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Text from Pages 1 - 150 of the 1936 volume:

...... i N WN 1 M 3 on HM! 3-Gab if Y ' A , nn Q Illl W M l IIIFIllI of Q fwfiffgdwkwfvdw J? 'QS ' ' iojgjjyyzfwvffj ki, A Q WMM this-i MQW OAK CENTRAL H1 'am ' 0 ff2! l5 ., qmfhziffft. situiv-QI .aw-.A A- M.. ,I-Af-- -vw., --. . V -H , .,,. -.,,,, ,,..,, . . atv :ff QSWMAY xXY'WU-41190, 1 Q ' ,HL-My .MQ-Vvl"J'3K"A"" DSMW ,.,,.,.vv.s3wJ-'fb ,Naam Ng e..WvX'RK , fO5::QMQW4Qg9M,K,.W:.,.X I OJ5,,y..foJL,Sv1,, XML Qwwkbfkowxgia Qygwvvvwwwg-NW 1005-NA,'xQbc.,b-Nvwbo Em V51,,..,,.,m.g,W,Q may Wf U5 0 A iff' f9iVi?f Q gf iff, f J fiijgfgx xx 2 S92 Q52 iii Y Ei S is fxgigifiiig in ffl? W V A 1 P J 1 1 Y L ' Winn all 1r1PUbuaShQa ry Kenior' 'IIE lo S S gf I 9 36. fibvdcmsom IFIHLQP1. IIDQ I las , QXGS, FQQEWQRD I II the far away years that the flLlf1LV6' veils We know tha! 'wc' shall rlrifi apart Bu! memory will guard thc' familiar trails That are dear fo fha stziilwzfs heart. Aria' guiding our faizcicfs havkwarcl To the joys of our high school clays The pictured leaves from fha olil Oak Will he sign posts down niaiiiorgfs ways. DEDICATI To Miss Ruth Bell, under whose experienced guidance we have visited strange lands and elevated spheres and under whose vigilant pilotage we have been towed safely to haven, the Class of 1936 affectionately dedicate this volume. W ii! nn Pt A TRIBUTE TO ADAMSON HIGH Songs have been sung in your honor, Words have heen said in your praiseg Yet we fain would sing you another, Dear school of our earefree days. For none have loved you more dearly, Nor striven more hravely than we To keep alight your ideals and traditions The living part of your great history. Ana' oh, we have eherished your hanner, Your hanner of white and of hlueg We pass it on proudly to others Who will keep it untarnished for you. And after we have left your portals, Wherever we ehanee to roam, A hlue slay fleelzed with white clouds Will hring thought of you and home. T, .Q 1.-ip-"Wi ' 1,2 5, ff ng :.+f.-v:yM.1M-z-.2-1----t Y M., ...,A,, ., , ,. , , , 'qv : iff.-4, Li- 2?-. . ., 5a:.ff"'f f ., 'Xa Eilfwi . 'wi' it :farm wr y,-2r" f-2-'YN , 2 -ma , I fa: :' li 1154 , 1 V - N - Q b f 5 -- rv lf fsisxffw g- 2- .Q -lt, ' ' fxiqzibf-xnf-nf6?iA1' -"'L,. gef,vL..!gg,g. ' -2' ' ' . ,, 'N 11f-fffsyiiiflk- QLQY5 f Qwiiniqfpr gmgif-,21?Q:'5 rf . f.'zg55wa,,,':1-,, g garka, f3j:Q"', ,3,,g,- , - ' 4215-?."M.z. fffffx.--, el-.11 ,. :f.:,.eiy'5'4"f:-,V :55fQ3Y-.31-'kE'1"fEer '14w'f1iV:??'!f5f:gSf15-iI.' 1 ' EQ" xi" ,iff '-U' 131' W 51...-Q ' 1 f'-f wfstw' , 'Q :few -F1 -at -M milk,-'-' 'rk?11..Jeff1.-.:.i .-.uf ,W - - Q. :-, .--'S .-'--:'ar-,- f -- . . . ,. .. N ,f . . ....f- Q., 41' -.,.,,,5,e4 4-,,.,,..f, V , -V .em - ,- x mm .. ,. . Q ' 42? fvf. L '- " '7i'k'E2-Qg+4'i'-.',?2,'fiT2i-.'-7'515' ' fpgb su L:-E HEZQU5-'i?a5, - 7' gb . 1 Q 1 - 6' ' ,f'- b '- f 151 3-fm? awk: -- ' S:"-'-Pfgig 1 ".1-'TG-'f" 2fw-iw ' " f, 1 -I I Ffa i ' " 71:..-. . 'fx 'MTI A ?l2'E12i2f,l-2 A- lu, - . "gf .g. 2:agjf,g,w' 1' All ll III .,.:.'+ Lv:-Hs", .. '- Q' 1.'I'i:1 -A " 1e'.i?f" -'ian-'-' Rf' -2 , H-'21-2 v',..f ":"' -l--1- - I:.9'f9?fSigm'-i':'9fi'fes'55:F4'-Q'413' , , ..,. 1, H., I g,'-gpg-11-fy:.5G5't.Mnk:--.:g,,,?5g,, ' ,.-,. g w a a- Ja-:, . , 4, -'f'.- , Qa g-55,7 - , ,. A., K ,n,,,, ,,..-Au -W-:Q K ., , .. I. .. -' - . - .ww - , - A x- . 2' 4:2-a 1 vw- : ,ffm , msn . "f' 'H' nu nn fer - 'ff Q' 'f Q-1' - -' - M -'.--11 5 " L . 1 4 -I E'--gif' 2- r -mx if- ef lHv,4"iq7 4,222 il -' , X24--Z Y . 'r ' J.. . "f'v'N.f: "-:inf ,A .-2 :'1?.f.:i"S .fi,G5xmJfff .ff -2-4 M Q- K XZZIIIU IIII VIIDIHPN - 54 .,1::.h fl,!,A?l . ,, T Aly: ,.qL5,'5,,.-- ,I F... lv -1 V in k ' 4 255 '13 ' 1- 'frlfff' 'ln' .ji-7 fi: 5 - , HID YZIIIPIIE Gill NN Him Q IHU - 7-1 V 1:-if '."fr-AL - " :riff v " 1 L- - "Sf ',.J .-.' ' 'Q-4 '-"'l4-Av .' ip-v -I , ,- :.', -iz-?w,"' AR :JN .1-I.. ' va'-:MN '-' , -,-v Q, -,,.,, ..4.,,gq,,-z N 1-., .-Q-. 11-f. -. -:fe 5 1,55 E52-55 N :ff,Q ,HA5531k . X D qt 'Ji .. ,-jvfhggv i. - VII IUOIIIH px-.fl I ., '. -um ,Q .," ,L J. ga- 'cf-msvf' Kfavvf . A A-A W 354125 Emi? 1 5 lll llll llll l 'Q j . I , fY..,U14t,W Hl'fllt1lHW X ' 3151 Z X 35' . LESS -WE f '-Tkivi?-iifga . 55 ' A ' wt ,. gif.: ', V34 9321 ba v- X W: V "T-41 ' --' : -mia 1 inf: 2: is 5211 , 10' J-E a-1 J -11415-u 7 ' Shu 3 F,-' e.- : Fiiwll 1'f':a '??5S,2 MZ. Qf?'3f',3f , 1 JQIJE., ' ,,.,.-2,1 - I. 51.15, 'P-9233 svfiffvfff . - .uf . me-.+,,-fa.'Qr, 5 -4-J! wh- wt., .- .-dsx-Q 141 ,'.'f', K jl"r1'5' pa -v . vw -if 'L.'1:1- H4323 - 4- -- L95 Qgai gfifhg -- 1. V35 Hgfge,-L, fm., YI, ' if-?:' ,L-M-1-..z?.-1-- M if 15.1.91 -gp .f. :I 3' ,WJ 4- H f-Qi-E --df. sig +e3f?'.zig:. -,a fav f - 4-gf .fp- zfk, , -' . ,,. A ' fizigi K .,,. 'QW' Z. UM iiii lll' iiii4IlfGIII11!W aL:21f.i,g1S:f.,S'ferg"i'ggg ' 74344-,V9 '-Z U35 - .- . M- A. nl -F-: -- My . ' f.g,..R:g:' 74 P ff . 1,11 4 5 .HD 'X -svw '-'mr+f?'?l'f22f25 . ' 'ARF'-Z: A- '::'-fb . 'X ' ff'-T'T'5Zif'm5'f'-'H , .I .f. 3. ,4,. , -.a-a.,,.,-,:,5.5- az,-ith. - ' M Ni -73Z'i'-v5a.w."f.. " 'X :Pali .b pf- f- '2zS?:tf-f:22:': - f' Himia, ,gf , -1.1 ,, '- 1, A 1:.:afm:'. D f - . 'gf:1s.g.4,, 1. -- .q u : 'lfpallp ,h egriggfjl V- A , - ,. 'ff 'Q E321 'ig' Q, .1 F135 Na, fx T522 IIIU III I IIIIDIIIIO -f- . -, 14 1.4 '. --ww, ' P31 Xa- 'Q' 7 Q F :e'5,,j'Lj, f.i-- , ' 'f"4"-ii ?" ,.."5f5' , , ' ix A 13553 .5 1--:"w- ' , . .',',"j"1 -5-air ull: YF- ' my - -'+1r-ff-' fu N .. fq, .1 fa- .- , W. 'Huw :1.,,. g:g"Q"f:1'-QQ 5, . gf f,., '-134: ' 1 1 1 -5 -,..w:f- M - 3-Q-Q wsi, ,V-:j5',fL" ,i,.n-,, K x ,, ' ,, 11'f' P' A I EifiLjaiv"'g 5522 . 3',i,Hv2.g'fi-S'gef4f1g-iaiililif . .fzff w r J ' gy V 21' 1 Q.-z , A I. 'ala .apjgjif-5?vsL,3'f'K' 'Iggi5??akEI5QfiiSiEj1:. g 2, 'sg '32, ' - "' -'gg " 'wr 111 A fwffw- P Q4-Mfr. TJ fH'2,f1.:,ffmef " - , -,r . L '- - '- ' ' .1 ' ,,,!yk-i",'11Yv '.i ?Nm,,A,m- 'fRA'Qfr4.f1 ,"-2 fi , '31 -ifjfx ': ' ', 4 ' 'xg ,,,, A..,,,Lg,QAE-gg ' na , . f -:wwf . . 5 .L A 3, Q 'uv :g-a-:- eyz, .r . ".:g1',,Q, 'a-:fm rg 45,,,g,s,y ,453-xg. ' ' ' . 25 1 , gui? merge-5'-fifsra-151-:ygQ5 11 - fy r ' 'flan::Y3'e -- ,- as 'x-121-12-,.,+:,'5:??M'15,f.f,',-.5 5: fmirjsil..-2..f?.gw riszie-" rf -9' '-A V .-SI' X 253 :,,CxzS2a'3E- rxjiyifw gear, 'ElN'.2?-i16.2sa5e'::t:F'w5Qf- -pf 7'-m,?Y Q mm. - . ., , ., ,www .,,, .,,, , , ffm , A 4 MW ulmiiiimmiliiwlU1:fGn1H4ltiili-no IN MEMORIAM WILLIAM HARDEN ADAMSON May 26, 1935 NELL BAKER July 17, 1935 HOWELL TAYLOR MATTHEWS February 8, 1936 N. R. Caoznm SlIf!t'l'iIIfl'IIAll'IIf nf Svfmnlc BCDAIQD ljAVID l l , E. B. CAUTHORN L. V. SToc:KA1xn Axxixfuul S11pm'irrl4'11flrr1f Di.sIri4'! Sl11wri11l4'mll'11l of Srlumlx of High Srfwoolx 0 F E D U C A T I Q N W. CAR'rIf11x, -IR., M.D., Pr4'si4l1'nl COMMITTEES 1.'i,mm-1. Buildings amz' Sifrx Mr. Gabe P. Allen, Clmirman Mr. L. O. Donald, Clmirmarz Mr. L. Q. Donald Mr. D. D. Rogers SIIIIIIHIW Mrs. W. P. Zumwnlt, Mr. L. O. Donald Mr. Fred D. Dnnford R111 fav Mr. Gabe P. Allen Mr. Fred D. Danford LIIIIFZI Cjfjlliflllllll Mrs. W. A. Leeper, Chairman Mr. D. D. Rogers Mrs. XV. P. Zumwnlt W,1'Ifl1l'l' Mr. D. D. Rogers. Clltlhlllllll Mr. Fred D. Danford, Clmirnmn Mrs. NV. P. Zumwalt Mrs. W. A. Leeper Mrs. W. A. Leeper Mr. Gabe P. Allen TO THE SENIORS It is my sincere hope that you, who are responsible for this Oak and whose activities are here portrayed, will continue to grow in knowledge, character, and citizenship after you leave Adamson High School. May tolerance and open-mindedness always distinguish you as truly edu- cated men and Women. HOWARD A. ALLEN, Prilzfijml. TQ MR. ALLEN Your hand has hee11 so steady A1111 so sure, Thai we who sailed fhe sea of kIl0lL'll'tI,gl' III fhe eraff you guicleal Never knew When Shoals were passed, 11or -SlllI!I,b!Il'S skirfefl fhaf woulzl Have hloekefl our way. So quiekly have we COIIZC' io The safe harhor of Cf1l7lllI6lIt'C'lllt'l1f That we searee A'.1IC"lU our IUIIYIIUQ' was so lIt'lIl'lj' emlefl. This is our log. It holds IIIIICZJ Of our a111hitio11s a'1z1l our joysg The prized possession from fhis irip We macle ZHICJU1' your glllllllllfl' wise. We leave if as a f0l?.l'lI of our love. I11 years fo COIIZC may if hriug You happy ll'ZC'llI0l'lC'.Y Of your firsf Acla111so11 High Senior Class. Page Thirleeu TCD OUR FRIENDS-Tl-IE FACULTY I f rwloen you laeld zflae lzlnzizzozzs Cloaliee, filled with tlae storied wisdom Of tlae ages, For us, we drank not So deeply as you zfloozzlglozf we slaoald, Forgive us. Youfla is ever thoughtless. And if in coming years Some few of us but zfouelo Tlae laem of Greatness, Then take you a fall nzeasnre Of credit for flae flaiugs we do, It will be yours. F Page Fourlew ALLEN, I-IOWARII A. ADUDDIZLL, HllLIiN ALEXANDER, LAURA ANDERSON, W. M. BALLARD, C. V. . BANRER, WANIJA BARRETT, ANNI. BELL, ANNA . BELL, RUTH . BRAMLETT1., MINNII: . BROWNE, THOMAS W. BYNUM, HIlLl-.N . CABANISS, IIIABLL CAMPBELL, L. Ii. . CLEMENT, NELLII5 D. CLEMENT, W. B. . CLYETTE, MARY LOUISE COOPER, BERTA . CRANE, ABIGAIL . CUNYU5, G. G. DURRETT, W. P. . . EISLNLOHR, HENRIETTA FRAZER, RII-PLE . GILLESPIIZ, J. H, . GRAVES, FANNII3 HAMILTON, Lucv HAMILTON, W. T. . HAMMOCR, CHRISTINE LIARRIS, MARGARl.'f HARRIS, R. B, . HASELTINIi, MAY . I-IESTER, H. B. . . HIGGINBO1'HAM, LORINL f'IOLLOWAY, GERALIJINL HORN, HP.LLN . . KENDRICK, MARX' . KING, ROBERTA . . LANKFORD, NIQLLY BLY LANGI-'ORn, WINNII: . LEFTWICH, L, C. MANN, JOHN A. . MARRIOTT, R. Ii. . METCALI-', RUTH MILLER, HAZEL . MORRISON, MARY NliV'BERRY, EUGIZNIA . NOAH, WINTON . PATRICK, ANNE . ROCKETT, MABl1I. ROOTES, VIRGINIA RUFFIN, RUTH . SMITH, R. N. STOKES, BIERNICII TAYLOR, NELI. . TILLEY, EUNICE Prinripal . French Librarian Sludy Hall . Mathrrnalim Public Speaking Mallaernalivx . Hislory . Englixh . MaflJcn1alif.v Cmnmfrial Lau' . Commcrrial Domcxlin' Arl Mvvbaniral Drawing . . Art Mafbrnlafirx . English Hixlory Hixlory Chenlixfry Hislory . Iournalixm Dummlif Srifnrr . Arcounfing . Dean Mallwnialivx Pbysirx . Lalin Hislory Hislory . Muxic Manual Arlx Sofial Sficnrf' Svfrvlary fo Principal . . . Englixb Sludy Hall Spanixb English . . Hixlorj' . . . Matbematirx Conimamlanl of R. O. T. C. . . . Commerfial . Clerk . Conznzervial Pbyxifal Training . . Spanixla Matbemafirx . English English Sllanixb . Englixh . . . Matlwnialiux Asxislanl Physiral Training . . . . English Chernislry Page Fifteen PARENT- TEACHER ASSGCIATICDN MRS. MRS. MIKS MIKS. MRS MRS MRS MRS MIKS. MRS. R. 15. I1UMPlI1lLY T. A. HORIJ . ELLIS MITCHELL L. B. JOHNSTON xl. L. MASSIE . M. D. WILHITE C. E. MANDEVILLLQ . J. G. JONES . KI. W. FLEEMAN W. E. PARKER . MIKS. V. O. T1-10M1'soN MRS. MRS. A. XVxsRoQ:111L E. D. HUli'f . OIJIJICIIRS . . . . I'1'cxiflw'1l . I"i1'xf Vin'-P1'4'xirfc'1Jl . . Swmzzf Vin'-P1'1'sidf'1zzf . . Third Vim'-Pr'c'xide'11f l'.0Ill'fZ7 View-P1'r'5ir1'v111' Ififffw Vim'-P1'0sizfc'11f . Sivfb Viva'-P1'Usizl'c'f1f Sl'L't'lIf!J Viva-P1'L'siciw1f . R1'c'01'cfi11g Scf'l'l'f'f6l!'J' . fj0I'l't'Xf70IH1fl1g SC'L'l'Cflll'j' . . . T1'wz51z1'v1' . . . IIfXf0l'jflll . Pt17'1ftlIIIL'lIftlVit!!! Page Sixlccn In reviewing the history of the Parent-Teacher Associa- tion since it's beginning in 1901, we feel that the founders must have had as their motto: 'lTherefore when we build, let us think that we build Qpublic edihcesj forever. Let it not be for present delight, nor for present use alone, let it be such work as our descend- ants will thank us for and let us think as we lay stone on stone that a time is to come when those stones will be held sacred because our hands have touched them, and that men will say as they look upon the labor and wrought substance of them 'See, this our fathers did for us'."-Rzzsfziu. The officers of the Parent-Teacher organization for this year have faithfully tried to add other stones to this building that have for their aims. First: To promote student aid in home, school, church and community. To raise the standard of home life, to secure adequate laws for the card and protection of our youth. Second: To bring into closer relation the home and school that parents and teachers may co-operate intelligently in the training of the child, and to develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, moral and spiritual education. Entrance into high school marks the beginning of a new educational experience for the child. The modern curricu- lum deserves the study of parents that home and school co- operation begun in the elementary school may continue at a time when it is most needed. We bid God Speed to each senior and, if we have been of service to any, we are truly glad. lzgr' Sfllllfttll 7 OFFICERS DR. CHARLES L. HATCLIIEIK . . - P1'4'Sifll'l1f SAM RANIJIAETT , , f'li1'XI' Vicc'-P1'f'xiJw11' L. E. CAMPBELL . Srfmml Vif'c'-Pwxiflwzf BRUCE KERSHAXV Tliinf Iliff'-Pl'f'SilI,l'lIf J, E, W11,1,15 , Fozzrfb Vice-P1'r'xidw1i L. E, MQBRHJE , Fifflz Vicfrjvzrxizlclzzf M. P. TIUCKABEE - - Sf'fr'1'frlI'y H, F, PARK TI'C?llXIl7'l'l' DIRECTORS W. F. ULM J. I. BILAUDUY G. L. CHESTNUT C. D. BRUWUER G. A. SPRAGUE F. W. ELLISON The desire of the club is to be of worthy assistance to the student body in solving their problems, co-operate heartily with the faculty in the spirit of true education, to increase the patriotism of the students by inculcating in their minds an increased knowl- edge to their country, to promote athletics in all the numerous departments, to supervise and direct welfare work as needed by those to whom ill-fortune has fallen, to increase the sacred responsibility of the growing boy or girl as he or she enters on the course of higher education or assumes the responsibility of life, and to co-operate cheerfully with the Parent-Teacher Association in the knowledge that students of Adamson High School "lead, never follown. The organization during the year 1935-36 has aided many worthy boys and girls in various phases of welfare work, who, otherwise, might have been forced to quit school. It has provided medical, dental, and surgical attention, as well as hospitalization in certain cases. It instituted the First Annual Athletic Round-Up, which, it is said by disinterested friends, was the most successful and largest assembly of any nature ever undertaken by any similiar organization, it assisted in various athletic events. Other accomplishments, many of them, are written in th'e lives of countless students who have received assistance, counsel, and consideration in their effort to gain an education and who will testify, we believe, that the Dad's Club has served the student body, the school, with loyalty and faithg ever believing that the child today is the citizen tomorrow, and that together we are privileged to serve Cod, our school, our state, our nation, in such a manner that the printed page cannot exemplify. Pa qc Llgbleen mwniilwm mn LEON PRICE ANNA LOUISE JOHNSTON ETHEL HETHERINGTON Prrsidcnt Vice-Prfsident Secrctmfy ANUARVCLASS! T COMMITTEES PROGRAM Page Twenty MARY KENDRICK . . . . Chairman LORRAINE ALBIN DODIJ OSBURN FORREST MCCORD HENRY SHULL SOCIAL b LOUIQE MIMS . . . Chairman LOI: HAMILTON MAXINE CAVETT TOM ELMS HOL1-'ORD ELLIOTT INVITATION VICTOR HEARNE . Claairmufz MICHAEL TAYLOR BARBARA PHIPPS FLOYETTE HOLBROOK i I, R5 I . gi QQ .. ara., It 4, m,.....5,., . warg.: H2 ,.,. .. , ,,..,,, ., ... . J I W its Ni S , I A . ' if ,. A- B r iss: f 1 LAM I .AZ Y. 31 .. A E. is H t - ' Q.. Q.. if af . . . T011 I'oI1', fuff fo Viglif: LORRAINE ALBIN Entered from Reagan, 1932. National Honor Soeietyg National Thespiansg American, Dramatic Club, Art Staff of Oulzg Senior Pan- Playq Opercttag Pep Squadg Program Committee of IV-A Classg Library Assistant. "If you fm' ns Iulpizlzlu ax I.or'raim', Nvzw' Iz'r1I'rQy 41110111 fUl'fIl7l1.' Izmf fu111i'." FAITH AMOS Entered from Trinity Heights, 1932. Pan-American, "Los Coiiquistodoresng Orchestra, National Honor Soeietyg Opcrettag W'inner of Spanish Contest con- ducted by Padre Reynosog Pep Squad, Scholarship Club. "Lulu, .vILw'l1II'x.I, Xeorziflzvxx, in ber jmvrwfz .Yf1i71l'.ll INA ANDERSON Entered from VC'ebster jr. High, Oklahoma City, 1932. W'orld Affairs Club, Spanish Club, Forget-me-not Sale: Poppy Sale, Play Day at Denton. HN' qniel and IIjI1II'.IlifIg Imili' Wfillx ZITI' m'zL' fl'if'mfa all fbi' lL'flfl1'.ll ff GWENIIOLYN ARMSTRONG Entered from Peeler, 1932. French Clubg Gymboree. rr Amf all bm' zvuyx uri' llfillllillg lrrlwyi, lizzll of 1'emlI'rm'xx and gruI'1'." MARY HELEN BAILEY Entered from Reagan, 1952 Scholarship Club, Spanish Clubg Gymboree, Girl Reservesg Poppy Salcg Forget-me-not Sale. "ll luily im Iml I0 IIA' 1lII'ImII'I'II' by i11I'ln'x." Q Nr Ka.. 'iiaaw ' - 'I-.-.FH-".: .Z. if SEA.. Q3 mga .. S 5 gif , W 5326 is? .. QF -,. ,... 2 i I liuffozlz mir, lvfl In rigbl: MAXXY'ELL BAUGH Entered from Mills, 1932. Rifle Tcamg Camp Dallas. "Hr gum from fbi' jI0.I.Iil1lv fu fbi' IIt'fmIl." LESLIE A. BEALM EAR Entered from Bowie, 1952. Camp Dallasg Captain, R. O. T. C., Latin Club. "W'ifb bfi mini Iimf SI'rio11.v fizw, A - Y vi HI' 14'lII.i lm luilyx gI'III'I'. BOBBY BIRDSONG Entered from Reagan, 1952. -lunioi' l'Ii-Yg Camp Dallas, Crack Companyg French Club, Otlicer, R, O. T. C. "Why Utllllf I low' cl Ju:z'l1?', HELIAQN BRAMBLETT Entered from Peelcr, 1932 National Honor Society, Amrrl Staff, Oak Staff, Gym- horeeg Spanish Clubg Pan-American, Girl Reserves, SclIol.II'slIip Club. "Her Ijiixi I'I'flI'f'i flu' l1I'f111ly of ber iI1Ir'I1I'Il lifwf' ALICE BETH BRYANT Entered from Bowie, 1932 "fl 1m'I'i.iI', uzoilwf lilili' girl, 12111 ax 77lf'1'1'j' Ilx fbi' Jay ix lrnrlgf, QPF Page ililt'l'IIfvY-fjlllj PB Top 1'01l', lrfl fo rigllf: MA1lGA1lIi'f BRYANT lintered from Reagan, 1932. Clubg XVor1d Affairs Clubg Pep Squadg Scholarship Gymboree. "W'1mI xiiwf I1i'1igbf ll qniul life ajff0r'r1xf' JOE PAT CA1KLIS1.E Entered from Reagan, 1932. "1Vbo fini i111i'11lm1 zerzrfc, 111111 110111111 ffm' free, A1111 1wo1i41I1y-rujoirilzg AIUIVIIPU MAXIN1'l CAvE'rT lintered from Peeler, 1932. Scholarship Clubg Girl Reservesg Spanish Clubg Pan- Americang Dramatic Clubg Gymborceg Acorn Staflg Library Assitantg Poppy Sale. irAl1Xt'fJfI'101lX 111111 fIl11 of fun, Maxine, 1110 bear! of Wf. Il. A. II. bm IL'0II.H DoIzo'II-IY CHEEIQ Entered from North Dallas, 1934. Scholarship Clubg Hall Cunrdg Senior Play Usherg Public Speaking Class Ofliecrg Acorn Reporterg Operettn Ushcrg Usher for Commencement lixereises. "A 171171 1i1t1I' Irnly Ieiill 1015 of xfylefi ALIIIREIJ CO1f'1'EY llntered from Hogg, 1932. National Honor Societyg Track, Scholarship Clubg Crack Companyg Pan-Amerieang Pen-Palsg Ofheer in R. O. T. C. "As sa1ir1, ur 111'jll'!It1t11711' us flu' Rork of Cii1m11hn' 111141 I far more mi'iub1I'." W' . 2. bv 9 fa 130110171 mir, left fo rigbl: WILLIE BETH COUNCIL lintered from Bowie, 1932, Gymboreeg Poppy Salesg Senior Play Ushurg Operetta Usher. 'She X1'l'lIIX In lbink ibut if ix fllll fo kewl: ffm l70j1,X beurlx brokrru." f J. E. DAVIS Entered from Nevada High School, Nevada, Texas, 1935. "My mm: fllllllgflff tm' my 420IIIlJl1lI10llX.U LEo DAVIS Entered from Bowie, 1952, Glee Clubg Operettag All-City Chorus. "I nm an 11111111110 111111 l'0II1'11'0l1.Y gi'11f1efm1l1." WAYNE DEAN Entered from Hogg, 1952. Honor liandg State Band Contestg Ilt'UI'lI Band Qflieerg Truck. "fl flaming fifllfll, flue! nf fool." Statfg MAUDE1.LE DoI1sE'1'T Entered from Peeler, 1932. National Honor Soeietyg Sclmlnrsliip Clubg Poppy Saleg Forget-me-not Saleg Gymborecg Cabinet Oflicer, Girl Reservesg Office Assistantg President, Girl Reservesg Banking Assistantg Oak Staffg fl!'Ul'lI Staff. "So l'1l'4QiIItI1, xo r1iffrrr'11i, rbi' 1101115 tl z1ixli111'f prlxifioflf' Page TiIL'E'1I1j'-YALLYI in 'Q I A-me ffl fr W, V .C f , Zzi N iiy . ,r I1 ,xi K Q Q . X X Tofu Voir, Iwfl lv riglal: Bllfllllll row, lwfl lo right: HELEN EARP lintered from Bowie, 1932, ALLEEN FULGHUM lintered from Reagan, 1951. SCl1Ul1U'5l1iP Club? GYmb0fC0- Dramatic Club, Wtmrld Affairs Club, Public Speaking "Can uw' rzrr forge! ber llrigbl uml 1'lL'1'l11XllIIg l'lJll1'1II?U HOI.I:ORD ELLIOTT 1-'ntered from Reagan, 1932. l.:Itin Club, ilr. Hi-Y, Library Council, President 2A Class, Crack Company, Olliecr, R. O. T, C., Scholarship Club. "Ilia lim' ix as gouil ux lzix lo0lz.t.', TOM ELMS lintereel from Reagan, 1931. Ir. Hi-Y, Vice-President 2B Class, Dramatic Club, Latin Club, Crack Company, At'l11'II Staff, Best Private '32, Best Corporal, '35. "Thr xi'4'1'I'l of Xllt'L'l'XX ix 1'or1xiu111'y In plirjroxif' FRANCIS EWTON lfntered from Mills, 1932. Track, Operetta, Scholarship Club, Pen-Pal Club, Art Club, Sports liditor of Acorn, Leopard Club, Basketball, Pootbnll, Cantata, Mixed Chorus. nflllfl' 11 fr-ivml, 11111-115-i u friI'ml." THEO EZELI. lintcred from Hogg, 1932. Pan-American, Spanish Club, Camp Dallas, Ffliciency Medal, Officerls Ifiiiciency Medal, Captain of Band, Scholarship Club. "A Vzlflftllll fo cajvfiluli' fair lmzrfx. Sergeanfs U Gymboree, Poppy Sale, Operetta, Forg Class Officer, Scholarship Club, Orchestra, Operetta, Spanish Club, Senior Play. "Gi'11tlwm'r1 prefer' lIl0IIllX.n PERRY GEIsER lintered from Bowie, 1952, National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Pan-American, "His lirou' ix clomlvil with lbflllgblf, DALTON GOOIJE Ifntered from Mills, 1932. "His fills bit flllll' wifb zlvralx, not lIIlll'll1'l' y1'ur.v." DOROTHY GREEN lintered from Peelcr, 1932, National Honor Society, Dramatic Club, Scholarship Club, Gymboree, Operetta, "Los Conquistadoresn. "Intl tl lilfli' lfil of girl lm! ll lol uf f1l'1'50JlI1llfj'.U LOUISE GREEN lintered from Bowie, 1932, Archery, Glee Club. "For rirllii' will fmllirr' ia poxlvrilyg ruiy will noi l'l'tll'l il." if R 2 2 fi: -, f ig? ak' is if, 3 . 5 if I , fl W df -7'x325R-'-':'-':-'- Piigi' 'l'11w1ly-7'lI1'I'I' et-me-not Sale, 'r feesa. '-Lv, ' wx!!-If -4. x. . 7' MM. , I .C-M3 ,cr , 1. X' Top row, lefi io rigbl: MYRA GIKUISE Entered from Bowie, 1932, Girl Reservesg Armvl Reporterg Gymboree. "The eyes are ilu' u'imfou'i nf ilu' soul." Lois HAMIl.TON Entered from Reagan, 1932. Cheer Leaderg Best All-Round Underelass Girlg Dramatic Clubg Art Clubg Spanish Clubg Girl Reserves: Class Officer, 3A and 4B Classesq Gymboreeg Operetta. "l"I1iI' IUHIJOIIILQ fizilbjul z4'illiif1." NATALIE HIAQAIKNE Entered from Peeler, 1932. "Los Conquistadoresug Pan-Amerieang Scholarship Clubg National Honor Societyq Operettaq Poppy Saleg Pen-Pal Clubg Pep Squndg Gymboree, "A gum! .vlmri - - few nm .viirjmix beixu VICTOR HEARNE Entered from Peeler, 1932. Scholarship Clubg Officer, R. O. T. C.g Crack Companyg Editor of Avorug Chairman Invitation Cnmmittee of 4A Classg Ofhce Assistant. "The mimi ix ilu' xhuiilzlrzl of ilu' linux." ETHEI. HE'fHE1i1NGTON Entered from Hogg, 1932, President of National Honor Societyg Scholarship Clubg Gymboreeg Mixed Chorus Orehestrag Art Clubg Oilk Staffg President of 413 Cliissg Dramatic Club. "Bm111fYy, grave, uml ilIfl'lIiKl'7lt'l' Im' lL'07lf,l'1'fIlH,Y rrzrrzlzifzml in lilln'l." . . R M , YQ- . f ' 5 .. X . Mir , W ..,. Y M 4,,:. 130170111 row, left in right: E VIRGINIA HILL Entered from Trinity Heights, 1932. Gymboreeg Pan-Americang Spanish Club. "ills lon bad slu' milf! gin' IIX flu' xr'1'rI'f of bw' xiwel, kimfl-y u'I1-yxf' FLOYETTE HOLBROOK Entered from Rengnii, 1932. Class Ol:l:lCSfQ Dramiitic Clubg Gymboreeg Scholarship Club: W'orld Affairs Clubg Poppy Snleg Gym Assistant. "Elrgi1r1i as xiizzplifilryq ILXIVNI 11x I'I'xlI1xy." FLORENCE Howmxn Entered from Tyler High, 1934. Scholarship Club. "Af zvboxe sigh! all lbe .tfarx bidi- their Iliziiiuxlwfl lwm1s." SYLVESTER HOWl'lLL Entered from Hogg, 1932. French Clubg Stamp Clubg Library Assistantg Scholarship Club. "The Irmsl IlItH7ffl'Xf .tigu of 1L'fX1lIHII ii' millirimwl 1'lIIfw'f11lf1I'xx." EVERETT HUBI5AItIJ Entered from Peeler, 1932. Scholarship Clubg Camp Dallasg jr. Hi-Yg French Clubg Crack Companyg Non-Commissioned Officer. "He rivals in IfrI'IIn1.t um! uzllx if Ic'nrk." Pugc T1L'n'r1iy- F1111 r Wa FU' 'l I' f 1 'Q E- ,-.. 'ESQ Top row, lufl I0 rigbl: Boffnm 1'UIL', Ivfl fo rigbf: ' JAMES HUGHES A Entered from Reagan, 1932. Band Contest, Olfieer in Band, Camp Dallas, Latin Club, Stamp Club, Honor Band, Scholarship Club, All-City Band, Spanish Department, OHice Assistant. "Hi.v fan' if-Ili all." PEGGY HUMPHRPIY ' Entered from Reagan, 1932. National Honor Society, National Thespians, Scholarship Club, Library Assistant, Oak Staifg Spanish Chorus, Pep Squad, "Los Conquistadoresu, Dramatic Club, Art Club, Pan-American. 'fsbf lmx I1 roiw of gliulrluxs, mul 11 xmili' ulnl El0L1lll'lIL't' of lzeulriyf' CLIFTON HUNTER Entered from Peeler, 1932. Spanish Club, Leopard Club, Acorn Reporter, Baseball, Basketball, Crack Company. "QnivI, l70lll'Xf, zzmzxmuling, 111' ir 1lK'f1'1'I1lilIl'l! In rise fo flat' Iopf' ANNA LOUISE JOHNSTON Entered from Bowie, 1932, Class Officer, BA, 4B. 4A Classes, Scholarship Club, Gymboree. "Bill so fair, sbt' hiker lbw lzrvulb of men aluny, W'fm gaze upon her, lHIL1ll'AI7'1'.ll ALTA LOUISE JORDAN Entered from Peeler, 1952. Gymboree, Pan-American, Scholarship Club. "A rmilf' lilzz' 41 xzzrzflvzlul, xo mzy Ima' 1'l11'1'XSflIg.,l UPS 4 5 , 4 V""'vQ. Girl and VIRGINIA KELSEY Entered from Reagan, 1952. Girl Reserves, Spanish Club, Gymboree, Forget-me-not Sale. "A frieml zmrib I'11lii1'I1fiu,e.,' MARY KENIJRIGR Entered from Bowie, 1952, Reserves, Gymboree, Class Otheer, IB, 2B, ZA, 413, 4A Classes, Scholarship Club, Dramatic Club, One-act-play Contest, French Club. "SIN bux ll gay uml sultry 'lL'tl-Y Tfml Hlafzvx HX uulvb bw' wifb Ilcliglvff' MARY KILGORE Entered from Peeler, 1932. Art Club, Art Staff of Ouk, Poppy Sale, National Honor Society, Gymboree, Dramatic Club: Scholarship Club. 'fslw ix tl fry! rule girl in all 1'I'xpI'1'lx." J. H. KI1.LOUGH Entered from Bowie, 1932, National Honor Society. "W'ixIlrn11, k1mzL'lI'IlgI', jm1c'I'r." GURLIQY HOPE KINNAMON Entered from Reagan, 1932. Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, Pen-Pal Club, Poppy Sale, Scholarship Club, Gymboree, "She ix xrwrt xczru :lays of lbc Ic'eI'lQ.', mg, .4 as Pilgi' 'TIL'l'llf,J'-Ili! I' , Top row, fefl io rigbl: MARY ELIZABETH KNOWLES Entered from Mills, 1952. Mixed Chorus, Girls, Glee Club, Acorn Reporter, Cantata, Gymboree. "She hulzlx wilhin ber gcnflc band, The quici gif! of :11'vunz5." EVA MAE LEMBURG Entered from Bowie, 1932. Scholarship Club, Vice-President, 1A Class, President, 2B Class, Gymboree, Poppy Sale, At'Ul'71 Staff. "Clez'1'r, ycx-but more lbun that, IoL'nl1lr'." FRANCES LEWIS Entered from Bowie, 1932. Forget-me-not Sale, Poppy Sale, Gymboree, Spanish Club, Acorn Reporter, Scholarship Club. "Kind, nnxelfixb-all lbs Iruitx float nmkz' u lovable girl." CHAI. LINN Entered from Tech, 1932. Football, Track, Basketball, Cheer Leader, President, ilr. Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, President, 4B Class, Dramatic Club, Senior Play, Leopard Club, Operetta, Glee Club. "A boy 'wilb lots of 111'p-fajnlble of jrnlfing iboxe yells across." FORREST MCCORD Entered from Hogg, 1932. Vice-President, National Thespians, Dramatic Club, Senior Play, Debate Team, Scholarship Club, Operetta, Crack Company, Commissioned Ollacerg Boys' Glee Club. "El'r'v'yom' who knows him Iikex him, on urronnl of his simple, sincere manner." Bofiom Vozr, lvfl io rigbf: FLOY MCGEE Entered from Bowie, 1932. National Honor Society, Poppy Sale, Scholarship Club, Gymboree, Spanish Chorus, Pan-American, Spanish Club, Forget-me-not Sale. "A joy of youth and beultb, fam' eyes display," NELLIE RUTH MCKINNEY Entered from Bowie, 1932. Spanish Club, Girl Reserves, Gymboree, Operetta, Poppy Sale, Mixed Chorus. "Full of fun and wil ul all lirllexf' VERA MCLAREN Entered from Reagan, 1952. Gymboree, Forget-me-not Sale, Poppy Sale, Art Club, Mixed Chorus, Operetta. "S1L'1'r'l110si, xfabilify, rirtnux IN'lA.5'0IlIfil'1l.U LOUISE MIMS Entered from Hogg, 1952. Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Operetta, Gymboree, Spanish Club, Social Committee, 4A Class, Mixed Chorus, OfHee Helper. 'QCIJIIIC anal frijl as you gil, On Ibm' liglvl, falituxfir lov." MINNIE LEE MoRRow Entered from Trinity Heights, 1932. Spanish Club, Pan-American, Orchestra. "Her l'Z'6'l'vY ions ix NlIlXiL'lX 01L'lI.U Page Tlzwzly-Si.x .3 .wx ' AL' P I P ' if '51 X Top mug Inf! In rixtgfal: JOHN O,CONNOR Entered from Hogg, 1952. Dramatic Club: Senior Play: National Honor Society: National Thespiansg Scholarship Club. "A .vfrikiug P1'l'!0lI4l1ffj', Iulm ix Ilflfbfllllf if Hof imfiziiluul uml ir11ugim1ti1'i'." MAIKGAIKIALT OSBORN Entered from Bowie, 1932. Gymboree: Spanish Club: Girl Reserves: Mixed Chorus: Ofiiee Assistant. "Clmrn1.v Ifrifqi' fbi' xigfzl, 11111 nlvril zuinx fbi' will." Douo OSBURN Entered from Peeler, 1932. National Honor Society: Oak Staff: Scholarship Club: Business Manager of Senior Play: Dramatic Club: Major, R. O. T. C.: Camp Dallas: Crack Conipanyg Program Committee of 4A Class. HRl'l'I1.QIliff!Ill Illtl-1' funn' lute, bn! IIA'l1'1' fnzr, if will I'o1m'." MARGUERITE PERKINS lfntered from Reagan, 1932. Operetta: Senior Play. "Sf1i"ll llama' uml ying bw' ILVIA1' flwronglr life." LAMOINIL PETERSON llntered from Bowie, 1932. National Honor Society: Wiilner of Spanish lissay Contest xponsored by Adolfo Dominguez: Secretary, Vice-President, and President of Spanish Club. "Hr Kms bruiux aml quirl uburuz- nba! HIUV1' vvulil ue lL'1lllf?U rx eva R. ai-QL Ballon: mir, lufl in rigfif: BARBARA PIIIPPS Entered from Hogg, 1932. Gymboree: President of Scholarship Club: National Honor Society: Mixed Chorus: Pan-American: Choral Club. "Thu I's.iI'I1r'I' of lt'fiIli'l7lt'!lf willn If mimi of ber own," MARION POWERS Ilntered from Reagan, 1932. National Honor Society: French Club: Schol.II'ship Club: Secretary 2A Class: Secretary Art Club. 'PWZJUAL' bujwjiy brurl bulb jronwr, To make tl xfom' I1 fl0ll'1'V.n LEON PRICE Ifntered from Bowie, 1950. Football: Basketball: Leopard Club: Operetta: Senior Play: Dramatic Club: President of Senior Class. "All zzmulailnl lows tl 1o1I'r." GEOIKGE RAGLE Entered from Bowie, 1931. Scholarship Club: Latin Club. "Au iilvul lwvy Irilli xI'rio11x11rx,v uml luzumr Iilifevf' CAROL ROBINSON Iintered from Bowie, 1932. Forget-me-not Sale: Poppy Sale: Operetta. "Good llriuxqx xlroulif br jmzixwlf, G yinborec: If' Page irl4'L'Ilf,1'-SA'l1'fi P I I 14 . .Mm 5, T011 row, Ivfi lo rigbl: Boffom mit, leff fo rigbf: WILSON ROBNETT Entered from Reagan, 1932. Latin Club, Officer, R. O. T. C.g Arorn Repcrterg Camp Dallasg Crack Companyg Crack Platoon. "Hr 1,0121 well what br' lIlIlll'l'fllkL'.Y.H ELIZABETH ROLLANDIN Entered from Bowie, 1932. Scholarship Clubg Gymboree, French Clubg Poppy Saleg Forget-me-not Sale. "Eli:::l1I'flJ lwlzlx our !llllIIill'LlflUI7 lnvnzzm' of lm' ullilily tlllll xzveul .ti111'z'riiy," LOUISE RYAN Entered from Breckenridge junior High School, 1933. Scholarship Clubg Latin Club, Dramatic Club. HS0ll1t'flIlIl'.Y lL'0l'lliIIg, XOIIIL'fiII1C'.Y Illzlylllg, always CIlj0Y1'lllg life," HENRY SHULL Entered from Hogg, 1952. Co-Editor of Ouleg Business Manager of Avorug National Honor Societyg Scholarship Club: French Clubg Program Committee of 4A Classg Office Assistantg Student Council. "A Xfllllfllf, tl fl'll'lIll, u g4'11ll1'1lm11." NELL SMYTHE Entered from Peeler, 1932. Captain of Pep Squadg Gymboree, Poppy Saleg Forget- me-not Sale: Spanish Clubg Ac'w'11 Staffg Mixed Chorusg S1 "A 1 JOE STURGES lintered from Bowie, 1931. Scholarship Clubg W'orld Affairs Club. "Cowl IIlIflll'Z' .v1mr'lzl4'.v in bix rye." MICHAEL TAYLOR Entered from Bowie, 1932. National Honor Society, Senior Playg Business Manager of Oulc. 'Ulrlofzis-Ihr 1m'fr'i'l lol eff' LOIS TEUBNEIR Entered from Reagan, 1932. World Affairs Club, l'lI'f0ll.f Yllllltl in ll girl ix imlml L1 fine fllffllla' in ll goml liglzlf' MILDRON TONN Entered from Peeler, 1932. anish Club: Pan-Amerittang Spanish Choral Club, Girl Reservesg Cvymboreeg Scholarship Club. "A xflnlrllf om' 1L'011lLl ilu wi-II io nimlel uflrrf' BILLY TURLEX' lfntered from -Ienningls Avenue junior High, Fort Wcxrtli, Texas, 1932. AFKIVII Reporterg R. O. T. C. Operetta. HSIl1'L'l'XX will ln' bix for hr' is ll fzzilhfnl uwrkw' rfU7l17!l7lIItll'Cl ezzcrgy uml pvlvfl in all lbiugsf' Page Tzwrziy-Eigbf S11 1 A Top Vow, lwfl In rigfJi:k VA1,IJA MAE WADDI.1i Entered from Hogg, 1931. Poppy Sale, Forgot-me-not Sale, Pan-American, "TIM jmuvr nf fbolzglvfgflu' umgii' of IlIf711,.u VIRGINIA WALL Ifntered from Mills, 1931. Gymboreeg Forget-me-note Sale. nSll1'L'fIl1'A.Y izml f,l'iL'll1lXl7jI1 shim' forlb fmzn ber fun ORRIS XY!!-Q1.C1I Iintercd from Pceler, 1932. Operetta. ,PA ,vi jzmlrzfvi, flerixiiv boy ix ln. ES'I'lIL1.lE XYl1r11'1"l'1-.R Iintcred froni Reagan, 1932. Gyniboreeg Spanish Cllubg WcuI'1c1 Affairs C1ub. ",-1 girf you ruff! forgI'f." EDXVIN XVILLIAM5 Iintered from Hogg, 1932. President, Pun-Ameriezmg National Honor Society, Schol- 1.4, Bnflonz row, liffl lo righi: 1525 'fs 1' I JOE XWILLIAMS Entered from Hogg, 1931. Bgmd: Honor Bandg Camp 17111355 Orchestra, jr. Hi-Y, Trackg Band Contest. "A ligbi bear! linux lung." SARA WILLIAMS Entered from Hogg, 1952. Gymkoreeg Dramatic C1u1w, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not 5.1113 Mixed C11llfUS. "All ibm' in ll'UIIIdll is tlllflfflf in flu-y xweei xvff we fifldf' HAROLIJ WRIGIIT Iintered from Alamo Heights High School, San Antonio, 1935. "IlI1li'.I miflier Z1flll.1i'1f :mr fbi' luIlii's." BILLY YOUNG Entered from Hogg, 1932. Blnking As-inlglnt: NtlI1lJ11.11 Honor Societyg Oak Staff, Selioliirsliip C1u1w. "I11fI'l1igeI1f, fl!!!-jfliflfg, i:.':Il im Ill!-rulzml ,quail fvl1ozL'." R. G. HAM Entered from Bowie, 1931. arsliip Club, Spanish C1ubg Advertising M.Innger of Oukg Ghe C1ub, Mixed Chorus, Cantata: Operettag Football, Non-Coznniissioned in Band. TI'e.1furer of junior Federation of Music, .I rrviyllfl filix will: rm' .vfmll fiml a .YfllI7lI01'II forf' "I H1111 xing lo 7lij'.1'1'lf um! ilu' Mnxux . . . wx, pfmlxe Jo. . 5 if JW PLIXI' Tzwllfy-Nilri' I H4 ROBERTA ELLIOTT lintcred from Hogg, 1932. Lead in Senior Playg Opcrcttag Scholarship Clubg French Clulng Class otiiccr, 352, '53, 335g Dramatic Clubg Ifcuturc Editor of Amrll. "WC an' prom! of bm' l7C'llIlfj'j bw' xmilvx, and bw' ch4zrl11x." ARQHIE MCADAMS Iintcrccl from Mills, 1931. Rifle TC Crack Company. 'Wfwl of few worzlx are Ibm' bex! ll1l'lI.U Page Tbirfy Li" TOM SNYDER Entered from Reagan, 1951. "I"u1I uf fun, nzixrbivf, uml L'ifaliIy." FLOYD WATSON Entered from Reagan, 1931. amg Opcrcttag Crack Plnroong Crack Company Trnckg Bnscballg Baskctballg Football. "Noi ll xbrik, but The Sheik." A FAREWELL TO THE SENIORS Life heekons you with eager hanels. There is a glamour over these last senior days, But the ola' school watehes you with hroocling eyes, Knowing through you she reaps her nzeea' of hlanze or praise. You are the sehoolg the gifts you take, The lessons learnecl, will he your armour for the next short span of life, Anil like Knights of olcl, for your sehool's sake You'll keep this arnzor hright, unseathecl thru stress and strife. Knowing that haek of you are watehing frienzls Who set your feet in ll,'lStI,0lII,S pleasant ways, Anil though the new paths nzay leael you to high plaees and fair lands, Through all will live the znenzories of your Aalanzson High days. l Page Thirt jf Jjwj , ', I, U! U, -I Af JJ fn . - FALL TERM OFFICERS COLYAR PHILLIPS MARY CATHERINE GROXVES FERMAN FOWLER PVf'Si!!C'I7f Vic'e-President Secretary HA' J U N E C I, . 1 9 3 6 up X if-. LLL- ,ff My R X ff ,, - 'P' , 'C cf Aj fi. SPRING TERM OFFICERS LOUIS AIJIN SARA ELDRIDCE PATRICIA KIRWAN P1'c'5izle11t ViC'U-P1'L'SitZCl1f Secretary Pllgf' Thirty- Two ,Q . .S . T L an , 3 if 'fe get . . 2.5 - -ef.. 1 T011 row, left lo rigbl: Bollum row, Icft fu right: HEL1iN ALLEN Entered from Hogg, 1952. Officer, 1A Class, Music Club, Glee Club, Scholarship Club, Operetta. "Good lmlnre aml ilfmring fuel are bm' z'baru1x." FRED ARMSTRONG Entered from Peeler, 1951. FPHHIYPJ' um I, from mn' I'm free, Why nrclfl they all conlrut like n1r'?,' MARY FRANCES BAILEY Entered from Hogg, 1952. Art Clubg Girl Reserves "I lla no! hike uvconul of llvr !J0lll'.1 IllIl!'.1.i lbey are bright," VINCENT BARER Entered from Reagan, 1932. National Honor Sucictyg Pen Palsg Scholarship Club, P. T. A. Scl'm1arsl1ip Award, Latin Club, W'inner in Better Homes Contest, Oak Staff. "Grail tbongblx like grmi flvvdx, need no lrurupctsf, DOROTHY BARNUM Entered from Technical High, 1934. journalism department. "Honor is Ibn I'!'IL'l1l'll of zirlmnl, ii J. W. BEAN Entered from Elmer, Oklahoma, 1932. "N0lbi11g flrlvrs a gooil man from uqbul ix rigblf' CARL BENSON Entered from Bowie, 1931. Art Club: Glee Clubg Music Clubg Stamp Club. "Long liw flu' merry hear! Tbal laughs by night and Jay." ARTHUR BOLA ND Entered from Reagan, 1932. "A nulurv as merry at flat' rluy it long." EVELYN BRANTLEY Entered from Trinity Heights, 1932. Girls' Chorus, journalism dcpnrtmentg Spanish Club. "A frivml you low I0 bare." MARGARET BROWN Entered from L. G. C. Academy, 1932. Gym assistant, Art Club, Bowling Club, "Anfb0ril-v tum' ortler IIN loyal bear! jvoxsrxsvsf' ur X .1 my HW Pugi' Tbiriy'TbreL' T011 row, lefl lo righl: JUANITA BUCKLEY Entered from Reagan, 1932. Girl Reserves, Pen Palsg Scholarship Clubg Forget-me-not Sales, French Club. "She put lbe 'pep' in pepper." R. J. BURROUGHS Entered from Peeler, 1932. Art Club, Lettered in Trackg Officer in Boys' Glee "Ax fax! in bis lille ax be is on Ike truck." HENRY CALDER Entered from Peeler, 1932. Crack Companyg Crack Platoong Stamp Club. Club. "A merry bear! mukelb u rbevrfnl t'o1mle1rant'e.,' ROBERT CALLOWAY Entered from Chatfield, 1935. "Whey: shall we look 1111011 his like againf' HOWARD CAMERON Entered from Bowie, 1932. Lettered in Golf. rr Page Thirfy-Four He is wall abate par in all he IHIlI'f'I'1dlU'S - e.x'z'ej7I golf. Boflom row, left fo righf: NAN CAMERON Entered from Bowie, 1932. Officer of Pen-Palsg Oak Staffg Dramatic Clubg National Thespiansg National Honor Societyg Scholarship Club, Pep Squadg Latin Clubg Office assistantg Forget-me-not Sale. "Ripe in lL"lXtl0lll is sbe and jmlieul, uml ximple, uml kind." EUGENE CAMPBELL Entered from Corsicana, 1933. Footballg Trackg Crack Company, Acorn reporter. "A genius in more liner lbau unef, MILTON CAMPBELL Entered from Mills, 1931. Bandg State Band Contest, Camp Dallas. "He :meals no eulogy, his ebarrlefer speaks for itself." MOZELLE CAMPBELL Entered from Peeler, 1932. Dramatic Clubg Forget-me-not Saleg Arorn reporter. "We find ber earnest, kirzrl, and imc." JOY CANTRELL Entered from North Dallas, 1935. Debate Teamg Trackg Choral Clubg Glce Clubg Orchestra. 13 fr 1 A71 off-skool uf rbverfulucxs. 'Q ui' I Top row, If-ft io right: Boliom mu, Ivfi lo rigbf: SOLON CAPLE H. F. CLICK Entered from Trinity Heights, 1952. Entered from Peeler, 1952. Radio Club, Acorn reporter. "His wil mn ilriii' ilull vim' away." BEATRICE CHAPMAN Entered from Hogg, 1952. Latin Club, Scholarship Club, Poppy Sale, Forget-meanot Sale, Bowling Club, 3B Class Officer, 4B Class Officer. "A girl who ix boyish, But xbunx being llItllH1i.Yb.U PAUL CHITWOOD Entered from Reagan, 1952. Pan-American, Mixed Chorus. "Wiih no time I0 uxnrry or fo fre! He grit Ihr' joys lifi- has lo rel." MINNIE LEATH CHRIETZBERC. Entered from Mills, 1952. Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Spanish Club, Music Club, Operetta, Pep Squad, Spanish Choral Club, Bowl- ing Club, Library Council. "Sweetness and fricmlsbip shine forfb from bcr face." SELENE CLARK Entered from Reagan, 1952. Scholarship Club, Oak Staff, Music Club, French Club, Girls Glee Club. "A girl wiib u lzuark 10 ilo i'L'i'ryibiug uwllf, ,J""'hiL for gie. . Basketball, Tennis, Stamp Club, Salesmanship Club, Scholarship Club, Business Manager of Acorn. "Thr worn' "impoxxil1le" is no! in the diistiorruryf ONETA COLE' Entered from Bowie, 1952. Sale. Pep Squad, French Club, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not "Tbv beuris of her friemis lrusf safely in herf' WARREN COOPER Entered from Waeiv, 1952. Basketball, Junior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, Asst. "Au fm- sl r Manager Football. 'Tbis liff is loo Shari io worry in- So fake my aflzfirr uml he happy." LOUIE COUCH Entered from Hogg, 1952. junior Hi-Y. "Whaii'1'er reforrl leap lo liglvl He never shall bi' shammi." JAMES CURREY Entered from Hamilton, Texas, Art Club, Stamp Club. UIINVC of wit is worfb tl fl0lll1ll of S01'1'01L'., 1952, .al Page Tbirly-Fire Top row, left Io right: LEON DIEROLF Entered from Penns., 1934. Scholarship Club, French Club, Tennis T Oak Staff. Q L M sf 7 EI , egg , 2 .ea A Bollom row, lofi lo righl: WILLIAM DRYDEN Entered from Peeler, 1932. Cam5 Football, Basketball, Crack Platoon, 2 Crack Companies, "He Ilifll lo be 11 ILYUHZZIII-hIlfl'1', but lalvly wha! II t'l1a11gc'.', STANLEY DIQREY Entered from Bowie, 1932. Scholarship Club, Stamp Club. lwnyx fbi? frm' ones tuba lL'lI1 fbi' 1' ibm' l'ffil'll'IIf 0Ill'.Y.,y "If'x 7101 ll JOY DEVEREAUX Entered from Bowie, 1933. Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Oper get-me-not Sale, Pep Squad. "Though lbs alny ln' long rum' zlrmry, you will fiml bm' t'bm'f'1'y.', BERRY DAVIS Entered from Bowie, 1932. are lm! etta, For- alzvrrys Crack C0 , Senior Hi-Y, Operetta ,, I '. . ' A 111c1'l' ' brurt llltlkfi tl rbew' Ill 1'01r11le111111t'r.' "None but bmzwlf F1171 be his fJlll'!llIFl.U J f LORENA DARGAN Entered from Mineral Wells, 1932. Stamp Club, First Class Private Guard. "Tb1'1't".v ulwrzyi wfvly ill 1'11lo1'.', GERALD DUNCAN Entered from Bowie. "Hr 1L'hl.Yllt'1l as be uwlknl for ILYIIIIA uf worry." MARY HELEN DURHAM Entered from Bowie, 1932. Library Assistant, French Club, Dranmtie "Willa g!'IIllC yet p1'cIf11ili11g force, I11lc111' 11147011 bm' :1'vsli11L'rl L'0lll'SL'.U Club. HOWAIKD EDMONDSON Entered from Hogg, 1932. ip Club, French Club, Latin Club, AFOVII Reporter, Class Reporter. Scholarsh MAUREEN ELERSON Entered from Peeler, 1932. National Honor Society, Social Chairman of the Girl Spanish Club. Reserves, Scholarship Club. "The hd1'lll0l11J girl - - Iuilb 7l61'L'l' zz lllXA.'0l'1l xo long as u "A bi! uf Drcsrlvrz China - - 1111ui11f, 1'bnr111i11g, fragile." bare fUI0lL'II ber." Page Thirty-Six A - 'TW H7 , W..- N. 'e 1Y.'.',,," '?v 1. T017 mug li-fl fu riglwfz S 1 ' 110110111 rnzr, lrfl to rigfylz ROBLRT ELLIS Entered from Reagan, 1932. Latin Clubg Mgr. Baskctballg Mgr. Trackg Mgr. Baseball. "Who brings Sunxfnim' info 1191- lift, of ollwrv, Brings xuuxbim' info bit own-D ELIZABETH EMMONS Entered from Pccler, 1932. Forget-me-not Salcg Spanish Contestg 3B Social Com- mittee: Avorn Staffg Dramatic Club. "sbt, 1'UIllIfX lwr frivmlx by flu' svoru, YN flJ1'VU ix IIIIUAIYYX roam for n1or'f'.', PEGGY FLAKL Entered from Reagan, 1932. Class Officerg Oalz Staffg Library Councilg Amrn Staff: Scholarship Clubg Girl Reserves: Spanish Club. "V:l!'illlI1 rf 11111lal1il1' S1'Hlfl4'P' fx! fvnlimz. U1 rflizlzgzwzlvlr umf firklv thing ix 1L'01mu1.2" JACQUELYN FoUTs Entered from Reagan, 1932. Forget-me-not Sale: 3B Social Committecg .flmrn Staff: Popularity Contcstg Girl Rizscrvcsg Latin Club. "HM pl'1'fH71l'.Y5 umf Xl'lIfI4'71f'JX IIIMIU' bm' bofb vburuziug amf lr1z'ablr.,' FERMAN FOWLER Entered from Bowie, 1932. Spanish Clubg 4B Class Officerg Basketballg Senior Hi-Yg Library Assistantg "D" Clubg Senior Hi-Yg Library Council. "vHiv u'z11'y lmir um! xmlli' art' Hllzrb in lm LIZlH1iYl'Kl.,, R. D. FUDGE Entered from Pceler, 1931. Junior Hi-Yg Library Assistantg Arorn Reporter. "Ile th:-wif in 1Jl'fl'llfi0lI Ilull wbvu bv was bad, B111 r1i'1'm'r'lfn'I4'.vx bfx 11 lUI'LlI7l1' lad." JAMES GARRISLJN Entered from Hogg, 1931. Crack Company: Crack Platoon. "A fuilhfzzl u'orle4'r in ull ffJi11gS" EDGAR GHARIS Entered from Hogg, 1932. Spanish Club. "Clw1'rx irilb hix xzzzilrf' EDMOND GHARIS Entered from Hogg, 1932. Spanish Club. 'rwiltlfllll ami zmrfll are hixf, GUS GIRI.1NGHOUSE Entered from Bowie, 1932. Crack Companyg Rifle Team: junior Hi-Y. HSlL't't'f un' lbv 5IllHI171'l'.V of u l'iff1l0ll.1 man!" Page Thirty-Seven Top row, left fo rigbi: Bolfom row, left lo right: PEGGY GLEASON MARJORIE GRIFFIN Entered from Sunset, 1935. Ifmfffd ff0m Bowie, 1932. Spanish Club? History Clubs poppy Sales Forget- Girl Reservesg French Clubg Linz Bible Awnrdg Mixed memot Sale. Chorusg Riding Clubg Operettag Dramatic Clubg "Thc're'x 'naught but good of ber mmm." Pe? 541934-1- Sbe ix gentle, she ix xhy, Bllf Ilorrr' ix NliXL'I7ff'f in ber 1'y1'.,' DORIS GOODEN Entered from Hogg, 1932. TOMMY GRIMES Scholarship Clubg National Honor Societyg Interscholastic Entered from Sulphur Springs 1933. League Spelling Contestg Oak staff: Pep Squadg Latin Clubg Dramatic Clubg Officer, Student 'fslw ix mozlvsf, buf 1101 lmxbfzll. WESTMORELAND GRAY Entered from Latt High, 1934. Council. n Pen Pal Clubg Scholarship Club. "A 111'zc'-rouzw, but jirxf-t'1u.IIf' MARY ISABELLE GREIEN Entered from Reagan, 1932. Salesmanship Clubg Poppy Saleg Forget-m "Ax you may suppose, She has plvuly of lIl'tl1l.X.U EDWIN GRIFFIN e-not Sale. Hi-YQ Pan-American Clubg Stump Clubg Sports Editor of the Aforu. "Lilfl4' bu! fowl." CARTHYL HAGOOD Entered from Bowie, 1931. Pan-American Clubg Spanish Clubg Snlesmansllip Club. "HH quid and really smile winx him frivmlx all flue while." JACK HAMILTON Entered from Brown, 1932. "sn11 arbieriug, xfill purxuiug I1 biglv hlvalf' WILLIAM HAMILTON Entered from Hogg, 1932, Senior Hi-Yg Bandg All-City Orclwestrag Honor Bnndg Entered from 1934. "Good mzlurc and good if A Page Thirty-Eight Orchestrag Scholarship Club. "Ability 'lL'iIl.Y flu' t'xfr'4'111 of ibe frm' 'IlIflII.,, II N iw I X DS ,XO 40? Tull muy If-ji to riglvfz Boliom row, Iwfl la riglzlz GENE HANSZEN Entered from Hogg, 1952. Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Senior Hi-Y Track, Oufe Staff, "D" Club, Wimrld Affairs Club W'inner of lfxtemporaneous Speaking Contest of the City. "IIf'I11'I'f1 help lbw lIm'irx." VIRGINIA HORN Entered from Mills, 1932. - Latin Club. "IIOm'sl, xII'uaffa,II, mul 1I1'lIt'?ItId17Il'.U Y BILLY HUIIBAIIII Entered from Hogg, 1932. Spanish Club, Track. "Hr lmv frmglal a gum! figfof und fiilixbetl llhifll grmll fullbf' MARY BELL HUI1'l?INES Entered from Peeler, 1952. Operetta, A11-City Chorus, Avoru Repor "Her gr'I1u', lw1clI'r'r1r'x,I, um! gI'r1I1w1f'xx make bm' IU lorulllr' uml rhurnzirzgf' REBECCA HUIf'STEDL1iR Entered from Pecler, 1932. DORIS JOHNSON Entered from Mills, 19321 Latin Club, Pep Squad. 'fsbf is a miie, buf llylltlllliflu MILDRED JOHNSON Entered from Peeler, 1952. Linz Award. "A gentle soul: In ihu Immun mee, u friemlfy MONROE JOHNSON Entered from Reagan, 1932. Captain of Golf Team, Hi-Y, Scholarship Club, Pen-Pals. Nc?UIlft'7If lllifb Ihr' many joyt in bit lifff, EMRYS JONES Entered from Peeler, 1952. Tennis Team, Pan-American, Spanish Club. "A good sporlxnzung a lrur frirmlf, O. T. JONES Girl Reserva, SclIol:IrslIip Club, Linl Bible wa Entered from Wichita Falls' l934' "IIII'r mrzrzy 1l1'HIp1'Y gillli lbw I'I1'g1'x of Lum Club' lifvfi l11In'lc1'.vf I'1u11Il.x." "A boy who I11'Sl'fl't'K ull be gary." Page Thu I5 Nine 1 W Top 1'UlL', lufl I0 rigblz VIOLET KEAHEY Entered from Hogg, 1932. Latin Club, Forget-me-not Sale, Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves, World Affairs Club. "Sirnplii'ily and nulllruluvsx rombim' fo make ber worllo while." DEE KERR Entered from Seymour High, 1952. "Wf0rlh mmlr' Ibis man." PAULINE KIDSON Entered from Louisiana, Missouri, 1952. Scholarship Club. A full rirb nufure, free lo Irusl, Trnfhfzil and nlumxf xferuly juxtf' rr ALDON KING Entered from Reagan, 1932. "A man be terms of fbeerflzl and Cmzfizfwzl f0IIl01'T01L'J'.D PATRICIA KIRWAN Entered from Bowie, 1932. Co-Editor of Oak, Officer in National Hoiior Society, Scholarship Club, Pen-Pals, Pep Squad, Poppy Sale, For- get-me-not Sale, Interscholastic League Extemporaneous Speech Contest, Office assistant, All-City Orchestra, Dramatic Club, Tennis Team, 4A Class officer, President of Student Council. "A bean' full of genius and u haw! full of frnfbf, Boflom row, lvfl Io righl: BILLY KNAPP Entered from Hogg, 1932. Library Council, Stlesmanship Club, Dramatic Club. "He 'IIIi,Yt'1l reason wilb PIIWIAIIYL' and lL'fXt,0lll wilb mirlb., NADINE LATTIMER Entered from Peeler, 1952. Dramatic Club, Pep Squad, Wcirld Affairs Club, Acorn Staff. "Good term' :mil gow! Illlfllfl' arf' lH'l'i'l' .Yl'1Ji1V'!lfl'tI.U DLJROTHFA LFNT Entered from Hot Springs, Arkansas, junior High, 1933. National Honor Society, Girl Reserves, Scholarship Club. "Bego11r 111111 mire! Tbou :mil I xbizll m-Ver agree." M. J. LINEHAN Entered from L. G. C. Academy, 1932. Cadet Lieutenant-Colonel, Captain Rifle Team, Camp Dallas, Crack Company, Crack Platoon, Dramatic Club, Latin Club, junior Hi-Y. "El0qm'ni hz' ix, um! t'!H7II1ILHlK1fI1g, loaf, LILLIAN LIVINGSTON Entered from Reagan, 1932. Girl Reserves, Scholarship Club, Pep Squad. "Mi1di'xI I!ILllIlIt'l'X mul gwlfluvf h1'Llff.U vm Page Forfy an Urs? fri! 4' QQ" 1 l ll ,Y 11 Q 1 2 , X 1 I I f I l' 1 Top rvzv, iff! fn riglllz Roy LONG Entered from Hogg, 1932. Salesmanship Club, Stamp C1 "IIA mot! muuifvxl .rigu of wisdom is ub. m11fi11lml 1'bm'rf1fll1r.r." BEN LORING Entered 1'rom.Ho,gg, 1932. Crack Companyg Latin Club, Office Assistant, Staff, Senior Hi-Y. HSfHL1i0llS of euxw, mm' fnmf nf lmnzlflt' lhirzgxf' DOROTHY LORING Entered from Hogg, 1932. Latin Clubg Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale: Girl Reserves. "All ber rrnrllmzmlx fm' gmu'l111li, xzxwl l'f't1Ilt"Xf5.H R. B. Lov1sI,L Entered from Breckenridge, 1933. Operettag Band. uonrugu, honor, Mwst' UI1lt'1'LI' your will l1ir'llu'iglrf ure." "Worth, MILDRFD LOWE Entered from Mills, 1932. Pep Squad, Forget-me-not Saleg Poppy Sale, Operettag Spanish Club. "She ix well liked by vz'er'y one, Howxf, frank, uml full of fun." We Bollom mug lrfl lo right: LUCILLE LUTTRELL Entered from Sunset, 1935. Poppy Saleg Forget-me-not Sale, Operetta, Easter Cantata. "TIN 1l'l'Lllfll of Xflllllll' llruzzly ann' ruxfit' bmlibf' BEN LYTLE Entered from Reagan, 1932, Basketballg Baseball, Football, junior Hi-Yg Senior Hi-Yg "D" Club, Library Assistant, ZA Class Officerg Scholar- ship Clubg Oak staff. "WWII brrll, well Wulf, well lifted." Oak JACK MCANALLY Entered from Sunset, 1933. Spanish Clubg Scholarship Club. "Of IIILIIIIIUVX gwzfle, of K1fft'l'1i0l1.V mild, In wil u man, isilllpliril-y, tl rlliltlf' BYRON MCCROSKEY Entered from Peeler, 1933. Spanish Club, W'orld Affairs Clubg National Honor suilerlanre Society, Scholarship Club, Spanish Chorus. "A man who :low his own lbiuking needs but Iillle afl1iCf'." M. V. MCDQNALD Entered from Reagan, 1932. Scholarship Club. Nlclfffl' bon: glllllllly flu' ollllnok, be L'0lIl1'.Y up smiling." ' ' N 0 S1 .pm e nfs S . Page Furly-One' , VE.. . S F 4, PE ' l m 1-R. L' 'iw Top 1'01L', lvfl I0 rigbl: ELEANOR MCGUIRE Entered from Grand Prairie, 1933. "QuiI'f, Iluobfrvlxiwr, leiml, A frirml lo nll, bufml by 11011e." KEYS MEDLIN Entered from Duncan, Oklalioma, 1935. Boys Glee Club. "Hr is of Xff'l'llNg u'0r!la." DOROTHY MILLER Entered from Lagow, 1932. Pen P111 Club, World Affairs Club, Arorn Staff, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale. "A wry grnilu lazily una' of goml rofzsriwzre, loo." JOHN MILLER Entered from Hogg, 1932. Scholarship Club, Latin Club, National Honor Society, I Stamp Club, Salesmanship Club. "Sf11dim1x, poiml, and ra worthy rilizcfnf' ELLIS MITCHELL Entered from Bowie, 1932. Latin Club, Library Assistant, Office Assistant, Dramatic Club, Stamp Club, Salesmansliip Club. "O Hue in worzl uml fried in deed." z Page Forfy-Two Bollom row, lo riglal: LOUISE MONROE Entered from Bowie, 1932. Girls Glee Club, 1B Class Officer, 2B Class Officer, 3A Class Officer, Pep Squad, Scholarship Club, Pan-Amer- ican Club, Dramatic Club. "So gY4lL'i0115 was ber turf aml fc'mlc'rness." BEULAH MOORE f Entered from Bowie, 1932. "Kimi brurlrd and frm' blllfhv MILLARIJ MORRISON Entered from Bowie, 1932. Sclaolarsliip Club, Latin Club, World Affairs Club, jun- ior 'Hi-Y, Stamp Club. "Full of forte rlml firm upon bit fr'e!.', RUTH OLSON Entered from Central High, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1935. Pep Squad. "Sparkling ryrx uml a merry heurif' RALPH PERRY Entered from Hogg, 1932. junior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, Track, Baseball, Football, Stamp Club, World Affairs Club, Pen Pals, Art Club, Salesmanship Club. Nlmlnxfriozxs, IIIOKIPS1, quicl, aml mal." X -' V xvff J' .1 T T ii ,V I i 1-,X il Tofu rung lvfl I0 right: LOUISE PEITZ Entered from Bowie, 1932. Girls Glee Club, Scholarship Club, Spanish Club, Salesnianship Club. Hcjtllfdlllf' uml fblIHlIlXl7l,V I01'4llI1f'.U COLYAR PHILLIPS Entered from Reagan, 1932. Junior Hi-Y, Senior Ili-Y, Latin Club, Cheer Leader, Camp Dallas, Basketball, Crack Company, 415 Class Of ficer, Dramatic Club, "D" Club. "fl .iI1IH'I'fl ulblrli' .mil ull-mnml funn," LELAND PoI.LocK Entered from North Dallas High, 1933. Eootball, R. O. T. C. "Tl1f'n' ix no vurfa ILYIVAI ax fail." LYN RUTH POPPILWELL Entered from Irving High, 1935. Dramatic Club. A sfemly mul, Ilia! yields fn rule, Am! quilt? ilIXL'IIjUllX, loo, af xi'lJoo1f' MARGIE POTEET Entered from Troup High, 1931. Pep Squad, World Affairs Club, Girl Reserves, Salesmanship Club. "A lrmlrr lJm1r'f, I1 will inf1z'.xiI11f'." Ain.. , 'I -I i E2 is I1 Xi sk ,,,g. 1 Bollnm row, lrfl I0 riglal: JANE RANDALL Entered from Bowie, 1932. Concert Master of Orchestra, Oak Staff, National Honor Society, Pen Pal Club. "She ii xnlull of siullzn' 11141 big uf buurlf' JAMES RANDLE Entered from Ft. Worth, 1933. Crack Company. , "One who ser: in vzwry Iliffiwzlfy an r:f1jr0r'l11r1if-yf JACK RIZAMS Entered from San Antonio, 1933. Rifle Team, Crack Company, Amrvi Reporter. "Ile bull fluf beutf In mrzfrizi' tunl ffm' buml' in 1'.X1'l'IIft'.U CHARLIf:s REDDING Entered from Bowie, 1932. 1B Class Officer, Track, National Honor Society, French Plays, Scholarship Club, Salesmnnship Club. "Noble and bigb nlimfmfg he ix an eurneff .if'I'lu'r ufivr kl1r114'leIlgI'.l' WELTMER Rlioons Entered from Pecler, 1932. R. O. T. C. Officer, Band, Honor Band, Scholarship Club. "A xmile Vl'l't'IlIX L1 ffiklllllj' f1alurI'." ry ,L fm. 'ff Page lforly-Tbr'f'u .1 ..,. 1 . .,. fe-1 'Q' in Eg kms A 'ia 2 5? Q S A A , 1 .gg 1 V1 ,F gg . J it K ,Z 1 1 Top 1'01L', lrfl io rigbiz LA ROSA ROBBERSON Entered from Wii1netkn, 1932. Forget-me-not Sale, Operetta, Mixed Cliorus. "O111-1' tl x11'1'1'I 111111 1'i1'l11r111x X0111.n DOROTPIY ROBERSON Entered from Peeler, 1932. Library Assistant. "A A111111 111111111 111111 KI f11i1' flIl'l'.,, DUANE ROOR Entered from Wturmdrow Wilso11, 1935. Crack Company, Crack Platoon. 1 "L111'g1' 11715 1111 11111111131, 111111 1115 mul ti11rere., JAMES ROSS Entered from Bowie, 1932. Operetta, Mixed Chorus, Baseball Manager, Football Man- ager, HD" Club, Senior Hi-Y. "A 110111111 of p1111'1z ix zmrfh ll 1011 of Inflaf' JUANITA SAMUELS Entered from Bowie, 1952. Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, ZA Class Officer, Pep Squad, Scholarship Club, A1'111'11 Reporter. "A 11111111 11.1 11 11111111 Xl701l111 be." 30 H0111 111111, 11'f1 fn rigbf: PAUL SANDERS Entered from Belton, Texas, 1935. World Affairs Club, Scholarship Club. "A lIll?1'l'y b1'11rf goeth 1111 Ibw 11'11y." DOROTHY SCOTTINO Entered from Bowie, 1932. Arclieryg Glee Club. "1111111xl1'i1111x, 111z1111'xl, 1111117 111111 lll'll1.U LUTA SCRUGGS Entered from Grady, Arkansas, 1935. Officer of Pen Pnl Club, Girl Reserves, Seliolarsliip Club, 011k Staff, Editor of A1'f11'11. "Her 111'1iz'1' 11111111 111111 x11111'1e1i11g eyes I11 11rig11f111'xx .Y'1l'1't'11j' h111'111n11i:1'." GEORGE SEBASTIAN Entered from Hogg, 1932. Scliolnrsliip Club, Latin Club, Camp Dallas, All City Band, Band Commander, R. O. T. C. Officer. "H01111x1, 111f1111f11.ii, 111111 111'111'1111111711'f' DOROTHY SHEFFER Entered from Sunset, 1932. Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club, World Affairs Club, Scliolnrsliip Club. 'YG1'71f1L' of 1JA'l'SUI11lXK', 1'on11111'f 111111 f'1111if111gf' X1'II1'l'UI1X 111111 fr1'1'." .aw-'ff' .0 1 -' ' '1""-M "'f9!2w-Q. " mist 5' up Page F011-1'-FOTKI' "Fw rf'7fff'pw 'L 7 fi W ' 'J , 1 ' ly, gf Top row, lvff Io rigbi: LUCILLE SHEPHERD Entered from Frisco, Texas, 1934. , Girl Reserves, Pen Pal Club. "Bz'Cu1m' of ber wil slm bus iizmlc u bil." HOWARD SLOAN Entered from Terrell, 19351 Baseball Team. A "A good' sport, u good u'0rlecr, aml n goorl frirrzilfl CHARLES SMITH Entered from Hogg, 1952. junior Hi-Y, Latin Club, Scholarship Club, Camp Dal- las, Rifle Team. "For if be will, bv will, you muy dvpvml upon if." LYAL SNLED Entered from 'I-Iogg, 1952. Dramatic Club Oflicer, Sponsor of Band, Cheer Leader, One-Act Play. "Slut bas iz zoirr' of glucliivss, :mil iz smile uint' L'l0tjIlt'lH'L' of 17l'tlllfJ'.,y ALTA SOLOMON Entered from Litla Hoc, 1932. Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Spanish Club, Salesmansbip Club. "We firm' bw' r'a1'm'si', lciml, rmrl fl'lll'.ll me W Q ,X ' l AK I X, Bollom row, lvfl to right: JACK STEELE Entered from Tyler, 1956. "Hu faces ilcfeu! full fmfimlly, and laughs in place of sighs." BILLY SUMMY Entered from Sunset, 1934. "His gnon' frriilwr is like iz Xllllllj' day." HOWARIJ SUTTON Entered from Peeler, 1952. Art Club, Acorn Staff, Baseball, Radio Club. "A silent, soy, jn'11c'z'-lo1'ir1g 1mm Hi' swulnl no fiery f7tIVflXllII.n WILBUR TEUBNPlR Entered from Reagan, 1932. Scholarship Club, Oak Staff, Latin Club, Officer of National Honor Society, Intcrscholastic League lixtempor aneous Speaking Contest. "A lift' of honor and of ivorlbf' HOBBY THOMPSON Entered from Bowie, 1932. Music Club, Spanish Club, Salesmansliip Club, Operetta All-City Chorus, Boys Glee Club. "No muflrr lrou' gloomy flu' oillloolz, be VUIIIVX up smiling." Nw' ., Page Forty-Fi in Top row, lrfl I0 Vigbl: J. W. THOMPSON Entered from Reagan, 1932. Spanish Club. "Nolbir1g sllevcerlx like .v1u't'eis.', EDWARLD Toocoou Entered from L. G. C. Academy, 1932. Camp Dallas, Hi-Y, Avorn Staffg Crack Company, Crack Platoong Oak. Staffg Winner of Major Bowes Telegram Contest. "He zlescrwfs flruisi' for br' floex noi what be muy, lm! what be ongblf' WINERED TUTTLE Entered from Technical High, 1933. Junior Hi-Y, Golf Team, Art Club. "Quiet anal rz'xm'L'c'u', ye! ll l!IlXCblCI'0IlJ' fwinlzle in bis MARY LEE UGLOW Entered from Sunset, 1933. "She had ber own ialea of lhiugsf' ELIZABETH VANTREESE Entered from Mills, 1932. Girl Reserves, Poppy Salcg Officer of Spanish Club, Pep Squad. eypln "The joy of youfb anzl bfnlih bm' ryrx zlisjwlayerl, And case of heart hm' every look conLfeynl." Page Forty Six ,IL . Bollom row, If-ft fo riglafz HAZEL VERNON Entered from Trinity Heights, 1932. Scholarship Club, Mixed Chorusg Spanish Chorus. "I loam? a bear! wilb room for eL'L'r'y joyf' SUSIE MAE WALTON Entered from Bowie, 1932. Glee Clubg Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Saleg Mixed Chorus. "Darla, eyex are rlrrzrvr fav' Than those lbat mock lbw byacirlfbim' ball." BERT WATSON Entered from Reagan, 1932. Latin Clubg History Clubg Crick Platoong Crack Companyg Acorn staff. "A lilllr' 'nomenxr now and thru lx 'rclixhcrl by Ike wisest IllL'll.U HUGH WEBB Entered from Bowie, 1932. "Sf1ec't'b is grralg buf iileucc is gr'fuIc1'.l' BEATRICE WEBSTER Entered from Bowie, 1932. Art Clubg Dramatic Clubg Forget-me-not Sale, Poppy Sale. "What is l'IOIIOY'!1blC is also xufvxtf' cj:- .L L TOP VOW, 'ffl 10 fight! Boflom row, 'ffl lo rigblz WALLACE WESTMORELAND LEE WILLIAMS Emefcd fl'0m RCHSQIH, 1932- Entered from Beaumont, Texas, 1934. Hlvbfn f"5f"'8f'i"5f'lff'lWXil'l'I1o inure, Art Clubg Arorn Reporter, Boys Glce Club. :Tix WSJ" 70 bv WNV-U "Willa wil und grif, For figbl bvlx filf' SYBIL WHEATLEY Entered from Peeler. 1932. MARIE XVILUAMS Dramatic Club, Pen Pal Clubg Forget-me-not Sale: Poppy Entered from HOKE, 1952, Sale, Scholarship Clubg French Club, Pep Squad, National Dramatic Club, World Affairs Clubg Salesmanship Club. Honor Socictyg Library Assistant, Acorn Staff. "A fmre' hear! umf Il fair fare." "My tongue wiflnin my lipx I rein For who lalkx murb muxt lulk in ruin," KATHRYN WILSON Entered from Hogg, 1932. CARTER WIIITE Aroru Staff, Horseback Riding Club. Entered from Sunggt' 1935, "Wilb roxy r'bz'r'lz.i will flaxerz rurli, "A good dixpoxiliolz ix raflvm' In be fbuirrz A1111 Slfflfkliflil l'J'l'-Y WH! f1'1'ffJ like 11r'1frlA." than grcaf 1'if'bc'x." MARGARE'f WILSON VIVIAN WILLARIJ Entered from Peeler, 1932. Entered from Bowie, 1932. Forget-me-not Sale, AVOVII Staff, Dramatic Clubg Pen Forget-me-not Sale, Poppy Sale. , Pal Clubg Scholarship Clubg Deelamation Contest. "For xoliludr .ionlvlinzrx ix lim! xovicly, Q "Ca17ulvlz' of makin sizzzjrlirity ll grm'1'." Ana' sbort wlirvfzfrrzl zzrgtxi szuvrt !'6fIlY'I1.U ,' '7 li K MA To o EUNICE WILLIAMS Entered fro 1 icliita Fa s, Texas, 1952, Entered from Caldwell, Texas, 19 ky' i Forget-me-not S , A t Tl Q Dramatic Club, Aeorn Poppy Saleg Girls Glee Clubs? X St ff, Reserves. "HH VUHIHIOYI sense is un iIIi1il'l1fi0lI WK pl 4 ld." 'mI1Nuk,qir'l, xwiolfsflrxx 111111 IJIIHIUI' alike," Page Forly-Swell -Mg A V r Top row, Ief! lo rigbl: Boilom row, left I0 right: HARRISON WALKER Entered from Hogg, 1952. "AbiIify wins Ibn- vslf'em of Ibn- true lllrl71.U IRIS WALLACE: Entered from Mills, 1952. Scholarship Club, Poppy Salcg Library Assistant, Oak Staffg Forget-me-not Sale, Art Club, French Club. True ease wiflw Hu' lwrzifil UOIIIFX from url, Im! clnzflrrf' MLLVIN XVILSQN Entered from Hogg, 1932. Scholarship Club, Latin Club. "A fwlearanl !'0N1lIlI7Ii0II i.x IIN goozl 1111 lbz' :lx fl c'rn'riage. " BOB WOLF Entered from Reagan, 1932. 1A Class Officer, 2B Class Officer, National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Dramatic Club, French Clubg Officer of Salesmanship Club. JOE DAVIS Entered from Mills, 1952. Baseball, Football, 'Hi-Yg R. O. T. C.g Amrlz Staff, "D" Club. "A likeable iibufv Iuilb ubilily In school be .Ibozwil L'c1'sa!ilify." FRED DRLI3s Entered from Peeler, 1952. Footbnllg Hi-Yg "D" Clubg Library Assistantg Latin Clubg Track. "Hu is a IIHIII, luke bin: for IIII in all., HAIKRILL EASTUS Entered from Bowie, 1952. Camp Dallas, Crack Plntoong Stamp Club. "IIix 'IL'0l'fl7 is Mol lo be 1'C't'k071l'll in jlIt'bI'S.U BILLY FLEEMAN Entered from Hogg, 1932. "In Ibis litllc boi15'islo:lgwf41 mighty wilful." R- O- T- C- C3Pt31'13 Officcf Of Pen P21 Club? CHU? ANNETTIZ YIiARGAN Entered from Bowie, 1932. Linz Bible Awardg French Club, Aram Staff. 'I'If nr'z'rr .Vern lm' fl'0Il.'HiIIg fur .Ibe'x Imiling , all fbi' lime. ' Pagt lofty-Eight .n,.. City Orchestra, All-City Soloist, Honor Bandg Easter Cantatag Art Clubg Dramatic Club. "I am no! in Ike rule of 171171111011 l7Il'7I.H FRED HANSEN Entered from Reagan, 1952. 24 i li X me if . J Top row, lvf! lo rigbl: Bolmm row, leff 10 right: LOUIS ADIN Entered from Hogg, 1932. Crack Companyg Crack Rifle Teamg R. O. T. C. Oflicerg Scholarship Clubg Camp Dallas: Best Corporal: Best Sergeantg Best First-Sergenntg French Clubg Capital Drillg Acorn Staffg 4A Class Officer. "Wis1lam is lbs l'0lIl1lll'l'07' of fortmzrf' JOHN CARTER Entered from Reagan, 1932. "The youll! of tl Illlfillfl ix Ibn' frlfilm' of fra.vlvriIy.', ROBERT CASTli1iL Ifnterecl from Bowie, 1952. Crack Companyg Crack Plntoong Rifle Team. "'I'r'11r.vl mnrlexy will Silflpll' Ailll'A'V'ff,j' nmrfc Ibis latlf Luo CAWTHRON Entered from Mills, 1932. Trnckg R. O. T. C. "HHH fini! ll way." MONTE DEES Entered from Forest, 1955. journalism Department. "So mmlvxl, half bm' worib is rm! I-Zll1llL'lI.,, C. BARBARA ENGLAND lintered from Sunset, 1935. Dramatic Club. "A gmail Apart, rl good worker, and a good friem1'.', MARY CATHERINE GROVES Entered from Hogg, 1932. Operettag Scliolarslaip Clubg Dramatic Clubg'Battalion Sponsnrg Spanish Club. "Il's nina lo be uulurrzl when yolfn' mltnrally nice." MARX'1N HINCHL114'F14Q Iintered from Mexia, 1935. 'Vlnzbiliorz kzmzvx no rfslf' HliLliN HOLS1'ROM Entered from Sunset, 1933. Gymboreeg Forget-me-not Sale. I KIALNNETH HUGHES ' J f 'X M' "Maker lI.'f' of mo1114'l1f.x wuxlm' by 0llJrrx."-7 Q f . fr W V I,.1tin Clubg Camp Dallasg CT mpnnyg Q' lc Iintered from H06 1 1 GE Plntoong Rifle Teamg R. O. T. .ffficerg French Club. "Hr miwn' r'0a.r0r1 ufiib I7ll'1lX7H'!' II 1 wirrfom llvfifb vrziribf, Page Forty-Nine 4 1 1 Top row, left Io right: Bolton: raw, left to rigbl: BILLY JAMESON O. R. GABLE Entered from Reagan 1932. . . . , 5 ' 1 . Scholarship Clubg Tennisg French Club. Lmered from New Mexico, 935 "A man of few words buf of gum! judgrm'11i." Aww, Reporter. Track' "He mme, they ww, be fouquerea' LETA Rose MCKEY Entered from Rosemont, 1952. Poppy Saleg Forget-mc-not Saleg Ofhcer of 2B and 3B RUTH REYNQLDS Classesg Scholarship Clubg Library Assistantg Spanish , Clubg Girl Rcservcsg Salesrnanship Clubg AL'0l'l1 Staff. "Sweet wodmty has wondrous fbarlrzs. ' "Smiles ibn! thrill from tl dixfurzccf' DAN MERRI14'IELD THOMAS SUCH Entered from Hogg, 1931. junior Hi-Yg Senior Hi-Yg Manager of Footballg Oicer Entered from Feder, l952' of "D" Clubg Publicity Manager of Baseball. "Hulk be not alwayx fl'l'lIXIlVFS, always fl'iL'lIl1S?n H1-Yi Prcbldcm' World Affairs Club? Omccr In Pen-Pills? Scholarship Clubg Assistant Editor of Acorn. FLORENCE RICHARDS "How good be ix, bow juxt and ft for bigbcsl fruit." Entered from Pceler, 1952. French Clubg French One-Act Playg Dramatic Clubg Inter-Scholastic League Contestant. , . . ARA ELDR DG 'A smile v'c'Lfc'a1s u fflflldljl 'm1lur1r." S I E Entered from E1 Paso, 1955. HARRY TURNER A I E d f R 1932 Art Clubg Office Assistantg Candidate for Basketball ntere rom eagan, . 4 S V- -P ed f4A Cl I R. O. T. C. Officerg Orchestrag Crack Company. Queen ICC rem em 0 ass' "Hit f1'fif'f'Yf'X5 if 4'l1l7"f'l'il1f"fl-H "Her 170111111 is 1110 kind ibn! is more iban Akin drc'f1.' ...,, . a SENIORS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR Stilwell Armstrong Austin Cathey David Dinkins Margaret Dobbins Floyd Jones Herbert Kinkel Jimmy Bradshaw William Carrell William Chaffin Bob Chatfield Rebecca Culver Ruth DeFord IN THE OAK Fall Term Wilburne Littleton Mary Elizabeth McDoland Sidney Merle Nall French Pruitt Louise Roberts Harold Stanberry Spring Term Louise Gribble Norman Mason Gwendolyn McCuistion Doris Mullen Nancy Oliver Page Fifty-One - L FALL TERM OFFICERS JACK WILLIS BILL WATSON ROSEMARY DANIELS - President Vice-President Sccwfary - ,fl '6 I A My SPRING TERM OFFICERS ALVIN STERLING W. A. STRICKLAND O' RANDALL RYAN President Vice-President ' Secrvtary Page Fifty-Two .- 12 I f P ,f if ' , 1 ,745 J , F, A xi nays lh'1iI5 . 1 lmrlex Bi,y1l.l.rxsis lliwfzullwill, Rnlwri Iii-fwvr, ,laiimw llrunn V, l':n liimwlllmx. lfurl llyvrs. llvnry Vzilnwxiy. i"l:u'vm'c liznnplurll. Rriynim i':n'lIn-n, H011 VL-nilxili. A111115 4'i'mm11, Vlilllll llnlmiylmslxi. Blwiri llnnnvll, Rilvy lililcr. Furl l"i'u'ix11u1, l.inlifn lfwiislcy, Billy l"iUsl, ST:lnl.e5 tlqiiiilm-ll,1.emi Hanes, lla-nr5 lme llLnniltm1.l'lintnn1 llnrrisun. licn ll:n'tcx'. Vliifoul ll:n'tvi'. Ulwvis llzitclicr, RllL'lIll' lliiye. lfrauik llii-ks, llci'lw1'l ll-idgv. ,lznnm llullie, l.c-slir llimps. Slim-iiiizin li.,i1stmi,'li-,lil-it llnxszml, lYullzn'f' ,l:n'lninl. -l. ll. llinncs, llusliell ,l-Ines, Bill liu01'll'5, Hi-il,wi'l Ki'xl15,4,lln:xiS l 1 M f 2 ll f fl! 48 CLASS I Rinlcrl. I.-mir li-icll. XYilli:nn Nlclluiwll. limi-l Muliiiiilusa. Mack Rlxiinlviillc. l'liqn'lv- NI-nm. l.,l. Nclsun, Huxxriiwl N1Pl'lOIl..lIlIll?S Orr. Sain Uwtcr. Ray Otis, Bill l'zn'riSl1. Philip P4-ulcr, llcrlwrt l'ii'1iniu, Aix'liuxly Prcstiilgc, l'lanili- R1-zigziii, Xvlllllilll liuiifi'-1, Impli- R-ilreris, Hzulley Ryan. lixzuilnll S1u1g'r'1', Kvnnctli Szixiyn-i', HK'l'll?l'! SC:ii'lmmi1gli, Mrrviix Sk'llllllZ, Billg F-pillers, ,lzwk Spi'ii1gm'i', llhyin- Su-y,:ei'. liolr Stl-rling, Alvin Slrirklzulnl. NY. A. Tyla-i', -Iulin Yzuitrcnsc, l"x'nnci+ xvlliliblllllll. XY. ll. Xlknml, Holi NY4ilsun, Bill llizilsuii. B-.Mlm XYilliznns, 131155 NX'illiunw, 'l'liUni:i- NVillis,,l1id4 lYilsun. 'l'a5m:in l l 1..- X .QW X ,1 Dlijwi XYiiln'rspoon, l ,Q-nmiul lYylic, Tum Ygmw, Alvin 4:1 ic-Ls Almlvs. I.1lz1 Aflzuns. Rutli Atliunasoff. llclcn linugli. liin-tu-vii Anne Bezxty, lilninv Bennett, Mzirilec lilllllilllilll, Virginia Vliilmliesls, Lilzulys l il1lll'CllXYL'll. ,Ruby Nvll I'nlcinm1.Ri1tll thx. liillir ,luv llzanirl, Rvsn-n1ui'3 lkivis, Rlury Lonisc Uepuir, Lulu Maw lies l.:un'iers. fiL'1'2llIllI1t' lzzulvs. llvslrn i':llll1l!l.liS. lAJl'l'2iillx' lfelnli-i'. Xlziry Ifloyl, Mary l"1':nn'c4 lfvy, 'lum- llznmner, lim-lvn llznulsnn, Hmljlln' Slavic llu1'g'i'e1ixcs. l.illi11n llzwtmzw, liillis ,Ivan H45 rs, livelyn liulumilw, Malrgziret lim-l,KLi1l1v1iuv Kritli. Domtliy Dell Keiimmly, ,lunc Kinkvl, Kaitlin-riiiv Kitchen. lull-inn l.1i.kc, Muriel I,z1Rur, Sznnxnye 1.1! l,9alliL'1'xi mul. ljurutliy McBride, lllzirine llcC'nrmiuk. Iiurutlly Blclinlley. Be-ttice Blaplvs, Virginia Martin, l"1'anvc5 Murrcll, Mary Ellen lluttf, jvzniuc- U'XL':il, Luis i'nultu1', livelyn Priuc, Suu ,lmiv Rzunlzlll. Pcggy Rcenl. Mary U00 Raul, llulricizx Rr-yimlds. Bulflfic Roan, Syluil R-flpinwn. Marry liilnzi Rnlwisnn, Rutli Scluippel, Doris Scars. ,lzuiiue Slizulnluy. Hrln-n Snyilvr, llullmmck Sm'1'wls, Tlielxim Tuclwr. lillnzi Mm: Ycrinilli-ni, Pmzlinr- lYnlls, 1"r:niucs ll'zili':n'ci1, Luucllzl lYz1ltcrs, Martha Loiw NYimls-Jr, Helcn Wiskucliil, Betty ,lame af' rl V ul X lx N Page I-'ifiy-Three .2 L".hff A good opportunity is seldom presented and easily lost. E g"lUmmdlHmmnll11u+m Mmm 'x XX1 fvf J my U'Y'1jJ,f1i-9"f1 -ff' JA ' A R FALL T NORMAN WATSON BILL MILLER ANDREW JENSEN Prfsia'c'nf Vive-Prflsizlelif SFt'I't'fL1Vj' JUNE CLASS CDF1937 SPRING TERM OFFICERS VIRGINIA HEISKELI, CHARLES MOORE IDA RUTI-I SMITH Secretary Acorn Rcfjlortrv' Social Chairman Page Fifty-Six , ,,.f3'L L BOY S Adams, Al oe Anrlersun, Gorilon Hahn, Arthur Bivings, john Bruce, Robert Brunnlidge, Robert Burnett. john Calonie, Paul Varpenter, Scottie fates, Arlie Cliff L'l1Elllk'lZ1lll, Paul l'hiltlress, Fields fhiltls, Robert Chinske, Jesse Christe. ,lanies flark, A. NV. Uolian, llarry Vollier, A. E. Collier, lYesley Vox, Yernon ilrissnian. llarry llubbels, Lowell llunnain, l'. ll. Rrltllemmt, ,lohn Elliott, Anscil Forrest, Fisher French, Carl Garner, lirorer Gleason. Michael tininn, VV. E. l-lackler, Leslie Haticuck, Marcus Hansen, Delbert Hanson, Norbert Harding, llliarles Harrison, ,I ack llill. ,lohnnie Hill, Russell Horton, Douglas Hudson, 'l'iltlen Hudson, 'l'runian Jenson, Anrlrew y ff .W ll 3A CLASS loltnson, Clorslen johnson, XYayne Lzrinhert. Ralph latyilen, Pete Leenian. Sain Liles, ll innnie Loirry, l.. B. Lucas, Charles lamlay, lilwyn Mctirew. Odell Mclntosh, lloyal McKay, lflrester Mclietl an. jesse McSpaihen, llilton Mangold, giliarles Martin, R ert Miller, Bill Moncrief, iVootlrow Moore, Charles AlUI'lOll,-12111188 Moseley, james Nall, Boyce Newton, Vestal Norris, Truman Peters, NVilson Volinski, Lester Pollock, Ray Quillen, 'l1l'l0l'llZ1S Rankin. Thomas Richzmlson. Curtiss Rite, Totnniy Rittenherry, Lee Roy Robinson, Ralph Robnetl, limlitin Rolf, lloiner Rorie. Bill Rowe. litl ll. Schell, Earl Scherer, lllenn Schn ctller, liilgar Scott, Sheiiielel Sllacklefortl, fharles SllEllDj',l,Z1ll Sibley. Pat Smith, Donalrl Sniith, Henry Sonniier, lizell Stanley. ,laines Story, Tanner, liilly Terry, H. M. 'l'hOf:'rn, Harry 'I hrash. Roy 'l'inney, l.loytl Ulm XYilliam XYarren, Nlaleohn XYatson, Norman XYearer, .I oe XVeleh, ,lesse XV:-sterbeek, l'at Vi'liite, Robert XYhitter, Robert XYilson, George XYise,,litnn1y Yater, lfliarles GIRLS Allun, Virginia Alverson, Mollie Armstrong, Merle Ashley, Yirginia Baker, Betty linker, Nlary Louise liaker, 'l'llCl'l'SIl Doyle, Frances l3l'lKlgI't1Zlll,,ll12.llllIfl Brixey, Dorothy Brown, Bernice Brown, Frances liurha, Marguerite Farey. Dorothy lfarmical, Louise tflianiherlain, Abline Uhappel. Sara llelen lflienault, Evelyn Vleghorn, Mary Jane Vooper, Martha Vroxiell, lnez 4'roiison. Allie Yee llabbs. Anti Darnell. lfranees llonaltl, Martha Duff, Mary nnnnitt, Dixie inley, Imogene lflmx ers, lsahelle liogletnan. Faye lfrance, Aline tlebharsl. Chela liharis, Theresa liihnore, llorothy tlrass, Imogene liarris, XYita llaskell, Jean lleiskell, Virginia llerrington, Ruby llollantl, Rosemary llnhbaril, Mary lluff, Maragret johnson, Francine johnson, illarlys Johnson, ,lane johnson, Lura jortlan, Evelyn Rearley, Marjorie Keith. Alice Kelly, June Kleniitz, Yirginia l.aey, Beth l.atta, Mary lillan I J l' Lawson, Martha lfay Letlhetter, Tlleilatuye Liles, Frances Lowe, Rena l.ou McAtee, llarbara hleliarty, Il lltlllll Mctflintock, l'leta McQueen, Geraldine Mallory, Mary lieth Manton, Betsy Mayers. Beth Miller, Lois Moore, Anna Beth Moseley, liobbie Nelson, Fretla Nelson, ,linnnie Newbaker. Louise Norris, lflydaliene Oates, Violet Osborn, Billie Marie l'ahner, Lucille Philer, Alice Potter, Eloise l'reslar, Margaret RC"ll5t'llL'li, Yelva Robbins, Jane Robinson, Dorothy Sampson, ,lane Savage, Evelyn Schueppel, Phyllis Suottino, Elizabeth Shanks, Grace Shaw, Mary tfathrrii Silverthorne, ,lean Sniith. ltla Ruth Slanfieltl. llalyne Strounl, Allieta Sullivan, llelen Swinney, Mareeline 'l'aylor, llorothy Terry, l'harlie lfranres Yan lilereniler, Dorothy NYatkins. Mae lYhittt'r, lllaudie XYillhite, Dorothy XYillianis, Juanita Xvilliatns, Ruth lVillis. Yehna ,lo NYyatt. ,lanetre Youngblood, Grace Pugv l:ififj'ASl'l't'lI 5 s.. I I I, lkjl L- I ' ,X TZ xff MMM, fi FALL TERM OFFICERS ' " ' EVELYN HONEYCUTT HENRY JONES ROBERT CAPERS Prcfsidenf Vice-Prrsidcffii S6'l'1'f'ftl1'j! JANUARY CLASS CDF T938 SPRING TERM OFFICERS Vicf-Prmirlmi Serrffury Acorn Rejlortvr QW NNIE LEE HILL GRACE BECKENBACH DAPHNE MAE SAXVYER Page Fifty-Eight I -V" ,tw fwl, D C1 I , .,, o 'V 1 ' Af QQ tffifpi , APU Qjgj,wff3B CLASS vltvg' J J U if Q fr . W V ok! ty 3' YJ 1' n.. BOYS Alrerson, Philip Arrington, lloiiurtl Arerat, lfltlritlge BIH'l1Df1, Billy Barrett, llowartl Bnugli, XVilforcl Berry. Rolantl Bidwell, Bernartl Billings, VVooclrow Birflxrell. Lynwootl Burks,,lin1 Czunpliell, l'lztyton lf1ttuex's, Robert Cliantller, fl. YV. Cltiltls, l'liiton Cohen, Bill Lfrosslatntl, llotrartl Drier, Clmrles Dunteztn, Boyce Durrett, lilnier Foy. Glenn Uiarrztpttto, Luezts liilillantl, ,linnnie tjoltlnian, Louis llootlnian, liurl theatres, rl. YY. Hztrpoltl, Horace llentlrix, Oliver Henke, Otto Hunley, Raymond Hunter, Robert Hurt, Douglass Janes. Rzilpli ,lOllllS, lnion jmiefs, Henry Kelly, George Kelty. jack Little, Allnert Long, Dupree Mel'lung. ,l. ll. Mere-tlith. Row Miller. C. M. Minter. Eugene Morrow , llumce Oakes. .lame-5 l'arker, Robert Vanu, XYytnau Patterson, George Peters. Etltlie l'eturf.on. Alton l'ittm:t11, ,live litltl Pye-att, Byron Rawlings, Douglas Rolrinso-n, George Scliiretller, l':tul Sue, Bill Skelton, liarris Spillerh. M. L. Stacy, Robert Stitlliam, George Stogtieig farl Sutntnwrs, Daniel Sitter, ,lznnes 'I'11rlnerille, John 'l'urner, Dick XYillian1s. llonztltl NYilliznns, .lack XYilstrn,ll:u'oltl lVisetn:tn, l1el:tntl YVU-olei'e1', J. XY. Xollieoffer. Maurice GIRLS .-Xinlerson. Erntagene Bartlett, Lucien Bennett. lia Nell liickenlxacli, tiraee Blaine, XYynuette Blake. Anita ' x Blanton, Lila Hlanton, Mellmzt liutelter, Frances t'airtln'tm. Maurine l'haney. Ethel l'onnor, Paulette llonelantl, Mary ,lu Vox, Alice t'uuningl1ani, Al uzinita llzmiels, Uorutlty Dickey. ,laukie llinlrius. Maris. llolmlmins, Clenteviere llyer, llorotlty lfislier, Imogene titirlinglmuse, Cieely Ann tlrztltam, Marie llagootl, Leona Hall. 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Alyce lYilkinson, llorotliy lYilliams, Exa XYilli:tn1S, Kzttherini' xYlllikl'S, Ftlna liurl XYrziy. Evelyn Younger. Marguerite 1 .4-,bw W ,g,Q,,,,,.Wm dev ,jfvvd O I 0J.l.,'l3lvu,llM4Jo .At-.-ti.,-J ,dfvtf Page Fifly-Nim' FALL DOUGLAS KNOTT MAIIGIE THOMAS JACK LINIQHAN JU President Vice-P1'f'sidw1f Secretary SPRING TERM OFFICERS J N I KATHRYN BURK NANCY PEEBLES KING Pwsidenf Sycrcfury Qrivr Page Sixty E CLASS CDF1938 , 1 lt 'Vgltff ' if BOYS Alhin. tiieril Bell. Everett Bell, 'l'hnrnian Benson, ,lnhn Blndworth. Bill Browder, Fred Brown. llnnirlas Bryant. VY. J. Burr. Alt Caldwell. Ralph tfamplvell, Henry Vhancller, Toni Frank cilllllllllgllillll, Ilugh Ciisliiztg, Billy Darley, lfurnon Dar,-Zan. T. C. lJoriS, Tnytl DcVVitt, 'lillOlll2lS I Dobiyanski. mis t lilixon, Pllill Emerson, Thnmgfsf Fetlner. Ralph lfnlclcrson, Edgar tialla5.:her. Donald tiandy, Rex tlaskin, Edwin llartman, Norman Hawkins. -linnnie liC'llflCl'Sflll. liliarlcn llerrnn. ,l. D. Hill, Dick llohntan. VVally llood, Blrnnlin llornc, XVilliani llowcll, Rohert llnhharcl, Charlie Keahey, George Keane. Armnnd Kennamcr. Oliver Kerr, Darscy Dickey, lcwljtllf iibi 11 ll I ,JJ al QA CLASS Kidsnn. Knott, Douglas Krayer, XVillian1 Lanforrl, Thayer Laydcn, 'Tommy Leinly, Foster LCC Lenihan, lark Little, Andie Littlcr. NValter illCDOHtlL1Llll, Valley McNt1tt, Price Maddux, Fharlcst Marshall, VVcsley MaSo?,1Rnssell Mofyra Fra lly re. 'lf . Torruw, tis .cu , orrow. 'ill nn . ftan, E ohn nrdock, Ric . 'd ,QIQD-BAY , oi-ES. C. B. Oliver, Ray Owen, A. E. Page, jerrell Patton, T. I. Pcflifnrrl, Robert llvxfwt' llolw l'nwcIl, ll. Pratt, i.llH.l'lK'!4 Rtwlwiiie. lirnest Reed. ,lack Rlmiles. Ranffvrd Riddle, lilroy Rider, Paul Rvvlihins, Jack Robwsrsoii, NY, li. GIRLS Adkisson, Addie Sue Alexander, Darous Alexander, Dorothy Alexander. Lola Bagwell, Mary Ann Barrett, Marguerite Hatchler, Pemly ,lean Bates, Rozell Brachnm, Luna Bello Bcaty. Intez Rell. XVilma B. Bishop. Kathleen Boyd, Mildred Brnndidge, Dicksie Bryan, Anna Ruth Burke. Kathryn Rnrks. Billie F , .aldwi-ll. Lrrna Lee . t'arey, Mary Frances fi2LI'lTTiG2d'. Elizabeth t'arrr ll, live 'n art M " it a e . . .N T . rk. Anita Clark, Eloiee Coleinai . Rith Looper, tary ant' flOllCl'l, Y ino . Cox, Doro ty Fratven, t'ar0linda Dixon, Kitty Bnh lilnmre, Sara Bell English. lfrancine English. Mary Allen Orsytli, Lucy Fay lfrencer, Virginia tiarner. Pauline Gray, Dorisc Greene. June 1" tircmillion, Pullyanna Hagen, Nadine llailey, Fatit- Mac llall, Mary Kate llaniiltcvn, Mildred llanna, Florence llarris. Erniatine Harris. Mozellc Ileislu-ll. lilizaheth Hendry. Helen llill, Kathryn Hillpttt. jcwcll lliser, Doris Holliday, Virginia llolt, Lon Helen Honpt. Enima Sue Howard, Virginia Hug'hes. Dorothy Hundley, Ruth . H unccr, Mary ,laoksonr Edna Mac Jones, Kathry' Keedy ani ' e , ,mv 'riv Kcnible. Marcella Kemp, Dorothy Keifer, Dorothy jean King, La Verne Kinsworthy, Agnes Latimer, Edith Laws. Melha Lee. ,lnanita M ae Lennnons, Eva Sue Lewis, Bessie Lillarfl. Kitty XYill Lloyd, Dorothy Rltttinire, Lnrlinc- McKinney. Mildred Mafldcn, Eva Manning. Rohlvie Martel. Mary Martin, Betty Martin, Gloria Martin, Mary Maynard, Yyrmin' Mead, ,lnanita Meredith. Marguerite Moore, Mary jo Maycrf. Maxine Mnllens. Elewis Era Orr, ,lane I'alni,er, Lucille l'aln1er, Nelwyn Peebles, Nancy Perkins, Alice Perry, Bessie Vopplewvll. Mary B th Peuher, V rginia Piilliam, aurlretta an 'ey, oris R ' ls, etty Ric n or ta 51 i Y olw S . Ma.ry Kate Ronn- ree. Jeanette Sanderson, Dorothy Schroeder, Dorothy Nell Simpson, Agnes Smith, Patricia Stallings, Inez Stanford. Anna Belle Stockarcl. Virginia Snnnny, Dorothy Swann, ffliarline Thaeller, june Tlwinas, Margie Thompson. Bertie Lee Tins-r. Maxine Tucker, Dorothy Vtley, Mary Ann Utt, Nancelie Vance, Katherine Vantrecse, Imogene NValt0n, Margie Pauline- Warrl, Bettie Jane NVarden, Dorothy 'anx- f X X N Page Sixly-One FALL TERM OFFICERS MARGARET LEATHERWOOD AUBRA MAE JACKSON BETTE DENTON President Vice-Prcsia'cnt Secretary JANUARY CLASS OF1939 SPRING TERM OFFICERS GEORGE PHILIPPS FRANKLIN CRANE LYNDEL DIEROLF President Vice-P1'eside11t Secretary Page Seveniy-Two -, , , ,v G97 40- r BOYS Bailey, R. L. Baker, Edwin Barnes, John Bixler, XY, ll. Blankenship, Ciuxi',f1C fYlZil'lTIlCllZlEl. Frvil fienilali. Armanilo flark. l'crry funk, julin Alan C'urniical, lfrcil Crain, lfran-lclin Daft, George lJensnwn'e. Sam Dillahunty. Richard Eagle, Bob Echols. Ralph Fields, Alplnmsu lfnwllccs, Marvin Fox. James liilhcrt, Franklin Gleason. ,lim Gomlwin. Duilley Greatlwusc. Harulil Hall.llngl1 Haicling, xY2l1'1'Cll Hare, Robert l'l,earrin, YVilson llcrring, Hoover High. Buell Burmlette Hill, I'hil johnson, Clarence QB CLASS Iolinsun, Earl Innes, lYilliam Lieber. Gcralel Llnrcnte, Shirley Logan. Bill Mclailluiigli. llal Martin, Bill Martin, Earnest Miller. .lack Miwgaii, Billy Murphy, liarl Mizfsgiwmvc. Lee Nelson, Billy Parlwr, Rulverl Perkins, ,lack Phillips, Gcrnqge Rviningtrm. Harry Sargent, Gucralil Schlinkc, Otis Slicffivlcl, lice Roy Slinffithl, Garland Smith. llarolcl Strctclicr, Morill Swensuii, llernaril Taylor. XYillian1 Thznnes. llaltnn Tuttle. Lcvvllc L'inlQi'x-.-null, lfrank VValt0n, Ernest XYarrington. 1"frresl NYhitc. GQ-urge NYi.nters, Iingcnc XYoocl, Allrcrt XVright. Brcck Yuuiiglnlmuil, lfreil G I RLS Awllfiwll, liurnthy Ashley. llelcn liaugh. Olga Mae Baxley, Marian llrarllwerry, Marie linclianan, Duris Ann liarniicliaul, Rntlic liZl1'lK'l'. Juanita Clark, Maxine Urle, Mary Louise l,ClliU'll, llctte Ecksu-in, Utelia Erickson. Muriel Kiziffonl, Inez Glass. Hazel filCElSHll-.lL'Zil1 llainiltun. Elizabeth llarlicr, Mary Elizalietli llill, Mary Frances llnffcr, Marjorie jackson, Anlwra Mae Jainves, Juanita .lwln1sm1. Maxine Rvlnpv. Margie Kcrnvn, Martha Lamlw. Mary Alycc Lcatllwwunci, Margaret Lewallen, Corinne Mclliilliams, Mary Katherine Maas. Evelyn Malnlrin, Louise Matthews, Anita Moncricf, Dale Nicholas, Eclah Nm-th, Marguercte liltlllilllw Mary iiatlicrinc Ranft, Helen Rincly, Phyllis Rook, Jane Rwss, Frances Sanilifer, Zonia Lee Seagn. Margaret Shelton, Lois Singlcton, Mihlreil Skcllwn, Margaret Spicer, Margaret Sweatt. Uleta 'llllUlllI7S0ll, Vivian ,lean Turner. Virginia XYalkcr. Viola XYallaCC, Lew Evelyn XYarren, Glailync YYcall1crly, Bilijo xVl1Et'lCl', Margaret VVilkl0w, Helen Ruth XYilliams, liula Page Sc Lenly Three A 4- FALL TERM OFl4'ICERS L. C. SPORT CARL KINNAN ALBERT BOWLES President Vice-Prcsidmt Secretary JUNE CLASS CDF1939 SPRING TERM CJFFICERS DOROTHY ROSS BETH THOMPSON VIRGINIA DARE JOHNSON Pl'C'Si!l'L'17f Vice-President Secretary Page Sixty-Four BOYS Addington. Raytoril Allen. Charles Allen, James Ashley, john Autry, Billy Badgett, jimmy Baker, I. XV. Baker, James Balch. I. il. Barton, Lyslc Bates, Claude Bealmer, V. M. Beiekliatn, .lack Berry. Allrn Blair, Arthur Bmatman. Altnn Bowles, Alhert Boyle. James Brackeen. Billy Brown, Rodgers Bryant. ,laek Bryant, Joe Butler. J. Fred Butler, Timm Canon, Herald farter. Billy Vavett. Oliver Flick, Otis Vline. Marcus Cnoke, Lane B. f't'0vvn, Philip Dailey. Hmvaril llavidsun. Paul Davis, Dan lJeVaux, Mareell llispenza. Phillip Dykes, Tr-nnny Ellslmerry, Sam Elphingstrvne, Mike Franklin, VValter lilover. James Green, Ray Haralson. David llarris, A. XV. Howell, jnhn jones, Rnihert Alnrdan, ,l. E. Kelsey. 'l'hotnas Kilgore. Alatnes Kimherlin, llnttglas Kineannnn. Ilan Kinnan, l'arl Landers, Kenneth Laughlin, jack Lee. ,lime Lewis. L. ,l. Lang. ,lack lanvry. Taylirr Lynn, Ted McBride, Lewis McKinney, jim Bill Marahle. XVilli:nn Masqehn. jimmy Maxwell, Billy Minor. Ralph Nelson, Chester Norris, Jive Frank Olrlhatn, Murray Paris. Nulan Parker, ,lack Perry, ,linnny Iwttit. ,loi- Pettit. Ray Prentice. Bill Price. John Price. Philip Rasor, Penryn Reagan, Karl Ridley, V. Rulvlmersim, ,lack Ruhinsini. ,linimie Rogers. Morgan Ri-land, Eugene lA CLASS Russell. Benny Russell, Melvin Sams, Edgar Sanders, Thotnas Shelton. Rohert Simmons. Alanies Siniiison. Patil Smith. Rimhert Sneed, Chad Snell, XVilliatn Sport, L. l'. Stetiltensun. Fred Stiles. Clahorn Sturges. George Suddiith, james Sutherland, ,lames 'l'err,', 'l'homas Tippitt, Frank l ravts. l alvin Vpham. Dick l'tley, fhas. Ray XVallaee, lloxvard lValrax en, Alhert XVEZilllEl'l'8tl, .lim lVilliamS, Billy XVilliams. Ivy XVindsor. Arvis XVylie. Ruhert GIRLS Ahernatlty, Edithe Rae Allard, Tiznirnie Armisteail. Mary Aliee Arnos, Fifi Bandy, Betty Banker, Dnrris Bivings, llnrtas Bodine, Robyn Buluch, Mary ,lane Booth. Frances Boyd. Billie .lo Brackecn, Thelma Bradford. Elizabeth Burton, Katherine Bu'cher, Margaret Vain. Evelyn Vatttpliell, Virginia Cardivell, Evelyn K arlisle, Mary Varrivll, Marjorie Chainherlaini, Virginia l'hittim. Tuleta Vlark. Elizabeth Vuates, Nana Lee Funk, Elizaheth Fuck, Emlmelyne Foneh, Evelyn Fox, Florence I untniing. La Verne Dean, Ruth Denny. Liilatnay Densmore, Juanita Dickinson, Dorothy East, Mahle 'llis, Mary llis. Ruth Iumerse-n. Mildred Ewtcm. Mary lfineher, Vlaire lfisher, Marie lfranee, Marie Franklin, Mary Gaither, Jimmie 'lll'lEllTlE1 iiarriutt. Grace Garrison. Allie Hates, Mildred lioorlivin, Viola Green, Maurine tlttertin, Naomi llall. Mary Alice Harrison, Josephine if. 15 Harris, Mary Virginia Heiskell. Reba lleller, Mary Herring, Benny Beth llieks, Nora Mac Hill. Mildred Hill. Madelyn Holland. Adelaide Hollander. Evelyn Holt, Katherine Horton, Louise lluyle, Mary Sue Hughes, Billie Nell Hunley. Ada Mae -lulnisuit. Dorothy jnlitisuit, Virginia johnson, Virginia Dare Kerr. Anita Kirk. XVaeil Leach, Lillye Ann Lennnond, Muriel Lewis, Helen Mcllonald, l7eLnye.e Mcllnnald, DeNeyee McKinney, Jerry Mae Maloney. Mary Site Manton. Ruth Marshall. Virginia Michael, Delia Mitehell, Helen Momiey. Mildred Morgan. Mahel Mount. Mareelle Nichols, Doris Osborne, .lane Parker, Ruth Pettigrew, Fay Pollack. Ruth Potthoft. Lois Price, Elsie Ratliff. Ruth Rohnett, Luliy Ross. Durnthy Rowland, Flnrenee Sanipon. Ruth Sanfurrl. Edna Lee SCl'lU1HS,AlO?llt't1 Shaddix. Anita Smith, Bernice Spimnenwre, Vera Lee Spradling. Mary I.: Stanfield. liltimtliy Starke. Eilleene Stephens, Verna Stcyiiliensmi, llnris Strntld, Elizalueth Sitter, Mrirjtiwe Tate. Beneta 'Iieuhner. Helen 'l'hmnas. Lois illll0lll1lStrll, Beth Tippens. Evelyn Tilips, Martafery Ruth 'l'raylnr, Lueile 'l'ruly. lfreda Vestal. 'Vhelma XVaggm1er, li-5-ne XVahlrnp, Lfarlene XVeatl1erfin-il. Cixiemlulyn XVeaver. Ellen NVehster. Kathryn XVef-las, Billie Bert XVillhite, lliiris XVilliams, Aliee XVomael4. Lt-sta XVonil, Anita Veager. Xnrnia Page Si x I y-Five . FORREST LEE REBECCA TAYLOR ELINOR BLNNETT President Vice-P1'c'siz1'c'11f Set lLf6l1'J, JANUARY CLASS CDF194O Page Sixiy Six As We look back now on that first Week in February, our first Week in Adamson High, We Wonder Why it was so hard to find the class rooms, and the office and-must We admit it?-- the detention hall. We had eyes, but they saw not, and ears, but they heard so much that they could not contain all. The lunch-room-that was easier, but of course, the noise helped out there. How long ago that first Week seems! And how quickly we fell in stride! Now We can rush as fast as anyone, but not shove, oh, no! to get a seat in the assembly. And we,ve learned all sorts of big Words-precipitate, onomatopoeia, elephantine, connoisseur. And We'll tell you more next year. BUYS Bail-wr. Robert lla-arilz-il. V. if Blaine. Milan' lllzinti-n. XYillmi- Buliling. lmiiiiic Bi igcsml. llmx arml llvmilcli, lfnlgzir H1-xxms. llfvlvlq llrvvxx il. llill llr:viii1,fli'rillL' l':1l4l1'r. liwlucrl llvlliuxn lfiluzlr Dm- llziy.1':n-lislc lirirp, XYilli:1m lizmin. l're11tiw, lfvlrllmfcn. .lwlm All livrfll. l.lny il lhmilv in lim' liiissctt. Rix fiiwiiiciseu. XYilliam llzicklvr. 'l'l1z1x ui- l lzirmmi. llv0rgc llill. Filzlmgli llfvllw1'l.,l:nm-s llulcn. Sterling l l lmlvy. l li mzilil lll'llL'lR'1lb, ,luck lrx. liiilurt l.u'. l'livr1'4'S1 Xlcllitllvy. lizulei Xlzilnj . Riclmiil .Nlr'rf'1olC.Utis Nli-wily, B. ll. llf-i1i'L'.,lzilx1u4 Cu TB CLASS Null. ,lzimca fizipicr. Furl Nivlwls. fl-A i: Nurrig. luck Parr. lmixif l'altm1. Vliiltci' l'ele1'sm1, Riiy l'l1illi1is. ,lov Roc-rss. l,um lCml,Qci's. Km-mietli Sznigrr, linlixiii Sililm , ,lavk S111itli,l1cm'3:C Stulxlvy, Xiilzm fiiritzcr. Uttfv Mgmm-l Vllllllflllllll. Rziyixiimil XYz1lls, Ilmrfxrrl Xy?llll1E!'. llzxlmy NYelwlu, Kirk XYz'atm1. ,limmie XYl1L'zitlvy. Billy NYri1,:l1t. llzxiluy Z4'lll!l'l'. Lum Ill RLS Aelzmis. Mary Axivlersmi. Marilyn BL-awlvii. Mary I.fiuifC Bflliwtt. I1:ll!llN'l'lI2illCFa lzlmuil. l"l':uxcm BnnXC1's. Nlzlwgziret lliirurtt. Martha frlilllililf, Mary L'ill'MJll, Y Blai'g:11'c'ttv llvlen Cfzirter. lilimlvetli f"liarli-S, lxlIil'HIil'l'l Lfulciiizlii. l"i':1m'ew llaigg. Lfmisv U:iriS, lilsic Nluric Durzuul. Elizzilvctli llnrretl. liimguiic' limi:-ry, xlZll'AE1Jll'?l listrx. Mary l"x'u1lp'Ls l"nz:il:ci'luy, ,l uily lfugglcxxiaui. Blziry Kats l'4i'uggi'. Xvzlmlzi ilillcn. Blargueritv llriflin, Mzmriiw llnnimvmsl. llmwitlirql llzuxcy. llc-lon llzuriliins. lflczxliuux' llitt. Doris Adele llmicyviitt. Alcwcl l.z1 Ray llus1ctler.llel1in lluff. Ruluy .laim-wit, xjillj l.rf ,l:Jlmstuui1. Blau lixwruii. S110 l.nirr5.Zcll:1 MAC Martin. Nellir lie Nlillcr. Durutliy NurriS. Alsace l.ui'1:u11Q illuril0Cl1.4laiu- Nvlsfm. ,Xnmm Nirlmlsfm. Marjorie Xivrtli. Nlzxry Ruth l'a5'11u, Durwtlly l'eitz, Rim l'llll11llJO, linluzi l,5im l'mri'll. ll6l:vrC: Qlwsi-ixlwm'i'3'. llzirlizirzi .Kim Iiziiiixralvr. lmuiee lC6L'vvS. llzizfll Ricv. Cirure' lirxlmerts, Xllilliv lilllll Spears. Mziigzxrvt Strimil, Many Bi-tli Sutton. l.iirrnim- aylnr! Relvccuan Xlzirimine 'l'iulil. llctty Xlziric' l'pli:1m.llelU1l Y61'l1mi. l':X'1vlClll' XYz1!'f4ii'4l. l,:i Riu' XYall:1cc', lllyn XY2lllz1C4'. Vera xllll' lYalwt4nl. UrL'l5'2i Xlliltliera. Lillizm YY:1r1'm'n, lliinguiw XYEW, Ruff Marin' Xllliittlsfcy, Rlai'g:u'z-L .Ximi- lYillizmiQ. Yvvm-tzi XYitl1c1'spmm. Yirgixiizi .V Pugi' Si xiii -S1 Sixiy-Eigbl Whois Who The Interscholastic League One-act Play, The Conflict, won Hrst place in the regional contest. The characters were: Lyal Sneed, Nan Cameron, Elizabeth Emmons, and Alf Burr. Lyal was named the best actress in the district contest, and Nan won second place in the city contest. Rosemary Daniels, 3A, won first place in the Girl's Ex- temporaneous Speaking Contest. Sybil Wheatley and Betsy Manton composed the team for the Interscholastic League Spelling Contest in the city elimination. Betsy turned in a perfect paper. Lucas Giarraputo, a Junior, won first place in the district Boy,s Declamation Contest. Gene Hanszen was high point track man in the city, and James Brower was high point man in the district meet. Wilbur Teubner, 4A, was awarded Hrst place in the Boy's Extemporaneous Speaking Contest in the city. John Tyler represented the school in the City Essay Contest. Jack Willis and l'Red" Moseley were selected to be on the All-City Football Team, while James Christe was on the All-City Basketball Team. James Brower broke the district broad-jump record, and D. C. Nolan broke the city 220 low hurdles. GIl W 'HD Hlfu illt W t'Cease to inquire what the future has in store, and to take as a gift Whatever the day brings forth." -HORACE. Efgaf cyzfgming ion Senior .Qeauty 0'-fam SMH fi Senior gavorite .foii Oglainiffon i g Gleveres? Senior girl www W UEQK .fimz Glevereil Senior 3031 Eva JMQE fsinguzj fest CZ!!-giound 'Senior girl Qofzfzzaf Jmccofzcf fest CWI!-giound Senior Sgoy flcfsfjajlz Gyonsfjcuff Cllnderclass Qeauty 'W 04. Sfzzaifamf My W fw- CU erclass Eozofgy Izfsifg fest JY!!-g2o11nd Cllnderclass girl. s ' L 1'-it rf Q ' v 4 i . . A N , u 1 , A ' 1 , L X 1' Q x , xx. X K Vx 4 -ph W .I ta '11, 4 Y '. . I ,F v - 1 X 'x L. F Q I 5 , - , Q 'v gang wwfzii .Test CWI!-:Wound Cllmferclass gioy 4 i If ,fyw ffff ,' ,I ,fx yfy f - ' 1 L fi f llflj ,W-f I V' 'j X' fyfvlj .yy f X ff! f fffyjl Q ' uf lv 5""4, If ffyfwl U ' ff f ' .1 1 I' fi! A js!!! ,1 as , JANE 0 HENRY 0 Q .0 ROBmNS SHULL asLL MILLER JAcKa.aEN MARTHA 9 H DCR! GOO N 0 L 0 S DE OUISE MIMS DONALD SUN Q, aoaav BIRDSONG 0 .PAT'8. ANNE 0 "o'f4'3L?5"ggHA'. ,L 'JACQUELYN FOUTS " BARBARA PHIPPS ' H' CHAL LINN 0 MAJHNE QWILLIAM CARRELL. ' I g Sz'z'1'11ly-Six Hj,-.CLICKQ M.V.'VINCENT-WILBUF! Q? ' BOB ' LEON DIEROLF M J LJNEHAN oAu.roN SAM ORR U OFFICE ASSISTANTS Q 60005 - MARQE wooo Q PEGGY KATHRYN GENE JAMES FLAKE g wmsqrg, Q cAMPeEz.a. " Ross Q BERRYDAW5 ' Amwxsuzsz evsum 0 Q THEDAFAYEO BEN '-YT'-E 6 HILL. auomevcurv BH-1-Y KNAPP LEDBETTER J if Pu qv S!'l"t'l1fY-5 1 IQ 4- N Y Iv 'Wa VV 1- ' I ' -I M I I I If I ,Q IAEI if 'ff I V "" ' 1 . "SP 'W 59 I Wg , I I gig , f 3 ff. ,A t ,. il 1j3mb?,g nm 1 31342 ii., ., .,.. -f,- - I f . ,, ff. I -Q --V I ' " I-W ' If vi new ' pf, -- , W, 2 ' ff Wm? I ai Ii I I MARY CATHERINE GROVES MACK 8. W.A. MARY KENDRICK ANN DABBS LEE WILLIAMS PATRICIA KIRWAN xg, . ' ww NNA LOUISE K, :ffm A MAUDELLE DORSETT JOHNSTON ETHEL. HETHERINGTON f lk FLOYETTE AERIAL. VIEW OF DO D D ALVIN HOLBROOK' ADAMSON HIGH LOIS HAMILTON LEON PRICE ELIZABETH EMMONS Page Seventy-EiglJl 11mE41lUiiW iiillidw Page Eigbly QAK STAFF Fall Terin HENRY SHULL ...... Editor MICHAEL TAYLOR . . Business Manager EDWIN WILLIAMS . . Advertising Manager Spring Terin PATRICIA KIRWAN ..... Editor VINCENT BAKER . . Business Manager DORIS GOODEN . . Advertising Manager EDITORIAL STAFF CDAK STAFF ART STAFF MRS. NELLIE D. CSLEMIZNT . .... SPOIIXUI' ISLDRIDGE AYERA IRIS WALLAIIE LORRAINE ALBIN BILL ROIRIE MARY' KILGORE BURNELLIZ I'IliR1J MISS HIZLEN AIJUIIIIELI. . ETIIEL HE'l'HER1NG'1'ON HELEN BRAMLIa'rTE MAUDEI,LE DORSEIII' DOIIII OSBURN BILLY YOUNG LORIENA DARGAN GENE HANSZEN BEN LYTLIZ PEGGY FLAKL . . . Sjvollxor' SELI-LNE CLARR NAN CAMERON HENRY SIIULI. IJORIS GOOIJI-.N LEON DIIiRlll.l-' CSOLYAR PHILLIPS ANIDIREXY' JENSEN LOUIS AIIIN PATRICIA IQIRXVAN BUSINESS STAFF MISS CII RIsI'I NE HARIRIOQR EDWIN WILI,IAMs MICIIAEI, TAYLOR IJORIS GOOIJIZN XrINCLiN'I' BAKER U . L. wmv 054 was LL, -IWW . . Sjwzzxor PAIRILIA KIRWAN KATIIERINE IMIORIJ FD TOOOOOII LOUIS AIJIN Page Eighty-Our r SUBSCRIPTICDN CONTEST WINNERS Patricia Kirwan, with 126 subscriptions, won first place in the Subscription Contest. Edward Toogood won second place with 42 subscriptions. Henry Shull obtained 515100 worth of adver- tising, the largest amount obtained by any one student. Pg EgltyT Johnson, Mildred Lynn Ruth J CD LJ R lu fa L. I S PA ES T fX VICTOR LIEARNIZ MAUll!.E DURSETT HENRY Sl-lUl.L . MAXINE CAYEIHI' ROBIZRTA ELl.Io'I"r WAYNE DEAN . FRANCIS EXVTON . TOMMY Games . Adin, Louis Allen, Helen Barnum, Dorothy Bramlette, Helen Brantley, Evelyn Buckley, Juanita Campbell, Gene Campbell, Mozelle Caple, Solon Cavett, Maxine Chaffin, W'illiam Cheek, Dorothy Click, H. F. Cooper, Warren Council, Willie Beth Davis, Joe Dean, Wayne Dees, Monte Dorsett, Maudclle Drees, Fred Eastus, Harrill tl jumg . . . . Eilitm' LUTA SCRUGGS . . . . Anixfiiur liliilor THOMAS SLIGH . . . . . MH7IHgt'l' H. F. CLICK . . . . Aifz'c'I'fi.lif1g Mamzgvl' . . Fvalzln' Eilifor R.O.T.C. Editor . Sport.: ljifilor Sporls Eililul' Miss HLNRIIJFTA ElsI3NI.oIIR . Edmondson, Howard Elliott, Roberta Iillis, Robert Emmons, Elizabeth Fwton, Francis Fipps, Jewel Flake, Peggy Fleeman, Billy Fouts, jacquelyn Fowler, Ferman Fudge, R. D. Gable, Junior Gray, W'estmoreland Gribble, Louise Griffin, Edwin Grimes, Tommy Groves, Mary Katherine Grube, Myra Hamilton, Lois Hansen, Fred COLYAR PHILLIPS . . . Louis ADIN . . . . BILLY FLILLMAN . . . l'IOW'ARD SUTTON . Hearne, Victor Holbrook, Floyette Horn, Virginia Huffincs, Mary Bell Medlin, Keys Miller, Dorothy Monroe, Louise Moore, Beulah Hughes, Kenneth Morrow, Minnie Lee Hunter, Clifton Phillips, Colyar Johnson, Doris Popplewell, Johnson, Monroe Johnston, Anna Louise Kelsey, Virginia Kinkel, Katherine Knowles, Mary Elizabeth Latimer, Nadine Lemburg, Eva Mae Lewis, Frances Lytlc, Ben Mason, Norman McKay, Leta Rose Pruitt, French Randall, Jane Reams, Jack Richards, Florence Robbins, Geraldine Roberts, Louise Robnett, Wilson Samuels, Juanita Scruggs, Luta Shcffer, Dorothy Sheppard, Lueile Shull, Henry sligli, Thomas . . . . Editor . Asxi.Ifa1llEIf1f0l . . . Mullager Ailrcrlisilig Manager LYNN RUTH POI'PLlEW'Fl.I, . . ExfbaugrEf11lol . R.O.T.C.Er1'if0l . R.O.T.C. Edilor . Sports Editor SPOIIXUI' Sloan, Howard Smythe, Nell Sneed, Lyal Sutton, Howard Tonn, Mildron Toogood, Ed Truly, Mabel Turley, Billy Turner, Harry Wadsworth, Sidney Whtson, Bert Webster, Beatrice Wheatley, Sybil XVhite, Carter Whitter, Estelle Williams, Eunice W'illis, Billy Wilson, Kathryn Wfilson, Margaret W'ood, Marie Yeargan, Annette 'q,r1s1?f- nance: ' nano emu 'Q' 'iii Ill 335 ,TEQN iT? Page Efgbfj'4TbV CC PEN PAL CLUB PURPOSE: To develop the talent and broaden the interest of the members along a literary line. Full Term BILLY FLEEMAN .... CHARLES MANDEXVILLIZ . GURLEY HOPE KINNAMON . LUTA SCRUGGS ..... . P1'exi1le11f . Vfl'C-PI'E5fI1F1If . . . Sec1'r'1'a1'y . P VOKQ ra nz ClJHil'llZdll Sjlring Term VERNON Cox ..... JOELLEN SCRUGGS .... JOHN TYLEIK . . . . ELIZABETH HE1sRELL . . . MRS. HELEN HORN J Miss NELLY BLY LANKFORD J . . . Prcsizfellt . Vice-Plrsirleazzf . . . Sr'c1'cfa1'jJ . PVOgl'lllll Cfaairnzmz . . . . Sponsors MEMBERS Armistead, Mary Alice Hunley, Ada Mae Kinnamon, Gurley Hope Miller, Dorothy Mandeville, Charles Price, Elsie Price, Sue Jane Scruggs, Joellen Scruggs, Luta Bennett, Iva Nell Cameron, Nan Chenault, Evelyn Cox, Vernon Ewton, Francis Fleeman, Billy Gaither, Jimmie Garrison, La Voue Sligll, Tl'101'0llS Heiskell, Elizabeth Tiner, Maxine Hicks, Nora Mae Tyler, John Holeambe, Margaret Page Eighty-Folu' SCI-ICDLARSI-IIP Cl. PURPOSI-QI To promote 21 high standard of scholarship in the school. Sr1sI1.RoAN . . . . Roslimam' IJANIIEIS . . Ahern: thy, 'litlith Ailanis, ,loe Anlanis. Ruth .'Xlhin, l ' 1 .orrfnne Alexa: iler, Imogene Allen, lfrmtues Allen, Yirginia lfaith Anios. Arinisteacl, Mary Alice ,Xi'ii1st1'm1L5. Merle Yirginia Ashley, llailey, Mary llr'lt'Il llaker, Yineent llalcer. janiies llantly, lit-tty llarnes, llilly llarrt-tt. Marguerite llaxley, Marian lleaehuni, Luna llel lleartlen, li. lf. lleelienlvaeh, tlraee llell, Vllllllflllllll Bennett, Elinor llislioii, Kathleen llivings, Doreas Bivings, .lohn lilaine. XYynette Bogwell, Mary Ann Bohieh, Mary .lane lloyml, Billie .lo Braelieen, llilly Bratlherry, Marie Brzulford, lilizalmeth Branillett, llelen Brown, llerniec llruee. Rohn-rt Calrlwell, Erina Lee OFFICERS COMMITTEE . . President Karin FUN Bisnov En 15. Rowe . Vin'-Ilrrviilrfil jl'ANL'I"I'lT Rouwriu is Ros' Tinrasu Mus. Nl-I i. Tfxrl on llameron, Nan L'anipliell. Mozelle faiiers, Rohert Carey. Dorothy arniiehael, Ruth arter, Mary ates, ,leanne favett. Oliver Vheney, lithel l'hilclress, Charles t'hoatc-s, Nona liluistf Selene C C C flarli, t'larla, Coffee, Alfreml lioltan, llarry l'olliet', A. li. l'ooi1er, Mary .lane t'opt-laml, Mary -In Clorclwell, Evelyn le Voueh. Evelyn Fox, lflorenee Fox, Yernuin Rayburn trips. lfrissniau, ll arry Daniels. Rosemary llargan. L, l. Iiargan, Lorena Iiaviilson, Paul Maxis, Dan ljell, Dorothy l'Ie-nsinore. -luanita llenton, Betty liieroll. Leon llixon, Kitty Boll lDol1iyanslci,Oris llorsett, Manila-lle llrier. Vharles Duff. Mary MEMBERS lillllllllllf. Dixie Ilunhatn, l'. H. liairle, llolm liarn, Helen liatoiii, Sainniy Lou licliols, Ralph lillerson, Maurine Elliott, Roliertzl Ellis. Mary lillsherry, Sain lilniore, Sarah llell linglish, Francine linglish, Mary Allen lfineher. Clara fisher, Imogene "lake, Peggy lowers, lsaliel 'orrest, Fisher France, Marie l l F 1 l' reeman, Linton French, Virginia lilllll1l't'S.'lilllllllt' Garrison, La Yoiee llaskin, linlwin Gates, Henry Lee Gates, Milnlreml Ciliaris, TllCl'S5SCl lliarraiiuto, Lukas C ilniore, llurotlly Glass, llazel Q C llox'er,jan1es Iooilen, Doris Gray, NYm-stinoreland tiroxes, Mary Vatherine Hailey. Fatie Mae llall,1lugh Hamilton, Qlilizalictli llanimer, llelen llanszen, Gene llarris, l-Iarnestine I-larrison, iiencvieve Haskell. ,lanies H askell. ,lean , , , Spam Kerr, Anita liitlson, Pauline Kilgore, .lanies liilg.L4ll'E', BlH1'y Killongh. vl. H. liinthelin, llotiglas Hays. lfrainlx liinnaman. Heatlierington, lithel liurley Hope Heiskell, lilizaheth Kirk, XYaeil Heisliell, Reba Kirkpzxti'iCli, llerring, llenny lieth Mary Mae llill, Madeline Hill. Mary lfranues Hiser, lloris Hollanml, .Xnlelaicle llolliilay, Yirginia llooil, llorothy llornl, Katherine llnhlmaril, Blary 1-Istell lltulspeth, lilizalmeth lliiff, Margaret llufsteiller, Relweca llnnter, Mary xlenson, Andrew johnson, lilanore lfranees johnson. Johnson, Lura jolinsovn. Maxine ,lohnson, Virginia Ann johnson, Yirginia Dare Keith, Dorotliy llell Keith. Lois Kelly. Jtum- Kenip, Marjory liirwan Patricia Kitehen. Zulema Lake. Beatrice Lake, Muriel Lanih. Alire Lawson, Martha l,o:atlm-rwood, Margaret Leenian. Sain l,etnlJut'g, Eva Bllltt Len.nions, lira Mae Lent, llurothea Loring, lien Loring, llorothy MeA,nally, .lack M cl lroskey , By ron MeC'ulley, llettiee Mefullough, llal Mellonalcl, Dfelsoyee Mullonalil, Ds-Neyee MeKey,1'hester McQueen. lieraliline Megpathlen. llilton AlCxYilllZl!I1S, Mary Katherine Maas, livel 'n 3 Kensxxortliy, Loris Mallory, Mary Beth Ol' Mandeville, Charles Manton, Betsy Martin, Frances Mason, Norman Meredith, Ross Miller, Bill Miller, Jultin- Moncrief, Woodrow Moore, Anne Beth Moore. Mary jo Morgan, Mabel Morrison, Millard Mount, Marcella M uriloek, jane Mnrilock, Richard Murrel, Mary Ellen Nelson, Freda Newlmaker, Louise 0'l'onner, ,luhn Bt-ny Urr, .lane f,5lJOI'll,J21llC Osburn. Dodd l'almer. Lueile l'ahner, Newlyn Ruth Ugnlen, Parker, l'athuff, Lois Patrick ' Peebles. Perry. Bessie Vferry. Jimmy Peterson, Alton Petterson, Lamoine , M . I.. Nancy hilllps, George hipps, Barbara Pollock, Ray tContinued on nex 133333 li 11 4 Page Eighty-Five f I I ii :XA fr iz, 'V 5' aa K g , drutliltm gi 122 ia gg is gr ,if IXIATIQNAL l-ICDIXICDR SCDCIETV Popplewcll, Mar Posey, Bob Powers, Marian Price, Sue Jane Pyeatt, Byron Ramsey, Doris Randall, Jane Randall, Peggy Revels, Betty Roan, Sybil Robbersorx, ,lack Rorie, Bill y Beth Rountree, Jeanette Page Eiglaly-Six Fall Tvrm ETHEL HETHERINGTON . MICHAEL TAYLOR FAITH AMOS . LORRAINE ALBIN HENRY SHULL WILBUR TEUBNER PATRICIA KIRWAN NAN CAMERON JANE RANDALL EUGENE HANSZEN S11 ring Term MISS CHRISTINE HAMMOCIQ - MISS RUTH BELL MISS LUCY HAMILTON MISS MINNIE BRAMLETTE . . Pl'l'SltI'Cl7f . Vice-President . . Sc'L'rcfary Program Chairman Social Chairman . Prexiclenl' . Vice-Presicleni . . Sefretary Program Chairman Social Chairman S polzsors QSchOlarsliip Club Continuedl Rowe, Ecl Ryan, Luuise Sarrells, Thelma Savage, Evelyn Sawyer, Daplnne Mae Schreppcl, Phyllis Shacklefornl, Charles Shull, Henry Skelton, Harry Skelton, Margaret Simpson, jane Stiukman, George Taylor, Rebecca Terry, 'Toni 'l'hrasli, Roy 'l'lIOnIas, Billy 'l'lIOnIas, Margie Tlionipson, Beth Tipps, Margery Tippet, Frank Turin, Mildred Turner, Dick Tuebner, Lois Turner, Virginia Tyler, ,lohn Upham, Dick Utt, Nanceline Yaiirtreese, Elizabeth Yan Devemler, Dorothy Vernon, Eurlene Vernon, Hazel NVarr0n, Imogene XVallas, Howard XYaggOner, ,layne XVa1'd, Betty ,lane XN'l1eller. Margaret YVlIittier, Claudie SVIIEZIUCY, Sybil XVilsO-n, Dorothy xVllll1llllS, Marie NVillIite, David xvilli1ll'llS, jack XVilsOn, Margaret XYebstcr, Beatrice XYUIIIZICIK, Lester XYylie, 'l"om XVy1ie, Robert Young, Billy Zalliooifer, Maurit- 6 y NATICDINIAI. HCDINICDR SCDCIETV PURPOSE: To create an enthusiasm for scholarship to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the Adamson High School. Albin, Lorraine Hanszen, Eugene O'Connor, John Amos, Faith Henrne, Natalie Osburn, Dodd Baker, Vincent Hetherington, Ethel Peterson, Lamoine Bramblett, Helen Humphrey, Peggy Phipps, Barbara Cameron, Nan Kilgore, Mary POWCrS, Marion Coffey, Alfred Killough, KI. H, Randall, Jane Dargen, Lorena Kirwan, Patricia Redding, Charles Deveraux, Joy Lent, Dorothea Shull, Henry Dorsett, Maudelle Mandeville, Charles TCL1lDI1Cf, Wilbur Gooden, Doris McCroskey, Byron Wheatley, Sybil Geiser, Perry McGee, Floy Wfolf, Bob Green, Dorothy Miller, John Page liigfaly-Sew ART DEPARTMENT Adkisson, Nona Mae Albin, Lorraine Alexander, Darcus Alexander, Dorothy Arnos, Fifi Avera, lildridge Bailey, Mary Frances Baker, Fdwin Batcher, Peggy Jane Baugh, Geneva Anne Baugh, Olga Mae Baugh, Wilford Bealmear, C. M. Bell, Thurman Benson, Carl Bibb, Marie Bixler, Bertha Jeanette Blake, Anita Bludworth, Bill Brower, ,lack Brown, Margaret Bryan, Anna Ruth Burnett, john Burroughs, R. Butcher, Margaret Sue Caldwell, Erma Lee Cameron, Howard Campbell, R aymond Cardwell, Ex elyn Lee Chamberlain, Abbey Chappell, Sara Helen Chenaulx, Fvelyn Cole, Mary Louise Couch, Winona Cox, Alice Cox, Dorothy Craven, Caralinda Cunningham, ,luanita Currey, james Dabbs, Ann Dobbins, Genevieve Dougherty, Mary Dinkins, David Dinkins, Mavis Eldridge, Sara liwton, Francis Fleeman, Billy Foy, june Godwin, Dudley Greniilion, Polly Anna Grubc, Myra Guertin, Naomi Lucile Hatcher, Ruth Hayes, lfvelyn Herd, Burnelle Hill, Dick Holland, Adelaide A -UM Holland, Rosemary Holt, Lou Helen Horne, Bill Huffer, Marjorie Hunter, Robert Johnson, Maxine johnson, Virginia Dare Keith, Dorothy Dell Kelly, Joseph Kilgore, Mary Knott, Rachel Lee Knowles, Katherine Leach, Ann Lillye Massengill, Dorothy McLaren, Vera McNutt, Price Miller, C. M. Morrow, William Morgan, Mable Lueile Mullin, Doris Nelson, Chester Nelson, Howard Nelson, .Iimmie Lee Nibln, Ray O'Neal, Lois Otis, Phyllis Potthnf, Lois Powers, Marion Preslar, Margaret . Sponsor Rasor, Penryn Reagan, Karl Robbins, ,lack Roberson, Dorothy Roberts, Louise Rorie, Bill Ross, Dorothy Savage, Evelyn Seago, Margaret Scers, Janice Shndday, Helen Simpson, Agnes Smith, Ida Ruth Sprzidling, Mary Lou Sutton, Howard Terry, Floyd Tucker, Edna Mae Tuttle, W'in1'red Utley, Mary Ann Wallace, Iris Weaver, Fllen Webster, Beatrice Webster, Kathryn Weeks, Billye Bert Welch, Orris W'illiams, Alice Williams, Marie Wiskoehil, Margaret NVomaek, Gertrude Lester Page lfiglJly-Eight DRAMfXTlC CLUB MRS. WANDA BANKER Albin, Lorraine Ard, Mary Louise Banker, Doris Eileen Barrett, Marguerite Bennett, Marilee Cameron, Nan Campbell, Mozelle Durham, Mary Helen Emmons, Elizabeth England, Barbara Eubanks, Lorraine Giarraputo, Lucas Gooden, Doris Griihn, Marjorie Groves, Mary Catherine Heiskell, Elizabeth Heiskell, Virginia MEMBERS Hetherington, Ethel Humphrey, Peggy Johnson, Gorden Kendrick, Mary Kilgore, Mary Kinnamon, Gurley Hope Kirwan, Patricia Latimer, Nadine Ledbetter, Thedafaye Linn, Chnl McCord, Forrest Norris, Clydaliene O'Connor, John Osburn, Dodd Perkins, Marguerite Price, Leon Pruitt, French ctalent. . . . Sponsor Redding, Charles Richards, Florence Roan, Sybil Rountree, Jeanette Sneed, Lyal Utley, Mary Ann Wheatley, Sybil Williams, Thomas Wilson, Margaret Wood, Marie Sheffer, Dorothy Buckley, Juanita Elliott, Roberta Fitzhugh, Don Paula Holbrook, Floyette Wall, Virginia Scruggs, Jo Ellen Page Eighty-Nin X95 HCINDEIQELLA ROSE" "ALWAYS COUNT TEN" By KI,-xx' Tomas By WAI.L SPi1Nc.If ACM! of 1111111111131 S1'111u1' Pl11y V I Cm, Ulf ,HW St,,,jO,. play R'-Fbfffil Elliott - RU-W H'KS"'X Minnie Lenth Chrietlberg ..... Cleo Alcenc Fulglmm ' ' AI3"""' Mary Catherine Groves . . Dulrif' Forrest McCord J111'11111Higgi11x Im, Dcwmux . . VH-H Mary Kilgore . Cf11sxii'Higgi11x Nan Cameron MH' Rinm. Leon Price . Bob SITLHIIIIIII Vincent Baku. - ' Prmgjp Michael Taylor . Lois Hamilton . Ethel Hcthcrington Lorraine Albin . john O'Connor Chnl Linn . . French Pruitt . College Sflltlfllfx Tml Sb11111m11 A11gi'l11111 Ilolzlzx . Mrx. 11011111 G1'111'1'ir'1'1' S1'1'11.w11 Stlllllllj' Si111111x Tl1el4'1'M1111 M1'xxe11g1f1' Boy Leo Davis Myra Grube French Pruitt li. G. Hum Marguerite Perkins Chnl Linn Mlrgurct Osborn Francis llwton Louis Adin . . W'estmurelnml Gray . . M. tl. Linehun . Muzelle Campbell Lynl Sneed . . William Carrell Kenneth Hughes Elizabeth Enmmns Doris Gooden S.1r11 Eldridge Jack Steele . Peggy Flake . Dr. DllIl'l1 Mr. Quigley . Myron . Gracie . Sdfnlll . H11r1'1'y . . Roy . Bflllfllt' . Gnxxiv . . Fern . C111re11r1- . Tillil' l Page Ninely LAT! DEPARTMENT Adams, joe Anderson, Marilyn Ashley, john Baker, Robert Barnes, Billy Barton, Lyle Bennett, Elinor Bixler, W. D. Blaine, Mose Blanton, V"ilbur Boatman, Al Boland, Mary .lane Bowden, Edgar Bowles, Albert Browder, Fred Brown, Douglas Bruce, Robert Burleson, Ravenel Burnett, john Burnett, Martha Carmichael, Ruth Carter, Billy Chandler, G. W. Clauser, Richard Collins, Edgar Cooke, Lane B. Crook, Hesper Dailey, Howard Dargan, L. C. Denny, Lida Mae Dierolf, Lyndel Dykes, Tommy liagle, Bob Iichols, Ralph lillis, Mary Fmerson, Mildred Fnglish, Mary Allen Ifstes, Mary Frances Fazakealey, Judy Fields, Hardy Fincher, Annie Forrest, Fisher Fox, james Gillen, Marguerite Gooden, Doris Green, Clair Green, Ray Gruneisen, W'illiam Hall, Hugh Tlamilton, Elizabeth Hanna, Florence Hare, Robert Harrison, Genevieve Hawkins, lfleanor Hawkins, ,lim Henderson, Charles Hord, Dorothy Hughes, Billie Nell Jenson, Andrew -Iohnston, Mary Jones, Kathryn Kelly, Jane Kidson, Loy Kirkpatrick, Mary Kirwan, Patricia Knott, Douglas Krazer, William Latimer, Edith Lawrence, Louise Layden, Tommy Leatherwood, Margaret Lee, Forest Leiber, Gerald Lemley, Foster Lee Lent, Dorothea Lillard, Kitty Loring, Ben Luper, Dan Lynn, Ted Maas, Evelyn Mandeville, Charles Mason, Russell Meserole, Otis Miller, Bill Miller, Dorothy Moore, james Moore, T. F. Morris, Martha Frances Morris, Mary Murdock, ,lane Murdock, Richard McBride, Lewis McKay, Chester McSpadden,T-Iilton Napier, Carl Nichols, Fdah Norris, ,lack North, Mary Ruth Orr, jane Parker, Jack Parker, Robert Parker, Ruth Patton, T. J. Patton, W'alter Peebles, Nancy Philip, George Pollaek, Ruth Popplewell, Mary Beth Posey, Bob Pyeatt, Byron Randall, jane Remmington, Harry Richardson, Allene Richburg, Loretta Rogers, H. A. Rovce,1id B. Sanderson, Dorothy See, Bill Sibley, jack Simpson, Agnes Shelton, Robert Shiver, George Spillers, M. L. Stephens, Vera Stroud, Iilivabeth Teubner, Wilbur Thomas, Margie Thrash, Roy Tinney, Lloyd Travis, Calvin Tucker, Dorothy Tyler, John Underwood, Frank Walstrom, Orelya XVatkins, Edward wycbb, Kirk Wheatley, Billy XY'hite, Hughey XY'ilson, Dorothy Page Nine! y Om 'S FRENCH DEPARTMENT Adin, Louis Apel, Ruth Baker, James Ward Banker, Doris Eileen Beachum, Luna Belle Birdsong, Bobby Blaine, Wynette Blake, Anita Clark, Maxine Clark, Selene Cole, Mary Louise Connor, Raulette Copeland, Mary Jo Craven, Caralinda Crown, Philip Crowson, Allie Vee Dierolf, Leon Dinkins, Mavis Erickson, Muriel Fisher, Marie Greene, June Hagood Leona Hall, Doris Hanszen, Gene Harris, Earnestine Harris, Mary Virginia Harris, Mozelle Hatcher, Ruth Heiskell, Reba Heiskell, Virginia Hetherington, Ethel Honcycutt, Jewel Hord, Katherine Howell, Sylvester Hubbard, Everett Hughes, Kenneth Jackson, Aubra Mae Jameson, Billy johnson, Francine Kerr, Anita Lcatherwood, Dorothy Mallory, Mary Beth Maples, Virginia Maynard, Yvonne McBride, Clarine McGuire, Lurline Mead, Juanita Meredith, Marguerite Mitchell, Ellis Moncrief, Woodrow Nelson, Freda Paternostro, Margaret Perkins, Alice Price, Dorothy Randall, Peggy Randlett, Polly Reed, Mary Dee Renean, Dot Marie Richards, Florence Rollandin, Elizabeth Shelton, Lois Shull, Henry Smith, Maurice Smith, Patricia Taylor, Michael Taylor, Rebecca Terry, Tom Vermilion, Pauline Vestal, Thelma Waldrop, Carlene Wfard, Betty Warreii, Imogene Wfest, Rose Marie Wfeston, Jimmie Wfheatley, Sybil Wfillis, Jack Wfolf, Bob Page Nirwiy-Two SPANISH Cl-IGRUS PURPOSE! To promote interest in Spanish and to cultivate girls voices so they will be able to sing in Spanish. Miss EUGLNIA Nnwniiiuu' .... . Sponsor Adams, Ruth Allen, James Allen, Virginia Armistead, Mary Alice Alexander, Imogene Barrett, Marguerite Bennett, Iva Nell Blanton, Melba Campbell, Virginia Coleman, Rirha Duttle, Albert Hammer, Helen Haralson, David MEMBERS Haralson, Edythe Marie Haskell, Jean Hillpot, Jewell Hollander, Evelyn Hubbard, Mary Kilgore, James Kirk, Pauline Kitchen, Zulema Lake, Muriel Marshal, Anna Louise Mount, Marcelle McAtee, Barbara Newbaker, Louise Ogden, Betty Palmer, Lueile Palmer, Nelwyn Revels, Betty Rountree, Jeannette Russell, Mary Louise Russell, Melvin Savage, Evelyn Scruggs, Joellen Swinney, Marceline Vantreese, Imogene Williams, Wayile Yeager, Norma Page IX im tg Three PAN -AMERICAN STUDENT FCDIQUM PURPOSE: To bring about a closer relationship, sympathy, and understanding with the peoples of the American continent. To promote this ideal relationship with no selfish interests at heart, but with a willing- ness and desire to serve unselhshly, individually, and collectively for the welfare of the nations concerned. MISSVIRGINIA ROOTES . . . . Spozzsor MEMBERS Albin, Lorraine Allen, Virginia Amos, Faith Barrett, Marguerite Bennett, Iva Nell Bramblett, Helen Carey, Dorothy Chamberlain, Abby Chaney, Ethel Chitwood, Paul Coffey, Alfred Eades, Helen Ezell, Theo Green, Dorothy Hartness, Billy Jean Hammer, Helen Harris, Weta Hearne, Natalie Hill, Virginia Humphrey, Peggy Jordan, Alta Louise Kelly, June Kitchen, Zulema Mann, Clifford Meredith, Ross McAtee, Barbara McCarty, Judith McGee, Floy McGrew, Odell Newbaker, Louise Phifer, Alice Peterson, Lamoine Phipps, Barbara Price, Sue Jane Reagan, Williain Robinson, Mary Edna Sawyer, Daphne Mae Swenney, Marceline Tonn, Mildron Turner, Dick Van Devender, Dorothy Waddle, Valda Mae Walraven, Luella Wfilliams, Edwin Willianxs, Jack Willis, Jack Wiskochil, Betty Jane Wylie, Tom 1 ge Nzmty Four LIBRARY CQUINICIL PURPOSE: To better library service to the student body, to improve and broaden the scope of the member's personal interests by reading and planning to read the "Atlantic List of the Twenty-Five Books That Have Been the Most Influential in the Last Fifty Years," and to entertain persons other than the members. Miss ALEXANDER . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sponsor Fall Term Spring Term BEN LYTLE . . . . President DOROTHY DELL KEITH . President SYBIL WHEATLEY . Vice-Presideuzf MONROE JOHNSON . Vice-President MINNIE LEATH CHRIETZBERG . Secretary FERMAN FOWLER . . . Reporter MINNIE LEATH CHRIETZBERG . Secretary PEGGY FLAKE . . . . Reporter MEMBERS Albin, Lorraine Elliott, Holford Johnson, Monroe Oates, Violet Chrietzberg, Flake, Peggy Keith, Alice Randall, Peggy Minnie Leath Fowler, Ferman Keith, Dorothy Dell Roan, Sybil Conner, Paulette Fudge, R. D. Lytle, Ben Roberson, Dorothy Darnell, Frances Griffin, Marjorie Merrifield, Dan Robison, Helen Ruth Donald, Martha Holliday, Virginia ' Mitchell, Ellis Taylor, Michael Drees, Fred Howell, Sylvester Murrell, Mary Ellen Weatherred, Lou Durham, Mary Helen Humphrey, Peggy McKey, Leta Rose Nvheatley, Sybil Page Ninely-Five PURPOSE: To promote student participation in school government PATRICIA KIRWAN ALVIN STERLING DORIS GOODEN . CHARLES REDIJING MISS BERTA COOPER, Adin, Louis Barnes, Bill Bechenbach, Grace Bruce, Robert Burke, Kathlyn Capers, Robert Collier, Wesley Dargan, Lorena Dobiyanski, Morris Dunnam, P. H. Eagles, Bob English, Mary Allen Forrest, Fisher Gooden, Doris Hanszen, Gene Harrison, Genevieve Hunter, Robert OFFICERS MR. WEST BROWN . MEMBERS Jensen, Andrew Jones, Henry Johnson, Francine Kelly, George Kilgore, James Kirwan, Patricia Leatherwood, Margaret Lee, Forrest Maynard, Yvonne McGrew, Odell Miller, Bill Murrell, Mary Ellen Nelson, Howard Phillips, George Pyeatt, Byron . . P1'c'side11t . Vice-President . . . Secretm y . Acorn Repmtcr . . . S 11011501 5 Redding, Charles Rowe, Ed B. Rountree, Jeanette Shackelford, Charles Shull, Henry Schwedler, Edgar Smith, Patricia Sonnier, Ezell Swiner, Dick Teubner, Wilbur Thrash, Roy Ward, Bettie Jane Watson, Norman Wfilkinson, Dorothy Wfilliams, Jack Quillen, Thomas , YJYater, Charles Ramsey, Doris lppl' D 1 A ,. VSRP. lf r-L ' Iago Nmely Six SENIORH PURPOSL: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, the standards of Christian character. W. A. STRICIQLANIJ . BASS WILLIABIS . COLYAR PHILLIPS . . RAYMOND OSTER . . MR. W. TI-Iuo HAMIL'I'lDN GENL HANSZLN . COLYAR PHILLIPS . JACK WILLIS . ALVIN STERLING . Brower, Jim Brower, Pat Carrell, Bill Cooper, Warren Davis, Berry Davis, Joe Drees, Fred Hamilton, NVilliam Hanszen, Eugene Harter, Cliflord , " .- X OFFICERS Fall Term Spring Term MEMBERS Harter, Clovis Johnson, Monroe Linn, Chal Lytle, Ben McGinnis, Mack Merrifield, Dan Moore, Charles Nelson, Howard Nolen, D. C. Oster, Raymond . . President Virv-Prfsidenf . . Secr'efar3' Scwgvazif-af-A1'111s . . S IIOIISUI' . . Pl'l'5il1'ClIf Vin'-PI'r'side11f . . SrcI'rtu1'y Sergcaflf-at-A1fms Peery, Ralph Phillips, Colyar Ross, James Sligh, Thomas Strickland, W. A. NVatson, Bill Watson, Norman Williams, Bass Willis, Jack Pagr NIII I3 S Llll INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE CONTESTANTS GIRL EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKER ROSEMARY DANIELS BOY EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKER WILBUR TEUBNER GIRL DECLAMER FLORENCE RICHARDS BOY DECLAMER LUCAS GIARRAPUTO ON E-ACT PLAY CON TESTAN TS "THE CONFLICT" LYAL SNEED NAN CAMERON ELIZABETH EMMONS ALF BURR XX Page Nineiy-Eight I ' NATICDNAL TI-IESPIAN CLUB PURPOSE: To further particularly talented students of the drama and to present some outstanding characterizations of today. OFFICERS PEGGY HUMPHREX' .... . . Pl'K'Sf0ll'lIf FoRR1asT McCoRD . . xfift'-Pl'!'XiII!'l1f LORRAINI3 ALBIN . . . . Sevrcffnry MRS. WANDA BANKILR . . Sponsor MEMBERS Albin, Lorraine Kendrick, Mary Cameron, Nan O'Connor, john Giarraputo, Lucas Ryan, Randall Humphrey, Peggy Snead, Lyal 5 Pagz' Nirzcly-Nifzr' GIRL RESERVE CLUB LURA JOHNSON . MARY DUFF . . MARCIELINE SWINNEY BETTY OGDEN . . JEANETTE ROUNTRIZE LARENA DARGAN . Miss ROBERTA KING Miss RUTH RU1f1f1N Allen, Virginia Bailey, Mary Helen Baker, Mary Louise Banker, Doris Eileen Barrett, Marguerite Beachum, Luna Belle Billings, Mary Etta Bramlette, Helen Couch, Evelyn Daniels, Dorothy Dorgun, Lorena Dorsett, Maudelle Duff, Mary English, Mary Allen Gharis, Theressa Grubc, Myra OFFICERS 1 . s MEMBERS Hammer, Helen Hillpot, Jewel Hubbard, Mary Estelle Hufstedler, Rebecca Hunter, Mary Johnson, Lura Kelsey, Virginia Ledbetter, Thedafaye Lent, Dorothea Maas, Evelyn Mitchell, Helen Morrison, Mary Jo Morrison, Rosellen McAtee, Barbara McQueen, Geraldine . . President . Vice-President . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . Program Cfaairmafz . Sofia! Claairmazz . . Sjlolzsors McWilliams, Mary Katherine Ogden, Betty Orr, Jane Parker, Ruth Rountree, Jeanette Scruggs, Luta Stockard, Virginia Swinney, Marceline Terry, Charlie Frances Thomas, Lois Tonn, Mildron Utt, Nancelee Ward, Betty Jane Wilhite, Doris Wilhite, Dorothy Page One Humlrml "Sl-IGCDTING STARS" lolm Frazier, Ou'm'r of Iiiz Mr. Grumlllr, Czfilonlrr' Mrs. fil'I1NlI1lt', Cllsfomrr Mm. Mirnzlfle, cillNf0IIH'I' i' mmf Ten Slim' . Lucas Gimrrnputo . NI. C, Norton . Lorraine Albin . Mildred McKinney Virglrziil, Millmgrr of I''V'N Sion' Ilamfui, ia lil:-y porter' Sliirli'y, Iiruzirfx ifilzzglmlw, Wally Null . . Cunlwmzwzwl MdIllll't11lfIl,i' . Ciflw'lzx . . . Aubra Mae Jackson, Hollander, Mnudrette . lfvelyn lloneyeutt . Hobby 'lhoinpson Mary Catherine Groves . Forrest McCord iiiHIl'I'f Null . . . R.indnll Ryan Bill Muifivlil, in lull' willi Sfrirlwi' Leon Price lurk, ii mlm Al!7UI1f ilu' ylnri' liixineis lfwton Clerk ,.... . ilu. Moon Iltzrr-i, tm tzilfrliiw' of Vnginiii . Leo Davis ISIIKHIUP' ..... Leo Davis Marjorie KICLIHCICC Rountree Hiirlnziuz . Dorothy Price Marian , . Frances Ross Diri't'lm' ..., . Chnl Linn . . . . ,lim Brower, D. C. Nolen . Alice Marie Perkins, Adelaide Holland, Louise Newbgiker, Mildred Gates Lucille Luttrell, Frances XV.ills, Allie Crowson, Leona Haygood, Selene Clark, Rubhy Herrington, Maurice Smith, Olga Mae liaugli, liranees Boyle, livelyn Pulliam Ciitifizzzwi . .Iimmie Gaither, Elizabeth Hamilton, Freda Truly, Mavis Dinlains, R. xl, Burroughs, Dan Luper, Beth Mayers, jim Brower, Sherman Hoops, Key-. Medlin, Rielitird Allhright, Billy Tilbert, D. C. Nolen, Ralph Peery. DANCFS Spaniib ........... Mary Louise Cole Cake ........ Marjorie Cnrrel, Mary Sue Maloney, Helen AKl1.lHL1SOHi Dufrb . . Kathleen Bishop, Gloria Martin, Mary Martin, Helen Teubner, ,Line Osborne, Dorothy Dell Keith fibillfil' .......... Delia Miehgiel, Dorothy Dickinson To-iliinif . Mildred Lowe, lflizaberh Vantreese, Minnie Legith c:l1I'lt3Ili3C!'g, Bennie Beth Herring, lflsie Price, Nora Hicks, lfvelyn Magis, Imogene Finley l Piigi' Om' ffllllillhl Uni gurus GLEE CLUB M U S I C C L LJ B Page HW,-A-11 Tun QRCHESTQA CD ll ll CLUB PURPOSE: To organize and promote interest among the boys who have lettered in athletics. W. A. STRICKLAND . . Prefzderzt BEN LYTLE . . . Vive President DANIEL MERRIFIELD .... . Sfcrffarg XV. E. NOAH AND W. P. DURRETT . . Sponsors MEMBERS Wfillis, Jack McGinnis, Mack Oster, Raymond Linn, Chnl Nolen, D. C. Merrifield, Daniel Williams, Bass Lytle, Ben Strickland, W. A Phillips, Colyar Davis, Joe Burroughs, R. J. Hanszen, Gene Chandler, G. W. Brower, Jim Ryan, Randall Page Om' Illzxzrfrwl Four V K Miss MARY MORRISON . Abernathy, Edith Rae Adams, Ruth Amos, Faith Arcl, Mary Louise Armstrong, Merle Baker, Mary Louise Baldwin, Sara Jane Banker, Doris Eileen Bates, Rozell Baxley, Marian Bishop, Kathleen Bivings, Dorcas Blaine, Wynette Bodine, Robyn Boyle, Frances Bradford, Elizabeth Bryant, Margaret Burba, Marguerite Butcher, Margaret Sue Cameron, Nan Carey, Dorothy Carey, Mary Frances Carter, Mary Kate Cates, Jeanne Chaney, Ethyl Chittim, Tuleta Chrietzberg, Minnie Leath Clark, Elizabeth Coleman, Ruth Cole, Mary Louise Cole, Oneta Cook, Embelyne Cooper, Mary Jane Copeland, Mary Jo Couch, Evelyn Cox, Alice Cox, Florence Dabbs, Ann Darnell, Frances Daugherty, Mary Dean, Ruth Devcreaux, Joy Dickerson, Dorothy Duff, Mary English, Mary Allen Finley, Imogene Fisher, Imogene Franklin, Mary Yvonne Garner, Pauline Girlinghouse, Cieley Ann Glass, Hazel Gooden, Doris Griffin, Marjorie Hailey, Fatie Mae Hall, Doris Hammer, Helen Harber, Mary Elizabeth Harrison, Josephine Hatcher, Ruth 'Haygood, Leona Hearne, Natalie Heiskell, Elizabeth Heiskell, Reba Herring, Benny Beth Hill, Christine Hill, Madelyn Hill, Virginia Hillpot, Jewell Hollander, Evelyn Hord, Katherine Howard, Virginia Hoyle, Mary Sue Huffer, Marjorie Hughes, Billie Nell Hamphrey, Peggy Jackson, Aubra Ma Johnson, Doris Johnson, Maxine Johnson, Virginia Dare Jones, Kathryn E Keith, Dorothy Dell Kelly, Lorena Kempe, Margie King, La Verne Kirwan, Patricia Kitchen, Zulema Lake, Muriel Latimer, Nadine Lassetter, Marion Laws, Melba Leatherwood, Dorothy Leatherwood, Margaret Lemmons, Eva Sue Livingston, Lillian Lloyd, Dorothy Lowe, Mildred Maas, Evelyn Marshall, Virginia Maynard, Yvonne McBride, Clarence McClellan, Lindeen McCuistian, Gwendolyn McKinney, Jerry Mae McKinney, Mildred McW'illiams, Mary Kathryn Meredith, Marguerite Michael, Delia Monroe, Louise Moore, Anna Beth Morrison, Mary Jo Nelson, Jimmie Lee Newbaker, Louise Oatts, Jeanne Olson, Ruth Orr, Jane Gsborn, Jane Parker, Betty Parker, Ruth Peebles, Nancy Poulter, Evelyn Poulter, Virginia Poteet, Margie Potoff, Lois Prcslar, Margaret Price, Dorothy Roan, Sybil Robertson, Mary Kathryn Robertson, Mary Lee Ross, Frances Rowland, Florence Samuels, Juanita Sfhraeder, Dorothy Sponsor Schutz, Elsie Sears, Janice Smythe, Nell Spicer, Margaret Spradling, Mary Lou Stanfield, Dorothy Stanford, Anna Bell Stockard, Virginia Summy, Dorothy Teubner, Helen Thomas, Lois Thomas, Margie Tiner, Maxine Tipps, Margery Ruth Turner, Virginia Vantrecse, Elizabeth Vestal, Thelma Waddle, Sidney Ruth Waldrop, Carlene Walraveii, Louella Waltoii, Margie Ward, Bettie Jane W'ebster, Beatrice Weeks, Billye Bert Wlieatley, Sybil Williite, Doris Wfilkinson, Dorothy Xvilliarns, Billy Dean Wfilliams, Margie Wiskocliil, Betty Jane Wisktmeliil, Margaret Woniack, Lesta Gertrude XVray, Evelyn Page One Humlrcil Szx l MlIiiil+lIkQs1a mf "Look 1101' 717071717-flllljl info flue Pasfg if comes nof bark again. Wfisely improve' the Prcfseufg if is floiuc. G0 forflo fo mee! flow sloadowy Fuiure wifloouf fear and wifla fl ma1113f bFd7f.,,-LONGFELLOW. A is BATTALIOIXI STAFF, FALL 1935 Bullalion Sfmnxor' Ballalion C0n1nLuna'cr Ballalion E,x'c'r1lliL'f' Offifrr Plans and Training Onfifvr Mary Catherine Groves Lt. Col. M, Linchan Major William B. Carrcll First Lt. Edward Toogood Supply Ojircr First Lt. W'illie V. Hearne Adjutant Second Lt. Colyar Phillips lnfclligvllrz' Oficrr Second Lt. Kenneth Hughes Supply Srrgrunl Sergeant Joe XVilliarnson COLORS Colm' Guards First Sergeant Gus Gurlinghouse Sergeant Charles Shackleford Color Scrgealzfx Technical Sergeant Clovis Kirby Staff Sergeant Bill See SPONSORS Fronl rozu, lvf! lo rigbl: Evelyn Honeycutt Mary Catherine Groves Sybil Roan Burlz row, Iefl Io rigbl: Lyal Snead Patricia Kirwan Lois Hamilton Pagv Om' Hunilrud Nine Mg. RCDSTER QF CCDMPANV A PATRICIA KIRWAN . Donn OSBURN BURNELLE HERD HENRY LEE GATES, HARRY TURNER . Gus GIRLINGHOUSE . Chaflin, William Kirby, Clovis Casteel, Robert Linehan, Jack Adams, Joe Bahn, Arthur Blair, Arthur Brower, Jack Brown, Rodgers Caple, Solon Caldwell, Ralph Carpenter, Scottie Clark, Perry Cline, Marcus Dubbels, Lowell Gaskin, Edwin Guinn, W. E. Scrgeauts McCord, Forrest McDowell, David Corporals Parrish, Philip Reagan, William Privates Hansen, Delbert Harrison, Jack Hays, Frank Hill, John Allen Hill, Russell Mangold, Charles McAdams, Archie McCroskey, Byron Moore, T. E. Musgrove, Lee Nall, Boyce Oliver, Ray Parker, Jack . . . Sponsor . . . 'Captain . . First Lieuzfenam' Second LiL'llfL'71ll71fS . . First Sergeant Shackleford, Charles R-eams, Jack Sligh, Thomas Pediford, Robert Quillen, Thomas Rittenberry, Lee Roy Sheffield, Dee Roy Simpson, P. J. Sonnier, Ezell Thofern, Harry Thompson, J. W. White, Hughey Whitten, Robert Williams, Aubrey Ben Warren, Malcolm Page One Hundred Ten ROSTER OF COMPANY B SYBIL ROAN . . . LESLIE A. BEALMEAR . HOLFORD ELLIOTT . WILSON ROBNETT, DUANE Roolc . . ANDREW -IENSON . . Baugh, Maxwell Calder, Chatelain, Paul Randle, Berry, Allen Collier, A. E. Cox, Vernon Crossland, Howard Daft, George Dillahunty, Richard Drier, Charles Duncan, Boyce Duncan, Gerald Elsberry, Sam Graves, J. W. Sergeants Henry Kerr, Dorsey Corporal.: James Robnett, Edwin Privates Harpold, Horace Henke, Otto Hunley, Raymond Hurt, Douglas Hunter, Robert Keahey, George Keane, Armand Marshall, O. W. McDonough, Colby McKethan, Jesse McKinney, Jim Bill -1. Q' . . Sponsor . . Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenants . First Sergeant Tanner, Billy Wilson, Tayman Owen, A. E. Parker, Robert Peters, Eddie Roff, Homer Schell, Earl Smithers, Jack Snell, William Sipillers, Jack Williams, Wayne Yater, Charles Q. Page One Hundred Eleven RCDSTEI2 CDF CCDMPANV C JANE ROBBIN 5............ sponsor LOUIS ADIN .... . . . Captain BILL MILLER .... . . First Liezztenant BILL JONES, BERT WATSON . . Second Lieutenants ALFRED COFFEY . . . . . First Sergeant BILL SEE . . Hackler, Leslie Rowe, Ed. B. Bivings, John Forrest, Fisher Alverson, Philip Bealmer, C. W. Beckham, Jack Bryant, Jack Bowles, Albert Carter, Hugh Childress, Fields Davidson, Paul Dailey, Howard DeVaus, Mareell Dryden, William Eastus, Harrill Elixson, Philip Sergeants Kinkel, Louis Gray, Westmoreland Cor porals Kerr, Dee Little, Albert Privates French, Carl Green, Ray Hare, Robert Hagood, Carthyl Herring, Alton Hollis, Leslie Kilgore, James Meredith, Ross Minor, Ralph Murphy, Earl Moncrief, Woodrow McIntosh, Doyle MeNutt, Price ,waz . Staff Sergeant Boland, Arthur Thrash, Roy Watson, Floyd Pettit, Ray Redwine, Ernest Robinson, Jimmie Rogers, Morgan Stephenson, Fred Summers, Dan Terry, Tom Williams, Ivy Williams, Jack Wright, John Wise, Jimmy Youngblood, Fred Scott, Sheffield Page One Hurrzlred Twelve 'F' l I s RCDSTER CDF CCDMPANV D LOIS HAMILTON .... ....... S ponsor JOHN WILLIAM FLEEMAN . . . . Captain ALVIN STERLING .... . First Lieutenant SAM LEEMAN, CHARLES SMITH . . Second Liezitcnants DOUGLAS HORTON ...... . . First Sergeant Sergeants B-irdsong, Bobby Collier, Wesley Baugh, Wilford Bean, W. Baker, Edwin Barton, Lysle Bludworth, Bill Browder, Fred Burks, James Butler, Tom Byrnes, Frank Calame, Paul Caper, Robert Cawthorn, Leo Cendali, Amos Chandler, G. W. Childs, Robert Lee Chinsky, Jesse Howard, Wallace Kelly, George Corporals Campbell, Raymond Clark, A. W. Jones, Henry Privates Crown, Philip Cushing, Billy Dargan, L. C. Densmore, Samuel Eagle, Robert Harrison, Ben Hatcher, Rheble Hawkins, Jimmie Hincliffe, Marvin Horne, Bill Howell, Robert Lambert, Ralph Llorente, Shirley Lulper, Dan McDonald, M. V. Westerback, Pat Wilson, Melvin Miller, C. M. Qfmji.-,,,ZL,1 Pyeatt, Byron McSpadden, Hilton Maddox, Charles Mason, Russell Miller, Jack Moore, Frank Pollock, Leland Rogers, H. A. Rankin, Thomas Sears, C. A. Stogner, Carl Summy, Billy Thomas, Billy Turbeville, John Wadsworth, Sidney Q? H ,. J- A . . ri? '-?"' l . fi - 1 , f. 'W up f .rw sa , . .. .1-as., 1'Qw..v:,Q- ' w ul " v . B 1- . .-2 . .x -1-- 7 - I- .. a . 1.542 ' 3 H A-, , :',,.,'yj" t,, 1 - 'V' ,.. ,ga .- Q f . ,, ."l".h 4- 1 - A I .. f ' ar. -. ' H ' u.: ii-.Q x 14-'J 1 QQ ' '- - ' K" ' ' Q f. A, -.-Fl, ' . W' 1 'le' . , , an . ' A -aaa x Q' " ,ge-., g,,,, 9, 5, s lf -V -2 -W f I - -4 - -1-125+ , 4 - 12,13 .ya Q, . 3 I 53.-V.. ,f.. .If ' I ' ' : " ' ' f ' e L , . A' , ,. 4 'L "'i- I x.f f f7 .I22' at :M fa, li wi., '. - 3: -' fa, ' -- , me er .p if ... ' f ' ra f .,.,, ta. . ,- . --,, J , f - .- . .Q . ,,.-. ,.. . .- .. - Page One Hundred Thirteen ROSTERCDFTHE LYAL SNEED . . THEO EZELL . . JAMES HUGHES . WELTMER RHODES, GEORGE SEBASTIAN, THOMAS WILLIAMS . EDWIN WILLIAMS JOHN BURNETT, WAYNE DEAN, BILLY FRENSLEY Campbell, Milton Gardner, O. C. Giarraputo, Lucas Addington, Rayford Ashley, John Beaty, Charles Brackeen, Billy Bruce, Robert Burr, Alf Canon, Herald Carter, Roy Cook, Lane B. Sergeants Parmelee, Charles Schwedler, Edgar Cor porals Hamilton, William Privates Crissman, Harry Donnell, Riley Griiiin, Edwin Henderson, Charles Hohman, Lawrence Janes, Ralph Lee, Joe Lemly, Foster Lee Marable, William BAND . . Sponsor . . Captain First Liezttcmmt Second Li6ZtfL'I'1tl11fS . First Sergeunt . Stuff Se1'gea11ts Tyler, John McKay, Chester Martin, Bill Morrow, Horace Sibley, Pat Shelton, Robert Terry, Floyd Tinney, Lloyd Travis, Calvin Wfalther, Richard Q., Page Om' Hundrrrl Fourteen RIFLE TEAM The Adamson Rifle Team successfully repre- sented the school in all of the matches in which they participated. It won the City Match and the City Shoulder-to-Shoulder Match, placed third in the Corps Area Match and the Williani Randolph Hearst Trophy Match, and placed fourth in the National Inter-Collegiate Match. Two members of the team, Howard Crossland and Kenneth Hughes were placed on the Dallas Team which fired a match against a similar Fort Worth Team at Arlington, Texas under the supervision of the North Texas Agricultural College. A Left to right M Bark row: Bill Miller, Chester McKay, Byron Pycatt, Maxwell Baugh, Ed B. Rowe, Milton C Crossland. From' row: Charles Smith, M. J. Linchan, Louis Adin, Kenneth Hughes, Harry Crissman, Gus Girlinghouse, Charles Shackclford. Pagr' Om' Ilmldrvfl Fiffffll 4 Tloe frm' pzzrpose of C'dILC'flfiOlI is fo Cl7C'l'jSb and unfold tba' scfcfzl of im- llZ0l'lfll'lifj! a1reaa'y sown LL'jf!3fII zzsg fo develop, to their fullest exfellt, ffm crzjmciiies with wfoich our cflfcator has CIIIJOZUUCI 115. wyggpwnlnawmbt k FCDQTBALL SCQRES Adamson 20 . . . . . Forest 0 Adamson 14 . . North Dallas 0 Adamson 0 . . Technical 26 Adamson 0 . . . . Sunset 6 Adamson 12 . . Woodrow Wilson 0 BASKETBALL SCQRES Adamson 30 . . . Woodrow Wilson 37 Adamson 14 . . . Technical 28 Adamson 6 . . North Dallas 31 Adamson 22 . . . Sunset 27 Adamson 23 . . Technical 18 Adamson 16 . . North Dallas 30 Adamson 21 . . Woodrow Wilson 20 Adamson 22 . . . . Forest 14 Adamson 25 . . Technical 29 Adamson 9 . . Forest 8 Adamson 17 . . Sunset 14 OMF H11m1rf'r1 Eigfllevfl ATHLETIC COACHES Adamson High School is fortunate in having an admirable staff of athletic coaches. Each coach is well-informed and experienced in his sport and each produces enthusiastic teams every season. We are proud of this group of capable men who lead us in the sporting World. tl Page One Hzunlrfd Ninelren W. E. QPQPQ NOAH "Pop" is a coach that is admired by the squad and by the students of Adamson High. He is a fine and jolly fellow who does all in his power to help the school in the field of athletics. "Pop" is the track coach as well as the head football coach, and he shall go down in Adamson history for his fine work. W. P. CBILLJ DURRETT Billj' one of the line coaches of Leopard gridders, is as pleasant and admirable a fellow as a school could ever wish for. Not only does he assist in coaching football, but he is also head coach in basketball and baseball and is excellent at both. As a salesman, well, just try not to buy anything he is attempting to sell you. VIRGIL BALLARD Although Mr. Ballard was new to the school, he was not new to the game of football. He is a person whom it is really a pleasure to know and he always works to develop a hard-charging team for Adamson High. We hope Mr. Ballard will remain with us for many seasons to come. f i Page Om' Hundred Twenty 5 4? QX S ADAMSCDN FCDCDTBALL SQUADS 151.gif Om, Iflllldllfflf Tzwllly-Oflu RAYMOND KDOUGI-INUTSJ OSTER ICO-Capfainj Halflmcfz, Raymond, known to be one of the fastest men in the city, did an extraordinary job at the halfback position. Ray is to be admired for the valiant fight which he put up the entire year, although under a heavy strain. This was Raymond's second and last year with the team, and he JACK KLITTLE DURRETTJ WILLIS KCO-Cupfainj Center be better known as the hard plugging This boy could utility man of the Leopards. Early in the season Jack filled' the center position, and he was later shifted to the fullbaclf position in which he developed into the hardest charging man on the team. "Little Durrett" played a ver excellent brand of football the entire year and was the Y most dependable man on the squad. jack was unanimously on the All-City Team, and should be All-State did a Hne job at the captain position. chosen X material next year. i J ll WL njifm s f VJ 1 if l l ' 1 fl l X 5 . fl! , lf Page Om' IJIl71l17'f"Il Tweniy-Two l Que'-If-Eiainz.--wif-"fl :R -mv Ben Lytle, the only three-year letter man on the team, barked signals for the Leopards this year. Most of the team's victories were due chiefly to the brain-work of Lytle. His fight and determination spread over the whole team. This is his last year to play and a man capable of filling his position will be hard to find. BEN LYTLE Q11urtf'rbar'k JAMES QREDJ MOSEI.Y End .. Although this was "Red's" first year with the team, he played his end position as if he had had a life time experience at it. "Red" was one of the best defensive as well as offensive men the Leopards have had for a long time, because he was always ready for anything. This was also "Red's" last year. He ended with All-City Honors. W. A. fBUSSEYJ STRICKLAND The fair headed boy with the rosey cheeks has played his last year with the Leopards and he will be hard to replace next year. Although Bussey was not a flashy player, he was as consistent as could be asked for. He was also a quiet sort of boy who could be seen and not heard. RALPH CRUPPYJ PERRY Ralph is the boy who never missed a day of practice for four years until he had his ankle broken in mid-season this year. Ralph, although he had not lettered his three previous years, stuck it out throughout his stay in high school, and this year he was awarded a letter for his fine play. Ralph is the kind of lad any coach would be proud to have. JAMES fMOOSE-NOSEJ CHRISTE Christe was a little slow in getting started this year, but when he got off, the opposing team was never trying to run his side of the line. "Moose" was the colossal man of Leopards and really took advantage of his distinction on the gridiron. We are glad to say he will b with us next year. W? JOE QBLACK DALLAS, DAV Joe was a lad who had gr t ability, and he could not be surpassed in side-stepping a tackler. He was a punter of the best sort, and really showed his ability against Sun- set. Joe was a fine passer, and would be terriiic if only he were with the Leopards again next year. Page Om' Hurzdred Twenty-Three R. -ali fi "Pete" played guard for the Leopards this year, and he really played it, too! He was said to be the hardest man on the team to block, for it seemed that he would never give out. P. H. should be one of the most outstanding players in the city next year, and a sure shot for All-City. P. H. QPETEJ DUNHAM PETE QELMERJ LAYDEN Although young and inexperienced, Pete could be depended on at end. It seems to be Pete's ambition to teach his cousin, Elmer Layden, some foot- ball pointers and at the rate he has started, he will succeed. Pete was a boy who had little to say and plenty to do and he should plenty next year. BILL KM. K. G.j WATSON Bill was handicapped nearly the entire season with a twisted knee. Nevertheless, he always came through with flying colors. Whenever a touch down was needed, old Bill was called upon, and he seldom missed. Bill will always be remembered for his fighting heart and unconquerable spirit. MACK QSUPPLED MCGINNIS With a very successful season to his credit, Mack spent his last year with the Leopards. "Supple" was always ready to take the opponents and the more they would mix it with him, the better he liked it. In short, Mack was a whiz at tackle. JIM QRHYTHMJ BROWER Jim, the smaller of the Brower twins, was one of the best ball carriers of the Leopards. He was fast and shifty, and a good passer as well. Whenever the ends needed circling, Jim was raring to go. "Rhythm" will be remembered by all for his fine spirit and friendliness. ALVIN QJU-JUJ STERLING When a dependable defen- sive man was needed, Alvin was called for. He had the "stuff" that makes great foot- ball players and he could surely put it out. "Ju-Ju" had a very successful season, for he had a knack of diagnosing plays and was always ready in the right place. The nine- teen year rule will not effect Alvin, so he will see action next year. Page One Humlrezl Twenty-Four ff' H ,. ...iw rg, . . " . 3 21" I gl R :mil fe .Cl is gydwixif 3 9 fl ,gavzim A, ef' ? , aa ' .ma X Y. X I, +I' . . am. W . .L : I :ij ,,.. . I .lv T Sf - r' rraarr . 5 . fl F f lr I gt, - , ,li , E ,,,,, g'fLi?f p en . 3 xi :' ' - 1f5,.5.. Mizjdfy A -pa N? ix iw J Y :A Q a J it I ,-gaxdffg 'wi ar, ,T ,gx g rf 3, in 'Z' Qi .+ or az' 'S' 3 x sg Ms. ,V s tr A ' EVA' his ,z-'Q . - 'av A.-, J gif ,,.. Sl. , , 2 be My-'J I F E ,dl J Q 4 ' J' r ' 1 'SC '9 I a if 4 r ., zz ' l s I!! lf 2 Eff" X 1 t D. C., another star of the track team, did an outstanding job at guard this year. "Cherry', was a hard Hghting kitten who could block and tackle among the best of the squad. This was D. C.'s second and last year to letter on the squad, as he graduates in June. D. C. fCHERRYJ NoLEN GENE fDEACONJ CAMPBELL This was Gene,s second year on the squad and, although he did not letter last year, he stayed with the squad and was among the best blockers and passers in the city. "Deacon" will be missed next year for his fine spirit and good humor. FRED CCAUTIOUSD DREES Although Fred was just a shade late in advancing toward his fine play- ing this year, he ended the season with a bang. "Cautious" played only a single year with the Leopards, but he will always be remembered for making greatest improvement, among all the men on the team. LEON QTHOMPSONJ GAMBRELL Leon was one of those players who are not flashy, but who are always hitting the opponent hard and fast. Leon saw action with the Leopards last year and will graduate in June. PAT CPATRICIAJ BROWER Pat made his first year on the team a very successful one at the center position. Pat was a boy with little experience but he was always practicing, trying to become a better passer and blocker. Pat, like his brother, will not be caught by the nineteen year rule, and will see action next year. AMos KMUSSOLINIJ CENDALLI Amos was one of Bob Harris' scrubs last year and it showed that Bob had done a good job at his coaching, for Amos played "bang-up" foot- ball all year, and will be in tip-top form for next year. This is just one of the many boys that Mr. Harris had on the first squad this year. HOWARD QHIRAMJ NELSON Captain Elect ,Hiram was one of the best ends in the city and he and "Red" Mosely made a pair of ends any coach would be a proud to have. Howard would have been nearly a sure bid for All-City honors had he ankle injury on the side- last of the not acquired an which kept him line during the season. "Hiram" will see ac- tion with the Leopards again. Page Om' Hundred Twenty-Five BASKETS W. P. DURRETT W. P. Durrett should be given full credit for his laudable Work during the basketball season of 193 5-3 6. In addition to coaching the Leopard cagers to a second place in the city series, he created such an interest in the sport as has not been known since it started in Dallas. ALI. SQUAD Ona Jlu1m'1'ml Twenty-Six BASKETBALL QUEEN For the Hrst time in the history of our school, a Basketball Queen was chosen. Evelyn Honeycutt was crowned after a triumphal march between the halves of the first game of the season. The Queen in her chair of state presided over the remainder of the game. COLYAR PHILLIPS JACK WILLIS Colyar was one of the lettermen . Jack was also a second year man, returning from last year. He played , , forward in excellent fashion, but always In the game fighting fo? 3' when a guard was needed, he filled victory- H15 PCP and C0'0Pefat10n that position also. aided the Leopards to a great extent. Page One Hundred Twvnly-ScL'w1 I P l . " W' JAMES CHRISTE The only All-City man on the squad this year was "Moose-Nose", but he really deserved his honor. Mr. Durrett often said, 'tWhen Christe's off, the team's off." BEN LYTLE Ben played a excellent brand of basketball this year with the Leopards. The Kitties owe much to him for his good teamwork and splendid sportsmanship. CLIFTON HUNTER Beyond a doubt, Clifton would have made All-City had it not been for his graduation at mid-term. His height and ability were missed very much in the second half. x NORMAN WATSON "Duke" improved the most of all the men on the squad and will be hard to stop next year. This was his Hrst year to letter. . ' : Q.. 6 K ..., .W . ,, W A, A ww Q. -I . igfefzagyy-f .- k ff, at ,is rw . ' lg vga.. uf M A 1 QQ X 'f 1 K , F 5: .il VL V I Ldlllllll g' BAss WILLIAMS It was often said that Bass could be a polished basketball player and this year he showed it by his excellent ability at the guard position. FERMAN FOWLER Even though Ferman was handicapped for a short time by illness, he always came back in time to help the team. This was his second year to letter. WARREN COOPER Although Warren was not one of the start- ing five, he was always raring to go when he was needed. He played at forward position. lax-J0J JAMES MOSELEY I ' Red was one of the "hot-shotsv if' e team' I and was a hustler if there eve Qwa . He made ineligible in the seco W y t e eight semester rule. . ry' L1 5 C X' ,I .jf ' ,jj ,jf . I'f1r- I- 5 k , fl 4 L sg lil? sg R 12 as s ? a. X -A X gif , Yz I QI ,AA a a zo, T H 9 3 if We at . I '. '. a... . Page Ont' H1l1Il'I1'Ull Twenty-Eight ' ,QDA og ' .. ' X 1 I uf- 1 ., P. u l E+ 2' RTW si ,. 1 BASEBALL TEAM Facing the 193 6 City Series Baseball season with a balanced group of players, and several promising recruits, Coach W. P. Durrett and Captain Joe Davis showed the other city coaches that they would have to hustle to stop the Adamson Leopards. The team has several individual stars, but the teamwork dis- played has been outstanding. As the Oak goes to press, we have seven wins and three defeats with a good chance to cop the flag and add another cup to the trophy collection. RQ i Page One Hundred Twezzty-Nine A G 0 L F T E A M .X 'H 5 1 H . '-X i X TRACK TEAM The 1936 track team, coached by Winton E. "Pop', Noah, won the City Track Meet with 65 1X5 points to the nearest competitor's 33 1f5. Hanszen was high-point- man with 15 points and Brower was third with 12 1f4. D. C. Nolen, captain, broke the eleven year old record in the 220-low hurdles. Other letter men were: Ulm, Ryan, Wise, Linehan, Campbell, Gable, Burroughs, and Loring. The Leopard team also won the district and regional championships and are rated as favorites in the State. Beth Thompson was chosen Cinder Sweetheart of the track team. D. C. No1.E N D. C., captain of the team, played an outstanding part in the winning of 1936 honors. He broke the 220-low hurdle city record, and scored high in every meet. 1 3 JIM BROWER Brower, a senior speed demon, was second high point man in the city meetg win- ning the 220 yard dash, scor- ing second in the 100 yard dash and broad jump, be- sides being :i member of the winning relay team. 1 C. V ' . , . . V ,,.. 1 .ff A1 . " ' W iki I-T 5355 ' V . GENE HANSZEN Gene, running his last year for the Blue and White, was high-point-man in the city meet, winning the high- hurdles, low hurdles. and high jump. Page Um' H11lm'r'ml Thirty-One' J ills 1 l 3 . 59 A BEN LORING If he could have been out for track ger, "Big Ben" would have been tops in e 440 yard dash. won his letter running on the relay RANDALL RYAN Randall won the pole vault, tied for second in the high jump, and took fourth in the broad jump in the city meet. This is Randall's last year, and his loss will be a great one. WILLIAM ULM Ulm, junior member of the relay team, also won the 440 yard dash. Ulm has an- other year and should be a sensation. GENE CAMPBELL Gene, a senior, placed second in the discus and third in the low-hurdles. He is a regu- lar fellow and a swell athlete, and we hate to see him leave. S A at JUNIOR GABLE Gable was sick during the city meet, but lettered in the district by running on the winning relay team. This was his first and last year on the team and his loss will be felt next year. JIMMY WISE Jimmy won the broad jump in the city this year. Jimmy will return next year and should be one of the mainstays in the 1937 team. R. J. BURROUGHS R. was unable to run in the city meet because of sicknessg but he won his letter in the district meet running on the relay team. This is his last year with the Leopards. JACK LINEHAN Winning second place in the mile run is no small feat for a sophomore, and so great things are expected from Jack in the next two years. 1 I Q Page Om' Hundred Thirty-Two I2 CI-IEEI2 LEADERS This year marked a glorious revival in our school spirit, and in this revival, our cheer leaders played no small part. They led thelstudent body in enthusiasm, and contributed great en- couragement to the teams. W. H. Adamson High School appreciates its cheer leaders of 1935-Lois Hamilton, Lyal Sneed, Sybil Roan, Chal Linn, Colyar Phillips, and Lucas Girraputo-and regrets that at least four of them will have to be supplanted next year. Page Om' Humlrm' Tbirtg pedfpvaa,-,.Q,14Q7.74 5,00 ' ,,,,,,,Q ,Pai-65 lie! U ,Q 940 'dxfl gofgiqnpoffunity is smz p?2,?ZfZZ1'fmd easily lost. - XV-,Y-v,-,,,,,,, ! V I f ,JW eww! fphfnf-Wm-fgufj 7 Q gf?-7? '1'C'c'.' as 9-p Wf'Lff,,,g,,zzf,ff2 2M,,4i?f4W,,7M I1IHn1mmp If L Monroe johnson: "I'1l show you something that will make make dirt fly." Mrs. Iolanson: "A new kitchen cleanser?,' Monroe: "No, a golf clubf, LaVerne King: "I understand your new job as a human cannon ball is very annoying." George Daft: "Yes, I get fired every day." THE CANNIBAL FLEA It was many and many a year ago In a district styled E. C., That a monster dwelt that I came to know By the name of Cannibal Flea, And the brute possessed no other thought Than to live-and to live on me. THos. Hoon. Billy Knapp: "The boss just made me the manager of his doughnut factory." jane Ranrlall: "Congratulations Are you in charge of everything?" Billy: "Yeah, the hole works." A1110 Salesman: "And, my good man, this used car is the opportunity of a lifetime." Roy Long: "You're right: I hear it knock- ing." o Ethel Heflwringiorz: "Will you help the 'Old Ladies I-Iome'?" Leon Price: "Where are they." Doris Gooden: "Isn't Niagara wonderful? I could just stand and look at it forever." john Tyler: l'But wouldnlt it be rather trying to go through life with a cataract in one's eye." o Leon Dierolf: "Please let me hold your hand for a minutef, Virginia Heiskell: "All right, but how are you going to know when the minute is up?', Leon: "Oh, I'll have the second hand for that ' 3' o r Alf Burr: "What,s the matter over there?,' Nancy Peebles: "A Boy Scout did so many good turns he got dizzy." Page One Hnnrlrecl Tbirly-Six Doroflry Dell Keifla: 'KHOW in the world do you ever expect to make a living?,' Bill Miller: t'By writingf, Doroilay Dell: "Writing what?" Bill: "Writing home." Floyzl Terry: "What kind of instrument is that?" George Sebastian: "A shoe horn." Floyd: "What does it play?,' George: "Footnotes," Freshman: "Oh, I have an ideaf, Sophomore: "Beginner's luck," Mamlelle Dorseff: "Is Miss Eisenlohr in?" Lnfa Scruggs: "No.,' Ma11a'elle: 'KWell, just throw this poem in the wastebasket for her, will you?" Then there is the proud father who wanted his boy to be a carpenter, so he sent him to boarding school. Chnl Linn: "See that fellow giving imita- tions over there? What does he always re- mind you of?" Forrest McCord: "The ten bucks I owe himf' Villian: "Ha, I-Ia! You are helpless: the old homstead belongs to mef' Hero: "And where are the papers." Villian: "At the blacksmith's." Hero: "You're having them forgedl' Villian: "No, no, I am having them filed." 7 A man A miss Theysatlikethis A kiss I-Ier father They sat like this Mrs. Banker: "I'm sorry, but you don't fit the part." Elizabeth Emmons: "Why not?" Mrs. Banker: "You're too light to play a heavyf, Peggy Humlbbrey: "What do you think of me as a poet?" Lorraine Albin: "You'd be much better if your feet were uniform." A middle-aged woman lost her balance and fell out of a window into a garbage can. A Chinaman passing remarked: "Americans vely wasteful. That woman good for ten years yetf' o Sign on Gus Girlinghouse's door: "If I am studying when you enter, wake me upf' Bass Williailzs: "Darling, kisses are the language of lovef' Mariba Donald: "Well, then, why don't you learn something besides baby talklv Sain Leeman: "You've brought me a vege- table dinnerl' Waifcfr: "No, it's our regular shore dinner. Sam: 'KWhere does the shore come in?" Wfaifer: "It,s in the spinach." 1: o Henry Lee Gafes: "Say, Bill, your engine's smoking." Bill jones: "Well, it's old enough." o Cop: "Where have you been?', Crook: "Oh, just out in the crowd for a little change." Ariafor: "Great Scot, the engines are miss- ing and the propellers have snapped." Dodd Osburn flZt"YL"0llSjI "Thank good- Now we can go down!" o Billy Maxwell: "Do big boats like this sink often?,' Bill See: UNO, only once." Sybil Wbeatleyi: "Don't you really know the difference between a haunted house and an adorable fellow who wants to kiss you?l' Wilbzir Teubner: "No, honestlyfl Sybil: "Well, you can't let the haunted housef' Don't study when you're tired, Or have anything else to dog Don't study when you're happy, For that will make you blue: Don't study in the daytime, And donlt study at night, But study at all other times With all you main and might. Sybil Roan: "You are like a doll I once had." Norman Wfafson: "Handsome?,' Sybil: "No, brokef' Did you ever consider how absence Makes the marks grow rounder? Son: "Pa, what did prehistoric monsters look like?" Pa: "I don't remember son. Ask your motherf' Mary Iobnsfon: "I was awakened last night to see two burglars step into the room. Then the clock struck one." Bill Brown: "Which one?" The Editor used This in a pinch: He needed exactly Another inch. Abraham Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address while traveling from Washington to Gettysburg on the back of an envelope. Miss Lankforal: "Now, Katheryn, name three strong nouns." Kafbryn Hord: "Onions, garlic and lim- burger." o "So your son is in college. How is he making it?" "He isn't. I'm making it, and heh spend- ing it." I o Professor: "I suppose your father will be unstrung when he hears about your exams?" BerryDa1.fis: "No, I wired him last nightf' Page One Hzzndrerl Tbirfy-Seven Iafle Willis: "I'm in a terrible fix and have no idea where to get money from." james Ross: 'iGood, I was afraid you thought you could get some from me." 0 Miss Aclualclell: "Bob, please cell me what it is, when I say, 'I love, you love, he loves-, " Bob Wf1lf: "That's one of those triangles where somebody gets shotf' o M. V. McDonald: "At least, misrepresent- ing chemical facts isn't my weakness." Mr. Czmyzzs: UNO, it's your strength." o Margarrf Brown: "Why don't you answer me?,' Bffafzfin' Cbap111a11: "I did, I shook my headf' Margarrf: "But you don't expect me to hear it rattle way up here, do you?" o Hr' with hands over her e es : "If ou 1 v 4 y y can't guess who it is in three guesses, I'm going to kiss you." Slar: "Jack Frost, Davy Jones, Santa Clausf, o Aftorncy: "Where were you on December 2Sth?" Wiflzess: 'KWhere was I December 2Sth? Why, wasn't that Christmas?" o Miss Hammock: "Can anyone mention a case of great friendship made famous through literature?,' l'll1CI1I'f'lU Ienson: "Mutt and Jeff." o Charles Reclaling: "They cold me my flivver was twenty horsepower, but I've only been able to locate four.', 0 Why does cream rise to the top? So the people can get it. o Gorilla warfare means when the sides get up to monkey tricks. A circle is a line with no kinks in it joined up so as not to show where it began. The future of "I give" is "you take". Mushrooms always grow in damp places so they look like umbrellas. Most of the houses in France are made of plaster of Paris. Page Om' Humlreal Tbiriy-Eigbl An active verb shows action, and a pas- sive verb shows passion. The correct way to Hnd the key to .1 piece of music is to use a pitch-fork. It is the duty of the Governor to beg all pardons and fill all the empty seats in the House. A corpse is a dead gentleman, a corpse is a dead lady. Rhubarb is a kind of celery gone bloodshot. Shakespeare wrote tragedies, comedies, and CITOFS. I I1l71l0l'I "Say, dad, that apple I just ate had a worm in it, and I ate that, too." Parvnf: "What, drink this water and wash it down." junior: "Aw, I will not. Let him walk down." o "Marie, when you wait on my guests at the table tonight, please don't spill anything." "Ddh't you worry, ma'am, I know how to keep my mouth closed." o "I'11 give him a piece of my mind," said a irate young girl. "Don,t you mean a chip, my dear?" asked her bosom friend. o Roy Tlarasb: "I got my whiskers on the installment plan." Ea' B. Tlarasla: "On the installment plan?" Roy: "Yes, a little down each Week." 0 "Ted, darling," said the sweet young thing who'd been taken to see her first foot- ball game, "hoW long does a man have to be a halfback before they make him a fullback?" o Iacquclyn Fonts Qafter trying on the ninth graduation dressj : "I really think I look nicer in something flowingf' Salesperson: "Why don't you jump in the river?" o Salesman: "These are especially strong shirts, madam. They simply laugh at the laundry." Customer: "I know that kind, I had some which came back with their sides split." LASSETTER' Shoe Cewfeefeem Shoe Rebuilding Phone 2-7560 1525 Commerce Street ,Y fr In sincere appreciation of the patronage and friendship of the entire student body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past thirteen years American Beauty Cover Co. 1900-8 Orange Street THE COVER ON THIS BOOK WAS PRODUCED IN THIS' PLANT R. O. T. C. HEADQUARTERS RIDING , OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT 0 LSE CLOTHING DALLAS, ONLY MILITARY STORE 1603 Elm Street 'X' COMPLIMENTS OF b The Texas, Rosevvin 84 Midway Theatres lg, hoe Repazzrzng 1 -lq X Q 'N Compliments of CHARLHEY' lk Opposite Oak Cliff Bank 86 Trust Co. J. L. RANDALL - - - Repairman Charley Cretien, Mgr. Graduate of Oak Cliff High School "Doc, I've been losing my hair." "But, my good man, I'm not a scalp specialist. Fm a dentist." UI know it. I've been losing my hair from worrying about my teeth." Greetings to Seniors and under-graduates Shop at Sears-Roebuck C5370 0. Your Oak Cliff Sfore From THE TEXAS BEAUTY sHoP mm' Saw Telephone 6-0480 221 W. Jefferson 1 5 9 PHILOSOPHY P0 ITIO High school seniors who are looking forward to employment and opportunity as early as possible after Commencement, will be interested to know that during the first three months of 1936 our Employ- ment Department placed lll young people-most of them 1935 High school graduates-in good starting positions with Dallas business firmsg and had 48 calls that we were unable to fill. A complete record of these calls and placements are on file at the College office-the broadest as- surance of the opportunities that await your gradua- tion here that it is possible to conceive. Intensive Summer Courses to prepare you for similar opportunities within a few months. Call, or phone 7-3133 for complete information. Largest in Dallas- in enrollment and placements. Draughorfs College COMMERCE Sc HARWOOD Wlaen it's been raining all afternoon and the evening mail doesn't contain the letter you expected and your supper is cold and tasteless, and you go to a show and it,s terrible, just make yourself believe that it won't rain tomorrow, that the letter will come in the next mail, that your next meal will be all right and the next show you see will be entertaining. And, should it happen that it does rain the next day, the letter fails to arrive, the meal isn't any good and the show is not entertaining, then have a good laugh for being able to kid yourself into believing such things would happen. Qak Cliff Bank 84 Trust Co. Complete Bamlemfg S61"1!ZC6 if K f - I ,YYY L W f.. W V, -, ,WL fIIlXf0l1Z4'l' Calf Soda Fozzflhzinj-I want .i plain soda Water without flavor. Everts on the box Clerk-XVhat flavor do you want it with- l Out? , adds much to the CIlXffIll1l'l'iWl1llf flavors have you got? glftr but Hofhimg CI1z'1'k-We have chocolate, pineapple, tO the COSU. vanilla, and caramel. CIIl.ffl1lIZt'I'LWCll, I wanted it without E S 7 ER-' I 'S strawberry. . C1t,l'll-I,H1 sorry, we're all out of straw- , berry. Would you just as soon have it with- jewegeyf Mam St' out chocolate? -1- PI-IILLIPS - TAYLOR .H , 4 X. D4'lIILlAf'1Ll1Ll0I'1 me a moment, sir, I must Sc to 51.00 Stores have 3 drill. Invite you to trade with us. WAII Kinds of Sc to SI.00 Merelijandise BH, Lyfllvicanf I even have A tooth fixed 121 West Jefferson HJNI Ilione I-SBI! Without a rehearsal? J. Il. I H, Manager VC K , if L-432.4-,111 The old KH!Qll,Qf, 7 X ffac' new K61'f9lI,S . . for fi ll10l'f' Haan a buff- 0 Cl U O 5 CC'lIfZll'j' one of A,,,g,fjc-,,'5 ,fmlly Mam and Elm at Lamar . . . great stores for 111611 amz' boys. Engso ' EAUTY OLLE E FINEST IN DALLAS AND THE SOUTH Investigate NEILSON'S Before Enrolling in Any Beauty School Leading Beauty Shops Demand NEILSON Graduates 412 West Jefferson STATE ACCREDITED 6-045 8 CLEANERS Prof. Smilli-I will have to give you a zero Qzmlizfy . . . Service . . . Economy this semester. Above All Else V . , , H"l"f S fr-1-Will, 1 Q l Bishop at Eighth Phone 9-5211 lilqlilqy yilliig life- L t mt me ms not Img lfree Delivery '14 i 1 1 , - 1 'QI think 1 will go down and get me a Jam Tlx South 5 Bc Sf piciv Book Store ltxvliilf kind of pie is fllllty, T 1 "Oh, you've seen 'em, top crust jammed V W S against the bottomf, 1515 'I' SCHMALZRIED BOOK SHOP George Waldrep Barber Shop '1- i rri lw ' v i xi '6 5 l 1, il is , il li M, rl C i T'Zf2.''o, k '1' SUITS - - PANTS - - OVERCOATS READY MADE TA1l,OR MADE BELL TAILORTNG COMPANY "Tlx, Young MCI1yS Sfore of Dallasn Phone 2-0995 HUDSON C. LOCKETT 1611 Main St. Dallasv TCN35 METROPOLITAN BUSINESS COLLEGE FOVCIIIUSI' in Dallas Sinn' 1887 NOW' is the time to prepare for a good position METROPOLITAN training insures success XVrite, call, or phone 7-8514 for information A traffic expert in New York, in speaking of traffic jams abroad, says that the London drivers and chauffeurs enliven many occasions by their Wit and sarcasm. One X' London driver drew up, when he saw a pedtestrian directly in his Way, and leaned over and very politely inquired: "1 say, may 1 awsk what are your plans?,' -X4 ,.1 7 ONA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE l I ' I N H S 623 E. 10th Street Owned By A liormer Oak Cliff Student vvvvvvvvvvv PILRMANENI XVAVE SPECIALISIS 6-0153 pl. Jewelry Wfafches 1627 . E L M zczmondy LANCASTER AVENUE BARBER SHOP Telephone 6-0476 106 N. Imieaiicr FRED E. PATTERSON DALLAS m.MT5r1-we-Q'., V AIM LJTZEJ , X2 K Z H f ZZj2"ef'A'a'WC,1fme 430' T . "A'4"'f-'HM-4, ?g6 THIS ANNUAL PRI TED BY Wikia we T PRINTING COMPANY 1717 Wood Street, Dallas, Texas 'Yr ww jb9Ng2bMwA44AwMAyJ f'X 'Y 0-,J mba! QQ - 1 WLM awww MLA"-Y'fU L 7 Off-'U-f ' ' K E11 'zcwin 5 GQJTYA gf? g QSO ufgwaifs fm Engzauing 60, , W of mffai Q IAXFKXKF Www 2 ffff xi f XA Xpbfxfyfsxifg x if WM A ff QQ- ' frfwix m SQA XX Qhfo NN A, ,Q Rm X3 A Fw AA' in weak WN QEEX-fi 9 f MK as Q g i 2 Wwfyyifzww JZMWLW M 5 A ' ',,,,,,q,..,ff .v,zA-ff-f-A .474y"""' fz0f.0ff'-""9"'7'5"A'c""?h'. A'f"w'ff'f'f"'0wQfff' 4,cl,L,..,-Q-14-fff'f'7"Z"d'f A Vxbff'-ff'-1-'f?av'f"0"""6A'-z Ayqfffwad ,. w'Hrj Jflffff-'U'g4"""' Hi, if 44' . di

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