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Text from Pages 1 - 186 of the 1928 volume:

A -J N -0 , EMMA UMDK X 45 wx Ox CC '1 YN OWN QQWlmw i 5449522 , W 'Q A iz ' - I 4+ ? ff X 4 f',f, J mf? QQ Q E 5 Q MQW , ' X up it 'Y' ' 5 N Q E! dong ? , wil 'J , QW9? Q- ' f- 1 hx 51 S KMQWZQ g L I I ,QQ E W in MQW V45 QWifI5fZx6?ffL5 CoI'Y1uc:1l'1' 1928 67Xifwz-' XRIHN Sl1EvP,xR1a IQVELYN .'Xm1s'1'1wNn -I. C. ZIA1A1rc1u1,xN, xlflljjllffj flfmzffkgn- THE OAK ' 1928 f PUBLISHED BY OAK CLIFF HIGH SCHOOL IDALLAS, TEXAS 42' YY Q- QA! J F, A A V YQ J 69' 4 I Y P F 'Hq 1 77 c' 7, f 'S 1 v '1 In 7 X . 4 , fa.- 'S c Q S' Eff , 59 ,ggi cv ,Z 4 LL A L LL J Lb N by , W EDICATION To THE MAN WHUM Am. OAK CLIFF HlCIi Lovlis AND R1f:sPJLc'1'sg To 'rms NIAN WHO Lovl-:s AND Rusvnzcrs ALL OAK CLIFF HICZIIQ To AMES HENRY GILLESPIE TH IS 'rluz 1928 X7Ol.L'MH OF THE OAK Is APPR1cCIA'1'1vE1,Y DEDICA'I'ED. MR. GILLESPIE FOREWORD TIIAT THIC FRIICNDSHIPS ANI! MICMO' RIES OF OUR SCHOOL LIFE MAY NEVER BE FORLJO'I"I'ICN, AND THAT THIS LOY' ALTY AND SPIRIT OF OAK Cl.lIfF IVIAY BE PRICSIQRYICIJ AND ICXI-1NIPI.IFIED UXTO 'I'HIC ICYID, IVE PRICSI-QNT THIS BOOK T0 OUR SCHOOL FIiI,I.OXYS AS A TRIBUTE 'I'O YOU AND TO CJ,-IK CLIFF HIGH, YVIIUSE NAME YVIC LOVE. CONTENTS ADM1N1s'1'RA'1'1oN CLASSES MII.I'1'ARX' A.'1'HI.ETICS AC'1'1v1'1'1Es HUMOR On Oak Clif? Hi, On Oak Cliff Hi, Dash right thru that line, Pass the ball around those end men Touch down sure this time. On Oak Clif? Hi, On Oak Cliff' Hi, Fight on for your fame, Fight, fellows, fight and We will Win this game. 0,0 A A I-H 2-Y- of ADMINISTRATIO 1r,1r 4 4 Defi n..4 ,, 1 I A f 1 , Q 4. L. 3 tw y . . . X . , . .W - ,5,?.3wg:Q,,, in 1" , A ' ,. - , if ' 1 x . MM V- .. fr 174- 15.49,-,N..,,. ms- ,.:.,g,,.k,,. . . . .,.,. ,L .u,,m-F ima.. gg,-K--Jfww-fayx gl 1 1,1544 .Q , . . ,A '."- -W-4, Q' ,-.N 5 f' ez za ,. , 'Q' " ':- -,gr H. f,:'1't'1i' ' 'wiff "v.'B'-5' xx' '- A Mix! VH E. 4 X' by Q r iv -1 ,fbi gf we, fi, 895521: -if 1 gms: l, age. Q ' .W X f ' ' 1 . 1 1 f?w.2,.- ' V V f , 1 . 5 ' H f f, ,'5z.,..,z,,:. .. - 1 ws ' ' ' " 'f'.f"-2 , . .K 3,55 lu, ' N L ' - zswem,,, f W fviwz-f,-y'f3f-1, f a qs: W wg: -E-H: X42 ' b fi I .-F UL sy I h Qi ' -I H QM., ,1f2gj': 5491151 - ?,gggfqv5:f.' ' n 2 xl 1: Q. Q v Ulllllliffft' 1,11 Fi111111re: MR. VV. C. RV1CRlC'l"l', fxh11i1'11n11L Board of Education DR. N. R. CRUZHQR, S11pe1'i11rf11f!f11f of Tifzfhu Sfffmfff If. B. L:AL"I'lHJR'NJ, ,-lfJiff1111f Sf1fr1'i11fr111fe111' of 'lhzffw Srhnnff L. Y. S'l'ocl4.xRlm, S1zfe1'f'i,m1' of High Sffzfmf l11ff1'1nlio11 BOARD MRM BERS Bormf: S'1'uRm', 'P1'f.fi1ff211l MRS. H, I.. l'lc1mv1.1cs Amex W. Svlcxwlc, Vine-1P1'f,fiffr'11f NIRS. VV. P. ZLMWAIQI VV. C. l':VIiRlC'I"I' IC. N. Novlcs DR. D-Wm WY. C.'XIi'I'Ell, EIR. COfWfVII'lvIiIjES f'o111111iftf5 1,11 IYEC4' 'lf11if1!i11g.f llllff Silw: NIR. If. N. Nrwlcs, lxbzliflllclll MRS. H. L. P1501-1.1cs MR. VV. C. l'ZVlCRIC'l"I' MR. lf. N. Novus MR. ,-Xmax VV. SPICNCIS 1111111111150 011 Szrfffiffs Lllfllff Room fo111111iffff: Mm. VV. P. ZL'x1w.x1.'1', f'!1.1i1'1111z11 MRS. H. L. P1-3m'1.1-is, cxhzljfllldll NIR. VV. C. FVl'.R1i'l"l' DR. DAVID VV. C.fxR'1'1-LR, IWR. Amex VV. SPICNCIC MRS. VV. P. ZL'IX1lXYAl,'l' o111111iIf.f'f 1111 Rzzfef: f'f1111111fffn? 011 lT'ffj'.11'f.' AIR. gX1.1-ix VV. SPI-ixulc, fkb.1i1'11m11 DR. ID.-XYIIJ XV. C.1xR'1'13R, AIR., f1G.1f1'11111 DR. Dxvxn VV. C,xR'1'11R, AIR. MRS. H. L. I'1icwPl.1-.5 MRS. XV. P. ZL'NUY.fXl,'l' MR. N. Now-,s Sfrriflf cxo111111iffff: MR. Aucx VV. Sm-1Nc'1c, Cxflcliflllrlll NIR. VV. C. l'iYl4.RlC'l"I' NIR. lf. N. Nmwlfs fisrf - VV. H. ADAMSON TfVhat eonsiiiules a school? No! aneienl halls anal ivy-manllell towers, No! spacious pleasure uourls, Anil lofly teinples of athletic farne, N of fashion, nor renown Of weallhy pazronage anzl rizih eslafeg No, none of fhese can frown A school zcifh Zig-hr and inahe il truly great. But inasters, strong anal wise, VV ho feaifh heeause they love lhe z'eauher's lash qinzl jinil their richest prize In eyes that open anzl in uzinzls tha! ashg Anil hoys, wifh heart aglow To fry Zheir youthful vigour on their work, Eager to learn and grow, Anil guieh fo hare a eoccarzl or a shirh: These eonslilufe a school,- A foilal forge of weapons heen anal hrighf, VVhere living sccoril anfl fool Are lemperezl for Irue foil or nohle fighf. -VAN DYKE J FACU LTY EX ...W C1.h5lI'1N'I'S CLYPZ'I"l'E R. Bram, QOOPI-IR CQRAYES li.-'UX'llL'I'UN AI.l.k1N E1s1fN1.oHR GlJl1'P' Hmuuxc Rocwrzs A. Brin. Klxc M,-xxx Ltnl-mv Hash-:R Knxxmv x N FACULTY Q inf? J.. L.,- , F ,, S213 rj , My . ,A Qkx sv , .,. f AL E J . Q-M an llgxxlvmv GILLESl'IP ll.-hi-l'I'lNl-, IBAKFR NIQLARM' ,lIGGl'iILlYl'Il.-XXI HORN Munmmw LEl"l'XX'IK'Il JALEXANIH- R C:'UXIl'IHil,I, Hmuus l'Al.n LANGMMD CLr:1v1r1N'I's lgll,-XN1l,I'1'I"I'E Gmxx Tarent-Teaclzers .Association OFFICERS W1-efifiefzt . MRS. CHAS. C. JONES 6th Vice-'Pres. MRS. G. SPRAGUE 151 Vice-fP1'ef. . MRS. W. A. LEEPER 7Zfl Vine-Trax. . MRS. Jon ROACH emi Vice-Trax. . MRS. DAN DUPRE Secrefafy . MRS. C. L. DOUGHTY 3I'1L1 Vice-'Pref. . MRS. W. A. BASOM TA1'5Il.fIM'E7' . MRS. C. H. FREASIER 4th Vice-Prey. MRS. F. M. HARDING 516 Vine-Tres. MRS. W. M. ROBl'IIi'I'S Hiftorimz . MRS. NORISOURNE SMITH C07'f5Jf'07llfE7Zf . MRS. B. A. EUBANK The Tarwzr-Teacher Association 19274928 ERE the Oak Cliff Parent-Teacher Association roll called, to be answered by the good deeds done in the name of the organization, each member would score one hundred per cent on the marvelous achievements of the year. The aim of the Parent-Teacher group during the session has been to solve some of the problems affecting student life, which has created a fuller sympathy between parent and teacher. lt aimed, more- over, to support heartily the program of the school, supplement- ing wherever it might for a greater development of the school program. Finally it has worked to that end where principal, teachers, and pupils may know that the organization stands ready to co-operate with them in their many activities. ln a Word, the association has made a great effort to accomplish its aim, and in every way lit harmoniously into the work of the school in a helpful manner. Never before has the Association lVlembership been so large. Never before have the teachers scored one hundred per cent in membership, a fact which is stimulating to the organization, for it has made possible a genuine Parent-Teacher Association. And never before has there been a more unselfish, untiring, courageous president than Mrs. Charles C. Jones, under whose leadership the association has worked. At each meeting of the month a lecture by representative men and women has been presented, carrying out a program of sub- jects on the Psychology of the High School student, as suggested by the Dallas Council of Parents and Teachers. lVloreover, the association has functioned in a helpful manner towards the various activities of the school. About fIOO0.00 has been disbursed in meeting the needs and demands of the school. The entire membership expresses its appreciation for the hearty co-operation of the teachers and the kindly counsel of the Principal, Mr. Adamson. REETINGS P.-T. A. HERE is one great influence hack of all of you-the influence of your Fathers and Mothers. Their love for you never ehangesg their interest in your lives, and welfare never vvanes. As you are soon leaving home-ties he- hind in seeking your future Careers, re- memher that the prayers of the Mothers and Dads of Oak Cliff High are following you. Their hopes for your future success are unhounded. To lhlr. Adamson and the Faculty our hearts go out in deepest gratitude for their untiring efforts, and Wholesome example in the training of our sons and daughters. UR CREED YVOULD BH TRUIQ, for there are those who trust me, I would he pure, for there are those who cure, I would be strong, for there is much to suhrer, I would be brave, for there is much to dare. I would be friend to all, the foe, the friendless, I would be giving and forget the gift, I would he humble, for I know my Weakness, I would look up, and laugh, and love, and lift.-Seleflezl. Miss Rl,T'1'Ii BELL Siznfemf fozwwlfoz IN MEMQRIAM XIII mu D Ioxu Dxvrs DIFIJ OCTOIHTR I7, IQQ7 O THE SENIORS: May I say to you as a class that in your high school education Texas has made an excellent in- vestment in educating you. Most of you will attend college and fit your- selves for a noble career5 and you will all be good citizens5 for, as a class you are industrious and absolutely dependable. As you go from us l would have you remember that there is one Who shall remember each of you for the Wholesome influence exerted while in the Oak Clilf High School. You represent our finished product, and as such We are proud of you. VV. H. ADAMsoN. 4 'Aa' 2-2 t,t, 6.0, 9 v A A A 4 A A CL SSE v -iv wfv4 4 4 v,v,v v,v 4 4,4 4 4 5. l.:,,f .x Q x .Q '31 , ,. vq.. 5' . R Lie, 7 , fan gQ9'3e'v,, , 'ff 2 La, L4 1+ l 4 fx-QW rv 1 v ,iw , , . X 1, . ' " Q-'Sf . "M if 4. , me f- S pf' , - -2 s .- - ,J-zu Wm Eff. 1 'Mix fx , , "W1',f'WsK QQUP , . ,, V- ,, , V Y y.?J43ik,, . 3,.y5,A1s,: wwe, . MF. .W4T g5 i::? 9EAV?, v i, , I M, . -P ,gm gh x Wy ' - gf - . f' 'vw' ,V '12 I-1'--Afr?49i'5" 7Y " qw' 9572 y "' 'ii iffaw?-f ' Qrviw ' ' ' -' ,J-QQ? 5:3 2 , Vx 'N - m,?,gfM?a:i3? .A.g4.,-nan... .., it Lf v.yQ,. - g - J. ,L .wffff 'sg A N X az f , if L L A ,Q , .- , - f . ,.I:,:.ff.' im b A ' .WM , w A, 7 'Q .w ,,-f A , 'fan ' V glfgw' ,., I xv V 'lfvfrf ' 'V ff - " -iw gf?-Ff . QQA 'Jkt " 9 ,T 1 , , H .sw ,. I 2-xr" if 1 ' .1:,55:,, ... V, jr Y .fd 'tl ' i'-'!::'3k,7- 'ls Xl F , ,W . ,'q:.A1, .K 'laqw ., lv , WJ' 1. ZR ,1 ii, wk My 1.43, , LN, :if ,K - .J 4, ww A " .:. " ,,-, jfii'-f-, ,. - L ff , A. ' K' 'Qi f' ' K f . , 4 , .. ' -f Ti LE . f'z3T:',,-Q--f I' W , , . ' ' 1' . - ' ff ' fr if-N ' f' - -Q . " ' :Jw ' 4- , K+ -4 -ff - -.-2-11+ , '1-p,:g - 7 V Af- w we-,Vr:i, f.ifwf2Fivg6f, H Jeff:-:nr yr 1 - : - f : , .. , 4, 24, ':q.xgg,,,"-3a:gvf44s,'g,ffqvAmf12eySfm9:f':-55-slime'wggigukiyf-552- ' ,ibcpai X--M-ws?"wiitf,-.5 ' M -Gi 5 ,' X Li' ,van 1? .X L 51,914 F5191 ,. V, j:3s5gg,.9 ,A .. .. V it f. X J I ' ' f' ' ','fff'?'!'V'."'Q1BYH.' 7,4'G-QK71ix'3XF'.i4ml?5f2' K 1 , ' vii wY.W'fN P429 9? P ' ' I Q5-3":1i,f - 'fzxf-35,5222 x 3 ' M51 .fix 4 , -,a?'. Q ,zz Q L ,V Q 'ff-fix . ' Q ff - 5 f ff 1 - Lfipgivbn ,1-. .-mf . as P 9 V,.. ,A I k 7 ' Y ina k ,, , . if Q fjuf I ,,,. if X' fb s 2 G25 fl Q R SY' xW? wiki Es! fi is M 22 li 1: i., 1? 3? W :xl ' 'e i,i i V...-.... mf.. ,.,,,,.. WW...-.. .,... ., - N. ,.....,.. ... ..,..,.............,.,,R .. ' J --.,4.1.,,m Mu. M, vw..,.-.X-rw... ,' .41 ""' ' ' ' " W' ' ., f .W . . .YM T' Q , . 2 , ,,.. ,, . ,,.., M ., g. -f 3 ,X m vw E- V, X E 1 3 ,' 1 H -3-vw 9 -Q.. 1 x If Q in rvlv Cat ri' 2 . M .f YH V . 5 N "' -4 1 "U W-O, ' 1. 5 A . fr.. X. . ,..- ....- .L.E.....,,.-,.......,,.,,-E ,.',.,,,A, E. RUPERT GREEN W Vine-Trefiflzznt I COLITA LEE Sem'eta1'y A C1555 Ofmefg' Miss BERTA COOPER Sponsor CONROY DAVENPORT Trefident ..-i ,H A. Q ' -", im", 'lg 4 I. si '-""h2":f:"""""jr"p""?'Qf-if--.. i ' ,i'.'iX1 F ff' W ! S alutatorian COLITA LEE Entered from Bowie '24, Scholarship Club '24, '25, '26, '27, Spanish Club '25, '26. Girl Reserves '26, '27. Acorn Staff '26, '27, '28. National Honor Society '28. V A Valezficzforiczn JOHN NELMS Scholarship Club '24, '25, '26, '27 Hi-Y '27, '28, Hi-Y Sponsor for junior Hi-Y. IJOLPHUS NICCCJRID Entered from Frorl High. Hi-Y '25, '26, '27, Crack Company '255 Anti-CUSS League '2q.. .Al LEEN LAVENDAR Erzlcrcd from Lflllc Rock, Ark. Member of Latin Club '25. MELANEE BARN.E'I"1'E Eritermf from Rugrr IHIIIJ School '24. FENTON HARDING Erzlvred from Ccnfral. Band 4 years, Orchestra 3 y CHYS. HlARRY TOM HUNTER Enfcrcd from Cenlral, Oak Clif. State and City Crack Company '25, '26, '27, Camp Dallas and School Efficiency Medalg Acorn Staff '27g Major R.O.T.C. '275 Scnior Play 'Z7. DOROTHY PRoc'roR Enlerczl from Cvnlral '24. Glce Club '24, '26, '27g Ring Chairman '27, Social Chairman 4A Class, Acorn Staff, Senior Play '27. lVlAcc:1E LEE MCCANTS Erzfvrrd from Cenlral. Vice-President 3A Class, Social Chairman 4B Class, Senior Play 7273 Honorary Major ,273 Invita- tion Committerr. LAWRENCE BLANTON Enlerrri from Cenlral '23, Football '26, ,275 Basket Ball ,27, '28, Captain R. O. T. C., Crack Company lzg, '24, '25, '26, Wozcn- Craft Drill '25, HAROI.D NORTIIINCTON Erzrw-rd from Cr-nl:-nl '23, WYINONA Homes Erzfvnvf from Trinily Hrfghls. Scholarship Club '24, '25g May Fes- tival '24, 'Zig French Club '26, '27g Spanish Club '255 Senior Play '27. rxRIJANELI,E LEYVIS F1.xN'r IDUPRE Enlererf from Bowie School ,24. Latin 'I'UllTII2ll'l'l?Dt '255 Glee Club '27, '2Xg Hi-Y '285 Acorn Stall' '2235 Oak Staff '28. FINIS WlI.l,IAMS Eniefni from Hereford Hi '24. R. O. T. C. State Crack Company '25, '263 One Act Play '275 Econ- omics Club '275 Senior Invitation Committee ,275 Senior Play '28. MARIE O'NEAI. Eniered from Reagan School '24. Latin Clubg lVIay Festival '25. NAUNIQARLE CIiILES Enlrnwl from J. S. Ifagg ,24. 2A Class President '25g Oak Staff '26, '275 Girl Reserve Treasurer '26, '27g National Honor Society '273 Scholarship Club President '27. LESl.IE YVOODALL Enlefeli from S1171 fllrzrrus fligh '25. Spanish Club '26, ,275 Ring Com- mittee '27, '2Xg Scholarship Club '25, '265 Spring Training Football '27g Program Chairman 4A His- tory Class. BEN SPURGIN Enlerall' from Bowie. R. O. T. C. '24, '255 Acorn Staff '27g Scholarship 'z4. V PEARL SESSIONS Eulvrwi from flflnrgmz, Texnr, ,24. JULIA HASXVEI,l, Enlereri from Reagan '23, Girl Reserves '24, '25, 26, 7275 Winner of Typwriting Mednlg Geometry Clzrss Leader. RALPH GODFREY Erzfwvrf ffnm CA.'?llI'Hl 224. Operettzl ,265 R. O. T. C. 524, ,2S, ,26. HOMER WESTIZROOK Entered from Hogg ,24. NORMA MASCHO E7lft'l'L'1i from Hugg '24. Senior Play ,275 President of Girl Reserves ,275 National Honor So- ciety ,275 Oak Staff ,27, ,285 Acorn Staff ,275 Scholarship Club '24, '25, '26, '27- STELLA QUlI.LIN Entered from Hogg '23. Senior Play '27. ELMO NIBLO Elllfffd from Cmzlral. Football '26, '27, Captain ,275 Senior Play ,27. DOLPIIUS BROXVN EnIt're'J frnm C'l'11rr'ul ':,2. Ili-Y '27, '28, President Spanish Club '27, '28, President 3A Class '26, '27, Scholarship Club '25, '26, Senior Play '27. D4JRCJ'l'IiY HANSZL-:N Erzfelwwl from Reagan '24. Girl Rt-series '26, '27, Scholarship Club '26, ZILPHA HASKINS Erzrerni from li'uu'ir. Girl Reserves '24, '25, '26, '17, '28, l 4,13 Acorn Reporter, Scholarship '2', French Club '26, Librarv As- n . sistant '24, '25, '26, 'z7. XfY7lI,I,lAM M. LIVELY, JR. Band '24, '25, '26, Orchestra '24, '25, '26, '27, Rifle Team '25, '26, Six Foot Club '26, Honor Band and All City Orchestra '26. AL STEBBINS Entered from Reagan '23. DOI.LY PALMER Ennrred from Czntral '24, Scholarship Club '24, '25, '26, '27, Acorn Reporter '27, Girl Resfrxes '27, Oak Staff '27, National Honor Society '27. FLORENCE COLE Entered from Reagan '24. Attended Bryan Street '25, '26, Pep Squad '25, '26, Nlay Festival 'z5. EUGENE BRONSON Enferarf from Howie. Corsicana Band Contest, VVaco Band Contest, Spanish C.uh, Cass Acorn Reporter. .r -s BEN :XDKINSON Erzleraif from Hogg Sffmof. Scholarship Club ,26g Art Club llj, '26g First Place Essay Contest '25. lwIYR'l'l.1i PURSLEY Enlurul frnw Forlsr, Okla., '24. Girl's Glcc Club '24, ,25. ROSABELLE RKJISINSLJN Entenwf from l5'nf4'ii'. Orchestra '26g French Clubg RC- cntered from Sunsvt ,27. -lol: lvl. KI4II'I'II DELMQRE ESSARY Erzlerazf f1'amwCi'r1l1'al '24, R, O. T. C, Crack Company ,24,, '25, '265 Spanish Clulu Rifle Team fqq CORRINE LEE Erzlvrmi from Crnlral. Orchc-strzi '29, '26g French Club '26, '275 Latin Club 7255 All City Orchestra '17. Y1o1.A NlossHAR'I' President of Ol'Cl1USU'Il lZ75 Girl Rfscrxcs '24, 'zgg Frunch Club '27g All City Orchrsstrzi '27g Latin Club. PFRCY Nlookii Ezllfnril from Howie J24. Spanish Club '26, '27g Hi-Y '26, Treasurer ,27. I I I -- -----W -....-.-..--. .Y...... .-2,..,.. s n f . .1 , 1 H. i CON ROY DAVENPORT I Erzlerad from Reagan Jan. 24. lli-Y Club '27, President 2B , .pl ' Class, Crack Company '25, '26, '27s Spanish Club '26, '27, Senior '27. SARAH MAI.ONbI Enlervrl' from Hozcic. Girl Reserves, Girls' Bziselwall Team, Pep Squad. GERTRUIJkl YVAOQQENER Play Enlerezl from Hogg Jan. '24. Girl Reserves '24, '25, '26, 1 . 271 1 Oak Staff '27, Art Club '26, 273 Essay Contest '27, French Club '27. RUPERT GREEN Enlercd from Horcfie ,24. Scholarship Club '25, '26, 'Z75 Basket Ball '26, '27, President Hi-Y '27, Acorn Staff '27, Senior Play '27. DON lVlAXYVELL Enfenwf from Forest 125. Camp Dallas '24, '25, Camp Dallas Efficiency Nledalg Sclmlarship to Camp Dallas '24, '26, First Lieut- enant R. O. T. C. LAYERNE KILOO Erzivrnl' from Wcfst Grammar School, lfVacn, Texas, '23. HOll'ARID EVANS Enierurl from N020 Or'lf'an.r ':3. Re-entered Oak Cliff from Sunset in '26, Pep Squad '24, '25, '265 Military 724, '25, '26, Glee Club '26, '27, Latin Club '26. JACK GAULDIN Enlvrnz' from Reagan School. Crack Company '24, 4B Class Qiiicers VIVIAN EUBANK Viae-Tre.fi1lemf JANE ETHERIDGE Semezfary MISS LUCY HAMILTON Sponsor VIRGIL POPE Tresidefzt 3 LATHAM LEEDS Erzlermf fruzrs Reagan '24, Hi-Y Secretary '27, Editor of Acorn '27, '28, Debate Team '27, Mqpst Popular Boy q,l3 Carnivalg Senior Play. MARION SHEPPARD Erzfrrcri from Reagan '24. C0-editor of Oak '23, Ring Chair- man '28, Scholarship Club '27, '28, Girl Reserves '27, '28, Senior Play '28, MARJORIE BRANOM Erzlereil from Sulphur Springs '2.,l. Scholarship Club '25, '26, '27, '28, National Honor Council, President Spanish Club '28, Oak Staff '28, Lincoln essay medal '26. JOE M. AIoHNsoN Enlererl from Dj'L'f5bllfg, Tenn., 125. Commissioned Officer '26, '27, '28, Member of seven Crack Co.'s, VVinner of Efliciency Medals in five ranks, Rifle Team '27, '28, Camp Dallas, '25, '27, '2S. REGlNAI,D MONTGOMERY News representative, Acorn Staff Band '22, '23, Radio Club '28. LOUISE HARLESS Enlernf from Cenlnzl 125. Scholarship Club, Spanish Club, May Festival. LINA MAI-I ATK1NsoN Elzlerfd from Csniml '24. Girl Reserves '27. NELL H1NsoN Erzlefni from Cezzlrrzl 125. Girl Reserves '25, '265 French Club '27, '28. Louis lVlClI,HERAN Erllmwfl from Cfflffzlj 'J.1. Crack Co. State and City '15, '26, Om' Aft Play Contest '23, Acorn Staff' ,27, '28, Hi-Y Club '27, !z8. MARCELI,E SYVINDLE Efzfrzvff frm!! ffvrlllall l2.j GLADYS lVluAD Fizfczwl' from BIO'IC7lfl'UI1ti fr. High '25, Scliolarsliip Club ,26, '27, '28, Op- crutta 3273 National Honor Council 'ZSQ Vice-President Frunch Club ,27, '28, Girls' Dvluatc Tuam lzg. Roscoiz MII,LS Freshman Track Captain3 R. C. '2q, '26, 727, '28, State Co. yzg. O. T Crack YIRGIL POPE E'7Zll'l'l'1l' frrmi Buzcie '24. Svuior President '285 Hi-Y '28, Acorn Staff '23, One Act Play ,285 i 8 l St-nior Play 2 . FRANCES CAMILLE lVlEL'1'oN Erzlzrcfi from lfngg '24. Art Club lzg, ,26, '273 SCl10l2ll'Slli5 Club ,275 Kin Can Club ,265 Sex tt-tte Club ,273 Spelling Contest ,253 NTAURINE CONNER Erzlrrud frrwz I,mzcaxIt'r High '27. Operctta '28, Home Economics Club, Girls Glce Club, Blues Chas- crs Club. CALVIN BARKER Eufared from Hncciv '23. Rifle Team ,24., 727, ,289 C it Crack Company '23, '24, 727, '28, State Crack Company '24, '23, Track '27, Oak Staff ,28. C. ZIMM1-:RMAN Elzfarni from Bowie JZ4. Business Manager Oak '28, Oak Staff '26, '27, '23, President Ili-Y '28, Vice President All City Hi-Y '28, Sclwlarsliip '28. FV1-:LYN ARMs'rRoNG Erzfrlml from Hogg '24. Co-editor of Oak '28, Oak Staff '26, '27 '28, Scliolarsliip Club '25, '26, '27, '28, National Honor S0- Ciety '28, Senior Play '28. VIVIAN EUISANK Ifrzlaffd frnm Hogg '24. Scliolarship Club '27, '28, Acorn Staff '28, Oak Staff '28, Tennis Team '28, Senior Play '28. ROY T1iNNISON Enfenwf from Cenlral fan. '24, Member of seven Crack Companies, Camp Dallas '2g, '26, '27, Rifle Team '26, '27, Oak Staff '2S. Roy' PENIJER JR. Erllereif frum Hogg '24. Acorn Staff '27, '28, Most eflicient lSt Lieutenant '28, Commissioned Ofliccr '26, '27, '28, Palace Drill Team '23, City and State Crack Co. '25, '26, '27, '28. VVILMA RUTH Bmcxwoou Erzlureif from Hrmwz '24. May Festixal '25, '26, Siliolarsliip Club '25, Home Economics Club '28. FRANKIE IJEE Hom' Erltarfuf from Canlmf '2-1. Orchestra '24, '25, '26, '27, Schol- arship '24, '27, '28, Art Club '25, '26, '27. WILLIAM ROBERT MCCAR'I'Y E1zlcreJ from I"ffi1lif15 High, 1J,,'fIIIi7lghL7I1I, fllallawa. President Hi-Y '24, President of Class '24, Vice-President of Class '23, CIIIFFORIJ CONNlll.L Enlcreii from Bowie '24. Class oflicer '26, Radio Club '28. KA'l'YE SUI5 TUCKER EIIfA'f'l'li from Raxvmorzt ,24. Scholarship Club '24, '25, Class President '25, Popularity Contest '27, Social Committee '27, 'l8. MURI. Rowis Entered from Bryan. '26. BEATRICE KANTZ Enfrnrd from Reagan '24. Linz award, '24, '29, Spanish Club '26, '27, Sponsor of R. O. T. C. 7275 Honorary Major '28, HAROLD PARR E11lL'l'1'rffr0171 Hnwie '24. Scholarship Club '24, '25, '26, '27, National Honor Society '23, Acorn and Oak Staff '28, Glee Club '25, '26, '27, '28. GRETTA CI.EvI-:LAND Enlered from Cwzlrnl '24. Pep Squad '24, '25, Social Chair- man '27, '28, Queen of Carnival '27, Gym Demonstration '25. XYIRGINIA HA'I'CHELI, Enlcrerf from Plainviezc. Girl Reserves '28, Home Economics Club '28, Gym Demonstration '28. COLLIER WARIQEN Evzlrred from Wifznelka '23. State Crack Co. '24, '25, '26, '27, City Crack Co. '24, '25, '26, '27, '28, Commissioned Officer '26, '27, '23, R. O. T. C. Major '28, Camp Dallas '24, '25, '26, '27, DOUCZLAS TAYLOR EMMONS Entered from Ilngg J24. Commerce Club ,253 Scholarship ,243 Debate ,283 Senior Play '23. MARY WA'I"l'ERS Entered from Croxbylon Iliglz '26. Pep Squad 627. GLADYS ABBOTT Entered from Reagan ,24. Girl Rc-serves '24, '25, '26, '27, '28. MARY Oc'rA BLACKBURN Enlered from Hogg ,24. Member of Girl Reserves '26, l27, '28. WlI,l,IAM EARLE WEAVER Enlervlf "24. Scholarship Club, Orchestra '26, '27g Band '28, Latin Club ,26. RUTH HOPK1NsoN Enferefi from Reagan ,24. Scholarship '24, '25, '26, l27, '28, National Honor Society ,27, '285 Acorn and Oak Staffs ,27, '28, De- bating RCPYl'Sl'Hl1lflVE ,285 Senior Play '28. MARIE BREDE Erzlurul from Winnelka 724. Home Economics Club '28, Music Club '26, 727. ROBBIE JORDAN Enlered from Samet High 127. Radio Club '28, Crack Company '27, Scholarship to Camp Dallas ,27. AIIESSI5 Mlil.'l'ON Entered from .E0'll'i1' J24. State Crack Cu. '25, '26, City Crack Co. '25, '26, Hi-Y '28, R. O. T. C. '25, '26, '27. RENA MAE WALKER Entered from Bowie J24. Scholarship Club '26, '27, Spanish Club '26, '27, '28, Nlay Festival '26, '27, Gym Demonstration '26. BERNICE LUCILLIE REICH E1zZercwz' from Efccfra High. Spanish Club '26, '27, '2S. Jon LINDSAY Scholarship Club '24, '25, 7273 Football '27, Basket Ball '28, Acorn Staff '23, Spanish Club '26, 727. N ' vm an-4 x.u......- ,. wa..-.I-A-w WII.I.lAM M. BECK Fvzlered from Lifla 1106 124. Golf Team '25, '26, '27, '28. HAlillIET RoI:LRTs Enlurwi froru Howie. President of the Kin-Cans '26, Vice-President QB Class '26, Span- ish Club '26, '27, President Girl Reserves '28, Acorn Stall '28. ISVELYN CATES Enlered from Cfrnlral Oak Clif ,24. Girl Scouts '24, '25, '26, Won Art Scholarship '26, Art Club '25, '26. RAI.PH HIIIIJ Enrfred from Reagan 124. Orchestra 124, '25, 3A Class Presi- dent, Acorn Manager .'z8, Hi-Y Club '28, Boys' Debating Team '28. Dawn JONES Eu fwrmf from Rmgml '24. Hi-Y 'zX. lI,xR'1'uA Ax x N1-Lwlhaxu L7r1lr1'mf fzum Bryan, Te'xa.r. ALIVIA MACQIAZIKS Ev lrrfff from fllfrlrlfflz Ilfyfl Srflnol in Jmzzmry '26. ER N ncsr H15 won: E11tl'1'z'1Z' from Carfrr, Ukla., '24. Crack Co. '2q, '26, '27, Fuuthall '27g Basket Rall '26, '27, Class Lcadvr '27. Roman' l'1PEs 1 n Erzlrmul from Travix 33. Band ':q, '16, '17, Orchestra '24, '25, I'rcsiLlcfnt of English Class '28, , l Six Fool Cluh 27. lVlARY Amore ISHAM Ezzluruf from Sam llzmxlon. l'rcsiLln-nt of Kin-Kan Music Club, Scholarship Cluh '25, Chairman nf ' Physics Club, President Delta Sig- ma lxl '27. LORRAINIC D1cW1'rT I'f21If'rmf from Cnnper, Tmffzf, '34, .-Xccompanist fur Boys' Glve Cluh '27, '23, Girls' Clue Club '26, '27, ':Sg Ilumc Ecunumics Club '23, Orchestra '16, '27, Senim' Play '28, Cl3IQ'Il.l4Q BPLNNIJTT Erzfpfrll from J. T. dllm High, fl11.vIin, Tvxax, '25. Acorn Staff '23, Lrorn CJCKELS Ezzlnvrf from Hogg 124. ISK Lieutenant Infantry R. O. 'l'. C., State Crack Cunipany Drill '15, 26, '27, City Crack Company Drill '26, '27, '28, Palace Drill Team x '28. Nanmm HQWARD Ezzicrfuf from Hotfix '24. lMoc:EN1c rI'AYI.0R Enfererl from Crrzlral. Spanish Club '26, '27, '28. KA'l'IiERYN MAE DURS'1' Erzlcred from Bl'!1fl'7ICL'00rf Art Club '26, '275 Girl Reserves '26. ROBEli'F YOUNG Erzlenwf from .Yorlh Dallar. R. O. T. C. 724, '2q, '26, State Crack Company '24, '25, '26, City Crack Company '24, '25, '26, Best Corporal Company D '25, lli-Y '27, '28. l'AUL1NE SANDERS Entered' from Reagan '24. Oak Staff '26, '27, Sponsor of Crack Company '26, '27, 2B Beauty '25, Umlerclass Beauty '27, Girl Reserves '26, 727, '28. DOR0'I'HY PEARCE Enferea' from Hogg. Girl Reserves '25, '26, Music Club '26, Home Economics Club '28. LUTHER C. GAMBI,E Camp Dallas '25, '26, Three Win- ning Crack Companies, A Lieuten- ant in the Cadet Corps. lVlAR'1' Emu Homc' Home D. lVl. lNlClVlA1Ns Enffrul from Ilugg '24. l Commissioned Ollifrr '26, llj, ,285 Rifle Tvzlm ,27, 'zfig Cummzmxlvt' ' llrllzice Drill Team 'ZXQ City and 7 3 Stfltc Crack Company lzg, 26, 27, '235 Camp Dallas '2f'. HA ILOUISIC STOCKARD nuf fro UI J 7-v f lilzxahlznhix High Economics Club. B1-QRTAH LL'C1l.1.14: STOCKARD Erlffrrlf 'frenz VVlzxaf141l'Mr High ':7. Ecunomics Club. AII.1c1cN ROSEN E7lfrrmi from Ohio in 54. CIORDELI, SllVllVl0NS Erlfvrvd from Burch' '23. Crack Company ,24, ,2-1, ,26 lVlABEI, FAULKNIQR E11lerml frum Ol'l'gII7I in ':6. French Club '27g Hume Economics Club '28. Aux 1115 511151: Ezzfrmul' frnm Batch' ,25. May Fcstixul '25. WII,L T. D,xNs1:Y Evzlerwf frum ? '24, Stzltu Crack Company ,265 City Crack Cru. '275 Om' Act Play ,283 Acorn Stuff '2S. LAWRENCE ,TELFORD Erzlrrni frnw Slepfzulz-Ulla High 125 TL-nnis '28. GRAC11: FLEANOR SHAW' Enlwrrri from Cwzfral 724. Senior Orchestra '24, '26, All City Orchestra '26, '27, '28, Spanish Club '27, '28, Latin Club '24, ,ILQWELL GOWDRY Erztemd from Furl Wrlrlh '24. LOUISE CORl,IIY Erzfvruif from llofkaday '26, '27. Scholarship Club '26, '27, '28, Girl Rcscrvvs '26, '27, National Honor Society '27, '28, Glee Club '26, '27. CARI. HARDY Erzlrzwll from Hogg '22. Track '26, '27, '28, Crack Cum- pany '22, '23, '24, Rifle 'll-mu '24, Camp Dallas '24, Hi-Y '26, '27, '28. CIIARLO'l"l'l'I BIITTISRFIELD Erzfarvff from Kar1.r11.v City '24. L' mierwoml Typcwriting Award, Nlily Fcstivul '26, Opvrvtta '27, Pep Squad '26. EsT1f:1,1,1g DRAPLIR E7z'Ii'r'nf from Ham Ilnuxfon '27. Glcc Club '26, Scholarship Club '27. MARGARE'I' CLEMENTS Girl Rcsbrvvs '25, '26, '27, '28, Scholarship Club '25, '26, '27, '28, l'rp Squad '26, Opurcttzl '27, Na- tiunzll Honor Society '27, '28. FRANK AIAcKsoN Enlvfczf from Lamar '24. Corporal Military, Camp Dallas '25, '26, Radio Club '27, '28. MIRAAM SESSIONS GUTHERIE Entered from Fair Park '24, Radio Club '27, '28, Spanish Club '27, '28, Home Economics Club '28, Pan-American '27, '28. MARY ELIZABETH GRUISISS Enlarea' from Cfnlral '25. May Festival '26, Radio Club '27, '28, Home Economics Club '28, Gym Demonstration '28. RAYMOND GUl.LEDCE Enlered from Colverl '25. Hi-Y '27, '28, HARRY GHARIS Enlcrefi from Hogg '23. Hi-Y '26, '27, '28, Band '23, '24, '25, '26, '27, '28, Crack Company '27, '28, Commissioned Officer '27, '28, Orchestra '25, '26, '27, '28. EDNA MAIJCQE SKILLERN Entered from Central '24. National Honor Society '28, Schol- arship Club '25, '26, '27, '28, Acorn and Oak Staffs '28, Girl Reserve Cabinet '28, Program Committee of French Club '28. IDYIJA PARKER RHEVV Enlercd from Cenlral '24. Scholarship Club '25, '26, '27, '28, National Honor Council, Tennis Doubles '28, Oak and Acorn Staffs '28, Senior Play '28. HPlI.l'IN HARCQREAVES Enlfrari from Ccnlral '24. National Honor Society '28, Schol- arship Club '24, '25, '26, '27, '28, Oak and Acorn Staffs '27, Girl Re- serves '25, '26, '27, '28, French Club '27, '28, RDXVARD CHARLES STORMS Ezlierud from Baccie '26, Scholarship Club '27, '28, ELVA RUTH WYI,IE E7lfL'fb'li from Vlfifznelka '24, Member of Girl Reservesg Antique Club '273 Home Economics Club . '28, XYIOLA DEELY President of Antique Club ,275 President of Music Club ,263 Girl Reserves '24, '2Sg Winner of D. A. R. Prize ,275 Winner of Essay Con- test '28. REBECCA SLONE E1zlUrU1f from Reagan '24. Vice-President Senior Orchestra 'Z7g Typewriting Award '28g All City Orchestrag Attendance Award '28. R. B. ADAMS Erzfrrvrf from Bowie '24. Latin Club '245 Treasurer of French Club '27, 'IX5 Nleniber of Schol- arship Club ,27, '2S. lVlARc:ARE'r DoL'GII'rY E?lfL'fl'IZ from CFIIIHII '25. Pep Squad '265 Suh. Oak Staff. lVlARCl'l-LRITIE XYIRCINIA HARRISON Gym IJl'I'l'lUIlSll'lltlUI'l '27g Home Ec- onomics Club '2Xg Girl Reserves '26, tz8. LLOYD STRAUIQIIAN S. S. S. Club 'zgg Fuutball ,24, '26, ,275 Crack Cmnpzlny '245 Trac ,24., '26g Football '23. I CLYDE Cosm' Enffrcd fr Srzuc Crack '27, City Cr '27, '28, RIH acc Drill Tc Ofliccr R. O. " nw Bofcfz' '24. Compzuiy '25, '26, llfli CoIIIpIIuy '25, '26, L' VFFZIYH '27, '28, l'Ill- Zllll '28, CrIIIIIIIissiImIII-ll XYIRCINIA :XLVERSON FUN' 7 'Rm . full! from Girl Rcsciwvs '25, '26, '27, '28, All ga I1 l C '26, '27, '24 '24, Spzuiisli Club -City OI-clII'slI':I '27, '28, Sclmlarsliip Club '25, '26, '25, Nlusic Club '26 "7. RlCl'l'A KA'l Frzlwfnf fr Girl Rcservl-s 2 Club '26, M , .. 'llI,I'IlZN Amos SClIIIlIIrslIip Club. BIQINA GRII-'FI'I'II Erzternf fro 111 Ru :gurl Girl Rescues '25, '27, Club '2q, '26, '27, '26, Latin Club 'zq Art , '26 11111 Bofcfz' 'J4. ' ,, '26, :A llI'tuI,x ily Fvstixzil '25, '26, '24. Sclumlzlrsliip Club '25, ALIIEIN MECKLENISURG Class leader '26, Glen- Club '27, '23, Hi-Y '28, Golf 'I'u:I:II '26, 3 '27, Operetm '27, '28, MARY SPENCER Erziynuf from Hofcii' '24. Girl Rcsciwcs '24, '2:, '27, '28, May Festixul '25, llumc ECLlI1l!l1llCS Club '2S. LOUISE XVIII!!! Ifrzlzrmz' frnw Reagan '25. lVl:Iy lfcstivzll '25, '26, '27, Pu Squad '26, '27, Spoiisur uf Com Pilllj' A '26, Vullvy Bull '26, Sruiu Plzly '2S. .IOSIN RlCll.ARDSON Erzfarfd ff-nm Cwzlml '23. FMIHCRY Rl'IEN'ES Enluruzi frznu flniuzore, Okfn. Scholarship '26, '27, '18, National Honor Society '28, Spelling Con- test 'z8. .-XUR1-1l.1A BLACKXVOOD E1zn'1'eri from Broccu '24. Girl Reserves '24, 'zip May Fes-- rixal '25, '26, Latin Club 'z5. JOAN HL'Rs'r Erzferuzi from Sznzrrf High '26. Girl Reserves 727, '28, Oak Staff '28. lVIARION D. REDDINQ Hi-Y lblemberg PI'l'SlLlL'Ilt French Club '27, '23, Scllolfwsllip Club, MM. I'errichon" in Voyage de M. Perrielion. W. C. KEl,I,Y Enlerfzi from flugg '24. Ioxuc COOPER Erzlrred from Borcfif ,24. Girl Reserves '25, '26, '27, '23, Scholarship Club '25, '26, 27, 235 French Club '26, '27, '28, Latin Club '25, '26. -IANE E'1'1ucR1DGE Scholarship Club '25, '26, '27, '28, President of National Honor Soci- ety '285 Secretary of Senior Class '28, Acorn and Oak Staffs '27, '28, Senior Play '28, MAXINE HOLLOXVAY Girl Reserves '26, '27, '28, Acorn Stal? '27, '28, Pep Squad '25, Lar- in Club 25, Senior Play '28. JIMMIIQ DORFF Latin Club '24, '29 Crack Cum- pany ,275 Senior Carnival Play '27, One Act Play Contrst llgg Scuim' Play '28, Ni7VI,YN HARIZ Erztwrsd from Reagan '24. Girl Reserves '24, '25, '26. DORU'l'lfY HOR'I'C7N Enlurnl from Rragarz '24. Scholarship Club '24, '25, Class Officer '24, 'ZSQ Girl Rcscrvc Of- ficer '25, Acorn Staff '16, '17, '28, Art Club President '26, '27. GLJRIJCDN CARSON Enlcred from Cmzlral '23. Spanish Club '26, '27, Class Officer ,25, 'z6. IDONALIJ Bocas Erzlwruwl from Ifirlll, Sl. Lani.: Rc-wffrrvfl from Amarillo '28. NIIARY XYIRCSINIA SH1cPu1QRD Erzfrwli from Reagan '34, Sccrvtzlry Autiqur Club '26, '27, Girl Reserves '26, '27, '28, Spanish Club '26, '27, '28, Dukls HEAIJINCi'l'fJN Erzlnuul from ffmzfral '24. Sclwlarsliip Club '27. A1ncL12 ALMA ST1f1m1Ns Fntffelf from Raagarz 24. r u Spanish Club 27, 285 Girl Reserves '26, Opuretta ,27. l klaxiics C. Bl-xxxixcg Ezilurmi from Rvagim '34, Member of Radio Club '27, '2Xa State Crack Company 'ZQQ City Crack Company '26, '23, Perfect attendance for 4, years. r1iHELNIiX ALICE G1eBH,xuu IB, IA, IIB, at Sliernizxn High, IIA, IITB, Hl.X, at Tyler High, Spanish Club, Spelling Club, SCl14llIl1'SlllE7 Club. GEN1iX'A STOXVL1 CONNIZR E2zIi'1'i'il from Ruagazz ':.,1. Nlay Festival '24, '25: Operettri '27, Art Club '26, '27. NIARIANNA HE'l'lIEliINCG'l'lJN Erzicrmf from Hogg '24. May Festival '24, '25, Antique Club '26, '275 Art Club '26, 727. BII,I.lli G01-:RNER Scholarship Club '25, '26, '27, '28, National Honor Society '28, Iii-Y '28, Oak Staff '275 Latin Club '26. KA1'llRYN VVRIGHT Ezzlrrmf from Kzlnsax Cfly, filo. ':7. Girl Reserves '27, Home Econom ics 'z8. SYLVIA CHAMBERS El1ft'fL'tf from Hogg ,24. Spanish Club '26, 727, '28, Schol- arship Club '26, '27, May Festi- val '27, Home Economics Club '2S. Com VVHITL Enlzriwi from Hogg '2.,z. Art Club '26, '27, Gym Demon stration '26, May Festixnl '26, '27 History Club '25, '26, Home Eco nomics Club '28, B1LL1E HARPER Entered from Bucci: '24. Lcttered Football '28, Qity and State Crack Company '25, '26, Track '27, '28, Basket Ball '28, Hi-Y '26, '27, 'z8. GRACE VIVIAN MCDONAI.ID Enlenai from Lafayellc High, Iiajzzlo, N. Y. French Club '27, 'z8. TIiI5I.MA A. JOHNSON Erzlurud' from Frvmanl Ifigh, Oakland, Calif. Scholarship Club '26, '27, '28, Spanish Club '27, '23, Oak Staff ,27. BILLY SHIPP Enlenrri from Hogg '24. Opcretta '27, '28, Glue Club '26, '27, '28, Hi-Y ll7, '23, Acorn Rc'- purtsr fur Hi-Y '23. CHAS. Nl. CSHARIS Enlvrni from Hugg '24, MATTY15 HAXN'KINS Erzlenfil from Nwzzirzulv, Tvxax '2.1. llomc Economic Club '26, '27. l MAXlNl4I HARTXX'1il.I, Scholarship Club, Girl Rc- , scrvcs '23, Gym Demonstration, Opcrcttu '27, '28, juniur Beauty '27. PEARL c:IIICliVl-Q5 Entered frnm Howie '24. Girl Reserves '24, '25, '27, ,285 May Festival '29 . K , VJHOITKIU GSKQTC "T'e,Gw C., HU. Flmevsca 4 5,1 l 1 1 i I 1 1 4 1 Q 3 2 is T3 J -Q + ,Hen o K' KN ns: as 77267 J I 11111111 AI.'S'IIN GRIIfIfI'I'II: 1z111'111li11g T. If. If. FRANK HIGGINS: 11111'111f1'1115 Tuxm I111z'1'1'.fi1y .IAVK IIROCIUIQZ 5:1111 .Il1'A'1'1I3' 1'll1'A'1'115' CECIL SIIELIONI 111'11'11.f1711g J. Al. l.'11II1'ge YV,-XL'I'IiR DOSS1 111 R111 l11,11.ff11i1' EI-IZAIIIi'I'H ROIJIFYZ 11 f111.r1111.1.1 011111111 ELIZ.-XIIICTII IIACIIN: .11 I1111.'.11' 'I'IiID CIARVIX: 1111111'1!111g .NI 1Il. IQ ROIIICRT C,-XRVIiR: 11111'111I'11y II' fk.A ' 1 151.1111 K.-X'I'IIIiRINIi NIKE.-XVIC: ::.-10 11l1'11:11111fI1' H11111l1 IIOXVICLI. HOPKINS: 1111111111113 If If. If EIJXVARIJ IERIIDGICS: 71,710 A. T. X. lf1111k ,IOI-I 'I'l'RI.IiY: 11.'1'1'111If1:y A. II. If NVAIXIOX AI.IiXANIJER: 111l1111If11g R111- MARY LOUISIC I'IIII.I.II'S: 1,1 111155 ,Il1.1. 1'LI111f III:-us AIININIIIAQ IIICIGIN5: 111111111'f 1.'- Q N, .II. I , HONII-IR IE.-XLCONI: 11111'111I.'11y N. 111. I . XOIQI, SIiNVI2LI1: .1111111I.f11g N. 111. If HIQIJIDY IIRATIIISR: fcifh IJ111115- Illfflffllfj IX11. NIARIAX D.-XIINIIY: :MM II'1z111-111 EI 1'.' 11,11 xIL'I.IA IIOXXER: 11111:111If11xg .NI .II. IQ DRIIXV IJORSIQY: 1111.111I111g X. 111, IQ FAY IIILL.-XRD: 11111'111Ii11g R111 GIZR'1'RL'IJE IIIQLIXILE: 11111-111li11,g If. l. .I. ELOISII II.-XR'I'NI.XN: 111l1'111f.'11Lg I.'f1f1'11xg11 A'11111111.I JININIIIQ XVILIQIXSONZ 111l1P11f.'11g N. .II. I. ALLAN INIILLIIRZ f1'f11kf11-Q BERNICE B.-XI.L'0NI: 11l11'111f111LQ N111I1' I'11z'1'1'.1f1y .IANIC IXIARIII IIANNELI.: ,1'!1'11ng1'11ph1'1 AR'I'IIL'R JORDAN: ::'1'1h A711111 T1'.x'111 l?1111k NI.-KIlllI.'ERI'1"I'If PIHRSOX: .11y1111g111f1191'1 VIVIEN CLARK: 1111 11.1 1111155 A711111 I.11:z'11,1."1y TOM IIONNERZ 11111'111f111g N. 111. U. FRANCICS INICAIJANIS: 11111'111I1'11g If. 1. .I. ELDA VOELKISI.: 1111111110153 If. 1. 1-I. KIERCE L.-XCIQIMXXID:11111-11.1.f11g T1'x11.r I 11.'z:1'1'.f.1'1j1' JACK TURNER: 11111'111fi11g R111 l11,11,1'11111' NATALIE IVIA'I"I'IIIiNVS: 111l1'111I111g S!11111 EUUICNIA NICKSZ 11f117111f111g Af T. :I. If, VIOLA NVE.-XVICR: ,111'11og111j1l11'1' ANNA AIAE B1-YIISON: 11ll111I1'11g S. 1'll. If. BURNICLL BRUVVN: 'K'Il'lII'A'I7Ig fur D111I" IVIARY LOUISE PIERCE: .v!1'1l11gn1jJM'1' I-IIERIIICRT EVANS: 11111'111I111-Q 11. .'ll, 1:11IIL'g1' FLORA ISLAND: .1l1'11r1g111fvf11'1 ,IACK NICCIORDZ 11lf1'111f111g N. MII. If. DORIS CARY: 1IIf1111I111g 1N'r1p0f11 A'1":11'fA111f1 -IININIIE XVAIT2 .f1IIf11g f11.1'111111111 ALVIS IJIXCIIERZ .ff1'1111g111p1O1'1' IiI.IZAIIIf'I'II ERNVIX: 11111'111I,"11Aq N11111' I'fI.NIO MCIJANIEL: f1'111'k111g IIAROLIJ XVRIGIII: 11ll1'111I1711g Rf1'1' UIQIDA NV.XI-'I'ON: i:'f11l'f11g 'XIARY ZIIA NICIIALIC: 11111'111If11xg S. 111. II. IJOROIIIY LEE: 11ff1111f 1" ng .N'111l1 ROY I,L'NII'KIN: 11l11111fi11g CI1'f11'g1'11 Y'1'1:f1. IPORTIIY I.INIJI3IiIlU: 11111'111ff11'.g I1111f111'.1.1 1'11II1g1 NIARY FIQAXCES IIOI.I.IXC1SXYOIi'I'I'II 111'11111I- fng If. l. J. IIILLY ALLICNZ 11.'11'111I111g S. .'l1. I.. lfR.-XNCICS I"RE.-XSIICR: 11111'111ff'11-Q Nl. 1'lI111'y'.f CIIARLICS S'I'R.-XIQSS: 11l11111ff11g N. 111. If 'XIARION IIROYVN1 f:'111kf11g UISORCIC I1IfYI'IE2 11111 111f.711g .N'111l1' IIRILD IIARRI5: 11f11'111li11g Hayful' I'111'2'1'1.1f1y IILANCIIIC II.-XRIIFR: ,11111og111j11V11' IINI KIRIIY: -1.5111 I'11I1111' 171111111 NVALLACIC AL"I'RY: 11111 11.1 ,", 1 If .'I. .IJ. I,'111'I1g' ALENI2 RUIIICRTSON: .111'1111g1'11j1h1'r IJORTIIY NIAI2 IIII1IIL'RN: 11111'111lf11g C, l. gl. CI..-XUDIC XVILLIAAISON: i4'fl11 I1'1111,f11'111'lff111 I.'11. I-'RED IIAIQICR: 11111111f:'11g N11111: IfI.ORA NIONROEZ ,11f1'1111g1'11p1I11'1 ICIJIIII IIANIII,'I'ON: 11111'111i111g .Y. T. 1-I. If. IiRNIiS'I' NIATTHIQNVS: .11111Iy111g l11:1- .IACK CIIANDLFR: 11111:111If11g NI1111 ROSE IiI,IZAI5Ii'I'II XYAI.'I'I'IER: f11'1111g111j11711' VADA SLICIICRZ f:'111I1111g IQSTELLIC COCKE: 111l11111i1'11g I.'111A'1' 5111111111 111 Exj11'1'.1',11r111 ICLOISE IQLIIANK: 111l1111I111g S. fll. If. FRAXK IQIIJIJZ 11111:111f."11g N. 111. II -IOE FRED CASON: 11111'111Ii11g IM'I11ha11111 If. IIILI. MCCRAY: 11111'111f111g Mf.v,c11111'i U. ALLIE ANCII'II,L: 11111'111f111g S111l1' IIALSEY SIi'I"I'LE: 1111111111113 S. 111. L, DAVE BIiI.I.: 11111'r11!1'11g Riff I'QLLIO'I1'I' JACKSON: 11l11'111f111g S. 111. If. MAC SIN'II'I'II: u'11I1 T. U P. YV.-XYNE NIQCLLISKICY: C:ork.711g NANNIF NEAL PRESTON: 111'11'111I111g C. 1. .J. 1 xN m NX QQ5'UN1QRS A Ulu ll 4 'lflui 5 ill XX f 4 ia. N. "em 'llx!" '-I '- 1: 'f 'll U li Ill 'll ' ws-5 344 Class Oyjicers Tresidenz - CARL CROFFORD Vice-Yyresidenf CONSTANCE ST. CLAIR Secretary - BYRD KIRKPATRICK Bell, Bonnie Carter, Ruth Cole, Estelle Crow, Mozelle Gray, Mary Elizabeth Hardy, Margaret Hodge, Mary Keith, Adeline Keith, Ethel Baker, Charles Cain, Tom Carter, Noel Childress, Layton Croiford, Carl Daniel, Edmund Fudge, James 3A GIRLS Kirkpatrick, Byrd Lemmon, Adelaide McBeth, Earlene McCormick, Valeria McCulley, Ethel Mays, Grace Monson, Mary Morely, Dorothy 3A BOYS Gardiner, Glenn Halliburton, Dick Hartness, Jack Herring, Clarence Holyfield, Douglas Jordan, -I. W. Lasell, Edwin Lewis, Barfield Morrissey, Louise Palmer, Edna Parker, Marguerite Silvus, Mildred St. Clair, Constance Stevens, Nellie Whitledge, Helen Wilson, Virginia Wright, Lillian Mansfield, Kenneth Monroe, Granville Primm, james Roberts, William Sprague, Howard Squire, John Thorogood, Charles 3B Class Officers ?re.viLZenf ------ JOE Pool, Vice-QD1'eside1zz - - HAYNES HIXIIVILLE Se4f1 'et1zry and T1'eaz5u1'ef' - - DORA FRANK Allen, Elnorie Anderson, WVanda Bennett, Mabel Bouldin, Virginia Lee Breckeen, Edna Brede, Lydia Bryant, Maxine Butterfield, Jane Carlson, Jane Carmack, Elna Childers, Thelma Chitwood, Mildred Coates, Clota Cole, Wilma Conner, Isabell Conner, Louise Cook, Loma Dalshaw, Gloria Bethancourt, Francis Bradford, Weekly Burdine, Merrill Chitwood, Milton Cole, Leonard Cole, Rex Cook, Everett Cox, Roberts Doyle, Finley Erickson, Eugene Flanagan, J. K. Fox, Ralph Hansborough, Devous Harbertt, Forrest Harrison, Ben F. 3B GIRLS Davis, Fay Dial, Kathyryn Douglas, Hazel Fitzhugh, Nannie Frank, Dora Garvin, Lorine Gaston, Ruth Goodlee, Lois Guderian, Andela Hall, Jeff Mae Hall, Louise Harris, Faye Hartin, Janie Haskell, Mary Fern Hodges, Annie Lee Howard, Dorothy Keatts, Lilac Keith, Thelma Kelly, Mavis Kerby, Ethel Kinser, Dorothy McGavic, Margaret Mann, Edith Maxwell, Ellen Moody, Louise Keith Moore, Eula Mosshart, Leona Neill, Reba Parker, 'Florence Prather, Mildred Prichard, Janice Quillin, Joe Anna Randolph, Margaret Rawls, Ruth ,B BOYS Harville, Haynes Haskell, LeRoy Hawes, John R. Hemphill, Harold Hemphill, William Hill, Dee Hill, Phon Hillpot, Frank johnson, John W. Johnson, Kemp Jones, Clinton Jones, Maury Kendrick, Harmon Kephe, Norman Kinser, Bailey Kinsey, Ralph Kirkham, Adenon Leighten, Warren Linne, Austin McConnell, Robin McGill, Dennis Marshall, Fitzhugh Merrill, W. C. Mullan, James Peeler, Winston Richardson, 'Fielden Ridley, Thomas Ritchie, Franklyn Rithell, Henry Schnelle, H. S. Rebb, Nadine Robinson, Louise Shelton, Ruth Shipley, Maxine Smith, Minnebel Spence, Clyde Marie Sutton, Dorothy Tanner, Frances Taylor, Ezra Mae Taylor, Johnnie Mae Tindle, Fay VValther, Lois Waters, Lucille West, Nell Westbrook, Eloise White, Clara Estelle Wright, March Wyatt, Wanda Sims, James Smith, Clyde Smith, Horace E. Smith, Jim R. Thomas, Ward Weeks, Charles Weeks, Curtis Whipker, Grover Wideman, Robert WVilliams, Ben Wilson, Frank VVilson, W. L. Wooten, Wayland Wright, Ed Weatherall, Weldon Yarbrough, Roy R03 J' 116:11-g 1f '9l1,,wb0i'? L. 'f' w-2. 37o6'L Im -5o'LI'l."' 14,6 Clkivfd 2 3 r I Q5 Pif 1 QMQRQES J QA Class Oyjicers Qpresifiemf ------ ALEX CASON Vice-4?residenz - - - RUTH IRWIN Secretary ami Treasurer - JOHN JOHNSON Allison, Laura lilankenship, Nlartha lloone, Dorothea Bron n lee, Pauline Burkley, Louise Coniliear, Kzitherine Carter, Virginia Cole, Estelle Cunningham, Lena Finige, Dax ella Gentry, Esta Ashley, Daxid Biriningliain, Allen Boone, james Rrister, Tliurman Browne, Howard Dick Carson, Alex Burke, Casper, james Chase, V. F. Cole, Gillon Coley, NIQICR Crawforll, P. D. Charles Douglas, Edwin Dailey, lloxxns, Leon Epps, Earnest NI Elk' 2A GIRLS Goodman, Hari-l Green, Mary Haggard, Carmelita Hall, Marie Haslitt, Benlali Hill, jnaniitzi Irwin, Ruth jackson, Katherine Kearley, Eleanor Kelly, Helen 2 A bzlryin, Honsion Hale, :Xcel Hall, john Ilarbert, Lorrict Hays, Rllflllll Holland, Lewis johnson, -lolin Jones, George Nluilge, klames Kephe, Hilmar Kennedy, Lyilney Kirby, Norman Knigliton, 'I'yler Lamb, Charles Lowery, Clelma Kirkhain, Evelyn LeVillonx, Pearl lVlerriLt, liuna Mosley, Ilia Ruth Nlnrray, Florence Nlcfreary, Lorena Mcfiillocli, Evelyn Mcllonzilll, Nlildreyl fVleRoherts, Allynn Osxxalsl, Barbara BOYS Nlarkhee, Richard Melton, Murray Nloore, Ceeil lVlclli'iLle, GS0l'l'i'c'y lxlflluuell, Vvllllielni NleRoherts, Sidney Paty, Kernin l'erry, Hugh Pipes, Dean Raines, Gerald Rielizzrdson, Lelrlon Ridley, Thomas Rnssey, E. K. jr. Sealy, Olin Simlman, D. Reese, xliianita Richznxison, Vixian Russell, Pauline Sidmnn, Nlililreil Simmons, Pauline XVade, Geraldine YValraxen, Rnrli VValton, Frances VVare, Mary Blanche Weidlein, Alice Wloods, Virginia Shanks, Samnni Shnll, Ellxxin Smith, Nlzfnies Smith. Maleolm Stoxall, lfugene Tedfoixi, Elixxin Tinkle, Ralph lfnderxxooli, RI. S. YVayle, Taylor VVehb, VVilliam YVhipkei', Groxer Williams, Harry VVUOJ, R. VV. VVrigl1t, Delbert YVrighr, Nlorris QB Class Oj5cers President ------ CURTIS HORN Vice-President - MILDRED HINTON Secretary - - ROBERTA NIOORE Allen, Marie Louise Amos, Frances Bailey, Nancy Bell, Catherine Bridges, Pauline Brown, Dorothy Buford, Mary Bnrnette, Genevieve Burt, Juanita Burleson, Emma Lee Calhoun, Ina Moody Campbell, Nellie Chance, Lillian Childress, Mary Gene Christal, Elizabeth Clay, Dorothy Coleman, Agnes Corley, Illazie Curtis, Charlie Mae Dale, Margaret Davis, Irene Ahercrembie. Hilton Adams, R. B. Albright, XValter Alexander, Clayton Barns, VV. C. Baxter, Granville Brandenlmnrgz, Joe Brown. Finis Brown. Howard Burleson, Lonnie Byer. Irving Brogdon. ,lack Campbell, Thomas Carlson, Billy Carnes, Sam Carson, Sam Carson, X Charske, Johnson Davis, Lea lftta Denham, Ifsther Dinkins, Leta Mae Dranstield, Adelyn Edwards, Myrtle Mae Ifllisotl. Bernice lily, Lenore Faulkner, Agatha Felder, Virginia Freeman, Leota Gentry, Viola Green, Mary Adeline Grigsby, Faira Harris, Mary Edna Ilays, Faye Ilearn, Inez Ilenrlerson, Anna Hernandez. lflidea Ilinton, Mildred Holden, Hazel Chase, V. lf. Chew, VVilliam Cleveland. Toni Cole. James Criner. Robert Crossett. Ilarold Clark, Douglas Davis, Floyd Dean, Frank Downs, George Dunn, Bill Elliott, Lamar lissory, Loris Etheridge. Clark Folsom, Jack Fox, Dugene Frands. YVendell Goodenough, XValter Garland, Homer 2B GIRLS Howland, Laura Jean Jackson, Aleene Keahey, Louise Kerley, Eleanor Kilgo, Mary Nell Kinnanion, Vllilma Kirby, Jane Lee, Zadel Leeper, Kathryn LeVan, Lois Lindsay, Grace Linne, Betty Lon Lynd, Alma McCabe, Floy Mae McCrary, Louise Massey, Lucille llledford, Eunice Milks, Mildred Miller, Mildred Moore, Roherta 2B BOYS Guilliland, Hoyt Hale. Acel Harding. Robert Hendricks, Elmer Horn, Curtis Ilosck, XValter Hnffines, Robert Hurst. James Irwin, Jesse Jenkins, Pleasant Johnson, Freasier Kelsey. Lewis Kirby, Norman LeFoy, Joe Lamb, A. G. Ledbetter, XVilliam Lee, NVeldon Lowe, Burford Lumpkin, XV. C. Mosley, Ida Ruth Moughon, Lyra lliontgomery, Helen Nelson, Helen O'Neal, Georgia Ottenheimer, Marian Parks, Margaret Philbrick, Alice Pitchford, Bernice Puckett, Evelyn Rawlins, Juanita Renfrow, Elizabeth Robinson, Gladys Sanderson, Mae Scott, Tylene Scrivener, Bernice Shanks, Dorothy Shanks, Sammy Six, Mandie Lee Smith, Lillian Lane, Charles McDowell, George lNIacDonald, Chester Martin, Frank Martin, VVillis Mays, Howard Miller, John R. Monroe, Alfred Moore, D. C. Newsome. Taft Parker, Stephen Parkman, John Perkins. Bernard Rees, Evan Ritchie, Franklyn Roberts, Langford Roddy, Jim Fred Rust, Louis Sanders, Mark Starling, Eileen Stevens, Pat Ilenry Strickland, lflizabeth Strickland, Katherine Thacker, lllargaret Thomas, Beulah Thomson, Phyllis Van Horn, Thelma Van Nest, Dana Vernon, Francos Wade, Geraldine Ware, M ary Blanche Watson, VVyndoleen VVebster, Jane Wiggins, Beryl Wood, Juanita YVrigz'l'lt, Bonnie Wright, Byrma VVright, Phama Wright, Verde Zachary, Doris Schell, Lawrence Sellers, Dick Semones, Ilerhert Shnll, Jack Smith, Fred Sperry, YValter Stinson, Leland Stockton, Sidney Stagner, XVill Storey, lloude Taylor, XVade Temple, Bob VValker, Jimmie XVeatherby, Pace lVehster, XVilliam VVest, Ed VVest, John VVood, Richard VV. lalff V M454 2 3 3 Q Aiwa NDYYTKB U X Spfeadxu Q41-L T 'T l'iiWwe-aiiil iiil H5 FH Aa W QRESHMEN IA Class Ojicers ?1f.-savicient - - - KATHRYN HESS Vice-Yhfexicienz - AUSTIN LEE HATCHELL Secrezfmfy - - BILLIE BURKE Alexander, Josephine Andres, Eunice liartlette, Maxie Jean Blair, Marjorie Brownlee, Pauline Bryan, Gladys llnrke, Edith Cash, Mildred Childs, Camille Crowell, Frances Custer, Juanita Fall, Frieda Goggin, Marie Gowdy, Lucille Hardin, Delistele Hciskell, Ora lieth Adams, Ralph Adkisson, Murrel Baker, Bruce llasom, Compere Brantley, Marvin Brown, R. l. llurke, Billy Cadenhead, Benny Carlisle, J, ll. Carter, Douglas Chambers, Jesse Collins, Clint Conlon, Jimmie Conner, Heischcl Cook, Ira Cooper, Eugene Crabb, Sam Cummings, L. G, Davis, Hassel Dickson, VV. T. 1.-X GIRL Henderson, Lena Hess, Katheryn Hill, Lucy IilHV3,1'4l, Elizalleth Kelly. Mary Ellen Kennedy, Lucille Kirkpatrick, lletty Lamlmert, Grace Lanier, Eleanor Lawson, Nora Le M on, Medow Hell l,ongniire, Ottamies Loomis. Gladys McCan1y, Nina Joe McGill, Nina Bell McKinney. Louise IA BOYS Dmrflan, DeM'itt DuPre, Erwin lfdwards. Mason Fitzgerald, Hugh French, Blake Gaffard, Ben Galle, Elmer Graliams, George Hallaman, Charles Halliburton, Tom Harkey, Paul Harmon, Charles Harrington, David llarris, LeRoy Haskins, L. B. Hatchell, Austin L Henson, Russel llinckley, Clair Holland, Louis CC' b Maples, Lynnell Mead, Lellene Merritielfl, Suda Mae Miller, Margaret Morrissey. Margaret North, Florence Parham, Emma Philhrick, Ethel Pulliam, Lula Reagan, Daisy Lou Richardson, Vivian Ridley, Marguerite Salmon, Ada Sandlin, Gene Seaton, Frances Shandle, Ruhy Mac Hooper, Hemy Jasper, Lawrence Johnson, Clayton Johnson, Leon Kelly, Arthur Kelly, Marcus Kickinille, Philip Langley, VVilliam Lindsay, Francis McCain, Jack McMains, Erie Bfann, Joseph Melton, Murray Mercer, Glenn Moore, Harold Morrison, Earle Neelm, Milton Oliver, R. B. Orxnshy, Marcus Skinner, Margaret Smith, Katheryn Smith, Mary Emma Stanton, Alluerta Tannery, Chrystinc Thornhy, Gertrude Tucker, Louise VVarren, Mary Agnes VVest, Frances Whitten, Ruth Whittlesey, Gladys VVilkinson, Doris VVilliams, True VVindsor, Mason VVohlike, Anita YYright, Elsie Parsons, Raney Peeler, David Peery, Hugh Peterson, Harry Philips, Morris Pipes, Eugene Purtell, Dwight Rudd, Sidney Sadler, Edward Shaw, xxvilliillll Sliger, Frank Smisson, John Stroud, Lemuel Thomas, Ralph Tippet, Garnett West, VVinston White, W'inston VVright, Morris VVynan, Clayton IB Class Officers 'pfesiziem - - JIM KELLY Vice-T1'esifZ.f2nf M1XRTHA LEEDS Secretary - CHARLES GORE I Adams, Gladys Bedwell, Mary G. Bell, Juanita Black, Doris Jane Bourland, Katheryn Bourn, Matha Brown, Bonita Bryan, Hazel Carrigan, Lois Childress, Naomi Childress, Ruby Churchhill, Raydelle Cook, Frankie Mae Cooper, Myrle Crowell, Dorothy Daley, Mildred Daniel, Loudys Davis, Catheryn Davis, Marjorie Davis, Myra Louise Detrick, Maisie Douglas, Robbie Draper, Frances Duinbar, XYilma DuPre, Isabelle Addison, Jack Addison, Jim Allen, David Atterbury, M. O. Baker, Tedford Baldrey, Herbert Baner, Earl Baxter, J. E. Berry, Louie Bivings, Harrell Bragg, Carl Branom, Edwin Brewster, J. C. Brindley, Olin Broussard, John Brown, Corrie Brown, Leslie Buckley, Russell Burleson, Sam Campbell, Eugene Carnalian, Macario Carnes, John Cayton, Frank Chambers, Oscar Edwards, Elizabeth Evans, Alice Foote, Annie Franklin, lllelva Gnfford, Esthma Gamble, Mary Gates, Jessie Mae Griffin, Zara Marie Groseclose, Frances Hanson, Helen Haschert, May Hays, Laura Helton, Ruby Herbison, Barrie Herring, Eloise Hill, lllartzaret Hobbs, Ruth Holland, Ella May Holmes, Mildred Hubbard, Bernice Ingalls, Maxine Jackson, Myrle Johnson, Yida Jones, Dorothy Jones, Rhena Nell Clark, Murph Cobb, Oxsheer Cochran, NValter Coker, Charles Colbert, Harry Collins, XVoodrow Cook, Tom Creel, Slomy Dean, Ray Dixie, Cris Dennison, Sam Earnhart, Vtlilford Edmonson, Everette Fogh, John Gebhard, Edwin Gharis, John Gilbert, Clarence Gillespie, Henry Gilmore, Roy Gace, Charles Graxy, T. C. Griffin, D. G, Hailey, Harvey IB GIRLS Keakey, Dorothy Kendrick, Margaret Kennedy, Margaret Langston, Jeane Mullins, Opal Miller, Florence Neill, Rita Newberry, Elizabeth Lastrapes, lllary LouiseNorton, Gwendolyn Ledbetter, Ruby M Lee, Zella Ruth Leeds, Martha Little, Estelle Lynch, Hertha Lyn, Carrie Ann McAtee, Virginia McBride, Jessie Marable, Helen Martin, Estelle Matheson, Evelyn Illelton, Mary Dee llliller, Elizabeth Miller, Marguerite ilk' Miller. Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell, Iola Mitchell, Joanna Moffett, Mable Moore, Louise IB BOYS Hansen, Frank Hare, Almon Harper, Norman Harris, John Henderson, VValter Hulbert, Lester Howard, Morris Huber, Otto Hurt, James Irby, Alvin Johnson, Fred Jones, Ray Judge, James Kelly, Jim Kennedy, Sidney Kenyelnian, Edward Lamb, Russell Levan. Clifton LeVilloux, Norman Lewis, Kemp Long, Paul Lucas, Ray Lynd, Lawrence Owens, Pauline Peabody, Sue K. Peeler, Elizabeth Peery, Annie Louise Pender, Florence Pierre, Genevieie Pirtle, Helena Pitchford, Lucille Richard, Audrey Riviere, Nancy L. Roach, Dorothy Roberts, Connie Mae Roberts, Dorothy Rogers, Lasca Rothell, Irene Rutherford, Mary K. Schwary, Elise Shadday, Yiola Snowden, XYilma Spain, Helen McCollum, James McDonald, Mansfield llfarshall, Neal Monson, Clifford Moore, VVeldon Morris, Hilliard Overby, Howard Parker, Alfred Patterson, Ivan Perryman, XYilIiam Preston, MR-sley Powers, Mark Ragle, Howard Robinson, VVilliam Robinson, XVilliam L. Sale, Scott Sanders, Charles Schell, Frank Schifelbein, Albert Seech, John Thadday, Albert Shawver, James Silvus, Calvin Spell, Afton Spencer, Mary Louise Springer, Mildred Stanford, Eloise Story, Marjorie Stovall, Vivian Strickland, Louise Tanner, Mildred Thomas, Beatrice Tucker, Elizabeth Turna, Kithil lYade, Ethel VYeekefleld, Charline VVarren, Irene VValthen, Cicely Vvhitford, Betty VVilbourn, Christine Wilkinson, Carry Ann VVilkinson, Virginia lVilliamson , M ary Lt e Mvilson, liethine XVilson, Mary Frances XVoodliei, Elizabeth lvilkins, Hazel Yarbroupgh, Ruth Simpson, James P. Skipwith, Raymond Smith, Harold Stephens, Curtis Stogner, Charles Stokes, Monte Straus. Jack Sturgess. XYm. Lee Suter, Billie Sutherland, Lonnie Sulton, Barrett Tedford, Bill Threadgill, Edwin Turner, Henry Truelson, Julius Thompson, Erving VVeatherby, James VVerdlein, Dick VVhite, Bob VVilson, Frank VVilson, Harold XYilson, Travis VYright, Ely "J Senior to cz Fish" By ROY PENDER Under my feet youlve been trampled and trodden, Still your spirits were never dampened nor sodden, I've felt the pierce of your scornful glance, VVhen you weren't invited to my Senior dance. I've sold you elevator tickets, and done silly stuff, And on initiations Pvc treated you rough, You have stayed at home nights to study and cram, For fear you would flunk on your final exam. For a Whole long term you'll be inclined to be blue, But you'll come out all right in a year or tWo, You don't understand our Senior way, just keep in mind, "Every dog has his day." You will soon be the leaders here in our school, Then it will be your own time to rule, But when time has flown, and your'e a Senior at last, You will wish your four years hadn't gone by so fast 1 an D OW one! IWC' I VIL, -FooY 5 o'mi+T fmr,s,.'1'sN-Bn Th, rl wxl1Lv-2.'- - VM-rc' "Ent le! not wiscloni scorn The liours of pleasure in the playing field: There also slrengllz is born, :incl every nianly ganie a virtue yielils. Fairness anal self-control, Gooil-lziznior, plank, and pafienfe in the race, Ulill niake a lafl lzear!-cclzole To coin with lionoar, lose willzoiif flisgraee. Ali, well for lzini who gains In such a scliool appifenlieesnip to life: Ulitli liini llze joy of youth remains In lafer lessons and in larger sf1'ifef" iHENRX' Xl.-KN DYKE 4 v 4 eff 8 J 4 JY.. 4 f,,W 4 I I-2- ,fo- ILITAQZ v 7 v v v v YY 4,4 4. my ,sw I 1 2151? V Q, r 1 -.-1 V .Lgw , Q -A '5'v"f" -- inwf:-ai-piv ' . '--1' .'a5f".' 2. Pg isa .ff Q. - . G,-. .Li .ku if b -bvggfp ,X - w - 1 514 1 Q V , K Q s22Qf?vL, 'i' .F ,L , xg., fa:-Ye." 1 . B.. Y 1 n N. , 1 . ,. ' lf , - ' 53: v , L I -ff: ' Q f-ey-Q' lil. ,. ,. .. M- ' ' .- ' ' - K Q'-' T, 4 ,nt . ,vngxgw HG- A A, h g.',3..-A ,rind .- Q, ,V 4, 53: . 1' I VAL' H-1-11-' gif "mg ." - 11.13-ig , - '- sz a 14933 'fx M, , --Q . .wi 5.2 F. 1.-2,1 J.,-av' ,' jf,-. -fx' ,, 1- . K 'qyag-,p 4441:-51 2' " 5+'i'555':fff,v giffl Q. - ,f:' fileieg, 1 , V' . , . -- "A-1-' fu 1 .' kf A f .' , 9 yi k 'Q '-if jgff ' rr' ' 'f fic .f. , . W- "QI 1 ' Qi? f N P '- 'ir'-' i." WP id x ? -fl ' ' ,. , v ' Q f A' f,,ffA' 'f 5ifmfi?q' 1: ,S -wif- 4 m ,g,,, ,,,,Sl,., 3 1 . Q, . g f2w2ff?iv2ff , .,, , N ,V r- xx, --eg .ag lx A 1, X wen t.L,,3?1:gyt. WL :Mg 1, K , - Q., 5 wi., ? Han,- . .. ' is fbi .' -A -: , QQ cf? , is f wi TF V Q1 'I ' . 4- 'I u J.,-1 , Q , . 1 vf v.,-A! C.XI"I'gXlN KIOHN A. NIANN Rosttr of Stay? MAJOR JOHN C. VVARREN - - Battalion CtO7lZ7I1Kl77d6'F MAJOR HARRY T. HUNTER - - Executive Ojjiter IST LIEUT. CLYDE COSBY ---- Jtljutunt IST LIEUT. DON MAXWELL 'Plans anal Training Officer IST LIEUT. TOM CAIN - - - Intelligence Ofjitrer ZND LIEUT. JACK GEE ---- Supply Ojjicer STAFF SGT. FRANCIS BETHANCOURT - Supply Sergeant PVT. ALBERT STEBBINS - - - - Clerk Colors AUSTIN IJNNE - - - Color Guam! FINLEY IDOYLE Color Sergeant JOHN HAWES - Color Sergeant DICK BURKE - - Color Quan! Roster omibanj Cafmiu 1 Barker, Calvin Ockcls, Lloyd Addison, jack Addison, Alim Bzxldry, llcrhcrt Baxter, Rl. E. Berry, Loir- Colc, Gillun Charski, johnson Cl'?lVVfOl'Ll, P. D. Dean, Roy Frnessr, llugh Gore, Charles Hzxrtm-ss, jack Haskell, LeRoy Cola, l,c'nnnrd Downs, Loon Lee, XVvldm1n Serum' Lienfemzzzff Crnrford, Cn rl Teri. Sargemff Simmons, Curdull Finn' Sergeiuzl Dorff, Jimm S ergemzf: C0i'2l707'lZ!.V Tfizfafef llzxllnman, Chzlrlus Hanson, Frank llzirc, Almun llurnundcz, Brznxlic -lcnkins, Pll'1lSlllll Kzlmzclmnn, lidwnrd Kelsey, Lewis Kvmp, Lewis LcVilloux, Norman Lowt, Burford ic Monmc, Grzmxillc Langston, Roy Sumones, llurhcrt If ,J 7 cf llzxrrisun, Bun XVCfltl1L'l'Llll, VVL'lLlOI'1 Tedforrl, linlw in Luzzxno, Erasmo Nlzmn, Joseph Mercer, Glen Nlcridith, john Pzlrkur, Alfred PL-rryninn, Wm. Pope, Virgil Prvston, Wesley Ritchie, Franklin Ruthcll, Henry Szicllcr, ELlVV2ll'd Sanders, Charles Shull, Edwin Smith, klznncs Sperry, VVzr1Lcr Sutton, Gurctt WL'2lIllL'l'l7y', Pace Webster, Wm. West, jnlm NVidL-main, Robert LlIlIl1S, Rzllpll Xlmznmlrr, Clzlytuxl Xttznlwury, Nl. O. Bzlrncs, VV. C. Qlmplscll, Tlxomzls zlrlsun, llllliv Duns, Hussrll Dilxlv, Chris htllc-1'idgc, Clark in-blmaurt, lidnzlrd Roster ompzmy Qzpnzifl julmsml, Klum' Firff Lffzffwflzflff Y CU' JJ J Dux is, -Luck llC'I1LlCI', Rwy lmxlulx, il. Szfolllf Lfz'llfz'll:1llf XV. l Fifzff Sffrgfmfzf Lcmgnmirr, Gm-m'gc St'7'XLfF.1l1fj Sillmxm, rl. ll. llnylv, l"il1l1'j lluuglzzs, lndxxln Gzltlnlml, llvn Kcmlrick v llnmmm Splilgllli, Hmm gml Dzmslny, cfff1'7mzuzf., l,:mIvr, C, li. Cm., Rnlwlt Nlllls, lb-scum' 'Pi'i" Ifzl llrrflnm, IJ. G. ll1ll'l'lI1gfllll, Dfmill lrlwy, .-Xlxin -lulnxsmm, Kvmp jnlxxmsmx, lmcm klullnsfm. Fred Km-nlmuly, llc Yvltt lgllfuyy -lm' lNI:n'tin, l"l!'Ll!ll'i Nlflluxx ell, Gc4l1'g'c Will Storey, liumlc Kniglmtcn y Jones, Rzly X. 'Xll'NI:1ins, Eric Nlmwxv, fQCll Rnlwlxlsmm, XVIII. Szumlrrs, lNl:11'k Sliga-r, Frzmk S1-llcrs, Dirk Clark, Iluuglas Smltlm, llLll'47lLl Smith, Frrll Stuud, Lcm Sutlmmwlgxxnl, Lmmlr 'l'lmmgls, Rnlpll 'l'urm'r, llc-nry VVzllku1', Alimmic VVl'idlUl11, Dick Chl-w, WVm. VVl1ipker, Cn-wx' Lufrrs, Ray XVx'igl1t, llvurrls Roster Company Hanslvorougli, Russey, E. K. Moore, D. C. Burks, Dick Cleveland, Tom Barr, Doc Bauer, Earl Bivins, Harold Brindley, Olin Cockran, VValter Chase, V. F. Coley, -lack Criner, Robert Dean, Frank Edmonson, Evert D Captain Tennison, Roy Firft Li6llfE1lc11Il' Herring, Clarence Serum! Lifllffllclllff TYUU S Firm Sergeant Ornsby, Marcus SE7'gEd7Zf.S' jordan, Robbie Corpofalf Pl'i'Z!tZf6.f Cooper, Gene Franks, Wendell Folsom, Jack Hendrickson, joe Hendrickson, Walter Hinckley, Clair Kelly, Arthur Kirby, Robert Knight, Weldon Lynd, Lawrence CC JJ Gamble, Luther Parkman, John Parker, Stephen Linne, Austin McDowell, Winicld Schnelle, ll. G. Shaw, Bill Simpson, J. P. Stinson, Leland Story, C. V. White, Winston Yates, Billy Williams, Finis Smith, LeRoy J If JJ Ixostfr Company Cclpfzlill McMnins, D. M. Sammi Lif?11fr11af1ff Smith, jim NlCCoI'Ll, D. C. Difksmi, XV, T. Hzmus, Jim. Hemphill, llzmmld C2Il'llL'S, Sum DNN iS, lfluyll CEIIYX in, I lulislmi .'Xllun, Druid llrznmnn, Edwin lirmxn, R. Q. lli'm11iss:ird, Jim. l'41lhc1't, Hurry Lvllfllwllllll, Nlfll'Cill in Chzmihcrs, jesse Dzilcy, Chas. D1iPrn', Erwin Fishvr, XVill Allvu lfitrgcmld, Hugh YVright, Ed F int S efgemzt Hnrvill, Haynes Sngeazzfx NIcCwnm'll, Ruhiu Schull, .luck fo1'fw1'i1!,r Kennedy, Sidiiuy Smith, ll0l'Zlk'U VVc-st, uck ?Jfi'C'41fFf Fux, R.xlph Gray, 'l'. C. Haskins, l,. li. limxzlul, Morris Hurst, -Iumcs Irwin, .Ia-ssv Alulinsmi, l'lI'Ilf4lL'l Lcdlwttcr, NVm. Lindsay, lfrzmvis llillcr, juli. Nlunruc, .'Xll'i'mi Olixur, R. B. Pu-il, Juv: Rvws, Exzm Spiuks, Alxah Stucktmi, Sidm-y 'l'i'uvlson, Julius XVntsou, Harold XVL-hh, Bob XVilsun, l-'rzmk KVM-ks, Chas. XVuuks, Curtis r M -V , ,ww i V. .av .. W' W -ww f.,. 5 ,Eu WMA' ., 1 ' ff.4,,g., ,f 9. ff ,, ' Q. W.,-sfggpli 7, Oak Clijjf High ,mek Company-Strzte Fair Uctober QI, 1927 Hunter, Harry Firrf St?I'gBzl1.7f Mclylains, D. M. Carnes, Sam Chapman, Dick Chase, V. F. Cole, Gillon Coley, Jack Crorford, Carl Davis, Floyd Dorff, Jimmie Cole, Leonard Douglas, Edwin Hanshorough, Davis, Jack Pender, Roy Ockels, Lloyd Smith, Jim Downs, Leon Doyle, Finley Gee, jack Gharis, Harry Hartness, Jack Harrison, Ben Haskell, LeRoy Hawes, john Etheridge, Clark Johnson, Kemp Crzpffzfz WVarren, john C. Ffzxrf Liezzzfzmzzzf johnson, joe Szmlzfi Ljgllftiflrllllf B11 glef McNIains, Eric Simmons, Cordell Smith, Horace Sprague, Howard Storey, Boude Weatherall, WVeldon VVeatherhy, Pace Wlest, Jack Wright, Edward Thomas, Ralph Tom Barker, Calvin Qzziafef Devous Cosby, Clyde Herring, Clarence Cozpozzzff Gamhle, Luther Harxill, Haynes Gaflord, Ben 7J1'i'Z'lll'6,f Hemphill, Harold NlcConnell, Robin jenkins, Pleasant NlCCord, D. C. Jordon, J, W. Monroe, Granville Kendrick, Harmon Neeh, Milton Lanier, C. E. Ornshy, Marcus Lewis, Barfield Parkman, John Longmire, George Shull, Edward Lowe, Burford Sidman, D. Sup. Trizvllef Kennedy, Sidney Linne, Austin Lee. XVeldon Parker, Stephen West, John Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Rifle Team Nlajor John C. Warren. Captain Calvin A. Barker. Captain D. INI. Nlelvlains. Captain joe NI. klohnson. Captain Roy O. Tennison. Ist Lieutenant Clarence Herring ISI Lieutenant Clyde Cosby. 2nd Lieutenant -lack Gee. Zlld Lieutenant Fd. Wright. Ist Sergeant George Longmire Ist Sergeant Haynes Harvill. Sergeant Finley Doyle. Sergeant Edwin Douglas. Sergeant Ben Gafford. Sergeant Jack Shull. Band Cfzfnziflf William Lively Fenton llznxling Lz1ng'fm'ti Roberts J. S. l'mlci'xsnml Finis Bmvsn Hzlrry VVilliz1ms Gcorgl' ,Innes Cmnnpcrc Bimscinn Oxwn Czilclxnlgli ,lrwlin Carnes Austin llzitclicl Firff Limfemzzzf Harry Clizlris SEFOIZIII Lienfezmzff Layton Childress Fimf Sergeant Klzimcs Cxxltlcl' Sffgfrlllff Corporal: Yjriwf Av Otto Hulwi' A. G. Lzlmlw VVillinm Lilllglkj' lluwnrd Nlzlys xlznnvs lVll1llzzn Robert Pipes jmck Bmgdmi Rimluurt llzxrding litlmuntl lJill1lL'l jim Frcd Ruddy klznncs Slizirvvi' Ralph Tinkle- VVilliam Wt-nvu 552 esp ii v AE Qs r- '4ab'f ull' A LE I' ' O ,'o 0 Qf' . ' e 4 .I ' I ll 17 4 , S ls, AD 5, -vids '- '. J. Ai v, Wi ,Q 1 , l,,i..,...L.-l- 4 4 V---- A444 4 .A Y. 4.3 Q 'Q 0 T H LETICS v,v,v,1-,xv 4 4 4 4 Xi J 7 7 -rf-v 4 4 v v v ,- N f 1 x .fy Q N, K ,-. m -viii:-'V .Q 1 1 i' ,' I . ,, . 'A 2 "u NV N. -x A-J. R . 151.3 , 1 . F . 1 ,, .J .,: . . 1' 5 ,-. f .i,. f' a,. . A ' A ,, a 'P . , A f Li .-1 , X" 5 .- -1- f- ' 1. ,1 , r 'Vx - K N V ' ,Q .1 A Y I ,y S' 'J' rf, X A ' Q. , TZ'-: I 4 ' l-':'Hf?'.f,. . , J ,, nm., , Wx, 5. f. -Q. 1 , 4 -w-.iff -ffikz. 1.1 . nr -' YJ' gi, "inf: - .Y f X ' ' '- '3'F'5,s'9fzT 'f 'ff ,ww 1--w f f , f -' , K 2 X? Q vm-:A -N Ni ' . . 1235? ,QM 'Q' V 1f,'E'g ,, A " 4 ' ' . . Fl j'71,'51,"1 , '-ikigl' ' ' ' f' 'f Q' M14 vw' 1 ff-:Y A . Q A, 'f2'f'gJ.5'fZff"33f4'g!q1'i? S ' f 'T' Wa' A , J' 4' , :Q-"V -Q31 A ' Q? 5, ,X rg' ' ,,..g. fx 4 f vw , , '- ' in w 'i -Gi-V5 "iz , J .,,r,1- .?Ei41sV12-523 T? 55 if A '43, x-.4 -X U1 uxprussicxn of our sincere 3PPI'CCiilIiO1l of hw low incur :md interest in the ,Xtlllctics if U C, H. S. this division of the Oak is Crzltcfully Dedicated IO M R. IAIONVARD :XLLEN 'COW Boys of the Blue and Wfhiten By RoY PENDER Side by side for OAK CLIFF HIGH Three cheer leaders are stretching their hands to They are leading a cheer for that grand old school VVhere honor and justic have always held rule. Here's Virgil Pope-who has the rep Of Hlling the students with hilarious pep. Right here I'll say with my apenciled tongue," He has-what I would call--a "leather lung." Then there's Jimmie Cole-an Indian seems tame Compared with his war-hoops at a football game. Our hopes of victory have often seemed gray, But our leaders of cheer have turned many a day Now our third man is one who I can say Is good at chasing the blues away. IIe's Clinton Jones-you'll remember his name As one held high in cheer leading fame. Remember students-in future life It's cheer that conquers all in the strife. So whenever you hear that "Fight, Leopards, Fight." just think of our "Boys of the Blue and VVhite.', the sky ff' ff? .,'q I Q - ff I qfiblibwf BAL L ELMO NIBLO fapfazifz ,vm 4 Q, i 1 ! l'.i:N1cs'r Hiswsom fQ1mf'lt'f'j 'I' h e diminutive fluarterlwack, Ernest Henson, prnved to he Oak Clitfs hest het as a lyruken Held run- ner and scored the winning tnuch- flmvn in several games, largely due tu the Fine headwnrk displayed at critical times. XYlienever llensnn gut lnnse. the slmrt lelluw was hard tu luring down. and often only the gual pusts snnppetl him. llensun's place will he hard tn till next year. Hmvaizu bPRAt'QI,'1i fl"nft'j Sprague, the hig 24141 pound fullhaek and tackle, played a ennspieinus part in the EHS playing inf the Leopards dur- ing the seasnu. He is au ex- cellent plunger and is so good un the defense that lie is tunred to tackle on the line when the other team has the hall. Sprague proved to be such a tint- player. such a like-ahle team-mate. and sueh a fair spurt that he was un- animously elected to lead the 1928 Oak Cliff Leopard foot- hall team, l'.S'l'Illf1R Faiuus ffjlnlrtlj Farris came tu the team frum nut- of-tuwn this year and turned nut to he an excellent guard. lle played in most all ui the games :md in every- one fought hard fur the Blue and NYhite. lt is with much regret that we see a gentleman player like Far- ris leave the team. LAAXVREXCE BLAN 'VON fllalfj Blanton, although mnved irinn his regular pusititqn of end tu the hack- fteld, starred for Oak Cliff at half, "Sleepy"' played a smashing game and crashed the line fur many gains. His place will be very hard tu till next year. Tom Cam ffaclclfj Cain was out of the lineup must of the year with an injury, but showed a remarkable degree of fine playing in the few games in which he participated. Cain is a steady tackle and goes ahuut the juh uf re- moving certain enemy' players with a great deal uf enthusiasm. He will prove a very valuable tackle next year. i GRAYDON GILL LEWIS KEI,SAY ffackicj VVhenever a player was hurt Coach Allen always had one man on the side lines whom he could depend on to take his place and play as equally as good. That man was Graydon Gill. Gill played tackle and excelled in that position. RUPERT GREEN fEnrU Green proved to be an excellent end and played the same unassum- ing game that he played last year. He was forever on the alert, was fast, and carried a world of speed in every play he made. He was quiet and always considerate of his fellow team-mates. By his actions on the gridiron he has probably created a habit of fair play that will follow him in whatever walk of life he chooses to pursue. Bn,1.iE HARPER fHaffj Another of the young play- ers who learned a great deal about the pigskin sport was Billie Harper. Harper was one of the fastest players on the team, and should he de- cide to come back next year, he will be the regular quarter. He is a smart player and a real runner of the Lynch type. fGuanU "Red," after once getting started, played a real game at guard. He was a tighter from the start, and although very light and young, he made larger hoys play hard to brush him aside. At San Antonio he was matched with a 200 pound guard and during the third quarter the heavyweight went out of the game due to the fierce playing the Oak Clif? youngster gave him, Kelsay should he a star next season. JACK SWATEK ffjuardj An injury also held Swatek in the background. jack is a real guard, has the power, the weight, and the speed and should play on the line like a demon next fall. He will especially add plenty of weight to his side of the line. W LI.OYD b'l'RAL'CiIlAM fflalfj Lloyd Straugham, "Firpo" after three telling years of constant prac- tice at Lake Cliff finally became a. real spoke in the lracktield movement of the team and held down one of the halfbaek positions like a Veteran. Firpo played fine football and made constant gains when the quarterback Choose to nominate him to carry the hall. PERRY SPENCE flhzlfj Perry played another year at half that was representative of the 1926 Campaign, Again he played in the backfield as interference runner de- luxe and paved the way for many of the touchdowns the Leopards made. Perry passes on as a person not seeking personal glories, but a player playing for the team and the other man rather than himself. HARlJl.lJ lVIooRE fllalfj Moore proved to he an in- valuable lnaekfield player and often suhstituted for the reg- ular men in such a way that his presence was felt very much. Moore will lme back when the team lines up next year and will play a regular halfback position. 1, F kloic LINDSAY ffarklyj Lindsay more than held his own against opposing tackles during the season and held up the right side of the Leopard line with a grim deter- mination to win. Lindsay was quick to see openings in the opponent's line, and was also good at Opening holes when the occasion arose. He had the power of strength and knew how to use it. FRANK HILLPOT fgznznfj Although Hillpot came out for football after the season had started, nevertheless he overwhelmingly made the grade and gained a vast amount of experience which will mean much to him next year. Oak Cliff Oak Cliff Oak Clif Oak Clif Oak ClilT Oak Cliff Oak Cliff Oak Clif Oak Cliff The S eason 6 Denton Normal Fish 7 Forney,loooi C to 34 Texas Nlilitary Academypo O Dallas Academy -A oo ooooo San Antonio fAlamo Hts.D O S. M. U. Freshmen Y ooo, 7 Sunset oooooooooooo i to 6 Bryan C ooo. or O North Dallaseao to Oak Clilf Oak Cliff Oak Cliff Oak Clih' Oak Clih' Oak Clill Oak Cliif Oak Cliff Oak Cliff Oak Clill I JOHN LLXLL clrlffxifll Yicukct Ball Schedule aao,o,.aa29 Bryan I 6 Forest 8 North I 8 Sunset aa----aa2O Bryan I 3 Forest Sunset All Stars .ooo.o All Stars .,oo, , North Dallas High High Dallas High High High High .fu IP'- LAWRENCI3 BLAN'roN F07'fcv11'1f Blanton played a beautiful game of basket ball and his graduation robbed Oak Clit? of a real star. He was fast and had a keen judgment in getting the ball down the floor and on through the basket. Blanton had a great deal of real bas- ket ball talent. His presence would have prob- ably meant a better standing for Oak Cliff had he been allowed to remain the entire season. ERNEST HENSON NAT VVEST gud,-4 Quan! Remindin manv of the brilliant Ira 3 . Hopper, Frnest Henson played a 'fmeanl' guard on the basket ball court. The stocky little fellow was a star substitute and held his own with the largest guards in the city. W'est, guard, started out the season in a slow manner, but before long turned out to be an excellent guard. He could block and run and guard and do most everything a good guard is required to do. West was rall and used his height to an advantage in grasping the ball from the rival players. Another good basket ball guard has passed from the ranks. -Aw i Z CARI, Cuorfroan Fo1'f:u11'ff Leading the Oak Clitl' teammates in points - - scored with 51, LroH'ord was recognized as ll real forward ln' the other eitj' players. His ac- curate throw and kee n eye accounted for many lwaskets which otherwise would have gone to naught. Nlueh will he expected of him if he remains to play next GEOFFREY NICBRIDE gllrifff hlcliride also played a line game at guard for the Leopards, and should be given some Credit for what success the team enjoyed during the past season. He apparently has Ll natural instinct for Covering players, and used his knowledge of the game to an ad- vantage all of the time. His presence in the lineup next year will mean another spoke in a perfect wheel of harmony. YCLIT. BILL Ro11E14'1's Fw'fc'111'ff The tall, blond forward, Bill Roberts, played a fairly good game for Coach Al- len's lwasketeers. Roherts is perhaps capable of hetter hasketlwall, but lie really never quite got started. Should he play neXt year he will in all prolwalwilitj' he a star. l f? Lv "Nu N N, ': v XQ WTHER WTI-EILETIICS Track AK CLIFF Won the city championship track meet at Lake Cliff Park, with 46 points to Forestls 43 points. Sprague set a new record in the discus with a heave of I2j feet and II inches. Meinhers of the Oak Cliff track team Who placed in the tourney follow: 100 yard dash: Davis Shot Put: Sprague, first place 220 yard low hurdles: Hardy xlavelini Cain High lump: VVright One mile run: Lumpkin Discus: Sprague, tirst place 220 yard dash: Davis 880 yard dash: McBride, lirst place 440 yard dash: Young In the district track meet at Denton held Saturday, April 14, Oak Cliff placed in the following events: Shot put: Sprague, lirst place, Cain, fourth place. Discus: Sprague, first place, Hall, fourth place. -layelini Cain, second place. 100 yard dash: Davis, third place. 440 yard dash: Young, fourth place. 220 yard dash: Davis, second place. lXf'Iile run: Lumpkin, fourth place. lVlile relay: Oak Cliff, fourth. Oak Cliff Won the interschool competition between the individual schools. The Leopards defeated every high school track team in the city in the separate meets. The Leopard trackmen who competed in the interschool track meets follow: Lumpkin, Kelsey, Sprague, Cain, Davis, Mayfs, McBride, Ridley, Young, Hays, Hall, Hardy, W1'igl1t. Q01 f Team MR. LEFTWICH-COdCh WINFIELD MCDOWELL EVERETT COOK ffapminj CHARLES GORE f'Sub.j NAT VVEST D. SIDMAN fSulJ.j WTILLIAM BECK NIURRAY IVIELTON f,Sub.j JOE LINDSAY fSz1b.j Tennis H15 Oak Clif tennis teams gained further laurels this year when they captured all hut one event in the city champion- ship series. Doc Barr won the boys' singles and paired with Law- rence Telford won the boys, doubles title. In the girls, doubles Lyda Rhew and Vivian liuhanks again brought the title to Uak Cliff although a Sunset girl captured the girls' singles. R. N. Smith coached the netters. Nlargaret Clements represented Oak Clig in the girls' singles. The tennis team entered the district meet at Denton and won two events. The girls, team did not place but Doc Barr and Lawrence Telford made up for it by winning the doubles match. Doc Barr came out first in the singles With district competition to go up against. Junior H i-T O1-'I-'ICICRS Iliff 'farm Spring TEH!! Blll Wklustcr ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, Curtis Hom Prefifleul Vim-Trefiffwzt Tom Cleveland ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S enrefary Loris lfssnry ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Treamrer Bouclc Storcy ,,,,,, Sergeafzl af :,'I7'7N! Urzxuxilln' BJIXICI' Irxiug Byrrs xlulm C'.n'm'S Sum CIIYIIVQS 'fum Clvvclzlml Bcudc Storey ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,, P resident Irwin Duprc ,,,,,,,, ,,Vire-Yjzwiffelzt Clark flthcriClgc,,Sef1'eff1r'y-Tiffzmref' Bill VVcbster ,,,, ,,,, S xrgefuzf af Jrmf IXIICMBICRS Hzlrulli Crussctt Irwin Uullrc Lnris lisszxry Clark litl1K'I'iLlQ'C Curtis llurn Kemp Lux is Clirlmwl Rnlwinsun llumlvy Sturvy Bill wVk'bSlL'I' Q 3 Z' V . gs!!-.: : L 17 W 2 r ' A: W I if Q" N' Qi 0 " "nv: 1 4 I 49.17 A 4 1,0 A A ,v,w,w, A Q , I , D . 1r,v,v,v I D If 6 1'-I-I +A-o D Al ACTI ITIE v,v,1r,v,v,v,v.,v-v-1f- 4 4 4 4 4 .4. vvv 4 4 wba be-gags-4 v ' '4'4'4 wgvfur v-Gvfll -E . VX2?i5r W x . , f 13 1, , . . 555' 4 - Y. -fi, 1 ' t . 7 ,. gl f Q - 1 ' "f " w L 1 ' V -,ul . -r-ffjg 1' 'AQ ' f :J L: leaf? . 1: Q31 , ff ' 4 A ,rf , ,Juli 5, f ' F '1 -,i A H , ' W ' V, xpnlf,-,7',,Qs'.V1u: hx I U, , . 'fy ,ix 'A ' N fv , A ' Tiuvf , gy Q'-safe' Q A ' , I V X -. why, wygk - -,f nz ur. .4 , '-4,5 v .X 'mf'-. 'L,f.x- -, f' , I mv-ug-',.-.,, -, 543' , : . ..-A 5 f , K, Q "wif, : N-.ff :. ,,.,gu'm. an, My, I 31, 221: ,r ,wwf-f:3r JA-1' , . , .-., ff - mg: -," 34. ,1 H " v r,2"1v,'f'f' -"iy1'4 V, Q57 - 12.3 :4:1-fff 2SSxa' -Inq: . 1 wr . T.5wW.,fi,, ru.: .. ,5i:1..y.ffv .,fV'+. 1:--9lE,i,,.r . 1i1p w 2 ' ' ' ' ' -2w,4,'Q-'1i"i,-.gxwgx '-- 'fzyzl-' '-E135 g if-Q: ifmfifffsff- -fyafh aa 2 5'H"f :- 1" .' , . 'S .pl it-Milk., ,.Tt,3!,' 1 A l . :Tyr 4- : " ' a" f -. . ,, fs?-er N - LH ., 4.1 x.eq:.Ag:,,yy,,4g4.s g ,Mfr ,nrmu . . -,, .- ww- gf?-Q'fQ,,:,z5,1 '?F14-' .- vi Q., -421,2 ,. ,J 23, greg ,2:,3,'4Qf-yy .Y 1 f aff , 5, Am, X 'k - , yy, . , , my -n Z, L -X gg: E . 4 L4 1 95-Q 3515! fwi?wi:w3i'vif1 Q22 - Xen 6 W Mafia P ,p,fQQ3ifn?3,?bWim, W -Wggy wg! - fly: - My qw .J-xx: , ' - .2 ' 1.14-93-J" A 4' ' 1 ' .. 1 K g.. -' . .. a1fQ5g:5 1 w ' viii.. fag, .F x . Q 'L' . '!iQipg,.4: . ---Lffm , X ' '- f'?f'?S2:11 ' 1 "fc-'f.' ' .g"- : ' -ff' '- ' .' var-5' I- x' .fg,,41, . A fwxm. . ,s,, , VA,5,,,-.3 . M, fx.-,ntfk -. 3 l f , ' x n , 95" uf' ,fk'Y4' 1 . F f . .-. ,. ., E .fi K In - h ' ,,5Vf:?'1,,.efg K , ,Z 4 Y egvw.. rarfffkk I X LUV ,bil K L .A 1' "',"' ' 1. .s 1 1 - 1' , 'I' A -, A was . ' aw: - - . WP! ' - ".. '." ,'.- i. W.-f 5- .. ' - if ui " ' ' ff' rw is . ' .vi ' mffi? -'u' ?5wb'lA I, f .fp L 4 . ' fr , ,1 -f .. -:-fm ',- 1, - y - !f.43+'2+.,f1.'f ff. "vs '12-vi '- 5'-."wr' ig?-fA"ff" '- J. " L 7"f 2,-' .-:-FH? -. "4Q2i: .-WX 13, . ' '- L' 5, , ff , N Q-Q Lf S . f . ' - 4,,g,f ,f'51 pi -2 , Q V. -- W as ' . .. . , .Q K ' . H .. -'V 1 1 ' ' " 1 'N ' ,-f,f ' N 4: da gk X i., 5553: . , .kr -.w ' A , V " ,lie ef!! 53? J fm: mf 1 as - "A 'rv , '. . -as Q' wt w Si- V gf, 'R ,L , 7 . , . I 5 5 ! my :J 'iv ' .Kei , in .N km eva VZWIWV une QQ 355' ,, ffl Rib '1 'Nm ,, X A Nomxz,-. qjx xj uldglxuuoa I M '1 -xs'v- p 6 lla , ,,,V,,,,,,, X05 lllllm' W aah M MMM .Md AVORJITES ,Aff TTA CLEVELAND HARRY TOM HUNTER JWARION SHEPPARD EQ? x 1' .sw XIRGIL To ,His P E 51 .riiif ' 'ZISSHV Qmswm yew" " f EVELYN LVQRMSTRONG ENLNIO .TXCIBLO fa ? LOUISE CONNER WEE HILL 'Popularity Contest SENIOR BE-XUTY GRF'I"I'1X CLEVELAND l'I,IiTlLR1i5'1' BOY HIXRRX' TOM HL'x'1'ER SKXIOR GIRL F.-XYORI'1'l'1 LNIARION SHEPPARD SENIOR ROY FAYORITIL VIRGIT. POPE ISIQFI' .'XI.l.-IKROLYYD GIRL IIZVICLYN AXRNISTRONG l1lfF'I' .'Xl.I,-AROUND IEUY 1':LNIO NIBLO L'XlDl-IRCLAQS UEAlf'1'Y I,OL'ISE CONNER UNIHCRCLASS FAVORITE DEE HILL fvvsf fs.. Ohlfe I ff LK A Q, ' A v ' - 'vsf QQ 6lT3DTUBLllCATIU Oak .,0ii'0at0 rs vQ7,W azQ51Q,1, 4 ff 'Z . gf ff s N A-.-IAN' -My CDal1'5faff I, Q., , J., I -7 0-'N 1 'Y 'kr . " i A -. H- 5.-gs fa f ,- 19 x .. 5 , I if V ixg. E A . -aw M we A! iff: Ea B555 Qs , Q. , .. ' I'- S ' A .se . wk p F , v U I f f S x' w f 1 x W 'si R WN 2' W 0 W' i 1 X , K i Z, 3 ew px s r R mg , 'F 79 V A ?34 G ,, .X I , - ks V A A 5 Q1 A A Nw, fi Y' 5. I .S 'V' '. Qh K A ' ' A 1 -f mf L- - 1 5, ia, , 1 N X ' T' gf - Y i X Q T ' -. . f m I , 'li f W 'S W K In ' ' ML - Nh If A K I f Q, 5 7 f VT--,.. fi f- -0- . M ... 1 m e. I L I if ,I Rx xl A 1 Q-.M ' 'Q K-M ff W Xxx: ,fi fr, . A L, , f 'I 'I X H21 . gy.. 5 . k"' A .Q t X 4 'N x l Z . . Q -Q 25: V "' 1 sb lg? ai L, 1. A A I QJAZ? , I . sf R m 'Q ' f' 'SW 5 is X : mfs' 4 " , Q 3' x . I ig 5. J dl .1 w A ,L Q. -AQ A 5' Fr 8 if iv 'N 'u i 4 s. g ifs 1 ' 'WS !Si'i: '5"'E 56" ' sa X 2 I if 1 if X -. uv I - 4 'R . - QQ' QN C O 65, '54, Hx x ll Nun! 65fRGAN1ZfYTllQNS 6fli Q 0 y I 5 A in X A ix nn: XML 'Njga' FPL X, .f '1 I in W QQ!! M l l s Nolan,-x iNlAfa'lIn I IA R111 Hr lllllili RTS low 1-1 Conv:-:ie - fXAi'wr:.x1c1,1-, Linn:-.5 - NIAXINI-1 llm,l,mx'.-xx' - Mum Am-Tr Cm Xll'QY'I 5 lawn: l2'l'll141R1im14, Rom-i1c'1'A Nlunlci-. l.oi'Isr, Cowxuia - - linxa M.xnf.ic Skirm XVIRGINI.-X Sllxwlxlckxm - lll"1'll llnl-xixsmw - Alwlmtt. Gladys Ale-xanrlvr, ,lnsopliinc Arnistrnng, livclyn lllacklmrn, Mary Ucia lilair. lXlarjnry llrmrlanml, liatliryn liritain, Nurma Cash, Milrlreml Clwevcs, Pearl Cliitwoml, Milclrcrl Cooper, Myrlc Curtis, Charley Mac Davis, Myra Louise lluPre, lsalrcl N, ?t, . L+- -Q. M' , Vrl Pf if ' ,C V X656 'UCS 1 OFl"lCl'lllS - - - - 'l'1'rfiiii'f1l - l'Fri'-'l'1f'f.7iI'i'11f - - ,N'i'r1'i'faf'y ' Tl'l'1l,fl17't'f Cnnlzrfl Ri'f1ri'n'11Ii1IIf'i' 'l'mgri1f11 Cfzizifzzzml .Y1'1'i4fi'i' Cfnziwilnrl Ring Cbizffwazlf - -liif2'r1'ii.rjr1g Cbizfrmmz - Nadal CflzlfI'71IlI7L iflrnrzl Rupuzlrr - - Song Chizfrnzmz lVll'llVl l3l'iRS lic-lclvr, Virginia hlulinson, Mac llcss Rawls, Rntli ilzlinglw. Nannic junvs. llnrntlu' Rnwlilll-KS, Juanita mm-, Annie Kinscr, llnrntliy Roacln, llnmtliy l"rL-4-nmzm, Ia-nta Langstnn, -lcssic Sliepparcl, Snookie nflgc. Ilavr-lla Imvrls, Martha Skinner, Margaret h:iIl'nrrl. lisllnna l,r-um-i', Kllfl-l!'j'll Sl. Clair Constancc Gray, Mary Iilizalu-th l,L-Yann, l,n1s Spencer, Mary llartwvll, Maxine- l,innc, llctty Lou Tucker, Elizabeth llaycs, Fay Maxwell, Ellen Y:u1Nest,Danz1 llanszcn, llnrntliy Mclictll, lfarlinc VVarc, Mary Blanche llcrring, lfloisc Oswald, llarlmara XYarren, Mary Agnes llnlnies, Sallie Mac Palmer, Dnlly VVonlief, Elizabeth llnrsl, juan Parker, Florence VVrig'l1t, Yerile VVylic, Elva Ruth Fall H i-T OFFICERS Term, 1927 Spring '1"crm, IQ28 Trexidenl - - C. ZIMMERMANN Tresidcnl - - - RUPERT GREEN Vice-'President - C. ZIINIIWERNIAN Vice-'Prasidunr - LATHAM LEEDS Secretary - - LATHAM LEEDS Sefrelary - BILLIE GoERNER Trsaxufsr - PERCY MOQRE Treasurer CARL HARDY lVllllVlBERS Baker, Charles Leeds, Latham Boggs, Donald Mansfield, Kenneth Connell, Clifford Nlays, Bill Gharis, Harry Mecklenburg, Allen Goerner, Billie Melton, Jesse Gulledge, Raymond Redding, Marion Hardy, Carl Ridley, Thomas Harper, Billie Shipp, Billie Hill, Ralph Sprague, Howard Hillpot, Frank Swatek, Jack Lasalle, Edwin Young, Robert ones, David Zimmerman, C. l J x-, Dt f I ,,4,,?! QW 1 .,.1,.3 fd if-. ' M S1 Q 1 41 -y Z 7 i 1 , f a: , ,B H 1 Z i ff S Puzl ,.V: A I ,-...RZ . A Z V ,S A . 'LL' L V ,x i , .. J, .- f ' , H. ' 1 ' ' ' "Q J U . 415, ' z ,A fig? 'f 4' i 'ig 2 ' '56 'K 4 ' ,, ,. , . , fiwia X K, I si I , 2- 'wfvamf ,3 Y X 4 l if if ' 1555 i, 9 7 , , A L, ,-L,-. if -A - 159' ,i ,. . - f " ' Zio 1 ' ' 4, 1. ' - . .: 511' 'f f f 555511 ,,"f W5 f. m ,,.,,gi:, if lggmi, 4 li X .. ,A National Honor '1'rz'.viiio11I - Svorofary - Ai'msti'ong, Evelyn Brzxmwni, Nl:ii'jui'ic Chiles, Nxuincxxrlc OFFICERS MEMBERS GIJl'l'llL'l', Billie ll1lI'QI'L'1lXL'S, llclcu llopkinsun, Rllfll Clcmvnts, Mzlrgzlrvt Lev, Cnlitzi Corley, Louise Etlic-ridgu, juni- Mzisclw, Norma lVI011d, Gladys Sooioty JANE ETH ieiunnxi - COLITA Ll-iri Nvlms, julm Pzllmur, Dolly ljIlI'l', llzirold Rlww, Lyda Rc'L'x'cs, Emlury Skillvrn, Edna Mudge .i '--, ... ,, me ,i 1 ' Millar 99 ,. Sclzolarsfz ip ' 01116 it K , FJ i 19.28 gf- X Rfk Scholarship Club IB Bourland, Kathryn Doley, Mildred Davis, Myra Louise Douglas, Robbie Louise Dunbar, Wilma Herring, Eloise Leeds, Martha Peeler, Elizabeth Riviere, Nancy Loraine Roach, Dorothy Schifelbein, Albert Spencer, Mary Louise Wilson, Bethine IA Basom, Compere Mziples, Lynnelle Peeler, David IIB Etheridge, Clark Henderson, Anna Kelly, Marcus Lindsay, Grace Moore, Roberta Sellers, Dick Thomas, Beulah Ware, Mary Blan HA Carter, Virginia IHB Bennett, Mable Carnack, Elna Cook, Everett Fitzhugh, Nannie Harville, Ilaynes Sloan, jane Smith, Horace lllA Kirkpatrick, Byrd lVlann, Edith Mays, Grace McBeth, Earlene St. Clair, Constan che CC IVB Alverson, Virginia Armstrong, Exelyn Brannon, hflarjorie Cooper, Ione Corley, Louise Etheridge, Jane Eubank, Vivian Coerner, Billie Griffith, Belva Hargreaves, Helen Headington, Doris Hopkinson, Ruth Rhew, Lyda Skillern, Edna Madge Sheppard, Marion Zimmerman, J. C. IVA Chiles, Naunearle Lee, Colita Mascho, Norma Nelms, john Palmer, Dolly Imam! l I Tresiricfzl - - 1515 Vice-'Praviiicnl Zfld Vice-Trcxfiifcvzt Secrelaire - - Edna Madge Skillern Grace McDonald Gloria Dalshaw Ione Cooper Ralph Tinkle 'M'-s aumummmms -ii 2 The F ranch Club LFS OFFICIERS - - - - M,ARlON REDDING ' - - GLADYS ME.AD - - liEl..EN Hanckiz.-was - - - NELL HINSON MEMBERS Howard Sprague Wilma Dunbar Ruby Hilton Elidia Hernandez Eula Moore Harry Williams Nell West John Miller Clarence Gardner Erasmus Lozano Jimmy White Sidney Kennedy Ruth Baker B. F- Chase Loetta Beckenback R. B, Adams Laudys Daniel Lemuel Stroud Dorothy Huston Marjory Blair Margaret Morrison Ora Beth Heiskell Florine Murray Katherine Hess Esther Weaver Gertrude Thornsby Ruth Walraven Corrine Yates Mary Verna Stephenson SENIOR ORCHESTRA BOYS' GLEE CLUB Home Economics Club, 1928 OFFICERS MARGARET CLEMENTS - - - - 'Prexident GRET'l'A CLEVELAND - - Vice-Trc,videnl MARY SPENCER ' Sefrclary MEMBERS Abbott, Gladys Hatchell, Virginia Blackwood, Wilma Ruth Harrison, Marguerite Brede, Marie Hawkins, Mattye Chambers, Sylvia HC-athcrington, Mariana Clement, Margaret Magcrs, Alma Cleveland, Gretta Parker, Margaret Conner, Geneva Pierce, Dorothy Conner, Maurine Sanders, Pauline DeEly, Viola Sheppard, Marion DeWitt, Lorine Spencer, Mary Doughty, Margaret White, Cora Faulkner, Mabel Wylie, Elva Ruth Guthrie, Miram Wright, Catherine Grubbs, Mary Elizabeth 9 Q, . ,, M Ai Q, W ge ff X 9 W QETHER QCTIIVHTIES 6 M PJ F' E Q 'f ,flwfjf 9 'P be K USL eoo A in S 1' 4 . . k . Q Q 2' A' 1 , X U ff: Q0 5 ,f Q ' ,x -P XJ aah 6 QRS I Lf Q 69 ' WL , W Y f fm my ,ak .W in Q gf Hwy' lm " 3, g G ,fs Gard-l : lrrrrr 3 ,""kk q . - K. V, ,,1mLiA, ,. "The Boomerang" JZIUIILIYY Scniur Plxly, 1928 CAST Harry Tom Humcr Fink VVilli.1mS wvlllilllll Hobbs lflmo Nilwlo Dorothy Proctor Stella Qrdllin lVlAg'gic Luc Mr-Cams Norma Mnscho Rupert Green Dolphus Brown ,, , D. fm. mmons l l llz w 4 ya! l y ,,.,4, W ' -Q r. :vii .6 Tk. 54 is 'Z in ., 35. uf. fc. .. 'lawn , YQ M? if 1 5 'cSally and Company" Stephen Bates ,, ..,,,,,, N Cynthia, his daughter Sally' Dawson ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dora Bible W ,, Iva Hankins , ,,,,,,,, W, Nlrs. Tully Plunkett Mrs. Noah Appleby, Rev. Nlilo Nloss ,,.,, Charlze Thacker ,,,.,,, Hettjr Bates .,,, -lack Nlortimer ,,,, , lfrnnma ,,,,, W ,, Nlarj' Brooks ,,,, George Higginrzn June Senior Play, IQZS CAST Douglas lfmmons ,Nlarion Sheppard ,,Ruth Hopkinson ,,,,,,'x'lvi:111 lfulvanks ,,Louise VVebb , ,,,,,,,,, Lyda Rhew Nlaxine Holloway . ,,,,, Nlelvln Rowe ,, ,,,,,,, ,,Yirgil Pope lfvelyn Armstrong , ,,,,, -linnnie Dorff . , ,-lane lftheridge ,Lorraine DeVVltt Latham Leeds 5 IVIYJN jo lJm',7.1fff.w1' I. X'I'IT,-XXI LE1-1135 fu H f,1.'j'nr'm1w0f1,f ,N ff .JM LOl'lSlf. Wmzvs Du' f.1.',1m 1' THIC ONE ACT PL.-XY Jcifzfczleczfd gym Class Adams, Gladys Kilgo, lVlary Nell Alexander, -Ioseplmine Leeper, Katherine Andres, Eunice Le Van, Lois Bell, Catherine Lindsay, Grace Bell, Juanita Mossey, Lucille Blair, Ruth Maxwell, Ellen Bourne, lVlartl1a Moffet, Mabel Bridges, llllllllfltf Mrzcure, Roberta Bruwn, Durotliy Parker, Florence Bryan, Havel Pliillvrick, Ethel Caytun, lfaye Rawlins, Juanita Cllanee, Lillian Reich, Bernice Cliilds, Camille Renfruw, Elizalaetll Cnleman, Agnes Rotllell, Irene Cronell, Frances shaddy, Viola Dranstield, Ailelyne Starling, Eileene Dunbar, NVilma Spencer, Mary Ellison, Bernice Spencer, Mary Louise l-'reeman, Lenta Turner, Kitha Hansun, Helen Van Nest, Dana Hardin, De Estelle Wade, Ethel Hays, Faye VVarren, Mary Agnes Hayes, Laura WVaters, Lucille Hendersun, Anna VVehster, ,lane blnlinson, Thelma VViggins, Beryle Keahey, Luuise Wildinsnn, Doris Kendrick, Margaret VVright, Verde Yarbrough, Ruth , , ,, wk? x 1 J! S- DD 4-vb QV 1 XT' 'x 4 .125 N J F1 1 S g M4 ff" ff' M 7 I fl 1 i'1 t fv'x 1 1 , xv 'x wily 3 if WW fl' Q , , th 44 A 4 4 aff 8 1 JY. 4 .Q 4 4 4 4 Q 44 4 H MOR wr v v v vv 4,4 vv v Qbak Zgumnr Seriinn llllll IIIIIII llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllIIllIIIllIIllIIllIIIIIIllIlllllllIIllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllulllllllllllllllulillulull Entered as low-class mail ALL COPIED RIGHTS RESERVED Even Mighty deferzfed- IIIIllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllfllllllllllIlllllllllllIllllIIIllIllIulIIIIIIIllIllIIllIIllllInlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Ill I I ll I CONTENTS ' STAFF N onsense Editor of all new jokes - Sarah Ridiculous O utff1gC"u5, N I T errible pictures Editor of Poems - - c'Nelly" herself H umorous Cutcrs Night Editors - - - - "Wen Personal Advisor - Mrs. Taylor I nteresting poems N utty sayings G oofy seniors ullIllllllllllllIIIllllllllllllullllllllllll I Il Hlllllllulllllllllllllllllllllllll Illll Illlllllllllllllilullllllllullllullulllullll. The Wfreck of Lena It was the flivver Lena That rolled down the street away, And Kenneth had taken Latham along To keep him company. They navigated Madison! And turned toward town on Canty's- Then turned to the left on shady Zangs, And passed all US. A." shanties. Next, wiggling down to Ninth street, Where Lathamls S. A. rated, Kenneth turned and slyly asked- Are you sure, Kid, she's undated? So, on they drove, poor Lena's lungs, A chuggin, chuggin, chuggin- Her back-tire blast, she leaped ugast- And shrieked, your S. A., boy, is home a hugginl He grabbed the wheel, poor Lena spun In dizzy whirl to right-puff! puff! He shouted loud in accents wild! Go, Lena, go! now strut your stulfl She sped in spite of all he did- Our Oak is a good annual. The school gets all the fame, The printer gets the money, But-the staff gets all the blame. Q S Lives of football men remind us They have writ their names in blood And in parting leave behind them Half their faces in the mud. Q99 Mary has a swarm of bees, And they to save their lives, Must go wherever Mary goes, For Mary has the hives. -Q33 Billy Shipp looked at Pauline Saunders Oh! what a pretty miss. And crept a little nearer, And bashfully stole- away. Q33 Slippery ice-very thin, Pretty girl-tumbled in, Saw a boy-on a bank, Gave a shriek-then she sank, Boy on bank--heard her shout, Crack! Crackl Bang! Bang! she lunged aside, Jumped fight in-hvlpcd her Out: Into a ditch she helter-skeltered Prostrate she lay, and there she died. Now he's hers-very nice, But-she had--to break the ice. FAMOUS SONGS Vegetable song: mln a Little S inach Town." e e P Stalk Song: HStalk About My Sweetief, Hotel Song: "Hotel Me You Love Me." Dog Song: "Fido,nt Get The One I Want.' V D lattoo Song: I'Oh, It Tattoo Be Youf, Tango Song: "Tango Rain No lVlore." Eskimo Song: "Freeze a ollf Good Fellowf' e . 5 Bologna Song: "Tonight You Belogna To lVle.,' Four VVheel Brake Song: 'Tor YVe'll Break the News to Nlotherf, Q! 3 -Q Did 'ou ever sto to think what a hard time two cross-eyed Deonle 5 1 P H 1 . i 1 would have trying to look each other in the eye? Axioms recently discovered: I. Recitation is the science of hlufifing. 2. Zero added to zero, the result is flunk. 3. Zeros are always equal, tho they never coincide. 4. A teacher is a many-sided polygon and equal to anything. 5. A proposition is a general term for that which confronts the Senior at the end of the year. 9 it K'Raining pitch forksw is had enough, hut when it comes to "Hailing street earsn it,s pretty rough weather. kia .Witt LKI7lVfiflI'fI in history class : 'WVas King ohn a Knight of 6 . . x . xf the Gartertn John Hall: "I suppose so. The hook says that hefore he went out to battle he met his supporter on the hridgef, ee "Mister youlll have to remove your suit case from the aislefl said the conductor to Howard Sprague. Wljhat isnit my suit case sir- thatls my footf, . 7 7 , -Q 32 Q School teacher, thinking to herself: UYou hratl If you were my son lid give you poisonf, Pupil, reading her thoughts thinks hack at her: UHumphl If you were my parent lid take it myself." A resolution is before the house to move Oak Cliff High School from its present location to the site now occupied hy Nlidway Pharmacy to accommodate the crowd. 399 GOOD ,IOBS FOR HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES Calling out stations on an ocean liner. Deck swahher on a suhmarine. Chief linesman for the wireless telephone company. Stoker on an oil-burner. Selling electric fans to lfskimo land and ear tahs in the South Sea Isles. Q Q .9 PEOPLE I .-XDORIL I. The party that dropped the hanana peel I slipped on. 2. The chap in the rear seat who has seen the show and wants to make sure his friend wonlt miss a trick. 3. The teacher who gave me 20 on a quiz. 4. The person who threw away the chewing gum which found its way to my heel. 5. All those addicted to reading aloud the suhtitles at the movie show. 59.6 Katya San T.: They say When VVoolworth left school he couldn't count to 25 . Beatrice K.: Perhaps that's Why he started a 5 and IO cent store. Q95 Latham Lt'1'fZ5i'I,X'L' had this car for years and never had a wreckl Billy Slzijip-You mean you have had this wreck for years and never had a carl SQ!! .Witt King: YVhy are you limping? Virginia rwiss K . .' matism. Virginia .' .Wifi K. : Virginia Rheumatiz, Miss. VVhy don't you see Dr. Blewittg he is a specialist on rheu- Yes, I went to see hi1n yesterday hut he was sfck in hed. YVhat was the matter with him? Rheumatiz. THE SENIGR'S LAMENT Life is a snare and delusion And the world is all awry, And Ilve come to the final conclusion That itfs best to lie down and die. The world is a tomb and a graveyard And my heart is buried in woe, Laughter and love is a canard, And sorrows' 1ny portion T know. ll-Ty hopes and ambitions are blasted You see, I canft go to the dance, And it's the fault of that Dod-Gasted Tailor, who forgot to deliver my pants. Q33 A leaf just landed on my head, To walk Pm hardly ableg The leaf that landed on my head YVas taken from a table. Q 3 S VVhat is an Qptimist? A fellow who looks at his shirt, just back from the laundry and says, "Oh, well, we needed lace curtains anywayf' Q39 Teacher: Latham, don't you know you mustnft laugh out that way? Latlzam: Yes'um. T didnft intend to. T was just smiling and the smile busted. 3 3 S George Holdem Tt's just as the old proverb says-A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. fllrzrgrzret C.: If thatls true, you cer- tainly are carrying a block of dynamite on your shoulders. THE FLAPPER,S LAMENT T've bobbed and curled and brushed my hair And brilliantined it here and there Till it will favorably compare YVith even Freyals tresses fair. My powdered skin is white as snow, My cheeks with "Nature's Aid" just glow, But there's one thing Ifd like to know, And thatls-why will those blaekheads show? 93,9 YVITH SYMPATHY FOR LGNGFELLOXV By the shores of Grafanola By the sparkling Pluto water Lived the lVIentholated Coughdrop Old Duch Cleanscrfs only daughter. She was loved by brave Congoleum Son of Colgate and Carnation Heir apparent of Nabisco Of the great O,Cedar Nation. Through the Elgin went the lovers Through the Pepsodent they wandered, U0 My Dearest Little Sun-Maidf' VVhispered low the brave Congoleumg T'll stick tighter than LePages Like Castoria I will love you VVe'll make Venus go in rages YVith our love nest dear Palm Olive. 399 Did you fwfr try To carry a mattress upstairs? To play a trombone in a telephone booth? To Swim in Lake Clif? with an armful of eels? To look good to the new girl in your class? To write a letter with a postoffice pen? Some job, isn't it? SEPT SEPT SEPT SEPT SEPT. SEPT. SEPT. OC'I'. OCT. OCT. OCT. OCT. OCT. OCT. OCT. OCT. OCT. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. DEC. 19 20 21 26 27 28 29 22 III 13: 202 21. 24' 25: 26: 29 I I ISI 8: 9: III 14- 15 18 22 23 24- I 17' Calendar Little fish, cute fish, pretty fish and all green fish-freshmen enroll. By sophisticated Seniors honor the school by enrolling. livery one shows up at school-all in the wrong place but neverthe- less here. Hi-Y Club beginning nice and early with their first meeting. Acorn campaign started with a boom-Big assembly. Z Girl Reserves have lst meeting and show the fish what fun they can have. Assembly. Assembly. Whoopiekfa holiday-Dallas Day at the fair. Miss Josephine Oliver a former student and one of the Publix op- portunity artists played for us in assembly-shels fine. Assembly-lVIr. Smith plays with the dog, but gets too rough and doggie howls. 4Bls have a matinee dance. Holiday-High School Day at the fair. State Crack Company Drill. National Honor Society organized and held first meeting. Oak Staff held first meeting, prospects for a fine Oak. Radio Club organized-wonder if they'll get Europe soon. Hi-Y have a big assembly. National Society has an assembly. Initiate all members. Oak Staff stages a keen football assembly-change a dime. week: Community drive in schools. Radio Club meets again. Senior orchestra elected oflicers. We're expecting good music and we'll have it. Sunset Girl Reserves visit O. C. Girl Reserves. French Club organized. Holiday-Armistice. O. C. girls win poppy sale. Seniors try for senior play. Debate Club is organized. Launching off on basket ball. Let's go a long ways. Six O. C. students entertain the Lions Club at the Adolphus. Sure 'nuff we eat big-Turkey dinner today. 4.-Ys have a big assembly with Uncle lake himself. No turkey hash today4got fooled. 25: Thanksgiving holiday. All the football captains and principals come to lunch at O. C. Duc. 1 Duc. 7. Duc. 9: D1-Qc. Io: Duc. 19: Duc. 22: Dec. 23: -IAN. 2. -IAN. 3-4: JAN. 12: IAN. I4 EIAN. 16. -IAN. 20. gIAN. 22. IAN. Fun. Fun. Fran. Fun. FEB. FEB. FEB. FEB. FEB. MARCH MARCH MARCH MARCH MARCIT MARCIi MARCH MARCH 27: I . I4 14. 16: 17: 22' 24 25: 7: 8: I2 13 19 20 23 24: Calendar Mr. Ashburn of Bryan High came over and talked to us in assembly. Mouse play given by scholarship club in assembly-sure good. Fvent of year 4B,s throw a big carnival-does it go over-Gee. Hi-Y have best girl,s show at Palace. O. C. orchestra has a part in the program at the Scottish Rite Ca- thedral. Cantata in assembly-Don,t think O. C. doesn't have talent cause we do. Last day of school for this year. Back to school-is it keen-weyll say. Hi-Y members go to A. Sc M. P.-T. A. give a program in assembly. A white mouse presented to Mr. Kinley. Senior Play-"Boomerang.', It went over good. Assembly-football boys get new sweaters. Some girls are lucky. Hi-Y and Girl Reserve party at Y. W. C. A. The day for seniors-Senior Day. Do they feel big-ask them. 4B-4A dance. A long waited-for Sunday-Baccalaureate. The night and the event of a lifetime--Graduation-Junior Prom for Seniors. Another term-had assembly. P.-T. A. Sponsor a picture show-Corning of Amos. Valentines from all sweeties. Big 4A assembly. Boys, Glee Club assembly-Our boys can sure sing. Tennis season starts-Sunset first. Holiday--George Washingtonls birthday. P.-T. A. have a big social at school. Two comedies and dancing. 4A,s have a dance. Debaters debate. We have some fine arguers. Assembly. : Deelamation eliminations. We have real Patrick Henry,s and Dan Websters. : Report cards-good and had grades'-happy and mournful faces. 2 Girls' Glee Club have an assembly-budding vocalists. : City declamation contest. : Oak Staff DanceQlt's going over big. City debate contest. SAD BUT TRUE He was the senior favorite. All the girls were crazy about him and he was constantly urun aftern. During the year, he attended every party and dance-rated with all the girls and was considered a regular "guy", by the boys. His parents had informed him that he would be given a car for graduation-what a lucky boy he Wasl Examinations for the Seniors were in full swing, and our 'gfriendl' always came out from them smiling. The last exam he took was his math one. Some wondered Where his smile Was. On Senior day everyone searched for the favorite but he was not to be found. Some of the teachers even asked where he Was. Surely you've guessed that he Uflunkedv the math exam. Q Q ,Q PECULIAR It was a cold stormy night-it was raining both cats and dogs, and I was Wearily trudging along. I'm sure I was in a desert-no one Was around and it was dark as the mischief. After dragging my feet behind me for about ten miles, I came upon a little one-room, dimly lighted cot- tage. Just because it was unusual I stopped and looked in the window. Inside I saw a Herce looking black-bearded man and in his hand Was a dagger. What was he going to do-who was he going to kill? I saw him rise slowly and grasp the dagger tighter in his hand. He moved to the window on the opposite side of the room. Thinking there was some one over there, I rushed to the door and quietly pushed it open. My breath was gone--I could do nothing-he raised his arm-the dagger glittered in the dim light-he gradually let his arm down and stabbed-stabbed-a -a-mosquitoll 9 9 9 Wlzat Oak Cliff High would be without- Prof. Smith and his ucutersn? Mr. Osborne to hunt for? The Juniors? Louise Conner and her laugh? "Toughie,' and his harmonica? Virginia Shepherd and her curls? The Band to practice? Mr. Hamilton to give us change? Maxine Goldthwaite and her pins? "Alex" in the Library? Ralph and his advertising Ways? Mrs. Guinn and orders? Pauline Simmons and her Ustrutn? Bertha and Martha S. with their perfect identicality? Tom Cain and his Winsome smile? Roy T. and his angelic look? -all the Hottentots? Miss Cooper and her impersonates of Pat. Henry? Evelyn and Snookie? Bob and Maxine cooing and gooing? DO YOU KNOW THAT . . . If all the elephants in the circus were placed end to end, there is noth- ing like a cold shower in the morning? VVe had fine weather this fall and, twenty-one chinamen died coming over here in packing boxes? If all the bottles of Coca-Cola that are consumed in one year were stacked behind O. C. H. S., a lot of cadets would cut their feet? An Australian bird that stands on three legs and has three letters, the Hrst two being H, is not the COCO bird? If all the cross-word puzzle books in the world were burned, who would light the Hre? If Ft. Wcarth was in Amarillo where would Amarillo be? If Alexander the Great has conquered New Guinea, what key would the Star Spangled Banner have been written ini The United States and the Jews are the greatest nations of the North American continent? Annuals are published by an eclipse that happened the second Tuesday of last week? Snapshots were made from oxygen and hydrochloric acid? Paved streets come from behind the Woolworth Building? You were a nut for reading this? S S Q XVHY THESE SENIORS RATE lklaxine Holloway-because of her bewitching ways. Lorraine DeVVitt-because she always is so willing to play the piano for us. Lyda Rhew-maybe it's because she has a permanent curl. Pauline Sanders-one sees fairness and style in her faint form. Frankie Lee Holt--because she insists upon wearing low heels and keep- ing her hair straight. Louise VVebb-because she has a part in the Senior Play-Uh, these ac- tressesl Norma Mascho-because she is so motherly-'member 'cliooinerangwf lylaggie Lee McCants-it must be because of her baby talk-reckon? ,lane Etheridge-because sheds little, nifty, and hard to keep up with. YVatch her stepl Martlia and Bertha Stockard--because there are two-and of course two are lots better than one, especially twins. Douglas Emmons-because hels such a handsome elderly man and such a charming father. Latham Leeds-because of his winning smile. Roy Pender-because of his big brown eyes and his sweet melodious voice. Joe Johns:in--because of his permanent "hot', line. Collier VV2ll'I'CI11l7CC!l11SC he,s such a military genius. Present armsl Mclviii Rowe-because of his loudness. Harry Tom Hunter-because of his sweet baby face and acting ability. Elmo Niblo-because of his pretty curly hair-Ohl Lawrence Blanton--because he thought he was the stuff! Poor girlsl Loufs Mcllheron-because he loves to play-Bridge?-No, hands. Robert Pipes-because he's so nice and tall and the tall girls consider him their gift-F Ralph Hill-because he always knows the newest of dance steps. Thomas Stalworth-because hels still Mrs. Taylor's little "peanut". '5 Q 8 SCENE TODAY At the lunch period several teachers discussing the fact that Miss Laura Alexander received letters from N. Y. Henry, former teacher. Mr. Leftwich attempting to play golf on the campus. Mrs. Guinn crooning over an HS. Af' note she found on her study hall floor.-Pooml Miss Catherine Herring letting her pretty blue eyes look yearnfngly over to--well, you know. W. B. Clement becoming confidential with Mrs. Skillern in 201. Lorine Higginbotham smiling her sweetest in the rest-room-what's the secret-does that diamond mean seriousness? Mr. Cunyus actually speaking to Miss Tilley-you knew of course that they were not on speaking terms. Miss Addudell and lllr. Hamilton dancing in the gym at their off periods. lVliss Cabiness keeping time for the other kids to dance on the stage. Miss Eisenlohr not even speaking to Miss King-oh gee! Mrs. Bramlette parading the halls with Jack Hunter. Tom Cain lifeless. Lillian Smith without Evelyn Puckett. J. C. refusing money and subscriptions. Mary Alice Isham with a new crop of freckles. Virginia Alverson with a Mae Murray. Carl Croffard buying three plate lunches. Ruth Hopkinson buying five Hersheys. Captain Mann asleep on duty. Miss Falls eating salted peanuts. Miss Belser doing the "California Hop" with Mr. Gillespie at their lunch periods. Miss McLarry constantly hand printing letter-why so much pain -eh? Abbie Crane ordering a ton of detention cards. Winnie Langford out in her back yard destroying all history test papers. The janitors keeping time for Miss Cabiness and the other kids to dance on the stage. Q S Q Virgil Pope: "Ben Spurgin bought a dog for Hve dollars and then sold him. How much did he loseil' Elmo Nilzlo: uVVhat did he sell him fort", V. P.: "For chewing the pfano legf' SENIOR CATALOGUE BOYS : Most popular ,,,,,,, Biggest fusser,,,,,-- Handsomest ,,,,,. Brightest ,,,,,,,,, Best Athlete ...,,s Biggest blllgfif, ,,,, . Noisiest dressed, ,,,, Biggest dig ,.,,,,,, Best dressed ..,,,, Busiest ,,,,,.,... Shyest ,,,,,.,,,.. ,..,,..,,, Cutest ....,,.,,,,,,,e,,,,,,.. H Best hroncho buster ,,,,,, GIRLS 2 Prettiest ,,,,, Quietest ...,, Shyest ,,.,,, Wittiest, ,,r,,,,,,.., Most brilliant ,..... Brightest ...,,,...,. Best loved ,,,,,, Best athlete r,.,,,,,,. . ......,,, Biggest heart smasher ...,,, Giggliest ..,,,......,,,,,,,,,,,,, Best natured ...., w Qutest ,...,.,,,,,,,,,.,, Most graceful ,,,,. ,,,,, -,,,,-A,,, 39.3 Douglas Emmons-UYVhen in the Course of human Louise Ufebb-'WVho teaches that suhjectfl' Q S Q Evelyn ff.: UI. C., where are you going? " f. C. Z.: "Barefooted.n E. ff.: "VVhat forfl' f. C.: UFor thirty minutesf, Q Q Q Eugene Bronson: "How much is two Ziljhlza Hfzskinx "Four.,' "Four what? U sc 1: Four score and seven years ago. "VVhat did you hring that up four?" "Four funf' times -,,,-Richelieu B. Adams ,,,,---,D. M. lVleMains ,Wwjesse Melton ..-,,,,Rohert Pipes ,,,,,,,,Billy Shipp -,.--,,,Carl Hardy ,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,Ralph Hill BMJ. C. Zimmerman ,,,,,-,--Cliarles Gharis ,,,,e,Ernest Henson ,,,,,,RosCoe Mills ,,,,,,,,,Ti71T1 Cain ----,-,Calvin Barker vm,,,-,-,.,,,,,,Viol:1 DeEly Maggie Lee lVl CCants --,,,,,,,,,,Dorotl1y Proctor WW, Margaret Clements ,,,,,Lorraine DeVVitt ,,,,,,,lNflary Waters ,,.,rlArdanelle Lewis ,-.,,-lane Etheridge ---.,-,,,,,,,,.Lvloan Hurst ,,,,eNlaXine Holloway ,,e,,,,Relveeca Sloan -,....,Gladys Ahhott ,,,,,lVlary Spencer events-H two? U Billif Hzzrpzfr: K'VVhen did Shakespeare Write mllhe Merchant of Venicefl' Virginia Lee Bolflin: "Don't know. YVhenf" B. H.: 'WVhen he sat down to his desk and took his pen in his hand." S! 3 Q Carl Harfly: "Dr, Pm going to die.', Dr. R. N. Smitlz: "VVhy so, brother Hardy?" C. 'fBecause my life time fountain pen just broke." I 6 ge Eliznlmtlz Fitzgernlfl: c'VVhy don't you let Dick Haliburton go out for track? 'Fraid he'll get hurt? " Frrmffs lllelton: "No, l donlt Want him to get in with that fast crowd." Q. S S ulnto the valley of Death rode the six hundred-cannons to the right of them-cannons to the left of them-Chicago! Q 3 Q Mtndern Patrick Henry QClinton Jonesbi Give me Life! Liberty! or Saturday Evening Post! S 9: Q Miss Langford: "How is that little nephew of yours getting along who delivers Saturday Evening Posts? " M1'5. Brnmlettef: "Finel He 'ust bought another truck." J c Q. -Q Q! Collifr lVrzrrfrz.' UPresent arms! 7' F7'KlZ,V7lIl17Z Recruit: "VVho gets it Ca Jtainf " e r I 3 91 -94 llfr Laftwiclz: "Am I speaking loud enough? " Laurie Lzmzpkin: "Surel I can't even sleep." Q4 S 3 Viyitor to flliss Tilley: uAre you an instructor? H llflisy T.: "No, I merely keep a gang of kids together for an hourf, 9. S S lllarjorin Brfmoml: "I Wish you'd stop raving about your ancestors. Pretty soon youlll be saying that they came over on the lVlayfloWer." Harold Parr: c'0h, no, they had a special boat." 3 9. Q George Holden to Boso: K'Sir, how can l ever repay you for your kindness or generosity? H Bom: "Doesn't matter, song check, money order, or cash." fKKK-jf,K,-g.',,5Kt3K-:15K5i'K.k K...,K--1, ,ls- 15:51,-, 'ff1ff.i.sf --:sf -,gg K-,gf - K 5-f.-,553 K -1 -5 au-5-K 2 . ' '-YHA -":5flf?fff5:'Y-F'feS 1?-5,--?Kg..K K. f-:.'.Kw55gfg, S-, - M I - - Q k - f F . 45,-V' ..fs'r7?:e,?'rT1'511':5EfVs5Hi?v5T3i-W-, T512355:23g5E5jf75g,ig?LjY512.f1f3s.?Q,g-35.4-55-?gig,r7gj.?'fgfgj3'-jlfgf?-fgpf' : .. 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Q . ..., . .5 ...,. . .MW,W-3,5,.-,,,,,.K?-.,..-qQgR,..E,m .,, -M. ,.,,-.M-Mf-, M YM''N--W21.4-fw,.ea,viffusfiwiiiwili-1622-Qfiii'ifii M -"1-if 5' 7 .ITTifiiiiiffiZ557iTi5::??ffff2Ffi5??sZ?S'5.5"if6KWim 'wx Teacher flooking at her picture in her handj: T couldnlt use those at all, the teeth are terrible. Cl07l'HIlE7lZ plzotagrfzplzmx' Don't worry about that, Nia move them. .Q 9. 3 damg T can flliss Hfzrrix: How is the earth divided? Clinton Jones: I don't know. T didnlt have time to read the paper this morning. 3 Q Q Tom Cain: A man told me T looked like you. Robert Pipes: VVhere is he? I'd like to knock his block off. Tom Cain: I killed him. Q Q Q Ufife: This is news! Some one has invented a shirt without but- tons. Hzulmnfl: Nothing new about that. T've been wearing them that way ever since I was married. The bell sounded for the second round. 339 .Wiz Allen: And remember politeness costs nothing. Roycoef Doesnlt it? Try putting "I remain your obedient servantn at the end of a telegram. Q S 9 Roy P.: Help, Helpl T've swalled a bottle of ink. Pauline S.: rlihings Certainly do look black for you. Q3-9. Tlzonms fonrs Cin drug storej: T want some consecrated lye. Druggist: You mean concentrated lye. T. f..' It does nutmeg any ditjference. That's what T camphor. VVhat does it sulphur? Druggist: Fifteen cents. l never cinnamon with so much wit. T. f.: VVell, I should myrrh-myrrhl Yet I ammonia novfce at it. Q99 Virginia Lee: You wouldn't marry a girl for her money would you? Kfvnnetlz: No, but T Wouldnlt let her be an old maid just because she is rich. -Q39 lllr. Lcftwiclz: How many of the five problems did you fail to get? Edwin B.: I couldnlt get the first two or the last three. A SHORT STORY There was once a very handsome young man who was the son of a millionaire. This young man Went to College to stud'1-- . e C 5 Go on and laugh. -it Q. S! Daciori You say you didnyt sleep all night because the window eur- tain was up? Wliyf didn't you pull it down? Curl Cro 'onli But doctor T Couldn't reach across the Street. 4 Q 9. Q Q .Wiz Alien: "How many sides has a cirelein J. C. Zimmerman: "Two." "VVhat are they?" "The inside and outsidef' S Q 3 Nat VVe5t.' 'iDo 'ou know the Hawk hrothersin 3 Frankie Lee Holt.' UNog Whoin N. TV.: c'lVlo and Tommyf, 9. Q S! STORIES UF DEAR OULD SCOTLAND Sandy, upon seeing his children up stairs to their bed room: "Sleep tight, deariesf, Sandyds Christmas greeting Card to his best and only friend read some- thing like this: Dear friend This card bears my best wishes for a merry Christmas and a Very bright and prosperous New Year-1927-,ZS-,29. -Sandy lVlCDonald 1 3 -Q S Clinton f.: UHave you learned the new dance?" Lnrrrrzifze DMV.: "No, which?" C. f.: HThe Postage Stam .U ea P Q. S Q. Jack D. fl ter dance: 'iVVanta coke?" I Lyrfzz R.: 'tSure.', J. D.: "Aw, ean't you take a joke?" 9. S S3 Football: a frame in which one side of the stadium wishes to see eleven . b . . men killed and the other half of the stadium wishes to see eleven other I men killed. S! S 3 .Miss Golf fin lunehroomj: "You know, I bet they don't make a thing off of this butter down here." illrs. Ta ilor: HI-Iuh neither do eowsf, J 1 Q. 9. 2 foe folznson: "Have 'ou met the onl girl ou could ever he ha . 5 Y eu Y PPY with?" Calvin Barker: uYeah lots of themf' 7 Hunter: YVhy the blazes donlt you look at what youlre shooting? You almost hit my wife. apple. 4 4 ' will her me for 2711 Sjwrtymfm: l'm very sorry, old ehapg have a shot at mine. -Q -Q -3 I say there, whom do you intend to marry? l'll marry whomever I please. Then, letls get married, kid, you please me. 9.9! I smell cider on your hreath. You're rohahly right dear my collar is so tight it st ueezes my Adamys Y e 3 7 . M . W K.- Qt "The time will eventually come," shouted the speaker, "when woman get man's wages." "Yes H i ed a voice from the Waller". "Next Saturda night." 1 a Y e Q93 Size: And do you mean to say that you laughed in the face of death? He: LIIllUl1CIl,l YVhy I thought Pd die. 15 . 7 -.V -9. Q Q. "This is so sudden," screamed the shy young girl as her lover pushed into the river. Q Q Q Trrmsnzitter.' VVho is this? Receiver: Well, if you don't know yourself, to tell? silly, how do you expect Q it Q Do you use butter-knives at your house? No, hut please keep it a secret. You know how those things spread. 9. 3 S Fm going to get a geologist to look up his pedigree. VVh ' not a 0'CDC2ll0QflSI? A geologist deals only with rocks. 5 c e e . . Well? -Q -2 fllotlzer: Did you enjoy school today? fllzzury Jones: No mam, Mr. Cunyus told me to sit nearer the front the present. Motlzer: What of it? Mauryf Jones: But he didn't give me the present. Kg gy 5fSC'W5iQ A HH fig 'Sq He 'V' FRE 'fe 51- 6? ,.,., fwcer MW J? lim meer J , 1 ri My V, ,. 4 so W W,Lm,, "'i iQKxcw, E A -Pull . Q' Soi Q 3 F .ff SUIYYXC 1 A B f HW... 5 X351 sf qwdaNJfm'MEN 110 Everybod aJ11g? gQ.,WXiggg4Q, 46f X12 ,,2E.? vjilgE? i55 cxxtgl ,ny , a f , Ag, Vkky fiom- I VKVA 9-ff 0 5- ' H ,. ,2 jyyw w l VVi X FK5 TS! fQw 2 Qs- ' , ,fxfw kT ZZTL A55 ,gfxw ,qf 'fr 6, , ,,,, Hcvljui, ij: H iff ,ff- -, fSpeaksfo ,,1 lisa FUR A BATH f -X--iq Um' uY6fU67'1'Zk6rS Q9'Wafz95 'H"vc?l71'-'ZJJLV GOUIIIJ'-S!I0c'.V NlCHOLS'ELLIS C0 O "DTCP1fND.'XBLI'f fXIl'1RCHA-XNIDISTCH U'fzere 511612 ffm! Boy: 'lJi'a.c5 In Slyfe Phone Q-8711 Bishop at 7th MCDA IEL DRUG CO. Try Our Special Chocolate Ice Cream Soda GIVE US A CLIANCE TO 1'I.1igXSli YOU Free! WOff11'6"X'L'l4, 'Dvliifv1'y Call 6-514.1 Davis and Edgciield HERFF-JONES CO. JUmzuff1czu1'i11g Jeweler.: ami Szzzfionefpf CLASS RINGS, PINS AND SCIIOOL INVITATIONS Reprf:,ve11fcfX by JOHN L. lV1AR'1'IN 614 N. Ifvviug Ave. DALLAS, TEXAS Phone 9-6225 BISHORS PHARMACY U Where Oak Clif 7Jl'llll,CJ',, Graduate Plrarmaeists 6 - 2 1 g 1 6 - 2 1 3 1 o 'o Whcefrz the alarm clock rings in the morning ' DU YOU SPRING up joyously, bub- jP bling over with "pep"--or crawl out dis- mally, tired and unrefreshedf we ly ff! se ,- lf- Thut depends 21 good deal on your mat- tress. If it is hard and lumpy how can you expect to get that restful sleep that prepares you for the following day? For your heaIth's sake, send your mattress here for renovating. Thane 6-5151 DIRECT MATTRESS CO. "The Direct VVey" IVIATTRIQSS IVIANUFACTURICRS-IVIAT'IIRICSS RIZNOY,-XTING I42O N. Zang Blvd. o of 'cLet'r Talk Lumbern GEO. W. OWENS LUMBER CO. VVE IVIAKIC BUILDING LOANS Three Yards 33:0 Commerce 1:6 Sn. Lancaster IIZ6 Hampton Rd. 7-3144 6-S107 9-8810 MAN SHoP "The Smartest Szylef lfirsf' OAK CLIFF Phone 6-1094 II5 YV. Jefferson All that shines is not scrgc. 6-2165 6-216 l":1tlic1' dimlnlt die, you duh- fjfhE7'.1' flaw fl Sfogazlfllzzt W, H. F R Y co. fJUfff'f1',1' fhr' Clflfllllf FL'RNI'l'L'Rli imff HARDWARE Fircproof XV:11'cl1ousc for Stoiazlgc of llouscliolcl Uuoxl hatlici' joined n golfing cluh. But they closed the cluh, so hc Huml no placc to go, you scu- No place left for him to roam rllllilf is why hels coming home. Kiss him, hc Won't hitc you, chilcl, All thcm golfing guys look wild. Hear no cvil, scc no cvil, speak no evil -and youlll ncvci' hc :1 success at any bridge party. 2-8101 2-3102 RTHERIDGF PRINTING COMPANY St,l'f'iI'Z7 Ol'1I!13Qt' :xml Collin Sis. lD,Xl,l,.'XS, TEX.-XS Universal Window Shade Mfg. Co. ll? 11111K'r Mx Leif fcfzzzfofc' Muzffzf iff fha fwrfff NV1' rfikv your INCilSL1!'L'l'llCIlfS, suhmit csti- lnxzlc und shim Sill11Plt'S for the 1'll'1lSlIl'L' ot' giving you cxzlctly what you xxzmt, zlll in tha- prim' ol thc shzldcs, which is :lt all time-s l'L'llSUIli1lHlK'. Phone 6-083.1 Universal Window Shade Mfg. Co. 10th and Beclil cj' CLYDE B. LAMAR JOE H. Sw11'1'11 LAMAR E4 SMITH SOO VV. ilcflicrson Phones 6-1 2 3 Zflj-S 23 2 Dallas, TEXAS Qffttention. X I - fi yn., 'lv is ,, Q3 Q11 VALE, foll ' I PHONES .Dejlefzffrzble 716 6 I PI'E,VJ'i:lIKH J ' 2 3 K Z SERYlClil 643931 il '-if l 5' 3 E 4 -2 if -45221152 ' lr 5 mi in ua LE ir wr 'KIVU Kiwis Howl, erll6NZbF7' nf 'llfffffzf 'Pffmf Ofcflfrr ,V-1'.m,fir1f Cleaning - Dyeing - Tailoring Ii. B. TIPTON, fprojr. 602 Fast Jefferson Street DALLAS, TEXAS Special R. O. T. C. Uniforms Cleaned and Pressed 750 Cofzzplimenrs of EDVVARDS 81 IWCCRARY Complain Home F111-fzii'!z1zw 6-3972 61 1 E. Jenrerson 6-1486 George's Tailor Shop "Lei George Do IW CLEANING Z PRFSSING 2 ALrl'l'iRlNG 633 IC. .letlierson DALLAS Louis has a little dog, Wliieli is only a pup. He Walks on his front feet YVhen you hold the hind ones up. Virgil A ll 1' 71 Vzrgil .4 ll P71 Lend me five dollars. Here you are. How can I ever repay you? Thatls for you to figure out. CALL Janes Beauty Shoppe FOR THF BEST Permanent and hlareel VVaves 9-9240 4.05 N. Bishop K. T. WEST, tyqllffi Tzzifziifzg DUCO 315 North Beckley Ave, DALLAS, TICXAS Opposite Oak Cliff High School o-13:25 Tell me, pretty maiden, VVith eyes of deepest hrown, If I kissed you on the forehead, VVould you call me down? Oh, Chemist of skill, investigate And answer this quiz of mine. I think I know where Carbonate But where did Iodine? Jefferson Printing Co. "'P1'mling' that Talks" 213 South Tyler Avenue DALLAS :-: TICXAS The Tenth Street Chevrolet Co. will take the same interest in your Car that the teacher takes in your boy or girl fome I0 see 145 or will for zlemomfmfion 6-8195 6oj-9 E. Tenth Street Iffe Om' 'Pzzre Ice YVhen you use our pure ice you need never he afraid to go to the in box and chip otl gi piece for il pitcher of ice water. Our ice is as clezm as it is pure and you can use it for :ill purposes. Tell the drixer how much to lerlve daily, or phone your order direct to our oflice. Our delixeries are regular :md you get full weight every time. CAK CLIFF ICE DELIVERY CG. KC 5-5157 Se7'7Jiz'e with az Smile" I IOO S. Beckley Ave. Oak Clif? Printing Co. cl071'Z71ZB7'l7id.Z ami fob 'P7'i17z'i71g ICNGRAVING 6-0700 623 lf. klefferson Tatronzze Our Jdvertisers Midway Pharmacy RAY COFFIN x x, Q i lllllliml I Q27 O71 Oak Clif Higlz Campus -and that of every other School and College in Alneriea--Society Brand dressed men add proof that "it's the cut of your clothes that countsf' In KZIllI1,S comprehen- sive showing of Society Brand Clothes there's every variation of the new and the good. y ?'2I27 B H T E. IVI. KAI-IN SC CQ. Ihcmci LC Ll at iid Lrbon lwclill dlllf Eff!! af Lilmgzr . . 1 FIRST AID PHARIVIACY 11:-4,-6 TN. Marsalis Ax e. Phone 6-,091 Marsalis Garage G IQNERAL GARAG li Repairing, Washing, Storage, Oils and Gaso- line-Aecessories of All Kinds Tire and Pfzftery SKI"I'il'f' P.XIN'Il SIIOP INCLUDED Registered Druggist lfresh Szindniches NINTII X EVVING We rlppnmfizlr your pirlrnzzizgi' WT rerf'v- PURITY ICIC CRIQ-XIVI 6-8773 9-9502 Peter, Peter Pumpkin eater I-Ind a wife hut didnlt keep her, For she with P11 and lvilll did dwell IVhieh suited Peter very well. arqfzzf mm' Depefzdzzbfe Q2,,vx I . I T THE BIGGEST WASHWOMAN IN OAK CLIFF D0 YOUR WASHING Q--..Q .X N .' Rf S E. 'H -ii, 1 LE x I 5 - , Y. ' l , A ' I I I 'o'.l" ." . 'O' " ifzm, - XT LAKESIDE LAUNDRY 85 CLEANING COMPANY Zangs and Marsalis Phone 6-5161 QIVIIHIIHIIIIHIIHHHIIIIIHIIIIHHIHIIIIIIHIIHIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHIIIlllllllllIlllilllllllIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIHIHIIIHHHH- Gun I Qns'QofhQs H 217252 aff 2469 Jfyfe ffzczf : ozmg men Qlfllifiade , 2 Rdffifffwik ofauusmmvfnfy 5 ?TlIIlI1IllHIHIIIIIIHIHIllllIIIHHIIIIlllfllllllllllllllIHHIIIIIIIIIIIHIHIIlllillllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHIIIIHlllllllllliilllillel V N WI KLE The S ozztlfs Bert BOOK STORE 1609-11 Elm Street 1620-1622 Pacific Avenue DALLAS Com pfimenfs OAK CLIFF STATE BANK 85 TRUST C0. DALLAS, TEXAS Jefferson and Lancaster Aves. l'Ve fzpprefirzfe your palrwmge Ullillifiers Supply Co. NIARTIN XVEISS, Tresident Whcileszile and Retail VVlzy 735131 fM0re? QII Elm BUSINESS COLLEGE DALLAS, TEXAS "The School Ifilh a Reputation" The Metropolitan has made good for Forty Years. Its commodious buildings and excellent equipment, its able faculty, its stantlartl courses of study, its strong financial backing, its long career of useful service, its high standing in business circles, its wide reputation and influence, its business-like management, and its location in Dallas, the great commercial center of the Southwest, all combine to give the fullest assurance of satisfaction and success. "A position for every grail- nate." Come in .tee ut or phnm' 2-456Q for information VVhen YOU are the Editor or Business Maiiager of your Sch00l'S Annual The AIVIERICAN BEAUTY COVER C0 CHAS. OTT with its many years of experience, will be glad to help vou plan a cover that will be hoth striking 'and economical in cost. You Ylgnniss- Rackets Bicycle-5 have only to :ask for this service-it is free and places you under no obligation. AMERICAN BEAUTY COVER CO. 1902 Orange Street DALLAS LOCKSMITH 2-6097 1007 Elm St. DODGE BROTHER ., ew Six "THE SPIRIT 01' YOUTHD PERRY MOTOR CO. 2121 PACIFIC AVENUE .Qzmfzkjf 13' az Tmcfzfzbiz dl... The South's Greatest Department Store SAN ROS. I DALLAS- WACO ' FORT WORTH ' WICHIDX Smog NUTHER new Word - - X772 0 g. A Weather man in a smoky city dug it up. It means a heavy blend of smoke-soot-and-fog in the early morning. Ill This is one word Dal- las people can not use, amusing though it is. They have no smog. fll Dallas has natural gas. THR DALLAS GAS COMPANY Flake Smith U fzdertaleifzg Co. AMBUIANCIQ AND CH:XP111I, SERVICE Om' Grew! Sw"Uiz'z' Ir 171 Sc?l"Uj71g You 246 XY. Davis Q-1131 Groves-Barns Cl0ll7PHlH67Zf.3' of Lumber, Hardware, Paints, RAINBQW CLEANING Etc- COMPANY Tom' Bzlildifzg Sion' 6-2171 Sequin stars on satin night Chitton Cloucls of silvery gray uyou ' 79 Everything at our store and we solicit your husiness- Cluny IIl0UIll7i'Zl1DS, lacy light, Lovers at your heauty sayg VVhis9er soft at N!ltLlFC,S heck. l KcCfi1Il6 on, Sweetie, letys us ncclc.n . . 0 Our prim-s will please you and your pocket Q" hook--Come :intl set' if our slogan is ahout Bfjljbgftg Beauty Shqyppc right--You will he welcome. URS. U. C, L'll:XNll3lfRS, 'l'rnpz."i'tm' . N Lf! wr fzzggwf fl Hifi? ferfzmfzfffl rtuztf fm' B6CklL'y Xfllflcty DKOFC YOIH' gz11.'!1f.1fiff1z , , ' ' 7S.l?"klt' .l'.DLfi'.,.'P' . IO26 Cedar Hill gXi'cnue fi-fllfi 20' LL Ll LF ,Up HE NEWS is Dallas' oldest, largest and most influ- ential newspaper. It is read in practically all of the substantial, progressive homes of Dallas and the territory that is tributary to the city. No other paper approaches it in coverage of the homes of its Held. liz Balls? Blaming 21115 H I L L P O T BICYCLES AND SPORTING GOODS Key Filring ami Repairing 708-10 E. Jeilerson Avenue Start Right WITII Southwestern Life Insurance Company Special Jgefzlr MRS. ICULA LFMMON VVALL RAYMOND R. LAWTHICR 2-9103 5-4680 6-5115 6-5116 6-5117 Red Cross Pharmacy "We Know Homo" BLAINE BROS. Beckley and jefferson Ave. DALLAS, TITX,-XS HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS Learn Con1pton1eter and Burroughs Calculator Courses in 6 to IO weeks. Private classes from ex- perienced teacher. VVill secure positions for graduzxtes. Cnmpfefe Cowie X35 MRS. T. H. RUTHERFORD O-6135 GAK CLIFF RENTAL LIBRARY Store and Greenhouses Q26 WVest Tenth Street Phones: 6-2478, 6-2606 FLAGG FLORAL COMPANY fllember Floriffr Telegraph AND Qelizfery Jfrfwiazimz -BOOKSHOP- SCHOOL BoOKs a SCHOOL sUPPL11:s DALLAS TEXAS 6-2883 931 VV1-st Jerlersrvn REACTION R. O. T. C. Hwdgwf-rm A little IIOHSCIISC now and then Is relished by the best of men, Provided it is offered when Our moods are trite and mellow VVe all enjoy life's little bit Of gay satire and comely Wit- Ancl voice our joy whenever it Is on tl1e other fellow. Riding Equipment Outdoor Clothing CARROLL'S 208 N. AKARD STREET --just a word to Graduates: UCCESS sometimes seems to be a matter of chance and good luck. But it is near- ly always the result of years of labor and patient effort. This point Was the cause of the famous mis- understanding between VVhistler, the artist, and John Ruskin. The latter had belittled the Value of a painting which VVhistler had sold for a thousand pounds. "How long did it take you to paint it?" asked Ruskin. "About an hour," YVhistler replied. "What! You asked a thousand pounds for one hour's Workll' "Yes," said Whistler, "but it took a lifetime of study to learn how." Our coizgratulatiom to the Graduataf of 1928! Jllay your fzituref be happy and .rziacexfful-ami may you alccayf get the fall frziitf of your laborf 'WZ fha l fa afaffaf Wa 'r ' a -a W f ff 'r f 1 ' I 1 , f f f ', f f V ' f , 0 X rafZ,,Z,Z,,a W! .aaa ,Z Z ZJAMZ MZ! a lipid 10104 7 fs, fu fn iw", ff ffw M 4.,, , , ? , . , , 0 ,, , . '., 'f 9 ' .,,. f 'iii ff' S 1 , af ' f., ' Sfreez' Cars Build Cities .... DALLAs RAILWAY sf TERMINAL COMPANY Partners in the Growth of Dallas f., ' Z JY ff ,g A ,, WH? 2 ' U f W2 -N If X ! ' 7 .V A y7jif,,'ul' I , ,,3.7 w - ' ' 4 "-eq. . " X 4' ff I 4 J ,ra 1 Vll lg ' gg. , J , QA llq gat!! yy 3 6 en. Sesame 0 s We pass-word to Il Wlyfbkal Ffearure Cave - fE -5 . H 1 1 If ' n ' wnuws .vw ll num Whemyou have a s-pare half hour in the after' noon, stop in and let the Chief Operator -w show you about. -w More valuable, more magical things youpass by Without :notice every day. You need no password to enter a much more Wonderful and interesting place-the operating room of your own Telephone Oflice. Ancient Romancers never conceived of anything half so marvelous as the telephone. They would have traveled leagues to see what is Within a few blocks of your home. It is Worth seeing. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY Dou't Forget 21 Slice Domeeffs De Lwce Ive Cream U 5 EVERYTHING MUSICAL E l2I3 ELM ST Q DRLLRS, TEXT l1lT,'1?Z'1'7Z .' xxrllilt eziusecl that collision to- day? f. C.: Two motorists after the sam: pedestrian. Phom- 9-1893 SPINICS MARKET .411 mmf of Fizrsn, eciuso AND eooigicn ME.-xrs Hsu, ovsrizks ,xxn voL'1,'1'1w 4 417 N. HiShop U,-KK CLll"l" Alter Your Lunch VVz1gley's Old Fashioned Barbecue S.-XNDVVlCHl'iS f COLD DRINKS v ' df ...- 725-7 ' Dzlvlb 6-8 I No. 17914, VVest Davis Street No. 2-EAS! Edge Grxuul Przliri nu Fort lVn1'Ih PMN' BAKER HOTEL LIBRARY mm' Boorcsnop Um' ftlffff .vfrifzg if our fo riff flooK'ffff'r1gv EULA VVOLCO'l"I', LT!17'Il7'iH7l Vzrgmm Law: A penny for your thoughts. K1'111z1'ff1.' Darn it. just my luck to not he thinking. BETTER PATCH eflilfwflyy H oldx HKIIIZJ' elfivrlyf Service Shoe Shop bl, W. YOUNG, Jwp. Phone 6-7931 Q I HART, SCHAFFNER Sc MARX Clothes . . . . zzzzmcw' every .rfylv ragzaire- ment . . . . ami every price ra- qzziremwzf. That is the reason for the y1JllIlLf man,s preference HURST BRQS. CO. ,NXAIN K FIELD STS. fjgfjgvgy f'nnMLzirT1lial'sRWJn ANU r-mul rluTun" 1 'Z 36 VV. jefferson Dr. Baker Bldg. O Zgrnwnv er: IJead gra e So phers uth wW ff' ff'e W il Zgrnwnv Q w 'S 1 I3I2 Elm St. D A L L A S Phone 7-IOO7 Q 1 Y,, , p sL . N mmfA , 1 . V r, y,QfflETg,ffl ! ,' 1 1 . 1. 1' 1 'pzofzcarf of .1 I "'. f 3.-. egg W ,V. 1 ,,..t 3 ' 1 1 ' AA '-V-A-' The Best Cleaning, Dyeing and Laundrying in Dallas QUEEN CLEANING COMPANY Opposite Lake Clill Park Phone 6-5131 olheczrffs Ullarket lf it's in we got it And if not we will get it Ifrm' 'llwliiwry Thr' Huff 4x1'hn'fuel1 . ' 4 -c 723 Beckley Barber Shop B IOL H "Finest in Oak Clif" I tripped on a foot THOS 1' HAAW'KlNSy ,qlgfh By the harroorn door, K And mine was the face 6-0096 104 VV. jefferson Ave. On the harroorn floor. SAD XVORDS Of all the sad words A man to jarg J. F. Zinnnernlan ESC Sons SIGNS U,-Xnother note Due on your car. "Tell the Vl"01'lrZ scillz Sigur" Weblis Cafe 1 5OT N Bighop OAK CUFF 2126 Young Street 7-5479 Texas 'Productai . . Blade umlcr strict hyglfnic supef- , Hisio f' m tll hig st grate ' - Q., - Y Lme'gia1S1'JUmjnghlel 2,l.,m,H B1 mon r LIBERTY BELL Crackers, Cakes, ,,.. , . X 1 A . . A Q lzrllboilhlllmlxlillitlig ffloifi 1,l"nQL'f and Cand1es are quahty p1oducts produced ing' and Czxnrly Making has en- - rl-1 N ahlccl us to produce gootls of In CXIIS. Superior Quality. SALTINE FLAKES-"oil Real Cracker Delimcyn BROWN CRACKER Sc CANDY CO. of Tami lzzflmlry DALLAS 1 I3 VV. Jefferson 9-8684 " at at the 'Green fl-lui" uS077Z4'flIIf7Ig you will enjoy for Unch mmf' CCHOT VVAFFLESU 5 to 1 1 o'Clock COpen all nightl Elemficiy is Your Tireless Me- i chanical Slave LERT to your every bid- ing, this fluid-like energy is YOUR slave, in school, church, l home, in commerce and industry. YVith a flick of the switch, limit- less power flows to the outlet at your Very hand, ready to light your Way, ready to do your laun- dry, or to clean your home, ready to operate your radio. You may use electricity in more than twenty thousand ways. Take ful! fzffvafzflzgc of Mix Jilwzl, fltiffblg .ffffaaztf l I DAALLA. Po This is ffm' grant fflurlrfc gcrzeralirlg xlatiorz S Y WER 85 which .vfrfmplilxv the zfvrfffc needs of Dallas. I. bale, ', ll'.f Il Z fI1'1'- , - , ,Wt U i Njgvgyfgx agjluaw 0' im 3 Llgflf-'I1t?KlfiP0'IC't3l'iREfl'lgt?7'LIl107Z fJf'1c'1H'-'CQCHTF Makers of PORTRAITS QFPERSONALITY Phone 2-1314 1619112 ELM STREET 'Its the taste fha! tells" Vietrolas and Orthophonic Records are to be found in Oak Cliff at SELLERS RADIO SHOP QZI VV. Jellerson OAK CLIFF MUSIC CO. Ofcnni ami Opnaied by Oak Clif Tvopfc 127 VV. Iefferson Phone 9-9210 out CL1i'F DALLAS Flowers POTTED PLANTS and CUT FLOWERS TEXAS SEED and PLANT Co. Located in front of Ball Park Q-ll1.1. Cify Wide 'Dvlim-fry Margaret: I'lI sing a little song to kill the time. George H.: You have a good weapon. Oak Cliff Ice Cream Co. lfhezz ORDINARY inc meaw ccwzft do, fa!! 6-3148 Davis 8 Polk Street The Balcom Co.- GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRICERATORS R. C. A. RADIOS 321 North Bishop Avenue Phone 9-8300 Thrift .... a most important lesson for school boys and girls. Few of us are extravagant. Yet lots of us find it hard to have any money to save. VVe do not take advantage of existing organized efliei- ency-perhaps because we do not know of it. This is a store you should know more about. You can- not help saving when you buy here. Sears, Roebuck SL Co. Rem!! Deparlmezzt Starz Clothing Headquarters -for all young men Who Want 21 simple solution of the problem of dressing in the heighth of style-in quality Clothing - at the lowest possible cost. Come on upl Victory-Wilson, Inc. G UARAN Tlilill CLOTHES W .lAs. lx. VV1l.so1x, 'P1'f.f. Second Floor lllzxrvin Bldg., llnin and .-Xknlml SIS. E. G. COUNCIL "The Jllzzxic Jllnzf' BUSH 'l'l'ilXfll7Llf 2-3804 Mr. Otto Michels has found my stock zidequzite to his needs. lttlllzefw do you buy your Jlflusic? Baby Lfffwiffl .' VVlio,s that stranger motlicr dczirf Look. He knows us. Ain't lic queer Hush, my own, don't talk so wildg Heys your futher, dearest child. Hels my futher? No such thing Father died away lust Spring 2 "Billy saysu our ladies' trade is gradually covering Dallas. plain one-piece dresses cleaned and pressed oiiii oo.,,.iiiiii L L 31.50 Direct Cleaning L Pressing Company MAN lNSTlrl'L7TlON" 3 Phones-Rotary System-6-8121 BILLY LANDER, Mg'1'. 66 ii ii ENGHAVING il! fvlilh 'li ii' il l , , i l'iliiil5-"1 W X r Nthe emhodiment of skill and handiwork, demands a care, a faith and a hope that can only be acquired through inherent ability, a desireftofdo and a timefproven experience. All of these requirements of craftsmanship give vivid proof of their existence in the craftsmen of the Cgfouse of Ease by the superiority and individu- ality of the finished product. fx fx fx fx A111312 SE ENGRAVING Co S clzoof 3l7lfZl!Hl plrzilvfs-651fy1fa1fe1fs Dallas ,Texas ESE CCP!! Remember Tau" MY GIRL FRIENDS JNCAME LAS'F VVORD UMW 5,9042 QV Kwik-M MY BOY FRIENDS

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