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11 mlwfwfd 1 .. f ' ily, , 57' L4 :Hp-fff If 1 Y f f fp! .,N.' If , N,,. . QHE GQAK 1929 If f' 1' X' H 0 A 5, 'X ' X I I 4-'L 4 2 . I K. all 'Xl Q J J r N' X, AJ, KN- U XJ A HU ,, N , j ,JJ - 1 - kj 4 Wm' eb WZWW ff . -R X Wy X A . 54 QW' L3 ,',a ' 5 , Riff . X K NK L x .' Eff 1 KX VC ,- 9, . , q7""2-Wim ' AJ ?2 7'1Q fQ X , A-fg,fC42fL, - ,,, Li 1, y, NL!!! ' l 1, L, DM ffl X, I Y if X J . I ll . ,f . Q1 ,. ,W :'WdeI! L V' EX LIBRIS V1 I Q4 Copyright 1929 IVIABLR HENNEIVI' 6KIif07' HCDR.'XL'E lj. SMITH Bzwifzwii -rl fzzzzzzgw NI ICMBER CHEPLAS IGH CHOOL c C-wounded I9 2 3 lleqeX ess ' S ClATl01f HW HE 6QAK N929 PL'1sL1suED BY TWEMNWRUAS F. J WF CMKUMWHMHHHWM 1DAI.T.AS - X ' I i' 3,3 E fr L ,-yermwmuw w mwwf ,W 1nWqX'Hm mhm:M 5 A f7.,-. FAQ ,N f '- ' - - ' . 'FW iEQ"1'mWLng lwmJW . 1 A H - 55 - V iff' Mk f A fl ,fig A 1 W 14" 'fi '-f V g E- ' M' E Xi r J f , ,, 'J ' ff FORETWORD To MIRRQIR, FRQJM UJVER 'ro LOVER, A TRUE ESSENQE UF THE LIFE OF THE s'1'UnEN'1' many, AND 'rw cREA'1'E A mc- 'IURIAL 'l'H.-YI' REVIV1-gs 1v1EMwR1Es QE HAPPY DAYS svEN'r IN DEAR wma KJAK QJLIFF Hliill, HAS BEEN 'VUE ASPIRA- 'HON O1-' THE FDITORS Ol- IHI XOLVME. ff: gl A gift, af-.., T-ff af ' ,- 1 . QQ 9 .. . fp '54 , A N A QI, . x ye, 4 KX ' Mfg! I 'JA f X V11 7 in "L ing X S Y x ' ' q. mg! - KX f V rl""9f A A I - 1 I .. A A . my .KL Wi fi! J Ax w f A k X IKM' N swf C 253- AA w W Y wi Ai N, vi? wk Ml Wm! A ml x, WN" 'ww YH Wh N' ,VP 'X vk w li "' 'xx X ,JMX JN if X A 49 xv. A . Af 'J 1 M ,AN N N Q1 Vff w ' ' V f 'J E V? ' H15 if fl ' Nuff' 7 f f ' :Mau U iff' DFIEDHCATHUN Io THE S'l'l'DEN'l'S wHo CARRY HN THE '1'RA1J1'1'1oNs OF OAK CL11-'F IIIGH, XVHO HELP NI.-XIN'l'.-XIN THE HIGH s'1'AN- DARDS IN SCHOLARSHIP AND sPoR'rs- IVIANSHIP AND WHH ES'1'ABI,ISH NEW IDEA-XLS HDR S'I'l'IJFN'1'S IN THE YF.-XRS 'ro COME, VVE DEDICATE 'rH1s 1929 CDAK. ll 4 If--l-A 4 ? A 'Q Q ,f f fix P ff W lllgllllllx f Aw xx ' A , X 1, 1' h .4 If A - 'lv I Q A X 14 2 19 W M! 4 l yffgf I W K M X 1 WV w ,piri ' X rwfxsrx' li' y - H U Z J V A if Wk Hi A ' U iw WH V X X, -. x'i"' 'i s.J jf, Hugs , 'M ,R , MM A M V If l ,I M M 1 W , !, iLWillUl f X ' W W gnlsb x CLASSES ic FIVITIIIS NIILI1 ARY A'1'HLL11cs VVIFLEQS WITFICISNIS ' v f s W 'x R X x. QQ jk ' 6' ' Q? xi' X v H5 N wr! is 4 gl fi A F i x 3 'S li? W A 1 l F 5 I, 51 THE HISTORY OF Oak Clif High School The happy years go by, liach like a crystal string Upon the thread of time, Or like a song we sing. We gaze in each clear gem And see the names of those Who have won fame and joy Along the lines they chose. As a small acorn grows Into an oak tree great Our school has also grown Into its high estate. N 1901, Oak Cliff High School, which provided for both elementary and high school students, originated in the old Central School Building on Tenth Street. The faculty was composed of eleven members with Mr. F. E. Peters as principal. In 1903, Mr. VV. H. Adamson became the principal. The number of students increased from four hundred in 1913 to twelve hundred in 1916. At this time the present Oak Cliff High School Building was occupied. Tn 1924, twenty-four hundred students attended Oak Cliff, but since Sunset High School has been erected, the number has decreased to twelve hundred. There were sixty teachers in 1924, there are now fifty- ODC. There are many iersonal awards resented to students. Mr. oe Thom son, . V P a former student of Oak Chfl, and Mr. Gwen Barnes present pins to the mem- bers of the National Honor Society. Mr. Martin Weiss and Messers. Tabor present awards to the student making the highest average for four years. Mr. Jno. E. MQUYYTSS presents attendance awards. The P.-T. A. offers scholarships for five or more stu- dents as well as donating hundreds of dollars everv vear for school activities. 1 e , . H Not only has Qak Cliff been the recipient of many personal gifts, but she has also won and maintained a worthy reputation in athletics and scholarship as is shown by .the fact that she has acquired over sixty trophies since 1916. lVlr. John Fouts, who is now superintendent of athletics for the Dallas High Schools, was the Hrst coach. While the citizenship of Uak Cliff and the P.-T. A. have meant much to the progress of the school, perhaps the most important factor has been the harmony and co-operation found in the school itself, in the principal, the faculty and the student body. From this unity has developed the well known '1Qak Cliff Spirit." Materizil evidence of this is manifested in the fact that the school has been able to purchase "The Roundupf' painted by Frank Reaugh. The numerous pieces of Statuary, the trophy case, the beautiful velvet stage and window curtains in the auditorium, all bespeak the loyalty of the former classes. May Oak Cliff ever grow and prosper, and may the Qak Cliff Spirit never die. 'HU W-3 lilw ,,x 12 ,hm 5875 -1 N 4 Eh "'M ' Wllwwil 2 ? 4 X MX ,. 'MEX X fl XX Vf fM'M af Q 3 '1'- '.1A'? 1 f'7Z 7 W7 QM XM ZW? 137 ff A77 ff! X f 7 5, Cf- ! ' A fi? .W 'f rw 'W f f 7 ig? A ,,,, gh. f Q Q f W Q 2 N. R. CROZIER li. B. CAU'1'HoRN L. V. S'1'ocic.ARn Sujrfrintnndeut e4:sisfr1nt SIlf71?7'f7LfIWLf1t?7LIf Districf Sujwriutwzdwzt of Sglmols of Schools of High Schools BOARD OF EDUCATION MR. Bolfmz STOREY ----- Prfxidwnf CoMM1'1"1'EEs Fimzm'r.' N12-Zo' Builffiflgs: M r. L. 0. Donald, Clznirmfzzz Mrs. H. L. Peoples lVlr. E. N. Noyes L Sffpplm .- lVlrs. YV. P. Zumwalt, Clznirmnn Dr. David YV. Carter, hlr. Nlr. L. O. Donald Rules: Mr. Alex YV. Spence, fflzzzirzmzn Dr. David VV. Carter, Jr. Mrs. VV. P. Zumwzzlt Spfvrirll .' Il IV N111 E. N. Noyes, Cfznirnznn Nlr. L. 0. Donald N113 Alex YV. Spence ULTIIZ R 00711 .' llflrs. H. L. Peoples, Clzzzirmnn Dr. David YV. Carter, Vlr. 7 Nlrs. YK . P. Zumwzilt 1'Zf1zrc.' Mrs. H. L. Peoples Nlrs. VV. P. Zumwnlt Spence, Cfznirmnn N111 Alex VV. lvlr. L. O. Donald Mr. E. N. Noyes Dr. David YV. Czxrter, Jr., Clzzzirnzzm w N the Oak Cliff High School We emphasize the value of interest as the greatest factor in educa- tion. The power you have developed in concen- trating on a subject until you have mastered it makes yours an outstanding class. May this spirit of Willingness and determina- tion to do characterize your Work While in college and guide you through a long and eventful life. i May you live the unsellish life and serve your fellowmen, thereby extracting from life its sweet! est joysl I'R1Nc1PA1, or OAK CI.Ilflf Hmm ScHoo1,. Faculty AOUIIOI-:LI,, HELEN - AI,I.EN LIOXVARD J ANIDIAIRSON, W. H. BAKER, BEULAII BAKI-IR, NELL - BI-LLL, ANNA BELL, RUTH - I . " 2 '. BRAVII hl"1'1',N1INNIl' CAIIANISS, IOAIIEL - CJAMPHELL, L. F. Cl.PIN11'IN'l'NEI,l.IE - 7 c.1l.1-XVII-lN'1', W. B. - CLYETTIQ, NIARY LOI'1sE CKJLJPER, BICRTA - CRANE,Alil!IPI - CUNYUS, G. G. - ICISENLOIIR, H1iNRIli'l'1'A FALLS, LAURA - - GII.I.PISPIE, H. - HAMII.'Ft3N, LUCY - HAIvIIL'I'ON, W. T. - HAMMKJCK, CliRlS'l'INPI HARRIs,IN'IARrzARET - HASklI.'I'IN14I, MAY HERRINL., K.A'I'IIRYN - HhI5'l'141R, H. R. - - HIIQIQINIIOTIIAM, IIORENE HCJRN,HE!.1iN - - KENIJRICK, MARY KINIQ, ROISICRTA LANOFORII, WINNIE - LEI-"1'wIcII, L. C. - MANN, CAPTAIN EIOIIN .-X. NTATTIII-iws, H. T. - MCKELN'fXlN, ISLA IVICLARRY, .AGA'I'HA - MORRISIJW, MARY - Nl'lXX'l314lRRY, EUU1-INIA NOAH, WINTON - PATRICK, .ANNE RCDCKlZ'F'l', MAIILE R1JIJ'FES, XYIRGINIA - RUFFIN, RUTH - SMITII, R. N. - RFILLY, FUNICE - WAI.KPIR, CIIARA - - F renfb - Jllatbenmfifs Sindy H all - fllafnezzzalins - Typeccriting - - Ilismry - Sngfislz - - nr-1ILlfhEI7lclfi1'.V Home 8f0ll077!jfJ' Cfoflzing f1le1'!m11i1vnf 1Jl'6Z'1'C'illg - - - Mfr! - fllafhefnatias - English - H islory - H istary - Cheznisfry - - - English Home Emnmnifs and Food - - Bnolekeeping - ef1'IcIflZ67IlcIfiI'5 - - Tnysins Latin - Hislory - Ufnsir - - - English cqfzllllldl T raining - - H isfory - Engfish - Sindy Hall - - Spanish - History - Jllathematirrs - R. O. T. f. - - - Latin - - English - S h ortnwzd Tnysifal Training - - S punish - cq1dlh877ldfif5 - English - - English - - Spanish - English - 511 athemalias Chemislry - English To the Seniors of '29,- Credits, seniors, more and more credits! The keeper of your first seventeen Wishes each of you a future brimful of them. And may you Win them not too easily, but With that degree of CliHi- culty which will bring you the zest of pursuit and joy of achievement. Seventeen years, seventeen credits have brought you high school graduation. May life bring you infinity of credits: honor, honors, fame, usefulness, and above all-happiness. SEN1oR CoUNsELoR To Our 'Hoyt am! Cjirlcv of llze Senior f'las5e5.' You have had the energy and the ambition to accept the challenge Which Dallas 'flung to you when she oitered you this splendid opportunity for a high school education. YVe expect of you that you will continue to do those things which reflect credit on Oak Cliff High School, on Dallas, and on yourselVes5 We expect that you will grasp the opportunities of the future as you have used those of your high school days. You hold in our hearts a Warm place. XQJJHTYZXLI. IDICAN OF bllIl1'N i N M us M R5 Mus Mus M RS M RS 'Pa rent-Teacher Jss0c'iaz'i0f1 .C. C. -Ioxrzs - - tPl't'.Yf!iH7If Mus. Giio. A. SPRAGUI1: .W. A. Lm-11-HR Fin! Vim'-'1're.v. fVIk5.JoE RlJ.4CH - . DAN DUI,RF1 - Swarm! Vicar-'l'rfv. MRS. R. B. Ki-:Nm-:DY . W. A. BASUM - Tllirrl Vife-'f'1'r'.r Niks. W. M. RoBh2k'1'5 . S. Hr:'rHERiNG'r0N Ifnrzrlh Vice-'1"rv.r. MRS Tom Cook, -IR. .C. H. Fnrifxsiun - Fifth Vim-'l'n'x MRS. NoiusoURNi5 SlNII'I'lI Paremfkooa' Wfhzit zi privilege is ours, To guide through years, fleeting as hours- The life of :l child whose confiding love Is trufy ll gift from the Father above. May no selfish desire play ll part As Mer the threshold of life they startg Let us hid them go forth with faith strong za A hczrrt filled with Courage, nohle deeds to do. If this we Cam give we do not luhor in xam In helping' them knowledge and wisdom gain. Into their hands we give lifeys golden key To the future years, and their own destiny. nd true- CMRSJ SIDNEY H1-3'rHER1NG'roN Sixrh Vim'-Tres. -Suzwnlfz Vim'-'l'rr'.:. Recording Sedy Corrryvparziling Sec'y ' q,lff'l1.TlIfL'f 11i.Vf0l'flIIl OAK CLIFF HIGH 'Pa rent- Teacher Dissociation 192 8-1929 HE Oak Cliif High School Parent-Teacher Association was one of the first to be organized in Dallas. The leaders in this activity were women who for years had been associated With forward movements of many and various natures, and who from the first found Oak Cliff alive to the interests and to the needs of the parent- teacher Work. The Oak Cliff spirit has always prevailed in everything "Oak Clitff, and it is continued in this association. There are approximately five hundred members in this organization at present. Of this number, about four hundred are parents and teachers While the rest are asso- ciate members. Niany things are accomplished through the special department work carried on by twenty-six committees. The Adamson Loan and Welfzire Fund Committee dis- tributes money to high school students who are in financial need. A great effort is made to keep students in school until they have graduated. As the association does not Wish to encourage students to borrow money, loans are made only in emergencies. Another committee, the Girl's Student Loan Fund, lends only to girls who are enter- ing business schools or colleges. The VVays and Means Committee considers the needs of the different departments of this school. The chairman must be a woman who will study the needs of the individual and will then plan to H11 them. The president and the executive committee must be Willing to co-operate in every way possible. Perhaps more than any other one thing that has given impetus to the work is the one hundred per cent teacher membership with an attendant one hundred per cent co-operation of the instructors in Oak Cliff High School. One of the most outstanding and constructive measures of this organization is the effort to build around the school a social environment of fine spirit, good understanding, and true happiness. The re- sponse to the earnest eflorts of the association has been general. It is the hope of the active workers that more and more parents, fathers as well as mothers, will interest themselves enough to help in building the proper educational, spiritual, and social en- vironment for the school community. Jn tflddress to the Classes We the Seniors leaving now Klingle with regrets and sorrows Anticipations of tomorrowsg Of progressive days before us, Surely Fame will not ignore usl lVlake to you our how. All our days shall we recall Uak Clif High School, queen of all. Juniors, you Write lengthy themes Your vocabularies ,re so extensive That you aren't quite comprehensive. Dehaters there are, and athletes galore, Dancers, and singers and many more. And to me it surely seems Some are waxing quite poetic, Geniuses may he, Qhut that's propheticj Sophomores, when you rush around You think "l9'ish" are awful hores, But you're only "sul'lermores.', You talk of Latin and the League, Mention Beethoven and Grieg. Please come down to solid ground. Have your temperaments and Uwaysfl But don't he mysteries all your days. Freshmen, you clonlt get your due. YVith your smile and knowing Wink, Perhaps you know more than We think. You, we just canyt understand, But We think youlre simply grand! liven Seniors enyy you 'Cause they get out after four, And you stay three whole years more. NANNIE Frrzuuou 1.1-1 - , -1g.s Eimmuo 4 1 inf 4 if V Q 4,,,,.,! AWA 2,2 w,,,f.4,M1 f W ,,f yn W! 42 nop. .Z Q51 e1N1 c3mRS KI4INWI'1'l'II Mfxiav CIHARLICS lVI,xxsFii:Lo f"i1:P1ircx5ox B.-XKIQR .gzol Class O yficers Mrss BER'1ux CooPER - - - Spamm- KENNETH fVlANsF1ELo - fPresiflem CHARLES BAKER - - Vice-Pfwsiflefzt lX'lOZELLE CROVV - - - Secretary lXflARY S'1'EPHENsoN - - Tnfasm-m' EDITH NIANN - - - c!7C07'7l Rejbortrr Social Committee Bonnie Hell-Clmirmfzn Mary Stephenson Carl Crawford Tom Cain Nat YVcst Mary Elizabeth Gray Margaret Randolph I fwitation Committee Constance St. Clair-Clznirmzzn Byrd Kirkpatrick Mildred Silvus Bill May Granville Monroe 'Progrtzm Committee Charles Bake r-Clzairnzfzn Constance St. Clair Layton Childress Howard Sprague Earlene McBeth Grace Mays - Marguerite Parker JAMES PRIMM Entered from Central '25, City Crack Company '26, '27, State Crack Company , 26. EDITH MARIE NT,-XNN 2B and 2A Class Oliicer, Latin Tourna- ment '26, Scholarship Club '25, '26, '27, '28, '29, National Honor Council '28, '29, Acorn Staff '28, '29, Acorn Repor- ter tlanuarv Class ol' 'ZQQ Pep Squad '25, '26, Poppy Sale '26, '27. CONSTANCE ST. CLAIR lfnterecl from Reagan '25, Chairman of Ring and Invitation Committees '29, Senior Play, National Honor Society '28, '29, President of Scholarship Club '28, '29, .-Xcorn Staff, Operetta '27, '28, Scholarship Club '25, '26, '27, '28, Girl Reserves. Spanish Club. LAMoNT BAXTER lfnterecl from Reagan '24. BERNARD CoBB lintered from Marlin, Texas '27. Glee Club, Spanish Club, R.O.T.C., Hi-Y. TVTARGARET SUE RANDOLPH Entered from Central '25, Gym Dem- onstration '26, '27, lvlay Festival '26, Secretary Art Club '28, Treasurer Art Club '28, Pep Squad '25, '26, Captain Girl's Baseball Team '27. MARY ELIZABETH GRAY Fntered from Central '25, Orchestra '25, '26, '27, Operetta, Girl Reserves, All City High Orchestra. HENRY JACOBS Entered from Bowie '25. Spanish Club, Meiiiluership Chairman of Pan- American League, Program Chairman of 4,-X Civics Class, Scholarship Club, Oak Staff, Chief Library Assistant, Class Leader '26. QP' S-cf' "V, 'ii' HOWARD SPRAGUE Entered from Central '25. Captain of Football '28, Scholarship Club '27, '28, Crack Co. '26, '27, National Honor So- ciety '28, Linz Award '27, '28, Hi-Y '27, '28, MARY VIRGINIA S'1'EPHENsoN Entered from Bryan '28. Home Eco- nomics Club, Girl's Glee Club, Pep Squad, Girl Reserves, 4A Class Treas- urer, 4A Class Beauty, One Act Play. llflOZELLE CROW lintered from VVaco '26. Senior Play, Operetta '27, '28, VVon Briand Declama- tion Contest '28, Girls' Glee Club '26, '28, Spanish Club, Oak Staff '28, GRANVILLE MoNRc-E lintered from Central '25. National Honor Society '28, Scholarship Club '25, '26, '27, '28, Oak Stall' '29, State Crack Co. '26, '27, City Crack Co. '26, '27, '28, Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C. BILL MAY Entered from Reagan '25, Boy's Glee Club '26, '27, '28, Hi-Y Club '28, '29, 4A Invitation Committee, GOH' Music Club '28. EVA M. EAST lintered from Lake Charles Hi '25. Kin-Can Music Club '25, Sextette Music Club '26, Blues Chasers '28, Typewriting Pin '28, Pan-American Spanish Club '27, Girl Reserve '26, '27, 4B Class Oiicer. EARLENE MCBETH Oak Staff, National Honor Society Of- licer '27, '28, Girl Reserve Ollicer '28, Scholarship Club '25, '26, '27, '28, Senior Play, Class Beauty '27, Operetta '26, '27, JACK SWATEK Entered from Yates, Chic.o, '24. Spanish Club '28, Hi-Y '27, '28, '29, Basketball Squad '28, Track Squad '28, Lettered in Football '27, '28. CHARLES BAKER Entered from Central '25. Hi-Y '28, Operetta '27, '28, Spanish Club '27, One Act Play '28, All City Quartette, 2B President '26, 4A Vice-President. .ADELAIDE LEMMCDN Entered from Bowie '24, Girl Re- serves, Gym Demonstration '26, Home Economics Club '28. LOUISE DAORRISSEY Entered from Hogg '25. Art Club '25, '26, '28. ALLAN Ll. WALTHER Entered from Central '24. HCJRACE BEACHUM Entered from Central '25. Baseball '27, Military '25, '26, '27. VALERA NICCORMACK Entered from Central '25. Scholar- ship Club '26, '27, '28, Latin Club '25, Gym' Demonstration '25, '26, Girl Re- serves '27, '28, Girl Reserve Cabinet '28, 4A Chairman of Scholarship Club. M ARG UERITE PARKER Entered from Polytechnic Hi, Fort Worth, Texas, '25. Home Lighting Contest '25, Girl Reserves '24, '25, Latin Club '24, '25, Scholarship '24, '25, 3A Beauty '27, Home Economics Club Pres- ident '28. EDM UND IDANIEL Entered from Reagan '25. Band '27, '28, '29, Orchestra '27, '28, Vice-Presi- dent of Junior Orchestra '27, President of Junior Orchestra. 'E' 5 LAYTON CHILDRESS Entered from Reagan '25. Orchestra '25, '26, '27, '28, Band '25, '26, '27, '28, All City Orchestra '27, '28, All City Honor Band '27, '28, Commander of Honor Band '28, Commissioned Officer '27, '28, State Band Contests '25, '26, '27, '28 BYRD KIRKPATRICK lfntered from Reagan '25, Vice-l'resi- dent of Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves Treasurer, National Honor Society, Acorn Starf, Senior Play, Secretary of 3A Class, Scholarship Club '25, '26, '27, '28, Girl Reserves '25, '26, '27, '28, Pep Squad '25, '26, Spanish Club. MILDRED SILVUS lintered from Central '25, Scholar- ship Club '26, '27, Invitation Committee '28, Spanish Club '28, Home lfconomics Club '27, '28, .loHN 'l'HOMAS CAIN Football '27, '28, Track '27, '28, R. O. T. C. Commissioned Ollicer, Rifle Team '25, Crack Co. '25, Senior Play, Hi-Y '28. -TACK HART'NESS lintered from Reagan '25. Crack Co. '27, '28, Commissioned Officer '29, Radio Club. EDNA PALMER Entered from Central '25. Scholarship Club '25, '26, '27, '28, Acorn Staff '28, Art Club '26, '28, Social Committee of Class of '27, Typewriting Bronze Pin 28, Girl Reserves '26. MARY MONSON Entered from San Benito High School '27, Glee Club '25, '26, '27, Girl Re- serves '26, '27, Home Economics Club '28, Spanish Club '27, JACK CAMPBELL Entered from Ennis High '26. KENNE'l'!i MANSFIELD President of Senior Class, President of Texas High School Press Ass'n. '28, Senior Play, Acorn Staff '27, '28, '29g Oak Stall' '27, '28, '29, Art liditor of Oak '28, Vice-President of Hi-Y, Hi-Y '26, '27, '28, '29, Operetta '28, Art Scholar- ship '29, Art Club '28, '29. BONNIE BELL lfnteretl from Bowie. Class Secretary '25, '26, Sextette Club '27, Secretary ol' klcy Girls Club '28, Gym Demonstration, liconeinics Treasurer '28, Heine licononi- ics Club '28, Senior Social Chairman '28, One Act Play '28, IDICK l'lALLIBUR'l'ON State and City Crack Co. '26, '27, 2.-X Class Oilicerg Senior l'lay '28. -TACK Dnvrs lfntered from W'olfe City, Texas, '24. Lettcred in Football and Track '28, Six Crack Companies, First Lieutenant in Cadet Corps, Camp Dallas '25. GRACE NIAYS lintered from Central '25. Scholar- ship Club '26, '27, '28, '2Q5Cl1lS1CllllCCl' '28, Oak Staff '28, '29, Girl Reserves '28, '29, Orchestra '27, '28, '29, Na- tional Honor Society '28, '29, NAT 'VVEST Entered from North Dallas '24. Let- tered in Football '28, Basketball '27, '28, Baseball '25, '26, Golf '24, '25, '26, '27. LAURIE EDGAR LUMPKIN lfntered from Central '24. Track '27, '28, Football '27, Glee Club '27, '28, Uperetta '28, EDVVIN LASELI, Glee Club '27, '28, '29, President of Glee Club '28, '29, President of History Club '25, Hi-Y '27, '28, '29, Dial: Huigi, Him. lj0L'GI xx 413 Class Ojjicers MRS. QZHARLES TAYLQJR ---- DEE HILL - - - HAZEL l3Ol7GLAS - - HOR.AL'E lj. SMITH - -IQE R. Pooi. - - - Social Committee Curtis YVceks-Chnirnzrm 'Hio- Hoiuciti Sx'11'i'H - Sjlomor Przzfiffwnf Vita'-'Pnfxiflmzf - Smfrfmzry Trozzxzzrm' Hazel Douglas Dec Hill Glm-in Dnlshziw D. C. lXflcCo1'cl Mac Hall Nell YVest limitation Committee Joe P6301--fglllliflllflll Jeff Mac Hull Mable Bennett Dec Hill Ban VVilliz1mS Horace E. Smith Ring Committed Luuisc CUIIIICl'?LllZlli7'lIIIl7l Horace E. Smith HENRY Ro'rHELL Entered from North Dallas '26, Oak Staff '28, '29, Scholarship Club '26, '27, '28, '29, National Honor Society '28-'29, Senior Play '2Q. NEl,L lVEs'r Fnteretl from Bryan '27. Oak Stall' '27, '28, Acorn Staff '28, '29, Social Commit- tee '28, '29, Girl Reserves '27, '28, '29, Librarian '2X. iXl1NNEBl-lL SMVVH lfnteretl from Lancaster High '27, l'ep Squad '25, '26, High School l'lay '2f7. Operetta '27, '23, '29, Oak Stall' '28, 'llilg Assistant Student Counselor '28-'29, -lolm F. Morris Award '29, E. BEN XVILLIAMS Acorn Staff '28, Assistant Business Mgr. of Acorn '29, -lr. Hi-Y Club, and Senior Hi-Y Club, l'I'lJS. ol' .ti-X Class '29, BEN F. H,.xRRIsoN llntered from Hogg '25. Scliolnsliip Club '25, '26, '27, '28, '29, National Honor Society '28 '29, City Crack Com- pany '27, '28, State Crack Company '27, Commissioned Otlieer '27, '28, '29, Oak Staff '28 '29, Boj"s Debate '29. JANE SLOAN Fntered from Stigler, Okla. National Honor Society '29, Scholarship Club '26, '27, '28, '29, Oak Staff '29, Girls' Debat- ing Team '29, Senior Play '29. lVlARGARE'l' lVlcGAvrc Fntered from Bowie '25, Girl Re- serves '26, Scholarship Club '25, 26, Oak Stall' '29. NORIXIIAN lfVliRE'l'T CooK Entered from Sunset '25, Golf Team '26, '27, '28, '29, Scholarship Club '26, '27, '28, '2Q, National Honor Society '28, '29, Spanish Club '28, '29, Presi- clent Spanish Club '29, Hi-Y '29, Acorn Slatl' '29, Captain Golf Team '28. WrNsToN S. PEELER Entered from Reagan ,25. Scholar- ship Club ,265 ,275 ,295 National Honor Society ,295 Business Manager Acorn ,295 President Hi-Y Club ,295 Vice-Pres- ident All City Hi-Y. DoRo'rHY LEE HOWARD Entered from Hogg ,25. Pep Squad '25, ,265 G. G. Club ,285 ,295 President History Class ,265 Vice-President History Class ,275 Gym Demonstration ,275 Operetta ,275 Girl Reserves ,255 Class Otlicer ,265 Popularity Contest ,255 Li- brarian ,275 O. C. Representative in Highland Park Bflusical ,29. MARGARET HARDY lintered from Hogg ,25. Girl Re- serves ,255 Orchestra '25, '26, ,2j. RoBERT FRED WIDEMAN R. O. T. C. ,255 ,265 Crack Company ,265 Oak Staff ,295 Scholarship Club ,285 Winner of first prize for selling most State Fair Keys in Oak ClifT5 Winner of gold medal for season pass to Dallas Base- ball Park for selling most tickets in Oak Cliff to opening game. l',I'l'Z-HUCIH B. MARSHALL, JR. ltfntered from Winnetka '25, Latin Club ,255 Scholarship Club ,26, ,27, ,28, ,295 Acorn Staff '28, ,295 National Honor Society '28, ,295 Spanish Club ,29. JOHNNIE MAE TAYLOR Entered from Bryan ,26. Class Leader ,27, ,295 Girls Baseball Team ,265 Schol- arship Club ancl Linz Award ,25, ,26, ,285 Girl Reserves ,255 Gym Demonstration ,255 Typevvriting Meclal ,285 Home Economics Club ,29. EVELYN DORBANDT Entered from Hogg ,25. Member of Art Club ,255 ,26, ,285 May Festival ,25. '1,AFT NEWSOM Entered from Reagan ,24. Member of Working Boys, Club ,28, ,29. CLIFTON LE VAN lfnteretl from Central '25. .lunior Orchestra '27, '28, Senior Orchestra '28, '29, Hfwrs KELI,X' lfnteretl from Central '25. l"reneh Club '25, '27, Girl Reserves, Pep Squad, Gym Demonstration '26, H.-xzrer, l3o1'c'9I..-xs lfnteretl from Reagan '25, N'iee-l'resi- dent ol' IA Class, Vice-l'resitlent ol' 21X Class, Acorn Reporter '26, 'l'I'Cll4LlI'L'Y ol' 3.-X Class, Vice-President ol' Jfll Class, Secretary of Home lfconomics Clulw '28, Oak Stall '28, '29, Social Committee '28, '29, CARI. CROFFORD l,ieutenant in R. O. 'I'. C., City Crack Company' '25, '26, State Crack Company '26, '27, Vice-l'resident of gl? Class, Presitlent ot' 3.-X Class, Captain ol' Basket- lvall Team '29. FR.-XZIER ,loHNsoN lfntered from Hogg '25. Scholarship Clulw '27, '28, National Honor Society '29, Oak Staff '29. KLOISE XVES'l'BRiJi7K lfnteretl from Hogg '25, Girl Re- serves '26, '27, Book YVorm Clulw '27. Loulsrz KF1'l'H Moom' lfntered from Hogg '25. Class orlicer '25, '26, Girl Reserves '25, '26, '27, '28, '29, Scholarship Club '25, '26, '27, '28, '29, Gym Demc,nstration '25, '26, Span- ish Clulw '27, '28, '29, National Honor Society '28, '29, Oak Stall' '26, Acorn Stall' '27, lfditor of Acorn '28, '29, l'an- .Xmeriean League '28, '29, 'I"reasurer '28, '29, l'iee-President ol' Spanish Cluh '29. .lo1iN HA-xwEs lfntered from llighlantl Park 'ZfD. State Crank Co. '26, '27, City Crack Co. '27, '28, Scholarship Clulw '25, '26, '27, '28, National Honor Society '28, '29, Span- ish Club '28, '29, Oak Stall' '28, '29. .as- -wr- Q VVILLIAM FRANKLIN RITCHIE Fntered from Oak Cliff Central '25. R. O. T. C. '25, '26, '27, '28, President of 3B History Class. EZRA RTAE TAYLOR lintered from Central '25, French Club, Gym Demonstration, Typewriting Award Winner, Scholarship Club, Pep Squad '26. IQATHRYN DIAL lfntered from Forest High '26, Schol- arship Club '27, '28, '29, Typewriting Medal '28, '29, MERRELL BURDINE lintered from Corsicana '26, RALPH Fox lfntered from Hogg '25. Foolball '28, Track '29, Second Team Basketball, Opererm '27, 6 MILDREIJ CH1'rwooD lfntered from Bowie '25, Scholarship Club '25, '26, '28, Girl Reserves '25, '26, '27, '28, Girl Reserve Secretary '28, Oak Staff '29, May' Festival '25, '26, Spanish Club '28, NANNIE FITZHUUH lintered from Reagan '25. Scholarship Club '25, '26, '27, '28, '29, Latin Club '25, '26, Girl Reserves '27, '28, '29, Acorn Staff '27, '28, '29, National Hcnor Society '28, '29, Girls' Chorus '26, '27, '28, '29, Blues Chasers Club Treasurer '29, Latin Tournament '25, lnterscholas- tic Short Story Contest '27, 2A Acorn Reporter '27, Operetta '27, May Festi- val '26. WANDA VVYA'r'r lintered from Bowie '25, Girl Re- serves '26, Gym Demonstration '26, Poppy Sale '26, '28, Scholarship Club '26, '27, '28, '29, Glee Club '26, Na- tional Honor Society, Oak Staff '29, Senior Play '29, 'TRUETT PRICE llnrered from Lipan High School '28. Basketball '2Q. ADELINE KEITH lifntered from Huntlantl, Tennessee, '2f1. CHRIS'l'INE IVIILLER lfntered from Reagan '25. FRAN K HA MRA Entered from North Dallas High School '28, Meniber of Chemistry Club '27, '28g Vice-President of -lr. Hi-Y '26, .2- 1 . YNTANDA ANDERSON linteretl from Baylor Academy fBel- KOH, Texasl '26. Home Economics Club '26, '27g Art Club '27, '28g Social Coin- lnittee '28g Hcaclquarter Mzxster of Avia- tion Cadet Sponsor '28, '29, FAYE IJAVIS lintered from Reagan '25. Home lfconomics Club '26, '27g Scholarship Club '26, '2jg Gym Demonstration 'ZSL Class Olliccr '26, '27, '28. RUTH SI-IEL'I'ON Ifntered from Reagan '25. Gym Dem- onstration 'zgg Pep Squad '265 Glee Club '27, '2Sg Operetta '27, 'zqg Girl Re- serves '26. LEE lhf1AClVlURTREY lfntered from Mc.-Xllen High School '28, Workiiig Boys' Clubg Track '2S: Football '28, 'zqg Basketball '28g Tennisg Crack Company '2Q. Riu- 3.22 N.. -qt. .Q 'UK EDWARD F. SCHELL Entered from Dallas University '26. Scholarship Club ,28, lzq. ISABELLE VVATSON CONNOR Entered from Reagan ,2S. Mziy' Fes- rival YZSQ Oiiice Assistant ,2j, '28, ,295 Girl Reserves l28, QZQ. Louisiz ROBINSON lintered from Reagan ,25. Operetta ,285 Gym Demonstration '26g Poppy Sale '27, ,28. ORMAND JENSON Entered from Bairston High '28. Band 'zgg Hi-Y '2Q. .LJENNIS NICGILL Filtered from Bowie ,25. Scholarship Clubg Linz Award '265 Latin Club. MARIE WILSIJN Fntered from Lisbon High School September, 1928. ANNA LEE Hoooiis Entered from Waco High School l26. IJOROTHY KINSER liintered from Hogg '25, Pep Squad 25, 'zog Spring Festival ,z6, 'zjg Girl Reserves ,27, ,28. LEROY HASKELL Entered from Bowie '25. Crack Com- pany '26, '27, '28, '29, Rifle Team '27, '28, '29, Commissioned Orlicer '23, LUCILLE XVILLIAMS Entered from W'innetk,1 School. Gym Demonstration '26' Pev St und '2', S nn- . W I 1 I l J P lsh Club, Girl Reserves. JUANITA HILI. President of Girl Scouts '26, Tennis '29, Spanish Club, Junior Play '28. josm GREENLEES Entered from Bowie '25, Girl Re- serves '25, '26, Pep Squad '25, Spanish Club '25, '26, Music Club '25. XVEFKLEY BRADFORD lintered from Palestine High School '25. Glee Club '26, Stage Manager Operetta '28, '29, Stage Manager Senior Play '28, '29, MCDNA BRAY lfntered from Central Oak Clifl' '25. Denton, Texas, High School '27, Art Club '25, '29, Scholarship Club '25, '26, '28, Pep Squad '25, '26. Louisa HALL Fntered from Central Oak Cliff '25. Nlexnber of Home Economics Club '26, Style Show '26, Member of Spanish Club and Antique Club '27, '28. M. O. A'r'rEBERRY, -IR. Fntered from Bowie '25. Military' '25, '36, '27, Vice-President Glue Club, Member of Hi-Y '28, '29. HORACE E. SMITH Entered from Reagan '25. Crack Co. 26, '27, Scholarship Club '25, '26, '27, 28, '29, National Honor Society '28, '29, Senior Ring Committee '28, '29, Business Nlanager of The Oak '29, Hi-Y '28, '29, v V CLARA E,S'l'ELLE VVHITE Entered from junior High, Brook- field, Mo., '25. French Club '25, '26, '27, Oak Stall '28, '29. MABLE BENNETT Entered from Hogg '25. Class Ollieer '25, '26, '27, Oak Staff '27, '28, '29, Editor Oak '29, Spanish Club '27, '28, '29, Vice-President Spanish Club '28, Scholarship Club '25, '26, '27, '28, '29, National Honor Society '28, '29. C. E. LANIER Entered from Reagan '25, Crack Com- pany '26, '27, State Crack Company '26, 27. CURTIS WEEKS Entered from North Dallas '26. Mili- tary '26, '27, '28, '29, City Crack Com- pany '28, Commissioned Ollicer '29, President of W. B. C., 4B Class Officer. LYDIA BREDE Entered from Winnetka '25. Oak Staff '26, '27, Assistant Editor of Oak '29, Scholarship Club '25, '26, '27, '29, Girl Reserves '26, Pan-American League '28, '29, National Honor Society '29, President Spanish Club '29. VIRGINIA LEE BOULDIN Entered from Hogg '25. Sponsor R. O. T. C. '27, '28, '29, French Club '26, '27, '28, '29, Oak Stall' '27, '28, Acorn Staff '28, '29, Popularity Contest '29, Senior Play '29. HARMON KENDRICK Entered from Central '2 5 . Crack Company '26, '27, Camp Dallas '25, Glee Club '28, '29, Operetta '29. DEE HILL Entered from Reagan '25. Football '26, '27, '28, Vice-President 2B Class, President IA Class, Hi-Y '29, Glee Club '26, Class Representative, Under-class Favorite '28, President 413 Class, Social Committee 4A Class, Best All Round Senior Boy '28, '29, Senior Play '29, LOUISE CONNER Entered from Hogg '25. G. R. '27, '28, '29, Vice-President '29, R. O. T. C. Sponsor '28, '29, Ring Chairman ol' Class June '29, Social Committee '29, Schol- arship Club '28, '29, Cheer Leader '28, '29, Acorn Staff '27, '28, '29, Oak Staff '26, '27, '28, Secretary-Treasurer 4th Class, Senior Play '2Q. Loivifx COOKE Entered from Reagan, January '26. G. R. lVIember '26, '27, '28, '29, Social Committee 4A Class, Spanish Club, Acorn Staff '26, '27, '28, '29, Oak Stall' '26, '27, '28, Secretary IA Class '27, john Nlorris Award, Council Representative of G. R. '29, Vice-President Federated Council of G. R.'s. GLENN R. GARDINER Fntered from Central '25. JAMES FUDGE lintered from Hogg '24. Radio Club '27, Football '28, MD" Club '28, '2Q. THELMA KEITH Fntered from Reagan '25, TRUE WILLIAMS Fntered from Reagan '25, Gym Dem- onstration '25, Social Chairman 3B Class, T. N. T. Club, Class Leader '26, Home Iiconomics Club. JACK SHULL Entered from Hogg ,24. Rifle Team '27, '28, Crack Company '28, '29, Best First Sergeant '28. KW , gf V, . Es, AUS'I'IN LINNE Entered from Edgar Allan Poe junior High, San Antonio, Texas, '26, State Crack Company Drill '26, '27, City Crack Company Drill '27, '28, Hi-Y '28, '2Q. Avis HUEY lfintered from Forest High '28, LILAC KEATTS Entered from North Dallas '27, Scholarship Club '25, '26, '27, '283 Home liconolnics Club '27, KEMP P. JOHNSON lintered from Sunset '26, Hi-Y '28, '29, Crack Company '26, '27, LEON STURDIVANT Iintered '25, Graduated '29, At- tended .-Xmarillo High '26, '27, '28, WILDA JORDAN lintered from Hillsboro High '26, DORA FRANK Entered from Sunset '27, Class Olhcer '27, Oak Staff '28, '29, Scholarship Club '27. IRA HIN'I'ON Entered from Bryan '26. Track '26, '27, Hi-Y '26, '27, Operetta '27, Glee Club '25, '26, '27, THoMAs RIDLEY llntered from Central '25, Boys' Glee Club '26, '27, '28g Operetta '27, '28g Track '27, '28, 'zgg Hi-Y 'zyg Secretary Hi-Y '28g Vice President Hi-Y. JEFF MAY H.fXlrL, liintered from Reagan '25, Program Chairman ,275 X'iee-President Home lico- nomies Club '28g Ring Committee '28g Choral Club '28, 'zqg Operetta 'zoq Senior Play '29, LUCILLE VVATERS Entered from Coleman High '27, Gym Demonstration '285 Home Fconomics Club '28, 'zog Girl Reserves '29. FIEI.DoN RIcHARosoN lfntered from Reagan '27, Completed two and one-hall' yearsg R. O. T. C. JIM R. SMITH Fntered from North junior High, Col- orado Springs, Colorado. Crack Corn- panies '25, '26, '27, '28, 'zgg Most lflli- cient Cadet in Three Ranksg Commis- sioned Oflicer in '28g Company Com- mander in '28, '29, IQUTH GAS'1'lJN Fntered from private school '26. EULA NlARGARE'l' Mooiuz Entered from VVichita Falls High '26. French Club '27, '28g French Play '28, 'zgg Secretary'-Treasurer French Club '2S. 'FHELIVIA CHILDERS lfntered from Forest '26, 'FV ewritin .P . t Awards '28, '293 bym Demonstration 'zog Scholarship Club '29. CHARLES WEEKS llntered from North Dallas '26. Mili- tary '26, '27, "W. B. C." Club '29, Radio Club '29, RlI'1'H RAwLs lfntered from Reagan '25. Scholarship Club '25 and '26, National Honor So- ciety, Gym Demonstration '27, '28, Operetta '27 '28, Acorn Staff '28, Girl Reserves '28. DAVELLA FUDGE lfintered from Reagan '25, Pep Squad '25, Girl Reserves '25, '27, Operetta '27, One Act Play Contest ,ZQQ Spanish Club '25, '26, '27. HAYNES HARVILL lfntered from Bowie 125. President of National Honor Society ,293 Crack Com- pany '26, '27, '28, '29, Rifle Team '27, '28, '29, Captain of Rifle Team '29, Linz Award '26, '27, '28, '29, Harvard Club Award '28, Oal-1 Stall '29, Winner of Fliiciencv Medals in Three Ranks, Commissioned Olhcer '28, '29, Senior Play 529. FRANK M. XVILSON lfntered from Hogg '25. FLORENCE G. PARKER lfntered from Shreveport '26. Scholar- ship Club '25, '26, '27, '28, '29, Na- tional Honor Society '28, '29g Oak Staff '28, '29, Girl Reserves '25, '26, '27, '28, '29, Home Economics Club '28, '29, Gym Demonstration '28, Spelling Contest '29, Lois WAL'l'H ER Entered from Central '25. Scholar- ship Clubg Oak Staff '29, National Honor Society '28, '29, MAXINE BRYANT Entered from Hogg School '25. Girl Reserves '263 Operetta '27g President of Shorthand Class '28, bl. XV. .IQRIJAN Czulct llflgljczr, lfutcrurl Unk Clill' mid- Icrm '26 from Sunset, Crncla CKJIllI5Ll11f' '25, '26, '27, '28, '29, Xx'l1lHL'I' ol' l':1l41Cu Drill Cczntcst '27, '28, Camp Dg1ll.1s Com- iurmdcr '28, W'i1111cr ul' lflliciciiuj' l'i11 lor llcst Scrgczlul, Bur l"i1'fI l,icutu11.111t. I,AUR.1 iXl,l,1SfJN l'l111crcrl from 'X'llI'L1lWC.lLl ll. IAIINLII' Scbczcl i11 l"ClWI'Ll1lI'.X '26, Cl1mOlliccr '26, '27, '28, Sclmlqrrwliip Club '26, '27, '28. '29, Prcsirlcm l"I'LJ11Cll Club '28, Ozxl, Stull' '28, '29, Secretary ol' SL'l1illllI'Sl1l,'1 Club '29. I1ENNlE CrX'l'IlERlNE :XNDREVVS lfiucrcd l'I'OIH XN'1lX1lll1lCl1lC High School '27. Girl Rwciwcs '28, Orclicftrn '27, '28, Cliorzrl Club '28, '29, Spnuisli Club 1 Z". 1 Grwurrx ll,-lI,Sl'IAXN' lfmcrccl lrczui llowiu '2g. l"I'Cl1Cl! Club 27, '28' l"'I'CIlCll l'l411' '28, Claw l.,-zulcr' I 7 . '26, '27, '28, c,I'Cl1CSfl'll '26, '27, '28, .-X1'm,ru Stull' '28, '29, Duc Ac! l'l:1j' C911- mu '29, Scrum l'ln1' '29. .Tori ."1NNA Ql'ILl,IN lfiltcrul l'rc,m Hogg '25. Girl Rum-V1 cs '28, '29, Opcrctrn '27, '29, Glr-Q Club '28, '29, M111 lfcstiml '26, 'I'l'U2lFLll'CI' G. cs. C. '29, IQVHLYN lXflURGAN Opurcttu '26, Gym lDClHU1lSII'l1Il0l1 '27 NlAXINE kLI.1U'l"1' l'l11tc1'ul l'I'OlN Llolm Il. Rcalgaiu Sclmul '2g. cgylll1JCIHOI1SII'11IlOll. EDVVARD XVRIQQHT, .lR. linrurcd lroiu KI. S. Hogg '25, Cruel, Llou1p,u1y '26, '27, '28, '29, liHiclc11cy l'i11 in Four Ranks, lwmlwgrll '28, Balslict- ball '28, Rifle ,1'L3AlIH '27, '28, '29, Crump Dallas '28, W'iJZCI1CTRl'I Drill '28, 'l'I'1ICli '28, '29, Cadet Orliccr '28, '29, .Lv foun- rl ROY A. LANGSTON Entered from Hogg '25. R. O. T. C. '25, '26, '27, Crack Company '27, Glee Club '28, '29, LORINE GARVIN Entered from Reagan '25. Pep Squad '25, '26, Oak Staff '29, Gym Demon- stration '26, Scholarship Club '29. LEQNA lVlOSSHAR'l' lintered from Hogg '25, Scholarship Club '26, '27, '28, '29, Linz Award '25, '26, Gym Demonstration '26, Class Acorn Reporter. WARREN LEIGHTON Entered from Central Oak Cliff '25. Glce Club '28, '29. D. C. MCCORD Entered from Hogg in '25, Captain Infantry R. O. T. C., Crack Company '26, '27, '28, '29, Acorn Staff '28, '29, Wozencraft Drill '28, Operetta '28, Boys' Glee Club '28, Vice-President 4A Class, Senior Play 729. BEATRICE I. CUMMINGS Entered from John H. Reagan High, Houston, Texas, '27. JANE BU'r'rERF1ELD lintercd from Reagan '25, Gym Dem- onstration '25, Pep Squad '26, Operetta '26, '27, HAROLD H EMPHILL Entered from Bryan Street High School '28. Crack Company '28, '29, Camp Dallas '28, Rifle Team '29. LEWIS HoL,1,AND lfntcred from Bowie '24. Glee Club '28, '29. FA Y 'TINDLE Entered from ,Iunior High ol' Green- ville, Texas, '27. Home lfeonoinics Club .27 LOUISE BL'cKI,m' lfnteretl from Central '26, :Xccon1- panist for Boys' Glee Club '28, '2L!J. GROVER VVHIPKER lfnterecl from Hogg '25, Camp Dallas '26g Crack Company '27, Glee Club '2?l. '29, Track Team '29, Operetta 'ZLL FR,-xNc1s C. liF'1'HANco URT lfntered from Central Oak Cliff '25. State Crack Company '25, '26, '27, City Crack Company '26, '27, '28, '29, Sup- ply Oflicer '28, '29. VTE.-xNNE IJEVVITT lfnterecl froni Sunset High School '28, Nl ARY FERN HASKELL Entered from Bowie '25, Honorary MlllOT '28, '29, Crack Co. Sponsor '27, '28, Operetta '26, Home Economics Club '28, Girls' Glee Club '28, 'zqg French Club '26, '27, Pep Squad '26, '27, Class Ollicer '26g Popularity Contest '2o. ROBIN XlCCONNELL Connnissioned Oflicer R. U. T. C., State Crack Company '25, '26, '27, City Crack Company '26, '27, '28, 'zqg Camp Dallas '27, '28. Q' CLYLE SMITH lfntered from Hogg '25, Scholarship Club '28, Basketball '28, slr. Hi-Y '26, IQ LNA CARMAQK lintered from Travis '25, Scholarship '26, '27, '28, '29, Oak Staff '29, Na- tional Honor Society, Operetta '27. IDOROTHY SU'I"l'ON lintered from Oak Clif? Central '25. .-Xrt Club '26, '27, Pep Squad '26, Poppy Sale '26, '27, '28, Acorn Stall '27, '28, '29, Secretary of Art Club '28, '29, Scholarship at Dallas Art Institute '29. FINLFY IDOYLE lfntered from Oak Clill' Central. City Crack Company '25, '26, State Crack Company '25, '26, Camp Dallas '25, '26, Rifle Team '27. FRANK HILL13O'I' Camp Dallas '25, hlr. Orchestra '25, '26, Sr. Orchestra '26, '27, '28, Band '24, '25, '26, '27, Operetta '28, '29, Football '27, '29, Hi-Y '27, '28, '29. CARoLIN E NELSON lfnteretl from Crockett '25, l'resiclent of Alto Silk Stocking Club '26, Spanish Club in Bryan High School '27, Returned to Oak Clilf '23, Scholarship Club. ELLEN ix"lAXVVELL lintered from Bowie '25. Girl Re- serves '27, '28, Gym Demonstration '28. hloHN MEREDI1'H Acorn Staff, Hi-Y '28, '29, Hi-Y Treasurer '29. ROBERT COX Camp Dallas '27, '28, City Crack Company '27, '28, State Crack Company '27, Commissioned OH'icer September '28, DOLKJRES XVILSON Fntered from Muskogee, Okla., '29, JOHN SQUIRE Radio Club '29, lintered from Reagan '25, JOE POOL Fntered from Central '25, 2A Class Treasurer, 4B Class Treasurer, Class President '27, '28, Hi-Y '29, Oak Staff '28, Band '29, Business Nlanager of Strealq' '28, M ELBA SeO'1"1' lfntcred from Lancaster High School '28, Spanish Club '29, DOC BARR Entered from Hogg '25, Tennis '26, '27, '28, '29, Cheer Leader '28, '29, Track '29, Glee Club '28, '29, H. G. SCHNELLE lfntered from lil Paso High '26. City Crack Company '28, Commissioned Olli- cer R. O, T. C., Scholarship Club '28, CARL iTINNIN lfntered from Bowie School '25, IB Play, Glee Club '26, '27, '28, '29, Oper- etta '27, '29, Declamation '27, President Of Websterian Society '28, "Cj'nthia's Strategyu, Quartette '28, '29, Gbff' A ffl! -N-1' 0 fi? f X W IW li- " , w-Q fx rf? N f 'A Q 2 5 I VGHENX RN f ,- K 'WA J 'K wJoZd IP 5ENnoR 5 Q Ai -i2-2, V 0,Y"M"I1N STIL X-QF ME EAM- K QGKQQ v,-QAHYAN If, 'j K Q IJ ONE ' 'Mi "A wi , CC 5 NEPREAMIN c- , WHY K V 1 X 'x Gnu-S 1 0 jj LEAVE -WHOOPEE M Hjbc 73A RR," , gy Q ' 25 xwzfi. iam HARmsm- SOMFDAY G .ff Q39 Q7 HFALWAYS HAS Kfwrvfru 3. , BFEN cms? 'Ng W mf-Y wx WEL.-EE BE A A K La F GREAT WITHOUT HIM? Qjbgof spflgxf A L ' ' T My W 551655 K V 1 . I .A . .v -- Q 19 '- ff 4 TQ x' ALJ. 1-D011 THE ' +93 TART? S fb ' ' B,0yL 5 FL CK 1' Ni' Q'y-IRQ' A 'DTE R f 9 x U f 1 xi M ,MW A' ' Comm If Dqflw Q j 0 ,N KM4 cf it pm -:Lg iw , I1 ' 'N X Rt 5 KEE T CfIl:c?T?iE5 NIT N I 144 NNORKE lwfh' if i ff, , "U .' X ,fwfr , t , jf . L. f' A E-Gisvi PA NV, 2,5 I f nav ffgfk ?f ymxsn.. ay? Qiqfyw ',o.f avi! A , 7 fy? 3 I 1 3 X 4 W1NyT01y 'JW wiv 12255 Vw' ALL TMS P WON I fwf PERXM ,, E-D1TH 'PHE STU D 4 OU xi QQEUNHURS ' PICARI, RALPH HELEN LEVII.I,0l'X TINKl.E KELLEY 3d Class Officers RALPH ,FINKLE - - - - Pmsiderzl PEARL LEV1LLoUX - - - - Vice-'Presiflenz I'lELEN ICELLEY - - - Secretary Miss AGATHA MCLARRX' - - - Spamm- THE 3A CLASS T never dawned upon the little 3A's who entered Oak Clif? last fall that they would be dignified Seniors when promotion rolled around. Soon they realized this and began getting in shape for the honorable posi- tion. No one could find a dictionary in any of the study halls. It is Slip- posed that these were hidden by members of this class who wished to en- large their vocabularies in peace. VVell, anyway, when the senior carnival came along, the 3A's elected Evelyn lWcCulloch, a very beautiful, long-haired young lady, along with Lewis Kelsey, to represent their class. This class contributed its share towards making the carnival a success. ' Eugene Erickson and Lewis Kelsey were two of the outstanding members on the football team, 1928. Due to their untiring efforts and splendid co-operation, they have been appointed co-captains of next yearls team. This class has quite a few members who are very dependable in what- ever they undertake. One of these is S. Underwood, whose untiring faithfulness to the band has won him the honor of the captaincy. The class gave several very entertaining socials during the year under the direction of Miss Agatha lVlcLarry, our sponsor. fi iiiilill llllllll lllllll lllllll -1 Baker, Dorothy Barrett, Marguerite Bray, jeraldean Carlson, Jane Conihear, Kathryn Cunningham. Leva Mae Haggard. Carmelita Hall. Marie Haslitt, Gertrude Henderson, Lena Hughen, Lucile Ashley, David Baker, Eugene Birmingham, Allen Bonne, James Brown, Howard linrke, Dick Casper, James Chapman. Dick Chase, V. F. Cole, Gillon Coley, Jack Daley, Charles Davis, jack T. Dickson. YY. T. 3A Gmrs lrwin, Ruth Kelley. Helen Kennedy, Lucille Kirkham. Evelyn l,eYilluux. Pearl M cCrary, Della l,nuise' McCulloch, Evelyn Mcllonald, Mildred Mclioberts, Al Lynn Moore, VVinifresl Murray, Flora-nc Oswald, Barbara 3A Boys Douglass, Edwin Epps. Ernest Hale. Acel llart. Chester Hill, Phon Kepke, Norman Kinser, Bailey Kirlry, Robert Knightun, Tyler Lamh, Charles Lanier. C, lf. Ledhetter, XYilliam Lowry. Clenia Mellrirle, Geoffrey Petty, Lillian Prather, Mildred Puckett. Evelyn Rawlins, Eliene Siflnian, Mildred Smith, Cathron Tannery, Chrystine Thompson, Phyllis YanVVest. Dana XYest, Geraldine llhlraven. Ruth McR0berts, Sidney Mathis, Leon Melton, Murray Paty, Kerwin Pipes, llc-an Ritchie, Franklin Shull, Edwin Stinson. Leland Telfnrd, Edwin Tinkle, Ralph l'n4lerwnud, S. lYebb. VYillian1 lYilliams, Harry XYright. Harold d W -162 CL'R'1'is lD1iI,I.A Loelsfg l"'1,oYn Hoax McCk,xRY Davis G 3B Class O' cars CURTIS HORN - - - P7'L7.ffdF7lf l"LoYD Davis - - - - Vin?-'Pnnvifinnf DELLA Lo1'1sE MQCRARY - - Srfrffnry Miss MARo,A.RL'1' HARR1s - - Spamm- l THE 3B CLASS HE Juniors put forth just a little more effort than ever hefore hecause there was a goal for which to work: that of heing Seniors the next year. This class has supported all the school activities whole-heartedly. Representatives from this class are found in almost all of the thirteen organizations of the school. Prohahly the two outstanding pupils of this class were Roherta Nloore and Clark Etheridge. Roberta Moore was president of the Girl Reserves, a position usually occupied by a Senior. Clark Ether- idge was the winner of the Harvard Award of 1929, given hy the Dallas Harvard Club to the hest Junior citizen of the school. T-M-V Y-'-if mf iii in wwimill iiiiiill liiilill .Xllm-11. Nlzn-in l.u11iSi- .Klum-, lfrznicr- Hailey. Nancy llalrlwiu. Xlury lf. lialcs. lluxrnxtllj llriilgvs. Pzmlme Ili-im-11.lJmw-ili5 lliifwrnl. Nlzxry liilmxclt. lin-in-x'1cx'r fallimui. lim Nl-milf Cfnliplmll. Nellie' Calyx-ni. Faye Cliilmlrusa. Klzlrj Klyne fwlq-lxixni, Agnus Cmrlcy. Xlzwic I.. Curtis. Clxznrley llzixia, In-nv lliixkixii, l.m-ta Klin- llrzmstielil. .Xilr-lyne llaxtrr, Grain lllv limwil. Ifinis Llfmiplmcll, 'llmiiiiy Curns. Sum Cziisuxx, X. Carter, ll11llE'lIl5 Ca1'iitl1..l. lf. Caytmi. Paul Cl1:ix'skc.,l-vlixiwxii Clicw, XYilli:1m Clem-lziu-l, 'l'um Culr. -lzuxicx Cuttmx. Si-lilim l l'i'i11c1'. R1 vlwcrt Lxmfsrtt, Hzmulnl 3B CJIRLS Fclila-r. Yirgiuiri Fic:-xnzm. l,i-Ulu Gentry. lfstii llviilrp. Yiulfx Grigslwg, lfziira Llziya. Faye ll:-vivlmxmx, .Xmizl lla-i'11:mileZ. lflimle' Hlulnm. Rlilmlrwl llulnlcn. llzxzpl llimlami. l.:iur:i jzlcksml. .Xlca-iw j-illiismm. lin-lyli Kealiey l,41uisc Kiimzlmall, XYilm Kirlwy, .lime l,L'L-inn, Karin-ins l.vY:m. lmis l.iwlazi3 . llrzwz' l.im1c, lk-115 l,uu XlL'KlIl!lk'j'. Lwixiw Xlnesi-5. Lucilc Kin-x'x'ifivl1l. Siiflzi Klin- Xliller. Nlililrwl Slmxtguixlexj, H:-len Nlmmg Rulvcmzi A Xlfxiigli-ni, Lyra: NL-Ismail. llclcn rl'Xi-ul, Gi-m'giz4 , l l arkx. Xlargfirct Vitclifurml. llcvilicc Rawlins. -luzmitzi lh'11fl'uw. lfliziilwtlx .1 liwli1x1su11.hl:ul34 Scntt. Tyli-Ile Slxzmks, IJ-ir-nlly Six. Nlaiirlii- l,L'c Smith. Clifirlinc 3B Bova llzwix. lfliqvl Ilzix ie. Haw:-l Ili-an. lfrzmk lk-cn-. vlulm ll-nvv14,Gi--n'gr Esszxry. Lurix Etllcrixlge. Clzirli Fiix. lfiigx-iw Fwx. Ralph Gnffuwl. HL-11 llzill. 'lulm H:irnlim4'. lhilifrx ll1i3'.Alful111 Hi-mlriclcs, Iflxm-r l'l-ilflvn. Gcwigi- lliml. Curtis llwwzuvl. Klmrif I1'wii1.Ivsw Kclwy. Lewis Kcinuwly, Sirliivg Kepkv. llilmci' Kiiiwer. Rzxlplx 1.11 lfuy, ,luv luallglcy, XYilli:m1 Lev. XYL-lilim l,i11le, J. C. l,uwc. llurfurul Nlcllivwi-ll, Ge-:wipe Nlzus. Himzii'-l Xliller. ,lwlm Nlui'cl:ui4l. Gus Kllillzm. ,laim-N ,M Smith. l.illi:n1 Smitli.Z1-ll Sturliiig, liilvm- Stun-ima. l'z1t Ili-my Stricklzmil. Kznlllriiip I :n'lp-tum. X vrlgix Tlirumzis, liz-ulzzll X znlliurn, I llvlmzl YQ-vwumi. l"1':u1u-Q XY:u'L'. Xlziry lilimv XYnts4m. lY5xirlulm-vii Xilflxata-l'. -lane YYilli:ims, Yirginiai XYx'iul1t. - '-. li umm Xl'u'lL- XYrix1l1i. Plmulzi P:u'livx'. Su-plisii R4-es. lixzm R-nl1ly,jim lfrcil Si-znlcy, Olin 91-iimiivi. llq-i'lvvs1't Sligcr. liwuik Smiill, lirul Spiiiks, .Xlxzili Sl1u'L'5'. li-vuslv XYzAlkel'.Jin1iuiv Nihstlivrlmy , Prim- XYcly4tm-x'. Xvillizim XY1'iglii, lk-llvert Zimmermzm. lhmmzc 'l'lizickv1', Xlzu'g:u'vi , X RQHQWNLQQF Q Q muR RncHARo! YES' CU ERN BANKS .nmrne EDLEYELL5 1 AND HDMI., . A N ' ? 'F an ima K .A J 'A gif . sf' A JJ fs' , ,jx Y jxixm 'LA-1 yeke Y u K N F 'fl X L fi N2 Qc Y H l 5xN Y I K5 ? X X 66 HELEN NELSDN-LILUAN E.-WENDY WATSUN 5Hf'5 THE ERFAN UF HY EUFffE'CUff WEASK YUU-"-ARE '5FUN5ER'fJ 0 1 , 7 'lf ,.- , STUCK UF. K RUBERTA NUURE 51,0 K f M X 3 A mm Q f 1 V X Huw 'Qi f DUE5 STAND BACK! L. if EQSKAWAY HERE Ennis MIK, wm-1 THUSE msn '15, TICKETS ? " A L f:,.R.PRE5unEN1Z THERE 'g'2E'f,T'W Fmeon Fa A fi? FI ., R1 D wm iv0M021a il 11S l l W r AUSTIN FLORENCE BILLIE HA'FCI'IEI. NCJR'l'II BURKE 204 Class O fjicers IXUSTIN HA'1'L'HEL YJnvsiflw11 FLORENCE NORTH - - Vice-7Dre:ia'enz BILLIE BURKE - - Seererary Miss RUTH RUFFIN - - Sjmnmr FHE 2A CLASS HE 2A Class of the Autumn semester,l'although seemingly quiet, was unusually active under the direction of Miss Ruth Rufhn, faculty sponsor. This class laced twelve u Jfls on the Scbolarshi Club thfs P P l P vear, and of these, four had an average of Q5 per cent or above. Perhaps the greatest achievement of this class was the winning of the Spanish Poetry Contest of all Dallas High Schools. De Estle Hardin, a representative of this class, brought home the bacon in the form of a large loving cup. This is a live-wire class. It is Well represented in every field of school activity. .x1L'Xil.l1vlL'l'.xl11Ft" l5z11'tlt'tt, Mnxic 11111111 Mz1rjc1ri1- liryzul, llliulys lliirkr. 1C1lit11 Cach. Mililrq-11 C11il4ls, Czmlillv Cult. 111111111 Q21'11x1'n-ll, lfrzmces 111111. 1'r1c'1l:1 A l1z1ss:1w:l3'. Alliiu- M. ll11111n1f1ck, lf1litl1 1lz11'rl111. 131- lxstla A1lkiss1111. Murrc-ll H:1s11111. 01111111 re 1iix1i1gs.1lz1r11l11 Iirgintlry . Mz1rxi11 llrlggi-, 1,1111 l!r11w11. K. 1. liiirkv. Billit- C:1rlisl1'.1. 14, C11z111111r1's,1cfs1- C1111l1111. 11111111111 C1111114111 111-rsc11cl C11f111t-1'. lfiigeiw Cralvh. 5:1111 111.14 QA GIRI.S llvrskell. Urn 140111 111-55. Kz1t11ry11 I1ill.I.11cy 1111w11r1l, 1'fliz11l11-111 1111111113 11111111111 l1'wi11, I,il1ie IJ. 1111111, K:1t11lci-11 14111c'S. 11111111115 KL-115. M:11'y Ellen 1,:111icr, 1'flL'a1111r 1,z1ws11i1, Nora 1 1,21 M1111, Mt-z11111w 15011 1,1111g111ir1-, C1tt:1i11icx , . l.51111. C,11rr11-.X1111 Mcllill, Nt-11:1 lint' Mnplrs, 1.111114-11 Mczul. 1.1-l1e11e Miller. x1Zll'fIZi1'L'I Mitvlwll. 11121111111 M111'riwq-5. M21r14:1r N111111, Fl411't111c1' 1'c11fl1-r, lfl11rt-11ct- l'11ill1riCli, lftllcl lH1ttc1'. Margie Rawliiis. .Xnvitzz Ritllvy, Mzirgua-rite ZA BOYS C1'z1x1f111'11. l'. 11. 11111111, liill lJ11Pre. Iirwin Elliott. l.z1111z1r FQ-r11. G1-111-516 H:11li11111't1111. 'l'11r11 H:1rri11J.fI111l. Ilan- HE1ski11s,l,. 15. 1111113114-1. A11s1i11 l1c11s1111. Rll4ik'll 1z1cks1111. 1. XY. 1111111s1111.1.e1111 ,ll11lg't'. 1:11111-5 Knight. XY1-l1l11:1 l.i11clw:1y, 1"t'?111ci- MCC:1i11. ,lack MCIJ-1wt'1l. 1. C. McM:1i11s, lfric Martin, Frz111k M11111'c. 1111111141 M111ri54111. Erlrl tllixer. R. 11. l':1rs1111i. REllI1ht'j l'm'c'lL-r, llavinl l'1-ery. Hugh 1'c'tcrsr111. llnrry li11111111't':', lfnlitli S:1l1111111, A1151 S2111fl1i11.Gm1e Smith. Mary l'f1111111 St:111t11i1, A1l1crt11 'I'11ckt-1'. 1.11uist- NYz1rrt-11,M:1r5 .X Mitts. 11-ssiv 111-st. Frz111C1'S 1Yl1ittleSs3'.G1:1rl5 XY-111115, Yirgi11iz1 111111111 11rt11, 1,1-ilu Piptw, Exim-11e Purtt-ll, IJwigl1t Rust, lxwiu 51121111 XYilliz1111 S111iss1111.1f11111 Sperry. XY:1lu-r Mist. 1211 1Yext.141l111 1Y11itL'. 1Yil15t1111 XY11111I, R1C1l1lI'1l 1Y3111:111.Clayt1111 Yzm,-S. Mzickcg l?lS'l'lIMA Ki-:xi if KA'rHRYw Giwifouii Licwis Bouiuaxmi 23 Class Officers KEMP LEVVIS - - 'P1'f.fiffwzZ ESTHMA GA1-'FoRD - - Viff-'Prrsidnnf K,-X'I'HRY'N BOURLAND - - S!'C?'I'f!17'j' Miss NV1NN1E IJANGFORD - - Sponsor THE 2B CLASS HIL 2B Class has ever heen a large, peppy one. 'llhev have supported all of the school activities, and with Miss Langford guiding them, have launched several enterprises of their own. VVhen the class had its first meeting, which was for the election of officers, they made a very good choice hy electing Kemp Lewis president, Iisthma Gatlord vice-president, and Kathryn Bourland secretary. These officers served very eH'iciently during the Fall t f-" ui. XVhen the time came for the election of a class heautv and most popu- lar boy, the class showed its usual good judgment hy selecting Doris ,lane Blaclc as the prettiest girl and Ray .lones as the most popular hoy. One of the many entertainments given hy this class was a Bowery Dance on Fehruary 2nd. The class wishes to say that they are indebted to Mrs. .lones and the rest of the P.-T. A. for making the dance the complete success it was. 4 ,Y Allen, Ara Luuisv Amis. Rulu-rtzi llzixiult. Klux? -lm' HL-clwcll. Xlznry Roll, .luzmixa Black. lluris jam' lilair. Ruth liuurlzmil. Kzxthryu Hfyziu. Hazel Cliilflrvss. Nzwuii Clay. linrutliy Cnlelllznl. lflizzllvctli Cui1v'tiley,Gl':zC': Cuzlvy. Enlua lfnrln' Cx-imell. Ilumiluy Custcr. juzuiiia Ilzilwy. Nlilwli-ml llzivis. Cutlu-rim' llzlvis. Nl:u'jul'ik' lizlvis, Xlyrzx lmuise Allllisim. .lack Ailflisfm. .lim liailw . Phil lizliwr. lfzirl llrnitw. ,l, lf. llvrrg. l,1.uic llrxlhwui. liclwin llriggs. 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Grccii, Hal Hzulc-5. llziru-5 llfillznuzm. Cllziilvs llziusuu. Frziuk llzire. Almuu QB CQIRLS Hurlsuu, Zulf.-mal Huglws. Ouirla lacksuu. Myrtle -llnivs. Rlic-ua Nell Kcnlu-y. lim-utliy Kvurlrick. M:u'gar:-I Kc-uiimly, XI:nrgzi1'ct Klempiu. Gertrlulc l,1i1U.fSIOH, .lr-ssic l.wlluetter. Iiuhy Nl: Le-erls. Martha Xlcllrimlv. ,Icssic .Xlziuuiugg Gu-tcliui Xlurzilwle. Ilelvn Marlin. lfstcllc Milli-r. Elizabeth Nlilln-1'. Klargucritn' Xluffett, Xlzilrlc Al1lfl'lf'XK'F. lrma N1-ill, Rita QB Box s ll:u'riS. juhu llzirper, Nm-uiziu Hiucklvy. Clair liuoper, llc-ury lluH'iuvs. Rulwrt Hurt. ,liuurs li-lug. Alx iu hlzisiwr, l,Inx'l'e1icv Alrmliusmi. Clngluu Aluliusml, XVilli:im -luucs. Ray Kelly, ,lim Kelly. Marcus Kcllg. XY:iluAr KiL'kii'illu.I'l1ili1v l.11mlu. A, C. l,2llI1lm,-l. l'. ,:imlv, Russa-ll l I.eX1lluux. Xwriiiznl l.4'wis. Kemp I . l I .lxely , Elvis mug. Paul ,miulirizigc-. lnivuuil- Nrwlmcri'5'. lflizzilwctli Xurtmi. Gwe-uclulyu Uwuus. l':iuliuc IR-nlfml5'.S11v K. 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Pauline XYilkiusuu. Yirgiuia lYilsi,vu. lltfllillk' XYilsuu. l:l'ZlllL't'4 Xl. Vl'ilsuu. Mziry I". VYnl1l4-kv. Auitzm Szimle-rs. Chai los Sullcll. Frzmk Sl1!lXYji'l'. James Shull, .lack Sill:-s. llfwzlcn- Silvus. Czilxiu Si1u115m1.Jziiuus Sims. llznxifl Smith. I'l:u'u1il Smith. Klzmu-s Struufl. lusuiuvl Sturge-ss. XYillizxm SUIQT. llilly Suths-rlnu-l. Luuuiv Sutton. Gzirxicrt 'lla-lfwrml. liill 'l'ippitt.Gzii'i1ctI Truslsfvu. Julius xYl'H.lllt'l'lj. .lamps XYilsuu, llamlvl Vi HAH S 3 ' 9451 YQ? If I 5 X!! Y JUNAS- QW: Yo 0 KNOW T HE GIRL 3 jx lCANxT- ' YO!-I V BNLTIHIQVQ JUST Hoax -I39vf , 7 AFTER HIM- LOU ' i f I5 'REMEMBER HIS 'E BERRY? 5, J BROTHER? A HAWIH ,. ' ' M WHO ,AW FQ? COULD -,Vg xv Q Jef 'Q ' 'P"'Hf1 j Qri u 4' 5fOPARD Q ' Y- ' f S YI I4 IK THIS Q' BE F,-1 ' LMI! N L, 4 , N 1 WHY IS N il ZW, X Im IT ALL HOT P P1-O. ATVERBUR X I THE5 Ie BABY, BE sow? - ., A , LAN! LI EIJI57-l'l0R THINK S X 'PRo0F:I91fr TLIHEY qwz OAK-PAGEIQ AN ff X 'Img ndim 'Q X Xx WE HAVE R KIKI THE GIRLS X- SOME GOOD CERTAINLY ' QQ?-ENT AT fig- V GN DUFEEL I Ll Cog: , THIS Nadi-iER I' I V ONE MIGHT THA fnvm ' HAQESOME 'ESTELL- JAMES SHAWVER S 21 O 2' G G ' my IMPORTANT JR. I I. 0 1 I MI! R Mb If N ff vt - 5 ' G Loulsf ' ASON Q. QQ :gr T0?glf'?2gfHA'f 1313513 , H A I 5-EETJHE 'KJITOLQDHIM Avqa 'Q 9 SHS .I ET-if 1 IDMINT Z C h -PODR I 0 ' IT ' To x 0 L 15 Qj 'S 'hgh YIID L I 0 9 Q V 6 Q I Ev M 'I ' PF' NN CD LE 5"P"f' , 93 Lf' ffl. BH , o, B Irmys 3 - 'Le . ' Io os 'SQ X I To LIVE ' '51-'?'9' GX - SM R 'f HC . IXEYJITH THE l- QQ lm ,,R,5'3 Ive :Q T AeHER5- ' 5,0 I P A 10- FQRLS1' INN 7310 l2X. .!ilJ.Y'N " nfl QU' 0155142 WRESHNUEN BILLY MODINE IIMMY SHAW TUCKER QVHITE IJ Class Ojjicers BILLY SHAVV - - 'President MODINE TUCKER - - Vice-Tresident JIMMY WVHITE - Secretary MRS. HELEN HORN - - Sponsor THE IA CLASS N September the IA's enrolled with new life and vigor after a three months' vacation. With the assurance of not being called "fresh water fishn they walked proudly down the halls of Oak Cliff High School. Under the direction of Mrs. Horn they have been able to keep step with the upper-classmen in their various activities. By decorating the Gym for the P.-T. A. dance, the lA's earned ten dollars for the Oak. Besides helping the school, this provided fun for the workers. They have a good representation on the Scholarship Club, attend class meet- ings well, and take a great interest in the activities of the school. The class aspires to do something to bless the name of Oak Clilf, although the class is not so big and influential. The IA's wish to extend their hearty appreciation to their sponsor, Mrs. Horn. She has helped them in many Ways, and they hope she will be with them in their sophomore year. A good leader helps in making the class a success. Adams. Eva Adams, Glady s llaker, Ruth Hirdwell. Nina Black, Bonnie llomlverger. Marion llourne, Martha liullnian, Louise lllaine, XVinona Cherry , Dorothy Childress, Oleta Christensen. Helen Cofer. Mary Ann Copley. Rose Nel Coshy, Yvonne Crain, Frances Cunningham, Gertrude Daniel. Laudys llittey. Estelle liischer, Anna Jo Anglen, Marc llellamy, Sid lliggar, James lloard. S. Brewster, ll, liurchette. Richard Campbell, Eugene Cayton, Frank Cobb, Oxsheer Coker, Charles Cravens, Howard Colbert, llarry llaves, Bert lidmoudson, NYilliur lfdwards, Philip IA CilRl.S llllle, Kathryn Elliott, Claudia Fleenian, Lorena Freeman, Fern Gamble, Mary Goin, XVinnie Joe Granger, Evelyn Hanson, Helen Hauway, Geraldine llassell, Mary lsabel Hicks, Virginia Hill, Edith Hill, Lurley llolytield, Doris Hughen, Billy Hughes. Ruby llurt, llorothy lluston, Dorothy llnrvin, Evelyn Langford. Ada li. Lemon, Nina jewel Lucas. Betty McCullar, Reo McDowell, Helen Martin, Ada Rhea Martin, Gertrude Meadows, Mary lf. Melton, M ay llee Miller, Florence Netf. ,lane Nicholson, Mary Ogle, Edith Peery, Annie L. Pierson, Twila Pitts. Mary Kathryn Pold. Maurine Pruitt, Ruby Rhodes. Gladys Rudd. Beverly Schultz, NViltua 1 A Bo vs Fender, joe Fitzgerald, lluglt Gardner, Clarence Greenfield, Alfred Hole, Nolan Hesley, ,lack Holbert, Lester lloueycutt. Edward Howard, Robert Huber, Otto Irwin. XYalter Ylordon. lflnio Keith, Robert Knighten, Robert Kanizelnian, Edward Large, Billy Lawrence. Kenneth Lynd, Lawrence Macllonald, Chester Mann, James Monson, Clittorfl Moore, ll. C. Moore, Edwin Parks, Boyce Parks, Robert Parrish, lleverly Robinson. VVilliain Rountree, Winston Russell, James Sanders. Mark Skelton, Doris Sprague, Natalie Steiger, Nita Mae Sypert. Stella Taylor, Hula Taylor, Eula Toun, May-belle Tucker, Modine Turner, Kitha While, Ethel XYeaver, Ester NYeaver, Leone XYells, Nedra Vtlhite, lflva NYhi!ford, Betty NViley, Julia XVitherspoon, Louise NYordeu, Addie Shaw. Billy Smith, Alhert Spencer, Billy Starling, Grover Stringtellow. Doyle Sununers, joe Swatek, Robert 'l'ln'eadg1ill, Edwin Trulse, Albert l'nderwood, Forrest YauLear, Toni NValters, A. D. XYeaver, Francis VVhite, ,limuiie NYilson, Travis Wlvodword, Bob sIANE CIlARl,ES VIRGINIA CLEVELAND GRUNEISEN lVIEREn1'I'II IB Class Officers CHARLES GRIINEISEN 'Presiffmr JANE CLEVELAND - - Vire-'Pnzsidmz VIRGINIA MEREDI'I'H - - Secretary MRS. MINNIE BRAIVILETTE - - Sponsor THE IB CLASS HHN the present lB,s entered Oak Cliff High School they were not as "green" as usual. Very few of them wore socks. The first day they were very self-confident, but the upper classmen soon changed that. The class is a ver I romisin one with manv members alreadf well- 5 v , 5 known. It ranks high in scholarship, talent and beauty. But, best of all, it has pepl Q The class met soon after school started, and under the sponsorship of Mrs. Minnie Bramlette elected Charles Gruneisen president. The social activities were few, but great plans are being made by the leaders of the class. Oak Cliff expects this class to stand by the school in all departments and to make it bigger and betterl ,P t .NR sf' . . Atlains. Miltlretl Allen. Helen M. Allsupp, Theresa Atkinson. Yarla Baker. Lennie Barkrr. limmtliy Barrentine, Jewel Barrentine. Lennra Beattie. Martha Beaty , Alice M. Beckham. Bernice Bell. Josephine Bracken. Elnise Brnvvn, Miltlrerl Bnrrline. Mautline Carter. Iflizalreth Carter. Ruth Chapman. ,luanita Chick. llnrnthy Chilrls. Rusetnary Clark. Isaliele Clevelantl, Mary J. Cplernan. Catherine Congleton. Pat M, Connell. NYinnna Cr uptr. Maxine Alexanrler. Anrly Baile 5, M. J. Baker. Terlfortl Barger. Ralph Bledsoe, Dick Benner. lftl, R. Bnotlie. Kenneth Brantley. NYilspn Britton, llmner Bunch, lfrltlie Butler. VYalter Brmvnlciv. Eugene Chaterlain. juseph Clark. NYilliatn Clevtlanrl. Etlwin Ctvmfnrt. Ralph Conway, ,lack Corley. Quentin Cox. Xvalter Culwell. Paul Carne s. Ralph -:av Ctzsgrnve. lfulah lialshaw, llnrutliy llavis. Courtney lhllitt, Virginia llickstin. Margaret llillartl. Effie llinkins. Pauline lluuglas. Birtlie M. lfason. Mary lf. lfllingtun. Maurine lfhner. Lucy Anna lfllsl1er'r'y. lfvelyn lfpps. Iielftta Faulkner. Lucy M. Frrrl. Maxine Frazier, Eliralietli llancorrl, Beth Gates. lftlith tlilrsnn, Juanita Gieseeke. Alice Gillespie, lflizalieth Gilley. Berty Green. Eula M "P Griffin. Mary Oiivc Hahn. lfflwina llarilizi. Penelope Davis. .lack llavlin. Rent. llennistin. Sam llillirni. Etlwin lhzrltell. Gillrert IM-Ftml. Burtzice Davis. Roy lfssary. Uvetl Ft-rgllftm. llershel Finley, ,ine Fnster. Alfrezl Francis. Marvin Fussell. Thr-nias titlrer. Gharis, Frecl lir:u'ner. Fretl Gnach. ljmna Gnutleiitziigli. VValter Gray. Ralph l3runeisen. Charles Ilanliltun. lfrlwin was IBCSIRLS Hathaway , Alta Haynes. Imlii: Lee Hill. Marguerite Hill. Ytinnell Hinson. Bessie Hultler. Kathryn Htilt. Elizaheth lltrpkins. Grace Hugghins. Aline Hunter. Anna Hunter. Xanelle lluinphery. Pauline ,lt hnson, Narnne lanes, Elsa Kr mp. Margaret Kennamer. Margery Kennedy, M ereerles Rincairl. Bernice Kinsey. Edina Kitstmn. Mary Lee. Eugenia Liles. Anna Mae lmwe. lfvelyn NlC.'xtlEllllS. Luis McLaven, Yirla Mel,aug4h.i.i. liay IB Boys Harrlcastle. llerlieit Har1'is.lienrge Hayslip. Harrison Hemphill. Genrge lletherinutnti, Chas llinson. Lewis Hr acl, Spencer Humphrey. Reagan Ianni. Jwserli lrwin, XYilfiain Innes. l'aul Knott, Ilnuglas Li'uls'ii, XY. L. Linn, Hal Lnntlay. jim McCain. Rae B. McCollum. lfinu Mellmvell. Ellis Mellnwell. Ntirnian MeKennir. Hr warfl Mcl,eroy, Lucille Mangum. Atlelyn Marx. Mary C. Matttrnn, Mayliellt' Meazelle. llazelle Melten, Mary L. Mcrerlith. Virqi ria Mirliett. Lucille Monrfrc, Mary ,lu Mozitgurnerv, Frances Mcnre. Ruv'1 M 'rrie Mnsshart. Eunice Mathews. Xtmra Matlifws. Cora Nilile. Marguerite Xt:rthin5.5tt1n. Marg Norvell. lk-ggi Oliver. Jessie M. llahnes, Alice Parker. Elizalieth Pearspl, lftlith l'hillips.1uZtnita Prince. Katherin Quillin, Martha Rush. Bnnnie Russell. .lt-well Mcl.arry. Malcnlni Magars, james Martin. Rn taltl Martin, Sain Matthews. VVilliani Minter. Harry Moss, VVirlrur Nall. ,lehzi Patrick. XYaylantl Patterson. Alplinnsn l't'cler. Ewing Vnpc, Fletcher Pewers, Oscar Rhorles. llelmfire Rhtfrlef. Rutlolph Russell. Inhn Santlerinrtl. Hewartl Skftrwarth Rainmncl Sinisstrn. XYi liain Spence. Etlwartl Russell. Connie Saxui. Alrneta Slzanklin. lflhel Skinner. Catherine Stinson. Yixian Strr url. Juanita Suthtrlantl. Archie M 'l'a3ltn'. Mary Jim Thnmas, Geneva Bell Tlirnznas. Jessie Thr mpsnn. Mialretl Tucker. Erlith Tunnell, Rtisemarg Turner. Mary XYalker. Ruliy XYallaee. Alline VYallace. Chrstine Malt: n. XYilrna VVtlJli. Margaret Vthite. Cathry n Xvliittlesey, Merrill VN'illi:nns, Fay XYilliarns. Grace XVilsnn, Helen M. XYinclsnr. Frances XYright. Juanita Zinn. Kathryn 't::'i'4 I. YY. Stark. Rex St. C.a'r. llale Sttzrey, ,lt l1.1 Stulihs, Siflney Sturrlivant, james Satiguinet. Bill 'Y lnnnas. 1 larence Tlmnias, Earl XYaketieltl. Bnrrel Mllister Rullert XYLLN, Melvin VYliipker. Ricliartl XYiggins, Klayce Vt'illiains. Raymuntl ltifsfi i. Iarnes Xklvotllief. ,lulnl XYt.rley. Charles Vlprley, Macnn VVylie. Bri a .t I-IOYVARID IDOROTH Y :XLVI N SQHER1-:R XRIICIEB CSIVIN 4 . IB Spring Term O vers PIOVVARD SCHERER ----- Tnfsiflwir ALVIN GIVIN ------ Vice-Tgrzfsidefzt IJOROTHY VVEBB ------ Secretary MRS. MINNIR BRAivi1.E'1"1'E ---- Simmer THE IB SPRING CLASS N anuarv twentv-ninth children thin and fat large and small , , 9 1 1 , v began to storm the large cement steps of Oak Clit? High. Queer S .J . 'C expressions were shown in the faces of some, others were as "at home" as if they had heen going here all their lives. Though the enrollment Was small, we are glad to have all that came, and hope We shall soon hecome strong friends. The girls seemed to have outnumhered the hovs, with a total of sixty-three girls and fifty-one hovs. Bowie seemed to he leading the schools With an enrollment of four- teen hoys and nineteen girlsg Hogg came second with fourteen hoys and thirteen girls. For a new school John Peeler came next with eleven hoys and nine girlsg Reagan had Eve hoys and eleven girls. Although last, hut not least, Miles came next with four boys and six girls. VVe are glad to welcome some Hhreshmenn from schools not in our district. Three hovs came from City Park, Roherts, and Trinity Heights, and three girls from Lida Hooe, Travis, and Silherstein. Sunset presented us With five hoys and two girls from the Hgpecial Class." Again We say we are glad to admit all of these Uhreshmenl' to our school, and hope for them much success throughout their years to follow. Alexander, Louise Bartlett. Frances Bennett. Erlna Black. Velma Bryan, Gertrude Carilwell, Rnszilie Couch, Frankie Davis, Flussye llillarrl, lfffie lflcler. Elise Evans. LaYaughn Evans. Mary Katherine Garvin, Katherine Gliclewell, Gene Griffin. Lucille llulliluirtwu, llurotliy llzunlmrick, Yirginia liennett, ,lame-5 Berry. Rieliarnl Bngariliis. Rnliert Bower. xylllililll liruwn, Chauncey. Ji Chestnut. George Cline. ,lulin Cwcliran, Rulwrt Creflillc. james Cummings, LaYerne liarlry. Clarence llean, Houston llennan, Cole llolnlvs. Maurice Ferguson. Herschel Frensley, llarolfl Uarlanfl. Ben Guien, Alvin Good, Aubrey llale. Sllafle IB GIRLS Hamiltvmn, Lola Rlayc Harrison. Pauline Hawkins. Ella Mae Henry, Milflrecl Herriugftoii, Carnier Hill, Alarshall Ilnlliruok. VVillise Howell, Maurice Keith, Lola Linlzerger, llernice Lnllaril, Gladys McCarty , Frances lllcllaniels, Evelyn Masclm, Jane Nlasun, Dorothy Miller. Beatrice Miller, Minnie Nolen, Cora IB BOYS llaniilton, Clarence, Ir, Haiislu,n'niig'll. Nurnzan Hartwell. Clniule llawkins. 'Hun Heiulersen. Jack Hendrick, j. P. llill. Guthia Huninlirey, Hassell lluniphrey. ,lack Iagens, Clanfl jurflau. Carl Laniluert, lion Lee. Horrell Nlacliillmivax. Gwrrlfnx McCord, Milton Mcliennie, Robert Nlann. O. C, Maupin. llarulnl Muissun, james Nalmrs. Howarml Pune. Ruth Purselley, Evelyn Richarflson. Xella Modena Sanunuel, Juanita Garvis, Louise Savage, Marguerite Scwtt. Clara Belle Sllaw. Lois Slu-lton, Fay Sniith. Pauline Stewart. Mae lmuisc Tlunupsmi, Anita 'l'luuupsnn, Davie Toilml, llurntliy Tyler. Opal 1.ouise VYatkins. Fay Helmlw. llurmliy lfou Nulen. Everett Parks. Harry Peerjf, Francis Pierce. VK'illian1 Pinkston, Nat Puurl, Charles Reerl, VVilli:uu Reeves, James Ri,xhertS. John Sannrlers, James, jr. Sherer. Howard Simpson, Alvin Steinclorf, Mike Sutton. ,laines Henry Terry, Roy Try e, Gerald VVesterlag'e, NVilliani XYhele-ss, Stanley VYillian1s, J. T. Vlhhleke. YVillian1 c ll Q ff w u gf ,4 t yi Ellll II - ' fgw' N of dlll I IE K A 'fx' vf' 1,0 XX L I 0 . Q A E Elll ll.-E 1 ,- ,1 a I ,, V..! N xnxx ig ,iiQ u is 1 0 jf 17, - x R ' A ,K 1 1-1-1 ' " ,H "E i 1 l ' I -K p-F, X w,,3i5:.::g+.- fi T K:1'1- 9!. .. " g.L,'Q2. -na-...w f 9 , ......... .iff 'Q f 'XXX ff 3 if D3 X ' ff, 1, tfigqgqizfi yi xx ,' ,g 'Www 1. , -N X A A A W, L W i DQ' ' V ,l ,f X , , X A I ,fi f M f K' w' QT .lf ff V' f X JVY! 1 4 I 74, If Q .JI 3 2 , f f XXX xx XA M h wi: -,fx f' 51,341 EEN ff 9 0 ,few 71 ,A , w Z! I If E ,W g GZ',fy ' ff Egfi'?J- 1 xl V i ' W 40223 , 1 K I X N s Q Y 5 f ' f..-2' ' .N ' X- E yi' f ' J L" W f fp A 1 MN f f X1 ' gi iH X M xl, -I 6 M E 3? xg X Xu xf 1, V' X . , , 13 ig ,lf --55x - .1 QXNU ffl' 9:0 -N , XMA ., 5.41. 145- '-If .fifz - ': -V 1,:. ' Y , - -' S. W fp 2 . ' s HWWJK J xv. 1 g' 'M IA HN' fvf X 1: . A X-" 'xy 2"f27?"Q5g-Q, f' 5 HX. ' 5 N3Qf,Qif1f,fA:-.' Y A ff :A Ill 1 ' ' ' W X d l I f we -. f 1 M W , ix ml I 7 7' fam X0 X 1, Mx Wg '1f:lr5iW wihw f WML 'lwlfl' HP xv W X N 4 XXX XX X MX NIRS. NELLIE D. Ci,EMEN'r In Jpprecirztion O Mrs. Clement belongs much of the success which this book, the I929 CDAK, may gain. She has been untiring in planning and supervising all cartoons, designs, and art lay-outs that are in the school Annual. For this work, and for her ever willingness to help in any need, the Editor and Sponsor Wish to express their most sincere appreciation. To Kenneth lVlansfield, Dorothy Sutton, Freida Fall, and Adelyne Dransfield, the Editor and Sponsor wish to express their appreciation for the diligent Work they have done towards promoting the success of our Year Book. VVithout the aid of these youthful artists, success could never have been attained. To Lydia Brede, Mildred Chitwood, Clara VVhite, Mixi- nebel Smith, Laura Allison, Florence Parker, .lane Sloan, Dora Frank, Elna Carmack, Lorine Garvin, and all others who have submitted articles for the UAK, the Editor and Sponsor Wish to extend their thanks for their willingness to help and for the many Ways in which they have contributed material. To Horace Smith, Clark Etheridge, James Boone, Mozelle Crow, Haynes Harvill, A. Curtis Horn, and all those who have aided in Hnancing the Annual, may the Editor and Spon- sor express their gratitude for their support, without which the 1929 CDAK could never have been published. HIJRACE lf. SMITH NIABLE BINNETT Vfzfxizzexf fllzlllrlggf' Editor' The 1 2 Oak Sr jif 9 9 U . M.,xIII,E BIswwIa'I"r - - - - - - - Sjjfg, IIYIJIA BRIILIIIQ - ' - Jrfwiafe Editor HCJIRACE F. SMITH - jfzuifzeff fllmzagez' H,xI'xr:s H,xIu'II.I. - - - - ,1'f.ti.ffI1f1f Hmizzerf fllrwrzgez' ICIIITORIAI. STAFF Nlinnelvel SIIIitlI lizltliryn Leeper :Xcleljne Drzlnslield Clara VVlIite Laura .-Xllison Dorn Frank Lillian Smith l'lI'lCLlll Fall l"lorenCc Pllflxllf Mildred Cliitwood klzme Sloan lWnrg:1retlVIeGnviC l'fIII'lene lVIcl3etlI lflnn CIII'nI4Icl4 llen Harrison Frazier ohnson Henry klncolis Curtis Horn Clark litheridge Klyrn Louise Davis Xyvllllilll WYf'1lII Ruth Hobbs Lois xXfY2llIllCI' Hazel Douglas tlrnnes Boone lflizzibeth YVoodlief Lynelle Nlaples Lorine Garvin KIQNNIILTII M -XNSFIELD 11711 Szfflffl' BUSINESS SIAF1-' livelyn Puckett klklllll Hawes Henrv Rotliel Moxeille Crow YVilli:IIII Helnphill llUl7CI'IxVlLlCI1lI111 Wlfvmloleeii VVIItson Louise Conner Granville Nlonroe liLlfllI'f'H BOLlI'lLl11d HKJNOIIINRX' lVIIf:xIIsERs Louise Keith Moody W'inston S. l'eeler WG' -RG- Smith jzxculms Allisml limnxc' Cl1itwm Mmlrue Mayall-s Nvhitn' Slum! Tluhlrx Urmxsfiulsl Blcllzn is Maya EIhcVirlL.LL' O.-XK S'I'fXFF Breda- Harxill Hcm1wl1il1 Crow Parksr Blaustivlll H:u'riw1n1 Br'1ux'l:un1 Xxlnlfllicz' Ruthvl Cmnxcx' Fzlllx XY3 :Att Cammck Johnswnl Gam in Ixqwu' l,. Smith Horn Almxc-5 VViflcm:n1 Xlcllellx Yvalthvx' Hawes Ilouglzu Davis Vf20's VVh0 In Oak Clif High CLARK ETHERIDGE Ilarzwznf Qflzcawf 1929 LYNELLE MAPLES Tint Ufclrcsx in 'Dalfax High Nihon DEES'I'LE HARDIN I . I'Vjr1r1I'r of Sfvarlfxh 1DuI'fafmzliu11 Crnzlft DORO'1'H Y SUTTON Schnfarxhip lv gT'raz'iI U-fr! I11.vfifnlI' KENNE'I'H MANSFIELO Sfholafxbip In Tm-z'i.v Jlrl I1z,r1fl14!r IVIOZELLE CROVV 117717287 uf Voice Sa'l9llIzIfJ,bfll7 JAMES BOONE ff EVELYN PUCKETT Vfllllfl' in lr1lI'.f'-fffly Elrlwllporafz n rv Spwnkifzg CMV f'.u I DICK SELLERS llfglzrxl ETI':r'nga in KWH Clair MAR'1'n,x :XLICE BEATTIE Iligfzesl fff-z'r1'age in 1'lf C1'a,r,r BILLIE BURKE Effzwfagf' frz iq-.f-I Cfmlr NIODINE 'PUCKER Ilighvxt L4i'v1'age in 15,4 Clnfx EDNA EARL COSBY llfghmf U-Iz'I'f'age in 2'li Cfasx Highcxl Qffzfcragu in 3,4 Cfnm and Oak Cfif EDITH MANN RI'prf'JMzl11Iii,'I' in Sprflizzg Contax! I lfgbfxf df-Z'1'f'agL' for Fam' Tfalxv HAYNES H.-IRVILL Higflfxvl V-1-z'4'n1gI' in 473 Cfax: The following, whose pictures do not appear, deserve honorable mention .EILEENE STARLINO NANNIE FITZHUGH Reprexufzlaff-z'e far Unk Clif in Spelling Conley! I'Virzm'r in Cily Esxay Conley! LOUISE BUCKLEY FLORA NEVI'l"l' W'ir1m'r of Irzlur-City Ilyrzzrz Cozzlzff Sonlflfuxrf Chawpirnz Vfnlxn 'Pfayvr .EDXVIN IJOUGLAS LYRA NIOUGHON High-point czfau in Cily Rifle c7Llf1Ic0 Winner Cfolhirzg Cwzlexf ,Al ,N X4 rl 1 A I 66RGANlZATIUNS FARLFNE HAYNES JANE McBL:'r'H I'lARVILL SLOAN The azfionol H onor S ociety HAX'NES HARVILL ?re5ideni EARLENE MCBETH - - Vice-T'resident JANE SLOAN - Secretary HE National Honor Society' has been one of the most active organiza- tions of this year. At the very first meeting of the society the motion was unanimously carried that our program would be purely soeialg so the supposed intellectuals of the school have been engaged in theater parties and banquets. The first social meeting was a theater party at the Palace. Everyone had an unusually good time, especially since Mr. Adamson dismissed the members fifteen minutes early. Only a few members were able to attend the Oak Cliff-North Dallas banquet at the Y.VV.C.A., but those Who Went reported a splendid meet- ing. It was decided that this joint banquet should be an annual affair and, as the other schools receive their charters, an all-city entertainment. As the members of this society leave Oak Cliff let them not forget the pledge of the National Honor Council. UI pledge myself to uphold the standards of this organization, striving in every Way, by Word and deed, to make the ideals of this society the ideals of mi' schoolf, f N 9' 4. ,X ' 4 s Wh 'Y' if -4. Q W7 " Qiif Q 5, 'W . x Luo X Rotllvll Sloan Mmm na- NYy:11t Julmm un St. Clair , rwcowu ' fi ':'. 1 'A 1 . SOCEIY mm,A -M" , ff . , TN 3 , L. f M3 'M M 0 'ST 1: E ' r my ff" 5' K' , NATIONA-XL HONOR SOCHSTY Czxrnmck Cwvk Parker llnwcs H :uwill Ifmif H:u'1'isfn1 V Hllhff NI A1-511311 Kirkpzltrick Fitzhllgh RICH:-th Mmm Rawls 'K' l'UL'IQ'l' Xl I wmly Spnxgflle Bennett Smith May. . AJ ...ww p Lil. f -, ,Q-.. N f -. 5. ' iq--. I lv- ,qr I z m g' .2 5 ' I 2, Em er . 4 .1 '35 Q . if N, 'THE JANUARY SENIOR CLASS ,ZQ PRESENTS ujlflrs. LIACK TI-:NIPLE FRANK FULLER CAP'F.AIV SHARP Wli'QSON - -IOIIN BRONVN - M RS. -IACK r-liliMP1,l-Q lDORO'1'llY - - MRS. FRANK FULLER MRS. BROXVN - IDIRECTOR - Temple? Telegram" - - Tom Cain - Lrzyfozz CXhil1f7'6J'5 - Harvard Sprague Kclzlzelfz sflldllffidfff - Dirk Haffibzwtflfz f'-'llozeffe cl7'0fC' Byrd KirX'f2atriff5 - 6i0lLfftIl1FE St. Clair - Earfeue fllffeth fllin' lffa -K-llI7KEf'l'diI1 Synoffir RS. 'l'EMPLlflS TELEGRAM, given hy the Graduating Class of -lanuary, IQZQ, is I come ly in three acts. The plot moves around the domestic life of jack Temple f'I'om Cainj, and wife tMOzelle Croxxl. Jack Temple has spent the night trapped in n stalled Ferris-wheel, and in Order not to excite the suspicion of his wife, he tells her that he has spent the night at the home of :I friend, john Brown. Mrs. Temple, in Order to verify the statement, sends a telegram to the given address of john Brown. Around the telegram rotates the main action of the play. Franlc Fuller fLayton Childressl, a friend, helps 'liemple in deceixing his wife, and Mrs. Frank Fuller fConstanCe St. Clairl, plays an important part in the play, as she was also innocently trapped in the same Ferris-wheel. As it happened there was a Mr, john Brown who receixed the telegram sent by Mrs. Temple, and many lllll1l0I'0llS incidents are hrought in hy Mr. john Brown fDick llalliburtonl, a hairdresser, and his wife CEarlene Mcllethl. An interesting love story is woven in with the main plot hy Captain Sharp flloward Spraguel, a friend of Jack Temple, and Dorothy fllyrd Kirkpatrickl, a sister of Mrs. Temple. liuch of the humor Of the Comedy is hrought in by Wigson flienneth Mansfieldl, the butler. 'THE JUNE SENIOR CLASS 729 PRESENTS M1716 IfVh0l6 Towffs Talking" E H13xm'S1x1xmxs Ii.-XRRII-fl' Slumuws I':'IkllI-ll, Sxxwxrws Q:HliS'I4l-QR Bxxxm' IJ-"l"1'x' I,Y'1'u1i IJux,x1.1m Swufw' Rmgnau SHl1cl,ns Lim WIl,SCJN S,xl,1.Y CUTIE - .-Xxxlli - - S.-Xlllli Bloom 'IQAXI IJRIVER Ninas. -IACKSUN IJIRliC"Ik0R C.-XST - 'll -'Ur'Cw'1l - .lane Sfmul Lolrffe CXOIIIIFI - .foe Woof irgffzia Lax 'Holzfffiu - f1z?l17'f,' Rolhfff - ffrlylltlf Hfzwifl f'Uary F8771 Hawke!! - Qforiu tljrlffhzlfl' IT Umfa U yall Rmb Shefton - 'Dee Hi!! - Jzjf -'llae Ha!! 'Hifi lfffz -"1lfKeffw1if1 fpublic S pealein g 'Department EVELYN PUCKETT - - Extemporaneous Speaker ELNA CARMACK - - Uratorlcal Contest DEESTLE PIARDIN - - Deelaimer BEN HARRISON - - Boys' Debate JANE SLOAN - - Girls' Debate WANDA VVYAT'F - - Girls' Debate ALFRED GREENFIELD - Boys' Debate TXHE CJNE .ACT PLAY "Twink and Palelzexn MA - - - - Daivella Fudge REXY - - Jack f7WeCain MRS. ALLEN - Gloria Dalslzafw ,FREXY - Ly nelle Jllaplex sa 1' haff' A P' M 61 if , 4, I ' , R - - Q X fir! Resarw czlvinct AikillSOIl, Yzula Mavic IS:u'kc1'. liurutllv Rom-1R'1',x Nluokri - I,fJL'ISI41ClJNNl41R - Bvlzlm KIRKPA'l'RlCK Nillmkrplm ClIl'I'XX'lJllIl ff.xRl,1iX13 NIc'B1-:TH Iuwlslc K. NTOOIJY XIRMIYIA I'r41,1n1R - NI.-xxx' H. Wfxlue - XIAIJCRA ?VIL'LtORMAL'K Lrirxlux FRIQILAIAX - FIAJISI-1 Hr-Lluuxca - NIx'u,x Lorlsr-1 DAx'1s Miss Rom-1k'l'vx lxlxzg Nllss RL"l'H Rulflflx - llickwu Nlnrgxwvt Bm-attic. Xlznrtha Alicn- mliffuy. lfwtellu Hm1rla11v1. Iizstheryn ljiukins. LSTA Nlzw Childress. Xzunui Childress. Ole-ta Chitwmul. Nlildrr-l Clxnrke. Isabelle Cmnlcr. lezxhelle- Cmmcr. Luuise Iliukins, Pauline Ilisclmcr, Annu Fclfh-r, Virginia l'itzhugl1.Nz11mic lffmtv. .Xmxic Freelnzux, L,q-um Gaffurfl. listhmzl Davis. Myra Luuise TXITQTXI BPIRS llri1Tix1. Mary Olive llcmlL'1's4n1. Alma lla-rriug. lfllmiee Alzlxlw, flmwtlxy K1-mlrick, NI:1rp.g':11'L-t Kirkpatrick. liyrrl I.:n1gstu1x.-In-ssie I,ce-1:er. Karin-vine lmmls. 1Izu'Ih:x I4-Yzm. lmiw Linus. Betty l,uu 'Pz'f'fifff'11f - Vin'-'Pz'z,fi1fe11f fonfffif RHjv1'm'e1zI41fif'a SEl'I'z'f4ll'-Y T7'ExIJ'IH't'I' Snriaf C'f?airfmz11 'l'r'ogm111 lxhzlffllldli K - Sefvifz Song R ing - - Pfmzlx 1 1fff'f1'fixif1g NI axwcll. lflleu cxhzlifllldll , . f hulrzmzfz , . Q hzllflllclll , . Chlzlrzlmfl , . f lc'cIlI'IIhU! Sjwfl,-'Ulu l':u'kvr. Flum-xlcr Nlcrwlith, Yirginizl Rn-11fl'4m'. lfliznluctll Hiller. xI1l1'gllL'I'i1V Rixiurv, Nancy NI-qufly. Imuise Kcith Ruznch. Ilm'-nlmg Nluulw. Rub:-1'1zl Nluuglnm, I,yx':u Spvm-c1', Nlzwy Louis 'I'uckm', Elizabeth . , ,WA AICC-rrnmck. Yznln-rn XYz1x'v. Mary lllzuxchv Xl CBMI1. lfiiflclu- XXX-IwIv.'1'. ,lam- NIcLzu'e-u. X ulza XXX-st. Nell AICL,1ll1j.1hlill. Fay Nlclmmy, lfucillv xvilliill'llS. Fay NYilliams Cook Hill Carnes Tlnkle lfssary Alenwn Vcclcr Klzulsliclfl Rirlley Lzxsvll VN'rigl1t Davis Swutck ,NIC llrixlc Clnwelmlrl H I-Y Spraguc- lftherirlgc Childress Wlelvstm' M s1'erlitl1 l.ilmL' li. Smith Kelsey AIIvl1c1'1'y Stmcy ,lul1nsm1 Cain McCord Bl :ly l'o0l llvvrn FALL 'I'ERM DIQHN CARNES - EARL BAUER - JAMES S1MPsoN JIMMIE X'VH1'1'E JOHN H.fkRRIS K ' ' The Oak Clif fr. Hi-T OFF I CI-I - 'PI't'jiK!l'7If - Vin'-' PIYW - - Srcreffrzry - TI'1'II!Ill't'I' - Sgf.-flf-v4I'Ill5 . liznllw, Furl f3fmthL', Kl'IYllL'Ill BL-1'x'y, Lrmir Qilll'lll'S, -Inhu Lvlllllillilhl, jm- ESSllI'j', Ox cd Yulvy, Jos Gzlrdncr, CIZIFUHCK Harris, ,Iuhu Harris, Cvurgc RS SPRING TERM TOHN CARNES - - Al,?'."SifZIf'7lf EARL BAUER - - - Vin'-'Pnfs. CZLIFFORD ROBINSON - St't'I'FfIl!'-1' JAMES SIMPSON - Tvl'1'II5I1l'1'7' RURER1' YVE13s'1'r:R - Sgr.-at--Hrms M ICM BICRS ,Ir,urdz1n, Elmvm Jilff-QSUII, 1. VV. Kfmmzvlrnzlxn lidxxzlxxi Mmmrc, Edwin Rrmbinsrm, Cliifurd Sin1ps+m,j:1x11c5 Shun vcr, -ILIINCS Stu1'n'y,JoI11l VVIHKU, jilnnxiu VVe'hstcr, Rubvrt CoNsTANcic BYR11 I'lARI.1-INE Sr. CI.AIli K1i:KPA'1'R1cic TVTCBETH The Scholarshzp Club CONSTANCE ST. CLAIR Tresiflffrzz BYRD KIRKPA'l'RICK - - View-Tresirlmt EARLENE MCBETH - - Secretary RIGINALLY the Scholarship Club of the Calc Clif? High School had only eighty-one members. Now it has much more than doubled itself. In 1925 the faculty sponsors wrote letters to parents of the members of the Scholarship Club and offered congratulations for their children. Out of this Scholarship Club has grown the National Honor Society, composed of seniors elected when they are 3A's. Each year pins for the National Honor Society are given by Joe Thompson and Owen Barnes. About an average of twenty-four students receive pins for four years, work. There are usually more seniors in the Scholarship Club, but the fresh- men run them a close second. The Scholarship Club has given programs in the auditorium and for its "good times" has been entertained with many parties and picnics by the Parent-Teacher Association. K s ' Y A AGI M' i r l .-Xtlams, lzxa .-Xllison, Laura Amos, Frances Atkinson, Vada Nlarit' Bakrr, Ruth Baldxx in, Mary Franws Bakvr, Dorothy Basom, Conipcrc Baxtcr, Gram illc livattiv, Martha Alice Bcdwcll, Nlary Gary Bc-ll, -lose-phinv Bvnnvtt, Nlablt' Blainv, VVinona Boonv, .lamvs Bourland, Kathryn Bray, Mona Brcclv, Lydia Bryan, Billie llaze-l Bryant, Maxine Buford, Mary Burkv, Billii' Calhoun, lna Moodic Carmark, Elna Carries, john Carter, Virginia Cllihwmd, lxflililfhl Christt-nson, llclen Clvycland, Edu in Conner, Louisa fnmk, l'iNL'I'CKI Scholarship Club fwbv, Fiina lfarl Cosby, Yxonni- L'ourtnc'y, Gram' Crabb, Sam Crosi, llilliv Custcr, .luanita Dalvy, Charlcs Dalvy, Mildrvd Dalshaxx, Dorothy Dax is, Courtnvy Daxis, Myra Louis:- Dvlbitt, Virginia Dial, Kathryn Douglas, Robbie Dunbar, xvlllllll Elloit, Claudia lftlivritlgv, Clark lfiaitlvr, kloc lfitvhugh, Nanniu Franklin, Mclxa Camblc, Mary Garland, llomvr Carxin, Lorini' Gatvs, xlcssic Mat' Coi-rner, Fred Gray, T. C. llahn,1idxxina llamilton, Edwin llanaway, Guraldinc Hardin, IR-nelopc Harris, Clvorgt' Harris, -lohn llarrison, Ben llarxill, llayncs Hatrhcll, Austin l'lllXXt'S,klUll!1 llcndcrson, Anna llurring, liloisi' Holt, Elilabvth llorn, Curtis Jacobs, llvnry blohnsun, lfrazicr Aloni-S, Dorothy ylonvs, Rhut- Nell Kvats, Lilac Kvllvy, Mary lillc Kc-llvy, VVi'slcy Kirlvy, Rolwrt Kirkpatrick, Byrd Knighton, Rolwrt Leads, Martha Lu-pi-1', Kathryn l.0nn'n, Nina .lun Lindsay, Uracu Lou i', Ev:-lyn Lou U, Burliox d LcVan, Lois Nlann, Edith Maplt-S, Lynellc Marabcllr, llclvn Nlartin, Ada Rhva Massey, Lucille Mattlicxss, lima Leu n 'l Mays, Graft- Nlcforlnack, Valura 'N'lcBL'tl1, Earlvnn' Nlcljuucll, Norman Mdlaxic, Margarut McLari-n, Vida McLaughlin, Fay lNlCLrroy, Lutillc' Meredith, Virginia Monrov, Granx illc Moody, Louisa' KL-ith Moorc, Robrrta lVlorrissi'y, 'Vlargarvt Mosshart, Lt-ona Mullan, Alanu-s Nuff, Alanc Nui-th, l"lorrnc6 llalmvr, Edna Parkvr, Florunct- Parks, lVlargarct llvvlvr, Dax id l,c'L'li'r, lflizzllwtll llrclcr, VVinSton Pope, l"lr'tCln'r Rawlins, Ancila Rau lins, Juanita Riviera-, Nancy Roach, Dorothy Robinson, Gladys Ruthcll, Henry Rudd, Bcx erly .Nr l i St. Clair, Constance Sandlcn, Gvnt' Scht-ll, Edu ard Svllcrs, Dick Smith, Clylc Smith, lloract' lf. Smith, lNlunchvf Spl'1lgllt',llUXXilI'L.l Spcncvr, Edward Spvncc-r, Mary Louist Starling, Eilcc-nc Stt-phi-nsnn, Mary Verna Strickland, Kath:-rin Stringtulloxx, Doyle Straud, Aluanita Taylor, Ezra Mac Taylor, -lohnnic Nlat' 'lllI4!IUZlS, Beulah Thompson, Mildrtwl 'l'onn, Maybclln' Tucker, Modinfc YValkvr, Mildrvd YValthL'r, Lois XVart', Mary Blanche VVQ-bstcr, xlani- XVliittlt'sL'y, Gladys VVhittl0sn'y, Mvrril YVilcy, julia Vklilson, Bt'Kl1lIlC XVright, Pharma VVyatt, VVanda +1 . , ' g I , F ranch I 1419 Ul"FlCl'fRS LAURA :XLLISLJN - Prffiflfuf V. l". CHASE - - - Vicz'-'prmiflmzf CSLORIA lJALSH.-XVV - - Scfcrzffzzry-'rrmzfzzrfr Mis.: HELEN :XDUDDELL - - - Sjwmw' M HM B F R5 Baja' Munro, Hnrold Null, -Iuhn I,Zll'kL'I', :Xliirl-J Rzlinvs, Gcrzxlll Sellvrs, Dick X7ZlI1LL'1lI', 'fum xvllllf, Klimmic YVrmllxi1ll'll, limb Qwjfff Al1ismi,L:1ur:i Retry, lVlJll'glIl'I'lI1l Blziir, M:irQm'ie Bourlzmd, Kzutlicrim Clark, lsnlwllz' Clmncll, NVinmm lJ:xlslmxx,G1oriu Ibulslizm, llurotliy Huiskcll, Ora Brill Clllfliilfd, BL-th Girl-vw, Nlzxry Adeline llcss, Krltlivrin Hntlmvv:ly,Alt:1 -luiws, Dm'utl'1y Kiuslcy, Iidnn LL'X',2lH, Luis Kimura, liulu l,IlllllHl', Alicc Pliillips, Gvnildiiin' Riclizlrd, .-Xudrry Tunnc'l, Rosemary V:mHorn, Tha-lmrl xi FIRST 'l'liRN'I IivHRr:'l"1' Cmm NI,x1a1.E H1H:NNB1"1' IMIIN Hfxwfis - sl-:COND '1'P:RM LYDI,-X BRI-LDP - I,uL'1sE KI'1I'l'H Nlu I.r'c1l,L,la N1.xfsm Iiwtklavr COOK Urv1'uIlrj'I5:lkL'I Nlillwln' Hvllxwtt Lyliiil Ilrrda' 'Nlllulwd l llltxumd lixvr'vrIL'1mk -lLI.II1IfIlfl1Sf4'l' -Iulm Hzmcs lim1x'y-lucuhs ,lzlrnm klmigu Iii-irh'l'hulm41 Spanish Club Ol"l"lClfRS NDN NIICNIISIC X 'Nhrgquvt Kt'I1LiI'lCk - Sf '4'rf'ff1rr-' bfi' Rm Rvtty lmu Linw- Erlrlmw Nlclictll LlIfil1L'xIllSS1'j I.-r11i4n'lx.NI-'mix X11-lb.1Swtr A Xlildrcd Sidymmxm L'.1llmm Smith In Nlznry Lullisn-SpL'l1n'n'l' Eilcvur Smrliug 'l'VuuXViIIi.1n1S 'Pn'.ffff1'21t I 1fw-'Pnnmlfm T'I'f,1l,N'IlI'1'I' 'PH'5f1fz'1lf uw-'P1'1'f2ffw11? rwm1"v- 'Tn'z1.vz11'w' 'frnrfl R1'f702'lf'1' vw? 1' JN Club PAT HENRY STEVENS MYRA LOUISE IJAVIS IDOROTHY SU'r'roN - lVlARGARET SU'l"l'ON - MRS. NELLIE D. CLEMEN1' - V M PM BICRS .'xdL'1JVIli' Drzinslicld Phyllis 'l'hnmpsun Hvlvn Nrlswn Kenneth Nlzinsficld Ruth W1llTIlN'8ll Lctzi Mm' Dinkins D:1n:1V:m Ness hlcrccdcs Kcnnvdy Ara Louise Allvn Edna: Pnlmcr Louise Morrisscy Evvlyn Dorhanllt Glenn Mercer NV. T. Dickson Nlnnzi Bray Btn Gzliiiord Florvncc' Prnclcr Mary Blanche Wznc NVinnic JO Goin JOZIIIDZA Nlitchcll Fri Clin Full fVl:1yz1hcllvNI41ttnon Ellil Mac' Holland VVilson Brnntlvy Billy Shnvr Faye NICLllLll4'hlill Murgzrrvt Dickson Francis Crain Martha Qnillin Jimmie' VValkv:r Ancitn Rawlins Edna Kinsey Alta ii1lfl1J1NNIly Mil ry Gznnhln- Bvrnicc Beckham Virginia Dunn Nlflffllll Alicl' Bvxlltiu Nlnrgzlrcft Kvnncdy M :1 rgcry KL-n nmncr Florrncc North Dorothy Chem-lc 'P7'l75l!fl'7lf zcw-Prnsidffzt Sffcrefary 7'il'6'll.YlH"t'?7' Spomor The Home Economics Department HE Home Economics Department in the Dallas High Schools is designed to give appreciation of the value of the home as an institution necessary to the progress of civilization. Courses in Foods and Clothing are offered to both boys and girls. The courses are planned to give training not only in the preparation of foods and the construction of clothing, but also in managerial ability in all home activities. The budgeting of the family income, the budgeting of home members' time, the proper relation of each member of the family to the welfare of the home group, are some of the big objectives in the course. These courses provide activities to develop worthy home membership which is one of the seven cardinal principles in education. Some of the accomplishments of the past year were the serving of dinner planned and prepared according to dietetic principles by the Foods Class in Foods 35 the making of posters showing food valuesg the serving of foods in the school cafeteriag the organization of a club designed to interest pupils in the place of the home in com- munity life. SECOND PERIOD ARQHIQRY CLASS 'IQHIRD PERIOD CQYNI CI..-xss Anlzniiis, Ulzulys liziiluy, Nzmry linker, Bulty llzllwr, Ruth llvcklmiiii, llvruicc llcilxwll, Xl.1ryU1lr5 lim-sly, Ex clyn lilzuclc, llmmic 'Nina' lilzick, Duris Alniic llmnbn-i'gc1', Mnrizm llryxm, llilliu llzazvl liryzlii, Gladys Clliik'l', Marry Aim L'ulL'm:m, Elimlwtli CUlL'lH2ll'l, Kzltlu-1'inc Umglr-rmm, Pzzt Cwsliy, Yumm- frimcll, Durutliy llzu is, Nlzljuric lJz1xis,NIyr:nLm1iQm- miim, Aim llcllitt, Virginia lbiilicy, Estelle lJKJLIglIlS,R15l7lWlk' lilnivr, Lury .-Xnn liyrn-, Lucrctizi I-'mi1c,Ai1i1ic Crc'rnL', Mary linll, Marie llz1miltnn,Lucillv: 'Poppy girls lluiglirn, llillin' llviskvll, Om llutli lives, Kzitlivrim' Hill, liditli Lmiisv llill, .luzmitzl Hilton, Ruby I lim zird, l'flif:1l'wtl1 lluvy, Ax is llustmi, llcirutliy liLlSl0l1,X'YCI'1I llyvs, lfzryc lrxx iii, Rutli vlzlcksmi, Myrlc jrxiivs, Rlluz' NL-ll K4-nlny, liditli Kc-zrlivy, Luuisc' Kvzntts, Lilzlc Kiiiscfr, Drvrutliy l.cdlm-tier, Ruby Nim- Ninrtin, listm-lli' Nl:1plc'S,l.ym-lli' Nizlxxxcll, Ellen Nlclilidu, Jessie lVlCCullCr, Rus Mcflzlxic, Mnrgzxrut Mcl,cruy, Lucille Niczid, Lullim' Nlurrisuy, Luiiim' Nlurrissvy, Nlzirgzlrct Ne-i1l,Ritn Niflwismi, Mary l'c11limly, Sum K. Pliillips, Aluzmitn Pulk, Nlzmrin Rlimlrs, Uliulys Rilllvy, Nlzll'g1lL'rilc' Ruliinsmi, Lmiiic Rubiiisc-xi, Glzulys Riitlu-ll, lrvm' Rmld, Bum-i'ly S:1milin,GL-:ic S:1lmmi,,-Xdzn Siulmzlu, Nlildrvd Stzuifurnl, Kluisc Stux ull, Virginia St:-x all, Vix izm Sutlirrlzmd, .-Xrcliic Sutton, Iiumtliy I':uckcr, NlJll'glll'I'iIi 'I'urkvr, lilimbctli Wg-hh, Xl2lI'f.LllI'l'I YVilL'y, UVIACU VVilcy, julczi VVi1li:1ms, I-'ny xVilliIll11S, 'llrum' VVi1li:ims, Virginia VVmmds, Virginia NVriglit, l'l'mm:i VVy:1tt, YVaudn Mn!! U!! ' W 'w 1 1 C,111a1,s' C11.1i15 .Mr I H Boys' C11212 C1111 Oak Clif High Orchestra M ISS MAE l'lASEL'1'INE - - Dirffvtvf Uf 3711556 Betry, Margaret Blair, Majorie Brogdon, jack Carnes, john Connell, Winona Cotton, Seldon Creel, Sloaney Darby, Clarence Crossett, llarold Baker, Lennie Crow, Mozelle Elerson Pauline i Haschert, Mae Haskell, Mary Fern Ashley, Dax id Atterbury, M. O Barr, Doc Brewster, j. C. Campbell, jack Cason, Alec Cole, james ORCHESTRA M EM BICRS Davis, Hassell Dobbins, lra Dransrield, Adelyne Gillespie, Henry Graham, George Ilassell, Mary I. Holt, Elizabeth Houston, Dorothy Knott, VV. LeVan, Clifton Mays, Hoxx ard McCulloch, Evelyn McLarry, Nlalcolm Nleredith, Virginia Nloore, Roberta Nevitt, Florabel Niblo, Margaret Norton, Gwendolyn Ogle, Ethel Puckett, Evelyn GIRLS, GLEN CLUB Howard, Dorothy Hughes, Ouitu Ken n emer, Nlajorie lNlcKittrick, Nedra Ruth McRoberts, Al Lynn Prather, Mildred Roberts, Connie May Shelton, Ruth Smith, Minnebel BOYS' GLUE CLUB Corley, Quentin Dunn, Bill Essary, Loris Essary, Oved Fox, Eugene Hart, Chester' Holland, Lewis Irvsin, William Kelley, Marcus Kendrick, Harmon Langston, Roy Lasell, Edvyin Leighton, YVarren Lowry, Chelrna Nlay, William Moore, Harold Rawlins, Anita Rawlins, Elicne Roberts, John Russell, jeu el Sanders, james Shanklin, Ethel M Shaw, Billy Trube, Albert VVilson, llelert St. Clair, Constanc Tucker, Louise Wilkins, Pauline VVright, Byrina McCain, Jack McCain, Ren Sealy, Olin Suatek, Robert Tinnin, Carl VVaketield, Burrell Whipker, Grover Historyi Club HAzEr, BRYAN - NVILMA DUNBAR - lVlILDRED SPRINGER - OFFICERS - - - '15-miflff nf - - Vim- 7JfI'.VillI?7lf - Sm'l'cff1ry- Tzwzszfrer' lxflRS. CHARLES 'IQAYLOR - - - Sjmmor Black, Doris ,lane Bryan, Gladys Bryan, Hazel Dunbar, Wilma llullre, Isabel Franklin, Nlelvn Gate, Qlessie lVlae Henderson, Anna Hobbs, Ruth Alones, Dorothy M ICM BICRS -lones, Rheum Nell Kendick, Margaret Leclbettcr, Ruby Nlne Leeper, Katherine Nloore, Roberta Norton, Gwendolyn Roberts, Connie Nlne Spencer, Nlarj' Louise Springer, Mildred Stovall, Yivinn QAVURHVFES 1 4 , I . y 1 N -u C I - f f, 6 , ..k,k i , I I L , . , ig E N i , D e e H 11 1 , Best All-Round Senzqr Bog 1 1 A QMHPW 'T 1-i 3 W .S L ,,, wx 1 , , 1 . . . , ,I , A. , 47 1 W- , V1 0-,Q xw,-Q, K 1 mx '-,- ' 1 1 W7 E i H1 4 1 j -1 s lIl1 P I mmrlmd? owgm, he meek cmd TW Tfvelles QI- '-O' X w 1 V :lg-. z 'WJ ,, f ' "W flv KWXA ' f awww ZW? f fyff f 2 i ff A, A4 2,4 QA. 4 W , QM Z 4 Z ,...1 KW? ' f ,Z 3 Colors Cl'R'l'IS XVEFIKS - - Sfuim- fx IDICK BURKE - - - I1I.,xR1.E BAM-ik - - - BR,bxU1,1o I'IliRN.-XNDEZ - I. XV. ,IACKSUN - - - JOHNSON CHARSKE - se- in in NW-Q bl. XV. -IORD.-XY xl.-RRY Faux llmlcl-iI Ulm' S1'7'A'1'Illlf fnfm' St'7'gl'fl71f fxnfrn' qillflffj folnr Qlmrzl fnfnr qillllffj Ixnfnr Qzmrfl IiELEN NELSON Stay? f MAJOR YV. JORDAN ---- Battalion Conznzander CAPT. DEVOUS HANSBOROUGH - Battaliovz Jdjutant CAPT. LLOYD OCKELS - - - 7310715 and Training Ojfcer IST LIEU'1'. FRANCIS BETHANCOURT - - Supply Officer 2ND LIEUT. CLARK ETHERIDIQE - - Asst. Supply Ojher STAFF Sur. CURTIS VVEEKS - - Color Sergeant MARY FERN HASKELL - - - Battalion Sponsor MISS HELEN NELSON - Staj Sponsor LAYTUN CIIILITIQPISS Carnes, Jnlin Davis, Hnssell Cotton, Seldnn Dennison, Sam Dobbins, Im Edmondson, VVilliznn Gray, 'l'. C. Roster 0 f Band Cnplain Ch ildress, Layton Sammi Lf4'IllA'7IH?If5 lJIlClCl'VYO0Cl, S. YVilli4nns, Harry Fil-fi Srrguam' Brown, Finis Swr'gn111f,r Bzisom, Campers- Brudgen, jack Daniels, Edmund Cnrporalx ll:1rdi11g,Rol1c'rt Mullen, .lnmes fl'rf1'ah'J Huffliines, Robert Jenson, Orinzind Lznnb, A. G. Nizirtin, Ronald lNInngum, Preston J' uw, V we we Q 1 Lovisn CONN Tinkle, Ralph Nlays, Hnwzn-d Stark, Rex Stinson, Leland Trube, Albert VVorley, lVIziCnn F R 1 Conzpfzfzyndln JIBI SIIITH Blcdsot-, Dirk Bivings, llarrtll Bucklc'y,..lan1L'S Bunch, Eddie Carnulian, Nlncznin Clark, Nlnrpli Cravs fnrd, P. D. Dax is, -lack Edwards, Pliillip Cizplnfrz Smitli, ,lim R. l'1l.l Int nli lm If .Nrrrnlff l,lt'IIft'7lfl7If,V Ka1nts,5.1n1 llvnipliill, Harold lwfmf .xzlgrflfll Sclnn-llv, ll. G. , llzlvncs Si'rgrn111.v A llnrkc, Dick V7 , . , Clllll'Sl-QU,,lUl1IlSOll Q11 ,X If :ISU llixlv, CllI'lS Lon U, Burford Smitli, Frcd V Cnrpnmls Fern, Csmwgv Sand0rs,Cl1ar1cs Lewis, KL-mp NVcatln-rby, Pace 'l'rivaIm' Fender, jm- Folcy, ,lov Hal0,Nf1rm:ln Hanson, I-'rank Htmzird, Rolwrt Ianni, jusupll lrl1y,:Xlx'in Kickirillo, Phill Linn, llal ip lWarsl1all,Nc'al l". Nlatlwvss, XVilliam NICDOVWII, clK'UI'fIL' Nloorc, Edwin fN'Iorris,llilli:1rd Parrish, Bm't'1'ly Patterson, Ivan Pope, Flvtclivr Sadler, Edu ard IRGINIA Lmi B Sanders, Mark Silvus,Cz1lvin Smith, Harold St. Clair, Dalt- Stulwbs, Sidnvy OL'l,D1N Sutton, c3Zll'I'L'YI VVcavcr, Franc Vlliggins, Kluy IS CL' - 'ff-ig" , sf 'f,i,., ' u. N ompmzy WEN Cnphzhz Chflplllllll, Dick Fxrff l.fv1m fmrzf N1m11'm-, Grzulvilh' Sumrzff I.fu1flmlf1r1t,v flzltiurd, Hsu llnrtllcss, .llllfk l"irx! A' Ormsby Nrlg Cwlcy 1'l'gw.1r1l ,fNl.11L11f :'Ll7If,f , jack Kcum-dy, Sidxmcy MCMA ns, in P1lI'kIl'llll1, john Ritclmiv, Corp , R. B. ul Im' 'l'rf-1 mn, xu C cb 1 lrt, lfdwxin :xx W1 1 -X mum unmu lun 1 ugtux Dzuid an Ru svll 4 Q1 em wmmnn um INYIIN L Y U FI'2ll1k1iIl muff Shull, Edwin XVl1itc, YVinst4m 1111-Lv Kirby, Ruburt Lm1g,I'1u1l l.ullgh1'idgC, HL'Ill1iL' Martin, Frank NIl'l'CL'l', Glcnn Riclxaxnlsmx, Ficldml Ruhinsun, CliH'urd Russvy, E. K. 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Spurry, VV:1ltlic1' Bigyvr, slzznlcs llcrnzxnduz, Brzmlio McMurtry, Lev Storey, klulin Brmnvr, Edward l'lc'slcy, .luck Nloscly, Gzlrsun Starling, Grover' lirnnum, Edwin llumplircy, Rczlggzxn Perkins, Bi'1'nnrd Ygm-S, Nlgqkpy Hurt, .IZIDIUS l,Zll'liL'l', Alfrrd hfiygkpi ,QQ . A5-?i?1?,l-f7?"i:NT', ., t , . ' ' ' f f 'Q' . A' , ' i- V 'fifll ,' . ,, 5 fn ffd-4 ff: , 5751l1l,f3' " . 5, A V" W . .IW 1 I ,. V' A H. ,,., I .v ' fl" .1,' '---Y """ Q h- "4 ggi - ,541-1 f' 'Q' I -1 .'-- - -:sr if 1 .I Af "" . 1 I 2-H Wm l 1-'l ff?f.5'f2a wi "ff V 1 A f W4 if-.fav X-gif -lie 'in M, LE ,, . ..,,,, l l L if ,, 'f i g ,-Q .A d . V, -,f - W.. . M -Atwlf H,V'f',ig 4'-Lf-,t,Mj' ' W, Al , -cf , ,,.,,,x, L , ' .WW M F, , W . M' ff gyfr, ,' f ,A ,uw Jw A., , P ,, V , L ' ,,., . J ,'A4f,f,N dy W. .V ,tw ,.,w,. ,A . . . - --ff. 4 A - 7 qf..1-f.-,fg ,,1+,A.,1..-3, 'ff' -wi W Q vw 1-if ff , M .Q .M ff. .f W, A, 'ww .. , 1, ,,,, ., M-. .45 5, ,ix vi'-. 4 q fx 5 r 55.4 q ' M Ax A A ,wr-Lv .ff-f.. ,M -,.,, . Q' K' A J , ii w lj. ll. 'Nlffzvklu Compmzy WDM Cl1,hl.J,'f1 Nliffwrnl, ll, C. fwzxl Lfrnll mm! ll11rrism1,l3cu Yi 4 onli l,ir1ff.'r1m1l,i l7:111glzi4S.lCllxxi11 Sturvy, lllillalv l".frff .N'f'1'gm1r1l Xlxfmmm-ll, Rubin Nfr'gllzr1l.x llrmx ll, Russvll l'll'CLlSlCI', lllllfll -IilfliSUI1, VV. Sligrr, lfrzmk NVn'l1stci',VVilliL1m Crn'j7r1r.Jll,x -4.-.V DELI A l.u1'Isr: fNlcCRARx' fXddisrm, jim lluprv, lirlvs in Milla-r, ,Iulm llrvstou, NVcslL'y Slum, William Adkissun, Nlurrvl llvrry, lmuiv Board, xl. Czln1pl'n-ll, Tllumzls Clmnmlwrs, Alessi' Crzilwlw, Sum Culxu-ll, lllllll lizucs, Burt Francis, NIIIYX in 'P1'iz'l1lw,f lfislmcr, VVilli::m Fitzgvrzxld, llugli Fulsrmm, ,luck Gl1:lris,Jolm llxillznmzm, Clmrlvs llzlrpcr, NL!l'I1lllI'I Null, klulm Haskins, L. ll. Ocklcs, Ruy xlulmson, Clzlytun Kimtt, Douglas Kmnzelmalii, lfdwnrils Lvillwttw, NVillinm lX'l1lgL'l'S, 'lzuuvs Morrison, lizlrlt SIll1'LllXlll1f,LL'lH1 Sturdix Lmt, Jnnws xvilllilxf, Alimmiv NYalturS, A. D. lVc'L'tc, NIL-lvin VVest, Alwlm xXVl'llPliL'l', Richard NVl1itc, -limmiv llilliun, Edwin llrmplxill, Gvnrgc Parks, R41lw1't Wlylilk l5l'Y1Ull Dursctt, Gilbert Hinkll-y,Cl:1ir Povlcr, llznvill Zcz1r,Crml:1lc l"Pl'J'llQvrIl.llt'l'Sl1lll llmx,11'll. Nlwrris Stanley, xl. XV. ef i fwnfgx. K 5'Q'fi.'f,f ',z'l!'i Viv ,khikgiklxrq 3 ilr' W f ,+f:e.::,i .. l v , 1- . rf , , h , R i F? V r ggxli 1 - 3, - p . . A Y ig. V '- N- , A 4, ' Q 4,24 - W! .,, - if - I -,- u 5: W ,f i f l 1, sian.. x54v'AH ,F6L,l4N,,l'5'f'.'ff"fk!'.? Q . Jill.-ZEN f 5' Q N - ' f ' is LI " 0' ' L Y" " an 2 ' . 7 . i ., Q ' haf? 131-.J MQ: 'gy '1'faif.:9i.,v4,x,gf.,. .fl "ivy l . f 5 ' ' H- ' V I" . . ' I., 4' A ff' F X , F 4 Ap 4 ' 'F V I Y: Q , , M :, ER .A J 6 v. Y 4 ' I A ' ' 'Z ,A - QQ - 'ff' ' , ' x, . ' . Q Q.. ' ' , ' - ,M f , ' ' " , 7 I A . .VV X. . V 7.2 V.VV I 3, ' kr HAM 'Q in f - V , W3 h , ,Wi A, M . X , V 2. , 'wf1-,,l, if - - ,' W, - "fa 4 'f ' r K . 1,1 ' ' K -. ,- mir-'F' fa- .f ' wp A A L , Q , , , l digg x K ' " ' . iw.- , . i.,,q - w'.ggh'JfL , X , q,'f2mv- ,. -.M The IQ29 Rifle Team Burke, Dick Hemphill, Harold Chapman, Dick lVlcCorcl, D. C. Douglass, Edwin Semoncs, Herbert Gaftord, Ben Shull, Jack Hansborough, Devous Storey, Boude, Hnrrill, Haynes fCapt.j VVeatherby, Pace Haskell, LeRoy Wfebster, Yvilliam VVright, Edwa rd Hli 1929 Rifle Team upheld the precedents of the Oak Cliff ability. Shooting shoulder-to- shoulder With the six other Dallas and I-lighland Park High Schools, the team emerged victorious with a lead of I7 points. By its victory, the team Won the Cullum and Boren City Rifle Match Cup and placed the school cadet corps in the lead for the Efficiency Cup, Which is awarded annually. The high-point man of the Oak Cliff team, Edwin Douglass, Was second high-point man in the city, being beaten by a Sunset man, Who had a lead of only one point. Caplain Jordan, J. W. First Lieufmzanl Wright, Ed. Suomi Lii'ulw1nrzI.v McCord, D. C. Smith, jim First Sergean! Harvill, Haynes 1929 Crack Company WYNDoL1-:EN WA'l'SON Sergeanls Chapman, Dick Hemphill, Harold Haskell, LeRoy Cox, Robert Corparaix Shull, .lack Gatford, Ben Carnes, Sam Brown, R. I. Bethancourt, Francis Smith, Fred 'Prfifatex Baur, Earl Davis, Floyd Howard, Morris McDowell, George Spinks, Alvah Bevings, Harrell Dixie, Cris Jackson, W. McDowell,Win1ield Schnelle, H. G. Burke, Dick DuPre, Erwin Johnson, Vincent McMurtry, Lee Starling, Grover Carnahan, Macoria Etheridge, Clark Jordan, Elmo Moore, D. C. Semones, Herbert Chase, V. F. Frasier, Hugh Kelsey, Lewis Moore, Edwin Sutherland, Lonnie Charske, Johnson Hanshorough, Devous Kemp, Lewis Oliver, R. B. Sliger, Frank Cleveland, Tommy Hanson, Frank LaFoy, Joe Sanders, Charles Robinson, William Coley, Jack Hinkley, Clair Lowe, Burford Shull, Edwin Weatherhy, Pace Crabb, Sam Weeks, Curtis Supernzzmeraricv Dean, Frank Lee, Weldon LeVilloux, Norman McMains, Eric McConnell, Robin Shaw, William v Q. I Bxx w-"'x - Vfq- ' A ' M37 4 ' f T H E S E ,E X 04 fzw Tnwves -2Yif' 'A ' ' R: . GBP 'fl A'R E WHAT .vf v ,. 1 ll ,. I ,mf TEAM f "LX lA"Ef11""1 ALL-THAT Qiq '16, 51, 1 - jj ff 4 X l'-7 TRIBE 0 f' QCAH5 J i If Oo MILITA ' V' f y 2 R Y 44.7 Q, mf-Q 93oY5 A-RE f',ff1 grff' A I WORKING 0,414 cLnFF -ff' TOR- ofv I ' I T To GLORY JAC K ' " ' N1JACK F 4 o,c.1-+.S.15R1NG5 HOME TERR,BiENfsfA SHLLLL .. T"E,fQCjjjEAGA'N- N 2 ffm. AT LAST a I , AJ Nofvf oF us' 0 HE 3 A RIFLE TEAM THIS V QDA-R5 : MILITARV TIME EDW haf, SPEAK ro ' S3 GEMUS 'N H 1 M .- 'X wfxs 1 I-HGH 'pomr gi A7 '25 MAN - ' , xr! - SCHOOL HERO - A ff EDWIN DOUGL K ' X XX ,, '. vw' "' 'P r N ' 1 V195 AApN V ONE BETOQILTVEH E f ,UMM 5031? THAT DR d X Q 1 'M OF THE 'LL '- .- V BOYS LDDK Q ? ghff THE :R I A Wy LANIFORVXS' Q ,P ' 'K ' If' .7 INSTAN cf- ,' ' N M mf B00 HANSBOROUGH f' , -4 1 Wil. I ,- X ' """I , f1 X 1' THEY SAY f V Mu.11'A72Y HELPS "' 'K V X? THE on-,q,,?C,f DFA I CFRUM Tier-11' ?0Y- IM Awful: XA 3 JFOOTSI THIS' l5wH,q-r' ,-. THE "1 . jf' 'PRICE TO IT HQAS pane X X 6 J 2 A IEE 1,4 Fan 35 N c-A From i xx I Nfpyy 19055 :T A X , My QA 'REA L LY 7, " O "AY HELP? 3,5 ff' THE C EJ...-1,4 f-' '. f-1 :: LOOK Aw :vfcfpf 6 5 OF wfsmi-iiyaz 7202 Y0uRS'E1-F X.. , Cheer Leaders AK CLIFF was again fortunate this year in having such a splendid cheering squad. Sportsmanship, the ery heard at all pep assemblies, was well developed by the cheer leaders. For the first time in the Oak Cliff pep history, three girls were elected-and what girlsl Through the leadership of Louise Conner, Virginia Lee Bouldin, and Louise Tucker, the old Oak Cliff spirit took a new lease on life. The boys, James Cole, Alex Cason, and Doe Barr, led hy George Holdin, were far from being lifeless. In fact, they all proved that the "Oak Cliff Spirit shall not die. "ON, ON, LDAK CLIFF Hr" U11 Oak Clif Hi, Un Oak Clif Highl Plunge right thru fha! line, R101 the hall arozlml olrl Fermi, Tozfelz-flown sure fhix time. On Oak Clif Hi, On Oak Clif High! Fighz rm for your fame. Fight, fellows, jighf and we TV ill win rhis gamel The I928 Football Squad HOWARD AALLEN WINTON NOAH YV. B. CLENIENT Boone, tlaines Baxter, Luniont Cain, Tom Casen, Alex Cook, Ira Davis, ,luck l'Cotton" Dolulwins, lrzi lfriclison, 'gliilln Fox, Ralph Fudge, Aliunes Galle, lfliner Gore, Charles "kl1il4ie" Hill, Dee Hillpor, Ffllllli He1uphill,VV. R. 'lljill Hziliburton, Dick Hinckley, YV. C., hlr. Hays, Burnzil Howard, Morris Kelsey, Ulledu Keplce, Norman fffrjistrznt ' Bll5i7lFjj flff LaFoy, kloe Lear, Toni Van lVIcCnin, ,lack lVlCCain, Rea B. McDowell, Lllis lVIClVlurtj', Lee Miller, .lohn hloore, wfliilliyl' Nlorris, Hilliard Conch Coach nnrzgfr Patterson, Alphonso lleery, Hugh Rhonds, Rudolph Riddle, Holi Russell, klzunes Ruisey, lil. D. Sprague, Howard Stroud, Lein SVVllICli, ,luck Vifelwster, Bill VVoodw11rd, Holi Xkrylllllll, Cl1lf'lCJ1l ,- Hr Q SPRAGUE VV1cs'1' K11Il.SI41X' 1928 Football Season HE U. C. Leopards, led hy Captain Howard Sprague and 'lack Davis, were victorious in their first encounter of 1928 season. The Leopards defeated the Denton Normal Eaglets I3-O in the first half of the game played Septemher 28th at Sunset field. The Leopards and the Sunset liisons alternated the game, O. C. play- ing first half with Sunset playing the second half. .Xt Denton, the Leopards defeated the Denton scruhs 6-0, although there was a heavy rain 'liom Cain scored the only touchdown in the third quarter. Kelsey and Davis were outstanding players. The U. C. Blue and YVhite juggernaut rolled out a 41-0 victory and also out- classed Stripling High. The features of the game were the hard, smashing line hucks hy Cain and Sprague and sweeping end runs hy Davis. Strength on the defense for the Leopards was shown hy Kelsey, Hill, and Swatek. Under the guidance of Howard Allen the O. C. team invaded lfort XVorth Uc- toher 20th and walked off with a 51-6 victory over Polytechnic High of that city. The game was declared to he a regular track meet hy those who attended. U. C. un- covered an offensive in the form of a great interference running machine, which swept '79 H111 ll1l.1,Po'1' lVi:l1:l1'l' ""N ERICKSHN IAIIZNIPHILL Svv.vri-:it all hefore it. Two giants, Cain and Sprague hattered Poly running fine interference for O. C. hall carriers. They likewise hattered on their own account, hetween them scoring 33 points. The outstanding players for O. C. were Davis, Cain, Hill, WVright, Erickson, and Kelsey. After a year of lethargy O. C. entered the city series victorious hy winning over N. D. 45-IS. From mid-afternoon until dusk the Blue and VVhite warriors surged over a hattling N. D. Bulldog team fora decisive victory, Oetoher 26th at N. D. field. YVhile overshadowed hy Sprague,s hrilliant work, Hemphill, Swatek and Hillpot star- red. The Leopards tied into the powerful Central Panthers at Sunset field and nosed out a close victory of IQ-12. Since the Panthers were the strongest eleven in Fort YVorth, and had heen defeated hy Sunset the previous week, they were out to revenge their title. Although they fought hard for victory, they were stopped hy Cain and Sprague. O. C. defeated the Dallas Tech. VVolves 44-O without the aid of either Sprague or Cain. The lighter VVolves put up a good fight hut despite some low, hard tackling, were unable to cope with the hefty Leopards. This was a slow uninteresting game. an wfEI3S'I'lill lfencsii S'rRoL'n ,,,,,, ' :,.., 1,4 XVYMAY CAIN Gow-1 s , . . . , 1,1-11 hy bp1':1g11c :1n1l Lznn, thu two giant Lcopzml hzittcring mms, U. L. con- q11t1'c1l thc nt-w VVil1lc:1ts of VV. VV. Spmglic w:1s hurt :1t the first of tht' gzunc, :1ncl :ilthough clczirly out of his hcxul, stnyul in tht- gums. U. Cfs only dt-ft-:it of thc scnson czunc from tht-ir little hrotlicrs, tht- Snnsct Hi- sons. IJlSllL'2ll'U'I1L'il hy lforcstls Victory :1 wcck prcviolls, tht- Bisons ciitcrctl tht- gznnc with 21 clo-or-clic spirit. Since Sprzignc :incl Cain were stopped tht-y t111'11c1l in 21 good clcfcnsivc game. rllhc Leopzircls 1':1llic1l in tht' lzlst hz1lf only to hc out-pl:11'c1l dnt- to zicrizil xittzicks of thc Bisons. Une of the hast gzinics hctwt-cn thc high school tennis of thc city was playa-al when Oak Cliff crosst-tl thc rivcr :mal SIl2ll'll'll z1t thc trcmcnclons otlmls and pt-1'fo1'1nc1l so cfliciciitly thzit thc Gu-cn Jllltl YVhitc 1-lcvcn from lforn-st .-Xvciiuc, PIX'-gillllc fnvoritt, lost IO-O. For thrcc pt-riotls thc two 1-lt-V1-11s fought to :1 scoreless tic, hut in the fourth ql1Zll'tCI' Oak Clit? llI'L'2lClI12lllgllfS hc-gun ll drive which rcsultccl in 21 ficltl goal and ll touchdown. Only thc gun :it the lust s:1vc1l Forest from going into worst' clcfmt. This final gnnic of the sczison was clccliczitt-cl to Nl r. ,Xllcn and it wus with this spirit ht-hin1l them that tlrovc tht-ni to tht- Victory which tivd thcni with Snnsct z1n1l lfort-st for thc City Championship. 1, 3 i 1 lI11.l,1.1: XYWOIJIJXYARII llxvls I 9 2 9 Basketball Season THE Basketball Team of Oak Cliff High School ended the city series on February 27 by defeating her weaker rival, Dallas Tech, with the score of 33 to 6. The Leopard Basketeers began the season in an ideal way, defeating first North Dallas, then Wfoodrow Wilsoii, and Dallas Tech, but, just at this stage of the race, Sunset came along with three all-city veterans and started us on that long losing streak that wasnlt curbed any by mid-term. From that first defeat until six more games had been lost, Oak Cliff just couldnlt seem to shake off the jinx that hung over her. Finally, the traditional fight of Oak Cliff came through with a victory over North Dallas and followed this up by defeating Dallas Tech, thus ending the season of 1928-329 in fourth place. This yearls team was composed of Carl Crofford, cap- tain, Lewis Kelsey, Bill Erickson, Nat VVest, Gillon Cole, Ed VVright and Julius Truelson. BAS KETBALL BOYS Basketball Seheelule w North Dallas ee.e eeee F eeeeee e Jan YYoodroW XVilson e Jan Technical ee .eee F ,.ee Jan Sunset eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eee,eeee J an I-Iighland Park e,,. Jan Forest eeee. -e eee.e e Jun Wloodrow Wlilson , Feb Forest e ..oooo e Feb Sunset oooooo F ooooo,, F oooo F Feb I-Iighland Park e N Feb North Dallas e,e, e Feb Technical e,.ee F e Feb OAK CLIFF GOLF TEANI 1929 golf Season NDER the efficient direction of Coach L. C. Left- wich, the Oak Cliff High Golf Team advanced to a tie with VVoodrow VVilson at the end of the first four matches, which constituted one-half of the season. Oak Clif? started the golf season this year with three veterans on the team: Everett Cook, captain of last vear's team, Gus Nloreland, runnerfup for Texas High School championship honors, and Charles Gore, of last year's team. Billy Spencer, Jr., was the new member, and although in- experienced, he is showing great promise. The teams are usually paired in the following manner: Everett and Charles, Gus and Billy. Everett and Charles, C'-Iakief' as he is popularly known, did not lose a point for the first four matches. The annual Higli School golf championship of Texas will probably be held in the early part of lVlay at the Tenison Park Course, and the Oak Cliff entries are expected to be near the top, both in individual scoring, and in team play. OAK CLIFF TENNIS TEAM I 9 2 9 Tennis Season AK CLH7I"'S tennis iros vects are briffhter this Vear l P I as . than usual. In the city series thus far the boys, and girls' teams have made a clean sweep of all matches. Coach R. N. Smith thinks that his 'irl team has an excellent w . g chance to reach the hnals at Austin. The playing of Katherine Strickland, Nlarie Louise Allen and -Iuanita Hill has been unusually steady. They are consistent Winners, cool-headed, and with favorable Weather for practice, Oak Clit? may reasonably expect to Win another city title. The boys team, under the leadership of the brilliant Doc Barr, the last of a noble line of Barrs, of course expects to go through to a victorious State championship. Hugh lfreasier, our second ranking player, is displaying an excellent brand of tennis, and is looked upon by lylr. Smith as captain for next year. Leopard Tracks N the annual city high school track meet held April 5, at Ownby Oval, the Leopards again demonstrated their ability by taking second place With a total of thirty-two and a half points, contrary to the expectations of those Who did not concede them such power. Hayes, NIcBride and Kelsey took first places in the 4.40 yards and 880 yards, and one-mile events, respectively, While the Oak Clif? Relay Team, composed of Hayes, Ridley, lVlcBride, and Ledbetter, also carried olf first place honors. In the district meet held at Denton, April I2 and 13, Oak Cliff High School again emerged victorious, nosing out her arch-rival, VVoodrow YVilson High School of Dallas, and winning the meet With a total of twenty-three points to twenty-one and threeeeights points for VVoodrow XVilson. The Winner of the district meet Was not decided until the very last part of the last event When Hayes, key-man for the Oak Cliff Relay Team and star of the meet, overtook the key-man of Nlasonic Home High School and beat him about a yard, thus winning the mile relay, the track meet and, incidentally, two beautiful trophies. S s ?W V., fmt yy f 4 f f Q Q f x f f 7 f i , f W 9 f Z f f -fl 'W W V' f if d'ff'f"42"yff2 f z f M f f 4 f f ,,. f , 7 ff! Z wwf 7 4 j 71 ,0 X X 2617 O KTYX SEPT- 1 8 SEI-T. 19-Wed. Oak Calendar ail, the Fishes come! SEPT. 17-All h -Tues.-The next in rank have registered. SEPT. 21-Fri.-First meeting of P.-T. A.g all are full of ideas. SEPT. 26-Wed. -Last but not least-4A's. -G. R.'s entertained the Freshmen. OCT. 3-Wed.-No uncommon sight to see a boy wearing a G. R. tag on Tag Day. OCT. 8-Mon.-ZA class meeting. Election of officers. OCT. Io-Fri.-Election of sponsors. OCT. IS-Tues.-The Senior Orchestra performed beautifully in assembly. OCT. 22-Mon.-Hi-Y assembly. Each new member clung fondly to his toy all day. OCT. 23-Tues.-f'Be a Girl Scoutf' advises Dick H. OCT. 26-F ri.-Leopards defeated Bulldogs. Nov. 1-Thur.-Oak assembly. The campaign is on! Nov. 6-Tues.-First issue of Acorn out. A red hot number! Nov. 8-Thur.-National Honor Society skipped off to Palace Theater the eighth period. Nov. 14-Tues.-Senior play try-out. Many ambitious future actors appeared. Nov. I9TMIDH.'-4A,S consideredicaps and gowns but no decision reached. Nov. 24.-S DEC. 1 DEC. 15 DEC. 18 DEC. 21-F -F at.-The big carnival has arrived! Nov. 17-Tues.-Turkey for lunch-which means hash for tomorrow. Nov. 29-Thur.-Holiday from now 'till Monday, thanks to our forefathers and Mr. Adamson. Sat.-Snake dance was performed all over Oak Cliff because of-you know what! -Tues.-Sentimental affair between Harmon K. and Jimmie C. brought to light. ri.-Hot dog! Acorn comes out with a keen cover by K. M. ri.-We are out for the holidays, Oh Boy! JAN. 2-Wed.-Have forgotten everything ever knew. JAN. 14,-Mon.-Brunette Club organized, no blondes allowed. JAN. 16-Wed.-"Bird thou almost art"-Birdman sponsored an assembly. JAN. 18-F JAN. 19-S JAN. zq-F ri.-William M. and his talented company entertain. at.-Saw f'Mrs. Temple's Telegram." Are wary of marriage, consequently. ri.-Commencement Exercises-Adieu, Seniors! JAN. 28-Mon.-4A's are first in registration. JAN. 29-Tues.-'iYe gods and little Fishes!" JAN. 30-Wed.-Miracles still abound! Got out at noon. JAN. 2 1-Thur.-Assembly. FEB. 1- FEB. 2- FEB. iii FEB. 26 MARCH MARCH lvl.-XRCH lvl,-XRCH MARCH MARCH MARCH MARCH -4,A's vote on question of caps and gowns. -Operetta practice started. 20 25 27 I2 Ii Fri.-Oak staff meeting. Sat.-2A's make Whoopee at dance. FEB. 6-Wed.-4A's meet and elect officers. FEB. I2-Tues.-Valentine issue of Acorn. FEB. 1:-Wed.-Assembly, Working Boy's Club organized, -Thur.-Rifle team brought home a cup. -Tues.-'fPink and Patches." 4,-Mon.-Inaugural address of Pres. Hoover enabled us to park ourselves in auditorium T110 st of day. 6-Wed.-'fRufus and Rastusl' and other attractions. 8-Fri.-4,A's put on an important dance. -Senior play try-outs. -Harvard Award presented to Clark Etheredge. -Another Acorn all dressed up in Easter clothes! A FW Al Verbosity One night, as I was pondering o'er Odd books of old, forgotten lore, My head was strangely overcome By a gentle, drowsy, sleepy hum. And yet Ilm sure I didnlt nap As I beheld these queer things hap. I saw the dictionary shake, I must admit my heart did quake. And then the trembling book did ope Right then I lost my last faint hopel The pages quivered, I did, too. To tell the truth, I was mighty blue. And now the queerest thing occurred, The letters on the leaves grew blurred And suddenly to my astonishment, By a hideous howl the air was rent. I know you'll hardly think this true, But I'll swear to what I say to you- The very words in that dictionary- Now, gentle people, please don,t query-- Leaped out of it and began to tremble-- Or maybe dance, for they were very nimble. And now I noticed that they wore Big coats and hats, and bells galore. Yes, wore them though 'twas then mid- June, And they were dancing to a lively tune. Conceited words, sophisticated, Supercilious, quite elatedl 7 They pranced about in the weirdest way, Seldom saying what they meant to say, But getting themselves all mixed and jumbled As they bumped each other, oh, how they grumbledl By now I was shaking through and through, For words sound scary-and they look it, too. At last, I managed to squeak out a bit. Then lol They acted as though theyld been hit. They screamed and shrilled, then turned and fled, And in their haste cracked many a head. I saw at once what a fool I,d been To let them scare me as they'd done just then. They werenlt half as bad as they looked and talked. Their faces were now as though they'd been chalked. By this time all had struck a hot pace. Then groaning loud each jumped in his place. I marvelled then, I marvel now. I always deeply wonder how Those many words, so quick and wary, Leaped headlong in that dictionary, And found their places, lay right down, Cast off their clothes, and ceased all sound. But I know they did-I looked to see. They were just as orderly as they could be- Except a few so highly dressed That, as they rushed, they got all messed. And so-I caught me up these few- And put them in this poem for you. -Fiizlmgh B. ill arsfzall. 615 Gam 'Hamm as cmmaw awrgww no ww O M I5 U vow Lana: 9.5 ' ' 1 .Q X ,D , . K R WQSXQSEAHQQ ,, -Qi li C, w 'jr V 257- rufii, 1 , . Pa, -- Q ,swf i " x JF' 902045 5 ' 1 -1' . 0 ' 'xiii L ' D Q ' il I 5 0 N .-s, 1 .. ff! 1-.- A "HH fnffs L'-I-,J 41,2 A , , i fl yi" i ev t 'F L' ,1 ' 'Ji - hw ' f " . f-.'.' Agia, in if I Z QIIIIV- . 1-I.: X,4fH,Y,N 'rwn nniopayuus 'll , CHLW-fran muff, LIONS A 'I 6 FOR a 10 -QQHIEEKHT SQ " THE fl-H AB CaP,N1vAL, Ja 0 JE! J A OO 771f.9' 291C 7'UI?. 15: J S DlfDfC fx T510 To 7'ffIT DANCQQ Gllflffvv 117' amy CLI,-ff BY ,- JPIN- 01.355 JUNE clans: JUNICR PROM PTH. 'f76:?a'bv9e' A efyd ' ewivxp Statistics FAVORITE GREATEST NAME NICKNAME OCCUPATION AMBITION Horace Smith Smithers Blushing To be a laundry truck driver Robin McConnell Bob Loafing To pass in English Winston Peeler Dizzo Boosting the 'Acorn" To be a cafe-waiter J. W. Jordon Military To be a Lt.-General Edward Wright Ed Athletics To be a college hero Dick Chapman Old Chap Battalion Parades To be a cadet major Ben Williams E. Ben Williams The girls To be a movie hero Fitzhugh Marshall Fitzy Writing "Acorn" material To be a poet Louise Conner Weedles Laughing that "Conner" To be the 'LSweetheart of laugh Sigma Chill Louise Moody Skeet Proof-reading HAcorn" To be a brunette Howard Sprague Puny Football To graduate from West Point Nell YVest Lil Nell just passing To be an old maid Mable Bennett Mab Working on the "Oak'l To be Mrs. Sam Barbaria Kemp johnson Baby Face Doing nothing To pose for Palmolive Ads Edith Mann Smarty Studying To keep house Granville Monroe Four-eyes Working trigonometry To be a professor Grace Mays Red-Head Pounding the ivories To have black hair Tom Cain Shorty Playing croquet To be a tiddledy winks champion Florence Parker Blondy Spelling To rival Rubens in painting Frazier Johnson Red Collecting money for the To make 95 in English iioilkn Clara White ,Stell Taking snapshots for the To be a lady of leisure UOakY! John Hawes Bozo Griping at his Eng. grade To get Hawaii on his gadio Ruth Shelton Shel Playing accompaniments in To rival Paderewski assembly Carl Crofford Crof Playing basketball To graduate Harold Hemphill Goof Playing in English class To be a crack shot Mozelle Crow 'Zell Getting Oak subscriptions To be a "Prima-donnav Ralph Fox Foxie Playing basketball To tour C. S. via "hobo'l route Laura Allison Al Journalism To get married Everett Cook Cookie Playing golf To do nothing Nannie Fitzhugh Smart-alec Making 98lSl1'1 English To make loo in spelling contest Carl Tinnin Tub Playing the harmonica To be an ice man Johnnie Mae Taylor Blondy Reciting chemistry To keep house for E. K. Leon Sturdivant Shorty Decorating his papers To crack a joke on Mr. Cunyus Dorothy Sutton Dot Drawing To be an artist Ira L. Hinton Mickey Sleeping in class To solve one problem by himself Ben Harrison Curly Breaking female hearts To have a girl Dennis McGill Mac Keeping silent To know the place in Latin D. C. McCord Cotton Mary Fern llaskell To rate a good-looking blond 4' F Ruth Rawls Ceombing hairj : Look, Miss KcKclvain: "What student my hair is full of eleetricityf' Merril Burdine: "VVhy, of course, it's connected to a dry cell." Mildred Chitwood: UI wonder why they call a manls wife his better half." Florence Parker: 'just to keep her from thinking shels the whole thing." was so rude as to laugh aloud?" VVilliam VVebb: UI laughed up my sleeve, but there's a hole in the elbowfl Clifford Cro glohnlz "If it Wasnlt for you the family tree would dief, John: "VVhy? H Clifford: "Because you're the sap." HE business man expresses his faith and interest in Oak Cliff High and in THE OAK by placing his advertisement in the following pages. It is his faith and loyalty that have made THE OAK what it is today. This active cooperation of these friends of Oak Cliff High merits the favorable consideration of the stu- dent body, and tangible evidence of that appreciation can best be shown by proving, by your purchases, that Oak Cliff High is loyal to her friends. THE BUSINESS NIANAGER The 1929 Oak S l 1 e9l4l371,J' Wear - Try goods - Sfzoer N ICHOLS-ELLIS CO. 'KDIIPIQNDABLIL MERCHANDISE" lVlIt'7'1, fl fwz and !'?oy,r LUrwr.v In Sfylf Phone 9-87 I 1 Bishop at jtli VV. ll. :Xxx-xxisox, l"rf'.r. 1: flll.-KDY NllSl,lJ, l'im'-l'1'i'.v. :Z VV. VV. VN SAFE AND SILENT iaLocK OF ICE never makes a sound5 it can not explocle5 yet its refrig- erating properties are perfect. lVIake sure of the kind of ice you put in the refrigerator. Ours is safe, silent, :incl preserves your food. Sf'fZ'il7F -with II Swift? Oak Cliff Ice Delivery Co. Phone 6-5157 K I-1 R, rllgr. Complimwzifr of immie Powers 33 Years in Oak Cliff "Still Tfzwvn The Lzzrgeyl Jllzzjeslit' 'lleulery in Texas - Radio i5 7201 a siflelimf stillz us Q C J EX,-A E -A: L ,tA,A.1,g', 'AY lfive Stores for Your Convenience No. 1, lolq Crm-nxille .'X1'e.-3-216o No. 4, 111 XV. .lL'lliL'I'SllIl--lj-PSISX No. 3, 1816 Main St.-j'-414,54 No. 6, 931 XV. ,lt-th-isoiifo-100 No. 7, :1:1 linux Sm-utaq-112: o 0.0 Early to Bed, Earl to Rise, Etc. OYY many times have you heard that old saying and made up your mind to follow it? And how many times have you 1-estlessly tossed through half the A, night simply because your mattress J was too hard? YYe, as renovators of mattresses, can give you that "night's restn if We remake anti repair your mattress. DIRECT MATTRESS CO. 1.4.20 N. 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Letls talk it over. lan Blessings on thee, little dame, Bare back lass with knees the saint-5 VVith thy turned clown silken hose And thy cheeks red like the rose, VVith thy red lips redclenecl more With the lipstick from the store- From my heart l give thee joy, For l'm clarned glad that llm a hoy. Oak Cliff lXflillinery Hats made to order, blocked, alterations Hemstitching, Picoting 626 EAsT JEFFERSON C. R. CHARLTON Nlarket and Grocery MINUTE SERVICE -EXCHANGE, "Sgr-:'i1Lg Oak Cfijf 25 Team" Phones 6-zioqg 6-1106 IOO-O2 N. Lam lSf THlf Frazier Furniture Co. OAK CLIFF OJ: PRINTING CONIPANY OAK CLIFF IAYRUSS FRORI NVUOLXYORI H51 Invites Charge Accounts IDETROIT JEWEL GAS RANGES ON EASY IJAYMENTS "Tim Yjarziculm' T'1'inlef'5" Commercial Printing lfngravin g--lfinbossing 106-8-IO So. BICCKLHY PHONE 6-0700 The Balcom Co., Inc. llo1.x1I-Qs l'lI,I-1t"I'R1c REI-7Rl4JliRA'l'URS R. C. A., A'I'11'A'1'1-:R-KEN'I' AND SoxoRA RAIIIII5 jill N. Bishop Avenue Phone 9-8300 6-2165 6-Zlf l Ulhfrf Hare :l Sfogizzzflfzrf W. II. F R Y eo. 'lJffic'ez1f My Qjomff l"URNl'l'URl'l um! HARDWARIC l-'i1'cpI'11ol' W:I1'c-lIoI1sv for Storage of Ho1Ism'lIolIl Goods TINEIVS CAFE 408 VVest Sth Street Home Cooking ChilCler's Barber Shop 317 North Bishop ullfe Know Ho-zu" QIIIILII-Q 11-S mm .1fS Zqf, Em-,II s. 1f1..-t II.,-S Pfzrling !1IZ'Uil,'6.' Put a little Water DAISY "B" SHoPPE Ladies, :Incl Nlisst-sl Ready-to-YVcar oII the Comb! Mllllncfl' "1t'.f Unr iP!1'I15Ilft' in SPTUIJ, Q-3243 Mediczml-Deiitzil Block NIAXEY HARDYVARE H8Hllq1llll'ff'l'.f fflf Sffmol Supplies 407 N. Bishop Q-3760 Cllg Queen Coufectionary lxrxt to Clill' Q 11L't'11 vllllt'Iltl'l'j LUXCIIPIS -- CIo.ARs - CAxDIEs - IDRINKS Trarlr wiilz U5 'lielephone 6-0163 The gum-chewing girl And the cud-chewing cow Are somewlri.. alike, But different somehow. XVhat dihrereiicei Oh, yes, I see it now, 1t's the thoughtful Look O11 the face of the cowl OAK CLIFF PHARMACY CO. L. O. DowA1.D, PAQ., Prey. No. I1lOIll :Ind LJIHCIISKCTT Pl'l0IlL'SZ6-SIZI6-R121 No. 2-'l'vlt'r :Intl lK'll'l'l'SLJUT Phones: 6-2lI6C6-1117 No. 3-Bishop :Ind SL'veIItlI-- PllllI1t'SI6-QIZ6 6-R127 Yo. 4-Beckley 8 hluflvrsori- Pl10I1L'SZ6-xI7I6-X172 Four Rexall Stores in Oak Cliff O.-XK CLIIfE RENTAL LIBRARY AND Book SHOP Nliss 'llhelma flieclclyj Boyd .LiI17'lI7'iIZ7l GREE'l'INii CARDS BRIDGE ACCESSORIES SCHOOL Books Scuool, SUPPLIES 931 VV. Jefferson 6-2883 beanies of the Tosh xi FTEN in the evening familiar figures appear on the screen of memory . . . become vivid as a close-up. Friends. . . far away now . . . don't lose them . . . they're precious. Call them by "Long Distancen now and revive the old friendship. fv""4'r4 X SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY YOU CAN TELEPHONE 100 MILES for 70 CENTS S iz!! Q1 noilzer Tear. . . T has been a pleasure to make all the photo- , graphs appearing in this issue of The Oak. Our association with the faculty, students, and The Oak Staff, has heen most pleasant. v HALL-GENTRY STUDIOS 161 QM ELM STREET STICTSON HATS EAGLE SHIRTS "Tha Smfzrfcrl Slylw' Fluff, , m ADLIQR ROOTH R COLLICGIAN ITORSHEIM CLOTHES MAN SHOP SHOES PIIOM-2 6-109.1 IIS W. RIIQFI-'ERSON J. F. Zimmerman SL Sons lINk'ORl'URA'I'lill-I SIGNS 'Tell zlze VV01'lfl ceillz Slgmn Household Supply CO. Swim' Things for Nizfft Homes IfARDXYARl'-ITFl'RN1'l'L'Rl-ILCS!!-'1' fSOUDS U? Definer Phone 6-9779 3 I I-315 N. Bishop "TOI1gh luckf' said the egg in the mO- nastery, "Out Of the frying pan into the 2126 Young Street 7-5479 ffiflf-H XNHAA,li7S MOUNT: VANS .II RIM' N0 I-nan these days trics to hide behind R BRCFACI' NYAGONS IAQ Rwr-'HII-IING WO1l12IIl,S skirt, and, fOr that matter, as 2111 Observant car rider re1n:1rks+neither dues 21 WUIHZID . SUDDEN SERVICE STATION OAK CLIFF FURNITURE 81 STORAGE CO., INC. ,I. F. DUPRH, Slgr. NEW AND USED FURNITURE BA'l"l'ERI1'QS II S'I'AR'I'ER5 GH,u4:RA,l.0RS Rhl AIRISIC, AND IIHONI: 6-1028 RFI-Ixl HING 114,-118 330 Wvest AICHSCFSO11 C I H11 I UI I H I..-xNcAs'rER W. R. HOI,LCJNVAY J. IC. HlJI,l,ONX'AY H OLLOWAY ' S 'Picrlzzzur - - Framing - - Strzlmzry Engrrzfuing Clam Tim Clays R lngf IOI3 ICLM STREET BISHOP'S PHARMACY CC lfVfze1'e Oak Clif Tnza'eJ'l GRADUfX'1'E PHARMAc1s'1's 6-2131 6-2131 legerson Printing Companv 'hprirztlrzg that Talkjv Largest lixclusive Coinmercinl Printing Olhce in Oak Cliff hone 6-0908 213 S. 'l'yler Howard Sprague: "Donlt you see thzit sign, 'Private-No Hunting Al- lowedlfl' Dee Hill: UI donlt read :anything nmrkcd privzltef' FOUND A place where you can get most anv- thing :ind where your trade is appreciated I lV1' lflzy and sell mmf arriflffrl Beckley Variety Store IVF Sjifclzzlizz' in Saalp T7'I7IlflIlt'7lf., The Beckley Barber Shop "If 'Pays to Look lVfZI" IO4 VV. Jefferson An EXCLUSIVE Barber Shop The Finest in Oak Clit? 207 S. Beckley F. IUOYLE, Prop I 6-14,86 I C1.bjAN1xG PM-ZSSING ', lx'lIl,ITARX A1.'1'r:xA'r L 627 EAST -115F1'1aRsoN EVER in the history of the automobile industry has the public been offered so much value for their money as is now being orlered in the FORD NIODEL A CAR Take Z1 ride in one before you buy any new Car. no. E. Morriss CO. Ford 'Prodzurfx Lancaster at Ninth 6-2161-2-3-4 "The Shop with zz Souln All the Music used at Oak Cliff High this year came from E. G. COUNCIL The Jllmic ! 1 Uflzere do you .buy yomxf? Bush Temple 243804 Q of 7726 Trzkfe gf 04116 H , fy z if : 'ii k f !r6.Xm1'!ffigN I1 47 1 , 1 0 A 4 -A Q Q I K l . 5 C fffg-.,f'-.35 Q LET THE BIGGEST WASHWOMAN ' IN OAK CLIFF ' . 0 D0 YOUR WASHING 3 0 Q 5 " Q' ' " .. Q . . 'A Q5 , - ." -egg- '51-AUTH LAKESIDE LAUNDRY SL CLEANING COMPANY Zangs and Marsalis Phone 6-5 I 6 I 0 HILLPOT BICYCLES AND SPORTING GOGDS Key F illin g and Repairing 708- IO East Jefferson Avenue ,K .1 if fs: A K , 1 I K ,. fi Furniture 1 r rr Draperies Floor Coverings RODGEDS VIEYERS THE CRITERION HOMEFUDNISHERS , l9l'l ELM ca Q 0 b the years go by, this annual will bring back memories of these happy school days! VVe are glad to contribute this small space to help you in publishing it. W. A. GREEN CO. Q 'Pzomez 1 0 1 ' . -gg . I Q w - f A' ' 5 - t f - A-. - , . . if-H: A4 -fe -firm - q fl 1 El 1 1 I .... "'- The Best Cleaning, Dyeing and Laundrying in Dallas QUEEN CLEANING COMPANY Opposite Lake Cliff Park Phone 6-5131 SOUTHLAN D ICE COMPANY 30 TOTHYNI Stations in Oak Clill U76 vlpprecifzzfe Tour Tllfl'07ZdgU fcllmlfface dirty or is it my imc VVHEELER7S LIBERTY PHARMACY aginationr , , Two Refristered Druggists W1 our face 1SIl,t5 l donlt know C, W about your imag.imtiOn.n 6-2121 jefferson at Zangs SELLERS RADIO SHOP NOTICE? l I l l Radios and Viwfyolm Girls, please do not kiss each other in I I I the halls! , 9- 4 We hate to see a woman doing a mzin'S Open Fvenings Q21 W. 'letl-erson Work! o I. REINHARDT Sz SON alll Kindf 0 f I 7Z.Y1ll'd7ZClJ D A L L A S VVe give intelligent, prompt Service. Our aim and endeavor is to deal honorably and fairly :it all times with all policyholclersg to settle losses quickly without controversy, and in general, to exhibit ai spirit of co-operation and fairness, recognizing at all times the rights of the public and avoiding technicalities. AMLLRICAN FXCHANG143 Effflblfffffff in l,11oNE NA'I'IilNAI, BANK B1.uc:. 1888 IDIAI, 2-IZQI LYON'S SERVICE STATION GAS, OILS, TIIKEZS Som: AND VIII.cANIzI'II. GRI-:ASING BY ROTARY LII-"I' SERVWI-1 Phone O-0176 316 S. Beckley :It Centre Z,-XNGS-BECKLEY SERVICE STATION W. F. LYON, 'l'roprfI'fnr CAs, OIII, GRE.-xsiis Axu AQQESSORII-is-'I'IRI-is Asn 'FIRE WIJRK-'B.X'I'1'PiRlP15 RI-icIIARnI-tn I IOI North Beckley Avenue AND SOLD Phone 6-0055 Z. I 1 f If A In A STEINITE Comp 1711171 I 0 RADIO RADIG HICKS-GASTON CO. and D. E. BOWERS School Printing Our Specialty LOUIS F. RICK FURNITURE CO. IJAK CI.IFF's LARoEs'I' FIIRNITURE STORE III8 N. BISHOI' IJHONE 6-6943 I806 Main St., 2-85I2g 7-IOI8 TEXAS SEED R PL.-INT CO. 9-H24 If the devil lost his tail, we suppose he Could get :I new one from 21 boot- legger, who retails spirits! He: HDO you really think, my love, that you can get along on my in- come?" Size: "I believe so, but what are you going to live on?" FIRST AID PHARIVIACY Sem'iI'e willz 61 Smile Oth :Incl Ewing Q-95025 6-OIO3 Thane U5 Yom' fxaxr Order' l1'x'ff 'lhffiffez' in L1 Jiffy Summer Is Coming Nature will soon be Calling you, :Ind to satisfy the CI'.lXIl1g for the hezluties of nature that is inherent in every hunmn being, you must haue good, relignhle, serviceable trans portxltion. A NEW' FORD C.-XR will supply the tI'IInsportIItiIIn-it will he rcli:Ihle4it will give YOU gCIN1lUC SIIIISILICUOII, fit ll IUIIIIIUUIN t'XPl'IlSL'. NVe have 'I sincere desire to serve xi ll Our st-Iek oi lioth New Lnnl Recunnli- tloneml FORD CARS is cuniplete. Our "Smiling .ierx"ee" Hoof 'S Ie FLIPPEN AUTO CO. Q 'IIIfhorf':-mf Fnnf 'Drrllwrx s I Mit in 1',u1h,,- I ' 1917 Ross Ave., at Harwood Phone 7-2194 - '--::LE--- 34 V, 0-R :Lei-T4 T. , +L -W L: - X :'1'i, . 4.-b Q ' 1: 7' ,iii i x , 75 1 j-'::-J- 41, w11'-.44-Q" " 'i gf fifghw -2 Q iifefefe' fge fu , W Q 4 gif- ffSfEvE'E.1 I .',ep,...'ffEl!51, STEEL'-:': Tug 1 . N X -,H 5, r ,m- Ei y-,4.ETigV:,,i:- gg xxx - xt V Q 5 5.5 '- '- EE? X555 - T E15 L ., A is-We area 1 ezaEii ' 4 R were fir e' , EE . an --tj R E, ,T 1, . S. -fe. 'T iitfd-L. E it J- un? ELf 51-fTg':aTHpfgf:Lil lv Wim :vr Ti x Q' ,E : A 5 aL . i'i'TE1,p if Mbit ff 151' .um L:1Qg3i-L - - l : ? : Q - T n. . ,. g af' " .-,,.? ' : 1 .mf'fsesa T' Ye 3fF2'wu The New Slzoppzhg Center... Now under construction at St. Paul, Main and Elm. Ready in Autumn, IQZQ. Dedi- cated to the fine art of Better Living. TITCHE-GOETTINGE R Co. rrHE SHOPPING CENTER OF DALLAS R- O- T' C- iVAN WINKLES HEADQUARTERS Riding Outdoor The S01lilIf,.f Best Equipment Clothing B O O K S T O R E 1609-II Flin Street 208 N. AKARD STREET 1620-22 P36156 Avenuc 6011? 4 alias morning ewes' Texas, greatest .mvzispaper RODUCT of an institution founded in 1842, while Texas was a Republic, The News has been the great- est single constructive force in the development of Dallas and North Texas for two generations. RIQNIARKABLH study of courteous efficiency in business is afforded by a 20th century public utility like Dallas Power 84 Light Company. The young man or woman on the threshold of maturity will add vastly to his or her equipment of useful, practical informa- tion of men and things by studying the status of this great util- ity and its relation and measure of service to Dallas. The rising business generation should be informed on these matters-they vitally affect modern life. A student will be pleasantly surprised to learn how earnestly Dallas Power 8z Light Company seeks to serve the community with maximum efliciency and unvarying courtesy. Having ended student days the individual encounters the electric utility at every turn, at home, at business, everywhere. He should know how to capitalize its innumerable services for his comfort, pleasure and progress in life. DALLAS POWER sl LIGHT Co. Street Cars Build Cities .... 1 DALLAS RAILWAY 81 TERMINAL Co . Partners in the Growth of 'Dallas C omplimems of EDVVARDS 81 MCC RARY Complete H fume F111-ni.f!Lw-1 6-3972 611 E. Jeiferson W'21gley's Sandwich Stand Best Hot Barbecue-Hot :incl Cold Lunches, l L u m b e r C O. Lumber, Hardware, Paints, All Kinds Of SandWiches+Chicken Dinners NO. 1-93.1, West Davis Street NO. 2?EIlSt Edge GI'1ll1d Prairie O21 For! U'm'fh Pike Etc. Svwe Yjelifuery Cos!! Having given the people Of Oak Cliff Tfj1lj'iB1fllfZi7LQ'Sf01'U quality cleaning and pressing for 31 L years, I 11111 now running il C8Sl'1-lllld' 6-2171 carry estailalishinent :it 621 li. loth St. OLE POTTER. TVVO POLAR BEARS Playing Tag On an Iceberg Before You Fah Down 81 Co Boom See BUR'1'ON-CTIN3 Florin Ozik Cliff Medicnl-Dentzil Bldg.-9-3276 Get the H2Il3ltT?ll!l7l8 JEFFERSON DRUG COMPANY ZOO Yylfsvr JEFFERSON AVE. QUALITY ZZ QUANTITY QUICK SERVICE Q-3191 6-0135 L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY e9lllZ7lIlfflCf1ll'1:7lg fefwclezzr and Slzzlionarx Specialists in the line Ol' Fraternity, School and College Finlvleins. Visit our new retail store carrying 41 complete line Of Diamonds, WY1lfChCS and Novelties. 21 1 North St. Paul Street "By Ilze enfmmre of flze ffffffzlelit' Clubv u with Con Hdence at HAVERTVS Furniture Qf .7Werz't on Eafy Termf l N' , 7iP'?it"'5tfr' , 4,- .Je 1 F R TURB Co I309 lflm St. . J lf' 7 JI' il 4 44. ' txgkisw 4F"'a"g-pique 5' 1 ' Q,-fr . Tu and 114,522-t iii? Qi -fQy.j1-wig 11' nie' in -- 7 ,L :aw ..,x.,2,f , , "-11" mf ' f wLfpttnnn.s.r.u - I A XUQFFH 1 . , , -R. Y--" .-.. 5' ,R O35 ,tl ' v I .t ,cv WJ. ' 3 f Q. to Q . ..,...........-..g ,, , v -I R . HRW TYS 1 C07lYp!i7i787ZI5 of LAMAR Sz SMITH AMBULANCF 6-2146 ROSEWIN IDRUG STORE You can pay more, hut you cnn't buy better candy :yn yffv 'fwfr-f f11f1,1."-.Alftrw lfmn M11 -lmff Phone 6-0048 929 NV. Jefferson Comfnlimwzff of HUGHES BROS. NIFG. COMPANY DALLAS erUzl71ufflt'ful'Bl'5 and 7Ji5f1'ibutO1'5 of ,-xnOLvHL's CHOCOLATE RUFFS -'fone 'lfeffer' A Happv Solution for All Your Gift Problems 'Books for Birthday Hulitlzlys Annix'ers'1r1 5 VVL-dtiings Bun Voyage Vzilvntints VVU also curry Ll complete strrck of text h rwru ks. Let Us Serve You LAMAR if WHITMORE "The Sozzfhh' LcII'gF.ff Yionl' Sfmt" 1:08 Cornrnvrcc' D.-XI,L.-XS SIGNS OF THR TIMES CO11zZmf1Or.' "Cz1n't you see the sign 'No Smoking'E" Sailor: "Sure, mate, that's plain enough. But there are so many dippy signs here. One says, 'VVear Brown's Corsetsf So I lllllyf payin' attention at any of them!" Millirters' Supply CO. The Largest Wlzolamlc and Rami! Jllillifzwry Store in the Soulhfwvst WHY PAY MORE? 909-I I Elm Street NIARTIN XVEISS, 'Presiziem ff 0' 9 ff o 0 0 0 K 1' If in p f nom f A z T lfllll-R-R-R-I'-I'-1 r-1 '.... Klum I siz-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-z .... Q Q! oooooooml l ll Z-o-o-o ---- ---- n . VVhen you Oak Cliff graduates begin flying around over our house top, you will see Why Colonel Lind- bergh and other international fliers remark on the Dallas air .... it's because it has no smoke. This elastic, crystal atmosphere is a comfort, of course, to anybody holding a control stick. And 65,000 smokeless chimneys are guard- ing it. 7Da!la: Hay Natufczzf Q41 THE DALLAS GAS COMPANY ahn-Attired Young en No amount of clothes make successl Paradoxical, how- ever, successful young men are usually Well attiretll Maiiy are Kahn-attiredl E. NI. Kahn 31 Co. Nlain and Elm al Lamar ! BROW ' Quality Candies -furnish the proper vitamins and energy for strength and health and SCHOOL Days will be happier and healthier if you give them our Candies with their lunch. S BROWN CRACKER Sc CANDY Co M PANY 'flfzflzzsl LII7'gF5f I7lKl1lXll7'1' 4 niver i1y5tyIesfngZHighSchnnlQVIen ' n At prices that appeal to fe1lowS D O ' who know What? what! W reyfuss W Son 0 ' TTY-l'iflD 'f' STENOTYPY YOU fW0ffWf -' - - - mul uf ml- xlr1'rlum'lfo1,r'1'.xfA5 I rm fm-l,wm i 0 . . WT vviu bc dc, uzuw uc lmxu bgwL1.:l1fr-nl lu txzxlumg yuuug mmm .1IlLl umm-u IU-1' S1:crc4Ql11l lvu4in1'ss lzlrvcxs. XVK- . f inxltv tlxv mmt c.1rn'1'11l rmwirll-r'.1!iUx1 uf llmsw xslm lu sr-ching .4 xxu1'rl1y Lauri 11-li.1lwlu sclmul. Our L d rwlxvxm ul' study .xrv lIlW5fVll1fL'lj' lllUI'ULIgl1A :md r-ur lQ'.lCl1L'I'4 .uw ml-u :lull xsuumz-u nt L'XpL'!'1t'IlCL' nu' 1 glhiliry. C4111 ur pllumf 1-:H+ I ' 1 ,, 9 , nccda from our var- BIh'rRovo1,1'r,xN bvsrmiss LOT,I,EGii f'W'AW 'WXAX5 10118 clcpurtrncntw. When YCU are the J Editor or Manager of your School's Annual T1-lr: AMERICAN BEAUTY CON'ER Coumxx' A' wirll its many ycnrs of cxpcrluucc, will lwc ...o -flfmvzyx Q Illlfffy JlfIf21'affL1121di.u in Kwpizzg with Emfmmy gl.ul to help you plan zz covcr that will lwe Qtrlklng in zlppugutlncu null cwncxnllml in fmt. You haw unlx' to :wk for this scrvlcu-- If is fruc .mrl plqxcuf you uullcr no ulwligntloll. :XMI-.RICKY Bl-1xl"1Y Cfwlgu Cn. 11302 cjfllllgt Slruul DA LTAS HUEY Q PHILP HARDVVARE CO. Elm and Cr1'll:l'lI1 Sta. 71 S Ihc la sie fha! fell?" ENGRAWNG li Nthe embodiment skill and handiwork, demands a care, a faith and a hope that can only be acquired through inherent ability, a desireftoflo and a time-proven experience. All of these requirements of craftsmanship give vivid proof of their existence in the craftsmen of the Cgfouse of Rest' by the superiority and individu- ality of the finished product. fx fx m fx. A.ZEE SE lENGRAVING Co. School olnfzzzafalrfzlfis-512 l'dV61'6' f Dallas , Texas ESE" Pr :fr of QF ML!-AJ'

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