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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1934 volume:

Q '51 . f i f mi' - ' JCQPDI ja!!-A-jd - X I UL l f f'1' !' A ,' f f f ,M A , Q X sf 'fj1fQ MW WJ xg - 5, 'N ' , , ' ! . 1 r R 1 . I X , . ,. .g . X X xx h A . i of E f X ' ., 1. K , ,v ,. I , xx . ' , , j AU. , US' lx. ,x .. ks ' ' XX. ' I X YET N- ff 5 Q WX XEEWIQQX 1 f'-,,.g.fI,.,, x X ,V F. ,,f . '- - ' -32 g -. f-., M , XY , .,. ,, ., . ..J,M,.,A-..4..,....u...LQ.,........,..,,......qp.s.,L. NVQ ,gl 2 Gjhe 695116 Y , . i 4. 4 B- .Q-,iff .-:TIL COPYRIGHT, 1934 N 'i5i'F - ' K- IMOGENE FITZGERALD Editor J j EDWIN REDDING Z , 'A 9 -. JIM HARRISON Q Q, fix Business Managers l 'A' f 2 'I.' '74 35' if ,I 21 5 ' ' 1 t ai 'Y Eff s 1 a:,-a -S 2- -- A' I f i-' WM If C KE? fri?-WP 'Q' QX132 ,E.?d WX Div? K9 klxrxzffg iti G J 'I 'IQ - .1 N1 E I fg Z1 I , - ,U ' Ar I 'I- I A - - - - , I fs A 5' N- 'Ev 5m 2 Q cy ,PI I I M , 7 V ,J c I , Q 5 g ,A g ,,IIwvQfIi'.-sz-WN. X- - ' 44, 4 'Y ,,.'IIwQ-QWW' 'Wgvw I Ex 'S' .Mm L? ig? PUBLISHED BY THE ' I JXIIAILSJ I IV .X IX A 4, rw ' 'vqi 8 ' AX X Q S E N I O R C L A S S ,I 1 ' ?g lm fbi fix f 'A i ' H 'IE xg Of the f ,- 1 2' M1 Q QW 45? 'rr .,'fU. x2x -4,1 HA I 5 IfL'd If . I I OAK CLIFF HIGH SCHOOL Ki . , EJ - -1,.- Q,f w ,5,, I .- DALLAS, TEXAS C-5 5 fig ' I I I I N , I ivigf Q ' 'ff 5 M A A A ' y ' .?TifAT'ZQjf7A5 i'l'ifE? fQ11'f'5'Fi, I I wk , Qefq SIE CE FQ? VVXQ? ' W ? figflgfifi I m ' 1 In ? S2585 6' E, H57 f? E JI- QQ: E Hx, -' 35 KJIIJMQ-:,f, YM I I' I - 'ff I I I -- -' ' I if y W A EI fw .I Wffllif IIIIIIIIIIIIIAQIIIW92115.I Q ' .I ax-1.2-xnffx' fuk! IE-g!.'2qJ 5 ,, . ef' f ' iff V+' 'YqI'i7,Q ,Q - ,- -jf : Y f i f 1' In -,f' '-i ci , , .3 ' ,,, 'I 'II,1gf'Xf,II-h 51-YE Y IFMWUI,,lIIIa dW'nIgIuIIl3IljW5 NW 5 IIIIIILIIIMIIIII Invun III W 'B-'Ur 9, . is Q, , N Y Q X M , A ' it 159 ' V9 'L . KX.- g L ll s X s' 4' f 1 - 1 , 4 , 1, ug! , 1 , .. E ll X A u x 'W r x I 5 ' fgtg Asi f'- f f f ll ' . fl V l fa ' ' ,. e -. TI-IE OAK FOREWORD To the casual reader who may turn these pages, this volume will be just another yearbook with names and pictures and imperfec- tionsg to the classmate, it will be a record more or less complete of what was to him an eventful year. It is both of these if Viewed with the eyes of the mind. But we hope, as years go by, our reader will turn the yellow- ing pages and View them with the eyes of memory. Then may he with understanding heart condone our errors and indulgently pen in the omitted name. TI-IE OAK Page Five D E D I C A T l Q N To one who has ever given us intelligent advice, stimulating cheer, and loyal friendslip-Mr. Howell' Taylor Matthews-We, the staff of 1934, gratefully and loving dedicate this Volume. . I gg 9' 6 W f' ,c:'. 6fff , Z ' ',-- ,,,f v J ' f' Q Q i Z7 2 y V ! f 6 7,2 Z INK 3' 7. ,.'Zf,,: ,im 4' 'fyfe cffiiiig? , 'rfJf'll'l if- '67 -A1k?Mrl'1flllz,' ? Z sl , ! i 1 3, 2 . 'Q ,Ip gg P ! ! J qf g 3 lull -. 4 2?-,Z - ' 'gi':?:.f-3' Lg?-ilte f -- 3 :IL ' 7:1--H ,gn-' THE OAK THE SCHOOL Page Six T I-I E O A K Page Seven To Qak Cliff l-ligh School Many things we have learned within your walls, Oak Cliff High School. As the years come and go, we may forget who were the Carolin- gians and what were the results of the Punic Wars, but We can not forget that the affairs of nations as Well as of men are controlled by the law of cause and effect. Binomial theorems, chemical formulae, French irregular verbs may all, as far as we are con- cerned, sink to oblivion, but they Will have left their imprint on mind and character. If, under your guidance, we have acquired habits of accu- racy and application, an appreciation of values, a respect for another's opinion, an admiration for truth and honesty, a realization of the necessity for good health, and a sympathetic understand- ing for peoples in distant lands, will not your ideals for us have begun to he fulfilled? A 1 3 T - v -T:-f - . ,. .H -,,,,::--,3g:g- ' A - 5, 'Q' LL! el: efgi- , if -,ff xx X V I ,-,,-:sf xx -2 I E -I A H it 5 I I 'I QT I ,PL Q ll ' ' ww- A , .1 Tn? 1 i Q 1' Ku X X iii: 1 ' ki I f I If fy 1 ,f W .1 M fl xx X P , ,Q f ' I if ' ' gf 1 XR My? X Lax W 1 , f i ,', H xt r 4 I I ' , f X I 1 d :X X X51 X 4 f 7 . A X J , r I f ff ' X Yi X X x ' ' X XX ZA X v : s x 1 i K I ,ji f 1' f X X mx X XM 1 I' fa! ff X, V, X XXX Xx Y 71 7 I f X X 1 If ff x 'I f gy x XM X .17 X 1 fa gm Y V2- M W ' VE? 'Mx . Y Te J .1 , , ' 'K 'M-, f - 5 V ,' vl y,: i H 51.55, x. V1 - :pf I 4 VE L, :E Q W' I mf' ' x W h f, 'S H! 'FM X N fx L' X M ww 1 + , r . ,. W , X f 77 .ha,l!,.V-.,. Lg' V13 I Q ,VL ,, 1 '-,gigif ' M if 5 1122 ', , - ' if gf il? E: U ,igfij 'F 455, 14 :'if'Qjh X5 v I 'QF ,f 1-1 f . ,I , f ' xy N- ' 5 , , 1 i- -ff - 1 af., ., - :E xg ,X Q? hx gfj 35, EQ. .ii -' ' rf '+V ' ' 4 . thy' K X X X 952' -K . 54 fic f J ff, X ,gf UH-6 'jx' 'F Lfgi-f 151: f 'f f X' 7 NV iw ' . SSH' ' Q-if ' 'e,zff fy f f ,, f ff , A H 1,4 ff f ff r M X 4 'Z' V Y ,Aa QW A ': s , ' v If 'IZ if Q! , , ' + .- ff Ll , ,. 4 : ' V QF 562 L W7: - 3, f'1wA ,X Q f f , M- af f' ie ZWAW O ZZMW Q7 ', fa Jfwkf 4:24 ,ffffilfhf b 5'5 NEW' M Mf- Hlii' hlllmfll V I M H I l I '.f. 3 MIL! V in Yi, Y b ,Ml I W 54 ' A .V,' 5 ., 4-'yf 1 MVN 1 , nl QI!! ' zgvw TJ fffI4,5f ' ff ,M ! M m' jJ'b ' fy' 'W Hi . V YIM WjJifa41' m ? ilfjigi f fif v 1,w:f'w X ,U mag, 5,,' f,' , wi! , yu, , 511. , , q q!J li1Ef lWH?f ff M N .-M 'af QV'N ,1 r' rv P Mi ' Mf:vM:W 'Y W WF ' ww f H 1-12 '. f lytfxkx X 5,! g:'-N Q 71,99 ' N, ,A ' I ,L N 'Tl ' I .., 1,11 'M X ' 'X W .fj,?':f1X?X ..X H'1f 1 'g 'fi -' V -if f ' K A - .!jfA,fn Xwk x ..!::1vy2ff75, .W -V w . I Y T, 4,4 'JAH' fi 1 ff Wr' A 1 ,... ' A 1, fm' :f i if f'5T'-1 inxwjffix fy V,., , I T?,Z: 3f'1g'qzf.Q -.f vg fg m :X -W W JA - 'PH '1' f- f ff Us 'b'Sw'1 W 'ri 'E MJ Z A 5 ' , , f' f ' - im W . ...i- e2asfl sffr:h?m5 421mg in ,HfeLEf Q'f5' . ' jim a www .f-'W'-fum Q ,15?af.3T5P?:X -W1 W-? ','z ! 'f' k 'iam 1Qna.'Y. A, , Pm Sim: h11v'sfm,g m 4 ' Lfisffvl Wig' 'F ,- '32 qsfvislzv ,nl ' fy Ma -41 ' ,fl xm- X 522431 1 f ix I K wi -W e:v 2 NWs E-3,5 my N R234 1 'Vw QQWNHLM l fx 'ix gf QM A I I J -54,1 Q, 1E,!.:,, Y ZW.,-gf --4: 5 - .Riagg THE OAK f- Q To look up and not clown, To look forward and not back, To look out and not ing and To lencl ll formal. EDWARD EVERETT HALE 3 2 3 gl X , l:-f j 1'11 Q PM of c' Ten TI-IE OAK N. R. CROZIER S1llI?1'i1'lf611dC11f of Schools Board of Education MEMBERS OFFICERS President Viva'-President DR. DAVID W. CARTER MRS. W. J. ZUMXVALT STARR ARMSTRONG MR. GABE ALLEN MAJOR W. J. POWELL MR. L. O. DONALD MRS. W, A. LEEPER E. B. CAUTHORN L, V, STOCKARD . . . 3 5 Assisiuni S11j1erinte11de11t District Sul'eWnic77flc77t f 6, ofH1gb Schools E QL PageElc'zfcn ' ' L M' 'A - ' A . ... vt X v A7 'gg' f 1 'Ai I THE OAK l Q2 4gf A l To the Senior Class: Progress in life is proof you are moving upward toward success. If, as you go to bed at night, you feel that you have added just a little to your self-improvement during the day, you are making progress in the right direction. You should be alone from time to time to make plans for a fuller and more complete life. Do not be afraid to think and act. I congratulate you that you are being graduated at this particular time when our country needs the constructive thinking of each new citizen. God speed you in making the Oak Cliff Spirit a part of your lnfluence for proper conduct and good government. W. H. ADAMSON. ui ' I THE OAK To Mr. Adamson Mere words cannot express our love, our ad- miration, our esteem for you, dear Principal. You have been a Wise counselor in our troubles, a constant source of encouragement in our de- spair, and a joyful participant in our happiness. For four years we have profited by your advice, have been spurred to higher achievements by your inspiration, and have delighted in your comradeship. For this we express our undying gratitude and propose . . . Mr. Adamson, the best friend a student ever had! , V I, , W, .s,,'w1 as ig g . 4 'A ,sw 2 XT E ,, ii I , , ' 5 .- -3 Page Thirteen Yu W ' ' fn-v w as TI-IEOAK f f if f gif W -- 1 I 11 v ' w f . Our Faculty To you, our Faculty, it is difficult to express our true feelings. We hope, however, that you will overlook our past misdemeanors, forgive our apparent ingratitude, and remember only our sincere appreciation for your unsellish aid and constant friendship. 5 :,,,.,. ,, A Kwfgwi J F4 V G Page Fourtee 5 Tl-IE OAK FACULTY ADAMSON, W. H. . ADUDDELL, HELEN ALEXANDER, LAURA . . ALLEN, HOWIXRD A. ANDERSON, W. M. BAKER, NELL . . BANKER, WANIJA BARRETT, ANNE BELL, ANNA . BELL, RUTH . . BRAMLETTE, MINNIE . CABANISS, IDABEL . , CAIN, E. M. . . CAMPBELL, L. E. . CLEMENT, NELLIE D. , .4 ' an' 5 Principal . French Librarian . Mathematics . Study H al l Ty peufriting Public Speaking . Mathematics . History . English . Mathematics . . . Clothing . Com mcrcial Law Mechanical Drawing . . . Art CLEMENT, W. B. . . . Mathematics - CLYETTE, MARY LOUISE . . . English COOPER, BERTA .... . History and Civics CRANE, ABIGAIL . . . . . . . History CUNYUS, G. G. . Chemistryj DURRETT, W. P ...... . . History EISENLOHR, HENRIETT . . . journalism FRASER, RIPPLE . Home Economics GILLESPIE, J. . , . Accounting GRAVES, F NNI ............ Dean HAMILTON, LU . . ug, . . . . . .' . , . Mathematics HAMILTON, WILLIAM T. L u-as-.T +v-i-kw--5LJLb-.'-s- . Physics HAMMOCR, CHRISTINE . ....... . Latin HARRIS, MARGARET . . . History HASEI.TINE, MAY M. . . Music PIESTER, H. B. . . . . . . Manual Arts HIGGINBOTI-IAM, LORINE . .... . . . Social Science HOLLOWAY, GERALDINE . ..... Secretary to Principal 4 HORN, HELEN R. . . . English KENDRICK, MARY . .... . Study Hall KING, ROBERTA . . . . . Spanish LANGEORIJ, WINNIE . . History LANKFORD, NELLIE BLY ..... English LEFTWICH, L. C. . . . . . Mathematics MANN, JOI-IN A .... . Commandant of R. O. T. C. MATTHEWS, H. T. . . . .... Latin MILLER, HAZEL 771, 245742 . . Shorthand MORRISON, MARY . . . . Physical Training NEWEERRY, EUGENIA . . . . Spanish NOAH, WINTON . . . Mathematics PATRICK, ANNE ...... . English ROCKETT, MABEL . . . .If . . . . English ROOTES, VIRGINIA E ' 'N . ' - . . . Sllanish A RUFFIN, RUTH E . . . . English SMITH, R. N. .......... .... M athematics STRATTON, LILLIA . , . . S ........ Clerk STOKES, BERNICE . WAssistant in Phggical Training .Y 7 CTAYLORHNIELL RT . 'W . T' ........ English TILLEY, EUNICE . Chemistry Q .sr I-wg 55. A gr Page Fifteen Y' ' ' ' . THE OAK W f -.M ns. . G ' Q 5 1 S bu I PW' Sym. parent-Teacher Association President . . . First Vice-President . Second Vice-President . Third Vice-President . Fourth Vice-President . Fifth Vice-President . Sixth Vice-President . Seventh Vice-President . . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer ..... Parliamentarian . . Historian . . . .532 . f r 19- 5 -, v f T I Gif ...S 1 1. - V 53 L A 1,.,, h I933-31-L . MRS. E. M. GUEST . MRS. L. O. DONALD . MRS. W. H. BYRD MRS. J. E. WALRAVEN MRS. E. B. WILLIAMS MRS. L. B. JOHNSTON MRS. C. C. CAMERON MRS. V. O. THOMPSON . . MRS. T. A. HORD . MRS. W. C. WELCH . MRS. D. C. OLIVER MRS. C. L. DOUGHTY MRS. C. S. FITZHUGH W I Page Sixteen Parent-Teacher Association xi THE oAK If 3 A vision without a task is a dream, A task without a vision is drudgery, A vision with a task is the hope of the worldf' During the past year it has been the aim of the Oak Cliff High Parent-Teacher Association to stimulate in the hearts and minds of its mem- bers a new and common interest in the influences surrounding the youth of today. Through the program, they have tried to awaken a feeling of personal responsibility in the home, school, and community and to stress the relationship each bears to the other in the life of the child. They had the vision and the task was at hand. We are blind until we see That in the human plan Nothing is worth the making if It does not make the man. Why build these cities glorious If man unbuilded goes, In vain we build the world unless t The builder alsoagrowsf' ag -wg' I va Sv 1 i 1... if' T L President - - First Vice-P1'esia'c11t Sc'co1111 ViL'C-P7'L'Sfd871f Third Vicc'-Presirlcfzzf Fourth Vice-P1'cside111f Fifth Vicc'-Presirfcnf SC!,'1'Ufll1'jJ - - - Trt'as1zr0r - - The Dads, Club CFPICERS - W. F. ULM L. E. MCBRIDE - J. I. BEAUDUY - GUY DEAN G. C. JENNINGS - S. A. LACY - FRANK PARK C. D. BROWDER The Oak Cliff High School Dads' Club has had its best year in 1933-34. The mem- bership is now larger, and its accomplishments have been greater than ever before. The tennis courts on the school grounds, with accompanying beautihcation, have been secured through the Club's activities. The cost in this improvement was in excess of S3,000, and its benefits will be unlimited. The School Board, Park Board, and Federal relief officials cooperated in the project. All forms of athletics have been aided. The Club also initiated a move which will give cheaper entrance to the games played at Fair Park next year. Considerable relief work has been done in the school. Every case of need found has been relieved. Books have been supplied all those known to be unable to buy needed texts or supplements. Other services, such as cleaning and pressing, and hair cuts, have been supplied. a The Club has sponsored entertainments of a helpful sort at the school building, and T ? thereby aroused community interest in the school and in Dads, Club work. I ,Z Efforts are being made to secure more or better building accommodations for the if 5' f present large enrollment. ' '15, 1 .. . Page Eiglal CCH W' ,gw 1' - g,4.QZ,4?f, ' 'J453jf3' x xw'ff,Q v, I, f, ' f f, , 'gift ffiffwfff ' .nfgfffg mf f We ' f 151.17 an 31 , -- K -,. ' ' 7 -L ,K -rf! uajiv 1 ' ff is ' I lr, X 1 Vw: - QV ' C '- it JA, , 1 fig 'VTP JB 1 fliilff 3 ,vfifygpf 'pf 741 . 4Pc'5QW'6 '. gy . - . 1' - 'I ' if , 1 gffi-ifsa 1 ' , 5 -' 1 ,-- V4 0 5 , 'ff-w' 49' '1 F . - T- E7-X ff 'f V533 ifkfg ,Tu ai f'ffZfff ' Wei , 1 f 13 , - ,cr ', 1 Xf N K,,Q,fj,!,V 255 C 1. A f, Vlx - X fyujg-,ff faLg:5Xx K - It 2, 1 .67 EAN .N f ,M ,W 12'-.. 5 f1'7V-1 ,-J -J vw pzfv Vw' ' ,An ,- ff, W. , yr: , 1 X ' , wf q LMA ,Y in F me Q2 ff? Vw' V M y W f -. , '!.,i'-'gf' 5 if I 1 ,+V , -' ?f? 41f, ff' A 06 0' J Vfxffbfw if 2 f Y , m , fgl .K, ff' 2, 'Vai' Nj -,' ' . ' ' 'Q 1- f fi , 1 74 4' pi, A gf kkgf 2w,l'1 -f WY' vw 1 1,4 .gf - A 'M Y ' wdiiiff' 2 ' A -524.5 ' E 0 if W! I + rl: IQ, 1W7f Mm af , 4 A 1 - ,I ,Y ' 'E' ,, j-- , X' f , 5, 5 'U V Wilifffgf, M J fmw 1 , if ' . 3 + V!f 7y A X ,Q A-g f Q 7 If , ig t u e I, , A iq ,, f 'Y-M 1 5 'fi Q' f ff? ' x X 'M , 1 ' , f- -ADJ A 1 Q' J L l . , J 1 91' XX ' 'hu g ' ' 1r4W.ri9!!f,,r5QvQ?fE'Y LQQ-' .I - f , ,.,-: fqQ4gJ'-,J up-I ' X WZ' Q44 . -'w r' x ff H' ' ' f' ' 'fx M .. Fkfif ' 14 X ff fp Q' ' ff , I 1 ' - :gf , ywf if A-I .7 ffff: if :gaYgv'5i ' fn Q, P- I g t f i?1f 5 A i 'fZJH pf' 5 '?f3ifi:Q? 253514 Q i QGAXU ,fy fwfr J inf K NX . ff 21 :ii 4 ,-P 2 ii i my ' 1 11 L ., 1 fla g Mfg? W ' h w 5- V f-1 12 ' .vx. , x , ' Q? 50 ,1 B' Mid, A j f 9 L f? IW l 5 f M2 MW 1, ww ff W3 N J' if 1 lg f 'VL' .1F'figGf'f, , K J3,Mxf 'HqJ':d, A . , z 13+ , 61 'flfyi i y T53v fF,1Wk'5AmNxM ff Ef43i? i?5Ugf W7i iw! M 11. lwr, f X -f L wkx-11 ' KV ' 3 1 f fwil, gm ww V 1 QXg1:sf3a'J! ,l mv, 1, ,fk - , f 9, mf 1, -WL ':, :QQ , . , Q '- 1, 'MVS ',, f .N 5, pg? QR 1, in A I f' E411 , t ,311 it , 5,57 K 'I X 3, Ykimlxr N35 wyp 39'1 454Qf WL in A V W fiff Y UW. EIL Fa! A 1 W4 1- Q eg 5 fwl- X -N 'Q W1 ff If 9 in 'rm 'V-E U, 9, ' ,ff Y' V' f wifi' :M r Y: 5 ix, 1 .V ,X gy! im Qmvf 'jp Nw! .lf if LW l yfgyllflvf . , - j I , N ,, U . f , :x J gf ' 4 H-. slr. 5. f ff I f' ff X fp, f xx , 2 2 42 Aly if ' 1 , - 'v i A . fi M Aki ii 'J f i ., , . - if Q3 FF?ii+ ' ' '-ff? ' ,. . 5.-ngfrf--ff 1 - :- fn A ' 0716 THEOAK few ,Q JANUARY CLASS OFFICERS Presirlent . ......... . MIKE STEINDORF Vice'-Pvcfsidenzf . F, W. ADDISON Secretary . ....... ELIZABETH TIPPS Sponsors . . MRS. MINNIE BRAMLETTE and MISS ANNA BELL SOCIAL COMMITTEE . JOSEPHINE MOORE Cfoairmmz . . . . . . . . . . . . Kenneth Daniel Jack Rice Adrianna Cendalli Lila McIntyre PROGRAM COMMITTEE Cbairma1z .............. FRANCIS PEERY Ferne McDougle Dabney Gurley Mary Helen Small Tim Welch INVITATION COMMITTEE Cbairvmm . ...... ..... M AIIY HELEN SMALL Jack Rice Philip Johnson Wilmer Knifeley Dorothea Brasfield 1 .35 3 .ff mf ' - ' - PiIgFTlUCl1lji Tl-IE OAK F. W. ADDISON Entered from Bowie, '3O. National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Oak Staffg Eilieiency Private, '32, One Act Play, '33, Footballg Trackg Class Officerg Hi-Y Officerg Popularity Con- testg Crack Companyg Crack Platoong Four-Year Linz Pin. The reason girls go to football games and stay until the curl. ARNOLD ANDERSON Entered from Reagan, '30. Footballg Track, Latin Club, R.O.T.C. A good nature is the very air of a goozl mind. DOROTHEA BRASFIELD Entered from Austin, '30. Operetta, '32g Peppy Sale, Spanish Clubg Forget-me- not Salcg Dramatic Clubg Senior Play, '34g Arorn Staff, Gymboree. Sweetness aml friemlship shine forth from her face. TAD BENNETT Entered from Peeler, '30. Honor Bandg Oak Cliff Band, Camp Dallas, '31-'SSQ Rifle Team, '32-'33g State Band Contest, '31, Palace Band Contest, ,315 Radio Band Contest, '3lg Orchestra, '30. Those with musical talent are useful on many oeeasionsf' ADRIANA CENDALLI Entered from Sunset, '32, Glee Club Officer, Operetta, '32-'33g Stamp Club: Spanish Clubg Gymboree, Poppy Sale. A girl you ca11't forget. B. B. CHANDLER Entered from Cement City, '32. As perfect a man as one shall see? MAYME FRANCES CROSBY Entered from Sunset, '32. Poppy Saleg Forget-me-not Sale, Acorn Staff, Dramatic Clubg Scholarship Club. All that in woman is adored, in thy sweet self We fimlf' TRAVIS CARR Entered from Bowie, '30. Small of stature, big in intellect, great in heart. Page Twenty-one 'K 1 W as, . fs na 'WI Avfn' 2 ' A 5 ' Ng. -e A A Tl-IE OAK - 5 DALE DURRETT Entered from Bowie, '3O. Spanish Club, R.O.T.C.g Orchestra. A prompt decisive boy is he. - X I '35 .Af eq' I 'i E' Fl Q -. MARY Lou CROWSON Entered from Bowie, '30. Spanish Clubg Pen Pal Club, Acorn Staffg Gymboree, Girl's Glee Club, All City Chorusg Music Study Clubg Art Club. ffsbe is not conscious of her worth. ,AJ LEOLA DEGEN Entered from Reagan, '29. Pen Pal Clubg Dramatic Clubg Latin Club, Acorn Staff, Gymboree, Poppy Sale. She leaves 4 lzleusrmt memory in ber wake. IDA FAY ELMER Entered from Bowie, '30. Spanish Club, Pen Pal Club, Pan American League, Acorn Staff, Scholarship Club, Forget-me-not Saleg Poppy Sale, Texas Poetry Contest. The force of her merit makes her way. EMMA ELLEN FIRMAN Entered from Sunset, '3l. Poppy Saleg Forget-me-not Sale, Art Club. A girl with a knack to :lo everything well. ANNA GARY Entered from Reagan, '30. Poppy Sale, Gymboree. Hawk quiet for you, self-possession aml thozightfiiliicsxf' LUCILLE GRIFFIN Entered from Peeler, '3O. Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Gymboree. She has that gay and saucy way, That niulccs us watch her with delight. HOWARD GREATHOUSE Entered from Woodrow Wilson, '31. Trackg Senior Play, '34. i Who conquers me shall fiml a stubborn foe. Vw- N115 I 7' . V . .X i . W, ' .. .fffe Page Twentyftwu Tl-IE OAK CALVIN HARRIS Entered from Highland Park, '32. Spanish Club, Pen Pal Club, Crack Company, Crack Platoon, Rifle Team, Aviation Club, Commissioned Officer, Acorn Reporter. A conceitea' youth with good reasons for his conceit. VERNA HUSTON Entered from Hogg, ,30. French Club, Art Club, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Gymboree, Property Staff of Senior Play, Acorn Staff. All the traits that make a worthy woman, beauty and worth alike, is ber content. LOUISE HANNA Entered from Reagan, '30. Art Club, Girls' Glec Club, All City Chorus, Operctta, Acorn Staff, Spanish Club, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale. Short am! xwcct, but long in the minzlr of c1feryo11e. LAVERNE HOWARD Entered from Sunset, ,30. Dramatic Club, Cantata, Opcrettn, Class Officer, Popularity Contest, '30-,34, Pan American League, Spanish Club, Acorn Reporter, Scholarship Club, Gymboree, Poppy Sale. lf ilu? world were iz xtagr, sloeirl play lacr part- Willy gL'I1lll11r? skill will dramatic art. CLINTON IQEENEY Entcrcd from Bowie, '29. er n You woulzl walk a mile to mrut him. HENRY LESLIE Entered from Bowie, '30. Quick of jzcwrptiolz mul ready of wit. FERNE MCDOUGLE Entered from Hogg, '30. Scholarship Club, Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, Acorn Staff, Class Oiliccr, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Gymboree. lf'ufr-lx of glowing splemlor and xillzx of brilliant lustre, were faslaionrd for such a xlacf' LILA MCINTYRE Y intvgd Eomicvcgy Pills, California, '3-3. Senior Play, Battalion Sponsor, '34. Shu rrnziinlx om' of a zlinzinutiuc Sjranisly Seriorita, or a Gypsy muirl with llrc gairly of Ronnmy in lim' heart. Page Twetny-three THE OAK ' 5 DOROTHY MADDOX iii Entered from Bowie, '31, Officer Pen Pal Club, Scholarship Club, Dallas-Day Pageant, Forget-me-not Sale, Oak Staff, Gymboree, Poppy Sale, L z Award, Inter-Scholastic League Essay Contest. l l . ff ri 1 H 'Y mms J 5 ii 5 PV' G004l111a aml charm are her striking qualitiesf' YA!! J. L. MUIRHEAD ,I Entered from Bowie, '30. Captain R.O.T.C., Operetta, Senior Play, Dramatic Club. l Hates neither himself nor the ladies. MARIE NEIBOR Entered from Bowie, '30, Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, Gymboree, Acorn Staff, Scholarship Club. L!J Graciously grateful and gracefully gracious. JANE OLIVER 7 Entered from Bowie, '30. A National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Class Of- Ecerg Pan American Student Forum, Spanish Club, Pen Pal Club, Dramatic Club, Poppy Sale, F0rget-me- not Sale, Acorn Reporter, Girl Reserves. A tiny witty, rlarling, she. MARCELLE PECK Entered from Woodrow Wilson, '31. Oak Staff, Class Officer, Scholarship Club, Oiiicer l l ' I French Club, Oflice Assistant, Riding Club. V ' She is pretty to walk with, witty to talk with, P 5 and pleasant too, to think on. , , HENRY PARK Entered from Hogg, '29, Football. B He would like to be a woman hater but he hasu't' tba lacartf, VIOLA WALDEN Entered from Reagan, '30. B Senior Play, Dramatic Club. An irlcal girl with seriousness and humor alike. Eh S FRANCIS PEERY Y I Entered from Hogg, '29. 'a :QV Q Hi-Y Officer, Glee Club, Class Officer. k 5 -- v The word impossible is uot in the dictionary. : --'I- -1'--1 af 'Af Q E- N i I i in in A Y if Page Twenty-four THE OAK EDWIN REDDING Entered from Bowie, '30. National Honor Societyg Scholarship Clubg Class Of- Hcer Senior Classg French Clubg Hi-Yg Linz Awardg P.T.A. Awardg Business Manager Oak Staff, '34, All his stnrlies were a joy to him. DOROTHY SMITH Entered from Reagan, '30. Poppy Saleg Gymboreeg Scholarship Club. In thy face we see the map of honor, truth and loyalty. MoNsoN STOKELEY Entered from Sunset, '29. Baseball. Honest labor bears a lovely facef' REED SHANKS Entered from Peeler, '30. All-City Bandg State Band Contest. He has a smooth and steadfast mind. MARY HELEN SMALL Entered from Hogg, '30. Girl Rescrvesg Scholarship Clubg Class Officerg Presi- dent National Honor Societyg Spanish Clubg Dramatic Clubg Pan American Student Forumg Gymboreeg Poppy Sale. She can smile, she can blush, Anil at either occupation, she is charming? DOROTHY SHADDAY Entered from Reagan, '30, Poppy Saleg Gymboreeg Scholarship Clubg Dramatic Clubg Linz Bible Awardg National Honor Society. ln virtues nothing earthly could surpass her. ELIZABETH JANE TIPPS Entered from Hogg, '30. Editor of Aeorng R.O.T.C. Sponsorg Declamation Contestg Class Ofhcerg Dramatic Clubg Senior Playg Scholarship Clubg Pan American League. Not very tall anal really very small, But fair and sweet and loved by all? C RAYJBUXEN TAYIIORC Y L C W Entered in '30, Senior Hi Yg Arorn Staffg Dramatic Clubg Latin Club. There is only one proof of ability-action. Page Twenty-yive Q' V . N 4 g rg Y ash l ., t , 'Irv'- fr'-5 F .- .Qs .Q S . A .N 'I is f ' 'A -.Q I THE OAK JANE BURDETTE Entered from Reagan, '30. Oak Staff, Acorn Staffg Gymboree. Her beauty is more lban skin deep. VELMA BERRY Entered from Hogg, '30. Spanish Club, Pan American Leagueg Pan American Pageant, Scholarship Clubg Gymboree, Poppy Saleg Forget-me-not Sale, Girl Reserves. It's nice to be natural when youlre naturally nice. LUCRETIA EYRE Entered from Reagan, '30. National Honor Societyg Pan American League, Gym- boreeg Scholarship Club, Spanish Clubg Poppy Saleg Music Study Club. Rich in the qualifies of mind and bead. J. B. WHEELER Entered from Brownwood, '31. Senior Play. Tall, dark, and bandsomc, the kind girls full for. JUANITA HARRISON Entered from Bowie, '30, Spanish Clubg Acorn Staff, Inter-Scholastic League Play Contestg Senior Play, ,345 Dramatic Club, Gymboreeg Scholarship Club. Her smiling face and dancing eyes Tell of a bear! pure and happy, a mind clear and serene. NELLIE HEFLIN Entered from Sunset, '32. Gymboreeg Poppy Saleg Forget-me-not Sale. A rare combination of oddily, frolic, and fun. TOMIE HOUPT Entered from Bowie, ,30. Her friendliness and gentleness make bar lovable. PHILIP JOHNSON Entered from Hogg, '29. Stamp Clubg Latin Club, Scholarship Club. His common sense is an indicator of a sound mind. Page Tiurnly-six T l l E O A K ' gf - V JOSEPHINE Moomz 5 Entered from L. G. C. Academy. Class Oflicer, '34, National Honor Society, Scholarship Club. We don't know whether sbe is Irish, but we can rfourb for a wit that rivals any of the Blarney Country. WILMER KNIFELEY Entered from Bowie, '30. Basketball, Track, Pan American League, Spanish Club He has the fatal gift of eharrnsf' DoLLY Posr Entered from Hogg, '30. Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale. By ber life alone, gracious and sweet, the better way is shown. ALLISON O,NEAL Entered from Bowie, '29. Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Girl Reserves, Latin Club, Gymboree. Sweet personality, Full of rasealityf' LILLIAN SCHLINKE . Entered from Reagan, '30. Latin Club, Pen Pal Club, Scholarship Club, Dramatic American Student Forum, Oak Staff, Gymboree, Poppy Sale. Club, Pan She is gentle, she is shy, A But therc's misebief in ber eyef' ALPHONSO PATTERSON Entered from J. S. Hogg, '29. The will to 110, the soul to dare. MIKE STEINDORF Entered from Bowie, '29, Class Officer, President Senior Class, Scholarship Club, Glee Club, Latin Club, Football, Track, Senior Hi-Y, Oak Staff. D KATHERHTIE SYJHDLTZY Entered from Reagan, '30. Gymboree, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Dramatic Club, Scholarship Club. Sweetness and friemlsbip shine forth from ber faeef' 15915, Page Twenty-seven ' L Ve... - .. .-N. ri -- e il H ax Of Vi I W- F i .- I Y' New Gm.. Y e . ., ..t. . 2.5221 W, TI-IE OAK L. G. WooD Entered from Wichita Falls, 332. Acorn Staff. A goozl face is the best letter of 1'l'COIlHIIf'71fltlfi07l.,, TILLIE DELL STROUD Entered from Bowie, '30. Oak Cliff Orchestrag All City Orchestrag Glee Club' Poppy Sale. 9 Those who love inusic are gentle and honest in their teuzpersf' LOREE WILLOUGHBY Entered from Reagan, '30, Spanish Club, Pan American Leagueg Pen Pal Clubg Dramatic Clubg Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Saleg Gym- boreeg Class Officerg Inter-Scholastic League Contestg Oak Staffg Scholarship Club. Talk is her business and chief delight. JOHN WALLACE Entered from Bowie, '29. Truest courtesy and simple sincerity mark this lad. VERNA TREADWELL Entered from Hogg, '50. Girl Reserves, Gymboreeg Dramatic Clubg Scholarship Club, Poppy Sale. H0w'er it he, it seems fo me 'tis only noble to be goozlf' TIM WELCH Entered from Hogg, '30, Acorn Staffg Oak Staffg Scholarship Clubg Declama- tion Contest Winnerg Wozencraft Drillg Rifle Team Captain, Yell Leaderg Camp Dallas, Carroll's Ef- hciency Cupg Senior Playg Basketballg Underclass Favoritcg Officer Senior Hi-Yg Lieutenant Colonel. Born for success, he seems With grace to win, Willa hrart to hold. RUSSELL WHITE Entered from Hogg, '30. Glee Clubg Acorn Staffg R.O.T.C.g Cantatag Scholarship Club. His bearing suggests the gwitleirznzz you will fuel in him. KENNETH WILSON Entered from Hogg, '29, Oak Staffg Better Homes Contest. Almost to all things coulrl he turu his hand. Page Twenty -eight THE OAK V Page Twvzzty-nine 'l SENIORS NOT IN PICTURES Qanuary Classj Boys ' aniel, Kenneth Gurley, Dabney Hendricks, P. Mills, James Parker, William Rice, Jack Turner, Fred Williams, Raymond Girls Brannon, Edna Earle Hughes, Barbara Pierson, Chrystelle Walton, Prudence E is 1 ,, I Mr 4 THE OAK I V gf W' ' J, F ,V . , QA ,. I V JUNE CLASS OFFICERS President . ....... . JIM HARRISON Vice'-PreSirlc'111f . . JACK GOODWIN Secretary . ........ JANIE LARGE Sponsors . . . MIKS. MINNIE BRAMLETTE and MISS ANNA BELL SOCIAL COMMITTEE Chairman . . . . ...... . DARNELL HACKNEY Geraldine Wood William Donald Jacquelyn Boedeker Billy Parrish - John Alan Hord PROGRAM COMMITTEE Chairman . . ....... . . STERLING ELLIS Evelyn Huffer Fred Martin Ethel Ruth Wilds Finous Rood Ruth Waldrop INVITATION COMMITTEE Chairman . . . ....... JACQUELYN BOEDERER ' Alice Le Villoux , Ax i Fred Martin I Coleman Romine 5 , Dorothy Ashley 52 Fairy Quillin . -ga. W ' rv lf. Eh f, i ' A ' 'I Q I in J Page Thirty STILLWELL ARMSTRONG Entered from Peeler, '31, Art Club. THEOAK jk Confidentia1ly, bc's O.K. DOROTHY ASHLEY Entered from Hogg, '30. Gym Demonstration, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale. Skis good-yet fn11-loving, loo. I J. L. AM1s Entered from Peeler, '30. Scholarship Club, Oiiicer Junior Hi-Y. Hc's first to clover you in sufccss, And lust to leave you in distress. BASCOM ATCHLEY Entered from Reagan,'30. Ofhcer in R.O.T.C.g Crack Company, '31, '32, Crack Platoon, ,32. Never minzl asking kim for a favor, His In-art's too big to refuse. COLBURN AUBREY Entered from Arkansas, '52. Chemistry Assistant. Keep your eye on the goal, lull! THOMAS ALLISON Entered from L. G. C. Academy, '30. Glee Club. As proper u man as one slaull see. SALLIE JOE ARDIS Entered from Peeler, '30. Spanish Club, Poppy Sale, Acorn Staff, Gym Demon- stration, Class Officer 1B and 2B Classes. SlJe's allructivcf, and sbe's willy, SlJe's stylish and slacfs pretty. YDOROTVHY BAKER V I Entered from Sunset, '31. Operetta, ,32. S'wcet fI70171IJll11gX unlo lcindesl deeds were in ber very look. ' R sr l I I 2 N Q 6 B35-x C If A A N-1, 4, Page Tbirly-one 1 C I Tl-IE OAK g CARLTON BARNES Entered from Whitesboro, '30. This is the hoy who is an ace, Drives his Ford at a mighty pace. JACQUELYN BOEDEKER Entered from Bowie, '30. Oak Staff, Girl Reserves, Best All-around Girl, '34, Operetta '33-,349 Gymboreeg Glee Clubg Spanish Club, Poppy Saleg Forget-me-not Sale, Class Officer, '33g Library Assistant. Fife never seen her frowning for she's giggling all the tinief' LIDA BOONE Entered from Woodrow Wilson, '33. National Honor Societyg President Scholarship Clubg Winner Extemporaneous Speaking Contest, Latin Clubg Oak Staff. A perfect woman, nohly planned to warm, to comfort' and command. , BILLY BYRD Entered from Hogg, '30, President of junior Hi-Y, Crack Co., '33, Competi- tive Company Drill, Company D, '33, Radio Club, Crack Platoong Camp Dallas, '32-'33g Scholarship Clubg French Club. His personality has carried him far into the hearts of his fellow students. OPHELIA BATES Entered from Bowie, '30. reeg Art Clubg Oak Staff. friendliness and gentleness her lovable. MAHOTA BARKER Entered from Bowie,,29. Staif, Art Club, Forget-me-not Sale, Poppy aleg Gymboree, Library Assistant, Spanish Clubg Poster Club. Beauty is a quality of the heart. DOROTHY BARNETT Entered from Hogg, '30. League, '33g National Thespian Club, President of Dramatic Club, '33g Vice-President of All-City Chorusg Social Chairman of Dramatic Club, 11-,349 Secretary Art Club, '33-'54g Oak Staffg Poppy Saleg President of Girls' Glee Club, '32g Gym Demonstrationg Operettag Senior Play. If music he the fruit of lone, play ou- give me excess of it. LOUISE BIBB , Entered from Waco, '31. Dramatic Clubg Gym Demonstrationg Poppy Sale, Acorn Stag. There's nothing ill can dwell in such a temple. Page Thirty-two H. THE OAK ELIZABETH BIBE Entered from Waco, '31. Spanish Clubg Pan-American Student Forumg Poppy Saleg Forget-me-not Saleg Gymboree. Elizabeth is as nice as she can be, With not a fault that we can see. PEGGY BAsoM Entered from Hogg, '30. Scholarship Clubg Gymboreeg Art Clubg French Clubg Dramatic Clubg Girl Reservesg Poppy Saleg Pan-Ameri- can Pageantg Operettag Cheer Leaderg Riding Clubg Oak Staff. Here's to the girl with a heart and a smile That makes this life of bubbles worth while. EDITH CHANEY Entered from Arkansas, '32. Dramatic Clubg Scholarship Clubg Girl Reservesg Poppy Saleg Forget-me-not Saleg Acorn Staff. just one of life's little jokes, But one of the best of them. JOE Foiuzsr BOURN Entered from Reagan, '30, Scholarship Clubg Soccer Teamg Baseball Team' Tennis Team. He who is good is happy. GLADYS JAYNE COAN Entered from Woodrow Wilson, '33. She put the 'Glad' in Gladys. DOROTHY CHENEY Entered from Greenville, '32. Acorn Reporterg Poppy Saleg Pan-American Pa t ,K Gymboreeg Poppy Saleg Acorn Staffg Forget-me-not Sale. A great lover of history but she gets her dates mixed? MERRILL COOPER Entered from Reagan, '30, Acorn Reporterg Tennis Team. Here was a mang when comes such another?', GRANVILLE COLEMAN Entered from Texarkana, '31, Footballg Baseballg Trackg Hi-Y. He does not carry pleasure to excess. Page Thirty-three QW ,Y I . riff A ,., , D f 4 5-1.4L 5 I N 4 1 'I 9 If U' ,ffjw W wwf I Bfjjlff' . I Vlyv .5 md. Ex W- K ,, gf' ' Wm iss. I ' 4. f A ' AN! 'Pin J Pa Q. . sl X 4 s NW N 6' ma . ,, 5 i lg, P : V ii, Z.. .mls ' ' ' ' - ...J I vy- 5R1., - ., '-if , 1 A L THE OAK ALVIN CROW Entered from Reagan, '3 0. Crack Company, '31, '33, Crack Platoon, '32, Class Oflicer 2A, 2B, Acorn Reporter, Non-commissioned Oiiicer. He came, he saw, but he was conquered by a pair of blue eyes. GLADYVSQ MAE CRIDER Entered from Trinity Heights, '31, Sponsor of Company D, Acorn Reporter, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Gymboree. Gold may, he mixed with base metals, But it remains pure gold. Lois CLAY Entered from Bowie, '30, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, President Blues Chaser Club, Gymboree, Musical Reviews, '30, '31, Cantata, Pan-American Pageant, Pan-Ameri- can Student Forum, Operetta, Spanish Club, Officer Public ,Speaking Class, Poppy Sale, Glee Club, Linz Award, Dallas Day Pageant, '33, Riding Club. Earth's noblest thing, a woman perfected. FRANCES DOUGHTY Entered from Peeler, '30. Gymboree, Spanish Club, Officer Dramatic Club, Sec- retary 2A Class, PoppyiSale, Pan7American Forum, Acorn Reporter. Modest, simple, and sweet: just the zypc of Prieillaf' PEGGY DRAKE Entered from Highland Park. Spanish Club, Pan-American Forum, Girl Reserve, Gymboree, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Operetta. So modest halflher worth is not lznouiinf' ' 7 JOHN DELLITT Entered from L. G. C. Academy, '30, Glee Club, Spanish Club, Baseball, Football, Track, Tennis Team, Golf Team, Scholarship Club. His pleasing appearance makes one -want to talk to himf' H .. CLARIBEL DICKEY , Entered from Bowie, '30. Officer National Honor Society, Interscholastic League Contest, Publicity and Assistant Advertising Manager of Oak, Class Officer, President Pen Pal Club, '33, Gymboree, Winner in Poppy and Forget-me-not Sales, Scholarship Club, Co-Chairman of Latin Club, Latin Banquet at Hockaday. On studies most her mind is bent, A book she had, whereier she went. ANITA DAVIS Entered from Carlsbad, '31. Girl Reserves, Art Clubr,- Poppy Sale, Dramatic Club, Gymboree. lt is gentle manners that appear so irresistible in women. Page Thirty- four i.. Y TI-IE OAK DICK DYER Entered from Reagan, '30, R.O.T.C. Crack Company, Crack Platoon, Competi- tive Company Drill of Company D. You can't keep a good man down. MARGARET DUNCAN Entered from Bowie, '30 Spanish Club, Pan American League, Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club, Poppy Sale, Gymboree, Arorn Staff, Scholarship Club. A Her cheerful disposition attracts everyone. JACK ERICKSON Entered from Highland Park, '32. President Stamp Club, Senior Hi Y, Crack Company, '32-'33-'34. I know thee as a man of many thoughts. ,-A I 9, .. 5 , if .AJ- MAURINE Fox D V Entered from Sunset, '32, ps!! Girl Reserves, Scholarship Club, Drarntic Club, Gym- boree, Oak Staff, Linz Pin, Linz Bible Award, Officer Dramatic Club, National Honor. When one penetrates that veil of reserve, Oh! what a surprise. IMOGENE FITZGERALD Entered from Reagan, '30, President of Art Club, President of French Club, Scholarship Club, Underclass Beauty, '33, Senior Beauty, '34, Gymboree, Oak Staff, '33, Editor of Oak, '34, Pan American Pageant, Linz Award. Tall and stately as a queen, Gracious and lovely is Imogene. ,HAROLD FARRAR ' Entered from Reagan, '30. Track, Glee Club, Dramatics, Public Speaking. It isn't so muah the amount you say, but it's the amount of things you do. LOIS FAGAN Entered from Sunset, '3l. Spanish Club, Poppy Sale, Dramatic Club, Gymboree, Pan American Forum, Acorn Staff. She's timid and sweet, But hard to beat. HORACE FOSTER Entered from Hogg, '30. -HonorJ3and, --'32-'33s Camp 'Dallasy' '31-'33', Stat? YY Band Contest, '31, Palace Band Contest, '31, French Department, Radio Band Contest, Commissioned Oiiicer, '33-'34. ' , Be sure your path points upward, there's always room at the top. . f ' Page Thirty-five gxlf' , 5 1 1 L J . :. K- ' IA 2 ,S , R v',,. ms 3 .:k. THE OAK CLIFFORD FAULKNER Entered from Reagan, '30 Crack Company, '31, Crack Platoon, '31-'32, Non- commissioned Officer. He does what is proper in the station in which he is. ToM FUSSELL Entered from Winnetka, '28 The joy of youth and health his eyes display. WILLIE GRAVES Entered from Roger Q. Mills, '3l. Canta a, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Girls' Glee , Acorn Reporter, Gymboree, Mixed Chorus. She has a gentle disposition. JACK GARDNER Entered from Reagan, '30. Scholarship Club, Stamp Club, Wozencraft Team, Rifle Team, Radio Club, Commissioned Officer, '33- '34, Spanish Club, jr. Hi Y, Library Assistant, Camp Dallas, Crack Company Crack Platoon, Acorn Re- porter, Band, '33. To be-rather than to seem. HELEN GORDEN Entered from Bowie, '30. Gymboree, Acorn Reporter, Scholarship Club, Pen Pal Club, Girl Reserves. She's sane, serious, sensible, and sweet. JAMES GRAHAM Entered from Reagan, sso. Spanish Club. Quiet dignity marks his way. STEWART GERMANY Entered from Phoenix, Arizona, '30. Scholarship Club, Crack Company, Crack Platoon. Friendly and liked by all. IRWIN GAGE Entered from Reagan, '30. Football Letterman, Baseball, Basketball, R.O.T.C., ' Crack Company. Weighcd in the balance, and found not wanting. J 'J W ' Page Thirty-six N s l Tl-IE OAK INEZ GARDNER Entered from Sunset, '31. Scholarship Club, Gymboree, Poppy Sale, Acorn Staff, Pan American Pageant, Forget-me-not Sale. Winsome, chic, and eoy, Laughing and full of joy. SARAH GALLAHER Entered from Reagan, '30. Scholarship Club, Latin Club, National Honor So- ciety, Gymboree, Orchestra, Operetta, Cantata, Mixed Chorus. 'She has one of the hardest things to acquire in this world-self reliance. MARGARET HAWKINS Entered from Peeler, '30. Scholarship Club, Latin Club, Winner of junior Spell- ing Contest, ,3l, Gymboree, Secretary Girl Reserves, '33, Vice President Girl Reserves, '34, Linz Bible Award, Oihce Assistant. Of winning speech endearing, kind, The lorfeliest pattern of a feminine mind! DARNELL HACKNEY Entered from Roger Q. Mills, '31, Girl Reserves, Popularity Contest, '34, Cheer Leader, Officer in Pan American Student Forum, Poppy Sale, Gymboree, Art Club, Pan-American Pageant, Forget- Me-Not Sale, Spanish Club, Scholarship Club. The jolliest, happiest sort of a girl and a friend to everyonef, GEAN HARKEY Entered from Arkansas, '32. Acorn Staff. Friendly and full of fun, Gean is loved by everyone. JOHN ALAN HORD Entered from Hogg, '30. Commissioned Officer R.O.T.C., Crack Company, Pen Pal Club, Latin Club, Radio Club, Aeorn Reporter, Crack Platoon, Camp Dallas, '31-,32-'33. And from his traits there is hound to emerge a conquering personality? NOLAN HARRIS Entered from Tech' 31. Band, Honor Band, Radio Band, Acorn Reporter, Salesmanship Club, State Band Contest. Titles of honor add not to his worth? WELNA BESS HUFSTEDLER Entered from Peeler, '30. Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Pan Americarr Student'Forum, Cabinet Oiiicer Girl Reserves, Gymboree, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Pan American Pageant, P.T.A. Prize, '32, Linz Bible Award. And still they gazed and still the wonder grew, That one small head could carry all she knew. Page Thirty-seven - 1 F - Kun - , L:-, ,,I-'ly-.1 . Kg' f' f H X f Ji S ls 5 l Ween ' ig l QT, 1 ,f 1 'I 2 J 5 1 Q 2 'R 5 PW' N N X N l' 1 N X I 1 ' 1 THE OAK EVELYN HUFFER Entered from Reagan, '30. Scholarship Club, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, French Club. Welcome ever smiles, and farewell goes out sighing. ELBERT HARE Entered from Peeler, '30. Noncommissioned OHicer, Camp Dallas, '31-'32, Crack Company, '33, Spanish Club. Candor is the seal of a noble mimlf' CLYDE HAWK Entered from Reagan, '30, Poppy Sale, Gymboree, Home Economics Club, Forget- me-not Sale, Acorn Staff. My own thoughts are my companions. JIM HARRISON Entered from Hogg, '30, R.O.T.C. Crack Company, '32-'33-'34, Dramatic Club, Officer R.O.T.C., 4B Class President, Latin Club, One-Act Play Contest, '33-'34, National Thes- pian Club, Scholarship Club, 4A Class President, Business Manager Oak, '34, President of Museum, Senior Play, '3 4. Our president-jirst in activities, first in scholarship and first in the hearts of his classmates. Wy, BERNEICE HAWKINS E!! Entered from Peeler, '30. nt, 11, f c ol rship Club, Latin Club, Gymboree, Officer Girl Rese ves, '32-'33, President of Girl Reserves, '34, Linz Bible Award, Office Assistant, Orchestra, Glee Club, National Honor Society, Acorn Staff. 6 Nothing is rarer than real goodness. KITTY LOU HUFFINGTON 4 Entered from Bowie, '31. Scholarship Club, Latin Club, Poppy Sale, Forget-me- not Sale, Gymboree, Library Assistant, Acorn Reporter, Operetta. A favorite with many as well as onef' OLETA JONES - Entered from North Dallas, '31. Glee Club, Latin Club, Gymboree, Girl Reserves, I ' Cantata, '32-'33, Mixed Chorus. A merry heart is welcome anywhere. X .. D. E. JOHNSTON ' Entered from Bowie, '30, -S , pa Club, Crack Company, Winning Crack E, T Q Platoon R.O.T.C. NB A life of honor and worth ' T fx Hath no eternity on earth. , 3- 3 'X W I U N a. 1 x ix X V X Y .Q 3 w 'sr at 'X Q - ,. ,:-I --'- 1 ,L It . ' ' ' - ' ' 5 Page Thirty-eight of Q T1 , X V l X X THE OAK RENFROW JOHNSON Entered from Reagan, '30. Golf Team, '31-,32-'33-'34, Editor of Acorn, Non- commissioned Oiiicer, Scholarship Club, Art Club, Tennis, ,34. A willing worker-zz man of few words. JACK JONES Entered from Reagan, '30, Honor Band, All-city Orchestra, R.O.T.c. Oflicerg Dramatic Club, Salesmanship Club. He was not u chip of the old block, but the old block itself. CHARLES JOHNSONY Entered from L. G. C. Academy, '3O. Rifle Team, Rifle Match, Camp Dallas, Pan American League, Crack Company, Acorn Reporter, Crack Platoon, Spanish Club, Non-commissioned Officer of R.O.T.C. Wo1zld that tlaere were more 'like him. ELIZABETH JOHNSTON Entered from Bowie, '30. Spanish Club, '33, Pan American Student Forum, Gymboree, Poppy Sale, Pan American Pageant, Dallas Day Pageant, Oflicer Public Speaking Class. A truer friend could not be found. ASHLEY. JONES Entered from Bowie, '30. Officer of 1A Class, Officer of 4B Class, Spanish Club, Scholarship Club, R.O.T.C. Oilicer, Camp Dallas, '31-'32, R.O.T'.C. Crack Company, Winning Crack Platoon, Dramatic Club, Salesmanship Club. an He is a careful stuzlent-cureful not to overwork. GROVER JENNINGS Entered from Reagan, '29. Football, '32, Glee Club, Baseball, '32, Acorn Reporter. He does well, and does his best. JOHN KILGORE Entered from Peeler, '30, Crack Company, Acorn Staff, Ouk Staff, Non-com- missioned Officer in R.O.T.C. A superior man is modest in speech, but excels in his uctiousf' KATHERINE KATELER Entered from L. G. C. Academy, '30. Gymboree, Poppy Sale, D:amatic Club. For her heart is ever like the sea, Ever open, brave, and freef, Page Thirty nine Y I 5, , Xw JR' 53 i' ' 2, J M V , ff 1 5 3 ' as 1 75 if C. 2 me , I , Sw ,Ea 3-2, 'Rf . - .J i w via s ' 9 ,s, I ' :- X. I X ,W : .. k 6 5 I Y -nt i M.. ie - t 'Pe , . . W' ' s THE OAK EDITH KEAHEY Entered from Bowie, '30. Gymboree, Poppy Sale, Girls' Glee Club, Cantata, '33, Operetta, Arorn Staff. Another reason why gentlemen prefer blondes. FRANCES KNIGHT Entered from Bowie, '30. ppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Gymboree, M. T. L Club, Art Club, Oak Staff, '33-'34. She has a spirit still and bright, With something of angelic light. MONNIE DEE KNOTT Entered from Hico, '33. Spanish Club, Dramatic Club, Orchestra. Sueress will be hers, For she is faithful in all things. Doius KocH Entered from Hogg, '30. Gymboree, Latin Club, Dramatic Club, Acorn Staff, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society. Cheerfulness is the sunny ray of life. W. A. LOWE Entered from Forney, '29. Football, '31, '32, '33, Basketball, '31, '32, 33, Track, '32, '33, Student Business Manager Football Team, '33, Pan-American League, French Club, Library Assist- ant, Student usiness Manager Basketball Team, '33, . opularity Contest, '34. T ge for worry, too noble for anger, and 0 hd permit the presence of trouble. K NATHALIE LEWIS Entered from Bowie, '30. Gymboree, Secretary 3-B Class, Poppy Sale, Forget- me-not Sale, Latin Club, Dramatic Club, Scholarship Club, Pageant, '33, Arorn StaE. There's none like her-none, But thafs all right, one is enough. JANIE LARGE Entered from Reagan, '33. ZA, Girls' Glee Club, Best All-Around Underclass Girl, '33, Battalion Sponsor, Secretary 4A Class. girl, '33, Battalion Sponsor, Secretary 4-A Class. At the balls of the gay nineties, she would have been a belle-but as a modern maid she goes over just as well. AGATHA LANDRY Entered from N. T. A. C., '33. et-me-not Sale, Dramatic Club, Captain of Girls' Baseball Team. Is she ever serious? Page Forty THE OAK ALYCE LEVILLOUX Entered from Reagan, '30. President 1B Class, Sponsor Band, '32, '33, Lead in Operetta, '32, Scholarship Club, President Girls' Glee Club, '32, '33, Gymboree, Operetta, '34. A miniature of loneliness. JIM LUNDY Entered from Bowie. Football, Baseball, R.O.T.C. A human dynamo of energy and a genius for fricnds!9ip. HAZEL LEWIS Entered from Peeler, '3l. Scholarship Club, Spanish Club, Poppy Sale, Forget- me-not Sale, Gymboree, Library Assistant, Acorn Staff. A petite blond fitted by nature to cnsnare X X GORDON A IVRAY . tere Sudset, '32, St p , 2 ' , Operetta, '33, Athleti , . r e wears without a buise T grand old name of gentleman. men's hearts. A BILL MONSON Entered from Reagan, '30, Captain in R.O.T.C., Camp Dallas, '31, Crack Com- pany, '31, '32, '33, Crack Platoon, '32, Best-Looking Cadet in Oak Cliff High, '32, Spanish Club, '31, Officer Junior Hi-Y, '31. f'Quality and not quantity is my matter. PATSY MAUPIN Entered from Bowie, '30. Poppy Sale, Forget-Me-Not Sale, M. T. I. Club, Latin Club, Gymboree, Acorn Staff. Fun-loving and unassuming is Patsy. ARVIL MARTIN Track, Spanish Club. He's our all-round good fellow. FRED MARTIN Y Entered frona Liriden High Schcol, '30. National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Officer 2B Class, Vice-President Boys' Glee Club, fOperetta, '34. A cheerful disposition is a most enviable possession. Page Forty-one I' i if my-4 My 'kj fo V34 YT- 'ZF J J 'Q 1 5 1 ' sf allh In ' M Wx .f : il. 1 5 L' .if . - ....-. ....f av i ,- as if fe-W THE OAK S BESSIE MCCOMBS 1- Entered from Reagan, UO. Gy oreeg Dramatic Club, '33g Poppy Sale. X 1 W 'L 1 3 . PM , - refs I N' 'B -li 7 Her very frowus are fairer far Than the smiles of other mairlens are. f f NANCY MILLER Entered from Hogg, '30, ' Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Gymboree, State Fair Pageant, '33. Good nature and good sense must ever join. 4, I. , FRANCES MILLER Entered from Bowie, '30. Spanish Club, Pan-American League, Girl Reserves, Gymboree. Bonny, blithe and a'cl7011air. MAUREEN MCCUNE . Entered from Reagan, '30. Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Dramatic Club, ' Gymboree. A merry soul with a wise mimi. - I' SAMMIE RAY ORMAN Entered from Bowie, '30, Orchestra, '31, '32, '53, Gymboree, Scholarship Clubg Dramatic Club, Ofhce Assistant, Oak Staff. You are all we lbougbt you to Ire-lovable and sweet. ' PEARL NELSON Entered from Bowie, '30. Gymboree, Pan-American Student Forumg Spanish Club. Not only goorl, but good for something. Q RUBY NIVENS Entered from Coyle, Oklahoma, '33. -- A BILL NORCROSS Entered from Bowie, '30. w - R.O.T.C. Crack Platoon of '31 and 32. xg? Say little, know much, lhat's my polifyf' J ' A big smile is an advantage whether il be in ,. , 5 business or pleasure? Z . 5 , ' . C Ia' ,hd o - ' . W- - Page Forty-two THE OAK lm 1 . -N- 'Tv 1, Q' ?- Wv in . f ,def ' , K 'TX L H af LAWRENCE PEELER ' T 2' Aboi in Entered from Reagan, '30, if Latin Club, Acorn Reporter. K One who never turned his back, But marched breast forward. S CARMEN PARIS X Entered from Sunset, '32. h XX Gymboree, Poppy Sale, Latin Club, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society. How doth the little busy bee Improve each shining hour? ANGELO PIRANIO Entered from Mills, 730. Latin Club, Spanish Club, Captain in R.o.T.c., His- tory Club, President of 2B, ZA, 3B Classes, Winner of Popularity Contest, '33, Camp Dallas, '31, '32, '33, Acorn Reporter, Crack Company Drill, '33, Most Eiiieient First Sergeant in '33. Life is a jest and all things show it, I thought so once, and now I know it. FRANCES PATTERSON Entered from Reagan, '30. Gymboree, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Latin Club, Operetta, Pan-American Pageant. Always charming, that's how she wins her way. BILLY PARRISH Entered from Reagan, '30. Captain R.O.T.C., Student Business Manager of Acorn in '33, Crack Company, '31, '32, '33, '34, Student Editor of Listening Post, '33, Operetta, '34. He radiates good cheer and happiness. CHARLES POTEET Entered from Troup, Texas. Hi-Y, '34, French Club. His truest wealth flows in his veins, he is a gentleman. I BOWMAR PEACOCK Entered from Reagan, '30. He rloeth well who zloelh his besl. MABLE LOUISE PALNLER Entered from Tyler, '33. Girl Reserves. Here's io Mable, with eyes of blue, Fair, lovely, and winsome, too. Page Forty-three I X 0 5 n ,l I gif. ,mm Nas.. , F ,rg ' fi , , sl WNC55 . 2? , I t . 3 A A ..:. . iles' 'M . -.X .R THE OAK STANLEY PATTON Entered from Bowie, '30. Editor of Acorin, '33, Student Business Manager of Senior Play, Dramatic Club, Pen Pal Club, Winner Dallas Public Schools Opera Contest, Oak Staff, A great boy that knew not that he was greatf' FAIRY QUILLIN Entered from Hogg, '30. Gymboree, Poppy Sale, Invitation Committee, Acorn Staff, Oak Staff, Riding Club. If silence is golden, as they say, What' a fortune she lays up each day! COLEMAN ROMINE Entered from North Dallas, '32. Senior Hi-Y, Dramatic Club, Crack Platoon, '32, Oflicer 3A Class, Commissioned Military Ofhcer, 1 e Team, '32-'33. Jaw naughty and yet be nice. f2Giv ds, expert advice, I IIJUM! FINOUS RooD Entered from Reagan, '29. Boy's Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Athletics, Operetta. '31-'52-'33-'34, WinnerQf Play Scholarship, National Thespians, One-act Play Contest, Ticket Sale Winiier. No storm ever ruffled the current of bis life. LOUINE ROBERTS Entered from Sunset, f31. Pan American Student Forum, Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, Scholarship Club, Art Club: Gymboree. Because of ber sweetness she is a favorite with everyone. J, HOWARD RICHARDSON Entered from Fannin, '30, R.O.T.C., Senior Hi-Y. Real worth and merit never pass 1t!1l'l'lUt1fl,Utl.H FRANK SCRUGGS Entered from L. G. C. Academy. President of History Club, Spanish Club, Dramatic Club, Camp Dallas, '32-'33, Winning Crack Platoons, '32-'33, Crack Companies, '32-,33, Commissioned Officer R.O.T.C., Pen Pal Club, Scholarship Club. Ala, you flavor everything, you are the vanilla of society. GROVE SMITH Entered from Reagan, '30. ' nln ack Platoons, Aviation Club, R.O.T,C., History Club. ' lf-L'd1ljridL'11Cf:' is the first requirement of human greatness. X Page Forty-four THE OAK JOHN SCUDDER Entered from Winnetka, '29. Banking Assistantg R.O.T.C. We mark not that you won or losl, but how you played the game. RUBY GRACE SANDLIN Entered from Reagan, '30. Gymboreeg Poppy Saleg Forget-me-not Saleg Girls' Glee Clubg Cantatag Band Sponsor, '32-'33. Her winning smile is the key to her many friendships. KATHLEEN SPILLERS Entered from Peeler, '30. Dramatic Clubg Gymboreeg Poppy Saleg Forget-me- not Sale. Eyes are windows of fbe soul. THOMAS SNYDER Entered from Sunset, 31. A boy of worth and ebaraelerf' JUANITA STOVALL Entered from Peeler, '30. Gymboreeg Poppy 'Saleg Forget-me-not Saleg Aforn Staffg Office Assistant. Here's a dear, a true, industrious friend. ' VIVIAN SELLERS Entered from Sunset' 31. Gymboreeg Scholarship Clubg Spanish Clubg Pan American Student Forumg Dramatic Club. A little maid of modesty with an ever-ready smile. GLYNN SNEED Entered from Hogg, '3O. Dramatic Clubg Gymborecg Poppy Saleg Forget-me-not Saleg Acorn Staffg French Clubg Bible Course. She will mee! life squarely and conquer it. CECIL LOUISE SCHMUCKER Entered from L. G. C. Academy. Gymboreeg Poppy Saleg Forget-me-not Saleg Scholar- ship Clubg Dramatic Clubg Pen Pal Clubg Latin Club. To be a keeper of books she intends, But best of all, she's a keeper of friends. Page Forty-hw 5 s .. . .AQ Tr-IEOAK j- 5 DELLA MAE TALBERT Entered from Bowie, '30. Dramatic Club, Latin Clubg Poppy Saleg Acorn StaH. T' t They are never alone, that are accompanied with noble thoughts. LOVDIA THOMPSON Entered from Bowie, '30. Poppy Saleg Spanish Club, Gymboree. She is u first rate girl in all respects. KENNETH TERRY Entered from Grand Saline, '32. R. O. T. C.g Honor Bandg Spanish Clubg Athletics. IS-gzncth is u man through and through? J f FLOYE THOMPSON V' ' Entered from Reagan, '30. Pan American Student Forum, Gymboree, Orchestrag Acorn' Reporter. She loves to live, She lives to love. MARY TAYLOR Entered from Peeler, '29. Dramatic Club, Orchestrag Gymboree. We may truthfully say 'Oh what a girl was Mary.' , xc RX 'TORRESTULM Entered from Bowie, '30. Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Orchestra, R.O.T.C.g Honor Bandg Spanish Club. Fm not handsome but I'll declare I have a distinguished look. WILEY ROOD Entered from Reagan, '29. Football, '32-'33g Track Team, '32, Art Clubg Basket- ball Team, '32-'53. A versatile and clever boy of the very best sort. 7 ' CECIL VANS XT Entered from Bowie. Football, '30-'31, Golf, '33-'34. e's a typical blond but not light headed. We T Page Forty-six TI-IE OAK LILLIAN WILSON Entered from Hogg, '30. , Scholarship Clubg Spanish Clubg Acorn Staffg Gym- boreeg Linz Awardsg OfFicer Girl Reservesg Dramatic Clubg Bible Course, Pan American League. She wills to do, and docs. GERALDINE Wooo Entered from Hogg, '30. ,L Scholarship Club, National Honor Societyg Spanish Club, President of Pan American Student Forumg Oflicer Dramatic Clubg Officer Scholarship Club, Orchestrag Gymboreeg Linz Awardsg Acorn Reporte Cantatag Operettag Library Assistantg Poppy Saleg Spelling Contest. Oak Clif will be lacking a sunny disposition and a cheerful smile when Gerry leaves. EUGENE WORDEN - Entered from Bowie, '30. R.O.T.C.g Crack Companyg Boy's Glee Clubg Mixed Chorusg Operetta, '33. If you must graduate, we bid you best luck. CATHRYN WRIGHT Entered from Woodrow Wilson, '31, Sponsor of Companies A and D, '32-'33g Assistantg Dramatic Club, Lead in 34? Girls' Glee Club, '33. Full of pep and bubbling with joy. ' NELL WITHERSPOON , Entered from Sunset, '31. Scholarship Clubg Gymboree. A contented spirit is the sweet of existence. . JERRY WHITLOW Entered from Kansas, '3l. Band, '32-'33-'34g Spanish Clubg Acorn Reporterg Oflicer History Club. Life is all loo short to spend the time in studying. ETHEL RUTH WILDS Entered from Hogg, '30. National Honor Societyg Scholarship Club, Girl Rc- servesg P.T.A. Award, ,315 Dramatic Clubg Orchestrag All City Orchestrag Pen Pal Clubg Gymboree, Christ- mas Playg Latin Clubg Linz Awards, Spelling Contest, '33. Her beauty of character has won the admiration of all ber associates. RUTH WALDROP Entered from Washington, D. C., '32. Oicer Pen Pal Clubg Dramatic Clubg Girl Beseryesg National Honor Societyg Winner Interscholastic Essay Contest, '345 Winner P.T.A. Scholarship Award, Win- ner Better Homes' Essay Contestg French Clubg Scholarship Club, Assistant Editor to Acorn. None knew ber but to love ber, None named her but to praise. Page F orty-seven ,-5 ft 39' , . A - i '. '-pg ' -- ww auf ' F f 1 4 iff 11, N I . if it 7 l f V4 ar Kew Z Jia. I 'JM , i J ' S' I ' Q HJ' 5 X 1 lf Yea-.SY Ti-IE OAK NADINE ARNOLD Entered from Woodrow Wilson, '32, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Acorn Staff, Gym Captain. She is most fair and thereunto her life doth rightly harmonize. ROBERT E. DABBS QM ' Entered from Peeler, '30, Camp Dallas, '3lg Honor Band, State Band Contest, '3lg Palace Band Contest, Radio Band Contest. His heart is filled with music. BETTY GAIL CooMBs Entered from Reagan, '3l. Acorn Reporterg Pan American Pageantg Girl Reserves, Poppy Sale, Gymboreeg Officer Riding Club. 'Tis yours to mix in polished courts And shine in fashion's annals. ' ANDREW ECKSTEIN Entered from Technical, '30. A kind and gentle heart he has, to comfort friend and foe. FRANK DELLITT Entered from L. G. C. Academy, '30. Spanish Clubg Baseball Team, Soccer Team. Few things are impossible to diligence and skill? JOSEPHINE BELL i Entered from Reagan, '30. r Leader, Band Sponsorg Poppy Saleg Forget-me- 7 not Saleg Gym Demonstrationg Acorn Reporter, Operetta. All compliments to her are trite, She has adorers left and right. BETTE LEE BRYANT i Entered from Bowie, '30, Art Clubg Poster Clubg Scholarship Clubg Gymboreeg Officer French Clubg French Playg Acorn Reporterg - Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Saleg Riding Club. She is a maiden, therefore may she be woocdg She is a maiden, therefore may she be won. STERLING ELLIS 1 5 Entered from Corsicana, '33. holarship Clubg Speaking Contest. 1 7 , 'H xendship has the power to soothe affliction ' ' ,z ' ' in the darkest hour. . A . ' s ' ' ' -' Page Forty-eight i Tl-IE OAK P. W. FOGLE Entered from Trinity Heights '30, Hi-Y, '30. As a man thinks, so sis. RUTH HUBBARD Entered from Sue Bennett College, ,33. Q Glee Club. 'X lVe saw her charming but we saw not half the charm her modesty eoncealsf' FRANCES Goss Entered from Arkansas, '30. Gymboreeg French Club. One of those quiet lassics who is known and loved for her principles? ARVARD GOODSON Entered from Grand Prairie, '33. A companion that is cheerful is worth gold. ANDREW HAYNES Entered from Woodrow Wilson, '33. A man good without pretenseg Blest with good reason and sober sense. CLARA HIGGENBOTHAM Entered from Trinity Heights, '30. Dramatic Club, Poppy Saleg Forget-me-not Sale, Tennis Team, '32g Gymboree. 1 live on the sunny side of the street? HELEN HAMILTON Entered from Sunset, '31. Gymboree, Dramatic Cluhg Latin Club, Scholarship Club. Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul. CECIL HICKS Entered from Reagan, '30. I4 l Scholarship Clubg Baseball Team. His wit can drive dull care away. Page Forty-nine My Ji .? t 1 f P si 4 l is ee vi R wg HQ. 1 . 3 H,H77,,,,,, ,W HW ,Q , E THEOAK J, www DOROTHY LEE HALL Entered from Reagan, '31, Member of Girl's Glee Club, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Latin Club. My way is to begin with the beginning. JIM DAVE HEISKELL Entered from Hogg, '30. Camp Dallas, ,32-'33, Honor Band, Spanish Club, French Club, Non-commissioner Officer in Band, Dramatic Club, Acorn Reporter, Public Speaking, State Band Contest. The secret of success is constancy of purposefi MARGARET MOODY Entered from Sunset, '31. Acorn Staff, Gymboree, Poppy Sale, Forget-me-not Sale, Spanish Club, Pan American League, Oak Staff. A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge. JOE KENNEL Entered from Reagan, '3O. Honor Band, Oak Cliff Band, Scholarship Club. The fourth wise man. JOHN STANFORD Entered from Peeler, '30. Stamp Club, Oak Staifg Officer Stamp Club. He thinks before he acts. D Entered from Forest, '33. Scholarship Club. Quiet as a mouse, sincere, inrlustrious, VL, ' And with a head set squarely on her shoulders. NORMAN ROGERS Entered from Bowie, '30, Cheer Leader, President 1A Class, Camp Dallas, '30- '31-'32-'33, Crack Company, ,32-'33, French Club, Spanish Club, Crack Platoon, '31-32, Lieutenant R.O.T.C., Scholarship Club. None but himself can be his parallel. KENNETH RIDDLE ,Entered from Bartlett, Tennessee, '33. 1 l . o endeavor is in vain, ' ts reward is in the doing. at Page Fifty i- THE OAK TINA TURNEY Entered from Kaufman, '30. Dramatic Club. Quiet ami fair with winsome air. ELDON SCHLINKE Entered from Reagan, '30. Crack Company, '32-'53, Crack Platoon, '32-'33, Non-commissioned Oflicer of R.O.T'.C., Scholarship Club. He has the habit of looking on the bright side of things. JAMES TARVER Entered from Sunset, '31, 'The mind is the standard of the man. JAMES WILLIAMS Entered from Sunset, '3l. The mildest manners with the greatest niindf, ROBERT WOMACK Entered from Reagan, '29, A quiet boy but an enjoyable companion. RUTH WHERRY Entered from Reagan, '30. Oak Staff, Art Club, French Club, Gymboree. I have been with the rest of them, But Ruth is the best of them. ELAINE WILLIAMS Entered from Bowie, '30. Scholarship Club, '30-'31, Girl Reserves, Spanish Club, Gymboree, Bible Course, Linz Award, Pan American League, Poppy Sale. Elaine the fair, Elaine the lovable, Elaine the lily maid of O. C. H. S. ARTHUR WRIGHT Entered from L. G. C., '30. Scholarship Club, Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, R.O.T.C., Camp Dallas, Crack Company, Winning Crack Platoonsg Noncommissioned Oflicer, History Club, Vice-President 4A Class, Acorn Staff. Every man has his faults and honesty is his. Page Fifty-one aj ,M ay 162: V E 1-. 5 ik H , U E ii YQ 1 I - ,, 5 ,- f 'KZ slr - - Tl-IEOAK if its-1 S' . x New . ,ae C- , 1 1 ' ' fy -H E IIRITZ BROCKSCHMIDT ' Entered from Bowie, '30. , President of National Honor Society, Vice-President Scholarship Clubg President of 3A Classg Rifle Teamg Dramatic Club, Advertising Manager of Oak Staff. A man of sterling worth, Of deeds ratfaer than words. JANE YOUNGBLOOD Entered from Peeler, ISO. Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Orchestra, Gymboreeg Linz Award, Acorn Re- porter, Poppy Saleg Oak Staff. f Dignity consists not in possessing honors, But in deserv' them. ' I , Q CHARLES WORLEY 1 Entered from Corsicana, Texas, '29, I Dramatic Club, Operetta, '33g History Club, '29, Oak Staff, '34g Spelling Contest, '34. A wise man makes more opportunities than be jindsfl JACK GOODWIN Entered from Rosemont, '29. junior Hi-Y, R.O.T.C.g Vice-President of 4A Class, Arorn Reporter. Ability wins the esteem of the true man. 'f f f A ff ef JXZILLIAMDQNALD, A f Y Entered from Bowie, 130. Camp Dallasg Junior Hi-Yg Senior Hi-Y, Camp Dallas x Efficiency Awardg Crack Company, Rifle Team, Cap- tain, High Point won in '34 City Match. rn Manners make the man. C 0 SENIORS NOT IN PICTURES Uune Classy Boys q Adams, Dayton Freeman, Charles Kast, Norbert Millican, Leroy V- ' Armer, Ray Gee, Thomas Livingston, Verile Smith, T. Attebury, Leighton Halliburton, Billy Maas, Harry Stephens, C. W. Gzr s Crowell, Dorothy 2 Benson, I. B. V i I A V v Attebury, Marguerite Pierson, Nina Ruth ' ' s, fmwwv ' E ' 'l i' 'I -I Page Fifty-two Seniors, Farewell When we leave you, Oak Cliff High School To take up the march of men, Our lives will be fraught with duties And we may not come again. But as the years pass onward And we harbor friendships new, Our thoughts will oft turn, dea To classmates fond, and you. Then we shall take this volume To turn its pages o'er And live again in memory Those happy days of yore. Sweet memories are the truest, For they will live for aye, So we bid you, then, in parting, Not farewell, but just good-bye Kal ki? we 'Q sz- , T- We 4B Class OFFICERS President - - - - CHARLES SPRAGUE Vice-President - - Roy KINNAN Secretary - - - CARLOS JoNEs Sponsor - - - M1ssMARGARETHARlus The present 4B Class, in spite of its small size is well known to every- one in the school because of the character which its various members have revealed me past, and the hard work which they have done for the school, aswell as for themselves. T T T f f f' f f f This class has entered its senior year with several high aims. It wishes to get all the possible enjoyment out of its last year in the Alma Mater, while maintaining at all times the traditional senior dignity. It wishes to make a lasting record in athletics, scholarship, and other phases of school life. The 4B Class boasts of a distinguished membership, including repre- sentatives in the Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, and Pan- American'League. Charles Sprague, Clarence Ivie, Carlos Jones, and Roy Kinnan are outstanding in athletics. Foster Parker and Cecil McCulley have won prizes for scholarship. Wanda Neal has represented the school in extemporaneous speaking. With these and other hard-working mem- bers, the 4B Class looks forward to a bright future. s G Page Fifty four THE OAK ' v u I up ' p J ,, xl Tl-IE OAK 4 B Boys Anderson, Richard Bartlett, Charles Beckham, Charles Bennett, Tad Bludworth, Charles Brown, Ed Burks, Erman Cook, Leland Cook, Raymond Faulkner, Clifford Gentry, Thurmond Guard, Jack Hailey, Royce Hamilton, Earl Harpold, Clayton Heller, William Hilburn, Aubrey Hill, Cecil Holden, Preston Honig, Charles Hurst, Sidney Ivie, Clarence Johnsorh E. T. Jones, Carlos Kinnan, Roy Kinney, jack Page Fifty-live Lewis, Coy McCulley, Cecil McDaniel, Jack McGee,Ray McLane, Alfred Maiden, H. C. Martin, Windsor Mathews, Jack Meers, Elwood Middleton, Bob Parker, Foster Peebles, Harry Rhodes, Virgil Sallis, Jack Sergeant, George Smith, T. Sprague, Charles Stanberry, Harold Stricklin, Tobe Suter, Francis Terry, James Thomas, Edgar Tidwell, jack Vantreese, R. B. Young, Sam 22 U B Girls Adams, Mary Qgrers, Eleanor B. aker, Dorothy Barker, Mahota I Beckenbach, Elizabeth Birdwell, Ruth -- Boyle, Margaret Brant, Dorothy Cameron, Frances f Caywood, Virginia Childers, Geraldine Clayborn, Methyl Cole, Lola Crudup, Mary Davis, Sophia Lee Duncan, LaVerta Dunn, Marguerite Fleming, Sara Franklin, Onelia Gharis, Bonna Dell Green, Fern Hall, Dorothy Hamilton, Lucille Howell, Rose Marie Huckabee, Clyva Mae Huff, Dorothy Mae '14-iff.-L, CX J? eahey, Fay Lee, Rebecca yi' McBride, Ruby Louise McKinney, Anna Belle Mallicott, Nadine Maples, Ruth Martin, Eileen Maupin, Patsy 1' Paternostro, Mary Emma Patton, Geraldine Pierce, Katherine Randall, Sue 63, Sandford, Ernestine ,af Sarvis, Betty 3 Shuffield, Gertrude Stanley, Letia Mary Q? Stogner, Lyda Bess Stone, Odessa Straughn, Dorothy rf Townsend, Alice Truly, Mary Frances W ' Walraven, Florence if '- - . Walton Julia Ware Charlotte Watkins Beulah Wood Bertha MV' ,I , , 411, r 'SA J. ' gvz, 4 '--- ,- :- - N6 s -sn! . ,. l ' 4 mu il ', ,-a I QL Q5 U11tlJi11ki11g, idle, wild, and young, I laughed, and zla11cc'd, and talked, and szmg PRINCESS AMELIA. , , , A Q5 W l Y 'l... 2 ,Y- - f-2?:,,,, h P It ' ' Q g vgiwm' E9 qu' O x jig H , '-5 PM ,Q ln l ' - ' ' k QE- J Q2 N, QQ N I.. 'l x, x'.N vxlv- Q F 2 1' Ag: ,Q H 1 Q if 1 4 'AW N N . 5 -sg E 5 -s--1.3-V 5 , if it FV 'N 3 ' 9 x E i 5 - ' ' ' Q. I' K N ,Eg '14 s I N5 CINE T: My 'xx I I V N QC ev . N-. W tax 2 ' :A 'sq Q in Am LE . . A , A2 cf' ff Mi 4 S fx- f - 'J ff 4, .N ' fl 2- I 'AY E5 HT f 1. -,gggfy A vx 47. f .4 ,-ff .ala .,.. .... . WV 'A -k -, ing W 4 ,fl V, A ' f f '-291: K E .1 - X Jas- 5.1 . f j 2 f fm GI , C-Q-1 ,- E 5 5 ..xf- 'fag if-27 , ,gn Z Z f ' 1 T ? S 7, ,ff mr. QW' 1 T1F,Zf. 1 - HL- -- ..x .x,.N , 'Q ' -. Q F- ,J QQ? - ., -: 1- K -4 WL . '21, ww, - 'N V, 5 gi, -1. v- I MM X N 555 :icq 15 1 N wi 0 y -Qing - -ffM,, f f' -44', fYf!.-fi 3 ,r Q F j 16 ,a V Q, A I wq ix .:-,V N V is F NJ'-g 42f?'g: ' A 'Pew- 5- -' Cll -if Z ' ' I f .2 x lv yakrki E - sw , A . X 3 ' Mug A M j A 3 X 11 'A' Qi lla 1 f f ' 1 .2 S V , 1 ff, If ? Q ij, ' .gg , K , 1 I-Q I H+ H'.. .A,2 - ,' - -N. ------2:-if 5 ' '2: . f, V ' kj - 7' s W7 1 , NE . , Q 1, 1, N lg .21 I -9 f A J ' N . Y.. x, JE , k. , , K 417314 1 1 1? ' 54' f fy id ,fflfrjgifr ,.1 WU - J :L t,', ' fx . I7 I WW, 1 'N JJ, I 1 ,, 'R 4 AAA, -' .,,- . ' f Jw f 1 1 . f f g o M ,f 1' QJIQAY 4 L G? as C- Lf M! P 0 ' rv 5 Lf i P C New K J- if 'hi 'hr Y U .lun I 3 A Class President . . . . . . CARLTON LEE Vice-President . . HERBERT BARRETT Secretary . . . BOBBIE BAKER . H. L. KIRKPATRICK I 4 . . . MILDRED JACKSON Social Chairman . Acorn Reporter Sponsor . . . . . . . . . Miss VIRGINIA ROOTES The 3A class, under the sponsorship of Miss Virginia Rootes, finishes its junior year with its customary enthusiasm and promises much success in the senior year. This class is one of the largest in school and is well represented in the Scholarship Club and in the National Honor Society. It is also one of the most popular in school, since it has had chosen from it the undgaclass beauty, Kathleen Leeds, and the best all-around underclass boy, H. L. Kirk- patrick. The 3A class is also the proud possessor of the Interscholastic League Spelling contest winner for three years, Dorothy Chapman. The class has contributed much to the support of the school as an institution, and is cooperating with Mr. Adamson and the corps of teachers to the best of its ability. -gg '33- ,45 5 .4 ' ' I ' I W PageFzftye1gbt THE OAK 3 A Boys McKay, Betty Jim THE OAK sf sas mga i' ' Q31 Q ,Yi hfifff. 'Z ii?-vii? V S? A . 1 ? , Armstrong, Fred Barr, Lewis Barrett, Herbert Beauduy, Albert Bivings, Gene Browder, Charles Butler, Jack Carpenter, Leverett Cook, Atlas Crabtree, Jack Cravens, Jake Cummings, Carl arnell, Glenn avis, Doyle Davis, Gilder Deam, Andrew nny, Donald D Vaux, Oscar Dinkins, David Dunklin, Don Fuller, Frank Garrison, James Gilbert, Edward Gleason, Lewis Goerner, Frank Gige, J. C. Guest, Emmett Hagood, Carthyl Hall, Jimmie Hamilton, Bill Hamilton, Orville Heath, Edford Hicks, Glenn Hood, James Humphreys, J ack Hurt, Wilbur Jackson, Harold Jones, W. B. Kearley, Herbert Kelty, Albert Kinkel, Herbert Kinsey, J. H. Lanier, Fred Lee, Carlton Lee, Frank Lewis, Jack Lindsey, Lauree Littleton, Wilburne Livingstone, Harold Logan, Bowman McAdams, Archie McCulloch, L. N. McLaren, Thomas Mangum, L. B. Maynard, Harry 3 A Class Sturges, Joe Tackwell, Melvin Tanco, Edwin Tidwell, James Tracht, David Turley, Billy Turner, W. A. Walker, Lynn Wall, Eldredge Wallace, Clifton Watkins, Watt Watson, Floyd Webster, Sam Melton, e W illiams, B. H. Merri v L P 2 1 illiams, C. L. H . . y Williams, Joe -' .. 1' man Williams, Preston n , red Willis, Billy n - , Donald Willis, Delbert ' a mer, Frank Willis, J. E. Kirkpatrick. H. L. Koch, Carl Page Fifty-nine Palmer, J. W. Parks, Gerald Phillips, Vernon Pickett, Waylon Pilkington, Murle Piper, Charles Pope, Jerome Price, Leon Price, Thomas Ragle, George Randolph, Frank Richards, Burt Rindy, Russell Roberts, J. W. Rollandin, Albert Rust, Bernard Rust, Lloyd Samuels, Joe Sanford, Bascom Scherer, Bob Sigerson, Robert Simpson, J. D. Smythe, Walter Sneed, Ed Stephen, Phillip Stokes, Bobby Wingfield, Jim 3A Girls Amos, Grace Arnspiger, Mary Joy Bailey, Winnell Baker, Bobby Baker, Lorene Baker, Louise Barton, Marie Baughman, Julia Berry, Fern Booth, Elizabeth Boyett, Helen Branom, Clotile , Brewer, Betty Burdine, Genell Callaway, Mary Frances Canada, Elizabeth Chapman, Dorothy Clements, Alta Mae Choate, Elsie Clark, Joyce Cole, Blanche Cooper, Frances Covington, Elizabeth Cristol, Johanna Crapp, Christine Cuthbertson Marigold Davis, Ravenel De Vaux, Camillia Dobbins, Margaret Donnell, Charlotte Ruth Duntley, Jeanne Eckstein, Lovicy Edmonson, Janice Edwards, Ruth Farmer, Opal Fitzhugh, Donne Paula Fulghum, Alleen Gaskill, Frankie Gatlin, Kathryne Gleason, Barbara Gordon, Peggy G1'een, Geneva Greer , Clydia Myrl Hampton, Connie Handford, Mary Ann Harrison, Sue Hicks, Evelyn Holden, Dorothy Huifine, Mary Bell Huston, Margaret Jackson, Mildred Johnson, Lola Kelley, Mary Katherine Kennedy, Dorothy Kirby, Dorothy Lacy, Lorraine La Foy, Geneva Langford, Nettie Leach, Violet Leeds, Kathleen Lewis, Katherine Lindsey, Theda McDonald, Norma McLaren, Vera Mansfield, Jewel Maupin, Jane Mayers, Alice Mills, Nadine Morgan, Mary Louise Nall, Sidney Neal, Wanda Neff, Yvonne Newsom, Hazel Ozley, Billie Pitt, Loreta Pritchett, Eva Belle Randall, Mary Sue Reynolds, Bobbie Ridley, Florence Schell, Mary Schmucker, Mabel Sikes, Margaret Simpson, Mary Mildred Simpson, Natalie Smith, Yvonne Snapp, Marynel Stake, Ida Stephenson, Lila Bess Stockard, Elizabeth Talley, l'nez Tate, Flo Taylor, Ava Belle Taylor, J aurea Thompson, Mary Jeanne Venable, Wilona I 1' 'f f f fig Waddle, Valda ' '- Wall, Virginia ' Ward, Sammielu Watson, Edna Earle . - Weatherred, Lou ' Wheeler, Rose ,Q Whitter, Ruth .f Williams, Sara - 'ig i Wilson, Ruth 1 Q 2 ' Yeager, Ruth 4 ,- ..---- --.-. ,Q 1 V F I3 as., 7. ' I ss 5 -1 TI-IE OAK fa ,,,, - Q Ig W ny Xmas it N 5 sw'm,N 3 B Class OFFICERS President - ---- ANNA LOUISE JOHNSTON Vice-President - - - - CHAL LINN Secretary - - - - - LOUISE M1Ms sponsor - - Mlss MARY LOUISE CLYETTE The 3B Class, under the sponsorship of Miss Mary Louise Clyerre, has entered into school activities with zest and entmisigmiillhef are Vgy studious and full of ambition, and they have many members on the Scholarship Club. The 3B,s are earnestly striving to maintain the highest possible stand- ing in Oak Cliff and to uphold the renowned Old Oak Cliff Spiritf' 'S-x 3 3 f : u vs,- 1: lt' QQ, , Page Sixty THE OAK 5' - f ,ig , ia awsome: iamazanesri ' 3 B Boys Allison, Dan Baugh, Maxwell Bealmer, Leslie Birdsong, Bobby Board, Wilson Bray, Frank Carlisle, Joe Pat Carona, Anthony Carrell, William Cawthorn, Leo Coffey, Alfred Couch, Louie Davis, Leo Dean, Wayne Duncan, Gerald Elliot, Louis Elliot, Holford Epps, Raymond Ewton, Francis Ezell, Theo Fleeman, Billy Fudge, R. D. Goode,,Dalton Grimes, Tommy Ham, R. G. Hayden, James Hearne, Victor Howell, Sylvester Hubbard, Everett Hughes, James Page Sixty-one fi L ways awjji Hunter, Clifton Killough, H. Leiber, Fred Linn, Chal Long, Roy McCord, Forrest Osburn, Dodd Peterson, Lamoine Robnett, Wilson Scaff, Billy Shull, Henry Singleton, Tommy Sloan, Howard Sutton, Howard Taylor, Michael Turner, Harry Wakeham, William Walker, Harrison Welch, Orris Whitten, W. C. Williams, Edwin Wright, Jack Wright, Lloyd Young, Billy Zethrane, Roy 3 B Girls Albin, Lorraine Amon, Faith Anderson, Ina Bailey, Helen Bennett, Julia Beth Bramlctt, Helen Bryant, Alice Beth Bryant, Margaret Cavett, Maxine Cheek, Dorothy Council, Willie Beth Dorsett, Maudelle Earp, Helen Marie Elliot, Roberta Gary, Marie Green, Dorothy Green, Louise Grube, Myra Hamilton, Lois Hamblett, Alline Hearne, Natalie Hetherington, Ethel Hill, Virginia Holbrook, Floyette Holstrom, Helen Humphreys, Peggy Humphreys, Geraldine Irby, Ruth Johnston, Anna Louise Jordan, Alta Louise Keith, Kathryn Kelsey, Virginia Kendrick, Mary Kilgore, Mary Kinnamon, Gurley Hope Knowles, Mary Lemberg, Eva Mae Lewis, Frances McCormack, Jeanette McGee, Floy McKinney, Nellie Ruth Marsh, Sue Martin, Juanita Mason, Marie Mims, Louise Moore, Beulah Morrow, Ninnie Lee Neal, Edwa Osburn, Margaret Peitz, Louise Phipps, Barbara Roberts, Louise Robinson, Carol Rollandin, Elizabeth Sanders, May Schulze, Nell Solomon, Alta F9 Teubner, Lois Tonn, Mildron - Walton, Susie Mae ' Whitter, Estelle .' Williams, Marie 5 i. Younger, Jeanette , R . ....-. .. .I 3611 umm B 4. A 'gif Z4 A fu ,. THE OAK ' 'Q' if we 7, 1' 1 3 'P Qgwsywff QA Class OFFICERS Presideni . . . . BEN LYTLE Vice-President . BEATRICE CHAPMAN Secretary . . MARION POWERS Spcmsor . Miss MABEL ROCKETT The 2A class, though not so latge pumber, excels in class spirit, scholarship, and school loyalty. Although We have not as yet done anything that merits the attention of the school, We hope to do so in the near future. Page Sixty-two im YW f rl-, ,,, ,WW , , Tl-IE OAK K .vw .Wim ,, W Q Adin, Louis Baker, Vincent Blau, J. W. Blair, Russell Bridges, Windell Broadbent, Robert Brownlow, Earl Burrough, Robert Calder, Henry Calloway, Clarence Cameron, Howard Campbell, Gene Campbell, Milton Caple, Solan Carroll, Caree Carter, James Carter, John Casteel. Robert Click, H. F. Cook, Floyd Cooper, Warren Currey, James Davis, Berry Davis, Joe Dickey, Stanley Drees, Fred Drier, Charles Dryden, William Eastus, Harrill Edmonson, Howard Eilder, Carl Ellis, Robert Evitts, Leo Fowler, Ferman Frost, Stanley Geiser, Perry Gharis, Edgar Gharis, Edmond Girlinghouse, Gus Gordon, Clovis Page Sixty-three Hamilton, Leslie Hamilton, William Hansen, Fred Hanszen, Clyde Hanszen, Eugene Hargiss, Norvelle Hawkins, Edwin Hays, Frank Herd, Burnell Herring. J. R. Hodge, Elbert Hubbard, Billy Hughes, Kenneth Jameson, Billy Johnson, Monroe Jones, Emrys Judge, Walter Kerr, Dee King, Aldon Kinkel, Louise KnaDp, Billy Koch, William Lewis, Jack Linehan, M. J. Loring, Ben Lytle,Ben McClunxr, J. B. McDonald, M. V. McGuiness, Mack Mason, Norman Miller, John Minter, Filmore Mitchell, Ellis Morrison, Millard Nolen, D. C. Northcutt, Bellmont Orr, Sam Parker, Roy Parrish. Philip Peery, Ralph ADW QA Class Peters, Wilson Philips, Colyar Pierson, James Piranio, Anthony Pollack, Leland Randle, James Ray, Sam Rea, Harry Reams, Jack Redding, Charles Rhodes, Weltmer Roberts, J. W. Ross, J axnes Sanger, Kenneth Sebastin, George Simpson, Basil Sligh, Thomas Smith, Charles Spillers, Jack Springer, Wayne Stephenson, Harry Stewart, Walter Sawyer, Herbert Teubner, Wilbur Thompson, J. W. Todd, James Toosood, Edward Tuttle, Winfred Vann, Joseph Watson. Bert Webb, Hugh Allen, Edith Allen, Helen Ard, Mary Louise Bailey, Mary Franc Brantley, Evelyn Brown, Margaret Buckley, Juanita Cameron, Nan Campbell, Mozelle es Chapman, Beatrice Chapman, Ruth Chapman, Virginia Chiltzberg, Minnie Leath Cole, Oneta Coleman, Ruth Crane, Doris Dargan,Lorena Day, Lucy Lee Durham, Mary Helen Elzey, Blanche Emmons, Elizabeth Felder, Mary Films, Jewell Flake, Peggy Fouts, Jacquelyn Gannaway, Monette Gleason, Peggy Goodin, Doris Gossett, Ruth Green, Mary Isabel Griffin, Marjorie Groves, Mary Catherine Hardee, Ann Horn, Virginia Hufstedler, Rebecca Johnson, Doris Johnson, Mildred Keahey, Violet Latimer, Nadine Lent, Dorothea Livingston, Lillian Loring, Dorothy Lowe, Mildred McFall, Jewell McGuire, Eleanor McKey, Leta Miller, Dorothy Miller, Ge1'trude Monroe, Louise Moody, Mary Mullen, Doris Parrish, Adell Perkins, Marguerite Poteet, Margie Powers, Marian Purselly, Dorothy Joan Randall, Jane Rau, Frances Rancher, Velva Richards, Floyse Robberson, Lenore Robbins, Geraldine Robberson, Dorothy Ryan, Louise Sams, Christine Samuels, Juanita Scottino, Dorothy Scheffer, Dorothy Schurr, Virginia Sneed, Lyal Snyder, Holbrook Stalcup, Frances Swain, Evelyn Tillps, Winifred Truly. Mabel Vantreese, Elizabeth Vernon, Hazel Wallace, Iris Walls, Frances Webster, Beatrice Wheatley, Sybil Wilson, Katherine Wilson, Margaret Wood, Marie Warden, Marie Yeargan, Annette Q fm . Q ,.,, THE OAK E rlaalziaa Q Q ' 5 iw I , Wylaf Q B Class OFFICERS PWSibl'L'11i - - - - DAVID MCDOWELL Vice-President - - - JACK WILLIS Secretary - - HELEN RUTH ROBINSON Sponsor - - Miss ABIGAIL CRANE TheWl2B Class has beenf supporting the schgl Wholeixeartedg this W year. Representatives from the class are to be found in almost all of the various organizations in Oak Cliff High School. The class is very studious. They had a good number in the Scholarship Club. Charles Mandeville had the highest average of any underclassman for the fall term. The 2B,s are earnestly striving to uphold the class standards and are trying to make each class meeting more interesting than the last. Their loyalty is also reflected in their constant endeavor to promote the Old Oak Cliff spirit? C .f :S E Fx lg' fat? Page Sixty-four U i Tl-IE OAK EW , a . 5 ,Q . J I 425' I, ..,... ,.... : Nffz, R' mn... ' g -Q ns: :mg 1 1 :gi we :al W Q B C I ass 2 B Boys Moon, T. J. Wylie, Tom Greenslade, Imogene Poulter, Evelyn Beary, Charles Nelson, Howard Yates, Alvin Hamilton, Mamie Price, Sue Jane Boyd, Lewis Norris, Truman Yates, Eugene Hammer, Randall, Peggy Brower, Jim Norton, J. C. Helen Elizabeth Reed, Mary Dee Brower, Pat Overall, Jack 2 B Girls Haralson, Reed, Patricia Brundidge, Robert Palmer, George Ables, Lila Edythe Marie Roan, Sybil Byers, Henry Parker, Alvine Adams, Ruth Hargreaves, Lillian Roark, Evelyn Carlisle, Joe Pat Parker, Roy Adkissen, Nono Mae Harris, Billie Robinson, Helen Ruth Chitwood, Paul Prestidge, Claude Arnwine, Ruth Hartness, Billie Jean Saverance, Diana Creemer, Jeff Reagan, William Bennett, Marilee Hayes, Evelyn Schuppel, Doris Donnell, Riley Richardson, Jimmie Blackman, Winifred Holland, Rosemary Sears, Janice Freeman, Linton Ritchie, James Cagle, Edith Hord, Katherine Shadday, Helen Goodman, Earl Roberts, Hadley Childress, Gladys Humphrey, Geraldine Sloan, Mary Katherine Hamilton, Clinton Robinson, Ralph Churchwell, Hutson, Bernice Strickland, Myrtle Harrison, Ben Ryan, Randall Ruby Nell Kearley, Majorie Tucker, Edna Mae Harter, Clovis Scarborough, Mervin Collier, Nell Keith, Dorothy, Dell Tucker, Harter, Clifford Sparrow, Weldon Dahlgren, Mildred Kennedy, Jane Hurley Patricia Hill, Marvin Steger, Bob Daniel, Rosemary Kerby, Nettie Lee Turner, Louise Hinton, Charles Sterling, Alvin Davis, Mary Ann Kitchen, Zulema Uglow, Mary Lee Hiser, John Strickland, Bob Davis, Mary Louise Lake, Muriel Vermillion, Lola Hodge, James Terrell, Tom Davidson, LaRue, Sammye Vermillion, Pauline Howard, Wallace Tyler, John Mary Louise Leatherwood, Walraven, Lovella Jackson, J. W. Tyson, Joe Devereaux, Joy Dorothy Walters, Martha Jones, Billy Walker, Jack Dobson, Lorraine McBride, Clarine Wencher, Jean ' Kempe, Edward Ward, Bob Donald, Peggy McCormick, Dorothy West, Vivienne Kerby, Clovis Watson, William Eagle, Ida Mae McCulley, Bettice Williams, Eunice , Kinkel, Louis Watson, Bowder Eldins, Hazel Mack, Doris Williams, Pauline ids' McAuliff, Jack Williams, Bass Eubanks, Lorraine Maples, Virginia Windsor, Helen McDowell, David Williams, Thomas Foster, Mary Martin, Frances Wiskochil, Betty Jane Mandeville, Charles Willis, Jack Foy, June Nelson, Dorothy Z ,g- ., , 1- Q ,wx N ' Page SixiJ ffve T h fm' isa Qfm Tl-IE OAK 1 1 l ., ... ...... ,. fig' 3, A 'IA Class .1 OFFICERS President - - - - DOROTHY WILHITE Vice-President - - - SAM LEEMAN Secretary-Treasurer - - - - BILL MILLER Sponsor - - - Miss EUGENIA NEWBERRY T T AI'hT1Nclisshas?xtWedThFterm Witlrmtrch enthusiasm? f - W ff f f v'b'n. The members of the class have been active in the school organization and have gained the real Oak Cliff Spirit. i ' The class ranks high in scholarship, beauty, and talent. Dorothy Will- hite, a member of the 1A class, won second place for the P. T. A. prize for highest unclerclass scholastic average. Her average was 97-115. ., 3? Y J fa 2 sl 5 : I v? w iw' Q. Page Sixty-six THE OAK abs I A Boys Abrams, Charles Anderson, Gordon Bauol, Wilfred Bell, Everett Bivings, John Brower. Jim Bruce, Robert Burnett, John Calome, Paul Carpenter, Scottie Chatelain, Paul Chelette, Gail Childress, Fields Childs, Lee Robert Christe, James Clarke, A. W. Coffin, Leon Collier, A. E. Collier, Wesley Cox, Vernon Crissman, Harry Dougherty, Redfern Drane, Burgess Dubbels, Lowell Dunnam, Pete French, Carl Gamble, Billy Gardner, Louis Gardner, Ocee Clark Gleason. Mickey Goldman, Louis Granger, Byron Hackler, Leslie Hancock, Marcus Hansen, Delbert Hanson, Norbert Harding, Charles Harris, Frank Harrison, Jack Hendrix, Oliver Hill, Russell Page Sixly-sevevz Hollingsworth, Kenneth Hooper, William Horton, Douglas Hudson, Tilden Hudson, Truman James. Harold Jensen, Andrew Johnson, Gordon Kelty, Jack Knott, Charles Layden, Pitt Leeman, Sam Lowry,L. B. Lucas, Charles Lunday, Elwyn McIntosh, Doyle McSpadden, Hilton Maggard, Joseph Marsh, Molcolm Miller, Bill Moncrief, Woodrow Moore, Charles Morton, James Nall, Boyce Paris, Louie Parker, Gus Patrick, W. L. Pollack, Ray Quillin, Thomas Richardson, Curtis Rife. Tommy Robnett, Edwin Roff, Homer Rorie, Bill Rowe, Ed. B. Schell, Earl Scherer, Glenn Schwedler, Edgar Scott, Sheffield Shackelford, Charle Shelby, Dan B TA Class Sibley, Pat Smith, Henry Stanley, James Story, Lee Tanner, Billie Terry, H. M. Thompson, Buster Thrash, Roy Ulm, William Ward, Bill Warren, Malcolm Watkins, Edward Watson, Norman Weaver, Joe Welch, Jesse White, Robert Whitten. Roberts Williams, Joe Wise, Jimmie I A Girls Allen, Virginia Anderson, Beatrice Anderson, Johnnie Ashley, Virginia Aycock, Jacquelin Baker, Mary Louise Beals, Evelyn Bear, Thelma Blair, Betty Blake, Anita Boyle. Frances Bridgeman, Juanita Brown, Frances Burba, Marguerite Burdine, Louise Carey, Dorothy Chapell, Sara Helen Chenault, Evelyn Clark, Betty Jo Cleghorn. Mary Jane Cooper, Martha Cox, Billie Jo Crisman, Ruthelle Crowson, Allie Vee Dobbs, Ann Daniel, Catheryn Darnell. Frances Davis. Dorothy Day, Mae Sue Donald, Martha Duff, Mary Dummit, Dixie Dyer, Dorothy Eldridge, Alice Flowers, Isabelle Fogleman, Fay France, Aline Gebhard, Chela Gharis, Theressa Grigsby, Jeanette Grass, Imogene Heiskill, Virginia Herrington, Ruby Hubbard, Mary Estelli Huff, Margaret Johnson, Gladys Johnson, Lura Jordan, Evelyn Keith, Alice Kelly, June Klemitz, Virginia Lacy, Beth Langley, Evelyn Latta, Mary Ellen Lawrence, Billie Marie Lawson, Martha Fay Liles, Frances Lowe, Rena Lou McAtee, .Barbara McCarty, Judith McQueen, Geraldine Manton, Betsy I fr ,lj 2 2. 1 'QQ s Martel, Mary Mason, Theda Miller, Lois Manckton, Geraldin Moore, Anne Beth Moseley, Bobbie Nelson, Freda Nelson, Jimmie Newbaker, Louise Ogden, Betty Osborn, Billie Palmer, Lucille Phifer, Alice Potter, Eloise Preslar, Margaret Price, Ara Robbins, Jane Robinson, Dorothy Sampson, Elnora Scottino. Elizabeth Shanks, Grace 1 Shaw, Mary Silvus, Virginia Simmons, Josephine Smith, Ida Ruth Stalcup, Lillian Strickland, Louise Stroud, Allieta Sumner, Virginia Swmney. Marceline Taylor, Dorothy Terry, Charlie Theo, Mary Watkins, Mae Watkins, Pauline Whitter, Claudie Willhite, Doroth Williams, Juanita Wyatt, Jeanette Willis, Velma Jo Youngblood Grace Zanoni, Alevia 71435 9 ' C fs -1--f ami- f -P-V J - -A 121-----ff A Ani- 3 . gf W. Q, I Tl-IE OAK ?, I ,. A- b'm.t 2 2 .. if I iff- E -3 H : aryl - .U--1 I v? 'Q E 1 '11 WB Class OFFICERS President - ---- - Vice-President - - BETTY PARKER DICK TURNER Secretary --------- ELIZABETH CAMERON Sponsors - - M1ssEs ANNE BARRETT AND NELLIE THE FRESHMEN OF '54 We, the Freshmen of '34, Are here to learn many things moreg We are here to work and not play Though, of course, we will have many a All our time we usually take, In our teacher's class awakeg We intend to learn all we can, To grow into perfect gentlemen. When Seniors we get to be, And think we know from A to Z, And know all there is to learn We will from O. C. H. adjourn. Now look and read this little rhyme And always bear in your mind, That in the future forevermore BLY LANKFORD happy day. You will hear of the Freshman Class of '34. TOMMIE SEAMSTER. .. in ,Imax , T... . E, L Page Sixty-eight THE OAK 1 B Boys Arrington, Howard Avera, Eldridge Barnes, Billy Barrett, Howard Bensen, John Berry, Roland Birdwell, Lynwood Burks, Jim Burr, Alf Calhoun, Billy Capers, Robert Carona, Walter Chandler, G. W. Crossland, Howard Davis, Walter Dickey, Kenneth Drew, Dalton Duncan, Boyce Durrett, Elmer Foster, Oliver Foy, Glenn Franks, Raymond Garrett, Leroy Giarraputo, Lucas Graves, J. W. Hamilton, Clarence Hamilton, Phillip Hunley, Raymond Hunter, Robert Jones, Ralph Johns, Jimmy Jones, Henry Keliy, George Koch, Boyd Little, Albert Lowry, Bob Page Sixty-:zinc TB Class IfcDonald, George Mangram, Harold Mann, Clifford Mason, Claiborne Meredith, Ross Miller, C. M. Minter, Eugene Morrow, Horace Murphy, Billy Niblo, Ray Northcutt, Eugene Parr, Wyman Patterson, George Patton, W, E. Peters, Eddie Peterson, Alton Phillips, Edward Pittman, Joe Edd Pyeatt, Bryon Rawlins, Douglas Reasonover, Gaston Robinson, George Sears, C. A. See, Bill Skelton, Harris Spillers, M. L. Stidham, George Stroger, Carl Suter, James Turner, Dickie Venable, J. D. Wentworth, Bernard Williams, Donald Williams, Jack Wilson, Harold Zelicoffer, Maurice 1 B Girls Anderson, Elrmagene Bennett, Iva Bell Bickenbach, Grace Blaine, Wynette Blanton, Lila Blanton, Melba Butcher, Frances Cameron, Elizabeth Chaney. Ethel Cox, Alice Craven, Carolinda Crossland, Juanita Cunningham, Juanita Daniell, Janie Daniels, Dorothy Dinkins, Mavis Dobbins, Genevieve Girlinghouse, Cecily Ann Graham, Marie Hagood, Leona Hall, Doris Halliburton, Margaret Harrison, Genevieve Hatcher, Ruth Herman, Lottie Louise Hill, Annie Lee Honeycutt, Evelyn Hudspeth, Elizabeth Irwin, Mary Frances Keith, Lois Kirk, Pauline Kirkpatrick, Mary May Knott, Rachel Lee 5 x 67 5 Loch ridge, Margaret McClellan, Lindeen McKenley, Bennie Lee Mallory, Mary Beth Martin,Betty Massengill, Dorothy Mead, Juanita Mehlman, Dorothy Moore, Sidney Mullen , Elewis Eva Nelson, Virginia Palmer, Lucille Palmer, Nelwyn Parker , Betty Paternostro, Margaret Ann Phillips, Mary Louise Price, Dorothy Randlett, Maybel Ray. Marjorie Seamster, Tommie Lee Sawyer, Daphne Mae Smith, Maurice Snell, Helen Stephens, Mary Dean Teubner, Inez Thompson, Tresia Waddle, Sidney Ruth Walker, Elizabeth Webster, Barbara Williams, Katherine Wray, Evelyn Sir 'Adi ,,... ay ci: I, E X :-. , ,sf .Q : K ,gf Pa '. . Q I 'K X . x '- . L l WI-IOS WI-IO Charlotte Ware, 4B, has the distinction of having been chosen concert- master of the All-City High Orchestra. Bonna Dell Gharis, also a member of the 4B class, distinguished herself by winning three cash prizes for her achievements in the art of sewing, winning S5 from the Butterick Pattern Company, S10 from Sanger Bros., and S25 from the Times Herald for the school. Ruth Waldrop, 4A, president of the Pen Pals, won second in the city- wide Interscholastic League Essay Contest. Lucas Giarraputo, a freshman, won first place in the city-wide Boys' Declamation Contest. Natalie Simpson rec.eived third place in the Girls' Declamation Contest. Natalie also has the honor of being president of the All-City French Club. Sterling Ellis won irst place in the Boys, Extemporaneous Speaking Contest. He is a member of the 4A class. Lida Boone, also of the 4A class, won first place in the City, District and Regional Girls' Extemporaneous Speaking Contest, acquiring for the school the Times Herald trophy for this achievement. The one-act play, No Sabe, given by Public Speaking pupils, won second place in the city preliminaries. The characters were: Finous Rood, William Heller, Jim Harrison, Mary Kendrick and Coleman Romine. Charles Mandeville, lA, and Dorothy Wilhite, IB, won first and second awards, offered by the P. T. A. for high scholarship. Dorothy Chapman, 3A, and Vivian Sellers, 4A, tied for first place in the city-wide Spelling Contest. Jim Harrison, Finous Rood, Juanita Harrison and William Heller have been added to the membership of the National Thespians, a club for higher dramatics whose officers are Dorothy Barnett, president, and Glynn Sneed, vicn-president. Edith Chaney, 4A, won first prize in Oak Cliff High School, and Clari- bel Dickey, 4A, won second in the Forget-Me-Not Sale. Claribel Dickey won S5 first prize in the Poppy Sale. More recently she won second prize in the Pictorial Division of the Sanger Sewing Contest. Entered in the Interscholastic Typing Contest were Elaine Williams, who won fourth place, Evelyn Huffer, who won Hfth place, Dorothy Bar- nett, and Ruth Yeager. Louis Barr, by being the best-drilled cadet in the city, Won a scholar- ship to Camp Dallas, a loving cup, a gold medal, and a ring. Page Seventy ... - 4- ., 1. ' . . . ,. fl A' J'-B '7 .-wi ' in . , 4 Q. ag? , , Q , 4 f' WLfj,f'1N 'S 'f 7'x? f CWQWQM L' 1 P ' gfjhfll 35, WW f 'ix 'fff1fff7' 'ffl 1 1 f jffiyfyf ' r' R Y l ffmgr If 1 Kfffplf f-c f f , Q ' x'?5'fQ 47 f 7111151 nl j 3 IWXXQ 71312 3 E f R 1 X Mx! Qg x L11 M M161 1 ff' 'N ii i fmgg IRQ? I hi iniflfxmx r ,vi Evmwwmvgv 1541 f .51 .ggxggl .11 1m111W1 wg., 11 f K yogl f I Hffawif' Tix l'0!,f N l ff fy Wx S 1 Z X X 4 1 K 14 rg WM ff' XXX' ff fr ' P X .sw V il 111.5 1311 131 an 'min .4 5X X 1 14 nm 1 lm tb 'N' gig' a-1211-as wif I I ! mr Qs ' r ,ff fpw' U, 'V 1 A 5,9 hs ll' N jp' ' ffl'Y , , , - NWN . f '1,:,u'J,1' H1 111 'cf' if f',-i115-vim. X :,,.B if f1:'1- p 1 al 1' WWI ' ' - aw ora. 131 1 9' .1 - ,1 Ni W -Q1 -- 1 - Q ,fn -1 ff ' - 1 1, -1 y 0' f,.f,y'7 , U T., J ,. 1 IH, .,. ' xv -Q . fy 1'!,' Lg -1' Q,:f3,' ,1 6 - if. 1 . www- . f 1,4 111 1 1 ,, ,wc J- g,,,2 1, v ' 'X :ty 1 ,-, g mi' 7 A ff,, . Y I lx': . , U 1 ,, ff f Q Q ' af, ' cf 1 ff ar- 1 . W 1 I 4 - ,1f 111 , , - , 1 1, 111 ,V 1 1-1:1 . 1 - 1 14 1 'av ,E v' 1f4 .f ff 'J ,w , 5 pf ,171 111,117 ,XI 1 , 1 , 1, ,,.f 1 1 ,1 11 f 'Ulj 1.11 3 ' V 1 fc ' ' ' H f f1 '.1 , A ww 41 fx: 1' 1 1 1 1 a. WMXW W ,1 , 2,4 1 I , V X1 1 - iff' 1 5. 1 fa ' .W 1 1 1 ' 1 ' If .1144 1 L1 1 4 1 f f 11. - e1 41.1 1. 1 11 1 1 1 'f f . I -- X , 'fl 2 , 7171- '9 1' 11 . is 4 '. 1. . '11 'F-iii' 112- 1 W- 1 11' ' I A'1' 11f i'?+ 1 , 5 -1 11 'ai: l 5 5 '-f .'1 1 4'.f1Zi H' EW: W 15 ' .4 rl 17' 11,12f1f1fUa1If1.11 f',1 1W 1 1 F1111 V 1 1 ' i 1 - 1ixf1gf.. .-1211, '1 17,1113 1 1' 1 1 'f' ,1 1f1, 1 1' Q ..1 -' 'Q if ' M ' 1141. f '1 559' T71 1 1 5,111 fe 1 311351.51 ff 111110-'1S' 211' Q ,W Q- 11 57111 VL' ' g 5 If '51 1 31'x ,....'f -iff -51 ' U71 1 11 1 11.11 'LF ' 1-Wh 1' M 11 Mir' 1' 1' Rl. 1 ,,fgg:?'2i, ,.Q.-Ezgxig W. ' 1 '11 Hifi , If 'EZM3 I I X E iig1:E:g.1:3k:g.f- fig v V, , Y 51 A -rin 1 ::, 1 1' :ee . 1 -1, , rg 1:4116 ,J f 1 . I 5 H-, ' 4 1 - '-1 1' 1 1 1 Q JI '-.lf 1l -55 I ' ,1. , 11 ' , Q, Nt,-113111 !1,1'1 U 7 ff ' o - '1'i1 xl ' 1 ,f 4- 1, -qkgfif-LQI1' 1 rx , '-wif' .3 t Qgfyjtl-Aix! , H 1 I ggi? V J 11 x ,Atl-5923021 11151 . 1 1 . g1'x!z1.-'1:11:,' 111 if '- . 11 1, 533531, 1, 1 1, ' 1. if , 1 1 1 111 . ' 11:15-1',,Qfy 11121-2 :afar -' ' , fiifgyg-.1gfj45?21iisf'?2131712-ff W ,1- f' 113' vq,1.91'l , f, 1 11 ,..' .5 1 ,. 1 x,,,1 1 ,ug ,aa ., ,, X211 -'-9'1 W 1 ,'111fg:5ff-a-,f1j1i51S q':f:'1m.22',ie.?323' iq x q13'1:2'Q '- 1 ,1 I ' X 1-s'i1531'f-gfi11'1W 1' f -- 71L'f'1f'Z?1js1.,Q11:5'.'1fI71f'jZ'i115f:15? 131 11' ,,-, eff' HQ , M5 -1 guy' 1,5 ,f - 1. M1 X g51fJ.,f,.Q'f1P1 -1. 't ' -, ir- ., 75?-.13 cf f 1 i?f6 xC51 1 -,ff .11 I..--52 11 1:1 1,-cf' X X -'ffrif--I'zs':11'i'-'-T - '- J 1 '1' , A! 1: ? '1f: KX X' ' XXQSQ , l yf '1 If I ig ? I' 1 , ' 1' V f sv 111' :ix A 'f',. - . 111 41 1,11 A.-.'g,1, A -1 ffZ9,f 11.1f ',,yf,!, 1 -ik: , E X2,g::,5g.'2..f'1. 'fl 11' ffl fm .gh 1 1 1 Iliff f,,,,,1 , N' 1 xu ,V X-',-:S-Zsfgijzg. 1 X X, . E1- - If ?5.111w- WF 1 W X' 12 if 1 ff X1 1 . 7 f ' ,71'.lX X' 1 X 3 111 N11 -Qvf.:i?1- 'Q1111 , ' 1 M , .,,'1f'ffi5f:1f,. 1 X ' 1 111 1' ,ff 1 1 - , ff ' f 1 . K 1 ,f QI 1,111 11 1'i1 , ' 'Jf1'fiZ'7fl - ,iQ:.:S-59155 fi ' I X I 1 1 5 H 1, 1 1 J 1 -,X 1 ,l 1 1 ,,1 3-5Q5-iag-iii' X ' 11 X1 21 1 W 1,111 - 11 111, fy 11111 11' 91711 1 .QW K , 11 174' ' ,1Jfi - 5-Q 'T1 X ' 1 'I V 1 11 1 I 1 f 1' 351-'iff' F 'I uf --A 1. H 1 A I 'Nx 1 R.: 1 1 -.IL11-I :lo l X111 1 I1 11 11 1 1 1 .. 1...-1-111 V 1 ,1 ' -3 1 1 '35 R -1 !'f 11' 1 I 71' 1' iikllgff? X NB , W' '1,' f , ' :1 1, 1 1 1 1 5 5 33155351 1 E1 ' !1f.,11j . , fCf' 111- ,J Q 13' N C15 -np. , ' , , kj 1 I 1' Q-3. 111- gl , KX N 1 1792111215111 , fs . - ,f -M 1 M 1 11 M' 1411 1 , .a,.-11!:.i.- - Y x , Yi- W, 1fT41ff' ,, 1111 . 1 Xe f ' F11 Q' 1 fl ,ff 11' 1 1 . 5, . - gf 1 X !1f11iW k N -- ' V- ' ' f ' A L ' ' ' 1 1' . 1 -1 AU! ' , . - N1 ' 8 , , , ,f .1 ' , -.Ja ' - I- -75.11245 2. ,f - - ' llq'3, 1 1 1, ,, .1 Sf, .II 1. 1 W ' Ing- ' 'ILL -P 1 . , . .11 . W .-I - og' I J! M .. I, -' ' .f,f ' I 5, .. 3 . ' A ,- 1 . 1x D' s Q' . 1 ' ' K 5 Q' A . . iz. I f xi-gk-11 ' ,i- If's you may lmvf' fbe gold and fame, Ana' all ibf' jmucflx, foo, Aml all fbe ships, if Iflaey were mine, Pd gladly give fo yang Iyrl gin' 14190177 all rigbf gladly, with fbeir gold mm' fame f'11fll'6', If you zuoulfl sw' mc' flown wifbin fbe Porf O' Hl't1I'f,S Dcsi1'f'. -JOHN S. MCGROARTY. Senior Beazmy Imogene Fitzgerald ' Beft All-mound Senior Boy Mike Steindorf Anglle A - W' I Ax .. Ml 4.4 Clevereft Senior Girl Darnell Hackney Clevereyt Seniwf Boy F. W. Addison J- ,U . n 54 Beft All-oroieriof Seriior Girl J acquclyn Boedekcr ff, lr eQIf.fJ I gf In 64g,,,,z,,,Za,,f 1 A ry ff' - k Senior Feioorite J. L. Muirhead U mierclmf Beazzmf Kathleen Leeds U nderclmf Favorite Charles Sprague 'D Ben All-around Unalerclmf Girl Faye Keahey ,. .J I Bef! All-around Umierclmy Boy I-I. L. Kirkpatrick yi I I ? F V s F L v 5 , A- ,'.g.,. . -- L... gil.. ,,,, ' ' 5 5 SN I-3' 1 LL-au x 54. 1 i ,, 13 Q 5: , M W , XQ N Q K w w X vm , ! J - ,X X X P yx' FJ ' , 'Q g XG, XL E4 'X -Q ,-5 XXX xx A V - , 1 .5 .Vi ,A A X Xl -.5 QXXHQA R fl, i W X' N q A 5fkf,W QI : -7 'QI-xx x,'x..uj,.' Y ' XX mtl: 1 V f 3 S.XiX 'kXx Nx N A ' ' ' ii ',g A 'QS .Vi W V ff: 1' 217524 F 3 'fw .i 1: W 'us XX , 1 V ' 7 -. f ., , ,x ,jifmii 'ggqxfeiahjl ' gr- an ,FJ af , ,ju f'2,,?i1W W?1A'i,5:-k pf Q I ,J ' ,I-J: ' ' - 4- , I 'Q ' 'ff X H Q--, , ,- ' yrs, ,.,, ,,, , My f f ff ff QX X I I - I f,,f I If ff X , xx Q fx 'K 4YW75x5X' fm I? f ' H W I , ' .'.1, ffvggvrhx 'Q v .6325 I x X K N v da , ,gi ' 12:5 f 1 A - fill f 13253-X Y X ' 1 A7 ' H - 1 ian 1 g KQV, 3 u f Lf : ,721 ,r 01 , ' .A ' ,K WI' fa-gxrff-2g:, 1 ' L V H- , if .Q ,MW 4 45 if f A. 1 V 'ff ? 1 k Y' ' ?qf 3'?En ' ' 1 by . ' ,ff ' rw , ,fff Q ff m - Li Q L., J Mi w X ff f ' wi 9 1 M f ,lg 11,1 ,A ' .f - ' H f , I JW fy? ! w in f ' . ! - 3 1- I f 14 K' X V. I fy!! X Jw f y : jjj- ff r J 2f wb 'ff , ,gffw' - 1 , Aww V' his , P 5 ic, W i s' M ' In these days, much of the prof! and some- times the whole of success depends upon uzfilizing the odds and e11u's,il9e so-called by- products. T I-I E O A K Page Eighty-two THE OAK I Erlilors-in-Chief Business Manager Goodwin, Jack Harris, Calvin Parker, Bill White, Russell Edilor-in-Chief - Assistant Editors Ardis, Sallie Jo Arnold, Nadine Barker, Mahota Bell, Josephine Bibb, Louise Bryant, Bette Lee Cheney, Dorothy Chaney, Edith Childers, Geraldine Goan, Gladys Coombs, Betty Gail Crider, Gladys Doughty, Frances Duncan, Margaret Fagan, Lois Gardner, Inez Gordon, Helen Harkey, Gean Acorn Staff FALL TERM ACORN STAFF f 5 ELIZABETH TIPPS Exchange - - - IDA FAY ELMER A 7- STANLEY PATTON R. O. T. C. - ----- TIM WELCH - - BILLY PARIIISI-I Sponsor - - Miss HENRIETTA EISENLOHR REPORTERS Wood, L. G. McDougle, Ferne Degen, Leola Burdette, Jane Huston, Verna Howard, La Verne Elmer, Ida Fay Brasfield, Dorothea Stroud, Tillie Dell Harrison, Juanita Crowson, Mary Lou Brannon, Edna Earle Neibor, Marie Hanna, Louise SPRING TERM ACORN STAFF - RENFROW JOHNSON Business Manager - - - J. L. AIvIIs fNA-I-HALIE LEWIS Circulating Manager - - - - BILLY BYRD - RUTH WALDROP L GERALDINE Woou Hawk, Clyde Hawkins, Berniece Huffer, Evelyn Huffington, Kitty Keahey, Edith Koch, Doris LeVilloux, Alyce Lewis, Hazel Mallicott, Nadine Maupin, Patsy McCombs, Bessie Miller, Frances Miller, Nancy Moody, Margaret Patterson, France Quillin, Fairy Sneed, Glynn Stovall, Juanita S REPORTERS Talbert, Della Mae Thompson, Floy Wilson, Lillian Youngblood, Jane Byrd, Billy Coleman, Granville Cooper, Merrill Dabbs, Robert Ellis, Sterling Gage, Irvin Gardner, Jack Harris, Nolan Heiskell, Jim Hicks, Cecil Hord, John Alan Jennings, Grover Johnson, Charles Kilgore, John Piranio, Angelo R. O. T. C. Eflilors - Riddle, Kenneth Romine, Coleman Stephens, C. W. Suter, Francis Tinnen, Glenn Ulm, Forrest Whitlow, Jerry Wright, Arthur Adams, Mary Birdwell, Ruth Brant, Dorothy Caywood, Virginia Cameron, Francis Paternostro, Frances Sanford, Ernestine lValton, Julia Wright, Cathryn Keahey, Fay S COLEMAN ROMINE I ANcELo PIRANIO McBride, Ruby Louise Anderson, Richard Bartlett, Charles Benda, Jack Hall, Dorothy Cook, Leland Cook, Rayford Fuller, Frank Guard, Jack Hamilton, Earl Harpold, Clayton Heller, William Kirkpatrick, H. L. Mathews, Jack A -4 McCridock, L. N. Smythe, Walter : 't Tanco, Edwin va, PageEiglJty-Ib1'cc ' ,L 5 . 1. ... .. -m.. Tl-IE OAK 5 ' - 2 Qak Staff OFFICERS Editor-in-Chief - - - IMOGENE FITZGERALD - EDWIN REDDING M - Busmess amzgers JIM HARRISON Ad - - M - W. ADDISON vwmmg mmgers lFRITZ BROCKSCHMIDT Publicity Manager - - CLARIBEL DICKEY ART S ponsm' . . . MRS. NELLIE D. CLEMENT Dorothy Barnett Ruth Wherry Frances Knight Ophelia Bates Renfrow Johnson t t he en n n he-ee e e e he eeeee e et .12 Y J - aa 2 . Ez 6 t H 4, V 2 .. --1--- ' fart? ' t , ' Page Eighty-four THE oar at-be Sponsor . . Norman Rogers Mike Steindorf Carlos Jones Stanley Patton Dorothy Maddox Maurine Fox Peggy Basom Fairy Quillin Sponsor . . . Alice Le Villoux Darnell Hackney Howard Greathou Claribel Dickey Elizabeth Tipps SC Qak Staff EDITORIAL . . . . Mlss HELEN ADUDDELL Jacquelyn Boedeker Claribel Dickey Sammie Ray Orman Sarah Jane Burdette Margaret Moody Lillian Schlinke Ruth Waldrop Marcelle Peck Lida Boone BUSINESS Darnell Hackney Sallie Jo Ardis Geraldine Wood Jane Youngblood Sarah Gallaher Welna Bess Huffstedler Virgil Rhodes . . . Miss CHRISTINE HAMMOCK Foster Parker John Stanford Tim Welch Francis Perry Dale Durrett Jacquelyn Boedeker Angelo Piranio John Kilgore Betty Gail Combs Edith Chaney Charles Worley 4 N75- I arf or Y 'Q ,Q SY jg 'W 5 : ,qi 5 va Sm , n 'ITE' I . A Z A ' ' I Page Ezgbty fi e aw!! Qs 5 . Winners of Subscription Contest Claribel Dickey, with 67 subscriptions, Won first place in the Subscription Contest. She also obtained S28 Worth of advertising, the largest amount in the school. f l joflf Darnell Hackney Won sec- , ond place with 63 subscrip- tions. ffrfjf Foster Parker, a 4B, Won third place with 60 subscrip- '-KN ff ffwHS. ., f Y THE OAK Page Eighty-six ' B' 'W af ' '4- R A sf K Tl-IE OAK - L, V l Q 3 'S i President - Vin'-Prcfsiilcizt - Adams, Dayton Adams, Ruth Addison, W. Adin, Louis Albin, Lorraine Amos, Faith Atteberry, Leighton Atteberry, Marguerite Bailey, Winnell Baker, Vincent Barnett, Dorothy Barrett, Herbert Bartlett, Charles Basom, Peggy V Beckenback, Grace Bennett, Julia Beth Bennett, Marilee Boone, Lida Bourn, Joe F. Boyett, Helen Branom, Clotile Bramblett, Helen Brockschmidt, Fritz Browder, Charles Brown, Bernice Bryant, Margaret Buckley, Juanita Burba, Marguerite Cameron Nan Carey Dorothy Carpenter Leverett Carter John Cavett John Cavett Maxine Chaney Edith Chaney Ethel Chapman Ruth Scholarship Club - - LIDA BOONE Secrctary - - - GERALDINI2 Wooo - - - FRITZ BROCKSCHMIDT Sponsor ----- Miss MARGARET HARRIS Childers, Geraldine Chitwood, Paul Choate, Elsie Clay, Dorothy Clay, Lois Clements, Alta Mae Collier, A. E. Cooper, Frances Hill Cox, Billie Joe Cl-issman, Harry Coffey, Alfred Cuthbertson, Marigold Daniel, Rosemary Daniels, Dorothy Davis, Anita Davis, Dorothy Davis, Gilder Davis, Sophia Lee Walter Davis, Dargan, Lorena Day, May Sue Deam, Andrew Devereaux, Joy Dickey, Claribel Dickey, Stanley Dorsett, Maudelle Duff, Mary Dummit, Dixie Dunn Marguerite Duncan M3lg'l1 et Eades Helen Ecksteln LOVICY Ellis Robert Fllls Sterling Eyre Lucletla Fitzgerald Imogene Flake Peggy Fouts, Jacquelyn Fox, Maurine Gallaher, Sarah Gamble, Billy Gannaway, Monette Gardner, Jack Gebhard, Chela Geiser, Perry Germany, Stewart Gharis, Theressa Giarraputo, Lucas Goerner, Frank Gooden, Doris Gordon, Helen Gordon, Peggy Green, Dorothy Green, Geneva Hamblett, Allene Hammer, Helen Hanszen, Eugene Hardee, Ann Hargreaves, Lillian Harrison, Genevieve Harrison, Jim Harrison, Juanita Hawkins, Berneice Hawkins, Margaret Hearne, Natalie Heflin, Nellie Hetherington Ethel Hicks Cecil Hicks Flenn Hodge Elbelt Holhl ook Floyette Honlg Challes Hoagland Audley Hold Kathellne Huhbal d M'u y E Huckabee, Clyva Mae Huff, Dorothy Mae Huff, Margaret Huffington, Kitty L. Hufstedler, Rebecca Hufstedler, Welna B. Hughes, James Humphrey, Peggy Hurt, Wilbur Huston, Margaret Irwin, Mary Frances Jameson, Billy Jensen, Andrew Johnson, Gladys Johnson, Lura Johnson, Renfrow Jones, Bill Jones, Carlos Jordan, Evelyn Keith, Alice Keith, Lois Kelly, June Kennel, Joe Kilgore, Mary Killough, J. H. Kinnan, Roy Kinney, Jack Kerwan, Patrick Kirby, Dorothy Powers Marion Koch DOIIS Lake Mullel Langford Nettie Langley Evelyn Lawson Martha I' ly Lee Callton Leeds K lthleen Lent Dol othe'1 iCont1nued on following p'lgeJ LeVilloux, Alyce Lewis, Hazel Lewis, Nathalie Lindsay, Louree Lytle, Ben Maddox, Dorothy Maiden, H. C., Jr. Mandeville, Charles Manton, Betsy Maples, Edna Earle Maples, Ruth Markham, Charline Martin, Fred Mason, Dolorice Maupin, Jane Mayers, Alice Ruth McCarty, Judith McCord, Forrest McCroskey, Byron McCul ley, Cecil McGee, Floy McLane, Alfred McQueen, Geraldine Meredith, Ross Miller, Bill Miller, Gertl'ude Miller, John Moore, Ann Beth Moore, Charles Moore Moody Morro Josephine M21lg1!St W MIHHIQ Le Murrell Maly Ellen Neal Wan Nelson Freda Lee Newbakel Louise Newsome Hazel Nullln John . 2 ,Q AM J , , ,U ' . ' i 1 I l - I I e 1 . , A U ' i , , i' , y da xr. A Chapman, Dorothy Farmer, Opal Houlit, Tomie Lemhilrff. Eva Mae Nichols, Fred ' '- . ' , U l M -- relax ii' ' -' H I 41 4'-I . Pagv Eigbfi -sewn YJ L fn' 63 THE OAK 4' Q D ,... . . ,.,,-, Presidenf. . Vice-President Secretary . . Social Chairman Sponsor . National Honor Society . . F1uTzBRocKscHM1DT WELNA BESS HUFSTEDLER . . CLARIBEL DICKEY . GERALDINE WOOD . Miss LUCY HAMILTON SCHOLARSHIP CLUB-Continued from page 87 O'Connor, John Randall, PeggY Seamster, Ogden, Betty Reagan, William Tommie Lee Oliver, Jane Redding, Charles Sebastian, George Orman, Sammy Ray Redding, Edwin Sellers, Vivian Osburn, Dodd Reed, Patricia Shackelford, Charles Ozley, Billie Frances Palmer, Lucille Paris, Carmen Parker, Foster Patton, Stanley Peck, Marcelle Peterson, Lamoine Phillips, Louise Phillips, Vernon Phipps, Barbara Pierson, Nina Ruth Pollock, Ray Richards, Floy Roan, Sybil Shaddy, Dorothy Shelton, Harris Roberson, Virginia Shull, Henry Roberts, Billie Joe Simpson, Natalie Robison, Helen Ruth Sligh, Thomas Roberts, Louine Small, Mary Helen Rogers, Norman Smith, Dorothy Rollandin, Elizabeth Snell, Helen Rowe, Ed. B. Rust, Bernard Ryan, Louise Samuels, Juanita Sanders, Mary T. ,Y Qujlinjhomasz Schell, Mary . Raines, DorEhy 'PSchKclEer, CEU gg , Randall, Jane Schu1ze.Geneve 6 P ' : ... .-f I' .431 ' 'Wa ' , PM . . Sprague, Charles Stanford, John Stephenson, Lila Bess Stricklin, Tobe Stidham, George Stone, Odessa Swinney, Marceline Taylor, Jaurea Taylor,Michael Terry, Charlie Frances Teubner, Lois Teubner, Wilbur Thacker, June Thomas, Edgar Thrash, Roy Tipps, Elizabeth Tipps, Winifred Tyler, John Vernon, Hazel Waldrop, Ruth Ward, Sammielu Watkins, Watt Welch, Tim Wheatley, Sybil SU'terTFra'ncisf iwheelels-ROSS V-- Swain, Evelyn White. Russell Whitter, Claudie Whitter, Estelle Wilds, Ethel Ruth 'Willard, Vivian Willhite, Dorothy Wiliams, Donald Williams, Jack Williamson, Joe Willis, Jack Willoughby, Loree Wilson, Lillian Wilson, Margaret Wilson, Ruth Wiskochil, Betty Jane Wolf, Bob Wood, Geraldine Wylie, Tom Young. Billy Young, Sam ,, Page Eighty 618,91 Tl-IE OAK M! I A M Vita I ., tha l Z National l-lonor Society JANUARY GRADUATES Josephine Moore Edwin Redding Claribel Dickey Welna Bess Hufstedler Ruth Waldrop Ethel Ruth Wilds Geraldine Wood Lois Clay Lida Boone H. C. Maiden Cecil McCulley Alfred McLane I Dorothy Chapman Ruth Wilson Dorothy Shadday F. W. Addison Mary Helen Small Lucretia Eyre JUNE GRADUATES Berniece Hawkins Carmen Paris Doris Koch Fritz Brockschmidt Sarah Gallaher Jane Youngblood 4B,s Glenn Hicks Sam Young Frank Goerner Marguerite Dunn 3A's Juarea Taylor Geneva Green Mary Schell Jane Oliver Tomie Houpt Cecil Schmucker Margaret Hawkins Fred Martin Dayton Adams Sterling Ellis Maurine Fox Peggy Basom Dorothy Mac Huff Sophie Lee Davis Foster Parker f , X 3 ik cya , Page Eighty-nine -ef A .E f ffm, at JW V g, THE OAK gf tx President . . Vice-P1'esifle111' . Secretary . S jvonsor Avera, Eldridge Adkisson, Nona Mac Armstrong, Stillwell Albin, Lorraine Atteberry, Marguerite Benson, Carl Blanton, Melba Bridges, Wendell Brown, Jim Brown, Pat Brown, Margaret Blake, Anita Brewer, Katherine Barker, Mahota Basom, Peggy Bates, Ophelia Barnett, Dorothy Cagle, Edith S Capers, Robert ' 9-7' Clements, Alta Mae Cox, Alice ' ' 5' Cox, Billie joe at I s yi D3 I ,433-A 5- ' G: 3.-:cz I Art Club Cole, Lola Curry, James Coleman, Ruth Chappell, Sara Helen Chenault, Evelyn Crapp, Christine Clark, Joyce Cook, Rayford Dobbins, Genevieve Davis, Mary Ann Dobson, Lorraine Dables, Ann Davis, Anita Evans, Irene Eldridge, Alice Fitgerald, Imogene Gaskill, Frankie Grube, Myra Gannaway, Monette Gossett, Ruth Gebhard, Chcla Hunter, Robert Hatcher, Ruth MEMBERS Holland, Rosemary Hammer, Helen Higginbotham, Clara Hord, Katherine Humphrey, Peggy Halliburton, Billy Jackson, Mildred Johnson, Renfrow Keith, Dorothy Dell Kilgore, Mary Knight, Frances Little, Albert Leach, Violet Lacy, Beth Massingell, Dorothy Mullin, Doris Mack, Doris McLaren, Vera McCormick, Dorothy Niblo, Ray Nelson, Virginia ' Re son, Howard no H Powers, Marion . IMOGENE FITZGERALD . . HARRY PEEBLES DOROTHY BARNETT MRS. NELLIE CLEMENT Price, Ara Palmer, Wh Patton, Stanley Peebles, Harry Roberson, Dorothy Roberts, Louine Schuppel, Mary Ellen Stephenson, Lila Bess Smith, Ida Ruth Shadday, Helen Simpson, Mary Mildred Theo, Mary Tucker, Edna Mae Welch, Orris Vfilliams, Paul Williams, Pauline Wright, Jack Wherry, Ruth Watkiiis, Beulah Reed, Mary Dee Hanna, Louise Watkins, Pauline Page Ninety ,.,,.-, , ,..,.-- TI-IEOAK 6' - ' Dramatic Club .1- E 'fi' - ga, , President . . . ........ . . GLENN SNEED Secretary .... . . GERALDINE WooD Vice-President . . . FRANCES DOUGHTY Sponsor . . . ..... . MRS. WANDA BANKER MEMBERS Adams, Mary Barnett, Dorothy Basom, Peggy Bibb, Louise Branom, Clotile Brockschmidt, Fritz Chaney, Edith Covington, Elizabeth Cristal, Johanna Davis, Ravenel Degen, Leola Dockery, Anna Vivian Doughty, Frances Duncan, Margaret Farmer, Opal Fagan, Lois Fox, Maurine Gordon, Peggy' Guard, Jack Hamilton, Helen Harrison, Jim Heller, William Huckabee, Clyva Mae Hobbs, Leta Rue Howard, La Verne Howell, Rose Marie Kendrick, Mary Knott, Monnie Dee Koch, Doris Louise Landry, Agatha Large, Janie Lewis, Nathalie McCombs, Bessie Mc.D0ugle, Ferne McKay, Betty Jim Muirhead, J. L. Neibor, Marie Patton, Stanley Roberts, Louine Rogers, Norman Romine, Coleman Rood, Finous Sarvis, Betty Schlinke, Lillian Schmucker, Cecil Louise Schmucker, Mabel Scruggs, Frank Shadday, Dorothy Simpson, Natalie Small, Mary Helen Smythe, Walter Sneed, Glynn Stake, Ida Stogner, Lyda Bess Stricklin, Tobe Talbert, Della Mae Taylor, Rayburn Tipps, Elizabeth Ulm, Forrest Walraven, Florence Wilds, Ethel Ruth Wood, Geraldine Worley, Charles Willoughby, Loree Wright, Arthur Large, Janie Gordon, Peggy 'A 2 '4 4 U A 4 A Page Nincly-one exif' .1 f if 'i J 3' , . 1 Marten Velour . . . Clothilde Velour, Marten? niece Mama Aimee, a mulatto woman Bamba, a negro . . . Mrs. Spenser, a wealthy aunt . Chloe, a young negress . Olivia, the maid . . Larry O'Brien, a chauffeur Donald Clark, a young writer Spectre .... Director Lena, a maid M rs. Pottle . Gladys Pottle jane Pottle . . Naney Hamilton . Harriet Follis . Plumber . Proeess Server . Hlhe Swamp I-lousen By ROBERT ST. CLA111 CAST OF JANUARY SENIOR PLAY ,Believe It Cr Notn By CH-ARLES CALDWELL DOBIE CAST OF JUNE SENIOR CLASS X , Cuthbert Jackson . 5 Norman Follis . - is Uncle Silas ...... .... ,f Brizlget O'Hare . . . . . . . . . . . W '5 Health Insjweetress n V' Y x Detective . . yi D? flaw' . J. L. Muirhead . Juanita Harrison . Elizabeth Tipps Howard Greathouse . Viola Walden Lila McIntyre Dorothea Brasfield . J. B. Wheeler . Tim Welch .?????? MRS. WANDA BANKER Edith Chaney . . Anita Davis . . Lois Clay Jacquelyn Boedeker Darnell Hackney . Alyce Le Villoux . W. A. Lowe . Coleman Romine . Jim Harrison . Finous Rood . Sterling Ellis . Margaret Duncan Elizabeth Johnson . Billy Parrish K Page Ninety-two TI-IE OAK I. A.,:- b Page Nincly-three President . . Vice-President Secretary . . Sponsor . Beauduy, Albert Castal, Robert Click, H. F. Curray, James Stamp Club . JACK ERICKSON EDWARD TOOGOOD JOHN STANFORD . . . Miss WINNIE LANGFORD MEMBERS Erickson, Jack Geiser, Perry Grimes, Robert Orr, Sam scaff, Billy Stanford, John Taylor, Michael Toogood, Edward 1' 4- ,1 :lk I lg A ef 1. in a -1 1 2 ,A WW N , Qi Ti 5 ii ,V M i' 'l ssl , . a a T H E 0 A K W Q. :AM ga , Viv - ' is Q-'22 311351 New 1 French Club President - - ----- - IMOGENE FITZGERALD Vice-President - - BETTE LEE BRYANT Secretary - - MARGUERITE DUNN Sponsor - - - - - - Miss HELEN ADUDDELL MEMBERS Adams, Dayton Dunn, Marguerite Lawrence, Billie Marie Robbins, Geraldine Allen, Mable Durham, Mary Helen Lee, Carlton Rollandin, Elizabeth Beckenbach, Elizabeth Edmonson, Howard Maupin, Jane Roff, Homer Bivings, Gene Elliot, Roberta McBride, Clarin Rogers, Norman Boyette, Helen Fitzgerald, Imogene McDaniel, Jack Ryan, Randall Branom, Clotile Griffin,Marjorie Murrell, Mary Ellen Sanders, May Bryant, Bette Lee Goss, Frances Neal, Edwa Simpson, Natalie Buc.kley, Juanita Hamilton, Mamie Parker, Alvin Sneed, Lyal Chaney, Edith Hardee, Ann Parker, Foster Sneed, Evelyn Chapman, Ruth Heiskell, Virginia Parrish, Adelle Taylor, Ava Bell Covington, Elizabeth Hinton, Charles Perkins, Marguerite Walraven, Florence Crane, Dorfs Hord, Katherine Poteet, Charles Ware, Charlotte I Cristal, Johanna Huckabee, Clyva Mae Powers, Marion Wheatley, Sybil 9 Crowson, Allie Vee Jackson, Mildred Randall, Peggy Wherry, Ruth S Cuthbertson, Marigold Kirby, Dorothy Redding, Charles Wyatt, Jeanette N .54 -r 32 De Vaux, Camillia De Vaux, Oscar fi Q ' lll lr' . 5 fefr r2l Lacy, Lorraine Roan, Sybil Yeargan, Annette Page Ninety-four TI-IE OAK . ,,,:- President - - Vice-President Secretary - - Sponsor - President - Vice-Presid ent Secretary - Sponsor Abrams, Charles Albin, Lorraine Amos, Faith Bailey, Winnell Carey, Dorothy Chrietzberg, Min Clay, Lois Drake, Peggy Drane, Burgess Gharis, Edgar Gharis, Edmond Green, Dorothy nie Leath Spanish Clubs EL UNo Dos TRES LOS CONQUIS TADORES MEMBERS Hearne, Natalie Herrington, Ruby Hill, Virginia Hufstedler, Welna Bess Humphrey, Peggy Lake, Muriel , Langford, Nettie Livingstone, Verile Moore, Charles Moody, Mary Reuscher, Velva Roberts, Billie Jo H' A .m... ---.. ': . 11 1 '- f 1. , 2 ' J! I Jbbf ' 1 J ELIZABETH VANTREESE MINNIE LEATH CHRIETZBERG MURIEL LAKE Mlss NEWBERRY VERILE LIVINGSTONE - JANICE EDMONSON LORRAINE PETERSON - - Miss RooTEs Robinson, Helen Ruth Sellers, Vivian Small, Mary Helen Stalcup, Frances Stone, Odessa Vantreese, Elizabeth ,nb Walraven, Louella Watkins, Mae 'i Williams, Elaine 4 -3, - Wilson, Lillian W 1 Wood, Geraldine K ,I .. : 5 , N V1 My-K A f Page Ninefy-five - V Q l , v.-. ,Q -- A uf THE OAK gn 'S Q S Q E I s. , 5 Zn ,W 'A im' President . . Vice-Presiclent Secretary . Chrisman, Harry Dickey, Claribel Thatcher, June Irwin, Mary Frances Boone, Lida Lewis, Nathalie Maiden, I-I. C. Harrison, Jim Baker, Vincent Latin Club LIDA BOONE . . CLARIBEL DICKEY . ETHEL RUTH WILDS MEMBERS Hughes, Kenneth Mason, Norman Herman, Louise Cameron, Nan Gooden, Doris Kirwan, Patricia Wilson, Margaret Tipps, Winifred Vann, Joseph Giarraputo, Lucas Ellis, Robert Orman, Sammy Ray McCulley, Cecil McLane, Alfred Dargan, Lorena Randall, Jane Miller, John Aden, Louis Page N mety xzx THE OAK J I Prr'side11t . . Vice-President . Secretary . Program Chairman S flonsor . . Mic.hael Taylor Stanley Patton Billy Young Jack Matthews George Sargent Dorothy Straughn Bobby Moseley Cecil Schmucker Helen Gordon Dixie Dummit Mary Hubbard Page Nmcly S6'VC7l pen pals OFFICERS MEMBERS Frances Cameron Elizabeth Beckenbach Mary Theo Gladys Johnson Jeanette Wyatt Vincent Baker Tobe Stricklin Francis Suter Evelyn Hicks Winnifred Tipps Norman Sturrett XXL I - . Y? mi,,5sax I r 2 Nj 'Q TOBE STRICKLIN STANLEY PATTON PATRICIA KERWAN CECIL SCHMUCIQER MRS. HELEN HORN Allie Vee Crowson Louis Gardner Jane Randell Nan Cameron Mary Lou Crowson Claribel Dickey Patricia Kerwin Dorothy Miller Frances Stalcup Evelyn Chenault Lillian Stalcup li. EJ 53 ,, Tl-IE OAK wi -4. WY ' AIX, , J I I A . , fa' .. C H ' W. 'vi 1j1'U.YidC'11t - Vice- Presirlent - Secretary - - Sergeant-at-Arfrns Sponsor - - Addison, F. W. Anderson, Richard Coleman, Granville Donald, William Erickson, Jack Goerner, Frank Hambrick, Lester Hamilton, Earl Ivie, Clarence Jennings, Howard Johnson, E. T. Jones, Carlos Kinnan, Roy Kinsey, J. H. Lindsay, Louree Lowe, W. A. Forney Martin, Winsor Senior Hi -Y CHARLES SPRAGUE - ROY KINNAN - CARLOS JONES - W. A. LOWE - - - MR. W. T. HAMILTON MEMBERS McGee, Ray Parker, Foster Peery, Francis Frenchy Poteet, Charles Randolph, Frank Redding, Edwin Richardson, Howard Romine, Coleman Sneed, Ed Solomon, Pete Sprague, Charles Steindorf, Mike Taylor, Rayburn Tinnen, Glenn Tract, David Welch, Tim Whitten, W. C. Willis, J. E. Page Ninety-viglal Tl-IE OAK ,, ,.,,, Page N inety-nine President - Vice-President Secretary - Social Claairmun Sponsor - - Blair, Russell Davis, Berry Girlinghouse, Gus Harter, Clovis Harter, Clifford Lytle, Ben t McDowell, David McGinness, Mack Nelson, Howard Nolen, D. C. Junior l'li -Y DAVID MCDOWELL - BAss WILLIAMS - BEN LYTLE - COLYAR PHILLIPS - MR. WARREN B. CLEMENT MEMBERS Phillips, Colyar Ritchie, James Steger, Bob Sterling, Alvin Strickland, W. A, Terrell, Tom Toogood, Edward Williams, Bass Witherspoon, Leonard Willis, Jack fr. awk , 1 x W E Tl-IE OAK -1 lim! .i -X President . . . Vice-President . Secretary . . Sponsors . . Amos, Grace Bailey, Mary Helen Beckenbach, Elizabeth Berry, Fern Boedecker, Jacquelyn Boyett, Helen Brewer, Bettye Buckley, Juanita Chapman, Dorothy Chapman, Ruth Cheney, Edith Choate, Elsie Davis, Anita Davis, Sophia Lee Dorsett, Maudell Drake, Peggy Duncan, Margaret Dunn, Marguerite Flake, Peggy E EQ ,, -as I rw, Y 3 v ,Girl Reserves I 'I V nw? BERNIECE HAWRINS MARGARET HAWKINS RosE MARIE HOWELL . Miss ROBERTA KING AND Miss RUTH RUFFIN MEMBERS Fox, Maurine Green, Geneva Hackney, Darnell Hamilton, Lois Hufstedler, Welna Bess Hobbs, Leta Rue Huckabee, Clyva Mae Huffington, Kitty Lou Huston, Margaret Hatcher, Ruth Jones, Oleta Kendrick, Mary Kinnamon, Gurley Hop Kennedy, Ellen La Foy, Geneva Leeds, Kathleen Lent, Dorothea Livingston, Lillian Martin, Eileen C McBride, Ruby Louise Miller, Frances Morgan, Mary Louise Ozley, Billie Frances Randall, Jane Ridley, Florence Sanford, Ernestinc Snapp, Marynel Straughn, Dorothy Thompson, Geraldine Thompson, Gretchen Marguerite Vantreese, Elizabeth Walraven, Florence Ward, Sammielu Wheeler, Rose Wilds, Ethel Ruth Williams, Elaine Wilson, Lillian Page One H1l71!11 ed TI-IE OAK Jw: Pan-American Z ., gui V ' 3-1 ---YM . SEQ, M ' ' I 5 President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DARNELL HACKNEY Secretary-Treasurer . . . . . . . . . WELNA Bliss HUFSTEDLER Attendance Committee . W. A. TURNER, LoIs CLAY, MARGARET MooDY Hostess ................. Lois FAGAN Amos, Faith Bailey, Winnell Barton, Marie Berry, Fern Berry, Velma Bibb, Elizabeth Bramlette, Helen Cavett, Maxine Clay, Lois Crudup, Mary Doughty, Frances Edmonson, Janice Eyre, Lucretia Fagan, Lois Felder, Mary Geiser, Perry Page One Hundred One MEMBERS Gordon, Peggy Green, Dorothy Greer, Clydie Myrl Hackney, Darnell Hamblett, Allene Hearne, Natalie Hill, Virginia Hufstedler, Welna Bess Johnson, Phil Jordon, Alta Louise Langford, Nettie Lowe, W. A. Maiden, H. C. Monroe, Louise Moody, Margaret McCrosky, Byron McGee, Floy McKey, Leta Rose Nelson, Pearl Oliver, Jane Price, Tom Raines, Dorothy Reagan, William Roberts, Louine Schell, Mary Schlinke, Lillian Schultz, Geneve Sellers, Vivian Small, Mary Helen Thompson, Floy Turner, W. A. Waddle, Valda Wood, Geraldine D Yeager, Ruth 5 -2 ' ik N nf xi- Tl-IE OAK GIRLS' CLUB an uf- 5 i L I I I-F-.4 li 37:32 1 .lAi.. 1.h.., BOYS' GLEE CLUB Page Om' I'I1H1fI1'f'!l Two THEQAK Q .L i E ,Jk if sr 3 aw ORCHESTRA 391, . t . gi-114 V 'Vik V 2? 5. MIXED CHORUS K 33 P1180 Om' H1lHtI7l'!1 Three Y Xf7 Q I. , , 4 . K. A We-. K3 ?. ,Y F THE OAK i s I lx' ?' H Q R :,. , 5 , Q7 , L, Aviation Club President - ----- BILLY FLEEMAN Vice-President - - WILLIAM WAKEHAM Secretary - - - CALVIN HARRIS Aflvisory Board - - CARLISLE LINSKIE Sponsor - - ---- MR. H. B. HESTER MEMBERS Brockschmidt, Fritz Baugh, Wilfred Coke, Carl Coke, William Crabtree, Jack , Dunnam, P. H. Fleeman, Billy Harris, Calvin Johnson, Gordon Linskie, Carlisle Palmer, Frank Palmer, George Scaff, Billy Thompson, Buster Vann, Joe Wakeham, William Page One Hzuzilrwl Four THE OAK W4 Ng iigk Riding Club President . . . . PEGGY BAsoM Vice-President . . BETTY GAIL CooMBs Secretary . . BOBBIE REYNOLDS Sponsor . . . . Miss IDABEL CABANISS MEMBERS Ashley, Dorothy Basom, Peggy Bryant, Bette Lee Clay, Lois Chappell, Sara Covington, Elizabeth Cox, Billie Joe Coombs, Betty Gail Dummitt, Dixie Duntley, Jean Fitzhugh, Don Paula Griffin, Marjorie Jackson, Mildred Page One Hundred Five Hord, Katherine Huffington, Kitty Lou Lawrence, Billie Marie Orman, Sammie Ray Peck, Marcelle Purselley, Dorothy Jean Quillin, Fairy Reynolds, Bobbie Smith, Ida Ruth Thatcher, June Tucker, Edna Mae Williams, Sara Wright, Cathryn wr 1 3 2 K f ...--- ....f , x k If m.. 32 I t if go xo ' . , M ' 3. Q WM Vs 5 .2 THE OAK ee i 4' x 9 i sk , 25 QE' Poppy Sde once again, oak Cliff High came to the top by winning first place in the Poppy sale held Armistice Day by the American Legion for the benefit of the disabled veterans of the World War. Claribel Dickey won flrst place in the city, taking in Sl7.01. Much gratitude is extended to Miss Mae Morrison for the encouragement and cooperation she gave to the Oak Cliff girls in their fight for laurels. Page One Hunrfrcrl Six THE OAK 9 i Faxing x, : ONE ACT PLAY CAST DECLAMERS AND EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKERS J , 'M .- Pagf' Om' I-Iimdnfrl Seven . V1 ' 'v' Q ' l 5 ww T ' W I V4 J -f 'hi fi 5 an physical Education All the High School girls are required to take Physical Education, which offers re- laxation from classroom Work. The purpose of this depart- ment is to maintain and im- prove health, to develop physi- cal eiiiciency, and to elevate recreational, ethical, and social standards. 52? fm , il . rvr t Page One Hunrlrm' Eight , 251' ' ff' .Q da, 4, QQ :'?1' 15 ' ii- 'i 57- . :.Y , . 'lf . ,, 'rf-. ,Q 'K- -ita' if ,A I K H , IFN- A M VW f--- ' - f- as-.-r ii . fl 4 r?:T, izigf ' ' f' . 31.5 A--.25 -X - - .,-, k Y kiwi W rv X, k,, , -1 'Q' QW, A mi-j'ii..,,,, I, A 1 in 7 il - , A , Q. f Tifaff' ' . X -WNQ - fl ' ' ,f iff ' X 1 - 74 ' ' ,V , z U .51 .- -ff gi -1 W x ' 'rx V , 'A 1 ' 'ff i ' 17 X 'xK'f.-W -tif v ' ' 51 el k H1 X ,J Xi ll :X ffl HE M 'L IU fl- W, N ' j.?7 U,g11' X ,. , ? ,r w . -:IL- New wr' 2 'H A , Q f fYv', gx f' 2f1 . 'i' UI V f ,fW: U1E xinieiii. , .fh N W,,:,,y .,,. -NX gwsif.. :QHNHJ I- - .HM N , I , , ff! 1 W 'Nga SEX 3 I f ws f 11 Sw ME M W N -V-fr .: ' 1 J' ,cgi -- --fm ,'.. S E 'T ff, l yy .-u4:MQ5iZ52'1a',Ei,1 1 ' H 2- ff ?-5 L, -z ffii' ' 5 7 -'. gr- - g f fa. . . f , 'fi ni N Lf Z iff 5' W 3 .562-:i f Jas X ' , 4 iv- ' 5 ,. f -3 , ' ' 13 'J - -4 ' QJ 1: 5 ' gg, 1 4321 5 'A' , E. my f T9 f i- 49' ' V 1- 1 wwf- is-- af f --5' ' -L '--QQ'-f Af V' f 11-xi. Q Q : v .2 +1 a I 4 'ha 'Es mfaw J in x S Ill R I ,.a 'f I who how not hut before Thee, God of the fighting clan, Lifting my fists I implore Thee, Give me the heart of u Man! -JOHN G. NEIHARDT. T H E 0 A K Page One Hundred Ten TI-IE OAK X . ,.,1 Staff, 1933 Battalion Commander . Batt. Executive Officer . Adjutant .... Personnel Adjutant .... Plans and Training Ojfcer Supply Ojieer .... Ass't Supply Ojicer . . Supply Sergeant . . Page One Hundred Eleven . . LT. COL. TIM WELCH MAJOR NORMAN ROGERS . CAPT. BILL MONSON CAPT. PRESTON HOLDEN . 2ND LT. JACK SALLIS 2ND LT. FRED TURNER . 2ND LT. H.C. MAIDEN . SGT. GEO. SERGEANT ... fi e I ' Ji .. .. sq ,mm 5 si.. y I ., ,, fr M 4 A D 'E' ff K9 THE OAK W, W. , QM v if Q ,M ,-,-, ,.-,.....1 - Y..- ww., ', K , J X' ,,,X:-, I e ' x1s...1ff , ,. mafia Ca ptailz Parrish, Billy First Lieutenant Bartlett, Charles Second Lieutenant Atehley, Bascom Johnson, E. T. First Sergeant Tidwell, James Sergeants Birclsong, Bobby Fleeman, Billy Kilgore, John J McLane, Alfred Randolph, Frank Soloman, Pete 4 ' . ff:-1? N Roster of Company A Cor porals Cravens, Jake Dean, Andrew Guest, Emmett Hamilton, Billie Herd, Burnelle Linn, Chal Privates Allan, John Armstrong, Fred Beckham, Charles Boland, Arthur Childress, Fields Collier, A. E. Cox, Vernon Crabtree, Jack Darnell, Glen Elder, Carl Evitts, Leo Foster, Fred Hackler, Leslie Harrison, Jack Howard, Wallace Jones, Emrys Kearly, Herbert Kinkel, Lewis Koch, Carl Leeman, Sam Logan, J. C. Maas, Harry McAdams, Archie McCord, Forrest Munster, Herman Palmer, J. W. Pickett, Waylon Quillin, Thomas Reams, Jack Warren Sibley, Pat Sligh, Thomas Spillers, Jack Sterling, Alvin Tanner, Billie Thompson, J. W. Watson, Floyd Williamson, Joe Wilson, George Wilson, Melvin Witherspoon, Leonard Page One Hundred Twelve THE OAK wg. Q EC E3 ef- , Roster ol Company B C a ptain C or porals Donald, William First Lieutenant Jones, Ashley Second Lientenants Romine, Coleman Scruggs, Frank First Sergeant Tidwell, Jack Staff Sergeant Hare, Elbert Sergeants Carrell, William Elliott, Holford Germany, Stewart Hearne, Victor Middleton, Bob Willis, John Edwin P :gr One Hnmlrczt Thirteen Barr, Lewis Burpo, Richard Linehan, M. J., jr. Schlinke, Eldon Toogood, Edward Privates Beauduy, Albert Board, Wilson Bray, Frank Cameron, Howard Casteel, Robert Coffey, Alfred Drier, Charles Dryden, William Davis, Joe Eastus, Harrill Freeman, Charles Harris, Frank Hayden, james Hodge, Elbert Horton, Douglas Hunter, Clifton Hurt, Wilbur Lieber, Fred McAuliH:, Jack McCulley, Cecil McDonald, M. V. Mills, Jimmie Moncrief, Woodrow Morris, Travis Norcross, Bill Phillips, Colyar Rea, Harry Reagan, William Shackleford, Charles Smythe, Walter Stephenson, Harry Terrell, Tom Turley, Billy Taylor, Michael E W E TI-IE OAK 'mix lixfiif ' az - . Captain Piranio, Angelo First Lie11te11a1zt Benda, Jack Second Lieutenants Garrison, James Harris, Calvin First Sergeant Lee, Carlton Sergeants Adin, Loufs Donald, C. B. Faulkner, Clifford Graham, James Pilkington, Murle A Roster ol Company C C or porals Burks, Erman Cook, Atlas Hawkins, Edwin Hughes, Kenneth McDaniels, Jack Samuels, Joe Privates ' Baugh, Maxwell Baugh, Wilford Bivings, John Brown, Ed Blair, Russel Carpenter, Scottie Carroll, Caree Cawthron, Leo Clark, A. W. Davis, Berry Davis, Gilder Erickson, Jack French, Carl Gardner, Louis Hollingsworth, Hillard Hamilton, Leslie Hanson, Norbert Hassell, Jess Jones, W. B. Kerby, Clovis Loring, Ben Miller, Bill Parrish, Philip Richardson, Howard Richardson, Jimmie Robnett, Wilson Rowe, Ed B. Smith, Charles Smith, Vernon Snyder, Tom Stanberry, Harold Thrash, Roy Turner, Harry Wall, Eldridge Warren, Malcolm Watkins, Watt Zethraus, Roy 1 W, ATDBV5 L3 Page Om' Hundred Fourteen THE OAK 5 WW, 45 Captain Muirhead, J. L. First Lieutenant Harrison, Jim Second Lientenants Hord, John Gardner, Jack First Sergeant Byrd, Billy Stal? Sergeant Johnson, Charles Sergeants Wright, Arthur Brockschmidt, Fritz Dyer, Dick Willis, Delbert Peebles, Harry Bivings, Gene Roster of Company D Corporals Browder, Charles Brickell, James Aubrey, Colburn Osburn, Dodd Bealmer, Leslie Heller, William Privates Bludworth, Charles Butler, jack Calder, Henry Campbell, Gene Collier, Welsey David, Doyle Doughtery, Bedfern Dubbels, Lowell Duncan, Gerald Girlinghouse, Gus Granger, Byron Gray, Edward Hamilton, Earl Harpold, Clayton Harrison, Ben Hubbard, Everett Hurst, Sidney Livingston, Harold Mathews, Jack McCarty, john McLaren, T. C. McSpadden, Hilton Orr, Sam Palmer, Frank Parker, William Piper, Charles Randel, James Ritchie, James Smith, Grove Sparrow, Weldon Stokes, Bobby Stricklin, Tobe Sutton, Howard Watkins, Edward Watson, Bert Westerbeck, Pat Young, Sam if ff' 5 E E ik .. .. Q6 'Yeh g ae. L .1 'S' P ge One Humlreil Fifteen it A lk f Y gk . V I Tl-IE OAK it the-sw ' . xg r,Q6 Captain Guard, Jack First Lieutenant Jones, Jack Second Lieutenants Bennett, Tad Daniel, Kenneth Foster, Horace Jackson, Harold First Sergeant Dabbs, Robert Stay? Sergeunts' Heiskell, Jim Dave Honig, Charles e'e , C . +1 if . Band Roster Sergcants Ezell, Theo Hughes, James Shanks, Reed Corporals Campbell, Milton Dean, Wayne Harris, Nolan Privates Beatty, Charles Burnett, John Carpenter, Leverett Crissman, Harry Denny, Donald Donell, Riley Gardner, O. C. Gordon, Clovis Hamilton, XVilliam Hamilton, Orville Herring, Richard Kennel, Joe Parker, Roy Pierson, James Rhodes, Weltmer Sebastain, George Schwecller, Edgar Tinney, Lloyd Turner, W. A. Terry, Kenneth Tyler, John Williams, Ed Williams, Joe Williams, Thomas Whitlow, Jerry Willis, Billy Page One Hundred Sixteen Tl-IE OAK -:V Rifle Team Jack Gardner Charles Johnson Jack Benda Jack Reams Coleman Romine Coree Carroll Robert Casteel Gilder Davis Oak Cliff won the City Championship Rifle Match with a score of 1173 out of a possible 1200. Two of our men won first and second places in this match. Oak Cliff won second place in the Corps Area Match, being beaten by Canon City High School by three points. The team this year has been especially good in bringing to our school cups, medals, and praise. On account of the high showing of our team, We were designated to participate in the National Intercollegiate Match, and also the Hurst Trophy Match. In the Shoulder to Shoulder Match' Oak Cliff also won over all the Dallas high schools. Page One Hundred Seventeen 44 lzK as 'W Q 'O -6? :. E. : f ' sl is. . x ,Q I . Q 1 'eff . .. The Conqueror Room for me, timid ones, room, make room! Little I care for your fret and fume I dare whatever is mine to meet, I laugh at sorrow and jeer defeat, To doubt and doubters I give the lie, And fear is stripped as I swagger by, And lifeis a light and I seek the fray, I am the spirit of youth, make way! Room for me, all of you, make me room! Where the rifles clash and the canns boom Where glory beckons or love or fame, I plunge me heedlessly in the game. The old, the wary, the wise, the great, They cannot sway me, for I am Fate, The brave young master of all good play, I am the spirit of youth, make way! -BERTON BRALEY 4.1-1.4. H 4114 , x 7 ' fa? f 1 1 4 ab 4, 1 ,,,. i .1 ,rf iz' -p f' -4 -K, , 4:1 1 : 11 C ' 1 1 1 1 ' , if f 11111 , AX, , 1 1 +1 ' L Yi 15.1113 11911 , ln' ' ..f. ,...., L., -. 1 W, 5 1 X ' 1 ff P 14 X- 1.11 11? 1 '4 sf T7' 1 ' ' . ' . X: if 1. 'rf' ' 1- 1 - .. ' , , rw '1 V6 ' 3 '1 3, JT' 'Yi' '1'11,!' 1' , ' 11 1? X 52:1 f x 1 M iff- MRM Ri! ,1, XX kin: Ji yn M f 1 ' s 4 Y W N1 , ,,, 12 YQ311, 1x . X f i WX I ' xi ? 1 ,111 1 1 X111 X11 r1 lj 1 111 X 9 IVX 5 M 1 f, ff lx 1 f, A RK 11 If 1 Kuff ' 1 f ,1' 1 fr W 52 X L 5 33 ?,.5ff1 If N 1 15111 11' A f ff. 11 '51 'W 1 V, A -.11 ,uw X Y- ir. M11x ':1Ak1 4,1 X1 it M 1f1W? 1111 11 1 53111, 4 ff . J 11151 ' NK 12' 1 1 1 11.1 ' ' '- 111 1 ,1 X 141 1. 11 11. 11 111111 1 1' fr' .9353 -14 .1 ,1 1 1 f Eix5 lNxs bi ? 1 1 1 1 1 11,111 1 1!'f' '1 1s L1 41 11.91151 , ., A, ,., 'L-1,1 11' 1 5 ' 1' 11,117 W ,.1 1 ' F .1 .,f 1' 1 11151111 1 1 1 .ew 11 1 1 1 '1 11 1 ' f' ' fwgnfi u 11 1 ,1:. 'u 5, J' ' f '11, ,g ' 1,13 - . 4:1f'rfiT 'gi ' 1' ' . 1.11 1 125 1 1 1 f 1 W1 I 711.14 if V 1 A 7 ' 4 fi 1 1, an 1 3 ,. 1 ' 4 M 1 f I JD I1 1 11, '41 - V0 ' '1 1' 1 ni l ' , V11 1 ,1 11- 111.X 1,1 ff 1' I1 , 1 I1 1' 1 J1 - fag.. A . X4 w 1- 11' Q E f ax X -1 1 11, , R 1. 1 , . 1 - 172 IIS 1 1,11 5 gl ff1'f7,.'.,,,1-Q31-3 I .1 I 5 f 51 .V -1 I 7 7 f . 1 ,. 54: ,,g+:'- 111 1111511 1 1g L1 ,,'J ' , f 151- -1 1,5 51' v 1 11.211 .1 ' 21-1 , - JL . 1111 11-91 - WE, ' fi 1 1 2 1 11. fu 1 X w-'11, ' 11 J 2, af, . - ,1 ' '4 '1.,1',1-41152 7 1 1 1 . '1-gf.: . 11 1, A fi Z ' 1' 1 1 11 1 A4' 1 2 1 1 1 1 ' 1 gf - F 1, ,yy , 1 , , , I K I, 1 fx 111,17 if 1 Qi, 1' ' 1' -1 1 f 1r117 I1 1.1111 1 x '1 fr 1,1 9 Y 1 1 , K X , 1, I nl 1 IL 4 'XXISHJIM U! IU ,J1 ' M X 11' ff X 1 '1 4 X 1 1 1 4111 , f 1.1 1551 1 TL 11S11,,1 1 wg 1 1,1 In 1 PM Rl N UWM1 M11 1 H' 1 F E li S 1 I I Jmlxk 1 1 ' Q QU, ga X fflfx 6 :HI 1 N 1 1 611,611 H hw UMA. W ' '11, 1H1111M11 Q12' Wdvvx K4 I If X V 41 'f' ff I1 111 - 4 Nl, 1 E QQ WJ I fy if l U' 1 1 'J A JL 1! X fl I 5 XX NH X ' 'rl 4 in 1ein 3-JI: j' 1 ,111 r mg 1 I' I A 1 '111 ' !,11 Fe 'MI AV' I fb i f, 1 fnfyf 71 I 1.1L H . I 11 111 111111 11 ,1 f X ,11 1' f 11 1 1 1 ' 1 11 X X 1 MIM 'F ' 'W f V i Q K 111 X 1 7 17111 1Ni1llt 'MQ ll Nl 11 i 1 1 ' I I 111 . 1 If 1 V I Y 4 J' 1 'I 71 V W!! .10 11 X X1 I , i Nw' , f 1, N1 X XXI1 X ' 'Q . Q X Q52 11 , f-F' ,,.. W-Y 1 113 mf 1' ' A . Q I F, 1 V ':' 1'9 lf'f .M H JAN mimi xg K A, A N 5 lu .1 3 r L 5' mx ma This tlaey all with a joyful mind Bear through life like a iorcla in flame, And falling, fling to the bost bcflyincl- 'Play up! Play up! And play the gamel' HENRY NEWBOLT. Tl-IE OAK f Page OHL' Hundred T1UFlllj' J 1 THE OAK V E , l F eff, Y 'Q -in 'WI A? 9 6 Ed Sneed J. D. Simpson D. C. Nolan Ray McGee F. W. Addison Clovis Harter Howard Jennings Clifford Harter Ben Lyrle Clarence Ivie Rey Zethrans Chal Linn Daniel Merrifield Gerald Parks Arnold Anderson Russell Pindy Football Squad Billy Prentice and Charles Moore Charles Beckham I. B. Benson Mike Steindorf Charles Sprague E. T. Johnson Granville Coleman Coy Lewis Pete Solomon Roy Kinnan Carlos Jones Mack McGinnis Bob Middleton W. C. Whitten lrwin Gage Jim Lunday J. H. Kinsey . . . Mascots 'Wt fi 'ti ,il K nr '--we ----i I 'n Page One Hundred Twenty-one J l ' . Tl-IEOAK r m y 'I WINTON CPopj NOAH Pop, although handicapped by having young and inexperi- enced men, turned out, as usual, a scrapping, hard-fighting team. All the boys like him, and enjoy playing under his supervision. He is well versed in all phases of the game, but specializes in coaching the backfield. He sets an example in his own life of what each of the boys under him would like to be. It is our sincere hope that he will be with us for many seasons to come. XV. P. DURRETT The task of developing a suitable line was left up to Mr. Dur- rett, which he did before the season closed. He could make the boys block and tackle as no other coach could. When he said Go, he meant it, and the boys knew it, and would give every- thing they had till he told them to stop. He is a gentleman, and is to be admired off the field as well as on it. He has gained the friendship and respect of every boy that he has coached, and we hope he may continue his good Work in the future. ? , 5 ,N 5' 525 1 I fi? l . ' ' D' '- Page Om' Hundred Twenty-two THE OAK Co-captains CLARENCE IVIE Earlier in the season played in the backfield, where he was outstanding at the Hrst of theseason, but later was transferred to his old end position, where he finished the rest of the season. Ivie was a good captain, tackler, pass receiver and punter. He was the only Leopard player to make the all-city team. Clarence has played end for the last three years and has always been an all- around athlete. He should go great in college foot- ball. Y Page One Hundred Twenty-lloree CARLOS JONES Was an ideal football captain. He was one of the best built tacklers that ever played on an OakCliif team. Speedo was a hard charging defensive player that was plenty hard to knock down. Jones was ex- ceptionally good on the of- fense and was an all-around good sport. When the time came to make a few addi- tional yards, Speedo', was shifted to the backfield to gain extra yardage. He hails from Amarillo, played three years of good foot- ball and his name will long be remembered by friends and backers of Oak Cliff teams. K W,-: C., ae N rs . Z , 'gl 1-0- 1 fi . Qf 1. f-wgyf Tfw... :-, -V J. D. SIMPSON i Simpson is a boy that has the ability to play any position in the backield. He packs a wonderful . ' JI. ' W Y 'in F' In I 2 . Q w pair of legs and is a good drop- kicker and punter. He has anoth- er year with the Leopards. Simp- son, though inexperienced at first of the season, developed into a powerful line player and blocker. He will make Oak Cliff a valu- able man next year. , I , CHARLES BECKHAM Beckham developed himself into a first class wing-man before the season finished. Charles was a good defensive end, and enemy players found his end difficult to circle. He had a peculiar Way of catching passes, but somehow always managed to hold them. Beckham has another year on the team and he is expected to be very good because of his speed, energy and ability. , CHARLES SPRAGUE, Captain-Elect Charles is the last of the Spragues, and has a wonderful football future ahead of him. He has a high standard set before him by his older brothers, Mortimer QBudj, an All-American, Howard and Johnny. There is something in that Sprague family that just won't give up until they have accomplished their work. Charlie was an all-round good center on both the defense and offense. He was an exceptionally hard tackler and had it not been for lack of weight and age, he would have undoubtedly beat Zed Coston out of all-state b th. atch that Sprague boy go next year! ED SNEED w Sneed was one of the best punters in the city and was good as a tackler. Many times he kept an opponent from crossing the goal line. He was a good blocker and passer. Had it not been for injuries he would have been a .much more outstanding player. Ed has played his last year of football for Oak Cliff and Oak 5 . Cliff will surely miss his services , next year. Q, ... .. .... .gf far diy' is ' I ' V L3 Page One Hunrlrerl Twenty-four .Y Tl-IEOAK TI-IE OAK sw BEN LYTLE CLOv1s HARTER One of the Harter twins he played his freshman year as a let- mwi 'aff' W terman. Clovis was shifty, fast and could skirt the ends at ease. He is an excellent blocker and tackler for his size and loves to mix it with his brother for hon- ors. At the rate that the twins went this year, they are due to make all-state in three years from now. Lytle was the youngest and most inexperienced player on the team, but he stuck and won his letter in the last two games. Ben has a quarterbacks features and should develop into a first-class one in a couple of years. He can block, pass, tackle and re- ceive passess. He should be a good player in the future. F. XV. ADn1soN Addison was an alert quarterback and he always knew the right play to call at the proper time. He was a fine passer, receiver and Addison played his first year as quarterback and he for calling signals. Although he was handicapped by tackler. He is smart, speedy, shifty, and did fine Page One Hundred Twenly-five was a good broken-field runner. had an exceptionally good voice weight, he was a hard defensive position. CLIFFORD HARTER Was a good football player like his brother. He excelled in the line of passing the ball. Clifford is stockier built than his brother and much is expected of him in footballfin 'the future. Clifford V and Clovis are so much alike in ...4 their ways thatvit is hard for the . 3 Sir fans to distinguish between them. f K SH?-Q x an U M if , THEQAK , 54-'sf . .153 J' 0 . . HOWARD JENNINGS Howard played center in scrimmage but usually played his biggest part at guard. Jennings 93 fl stood like a stone wall in the de- fensive position. He was always depended on to cover his position with the best that was in him. Howard has another year and should have a successful year 1 next season. Coy LEWIS Lewis was a real fighter, from hand to foot, and played guard position in great style. Cotton,, was a hard tackler, good defensive and offensive player and was always fighting for his team. Earlier in the season he played end, where he was outstanding, but later he was switched to guard. Lewis was an excellent pass receiver and was first in coming out of the line to form interference that led to many touchdowns for Oak Cliff. ARNOLD ANDERSON Anderson was the largest guard on the Leopard team. He had the weight and speed to tear holes in the line of his opponents. This was his Hrst year on the team but if he had another year he would probably develop into an outstanding player. . .. fl. M I. B. BENSON Benson was the heaviest backfield man on the Leop- ard team and could tote the mail with the best of the fullbacks. He was hard to tackle because of his speed and weight. He was a good pass receiver and tackler. On defense he backed up the line and 1 played all-round good foot- - , ball for his first year out a for the team. ,W A ' i' ' ' 1 Page One Hundred Twenty-six W' TI-IE OAK V ' Q GRANVILLE COLEMAN I Q 1' I ' Lettered at a guard po- if ,X M .ff - sition because of his de- x E 5 xx L 1,,: 1. .Iv , tj ' 2 If L MX fe Q 9 J 41 fensive ability. He could charge the opponent lines- ' ' men before they could move out of their tracks. Coleman stuck with foot- ball from start to finish and made a successful guard for Oak Cliff. IRWIN GAGE Found his way into the line-up at the end of the season. Gage possessed the size and fighting heart and quickly learned the principles of the game. He was a hard tackler and covered his territory on defense well. Irwin was always ready to go into the game and battle for the team. ROY KINNAN Played his first and last year at Oak Cliff, but his name will be remembered and his work on the gridiron has been successful. Roy hurt his knee on the kick-off of the open- ing game with Masonic Home, but didn't say a word to anyone until the game was over. Kinnan had a fighting football heart for which he will long be remembered. JIM LUNDAY This was the first year that jim played on the Leopard team, but he played his position like a r n. Jim had the deter- n to win a berth on e eopard team, which -.J he id. Jim is as rough on the gridiron as he is kind off it. 5 '33 QF I' 5 va ,. H 6 . I L. M' A f Page One Hundred Twenty-seven Q Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb SC 4, THE OAK Baslcet Ball 0 ROY fCaptai11J KINNAN, Guan! This was Royis first year to be on the basketball team, but he played like a seasoned veteran. He was a big factor in the defeat of the Tech Wolves, who were the city cham- pions, and he also showed himself to be a very capable captain, While playing the remaining games on the schedule. Schedule FIRST HALF . . . Forest Vs. Oak Cliff . . . Sunset vs. Oak Cliff . . . Technical vs. Oak Cliff . . . Woodrow Wilson Vs. Oak Cliff SECOND HALF . Forest vs. Oak Cliff . Sunset vs. Oak Cliff . Technical Vs. Oak Cliff . North Dallas vs. Oak Cliff . Woodrow Wilson vs. Oak Cliff Mr. Noah was basketball c.oach this year and turned out a fairly good team. Although he did not put his team very high in the running, his boys were Well versed in the funda- C mentals of the game. One could see the determination, the fighting spirit, and the clean V sportsmanship in this team as in all teams which are coached by Mr. Noah. ,, sp Za W, . im' i- Page One Humlred Tweuiy-eiglal T HE OAK DELBERT WILLIS, For-ward This was Delbert's first year to letter on the Leopard cage team. Delbert is a very quiet person, but he made himself known by his fighting spirit. He could always be depended upon when the team needed him most. Delbert will be back again next year and should be one of the mainstays of the team. CARLOS JONES, Guard Carlos, who was captain of the football team, had the same grim determination to win in basket- ball as he did in football. He was a very accurate shot and possessed feinting ability which was hard to equal. This was Carlos' first year to letter on the basketball team. CLARENCE IVIE, Guard Clarence was the best passer and dribbler on the team. He was a crip shot artist and all-round good guard. His defensive Work was spectacular as was his oifensive work. This was Clarence's fourth year to play at Oak Cliff and he finished up very suc- TIM WELCH, Center Tim was the tallest man on the team and he used his height to an advantage. He mastered an overhand shot that resulted in many points for the Leopards. When Tim graduated at mid-term his loss was a severe blow to the team, but his fine spirit will be remembered forever by his team- mates. CHARLES SPRAGUE, Center Charles was the spark plug of this year's team. He was fast, a good dribbler, and the possessor of an excellent overhand pass that went straight as an arrow to its mark. Charlie is the last of the Spragues to carry the Blue and White colors. He will be back for the first half of the basketball season next year. DAVID TRACHT, Forward David was unable to participate in the first half of the city series race because of an injured leg, but he proved his basketball ability by leading the team in scoring the last half. He was an accurate a good offense man. Dave took his bas- cessfully. Such an excellent guard will be hard Q replace. Page One Hundred Twenty-nine and never gave up until the last 4 we N.. Tl-IE OAK .,x D 5 , - 3 if Nik TENNIS N J J fi, 115 ,fu J 44 ,Q 1 GOLF . .fa -' . b 'M Pug e' One I'17Hltl7'L'll Thirty THE OAK Q .. 'Z A 'e' ' U Baseball Squad The Oak Cliff baseball team is sadly lacking in veteran players this year, wich only two letter men backs J. D. Simpson, outfielder, and Clarence Ivie, third baseman. How- ever, under the capable guidance of Mr. Durrett and with the wealth of raw material that he has on hand, the Leopards are expected to deal the top notchers plenty of trouble this year and to develop into real champions in the future, Mr. Durrett is regarded as one of the best baseball coaches in the city and he is Working all the time to better his baseball club. This can be seen by watching the Leopards improve from game to gameg a player never makes the same mis- take twice. Page One Hundred Thirty-one ? way 'li 5. 'fr if..ft..a!w.rt.pfx.ff THE OAK Track Team u After winning the city and district championships in 1932 and 1933, respectively, Oak Cliff's thinly clads were nosed out of the city championship in 1934, by Woodrow Wilson. The boys who placed in city meet this year were: Charles Sprague, second in the discus and third in the shot putg D. C. Nolan, first in the low hurdles, Forrest Ulm, second in the hundred-yard dash and second in the two- twenty yard dash, Charles Beckham, fourth in the quarter- mile rung Louree Lindsay, fourth in the mile rung Carlos Jones, fourth in the shot put. Oak C1iif's relay team won first in the city meet. The following were members of the team: Forrest Ulm, D. C. Nolan, Raymond Oster and Charles Beckham. mtffm M3 Page Om' Hundred Tlfurly two TI-IE OAK H-'Na CIWZZI' l..2dd6l'S Let,s give nine for the cheer leaders! Everyone else around the school Who does anything at all worthy of note Gets nine rah's, or maybe fifteen. The cheer leaders put all they've got Into the game, too, And a game is never played Without them. So, come on now, everybody up! Let's give nine for the cheer leaders! fl . . lv? yn 1- I 1 I ?7 if Cl'-I fi , if L T I -QY 5 va .. ,, Q! --in F , ,.a.. i 5' Page One Hundred Tlairly-lhree 1. APPRECIATION We, the staff of the 1934 OAK, wish in this place to express our appreciation to all those who have by their assistance enabled us to publish this yearbook. We Wish particularly to thank Mr. Adamson for permitting us to publish the book, Miss Hammock, for helping us to finance itg Mrs. Clement, for advising us in developing the art motif g Miss Aduddell, for assisting With all the content of the book, Mr. Campbell and Mr. Clement, for directing the taking of the group pic- tures, Miss Baker, for devoting class time to our typing: Miss Graves, for the generous loan of office records and tele- phone, and Mr. Harry M. Crenshaw of the Southwestern Engraving Company, for invaluable service in the prepara- tion of printer's material. QA k 11 xy N111 1 ' ff '111 , :'1'11 1f11111 1 1' 1 1 ' 1111 1 1-1111111-H' '1 ' f ' 1 !1 Y 1 1 7 12 11-15 51 1 1119 1-1 ,..f, 1. f., 1 - ... K 11.1111 .g 1 1 , 1 1, . ,, 1 1 1.1, - 1-1:1 ' 'xi f- ff .1 3111.11xz1 V115, -U 111, 11- X11 Hx V111 X1 1,111g1,-:1gXM1X4 2111. Y. 1111 -11 - 11 1 .11 1111 1 1 1. -,..- 11 Q ,!,, 11-w 1 .1 1 -111 1 111-3 1111.1 1.-X 1- 11 1 1 15 ' 11' -'gf 1- ' ' 51' f 1 1, 1-15' 1 1111-Q 11'-11'-,H g1fgXSa1,Y13QQ1PQ'-fkkkkv W1 A1 1 ' 4 ' ' i I' I I1 211 Y 'j1'1-1 11211 XV 'KJ W? Il M11 '-11 V 1 'gl 11 1ff1 - '- 1 1 11-111' 1 '11-1 'A .1.'-111111-Q 111 111 11 11- H b, I , . , . , X W :1:!i11i1!f-N - 1 , XX XX XXX xjx tvgxq 1 11. 111 1 11 Y V! , ,-R,51y!1M- X. 1, 1 ,.. 1 - 1-x-. 1 1 ,-.1 1, 1- 1,1 1 1 1x1-1 -A if k-,!L 1 ,1, 4. ki -X X YQN j if klu-X1 -X Ii xb 11 1 - 1 - 111 1 1,1 III11, 1 1 I xx 1 f 1 IL 1 -' - V1 A ' 1' 6 J ,ff 1 N141 X . 1 4 , ' ' ' :L 11' 1 1 1 1 x1,,,Y,'f,, 'jja fj 5' M1 f f f f'51f ,Wap 2 I1 14 KA W fifmff ., I. 't' ,ff f X 1 ,f I X 1 1 j1fZW 1 f 51? , - 1 f W xX5 kk X325 f N 1 , - -'-,. 1 1 -,Q 1 . 1' -- 11 -. Q1 1-RX1--X X 1 111 - 1 11 1 1 A 1 5 1 1 - A 11 1 ., 11 1 , X ks x 1,15 31 I ' NQL1i A 72111 1 1-, 1 V'-1: 1 , 911 'KX '- j'!111 11 V, 11X -,pfw 1111 1 j X I 111-1,-'f f -M fm-11 1l . W1-11-1 1 -31 1 -11 111?f' 3 N1 . 1 1111-111 11 l 1- 111 1, 311111 1:11 -i! -X- 5 -. ',-, A 1 !ig v - - .jill 117 7 11 'Via -Q1 ' 1 -,1'11'1'111 '31 1 W 'Y 'ff ?7Yf ' i.1'1 1171 11 11 11 -14 ?1 1 1 1111 5 J 11 12 1 1 ,L U11 11 11 V51 Y L V V fl fgr' V , m,f!':,l1g! , 1F,:1,!' M1711 'ix ,171 -V,if4 4lE11,U' 1 Z- ,1, 5 Ak 114- 1 1'1,,55.,?l,,,.j I I 553- xii 1 I 1' 1' ff' , 1 ' I-,1 vi. 11 is. 111' 1 -1---1 1 1 11 F k'l'111'1 if 111111 111 -1:11 -'11-7' f 1-' A'1 ' 1f' 1 11'-W' I 1' 11' ff T11 115151511 -11 :II111111 19 .A-,1 1 1-1,1 W.1 X111 11 1 1 311,111 '13 11 12-151 : L - 'Q ' '11 :- '1. f1 5151- , 1- -5 ,X 1' 1-1 11 11? 12? 1, 1 . ,,1, 1 1 V ' 1x11 N 111 Q 1, I' 1 N1 V15 KL11 - jxggrj 'fig g x wit 11f 3 111 ! 11 ,l1hil gr 1 1H,',E11 11 ,N , iff '11, JL, 9 A V u1N,V X 1-51? V' iff? 111 ir' H -1 1 I -111 111-11 1 11-11111-. ff C1- 1 1 1 1111? 1: A1'i1,51f 11 i!'1,Js1-fQiE'1f115 fhqas ff '11 11k I 111 H1 ' 11 -111111,-11E,111?'5 111- . .1 J I q ' 11 -1111 -1 115 il 11511-1 f- '1 1 F 1. R 1' '?, 'ii':f 3 ' '- I - 1 11 ' KX ' A 1' '-1 'Y 11111 1 1 1-1! if -111 -rf -5 1111f111'1-11151291111 ----- ' 1-,.-JY 1'1'. 51' ,f7'I-i-Ft--, ' 1, 1 xx . 11 1 1 ' 1 121 ,ie 1,3 ' 1 if fn' ,151-Y I' ' 1 ' 1 ' 5-.i1.'N' f: 99 4 I, ' 1 -, 1' K1 'i' '1' 1 1 .fi -1 -1'1 1 1- ,f gh X ,I ' - f W- -, -1 1 11111111 11- ,if 1' fm 11fjl..1f. ' 1 I Mfi,1 ,1I:! fr.. 1,11 f1 F , .J WAN. X In Y me Y Ffyffw f xv 1.1, gf? lW11 1k X11I1 X f ! 1 jZ,Eg1lr lu 11, '1 51, 1 1 I ,1f 1, 1 V- 11'l'i1i1'z-X1-N11-:1! 1 11 1 1 1.151 1511 7 K 1 11011. 1 1!111 , 1 1111111111 11 111:11 31-11311.11-111 1 ,lg T . 142-I 11 11- kj X ,. N x Ml I I-I Q 1 1,ra11111H1iI1!1L1i 1121 111 , Q- H- 1' 1 ' , -511-1 ' 1 1 '1'11.1 11112111 111' 1 1 ' 1 11' Lf ' 1 1 X ff X 1X X ' Y H X Z1 1 ' - 1 11 1 '1 1' 1, f- ,ff ff 111 -1 211121 ,Q-1 - 1111111 11-1 11111-1111-11111111151 1 Q 11 ff' ' ' .1 1 J ff 1' 11'-'1 11 ' xg ' 1 'V '-U' 1,1 11 151 91 ' 111' M1 '1 Ny! f' 4f 1' 1 1- 1.1 11 1 - 113 IL W-1'11l'117i1 .'1-1 1 73 J- 1 -X A X71 ' A Q' V1 ' 11 ' ' LW QXN 1 Q ,-- 'I 1' 1 1 '1 1 11- PJW11 -11 111 1! 1 11511'111 ll? fi'1 ' 111111, M-A 1 K f1 ' 1 11111 ,Y ' 1 1' qv! '111N'i1 . . . 11 11 1 1 ' -:1 -1 ' '15'511'1': 1 111'1l111 1- 1- 1 1-1 Q1 11- 11- -.11 11-11f1111- -111111.11-111111-1111 1' L17 17 1, 11 1 --11 1 1 11 1111- nl 1111-' -1111-11-11 1 11 X ff -1 1, 1- 1 F-Eli 1-1 1 -1'1 -' fi! ' 11 ' 1 ' Q?-G44 L 11 .-Y' ff el - 1 1' Y- 1 --Lifxgzf' .,.. . 11 ' 1- 1 X1 Ei 1 1 1 - ,X -1 1 ff L 1 X Y 1 fwiv-6 an ,, if Cecil Vann: This sure is a swell-looking golf ball. Dabney Gfurley: Yes, itls a joy to be holed. Mrs. Taylor: Ferne, what kind of a noun is 'Kiss'? ' Fer-ne: Common Mrs. Taylor: Decline it. Ferne: Please donlt ask me to. 21' 2? 7? Employer: What calling do you follow, my good man? Mike S.: My wife's. H' H- 5? The favorite flower of almost any girl is the Flower of American Youth. G? 2? 2? Mother: Edward, why are you always at the tail end of your class?', Edward: 'lThat's all right, Mother: they teach the same thing at both endsf, I. L. Muirhead: I want something for my voice.', Clerk: But this is a hardware store, not a drug store. I. L. M.: I know it. I want a mega- phone. if 29 2? William Heller insisted upon having a part he could get his teeth into, so Miss Banker obliged him by giving him a part in which he bit the dust. FP Fl' 35 Miss Higgenbotharn: Why did the peo- ple of old believe that the earth was flat?', Billy H.: Because they didn't have any school globes to prove it was round. 35 Fl' as Little words of Latin, Little lines to scan, Make a mighty Virgil And a crazy man Qalso a girlj. 9l' ?5 if' Mrs. Bryant: How is it that you stand so much lower in your studies in January than in December?', Bette: Oh, everything's marked down after the holidays. Tl-IE OAK Renfrow I.: Once I hit a golf ball and nearly killed a manf' Mr. Leftwieh: Really? Renfrow I.: Yes, the pro who was teach- ing me almost dropped dead when I hit it.', 75 75 51' Billy Parrish: Well, I must be off. Elizabeth Covington: Thais what I thought when I first met you. 25 25 X- Billy P.: I'm goin' to study Literature. Charles Poteet: Oh! Are you? Billy: Yes. I want to get a literary appe- tite. Which poets should I start with? Charles Poteet: If you want a literary appetite I think you should begin with Hogg, Lamh and Bacon? 75 75 :I- Give a woman an inch, and she'll take reducing exercises. 75 55 7? Lida: Oh, what an awful cut on your head! Freddie: Oh, next to nothing, next to nothing? :s a a- Dot', Ashley: Dad, what kind of a present do you want for your birthday?,' Mr. Ashley: Oh, I don't know. What kind of a necktie do you have in mind?,' 35 :P 55 Mr. Matthews: Who was Homer? Dan Shelby: The guy Babe Ruth made famous. Pl' Ui' as Gene Worden: What does my singing make you think of? Florence W.: The neighbors. 75 X' 75 Then you've received an invitation that suits you? Yes, to a teaf, H' 9? 75 An editor may dig and toil Till her finger ends are soreg But some smart Aleck is sure to say, I've heard that joke before. Page One H umlrecl Thirty-six Tl-IE OAK Shag! I .llh I- -Ir In I . ws neu vov nu! I 1 F R-N0 ' YlGKi S. i izgrgauibnvl Q, ,, v fs QS- Q5 14' qw ?m?1'Sl4i Sf? 'I 4 JL QQ '14 Q 9 Q ,T -U HND OTHERWISE Qfw L fff 4? 'iff eta 'NN CARTOON X. - f. o no ' 5 I, ff GREG IT sagging: wqgg, -if I , rmovun me Mwaws N.,5a,,,f, X HZ ' - NQCK, 613- 1' 1N ou enum onufas' fy u 1 - mow vou can 'VCRRITORY ' L X 7212 , I K ,Q 4. W QU, X fl , , N f, Q , ' ' -Josie OP Jf 1 , , .- ' TIQETHIR ,X 4 2 L 1 f 1:03616 Mr+1DeN ,, X Y g ,A .I ff on Tue b fa Mi - 1 En Sueen ' , f 535525 , 5, ' 1 santa H x A X .. 7 - .,X 3. ad ' A ' ' m HT-invurl' if 'HS 'f- FOR ow wpds ond K iw LMT ROOM xo., WR- K 1 ' UP? louvluvifzdl CLRUONERWOO ,Jia ' X 6. - 9 9' mmm wuwsvd 45. F, , . -Q U . 'Af F VRED IXARRTN gb N S ANLSVVRTTON ol' ,, , ' T 6' me Beiknivmgse , S we qmwmua muuu- , V f , Z ! 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Old Salt Qscratching headj: Sir! It is solitary confinement and bread and water. :l- :E :? One fellow who always tells on the girls is Old Father Time. THE GREEKS HAD A WORD FOR IT Mrs. Clement: This Greek statute was buried for 2,000 years. Believe me, the Greeks knew something about art. Stilwell A.: Yes, that explains why they buried the horrible things. :E :P :E MAKING HER WORK Carl Cmnpns: I saw Berniece kissing her Chemistry professor last nightf, Betty C0-Ed: Yes, that's her weak point. C. C.: t'Kissing?,' Betty C0-Ed: No. Chemistry. 35 25 :I- Dorothy Barnett: Make fun of my sing- ing, if you wish, but remember there'll be a crowd at my concert tonight. Leighton Atteherry: 'tOh! So you're one of those people who think three's a crowd? A girl can generally tell when a man's in love with her, and, what's more, she gen- erally does. 25 :P P5 ' Mrs. Eskimo: Well, where have you been the last six months? Mr. Eskimo: My dear, I've been sitting up all night with a sick friendli' Horace: I call my girl 'I-Iinges'.', Billy What for? Horace She's something to adoref, 2. ' Tl-IE OAK Slippery ice-very thin, Pretty girl-tumbled in, Saw a boy-on a bank, Gave a shriek-then she sank, Boy on bank-heard her shout, Jumped right in-helped her out, Now he's hers-very nice, But, she had-to break the ice. Absent-Mindea' Business Man Qafter kiss- ing his wifej: Now, dear, I will dictate a couple of letters. Cathryn W.: Fm saving all my short- skirted dresses and putting them away in a trunk. 1 fanie L.: For a rainy day? Cathryn W.: No, a windy onef' :P :P :P Aa'mire1': I don't see what you want with that young millionaire, anywaylv Girl: Well, a large estate, a Rolls-Royce and a choice bank account would go very nicely with him, I'd say. 'Twas midnight in the parlor, 'Twas darkness everywhere, The silence was unbroken, There was nobody there. 75 :E :S Dale D.: Isn't this a stupid party? Pete Tipps: Yes, Dale: But why not let me take you home? Petey: Sorry, I live heref' 25 :P :E FAIR MAIDEN'S FIRST VOYAGE Monday-Went down to ship today--every- body saw me off. Everybody is nice. Tnesctay--Met captain of ship. He is very nice. Wednesday-The captain tried to kiss me. I indignantly refused. Thursday-The captain is wild with anger! He says that unless I consent to kiss him he will sink the ship. Friday-I saved the lives of 500 people. Page One Hundred Thirty-eight TI-IE OAK Cecil Vann: This sure is a swell-looking golf ball.', Dabney Gurley: Yes, it,s a joy to be holed. Mrs. Taylor: Ferne, what kind of a noun is 'Kiss'9 Ferne: Common.,' Mrs. Taylor: Q'Decline it.', Ferne: Please donit ask me to. Employer: What calling do you follow, my good man? Mike S.: My wife's. The favorite flower of almost any girl is the Flower of American Youth. Mother: Edward, why are you always at, the tail end of your class?,' Edward: That's all right, Motherg they teach the same thing at both ends. 2'r 2? 2? j. L. Mnirhead: I want something for my voice. Clerk: But this is a hardware store, not a drug store. I. L. M.: I know it. I want a mega- phone. 35 29 FP William Heller insisted upon having a part he could get his teeth into, so Miss Banker obliged him by giving him a part in which he bit the dust. 2? 35 ii' Miss Higgenhotharn: Why did the peo- ple of old believe that the earth was flat?,' Billy H.: Because they didn't have any school globes to prove it was round. 25 25 25 Little words of Latin, Little lines to scan, Make a mighty Virgil And a crazy man falso a girlj. il' 21' 21' Mrs. Bryant: How is it that you stand so much lower in your studies in January than in December? Bette: Oh, eve1'ything's marked down after the holidays. Page One Hundred Thirty-nine 2' A if Q V w i' X? Renfrow I.: Once I hit a golf ball and nearly killed a man. Mr. Leftwich: Really?,, Renfrow I.: Yes, the pro who was teach- ing me almost dropped dead when I hit it. :5 ss sp Billy Parrish: Well, I must be off. Elizabeth Covington: That,s what I thought when I first met youf' 25 21- 21' Billy P.: I'm goin' to study Literaturef, Charles Poteet: Oh! Are you? Billy: Yes. I want to get a literary appe- tite. Which poets should I start with? Charles Poteet: If you want a literary appetite I think you should begin with Hogg, Lamh and Bacon? 21' FP -1' Give a woman an inch, and she,ll take reducing exercises. 25 2? 25 Lida: Oh, what an awful cut on your headlv Freddie: Oh, next to nothing, next to nothing. 7? 75 Pl' Dot Ashley: Dad, what kind of a present do you want for your birthday? Mr. Ashley: Oh, I donit know. What kind of a necktie do you have in 1rfind? 25 2? 2? Mr. Matthews: Who was Homer?', Dan Shelby: The guy Babe Ruth made famousf, 21' 25 25 Gene Worden: What does my singing make you think of P Florence W.: The neighbors. Then you've received an invitation that suits you? Yes, to a tea.', 2? 5? 2? An editor may dig and toil Till her finger ends are sore, But some smart Aleck is sure to say, 5 I've heard that joke before. H-avg 5 . J' SHOP AT... SEARS-ROEBUCK AND CO. Tour Oak Clzff Store AND SAVE R, Q, C, Teacher: Johnny, what is a mountain range. HEADQUARTERS I johnny: Please, mam, it is a large-sized RIDING OUTDOOR cook stove. EQUIPMENT CLOTHING QVVUZZJJ MILITARY EQUIPMENT zoa NORTH AKARD STREET Ball Nut and Candy Co. Salted Nuts Fine Candies Cold Drinks 409 S. Beckley Phone 6-0078 Oak Clijjr High Drag Store Complete Line of Drugs and School Supplies Phone 6-0242 BALFOURS Oak Clijjf High Ojiicial Jewelers Class Rings, Pins, Medals, Trophies Along with a Complete Line of Retail jewelry , . , L. O. BALFOUR OO. Frencfay: ' What are you doing now? ' fuanita: Working in a candy factoryf' JOHNNY CUNGINGSMITH' Manager Frelwby: What doing? 206 North St. Paul Dallas jnalfita: Milking chocolates. Watch Repairing IN sincere appreciation of the patronage and friendship of the entire stud- ent loody and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past eleven years American Beauty Cover Co. 1900-8 ORANGE STREET TI-IE COVER ON THIS BOOK WAS PRODUCED IN THIS PLANT All Photos by Bro woo Ei? Browne Sz'uo'z'o5 The South's Leading Photographers for more than a quarter Century DALLAS KANSAS CITY GOOdman Cleaners Fairy Q.: I was terribly embarrassed this Plant at North Bishop morning. I had come a block on my way to Phgne 9.3211 school when I noticed I still had on my bed Lillian: I put my whole mind into this room slippers? l' Wanda N.: What did you do? Poem? Fairy I had to limp all the way back Miss Bell: Evidently, I see itis blank hornelv Twist Style Visit the Spotless Pl nt Where it is Made 55, ll 1 lfzbokfx.. 7- M 9th 8 Marsalis 'l' I-Iami1ton's Pharmacy T hf e We Carry a complete line of o UALITY 0 NE reason for qual- ity is its great endurance. This store for men and young men was here earlier than the youth of your fathers. The quality to which it holds itself argues that it will be here, still thriving and growing, when you have become the parent. . . and so on through DRUGS AND CANDIES Toilet Preparations Clyde B. Lamar joe H S h LAMAR 86 SMITH Funeral Home SOO W. Jefferson Aveda Phone 6 2146 ,P I STAGES OF WOMAN succeeding generations. Safety-pins. Fraternity-pins , Whip-pins. Diamond-pins Hair-pins. Clothes-pins Rolling-pins. E0 Mo 'li KA HN SZ C0 Compliments of O Main and Elm y Van Winkle s Book Store at Lamar 1609 Elm Street - ,. z.,-. -, , ,, ,-K-,.QK1:f Q, K-..:,K,. - .V K.-MK.,-, :VK K,,,.:- ,:,.V,. 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HUNT, Manager Styles for the Young Man i 5 119 f- W. Jefferson f MAN SHQP 6-1094 Rainbow Cleaning Co. E. E. PRICHARD, Owner 117 West Jefferson Phone 9-8760 Oak' Cfzfffv Cooley! Spots B I S 0 N 2010 W. jefferson 9-3601 Wide Range Western Electric Sound Air Cushion Chairs . . Iced Air Magnoscope Wide Screens Sound Equipped Cry Rooms Free Parking Lots with Uniform Attendants A S T 0 R 7th and Bishop 6-3535 Oak Clzfnr Best Equzbped T healres

Suggestions in the Adamson High School - Oak Yearbook (Dallas, TX) collection:

Adamson High School - Oak Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


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