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Text from Pages 1 - 150 of the 1937 volume:

1 'W'-' - --- V Y . U65 DM X sf ' :-3 ' ' Q -P -1. . 4-zu ,- W1 N24 ' ' gl J' 1 Q , 1- ' I ' A x i , , . -5- Q! 5 ,i , 5 53 . 1 X, er-1 1 0 F. , ni. ' V .J .1 ,..., , V ,,,, - Zinthvriuv Barb 1 Eh EE. ilinme Ehitnrn Y Qllmrlrn fllmxhmxillr , Glhratrr Mrliag Enninrna Hianngrra , N 1 w ifishrr Efnrrvzt Flnhn Eglrr Ahnrrtiaiug f-Ilan:-xgrra 31112 Ahumn Emu mgliv Q Bnnkkrrprm r ' K 1 'NRE A I' IIMISLEB 'imfh 19357 By 3518113 Snhnnl :ma H5539 FCDREWCDRD When to the sessions of sweet silent thought I summon up remembrance of things past, I sigh the lack of many a thing I sought And with old woes new wail my dear time's waste Then I can drown an eye, unused to flow, For friendly faces dim in memory,s flight And weep afresh loVe,s long since cancell'd woe, And moan the expense of many a vanished sight: But if the while I think on thee, dear friend, All losses are restored and sorrows end. DEDICATI To Miss Helen Aouddell, whose splendid supervision and earnest co-opera- tion has for many years been responsible for the success and popularity of the Oak, the Class of 1957, despite her many protests, dedicate this twenty-first volume. o N V l TCD GUI? SCI-IGCDL As fast as thou shalt Wane, so fast thou growest In one of thine, from that which thou departestg And that fresh blood which youngly thou bestowest Thou mayst call thine when thou from youth convertest Herein lives wisdom, beauty, and increase Without this, folly, age, and cold decay: If all were minded so, the time should cease And three score year would make the world away. Let those Whom Nature hath not made for store Harsh, featureless and rude, barrenly perish: Look, Whom she best endowed she gave the more, Which bounteous gift thou shouldst in bounty cherish: She carved thee for her seal, and meant thereby Thou shouldst print more, not let that copy die. CEVBW ur' Bunk 1 .. 11 . .Iii-1 P a 5 1 ' '5 , ' 1 ' i - ' 11: 1. 1 f .1 1- 7 , X' f . 5' Q . . Q ,, 1: 'iff 12 xv . . 71- A '11 1,1 -. 5 1 1 wma 1 -f - , 1 11 L 'ma ..- , ' 1. 1 1' '-1- -.Q -x .. gig 155,151 m lm , V L Qim b g, 1 1- , ., ,f --,ff fx: Aug' : s f K .r -.95 vi Wig , I I '1 1 ' 5 ' ,A sy 1 zLa,,, f --v -Q 1 1 1 uf A . f 5 f1 X1 N 1 . 1 13 1 . E ' I -Q 5,1 ' 5 i1 L , ,sl - ggi X '- I -. i '1 W I - , 1 .'1 23, ' . V3 - xi x 4 'f WW ' SIE. 1 ' L ' VP L , .? .S??T1TF f U i .fi , 3 V' yy YYY! 595 if E? 5121- fi-va , 'N iii A- 1 , L v lr 'FQ ., ' H m'fJ.'11i11'fi '35 V- :1 1i111g1gsf1 ' . fi i v , Qi EW.. , 1 - , F li ,7?'ff55f U77 .- ' - ' 1' 1 , ' fs 5, 4 1 'kay ww . .mfkzawte-w4,,.,,,.Ri: , X 1- , '- xg-4 frm. I 'ffl rg A ,A t- J' 51914 1af 1f 5 9' , . : 1iffg?q1-'I 4 an -' H f . fag' ,irax L76 5:2 u 1-1-1 1 sf' -1 +2 1h,f5,Q V '!..fs. 'p , fxhminiwafiun ,..,gg,Xk .Ii l l . , p I J' RULES OF LIVING Teach me to obey the rules of the game. Teach me never to cry for the moon, never to cry over spilled milk. Teach me to win if I cang if I cannot Win, teach me to be a good loser. Teach me to distinguish between sentiment and sentimentality, to esteem the first and to despise the second. Teach me never to accept and never to offer false praise. Finally, if I must suffer, may it be like fl thoroughbred that goes away by himself in order to suffer in silence. GEORGE V. Pug N. R. CROZIER S11pcrinle1111c1zt of Sfhools E. B. CAUTHORN Assistant Snjzerifzfcmlcnt of Schools BCDAIQD OF EDUCATION DAVID W. CARTER, JR., M.D. . . President MRS. W. P. ZUMWALT . . . Vice-President COMMITTEES Supply Finance MR. GABE P. ALLEN, Cloaiwnun MR. L. O. DONALD MR. D. D. ROGERS Rules MR. FRED D. DANEORD MR. L. O. DONALD Building and Sifes L. V. STOCKARD District Superintendent of MRS. W. P. ZUMWALT, Chairman MR. D. D. ROGERS, ClJllll'1lIH11 MR, L, O, DONALD, Cbnirnmn MRS. W. P. ZUMWALT MIXS. W. A. LEEPER L1l17Cl91'007l'LS Page Elervn MRS. W. A. LEEPER, Chair-1nan MR. D. D. ROGERS MRS. XV. P. ZUMWALT MR. GABE P. ALLEN MR. FRED D. DANFORD Welfare MR. FRED D. DANFORD, MRS. W. A. LEEPER MR. GABE P. ALLEN Clanirmmz 'N' 51 .- .,, 1 J, YJ, A I a t :VIE g g, 1. :' Z . TO THE SENIORS The outstanding challenge of today, to you Seniors who are about to assume your places in the economic, political, and social life of the nation, is for you to realize and fulfill your responsibilities as citizens. I trust that your days in Adamson High School will have laid Well the foundation necessary for that unbiased, helpful, co-opera- tive, loyal, and wholesome citizenship so necessary, in this era of un- rest and revolt, for the perpetuation of this greatest of all democracies. Howard A. Allen. Page Twel :fe g'e.'ik ,.g .al To l-IQWARD A. ALLEN Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate: Rough Winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer's lease hath all too short a date. Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines, And often is his gold complexion dimmedg And every fair from fair sometimes declines, By chance or nature's changing course untrimmedg But thy eternal summer shall not fade Nor lose possession of that fair thou ovvestg Its beauty blooms in hearts more beauteous made As in eternal lines to time thou growest: So long as men can breathe or eyes can see, So long lives this and this gives life to thee. Page Tkirieen - - f ig? 9- gif.- ,L GW' Wagyu , -Xl, I 0 - ' ALLEN, LIOXYARD A. . AIJUDDI-LI., HELEN . IXLLXANDIQR, LAURA . IXNDERSON, W. M. BALLARD, C. V. BANRER, VVANDA . BARRETT, ANNI: BLLL, ANNA . BELL, RU'I'lI . . BRAMLI,I l'Ii, MINNH. . BROXVNI3, THOMAS WEST CABANISS, IDABEL . CAMPBELI., L. E. . CLEMENT, NEI.I.IE D. FACULT Priiivijml . Frenrb . Lilzra rian . Sfinly Hull . M1lfllFIlldfl!'S . Publir Sfwfzleiiig . Malbcuiaiiziv . Ilixfory . English Mullwriializw CUlIIIl1L'!'t'l!Il Law . Domvxlic Art M!'t'bdllll'IIl Drawing . . . . Art HARRIS, R. B. . . , HASIELTINIE, MAY MARION HESTIZR, H. B. . . . HlCGINI3OTI1AM, LORINE HOEHN, GLADYS . . '1'IOLLOXY'AY, GEIKALDINL HORN, LIELEN . . . HURST, VIRGINIA . KENDRIQR, MARY . KING, ROBERTA . . LANGIJORD, WINNIE LANRI-ORD, NELLIE BLY . LEETWICI-I, L. C. . . MANN, JOI-IN A. . Hislory , Muxic Murnml Aris Soriul Sflfllfl' . . . Clerk Sl'l'!'!'fLIl'j' lo Pr'ii1r'i1ml . . . Euglixb Coin III r'rI'if1l . Slmly Hall . SlJt1lIlXb . Hisfory . Evzglixb . . Miifbcnzniivs Coiiiiriumhziif of R. O. T. C. CLEMENT, W. B. . Mnfhf'matic's MARRIO'I'1', R. E. . . Comnlcrriizl CLYETII-1, MARY LOUISE . English MILLIZR, HAZIiI. . . Couzzizcrrial COOPER, BIERTA . . History MORRISON, MARY . . Pbyxiull Training CIKANE, ABIGAIL . Hislory NEXY'BIiRRY, EUGIENIA . . Spanixb CUNYUS, G. G. . . Cbcnzistry NOAI-I, WINTON E. Malbcmzztirs DURRE'I f, W. P. . . Hislory PATRIQR, ANN . . English EISENLOHR, HENIiIli1'TA . . jozirmzlism PETERS, JOE R. . Cam111cn'ial FRAZER, RIPPLE . . Douzvsiiv Scieiivc ROCRLTT, NIABILL . . . . . Euglixb GILLESPIE, J. H. . Accounting ROOTES, XITIRGINIA ..... ,. Spfmixh GRAVES, FANNIE . . . Dean RUFIJIN, RUTH .Q nglixb HAMIL'I'ON, LUCY ,... . . . Mallwirzutifs SMITH, R. N. ....... Mafbcnzaticx PIAMILTON, W. T. HQyvvAT+0 YN . Pbysicx STOKES, BERNICE . . Axsixlniif in Pbyxiaral Trizirziug HAMMOcR, CHRISTINE ...... Latin TAYLOIK, NELL R. . ..... Englixb LIARRIS, NIARGARET . History TILLILY, EUNICE . Cbcmixlry if Page Fonrfvvii Page lilflccn To THE FACULTY My tongue-tied muse in manners holds her still, While comments of your praise, richly compiled, Reserve their character with golden quill And precious phrase by all the muses filed. I think good thoughts whilst others write good words, And like unlettered clerk still cry Amen', To every hymn that able spirit affords Tn polished form of well-refined pen. Hearing you praised, I say 'Tis so, ,tis true, And to the most of praise add something moreg But that is in my thought, whose love to you, Though Words come hindmost, holds his rank before. Then others for the breath of words respect, Me for my dumb thoughts, speaking in effect. 'sf' 51 4 :,1 f . , ,ff 5' N! N bf I J., if 'GE H5 . gn. ,, A N? f . 1 Lf 'W ,, PARENT-TEACHER ASSGCIATIQIXI MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. OTIS C. MESEROLE RODGERS P. BROWN ELLIS MITCHELL L. B. JOHNSTON . J. L. MASSIE . M. D. WILHITE . C. E. MANDEVILLE E. D. HURT . HOWARD DAILEY . W. E. PARKER . EARL BROWN . R. L. POLLOCK . W. F. CLARK . OFFICERS . . . President . First Vice-President Second Vice-President Third Viee-President Fourth Vice-President Fifth Vice-President Sixth Vice-President Seventh Viee-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer . Historian Piirlianientarmn Page Sixt TIME MARC!-IES GN! We should like to commemorate our Found- ers, and their ideals. Theirs was a type of prac- tical idealism that has helped us to perform prac- tical service, and we hold firm the hope that we shall reach their ideals of service in promoting the well being of every child in our community. lt is Well for us to pause from time to time and take inventory of just how well we are filling our places. We are parents and teachers who sincerely hope we may never be found lagging in our responsibilities. It is the earnest desire of the parents to be of Worthy assistance to the en'- tire student body, to co-operate to the fullest ex- tent with our principal and faculty, and to co-ordinate our work with that of the Dads, Club. The officers of the Parent-Teacher Organiza- tion for this year have faithfully tried to uphold the traditions of our pioneers, and to ever be of service-service unselfishly rendered. V610 ' 5 T21 8 5 F: -A 'Lf . A DADS' CLUB OFFICERS L. E. MCBIIIDIE ..... Presidwzf F. L. LIHMLY . F0lll'fl7 Vin'-Pr'0.IiJr'11t I-I. F. PARII . . . liirsf Vive-Prvxizlrlzf NV. E. CIIANLY . Fiffln Vin'-Prvxide11f R. L. PoLL.ocgIs . Svmzzd Viva'-Pr'miz1'z'11f J. E. WILLIS . . Sixllr V'iz'1'-Pwsidvfzf B. M. KERSHAXV . Tlzira' Vicc'-P1'f'sifI'w1f M. P. I-IUcI4AIsI3I: . St'l'l'l'fdl'J'-TI'CdSIlITF' EXECUTIVE BOARD C. L. HATKZHER G. L. CHliSNUT J. I. BEAUDUAY W. F. ULM F. W. ELI.IsoN R. L. MAURICE E. M. CAIN R. L. MAURICI. J. A. MANN SAM RANIJLETT W. H. FINCHER It might have pleased the great Creator to make man independent of all other beingsg but as dependence is one of the strongest bands of society, mankind was made dependent on each other for protection and security. To be of service to the students, aid the faculty, and co-operate with the Parent- Teacher Association is the purpose of this Club. The past year has been most satisfactory. The second annual athletic Round-up, the spring carnival, and other projects have been successfully completed and a vocational guidance program started. The year also saw the completion of the public address system, a major project sponsored by the club for many years, and made possible by the whole- hearted co-operation of all departments of the school. In bidding our seniors farewell and wishing them success in their chosen fields, we wish to remind them that knowledge is attained by degrees. Wisdom dwells with con- templation. There she must be sought by us, even keeping in mind the correct knowl- edge of our service to God, our neighbor, and ourselves. Page Eigfaivwz Svnium PN Wang -'. I Q 2 JANUARY CLASS CDF1937 l ALVIN STERLING . l I W. A. STRICKLAND . ToM WYLIE . Social Committee Betty Jane Wiskochil, l Chairman l Leslie Hollis l Dorothy Dell Keith Thomas Williams l ff 5' l I OFFICERS COMMITTEES Program Committee jim Brower, Chairman Lillian Hargreaves D. C. Nolan Sybil Roan . President . Vice-President . Secretary r 5: Invitation Committee Martha Walters, Chairman Jeanne Oates Lee Wolfe Page Tu enty LILA ABLES Entered from Bowie, 1933. Scholarship Club, Latin Club, Acorn Reporter, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Salesmanship Club. ' Her eyes are jewel-like and cased as richly. CHARLES BEATY Entered from Bowie, 1933. R. O. T. C, Band. An honest, kind, and handsome genflenzanf' JIM BROWER Entered from W. C. Stripling High, Fort Worth, 1933. Senior Play, Operetta, Art Club, Track, Football. A better gentleman the spacious world cannot again afford. RUTH ADAMS Entered from Bowie, 1933. Scholarship Club, Sec. Nat'l Honor Society, Pep Squad, Spanish Chorus, Art Club. Exceeding wise, fair spoken, and persuading. MARILEE BENNETT Entered from Peeler, 1933. Scholarship Club, Dramatic Club, Horseback Riding Club, 4A Invitation Committee. She is fair and fairer than the word, of wonderous 1firlue. PAT BROWER Entered from W. C. Stripling High, Fort Worth, 1933. Art Club, Student Council, Acorn Reporter, Football '34-'35, Track Team ,34-'3S. A double blessing is a double grace. RAYMOND CAMPBELL Entered from Boude Storey, 1934. Baseball '36, Acorn Reporter, Art Club. The prince of chivalryln ABBIE CHAMBERLAIN Entered from Woodrow Wilson, 1935. In every sense is she amiable and sweelf' GLADYS CHILDRESS Entered from Reagan, 1933. Scholarship Club, Latin Club, World Affairs Club, Operetta '33-'36, Orchestra. A maiden of grace and complele nzajestyf' AMos CENDALI Entered from Boude Storey, 1934. Football '35-'36, Baseball '36, President of D Club. A bold, brave, gentlemanf' Page Twenty-One 'Gi' ,E 5 'bf F Q zl' - . ,.., 4 '92-f ,Lf 'KY' vs W es- s . A A vi' RUBY NELL C1-IURCHWELL Entered from John H. Reagan, 1933. Attendance Award. Tender and delicate temperamenlf' RUTH COLEMAN Entered from John H. Reagan, 1933. Art Club, Poppy Sale, Pep Squad, Dramatic Club. The fairesi maiden that lived, that loved, ihat liked, that looked, with cheer. Moiuus DOBIYANSKI Entered from Irving High School, 1934. Football '35, Acorn Reporter, District, City, and Regional Track Champion Team 1936. Virtue he had, deserving to commend. ROSEMARY DANIEL Entered from Hogg, 1933. Vice-President of Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Secretary of 3-B and 3-A Classes, First Place in City Extemporaneous Speaking Contest in '35, Oak Staff, Linz Awards, Best All Around 4-A Girl. She is indeed perfectionf' GERALDINE DES LAURIERS Entered from Bellows Free Academy, 1935. A kinder, lovlier maiden was ne'er in our presence. RILEY DONNELL Entered from Bowie, 1933. Latin Club. He has no equal. LINTON FREEMAN Entered from James Bowie, 1933. Scholarship Club, Latin Club, Library Assistant, Acorn Reporter, Salesmanship Club. The fellow had good judgment and was excellent indeed. HELEN ELIZABETH HAMMER Entered from James Bowie, 1933. Spanish Chorus, Spanish Club, Pan-American, Forget- Me-Nots, Pep Squad, Girl Reserves, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society. She derives her honesiy and achieve: her goodnessf' HELEN EADES Entered from J. F. Peeler, 1933. Pan-American Student Forum, Student Council. Holy, fair, and wise is she, such grace the Heavens gave her. LORRAINE EUBANKS Entered from J. F. Peeler, 1932. Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves. Grace and good disposiiion attend your lailyshipf' Page Twen ty-Two EDYTHE MARIE HARALSON Entered from Roger Q. Mills, 1933. Glee Club, Music Dept., Spanish Club. Of disposition gentle, and of wisdom o'er topping wo1nan's power. JAMES HODGE Entered from Terrell Prep School, 1933. Radio Club, Backstage, '35, One-Act Play. A gentleman of excellent breeding, admirable discourse. CLINTON HAMILTON Entered from James Bowie, 1933. Baseball, Tennis, Aeronautical Club, Salesmanship Club, Acorn Reporter. He is of a very melancholy disposition. LILLIAN HARGREAVES Entered from Hogg, 1933. Gym Assistant, Dramatic Club, Secretary of 2-B Class, Lunch-Room Guard, Acorn Reporter, Horseback Riding Club, Student Council, Oak Staff. The sweetest, fairest lady we have ever looked upon? BILLIE JEAN HARTNEss Entered from Peeler, 1933. Secretary of Pan-American Student Forum, Spanish Club, Spanish Chorus, Scholarship Club, Acorn Staff. So delicate with her fingers-an admirable musician. FRANK HAYS Entered from James Bowie, 1933. Acorn Staff, Track Team. Valiant, wise, and well-aceoinplisbedf' LESLIE HOLLIS Entered from Paducah, 1934. Pan-American Forum, Crack Company, Crack Platoon, Rifle Team, Senior Play. He doth deserve as much as may be yielded to a man. EVELYN HAYES Entered from J. F. Peeler, 1933. Pep Squad, Operetta. A virtuous gentlewoman, mild and beautiful. KATHERINE HORD Entered from J. S. Hogg, 1933. Co-Editor of Oak, National Honor Society, Acorn Re- porter, French Assistant, Art Club, Pep Squad, Scholar- ship Club, Horseback Riding Club. Her disposition she inherits, which makes fair gifts fairerf' HERBERT Hicks Entered from Boude Storey, 1934. Baseball, Acorn Reporterl They shall desire more of your acquaintance. Page Twenty-Three Y- .-, WW , ' af If zi zf I ., 'wks . zf. S Z A .nj DOROTHY DELL KEITH Entered from Reagan, 1933. President of Library Council, Acorn Staff, Student Councilg Best All-Round Underclass Girl '36, Oak Staffg Acorn Reporterg Dramatic Clubg Horseback Riding Club, Gym Assistantg Pep Squadg Shooting Starsg Senior Play. Most exfellent aceornplished lady, the Heavens showered gifts upon youf' EDWARD KEMPE Entered from James Bowie, 1933. Dramatic Club, Radio Club, National Thespiang Senior Play. Oh! he is the courageous captain of compliments. ZULEMA KITCHEN Entered from Bowie, 1933. Pan-American, Spanish Club, Scholarship Club, Pep Squadg Girl Reserves. Her valiant courage and undaunted spirit is more than is commonly seen in life. JUNE KENNEDY Entered from Peeler, 1933. Operettag Acorn Reporter, Glee Club, Dramatic Clubg Music Club. She is so free, so apt, so blessed a disposition. KATHERINE KINKEL Entered from L. G. C. Academy, 1932. Acorn Reporter. Indeed she is a most delicate maiden. WALLACE HOWARD Entered from Peeler, 1933. 2nd Lieut. in R. O. T. C. An excellent young man indeed. J. W. JACKSON Entered from Winnetka, 1933. A loyal, just, and upright gentleman. SAMMY LARUE Entered from James Bowie, 1933. Spanish Club. Fair thoughts and happy hours attend you. MURIEL LAKE Entered from James Bowie, 1933. Vice-President of National Honor Societyg Scholarship Club, Secretary of Spanish Club '34, Spanish Chorus, Pep Squad. Too wise, wisely fair, To merit bliss by making them despair. HASKELL JAMES Entered from Boude Storey, 1934. His heart as far from fraud as Heaven from earthf' N? 1 Page Twenty-Four 6, .-5 JACK BROWER Entered from Stripling High, 1933. Football '34, Golf '34, Art Club, Scholarship Club, 1 Year Linz Pin. We have no ambition to see a gooiilier man. , CLARINE MCBRIDE Entered from Peeler, 1933. Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club, Pep Squad, French Club, Poppy Sales, Forget-Me-Not Sale, Acorn Reporter, - Operetta '34-'35, Football Ticket Sales. A maiden so tender, fair, and happy. BETTICE MCCULLEY Entered from Bowie, 1933. Scholarship Club, Salesmanship Club, Poppy Sale, Forget- Me-Not Sale, Latin Club. A pretty gallant lass. DAVID MCDOWELL Entered from James Bowie, 1933. He hath a heart as sound as a bell. T. J. MOON Entered from James Bowie, 1933. Music Club, Operetta, Football, Track, Senior Play. Art thou not acquainted with him, know not his voice? CHARLES MANDEVILLE Entered from Reagan, 1933. National Honor, Business Manager of The Oak. In my stars I am above thee, but he not afraid of my greatness. VIRGINIA MAPLES Entered from Hogg, 1933. French Club, Scholarship Club, Acorn Reporter, Poppy Sale, Forget-Me-Not Sale. Her love serene, her thoughts iHI17ldL'1lIl1fL'.,, FRANCES MARTIN Entered from James Bowie, 1933. Operetta, Scholarship Club, Spanish Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Orchestra. I.oL'elinexs in favor, sympathy in years. HOWARD NELSON Entered from Hogg, 1933, Juinor and Senior Hi-Y, Art Club, Student Council, D Club, Acorn Reporter, Football '35, '36, All-City and Captain '36. 'WHis looks are full of peaceful vnajestyfl D. C. NOLEN Entered from Hogg, 1932. junior and Senior Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Operetta, Presi- dent of Music Club, Leopard Club, Football, Track, Senior Play. Another hero! Page Twenty-Five 'Yi-Q' Q is W 2 Em . 0 . , I A-sa f l QL J ,V - il' 'l 4 1 . , 1 4?- W I .al ALICE PHIFER Entered from James Bowie, 1933. Debating Club, Pan-American, ,33 Cantata. vb: She is a sweet lady. IQ SUE JANE PRICE Entered from Sunset, 1933. Pan-American, Pen Pals, Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, 3 Opererta '34-'35. A lainrl heart she hath, worthy of our L'01ll1l1!?I1dK1fi01I.U CLAUDE PRESTIGE ' Entered from Forest, 1934. World Affairs Club, Spanish Club, Junior Hi-Y. W A companion noted, and most known to youth and 1 5 liberty. MARY ELLEN MURRELL ii --v-f C .- Entered from Hogg, 1933. at President of 1-A Class, Scholarship Club, Dramatic 4 A Club, Library Council, Student Council, National Honor ,1 f ls: Society, French Club, World Affairs Club, Co-Editor of x The Acorn, Senior Play, Oak Staff. The fairest--that would have won any 1nan's heart. JEANNE OATTs Entered from Hillsboro, 1935. Pep Squad, Dramatic Club, Arorn Reporter. ' The rssrnfe of refimwnent with a miml of her own. ANTHONY PIRANIO Entered from Mills, 1933. World Affairs Club, Spanish Club, Latin Club. What any man flares, hr flares. MARY DEE REED Entered from Bowie, 1933. French Club, Art Club, A mairlen never hold, of spirit still and quiet. PEGGY RANDALL Entered from Reagan, 1933. Library Assistant, Scholarship Club, French Club, Aforn Reporter, Linz Award, Operetta '34-'3S. Whose happy heart hath power, To make a stone a flower. HERBERT PEELER Entered from Peeler, 1933. Yon Cassius hath a lean and hungry look, he thinks loo much. WILLIAM REAGAN Entered from Peeler, 1933. World Affairs Club, Pan-American, Spanish Chorus, Spanish Club, R. O. T. C. A gentleman on whom we build an absolute trustf' 6 Page Twenty-Six ' f PATRICIA REED Entered from Reagan, 1933. Scholarship Clubg Dramatic Clubg Aeorn Reporterg Operettag Forget-Me-Not Sale, Poppy Sale, Oak Staff. She is as kind as she is fair, for beauty lives with kindness. BOB STEGER Entered from Reagan, 1933. His advantage serves for a fair victory. RANDALL RYAN Entered from Hogg, 1933. Track 335, '36g Football '36g Operetta '33, '34, '35, '36g Senior Playg Mixed Chorusg Boys' Glee Club, Economics Club, Secretary 4-B Classg Vice-President of Leopard Clubg Scholarship Clubg French Clubg State Track Team. Happy am I, from rare I'm free, Why arenit they all content like me? SYBIL ROAN Entered from Hogg, 1933. 1-B Presidentg Cheer Leaderg Sponsor, Baseball Sweet- heartg Basketball Sponsorg National Honor Societyg Co-Editor of The Aeorng Oak Staffg French Clubg Dramatic Clubg Senior Play. The fairest queen a king ever received. MARY EDNA ROBINSON Entered from Peeler, 1933. Pan-Americang World Affairs Clubg Spanish Chorusg Spanish Club. They say the lady is fairg 'tis true I can bear them witness. DORIS SCHUPPEL Entered from Mt. Auburn, 1934. Olympics in 1934. And thy step is no more than a delightful measure of a dance. MERVIN SCARBOROUGH Entered from Alexander Junior High, 1934. Track. The gentleman is learned, and a most rare speaker. JANICE SEARS Entered from Roscoe, Texas, 1933. Forget-Me-Not Sale, Poppy Sale, Art Club, Girl Reservesg Pep Squad. An earnest worker whore reward should be the best. RUTH ROBISON Entered from James Bowie, 1933. Secretary of 1-B, 1-A, 2-B Classes, Library Assistantg Dramatic Clubg World Affairs Club, Spanish Club, Gym Assistantg Chemistry Assistant. Can we ever forget her bright and everlasting c'harm?,' W. A. STRICKLAND Entered from Reagan, 1933. 4-B, 4-A, Oliicerg Senior 'Hi-Y Officer, D Club Officerg Underclass Favoriteg Best All-Around Senior Boy, Foot- ball134,'3S,'36. His quiet and ready smile Wfins him new friends all the whilef' Page Twenty-Seven 'ik ... Q i- 2 l bE I 'K' ' Qi.: 221- . . QY'-'ik .al fkf-9 I LOUCILLE SHEPHERD Entered from Frisco High, 1934. Dramatic Club, Pen Pals, Acorn Reporter. A good sport-few can surpass her. HELEN SHADDAY Entered from Peeler, 1933. Art Club, Oak Staff. She is no less than what we say, a jine and gentlelailyf' MARY HOLBROOK SNYDER Entered from Peeler, 1932. Operetta, Banking Assistant, Girl Reserves, Glee Club, Acorn Reporter, Dramatic Club. Her beauty makes this vault a feasting presence full of light. ALVIN STERLING Entered from Peeler, 1933. Crack Company, Crack Platoon, Private, Second Lieuten- ant, Captain Efficiency, Camp Dallas Efficiency, Junior and Senior Hi-Y, Acorn Staff, President of Senior Class, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel, President of the Student Coun- cil, Baseball, Football, Senior Favorite, Oak Staff. Noble, Courageous, High, and Unmatchahlef' JOHN TYLER Entered from Hogg, 1933. Oak Staff, President of National Honor Society, Four- Year Linz, Four-Year Everts, Olfxcer in Band, All-City Orchestra, Pen-Pals, Scholarship Club, Crack Company, Efliciency Award, Interscholastic League Contest. His mind is the clearer and his virtues the fairer. EDNA MAE TUCKER Entered from Reagan, 1933. Art Club, Acorn Reporter, Oak Staff, Horseback Riding Club. A sweeter and lovelier maiden coulil ne'er he found. BOWDEN WATSON Entered from Bowie, 1933. Radio Club, Aviation Club, Chemistry Assistant. An afahle and courteous gentleman. PAULINE VERMILLION Entered from Trinity Heights, 1933. French Club, Scholarship Club, Poppy Sale, Forget-Me- Not Sale. She believes in happiness, content, and good will. WALLACE WESTMORELAND Entered from Peeler, 1933. It's nice to be natural When yozfre naturally nice. BAss WILLIAMS Entered from Highland Park High, 1934. Football, Basketball, Track, Vice-President of Senior Hi-Y, Secretary of Junior Hi-Y, Acorn Staff, UD Club, Salesmanship Club, Senior Play, Cleverest Senior Boy. Not a shiek, but The Shickf' Page Twenty-Eight THOMAS WILLIAMS Entered from Peeler, 1932. Captain of the Band, Camp Dallas, Scholarship Club, Honor Band, Second Lieutenant Efficiency, First Lieu- tenant EH-iciency, Camp Dallas Eiiiciency, Track, Dra- matic Club, State Band Contest. Still achieving, still p1i1'suing a high ia'eal.', BETTY JANE WISKOCHIL Entered from Bowie, 1933. Opcretta, Acorn Staff, Oak Staff, Spanish Chorus, Pan- American, Scholarship Club, Dramatic Club, Girl Re- serves, Horseback Riding Club, Pep Squad, Social Chair- man of 4-A Class, Senior Play, National Thespian. Fair she is if that mine eyes be true, anzl true she is as she has proved. JACK WILLIS Entered from Hogg, 1933. Football '34, '35, '36, Basketball '35, '36, '37, Junior and Senior Hi-Y, Operetta, Senior Play, Pan-American, President of 2-B, 2-A, 3-B, 3-A, Classes, All-City Base- ball '34, '35, Oak Staff, Acorn Staff, Best All-Round Underclass Boy. As prone to 'mischief as able to perform it. TOM WYLIE Entered from Reagan, 1933. Pan-American Student Forum, Scholarship Club, Secre- tary of 4-A Class. He is the hes! remecly for the blues. TAYMAN WILSON Entered from Hogg, 1933. Staff Sergeant, Dramatic Club, Music Club, Attendance Award. He is of a noble strain, of approved valour, and confirmerl honesty. LOUELLA WALRAVEN Entered from Peeler, 1933. Oak Staff, Dramatic Club, Senior Play, Spanish Essay Winner, Pan-American, Spanish Club. just a hit of charm and grace. MARTHA WALTERS Entered from Pceler, 1933. Horseback Riding Club, 4-A Class Invitation Chairman. As swreet and fair as a flower in spring. PI-IILLIP PARRISH Entered from Reagan, 1933. Dramatic Club, Crack Platoon, Crack Company, Camp Dallas. Wfonalerful spirit with whom none can compare. ALVIN YATES Entered from Bowie, 1933. As true as steel, yet gentle withal is he. INDIA FRANCES WALLS Entered from Bowie, 1932. Poppy Sale, Forget-Me-Not Sale, Operetta. The hearts of her friends trust safely in her. ROBERT HOUSTON Entered from Bowie, 1933. His wit can drive all care away. W is -.dl l X7 Page Twenty-N ine ,T Q' 154 , ' f JP sul X5 , .V All ' ,gk ff 01.9, I E., 1- . I Lf A fx FALL TERM OFFICERS Roy THRASH P. H. DUNNAM President X Vice-President JAMES CHRISTE Sefretary JUNE CLASS CDF 1937 SPRING TERM OFFICERS DAN SHELBY P. H. DUNNAM President Vice-President ANNE BETH MOORE Sfcreiary Page Thirty JOE ADAMS Entered from Sunset, 1955. National Honor Societyq Crack Compunyg Tennis Team, Scholarship Club, Latin Club, Linz Award. He does smile hi.: fan' into I710I'C lines fhun ix in fha' new mapf' NONA MAE ADKISSON Art Club, Dramatic Club, Scholarship Club, Forget-Mo Not Sale. Wirz', fair, and lv'11v.', VIRGINIA ALLEN Entered from Peeler, 1933. National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Linz Awards, Student Council, Pan-American Club, Spanish Chorus, Uno-Dos-Tres Club, Interscholaftic Spanish Contcstg Declamation Contest, Spelling Contest, Forget-Me-Not Sale, Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club 'A fine woman, u fair wlmang a xumrt woman. MOLLY ALVERSON Entered from Forest Avenue, 1935. Girl Reserves, Forget-Me-Not Sale, Salesmanship Clubg Nature Club of '34. 'Talscncxs cannot come from Ihre, for ihou lo0k'st mozlrxt as Iu.vticc.D MERLE Ame, Entered from Sunset, 193 Debate Club, Dramatic Club, Pep Squadg Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves. I have heard her reported to bc u woman of an invincible spiritf' VIRGINIA ASHLEY f Entered from Hogg, 1933. Spanish Club, Camp Fire Girlsg Girl Reserves, Scholar- ship Club. By this day: she'x ll fair Imlyf' BETTY BAKER Entered from Dorchester High School, 1935. I mean purport, couruge and valor. MARY LOUISE BAKER Entered from Hogg, 1953. Girl Reservesg Scholarship Club, Spanish Chorus, Pep Squad. As fresh as morning Jew rfixfilfrf 011 flouferxf' THERESA BAKER Entered from Boude Storey, 1935. Girl Reserves, Salesmanship Club. Wher1 you depart from us, sorrow ubizfes anal happiness takes his lf'nz'z'. ARTHUR GEORGE BAHN Entered from Ft. Wforth:-1935. Pan-American Clubg R. O. T. C. A wry honey!-hearlezl fallow, Page Thirty-One M J 15 M Q S W. W v,yiru.', f A , ff - i1SQ'ap.f 1 1 , , GENEVA ANNE BAUGH Entered from Boude Storey, 1934. Fair thoughts be your fair pillow. WOODROW BILLINGS Entered from Smiley, Texas, 1935. Lettercd in Football, '36. His meaning is good? JOHN BIVINGS Entered from Bowie, 1933. Non-Commissioned Ofhcerg Salesmanship Club. Policy of Mind, ability in means and choice of friends' JEAN BOND Entered from Grand Prairie, 1936. Girls' Glee Club, Girls' Tennis Team, Spanish Club Basketball Team, Baseball Team, Acorn Reporter, Dra- matic Club, Music Club. Your grace must needs rlcserw all strangers' lovesf' JUANITA BRIDGMAN Entered from Reagan, 1933. Mixcd Chorus, Operetta of '34, Declamation Contest Bible Course. I hare heard of thc lady, and good words went with hcr lldllllkn ROBERT BROADBENT Entered from Waco, 1933. An honest man is able to speak for himself, whclz a tenure is not. BERNICE BROWN Entered from Bowie, 1933. National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Latin Club So high a hope that well ambition cannot pierce u wink heyondf' FRANCES BROWN Entered from Reagan, 1933. Scholarship Club, ,Latin Club, 'Mixed Chorus. She shall be dignified with this high dignity. ROBERT BRUCE Entered from Bowie, 1933. Latin Club, Band, Scholarship Club. His heart and hand both open and both free. ROBERT BRUNDIDGE Entered from Bowie, 1933. He is good and fairfl 5 Page Thirty-Two MARGUERITE BURBA Entered from Peeler, 1933. Spanish Chorus, Scholarship Club, Pep Squad, El Uno- Dos-Tres Club. And let your mind be couplea' with your words. JOHN BURNETT Entered from Peeler, 1933. Senior Hi-Y Oflicer, Drum Major, R. 0. T. C. Band, Camp Dallas, '34, '35, '36, Commissioned Oflicerg Latin Club, Art Club, R. O. T. C. Honor Band, '35, '36, Football, Oak Staff, '36, '37, Class Oiiicer Public Speak- ing Department. For what he has be gives. HENRY BYERS Entered from Reagan, 1933. Basketball, Baseball. What his breast forges, that his tongue must vent. PAUL CALOME Entered from L. G. C. Academy, 1933. Tennis Team, '36, '37, Golf Team, Baseball, Spanish Club, Acorn Staff, R. O. T. C. 'WHL' after honor hunts. VANCE CALLOWAY Entered from Chatfield, 1936. He is as calm as virtue. CLARENCE CALOWAY Entered from Trinity Heights, 1932. He would be above the clouds. DOROTHY CAREY Entered from O. M. Roberts, 1933. Pan-American Club, Pep Squad, Scholarship Club, El Uno-Dos-Tres Club. Her valiant courage and undaunted spirit. LOUISE CARMICAL Entered from Arlington, 1935. Music Club. All telling fame doth noise al1roaa'. SCOTTIE CARPENTER Entered from Rosemont, 1933. Vice-President of Debate Club, Tennis Team, '36, '37, Dramatic Club, 4-B Representative in Popularity Con- test, R. O. T. C., Latin Club, Acorn Staff. Alacle, what nzisclaiefs might be set abroad-In shadow of such greatness. SARA HELEN CHAPELL Entered from Hogg, 1933. Latin Club, Music Club, Operetta, Pep Squad, Horse- back Riding Club, Art Club. A fine musician. Page Thirty-Tbree 0 . YJ' gm as lf . 1 if PAUL CHATELAIN Entered from L. G. C. Academy, 1933. Non-Commissioned Officerr, R. O. T. C.g Acorn Re- porter. My hreast I'll burst with straining of my courage. FIELDS CHILDRESS Entered from Hogg, 1933. Non-Commissioned Officer, R. O. T. C.g Footballg Bas- ketballg Glee Club. . 1Vi1ming will put any man into courage. ROBERT CHILDS Entered from Reagan, 1933. Non-Commissioned Oificer, R. O. T. C.g Bandg State Band Contest. Continue still in this so good a mind. JAMES CI-IRISTE Entered from Bowie, 1933. Lettered in Football: Lettered in Basketballg 4-B Class Oilicerg Senior Hi-Y Officcerg Member of D Club. Mark thou my words. A. W. CLARK Entered from Reagan, 1933. Stamp Clubg Library Councilg Camp Dallasg R. O. T. C. Staffg Crack Companyg Crack Platoong Trackg journalism Department. What courage, Sir? RICHARD CLAUSER Entered from San Antonio, 1936. R. O. T. C. Be kiml uml courlcous to this gcntlc1m1n. MARY JANE CLEGI-IORN Entered from Bowie, 1933. Dramatic Clubg Scholarship Clubg Journalism Staffg Pen Pal Clubg Co-Editor of Acorng Horseback Riding Club. -1 You shall be yet fur fairer than you are. NADINE CLIFFORD Entered from Oklahoma, 1936. And so am come abroad to see the world. HARRY COHAN Entered from Houston, 1934. Scholarship Clubg National Honor Societyg Track Teamg Linz Award. Have patience, sir. BILL COHEN Entered from Fort Worth, 1935. Golfg Basketball. You shall have your desires. Page Thirty-Four A. E. COLLIER Entered from Mount Auburn, 1933. R. O. T. C.: Scholarship Clubg Pan-American Student Eorumg Spanish Chorus, Crack Companyg Spelling Con- testg Four-Year Linz Award, Four-Year Everts Award, Linz Bible Award. He hath indeed a good outward happiness. WESLEY COLLIER ' Entered from Royse City, 1933. President of National Thespian Clubg Ofhcer, R. O. T. C., Dramatic Clubg Spanish Chorusg Debate Clubg Camp Dallas, Tennis Team. Courageous-well hast thou acquit thee. VERNON Cox Entered from Peeler, 1933. President and Vice-President of Pen Pal Clubg Scholar- ship Clubg Rifle Teamg Corporal's Efficiency at Camp Dallas. Be blessed for your good comfort. HARRY CRISSLIAN Entered from Hogg, 1933. Scholarship Clubg Band, Rifle Teamg Lettered in Gull.: Latin Clubg French Clubg Oak Staff, Dramatic Clubg Honor Band. Yon are a saucy fellow? ERWIN CROOK Entered from Waco, 1936. R. O. T. C.g Aeronautical Club. Some good I mean to do. ALLIE VEE CROWSON Entered from Bowie, 1933. Operettag Easter Cantata, Music Club, Pen Pal Clubg French Clubg All-City Chorusg Octetteg Mixed Chorusg Girls' Glee Club. She is gentle and mild. DOROTHY DANIELS Entered from Bowie, 1933. Girl Reservesg Scholarship Club. Your grace has ta'en great pains to qualify his . vigorous coursef' LEAH DANIELS Entered from Fort Worth, 1936. Music Club. I do believe that these applanscs are for some new honors. FRANCES DARNELL Entered from Reagan, 1933. Library Councilg Scholarship Clubg Debate Clubg Dra- matic Clubg Pep Squad, Underclass Oflicerg Latin Clubg National Thespian Clubg Oak Staffg Oflicer of 4-A Classg junior Prom Committee. Yon should tread a Course pretty and full of view. ARNOLD DESMOND Entered from Technical, 1936. junior Hi-Yg Senior Hi-Y, Crack Companyg R. O. T. C. He was furnished like a hunter? Page Thirty-Five MARTHA DONALD Entered from Bowie, 1933. President of 1-B Class, Dramatic Clubg Forget-Me-Not Saleg Gym Assistant, Library Assistant. Fairer than fair, more beautiful than beauteousf' CHARLES DRIER Entered from Bowie, 1932. Scholarship Clubg Spanish Club, Glee Club, R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas. ln faith, honest as the skin between his brows. LOWELL DUBBELS Entered from Reagan, 1933. Ca p Dallas, Dramatic Club, Non-Commissioned Officerg om Reporterg National Thespian Club, Spanish Club. He bath a heavenly gift of phophesyf' MARY DUFF Entered from Reagan, 1933. Latin Club, Scholarship Club, Girl Reserve Cabinetg Dramatic Club, National Thespian Clubg National Honor Society, Pep Squad, Interscholastic Spelling Contest, Linz Awards, Everts Awardg Centennial Parade, Acorn Re- porter, Forget-Me-Not Sale. s Your wit makes wise things foolish. DIXIE DUMMIT Entered from Hogg, 1933. , Forget-Me-Not Saleg Scholarship Clubg Latin Clubg Pen Pal Clubg Dramatic Clubg National Honor Societyg Third Prize in Essay Contestg Linz Awardsg Everts Awardg Arorn Reporter. Thou hast a mind that suits with this thy fair and outward rharacterf, P. H. DUNNAM Entered from Bowie, 1932. Footballg Scholarship Clubg 4-B Class Oliicerg Student Councilg D Club, Acorn Reporter. An honest man he is. JOHN ROBERT EDDLEMAN Entered from Italy, Texas, 1935. I do applaud his courage. ANSCIL ELLIOTT Entered from Boude Storey, 1935. Hi-Y, R. O. T. C.g Leaders Club at Boude Storey, For- eign Affairs Club. vHas such a fonfirjned countt'nanee. IMOGENE FINLEY Entered from Corsicana. Dramatic Club, Spanish Chorusg Scholarship Club. Lady, you have a merry heart. ISABELLE FLOWERS Entered from Lagow, 1933. She has brown hair and speaks small like a womanf, Page Thirty-Six FAYE FOGLEMAN Entered from Hogg, 1933. Torget-Me-Not Sale, Spanish Chorus, Girl Reserves. Says he, yon are an honest woman, ana' well thought on. FISHER L. FORREST Entered from Boude Storey, 1934. National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Linz Awards, Latin Tournament, Latin Club, Advertising staff of Oak, Student Council, Officer, R. O. T. C., P. M. S. T. Efficiency Ribbon, Three School Efficiency Ribbons, Crack Company, Usher for Commencement Exercises. Whose skill is almost as great as his honesty. JUNE FOY Entered from Boude Storey, 1933. Poppy Sale, Forget-Me-Not Sale, Girl Scouts. Yon are full of heavenly stuff, and bear the inventory of your best graves. CARL FRENCH Entered from Hogg, 1933. R. O. T. C., Crack Company. Kindness in women, not their beauteons looks shall win my love. STANLEY FROST Graduated from Reagan, 1932, Entered from Sunset, 1933. But thou, like a kind fellow, gave thyself away gratis. O. C. GARDNER Entered from Peeler, 1933. R. O. T. C. Officer, Golf Team, Band, Camp Dallas, Scholarship Club. He had rather venture all his limbs for honor. HENRY LEE GATES Entered from Reagan, 1931. Crack Company, Scholarship Club, Crack Platoon, Offi- cer in R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas. There is a fair behavior in thee, Captain. THERESSA GHARIS Entered from Hogg, 1933. Spanish Club, Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves, Linz Awards, Tennis, Interscholastic Spelling Contest. You take me in too dolorous a sense. DOROTHY GILMORE Entered from Boude Storey, 1934. National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Dramatic Club, Art Department, Art Stalf of Oak, Linz Award, Pep Squad, Tennis. She sh1znn'd the wealthy curled darlings of our nation. IMOGENE GRoss Entered from Sunset, 1933. Nature presently distill'd Helen's cheek. Page Thirty-Seven 3' xi, W QQ12 ' 4 ':3,, 2:4 'xv..,f 1 . xi . x. J 1 yt., ,, N ' s lx ' f w I W. E. GUINN Entered from Lubbock, 193 5. Crack Company, Crack Platoon, Non-Commissioned Otlicer, R. O. T. C. You must in no way say he is t'0UEf01iX.u LESLIE HACKLER Entered from Reagan, 1933. R. O. T. C. Officer, Crack Company, Crack Platoon, Camp Dallas, Football, Arorn Reporter, R. O. T. C. Efhciency Award. . thought King Henry had resembled thee in ,M courage. DELBERT HANsEN J, f fig d from Mount Auburn, 1933. Spanish Club, R. O. T. C., Crack Platoon, Crack Com- pany, Camp Dallas, Dramatic Club, Junior Hi-Y, Scholarship Club. He hath a kind of honor sets him off more than a mortal seeming. CHARLES HARDING Entered from Reagan, 1933. Debate Club, Latin Club, Acorn Reporter. You must hold the credit of your fatherf, WETA HARRIS Entered from Corpus Christi, 1935. Pen Pal Club, Pan-American Forum, Scholarship Club. H ors thrive when rather from our ads we s them derivef' f JACK HARRISON Entered from Bowie, 1933. Latin Club, R. O. T. C., Acorn Reporter. His grave has spoken well and justly. RI-IEBLE HATCHER Entered from Linden, Texas, 1935. R. O. T. C. There is a credence in my heartf' VIRGINIA HEISKELL resident of 2 B 2 A Class, Secretary Treasurer of 3-A Class, Dramatic Club, Vice-President of National Thes- pian Club, French Club, Scholarship Clubb. Sweet health and fair desires consort your grace. ' Entered from Hogg, 1933. RUBY HERRINGTON Entered from Bowie, 1933. Spanish Club, Spanish Chorus, Music Club, Operetta, All-City Chorus, Federation Music Club, Mixed Chorus, Cantata. A young gentleman much desires to speak with youf, JOHNNIE HILL Entered from Boude Storey, 1935. R. O. T. C. He is cupid's grandfather and learns news of him. Page Thirty-Eight LAVONIA HOLLAND Entered from Boude Storey, 1935. Ex1u'1'ir11rr' is hy industry aChi1'w'rl. ROSEMARY HOLLAND Entered from Bowie, 1933. Art Club, Operetta, Girls' Glee Club, Octette, Mixed Chorus. A victor is twice itself when the arhirrrfr bringx home full 111unberx. DOUGLAS HORTON Entered from Peeler, 1933. Latin Club, Art Club, Senior Hi-Y, Captain, R. O. T. Crack Company, Crack Platoon, Best First Sergeant, E Second Lieutenant, Camp Dallas. ' He hath twice or thrice cut Cupidk bow string? -,.f' MARY ESTELLE HUBBARD Entered from Peeler, 1933. Pen Pal Club, Spanish Chorus, Girl Reserves, Girl Reserve Cabinet, Dramatic Club, Spelling Contest, Scholarship Club, Linz Awards, Program Chairman of 3-B Class, Mixed Chorus, Centennial Parade. Thou art wise' ax thou art beautiful. MARGARET HUFF Entered from Reagan, 1933. National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Forget-Me- Not Sale, Linz Awards, Latin Club. Her years profession, wisdom and constancy, hath amazed me. ANDREW JENSEN Entered from Sam Houston, 1933. R. O. T. C. Officer, Junior Class Officer, Hi-Y, Debate Club, Scholarship Club, Oak Staff, Student Council, Latin Club, Linz Award, Camp Dallas, '35, '36. Is of 4 constant, loving, noble 71 rc. FRANCINE JOHNS Entered from Boude Storey, 1934. National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, French De- partment, Art Department, Student Council, Club, Interscholastic League Spelling Contest, Linz Awards, Everts Award. It is virtuous to he constant in any 1lt1!lL'Yfllki71g'.,, GLADYS JOHNSON Entered from Reagan, 1933. Football Queen, Sponsor of R. O. T. C., Senior Beauty, Scholarship Club. Happy the pnrrnts of so fair a fhilrlf' GORDON JOHNSON Entered from Hogg, 1933. Stamp Club, Dramatic Club, Concertmaster of the Or- chestra, Music Club. Men that hazurzl all Do if in hopc' of fair d1ll'tll7f!lgl'S.U JANE JOHNSON Entered from Bowie, 1932. Dramatic Club, Scholarship Club, Latin Club. And to thy worth will add right worthy gainxf' Page Thirty-Nine .,.,,.,. 0, ii XR Q23 . F I f WWW' ,ynl a F aw' 2 I ' XR ' EVELYN JORDAN Entered from Reagan, 1933. In fullest manner execule your aim. ALICE KEITH Entered from Reagan, 1933. Scholarship Club, Dramatic Club, President of Library Councilg Student Council, Spanish Clubg Library As- sistant. She is a most sweel ladyf' BOBBIE KEYES Entered from Paris High School. Atom Reporter. in A pleasant-spirited lady. AUDRIENNE KINCANNON Entered from Hogg, 1933. Christmas and Easter Cantatas, Operetta Chorusg Music Club, Latin Clubg Aram Staffg Forget-Me-Not Sale. And lhou with all pleased, thou hast all achieved. ALDON KING Entered from Reagan, 1933. 'WHere comes the King? VIRGINIA KLEMITZ Entered from Reagan, 1933. She takelh murh delight in music, inslrumenfs, and poetry. RALPH LAMBERT Entered from Bowie, 1933. Footballg R. O. T. C.5 Baseball. You are merry, my lord. MARY ELLEN LATTA Entered from Hogg, 1933. Forget-Me-Not Sale, Latin Clubg Journalism Staff. She is cunning pas! mun's thoughisf, MARTHA FAY LAWSON Entered from Hogg, 1933. Spanish Chorusg Forget-Me-Not Sale, Scholarship Clubg National Honor Societyg Girl Reserves. One fairer than my love. PETE LAYDEN Entered from Bowie, 1933. Footballg Baseball. A very handsome 1mzn.,' fa ' 11. Pawoffy if .fi -is , THEDAFAYE LEDBETTER Entered from Texarkana, 1935. Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, Oalz Staff, Declamation Contest, Journalism Staff. OU HY' 945071 11711950100 t1SSl11 CONT 30143. Th 1 I i, , g 1 H SAM LEEMAN Entered from Hogg, 1933. Scholarship Club, Camp Dallas, '34, '35, '36, Captain, R. O. T. C., Vice--President, 1-A Class, Debate Club, Crack Company, '34, '35, '36, '37, Crack Platoon, '34, '35, '36, '37, School Efficiency Ribbon, Senior Hi-Y, Football, Basketball, Most Eilicient Captain, '37, Dra- matic Club. Full of ambition, emulator of every man's good parts. HORACE LONG Entered from Woodrow Wilson, 1936. Physics Assistant, Camp Dallas, Journalism Staff, R. O. T. C. Of his own royal disposition and not provoked by any suitor else. RENA LOU LOWE Entered from Peeler, 1933. Latin Club, Operettas '33 and '34, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Scholarship Club, Journalism Staff. All her deserving is a reserved honesty. CHARLES LUCAS Entered from Bowie, 1933. 'Tis a fine young man and well attended. ELWYN LUNDAY Entered from Bowie, 1933. Mixed Chorus, Music Club, Operetta, Dramatic Club. Cheerly one, courageous friend. BARBARA MCATEE Entered from Hogg, 1933. , Pan-American Student Forum, Spanish Chorus, OH-icer in Girl Reserves, Officer in Dramatic Club, Latin Club, Scholarship Club, Camp Fire Girls, Poppy Sale, Oak Staff, Pep Squad. With such a smooth, discreet and stable bearing. JUDITH MCCARTY Entered from Reagan, 1933. Pan-American Club, Dramatic Club, Scholarship Club, Pep Squad, Music Club, Accompanist for Music Depart- ment, Cantata, Operetta, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. As if allegiance in thy bosom crowned with faith, and constant loyalty. MACK MCGINNESS Entered from Ardmore, Oklahoma, 1932. Basketball, '33, '34, '35, Football, '33, '34, '35, Junior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, D Club. Was there ever a man had such luck? ODELL MCGREW Entered from Terrell High School, Terrell, Texas, 1934. Scholarship Club, Pan-American Student Forum, Student Council. Go hence with diligence! Page Forty-One 'Gt 3 0 1 v 5? 9, A .' A f Lila 'T f '- f . CHESTER McKAY Entered from Boude Storey, 1935. Camp Dallas, '35, '36, Rifle Team, '35, '36, '37, Rifle Team, Camp Dallas, '36, Business Manager of Oak, '37, Bookroom Assistant, '35, '36, Latin Club, OHicer, R. O. T. C., Band, '35, '36, '37, Scholarship Club. Some of us love you 'well and even some envy your great rleservingx and good name. JESSE MCKETHAN Entered from Wilmer-Hutchins High School, 1935. Non-Commissioned Officer, R. O. T. C., Cub Reporter, Aeorn. A kinder gentleman treads not the ear!h. GERALDINE MCQUEEN Entered from Reagan, 1933. Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club, Latin Club, Acorn Re- porter, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Four- Year Linz Pin, Four-Year Everetts Pin, Invitation Com- mittee. Virinous and holy he thou conquerorrf' HILTON MCSPADDEN Entered from Peeler, 1933. Non-Commissioned Oflicer, R. O. T. C., Cracck Com- pany, Latin Club, Art Club, Art Staff of Oak. Manhood is melted into rouriesies, ualour into ro1npli1nents. MARY BETH MALLORY Entered from Peeler, 1934. Scholarship Club, National Thespian, Dramatic Club, Oak Staff, Acorn Staff, French Club, Girl Reserves, Assistant to Senior Counselor. Herein will 1 inifiale fhe sun. BETSY MANTON Entered from Hogg, 1933. Student Council, Chairman Safety Committee, National Honor Society, Program Chairman, Scholarship Club, Oak Staff, Perfect Paper in Interscholastic Spelling Contest, First Place in Community Chest Essay Contest for Adam- son, Linz Bible Award. She will outstrip all praise and make it hall behind her. ANNIE LOUISE MARSHALL Entered from Thomas Jefferson High, San Antonio, 1935. Orchestra, Spanish Chorus, Music Club. For she is wise. BETH MAYERS Entered from Boude Storey, 1934. Music Club, Art Club, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Girls' Glee Club, Girls' Octette, Mixed Chorus, Dramatic Club, Scholarship Club, Operetta, Christmas and Easter Can- tatas. A zfiriuoux genilewoman, mild and lzeaulifnlf' BILL MILLER Entered from Hogg, 1933. Senior Hi-Y, Camp Dallas, '34, '35, '36, Crack Com- pany, '34, '35, '36, Crack Platoon, '35, '36, Lieutenant Colonel R, O. T. C., Scholarship Club, Latin Club, R. O. T. C. Efficiency, '35, '36, '37, 1-A Class Officer, 3-B Class Officer. He is lhe prinetfx jr-Her. LOIS MILLER i Entered from Bowie, 1933. Pen Pal Club Scholarship Club. And true she ix, as the hath jirozdrl herself. Page Forty-Two WOODROW MONCRIEF Entered from Reagan, 1933. R. O. T. C., French Club, Dramatic Club, Library Council, Interscholastic League Essay Contest, National Thespian Club, Interscholastic League Spelling Contest. Now thou art sealed the son of ehivalryf' ANNE BETH MOORE Entered from Peeler, 1933. Latin Club, Pep Squad, Scholarship Club, Dramatic Club, Debate Club, National Thespian Club. i A day in April never came so swat. I Entered from Bowie, . CHARLES MOORE ff Scholarship Club, Pan-Ameri Club, S r H' 5 Junior Hi-Y, Nation 1 Thes ' n Clu - mafmlub, Spanish Club, PW! ant, Jou sm Staff, Spell- ing Contest, 3- , Class Officer, Assistant Manager Football, '33, '34, , '36, Assistant Manager Basketball, '34, Assistant Manager Football, ,3S. Command the conquest, Charles, it shall be thine. BOBBIE MOSELY Entered from Bowie, 1933. Pen Pal Club, '33 and ,34, Latin Club, Scholarship Club, Journalism Staff, ,36, ,37. Her will, recoiling to her better judgment. VIRGINIA NAFUS Entered from Cedar Hill School, 1935. Mixed Chorus. She is a gallant lady. BOYCE NALL Entered from Bowie, 1933. Football, Crack Company, Non-Commissioned Officer, R. O. T. C., Spanish Dept. A tall gen man I2 heave nd a rn leaaerf' mix E 6 tere ro er, 33. Sy Art , re li Girls' Operetta, Mli d orus. poor are they that have patienref' M LOUISE NEWBAKER Entered from Reagan, 1933. Scholarship Club, Operetta, Declamation Contest, Pan- American Club, All-City Chorus, journalism Staff, Pep Squad, Spanish Contest, Mixed Chorus, Cantata, Music Club, Federation Music Club, Spanish Chorus. A gentle lady, when tongues speak sweetly, they name her name. TRUMAN NORRIS Entered from Bowie, 1933. O, that's an honest fellow. J. C. NORTON Entered from Sunset, 1933. Operetta, President of Music Club, Basketball, Radio Program Given by School, Federation of Music Clubs. Men should he what they seernf' Page Forty-Three if V i i ,.i. -2 2 ,-- Ife Q 31 GY-G' ,s 611 fe G . 4 f' 44 1 L GM' si 1 , L :Z ' LA VERNE NULL Entered from Waco High School, 1936. Scholarship Club. l romfort, joy in this mos! gracious lady. BETTY OGDEN Entered from Bowie, 1933. Qchol hip Clubg Girl Reservesg Operettag Pan-American Club, Spanish Chorusg Linz Awards, Pageant at State Fair, '34g Mixed Chorus. I am hound to every act of duty. SAM ORR Entered from Hogg, 1932. Stamp Clubg Crack Company. Hit with Cupidls archery. BILLIE MARLE OSBORN Entered from Bowie, 1933. Spanish Clubg Music Club, Girls' Glee Club, Gymboree. LUCILLE PALMER Entered from O. M. Roberts Junior High School, Tyler, Texas, 1933. Latin Club, Scholarship Clubg Dramatic Clubg Glee Club. MerriIy, merrily shall I lim- now. Girls' W. L. PATRICK Entered from Bowie, 1933. Baseball Team. He's funiisbed like a hunter. RAY POLLOCK Entered from Milam, 1933. Scholarship Clubg Dramatic Club, Debate Club, Senior Hi-Yg National Thespian Clubg Orchestrag Football. This fellow's of exceeding honesty. ' ols P TER X E ed o Dr tic Club. eeler 1933 , . S N S TERMS' HN' 71111110 071.,, EVELYN POULTER Entered from Forest, 1933. Orchestrag Volley Ball Teamg Pep Squadg Acorn Re- porter, Latin Clubg Mixed Chorus. She was a charirierf' MARGARET PRESLAR Entered from Reagan, 1933. Art Clubg Girl Reserves, Pep Squad. She's a most exquisite lady. I . 9' Page Forty-Four I lf she be false, O-then heaven mocks itself. l 'BW' 1 ARA PRICE Entered from Hogg, 1933. She turns to favour and io prettinessf' THOMAS QUILLIN 1 Entered from Hogg, 1933. President 1-B Class, Football, Track, Basketball, Acorn Staff, Camp Dallas, R. O. T. C.g Efficiency, Scholarship Clubg Commissioned Officer, Camp Dallas Scholarship. His speea' bath been proved beyond amount. THOMAS RANKIN Entered from Reagan, 1933. i Young men's love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes. VELVA REUSCHER Entered from San Benito High School, 1935. Spanish Club. O, she is rich in beauty. TOMMY RIFE Entered from Bowie, 1932. The will of man is by bis reason sway'd. LEE ROY RITTENBERRY Entered from Ladonia High School, 1935. Traclig Non-Commissioned Officer, R. O. T. C. He was a merry man. W JANE ROBBINS ered flpni Bow' , 1 . pons9r, 'Sf '35 WRU, J ur ism Report cholar- shi C1 . ofvlilljllfwiff ba Ufgflfzw HADLEY RO RTS Entered from Bowie, 1933. Basketball, Tennis. Ay, if I know the letters and the language. MARY LEE ROBERTSON Entered from North Dallas, 1935. Pep Squadg Journalism Reporter. I bare no gift at all in slorewisbnessf' EDWIN ROBNETT , Entered from Reagan, 1933. Color Sergeant, R. O. T. C. Your bononr is most welcome. Page Forty-Five 15532 X f - v l W' all 1? J f gli. ls jj, .. QM. 'X f I if HOMER ROEE Entered from Joe Wright School, Jacksonville, Texas, 1933. Spanish, French Club. You are a merry man, Sir. BILL RORIE Entered from Reagan, 1933. Oak Staff, Art Club, Spanish Department, Scholarship Club. A Corinthian, a lad of mettle, a good boy. ED B. ROWE Entered from Hogg, 1933. Co-Editor of Oak, Camp Dallas, '35, '36, Camp Dallas Efliciency, Crack Platoon, Crack Company, Rifle Team, National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Student Coun- cil, Commissioned Officer, Latin Club, Linz Award, P. M. S. 81 T. Efficiency Ribbon. A gentleman and a scholar. JANE SAMPSON Entered from Bowie, 1933. Is fair and boned. KENNETH SANGER Entered from Sunset, 1932. Basketball. So noble a maslcr. EVELYN SAVAGE Entered from Gainesville, 1935. Spanish Chorus, Good Scholarship Club, National Honor Society. Most c'xcz'llc'l1l ac'z'omplislJ1'd lady. GLENN SCHERER Entered from Hogg, 1933. Football, Basketball, Track, Golf, D Club, junior Hi-Y, Acorn Staff, Library Council, Library Assistant, Baseball. Su'ifler than arrow from Tartar's bow. PHYLLIS SCHOEPPEL Entered from Sunset, 1935. Good Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Girl Reserves. She will be a joyful woman. EDGAR SCHWEDLER Entered from Peeler, 1933. Camp Dallas, '35, '36, Track 137, Golf Team, '35, '36, '37, Football, Sergeant's Efficiency, Oiiicer's Efficiency, Acorn Staff, Leopard Club, Commissioned Oflicerg Band Commander, Spanish Club, Student Council, State Band Contest, '33, '34. A loyal, jusl, and upright gentleman. ELIZABETH SCOTTINO Entered from Bowie, 1933. Happiness courts thee in ber best array. Page Forly-Six CHARLES SHACKELFORD Entered from Winnetka, 1933. Captain, R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas, '36, Crack Com- pany, '35, '36, '37, Crack Platoon, '35, '36, School Efficiency, P. M. S. 86 T. Efficiency, Winner of Wozen- craft Drill, '36, Delegate to S. A. S. C. Convention at Lexington, Ky., President of Student Council, junior Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Oiiice Assistant, Rifle Team, '35, '36, '37. Be merry, and employ your chiefext thoughts to courtship? GRACE SHANKS Entered from Peeler, 1933. Forget-Me-Not Sale. O fairest beauty, do not fear nor fly. MARY CATHERINE SHAW Entered from Bowie, 1933. Music Club, Spanish Club, Linz Bible Award. I will omit no opportunity. DAN SHELBY Entered from Hogg, 1933. Scholarship Club, Tennis, Baseball, President 4-A Classs. I am able to endurr' -much-no question of thatf' JEAN SILVERTHORNE Entered from Central High, Ogden, Utah, 1934. Journalism Reporter, Spanish Club. In xooth, I know not why I am so sad. IDA RUTH SMITH Entered from Hogg, 1933. ffshf has a goof! fave, speaks well, aml has L-,wvllent goozl clothes. EZELL SONNIER Entered from Boude Storey, 1935. R. O. T. C., Debate Club, Acorn Staff. What a man arc you! MARY LEE STOVER Entered from Tulsa Central, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1936. That is rclzowffrl for faith. ALLIETA STROUD Entered from Boude Storey, 1933. Dramatic Club, Poppy Sale, Girls, Glee Club, Octette, Operetta. Flower as .thc was. HELEN SULLIVAN Entered from Waco High School, Waco, Texas, 1935. Dramatic Club, Scholarship Club. It is a good divine that follows his own ir1struction.v. Page Fo rty-Se11e1z 'SV' -T: 'il l 'ewee J ,.AA , 1 , ' Q, 1 QQ-, 1 Azr. QQ .:L. S QW X x iff' RN R 1. fluid? f 'C A .531 J' ,. MARCHELINE SWINNEY Entered from Peabody School, Denison, Texas, 1933. Girl Reserves, Pan-American, Scholarship Club, Spanish Chorus, Linz Award, Spelling Contest. Your mind is tossing on the ocean. BILLY TANNER Entered from Bowie, 1933. Latin Club, Orchestra, Officer, R. O. T. C., Crack Company, '34, '35, '36, '37, Crack Platoon, Staff Ser- geant Efficiency, '35, Camp Dallas, ,36, Oflicer's Effi- ciency Award, '36, Scholarship Club. He is a gentleman of greatest pro1nisz'. DOROTHY TAYLOR Entered from Bowie, 1933. Class Oflicer, Forget-Me-Not Sale, Girls Chorus, Dra- matic Club, Poppy Sale, Easter Cantata. Let all the nuher of the stars give light to thy fair way. CHARLIE FRANCES TERRY Entered from Reagan, 1933. Scholarship Club, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Girl Re- serves, Dramatic Club, Acorn Reporter. Thou art a piece of virtue. H. M. TERRY Entered from Reagan, 1933. Spanish Club, 'History Club. His nature is too full o' the milk of human kindness. GERALDINE THOMPSON Entered from Ft. Stockton High School, Ft. Stockton, Texas, 1936. Pen Pal Club, Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club, Acorn Re- porter, Scholarship Club, Assistant to Senior Counselor, National Thespian Club. What 'majestyy is in her gait? ROY THRASH Entered from Hogg, 1933. National Honor Society, President 4-B Class, Oak Staff, Non-Commissioned Officer, R. O. T. C., President De- bate Club, Scholarship Club, Student Council, Third Placc in City-Wide Essay Contest, Latin Club, Dra- matic Club, National Thcspian Club, Linz Award. An honest, willing, kind fellow. DOROTHY VAN DEVENDER Entered from Peeler, 1933. Forget-Me-Not Sale, Poppy Sale, Pan-American Club, Spanish Club. She is an excellent, sweet ladyf, SIDNEY WADSWORTH Entered from Sunset. French Club, Latin Club, Dramatic Club, Football. He's 'right noble. BOB WARD Entered from Bowie, 1933. Spanish Club, Radio Club, Aviation Club, Salesmanship Club, Hi-Y Club, Library Assistant, Student Council. Creeping like a snail unwillingly to school. Page Forty-Eight BILL WATSON Entered from Livermore High School, California, 1934. Football, Baskctballg D Club, Hi-Y Clubg French Club, Track. A gentleman of noble pan-ntagcf, NORMAN WATSON Entered from Livermore Grammar School, California, 1933. Captain of Basketball Team, '37g Footballg President of 3-B and 3-A Classg President of Senior Hi-Y, DU Club, Sports Editor of Aeorn. The Juke is bu1norous. JOE WEAVER Entered from Reagan, 1933. Football, Basketball, Scholarship Clubg Acorn Stalf. Honest, good fellow. JEAN WENECKER Entered from San Antonio, 1936. Art Club, Spanish Club. Tbuf burl a heart to love. CLAUDIE WHITTER Entered from Reagan, 1933. Scholarship Clubg Linz Bible Award. Your spirits shine through you. DOROTHY WILLHITE 1 Entered from Reagan, 1933. Girl Reservesg Scholarship Club, National Honor So- eietyg Co-Editor of Acorn, Oak Staff, Acorn Reporter, 4-B Invitation Committeeg Dramatic Clubg President 1-B Classg Latin Clubg 4-year Linz Ping 4-year Everts Ping John E. Morriss Award. Carl the world buy surb u jf'wel?,' RUTH WILLIAMS Entered from Caldwell, Texas, 1932. Girls' Glee Club. Good disposition, allefzliue, your lfulyslaifzf, JIMMY WISE Entered from Roosevelt Junior High School, Qklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1933.. Track, '36 and '37g D Clubg Radio Clubg Crack Com- panyg Crack Platoong Spanish Club. Wbosc nature is so far from doing bum. JOE NVILLIAMSON Entered from Reagan, 1933. Hi-Y Club, Ofhcer, R. O. T. C.g Stamp Club, Three Crack Platoonsg Four Crack Companies, Wozencraft Drillg Two Elficiency Drillsg Scholarship Club, He's noble und young. CHARLES YATER Entered from Grand Prairie 'High School, 1935. Non-Commissioned Officer, R. O. T. C.g Student Council. They are but beggars tbat fun count lbrir worth. GRACE YOUNGBLOOD Entered from Bowie, 1933. But love is blind, and lovers cannot seef, ef' asf Page Forty-Nine if f . JJ 1 Wwivs :,- i , Mt FALL TERM OFFICERS ROBERT CAPERS EVELYN HONEYUTT GRACE BICRENBACH President Vice-President Secretary JANUARY CLASS CDF 1938 SPRING TERM OFFICERS LUCAS GIARRAPUTO GEORGE PATTERSON GRACE BICKENBACH Vice-President Secretary 'L Page Fifty ,P TV., 4'- I , ,,. liz L GIRLS Anderson, Ermagene Bennett, Iva Nell Bickenbach, Grace Blaine, Wynette Blake Anita Blanton, Lila Blanton, Melba Cameron, Elizabeth Cawthorn, Maurine Chaney, Ethel Conner, Paulette Cooper, Martha Copeland, Mary Jo Cox, Alice Cuningham, Juanita Dickie, Jackie Dinkins Mavis Dobbins, Genevieve Fisher, Imogene Girlinghouse, Clcely Ann Graham, Marie Hagooid, Leona Hall Doris Halliburton, Margare Harris, Mozelle Harrison Genevieve Hasktell, Jean Hatcher, Ruth Hayes, Earline Heiskell Elizabeth Hill, Annie Lee Honeycutt, Evelyn t fav 1 Y is 1 x Q J I f-V ff fb B -B CLASS Hudspeth. Elizabeth Irwin, Mary Frances Keith, Lois King Marguerite Kirk, Pauline Kirkpatrick1, Mary Jane Knowles, Katherine Lasseter, Mariam Massingill, Dorothy Null Dorothy Palmer, Lucille Palmer, Nelwyn Parker, Betty Jean Paternostro, Margaret Ann Price, Dorothy Randlett Polly Reedy, Dorothy Russel, Mary Lois Sawyer, Daphne May Shelby, Virginia Smith, Maurice Snell, Helen Stanfield. Hulyne Strickel, Martine Teubner, Inez Torno, Dorothy Waddle. Sidney Ruth Wencker, Jean Whitaker, Alyce Wray, Evelyn Younger, Maurice BOYS Anderson, Gordon Baker, Bill Apel, john Barnes, Bill Barrett, Howard Baugh, Wilfrid Billings, Woodrow Birdwell, Lynwood Campbell Calyton Campbell, Robert Capers, Robert Chandler, G. W. Childs, Clifton Crossland, Howard Drew Dalton Frensley. Billy Giarraputo, Lucas Gleason, Michael Go'man, Louis Graves, J. W. Hanson, Norbert Henke Otto Hoops, Sherman Hudson, Truman Hudson, Tilden Hunley, Raymond Hunter, Robert Hurt Douglas jones, Henry Kelly, George Little, Albert do Mann, Clifford Meredith, Ross Miller. C. M. Minter, Eugene Morrow, Horace Newton, Vestal Oaldes, James Palmer, David Parker. Robert Parmelee, Charles Parr, Wyman Patterson, George Peters, Eddie Peterson, Alton Pittman joe Ed Pyeatt, Byron Sanger, Kenneth Schwedler, Paul Scott, Sheffield Spillers, Jack Stidham George Stogner, Carl Sumners, Dan Talkington, Robert Tinney, Lloyd Ulm William Tuxbury, Billy Whitten, Robert Williams, Donald Willams, jack Witherspoon, Leonard Zollicoffer, Maurice ' . 4 Page Fifty-One f J v 'rel' : : A: ,,,, ' f we ' ' I Q SNAPSI-IOTS N.- QFrom top to bottom in eolumns beginning at the left.D , That Girl From Paris CMuriel Ericksonjg Without Orders Flight Sunwardug The Gay Desperado CFisher Forrestj Reunionng Gold Diggers of l937 g The Garden of Allah' Pennies From Heavenug The Big Show 'g One in a Million' Man Godfrey g It Can't Happen Here CArnold Desmoridj My The White Hunter : North of Ncme g MV Country Tis N Thee : Tarzan Escapesug Tl-ieodora Goes Wild g Imogene Miss ing . i 2' VE K 1 V: 22 ' PTHY A ,V N ll - A -2 A 1, , fy 5 -1, ., V 5 , 4 if .,, ,gf ,L f A, . Ji' xt: ' www-' T , A jj!-jig , ' f ' ' ff 'Wf ,, 'L 3 ffg-V ,, 2ff:,szr:Pr' 1 , - A, , 'A ,4 ,, , ,-127, . ,, , f 'V 'M' 'WH y .5 'fn .fi 4 I fr K' QR V M 'fri ff, :wi ,wr .,,wx.-,- V fy ,V ,fi 3 41- 1 W A I f - ff ' f' .L I 'V , f 32 2, ' ' . X an 4 ,.., . , . Q, , ,, ,f g,f,, A-I , , .,,- 4 . ,, sq, . , 4, 1 'QM -z ' - M . , +-. if 4 Q?-,I ,:. ' E, .. ' f Q:-' 1., ,,m , X fig. 31 5 ' ' . ,L '- - 1' f' .H 1' f ff zwtw 'Y -- -A ,. .- .f.-5' ,, ,,, -1 ff- ae,-,gl .e. , 1 4, ,Q 1 , ,- 1,-1: -.MJ ,fr 91. X. Y lfy yd, , , 1 Q' ,f. ,,,f-lv, 575,-11, .1 A. ,z .Rf , , i In ,'-,Wi 45 fi 71- I . . .. I5 J '?9, Bw f I ' ' ' -Lf , Z.X,cE,,-i:y555.g.- v? vU: .x t. .5 I, I1 r M Viv: - r Ig, ' ' ' 1, '. ly. -' - -' fry , ' was '- v k :vi'1' 1 -. - V ' .. , '111 ff. '- ' 1 wi W u f. b.g,a,,'- 4 5, '.,A,N . . ,I , '- , I .3,y'a:,: V ? , -w' 'xl 'L S U - 5 I 4 t -2 V . , 3: ,uh V ,:Ef-'L A fi T 1' .' '- It -- wg: X 'A . , Q- 4 Y jet ,.. .V V ,F 4, K iff sis f - f 'Q P ' :wi 'f .PQ-29+ ' 2 4.-ff A X ww 4 iz -if :A -'PV .. x .' 'X , ' ! 5 1 ,if 14 ' -' ::i2-,iff-, ' 'f -' x t ' V - ,,, g -- 17- - . Ag I LX f A'-nw gf? .ffiihf 'flii-aff wg? 5 -, H ui f . 1 A i X . 2+ 1482 551.3191 ' ,.1ugt1,.5 .1 V k 1 - f ,r- .Ing-:vw ' ,. ' .- ..,,' 'WW' -. - xp PJ' ' . .Z,,.,, ' . . ----W . 4 - f , V. Q , ' H - ' 3 ,ffq k Ev- 2'Q:5::2ff,:5- A ' x +0115--H: ,. A., Ah: 'fx4f-'vi va--' Qfraf-21-19:4 Af ff f fii ffw ElnherfcIw5mKn W FALL TERM OFFICERS HARRY MCCAFFREY JEANETTE ROUNTREE W EVA SUE LEMMONS President Vice-President Secretary JUNE Cl-A835 F 1938 R W5 XM M x R SPRING RMNLQEFICERS WAQQNSA KING vagal KATE CARTER VIRGINIA HOLLIDAY P President A Vice-President Secretary N .f Page Fifty-Four X.. .' 1 4 1 W GIRLS Adin, Mary Adkisson, Addie Sue Adkisson, Billie Alexander, Roberta Andrews, Mary Jean Barrett, Marguerite Batchler, Peggy Jean Beachum, Luna Belle Beaty, Inez Beggs, Katilia Bishop, Kathleen Bland, Edna Earl Boyd Mildred Brundige, Dicksie Bryan, Anna Ruth Butcher, Frances Caldwell, Erma Lee Caldwell, Jane Kathry Carey. Mary Frances Carmical, Elizabeth Carroll, Evelyn Carter, Mary Kate Cate, Martha Cates, Jeanne Chenaultr Evelyn Clarke, Eliose Clyette, Caroline Coleman, Ritha Cooper, Mary Jane Couch, Winona Ann Craven, Carolinda Daniel, Jeanette Elmore, Sara Bell English, Mary Allen French, Virginia Gaines, Charlotte Garrett. Bennie Ruth Haily, Fatie Hamilton, Mildred Hanna, Florence Page Fifty-Five Il K .X if e f .dl I 3-A CLASS Hanson, Hazel Harris, Billie Harris, Ernestine Harris, Marilyn Hatton, Olive Dolores High, Marie Hill, Catherine Hiser, Doris Holliday, Virginia Howard, Virginia Hughes, Dorothy Hunter, Mary Jackson, Edna Mae Jones, Kathryn Keel. Lowrie Kelley, Lorena King. LaVerne Kinsworthy, Agnes Latimer, Edith Laws, Melba Lee. Juanita Lemmons, Eva Sue Lewallen, Dorothy Jean Lillard, Kitty Lindsay, Zellan Lloyd. Dorothy Manning, Robbie Mason, Freda Maynard, Yvonne Metcalf, Jean Michael, Delia Moore. Evangeline Moore, Mary Jo Moore, Sidney Mayers, Maxine Nelson, Jimmie Lee Odell, Mary O'Neal, Jewel Lynn Orr, Jane Palmer, Betty Peebles, Nancy Perldins, Alice Phillips, Mary Louise Poulter, Virginia Pulliam, Maudretta Ramsey, Doris Revels, Betty Rhodes, Gladys Richburg, Loretta Roberts, Mary Jo Rountree, Jeanette Sanderson, Dorothy Sandifer, Zonia Lee Schroeder, Dorothy Smith, Esta Ivon Smith, Patricia Stanford, Annabell Starling, Frances Starling, Mary Lou Stockard, Virginia Swann, Charline Teaff, Catherine Thomas, Margie Tiner, Maxine Utley, Mary Ann Utt, Nancelie Walker, Viola Waller, Victorine Walton, Margie Ward, Betty Jane Watson, Cecile Fareen William, Exa BOYS Albin, Cecil Allbright, Richard Allen, John Alverson, Phillip Aurea, J. E. Bell, Therman Benson, John Bidwell, Bernard Bludworth, Bill Bly, Homer Boatman, Al Boli, L. A. Browder, Fred Brown, Douglas Burr, Alf Burt, Henry Paul Brynes, Frank Campbell, Henry Campbell, J. W. Carter, Otis Childers, Charles Darby, Furnan Dargan, L. C. Davis. Lloyd DeWitt, Thomas Dobiyanski, Oris Durrett, Elmer Elixson, Philip Feltner, Ralph Fulkinsen. Edgar Gallagher, Donald Gandy, Rex Gaskin, Edwin Gibbs, Weldon Harpold, Horace Hartman, Rosman Hawkins, Jimmie Henderson, Charles Hevron, J. D. Hohman, Wall Hood, Blondin Hubbard. Charlie Irwin, J. B, Keane, Armand Kerr, Dorsey Kidson, Loy Kincannon, Don Krayer, William Knott, Douglas Layden, Tommy Lemly, Foster Lee Linehan, Jack Little, Audie Littler, Walter McCaffrey, Harry Managarich, Louis Mason,-Russell Moore, T. E., Jr. Morrow, Otis Lee Murdock, Richard Nall, Boyce Norris, C. B., Jr. Orriclq, Edward Page, J arrel Palmer, Eldon Patton, T. J . Poole, Jack Powell, J. C. Pratt, Charliey Quillan, Noah Reed. Jack Rhodes, Rayford Rider, Paul Ripley, Frances Robbins, Jack Roberson., W. E. Rogers, H. A. Sears, C. A. Self, Joe Sheppard, Walter Shwer, George Sibley, Pat Smither, Jack Stephenson, Harry Tallent, Raymond Tallent. Shirden Terry, Floyd Thomas, Billy Thomas, John Turbeville, John H Venable, J. D. Voyer, Billy Warren, Malcolm Welch, Jess White, Bill Wilson, Harold X6 ,I 1 if 1 I ' fiwsygb ., Y E :f i .g:. ' A I F I ,KI 'I I X X I, . ll X W . '- 3.1 'X FALL TERM OFFICQERS PERRY CLARK MILDRED SINGLETON VIRGINIA TURNER President Vice-President Secretary JANUARY CLASS CDF 1939 HAL MCCULLOUGH JEAN GLEASON RALPH ECHOLS President Vice-President Secretary Page Fifty-Six ltsyxii ' l P Sw, N 4. s I - ff. J .ff Is GIRLS Anderson, Willie Ashley, Helen Baugh, Olga Mae Bauley, Marian Bibb, Marie Bjerring. Lorraine Bradberry, Marie Bryan, Evelyn Caldwell, Mary Ellis Carmical. Rutha Cate, Billie Clark, Maxine Cole, Mary Louise Denton, Bette Dierolf Lyndel Eckstein, Otelia Erickson. Muriel Fuston, Fay Glass, Hazel Gleason. Jean Gray, Edna Hamilton, Elizabeth Harbold, Lillian Catherine Hill, Marie Huffer Marjorie Humphrey, Wanda Jackson, Aubra Mae Jamison, Virginia Johnson, Maxine Page Fifty-Sewn 3-B CLASS Kimble, Marcella Kempe, Margie Lamb, Mary Alyce Leatherwood, Margaret Maas, Evelyn Mahurin, Louise Maier, Peggy Murray, Ruby Nicholas, Edah North, Marguerite Pitman, Mary Catherine Rindy, Phyllis Ross, Frances Sawyer, Mary Elea Srago, Margaret Shelton. Lois Singleton, Mildred Skelton, Margaret Spears, Doris Sweatt, O'Leta Thacher. June Thompson, Vivian Turner, Virginia Wallace, Lew Evelyn Weatherly, Billie Jo Wheeler Margaret Willalow, Helen Ruth Wooley, Billie Mae Woodin, Dorothy BOYS Bailey, Robert Barnes, John Howard Berry, Gene Bixler, W. D. Blakenship, George Bracken, Lawrence Cendali. Armando Clark, Perry Crain, Franklin Densmore, Sam Dillahunty, Richard Eagle. Bob Echols, Ralph Fowlkes, Marvin Fox, James Gilbert, Franklin Godion Jim Godwin, Dudley Hall, Hugh Hardin, Glenn Warren Hare, Robert High Burdett Howell, Robert Johnson, Clarence Johnson, Leon Kennamer, Oliver Lichert Gerald Llorente, Shirley Luper, Dan McCullough, Hal . f Q r . QM' D ig: r Maddox, Charles Marco, Jimmie Marsh, James Miller, Jagk Morgan, illy Murphy, Carl Musgrove. J. Lee Nelson, Billy Niblo, Ray Owen, A. E. Phillips, George Pemington. Harry Sargent, Gerald Sheffield, DuRoy Shelton, Edward J. Shuffield, Garland Smith. Harold Stacy, Robert Taylor, Ray William Thames, Dalton Thompson, Morris Tuttle Levelle Underwood, Frank Walton, Earnest Watson, J. T., Jr. Westerlage. Lloyd White, George L. Winters, Gene Womack, Bernard Wood..Albert Youngblood, Fred BW' - XR . ... Q. . , Q! If iw I Y- 'Sv FALL TERM OFFICERS JAMES SIMMONS DELIA MICHAEL CHAD SNEED President Vice-President Secretary JUNE CLASS CDF 1939 BILLY BRACKEEN President SPRING TERM OFFICERS MARY SUE MALONEY Vice-President BETTY BANDY Secretary Quay' gf Page Fzfty Eight '.-w, - , . 1 .-'. I I -1 k Ks S eva, Q21 .. , , J N N Y X S N . M7 GIRLS A ernathy, Edith Ray Allard, Loninise Allen, Dorothy Armisted, Mary Alice Ashford, Dorothy Baldwin, Sarah Jane Bandy, Betty Banlsier, Doris Eileen Bivings, Dorcas Bixler, Bertha Jean Bloip, Beverly Bodine, Robyn Boluch, Mary Jane Boya, Billie Joe Bradford, Elizabeth Broadnax, Martha Burton, Martha Katherine Butcher, Margaret Bybee, Ruth Cain, Evelyji Campbell. irginia Cardwell, Evelyn Carroll, Marjorie Cavender, Dorothy Ann V E Chamberlaine, Virginia Chittin Tuleta Clark, Elizabeth Coates, Nona Lee Cook Elizabeth Cook, Ernbelyn Couch, Evelyn Crook. Hesper Cummings, LaVerne Daniel, Katherine Dean, Ruth Denny, Lidamay Densmore Juanita Dickinson, Dorothy Densmore, Juanita Ellis. Mary Emerson, Mildred Ewton Mary Fincher, Claire Fisher. Marie Franklin. Mary Yvonne Gaither, Jimmie Garrison, LaVoice Gates, Mildred Godwin, Nelda Green,Maurine Grigsby, Jean H orber, Mary Elizabeth Harris, Mary Virginia Hart, Gladys Heiskell, Reba Heller, Mary Herring. Benny Beth Hicks, Nora Mae Hill, Hildred Hill, Kathleen Hill, Madelyn Hilton, Lois Holland, Adelaide Hollander, Evelyn Horton, Louise Hoyle, Mary Sue Hughes. Billie Nell Hunley, Ada Mae Johnson, Virginia Anne Johnson, A Virginia Dare Kennen, Martha Kerr Anita Kirk, Wacil Lanktford, Sara Nelle Lawrence, Louise Leach, Lilly Ann Ledbetter Mae Maloney, Mary Sue Manton, Ruth Maricle, Freda Marshall, Virginia Martin. Gene Mathews, Anita Meredith, Marguerite Mooney, Mildred Morgan, Mabel Morris Martha Frances Morris, Mary Margaret Mount, Marcelle Nelson, Tommye Nichols, Doris Null, Anne Olephant, Louise Page Fiiy-N ine Q-A CLASS Osborne, Jane Palmer, Nina Park, Helen Jean Parker, Ruth Pettigrew, Fay Pollock, Ruth Potthoff, Lois Powers, Josephine Price Elsie Ratliff, Ruth Remstedt, Faye Rice, Grace Robertson, Mary Katherine Robnett, Luby Rodgers, Mary Eunice Rollins,Bertie Fay Ross, Dorothy Rowland, Florence Sampson. Ruth Saunders, Wanda Savage, Helen Schmidt, Muriel Schulz, Elsie Scruggs. Joellen Shaddix, Anita Smith, Bernice Smith, Rosella Spicer, Margaret Spoonemore, Vera Lee Spreadling, Mary Lou Starke, Eileene Stephens, Verna Stoner, Barbara Striplin. Anna Margaret Straud Elizabeth Suter, Marjorie Talbert, Elinor Tate Beneta Taylor, Virginia Teubner, Helen Thompson. Beth Tippen, Evelyn Tipps, Margley Ruth Townsend, Mary Lucile Truly. Freda Vaught, Virginia -N Vestal, Thelma Waggoner, Jayne Waldrop. Carlene Walker, Leona Walker, Ruth Weatherford, Gwen Webster, Kathryn Wildman, Dolly Willhite, Doris Williams, Ruth Williams, Helen Wiskochil, Margaret Womack, Lesta Gertrude Wood, Anita Wright, Jane Yeager, Norma BOYS Addington, Rayiord Allen, James Allen. Sam Ashley, John Autry, Billy Badget, Jimmy Baker. J. W. Balqer, James Balch, J. C. Barton, Lyele Bates Claude Edward Bealmear, C, M. Beckham, Jack Benners, Alfred Berry. Allen Blackwell, Percy Blair, Arthur Blayney, Richard Bloys. Bill Bowles, Albert Brackeen, Billy Brown, Rogers P. Bryant, Jack Bryant, Joe C. Butler, Charly Lee Butler, Fred Butler. Tommy Caldwell, Ralph Canon, Herold Carmical, Fred Carreli, B. A. Carter, Billy Cavett, Oliver Click, Otis Cline, Marcus Cooke, Lane B. Cooper, John Cox, Randell Crown, Philip T. Dailey, Howard Davidson, Paul ' Davis, Dan DeVaux. Marcel Dickey, J. A. Oispenzo, Phillip Dykes, Tommy Elphingstone, Mike Franklin, Ned Gandy, Wenzel Gray, Joe Harold Grun. Roy Haralson, David Harris, A. W. Harwell, Jess Hawkins, Bob Herring, Alton Holland, Eugene Hutchinson, Robert Jennings. Buddy Johnson, Early Jones. Robert Jordan, J. E. Keahey, George Kelly, Joe Kelsey. Thomas Kilgore, James Kimberlin, Douglas Kinnan, Carl Landers. Kenneth Lee, Joe Lewis, L. J. Loyan, Bill Lynn. Ted Marable, William Martin, Bill Mascho, Jimmie Maxwell. Billy Miller, Frank Minor, Ralph Minturn. Edward Morgan, Everett Mulder, George Norris, Joe Frank Oldham, Murray Paris, Nolan Parker, Jack Pettit, Joe Pettit, Ray Prentice, Bill Price, Philip Pritchard, Hudson Rasor, Penryn Reagan, Karl Redwine, Ernest Ridley, J. V. Robberson. Jack Robinson, Jimmie Rogers, Morgan Roy, Herbert Russel. Berry Sams, Edgar Satterwhite, Marion Schlinch, Otis Shelton. Robert Simmons, James Simpson, Jack Paul Smart, Clifford Smith. D. L. Smith, Robert Sneed, Chad Snell, William Sport L. C., Jr. Stiles, Claborn Sturges, Georges Swenson, Bernard Terry. Tom Tippitt. Frankl Winston Tisdell, John Rhea Travis, Cavlin Upham. Dick Wallace, Howard Walraven, Albert Walther, Richard Weatherred. Jim Ben White, James Williams, Ivy Williams, James Windsor. Arvis Wright, Brock Wright, Jim Wright, Johnny Wylie Robert f J, GV' iv' 5 .al . ,,j 'Lf FALL TERM OFFICERS MARY JOHNSTON CARL NAPIER IMOGENE WARREN Secretary President Vice-Presizfenlf JANUARY CLASS OF 1940 WILLIAM CRUNEISEN President SPRING TERM OFFICERS WALTER PATTON MARY FRANCES ESTES Vice-President Svcrefary 1-'nge Sixty GIRLS Anderson. Marlyn Arnas, Fifi Bearden, Mary Loui Bennett, Elinor Frances Board, Frances Bowers. Margaret Burnett, Martha Carson, Margarette Carter, Elizabeth Charles, Margaret Coleman. Frances Cox, Florence Davis, Elsia Marie Durant, Elizabeth Durrett, Imogene Estes Mary Frances Fazaklerley, Judy Frogge, Wanda Gillen, Marguerite Griffin, Maurine Hitt Doris Adele Honeycutt, J ewel La Ray Huff, Ruby Jameson, Mary Lou Johnston, Mary Lainson. Sue Martin, Nellie Lee Miller, Dorothy Mitchell, Helen Moore, Marjorie Murdock, Jane se Q-B CLASS Nelson, Anona Nicholson, Marjorie North, Mary Ruth Payne, Dorothy Elise Peitz. Rita Plumlee, Edna Lynne Powell, Delores Quesenberry, Barbara Rainwater, Louise Reckley Dorothy Reeves, Hazel Roberts, Willie Ruth Rogers, Juanita Spears, Margaret Steger Josephine Stroud, Mary Beth Taylor, Rebecca Todd, Betty Marie Upham, Helen Vernon Evalene Wallace, Glyn Wallace, Verna Mae Walston, Orelya .Walthers, Lillian Warren Imogene Weaver, Ellen Weeks, Billye Bert Weeks, Melba West, Rose Marie Whittlesey, Margaret Ann Williams, Voneta Witherspoon, Virginia Faye BOYS Attaway, M. D. Baker, Edwin Baker. Robert Barnett, J. C. Bearden, C. C. Blaine, Mace Blanton, Wilbur Bolding. Lonnie Bowers, Bobby Brown, Bill Brown, Orville Calder, Robert Collett Luke Collier, Jimmie Collins, Edgar' Depew, Paul De Hay, Carlisle Eason Prentiss Feldhusen, John Allen Fuston, J. w. Gerin, Lloyd Gerin Llo d , Y Goodwyn. Ray Cassett, Rex Gruneisen. William Hackler, Thaviu Hannett, Jack Harman. George Hearrin, Wilson Hill, Fitzhugh Holbert, James Hunley, Donald Hunt Woodrow Hutcl-lens, Jack Ivy, Robert Jones, Robert Lee, Forrest Marbry. Dick Martin, Ernest Maxwell, Jack Meserole, Otis Moody, B. D. Moore. James D. Morris, Bill Nall, James Napier, Carl Norris, Jack Parr Lewis Patrick, Bobbie Patton, Walter Peterson, Roy Phillips, Joe Reevet. Lum Sanger, Edwin Sibley, J ack Simpson, Edwin Smith, George Stevenson Fred Stubbs, Nolan Sudduth, james Switzer, Otto Thurman, Rayman Walls Howard Q Walther, Joseph Daniel Webb, Kirk Weston, Jimmie Wheatley, Billy Wheeler, Charles Wright, Hailey Zullner, Leon 'Q- 6, 4 45 Be Z F :,,, I Page Slvty-One i if -5' 'ff' 51 WN , - . Wi' . 11 mb.- ' ,jj FALL TERM OFFICERS J. B. HARRISON HARRY HARRISON MADGE WOMACR President Vice-President Secretary JUNE . CLASS OF 1940 BENNYE JUNE INGRAM ROBERT NOWLIN RUTH MCCULLOUGH Vice-President Secretary President Page Sixly-Tw I-A GIRLS Adams, Mary Adams, Mary Jene Alexander, Marjorie Alexander, Mirdled Anderson, Annie Kate Austin, Annette Balfour, Wilda Frances Bradshaw, Marijane Bryan, Helen Burton, Elizabeth Chatelain. Catherine DuPree, Catherine Daniel, Dorothy Day, Billie Katherine Denn, Billie Fae Dorsett. Roselyn Drew S lvia , Y Emmons, Martha Jane England, Evelyn Eubanks, Jeannette Franklin. Nora May Franks, Marie Gant, Margie Gillen, Kathelene Godwin, Mary Lou Green. Gloria Ann Grell, Katherine Guynes, Kathryn Hale, Hope Hammond, Jaqueline Harber. Charlotte Hare, Virginia Harris, Bobbie Hartness, Ruth Virginia Harvey, Anna Harvey, Annette Havens, Marjorie Hawkins, Dorothy Mae Hearn, Maurine Hill, Doris Hill. Patsy Hilton, Wanda Hine, Virginia Page Szxiy-Three 1-A CLASS Holloway, Mary Gwendolyn Holston, Nora Mae Holt. Maggie Ruth Huistedler. Edith Ingram, Bennye Junc James, Esther James, Lorraine Jaques. Elizabeth Johnson, Novella Kerr, Louise Kidson, Mardell Kirwan, Johanna Knight, Bobbie Louise Kock, Betty Sue Lanel, Dorothy McCullough, Ruth Mandeville, Betty Jean Marable. Dorothy Meredith, Jean Merritt, Dorothy Mitchell, Dorothy Moeck, Katherine Morgan. Margaret Morgan. Martha Morrow, Evelyn Murrell, Virginia Ouida Newton, June Nichols Edythe Kay O'Mara, Betty Osborn, Ruth Pantaze, Angelina Patterson, Doris Peery. Mabel Grace Perdue, Lelia Perkins, Maureen Pickens, Helen Pierson, Alvin Player. Mildred Pooley, Mary Powell, Francine Powers, Helen Powers, Margaret Price Jane Pyeatt, Nancy Ramsey, Dorothy Randall, Martha Reams, Dorothy Reese. Sybil Marie Reynolds, Suzanna Richardson, Ernestine Richardson, Geraldine Reppetoe, Earline Salas. Glory Savis, Gloria Joy Sawyer, Jeanne Schmidt, Dorothy Jane Shaw, Velma Ruth Shelton. Elizabeth Shores, Billie Ann Silvey, Violet Lee Sizemore, Dorothy Smith, Betty Stanfield Margaret Stevens, Virginia Stewart, Jacqueline Sullivan, Mildred Sumners, Franklie Mel Summers Tcmmye Swango, Marjorie Tordio, Lorale Teaff, Margaret Templeton, Mary Thcmas Mary Lou Thurman, Dorothy Lee Tiner, Erma Tucker, Dorothy Wagner, Marjorie Walters Lila B. Wardry, Ruth Watkins, Lois Jean Watson, Mary Belle Welks, Jeanne White Francine Wiederhold, Maxine Wilks, Meredith Williams, Frances Wilson, Genevieve Womack. Madge Youngblood, Doris I-A BOYS Barnett, Walter Bean, Harold Britton, Paul Chapman. Gerin Clark, Robert Cake, Owen Coker, Marshall Cumfort, Harvey Cox, Kenneth William Cox, John Kenneth Cox, Robert Craig, Franklin Crossland. Edward Lee Crumpler, Griffin Davis, Bill Denney, Keith Durham, Burt Evans James Fisher, Jack! Floyd, Chrales Franklin, Alonzo Freeman, Lainy Gardner John Gault, Duncan Harrison, Harry Harrison, J. B. Hatton, Cliffon Hawkins Jack Huhn, Sterling Maples, Billy Mehiten, Frank William Metzger, 'Charles Miller Leslie Moeck, Johnnie Moore, Marvin Moore, Thomas lvforris, James Morrow Ernest Mullen, Fayne Nichols, Clovis Nowlin, Bob O'Brien, Denis Oldham. Lloyd Oliver, Robert Park, James Parks, J. P. Phillips, Warren Pinkston. Wallace Rallor, Ted Redwine, Bob Richardson, James Roberson, James Robertson. Cecil Robertson, Wayne Robinson, J. B. Scogin, Harry Shanahan, Jack Sharp. Aubry Simms, Jack! Simpson, Dick Smith, Jerry Smith, Peyton St. Clair. Harold Stallons, Pevel Arthur Stevenson, Horace Sturges, Samuel Summer, James Switzer Dashiell Tanner, Warren Teubner, Ray Thompson, Glen Tucker, Tommie Joe Vickery William Wagner, Fredric Warner, Hiram Warren, Russel Webster, Earl Wheeler Herman White Wayne Whitter, Don Whittlesey, Phillip, Jr. 4051, . yu W. fun! Off! f . .l e -' 1 ?W'5 'Kt ' s 5.5, A lf if .M 3, OFFICERS HARoLD BETHANCOURT EDWARD WILLIAMS MILDRED WALKER Prcfsidvuf Vice-President Secretary JANUARY CLASS CDF 1941 It seems odd, when We think of it, that it was so hard for us to find our classes and to regulate ourselves to the school when We came here three months ago. Now that We have caught the step, we have entered into the school spirit, and we hope to be real supporters of the school in all its activities. We must and will carry on the tradi- tions of the W. H. Adamson High School to the best of our ability. Page Sixly-Four I-B GIRLS Adams, Virginia Arrington, Billie Merle Ashford, Marion Bell, Dorothy Dee Benda, D'Maris Bennett, Dorothy Blaine. Lahoma Blansett, Shealie Blessing, Marjorie Bryan, Eddlean Casteel, Mary Louise Chambers, Aline Chambers, Lois Climer, Dorothy Lee Combs, Mary Evlen Cooper, Jean Dial. Marie Dye, Freida Jo Elam, Juanita Emery, Louise Ford, Ida Belle Franks, Helen Gaither, Grace Gann, Catherine Glover, Betty Jane Guy, Lucille Harris, Irene 1- Holbert. Doris Hume, Valline Jamieson, La Verne Johnson, Carol Kemp, Doris Kern, Marian Lambert, Jewel Loomis, Nellie Jane Looper, La Verne Lowry, Nadine Lumpkin, Norma, Helen Marshall, Cordelia Mary Miller, Mary Mozelle Miranda, Frances Moffett, Virginia Nemier, Juanita Newton, Mildred Owen, Virginia Plumles, Dorothy Pope, Jewel Frances Poulsen, Patricia Pruitt, Genevieve Remstedt, Marjorie Rogers, Katherine Jane Roulain, Ruth B CLASS Sinclair, Amy Ray Sutton. Nancy Carol Swilling, Valrice Taylor, Bobette Tyler, Frances Waits, Mary Ann Walker, Mildred Walthers, Sadie Mae Whitney, Dorothy Williams, Betty Jane Williams, Opal Woody. Freida I-B BOYS Adin, William Martin Amos, Richard Apel, August Apel. Louis Atkinson, Billy Bates, Billy Baughman, Desmer Bearden, Bob Bethancourt. Harold Boluch, John Cowles, Charles Childress, Joy Collier, Carroll Craven, Winfield Dahlgren, Harold Daniels. Lee Davis, John Easley, Raymond Evans, Eeaborn Forrest Fowler Clarence Gallagher, Harold Gaylor, Harry Gillette, Fred Goeman, Ed. Gray, Doyle G-reen, Billy Jack Green. Harry Griffiths, Raymond Hamilton, Robert B. Harris, Jack! Harkfield, Merldea Heiskell. Jimmie Herman, Harry Hutchins, Walter Kerby, Dale King, Wilbur Kinney. Jerry Lambert, Dan Low, Henry ll Morton, Paul Nelson, Albert Ogden, Ralph Parr. Charles Phillips, Hershal Pike, Robert Powell, Dean Price, James Rambo. Edward Rawlings, J. H. Reston, Ray Robbins, Everett Roebuck, Voyd Rogers. Will Ross, Willard Shelby, Clarence Silvey, James Skelton, Ben Stevens. Harry Stultz, Sydnor . Suter, James Vaughan, James E. Wade, George Walker. Raymond Wanner, 'Charles West, Jack M. Wetzel, Wilbur White, Howard Wilhams. Edward Williams, Horace 0, Q. tk ... , ..,1 1.51- is Henry, Roundtree, Brinkley, Charles Luten, C. J. Williams, Wyvel ,Dorothy MHC Marv Ruth Callahan, J ames McKee, Charles Worden, Eddie R. Hill, Betty Jo Rust, Julia Carter, McMains. Laudie Yeager, Earl Hill, Peggy Jean Schwedler, Evelyn Morris Gray Mayabb, Charles York, Earl ,:. -. 3134! Page Sixty-Five :gr ' ' J' Winds Who Jeanette Rowntree won second place in the state Girls' Extemporaneous Speaking Contest. Jack Willis won the Harris Award for the best all-around athlete in the Dallas High Schools. Lucas Giarraputo won for the fourth consecutive time hrst place in the City Boys' Declamation Contest. Vernon Cox represented the school in the City Essay Contest. The Rifle Team won second place in the Eighth Corps Area. Chester McKay was high point man with a score of 199 out of a possible 200. Dixie Dummit won second place in the city in the Inter'- scholastic League Girls' Declamation Contest. Betsy Manton and Phyllis Schoeppel composed the team for the Interscholastic League Spelling Contest in the city elimination. Phyllis turned in a perfect paper. Ray Pollock was the Boys' Extemporaneous Speaker and he finished in third place in the city. The Interscholastic League One-act Play, The Twelve Pound Lookf, won second place in the city. The characters were: Charles Shackelford, Evelyn Honeycutt, Virginia Heiskell, and Lowell Dubbels. Jimmy Wise broke the district record with a 22 foot 3 inch broad jump. George Patterson lettered in three sports: football, basket-- ball, and baseball. Jack Linehan won the city and district half-mile. - V . . .---Vw-..4.gg4,Q5 V, f'h'! 'l V w y' . . if 53? I '1 'N '5 1-an X 151-mrV-ww -wwfww-'un-w UN J H 1' , .h Wi 1 -wa- .is N VV N-W mi We aw s ERBQMJ, 4 'S fx ,vw-'- Q ve. 5 V fifth 6 me us ,ef V5 xy fa? we Q 1' 44' ., W , 5 f 9-wht. ff? WE 1r ,Y fx .F . 1:5-1 V. Qi' V , 'fi1'l.Q. 5? V. -iff? V f 41 V' ., , .V V , . . .:. A V, fy.. 1-,.A g 15 ,V VW , H .A V ii .r vw ' Q- 3 '.,, -.,.511- . n .I bl. . L- g? . ' ' gi ,g Y -V V, 715- -1 ' Vg VV A- sg -. -4 ' , .- '- ',-' 21 ,. 2:1 VV 2 ' ff?-17-' rf gf '-V '- -V ' F. S'fE25:T?: 'ifa1f':'Z 1: -V: -':wfF'i'iiEE-iw ' ' -2 '12V'I'.:rV, , , ig .f X .V JE, . 1 42-ff. -'ra 1 .. -'ffwffsa-VViVwV5.'.f. V , -'fif4: 'I5.'EfT7: , N. an f. 'Vu-lf! gif V QV.. A ' ,VT-.. 7 f. V1 .. .Q Af- ' V 5 ffl ., , ' R. , '. .' '+QY f'f if -' If if ' , 9'1 -iff, 5 ' 51? ' 3.V.' ' I H54 1 il '74 V . . ' wif' Wm .V V V - . fi if ,Q , Q '. V' : ' gif ,ff-i , , .1 'A .V x A Vg v2Q,'i 'QW,Mw '1 V-mf A Frif' f V' . fe. xi f VV sf . - -J . bf. .' f . fn I V'-s' . 21-5 V .. x. 'wx A 1 K V 'V 1 1. 'V 2:1 . 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I ' A : J 'I A A 1. -f' V ' if Egfr V ' . V . 1 Vrh. .i .- : D ,k ', 1537? U ' -: ' 5 -Q QV V V V V ' -15 -. ' 'Q V . 1 ' P 3 'H 5 ff: V V . ?Nbeg2w1zaVV' . 5' ' pf Q 1.1 ' A I 1 V 'LJ :zgk-'Vw' Q. 'g ' .1 'E IQ-. v I V V -. A? . I .: . 1, 1 :MM-53:-hnqvgillul 1 L I : V, VE. .. . Z . V! .. A , in 5 all It 331 I V N . I .A , :V I 3: 1.14-gag - :.1L .W 5. ,VV V. VV ' K , .V Let not my love be called idolatry, Nor my beloved as an idol show, Since all alike my songs and praises be To one, of olive, still such, and ever so JOEIZQOIZ Senior Qgeauty cqfoin Sfmgng Senior gavorite l .- 4 X cflflazffia ,rbonafcf Gleverest Senior girl Bam VVIUUWM Gleverest C-Senior 33091 WM gwffziagfancf west fill-czrouna' :Senior 53091 4'-4 C, Mzginia Gyaiigsff Qest CZ!!-J-Yround :Senior girl ,fd WETHE my Cunderclass Qeauty gf ,cf-ff V7 N., 'X f - w f' 1 in f , , lg,- J if' Ecu fm no ff 9 Cunderclays gavorite I 2 1' : ,if X 1 -4 R., X lil, x m ,rx Y 's Q' y . .nik X Y I ,, Gyamzy Jlffcdaffzafj ries? CWI!-fground Cunderclczss ZOQI IL, 'rj' .',lf'l!i I lx 1 if jiri I JV I I I Q Afflu 1 f'2f!,f jL:f'-jr, . I pf X ' I,-7 JrlJ,:'f it Juju Q 1 ' A, f -, f f4f,fj Ji,:'X' . ,J S 1 Q f , .Q-I w , .1 I fl f It f I. IV X? Y, I I x ,. -if . 1,11 ,ffgf fA,f A ' - w , ,gg f M J If gusfym clfonayauff fest CHU-J-Tround Cllnderclaxs girl 4 ff qFrom Top to Bottom in Columns Beginning at the Leftj Lucille g Lady From Nowhere QMurie1 Lakejg Sunb0nnet Baby g General Spankyvg My Begun YCCharles Yaterjg On the Board Walk QVirginia Allenjg Buster Brown g Along Came Love - One Way Passage CBettyDg The Plainsmann CEdward Kempejg Under the Umbrella CMary Frances lrwinjg All Dressed Upg Is It True What They Say About Dixie? CDixie Dummittjg Farmerette , CFrcm Top to Bottom m Columns Bsgmnmg at the Leftj Its Love A gam Nancy Steele Is Mxssmg Women of Glamour College Hohday You Only L1ve Once Deeds Goes to Town Our Gang Dont Turn Em L OOSE ,milf Xfinve Cui Head Over Heels in Love g God's Country and the Womanug Ramon ' R ' ' . a , ose Marxe , The Luck1est Gxrl in the World g Cain and Mabel 3 Captains Courageous ' Shi ,, .. , ' P' wrecked 9 Sm1l1ng Rebe1 g D1mples . 2 K k 5+ -'-, B or ., 55572: J' W- ,Q Q X f 12 S1 . ., , .-4,2 . V' ,,!' ,A x 15 ii 5 f QS 1 -ffcevpf , 'iv ,Q I ..- . - ,jlzma 'x'?'?W'a'?5QA! 2 'N , Xiu,-:h-, f N . al . fiwzlfaa: , - 4 H, f' . 5. , 1:1 . 1 . . if3j.115'EZ1:: ' - , Qc '13?:'1.'-55:1-, '1:'f4'fifv2Q'V9L5TE:Q 5 '-F V' Z.,EWQQI.-341 Q5Q,lf2S'51',.:1Eii'v,:-1v fif-'1'- jE'i'dQ6Lwxqg, ' '-nv: ,4 -x '??fIz3.i:mz'Yi?:Lgj'-M:-f,i,i,-gf,f MD 95. 4:5-QJQQ-.Qg.,.2j'7. -' --fn .::.5:,f:..,,Ng-:X1,x,,:.-1. - N- f , . ' 1,-lwh ,, . -. ., ,. 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W' su ,, JG LJRINIA l.lS M ST AFP FALL TERM SPRING TERM SYBIL ROAN . . I Editors MYXRY JANIE CLEGHORN lk H . ' I Editors MARY ELLEN MURRELL DOROTHY WII.LHITE l BASS WII.LIAMs . . . . Business Manager P. H. DUNHAM . . . . Manager FRANK HAYS . . . Sports Editor NORMAN WATSON . . Sports Ealilor ALVIN S'I'I5RI.ING . . R. O. T. C. Edifor jon VVILLIAMSON . R. O. T. C. Ezlilor DOROTHY DI2I.I. KIEITI-I . . Exrhange Eilifor JANE ROBBINS . . Exvhange Erfifor Ezfifor l BETTY ,IANI5 WISKOCHIL . . . Mailing Adkisson, Nona Mae Anderson, Gordon Armstrong, Merle Baker, Bill Birdwell, Lynwood Bond, jean Burba, Marguerite Calame, Paul Cameron, Elizabeth Campbell, Clayton Carmieal, Louise Carpenter, Scottie Chatelain, Paul Clark, A. W. Cleghorn, Mary Jane Cohen, Bill Conner, Paulette Miss HI:NRIuTTA EISIEN LOHR . , . GERALDINIL MeQuIzI3N . . . . . Sponsor JOU RNALISM DEPARTMENT Cooper, Martha Copeland, Mary Jo Cox, Vernon Crook, Erwin Dickey, jackie Dubbles, Lowell Duff, Mary Dummitt, Dixie Dunham, P. H. Ewton. Vestal Garner, Grover Goldsmith, Billy Graves, W. Hall, Doris Hancock, Marcus Harding, Charles Harrison, Jack Hayes, Earlene Heiskell, Virginia Hill, Annie Lee Honeycutt, Evelyn Hubbard, Mary Irwin, Mary Frances Keyes, Bobbie Kincannon, Audrienne Latta, Mary Ellen Ledbetter, Thedafaye Long, Horace Lowe, Rena Lou MeKethan, jesse McQueen, Geraldine Mallory, Mary Beth Mann, Clifford Massengill, Dorothy Miller, C. M. Moncrief, Woodrow Moore, Charles Moseley. Bobbie Newbaker, Louise Oakes, James Palmer, David Parker, Betty Paternostro, Margaret Ann Price, Ara Marie Quillen, Thomas Rankin, Thomas Robbins, Jane Robertson, Mary Lee Scherer, Glenn . Mailing Edilor Schwcdler, Edgar Schwedler, Paul Scottino, Elizabeth Shelby, Virginia Sonnicr, Ezell Summers, Dan Terry, Charlie Frances Terry, H. M. Thompson, Geraldine Wnddle, Sidney Ruth Watsonl, Norman Weaver, Joe Willhite, Dorothy Williamson, Joe Yater, Charles Page Seventy-Eight ,c .A-M., 554 SUBSCIQIPTICDN CCDNTEST XXXHXIIXIERS First place in the Subscription Contest Was Won by Thedafaye Ledbetter, who obtained 70 subscriptions. Second place was taken by Roy Thrash with 65 subscriptions. Securing more advertisements than the Oak has had in many years, Fisher Forrest finished 1 ahead of his competitors with 515284.00 in adver- tising material. Page Sc'vem'y-Nine j by-. I e 'GQ 1 6 f X4 Q ' 'Q' is it 'Q 0 ROWE MANDEVILLE TYLER HORD MCKAY FORREST 0 A K S T A F F FALL TERM KATHERINE HORD .... . . . Editor CHARLES MANDEVILLE . . Business Manager JOHN TYLER . . . Advertising Manager SPRING TERM ED B. ROWE . ..... . . . Editor CHESTER MCKAY . . Business Manager FISHER FORREST . . Advertising Manager l Page Eighty lf MRS. NELLIE D. CLEMENT Burnett, John Rorie, Bill McSpadden, Hilton Miss HELEN ADUDDELL Horcl, Katherine Rowe, Ed B. Thrash, Roy Collier, A. E. Terry, Charlie Frances Hargreaves, Lillian Sterling, Alvin Murrell, Mary Ellen Roan, Sybil Miss CHRISTINE HAMMOCK Page Eighly-One Mandeville, Charles McKay, Chester Wylie, Tom ART STAFF Gilmore, Dorothy Shadday, Helen EDITORIAL STAFF Tucker, Edna Mae Wiskochil, Betty Jane Walraven, Louella Daniel, Rosemary Robison, Ruth Willis, Jack Keith, Dorothy Dell Reed, Patricia Manton, Betsy BUSINESS STAFF McDowell, David Tyler, John Forrest, Fisher Chappell, Sarah Helen Johnson, Francine Jensen, Andrew Adams, Ruth Crissman, Harry Heiskell, Virginia Mallory, Mary Beth Wilhite, Dorothy Lake, Muriel Shackelford, Charles Watson, Norman Dargan, L. C. Adams, Joe S ponsor Sponsor Sponsor f V 2 A -, L-r 9 l . ,-.., ,V '3Y I V I ,. :kz QQ ,t. IXIATICDNAI. HCDNGR SCDCIETY JOHN TYLEIK . . President MURIEL LAKE . . Vice-President RUTH ADAMS . . . . Secretary BETSY MANTON . . Program Chairman ROSEMARY DANIEL . . Social Chairman 1 SPRING TERM OFFICERS BETSY MANTON .... . ...... President DOROTHY WILLHITE . . Vice-Prcsidcrrt GERALDINE MCQUEEN . . . . Secretary JOE ADAMS . . . . Program Chairman FISHER FORREST . . . . Social Chairman MISS CHRISTINE HAMMOCK Miss RUTH BELL . . . S 0 or MISS LUCY HAMILTON P ns S MRs. MINNIE BRAMLETTE Page Eighty-Two ' v J- .. 'a r J. .vf 'GY- ll' mil pn! Q55 .dl I NATIONAL I-ICDNCDI2 SOCIETY Purpose-To create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the Adamson High School. Page Eighty-Three Adams, Joe Adams, Ruth Allen, Virginia Bishop, Kathleen Brown, Bernice Bruce, Robert Carey, Dorothy Cohan, Harry Collier, A. E. Daniel, Rosemary Dargan, L. C. Duff, Mary Dummit, Dixie Dunham, P. H. Forrest, Fisher MEMBERS Gharis, Theresa Gilmore, Dorothy Hammer, Helen Harrison, Genevieve Hord, Katherine Hubbard, Mary Huff, Margaret Jensen, Andrew Johnson, Francine Lake, Muriel Lawson, Martha Fay McQueen, Geraldine Mandeville, Charles Manton, Betsy Moore, Anne Beth Moore, Mary Jo Murrell, Mary Ellen Palmer, Lucille Palmer, Nelwyn Reed, Jack Roan, Sybil Rowe, Ed. B. Savage, Evelyn Shackelford, Charles Schoeppel, Phyllis Thrash, Roy Tyler, John Willhite, Dorothy Williams, Jack Wylie, Tom 5 .wha . r ' Q J- If - Xi S 4. i . . 1-'V ' t i 'ii5f I UB DEBATE Cl. A Debate Club, composed of 14 charter members, was organized at Adamson High School at the beginning of the 1936-37 fall term. Membership is open to anyone inter- ested in the study of debate or parliamentary law. Practice debates were held with mem- bers of the North Dallas Debate Club, and also two teams, composed of Anne Beth Moore, Merle Armstrong, Jack Williams, and Russell Mason, were entered in the National Foren- sic League Contest held at North Dallas High School on February twenty-seventh. Miss ANNE PATRICK . . . ROY THRASH . SCOTTIE CARPENTER . ANNE BETH MOORE . ANDREW JENSEN . MERLE ARMSTRONG . Darnell, Frances Armstrong, Merle Harding, Charles OFFICERS MEMBERS Meredith, Ross Moore, Anne Beth Peters, Eddie . Sponsor . President . Vice-President . . Secretary . Parliamentarian . Acorn Reporter Randlett, Polly Scruggs, Joellen Sonnier, Ezell Heiskell, Elizabeth Phifer, Alice Thrash, Roy Jensen, Andrew Pollock, Ray Williams, Jack Mason, Russell 3' Puge Eight Four PEN PAL CLUB Purpose-The Pen Pal Club is composed of students interested in creative Writing of any type. One of their distinctive features is that each member volunteers at some meet- ing to be one of three to bring a contribution to the next. Thus the element of surprise is always maintained. Each contribution is commented on by the members, first as to its good points and then as to ways of improvement. FALL TERM OFFICERS ELIZABETH HEISKELL . . President MARY JOHNSTON . Vice-President JIMMIE GAITHER . . . Secretary JOELLEN SCRUGGS . Program Chairman SPRING TERM OFFICERS ELIZABETH HEISKELL . . President JOELLEN SCRUGGS . . Vice-President JIMMIE GAITHER . . . Secretary IVA NELL BENNETT . Program Chairman SPONSORS MRS. HELEN HORN Miss NELLIE BLY LANKFORD Bennett, Iva Nell Boyd, Christine Bush, Mary Coleman, Ritha Cox, Vernon Densmore, Juanita Gaither, Jimmie Harris, Weta MEMBERS Heiskell, Elizabeth Jackson, Edna Mae Lamb, Dorothy Lewallen, Dorothy Lillard, Kitty Merritt, Dorothy Palmer, Nelwyn Plumlee, Edna Lynn Potthoi, Lois Price, Elsie Price, Sue Jane Reed, Patricia Scruggs, Joellen Thompson, Geraldine Tiner, Maxine Tyler, John 'G' xi iff Page Ezgblv Fwe 'Cf- .f WW i SC 1Jlll'IlflXL'1TllC Scholarship Club is composed of those students who have made in their four major subjects an average of ninety with no grade below eighty, Each semester the Club has a party with a variety of entertainment and refreshments furnished by the Parent-Teach Mas. NELL TAYLOR . . . . . . Adams, Joe Adams, Ruth Albin, Frances Allen, Joan Allen, Virginia Anderson. Willie Andrews, Mary Jean Armistead, Mary Alice Ashley, Virginia Austin, Mary Baluer, Clara Helen Baker, James Baker, Theresa Bandy, Betty Beachum, Luna Bell Bell, Thurman Bennett, Elinor Bickenbach. Grace Bishop, Kathleen Bivings, Dorcas Blackwell, Andrea Blaine, Mose Blaine, Wynette Boluch. Mary Jones Borgeson, Howard Boyd, Christine Brackeen, Billy Bradford, Elisabeth Bradshaw, Marjorie Brown, Bernice Brower, Jack Bruce, Robert Bybie, Ruth Caldwell, Erma Lee Campbell, Clayton Campbell Jimmie Carlson, Emily Carmichael, Ruth Carson, Margarette Carter, Billy Carter, Elizabeth Carter, Mary Katherine Cavett, Oliver Chaney, Ethel Clark, Eloise Clark, Pattie Sue Clyette, Caroline Coates. Anna Marie Coates, Nona Lee Cohan, Harry Coke, Owen Collier, A. E. Collier, Jimmie Cooper. Mary Jane Cox, Florence Cox, Robert Crissman, Harry Crook, Hesper Crown, Philip Crumpler. Griffin Daniel, Katherine Daniel, Rosemary Dargan, L. C. Darnell, Frances Davidson, Paul Day. Billie K. Denn, Billie Fae Densmore, Juanita Denton, Bette Dierolf, Lyndell Drier, Charles Duff. Mary Dunham, P. H. Dummitt, Dixie Durand, Elizabeth Dykes, Tommy Eagle, Bob Ellis Mary Erickson, Muriel Estes, Mary Frances Fincher, Claire MEMBERS Finley, Imogene Forrest, Fisher France. Marie Freeman, Linton Gaither, Jimmie Gardner, O. C. Garrison, La Voice Gault, Duncan Giarraputo, Lucas Gillen, Margaret Gilmore, Dorothy Gruneisen, William Hall, Hugh Hamilton, Elizabeth Hammer. Helen Hammond, Jacquelyne Hare, Virginia Harmon, George Harbott, Lillian Harris, Ernestine Harris. Weta Harrison, Genevieve Harvey, Annetta Haskell, James Hawkins, Dorothy Hawkins, Elinor Heiskell, Reba Henderson, Charles Herring, Benny Beth Hill, Patty Hilton, Wanda Hine, Virginia Honeycutt. Evelyn Hord, Katherine Horn, Wayne Hubbard, Mary Huff, Margaret Hufstedler, Edith Hughes. Billie Nell Hughes, Jack Hunter, Mary Hutchins, Jack Jensen, Andrew Johnson, Francine Johnson, Jane Johnson, Maxine Johnson, Virginia Dare Johnson, Virginia Anne Kelly, George Kerr. Anita Kidson, Maudell Kilgore, James Kinsworthy, Agnes Lake, Muriel Lamb, Dorothy Lamb. Mary Alice Layden, Tommy Lawson, Martha Fay Leatherwood, Margaret Lemmons, Eva Sue Lillard, Kitty Maas. Evelyn Maier, Peggy Mallory, Mary Beth Mandeville, Betty Jane Mandeville, Charles Manton. Betsy Manton, Ruth Maricle, Freda Mason, Russell McCullough, Hal McCullough, Ruth McKinney. Maureen McQueen, Geraldine Meredith, Ross Merritt, Dorothy Miller, Bill Miller, Jacld Moore Anne Beth Cf Association. Moore, Mary Jo Morgan, Billy Morgan, Mabel Morrow, Earnest Murdock, Jane Murrell, Mary Ellen Napier, Carl Null, La Verne O'Brien, Dennis Oliphant, Louise 0'Mara, Betty Osborne Jane Palmer, Lucille Palmer, Nelwyn Park, Helen Jean Parker, Ruth Parr, Lewis Peterson. Roy Phifer, Alice Pierson, Alvin Pritchard, Hudson Pyeatt, Byron Pyeatt, Nancy Randall. Martha Reed, Jack Reed, Patricia Remstedt, Faye Roan, Sybil Robberson, Jack Robinson Jimmie Rogers, Morgan Rowe, Ed. B. Rowntree, Jeanette Sargent, Gerald Savage, Evelyn Sawyer, Daphne Mae Seago, Margaret Shackelford, Charles Schmidt, Dorothy Schoeppel, Phyllis Silbey, Jack UB Sponsor Simms, Jack! Skelton, Margaret Smith, Harold Smither, Jack Sport, L. C. Stallonls, Eloise Stallones. Revel Sullivan, Helen Sweatt, Oleta Teubner, Ray Thomas, Billy Thompson, Beth Thompson, Geraldine Thrash, Roy Tipps, Marjorie Ru Turner, Virginia Tyler, John Utt, Nancelie Waggener, Jayne Ward, Bettie Jane Warren, Imogene Weatherby, Billie Jo Wheatley. Billy VVl1eeler, Margaret Westerlage, Lloyd W hite, Bill White, Francine Whittlesey, Margaret Ann Willhite, Doris Willhite, Dorothy Williams, Jack Vlliilis, Jack Wilson, Dorothy Womack, Gertrude Vlfood, Anita Wylie, Robert Wylie, Tom Zollicoffer, Maurice i' Page Eighty-Six th MRS. WANDA BANKER Albin, Frances Allen, Joan Allen, Virginia Armstrong, Merle Bandy, Betty Banker, Dorris Barrett, Marguerite Bearden, Mary Louise Bennett, Iva Nell Bowles, Albert Bush, Mary Katherine Carey, Mary Frances Cavett, Oliver Chaney, Ethel Collier, Wesley Cook, Embelyne Couch, Evelyn Crissman, Harry Darnell, Frances D R A M A T I C C I. U B PHVIIOSZ?--,TO develop dramatic talent. MEMBERS Dickey, Jackie Dubbels, Lowell Duff, Mary Dummitt, Dixie Finley, Imogene Garrett, Bennie Ruth Green, Gloria Anne Harpold, Lillian Catherine Hawkins, Dorothy Heiskell, Virginia Herring, Benny Beth Hill, Madelyn Hughes, Billie Nell Ingram, Bennye June Jensen, Andrew Johnson, Francine Johnson, Jane Keith, Alice Kern, Marian Ledbetter, Thedafaye Mallory, Mary Beth McCarty, Judith McDonald, De Nyece McQueen, Geraldine Moncrief, Woodrow Moore, Anne Beth Moore, Charles Morris, Martha Frances Palmer, Lucille Parrish, Philip Pollock, Ray Price, John Randlett, Polly Rowntree, Jeannette Russell, Mary Lois Schwedler, Paul . S pomor Scruggs, Joellen Singleton, Mildred Sneed, Chad Sullivan, Helen Taylor, Rebecca Terry, Charlie Frances Thomas, Margie Thrash, Roy Tiner, Erma Tipps, Margery Utley, Mary Ann Wallace, Glynn Walraven, Albert Walston, Orelya Womack, Lesta Willhite, Doris Willhite, Dorothy Wiskochil, Margaret we Page Eight-Sczfm f 2 4 1 J, 5 W T l .WW . 5,21 I . ,I - ,ap kl- J- , I' ART DEPARTMENT MRS. NELLIE D. CLEMENT . Abbin, Cecil Adkisson, Billie Albin, Frances Allen, Billie Armistead, Mary Alice Arrago, Billie Batchler, Peggy Jean Baugh, Geneva Ann Baugh, Olga Mae Bealmear, G. M. Bell, Thurman - Benson, John Bibb, Marie Bidwell, Bernard Bixter, Bertha Jean Blake, Anita Blazney, Richard Bludworth, Bill Bludworth, Mildred Brower, Jack Brower, Jim Brower, Pat Burnett, John Burns, William Bush, Mary Katherine Campbell, Raymond Cardwell, Evelyn Lee Chamberlain, Abbie Chapell, Sara Helen Charles, Margaret Cohen, Bill Collier, Rachel Couch, Stella Cox, Abie Craven, Carolinda Dobbins, Genevieve Dorskett, Roselyn Drew, Sylvia Evans, James Foy, June Gilmore, Dorothy Girsen, Lloyd Godwin, Nelda Greer, Gloria Ann Guinn, W. E. Havens, Margorie Hawkins, Dorothy Mae Hill, Patsy Holland, Adelaide Holland, Rose Mary Holt, Margie Ruth Horton, Douglas Huffer, Marjorie Hurley, Donald Ingram, Bennye June Jackson, Edna Mae Jameson, Mary Lou Johnson, Francine Johnson, Virginia Dare Keith, Dorothy Dell Kerr, Louise Kelly, Lorena Knight, Bobbie Louise Knowles, Katherine Leach, Lillye Lillard, Kitty McSpadden, Hilton March, Johnnie Marco, Jimmie Massengill, Dorothy Mayers, Beth Merrett, Dorothy Miller, C. M. Moeck, Katherine Moore, Marjorie Morgan, Mabel Morrow, Evelyn Mullin, Fayne Nafus, Virginia Nelson, Anona. Nelson, Freda Nelson, Jimmie Lee Pantaze, Angelina Parks, J. P. Patchoif, Lois Patrick, Bobbie Peterson, Ray Pooley, Mary Preslar, Margaret Price, Ara Marie Pasar, Rennyn . Sponsor Reagan, Karl Renms, Dorothy Reese, Sybil Robbin, Jack Robertson, J. B. Rorie, Bill Sargent, Gerald Savage, Evelyn Schmitz, Muriel Sengo, Margaret Shaddy, Helen Silvey, Violet Lee Starling, Frances Stewart, Jacquelyn Tiner, Erma Upham, Dick Utlcy, Mary Ann Waltliers, Lillian W'arrei1, Russell Weiicker, Jean white, Bill Wilker, Meredith Wilson, Geneva Page Eigbiy E1gbt U' Edward Kempe Alvin Sterling Leslie Hollis Jim Brower . Mary Ellen Murrell . Jack Willis . Randall Ryan . Sybil Roan . Norman Watson Gladys Johnson Martha Donald Mary Hubbard . . Martha Fay Lawson Dorothy Willhite Charles Moore Anne Beth Moore . . -gdik A.V' 'Z' l 5 ' Q Q A CAST OF JANUARY SENIOR PLAY, IT WON'T BE LONG NOW . . Thomas William Meek Beansy Blake Robert Preston . Miss Wilkes Charles Dobson . Dr, Walter Talley CAST O Ann Winston F JUNE SENIO Larry Maynard Lois Wilkins Mrs. Wilkins . Iola Wilkins Florence Wilkins Viola Wa t0n . Jack N vin Lizzy Cro 'ey fl A f Betty Jane Wiskochil Thomas Williams . T. J. Moon . D. C. Nolan . . Olga .... Louella Walraven . Bass Williams Q, W. A. Strickland l R PLAY, S10,000 REWARD Wesley Collier . Dixie Dummitt . Virginia H eiskell John Burnett . M ary D ufi . . Bob d . . Th ye Ledbetter . f Vivian Darrell Rev. Dr. Loring . A Policeman Frank Cullen ' DOfOfhy Dell Keith . . Frances Photographers Henry Bailey . Grace Finley Marian H awley Franklin Winslow . Margy Dixon . Sam johnson Six-Shooter Anne Page Eighty-Nine l X.. -Q . qpzsf .tif- 1'- ,Q W, Q Wal i r 1 I., 9 ,I 5.3! 8' v SPANISH CLUB MISS VIRGINIA ROOTES MISS ROBERT.-x KING . . I Sponsors Miss EUGENIA NEWBERRY Allen, Joan Herring, Benny Beth Reed, Jack Allen, Virginia Bahn, Arthur Beggs, Katilea Bennett, Iva Nell Bivings, Dorcas Blanton, Melba Carter, Mary Kate Connolly, Sarah Ward Harvey, Annetta Heiskell, Elizabeth Hufsredler, Edith Kilgore, James Manton, Betsy McAtee, Barbara McGrew, Jean Mount, Marcelle Ogden, Betty Osborne, Jane Ramsey, Doris Rife, Tommy Rowntree, Jeanette Sawyer, Daphne Mae Skelton, Margaret Smith, Harold Suter, Marjorie Sweatt, Oleta Tiner, Maxine Tipps, Marjory Page N inetj PAN-AMERICAN STUDENT FORUM The Pan-American Student Forum is a national organization of advanced students of Spanish. Its aim is to encourage friendly relations between the United States and Latin-American nations. The long waiting list of the Adamson unit of the Forum tes- tifies to the activity of the club. In June, 1937, delegates from the forty-four chapters scattered over the United States assemble in Dallas for a national convention. MISS VIRGINIA ROOTES ............. Sponsor OFFICERS FALL 1936 SPRING 1937 TOM WYLIE .... President GDELL MCGREW . . . President HELEN EADES . . Viet'-President JUDITH MCCARTY . Viet'-President BILLIE JEAN HARTNESS . Secretary BARBARA MCATEE . . Secretary MEMBERS Bahn, Arthur Beggs, Katilea Bennett, Iva Nell Bivings, Dorcas Blanton, Melba Carter, Mary Kate Chaney, Ethel Collier, A. E. Cox, Vernon Eades, Helen Hammer, Helen Harris, Weta Hartness, Billie Jean Heiskell, Elizabeth Hollis, Leslie Jones, Henry Kincannon, Don Kitchen, Zulema Lloyd Dorothy Mann, Clifford McAtee, Barbara McCarty, Judith McGrew, Odell Meredith, Ross Moore, Evangeline Newbaker, Louise Ogden, Betty Price, Sue Jane Ramsey, Doris Regan, William Rowntree, Jeanette Sawyer, Daphne Mae Skelton, Margaret Smith, Harold Sweatt, Oleta Tiner, Maxine Walraven, Louella Willhite, Doris Williams, Jack Wiskochil, Betty Jane Wylie, Tom Page Nincly-One any S. FW ' .J ,ua , ,, l I .L fgx'-V' Mu FRENCH D Badgett, Jimmie Baker, James Bowers, Bobbie Brackeen, Billy Campbell, Robert Cox, Kenneth Crissman, Harry Crown, Philip Hunt, Woodrow Kelly, Joe Long, Horace Luten, C. Norman, Gordon Pettit, Joe Weston, Jimmie Williamson, Bill Baldwin, Sarah Jane Banker, Dorris Eileen Beachum, Luna Bell Blaine, Wynette Chatelain, Catherine Clark, Maxine Climer, Dorothy Lee Coates, Anna Marie Cole, Mary Louise Connor, Paulette Copeland, Mary Jo Cox, Florence Crowson, Allie Vee Daniel, Dorothy Dinkins, Mavis Donald, Martha Emery, Louise Erickson, Muriel Ford, Ida Bell France, Marie Garrett, Bennie Ruth Gleason, Jean EPART Hill, Patty Honeycutt, Jewell Hord, Katherine Jackson, Aubra Mae James, Lorraine Johnson, Francine Kern, Marion Kerr, Anita Loper, La Verne MENT . . . Sponsor Randlett, Polly Remstedt, Fay Remstedt, Marjorie Robnett, Luby Rogers, Katherine Jane Sampson, Ruth Saunders, Wanda Shelton, Lois Starling, Frances Mandeville, Betty JeanStarling, Mary Lou Mallory, Mary Beth Smith, Patricia Meredith, Marguerite Taylor, Bobette Mock, Mary KatherineTaylor, Rebecca McGuire, Lurline Murrell, Virginia Nelson, Freda Hammond, Jacqueline Paternosti-0, Harris, Ernestine Margaret Ann Harris, Mary Virginia Pickens, Helen Hatcher, Ruth Heiskell, Reba Plumlee, Dorothy Plumlee, Edna Lynn Todd, Betty Marie Vaught, Virginia Vestal, Thelma Waggoner, Jayne Walker, Ruth Ward, Betty Jane Warren, Imogene West, Rose Marie Page Ninety Two J- LATIN DEPARTMENT Miss CHRISTINE HAMMOCK Adams, Joe Adm, Billy Adin, Mary Adkinson, Billie Anderson, Marilyn Arrington, Billie Merle Ashley, John Barnes, Bill Barr, Chris Bennett, Elinor Blaine, Mose Blanton, Wilbur Bowden, Edgar Boatman, Al Bruce, Robert Browder, Fred Burhart, Charles Bybee, Ruth Campbell, Christine Carmichael, Ruth Carrell, Sam Carter, Billie Childress, Charles Clark, Eloise Clark, Patty Sue Dargan, L. C. Dierolf, Lyndel Dinsmore, Juanita Dykes, Tommy Eagle, Bob Echols, Ralph Ellis, Mary Estes, Mary Frances Fincher, Claire Forrest, Fisher Gaither, Jimmie Gardner, Louise Gault, Duncan Gillcn, Marguerite Giller, Kathleen Green, H. T. Griffith, Raymond Gruneisen, William Hall, Hugh Hamilton, Elizabeth Hamnett, Jack Hanson, Gladys Harbold, Lillian Hare, Robert Harris, Matthew Harrison, Genevieve Hearne, Maurine Hilton, Wanda Hoagne, Gloria Hughes, Billie Nell Hughes, Jack Jensen, Andrew Johnson, Thurman Johnston, Mary Kidson, Mardell Kinney, Jerry Kerwin, Johanna Koch, Bettie Sue Layden, Tommie McSpadden, Hilton Miller, Dorothy Morgan, Mabel Morris, Martha Frances Murdoch, Jane Murdoch, Richard Napier, Carl Nichols, Edah North, Mary Ruth Null, Anne O,Brien, Dennis O'Mara, Betty Jean Leatherwood, Margarel Oliphant, Louise Lee, Forrest Lent, Bettie Lou Lewallen, Dorothy Leiber, Gerald Lord, Jack Marable, William Maricle, Theda Marshall, Cordelia Mary McBride, Louis McCarty, Wendell McCulley, Rader Parker. Ruth Patton, Walter Phillips, George Powell, Charles Rob Powers, Lois Prichard, Hudson Pyeatt, Byron Remington, Harry Robberson, Jack Rollar, Ted Rowe, Ed. B. Salas, Glory CII Sponsor Shelton, Robert Shirley, Charles Sibley, Jack Simmons, James Smith, George Stevens, Harry Stroud, Elizabeth Striplin, Anna Tanner, Warren Templeton, Mary Jean Thomas, Billy Thrash, Roy Tippett, Frank Winstoii Tolbert, Elinor Tyler, Frances Tyler, John Vaughan, James Voltmer, Louise Walston, Orelya Watson, Mary Belle Webb, Kirk Wheatley, Billy Wlhittlesey, Philip Wilson, Dorothy yt! 1. ttf i Coke, Owen Harrison, Harry Mandeville, Charles Schmidt, Wright, Jim Corke, Lane B. Harwell, Jess Maas, Evelyn Dorothy Jane Crook, Haskell Hawkins, Eleanor Page N ineiy-Three ,fl ,sal E .. XR , I 'V . zzi: , Q., , 4- . E! -F33 1 COUNCIL LIBRARY FERMAN FOWLER Fall Term 193 6-37 OFFICERS DOROTHY DELL KEITH . . . MINNIE LEATH CHRIETZBERG . MISS LAURA ALEXANDER . . . . . MEMBERS Chrietzberg, Keith, Robison, Minnie Leath Dorothy Dell Helen Ruth Darnell, Frances Murrell, Mary Ellen Brower, Jim Donald, Martha Randall, Peggy Clark, A. W. Keith, Alice Roan, Sybil Freeman, Linton ALICE KEITH GLENN SCHERER FRANCES DARNELL COLBY MCDONOUGH Bickenbach, Grace Carmical, Louise Cook, Embelyne Cox, Alice Darnell, Frances Donald, Martha Dummitt, Dixie Holliday, Virginia Johnson, Gladys Roberson, Dorothy Henderson, Charles Spring Term 1936-37 OFFICERS MEMBERS Johnston, Mary Keith, Alice Lawson, Martha Fay Marshall, Cordelia Mary Martin, Nellie Lee Murdock, Jane Vernon, Evoline Baker, Bill Clark, A, W. Coke, Owen Freeman, Linton Gleason, Jimmy . . President . Vice-President Seerefary-Treasurer . . Sponsor Moncrief, Woodrow Peters, Eddie Scherer, Glenn Simmons, James Suter, James . . President . Vice -President . . Secretary . . . Treasurer Peters, Eddie Phillips, George Quillen, Thomas Scherer, Glenn Simmons, James Gruneisen, William Suter, James Henderson, Charles Williams, Edward McDonough, Colby Jones, Henry Page Ninety Four Page Nificly-Fire STUDENT ASSISTANTS OFFICE Bruce, Robert Smithers, Jack McDonald, DeNeyce Shackelford, Charles Wiskocbil, Betty Jane Gates, Henry Lee Capers, Robert Roberson, Dorothy Jones, Henry Lowe, Mildred BANKING Campbell, Clayton Honeycutt, Evelyn Jayne Waggener Frencfo . .... KATHERINE Holm sv' W' MW 1 19,6 XR , ...,,.,, 2,41 '1- gqzg - 'f -1 Q. ,454 ,-1 . .4,, g f l STUDENT CQLJNCII. Purpose-To promote student participation in school government, and to be of gen eral assistance in carrying on the routine of the school. Fall Term Officers ALVIN STERLING . . . President CHARLES SHACKELEORD . Vice-President MARY ELLEN MURRELL . Secretary Spring Term Officers CHARLES SHACKELFORD . Presidenz' JACK WILLIAMS . . Vice-P1'esicle11t BETTIE JANE WARD . . Secretary ED. B. ROWE . . . Treasurer ROBERT CAPERS THOMAS WEST BROWNE 2 FRANCES ALBERTA COOPER - ---- ' LAURA ALEXANDER . MEM I Baker, Bill Gruneison, William L m y, ost ee Barnes, Bill Barrett, Marguerite Bethancount, Harold Bracken, Harold Bullock, John Bybee, Ruth Capers, Robert Carey, Mary Frances Carter, Mary Kate Clark, Eloise Davidson, Paul Dykes, Tommy Elixson, Philip Giarraputo, Lucas Harrison, Harry Hatcher, Ruth Henderson, Charles Honeycutt, Evelyn Horton, Douglas Hudspeth, Elizabeth Jensen, Andrew Keane, Armond Keith, Alice Keith, Lois Kelly, George King, La Verne Kinsvvorthy, Agnes Leathervvood, Margaret McCullough, Howell McCullough, Ruth McDonald, De Loyce McKay, Chester McQueen, Geraldine Manton, Betsy Manton, Ruth Maples, Billy Meredith, Ross Morgan, Mabel Murrell, Virginia Ouida Niblo, Ray Parker, Jack . . Treasurer . Sponsors' Pa erson, George Ra sey, Doris Re ington, Harry Schvvedler, Paul Shackelford, Charles Shelby, Dan Shelton, Robert Singleton, Mildred Stanfield, Hulyne Utt, Nancelie Ward, Bettie Jane Watson, Cecile Fareen Willhite, Dorothy Williams, Jack Wright, Brock Page Nmety Szx SE NIOR yd, ,M ee.. I-II-V MR. HAMlL'I'ON . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sponsor Purpose-To create, maintain and extend high standards of Christian character throughout the schools and communities of the state and world. OFFICERS Fall Term Sring Term W. A. STRICKLAND NORMAN WATSON BASS WILLIAMS BILL WATSON . JAMES CHRISTIE Brown, Douglas Burnett, John Crane, Franklin Cohen, Bill Campbell, Clayton Cooper, Warren Capers, Robert Chandler, G. W. Christie, James Desmond, Arnold . . President lst Vice-President 2nd Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Sergeant at Arms NORMAN WATSON . . President JAMES CHRISTIE . Ist Vice-President JOHN BURNETT . Zml Vice-President CHARLES MOORE . Secretary-Treasurer BOYCE NALL . . Sergeant at Arms MEMBERS Gordon, Roy Harrison, Jack Henke, Otto Hudson, Truman Horton, Douglas Jensen, Andrew Kidson, Loy Leeman, Sam Little, Albert Little, Audie Linehan, Jack McKay, Chester McCaffrey, Harry Miller, Bill Moore, Charles Nelson, Howard Nall, Boyce Pollock, Ray Parmalee, Charles Parker, Robert Schwedler, Edgar Strickland, W. A. Terry, Floyd Watons, Norman Watson, Bill Williams, Bass Williams, Jack Williamson, Joe Willis, Jack Page Ninety-Seven ,i ff , 5 1 ol Y' W' F' JU Purpose-To maintain firm morals and attain high standards of character through- out the organization and the school. OLIVER CAVETT JAMES ROBINSON NIOIQ I-II-V Fall Term Officers Spring Term Officers . . Presidenf LEWIS MCBRIIJE . . President . Vice-Prcsicfenf BILL MAPLES Vive-Preside-nt . . Scfcreiary FRED MCBRIDE . . Secretary FRANKLIN CRANE CARL KINNAN . NED FRANKLIN MR. SPRAGUE . J-AY SMITH Allen, Sam Bracken, Billy Bowles, Albert Brown, Rodger Brown, Joe Berry, Allen Cavett, Oliver Coke, Owen Evers, James Social Cbuirmrm Sergeant at Arms J. B. HARRISON WAYNE WHITE . . Sponsor JAY SMITH . . S ponsor MEMBERS Franklin, Ned Green, H. T. Grenizing, William Goldman, Ed Harrison, J. B. Hawkins, Jack lvy, Robert Kinnan, Carl Kincannon, Don McBride, Lewis McBride, Fred McCulley, Roder Maples, Billy Nowlin, Bob Obrine, Donis Robinson, James Sovial Clvairman Sergeant of Arms . . Sponsor Rogers, Morgan Simpson, Dick Stephenson, Horace Shelton, Robert Travis, Calvin White, Wayne Watthers, Richard Walraven, Albert P11gUNl11Ufj Ezgbl 624 5 1 :E Y I is INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE CCNTESTANTS GIRL DECLAIMER Dixie Dummitt BUY DECLAIMER Lucas Giarraputo GIFL EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKER Jeanette Rowntree BOY EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKER Ray Pollock SPELLING CONTESTANTS Betsy Manton Phyllis Schoeppel ESSAY CONTESTANT Vernon Cox BOYS, DEBATE TEAM GIRLS, DEBATE TEAM ' Jack Williams Anne Beth Moore Russell Mason Merle Armstrong ONE-ACT PLAY CAST Charles Shackelford Virginia Heiskell Evelyn Honeycutt Lowell Dubbels I AE I ' ' Page Ninety-Niue I, I nd A -sv' gg 0' Lip Af 9552 9' NATIQNAL Tl-IESPIAN CLUB Purpose-To further particularly talented students of the drama and to present out- standing characterizations of today.. MRS. WANDA BANIQER OFFICERS XVESLEY COLLIER . . . . . VIRGINIA HEISKELL . JEANNETTE ROWNTREE DIXIE DUMMITT . MEMBERS Armstrong, Merle Duff, Mary Mallory, Mary Beth Barrett, Marguerite Dummitt, Dixie Moncrief, Woodrow Bennett, Iva Nell Garrett, Moore, Anne Beth Carey, Mary Frances Bennie Ruth Moore, Charles Chaney, Ethel Giarraputo, Lucas Rowntree, Jeannette Collier, Wesley Heiskell, Virginia Schwedler, Paul Darnell, Frances Honeycutt, Evelyn Shackelford, Charles Dubbels, Lowell Ledbetter, Thedafaye . S ponsor . . President . Vice-Presid ent Recording Secretary . i . . . Corresponding Secretary Sneed, Chad Tacker, Ivell Taylor, Rebecca Thompson, Geraldine Thrash, Roy Wallace, Glenn Wiskochil, Betty Jane I . .,' vs, ' Page One Hundred 1 W 5 G I R L P E S E R Purpose-To find and give the best, to honor God, my country and my community. BETTY OGDEN . OFFICERS MARGUERITE BARRETT . . LUNA BELLE BEACHUM . MARCELINE SWINNEY JEANNETTE ROWNTREE . BARBARA MCATEE Mlss ANNE BARRETT MRS. MINNIE BRAMLETTE' A Allen, Joan Allen, Virginia Lea Armistead, Mary Alice Baker, Clara Helen Baker, Mary Louise Barrett, Marguerite Beachum, Luna Belle Bivings, Dorcus Bryant, Florence Bush, Mary Kathryn Campbell, Virginia Cates, Norma Clark, Eloise Couch, Evelyn Dorsett, Roselyn Page One Hundred One MEMBERS Duff, Mary McWilliams, Hall, Hope Mary Kathryn Hammer, Helen Hare, Virginia Hawkins, Eleanor Herring, Benny Beth Hill, Doris Hughes, Billie Nell Johnston, Mary Kitchen, Zulema Maas, Evelyn Mallory, Mary Beth Marshall, Virginia McAtee, Barbara McClain, Elaverne Mount, Marcelle Morris, Martha Frances Ogden, Betty Osborn, Jane Parker, Ruth Pierson, Alvin Potthoff, Lois Price, Jane Price, Sue Jane Remstedt, Faye Richburg, Loretta Rowntree, Jeannette Schoeppel, Phyllis Shelton, Elizabeth VES . . President . Vice-President . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer Program Chairman . Social Chairman . . Sponsors Spicer, Margaret Stockard, Virginia Suter, Marjorie Swinney, Marceline Thompson, Geraldine Tipps, Margery Utt, Nancilie Walston, Orelya Ward, Betty Jane Warren, Imogene Watkins, Lois Watson, Mary Belle Whittlesey, Margaret Anne Willhire, Dorothy XVilson, Genevive YJ, , 'W W' if 'if', QQ , If J, i f of 'SW' i XR 2 wg.. i ' '23 my. P , 21' J :Q I. f' f xxz, o ff' OPEIQETTA CAMPUS DAZEH Mildred Gates . D. C. Nolen . . J. C. Norton . Randall Ryan . Evelyn Honeycutt Jack Willis . Gladys Childress Sara Helen Chapell Lucas Giarraputo . J. B. Irwin Jerry Smith . T. J. Moon . Frances Ross . Adelaide Holland Ruby Herrington Allie Vee Crowson Lloyd Tinncy . Billy Talberc . Chad Snead . Tayman Wilson Corinne Baugh Dorothy Lamb Judith McCarty Marjorie Carroll . Currie . Spencer . Fred . Tommy . Bobbie . . Porky . . Ma jenkins . Madame Louise . Hiram Goodnou, . Sol Rosenbaum . Izzy Rosenbaum Governor Tbornpbson . . First Girl . Second Girl . Third Girl . Fourth Girl . First Boy . Second Boy . Tbird Boy . Fonrtb Boy . Dancers Page One Hundrfvl Tno sw' 51 11325 Q R C I-I E S T R A A ,, ::.,: . ,: . 1 wnnmwaw, .4 LJ ip If il J' gm IXEDCHCDRUS . fave X'- Q31 MR. NOAH . AMos CENDALI . P. H. DUNHAM PETE LAYDEN . Linehan, Jack Chandler, G. W. Williams, Bass Cohen, Bill Brower, Pat Watson, Norman Crissman, Harry Willis, Jack Dunham, P. H. Sterling, Alvin Patterson, George Cendali, Amos Ryan, Randall D CLUB OFFICERS MEMBERS Strickland, W. A. Niblo, Ray Watson, Bill Schwedler, Edgar Wise, Jimmy Nelson, Howard Gandy, Rex Durrett, Elmer Nall, Boyce Nolen, D. C. Oakes, James McGinnis, Mack . Sponsor . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary Cooper, Warren Campbell, Raymond Billings, Woodrow Christe, James Scherer, Glenn Layden, Pete Hunt, Woodrow Rawlings, Douglas Boatman, Al Quillen, Thomas Brundidge, Robert Terry, Floyd Page One Hundred Five 'gy gk! eyf: Q gl N . mag, 1, PEP Miss MARY MORRISON Adams, Mary Adin, Mary Beachum, Luna Belle Beggs, Ketilea Bishop, Kathleen Bivings, Dorcas Bradford, Elizabeth Bradshaw, Marijane Bybee, Ruth Carey, Dorothy Carey, Mary Frances Chaney, Ethel Clyette, Caroline Cole, Mary Louise Cox, Alice Cummings, La Verne Daniel, Jeannette Daniel, Katherine Dierolf, Lyndel Durrett, Imogene Hagood, Leona Holt, Mary Herring, Bennie Beth Hill, Christine Johnson, Virginia Anne Jones, Kathryne Kelly, Lorena Latimer, Edith Lloyd, Dorothy Lowe, Mildred fleaderj McAtee, Barbara McClellan, Lindeen Meredith, Marguerite Merritt, Dorothy Moore, Evangeline Morgan, Martha SCU AD . Sponsor Newbaker, Louise Palmer, Betty Plumlee, Edna Lynn Rainwater, Louise Revels, Betty Robertson, Mary Katherine Shelton, Elizabeth Spradling, Mary Lou Spears, Doris Stroud, Mary Beth Swinney, Marceline Todd, Betty Marie Tucker, Dorothy Waddle, Sidney Ruth fleaderj Wagner, Marjorie Whittlesey, Margaret Ann Wfright, Jane 4 . , V' Pa e One Hundred Sn ,- :u g ..g,.Zj, g f a- 3.2 ,.-,- :vb ug, ., gn Q S fl ' GYM CLASSES - - Q9 o H I IS I l-lE stall wlslwes to use tl'1ls space to aelcnovvledge tllelr Indebtedness to lVlaster William Slwalcespeare All tlwe poetry, all the quotatlons that rowed lrom tlwe Bard ol Avon, and all tl'1e drawings were sug gested by Incidents In l'11s llle emlnellislm tlmis volume are bor- fa 1 1 s 144' iii, 1,71 , - . g l i, - n . U 1 ggi, V .: Q1 'G ' fy-'- - . f .pf 'yu ,Z f , '1, 'f ., ,f GMX ,-'L3,g1f.fy J, ,+I 4f ff f'ff'? v' 1' ff-1l5 ' fig -giivi-2 EW ' S ' W ,'-2 -A+i'fv:' ' ff n , 1'ff22is , ,S - 1 ,:A,'-yy 7,'::i.yl?5,, 14' ' ',,5f.- L I t cgygg :ming E wf: If V :L 1 422- ' 11 fu f ' if' A A'A ' '11 1 Llfgfff i 5 My . -H f ZH f 3 ff iifv - A w e-J Q- , 1, mf? wp 9. , xp. km if-J, f 1 .v'4i?'? ga- f f' V.-Q:-Zqggi' ,' T J- , . fg. .ga A gi, A J 'N -Q if , F22 ' 'A PM f '+tLL1V7.wL3. fn A xi ff. irq if P wgfw vff'1 'f- I faiy i' ' '- 1- f f-FH? f L 'M gl , 'P ' . 1 , -.51 M ,51.4f.-Q L ' V. ff' .fy q'.F!-A, Y '-'- - V... uv - J .Y 1 X - ny? ' wig K rift--f 1 , 17.--yxfa -11 ,in w ,'.1,',x1J.1f, 14 1 jp ' .3 -- f H E' , -' 'A ' ' f2'?ff'X' -VY ff , mtfiiq ,. P-' +' 49' l, , ' - pp..-, ,.,. . re- .,v,p,,fw'- 1' A 'Q wir 1: 41 f f n-'.-f,.,fa,, ,liQ 52 - 4-gwdrrg' - ' M ?2,i'xSqQ:-:3'f. ' f' I ,Z --1-: fT :I-.. . ff ' 1 i-fi-' ,ff , I HS ,, - :-3,5j:gi'i. ,fgf 2,1 ' Q XAYIQ W, - , , R- -,if-V f. l-l--- f .',.'fL'LTIf': ' ' U m 'IT-1 '- ' MP H' - w e D ...i-11-N, Ax I.. ,. if Jri r' N ,I - Q. S1 if f , A 5, , - 'M-J-: F- .:4T ,. ' 4 - X2 x ,,. ,,., . ., .. . ,.... an x ' 'ffl' ff, ig,,,,-5 7' N ,11 W V ' iff? fp ' P- . 5 43555 if-17-. f ' fi- ' 52 -, .,-+- . .Lif'3' L' I f1 ' ,.3:H zqsi-'I 1 f . .iff T J 7L'Q4,q3 , ' F x N,.7 'fAf4 M-Q-rrf-54955 Wg lw 'A Q W fs TEFL . - ,rf-Af'--U -'1 ' 1 X ' Fxf vfrv .'?fR' - - 'E' '.Yg::if:Ig,,1,1v'-ff?-'::1-Ig.Lr1i:affvng .V . , 5, - I U ,, V 1 , ' X L+ .g,:..,7:g:g.,Qlg I, , Y ,ig:gL,. , - vim Y NM .H v .TP-,Z .a:. 1 ' 'fM '71j wil Q fi ', ' -11.1 pf' Nga WV- , Q fini Hif aw - P5 ,ggi 1. 6943? .- I . J-' uf 2 S f. F jul Fin 5, 1 W B A W A V .L fi J ROSTER OF FIELD AND STAFF JANE ROBBINS . . . . . Battalion Sponsor LT. COL. ALVIN STERLING . . . Battalion Cofninander MAJOR WILLIAM R. MILLER . . Battalion Executive Officer . Supply Officer CAPT. ED. B. ROWE ..... . . FIRST LIEUTENANT GAINES L. TANNER . . Battalion Adjutant FIRST LIEUTENANT FISHER FORREST . . . Intelligence Officer SECOND LIEUTENANT JOE WILLIAMSON . . Plans ana' Training Officer CORPORAL JOHN TIURBEVILLE . . . . Supply Assistant COLORS PRIVATE A. E. COLLIER AND PRIVATE JOE BROWN . . . . Color Guards STAFF SERGEANTS TAYMAN WILSON AND EDWIN ROBNETT . . Color Sergeants Page One Hundred Ten ROSTER OF COMPANY A SYBIL RDAN . . . Sponsor DOUGLAS HORTON . - - Crlpfdin GEORGE KELLY ....... First Lieutenant WALLACE HOWARD, THOMAS QUILLEN . . Second Lientenants JACK LINEHAN ........ First Sergeant SERGEANTS Clark, A. W. McSpadden, Hilton Guinn, W. E. Williams, Harry CORPORALS Dubbels, Lowell Llorente, Shirley Keane, Armond McCaffrey, Harry PRIVATES Bahn, Arthur Butler, Charles Lambert, Ralph Tanner, Warren Beckham, Jack Calame, Paul Lord, Jack Thompson, Glen Beiseker, Marvin Blackwell, Percy Bowles, Albert Brown, Bill Bryant, Robert Burks, Jim Carter, Otis Fisher, Jack Green, Ray Harrison, Harry Horn, Wayne Luper, Dan McIntosh, Doyal Moncrief, Woodrow Moore, Thomas Rittenberry, Lee Roy Robertson, Cecil Scott, Sheffield Sheffield, Dee Roy Walther, Danny Wfolthon, Earnest Watson, F. Kilgore, James 1,59 xt x l., ,,, .,,,,, W . I . 27 Page One Hundred Eleven ' ' 553' 4 ' I . 2, i ' fQZ3- .. .Q-f i ROSTER OF cowifxmv B DOROTHY DICKINSON . CHARLES SHACKELFORD . LESLIE HACKLER .... . WILFORD BAUGH, HENRY JONE ROBERT CASTEEL . I. EK . . f J L I..I . Sponsor . . Captain . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenants . First Sergeant Crossland, Howard SERGEANTS Drier, Charles Capers, Robert ,i V Dillahunty, Richard X-'Il CORPORALS A 1 I l Clark, Perry Parker, Robert Q Hurt, Douglas Whitten, Robert PRIVATES Bailey, Robert Benners, Alfred Bixler, W. D. Boli, L. A. Bowden, Edgar Bowers, Bobby Chandler, G. W. Crossland, Edward Duncan, Boyce Eason, Prentiss Fuston, J. W. Gerens, Lloyd Hatcher, Rheble Harmon, George Haralson, David Helms, Joe John, Tom Will Mabry, Dick Maples, Billy Martin, Earnest Maxwell, Jott Moeck, Johnnie Moore, James Norris, Jack Parrish, Phillip Smithers, Jack Rollor, Ted Schlinke, Otis Sibley, Jack Simpson, Dick Smart, Clifford Smith, George Tippitt, Frank Tuttle, Levelle Crumpler, Griffin Herring, Alton Norris, Joe Webb, Kirk DeVaux, Marcell Howell, Robert Patrick, Bobby Wheeler, Charles Densmore, Sam Hunley, Raymond Pettit, Ray Wheeler, Harmon Dobson, Bennie Ivy, Robert Phillips, Joe White, James t'r- ff Page One Hundred Twelve , ., ,V ,,, ROSTER OF COMPANY C HENRY LEE GATES . . . . Captain WESLEY COLLIER BYRON PYEATT, BERNARD WOMACK DAVID MCDOWELL Allen, James Berry, Allen Brown, Rodgers Butler, Tommie Byrnes, Frank Carrell, B. A. Cendali, Armando Cox, Kenneth Cox, Robert Dailey, Howard Franklin, Ned SERGEANTS Chatelain, Paul Cox, Vernon Davidson, Paul Hollis, Leslie CORPORALS Warren, Malcolm Parker, Jack Yater, Charles PRIVATES Gray, Jack Guillory, J. W. Hackler, Thaviu Hansen, Delbert Harrison, Jack Harwell, Jess Harpold, Horace Hill, John Keahey, George Mason, Russell McBride, Lewis Mclntire, Lonnie McKethan, Jessie Moore, T. E. Owen, A. E. Peters, Eddie Henke, Otto Robinson, Jimmie Scogin, Harry Simpson, P. Sonnier, Ezell Summers, Dan . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutcnants . First Sergeant Stogner, Carl Stevenson, Fred Terry, Tom Tuxberry, Bill Wilder, Truman White, Wayne Wright, Jim Wadsworth, Sidney Wright, Johnnie Youngblood, Fred 0' X .n IJ5 f l.,-f' sq Pam One Hundred Tfyirteen ,i Q Y My I -,Q .,1. 51 J., X5 E , 1,4 , y S- Q v if ROSTER OF COMPANY D MARGIE THOMAS . . . ............ Sponsor SAM LEEMAN . . . . Captazn ANDREW JENSEN . . . . First Lieutenant C. M. MILLER, ALBERT LITTLE . . Second Lientenants ROY THRASH Meredith, Ross Sears, C. A. Elixson, Philip Clauser, Richard Autry, Billy Baker, Edwin Barton, Lysle Blair, Arthur Bluclworth, Bill Browder, Fred Brown, Joe Brown, Orville Bryant, Jack Cabaniss, Doyle SERGEANTS Miller, Jack Childress, Fields CORPORALS Hare, Robert Cline, Marcus PRIVATES Caldwell, Ralph Gililland, James Campbell, Henry Gaskin, Edwin Carrell, Sam Coke, Owen Collier, Jimmie Collier, A. E. Fowlkes, Marvin Gault, Duncan Dargan, L. C. Hawkins, James Hall, Hugh Hutchinson, Robert Jennings, Buddy Johnson, Leon Kelly, Joe Lieber, Gerald Morrow, Otis Minor, Ralph . First Sergeant Long, Horace McDonough, Colby Nall, Boyce Eagle, Bob Maddox, Charles Musgrove, Lee Redwine, Ernest Rogers, H. A. Simms, Jack Snell, William Thomas, Billy Warren, Russell Wheatley, Billy Whittlesey, Philip Page Om' Hundred' Fourteen RQSTER or THE BAND GLADYS JOHNSON . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sponsor THOMAS WILLIAMS . . . . , . . . Captain EDGAR SCHWEDLER .... . . . First Lieutenant JOHN BURNETT, BILLY FRENSLEY Y' Q , d , . . ec on Lzeutenants O. C. GARDNER, JoHN TYLER CHESTER McKAY STAFF SERGEANTS Morrow Horace Giarra uto, Lucas F P 1114 QM SERGEANTS Parmelee, Charles Terry, Floyd CORPORALS Burr, Alf Palmer, David PRIVATES Addington, Rayford Allen, Billy Bob Allen, Sam Ashley, John Brackeen, Billy Canon, Herald Childs, Robert Clark, Robert Cook, Lane 4 Page One Hundred Fifteen Crook, Erwin Dickey, J. A. Elphingstone, Mike Hawkins, Bob Henderson, Charles Hohman, Wallie Hughes, Jack Lee, Forrest Lee, Joe Lemly, Foster Lee Marable, William Martin, Bill McGee, Gene Meserole, Otis O'Brian, Dennis Robertson, Wayne Sibley, Pat Stephenson, Horace First Sergeant Smith, Jerry Shelton, Robert Thompson, Morris Travis, Calvin Vickery, William Warner, Hiram Walther, Richard Williams, M. Y'-'ik i 1 1 ':'2' . f J a af! ,ff fl ,fl . We Llii-T TO RIGHT: Back Row: jim Burks, Leslie Hollis, John Turbeville, Robert Casteel, Chester McKay, Robert Capers, Vernon Cox, Perry Clark. Frou! Row: jack Smithers, Charles Shackelford, Ed. B. Rowe, George Kelly, Wilford Baugh, Byron Pyeatt, Bill Miller, Howard Crossland. RIFLE TEAM Living up to tradition, the rifle team displayed its merit first by placing third in the city match. Later matched against schools from five surrounding states, the team showed much improvement by placing third in the Corps Area Match, with a score of 1952 out of a possible 2000, the second highest score ever fired in the city of Dallas, the highest having been Bred by Adamson in 1934. Not satisfied with this victory, the team Won the Shoulder-to-Shoulder Match, shattering records in practice, and tying the record in the finals. To top the year's success, the team won a second place in the National R. O. T. C. Rifle Match, sponsored by William R. Hearst. 1' ,yy HY . , N ., I 1 1532? A ' 3,3-. l 'iff !ffEi5ffTQ?. ' ' M ,- L ,,-LT, 9' KA ! W: ., VI F' ,: ,- ,LA gk. V , F I -f 1 l,. 1. ' - 1- n f M aff' a W YI N , f' X f A 109,57 F ' .Ml . y a- N A A I A v 'I 'I 551 w YN Na: 'X xx x M fix . R 'Q , 'g '- V x , .. , ., f ' P L ' M 'iv ,ef- iw i f 35552 , ' 4 1 , ,Q ..,. L....L 2 , V V ' is rlbfl - I 'i k 'fp wXx f 'H' f 1 I- f 1 .iii -A WW 'X ,f ' . . M X - .L 'NYS' leftagi , 'K'ixX k-R55 1 L ' ,gy , ,K M N W I rf, ' 1, xx 19' 9.42-Axim- 'x:1.-V.:-NLM. 4 ' f 4 4 ' A -- ' A f3.'l1f2fEi'.t4 ' ' .-'i 13g:,-V 4Z'W:l.:g. 'Q-Wk., ' ' ,J 1 :IRVF XXARS ':,l5.X,x', I ' 'lbk P I 1 'A 6354: :q f gixqs H I I g ri ,571-Xxiil-gig.. . k4N ,. Vx 7+ X.: . ' , W ,gg rl,-wg .,nq I 3-. 1 ' . '-MQ? f . J 'EY - FG:-'22 f TV ' ' V g . 1' ww N--HM . .,,L ,f mmm, ,V . - ,.,. I , .V . .- , ,. . , uf- . , . .- .2 4. m3,EZ1ZQ-S. ,,:2'gjeff -H' , A , - ' 'ff G V' ' .J fl f, . 1' - . V ' u L V., U - . ,Ati ', 1, 1-1, 7 . Q N V T 2 ' -J- ff V' fggff? ,. 'V , fi 1. 2: , M ,-,1 lb 1 wi? .... V n-1 N,-f - - . . . f f Q. .v .. ff y ' ,f 1, ff , ' Az- A . , F , V 'mp , - -,f 4,-- I . V- ,, - J . . A fy '-' ' f' Y 51 V ' x ffifgw-Q L1 -1.392 X ' 1 if ,I 7. ,gl 121' ,MJT aff: N E, il , i,..4fAf-:..- :Z a .V .. ,W ,, M ,gzi- fhkfius 51 mm ii .,., - 5 ,Q ' f aww ATHLETIC CCAC?-IES The fans that follow the Various athletic contests are apt to overlook the hard and patient work of the coaches behind the teams. No team is stronger than its coach, though many coaches are stronger than their teams. The W. H. Adamson High School feels that it is justly proud of its strong corps of athletic coaches. The coaches are, from left to right: Mr. R. B. Harris, footballg Mr. Virgil Ballard, foot- ball, Mr. L. C. Leftwich, golf, Mr. W. E. Pop Noah, football, Mr. R. N. Smith, tennis, and Mr. W. P. Durrett, football, basketball, and baseball. 'far mg! p g ,. if .V W. E. Pop Noah W. E. Pop NOAH l'Popv Noah, will always be re- membered by Adamson players, be- cause he was more than just the football coach to his boys. l'Pop was a personal friend to everyone on the squad and no favor Was asked of him that he did not grant if pos- sible. Pop helped his players with everything from sprained ankles to Algebra, and was more than liked by everyone under his supervision. As a coach Mr. Noah has no peer and his work at Adamson will not be forgotten. W. P. Durrett VIRGIL BALLARD Coaching his second year at Adamson, Mr. Ballard went about his work in his quiet but very efficient manner that always got results. Mr. Bal- lard's assistance was invaluable to Mr. Noah, as well as being instrumental in developing the squad of ,36 into a fine team. As a man, Mr. Ballard is one who commanded the complete respect of his players, and was well liked throughout the school. Page One Hundred Nineteen ' i Virgil Ballard W. P. DURRETT Billy, the line coach of the blue and white, working with the theory that line play is 5021 fight and scrap, spent the greater part of his time teaching his boys the gentle art of give and take. Mr. Durrett accomplished his ob- jective, as the Adamson for- ward wall was noted for being the hardest fighting line in the city. ml - Xl Q1 4 ,. , ,, ,A I -,., i nf he Y'-Q' at . ga 1 , '::, C32 ff A N 2. max J' W M, ADAMSCDNS FCDCDTBALI. SQLJADS lif t k , ' : Aiii .-AL' L, A Page Our H11m11'ml Twcnly FOOTBALL QUEEN Sustaining its reputation for originality and HOWARD NELSON Captain Howard Nelson was the stellar right end of the Leopards. It was a very pleasing sight when Howard leaped high into the air and snagged a pass. He could block and tackle as the best of them. By virtue of this, Howard was reelected on the mythical A11-city team. This was his last year to play. ,sul V. 5 al' , Qif ff fi leadership in school activities, Adamson High created this year a new position of honor, that of Football Queen. Gladys Johnson was the proud recipient of this regal distinction this year. She was crowned in a beautiful and impressive ceremony during the half at the Adamson vs. North Dallas Game on- the night of Friday, October 9, in the Cotton Bowl at the Centen- nial Grounds. She was attended by four Maids of Honor, Jeanne Cates, Mildred Single- ton. Elizabeth Cameron, and Mary Ellen Murrell. Page Om? H1111r1rn1T1ucnly-Om' 'r M1324 5 s ELMER NREDD DUxRE'rT Elmer was one of the steadiest players on the team, and always turned in a sterling game. Red is the type of man who makes a good center, and he certainly did every- thing that was expected of him, and then some. He has a line spirit and will be a sure bid for All-City next year. ' PETE LAYDEN B. TY' Pete Layden was shifted from end to backfield late in the season, but he quickly stamped himself as one of the best backs in the city. His superior punting and passing was praised by everyone. He was selected to play in the A11-Star game. This was Layden's second and last year to play for the Leopards. - spirit. W. A. NBUSSEYH STRICKLAND W. A. will always be remembered for his dependability and his great fighting spirit. Bussey has lettered at a guard position for the last two years and at tackle this year. He was one of the best tackles in the city this year, and his position will be hard to fill next year. GLENN QQSLEW-FOOTJ, SCHERER Glenn ended his athletic career at Adamson this year. He was a stellar linesman and held the position of center, one of the most important positions on the team, in, a manner that would be creditable to anyone. He was an excellent blocker and had the traditional Oak Cliff JAMES 'KMOOSE-NOSE,, C1-nusTE james, the largest man on the team, used his weight to a good ad- vantage in stopping the opponents' backs. Moose-Nose, playing his third year, showed vast improvement over last year, and always had that fight- ing determination to Win. His tackle position will be hard to fill, and he will be missed a lot by the rest of the boys. p ,, Q Page One Hundred Twenty-Two Q I 3' ,4 if .Q P. H. UPETEU DUNHAM P. H. Pete Dunham was Adam- son's left guard. He weighed around 160 pounds and was 5 ft. 8. in. tall. He was very fast in pulling out of the line and was a deadly tackle. He was unexcelled in block- ing the fullback. Pete was selected to play in the All-Star game. This was Dunham's second and last year to play. RAY NIBLO Ray will be remembered not only by his team mates, but by most of the boys he has played against, because of his plendid blocking and tackling. Ray played halfback in great style, and he was one of the hardest tackling players in the city. Ray will be back next year and should be a sure bid for All-City honors. JAMES OAKES james did remarkably well as end, in spite of his lack of experience. Besides snagging passes, he was a fine blocker and hard tackler. This is james' first year, and he will captain the Leopards next year along with Patterson and Gandy. NORMAN itDUKE,, WATSON Norman was a one year man, a serious worker and very dependable. Duke was a good player on the offense as well as on the defense. He graduates this year. BOYCE HUsKY,' NALL Big Boyce Nall substituted at guard position. Boyce is low in stature and weighs 180 lbs. He earned his letter by performance in the Sunset game. He blocked two punts which led to touchdowns for the Leopards. By virtue of this, Bill Bushman selected him on his All-Star tearn. This was Nall's first and last year for the Leopards. RANDALL USTARD RYAN Randall, commonly called Star , was the speediest back on the squad this year because of his track ex- perience. Randall was handicapped because of his light weight, but nevertheless he made numerous long spectacular runs. His services will be greatly missed next year. Page One Hundred Twenty Three , . .1 I, 2? , I' I 3' .,..,., W ,J rx n it y, cr GEORGE PAT PATTERSON Patterson was the lightest and the speediest back on the team. In broken field running, he was un- excelled. His ability to side step and elude opposing players was un- canny. This was 'lPat's first year to play as a regular. He will be back next year to tri-captain the team and much is expected of him. WOODROW BILLINGS Woodrow Billings substituted at tackle position. Woodrow was handicapped all season with a bum knee. He wore it taped practically the whole season. Woodrow was large and heavy and would have been one of the best tackles in the city had it not been for his knee. Billings came to Adamson from Smiley, Texas, and has played his last game for Adamson. AMos MUSSOLINI CENDALI Amos Mussolini Cendali didn't weigh over a hundred and forty pounds, but he did the work of a two hundred pounder, He was the most versatile player on the team, having played end, backfield, and finally guard. Cendali was also selected to play in the All-Star game. Mussolini played his second and last year for the Blue and White. JACK HBUBBLEU WILLIS jack was one of our best backs this year, playing fullback. He played a great brand of football and was always hard to stop. Bubble has lettered three years at Adamson and has made the All-City team the last two years. He was voted the second most valuable player of the city this year and was awarded the trophy for being the most valuable player for the Leopards. ALVIN JU-JU STERLING Alvin Ju-Ju Sterling was Adamson's blocking back. Although being very light, he made up for it in Hght and determination. He carried out his assignments with a smile. His work on a defense was above reproach. As a tackle, few equalled him. This was Ju-Ju's second and last year to play. REX QQMAHATMAJ, GANDY Rex Gandy, better known as Mahatma,', played tackle. Alto- gether being inexperienced, he held down his position like a veteran. His ability to get through the line was uncanny. He showed his worth by playing every quarter except one. This was Mahatma's irst year to play, and he will return next year to tri-captain the team. ,wif S V-'fl Page One FI1n1rlrt'nl Twe1ziy-Four I ,.-1 .Q -.Ir . 1 -'53 W. P. MBILLU DURRETT With hustle as the by-Word Coach W. P. Durrett started the season With three lettermen and worlds of determination. From this Mr. Durrett de- veloped a team that remained in the city champion- ship fight until their final game. He, a true hustler himself, will always be remembered for his ability to transfer his own boundless energy to his basketball boys. Coach Durrett continued his amazing work in creating and increasing an interest in basketball in Adamson that is unparalleled in the Southwest. BASKETBALL SQUAD 3, O Hz fl lTwenty Fw: iq Weld: Y- , l i l BASKETBALL QUEEN Charming Jackie Dickie was Chosen to reign over the Leopard cagers as she was elected Queen of Basketball for 1937. The Queen was crowned at the Coronation ceremony between the halves of the Sunset game, and presided over all the Adamson games for the remainder of the season. JAMES F1FA', Ross Every football team has to have a mana- ger. The Leopards were managed by James Ross. Whenever a player needed equip- ment or assistance, Ross was there to lend a helping hand. He worked along by the side of the players all season and always gave his best to make the team a winner. CHARLES CHARLIE NVARLIEU MOORE Charles iS the kind of manager that any coach is glad to have. He does his work cheerfully and gives lots of encouragement to the players. Since Charlie was mascot of the Leopards two years before, he be- came manager four years ago, and he has been with the team six years. Luckily, Charlie is planning to take a post graduate course after he graduates in June, so he will be manager again next year. ii Page One Hund1'ca' Twenty Sm GEORGE PATTERSON Pat was the hardest worker on the team, and developed himself until he could shoot equally well with either hand. Pat was the best ball handler on the team, besides Hbeing a good shot maker. George returns until mid term next Season. JOE WEAVER Big Joe is the boy who filled the Vacant guard post left by Willis at midterm. Joe exceeded all expecta- tions and came through with flying colors, as he developed into one of the most consistent point mak- ers on the team. JACK WII.LISTN0f in Piciurex-Jack, closed a brilliant the Blue and White on the basketball floor. Willis' defensi term. This was his third year to letter. JAMES CHRISTE Christe, with his 6' SH and remarkable work in getting rebounds kept the Leopards in many a ball game. Moose-nose con- trolled the tip off in every game, and was unanimously chosen for the center post on the All Cityv team. 1 NORMAN DUKE WATSON Captain Watson playing his second year with the Leopards showed plenty of ability to hit the basket. His leadership was without a doubt one of the contrib- uting factors in the success of the team. G. W. CHANDLER Chandler was the fastest man on the Squad, and seemed to be everywhere on the floor at once. G. W. was unusually adept getting in the open, and the opposi- tion were--hard-V pressed to find someone that could keep up with him. t Q ROBERT HUNTER Robert well kept up the pace set for him by his brother Clifton on the '36 team. Robert used his 6' 21' to great advantage and his under the goal work be- came invaluable to -'the Leopards. Hunter will be back till mid term next year. high school athletic career as he performed his last time-in ve ability was greatly missed when hc graduated at mid- FURNON DARBY Furnon, another six-foot- er, although not a starter this season, is slated for a first string position next year and should develop into one of the main stays of the team. This was Darbyis first year to letter. DOUGLAS BROWN The Deacon was the most improved player in the city and finished the Sea- son playing a brand of bas- ketball that won him his letter. Deacon will re- turn next year and will captain the quintet of '38. u,A Q ' , f 1, .gk 3' fi. Qs' ' K K .ay ggi... up J ef: 'Q I M N 5 e v ml' ii wfrswje 1 --X il 1' M 5 Q, -Q nf Mi f J' 5 ii A ga.. 3 4 Y i , as . S' 3 Si ,, , .W R. . .513 A- ,... .- at . 1 s v- s A if Q-. f af .X 3 . 1 s e 6 hs SM 4 4 5 ,s T -L St ' t gm In 1' T fe 'Ns ',.' N . ia! 4 f OW Hundred Twenty-Seven - i n 1' 4 ' 1- , 1' f if 4 -. 9 BASEBALL Repeating their performance of 1936, the Leopard baseball team came through a hard regular schedule and a championship playoff series to win their second city base- ball championship in a row. The Leopards, coached by W. P. Durrett, led by Captain G. W. Chandler, and with a never say die spirit, made the grade when the situation looked the darkest. The 1937 team was the hardest fighting and hardest hitting club to represent Adamson in many years. The moundstaff was composed of the three ace pitchers in the city, Lou Lefty Goldman, Woodrow Chuck Hunt, and E. Averea. Ray Niblo, catcherg Doug Rawlins, first baseg George Phillips, second baseg Captain G. W. Chandler, short stopg and George Patterson, third baseg hustlers to the last man, made up an infield that could not be beaten. The big bats of Elmer Durrett, Pete Layden, and W. L. Patrick, outfielders, played a prominent part in bringing the city championship to Adamson. As the Oak goes to press the Leopards are favored in the State playoff. Page Om: Hundred Twenty-Eight IXINIS TE GULF TEAM W W' ,f . 4, .g ' A1 Ma ,lyk W, iv L1 Q, vryv -1' Z -aw .- f 1 . Lf J- x gufg ' . , if .7, 1 TRACK TEAIXA When Coach Winton E. Pop Noah sent out the call for tracksters, three lettermen and some seventy-five new recruits reported, the largest track squad in Dallas and in the history of the school. The Leopards placed third in the city meet, but won every freshman-sophomore meet heldg so much is expected of the teams of '38-'39. Jack Linehan, junior, and Jimmy Wise, senior, were the pace setters of the team. Linehan won the 880 yard run in the city and district meets and Wise broke the district record in the broad jump with a lead of 22 feet 3 inches. FLOYD TERRY JACK LINEHAN UPIHY b0Yn Tef1'YiS ACl3mS0f1'S Crack milff and This is Jack's second year to letter in track showed he could do what he wanted to when he by Winning first Place in the 380 yard run in the won second in the mile. Terry showed determina- tion to stay in there when the got rough. This is his Hrst year to letter, is one more year. city and district meets. He is one of the easiest running boys on the team. He has another year left and should win the state. .-f -, MQ ,f Page One Hundred Thirty l JIMMY WISE Hard luck hit Jimmy when he broke his ankle last year and it hit him again in the city meet when he fouled four times in the broad jump but he came back to win the district meet and set a new record. This is his last year and he will be hard to replace. AL BOATMAN Al was our sophomore star. He should prove to be a record breaker with more practice and ex- perience. This is his first year to letter, and he has two more years. He will be a hard man to beat next year. THOMAS QUILLEN Thomas Quillen, a hard worker and good trainer, has been out for track four years. He is just another example of perseverance and the Never Say Die spirit. He made a letter in track his senior year by winning third place in the city meet in the 220 yard low hurdles. ROBERT BKUNDIDGE Robert is the little big man who handles the weights with an unusual ability. He was one of the most determined and hardest training boys on the team. 'W 'aff Page One Hundred Thirty-One 9 1 a- OUR EE LEADERS Through an unfavorable season, Red Mosely, head cheer leader, with his ive assistants, Sybil Roan, Lucas Giarraputo, Evelyn Honeycutt, Armond Kean, and Dorothy Dickinson, held the student body together, and at all times kept the fighting spirit predominant. The entire group deserves much credit for its efficient and untiring services. The school should give this leather- lunged sextette much praise to show its appreciation. Red Mosely and Sybil Roan proved themselves efficient leaders, and they will take a position with equal merit among the ranks of the past Leopard cheer leaders. Page One Huml d Tb rty Two Q A ,H 4iV .1i,,,,V,g M g: V- V V . , V. -AV , MU :V , .V:f,,f.VV-. Q. - V ,- V A ' V, , . ,- V - 1 -. . , ' -' . - fif ggcgm- :yr 2 Ay 1 f '-.V-mi:-' 375- V Size 2-' A iff-gg-1V'f f,Aw:x .'-.94:rm?- 5+ Z. iv V A .lglf-3-:iii :.,.f2i:g,:, V ig. 7, 3212! Lf 911V-me-?f. f'f swf fe -115-Q'-ww V. 1-1' V' -X :I--ixff' 1,1-zffif fav-max: 2 , ,,.,,,,.,.,,,,, ,f1g,.,, AM, 4 , .,,4.,,f Q, , bw, W, ,-mf. K . .V,..Q ,hr ,.5,,.,,,,l,5g .L . , , kewl.. M352 W ? ii' 5'Q??5?'F55i' ' . ' V f'W'5iiZ'-.' E?-5' 1V 'T ex- V F V ' .' -4 w e V' in H , - mg-2.1 f, , 243- ' '25 'f 1 ff2,.-L., ' if 1-meh' - afih ff V' ' -V12 V as V- ' ' Qi? .r?i1:::rV -: ,V g'VxX,K ' 2-g:':g!a3,ef :ga 1 '-ff V15-Rf - raw:-5-1-.'3V:' KV ' S- - abgk - V-riffwkf 2,4 V, V A , V V mf -1 f , V V - f-zzxzifzml V4 .. fig A yy, 4 ' rfywygvgu -j'2:::s45gA:1g 5 ff1V :g3 38552 V, ug. -3- ,g s 'V 'f ' ':-'.,1nV.' '73fV3V',,V if ' f V ,, . 5- s. 3'f'4.'f'k7f ,, ' ' , Hifqrf-' V' 11 . V ,U ,LT 'J '31 6:iEff1sf'32?fY?'??' ' I -. . ' Sf?i :'-rw., :- -Vff' 19.415 1313.1 ,- I 121: '. 123,-',g?2f:'I-123-,V 5 ' A if fE', - g ' ki -lfu - ' ' -, . if'77'V-'L'flf5T3'J f3 'VVl . -. ' , ., V .,-1V-:frm Q12-5 -wglffig .291 1 , , .'.1,,s.- Q: -. - 1 g- , F gg- N , f' 1p'V5.-QQ117'-aj QL: ' ' y - , 5 JV ' f2f'ffgVff'.- ' - V1 Y '.'q-,V--gpm, ', 2. '.,?'- ' .ji .' '- - j 4, .V . 'xiqi 1.1-V ' V- ' '.V1z 5 - 4-.V F 'f GSE V if .XL 1 'Eff' Y A ' if-ni'-J' V . . 1-15? MQ 5:1 ..V. .- GV, .- si- . T fg,.,V la-frm V gt Q- . -az. WV -V 1 W'-?'M-L4-V' 'V 55+-iv -pe: x . vu' V 'f 'mfs 'SQSFV ' iV..:,.m12.1.f.,VV ' ' ' 1 gf- 1 - jf bf?-jfb.. I 1 1 gif, 3 - MV .- -V ,-.75-C3 -,ig K -ZA, g,.,s-X g. 4-AV, VV15- JA k-E:.jlvi1.i.,A,Y 'I' ' IV . V. 7- z 5. 1-55 -' 1 2-5 . . 5 '- Q -1 3 -,.-gVg- -5331,-7 wg 5-.V'Vf :1 1 - g ':-SA fcfg- ' ga ' .:: ' ' ' 2 - 1 - V . W 'V .lf ' ,- . 'Ss ,11.,V 1 , 554.-sje '1 ,Q ,,,,,.,. . liz! 1 :A-A 3 32, 1 l ,L ANL, ,Rx !.g7,?:,i:EY,g:5L f 'f -,fl V 5 . 1 -Ujmy-Q.. VV... .V I-,V 1' 1' ' - -4 -AVE. VL'-:--zffv. ' .. f ' V-'V . A , fx. ,ff ,l .. -.q,f:.,g:.'----. 1 1' fr' '- - ' - gr -. 4f1:,V , . VV...,1-'k:5aT.., - Vag,g,f::,gV,. - -.JV f- 25 ' 'V .friiifw K' - -s ' -Fw' 1-' 'rg 7 A V W algal . , vw? ,- ,. V r uff 1 xg J t , -.:1ffV.,9-' egg..-. :r. V ' ' -. ' V' my ,V-gf - .-L. -H. '- A -4. . , - ,,, Q V I V: '..f X -Lg 31-f' M -' 2 If .if 4 21.2 s .1 , qzg' Eff, fjv:L.,j::. K- V-J I fe! X is-1' A Pbk:-VV I fit, ' ' 'T iff fi'Aif'- it V ,Q . ,f,-ff- gf f -1 ' - y. ,' -,. - . QV: ,. Aw. QJ .KV 4. Q - ' Ki! V.V'?1 2- gg. V ' .- a1'f, mgQ, - Vg!-H 'Zi .' VV V V-,VQ ,'fw Zvi' v.' ' 'pf 'Y S-22 1 'Vr ff.. V 'K i 'ki . I-9 ' -4 F ,rdf I if agfxgz , . , , 2' ' ' ' fs' X 593: 1 if - V-'ff ' F' 4-si . 1-E. - '.V-113--'H ' 'lf ' 5' ' - 1 . If . :A V 5- y4,,g,Q,g?' ff -M, ' . rV.V E . V' .. -Q.: jfs. LLITIUI 1 Vf5J1W5u77H7' JOKES Mr. Leftwich drove up to his garage, looked inside, and blinked. Then he leaped back into the car and drove to the police station. Sergeant, he gasped, my garage is empty. My car's been stolen. 35 25 75 Pat Brower- Girls don't interest me. I think we men get along better by ourselves? D. C. Nolan- Shake I'm broke, too. Humor is the eudemonological pessimism which includes within itself a teleological evolutionary optimism, which may cause a realistic, radical, and universal reconciliation to appear as possible. 3? 3? 9? Mary Ann Utley Qin music shopj- I Want a ukele string. Salesman- Wanna steel one?,' Mary Ann- Oh, no. I'll buy itf' 51- 2? :P Mrs. Horn - What was Columbus' motto? Ruth Pollock- More miles on the gal- leon. 75 55 9? Tramp- Pardon me, gentle sir, but have you glimpsed an oiiicer of the law about? Chester McKay- No, my friend. Tramp- Then gimme yer walletf' Fl- 2? Yr Miss Cooper-l'What happened in 1483? Mary Io Moore- Luther was born.', Miss Cooper- Quite right. And what happened in 1487?,' Mary I0 Qafter a long pause,-- Luther was four years old. :r k if Ed. B. Rmue- Doctor's here, sir. Captain Mann- I can't see him. Tell him I'm sick. :P 2? 4 Chad Sneed- Where is the sponge I asked you to buy at the store? Margaret Wiskochil- I couldn't find a good one. They all had holes in them? Coach- You're great. The way you hammer the line, dodge, tackle your man, or worm through your opponents is marvelousf' Ray Nihlo- I guess it all comes from my early training, sir. You see, my mother used to take me shopping with her on bargain days. 9? DE :E Garage man- Check your tires, madam? Nancy Peebles- No, nog I'll take them along. Roy Thrash- How do you get down from an elephant?,' Frances Darnell- You don't. Down grows on geese. Andrew Iensen- Let's eat heref' Gladys johnson- No, let's eat up the street. Andrew- No, I l'xaven't a concrete stomach. i? 95 55' Clinton Hamilton- What time do you expect me over Katherine Hard Qcoldlyj-'Tm not ex- pecting you at all. Clinton- Then I'l1 surprise you. 2? 25 it Dv Evelyn Honeycutt- What model is your car? Duke, Watson- It's not a modelg it's a horrible example. Iirn Brower- Say something soft and sweet to me, dear. Sybil Roan-- Custard Pie. ii 9? 2' Hotel Clerk- Have you got a reserva- tion? Reba Heiskell- What do you think I am, a Squaw? F5 7? 214 james Christe- Guess my pen will have to go on itching. foe Weaver- Why? james- I'm out of scratch paper. 25 29 2? Bill Miller- , Thirty days have September April, june, and Kentucky, All the rest have 31 Except Dallas, and it Had the Centennial. re F5 2? Charles Shackelford- I hate my woolen underwear It makes me fairly boil It itches here, it itches there But when I scratch me anywhere, That ain't the place at all. PageOne Hundred Thirty-Four Compliments 5- of , Texas- Rosewin-Midway I Theatres Q? In sincere appreciation of the patronage and friendship of the entire student body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past fourteen years American Beauty Cover Co. H 2000-08 Orange Street . THE COVER ON TI-IIS BOOK WAS PRODUCED IN THIS PLANT 0 R. o. T. c. HEADQUARTERS RIDING 1 OUTDOOR y EQUIPMENT H rf' I ,Y CLOTHING l DALLAS' ONLY MILITARY STORE 1603 ELM l 6 Oak Cliffs Complete Marfs Store The Oak Advertise rs The advertisers in this section of the Oak if have contributed their support toward mak- if f' f A - f Q 'N ing the annual a success. They have shown A smart , , , clothes I f I their Willingness to support the student body fUl'lI1l2ll in their undertaking and deserve the un- divided patronage of the students. II Medical Dental Building I THE ADVERTISING MANAGER- MALLORY HATS . . . HICKOK BELTS INTERWOVEN SOCKS I E, , , L, lA L L Page One Hundred Thirty-Five , . , A , , . I ' 1 IL Send Your R. O. T. C. Suits to 5lNGLETUN'S CLEANING CU. 633 West Davis Street Special Six-Hour Service-From Noon to Six P. M.-S0 Cents Phone 6-8191 Free Delivery 9 l Arnold Desmond- So he is a reckless H. C. ALBIN CI1'IVeI'.n TEXAS CITRUS FRUIT DIRECT FROM TREE I . FRESH VEGETABLES loc' IV1ll1ams0n- Say, when the road WE SHIP ANYWHERE turns the same way as he does, it's just a co- Phone 6-M36 mcldence' 641 West Davis street DALLAS, TEXAS Qt S A F EVJZIDYENEFT Cl R E Ei AND PIGGLY-NVIGGLY F. T. D. HARRISON Flowers by Wire FLAGG FLORAL COMPANY Store and Greenhouses: 324-326 W. Tenth Street Phones: 6-2124, 6-2125 DALLAS, TEXAS GROCERY AND MARKET OFFICIAL FOOD STORE Frm' Dl'1il'f'l'j' OAK CLIFF BANK SC TRUST CO. Complefc Banking Serriw METROPOLITAN Business common Foremost in Dallas since 1887-S0 years of faithful service in training young people for good positions. A successful institution of character, standing and in- fluence. Write or phone 7-8514 for full information. Telephone 6-5101 S05 North Bishop 4 634 Wes: jefferson Phone 9-1200 FASIIIQIN CLEANERS Cleaning - Pressing - Alteraficns DRY CLEANING R. C. STRICKLAND DALLAS Q5 l Mrs. C11ny11s- XVhat's wrong, Grady?U Mr. Cnnyus QBooming from the bath- roomj- My razor. It doesn't cut at all.', Mrs. Czmjwzs- Don't be silly. Your beard isn't tougher than linoleumf, 49 E. V. BRITTON, Oak Clif Graduafi' BRITTON SERVICE STATION Phone 6-0032 Allf07l10fil'l' Repairing-Ba1ly aim' Frlzrffr W'0rk Wfrfrker Sf'fl'Il'I'-'DIICO Painiiug He- If I had known that tunnel was so long, I would have kissed you. Sbc'- Gosh, wasn't that you? RALPH POWERS INSURANCE .9 1 WRIGHT TITUS AUTO LOANS Page One Hundred Thirty Six . ,,, ,,r , 1, Follow the Crowd to 0ale Cliff's Finest... o o WAY NEQS o o Curb Service Complete Fountain Service Jefferson at Vernon 653 P0 ITIGNS High school seniors who are looking forward to employment and opportunity as early as possible after Commencement, will be interested to know that dur- ing 1936 our Employment Department placed 455 young people-most of them 1935 and 1936 High School graduates-in good starting positions with Dallas business firmsg and had 198 calls that we were unable to 611. A complete record of these calls and placements are on file at the College office-the broadest assurance of the opportunities that await your graduation here that it is possible to conceive. Intensive Courses to prepare you for similar oppor- tunities within a few months. Call, or phone 7-3133 for complete information. Largest in Dallas-in enroll- ment and placements. Draugholfs College COMMERCE AND HARWOOD BISON and ASTOR OAKCLIFFS HOME-OWNED THEATRES TERRY SI-IEPARDH GROCERY AND MARKET Free Delivery 2307 South Lancaster Phone 6-0265 SHOP AT Semaf-Roebuck 619' Co. YOUR OAK CLIFF STORE. and SAVE Page Om' Hundred Thirty-Seven L5 ff 'ff Y Y .2 'QY' I f f 1 , SHELLEY'S SUPER SERVICE 1 QUALITY PRODUCT-SEPOPULAR PRICES Genesis-A surgeon, an architect, and a politician Coma-0 ,md Egg Texas G45 were arguing as to whose profession was the oldest. I W Station No. 1-Marsalis and Jeiferson-6-0618 W Station No' ZQIMG South Ewing-6-0130 Said the surgeon: Eve was made from Adam's rib, W, L, 31-IELLEY E, C. SHELLEY and that surely was a surgical operation. 1 Maybe, said the architect, hut prior to that, ly No' 1-54121 NO' 2 6'21l6 order was created out of chaos, and that was an OAK CLIFF PHARMACY lfchifecfufll i0b- L. O. DONALD 35 Years in oak CHE But, interrupted the politician, somebody created Siore No. 1 Store No. 2 the chaos first! -Monlreal Star. 101 N. Lancaster 901 W. jefferson l Phone 6-63 18 w COOk's c-:Xan Shop V JUST GOOD THINGS FOR WOMEN Y n AND CHILDREN TO WEAR 235 West Ieferson Avenue DALLAS, TEXAS COMPLIMENTS SCHELL GRILL F. M. SCHELL, JR. 1207 North Zangs Boulevard SLAY CAS:-:Es NOTES 1 Miss Rujinf- I'd like a copy of 'Omar N ' Khayyam', please. Cockney Clerk- Sorry, madam. We 'ave ' 'is Hilliad and 'is I-Iodyssey, but we 'aven't 'is Khayyamf' N l COMPLIMENTS OF A F R I E N D JOHN IE MOORE Still appreciates the trade of Adamson's boys and girls . . . 1 and hopes they will continue to come nn. Cold Drinks -- Sandwiches - Candies Cigars and Cigarettes , Phone 6-0295 315 North Beckley 1 The Soutlfs Best Book Store VAN WINKLE'S 1515 Elm Street RAY and MAY 1 MEN'S WEAR Quality Merchandise al Popular Prices 211 West jefferson ' , Page One Hundred Thirly-Eight llavis- Johnsonlrumber Cos y 2005 South Beckley Avenue AND YELLOW PINE-HARDWOODS 3 rg 1 1,1 Q WHITE IL6' PAINT AND HARDWARE Phone 6-8123 DALLAS, TEXAS 6 A.L.JARVIS BLOCK 86 BAKER WATCH REPAIRING GROCERY AND MARKET Jewelry-Gifts Vermont at Ewing H7 Wm Jefferson Medical Dental Building Independent Store With Chain Store Prices QL SUITS. .. PANTS. ..OvERcOATs 1 f j- 6-0018 READY MADE . . . TAILOR MADE BELL TAILORING COMPANY gg'-S-,f Dad 5 Cookie CO, The Young Men's Store of Dallas E HUDSON c. LOCKET 5 415 North Beckley Avenue 1611 Main Street Phone 2-0995 DALLAS, TEXAS ' 6 COMPLIMENTS OF For Good Used Cars . . . LAMAR 81 SMITH -SEE- Funeral Home and Ambulance Service J- N' ESTES CCMPANY 800 West jetferson Ave. Phone 6-2146 206 West .Ieffefwn Phone 9-3151 EIIQSO QBEA UTYQOLLEGE N Investigate NEILSON'S Before Enrolling in Any Beauty c o Leading Beauty Shops Demand NEILSON Graduates Free Catalogue Upon Request I 412 West Jefferson Telephone 6-045 8 - O I COMPLIMENTS OF HONEY'S SANDWICH SHOP Plate Lunches . . . Sandwiches I CLIFF SANITARY BARBER SHOP Cold Drinks 409 North Bishop S. S. Harrison Numberl Number 2 1 Seventh and Tyler Davis and Tyler I Q W I Evolution 0 a Man's Ambition GOODMAN CLEANERS f To be a circus clown To do something noble Quality Service and Courtesy To be like dad To get wealthy ' To be a ireman To make ends meet Phone 9-3211 400 North BIshop l To get the old-age pensron , ,IL L .Y , L - L Y L ' ' - L , ' ' Page One Hundred Thirty-Nine Y ' wir if 1 pjf f -as 1 f,-,iY f iff 1 :rp COMPLIMENTS OF W , 1 1? 1 . 1 I w , 'N Sh R i ' - 1 ll Opposite Oak Clif Bank 65 Trust Company J. L. RANDALL, Repmmm 7 ip CHARLES CRETIEN, Manager-Graduate of Oak Cliff High School X BRYAN'S BARBECUE I SKI LI,ERN'S WHEN IT'S BARBECUE- X' THINK OF BRYAN'S Better Service Drug Storesv S30 West Jefferson Telephone 6-0517 A TEXAS-OWNED INSTITUTION - S, 1895 CLIFF FOOD STORE lflce Quality Merchandise at Reasonable Prices l 24 Stofgj for Your Cgnypnignpg We Specialize in the Very Best Grades of Meats Free Delivery 319 North Bishop Telephone 9-4851 l . U You in the back of the room, what was the date 1 Katlaerzne Hord Qafter the crashj - I of the signing of the Magna Carta? 1 turned the way I signaled. T dunno. You don't, eh? Well let's try something else. W'ho from wfyzif---1 know ar. That's what was Bonny Prince Charley? fooled me HI dunno? ' Well, then, can you tell me what the Tennis Court 1 Oath was? l Q I dunno. You don't! I assigned this stuff last Friday. What 1 ' were you doing last night? l, 56. to s1.00 Stores I was out drinking beer with some friends. ' , , You were! What audacity to stand there and tell Agielsngte You Eoqlajacii WTI' 55 me a thing like that! How do you ever expect to pass in s 51' lo 5 . ere Jan ise this course? 121 WCS! Jefferson TCICPIIOHC 9-5311 Wal, I don't, mister. Ye see, I just come in to fix li X J- H- HUNT, MWWKFV the radiatorf' 1 W EMMA CAPEHART WYATT REGISTERED I B E A U T Y . CLYDE WYATT RECOGNIZED ' C O L L E G E 23 Years in Soutloaue t , . . S ACCREDITED Texas Oldest and Finest . . . lnvestlgate Before You Invest TERMS T0 SUIT - l, 3 12 W. Jefferson Dallas, Texas Phone 6-0115 X 1 Page One Hwnlred Forty FRESH CRISP A IIRISPETTES CRACKLINS ......... KORN KRISPIES OAK CLIFF POTATO CHIP COMPANY 1 l Phone 9-8233 411 North Beckley COMPLIMENTS FROM Oh, once I saw a sophomore D A V E ' Who was reverent and devoutg 'Of- Andoncelsawalinenstore DAVE'S PAWN SHOP That Wasnyt Selhng Out' I 2544 Elm Street Phone 2-7853 O 1 N IN THE LATER YEARS if you chance to look through this book . . this will remind you . . many stores THIS STORE WILL BE HERE will have come and gone, but Kahnls will still be here . . because y Kahn's fair and friendly way of doing business has 1 y fMfKAHN 8 kept Kahn's since 1872, will , . --1mn1l:mm:ls. Im.n1:i-- gage Kahn S far mtv the I LASSETTI-ER'S PHARMACY w what You Wm When You Wm Your Elfciency is Impaired Phone 6-2131 for -.n'nf'BjhoP If Your Feet are Sick 49 f x Some twenty or thirtymmitdsh' were spending 1 WE MAKE CORRECTIONS FOR SICK FEET an afternoon, when some had bombre came thundering 1 in, shooting his pistol right and left, and said to the , middies: Every one of you dirty skunks get out of relcphom 2'7560 1525 Commerce Street here. Everybody scampered out except one little plebe. The bad man turned to him with his pistol still smoking and said, Well. The plebe said, There sure were a lot of 'em.', w Woman Driver- Can you fix this fender so my husband will never know I bent it? EAGLE GROCERY and MARKET Garage Mechanic- No, but I can fix it WE TRY TO PLEASE fl can ask hlm In a few days how 1201 North Bishop Telephone 6-2357 l , , u MCDOHOU h Gara C O tician- How man lines can ou see if ,Y Y 10 Years in Oak cliff i on that chart? Body and Fender Repalrlng Woodrow Monicrief- What chart?,' - 1 212 South Zangs Boulevard Telephone 9-3757 fir, , Page O11 e Hundred Forty-One 1 MANUFACTURERS OF HIGH QUALITY WEDDING 1 - AND COMIMENCEMENT 1Nv1TAT1oNs - - li CAUDLE ' ENGIQAVING Co. I 1 Steel Die and Copper Plate Engravers 1 411 North Ervay Phone 7-0019 DALLAS, TEXAS p 9 Cadet Lt. Col. Bill Miller Qroaring with ragej- Who told you to stack arms? Cadet Corporal A. E. Collier- Capt. Mann, sir. Col. Miller-- Very nice stacks. J. E. MAPLES SL soN FINE FOODS Domestic and Imported Fruits and Vegetables WE DELIVER ORDERS OF 50C OR MORE 913 West Jefferson Phone 6-3676 LUCK'S SHOE HOSPITAL JOHN H. LUCK, Owner and Manager Repairs - Shining - Dyeing - Refinishing Half Soles 65C to 31.253 Rubber Heels 35C to 75c Free Delivery Next Door to Woolworth's 121 West Jefferson Phone 6-0377 sua 1 MANDELSTAM'S For Your Well-Styled Wearing Apparel Twelve Years of Service in Oak Clif' Phone 9-8511 125 West Jefferson A OAK CLIEF STORE Presents Its Comp irnents p TO , The Senior Class and Undergraduates 1 1 OF Adamson High School 1 I Page One Hundred Forty-Two Y . Y Y , . Y V Billy Tanner- Don't bother me. I am writing to my girl. Wilford Bough- But why are you writ- ! ing so slowly? Billy- She can't read very fast. TRICKS . . JOKES . . PUZZLES . . SOUVENIRS MAGICLAND The Store of 1,000 Wonders 409 North Ervay fOpposite Post Oiicej - DALLAS l LYON-GRAY LUMBER CO. Quality Building Material at the Right Price MORE FAMOUS LAST WORDS Here's where I snap a picture: right between the bars of the cage. Sure, I know this road like a book or I'd slow down on these curves. 216 East Jefferson Phone 6-2181 How can I get a shock when I'm standing on this 1 w d? I Established 1375 2?Those trains always whistle a mile before they get l to the crossings. W l L l W GIVES SUSTAINED ENERGY .... BUILDS MUSCLE .... IS ' NEARLY IOOZJ DIGESTIBLE .... CONTAINS IRON THAT ' IS HEALTHFUL .... IS GOOD FOR TEETH AND BONES .... IS NON-FATTENING .... AIDS THE DIGESTION OF OTHER FOODS .... EAT BREAD WITH EVEIUY MEAL FOR YOUR , HEALTH'S SAKE. O l . COMPUMENT5 CLIFF CHICKEN SHACK . N N Delicious Sandwiches - Cold Drinks ' 1' We Specialize in Smoked Hickory Barbecue Chicken, l ne Luxe Beef, Hmm, and Pork for All Ocraxions l PiBbu Pnd,50cn i 'CE CDEAM ' QAECINIEVEEUCLOSEE ts ' 731 West Davis Phone 6-8197 519 West Davis JAKE COHEN Phone 6-0477 foe Adams- I hear one hundred junk , men quit their jobs at a Kansas City yard S AND ' the other day. MARKET ' Charles Mandeville- Yes, they couldn't N I l H find any place to sit-down so they walked- Lafgfff Little Market West of flee RWM Out-n Phone 6-0276 Free Delivery 900 Hobson COURTESY PASS-Clip for FREE Play w AUTHORIZED DeSoto and Plymouth Dealers COMPLETE GARAGE SERVICE Phone 6-2604 1000 West jefferson , BALL NUT AND CANDY CO. SALTED NUTS - FINE CANDIES Wee Saint Andrews Golf Course 0 One-Half Mile of Lighted Fairways-The South's Largest and Finest Miniature Golf Course, situated in the coolest and most beautiful spot in Dallas. 1500 North Beckley Phone 6-6690 ' W Bt1ll,S Royal Salted N 11,15 This Pass cordially honored at any time. Our conveni- Phone 6-0078 ence, however, is week days, before 7:45 P. M. W 409 South Beckley Avenue DALLAS, TEXAS You ARE ova WELCOME, GUESTS Page One Hundred Firly-Three Mveww- AwZff4A2qW Milf' OM f 25154003 THIS ANNUAL PRINTED BY Wilkinson 1717 6029004 Street, Qbqllas, Texas g'7cMwff'f9 wwxfwmw' wife 7QQ,,,,4M61f2fMf a,,.,eQ.P,,g.,,.,,LZjd,..,,.,v..,f'M 7A' '17 . Q-7 , , , M -ww.-.awww wanna- .-f-,- - Q-HQ 2kQM,L,K..Qg - QWMJQWLW QNNXQSX QQ qQwkNox,.f,Jr- AQVWMN N www M. QSEY Qvviliff 9 WJZLCWVQJZJZ' 4 WWMZMWWMV 4X s n AMW' Q 5MV0.9,o. 51 , H 'T QX3? Au-N-M, . ,.,,..,,. E- ,.,. .,..,...A... , , .,.,,..x.... .. .......',.... ..... . ,2.k,..,A. . ,

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