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 - Class of 1931

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Text from Pages 1 - 158 of the 1931 volume:

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I '- ' To digiarxf fzlwinepa' renouxrmfi Lin n f fclurmcgrg Mndgi. , 9 .K L-JK-W 1 Q' 1.Yvw'T Tribute to 00,6 Clzff Hzlglz 'Tis like a mighty Viking ship that sails the Northern seas, A ship Whose sides are scarred with age, but strong as Herculesg i A ship that's sailed on year by year, Whose stern is old and grey, Whose mast has weathered many gales along the charted Way. A ship wherein there,s life anew each year that passes by, In crews that live, and love, and fight, and heed the battle cryg A ship whose very Walls can tell of wonders it has done, Through trophy splendor dazzling forth from conquests that are Won. And when the seniors of the crew have left its girded doors, To take their riches far from port, perhaps on foreign shores, They'll look back o'er the ocean yearsg 'twill still be sailing through Those lashing Waves with foamy white a-crested on the blue. -MILDRED DALEY. film' nf Bunk ' i V A dminigiraiian ,.,A , Sclwnl iife in' iriure CD rganm aiwuj imzldarq 6 Ailmlehcg ig genie anim 'Nong wade 0 fi 'Cf Q ' Ac . .51 i 1 A I 3 r .,, ,,, A C 1 -gl L A i V -1 'G' 1 - ' 1 si 4 n .Q 'LJ ' 2 ' ' 'QU .Ad I0-' U u wr--fv--W W- W WWW? xy QW 09' Q, 1 4:3 ' f 6 3' 1 N '. .s '-. ,, mg 11. .3 i2952?37af?33l za.. ff 1 Z7 1 55:5 W JAMSSYQ 2 9 Y wg, Wu, -W--U V, ,, 1 Wir S ff if gall X 4 .90 7 YL X '+L ',HQIK3lf ' , ,- .4m1,2-fi f 5 5 E .ffM,.12 1, V , Zsuzlmini tration manrhnnh, nut srlgulnralgip, is 1112 first aim nf vhuraiinni 5211111 l l c i N. R. CROZIER E. B. CAUTHORN L. V. STOCKARD Superintrrzrlent Assistant Srzperintcnrlerzi District Sn11erir1te1m'e1zt of Schools ' of Schools of High Schools BOARD OF EDUCATION MR. BOUDE STOREY ------ - President COMMITTEES Fi-nance: New Builzlirzgs: Mr. L. O. Donald, Chairmarz Mr. E. N. Noyes, Chairman Mr. E. N. Noyes MR. L. O. DONALD Mrs. W. A. Leeper Mr. Alex W. Spence Supplies: Lunch Rooms: Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt, Chairman Mrs. W. A. Leepcr, Chairman Mr. L. O. Donald Dr. David W. Carter, Jr. Dr. David W. Carter, Jr. Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Rules: W'clfare: Mr. Alex W. Spence, Chairrrzan Dr. David W. Carter, Jr., Chairman Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Mrs. W. A. Leeper Dr. David W. Carter, Jr. Mrs. XV. P. Zumwalt Spffidlf Mr. Alex W. Spence, Chairrnzzrz Mr. L. O. Donald Mr. E. N. Noyes 1 if f fffsfz aifirf 'fi :IJ-5k QSKTQ-iJ.:Lv1:,t. JSF ,jk-WSE: 'iff 'gfIa,1+ji,-11--,+f to mm.. w af-:rv r -K . ,,.. . , 52125 ,A sg V 8 at wtf .4 , f 4,533 is if T 4 TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1931: You have met and nmstered many problems during your stay in the Oak Cliff High School. We have enjoyed your faithfulness and loyalty, and we think you have the foundation Work that will enable you to do crowning work in college or in the busineSs world. May you have the courage of your convictions and continue your eharuetei'-building work, for that is munas greatest accomplishment. .HMM Because:- He is pre-eminently a man in Whom the ideals of our forefathers are embodied, In him we find that immortal something which has made the memory of our Washingtons and Lincolns revered through the years, He condones no wrong, yet has only sympa- thy and counsel for our weaknesses, He has given that priceless gift, himself, in the interests of the Oak Cliff High School and its students, The Senior Classes of 1931 respectfully pay tribute to him, who is, in truth, a Master-piece of Godf' MR. W. H. ADAMSON. To the ffbcully NWho greets us with a smile each day, And takes our hand and leads the way Where golden life is shining? Wlmo laughs our laughter when welre glad And turns the dark clouds when we're sad To show the silver lining? Dear faculty-as years go by, May Wisdom guide us as We try, To carry out your teachings. O, follow us along the miles To manhood, with your friendly smiles, To help us in our reachings. -MILDRED DALEY. AIIAM5ON, XV. H. AIJUDIJI-.I.I., LIILI N ALI-,xANDI.R, LAURA ALLILN, HOWARD A. ANDERSON, W. M. BAKER, BEULAH BARI-ZR, NI'l.L . BANKER, WANDA . l5I,I.I., ANNA . BELL, RUTII . . . BEN NIQSS, GFRALIYINI' . ISRAMLI-.T'l'l-,, MIN NIIZ . CABINI ss, IIxAIxI:I.I. . CANlPBI'iLL, L. E. . CLLMLNT, NIiLI.lIQ D. . CLFMFNT, W. B. . CLYIZTTIL, MARY LOUI kll COOPER, BLRTA - .f CRANE, Amana CUNYUS, G. G. . DURRETT, W. P. . . IEISENLOHR, Hl.NIRIL'I'TA FALLS, LAURA . . GILl.ESPIE, J. H. GRAVES, FANNII2 . LIAMILTON, LUCY . HAMILTON, WM. T. I'iAMMOCK, CIVIRISTINIL IPTARRIS, NIARGARIET . HASLLTINI-', MAY M. . HES'I'ER, H. B. . . PIIGGINBOTHAM, LORINI2 HORN, Hl5I.I2N R. . KIENIJRIGR, MARY . KING, ROBIZRTA . LANGIfORD, WINNIE . LIEFTWICH, L. G. . LUMPKIN, MAUDL . MGLARRY, AGATHIX , MANN, JOHN A. MATHLWS, H. T. . NTILLI R, C. C. . NIORRISON, lVIARY . NILWBFRRY, EUGENIA . NOAH, WIN'rON EUGINI PATRICK, ANNIT . . ROCKFTT, IWABI I. . ROOTILS, VIRGINIA li. . RUFIfIN, RUTII . SMITH, R. N. . . STRATTON, LILLIAN , TAYLOR, NIfLL R. . TII.LIlf, EUNICI-. . . WALKER, CLARA REID . Faculty . Prinripul Frvncb . . Lillrariun Mfltlwiizulirs . Sfmly Hall . Maibafmafirs . . Tj'f7f'IL'fiflflg . Plll7ll1'S1WI1Ili7I,Lf , , . . Hislorj' Y 'Li . . English T . S t'I'l'fLl7'AY In Prinrilml . . MI1ilar'111uiirs . . . Cloilving . Nft'l'l7tIlIiL'tll Drawing . . . . . Ari . . , . . . Mufbvmulics , , , . Q ..... English If . A i . . Hisfory mul Cirirs . . l ..., Hisiory . . . Chrinisfry Sorial Sl'll'lIL'l' aim' Assisinnl COLIL'l7 . .... Bnsincss Englislz . . . Harm' Econoinifs . At'l'0IlI1filIlQ anal C0lll7lIFYL'iHl Law . ...... Dmn , , . . . . .X . MI1lbr'11zalicx QQ . . , . . lf . Physics fi '.,--.ji-..+-p IQQL, , fn Y . Latin , , . . . . . Hisiory . . Music . Manual Avis . . Soriul Scicncr . English . Slurly Hull . Spanish . Hisiory . Mizflarwzafics . . . Pianisi , . Slvnogrnphy . COHIllI1IIlllIH1f of Cmlrfs . . . . Lcriin . Hisiory imJAssis1uu1 Conrb , . . . Plnysiml Ifdnvafion . . . Spanish A . , Mczihtnmfirs 117111 Cllllfb . . . English . English . Slmnisb . . English . MtlflJl'IlZdfifX . Clvrlz . . English . Chrnzisiry . English may .M MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. HHH Parmi- Ykaclzer A550ciaz'1'071 WM. A. BASOM . TOM COOK, JR. . J. R. SYPERT J. C. PEYTON G. C. WHIPKER . J. D. ROACH . S. COGBURN . C. L. DOUGHTY . L. H. BERRY . M. M. HERRING . R. B. KENNEDY . CHAS. S. HOPKINS GEO. A. SPRAGUE OFFICERS . . . P1'C'Sil,PIIf . First V'iC'C-P1'C'Sil1ClIf Scfconrl Vic'c'-Pwfsicfwzi . Tbizfrz' Vice-P1'cfsia'c'111' . Fourfb Viva'-Pffvsicfcflzf . Fiffb Vive-P1'c'sifI'f11f . Sixfb Vive-Prr'si:fc'111' SC Uf'lIfh Vice-Prvsicfefzl . liC'C'0l'Ll,ilIg Scc'1'c'fmf3' Cj0l'l 6'Sf70lIll1jlIg S?L'l l?1l6ll'j' . . . T'1'C'6lSlL1'l'l . . . H iszforicm . Pc11'licz11Rzc'11fa1f3f Refmfvc' Paren Z- Teacher A 550cz'afz'on The Oak Cliff Parent-Teacher Association is in its thirtieth year, hav- ing been organized in 1901. The motto of the club is, Let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. This paraphrased spells SERVICE. The club has a sympathetic interest in all the activities of the stu- dents. The needs of the various departments of the school are carefully looked into, and every effort is made to render the best service where it is most needed. Welfare work is emphasized. It is aimed to keep boys and girls in school if possible. Books, clothing, and lunches are furnishedg medical aid is given when needed, and employment is secured. The club is back of the movement to induce the street car company to extend the age limit for three-cent fare from seventeen to twenty-one years. A book exchange was conducted the first week of school, which enabled the students to secure used books at a reasonable price. That the Student Loan Fund is appreciated by girls who Wish to fur- ther their education is evinced by the promptness and regularity with which the money is refunded. Several hundred dollars have been loaned since the fund was established. The day of the yearly luncheon, which is furnished the teachers on the opening day of school, might be called Reassemby Day,', for it is the only time of the year that all the teachers and a large representation of the parents are together. The spirit of friendly co-operation that is felt at this time should make every Parent represented in the school wish to become an active member of the organization. The ultimate aim of the association is character building. A modern educator says, Character is caught, not taught. We are endeavoring to make the infection as contagious as possible. The Oak Cliff High Parent- Teacher Association is striving to hold up a high standard of life which will be worthy of emulation, and to foster ideals which will promote the intellectual, moral and spiritual growth of our young people. J. R. SYPERT G. A. SPRAGUE F. B. ELLISON 7 Dad 5 Club OFFICERS DR. J. R. SYPERT .... . . Pwxizfcazf MR. G. A. SPRAGUE . . XITIT'-Pl'l7Xfdt'IIf MR. F. B. ELLISON . . Sccrrfnry MR. T. E. COOK . . . . Trczzszzrrr MR. R. L MAURICE . . Pnbliriiy Cfaairman The Dad's Club was organized on September 26, 1929, in co-opera- tion with the Oak Cliff Parent-Teacher Association, for the purpose of aiding the students of the Gals Cliff High School. The club consists of about fifty members. During the past two years, the club has sponsored the naming and dedication of the Adamson Field, entertained the football boys with a banquet, furnished football sweaters to the team this year, found employ- ment and assisted boys who otherwise would have been unable to remain in school, and sponsored several sport rallies. The Dad's Club stands ready and willing to help the student body in any way possible. ,f I ' .f-'fi'i1'11?f'f-fylffni Q: . 'J li: ixkefaifl ' ,. . if V kf1af2'- - 3 ,N V A. 7 . 1. ,ai .,,..,!. .2 ,J-g,g A' '--,Vg-'i-,,1,..,:i A L-.'... ,M , I .9., ,f1'g1 ww ,,-' 1,911 wwf g:,.f,f ,. sfvifak 5-,, gf mpg, .3541 . g55Q.gQ :,5,gMq3,3,y y QQ? :gt 6.55.22- 1 - 1,1 K. L-i,i.i .TA AH A. f ? '.y-jL?A4d: 'Z,1. ,nf ,' an f I ,.::g.,'.., YZ, fi - . .. f , 1- , I s.. wc.. ,. .v... . x . -V ,v . f ..- , -v wg -11.2 ',.- Q.-. 1 5, V, :QA fat. .. .'1.- - M 'iff 'dp-5. , . se! ' ' ,,-' 'g-,ff fi, M f . A fl1.', 5'Y , ,- , T '13 gH:+faf'hS? ',.,f-' ef 'af' ' f Njf'1'f1'5.. 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'sz' 1 v, 1. , ':x J-,-, an .- f J ai: a+ ' f 4 ,151 30:21 :Ja r.,:.'5m:-' P' ' I -- 1?-qi .Y-Qi -Z--1-5'-?f'.'l Q . .ff , fy-:A,5:+ffgi:.r1 ,qfqb 3:-41' 1 :-:.z3--- - Q 4 p:?iIgFf5'1-::- M -' H . .,1.f . ,,. , xf f j Q, pg 4 gf .W ga, -a sv , , r 3,5 ,fi g - f x. , ,ff -N Q' .' my , wbx f V ,a Y 4 M WSL 7 wif' ,. N A ,Q fe QR. A FMP' ,.fff' M . - U .. , 1, ?y'f'2f 'L i f , , X.-',J'g',f sf wg Gi o V 'au 11 3 1 ,si Y Q, iff. fa if I? gms U.-' A I - fi'-H '1' 13 ws.:--':::, f 11-111, gf.: 4 1 pnim' Jaaaary Class Ofjqcers LEMUEL STROUD ........... Prcsirfezzt KATHLEEN JARE1: . . . Vice-Presiderrt COMPERE BAsoM . . Sr'r'rz'fary-Trvaszzrvr FLORENCE NORTH . . . . Reporter Mlss BERTA COOPER ...... . Sponsor SOCIAL COMMITTEE JOSIEPHINE ,Al.FXANDl2R--Ckdi1'l71Hl1' Lynnell Maples Florence Pender Mackey Yates Frances West Jess Irwin Robert Harding PROGRAM COMMITTEE FLORENCE NORTH-Chair-mafz William Shaw Kathleen Jared Jimmie cole Gladys Whicrlcsey INVITATION COMMITTEE FLORENCE MAPLES-Chairman David Peeler Gene Sandlin Dark, arz' flue Sjnbwcrs flmf only Drizzle, ilu? Ligblg The Moons ffm! 'Tllkt' aml C:il'l' alum' are BI'igf7f.n josE1fH1NE ALEXANDER Entered from Reagan, '27. Gym Demonstrationg Girl Reserve Officerg Big Sister Clubg Vice-President of 4 Classg Senior Playg Oak Staff. A fbarmivig girl una' a frne aris- Iocraff' MAXIE JEANE BARTLETTE Entered from Hogg, '27, Archery Clubg Gym Demonstrationg Big Sister Club. Her words an' truly heralds io leer mind. COMPERE BASOM Entered from Hogg, '27. Bandg Or- chestrag Scholarship Clubg President of Hi-Yg Advertising Manager Senior Playg Oak Staffg Highest Average of 3A Classg Secretary and Treasurer of Senior Class. Wbo'z'r rxfcls in what wc prize, Appears a hero in our eyexf' FINIS BROWN Entered from Hogg, ,26. Bandg Com- missioned Offieerg National School Honor Band Associationg Senior Play. I awoke one morning u11.l found 1uy.f1'lf famous. EDITH BURKE Entered from Hogg, '27. Scholarship Clubg Girl Reservesg Class Officerg Gym Demonstrationg Big Sister Clubg Linz Award. Hers 'wax a gran' iVlL1L'fiHdblI'.n GENEVIEVE BURNETTE Entered from Reagan Jr. Hi, Wiclmi- ta Falls, '27. Gym Demonstrationg Brunette Clubg French Clubg Dramat- ic Club. Good nature and goml sense mmf ewr join. THOMAS CAMPBELL Entered from Ennis, Texas. Footballg Basketbullg Baseball. T0mmy's not lazy. He just knows lbingx be'il futher do ibm! sllzzlyf' J. B. CARLISLE Entered from Sunset. ,27. Basketballg Oak Cliffg Baseballg Stage Manager Senior Play. The rmnz lfybiml tbl' 5L't'll4'S,,, JESSE. CHAMBERS Entered, '27. R. O. T. C.g Crack Companyg Scholarship Clubg Basket- ballg Track. The little he says is well spoken? WINSTON WHITE Acorn Staff. His modesty is exceeded only by his worth? MILTON CHITWOOD Entered from Bowie, '26. Pan-Ameri- can League. Silence is the sunetuary of pru- dence. JIMMY CoLE Entered from Central Oak Cliff, '26 Cheer leaderg Glee Clubg Operettag Most popular Freshman. Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin as self-neglecting. HERSCHEL CONNOR Rifle Teamg Footballg R. O. T. C. Many of us know him, but some still think he s as timid as he looks. EUGENE COOPER Entered from Reagan, '27, Scholar- ship Clubg R. O. T. C5 Winner of Efficiency Award for Best Corporalg Glee Club. Wouldn,t you like io have hair with a wiggle in it? ERWIN DUPRE Entered from Bowie, '27. Commis- sioned Officerg Camp Dallasg Crack Comparxyg Senior Playg Junior and Sen- ior Hi-Y. 'Speedy' is always a good sport and a true friend. CHARLES HALLAMAN Entered from Bowie, '27. Scholar- ship Club. A man, he was, to all the country dear. BOB HARDING Entered from Central Oak Cliff, '26. Hi-Yg Band. A gentleman with high ambitions. AUSTIN HATCHELL Entered, '27. Band, Scholarship Clubg State Band Contestg Class Presi- dent, Hi-Y. A mischief maker wilh a imiling vbnfkf' GLADYS WHITTLESEY Entered from Reagan, ,27. Scholar- ship Clubg Oak Staff, Dramatic Clubg Senior Day Program Committee, As- sistant Council Advisorg Poppy Saleg Gym, Demonstration. A more generous girl wr l'Olt11l11'f fiml, And :liek just ax swrcl as xbe is kind. JESSE IRWIN Entered from Bowie, '27. Clcvcrest Senior Boy, Senior Play. Thou speaker! a word of great mo- ment calmlyf' KATHLEEN JARED ,Entered from Sunset, '28. Social Chairman 4B Classy Vice-President 4A Classg Dramatic Clubg Girl Reservesg Senior Play. The band' tba! made you fair bulb made you good? CLAYTON JOHNSON Entered from Bowie, '27. Crack Company, First Sergeant, Spanish Club, History Club. A good-rrafzzrfwl and likeable boy. MARTHA LUCILLE KNxc.H'r Entered from Texas Presbyterian Academy, ,29. Dramatic Club. Simpliviiy ix a jeurl rarely found. NORA LAWSON Gym Dcmonstrationg Poppy Contcstg Dramatic Club. Shari and xuuwl, bu! long in fbv mimls of c1'cryo11f'.,' LYNNELL MAPLES Entered from Hogg, '27. Scholarship Club, Oak Staffg One-Act Playg Best Actress in Cityg Pep Squadg President Dramatic Clubg Secretary 3A Classg President 4B Classg Perfect Attendance Recordg Essay Clubg Big Sister Club, Senior Play. The world is always ready fo re- rciw talent wilb open arms. FRANK MARTIN Entered from Central, '26. Footballg Hi-Yg R. O. T. C. Our hero of the gridironf, DELLA LOUISE MCCRARY Entered from Central, '26. Battalion Sponsor, Girl Reservesg Poppy Contestg 3B Class Officerg 2A Class Beautyg Gym Demonstration. Did you ever bear ber say, 'I jus! hate me-n?'-Neither did wef' NENA BEE MCGILL Entered from Bowie, '27. Scholarship Club, Gym Demonstration, Archery Club, Big Sister Club. To all courtrousg yet reserwd to all. ERIC MCMAINS Entered from Hogg, '27. Commis- sioned Officerg Rifle Teamg Crack Company. A boy of true wortb and ability. JOHN MILLER Entered from Hogg. French Club, French Play, Football Lettermang Track Letterman, C. M. T. C. Camp. His place on lbs sqund will be as 'Vacant as his plan' in the bear! of Oak Cliff. MARGARET MILLER Entered from Hogg. Freshman Class Officerg Gym Demonstrationg Arch- cry Team, Senior Play. A lruer friend could not be found? -IOANNA MITCHELL Entered from Waco, Texas, '27. Gym Demonstration, Social Committee 4B Classg Cheer Leader, Senior Play. Pep, punflz, personality- Tlar' wry soul of gwzinlilyf' FLORENCE MCLEAN NORTH Scholarship Clubg Linz Awarcig Girl Reservesg Art Clubg Accompan- ist Boys' Glee Clubg 2A Class Officer, Dramatic Club. She moves like a goddess, am! she looks like 4 queen. R. B. OLIVER Entered from Bowie, '27, Captain R. O. T. C., Crack Company, Camp Dallasg Hi-Y. A good-looking gentleman. LEON RANEY PARSONS Entered from Reagan, '27. He has been true, for be knew there were lbose who truxled him. DAVID PEELER Entered from Hogg, '27. Hi-Yg Scholarship Club, National Honor So- cietyg Acorn Staff, Vice-President Scholarship Clubg R. O. T. C., Track. A, boy whom om' would be more than proud lo full a friend. FLORENCE ELIZABETH PENIJER President Art Club, Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club, Essay Club, Gym Demonstration, Scholarship Clubg So- cial Committee Senior Class. Charms strike liar' sight, but merii wins the soul. MARGIE POTTER Entered from Reagan, '27. Glec Club, Oak Staff, Spanish Club: Cleverest Senior Girl, 'folk Cliff will be laeking u sunny clisjioxifion uml zz rbeerful smile when Margie lc'aL'z'x. MARGUERITE RIDLEY Entered from Bowie, '27. Gym Dem- onstration, Poppy Contestg Domestic Science Club. I never knew so young iz body with xo old a bead. MACKEY YATES Entered from North Dallas, '28, Hi- Yg R. O. T. C. Corporal, Pan-Ameri- can League. His ability lo zlunrr' fiom Hof ex- zfeecl his charming perxonulilyf' EDITH ROUNDTREE Entered from Forest, '28. So modest, half hw worlh is no! known. GENE SANDLIN Entered from Bowie, '27, National Honor Society, Invitation Committee, Assistant Council Advisor, Poppy Con- test. Dainty, witty, and sympathetic. Oak Cliff will miss Gene. WILLIAM SHAW Dramatic Club, Senior Play, Camp Dallas, Secretary 4B Class, Chairman 4A Program Committee, City Decla- mation. Au all-around good boy-a good sport, a good dancer, and a good lookerf' WARE STAMPS Entered from Jacksonville, '29. Band, Glee Club, Music Club, Operet- ta, State Band Contest. I confess I do blaze today, I um loo bright. HOWARD STEVENSON Entered from Austin High. Golf Team. The force of his own mvril makes his way. LEMUEL STROUD Entered from Hogg, '27, Football, Track, Senior Play, IB President, 4A President, R. O. T. C., Basketball, French Play, Dramatic Club, Glee Club, President D Club, Operetta. If lhou dos! play with him at any game, thou art sure to lose. FRANCES VERNON Entered from Reagan, '26, Gym Demonstration, Archery Team, Presi- dent Music Class, State Clothing Con- ICCSI. The daintiest las! fo malzc this cml most sweet. FRANCES WEST Entered from Hogg, '27. Girl Re- serves, Gym Demonstration, L. T. L. bg Cheer Leader, ZA Officer, S0- 1 ial Committee 4A Class, Vice-Presi- dent Public Speaking Class, Archery Team, Athletic Award. How doth the lilile busy ber Imjzrove caph shining hour? OSCAR CHAMBERS Bandg Library Assistant. Easy coming, easy going. HENRY HOOPER Entered from Hogg, '26. Begone, dull careg thou and I shall never agree. MIKELL H. ROBINSON Entered from Houston, Texas, '29. Band. Wiih us only this year, we have found him lo he a loyal and congenial friemlf' EUGENE TAYLOR Life is a joke and all things show ilg I thought so once and now I know it. CLAYTON WYMAN Entered from Hogg, ,27. Football. And hears his hlnshing honors thick upon him. GEORGE ZIMIWERMAN Glee Clubg Footballg Trackg Crack Companyg Camp Dallnsg Hi-Y Clubg R. O. T. C. Last of the alphabet, but not las! in the hearts of his friends. A golden Dream was sent to Dreams Two: One scorned the Dream, the other made it True. ' 'X .Q1 ll fl 1 'I X11 ' I , . I. I ,1 I XG .7 ' e I M I v J une Offcers ED BRIGHT . ,......... President ROY DEAN . . . . Vice-President DIOTIS TOMLIN . . Sevretary-Treasurer O,RENE TOMLIN . . . . Reporter Miss BERTA COOPER ....... . Sponsor SOCIAL COMMITTEE ELOISE I-IERRING--Chairman Karheryn Bourland Julius Truelson Maxine Freeman Kemp Lewis Martha Leeds Earl Bauer PROGRAM COMMITTEE MILDRED DALEX'1ClJdiT77Zd11 Faye Lewis Virginia Meredith John Carnes James Weatherby Dorothy Roach Macario Carnohan INVITATION COMMITTEE STELLA SYPERT-Chairman Maxine Freeman Mozelle McDugal Louie Berry Clifford Robinson Though well you Row, the River, ever flowing, Will bear you back, unless you Keep on Rowingf' JACK ADDISON Entered from Bowie, '27. Crack Company, Trackg Footballg Crack Pla- toon. An all-around goozf fellow. JIM ADDISON Entered from Bowie, '27, Crack Company, Track. A man in mind as well as in burly. ANDERSON ALEXANDER Entered from Reagan, '28. Re-en- tered from Southwest Texas State Teachers' College Demonstration High School, '29, Stamp Clubg Junior Hi-Y. A fan' and nature overspreud with gladnexxf, EARL BAUER Entered from james S. Hogg, '27. Cadet Second Licutenantg Rifle Teamg Dramatic Club, Hi-Yg Manager Acorng Crack Company, Scholarship Club. I think the firxt Lfiffill' is to rv- strain the f0l1g1l!'.H MAR,Y GARY BEDWELL Entered from Reagan, '27. Scholar- ship Clubg Gym Demonstration, Girl Reservesg Music Study Club. Ax sure! and fair as a flower of spring. SID BELLAMY Entered from Sunset, 328. Camp Dallasg Second Lieutenant, B Company. lVlmt man dare, I dare! LOUIE B. BERRY Entered from James S. Hogg, '27, Hi-Yg Second Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Ax merry ax Ihr' Jay is longfl HARRELAL BIVINGS Entered from Bowie, '27, Crack Companyg Rifle Teamg Commissioned Officer R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas. 'Tis gooil lo lu' bomnvt and true. M41 MV J' . -.r-, .I ff .5 r' s gli l '5 n DORIS JANE BLACK Entered from Fort Worth, Texas, '27. Operettag Beauty Contest, Under- class beautyg Poppy Contest, Pan Americang R. O. T. C. Sponsor. Fair flower that dost so comely grow. KATHRYN BOURLAND Entered from Bowie, '27. Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Presi- dent of Girl Reserves: Oak Staffg Acorn Staff: French Clubg Dramatic Clubg L. T. L. Kind, unselfixb-all the traits that make a lovely woman. EDNWIN BRANOM Entered from Reagan, '27. Military, Crack Company. He who is good ix happy. MARVIN BRANTLEY Entered from Bowie, '27. Radio Club. He puts forth bis best efforts and succeeds. ED. BRIGHT Entered from Lubbock, Texas, '29. Hi-Yg Oak Staff, Dramatic Clubg President Senior Class. Manners--the final aml perfect flower of noble claaracterf' R. I. BROWN Entered from Reagan, '26. Hi-Y: Crack Companyg R. O. T. C. Officer. And what comes then is master of the field. GLADYS BRYAN Entered from Reagan, 'Z7. Secretary L. T. L. Clubg Dramatic Club, Poppy Contestg Glee Clubg Girl Reservesg Gym Demonstration. Love, xwretnexs, goodness in ber xbinef' HAZEL BRYAN Entered from Reagan, '27. President L. T. L.-'Clubg Secretary Pan-Ameri- can Leagueg Popularity Contestg Poppy Contest, Spanish Club, Dramatic Clubg Oak Staff, Scholarship Club. A bud willv ber sweetest petals yet to unfold? RUSSELL BUCKLEY Entered from Reagan, '27. Dramat- ic Club. Trike life too seriously, ana' what is if worth? MACARIO CARNOHAN Entered from Bowie in '27. Camp Dallasg Best Corporal, Commissioned, '30, '51, Best Sergeantg Rifle Team, Hi-Y, Acorn Staff. A comrade blithe and full of glee Who flares to laugh out Iond and free. JOHN ACARNES Entered from Reagan in '27. All-city band three years, first lieutenant of Bandg Camp Dallas three yearsg Rifle Team, Orchestra two yearsg Hi-Y four yearsg President of junior Hi-Yg Class Officer, '29, Scholarship Clubg Acorn Staff. ' A plain knight, but a trusted onef' MARY MAXINE CARRELL Entered from Mill to Sunset. En- tered Oak Cliff at mid-term. With g1ace to win-with heart to hold. THOMAS E. CHENAULT, jx. Entered from Electra High School in '28, Hi-Y. His are endurance, foresight, strength anil skiilf' NAOMI CHILDRESS Entered from Hogg in '27, All-City Chorusg Operettag Girl Reserveg Blues Chasers' Club: Music Study Clubg Lit- erary Clubg Essay Clubg International Rotary Pageantg Spanish Clubg Dra- matic Clubg State Music Contest. My way is to begin with the be- ginningf' TOM Cooic Entered from Bowie. Class officer as IA and IlAg Letterman in Footballg Baseball, Hi-Yg Pan American Leagueg Spanish Club, Acorn Staffg D Club. He is a man, What more can be saiJ?', EDNA EARL COZBY Entered from DeLeon High, '28, Scholarship Clubg Secretary and Presif dent of Spanish Clubg Essay Clubg Pan American Leagueg L. T. L. Clubg Na- tional Honor Societyg French Clubg Acorn Staff, Girl Reserves, Winner of Highest Average Contest in '29. Oh, what pleasant visions haunt me. SLOMY CREEL Entered from Bowie In '27. Orches- trag Glee Clubg Spanish Club. Hix bear! is fiiieil 'wilb nilixivf' GEORGE CROFT Entered from Sunset, '29. Footballg President of Spanish Clubg Hi-Yg Ser- geant at Arms at Pan American League. Games lubricate fbe body and the mind. CHESTER CROWSEN ,Entered from Bowie ,in ,27. V, Fine manners are like permnul beau- jy-a Idler of fredii f'L'f'rywbf'ri'. X 3 VIVIAN CUTLER ,ij Entered from Niangua, Missouri, in J' ' 39 'Slu' smiles, aml what glory is in ,J ix., flyer s1ni1I'. ' ' MILDRED DALEY Entered from Reagan, XZ7. Scholar- ship Clubg Acorn Staffg Dramatic Club: Treasurer of French Clubg President of Essay Clubg Library As- sistantg Girl Reserveg 'L. T. L. Clubg Gym Demonstration. , A long mad ami a usbife one, ibut lmnfs down io flu' sea, Ami gooii xvoufx ami frue xmulx lo lzcrp mc' canzpiuiyf' CATHERINE DAVIS ' Entered from Hogg in '27. Campfire Girlsg Girl Reservesg Gym Demonstra- tiong Scholarship Clubg Literary Club, The la.vk.I of erery Jay Sbe 'nl1'r'l.I in zz xIL'1'i'l und grnlit' way. MYRA L. DAVIS Entered from Bowie in ,27. Officer of Art Clubg State Intcrscholasrie Art Contestg Oak Staff: Scholarship Clubg Rotary and Educational Pageantsg Girl Reserve: Gym Demonstrationg Music Study Club. In framing an arfisf, arf bulb ifrrreeif To make some good, 1214! others fo 1'Xz'i'1'if.,' SUE IJAVIS Entered from Los Angeles High School, '30. Senior Beauty. A I lin' Ull Ibn' xunny side of fbe treat. I ROY DEAN Entered from Bowie in '27. Rifle Team, Cadet Second Lieutenant R. O. T. C., Hi-Y Club member four years in both Junior and Senior, Crack Com- panyg Baseball. Honor and fruib, fair dealing and l'01lTff'A'y.D ROBBIE LOUISE DOUGLASS Entered from Bowie in '28. Scholar- ship Clubg National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Pan American League. Riel: in qualities of mind and heart. WILMAR DUNBAR Entered from Amarillo, '27. Secre- tary and President of French Clubg Scholarship Clubg Gym Demonstra- tiong Winner City Spelling Contest, '30, National Honor Society, Oak Staff, L. T. L. Club, Library Assist- ant, Poppy Sale. True, loyal, lovable aml xzvrrlg We hope willy her xvrlll offen nm'l. ISABELLE DUPRE Entered from Bowie, '27. Scholarship Clubg Cantata, Girl Reserveg Girlis Glee Club, Blues Chasers Clubg L. T. L. Club. Come follow -me and lmzn- ibn world to ifs bubblirigxf' KATHLEEN EADY Entered from Oklahoma in '30. Made High School in three years. Her winning smile is ui levy fo ber mariy friendships. MAURINE EADY Entered from Oklahoma in '30 graduating in three years. Moalvsfy, sweefness, bappinws aml fun just tzvinlzlc' in ber c'yf's.', 1 ARNOLD ECKSTEIN Entered from Sunset in '29, One who 'mixex wisdom ufilh pleas- nre, and pleasure' with ull that is gooflf' EVERETTE EDMONSON Entered from Denton Junior High in '27. Spanish Club, Pan American League, Crack Company, Scholarship Club. Not juxl good, but gooil for some- tbingf' time F s i ' -.J x. Y .xl S w. -N E Q Cl Q C l 1 . it l KATHERINE EWING Entered from Harlingen, Texas, '29, President Tennis Clubg Girl Reserves: Glee Club. Efficient, calm, dependable. WILL ALLEN FISHER Entered from Hogg, '27. Crack Com- panyg Commissioned Officerg Senior Hi-Yg Rifle Teamg Track. In bis case a loud speaker is super- fluousf' ANNIE FOOTE Entered from Bowie, '27. Girl Re- servesg Poppy Contestg Home Eco- nomics Clubg Gym Demonstrationg Girls Baseball Team. With malice towards noneg with charity for all. MARGARET FOSTER Entered from Fort Worth, Stripling High School, '29. Art Club. To love ber was a liberal educa- tionf' FLOYCE FOWLER Entered from Grand Prairie, '28g Poppy Sale, Rotary Pageant. Her friendly ways have won her a place in the hearts of everyone. MELVA FRANKLIN Entered from Bowie, '27. Spanish Clubg L. T. L. Clubg Scholarship Clubg National Honor Society, Oak Staffg Gym Demonstrationg Secretary of Scholarship Clubg Bible Course. UMFIUH has both brains and beauty, an all-around girl with a sense of duty. HUGH FREASIER 'Entered from Bowie, '27. Tennisg Hi-YQ Oak Staffg Cadet Captaing Camp Dallasg Manager Football Team. Popular, smart, congenial, and neat, and all of the girls think be's pretty sweet? MAXINE FREEMAN Entered from Waxahachie, '29, Sponsor Company Ag Social Committee 4B Class. A precious thing in a small pack- agef, ' HERscHEL FROST Entred from Sunset, '29, Scholar- ship Clubg Glee Clubg City Chorus. An efficiency expert in ibe art of conserving energy. BEN GAEEORD Entered from Reagan, '26. Oak Cliff Rifle Teamg Crack Company, Camp Dallasg Wozencraft Drill, R. O. T. C. Major. I may juslly say, with the hook- nosed fellow of Rome, 'I came, saw, and overemnef JESSIE MAY GATES Entered from Reagan, '27. Gym Demonstration. Re17uterl wise for saying nothing. CHARLES GORE Entered from Bowie, ,27. 2B and 3B Class Officer, Acorn Staffg Golfg Football, Hi-Y Vice-President, D Club. Manly and wise-and one of the reasons why girls like football gamesf' T. C. GRAY Entered from Reagan, '27. Camp Dallasg Scholarship Club, Library As- sistantg Band, Business Manager of Oak, Crack Company, State Band Contestg National Honor Society. Here is a man--but 'tis before his face, I will be silent ALFRED GREENFIELD Entered from St. Louis, Missouri, '28. Cheerleaderg Debating Team, Re-en- tered from Fort Worth, '30, Dramat- ic Club. RulLwr noisy, but allogelbcr harm- lessf' TOM HALLIBURTON Entered from Bowie, '26. Vice-Presif dent 3A Class. Not to know me argues yourself unknown. EVELYN HARPER Entered from Ladonia, Texas, '30, She will either finrl a way or make onef, sas? rw ,131-A gin.- . 'I ff 1-, --,. K J .XI 50. '1,. I 'A NORMAN HARPER Entered from Bowie, '26. Crack Company, Pan American League, Span- ish Clubg Acorn Staff, Oak Staffg Football, Hi-Y. He used lo be a woman-hater, but oh! wha! iz change. ELOISE HERRING Entered from Bowie, '27. Scholar- ship Club, National Honor Society, President of Girl Reservesg Ring Chair- mang Gym Demonstration, Acorn Staff, Co-editor of Oak, Social Chair- man L. T. Lg Sponsor Company A. We live in deeds-not yearsf' WARREN CLAIRE HINCKLEY Entered from Reagan, '27. Crack Company, Camp Dallas, Crack Pla- toong Footballg Working Boy's Club. Discreet, uffable and liked by everyone. ELLA MAE HOLLAND Girl Reserves, Music Study Clubg Girl's Glee Club, Represented Dallas at National Chorus at Detroit, Operettag Art Club, Blues Chasers' Club. Her silver roire is fbi' rirh mnsif of a summer bird. ELIZABETH HOWARD Entered from Reagan, '27. Gym Demonstration, Spanish Clubg Poppy Sales, Cooking Club. Her sunny temper gilds lbe edges of life's blaelzest clouds. SUZANNE HUNTZINGER Entered from Enid, Oklahoma, '30. A heart us large as ber name, and a personality ibut will bring her fame. JAMES HURT Entered from Alta Vera Private School, '27g Crack Platoong Oak Staff. Few lhings ure impossible fo dili- genre and skill. , ALVIN IRBY Entered from Reagan in '27. Offi- cer ofA'.A:1iation Club. ,f A i,.1V Leilotbe1s hail our flying bimlf' V, LEON JOHNSON Entered from Trinity Heights, '26. Military. A gentleman and a true fric'nri. DOROTHY JONES Entered from Reagan, '27. Scholar- ship Clubg Secretary of National Hon- or Societyg Library Assistantg Girl Re- servesg Gym Demonstrationg Oak Staff. Anil still they gazed und xlill tbl' won- iler grew, That one smull hearl vould curry all she lzmfwf' RAY JONES Entered from James Bowie, '27. Camp Dallasg Lieutenant Colonelg Presi- dent of 1A and 2A Classesg Crack Companyg Efliciency Medal Camp Dal- las: Crack Company Commander. If in this boolz. you clmncc to peek, Belaolrl the face of our own 'slairlzf RHEUA NELL JONES Entered from Reagan. Scholarship Clubg Gym Demonstrationg Poppy Saleg Operetta, A girl with a knack to :lo crcry- tlaing well, How great slap will be 'no one nm lrllf' JIM KELLY Entered from Reagan, '27. Footballg President of the IB Classg Vice-Presb dent of the Glce Cliib. Wr z'e 'mat the erzruiy 111141 they are ours. MARGARET KENDRICK Entered from Bowie in '27. Spanish Clubg L. T. L. Clubg Pan Americang Girl Reservesg Girl Reserve Cabinet. A kind of disposition introilucnl by a smile that nom' coulrl resist. MARGARET KENNEDY Entered from Waxahacliie, '26. Presi- dent of Girl's Glee Clubg President Art Clubg President Music Study Clubq Oak Staffg Representative to National Chorus at Detroit, '31, I lore you for what you arrg but I lore you yet more for what you are going to be. A. G. LAMB Entered from Grand Prairie, '27, Bandg Library Assistantg State Band Contest. S11i'i'i'xx will ln' his for lu' ii fiiillw- ful in all tbingsf' 'B Si 4 4 .Ms I at 5 WX ,N .! 'fm JESSIE LANGSTON Entered from Hogg, '27. Pan Ameri- can Leagueg Spanish Club: L. T. L. Club, Girl Rescrvesg Poppy Girlg Scholarship Clubg Library Assistant. Her grace, hcr beauty, and her gcu- tlenvss, make her both charming and lomzlzlef' RUBY MAE LEDBETTER Entered from Reagan, '27. Spanish Clubg L. T. L. Clubg Poppy Girlg Gym Demonstration, Pan American Leagucg Vice-President of Spanish Club. Her very frown.: are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens arc. ZELLA RUTH LEE Entered from Reagan. Art Clubg Gym Demonstration, foppy Sale. In thy fare we see the map of hon- or, truth, and loyalty. MARTHA LEEDS Entered from Reagan, '27. Vice- President of IB'sg Scholarship Clubg National Honor Societyg Girl Reservesg Sponsor. So sweet was neier so fatal. MEADOW BELL LEMON Entered from Hogg. Gym Demon- strationg Girl Reservesg Archery Clubg Dramatic Clubg Music Stucly Clubg Operctta. A real person and u fricwzrl you can zlvpeml on. PAYE LEWIS Entered from Beverly Hills, Califor- nia, Hi. French Clubg Essay Clubg L. T. L. Clubg Girls Reservesg Oak Staffg Dramatic Club. He're's a girl with u heart ami a smile, That makes this life worth onc s while. KEMP LEVVIS Commissioned Officerg Hi-Yg Crack Companyg Camp Dallas, President of ZB Class, Vice-President of 4B Class. A companion that is cheerful is worth golflf, PAUL LONG Entered from Hogg, '27. R. O. T. C., Crack Companyg Hi-Yg Oak Staff, Dramatic Club. Fast or slow, hv'll reach the lop Birds that cannot fly can hop. OTTAMIES LONGMIRE Entered from Reagan. Gym Demon- stration, Poppy Sale. Think wisely, wciglaizzg uuwl aml fuel, But ncwr Ilaink loo much to acl. DOROTHY LOPER Entered from Polytechnic High, Ft. Wortli, ,29, Gym Demonstrationg Mu- sic Study Club. Hvrv'x fo ilu' girl 'zuilb eyes so ' brown, She :fever was known lo really frozen. BENNIE LOUGHRIDGE Entered from Ardmore, Oklahoma, ,28. Vice-President of ll-Yg Crack Company. Hn zmnzelctrx aflionx will long be rc'1nen1brrml. HELEN MARABI.E Entered from Reagan, '27. Acorn Staff, Girl Reserves, Scholarship Clubg President of Scholarship Club, N. H. S. Club, Dramatic Club Treasurer: President of Essay Club: Winilcr in Essay Contest, L. T. L. Clubg President of French Club. If work t'0IHIfX, xwr1'f'xx is bers, For ber rrrorfl xbowx IIU blurs. JESSIE MCBRIDE Entered from Bowie, '27. French Club, Dramatic Club, Poppy Sale. W011lll ye learn IM' mall io IHHgl7fl'?' lawn? JACK MCCOY Entered from North Dallas. Footbnllg Trackg Hi-YQ Glce Club, Dramatic Club, D Club. Hix Sllllll' ix imleml lvleasanl and u'inning. MOZELLE MCDQlUGAL Entered from Sunset, ,3-0. BNI blcst zvilb ber, 'tis spring lhrozlghouf ibc yvurf' LELLI-LNE MEAD Poppy Sale, Gym Demonstrationg Dramatic Club. A filly, prvlly, 'll'lffj', rlrarmiug darling iv she. vii! GLENN MERCER Art Club: Glee Club, Music Club. Time will newer find 1: better. VIRGINIA MEREDITH Entered from Bowie, '28, Orchestra, French Club, Girl Reserves, Essay Club, Dramatic Club, Acorn Staff, Editor-in-Chief Acorn, Class Officer, Chairman of Social Committee of 4B Class, All-city Orchestra, Operetta, Scholarship Club. If music he the fruit of love, play on--give me excess of it? MARGUERITE MILLER Entered from Bowie, '27. Girl Re- serve, Dramatic Club, Style Show, Library Assistant. There's'mn4ght but good of her name. ' CLARA MAE MORGAN Entered Sunset, '26, Oak Cliff, '30. French Club, Aviation Club, Glee Club, I.. T. L. Club. A merry heart maketh a rheerful countenance. HILLIARD MORRIS Entered from Reagan, '27. Football, Hi-Y, R. O. T. C., Track, Baseball, Basketball, Rifle Team, Golf Team. 'Tis slight, not strength, thuf gives the greatest lift. GARSON LAOSELY Entered from Weona, Arkansas, '28. Two years in Military Training. Who can foretell for what high call he was born? JANE NEFF Entered, '28. Gym Demonstration, Class President, Scholarship Club, Spanish Club, Poppy Sale, Pan Amer- ican League. Worth, courage, honor, these indeed your sustemmce and birthright are. GWENDOLYN NORTON Entered from Reagan, '27, L. T. L. Club, President of Sewing Class, Sen- ior Orchestra. She seutterx sunshine whermfer she goes. ETHEL OGLE Entered from Reagan, '28. French Club, Scholarship Club, Orchestra, History Club, National Honor So- ciety. Her sweetness and gentleness make her charming and lovable. IVAN PATTERSON Entered from Reagan, '27. A lad of mettle, a good boy. STEPHEN PARKER Entered from Reagan, '26, Three Years of R. O. T. C.g Most efficient Corporal, and most efficient Scrgeantg Camp Dallas, Home Lighting Contestg Radio Club. He has common sense in u way thafs -unrommzmf' ELIZABETH PEELER Entered from James S. Hogg, '27. President National Honor Societyg Scholarship Club, Linz Bible Award, Oak Staffg French Clubg' Girl Re- serves, President Camp Fire Girls. Happy, thoughtful, kind and true, There is no favor she will not do. CLEFTINE PEESE Entered from Sunset, '29, Sunset and Oak Cliff Orchestra, Girl Re- servesg Spanish Club, Pan American League, Oak Staff. A merry heart is welcome' uny- where. HARRY PETERSON Entered from James S. Hogg, '26, Basketballg Trackg Glee Club, Football. Lest men suspect your tale untrue, Kerp probability in view. ETHEL LINNIE PHILBRICK Entered from Reagan, ,27. Girls Base- ball Teamg Poppy Sale, Gym Demon- stration. Quiet and thoughtful, with untold secrets. AMY RAWLS Entered, '29. Poppy Sale, Girl Re- serves, Dramatic Club. A clay in April 1I?1'!'T came' so sweetf' 'ies WILMER RICHARDSON Entered from Venus, '30. Give 11x a lad 'whore laujlpy life is one perpetual grin. NANCY RIVIERE Entered from Bowie. Scholarship Clubg Gym Dcmonstrationg Girl Re- serves. I fill this rup 10 one Hltllft' up of Iowliurxx uIom'. DOROTHY ROACH Entered from Bowie, ,27. Oak Staffg Acorn Staffg Sponsor of Bandg L. T. L, Clubg Girl Reservesg French Club Of- ficerg Girl Reserve Officerg National Honor Societyg Scholarship Club. We raw lam' charming but we saw not half the charvn ber modesty mn- cealsf' CONNIE MAE ROBERTS Entered from Reagan, '27. Gym Demonstrationg French Clubg L. T. L. Clubg Current Event Clubg Girl Re- scrvcsg Orchestrag Glee Clubg Scholar- ship Club. Wilh llarrc ra11zf'crsir1g, I forget all tivnef' CLIFl9'ORD ROBINSON Entered from Paris, '28. Library As- sistzmtg Radio Clubg Commissioned Of- ficer in R. O. T. C.g Scholarship Clubg Hi-Y Clubg Camp Dallasg Crack Com- panyg Acorn Staff. True worth needs 710 interpreta- lion. LASCA ROGERS Entered from City Park, '27, Gym Demonstrationg Girls' Baseball Teamg Poppy Saleg Girl Reserves. nG00tl-11dl1H'l'!l and not pI'etc11tiaus. ' IRENE ROTHELL Entered from Travis, '27. Gym Dem- onstrationg Poppy Saleg Rotary Pa- geantg Cooking Club. A merry heart und true. SIDNEY A. RUDD Entered from Central, 'Z7. Glee Clubg R. O. T. C. Surat of wayx una' lbw of voice, MARY KATHRYN RUTHERFORD Entered from Reagan, '27. Pan American Leagueg Spanish Clubg Gym Demonstrationg Pep Squad. It's nice to be nalurul when you're nafurally nice. JAMES SHAWVER Entered from Hogg, '27'. Bandg State Band Contestsg Hi-Yg Junior Hi- Yg Class Officer of 2A Class, Sanger Representativcg Trackg Camp Dallas. Good looks ure not necessary but they help. HAROLD SMITH Entered from Bowie, '27. Hi-Y Clubg Footballg Basketballg Track. His a fine man-esperiully in ath- lelicsf' I . MARY LOUISE SPENCER Entered from Central. Spanish Clubg Scholarship Clubg Pan American Leagueg Girl Reserveg Dramatic Clubg L. T. L. Club, Gym Demonstration, Mixed Chorus. After she was made, they lost ibi- pattern? MILDRED SPRINOER Entered from Bowie, '27. Secretary and Treasurer of L. T. L. Clubg Gym Demonstration, -Home Economics 8 Clubg Rotary Pageantg Style Showg Oak Staffg Office Assistant. Welcome ever smiles, and farewell goes ou! sighing. MARY VERNA STEPHENSON Entered from Hogg, '28. Scholarship Clubg Oak Staffg French Clubg Dra- matic Clubg Girl Reservesg Art Clubg Gym Demonstrationg Publicity Man- ager of National Honor Societyg Grad- uating in three and one-half years. A mixlure of humor, intellect se- riousness and sport that constantly bubbles over in giggles. CHARLES STOGNER Entered from Bowie. Re-entered from Sunset. Spanish Clubg Pan American League. Some flaming beads delzole bright' ness. GARRETT SUTTON Entered from Bowie, Spanish Clubg Pan American Leagueg Scholarship Clubg Oak Staff. A To live as gently as be can, To br, no mufler where, a man. STELLA SYPERT Entered from Hogg, '27. Gym Dem- onstrationg Teachers, Demonstrationg Rotary Pagcantg Art Clubg Winner of poster contestg Vice-President French Club, Secretary 2A Classg Social Chair- man of O. Y. Clubg Scholarship Club. Tl1efe's a ccrlain young lady, WlJo's just in law bay-day, And full of all mixcloicf, I weenf, MILDRED TANNER Entered from Mount Auburn, '27. Gym Demonstration. Tberels nothing ill can rlwell in such u temple. JIMMIE TEMPLE Entered from Fort Worth, '30. The only way lo have u friend ix to br one. BEATRICE THOMAS Entered from Morgan High School, Morgan, Texas, '27. Member of Spanish Clubg Girls' Glec Club: Girl Re- servesg Dramatic Club, Music Club. Goodm'xs is brfmzfy at ilx bcslfl GARNETT TIPPETT Entered from Bowie. R. O. President of Oak Cliff Aero Major First Squadron, A, C. A.g Crack T. C. Clubg Company. V A frirml uvrlb r'ulliLr1ii11g. D. Ons Tom LIN Entered from Cisco High School, '29. French Clubg Dramatic Clubg Oak Staff. His good tfmpvr is lilzi' u sunny Jay. O. RENE TOMLIN Entered from Fort Vlforth, '29. Girl Reservesg L. T. L. Clubg O. Y. Club. Always 1'I'1I1f'Hll7i'Vi'1l for har lozfublf nature, goozl xparfxnmnship, and sunny smile, ALBERT TRUBE State Band Contests. Crack Com- pany, Honor Band. IFDUIIV Hliiflllll' Ilmf !1H!'Kll071il1g look-a win' man vmzwx lo wozzclrr only wbvn hr is rlemlf' 0 JULIUS TRUELSON Entered from Bowie, '27, Spanish Clubg Hi-Y Club, UD Club, Crack Companyg Camp Dallasg Basketball, Tennis, Footballg Trackg Oak Staff. His slrength is so fender, his 'wild- nrss so meek, that a suitable parallel it seis one fo seek. ELIZABETH TUCKER X Entered from Bowie, '27, Gym Dem- onstration, Girls Baseball Teamg Girl Reservesg Poppy Saleg Volley Team. Slat will outstrip all praisa, and make it laall belJin1l. LIDA ROLAN TURNER Entered from Paris, Texas. Latin Club, Curtain Club. Sweet io the world, anal grateful fo the skies. MIDRED WALKER Entered from Bowie, '2!7. Scholar- ship Clubg National Honor Societyg Oak Staff, Library Assistantg Stamp Club. A harrl worker all lhc way Harough. CICELY WATHEN Entered from Reagan, '27. Her silence is a spercla of love, tbz' music of the spheres above. JAMES XVEATHERBY Entered from Hogg, '27. Hi-Y, Dra- matic Clubg Acorn Staff, Scholarship Cluh. Always smiling and really to workf' JOHN WEST Entered from Hogg, '27. City Crack Company, State Crack Company. You rmff keep a good man li0lL'l1.,, CHRISTINE WILBOURN Entered from Reagan, '27. Art Clubg Interscholastic Leagueg Acorn Staff, Oak Staffg Gym Demonstration. I This little girl is known for her' uri, in Oak Cliff Higla School sbs. go! her start. S VIRGINIA L. WILKINSON Entered from Reagan, '27. Scholar- ship Clubg Art Club. She riot only draws well with ber clever fingers, but in like degree with lwer smiling frienrlli11ess. MIRIAM WILLIS Entered from Little Rock, Arkansas, ,30. Dramatic Clubg Spanish Club. A truer, nobler, trustier heart, more loving, or more loyal, viewer beat? BETHINE WILSON Entered from Reagan, '27. Scholar- ship Clubg National Honor Societyg Girl Reservesg Gym Demonstrationg Linz Bible Awardg Co-Editor of Oak. My motto, Wfbat.soe11er is worth doing at all is worth cloing well. MARY FRANCES WILSON Entered from Hogg, '27. Gym Dem- onstrationg Girl Reserves. Sweet jvromptings unto kimlext rleerls were in her 'very look. CORINNE YATES Entered from Sunset, French Clubg Poppy Sale. She alwzzyx sets a good example for us. RUTH BAKER Entered from Reagan, 'Z8. Scholar- ship Clubg Essay Clubg French Clubg Art Clubg Dramatic Clubg Poppy Contest. A brilliant mind, u manner kind. JACK BROGDAN Entered from North Dallas, '27. National- Bnndg Honor Band Drum Majorg Band Captaing Camp Dallasg President Senior Orchestrag All City Crchestra. W1' have a .wrofid Sousa in our midst. ELIZABETH COLEMAN Entered from Greenville, Texas, '28. Poppy Contestg Gym Demonstration. An iileul girl with scrioilsiiess aml IIIIIUOJ' alikef' 3. 'xv- 'vm xl vb? Wxufoun EARNHART Entered from Wixinctka, '27. Dra- 'l matic Clubg Glec Club. Y' One who never turns bis bark but H marcbcs brcuvl f0r1L'ur4l, Y' if fr EVELYN GRANGER lintered from Bowie, '27, Gym Dcmonstrutiong Clcrtlling Contestg Pop- py Sale. IF: bettrr fo be rr goof! Iislcmfr than u good lalkvrf' BERNICE HUBBARD Entered from Reagan, '27. Gym Demonstration, Spanish Clubg Poppy Sale. She is gcnilv, slw is slwy, lrul fbz'rc's mischief in bor eye. ED. KOMZELMAN Entered from Reagan. '27. Junior Hi-Y. Hc'x one of lbcsr quiet lifllc frllows flmfs lulkiug all ilu' timuf' IRMA MATl'lEWS Iinterecl from Sunset, '28. Gym Dcmonstrariong Forget-me-not Sale, Scholarship Club. To know ix to esteem. DxvicHT PURTELL Fntered from Bowie. 'Z7. Wcrrkiiig Boy's Clubg Stamp Club. Every vmm ix a zwolumr, if you know bmw lv mul him. Anuess RATHER Entered from Denison, ,30. Football. NF1'it'71f1Iy, and liked by all. Hormcu SIDES Entered from Tyler, '28. Basker- ball. Wir mm do anyibing if uw fry. MSN W- 'Ki 4-,...,nw if ' 5, 4, 4B Qlass Offcers ROBERT PARKS . . . Prvsidvnf MARY ISABE1. HASSEl.L . . . . Vice-President BILLY SHAW' . . . Sc'cr'efar'y aml Trcfasurer. YVONNE COSBY Chairman Sofia! Commifler' MODINE TUCK1iR . . . .. . Class Rrporler MRS. MINNIE BRAMLETTE . . . Sponsor The 4B Class, having a great amount of extra studying to get off their hands at the close of their junior year, did not accomplish quite as much as they had set out to do in the autumn. In spite of this deep concentration, however, they succeeded in giving a very entertaining assembly. The plans for the spring term included another assembly and a dance. The class has an excellent social committee with Yvonne Cosby as chairman. The 4B Class, although small, is outstanding with its distinguished members, as, Mary Isabel Hassell, popular dancerg james C Hamie j Russell, star football playerg Robert Parks, class president for three consecutive termsg Billy Spencer, golf champion, Natalie Sprague and Wfilma Schulz, tennis playersg Winona Blaine, general vamp of the class, and Modine Tucker, known for writing such original articles as this. The class is well represented in the National Honor Society, having seven members in it. It also has members on the Oak staff and on the Acorn,' staff. The class was sponsored by Miss Harris in the fall term and was led with business insight by Mrs. Bramlette in the second semester. Thr Wfoorlx wfaerv Hauling mfwr Fails, Arc rarely reached by easy trails. A , fx f l 1' 3 f JJ., liaker, Ruth liell. Juanita lllaine, Vlfinona llomliergxer, Marion liullman, Louise Childress, Oleta Cosby, Yvonne Crain, Franees Cunningham, Gertrude Daniel, Clarice llivkson, Margaret llililiey, Estelle lbisvher, Anna Jo Bigger, James Brewster, J. C. Broussard, John Hurt, Lamon Fadenhead. liennie Clark. David Cook, Ira Corley, Quentin tlravens, Howard Cummings, L. tl. llaves, Bert Dobbins, Ira Edmondson, William Edwards, Phillip Fmichie, Tom fiixil 51 B Qlas GIRLS ltlble, Kathryn Elliott. Claudia lfleeman. Lorena Fawcett, Franc-is Gamble, Mary Garvin, Evelyn tloin, Winnie Jo Hamilton, Paralee llassell, Mary Isabel Hernandez, hllidea Hill. Edith Hughes, Ruby Lorene Hurt, llorothy Gardner. Clarence tlharis, John Hanson, Frank Hare, Almon Harp, Ralph Howard. Robert Hoyle, Raymond Huber, Utto Irwin, Walter Johnson, Vinvent Jones, Ray Jordan, Elmo Kinsey, 'l'. . linighton, Robert Large, liilly Huston, King, llorothj' , King, Marie Langxtord, Addig' all Martin, Ada Rhea, Mcllowell, Helen Vik. Millei', Elizabeth ' Nelson, Helen Nicholson. Mary Pierson. 'l'wila Pitts, Mary Kathryn Pruitt. Ruby Kay, Jane Lawrent-e, Kenneth LeVilloux, Norman Lindsay, J. A. Lindsey. ll-te Ronall, Martin Moore, Edwin Parks, Robert P P R arrish, Beverly atrick, Carl allle. Howard Robinson, William Rountree, Winston Roy, James Russell, James it Schulz, Wilma Scott. Marie Sprague, Natalie Stepxer, Nita Mao Taylor, Bula Taylor, Eula Tonn, Maybelle Tomlin. Elizabeth Tucker, Modine W'eaver, Esther Wells, Nedra Wfiley. Julia 'W'ilkins, Pauline Sturges, VVilliam Le Sanders. Allan Shaw, Billy Spencer, Billy Striny,rfellow, Iloyle Sturdivant, James Swatek, Robert Webber, Ford VVhipker. Ric-hard White, Jimmie Wilson, Travis VVilson, Harold West, Burton Zear, Glendale 1' 1 i..fNJ 5 SENIORS, FAREWELL You to the left and I to the right, For the Ways of men must sever- And it Well may he for a day and a night, And it well may be forever. But Whether we meet or whether we part QFor our Ways are past our knowingj , A pledge from the heart to its fellow heart On the Ways We all are going! I-Iere,s luck! For We know not where we are going. From Af ibn' Crossroads -RICHARD HOVEY. 1 o bugzier pension could ge find than he get bugier than he mag be gieemed to be. .Al - N ik K f : XH- , I wfgigfia, M 1 i t A it :Jac 1A ...Q A SEI' ,., A, ,W P' .' 'WF gh' , wi. ,, 1 gi wi '44 . 'ffm , f , 5 4? 1 1, , Q ,fi ,Mx Cnr 4' Y . ,, 5 , Q lyk -W N, . B QQ .1s '- f J' si , :f i..-F fn- Q ' X5fs:','L, 4' J 'fu 'ff' -gif' ,L ' ...,, W- A ., ., fw ',g!.,. . f y -,- ,V mfs.: ff' ' 4, 41. , .1 'ff ,Q -', :.f.'i'. N.u'w. ,J - , 3-1-'-f a-.. , V1 . . .63,.-Mggfm.. 4.31 ., if ,ff If h . . . - 11:1-.g ,-T, ,. r, . W .. '-g M, .,, ' i' fm-I-f':'1T'.'l '-wwrgff if W r- 1' --'-.ff ,, 2 623- 559 .3527 125, f V' J' 324 1, Ag.:-.i .f .iisifa if 2 3 . -. ' 1 ' ,gl ,-.1 h ... -4 pg: ' fc A -.-' ' 3 'YF' ,- 'Lu' 1 'Q-.. ,-k. ,,, .X - 'af , g- tx., ., , 4 f , -,1 ,Ab -3- I, , 'fi , -,L 1. ,I-. J QL fr . sp-8 . 5 W' - - :f n H Q ., n -Q u l 73 x , f, 'ig ,. -, Z, 2 v fr , ' A .v-7 4 . f-1 w -s A 'Ti-S-L7 - 4 , .. ,Q V' JH- , 4 LE- x nv. . V aw ay . ' T' 'X V5 Q 3'-: f - at 4' -'N 1 . . 2' is , J a , ' , M l1'f31 Y- i.,vi-1 4 g 9 '11 in J 'ir - X, ,.f..,.,-.,. ,, union' Sihgw' 5 3 A Class Offcers PAUL lloxiis . . P1'vxi11'e1z1' jul- lfol 1-Y . . Vim'-Prc'.vi1f1'11I NlAXlNl'. Ifoian . . S1'1'1'1'f111'y 411111 Trmslrrei' MA1x'1'1i,x QLVll.l.,fXN Sm'i11l Clldifllldfl R111 NIKZIILDI s . . . P1'og1'11111 Cibtlifllltlll Miss M 'xiu,,x1uf1' Hmuus . SPOIIXOI' It seems as if the 3A's have tried to succeed very hard lately and there can be but one idea in mind-that of being Seniors next year. This class has been exceptionally well represented in all forms of activities and or- ganizations of the school. During the term several entertainments were given under the direction of Miss Harris, our sponsor. This is nn outstanding class with several prominent students and we all hope for their success during their senior year. Nor I,o11r' nm' S1111 ix 111' who Walkx all ljlly, Wiflz j1l1'11s1111l 7'fI01lKQlII'K for Co111ru1l1's on HJC way. Alexander, Jo Bet Clinton, Paulyne Allen, Helen Mae Coleman, Catherine Allsopp, Theresa Connell, VVinona liarrentine. Lenora liartlet t , Ellen Beattie, Martha Alie liet-kham, liernic-e liell, Eloise Bell, Josephine liourn, Margaret Brit-key, Felice Brown. Mildred Hurnette, Avis Carter, lloris Carter. Elizabeth Carter, Ruth Chapman, Cathryn llorothy Cheek, Childs, Rose Marie Cleveland, Mary Jane Bonner, Ed liootlle, Kenneth lirantley, Wilson Iiritton, Homer Carlson, Glenn Carnes, Ralph Chatelain, Joe Clark, William Hamilton Cleveland, Edwin Cline, John l'0mt'ort. Ralph Conway, Jaelt Couneil, R, C. Cowand, Praternan Falwell. l'aul llavis, Jaeli llavis, Job' Davlin, Renot Atkinson, Vada Marie Conner, Nellie Cooper, Maxine liosurovu. Eula Croft, Mary Alive llavis, Katherine llellitt, Virginia llickson. Margaret lbinltins. Pauline Eason, Mary Ethel Ellard, Laura Elmer, Lucy Anna Ellington, Maurine Ellslrerry, Evelyn l'l1ups,lle Etta lfechenlaach, Malhilda Ford, Maxine Gates, Edith tlreen, Eula Mae lielford, liurnire Ilieltson, Elvis llorsett. tlillrert Flltin. Theodore E l ferguson. Hen-shel lt' l t t 1 t I t t t t I 1 ssa ry, Uved loyd, Charles foley, Joe eiser, Leon eorge, Jaeli oerner, Fred ooch, tioma oodwin,Ja1-lt ray, Ralph ladish, John ril't'in, 'l'heo runeisen, Charles Hale, .Nolan Hamilton, Edu in 3,41 Qian GIRLS tQrit't'in, Mary Olive Guthrie. Kitty Hahn, Edwina Haynes, lbollie Lee Hooper, llorothy Lou Hill, Winnell Hinson, liessie Holi. Elizabeth Holder, lialhenry Hunter, Anna Hunter, Nanelle liinnamer, Margie Kennedy, Mercedes liinc-aid, lierniee Kinsey, Edna Lake, Dorothy Lee, Eugenia Lowe, Evelyn Macliae. .Xdcla Jeanette Manuum, Adelyn BOY S llardvastle, Herbert, Harris, George Hayslip, Harrison Hetherington, Charles Iloneyr-utt, Edward Hosty, John Humphries, Gordon Humphrey, Richard Ianni, Joe Irwin, Bill Johnson, I . M. Jones, Paul Jordan. Elmo Knott, Iiouulas Lindsay, VV. I.. Lunday, Jim Mallory, Curtis Mangum, Preston Mason, Tommy Mathews, Cora Mathews. Nora Mc'Lau!hlin, Fay McLaren, Vida Mr'Leroy. Luville Meazzelie, Hazzelle Melton, Mary Louise Monroe, Mary Jo Mosshart, Eunire Nilrlo, Margg'uerit.e Oliver. Jessie Mary Palmer, Alice Parker. Ernestine Phillips, Geraldine Prince, liatheryn Qnillin, Martha. Rhodes. tlladys Russell, Connie Russell, JL-wel Sanders, Mary Louise Mann, James Marlx, VVellsorn Martin, Sam May, Lee Mr-liurnett. William Mc-Cain, Rea Mrlloxvell, Norman Mrllam, Hugh Mellarry, Mah-olni Murry, Fred Niehols, Rip VVood Urliels. Roy Pearson, th-orgre Pea-leI', Ewing Voile, l letr'her Powers, Osvar l Simer, Lloyd Nagle, Howard Shaw, Lois Skinner, Catherine Slavton, liarlrara Smith, Hazel Smith, Lois Smith, Mary Lee Stinson, Vivian Stout, YVilda Thomas, Jessie Thompson, Mildred Tunnell, Rosemary Webb, Margaret White, Cathryn TVliitl'ord, lletty Marie Nlfhittlesey, Merrill Williams, Fay VVilliams, Grave Wilson, Helen Marie WVrig'ht, Juanita llhoads, Uolmore Runrh, Lewis Scruggs, John Simpson, 1'arlt Spence, Edward Stanley. J. NV. Stark, llux Stewer, Tom 'l'hornas, Clarenm-e 'l'urney, Hamilton Waltefield. liurrel Vtfalters, A. ll. VVelmster. Robert ' lloli White, Wiiruins, liloyve W7L'lJllQl', lford VVilson, James li. VVorley. Mat-on 3B Class Offcers HousToN DI-.AN ......... . Pwsizlezzl GP.NE G1,IDEXY'EI.l, . Vin'-llnfxidwzf l7AUl.INli Hfxiuusox . . SK'l'I'f'flll',j' Miss VIRCilNI.N Rotrrns . Sjwzzxor The BB Class has been supporting the school wholeheartedly this year. Representa- tives from the class are to be found in almost all of the various organizations in the Oak Cliff High School. The outstanding feature of the full activities was the program presented at an assembly-a playlet that was considered distinctive by both faculty and students. Under the supervision of Miss Mabel Rockett, who was at that time sponsor of the class, a play, The Fatal Quest , directed by Edna Bennett, was produced. The main characters were: Helen Riddels, Milton McCord, Betty Buster, Chauncey Brown, Frankie Lou Couch and Edna Bennett. Enjoy ffm Road. The Bm! ix lolz' fo Tboxe, H7110 IIIIVILY Bfimfluy fozcwlwf fbi' IUIH'IIt'-YS, Clow. Adams, Hope Alexander, Louise Allen, Elizabeth liaker, Dorothy Barrett, Christine llennett, Edna Brant, Beulah liryan, Gertrude Buster, Betty Cardwell, Rosa Lee Carlton, Edna Clark, Margaret, Couch, Frankie Lou Cook, Oleta Faye Crowell, Dorothy Cummings, LaVerne Alford, Ermie Benton, C. W, Berry, Richard liogrardus, Robert Bowen, Willizlnt llrown, Chaunt-ey lirownlow, Eugene Chestnut, George Cot-hran, Roluert C'ol'l'in, Bert lfox, Waltei' t'rcdille, James Iiarliy, Clarenre Dean, Houston llunn, Bill 3 B Cfass Davis, Flossye Edmonson, liernadene Elder, Elise Evans, Mary Katherine Evans, LaVaughn Gal'l'ord, Beth Haley, Ouida tllidewell, Gene tiriffin, Luville Garvin, Katherine Harrison, Pauline Herrington. Carmen Herring, Florine Hill, Marshall Holbrook, Willise Flowers, Willizxnl Frensley, Harold Fussell, Thomas Gardner, Harry flood, Aubrey Grove, Paul Hartwell, Claude Hawkins, Tom llennlerson, Javlt llenson, Lewis Jordan, Carl Lee, Harrell Linn, Hal London, J. V, GIRLS Hopkins, Grave Howell. Maurive .Iohnson, Naomi Keith, Leola Kemp, Margaret Keys, Opal Lineberyrer, liernive Lollar, Gladys Mahan, Mildred Mascho, June Mason, Dorothy Mc'Carty. Franc-es Mulfown, Loraine Mc-tluire, Marguerite Meauhum, lrene BOYS Maupin, Harold Mc-Cord, Milton Menter, Hai ry Nalmors, Howard Neal, Herman Parks, Harry Patterson, Alphorso Pearson, George Peery, Francis Pierce, William Pinkston, Nat Pond, Charles Primm, Allan llale Regan, Frank Mactlillivray. Gordon avid W Nolen, Cova Oakes, Berniere Purselley, Evelyn Jean Riddels, Helen Sarvis, Louise Savage, Margruerite Shanklin, Ethel Shelton, Fay Span, Kathryn Louise Thompson, Anita Todd, Dorothy 'Fur-ker, Edith Walton. Wilma Webb, Dorothy Lou Rinse, Jack Roberts, John Sanders, Charles Svherer, Howard Simpson, Park Steindorf, Miko Stokley, Manson Sutton, James Henry Theophilkos, James VVcsterlag'e, William Wheless, Stanley VVilliams, J. 'l'. Vtfohleke, WVilliam Worley, Charles ! X 5 ,, 'L ' B 552 , -i Q, , A Shglnhn Ivan Euse us tsdaar 6 Isailure Aesrhgiun ' nf, ggi umm mgme y N . ' Fnlouiun Buuhqsfaftnr alias ilamcs Siuvbivante ' FMIL Qc Qtlasm mntzr E fff'-X Sirill :mm ff , I jf W 7 X f' f , I .IAXX x-K -as :- Q f'-Ni, Qk!Lf'-- fffluaffx NS.- E 0 S I S, he Burt jfgg by , gr flaw: fp miliiaviz Y genius WHY! 51111120 ..A. . gn armament mum' Sir He Gllazse Norman ' -f' mumzr' ' ' Ziizviiluux Billgfmnhhgl Zlarga if sl' e Klasse clmlm' at truth ere QVC? mag Q gummorr er with ug in that place that had a fiery red cherubic fare. N w,k 2+ -. 5 A-,r,,K 1,4 , W 5 M .A -W--N, . , If 2 'fi' 5 ,Q V gi K Q ,, I' l x 7 'V ??0f'w 1 f fv .' , sk .'.. .,.. W 4 x I lv! 4 C - : , SQ Nvxaxidfg ikkff M. X oplwmur w ww W 421. W W' 1 A 2A Class Oyfcers NVAYLAND PHILLEY . . .. . . President LUCILLE POGUE . . Vice-President RALPH WALTERS . . . Secretary-Trruszzrcr Miss MABEL ROCKETT . . . Sponsor The 2A Class is at present in its infancy, even so, We are quite active and intend to be much more active before the term is up. As this is written, we are entering our sixth week of life: and we have already had two class meetings, two business meetings, a skating party, and a Saint Patrick,s Day party. We have some Wonderful officers, and through their guid- ance, We expect to do great things. Tis Cheap io build ii Casfie in the Air, Bzii Cosily Keeping up iz Dwelling fbc'rc'. 2A Class GIRLS Adams, Valine Anderson, Oleta Baker, Lois Barker, Estelle Batson, Flrances Barker, Mahota Beard, Geneva Bell, Deane Bowen, Jeannette Brantley, Alice Burba, Blanche Burnett, Virginia Cansler, Helene Carlisle, Virginia Childs, Ruth lCobler, Eva Cole, Annes Collum, Katherine Cox, Alice Cox, Lois Crouch, Marjorie Crow, Bertha Lee Crow, Grace Deere, Clifford Degen, Leola Drees, Helen Douglass, Karan Dubbels, Vera Dunn, Vartha Durham, Vera Dot Elder, Dorothy Hariiett. Helen Erwin, Edyth Harrison, Gwendolyn Fall, Virginia Hawk, Clyde Floyd, Rosemary Heater, 'Vera Fuqua, Alma Lena fllettick, Gallaway, Earline Mary Kathryn Gardner, Alice Ilinckley, Marjorie Gardner, Mattie Neal Holder, Satis Gates, Lucille Gladden, Jean Graham, Lois Green, Gladys Greene, Mildred Hooper, VVillibel Huntzinger, Ikliry Jane Inae, Inez Johnson, Kathryn Greenslade, GenevieveJones, Helen Grubbs, Margie Kinnamon, Euphcmia Hahn, Frances Hale, Louise Hall, Sybil Halliburton, Dorothy Avera, Stanley Alvin Bt-achum, Billy Bean, Kenneth Bell, Edwin Bell, Gerald Ilennett, Tad Bierner, Harold Bond, Billy Branch, Taylor Brown, Buddy Carlton, Bert Carnes, Jim Carr, Travis Clapper, John Cochran, Preston Coprburn, Sylva Coleman, Joe Congleton, Jack Crow. Cccil Crowell, Walter Curtis, Walter Daniel, Kenneth Darnell, Carl Davis, James Lacy, Katheryn Joyce Lanier, Athalie LOG. Doris Mildred Lee, Lucille Davis, J. T. Davis, Leonard Davis, Paul Davlin, Eugene Day, Eugene Dial, John, Jr. Dutton, Robert Elmer Early, Jack Ifelder. Adolphus Fcrsluson. Tim Flowers, Eugene Ifudgre, Ben Garmon, Renno George, Lloyd Gillespie, Bill Gilbert. J. C. Goodwin, Jack E. Goodwin. Jack Greer, James Edward Gresham. .lfrummece Gurley, Dabney Hamra, George Hayslip, Conley Liiron, Betty Lindsey, Dixie Littleton, Hannah Luce, Agnes Luekvy, Florence L5'man, Maurine Macliae, Georirene Mann. Mary Loise Manning, Cloradee Maupin, Dorothy' Mc-Alister, Doris Mt-Beth, Anita McDowell, 'Virginia McIntosh, Dumas McQueen, Elizabeth Melton, Grace Morrow, Elzic Mae Nelson. Vera 0'Neal, Allison BOYS Henderson, Robert Hendricks, J. P. Humphries, Floyd Huffer. Robert Hurt, Earl Irwin, Bill Jaaers. Claude Jenninprs, Grover Johnson, Phillip Kast, Norbert Knott, Rice Lake, Grant Lee, Clarence J. Liles, Hvrrell Lindsay. Kenneth Lowe. VV. A. Lowrie, Jeff' Lamb, Luther Mayen-s, James Mann. O. C. McMains, Alvin McKenne, Robert Mills, Jimmie 0'Reilly, Elsie Iielle Peese, Sylvia Perkins, Ruth Perkins, Virginia Peters, Margaret Pierson, Chrystclle Pogrue, Lucille Poole. Cleon Reynolds, Mildred Louise Richards. Paula Rinfr. Jewel Robinson. Elizabeth Rogers, Fay Scott, Clara Belle Scott,Mariraret Simmons, Evelyn Smith, Lorraine Spain, Mildred Moon, John Mullen, Malcolm Neal, J. P. Nelson, Parker Leigh Parrish, Billy Perry, Jack Burke Peterson, Jack Peyton, John H. Philley, WVaYland Parr, Hen ry Franklin Rhodes. Edu in Rood, Finous Rood. Wiley Franklin Russell, Loyd Schell, VVilson Schmidt. Thacker Scudder, Johnnie Shanks, Recd Shaw, Ed Simpson, Alvin Skipwith, Raymond Sprailue. John Starke, Robert Stephens, Eleanor Stevens, Frances Marion Taggart, Eleanor Tatum, Cloda Thomason, Marie Thompson, Geraldine Tidwell, Mary France: Truly, Viruinia Turner. Umega. VValston, Mildred Wherry, Louise White, Mildred Sue Wilder, Esta Mae Wiley, Grace Williams, Jessie Lois NVimberly, Lillian Wix, Myrtle Lou Woodcock, Helen Stephens, Ralph Tarrant. Mike Taylor. Rayburn Taylor, Branch Tennison, Bill Tinnin. Glen Traverse, Jack Turner, Fred Kenneth Vann, Cecil Van-Riper, Robert Walker, Clinton VVagner, John VValters. Ralph Wave. Marshall Weston, Billy VVhite. Jack White. Maurice Wilds, Billy VVilliams. Charles Wilson, Kenneth XVilson, Jack Worden, Eusxene Worley, Charles 2B Qlass Offcers TIM XVELCII . . . . Pl'6'Sfl1'l'lIf LAVERNE HOWARD . . . Vice'-P1'r'si1lv11f ELIzA1s1a'rH Tnws . . . S!'f'l'L'f6Il'-Y and T'l'C'llX1ll'Ul Miss MARY Louisii CLY1-:'1'TIz . . . Sponsor Undaunted by the preceding year of teasing, the 2B's are as peppy a group of students as is found in Oak Cliff High School. The class seems to be very studious, as they had sixteen members on the scholarship club during the month of January. Furthermore, they have the honor of having two students, Rosabelle Hernandez and Edwin Redding who have exceptionally high ave- rages. However, the class is not too studious to enioy entertainments. The social com- mittee has planned some very interesting programs for the term. The officers, under the leadership of Miss Clyette, expect to make this class one of the best in Oak Cliff High School. The 2B,s are earnestly striving to uphold the class standards and are trying to make each class meeting more interesting than the last. Their loyalty is also reflected in their constant endeavor to promote the Old Oak Cliff Spirit. Come, Bl'l'!lSIi flu' Slojzr' :mal lean' ibn Grassy Vale! The joy of Life is on the Upward Tmilf' 'B Aiton, Elsin- Atteberry, Marguerite Bates, Ophelia Berry, Velma Brannon, Edna Earle Brown, Ouilda. Brown, Mary Lou Burdette. Sarah Jane Christal, Ilosa Lee Clifton, Flois Coffey, Virginia Alice Gowgtill, Ledis Growson, Mary Lou How, Willadean Elmer, Ida Fay England, Lila Fae Addison, F. W. Anderson. Arnold Anderson, Richard Arrington, Ben Barnes, Carlton Benson, 'L li. Blank, John liolinger, NVilliam Burdine, Keathley Campbell, S. P. Garter, 'l'ravis Clark, Harry Drake, Glenn Elliott, Ben Ethridue, Edgar Faulkner, Clil'l'ord 2B Class GIRLS Eyre, Lu:-retia Gary, Anna Florine Gilbert, Mildred Hanna, Louise Hansboroutrh, Dolores Hargxis, Sue Harris, Alfreda Harris, Mildred Harrison, Juanita Haygootl, Ruth Hernandez, Corola Hernandez, Roszzbclle Hickey, Juanita Holifield, Elouise Houpt- 'l'on1ie Howard, LaVerne Hurst, Gladys Fosrle, l'. VV. Gee, 'l'honias Ii. Gentry, 'l'hrumond Gilbert, J. G. Guard, Jack Halliburton, Billy Hicks, Moody Hill, Herman Humphreys. Jack Isham. Fred Isham, W. F. Johnson, Joe Johnson. Laurence Jones, Jai-k Keeney, Clinton Huston, N erna James, Keren Loveless, Selma Mallit-ot. Vernelle Matlock, Cleo Mcbougle, Fern Miller, Minnie Neibor, Marie Oliver, Jane Owsley, Bonnie Jean Pollork, Hazel Post., llollie Pratt, Midretl Rawlings, Olena Schlinke, Lillian Schulz, Katherine BOYS Knifley, NVilmer Lamb, Luther Lee, Luvian Leslie, Henry Liles, Clint Logan, Rowman McLeod, Angus Meazelle, Smith Nlurheatl, J. L. Nelson, L. B. Ogden, Taylor Parks, Gerald Patton, Stanley Pitt, Earl Redding, Edwin '. 5QT'1 Shatldzty, Dorothy Small, Mary Helen Smith, Dorothy Stacy, Elizabeth Stringtellow, Mildred Stroud, Tillie Dell 'l'hotn1tson, Mae Tipps, Elizabeth Treadwell, Verna Upham, Georgia VValden, Viola Wilkinson, Marie Williams, Vivian WVilloughby, Lorec NVright, Ollie Young, Gladys Shanks, Roy Simpson, Rufus Smith, Edwin Smith, J. T. Snoddy, Tom Summers, Lester 'l'uc'ker, Robert Vantreese, R. B. VVearer, Phil VVallare, John Welrh, 'I'im White, Russell Wilson, Woodrow VVomat'k, Robert VVoolt'e, Johnie W l 50-51 . iimsuphiziiralrfl finphum arm hr H ? Cifhtmrcfffg 1'3rg11J1r ezzvmis tn kit' running In rn Ghlhffi Q 1:15293 sarzxmnh E i Minllfrn Eagan? this in F2315 Em HQ? LY I gif IBHLIIELPI mmm LEU wuz fa 2 L b2r1Urnrf'E gi 5 ml In 5119522351523 Wg MH mr? 'elf Wmlqrggrr Jlnbpzmn me mmm ahmwffr Q fnukhml plmmnfrzi BHG mug ham umfrfgesrrh mmf ff vhauf HMI ini? Jtm Qfarmtii' M iff Slxplptlt IX I 171 ' , N Z A T ' A I L J: . X 5 X L A T K lf , V Hippy. N I 'Zh ' hm 5 X Q A ? i X 'Lf-2EI1T,fi'LQ Hymn ark , Lb ft , 7 PM f-ff - ,W , , xx' P - ffl, 1.- . . f .X X 355. . WA sw' may 3? Er 232111 52? if the month of mag. .rg , 'Q 41 Q, V '-if lws we-we ,ww 69? KM, :Z z Vpgibmgzn 1' I A Class Offqcers NORMAN RoGERs . , . . Prcsidenz' JAYNE KELLY . . Vice-President ASHLEY JONES . . Secretary-T1'casu1'cr Miss IDABELL CABINES . . . Sponsor The IA's, although still a freshman class, have a somewhat greater prestige since they have passed from that first stage of timidness and fear. They have acquired the Oak Cliff Spiritv, and now feel themselves to be really a part of the school. Though they have not done very much as yet, they intend to do some very important things in the near future. They expect to soon be represented in many of the activities of the school. Allison, Frances Ardis, Sallie Jo Ashley, Dorothy Barnett, Dorothy Basom, Peggy Bell, Josephine Boedeker, Jacqueline ACfi1fe minfls ibn! fbiuk and Sindy, Like Swift Brooks are seldom M11dd3f. Bone, Bernice Bozeman, Addie BL Brewer, Paralee Brown, Edith Brown, Margaret Bryan, Mildred Bryant, Betty I A Cfasf GIRLS Campbell, Nora Carter, Florene Casper, Helen Cheek, Rachel Cherry, Hope Clay, Lois Cook, Lucille H11 Comfort, Louise Coombs, Betty Gail Crider, Gladys Crudup, Mary Cupp, Foistine Curry, Jane Dial, Georgia Dickey, Clarzxbel Doughty, Frances Duncan, Margaret Durham, Elsie Jewel Eastham, Minnie Pearl Eby, Marcella Elliott, Genevieve Erwin, Evelyn F'itzg'erald, Imogene Foster, Elizabeth Hazel Freeman, Oneta Gallaher, Sarah Gordon, Helen Goss, Frances Graham, Minnie Pearl Hackney, Darnell Hall, Dorothy Hamilton, Lucile Hammer, Hazel Harper, Bernice Hawkins, Bernice Hawkins, Margaret Heim, Madeline Higenbotham, Clara Allison, Thomas Amis, J. L. Atchley. Bascom Baker, Lawrence Barrett, Jamcs Beck, Roger Bourn, Joe Forest Bradshaw, Jimmy Broekschmidt, Fritz Brown, Hardy Bryan, Albert Burdette. Houston Byrd, Billy Carr, Milton Chamblin, Thomas Chenault, Georgie Clark, George Cooper, Merrill Crooks, Harvey Crow, Alvin Dalilms, Robert Dellitt, John Dellitt, Thomas Donald, William Hopson, Grace Hut'I'er, Evelyn Hulistedler, VVelna Bess Johnston, Elizabeth liattler, Katherine lieahey, Edith Kelly, Jayne Knight, Forrest Knight, Frances Koch. Doris Louise Lamln, 'Rebecca Lainliert, Marjorie Lanilyert, Patty Rut llarg't-, Janie Lee, Qlieliet-:fa Lewis, June Lewis, Nathalie LeVilloux, Alice Logan, Mary Ellen Du Bois, Forrest Dunimit, Boll llurrett. Dale Dyer, Dirk Eastham, Henry Cla Evkort, Paul Ellis, Jack Epps, Sam F'arrar. I'larold Finn, Tom Flelc-her, Dan Foster, Horace Freeman, Charles Gage, Irvin Gallanay, Alton Gardner. Jai-k Garrison, James Germany, Stexx art Graham, James llare, Elbert Halley. Harold Ham, ll. G. Harpold, Clayton h ly Loper, Ladelle Maddox, Dorothy Mallicot, Nadine Maralvle, Catherine March. Dorothy Maupin, Patsy McConilis, Bessie Mr-Cune, Maurine McFall, Jen ell Mctiinnie, Viola Meat-hum, Irene Mead, Maxine Miller, Franr-es Miller, Nant-y Nelson, Parkie Leigh Nelson, Pearl Nivens, liuliy Lois Oliver, Monette Orman, Sammy Nay Patterson, F'rances BOYS Harris, lVili'ol'd Harrison, Jim Haslitt, James Haynes, Andrew Heath, Edtord J. Heiskell, Jim Dave Hicks, Cen-il Holder. Eugene Hord, John Allan Homeyer, Elmer Hurt, Robert, Irwin Bill lvie, Clarence Johnston, D. E. Johnson, Charles Johnson, Maivolin Johnson, Kedfrow Jones, Ashley Jones, Il. E. Kearley, Herbert Kennel, Joe Kilgore, John Kirkpatrirk, H. L. Patterson, Marie Pierson, Nina Ruth Quillin, Fairy Kedfearn. Jessie Sandlin, Ruby Grave Sc-hmucker, Cecil Louie Sellers, Vivian Shanks, Brenda Mae Shropshire, Loxley Smith, Cleo Smith, Mary Edna Sneed, Glynn Spillers, Kathleen Standridge, Camillia Stephens, Bernin- Stogner, Lida Bess Stovall, Juanita Stringrfellow, Mildred Lewis, Coy Lewis, Sheridan Luce, Ollie Maas, Harry Martin, Duane Martin, Dudley Martin, Fred McCulloch, L. N, Mcllaniel, Jack McWhirter, Onral Merrifield, Daniel Metcalf, Howard Middleton, Bob Miller, Ernest Minter, Filmore Monson, Bill Montgomery, Howard Neale, Ray Norcross, Bill Peacock, Bowmer I'eeler, Lawrence Perkins, William Piranio, Angelo Talloert, Della Mae Taylor, Pruda BL Tate, Floatsum Taylor, Mary Thompson, Clara Bellt Thompson, Floye hompson, Lovdia Thompson, Maurine Adelle T Tomlinson, Turney, Tina Walton, Julia Wherry, Ruth White, Josephine Wilds, Ethel Ruth Williams, Elaine Wilson, Lillian Eleanor Wood, Geraldine Youngblood, Jane Poteet. Charles Purselley, Orval Richardson, Howard Boilers, Norman Sallis, Jack St-1'uL!1:'s. Frank Smith, Grove A. Stanberry- Harold Smith, Leslie Smythe. Walter Sneetl, Ed Stanford, John Schlinke, Eldon Tennison. Donald Stevens, George Theo, Pete Timmins, Jack Ulm, Forrest Wallace, Carroll Webster, Samuel W'est,moreland, Charle Williams. Watts Willis, John E. IB Class Officers CHARLES SPRAGUE ......, Prcfsizlvnf PRESTON l'lO1.DEN .... . . Vice-Prcavidwvt CAR1u11Ji2ANiaTT1zFQRTENBERRY . Secretary-Trr'as11rer Miss Al3Bll41 CRANIZ . . . . . Sjlonsor There are one hundred thirty-four pupils in the IB Class 'These pupils come from the Rea B gan, owie, Hogg, Peeler and Mills schools. 3 On February 11th, the class had its first meeting, for the purpose of organizi d l ' ' ' sponsor of the class. ng an e ecting officers. Miss Crane is the We hope this class will distinguish itself in scholarship and , participate in all other activities of the school We ho e 't . p 1 s record will be as brilliant as that of any class that has gradu- ated from Oak Cliff High. Sailor bold, be 1101 foo bold. The Ship is Young, the Sea is Old. i .R ers., ii LN J Akers, Elinor Barkshadt, Margaret Beehenbaeh, lilizabeth Birtlwell, Ruth Brant, Dorothy Brewer, Paralee Cameron, liranets Calton, Valeria Caywood, Virginia Childers, Geraldine Cole, Blanehe Cole, Lola Comfort, Louise Connally, Pearl Davis, Sophia Lee Adams, Dayton Armstrong, Stilwell Bartlette, Charles Beckham, Charles Bemla, Jack Benson, Carl Bludworth, Charles Burke, lfrman Campbell, Milton Cz1nsler,llenry Carleton, Cfliffortl Chaniblin, Thomas Coke, Thomas Cook, Leland Dockery, Anna Vivian Duncan, LaVerta Dunn, Marguerite llutton, Lelia Pearl liasthain, Maggie Fortenberry, Carrie -Ieanette lfranklin, Onelia Gharis. Bonna Dell Glenn, Grace Green, Fern Hall, ilewell Hammer, Havel I landford, Mary Ann Cook, Rayfortl Donald, C. B. DuBois, Forrest lfortenberry. Sloan lfreeman. Albert lirost, Stanley lfultv, lfxerell Gage, Myron Garrett, Xvatson Gilbert, lidwartl Gresham, Raymoncl I lagootl, Carthy I Ham, R. G. Hamilton, Farl I B Class GIRLS Hill, Imogene Howell, Rose Marie Huff, Dorothy Mae Hutlington, Kitty Lou lvie, Marguerite Johnson. Billie Johnson, Ruth Keahey, Faye Kennedy, Dorothy Lalioy, Geneva Lewellen, lfyelyn Lewis, Hazel Long, Iris Longmire, Inez McBride, BOYS Hassell, .less Heller, Vfilliam Hilburn, Aubrey Hill, Cecil Holden, Preston Hunt, Claude Hurst. Sidney Ingram, B. Jennings, llowartl klones, XV. B. Kempe, -lewell Kinney, ilaelt Logan, C. MeCeeley, Cecil Ruby Louise McKinney, Anna Belle Maples, Ruth Martin, Eileen Newbill, Imogene Page, Bernice Paternosto, Mary Emma Patton, Geraldine Pierce, Catherine Price, Novie Marie Rann, May Belle Roberson, Alice Robinson, Ruth Rockwell, Nellie Melilveen, Otis Xlel,ane, Alfred Maiden, H. C. Mathews, jack Xlerrifield, Daniel Middleton, Bob Parks, Robert Parker, Poster Petty,AlI.on Redwine. Harold Sergeant, George Shelton, Virgil Sigerson, Robert Smith, Grove Sanford, lfrnestine Saryis, Betty Sehupbaek, Marie Slitilrieltl, Gertrude Stake, Ida Straughn, Dorothy Thompson, Clara Belle Truly, Mary Frances Venable, Vyilona W'all, Virginia Mae W'11lldCC, Velve Vfalrayen, Florenet W'are, Charlotte XY'est, Xlaelelaine Vfiltler, llthyl XY right. Nliltlretl Sprague, Charles Stevens, Prank Stevens, George Sturges, -Ioseph Suter, lfraneis Sweeney, .laek Terry, Alames Thomas, lftlgar Wall, lfltlrielge XY'alls, ,loan w,21llL1CC, Clifton Xvilham, ,Ioe Young. Sain Qu gmnrx-am Qacls abxg? 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Co-c'a'1iors ELOISE HIZIKIRING I EDITORIAL STAFF JOSEPHINE ALIQXA-NDER MILIJRED WAI.RI-:R MEl.VA FRANKLIN WILMA DUNISAR HUGH FREASIFR JULIUS TRUELSON ROBBIE DOUGLASS DOROTHY JONES CLEETINE PEESE STELLA SYIIERT GLADYS WHITTLESEY MOIJINE TUCKER O. RIAINE TOMLIN MYRA LOUISE DAVIS MARGARET KENNEDY CHRISTINE VVILBOURNE CLARENCE THOMAS MOIJINE 'IBUCKER BUSINESS STAFF JUANITA BELL ELIZEETH PIYIELFR MAIKGIE POT'I'ER GLADYS RHODES CONNIE MAE ROBERTS Mll.I3IKE2D SPRINGER MOIJINE TUGRER O. RENE TOMLIN IKALPII XVALTERS Fu MOOIKE MARTHA ALICE BEATTIE GIiORGE CROIfT ED BRIGIIT KENNETH IJANIEL MARY GAMIILE PAUL LONG D. OTIS TOINILIN GARRE'f'I' SUTTON COMPERE BASOM FLORENCE NORTH .Q fl' V- A xi 1 , ,ii .V ,I 4 . , f 1-XA ' ' I Q A M 5 N Il X I Q. .., G B Q S, .k X, si. . If A , Q Q. ,, ' 1 5 44 V? if , 'av ' .I in 4, in In .N .HR I Xu xx A X xi am-- 3' 1 I 'fi I I If .,.. ,zilggk :QQ LONG BRIGHT ToMI.IN KI NNI Dx' Su'I I'oN Moon:-. BEATTII1 SPIIINGI R 1JOUGI,AS TIIOMAS PELLER - his Fei, if 1 '..',?sQ,1s , OAK STAFF ALI-XANIIER Rom II TS Po'I I'I- R FIIEASILR GAMIILIZ NORTH XX' II RIIUIII S TIIULINON SXI-ERI' WHITILESIIY Tl3MI.IN DAVIS ISASOM BELI. DA NIIfI, TUCIILII FRA N li LIN Dux IIAR Cuorr l1oNI s WAI.'I'I3Rs Cigif ,Q N 5 EV inupfdd m5 scifi 3 W? YE! ,.', - mf Asif- '.'f . - 7 3 , k w,sfsf,w:A:,, .- ' Nl W 1 1 1 W 119 E . ,GL ' he A -' my G 3 .,,. 9 B ,Qtigdimrnlirr . -J E LL 55: Hb in EiUNLit1m0Q1fQ? ' 3 ssgq 6731 laagewfe ak 5! 9?9ial FLo1uzNc:E PIZNDIZR FLoiu3Nc:E NCJIKTPI ROBERT KNIGFITON Atterberry, Marguerite liarnette, Dorotliy Bryant, Betty lirownlow, lfugene Brannon, Edna Earle liasom, Peggy l5ateS, Ophelia Coffey, Virginia Crain, Frances Cooper, Maxine Clupp, Foistine Cowgill, l.edis Claylvourn, Doris Davis, Myra l.ouist lDi1'll-iil1S,l,.lL1lil1C Douglass, Koran Dow, w,illildC11l1 lfllington, Maurine Ar! Qfzzb Fitzgerald, Ilmogene Gilbert, Mildred Halliburton, Billie Holland Ella May Hernantlei, Corola Houston, Dorothy Hill. W'innell Hullier. Evelyn Plaekney, Darnell Hale, Louise Jolinston, Kathryn Jolinfon, Renfrow jones, W. li. Kinsey, licina Kennedy , Margaret Kniglit, FraneeS Knigliton, Robert Lee, Zella Rutli . Pl'l'XiI1l'lIf Viet'-l':'z'siz2'el1f . St'r'1'cfa1'y Ii0gfll1,J. C. McDowell, Virginia Maselio, ilune NlC1.LHlgl1llI1. lfay Melton, Mary l,ouiSe Nolen, Cora Nelson, Ilelen Ogden, Taylor Parks, Robert Patton, Stanley Redwine, llarolel Shaw, Billie Tliomas, Clarence Tucker, Modine Vfalton, Wiilnia Wallluourne, Cliristine W'l1erry, Rutli ,afilif Cs f Noiiofzol Honor Society I2I.IZABlf,'l'll Pi1u1.i.i1 . . . PI't'SfIlt'IIf GENE SANDLIN . . lfifl'-Pl'l'5itl!'?lf Doixoiiiv -Ioixuzs Sr'4'i'4'lf1i'yt111fl TTl'l'l1XIlVL'l' Election to the National Honor Society is the highest scholastic honor that can be conferred on any student in the school. This society was started in Oak Cliff High School for the purpose of honoring worthy students. The Constitution provides for the election of members to this society on the basis of four cardinal principles: character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Not more than fifteen per cent of any 4A class, ten per cent of any 4B class, or five per cent of any 3A class may be elected to the society. After the elimination has been made by looli- ing over the grades of the first three years as well as of the fourth, a list is submitted for the approval of all the teachers. Each member of the National Honor Society receives a goldlpin as a symbol to help keep in mind the purposes of the society. These pins were donated this year by Mr. Owen Barnes. The organization is purely social. The senior members gave a tea for the newly elected junior members in December. This society also put on a play for the Scholar- ship Club Christmas party. The annual banquet is planned for May. The pledge of the National Honor Society is: T pledge myself to uphold the high purposes of this Society to which I have been elected, striving in every way, by word and deed, to make its ideals, the ideals of my school. He!T!0N.l 5 PLYY 'vig ,,. 55 Qi, -W va - w wf b , R . -' ' at as N 1 vb Q N Jffmmr QT, if ,Q H ,, ,M M, X .wail ,xfr S3 Q ,ref ff ' 3 as . K . , Q17 O Q yziil - ' -- 'S' . ' if -vm K f ' . fiuzieiy ,. N 1 W, X tx x K H MW fx -'Q X. A 1 1' Q 3? O. . I 3 1 L in 'x jj ii , .. ,.... .. My V I ' 5 .O 1- -Q z , W mi 'K 1 ' - O G- O 'Q nf - . ' , ,..,L gn. . . i 3 1 . 1:-9:35 'Waikiki A -, , x 553.- L 2,.f . ., , , W. ..V Z L , ' Y N Q A , X ff 3 .fgfffg , i Q I NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY P1.l.1.11R CosBv JON! s lvllxu Hx Wu sox P11I.E1: Sxvlmrx 'l'uCm-lx GGLI, G,xxum,1: KNILJHTON Iuxlusri IDUNBAR ISLAINI, H1 RIKING FRANKLIN lJA1,1 Y ST: 111'11,NsoN ROACH Xv'ALlil.l! L1 Ins MAIKABLE Blxsom GRAY l5ou1c1.ANn Doucnxss L Sclaolarslzzb Qlzzb HELEN MARABLE .... . . . . . Prcsiflcnf DAVID PEELER . . Vice-P1'c'sidc'11t MELVA FRANKLIN . . Sc'c'rz'1'ary The Scholarship Club is one of Oak Cliff High School's greatest achievements. Although its victories are not heralded by the newspapers and by special assemblies, these victories appear consistently at the end of every six weeks. Ever since the begin- ning of the club, which was formed to give recognition to that group of students making excellent grades on their report cards, it has grown in numbers. The Scholar- ship Club's members number, on an average, one hundred sixty. The names of all students having an average of 90 on their report cards for six weeks with no grade below 80 go on the monthly roll. All students maintaining this average for one year have their names on the year record and receive a one year Linz Award. For a four year average of 90 the student is given a four year Linz Pin: for a four year average of 80 with no grade below 80, an Everts' Award. It is through the untiring efforts of the Parent-Teacher Association that the Scholarship Club has been entertained at parties without the payment of dues and has often enjoyed refreshments at the meetings that are held every six weeks. A Christmas party with all the gaiety of gifts and refreshments was given this year. The Parent- Teacher Association is encouraging scholarship among the underclassmen by offering a cash prize each semester to the underclassman making the highest average for that semester. The prize for the fall term was given to Willibel Hooper. Under the guidance of Miss Harris, the sponsor, the Scholarship Club in Oak Cliff High School has grown to be the largest in Dallas. Miss Harris has been ably' assisted by Miss Rockett, Mrs. Bramlette, Miss Crane, and Mrs. Herring, the P. T. A. sponsor. Addison, TVV. Aitor, Elsie Alexander, Louise Allen, Elizabeth Atkinson, Vada Marie Atterbury, Marguerite Batson, Frances Basom, Compere Basom, Peggy Barker, Estelle Bean-hum, Billy Bedwell, Mary Gary Bennett, Edna Beattie, Martha Alice Bauer, Earl Bell, Deane Bell, Josephine Blaine, Winona Bower, VVilliam Brant, Beulah Bogardus, Robert Burnette, Avis Bourland, Kathryn Burnette, Viryrinia Burdette, Houston Brockschmidt, Fritz Bryan, Gertrude Branch, Taylor Carnes, Jim Carnes, John Clapper, John Crow, Bertha Lee iCrow, Grace Chestnut, George Clark, Margaret Cook, Oleta Faye Couch, Frankie Lou Cheek, Rachel Clay, Lois Christal, Rosa Lee Scholarslfzkb Cfzzff Cleveland,Edwin Carlson, Glenn Clinton, Pauline Carnohan, Macario Conner, Nellie Chapman, Kathryn Carter, Ruth Cozby, Edna Earl Cosby, Yvonne Chamberlain, Dorcas Crouch, Marjorie Dickey, Carihel Davis, Leonard Diseher, Anna Jo Daley, Mildred Douglass, Robbie Dubai-, Wilma DuPre, Isabelle Dellitt, Virginia Davis, Catherine Ely, Marcella Edwin, Evelyn Eyre, Lucretia Edwin, Edyth Evans, Mary Katherine Elsberry, Evelyn Edmonson, William Ewing, Katherine Ekin, Theodore Fei-henbach, Mathilda Franklin, Melva Freeman, Maxine Goodwin, Jack Gardner, Alice Garwin, Katherine Guthrie, Kitty Gray, Ralph Keiser, Leon Groubles. Margie Goerner, Fred Gray, T.C. Gamble, Mary Gallairher, Sarah Hawkins, Margaret Huffer, Evelyn Hufstedler, Welna Bess Hernandez, Elydea Hernandez, Rosabelle Holifield, Eloise Henderson, Robert Hahn, Frances Hooper, Willibel Howell, Maurice Hosty, John Holt, Elizabeth Hahn, Edwina Herring, Eloise Hallaman, Charles Hurt, Robert Houpt, Tomie Hansborough, Dolores Harrison, Gwendolyn Hartwell, Claude Hill. Winnell Holder Kathenry Huntzinger, Mary Jane lrvvin, Bill Jones, Dorothy Jones, Ashley Johnson, Maleoln James, Keren Kinnamon, Euphemia Knighton, Robert Kennedy, Margaret Koch, Doris Louise Kinsey, Edna LeVill0ux, Alice Lacy, Kathryn Joyce Lee, Lucille Lindsey, Dixie Lame, Bily Leeds, Martha Lewis, Faye Mai-able, Helen Marable, Catherine Mallicot, Vernelle Mcllouble, Fern Mannimr. Claradie Morrow, Elzie Mae Mascho, June Mallory, Curtis Mangrum, Adelyn Mc-Laren, Vilda Mc-Laughlin, Fay Martin, Ada Rhea Maddox, Dorothy Mclieth, Anita Mc-Queen, Elizabeth McDowell, Norma Mathews, Irma Dee Montgomery, Howard McDowell, Virginia Niblo, Marguerite Ogle, Ethel Oliver, Jessie Mary Oliver, Jane Peeler, David Philley, Wayland Peters, Margaret Poole, Cleon Palmer, Alice Pouue, Lucille Redding, Edwin Russell, Lloyd Robinson, Clifford Roach, Dorothy Ridley, Marguerite Riddells, Helen Smith, Lorraine Sarvis, Louise Shelton, Fay Smith, Lois Stephenson. Mary Verna Syvert, Stella Sandlin, Gene Shadday, Dorothy Small, Mary Helen Stout, Wilda Tomlinson, Adelle Turney, Tina Thompson, Geraldine Thompson, Anita Tidwell, Mary Frances Tonn, Maybelle Tucker, Modine Tipps, Elizabeth Truly, Virginia Turner, Lida Rohan Wilds, Ethel Ruth Wilson. Lillian Wood, Geradine Weston, Billy Wiley, Julia Walker, Mildred Wilkinson, Virginia Wilson, Bethine VVilbourne, Christine Whittlesay. Gladys VVilliams, Elaine Walters, Ralph E. Vlfoodcock, Helen Wiley, Grace Youngblood, Jane January Senior Play IT HAPPKNIQIJ IN HOLLYXVOOD If fIll!7f7l'lIf't! in floll-izrnrzrf, the play presented by the graduating class of Janu- ary, 1931, was a very entertaining comedy in three acts. It was directed by Mrs. Wfanda Banker, Dramatic Instructor of the Oak Cliff High School. The story is laid in the beautiful home of a California society leader, Mrs. Pembroke. The plot centers around a young manxs aspirations to become a great movie hero, his consequent renting of Mrs. Pembrol4e,s home from her butler fwho rents it without her knowledge, during her absencej , and the unexpected arrival of Mrs. Pembrokeys daughter and her daughter's chum, Princess Dolores. Many complications arise when the real prince fPrince Umbertj arrives in Hollywood to find that an impostor is assuming his name, the impostor being none other than Alvan Tremayne, the young man who wants to break into movie fame. In the end Alan Tremayne falls in love with Mrs. Pembroke's daughter, Josie, and decides that he dosn't want to be a movie hero after all. And, too, the Princess falls in love with the real Prince whom she ran away from because her guardians tried to force her into marrying him, before she had ever seen him, for state purposes. The cast of characters was as follows: .Iarvis fbutlerj . IJINIS liiaowx Messenger Iiiaxx ix llc Pm Tom Garrity . . . W,lI,I.IAN1 SHAW josie Pembroke . LYNNI LL Maria s Princess Dolores .lOSI.l'HlNl. fXLI'XANIll-.ll Phyllis Duganne . Maiumiu T M1l.1.1-it Bert Qreal princej ..., li ssl IRWIN Doreen Downing Di LLA l.oUlsl- MLLCRAKY Polly O'Connor . hloaxxa Nlrlc HELL NIr5,Pcn1lJr0kc KA'I'lll.I'.I'N klARl:Il Sir I'lumphrQy . I.l.MUlI. STROUD Once' nz ez Olin' 111 zz Lifvfirlle, the romantic graduating class, was directed by Mrs. The story centers around Konrad, Emily Ross. Upon being given one Ross, Konrad goes to a nearby gypsy of the fact that Laurie, the niece of attracted by Zara, a beautiful gypsy Lzfefime Comtdy presented by the June '31 Wanda Banker. the adopted gypsy son of Jeff and thousand dollars by Mr. and Mrs. camp intending to join it, in spite his foster parents, loves him. He is girl, who plans to steal his money. Konrad has been told some legends about the gypsies by an author, Hal- sted Dinsmore, and while at the gypsy camp, he falls asleep and dreams these legends. When Konrad is finally awakened he finds that the gypsies have left and he thinks they have taken his money, though it is discovered later that Rodney has taken it. He also realizes that he loves Laurie. The actions of the village half-wit, Rodney, and those of the not-to- bright village maid, Stella, furnish the comedy. CAST OIT CHARACTERS Jeff Ross Emily Ross Konrad . Laurie York Rodney . . Stella . Halsted Din Daya . Daro . Zara Stan . Katinka Carmena Dancer Violinist . SITXOVC . Boy . . . . VILLAGERS: Stella Sypert, Melva Franklin, O,Rene Tomlin, . . . Lounv. Bl'.RRY DoRo'1'i-Iv joN11s . . Rov DEAN . MAXINL FRIQLMAN . . . A. G. LAMR . CONNIE Mme Ro1s1aRTs . . . ED BRIGH1' . . FAY Liexvls . STEP1-ULN PARRI'!2. . . LIZLLIENI-1 ME1XIJ . . . T. C. GRQXY . NIARY Loursia Sl'ENckR . . . ldlAZEL BRYAN . . VIVIAN CU'l'TI2ll . Gxvuxnoux lYORTON . . . JOHN CARNIJS John Carnes, Mary Frances Wilson, jim Kelly, Mildred Daley. GYPSIES: Naomi Childress, Jane Neff, Meadow Bell LeMon , Amy Rawls, Helen Marable, Ray Jones, Russell Buckley. CHAUNCIEX' Bkoxx N PAY MQLAUGH LIN ITAYIAQ LEVUIS . HELEN lVlARAISLE Baker, Ruth Bauer, Earle Bell, Martha Alice Bell, Juanita Bennett, Edna Bourland, Kathryn Bright, Ed. Brown, Chauncey Buckley, Russell Childress, Naomi Childs, Rosemarie Cozby, Edna Earle Daley, Mildred Earnheart, Wfilfred Elliot, Claudia Fechenbaeh, Mathilda Freeman, Maxine Dramai1'c Club Greenfield, Alfred Hernandez, Elidea Holt, Elizabeth Kennamer, Marjorie Langston, Jessie Lewis, Faye Long, Paul Lyman, Maurine Lineberger, Bernice Marable, Helen McCord, Milton McDougal, Mozelle McLaughlin, Pay Mead, Lellene Mercer, Glen Meredith, Virginia . Prrsizfeu! . Vive-P1'esiJe111' . Sc'z'rz'f4l1'y . Treaszzrez' Miller, Elizabeth Miller, Marguerite Pitts, Mary Kathryn Purselley, Evelyn Riddels, Helen Stephenson, Mary Verna Tomlin, D'Otis Walstoix, Mildred Wealtherby, James Wfhittlesey, Merrel Wilson, Helen Marie Burnett, Genevieve Jared, Kathleen Maples, Lynell Shaw, William Vfhittlesey, Gladys all BILLY SHA xv . Roulalu' HEN o1a11soN KIA Mrs S'ruRnn',xN'r Sfamp Cfub Alexander, Anderson Garman, Renno Carnes, Jim Brown Mary Lou Beattie, Martlia Alice Cliesnut, George Cogburn, Silva Dean, Houston Dorsett, Gilbcr Ellington, Maurine Greer, james Henderson, Robert H umplaries, Floyd Hernandez, Elidea Hernandez, Carola Kniglmton, Robert Kinsey, Edna MaeGillivray, Gordon Ogden, Taylor Peeler, Ewing . P1'r'xirfr'11f . View-P1'r'5irf4'1lf SITI'l'ftIl'-1'-rIll'I'6IXIl1'l'l' Purtell, Dwight Rountree, Winstoim Rogers, Norman Shaw, Billy Sturdivant, james Webster, Robert WLIFC, Marshall Wgllker, Mildred Bradshaw, Jimmy French Club lliaiix TX IaRa1:1.1 . , , 1'i-m-film! Donor I lx' -Ioxrs . X'ir'c'-1,1'rxiffi'11f XXi'II.MA Dtlxlmla . . . Sl'l'l'4'fLIl'Yj NTI1.lDRlxl5 17,xl.l.Y . . ,lil'l'tlX1ll'l'l' MEMBERS Alexander, Louise Baker, Lois Baker, Ruth Bennett, Edna Blaine, Xvinona Bourland, Kathryn Brantley, Alice Daley, Mildred Dunbar, NVilma Elder, Elise Elliot, Claudia Eechenbaeh, Mathilda Evans, Mary Kathrvn Clifford, Beth Hernandez, Elidea Howell, Maurice Huston, Verna -Iones, Dorothy Laey, Kathryn -Ioyee Lewis, Faye Marable, Helen Mathews, Cora Mathews, Nora Meredith, Virginii O'Reiley, Elsie Palmer, Alice Pitts, Mary Kathryn Redding, Edwin Rice, Jack Riddels, Helen Roberts, Connie Mae Richards, Paula Shelton, Eay Standridge, Camilla Stephenson, Mary Verna Sypert, Stella Thomas, Clarence Thompson, Anita Tomlin, U'Otis Xwehher, Iiord Xveston, Billy X ' 1 xx PI-X . 'I 'f X ji. I 'Ci-ioimie CBROIYT VJANIQ Nnifr' MARY Loulsi-1 SP1sNc:1aia Wiley, Julia Hensen, Bessie Stagner, Charles Sutton, Garrett Edmondson, Fverette Holt, Elizabeth Willianas, Grace Croft,George Crow, Bertha Lee Riddels, Helen Littleton, Hannah Couch, Frankie l.ou 1 ,, ' Spcmzkla Club Manning, Clara Dee Peters, Margaret Dunn, Martha Hahn, Francis Beatty, Martha Alice Bryan, Hazel Cozby, Edna Earle Douglas, Robbie Kendrick, Margaret Langston, Jessie Ledbetter, Ruby Mae . Pl'l'Xf1lC'l1f . Vin'-1'1'vsirlr'11f . Sn L'l'l'flI!'.j' Martin, Ada Rhea Neff, Jane Peese, Cliftine Spencer, Mary Louise Thompson, Mildred Rutherford, Mary Kathrine Bell, Deane Chapman, Kathryn Simmons, Evelyn Lyman, Maurine Parrish, Beverly ef .K , - if , Y sf R I FX X As. Liiizns BOURLAND ROACH l H1 RRING ALI XANDER BLATTIII MQLAUGHLIN DAVIS lhlARAB1,I2 lVlCDOXN'l.I.L KILNIFIKILIK GAMBLIQ Alexander, Josephine Atkinson, Vada Marie Beattie, Martha Alice Bennett, Edna Berry, Velma Bourland, Kathryn Burnett, Virginia Casper, Helen Clinton, Pauline Cozby, Edna Earl Davis, Catherine Dunn, Marguerite Feehenbach, Mathilda Gamble, Mary Griffin, Mary Olive Hawkins, Margaret Herring, Eloise Girl Reserves Holt, Elizabeth Hooper, Willibel Huff, Dorothy Mae Jared, Kathleen Kendrick, Margaret LaFoy, Geneva Lee, Lucille Leeds, Martha LaMon, Medow Bell Lewis, Faye McDowell, Virginia McLaughlin, Fay Mangum, Adelyn Maples, Ruth Marable, Catherine Marable, Helen Meredith, Virginia Miller, Marguerite Peeler, Elizabeth Pitts, Mary Kathryn Roach, Dorothy Roberts, Connie Mae Riddels, Helen Small, Mary Helen Smith, Lorraine Stephenson, Mary Verna Sypert, Stella Faggart, Eleanor Tipps, Elizabeth Tucker, Modine White, Charlotte V'illiams, Jessie Lois Wilson, Bethine Wilson, Mary Frances l Y ,X , ' 4 mga-.3 Q '91 Firsl Roux: Tomlin, Goodenougli, Yates, Burt, Sliawver, Croft. Svfomf Roux Lougliridgc, XVeutlicrlJy Gore, Oliver, Berry, Cnrnolmn. Tbinl Row: Bnsom, Peclcr, Cliennult, Moore, McCain, Truclson Fonrfll Row: Dean, Martin, Lewis, Fisher, Bauer, Smith. lfiflb Row: Cook, Robinson, Bright Wliite, Harper, Long. Sixfla Roux: Freasier, Russell, Large, DuPre, Hatclicll, Carnes. 1 .lm Cm:N1's . . IKOIEI-R1 H1iNm,1aSoN Groucsli HA Mlm xlollx Sl'l:.xr,LJ12 . Ocgm N, 'T.'XYI.OR Bl'Ll., GLiuAl,1x XV11 SON, -lfxczli Jzmior Hz'- If Vim S1-lmuuli, KIUHN IDLAN, I'IOUS'l'ON DoN,x1.n, XVll.I.l1XNi l5ANIEl., K LIN N 1111 1 CfXllN1QS,xIlNl MILLS, KIIMMIIL I'I.XhlR.X, G1-Lokcgu Bunn, l5l1.1.Y Nllililill-lIHl.lJ, DAN Ilil, Hun 1111, liomzm' GUAIRID, JACK H.nSI,11f, CONI lix' CSUODXVIN, .Mila Pl'L'Xi1l,l,'llf '-P1'z1x'iz1'r'.'1l St'L'l'L'ILtIi'J,' f1v!'l'1ISIll'UI' I I12Nm usoN, Rom-R 1' IV 1 Q fx V H 7 V. I W 'Tx 'ws L. T. L. CLUB j.O. Y.C1.uu x any V , . 51141 S' G1 ll x,l.L'1: M- lSox's'Gl,1-I 6,1 U, ORC:-uisT1m ,415 MUSIC STUDY Cum Wfikwa. A ,K f Tunum PERIOD GYM CLASS IXRCHERY PRAC1'1c:E Poppy Sale It is the aim of the American Legion to put the Armistice Day Poppy Sale over in a big way as the proceeds are given to the disabled veterans of the World War. It is a worthy cause and Unk Cliff gives her share of support. Oak Cliff has won first prize in the sale for the past four years. Our girls make a splendid showing because they are diligent workers. They do not stop at small sales, We had approximately two hundred girls out last November. The highest individual prize has been won the last two years by an Oak Cliff High girl. P0j2j?ir'x are rerfg Violefs are blue. YU, Oak Cliff Hz, W'c re 'lL O7'kiI7g for yon, W- - wg vu A ! M A iff pf fi wi 2 S -H1 Vw: F1 -f N Z 2 ew W ii if W .. - Y ' Z 53 f f 2 ' Li- A BMMI Lonmm. - sorfmsmmrn Simms- APOLU Gligfb TO LYNU N VX WI LAN DKHW! AU MYMIMN HAVE I'T.IMP'- THE HNSWFR T0 NNY MMDEN5 pmxyspxf' we ww-mf-+1mNw ul11F 'HE mv! WELL VM imm, IO we WNY PM RCM FORNUM BHOPU SKIRI Xxx ,I f w m my Wif- Mmrm rx ru HHH YD W1 IN' BEAN! VHEEY 'WKJFU Y QOL! FAN l X: YAA 1-. 5- ,, ,V V , A A W ,f '4 P1w1f-if Wi-- ' ffmfV:V,.i.f-'.-. ' V- ' 4 'f'2V -fm----' --W -f..--,J -.V - -, Q ,, .-53,153- ' VfV , f2a'g,V,gQf' :Q2,f,7 :3-i v' 'if' ,zz-. :,JSy Tv. J -af,-' rf UV.a,:t.,'E K4 , V 2 - V ,-'1V, 'QQTSH , N '51 J-:Ark-L 2: 1 .,, 'f ,.--.gpg f VV- M -' J mf. K K:-Se' wa- 'f--g,.,- . 4 V' H Va- 1-QV ,V'f. g' 3-6,-34.-q:,, ',:,f,k1 if swf..-Y.:-.,, ,, V-I-h V .LUV ,V - ff'-'Vf:?G1vA,f, .,lV7i.5,i'iyf.-5 -33, VI ' lag- -2 m :1ff'g.,V1 if - L- 'V-aff.-ff ' -- -- -QV -ff . V,f,- H4311 :sff 45' 4 - -- ' if -ni, - . . fi e ' f CLF? 'tr , -I -- 3--35 1. , L ., K, ,-1, 'fix if ' fill? -11-.f ,QF W 1' . -me-'if -5 X r.Yr? 1zW'g:Z K-U' - -1 - K:9,' I-.K V ' ' 1' fv',1 'vjf . 3 -Vw- 'V-V 'f , I V -gg V. 1 'aim ,italfk 5- 54, V VV SG '.f37?VQ2'-1 JVVFV-qi' V ' '53 F1 5-5- -- 1 V f fx-f:t,i-f TN. - V- 91 .-91. 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S 5, .. ., . , Q -'E 'F i il' 'Y Mis- .' ff' - -. ' '1:'..1 - . - 9 ' -M asf . 1' M1 , 2 -1 if-, 'V ff? .N ,,, sr., 9 .46 ar, we ,,.ar..,,i Q, : ' 'S -'Y' is '-'4' ' . A . f H Q H ' ' N l lgh '-'A ' -.T F hi' ..'. - Q-ah JL, . . . 'L-. ,av Crack Company Drz'll Near the close of every year, the sixty best cadets of Oak Cliff High School are formed into a Crack Companyn to meet chosen cadets of the other Dallas high schools in the last competitive event of the year at the Fair Park Stadium. Practice was started several weeks prior to the contest on May 9. The cadets drilled early in the morning before school, and also at night the last few days before the event, in order that a company might be formed whose movements were absolutely synchronized. Although the drill lasted approximately fifteen minutes, practice was held for almost six weeks. Participation was voluntary, no one was required to try out for the crack com- pany, but the significance is such that a place was so valued that every cadet was filling a position below his regular rank. One of the ambitions of a recruit in the cadet corps is to get a promotion, another is to be in a Crack Company. The former is natural for anyone enlisting in a military organization, the latter is an important means to that end. To have a position in the Crack Company means that one is well drilled, neat and correct in appearance, and better able than anyone else in the corps to fill the position in which he drills. Changes were continually being made in the positions and roster of the company in order that every man would be the best person for that position. It was not certain until only a few days before the drill who would be in the contesting company. The sixty cadets in the company will wear a pin in recognition of their services. The drill counted twenty points on the Intramural Efliciency Cup, awarded annual- ly to the Dallas high school making the highest number of points on events counting toward it. Other events judged in presenting the cup are: Officers' test, ten points, first inspection, twenty-five points, city rifle match, five points, corps area rifle match, seven points, shoulder-to-shoulder rifle match, eight points, and second inspection, twenty-five points. The Federal inspection, though not counting on the Efficiency Cup, has a special significance of its own. It determines the schools which shall be designated as honor schools by the Federal Government, and permitted to wear the honor star on their sleeves. Oak Cliff has been an honor school for the last ten years. -ALVIN R. IRBY. x A o 4 ,J sn ,Q n A, n . ,. u a ,Q r 4 '- an 5-h .f o f f K QE. -'fag' x NWN '4 Q'1x ' 1, Q :wh naw 4 9-vfru 1 4 sn f o R5 ng 91 'fa 1 ' mu :N '-fJfS,'fn4:qxiwlvd-, 'va' xp, 5 3 4?ff v wr- 'lb 0050 M 5? 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'F 9: .S .. 1 3 5 si' 'Z 'O f 5 . 1, J' 'Ui' VS. .2 hlplinrgi 3lf 31 ran't make the goal, IU pink mg mem, Allh paw the hull in anmrunr rlsv mlm ram -Cl5uitvrman O We Ra Ra 'gl hs Cfaeer Leaders C H s are for you. Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, hg Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah. Oak Cfzff Hz' TUNE TO BETTY Co-ED 17 Oak Cliff Hi, to you we pledge our serviceg Oak Cliff Hi, to you we will be true. Oak Cliff Hi's a school for inspiration, To her, for her, let's give the praise that's due Oak Cliff Hi,s a school for admirationg Let's keep her colors clean and in the sky. Oak Cliff Hi, to you We pledge our Loyalty, And so keep right and might in Oak Cliff Hi. End, Center, Tackle, Guard, Get your man and get him hard. 2. 5 5 . f w f, 515 11 H Xa Lake Chi? Teac A4qm?Qn Tr ophies 90066 ' Goff' C2 fied? '9f1rg M ,,,-,f V- V Q . lmw, NlILI.I la Noam LDURRFTT MR. W. E. Nofxu-Coaclz Pop turned out one of the surprises of the city series when he coached the Oak Cliff Leopards to a city and district championship without losing a game. Many people said that Oak Cliff had the best coached high school team they had ever seen. The boys' troubles were Pop's troubles, and he never hesitated to give them his help when he could. He stood for no back talk and commanded the respect and friend- ship of every one of the players. MR. W. P. DURliI2T1'iAXSiXfllI1f Cum-ff Mr. Durrett coached the second team and made the sorry material he had into a team that held the team that was second in the city series, to a tie. Mr. Durrett showed each lineman individually all the pointers he had learned, and his careful work was instrumental in the team's success. Mr. Durrett believes in working hard for a short period and then quitting. Mr. Durrett and Mr. Noah combined their knowledge and made a wonderful team out of very little material. Mk. C. C. M11.L1iR-Assixfallf Coarll Mr. Miller was new to Oak Cliff this year, but he has made a fine name for himself. He had charge of the scrubs. These boys knew noth- ing at all about football before he took them in charge, but by the end of the season he had a bunch of youngsters that will be the nucleus of next year's eleven. Oak Oak Oak Oak Oak Oak Oak Oak Oak Oak Cliff Cliff Cliff Cliff Cliff Cliff Cliff Cliff Clif? Cliff 1930 Foofball Season f Amt Goin.-CD1 :fain am! Hal bark X. klakie has ended a very fine liigli school eareer. He is one of the best baekfitld men Oak Cliff has ever produced, Z1 wonderful sport and a very heady football player. Jakie was elected on the ofheial all-city high school team two years and was the only triple threat man in the city series. He was mentioned on the all-state football team. SCORE . . 49 Arlington . 0 . . 6 Athens . 0 . . 6 Ardmore . O . . 26 Forest . . . 0 . . 39 North Dallas , . 0 . . 32 W'Oodrow Xvilson . 0 . . 14 Sunset . . . 6 . . 0 Tech .... . an . l 3 Highland Park . 7 . . 0 Corsieana . . 26 -Iamrs RUssriLL-Cajrfuizz-i'lf'1'1' um! Ifzzlllmrk james was the star of the first two games but broke his ankle and had to miss the rest of the season. He is fast, shifty and a good blocker. He would un- doubtedly have made the all-city team this year had he not been injured. James never complains of any- thing and is one of the high school heroes. 'i Ia xiul 1. Sruoun 'l'rn'Hi' rllltl Q1ml'lq'1'f1tlt'k l,em vva-, oflicial all-City tackle and was piclxetl by the critics to he the must valuable man on the team. Ile was mentioned on the allfstate fntvtball team. Lem is a fine hlncker, a wonderful defensive taekle, a gnntl pass receiver, a good sign.: s tenn He is square runner, and a heatl man who Called i l fllll llllf lt . N I .Intl .1 good spurt. ff, . I 5 Lltvnx Klum it Ciutzril Alnhnny was one of the most untlerratetl football players in the city, by everyone except the boys on the team, the coaches and the hnys who played against him. -lnhnny was a good blocker and a wontlerful defensive man. Ile Con- cluded his third year on the team against Stamps of Corsicnna who can undoubtedly tell you more about him. Oak CIW eoparfly Cl xvwox lliu I ll min IQ XYYYAIAN 'lllrkft' Buttermilk linisheml his third year on the team in grand fashion. But- ter was a lbulwarlc nn the offense and an extra goutl defensive man. Ile is small nf stature but is built lilce a locomotive, anal is as ltarcl hitting as one when he tackles. He is a clean sport and was selected nn several all-city lionlhall teams. zktricr Cf1ampz'071.v I 930 XX Al,'I'I la Cionnl Noumi frlltlfll Xvalter was selected nn the all- eity fnntlull team and shnwetl the penple it isn't sile hut quality than wins. lle was just so much dyna- mite, anal shnwecl everything possible that a small man can eln. He was extranrtlinarily gnml on the defense and was an excellent blocker. HC had lmnnrahle mentinn this year on the allatate team. .la ui M CCG Y I nlfl1tn'k -Iaelc made a wonderful name for himself this year. lle was a ine blneker, a ramming line plunger, and a good pass receiver. He was a hard fighter and will make a name fnr himself and Oak Cliff wherever he goes to college. x W . ULN N11. CADl.N!ll'.1XlJ Emi Bennie hurt his ankle the second week of practice and was haadi- capped the entire season. Bennie was a fair blocker, a good defensive end, and a fair pass receiver. Ile alternated at center, played at tackle a while, and finished at end. He has an admirable spirit and is a good sport. Oak Clif Leopards JULIUS Qjuovj Tkurrsox 151111 judy played end during the sea- son with an advantage of height over most boys. He developed into an excellent pass catcher and a good blocker. At the end of the season tludy began to get the big idea and played some good football. PAUL Haiutrv D115'ff7'Z'Cl' Illllflhlfll Paul is one of our speediest men. Although he didnlt get to play much at the first of the season his ability was noted quickly and he became one of the best runners in the city. Big things are expected of Harkey next season. Cfzczmpzom 1930 tw 'Nfl KIAMES QJIMD KLLLLY limi .lim was an excellent end. He was on several all-city football teams and got honorable mention on the all-state, He was unusually good at catching passes and was a fair blocker, The team loses one of the best ends the school has ever pro- duced when Alim Kelly leaves. Tom Cook C2lltIVff'7'.l7Lll'k Tom was an all-city quarterback and was on the team two years. He is an excellent passer, a fair blocker, and a good runner. Tomls passing ability was phenomenal, and Oak Cliff hates to lose a player like him. Tom is a good sport and a square shooter. 1-1.-Xli0l,Il fGitaN11If.xj SBIITII limi Harold was a fine end, who had the spirit never to give up. lle was rather small and was handicapped, but he was an excellent backer and defensive end. He was weak on catching passes, but his other ability more than made up for this short- coming. limxis M,x1ti'1N C4'IIfl'l' Frank was a ine center who was one of our best defensive men. He was the only man in the City who played brilliantly against the eenter at Tech, lfrank's ambition was to make a touchdown, but the best he could get was a safety on a blocked kick. Oak Cfzff Leopards ,f ,F ,Q qff Gi omni CRCDl 'I' 'llzrklc George played in the baekiqeld at the first of the season and showed he was a fine defensive plaver. Mr. Noah had so much baekfield ma- terial that he shifted George to taekle. George, although it was in the middle of the season, learned rapidly and was an excellent tackle. Dzlvtrzk! Clrampiom 1 930 L. lhlll t.i.xit11 hlURRIS HzIIf.l7tIt'k Hilliard, commonly Called llilly, was under a handicap because of his size, but he showed that he had the spirit and all that goes with it. llilly is a very good passer and played his best ganie against lforest. 1.5 Itovn R Ussifu, Hizlflmrfc Lloyd is another halfbaek who was handicapped by size but had the spirit. He is a very good line plunger and ci good blocker. Lloyd has two more years and should be a great player the next two years. 1931 Basketball Season L-'bi JUDY TRUEI.SONlCl'llfl'l' Judy made several all-city selections and got the tip-off from every oppos- ing center all year. This ended Judy's three-year career on the basketball team and he will be hard to replace next year. SCORE 2ND HALF SCORE IST HALF Oak Cliff 13-Dallas Tech 14 Oak Cliff 28-Wfoodrow W'ilson 19 Oak Cliff 22--Sunset 13 Oak Cliff 23-North Dallas 19 Oak Cliff 23-Forest 20 Oak Cliff 11-Forest 18 in play-off Oak Cliff 16- Oak Cliff 24-Dallas Tech 14 Oak Cliff 13-Sunset 18 Oak Cliff I9- Oak Cliff 16- North Dallas 22 Forest 20 Woodrow Wilson 18 Bon SWA'1'E1c--F01'wa1'zl Bob played guard at the first of the season but was shifted to forward after the first game, and was one of the main- stays of the team. He played his second year on the team and should be a good man next year. M, 1 Q, :Lk Oak Cliff Leopards 1 5 Lrorn Rossi 1.1. l !H'Il'all'if Lloyd is a hard lighter and an accurate shot. This is his first year , on the team but much is expected of him next year. .' op, 'R , 7 . Y, Cmiu-NLLI: IVY Gmzrif I'lAIiOI.Il SMITH 1fnr1z'i11'il Grandpa was a fast man, .mtl his ability to SCI down the court and his fighting spirit will he remem- bered long by his friends .mtl eoach. This is llarold's First .md last year on the team. illhe school is sorry to lose a player like him. Clarence was small, but a Hghter. Clarence is a freshman and should be a sensation next year. He is a good sport and is ,in excellent guard. ix. Q 0 Q' sf X 'Qu lil NNII CMN N111 AD Cimzril Bennie was an excellent guard and was able to stand all anyone could put out, This was Bennie's second year, and last. He was an accurate shot from midcourt and was one of the mainstays of the team. -QL!! . - 1 Wu 'I i it Gooni NOUGH fillzllll Xvalter was a wonderful fighter although handicapped in size. N0 one person made over eight points against us when XY'alter guarded, ul- though a large number was made against other teams. XValter should make a strong man next year. Gof Coach L. C. Leftvvich, with his enthusiasm in the Oak Cliff golf team, has again succeeded in rounding the half way mark leading the city high school series. Coach Leftwich encourages his team to Work on their game every day and past records show ample return for his efforts and for those of the team. Oak Cliff has been a serious contender for the city title ever since golf was in- troduced in the Dallas High Schools. Members of the 1931 team are: David Clark, Billy Spencer, Roger Beck, Dabney Gurley, and Jakie Gore. v BOYS' TENNIS TEAM GIRI,.S, TENNIS TLAM 9' ki' M1 Track Events March 23-Oak Cliff vs. Sunset, Woodrow Wilson March 26-Oak Cliff vs. Forest, Woodrow Wilson. April 10-11-City Meet. April 17-18-District meet, at Denton. J My Z 223 3 f,?:5f1z:x ge, MW! QI,-gnupg V .V 'vw . M'm,g,,' , 1 -N 5 ww gr. p x xx' ,g3?5 5i,5 i Q AV: ' 'fr ful JY ' SH' S56-E' V 1 5 iff 'f ' ' -'-.-'my vi 11 LV - .V 'W-f QV: Vf- V- V :V , .13 lm: v -1. I ' 49 r,,1I,f,95 2, 3 L,-, S, A 4. 'AQ' in 1 -'fi' gTriP '1-1wfA,, ,,. , , , . 1 gf- .153 V 'M Vu f ag ' 1 f:,f:i ' f 'ff We 'M ff' VI I, Q, ..k4.:i:pV Vi F , X t,.l-,.g W H, - ff' J ug 1' 3 .2 V , f , .V Wig -5 if 9 1 ' ,, Vg' 1 J , f ' A 1 .4 mga? F ,Q 'A V I , -1 A . ,pair 3553 - -f1:Lj ' fig ' ' .' 1 4' V- R' 2?, ' aff 'mx 1 '-'f1:, -, 'f 419 L ,F ,nt Lair. , ., k Q N, ,Aa .b ' 'I 5 ' V ..,M,, ' ', V ' - if , - 1. 1 J, SQ 5. ' A . ,J 'f I , V, ,g, -, a if w. - rr 5, ' Jani' ' ' V , . ' M - jfrug H, 134 ,, - . 5.8.5, 1. ., ,ir ' 5 f 1 ? '56 ,gf ' rw -f ' - ' -- fa f ':' , ff, - ,. ' A 1 ' V . ' eqggzijf-' ,, 'Q-r-'li V X ' f p :if fmgffw' - '94 '-f-i133i 2f'-if 5' 1.51: ' ' ' 4 ' , 4. f i- 22:e?Lf51'-' ' f,'2fz??i xi ' . A gf fig: 53112-H75 3355 - , ,101 ' N M, V ff!-xiii, was ,eww zggrapff , H Vs?:fg,VQ V f S -5' -0' 4 15? if wwf' 'VK' iifv :fi . Q, 3.1 -V - ,I ,' .1,f-,,-4,-3,,: ,ig wh.-Q ' g 5 Q,-,.eg, , Hg if V ' - L-. f- .f -Q-194 -fjsixfi g ', ' V253 ff, z iw . - A .,0,-,VV-A . gp. 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' -L Q-'w,s1, if- f? Ty . M. ff.. y .-sw .'-I , 2 gs ':'f . ' 7 V H mf ' riafsifz-1, V:5'Vf V M12 1. FQ ffl: ' . Vz- aa, Q5 -if 12+ Hgiiff ' i-'e 7' ' s N L in 1' ff V. ' V434 wr 'lf ' ' 2 ' pf ' 1 - V 5, . 'fX '!i5 Qi Z-if fi Q v ' fV.1'.,V, z' W2 ' f :uf V, --gm au., A- pf: A ,V ry, y .M al - S I . - ,ak r- H, . ,ig w, ' h.5..cKf:'f .35 ..',' AW ,V 4 K 51,0 A ,Aa ,QV 1 , 5, g A ,,,., Q .,-3.0. V if AAA .P SQ, ,,. -, ,,, Aff, Q.3gV,,3 , 15, ,z ' ,a.y3gv.n,f. , A1 V. mf: V, ' 2- ,U .4 --:Q f. V? ' V' V ..r, , -Vf. 1-2 V f ff: 'Q f gg ,1NV-W ' A ,5. ,,'..n, .Vg ' ,y-3 , Q I Q J-13 L. Q' Q' 'J 'M ,V 'S N ,' af 4 ra, ,,.-ww AA.,-mn, K . ., ,JV-..'.4 ,wWWV IF , l l -451, -'Q ' 975 V 'fiwgbff 'Evff'-?3ME'5'g'ff2--1..ffx-3525 up 3531. Y Aga--.I -' 2, ,4 ' -1. V3'5:,,f:f,g'T ,'-C21 Jr 'f -1. swim ' uw ',. - u-5 ' ' -rs if ,. . ---,. sh g ,Kpxg :af 2 14 ,xbox 1' ff'-fr.-Vw ' ' -fvsfff Vx. f' WW' 'iw 1-1 ww N A J Vx, M . R, . ,,.V f W, 5 . .M . , :-,.w-g Q, , a ,, M 's Vw .-: ..- . 1 - Pvsgw fi- , fl 1 ru-'V ff' W. .V '- f HSP?-7?,A 1535 'fgiimffr m zfzgylgix' s Zfgtyc fa ! ' mx. ' 'Q f 1382 Hifi? wiggifilw wi, fa V' Alix -,, ,Ve . X xv , N 1 11,3 54.1. ,.. W.. kgjka. : E .Mi ,K ff Q. - ,p,,- ,.- f,,'5',A V , 5 V JB! 5 'i ,Qf 25f24 ' 1 ' V 1-Qg'V:'51iig.vQ',: '4:,if7xQ2f5'1 ,f It -' 231 '-egg , in ' .Env- 9-:vig 31322 mf' wg- SEQ 4 ' f-M V V-1 V. 'A 'a5Q'1 . ' ' 'M ' ' Imgi, 4552 Fw. 5-'::,,g3.,,1 ' 2' 'VV VV QQQ5, Sr, 'w...s3l' I . f .24 ' 4,- ' hw I-f A339212 f, V,,Q..V,5M, is MH X A . R424 230 I? and on pn ? Qpnri that wrinklvh raw hvriilrs, Anil laughin' hnlhing hnth his aihru. -iHFIiltn11 Paul L.: Have you heard about the murder mystery Russell: No, what about it? Paul L.: Yesterday, in the library, Miss Alex found a boyls nose buried in a book. -yn Miss Clyeffez 'iLouie, give an example of a concrete nounf' Louie Berry: A side-walkf, Miss Clyefle: Now, give me an ex- ample of an abstract noun. Louie: Vanilla. Miss Bell: 'tCan ou ive me anv I y g . facts about Milton's life? jane Neff: He married and wrote 'Paradise Lostl, then his wife died and he wrote 'Paradise Regainedfu Miss Graves: W'hat is your fatherls occupation, Billy? Bill' Slelifrrz I'Ie's a worm imita- 5 tor? Miss Grazfesz What is that?U Billy: He bores holes in furniture for an antique dealer. Harrell B. findignantlyj: That par- rot you sold me hadn't been in the house a day before it began to swear dread- fullyf' Dealer: Well, Sir, you asked for one that would be quick to learn. Mrs. Baulzer: Judy, you talk so much you must have been vaccinated with a phonograph needlef' I want to get a good novel to read on the train-something pathetic, said Jes- sie Langston to a book salesman. Let me see, how would the 'Last Days of Pompeii' do? Pompeii? I never heard of him. What did he die of?,' I'm not quite sure, ma'am, replied the salesman, some kind of eruption, I believe. Erwin: A writer declares that lots of people keep coins for luck. Hzigb F.: Anyone who keeps coins for any length of time in these days is very lucky, I'll say.', zviflw F.: Do you know a fellow down your way with one leg named 'Bill'?', Milrlreil S.: I'm not sure: what's the name of the other leg?U Kaflarynz You don't seem to get the thrill you used to get out of kissing me. Wfalfrr: No, conditions are bad everywhere. Geneva Beard: Will I get everything I pray for, Mother? Moflaer lcautiouslyj: Everything that's good for you. Gemtfa Qdisgustedlyj: Oh whatls the use, then? I get that any wayf, Wilma D.: Did you ever hear about the flyer who found, after making the al- titude record, that his propeller was all gummed up with butter?,' Doroflay fonts: Why, how was that? Wilizza: XVhy, he churned it when he went through the milky wayf' Ruby Mae: How did you spend your summer? Virginia W.: Oh, I was doing some etching and what-notf' Rainy Mae: Oh, were you troubled by mosquitoes, too?,, Dorofby Hall: Does your husband worry about the grocery bill?,' Franres: No, he says that there is no use in both himself and the grocer worry- ing ovtr the same bill. l w AAm v- -r H- M N --M T Wafhxf no Cfin 110 2226 9 gf 0Uf' r fi N ' f Old!f2 C' Q yj 1 5 R I' J ,6 CZPOUDO, 39 r tg :I fizjour' 2 0' P - 5 ' u If O r - 9 O 6 A Q. : :,. ,. ,.., . ,,:.,: 4 I r 'ir jiw r Y ,.,. 3 r fo 69 url 51 ,i Q ?-to LMA my fa y as 5 Q' 5 I y, K ' ' EJ, A K' y r A K' ' .: I M .- , v, K' 'N V -' 'Z' 5 i w Qrum ima Q . J Q f - 5, r IA 'zb fir V4 ' '- 1 our-rl A Z . ' r W x N Wfhen it gets too hot for Comfort And you can,t get ice c eam cones It ain't no sin To take off your skin r And dance around in your bones. r 2' '7 '7' W 7 'W' W Y f '4'l Can I get through this gate to the park? asked Nita Mae of a little boy. I guess so: a load of hay just went through. It was Pat's first attendance at a meet- ing. When the chairman announced that as the result of a vote there were forty- two noes to twenty-one ayes, Pat began to Hdget in his seat, and then got up and started for the platform. Sit down there, yelled the chairman. No, begarro, said Pat, not until I look this audience in the face. I want to see them humans that has more noses than eyesf, A Chinese truckman in San Francisco sent the following bill to a grocer for de- livering orders: 10 Goes 10 Comes at 50c a Went, .,,e, ,,,,,, S 5.00 AW ,CHUTE Then there's Fay Lewis, the aviatrix, who was dropped when she couldn't keep up in her studies. Mr. Cznzyus: Some acids are much stronger than others: I'll take carbolic acid as an cxamplef' Class: NVhoopee!', Belbine: So you thought up this joke all by yourself?' Eloise: Yep, out of my own head. Betbinc: You must bef, Mr. Allen says, with business What it is, the nearest he comes to traveling is having that far away look. Minister: Do you ever attend a place of worship on Sunday? Ben G.: Why, yes: I'm on my way to her house now. Cora M.: They say Dot J. plays golf just like a man. Nora M.: Wouldn,t you think she would be ashamed to use such language? Vincmt: XVould you object if I kissed you? Anita: CNO answerj. Virzcrnt: Would you mind if I kissed you? Anita: QNO answerj. Vincent: Say are you deaf?,' Anita: No, are you dumb?', Miss Cooper: K'Do you think that air- planes will ever supplant automobiles? Norman L.: No, Who would want to park in a damp cloud?,' Miss Bell: Who was George Wash- ington? Betlaine W.: I-Ie's the guy whose wife makes candy. Billie Shaw: Yes, my parents tried hard to keep me from being an artist. Critic: I congratulate them on their success. Mr. Smitla: I said something to my wife the other day and she hasn't spoken to me sincef' Mr. Leftwicla lcagerlyj: Can you re- member what you said? A. G.: Have you heard the tale of the absent-minded professor who went to step in his car and fell over because it wasn't there?,' T. C.: No, but did you hear of the man who struck a match to see if he had switched off the electric light? Kemp L.: Dad, what is diplomacy? Mr. Lewis: Diplomacy, my son, is trlling a girl that when you look in her eyes time stands still, when she has a face that would stop a clock. The Last Word Thus we present to you, generous reader, the 1931 volume of the Oak. We know that we have made mistakes in com- piling it, that we have overlooked omissions, and that our selection of material has not always been good. But we ask you to remember that this is our first attempt, and to at- tribute, therefore, in part, the shortcomings of our publica- tion to our inexperience and immaturity. We wish to make acknowledgment, in this place, ofthe splendid co-operation that we have had in our work. We feel that everyone that has had a part in the publishing of this volume has willingly and generously done his best. To all our co-workers, members of the faculty and students, we extend our sincere thanks for their help. We wish to thank especially Mrs. Nellie D. Clement, for her invaluable counsel in the designing of our art pages, and for her generosity in allowing us the time and talent of her classes. To Miss Christine Wilbourne, art editor, is due great praise for the hand-lettering, as well as for much of the decorative design of the book. And to our sponsors, Miss Christine Hammock and Miss Helen Aduddell, we extend our grateful thanks for time, thought, and energy, that they have given us in excess of mere duty. With this our senior year, we are finishing the first lap of our journey, but our story is not yet ended. Graduation has not been our goal-it is only a halting at the cross-roads. Tomorrow we shoulder our packs, and travel on-toward Canterbury. THE EDITORS. Bzzszhess C0-operafion The business men extend their co-operation to the 1931 Oak by placing their advertising on the following pages. It is their faith and loyalty that have made this and previous issues of the Annual possible. To them We express our sin- cere gratitude, but that alone will not compensate business. There- fore, Parents and Students, we urge reciprocity by giving them our patronage. Sincerely, THE BUSINESS MANAGER. QA!! Qlzoios by Qgmwme 605 QBTHZUJIZK QSfzm'z'05 DALLAS KANSAS CITY CLIFF MAID ,a BREAD -kj MSlL'l'C'f As fha' Girl on ffoc' W1'f1 ji ju'1 ' 1,l'l'fl'l'fUl1 B53 CLIFF M'A1lJ OAK CLIFF BAKING COMPANY PHONE 6-5151 and let us cell you about renovating the old mattress. No trouble to answer questions. PLEASANT DREAMS CAN BE YOURS The foundation of sound and refreshing sleep is a mattress so con- structed as to buo 'antl f su ort the body in erfect rest and relaxation 5 3 PP . P during the sleeping hours. Thus life, health, and energy is stored up for another day. Wfe manufacture and carry everything in mattress comfort. Our plant is one of the best equipped in the Southland-modern, sanitary, and skilled workmen- fs S i f' se is Q N S S SQS - Q 5 X ' X S . 'H Q Q -A THE DIRECT 1420 N. Zangs uoiiixr um SIORING The manager may dig and toil, BMJGMJ WMONS liclilvciiklllililxi Till his finger tips are sore, OAK CLIFF FURNITURE 86 some pool: fishkis lui? tousay. 'I -1 t it ' STORAGE CO., INC. xt itirt 1 10 e e ore J. F. IUUPRL, Nll11IlIgl'l' , , , . , GA-ls' fi 1rp.r- 1 V: Nitxv Amo Usito IAURMTURE 1' S lu S 1 L mm- Boys have only twog R1 PAIRING .xxn PHON1 Iv-1028 Ever ,thin the f SIIV 3 25 3 - , 1 Ri rixismxrp 1144118 . I d C, S- pHN,,,, SOUTH UNCMV,-,f,4 And everything tiey 0. BELL'S BEAUTY sHoPPE Mm , HY , d mb ,, Our Courtesy Cnr Is Free If You Live in a' Ou remln nie 0 L Ocean' Oak Chg' Clifford: I'Iow? Romantic?,' ASK FOR IT. Bzltimfxx is KQOOIII--T'!JC'l'C',X a 1'r'u5o11 Murfha: No! you just make me sick. Pnolie 6-0209 317 N. Bishop 11,-mb, Boy, Fm in an awful holef' Offi1'f'1': See here, you can't do that. Sojlhz What,s the matter? Offo H.: But officcr, I'm a high school Fresh: I've spelled professor with two Student, f's and I don't know which one to cross Ojffjuw: fflgnorance is no Cxcuscy out.', I 1D,Oll.YZ Say, Ma, am I supposed to be C0 fl7I 1f'7'f5 of descended from a monkey?,' Van Winkleis The Souzflfs Best Book Slove 1609-11 Elm 1620-22 Pacific Mofhcr: Yes, but not from my side of the house. jim mir: , ,, a me. R. I.: No girl ever made a fool out Who was it, then? MARIE TOMLIN, Congrufulaiex fhc 1951 rlasx on your dl'lJll'L L'IlIl lIf in jinishizzg High School To the sweet girl graduate: A beautiful skin is your ion a wonderful asset-to preserve this heritage use nothing but the best cosmetics. MARIE TOMLIN BEAUTY AIDS are made of the purest oils and chemicals imported from all parts of the world. I NC. heritage-a lovely complex- Will Fill Your Etfwjy RI'll1llT'l'll1l'lIf in fha Cure of Your Skin MARIE TOMLIN BEAUTY AIDS SOLD IN OAK CLIFF BY: BISHOP,S PHARMACY KRAYER,S PHARMACY 500 N. Bishop 214 W. Colorado Ihr Ballina mnrning rum Uhr Ballina Elnnrnal Products of Texas, oldest business institution founded in 1842-in the days of the Republic. Leaders in all progressive matters and untiring champions of right thinking and fair play. To a young man ' Tfili importance of how you drcssu increases when you leave high school. To make the most of - - this factor choose as your guide the clothes of a maker such as Society Brand-smart enough, though not s A s 1, r t fr' c-b r K Snflpfllkwrana nor oo conserva IV u E. M. KAHN CO. Main and E m at Lamar COMPUMENTS SUDDEN SERVICE STATION No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 OF 330 W. Jefferson 101 S. Marsalis 1645 S. Ewing 6-2604 9-6515 9-9213 flCDCJTJlElifIsf3TTTVIPLPQU . Main at Field Radios Sold on Easy Terms SELLER'S RADIO SHOP Hart Schaffncr SL Marx Clothes Open Evenings 921 W. Jefferson 'l' Odk Styli? 636771167 Take away the women, and what would for the Soufhuvslf follow, yellcd the orator. Me, yelled T. C. from the audience. . ,ff-----V MAN SHOP lim K.: I have an idea lim going to kiss youf, W' : Th ' .U Phone 6-1094 115 W. jefferson Wm C Very Idea .14 E 5' Q 2 2 3 6 0 -ig Ez - h I -1. fine 42 3 m g rg' s - F. 2 5 M .2 Ee ILK 'H S0 Phone 7-1622 'ZESELL WEGWE 1717 Wood St. QZQQ DU rn E Db no P' rn Db Z U U m 'U rm Z U Db CU 1- m In sincere appreciation of your patronage and your friendship. Dallas Railway 84 Terminal Company PLll'fllL'I'X in flu' Grozcilz of Dallas DUNNELIIS DeLuxe ICE CIQEAM The Aristocrat of Ice Cream 727 West Davis 6-8197 We Furnish the Dallas Public Schools Qlnzlily-Sw:'ir'Ci1'ri1'c' Ben l-l, Rosenthal XVHOLESALI2 MEATS as PROVISIONS 1917 N. Houston St. - 2-77713 or 2-7772 Oi'w1c': Don't you want to be the kind of girl people look up to? Margie: No, I want to bc the kind people look around at. Most of the small-town girls who go to the city looking for a career, find one, but he isn't always tall and handsome. G 0 L D SEA L Dallas, Finest Pasteurized MILK TENNESSEE DAIRIES, INC. PHONE 7-6526 S the years go by, this annual will bring back memories of these happy school days! Wfe are glad to contribute this small space to help you in publishing it. 1616-18 ELM STREET W. A. GREEN CO. Notice Seniors Fd like to be .1 senior Cjonzpljnuvnag of And with time seniors Stand W'ith ci fountain pen behind my eu And a notebook in my lmnd. I wouidn't be nn emperor, I 'WOLlldl'l'I be Ll lxingq Vd rather be 11 senior And never do n thing. --Y by Y IKQUI' THOSE WHO REALLY KNOW!--PREFER 6' ' Wifia ' AK C L1 I A Special 6 5157 Delivery - Service Phone S i THE YEAR ROUND F. G. HARGIS And now we know why ents nie so -- . . musical- CO. They're full of violin strings. ' COMMERCIAL PRINTERS MAXEY HARDXVARE Ht'tlt1L1ZlHl'ff:I'X for Sflaool Sujnplivs H Znngis Blvd. .ini Ci I 4 i PI - 5-435 407 N. Bishop 9-3760 L mmm mm i Year Books-Catalogs-Booklets BISHOP' PHARMACY W'hc're Oak Clif? Trades GRADUATE PHARMACISTS 6-2 I 3 I 6-21 3 I .1. - If you think our wit is rotten I can,t endorse that note, said Miss And you do not like our style . . . 1 b ' ll, I-Iaseltme, as the critic struck a false key. And'Ll1:tCO?3inu?iXZI1i?g mm Ce S -The Denisoniun. 'I' l Mr. McDougal fsarcasticallyj: Say, it's twelve o,cl0ck, do you think you can stay M... Cunym: ffwhat is steamy, here all n1te?,' R. B.: Wcll, I'l1 have to telephone Affhffi Qiwafef, C1'21ZY with heat-U mother first. 4. R- O' C' Iobn C.: If I had known that tunnel was so long, I would have kissed you. S110 D.: Heavens! wasn't that you? RIDING OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT CLOTHING Q ' 9 O110: Do you know how they take the Q I I I P census in Scotland? mumnv EQUIPMENT Anotlaer: No. How? One: They race a penny down the zos N. AKARD sTREET Street? , ,I4 Tom: Name a profitless enterprise. . U . . . . . TI-IE BALCOM CO., Inc. fuklez Telling hair raising stories to a bald headed man. Aurnoiuziso Dmxrilus Y R. C. A. Radiolzzs Afwafcr Kem' Radios was I doing? Wliy, I s Loud Speaker :Sl Public Address System T. C.: XVhat s doing the Paralysis Glidef' 321 N. Bishop wa Eloise: Wl1yda call it that?,' T. C.: Oh, just one stroke after an- Tel' 9-8300 other. EN'S WEAR DRY GOODS AND SHOES INTER- 0 , VAN wovi-ix . HPQUSEN socks I SHIRTS 7th and Bishop-Oak Cliff Trfm'c' W7iflv fbi' Boyxl' Maxifze F.: I fecl like a nice cool malted milk. How about you?' Hilly: I dunno, what,s :1 mnlted milk feel like? Lnvillv Mr.: Why did they take Judy out of the game? Bc'r11ic'1': The cameraman claimed he didn,t photograph well. What do you mean by the witehing hour?,' Well, tl121IZ,S when your wife greets you early in the morning with 'which story is it this time? U Indy: MI can't sleep with that light on.', PIII-jf'llIit'C Why? Indy: 'Tm not :1 light sleeper. Iffzyz' L.: Is your boy friend the kind of man you'd want your mother to meet? Dorofby R.: t'He:1vens no, she might want to marry him herself. And then there is the absent-minded pro- fessor who had the students write the exam questions while he answered them. Frank M.: Were you trying to catch that street car? 10011 M.: Oh, no, I was merely fright- ening it away from the cornerf' Prof.: Give me .ln illustration of noth- ingf, lark. B.: A hlndeless knife without I1 hnndlef, SOUTI-ILA D ICE COMPA Y so ToTE'M stations in oak Cliff XVI' Appifwinlff Your PflfI'0lIflgl' Bcsf Wis!Jf's fo You All IRVING MELCHEIVS AVENUE THEATRE Cf!I1I!?1flII4'IIf.S of Hicks-Gaston P'tg Co. Svlzool PVillfiIl1Q Om' Sjnwialfwy U29 klaeksun 2-S51 A stag should be called nobody's fool. HC doesnit chew, he doesn't smoke He never tell a dirty joke, 3' He doesn't drink, he does not neck, Conzjllirlzwzfx of AUSTIN WOOLEN CO. 1514 Main Street S. T. CURRY, Manager Groves-Barns Lumber Co. Lumber, Hardware, Paints, Built-In Fixtures Your Building Sforc' He does not even kiss by heck, He does not swear, he does not dance He never gives the dames a glance, He keeps his pennies in his pants. Did you ever hear about the Scotchman who took his caviar in capsules, so he xvouldn't acquire a taste for the stuff. f'lr4'fvir': 1 could go on lovin you for- ever. Murflm: Aw, go mn 6-2171 7716 Pri? Of Laleeside oak Cfzff 1 1 Lied X , , ' - - - Lczufzdfy 1 l LET THE BIGGEST. '. Zangs and ' and am is p ' IN OAK CLIFF - o ' M I 'Q no voun wasnmc . Clezzzzzng Phone 6-S161 Q Q U .fra : ,jf . A XV HICH M A RY Marv had Q. little lamb Given her to keep It folowed her around until It died from lack of sleep. Jewelry Wfatch Repairing Midway Pharmacy jeweler Beckley at jefferson 13114111711 Dazlivl: NVonder where lgot these dog hairs on my coat? Ralph W.: Puppy love, perhapsf' 'Z' F R EE D M AN , S Brownl-QShoeS 213 XV. jellerson 213 W, Jeifersou

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