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Jf --1--1111-1 . V f- V -,fVA - x V i . ' ' p 5,6 JZMA, . QQ W M WY ML5,L, . 'Sf I 1' '175 ff-7 ll 43...- ar JT.: EX LIBRI5 Ch De., Q N819 1 iQ, il , W 'f J YQXXOMADZ Q f - , , JA!! ,-x .Vw V AI-M, X gg-f fl, -UQAL X A I '- M , ----- " ' "':"'g V' xfx ,f-gi.'iLfm'4li:jii?F'5 :Qf ' 1'- THE Dui lg Yu. A ,,,,, . pw. or 'uf ,,. ,, ,-4, ' law fi ,V yn., nf - .mv ,. ' :qu-,V A- . , 12? ' Because the historic traditions of Texas afford us a .beloved contemplation, and because we believe that fthe evelitful past .inf our state will long color its unfolding future, we have chosen the six flags of Texas as! the art motif for this volume. "1 Copyright, 19 3 2 MODINE TUCKER . . . . . Editor LEON GEISER . i . . Business Manager O gn?- ' E21 " . - , 7 , KG W 1 ,ii LW Ad i V i , ,X-Yqfhi 2 .l"5Z7.- S fi, AK ,- 31 . BIIQYHK. 'Hull If 5,5 .iggw rg, gr A F Enywni M' Q H glwulw w w w ynHHlLqlw u 6' ii ss' il il ,lil in nz ks iEx.1fjd"'l' in 1 l THlf UAIK 1932 1' PUBLISHEMD BY THE IENIUI2 CLAII DAIY CLIFF HIGH ICHUDI. 'H DALLAI, TEXAI F5-7211:-S.l'.S FWHM? .iiimnai Fri-T' 7.11 x5"h'Jll1?!,sIhxn M igll' Qixftlil' 1,fuzf,ugS.1a. I l :iq ifynqy EW Wil" is if in nr n me in Hikari: a ful ESQ si ii SJ - x"'---u..,,wn.,,,,,a...... ,. .---- M- -ff' FUIQEWUIQD If in the years to come our classmates shall turn in amused and tender reflec- tion the pages of this book, living again the pranks and hopes and plans of youthful years, and if in so doing their liyes may be enriched by a broader sympathy and a matured understand- ing, the staff will be content. Dcfslitlicylfiiji To one who by her generous contribution of time, talent, and inspiration has long made pos- sible the annual publications of the Oak Cliff High School--Mrs. Nellie D. Clement-the Staff affectionately and appreciatively dedicate the OAK of 1932. ff-M, ff . W ,e wmwvvuvwf - ' - Qfasihlv A ,HM U , ,A v'm 4 ,Q 1 "FH ag ""5 .1,','Lf"?,gQ'7-f'' E., 1 .-.QQ 1,-,V V uf W' mf. 1,5 . , .TN .. A V- ffvp, ff' .fm 5 W vw Wy. z ff ay I : , ,bw 14-. 1- my ig? '-1 tiny: 'i g .. ' V4 5 -1 1 vw A ' X mug: V - F ' HW A A ' ' N, V ' g ,, ,Q , ,. , A f-- - - s..ef,...Lm,,-X-""' 0 U IQ IC H 0 0 I. Oak Cliff High School, we salute you. You who like the sturdy oak tree Harbor us, your tender leaflets, Till Life's seasons bid us leave you. We as Freshmen come in Springtime Learn your ways and speak your language English, Latin, French, and Spanish, And in springtime learn to love you. Summer comes and we are Sophomores Shedding lightly storm and sunshine Looking neither back nor forward Loving, laughing, dancing, playing. L But with Autumn,s call we're Juniors, Life is taking on new color, We have duties now to think of, We must carry your name onward. Then we're Seniors with the winter Clinging fast to show we're worthy, Following your knowing mandates Till our graduation calls us. Now we leave you, and departing May we thank you for your nurture May we pledge you our- devotion Oak Cliff High School, loved of pupils. I if asa T si 3 YZ AG -C41 X11 ry-QC' -x fp? PCN A,-KF ,Pix , ff UIQDEIQ or Boom Administration Classes Favorites 2 Organizations" Military Athletics Wit ancl Hall-Wit 7-ii 'Robes-t lx aff? ff X ,...1. fy " ""J Y!! fxf .X fx ,-5,5 14 f:2flA A fi f-KN fx A 42: 'xx M 'L lfiif A Perhaps the most valuable result of all educafion is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to he done, as it ought to be done, whether you like fo do it or not. -THOMAS HUXLEY. 1 l ' l v N. R. CROZIER E. B. CAUTHORN L. V. STOCKARD Superintendent Assistant Superintendent District Superintendent of Schools of Schools of High Schools BOARD OF EDUCATION ALEX SPENCE ......... President Committee of Finance: Mr. L. O. Donald, Chairman Mr. E. N. Noyes ' Mrs. W. A. Leeper Committee of Supplies: Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt, Chairman Mr. L. O. Donald Dr. David W. Carter, jr. Committee on Rules: Mr. Alex W. Spence, Chairman Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Dr. David W. Carter, Jr. Lunch Room Committee: Mrs. W. A. Leeper, Chairman Dr. David W. Carter, Jr. Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Committee on Welfare: Dr. David W. Carter, Chairman Mrs. W. A. Leeper K Mrs. W. P. Zuniwalt Special Committee: . S Mr. Alex Spence, Chairman Mr. L. O. Donald Mr. E. N. Noyes Committee on New Building and Sites: Mr. E. N. Noyes, Chairman Mr. L. O. Donald Mr. Alex W. Spence To THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1931-32: - You, the Class of 1951-32, will soon complete your high school career. Some of you will finish your education in the university, while others will begin your life's Work when you finish the Oak Cliff High School. To see you start out in these depressing times makes me anxious for your success. If you are true to our traditions you will succeed, as the World is looking for young people h b h t d d r I k 11 th l r d wit rains, c arac er, an in us ry. now you possess a ese quai ies an , in propor- tion as you display such qualities, you will win. Ask for nothing, merit success, and Win at least the distinction of being a good member of society. W. H. ADAMSON. x""--lm 1 --r,.t..1...:.'..vv""' Tribute to W H. Adamson Call him a man of service, for none is more deserving of the name. His is the service of a true worker, whose kind and brave deeds never cease, but grow more noble as the years go by. A hero may do one courageous act, and though he may never do another, the world sings his praises. But this true hero whose deeds are never- ending does not want a world at his feet. He goes through each day reproving, approving, improv- ing, and his reward comes when one of his "chil- dren" achieves success. Call him a man of principle, then try to find one whose life has been of kindlier deeds or who has kept himself more aloof from those things which contaminate men's souls. p Call him a man of understanding and you will know why he is beloved. Each child under his guidance is his child, with no problem too small for his consideration. His face, a face made hand- some by love and character, is a pattern engraved on the hearts of all who know him. uaemueunvums.uav.aam'ax.1mrasnia4 wmwmwm V awuuv.w.vx1a 'rs.:-...:a.sam, f,fr.wwmavA awww f ' m,s:mn:sawvJ2w,e::vam4.-v:fzw -, 1, .aura ' -z:uc.ux:, ,L,,..s.1....i .mr ' nw aa3. ,.,,:-.'Sisssm1AiE ..Lb:-A . ... .- , wmi'aiwa1Ihrwsaw'm W " "W ' "' ' " ' ' 'fsww-mu' " swrxmxsnxaiw' l L, smswgfsrv M.-1-d1eavMv..f . ,n-w-ae.f,::nnfvsaas:xva,n.s.nmm.bmsnsvmnsvx ww waznacmw-ws.-.welfrrma-mmwmsurw OW Family This is one page we have to be careful about, for we doubt if there be anything anywhere that some member of the faculty doesn't know. If We attempted to Write them a poem-Well, they'd recognize it for what it was. And if We plagiar- ized a tribute, some one of them would tell us our source before he had finished reading it. So We think it advisable to use our vernacular to tell the faculty that, while we haven,t had much ex- perience With other faculties, We feel reasonably sure that they are the best on earth. They have been square with us, and they have been more than that-they have been kind and devoted and -convincing. I-Iereis luck to you, faculty! And may we call you-"friends,'? ,fa fx.-"-xx-vsa4ssvsns'wnsaz:sascwf1n. rf -aa : wa is Nav.-f-qxamsm-vnausufswaanfe :. A V .7 - L: ff -fm,--if-1. .- as-v. ,M -.-if ,WM f .-.J ff-.-vow,effgafap,mfff-ei2wN.,,'f.,.-1, , wmwwa1:s,arme'i'v.z.xmQ:::s4ff-naw 11" n,,i..'1'm:f,e' ADAMSON, . ADUDDELL, HELEN . ALEXANDEIE, LAURA . ALLEN HOWARD A. . ANDERSON, W. M. . BAKER, NELL '. . BANKER, WAILIDA . BARRETT, ANNE . BELL, ANNA . . BELL, RTJTH . . BRAMLETTE, MINNIE . CABINESS, IDABELL . CAIN, E. M. .Q ' - . . CAMPBELL, L. E. . . CLEMENT, NELLIE D. CLEMENT, W. B. ' . . CLYETTE, MARYLOUISE COOPER, BERTA . . CRANE, ABBIE . . CUNYUS, G. G. . . DURRETT, W. P. . . EISENLOHR, HENRIETTA FALLS, LAURA . . GILLESPIE, J. H. . GRAVES, FANNIE . HAMILTON, LUCY . HAMILTON, WM. T. . HAMMOGR, CHRISTINE HARRIS, MARGARET I. HASELTINE, MAY M. . HESTER, H. B. . . HIGGINBOTHAM, LORINE HOLLOWAY, GERALDINE HORN, HELEN R. . KENDRICK, MARY . ' KING, ROBERTA . . LANGFORD, WINNIE . LANKFORD, NELLIE BLY LEFTWIGH, L. G. . . MCLARRY, AGATHA . MANN, JOHN A. . MATHEWS, H. T. . MORRISON, MARY . . W- is w4.,..4,-JJ, 1 HQ MI, ," Faculgf . Principal . French . Librarian . Mathematics . P Study Hall . .Typeuyriting . Public Speaking . Mathematics . .K - History . . L English . . - Mathematics . . . .. . I. Clothing Commercial. Law and Salesmanship Mechanical Drawing . . X . . Art . Mathematics . . . . I English . History and Civics . ..... History . . . . . . Chemistry I- . Social -Science and Assistant Coach . . Business English . . . . Home Economics Accounting and Commercial Law . . . . Dean . . . . . Mathematics . . Physics . . Latin . History . . Music . . Manual Arts . . Social Service Secretary to Principal . . . English . . Study Hall . Spanish '. History A . I English . . Mathematics . . . . Stenography Commandant of Cadets . . . . Latin . Physical Education NEWBERRY, EUGENIA . .... Spanish NOAI-I, WINTON EUGENIA . . Mathematics and Coach PATRICK, ANNE . . . . . English ROCKETT, MABEL . , English RooTEs, VIRGINIA E. . tspgnghf RUFFIN, RUTH . , ,English SMITH, R. N. . . . Mathematics STRATTON, LILLIAN . . . Clerk TAYLOR, NELL R. . . English TILLIE, EUNICE . , Chemistry Lmafawnwmwfwnaaawvnwwf-xv-'m"ws1i"xuenessz1RvCfxf-.'-.S ' ..z-swf mm ,mv ur :'.v,R-1 mmm . ,,, m-Aw.zuxvxv.,mm.:-w...'. e was-.:.:..s f'.1':::L2'Yu.s-":u...'Wa?a wx' r f. -Sz. ..wH,.1mL :.'5.mw5.Le-fv.a fwafs:4!:mzr:1emi.'m'R' . ':.4, .S .-Lufqfv4:mmmwm w.E'm . f:r,..w.w4smwA'11f21sun6 azclaAlav3rmx:,fv..: 37' HTML MmZfMWW5 Mu1AZv'L. ,. r MRS MRS. MRS. MRS MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS MRS. MRS. MRS MRS Parent- T60lCl96V Affocmfian . G. C. WHIPKER J. C. PEYTON . H. C. MAIDEN . . WIRT C. WELCH JAS. J. WILSON B. E. GREER . J. J. LEE . . C. L. DOUGHTY . W. H. BYRD . L. O. DONALD . M. C. MCLARRY . CHAS. S. HOPKINS . GEO. A. SPRAGUE OFFICERS . . . Pmsidcfzif . Firsi Vive'-Prc'xic1'ent Svcozzzl Vice-Presiflenf . Third Vice-President Fourth Vice-President . Fiffla Vice-Presidml . Sixfb Vice-President Smfvzzfly Vice-Presidmt . RCC01'di71g Secretary Cor1'csp011ding Secretary . . . Treasurer . Historian . Purliameniarian Parent- Teacher Association 193 1- 3 2 Morro: "Let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not." Since 1901 the mothers of Oak Cliff have given of their time, love and money to aid the students and build up the civic and moral spirit of the schools. First there Was the Oak Cliff Improvement Society, then the Mothers' Club, later High School Mothers' Club, and since 1916 the Oak Cliff High Parent-Teacher Associa- tion. V Our membership is composed of mothers, fathers, faculty and commercial doners to the number of approximately four hundred members. We have endeavored to fill every requirement needed for a Well-rounded association. The Program Committee this year has brought to us a very interesting program of "Suc- cessful Partnership of Home and School,', featuring a member of the faculty and an out- side speaker on each program. The Social Committee has provided chaperons for all student activities, thereby helping the teachers to build up a high standard for student social life. The Educational Committee has worked consistently for higher averages in all depart- ments and has had the pleasure of seeing the Scholarship Clubgrow to over 225 members. The Health Committee has helped to build healthy happy boys and girls and inspired a love for all clean outdoor sports. The Ways and Means Committee has a very important place, for they must devise ways to supply the money to carry out the needs of the association. Last, but not least, is the Adamson Loan and Welfare Chairman, who is doing a beautiful piece of work among the students. It has been our privilege to materially assist about twenty-five children to finish their education. Our sincere thanks go to our prin- cipal, Mr. Adamson, our dean, Miss Graves, and the entire faculty, for their faithful cooperation. Our love and prayers go with our Seniors as they go out into the world outside of Oak Cliff High. May they always keep close in their hearts the Oak Cliff spirit, and live up to the principles instilled in them during their four happy years. . ,-,W R p , ,i,.........,. -. ws.. ,-,remit ,ug -' -'-4' I .jun . , ,..+ . . r' ..,4 . .wr ,M ,, ,,,, . as e e e Bair azure e O F F I C E R S G. A. SPRAGUE . ...... . . . President LEROY LEWIS . . First Vice-President J. A. GARVIN . . Second Vice-President J. G. JONES . . . . Secretary H. F. PARK . ' . Treasurer The Oak Cliff High Dads' Club was organized in November, 1931, and now has an enrollment of about one hundred and Hfty members. The club is due the thanks of the school for the altruistic and helpful work they are doing. Among the beneficiaries of the club this year we find the rifle team, the foofballl team and the mechanical drawing department. The Dads helped buy sweaters for boys on the two teams and contributed mechanical drawing 'instruments valued at one hundred dollars to the Mechanical Draw- ing Department. A , Q - A . The organization has rnade it possible for two fourth-year boys -to remain in school by its financial aid and it has also purchased books and other necessities for several other students. In the interestflofischolarship the club offered two prizes, five dollars in gold for the student making themmost progress in English and Mathematics during the last semester. The school library has received a number of rare volumes on Texas History as a gift from the Dads' Club. The organization has cooperated in every possible way with the Parent-Teachers' Association and the two clubs have done much toward making Oak Cliff High a school of which Dallas may be proud. 7 ... 5 fi . . X X X N X X X N X X CLASSESK 15 SENIUIDS AI A january Clan Ojicery ROBERT PARKS . . . . . President MODINE TUCKER . . Vice-President EDWIN MOORE . . Secreiary-Treasurer BILLY SHAW . . . . . Reporter MISS BERTA COOPER ........ . Sponsor SOCIAL COMMITTEE YvoNNE COSBY, Chairman WINONA BLAINE MARY ISABEL HAssELL CLARENCE GARDNER -- BILLY LARGE f JIMMIE WI-IITE PROGRAM COMMITTEE CLAUDIA ELLIOTT, Chairman NINA JEWEL LEMEN TOM CooR BILLY SHAW LORENA FLEEMAN INVITATION COMMITTEE MODINE TUCKER, Chairman ROBERT KNIGHTON LAMON BURT MARY GAMBLE , WINONA BLAINE ' Entered fr0m'Hogg, '28. Vice-Pres- ident ZA, 3B, d 3A Classesg Social Committee 4-A, 'f ssg Sponsor Company Dg J. O. Y. Gym Demonstra- tiong Scholars V vlffjclilbg French Clubg National Hon -Societyg Izibrary As- sistantg Gym fgstantg Staff. Business bef , pleusuregigiob, yeah? LOU EULLIVEEN ' Entered fr gf 'Z H' -Gym Dem- onstrationg is- x winuh fl: Record. 'Because Moi Esbe ix a ,.,.,. , , . favorile wi ff ' :fi .z,1'. . 5 egg, X , Ente I t ro ' 7 i5lson, '30. Hi-Y j' si ' Qgf 'kk panyg R. O.T.C ,5 'fap ' 35 e "?Senior In- Vifafio f 0 Emi . V2 Acorn 4 ed 'T NEST? M' : L1 gm? may 01207 : gi I 33: 14 4 'LVc1yS ma nu In Qui mme bww ' If Ente ? Golf Teamg Q' 'Winn fof .1 555 in Golf, 4'w'5?Z Egiijiif ,Q 'th 51, -C 5, .- R , xim Qi ,M 15 f ' H1 452 9 1 Q0 ,1 4' X, Ev S " .f3see111. , TMWWQQQQ .3 , 1 5-S-IIT 1'0 , . : tmawwtmwwwwww 1 RAI kfgntered . '5rt5C1ubg Dgrnons f ff if . 5 ' PeppygfKgo L .igfget-wr X ke' - AEE? '28 5 4 e , vs, 66' V lake lqer. Q J, GERTR 9 ' -5 , :- Enteregllfr j fg an, '28, Gy ? Dem- . .olgjstrationj 'jg leg Drag? Qfllubg A Treasurer of conomi ub. L Thf bw 4 tpfff -Iczvity-and a sgaifef' ' - ' gfyiinebggd ro Ieagan, 28. Scholar- . '-CFM l'E'1,ihTAw'E" E935 Avird. i?3f'fQ7lfJ delight -- a math 1 15. 3,5,.f1!L',.-,S-t, -.m4-:Spf-.1-:Z-Tl ' f K D, L,-Yiisfll ' 'ff' ' MARGARET DICKSON Entered from Reaan, '28. Scholar- ship Clubg Art Clubg French Clubg Ro- tary Pageantg Pbppy Saleg Girl Reservesg Program C0 A ihittee of 2A Class. Wbenfer ggmeets d stranger she finds u frien f f: I. E AN Q0 DISgiijIER Entered fr g?astlan ?328. Scholar- ship Clubg Pagea gg Gym Dem onsrrationg G ' Serves 5 Qpgfam Com' .ff-L-.L .- - - . H+. 1, mittee of To be I f X-1:25. , ,If -'fn .:- '5 p.. .es 5:23 2'v E111 ' ' .EIB ' 'ii if., 'P E AE2E:5::: - :I ':. ym Dem' '53 if Fi s, . - onstration I Q E 5 zf Glfl Re servesg Po j3,f 552f:?55' :iI,1:iE: , ker. were ff ff. -sf S A ThB10'S 61' . :1 -W V' P cietygfg kg Otlic .fin Boo im :.. Band ? By , ga we gsay about i Edo wwf S0- l missioned ,- f ellas 50' ' isc Honor r' ' Iwo-wit nm gk s f l'Ve .A de an mn EM hug" ,, Ar '-!15 1.5f",:3g: ,, If vw 21 , Im. mins En ere 528. C0mmlS- sion . Offi f k . :5i5,Camp Dallas '31'-,Flonor ' :flan k fifig Li. 3 Mr tous ,iygf?23'e Efwe CL Q fn on tered f is Rea if Sc oar- shi fClubg Drdmatic Clu Esasy . 2 91 2C l u b S Decl igivn . Sf ?iflf?', 5 0' Lead ,W y '. - -'St -1 ' Hrogram .. '.: r I -if.-lf . " . Com I-in Wm' H wb fzwiee li e worth whiIe , 5 Qwitla jInod and a smile--pre!! Entered f Acorn Rep Demonscrar siscant- Po Lorena is ec' that s 5 Oaklstaff' amatc Club' Gym i re ta Lx ary As- 3' 33a Musnc d a wa dy or Y QAMBLE 3. H Entered' "Hogg, '2 7. -'Nauona Honor So f a, firl Reserve Cabinec la . 5 KV W . l K 1' Q21 li fi S 2 s 1 Qu g 5 B e rg lg , , ' , L, r if V - ' 35 4: 1 1 s F K 8 ,E c if g 2 I 2 bl 5 r Vx 513 h . I, NS. - . , A 1 er 2-555 - 153 215:57 22,1- 1 ' , 5 2 ' y, .13 A IM, ,. Q. ir :,,' , r " sf.: h 1 V, ..,...., ., h ., . ,,. b ee R 5 2 3 K 2? 3 . we g , , bd. tfy se. - '1:::g-a.. 2 , . 5 f 9' V? 'bv-' 5195! - 45:3 Q: Lo Y , - -N3 ' ' , 4 . .' ' A t 4 1 - . 3 b 1 , 9 gf a Membegg Scholarship Clubg Dramatic Qlubg Arc'Clubg Linz Bible iifkwagd. ' -W sweel and bean- 1,: V--e HOMER GARIJKND Entered from Grapevine. President Spanish Clubg3gVPan-American Leagueg Acorn Staffg,fS3cholarship Clubg Linz Akard. .A E 1.33 .,.,. 'What ix i ipfiest thing to do in a hurry ?-Not H GRA ! , A , Entered f p3Reagan' T?8. Scholar- ship Clubg 1E5gLAWard, j2, ' ' A gentle 5 fear. Sponsor Ser Leader, '31g Best girly Sanger Represent lkfi V : grs ,EClubg Gym Assistantg ' Vice-Pres- iden: B Qsig ffiicial Qdnitree 4A, SA, r f S: 'i ' Df11 ifirfefs Gym Dem s 13 1. L 1-fv i' if bound to dl Qi: 61d at the W' . fflf '1 7 P . sz m e z 21 'i i.sChaifman, Lati ,,'l by ':, 5?Treasurer, Nati gzf - 2 Dramatic ' C111b4 '? Clubs Oak f Staifg I ng Christmas Cmffiita- " I "3 extn , of all good wof ffhuve dm 'ffE1idz'a's French EEDI AL ,, 4 ,liiefi 52 Q'-11S'5'a54 A-1 Aff ' -v1:,..1.:.-:e:1::4'-'AIM 5- r: 1:15515-:A .f 5 ,V e"r oW .D'1 -Eniffed ,mst Cor- poral!-,3voi,S . ffS Rifle H I 11 his si? i5fV.xuPC"- ' . 1, Entered gg, '2 8, H junior Orch q i Ealpdlg BEn , gescg Acor porterg Q.,I:,l,,5All,rxffa ff? liked, and ffffl Sifk- r-V- - Ehtered fro ' 'f,oodArow Wilsnu, 730. ..A:f?Q:,5:zlfszgmgjng hear! and spills gl' 5 limi . -- , .:-, ,,.,, I .,,,,, ,M,:,.,,:5 ,,,, .ugly .1 ,,A.,, . . . . A . ,. . ,,..., ..... -4, s.,x4sgW.-.:,.,,,,, ,. W115-2-.l?l'-"'T ll-2iTL'S':"fL71fH"'?T.'-5WU?!'!"!'lW4' '-ir ,. YQ- 1 rx ?+-T 3"i5i1113Ti'W3'U -1:1::-:f.f.i:a-...1- " - --H-4 5 39339 -Rafi' "i1i1:'g"" ' :-sexe-L':r'-:4r:'i-iieekg-f1?J-' H' "'-'-'::?J"-:hiidihir DOROTHY HUSTON Entered from Hogg, '28. Orchestrag Art Clubg Gym Demonstration. It is workinggllaai makes the work- man. gy Q DOPJQTHY KING Entered frongfqrest, '29.3Qym Dem- onstration. Her churacf f ' -'Qke her is never ROB ,1 , ' . .KN'!GH ' N Entered fr i" f2 gan-Amen ican Leagueg igf iiu lflgak Staffg Art Clubg Stamp Clubg -3 Societyg Linz Award Small of 'fiiaing bix ffff is few, J i Entegd Qlresident Natioaigzvl n Captain R.O.T.Q.g P gi vonl, '29s Best Ofjfpor 01 t z r lanr, '3 Og Crack ' . Clubg Dramatic: H3155 n nv z gi Senior Play, E fQE V1iQB. 1 "fer Oak. H dwg Prin cz' Claarmif ' ' girls. Entgred fr ugal, Co-editor Acorrrgj Schol' fgkifE?'fQl ii'Q,Member of All-C 'ey Hi zxcbief OC IV-i011 fu .fiouging new freck QS Qbut t iii: riding a plafe 'Vi ':.A thcm. a f V1 ENINA Q EM : EQSVWY Club? Scholar , 1" Z . T. 'esefiesf fDra- matic I' ,Staffg Senior P12 " "':'? ef I'm busy, E Entered fr ..i agn'atic Clubg Stamp xQ bgf'Gym Assistantg Gy E':?eA k3nstrationg Senior Play. ' A laugh is ' jfih " hundred ggbans in any place. ' fiiiooima Entered Bowie, '28. Oalf Staffg Associate Bu jManagerg HiiYg 4A Secretaryg Camp Dallasg Crack CompanSfE"eaP'L1fle Teamg Basket- ballg President C. E. Club. " bas fha! winning smile and lows io -zzsEi'it,, V,l. I t , Lidwm-J-.a.e1:wwsIzp4wa.rmf-W., w ,:iimuiklf-L5n'Qv5:2YfQ7-i1TeaZFii.fQiL2"w.3wi.w?-vii? ',!K?!l-I m 5 Q, 3 z ff ggpaniesgi Best fiiz 'eg '30 and Best Ser- BEVERLY PARRISH Entered from Reagan, '28. Pan-Amer- ican Leagueg Spanish Clubg Best First Sergeant in Bat iong Best Second Lieu- tenant in Batt iong Best Drilled Cadet in Camp Dallaiiif'i30g Crack Company, '29 '30 Bcwate, les! en enlife thee! PARKS A ntere 472- K vowie, 38. resi ent E d f 1 33 P d 3B 3A 4B "' Classes "amish Club Q 5 CE it le 1 9 a ,. 533: t, 5 . 3 Dramatic C i . " ' ji-Q0 X i isfgied Officerg Best Flrst Se 1a' :'Qin - :l1 ,-P315 Crack Companyg peretta. when B fa my good. Bu! sfborrid. n sisfgd g, Y 3 B X UI Ente ,gd llvggvie. rn Demon- stratio ' P 1 E I Q10-pg 411- far-1 :s: M 4 "E:-3 " En fig - 91- gg, 55. 11 3 -Afaptain in R- 0- - C- P fsB1Hciencv Medal A re QQ? B f'H'12r00n: I t Playg Rifle rn Hi-Y- 1-' He ' ,.i ef gfflx-he has H ., '51 . 'D C - i TREE En Bred f :H-' ' fs Aft Club Charge Me ,'i' Scholar- f f " f ' 1 , . .X lu nm . ship j zffljlubg Hi-yg Linz fafd- 45 1 5 1251 H .note 'j f l.- fsiggbgggqteristic 800411 1 iof- 1, W1 5 z . IB C ff - Q jff f Classg Gym enni52Qg'36, '31, Wilma sporfifmier and swingx a wic" ifia Z X. 025'-,- , V ti- f 6 E' M M A' ei , feerfg B le y 9 Qc 9 92 Q 4 s 3? rarvg f. K Entered Texas- 79- 4 ,ff- ' Another ui 'onlin cvefytbing. QF HAW jiri A Entered f ' , ident IB and IA ,QS2fESecretaryi,,,IJ. lassg President je 'flag Oak Sta -bfiAcom -'Staifg ,Rifle Cracf Com- -f?2gjga,13y,..f31,Aj allasg School Effi- 'Teieritjff' -ScholarS 2 "Clubg Senior Hi-Y Iylaffg ,Two Winningii Crack Pla- iz' YW ? f. V 'fGVrandpa. ' 9mw.12.,2Q W ' f me f..1.m'.r3sL.1 april, iframe kinzmswzi .fxvr 9, ' 4-, 7, I, 2 :m::s,,aimAm:!QL' 'LL if '4 '. jo aa., ,. ..,.a..,.r1 La:1sa:4x..,:.ri'.:g':v:.."f1232:.fixes-:v:t3e1:1' '71 m5mai:am:mm9:'au.mQms.:mg:'z..am2z:,x.:L1m:u ' flammzfzz,'Az-fmvmxfzu,wmew-a.1r::ain':v:r'-f'-'Q-'s,gs:i.x,v3iq :ns: NATALIE SPRAGUE Entered from Bowie. Tennis Team, '30, '31g Operetta, '28g Girls' Glee Clubg Gym Demongitration. The perfecff' girl athlete fa family tmitj. P - 5' Nrglg MAE STEGER Entered Reagan, '28, Social Chairman og! Illffixsic CllQ,i.,30Q Member of Art Clu .gm De iigstration. Nita ',i' iavey bgfibe song bird Of OW C1433-' 12 Entere '28. Vice- President 'f' 'iYiff2SApanish Clubg Secretarygggi Clubg Seniqgjf V -gfgmaticfiffflubg Commis- sioneQ2D '5 pack Platoon, Craglggll fggaag jeg: gi , liffbis ways radi- ate iq' Eieager r Eggierecl gfroni2fB0vgidg? '57, Basketball Lerizgsgigf ,gil Ts, Magik 5 q 11 21 da Vibe-President 4B plays baske!- ball. "1- - V- ".: 5- gdtered High School, 'Zig--vSpanish U. Play Day. b as as ber hair- ifgif . L ' iii? . V .. EYJQAFEQYLOK A . jegd High, School, '28, v,', A Qilllay Day. one Pufljuld hate to say , W e 4-. Zee i Q 'j ' QIQQNN Enreeged Spanish Club: agiiihal Honor Societyg She her class and also in the hearguliiizgf' many friends. TUCK22rif.i1i.i Entered .'ii Reagan, 'fifgilational Honor Sociigfygkficholazship Qlubg Oak Spaifg Coqeigfggij-of Oak, '32gg2?Girl Re- 'serves Cabiiiiietiixiiemberg Dramatic Clubg 'Aer Clubgffsbviy' Clubg Linz'Bible -fgwardg v.'. Vice-President of Senior Classg :Senior Play ,, a queen in ihe rosebud garden vffgffffl ,Q,lfl ZEN "'3"LE7JEI.L WS Amznrea:rsyz1w1m1.if1m.s-new? ' vwmvn -v-w--,prow -qmmfgmwlpgpg :ir Q,::"i1S-Sv "ff-I:-'a:75Iz:1'1!Li:FrKi ' 's'Jnmw:1sp'Ja., -4w:s:k15m,"a ,::'r::. fm H .Ay :asv inf a1vum:mssz'm.m:ru'-4:- : us'.zf'sif":f? Tam vw 1,--.Lia ::,,':' 1 ..,.,.,...H .,1.. - :exw.m.xzm1fw,..,a.. ,, .A ,. ESTHER WEAVER Entered from Reagan, '28. French Clubg Gym Demonstration, '28 and '29g Rotary Pageantg Music Club, '30. ' A sweei reserved girl and a diligent fworker. 1 YVONNE Cossy Entered from Reagan, '28. Social Chairman of 3A, 4B, and 4A Classesg Business Managerfbf Acorng Sponsor of Company Eg Member of History Clubg Rotary Pageanrg N. E. A. Pageantg Gym gDemonstrationg3 Scholarship Clubg Gym 'Assistantg Library Assistantg Honorary Member of Stag. 3. If "Kinky'.s,' suctess in life is as per- 'marzenf as the wave in laer hair, she twill be ldeardffvom later. 1 EVELYN- GARVIIEI Entered from Bowie, '2V8.jVice-Pres- s ident Latin Club. ' 3 Evelyn may lie snikall sbe'll never .escape our memory.. 1 , A I FRANK HANSON ' -,.- - .- jfs - Enterediffrom LL' GPC. Academy. :Camp Dallas, '28 and '29g Crack Com- panyg Rifle Team. ' - As af man thinks, so is far. T, W1LL1,3W,LANg?L1sr5-. Enteigefi, William nevczff- you falways ndjice MAii'fjlS.A7rH1g1EiiIE PITTS R ,' Entered from'7Reagan, '28. National fffhespian Clubg Dramatic Clubg French f'Clubg Girl Reservesg Girls' Glee Clubg ,Cantatag Senior Play. A' BILLY SUTER Entered from Reagan, '27. Bool-:room fQAssistantg Workhmg Boys' Club. A boy of and rlaaracferjux Jniyrgs RUSSELL 352,27-Entered ,Reagan, '2 8. Trackg QE9.otba.llgfCaptain of-Football Teamg '31"' iii'-'5ffbHdzkic" is one of live steady kind- Qlepenldble. 7i"TiS1f.i:' -,.v. 5f,..l'k .-Ytff ,. 'C ' Lil fa-'slfi-iqilfnh TJ' ' 'IIH11 ' -'S1?7!MT. 'i X -fi' T-".,21'L1 J' " 7 "" :hill .,-.,..., -,tw . f.atsa:i.:.11a-S515 f , A :'1frfrm1xsas,e., , , 1 wmw mammm L :fr 3.3 1-foaerw C '.'MT2'?i'Z.ST.' 1 i '24 4 'Cfkl ., e, ,fwfi i"'-Tyamwwwaxmwa mL U 'f""f'V -' 4 5 -1 31 fgfQ'cf,?xf4,:nwzfrf'.1--- '. :. K if L, H I -S92 Q V H .4-5.1. VV NEL , nfmd f ' Hose- W Arr Ciub: jg, gag A G Q emonsxra- ' fiom iieffmvmivs EW QOH PUPPY 'P my . 1""fyf" A - , ff': :r.rs1r1 "' 4: , -S' " f E9l: iff? 1255, 727-A z ack Ph- mfmf u. av- Jw, vu Journal . "' Z? 8- 5P'm'Sh ' gueg Rotary 1 Pageq pg Scholar- : Shin gbi 1 A A ---- 'f -," -. E f Com ' ifivefi' Dfifl- - H1-Y' xiii' - -:r:5:5:rZ 5-Sggfg- ' NYY Of 2' Cam: -' ..12HU'SQ. -W. .. A V 0Ve"W07E' Qi! I , .-., - .. ' Ag' A, wg I - W,-.:,.,.,. 5, V. ,5::,,.a,,c,,,.-,:.,..- 3 ELI :LLB gr A 51192164 f Dwi? Clubi 'fjijigym' Demo 'P0P1?5+?ifi" - Per' ii fits? :TI Viciii' Vfff Li. Homdiwn Z2 ,Hbf:f2i1?l'1 Li. 111 'ffm' A QQ-.3gZ'i "" 'xv ,.,.,, -'f '-'- - ,. , . jg y 4-.-, 1. L, .4 ,.:, .,,, 4 , -Q 653. V gg, F ,4 ' fu e, '11, 2.1. - if ,- :sff-si1-iwqs Q X - 151.11-.:'5: . . .. x...x!-A X 3 Z Zz 1 4 4 2 25 'Q 5' fw , anaafgf Graduates Not in the Pictarefn K TOM COOK JIM KELLY . K V 5 , MARGARET FOSTER JESSIE MOBRIBE ' L ' W ' BEN GAFFORD HILLIARD MORRIS - CHARLESAGORE ' DWIGHT PURTELL A I TOM .HALLIBURTON ' P' . JIJVIMIE TEMPLE I V W ' ' - A 4 f PAUL HARREY , ALBERT TRUBE i M H am: Graduates Not 212 the Pzctaref K K K KENNETH BOOTI-IE MARJORIE LEE LA VERNE CUMMINGS RONALD MARTIN CHARLES DURRON MARY LOUISE MELTON HERsc1-IEL FERGUSON CECIL SCOTTQ 'H CSQO 1'Tx,5 So D 1 I JOHN GHARIS WILLIAM STURGES ,ng EVELYN HARPER EMM LEE WHITTINGTON BUFORD JONES G H WOOLF WALTER KELLY 'TU'-' -. ..:.,..Z..,AA -Lu - . , , , 2- I. E fl . ,.A... ,...-A,, . ,x,. , I A 3 W jane Clan O-WCEVJ CHARLES GRUNEISEN . . . . . President JOHN HOSTY . . . . Vice-President FAY MCLAUGHLIN . . Secretary-Treasurer PAUL JONES. . . . . . Reporter MISS BERTA-COOPER ....... . ' Sponsor ' I ' SOCIAL COMMITTEE - LUCILLE MCLEROY, Chairman ANITA :TI-IONIEPSON FRED MURRAY J. W. STANLEY H FAY WILLIAMS DORIS CLAYBOURN I JOE FOLEY ' A "" PROGRAM COMMITTEE - EDNA BENNETT, Chairman HELEN RIDDELL NORMAN LEVILLOUX JAMES STURDIVANT KATHERINE WHITE .. K M I . INVITATION COMMITTEE e J ' ,, .' OVED ESSARY, Chairman VADA MARIE ATKINSON MARY JANE CLEVELAND EDWIN HAMILTON 3 ADELYN MANGUM ,-'SZ ,J Ig,-ca-I-.YE L! i -f-fr.a-rm-fs.-urea Ui...- nn9mHe1:1:1x wwfsvtu fs- . a.:wma1wm.L.z,.ae1-use 1 -, :m'ff:.:sfa-ws' vs: EvA ADAMS Scholarship Club, Latin Club, French Clubg National Honor Society. Eva is quiet, but makes herself known in class. Jo BET ALEXANDER Entered f-rforn Cedar Creek, Texas, '29. Latin Clubg Poppy Saleg Girl Re- serves, Scholarship Club. Her characterisiic' is clean play. ELIZABETH ALLEN Entered from Commercial,'High, At- lanta, Georgia, '30. Spanish Club, Schol- arship Clubg Girl Reservesg Poppy Sale, Spelling Contest. She might be ihe heroine of a novel. HELEN MAE ALLEN Entered from Bowie, '29, Poppy Sale, Rotary Pageantg Gym Demonstration, Acorn Staff. She has ideas. L THERESA ALLSOPP Entered from Hogg, '28. Gym Dem- onstrationg Operettag Girls' Glee Club, Vice-President, Dramatic Club, Acorn Staffg Art Club. Her winning smile, a key io her many friendships. VADA MARIE ATKINSON Entered from Terry, '2'8. Scholarship Clubg Latin Clubg National Honor So- ciety, Girl Reserves, J. OMY. Club, Acorn Reporterg Linz 'Awardj Co-editor of the Oak. You can only make others good by being good yo-urself. LENORA BARRENTINE Entered from Bowie, '28. Gym Dem- onstration, Rotary Cluh Pageant, Acorn Staff, J. O. Y. Club. She's fair in everything. MARTHA ALICE BEATTIE . Entered from Bowie, '28, President of History Club, '29, Essay Club, Spanish Club, Treasurer of Girl Reserves, '30, Stamp Club, Highest Underclassman Average, '29, Highest Averaggof Fresh- inan, Sophomche, andnflunior Classes. Another lo hold aloft the torch genius. . ,-',:z4wfn:1.f54.-.1 x':: ar-an-acne: -aura-sz... - , wr" 'E' - :zrwwwr We JOSEPHINE BELL Entered from Bowie, '28. Rotary Club Pageantg Brunette Club, Scholarship Clubg Poppy Sale, Gym Demonstra- tiong Senior Play, '50g Archery Club. A bell, but not of the dumb variety. EDNA BENNETT Entered from Hogg, '29, President of 'sg Vice-President of Girls' Glee Clubg Trea urer of Girl Reservesg Scholarship Clxiylg Acorn Staffg Oak Staffg Social C irman 2A'sg Program Chairman of 3B'sg Graduation three and one-half years. We envy that wide-awake look of beffs ED R. BONNEK Entered from Reagan, '28g Sergeant. He always showed the best that was in him and, indeed, it was very good. FELICE BRICKEY Entered from Venice High, Los An- geles, California. French Clubg Home Economics Clubg State Clothing Con- test, Style Showg Gym Demonstration. I Another reason why gentlemen prefer lblondes. HOMER BRITTON Entered from Bowie, '28. Oak Staff. The worst fault you have is your abil- ity not to fall in love. JOHN BROUSSARD Entered from Reagan, '27. President of Spanish Clubg Hi-Yg Scholarship Clubg Dramatic Club. Thy face becomes thee well, my boy. ' MILDRED BROWN Entered from Bowie, '28. Gym Dem- onstrationg State Clothing Contest, Clothing Department Style Showg Poppy Sale. She inspires interest and admiration. Avis BURNETTE Entered from Sunset, '28. Scholarship Clubg Linz Ping Poppy Saleg Program Chairman, '29. Sbe has a gentle disposition. - f:':2Qi'1t-ufiaeaisx enamel. V ... Hmlaummai ' bimfxwuuau . ,frztzxiwiubsnsmzisiwn GLENN CARLSON Entered from Denver, Colorado, '29. Scholarship Clubg Pan-American Leagueg Spanish Clubg ?Hi-Yg Crack Company, Non-commissioned Officer. He rudiates good cheer and happi- ness. A . A , CATHQIYN CHAPMAN Entered fSunset,.f729. National Honor Societyixijcholarship Clubg Linz Bible Awardg Rotary Pageantg Spanish Club- E e Innocent zlemure. 1 " Diigofnv CHEEK Dramatic Clubg Art ilClubg Music Clubg Hisacory A," Club, .-French Clubg Home fEconomicsf Club. jj' I'll igei cffaa if watch out! Entered Zgfrom Girl Re- servesg fQBrunette Happy Wendi: Bal-iersig wand Acorn Reporter of Syniopateiisg' Essay Clubg Girls' Cluljg of Mixed Opegderftafiggflhristmas Can- tatag Pdpggjffsaleg Public Speak- ing 2 Class? Literary All-City Chorusg S t ai: ey: usi c5QCon testg Music sway Club. my ' Is She ever gg , RosEQ RIE .Q-H1195 Exifered QlQ'Dramatic Clubi:P0PPYi,.,e16-' c-K.. ' ' Sl??:'-chflif u 2 ' Enterediiifrifrii '28.5tamp Dal- lasg Crack Ser He's ihe ow? relinb15',5'A,!"",blue "Wil- lien, V. af: , 1, .E ggikf, DORIS -GTQKYBOURN Entered Sxiaaset, '3l. Dramatic Clubg Girl. Did you eniefffsee fbe time Doris 1uasn't Of harmonizing? EDWIN ML CLEVELAIJD Entered Bowie, '28. Scholarship Hilg Oak-Staifgf Linz Pin. Eddie had a bend until he met Mary Alice? i ' "' 4"H' 2 wen MARY JANE CLEVELAND Entered from Bowie, '28. J. O. Y. Clubg Music Study Club, Operettag Secretary of Class, '28g Scholarship Club. Ianir: is the perfect girl and the nicest thing is she d0esn't believe if. PAULYNE CLINTON Entered from Durant High, Durant, Oklahoma, '30. Graduating in three and one-half yearsg Music Study Clubg Girl Reservesg Spanish Clubg Scholarship Club. W2 Y W7 Pauline is one of those whose sym- puthy is assured. CATHERINE JANE COLEMAN Entered from Reagan, '28, Poppy Saleg Girls' Glee Clubg Gym Demon- strationg Music Study Club. She should wear battle green ear- screws, 'cause she has flaming hair. WINONA CONNELL Entered from Bowie, '28. Scholarship Clubg Gym Demonstrationg Dramatic Clubg French Clubg Orchestra. Winomfs disposition is wona'erfu1Iy gentle. NELLIE CONNER Entered from Garland, '28. Scholar- ship Clubg Oak Staff. One day of pleusure is worth Iwo of sorrow. MAXINE COOPER Entered from Bowie, '28. Acorn Staff: Att Club. A heart whose love is innocent. EULA COSGROVE Entered from Reagan, '28. Stamp Clubg Poppy Saleg Latin Clubg Scholar- ship Clubg Gym Demonstration. A girl with a knack to do everything well. FRANCYSE CROWELL Entered from Reagan, '28. Poppy Saleg Gym Demonstrationg Home Eco- nomics Club. Her very frowns are fair. ':L'fLz'-Umaimrxssnav' ' f ' -- VIRGINIA DELLITT Entered from L. G. C. Academy, '28. Poppy Sale, Spanish Club, Scholarship Club. A personality that will win fame. GILBERT DORSETT Entered from Reagan, '28. Stamp Clubg Band, Spanish Club, Crack Pla- toon, '30. I do profess io be no less than I seem, io serve truly is my aim. ELISE ELDER Entered from Hogg. Scholarship Clubg Secretary-Treasurer of 2B'sg Gym Demonstrations Girl Reservesq Glee Club, Poppy Sale, Linz Pins. Think twice before you speak, then rIon'f say it. -MAURINE ELLINGTON Art Club, Scholarship Clubg Spanish Club, Stamp Clubg Poppy Sale. In friendship she was true. LA' FRANCE EMERY Entered from Technical High, '30. Dramatic Clubg History Club. Cheerfulness is the serret of popular- ily. .. Q ' DETETTA Epps Entered from Hogg, '28. An dnswer to thai saying, "A woman's crowning glory is her hair." MATHILDA FECHENBACH Entered from San Jacinto, Houstorb Texas, '30. French Clubg Dramatic Club Oflicerg Girl Reserves Ofiicerg Stamp Club, National Honor Societyg Scholar- ship Club. A merry soul with a wise mind, ,JOE FOLEY Entered from St. Mary's, '28. Presi- dent 3B'sg Vice-President of 3A'sg Rifle ffeamp--Dra-matic+Glub5-Hi-YQ Lati-n Clubg Crack Companyg Camp Dallas: Library Assistant. ' Up and going al all hours. - - ,-1,t1.-mv, r.i.....4u9n:iafmsfsmawnamaruummnz-ai semis 5sf mm : sz .urrrzn J.,I.:L's:' r.,::,b.t,5: ' . '-:iii :, . ::.zs'g::.:: ,,:f:'.:r:q.L: :.1zt23E'.2ia:fi55: .? , r- J- aawimumumustmz ijlwl ' ":"'5:"':f5'iW2"" ' V gm mam .. V ,. r , . e, .mammal UR1Ei'f IfiK7K2'T'!1Gf47LWYF65,5:Q"kY'If, qrm,g 3 -X: , 2. aw: fr 'vsaaasevnrf-mmw::n.u 'fvXlW3KJiSV' - 'ri ',:1.fLLw.f'useu.ef',s i.-ezesss-ffnoargi -E in., Entered fr kiqfggan, '2Q8,,Q,gageba1l. m1f:gf.'1'u-5 1: 'f ww:'zLi, ,ar .4.v:..i .xsf1,' 51.42 --fnmiu. .-,-eww,-.v,f --.. 5 V. . ., ,,.,,, .xi ......, .,..z.,. ,... J ., .,.., dr.. 'X are izzfrcitg ,':.1a1.r:'2?':..f.BY,:n': 41.13 ?f1'z.Q.f L g r'frv-1.1':s:1y7:7:'1'2'.u1'L:2i'Q::Z':54rE::"tKf'i?7,sL'F2t 1 sz' Q.. M Amen MAXINE FORD Entered from Bowie, '28. President J. O. Y. Club, '305 Secretary J. O. Y. Club, '29, Clasgjecretatyg Music Clubg Social Committfiae of 4B's. Slae's lD1JdblQ':id11ll happy, und has a smile that WEVQQ-WEHTS out. , GOERNIER Entered froiffiffliowie, '25, Scholarship Clubg N a t i oilif li Honor jf Societyg Ac- countant of H'IifYg Award. Charm lbeiu sigigtg- but merit wins the 5 5. ,ff , CH EiiCiiii11'tBisEN Entered 'lfitfilckg Basket- ball, IB P Cantata, Business?-7M 'ZifggriQ3f Footlihliffeam, '3 lg Secret . Accjgign 'Reporterg Schol . ipt ifibgilkesideiigabf MA Classg Presid 0 ,eb 6, il? Ti f'31ffzs, 9974551517 High, and 225,31 Missouri. Gym f Tennis Team, ScholafQ " fgpgEGli5ib.:I 1 ,f t An will leave Oak Clif Kitty gradu- ffff- if f Etggyma HAHN '-Sunset, '28. Brunette Club1fi.fScholafQip Clubg Poppy Sale, Draigitic, Clu " Award. C Q uettish glffapperiianrif, timid by natfnffg end liffgf-:by 511. VV , ' Ent p w' Scholar- ship C ifi LJ' as Ser- geant At- tendance Repli .texfg Linz .Award gmffrac A :Q ' 'Qo13yfgtlie Acorng Hi-Y. if V Willing to but Zpitually does ffQ35Vg,.?K4'Zf.vf2Qf2i lad for 2 5 W 9 de ' ,, I g ,WR 1 2 HERB 1' I-EARDCASTIQE ,Q , iHe lags a f yg lifin his eye21Z2Q1uon- it -P i Q HARRIS I Entered frQiii'5Hogg, '28. Scholarship ,Linz l3frig:'J-uiiior Hi-Yg Library 'staditi - morevtban thou sbowesfg tlrgqn thou knowest. Av'f-wr-,Lexi -Q: v' --act , .- :,::::t:f 11, :w -:fm N amssmu 1ma eve: ffm., usmfimgimn -mn :nt m rnnnrmxelrew:-at-:,1:1: if-,-,f-so--1.1, 1.1, ii, in ,,?.. , E.... E ,Alma msfssnnnmsaar-12:'z:':::::.:,.-:f'L'p f -: .rein . 1:1 ' rfrxfaii: . ' - 1 Mmm.. Mt.. .. E, LAL gm.. wwf .f Kg, may JEAN HARTING Entered from L. G. C. Academy, '31. Pan-American Leagueg Acorn Reporterg Scholarship Club. Rich in the qualities of mind and heart. HARRISON HAYSLIP Entered from Reagan, '28. Baseballg Trackg Footballg Hi-Y. Ship me somewhere west of Suez, where Pll never have to work. CHAR1iiss HETHERINGTON Enteredffrom Hogg, '28. Crack Platoon. 1 Allow me ,such exercise as may he- rome a gentleman. L5 WINNELL HILL Entered from Grandview, '28. Schol- arship,.Clubg J. O.4Y. Clubg Art Clubg PostergfllubglSpanisl1'Club. ' In friendship we find nothing false arfinsirieereg everything is straight- forwarvlgfg ,," ' a Biassuz HINSON Ergfered from. Bowie, '28. Spanish Clubqf Poppy Saleg Pan-American Leaggeg Musici'Clubg Scholarship Club. Shysiniles, gifi1i':'what'a glory in her smile? 4 -'-,A 'ELIZXBETH HOLT Entered ,from Regigan, '28. Scholar- ship CliilQ5,fQDramatie Clubg Girl Re- servesg SpaHish'ClulJi Girls' Glee Clubg Pan-Americanfvleagueg National Honor Societyg Poppy Saleg Blues Chasers' Club. L ' A friend to all, and to all a friend. RAEMOND HOYLE Entered Oak.CliE High, '29. A true is more preeiofus than gold. ' RICHARD HUMPHREY Entered frnin Sunset, '29. Essay Clubg Trael-H--'Dramatic 'Ghubg Nomcommis- qioned Oilicer R.O.T.C. ' No storm has ever ruffled the eur- renl of his life. .... fr:x.cgt::.Ez1r:czv:-251.-2-in ..rzw.'s1w'f-Y'--ffrrrnrrre'nearer:-f gr , ,Ely W . ..w':1fra-mt14vT.1:r'-1.f'' , W, WTWPW ,nm-5 ,mmm ...Lg ' nmmwwaxxuwasm ' .smrriww ,L ':e1:'s...w :sa'.::.L :1L.'1,:.g. sg, fare: um:11m'xfc.mL11gx1:.'.z,. ..,. J xuEmaw m,::vg4,f .or umcari, New ish Clubg Gentle of Entered Satisfied ax Mjf Q, ff' o ,J jfffdf teiln. Clubg Stamp if Not only thing' J' J -,Z GORDON HUMPHRIES Entered from Tucumcari High, Tuc- HUNTER '29. Trackg Span- H'-Y- B k b ll. 1 , as er a beneficient of mind. thafs me. Entered Dramatic Club9 Rotary Pageantg Say my pol- ivy. 1B Popu- Presi- S looks, 'Z8. Perfect Clubg Poppy Art Clubg tore Hxgh, '30 you rarely see, bu! Dem- pal- Clubg Arr good fd? some- Oak Staffg Acorn sparkling eycs of brown, and pal, everyone has J,..,,,,,-.,,,.'.e.-, , .,, Emmilii usgxwunrwcwnmmrsn me sr-rr 112 -.Wm . Wm--Y maz.mxm.afmvsa.:.L4.::.: sa -'Q-i.:swsnf:,g" wvzv-anuxzazzamauzzs ' 'f' Liana' saitasiwl ' "sa',s'.1..s.: ..zlws:a.::.a.2-mai... . ss- + :l2fn'..4uftwr41gx-faLsa:'a ADD112 BELL LANGFORD Entered from Reagan, '28, Acorn Staff. A smiling face gives joy to many. J. V. LONDON Entered in ,29. I know thee for a man of many thoughts. CURTIS MALLORY Entered from Sunset, 'Z9. Scholar- ship Clubg President Scholarship Clubg National Hoiior Societyg Oak Staffg Linz Awardg Hi-Yg Oak Cliff High jazz Or- chestrag Linz Bible Award. He who mixes business with pleasure, and more pleasure with it 'than is gooil. 'fi iPnhsTo1ifj:MANGibM Entered fromleagan, '29, Bandg So- cial Cinmmirgtee ofgflassgg Seicretary 2A Classy f Oakl Staffi. Scholarship Clubg Winner pfyhest High School Entertainer in Cityjg':g3QMilitary..1 S. ., A litllQfffy,onse1ise.11ow and then is relished by the best of men. WILLIAM MCBURNETT Erflierecl frogiligsuling High School, '29. Iflxtoon. A Emil sluilefilgfia regular fellow. 1." L li if ' sf' 1: Nw?- 9 'MCCAIN A HOSE, '28. Opererrag Glee CluB'2??Hi5Yg A Track. Upright arizl square in all his deal- ings. b ,. , , , MALCRSLMV MELAKRY Entered frdnfljl-Iogg, '28, School Or- chestrag R.O.fl'.C. S I dare dojiigll thai may become a man. . .. LUQILLE MCLEROY Scholarship Clubg Girl Reservesg Spmsor Lgmpanygll Bagalion ,Spon- sorg, Class Oificerg Acorn Staff. iichafming in 'llZ,d1111C'Y, pleasing in grace, , ,Q-1:11 lmmwmawmmv: m3wn.wc 2-M' ' i1!I!1!!Ul i MARY JANE MACKEY Entered from L. G. C. Academy, '3l. Member of Pan-American Leagueg Acorn Reporter. A flower in the garden of person- alities. ADELYN MANGUM Entered from Reagan, '28. Oak Staffg National Honor? Societyg Secretary of Scholarship Clubg Girl Reservesg Latin Clubg J. O. C1ub5..gGym Demonstra- tion. P f One whofihnows there is a way and will find it.f'- A WZELBORN MARK Entered gram Tech, '30.:AGlee Clubg Secretary Jtjnicr Hi-Yg Latin' Club. A da-pper' gentleman who is just as efficient as he is cldpper. -SAM MARTIN Entered from H0gg,i '28. Golf Teamg R.O.T.C. . Be glad and your friends are many. V ADA RHEA MARTIN National Honor Societyg Scholarship Clubs Pan-American Leagueg Spanish Clubj Poppy Saleg Gym Demonstrationg Rotary Pageant. ' ' All things considered, she oughl to accomplish he? goal. MQSCHO Entered frotiz-.I-Iogg., Demonstra- tiong Art Cltib-5 Popp?y'fSaleg Scholar- ship Clubg Oak Stalfgggigiirl Reserves. Eyes enchanting, then enhancing. TGMMYQZEMASON ' Entered from Woodrow Wfilson, '30, Her ways are as sweet as thelrose. Nom. MATHEWS Entered from Sunset, '28. French Club. The milalesl manner and fhe genllesl heartl .311 cnqnrsr -4 osw1n' Mirza :Avant 'eg : i 1r.'z::i.-..L9, ,z 3, S1.:a:,m,:.w21s.7:.MeLfw.Mimi..L4 4,1 4 ,. 7 , ,Q.,., saxwmrmzusazxvrgnfdstmm' ff' '.mw3t?:L1:7f'-f..gm91' ALVADA MEERS Entered from Kidd-Key Academy, '31. Spelling Contestg Poppy Saleg Es- say Club. How muck thought lies behind those eyes. FRED MURRAY Entered froni Sunset, '29. Golf Teamg Hi-Yg 4B Presidentg Scholarship Clubg Crack Companyghg Best Corporal. A lion among the ladiex. ' Roar OCKELS Entered from Hogg, '28, Captain, R.O.T.C.g Best Second Lieutenant, ,305 Crack Company. He krzowkv what fo say,kwhe11 to my it, andflyow.-to say it. I V, 1 jmassila Miiiw OLIVER Entered from Bowieg 'Z-8. J. O. Y. Clubg 'gQramatic Clubg Gym Demon- srrarionf.4'lof','-: , . , A Life iS"fzi'rpyslery, buf Pm doing my best to u1'lflf17Bl'if. i School, and ,28. R.O.T.C.g Stamp Q That yorive heard so much . Entered junior, Hous- ton, '29, Prince of during, bald and virtuous. ru 10 3. Economics Club. in good earnest. el we , , 72'FrQ5T!?T!f-'i?T?5"ff"5'1'-f.1:"W"'4f- f :Hx ' mwv44nmvw-ine mpeg, m,i-Eww1,,Tf,f1 W3 qu :Js:r:.tzH..1iffisr,ev:-:mr,fzz,:s.f-m:1,1:'ass':a4mrsm . ' 'Ni z2r'rs'.5w'sixi'.fiXf:11aif.'2:'.4:'s5sJiEiavms1:l: iz'-ef5Q'r2:f'z.+3L:fk1"5'1:5161 sf'-exec: 57-Am 'mnml anmvfcmgii 'ze ...mywsmzazzm Z15r:3':55.sa2fI:'EL if-'F N lNvF:':G W5 W'i' vwrmwsu-'sarsf nom. ".1ff"5'i?!L'fv2iX.Tx Z1JL1IiQ: 'r:vw Pv1nwfy:e:vam5a2'nwa'ssmv6s15iam WT- ---- ei L- ..,. ,M 1 as-S.-anawxuissxrnsie-fe.-wuw.e:.i : was Q, , V -ifsxsx-,g:vseamez:,,a.'-,E-rural mmzuvaa:mswLeasaauLvsas:m'2exmm::asf.ra:urx.:zwawxzasz3Qna.Sr5e wRnammmummHwH " " " '...M.a-mf, """ ' "WAI:-w-T1An.zssass,:,py,.f, 4 We vsiaslmi-T-T.-e.,2-uaairiwwf mimi.. -I -,-:fnxx::: :.w-a-iizmxuwnmr-reefs'-rfrymnw fvmamwnuwurrrrzs fe: asuurw- mms: nsfwwffmw vxuseunevwmn-r,Ienmswe:4e ef-'ewes we-r r v nanssuanrwmmwsmwnm we-msnuwnmnfasx wmmnwmumzurnxmvrvsasvzsnszm :'u1':5Iss-'::-ea' E-xvxsfvreuwe i sser, vzwIs1rs::-sf:-fsrr. 'Aw y ' vneevrvws-'wa-1.-a.w.m-...Nam 1 w 5' l OSCAII' POWERS Entered from Reagan, '28. His flashing eyes, his elaarming smile do all smart lasses beguile. I KATHERYN PRINCE Entered from Bowie, '28. Gym Dem- Onstration, Rotary Pageant, Home Eco- nomics Club. Her eyes and face radiaie genlleness and sweelness. MARTHA QUILLIN Entered from Hogg, '28. Gym Dem- onstration, Program Chairman of Art Club, Social Chairman SA Class, Glee Club, Secretary J. O. Y. Club, Girl Re- Sefvesa Love me little, and love me long. GLADYS RHODES Entered from Bowie, '28. Poppy Sale, Gym Demonstration, Oak Staff, Win- ner of Oak Subscription Contest, Acorn Staff. If she will, slae will, you -may :lepeml on that. . ALICE PALMER Entered from Bowie, '28, Scholarship Club, Art Club, Accompanist for Boys' Glee Club, Gym Demonstration, Latin Club. A merry maid of dancing eyes and smiling lips. RUBY RICHARDSON Entered from Corsicana, '3l. Scholar- ship Club, Spanish Club. Tlaere is language in ber eyes, laer lips, and ber cheeks. HELEN RIDDELS Entered from Silberstein, '29. Span- ish Club, Scholarship Club, Glee Club, Graduated in three and one-half years, Vice-President of IA Class, Operettag 3B Play, Denton Music Contest, Music Study Club, Dramatic Club, Girl Re- serves. A baby voice and her dimples are well suited. WILLIAM ROBINSON Entered from Bowie, '28. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Golf Club, Tennis Club, Crack Company. One day of a wise man is worth more than the life of u fool. mem. f im -4e..t-,,.1.u:r4u:fqL...- ., - l ...M 4.. -.f aff.-em:a: ' .D 5-ffaavfa , ML. - '-W' "'k m5iae:w.t:,.:.'..:,, CONNIE. RUSSELL Entered from Bonnie View School, '28. Play Day at S. M. U., Tennis Team. Weigbed in balanre, and found not wanting. JEWELL RUSSELL Entered from Mills, '28. Orchestra: Poppy Saleg Program Committee. You could travel many furlongs ere you met such n genial companion. ALAN SANDERS Entered from Sunset, '30g Dramatic Club, President Music Department, Acorn Stalfg Oak Statfg Crack Com- pany, Master of Ceremonies in '31, Musical Review, Camp Dallas. Self confidence is the yirst require- ment of human greatness. ' MARGUERITE SAVAGE Entered from Hogg, '29, Rotary Pageant, Gym Demonstration. Once I have made up my mind, I go straight V to the pointf Jo:-IN Scnuocs Entered from L. G. C. Academy. R.O.T.C.g Crack Company, Crack Platoong Scholarship. Clubg School Dance Orchestrag Acorn Staff. Thought modest, but one will find written . on his ,modest E4b1T01lJ:,"iQl gentle- man. f 'S P ., PARK SlMI?SON LD Entered from Abilene High, ,'30. Span- ish Club, Pan-American League. I dare do all that becornes d man, who dares to do lessyis none., V LOISiS'Lii.1iI'H W Entered from G. H. S., Grayville, Illinois, '30. Scholarship Club, National Honor Societyg Oak Staff. , If you want ,to meet a studious per- son, just look for Lois. ' EDWARD SPENCE t Entered from Bowie, '28. Scholarship Clubg Baseballg Basketballg D Club. "wTo gFWtheWend's,W7uy bmfulneli aside, who fears to ask doth teach be denied. :rf'x1EII5!a'..:iE,.t."'T.. :vi .. .ir...i71., J . ., me-.,-......eQ.t ., . . , .. anna. an.. v.. 5.11: 912 "s:u,,:'::x,'QaM N fm, -f.x-'fcaM2E:9::-ssuwtmexnusumt : .-sq.:-f.Q v X :rw .1 Hi.: s-ae1x.xes!f:t1!:-..ui:4::,af.f.g.- ' mmmmmwma :m::f.mmwx,sva'za'Lt xrl. 1 . .1 ,:,,wK,,,m,Q,,1,,,,,m,. az-::,a,::u.:r:mfau-:.w,:::1 ! .. - ,, -5 g,4Q,f,.,-ymggmgg, ' ,, up-41,25 . ay ., ' ' V! I . ,.,, I in .f . ' sf A ntere from gan, '28. Crack omp Winn' g Crack Platoong 'I if lisl.-fh 'es and all things show il, Y ght s ce and now I know it. M TOM STEGER ered from Hogg. junior Hi-Yg " ck Companyg Crack Platoon. F , My tongue unihm my lxps zs rezned or who talks much must talk in vain. Vf'SlIAfl3' g5i41NsoiN i Entered from Reagan, '28. Dramatic Zlubg Gym Demonsrragiong French Zlubg Rotary Pageant. ' ' Sweetness and frie111fshifJ"shi11e forlh from ber fnpe. W 'X W Y W Y EL1iABEiii-1 To1siiIQ3N Entered from Woodrow Wilson, '29. J , ' P I . . l irls Glee Club, Music Study Club ' 2 Happy am Ig from rare Pm fn-c. Q Why arerft they all content like me? I K , 4 'Jessie Tlliblvms Entered from Reagan, '28. Scholar- hip Clubg Gym Demonstration. A happy heart maketh a rnerry coun- vnance. ANITA TH9MPsoj,5r Entered from Peeler, '29i1lNational -Ionor Socic 5 Co-editor Oalgg Scholar- hi-pfClu 3 V stench Eff , zghi 'that .ling-in u woibiank eyes, :nd lies and lies dmlflies. MILDRED Entered from Bogie, '2'8.' Spanish Ilubg Scholarship- Clubg Poppy Saleg Board of Governors in Pan-American .eagueg Music Club. E She wills to do, and does. , ROSEMARY TUNNELL Entered from Bowie, '28. French Ilubg Gym Demonstrationg Poppy Saleg Dramatic Clubg Tennisg Vice-President Dramatic Club. A personality within herself. fr '--' f '- - Y -f',- -ifxi' fiZ25i'Z L:.'5 'Q 1-lxil-Zi Sfs.7f,155if - W'j A153 I:-Zi: ii.iI.'.4:f7B2?-1'fLf5f".L1f1Q P.!.1f'31f"i'lFLK,rYfZ. 14 41f1?Jif522:CTTiF5 13l..T.:H . 15L:'Hw3:yi,- 3:-J fxllzfffl' 7 'iffm i.lfl1Sf'l7fS QU, is. Jhlvlgiif' Ynff ' 7-1' Qv'f113r7.f.g Q' WVQUWEY 'X-,'A'7'K1f, ,W1'5e7fU"'Jf'l1 ' X"F'TT"1'T5fv5'i'4f'.J,:3fYil1'l7?1 ,' 1 ' . i f fi unuummz,:r2szfav:w1n:.'na-oss-mrs.'fwffwf we .'rm:::me-ww f - f N affirm - 1.'-1-ewwx' 5 If fma: xewwb f , J:-2gN . : ,AiE.YSx' calms' Jam' .Esate 1f.'f:'2:: "t":fsf'fL ':,::-' ' mf-f. , ' 1 'fflam Wa: .11.f15s.!f:'i33'v"fmaaxufszziw-v,,':.S'm:,,a. is- A rs"-A' -'12 r HAMILTON TURNEY Entered from Kaufman, '50, His iruest wealth flows in his wins, he is a gentleman. NEDRA WELLS Entered from Reagan, '28. Poppy Saleg Gym Demonstrationg Home Eco- nomics Club. K L I have heard of Nedfu and good words went with her name. Cg?rHnYNkWH1TE Entered Yfrom, Reagan. Dramatic Clubg Home Economics Clubg Glee Clubg Poster'Club. A line wire neiger gets stepped on. ' KLQYCE Entfered Reagan, Crack Companyg Crack Platqong Acorn Staff. Take. fhi1n,,-all ing '144e,shall,gne-vcr see his may ,fggzfii ' 1 i Entered from Hogg,: 'zs. Girl Re- serveggf Brunette Clubgf:Glee Clubg So- X cial T I ' V - I ggmwf riggeifa be'-Seriauii Ef1f5rfd,fr3mI7R?esan, '2?- Poppy Saleg Spanish Clubg Girl? V , Oh why iff? he flabor? I-IAQQLD XZILSON- Entered ' A man goqcl without pretenseg Blest with rqfzson and sober sense. I MARIE WILSON Entered Bowie. French Clubg Dramatic Cliiiig 'Stamp Club, Vice-Pres- identg Gym Demonitrationg Scholarship ACl1ilJgOYCl'ieEa'. 2' Z A If you want to know something, just ask Helen Marie. it EEX.!"'Z'QEL . Iffh Z 43hI.z i ,,., --.,.,,..., .,,,.. ,,v n3 aL.L2,mX'1:L'.'g- . Q 'L ,, " .,..,,..,, ,I "ix Jig- i'rI?i'g:i1. ' 1451: 42' Avgaietiz i 1-'sawamzr WN f-v-- , Vp' 74fff64f0f4fv N l 5 - -.14 ,X .,, A Je r ha.. l .'. gr, 'L' 4' 4 . f-.- , -ai.. QV iv A nr 1 2, A nl V V' 1 x V V in i -,,, N 4 l .1 MACON WORLEY Entered from Reagan, '28. A willing and faithful worker, un- seljisla in his service. JOHN I-IosTY Entered from Purcell High School, Cincinnati, Ohio, '29. Scholarship Club, R.O.T.C. Commissioned Oilicer, Crack Company, Crack Platoon: Popularity Contest, Football, Baseball, Track, Hi-Y, Basketball, Acorn Staff, Advertis- ing Manager of Acorn, Vice-President 4A Class, Vice-President Hi4Y. A cheerful word, K A winning smile, What could be better O'er lifeis long mile? HAzEiLB MEAZELLE Entered from Bowie, '28.f X Her sunny disposition will! win ber many friends. GLENDALE ZEARS Entered from Hogg. We wondered much and still the won- der grew, that one small head coulzl furry all be knew. HOWARD RAGLE Entered from Reagan, '27. Boys' Glee Club, Musical Review. . He speaks what be feels hedouglat to say. A wise lad! RUTHv,bLAIR 4, r iifrom jxsnior Fort o 'rl Reserves, Home Econom- ics Club. Q V Sloc has a heart tbiil iinilerstands. J. C. BREWSTER Entered frorn Reagan. Football, Boys' Glee Club. In spite of his wild, toni-boyish name, we find I. C. quite modest and tame. QUENTIN CORLEY Entered from Reagan, '28. Physics Club, Track, Football. A lad free from rare, yet willing to do bis part in any scrape. -1111.1 4' PAULINE DINKINS ' Entered from Bowie, '28. Essay Clubg Acorn Statfg Clubg Blues Chasers Club Club: Oifcer of J. O. Y. Clubg Clubg Girl Reservesg Dramatic Here's u a smile. Entered Nothing goodness. Entered Scholar- ship The and can Clubg Clubg Latin Society. Secretary Classg Glee Foot- Acorn Entered can League Foot- ballg Manager If you bid you best luck. Entered eatherfoi'dLl2High School, '29. Bigger in in stuiurei 'C ' r YCARLYJClKD.-iN V -Entered from Ifeeler. Music Club. I iHaZe51+fi5foieitlier' jbimself nor. ladies., al , x .fs Q 4,4 X 'el or--ffl .,,...,, l Y - v N 1 Q .J - ' 1 .Ju ' k , U:5f-EQiJ53'Ti tl l I lm EUGENIA LEE Entered from Reagan, '28. A girl you caift forget! 5, NORMgi4I, LEVILLOUX Entered Eowie, '27. Lieutenant Colonel R.O. gpg Camp ,Dallasg Ef- ficiency Medal - ' irack C053 Bnyg Cap- tain Rifle Te ' v,ETwxce igpvarded Ef- Hciency Pins 2Best C in Bat- taliong Crackv yompany ggpmmanderg Dramatic l ier of 4B Classy The four Qllfiilg I, ii 'E Ms g . f 'QE Entered V gf? Si Wm! one. 2 Entx: 1 4 's0n, '28. : ite l illfi Crack Com . 1 gas- 4 A gli. friend and a fricqgfzb ffipfae A V"' What more 2911? lik? :Q "bf:- - ' 'Ke Dramatic Clubggibrchegtrgg Scholar- lmst I Suits thy fair ffgufifiif- , 3 35 ef Ri f BNIC ' 1 S 5? , Enigcgged fri? isa li iei'25ggI.l3g31012f- A H any ,.,,, to ,. , Shu: '35!4l?5 Klub: , In ifancy ' lightly 1 and Rip had man i,.., " GRE ' E' f 3141 " " ' " Entered f "-' Eignch " 'clubg Dram' pyi22:'531e, ,if Scholarship H fvim Demonktration. ' 4, Good nat good .re mutt . . V. 52: .M ever jam. f' 1 f DEL j,-QKE RHOADEEQSJ Entered Stix-isetg '28, gcholar- ship clubgtggpxaglish Clubg:i:Hi-Yg '- R.O.T'.C.5 3B:':fSfidial' Committeeg Radio ,',Vf.,C1Ub. V A gg QHAA rweeier boy never lived. Ask any W kiwf MERRILL WHITTLESEY Entered from Reagan,'28. Gym Dem- onstrationg Scholarship Clubg Dramatic Clubg Assistanfflgof Student Counselorg Poppy Sale. gy Artistic and-gzjqljgblfully individual in everything Q CO ',NATH fys Entered fr 'v "" isunse '28, French Clubg Acorn llb, She bas yes ,io x iffand brown -luke '. E d 1,1 h. mere ,Q c cars ip Clubg J. fqjum Demon- strationg Iftionail fl-Ionori jfcietyg Latin clubg She regixfeshingf tkl of abun- ,,,, , , ,,, ,. , dan: inode: 3. 5 3 3 , 'Z L: Z :E x ' Engfed i T igh, wo. Secre Classg Histo: '." :fCliLl5E fxfcieptsf History ClUbQ2 :.LQEgA l,'plU Qliiirman of Latin Q j QQir1,ijj Qiak Staff. A well as one. Ertfiered Commissioned omcg, of ip gegg, Alfbig smile lgjfin ndifgivftuge whether it busin plegl gg, V MA fm onstrz F Poppy Saleg V: ' "AA if1f.g,gv. 'v!5i"andfOne-Half Be true f- ' be Egheiled. Entered ,fd-:ge High School, San B3Sk6r- ball. A He has looking on iloe bright' .vide ,. 1331 FA ZMCLAUGHLIH:i Entered 728. Re- serves Cabin iglklefhberg Dramaeili Club Officerg Art ltihfQ'Oak Staffg scholar- ship Clubg Sionor Societyg His- tor Club ..V, gpg As dependable as an oak lree, yet the sunshine of bersmile dispels the clouds of cdtfml' ' .V A I . A f 700 l was-' ' rw --H -vw-wm.:ff'c1':.ta2-L new-ninth 1 .,,, ,av-J rand? W: , Yr rfg1ffmp.X.BaH NORMAN MCDOWELL Entered from Reagan, '28. Crack Platoong Scholarship Clubg National Honor Societyg Pan-American League. Intelligent, lruslworthy, and lrue. EVELYN Lowa Entered fron' Reagan? Scholarship Clubg Gymflgkmonstritiong Rotary Pageantg Secretary and Treasurer of His- tory Clubg Sale. When X01?i6fhi?1g,S,01'l spin Sbe Jays q broad grin, "When joggggndg 6,2391 Let ' Q50 be fgetver known, and ,Z me agQ"2eto1nwii own? Entered from Bowie, IZS. Qoppy Saleg Gym Demohsitrationg Soliolazslmip Club. Wo1i1t,.,pciniage, anliigbefxisfence will cerluinfiviqffyggrd - fMAixQ OLIVE GRIFFIN Eniiered frdm'Bowie, 'Q8. Acorn Staffg Scholarship Clubg Girl 1Reservesq Latin Clulafg-LlMusic Study Dramatic Club? :5History:5Club. ' Olivegir the tyjnfof every- one fffeelv becaiiie 'sligfikfiai livable. - Full ofkfiegkiznd joy. 5 ff . A. I 4. Entered sioned Officer 7RfC52TQCi5" Crack 'Com- panyg Dramatic . D. is ztfiillinfeifiigent lad ijxbo has roved laimselifr to be a friendqfh gnany. iDgiCK BLEDSOE P Entered fggmllifowie, '28, Junior Hi-Yg Traclffgf Golfj Crack Companyg Crack Platoong Member of Aviation Ca- dets of America. ' He'll make progress if be can only gain nwmeninm, fat me .an1.:r.1!!:f' : M im X , afar - .1 S Ji 'rrsifaf 3113: w74m1'4-Da x"l!!' "'ll!l!! my 751 1W1:1Z1'.1!I43..e1'l'Tz T' 311-22' mr! 'aTmx'HwSHEZE :Lf Zgiyily' ',.2Q:1:f 'QY:L'ELm x1x12u:'r.11 an Sizes 'tlmnmm tzmmgwsfrxai anna inhale mutt. 'e:r.:x-wlssQwSeem2.:1,mm. waammtaaxwxfxffsmmz' anlznarxsabsnmv' .rzaexz i-'yer mn'm :niiimsrwg K fe1'Liwi':'av,,:f3x " 'safirxnrw -A tim: KATHENRY HOLDER Entered from Reagan, '28. Opereccag Orchestrag Gleeffllubg Scholarship Club. Winsome, chic, and full of joy. BURRBL WAKEFIELD Entered froh1,Winnetka,,'28. Latin Clubg Stamp Glllbg R.O.T.C.g B.G.C.5 junior Hi-X5 Qpereita. Such are hard to W' ff . Vibn MCLARE-N Enreiied 'ilkeagangyfi '28. Poppy Saleg Spargiih Qlubg Pfdn-American Leaguegf Ddajrjonstragiong Scholar- A 'waiigrn- pledwnf smile. ' ' -ff gYW1g.3.xsErHoLBRooK 1, 1, X. Demon"".yj37pn: Saleg Art Club. .-Kai . , , Heg feutuges are as bright as ber in- zelligmfe. 1, S 21 ' ' S. . . ., on fled Texas, '3l. Dranfggigik: Clug?i5,oppy??Sa1c,' Egsay Clubg She2,E3gjjids??iandQii1bat gzmy in lm FLfi?g'cH15ig, Poms Entered frrfnix Bbhzig, ,'28. ,Scholarship Clubg Hi-Ygfhapinvfilubg 'Radio Clubg Camp Dallagjiggfragik Company: Vice- President 3B2Qfass:g N.C.O. A lvappy bri11gg1E,,v the best out of ,,ffi14iotst. - '.,' ' ,AV,.,. I. . . JORDAN 4 I... ,.'. - 3235 ,Sz Va , 1 ' Q r .HifYg Crack Companyg Camp Dallasg Vvb. Teamg Cade: Captain. has a smilepfor everyone. ri a:f. ls H? an 1. 14. A . ,, ' v v X 4B Class O oem ROBERT BOGARDUS . . President VENAUGH JAMESON . . Vice-President BETIIGAFFORD . . . . Secretary MRS. MINNIE BRAMLETTE . . Sponsor The present 4B class is not as large as most of the classes in school but it does not intend to let this fact deter its accomplishments. The members of the class hope to uphold the traditions of the past 4B classes. The class gave an assembly in April and intends to have many dances and parties dur- ing the rest of the year. l The class as a Whole wants to thank Mrs. Brarnlette, the sponsor, Who has been indeed very helpful to the 4B class. W Girls Abrahmas, Nettie Allen, Lazette Barrett, Christine Bell, Juanita Brant, Beulah Brown, Ruth Apal Bryan, Gertrude Cardinell, Rosa Lee Carter, Doris Charles, Bertha Clark, Margaret Couch, Frankie Lou Davis, Flossye Eades, Lucy Edmonson, Bernadine Elmer, Lucy Anna Evans, La Vaughn Gaiford, Beth Garvin, Katherine Glidewell, Gene Harrison, Pauline Herrington, Carmen Howell, Maurice Hughes, Barbara Johnson, Naomi Keith, Leola Lacy, Katheryn Joyce Lake, Dorothy 4B Class Lineberger, Bernice McGuire, Margarite Mason, Dorothy Nolen, Cova Purselley, Evelyn Jean Sanders, Mary Louise Sarvis, Louise Shanklyn, Ethel Mae Shaw, Lois Shelton, Fay Spain, Mildred Stevens, Frances Todd, Dorothy Tucker, Edith Walton, Wilma Webb, Margaret Boys Alford, Ermie Ashley, Donald Berry, Richard Bogardus, Robert Bowin, William Brown, Chauncey Carnes, Ralph Chatelain, Joe Chestnut, George Cline, John Cochran, Robert Crabtree, Fred Crawford, P. D. Culwell, Paul Darby, Clarence Davis, Roy Davlin, Renot Dean, Houston Dobbins, Ira Flowers, William Frensley, Harold Fussell, Thomas George, Jack Gharis, .Fred Given, Alvin Good, Aubrey Goodenough, Walter Hartwell, Claude Hawkins, Tom Henderson, Jack Henslee, Woodrow Hill, Gotha Honeycutt, Edward Humphrey, Reagan Ianni, Joe Irwin, Bill Jameson. Venaugh Knott. Douglas Lee, Harrell 's Leonard. Hal Lindsay, W. L. McCord, Milton Mann, James Maupin, Harold May, Lee Nabors, Howard Neal, Herman Paterson, Alfonso Perry, Turner Pierce, William Pinkston, Nat Pittman, Ben Primm, Allan Dale Reagan, Frank Roy, James Sanders. Charles Scherer, Howard Stark, Rex Stephens, Ralph Sutton, James Henry Terry, Toy Thomas, Clarence Westerlage, Wilham Wheless, Stanley Whipker. Richard White, Bob Williams, J. T. Wokleke, William Farewell to Seniors Classmates, We have reached the end of the rainbow, but We have found no pot of gold. Four years ago, when We looked forward to our gradu- ation, We expected great changes to have taken place, great things to have occurred. Now, when We are being graduated, We find that We and things are pretty much the same. We are a little taller, and, We hope, a little Wiser, but life is still before us, still receding. What We have gained in our high school years is yet to be determined. Graduation, in itself, is of little consequence. It is what We make of our lives later on that counts. As we say good-bye to our school and to each other, we hope that each of us may resolve to remain true to the highest ideals, and to lead lives of service and Well-doing. M 'HIIIII II"lNlq mumum4 U-""'1ll'I Lmifmmqfi UNDEIQCLASSMEN wall 'i' lIH""' , ,, u""I II A ,. lllallw. W 4 fli? f...glpIIy,I ' lui ,ml ' "" HI I S ,f:Ll1'4il:IIl!II!I!!I!l. V 53 i , f 1' sf f 1 , f,,t. - I ,p r, VJ 3A Clnfr O very JOHN SPRAGUE . President LLOYD RUSSELL . . . Vice-President MARY FRANCES TIDWELL . . . Secretary RALPH WALTERS . . . Acorn Reporter JUANITA BELL . . Social Chairman MISS MARGARET HARRIS . . Sponsor The 3A class, under the leadership of its oflicers and Miss Margaret Harris, the sponsor, has taken part in many student activities. The class has been entertained by a party and has sponsored an assembly for the school. The Junior basketball team won in the Intramural contest. The class was presented with a bronze plaque. S There are many members of the class on the Scholarship Club and National Honor Society. John Sprague., the president, is captain-elect of the football team for the 1932 season. Lloyd Russell, the vice-president, is captain-elect of the basketball team. We have enjoyed being 3 As, but we look forward to being Seniors next year. ' X XXX Girls Aiton, Elsie Baker, Dorothy Baker, Lois Barker, Estelle Barker, Mahota Batson, Frances Hale, Louise Hall, Sybil Harris, Freda Harrison, Gwendolyn Hawk, Clyde Hinckley, Majorie Holder, Satis Hooper, Willibel Baughman, Charlene Hopkins. Grace Braniley, Alice Brown, Lucy Brown, Mary Lou Burba, Blanche Burlson, Mary Burnett, Virginia Cansler, Helen Carlisle, Virginia Cendali, Adriana Huntzinger, Mary Jane Inge, Inez Johnson, Kathryn Kemp, Margaret Kinnamon, Euphemia Kirby, Edyth Lanier, Atholie Leep, Doris Chenault, Clementine Lee, Lucille Childs, Ruth Ligon, Betty Collum, Katherine Lindsey, Dixie Conner, Florine Cowan, Helen Cox, Alice Cross, Betty Crouch, Marjorie Crow, Grace Crowell, Dorothy llegen, Leola Littleton, Hannah Lowery, Thelma Luce, Agnes Luckey, - Florence Elline McAlister, Doris McBeth, Anita McCants, Bessie Dobiyanski, Wilma McCarty, Frances Drees, Helen Dubbels, Vera Dunn. Martha Fall, Virginia Fisher, Ollie? Gardner, Alice Gates, Lucille McDowell, Kathryan McDowell, Virginia McIntosh, Dumas McQueen, Elisabeth 7' Moore, Re' gina Morgan, Carrel Morrow, Elzie Mae Gillespy, Elizabeth Morrow, Irene Graham. Lois Green, Gladys Grubbs, Margie Hahn, Frances Nelson, Vera Norman, Pannie O'Neal, Allison 3A Clan Peese, Sylvia Perkins, Ruthe Perkins, Virginia Peters, Margaret Pogue, Lucille Poole, Cleon Reynolds, Mildred Richards, Paula Roberts, Dorothy Ann Robinson, Elizabeth Rogers, Fay Scott, Margaret Simmons, Evelyn Smith, Lorraine Tatum, Cloda Taylor, Helen Thompson, Geraldine Tidwell, Mary Frances Toliver, Arminda Truly, Virginia Walston, Mildred Wherry, Louise Wiley, Grace Williams, Jessie Lois Wimberly, Lillian Wix, Myrtle Woodcock, Helen Boys Abrams, Jack Avera. Stanley Beachumisilly Bean, Kenneth Bell, Gerald Bennett, Tod Boyd, Frank Branch, Taylor Brantley, Wilson Brown, Buddy Brownlow, Eugene Burchette, Richard Carlton, Bert Carnes, Jim Carver, Travis Clapper, John Cochran, Preston Coffin, Bert Cogburn, Sylva Coleman, Joe Congleton, Jack Conway, Jack Crow, Cecil Crowell, Walter Curtis, Walter Daniel, Kenneth Darnell, Carl Davis, Leonard Davis, Paul Dalvin, Eugene DeFord, Burnice Dial, Jones Dishong, Will Dean Felder, Adolphus Ferguson, Tim Flowers, Eugene Fudge, Ben Garmon, Renno Goodwin. Jack E. Green, Norman Greer, James Gresham, Bruminece Geerley, Dabgy Hal?Shade Hamra, George Hartman, Zac Henderson, Robert Huffer, Robert Humphries, Floyd Hurt, Earl Irwin, Bill Johnson, Philip Johnston, Ben Keith, William Lake, Grant Liles, Harrell Lowe. W. A. Lowry, Jeff McDaniel, Oscar Mann, O. C. Mills, Jimmie Moon, John Neal, J. P. Parrish, Billy Peery, Frances Peterson, Jack Peyton, John Philley, Wayland Roberts, Edwin Roberts, John Rood, Finows Russell, Lloyd Schell, Wilson Scott, Jack Starke, Robert Stevens, Neill Taylor. Rayborn Tennison, Bill Thomas, Wilson Tinnin, Glen Vann, Cecil Wallace, Witt Walters, Ralph ,l'are, Mgshall Weston, Billy Wilds, Billy Williams, Raymo Wilson, Charles Wilson, Jack Wilson, Kenneth Worley. Charles nd AN fx U r ' D W ggi? C oem 1 SUE HARGIS . . . . President LAURENCE JOHNSON . . Vice-President MARY HELEN SMALL . . . Secretary-Treasurer Miss LORINE HIGGINBOTHAM . . . . Sponsor The 3B class is one of the peppiest classes in Oak Cliff High. Under the helpful guidance of our sponsor, Miss Higginbotham, we are advancing to greater and greater heights. Among our activities the Winning of the Interclass basketball and track champion- ships by the Junior class stands high. We are well represented in the Scholarship Club and the Pan-American League, and our matinee dance, given with the 2A class, was judged an outstanding success. We have many bright and shining stars. One of our brightest is Elizabeth Tipps. She has shown that she has dramatic ability by winning-wp to Hollywood as a result of being judged the best actress in a recent all-Dallas talkie. Stanley Patton is a promising young journalist, and last, but not least, are our two track stars, Thurmond Gentry and Howard Greathouse. We are looking forward to our Senior year, and living up to the high standards of Oak Cliff High by supporting our school at all times. m1mxaE Atteberry, Marguerite Depue. Do1'othy Barley, Mary Frances Bates, Ophelia Berry, Velma Bibb, Louise Bowen. Jeannette Brannon, Edna Earle Burdette, Sara Jane Coffey, Virginia Alice Cowgill, Ledis Cox, Lois Crowson, Mary Lou Addison, F. W. Anderson, Arnold Anderson. Richard Barnes, Carlton Benson, I. B. Campbell, S. P. Chandler, B'. B. Drake, Glenn Ethridge, Edgar Faulkner, Clifford Dow, Wileadean Elmer, Ida Fay Eyre, Lucretia Fermin, Emma Ellen Gallaway, Earline Gary, Anna Gilbeck, Mildred Gounslade, Genevieve Hanna, Louise Hargett. Helen Hargis, Sue Fogle, P. W. Gardner, Harry L. Gee, Thomas B. Guard, Jack Halliburton,Billy Hendricks, J. P. Hill, Herman Horton. Monroe Isham, Fred Johnson, Laurence 3B Clam GIRLS Hernandez, Corola Harrison, Juanita Hernandez, Rosabelle Hickey. Juanita Houpt. Tomie Howard, La Verne Huston, Verna James, Keren McDaniel, Evelyn McDougle. Ferne McHam, Helen Mallicot, Vernelle Mann, Mary BOYS Jones, Jack Kast, Norbert Keeney, Clinton Knifiey, Wilmer Lamb, Luther Lee, Clarence Lee, Lucian Leslie, Henry McLeod, Angus McMains, Alvin Neibor, Marie Oliver, Jane Peck, Marcelle Pierson. Chrystelle Post, Dollie Rawlings, Olina Roberts, Louise Schlinke, Lillian Schulz, Katherine Scott, Clara Belle Shadday, Dorothy Small, Mary Helen Meazelle, Smith Morgan, John W. Muirhead, JZ L. Ogden, Taylor Patton, Stanley Redding, Edwin Scudder, Johnie Smith, Edwin Smith, J . T. Snyder, Thomas Smith, Dorothy Stephens, Eleanor Stringfellow, Mildred Stroud, Tillie Dell Taggart, Eleanor Tipps, Elizabeth Treadwees, Verna Upham, Georgia Walden. Viola Warrick, Doris Willoughby, Lo1'ee Wright, Ollie Vantreese, R. B. Wallace, John Weete, Melvin Welch, Tim Wheeler, J. B. White, Russell Womack, Robert Woolf. Johnie Worder, Eugene 2A Class O very ANCELO PIRANIO . . President JANIE LARGE . . Vice-President FRANCES DOUGHTY . Secretary-Treaszuvr Miss MABEL ROCKETT . . . . Sponsor The 2A class is one of the largest classes in the school, so you can expect many things from them in the future. They have completely lost their timidness of last year, and can be seen at any time walking down the halls with a jaunty air and a quite feel-at-home attitude toward the whole school in general. A Weiner roast was given in the fall, under the direction of Miss Mary Clyette, who was then sponsor of the class. In the spring, a matinee dance was given jointly with the 3B class. The dance was voted a success by all who attended it., Girls Ardis, Sallie Jo Ashley, Dorothy Ashley, Norma Barnett, Dorothy Basom, Peggy Bell, Deane Bell, Josephine Bibb, Elizabeth Bigham, Ernestine Boedeker, Jacquelyn Bone, Bernice Bozeman, Addie B. Brasfield, Dorothy Brown, Edythe Brown, Margaret Brown, Ouilda Bryan, Mildred Bryant, Betty Campbell, Noramae Carter, Florence Casper, Helen Cheek, Rachel Clay, Lois Congleton, Pat Coombs, Betty Gail Crider, Gladys Crudup, Mary Cupp, Foistine Davis, Anita De Vaux, Camilla Dickey, Claribel Doughty, Frances Drake, Peggy Duncan, Margaret Durham, Elsie Elliott, Jenevieve Gordon, Helen Goss, Frances Graham, Minnie Pearl Graves, Willie Hackleman, Farnces Hackney, Darnell Hall, Dorothy Hamilton, Helen Hamilton, Lucille Harper, Bernice Hawkins, Margaret Hern, Madeline Higginbotham, Clara Jackson, Mary George Kattler, Katherine Keahey, Edith Knight, Forrest Knight, Frances Koch, Doris Lou Lamb. Rebecca Lambert, Patty R. Large, Janie Lee, Rebecca Le Villoux, Alice Lewis, Nathalie McCallum, Janie McCombs, Bessie McCune, Maureen McFall, Jewell McGinnis, Viola Maddox, Dorothy Mallicot, Nadine Marable, Catherine March, Dorothy Maupin, Patsy Mead, Maxine Miller, Nancy Mitchel, Reba if-inlanTFrances dvioodynviargzme Fitzgerald, Imogene Moore, Josephine Foster, Elizabeth Fox, Maurine Freeman, Oneta Nelson, Parkee Leegle Nelson, Pearl Nevill, Lou Gallagher, Bernice Orman, Sammy Ray Gallagher, Sarah Gardner, Inez Patterson, Frances Pierson, Nina Ruth 2A Clan Quillin, Fairy Reafearn, Jessie Sandlin, Ruby Grace Schmucker, Cecil Louise Sellers, Vivian Shipper, Avis Smith, Cleo Smith, Mary Edna Sneed, Glynn Spillers, Kathleen Stacy, Elizabeth Standridge, Cammillfa Stephens, Bernice Stewart, Beulah Stogner, Lida Bess Stoval, Juanita Talbert, Della Mae Taylor, Mary Taylo1', Pruda B. Thompson, Floye Thompson, Lovdia Thompson, Maurine Turney, Tina Waldrop, Ruth Walton, Julia Wherry, Ruth Whitener, Monte Wilds, Ethel Ruth Williams, Elaine Wilson, Lillian Witherspoon, Nell Wood, Geraldine Wright, Cathryn Weensch, Lucille Youngblood, Jane Boys Y Allisci, Thomas Amis, J. L. Arrington, Ben Atchley, B'ascom Attleberry, Leighton Barrett, James Beck, Roger Bourn, Joe Forest Bradshaw, Jimmy Brockschmide, Fritz Burdette, Houston Burdine, Keathley Byrd, Billy Clark, Harry Claybourn, Ted Cooper, Merrill Crow, Alvin Dellitt, Frank Dellitt, John Dabbe, Robert Donald, William Dummit, Bob Durrett, Dale Dexer, Dick Eastham, Henry Clay Elliott, Ben Farrar, Harold Foster, Horace Freeman. Charles Gage, Irvin Callaway, Alton Gardner, Jack Garrison, James Gentry, Thurmand Germany, Stewart Gilbert, J. C. Graham, James Hare, Elbert Harpold, Clayton Harris, Nolan Harrison, Jim Hassell, Denton Hayne, Andrew Heath, Edford Heiskell, Jim Dave Hicks, 'Cecil I-IorkaJohn.A1an .- Humphrey, Jack Hurt, Robert Ivie. Clarence Johnson, Charles Johnson, Malcolm Johnson, Renfrow Johnston, D. E. Jones, Ashley Kennel, Joe Kilgore, John Kirby. Lovell Kirkpatrick, H. L. Lewis, Coy Luce, Ollie McCulloch, L. N. McWhinton, O. Maas, Harry Martin, Duane Martin, Fred Middleton, Bob Minter, Filmore Monson, Bill Nelson, L. B. Norcross. Bill Normandin, Alfred Peacock, Bowmen Peeler, Lawrence Perkins, William Perry, Jack Piranio. Angelo Rindy, Russell Risinger, Troxie Risiflger, Wilson Rogers, Norman Sallis, Jack Schlinke, Eldon Scruggs, Frank Simms, Lyndon Smith, Grove Smythe, Walter Sneed, Ed Stanford, John Stephen, C. W. Tarkenton, Raymond Tarver, James Tennison. Donald 7 Timmins, Jack Turner. Fred Kenneth Ulm, Forrest Wallace, Carroll Webster, Sam Wedel, C. B. Wright, Arther Zehuer, Bill ,. A. X., .4 I A 2B Clam O rem DOROTHY BRANT . . President RosE MARIE HOWELL . . Vice-President CHARLOTTE WARE . . . Secretary-Treasurer Miss MARY LOUISE CLYETTE . . . Sponsor Notwithstanding the difficulties that were encountered by the 2B class the previous year, the class has as much vim, vigor and vitality as any other class in Oak Cliff High School. They appear to be very studious and full of ambition and they have a good many members on the Scholarship Club. Their highest ambition at present is for each of the members to be represented in some of the many activities of che school. The 2B's are earnestly striving to maintain the highest possible standing in Oak Cliff High School and to uphold the 'sold Oak cliff Spirit." ainn 11 Girls Akers, Elinor Burt Beckenbach, Elizabeth Birdwell, Ruth Borgeson, Vera Brant, Dorothy Calton, Valeria Cameron, Frances Caywood, Virginia Childers, Geraldine Cole, Blanche Cole, Lola Comfort, Louise Davis, Sophia Lee Dockery, Anna Vivian Duncan, La Verta Dunn, Marguerite Dutton, Lelia Pearl Fortenberry, Carrie Jane Franklin, Onelia Gaines, Majorie Gains. Stella Gharis, Bonna Dell Graves, Myrtle Green, Fern Gregory,Lila Faye Handford. Mary Ann Harrott, Lucille Hill, Imogene Hinson, Johnnie Len Howell, Rose Marie Huff, Dorothy 'HuFfifg'bon, Kitty LoYi Jackson, Mary Johnson. Ruth Jones, Oleta Keahey, Faye 2B Clam Kennedy, Dorothy La Foy, Geneva Lewis, Hazel McBride, Ruby Louis? McCrory, John Jare' McKinney, Anna Belle Macon, Lois Maples, Ruth Martin, Eileen Moryan, Mary Louise Morris, Martha Alice Newbill, Imogene Page, Bernice Paternostro, Mary Emma Patton, Geraldine Pierce, Catherine Porterfield, Madelaire Price, Novie Maie Roberson, Virginia Alice Robinson, Ruth Rockwell,Nellie Sanford, Ernestine Sarvis, Betty Schupbach, Marie Elizabeth Shirffield, Gertrude Straughn. Dorothy Truly, Mary Frances Venable, Wilona Wallace, Velva Walls, Jean Wauaven. Florence Ware, Charlotte Wolder, Ethyl Boys Adams, Dayton -s li. Armstrong, Stilwell Bartlette, Charles Beckham, Charles Bienda, Jack Benson, Carl Blank, John E. Bludworth, Charles Brown, Hardy Bryan, Albert Burks, Erman Chamblin, Thomas Cogle, Trueman Cook, Leland Cook, Rayford Crabtree, Jack Hunt, Claude Donald, C. B. Dotson, Jack Epps, Sam Finland, Ofwen, Jr. Forberberry, Sloan Freeman, Albert Frost, Stanley Gilbert, Edward Gleason, Lewis Gresham, Raymond Hagwood, Carthyl Ham, R. G. Hamilton, Earl Harris, Wilford Hassel, Jess Heller, Williams Hicks, Moody Hilhurn, Aubrey Hill, Cecil Holdin, Preston Homeyer, Elmer Horn, Talmage Hunt, Calude Hurst, Sidney Jennings, Howard Johnson, E. T. Johnson, Lee Jones, Carlos Jones, W. B. Kearly, Herbert Kempe, Jewell Kinney, Jack Lillard, John ' Littleton. Winbu1'ne McCulley, Cecil McGee, Ray McLane, Alf1'ed Maiden, J. C. Jr, Mathews, Jack Meers, Elwood Merrifield, Daniel Metcalf, Howard Redwine, Harold Sharp, S. C. Sigerson, Robert Smith, Leslie Smith, Merl Soloman, Pete Sprague, Charles Stanberry, Harold Starins, Frost Sturges, Joseph Suter, Francis Sweeney, Jack Terry, James Theo, Pete T.homas,ldga r -- Wall, Eldridge Wallace, Clifton Williams, Joe Williams, Pervin Willis, John l V IA Clam cers JOHN DEIS . President JOE DAVIS . . . Vice-President KATHRYNE GATLIN Secretary-Treasurer ALLEENE FULGHUM . Social Chairman JEANNE DUNTLEY . Program Chairman YVONNE NEFF . . Acorn Reporter Miss IDABEL CABANISS . . . Sponsor In January a horde of 1A's poured through the Gates of Learning and stumbled down the Road of Knowledge. They had lived happily through their first term and were willing to do all they could to make the 1B's feel at home. When the 1A's first assembled in the auditorium of Oak Cliff in September, they ap- peared to be a group of baby leopards, not yet admitted to the great leopard throng. They showed the faculty and student body that they had the true Oak Cliff spirit in them -just undeveloped. Miss Cabiniss is an excellent sponsor and the 1A class feels indebted to her for the interest she has taken in their activities. IA Clam Girls Booth, Elizabeth Choate, Elsie Donahoe, Mary Fulghum, Alliene Allen Frances Boyetbe, Helen Clark, Joyce . Duntley, Jean Gallaspie, Cecile Arnslgigel. Mary Joy Brewer, Bettye Coylngton, Elizabeth Eastham, Margaret Gatlin, Kathryne Bailey, Wi'nnel1 Burdine, Gerell Cristol, Johanna Edmonson, Janice Gilmore, Mildred Baker Bobbie Caillet, Enla Culbreath, Juanita Edwards, Ruth Gordon, Peggy Baker' Louise Callaway, Dowdy, Sarah Estep, Helen L. Grenn, Geneva Bartok Marie Mary Frances Day, Lucy Lee Farmer, Judith Greer, Baughlhan Julia Carpenter, Lorraine Dobbins, Margaret Fltzhugh, Clydie Myrle Bentley W'inifred Chapman, Dorothy Donnell, Don Paula Hamlin, Inez Berry, Fern Cherry, Margie Charlotte Ruth Fleming, Sarah Beth Hampton, Consuelo Hardaway, Merle Harper, Brunette Harper, Jewell Hicks. Evelyn Holden, Dorothy Hucklabee, Clyra Mae Huffhine, Mary Bell Huston, Margaret E. Hutson, Mozelle Inman, Elsie Jane Jackson, Mildred Ray Keathly, Doris Kelley, Mary Katherine Kelley, Opal Mae Kiblinger, Margaret Kirby, Dorothy Kirby, Maudine Kirk, Crystal Lacy, Lorraine Leach, Violet Lee, Dorothy Leeds, Kathleen Lester, Ruth Lewis, Katherine Lindsey, Theda Logan, Mary Ellen McDonn0ld, Norma McGrew, Mary Frances McKay, Betty Jim McLoren, Vera Mills, Nadine Nalldrew, Hazel Neal, Wanda Neff, Yvonne Newsom. Hazel Ozley, Billie Frances Pasley, Doris Penson, Billie Pitt, Loreta Powers, Laura Prince, Ada Ann Reynolds, Bobbie Ridley, Florence Schell, Mary Schumcker, Mabel Seago, Elizabeth Sikes, Margaret Simpson, Mary Mildred Simpson. Natalie Skinner, Dorothy Slaydon, Ladille Smith, Yvonne Snapp, Marynel Taylor, Ava Belle Taylor, Jaurea Taylor, Key Thomason, Doris Thompson, Maxy Jean Townsen, Evelyn Waddle, Valda Mae Wall, Essie Wil, Virginia Mae Wallace, Elva Walthers, Ruth Ward, Sammielu Weatherred,Lou Wheeler, Rose Williams, Johnnie Williams, Marie Williams, Sarah Wilson, Joy Wilson, Ruth Wiseman, Lola Wright, Mildred Yeager, Ruth Boys Allison, Dan Ardain, Frank Armstrong, Fred Baer, Walter Barrett, Herbert Beaudum, Albert Bivings, Gene Bray, Frank Dudley Brichell, James Brooks, Charles Butler, Jack Campbell, Milton Carpenter, Liverett Carroll, Carle Compton, Clifford Conner, Bill Cook, Atlas Cravens, Jake Darnell, Glenn Davis, Joe Davis, Gilder Deam, Andrew Deis, John Dinkins, David DeVaux, Oscar Elms, Tom, Jr. Ferguson, Billy Fess, Donald Fry. Gordon Fuess, Carl Fussell, Jim Gates, Henry Lee Gay, George H. Goener, Frank Gray, Earl Grace, J. C. Guest, Emmett Guy, Claude Hall. Jimmie Hamilton, Billie Hamilton, Orville Hicks, Glenn Honing, Charles Horn, Lloyd Hunter, William Hurt, Wilbur Ingram, J. B. Jackson, Harold King, Marshall Kinkel, Herbert Kinsey, J. H. Kirk, Ferris Koch, Carl Kruteleki, George Lee, Carlton Lee, Frank Leonard. Mervin Lindsey, Louree Livingston, Harold Logan, J. C. McAdams, Archie McCombs, W. H. Mangum, L. B. Manning, James Marsh, Malcolm Melton, Ben Morris, Travis Munster, Herman Nelson, Russell Norred, Talmadge Ogden, Donald Palmer, J. W. Phillips, Clayton Phillips, William Pilkington, Murle Piper, Charles Pope, Jerome Powell, W. A. Price, Leon Randolf, Frank Ritchie, Wilbur Riviere, Paul Roberts, J. W. Robinson, Earl Rollandin, Albert Samuels, Joe Scherer, Robert Schmidt, H. L. Shananhan, Leo Stephens, Philip Stokes, Bobby Stricklin, Tobe Tackwell, Melvin Tanner, James Tidwell, Jack Tidwell, James Thomas, Joseph Turley, Billy Turner, W. A. Virgil, Henry Waite, Bliss Watson, Floyd Whitler, W. C. Wilder, Marion Williams, Bott Williams, Preston Willis, Billy Willis, Delbert Winters, Oliver Wright, John Wright, Pelham IB Clam' oem , J. H. KILLOUGH . . . President MARY KENDRICKS . . Vice-President ROBERTA ELLIOTT . . Secretary Miss ABBIE CRANE . . S ponsofr The 1B class is made up of one hundred sixty-six graduates of the Hogg, Bowie, Rea- gan, Peeler and Mills Elementary Schools. On February 23, the first meeting of the class was held in order to organize and elect oflicers. Miss Crane is the faculty sponsor. The members of the class hope that they will individually and collectively distinguish themselves so as to justify the faith which Miss Crane has in them. They merely ask the school to give them a chance and they will do their best to prove that the Freshman class of 1932 is just as brilliant and promising as any which has gone before. Cr gs l 1 Girls Adams, Ruby Albin, Lorraine Amos, Faith Armstrong, Gwendolyn Bailey, Helen Bennett, Julia Beth Bramlett, Helen Bryant, Alice Beth Bryant, Margaret Cavett. Maxine Clay, Ceola Council, Willie Beth Cowgill, Charlotte Cuthbertson, Marigold Dorsett, Maudell Dunn, Glen Frances Earp, Helen Evans. Ruth Elliott, Roberta Ewton, Frances Fipps, Jewell Foster, Velma Fuston, Vivian Gannaway, Monette Gary, Marie Green, Dorothy Green, Louise Grube, Myra Y Hamilton. Lois Hearne, Natalie Hetherington, Ethel Hill, Virginia Holbrook, Floyette Humphrey, Peggy Humphreys, Mamie Hamilton, Mamie Hardcastle, Virginia Ingraham, Marjorie Irby, Ruth Ivy, Novis Johnson, Melba Johnston, Anna Louis Jordan, Alta Louise Keith, Catherine Kelsey, Virginia Kendrick, Mary Kilgore, Mary Kinnamon, Curley Hope Kirk, Carolyn Knowles, Mary Langford, Nettie Lemburyz, Eva Mae Lewis, Frances McCormick, Jeanette McGee, Floy McKinney, Nellie Ruth Malone, Bernadine IB Clam Nelson, Virginia Osborn, Margaret Peitz. Louise Phipps, Barbara Pittman, Lillie Mary Rees, Anna Roberts, Louise Rogers, Myrtle Rollandin, Elizabeth fSanders, May Schulze, Geneve Shanklin, Willa Dee Smythe, Nell Solomon, Alta Sullivan, Adele Summers, Flora Teubner, Lois Tonn, Mildron Walton, Nettie Walton, Susie Mae Watson, Bessie Whitter, Estelle Williams, Johnie Mae Boys Bough, Maxwell Bealmea r. Leslie March, Virginia AnneBennett, Dick Martin, Juanita Mason, Marie Maupin, Eva Jane Mayers, Alice Ruth Mims, Louise Moore, Beulah Morrow, Minnie Lee Mullens, Doris - Birdsong, Bobby Board, Wilson Bridges, Windell Britain, Ellis , Bye, Milton Cameron. Howard Carlisle, Joe P. Carrell, William Cawthron, Leo Chapman, Leroy Christian, Robert Coffey, Alfred Comfort, Clifton Couch, Louie Davis, Leo Dean, Wayne Duncan, Gerald Elliott, Holford Ewton, Francis Epps, Raymond Erlander, Robert Ezell, Theodore Fillman, Clarence Fleeman, Billy Frensley, Billy Fudge, Raymond Dave Goode, Dalton Goodwin, Lewis Hanzen, Clyde Harper, Jimmie Harvey, Harry Haschert, Edward Hayden, James Hearne, Victor Herring, Richard Hilton, Milford Hiser, John Howell, Sylvester Hubbard, Everett Hughes, James Hunter, Clifton Killough, J. H. Inge, Doyle Latour, Lauren Lewis, Jack Lee. J. E. Lieber, Frederick Long, Roy McCord, Forrest Martin, W. L. Monson, Perry O'Connor, John Osburn, Dodd Oster, Ray Peterson, Lamoine Pogue. Preston Rainey, Paul Ray. Robert Robnett, Wilson Shull, Henry Strickland, Jack Sudduth, Brodus Sutton, Howard Taylor, Michael Thompson, Hobby Turner, Harry Wagner, Rhys Waite. Noble Wakeham, William Walker, Harrison Watts, Milton Welch, Orris Williams,E1lwin Wilson, George Yates, Eugene Young, Billy 5 I Cm. t' n 'nina 55 H 0 .Eff ... ci o. A Q of K o-.I S ' F" -0. ' Q - I x -- . . . ' "' 321. .' ' '. x. --cmd I wouldvfi have taken The dom . a Q had gxven :tio me- "K Oh well-no one would have behaved e, IF l had Shot hai possible- - o C if ,N promotmon 19 he b Q ll I E 'f'9 ...??-Eiffi-:a ' iw 'fi , 'I '364' 00494 'MI' IU! 27Q9p 1SQii X hm flllll I Q 'Wil E-'uf A j , M 4' : 9 wiim 2 Qlqxlb I-I xl f u O X "K T .ga N fy' fog fi WN? ik SWM-SSMW1 iwfsg f? gqx Ei f A gi VE 81 . l X 4 IHA? A N 1 fl :Mal ' X wi, GNN Gffaf I2 '9 at P'haPs I VVC1ST1'+ Und? df- 21" G---, U' E .. 5, aw 3 'f 5 5 Q0 Z llllmm c, Q, - ' ' .2 3' 9- X 24? 2 2 4 X Egkf X Q M E A 41: N J ' 1 'Z Xxxfqwf . ' at x NX XM - X X 1 it m 903 N xx 1 gaisgr I N :Jag-,. Q.:x'Q--' ' fvzaigigwf f f' w-"-Hfi XX-.X " 2-ma Q Q z I C Q-, xy1,'W A f QQKMWWQ ,f S ,f l' '- 5, Nl! gwi W If 'g i5 iq Q59 QGSTIQ ' :Q Gs 1 ' inf 0 0 0 ll 0093 Q, fn w. w L m ogmm If ll I nfl. Q,-,A 1,1 in Q ,ul .- ,,1f,,w!U:. 4 .M MODINE TUCKER, Senior Beauty OVED ESSARY, , Senior Favorite X . .J M 1 1" -fs ,off -1 " if-'G' , ff ffff ,, .vm 'Mig' .,4,,,,., , 5 . ,,f ,,, f- 1 Z iff , f 1 yy: .,,,,,, W, f-ff ,fy ' ,fff 'Z' yyf f,.. nf? f J MARY ISABEL I-IASSELL, Best All-Round Senior Girl X xx M -A R1 x K . X MNWQX. , - .N i X XX XX we ' w .- i X X x X x qw- ,xx x , ,Q ' X f I :x.k.',fi X- .- f x x :sim :N XXX we - . -X CHARLES GRUNEISEN, Best All-Round Senior Boy 1 K ' X .f J A , Xl' x' 'V , x 'R DORIS CLAYBOURN, f Clefuerest Senior Girl f P f Jn -N' gf, V K Y X A :JOHN HOETY, C lefverest Senior ,:x x ' X, MX A J' 12-'X Rx X4 xX ' l- Boy X :M -x, KATHRYN JOHNSON Underclass Beauty LLOYD RUSSELL, 2 f ' Underclass Favorite . - . X P1 F I7 1 Y .4 ,-gif' F f'1 f p if f??7fff',+fH R , Vf 'HW ,E N : Q- Lf 4- : ' fzgfirix ,fL,,145HW-' " Sf: RQ XX.. MN , x " I k X ' . ' xxxs X. . X X - "N- xx,.. X S5 NNN X , x x fi . .KN 'TF-R X NW fi 2, X., V 1: I 'KIM -. lf X v TTT Nv 9 4 The Finger Points T e Big Parade Lovers Cour ageous Sooky or Spanky The Sheik also The Sheik Girls Demand Excitement , "Polly of the Circusn, ' Cradle Snatchersv, "The Smiling Lieutenantn QPardon, we mean Majorj, "The Cisco Kid',, A-si fi .lm ' x "Forbidden," iii Sb A X , W k dbx 'NW T15 ' 44 vga ll' 'lg ! db Q Touchdown Emma Mother s Cry Tarzan and Co-edu, 'tMerely Mary Ann "---id' , v ' 1 fl 37 K! QI , ' , , if ., , ,, .. 0 Q , 4 'I' ff the Apes", "Secrets of a an Qfflf I 7. In 'M .fmt ,, ,P rf D., Gu i ' WWW fyilllhv JA X 'JW Q5 , XR C le- 'Pl 3 fx ! 'TX lm. all MJ 1 df 'M -tggyxu-'IM Qe:19.i: 1-"1r'-Ve"-' - T , "The Greeks Had a Name for Themv, 'fMata Hari", "The Crowd Roarsu, "The Man In Possession", "Local Boy Makes Good", t'Yes, Cap- tainv, "College Days"-We mean O. C. H. S. Days. .I ! Nw Cl' l gif!! ' I: ' M in y wi" -' nm, 49: SX X E r Z 2 Q E E I i 1 i 4 I 1 I 1 1 f s . 1 : Y Y Q . F , ,V X.! Acorn 5 Co-Editors . EVELYN SBERRY and EDWIN HAMILTON Business Manager . . . . . JOHN SCRUGGS Advertising Manager . . . . . JOHN HOSTY G I R L S Allsopp, Theresa Allen, Helen Mae Atkinson, Vada Marie Barrentine, Lenora Bennett, Edna Brant, Beulah Cardwell, Rosa Lee Cooper, Maxine Cosgrove, Eula Alford, Ermie Ashley, Donald Berry, Richard Davlin, Renot Essary, Oved Flowers, William Ferguson, Herschel Cummings, LaVerne Davis, Flossye Elder, Elise Elsberry, Evelyn Eades, Lucy Edmonson, Bernadine Gafford, Beth Gibson, Juanita Harting, Jean Hooper, Dorothy Lou Hill, Marshall Lancaster, Dorothy Lee, Marjorie Lowe, Evelyn Mascho, June Mathews, Cora Mathews, Nora Melton, Mary Louise BOYS Hamilton, Edwin Hayslip, Harrison Henslee, Woodrow Irwin, Bill Irwin, Walter Hosty, John Jameson, Venaugh Leonard, Hal LeVilloux, Norman McCord, Milton Ockles, Roy Pittman, Ben Primm, Allan Dale Regan, Frank McLeroy, Lucille Mackey, Mary Jane Nolen, Cova Rhodes, Gladys Sarvis, Louise Stephenson, Mary Verna Todd, Dorothy Walton, Wilma Wright, Juanita Scruggs, John Scherer, Howard ' Shaw, Billy Sutton, James Simpson, Park Wiggins, Kloyce Wohleke, Wfilliam Gruneisen, Charles Kelly, Walter Sanders, Allan Woolf, G. H. ' ,T3 Q , - fiEf5KLft'7i5J'Wf 13 5f4T'2'3' KHKHHV 'ry' 1 1XZ3MK, . - 7 ffl? 0 I V i3QSl7 3 Cf Y ' 'd1fLf-' ' 'A Af" " '-- ' ' "Q TLW,:j ' Y L, i-EILTZ .....,..aazu , 1,-.-.W-.- , . , ,...- KRQH3'!2KL1cE'-SVYHW 3 -'arl5smx'maf.v-Lf.Zf:pyL:m .asrzslmlsivi sz: 5:m'smdvt:m1-22sxiwx.':LazL Dqfifrzfziss :rstsfiimaa ' xlzwadxkfzfgwzsles-Zmiim-a'.. . rizmtfnmml ' f Oak Stajjr VADA MARIE ATKINSON X MODINE TUCKER ANITA THOMPSON LEON GEISER . FRED GOERNER EDWIN CLEVELAND E ..mm9Rm Q1R!1mtmTw1x.v " W' ' ' 7:'Ii!ZE'...a""". '.E!'Z5FF"""' 1 V' MI' ' ' ' ' 'X k' Editors Business Manager . . Accountant Advertising Manager H f"'1r'iEVi'aS3:'ff1!I1t':'SLr'f? v!:ff,fT22':1'rf1"1S1fS:1A,f"F5 m7G'P 'I vf1'TFS'i5Hr5s1 :I"ff1,-'iiitilvifffl ffvw 1 fw-",'T,"I'Tf"I'? P.fA'vr:SK'r5:?F"f'i LZ72iHP.r1',7 1JH"?"f'IfW'r'f.f, .. If !:fwY'a.CI1'mf:ax '71:fTi:':.5Z",,317A':7:5Ttf,ir A 4 k gffgq-gpyggw g-E555 71,53 :1z1mzaass:xxm'm:C.1Z:a157"' 7: ':f3rF"I+2:r:"St'1'ifCat.'f::sv:I f ' if'fT:'-ZfI:?'::2F:'t1T:F Ziff' ?"'1IiL "?J"'."fa'Y S-1??:"'7!Tf Oalaifmjjr EDITORIAL CLAUDIA ELLIOTT LLOYD RUSSELL ELIZABETH ALLEN DOROTHY LANCASTER CHARLES GRUNEISEN RUTH CARTER ALAN SANDERS MARY GAMBLE LoIs SMITH ADELYN MANGUM EVELYN ELSBERRY ART ROBERT KNIGHTON JUNE MASCHO BILLY SHAW FAY MCLAUGHLIN BUSINESS BILLY LARGE GLADYS RHODES NINA JEWEL LEMEN EDWIN MooRE NELLIE CONNER LORENA FLEEMAN CURTIS MALLORY MARY ALICE CROFT NATALIE SPRAGUE EDITH HILL GEORGE PEARSON JOE IANISI 7 7 " ' C TJRESTONYVMAIIIGULBI IJOE FOLEY 25232 6 Advertising Contest George Pearson, Mary Alice Croft and Curtis Mallory have willingly contributed much time and work to make a iinancial success of this annual. George Pearson has won first place in this contest, having secured the greatest number of advertisements. Mary Alice Croft won second in the contest with a great number of advertisements solicited. While Curtis Mallory has won third in this contest, he has also done a variety of other work on the Oak. The work of these 4A students is greatly appreciated. - mix , -rfii f.-K-.a-vganl aecrzmsvm-avzxw-vzezfz iffz':1"':Q'2" maria . .va zwvxmazziawm 1f1,mxQ.a-vet,-',a nrfuzzaar , .faux , .. ww 'z 11 1' fra: ,' - . :ages .111-, 3 xi ai Lama:-axe'-'mr am:Nm:m.a11'11-11, ,L.,'f1g,:r .,:'Lf11:.:fiafs.:1.:4,::xxm:.e::.r:a,fgr',asa wfzzzzef W -- mmsr::: r1xnsgr4:mmb1m15mza'.ncswmrxn1aaa,mas:ewva euarzinm' , Porter Club BILLY SHAW . . Preszdent JUNE MASCHO . . . Vice-Preszdent EDNA EARLE BRANNON Secretary-Treasurer JAMES STURDIVANT Alben, Lorraine Barker, Mahota Barrett, James Brannon, Edna Earle Bryant, Betty Lee Cowgille, Ledis Crowson, Mary Lou Dockery, Anna Vivia Davis, Anita a:1a!v::mm:mf1v2'7!3sfi1"7m.-11.5.57 ' :s1i31f'e'Ifa1f3.L.L,1.2":ta."Ti:'i5rs,'fZ.1.R111eJ i I1 Wmw'mvW4rEmwL7LWwrmnmmWmA3 .J 4 zmE2 M53i2Ka ,t 1 in Ellington, Maurine Ewton, Frances Fermin, Emma E. Holder, Preston Johnson, Malcolm Humphrey, Peggy Kinsey, Edna Knighton, Robert Mascho, june Patton, Stanley -.inet Lt -ferwimtlssm ':2M:213e"1!Ea'2L':.: f,:x':H1:if4s'n:t:fffv1' . Acorn Rc porter Steger, Nita Mae Stephenson, Mary Vern Stephenson, Leta Bess Shull, Henry Smith, Cleo Sturdivant, James Shaw, Billy Taylor, Helen Townsen, Evelyn Tucker, Modine """aU1r.7fm:'1:.':37.IHtSIlm 1r5'vmzxf'L,:1.1ET9u"'24mwmm .f11ei2aB ' Wh'W2i.!f2iiA'9MI:' litalxnmmwmlini I N0 hx' l National Honor Society OFFICERS Fall Term Spring Term BILLY LARGE .,.. President LoIs SMITH .... President WILLIAM EDMONDSON . Vice-President FRED GOERNER . . Vice-President ROBERT KNIGHTON .Secretary-Treasurer CATHRYN CHAPMAN Secretary-Treasurer WINONA BLAINE . Social Chairman FAY MCLAUGHLIN . Social Chairman january Graduates' . Winona Blaine Mary Gamble Billy Large K Maybelle Tonn William Edmondson Robert Knighton Ada Rhea Martin Modine Tucker june Graduates Eva Adams Virginia Dellitt Elizabeth Holt Jessie Mary Oliver Vada Marie Atkinson Evelyn Elsberry Fay McLaughlin Ruby Richardson Ruth Carter Mathilda Fechenbach Norman McDowell Lois Smith Catheryn Chapman Leon Geiser Curtis Mallory Anita Thompson Pauline Clinton Fred Goerner Adelyn Mangum Mildred Thompson Nellie Conner 4B's Frankie Lou Couch George Chestnut 3A's Elsie Aiton Jim Carnes Willibel Hooper Lorraine Smith Billy Beachum Frances Hahn Euphemia Kennamon Mary Frances Tidwell Robert Henderson Lucille Pogue Post Graduates Melva Franklin Mary Verna Stevenson Pledge I pledge myself to uphold the high purposes of this society to which I have been elected, striving in every way, by Word and deed, to make its ideals, the ideals of my school. SBLMW W?Al930E495M1 ' . . ' 'lhmrftviti 1 f attain I ,mi .me tgs iff5lfPi+NHPt'M Lrl'IHbmhM rM1merQf"'- Mwiliri . nEis::i.ns.1m:LZ,iH9E, ltvztismaznzi. Ayer smeslamvrzf wlsmzrr. 2fz.'L 1. -f Curtis Mallory President Norman McDowell Vice-President Adelyn Mangum Secretary Margaret Harris Sponsor Mrs. Geo. Chesnut P.-T. A. Sponsor Adams, Dayton Adams, Eva Addison, F. W. Aiton, Elise Alexander, Louise Allen, Elizabeth Ames, J . L. Ashley, Dorothy Atkinson, Vada Marie Atteberry, Marguerite Baker, Lois Bailey, Winnell Basom, Peggy Batson, Frances Beattie, Martha Alice Beachum, Billy Bell, Deane Bell, Josephine Berry, Velma Bennett, Edna Blaine, Winona Bogardus. Robert Branch, Taylor C. Brockschmidt, Fritz Broussard, Johnny Bryant, Betty Burchette, Richards Burdette, Houston Burnett, Avis Byrd, Billy Carlson, Glenn Carnes, Jim ' Carter, Ruth Chapman, Cathryn Chapman, Dorothy Cheek, Rachel Chesnut, George Cb0!6Z1".Ibi p Club Childress, Geraldyne Choate, Elise Clark, Margaret Clay, Lois Cleveland, Edwin Cleveland, Mary Jane Clinton, Pauline Croft, Mary Alice Cross, Betty Conner, Nellie Couch, Frankie Lou Daves, Bert Davis, Sophia Lee Deam, Andrew Dellitt, Virginia Dickey, Claribell Dickson, Margaret Dishong, Will Dean Discher, Anna Jo Duncan, Margaret Dunn, Marguerite Edmondson, William Ellington, Maurine Elliott, Claudia Elmer, Ida Fay Elsberry, Evelyn Eyre, Lucretia Fechenbach, Mathilda Ferguson, Billy Foley, Joe Fox, Maurine Franklin, Melva Gallaher, Sarah Gamble, Mary Gardner, Jack Garvin. Katherine Geiser, Leon Goerner, Frank Goerner, Fred Gordon, Helen Gosdon, Peggy Y Graham, Minnie Pearl Green, Geneva Gruneisen, Charles Guthrie, Kitty Hackney, Darnell Hahn, Edwina Hahn, Frances Hamilton, Edwin Hamilton, Helen .aa ... Handford, Mary Ann Harrison, Jim Harrison Juanita Harting, Jean Hawkins, Berneice Hawkins, Margaret Heller, William Henderson, Robert Hernandez, Elidea Hernandez, Rosabelle Hicks, Glenn Hill, Winnell Hinson, Bess Hinson, Johnnie Lou Holder, Kathenry Holdridge, Ardys Holt, Elizabeth Hooper, Willibel Hosty, John Houston. Dorothy Howell, Maurice Howell, Rose Marie Huckabee, Clyva Mae Huff. Dorothy Mae Huffington, Kitty Lou Hufstedler, Welna Bess Hughes, Barbara Hunter, William Huntzinger, Mary Jane Hurt, Wilbur Jackson, Mary James, Keren Jones, Ashley Keith. William Keithly, Doris Kinnamon. Euphemia Kinsey, J. H. Kirley, Dorothy Kirk, Crystal Knighton. Robert Koch, Doris Louise Lacy, Lorraine Large, Billy Lee, Lucille Leeds, Kathleen Lemen, Nina Jewel Leslie, Henry Lewis, Hazel McBride, Ruby Louise McCallum, Janie McCulley, Cecil McDougle, Ferne McDowell, Norman McLane, Alfred McLaren, Vida McLaughlin, Fay McQueen. Elizabeth Mackey, Mary Jane Maiden, H. C., Jr. Mallory, Curtis Mangum, Adelyn Martin, Ada Rhea Martin, Fred Moore, Josephine Moore, Regina Morris, Martha Alice Murray, Fred Neal, Wanda Neff, Yvonne Neibor, Marie Newsom, Hazel Nichols, Rip Oliver, Jane Oliver, Jessie Mary Orman, Sammy Ray Ozley, Billie Frances Peck, Marcelle Peters, Margaret Phillips, Clayton Pogue, Lucille Poole, Cleon Pope, Jerome Porterfield. Madelaine Redding, Edwin Richardson, Ruby Ridley, Florence Roberson, Virginia Alice Roberts, Louine Rockwell, Nellie Rowntree, Winston Sarvk, Louie F Schell, Mary Schlinke, Lillian Schmucker. Cecil Louise Schulz, Katherine Schulz, Wilma Schupback, Marie Scruggs, John Shadday, Dorothy Shannahan, Leo 'SMS VH Shaw, Billy Shelton, Fay Simpson, Mary Mildred Simpson, Natalie Small, Mary Helen Smith, Lois Smith, Lorraine Smith, Mary Edna Smith, Yvonne Spence, Edward Stephenson, Mary Verna Stephens, Bernice Strickland, Tolie Stockard, Elizabeth Stokes, Bobby Sturdivant, James Taylor, Ava Belle Taylor, Jaurea Taylor, Key Teirney, Tina Thomas, Edgar Thompson, Anita Thompson, Mildred Tidwell, Mary Frances TiDDS, Elizabeth Todd, Dorothy Tonn, Maybelle Tidwell, Mary Frances Truly, Virginia Tucker, Modine Waldrop, Ruth Walraven. Florence Ward, Sammielu Weathered. Lou Wheeler, Rose Whittlesey. Merrill Williams, Elaine Wi-lliamsTJessie'Lois Williams, Sarah Wilson, Helen Marie Wilson. Lillian Wilson, Ruth Witherspoon, Nell Witt. Wallace Wood, Geraldine Woodcock, Helen Wyatt. Pelham Youngblood, Jane L2 2 's :""'1J" m'xrIi:t z.e.fmx1I-z'QU'Ili sfaa.n'az fannafy Senior Play MY IRISH CINDERELLA "My Irish Cinderella"-a three-act farce comedy presented by the January '32 graduat- ing class-had its first scene laid in America-the slums of New York City to be exact- and its second scene in the palatial mansion of Lord Lonsdale. The story covers Lord Lons- dale's search for a long lost granddaughter-and what a granddaughter she turned out to be! The play kept the house in an uproar of laughter for the entire three acts. Claudia Elliot as Peggy, the long lost granddaughter, gave a wonderfully exact portrayal of the ignorant girl from the slums While Lamon Burt, as Burton, the butler, handed out a brand of Cockney dialect that couldn't be beat even though " 'e was h' only h' English by trade." The cast of characters was as follows: Peggy ..... . . CLAUDIA ELLIOT Mother Magee . . MARY KATHERINE PITTS N ewsgirl . . HELEN MCDOWELL Workman . . CLARENCE GARDNER Detective . . PHILIP EDWARDS Earl Wingate . . . . BILLY LARGE Margeret . . . NINA JEWEL LEMEN Burton, the butler . . . LAMON BURT Annie, the maid .... MODINE TUCKER Clifford Morgan .... . JIMMIE WHITE Geoffrey Carewe, Earl of Lonsdale . . . BILLY SHAW Music Teacher .... . LORENA FLEEMAN mmemammuwlvvws rsnmvmAmn' ' wm 'I mw::rMWr'ff"f' in m nnISs'unauun:,wa.wveIr1.'w..fsw-5: G 4,sNe. 1vo1f-.I ,ww 1gg jane Senior Play THE TOWER ROOM MYSTERY' "The Tower Room Mystery," a three-act mystery comedy, is the story of the strange adventures that befall Jack and Kate -Chalice in their newly inherited French chateau. Jack and Kate, almost penniless, have just arrived from America with Kennedy Elsworth, who is a playwrite and Kate's sweetheart. Immediately upon their arrival unusual happenings begin to occur. Jack and Kate are threatened with their lives by the cook, who poisons the food, and by the Master and his wives, all vampires. Jack falls in love with a beautiful French girl, Mignon, who is .searching for the paper proving the vindication of her father's name. They are almost killed during an encounter with Mignon's unc.le and Adolph, who are searching for her father's hidden fortune. In the end it is revealed that the vampire episode was all a put-up joke on Ken'sg Mignon escapes from her uncle and Adolph, the fortune is found, and everyone is delighted with the prospect of a double wedding of the happy couples in the'near future. The cast of characters is as follows: jack Chalice . Kate Chalice . Mignon Vere . Kennedy Elsworth Maurice Pasqnerel The Master . . Bahette . Antoinette . . Madame Boucher Maman Bonle . Adolph De Boussac Emile Lnrdau . CURTIS MALLORY . HELEN RIDDELS . ANITA THOMPSON . . JOE FOLEY EDWIN CLEVELAND . GLEN CARLSON BERNICE KINCAID . JOSEPHINE BELL . EILEEN WATTS ROSEMARY TUNNELL . A. D. WALTERS PRESTON MANGUM xxiiirf-f.1:2z.1fi51:,:.i.'..1 stu., 'L ., me , ,. QmmMw:z.w'-1ua1mWwi1mv- uma vsvmwfix JUANITA BELL . ROSEMARY TUNNELL FAY MCLAUGHLIN THERESA ALLSOPP Allsopp, Theresa Beattie, Martha Alice Bell, Juanita Brown, Chauncey Cheek, Dorothy Claybourne, Doris Cline, John Connell, Winona Cragin, Lois Dean, Houston Elliott, Claudia Fachenbach, Mathilda Fleeman, Lorena Gamble, Mary Dmmvztzc Club Gibson, Juanita Hernandez, Elidea Holt, Elizabeth Howell, Maurice Humphries, Richard Kennedy, Mercedes Kincaid, Bernice Lancaster, Dorothy Lemen, Nina Jewell Lineberger, Bernice McCord, Milton McDowell, Helen McLaughlin, Fay Moore, Regina . President Vice-President . . . Secretary Advertising Chairman Phillips, Gredaline Pitts, Mary Kathryne Purselley, Evelyn Riddels, Helen Shaw, Billy Stephenson, Mary Verna Stinson, Vivian Sturdivant, James Tucker, Modine Tunnell, Rosemary White, Kathryn Whittlesey, Merrill Williams, Grace Wilson, Helen Marie Y , JAMES STURDIVANT . HELEN MARIE WILSON GEORGE CHESNUT . Brown, Chauncey Chesnut, George Darnell, Glen Ellington, Maurine Gorman, Renno Smmp Club Greer, james Henderson, Robert Kinsey, Edna McDowell, Helen Peeler, Ewing . President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Sigerson, Robert Sturdivant, James Wakefield, Burrel Wilson, Helen Marie Graduated Charter Members Alexander, Anderson Knighton, Robert Shaw, Billy Bailey, Phil Purtell, Dwight Webster, Robert Kinsey, Ralph Rowntree, Winston White, Jimmy x French Club CLAUDIA ELLIOT . . . . . . . . . President E ANITA THOMPSON . . . Vice-President ELIDEA HERNANDEZ . . . . Secretary-Treasurer Adams, Dayton Adams, Eva Aiton, Elsie Allen, Lazette Armstrong, Gwendolyn Baker, Lois Basom, Peggy Bell, Deane Bivens, Harrell Brannon, Edna Earl Brooks, Charles Bryant, Betty Lee Burdine, Genell Buttrill, Louise Carnes, Jim Carpenter, Leverett Carter, Florene Cheek, Rachel Clarke, Dorothy Cox, Lois Cristal, Johanna Culbreath, Juanita De Pue, Dorothy Dinkins, David Dunn, Marguerite Eastham, Margaret Edwards, Ruth Elliott, Genevieve Elliott, Roberta Evans, Ruth Fall, Virginia Huffer, Evelyn Hunter, William Inman, Elsie Jackson, Mildred Kennedy, Dorothy Kirby, Dorothy Lacy, Lorraine Lacy, K. Joyce La Foy, Geneva Lee, Lucille Loveless, Selma Lowe, W. A. Firmin, Emma Ellen McCoy, Margaret Fuess, Carl Gilmore, Mildred Goso, Frances Graham, Lois Hall, Jimmie Heiskell, Jim Dave Covington, Elizabeth Howell, Rose Marie Mallicott, Nadine Mallicott, Vernelle Malone, Bernadine March, Virginia Anne Mead, Maxine Mitchell, Reba Pierson, Chrystelle Peck, Marcelle Pogue, Lucille Redding, Edwin Rollandin, Albert Schmidt, H. L. Shanahan, Leo Simpson, Natalie Smith, Lorraine Sneed, Glynn Standridge, Camillia Stephenson, Lila Bess Taylor, Ava Bell Thompson, Anita Turney, Tina Waldrop, Ruth Walthers, Ruth Watts, Margaret Weston, Billy Williams, Johenrie , I 1 , ,W JOHN BROUSSARD LUCRETIA EYRB . VIDA MCLAREN . . Ardis, Sallie Jo Bean, Kenneth Beattie, Martha Alice Berry, Velma Boedeker, Jacquelyn Broussard, john Clinton, Paulyne Couch, Frankie Lou Crouc.h, Marjorie Crowson, Mary Lou Dellirt, Virginia Dorsett, Gilbert Duncan, Margaret Durrett, Dale Spanish Club Evans, La Vaughn Eyre, Lucretia Gardner, Jack Hare, Elbert Herrington, Carmen Hinson, Bess Hufstedler, Welna Bess Lambert, Marjorie LeVilloux, Alice McDougle, Ferne McLaren, Vida Miller, Frances Morgan, Carrell Oliver, Jane . President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Quinnin, Glen Rhoads, Delmore Rogers, Norman Sellers, Vivian Simpson, Parke Small, Mary Helen Thompson, Mildred Tipps, Elizabeth Truly, Virginia Williams, Elaine Willoughby, Loree Wood, Geraldine Wright, Arthur Youngblood, Jane .11 valm9xu . smfyfi-zmiusnmlllli Girl Reserves MARY GAMBLE . FAY MCLAUGHLIN . . MARY FRANCES TIDWELL EDNPL BENNETT . . WILLIBEL HOOPER . ELIZABETH TIPPS . . MATHILDA FECHENBACH . PAULINE CLINTON . MODINE TUCRER . MARY OLIVE GRIFFIN . LORRAINE SMITH . . Fachenbach, Mathilda Fox, Maurine Gilmore, Mildred Griffin, Mary Olive Gafford, Beth Gamble, Mary Gosdon, Peggy Hawkins, Berneice Hawkins, Margaret Holt, Elizabeth Hooper, Willibel Howell, Rose Marie Duntton, Lilia Pearl Huff, Dorothy Mae Fall, Virginia Kendrick, Mary La Foy, Geneva Alexander, Jo Bet Alexander, Louise Bennett, Edna Bell, Deane Burnett, Virginia Brewer, Bettye Clinton, Paulyne Croft, Mary Alice Coombs, Betty Gail Crouch, Marjorie Dorsett, Maudell Dunn, Martha Dunn, Marguerite www U E .Q Con . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer neil Representative Social Chairman . Program Chairman Service Chairman . Advertising Chairman Lancaster, Dorothy Lambert, Marjorie ' Phone Chairman Ring Chairman Stephens, Eleanor Stephens, Bernice McBride, Ruby Louise Small, Mary Helen McKinney, Nellie Ruth Smith, Lorraine McKinney, Anna Bell McLaughlin, Fay Maples, Ruth Morgan, Carrell Newbill, Imogene Paternostro, Mary Emma Peters, Margaret Post, Dolly Poole, Cleon Scott, Margaret Simpson, Natalie "V ""' i'w' mmmH mHwa ,, , I at .I ,, Smith, Mary Edna Taggert, Eleanor Tidwell, Mary Frances Tipps, Elizabeth Tucker, Modine Waldrop, Ruth Williams, Grace Wilds, Ethel Ruth Williams, Jessie Lois Wilson, Lillian Woodcock, Helen UWiNW BYFHZTI 'ii' ,-" 'T?lPZE3iW'4 ,far i1'.1r1x: sean, .4 MAM- swevwffm e f mwm7vmm1mwxmx1wQn'wm7,1i:tmre,manew' ' z . -L., m f.zefEf?w1'fg:s'fSaF'Zt'z1'Zz:?T':T'C itil' 5 2 T113 ' ?LW1L'f":..w2'f2'::2'::'fr:"'1'f52'it'I , E.+5if,42g1Arnixsi2Ex3Kn1v'w,i4z1fsmanexniwfi ..:.-12152632 T11 1-r'J.g,. -I 111-21 , .-ef .Q M, , mmmmmu ' "'--if'-1ff'MmH A ..,, -e., ,..E.M, M'-" 'f' - s 7 . J y' P '. a,.N'f"'.,.?. LAMON BURT . . BILLY LARGE . EDWIN MOORE TOM COOK . REA MCCAIN . Bogardus, Robert Burt, Larnon Carlson, Glenn Cleveland, Eddie Coffin, Parker Cook, Tom Essary, Oved Broussard, John George, Jack H z - Y Fall Spring . . President . Vice-President . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Foley, Joe Gardner, Clarence Geiser, Leon Goerner, Fred Gruneisen, Charles OVED ESSARY ..... President JOHN HOSTY .... Vice-President FRED MURRAY ..... Secretary CHARLES GRUNEISEN . . . Treasurer REA MCCAIN . Hosty, John Moore, Ed Murray, Fred Pope, Fletcher Rhoacls, Delmore Haislip, Harrison Shaw, Billy Members Not in Picture Hamilton, Edwin Maupin, Harold Large, Billy Perry, Turner Le Villbux, Norman Pinkston, Nat Humphries, Richard Mallory, Curtis Gore, Charles D7x:lTf?.a2i"5'.'1i W' " " 'mi L5'75Qii'!'2f:'f1 CYITKZLQJPC ,, J.: M. .aZ1.,:.,,.:,,.V,.7, L ,Z 5 . Sergeant-at-Arms Scruggs, John Sprague, John Stanley, J. W. 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Chairman Social Committee Adams, Dayton Atkinson, Vada Marie Baker, Dorothy Virginia Brewer, Betlyn Cameron, Frances Chapman, Dorothy Dial, John Dickey, Claribel Dummet, Bob Dunn, Marguerite Gardner, Alice Goerner, Fred Greer, James Hamilton, Helen Hawkins, Bernice Haynes, Andrew Hurt, Wilbur Hooper, Willibel Hurt, Earl Huffington, Kitty Lou Huff, Dorothy Mae Jones, Jack Kiker, Seborn Kinnamon, Gurly Koch, Doris Louise Lee, Carter Leeds, Kathleen Lewis, Nathalie McBride, Ruby L. McCullum, Jessie -.. A... L A.. McLane, Alfred McLaughlin, Fay Mayers, Alice Ruth Neal, Wanda Nichols, Rip Oliver, Jessie Mary Peeler, Lawrence Pogue, Lucille Smith, Lois Smith, Mary Edna Talbert, Della Mae Walraven, Florence Walters, Ralph Wheeler, Rose Wilds, Ethel Ruth , , , A Aw. if XIYVVJXQWA K ,B XID lr f Q A J ff 1 I GIRLS' CHORUS Q P BOYS' CHORUS XX , NE Ri .S XL' K V J' J CRCHESTRA MIXED CHORUS we Qf sm- fnwzun-ll: wm,ufm9v-ftmmwwmh " ' -ramad." mmm n': Summa ' r on-uihcwligiu FAY SHELTON . MARY EDNA SMITH CLARIBEL DICKEY LOUISE SARVIS . LEOLA DEGEN . Baker, Lois Crowson, Marv Lou Degen, Leola Dickey, Claribel Gates, Lucille Hernendez, Rosabelle Hord, John Alan Effay Club Humphrey, Richard Huntsinger, Mary Jane James, Keren McCullum, Janie Meers, Alvada Patton, Stanley Sarvis, Louise President . . Secretary . Program Chairman Membership Chairman Advertising Chairman Schell, Mary Schlinke, Lillian Shelton, Faye Suter, Francis Tidwell, Mary Frances Willoughby, Loree nfe?g2ssms.1lsE5waw4mwww.umm.mum.ewuma:muiavqwNnw. 1729? P 'A PA V 1 Aviswikifitihlwflr I5 ' 5gf'1l,Qvg,q mmwwnxwemwmwwmwmwif rb, fr ff, 1-...mwrwmgmgnmq am1 aimmwwgvawX1faiie' ul af. v wwwvmvwM-ii 1, X-L' ,fir ' Home Economics Club HEI.EN NELSON . ...... President DonoTHY CHEEK . FELICE BRICKEY ........ Siurlenis Making the Highest Average Home Ecoriomics Boedecker, Jacqueline Hackleman, Frances Brown, Lucy Handforcl, Mary Ann Clinton, Paulyne Hinckley, Marjorie Cunningham, Gertrude Holbrook, Floyette Eason, Mary Ethel Lancaster, Dorothy Freeman, Oneta March, Dorothy Harrott, Lucille Mascho, June . Vice-President . Secretary-Treaszzrer in Foods and Porterfield, Madelaine Sarvie, Betty Stewart, Beulah Taylor, Key Williams, Jessie Lois Whitener, Montez 'vYY'b!5k IETAEWZ ....3x.'.Lz,1 L7 gr1S5i17.f.w"fQ'3-miiuml P154 -'Ll " EXERCISES ON THE STALL BARS SOME PYRAMID WCRK IN gf THE GYM CLASS 71EiwH'EWE15E 'Ql2 -EF' fWM 'H-I 55 QV ,-ffw ml QE' Jil' Poppy .Yale For the fifth consecutive year Oak Cliff was the win- ner in the Poppy Sale. This sale is held once eachlyear by the American Legion for the benefit of the disabled vet- erans of the World War. This is a worthy cause and Oak Cliff girls always turn out in large numbers to give their share of support. Approximately two hundred and fifty girls gave Oak Cliff a splendid showing last November. To add another honor, an Oak Cliff girl won the highest in- dividual prize. This is the third consecutive year that Oak Cliff has won the distinction of Winning the highest in- dividual prize. ' A 1r.:eaf4m,,s . .ff-fafvmlnzu at nsemufe --'. ' 1':e-1-,bazaar,fif:iaws1aw arf'--"2:fmmunwe:-'mmnwargnawvmnumutwww -zu-, .auswvwviwrwnlf-wwilwillv ,-g,w , umm' 1 1-r fxsansnaeunmwr , - - -mailed ' Allen, Elizabeth Barker, Mahota Brantley, Alice Brown, Mildred Brown, Ruth Opal Baker, Dorothy Baker, Florence Barnett, Christine Burba, Blanche Burnett, Virginia Addison, F. T. Alford, Ermie - Avera, Stanley Bell, Gerald Boswell, Richard Burchette, Richard Brantley, Wilson Bonner, Ed R. Brown, Chauncey Beachum, Billy Cogbunn, Sylva Coffin, Bert Conway, Jack Corley, Quentin Carnes, Ralph X Bell, Deane Brown, Mary Lou Conner, Nellie Carter, Doris Couch, Frankie Lou Dubbels, Vera Eades, Vera Edmonson, Bernadine Epps, De Etta Ellard, Laura Crowell, Walter Carr, Travis Davlin, Eugene Davis, Jack Durran, Charles Davis, Paul Davis, Roy Dial, John Elkins, Theodore Frensey, Harold Ferguson, Tim Garmon, Renno Greer, James Givens, Alvin Gharis, Fred Physica Club GIRLS Emery, La France Gibson, Juanita Glidewell, Gene Hooper, Willibell Howell, Maurice Johnson, Katherine Johnson, Naomi Keith, Leola Keys, Opal Littleton, Hannah BOYS Goodwin, Jack Hartman, Zac Hayslip, Harrison Harris, George Huffer, Robert Hoyle, Raymond Humphrey, Richard Irwin, Bill Jordan, Elmo Jones, Paul Jameson, Venough Johnston, Ben Jennings, Grover Leonard, Hal Liles, Harrell Lindsey, Dixie Morrow, Elzie Mae McDowell, Virginia Mangum, Adelyn Moore, Regina Mason, Dorothy McCants, Bessie Norman, Pannie Ross, Jeanette ff ,K ,Defi Syl Simmons, Evelyn Smith, Lorraine Sarvis, Louise Tidwell, Mary Frances Thompson, Anita Tolwer, Arminda Wiley, Grace Walston, Mildred Webb, Margaret Roberts, Dorothy AnnWright, Juanita Lindsey, W. S. Mann, James Maupin, Harold Mallory, Curtis Mark, Welborn Martin, Sam McCord, Milton McLarry, Malcolm Neal, P. Philley, Wayland Pearson, Gus Peterson, Jack Roberts, Edwin Roy, Jimmie Reagan, Frank Russell, Lloyd Rood, Wiley Schell, Wilson Scherer, Howard Stevens, Neill Scott, C. H. Stephens, Ralph Sanders, Alan Sprague, Jonnie Turner, Fred W'are, Marshall Wiggins, Kloyce Womack, Robert Whelers, Stanley Wohleke, William I1 as any 'Amee-arraaaffvz:':ama1w1sasrwaw:sm.xzaa1w:a2aa1atvesvs , - W 9 as ar rslaerasixe .- 1 azi:Kmesmn:wrmwmmmwmuw wm xw:srwr-vs:aaaars1anamswesfeiwr:-wwmn!zsrvxfkm:,u:.1we mme -Esvlzkrvv as mmf -mtf:wv.'-'.ivaama..s:ax.s'1s w.--weeaummwmmmmmwlrzaamwv knew: Mfhiivvflwivfllwl-HHlH!54G1"l1H!0fDf n can-1-wwrwaw 'aw-v f"-- ff f- . .z aaifwun vskw-fum a.afw1aaiufmxa:4:a,i4.e,z.iL'wa-fam. ...Q . 1 -.-.f,.,.m-rw aa'amuwv.1nsmv4azsa.'m m:n,xmuieswvr3swoz1vawzwwzs1a::,v aw: N-i .a,e..vaasMi,wM X ,K A X , i I 1 Q I 4 3 4 1 1 1 4 Q I 1 3 A 1 3- -11-'-.J q .. Smjjf Norman LeVill0uX, Livlzf.-Cololzvl james Sturdivant, Allillfdllli Alan Sanders, PCWXOIIIIGI Ojfcw' Lucille McLcroy, Bflffdlillll Sponsor Robert Howard, Plum and T. Off. Almon Hare, I11f4'l1igc'11cc Ofrvr Edwin Moore, Major John Cline, Sllpflly Offrvr' Tim Welcli, SH1I!7lj'St'J'gl'dIIf 5 .lm an Q , 5 X L, , V r I' ,ig V, V, , ,Li . fvwy., 4, 7, My 'W' 1' Jfwff ,i,i jg f ff 'f' ' , A l" afar, if 4' l l .wwL'- w,wwkmwwriefM'tf N A 4 563521 '-6?nLvsas.f'2es:m.ua1a'szawnsswvmn-t- A rf f-GQRLSRH Qariifxd ' f ' Lia-aura.. H . ',- ml... ta.::1,a, . 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Vwwawaawaw , ' 'ff A lliir f i 1,ff'fffffIQai. . we ywvmirmz Wheless, Stanley Darby, Clarence Dobbins, Ira jones, Jack Shanks, Roy Shanks, Reed Dobbs, Robert Bradshaw, Jimmie Campbell, Milton Carpenter, Leverett Band Captain STARK, REX First Lientenants Second Lieutenants First Sergeant Bennett, Todd Sergeants Corporals Privates Ezell, Theo Frensley, Billy Gay, George Davis, Joe Hamilton, Oijigle Dean, Wifrie 7 V Y Hai NOIOH DeFord, Burnice Hawkins, Tom Deis, john Haynes, Andrew Dorsett, Gilbert Herring, Richard Martin, Ronald Sanders, Alan Bell, Gerald Frensley, Harold Foster, Horace Daniel, Kenneth Heiskell, Jim Dave Hughes, James Roberts, John Ulm, Forrest Whitlow, My Viams, Joe Willis, Billie Wilson, Jack ."'!'Tf ' -' T' ' ' "i?':i':'fT'1.3C 'F' K" "' '31f:2:2,F..'. if sf w -ffstwuziinllm 'ieifeizfxm asm Captain S POIISOI1, . . First Lil'IlfCl7ll11f . Second Lic-utenuznx First Ser'ga'ant . Company "A" . GARDN Ser gCtl17liS Bonner, Ed R. Jr. Davis, Leonard Turner, Fred K. Corporals Hurd, John Alan Harrison, Jim Prizfafes Anderson, Arnold Johnston, D. E. Baer, Walter Butler, Jack Coleman, Joe Cook, Atlas Darnell, Glenn Davis, Gilder Dean, Andrew Durrett, Dale Gresham, Brummece Guest, Emmett Kennel, Joe Krutelek, George Manning, James Maiden, H. C. May, Lee Merrifield, Donie McDaniel, Jack Lillard, John Neal, F. P. Narcross, Bill I f X NVHITE, JIMMIE . Gm-'1foRD, BETH . . . . FOLEY, Jon ER, CLARENCE, Gooo, AUBREY . . . MAUPIN, HAROLD Henderson, Jack Tennison, Donald Wilds, Billy Palmer, J. XV. Pope, Jerome Parr, Henry Pilkington, Murle Piper, Charles Primm, Allan Dale Stokes, Bobby Wall, Eldridge Waite, Bliss Willis, Delbert Young, Sam W m'nE:HmS.?km 'w'lMUr Z"Z2CT.A' 5'ZY'WA'RTI5f584i:W5'1KWEf 54f . . , 1 -1J':Z5L1rL2?3T:f '?Qv'A,:Wf'f7'.:'.:?'3.?3':z.':!11!?E':'L1. " ' ' X f f " V' -ialxiimimlzaxm awixtfrzwf ' f . - N :.i1.:1z.':f wfaw Captain . . Sponxor . . First Lieutenant Second Lil'Ilfl'71dl1fS First Sfrgfant . Sergeantx Corporals . Atchley, Bascom Bartlett, Charles Bivings, Gene Bludwortla, Charles Brickwell, James Brocksehmidt, Fritz Burks, Erman Carr, Travis Clarence, Lee Crabtree, Jack Crow, Alvin Freeman, Charles HF if-,m...... Company "B" JORDAN, ELMO . HASSELL, MARY Isf-.BEL WALTERS, A. D. GREER, JAMES, PHILLEY, WAYLAND POPE, FLETCHER DIAL, JOHN, LYNN, HALg BIGGAR, JAMES, SHAW, ED . PETERSON, JACK, CROW, CECIL, GURLEY, DABNEY Privates Gurley, Dabney Hassell, Jess Hicks, Moody Hurt, Wilbur Johnson, E. T. Lindsay, W. L. Martin, Ducene McCulloch, L. N. McAdams, Alvin Moor, John Munster, Herman Paul, Riviere Peeler, Ewing Peterson, Jack Rhoads, Delmore Roberts, Edwin Shaw, Ed Smythe, Walter Solomon, Pete Stricklin, Tobe Wakeield, Burrel Westelagc, William Womack, Robert 1 ,,,.,,,,,g,,,,,,,54,k,,,,-,,,- .sf .-woe.-amussfunn .-J, lid UFxJisf'lN3WYif!1!31JC9hIY ' , ' ---f, ", FJC'f.Xn'T::2?-76 V YHIGMRW Lv ,mv WSH,-,,',,TFL7uMN5'K' mY..kb llPL'L' 4Y YVG59?-'133QHQZEEDif 4 :-AE'iQl6-Zf5f:1?.flA3m11,' 'A 'X-2,7-IE-'UhFwiuWr2'f',C':f3.T.,f,1575i KD. Q1' F 45'7Q ' ..T5'1f?"1'5T-'2'3'5'n-'?Ti'T"lH'5hTe71'i'7?!ff.L'7jf L C CC 7 3 Company Captain . OCKELS, ROY Sponsor . . . LARGE, JANIE First Lieutenunl . ,... PERRY, TVURNER Second Lieutenants . BOGARDUS, ROBERT, PINKSTON, NAT Firxt Sergeant . . . . . . . WALTERS, RALPH Sergeants Flowers, Eugene Clark, William Beachum, Billy X Branch, Taylor Carnes, Jim Donald, Wilhon Corporals Cogburn, Sylvo Benda, Jack Beyton, John Privates Bradshaw, Jimmy Hamra, George Ogden, Taylor Cleveland, Eddie Hill, Gotha Pitt, Earl Cravens, Jack Hetherington, Charles Powers, Oscar Ferguson, Hershel Kilgore, John Ritchie, Wilbur Green, Norman Livingston, Harold Starke, Robert --fsaefmzf - - -V'f+-we--qvvrfwav7152.-s..'s-'weave-r1- 4-M'mmmxwu1wmmmmH-mmmf-fwv-mmwmnwmwywmnr - gfwrf:- fu - -mr-av-w 1 ff ,i far!!-ze.-cwmwrnffe 41'-:mul P-me 4 V 'nwsnmmmfuwmxzvsffumwmmqivixw .1,.'m:f1 3F34'fG7l.f'7.F5 "i"3'?f ' N' WYTCXISJST. . .aa ivZ'f'6""7f iQW6lr1':'l4n 76fiikiwfn?I?K-WYWKl7i 'X'xi'h?Tf3.7L333T'T-3-'-.T-1i'll7w .z2TE'v'J2i61'Mll "IQ"1"vE 25315-V!f',3'f" I' 2' il'-1!"Fr+ Fil? wyW Qi7mQ 2 r,2.,2aR2aLf:allImt1.1Srzaa'f.1s:1-z11:s',"1'- av :faAmmve'wzawmw: wmnisanizsenlf,-:nwve+w,":sr-Q-Q fs- v Q. -s J f Q-v Ca jztam . Sponsor . . Frrst Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Fzrst Sergeant . 2 V 'f ' . ,"' J' iw' CC 99 Company D Sergeants Brown, Chauncey Cathelain, Joe Cochran, Preston Corporals Carlson, Glenn Chesnut, George Jones, Ashley Privates Addison, F. W. Beaudury, Albert Brown, Hardy Brown, William Brown, Buddy Bray, Frank Curtis, Walter Dyer, Dick Eastham, Henry Clay Garrison, James -.R A Germany, Stewart Groce, J. C. Hare, Elbert Heller, William Jackson, Harold Johnson, Charles Jordan, Carl Lee, Harrell Lee, Carlton McMains, Alvin . LARGE, BILLY . BLAINE, WINONA . PARKS, ROBERT . HosTY, JOHN . SCRUGGS, JOHN McHam, Hugh Henderson, Robert Tennison, Bill Gardner, Jack Monson, Bill Perry, jack Rook, Clinton Samuels, Joe Scruggs, Frank Sneed, Ed Sims, Lyndon Steger, Tom Tidwell, James White, Russell Wright, Arthur xnsewa-:i1l5 g1.xJuK'Z1 Captain S ponsor . . First Lieutenant , Secomz' Lieutenunts . First Sergeant . Sergrants . Corporals .... MCLARRY, MALCOLM, Anderson, Richard . Armstrong, Fred Beckham, Charles Byrd, Billy Elms, Tom Dinkins, David Goodwin, jack Humphrey, Reagan johnson, Ranfrow G6 73 Company E . BURT, LAMON . Cosnv, YVONNE . . . . . SHAW, BILLY CULWELL, PAULQ GIVENS, ALVIN . . . . PITTMAN, BEN . CARLTQN, Burg WARE, MARSHALL, WIGGINS, KLOYCI5 . DAVIS, PAUL, HUMPHREY, RICHARD, McCoinn, MILTO-N MARTIN, SAM, PIRANIA, ANGELOQ RocERs,NonMAN Privates Kearley, Herbert Kearhley, Burdine Lake, Grant Lee, Lucian Maas, Harry Metcalf, Howard Mills, Jonnie McBurnecr, William Nichols, Rip Willis, J. E. sauvammw mf.-an main.. . wsu: Randolph, Frank Schlinke, Eldon Smith, Grove Terry, Roy Timmins, Jack Tidwell, Jack Webster, Sam Wilder, Merion Wilson, Charles N 'K-ffaza X? "2 HLETIC ? 1 1 1 '1 I I l 1 1 ,A,. xx- dlfqf U Cheer Leaders The cheer leaders during the 1931 season were led by Katherine Garvin and Ed Shaw, and were ably assisted by Joe Ianni, Juanita Bell, Venaugh fDutchiej jameson and Mary Isabel Hassell. Our cheer leaders were on hand at every game, doing their part to put spirit into the crowds and players. They should be highly appreciated by the students for their hard work. ,im'.4-- fa-we f"e 12 ,, m1.tRs'.Lxlf ' Kuff. .it ufumshwaw was Avedamvfasvi-ivalfami9nSi:Qs Q5 ffdafl' Football Squad These boys are the ones who have ,given their time for three months to practice so that a city and a district cham- pionship might be brought to Oalk Cliif High School. All of those out could not letter, but each one deserves credit because the second stringers are the ones who furnishthe opposition in the practice drills. eww 4- wzswwef Jw-V iwsf:-wwvwzseiatwftc .W l'w""""'3"""'9""WMi Mw5:'5'MM1Nm9Mp1w"wM'MVWE WWW Amvsnmxmww-in 1 xugamrwouuf: saw' fa were-Q-faff-:unwiwn ::pf4.m14z4'.aisn1-bieivfwe-.c:,a1f,g , .2 ,f in -- A emwmewmwm?ea5::.m-.x.m11n.fw,ev:.-t fp f.,,ilfi.:uvrsmwwmmnamma ? W-GWJQWHNJ 3hKl"If'z" ' -" Wsifumj'-! 4 V , , wx 1 ,g-' . Y ai ,N K ,VP ,ov 0-Fd-,,,. ... Z-1, ,,. OW Coaches MR. W. E. NOAH Couch "Pop" has again coached his roaring Leopards to a district and city championship. This can be expected from such an excellent coach as Mr. Noah. Many people say that he is the best back-Held coach in the state, and this is not an idle boast because "Pop', placed three backfield men on the all-city team, and two line men besides. Although he makes fun of small injuries, such as bruises or scratches, "Pop" immediately becomes alarmed when he thinks one of his players is injured. His boys seem to in- herit from him true friendship, and when on the football field, the de- termination to win. Mr. Noah is respected and loved by each boy, and the friendship between him and the boys will last forever. MR. W. P. DURRETT Assisiunt Coach Mr. Durrett, the jolly hard-working line coach of the Oak Cliff Leop- ards, faced the season with a lot of inexperienced material. He had five men to replace on the line, and besides these there were a number of cap- able substitutes to be developed. The only point in his favor was the pres- ence of a few heavy players. After he had pointed out to them the rudi- ments of lineman play, one of the best forward walls in the city was made. "Pop" and Mr. Durrett combined their knowledge and led the team to a city and district championship, although at the first of the sea- son chances for a championship team were slim. an 1931 Football .Yemen JAMES RUSSELL Captain and Fullback James has finished his third year on the football team. He was injured early in the city series and this kept him from showing his wares. If he had not been burdened with this misfortune he would have undoubtedly made the all- city team. "Hamie" was a fine defensive man, a good blocker and a powerful line plunger. Oak Cliff will miss such an excellent captain. SCORE Oak Cliff . 2 8 Athens . . 0 Oak Cliff . 1 8 Sherman . . 12 Oak Cliff . 6 8 Palestine . . 0 Oak Cliff . 7 Forest . . . 0 Oak Cliff . 19 North Dallas . . 0 Oak Cliff . 13 Tech .... . 0 Oak Cliff . 7 Woodrow Wilson . . 0 Oak Cliff . 6 Highland Park . . 6 Oak Cliff . 6 Sunset . . . . 0 Oak Cliff . O Central . . . 21 JOHN SPRAGUE Captain-elect and Center ' John was 'shifted from tackle to center at the starting of the city series. He developed into one of the best pivot men in the city. John's excellent defense work made him the star of the last three games. If it had not been for this late start he would have undoubtedly made the all-city team. John has another year and should make a great player and captain. ' .-A X ,ff ff' stimulant-ill' liven: r .vga 1smar.iez.,....-ur wawmas at an ' J' 'Ni .ru 2vniZ534'14'w'W1'Q'v'v31Hk'9".i12.' QL ' ' ?l1LEHQf'5il 2432189121 ii?-'Rita .Au 1f!6'sx43f-'L Ml ' ,? :WMS', 'im !'1! f X, CHARLES QJAKIEJ GORE, Hulfbafk Jakie Gore, the flying Dutch- man. has ended his fine career in athletics at Oak Cliff. Jakie was selected on the official all-city team for three years. Jakie is the only player since 1926 to turn this trick. Jalgie's fine blocking and splendid running should make him a whiz in col- lege. TOM Coon, Quarlerbuck Tom Cook, official all-city quarterback for two years, was proclaimed one of the best high School passers ever produced in this state. Tom was a good ball carrier, but was rarely used in this manner for fear of injuring his golden arm. He was an alert quarterback who always seemed to know the right play to call. LLOYD RUSSELL, Fullbaclz "Wildcat" has finished his second year on the blue and white team. He possessed more fire and determination to win than any other player. Lloyd was fast, shifty and was excel- lent at backing up the line. He probably gained as much yard- age as anyone else on the team. WALTER GOODENOUGH, Guurrl Walter, who was the spirit of the Leopard line, was the most dependable man the Leopards boasted of. When a hole was needed, he made it, and when the line had to be held, he held it. Walter has been on the all- city team for the last two years. I X K KD I '. "eff Hy K1 ,fcfklxxx X PA UL HARKEY, Hulfbuvk Paul was so fast, shifty, and dangerous in an open field that he was nicknamed "Slippery Elm." He was a good blocker and an excellent pass receiver. His hobby was making touch- downs when the competition was tough. Paul was unanimously selected on the official all-city team. HILLIARD MORRIS, Quarterback Hilly, although handicapped by size, was not handicapped by ability. He was fast and shifty, an excellent passer, and a good sport. Hilly has finished two years of successful football. and his singing before a game typi- fied the spirit of the team. .vmiaviszs-QQ 41s-MhE'f-1w'---GP'Pl'Uf4'-- V ----Y 'awww-wr1vew:mwmnam:s.-nmgs-fwnffwzif 'nw-mums-aww-Svm-V , vfmmwm dame 'A .. . cr-anne-nr-eq-nwcveaw -fm umum4m:4Mummammrm ,. nwaesauwvav.-mar s ., ,x:,i..u arzramlrkl was-450 muah 'smza a :ng :srwma 4 Joi-IN Hosrr, End John could catch passes with one hand almost as well as he could with two. He was excep- tionally fast for a man of his build, and this, combined with his sure tackling, made it hard for his opponents to circle his end. He was friendly, a heady player, and a good sport. CLARENCE IVIE, End Clarence has practically all the good qualities necessary for a player on the Leopard squad. He is fast, a good defensive man and an excellent pass receiver. This is Clarence's first year on the team, and he is worthy of wearing the letter HD." He should be a sensation in the next two years. CARLOS JON ES, Tackle Carlos is a newcomer from Amarillo but has gained quite a reputation as a football player on the Leopard team. He is powerful and fast. He stopped many ambitious plungers of the opposing teams and should make a great player in the next two years at Oak Cliff. JIM KELLY, End Jim, although handicapped most of the football season with an injured shoulder and sprained ankle, exhibited some of the best brand of football seen this year. At a Wing' position, Jim was ex- ceptionally good on the defense and knew the art of catching passes. He was awarded a posi- tion on the all-city selection. WALTER IRWIN, Center "Boots" was handicapped throughout most of the season with a broken arm. He received this injury in the second game of the season and was out until the last three games. "Boots" always gave his best, and he was admired for his wonderful spirit. OVED ESSARY, End Oved was a fine end who had the fighting spirit and every- thing that goes with it. Although rather small, he was an excel- lent tackler and a good pass re- ceiver. Playing his first year for the blue and white, he showed an admirable spirit and good sportsmanship. ! MMIII: ummm rczmizaw 1'm:sx,x-min nm'::esvsv:Mflul5'az1rc muluumshvawwfiimsmuaamfxmnwmaruz wosuumumnusazmvrwum W-fbi.,-A ' ..r A, N K I f , . VC +1 ' I ' ' , J 1 Q 5' C 1 , f-7 4 I , I If f , 1, WLM I V J f' WMM .nlfpmgf . S. " ex , 129 z J f I J. C. Bmzwsrsn, Guurd W. A. Lows, Tackle ROBBY ROBINSON, End J. C. was big, fast, and a "Tiny," so called because he Robby, although not so fast as tough man to oppose, but was was the largest football player some of the other boys, was al- handicapped by lack of exper- in the district, takes to football ways in the open when a pass ience. His ambition to make the like a Ford takes to a ditch.lHe was thrown his way. He was a team was fulfilled. J. C. played is a smart player and knew good pass receiver, a good block- his best game against Highland practically all the signals for er, and tackler. Robby was at Park. His friendly nature and each position on the lineb. He his best in the Palestine game true sportsmanship was an as.. was the star of the Leopard line when he caught two passes for set to the team. until slowed up by a. knee in- touchdowns in the last two min- jury. utes of play. LEoN GEISER, Tackle HARRISO'N HAYSLIP, Guard Leon was the hardest tackler on the Oak Harrison finished his first year with a boom, Cliff team and he stopped many ambitious although he was handicapped by size and lack backfield men who were inspired to cross the of experience. Because of Harrison's determi- Leopard goal line. He was a good blocker and nation to whip all of his opponents, he was opened many holes for the backfield men. He given the name of "Tuffus." This was Harri- takes everything seriously and this may be the son's first and last year,on the team, but his reason for his success. fighting spirit will not be forgotten. wa F - ., V 0 , If Lqxx ,l 1 f X ,AAI fa-s , -4 ,,,. , 4-WL . S, Q' '44 j . A 'aw-1 ' . 'at-9.1-v4ww,wsprzc1mfff H .X 1 wmsevowrmruz 11 A l3l'1Qlkf!P7 di'?iQlA1fd'r2, ': , .-F , -. -vp Ui' ' l ' G4ik4WM'F556ld?lVl,-,. -947 fi 3 d0K 4Il U0lV'l','WEY0!.4f1Y2Q5Qb2fSlEl71S5'K""1i'T1'll!fWRfLn56'Vl'"' ifrf5M"WHQfx':lI 3'3T1Fl'lA-IL'IZlILYEfPfll.'Yk?4'?Smfl'I:.'15 ii5N'9J5'.3v?xl?tff'135+ ,A ."3f9'fVXU 5311 9, 1050, U NCit3B 1QPl 45KKIWillUKl. '1uFf'f.51 516.2345 195511935 4 4 .v'?'ll'9Y1Zi5lfNVil'v1ilEAQ'1J3iIsK5i1' ' F3'1QfL?':i!L" . 4? 'if'W . li 7'-7U-n5'75u 44"Fll' V fEAh'19iYiXn'ii7ffPr' i FY: 5311525-'4Il7'l 3'f Y1fk'CJfK15WUi"uM Jieflllh n57f'UQvE,Q3 N ff' 1 J' ULU M3551 5 X ' f l I W 1 W 3 ffi.r.-.f: ..1.4..,.- GORDON HUMPHRIES, Forward Gordon was the best goal shooter on the team. He could hit the goal from any angle on the court. He was fast and a fine passer. Although quiet in speech Gordon made himself known by his scrapping spirit. Gordon was handicapped in size, but his admirable sportsmanship made up for this shortcoming. This was Gordon's first year on the team, but such a player will live long in the hearts of his teammates. CHARLES GRUNEISEN, Guard "Tiny" played his first year for the blue and white. He was fast. a good dribbler and the possessor of an excellent over- hand pass tht went straight as an arrow to its mark. "Tiny" was handicapped by his arm that had recently been broken. "Tiny" had the spirit never to give up and such an athlete and honor student will be greatly missed. 1952 Bazffeetbpzll Sem SCORE FIRST HALF WALTER GOODENOUGH, Guura' Walter, playing his second year for the blue and white was the spark plug of this year's team. He was one of the best de- fensive guards in the city, al- though handicapped by an in- jured knee. Because of his fight- ing spirit and keen thinking he was the acting captain during the 1932 season. Such aii excel- lent guard will be hard to replace. 071 Oak Cliff 11 Forest . . 21 Oak Cliff 16 North Dallas . 3 3 Oak Cliff 18 Sunset . . . . 27 Oak Cliff 26 Woodrow Wilson 25 Oak Cliff 18 Tech . . . 5 8 W... . W N.. ..., .,, ,,,,, W-. ..--m.,,m.......,.,s,f'ss.--stswtfrf.., ...H s -. M. .SYYVFVY Vi"'W"'1oF "KT "'H11l'I"Elf'Ci'A Y .Niwlif-N '5f.Q5'3'i9"I3Kf1Y!"U'Y?l'!E'L'lV'Cl'5l' T". I Sl. PWM :L I 4h2iNSl.'Z'l Z'U'0ll'1 " Ji'W,h'v". "if U1 xii IC '. :' 3 DM 34 'unvrf x 1 1 -as-11 :if .ir .sefmmvmanmnlnrnnmmmnvmunasrum sutowrvze-'m.a-me-vmz-avr.-1' erm:-3.i.-wwv.'u"w.- Q .'.. 7 ff .- , . . t...,,h Wi:T1l'3?JaF,f-fl-'FLMVP4,3f3v'r:,'.i e '11 1' 0 f '. 5 J' 'f'J'2.f14,' '-iVl'fSXY' t'U?h'?.W4"'Y34'5'B'ltW-fivN'vllv969!s+Wl'lMlP!lQwf IW "- Wah Ilafrlg-9-'17' in-YISWHIQSWWWOQ x If " n.vf.H'0 LLOYD RUSSELL., Captain-Elect Forward Lloyd was one of the leading scorers in the city. He was fast and an accurate shot from mid- court. Lloyd possessed the de- termination to win although his team was on the little end of the score. He has played two years on the Leopard team and unan- imously elected captain for next year. Lloyd is expected to lead in the city scoring race next year. Let's watch and see. J. A. LINDSAY, Guard Pete was the best passer and dribbler on the team. He was a crip shot artist and a good guard. He was handicapped with a sprained ankle and was unable to play most of the last half. This was Pete's first year to let- ter on the team. He always thought of the team instead of himself. Pete's fine spirit will be remembered forever by his team- mates. RICHARD BERRY, Center Richard was the only tall man on the team and he used his height to an advantage. He mastered an overhand shot that resulted in many points for the Blue and White. He was an ac- curate passer and a good defense man. Richard has another year with the Leopard team and with added experience should prove a threat in the 1933 city series. IQ32 Bmketbazll Semon Oak Cliff . Oak Cliff . Oak Cliff . Oak Cliff . Oak Cliff . SCORE SECOND HALF . 22 Forest . . 36 . 16 North Dallas 26 . 33 Sunset . . 29 . 21 Tech . . . 1 1 . 1 1 Woodrow Wilson 12 . ,.j?'fi, -4- ' 1 al l , . ww val,-aswuwidumw-fr. 1 -A .asiwwuzwmm mr- fe 1,1 rc 14-:snwwrlll X 11 New ns-sa1.uwu1l ' iuuairma-svaev:u1mLu.aawnr 1 ' ' -mann! a V. A V - . . rv.. ffm:-.1 .um-avxswumax-anus-:ninemsn :amwuasansuammmf M- -- ' ' -' 'V -' H -4"-- '- - K www!! mam! was v - .. 1, ,,,, uwmuw 1 ' f 4 AJ A 'A ' Gay Though our golf team has been doing its best under the faithful direction of our enthusiastic. Coach, Mr. Lewis C. Leftwich, we have not met with quite our usual success this Year. We, however, are not to be discouraged. We have only to remember that Oak Cliff has been a redoubrable con- tender for the City title in golf ever since this sport was introduced in the Dallas High Schools. A few reverses do not dampen the Oak Cliff spirit. The members of the 1932 team are: Ben Johnson, James E. Wilson, Sam Martin, and Jack Henderson. +zf'nm1v::!'fx1x'-e'Kfenc:fs.,zsf'Lvz-ea-Izzo: :s:+v'mn.mxL1n-3s:vw1ms'aaauemmX:fm:'s 'V .- Y evvsw'w19wmreHWYssmw2vw1a4u?.A4sQ'v'.1''f.1S+r:safmvxun14:.uas:rsfwxfxwzesaszmiitutw- 1-.u1esxi'w1n"f:zfb:sieif:s1-' 1 C: X 'mimi-1 wr2.:ms.Amn'a:vlzre:r1ari'?f9v1: r 'ru - - KuzmacKw m:ei1nmrmfena:a3a1Jx -if-''nwt m zz' w:':wmwfvm.'A'. W-Sr,-nf: "xw1v'fw1w1::tvvf'2v'v: ffsnenrvawsmsauxsmnmivarwanwwvrwinyfzefsw we . , f 'ywism-fm-mvwmff ha-vmfm-mvxrafwvvxsmmumvmrlmrmw pay:4v,:f-www.vim-:ferr-Q w ' v - in b .1,.gq:gp,q,ff,wMym-Mpgg,-,,gpy r'.axug1asssvsfes:fzxxa:srsxu4ewifn'F:n.1-1-k.'. . w.m.::gi5mwk., , mafxesuzammwmruemezuaasfswu-i 1 1. -- - re-f-xignfwupusg-rsagqysuqgvggu :L 'I' -iii- l SCX V - Tennis The tennis team of Oak Cliff High School exerted every effort to be a success. The boys were runners-up for City Champions. Coach R. N. Smith expertly guided Robert Bogardus, William Bowen, Mary Jane Huntzinger, Freda Harris and Rosemary Tunnell in the city series. Although no places were won, the tennis team took ad- vantage of the opportunity and brought out the sports- manship and spirit of Oak Cliff High. 14, S 0 X K Q' 7',fg f' 1' ' ' 'S NV Track To prove that enthusiasm for track in Oak Cliff High School has not waned by the passing of years, approx- imately thirty-five boys came out to seek positions on the team. Three letter-men are back, Lloyd Russell, Thurman Gentry, and Charles Gruneisen. The Oak Cliff team is conceded the Winner of the City track meet and a chance to cap honors at the District meet at Denton. w nv -Y nu' Q' J District Champions, IQ32 On Saturday, April 16, 1932, a small squad of eight track men from Oak cliff High School journeyed to Denton for the annual district track meet. Pictured above are the track men that placed in the city meet. Eight of these boys, Lloyd Russell, Thurman Gentry, Charles Gruneisen, J. C. Brewster, johnny Sprague, and Edwin Hamilton, competed in the district meet, capturing the District Trophy from the Masonic Home of Fort Worth by one and one-half points. The boys who placed in the district meet were: Lloyd Russell, first in the high hurdles, second in low hurdles and fourth in the javelin throw, John Sprague, Hrst in discus and tied for first in shot put, J. C. Brewster, third in the discus, Howard Greathouse, fourth in quarter-mile rung and Edwin Hamilton, fourth in the mile run. Johnny Sprague and Lloyd Russell are the trac.k men from Oak Cliff to compete in the State track meet held at Austin, Texas. - -1--v-lv Wm ,,,,,, ,.,,. . ,,,, ' o ,W an l ,sts Q . ' 5 43 at x. Baseball I This is the group of baseball players, Who, under 'the able coaching of Mr. Durret, won the city championship after a hectic thirteen-inning battle between Paul Harkey of Oak 'Cliff and jack McConathy of North Dallas, the ace hurlers of their teams. John Hosty, star third-baseman, played the hero by hitting a home run in the ninth inning and tieing the score. This was alllthe Oak Cliff team need! ed, Winning the game in the thirteenth inning. The score was 3-2. 4- .M X X X . H! C N 1 A , f 7 Q , , f I 4 , ,l. 1 ' - m ' i::5S::g ' ' ' W iltifiregf-2 . f e5e:::i2fE::::::- ' - . m I ' . ' 55555555 4 P1 vw 'ws 1 f:::::-f:::5s , lx va , Fiiiiigiilii 1 . . . Q. .4-r,-agq., 'g if - ' - - - 1: if '--1.-.41--xv aw' ' L-w ' A 'ff CN- ' '-Pi:-1 I 2:e:fg:-3:12. 'Q' , w,,,uy I - 5-X I - Lzggggggge ',.5..gggg:g C DS' 4 N L., g . , i .wg flglgfffflg p - N,,, , , 1152.. ' NIV i"--3" X57' - "-fi? Q N -- ' -1:25212 ,gyggagi 1 '-Hag. r X!-,Af I I 5 :. : U , ,I ' ytefwd 'wax 'fn - 11 Q. 2 , V agefzfzag I --QD? gf 1-fm Q .X , . 1. : , ,zz-5-5-1 ' . . :H "i"5fJ,- 'ff . 5 '. 1 "-igigl 'gizliliif - ' --I : - '- w ,H '.-.f:.:,: x Efizz... - Sn-. f 1 I 'z-5-1.5.4-cf 1 ----I , ,...-N., -A - w,'o.'.'.' .gggg:f3555i::V 1 . ' .5-y., Q ' ' I I , A -.wwrfz 'f gs. f , Iffggggxiisgl , ' :. 5 ' 'Hg' Liz, 1:-fzqqifiii: ' ' . - ff - u , ' .f-:::f:gg: , - 3 - 1,4 .. 1 I I ' -. --':.::.- I 4 X , ..1-3.--11:11, ' 'I . X . , -,.1 'll sn., 1 " ,Tj v 3 R 5419. K ff,-', EEF? I 'PINE , ff r. X gff'lrP5gnZfs2sazss . D Q eg gn-sea as 0' "fn ' ,IQ 4 , " r , 1' .iiirs 9 Q K yfwilmy-1' h i 'S was I ' . pins! 0- W. 'I mmg: I 'D K ' ? F' x ' A Y N, ff ? N xg " . f 1 - P - f W n nu ' 4 f i' Q 2:35355 W I 'f 1 lin-35: f. 4 ', ' f. ww.. f Y 'I 2 Q 5Jr'!l,!f-, X f l , , , fu N M j - u-,. , WI 1 X' ny- kj f e . J 1'O,'yc,, L f k , 5' "3 ,gm f , , f - 0Ql'17 f 1 5 f'MfWE ff K .v f f a".1u'+' I f 7' 6 , W f ,vm-lp f Al! l24"'v' 10 'fo ' 1 W" Q f -. -1, g X K i . X X f : .1 x K 'M 35'VP.-. f.' " ' .. Z, Isfiwc- Q X 'SONF1 N 1 - ' f 3-"'v"'4? A 1 'bw K ll my... GQ-" ' f Q A -Q S . L1- , pcb ER 6 TH ' Nl 11221, GH 1LQ,, Q TON ,ua me-5. . J',wag?.d11s31vL, , X ,::,g., ' ,, -xx.-v .-gk '.'gwg,n1,,f,.-pq-,f, "'- 4 4 '?nl'bf5'v9a5'31'S- - -Q.ngGgs3m5g4Q,.5-Q , 'F.qQQ1sz11:g.W5.31' ,Qv5e5g,gQQg,, ..,,, A H Al-nw Margaret Bourn: I hear you are a collector of antiques. Ed Shaw: Yes, I have a very rare type- writer which was owned by Napoleon. Margaret Bourn: But that's impossible. Typewriters hadn't been invented in Na- poleon's time. Ed Shaw: I know it. Thatls what makes it so rare. 75 55 75 "Tuff luck," said the egg in the mon- astery. "Out of the frying pan into the friarf' 75 5? 9? UNANIMOUS You often used to say that I Was finer far than you, And after it was much too late, I found that this was true. Malcolm MeLarry: What is the literal Latin for "He pretended he wanted to ride." Fred Goerner: Hitch, hike, hokum. Mrs. Cnnyns: Goodness, George! This is not our baby! This is the wrong carriage. Mr. Cnnyns: Shut up! This is a better carriage. 3-' 5: ?r Clarence Gardner: Do you suffer from pink tooth brush? "Lou" Hassell: Yes. Clarence Gardner: Then why don't you get a green one? , 'L 55 :G Billy Large: Why have you been sitting in your car all afternoon, Ed? Edwin Moore: I'm waiting for two gentle- men. The guy who owns the car in front of me and the guy who owns the car in back. ga gg. 55 Father: I hear you are always at the bottom of the class. Can't you get another place? Son: No, father, all the others are taken. Miss Rujin: Your composition on your dog is taken word for word from your brother's paper. How's that? james Wilson: Well, itls the same dog. And did you hear about Nina Jewel thinking that when football substitutes ran out on the field with their hand up, they were being sworn in? V "Any abnormal students in your class?" inquired the inspector. Miss Rutlo Bell: Yes, two of them have good manners. Modine Tucker: Can you drive with one hand? Ed. Moore: I'll tell the world I can. Modine: Then have an apple. Old gentleman Qseeing the small colored boy was having trouble getting away with the melon he was trying to eatj . Too much melon, isn't it, Rastus? Small colored boy-No, suh, boss, not ,nuff niggah. I "This let,s me out," said the largest toe as the shoe rubbed a hole in the sock. R. O. T. C. Brute: Not a man in this company will be given liberty this after- noon. Voice: Give me liberty or give me death. Colonel LeVilloux: Who said that? Voice: Patrick Henry. Some girls are born insane-boys drive others that way-and some are editors of high school annuals. 2? 2? :E Miss Langford: What raw materials are imported from France? Wayland Philly: Books and plays. 21' N . me . W 'M'-Lf...... . ai-Q-a,..,4,4-.,x N, Edwin Cleveland: Why did you send back your new radio? Curtis Mallory: Well, the music was all right, but the lights were too dim to read by. Leon Geiser: Rip, you are the biggest nut in school. Rip Nichols: lim not. Mr. Leftwieb: Boys, boys, don't forget that I'm here. Dorothy Cheek: Have you any poor rela- tions? Tiny Gruneisen: Not one that I know of. Cheek: Have you rich relations? Tiny: Not one that knows me. Auntie: Now do you know where bad little girls go to? Vada Marie: Oh yes-they go almost ev- erywhere. Gentleman fat the doorj : Is May in? Maid: May who? N Gentleman fpeevedj: Mayonnaise. Maid fshutting doorj: Mayonnaise is dressin g. 7? DG DP Billy Shaw: I shall not marry la woman unless she is exactly my opposite. Robert Bogardns: One so perfect never lived. If a blind flea walking on stilts across Niagara Falls in a day and a half, and it takes an hour and a half for a hard dough- nut to sink in a barrel of apple sauce, how many yards of pickled tripe does it take to make a pair ofpants for a baby elephant? Pl' 2? 2? Lamon Burt attended a confessional- "Father, I want to confess to kissing a beautiful maiden," was the way Lamonis pleading commenced. "How many times did you commit this grave sin?" asked the reverend father. "Father, I came to confess-not to brag." Paul jones: Hey, where are you going in such a hurry? Preston M.: Me? Oh, I'm trying to stop a fight. Paul I.: Between whom? Preston M.: Me and another guy. Alice LeVillonx: Don't you really know the difference between a haunted house and an adorable fellow who wants to kiss you? Gerald Bell: No, honestly. Alice: Well, you can't let the haunted house. Mrs. Kendrick: I don't want you to get any paper on the floor where you're sitting. Helen Riddels: But Iim not sitting on the floor. Did you ever consider how absence Makes the marks grow rounder? Dorothy Lancaster: But anyway, dear, we must give Jack credit for getting her a nice engagement ring. Lucille McLeroy: Oh, no, we needn't-the jeweler's given him credit for that. 2? :P :P Glenn Carlson: After all a fellow is better off if he stays at home at night and reads a good book. V Rea McCain: That's right-I couldn't get I1 date either. Fred Murray: If a man is born in France, lives in Spain, dies in America, what is he? I. W. Stanley: A corpse. 5? 9? il' Miss Bell: Why do you stay behind in your studies? Fletcher Pope: How else could I keep pur- suing thewrr : t ii' 51' 31' Ionnie S.: My girl has two faults. Ionnie H.: 'You, and who else? Anthony Qsmiting the stringsj: This harp seems to sing that you love me. Cleopatra: But, Mark old boy, thatls not a harp: it's a lyre. judge: What do you mean by running down this person in broad daylight on a perfectly straight road? Welborn Mark: Your honor, my window shield was almost totally obscured with safety-first stickers. :E 2? 25 The Twelfth Liszt Rhapsody was being played by Curtis M. Elise E.: Wonderful, Wonderful! Miss Haseltine: How he plays it, you mean? Elsie E.: No, how the piano stands it. :i- sp :5 She: Why didn't you tag me at the dance last night? He: I have already got your number. Q K- PS- "Is he a good chemistry student?', "Good! I should say he is-he,s got the acids eating right out of his hands." Mr. Hamilton Qmaking assignment to Physics Classl: Tomorrow, start with light- ning and go to thunder. Elizabeth Tipps: Well if I give you just one kiss will you promise never to ask for another? Paul Calwell: You should know more about your kisses than I do. 25 Fi- 2? Father of Girl: And upon what income do you propose to support my daughter? Young Man: Five thousand a year. F. of G.: Oh, I see. Then with her private income of five thousand a- Y. M.: I've counted that in. DUDE'S DICTIONARY Broncs-A section of New York City. Cattle-A pot used for cooking. Colt-What you catch from sitting in a draft. Corral-A sort of shell. Heifer-A gentle breeze. Lariat-A kind of card game. Mare-The head of a town. Ox-To question. Ranch-A sort of tool. Rodeo-Used for listening to broadcast- ing stations. Sombrero-A half breed Mexican. La Verne Howard: Say, it's past midnight. Do you think you can stav here all night? Ashley jones: I'll have to phone mother first. 95 25 25 Mr. Hosty: I hear my son has owed you for a suit for three years. Tailor: Yes, sir. Have you called to settle the account? Mr. Hasty: No, I want a suit on the same terms. Q 25 71' 95 Mrs. Stnrdivant: Did you give the goldfish fresh water today? I james: No, they didn't drink all the water I gave them yesterday. il- re 51' Lloyd Russel: You know, clothes always give one a lot of confidence. johnnie Sprague: Yes, you can go a num- ber of places with them where you couldn't go without them. Say, Pa! Well, what is it now? When deaf mutes have hot words, do they get their fingers burned? 67 be Mak LAvZ1Je1ffZ5e1fJ E The advertisers in this section of the Oak have contributed their support to- ward making the annual a success.They I have shown their Willingness to sup- port the student body in their under- taking, and deserve the undivided patronage of the students. ' THE ADVERTISING MANAGER. 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