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 - Class of 1935

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Text from Pages 1 - 150 of the 1935 volume:

-J ...f - ,.,.f: , ... ,.. ...: - ... :.': Aff' I P1 AG YY Sf 'I' ,Z X 6766 Walk COPYRIGHT, 1935 V SOPHIA LEE LJAVIS KABEE CLYVA MAE HUC Ifffifors Ifo5'l'IcR PARKER GLIZNN Hicks Bll.KfIlL'NX Mamzgvrs 7' i p , Y, , S' Q 1 . li xa-'Z R X 5 , Q liar? emu- f LF' .5 - fi X ,QQ ' Y .gig - . . 1 V i 1 g f - 5-K" P-- X, , Qi Q-1 S XX "' B . - Lg.. N A 'K 11 gqQ wEfGH TNI nt 1 FGREWQRD If tbis book can bring back Memories rlear to youg Can add joys in a worla' Wbere tbey are all too fewg I f it can bring reality In life bebina' tba' lnask Then--ana' only flIf'l1-:IRIS it Acfonzplisbea' its task. If you feel yourself forsaken As you slip into tbe years, May tbese pages bring you comfort Anal dispel your anxious fears. For welll be going along ufitb you As we look tbe old Oak tbrougb And renew, in fancy, frielulsbips Of Oak Cliff Higb and you. 1. MR. W. H. ADAMSON If has 111111 111111 M1111 11'o1'1lx arf' 11s1'11'ss sy111lvofx Wl11'11 11l!1'1'1'1f 1'11 1'.x'j1r1'xx flu' 11111111111 fJ1'111A1', Yvt 1111'11 lJtll't' f11'1'11 i111j11'll1'1l tl1r1111glJ1111I Ibn' ages T11 lL'1'jIlf' fbrir ffyozllgbis fllllll haw' fbf'Ill sv! 11111111 A1111 so wr' shall 11011 1'1'f1'1' you fo flu' 511414115 For 11111 fl'l'1fIl.if fl111f 101' .Yfl'jl'f' .111 fo t'.YfI7'l'SS, Bllf lo 0111 1f1'111'1'.vf f1'i1'111f 111' 1111110 Ibis when Will bring tl litilv 1111111 frm' h11.l1pi11ex5. A life flllllf is well 11'111'1'h ilvf' living Is sj11'111' ill l1e1f1111g U11 Souza' olbw' 01113 Tl7f'VL'f0I'I', ww Sl'l1iU1'S, in ll!Jf1l'f'!'f61fi0ll, D1'11i1'11f1' lloix Oak to Mr. A1f11111x1111. ww Ill Ill Ill Ill OAK CLIFF PIIGH SCHOOL OAK CLIFF, OUR MOTHER Oak Cliff, our Mother, The sands are fast falling, The filllf' is approavhilzg Wfheu wc' musf lvavc' ibeeg Thou has! lzzzrfznfcfzl alul loved us, Thou hast shelir'rc'd and sfhoolarf us Azul now has vomcf our 1111171 To do servivf' fo fbnfg Thou shalf 1H',I'V hz' forgoffr'11, Thou shafi fwfr ba houorrrl In far filmtv and far jnfafrs, Wh0r'rzfa1' uv bag "For fha samf S1111 is o'r'r us, Thr' same low' shall find us, The same and nom' ofhma, Whereveff we hag Wfith the same goal hefore us, The same home hvhiml us, Oak Clif, our Mofhrr, E'r'r hallowed shalf hr." Y r i l I ? gr" -f-' .' 'Q 3 'f, f- - - N- -- V Y Y ,. V x --1-td.-V ,QW ,ga-... -. ,H ,--:- ..- - 4 -w--- -W ,, - ' .-. -- V -- -A Aj . Y,-M, 'nf - fi-' ' ' Q.. iiia r B90 3 Flmntstratiorm f , 1- -- . , f .Q-f iE1nnm1 m P I 1 ?f favorites - IA ii ' flflf ifies 1 ' Eff i fi FU Ll Ill 0 1' 55 ' ' if 3 --W ,,,, -f-1 f f tft' , gi .- 'F -1 " - V ,i-"ipf'i!Y" ir i' Vi 'Y Ht.,-i"f'f Z LK7-fkmflrq-17K-A' 'N ' - .rlig L ' 5--jgtif ' ,f "---""",Y,, , ' - V 4g-K - 4' - - -if ,K , , ,. ,ff k w: W1 ,,A?q-. . -, - H M fgrfis' X ,W '--YNY -1-Y V ffi- - . , -X - , 1,5 , A .A- ...Qu . ,,.,, - - , - ,. - - -f AQ- - -- ----W , 'W W" ' Ifiibf ft.-. , YY , , , ' X7 A gf' - - V , , .,.,- -' - """"-'---- "Y ' 'f ' ----7-74 -T7-.AV Y V , ,,,..Y, ,. , i-1YfHAifT5i?l5T:ff lr. :ifiiiv .. A , 5- ,M Y 4-fig! f4'?i-6, J 1-f---if , fi 5. '. ' f ' ltr '- "f,' 'T-'fnzif-EQ- Tfgq' :-ll 5 K .im Y i - Q ' :Y 5- . ' ,- - ' F f'i-"'--Y--'g .+-491:-,...--i ,. Y, U -H., 31. J-1' V il 'J - - g ,gi ,gi.,f,, -- -P- . Q .!T-i Nyglis. , F ii? ra, qi Y lf V 'W' W' , -.Q ..' . , L 'Q' . 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'Q k '-'-2--:- Apr- g1L1l.-'fvz-1+-""' gi-Fi?-V?"-i f Q P ' ' Q it-Q "?445 :- -. - -.k. , W, L -- , '. -. .: ' sw , , V. , -.4 ..-.41 -f:f,,- ff-Y , 5' ?- fs , . .qw-. ,M,,,,y f. ' :NM -,?-Suk - ,alfa gi, Jlgii-If: ...-.n....'?.L --4, . 1 13 3 5 - -if 5 T-- -lf 3 V,,1..i::L fi 'f u fif , f W " 4 X Q Q-w .3 11 1 'QL f -T 2:-r-. 1' ' '-:I-rf -1---F'-E, " J-. xzyligf ,Za Urs, .-f,1,: ' I I - ' '?l??T,.:.:, V--' - ,, -, - --'fl'1'T 13- 1 : ft - I, if ff L" T-' 3 gg Qi," 4 f 1 3 - 122 - ggi Y ' --'-F52 i-V '.. -1 2-If 'HN ,, A ' 'fix lf Tiff. .T'ir2 1, ' if , , X I 1 Q S ., L24 -.Y 34 - J 1 X, Y V . , 5 - - ,gi-1. f r j: ig- ' ' I-45-Lf' ' H - . - P i s -W 1 ' -H S ... 7 -'- ,..- fa Y.: ,Ti 'T :' K . 1 his ii?-' Y , 'L-3-f4bg"3j f -f - 1- 1 .7 , .-4' ,p,- - , V ,.--V f A 5 EJ iQ A 5 Q - ---AA 1:--fs N gl ' , H , 215:31 1,-:fi f : ., J ,f A 1 --44, if sifsfiliif 5312 - ..' x -- , V-A - 1-1 .e- N X , X K- lag, -W , 7? -P+' , 5 0 , ' fy?- : v , i K '. T? 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" 1 ' +- - . . . --5-, K- -, ij'-, - a..,-:1f -11 , 'ng "1--Af f- L,-. , , .f.,,.-ff X1 , - 'Say ' i?:g:N.55:Esf'2f11:2:::1Hz , I ' Y-rr -3-al -? 4E"'gz- iff. 1, 5 ,f '-rfQ:Q5?2:2:fiz:sa::k I' V - i f f- F:-1, .... - " ,: i. :51 :.1z , Q - N? TQ X ""'f3?1J?I"':'4-' ' 1 -- , i f - 'i r ll' 'fr ' x- ff Y- ",, LT' , ,'f'Vx ' f ---i' i4 " --- - ' , ' SE , ,-I '-illi: P -- Qi-6. - -5- 5Q: L Y - 4 ' f' '- "' 4-f-,iilff ? . A " ' - ,,- -- - T -, T: - -wk i " ' : ,. ' Y, Y, L lei , L?i--- 1:-as ff", ' ' , 'df .. 1-- :1- aff- 1 kj 3 - .-f '- "'r"1-- p f-'li'--1 -' -- . .- M ' Q g i b ,- ff, if- -- ,. ., -, .Qs EL , - W" 'E"'+L2--ff-L,-Q J,,.. !:-i,Li-,- - 1- -- "" '--Q. L ---. - - ' ' "l n T. ?f-zvfgv W--- .' -,,- Y' -2 -'T '-- ff' ' -b R -W -- f f- Q- lziiar- L ' -i5T7 " T' 1I'f'L..f ff H -T 14.44 755- ?+: T... - ,T-XI, - -Y - i 7.,.,:.- NT, - -" " '- j- -12.-.:L- l , P LQ- , . E l- funn! I -" P A ' - ' " far- - i l - -' '- . P . .:.... f . YA --' ' iifp lk gill hugjslbatiqn Kingdoms mel! away like snow, Gods are spent like wasting flames, Hardly the new peoples know Their divine 1'f9ric'e-worshipped names! -Drake. , . . . N. R. CROZIER E. B. CAUTHORN L. V. STOCKARD S14pf'ri11ff'm1r11l of Srlmnls Axxixtazzl S11l1v1'i11iz'f1Jvr1i Divlrirl S11pr'r1r1lc'mleni of Srfwuls of High S4'b001S Boarol of Education DAVID W. CARTER, ju., M. D., President COMMITTEES Finance Buildings and Sites Gabe P. Allen, Chairman L. O. Donald, Chairman L. O. Donald Gabe Allen Mrs. W. A. Leeper Fred D. Danford Sypplipg Lunch Rooms Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt, Cbairmarz Mrs. W. A. Leeper, Chairman L. O. Donald Z. S. Armstrong Fred D. Danforel Mrs. XV. P. Zumwalt Rules Welfare ' Z. S. Armstrong, Chairman Fred D. Danford, Chairman Mrs. W. P. Zurnwalt Mrs. W. A. Leeper Gabe Allen Z. S. Armstrong , . L, M, .,,-WMWA 1 - ,A V A. -- QZQQYTQ-mAfv,1BE'i'5.:g:,A Sw :w1'f,- ft K , .. ., V ,rw5,,W,1,z-mfg!wiiieiffiizw-ws',ak pg27..wf3uaw, - ,fd 9 J. 4 15 I ,LE 1 fihsfssv A A SK aw 35 A ' my KH S 4 ,i Q' ,Ji 'P ,Lf S1 .5 55' v s. ., 5 ' HV -Sv fesgff- Pagm' 7'Il'l'1l'L' 4 4: . 0 , fb., , Q' 6 X Wgiigsg Le, JE .H , A A.,, his - mm gm, - f, gilxfggi Lx, .1 -in:,fii'2Qi2fi1fvag. rim'fif.5i33E??Tg1Q:j1'f .f,:'wgwffL,?:r- f i" .5vztW42k-SVI,-::z 1g1,mAg5g?gsQ:esf:,,: 1?Qf5?ihrf.1f3Ifiliii1 'fssf23?fLp::.4ls1 1 IIOWARD A. ALLFN Al'f2lIiQ Prillzijlfzf 1 ' ' Q IQ 1 mi 4 f. . A ' 4 I X .-.......... -...... lo the Seniors It is my privilege to greet you, the Senior Class, at this time in the absence of our beloved prin- cipal, Mr. Adamson. The finest message that I can leave with you cn the pages of this Oak. is to urge each of you to appropriate to himself those excellent traits of character which our principal so uniquely taught you. Never before in the history of America have we so urgently felt the need of education and character in business and government. The schools are challenged to produce thinking young men and Women, capable of solving our social and economic problems. It will require a straight- thinking, honest, sincere people to preserve and extend those ideals of democracy which were written in our American Constitution. We shall expect you, the members of this class to continue the education which you have here so Worthily pursued. May the influences of your lives join with those of thousands of former students to spread the fame and spirit of Oak Cliff High School and to render service to humanity! Face life with honesty, confidence, intelli- gence, sincerity, loyalty, and purpose. A weak man Waits for opportunity while a strong man makes his, own. Qpportunity is where you are, and not in some distant place. HOWARD A. ALLEN, Avfing Prizzcijzfzl. i' Tbn 1 ff i ,wig Pagu FUIU'fL'L'!I .tg Qur Faculty To you, dear Faculty, We would pledge oui undying devotion, and express our gratitude for your unlimited and unnumbered services which you have rendered us during the happiest four years of our lives. AIIAMSON, W. H. . ALLEN, HOWARD A, . ADUIIIJELI., HELEN ALEXANDER, LAURA BAKER, NELI. . BANRER, WANDA . BARRETT, ANNE BELL, ANNA . BELL, RUTH . BRAMI.IiTTE,MINN1li . CABANISS, IDABEL CAIN, E. M. . CAMPBELL, L. E, . CLIiMENT, NELLIE D. CLIZMENT, W. B. . CILYIETTF, MARY LOUISE COOPER, BERTA . . CRANE, ABIGAIL CUNYUS, G. G. . DURRli'l'T, W. P. . EISENLOHR, HENRIE'I"I'A FRASER, RIPPLE . . GILLESPIE, J. H.. GRAVES, FANNIE . HAMILTON, LUCY HAMIL1'0N, W. T. . HAMMOGR, CHRISTINE HARRIS, MARGARET . HASIQLTINE, MAY M. HIiSTI1R, H. B. . . HIGGINBOTHAM, LORINE HOLI,OW'AY, GLRALDINI. l'IORN, HELEN R. . Faculty . . Prinrijlai Affing Prinripai . Frc'nI'b . Librarian . Typcwrifing Pubiif Spfllkiflg Matloemalirs . Hisfory . English . Mathematics . . Ciofbing . Conrmrrvial Lau: Mvrbaniral Drawing . . . Art . Malbmnalirs . . English Hislory and Civics . . Hislory Cl7FI!liSff-jf . . Hisfory . . Iournaiisni Ilmnv Econoniirs . Arrozznfing . Dean Mafbrfmafirs . Physics Latin History . Musir Manual Aris . Sofia! Srifnrr Sl'L'Y'l'ftI7'-Y lo Pfillfitldl . . . Enqiis J AIAQRSON, VIRGINIA . , Clgfk KFNDRICK, MARY Sindy Hall KING, ROBIZRTA . . , Spaffigly LANGFORIJ, NELLIE BLY , , Eyjgfiyb LIWTWICH, L- C- - . . . Malbenlalirs MANNI JOHN A- Conznzanflanl of R. O. T. C. MATTHEWS, H. T. , , , Lufju MlLLIiR, HAZEL . , SLU,-lbgml MORRYSONI MARY Pbysiral Training NI,WBliRRY, EUGENIA . . . Spanish NOAH, WINTON . Mafbcnzalics PATRIQR, ANNE . , Engligl, ROCKIZTT, MABEI. . 5131555 ROOTES, VIRGINIA E. . , Spanish RUI-'IfIN, RUTH . SMITH, R. N. . STORES, BERNIGE TAYLOR, NILLI. R. TILLEY, EUNICE WHATLEY, PEARL . . . . English . . Malhemalirs Assistant in Pb-Ykifdi Training . . . . English . C he in is! r y M albwnalics Page Fiflcrfz 17 45 AS A 15 A. 1 EQ! Page Six lwn MRS MRS MRs MRS MRS L'1RS MR5 IWRS MRS IVIRS MRS. MRS. MRS. parent-Teacher Association OITHCERS Ii. M. Gulxl' ..... . T. A. I'lOK11 . . 1"i1'Al M. B. MORQAN . 5 n'1' 01111 .LI. Ii. WAl.IiAX'l.N . . 'lfwirll R. B. I"IUMPllRLY . . lfonrflz L. B. JUIINSVQN . Ififlfl C. C. CANII RUN . . Sivflz xl. G. JONES . . St'l't'IlfZ7 j. XV. Fl.1.I',MAN . R 1'4' 0 L. O. DUNALD . V. O. THUMPSON J. D. BIzNlDA . C. Pooui I. I'r'vxiJwzf Vifkl'-l,I'l'.VjtIt'1If Vin Viva -lJr'r'Si4fc'IIf '-l'n'siJw1l Vin'-l'1'1'xifIr'11i xiii?-Pl'4'SiLlt'71f Vin Vin' Jing . C01'rvsjm1111'i11kq - 1Jl't'.N'fLll'l! f -I'1'4'siz1'U11f Sm-n'ia:'y SK'l'7'4'ft17Aj' 'Tl'l'tlSIl'l'C1' I'lixfor'ian . Parlia111w1fa1'i.zn A w ' v viii -...-..... -....-. a l X parent-Teacher Association "Progress is not measured hy the distanre we find ourselifes from the goal, rather hy our llIXfdlIl't' fl'UIl1 the starting jioinlf' The Oak Cliff High Parent-Teacher Asso- ciation has come a long way from its starting pointg yet, today it is still holding aloft the ideals of the Parent-Teacher movement and building toward improved homes, schools, and communi- ties in which to rear children and better laws for their protection. Service has ever been the watchword, and no effort is too great if it benefits the child. "Ont heyonil there is lying A year jillea' with fair toinorrows Iii the silent past are dying- All our little east-of sorrows, Iii the distance there are glowing Heights on which prozirl hanners fly Armed as ifietors we are going To ascend them, you and I." u n teu n Q I The Dads, Club OIJPIGERS AND DIRECTORS CQIAJRGI1 A. Slumczulg, Clmirvzazi of flue Board' NV. F. ULM .........,.. Prrsidrnf I.. E. lVlCBRllJI,g . . . lfirsf Vim'-P1'vxirf1'rif-Mr111bc'1'slJijw KINO. I. BLAUDUY , . . . Vim-P1'f'xif1'vrzf-Welfare GUY E. DILAN . . . Vive-Pwsidr'uf-Iinferiainmmf BRUCE KLRSHAW ........ E7Ift'Vfl1f71NIl'71f G. C. xIl:NNING'S .... View-Prcsidwzf-Effzzration C. W. HAR'I'ER, Vive-PrrsidmI-Aflolcfir and R. O. T. C. H. F. PARK ............ Secretary' C. D. BROXVIJFR ........., Treasurer George Chestnut E. P. Childress jno. E. Willis M. P. Huckabee E. M. Cain E. T. Johnson The Oak Clitf High School Dads' Club has had a successful year. The tennis court has been brought to completion, improvements have been secured for the base- ball diamond at Lake Cliff Park, and other additions made to the grounds and gym equipments. Wfelfare has been especially stressed and it is felt that all actual needs for food, clothing, books, and supplies have been met--in co-operation with the P. T. A. This department is our first concern as an aid to the promotion of education. The club has headed a move for an addition to the building in order to eliminate present hardships and to acommodate more pupils, and believes that the new building will be added as soon as money is available. We consider this of major importance for the future of the school, ...-.. Page lfigllfiwi ' '59Di9v2 Q? lb I Q CHARLES SPRAGUE FLORENCE WALRAVEN ALICE TOWNSENII President Vicv-Prc'siu'c'11t Sz'vI'c'far3, January Class Qfficers COMMITTEES PROGRAM Pugr TlL'f'lIf-X' CHARLES BARTLETT . .... Clmirnmfz LYDA Blass STOGNER ROSE MAIKIE PIOXVELL CSEORGE SILRGI-QA N F SOCIAL RUTH MAPLES ..... Claairnmfz CARLOS JONES PAY KEAHIZY ROY KINNAN INVITATION XVILLIAM HliI.I-ER .... Cfyairnzau RUTH BIRIJWIQLL RUBY LOUISE MQBRIIJE EARL HAMILTON M MARY ADAIMS Entered from Sunset, '32. Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, Horseback Riding Club. "Ffu'r'rlne'.vx and friendship shim' furlh from ber fare." RICHARD ANDEIRSON Entered from Reagan, '29, Hi-Y, R. O. T. C. "The expresxion sjrrafex a mimi In July frm, l'07IIf70Xl'11, n'.vigm'1l." CHARLES BARTLETT Entered from Peeler, '3l. R. O. T. C. Officer, Camp Dallas, '32, '33, '34- Most EfHcient Cadet, '34, Y 1 "C1ap! Clap! Here fumes Charlie!" FRED ELIZABETH BECKENBACK Entered from Pceler, '3I. Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves. "No one ever rzllvlllpfs fo rozzzflrfu WHL her suwelrlexx and bn u'am'iug fi'r!." CHARLES BECKI'-IAM Entered from Lida Hooe, '3l. Football, '31, '32, '33, '34, Track, '33, '34, R. O. T. C. "If I fun gr! by loffay, p:'1'bujmx lbw :worm 'wifi turn fmr1orrou'." JACK BENDA Entered from Bowie, '31. Rifle Team, '33, '34, Business Manager of the Amru, Camp Dallas, '31, '32, '33, '34, Crack Company, '32, '33, '34, Latin Club, Scholarship Club, Crack Platoon, '32, '33, Cadet Captain, Head Cheer Leader. "Lows fo bear hinzxvlf laik." RUTH BIRDVUELL Entered from Bowie, '3l. Girl Reserves, Invitation Committee of IV-A's. "She wax mer fair and m'z'vr proud, Hua' longm' at will, bu! ye! was m'z'l'r loud." CHARLES BLUDXVORTH Entered from Reagan, '31. "Wbo knows u'br'rv lu' will land?" in 'fr ,X X Page Tzcw1ly-Oni' an 0' Page T uwlfy- T u 'o MARGARET BOYLE Entered from Sunset, '33, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Saleg Gymboreeg Span- ish Club, Dallas Day Pageantg Acorn Reporter. "A quid, rheerful girl is the Ana' SlL'l'L'f and pretty us can fun" DOROTHY BRANT Entered from Hogg, '31, Poppy Sale, '31, '32, '33g President Il-B Classg Dramatic Club, Acorn Staff. "One wry quirl, yet so charming." FRANCES CAMERON Entered from Bowie, '31. Pen Pal Club, History Club, Latin Clubg Social Chairman of I-A and II-A Classesg Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Gymboreeg Acorn Staff. "Little and ruff, sbs' mows so fax! Tha! under ber fre! lhrre grows no gran." VIRGINIA CAYWOOD Entered from Mills, '3l. Girl Reserves, Gymboree, Spanish Club, History Club, "Good nalun' mm' fharm Eff' ber striking qlmlilivsf' GERALIDINE CHILDERS Entered from Reagan, '31. Pan-American Forumg Scholarship Club, Spanish Club, Acorn Reporter. "Il'x nice' to bm' nufurul when y0u'rt' rmiumlly r1iI'I'." LOLA COLE Entered from Bowie, '3l. Spanish Club, Gymboreeg Art Club, History Clubg Dramatic Club. "IiI'I'ry inch of buf bright is an inrb of delight." RAYIIORIJ COOK Entered from Bowie, '3l. Golf Team, '33, '34, Captain Golf Team, '34, Acorn Staffg Art Club. "His bearfs as fur from fraud as bmrrn from ruribf' CI AYRIEE COOPER Entered from Fort XWOrth, '34. 'Auoilwr rrmwl IVIIQY grllilrlrzrlz jrrrfrr wil-lu'mf.x." I 1 X 1 ......,...f MARY ELLEN CRUDUP Entered from Hogg, '31. Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: President of Girl's Glee Club, '35g Christmas Cantata, '32, 'Hg Lead in Oeperetta, '54: All City Chorus: Dramatic Club. "No emleavor ix in vain Its reward is in the living." SOPHIA LEE DAVIS Entered from Mills, '3l. Girl Reserves: Scholarship Club: National Honor Society: Secretary of National Honor: Co-Editor of the Oule: Gymboree. "Ah, wha! lowly lhingx Are fushiorzml out of eighleen xpringxlu C. B. DONALD Entered from Hogg, '30, Crack Platoon: Non-Commissioned Officer: R. O. T. C. "His opinion is bis law." LA VIERTA DUNCAN Entered from Bowie, '5l. Gymboree: Spanish Club: Poppy Sale: Forget-me-not Sale. "friendliness ix bu mitlille' name." MARGUIYRITIZ DUNN Entered from Bowie, '31. Girl Reserve President: Scliolarslaip Club: National Honor Society: French Club: Latin Club: Operetta: Poppy Sale: Oak Staff. "I form! my lime by times fha! I meet Ibn." SARAH FLEMING Entered from Bowie, '31. Gymboree: Operetta, '33: Glee Club. "Merry and frm' and sad for nobody." ONELIA FRANKLIN Entered from Reagan, '3l. Poppy Sale: Gymboree. "A girl you run'l forget." BONNA DELL GHARIS Entered from Hogg, '31. Girl Reserves: Latin Club. "She roulzl laugh and leap and run, Send ilu' bull flushing in the sun." x n 'az .,X X t Page TIl'L'7lf,l"Tl7l'L'L' QV lb Ls A Page TIL'FilfJ'fFf1Il r ROYCE HAILEY Entered from Trinity Heights, '3l. 'PA1l'zl-1'.Y N'Alt1'j' and Irilliug for fun ur for uorfzf' EARL HAMILTON Entered from Reagan, '3l. Dramatic Clubg Senior Hi-Yg Business Manager of Acorng R. O. T. C.g Crack Companyg Spanish Clubg Acorn Staff. "Will3', Iirvly, and full of fun." LUCILLE RUTH HAMILTON Entered from City Park, 'Z-1. Girls' Reserve Clubg Mixed Chorusg Swimming Clubg Girls' Glee Clubg Latin Clubg Gymboree. "Thr he-luis of lan friends trusl xafely in her." CLAYTON M. HARPOLII Entered from Mills, '50. R. O. T. C.g Acorn Staff. "The lilile good I bum' done is my bex! u'ork." WILLIAM HELI.ER Entered from Hogg, '31. Crack Companyg Crack Platoong President of Dramatic Clubg National Thespian Clubg Onc- Act Play Contestg Scholarship Clubg Senior Play. "Aml1iiion knous no wil." AUBREY HILBURN Entered from Reagan, '3l. Scholarship Clubg Latin Club. "My fulurv is no! 0110 of my concerns." ROSE MARIE HOWELL Entered from HOSE, '3l. Girl Reservesg Scholarship Clubg Gymboreeg Poppy Saleg Dramatic Clubg Secretary of Classes I-A and II-B5 Forget-me-not Saleg Opercttag All-City Chorus. "Queen Rose' of Ib? roxebud garden of girls." DOROTHY MAE HUFF Entered from Hogg, '31. Orchestrag Girl Reservesg National Honor Societyg Scholarship Clubg Gymboreeg All-City Orchestrng Poppy Saleg Forget-me-not Sale. "Calmmfss is a greaf aIlI':1n!ag1'." 1 HOWARD JENNINGS Entered from Reagan, '3l. Football, '33, '34, Basketball, Senior Hi-Y, Glee Club, R. O. T. C., Scholarship Club. "He always looks al tlvc brigbl side of life." CARLOS JONES Entered from Amarillo, '31. Football. "Ciz'f'ro is zleuzlg Demoslbenes is Jearlg bu! Carlos is ye! alive." W. B. JONES Entered from Hogg, '3l. "Oh that I had a title good enough lo keep his name 1-ompany' FAY KEAHEY lintercd from Hogg, '31, "MU11'PXfA5' is the rbarm Thu! colilest hearts fan quivkly warm." JEWEL KEMPE Entered from Austin, Texas, '3l. Baseball Team. "A silent man is a safe man, for none know bis ibougblsf' ROY KINNAN Entered from Tulsa, '32. Football, '33, Captain Basketball, '33, Track, '33, Class Officer, '33, Senior Hi-Y Ofhcer, '33, '34, Scholarship Club, Linz Award, Oak Stall. "He bas manlinfss and coinage, what more Joes be IIPCKIIPH JACK KINNEY Entered from Hogg, '3l. Scholarship Club, Spanish Club. "As prom' Io misvbief as able lo perform il." LUCIAN LEE Entered from Reagan, '30. "What a spendfbrift is be of bis langue." 1 v 'fx - 1 v XX 'F i l Page T1l'FlIfV1'-FlI'F l i I Pagr' 'I'lzw1ly-Six H. C. MAIIJEN, JR. Entered from Hogg, '5l. President National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Pan-American Forum, Host at Pan'Amer- ican State Convention, '34, Pen Pal Club, Latin Club, junior Hi-Y, '32, '53, Officer in R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas, '32, '33, Linz Bible Award, Dramatic Club, History Club, Texas Historic Pageant, '54, Spelling Contest, Senior Play. "A friend I0 frulb, in soul sinfvri' In acfion faiihful, xml in honor clear." NADINE MALLIQOTTE Entered from Bowie, '30. French Club, Latin Club, Poppy Sale, Gymboree, Forget-me-not Sale. "Irish Eyes are Smiling" RUTH MAPLES Entered from Hogg, '31, Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves, Gymboree, Pres- ident of I-A Class, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Best All-Round Il-A Girl, IV-B Social Chairman, IV-A Social Chairman, Junior Prom Committee, Vice-President III-B Class. "Think of Rulh, anal memories fl7l'Yl',ll be Of nzisrlaief and guivfy and pz'r5onulity." EILEEN MARTIN Entered from Bowie, '31, Girl Reserves, Dramatic, Scholarship Club. "A soft and gi-nlle l0lt't'Tl1f'dV u,'oman's t'hirfI'il I'hI1rn1." WINDSOR MARTIN Entered from Hattiesburg, Miss., '5l. Spanish Club, Latin Club. "Oh, uiby should Life' all labor bc'."' RUBY LOUISE MCBRIDIQ Entered from '31. Girl Reserves, Pen Pal Club, Scholarship Club, Officer of History Club, Gymboree, Forget-me-not Sale. CECIL MCCULLEY Entered from Bowie, '31. Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Latin Club, Pen Pal Club, Military, P.-T. A. Award, '32, Harvard Award, Linz Pins, Bookroom. "Silent walvrs run zlf'e'p." RAY MCGEE Entered from Eastland High, '3I. Senior Hi-Y, Football, '33, '34. "One of lbv reasons uby foolbull is Xllfb u popular sport among flat' uralurr sux." "A good nuiure ix ilu' blur' sky of fbi' mul." lff my .-...... 4 1 , v . 1 I 4515 .-U.-...- -..........f ANNA BELLE MCKINNEY Entered from Bowie, '31. Latin Club, Girl Rescrvesg Gymboree. "Rz'fim'me'nt rrmztes beuufy t'l'L'fj'lL'bt'Yi'." ALFRED MCLANE Entered from Mills, '31, National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Com- missioned Off1Cerg Camp Dallas, '32, '33, '34, Crack Companyg Winning Crack Platoonsg Orchestra, Historical Pageant, Debate Club, Latin Club. ii "WMU a rule Iilflv baby be must bare flren. ELWOOD MEERs lintcred from San Angelo Junior High, '31, "What be nmlertook to do, be did." EDWIN QBOBJ MIDD1.ETON Entered from Bowie, '30, Non-Commissioned Oficerg Crack Company, Football, Assistant Student Manager. H "lf noite u'c'1'e golden, Bob umrltl' be u'mlffJy. BERNICE PAGE Entered from Bowie, '3l. Gymboree, ni "A spirit so true tha! nom' with ber vornpare. Fos'1'1aR PARKER Entered from Nvaeo, '33, Hi-Yg Vice-President National Honor Society, Selmlnrship Club, Business Manager of the Chile: French Club, Tennis, '34. "A fine Cbufz wilb 11 mind tba! is rarcg A girl will bl' lucky his hear! to c'nsnurc." MARY EMMA PATERNOSTRO Entered from Bowie, '3l. All-City Orchestra, '33, '34, Orchestrag President and Acorn Reporter of Orchestra, '34, Secretary of History Club, Girl Reserves, Assistant Editor of the Amrfzg Gymboree, Df.!l11LlflC Club, Repre- sentative at Historic Tree Association, Pageant, Office Assistant. 'Kflrfixtiv and delightfully imliritluul in L'l'l'fyf thing she Joes." GERALDINE PATTON Entered from Bowie, '31. Girls' Glee Club, Opcretta, '32, '33, Cantata, '32, '33, Mixed Chorus. "Tbf'n' um muxif in her 10i4'E'.', s. '-1 .,X X Y Ihrge TwenfyAScz'vn Page T It 'wily Fig lvt WILLIAM PERKINS Entered from Bowie, '30. "All-but all in good time." MADELAINE PORTERFIELD Entered from Hogg, '31. Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves, Latin Club, National Honor Society. "Kindness is the noblest weapon Io ronqurr IUitlJ." VIRGIL RHODES Entered from W'oodrow XVilson, '29, R. O. 'I. C. "What4'z'er you 110, do it well." VIRGINIA ROBERSON Entered from Peeler, '3l. Scholarship Clubg Pen Pal Club, Vice-President History Clubg Gymboree. "In one soft Iiik, what language lies." JACK SALLIS Entered from Reagan, '30. R. O. T. C., Crack Companyg Crack Platoon. "Who ran say mon' than this rivb praise, That you alone an' you?" ERNESTINE SANFORD Entered from Peeler, '3l. Gymboreeg Girl Reserves. "Il's the quality, not lbe quantity, that counts." BETTYE SARVIS Entered from HOSE, '31, Officer of Dramatic Club, Choral Clubg Opcretta, '53, '34g Gymboree. "She makes a way where tbrrr wasn't one." GEORGE SERGEANT Entered from Hogg. '31, Officer Pen Pal Club, Dramatic Club, Debate Club, National Thespinnsg Commissioned Officerg Crack Company, Crack Platoon. "I can't study 1l'b!'?1 the girls look at me." .-......... HP?'i'L'f01l.Y things rome done up in smafl fvarkagesf GERTRUDE SHUP1-'IELD Entered from Reagan, '31, Gymboree. CHARLES SPRAGUE Entered from Bowie, '31, Senior Hi-Yg President Hi-Yg Track, '33g Foot- ball, 332, '33, '34g Captain Football, 334g Basket- ball, '33g Scholarship Clubg President I-A, II-A, IH-A, IV-B, IV-A Classesg Glee Clubg National Honor Society. "One of the biggest and best of us, Always doing something for the rest of usf, IDA STAKE Entered from Austin, '34. Dramatic Clubg Girl Rcservesg Debate Clubg Swimming Clubg Riding Club. "She goes off and on at pleasurcf, LYDA Brass STOGNER Entered from Bowie, '30, Dramatic Clubg National Tsepian Clubg Senior Playg Operetta, '33, ,345 IV-A Class Offlcerg Glee Clubg Spanish Clubg Gymboree. "An actress whose odious are l?71L'iC'li by many." ODESSA STONE Entered from San Antonio, '33, El Uno, Dos, Tres Spanish Clubg Scholarship Club. "True ease willy a pencil comes from arf- 110f rharzcef' DOROTHY STRAUGHN Entered from Peeler, '3l. Gymboreeg Pen Pal Clubg Dramatic Clubg Girl Reservesg Cheering Squad. "She speaks what sbt' feels she ought lo say, A wise girl. FRANCIS SUTER Entered from Pceler, '31. Editor-in-Chief of the Arorng Pen Pal Clubg Scholarship Clubg Radio Club. "He seeks fo know, and knowing, seeks." EDGAR THOMAS Entered from '31. President of IH-B Classg Scholarship Clubg Advertising Manager of the Oak: National Honor Society. "Why so pale and wan, fond lover? Prilhee, why so pale?" A ' Cla if -.......... Page TlL'L'7lfJ'4Ni1IL' X ' V94 X if Mgr' Tfvirfj ALICE LOIIAINE TOWNSENIJ Entered from Sunset, '3l. Secretary of thc Ill-A Class, Secretary of IV-A Classg Company Sponsor, Battalion Sponsor, Scholarship Club, Gymboree, Spanish Clubg Senior Play. "S0f1l1i.vfif'ut4'd umf l'It'l'L'V ix tbl' And intl ax Iliff' as sln' mu llc," MARX' FRANCES TRULY Fntcrcd from Reagan, '3I. Gymboree. "All bvr ll.'1Ij',Y arf' winning zLu5,s: lfull of ivrzilvrnrsx and guna" FLORENCE VVALRAVEN Entered from Hogg, '3l. Scholarship Club, Dramatic Club, Girl Reservesg Glee Club, Secretary of Ill-B Classg Vice-Presi- clcnt of IV-A Class, All-City Chorus: Operetta, '33, '34, Gymboree, National Honor Society. 'Shi' axlzx buf liftli' llfff' lirlow-and lbat quirkljf' JULIA WALTON Entered from Mills, '50. Dramatic Club, Girls' Glee Club, Gymboree, Poppy Salcg Forgetrme-not Sale, Operctta, flllk SIQIH. "A11otbm' ulw finds good in l'lL'YVYfl7i7llQ." CHAIRLOTTE TXYIARL lintcrvd from Bowie, '3l. Secretary ll-B Class, French Club, Latin Club, Orchestrag Concert Master, '32, '53, '34, All-City Orchestra Concert Master, '54. "Some 41115 uI"l1 hi' proud I0 r'4'rm'r11h4'r lwr name, For musif will plan' it in ibn ball of fiunr. uv JOHN DEE WOLI4 Iintcred from Mills, '30. "Hr uoulzl rival lzimsflf info a nmrfx fum." SAM YOUNG lintered from Hogg, '3l. Scholarship Club, National Honor Society. "The force of bit own mari! umkvx his way." J. T. SNIITH Fntcrcd from Bowie, '30. Boys' Glce Club, Opcretta, '34. "Fate fried lo 1'w1n'al him by 7lIlI7Li71g him S111iilJ." - 'v ED BROXVN Entered from North Dallas, '32, Golf Teamg Baseball. v- "K1mu'ledge ix 100 u'nmIf'rj'ul for me. JACK GUARD Entered from Bowie, '29, President of I-A Classg Dramatic Clubg State Band Contcstg Radio Band Contestg Palace Band Contcstg Drum Major of Bandg Captain of Band, '33, '34. "Thr sbeik of OCHS-be ra11't lcaie the givlx alone." E. T. JOHNSON Entered from Sunset, '31. Senior Hi-YQ Crack Company, '32, 'Jig Officer in R. O. T. C.g Football. "Yon Cassius bath a lean and hungry look." JACK MATHEWS Entered from Hogg, '3l. Pon Pnl Clubg Track, '51, '32, '35, '34g Awru Sports Editor. "Sindy is a dreary thing, I would I lzneu' the remedy." HARRY PEEBLES Entered from Woodrow Wilson, '32. Vice-President of Art Clubg Non-Commissioned Oiicer of R, O. T. C.g Crack Company, '33, 'Mg Sergeant's EfHciency, '345 Business Manager of Senior Play. "George Waxbinglon has died, Cicero has died, all ,neat men are dying, I r10n'i feel well myself." JAlNf11zS TERRY lintcrcd from James Bowie, '3I. "I.uxl buf II1'll'7' lm.fl." 1,1 'l xx X Page Thirty-One FRANK GOERNER J. D SIMPSON GLENN HICKS President Vive-Presidc11t Secvvtary June Class Qfficers SOCIAL COMMITTEE NWA NDA NILAL ..... Cfmirnzan MIl.lJRED JACKSON J. WII.LIs HAIROLD JACKSON PROGRAIVI COMMITTEE NA1'ALIE SIMPSON .... . .Cbairnzun CHARLES HONIG HERMAN MUNSTER CLYVA MAE HUCKABEIZ INVITATION COM MITTEE CARLTON LLL ........ Cbairnzafl C. L, XVILLIAMS LORETA PITT BILLY FRANCES OZLLY Page T17il'f,1'-Tltfl 4 v A I ' Q ......... ldERBERT BARRETT Entered from Austin, '31. Basketballg Pan Amcrieang Dramatic Clubg Pen Pal Clubg Senior Play. "Wifb wif 111111 grit For figlrl ln".i fl." LOUISIZ BAKER Entered from Roger Q. Mills, 331. "In ber' lougm' is ilu' lun' of fii111l111's5." LoR1aNii BARIQR lintercd from Roger Q. Mills, '3I. "I 11111 Hui bllllllll lu lL'jN, lm! l 11111 110111111 fo ln' f1'111'." Bouuni BAKER Entered from Hogg, ,5l. Girl Reservesg Spanish Clubg Class Oflicerg Gym- boree, Poppy Saleg Forget-me-not Saleg fll'0l'll Staff. H171 lm' H111' lmily ii ,ilfrml 1'1111l1,uf1 l'7!t'l'tQVY lu 1111111' Iflflllflftlfflhlilllil 1111'11." NX!1NN1aLL BAILEY Entered from Cedar Hill, '51. Spanisli Clubg President of Spanish Clubg Secre- tary of Spanish Choral Club, Secretary Pan- American Student Forumg Scholarship Club, Gymboree, "Shu spoke Illlf xo 111111'fJ-11111 1c'1'll.', GRAQL AMOS Entered from Sunset, '35. Girl Reservesg Ill Sol Club, Poppy Sale, Forget- mc-nut Saleg Cvymboreeg Operetta, '53g El Solita Clubg Pan-American Club. "Sb.r'x llt'lt'1' lua IIIIXVX' fo grvvf you zvifb ll smile." DAN ALLISON lfntered from I.. G. C. Academy, '5I. Baseball, Glee Club. "He is 11 par! of all ffm! 171' has mel." ELEANOR ARLRS Entered from Hogg, '5l. Forget-me-not Sale, Al'IlYl1 Reporter, Gymboreeg Orchestrag Poppy Saleg Art Club. "They made ber, lhen lore up lbw paftenzf' ' f I I' S . I lx I l X ,...........- .-....... ... l Page Tl1i1'l5'-T11 rw' x ,.. P 0' I Page 'I'birly-l"o11r BETTYE BREVVER Entered from Peeler, '3I. Dramatic Clubg Girl Reservesg Gymboreeg Latin Clubg Poppy Sale: Forget-me-not Saleg Acorn Staif. "Digi1ily is Gozfx gl'c'ulf'sl gift 10 woman Alia' tl frm' woiiiim Ili.: iiwclext gif! Io man." JIMMY BRADSHAW "If is good lo Irrlgllwil to for lui! u sunny mood." BIILLLN BOYl:1'I"1' Entered from Reagan, '3l. Gymborceg Scholarship Clubg Girl Reserves Olli- cer, '54g French Clubg Latin Club OHicer, '31g AFIIVII StatT, '55. "What ii rusrul of a child!" GENE BIVINGS Entered from Bowie, '31. Camp Dallas, 'Hg Crack Company, '54g Crack Platoon, '33, '34. "llc only ix a well-mail: man who bas 11 good df'fr'v'n1ii1ali0ri.', FERN BERRY Entered from Hogg, '3l. Girl Rcscrvesg Pan-American Student liorumg President of Oak Cliff Pan-Amerieang Spanish Clubg Operetta, '34g Girls' Glee Clubg Gymborceg Gym Representative in Denton, '34g Pan-American Pageant. "Nollring in fbi' 1c'orlil ii .io good ax lm'f1ilm'ii. JULIA BETH BENNETT Entered from Bowie, '52. Dramatic Clubg Girl Rescrvesg Scholarship Clubg Gymlzoreeg Poppy Saleg Operettag Tennis Team. "Tln'i'ir are many people who xivirr' non' a rroiwz bu! are royal wiffJir1." ALBERT BEAUDUY Entered from Hogg, '3l. Secretary and Vice-President of Stamp Clubg Non- eommissioned Officer in R. O. T. C.g Winner of Three First Prizes in School Stamp Exliibitsg Crack Companyg Crack Platoon. "Lord of bimsrlf, buf not of boolzsfl JULIA BAUGHMAN Entered from Sunset, '51. Oak Staffg Pan-American Leagueg Spanish Club. "Dig11ify fmnixlx noi in fiosxessing honorx, but in proving them." -1 . ,'v E .......... ..-. -....-..... -..-.-. m - 4-X - 'v . ATLAS Cook Entered from Reagan, '31, R. O. T. C., Crack Platoon, Crack Company, Latin Club. "llufr11vy um I, from mn' VIII fruv, "lVl1y trr'i'l1'l fbuy all t'07Ift'Ni like INV?" AI,1'A MAE C1.EMEN'l'S Entered from Cleburne High, '33. Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, Latin Club, Scholarship Club, At'lII'II Staff, Poppy Sale, Senior Play. Huviklllllll r'1'xff'll1 in fbi, bear! of Ikon' :cfm fmtli 1111ifl'1'xh111i1ii1g." Joicn CLARR lfntered from Bowie, '3l. Art Club, Spanish Chorus Club, fll'1ll'lI Staff, Girls' Cheering Section. "Tu IIIAHIJ' the gizrs ber mr, Bu! fo few hm' 1'oiz1'." ELSIE CHoA'i'u lfntered from Bowie, '3l. Gymboree, Girl Reserves, Scholarship Club, Girls' Cheering Section. "Clm.ifv as Ibn' Itllillflflftf XVI0ll'." LJUROTHY CHAPMAN lfntered from Peeler, '3I. Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, XY'in- ner in lnterscholnstic Spelling Contest, '31, '52, '33, Class Oflicer, Girl Reserve Ofhcer, President of lnter-club Girl Reserves, Latin Club, Debating Club. 'rlVl71'7'1l'l'l' xlu' rm't'i.v u XfV'dlIgl'I' sbt' fimlx iz fric?l1J." LEVERETT CARPENTER lintered from Sunset, '35. Band, Camp Dallas, '33, Band Contest. "For him lfyrri' is ll xfory in l.'I1'l'j' l1r'i'u:v." GLNLLL BURDINLL Entered from Peeler, '3l. French Club, Gyinboree, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, "A noble uzimf Nzrirbrr all flu' u'0r1il." CHARLES BROXVDER lfntereel from Grandview High, '54. Unk Stall., AVOVII Staff, Camp Dallas, Coin- missioned Officer, Latin Club, Dramatic Club, National Thespian Club, Crack Company, Crack Platoon, Senior Play. "'Hr'.t l4'i7Illil1KQ up the waffle of his wif, by umf by il will strike." r,i -1 X I 4 X nm -........... Page Tbirly-lfii U X 45 aa Pugr Tl1r'ly-Six GILDER IJAVIS Entered from Bowie, '31, Crack Company, Camp Dallas, Scholarship Club, Rifle Team, Commissioned Officer." "A .Irlf-.Ilarfrr-rm! n frank." lJOYl,li DAVIIJ lintcred from Sunset, '32. Vice-President of Debate Club, Scholarship Club, Dramatic Club. "Hr who mi.w.I lvuxirimx Iviib pleasure, and morr jrlraxnri' zvilb il lban is good." CARI. HEIKBERT CUMMINGS Iintcrcd from Sunset, '3l. lfile Clerk, '31, Library Assistant, Office Assistant, Latin Club, Operetta, Boys' Glec Club, Acorn Staff. "A man by nothing is so wrll bc'l'fuyc'd as by his 'munm'rx." MAIKIGOLD CUTI-IBERTSON Iintercd from Bowie, '32. Scholarship Club, Gymboree, Fnrgetfnic-not Sale, French Cub, Latin Club, Class Ofliccr. HQJIIUFII uf Srrlilr.I." AIOIIANNA CRIs'I'oI. lintered fronI Hogg, '3I. French Club, Dramatic Club, Gymboree, Glee Club, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Girls' Cheering Section, Senior Play. "Nbr wlm n11'au.v fm misrbirf Iforx if ull." JAKE CRAVENS lfntered from Reagan, '3l. Camp Dallas, '34, Crack Company, '33, '34, Crack Platoon, '34, Spanish Club, Dramatic Club, Basketball, Baseball, R. O. T. C. "He who lakux ran' uf lbw Iluyx mvil gin' liirlzwlf no worry aim' lbv year." JACK CRABTREE linterccl from San Antonio, '3l. Aviation Club, Crack Company, Crack Platoon, '34. "A man ln' iiwrlx of l'Z7l'l'1'fllI yrixlcrrlayx and I'm1jiI14'l1l l0nmrr0u'5." ELIZABETH CovINoI'oN Entered from Bowie, '3l. French Club, Dramatic Club, Gymboree, Glee Club, Horseback Riding Club, Operetta, '31, '32, Acorn Staff, Cantata, '33, Octette, '33, Senior Play. "A general fu1'11rilf'." I .......... ' X CHARLOTTE RUTH DONNELL Entered from Bowie, '31. Latin Club, Dramatic Clubg Poppy Sale, Gym- boree, Mixed Chorus, Amm Staff, Girls' Chccring Section. "C'f'airlrii infninng-Tmlwlwi rm1rn1I," MARGARIQT DOBBINS Entered from Reagan, '5l. Gymboree. "Wiib folllllffmzmv zlvmurv aml mmlvxt grave." Osama 1j1iVAUX "Though lllllllfbf, uufuri' bui u'riHi'u un bix brow fil'Ilfll'lIILlN.H DONALD DENNIZY lfnlerctl from Kansas City, Mo., '33. Scholarship Clulng Bandg Otiiccr in R. O. T. Chg Honor Band. "Hr llml uma' ix gnmf ii vwr gmail." CAMll.l.IA TDEVAUX Entered from l.. G. C. Academy, '31, Vice-Presidcnt of Mixed Chorus, Gymborecg Poppy Sale, Forget-mc-not Sale, Spanish Club, Opcrctra, '34. "CIrTm'f11I fu siglrlg l'll'tiftllIf ln lfllllllll ANlJRl:W TJICAM linlcred from Paris, Texas, ,5l. Scholarship Club, Non-commissioned Olficcrg Crack Company, Crack Platoon. "Thur arf of doing nm"x duly ix 'wnrfb all Ihr' Iriill il 1Y1,x'l,x." RAVl'lNlil. DAVIS lfntcrcd from Xwinnetka, 'Sli Dramatic Clubg Gymboree, Poppy Sale, Forget- me-not Sale, Orchestra. MSM' ix g1'lIfll', Wi III!! xlzy, Hui Ibrrr ii lzlirfiiwf in In-r rw." J. DAVIS l'i!1lCl'Cd from Nevada, Texas, '34, "Di'f'j1i'iI lLLlft'I'3 ilillvxi go." 1. Af JDS x Page Tbirly-Sc Veil 1? Q 45 AA an Al A- Page '1'birly-lfigfrl KATHRYNE GATLIN lfntered from Hogg, '5l. Gymboree, Spanish Club, Secretary of I-A Class, Social Chairman of II-B Class, Pageant, '35, '34, Poppy Sale, Al'UI'Il Stag, Forget-me-not Sale. "No lost of iweuuly remili frnnz XU1ItllIL'5Y.7, Lots Fosrlilt Iintered from Sherman, '34, Scholarship Club, Service Club. "As llriwflrl of fuzz ami rrlixvbirf tzml give, Ax uzer tl uzorhzl girl multi law." DoN PAULA FITZHUGH lintered from Reagan, '3l. Latin Club, Operetta, '32, '34, Gymboree, Poppy Sale, Forget-nie-not Sale, Horseback Riding Club, Debate Club, Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club, Girls' Glue Club, ISFUVII Staff, Cheering Squad. HBIlXi7lt'YY iuefrm' jvlruiziru'-uit, yi't1l1."' QUPAL FAitM1L1t Ifnteretl from L. G. C. Academy, '32. Dramatic Club, Spanish Choral Club, Scholarship Club, Pan-American Student lioruni, National Honor Society. "No lougfn' voultl rzvr fwrorzonu i'i' tiiXlJ01IlI7' on ber." RAYZWOND Ei-Ps I-lntered from Hogg, '5l. "Hu Il1iU'Al fmtorz willn llil'tIAlII'l', tunl Il'iKLl1lHI willy mirth." JANICL EDMONSON lintered from Reagan, '3l. Pen Pal Club, Spanish Club, Attezulance Chair- man of l'.in-American Student l-orum, Vice- President of Senior Spanish Club, liorget-nie-not Sale, Poppy Sale, Gymboree. "Sink full of priiir, illll it noi 1n'01ni." LOVICY ECKSTIQIN lfntered from Technical, '52. Scholarship Club, Gymboree, Poppy Sale, Forget- me-not Sale. "Her sun! it all illfflmztwl up zviffa t'ffirit'r1t'y ami it-If t'lllIfV1li.H JEANNE lJUN'l'l.liY Ifntered from Reagan, '3l. Latin Club, Girl Reserves, Debate Club, Dramatic Club, Gymboree, Operettag Glee Club, Horseback Riding Club, Class Officer, Acorn: Staff, Girls' Cheering Section, Cantata, '55. "Sink joy il is lu hwur ber ting Wt' fall in Iote :villa ez't'ri'tfvir1g." ......,.-- -..,. fr GLENN Hicks Entered from Mills, '3l. Scholarship Club, Latin Club, National Honor Society, IV-B Class Officer, Wiriiicr of P.-T. A. Scholarship Award, Linz Bible Award, Library Assistant. "Meril-Ibn! ir flu' firxl H'L1IliSifA', my ion, W'ill1 tbut um! rozzmgv, fbi' lmflfr ix soon zvorzf' ORVILLE HAMILTON lintcred from Reagan, '3l. R. O. T. C., State Band Contestg Honor Band. "Good mliurz' ix fbi' wry air of if good rrzilnffl BILL HAMn,ToN Entered from Peeler, '51, R. O. T. C., Crack Platoon, Crack Company, Radio Club, Spanish Club, Stamp Club, Officer in R. O, T. C., office Assistant. "IH zrlm ix good is happy." EMMETT Guiasr Ilntercd from Bowie, '31, Orchestra, K. O, T. C., Camp Dallas, Crack Platoon, Crack Company, Spanish Club, Art Club, Dramatic Club, Debate Club, Stamp Clubg Clamp Dallas liflicicncy. "A win' u'in'fei'r! Hr swrux lo lon' Io rrlclkf' willy l'l'l7ltIlAk.Y.H Cl.Ylllli Mviu. Giuaiin I'iI1lCl'CLl from Rosemont, 'KL Pan-American Club: Poppy Sale, liorget-me-not Sale, Gymborecg Volley Ball Team. "I rriml ,mil I ltnigbi-il umll loaf ami I won, Bllf now llml il',i owr, il lam lofi of f1u1."' GiaNisvA GREEN ffnicred from Peeler, '3l. Scholarship Club, National Honor Societyq Latin Club, Girl Reserves, Social Chairman for Girl Reserves, '33, '34, Oak Staff, Bank Assistantg Gymboree, Linz Bible Award. "A ron' will: .ill Ili .v1LwIi'x! lmiim ,wt In 11ufolil." FRANK GOERNEIK lintcrcd from Bowie, '31, Hi-Y, National Honor Society: Scholarship Clubq President of Latin Club, President of Senior Class. "I um ilu' linlxlm' of my fixing I inn flu' Vilflfcliil of my mul." BARBARA GLIEASCDN Entered from Sunset, '34, Scholarship Club, Girls, Cheering Squad. A lilI'ia'LI uml i'ln1f1,gm1I1lr llring ii rin 11'ofm1:1.', sn fl .,X X Pugc' Tbirly-Nim' 1? o lb AA Page Forfy PRESTON HOLDEN "Fw m'z'er had any pity for ronveiierl people, Iwrulrxf' I lbink Ifaey carry lbrir fomforl abou! them." Cimkii-.s Home Entered from Lida Hooe, '3l. Scholarship Clubg R. O. 'IL C.g Bandg Camp Dallasg State Band Contestg Dramatic Clubg President of IV-B Classg Debate Clubg History Clubg Spanish Clubg Stamp Clubg Radio Band Contestg Linz Awardsg Senior Play. "A good Warm' is raiher 10 br' Cboxcu lbun grmf riclarrf' EVELYN Hicks Entered from Reagan, '5l. Pen Pal Clubg Dramatic Clubg Latin Clubg World Affairs Clubg Oak Staffg Acorn Reporterg Scholar- ship Clubg Library Assistantg Volley Ball Teamg Poppy Saleg Forget-me-not Saleg Gymboree. "Married fo immortal i'c'r.u'.,' IMOGENE HILL Entered from Peeler, '3l. Dramatic Clubg Poppy Saleg Gymboreeg Forget-me-not Sale." ffsm does wha! she has lo :lo quietly, shi' is 1ll'1't'V beard I0 fun." CLYVA MAL HUCKABk1Ii Entered from Hogg, '31, Secretary II-A and HI-B Classg Amru Reporter, Scholarship Clubg Senior Program Committeeg Oak Staffg Oak Co-Editorg President of Scholar- ship Clubg Best All-Round Senior Girlg Secretary of Girl Reservesg Four-Year Linz Ping Four-Year Everets Ping National Honor Society. "ll ii fmril ln jim! al nmiil in frxirg iflli'lligi'rm', surf: wil io ruff." Jisss HASSELL Entered from Peeler, '31. Library Assistantg Acorn Staffg Latin Clubg R. O. T, C4 Business Manager of the Arorn. "Little but loud." WILBUR HURT Entered from Mills, '3l. History Clubg Latin Clubg Crack Companyg Scholarship Clubg R. O. T. C.g Linz Awardg National Honor Society. "Oh, uw-ll, u'fJal'x in if mum' illlj'lJUu'lU MARGARH1' HUS'I'ON Entered from Bowie, '3l. Girl Reservesg Latin Clubg Gymborecg Poppy Saleg Scholarship Clubg Girls' Glee Clubg Aroru Stalf. "Sim'erify is Ibn' lrur uml perfect mirror of fbi mind." r ,..,.-.- A.,-. HAROLD JACKSON Entered from Reagan, '31. Ofhccr in R. O. T. C., Band, Drum Majorg Camp Dallas, '32, '33, ,34. lV4lf7Ull'lHI slum! lm! fin' fwl lun. MARY KA'l'HliRlNE KELLILY Entered from Reagan, '31. Spanish Club, Poppy Salcg Forget-me-not Sale, Gymboree, Vollcy Ball Team. "I ai11'l rfcrzyiizg lbul nvmzrn arc' foolixbg Gai! rmnfe' Ibenl so in nmfflv ibv IlIt'Il.,l Huiusiak'r Kmkiil.. lfntered from L. G. S. Academy. Aviation Club. "His bruurl will form' ruxy, for be ix zwll 17l'l'lI.H J. H. KINNSliY Entered from Bowie, '31, Hi-Y, Foutballg Track, Scholarship Club. "Au imliorlunf figurv When xjwufeirlg nf xlmrI.i." DOR0'l'HY Kuuw Entered from Pceler, '31. Scholarship Club, French Club, Gymboreeg Amru Reporter of French Club. "She fmt flu' 'pep' in j:f'ppw'." H. L. IQIRKPATRICK Iintered from Sunset, '30, Class President of III-B'sg Avorn Reporter. "Our mlm knouxv lbrru ii 11 :wry uml finals il." KARL KOCH lintcred from I.. G. C. Academy, '3l. "Hr who luugbx lux! fmi juif ruzlzglit ilu' jrzlevf' lQOKO'I'HY LORRAINE LAQY lintered from Reagan, '3l. Spelling Cuntestg Orchestra, French Clubg Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves, Puppy Sale, Forget-me-not Saleg Gymboreeg French Play, '33, Concert Master of Orchestra. "Blexu'J iv Ihr num wlmm llmu r'lJuasrxl." t. 'AZ .Ji "X 1? O Q A EB' Page lforly-Ont' 1 l NETTIE LANGFORD Entered from Mills, ,32. Pan-American, Scholarship Club, Spanish Club, Girls' Glee Club, Pen Pnl Club, Operetta, Oak Staff, Gymboree. "She luzetl guy youth uml llll.Xlil7,it'f, lm! the loiml bo no r nm rv. 3' FRED LAN11-QR Entered from S. il. Hay, '50. Football, Track, Baseball. "Nol2mly woulil S'IlfIp0Xl' Ibn! I 11111 uutnrally liaxbflllf' VIOLET LEACH Entered from Bowie, '31. Art Club, Gymboree, Scholarship Club, Oak Staff, Acorn Reporter, Winner of Otllz Subscription Contest. "A wry gunlli' lllllltlffl uml of u gooil c'w1n'ic'nce." KATHLEEN LEEDS Entered from Reagan, '3I. Girl Reserves, Latin Club, Gymboree, Scholarship Club, Underelass Beauty. "lowly, iluiuty, small, and fuir- Wfbui tl lol of qualifies ll9ert'."' KATHERINE LEXVIS Fntered from Trinity Heights, '5l. Dramatic Club, Poppy Sale, Gymboree, Forget- me-not Sale, Mixed Chorus, Volley Bull Team, .flrorfz Reporter. "Her lflllit' um vzrr xlwel uml low, un mvellenl thing in u'oman,', LOUREE LINDSAY Entered from Bowie, '31. Lettered in Track, '35, Scholarship Club, Latin Club, Baseball, Orchestra, Library Assistant, Hi-Y, History Club, IlLiIll'P1 Reporter, Dramatic Club. nS1l'lffl'V' llmu Il'l71Al upon it field of corn." THEDA LINDSEY Entered from Reagan, ,3l. Spanish Club, Gymboree, Poppy Sale, l:0I'gCI-T119- not Sale, Volley Ball Team. "A rloi-la xf'r1'v5 fu pain! ou! lb? bllllfi, uml a naman In nmlef' Us forge! ibn' Iznzwf' HARLD1.D LIVINGSTONE Entered from Mills, '5l. Stamp Club. "How lang lL'l' llw, no! ymzrs, bu! uviimzi fell." .....,....-.-. f-.......-.. -.....- X- gk- l L. B. MANGUM Entered from Pecler, '31. Latin Club. "Long lin' ilu' rrzrrry lmlrf Tim! ltlllxhk by uiglvl and Jay." JANE MAUPIN Entered from Bowie, '52. French Clubg Latin Club, Scholarship Clubg Poppy Sale, Gymboree, French Play, ,34. "Thr form' of lwr mrril nmkrx ber lL'tlj'.,, Al.ICli RUTH MAYERS Entered from Bowie, '32. Gymboree, Latin Clubg Dramatic Club, Library Assistantg Linz Bible Awnrdg Operetta, '32g Scholarsliip Club. "Hur fnllfbflll mifltl is rwr llfllf nu frlllug lfhllf tin' lemm-x." NCJRMA MllLj0NN01,D Entered from Hogg, '3l. Pan-American, flrorn Reporter. "Giggling In gran' Ibm." JACK MKLDANIEL Entered from Reagan, '30. Crack Company. ii "Lift, ix wbul you llldlft' if. TRAVIS MOIKRIS Entered from Reagan, '3l. R. O. T, C. rf Brlmlll-if mlm of fH'!1IlIi.Y1'.H T. C. MQLAREN Entered from Sulphur Springs, '33. Crack Platoon, '33. "If you with to reach lin' highest level always star! ai fbi' lowest." MARY Loulsli MORGAN Entered from Hogg, '3l. Girl Reservesg Gymboree, Latin Clubg Poppy Sale. "Repr0of on lirr lip., lull al smile' in ber ryan." .. 'll .,x 'x Pugz' I"0rIy-Tbrvu gr Eb Page Iforly-Four SIDNEY MERLE NALL Entered from Gainesville High, '32. Latin Club, Gymboree. "Sb: who ii' frm' In um' frirmf, Ibm prow, bn- irlf irurlliv nf IIIIIIIXHH WANIJA NI,.Al. lintered from Reagan, '3l. Scholarship Club, Glee Club, lixtemporaneous Speaking Contest, Operetta, '31, '32, '34, Girl Reserves, Debate Club, Oak Staff, Program Chairman of IV-B Class, C0-Editor of the Arorn, Tennis Team, Latin Club, Gymboree, National Honor Society, Senior Play, Cleverest Senior Girl. "SIN zrnrfl m'gln', xln' ilvlmIrs." YVONNE Nlilflf' lintered from Hogg, '3l. Scholarship Club, Gymboree. UEITVIYUIII' likvx ber, xluh zriffy .mil xlw'x u'i.u'.' HAZEL NEWSOME lintered from Lipscomb, '3l, Scholarship Club, Pan-American, Gymboree, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, flmru Reporter. "ln xfriring fu lla lm' bil Y Slit' vumzol lwlp bn! flmfei' 41 fill." Fiusn Nlczilors lintered from Phil.idelphi.i High, 'Si Scholarship Club. "Iwi nilwm lmil flu' !'iXjll1Q inn." IDONALIJ OGIDIQN linteretl from Bowie, '3I. "A superior man ix ulmlizil in bit x1vm'i'l1 lllll i',xi'm'il.x in bix uc'Iim1,i." J. W. PALMER Iintered from Peeler, '3l. "Hr lemfu' 'ivbafy zrbizl .xml tbufx in high as lfzvtplplmyxir wi! nm fly." Bu,1.I1-3 FRANCES Oziisy Entered from Peeler, '3l. Schoarship Club, Girl Reserves, Bank As,ist.1nl, Gymboree, Fair Pageant, Senior Invitation Com- mittee, Latin Club, Girl Reserve Chairman, '33, and Treasurer, '34, flrorn Reporter, Linz Bible Award, Gym Captain, '32, Volley Ball 'lieamg National Honor Society. "In xpili' of bw' wilt! am! lan:-l1nyi.xl1 mxrm' We jim! hw u rutjurllr' jus! Hn' mme," f-........... -....-s x- 45' VERNON PHn,1.ll's Entered from Bowie, '3l. Lettered in Baseballg Scholarship Clubg Latin Clubg Spanish Clubg Tennisg Trackg History Clubg Basketballg Pan-Americang Golf. "For lw'x a jolly good ff'lluu'." MURLP1 PILKINGTON Iintcred from Reagan, '3l. Crack Platoong Crack Companyg Camp Dallasg Spanish Clubg Debate Clubg Commissioned Oihcerg Hi-Yg Pan-Americang Dramatic Clubg Baseballg Oak Staff. "ln wil, ll :mln-in xiwplit-ify, 11 rlwililf' CHARLES PIPER lintcrecl from Reagan, '31, Crack Companyg Crack Platoon. "A uuiqlu' sort of vbajv-bt' pnix l7HXlIlL'NA !1l7f07'K' jilcamr'e.U LURETA P1'1"1' lfnterctl from Bowie, '5l. Senior Invitation Cornrnitteeg Gym Asxistalitg Best All-Round Sophomore Girl. "Thr girl zvillr II rmnly xmilc, uml :ml il 1'l'1llIJ'- umili' wiv, vifbcif' THOMAS Piucta lintcred from Ferris High, '35. Pan-Amcricang junior Forumg Spanish Clubg Scholarship Club. "Il wonlrl lalk, Loral, bow il ufonlzl lullc!" JEROME POPE Iintercd from Bowie, '5l. Scholarship Clubg Camp Dallasg Non-Commis- sioncd Oiiicerg Rifle Teamg Crack Companyg Latin Club. ""I'ix lwllvi' fo lmit' flllllkftl u l'l10llXLIlIll linnzi, llmlz lIl'll'I' Io lmu' lowil ill ull." BASCOM SANFORD Iintcred from Highland Park, UZ. "Our ulw nm .rizw bimxvlf up aml forge! lo lrll you lbw !'l'XIlll.H SUE RANDALL Entered from Sunset, 33. Poppy Saleg Library Assistantg Aforn Staffg Gymboree. "Thy rym shall be fhy jllclgvf' n. 'fr .ix l'agi' l"ol'ly-lfizx' 1? Q Ab 45 Puge lforly-Si.x FRANK RANDOLPH Entered from Lida Hooe, lil. Commissioned Ofliecrg Crack Company, Crack Platoon, Camp Dallas, History Club. "Hr 171'Ol11ll1I.YfX irilb foo murll ,sialic ami fm! VIIUIIAQZI zu11m1i'." FLORENCE Rl1JI.l:Y Entered from Bowie, '51. Girl Reserves, Poppy Sale, Gymboreeg Scholarship Club, Pep Squad. "I IUOIIIII r'uilu'r have a largl' Draft Ibm: u jmufigiozrx brain." WILSON RISINGER Entered from Sunset, '30. Baseball, Footballg Track, Basketball, Scholarship, Golfg Spanish Club, junior Hi-Yg Dramatic Club. "O Miu'bivf.' Tbou arf xwiff fa l'7lfl'l' in tbl' lbougblx of :1lc'i1n'r'alc' man." J. W. ROBERTS Entered from Sunset, '31, Baseballg Football, Basketball, Golf, Amrn Reporter, Spanish Club, Dramatic Club, Senior Play. nljfllllf gel z'u'ih'il ozrr all fbi' fwixi' ,j'Ullll't' 111u1lr." ALBERT ROLLANIJIN lintcred from Bowie, '51, French Club, Baseball Team, Amru Reporterg French Play, '54. "Uv XIll'llkX ivlml be feels aml rm! tubal be rnzglxl I0 say," BERNARD RUST Entered from Bowie, '31. Tennisg Baseball, Latin Clubg Scholarship Clubg Hi-Y. "Goes fbfllllgll life faking fbi' llfinm' for buff of lloyills iloiugxf' LLOYD RUST lintered from Bowie, '51. Latin Club, Spanish Club, Hi-YQ Lettered in Baseball, '34, '3S. "If u hero rrlvullx u xir1c'z'rc' lrlull, bert' ix if hero." MILDREN SAXO N Entered from Forest High, 34. "Good 1H1fIH'l' and charm uri' bw' 5l'v'il2i11g qlzalifim' ' 1 .-.-.... JOE SAMUELS Crack Company, Non-commissioned Oflicer, Scholarship Club. "His bran' is ns far from fraud as llnlzrrl from mirth." MARY SCHELL Entered from Peeler, '3l. National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Hostess of Pan-American, Spanish Club, Pen Pal Club, Gymboree, Poppy Sale. "Skis loznlfli' uml happy, wilb AI smile fha! IIt'l'L'I' rlivsf' Pirru SOLOMON Entered from Lida Hooe, '3l. Football, Lettered, '33, '34, Senior Hi-Y, R. O. T. C., Crack Company, Crack Platoon, Track, Spanish Club, Non-commissioned Officer. "Hf'ai'y-l2m1'y on bis feel, buf hiker bis xlmlivs l'llflJL'f liglallyf' -I. D. SIMPSON lfntered from Galveston, '3l. xYlCC-PI'CSlklL'lll Senior Class, Lettereil in Baseball, ,3Z, '33, '34, l,ettei'ed in Football, '35, '3-4. "Nufbi11g l'llLIIll'!'.Y buf IIFVSOIILII i11mlifirs." MARGARET Snufs Entered from Trinity Heights, '3I. Gymboree, Sponsor of Company D, '54, Poppy Sale, Secretary of IV-B Class, Forget-me-not Sale. "I um mn' God ronlif make u izcwlvr' rri'af1fr4', lm! I am vqlmlly sure Hi' m'ii'r bin." MARY MILDRED SIMPSON Entered from Reagan, '31, Art Club, Orchestra, Gymboree, All-City Orches- tra, '54, Arr Staff of Oak, Prizes at State Fair for Art, Won Hobby Contest. "Wba'11 fU7lXIN'X speak .VlL'l't'flj', illrn llwy Sflfrlk bm' VIKIIYIKHU NA'I'ALIE SIMPSON lintered from Reagan, '3l. Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club, Scholarship Club, Winner School Dcclamation Contest, Gymboree, Debate Club, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, President of All-City French Club, National Honor Society, Senior Play. "Wi71lIillg .vmilm ligbl up bm' fan' Wfbirlr Irulzlif nnifcz' ,izuzsbillv in u xbudy plaz'e.', WALTER SMYTHE lintercd from Peeler, '30. R. O. T. C., Amrrl Staff, Crack Company, Dramatic Club. "Gite me iirlory or girl' me an Illibiyy x- .1 jx X Page Furly-Scrvfz e? X X E54 W' D I Pugi' I"111'ly-Eigfnl MARYNLQL SNAPP lfmered from Reagan, '31. Gymborccg Girl Rescrvesg Poppy Saleg Forgemne- not Saleg Avorn Reporter. "Full of bujzfrirzfxu arm' lllllgllffl' ix our Iilllv rmf Iwurlg 'I'l7V'0llgZl four ymllzv of fllfl nuff fralirf-1L'fml rl nzvrry vlmxr- xbr' Inf!" En Smghn lintercd from Hogg, '30. Vice-President of Hi-Yg Lcttercd in Football. "Wfz'H IIITII, well rruzl, lull lilecrlf' THoMAs SNY1m1a1x Entered from Sunset, '30. Spanish Clubg Scholarship Clubg R. O. T. C.g Crack Companyg Arorn Staff. "His worfb, as wide ax ilu' 0r'ea11." l.Il.A BHSS S'I'lfl'llliNSKYN lintercd from llugg, '51, Scliolarsliip Clubg Art Clubg lirenclm fllulug Dramatic Clubg Gymborceg Library Assistantg Aroru Reporter. "P1n1cf1mIily ix ir qmzlify nf lrigb iu1porfum'v." E1.lzAuuTH STOCKARD Iintered from Lida Hooe, ,3l. Orclwestrag Pen Pal Clubg Spanish Clubg Gym- borceg Scholarship Clubg All-City Orclmestrng Arorn Reporter. "A lypc of lfn' wixv who mar but IIUl't'1' rollin." BOBBY Sronus Iinterccl from Reagan, '5l. Sclmlnrslmip Clubg R. O. T. C. "Tbr grralvxl z'irlm's are only xjllvmfid 1lf!lIA.n HAROLD STANBERRY Xvitlidrcw at mid-term. "He Jovi Ivrll wfml fu' ll7H,l'Y'fHkl'.Y.,, PHILLIP STuvi1Ns Entered from James Bowie, '31. "All fbafs grvaf una' good ix :lone just by pufiml trying." M ........-..- -..Q TUBE STR1citL1N Iintcred from Bowie, '3l. President Pen Pal Club, '53g Vice-President Pen Pals, '32g History Clubg Dramatic Clubg Placed in League of Nations Contestg Better Homes Essay Contcstg Nonveommissioned Ofiicerg Scholar- ship Clubg Linz Awardsg A1'or11 Staffg Mechanical Drawing lixhibit of Better Homesg Crack Platoong National Honor Society. "Au 1111xio11x I11-1111 111111101 lz1'1'11 1111'11k1' ll 1111111 lL'h0.lL' 1'u11.i1'i1'111'c is 1'l1'111'." MELv1N TACKWELL llntered from Hogg, ,31. "C1111 111' btlll' loo lllllfb of ll 30011 fbi11g?" INEZ TALLEY lintcred from Sunset, '32. P'AIII!7if.'0lI ix like lore, i111p11fi1'11l 170111 of 1ll'IdJ'S 111111' ViL'L1i5.U WYNLOTTA TALIAl"ERlKO Entered from Arlington, '34-. Debate Clubg Scholarship Club, Dramatic Clubg National Honor Soeietyg Girl Reserve Clubg Debate Team. "My life is 11 brief, brief lbiflg I 11111 l11'1'1' fur' ll little s11111'c', Ami 11411111 I 111131, I 1vo11I1l like if I 1111151 To Z7l'flLfbfl'II 111111 bfrlfvr fbv f1l111'1'." AVA BELLE TAYLOR Iintcrcd from Bowie, '3I. Tennis Teamg Scholarship Clubg Poppy Saleg Forget-me-not Salcg Gymboree, A111111 Reporterg Library Assistant. "The Ill0.Xf Illtlllifl'Xf sign of lL'iXt,UIlI is 1'UllfilIIll'11 1'b1'1'1'f11l111'xs.,' JUAREA TAYLOR Entered from Bowie, ,3l. Scholarship Clubg National Honor Society, Gymboreeg Latin Club. "A lzrigbf 111111 gay iiffla' 11153 Qliivl only when ill l'l1I.lA.U JACK THJWELL lfntered from Reagan, ,5l. Junior Hi-Yg Officer in R. O. T. C.g Dramatic Clubg Crack Companyg Crack Platoong Camp Dallas, ,333 Individual Capitol Drill, ,34. "There dll' 1111'11 1150111 fate 1'1111 7lt'l't'I' keep 1i111L'11.', JAMES TIDWELL lfntered from Reagan, '31. President of Latin Club, '52g R. O. T. C.g Crack Companyg Crack Platoong Junior Hi-Yg Trackg Scholarship Clubg Pan-American League. "A go-grllcr when food ix fha topic of co111'1'rxafio11." xv 'fr ,X X QR . - ici' Page IJ0l'1j'-Nillt' 0' Page Fifty W. A. TURNER Entered from O. M. Roberts, '31. Bandg Pan-American Leagueg Spelling Contest, '31g State Band Contest, '3lg Honor Band, '32, '33. "There is only our proof of ability-actiouf, R. B. VANTREESE Entered from Mills, '50. Radio Club. "IIN kllflt' fbi' f7l'l'C'iXf', psyvhalogiirul nzomvrzf when to my nolbingf' WILONA VENABLE Poppy Salcg Forget-me-not Saleg Gym Assistantg Gymborccg History Clubg Office Assistantg Secretary of World Affairs Club. "Lire arm' le! live is Hof Unouglv Sha' must liw aml help livef' LYNN WALKER Ifntered from Sunset, '32. Spanish Clubg Stamp Club. HSIlL'L'CX5 CUIIIUA' only to thaw who xlrire for it." ELDRIDQE WALL lintcred from Roger Mills, '3l. Stamp Clubg Radio Club. "Nnf 1'z'cu .Ql'lIiIlX z'0ll11run'x wilb grif Aml iz mlm vunrzol lose if be will not quill, SAMMIELU WARD Entered from Reagan, '31. Scholarship Clubg Forget-me-not Saleg Girl Reservesg Latin Clubg National Honor Society. "So Illl4lgl't'ft'll, so l'0llIf70Xl'Il II miml S0 firm, so soft, yet so l'L'flllL'tl,.U EDNA EARL15 WATSON Entered from Commerce, 33. "Sha newly zzu jzurxv, bw' gold is in ber hair." Lou WEATHERRED Entered from Peeler, '32. Scholarship Clubg Poppy Saleg Gymboreeg Volley Ball Team. ffsbff has life uplmiy uml bw' qzwlitiw urrn't fewg "YN she is best rlescrilfcal by 'True Blue Lou'.'l 1, N ...-...-...- -...- ..... a-....-..... ROSE WHEELER lfntcrcd from Peeler, '3l. Gymboree, Scholarship Clubg Opcrcttaq Girl Rescrvesg Latin Club, National Honor Society. "A lilllr' lloily wilb 11 luigbly bvirrff' RUTH WH1T'l'1ilR Entered from North Dallas, '32, Gymboree, Poppy Sale, A!'Ill'!l Reporter, Opcrctta, '32, "A luily ix 11uf lo be 111ca5urc'1l by fllt'bt'X.U B. H. WILLIAMS lintcrcd from Reagan, '31, Spanish Clubg Stamp Club. "A II0l.Xj' 1111111 is ulzvays ill fbi' 1'igl1l." C. L. WILLIAMS Iintcrcd from Gilmer High, '51. Invitation Committee. "HC ubixllnl In bi' 1L'L'IIf for 1011111 of 1L'o1'1'y.', PRESTON WILLIAMS Iintcrcd from Hogg, '5l. "W'ilf1 no limi' fo u.f'ur1'y or ln frrl Prvifoll ,qvtx thi' joyi lift- Dui lo lvl." BILLY WILLIS lintcrcd from Pcelcr, '3l. R. O. T. C.g Band, Aviation Club, State Band Contest, '31, Art Clubg Arorn Reporter. "He Ibul worlcvlb faithfully xhonlil bu juslly l'l'lL'lH'LlCtl.H IJILLBERT WILLIS lintcrcd from Peclcr, '31, Oliicer in R, O. T. C.g Crack Company, Basket Ball, Lcttcrctl, '33, AL'0I'll RCPUNCY- "1 lnnl rather bi' lin' brad of u fly lbdll flu' lrlil of tl lion." J. E. WILLIS Iintcrcd from Hogg, '30. Oificcr in R. O. T. C., Baseballg Hi-Y, Announcer at City Track Meet, '32, '53, Opcrctta, '55, ,345 AKUVII Staff, Crack Companyg, Football, Captain Military. ."Hv Illllj' 11111 look 11111611 Iikv a lowr, Bu! you v111111ol jmlgc 11 book by ilx i'uL':'1'." ." Q- i lx 1 4 X I Pilgi' Fifly-0116 17 lb QA Page Fifty-Two e ALBERT KELTY Iintered from Technical, '35. "He lL'UHItl, lHIlIl0l'L'll, 111111u'1'1l, brllolaff' DOROTHY KENNEDY Dropped out. "Duroll1y lm 11 smile ibut tfUl'AIl'1 rub offf, GLENN DARNELL Entered from John H. Reagan, '3l. 'A 1111111 who :fum bis own fbinking 1106115 bill liltle uIlL'iL'L'.,, WILBUR LITTLETON Entered from Mills, '51. R. O, T. C.g Orchestra, Band. "This fellow pifks up wil as pigeons peas." JACK BUTLER Entered from Bowie, '31. R. O. T. C.g Crack Company, Crack Platoong Wfinning Company in Competition Drillg Spanish Club, Scholarship Club. "May bu xlvvp in lleacc'-be 11x11111ly docs." PHYLLIS OTIS linlcrcd from Sunset High, '34. "If God VIIII law' 1110111 1111, why z'1111'f I low a 1!o:u11?" ELIZABETH MCNEELY Entered from Arkansas, '34. Public Assembly, ,355 Secretary of Public Speak- ing Class, '35, Student Teacher in Archery, '3S5 Girls' Debate Teamg Scholarship Club. "A girl who is boyixb B111 xb1111s being 111u1111ixb.', FRANK PALMER Entered from Bowie, '5l. Aviation Club, Latin Club. "May lu' 11c1'r1' want nor loxc Ll fricrulf' ' N .-vnu.. Q...- RUTH WILSON Entered from Bowie, '3l. Tennis Teamg Scholarship Clubg National Honor Societyg Poppy Sale: Forget-me-not Snleg Gymborceg Avorn Reporter. "HN rez1'r11'il will bf' grmi-rbi' bm Illlf 'lL'0l'kl'Ll - fav HI IUHI. J. B. WISE Entered from Gainesville, '34. Glee Club. "Knozvlm'g1' is mon' Ibm: vqziimlmzi lo forrvf' JACK WRIGPIT Entered from Sunset, ,33. "Gn'ulm'sr borvx llll' fo ilwfbf' RUTH YEAGFR Entered from Hogg, '31, Pan-Americang Gymboree: Forget-me-not Saleg Poppy Saleg Scholarship Clubg Spanish Clubg Typing Contest. "Needles arm' pins, nmllcs :incl pins, W'be11 I1 girl marries ber trouble begins." HERMAN MUNSTER Entered from Peeler, '31. R. O. T. C.g Cheer Leadcrg Crack Platoong Latin Clubg History Clubg Dramatic Clubg Debate Clubg Track. "About Ike only fhing thu! be will 11fL'L'r do is play zz harp." ROY ZETHRANS Entered from Sunset, ,33. Footballg Bzisketballg Senior Hi-Yg R. O. T. C. "As u man fbirzkx, xo bf is." ALLENE FULGH UM "Allfne rlifl jim' in ber four jyrurs of srbool, She t'r'uck1'il c'z'ery law uml brolu' l'I'l'7'j' r11lz'.', LEWIS BARR Entered from Wimdrow Wfilson, '33. Dramatic Clubg Debate Clubg R. O. T. C.g Capitol Drillg Crack Companyg Camp Dallas. "He ix full of buv'1no113'.D xr 'rf 9 JN X Wh Ax 1. QR' Page Fiffy-Tbrcf' FRANCES DEWEY Entered from Clarendon High, '32, "Thr milzlesi IIlJI1Ilt'fN with ilu' llruuftl minil." CZECH. l'lII.L Fntcred from Reagan, '51. Spanish Club. "A litflv learning ix u ilarzgrrozzs thing." MILDREU RAY JACKSON Entered from Hogg, '3l. Sponsor of Bandg French Club, Riding Club, Vice-President of III-B Classg Social Chairman of III-A and IV-B Classes, Beauty of Sophomore Class: Senior Beauty. 'rRt'llIPllIbf'?' llaaf K'l't'I'j'fbll1g of lifdllfy fcmlx I0 Ilan' t'lA'l'Llll0II of IIILHLD RUSSELL RINDY Footballg Baseball, Basketball, Trackg Spanish Clubg History Clubg junior Hi-Y, Manager of Football, Baseball, and Trackg Debate Clubg Dramatic Club. "W'bai is a Illdll ii laix rlrir aml aml mos! 11 lwii .2 i limi' ln' mmf lu xlwfv izml feral?" TALMAGE HORN Entered from Mesquite High, '32. "A frirml wnrtlr l'Ill1ll'tJfillg.,, CARLTON LRE Entered from Hogg, '3I. President of IH-A Classq Dramatic Clubg Crack Companyg Camp Dallasg Officer in R. O. T. C.g Library Assistantg Latin Club, French Clubg junior Hi-Yg Crack Platuong Oak Staffg Scholar- ship Clubg French Playg Senior Play. ff Grvu! mimlt .wr all null tm' :mf :wen hurl." BEN MliI.TON Entered from Reagan, '5l. Latin Clubg Stamp Clubg History Club, Scholarship Clubg Golf Team, '54, '35, "There ix nom' like him-nonefl J 'f ....-.- a-...Q Seniors, Farewell When we first entered Oak Cliff High, We came, as children, to strange lands So that our bodies, minds, and thoughts Might be developed by true masters, hands. Four years we laughed and wept and toiled And strove always to forge ahead. And though we liked it all the while, We never wished to have this said. And now but not as Pirates must we go Quite far away from this homeland To look for other treasures rare That life may offer a beseeching hand. There's much that's good in life, we know, But Age will tell us, I dare say, That after all is said and done, Life's happiest time is now+today. lt's sad to think of leaving all- The teachers, principal, and friends, But we have served our purpose here. Of high school we must make end. As one last parting word, let us Advise you, too, to work and strive, And so good-bye, good luck to all, Remember us, Class of Thirty-five. Wh 0' l I gr' Fifiy-Ilive gm' lfifly-Six CHAL LYNN Lois HAMILTON MARY K1 NDRICK P1"f'.Yidf'flf Viz?-President SL'L'l'l'l'6lI 3 4 B Qllicers The members of the IVB Class are looking forward to a triumphal senior year. Having representatives in the National Honor Society, the Scholarship Club, the Pan-American League, and in other phases of school activities, the class acclaims its distinguished membership and is proud of its accomplishments. Among the out- standing athletes is chal Linng Anna Louise Johnson and Lois Hamilton were chosen Under- class Beauty and Underclass Favorite, respect- ively, in the Popularity Contest. The class is honored by having had eight of its members elected to the National Honor Society. Under the guidance of Miss Mary Louise Clyette, IV B sponsor, the class hopes to continue this remark- able record. "WW firing no More of ingolx, Of xllifi' or jwvrious sfflnei, B111 ffm! we' have we gzzfbcrvrl Wfiflr .mwat mia' arhing bones." Alliin, I.urrzr.ine Arnistmng, tin uinlnlyn Bailey, Mary Helen Bungli, Maxwell Bezilmear. I.. A. Hirclsnng, Bobby Hix'ii1g,liL-11:1 Brmlsliaw. Jimmie Bi':inil1lz'tt, Helen Bryant, Alicc- Beth Bryant, Margaret lizuiarla, Eliznlie-th f'm'lisle+. ,lne Pat lfmlic-y, Austin Fav:-tt, lllnxinr- lizin tlnwni. lru lillf-ck. llnrnlliy lmnise lliffry, Alfrf-rl ikninfil. Willie Be-th Darrin, Ima lk-un. XVziyne lliwscfli. Nlaulielle linrn. llrlcn lillixzmls, Rntlie lillintl, llnilfzml Ellinll, Rulmerta Elms, 'llnn liwlnii. Francis Eze-ll. Timm Flligilllill, Allene 'Wx 43 Class fiIl.ifilk'l', Xlinnt Cary. Murin- Cieiscr. Ferry fiillwrt. limlwarll fiillilznnl, Minnie Ire nlnlv. llmllrm irren, Dumtliy lireen, lnniiw liriniee, 'lluixiiriy Clrnlxe, Myra llagmnl, l'nrtl1yl llzillymnk. Fluyrttr Ham, R. S. l'luwai'd. l"lnrz-iice llvairnv, Bictnr Hezirnr-. Numlic Hbuth. Eclfuril 1ln'1lir1'iii54tuii. lfitliml Hill, Yil'giiii:4.ji1yr6 Huwurml. I"lni'c'm'e Huwbll.Sylves!1r Hululiarxl. l'1i.'r1'c'tt ll11ghl'S. hlznnrs Hnniplircy. Peggy Hunter. liliitnn -jnliiistnri. Annu Louise- junc1,Flfiynl jurmlzlii, Alta Iifllll9t' Kelsey. Yirginia Kenrlrink, Mary Ci 6. Kilgfwe, Mary liillwingli, vl. H. Kinizini-in, Kiurley Irion:- Kinkel, llerlmvrt Knowles. Nlziry Elizzilicth l.L'r, I'xl'1Hlk Irilmrr, lfiiwl I.:-iiilnirg, livn Mae Lewis, lfmiicvs Linn, lfliml l.ittleti,n1, XYilluine NcAll:mis, Archie Mcl'mAd. Forrest Mclizinicl, jack Mrlloiiuld, Mary Elizalmetli Nluliec-. Fluy Kluliinney. Nellir XICLLAYETI. Ye-rn XlcXYlii1en. U'Nr.:il Mills. Nadine Nlinii. lninise Mini-inv, XYinnie Lex' U'K'imi1ni', ,lnlin Oelnirn. Uuilil Oslinrn, Margfirut Perkins, Mzirgurritc Peterson. I.anminr Phillips, Lulu 1'li1pps, Barbzfra l'rife-, Lenn l'nxu-rs, Marian Vrnilt, French Rrigle, iimrgv Rnlmcrts, Lnnise Ruluinexni, i,':u'ol Rulmett, lvilsun Rnllzlmlin, lilizulueth Ryan, lniiiiw Svnff, Uilly Srlinincker, Mabel Slinll, Henry Sinytlir, Nell Snecil, lill fiUll'gl'S, joe Sutton, llmvurml 'l':iylin', Michael 'l'r-iilmrisr, Luis 'l'onn, Milnlmn Tnrlry, Billy 'l'nrncr, Hurry XVarlillc, Yzillla. Mae NVall, Virginia l.Y:itkins, NYM! Vkntslni, lflnyil NYL-lcli, Orris XK'l1ittnr, Eau-lle XVilli:nns, Edwin XK'illi:nns, ,loc xYilil1llllS, Sara NVillis, Billy Young, Billy Pugv Fiffy 511111 Beyond the light of far Cathay, Beyond all mortal drmms, Beyond the reach of night and day Our Eldorado gleamsf, --D mice. 'lib IE 'Ulnbcvclassmczn 17 As Q lb Pagv Six ly LLTA MCQKIZX' Louisa Mormon Bmwiucn CHAPMAN P1'esiJe11f V ffl'-P1'l'Sit1 en! Secretary 3 A Qllicers The III-A class, sponsored by Miss Virginia Rootes, has heen represented generously in the various school activities. In the many types of athletics offered hy the school it has ranked high. In the clubs and organizations of the school, many outstanding members are representatives of this class. The IH-A's are anxiously awaiting the time when they will become Seniors. They hope to further Oak Cliff's high standing among the other schools of Texas. 1 1' ' . All X ..-....-...-..-.. ,......... -....-.- 1 f ill Ill .Ill Arlin, Louis Allen, Edith Allen, Helen Ard. Mary Louise Bailey, Mary Frances Baker, Yineent Barnes, Billy Barnum, Dorothy Bean, I. XV. Boland, Arthur Brantley. Evelyn Bray, Frank Broudhert, Robert Brower, .lack Brown. Margaret Buckley, Juanita Burrnugh. R. J, Calfler. Henry Cl2.l'l'lC'l'Ull. lloward i"1ixiL'ro11 Ywn fi3nl1yl'n.'ll,iiL'llt' Cannwhell. Milton Canipliell, Mnzelli' Faple, Solon Carlton, Marilyn Carrell, NViIliam Carter, john Casteel, Rulueri Chapman, Beatrice Chapman. Virginia C'hitwood. l'aul f'lirietzln-rg. Minnie Leath Clark, Selina Click, H. T. Coker, Lavinia Cole, Ouita Coleman. Ruth Cooper, VVarren Couch,l.ouie Currey. James Duncan. Gerald Daniel, Cattherene . 1 'r ' la' Q -....-. Dargan, Lorena Davis, Berry Davis. joe Day. Lucy Lee lle Ford. Ruthe Dickey, Stanley llieroli. Lt-on XY. Dryden, Vifilliam 3 A Class Hughes, Kenneth Huffhines, Mary Bell Hufstedder, Rvlu'cra lluniphrey, Geraldine Jameson. Billy -lolinsun. Monroe lolnison. Doris Durham. Mary Helen johnson. Mildred Easters, llarrill Edmonson, Howard Elder, l'arl Elerson, Maureen Ellis, Rolw1't Elzey, Blanche Enunans. lilizaheth lfelder, Mary Fielrliinf, Hella Fielrliiig. ,llnrotihy Finns. ,len ell Flake, Peggy lfleeinan, Billy Fonts. jacryuelyn Fowler, lfcrinan. Fudge. R. IJ. Gamlnrell, Leon Garrisfm,Ja1nes Gharis, lidgar fiharis. Edmond Girlinghouse, fills Gleason, Peggy Gooden, Doris Gray, VVestrnorL'land Green, Mary lsahel Grihhle, Louise Griffin, bfarjorie Hanszen, Gene Hawkins, Edwin Hays, Frank Herd, Bunelle Holsirom, Helen Horn, Virginia Hubbard, Billy jones, Bill jones, Emroys jones, O. 'l'. Keahey, Violet Keith, Kathryn Kerby, Clovis Kerr, Dee Kerwan. l'atrieia Kidson, Pauline King, Aldon Knonp, Billy Latimer, Nadine Lent, Dorothea Lewis, jack Linehau, Ill. ,l. Lindly, Thlnia Livington. Lillian Long, lris Long, Roy Loring, Ben Loring. llornthy Lowe. Mildred Luttrell, Lucille Lytlie. Ben MCAi1ally.,l:iek McDonald, M. V. McGuire. Eleanor McKey, Leia MCNeely. Clarke Martin, ,luanita Mason. Norman Nerllin. Keys Merrifield, Dan Miller, john Mitchell, Ellis Monmoe. l.oi1isv Mrmily. Maury Moore. Ht-ulah Morrison. XYiIlard Mullen, Ilfirie Oliver. Naney Orr. Sam Oster, Ray Packwoorl, Lillian Peery, Ralph Peitz, Louise Peters, VYilson Phillips, Coylar lliraino. Anthony Pollock, Leland Popplewell. Lyn Ruth l'oteet. Margie Randall, ,lane Randle. ,lanies Reagan, XX'illiam Reams, Jack Redding, Charles Reynolds. Rohhie Rhodes. xhvillllllilll RlL',l'l31'tl4. l"lrn'i'l1t'e Rohlwerson. La Rosa Robbins. lit-raldine Roberson. Dorothy Rook. Duane Ross, -l2:l1ll6S Samuels, -luanita Sel1astian,iit-urge Scottino. lbvorntliy Settles. George Slieffer, lloroihy Shepherd. Lucille Sligli, Tlnunas Sloan, Howard Smith. Charles Sneed, Lyal Snlrunrni. Alta Spillers. ,lack Springer. NYayne Stephenson, llarry Summy, Billy Tculvner, XYilhur lifunpsnn, Vl. XY. Todd, james Floyd Toogood, Eclward hrnnpson, Mary Jean ne inns, YN'inifred ruly, Mable Tuttle, VVinfred 'antreese, Elizabeth ernon. Hazel .V T T T N X. XX':e.lker, Harrison Wallace, Clifton Wallace, lris VValton, Susie M ae XVardy, Bob VVatson, Bert X'VelJlJ, H ugh VVel1ster, Beatrice Viestmoreland, XYallaee XYlwatey. Syhil lVhitten. VV. V. XYilder, Maurice lvillard, Yiyizun Xvilliams. Eunice NK'illiams, Marie lK'illian1s. Lee XYilson, George VK'ilson, Kathryn Wilson, Margaret VVilson, Melvin Viiolf. Rob YYood, Marie lYordin. Marie XYyly, Cylene Y cargan, Annette Pugr bm ly Om JACK WILLIS CLIFFORD HARTER LILLIAN HARGREAVES Page Sixty-Two President Vice-President Secretary 3 B Qllicers When the portals of Oak Cliff High School opened to welcome the rowdy class of '32, little did the school expect that they would become the sophisticated Juniors of today. This class made history for itself by being the first fresh- man group to present an assembly. And such an assembly! Today the participants blush to think how courageously they braved the wagging fore- Hnger of Mr. Adamson to present "Little Nell". Their next escapade in history-making was the Junior Prom, which marked the height of the social calendar of this year. "The luorlil was growing grrj' and ulil: Break ou! lbc sails again! WNV: ou! Io seek a Rvulm of Golf! Bvyuml Ike Sfmuiib fllrxlillfl Ables. l,il:1 Adams, Ruth Aclkissmi, Nunn Mac Athannsuff, llelc-n Barnes. Vlyfie Bea-ty, Cl1:1rleS Beaty . Elaine- liaugli. Gcnvrzi llennvtt. Marilsc Bensnn, Vnrl lloyrl, Lvwis BI'llXX'l'Y. ,lim llrmviilnw. lizirl Bruiiiliilgi-, Rulmrt Byers llenry f'alaway. Vlrirencc Camplncll, Clfircncc Carter, Roy CC!ltlElll. A111415 Chilflrcss, Glaflys Cliurcliwcll, Rulwy Xcll Cox, Billic .live Crunicr, lcfi Culver, Rrlircczi Dzmiel, R051 mary Deverraux, joy Dobiymiski, Morris Donalrl, Peggy Doniic-ll. Kiley , r jx X lizulcs, llc-lcn Elliott, Anscil liulwziiicls. Lorraine Foster, Mary Foy. ,lunc l.'lI'EGll'lZl'll, l,:m1o11 Fruiislvy. Billy Gziriliivit Ipnis Gates. llcnry l.:-e l'l2lll,.lll1'Ill'lll' Hziiniltrm. fillllillll Hzinlincr. Ilclmi lilizzilvetli lrlfmrzilwvii, l'11l3 tlic Blzxrie Hz1rg1'v:1v1-S. l.illizm Hrirgrezivcs, Lillaan Harrismi, llcn ll21l'fl'l'. Vliffwrnl Hurley. Vlrmvis I'lm'tm'ss. Billii- -loam llnycs. l':X'L'lj'Il Hicks. lll'l'l7Cl'f Huzlgc. -lIl!1lC5 llulcmmiluc, Mz1r5z:1.1'et Hullziiiml, Iiusc111:11'y Howl, Kzxtliuriiie Huusum. Robert Hmwirml, Nllxllacc 3 B Class llutsnn, lhirnicc Kczirlvy, Marjorie ,l:1cksu11..l. XY. lzinius, llzimkvll Keith. Iluiwitliy Dell Keinpv. lCnlw:11'4ls Kciillcnly, -l 11116 Kinkvl. l.m1is lmn-ll. R. Il. Kinkvl. Kzrtlicriide Kitcliin, Zulcnin l.z1kc. Muriel l.zi Rin-. S1l.II'l!I'lj'C l.Q'z1tl1r.'1'xim,1nl. llorffiliy NlC,Xl1lcif,.lz1Ck KlCll1'i4lc', f'l:11'i11e N.lCflKlI'lIIlCli. Durntliy MCf'rusli4'y. llyftlll Mcliiilluy. Bc-ttice lltllmxull. llavill Maiilluvillc. l'l1:11'lcS M111-lcs.X'i1'g,:ii1i:1 Martin. lfrziiices Mziyiuml. Xlclvin lN1rwm1.'l'..l. Blll!'l'k'll, Mary Ellqn Nelson. lluwzirml Norris. 'l'r11111ar1 Nurria. i'ly1la.lic'ne Nm'1r111,4l. C, 0'Ncz1l, Luis l'zil111c1'. Civorge llzirrisli, Sturlis l'c'ClC1', llv1'l1e1't Pliifcr, Alice I'rc-siigv. lflniifle Price, S110 ,lame Randall, llc-ggy Rec-ml. Mary DCC Ritcl1ic.l:1n1L's Rolicrm. llarlley llrilwiimwii. llnry lirlna Rfiliinsfni. Ruth Kf1:i11.Syl1il Ryan, Rxinclall Sams, Vliristinc Simvyvr, llrrliert S:1w1':111Cc, Diana SCz11'lmo1'm1gl1. Mcrvin SCl1111v11L'l. llnriS Svzirs. -lzinicc Slizulilzly. llvlen Snrrvls. 'llivllna St. flziir. Frzuik Stvgvr, Ihxlm Stviling, Alvin Striclrlziml, XY. A, Stricklzinfl. Myrtle Terre-ll. Toni 'lll1CliLT. Rziyimmcl Tuckcr, limlna Mae 'I'yl0r.,lul1n liglfmw, Marry l.c'f' Yzmtriisv. Francis Ycrinillifm, Pauline xXVilllil'l', ,luck lYnll, l'il'ZlllCL'S xvZlll'ZlYCll. Louclla XYaltc1s. Martlin xxvilliflll. Bill lY:i1sm1, llmvden XY:-luster. Sam Wrist. Yivicxiiie VVilli:in1s. R055 lwvlllliz-YIIS, Tlirmias NYillian1s. Pauline XVillis,,l:1ck xx'lSOIl. Taynian XYi11fls111'. Helen VVisk0cl1il. llrtty .lane Vl'itl1e1's1mon. Lconarnl VYyliv. 'IR1111 Yatsw, Ali i11 Ywu11ger,leannettc Pagf Sifly-Tbm VIRGINIA HEIsKELL DOROTHY TAYLOR FRANcEs DARNELL Pugv Sialy-15011 r P1'0sif1cnt Vice-P1'z'sidw11' Secretary Q A Gllicers When the II-A Class came to Oak Cliif as freshmen, they brought with them a determina- tion to make good. So far they have kept their resolution. Undaunted by the fact that the second year was harder than the first, they went ahead with a greater devotion to work and a complete as- surance of victory. Under the splendid sponsorship of Miss Eu- genia Newberry during the first year, and of Miss Abigail Crane during the second, they have progressed far. They have what it takes to make a good school, "The Oak Cliff Spirit". "Br if rigbf or u'rrmg, I iiug Ibir xongg For now if xcwus fo me Men slum' fIll'i?' souls fllfff rovkx and 8170615 As ll1tH'flIL'J'S me by Iva." -n 'Q . idly .-..-...-- -...?.. Allen, Virginia Alverson, Philip Anderson, Beatrice Anderson. Gordon Ashley. Virginia Aycock, Jacqueline Baker, Mary Louise Baker, Theresa. Barder, Ruth Barnes, Vera Frances Bivings, John Boyla, Frances Carol Bridgman, Juanita Brown, Bernice Brown, Frances Bruce, Rohert Burnett, John Burha, Marguerite Burdene, Louise Calame, Paul Carey, Dorothy Carpenter, Scottie Chapell, Sara Helen Chatetain, l'aul Chenault, Evelyn Chilrlress, Fields Childs, Robert Christe, James Clark, A. VV, Cleghonn, Mary Jane Cohan, Harry Collier, A, E. Collier, VVestley Cooper, Martha Cox. Vernon Crismon, Ruthell Crissman, Harry Crowell. lnez if .x X from son. Allie Vee Dalulvs. Ann Dannell, l"ra.ncis Davis. Mary Louise Dt ere. Charles Dewey. Yvonne ljonalil. Martha Dranv, llurgress Duhlmels, Lowell Duil. Mary Dunman, Pete Dummit. Dixie Ennis, Grant lfinley, lmogene Flowers, Isabelle Fogleinan. Fay Forrest. Fisher French, Carl ronce, Aline Frost, Stanley ilarclm-r, O, C. Garner. Grover Getharml, Chela iiharis. Tliekessa I F' rilmore, Dorothy Gleason, Mickey Cioozlmnn. Earl Granger, Byron Green, lVatson Grigslmy, Jeanette Gross, Imogene fiuinn, VV. E. Haclrler, Leslie Hancock, Marcus Hansen, Delbert Hanson. Forbert llarrling. Charles Harris, Frank Harrison, ,lack lleiskell. Virginia Herrington, Ruhy llill, Johnnie llill. Russell llooius. Sherman llortfnl. Douglas llnflflon. iliilclen QA Class Hudson. Trunian llulihnrd. Mary Estelle llulf, Margaret Jensen. Andrew Johnson. Cordon Johnson. XYayne lohnson, Francine ilohnson, Gladys Johnson, ,lane Johnson, Lnra lortlan. Evelvn kt-in., Alice ' Kelly, ,l une Kerhy, Nettie Klimitz, Virginia Knowles, Katherine Latta, Mary Ellen Lamhert, Ralph Lawson. Martha Fay Lziyden, Pete Leeman, Sam Lowe, Rena Lou liowry, L. B. Lucas. liharles Lundy. Elwyn McAtee, Barbara McC'art5', Judith Mcflintockv ifleta. Belle Mellrew, Odell Mclntosh. Doyzil McKay. Chester McQueen, Geraldine McSpatlden. Hilton Mangold. Charles Manton. Betsy Mason, 'fhetla Miller. Lois Miller. Bill Moore, Anna Beth Moore. Charles Moncrief, XYoodrow Morton, James Moseley, Bobbie Mosley, James Nall, Boyce Nelson. Freda. Lee Nelson, Jimmie l.u Nt-whaker, Louise Nolan. D, ff. Oates. Violet Ogden. Betty Orr, George Oslmrn , Billie Marie Utis. Bill Palmer, Lucille Patrick, VV. l.. l'olinski. Lester Pollock. Ray l'otter, Eloise Preslar. Margaret Price, Ora Pritcliett. Billie XYoole Quillin, 'Thomas Rankin, Thomas Richardson, Curtiss Rife. Tommy Rohhins, Jane Rohhinson. Ralph R ohinson. Dorothy Rorie, Bill Rohnett, Edwin Roff, Homer Rowe, Ed. B. Sale, Lounetta Sampson, Jane Sanders, Raymond Sanger, Kenneth Schell. Earl Scherer. Glenn Scottino. Elizabeth Schulz, Billy Schwetltler. Edgar Scott. Shefiuto Selmvckelford. Charles Shanka, Grace Shaw, Mary Catherine Sheer. Virginia Shelby, Dan Sibley. Pat Silverthorne, ,lean Smith, Ida Ruth Smith. Henry Sonnier, Ezell Stanfield, Hulyne Stanley, James Stephenson. Jimmie Sticklaml, Louise Story, Lee Stroud, Allieta Swinriey. Marceline Tamer, Billin Terry, Charlie Frances Terry, H. M. Theo, Mary Tliompson, Halslvey Thoxern, Harry Thrash, Roy Turberville, John Ulm, VVilliam Yan Devender. Dorothy Vermillion, Lola lYa.ller. Yictoriue lYarren, Malcolm XVatkins, Edward XYatkiris, Mae VVatson, Norman VVeaver, Joe NVelch, Jesse lvesterheck, llat XVhite, Robert lVhitter,Claiulie lYhitten, Robert lliillliite, Dorothy XYilliams. Juanita VVilliams, Ruth VVillia.mson, Joe Willis, Velma ,lo lVoolever, J. VV. Vt'yatt, Jeannette YMP3. Cliz1.rle.: Youngblood, Grace l'i1,euSixlj EVELYN HONEYCUTT MARY FRANCES IRWIN DICKIE TURNER Sli!-3-Sir President Vice-President Secretary Q B Qllicers The H-B Class enrolled in January, happy in the thought that they could no longer be called the babies of the school. The class is well represented in the Scholarship Club and various other organizations, and they are enthusiastic promoters of the "Oak Cliff spirit? They early called a class meeting, under the sponsorship of Miss Newberry, and elected offi- cers who are quite capable of directing them throughout the remainder of the term. "Good lurk befall you, mariners all Tlml mil thi.: world .vo widf! Wlzilbrr we go, not yet we knowg We xfffr by wind and tide." an WNY! lsifx rr Anderson, Erniagene Arnwine, Ruth Arrington, Howard Barrett, Howard Baugh, VVilforri Bell, Everett Bennett, Iva Nell Berry, Rolane Birdwell, Lynwood Blaine, VVynettc Blake, Anita B. Blanton, Lila Blanton, Melha Bunks, Jim Butcher, Frances Chaney, Ethel Clendennen, Mary Ellen ll4VlIglC'lU1l. Rill l'alhnun, llill Capers, Robert Chandler, C. VV. lfhilrls, filliftml Coffin, Leon Fungletnn, Bill cl0lll'lCI'. Paulette Fnpelanml, Mary Jo Vox, Alice li1'tPSSlIiillfl, llnwarll llU!lllll'Ij,Jfl12ll1'l. ,luanita ffalilgren, lllilflrcd . . f I tx X llaniels, Dorothy llinkins, M xvihz llolihins. Denevieve llrew, llaltrm llurr.-ft, lilllltl' Duncan, Buyer- Emensnn, Thomas Fisher, Imogene Foster. l'l!'CIl Foy, Glenn Gilillzmrl. Jimmie Ciiarrupntn, Lucas Girlinghunse, tficely Ann Golrlman, Louis Grahani, Marie Graves, I, VV. Grihhle, Elizaheth Mae lizlewmil. l.l'illifl Hall. Doris Halliburton. Margaret Hamilton. Clarence Hamilton, Phillip Harrison. Genevieve lift-fCl1L'!', Ruth Hendrix. Oliver Herman, Lattie llill, Amie Lee lliser. Doris Q B Class llwllannl, Laxmiia lloneyeutt, Evelyn llurlspeth. Elizabeth Hunter, Robert Hurley, Raynmncl Hurt, l Y ' Irwin. Mary Frances Jclixglass Janes, Ralph johns, jimmy Jones. llenry Keith, Luis Kelleyfiervrge Kelty, Jack Kiilcztinnnn, Aurlriene Kirk, Pauline Kirkpatrick, Mary May Knapp, Uliarles Roy Knott, Raskcl Lassctter. lllf11'lEll1l Lawler. james Little, Albert Luna, Nellie Mallory. Mary Beth Mason, Claiborne Massingell, Dorothy Mayers, Beth Mclflellan. l,inileen M earl, Juanita Mcrerlith. Ross Miller. C. M. Minter, Eugene Monre, Sirlney Murrow. Hmrrace Murray, Ruhert Nihlri. Roy Paris, Low Parker, Beth Parr, VVynian l'zltel'1ms1.1'u, Margaret Ann Patterson. Ceufrge Peterson, Altmn Phillips, Luuise Pilcrs. Erhlie Vlfllllflll, ,Inc Eal llyeatt, Byron Price, Durotliy Rancllett, Pwlly Rawlings, lllmpglas Ray, Margarit- Richarilson, Aline Ruhineurl, CiL'lJ'l',CfC Rollins, Mary Frances Russell. Mary Lois Sawyer, llaphna Mae Scanister, 'Tommie Srhuppel, Mary Ellen Sehxverlilcr. Paul Scott, CT. A., Jr. See, Bill Skeltfnl. Harris Smith. Maurice Snell, Helen Sorrels, Mary Spilles, M. I.. Stephens. Mary Dean Stirlham, George Sto,qner, Carl Summers. Dan Sutcr, laines Taylor. Dorothy 'l'eul:ner, Inez Tliackcr, June Tlilu, llettt Tinney. l.loyrl Turner, Dick VVadrile. Sidney Ruth VValker, Elizalveth XVel:ster. Barbara VVilkinson, Unrntliy lVillianis, Katherine VVilliams, Donald VVillian1s, ,lack NVilson, Harnhl VViseman, Lcla.nil XYray, Evelyn XYright, ,lnlia Znllicnfier. Maurice lhfgt' Sf.Xfj'ASL'I'L'!l gv x fg QC? WB Q 1 lb MARY ALLEN ENGLISH PEGGY BATCHLER WALTER LITTLE1 Presizlv11t Vice-President Secrctm 3 Page Sixfy-Eigb! 'l A Qllicers In September the I-A's enrolled with new life and vigor after a three months vacation. With the assurance of old veterans, they walked proudly down the halls of Oak Cliff High School. Miss Frazer was chosen as sponsor of the group and gladly agreed to aid it in every way possible. This class expects to stand by the school in all its activities and to uphold the tra- ditions, which have always hovered around Cali Cliff High School. HXYXZIFVI llr all-rrmq14fr'1r1,xg 11111171 arm' rut! Gmzw ffm goodly garment through, Wbfll fbi' dns! rclurns fo dust, Let noi Ion: go, loo." 1? an 4b AA Ailin, Mary Albin, Cecil Alexander, lfayrene Alexander, Lula Allbright, Richartl Applegate, Pauline Barnes, llorntliy Ann Barrett, Marguerite Bztehlcr, Peggy Bates, Rozell Beachuni, Luna Belle Bell, 'l'hurnian Benson, .Inhn Bibb, Marie Bisliorp, Kathleen Blinlwrwtli. Bill Boyd, Mildrcil Browder, Fred Brown, Unupglas Brunflege. lliel- sie Bryan, Anna Ruth Burr, Alt' Bynes, Frank Valdwell. Erma 'alLiwell. Ralph 'ainpliell, Henry 'art-y, Mary arnll, Evelyn arson, Blanche fartt r, Mary Kate l C C C L C C 1tL5 e anne .1 3 nj'-1 Vhristian, Barbara Ann Vlarke, Eloise Fuleman, Retha Cooper, Mary ,lane Cuuflh. Vtvilona Fox, Dorothy Craven, Carolinila V . f 1 'v KN lfrosslancl, Juanita lfuminings, Clark Pushing, Billy Uaft. George Darby, Furnnn llnbiyanski, Uris lleaton, Neilnn Densniore. Sam l'Jickery,Kenneth llvwgaii, Clio Dorgan, Glenn Du Vall, john D. Elixson. Phillips Elimore, Sara Bill English, Francine Lee English Mary Allen Feltner, Ralph Forsyth, Lucy Fay Foster, Oliver French, Virginia Flllkersixl, Eilgar Gallagher, ljonaltl Garner, Paulinu Green, June Gremilliun, Pullyana Hailey, lfatie Mae Hall, Mary Kate Hamiltnn, Mihlreil Hanna., l+'lin'ence liargiss, Nnrvelle Harris, Ernestine Harris, Mnzcllc Hawkins, Jimmie Heavini. XVilsnn lleiskell, Eligaheth Hmnlersrm, t'harle'3 Henderson, Mary Lyne HL-nilry, Helen Herron, J, ll. Hohman, NVally Hill, Kathryn 'I A Class liillput, Jewell llnlliilay, Virginia llnlt, Lnn Helen llmirl, Blnnilin Hope, D011 lloupn, Einrna Sue Huwarrl, Virginia Harrell, Hazil Htiwell, Rtuliert llulmbaril. Vharhe Huntlley, Ruth H unter, Mary lluse. Ruby ,luv jackson, Erlna Mae james. ,leraliline -Innes, Kathryn Kasal, Milclreil Krahey, George KL-ane. Ai'inunLl Kiclsun, Ltiy Keexiy. Janie Keel, Laurie Kelly, Lorena King. La Verne Kinnznmer. Oliver Kinsley, Lucille Kinsworthy, Agnes Knott, Douglass Krager, XVillian1 Lain, Bernice Lamh, Mary Alyce l.:mfm'd, Thayer Latimer, Edith Layilen, Tmniny Lee, ,luanita Lembly, Foster Lee l.t'mnnins, Eva Sue Li-wi'3. Bessie Lewis, Eslwaril Lillarrl, Kitty XVill Linehan. .lack Little. XVo.lter Lluyil. lJm'nthy Mefnlluin. Benjalyn Mellinnmgli. Colby Meliinncss. llary Mciiwire, Lurline McKinney, Mililreil Mcxeely. Rulrcrt Madrlux, Charles Maiden, Sara Finch Mareu.,lin1my Marshal, O, NV. Masun, Rus: i-ll Maynard, Yvuinic Meclss, Clevelanrl Metsgar, lris Mwnerief, Virginia Dale Moore. Frank Mnure, Mary ,ln lllmire, T. E. Mmwxnw, Otis Lee Morton, John Mnlleus, Era Murclwclc, Recharil Murphy, Billy Murphy, Earl Neal, Turn Norris, U, B.. Jr. Oliver, Ray llrr, ,lane Owen, A. E, Page, Jerrell Palmer, Betty Patton, T. ,L Veclforil, KU-liert Peebles, Nancy Perkins. Alice Pirry, Bessie Phillips, Marjririe Poole, J ack ltuppli xx ell. Lyn Ruth Posey, Bcib Pratt, Charley Pulliam, Ma.ii.,lretta Ramsey, Doris Reeil, Jack Revels, Betty Rhodes, Rayfurd RiLtlil:ui'g. Loretta Riley, Mozelle Robbins, Jack Rnhersmi, XV. E. Roberts, Mary ,lu Rogtrs, H. A. ls' owntree, Jeanette Sclnnueker, Louis SClll'OCll0f, Dorothy Self, joe Self. Lois Sharp, Billy Shiver, tlenrge Sliropsliire, Uiek Siinpson, Agnes Smith, Patricia Stallings, Inez Stanford, Annalrell Stuekard, Virginia Sunnny, Dorothy Swann, Charline Talbert, Billy Terry, Floyd Thunias, john Tinrs, Maxine Ulrich, Eugene Utley, Mary Ann Vtt. Nancelie Vanlreesc, Imogene Vcnalile, I, IJ, XValdcr, Viola XValt0n, Margie XVard. Bettie ,lane XVilkl0w. Helen Ruth XVilliams, XVayne NVinters, Juanita VVOIIIIICK, Bernard NVorden, Dorothy XVyly, Glen Youngblunml, Fred Pugv Si,X'f1'-Nillf' BETTY DENTON LYNDEL DIEROLF WALTER GROVE President Vice-President Secretary TB Qllicers DON'T THEY ALL! We came up here as freshmen do Very timid and meekg We couldn't find our classrooms For some time-about a Week. But we are happy now And We will like it more When We are a little older And become a sophomore. We plan for the time we're seniors As all poor freshmen dog And so, until the next time, We'll bid you now adieu. .,... ." Q- lx i i X .-Xtlmni. fhnrles .-Xehlz-y. llelrn llnilcy, R. L. llzikcr, Edwin Burns s. ,luhn Hmrzml Hziugli, Olga Mae llzixlwy, Marian Iiixlt-r, XY. D, lirrullierry, Marie llruzultizix, Mzlrthzi liryxtnt, NV. J. liZll'llliL'llZlCl. Rntll f':n'tL-r, ,I uanitzt fqkilltlllll, Armando flirisv. Doris l'l:nAk, Maxine l'l:'.rli, l'c't'ry Vnkn r, Doris funk. jnhn Alan Vulc, Mary 1.u11ift- I'unt'tney. M:n'gzn'rt fox, Rlllltlllll frztin, lfrzmklin lwllIlllllillgS, Virginia lluntun. Bette Iliuwlf, Lyntlrl Uillzihunty. Hichrirtl 1 ,, ,, b Eagle, Bululmy liclmls, Ralph lickstctin. Utcllzs Erickson, Mnris-l l":xzak5rl:z.y, Siilnvy Fitles, .-Xnnal-nib Ifivlnls. Alillionsu lfieher, Marguerite Fike-S, Anna Luis Fmvlkes. M. Xlririun lfux. ,IZUDES tiziffuul, Int-z tinge, lllyemi flillvy. l"i'mit'tf- films. Hzizt-l lilensmi, 'lc-an iilmsoii, jim tiutlwin, Dutllt-y liutiml, Dwight llmngcr, litlith Rust liimtte. XY:4.ltt'r llzill, Hugh H amilton, Iilizzilmetli llzirluer, Mary Elimlsctli Harding, lYz1rrcn G. Hare, Robert 'l B Class Herring, lltmvvr Hill, Mary lfrzinces Huffer, Mnrjtirie Jackson, Aura Mae LIZIHIHS, ,lnzunitzi Alolnistm, l'l:n'encc- Jolinmn. l urmlzi Jnltnsmi, lzzirl hlohnsttn, Mztxint Kenipv, Margie Leatlivrivnutl. lXl:1rgt'x'itv Leilver. lit-rziltl Llorcte, Shirlvy Logcin, llill Luper, Ilan Mcftillriiigli, Hal Mcllmiziltl, llrurge Mflfzill, Margot McSinnt'ss. Slack Mcll'illi:1.tnf, Mary lxzithcrine Mans, livelyii Maluirin, Luuisc Mz1rsl1.,l:1nirs Martin, llill llftrtin, lix'm'St Blntht ns. Anim Mt-rt-tlitli. xi2llALIlll'l'5ft' lXlillt'l'. ,luck lllnmrignn. llilly Murrnw, XVilli:im Mullin. Ilerlicrt Xiulwls, lC4l1:.n Nnrth, lllzirgtlrcftt- l':ti'ln'i', li1'vlJS1't l'z1tttmn. VY. E. Phillips, tleurgc l'it'i't'c-. lYt:1ul1'0w l'lllllZl!l. Xlzn y l'ntlie1'inc l'uxt'll..l.1', Rxlnft, llvlcn liimly, Phyllix Nzitmii Rttllins. lhrtie Fay Rm'l:,xl:ii1e lim-, lfrzinces Siilinlvisutl, Dun1tl15 Schlinkc. Otis Singh, Margaret Slivlvlivltl. Dee R05- Slitltun. Lrti5 Slmificlml, liarlzinml Skelton, Margaret Smith, Hziroltl Spears, Uoris Spicer, Mary Sweatt. l.:til Swenson, licriizml 'l'aylm', Ray Tlizmirs, Dalton llimnpstm, Viviun 'l'ismlL'll. John Rhcu 'l'ui'nt-r, Yirginia Tuttle, Levcllv Vmlcrwouml, l"r:i.nk Xllillzice, Lexx' livclvn lllills, Gruigv: lV:iltn11, Rrnvst lV:irrcn, Glziclym- XYszitl1t'rly, lliliju XX'lit-ulrr, Nlfirgzirvt XYhitt-, llewrgt' XYils4n1.gXx'fx lYilw1t1.Dtjrrt1tl1y Vl'0rtlerx, Margaret ,lum- XYright, R. F. Ptzgi' Sw: willy-0119 Wh Ax 1. Wi' Who's Who Lucas Giarraputo, II-B, won first place in the citywide Boys' Declamation Contest. Natalie Simpson, IV-A, received third place in the Girls' Declamation Contest. Eugene Hanszen won first place in the Boys' Extemporaneous Speaking Contest and was also Winner of the high-jump in the city. He is a member of the HI-A class. Patricia Kirwin, also of the III-A class, won second place in the Girls' Extemporaneous Con- test. The one-act play, "The Conflict", won Hrst place in the city preliminaries. The characters were: Lyal Sneed, Nan Cameron, Winifred Tipps, and Tommy Grimes. Lyal and Nan were named first and second best actresses, respective- ly, and Tommy was second best actor. Wynlotta Taliaferro and Elizabeth McNeely, IV-A's, won third place in the city Girls' Debate Contest. Doris Gooden and Hazel Newsome composed the spelling team entered in the lnterscholastic League Contest. Doris received a diploma for having had a perfect paper. Charles Honig and Forest McCord were en- tered in the Boys' Debate Contest. Lura Johnson and Elizabeth Heiskell repre- sented Oak Cliff in the Interscholastic League Essay Contest. Raymond Oster was high-point track man in the city. AY - g.. , , mr- - Y... A .. ,il ' 5 ,flijiwn --f" if W -v . L, . w ? X f Y . X ' ,Y 4'7" Y Y Q Q -Um iii' ff!! w X ' - MM M M , X, A 9 X f S' ' A ". ' Y 4+-- "-- 'f - 'A'-Y?-1 .-3'-.vw ' SM: -zgvf Q.. Scig.. . 'J-1 i' 1 JV: I M - Lx- ---,--- 5. !,- 5 fm .. - f--...W--.-.+I -ww 'hi-3 1 fs . Y 5 - '- ---LM j .t 'Q-'.g:5,,,,fxk ..- W if 3 E-mf- f.n-? ., ' I mgfy-Q wwf- T ""L'A' f-Y--f--L . 'K 1- ' f - . - - f 1.-' KX ,,' Nl 1. ,Wig L-L". .45 Xb f - - V , n 1, If WSW... 2- f' 3 4 eff? X '- " i E , ' , x GVOQQ' mV Y l' f--X-.rg is X . , ' 'Avg V 4.1.- -0 - f , N ' . 'X I 41" Q 'H' ,YY, inxwnfgr - ' 1 ' 40 gf- - --ff , ,, Y f f 4 w w w f , a .L-.W -- f Z1 r 1 f 1 X xx, 5 9 KV W ,ie :QQ-Q' if Q-,4 Xif, , M ,A 5K W W li-L 1,,i.l......--1 -,l....lii.- ,ni ima- 7 A- in i M i f A M- 4 iifiil .. ""' 3 ' 7 W ..i- "1--j-gait' H lj X 5' Q wg!! ,U i K-- ,, ff 1 WM N ' w Y N i " l , W , 5 ,W - T Q Wzgztgzgx- + 1, -Mijn X43 ' Mi , 5 f-l.L31Qkf'1igg lg , I J' fm X -'f W N V 'M 'MULL if , ,-3 g N NqQ,:1l'Ng"fg 'x f:--,........----- LA vw '-'ww iw g 1' Q.. -,uv -'--f -' Q P ....-, 51 wx l A 3,, ,,..-MwgnJIIIMWHIWIS Jimi' -- 1 I HIM 2- , ,W -K ' Z ,xiimIllllllll W '4.:.'-' , ' Y' fl, MAI il - 4 v Q if gwmwunllllmuaumun E: , ., . , 5 - - . , f ff Svmnuunnnnnlrllf - x ,- ' ' X . 445 4 X 'Q gflllllllnu-.q.nriullll 5-1 -X, lgjlghmb 4, Ji 'lllllllllllgllliunn 37 f .., 4- X X ' 5 ziiuggaiff- -' '-' " ifggrlgluulllllllpwlull L " I fig , l i i t Iunuuaunllllllf iz i w! A? Xl W' -Eff :-,fgf 1 . -,-, M - g:::-.L zz: 1 -1--14 -,,..- Y, Y f- J: .2 H73 ,Kg E av P325 il 4g,7 YV , V Y A,1..-.- X . lii .i . , .. ,, , ,W ,-,-7 .iT-'-""" ,-,..-ff ii.- R.C'l"f'fIIi7I I-as the skies Ill! olrf 3 A Sfm' wiffrozzl' ll sfailz, Tlx' Glory of fha' Grzfvs of Gold Bcyozm' flu' Sjmnisla Main." -Drfzkw. Mildred Jackson Senior Bmmy Charles Sprague Senior Ffzooffire f Earl Hamilton Clezweyz' Senior Bay WRDd2l Neal Clevezfev Senior Girl Carlos Jones Bev All-Romzd Senior Boy , Clyva Mae Huckabee Beft All-Round Senior Girl fa Ben Harrison Umie1fc!f1.s'.r Fmfoffife Anna Louise Johnston Umierclmf Bmmjf Lois Hamilton Best All- Rozmcf U7Z6!!6l'LlZfZ.l'.l' Girl William Carrell Bef! All-Round' U7Z6L76VC!d.S'.i' Bqy 'pw 5 14 ft X ,if n,r EU sf! nad Q 'Wa-. P I hifi 4 V ---l-- N Ir? 17 f' ff x X - --I if--4'-" 'gsrj' 'K fl 27' A, 4 T'l - 4 ,, Lf, , , f -ii-gf if Qixw-ff K4 3 ,'D ! l N , 1 ff , 4 fi . --A ' ,,' ,,..-. , ff V, I ff! , , 4 f rj-K if 5 ? ff f f ff ff ff' il- JA X N, V ff" ff" "il, ' ,fi "- - A I sw: Qi u 1,4 .,, .:,x,w.J A le!-'Agi'x, R farm.. rw- -- f 14-1-9-.-:--l'i5g,fK -J, f1.....::,-1.53 'f - - 7 - V Y Y X, 7 -L-2-?,..a,, A -5C,1,L2, - - -ak: 1 - , ' iL, 1527 5 X V l -, ,V ., ,vi 5" i - RN it cti iiies 'gl 7 4' A A V- - 1? AX A 45 Page Eiglnty-Four Subscription Contest Winners Violet Leach, with 75 subscriptions, won first place in the Subscription Contest. Roy Kinnan won second place with 37 sub- scriptions. Charles Browder obtained S52 worth of adver- tising, the largest amount obtained by any one pupil. ..-.. .-....-.,. -.....-. 'iq ii i X " 1-v , Journalism Staff FALL SPRING FRANCIS SU'l' ......... lfflilm' WANIVN NVAI' - - MARY EMMA PATLRNMVRQ . AX.YfSI'lllIf lfilifol' WVINNIH- BM'-'il' KIACK BLNUA . will HAM Hu l,l'R ,lm lx NIATIII xxx Lumix: is l'mk'i'li'1'r Ilnilvy, XVinm-ll llzirrett, llcrlui-rl limnilctte. Ilclzfn Hruwiler, Clizirlcs Ilzikur, Bobbin' Iiuyclt, Helmm Bu-wvr, Bcttyc C-:km-r, I,:nini:i Liairlislc, -Inu l'zit L':'.i'vlt, Maxim Lflicrk, llmmtliy Lguiillril, lYillir llctli I lrinrxit, Alizi Mais fin ingtmi, lilizzilirtli Vlimilc. lil-iv Cariirnter, I mtl Cummings, l':ul lJor5vtt. Nlxiinlrllz- IJ:-im, XYQI5 in- Dnvis, Rmvnrl Dormrll, fliqullittr David, Duylu Ilumlcy, llc-an llflvis, j. E. i. ,f ' 1 A ' a n Q Hill! . lizzxirzrxx Nizlllzlgfl' IHS HMgUf1- - - - . AJ1 i'rli,iir1g .llizlnlgwr MUN-' PILKINNUN - . . . Slwrlx lfifitnr I-OUR' ' UNIV' V - - . R. fl. T. ff. lfifilnr DOH" DAVID ' YVUNNI Nl-ll llnmiltmi, llill Iiiliiistcm, ixllllil Luuiw lmwlnn. Alta Louise lnrksuil, Mil-lrcil lzxckscm, Ilarrvlrl liulsy, Yirgiiiizl Knowles. Xlxiry Iilizinlwetli Iimlly. Ming Kgcltlicriliu K1-lry. .Xllwit Iilwli, Curl I,umluurg'. Eva Mae llc-Yvrxilx. Oscar lfllifrtt. Rfxlnitxl -Iwwu. Fi'::.xini5 I , I . . I zllllmiisinl. ,Izumi films, Tcmi l":n'mrr, Opal lfilxllilglx, llnnl I':'.l1l:l Kiziry. illzirie llriilw, Myra Hziitlirl' Nliiint Ilriimw, 'llnilliiy Iiriliirs. Nillllllt' Len' llin-ir, Vlyilii- Xlyrl I llntliii. Kniliryn I lllrks. lfxnlyi I llslwfll. JPN l.imlsvy, Thr-la I l l .L-xxif, Fruricrs ,I-null. Yullvl mails, Iizillilevxi ll11Iiiiies,fNl:iiy Ilrll Ilnntli. Ifllfmwl llr:u'nc. Yirtor llimlvr, liliftun ll.-.mill-an, Luis llilllln-mik, Ivluyclic Illxrligilmcc-, lfly ia. Mar Nll-IJ-nm-ilil. Nmiiin lluftriri. Mruparet ,:mici', Fred .imlsvy, Lource .Q-wis, Kznln-rine Xlarsli, Sue- Xlcliinncy, Nellie Morrow, Millie Lee Nleltmx, lh-n Nlrmguni, I.. ll. Nczil. lY:xml:e. Ncff, Yvumic Xcwsnuxiv. llzizcl Nichols, lfrunl Ugxlrn, lllinzilll l':u'iInc, Ihvriy I'1'uilt. I"x:'m'll l'1lkim.1tuxi, Murlr Pups, hlermm- Rislmett, XVilsm1 Rlilvrrts, l.i-uise Ilulvirimm1,l'nrul Ridley, lflim-iicc R:il1ri'ts,,l. NY. llsnilall, M airy Su:- Rullaniiin, .Xllwcrt Smytlie, Ni-ll Slaull, liunry Slugui, lIim'1u'lI Sclimucki r, Malvcl i1iLes.M:irparer . . CTO-Elhflll' . . . C0-Eifilor Blliillrxx Nfullugvr O. '1'. C, Eililnr . Sfmrfx lilfjlm' lllll'1'l'fi,NilIg Miumgvl' flflz l'l'HkfII4Q Mumxgwr Yuzimv. Nlnryncl Stepllensuni, Lila Brss Stnckarnl, Iilizabcth Sigersmi, Robert Strickliii, Tube Ynyrlvr, 'I'lium:1s Suniurls, lim lumi, Milnlruxi 'l'li1'lz'y, llilliz' 'l'lii'm'i', llzirry lzlylwr, .X va llcll l wylur, ,I nzwczr. 'l':iclnu'll. Melvin full-y, llillic Fraiirvs lYl1ittin1', lixtellc XX'illis, llilly lYilNm, Ruth XYlii1trx', Ruth XYillix, llrllncrt Xlfiif-ui, lilliia Earle llillizuns, l'rcsI0n XX'illiw l F XVi'igh1, ,lack Page Eigbl V-Ifiw 443 EW l Wh 0' Page Eiglzfy-Sir Gal Stall OFFICERS SOPHIA Luz DAVIS . 1 CLYVA MAE HUCKABEE . . . . CII-1jlllfIIf.S Iliailligk . Bnxifzrss Mmmgcrx . . Alllfl'l'ff.YiII.Q MtllId.Q4'l'S ART Sponsor . . . . MRS. NELLIE D. CLPMFNT Jack Wright Henry Shull Mary Mildred Simpson Hurry Peebles Lorraine Albin Peggy Humphrey Mary Kilgore 1 'Q . I - XX lf? me ...-......-N- f-.....-.- -..--Q -n 'v . .di X v--..-. Miss I li-prix Anui ,ltilia Baugltman Geneva Green Xllfantla Neal Nettie Langford Elizabeth McNeely lfvelyn l licki Calf Stall FIJITORIAI JDl.ll . . . BUSI NIISS . . . Sjrmlxor Marguerite Dunn Peggy Flake Carlton Lee Charles Sprague Herbert Barrett Harry Maynard Miss ClllKlS'I'IN1Z Ha xi Mock .... Sjmnmr Roy Kinnan Ruth Maples Carlton l,ee Violet l,CLlCll ClarlC1uinminQ -lauren Taylor Marguerite Dunn .leanne Duntley Min-le Pilkington llt'll1t'l'I Mary Louise Morgan Tobe Strickland Don Paula liitilmugli Nettie Langfortl Cieraltline Patton Lila Bess Stephenson Alice Rutli Mayers Cliarles Browtler Marynel Snapp Ptzlqt' Eight 3'-Sri url 1? Ax Q lb Wh 0' bf. Higlwty-liiqfri National Honor Society FALL TERM H. C. MAIIHN ..... . Pr'z'siJw1f ITOQTIZ1: l'Al1mau . . Xliff'-pl'l'Xi1ft'I1f Somlm 1.121-1 IJAVIS . . . Smvvfary MARGU1-RITE DUNN .... Social Chairman SPRING TERM GI,l',NN PIICKS ...... . Pl'!'Sill,t'I1f SAMMI1-:Lu WARD . Viva-Prvsidvzzt XVANUA NEAL . . . . Svcrflary MARY SQHELI. . . Social Chairman GENEVA GREEN . . Program Chairman a Maiden, H. C. McCulley, Cecil Mel.ane, Alfred Hicks, Glenn Young, Sam Goerner, Frank Dunn, Marguerite Parker, Foster Chapman, Dorothy Wfilson, Ruth Green, Geneva Schell, Mary Taylor, Aluarea I lull, Dorothy Mac Davis, Sophia Lee XValraven, Iilorenee National l-lonor Society Sprague, Charles Porterheld, Matlelaine Thomas, Edgar Stone, Odessa Cuthbertson, Marigolcl Clements, Alta Mae Honig, Charles Newsome, Hazel Bailey, Wfinnell Stricklin, Tobc Wfartl, Sammielu Oxley, Billie lfrantts Wfheeler, Rose Simpson, Natalie Taliaferro, XVynlotta Huclaahee, Cly v a Mae Watlxins, Watt Leeds, Kathleen Phipps, Barbara Taylor, Michael Hetherington, Ethel G reen, Dorothy Young, Billy Killough, H. Albin, Lorraine Shull, Henry Peterson, Lamoine I lcarne, Natalie Neal, Wfamla Hurt, W'ilhur Rust, Bernard liarmer, Opal 4 . ' it y lar Mm f-......- ... 1 , r . Pug: liigbly N nu Scholarship Club CI Yxux Nllirf llUciK,xm:1a . Prrxiidrnt Mlvlmiil. Tlwi on . Vin'-P1'f'siJc'1zt Iimmiin' clIlAl'MAN . . . Sn'n'lury WINN1.l 1, BAII IQY ..... Sofia! Clmiruzall Aml:ims.Rn1h Anlkin, Lnuis Ailliissnn. Nunn Mae Alhin. l.nrr:iinr Alexrnulcr. l.-llzi Allen, Yirgiliizi Ashley, Virginia Hailey, NYinn:'ll linker. Yinccnf Barnes, Yi-ra lfrxnicrc Harrell. Marguerite llc-achuni. Luna Belle licnni-it, lv:1.Nell llislmp. l,Illlll1'9Yl lllziiilc, XYyllin11c Buyer. lixlwin llrnnilettv, lin-len llruwn. liurilirn' llrnwn. llnuglzis llrmvn. lfrxincc-s llryzini. Nlairgzirrt Vzihlwell. lirnizi Lrc l':nnernn. Nun ilarq-y,lh.rn1l1y Vnrsnn. lilzinclie Vrutrs, ,lezinnc l':iyw-mil, Virginia Vhzmey. liihel flllfllliilllll. Iliwritliy i'hilclvrs, ilvixililixir K'l1i1wuml, l':Alll Climate, Elsie lfhristiun. llairhura Vlarlc, lilniw l'lcrnc-nLa,Al1:i Mae In qi' Ninrly lkullii-r. A. li. l'1mpi'i', Marry klllllt' thx. Billie 'lu llriwlnxm. llziriy ll:inivlS.RUN!-11i:i1'5 llxinivlf.. llnrutliy IJ:n'g'zi11, I., V. ll:ivi1l,Doylr Harris, Sophia Lev llzivix, Dorothy Ilennzxy. Ummhl Ilnvcrcaux. .luy Iiivrulf, Lcun lluhyzinski. Uris Ilnnni-ll, f'hzi.rlotte Ruth lim-srtt, Han-lf-ll Huff. Nlzixw' llunmiitt Dixie llnnn, Margin-i'iie lickslein, Luviry liilimnisrm. llnwzirll lfnglisli, Mary .Xllwi Farmer. Opal lfislirr. l"4n'rc'at lflzikr-. Pc-ifgy lfnsla-r, Lnis lfirillxJaCqlI1'ly1l lihxiris. 'lillere-N14 lllciiwui. Barlrxirze, 111 mrncr. Frunli thynrlcii. Ilnris Hnrilnri. Peggy ilrevn, Durnlhy G1'c'rn,G6ricvf1 Hnih-5 , ROyf'E' llziisfivhl, Durutliy llnn1iltnn,lL:i1'l llamilt-in. Xvillizun llzillinlvr. llvlvn Hunvi-n. Gene llzirris, l':I'IlL'SflHC' Hzc.rrisun, Genevieve llearnc, Natalie' lleiskz-ll, Elizabeth lleiski-ll. Yirginia Heller. iYilliam He-nmlerson, Cliarlrs Hi-ilnerington. Ethel llirkx, .live-lyn Hicks. Glenn llnllillay. Virginixi llnniii. llharles llnril. Katlierine Huwarcl, l'1lOl'C'1lCC lluwell. Ruse Marie l l uhh:4.rxl, Nlzxry listellr lliickzilwu. 1'lyx'1llNlae lluilsprtll, Elizzilirtli lluff, llnrothy Mae Huff, Margairt llurn1vln'i-y, Peggy ll nntcr. Mary llurst, Sidney lluflun, Xlargarrt lrnin. Mary Frances Ylmiiiiiiggs. lluxixxr-l ja-nisvn, Arnlrrw ,llrlirig-ui, l"rz1.ncinr ,I-Jlimun. Gladys -luli11slm.,lg1ne julnisnn. Luna. julinslm. Munro? ,Iulil1stur1,l'nr4la Keclri . ,lunc- Kei1h.Alicc Kenilricla, Mary Kielsun. Beulah Kilgrirc, Mfxry Killough. hl. H. Kiunamml, Hurley Hope Kinnzin. Roy Kinscy, Lucille Kinswurthy. Agni-s liirlgirziirivlc, Mary Kline Kirwan. l'LitriCifi Kitchin, Znlenia Lillie. lllllrivl I.z1.iigfur1l. Nbttie limsnn. Mzirtha lfui lmzicli. X inlet Lf-emls. lxxithlc-fn Lf rnhnrg, Iii :i M zn- Lmnly. lfmte-1' lxniriimis. Eva Sue Lent, linrtliezi Linnlscy. l.m1r6'e l.uwc. Ri-nu Lnu Nlaiclen. ll. l'. Nlziimlcn. Siemull lfinvli Mmulmullr, I llL!J'lt'N Slzintun. llrlm Miunn. lfilfen Martin. Frances M ziyers, Alice Ruth Maynard. Yvonne Xlcllriilr, Ruby Louise lilcQfarty, Judith Mclforsl. Forrest Mcfruskic-, Byron McCulley. Cecil Nlcllonulcl. M. NY. Klcfiee. Fl-15 McGee, Oili-ll McLane, Allred iNlCQlN't'!l. Ueraldinr Miller. Bill Miller. john Mnncric-f, Woodrow Munras, Lnuise lklmue, Mxelry ,lu Nlmyqzui. Mary Lnnisc Muwcley, lluhhie Nlurllnck, Ricliziril Nlurfell. Marg Ellen N:-Lil. YV1nnl1i Nelson, l"ri-:lu Ncwhakvr. Luuisc Nrwsmnnv, Hnvel Oates, Yioln-t U'f'minnr, 'Inlm Hgllen, llc-tty Orr, Allen Orr, ,lam- Ushnru. Dodd fulev. Billie Frances Palmer. Lucille M 111 frm -....T. , 6, niliiii I Baker, N incent Cameron, Nan Clienault, Evelyn Freeman, Billy Gray, xx,8Sfl1101'6lL1l1kl Cleblierd, Chcla Harris, Mozelle Hendry, Helen -lohnston, Anna Louise klolinson, Monroe l'a.rke1'. llvliy l'2ll'l'iL'l'. lfnstrr I'c-L-lmles. Nzinfy Perry. lla-mir l't1f8l'4uil. :Xltrm llbtcrwm, l.:unfiine Plnlir. Alive llliimms. lluxlnnkl l'ollot'lt. Roy l'nrIt'rfic'l1l, Nlxulvlziim' Posey, linli Price, Sue ,Inne- Price, 'llnn Randall, ,lane Ransliill. Peggy Reilrling, l linrleb Ref-.l, ,lin-14. PCD pdl hlones, Billie Kinnamon,C,l urley Hope Kvl 1 iryx .1n,lg1tricia Cox, Vernon Langford, Nettie McBride, Ruby Miller, Dorothy Maiden, H. C. Randall, ,lane Sale, Lounetta Sargent, Leo Schaffer, Dorothy Sligh, Thomas Stricklin, Tobe Suter, Francis Wlieatley, Sybil Wyatt, Jeannette Young, Billy SCHOLARSHIP CLUBAContinued from page 90 Riclirircls. Flor:-nre Riclilmrg, lmrettzi Roan. Syliil Roliinsmm, llorutliy liollunllin. lflizzilietli Rosu-.lC1l. ll, lluw1lti'rc.,lc':uinc-'ite Rual, llcrnznil Rust, Lloynl Ryan. Louise Haw yer. lmplinc Mae Schell, M wry Slizntlqlt-fowl, l'li:n'ln-4 Shelby, Dan Sliuffielnl. ilrrtrmle Shropsliirc. llick Sliull. Hi-niy Sikes, Maxefaret Simpson. Agnes Simpson, Natalie Skelton. llarris Sligh, Tlioinzis Snell. llelen Snyder, 'l'li-vmas Spi'ag'uc. Vlizixtlrs flteplieriw in. l.il11 llvas Stvpllenfuii, -l innnic Stiilliznn, 414-urge Stuckarnl. Yirginim Stone, Urlcssa Stricklin, Tolu- Sumniy. llorotliy Suter. l"rzun'is Su eeney. Xln1'n'i'liIu' liilxnlvi io, XX x nlottu Tanner, Billie Taylor. Eva llell 'l'aylor. juarea Taylor, Michael 'l'4'rrv . i l lizirlie l' l':xln'm'f Teulinrr, VVilbur lliornas, Edgar 'l'ln'asli. Roy Tipiis, VVinifrecl 'l'onn. Milslron Truly, Mary Frances Turner, Dick Turner, XV. A. Tyler. John l'It. Nancy Lee X'e-rniillion, Pauline Yeinon, Hazel lY,ilr3x'eii.l"lo1:i1te Whlraven. Louella VVarrl, Betty VVard, Szimmielu VVare. Charlotte XVatkins, YVatt XX'l1eatlc-y, Sybil Vk'l1eeler, Rose VVilhi!e, Dorothy Vlfilliams, jack VVilliamson, Joe VVillis, Jack Wilson, Ruth Vlfiskochil, Betty ,lane Xkkilf, Bob U'jlic.'.l'0n1 Ytvun5,lj1ll5 Young Sam Pf1gvNimly Om 17 db l Ax -A l l Art Club MARY MILIBRITIJ SIMPSON RENFRO JOHNSON Prexizleni Vir'e-President BOYW Terry, Floyd Cox, Billie, joe Baker, Ildwin Bell, Thurman Bludworth, Bill Burnett, john Burrough, R. Campbill, Raymond Iiwton, Frances Flecman, Billie Gilliland, Jimmie Godwin, Dudley Goodman, Earle Gueat, Emmett Herd, Burnell johnson, Renfrow Niblo, Ray Palmer, j. W. Pugr Ninety-Tu'0 XVrigl1t,jack Girlx Akers, lflinor Albin, Lorraine Baker, Dorothy Batcliler, Peggy B.1ugl1,0lg:l Mae Bibb, Marie Blake, Anit:1B:1ndies Broadnax, Marrlin Brown, Margaret Clmpell, Sara Helen Clark, .Ioyce Cliennult, livclyn Coll-, Mary Louise lhlmbx, Ann llinkins, Marie Dobbins, Cieniw ieve Pikes, fxllI1.1l.UlS Gilmore, Dororliy llCIllUl"il1glUH, lftliel Howell, Hucl Huffer, Marjorie hlolwnson, Maxine Kilgore, Mary leach, Violet M. Mcl3.1ll,M11rgot MasQengill,l7ororl1y Nelson, klininiie O'Neul, l ois Oiiw, llliyllis MARION POWERS Secretary Price, Ara Powers, Marion Scliuppel, Mary lillen Scugo, Margot Sears, Janice Simpson, Agnes Simpson, Mary Mildred Stephenson, Lila Bess Uxley, Mary Ann XVgill41ee, lris Weluler, Beatrice NVilli.imQ, Marie Xvoml, Nlurie Wyley, Aylene ...-...-.-- Dramatic Club The Dramatic Club, under the direction of Mrs. Wanda Banker, has shown steady progress this year, producing an outstanding number of plays. A new plan of organization has been installed by the Spring term oflicers. The club is divided into three guilds, each guild being under the supervision of a director. The com- ing year will prove the success, and also develop the many possibilities of this plan. Tryouts for membership in the Dramatic Club have recently been offered to Freshmen and Sophomores as well as to upper-classmen. lb m Wlillianl llvllci' Cfliarles Bartlett , Alice Townsend . Alfred McLane . Mary Emma Paternoslru H. C, Maiden, jr. . l.idz1 Bess Stogner Betty Sarvis . Dorotliy Brant , Frances Cameron George Sergeant . Roy Kinuan . . Mrs. Wanda Banker Carlton Lee Natalie Simpson Charles Browder . Elizabeth Covington Johanna Cristol . Cliarles Honig . Walidzl Neal . Herbert Barrett . Alta Mac Clements . J. W. Roberts . Page lvlflffj'-IJUIII' "Girl Shy" By CA'I'1ILR1NI', KAvANAUc,.i1 Caxf of jzulzlary S!'lllUI' l'luy ll ax Dollars to DOU8l'1l'1UtS By GLLNN HUGHIAIS Caxf of fum' Scffior Play To rn rl 1' x flillt' Ohm' Slirllwfl . . Cfurolim' flllfbflll-j' Arxllulr' Syli ia W'1'l1.xlz'1' Dean Marlon' l'uuc'ln'x CIa1'lvr . . . Axflzu . Birllif' 14tll'l'l'lIL' liurlnmr Sllllllfllllf QBul1.xj fl lfrml' Tt'IIllYj'.VUl7 Mllrgaloyzl . Cluzvlz Muyo . Di1'cL'!w' . ILHIIUA Bululnl IlL'r11'ic'lhz Boluml . . Cbc'sz'w' . llvlm Cory . . Ilozferm' Primm' Sergei Daliiloz' . . Caroline . George Hnlzlvm . Floxxie Hill Rt'L't'l'L'lItl Su 1111101 Piggolt .-..,...... p Agnes Simpson Mary Netty George Shiver Russcll lVlason Stanley June Dmiglas Knnit XVil:4rvn lleavrin l,n-rrna Kelly ln:-z Beatty Velma Willis Clark flllllllllllfji XYill l,elanrl lfclith l.atinxer ,less Hassell C':a,rl Kneh Mary l.i1uise Xlinizan Glenn lliuks Durutliy fllapnigm xvillblli' ll urr ,luarea 'Vaylm' l,u1'c'1ta Rueklmurg Jimmie Hawkins Ray l'ullOCk VVilliam Krayer T. J, Patton Mary English Sarah F, Maiden ,lane Orr Kathryn Jones lnsy Kixlson , , ,, ix ll. A. Rfigrxs ,Mines Vntvs Fustui' lmnlly Nzinvy l'1'L'lvh-s I.. if, llzirgzin liligmiv lllrirh llirfllillllh lirmvn Alwhn Ninimi i'm'sl:lxlfvl111s14m lilIIll'lL'N llCi1ml:'1's1n1 lmttic llorlnzin Ililly Ynunp ll:xrr5 Vrissinan l"wn'c'st lfislivr Rnln-rt l4ruL'L' Nlnrx Iluff Latin Club Plilna .lsluksiull XYill1ur'l'vl1lum'i Tmnniy l.aymlCn liettyi- l':ilmi-r Rulmcrt lXlL'NOL'ly l5yr:n1lli':illgi'l' Nlslrtlln Ilinmlil XYilsiin Rulnirli Xlary Lalita .Xurlrivne Kiilzuiifnl llmuzlzis llnrl llc-ttyr l':irkur lieth Xl:e.yf'l's illuvis Kiiluy Mary Stiplu-ns Fllizalu-tli tiilulwlc iii-lnlulim' NlCQllL'L'll lie-v1z'x'iL'xL' llarrisun lim--i1I1yXX1IIIi1ty iii-in'ge Sebastian Svuttii- Fzirimeiitci' l'hc-sicr McKay Keys Nlrillin Dixie lbnnnnitt lir:1.nT lfnnis Billy ,life lfnx ifil ll. Rowe liilwzml YYatkins lfwcl liruwiler Mary .Xilkin T, li. Blnmx- Ililly llxirnz-s lfliznllci li l l nmlspufll Louise Ryan Ruilwert Vnstilv ,lnhn Tyler l.m'L-ini Ilzirgzm Patricia Kirwin Doris iiimiluvl fflxzwles Blzuislc-ville Lewis .Xnlin janv Rqmilnll NYinnifrL'il 'Vipps Hen I,-wing Ruth i'z:.rn1ichael lmuis llarclner Frank Unclerwuml I-Iilith Rose Granger George Phillips lirnest Martin ll4Irrltl1y VVilSOH Mary May Kirkpatrick Ralph Echols Bessie Lewis llimrotliy ll:-ll Keith Hill C'alhuun li. XY. fliziniller Rnlvert Lfziin-rs XY. l.. Spillurs Elizabeth Hainilmn .lack Miller llublny Eagle Uris Schlinke R, l,. Bailey Dan l.ce1ver Rivl1ertl'arkrr Lynilel Dicrnlf Mary Louise Cble Eclah Nichols Maxine ,lnhnson Walter Grove Evelyn Maas Gerald Lieber Hugh Hall ,lane Rook Paul Schnemller M:irgars1 jane VVox den Ray Vllllfilill 'lil'l.lII1FlI1 Norris .lack Harrisnn Hill Miller Billy Farmer Lucille Palmer Rena l,nw6 Pat Wcsterbeck Bernice Hruwn Frances Darnell Pete l.ay1la'n INlm'gnrm Hulcombs Milclreml Simpson Uorotliezzi Lent James Hodge 0. T. jones Dan Shelley Andrew Jenson C. H. Harding Francis Brown Margaret Leatherwood Dorothy Robinson Margaret Courtney V. T. Barnes l'i1gr'Nil1i'Ij -l"i1L' Q 45 Y v Blake. Anita li. C'l:u'k.M:1xi11c C'unnm', l,2lllll'flC Hype-lze.11ul. Mary ,lm liriulxfmi, Muriel Izicksfni. Aulxrn Mac Mcxul, vlllllllllil Rzimllctl. Fully Rcenl, Mary DCC Slieltmm. Luis Sllllllv llcury 'l'aylnr, Miclmcl Alcxmimlw. i'l2lj'1'Cl'S Bcaclium, Luna livll f'l:n'k. liluiav C'lze.i'lx. Sclcnc f'1'axc'n. l'u1'0lil1fla I'l!1j1llSll. l"i':mciu0 Harris, Iirncstine P11 gf Nizlrly-Six Frenclw Department Harris. llfizcllc M05 ers. Nlnxinv Nclmn. l"x'cnl:1 Lem- l'c'1'lxin5, ,Klin- Rcvcls. Betty Ricllarcls, lh-tty Ricliarcls. l"lm'L-nec Riley. Xluzcllr' Smith, Patricizi Ycrxuillism. l'z1.11linc YYallz1cc, Iris NYzu'4l. Bcity lliernlf, lmun llZ1fllSZCll. liilgcim ,lanic-son. Billy Mitchell. lillig Rlfmcrici, XYlm4li'0ix' 'l':1llvc1'I. Billy XN'nlf. Brwlx lllainc, XYynucttv Kizlrliwii. Xlxlrilyu fhlv. 011013 i'i'uxu,,11. ,Xllic lJii1kins.Xl:lxis llrigslvy, x'L'1lllL'U.U llngmul. l.L't,lllZi Hnll. lliiris l,vz1tli4-ixmucl, llmwmllly Blull-wg. Slay Bctll Nlzqmlrs. Virginia Otis, l'l15lliS l,RiCl'!1Um1l'iJ, Nl:u'g:n1'ct Price, llwmtliy Smith. Maurice' XYCSI. YlYiC'Il!'IE liinlximliiq. liulrlwy llnwcll. Sj'lYCSt6!' Hulxlmrnl. Everett X1a511ax':l.ll:u1'5 lim ctt. llclc-11 llciskrll. Virginia ll-ml, liz1tlic'i'iuv: lluckalwrc, Vlyva Mac XlCl5x'lflC. Cllznriiic McNscl3. liliznluctli Oates, Yiulvt l'uwers. Blnrizin Rwllanrlin. lilizrxln-Ili VS'l1e-atlvy, Sybil XVilla1'Ll, Yivinn XV-Ylltt, ,lczmcttc Yc'u1'ga11, .Xnm-lic lJl'X-21llA.fJrCZlI' linl11w11w11. llmigml C'a1'lIm1 Ruff, llumcr Spanish Club CLos Conquistadorcsj LAMOINE PETERSON ...... President HELEN BRAMLETTE . Vice-President FLOY MCGEE . . . . Secretary MISS VIRGINIA RooTEs . . Sponsor MEMBERS Ruth Adams Opal Farmer Byron Mcilroslxy Lorraine Albin Ina Anderson Faith Amos Winnell Bailey Lewis Barr Fern Berry Helen Bramlette Geraldine Childers Helen Eades Janice Edmonson Theo Ezell Peggy Gordon Dorothy Green Helen Hammer Billie Jean Hartncss Natalie Hearne Virginia Hill Peggy Humphries Zulema Kitchen Muriel Lake Nettie Langford Forest McCord Floy McGee Minnie Lee Morrow Lamoine Peterson Sue Jane Price William Reagon Mary Edna Robinson Mary Schell Odessa Stone Mildron Tonn Edwin Williams X I Page Nmrfj Sei ul 47 Q54 , w 1 X pan-American FERN BERRY . . XVINNELI, BAXLEY H. C. NlAIDEN . hlARY SCHFLI. . -I,xNici1i FUMONDQON . . FIQRN BERRY AND . . . Pr'c'.iiiff'l1f Scrrffrzry-Trm.w1rf':' . . . . Hui! . . . Ifusfz'.'.i flffl'!llll1lIl'l' Clmiruzau NAiI'ALIF HEARNI Miss ROBERTA K1Nc9 Albin, Lorraine Amos, Faith Bailey, Winnell Barr, Lewis Berry, Fern Bramlerte, Helen Childers, Geraldine Chitwood, Paul Edmonson, Janice Ezell, Theo Farmer, Opal Green, Dorothy Grimes, Tommy MEMBERS McCrosky, Byron Cordon, Peggy Hammer, Helen Hearne, Natalie Hill, Virginia Honig, Charles Humphrey, Peggy johnson, Lura Jones, Emreys Kitchen, Zulema Langford, Nettie Maiden, H. C. McCarthy, Judith 1 . . Mellzlyers of At,1'f.WIV',j' Baan! . Sponsor of Oak Clif Unit Mcciec, Ifloy lN100rC, Charles Morrow, Minnie Lee Price, Tom Reagan, Williaili Robinson, Mary Edna Schell, Mary Theo, james Tonn, Mildron W'alraven, Louella Williams, Edwin Wylie, Tom Willis, Jack rw .... Debating Albin, l,orr.x1nL Burr, Lewis Duntley, Jenn David, Doyle Fitzhugh, Don Paula Giarrnputo, Lucas Gordon, Peggy Green, Dorothy Holdbrook, Ifloyette Honig, Charles Humphrey, Peggy Maiden, H. C. Club Meilord, Forrest Neal, Wgllltla QJ,COl1I1Ul', John Sergeant, George Strieklin, Tobe Stake, Ida Simpson, Natalie Tluehcr, ,I L111 e Talinferro, Wfynlotta Theo, Mary W'illiams, ,lack Williams, Donald Page Ninvq -Ninf 1? Q QA Ab D l f i Egg W' I IQl'c,Ht'f1l HH! World Allairs Club H. C. BlAlllITN . LIAM-, Cimvl N5 . Pwsiderff Vin'-l'1'f'xiifv11l xw,ll,ONA Vi-.NA1si.1, . St't'!'t'fdl'J,' cil-,Nli HANSZLN . RAVANIQI. DAVIS Bennett, julia Beth Cravcns, .lake Davis, Ravancl Day, Lucy LCC Hanszcn, Gcnc Maiclcn, H. C. McCrosky, Bryon Miller, Dorothy Murrell, Mary Ellen l'l'ulqi'm11 C,'fn1ii'111uz1 . Arorn 1il'f7U1'fL'?' MEMBERS Ncpp, Billy Ri1ndolph,Frank Robinson, Helen R. Robinson, Mary Edna Sligh, Thomas Strickland, Tobe Tyler, John Williams, Marie Vcnable, Wilona Q 'v mf :fy L 1-""' f. KL., M "" 35.3 QQ' GOLF TENNIS 17 lb A A Wh AW J. E. PETE FRA N Page Om' I'Ill7Il1?'l'Kl T110 Senior l-ii-V WILLIS . . SOLOMON . it GOERNER . Cooper, Warren Coerner, Frank Hanszen, Gene Harter, Clovis Harter, Clifford Kinsey, H. Lindsey, Louree Lyrle, Ben Linn, Chnl Littleton,WilbL1i' Merrifield, Dan Phillips, Colyar Phillips, Vernon Prrsiderzf . Vice-Prc'sir1c'r1f . Secretary MEMBERS Perry, Ralph Pilkington, Murle Rust, Bernard Rust, Basil Roberts, j'. W. Solomon, Pete Sneed, Rd Stricklancl, W. A. Willis, J. E. Willis, jack Wfhitter, W. C. Zethruns, Roy INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAG UE CONTESTA NTS lb dh YQW THESPIAN CLUB Om' II14 mfrmf T r A Page One 111111111-T011 13071 r Archery Club ELIZABETH MCNEELY, Sfzzdvni Insfifuvtor Hurd, Katherine Mills, Nadine Thompson, Mary Jeanne Tucker, Edna Mae Uglow, Mary Lee Vermillion, Pauline Green, Louise Pitt, Loreta Robinson, Carol Berry, Fern Snapp, Marynel Ward, Sammielu .... -..H-. ." - i xx Fall Term MAkeuiiu'rie DUNN DoRo'r1i1'A LENT Girl Reserves OIAVICYERS l'ri'iiifw1l . lIjl'1'fPl'L'.Xil1l'lIf CIYVA Mm. HUL'KABLIi . . . Birrui Ilimxciss QDZLILY . Ci!-NFVA GKVLN . MAUm1l.1.l1 lJonslf'1"r llmuriin' CZHAPMAN Row Tvlixnli. Howisi Hiiloi-4 lSovr3'i'i'i-1 . Adams, Mary Adin, Mary Bailey, M.1ryFr.1nees Beaeliuni, Luna Belle Barrett, Marguerite Beekenbaels, Iilizaberli Berry, Fern Boyerr, Helen Brewer, Betlye Buckley, juanita Kllienault, livelyn Choate, lilsie Clements, Alu Mac flux, llurntliy llaniels,lJurull1y liargin, l nrena . We . . . . Soriul . , . S1'l'l'i1'4' S1'l'l'z'lilrv3' 'l'1'i'i1s11 ref fffniirfllufl filmirnmiz . Crumril Ri'lvr'i'ii'r1lnIiii' L . . Pl'4l,QH17l1 . . Plllllli' Davis, Suplii fflmirumrz filfiliflllxlll Ii.-iriiarrix Liins . . Ail1i'rfi.iir1g fflmiruziin BIHQTTYL BRLWLR, Asxixiunt Connell Rejm'si'r1fi1!l1e Miss RUTH RU!-'IIN AND Miss ROBERTA KING . . . Sponsors Spring Ter m l5OKU'l'HY CHAPMAN ...... Presirlznf Ili-.1.nN Box'ii'I"1'li . . . I'rugmm Cbuinnun Slum FINQH MAIlDliN . . . Pham' Chuirnmn Aiflux MM4. CiI,lfMllN'l'S . Cfuunril Reprrimluii1'e MFMHICRS a Dursett, Maiidelle Dunn, Marguerite Green, Gene V Ll Hammer, Helen liillput, ,Iew kInlr, Ii ell ClCH Howell, Ruse Marie lluelsabee, Clyva Mae Hunier, Mary l'lLlSlUll, Margaret -lulinsun, l.ura llnnes, Kailiryne Keiili, llimmilii' Dell Keitli, laxis Laey, l,iii'r,ii HU Lam, Bernice Lassiter, Mariana l.eeds, Katlileen I ent, Dorothea Livingston, Lillian Maiden, Sara Fineli Mullin-y, May Belli Mclirirle, Clarine Meliinney, Anna Belle Meredith, Marguerite Morgan, Mary Louise Neal, Warada Ogden, Betly Ovley, Billie Frances Presslar, Margaret Randall, ,lane Sanford, I-irnestine Shaffer, Durolliy Simpson, Natalie Swinney, Nlarceline Srake, Ida Slaleup, lfranees Slaleup, l.illi,xn Sirauglin, llurnrliy illerry, Cliarlie Frances Utl, Naneilee W'alraven, Florenee W'alraven, l.ouella Ward, Berry Xvislmeliil, Berry jane Page Om' I11HILlI't'1Il:ilL' an A - Wi' 17 lb A 4 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB H BOYS' GLEE CLUB I Ill ORC! 111sTRA J. X, NIIXLQD CHORUS Hciovernorls Daughtern Mr. Horan' Goodxjrmrrl, Gowrrlor'-i'lc'z't of Culifzanm . J. E. Wfillis Mrs. Gf1orIsjm'd, Gf1l'0l'lllII',.S wife ...... Mary Crudup Iam' GooJxju'ml, f:0l'llYIIUl'lX ifazzglvlwr . . Mary Catherine Groves jnluz SIIHIIZVT, 1tHIt'lX fiurlzw' . . . . . Leon Price St'llLlfUI' Snou' . Mr. Oviavo Ann! Mary Bllflrr . . Mun in Crozvrl . Marge, lumix frivml Dui, ltU1l'lSfI'iK'IItI' I,r111i.w, 1tlIIt'l.Y frivmf Clow friwlrfx of Iuuv: R f'j:o1'1'f'rQ llflzlfll . 1' Om' IIIIIILIITLI liigfwl . . . Lucas Giarraputo . Hobby Thompson Lorraine Albin . Billy Fleeman . Leo Davis . Jean Duntley . Licla Bess Stogner Rose Marie Howell Jeanette Rowntrce, Fnrnesline llnrris, Rosemary Holland, Betty Ogden, I.ynl Sliced liirsr, Forest Mcffordg Second, Randal Ryang Third, Lewis Barr: Fourth, Frances Euton . . . . . . Florence Vlfalraven s f-5, jv . Cf 1 X 1 Physical -I-raining Classes ,im Nh v' v Q Ab Wbcn flu' slyijn CUIIIUS lvonzc, from furrcff to poop Filled full wifb Sf7lIlllS!J gold, Tlu'r0'll lar zzmuy a Cljllllflj' Lltlllft? and joke, And Illllllj' n fall' fo In folrlfl 2Dl'lIkl'. l Affwx l ilitar "YC that foflow fha fvisiwz Qf fbc' ZL'OI'lllhX zwczl afar, Have jfcff md zuiffn l1l'I'j.Yi0Il Aim' ffm rm! lzzngfr of ll'lIl' 1J1'ukf'. -u f Bfllhlliuu Sfvousur Aucr-1 'llUVi'NSIlNlJ lhlllaliou Coulnlirlnlcr Lt. Col. Charles Bartlett Bulfulirm Ijxz'f'nliL'e Ofiwr Major jack Benda l'lur1x urnl Training Ojfiwr Captain Preston Holden Arljutunt Captain Alfred McLane PL'l'S07711L'1 Arljufuul First Lt. Ii. T. Johnson Supply Ojicvr First Lt. H. C. Maiden Axxixlaflf Supply Ojfirer First Lt. George Sergeant 1l.Y.Yf5fdl1f Plnllx and Truining cmim First Lt. .luck Sallis Irllrlligcnn' Offizw' Second Lt. lldward Toogood Sullfrly St'l'Xl'tllIf Sergeant Tom Terrell COLORS Lvff lo rigbf: Prizahw Carl Kucli Color Sl'l'.Ul'tIlIfl Leslie liealmear Color Srrgralzf: Victor Hearne Priwlv: Watt Watkiiis t . f I . ' I - Q D4 Gm .....T- 1 I f . Stall, Fall '34 mTTA1.1oN STAFF qi 'gf' lvtivz ii .J-33, Page One Hzzmlrrd Tlairlern Q ,.' L , .gym , . f si ii I .X Y' " -'sf i "mL?Ablr4u" X Sponsor . . Cajvlain . . First Lffllfflltlllf Sevona' Lil'1lfl'lIdl1fS Firxf Sergnuzf . Sfuj Se1'gc'auf . Harrison, Ben Hurt, Wilbur Gates, Henry Lee Girlinghouse, Gus Baugh, Maxwell Bayer, Edwin Bean, W. Bivings, John Browder, Fred Byrnes, Frank Carpenter, Scottie Casteel, Robert Cawthorn, Leo Cendali, Amos Cox, Vernon Crossland, Howard Cummings, Clark IHLVUII I'iUIH'fl'l'Il Roster of Company A . . ,IANL ROBBINS .CARL'roN Lu. . . . . WIl.l,IAM Cauiucm, . jmug C1mv1iNsg l7lLLBLR'I' W11il.1s Sz' rgnrnfs McCord, Forrest Bobnett, Wilson Co 1' 110 ral s Jones, Bill Livingston, Harold Privufcs Cushing, Billy Daft, George DuVall, John Fisher, Forrest Foster, Fred Hagood, Carthyl Hamilton, Leslie Hanson, Norbert Harrison, Jack Hawkings, Jimmy Hays, Frank Henderson, Charles Jones, Henry . HARRY PLEBLLS . Lrsuis BLALMLAR WLIISOI1, Bert Pope, Jerome Wfilson, Melvin Kinkle, Lewis Lambert, Ralph Mason, Russell Parrish, Phillip Prestidge, Claude Randle, James Roff, Homer See, Billy Sibley, Pat Summy, Billy Thompson, W. Wilsoii, George 32 T rg-l Sponsor . . Cujzfuin . . Firsl Lirzlfrllmil Sccomz' Liczztcuaffzfs Firsi SL'l'gl'tlI1f . Staff Sergeant . Beauduy, Albert Birdsong, Bobby Coffey, Alfred Howard, Wallace Brown, Ed Cameron, Howard Chatelain, Paul Clark, A. W. Collier, A. E. Collier, Welsey Crabtree, Jack Dryden, William Elixson, Phillip B. Granger, Byron Graves, W. Hanson, Delbert Harris, Frank Hill, Russell Horton, Douglas Roster ol Company B . SYBIL ROAN JAMES TIIDWELL CHARLES BROWDER . HOL1"ORD ELLIOTT, Donn OSBURN Scrgmlzls Cook, Atlas Donal, C. B., jr. Corporals Pr Miller, Bill Shackelford, Charles ivafes Hurst, Sidney Jensen, Andrew Keane, Armend Knott, Charles Lee, Lucian McAdams, Archie McLaren, T. C. McCroskey, Byron McSpadden, Hilton Moore, T. E. Orr, Sam Owen, A. E. Palmer, Frank Palmer, George Poole, Jack . LEWIS BARR VICTOR HEARNE Palmer, W. Solomon, Pete Warren, Malcolm Williamson, Joe Peters, Eddie Rankin, Thomas Regan, William Lewis Ritchie, James Bobnett, Edwin Schell, Earl Spillers, Jack Stanley, James Tanner, Billie Thrash, Roy Watkins, Edward Wfatkins, Watt Whitten, Robert Wfilson, Twyman Witherspoon, Leonard Page Om' Hu11r1'vecl' Fiffren 1? Ax 2 lb Lx f mg w ,.t.w,, ,gi .1 I 622495 Spuuxor . Captain . . lfirxl Lir'11fc'l1al1f SCFUIIIII Lif'llff'71dIIILX Ifirsf S!,l'gt'dlIf . McDaniels, jack Bivings, Gene Stricklin, Tobe Calder, Henry Bray, Frank Burks, Erman Roster ol Company C . . . MAIKX' CA'ITlI2lilNL CiROVLS . . JACK TIlJXXfELL . FRANK RANDOLPH Citni-.ia IJAVISQ MURLL PILKINGTON St'!'tQt'dllf.V Cu P1 Campbell, Raymond Campbell, Gene Davis, Joe Dargan, L. C. Elder, Carl Elliott, Ansiel French, Carl Harpold, Clayton Hood, Blandin Page Om' lllrllrlwrf Si.xfm'rz Turner, Harry Dean, Andrew 1' 1101111 s Hubbard, liverett Taylor, Michael 'iuafvx Howell, Robert Jackson, W. Kearley, Herbert Kelty, Albert Keer, Dee Koch, Karl Mathews, jack Moore, Frank McDowell, David Murphy, Earl Nall, Boyce . ALVIN STERLING David, Doyle Phillips, Colyar Smith, Charles Peters, Wilson Pollock, Leland Reams, Jack Rogers, H. A. Sears, C. A. Sleigh, Thomas Stephenson, Harry Williams, Jack Wamack, Bernard Zethrans, Roy , It 5X fy. ,L ,, ,,r, i nf '- :Ww Roster ol Company D Sjlomor . . Cajlfuin . . . Firsf Lit'lllLL'l7!lllf . Seemid Lif'Ilfl'lH1llfX Firxf Sf'l'gf'llllf . Herd, Burnelle . Hughes, Kenneth Boland, Arthur Davis, Berry Baugh, Wfilford Bludworth, Charles Bludworth, Bill Brower, Jack Burks, -lim Czlple, Solon Creerner, Jeff Darnell, Glen Dubbels, Lowell Eastus, Harrill Gray, Westnioreliind Hziclsler, Leslie Hamilton, F.1rl Hussell, jess Hunter, Clifton . . Bonism REYNOLDS jfxmiss CLARRISONQ Sf'l'gl'IIllf 5 Guest, Emmett Heller, Williiiiii Cm'j1on1Ix Pr Hamilton, Billy Kirby, Clovis iwzfex Jones, Floyd Jones, NW. B. Kenhey, George Kelly, George Leemnn, Sum Lieber, Fred Linehgm, Jack Little, Albert Loring, Ben McAuliff, Jglcls Mclloiiald, M. V. Mnrgold, Charles Meredith, Ross Monerief, Wfootlrow -IOHN E. . M. J. LINEHAN EDWIN HAWKINS Liaxvis Au1N Middleton, Bob Sneed, Ed Scott, Sheffield Morris, Travis Otis, Bill Piper, Charles Quillan, Thomas Rowe, Ed B. Samuels, Joe Smythe, Walter Snyder, Thomas Sutton, Howard Tucker, Raymond Walker, Jack Wfisterbeck, Pat Young, Sam Youngblood, Fred Page Our HIllIKlVt'K1 Scw'f1Im'11 Wh 0' S pon xo r: Mildred jackson Cltlflftlilli Guard, .lack Firxf I,it'lLff'HLZl1Ili jackson, Harold Sammi Lii'111'e1mufx: Honig, Charles Hughes, James Ezell, Theo Bennett, Tad Marin' S6'l'gf'lIlIfI Fleeman, Billy First S4'rgf'auI: Weltiiier, Rhodes Pr Om' lllfrlilrwf IZi,Q!llll'l'Il Band Roster SMU' St'V'Qt'KIlIfI Sebastian, George Swgmiizfx: Xvilliams, Edwin Wfilliams, Thomas Dean, Wayne Corjiorulx: Burnett, John Campbell, Milton Carpenter, Leverett Denny, Donald Donnell, Riley llrensley, Billy Tyler, John Priralrx: Avers, Eldridge Beary, Charles Bruce, Robert Burr, Alf Carter, Roy Crissman, Harry Ennis, Grant Gardner, O. C. Giarraputo, Lucas Gritlin, Edwin Hamilton, Edwin Hamilton, Orville Hamilton, Willianl Hohman, Lawrence James, Ralph Lemley, Foster Lee Lovell, R. B. McKay, Chester Littleton, Wfilbur Murray, Robert Sehwedler, Edgar Terry, Floyd Tinney, Floyd Turner, NV. A. Williams, Joe Willis, Billy MICMBFRS Fmnl mu' Uufl in riglwfj: Bill plumes, Robert Cusreel, Gem- llivings, Delbert Willis, M. il. Linelizm, Gilder Davis, Carlton lee, l.ouis Adin, klake ifravens, Charles llfmig, Murle Pilkington, Burk ron' Qlrft in riglwljz George Wilsiwii, limmelt Guest, Gus Gurlinglmusc, llurncll Ilerd, Clmrlcs Browder, Jack Banda Qcnprtiinj, Kenneth Hughes, ,YlllH1li'I5 Rilnliins, lid ll. Rowe, Alvin Sterling, Harry Crissman. Rifle Team The Unk Cliff Rifle Team, although prac- tically a new team, gained second place in the City Rifle Match and Eighth Corps Rifle Match With a score of 1899 out of a possible 2000. This ycar's team was a very good one considering the fact that it is one of very little experience in matches. . f I v N P41gi'fJlIl' H1HIilJ'r'if NillI'li'l'l1 XXII!! 111111' ffnjy 1zf011gf1 fo ll'i1ItfIl'tIl'f1, 111111 Tfnjy r1'1'i1'1' l1l'f0l'l' lfn' gzzfrf NUI11 arf' ffzvy f1111'11'1f 111'r11sx flu' 11'r11'f1f XVi!fr fUI'lI tlllrl f11H1'1'1'1f wif." -YfD1'11k1'. , . I mfi --YY ' x 7 ' 'A ' +:V -' i, Y 5 E7 !- I, w i W, - U1 ,Y W w I , , I a M y 1 , , F , N I X 'spam Yef, as flyvy will, they steer and still Defy flow u'0rlal,s ruzlf' glee: Till deaflp 0'ffrwl1c'lnz flyvm, mas! mul balm Tlwy riflw flllll rulr flu' Sl'lI.,, --f13FlIl?l'. :T f . -1...-1 CV 3 t. Football Squad Frou! 1'r11L', Ivfl fo rigbl: XVarren Cooper, Fred I.anic1', Nor- man Wfatson, C. NW. Chandler, Jack Willis, Clifford Harter, D. C. Nolan, Joe Davis, Ben Lytle, Clovis Harter, Bass Wfilliains. S1'm111l row, lvfl fo rigbf: Roy Zethrans, Robert Brundage, Howard Jennings, Fred Drees, Ray McGee, W. A. Strickland, Mack McGinnis, D. Simpson, Alvin Sterlin, Pete Luyden, Charles Moore. Third row, lvfl fo riglzf: W. E. QPopj Noah, 017111 roaring Bob Middleton, tlX.Vi.YfdI7f IlI!llll1gt'l'j Bob Harris, frvxfr- llltlll 4'm11'f1g Billy Calhoun, Pete Solomon, Leon Gam- bell, E. T. johnson, Charles Sprague, James Christie, -I. H. Kinsey, Raymond Oster, Charles Beckham, Gene Campbell, Dan Merriheld, IlItHIt1lQt'l'Q XV. P. QBillj Dur- rett, rlhixlrlllf 1'm11'f1. Page Um' H1111 11 1711 NM lln 1 WINTON "POP" NOAH "Popv Noah, head coach of football and track, should receive the praise of every loyal pupil and teacher in Oak Cliff High School. He not only teaches the boys in Oak Cliff the art of blocking and tackling but that of being gentlemen and sportsmen. "lt is better to lose a game and lose it fairly, than to win and have a guilty consciencef' says Noah. The old say- ing, "No matter what the cost, always play the game fairlyf' has been instilled in the mind of every player under his supervision. me ity l just can't be beat." I fi' Om' lllrllfliuwl 'l'11'f'11l,y-151111 1' W. P. DURRETT "Bill" Durrett not only assists in the coach ing of football but is also head coach in blsket ball and baseball. At the beginning of the basketball season, he hid only one letterman back from last year and Wls due to lose him at mid-term. However lfter many long hours of practice 1nd drills he developed 1 fast, capable team. If one could watch Bill during a basketball or biseb ill game he could easily understand Why he alw lys has 1 lighting team. The theory thmt Durrett impresses in the minds of his pliytis is a hustlins, team CHARLES SPRAGUL fcitlflftlillj Em! Charles was the power house of the Leopards' line, being a hard tackler and a fine blocker. He was unani- mously ehosen on the official all- distriet team and would undoubtedly have made the all-state team if he had not broken his arm in the first game of the season which kept him out of several games. This is his third and last year to play on the Blue and White, but his fighting spirit will long be remembered at Oak Cliff as well as the spirit of his brothers who have gone before him. This is the last of the Spragues, but their play will long be the inspiration of Oak Cliff players. Page Om' 111111111111 TlL'1'IIf-Y-Fil? 45 X l vi?w Y? BEN LYTLE Hzzlfbavk Hen XV .15 .l UCCUHLI yC.ll' 111.111, .1 serious wtnrlier, 11111l .1 tlcpentlahle 111.111. lle was 1 .1 guntl player 1111 the 11lle11- siye .15 well .ts 1111 the tleleu- sive. P151 1, Sotomox Ttzrlzlt' Pete, the largest 111.111 1111 the team, usetl l1is weight t11 11 guotl .11l1'.111tage in stopping the 11p- p1111e11ts' haelss. Pete, Pl-lying his fourth year, illUV'CLl vast i111pr11ve111e11t 11vcr last year, and always had that figI11i11g de- 1e1'111i11ati1111 111 win. Pe1e's xaekle p11siti1111 will be hard 111 fill, and l1c will be missed ll l11t by the rest of the buys. J. H. K1Ns11' Yitlfkll' il. II. was l'ete's 1'llI1l1ilI3.Qll1.lfC at tackle, .mtl tlitl .1 e11111111en1.l- able job, thutlgli this was his first year to letter. Kinsey was Ql gcutlemzxii and said little, but went about his business with Z1 grim detcr111in11ti0n to tlo his host. This is KiI1FCyvS last year, and he sl111uld be c1111gr11t11l:1ted for his fine work. Pugz' Om' H11111lr1'1f TM'1'llf,K'-Sf.X Cl,klX'IS l'lAR 1 1 R Ilalflnzrk C,l111is, like l1is lUl'1lll1Cl', played 111 1l1t l11t 111 was 1111e uf the fastest and shiftiest mei e spccialiletl 1111 end runs, and made 111111y sp1.tt1tul1r pllys tluring the season. Altlmugh he wts tht Sl11lllLSY man 1111 the squatl, he made up for his l1t11,l1 11111 v1t11, 11 willingnesy and f:lgl1YlI1g spirit. CI.ll4'I4'LJIilJ I'l1111'1'1g11 Q1r111'1'1'1'l1111'k. This is CQlitf111'tl's see1111tl year 1111 tl1e team, and he will lac baeli for two more. Ile is shifty :mtl has Ll g1111tl change ol' pace. He is ll g1111tl grouiid gainer, and is .111 exeellenr defensive man. Ile played safety 111.111 and made many beautiful punt returns. Mueh is expected of him ill the next two years. RAYM ON 11 OST1111 Fzzlllmrk R.1y1111111tl will he l'CI11CIl1lJlf1'CLl Illll only lw his lC.llll mates, hut hy most nf the buys he l1.1s playetl aggainst, hecause 111 l1is vieiuus taelsling .lllkl l1l11el1i111g. liay11111111l haulsetl the line up i11 great style, .llitl he was 1111e 11f tl1e heat Vllllllillg backs i11 the city. li.11'1111111tl will he here next year a111l will share tl1e l1t11111rs of being captain with .lack XVillis. Ile is a sure bid fill' all-city team next year. Y '. 905 u T Q , , AI. D. SIM Psox l'iIlI1f7dl'll il. IJ. was one of our best hacks this season, playing as fullback. lle played .1 great brand of football and al- ways was hard to stop. He played his best game against North Dallas, making at seventy-yard run for a touch- down. and kicking a twenty-eight-yard Held goal to win the game, He will be missed very much next year. IKAY MQGEL Elm' Ray will always be remem- bered by his great Fighting spirit, He was one of the best ends in the city this year, and his posi- tion will be hard to fill next year. lie was exceptionally good on defense, as he was a deadly tackler. Also, he was a good hard blocker and paved the way for many substantial gains. Mack MeGINN1s Tackle Maek was .1 good tackle who had all qualities necessary for that position. lle was fast and had lots of power, and on the defense he was all that could he asked of anyone. Mack has another year and he should be a sensation. fan . -v 4 1 1 J ' a I xx Bass QHU M PD W1L1,1Aa'1 s Qlla l'ft'l'17tIl'k Bass, commonly called llunips, was under a handicap, heeause of his lack of experience, but he showed that he had the spirit and all that goes with it. Bass was one of the speediest men on the team. Ile has two more years, and should make a name for himself that will be long remembered at Oak Cliff. Ro Y ZILTL1 it U s G na ru' Roy, although handicapped hy an injured knee, proved to he one of the most dependable players on the team. Roy was a real Fighter and although he was handicapped, he always did his part, and kept up his side of the line. This is his last year at Oak Cid as he will graduate in june. Page Om' fllHIlll'l'tl T1l'i'r1Iy-Srl ru 1 nav D Q? f l . i A Hoxyzxitn -ll:NN1NGb CL'lIfl'l' 1low.n'd ended his athlelie career at Oak Cliil' this year. lle was Ll stellar lineman and held down the position of center, one of the most iniporlxint positions on the team, in .1 innnncr that would be creditable to anyone. He was an excellent blocker, and had the traditional Oak Cliff spirit. W. A. Qliussrj 5'11ueisLAN1m Gmml Bussy is the type of man thin every eimeh loves to have in the line. He is ii powerful man in guard position and his hobby in a game was to see how many plays he could "smear" behind the opponents' line. NV. A. has two more years to play on the Oak cliff team. JACK WILLIS Guard, Co-Cajllfuin Elect ,lack VVLIS one of the stegidiest players on the team, and always turned in .1 sterling game. He is the type of man who nukes it good guard, .ind he eer- tainly did everything that was expected of him. jack has gi ine spirit, and he, with Oster, will make it fine lender, D. C. fIRON HEAD, No1.AN Guard lronhcad, the good nntured boy of the team, was always nl f QQ-- remdy for a laugh, or a football Qt, game. D. C. was always at his post, as steady :is it stone wall. He has one more year to play on the Leopards' team and should be Ll sensation. CHARLES Buciximm End Charles Beckham did remark- ably well as end, in spite of be- ing injured early in the season. Besides magging passes he was .1 Hne blocker and hard titekler. t is This is Charles' last year to play on the Oak Cliff team and he n will be missed mueh in the com- ing year. V Pugr Om' Hlillifreil illlL't'IIf-1'-I.ffYQZ7f -i H -- GUI' C:l'1ZZV l.6dCl2FS Our team could not have put forth its best efforts Without the Whole-hearted support of the student body led by our competent and conscientious cheer leaders. We congratulate all of the cheer leaders on their Leopard spirit and their tireless efforts to keep up the cheering throughout the season. Oak Cliff is proud of its cheer leaders of 1954 -Colyar Phillips, Herman Munster, Jack Benda, H. L. Kirkpatrick, and Lucas Giarraputo. 1'frgf'Om'Il11m r fy-Niue 17 SQA WB' W. P. DURRETT ' Coaching with the Worldly experience of a seasoned Veteran, Coach Durrett developed the material in hand into a fighting, hard-playing machine to be reckoned with by the best. Coach Durrett's squad had some hard breaks but did well in spite of them. Coach Durrett has done a great deal to put basketball on a par with the other school sports, and his enthusiasm is enlisting many fans. For the Hrst time the basketball boys this year had a banquet, and the entire Working squad received sweaters. basketball Squad K CHARLES SPRAGUE, Capiuiu Charles, the last of the Spragues, played only the first half with the Leopards, His fine de- fensive work was missed keenly at graduation, for the big captain's presence had lifted the Leopards out of many gloomy atmospheres. His work at center position was excellent. HERBERT BARR12'I'T, Forward A fast, shifty forward, lierbcrt played with the same precision as the other members of the team. His ability at hitting the basket was closely watched by the opposing teams. Letter- ing one year, he graduates in June, and his loss will be felt, along with the others, keenly. Li3oN Pkltiz, Guard Playing only one year with the Leopards, Leon proved his fine defensive ability in all games. His offensive work helped the Leopards greatly by his ability to hit the basket from mid-court. An excellent guard, Price's presence will be missed by the Leopards next year. Jack, Guard Lacking in height, Jack made an excellent showing at guard position. Height proved no handicap when it came to guarding his opponents. His speed and stamina will aid the Leopards greatly next year. FERMAN FOWLER, Forward Shooting with deadly accuracy, Forman was a forward that kept all guards in the city on their toes. His oHensive work, while not bril- liant, was steady, and he piled up a great many points. Ferman has another year, and with a little work, could be all-city material for Coach Durrctt. CLIFFORIJ LIARTFR, Forufiml Clifford was the shortest of the members of the basketball squad. His fast, shifty movements kept opponents worried, and his work .it forward helped the Leopards considerably. Cllillord will develop into a better forward by next year-then beware, opponents! COLYAR Pim,l.iPs, Guam! Playing both forward and guard positions, Colyar proved to be an excellent player for his amount of experience. He scored with almost perfect accuracy against all opponents and his presence next year will enlarge the Leopards' vision for a championship, DELBERT WI1.l.lS, Crufrr After playing a guard position, Delbert was shifted to center to 611 Sprague's shoes at mid- term. His height was least of any center in the city, but he out-jumped many of them to forge ahead with the Leopards' score. Lettering two years, Delbert has done his bit for the Blue and White, t - 1 1 . ix Page Om' IIII7I1I'l't'tf Tfwirly-Out' 1? lb AQ ,....,.............-....... The Baseball Squad The Oak Cliff Baseball team has five veteran players back this year. The lettermen are Cap- tain-elcct J. D. Simpson, catcherg Clifford Hatter, third basemang Clovis Harter, outfielderg Lloyd Rust, first basemang and Vernon Phillips, pitcher. Under the capable guidance of Mr. Durrett, the Leopards are expected to deal the topnotchers plenty of trouble this year and to develop into real champions in the future. I U ll I llfyinly-Two , ,r W V" YQHZOSH1. Mum Track Squad l i K at Q EWTON BURROUGHS HANSZEN NOLEN Ni Q E :. "k" T21 3 5 4 V v , -K Av W ff f lig- .1 CEONCLLTON LINDSEY OsTLR RYAN 1H1grOm' IIIIIIAIVLWI TlvirfyATfm'4' lb Nh 1? Ab We offer jokes Pictures and poems, too. We tell you this gfie "Hello, folks! To let you know What we're trying to do.', Mr. Smith: "Any dumb-bell can work this problem. Now watch me." F-ierce lessons L-ate hours U-nexpected company N-ot prepared K-icked out "No matter where the leopard hides, it's always spotted." Miss Graves: "Sorry, but they won't leave. I told them that you were out." Mr. Allen: "Well, I guess I'll have to go tell them myself." FAME "Lives of football men remind us That we too can push and shove And departing leave behind us Hoof prints on another's mug." Ile: "If you should say 'no', I'd go right out and shoot myself." Sbe: "If I should say 'yes', I'd go right out and shoot myself." Miss Anna Belle: "Can you tell me the Rule of l756?" Sfmlvilf: "I pass." Miss Bell: "You,re mistaken. You Hunk." Alf Burr: "How long will I have to wait for a shave?" Barber Qstroking his chinj: "About two year, Sonny." Thomas Price: "Only fools are positive' Tribe Slil'il'klll1J "Are you sure?', Thomas: 'Tm positive." Miss Ruffin: "Give me a sentence with the word 'fascinate'." Carl Czmzmings: "I have ten buttons on my shirt, but I only fasten eight." Page Om' I'1lllltli'1'1l Tbirfy-l"o1rr A Visifor: "Are those people over there in love?" Froxlr: "No, madam, this is high school." H. C. Maiileil: "Have you seen my belt around the house?" Sill!! Fiiirlr: "Oh! Did you put it around the house?', Faifb Amos: "Lewis, did any one ever tell you how Wonderful you sing?" Lewis Barr: "I don't believe they did." Faiila: "Then where did you get the idea?" Irafz' Muffler: "I'll teach you to kiss my Loretaf' Leon Price: "You are too late. I've learned alreadyf' Carlos Iones: "They say that you are going to marry Grace because her aunt died and left her a fortunef' I. E. Willis: "No, I will marry her, no matter who leaves her the fortune." Grim' Amos: "Why don't you take your handkerchief all the way out of your pocket when you blow your nose?,' lark Wfillis: "'Cause that isn't my hand- kerchief, that's my shirt tail." The taxi came to a halt. Ed Sneed descended L1 trifle uncertainly and proceeded to search his pockets slowly: "Sorry, old man,', he said, finally, "but I havenlt a bean!" Seeing that the driver was not taking it too well, he added: "Thnt's the position, old man, and you know you ean't get blood out of a stone." "No,,' agreed the driver, rolling up his sleeves, "but what makes you think you're a stone?" Hazel Nezusmiir: "So going to Oak Cliff makes you independent." Peggy Hzimplm'y: "Absolutely, I get there any time before eight, and leave just when I please after three fifteen." "Don,t worry if your salary is small, And your rewards are few. Remember that the mighty Oak Was once a 'nut' like you." 67 he ak Qjvlvefffiferf 5 The :advertisers in this section of the Oak have contributed their support to- ' Ward making the annual a success. Z They have shown their Willingness to it support the student body in their . undertaking and deserve the undivided patronage of the students. TIlI"l ADVliR'l'lSlNCi MANAGER. ' McBride Secretarial School HE.X'l'lIISfL'I' nuff Srflrfff for Young Wr1111r'11', Investigate Before You Invest Seeretgwinl Studio: Phone 2-4884 232 Allen Bldg. 'I' EVIIIZIII Blrrkx: "Are you sure that you lVIzII'gaI'r'f Sikvx: "I told him he must not love me?" :lee me any moref' Maxinz' Cawff: "Am I sure? Ilve loved Flormu' Wfalmwll: "What did he do?" before and I guess I'd ought to know." Mdrgurvf: "He turned out the lightsf, ,P - ak Cliff Bank 81 Trust ,o. REPUBLIC NATIONAL BANK 81 TRUST COMPANY 4. X B f B 51' fo 51.00 Sforvx Cjllidlnfrs dull Dyprs Invite you to trade with us , . I. . All Kinds of Se to 51.00 NTCl"Cll.llldlSC 30 NUM in Oak Lim I l2l Xvest Jefferson Phone 9-S311 6-S111 Jefferson at Marsalis QI, IPI. HUNT, M.,,,,,g,,- 'I' I 1 f f - B ' I I zz uck S Dmufghon 5 wznetu C0 efge . POSITIONS SECURED Lzirgest in Iliullns Vllfillllllljq Zllltl 1ll1lL'k'lIIK'lIl facilities llllCXC4'llCll. Many grxuliiziles luring plzieeil iII inspiriiur V positimis. full, plmiie In' write Inu' liIIllI'IiII .X Ileserill- I ing toxlzxyf' ll I'llllIllll'S III lvusiu :Ill :I 1II'ox'1'1I -'NO' H' Lui IX' Quinn Um, MA'7"'-glili lllk'TllIIll 41f2l'LfI,IITiIlQ pusiliolis for gI':IIlI1?I1e1,l'l'el. 7-11374. Rvjzuiiiv, Slwiniug, lj-j't'flI.Q, 111111 Iil'fIlIiSZ7ilItQ 44 II.Ili' Soles his Io Sl.2Yq linllwlvei' Ileels Hu Io 73C , Some boys are born insane-girls drive I-IIII IJIIIx'IIu' ' New limi- ui XY'.Iolwm-III! Others that way-and some are managers of 127 XVI SI LII I I I Iasox TI I I 1'IIoxI 6-0377 I lllgll SCl100l Lll1I1Ll1llS. Compliments of Texas - Rosevvin - id Theatres SHOP AT... SEARS-RGEBUCK AND CO. Your Ozzie Cliff Store AND SAVE Il' Oak Cliff-Dallas Rainbcwv yr Potato Chip Co. l ' Cleanin Co 5751 Korn K rispies g ' i f CHEESE E. E. PRICHARD, CJZVIIPI' 5 MAYQNNAISE SALAD DRESSING ll7 West Jefferson Phone 2 '4760 ' - 1.2. Norton Phone 9-8233 Clothes for Young Men expressly fashioned by the Southwest's Leading Stylists to please the particular . . . E. M. KAl-IN sz co. ll' S PI O E RF B U I L D I N G M II ru: "J, W., you mist ll I of the Lis in your compositio I. XV. P41 'r: "Yes, ma' l be ll cligl l'lfCI'.n 'i' Y 7505. H 0 T Slmws Nlmlw I.0lI4Ql'I' nuff Wfiflw' C M A X C Phone 2 7560 1525 Commerce S Us XV' .TCf'fffS0H AVC' 1 Compliments 6 CA U D L E Engraving Com pan V Mdwfacmm of. . . . M . Fsn2hsss ahs:2ENT M MEQLISSQQSTS w DALLAS DUDE'S DICTIONARY Tb? Souflfs Bpsf B!'fll1l'X-A section of New York City. Cafflv-A pot used for cooking. Bllllfl Sfflff' Cuff-XVliat you eatcll from sitting in draft. fjllffcllifx sort of slit-ll. . 7 Hvifrr-A gentle breefe. 6 n 6 S Mlm'-Tlie lit-ad of a town. Ox-To question. Runrfr-A sort of tool. 1515 Elin - Rmleo--Used for listening to broadcast mg stations. SOIlIlll'l'7'0'-A half breed Mexican 4. l i GN LEA P39 S TXVO SHOPS TO SERVE No. 1-634 XV. -Ieflerson - Pli. 9-1200 No. 2-303 N. Marsalis - Pla. 6-0050 R. C. STRICKLAND, Owner DALLAS, TEXAS 'I' PLANT Nicholson's Tested Seeds THEY HAVE STOOD THE TEST OVER S0 YEARS "A Seed for Every Nemfl' Sprayers, Insecticides, Poultry Supplies, Rabbit Supplies, Bird Supplies, Gold lfislm Supplies, Dog Foods, Remedies, and Supplies 2-3439 NTCHOLSON'S SEED STORE 2-3439 Elm and Lamar Streets 4. Compliments of ARMEL CORN Anderson FRESH POPCORN Flllfflltlllfe CO. VINE NTACQAZTNES CANDIFS Ann 2101 Flm AND SCHOOL DRINKS SUPPl,lES Serving the Graduates of Dallas T liglm Sebool . lThf P42 f OH 38 Yu: Phone 6-0037 235 W. Jefferson ant ur xrtnts or ur mrs has been served in the Public School Lunchrooms in Oak Cliff for the past three years. It's consistently good, hecause the same fine ingredients and skill go into its halting day after day. No Other Bread Keeps S0 Fresh OAK CLIFF BAKING COMPANY VISITORS WELCOME JAKE GOLMAN, Pres. Wyatt Bmuzgf College Regis fcrc d-Recognized-Aceredired Member National and Texas Association Accredited Beauty Clulturists Specials- Permanent XV:ives . . . 9Sc Shampoo and Finger Wfave . ZSC fTOHIf7It'fl' Bftlllfj' CflIll'Xl'i Everything furnished . . . 340.00 369 W. Jefferson-Medical-Dental Building Phone 6-0115 Mr. fllllllilfflll Qmaking assignment to Physics Classj: Tomorrow, start with light- ning and go to thunder. Ball Nut and Candy Co. Salim! N nfs Fine ClllIt!il'S C0111 Drink.: 409 Beckley Phone 6-0078 g7fKA'Wf'if!!f' BUSINESS C LLEGE FOREMOST IN DALLAS. siNcEM1aa7 Q X -' 'I ' ri I "1 'll-nee oi -If wins ni IIJIIIIIIQ I I . suxsoilu , :sIILLLssI1 ix rt I A ' I' ' 'il :ll iiiclliu IIUHI III XLWH HIFI lf' yiniii. nun .intl umm . i tl ll A I 1 L 1 Wiiitr call in' iiliinie 1.5334 lor Ilill iiillwiiigitioli. 'I' "I have a quiz, dear: You have one, toog If I Ilunk, dear, Iris cause of you." XVhen You Think of Shoe Repairing Think of CI'IARLIE,S Opposite Oak Clif? Bank I ' ' ' ' ' ' Il'I1lil - Camiai Il Citi in N, Men. Al. I.. Ii,xNimI.1,, Rijm IN sincere appreciation ofthe patronage and friendship ofthe entire student body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past twelve years American Beaut over Co. 1900-8 ORANGE STREET THE COVER ON THIS BOOK WAS PRODUCED IN THIS PLANT All Photos by Browne E99 Bro zone S!zzo'z'o5 The South's Leading Photographers for more than a quarter century DALLAS KANSAS CITY .ffm 5 T 5. x '- MR' '19 qmail -3 I 1 1'MC,,"', Q? 53511 WS212-1? x iii "' BRYAN 5 BARBLCUL Ggodman Cleaners win- 1 I Bunn S30 W. C OS 7 Ilwm 9 3211 R 0 T C Headquarters J W Styles for the Young Man G1'or'r'rie.r 411111 CI0lIf:t't'ILIUl1tlVIVS SIHXNISII SHIQLI. l'I ANUTS !"'?n Cfuntly, Cold Drinks, School Supplies IW MAN Across from School XVHICHCVSUH 6,1094 + L lark Tirfzwff: "Remember, I'm nobotlyk We Make Houslng Loans "0" Grove-Barnes Lumber Co. If1111r'x Y'iffzwfl: "XVcll, I won't claim Your Building Sion, 'Qu' 6-2171 I06 E, jefferson 4. Dallas, Qvvn Clothing Store lor Men and Boys Fashion park Clothes Charterl-louse-Clothes Manhattan Shirts Bostonian Shoes T 0 Dobbs Fine l-lats + , Sudden Service Station S CoM11LuTL AU'I'Oh4O'fIVE Staiavlcn Jewel I-Y Store s. s. s. BATTERIES Phone 6-2604 330 W. jefferson 1627 Elm St. 1 Mary Kufbrylze Grows: "Fashions may come and go, but there is always a demand li'lL't'lI'j', Wczfvb lit'lItlfl'illg for Cosmeticss, Ljflfiwll Sl'I'l!iL'l' Iafrk Sallis: "Yes, women can,t go wan forever." 4. EIL 0 ' EAUTY OLLEGE FINEST IN DALLAS AND TI-IE SOUTH Investigate NEILSOIXVS Before Fnrolling in Any Beauty School I,!'LIt!IlIkQ Bvazzfy Shops DUIIILIIYLI NEILSON Grarfzzafex 412 West Jefferson 6-0458 za 00131 5a QSO ufgwaifsfzn QBQILL E129 Zemin? 60. PRINTED BY Qwfgirzion glzinfing C70

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