In placing the regional event, Jack won a try to the State meet at Austin. This is his last year and he will be exceptionally hard to replace. RoB1iRT STACY Stacy showed he could do what he wanted to when he won third in the 100 yard dash. Stacy showe ddetermination to stay in there when the going got rough. This is his first and last year to letter. HENRY Bum' This is Henry's first year to letter in track, by winning second place in the high hurdles. It is his last year, and his loss will be a great one. W1LI.ARD Ross Willard was our sophomore star. He should prove to be a record breaker with more practice and experience. This is his first year to letter, and he has two more years. He should be the bst in the city next year, In the high jump, he jumped five feet and seven inches. Rex GANDY Rex, won his letter by taking first place in the javelin throw in the city. He will be hard to replace as this is his last year for the blue and white. WELDON Glens This is W'eldon's first year to letter in track by tying for third place in the pole vault in the District. This is his last year and he will be hard to replace. AL BOATMAN This is Al's second year to letter in track and he has one more year. He should be the best in the city next year in the discuss throw, and should prove a record breaker. He was one of two boys from Adamson to make a showing in the regional meet at Denton this year. He took fourth place there, and is due to go to Austin for the state meet in May. HAL MCCULLOUGH Hal not only surprised himself and the rest of the squad by lettering in the half-mile run by taking third place, but he also surprised Coach Pop Noah. This is Hal's last year for track, but the speed he picked up from track will no doubt prove useful on next year's football squad. I., 1. gifts ez? . 35 . 5- V 45 v 2 aw . i t- me fir i sign , i .5 . Q T: Af' l E Al Boatman Hal McCullough Weldon Gibbs Page Om' Hznzzlrecl Twenty-fwo ,lack Linehan Robert Stacy Henry Burt W'illard Ross Rex Gandy Morgan Moore, Mazinger TRACK SQUAD SEBALL SQU .IN si -Q-1.14-ff. V Q 33 .L , , 1 A V M ,M 33233 ,.,, "1 xy' H1 Q, ,xa,7a,,, 5' lff ,Lf 'iw K W wi 't . ,, 'Q if 'wflvwi 1 if , , um ,wwf-ffwf,wg?fw LWMIQ , V A ,M f 1:33 rv-4 ""'55'A 'f25Qg'3!Js.g:C'fQ5.jX-g,ae?'kjf'4 Q 5 ,.f T 'i.1f " 5 1 -v SUBSCRIPTION CONTEST WINNERS Eddie Peters, with 94 subscriptions won first place in the Subscrition Contest. I Jeanette Daniels won second place with 46 subscriptions. Kathleen Bishop obtained S200 Worth of ad- vertising, the largest amount obtained by any one student. PgOIIln'l MI LLHZOT l-low to Get Cn the Acorn or Oak Staff For the satisfaction of the ever-inquiring student body, the Oalz has condescended to reveal to the public the method of examin- ing the prospective members of the Acorn and Oak staffs before they take their re- spective offices. Since the style, make-up, and purpose of the two are somewhat dif- ferent the tests will vary accordingly. It must be understood that it would be grossly unfair to reveal the answers to any of the questions as there are to be Acorn and Oak staffs in the future. The examina- tions are as follows: Acorn Test: 1. Calculate the approximate weight of a pound of cheese. 2. If one side of a square is 10 inches, what is the length of each of the other three sides? 3. Who wrote Longfellow,s "Hiawatha"? 4. Where was the battle of Waterloo fought? 5. Who proposed Archimedes' Principle? 6. When does the 6:30 leave? 7. If 3 plus 6 equals 9, what does 6 plus 3 equal? 8. When was the election of 1936? 9. Spell these words: cat, rat, bat, sat, fat. 10. What kind of animal did Paul Revere ride? 11. What is a gold ring made of? Oak Test: 1. Explain fully and give five practical applications of Einsteinis theory of relativity. 2. a. What is the exact distance from here to there? Express in millimeters. 3. Using Archimedes' Principle, calcu- late the exact number of sperm whales in the Gulf of Mexico. 4. Name all the constellations alphabeti- cally, giving the number of stars in each and their exact distance from the earth. 5. Wfrite the "Idylls of the King" from memory. 6. Where does your fist go when you open your hand? 7. Give the exact number of Lincoln pennies lost prior to 1890. Give at least three clues to the whereabouts of each. 8. Define the trace the origin of the following words: brobdingnagian, ca- cophonous, catafalque, piscicultine, poliomyelitis, Zoroastrianism. 9. If a equals b and c equals d and all things being equal, calculate the price of red calico in Africa. 10. If friction generates heat, how far would you have to roll a barrel of water to make it boil? Note: Write questions 1 to 9, inclusive in Chinese. i i 1 l Q. S5 f Ptqkwbqw fs X ., s...,f-' 2.1L .p-fx 1091 . M H ,..,wf an ,Ls ,HW in Q xl X I 2 umoim ms Minn I-Ni P 0 k v , - , O 4 IQAQQQT ' 0 .H 0'-via Q. i fi .,,',',0 , v of v. o 4 9'.,".,' ,, If 5 1 A A 1 ,fy 9 'V' ' ' 1 1 'fs y 'fb 4 ,tg 6' 8 nk, W Q., dupe K .a W., , Y r Q oi A W 0 4' ff , 4, .. , , A Q -. ,. , , 5 Q- 1- A in-gs g .., Qs ' 'F '. f 1 L Q.. All Explained UI-Iear about Jimson being in the hos- pital?" "In the hospital? Why, I saw him last night dancing with a dizzy blondef, "Yeh! So did his wife." No Question About It The pupil was having trouble with his punctuation and was being called down by the teacher. 'iNever mind, sonny," said the visiting school board president, consolingly. "They don't amount to much anyway." K'Don,t they?" rejoined the teacher, turn- ing to the president. Then calling to one of the pupils she ordered the boy to write on the board this sentence: 'tThe president of the board says the teacher is a fool." "Now," she continued, 'Tut a comma after 'boardy and another after 'teacher'." Automatic It was in front of an art institute where two stone lions stand guard on the steps. "How often, my lad, do they feed those lions?" said a man to a little newsboy. "Whenever they roar, sir," was the straight- forward reply. Advanced Harmony "Now," said Colonel Hersolt, "we'll play The Stars and Stripes Foreverln i'Gosh!" exclaimed Foster Lee, "I've just played that!" Mary Iolmston: "Well, nurse, why isn,t today tomorrow when you said it would be last night?" Another Scot Did you hear about the Scotchrnan who went down to the Black Sea to fill his fountain pen? Bargain Burglar Lonnie Bolding: "I hear your store was robbed last night. Lose much?,' The Opfimiszf: "Some. But it would have been worse if the yeggs had got in the night before. You see yesterday I just finished marking down everything 20 per cent. Never Repaid "Ah, my boy, I owe a great deal to one woman." "Your mother?', "No, my landladyf, Bennie Rzzlla Garraff: "And for Bonnie Annie Laurie I'd Lay Me Down and Die." Lixfemw' Crisingj: "Is Miss Laurie in the audience?" The Reason "What? The main road to Binksville is open all the way?" "Yes, we had to open it until we get the detour Hxedf' Absent-Minded Beggar Dorcas Biifings: "What made you quarrel with Lonnie?" Margaret Anne: "Well, he proposed to me again last night." Dorcas: "Where was the harm in that?" Rita: "My dear, I had accepted him the night beforef' Headin' Home "This train is for Dallas and points east!" bawled the announcer. "I want one that goes to Kansas City and I don,t care which way it points," snapped the old lady in the bonnet. ESSAY ON A COW A cow is an animal with four legs on the under side, and is born when very young Cso is her calfj. A cow is useful in two ways. It gives milk. The milk is good to drink. Also white. So is the left hind foot, except on brown cows, and theirs are black. A cow has ears that wiggle on hinges. So does her tail. A cow is bigger than a calf, but not so big as an elephant. Cows are made small so they can get into the barn when no one is looking. Some cows are black and others hook. Cows have horns but they canlt blow them. To freeze cows, milk you use ordinary cold ice. Cows' milk straight is too strong, therefore they always dilute it at the well. All cows give milk and butter, but no eggs. A cow has a tail also which hangs by one end, and swings to and fro-mostly fro. A dead cow will not hurt you. Neither will a live one after it is dead. That is all there is about a cow. PROTECTING DAD Sfern. Father fto L. A. Boli departing for boarding schoolj: "Now, don't let me hear any bad reports about you!" L. A.: "I'1I try hard, Dad. But you know how those things leak out." At the Baseball Game Delia: "What's the man running for? Harry: "He hit the ball. Delia: "I know, but is he required to chase it, too?" Pa: "At last I found a way to make that . young scamp of yours stop winking his eyesf, Ma: "Really?" Pa: "Yes, 1,11 show him the article in this science magazine where it says that every time we wink we give the eye a bath. Paw, what is the difference between capi- tal and labor? Paw: Well, the money you lend represents capital, and getting it back represents labor, my son. Pa, what's a post graduate? Paw: A fellow who graduates from one of the correspondence schools, I suppose. Gosh He grasped her roughly by the wrist and drew her forward. She was deathly pale. Her free arm dangled helplessly at her side. Her very purity was transparent, but she was stiff, unyielding. He drew her gently to himself, his hand sought her fluttering throat. She broke. She yielded. That white breast was finally resting upon his own. Their arms were entwined. "Thank God!" he said, "that I sent you to the laundry yesterday-else I'd be wearing a dirty shirt now." l'Willie," said his mother, "I wish you would run across the street and see how old Mrs. Brown is this morning." "Yes'm," replied Willie, and a few min- utes later he returned and reported: "Mrs. Brown says it's none of your busi- ness how old she is." A maiden lady of uncertain age became very indignant when the census taker asked how old she was. Did you see the girls next door, she asked, the Hill Twins. "Certainly," replied the man. "And did they tell you their age?" "Yes," "Well," she snapped, "I am just as old as they are." "Oh, very well," said the census man. And he wrote in his book, "Sarah Stokes, as old as the Hills." Returned Early A new one on the absent-minded man. A fellow who put on his office door a card saying: "Out. Will be back in ten minutes," and on his return sat down on the steps to wait for himself. Spartan Simplicity Book Agent fto Mr. Childersj : "You ought to buy an encyclopedia, now that your boy is going to school." Mr. Childers: "Not on your life. Let Charles walk, the same as I did." Face Values Iimmic Hawkins: "I hate those impromptue complexions, don't you?" Nancelie Utf: "What do you mean?" Iimmie: "Those they make up as they go along." Easily Remedied I. C. Powell: "I snore so loud I wake my- self, it's hopeless I presumef' Doc.: "No, just a simple case: sleep in an- other room." Straight Shooter There, little grapefruit, don't you cry, 'Cause when you do, it hits my eye. A Winner "Yes," said the proud mother, "Rex is one 1 of the best football players at his school. Heis the drawbackf, Hints to Travelers To close a trunk when over-packed: 1. Lose Key down the well. 2. Trunk lid will automatically slam and remain permanently locked. When 'Tis Folly to Be Wise Possible Employer-"But you're asking rather high wage, seeing that you know nothing about the work." Reba Heiskell-"But, you see, not know- in' the works makes it so much harder for me." Letting Fate Do Its Worst The Smiths are on the balcony and can hear what a young couple are saying in the garden below. Mrs. Smith-"I think he wants to pro- pose. We ought not to listen. Whistle to him." Mr. Smith-"Why should I? Nobody whistled to warn me.', TORTURE "Talk about torture!!" QYYeS?!, "Nothing worse- than sitting in a barber's chair with your mouth full of lather watch- ing the boy trying to give another customer I, your hat. BUTTON, BUTTON Customer in drug store fon Sunday morningj: "Please give me change for a dime." Druggist: "Here you are. I hope you enjoy the sermon." HOW ABOUT IT, WALTER Fatfy: "Who gave the bride away?" Caffyr "NValter Winchel, last Thursdayf, The laziest woman lives in Eldorado. She puts popcorn in her pancakes so they will turn themselves. fever hear about the absent-minded prof who fell in while boating and sank twice before he remembered he could swim? A BROADCASTING RECIPE This is the story of a young bride who asked her husband to copy off a radio recipe' she wanted. He did his best but got two stations at once, one of which was broad- casting the morning exercises and the other the recipe. This is what he took down: Hands on hips, place one cup of flour on the shoulders, raise knees and depress toes and mix thoroughly in one-half cup milk. Repeat six times. Inhale quickly one-half teaspoon of baking powder, lower the legs and mash two hard-boiled eggs in a sieve. Exhale, breathe naturally, and sift in a bowl. Attention! Lie flat on floor and roll the white of an egg backward and forward until it comes to a boil. In ten minutes remove from fire, and rub smartly with a rough towel. Breathe naturally, dress in warm flannels and serve with soup. AS THEY WOULD SAY IT NOW Samson: "I'm strong for you, kid." Ionala: "You can't keep a good man downf' David: "The bigger they are, the harder they fall." Helen of Troy: "So this is Parisf' Columbus: "I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way." Nero: "Keep the home fires burning." Solomon: "I love the ladies." Noah: "It floatsf' Mefhuselab: "The first five hundred years are the hardest." Queen Elizabeth to Sir Walter Raleigh: "Keep your shirt onf' NO DISCREPANCY THERE Teacher Qsternlyj: "This essay on 'Our Dog' is word for word the same as your brother's." Small Boy: "Yes ma'amg it's the same dog." REPORTER'S FIRST EFFORT A man killed a dog belonging to another man. The son of the man whose dog was killed proceeded to whip the man who killed the dog of the man he was the son of. The man who was the son of the man whose dog was killed was arrested on complaint of the man who was assaulted by the son of the man whose dog the man who was assaulted had killed. for flog,', says "Lighthouse no good Chinaman. "Lighthouse he shine whistle he blow, flog bell he ling, and flog he come just the same. No gloodf' COWED The curfew tolls the knell of parting day, Along the quiet lanes the cattle come. The plowman puts his implements away Then jumps into his car and motors home. EPITAPH With violet cuddling in his arms, He drove his Ford-poor silly. W'here once he held his Violet, There now is clasped a lily. Teacher: "Can't you name even one product exported by Cuba? Where do you get your sugar?', Tommy: "From the neighbors mostly." The question of the correct plural of the word, "mongoose" was solved by a gentle- man who wanted a pair of these interesting and affectionate creatures. He wrote to a dealer: "Sir, please send me two mongeesef' He did not like the looks of this, tore up the paper, and began again: "Sir, please send me two mongoosesf, This version did not satisfy him any better than the first so he wrote: "Sir, please send me a mongose, and, by the way, send me anotherf' , A , '-if ,'. B. Irwin Qhaving rough shavej: "1 say barber, do you have another razor?,' Barber: 'lYes, why?" I. B.: "I want to defend myselff' ujohn, I'm sure I heard a mouse squeak." "Well, do you want me to get up and oil it?" Hobo: "Boss, will you give me a dime for a sandwich?,' AI Boatman: "'s see the sandwich." judge: "What possible excuse could you have for acquitting the prisoner?" Foreman: "Insanity, Sir." Iuzlge: "What, all twelve of you?" Margie Carroll: "I understand you are looking for a new maid." Mary S. Maloney: "Yes, our last one handled China like Japanf' Dentist: "You needn't open your mouth any wider. When I pull your tooth, I ex- pect to stand outside." Mrs. Ballard: "What,s the idea of poling the broom in baby's face this morning. Mr. Ballarol: UI just wanted him to get used to kissing his grandfather? A boy was about to purchase a seat for a movie in the afternoon. The box-office man asked, "Why aren't you in school?" "Oh, it's all right, sir," said the youngster earnestly, "Iv's1got measles." Ola' Colorezl Mammy: "I wants a ticket for Magnolia." Ticket Agent Qafter ten minutes of weary thumbing over railroad guidesj: "Where is Magnolia?,' Old Colored Mammy: "She,s settin' over dar on de bench." Major: "What is a maneuver?" R. O. T. C. Boy: "Something you put on the grass to make it green sir." Tlac Boss Qsmilinglyj: "On the way to Smith and Sons you will pass a baseball field and-" Hugh Hall Qhopefullyj: "Yes, Sir?" The Boss Qstill smilingj: "Well, pass it." Target Iustrurtor: "Where the dickens are your shots going?" Seaman: "I don'tiknow, but they're leav- ing this end all right." Delia Michael: 'tW'aiter, I was here yester- day and had a steak." Waiter: "Yes, sir, will you have the same today?,' Delia: "Well, I might as we-ll, if no one else is using it." 'SHE SHOULD WORRY Here lies the body of Susan Jones, Resting beneath these polished stones, Her name was Brown instead of Jones, But Brown wonlt rhyme with polished Stones, And She won't know if it,s Brown or Jones. MIGHT HAVE BEEN AN ARROW I sneezed a sneeze into the air. It fell to ground I know not where, But hard and cold were the looks of those In whose vicinity I snoze. A COMA? Teacher: "Give an example of period furniture." Starohojne: "Well, I should say an elec- tric chair, because it ends a sentencef' Teaeher: "What is a comet?" Pupil: "A star with a tail." Teacher: "Very good. Name onef' Pupil: "Mickey Mouse." THE GAK ADVERTISERS: The advertisers in this section oi the Oak have contributed their support toward makina the annual a success. They have shown their vviiiinaness to sup- port the student body in their undertakina and deserve the undivided patronaae oi the students. KATHLEEN BISHCDP, Advertisina Manaaer. CQMPLIMENTS Poll I Phone 6-6265 316 W. Jefferson JIMMIE SINGLETGN, INC. Anfo Lanny Ania .Ynleer Finnncing Rejinnndncg DPPOSITE MEDICAL DENTAL BUILDING WHERE OAK CLIFF BORROWS C0l1'Ipli77ZC'17fS SCI-IELL GRILL IWZWWW F. M. SCHELL, JR. WRIGHT TITUS 1207 North Zangs Boulevard I 14550 L0077-f COMPLIMENTS OF Texnf - Rofewin - Mialwny Tbennfef Bishop Avenue Pharmacy "WlJnf yon wnnf when yon wnnt nv Phone 6-2131 Seventh and Bishop An Ook Ciiii Institution PRESENTS ITS COMPLIIVIENTS to the Student Body OF ADAIVISON I-IIGI-I SCHOOL ,H ,gg Y-Y-V , Gb 1 I Tricks, jokes, Puzzles, Sozweniifs LYON-GRAY LUMBER CO. AE I E Qualify Building Maferial at ilu, M D Rigbz' Prive THE STORE OF 1,000 WONDERS 216 East jefferson Y Phone 6-2181 409 North Ervny QOpposite Post OTIICCJ Established 1876 .9 --, .L i , , BRYAN,S BARBECUE Good boys lore tlazvr SlSft'1'Sj Since 1910 So good burr' I grown N , That I lore oilncr boys' .tixf1'i's Whfll If 5 B6lV!9C'CUC'-' Beffm' fhan my own. Think of Bl'j!dlZ,S,, I 530 W. Jefferson Phone 6-0517 -L Af--. L- 5 - D --- Complinzwifx of UA FRIEND,, 1- -- --f---f - --ff --- f - - -1- --i--if-f Q H A R R I S O N GROCERY AND MARKET 505 North Bishop Three Phones 6-5101 NORTH LOOP GARAGE TEXACO PRODUCTS CLAY C. SCOTT fa Q1 GEORGE WALDREP BARBER SHOP BISHOP AND DAVIS "Bent in'Oak Cliff' ROLAND ELLIS Men'J Wear 3 33 West Jefferson Telephone 6-7631 Phone 6-5621 Bishop and Davis - Q , nf, -WKLHL - .,,,,,v RENE H. COX FUNERAL HOME For All Kinds of I11s1n'am'f', Sm' Al'7fIbZl1dl7L'6 Sertficc' C. T. BISHOP 300 West Davis , 1005 West Jefferson 6-8165 ..... PHONES ..... 6-8166 TCICpI1OnC 9-1174 L I 1 BISHGP OTOR CO PANY oaicge-Plymouth Sealey amd ezwice I oo 5 W. Jefferson Dallas, Texas FRED A. KELLY FURNITURE A. L. JARVIS COMPANY Watch Rejmirivzg "That Prefiy Lifflr' SILIIITU jewelry ' ' G'f'fS 353 W". Ielferson Medical Dental Building 200 W. Jefferson Phone 9-1800 6-0607 METROPOLITAN nusmnss common TIDWELL,S BARBER SHOP I zf Pays io Look Well Foremost in Dallas since 1887?-50 yegs of faithfukserv- ice in training young people or goo positions. suc- cessful institution of character, standing and influence. 114 Jefferson Phone 6'7230 'Write or phone 7-8514 for full information. SEE PHILLIPS - TAYLOR MANDELSTAM,S For Your Wfcfll-Siylcfd lVc'z1ri1zg Apjmwl r'T1L'K'I1'L, Years of Svrz'in' in Oak Clif, Q p Phone 9-8511 125 W. Jefferson Sc to 51.00 STORES NVE INVITE YoU T'o TRADE WITH Us All Kinds of Sc to 51.00 Merchandise 121 W. jefferson Phone 9-S311 J. H. HUNT, Manager POCLE FUNERAL HOME 437 W. Jefferson 6-0848 I. B. Irwin: ls Sue married? Grace McCroy: No, is oo? Miss Bull: Did you do your outside read- . 3 SA1.rl'EU NUTS . . FINE CANDIES lub- Buflfv Royal Sullmf Nuff LllXIl'l'l1l" King: No, it was too cold PHONIP M0078 409 S. Beckley Ave. Dallas, Texas - - - Q , 774, - ,,v, , .-,. CLIFF FOOD STORES GOODMAN CLEANERS H , ,, ' U Your Oak Clzjff Grocer Qllflllfjf, SFVUICC and Cjourfesy WU' S11t'L'itlIiZl' in ilu' Very Bvxl Gnzlfls of Mm! FREE DELIVERY Phone 9-3211 400 Bishop 321 North Bishop 624 East Jefferson 9-5851 6-5175 9 vm-- -- MANUFACTURERS OF HIGH QUALITY WEDDING AND COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS CAIJ DLE ENIEIQAV N13 CU. STEEL DYE AND CDDDEIQDLATE ENGIQAVEIQS 411 North Ervay Phone 7-0019 Dallas, Texas ---- , -- Q - --1 MCDONOUGH GARAGE OAK CLIFF BANK AND TRUST Ten Years in Oak Cliff CQMPANY Body and Femfer Rrpuirizzg i , 212 S. Zangfs Blvd, Phone 9-3757 Conlplefg Bpmklug Swvlce - ,-Q, ..,-,- 6-0018 LUCK'S SHOE HOSPITAL DAD,S COOKIE COMPANY - Shoe R6'l7dil'ilIg-Sb0U Correcfioiz 415 North Beckley Avenue 127 W. Jefferson Phone 6-0377 CLIFF AID BIIEA gives Sustained Energy . . . builds Muscle - . . is nearly 1002 Digestible ...... contains Iron that is I-lealthful . . . . is good for Teeth and Bones . . . is Non-Fattening . . . . aids the Digestion of Other Foods, Eat BREAD with every meal for your health's sake. 0AK CLIFF BAKING C0., Ninth and Marsalis E. V. BRITTON, Oak Cliff Graduate BRITTON SERVICE STATION PHoNE 6-0032 Automotive Repairing . .. Body and Fender Work Wrecker Service . . . Duco Painting C0l71lJll'NlC'11fS D O N N E L L ' S De Luxe ICE CREAM 731 VV. Davis Phone -8197 Miss Bell: "Virginia, tell me about the life of Milton". Virginia Sfockmd: "Well--er-Milton was a great poet. He married, and wrote 'Paradise Lost', then his Wife died, and he wrote 'Paradise Regained,." SUITS - PANTS - OVERCOATS Rvariy-Marla . . Tailor-M4412 BELL TAILORING COMPANY "The Young Mmfs Sion' of Dallas" HUDSON C. LOCKETT 166 Main Street+Phone 2-0995 Dallas SUDDEN SERVICE STATION AUTHORIZED DeSoto and Plymouth Dealers Complclt' Gzlrugr' Sr'r1'ic'c 6-2604 1001 W. Jefferson 634 W, Jefferson Phone 9-1200 FASHION CLEANERS Clranivzg .. Prc'ssi11g .. AlfEl'dfl011S Dry Cleafzing . . Dyeing R. C. STRICKLAND DALLAS, TEXAS Kathleen is so dumb that she struck a match the other night at the party to see what time it was by the Sundial. "Waiter, my plate is damp." "No, sir, that is your soupf' 653 POSITIONS High school seniors who are looking for- ward to employment and opportunity as early as possible after Commencement will be in- terested to know that during 1937 our Em- ployment Department placed 455 young people--most of them 1936 and 1937 High School graduates-in good starting positions with Dallas business firmsg and had 198 calls that we were unable to H11. A complete record of these calls and place- ments are on nle at the College office-the broadest assurance of the opportunities that await your graduation here that it is possible to conceive. Intensive Courses to prepare you for similar opportunities within a few months. Call or phone 7-3133 for complete information. Largest in Dallas-in enrollment and place- ments. Draughows College Commerce and Harwood C0fl71PliI1'lC'lIfS of J. C. PENNY COMPANY 'I' BECKLEY 85 NINTH SERVICE MV. Dzzrreifz Hurrah! We'vc got 21 man STATION on every base! AIfB1m': Oh, that's nothingg so have JACK HENDLY they. X BOJAN HAT SHOP CLIFF FGOD STORE 225 W. Jefferson 6-0515 , 7 Ifu 'c' Y' ' Inf rx ll mfr' likz' 1 , F' ee Delivery AIIKPZYLQII?IIl'ifIUlIt'XIJlldllt' forIg'uOU, , Yu "ll ffn' I ,lc X jim' firr, 319 North B15h0P Phone 9'4851 Xgzfgfliilzg bxlxojf irji1iL'i11'11:11 Jvsign. W PEARL POTEET RUTH BOBBITT s Phone 9 -1 R U S H M A N Cleaners and Dyers Ozwml am! Ofwmfml by Jon and ROY 000 112 S Bus. Phone 9-5537 Res. PhOl1C 6-2312 J. W. REMMER, PLUMBING Repair Work nz Spevialzfgr' Lancaster 719 E. Jefferson Dallas, Texas T W PHONE 6-6318 COOKE TEXAN SHOP p JUST GOOD THINGS EOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN TO WEAR 235 West Jefferson Dallas, Texas l SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. V V. C0llZl7Il'I71C'HfS Painf ,HL'LlLlL1Ildl'fCl'S in Oak Clif 3164 300 S B ki RAINBOXV CLEANING CO. , 9- . ec ey Mary Kufv: Therels something in this SERVICE world besides money. STATION li Philip: Yes, there,s the poorhouse 'I' Liff' ix Wal, life is f'dl'I1L'Sf, ' D ' Lei HX xfrizv fo do our bmi, P7'f'5f'7'1f7fl0l7 Phm'77mCl5f5 Ami, dz'pa1'1fi11g, leave behind 115 , Ph 9 3745 Colomdo It Ballqrd Nofvfwoks fbaf will help fha resf. one - 4 1 . 'I' l jarlz, Smifbzfrz Wfhat is your daily income? C017lpliI726'l7fS i Peggy Batcblcr: About 3:00 A. M. A SERVICE STATION 'I' TEXAS BARBER SHOP The students were asked to hand in jokes lx 'CM t C If i Dallas, for the Annual. On one piece of paper ap- OS 0772 6 3 12 Texa Theatre Bldg 6 0480 peared two words, "Nancy Peebles? s . - l f d d k COURTESY PASS-Clip for FREE my Miss Harris: How ar i you get in wor - 5 'J X ing up your history notebooks? A' Hurry 7VlcCajff1'vy: As far as the library X ,film , C URSE d - ' !4 , Lights out at 2 A. M. 'W' ' 1500 N. Beckley Phone 6-0215 L , f , ,E f , , , - - , V Y, j!,6Z.77507Z PRINTING COMPANY 1717 Wood Street . . . DALLAS, TEXAS APPRECIATE THE FINE CO-OPERATION GIVEN US IN THE PRODUCTION OF THESE HIGH SCHOOL Qflmezmls 355 3 QgE s3 is 1 533.5 3, li ,ii52si5i3 23533 fk'33jyif55b 39 .N 3. l 5 33335551

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