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iQ, H Vf.,x!1f.,A-Q4-v 2 -.L ,A . . Q W M -x-4 ., mx V+! - - EX DIZQBRI i .i JJ fi it! - .,.N.,, t... i 1 1 . .rL 5 i L gs rA -ALL , 11'-cfm? ::m.wp7ffW ',,.31k..x. ., A, X , ,, AA , , . Y -5- T he Oak 4 ,Nf', , f I H I . IHQAIUII E Ill Ill QE Copyright, 1933 Eu'if0r.v LORRAINE SMITH DEANE BELVL B1lXil1l'XX Mfllld,gl'l'.Y GEORGE CHES N UT XVILLIAM KEITH hh "fi A A3. JL, '.':,,.?'-f".i',"?" li W7f59f 125' Z 1 J QL .f-v'Xff' 'R QLBXQSHQDV K hae ff 5ENkOPx LLA55 DF UPN-S CLIFF HIGH '-ELHOOL 71 Pi M Ap .-1, V Y FIDIQEWDIQD When flowers of spring have faded, When summer suns have set, And happiness is but a dream And age in vain regret, Hie you away to the groves of youth Forget old-age as it grievesg Renew the joys of yesterday NVith these gay tinged Oak leaves. wwumnv wII1H"".1H1111" 1 ,mga wpmnnlmlllluuiuuln ,-il.,..,l1-1 ...ii- ,in ,ul 'UKNl1,,,l,IIlLI.,IlIll .Wil I i .'H1l:1y,lV1Q,'11Hll.. Qu nn myL'frwWrunnunmm1myaa4N21kM1Q4l3WllwlllMaaiaazaraabmy1?ari1111rnzl1il144+4mail " 1.1 ' ,. ,...N'wfK'u,gL, Q 1-1 To one Llllfilililul in service, wisci11ludush1p 3yl11IJAlEI1CIiC in ' Cooper-tlwis issue - ' ' . nH'ucti0n.1 c x' L . 3 Stnfjf. "f " Il'1'gg-H15i'Hl HHIH .qnf,1,l1lIv" Il' -1' "' H mul., fW"iiiiu1mN!!WV'521Yiiiiiiiiififif'2'54'i'! ..:!E2f.?5i!:iEew Mszflsfjil ""'f:f' Y 1+ 1w,,,r5::w.!!.i:l.?' -Mlm' :::5!!1!5u!grrl:'!mWH ,,iAfP.p:,lIf-.,,::55g:::1sg:55i:..-my '+f14lllUNlWU5zfffffliinm.wma H . ,I .I, ' ! f?PF!!!lf!!33!?E!f53511 X - F' 'I .kffxgp - f T0 Oak Cliljr High School When first I viewed your rising Walls Your spirit brave and strong, I saw the winding Shanghai streets And heard the K'ang I-Isi song: "In the Ta Yi potter's shop They cast with infinite care Each specimen they bring within Both plentiful and rare In the gleaming Ta Yi kilns. The roughened one is smoothed, The dull is made to shine, The plain is soon transformed With marvelous design, In the gleaming Ta Yi kilns. The Ta Yi men Work skilfully To fashion art of clayg The merchant ship sails in at night To carry it away From the gleaming Ta Yi kilnsf' You are the Ta Yi workshop. With loving care you mould Each mind, and heart, and spirit Of both the meek and bold. And time sails into port To bear each one away, That he may serve mankind In his individual Way. 42 W2HU'EW!921s315ifEW"'fWW i"e:iEiaiEE5i5i'r 11!' anM2191f2f2H i'i'gQzf:2e5s5 mumn11rnw1i!!!Q!Hi2s2seQQz11zlwI12QJQQQHQEIHWHHWU'BMmeaz51a1I4u11uin 1uWWt!K!Ui1Y!!QiQiaimiiinam URDEFUJFBUUIYS BDHXNIETRBTIBN SEMDHE UNDEBELFM'35I"kElV FFAVDHITEE UHEFHWZRT1 DNS NXLIIYKRY ATHLETICS HUNUE RDVHNYETRHTJDN 1J.r.J., Bnnnc THE TI-IATCHED EA VES Hvmulb ffm' l'tll'f'S Ihr' lL'I'f't!X rm' xzL'1'1Jf azwzy zuiffr c'l1l't', The' fZOlL't'!'jlIg xbrlzflx I rmrwf lzarcf fOI'lllt't1d fHlff7ll,'lI-Y fair. TIN xfrvam ffm! fvmfx flu' fivlrfs fbrnugly wlzffvxs L't'l'LlllV't, ll't'I1l1 Harb bill IJUUYOIILII fo mf' ifx lL't'tl1fl7 of wmfrald xfmfs. WANc1 AN-sum. ' W7 T LT WW W ly V214 T - UMR T is ' TR A f 0 X Q N , ll ?gxXk f xl X. DR. N. R. CROZIER SI1!N'l'flIfl'I1t1C'lIf of Srlmolx BOARD OF EDUCATION M E M B 12 R S O F F I C E R S STARR ARMSTRONG P"f'5if1f"7f IVIAJOR W. J. POWFLL ALEX W' SPIANCE MRS. W. J. ZUMXVAI T Vfff'-P"f'Nff"f'f1f MR. L. O. DONALD 3 . f . ' 2 I R Dmm W CAR rl R MRS. W- A. LEEPER E B CAUTHORR L V STOCKARIJ T Xl! Rf' 4 5 f. ,1 X X fv 1 ' If! w V24 .1 T ,T fx ff' X 14 T ' f 12 5 Q f N E WX 71 N- !6x wg 1. fx . C- 1 , W A Xig WN N . N ' N .. . .. Tx .X Assixfanf S1!lIf'YiIIf4'lIl1l'Ilf of Svlwols Dixlrirf S11jwrir1fw1Jc'r1f of High Srbools ' 1 4515 I -fig QLHZ-Wi' i f 'ZX W Nl sf w e fi . ' f ,I--HA ' ,, ,ff ,244 l ag? ill' i R , n X 'Nik , Us WJ J Xl xv A B i ima WIN in L A ll I Vfiwx -' ,.. .L A .Q -,,,,-31. , 4- .., U ..i? -1. -1- 059 K V' fozfrfifal-afrfkf For many years it has been my pleasure to write a Word to the graduating class. Perhaps this will be our last Annual, but you have made this one a fit- ting monument to the Oak Cliff High School. Its pages show the wonderful energy and cooperation of the Senior Class. As you look over the pages of this book may it ever be a reminder of Oak Cliff High and its spirit of loyalty. f m lmif' f s ia if A - V, ,, 1 lx x xx Nll m - , X , Q lr I, V fy Jil To W H. Adamson With dauntless true devotion Prometheus served mankind. So you in noble quest, Strive ceaselessly to find A torch to warm each heart, A spark to light each mind. You seek no fame renowned, You ask no honor great, But toil with zealous love, In hope and prayer, you waitg And daily work to' build Life's curving highway straight. To you, O friend of man, To causes you admire, We dedicate our efforts And fix our aims the higher, To keep forever burning That famed Promethean fire. A WW I, .1 ?' X. I v 62 Us Wi x w X f , i 1' lx 5 v If ' 1 I I 1 I I l .lil N ag I l I iv lr ll, 5 X l 4 x ., pl X is W E 'E EF f, A ea ss' W e rv?" ww e W4 ff f4lveNW U ,P M46 'R S! I 5, ' l lv? M W val, , NIN ll f F L 'll 4 l 1 .-f We ff' A ' 5 4 A , W VL wx K K ij K ,M ,,V""'Ui. , , A y FHCZLZZQI With our small space and limited vocabulary, We find it a hard task to express our gratitude to the faculty. For the splendid examples of truth and upright character you have set for us, We are deeply appreciative. For the noble efforts you have made for us, and for the true spirit of friendship you have instilled into us during the four years that We have been fortunate enough to be under your guidance, we are eternally thankful to you-our faculty-our friends. "My lilllr luke was like u uzirror xlwral Across if f I qffi rum' sfmrfo 1 I "W'l1'11 W ' f I fl lnzvx of Ibm , I I It I F u liL'ingfu1rf1iuir1-l f C H r T I X N I ' T Ns X f I R ' ,-C lx Q J 4 ,lm X 1 , ,f ' X I X f' X X X X nw - I I f i X V 1 'T A ' UT 0 - l v 1 TN Faculty Qi A fsffx ff' D, ADAMSON, W' II. p,i,,fitm'1 W X jp ADUDIIELL, HELl',N French A M, 7 l l .5 A1 EXANDER, LAURA . .... Librarian 7 - ' 4 ALLEN, HOW'ARD A ......... Mufbennilics ' ANDERSON, W. M. 91f1"'T' I . . Sluily Hall X BAKER,NELL . 79' gf, I 5 -"'.XJ 'J VT' . Typeuviting ' fi, BANKER, WANIJA . . . . . . Public Spmlzing X I BARRETT, AN NE . . MailJz'malirs ' ' Ni l BIQLL, ANNA . , Hisfm-y ' ml BELL, RUTH . . . . , English BRAN1LETTE,MINNIE ...... . Matbfmatirs -7 CABANISS, IDDAIIELI 9 .Q"?m"""+""'5j , Clollyiug l CAIN, E. M. ........ . Com mvrcial Lau' CAMPBELI., L. E. . . . Mrfbauical Drawing g CLEMENT, NELLIE D. . . , , - , . Aff CLEMIZNT, XV. B. W . . 3. . Mafbenlafifs :S CLYETTE, MARY LOUISE ..... , , Engligb COOPER, BERTA ....... History anrlCi1f'iCs CRANE, ADBIE CNLAANQ.. . . .Y History f7 CUNYUS, G. G. . .... Chrmislry ,3 DURRETT, wr- P. - . - . . . Social Stienre 15 EISIZNLOHR, HENRIIQTTA . 41 6 , journalism , FRASER, RIPQLE - . . . Howe' E1'U7IOIIllt'X il GILLESPIE, J. H .... . . . , Afmunlin , 9 GRAVES, FANNIE . , Deg: HANIII,TON, LUCY . V ..... 5 Maihematirs 'I ,3 HAMILTON, wfLLI.IANl T. ,. . I-u...-. , Ph 'sim HAMMOCK,CHRISTINE .... Ilalin I I HARRIS, MARGARIZT . History f X E HASEL'I'INE, MAY M, , Nfusif X HIQSTLR, H. B. . Manual Arts HIC1GlNBO1'HAM, LORINE by HOLLOWAY, GERALIBINE . . Sucial Serriu' Srrrelary to Principal 1, HORN, HELEN R. . . . English 9. KLNDRICK, MARY Study Hall xl KING, ROBERTA . Spanish H, LANGI-ORD, WINNIE . Hislary LA NKIAORIJ, Nli1.I.IEl3I,Y' . . English 'LLEI-"I'WICH, L. C. . . Matbwnatics MANN, JOHN A. . . . . . Comu1umlaniofR. O. T. C. MATTIiIiW'S, H. T. . . . ........ Latin NIORRISON, MARY . 31.11" 5,mf5'Vf-f:'44fL"xf'T . . Physical Training NLxvBI.RRY, Iiuor NIA ....... . . Spanish 1 NOAH, NWINTON ...V , . -, . . Mailacmutics 1 PATRILK, ANNE ffilgjbkflfg- . English ROILKETT, MAIiEL ...... English 2. ROOTILS, VIRGINIA E. . . Spanish ,L IRUFFIN, RUTH . . ...,. . Englisli SMITH, R. N .... I . . . . N.. .. . . MHflJl'mdflfX STRATTON, LILLIAN 1 . . . Clerk STOKES, BERNIQE QR 1 I Q, Q, FD TTCS 5- C . . fxX.YlSfdfIfi11 Physical Training TAYLOR, NELL R. . . .... English ,-QTILLEY, EUNIQE . . ,f .- .- . il . t, . . CZ7l'7lllXf1',j' WOOD, DIXIE LYNN alll ?'f'P Q 1 "Q ' . fi. if"'f'ff'k'SlJorllJanil A 7l I I .Il -sd I PO .Y 3 .mf ,I T' R .W M TI -gf--, Ii- .. 4 Sf 1-1 N 46 MTR" WRX' X 4 123 N 1 7? E R R WWW ,XI. E W A . S f' F 1fKi . ' T T , R .ff K fn T k .5 'f GN If if' cf L. C 1 I 'Q . -WMV WT V2 g f 'W ., .v g 1 fzfg pl 2 U L A f ' U ff' .L---? -, -e v Pmfenf-Teacher Affacmfion Pl'l'Sj!lL'lIf .... Firsf xiii?-Pl'L'NitI,l'llf . Sf'f'o11zf Vim'-P1'0sirfe11f Tbirzf Viva'-P1'z'siz1'c11f Fozzrlb Vjl'l'-1Jl'f?SitlL'llf Fifffa Vice-P1'f'siflw1I Sixfb Vid'-P1'4f.viJz'11f Sl'L'4'lIfb Vim'-I'rc'sizfr'11f Rvrording Sf'v1'vfary Cor1'z'xj1o11Ji11g SC'f'l'l'fd1',j' . T'I'L'llSIlI't'l' . . . Hixforiczn . MRS. G. C. WHIPKER . .... MRS. E. M. GUEST MRS. TAYLOR OGDEN . . MIRS. SIDNEY Hl4.THERlNGTON MRS. E. B. XVILLIAMS . MISS. B. E. GIiEIiR . MRS. W. H. BYRD MRS. V. O. THOMPSON . MIKS. T. A. HORD . MRS. L. O. DONALD . MRS. W. H. BLAIR MRS. C. L. DOUGHTY Ptlflflll7Il'I7fLl7'jllll . . MRS. GEORGE A. SPRAGUE re f is 3 ' ' bl l , ' . . W VW F f i sf- f jx K NWC-f-A K "fl" ' x lv f' 'X , Q , fl wil A 1 WW 1 A lm Paz Vent-Teacher Affacmfzon fl I 9 3 2 ' 3 3 MOTTC: I 'I ux noi fu' u'mn'V3 in urll doing: for in dur .wuxon we xlmll reall if zu' fain! noi." During the year now closing-1932, 1933- the oflicers ofthe Oak Cliff High Parent-Teacher Association have hidden in their hearts the Words 7 , of the Associations motto. The entire organiza- JN tion undcr the able and inspiring leadership of its 1, president-who has endeared herself to all the members by her tireless devotion to the work- N has labored with zeal to accomplish a worthy task. Each phase of the Work has been pursued I with painstaking care. Nothing is too good for our Oak Cliff High studentsg no Work too bur- fs densome if it serve them. fY1if3,i'ffZ'27'LiffLifQZTf,'?L'fi I fl W We wzfolil llvvm in a !'U71fflIIlHIg infer: I In ilwir u'rIfuri', umf1'm1.wfa11IlYy "Press f0u'ar'J ilu' mark," 'l x w N WNWQ i N Y' N Ms fl X., N A AN A V 'est' ' N N17 W e ew' A fa W , 'Rf6E,,4N"vs it I X f ' 4 X f if ru 9 Q1 f 'Z' 235 ia N ,f 1 gl 741. 2 , -G" -"" -1- W iff iii awww low Q W J The Dandy Club Prz'xia'vnt .... . . . GEOIRGE A. SPRAGUE Vice-Presizlenf . . . . J. A. GAizv1N Second Vice-P1'cside11f . . . S. A. LACY Third Vice-Prr'xirft'111' . . W. T. ULM Fourth Vir'c'-Presirfevff . . . J. A. HOSTY Fiffb Vice-President . . J. O. BEAUDUY Secretary . . . . J. G. JONES T1'l'dS7l1'F1' ........ . A. ENLANDER Service to the boys and girls of Oak Cliff has been the only purpose and sole reason for the Dad's Club activities. The club has been organized for several years and hopes it has yet ahead a long period of usefulness. Last year the Dad's Club contributed financial aid to welfare, education, R. O. T. C. and sports to a large extent. It also gave assistance and moral support to the school in other ways. During 1932-33 it has taken part in the work of the Central Dad's Club for all city schools, and has cooperated with the P.-T. A. in a program of welfare, scholarship, pro- motion, improvement of social and moral condition in the vicinity of the school, and in furnishing wholesome entertainment. In the future it plans to concentrate upon welfare work among the pupils and take part in such other activities as shall maintain the ine spirit of loyalty and achievement characteristic of Oak Cliff High School. EENIDFU5 If 4 I I Qg I5 'J Wwasih . X ' -f' ' 2552! - , ...ggg ii S, -I-A 'S fi A A + -Q--QQ-M 49 N 1 - . I.. ' lll L H l e t'I.1 is I ff S P1'a'xidw11' VfL'L'-PI'C'Sif,L'Ilf Sf'cre1'm'y XVIIIIAM FLOWERS XHENAUGH JAMESON JUANITA GIBSON JANUARY CLASS OFFICERS XVILLIAM FLOXVERS . . . Prexidwzt VENAUGH JAMESON . Viva'-Presidmzt NIUANITA GIBSON . . Sc'rrfz'ary MISS BERTA COOIII-LR . . . Sponsor SOCIAL COMMITTEE KATHERINE GARVIN, Cfaairlmzn Opal Keys Mary Louise Melton Fay Williains Nat Pinkston Hal Linn Woodrow Henslee PROGRAM COMMITTEE BETH CSAFFORD, Cl7dil'77l61l1 Harold Maupin Mary Louise Sanders Pauline Harrison Rex Stark Marguerite McGuire INVITATION COMMITTEE MARGARE'Y BOURN, Claairzmm Howard Nabors Stanley Wheless Margaret Weblv I t ERMIE ALIYOIKD H Willy hit calm rrriuus fun' Hr will win his lady's grafvf, CHRISTINE BARRETT Entered from Forest, '3 l. "Har life is noblv, purv, and szcwl, Anal IIN is a girl tbafx bard I0 bmi." CHARLENE BAUGHMAN Entered from Sunset. "To brar ber ting-lo brur bvr Xing, Ix I0 bear tba' birzfx of Spring." RICHARD BERRY Entered from Hogg. Basketball Teamg Glee Club. "He"x u uxorlby mn of O. C. H. S. Aye'-zuoflb rnnuy u "Bf'rry,'. MARGARET BOURN 4B Social Committceg 4A Invitation Committee: Dramatic Clubg Senior Play. "All hm' uuys am' u'im1ing uuyx, Full of fl'7711'l'f?1t'X5 and grave." BEULAH BRANT Entered from Lida Hooc, '29. Poppy and Forget-me-not Salcg Glec Clubg Acorn Staffg Operettag Rotary Pageant. "Wl70xz' happy bvart bull: poztw' To Nldkf' a slow' zz fl0tt'f'r'.' WILSON BRANTLEY Entered from Bowie. Football: Art Clubg Spanish Club. "HFS ulblrfic, his wrll brml, An all-roumf boy-lfaafs "Rid," CI-IAUNCEY BROXVN Entered from Hogg, '29. President Dramatic Club, '31g Camp Dallasg Com- missioned Officerg National Tllcspian Clubg Crack Company. "An actor u'fJrm' urfiofzx an' FllI'it'l, by 7Il1ll1j'.H fa- .49 'J "X ban ig rf ' f 'U ,JY l mil' '-qi PM A E. ,A . a as nf!! --.E-5 X N new ,Am W --rxgg-.-if--5 -- t...:--A K. .. - H-, ,F , GERTRUDE BRYAN llntered from R. Mills. Spanish Club, Poppy Sale. "A frivml fo 1111, and fo all u frir'11d.' GEORGE CHESNUT Entered from Hogg, '29. Secretary Stamp Clubg Most Efficient Corporal, '32: Camp Dallas, Scholarship Clubg Business Manager of Oakg National Honor Society. "No l'I14It'llL'0Y is in vain, Ils rvwarzl is in the doing." MAIKGARET CLARK Entered from Bowie, ,29. Gym Demonstration, Poppy and Forget-me-not Sale, Scholarship Club. "HPV air, bm' xmilr, fam' mofions, 10111 of IPOIIILIPIIQ' vom 11lelf'11vxx.', JOHN CLINE JR. Entered from Bowie, '29. Crack Company, Camp Dallas, Senior Hi-Y, Presi- dent Dramatic Club, National Thespiang Oak Staff: Captain Infantry R.O.T.C. "A gwziux in nmrv lizzvx 1111111 ow." CLARENCE DARBH' "If C5011 Utlll low' flll'711 1111, lL'bYY I'Ll71,f I lon' tl 1foz1'n?', JACK DAvIs Entered from Bowie, '28. R.O.T.C.g Football, Hi-Y. "Hr sveuzx fo think 'lwill mukc' bin: 'wixf' To lzwfp ll 'DOF bc'fr1r1' bis uye'x,D THELMA DEBUSK lintered from Polytechnic, Fort Worth. Gym Demonstration. "SIM Kms no olber xbiuld than bm' own 'L'i1'l1u', Thu! ix fbr' rbaruz 1L'fJiz'l1 has p1'o!1'rfc'a' favrf' LUCY EADES Entered from Sunset, ,31. Acorn staff. "SfJ1"s 11 fV'i111 Iifffv 1:11131 zuiflfw 1111111131 of sfylv, , You muff bvlp 17111 like bw, xbes lmfwl all ibn ll'!Jfll',,, ,EE PE .qu 455.3--,,. . fn "-. ,L - I 912: l, 2 fl A LM-f .l S LAVAUGPIN EVANS Y Entered from Travis. Pan-American Leagueg Spanish Club. "A xfriril so iruz' ffm! nom' wifh ber I'mnll7urr'." HERSHEL FERGUSON Entered from Reagan, '28, R.O.T.C.g Basketball, Glee Clubg Crack Platoon. "Eurfl1, wfm! plan' if ibut? A plum' for f-lllI.ll WILLIAM FLOWERS Entered from Hillsboro, '29, President of january, '35, Clnssg Acorn Stuff. "In allrmjflilzg fm! I0 look for funze, He' made' for bimxuff ll zuorllwy llllfllllu BETH GAFFORD Entered from Reagan. French Club, Class Otlicerg Operettng Acorn Staff, Dramatic Club, Cheer Leaderg Sponsor R.O.T.C.g Senior Play. "SlJr"s xo full of life, I lzvlivr I' flu' fm! Nu' "fwfr" in "jn'11p4'r." KATHERINE GARVIN Entered from Peeler, l29. Scholarship Clubg Cheer Leader, Dramatic Club' Oak Staff: Vfinner of Football Ticket Contest: n Rotary Pageant. HSIIIJX prrlly io uullz zriflw, mul zriifx' In lulle xrifln, mul !7'lt'dXtll1f, foo, fo fllillli on. nv JUANITA GIBSON Entered from Bowie, ,Z9. Dramatic Club, Oak Staff, Assistant Editor of Acorng Senior Favorite, Tennis. 1, "A finy, rntr, willy, Ilurlilhfi xln. GENE GLIDEWIQLL Entered from Bowie, '29, Vice-President IGB Class: Secretary BA Class, Rotary Pageant, Gym Demonstration, "A nzvrry bear! fllilkfzl goml likz' IlH'll'fl'ilIt',,l ALMON HARE Entered from Hogg, ,28. Commissioned Otiicerg Camp Dallasg Rifle Team, Crack Platoon. "Thr boy ii noble f1:1llm'Il." L gig...-' 4452 if A X Q .-xii. f ,,.. Q legit f i uf V" D ..,.-?f, , X yr? I s ff 3, 1 5 ., , we S Y 3 5 ,Rf 3 AQ P D PAULIN12 HARIRISON Entered from Bowie, '29. Spanish Clubg Dramatic Clubg Poppy Saleg 313, 3A, 4A Class Officer. "A fIl'HIlf1fIll aml lmppy girf, WWII xfvp ax ligfal ax ,YIIIVIIIIVV uirf' CARM1-LN HERRINGTON Entered from Bowie, '29. Spzmisli Clubg Poppy Saleg Pan-American League. "Thy fwurfs of lwr friemfx lrnxf sr1fv1y in ber." TOM HAV'KINS Entered from Peeler, '29. Bnnrlg Honor Bnndg R.O.T.C.g Camp Dallas. "If LI hero mvum u 5iuz'f'r1' mlm, lien' is il brrof' WOODROW HENSLE13 Baseball: Basketballg Footballg Captain of Bnscbdll Tenmg Acorn Staffg Dramatic Clubq Senior Favorite. "Will: Z7l'tl1il7 in body, penn' ai bvurl, Slrou mr' rx man uzorv grmzlf' JACK HENDERSON Entered from Bowie, '29, R.O.T.C.g Crack Cornpnnyg Dramatic Clubg Golf Tenmg Crack Platoon. "1'1l be frzwry uml frm: I'II 110 nm' for riolnlilgif, GOTHA HILL Entered from Peeler, '29. R.O.T.C.g Crack Companyg Crack Plntoong Football. "Ax frm' as xlerl, ax firm us mluuzuuf, Yvl genflf' zviffml is fav." EDWARD HONEX'CUTT Entered from Hogg, 129. Glee Clubg Operetta, "'1'1Jv gomf :fic yrmng. HK'f6,X fmfzing ffm! you may lim' 10 11 rip? old agff' DOROTHY LOU HOOPER lintered from Sunset, '29. Gym Demonstrationg Poppy Saleg Essay Clubg Forget-me-not Sale. uxVI0l1ltI?1lSl7!' nerds no mlogygiflz' speaks for 1u'rsf'lf.v - .Y-1: ...Sq MAURICE HOWELL Entered from Hogg, '29. Scholarship Clubg French Clubg Dramatic Clubg Senior Playg Operettag Class Officer. "Ami ber l'0il'f' so sofl and law, Clear as music and as SlL'f't'f.U REAGAN HUMPHREY Entered from Sunset. Crack Companyg Hi-Yg Senior Playg R.O.T.C.. ff w,UlIIit'l'f1ll spirit with wbom nom' rim c'0n1fmrf'." JOE IANNI Entered from Mills, '28. R.O.T.C.g Senior Plnyq Cheer Leader. "A 110-I' u'ill1 lolx of pap-rajvublv of .lmlfing llmxv "j'I'1lx" rIL'ross." BILL IRWIN Entered from Sunset. Footballg Glee Clubg Acorn Staff. "His ui! fun 1I'l'il't' Ilnll farm' away." WALTER IRXVIN Entered from Bowie, ,28. Footballg Dranmtic Clubg Senior Favorite. "IlI"x our all-rouml gomf fI'l10uf." VENAUGH JAMESON Entered from Sunset. Crack Companyq Cheer Leaderg Class Officer. "Hix wry fool lmib uzuxit' in il." ELMO JORDAN Entered from Reagan, '29, Crack Companyg Camp Dallasg Rifle Tcamg Palace Drillg Lieutenant Colonelg junior Hi-Y. "WW .mlnlfg Limleilurlf Col0m'l." OPAL KEYS Entered from Bowie, '29, Gym Demonstration: Poppy Saleg Class Officer. "O1ml has t'f'V'fAli71I-Y won Ihr' "KI'yx', lo all our lJI'ur1x." f A? tx X. 'x if gg' lx ff F X R ,.,,,.. JJ I X X X I 5 1 4? va .ff ,E 3, ' ,Q f4 781 ,fi mg, 'L '- X x I 1 i W y A l Isnll I .- es.. v .J SEBORN KIKER Entered from Paris,Texas. Hi-Yg Latin Club. ,Tis lyarll to p1'uriivcr and jvreufla, 110117 you we So I 1L'0lI,f ullenzfrl bofh-just II prencfavr I'll bln' BERNICE LINEBERGER Entered from Peeler, '29. Gym Demonstrationg Poppy and Forget-Me--Not Saleg Glee Clubg Dramatic Club. "B:'fJo1J! We haw' per1Jf'l11al 'HIOfi0Il-'- Br'rnire's f0IlgIlt'.U DOROTHY MASON Entered from Bowie, ,29. Gym Demonstrationg Poppy and Forget-me-not Saleg Class Oiicerg Rotary Pageant. "This life is foo slwrf los worry in, So Iuka' 'NIJ' m1z'iL'1' am! 171' bappyf' HAROLD MAUPIN "My only books Arr' u'0mr'n's looks." MARGUERITE MCGUIRE Entered from Cise0,Texas. Blues Chasers' Clubg Class Ofhcer. "She is gfllflf, slut' is shy, Blzf Ibr'r'z"s mischief in bm' eye." MARY LOUISE MELTON Entered from Reagan. Art Clubg Poppy Saleg Gym Demonstration. "Iwi us bn! bmi' flvy Voivv, ana' wr' are happy." HOWARD NABORS Entered from Tallahassee, Fla., 'Z9. R.O.T.C.g Trackg Football. "I jwroccss noi falkiug-only Ibis . . . Lvl l'1'l'l'j' man 110 his llrslfl COVA NOLEN Entered from Hogg. Poppy Salcg Scholarship Club. "In frumilzg an arlisi, art bulb dz'frec'd To mukz' some go-od, but others to exceed." 2 5 , ,aqui Zi . il . I e.ll:i w:::.::: . . 1 LLL .. Lf ' - .- Y 57 Y YV If , J X ::..' - f , ' N ' ff: K .lit . 43 A 5- ll':f LL, 1'-Eff .T V 45" .,- . ' x NAT PINKSTON Entered from Peeler, '29, Crack Companyg Camp Dallasg Commissioned Of- ficerg Golf Teamg Hi-YQ Class Officerg Scholarship Clubg Latin Club. "A litlle nonxrnsz' now uml flmf ls rs'lixlJr'd by fbi' bm! of I7Il'N.,, ALLAN DALE PRIMM Entered from Commerce, Texas. Acorn Staffg Hi-Yg Crack Platoong Class Oflicerg Scholarship Club. "He Sven laix July-a ill-all xnru flying, Ami' wmf for it Ham' aml ffIl'l1.ll FRANK REGAN Student Business Managerg Hi-Y: Senior Play. "We llidllyf know il foulll i'z'1'r' ln' 'Professor Rr'ugun'." JOHN ROBERTS Bandg Orchestrag All-City Band: Hi-YQ All-City Orchestra. "True ruorfb is living, mn' .tl'4'rnil1g." JEANETTE Ross Entered from Sunset, ,52. Gym Demonstration. "Sbe"x Vain and St1lll'j', Proml .mtl Illlv- lml ll good Comlmuirmf' MARY LOUISE SANDERS Entered from Sunset, '3O. Poppy Saleg Latin Clubg Dramatic Club: Class Oflicer. "Thou malzrsl ilu' xml lanzrl glad." HOWARD SCHERER Entered from Hogg, '29, President of IB Class, "Why seek 10 knou? Enioy lbr nmrry Slrrowfillm' of -1'0Ilfl7,ll X FAY SHELTON Entered from Bowie, l29. National Honor Societyg Scholarship Clubg French Clubg Latin Clubg Essay Clubg Gym Demonstration. "For gF11fl6'1Il'SS and low' aml trusl, Premil 0'1'r angry zvazu' aml gmt." -4 f" x 'f S X 4 2" .L- .- A 12 121-ff A-I5 1-"""' 0? qi' REX STARKE Entered from Reagan, '29. Captain Of Bandg Class Officerg Senior Playg Camp Dallas. "Com11I'l me not lo lov IIN mark Br wer prim and true, But ruilJvr lvl mf' Ilo ilvose llaings That I ongbl no! lo Jo." FRANCES MARION STEVENS llntered from Littlc Rock, Arkansas. "TlJ011glJ lbw :lay bv long :xml flrvury, You will fiml lwr 4'l'f'l' r'bf'1'ry." JAMES HENRY SUTTON Entered from Pceler, '29, Acorn Staifg W. B, Club. "Darling Iimmy4Mr. Cunyns' flIlf'0l'll'l'.U CLARENCE THOMAS "Thai bmi jvorflrm of u good lIIl1H,X lifv, His lilllr lt!!l'I'l7ll'IIIl7t'l'f'Ll urls of lzfmlzzvxx and low." DOROTHY TODD Entered from Bowie. Acorn Reporter. nlJl'lt'IILllllIA'SX ix brr miilzllw 'mlmvf' 'LEY L. WHELESS En red from Peeler, '29. Captain of Band, '32g Camp Dallas. 'rWlJL'l1 ln' lvwunzf' Captain of Ilan' baml His farm' um lzuozuu flnouglyoul Ihr' lumlf BOB WHITE lintered from Bowie, '27. "F11lfillI'fl Iuilla w01'flJiness, Anal fi! for biglyvxl fruslf' PAY WILLIAMS President Girls' Glee Clubg Class Oflicerg Brunette Club. "Misl1'es5 of lJb'VSl'lf flaough Clliua fallf' L ,An A-..-Lf , , ,. MARION UHLY Entered from Sunset. "Eyes of bvauly, cyrs of ligbl, Swectly, xoffly, sadly bright" MARGARET WEBB Entered from Bowie. Gym Dcmonstrationg Poppy Saleg Physics "Her flashing eyex, hw' l'l7l1l'NZiIlg smile' Do all handsome Iuffs bs'gui1c'.', J. T. WILLIAMS Entered from Hogg, '29. "His buir was ull in fzuzglrzl l'IH'l.Y.v WILLIAM WESTERLAGE Ifntcrcd from Mills,'29. R.O.T.C. "From 11141375 fall be 11f'1'z'V xbrinfzxg His rarzfinal virtue ix-fn' lfyirllzsfl WILLIAM WOIIHLIQL Entered from Bowie, '29. "How good bc is, how iusi, Anal ffl fm' highest frzzstf, Club 5' La: ,lxsx ,L -.17 X K , I f X I l 'I I ' ' M ll I I E., L ' '- W f ff! I - -QR ' . ' iii .:-iii in i-' Fi' T ' M A l If 3' Prf'xiJc'11f Vive'-P1'z'sidf'11f Sr'c'I'f'fa1'y ff' JoHNvfSIfRAGUIa BILL IRWIN DLANI3 BELL X - 5114:--f"' I Ci" L JUNE CLASS OFFICERS JOHN SPRAGUIAQ ....... Prvsiflffui BILL IRXVIN . . Vim'-Prvsiflwzz' DIAIANE BELL . . . Sc'I'rviury SOCIAL COMMITTEE DIXIE LINDSAY, Cfmirumli Juanita Bell Grace Melton Houston Dean Wayland Philley Margie Grubbs Robert Borgardus Turner Perry PROGRAM COMMITTEE XIIRGINIA BURNETT, Cbairnzcm Willibel Hooper Taylor Brunch Harold Barrett Frankie Lou Couch INVITATION COMMITTEE MARY FRANCES TIDWELL, Cbuirman Billy Beachum Margaret Peters Martha Dunn Charles Wilson . Q :REE E ' FII - A .-,-:,:-- SEQ --- A ,J ge.. -f:. - 'Q . '- -IAQK ABRA Ms Cntered from Freland Pennsylvania, ' Tix good Illlfllfi' only fha! wins lin' lm1r'1'. NETTA ABRAMS Entered from Freland Pennsylvania, Gym Demonstrationg Poppy Saleg Forget-me-not a e. "Prr'ri014x Ibings arf' Jolie up in small 1m4'k11gi'x. ELSIE A1ToN Entered from Bowie, '30. . 1' "li W i A FV if yi .Im KC ! . . - lk Il -YV EV rib: lxx V , v s ,. . 26. -, X W - ik i XX fl . 91 f . V i M U I l s 1 .1 Scholarship Clubg National Honor Societyg Gradu- ating in three and one-half years. "Thr exsz'11n' of l'l'fillt'I71l'llf willl ll mind of her ownf, DONALD ASHLEY Entered from El Paso Hi, '3U. Editor ofthe Acorn. "A merry brarf mukvlb a rbzfurful l'UIl1IfL'IIdI1Cf'. STANLEY AVERA "Boy with llw lmppy ferr." FLORENCE BAKER Entered from Milam, '29. , . 'A bear! ibut ix true, und ryrs that SVIIIIV, ara' ilu' max! prrrioux gifls of l1raL'eu.', Lois BAKER Entered from Pceler, '29, Essay Clubg French Clubg Scholarship Clubg Gym Demonstrzitiong Dramatic Clubg Linz Bible Award. "A loving bear! ix the Ilfgilllifllg of all knauf1f'ilg1'." HAROLD BARRETT Entered from Teeh,,32. Basketball. "A ?I!'1L'!'l?7PIl'f 10 our wil, fm! u jiri!-cluxx for1z'iz'l." 1 1 W MH ..- -:szl . ii' S.: " L " - 1-.1 I .KE xx so it X Ml is i 'QS 3 Nx -7- - . -- --..a-:.ll- KW' ,w ,rl"'f" MARY VEAZEX' BARROW Entered from Martendalc High. "To kim-w ber was to low low." FRANCES BATsoN Scholarsliip Clubg Latin Clubg Vollcy Ball Team. " 'Tlu' Harmony Girl' Willa m'z'z'r u tlisvnra' in all flu' nluys 1L'L',l'l' semi lwrf, BILLY BEACHUM Entered from Bowie, '29. Scholarship Cluhg National Honor Societyg Camp Dallasg R.O.T.C.g Physics Club. "Thou arf vwr a f111'orerlgm'xl 111 awry fair uml brilliant lbrwigf' DEANE BELL Entered from Lancaster, '29. Scholarship Clubg French Clubg Girl Reservesg C04 Editor of Oakg Spanish Clubg National Honor Societyg Class Officer. "Nufnri' gun' lo at lmxi om' 11011011 brains ami gooil loolzxfl GERALD BELL Entered from Peeler, '29. Dramatic Clubg Opercttag Camp Dallasg Scholar- ship Clubg Orchestrag Commissioned Orlicer. "His silzrr voirr' ir Iikv flu' rirla mimic of a bird." f UANITA BELL , ,X I Entered from Hogg, ' 28. loppy Saleg Dramatic Clubg National Tliespean Presidentg Class Othcerg Acorn Reporterg Sponsorg V +A! Mixed Chorus. A- "Wlr11f will Oak Cliff High ilu witlooul ber?" f ' 7 ' ROBERT BOGARDUS Entered from Bowie, '29, Class Officerg Captain Tennis Teamg Captain in R.O.T.C.g Hi-Yg Scholarship Clubg Latin Club. "His laiglo school miglnf be 1'Umjmrr'zl io flax' course of un mzrlinznzrrl Har." JACK BOOTHE Entered from Bridgeport Texas. Stamp Clubg Spanish Clubg Basketballg Trackg Baseball, "I'll br merry mul frreg I'lI be sail for naborlyf' YQ- . M :'E5 g5: - 'i . :xi-, , K il! A, ,I i V-as , -. . I I Qin' l X , A I F-" rl' a -2 ii.. wi pf ul -A Q LL l TAYLOR BRANCH Entered from Reagan, '29. f Camp Dallas: Crack Companyg Best Sergeant, 'AAA Rifle Team: Scholarship Club. J' 3 "Tlir0ugli wax of lziiowlnlgv bis roiugvg l arl1'iu1i'rIl." LUCY BROWN Entered from Sunset, '3l. Home Economics Club, Glce Club. "HN fi'ii'mlliiir'.Ix mm' gi'ullr'm'sx make lim' li1z'nl1l1'." MARY LOU BROXVN Entered from Bowie, '30, Stamp Club, Poppy Saleg Class Ofbcer. "TIM ideal of ull fha! ix .twrrf ainl lrur And frimiilly aml lowly, yfllllll flllll in Mury Lou." RICHARD BURCIIETTE Basketball, Baseball, Football. "ClJn'r.v willy lm smiles." ai W-2 gf""""f"'-Gi., RGINIA BURNETT 4 Entered from Hogg, '29. Latin Clubg Ifssay Club, Girl Reservesg Dramatic , Clubg Scholarship Club, Gym Demonstration, Physics Club. "A jwrfrrf Iilflv lmjv O' Safari, ilu' will wi rr' gran' 11115 ye! we will llK'1't'?' .vlop loving brief' ., ' VIRGINIA CARLYSLE f Entered from Reagan, '29, I A Spanish Club, Gym Demonstration, Poppy and Forget-me-not Sale, Girl Reserves. .J "For fbi' 1r1'1'.vr'rn'i' of II lowly girl is likv m1isii'." JIM CARNES Entered from Bowie, '29. President junior Hi-Y, Crack Company, Scholar- ship Clubg National Honor Societyg Senior Hi'Yg R.O.T.C. "His uforllw ix 1101 rwlzoiiml by ir1c'lJ1'.v.', JOE CHATRLAIN Entered from L. G. C. Academy, '28. "Equal lo Apollo, this yoiilla mils! bvf' J fi? X if W J """.ISf' 251 K N I l In 5 , I I l 4 0 l 1 '- ef ,1 1 1.. X S, X. , , , 1 --1-, ii, in ,, g l me so . it - X QE il' 4 1 i l , I ll 1 i l l l I l l l 0, f 7 f 1 Q, RX N Qi is x N ,-'lib ,A , il leer A -'fr ls .39 sr WWE M N ,-.....,.iy ,. ' sf "s'1 :,- A11' 3 Q t ki i ' lib- wee- ef- if 1 LJ 5' . T ,-Y. Ji. - CLEMENTINE CHENAULT Entered from Sunset, '3l. Pen Pal Club. - rFD1L'!'IIX cwl' in fwfr worrlxg Thr? Cllilltlgl' of bw' bc'ar! fbry arc." RUTH CHILDS Entered from Reagan, ,29. Gym Demonstration, Poppy Sale. "A girl worllv wlnilrf' Piu5s'roN COCHRAN Entered from Bowie, '29. Crimp Dallas, Commissioned Officer, Crack Com pany, Spanish Club, Class Offiieer. "Happy um Ig from farm' l'm frvr, WUJ3' 61l'!'II,f lbzjy all like u1c?,' SYLVA COGBURN Q red from Bowie, 'Z 9. Stamp Cra Company, Band, Acorn " erg Orchestra. ' ixdoiuz HI 'orfli was br." jon COLEMAN ' lintcrcd from Hogg, '29. "Good Il!IfIH'l' 11111130011 smut' must vzfrr j0.'u." . FLORINE CONNER ,f linterexl from Trinity Heights, '29. X Driimltie Clubg Gym Demonstration, Bowling Team. "Thr z'y4'.i arf' xjwring, in uxfyosv Sl'l'f'11t' and silvnt waters ln'a1'1'n is seen." FRANKIE LOU COUCH lintered from Mills, ,Z8. Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Dra- nutie Club, Pan-American League, Poppy City Spelling Contest Winncrg Gym Demonstration. Saleg "HN LTV3! frowns are fairer far Tbim .inzilrx of olfwr' mrzirfcns aw." FRED CRABTREI2 Entered from Sunset, '50. Footballg Baseball. "Lad of the Iuslrioux drvauzy rye," 'X ' I 5-:fl A 1 Els! Q :.' A L -, C - '-:S I-' """! ' MARJORIE CROUCH Entered from RCagz1n,'29. Girl Reservesg Scholarship Clubg Gym Demonstra- tiong Poppy Salcg Spanish Club. "A merry lwarl ffm! xingvfb nigh! null Jay." CECIL CROW Entered from Peeler, '29. Camp Dallasg Crack Companyg Crack Platoon' 1 Cheer Leaderg R.O.T.C.g First-Sergeant. "Noi fo vujoy 0m"x j'0Ilfl7 1l'l7l'7l om' ii young is lo imilalf' the mixer who slurwx z'1:'siJv lrix f1'c'u.i11V1'." GRACE CROW Entered from Tech, '30. Scholarship Clubg Dramatic Clubg Pan-American Leagueg Mixed Chorusg Gym Demonstration. "She has u Lfofcz' of gladrmxx :xml a smile of r'10q11r'm't' una' l1s'unly." DOROTHY CROWELL Entered from Reagan,'29. Gym Demonstrationg Poppy Saleg Rotary Club Pageant. "She has fha! gay and Xtlllfy nay lbuf rmzkrx 11A walrb bw' llfffl zlcligfaff, WAi.TER CROWELL Entered from Reagan,'Z9. Footballg Basketballg Hi-Yg Bascbmllg Glce Club. "Hr was ms! in a manly nzalrl, For bvarly xporlx llllfi rorlfvxfs lwlzlf' PA UL. CULWEl.L Iintercd from Hogg, '29, Crack Companyg Camp Dallasg Class Oflicerg Senior Hi-Yg Footballg Dramatic Club. "Hr dmlf in zfrranzs and vallmf if work." NVALTER CUSTIS Entered from Pccler, ,29. l Stamp Clubg Crack Company. "MMI of few uxorlfs are Ibz' brxl mon." Yi KENNETH DANIELS Entered from Peeler, '29. Oak Staffg junior Hi-YQ Banzlg Acorn Staffg Hi Bandg Camp Dallasg Latin Club. "Mis1'fJff'f, flJOIl ar! afoot-luke ffnw wfauf ronwg H1011 will." ' 25 fit, W , C ,U I I Qu? we ul i ,fu X ll , I Q xj 1 . if f e A 1 I I , Eff' l . ' I I I , 4 SV 5 r x W ' ll I ss OT' A? , 4 '-'Ii I nfs 1 X Q A 94 2 Vs x ,4 Y -. Y Y- - E--E ,E - ,NY Q iik " .- ng- fl -. C I i D W DY Y P. A------W , .E V E , . -- - A.,E,:.:r '-- E WAl.T1iR CARL DARNELL Entered from Reagan, '29. Dramatic Clubg Operettag Glee Clubg Mixed Chorusg Spelling Contestg Poetry Contestg Acorn Staff. "I-Iix IL'dl'j' bah' and xruilr arf nzufla lo be uzfllzirvzff' J. T. DAVIS Entered from Mills, '29. Hflbilffj' wins the I'.Ilr'rl11 of MII' ffill' mari." LEONARD DAVIS Entered from Bowie, 'Z9. Scholarship Club. "lift wife I0 bl' nalurul Wfyrr1 j'0Il,V'l' Iml11I'r11ly nice." PAUL DAVIS l Entered from Wfoodrow Wilsxwn, '30. "His quirf rum' reuxljf xmilf' Wi1i.I him new f'V'ft'lIlfX all IDI' zL'l1ilr." HOUSTON DEAN "Noi a sbivlc, but The Sbickl' JOHN D. DIAL Entered from Reagan, '29. Physics Clubg Latin Clubg Camp Dallasg Crack Companyg Commissioned Officerg Rifle Team. "R14rril's from l7It'!lSlH'l' in j7lf'flS1l1'r'.' HELEN DRESS Entered from Peeler, ,29. Tennis Clubg Dramatic Club: Gym Demonstration "A good xlrorl-few can surpass lurf, VERA DUBBELS Entered from Hogg, ,28. Gym Demonstrationg Dramatic Clubg Glee Club "She believes in happiness, content and good willf . if li: 4 " -- ' 551 ' wi f -j f., MARTHA DUNN Entered from Reagan, '29. Girl Reserves, Spanish Clubg Gym Demonstrationg Dramatic Clubg Forget-me-not Sale. "Mu1'1lm l'!'lIliIILlX ni of zz bi! of Dresden chimi- Llllllillf, rlmrming, um! fragile." BERNADINE EDMONSON French Clubg Acorn Reporter. "A fun' xo fuirg Su snwt u look, so xulf an uirf' TIM FERGUSON Entered from Reagan, ,29. Glee Club, Basketball. "Your fan' ix as 41 book 1llH'l't' our 11141-3' wud of joyxf' OLLIE FISHER Entered from Cen.rul Hi, Oklnlioma City, '3I. "Lvl mi' 111011, ln' wfml I um and spruk ltflzlf I ifzinfef' EUGENE FLOVUERS Entered from Hillsboro, Texas,'29. "Hr mixml rvuxou u'ilfJ pluaslin' mul ll'lXll0HI 'with mirifJ." HAROLD FRENSLEY lintered from Peeler, '29, B:1n.ig Honor Bnndg State Band Contest. "A Iifx' of fmlmr umf zvorflr Huff: rm t'fl'?'7lffj' on rm'llm." BEN FUDGE Ifnterel from Reagan, '29, Glee Club. "I1411J11il11'x.r ix lUI1If1iIll'XX., ALICE GARDNIER Entered from L. G. C. Academy, '29, Latin Club, Essay Clubg Scholarship Club. "An 01711551 workvr whole Vt'lL'L1l'Ll should bi' of the bait." , ,j.0,..- x Ay 43' 3 . X ,C - , P X X X 'i .wff ff F Q iff? i:'...' A 'll A f R ,I I X14 1 H. l I : xx I4 V :A. Y si-,EQ 1 " Wm, ' . 1 l R 1 r K l J' l A if .-7, Z KN R l, xi RENNO GARMON linterecl from Bowie, '29, Stump Clubg Latin Clubg Glee Clubg Operetta. "Hix nrfioux 4111! ll'0Vl1'X am' all fmrix by fzvfyifb . lL'l' spell r'l1arz1z'lrr." HELEN GATTON Entered from L. G. C. Academy, ,32. Poppy Snleg Girl Reservesg Winner Forget-me-not Sale. "Her xwve! smilr' will fmzzuf us unto cflerlziiyf' LUCILLE GATES Entered from Peeler, ,29. Ifssay Clubg Latin Clubg Girl Reservesg Poppy S3lCS Scholarship Clubg OAK Staffg Acorn Reporter. "A rare t'UHlbfIIL1ff0l1 of Irish Iliff um! Amrrifun rom 771011 n'11x1'." t . I A IN GIVENS , , En ed from Hogg,'29. jhip Dalluu' rack Companyg Dramatic Clubg ., A I Class Otlicer. f f . J "l'n' HI lawn, l1um'y." JACK GOODWIN l Entered from Hoggf 29. Scholarship Clubg National Honor Societyg Business Manager of Acorn. " vl7l'Vl'l'l'I' lw gout NN world fries, 'Tfmfs Ll gt'I1fIL'NIL171,.n x f JACK GOODWIN lintered from Rosemont, ,29. unior Hi-Yg R. O. T. C.g Acorn Reporter. "A yozzib, ln' XULUIIS, of L'lWL'VfIII jlL'Xft"l'dllyX and 4 l'0llfiKlPIIf lomormwxf' GLADYS GREEN Ilntcred from Winnetka, '29. Gym Demonstration. "SfJr"s quizff nml z'br'erfzzl xrwlz :lays on! of the 'wvelzfl NORMAN GREEN Entered from Sunset, UO. Crack Platoong Crack Company. "Sober, siradfuxl and 5l'L'Ill'k'N JAMES GREER Entered from Reagan, '29. Latin Clubg Stamp Club: Commissioned Officerg Camp Dallzxsg Crack Company. "He nm vfaurnz our .vwzxvs and Izxpvl our l'l1fl'X.'l MARGIE GRUBBS linteregi from Reagan, '29. Operettag Poppy Sale: Gym Demonstrationg Class Oiiicerg Sponsor in R. O. T. C.g Acorn Reporter. "The fuiresl pirn' of wouzufzfyood, Lovely in fvulzzre, form and gnzrr, WI' vzw' mu' in any pluI'c'." DABNIZY GURLEY Enterc-.1 from Rosemont.. R. O. T. C.g Crack Companyg Crack Platnong Golf Team. rrCU71fl'l1fl'tI Iliff!! ilu' nmury joys of his Iifvfl FRANCES HAIIN Entered from Mills' 29. National Honor Societyg Scholarslmip Clubg Pan- American Leagucg Poppy Saleg Girl Reserves. "WV lon' fluff' for a bear! ibuffv kind, No! for all ilu' kHUlL'lFL1gt' in Iby mimi." LOUISE HALIE Entered from Reagan, '29. Gym Demonstrationg Poppy Saleg Forget-Me-Not Saleg Volley Ball Team. yy "Wifl1 gran' fo win, will: bear! fo bolil. GEORGE HAMRA Entered from Bowie, '29. junior Hi-Yg Office Assistantg Acorn Reporter. "His rmzwz is in bis luvzrl, rw! on hir lmzil, A frown ffm! kingx sulilom Mzjoyf' ALEREIJA HARRIS Entered from Bowie, '3U. Tennis Teamg Golfg Bowlingg Swimmingg Gym Demonstration: Latin Club. "In xjwrfr ilu' xvlx ll lwurz' Tim! fI'u'1'un follow." GW'ENIJOI.YN HARRISON liriterej from Reagan, '29, Gym Demonstrationg Dramatic Clubg Senior Play Usher. "She holds wilbin bm' gentle hand Thr qnivl gift of Lll'f'dHIS.,l .Q .A-. . EE . if . A lx I IB Iv 6,5 I xxx ff lg N I K 1 .mf I 4' i 1 I M ' .7 I f .' 4? ig X' " Ve if ., f X ' . 8 1 I l I EEE" 1 fir. 'il' 'QA q p f y , A W VQIUU Ugg HAWK Entered from Reagan, '29. Poppy Saleg Gym Demonstrationg Home Economics Club. "With not time fo 'worry or lo fret, Clyde grit Ibc joys Iifr has to set." CONLEY HAYSLIP Iintered from Reagan, '29. Pan-American League, Junior Hi-Yg Art Clubg Track. "Riffs along lifv'x bigiuwzy like a uyrlonu, liliifing noflaing 11111 ilu' biglr !JllIl'?X.D ROBERT HENDERSON Entered from Bowie, '29. National Honor Sceietyg Scholarship Club, Latin Clubg Spanish Club, Pan-American League, R. O. T. C. Officer, Class Otlicerg OAK Staif. rrWZ7Hfl',t'f br' :lid wax fiom' wiilv xo mzzvia vuseg In Dim alum' 'lufus Iltlfllfdl to llleuxefl MARJORIE JOY HINCKLEY Entered from Peelcr, '29. Dramatic Clubg Gym Demonstration, Operettag Home Economics Club. "Kimi, 1HIJz"lflXlJ11Ill tin' lrcliis tim! nmka' a lorulllr ll.'0HItlIl.U SA'rIs HOLDER Entered from Reagan, '29, Orchestrag Glee Clubg Dramatic Club. "A zvise'-r'r'm'i1er'! Sin' srrmx to low lo maize wiffy l't'IIIlll'kX.U JOYCE HOLDRIDGE Entered from Sunset, '31, "Pvlilv, lzffwr gfllllllljl, full of fbi' joy of living." WILLIBEL HOOPER Entered from Hogg, ,29. National Honor Societyg Girl Reserve Ofhcerg Underclassman Average Awardg Dramatic Clubg Class Officer, Acorn Reporterg CAK Staff. "Willa luunor well rmlnrwl uml wifb looks 1L't'll brr':l.U FLOYD HUMPHRIES llntered from Tucumcari High, New Mexico, '29, Commissioned Ofhcerg Camp Dallasg Spanish Clubg Scholarship Clubg Baseballg Crack Company. "We mpcctml grenl things from him, rmzl were not aiisallpointezifl gl FEI! a l l MARY JANIQ HUNTZINGER Entered from, Kansas City, '50, Dramatic Club Essay Club, Scholarship Clubg Tennis Teamg Acorn Reporter. "A xuwef bear! Iifling I'bI'f'rf11lm'sx, Like Ike Xpfillgfillll' I'r'z'r11'z1 l'l'I'I' on fam' mrpi lu wail." EARL HURT Entered from Hogg, 'Z 9. "No HItlf1t'l' bon' gloomy MII' onllook, br uouzw 11121 xmiliugf' BILL IRWIN "Will1 r'un'lr'x.v jrsf and lmmor Ifroll, HI' liglafvns flag' I'urf'x ffm! uI'01Iml ur ull roll." ELIZABETH JoIINsoN Entered from Sunset, '51. "Talent sfar 114111-411111 fa .rpurI'.', KATHRYN JOHNSON Rotary Pageantg Gym Demonstration, Art Club, Winner of Underclassman Beauty Contest, Physics Club. X PYTIJIIII who luis! ilu' fulfil gif! of l1e'uufYy." 7 LEOLA KEITH Rotary Pageant, Gym Dcmonstrationg Physics Club. "One :fer-3' quid, yr! so r'fmru1iIIg." Xoh' WILLIAM KEITH Entered from Tennessee, '29, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Business Manager of OAK, Circulation Manager of Acorn. "Noi t'L't'l1 gvnius compares uxitla gril, And u man L't171Il0fl0St'fflJt' won'tq11if." EUPHEMIA KINNAMON Entered from Reagan, '2 9. Latin Club, Scholarship Club, National Honor Society. "When Duty whispers, 'You must,' She rmsumrs, 'I cuff." 4? me s V W l ,f el XX f Lf ., ix X . I 5 l 9 I 7 I I I N F, ' an MJ, V1 I X x X A. XJ l '--fi I ' I lu A1--.' ,, ff an 2, I 'xx , x I I If 'f if - we fir KATI-IERYN JOYCE LACY Entered from Hogg, '29. Club, Dramatic Club, Forget-Me-Not Sale Poppy Sale, Scholarship Club. 'She mm smile, sbe van blush, and al either 0l'L'1lfJtlii0lI the is z'f9armi11g." ATI-ILIE LANIER Gym Demonstration, Forget-Me-Not Sale. "AH tfaz' 'world loves u quiel girl." LUCILLE LEE Entered from Reagan, '29. Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, Poppy and Forget- Me-Not Sale, Latin Club, Essay Club, Scholar- ship Club, Orchestra. "'CfJurm Ilrilecs llae right, but merit wins tba' soul." HAL LEONARD Entered from Sunset, '31, President of Radio Club "HI're'x quid for you, self-posxvsszrnz and ffJol1gfJifu111ess.', DIXIE LINDSEY Entered from Bowie. Cheer Leader, joy Club, Bowling Club, Golf Club, Swimming Club, Dramatic Club, Acorn Reporter, Puppy and Forget-Me-Not Sale, Gym Demonstra- tion, Class Officer. "A good brumf of girl-xbe satisfies." W. L. LINDSEY Entered from Reagan, '28, Football. "Mew nn' of Iwo kimls, and bf' is ibn' kind Pd Iikr to lun' HAL LINN Football, Basketball, Baseball, Senior Hi-Y, R. O. T. C., OECCI' Spanish Club, Dramatic Club. "His manifest sign of wisdom is cozzfiuued 1'fJeerf14111e5r." CARLISLE LINSKIE Entered from North Dallas, '32. President of Aviation Club, Champion Model Airplane, R. O. T. C. "Still ucfaierirzg, rlill p1H'SIlf?1g I1 high idwzlf' HANNAH LITTLETON Entered from Bowie, '29. Physics Club, Gym Demonstration, Library Assist- ant, Pan-American League. "The besl par! of bmuly is tba! u'hivl1 tl picture vunnol es l1ff'X5.,, THELMA LOWRY V Entered from Sunset, '3l. "WN think she is a rare iiffle treasure XJ: lu ,sl . f K, FRANCES LUPER Entered from Cursicana, '32. Scholarship Club. "Unusual--a goof!-nutured rrd-lJeail." O. C. MANN Enterel from Peeler, '29. Crack Company, Football, Basketballg Track. "A good nulurc' is fbe Very air of u goof! mimlf DOROTHY MAUPIN Entered from Crockett, '29. Latin Club, Gym Demonstration, Girl Reserves, Poppy Sale. "For sfJf"s a jolly good fell0u+" ANITA MCBETH Entered from Bowie, '29, Latin Club, Girl Reserves, Pan-American Leagu Scholarship Club. "Wim Lfzfrryonf' sbf' mf'r'fS." BESSIE MCCANTS Entered from Bowie, ,30. Latin Clubg Physics Clubg Gym Demonstration. "HW ryes arf' blue and mlm, as is fbi' slay, In the serrnesl noon." MILTON MCCORD "His cheerful temper makes his lznowlmlge deiigblfui, bis wif good lldfllffdfy 55 it lg ff A ff f ,P '- X' F 3 1 r 2 1 O I N I Q x Xl: I i l i i 4 Us , 1 - st.-- W" - - - - ' " -- f - lu 'S 1 X s. if f l I l Q , l I l 1. L -- f W , I ,I V ' 7 VIRGINIA MCDOWELL Gym Demonstration, Girl Reserves, Art Club, Glee Club Officer, Scholarship Club, Poppy Sale, Editor of Acorn. "Slay sfmtwl lo sing as sbv lurklml ffm fbing ibut co1z1r111't be rlrmv, Anil she rlicl it." DUMAS MCINTOSH Entered from Lindale High, '30. Glee Club, Poppy Sale, Gym Demonstration. "Uf1r11fm1 as Ab1IrriI1 lakes in early morning." ELIZABETH MCQUEEN Entered from Reagan, 129. Latin Club, Orchestra, Music Club, Glee Club, Scholarship Club, Gym Demonstration, "Her glossy lmir was clnsteml over Ll brow, Brigb! ufiifs iI11t'111Xt'I1L't'.U Q .sb 3 '-if KJ GRACE MELTON C Entered from Reagan, '29, Q K Popp ale, Dramatic Club, Forget-Me-Not Sale, Gym Demonstration. "She zlocs noi m'e'z1 u purse, llvr gold is in hm' hair." JIMMIE MILLS Entered from Peeler, '29. junior Hi-Y, Latin Club, Stamp Club, Essay Club, Senior Hi-Y. "Who staffers roumi wit 111111 humor as well." CARRELL MORGAN Entered from Highland Park High, '3l. Girl Reserves, Spanish Club, Pan-American League, Acorn Reporter. "A poet whose life is in rlaymu with 1110 worltlf' ELSIE MAE MORROW Entered from Bowie, '29, Scholarship Club, Gym Demonstration, Poppy Sale "Calm and serene she lives, Lets nothing rujhf ber." IRENE MORROW Entered from Sunset, '51 French Club, Gym Demonstration. "Mystery of mjfsleries-fair, smiling Irene." E fling 2 'IEE' 2 . iiiiii I L,-5 . .,. I, . .II J I 2 fI:: ill . ya ' .11 Q f N aa. L. . L. L ' -1-1:2 - -.. L ,EVE--+Ztrf -.. T2g..- ' ,ILL xx .U xx X J. P. NEAL Entered from Austin, Texas, '30. Hi-Yg R. O. T. C. "Good lmmor is flaw lvrallh of llav sonlg be awnijwlijirx if." VERA NELSON Entered from Pceler, 29. Art Clubg Gym Demonstration. "True fair wilb flu' pzviril c'01m'.I from arl no! L'fJa11L'z'." v f -f 1 PKNNTE NORMAN ' Entered from Forest, '3 I. Latin Club, Orchestra, Girl Reservesg Gym Demonstration. "An ideal girl, uxifln xc1'iou.Im'.vs ami fmmor ." ALLISON O,NEAL Entered from Bowie, '29. Latin Club, Gym Demonstrationg Girl Reserves. "A rfasfa of rfaarm for' Oak Cliff Iliglrf' FRANCIS PERRY Entered from Hogg, '28. Glee Clubg Senior Hi-Y. "By his l'l7f'f'P'fIIlllFX.Y ami fi'iI'IIn'lim's.v be shall be Y!'HIE'I!Ibl'I'l'!1.H . N2 TURNER PERRY 1 Entered from Sunset, '3O. - -N Football, Baseballg Hi-Y, Camp Dallas, Crack Platoon, Cadet Major, Lieutenant Colonel. 'His Capability uvm him plarrx in R. O. T. C., MISS. flue Senior Clasx, and in fbi' brarfx of ,Ti young ladies." Ci SYLVIA PEESE Entered from Trinity Heights, ,29. Art Clubg Gym Demonstration. "Like a 17I0l'Ili7Ig dream, ilu' romvs bright' ami bvauliful I0 a1l.', RUTH PERKINS ' Entered from Bowie, '29. Spanish Club, Gym Demonstration, Essay Club, Dramatic Club. 'fsbe has the habit of looking on tba bright side of things." 'Kr I . 'l J. j ! I ii C if I I i --i' 1 E .1 I I . if U. -. H ,4 f X '. I I . 3 . I i . J I ns 49 f L7 . , ,Z C Y ' .:::, lil' ' HEEL' ' 4 , X l 'I' I -fag - M feral? - f -Riff' - we KN X MARGARET PETERS lzntered from Reagan, '29. 1 esg Dramatic Clubg Spanish Clubg Scholarship Club. "Thou basl the keys to Paradisrf' JACK PETERSON . R. . T. C.g Spanish Clubg Golf Teamg Camp X . Sg Crack Companyg Crack Platoong X xXx Baseballg Tennis. ' X " iw me one giddy, reeling dwam Of Iifv, all low and fume." JOHN H. PEYTON . O. T. C.g Latin Clubg Physics Clubg Radio Clubg Crack Company. "Gay, good mzlurc sparkles in bis eye." WAYLAND PHILLEY Entered from Peeler, '29. Scholarship Clubg Camp Dallasg R. O. T. C. Oflicer Crack Companyg Class Offieerg Latin Clubg Lieutenant Colonel. "None buf binzsrlf ran bv bis parallel." CLEON POOLE Entered from Sunset, '3O. ,Girl Reservesg Scholarship Clubg Latin Clubg Dra matic Club: National Honor Society. 7 5 "Too mu4'fJ good cannot be said of berf, EVELYN JEAN PURSELLEY Entered from Peeler, ,29. President of Blues Chaser Clubg Dramatic Clubg Poppy Sale. "As szwel and fair us a flower in spring." MILDRED REYNOLDS Entered from Peeler, ,29. Poppy and Forget-Me-Not Saleg Gym Demonstration. "Intl a bi! of cfaarm und grace." PAULA RICHARDS Entered from Bowie, 29. French Clubg Gym Demonstrationg Poppy Sale. "Wil fo persuade and beauty to deliglalf, - fm. ' 2 'IFE' -I v :Zigi I , 2 S 'R ll' fall l ,f , lg DOROTHY ANN ROBERTS Entered from North Dallas High, '31. Poppy and Forget-Mc'-Nut Sale, Gym Demonstration. "Alwayx ber joyous prallle Makes glad a lorzewfm' plate" EDWIN ROBERTS Entered from Peelcr, '29, Junior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Stamp Club, Camp Dallas, Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Essay Club. "llc ix fbi' brxt 7'f'll1l'lly for lbw blurs." ELIZABETH ROBINSON Entered from Reagan, ,29. Good nalzlrz' and l'!Jt1Y7II an' b:'r xlriking l1IlLlllfll'X. FAY ROGERS Entered from City Park, '29, Gym Demonstration, Poppy Sale. "Sho laughs amz' H10 uorla' langlux with fuer." LLOYD RUSSELL Entered from Bowie, '29. National Honor Society, Scholarship Club, Class Ofhcer, Captain Basketball Team, Football, Base- ball, Track, Hi-Y, OAK Staff, Acorn Staff. "A xlndrnf, an aiblffe, and a zuorlhy man." MARGARET SCOTT Entered from Bowie, '29. Class Officer, Dramatic Club, Latin Club, Gym Demonstrati n, Poppy Sale. "Al7j'lL'lIl'ff, above ezfrvjyflwlrlg, 'Sroityl aluayx lilam fo slug." ED SHAW Entered from Bowie, '29. junior and Senior Hi-YQ Latin Club, Dramatic Club, Stamp Club, Glee Club, Cheer Leader. "A pouml of plufle ix uxorlb a ton of l1lL'k.U l EVELYN SIMMONS 1 Entered from Bowie, '29, Spanish Club, Orchestra, Poppy Sale. ' "She is willy and slw's l'lE'l'K'l', Her laugh goes nn f0rez'i'r." ,N 12' I Y I 2 l I I l I to 552i lr- 'Eg :i -el W i 5 lgll E lik l T f 1 'E- fll jlli . as -A' -gi -- L -,.,.a7-f.-1 - Q-H ,.,-0' LORRA1NE SMITH Entered from Hogg, '29. National Honor Soictyg Girl Reservesg French Clubg Scholarship Clubg Physics Clubg Latin Clubg Co-Editor of OAKQ Poppy Sale. "Il 'lf'i1'fIl0llX mimi in iz girl ix i1IIlL'Fd I A fini' pirlnrc in K1 good ligblf' JOHN SPRAGUE Entered from Bowie, ,29. Footballg Captain of Football Team, '32g Track, President of lA, SA, 4B and 4A Classesg Hi-Yg President of Senior Hi-Y. "His fume xfmll inf an eclm and ll iigfyl 111110 the fiisfory of Oak Cliff, ROBERT STARKE Entered from Hogg, '29. R. O. T. C. Oliicer. "Sm1irfr gaiiy ilu' jnyx ufriclv liar' lI10l7If'71f xfmll bring ' away a'L'z'ry cure ami 1u'l'pif'xily fiiizgf' RALPH STEVENS Entered from Bowie, '29. "His fiilfl' is ovciijiircl by a .w11ilr." CLODA TATUM Entered from Reagan, '29. Home Economics Clubg Gym Demonstrationg I E E Dramatic Club. 2 1 "Thr !'0lIl"l'l'XllfiOll Il!'l'Ul' fluggvd, So ful' as 1,711 1llllll'f'.U I BILL TENNISON Entered from Reagan, '29. 4 R. O. T. C. Olicerg Dramatic Club. "He ix ll boy thai hai mil lwix likr on lbw fate of fbc z'arlb." ROY TERRY "True vloqiiwivf' ronxixtx in saying all that should br, 1701 all lfyul could be raid." MARY FRANCES TIDWELL Entered from Reagan, '29. National Honor Socictyg Girl Reservesg Scholarship Club Vice-Presidentg Oak Staffg Dramatic Clubg Essay Clubg Latin Clubg Acorn Reporterg Class Officer. Such character as youllsful poefi drr'am." A - any 5 -:iii f i -- , - ,.- .-'-"i :iii . -- -gain-eff-4 ' , - LF' 'IF :-'4 ' LLLL1 1215457 GLlzNN TINNIN Entered from Reagan, '29, Mixed Chorus: Baseball: Basketball: Dramatic Club: Spanish Club: Track: Football. "Au ojfxlloof of 1'li1'1'I'f11lI1vax.l' VIRGINIA TRULY Entered from Reagan, '29. Spanish Club: Blues Chasers Club: Poppy Sale: Operetta: Acorn Reporter: Scholarship Club. "TfII'I'I' ix no fl'Ill'I' fmIi'fI'If." XXIITT WALLACE Entered from Corkville High, '3 I. Advertising Manager of OAR. III' fmx Mm! fIIA'XZHII1.Nlfl7ll' good 7ItlfIlVi", ulmfffi jx ilxrlf flu' mos! fH'l't'f0IlX gif! lo 1r1I111." MlI.DREID WALS'fON Ifntered from Bowie, '29. Dramatic Club: Essay Club: Poppy Sale: Acorn Reporter. "She ix fbi' maxi fair und f1It'l't'lH1f0 HM' lifz' Ifflffl r'igbfl5' lmr1no111:I'." RALPH WALTLRS Iintered from Hrgg, '29. Commissioned Other R. O. T. C.: Senior Hi-Y Vice- President: Class Otiicer: LJAK Staff: Scholarship Club: Dramatic Club: Essay Club: Latin Club: Crack Company. 'III' Iiliiillwx ax fn' zzuillm for 1411111 of Il'Kll'l'j'.N NTARSHALL WARPQ Iintered from Bowie. Commissioned OHieer: Physics Club: Crack Platoon. M A funn of xlrrlirzg 1l'Ill'fZH of Ilri-Il I'ufbI'I' lfmu lL0l'tI'X.H DORIS XVARRIQQK Entered from Sunset, '3 I. Pen Pal Club. "She is ilu' uixvxl lyfwv, Wflmxi' liI'lIl4'X ll1.'I.L'l' l'tII'j'.u LOUISE WHIQRRY Entered from Cedar Hill, '29, Library Assistant: Otlice Help: Poppy Saleg Gym Demonstration. "An l'llI'l1!'.Nf lL'Ul'kl'l' uilli fflllt' Io rnjoy all of 1ifI"x pl4'as11I'vI.,' Q ein' 1- 'fax 1 4? lj' ,A rd i V X K Q ,X Y ., f'- V !,a,f 1' 7 f I I I 1 I .fu 'S K Q J. G' A ui s ff ' 1 'x ll 3 N X ,X X QQ I BILLY WESTON Entered from Bowie, '29. Schglarship Clubg French Club. lk , 771 xv! I0 a laik that some ranlt Jo, ' Qlllfliz ' lm 11014.17 fill fyfls put if Ihrougbf' l Q RICHARD WHIPKER Entered from Hogg, '29. Commissioned Officer, Rifle Teamg Camp Dallasg Crack Companyg Track. HSllt'L'l'X5 will be bis, for br' is a faithful worker in all llainigsf' BILLY WILDS "Ou for the good limvs ajforrlrd laim in Iifff' f-49' GRACE WILEY Entered from Bowie, '29. Scholarship Clubg Poppy Sale, Gym Demonstration "IIN hair, vyex aml rlixfzoxifiovi are arlmirfd by aIl.' JESSIE LOIS WILLIAMS Entered from San Antonio, '30. I Girl Rescrvesg Pan-American Leagueg Gym Demonstration. liurllfx noble!! llaiugg a girl 17f'r'fm'tr:l.', CI-IARIES WILSON Entered from Denison, Texas, ,29. l Non-Commissioned Ofhcerg Senior Hi-Yg Crack Platoong Crack Company. "Hz' Ilnclb ui-ull who fluvlb laix bvxlf' k JACK WILSON N bl Entered from Hogg, ,29. Junior Hi-Y, Spanish Clubg Stamp Club. niet and 1'exr'r'w'1l, yr! u IIliSl.'bil'l"01lX lwinkle in hir vyvf' HELEN WOODCOCIQ Entered from Reagan, '29. Girl Reservesg Gym Demonstration. nFt'NIl71iII!' Vanity, tba! Ilirine gif! Ibn! mulzrs 'wommz I'h:1ru1ing." xg All-City Orchestra and Band, State Band Contest, , , 'EIB Z I ' I X, -i . FEE-5 J I , ji QTL 7372: iii ?i ,giAl iiS 4' AZ' '2fi,f 'K T f fx-if - -'V' ll av X, X X 5 l l l xl 1 a 4 FR Senzow N at Zn Pzcfmfef i xt 5 W X JUNE CLASS x lg V 13 .- " 1. , x? oy Glr Q 'lx Bledsoe, Dick Blackmon, Kitty W , , , Boyd, Frank "Caldwell, Margaret-Alice V , I XV Brown, Ellis Cowen, Helen Irene li YQ Conway, Jack Davis, Flossye Davis, Roy Degan, Leola -J Davlin, Eugene Hall, Sybil f ' Q i Faulkner, Forrest McAl1ster, Doris ' v"'M'o Hartman, Zac Walton, Prudence f . 1 ff X A Pietzsch, E. 04JM"""-47 X fi Xl . fl JANUARY CLASS J Boys Clark, William Crouch, Rex Davlin, Renot Gharis, Fred Pringle, Clifton Thomas, Wilson X V X4 an Girls Blair, Ruth Russell, Constance Sarvis, Louise Spain, Mildred Stuart, Mary Lou ,qs . I X 0' f W I X f 'ii -ef ., f w i' 2.-I if Pl'C'Sfl1Cl1f Ser'1'ef MIKE S'rE1NDoRif MARY HELEN SMAL EDWIN REDDING 4B Class The present 4B class, though rather small, is one of the most praiseworthy classes in school. Its officers are Very enterprising, and, under the direction of Mrs. Minnie Bramlette, sponsor, plan to accomplish many feats of honor during the re- mainder of this year. The 4B class has its share of the Unotablesv of Oak Cliif, having on the class roll several stu- dents belonging to the National Honor Society, and a large representation in the Pan American League. Tim Welch Was Voted Underclass Fa- vorite in the Popularity Contest and was also Captain of the Rifle Team. He, With Elizabeth Tipps, also a 4B, represented Oak Cliff in the Declamation Contest. "How inzpofwzf an' fZ0zn"rx wilboul the xnmv! Ami zuilfaonf zrrxr' bow Vain fbr' lruruan show! Af' vw Willa fufling snow and lvoelry Ami fiowrrs, spring ix Il luwfvcl lrilogyf' 1 LU MEI-PO. VTCL'-PFCAl6fCI1f X x egg YJ, Q J tt ,, W K I l ,I XXX -.- wgx ,-1- . -, HN f' fl 7' H' . Q ' g ikiflukig' it J ,IB GIRLS Atteherry. Golden Marguerite Berry, Velma, Bibb, Louise Brannon, Edna Earle Brasfield, Dorothea Burba, Blanche Burdette, Sara Jane Cendali, Adriana Cowgill, Ledis Crosby, Mayme Franees Cross, Betty Crowell, Dorothy Crowson, Mary Elmer, Ida Fay Erwin, Edythe Erwin, Evelyn Eyre, Lucretia Firmin, Emma Allen Gary, Anna Griffin, Lucille Hanna, Louise Hargis, Sue Harrison, Juanita Hetlin, Nellie Hilhurn, Corinne Houpt, Tomie Howard, La Verne Hughes. Barbara Huston, Verna Koch, Doris Lanier, Athalie Lowery, Thelma Mt-Clure. Frieda Melloupzle, Fern McDowell, Kathryn Mt-Entyre, Lila Maddox, Dorothy Mitchell, Rc-ha Lou Murphy, Gladys Nt-ihor. Marie Oliver. Jane O'Neal, Allison Patford, Janiee Peek, Mareelle Perkins. Virginia Pierson, Chrystille Post, Dollie Reynolds, Helen Louise Reynolds, Mildred Srhlinke, Lillian Sehulz, Katherine Scott, Claralielle Fhadday, Dorothy Small, Mary Helen Smith, Dorothy Stroud, Tillie Dell Taxryxart, Eleanor Tipps, Elizabeth Treadwell, Verna Upham, Georgia Walden, Viola VVarren. Novis Warren, Ruudell W'elxlJ, Dorothy Lou Willoughby, Loree 'IB BOYS Addison, F. VV. Anderson, Arnold Anderson, Richard Barnes, Carlton Bean, Kenneth Bennett, Tad Benton, C. VV, Brownlow, Eugene Byrd, Billy Uampbell, S, P. Carr. Franeis Carlton, Bert Chandler, B. B. Clark, Harry Coleman, Granville t'on1,1leton,.laek Crosby, J, C. De Ford. Burniee Durrett, Dale Eckrstein, Andrew Faulkner, Clifford Foizle, l'. W, France. Earl Gee, Thomas tlood, AlllJ1't'y Goodwin, Jar-lc E. Greathouse. Howard Gresham, Brummire Gurley, Dabney Hale. Shade Hallihurton, Billy Harris, Calvin Harris. Nolan Hendricks, J. P. lluffer, Robert Jennings, Grover Johnson, Lawrenee Johnson, Philip Johnson, Charles Jones, Jac-k Kast, Norbert Keeney, Clinton Knitley, Wilmer Lee, Lur-ian Leslie, Henry Liles. Herrell Lowe, W. A. MacGilliory, Gordon Muirhead, J. L. Ogden. Taylor Parker, William Parr. Henry Parrish, Billy Pitt, Earl Redding. Edwin Rice. Jaek Roode, Finous Roodv, Wiley Sc-hell, VVilson Shanks, Ray Shanks, Reed rzharp-. C. Smith, J. T, Steindorf, Mike Stokley. Manson Tarrant. Mike Taylor. Rayburn Tennison, Donald Terry, Kenneth Theo. James 'l'imniin:4,Jz1ek Turner, Fred Ulm, Forrest Vann, Cecil Vantreese, R. B. VVallare, Carroll Wallaee, John Ward, L. G, Webster, Sam Vveleh. Tim VVheeler, .l. B. Whitaker, Leonar Whitlow, Jerry White. Russell Williams, James Williams, Raymo Wilson, Kenneth Womack, Robert VVoolf, John Worden, Emil-rie Worley, Charles Wright, Arthur Zehuer. Bill I id Feezfewell to Seniors NOW that the time has arrived to part with our classmates, perhaps forever, We ind the parting much harder than we had expected. We have laughed together, cried together, made good grades together, or perchance failed together, for four years. We have had our ups and downs, but we have mastered them all by just being together. Though some may take the road to the right and some the road to the left, may We all take that road which will prove to be the right road for each of us. It may be We shall meet again some- where on the cross roads of life and recall the happy hours of our high school days. Although in time we may forget each other, may we never forget the high ideals and aspirations of our high school days. "The rlosing cw' of spring will xoon depart, Will: pain ifs puffing fills my broken heart. O friend, welll spend lbe nigh! awake anal sing, For fill ffm' rfay-lvrll xoumfx, it ye! ix Spring!" CHI TAO. UNIYEFQDBS ENE N 1 my al ai AA rr Lx 4 jia Psi. f T lf f vm , 154 ' L lam X' lx N I V Q x ,. Ei' ff fl A l if ,-X-f 2 1 ' f ' f 1 7 x mi T aww gl i . X .1 HX T 7 Zia i f f Y El xl 1, lp, 'N ik 'X AW N 5 l ,Si T ll KN , I , ., , , T1 i 1 QW. G' . all fxil T l r-4 W I l Y rl :,. ...C-v 5: 7 Y , li , M v- 'r'l'z11'j' PI't'Sftfl'I1f Vim'-1'1'4'::izlc'1zf A GELO PIRANIO FRITZ BROCIQSCHMIDT ARTHUR QVRIGIIT 3A Class The 3A class, under the sponsorship of Miss Margaret Harris, is one of the largest classes of the school. It has entered into its last term of the junior year with zest and enthusiasm, and has planned to keep the names of the members of its class high on the rolls of student honors. This class is especially Well represented in in- tellectual activities, having a large number in the National Honor Society and in the Scholarship Club. That its members are among the most popular in Oak Cliff is shown by the fact that it is the proud possessor of three of the underclass favorites-Janie Large, Best All-Around Under- class Girl, Imogene Fitzgerald, Underclass Beauty, and Angelo Piranio, Best All-Around Underclass Boy. "My lrisurf' in a grow' fllf' classics lull, Or by a stream I wairfyeal an idle gulf. Tlar stale of Cffu bas men of falvnis rarr, 'Mong flwnz, u'l1ox1' closest friw1JxlziAlr do you share?" XVIEI YING-VVU. t 3A GIRLS Adams, Una lfaye Ardis. Sallie Jo Arnold, Nadine Ashley, Dorothy Barnett, Dorothy QB!! 451 l,.f3 Hamilton, Helen Hawkins, Berneiee Hawkins, Margaret Heim, Madeline Hickey, J uanita Higenlxotham, Clara Bartlett, Clyde Helene Holdridge. Ardys Basom, Peggy Beall, Lucille Bell, Josephine Bibb, Elizabeth Boedecker. Jacquelyn Boone, Lida Brown, Edythe Brown, Margaret Brown, Ovilda Bryant, Betty Lee Campbell, No ramae Chaney, Edith Cheney, Dorothy Clay, Lois Combs, Betty Gail Crider, Gladys Crudulb. Mary Davis, Anita Dickey. Clarabel Doughty. Frances Drake, Peggy Duncan, Mariraret Fagan, Lois Fitzgerald, Imogene Foster, Elizabeth Fox, Maurine Gallagher. Sarah Gardner, Inez Gordon, Helen Goss, Frances Graves. Willie Hackney. Darnell Hall. Dorothy Hut'l'er, Evelyn Hufstedler. Welna Bess Johnston, Elizabeth Jones, Oleta Kattler, Katherine Keahey, Edith Knight. Forrest Knight, Frances Knott, Monnie Dee Kich, Doris Lambert, Patty Ruth Large, Janie Lee, Rebecra Le Villuux, Alice Lewis, Nathalie Luckey, Florence Mallieot, Nadine Maupin, Patsy McCollum, Janie Mc-Combs, Bessie McCune, Maurine MeQuarry, Margaret Mead, Maxine Miller, Frances Miller, Nancy Moody, Margaret Moore, Josephine Nelson. Pearl Orman, Sammy Ray Patford, Janice Paris, Carmen Patterson. Frances Pierson, Nina Ruth Quillen. Fairy Redfearn, Jessie Roberts, Louine Sandlin. Ruby Grave Schmut-ker, Cecil Louise Sellers, Vivian Smith, Mary Edna Sneed. Glynn Spillers. Kathleen Stogner, Lyda liess Stovall, Juanita Talbert, Della Mae Taylor, Mary Taylor, Pruda Thompson. Floye Thompson, Geraldine Thompson. Lovdia Turney, Tina Waldrop, Ruth Walker, Irene Walton. Julia Wherry, Ruth Wilds, Ethel Ruth Williams. Elaine Wilson, Lillian Witherspoon. Nell Wood, Geraldine Wright, Catherine Youngblood, Jane CSA BOYS Adams, Dayton Anison' Thomas Amis, J. L. Atrhley. Bascom Attt-berry, Leighton Aubrey. Colburn Bartlette, Charles Benson. I. Il. Ilourn, Joe Bradshaw, Jimmy Iiroekschmidt, Fritz liurclette. Houston liurdine, Iieathlt-y Claybourn, Ted Cleveland, Pete Cochran. Robert Cooper, Merrill Cox, Valter Crow, Alvin Dabbs, Robert Dellett, Frank llellett, John Dyer, Dick Eastham, Henry Erickson, Javk Farrar, Harold Finlan, Owen Foster, Horace, Charles Gage. Irwin Gardner, Jark Garland, Forest, Garrison, James Gentry, Thurman Germany, Stewart Gilbert, J. C, Graham, James Harkey, Gean Hamlin. Lyman Hare, Elbert Harpold, Clayton Harrison, Jim Haynes. Andrew Heiskell. Jim Hicks, Ceeil Hord, John Humphrey, Jack Hurt, Robert Ivie, Clarence Johnson. Renfrow Johnson, D, E. Jones, Ashley Kennel, Joe Kilgore, John Lake. Grant Lavendar, John Lewis. Coy Livingston, Verilt M1-Cullock, L, N. MeMains. Alvin Maas, Henry Martin, Arvil Martin. Jerry Middleton, Bob Miller, Gordon Monson, liill Neal, James Nelson, L.. B. Norcross, Bill Peaeoek, Iiowmer Peeler, Lawrence Perkins, William Piranio, Angelo Potcet, Charles Rindy, Russell Risinger, Wilson Rogers, Norman Romine. Coleman Sallis. Jack Schlinke, Eldon St-rugxzs, Frank Scudder, John Sims, Lyndon Smith. Grove Smythe. Walter Sneed. Ed Snyder, Thomas Stanford. John Stephens, C. W. Tarver. James 1- W KW ' WM D A fl ' QQMQNW U 'N 5. U vp X W Cavfiw t di' all A fe ye V X kk A X X 1 I ijL'fqW 3 X M il my all , , W Q iw it fiflw ll rm J L A fl 4 X, -sr fx VW P1'r'siclc'11f Vin'-P1'c'sicfc'f1l Scvrcffary FLoRENcE XYKYALRAX EIN EDGAR THOMAS Rosr MARIE HoxvELL 3B Clams With a desire to live up to the traditions of "Jolly Juniorsf' the 3B class, under the guidance of Miss Virginia Rootes, entered into its third year of high school life. They have become one of the peppiest classes in Oak Cliff because they have happy memories to look back on, and hap- pier times to look forward to. Besides this fun-loving spirit, the 3B's also have a spirit of seriousness, as is shown by the number in the Scholarship Club each six Weeks. "My boat I mowed lnvzmzib ilu' Llllfjfflf form! shade, Wilb xtujff in bllllff I croxscd a bridge :md eastward xiruywl. I fell Ihr SZI0lL'L'l' ibut L'X7l'!'l't'tI tba' flowering apricot, Tfw I1r'f'z':4' flvaf rorkmf the Xzmying willows rhillvd vm' Hoff' CHI NAN. , " ,arg A bi 1 U K i QK 'f i t f- NX N f 3B GIRLS Adams, Mary Akers, Elinor Best Baint, Dorothy Beckenbach, Elizabeth Bigham, Ernestine Birdwell, Ruth Bone, Bernice Borgeson, Vera Bozeman, Addie Belle Brant, Dorothy Calton, Valeria Cameron, Frances Carter, Hula Marie Caywood, Virginia Cherry, Margie Childers, Geraldyne Cole, Blanche Cole, Lola Cowgill, Ledis we we nas 4 Davis, Sophie e W5 'I :X Dean, Francesf " De Vaaux, Ca' llia Doekery, Anna Vivian Duncan, LaVerta Dunn, Magarite Eckstein, Loviey Franklin, Onelia Huff, Dorothy Mac Huffington, Kitty Lou Hunter, Mary Blake Keahey, Faye La Foy, Geneva Lewis, Hazel Maples, Ruth Martin, Eileen Mason, Delorice Mt-Bride, Ruby Louise Mt-Kinney, Anna Belle Nevil, Lou Page, Bernice Patternostro, Mai Erngza Patt Geraldine P' rc ,Catherine rice, Novie Marie a , , SB BOYS Alexander, Derrill Armstrong, Stilwell Beck. Roger Beekham, Charles Benda, Jack Bludworth, Charles Brown, Ed Burkes, Erman Cook, Leland Cook, Rayford Crabtree, Jack Donald, C. B, Donald, William Dummet, Bob Elliott, Louis Epps, Sam Fr'ele.V. Al Gfibert. Edward Roberson, NG eason, Lewis Virginia Alice 'If' Robinson, R h ' Sandford, jfine Sarvis, Be 'f' Schupbach, arie Shuffield, Gertrude Stake, Ida Straughn, Dorothy Gresham, Raymond Guard, Jack Hagood, Carthyl Halley, Royce Hamilton, Earl Hasselt, Jess Heath, Edford Heller. William Johnson. E. T. Jones, Carlos Jones, W. B. Iiemne, Jewell Kinney, Jack Kirkpatrick, H. Il, Lindley, Swift McCulley, Cecil Mc-Gee, Ray McLane, Alfred McWhirter, Dwight Maiden, H. C. Martin. Windsor Matthews, Jack Meers, Elwood Merriefleld. Daniel Metcalf, Howard Nowlin, Clifford Pebbles, Harry Rhodes, Virgil Rook, Clinton Sergeant, George Sigerson, Robert Smith, Leslie Soloman, Pete Sprague, Charles Stanberry, Harold Littleton, Wilburne A x 4 f Ill -. lift it Lt 5 ll i W W 2,4 7, ng, tlf 1 l ta x tx ' L 'L txl . jliw N1 I , t 7 , ' if I ,t old ft l it I Gallagher, Bernice Talley, lnez Hilburn, Aubrey Sitter, Francis X Gharis, Bonna Dell Truly, Mary Frances Hill, Cecil Terry, James Q Nj Green, Ferne Venable, Wilona Horn, Talmage Tharp, James ' Hamilton, Lucille Walravqn, Florence Horton, Millard Thomas, Edgar Hill, Imogene Ware, Charlotte Hunt, Claude Thomas, VValter Howell, Rose Marie Watkins. Beulah Hurst, Sidney Wallace, Clifton I Jennings, Howard Young, Sant ll ll l l ,dx 1 X V W l l tt ' l D ft.-it . if f l W l 'Xt ! N N ' l l Z 1 fx L, i p E KY ! l' W xi N' N Q ! he il i R A X I fx Q. , N L l I 1 Q' 1-f? sifv?s'WM ,fa -:Xf 'B X ,! ii , 'W' - f A W ff X s Q? N f If A r ss .gi f 5 s, , l lx Vf W -Q.-:. T- VN Pr1'v1cf1'11i Vim'-P1'r'sirfr Sz'r'1'c1'al CLYVA NIAE Hucimui E joi3l'l21xg,f Doius KEATHL EY Q 'if' ex4Ns,9-f J 2A Clams Although the 2A class is rather large, under the direction of efficient officers and its sponsor, Miss Mary Louise Clyette, it is aspiring to be one of Oak CliiT,s leading classes. Apparently its members are intellectually in- clined, as the long list of 2A names that appear on the Honor Roll each six weeks indicate stud- ious endeavors on the part of students in this class. Frank Goerner, president of the Latin Club, and Dorothy Chapman, a member of the spelling team, are reasons Why this class should succeed in upholding Oak Cliffs age-old traditions. "Time fH'f'xivs morialx ou zrilb qnirlevlzrzl xlmvl, Bu! lwrrv llHIH'flIg sigllls in furrz SIll'l't'L'ZI, As bvxjrifulily 1l'0IlIl1 urgi' mv xfuy, I linger, sinrr' I Xfltlllllll Almxs llnix ZUllj'.U CHU FANG. ff ix ,, ., W e x 1 , A lux. xx" A Xl "i ' ' 'fifffi I 'Wh - X 'I V , f sl lvl 1 1 fee , - W ,zgt , , I X X fx, X 2.-X GIRLS Arnspiger, Mary .loy Bailey, Winnell Baker, Bobbie Baker, Lorene Baker. Louise Barton, Marie Baufrhman, Ju Bcntly, Winifred Berry, Fern Blaekston, Vera Booth, Elizabeth Boyett, Helen Branom, Clotile Brewer, Bettye Burdine, Genell Calloway, Mary Frances Chapman, Dorothy Choate, E'lsie Clark, Joyce Comfort, Louise Covington, Elizabeth Cristol. Johanna Davis, Ravenel Day. Luey Lee De Busk, Velma Pauline Densmore, Jeanne Dobbins, Margaret Dewey, Frances Donnell, Charlotte Ruth Downs, Majorie Dumas, Beatrice Duntley, Jeanne Edmondson, Janice Edwards, Ruth Estes, Eunice Marie Farmer. Opal Fitzhugh, Don Paula Fleming, Sara Beth Fulghum, Alliene Gatlin, Kathryn Glover, Elizabeth Gordon, Peggy Green, Geneva Greer, Clydie Myrl Hampton. Consuelo Harper, Brunette lia Hieks. Evelyn Holden, Dorothy Huekabt-e, Clyva Mae Huffhings, Mary Bell Huston, Margaret Elizabeth Hutson, Mozell Jackson, Mildred Ray Johnson, Lola Keathly, Doris Kelley, Mary Katherine Kennedy, Dorothy Kirby, Dorothy Kirk, Crystal Lacy, Lorraine Leach, Violet Mathers Leeds, Kathleen Lindsay, Theda Loveless, Selma McCanless, Dorothy MeFall. Jewell McKay, Betty Jim McLaren, Vera Mears. Artclle Mills, Nadine Mims, Louise Morgan. Mary Louise Morris, Martha Alice Nall, Sidney Merle Neal, Wanda Neff, Yvonne Newsom, Hazel Oxley. Billie Frances Pasley, Doris Pitt. Loreta Powers, Laura Pritchett. Eva Belle Rasmussen, Grace Ridlay, Florence Schell. Mary Sehmueker, Mable Ssago, Elizabeth Sikes, Margaret Simpson. Mary Mildre Simpson, Natalie Skinner, Dorothy Smith, Yvonne Snapp, Marynel tl Stephenson. Lila Stoekard, Elizabe Taylor, Ava Belle Taylor, Juarea Thompson. Mary Townsen, Evelyn Townsend, Alice Bess th Jean VVaddle, Valda Mae Wall. Virginia Mae VVard, Sammielu Watts, Margaret Weathered, Lou Wheeler, Rose Whitler, Ruth VVilliams, Marie Williams, Sara Wilson, Ruth Wisner. Maxine Wood, Doretha Wright, Mary Beth Yeager, Ruth ZA BOYS Allison, Dan Ai-doin. Frank Baer. VValter Barrett, Herbert Beauduy. Albert Bell, Ezlgar Benson, Carl Bivinss, Gene Bray, Frank Brickell, James Brooks, Charles Browder. Charles Burpo, Richard Butter, Jack Campbell, Milton Carpenter, Leverett Conner, Bill Cook, Atlas Cravens, Jake Cummings. Carl Carnell, Glenn David, Doyle Davis, Gilder Davis, Joe Deam, Andrew Deis, John De Vaux, Oscar Dinkins, David Elliot, Louis Elms, Tom Ferguson, Billy Fresley, Al Fuller. Frank Gay, George Goerner. Frank Gray, Edward Guest, Emmett Gulledge. J, C. Hall, Jimmie Ham. R. G. Hamilton, Bill Hamilton. Orvillc Hasha, William Hicks, Glenn Honigf, Charles Horn, Lloyd Horton, Millard Hurt, Wilbur Jackson, Harold Kearby, Herbert Kinkel, Herbert Kinsey, J. H, Koch, Carl Lanier, Fred Lee, Carlton Lee, Frank Lileon, Tom Lindsey, Louree Littleton, Wilborn Livingston, Harold Logan, Bowman Lollan. J. C. McAdams. Archie MeCox:h ren, El lard MeCoombs, W. H. Mangum, L. B. Manning, James Martin, Arvil Martin, Duane Melton, Ben Morriss, Travis Munster, Herman Norred, Talmatre Ogden, Donalfl Palmer, Frank Palmer, J. W. Parks, Gerald Perry, Jack Phillips, Vernon Pilkington. Murle Piper, Charles Pope. Jerome Price. Leon Ragle, George Randolph. Frank Ritchie, Wilbur Roberts. J, W. Rollandin, Albert Ross, Joe Rust, Bernard Rust, Lloyd Sanford, Basom Samuels, Joe Scherer, Robert Shanahan, Glenn Simpton, J. D. Skipword. Raymond Spence, Edwin Starling, Norvin Stephens, Philip Stevens, Frank Stokes, Bobbv Stricklin. Tobe Stuart, Chancellor Sturgis, Joe Tackwell. Melvin Tanner, James Theo, Pete Tidwell, Jack Tidwell, James Tracht, David Turley, Billy Turner, W. A. Waite, Bliss Walker. Lynn Wall, Eldridge Watson, Floyd Whitton, Jerry Williams, B. S. Williams, Joe Williams. Preston Willis, Billy Willis, Delbert Willis, Edwin Wilson, Calvin 2 do 3 , W ' xii V 0 -'f Z X x as-st f 'V f ' . be ,K 1 X-5 j ill XMB F953 7554 l 3 R! if f,-,, f 3 l l f, C in fe I l C ,flf7 We We C f , fle wff 1 XN i i-it if i J wp B l , l fltlltlllal an - - ,, at ...zu 4.1: 'il e .T'L.-- .... 15 pf s , iw ' . i y il iii' 4 ' Q li 'U IM X , t x t 'si x l !! X xl i ff ff X I X Q 3 X J X mf- yi! Axl l' lj X, .-xx W ,Q , :il f- , X ,V ' X .fx , X ll ll We ' l kwa 1 v i lsr l l 1 l Fil a 1 ll sy ,i fl, M ff V, W V , i I fmt WN ik lp fw FQ I ff? , fx f ' , gd iv , r-ff VW P1'l'SjdI'77Il Vil'U-PI'l'Xfl!Ul7f Serra 14073 MARY KENDIKICK ROBERTA ELLIOTT EVA MAE LLMBFRG QB Class In January the 2B class enthusiastically en- rolled, satished that they were no longer Fresh- men, but rather dignified Sophomores. They early called a class meeting, and under the super- vision of Miss Rockett elected capable officers to lead them through the first term of their Sopho- more year. The members have been quite active in the school organizations, and have gained the real "Cali Cliff Spiritf, May the 2B's continue to uphold the tradi- tional spirit of Oak Cliff High, and to be a suc- cessful class as 2A,s next year. "Thr oriolux on thc fioufvrizzg lrcvs in wurbling Mir, Auron flu' smlgy lukx' flow mow-while barons fly. Our lwarfx arf' all dff1U7l'II I0 such u fu'rff'rt day, Al rm' our boats l'L'fll7'71 wilb music soft and guy." HSU YUAN-CHIEH. M il , iffl Y Ull f JN as ,Q-?"""' 5 ad HG Albin, Lorraine Amos, Faith Elaine Anderson, Helen Anderson, Ina Armstrong, Gwendolyn Bailey. Helen Bramblett, Helen Bryant, Alice Beth Bryant, Marszarct Cavett, Maxine Clay, Ceola Council, Willie Beth Cowgill. Charlotte Cathbertsan, Marigold Dorsett, Maudell Dunn, Frances Earp, Helen Marie Eastham, Margaret Elliott, Roberta Evans, Ruth Fipps, Jewell Foster, Velma Fuston, Vivian Galvin, Patricia Gannaway, Monette Gabry, Mariu- Gexrhardt, Pauline Good, Helen Green, Dorothy Lenore Green, Louise Grube, Myra Hamilton, Lois Hardcastle, Virginia Hearne, Natalie Hetherimzton, Ethel Hill, Virginia Holbrook, Floyette Holstrom. Helen Humphrey, Peggy Humphreys, Geraldine lrby, Ruth Ivey, Novis Johnston, Anna Louise Jordon, Alta Louise Keith, Catherine Kelley, Opal Mae Kelsey, Virginia Kendrick, Mary Kilgore, Mary Kinnamon, Gurley Hope Kirk, Carolyn Knowles, Mary Elizabeth Langford, Nettie Lemburiz, Eva Mac Lewis, Frances McCormack,Jeanette- McGee, Floy McKinney, Nellie Ruth Mann, Mary Dee Martin, Juanita Maupin, Jane Mayers, Alice Ruth Moore, Beulah Morrow, Minnie Lee Osborn, Margaret Peitz, Louise Phipps, Barbara Piltman, Lillie Mary Reeves, Geneva Reynolds, Bobbie Roberts, Louise Robinson, Carol Rogers, Myrtle Rollandin, Elizabeth Sanders, Mary Lillar Schulze, Geneve Sherlock, Ruth Smythe, Nell Soloman, Alta Summers, Flora Toubner, Lois Tonn, Mildron Walton, Susie Mae Whittier, Estelle Wood. Margarette Younger, Jeanette Zli BOYS Anderson, Wayne Baueh, Maxwell Bealmear, Leslie Birdson, Hobby Bridges, Windell Cameron, Howard Carlisle, Joe Carona, Anthony Carrell, William Carroll, Caree Cawthron, Leo Chapman, Leroy Coffey, Alfred Couch, Louie Craven, Donald Currey, James David, Leo Dean, Wayne Duncan, Gerald Elliott, Holford Epps, Raymond Erlander, Robert l-flwton, Francis Ezell, Theo Fuklin, Pete Fleeman, Billy Frensley, Billy Fudize, R. D. Gates, Henry Lee Goode, Dalton Hanszen, Clyde Harvey, Harry Harden, James Hearne, Vit-tor Heim, Henry Herring, Richard Hilton. Milford Hiser, John Howell, Sylvester Hubbard, Everett Hughes, James Hunter, Clifton lnkte, Doyle Johnson, Wayne Killouuh, J. H. King, Marshall Lee, J. E. Lieber, Fred Linn, Chal Long, Ray McCord, Forrest Monson, Perry O'C0nnor, John Osburn, Dodd Oster, Ray Peterson. Lamoine Ray, Robert Robm-tt, Wilson Sanger, Kenneth Scaff, Billy Schmidt, H, L, Shull, Henry Strickland, Jack Sutton, Howard Taylor, Michael Theo, Pete Thomas, Joseph Turner, Harry Waite, Noble Wakeham. Willian Walker, Harrison Watts, Milton Welch, Orris Whitter, W. C, Williams, Edwin Youmr, Billy I 3 KX x Qi N K if mit E ,I1jX lla ff -' lx 'fi r 'E X lf! qw Ni f ix l , 4 I 1 N f , fl w, If X N l l l Q ll l il , Us filly ,- 2 gt, 1 as f 1 40" f QW! ff m' M T N t N , L sf 1-1 43 me Fx N i 7?" ff fi? W ,fl ,ik it fl X f 1 , QW p iw fl t f' Lf 4 si f ay? l f X I aa Q f A It ' 5 Ut , 1 x H xp Pl'C'XftfL'lIlL Vir'c'-Prcsiffczlf SCL'l'CflllJ ' Bos VVOLEE ELLEN KENNEDY HELEN ALLEN I A Cliff January found the members of the IA class, 'tufrbulent in spirit, pouring into Oak Cliff High, Nil 1. Y proud of the fact that they could no longer be A referred to as "fresh Fish." Miss Abigail Crane V ' qi 5' was chosentto sponsor the group, and gladly G 5 ff l agreed to aid it in every Way possible. i f , . me l f F N Vincent Baker Won the P.-T. A. prize for the , f N 1 ' i highest underclass scholastic average. His average I X It was 96-9f16. A X 1 sfx . KN N Just before the class became 'Q1A's," it gave an - f assembly to prove that if Freshmen were old , y Q enough to abandon kiddie kars they were old Kg ll 4?-, ' X enough to entertain the student body. f "Now ibrolzgb flu' uillows bark ami forlb ilu' Orioles ply. 1 A1111 willy II Flffk and r'1111'l:, like noisy .vlJ1n'lfm, fly. f In l,o-yulzg Af1ri1fio1L'rr's make a frfa' of golzf, l , Thai mfrzfs IIIHCZI 1L't"lll'iIIX HIFI? a gorgmzu work 1'u11f01rI.,' id LIU K'o-CHUANG. A fx N. M I 1 l -az 1-9 lx X if Q' 1 Tx N ' z If T7 A l , Q X, , , X' I Il ,VY , i X l X 'l Q A ' Q , 1 I X- il E xxx VK XXX Eidiiiigw , 1 IA GIRLS Allen, Helen Ard. Mary Louise Bai lc-y, Mary Fra nccs Biesil. Mildred Black. Betty Blair, Lois Marie Brantley, Evelyn Brown, Margaret Buckley, Juanita Burleson, Frances Cagle, Edith Calder, Alice Cameron, Nan Elizabeth Campbell, Mozelle Carlton, Marilyn Chapman, Beatrice Chapman, Ruth Chietzverg. Minnie Leath Ivey, Novis Johnson. Doris Johnson, .lane Johnson. Mildred Keahey, Violet Kennedy. lillen Kinkel, Catherine Kerwan, l'atric'ia Latimer, Nadine Lent. Dorothea Livinizston, Lillian Loring, Dorothy Lowe, Mildred McKey, Leta Rose Maples, Edna Earle Martin, Juanita Miller. Dorothy Miller, Gertrude Monroe, Louise Moody, Mary Mullens, Doris Churchwell, Ruth Nell Nowlin, Waulen Clark, Selene Clay. Ceola Cole, Oneta Coleman, Ruth Cox, Charlotte Crane, Doris Crouch, Mary Jo Dorgan, Lorena Clyde De Ford, Ruth Dial, Beatrice Durham, Mary Helen Elerson, Maurine Elkins, Hazel Elzey, Blanche Emmons, Elizabeth Eubanks, Lorraine Felder, Mary Felake. Peggy Fouts, Jacquelyn Gooden, Doris Green, Mary Isabel Griffen, Marjorie Groves, Mary Catherine Hamlette, Alline Hamilton, Mamie Hurn, Virginia Hufstedler, Rebecca Oliver, Mary Paekwood, Lillian Parrish, Adelle Perkins. Marguerite Pitts, Elizabeth Poteet, Margie Powers, Marian Purselley, Dorothy Joan Randall, Jane Rau, Frances Richards, Florence Richardson, Aline Robbins. Geraldine Royerson. Dorothy Ryan, Louise Sams. Christine Samuels, Juanita Scattino, Dorothy Shanklin. Willa Dee Sheffer. Dorothy Sneed, Lyal Snyder, Holbrook Stalcup, Frances Taylor, Alma Truly. Mable Vantrees. Elizabeth Vernon, Hazel Wallace, Iris Walls, lfrarircs Walton, Nettie VVebh, Pauline Webster, Reatriec Wheatley, Sybil Willard, Vivian VVilliams. Pauline Wilson, Kathryn VVilson. Mariraret Wood, Marie Worden, Marie Yeargan, Annette lA BOYS Adin, Louis Atkinson, Weldon Baker, Vincent Bean, J. W. Biesel, Harold Blair, Russell Board, Wilson Boland. Arthur Brackeen, Robert Brownlow, Earl Burke, Scott Burrouizh, Robert Calder, Henry Caloway, Clarence Caple, Solon Carter, John Carter, Roy Casteel, Robert Click, H, I'. Comfort, Clifton Cook, Floyd Davis, Berry Davis, Joe Day, William Dickey, Stanley Drees, Fred Drier, Charles Dryden, William Eastus, Harrill Edmonson, Howard Elder, Carl Ellis, Robert Erickson, Francis Evitts, Leo Foley, James Fowler, Ferman Gambrell, Leon rs s FZ. Hatton, Cornelius Geiser. Perry flharis, lddixar Gharis. Edmond Girlinilhouso, Gus Gordon. Clovis Hamhlc-tt, .lack Hamilton. Leslie Hamilton, William Hanzen, Eugene Hawkins, Edwin Hays, Frank Herd, Burnelle Herrinfz. J. R. Hilton, Milford Howdshell, .l, B. Hubbard, Billy Hughes, Kenneth Humphrey, Buster Jameson, Billy Johnson, Monroe Jones, Billy Jones. Emrys Judsrc. Walter Kerby, Clovis King, Aldon King, Curtis Kinkel, Louis Knapp, Billy Knott., Charles Ray Koch. William Larkin, Edward Lewis, Jack Lineham, M. J. Linn. Chal Lovell. R. H, Loring. Ben Lytle, Ben McClun1Z. J, B. Mr-Donald, Marvin Vester McGinnc-ss, Mack McNutt. Roy McRarey. Harvey Mason, Norman Maynard. Melvin Miller. John Mitchell, Ellis Morrison, Millard Nolen, D. C, Orr, Sam Palmer, George l'arrish, Philip Peery. Ralph Pickett, Waylon Peters, Wilson Phillips, lfolyar Pierce, Elbert, Pierson, James Piranio, Anthony Ray, Sam Rea, Harry Redding, Charles Rhodes, Weltmer Rife. Tommp Rook, Duane Ross, James Sampson. Charles Sebastian, George Sliuh, Thomas Smith, Charles Spillers, Jack Springer, Wayne Steele, Byron Steizer, Bob Sud: ufli. l"lui'ord Tenney, Rea Terrell, Tom Teubner, Wilbur Thompson, Holmlsy Thompson, J. W. Todd, James Tooilood. Edward Tuttle, Winfred Vann, Joseph Wagner, Frank Walker, Jack Wallace, Hartazze Ward. Bob Watson. Bert Webb. Hugh Westmoreland. Wallace Willis, Henry Wilson, C. F. Wilson, Melvin Witherspoon, Leon Wolf, Bob Worden, J. W, Yarxtan. Jess Yates, Eurzene ard f N f'1lilfii R lt if M f f if All A sd J ll , 1 N 1, f X11 '- ai y ly l N, si X IW, , X I lp, P ' if .L ,WM X , . W X s K X E X l , li W J J, 2 x li , 's we il if i , , X W 1 ik , if ,, V YV' f WN f " X fwxxf 'Z A G1-i s i fy i wiaf dl a-1 i5'i.Wl 'l M l l ' xflx ,gf A' f X ' if iw l 'N f V if 4" ,P 1 N N x X rp Sm Q x gtg s V i Qiwgfl N N 1 me f l l j gfgllwbw flf- l W ill 1 X H U1 li-. l A f fs W l ff fl -if--1 -1- if X ff ja s . Presl I1 Vice-Prcszdcnf Secrez' y SYBIL ROAN JOHN NICCARTY HELEN RUTH R NSON IB Clam On enrollment clay the 1B's, undaunted by the fact that they might be called "fish," walked bravely through the halls of Oak Cliff in an effort to become properly acquainted with their future "Alma Mater." Although quite a number of its members are rather small, they Ht quite Well into the tribe of older leopards, and seem to be just our type. We predict a bright future for this class, and are anxious to see just what it can accomplish. "A sacred peach tba! wuxcx green willy lac'awn's dew, An apricot favored by xun and rlouds are you. But I, laibixcux, by u stream, for autumn wail, Nm' blame lbr' turdy mst wind that I blosxom lair." KAO CI-I'AN. fo f N f , X' o an M W r e n W4 will WM A - if S ' Q NX fi, -as A ,il I W , 1' 1B BOYS Alford, Edgar Boyd, Lewis Brundidge, Robe: 't Byers, Henry Canning. Harold Chelitte, Gail Chitwood, Paul Churchill, C. W. Congleton, Bill Dalton, Porter Donnell, Riley Froman, Linton Garland, Clyde Hamilton, Clinton Hanson, Nobert Harrison, Ben Harter, Clifford Hiarter, Clovis Hill, Albert Hill, Marvin Hill, W. D. Hinton, Charles Hollingsworth, Hillard Houston, Robert Howdeshell, J. B. Jackson, J. W. Kempe, Edward Mandeville, Charles Maynard. Melvin MeAuliH, Jack McCarty, John Mcilroskey, Byron McDowell, David Moore, Charles Mount, Billie Nelson, Howard Norris, Truman Norton, J. C. Oliver, George Olives, George Overall, Jack Peeler, Herbert Pleimiann, John Reagan. William Ritchie, James Roberts, Hadley Roberts, Woodrow Robinson, Ralph Ryan, Randall Schafer, W. A. Schulz, Billy Smith, Henry Sparrow, Weldon Springer, Wayne Steele. Byron Steger, Bob Storey, Clarence Strickland, W. A. Tyler, John Watson, Bowden Whitten, Robert Williams, Thomas Willis, Jack Wilson, Tayman Winters, Franklin Wolf. Lee Wylie. Tom Yates, Alvin IB GIRLS Ables, Lila Adams, Ruth Adkisson, Nona Lee Arnold, Dorothy Dell Arnwine, Ruth Beals, Evelyn Bennett, Marilee Childress, Gladys Collier, Nell Dahlgren, Mildred Daniel, Rosemary Davis, Mary Ann Davis, Mary Louise Devereux. Joy Lorraine Doson, Lorraine Donald, Peggy Eades, Helen Eldridge, Alice Foster, Mary Foy, June Greenslade, Imogene Hammer, Helen Elizabeth Haralson. Edythe Marie Hargreaves, Lillian Harris, Billie Hartness, Billie Jean Hawkins, Rose Marie Hayes, Evelyn Holland, Rose Marie Hod, Katherine Hutson, Bernice Ingram, Beatrice Kearley, Marjorie Kennedy, June Kerby, Nettie Lou Kitchin, Zulema Lake, Muriel La Rue, Sammye Leatherwood, Dorothy Long, Ruby McBride, Clarine McCormick, Dorthy McCoy, Mary Louise McCulley, Bettice Maples, Virginia Martin, Annie Frances Miller, Lois Miller, Mary Frances Murrell, Mary Ellen Nelson, Dorothy Ogden, Gene Parker, Bertie Maye Randall, Peflgy Gene Reed, Mary Dee Roan, Sibil Robberson, Lurosa Robinson, Mary Edna Robinson, Helen Ruth Saverance, Diana Sears, Janice Shadday, Helen Mae Shrum, Clara Belle Simmons, Josephine Sloan, Mary Katherine A , , L4 f l i i V 1-1 li 1 l 7 ffm gilllivlllurianll xl. S. QDOQJ DAVID A member of the June graduating Class, died September S, 1932. BRODUS SUDDUTH A member of the Freshman class, died November 29, 1932 Hlrfll' ran ur rlunfvl, zrfm knru' lbw, lzwrz In irzlvlfwl, 1c'iffvfm'z'1' and ,vkill To .flr'i1'4', In fIlXf7f1III, fn f1rffiH- WU' Jonlvf fm! zrfml fhflll uoulrfsf fuzz 1' lzrrzzf FHVDFUTE5 I c3H1uH mrs COMPLAINT A f7l'6l1lfj' fo lbw fldlllft' wvmfs bm' zuay, Amf from fbi' four! l'UllIl' xozrmfs of music' gay. Off, wry, fllflll who basl royal f6Il'U'l'K !QlI0lUl1, Huw all iffy 1Ul,'L'1j' t'lJllI'lH.Y 11010 S1L'4'l'l't'l' gl'U'I,Ull:3 I-IUANcQ-FU JAN , -Tin xl, A , .. ,K smnm BENlTYf Maman: ummm ,W A W X EVQLLEQ 5.,g.k i'1 2 sz -+ as-,V-mf -. - A--V-A 1 ,X wiflilui' EEST ALL-INRHUND SEMDR BUY' WHIIDRHVHENELEE l ELEVEREST SENIDR BDY' WILLIAM IRWIN JJ ,fd N ,f K E SEIYIUR KATHERINE DAWN wr A , SN 9, , nf A - - r--A 1,4 , --un, .1 pa, Y- g,u, 6 51-9, ,L L 'Z .. -wg ,...,- .g BE51' ALL-BRDUND SENIDR EARL f i JUHNITPL EIBSDN , Q P' 'I '- -1 it -- 52 .+ 7 ' -'M ' "-A ,er 1 km .411 "V-Us Q- f-b - 1 ,F -, - Km A-A is gf . .i-.x QQ ,f L Elini SENHIR F AVDRXTE ' WHLTEB IRWIN UNDERELHEE FBVDRXTE ' 1' IH XJELEH UNDERELPAEE BEPALXTY ' JMDEENE HTZEERBLD Q lg gi gf . ,. 5,32 ii? A . is if BEET BLLHBRDLIMD UNDERELN35 EARL JBNIE LBREE 23 Xi as " 5 ilffifl .,A, V is i Fx "Y: mr! EEST ALL-HRHLIND HNDERILR55 BDT' BNEELD PIRBNID : ' 1 F, xiw E35 N52 X3 X L wmv! WW' ,J-r 'fs 1' , :Sins A ' -Qi! ,Lb sf Q 5 Us M fx f , ,wr -"" ,Qs 5 V F ff.: ' -sv r !""""' rv FM, Ill Ill lil HI S. ..-,. A A RE 44 . 45,58 ,M 2,5 S u .if Lx x 'Q W ' ,ff .ef 1.53128 f X X 0254-'Aff-'cu Q ,..,,., W.. 5 ,,,.,.5, 4, 'fig rw 'Q Q? uf? 5 HI fflifdr VV NSN wi 'ff Wb0'J Who Dorothy Chapman, who had the only perfect paper in the Junior division last year, is. credited this year with having handed in one of the two perfect spelling papers of the city in the Inter- scholastic Contest. She is a ZA. Elizabeth Tipps, a member of the 4B class, proved the heroine of the day when she scored first in the Interscholastic League Girls' Decla- mation Contest. Wanda Neal, ZA, was the winner of the first place in the Girls' Extemporaneous Speakingjf Contest. Edwin Redding received second prize of the P.-T. A. award for having made the second high- est average of the underclassmen. Ruth Waldrop, winner of the senior prize in the Better Homes Contest. Alice Gardner won the junior prize in the Bet- ter Homes Contest. Billy Young won the sophomore prize in the Better Homes Contest. Vincent Baker, winner of the P.-T. A. award for having the highest average of the underclass- men, was also winner of the freshman prize in the Better Homes Contest. Tim Welch scored an oratorical victory in winning the Boys' Declamation Contest. DREHNXZHTIUN5 Y X in gig ,L l xbfff -' f QQ fd g ' l?V ' f' IMPROMPTU LINES ON A SPRING DAY In Juyx zuluvz 4'lo1m's arc' figluf lllltl f7I'I'!'Z'l'S mffly blow, I cross fo -1'UlIlll'l'.Sfl'K'tIIlI lL'f1Vl'l'f10ll'l'V'.5 and willows grow Souza zw11'f:fli11KQx, kllfllfjllg Ho! my fJi'tl1'l',X rfvfll iI11L'lH'0' May say I xzmlrlw fbmf lmnrx fo play ffm fruunt boy. CH,ENG HAO. 0 ,V , X i, ' xslt-, N2h A - iilf to L Q W A lffl fl f Ei f i L 5 X 1 XX! il ,iw X ' X f'! xiliifffll L5 X X Xi NX f XX Q ' f X X x l FALL. Editor'-in,-Clwirf . . A.r.vivfr1f1lli4filUr,i . Mafmgvr . . . Aff: wfiiiflg Marmgrr Sporls ljrfifm' . . Ashley, Donald i'XlfUl'Cl,liI'l11lC Halter, Lois Bell, Juanita Berry, Richard Bibb, Louise Bonner, lid Boothe, ,lack Boyd, Frank Brannon, Edna Farle Brant, Beulah Brasfield, Dorothea Ilurchette, Richard Burdette, jane Carr, Travis Chatalain, Joe Cogburn, Sylva Crouch, Marjorie Crosby, Mayme Frances Crowell, Walter Crowson, Mary Lou Daniel, Kenneth Darnell, Carl Davis, Flossye Davlin, Iiugene Davlin, Renno 1932- 4 . . I.oU1seSARv1s ljuixmlix GmsoN LB! LJLMI HRANT ALLAN Dixl.EPu1MM . . . BILL IRWIN . . FRANK ILLGAN lfdniontlson, liernatline lflmer, Ida Pay XX 1 f , . , X X747 P vi lb 'rtixsii n K, ff We H f M f it if Ye f ,fin i ls ll ll . ,Q 1 ' X H ffpii 5512 r r r ,Wifi Q N5 il N ix l hy 7 V 1 F Wow ME fl 1, I il L . i 5 , V l ' x I s x , 1933 sPR1NG,i9,is Q fl 'f Iizlilllr'-iii-Cffiirf . . Vmcixm NlLLJUXYI'l.!, K- X ,lh'lARY PRANCI s 'I'rnwi-ri A W iflniviflzfl lfilifmis ' Vnu,INm il'RUl.Y -X J lM,uu' lima IItiNT7iNr,1R X- Nfl f lirziilzvix,'lIu1n1gi'r . . . -hen Goonwix NN: l Cirrlzlizliorl NIi111u,Qrr , XWILI IAM K1'lIH f I l X Puf1li4'il1' lllilrzirlerr' . . .IUAN11 x B1'1.1. i ll Johnson, Bill Primm, Allan Dale C It johnson, lilimlwtli Regan, Prank ' Alohnson, Lawrence Roberts, Dorothy Ann i , Ferguson, Herschel Flowers, lfugenc France, liarle Fudge, lien Gafford,Paeil1 Gates, Lucille Gibson, .Iuanita Givens. Alvin Goodwin, jack Goodwin, ,lark li. Green, Norman Grubhs, Margie Gurley, llahney Hale, Louise Hamra, George Hanna, Louise Harris, Calvin Harrison, Juanita Hawk, Clyde Hayslip, Conley Henke, Weriicr Howard, La Verne Huntzinger, Mary Jane Huston, Verna Irwin, Bill Keith, willll.ll1l Lanier, Atlialie Lindsey, Dixie Lindsey. XV. L. Linn, llal Leonard, Hal Lowry, Thelma Mann, O. C. Maupin, Dorothy Melllister, Doris McCord, Milton Nlellougle, Perne Mellowell, Virginia McGuire, Margueril Melton, Grace Morgan, Carrell Morrow, Flsie Neibor, Marie Nolen, Cova Ogden, Taylor Oliver, Jane O'Neal, Allison Parker, W'illiam Parrish, Billy C Roherts, Edwin Russell, Lloyd Scherer, Howard Simmons, lfvelyn Starke, Robert Stroud, Tillie Dell Sutton, james Taylor, Rayburn Tennison, Bill Tidwell. Mary Prances Tinnin, Glenn Tiipps, Iilinheth Todd, Dorothy Truly, Virginia Uhly, ilflarion Walstori, Mildred W'.1lton, Prudence Weleh, Tim Wliite, Russell, li. Wfohleke, XVilliam W'are, lvlarshall W'ood, L. G. XVimherley, Lillian u N N lf srl F5 -tc, i"'lhvX ,W i ' EVF 5 - ,L L' 'A W f fl A K X ix M If A At W N X Niili yi Kb I , S IIl'E5' y5i! mR r'-X4 'I III ,aj ,f'.4 it it WW C , , rd, I V , .1 X -4 , I .1 elk I , Il, VO. WILLIAM KEITH 5 LORRAINE SMITH k'DEANE BELL Oak SMH DEANE BELL I LORRAINE SMITH 5' . . Editors-in-Chief GEORGE CI-IESNUT XVILUAM KEITH jf . . Busmess Managers CLARENCE DARBY . Advertisin Mana fevs A, WITT WALLACE g 5 I xl, L tx 'll f Y x. NX, 5 lx il - FRANCES BATSON j KATHERINE GARVIN l . . Publicity Managers 2 ii 7' N N We wish to express our appreciation to Miss Aduddell, to ' Miss Hammock, and to the Art Department, and to the N X 1 faculty as a whole, for their splendid help and timely advice, V l' l which has made our task a pleasant One. I xxx Q To the OAK Staff-we,the editors,eXtend warmest thanks X i for the fine cooperation and excellent help you have shown ' ' I IQ us in the publication of the 1933 OAK. I f N ,ff I K - L nl It J f l ll Pl W H 'l f F Q ml i I J Al ' gl y , I If I N I K 'X N L - + Li? if ...: '.--- v lil I I f I I, v XX W F ,J1Z, Q xx ,X I 54 I' I ,f3fA0 '7'f'MvN X ns O X y W " A ,, II ., 441153 -I N I I M I N f f l A I I R I f 7 'TXXXK yxk X x 1 U 1 .II 1 N ,, ' f ' xxx NN QI R H I M OMS A I Ixf V YJ I I I A I f , , I ffl? 5 X, - 1 3 N 'MI I "'M":' 0 IQ S f I If J fd 'FW I ' EDITORIAL IX D . I ' I IX FRANCES HAHN VZIAMES CTR!-.ER ,QGINIA BURNI-ITT EDWIN REIJDINI, if Q I X -- Y I Kr ELSIE AITON Q0 'MAIRX' FRANCES TIDWELI. LOIS BARIQR lf' LOUISI' SARYIS N ' ' RWILLlBl2Ll. HOOPFR WLLOYIJ RUSSELL ,LIFLUCILEE LI-QE PEQR lx , ' 1,UC1II.I.l41GATl'1S KA'I'HIiYN I.Ac:Y fi, ' RUTH WAI.DIiOI' BII.I.Y NWESTON 1 1 ART L I l ' IIWOGENI-1 FITZIIERAI In DOIROTHX' BARNETT FRANCES KNICiPl'l' RUTH XVHERRY , I ' EUGENE BROWNIOW 'i si, 1' I BUSINESS I QNX JOE IANNI JJ PRESTON COCHRAN NKKMAIKGIIZ GRUBBS KIUANITA GIBSON J WGRACZE CROW MARY FRANQES 'TIDXWI-ll.L KATHRYN LAc'Y ANITA Mc:BI-.TH K 1 l,yROBI2R1'HIiNlDl'1RSON LUQIIIE IEE LUCY EADISS X, W XXV X :F X MI A I IM E If 7 X W IIZIII. F If 1- - mx s Q , 1 1 U K L X 1 l W 1-3 v Li W 1.J Z I+' N if g., er' xv MER f Fifi ft LV ww l p X 1 If X x ,:f Q ' X '- . ' C ., fx ' Winnevf in SZLbJ'L'1"Zp tion Context N-A , wlth 45 b p f sir 7 V R l 1 d X., .- N .fx f 142 b QW As Q P qw X SN L f J R ffi 'F , X J 1 F as i Ob 1 111 1 g an FW in , ' l gi,'giQy -1.- UMR ff' w as is J or Mali B ,W ' X Wm U , ,W J W Lake, Grant Nelson, Howard Tuttle, Winfred Wilson, Toyman Bridges, Windell Burke, Erman Currey, James Armstrong, Stilwell Crosby, C. Davis, Joe Epps, Joe Halliburton, Billy Palmer, J. W. Cook, Rayford Jones, W. B. Peebles, Harry Brownlow, Eugene Ogden, Taylor Adams, Ruth Adkinson, Nona Mae Arnold, Dorothy Dell Cole, Lola Davis, Mary Ann Dobson, Lorraine Eldridge, Alice Hetherington, Ethel AN Department Holland, Rose Mary McCormick, Dorothy Shadday, Helen Mae Skinner, Dorothy Stake, Ida Sarvis, Louise Blair, Lois Marie Brown, Margaret Bryan, Martha Sue Cagle, Edith Carlton, Marilynn Coleman, Ruth Davis, Anita Hunter, Mary Blake Leach, Violet M. Roberson, Dorothy Snyder, Holbrook Wallace, Iris Ward, Sammielu Webster, Beatrice Wood, Marie Albin, Lorraine Dackery, Anna V. Gannaway, Monette Humphrey, Peggy Kilgore, Mary Roberts, Louise Younger, Jeanette - Clark, Joyce Younger, Jeannette Clark, Joyce De Busk, Velma Holden, Dorothy Simpson, Mary Mildred Firmjn, Emma Ellen Fisher, Ollie Huston, Verna Luckey, Florence M 'Dowell Vir inia Nelson, Vera Watkins, Beulah Barnett, Dorothy Chenault, Clementine Fitzgerald, Imogene Johnson, Kathryn Knight, Frances Wherry, Ruth Atteberry, Marguerite Brannon, Edna Earle Cowgill, Ledis Erwin, Edith Hanna, Louise 1 , ' , . I 1 l fi Z fbi A l i l I 1 "il I Fw ' e i a PW I i gl mi l Ms E ' 3 I .l T S s ll iii , f s t g E L . Q .1 ,J jg 1 1 ,1- E 4 N D O U:- f-I SU 5 IE F-5 IT' P +1-1 S I3 O 2 2 2 FY O P in ga? :rf it 5 5' ' K s i ia f 4 -DI- .V ...g-:J -, j. ' 7-f l W1LL1BE1. Hoomau .... . . President 'L ROBERT HENDERSON . . Vice-President 3 LORRAINIH SMITH ....... Sf"L'Tf'f6f3' Chesnut, George Howell, Maurice Sarvis, Louise Shelton, Fay Poole, Cleon Russell, Lloyd Smith, Lorraine Tidwell, Mary Frances Williams, Jessie Lois Addison, F. W. Oliver, Jane Shadday, Dorothy Eyre, Lucretia Redding, Edwin Small, Mary Helen Waldrop, Ruth Wilds, Ethel Ruth Wilson, Lillian Wood, Geraldine 1 f V X,wI, I 5' Umm Q , gf' X I X fig ' w,,,x If 'KN EX "'..'-'www : AL A ' VI MIA ..,,, W 2 , Q f ,7,, g .,.v i f I7' fl Q fl W , 5 ' . .1 . . 0,562 3 v AITON BARRE BICACHUM I3 I I CARNES CHFISNU COUCH GOO IN H A H N H 0 K E A O POOLE RUS SHEL O . 1 I W I W LD W LL M Q W0 , I IIN f I ky, m fl 1x it :I K in Wg ,tv XJ! 'B Q "F , , f Y f' ' X fx I , ' Q 'XXX lrx wf f'!!V 446 X . r T X X f I Miz W S V Q , A , L e , X f Q f ruff, cholazrfbzp Club Dickey Claribrl Dickey, Stanley llorgran, Lorena Ciyde llorsett, Maudell lJumas,Be:1tri1-0 Dunn, Mariruei-.te Eades, Helen Elliott, Holford Ellis, Robert Evans, Ruth Evans, La Vauyrhn Eyre, Lucretia Ezell, Theo Ferguson, Billy l"itzi,!erald, Imogene Former, Opal Fox, Maurine Gallaher, Sarah Galvin, Patricia Gannaway, Monette Gardner, Alice Garmon, Renno Garvin, Katherine Gates, Lucille Geiser, Perry Green, Dorothy Green, Geneva Goerner, Frank Gooden, Doris Goodwin, Jack Gordon, Helen Gordon, Peggy Hackney, Darnell Hahn, Frances Hamblett, Allene Hamner, Helen Elizabeth Hanzen, Eugene Hawkins, Berneice Hawkins, Marllaret Hearne, Natalie Henderson, Robert Hetheringzton, Ethel Hicks, Glenn Hilburn, Aubrey Cuthbertson, Marigold Holdridgze, Ardys li lx 1 V 3- ,fv i if l l i 1 U' 5 4, if : it i it i ff 4- ,l x If , X ., f Q '7 , Wh f i L' X . Ex W X l X : . . ' 1 X g .,f , 1' 5 L J Z sie-if - " . XX XJ' ly V 5 f Ables, l.ila , , , Adams, Dayton '1 i vt , Adams, Ruth 'X l ' Addison, F, W. VG ' Aiton, Elsie , 'W Albin, Lorraine ,Q f Amos, Faith ff, jf , I - Bailey, Dorothy ' J Bailey, Winnt ll Wqfx 5 X nuker, Lois J' ' l l " ' Baker, Vincent J K li, , Basom. Peflily ,wx l Batson, Frances , Beachum, Billy l l ' fp Bell, Deane X ' t ' Bellamy, Dorothy ' V ,f 'yi Biesel, Mildred lx' " Bigham, Ernestine I , , , , Boone, Lida ,ff X I Bourn, Joe Forest I ffl ' K , ' ,X Bramblett, Helen Q ll X 4-Ll H Branch, Taylor N Xl t l l , Brannon, Clotile l ' Bryant, Margaret f J Brockschmidt, Fritz C- i Buckley, Juanita K' 5 'N iam-chem, Ritfhanl - ' E Burnette, Virginia l l Caldwell, Mariraret Alice l Cameron, Ann L ' Carlton, Marilynn I I 1 Chaney, Edith r Chapman, Ruth I Chapman, Dorot my 2 , Chesnut, George ' Chitwood, Paul ,. Clark, Margaret Qs ' J 1' N, jg , '- ' x ,f Look, 1' loyd ' FIU? Couch, Frankie Lou X , i' Covington, Eiizabt-th 'T l Crouch, Marjorie K l 1 Crow, Grace l T f Daniel, Rosemay F l Davis, Gilder fx Davis, Paul N- -1:15 1-r.: L, ggi. -7 , 1 Davis, Sophia Lee Honig, Charles Hooper, Willibel Hord, Katherine Houpt, Tomie Howell, Maurice Howell, Rose Marie Huckabee, Clyva Mae Huff, Dorothy Mae Hulfinyzton, Kitty Lou Hufstedler, Rebecca Hufstedler, Welna Bess Humphrey, Peggy Hurt, Wilbur Irwin, Walter Johnson. Mildred Johnson, Renfrow Johnston, Anna Louise Jordan, Alta Louise Keathley, Doris Keahey, Violet Keith, William Kendrick, Mary Keys, Opal Kiker, Seborn Kilirore, Mary Killough, J. H. Kinnamon, Euphemia Kirk, Carolyn Kirk, Crystal K nowles, Mary Elizabeth Koch, Doris Louise Lacy, Katheryn Joyce Lake, Muriel Langford, Nettie Leatherwood, Dorothy Lee, Lucille Leeds, Kathleen Lewis, Hazel Limburg, Eva Mae Lindsay, Louree Lineburger, Bernice Loring, Ben Mandeville, Charles Maddox, Dorothy Maiden, H. C. Maples, Ruth Mason, Norman Maupin, Eva Jane Mayers, Alice Ruth McBeth, Anita McCallum, Janie McCanless, Dorothy McCullcy, Cecil McDougle, Ferne i,icGee, Floy McLane, Alfred McQueen, Elizabeth Melton, Ben Miller, Gertrude Miller. John Moore, Josephine Morrison, Millard Murrell, Mary Ellen Neal, Wanda Newsome, Hazel Nolen, Cova Norman, Fannie O'Conn0r, John Oliver, Jane Osborn, Dodd Ozley, Blly Frances Paris. Carmen Peterson, Lamoine Phillips, Vernon Phipps, Barbara Pinkston, Nat Poole, Cleon Powers, Marion Raines, Dorothy Randall, Jane Redding, Charles Redding, Edwin Reed, Patricia Roan, Sybil Roberts, Louine Rollandin, Elizabeth Russell, Lloyd Rust, Bernard Ryan, Louise Samuels, Juanita Sarvis, Betty Sarvis, Louise Saver-ance, Diana Schell, Mary Schlinke, Lillian Schmucker, Cecil, Louise Schulze, Geneva Sellers, Vivian Shadday, Dorothy Llhctfer, Dorothy Shelton, Fay Sherlock, Ruth Lhull, Henry Simpson, Mary Mildred Simpson, Natalie Small, Mary Ellen Smith, Lorraine Smith, Mary Edna Sprague, Charles Sprague, John Steindorf, Mike Stokes, Bobby Stricklin, Tobe Taylor, Ava Belle Taylor, Jaurea Taylor, Key Taylor, Michael Tenny, Rea Teubner, Wilbur Thomas, Edgar Tidwell, Mary France Tipps, Winifred Upham, Georgia Vernon, Hazel Waldrop, Ruth Wallace, Witt Walraven, Florence Ward, Sammielu Wesbori, Billy Wheatly, Sybil Wilds, Ethel Ruth Williams, Edwin Williams, Jessie Lois Wilson, Lillian Wilson, Margaret Wilson, Ruth VVisner, Maxine Wolf, Bob Wood, Geraldine Wright, Arthur Wright, Mary Beth Wylie, Tom Yeager, Ruth Young, Billy Young, Sam Youngblood, Janie S 'X W Xii 3 Uri l A i ll 1 an lf Dmmfzfic Club Pl'4'Xitlt'lIf - - I Vim'-I wxizlwzl - St't'l't'ftlI'-1' - Couch, Frankie Lou Barnett, Dorothy Wright, Cathryn Purselly, Evelyn ,lean Tidwell, Mary Francts Bibb, Louise Taylor, Rayburn Darnell, Carl Tinnin, Glen NWorley, Charles Wilsinn, Lillian Sarvis, Louise Holder, Satis Wilds, Ethel Ruth MEMBERS - - - Doaorin' Bixixwi-fri' - - - Gl.YNN SNILILD f MARY lfRANc1ii5 Tmxyiiu Peters, Margaret Lacy, Kathryn Joyce Treatlwell, Verna Harrison, Juanita Neibor, Marie Burnett, Virginia Tennison, Bill Harrison, Gwendolyn MacDowell, Virginia Y AT2iEVul1T1Y,VCl0Lld Basom, Peggy Brownlow, Gene Ogden, Taylor Brown, Buddy Huntzinger, Mary Jane X fi xx U f X f !X R if ' ii fr X f il V W is -QC N ' Tl l ill A vis W1 W- M llvfl li l ah e f X ivy Nfl e liltlli ,X lx X ff -x If If Il fs ff, I l I ,IX A WI Il It N If fly' I I I fa K-C14 'X JM 1 N fh x X I Ira A Q MI ,f I f xii, A I 'II 4 , .fr :J lj MAXNW ,A 7W sI 'II iXX W f f ff A x , 1 2 2 O Wig in - R S XI ,f 'IF I4 QK 3 If ,X gtk UTI-IE DARK HORSE" by PIIILII' FAIRI-'Ax CAST OF KIANUARY SFNIOR PLAY Allfllflllj' GI'tIVX'Xf0ll, I-Qzflu' l1II1'illI GrII.I'slo11, Mnffw' Inliu GI'ay.Il011, Dcll1kQllf4'I' lffvllllil' Oilbj' . . 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A -Ani X all l fi. ag '11 1' l 'i 15- Smmp Club MENIBERS l'rrsir1r'1'1f - - ---- JACK ERICKSON Virv-Prcfsidrfzzl - - ALBERT BEAUDAY S1'!'l'I'ftIVy - - WILSON PETLQM Svrgwzzzf-af-Arrzzx - AIJRIANA CENDALI Sponsor - - - Miss ANNA Blau. Beuuday, Albert Toogood, Edward Castal, Robert Scaff, Billy Cendali, Adriana Vnnn, Joe Curray, James Geiser, Perry Click, H. F. Sturdivant, James Erickson, Jack Dickey, Stanley Chcsnut, George Livingston, Harold McGilliVray, Gordon Davies, T. Peters, Wilson Orr, Sam Brown, Chauncey Stanford, John Taylor, Michael Wilds, Billy 'WW Q ll 2 Q rl-w Jil - . I 1 fi Wa fx., X xi ww B fs Q f W 'W x-X rp Yr K 'iffy' fy Dull - ' ml lf fo' V ll Q Xl iii 1 a f fff , ' v D: a , 414 J , xf I G N We - W e w V , X R M X 2 ' French Department C7 , Qi B V L" .ll a wr-, V J, . l X T 5 I. ff ta A Q . J ella- , ll j l 4 JO J' xx 'A l J I Armstrong, Gisen W L ff l Beall, Lucille X l li Dunn, Marguerite l - Elliott, Roberta f 1 l N Evans, Ruth f ' Firmin, Emma Ellen ' 1 Jackson, Mildred J N Loveless, Selma ,' ' X Mallicot, Nadine ,, 'N Pufford, Janice f ,fi 1 4 .' Peck,Marcelle J 'EJ l Plowman, Jane ' , Sanders, May K ,W Stake, Ida I l N Aiton, Elsie ' Bell, Deane ,J Caldwell, Margaret Alice ,N Lee, Lucille I L- Smith, Lorraine il KX l N lx ll f 'az fg,i. 3-,.a.J .-T-1 .-Q.: Vfaldrop, Ruth Buckley, Juanita Cuthbertson, Marigold Durbam, Mary H. Fitzgerald, Imogene Griffin, Marjorie Maupin, Jane McCanless, Dorothy Parrish, Adele Robbins, Geraldine Powers, Marion Sarvis, Betty Sneed, Lyal Wheatley, Sybil Wherry, Ruth Yeargan, Annette Basom, Peggy Brannon, Clotilde Burdine, Genell Bryant, Betty Covington, Elizabeth Christal, Johanna Dumas, Beatrice Edwards, Ruth Gass, Frances Howell, Rose Marie Kennedy, Dorothy Kirby, Dorothy Lacy, Lorraine La Foy, Geneva Mitchell, Relea Randall, Sue Simpson, Natalie Stephenson, Lila B. Taylor, Ava Bell De Veaux, Camilla Hall, Jimmie Schmidt, H. L. Alford, Edgar l I l , l fs f, ,f e X ' W ' wr ' V X 1 X X X J 1 Q Y W A X' H i l ll l .. 1 YN U s ' , X 1 ll Q ,VI FEW Zigi S' X 5 1 X W J r i Z4 15 l L L" Qi ex X ,1 '. l f'7 MZ' Sjmnzfb Club Q , ' ,i Prvsidvnf ------- Frmwczizs HAHN .f L' Vin'-l'1'r'siflf'r1f - - ,IANIQ OLIVER Qx I , I S4'm'rlz1r13' - - jussn-. Lois WlL1.IABIS T ' X i l E X 1 I Amos, Faith MCBeth, Anita l ' Baker, Bobbie McGee, Floy i Barton, Marie Miller, Frances ' I Baughman, Julia Moody, Margaret fi ' 4 Berry, Velma Oliver, Jane f l fi Bryan, Gertrude Roberts, Louine l Cendali, Adriana Schulze, Geneve I 1' l Couch, Frankie Lou Schell, Mary f vq l Crowson, Mary Lou Small, Mary Helen 2 'il i Doughty, Frances Wilson, Lillian X Duncan, Margaret Williams, Elaine l Edmonson, Janice Williams, Jessie Lois l Eyre, Lucretia Wisner, Maxine t Fagan, Lois Wood, Geraldine X3 Green, Dorothy Enlander, Robert 1 l Hackney, Darnell Green, Norman l Hahn, Frances Harris, Calvin A Hearne, Nathlie Henderson, Robert I Harper, Brunette Humphreys, Floyd i , Holdridge, Ardys Peterson, jack Q I Hufstedler, Welna Bess Snyder, Thomas W X l Kelley, Mary Katherine Keathly, Doris Littleton, Hannah Williams, Raymond Whirlow, Jerry Turner, W. A, x i 'N --f K., WW' WW fx XUV4 X' M KW K7 'af :rf Gdv ggb PWQX 1 11 W' X '-A U X1 ff " M4 'wx ' X X X3! K ,f x W xl. ffl X -X QU 1 !i-,-2 -1 VN Lawn Club 111 x111'11zf IRANK G01 RNIER X111 11cx11l111f IANULS Tum hLL Sffulmg Dov PAULA PITZHUGH Sfllltlf Chan 1111111 Coxsul IO Hxfvu IOIX Si ex his studiis dclectatio Sola peterctur, tamcn, ut opinor, lmnc an1m1 remissioncm humnnissimam ac liberalissimam judicaretis. Nam cetcrac neque temporum sunt nequc aetatum ominum neque locorumg at hacc Studia adulescentinm alunt, scnectutcm oblectant, secundzls res ornant, adversis perfugium ac. solacium praebent, delectant domi, non impediunt foris, pern octant nobiscum, pcregrinantur, rusticantur.-Ci1'1'1'o. ww 1 f ,gf yy, l X l S ra , l B ui-I X , '- X I S 'X n W k x W V Qxflxxxs I U f J X ay, Memberf of Pen Pal Club Poteet, Charles Redding, Edwin Weston, Billy Aubrey, Colburn Boland, Arthur Foster, Horace Byrd, Billy Redding, Charles Brooks, Charles Carnes, Jim Dinkins, David Lowe, W. A. Rolandin, Albert Alford, Allen Bean, W. Chelette, Gail Hargis, Norville Hinton, Charles Rogers, Norman SPRING, '33 Baker, Lois Baker, Vincent Caldwell, Mary Alice Cameron, Nan Chesnut, George Coffey, Alfred Crowson, Mary Lou Dickey, Claribel Edmonson, Janice Elmer, Ida Fay Gardner, Alice S Harris, Calvin Huntzinger, Mary Ja Hord, John Alan Hurt, Robert Kerwin, Patricia Lee, Lucille Maddox, Dorothy FIC McBride, Ruby Miller, Dorothy Oliver, Jane Roberson, Virginia Sarvis, Louise Shell, Mary Shelton, Fay Smith, Mary Edna Stalcup, Frances Stockard, Elizabeth Strickland, Tobe Suter, Francis Taylor, Michael Tipps, Winifred Waite, Bliss Waldrop, Ruth Wilson, Margaret Wright, Mary Beth Young, Billy xx, ff H! N ffl! if all l:l'l vi K, ,X l ss 32544425 5-lgfjfl 'I 5, fx f 1 xgqlf V.. t a p ly fl MXN i ,ay .15 I. 4 ,r lftf I A 4 7 , QX i I 4 ,J 1 X . l NN s f X W ix RQ, if K S R, W ' XL l 1 N fl! 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WELCH Pinkston, Nat Roberts, Edwin Roberts, john Shaw, Ed Sprague, Charles Sprague, John Starke, Robe it Tinnin, Glen Walters, Ralph Welch, Tim Wilds, Billy Wilson, Charles Wilson, Jack ia N Pl'c'xicI'U11f - Vic'rf-Prrsidwll Svrrvlary - Bounrer - - Armstrong, Fred Baer, Walter Birdsong, Bobby Bridges, Windell Chapman, Leroy Chitwood, Paul Cook, Atlas Foley, James Fudge, R. D. Gates, Henry Lee Lee, Carlton Xilffmr 5 W zmimf H2-Y NARVIN STARLIINC - - - JANIES TIDWELL - WA1.Tr:R BAER - - CHAL LINN Linq, Chal McDowell, David - Pilkington, Murle Sergeant, George Smith, Charles Starling, Narvin Tanner, james Terrel, Tom Tidwell, Jack Tidwell, james Toogood, Edward I , e EW ?' P0 , iq B , Lfl i l l Z lf QQ X V ,cf sf, W 1 ll Vp, 1 Fil: L i qw, ily Syl I! J, V ,. N yo MW .W Y l .XX V I 4 WR ,K X , ,. I, I I V- I F I ,fx l N f ' 'HV if I f he I L GF' W W GFP W ful ff if o f lll on li ffl? it l i ' lllf 1, Q X l la? Girl Reserve Prvsidc' I1 i ---- - Eli f if Vic'v-Presirfenf - S0r'1'Ufar'y - - TfFdS1lVl'1' - Program Chairman Social Cfaairnzan - Ring Cbairman - Comic!! Rf'j2rf'xr'11fafiI'c' Tefr'pfJo11e C!9diV71Itll7 Sf'l'L'if'l' Chairrman Song Chairman - A111 'c'rfisi11g Cfldilillldll MARY FRA Ncizs TIDWIELL - WII.I.IBI5L HOOPER MARGARET HIXWKINS - WELNA BEss I-IUI-XI-'S'I'ED1,.ER - - LORRAINE SMITH - VIRGINIA BURNETT - MARY EIJNA SMITH - GENEVA LA FOY MARQUERITE DUNN - LILLIAN WILSON - BERNICE HAWKINS -- - JESSIE LOIS WIL.LIAMS Baker, Bobbie Basom, Peggy Birdwell, Ruth Buckley, Juanita Burnett, Virginiaii Chapman, Dorothy wif- Alxik J f ip lam ff J. if lil Q KW ei ,I fxyi I l 'I' tl- I W KM ,v T.. E Chapman, Ruth Davis, Anita Dorsett, Maudelle Drake, Peggy Dunn, Marguerite Eubanks, Lorraine Fox, 'Maurine Griffin, Marjorie Hackney, Darnell Hahn, Frances Oliver, Mary Hawkins, Bernice Hawkins, Margaret Hooper, Willibel Howell, Rose Marie Huckabee, Clyva Mae Hufstedler, Welna Bess Keathly, Doris ' Kendrick, Mary Kennedy, Ellen La Foy, Geneva Leeds, Kathleen Martin, Eileen Moore, Josephine Norman, Pannie Oliver, Jane Osborn, Margaret Ozley, Billie Frances Paternostro, Mary Emma Post, Dollie Raines, Dorothy Simpson, Natalie Smith, Lorraine Smith, Mary Edna Snyder, Holbrook Tidwell, Mary Frances Walton, Prudence Wheeler, Rose Wilds, Ethel Ruth Williams, Elaine Williams, Jessie Lois Wilson, Lillian Woodcock, Helen Vantreese, Elizabeth x X f ! .4 X! I w w A X N P V V gx x -' V N ' KQ i - Nw Y A J Xf pf , .w ww 1 Xi' x5lf.W'iIl,,!y5,f , J u J,5j,L'X N? N Q ' xQSQUtH,CjQ,,, px Xxx MX xl X X N! xxxxxkj ' f f ff X Wm I1 ' 1 4 + +A Q5 f .J V N 1 570 R Q MLTXQ , , V QV 2 W X E 1 BOYS AND GIRLS GLEE CLUB 'U E I .JF ing ft Jf f f ' N' " JWVXDX X U CX X f Vs X KN 'WX Y g E yxwli I xv if f fx X. X fx X Xi' Tx HM X ,LUN ' X , M 5' Q ,X-sig Y Q X t u , - V x E , M X, N ORCI-IEbTRA xxx E f N W Z Aff XX W1 4 'wx aglxf W Tl 54 fl fl lf 'N ,Xxx N X P E EF' p I f f eff' W ash fit' W A A pl 'V Am X -qxlx ? x Q 1, X J I t 5 i 1 i , L 'X till! XX fx f f ff sf 4 - i El is 2,44 t Ni X sl of W Fqlfdiill 1 s ffl i tit ii Es U ll-i i N if ,i N fs 7 .-: f . V. . . f W f ,, id YM Poppy SJZZ6 For the first time in eight years, Oak Cliff High did not win first place in the Poppy Sale held Armistice Day by the American Legion for the benent of the disabled veterans of the World War. Although over two hundred girls worked diligently and put forth much energy, only second plaee was achieved. To the Dallas High School turning in the most money, n prize of Hfty dollars was giveng the individual who sold the most poppies received a dia- mond ring. With these rewards in mind, the girls put up a mighty battle, but the odds were against them. Determining to regain first prize next year, they congratulated the winning school with sincere warmth, and went away friendly rivals. Much gratitude is extended to Miss Mae Morrison for the encourage- ment and cooperation she gave to the Oak Cliff girls in their Hght for laurels. - ff x , J -7 A II I ,X XY fff"'f'V'WJ1' I E . Q I I I 1 N ' SAW' ,Cf ,XX 1 NHIIH' 4 X PNN ' ' A--, A 25 I5 fi!! f - I 'A ff "V" if f N I , g. f ,uV V .i 5 Q , f . a,'I5w, , , ww ,ww rw NS iISfW N My W .M WI i i 3' I ' S 2 M I I I 'wi 4f'f5.J.,, ,J PHYSICAL TRAINING CLASSES ,vu1"""'sm -fJims"" EI II I Q..J1 K if f"I ZS I If Ti, Fm I I II I I I , I ' I I, , I I I I II, II' 725 W I I ITN ixf AI I III W5 Shiny lmofx and zzfziforuzx, xwo-rcfs arm' sjmzrs arm' 11114 Hzfrmfx 170111, mfzrffifwl, wld, xfrzzffing do-wn flu' hall. Yozfzf flzink fbvy f11w1vJ ffm' wr-y 'll'0'l'Itl, flwir vlwinx arf' lwlzf xo high- ,I'lN'iI' lmfs lUUII,f fff tl xinglf' 1131, 111111 xfill flwy wmzzlvr 'zubyl Music fills flu' balls! Hoorzryf 1105 Oak Cliffs High Srfwol BCIIIZII, Tbv zvrj limi, if l7Ut1fX flu' rvsf, ifx I'!Jvj'lllHII,S xim- jvlly graurf! Tfnj' Illdkl' ll jmir !7t'3'Ulll! z'011111a1'c', 117111 prollrf of ffwnz ara' zu'- TfJc'gr1-wx! fmmfifl tlllyltllltl, fbi' 1105! R. O. T. C. NILITBR FAREWFLL TO CHU TA XVHO GOES TO CH'1N O frirmf, if fflllll fo XVII-lfllg -W! mmf go, Tfrix xzuorrf of j11'ia'r'fvxx worflz fo ffm' I xlmzu, Ami ax tl fltlfffllg fJI'I'SK'l1f gin' fo lfnw, To zuark our f!'il'l1tlXl7jfJ,X foyul !'l1llXfdIIl'-Y. N1I:NClH1XO- ,IAN fa f x X l ,K U AK i i 5 i ie if C M 'H f i , C L lx f .f ,.- 4 , ,K i Qg,u,Y.t , 1 f ,, Szwjjt Fa!! '32 Frou! VUIU, It-ff lo rigfrf: Lieutenant Colonel Elmo Jordan Battalion Sponsor Margie Grubbs Major Turner Perry' Captain john Cline Lieutenan Bark row, If-fl lo riglrf: Stall Sergeant George Cliesnut Y I COLORS Lvff to rigbf: Private Milton McCord Color Sergeant Marslial Ware Color Sergeant Milliard Horton Private Bob Middleton Captain Nat Pinlxston Lieutenant Almon Hare Lieutenant Ralph W'alters Lieutenant Richard XVl1ipker t Jim Carnes Corporal H. C. Maiden I 'fi x Jil C . I f . ff! llf ti L ful SN ffl , lvl 3 1 fs: MQ Ill fag rl . Wit a i XX pf if f 3 N :I ffv lgqa l A a RW- f' Llaawff W I f X14 ,ag Jw if T M. , fs gr ff T xi al L? Ire R ,QTTW I 5 .N , Twill' T fu rf l A . , , L KX Wa ,l J N 7, if L l K Exif VTE E Q' A l fx l, -1:,,.,, -i-:ef .-: W fi :fa I Roster 0 Company CCA" Crzpfniu . . . . . PHILLEY, WAYLAND First LiB1Lff'116l77f . . . . . . . . LINN, HAL SFCOIHL LiC'ZlfPlIlllIfS . . JONES, ASHLEY, ROGERS, IXJORNIAN First Sc'rgt'm1z' . Sfajf Scfrgeanf QAffar'fJedj . . . Crow, Alvin Faulkner, Clifford Dyer, Dick Elms, Tom Adin, Louis Anderson, Richard Beckham, Charles Blair, Russel Boland, Arthur Brockschmidt, Fritz Brown, Ed Brownlow, Eugene Calder, Henry Jr. Carroll, Carree Darnell, Glen Davis, Gilder Eastusg Harrie Eckstein, Andrew Gilbert, J. C. Sergeanfs Harrison, Jim Hord, John Cnrlborals Humphrey, Reagan Lake, Grant Priwzfcs Girlinghouse, Gus Hamilton, Billie Hamilton, Earl Hawkins, Edwin Hughes, Kenneth Hurst, Sidney Jennings, Howard Johnson, Charles Johnson, D. E. Jr. Koch, Carl Lee, Lucian Linn, Chal Livingston, Harold McDonald, V. Norcross, Bill Parrish, Philip . CARLTON, BERT HORTON, MILLARD Romine, Coleman Tennison, Donald Pope, Jerome Willis, Delbert Rea, Henry Sligh, Thomas Smith, Charles Jr. Smith, Grove Sneed, Ed Snyder, Tom Stanberry, Harold Terry, James Thompson, W. Watson, Floyd White, Russel Wilson, Melvin Witherspoon, Leonard Womack, Robert Young, Sam f? N . W T TR it f f A iW,f l X X I . X i Q7 X hs ' y w II Romfzf of Company HB Cajlfain . . Firxi LfL'Ilfl'l1l1IIf Scfcomf Livzzlwzazzfs Gardner, Jack Johnson, E. T. Atchley, Bnscom Armstrong, Stilwell Baer, Walter Bray, Frank Dudley Board, Wilson Burke, Erman Crabtree, Jack Custis, Walter Deam, Andrew Donald, C. B. Jr. Dryden, William Foley, James Edward Freeman, Charles Frieley, Al DONA1.D, Wu. Swgmzfzlx Munson, Bill Sallis, Jack Corlboralx Germany, Stewart Prirafex Gresham, Brummeee Hare, Elbert Hassell, Jess Hearne, Victor Johnson, Philip Kilgore, John Lavender, John Lee, Carlton Leslie, Henry Lineham, M. Jr. Maas, Harry Mathews, Jack McCulley, Cecil BOGARDUS, ROBERT . . WELCH, TIM i.mMg Tr3NNlsoN, BIL1, Starke, Robert Xvilson, Charles Randolph, Frank McLane, Alfred Morris, Travis Orr, Sam Phillips, Colyar Pilkington, Murle Rhodes, Virgil Schlinke, Eldon Shannahan, Glenn Leo Solomon, Pete Terrell, Tom Turner, Harry Watson, Bert Westerlage, Willigmiia . 'Q lil f 53 'WN as v I 1' lf a , Y . J ts V - so il . . yi l 5 :W ,.X E EFFRV R B , A xf'-1 i .fa Wv rq f M . j . Q? ,A X af Y Q 1 if X - C X X, - ski? x V K 1 ,ff X ' 3 if 7 X H. 'XT 1 I lv l lx -' l , ,Qi , Ng -1 1 X 1 -WJV W l ii' -A R l kk its l Nj! dxf, , i ll lei ff, i ,yd l fls f f DNV? ll' 3,9 .3 Eg ,.g3T,-- -7 Roster of Company "C" Crlpfnin . . Pirsf Lfl'Ilfl'IIt1IIf Svromf Liezzfvllrzlzfs Firsl Sl'l'gl'!llIf . Charelain, Joe Flowers, Eugene Addison, F. W. Bartlette, Charles Anderson, Arnold Bludvvorth, Charles Brickell, James Brown, Buddy Burcline, Keathley Butler, Jack Carr, Travis Cravens, Jake David, Doyle Elliot, Holford Erickson, Jack Erlander, Robert Garmon, Renno Garrison, James MAUPIN, HAROLD BRANCH, TAYLOR . BRONVN, C1-iAUNc13x'g HENDERSON, JACK Sc'rgwz11fx Hill, Gotha Linskie, Carlyle Co rpornls Brown, Charles Graham, James P ri wzfffs Goodwin, Jack E. Heim, Henry Heller, William Hortage, Wallace Jones, Emrys Kerby, Clovis McCord, Forrest McCord, Milton MeMains, Alvin Mills, Jimmie Munster, Herman Neal, James Ogden, Taylor Palmer, J. W. . . HUMPHRIES, FLOYD Muirhead, L. Piranio, Angelo Green, Norman Neal, J. P. Parker, William Peebles, Harry Pickett, Waylon Piper, Charles Pitt, Earl Ray, Robert Serjeant, George Smythe, Walter Stokes, Bobby Terry, Roy Tarrant, Mike Waite, Bliss Wallace, Carroll Turley, Billy A , ' N N! - 'C E-3 U W k ro , L 1 X ' 73 it L 9 ft X X , Rover of Company NDN Caplfzin . . .... GRl'lER, JAMES E. Firxlf Liezzfelzazff . .... CLARK, WILLIAL1 Sfwnlzd Lil'IIft'l1llIlfX . . COCHRAN, PRLs'roNg DIAL, Joi1N Firxf Svrgnznf . . . ..... CROW, CECIL Sfajjf Sergcanf Qflftavfywzlj . .... WARE, MARSHALL Svrgenzzfx Benda, Jack Gurley, Dabney Byrd, Billy Harris, Calvin Jackson, Harold Ardoin, Frank Armstrong, Fred Aubrey, Colburn Benlnear, Leslie Beauduy, Albert Birdsond, Bobby Bivings, Gene Browder, Charles Brooks, Charles Carrell, William Burpo, Richard Cook, Atlas Davis, Berry Durrett, Dale Fleeman, Billy Peterson, Jack Peyton, John Corpornlx Ritchie, Wilbur Scruggs, Frank Starling, Norvin Prix 'afes Gage, Irwin Gray, Edward Guest, Emmett Hayden, James Harpold, Clayton Hendricks, J. P. Herd, Burnelle Hurt, Wilbur Johnson, Renfrow Kearley, Herbert Knott, Charles Logan, J. C. Manning, James Martin, Duane McAdams, Archie Turner, Fred Tidwell, Jack Tidwell, James MeCnghren, Ellard Middleton, Bob Osburn, Dodd Palmer, Frank Palmer, George Parr, Henry Samuels, Joe Spillers, Jack Stricklin, Tode Tanner, James Toogood, Edward Wall, Eldridge Webster, Samuel Wilson, George Wright, Authur ffrili. xl' fl C B W e ai u p 4 3 -48 illllllll if E f ev E5 f i Tl A 1 ' 'Q lv A, ,A X f 4 A A - J WI l N ffl XV fy ' l 5 i .J ' i l i w Q X E fav A X f N 1 Qlilf If W . gi g i 1 - X l l i 5 Roster of Oak Clay? Hzfgh Bam! Cupfains . . . . WHELIZSS, STANLEY, STARR, REX Sponsor . . ...... RUBY GRACE SANDLAN First Lieufemznfs ..... BELL, GERALD, DARBY, CLARENCE Seeo11fILit'z1fe11a11fs . BENNETT, TAD, FRENSLEY, HAIKOLDQ SHAN Rs, ROY V Teffanical Sergeant ......... GUARD, JACK i Sfajff Sergecmts . DANIEL, ISENNETI-I, FOSTER, HORACE, JoNEs, JACK Tx J' i li x l l, L Ki 5 4 I' ' V 'X Sergeafifs ff A fl I X7 ' Cogburn, Silva Hawkins, Tom ' 1 Q! K" Dabbs, Robert Heiskell, Jim Dave N XAQN Q qlfx Shanks, Reed Xl 1' x l ffl' li Corjzorals X. x ws ij X V7 Campbell, Milton Harris, Nolan , 1 i Ga , Geor e Williams, Joe J J L Y g . I, I , N , -tw Priuzfes fx' fm 1 ' ' ll ' A 3 lx-7 l Alexander, Derril Hamilton, William Sebastian, Geor e y S K F Y Davis, Joe Haynes, Andrew Terry, Kenneth W7 Y! , 1 Dean, Wayne Honig, Charles Turner, W. A. V 1 k l ,, J DeFord, Burniee Hughes, James Ulm, Forrest K ' I 3 ' Deis, John Kennel, Joe Whitlow, Jerry 1 J Ezell, Theo Littleton, Wilburne Williams, Edwin f J Frensley, Billy Pierson, James Miles Willis, Billy f Hamilton, Orville Rhodes, Weltmer Wilson, Jack J : Roberts, John I X ' lllw 1 fi f fx -:ti -L- fx N f dx f ,T .Wy l A, M K I X d xf ' o :'7 U K l f i l ll fw X f of f e N WN XR wt v - - Rzfie Team Almon Hare Richard Wliipkei' Willianm Donald Robert Starke Jack Gardner Charles Johnson Gilder Davis Tad Bennett Tim Welcli QCaptainj Elmo Jordan QCoachj Wfayland Philley CCOachj Robert Bogardus Nat Pinkston Taylor Branch -Iohn Dial Clarence Darby K The Oak Cliff rifle team made a fine showing this year by winning the City Rifle Match. They ranked Hrst in the Dallas high schools in the Eighth Corps Area Match and second in the Shoulder-to-Shoulder Match. The team added many points to the Oak Cliff total for the Efliciency Cup. Xiabfs X 1 , if Y ?' f Nl fix R x ffv r 0 ,x q B -I if l i M. , s W V 1 f ,Vg l V ,P will iff ll Y 'x li l 5 WX Al X l H fs DMX l i - i ,Ny QC' X -Z Q vA- ,Y r- fn' ATHLETICS No! gamex of cbawwc are fbcsz' wv play, bu! gamvs wlacre men must ffgbtg Wlvr'v'r, luck. is l16'L'l'7' L'll'fU'l', only specrl, andilzjll, and miglaf. Tlavxv gamrs nvml boys wifla llrain and bruwn, with nerve vnough io stick. Tlwy bun' a coavb wlJo's friezl and fl'Ilf', fo fz'uclJ Uacla play and friclz.. In foofball, track and ofber sports, wlye11vum' bonofx due- Yozfll find the 'z'ic'1fo1'5 are tba' boys in suiis of wlaiff' and bluv. How can ihvy fail fo raise eavla H7118 fbvir colors fo the sky, Wflwcn, Fl7l'4'l'il1g, backing flavm io win, stands loyal Oak Clif High? HTHLETHI5 il1EHE!!A SHADOWS OF FLOWERS Tim xbazlows up the fvrracv l'I'f'.l1f in flzifk array, 111 rain flu' farf was fofff fo xlwrlll 14170111 4111 away. Am! lL'Z7l'lI flu' ,wffing 51111 ilwir forznx wiflnflwzv, Tfwn lo! fbv xilwr nmwzliglnf firozzgllf fbvnz forfb aww Su SH1H. fm W . Nw 2 e a Q I E4 or K if i y an , X e 1 X I T X x K3 1 X i X E QX T' -U -X ,. V4 1 ' i v r X l l F K X , M 4 it f .V l R5 X: l Q R 45 Vi l Q ff- i ' it ' ii in Mr I i iii.-.',. I N TT A s 1 . ei ,. y W Football Squad Although not copping the championship, the - I, fmwff Oak Cliff roaring Leopards came dangerously ll close to the coveted title, losing only by a tied Q K 1 game with Technical High School. The team I p Tl started the season with a bang by bowling over 5 jf! fy 1 the strong Sherman eleven by the overwhelming N l N score of 19-6 and then defeating Forest High X H i 20-0. Laterythe team slowed up, due to a long, I I ,Aw hard grind, to a hard schedule and to many in- Q T V juries. The team, however, copped undisputed T second place in the district race and should again A T y X win the big trophy given annually to the school i W, X that comes out ahead in points in all the athletics ' I of the schools. g X . K A K J X lv Q f .. i K! xl f ill V flllllllli X , ff K K 73 me if i x X' as Nfl rx P3 .Sf ,. - ,, X l , I ig , in X91 3 WN WW A A dwg V' El. A f 'X ' lx ylff P 3 i f l , WINTON qpopp NOAH, Coach f ,Q r ff . s VN f li Rah' ZX! i ffl ' W f F . f ,Q r X i E U by .1 y- N ,Qj pf --1-5, i ix if Y i I- f ., .- '17 ...-1- '-.- --, :,i 1 "Pop,,' as he is fondly called by his athletes, is rated as one of the best coach- es in the state. 'ipopv knows all the rudi- ments of football, especially the backfield and he, unlike some coaches, knows how to use that natural gift. He appears to be a hard boiled coach but when one of his boys gets hurt he becomes a tender, sympathetic helper. Mr. Noah not only teaches the boys how to play football but how to play the game of life. He is a clean Sportsman and gentleman. May it be the good fortune of Oak Cliff Leopards to be under his guidance for years to COITIC. W. P. DURRETT, Axxisfanf Coavb Upon the well experienced shoulders of Mr. Durrett, the jolly linesman coach, fell the job of moulding a first class line out of inexperienced material. This kind of work suited him exactly and before the end of the season Oak Cliff had one of the biggest and most powerful lines in the District: Mr. Durrett has the ability of getting the boys to fight to the last second of the game. The boys love and respect him because they know that he is one of the greatest fellows and coaches in the game. t x 'X l f X 2 L V l'I ' I 1 . fx W qgrifx 5-7 A ., fy f '77 f Q vp V WK WW l ' F . L' ' 4 X X , f 7 I X A M X 'K , , XX N f ll i x or f x ' 1 JN X A, M ffl: if-X lx? 'Xi fx lv x X . I J l il 4 l 2 4 Y 2 I f 2 A M QQ! if , FW JOHN SPRAGUE, Cupfain a11dCf'nfer l Captain Sprague was easily the power house of the Leopards line, smearing op- ponents' plays time after time. He was unanimously chosen on the official all dis- trict team and had honorable mention for the all-state football team. Opponents learned to fear the heartless powerful center with the fighting spirit. This is John's last year for the Blue and White but where ever he goes to college, he undoubtedly will make a name for him- I M self and Oak Cliff High. L fl lxlf , 1' x 1 Aj Yi f A L , li aff Q.. r My LLOYD CWILDCATD RUSSELL, Halfback c N 'I X Lloyd was unanimously chosen on the p Il xfx all-district team by the sport writers and l -.fll N , ll coaches and also received honorable men- l l tion on the all-state team. He was a triple l 'fb X threat, speedy, sidestepping, slippery, back ' K , that would never give up until he had lg crossed the goal line. He was not only 1 Wildcat to his friends but to his oppon- J ents as well. He should go great in college. 1 . A li Xl l .y f ty xl x :l il fx Q.: ,..-.-. 'W K f i D ai fw e L l t ff K M! we Q? :xii CW ' N ' . -5 X I 145+ 5 R x N CLARENCE IVIE, Em! fCo-Capfaiaz Elccfj "Poison" Ivie to his opponents, but just Clarence to his friends, was this genial end of the Leopard eleven. The fact that he was handicapped by a head injury un- doubtedly kept him off the ofhcial all-city team. He was a pass-snatcher De Luxe as well as a good blocker and tackler. 'Poison" has one more year. Watch him step! E x 'X U BILL IRWIN, Fulllmck Little Bill with his size against him r was a fighting demon in every game. He was used only as a blocker, but he could tote the pigskin. He was also a good pass x catcher, and an excellent ramming line plunger. Although small he was a vicious tackler to which fact many of his oppon- fi ents will testify. f gl Q7 pl -91- , y -1 CARLOS fSPI2EDYJ JONES, Tackle QCO-rupfaiu clrcfj "Speedy," the future captain of the Blue and Wliite, was a tackle that could cover his position in an excellent manner. He was a good blocker and tackler. Many opponents have found out that his smile is but a mask. "Speedy', should make a good captain for the team as he has all the necessary qualities. WALTER IRVUIN, Guard "Boots,,' although handicapped by a broken arm last season came back with a bang to show the boys how to play guard. He was especially good on the defense, being able to charge quickly, as well as being an excellent interference runner. This is "Boots, " last year, but he will not soon be forgotten. fx 1- xx 7 , , "" pw - ff np 'l was . il Q O. C. MANN, Tackle Although inexperienced, O. C. immedi- ately became one of the best tackles on the team. He possessed the size and the fighting heart and readily learned the rudiments of the game. He was a good tackler and blocker and was always ready to go into the game and battle for the team. f Q W ,. 1 , f i Jil . I 1. v 1 5 0? ti HAL LINN, Qzzarferbaclt Though exceedingly light in weight for his position Hal made up the deficiency in brains and speed. He was a smart quarterback and was excellent at calling plays. He was a good passer, kicker, and open field runner. Much is expected of him in college. X5 r'01,.,,s.:k.l"I. -c. Cox' Lewis, Em! Coy, although handicapped by lack of weight and inexperience, was a fighter from the feet up. Coy was a shifty pass snatcher, and he intercepted many passes. He has one more year, which should make him a very valuable player. X rw 'W MIKE STEINDORF, End Mike was a line end who possessed all the good qualities necessary for that posi- tion. His speed enabled him to get down under punts and his skill in receiving passes and blocking punts netted the Leopard team many touchdowns. If it had not been for a broken shoulder, Mike would undoubtedly have made the all-city I ' ' team. f N X x C'- V lla 5 , l i xf QI WW' fx , ff l ., Uv W fra s Jr 'CW my Q N W - fw .X qv is " l g i fly' l +4 pf' ,N A N ,.... W. ,Q f' fl Ni lm HM V 'ri fy ayww WN wk 1 X X - f' g.- X ,ff 745 NIW R .yi s ':" yf ' O zk., r . f s Q V i K Y . aa..a.:5. .A 11 . gig K ,j .7 Sf- F7-:alfr A '-fvifflili-W-'B X - -- .N ms- , 1 .4 ngiiyxi,-fa,fgie5,. RA- fggga... KE: V 5 , ,,,,,:,-A -ua,-4,i,T43,,.- M A E,-3. ',..irw. . ,Zu R 1x3.- A ' -hifi" 5 'V swf? new? lL39 '5-5'. . ,.5,,'W" "fir-i.f':'7? .ir"'+Q1f rfbfb V + ' 'Q-155'-QNM. f A-3 K. :J :g"4I.3..E,. esffj' BILL IRWIN, Ccfnfer Big Bill, as he was called, did not dis- grace his name because he played a whale of a game. Always on the job, always ready to do his part, and always ready to laugh was Bill. He was chosen to play with the squad of Dallas all-city players and he quickly showed his wares. W1 W. A. Lowr, Tackle Forney, the Hercules of the Leopard line, really showed the team that he could football. He was exceedingly fast for a big man, blocking several punts during the season. He always showed the same Hght and drive and his presence in the field was always felt. He stopped the op- posing tacklers with very much force. GROVER JENNINGS, Guam' Grover, although not a flashy player, was a dependable player who fought all the time and who always got his man. He was always at his post, as steady as a stone wall. He was a good tackler and blocker and an excellent interference run- ner. This is Grover's last year, but his fighting spirit will be easily remembered. FRED CRABTREE, Q11-artcrlaack Fred came to Oak Cliff from Sunset High School to show the Sunset team how to play football. He was an alert quarter- back who always seemed to know the right play to call. He was a powerful line plunger, a good passer, and a fine de- fensive man. q Vx C V3 e N -A X Nl - i U X ' A XX iam if f . I Q ' f WALTER CROWELL, Fullbark "Tubby', was a powerful fullback who could always secure the yardage neces- sary for either a first down or a touch- down. He was exceptionally good as a de- fensive man who paved the way for the other Leopard backs. Walter was at his best as a powerful tackler. This is Walter's last year, but he will always be remem- bered by Oak Cliff High. WILEY Rooms, Guard Wiley, the good natured boy of the team, was always ready for a laugh, or for a football game. He was a rangy, speedy tackle that seemed to appear from nowhere to bring his man down. He was a good blocker and was extraordinarily good on the defense. Oak Cliff will surely miss such a good player. CHARLES SPRAGUE, Guard Charles, although inexperienced in com- petitive games, quickly showed that he was a member of the Sprague family by stopping everything that came in his di- rection. He seemed to get a pleasure in playing opposite his brother in practice. Charles has two more years and he should be a sensation next year. WOODROW QDocj HENSLEE, Halfbnck "Doc', was the boy with the magic toe. He had a deadly accuracy in his drop- kicking. His thirty-two yard drop-kick against Sunset High, which defeated them by the score of 10-7 will never be for- gotten. Besides this gift, he was an excel- lent punter and passer and he was one of the best blockers in the city-series race li Ml 1 I A l wi-1 rp I, .1 X ?' W N1 ? Iwi hi 1, X I, 1 t, , ip W f E ' EW , L tif! L sgarfdy sa gi L f"i A sf? Q f i VCI? V44 lb p lb i Baskefbiiii Iiogiiikksiiigepiy have few iielfulifff .lQ'fti512.sL13?fffQilcfnwilff2 fi 1 f u f iff 5 iq X 'N NNfl'i' T ll xi, f 1 - 'N NN li , ' Q' ,Fl i aa p id L fx lr ff' I I I ,?w y-r: personality, whose love for the game and whose unusual coaching ability has claimed the attention of sport lovers. While working with the Oak Cliff team, he has brought about some extraordinary develop- ment with the material on which he had to work. LLOYD RUSSELL, Callnfain-Forwanl Lloyd was the high scorer of the Leopard team, and Hnished high in the city series scoring race. He was mentioned on several all-city teams. Basketball Handicapped by lack of experience and material, the Leopard basketball team did not finish high in the city series race, but the team was always there fighting, and always made a habit of throwing a scare into the best teams. The lettermen were Hal Linn, Johnnie Sprague, Lloyd Russell, Doc Henslee, Richard Berry, Clarence Ivie, Walter Crow- ell and Tim Wfeleh. P O ' S W T VR vgy U w o, mx wi IQ2 f .K l W. A. Lowe filldfll ' V rw , .. . . , .g,, . f-., K, -'.' fl A , -- .: . gg f . lll Walter Crowell Forward 1 1 Clarence Ivie Guard I VW WW' xr - r A 5 WN ' V Zgs M X sw R x , X ' ' WCM Y fl, ' 1 XX 1 XX- V x 1' Q X 1 X gf 3 TENIXHS M Q, 5 W-.. . i W V , J . ' w , N -h '4 ' r N 1 I M A GOLF Q 74 A Lg ---, .1- ill M 75 A it l FXR x 1 ,V al 41 '- Baseball Squad Proving that interest in baseball is not on the wane in Oak Cliff, approximately fifty boys turned out for the initial practice work-out. The nucleus of the team consists of the six principal players: Lloyd Russell, ace pitcherg Clarence Ivie, third baseg Walter Crowell, catcher and pitcherg Hal Linn, sliortstopg and Turner Perry and I. B. Benson, outfielders. 'll 1 I al f 3 xii ?' X I at 'x 'Q' W ,av l l l gy K . if fgg 'VA i ml u srffi 2 VR XJ. lx 4, V ,iq W fa 111 V X ' KN I WJWQAJ A dflf: A W A if 1 1 1 v i 1 v A .fs lg ew PCN, f lllf ,A I L- J if ' Y if lfil. ,qi re -A if If X, ,Q nl YV f e Nm X ps, XV , ,LW f KU YJ P4 W f if QM A U We fy Fx XA 1. X l X 1 f ,D Wig 1 X . 1 - L an , kaf., . .XL N Y . ' U . 5 v.,..k X X T a ff Team Ningedn thirty-three was anot er big year for Oak Cliff Track Team. After winning several triangular meets the boys came through with a one-half point victory over Wood- row Wilson to win the City Track and Field Championship. Lloyd Russell and Johnnie Sprague were the outstanding performers of the teamg Lloyd winning four first places to be high point man in the city meet, and Johnnie winning two first places and a second. After capturing the City Championship, the team captured the District Championship, amassing 33 points to North Dallas', the runner-up, 17 points. Again Russell and Sprague were the outstanding stars, amassing 18 and 15 points to be high point man and runner-up, respectively. Those lettering in Track are: LLOYD RUSSELL J. E. P1ETzscH JOHNNIE SPRAOUE First Javelin, 176 ft. 6 inf? Second Pole Vault First Broad Jump First Shot First Discus, 128 nfl' First Low Hurdles First 220 First High Hurdles Mile Relay Team Mile Relay Team Those that made points in the City Meet are: CHARLIE SPRAGUE-Discus MIKE ST1ilNDORFLSl70f HOWARD GREATHOUSE-440 THURNIAN GENTRYlL0lL' Hurdles CPIARLIE BIZCKHAN1-IQUIIIJ' CARLOS JONES-Sfmt MILTON MCCORD-High Jzznzp Those placing in District Meet are: LLOYD RUSSELL JOHNNIE SPRAGUE First Low Hurdles, 25.6'f First Shot First Broad Jump First Discus First Javelin First 440 Second High Hurdles :9NeW City Record. TNCW District Record. 1 1 I W N M t A mf' QE fx ,- fb L p AX ,Jai i To the Cheer Leazvlem' Shout for valor shown, Hoist the banner high Raise g f t y To rh pph ky Guide t gl y With spir t t h d t Lead us in g f p To the ht dbl is ,,X, X ,ix f I he il 'V ' 'Xi Q5 H Jfx Qi i i iv VE fr - if tx ft i 1' , FW V WNQ mi me 5 ff, ,by W it 6 i 'w Y TN , We Ei THE LO-YANG ROAD T110 Lo-Yang biglzzwzy runs ax sfraigbt as bair, fluff wbm fbc' days in spring arc' brigbf and fair Tlx' WI!-lillg lN'ilIl'I'.Y flzilfwr go lo raw, J Tlwir tr'zz11jJi11gs, jinglillg nzusic' Illllfk fbvir' fluff. Cu'U KWANG-HSI. HLIWDFK if t u + 9 -sf 5 L 'PJ ' , J ll 1 'H A 1 , In f:'i F" 1.1. F i Qu 11, I ,' 'M lg. I ls - f ' 'un ' 4 :iii 'ig "!!2. '-in ...,5 TJ HJ B gp LINES XVRITTEN IN HXVAI-NAN TEMPLE I lL'IUlt1l'7' zmrfb 111141 sozzflv and rvxf mv bcfrz' amz' flycrf, Tim xfrwuzz is wlzlfrf wifb jiozcwx, fbi' Iafldxvajnf now is bare I mnzzf :mf bvrc fo movzrn flue work of aufumn brevzv, The bilfx on ffifbw' 17111111 may IIIUIIYII if fbry xo plvaxv. CH,ENG HAO. W N G ef. t ' X J i w wf nyy x W f MODERN CAMPING Willie Clark: "Hello, where have you been?" lark Rice: "just got back from a camping trip." Willie Clark: "Roughing it, eh?" lack Rice: "I'll say so! Why, one day our portable dynamo went off and we had no hot water, electric lights, ice, heat or radio for almost two hours!" RESOURCEFULNESS We cannot but admire the resource of Pete Ficklen who wrote down, "On their heads," in answer to a question from Miss Harris as to where the kings of England were crowned, and a similarly naive reply was given by him in response to the question, "Explain what happens when there is an eclipse of the sun," when he answered, truthfully enough, "A great many people go out to see it." 54' 7? 3? WHEN IT MOVES W. L. Lindsey: "Your car rattles dread- fully. Does it always do this?" I. P. Neal: "Oh, no-only when it is in motion." Pi' 2? If AND A-SALTED Miss Langford Qreading item from Man- churiaj: "What does it mean here by 'sea- soned trops,' I-L?" I. H. Killougb Qimmediatelyj: "Mustered by the officers and peppered by the enemy." SOME PITCHER! Marjorie Crouch fseeing her first ball gamej: "Isn't our pitcher, Walter Crowell, perfectly grand! He hits the club nearly every time he throws!" HELPING OUT Miss Haseltine Qto Norman Rogers trying to buy a ticket to "Chonita"j: "The best seat I can give you is one in the fourth row." Norman: "No, I must have one in the first row." Miss Haseltine: "All right, go get a fiddle and I'll put you in the orchestra." HARD PART Cleon Poole: "Gwendolyn Harrison has a very difficult role in the show the Dramatic Society is giving." Berriadine Edmonson: "DifIicult? Why, she hasn't a word to say." Cleon Poole: "Well, what could be more BRITAIN'S CAPITAL "Tell me,'l said Miss Cooper, "where is the capital of England?" "Please," replied Margaret McQuary, "I heard dad say most of it was in America and Francef, ONE OR THE OTHER Miss Ruth Bell: "Why is your handwrit- ing so bad, Buddy?" Buddy Brown: "Well, if it was better you wouldn't like my spelling." A PERFECT EXAMPLE Miss Ruffin: "Give me an example of the fitness of a name to the thing to which it is applied." Cecil MeCulley: "An orange, ma'am. An orange is orange in color, it has the shape of an orange, the taste of an orange, and it is really and truly an orange, as its name would lead you to expect." 2? PC- :P OR A HAMMER Lovella: "These are the first biscuits I ever baked. Take your pick." Mrs. Walraverz: "My dear! Are they as hard as that?" THAT REBUKE Little Mildred fafter watching her brother eat several big pieces of cakej : "Mamma,isn't it funny how much larger Forney really is than he seems to be from the outside?', YOUNG WEBSTER Miss Anna Bell: "What is etiqutte, son?" Marshall Ware: "It's when you have to say, 'No, thank you,' when you really want to say, P 'Gimme some . SOMETIMES IMITATION Mrs. Clement: "Do you like antiue furni- ture?', Billy Halliburton: "Yes, though it's not always what it is cracked up to be." NO SUCH PLACE Teacher: "Will someone give us an exam- ple of modern fiction Elsie Mar' Morrow: "The term 'safety zone,." an TRIPLE CONTROL lim Carnes: "Robert, how many controls are on your radio set?" Robert Hemlerson: "Three--papa, mamma and Anna." ..-Q s M 1 k,N.- Z i Q i f , W I 4 I .Q i' 'S 7, pl ii -V i at 'I '7 N WO le B 4. Ai, Poi - , 'N W sl , l N ix li Nfl.. Q. ff-' '- 'HM of X w Nl X52 I W A , A I 95,1 ff X . V,,, Q- KJ KN ylgz A 1 , S, K, X Miss Clyeftc: "Use the word 'boycott' in Mrs. Clleniefiis: "Taylor, can you give me - a sentence. an examp e o armony?" I. 1 1 IHKQS x 1. ll s F7 llli f X W . ti all rs f l l l l Nil fr ll . :FCM l ii' . sv I W I 2 l if 7, l iggvl f ' i .6- -.- l si- 1 F l qv Yxx if x I l .fx . 5 . f --ls,ii,t Charles Reililiiig: "It rained that night and the boycott an awful coldf' But now that times have changed somewhat, Along a different plan, A dear, with powder on her nose, Goes out to catch a man. Miss Harris: "In what battle did General Wolfe, when hearing of victory, cry, 'I die happy?" Billy Bt'ai'h1ini: UI think it was in his last battlef, Leighfon Aftelaerry: "Do you think Mr. Cunyus put enough fire into his lecture?,' Clofla Tatum: 'IRather, the trouble was he didnlt put enough of his lecture in the firef' john Sprague: "My, how fast your heart beats. It sounds like a drum." 1"rant'r's Hahn: "Yes, that's a call to arms." Pop Noah: "NVhere do you bathe?' F. W. Acldison: "In the springf' Pop: "I didn't ask you when: I asked wheref, Ezluxin Roherfs: "What is mistletoe-a vine or tree?" Ezl Shaw: "Neitherg it's an excuse." Sehorn Kilezfr: "Do you like Shakesperean rolcs?,' Balh Gajforil: "I donlt know: I never ate themf, SENSE AND NONSENSE Dean fH01lSf0HJ2 "You've got to have a pull to get ahead." Broiher Smith: "You,ve got to have a head to get a pull? Iiianifa Gibson: "Why is it that good look- ing men are always broke?' Chauncey Brown: "What makes you think I'rn broke?" Wajilaiid Philley: "I thought surely I heard the voice of the people calling mef' Friend: "You must have heard yourself thinking out loudf, Farmer Greer: "I guess I can make more money sticking to my penf, Mary F. Tirlwell: "Oh, a writer, eh?,' Farmer Greer: "No, I raise pigs." Taylor Ogclcfn: "I-Iow about a freckled- faced girl wearing a polka dot dress leading a giraffe?" Willia-iii Keith: "I'm a self-made man, I amf' Deane Bell: "Yeah, but you quit too soon." Miss Bell: "What is heredity? james Slzircliifant: "Something a father be- lieves in until his sons begins acting like a fool? Margie' Griilahs: "Ralph, there's a motor- cycle chasing us. Is it a trailic officer?" Ralph Walters: UNO, worse. Itls the guy who collects the installments on this carf' Helen Wfooclvoelz: "What tense is 'I am beautiful'?'I Frances Batson: "Past!" Lorraine Sinifh: "How do you know that Mrs. Ham is old?" Fannie Norman: "I heard her say that she had taught Chaucerf, THAT KIND OF CAR Grant Lalzr: "Do you do repairing here?" Garage Owner: "Yeah, but we don't do manufacturingf, FOLLOWING HIS BENT "What profession is your boy going to se- lect, Mr. Hamm?" "I'm going to educate him to be a lawyerf' replied the father. "I-Ie,s naturally argumen- tative an' bent on gettin' mixed up with other people's troubles, an, he might jest as well get paid for his timef, PROOF Mr. Czinjfns: "I heard a new story the other day. I wonder if I've told it to you?', Miss Tilley: "Is it funny?', Mr. Ciinyns: I'Yes." Miss Tilley: "Then you haven't.', TRUTHFUL Mr. Arlamison: "Is your friend, Charles Worley, in the habit of talking to himself when he is alone?" Glenn Tinnin: "To tell the truth, Mr. Adamson, I never was with him when he was alone." QW dvefffisezff In the following pages will be found the announcements of many reliable merchants who have contributed materially to the success of this volume. We bespeak your patronage in return. Complefe FIRESTONE One-Sfop SERVICE Firestone Tires Firestone Batteries Firestone Accessories Firestone Spark Plugs Specialized Lubrication Cities Service Gas and Oils Ignition Work HAWKINS TIRE 85 BATTERY COMPANY jackson and Market Streets Phone 2-1417 RED CROSS PHARMACY BLAINE BROS. A PORTION? "Mary Jean, come here and help me make this oatmeal. I wish people would write their recipes so they could be understoodf, Mary Ivan Thompson: "What,s wrong?" I-Irlcfn Marie Earh: "Here it says, 'Add one portion of oatmeal to two portions of water., Now, how much is a portion?" ON SCARECROWS The farmer from the next farm was boast- ing about the effectiveness of his new scare- crow. "Since I put it upf' he said, "no bird has ventured withi nhalf a mile of the held. You can't beat that." Mr. Campbell, however, was not to be out- done. "I can beat it!" he said. "Last week I put up a scarccrow in my corn field which fright- ened theb irds so much that one of them brought back two ears it had taken." LAMAR Sc SMITH F IIIIUITII Dfl'f'C'f0l'S mm' AlllbIllHl1C'C' Sc'rL'ivf' 800 Wiisi' JI-.Fl-'ERSON AVENUE DALLAS, TEXAS R. Styles for the Young man HEADQUARTERS 1,9 Pl RIDING oUTDooR Jcffefsof' MAN SHbP 6-1094 EQUIPMENT CLOTHING I I I 5 l I MILITARY EQUIPMENT 208 NORTH AKARD STREET FROM THE "LOST AND FOUND" COLUMN OF THE ACORN LosT-A new fountain pen by a young man full of ink. fSignedj jack Spillers. W PTl'Hf6T5 of the Dallas 1933 High Sdzool Tear Booky v ' Wilkinson , PRINTING COMPANY + 1717 Wood Street 1 Dallas EW In sincere appreciation of your patronage and your friendship. Dallas Railway 84 Terminal Company Parlnvrs in the Growth of Dallas Grace Crow: "Mrs. Horn, I want to do something that will draw out the conversa- tional abilities of my guestsf' Mrs. Horn: "That's easy. Give a musicalef' Compliments of Marvin Drug Company BISHOP'S PHARMACY .,. "W'lu'rc' Oak Clif Traclesv GRADUATE PHARMACISTS 6-2131 6-2131 GOODMAN CLEANERS Plant at 402 North Bishop-Phone 9-3211 Branch No. 2 Branch No. 3 201 NorthBeckley 244 West Davis OAK CLIFF SHOE SHOP W. M. ADAMS, Prop. Frm, Sljoz' Slzinr' Gilwl zuifb All Repair Wrnrk. 206 Cumberland Best in Oak Cliff NOT ENOUGH TIME "Did Ivlildred jackson describe her new evening frock to you?', "Not completelyg she only spent the after- noon With mef' RAINBOW CLEANING CO. E. E. PRICHARD, Owner 117 West jefferson Phone 9-8760 GOLD SEAL Dallas' Finest Pasteurized MILK TENNESSEE DAIRIES, INC. PHONE 7-6526 S9168 E A FOUR SHOPS TO SERVE CLEA ER No. 1--634 W. jefferson - Phone 6-0106 No. 3-505 N. Marsalis - Phone 6-0050 No. 2-123 S. Marlborough - Phone 6-0406 No. 4-724 North Ewing - Phone 9-1200 Safisffzefiofl G11e11'11111feecl R. C. STRICKLAND, Owuei DALLAS, TEXAS LESSON IN STRATEGY Re11fr0e1o1J11so11 Qstuck in bunkerj : "How does anybody ever get out of here?U Mr. Leffwiela: "They usually send the caddy back to the clubhouse for something." A NATURE COURSE Perm' Mc'Dougle fat the 4B-4A partyj: "What do you think of our scheme of Christ- mas decorations? It is holly over laurel leavesf, 101371 Dial: 'KVery good, of course, but why not mistletoe over yew?" '1- A Dallas I ml usfry Brown Cracker 81 Candy Company Exclusive Bakers of Brown 's 1141116 and Brown '5 Sezlfifze Flakes Honey Grdhanis "The Perfeef Soela Cracker" More than 100 other varieties Als? 3 Comglete Line of - Suitable for any occasion. Brown 5 Fine Cdndlgf WHAT TEXAS TWAKES, MAKES TEXAS -1- ' ' SUBSTANTIAL CLOUDS Alvin Crow: "When I dance with you I BUSINESS COLLEGE feel as if I were treading on the clouds." DALLAS, TEXAS , , A seasoned, successful experience- of 45 years in 1ose1119me Bell: "Don't be mistaken. Those training.: young: men and women and placing f sn them in good positions. Write, call or phone for are my eet' full information. .xi Nicholson's Tested Seeds THEY HAVE STOOD THE TEST OVER 45 YEARS "A Seeel for Every Need" Sprayers, Insecticides, Poultry Supplies, Rabbit Supplies, Bird Supplies, Gold Fish and Supplies, Rose Bushes and Evergreens 2-4622 NICHOLSON'S SEED STORE 2-4622 Houston and Commerce Streets All Photos Bro woo E? Browne Sfuo'z'o5 The South's Leading Photographers for more than a quarter Century DALLAS KANSAS CITY Prudence Walton said to Virginia Wall, "How many legs has a sheep?" "Do you mean a live sheep?" asked Vir- ginia. K'What difference does it make?" "Well, if itis a live sheep, the answer is four, but if not, it's two, 'cause the front legs are shoulders of muttonf, OLD CUSTOMER "Carleton Barnes is an old customer of your laundry, is he not?" Bob White: "Oh, my, yes. Ye've been get- ting buttons off him for yearsf' Thomas Gee called the Oak Cliff garage. "Hello," he said, 'Tye turned turtle. Can you do anything for me?" "I'm afraid not," came the sweet, feminine reply. "You,ve got the wrong number. What you want is the zoo." HAS DISADVANTAGES Mr. Hamilton: "Television will soon be here." Tim Wefcb: "Yes, just think what a nuis- ance it will be to have to shave before you answer the telephone." WE'RE BUILDING OUR REPUTATION ON FINE SHOE REPAIRING! Factory Process Shoe Rebuilding SPEED I ECONOMY! SATISFACTION! STANDARD CGREBUILTH SHOES ARE BETTER Standard Shoe Repair Co. Repairers . . . Rc'bzii1a'ers .... Dycfrs of Sfaoes MEDICAL-DENTAL BUILDING Men's Clothing and Furnishings Ground Floor Medical-Dental Bldg. Phone 9-37-11 PHILLIPS-TAYLOR Sc to 51.00 Stores Invite you to trade with us All Kinds of Sc to 31.00 Merchandise 121 W'est jefferson Phone 9-S311 I. H. HUNT, Manager C0mpli1m'11fx of . J. Carver Sound . . . . Equipment 321 NORTH BISHOP AVENUE Telephone 9-8300 ,YAF WMM wfffnfp T524--ze X MAIN sr. fm DALLAS' OWN CLOTHING sroru Arrozv Slzzfrfs Faslzfion Park Clothes Finchley Hats . , A-his .AA - IN sincere appreciation ofthe patronage and friendship of the entire stud- ent body and faculty ofthe Dallas High Schools for the past ten years... American Beaut Cover Co. 1900-O8 ORANGE STREET THE COVER ON THIS BOOK WAS PRODUCED IN THIS PLANT 'I' IDEAL Ida Stake: "Can you suggest a title for this picture?" 0 ZW E 7, 5 Mrs. Clfmcnl: "Why not call it 'HomeI?', Ida Sfffiff Why 'H0me'P', TEXAS SEED st PLANT co. Mrs. Clfmrnt: "Because there's no place , , like it-,, Lewis Robinson, Manager 9-H24 Oak Cliff Bank 84 Trust Co. AFFILIATED WITH REPUBLIC NATIONAL BANK St TRUST COMPANY CORRECTION JUST SO belfgpiit Elzfgrmfgilson: HDO they rmg two Miss Higginbofbam: "Wl1at is economy?" . S 'Ilia Prime: "Do' w'th t th' s 0 r tWI:LIg.HCler11cnl: No, they ring one bell pargms never had., mg 1 Ou mg u as MEET ME AT THE OAK CLIFF HI DRUG STORE Soda, Cigars, Candies, Drugs Phone 6-0242 FREE DELIVERY S '-if-I I First, Las! and Always' The Most of the Best for the Price! WYATT F000 STORES HOME OWNED PP S PP PP P7 INDEPENDENT 1 - TENTH STREET BARBER and Lonsohdated Candy Co. BEAUTY SHOP T rzjble C Brands C All Ilurauts ,a'. . '---b- :S C C , , 826 ExPos1'r1oN Avia DALLA TEXAS S E T I S P1 6-0148 ,I. In Oak Cliffg People Eat More-J Cliff-E aid Bread fb Than Any Other Kind! Oak Cliff Baking Company Ninth at Marsalis "Visifors Arc, Welr'r1111f',, JAKE GOLDMAN ,v ,I4 DUGGAN-BISHOP, Inc. SALES SERVICE ZANGS AT COLORADO PHONE 9-3151 OPPOSITE CLIFF TOWERS "Better Service" SHOP AT Engraved Commene mcut and Wfcdding Invitatlons Sears-Roebuck and Co. CAUDLE ENGRAVING CO. Oak Cfijjvx 01113 511-01010 Llllfll Cojnjm' Pfafv ElIKQl'dl'L'l'Y AND SAVE + Direct Mattress Compan HAS N0 EQUAL "Comfy Down" Modern 'A i3f5'7'L5f,4"fx, Tuitless Mattress Renovators t J if t N , 5? f, Ly, sri.,-J tif f ,Q :,5f"i 'l 5 . ti LX Q ' Fen A fm nf- ip .qsff 791+ ' ii wbzif 1. Feather l a tes ? ,fa t , Inner ' A ., ' A ,r fn q itii' ' Mattresses ' e ttt. DIAL -W 1 S45 Q X -Lg kf d NV V Box Springs 1 , 9,5 1 Lawn Springs Chair Cusshion 1420 N. Zang Blvd.

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